The naughty nurse

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they've been exploited for the sake of an individual's goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

THE NAUGHTY NURSE is a story about a nurse who will do anything to satisfy her sexual desires -- even if it means taking advantage of her young patients. Although many people will consider this woman to be perverted because of her personal goal, they cannot argue with the happiness she gives to many of her patients.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be gained from what society considers perverted.

Chapter ONE

"Keep your damn hands to yourself!" Lorraine Kelly hissed angrily, shoving away the intern's hand as he walked down the corridor beside her.

His hand insolently stroked her lush ass through her tight white uniform. "Hey, baby, I'm just doing a little anatomy study," the black-haired intern teased.

"'Nurse' to you, Buster," Lorraine retorted, pushing his hand away. She tried to ignore the horniness his touch had aroused in her. "And keep quiet, or you'll wake the patients."

"'Doctor' to you," Nathan Stern told her.

"Doctor!" Lorraine snorted and tossed her head. "You never got past the female anatomy section of any medical text you touched, you suckling pill-pusher."

"I did all right just now with that kid who was going cyanotic on you," he replied defensively as they arrived at the nurses' station.

Lorraine was tempted to snap that he hadn't done anything she couldn't have, but didn't. It wasn't true. "I still think you should have called Dr. Mansfield," she muttered as she filled out a chart.

Dr. Stern stood behind her and slid his hands down from her shoulders toward her tits. "But I handled it right," he insisted.

"You handled it perfectly," she admitted grudgingly, twisting away from his fondling fingers to slip the chart back into the rack.

"Then how come the hostility?"

His strong, slender fingers began kneading the muscles in the shoulders. He had a perfect view of her huge tits. They thrust out against the front of her dress. Her curly black hair was accented by her neat white cap. There was a dark hollow between her tits, an exciting tunnel down between the soft mounds.

"Because you're a conceited, horny, arrogant, sex-crazy squirt," Lorraine growled, enjoying the feel of his hands massaging her tense muscles.

"If I'm sex-crazy, it's because you make me that way," Nathan answered, easing his hands down toward her tits again. As his palms slid over her thrusting titties, he felt the lace of her bra. He pressed her hot tit-flesh through her clothes.

"Anything short of a double hernia would get you turned on," Lorraine groaned, grabbing his hands, intending to push them off. But her horniness made her press his hands against her aching tits still harder.

"When's your break?" Dr. Stern asked as he massaged the nurse's tits.

Lorraine wanted to tell the doctor to fuck off, but her cunt itched and was drooling into her panties. "Anytime now. All I have to do is tell the girl at station two to handle any calls."

Stern slipped his fingers in the top of her dress and curled his hand around the lacy cup of her bra. His thumb stroked over the tip of her tit. Looking down, he saw the bulge his hand made in the bodice of her white uniform, saw the way the top button was strained by the extra bulk. With his other hand, he popped the button open. "No rush, I guess," he noted. "After all, we don't want to cut down on the time we have available for the nitty-gritty."

Lorraine sat down and her fingers clutched the arms of the swivel chair. Her eyes closed as her lust boiled higher. She could feel, against the back of her neck, the growing lump of the intern's hard-on. She cursed her wantonness, but let him toy with her tits, let him undo yet another button.

He spread her dress open and revealed her bra-covered titties. Another button popped loose, down close to her waist. He could see her full lips. They were parted with passion. He continued fondling her tits through her bra.

Lorraine was seething with lust. She tried to think other dead husband.

She failed. One nipple was pinched gently and flare of lust surged through her. Her hands shaking, she began to unbutton the remaining buttons on her short dress. She opened her dress like a robe, revealing her pale skin and white lace panties, and under them, a white garter belt. There was a dark shadow at the crotch of the panties.

The intern continued massaging one tit. He reached past Lorraine with his other hand and flicked on the intercom.

"Joyce?" Lorraine asked, trying to control the shaking in her voice.


"Okay if I go on my break now?" Lorraine asked, forcing the words out of her lust-clenched throat.

"Take your time," Joyce answered.

"Okay -- keep your eye on the boy in 23W had a crisis there about half an hour ago," Lorraine managed. "If he has any trouble, call Dr. Mansfield at once."

"What about Stern, where's he?"

"Dr. Stern will be -- he's busy on another case," Lorraine answered.

"Are you all right? You sound funny."

"I'm a little tired is all," Lorraine answered as Dr. Stern's fingers probed inside her bra and found her erect nipple. Her excitement flared still higher.

"Why don't you lie down for a while," Joyce suggested. "It's a quiet night. I can handle anything that comes up."

"Thanks, Joyce. I'll call you when I get back," Lorraine answered, snapping off the intercom. "Aaaahhh!"

She rolled her head against the intern's hard-on. Reaching up, she found his zipper and lowered it. His lean, hard prick thrust out and nuzzled her cheek. She nibbled on his bone with sucking, hungry lips as he toyed with her tits.

"Room 18 is empty," she moaned, licking the hot, hard meat of the intern's dick. His hands were crammed inside her bra, mangling her soft, big tits into a delicious ache of lust.

"Why not right here?" the young man asked as his prick drooled onto her tongue.

"Joyce might come looking for a chart," Lorraine pointed out as she swallowed his juices. His prick nudged against her full lips.

"Guess you're right," the intern admitted. He urged her out of the chair by lifting her tits. His cock slid along her back as she stood up. She curled her fingers around his hot, hard staff.

They crossed the hall from the nurses' station and slipped into the vacant room. As the door swung silently closed behind them, Lorraine reached out and hit the light switch. She felt him stripping her dress back off her shoulders.

"How come you wear a bra?" Dr. Stern asked as he unhooked it.

Lorraine let her bra drop down and join the dress. "Are you kidding, around here? Some of the teenagers we get here get hard-ons when I walk in just to take their temperatures orally! If I didn't wear a bra, we'd have ten cases of high blood pressure a day!"

"Considering your tits, I think you're right," the young man said, lifting and pressing the heavy globes of her tits. His thumbs stroked over her rubbery tits, made them burn. He slid his hands down her warm body into her panties. He pressed his fingertips into her snatch, felt her bush tangling between his fingers. Her ass pressed against his rigid prick.

"Don't torture me," Lorraine moaned as his fingers pressed her pussy. Her clit ached with hunger. She shoved her panties down so he could fondle her cunt.

"There's not that much of a rush," he countered.

"We get caught at this, there'd be hell to pay."

"And who's going to catch us?" he asked. "Mansfield is on call, and I'm not going to call him. Are you?"

"No, but Joyce might if that kid goes into respiratory arrest again." Lorraine was burning up. She squeezed Dr. Stern's cock spasmodically. He was still probing her twat.

"He won't," the intern insisted. "It was just his asthma acting up, and the stuff I gave him lasts for hours."

Lorraine's tits ached. His other hand dug deep into her twat, hooked into her crotch.

She hadn't been this horny since her honeymoon. During that glorious week when she and Chris had discovered the joy of sex. It had all been new to her. She had gone to her marriage bed at the age of twenty-one, still a virgin. She had been prim and proper and had worn white. She had left the sheets stained red with her virgin blood.

She thought, too, of the scarlet rivers of blood that had spurted from her husband after the accident -- blood that never seemed to stop. The memory slashed through her like a dull scalpel. She thrust it aside and concentrated on her flaring passion.

She squeezed the cock in her fist and stared at the two trim hospital beds. It was a semi-private room.

She went over to the bed. She let go of his prick. Shedding her panties, she lay down on her back on the bed. Her garter belt pulled tight as she spread her shapely white-stockinged legs wide. She felt her cunt flesh shiver as chill air hit her hot juices. She saw the excited gleam in Dr. Stern's dark eyes as he stared hungrily at her wanton display.

"Come," she moaned, her hands squeezing and squashing the soft, warm hills of her tits. She humped her hips, rolled them erotically on the bed.

There were beads of sweat on the young doctor's upper lip. His hands shook as he unfastened his belt. He shoved his trousers down, baring himself. He had a thick black pubic patch and a thrusting, slender prick. He was, as she had expected, circumcised.

The cap of his prick was dusky purple, the shaft was pale white, ribbed with veins. His hairy thighs were strong, his belly flat.

"Come on," she groaned.

The intern's feet were tangled in his trousers. Reaching down, balancing awkwardly on one foot, he struggled free of his pants. His dangling prick wigged and jiggled. A drop of pre-orgasmic fluid dropped to the sterile floor.

"Come on, already," Lorraine hissed, sliding her hand down to her gaping cunt and squeezing the full lips. She spread her crack, exposed the glaring wet, pink meat of her pussy. She fingered her cunt, stroked the petals of her hole.

"Fuck me," she moaned desperately, trying to forget what she was doing by getting even more excited. "Fuck me!"

Dr. Stern advanced on her, his cock swaying like the head of a cobra. He crossed the room and towered over her. His eyes raked her lush naked body, explored every sexy curve and crevice.

Lorraine shuddered with excitement and anticipation. Her nurse's cap was knocked crooked as she writhed on the bed. She was clothed in only her white stockings and garter belt. The white elastic suspenders framed the ebony patch of her pussy.

He approached her. His body came down on top of hers. His cock found the hot funnel of her cunt, and he drilled her streaming depths. Her hips heaved upward to greet him.

Lorraine grunted as her cunt was filled by his prick. She clawed his back as he hammered his prick into her twat. She twined her legs around him, slithered the nylon of her stockings against his naked flesh. She clutched his muscular ass as he fucked her.

He went at her with all the skill and finesse of a randy stallion, hammering his cock into her cunt hard and fast. She bucked under him. She felt the head of his dick slam against the end of her cunt like a jackhammer. The steel frame of the hospital bed creaked under the force of his drives.

It was too quick and too hard, and she wasn't reaching the release she needed so desperately. He reamed her cunt with his cock and held on, and she felt his come erupted into her guts like live steam. The cock in her pussy jerked and heaved and recoiled, blasted her innards with hot thick blobs of jizm. She squirmed and heaved and writhed in a frantic attempt to reach her own peak.

But his prick was shrinking and shriveling in her cunt, giving her no chance to rest. With a muttered oath, she heaved him off her, flipped him to his back beside her on the bed. Frantically, she got to her knees and dipped her head.

Her mouth closed around his slithery, dripping, limp cock. She swirled it around in her mouth. She was tasting his come and her juices on the rubbery cock, but she didn't care. The dreadful ache in her cunt had to be satisfied, and to satisfy it, she had to get his cock hard again.

As he lay on his back, panting, trying to catch his breath from his first coming, she sucked his cock. She stroked the underside of his prick with her tongue. She fondled his sweaty balls, tickled the insides of his thighs. She drew on his limp cock, rolled it against the roof of her mouth.

"Christ!" he swore, lifting his head to stare at the wanton nurse.

"Come on," she begged, taking her mouth off his prick for a moment. "Get hard again, damn it! Give me a chance."

"I'm sorry," he apologized. "I-I didn't mean to come so soon. It's been a long time since I've had any release."

"You ever fucked a cunt before?" she asked bitterly, gripping his withered, limp prick.

"Yeah!" he said angrily.

"I'll bet," she said disbelievingly. "Come on, get it up, damn it!"

Her tits swayed as she dipped her head and sucked his come-sticky prick. Finally, she felt life returning to the cock. His fleshy shaft swelled slowly as she slurped on it. It began to drive to the back of her mouth. As she mouthed his prick, she cupped her hand around his balls and pressed them very gently, warming them.

"God!" he gulped. He let his head drop back on the bed as his prick began to grew and thrust deeper into the nurse's sucking mouth. She bobbed her head on his prick, pressed it hard with her tongue.

He moaned.

Her gut was a hard knot of need as she sucked his cock back to life. Her cunt was streaming with hunger. Trickles of juice slipped down the insides of her thighs as she knelt on the bed. Her tits swayed and brushed his legs as she hovered over him. His cock was poking the back of her throat now, her nose was being tickled by his thick black curls. He smelled of sweat and come and shit. He had been on shift for hours.

His cock was hard now. She spat it out and straddled him. She crawled up over him. She looked down at his prick. She wiggled his dick with her hand, made the purple head stroke along her slit, plowed her pussylips with his cock. She was burning up with lust.

She set the knob of his prick in her cunt. She felt his prick slowly find its way up into her guts for a second time. She lowered herself in a series of gentle jerks and felt his prick slide along her slithery wet pussy walls, push through the thick goo of his come.

His prick slowly disappeared from view until finally her black cunt hair tangled with his thick patch and she was fully in the saddle. His hands came up and mashed her tits. His fingers clutched her aching tits, bruising them. For a long time, she remained still, savoring the feeling of fullness his cock gave her.

She thought of Chris in the same position, doing the same thing, and pain dug into her guts. Chris had been a lug, lusty, red-headed Irishman, with a cock that had filled her guts like a column of hot cement. She would come down, and his hips would slam upward, and they would collide in mid-air with bone-jarring force.

She moved, lifted off him. Dropping, she felt his dick bum into her cunt-hole. She reached down and dug her fingers into her flooding pussy and mangled her cunt. Then she jammed a finger up into herself beside his cock, giving herself more bulk in her cunt.

She bounced on him. She fucked him with total abandon. She slammed down on his gut, drew upward, and slammed down again. She felt his cock stretch the entire length of her cunt. Her lust boiled higher as she screwed herself on him. She was getting close to her peak now.

She shook the vision away angrily and went on screwing herself. She heard the gooey pistoning of the cock in her cunt. She smelled the thick, cloying musky scent drifting up from her crotch.

She was going to come. Finally, she was going to come. She was on fire. Her toes curled as she neared her peak. Her tits jiggled and jerked in the intern's grasp as she pounded down on him. Sweat trickled down between her tits as she worked to bring herself off. She didn't care if he came or not, all she wanted was a few ecstatic moments.

She diddled her clit harder and managed to squirm a second finger into her already full cunt. She began to come, slowly at first, then harder and hotter. She froze and shuddered as the bright pink blush flared up from her cunt, out over her lush, heavy breasts. She felt her cunt spasming around his cock and her fingers as wave after wave of flame roared through her.

"Goddamnit, I almost made it again," the intern protested from beneath her.

Lorraine held on until her coming faded, then she began moving again. It wasn't that she cared about his coming, she couldn't have cared less. But there was more pleasure for her, a bit more forgetfulness, and she was determined to get as much as she could.

She bounced and pounded on him, and began to come again. She felt him begin to come, felt his cock twitch.

She felt his come hosing her guts. Thick, hot, gooey semen flooded out of her cunt and over her hand as she came a second time.

When it was all over, she felt depressed. She dismounted from the doctor. She didn't look at him as she grabbed her bra from the floor and covered her aching tits. She dragged her panties on, oblivious of the come that flooded from her hole and soaked her panties.

"Way to go!" Dr. Stern managed. He was still on his back on the bed.

"Shut up," she snapped as she buttoned her dress.

She set her nurse's cap on her black hair and patted her curls into place. Then she glanced at the bed and frowned. It was rumpled and stained, and something would have to be done about it. She stripped it quickly.

"I'll remember this," the intern told her just before he left the room.

She remained stonily silent as he left her. A hot hunger was gnawing at her guts, despite her recent climax.

Chapter TWO

Kathy Dell brushed a wisp of golden hair back from her pink, plump cheek and peered through the partly opened door. There was a twinkle in her blue eyes as she watched Nurse Kelly and Dr. Stern return to the station.

Carefully, Kathy waited until the intern had left, and Nurse Kelly was engrossed in some paper work. Then Kathy opened her door and slipped out. The aroused tips of her firm young tits brushed the door. Her tits jiggled excitedly under her frilly short pajamas as she tiptoed across the hall. She eased Angie's door open and slipped into his room. Then she waited for her eyes to get used to the dim glow of the nightlights.

Both beds in the room were occupied. Kathy turned her attention to the younger boy, Jimmy Carter. His body was so slender it barely made an impression on the sheets. He appeared to be deeply and safely asleep.

Then, her tits tightening and her chest aching, Kathy turned her attention to Angelo Carpatto. He, too, appeared to be asleep. The stainless steel frame around his head and neck gleamed in the faint light, as did the pulleys and cables attached to it. Under the sheet the harnesses and cables fastened Angelo's feet to the foot of the bed.

Under his hospital gown, his strong chest rose and fell evenly. The sheet was halfway down his torso. The crotch of Kathy's panties grew moist as she stared at the youth. He was nineteen, a year older than she was. She loved him, even though she had only known him a few days.

Very, very carefully, she reached out and gripped the sheet. She lifted it and drew it slowly and cautiously downward. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw that his hospital gown was nicked way up. She drew the sheet down further, her eyes on his flat, hard belly and the line of hair arrowing downward from his belly button. The line of hair bloomed out, became a thick, black forest.

And there was his cock! The half-hard sausage of live meat drooped over his left thigh. The head peeped shyly from the foreskin. His balls were big and hairy.

His cock seemed to throb with vitality. Her crotch flooded her panties. Her stomach tightened as if it were wringing the juices out of her pussy. She stood for a long time, staring at his prick.

It had taken her a full day to screw up her courage. The night before she had slipped across the hall. But, she had only watched, and without Angelo knowing it. She had stood outside, peeking through the crack, as Angelo jerked off.

She had watched his hand pump his jutting hard-on. He was racked in traction because of his broken neck. He had gritted his teeth as he desperately pumped his cock. Her pussy had wept with frustration, then flooded as Angelo's cock had spurted thick, creamy come. Her insides ached with lust.

So, all day, she had worked up her nerve to give him something better. And now, here she was, standing over him. Her tits were burning against her pajama top, her crotch was soaking wet with hunger and nervousness. But it wasn't satisfying her own cunt that she was thinking of, but satisfying Angelo's horniness.

Cinched up by the traction, the only things he could move were his arms and hands, his eyes, and his jaw. And his cock.

Very slowly and carefully, Kathy leaned over him and reached for his half-erect organ. She took it delicately between her thumb and forefinger, felt its heat and rubbery half-hardness. Carefully, she drew the foreskin back, revealed the dusky head and the cock-slit. Just her delicate stroking was enough to make his cock swell and expand in her grasp.

"Hey, what...?" Angelo muttered sleepily.

Kathy shivered nervously, but kept her hand on his prick. "It's me, Kathy," she said softly.


"Ssshhhh," she cautioned, glancing over at Jimmy, terrified he might wake up.

"Hey, baby, what's happening?" Angelo asked, fully awake now.

Kathy threw him a hot, tense grin. "Hi," she said nervously. "Did I wake you?"

"What a way to wake up!" Angelo answered. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, goofing around," Kathy answered awkwardly, wiggling his prick. His cock was fully hard now.

"Yeah," he agreed. "But you're overdressed."

He reached out and slid his fingers over the thrusting mound of her tit. Her nipple ached as he rubbed it. He massaged her warm, soft globe.

"Wait a minute," she groaned softly, letting go of his cock. It flopped up against his stomach. She stripped off her pajama top, exposed her big titties to his hungry stare.

"Nice, very nice," Angelo whispered, running his fingers over her lush tits. He lifted and weighed each one in turn, then curled his fingers around one warm globe. He thumbed her nipples, making them swell and stiffen and burn.

Kathy wrapped her small, dainty hand around his cock again, and began squeezing and pumping it.

His hot, sticky oozing made her fingers slip on his hot meat. She stroked her thumb over the knobby, rubbery head, let her hand slide on the film of his pre-come.

Angelo groaned and slid his hand down to her panties and slipped his fingers into them. She felt him tug on her sparse bush, then probe her swampy pussy. One finger slid deep into her dripping cunt. Her panties were digging into the crack of her ass uncomfortably, so she shoved them down.

Angelo resumed plumbing her twat.

"Shit, you're beautiful," he sighed.

"Can't fuck me," Kathy moaned as his hand sent waves of lust boiling through her pussy.

"I know, damnit," he swore.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you hurting," she assured him quickly.

"All right!" he said eagerly.

"I-I've never done this before, though, so you'll have to tell me how I'm doing," she informed him. Her chest ached and her heart was hammering hard.

"You must've jacked guys off!"

"But I've never sucked -- sucked a cock before," Kathy stammered.

"Oh, man, fucking right on!" Angelo exclaimed. "You just wrap those pretty little lips around my cock and go to it!"

"Will you-will you come in my mouth?" Kathy asked.

"Naw, I'll warn you when I'm going to come," he assured her.

"But I want you to come in my mouth," she told him. "I want to swallow your come. I want to see what it tastes like."

"Shit, okay. I'll come in your mouth if you want me to," Angelo assured her quickly.

"How's Jimmy?" Kathy asked, delaying out of nervousness.

"I think he's dying," Angelo replied matter-of-factly. "Kelly and Stern were in here earlier when he turned blue. They gave him a shot. He's sound asleep."

"Oh. Okay." Kathy stared at the cock in her hand. She leaned over, licked the rounded head, tasted his hot juices. He was having trouble keeping his hand in her cunt, so she shifted, lifted one knee to his bed. Her ass was toward his head. He thrust his thumb into her cum-hole, massaged her cunt-lips with his finger.

Angelo watched her licking his cock with her flicking tongue. She shoved the hair back away from her cheek, so he had a clean view of her face and his cock. She had talked about cock-sucking with one of her girl friends once, one who had done it. Half of the pleasure of dick-licking came from being watched, the girl had said.

"Take it in your mouth," Angelo grunted.

Neither of them noticed Jimmy Carter's pale blue eyes on them. Slowly, quietly, Jimmy rolled to his side. Under the sheet, he wrapped his hand around his aching prick. He was burning up from the sight of Kathy's face so close to Angelo's cock. The girl's lushly rounded body and Angelo's hand stirring in her pussy was almost too much for Jimmy.

Kathy slid her lips around the hot, slick tip of Angelo's cock. Slowly, she fucked her face on his prick, let his cock slide back along her tongue. She felt it slither through her encircling lips.

Angelo's thumb jammed deeper into her cunt. He wiggled it as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. The rubbery head hit her soft palate, drove her tongue down like a tongue depressor. She opened her throat and pushed her head downward. The knob of Angie's dick stroked the back of her tongue, and her gut convulsed as she gagged. She lifted her head a little, and, with her tongue, massaged the hard shaft of his cock.

"Yeah," Angelo groaned.

Jimmy's hand moved faster under the sheet.

Kathy pushed her head down again. This time she was prepared, braced for the rebellion of her gut. She fought the gagging, and got Angelo's cock clear to the back of her throat. Finally, it cut off her air and her throat opened in an attempt to swallow the huge mass of meat. Tears stung her eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

Her guts were a seething caldron of lust. Angelo continued to fuck her cunt with his hand. She wiggled her ass at him as he massaged her slick tissues. Her hot lubricant flooded over his hand. She held his cock steady with one hand, and curled the fingers of her other hand around his balls.

"Goddamn!" Angie groaned.

Jimmy licked his lips tensely. His hand pumped and pumped on his prick. Then the aching, itching, burning explosion came. He froze as he felt his cock spurting and jetting, spattering the bed with come. His gut knotted with pleasure as his prick spurted. He never took his eyes off Angelo and Kathy.

Kathy drew her head up. She liked the feel of Angelo's cock sliding out of her mouth. She lifted her face off his cock and gazed down. It was shining with her spit. Lowering her head, she tried to wiggle her tongue-tip into the tight slit.

"Man, you don't need any lessons," Angelo moaned as he watched her. His fingers played a maddening tune on the erect button of her clit.

Kathy pursed her mouth and pressed the tip of his prick against it. She let his prick wedge her lips open, spread her jaws. She met his cock with her tongue, then kept the hard rod pressed against the roof of her mouth and eased her head downward. Again she braced herself for the gagging. She opened her throat. She let the head of his cock drive into her. Her whole body was on fire as she devoured his cock. Her nose was being tickled by his pubic hair she was taking so much of his massive prick. He was big, bigger than any prick she had ever taken in her cunt -- though she hadn't taken all that many.

She was sucking cock. She had never done that before! Just thinking about it used to give her a crazy sort of sick feeling that was incredibly exciting.

And now she was doing it! And it was as exciting as she had expected. The feel of hot, live cock-meat in her mouth made her belly squeeze tight, her twat clench around Angie's probing thumb.

"Awww, suck it," Angelo groaned hotly. "Suck it, you cock-sucker."

Kathy was proud of what he had just called her, not insulted. She was a cock-sucker, and she loved it, and she was proud of it. She drew her head up until just the tip of his prick was between her lips, then pushed her head down and forced his cock into her throat again.

Jimmy Carter's prick was still agonizingly, achingly hard, in spite of his coming. He clutched his throbbing cock and watched the action on Angelo's bed. Jimmy's breath was wheezing in his chest. Excitement was one of the things that could trigger his agonizing attacks and he had never been so excited in his life.

Kathy was moving her head up and down. The hard shaft of Angelo's cock was sliding in and out of her mouth like a piston. She was tasting his early seepings. Her nose was flooded with the musky scent of his arousal. Her tight belly was shivering as her coming drew nearer and nearer. Angelo worked on her twat even more vigorously.

Kathy pumped her head up and down, up and down. She was thrilled by the feel of a cock sliding along her tongue. The cock she was working on pulsed with life. Every stroke of her head and tongue brought another hot drop of salty oozings. Her mouth was flooding with saliva and she had to swallow on every stroke. She began rolling his balls.

"Jesus!" Angelo groaned.

Kathy was making a soft gulping noise as she swallowed and sucked.

The sheet over Jimmy jiggled and jerked as his hand pumped on his still-hard cock.

Kathy's hair flew around her face, tickling Angie's hard gut and thighs. Sweat and tears trickled down her cheeks. She pumped her head up and down, up and down. Her neck muscles were starting to ache.

"Christ!" Angelo said softly.

Jimmy bit back an excited grunt. His gut knotted.

Kathy gulped and swallowed, then stroked the cock with her tongue. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked on the hard prick. Her tits shivered and quivered as she bobbed her head. Trickles of spit and pre-come dried coldly on her chin. Her head pumped up and down over Angelo's hairy groin.

"Suck it! Aw, suck it!" Angelo grunted. "Rub it with your tongue and suck it! Shit!"

Kathy worked harder and harder. She fondled his nuts and pumped her head. Her lust roared higher as Angelo's hand in her cunt became less and less gentle.

The balls drew up tight against Angelo's crotch, and she knew what was about to happen.

"Gonna come," Angelo grunted. "Awww, Jesus!"

Kathy sucked in a deep breath and rammed his cock down her throat. Her throat spasmed reflexively around the monster bulk. She squeezed his balls, and felt his gut tighten. Her pussy began spasming.

The first spurt of come ripped the length of his cock like a bullet. Kathy felt it coming, felt it being propelled the length of his cock by a convulsive heave of his muscles. It squirmed along his come-tunnel, then a gooey, stinging spurt hit the back of her throat and started toward her stomach. The first spurt hadn't reached its destination, when the next one erupted from the convulsing tip of his cock.

Then they were coming too fast to count. Blob after thick blob roared the length of Angie's dick and spattered her throat, triggered her swallowing reflex, poured into her heaving stomach. She gulped down Angelo's thick, creamy waves of come. The room began to look hazy and she realized she had to breathe. She pulled back far enough to uncork her windpipe. As she exhaled and sucked in a deep breath, her mouth flooded with come and saliva -- a hot, sticky mingling that coated her tongue and saturated her nose.

"Aw!" Angie grunted, his flat belly knotting as he unloaded into her mouth.

"Mmmm," Kathy purred as she savored the sticky flavor of his come.

Jimmy wheezed as his hand pumped on his prick. Then his cock began to spurt again. A second thick load of come stained his sheets.

Kathy sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, until the cock in her mouth was a shriveled, drained, empty tube of meat. She kept it in her mouth as it diminished in size and hardness. She sucked up the last burning dribbles of come. She pressed her face into Angelo's groin in order to keep as much of his prick in her mouth as she could.

She didn't lift her face from his cock until he begged her to stop. Only then did she stop drawing on his limp prick and let go of it. It was sticky with her spit.

Sliding slowly down, she knelt on the floor beside the bed and rested her cheek on Angie's hip and caught her breath. Her lips were gleaming brightly with saliva and come.

"Goddamn," Angelo sighed softly. "Fuck me!"

"I wish I could," Kathy said.

"Yeah, well, maybe you could, if you were real careful."

Kathy shook her head. "No. I don't have diaphragm with me."

"You got a diaphragm?"

"The Pill made me sick."

"How come you're in the hospital, anyway? You seem healthy enough."

"Corrective surgery on my insides," Kathy answered.

"Hey, hadn't you better get out of here before Kelly comes around?"

"I don't think she'll be around for a while. She and Stern are up to something. They were in the empty room by the nurses' station."

"She's putting out for that skinny twerp?" Angie said in surprise.

"Shhh," Kathy cautioned. "Yeah, but I don't think she's pleased with him, judging by her expression as they came back."

"Well, if she comes here, I'll satisfy her," Angelo muttered.

"Racked up the way you are?"

"Well, I'd like to, anyway. Shit, is that broad built!"

"Well, what about me?" Kathy asked jealously.

"Well, sure, you're great for a girl seventeen."


"Eighteen, then," Angelo agreed. "But face it, Kelly is all woman! Shit. I get a hard-on every time she comes into the room. And poor little Jimmy! I don't know how he manages to crap when she holds the bedpan for him. Though little Jimmy ain't so little in that department."

Kathy looked at Jimmy. He seemed to be sleeping soundly. "How old is he?"

"I don't know, maybe eighteen. He's hung though. But I don't think he's ever gotten any. Anyway, you better save it for me."

"Okay," Kathy agreed. "Or maybe I'll give Stern lessons. Or Mansfield."

"That old fart?"

"You should see him when he examines me," Kathy giggled. She heard a noise in the corridor and reached for her pajamas. "Got to go."

"Yeah, well come back, any time," Angelo invited.

"Yeah," she agreed. "Maybe tomorrow night." After checking the corridor, she darted quickly back to her room. She could still taste come in her mouth as she fell asleep.

Jimmy Carter lay on his back in his come-smeared bed, remembering what he had seen, and heard, and done. It was a long time before he finally fell asleep. When he did, he dreamed of the lushly built nurse who tended him so lovingly.

Chapter THREE

Room by room Lorraine worked her way down the corridor. She eased each door open and checked the sleeping occupants. There were a variety of cases and ages in the semi-private rooms. Girls were on one side of the corridor, boys on the other.

By habit Lorraine started on the girls' side. Everything seemed normal until she reached Kathy Dell's room. The blonde girl was lying on her stomach. Her well-rounded ass was bare -- her pajama tops had ridden up and she wasn't wearing any bottoms. The sheet had been tossed aside. It looked as if she had been out of bed and then thrown herself face down on the mattress when her door started to open. But, she was breathing evenly and deeply. Apparently, she was asleep.

Silently, Lorraine walked over and pulled the sheet over the girl's bare bottom, then saw the panties on the floor. With a shrug, Lorraine put them on the bedside table, and left the room. She pulled the door closed behind her.

Lorraine started on the boys' side. There was always more restlessness on their side.

Everything seemed unusually peaceful until Lorraine reached Angelo's and Jimmy's room.

Jimmy was a nagging puzzle. Without warning, a crisis would come. Each time he had been saved by quick action by the doctors. When he came out of a crisis, he was never quite as strong as before -- after each one he was closer to death than he had been before. Sooner or later, Lorraine knew, there would be one crisis too many.

She approached his room with foreboding. When she saw the door was ajar a few inches, she was instantly on the alert for trouble. Angelo was strapped to his bed, so only Jimmy could have left the door open, unless someone else had been along the corridor.

Without touching the door, Lorraine looked through the crack at Jimmy's bed. The boy appeared to be sound asleep -- a peaceful change from the crisis the night before. Very quietly, Lorraine eased the door farther open. Her throat felt knotted. Her crotch was suddenly hot and wet. Her legs began to shake. Her mouth went dry.

Angelo was pumping his fist on his monster cock! He was jacking off! He didn't see Nurse Kelly in the doorway.

Lorraine wanted to draw back, but her cunt kept her riveted to the spot. Angelo's hand moved up and down his towering prick, alternately hiding and revealing the dusky tip. Sweat gleamed on his olive face. The knob of his cock was shiny wet.

Desperately, Lorraine tried to force herself back from the doorway. But, her hand eased the door farther open. She went into the room and shut the door slowly behind her.

Since his entire attention was focused on his throbbing hard-on and his fantasies, Angelo was oblivious of the intruder. It wasn't until she was standing beside his bed, opening and closing her fists, shivering, staring at his cock, that he saw her.

His hand stopped moving for a moment. Then, slowly, languidly, he resumed stroking the towering column of his prick.

"Looking for something?" he asked softly. "Well, here it is."

Lorraine tried to shake her head, put the teenager down somehow, but all she could do was stare at his incredible cock as hot hunger gnawed at her pussy. Her panties were wet.

"Come on," Angelo urged. "Come and get it."

Lorraine shuddered. Her breathing sounded very loud.

Reaching out, one hand still massaging his prick, Angelo cupped one of her ample tits. He stroked his prick, milked out a thick glob of clear juice, and squeezed her tit through her bra and dress.

"Come on," Angelo urged softly, his dark eyes flashing. He stroked his hand down her torso, down one thigh to the hem of her dress. Then, he slid his hand up under her dress, up the inside of one thigh. His fingers stroked her stocking, then the naked, sensitive, sweating flesh above it.

Lorraine sucked in a breath through her clenched teeth. Lust was flaring through hex, burning away the last barriers. She felt his fingertips press her soft, humid pussy, press her soaked panties. She spread her legs a little and thrust her pussy forward. Then she clamped her hands down on her aching tits. Her nipples were agonizing points of fire inside her bra.

Angelo's thumb stroked up and down her twat, pressed the slippery, wet lace of her panties into her dripping slit. Every touch on her cunt sent a wave of pleasure ripping through her. Every probing thrust near the mouth of her cunt made her quiver.

"Come on," he hissed softly.

"Noooo," Lorraine moaned.

"Come on, baby. You want it. You know you want it." He pushed his thumb into her flooding cunt-hole. "Come on. It's right here." He waggled his iron-hard cock impudently. "Come and get it."

Lorraine stood there indecisively. How could she do it? He was nineteen, less than half her age. He was a patient, and she was his nurse.

But he had the greatest looking cock she had ever seen. It was much bigger than the prick that had ravaged her the night before. Even her husband's massive prick would have been dwarfed by the gorgeous tool being waved at her. It wasn't just that it was big, it was beautiful. It was perfectly proportioned, exquisitely sculpted. The head was like a rounded arrowhead. The groove on the underside curved smoothly up toward the tip. There was no circumcision scar to mar the perfect flow of the shaft.

The thumb in her crotch rubbed her clit and Lorraine felt as if she was melting into a puddle of lust. Her eyes closed and her knees wobbled.

"Come on," Angelo urged. "You have to do it. I can't move. You have to do it all!"

Lorraine remembered the quick, sharp orgasm with Dr. Stern the night before, and her resistance crumbled. She would be totally in control. She would be in the perfect position to get all the satisfaction she wanted. She would have to do it in such a way that no strain was put on Angelo's injured neck.

"Take off your clothes," Angelo hissed hotly. "Take 'em off."

"Just-just my panties," Lorraine moaned. "Just my panties." Dragging her dress up, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and shoved them down. She stepped out of them. She pulled her dress up around her waist and prepared to fuck herself on ha patient's jutting cock.

Holding her dress out of the way with one hand, she reached up and grabbed one of the pipes that ran the length of Angelo's bed. Kneeling on the extra-firm mattress, Lorraine swung her leg over his naked hips.

Thinking she had seen a movement in the next bed, Lorraine glanced at Jimmy Carter. The boy seemed to be sound asleep, though he had rolled from his back to his side and was now facing her and Angelo. For a moment, Lorraine remained frozen in her revealing position -- she was still gripping the overhead pipe, and her bare crotch was gaping over the towering pole of Angelo's prick.

"Don't worry about him," Angelo hissed. "He's a sound sleeper." He let go of his prick. It flopped up against his hard gut. Then he proceeded to roll her dress so it would stay around her waist. Lorraine gripped the two cold pipes and watched Angelo tilt his hard-on to vertical.

Aching with lust, Lorraine positioned herself over his cock, and eased cautiously downward. The head of his cock touched her twat, wedged into her crack. She was off target by a fraction of an inch. With a whimper, she shifted until his prick was set in her cunt-hole.

Then, very, very slowly, she started downward. She felt his cock slide slowly in, spread and stretch the slick walls of her cunt. She felt his prick-head penetrating her like a spear, bore up into her streaming channel. Shifting her knees slightly, she let herself down a little more. His cock was halfway in now. She was deliberately torturing herself. Her face was beaded with sweat and her hands were threatening to slip on the slick pipe. Her shoulders ached with the strain of keeping her weight off the mattress. Her eyes squeezed shut as her cunt clutched the slowly penetrating cock.

"Jesus, you're hot!" Angelo hissed. "Like having my dick wrapped in raw liver."

Lorraine was racked by a convulsion and dipped an inch lower on his prick.

"Yeah," Angelo grunted. "Yeah!"

His eyes were wide open, watching his prick being slowly engulfed by Lorraine's black-bushed twat. He licked his lips.

Lorraine grunted deep in her throat. She felt the tip of his prick hit the end of her cunt. She shuddered as she slipped lower. She felt her cunt being stretched lengthwise by his thrusting prick.

"I feel it," Angelo hissed. "My prick cap feel every ripple of your twat. I can feel the end of your cunt even."

"Aaahhh!" Lorraine moaned from the depths of her straining lungs, and realized suddenly that she had been holding her breath. She was fully seated on Angelo now. His cock was jammed completely up into her cunt. It felt like she had a telephone pole up her pussy.

"Want to see what you're doing?" Angelo asked. Reaching up, he adjusted the mirror that allowed him to see the television.

Kathy could see where their crotches meshed. For a moment it was just a confusing pattern of skin and hair. Then she recognized her own soft pale skin, the strained lines of her thighs, her garter belt, and Angelo's hard, tan gut. In the center was a thick, tangled forest of black, kinky hair. Hers and Angelo's.

She lifted and watched his dick emerge from her cunt. It was shining wet with her juices. She lifted and lifted and lifted, felt his prick leave her twat, felt her pussy close behind it. She smelled the thick aroma of her arousal as she watched the cock appear. She lifted until just the head of his hard-on was clasped in her cunt.

With a shiver of exhaustion, her arms began to give way and she had to lower herself. She felt her cunt walls dilate to accept Angelo's bulk. She saw the shining cylinder of his rigid prick vanish. A wave of lust flared through her as his cock-head jammed against the end of her tunnel.

"You okay?" she asked. Her throat felt hoarse.

"I'm fine," Angelo answered calmly.

"Your cock's so big," Lorraine moaned.

Angelo was holding her waist with his strong hands. His thumbs eased slowly down to her twat. He spread her cunt-lips. She felt cold air hit the dripping heart of her crack, and she saw her pink inner flesh glowing in the black-fringed center of her pussy. Her clit was throbbing hungrily.

Reaching down, she guided one of Angelo's thumbs to the little button and rubbed it slowly back and forth over her nerve center. Angelo pressed and rolled her cunt against her pubic bone.

Grasping the overhead bars with both hands, Lorraine lifted again, then lowered herself very slowly. She began to fuck herself on him. She watched in the mirror as his thumb mangled her clit and his cock punched up into her guts.

She was oblivious of the bright eyes looking at her from the next bed. Jimmy Carter lay rigidly still, his mouth half open. He watched his roommate's cock appearing and disappearing in the horny nurse's twat.

Jimmy's prick was as hard as steel, and his hand was curled around it, squeezing it. He didn't want to jerk off again. The last time he had flooded his sheets with chilly, gooey fluid, which had made it harder than hell to sleep. But how could he endure the sight of Nurse Kelly mounting Angelo's great cock? If Jimmy didn't do anything, he'd be doubled up with pain soon.

Maybe -- maybe after the nurse was done with Angelo, she'd come over and do something with him. Angelo had said she was a horny one, after all -- and he was sure proving it right now. But how could he ask her to -- to do him?

He shuddered. Fear almost made him lose his hard-on. He'd have to make do with his hand. He wished he had the guts to toss his sheet back and show her what he had down there.

Lorraine Kelly's eyes flickered in Jimmy's direction. He quickly shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Lorraine thought she had seen Jimmy's eyes open. But when she looked at him, they were shut.

She turned her gaze back, to the mirror. She began moving faster as Angelo's thumb continued its maddening tune on her clit. Her hips swung back and forth as she moved up and down on his hard-on. Then she added a circular motion, and felt his cock stirring in her guts, whipping the walls of her cunt as she bounced up and down.

She wondered if the teenager was likely to come soon. She wondered how great his staying power was, what kind of stamina he had. She had expected him to erupt early in the game, the way Dr. Stern had. But Angelo was behaving as if he could fuck all night, as if he got fucked regularly.

"Come on, baby," Angelo urged her. "Come on."

"I will, soon," Lorraine grunted. "Oh, believe me, I will."

The steel traction frame she was hanging from creaked as she jerked and twisted it. Lifting and dropping, she pounded the cock into her cunt.

"Going to come!" Angelo grunted. "Got to, got to!"

"NO!" Lorraine protested, frantically making herself stop. "NO, NOT YET!"

She felt the prick in her twat pulse ominously, and she held herself motionless. She tried to keep her cunt walls from clenching and unclenching in reaction to Angelo's pulsations.

"Think of something else," she moaned. "How much is thirteen times fourteen?"

Angelo's sweating face went blank, his eyes closed, and his lips moved as he worked the problem in his head. "Hundred and eighty two," he said desperately.

His cock had stopped throbbing in her cunt, and there had been no hot gush of semen. They'd held off his coming. And she hadn't lost too much of her own arousal.

She began moving again, began lifting herself higher and higher, began to pogo-stick on his prick.

Sweat was running down between her big tits. The crack of her ass felt wet and slippery.

Angelo rolled her clit with his thumb. She fucked harder and faster, and her hips began swinging again. In the neighboring bed, the sheet over Jimmy Carter's hips began jerking and quivering as he pumped his cock.

"Awww, I'm coming," Lorraine whined. "Awww! Come with me! Come with me!"

She jammed herself down on Angelo's hard cock as clutching waves stroked the length of her cunt. She felt his cock jerk, spasm, and erupt, flood her twat with thick, gooey waves of come jism blasted the end of her twat. She soared higher and higher on a fireball of pleasure. Every muscle in her body helped wring out the spurting prick in her cunt.

Finally, she felt hot, sticky, overflow jism forming a pool between her steaming flesh and his. Slowly, as her coming eased, she felt his prick become limp.

She didn't see the spreading wet stain on the sheets of Jimmy Carter's bed. For a few minutes, she remained mounted on Angelo and let his prick slowly fade inside her cunt.

Then, aching with exhaustion, she lifted herself off him. His cock flopped onto his belly, soggy with their combined juices. Angelo's bush was a tangled, gooey mat. His eyes were gleaming wickedly as he smiled.

"I'm sorry," she said miserably.

"Anytime, Miss Kelly!"

"Mrs.," she corrected automatically. "I'm a widow."

"Anytime, Mrs. Kelly."

"You're a mess," she noted, staring at his sodden crotch. "I'd better clean you up." Getting a washrag from the bathroom, she wiped up the pool of come and sponged off his kinky black bush. Then she pulled the sheet up over him.

"Thanks," he said easily.

Lorraine realized she could be in deep, deep trouble. If Angelo said anything, her career would be ruined.

She was still wrestling with the problem when she heard, faintly, the call button at the nurses' station. Hurriedly, she turned and left the room. Behind her, forgotten on the floor, lay her panties. She was dimly aware of come trickling down the insides of her thighs as she helped a patient with a bedpan. Soon she was too busy making up for lost time to be aware of her naked crotch.

It wasn't until the end of her shift that she remembered her panties -- it was when she sat down to finish the paper work and felt the cold chair against her bare bottom.

Frantically, she raced down to Angelo's room to cover the evidence. But, when she got there, her panties were gone! She searched desperately, but couldn't find them. She didn't want to wake Angelo in order to ask him. It was hardly possible that he had them, anyway. He couldn't have reached them from his bed.

Out of time, she hurried back for the shift change. She was sweating with fear.

Her panties were tucked into Jimmy Carter's crotch. He had used them to soak up his copious jism. There was a contented smile on his lips and he was sleeping deeply and peacefully.

Chapter FOUR

Another night. Lorraine's head was bent over a stack of paper work. She had wanted, desperately, to call in sick. She was terrified of another long night on the ward. She was terrified of having to face Angelo's hot, knowing eyes, and terrified of what she might do next.

She was on duty alone, as usual. Because the hospital was understaffed, she hadn't called in sick. Now she was trying to hide behind a stack of patients' charts that needed work. Around her, everything was quiet.

"Hi, how's it going?" Dr. Stern asked, resting his forearms on the high counter in front of her. He was staring down the front of her dress.

"Good evening, Doctor," she said frostily.

"What time is your break tonight?"

Lorraine did her best to ignore him. "I'm not taking one."

"Not even for a quick snack?" Dr. Stern asked, leering. "Like, maybe a hot dog?"

"Just what is that supposed to mean?"

"Have a good shift last night?" he asked suddenly, changing the subject abruptly.

"Average," she answered vaguely.

The young doctor smiled. "I wonder if Angelo and Jimmy thought it was average."

Lorraine froze. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it seems to me that the special attention you gave Angelo was -- ah -- somewhat above average."

"What special attention?" Lorraine asked warily.

"I imagine the head nurse might ask some very difficult questions about how a pair of your panties wound up in Jimmy Carter's possession," Dr. Stern mused.


Dr. Stern reached into his pocket. Her panties were dangling in front of her. He had one finger hooked through a leg hole. She heard his voice as if he were at the bottom of a deep hole.

"When I checked Jimmy this morning, I found these under his covers," Stern said. "Naturally, I was curious. So I pried a few answers out of the kid. Seems he got quite an education last night."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Lorraine lied desperately.

Dr. Stern shrugged. He was still dangling her panties in front of her. "Doesn't make any difference," he answered. "These panties are yours and I don't see any way for you to explain their presence in Jimmy's bed."

"What do you want?" she asked evenly.

"Well, getting back to your break... I'd hate to see you go hungry."

"I can't leave the station tonight," Lorraine lied. "Joyce is off. I'm handling her ward, too."

"Oh, you don't have to leave the station to eat," Dr. Stern answered. "I was thinking of your eating at your desk."

"If you think I'm going to let you fuck me right here, you're out of your mind. Dr. Mansfield is prowling tonight. Sure as hell he's going to come by here sooner or later."

"Who said anything about fucking?"

"Isn't that what you meant by lunch?"

"I meant eating, when I mentioned lunch," he answered. "Or, to be crude, I meant suck, not fuck."

"What?" Lorraine felt sick.

Dr. Stern came into the station and closed the gate and latched it. His cock was jutting out through the fly of his white pants. "Now, how about a hot dog?" he asked, waving his prick at her.

Lorraine swiveled her chair around. "You're crazy," she moaned.

She couldn't take her eyes off the slim, rigid dick that was pointing at her. Her mouth went dry, then flooded when she thought of taking his cock between her lips. She had done it before, but this was different. She wasn't fully aroused now, the way she had been then.

"Why don't you get out of that chair and let me sit down?" Dr. Stern suggested.

As if hypnotized, Lorraine got up out of the chair. Her eyes were riveted on the waving cock. She moved aside and let the doctor settle himself in the chair.

"Now, if you're a good little girl and please me," he told her, "I'll let you have your panties back. Otherwise, I'll report where I found them."

"You bastard," she hissed. "You blackmailing bastard."

"And don't get the idea you can bite me," he warned. "One nick from your teeth, and..." He smiled knowingly.

"Bastard," she snarled.

"Down on your knees, dear," he ordered. "And make it quick."

Lorraine sank slowly to the floor. Her eyes were fastened on the vulgar-looking cock. She was beaten, and she knew it.

"Suck it," Dr. Stern ordered, looking down at her. His prick was leaking.

Her fingers trembling, Lorraine reached out and gripped the base of his cock. Leaning forward, she moved her mouth closer and closer to his throbbing prick. She could smell him. Her mouth watered as she neared his glistening, dripping prick.

Delicately, she licked the tip of his cock. She licked the knob, washed it clean of his pre-come, left the purple dome shining with spit.

"Suck it," he ordered again.

Pursing her lips, Lorraine slipped them around the hot, hard bar of living meat. She swirled her tongue around the tip as her lips slipped into the groove. She sucked, let the rod slide slowly into her mouth, stroke along her tongue to the back of her mouth.

Her pussy was weeping. She was sick and disgusted with herself for assuming such a humiliating position, but she was also hot and horny. She could feel her panties getting wet -- for the third night in a row.

The cock touched the back of her tongue and she gagged, tasted bile in her throat. She pulled away, let his prick slither from between her lips. She took her mouth off his cock. His meat gleamed with drying spit.

His hand came down on her head, forced her down toward his jutting cock. He pushed her head down, and down, and down, until his prick was against her lips. She let her mouth be wedged open. She carefully kept her teeth away from his sensitive flesh. She met his cock-head with her tongue-tip. Again his cock glided along her tongue, slid to the back of her mouth.

"In case you're wondering, I had a quickie with one of the aids about noon." Dr. Stern said casually. "So I'll be able to go a long time before I come."

Lorraine was furious at the man's callousness. The knowledge that the prick she was sucking had been inside another woman's mouth less than twelve hours before made her guts convulse. She had an urge to chomp down on his swollen prick.

"Suck it," he hissed at her. "Take more of it in!"

Lorraine fought down her gag reflex and forced his cock to the back of her mouth. His pre-come slid dawn her throat. Tears blurred her eyes as she fought the urge to retch. His hand kept her head jammed down on his prick. He let her up and, keeping his prick between her lips, she inhaled deeply through her nose.

"Quite a sight," he mused. "You're very pretty. You look sexy as hell with my cock in your mouth. You've got cock-sucking lips -- soft and full and moist. Lorraine. That's French. Good at Frenching, too," he chuckled lewdly.

Under the urging of his hand, Lorraine took his prick again, drove her head down on his cock. She was dying inside with shame at what she was doing, and shame because in a perverted way she was enjoying the vile act.

"Well, I'll be damned, here comes the great Dr. Mansfield himself," Dr. Stern said.

His words sent an icy chill through Lorraine. She tried to get up, to stand, but the intern kept his hand on the back of her head, trapping her.

"Under the desk," he ordered. He guided her with his hand and swiveled the chair around. Lorraine was crammed under the desk. Her head thumped the bottom of the drawer. She kept his cock in her mouth.

"Just keep right on sucking," Dr. Stern ordered. "Be very, very quiet about it, but don't stop. I'll take care of Mansfield. Remember the panties."

Lorraine wanted to cry. What could she do? Stern had her effectively trapped. All she could do was continue to obey orders and suck the intern's cock, very quietly.

Lorraine moved her head very slowly and carefully, slid the prick in and out of her mouth. She sucked, very, very cautiously. She pressed his piss-channel and felt another thick wave of salty fluid flood her mouth.

"Good evening, Dr. Stern," Dr. Mansfield said. "Where's Nurse Kelly?"

"She took a break for a moment," Dr. Stern answered. His voice was astonishingly calm and level. "Since the nurse at the next station is off tonight, I'm covering right now."

"I see," Dr. Mansfield responded. "Could I see Kathy Dell's chart, please?"

Despite her cock-sucking, Lorraine wondered why Mansfield wanted Kathy's chart at this hour. Lorraine kept sucking on Dr. Stern's prick as be twisted awkwardly and reached for the rack of charts. Her gut was tightening from the exciting danger she was in. Lorraine moved her head a little faster, slipped Dr. Stern's prick in and out more quickly. Her cunt was burning with growing excitement.

"Everything all right down in the emergency worn?" Dr. Stern asked.

"Very quiet, very quiet," Dr. Mansfield answered distractedly. Lorraine could hear the rustle of paper. Apparently he was flipping through Kathy's chart.

"I see Kathy was not given a sleeping pill this evening."

"I wouldn't know about that," Stern answered. Lorraine was trembling with fear and lust. Stern was acting as if nothing unusual was going on at all. While she was hiding under the desk, sucking his cock! Her fright and horniness made it hard for her to think, but she was pretty sure no sleeping pill had been ordered for Kathy Dell.

Dr. Mansfield was still talking. "I have some pills with me. If she's awake, I'll give her one just make sure you mention it to Nurse Kelly so she can enter it on the record."

"Yes, Doctor," Stern agreed.

Lorraine heard Mansfield's footsteps receding and pumped her head on the intern's cock. The young man's hand came down on her head, guided her as she face-fucked him.

"Wonder what that old fart's up to," Dr. Stern mused. "He could get himself in trouble, going into a girl's room alone any time, let alone at this hour. Keep sucking."

Lorraine had stopped to rest a minute. At his order, she stroked his cock hard with her tongue.

"Probably got the hots for her," Stern went on absently. "Lord knows, I can't blame him. The little witch has one of the finest bods."

Lorraine could tell by the sudden oozing from his prick that Stern was turned on by the teenage girl.

"Something else again! Getting head while I was talking with Mansfield," he mused. "Thought I was going to come right while he was standing here. Good thing he got me thinking about other things. Ahhh, shit that's good."

Lorraine swirled her tongue around his prick, then swallowed the flood of juice. It was hard to swallow, because of his cock. Her throat ached from the pounding his cock-head was giving it.

"Suck it, baby, suck it," he ordered, forcing her head against his groin.

Lorraine moaned.

"Going to come soon," he grunted. "Going to flood you with come. And you'll swallow every drop of it, won't you? Probably love gulping jism, you cock-sucker. That's what you are, you know, a cock-sucker. Just a plain old cock-sucker. Got a mouth like a fucking vacuum pump. Suck it, suck it, suck it!"

Lorraine sucked on. Her crotch was a boiling swamp of horniness, and she knew she was not going to be satisfied by the flood of come that was going to pour down her throat.

She sucked. She took the cock to the back of her throat. Her throat spasmed around the rubbery knob of the dribbling tip. Her tits ached. She was seething inside, boiling with hunger.

"Gonna come soon," he grunted. "Jesus, am I gonna come!"

Silently, Lorraine urged him to come, trying to bring him off with her mouth. She rubbed the nerve-packed underside of his prick with her tongue. She squeezed his cock-base with her fingers, trying to milk him. She moved her head faster.

"Going to come!" the man snorted. "Aww shit!"

His cock began to tremble and squirt, hot, thick, gooey wads of semen down her throat. Lorraine gulped frantically. The pulsating, erupting knob of his prick banged against her throat. Her swallowing stimulated his balls. She felt as if she was swallowing blobs of hot pudding the wads of come were so big.

And the spurting just kept going on and on and on. Finally she had to stop to catch her breath. Dribbles of semen flowed from her mouth as she sucked in a breath of air.

Lorraine's hole spasmed. Her cunt went into a dry orgasm, one that was certain to leave her more horny than before. Her thighs shuddered and trembled, hoping to embrace a hard male body.

The cock in her mouth stopped spurting and began to shrivel. Carefully, half-willingly, she used her lips and tongue to drain the last drops of come from his piss-hole. She sucked hard, extracted every last drop of sperm from his exhausted cock. When his prick was at last a flaccid lump between her lips, she drew her head back. His cock popped out of her mouth. His prick was drained and wet with spit as she crawled awkwardly from under the desk. Still on her knees, she slumped down.

"Here you are, baby, you earned 'em," the young doctor announced, dropping the incriminating panties in front of her.

"I don't suppose you'd care to fuck me now," she asked weakly. She needed some form of release from her incredible horniness.

"Couldn't possibly," he told her. "Besides, like you said, we can hardly do it here." He chuckled. "We managed all right, though, didn't we?"

"Bastard," she hissed.

"Yeah, well, for an over-sexed cunt like you it's a good thing there are horny men around," he answered.

Painfully, Lorraine picked up her panties and got to her feet. Clumsily, she stuffed the soiled garment in her purse.

"Well, I better get down to the emergency room," Dr. Stern announced. "Have a pleasant evening, cock-sucker."

Lorraine slumped miserably in the chair as he left. She was conscious of the come in her throat, and the wetness of her own climax on the crotch of her panties.

Her pussy wept with frustration, making her panties sticky and uncomfortable.

She squirmed on the chair, and toyed with a pencil. Her panties rode up into her sweating crack, rubbed her clit, made it burn.

Finally she stood up, pulled her dress up and yanked the offending panties down and off. She stuffed them into her purse.

She sat down. She started fidgeting with the pencil again, rolling it around and around on the smooth desk.

She kept thinking of Angelo and his fantastic cock. "No," she told herself softly.

The itch in her cunt increased. Her clit burned hotter and hotter, her cunt began flooding.

Her finger hit the intercom switch. She cleared her throat nervously. "Joyce?"


"Can you cover for me for an hour or so?"

"You okay?" Joyce asked. "You sound funny."

"I-I'm not feeling my best. I thought I'd have some tea and maybe lie down for a while," she lied.

"Okay, sure, it's another quiet night. Take your time."

"Thanks, Joyce."

Lorraine got up tensely from the desk. Hating herself, she walked along the silent corridor to Angelo's room.

Chapter FIVE

Dr. Mansfield glanced nervously down the corridor as he stood outside Kathy Dell's door. He was relieved to see that Dr. Stern seemed to be preoccupied at the desk. He opened the door quietly.

"Kathy?" he called softly.

The pretty blonde teenager sat up. "Yes?"

"I've got what you want," Dr. Mansfield told her. He flicked on the light.

Kathy blinked against the sudden glare. "Oh, thank you, Doctor."

Dr. Mansfield was nervously fumbling with something in his pocket. "I -- ah -- think we had better check and make sure that it fits properly, don't you?"

"Do you really think so?"

The gray-haired physician nodded. "Think of the consequences if it doesn't."

"But you measured me for it."

"Just the same, I'd like to check the actual tit," he repeated. His eyes kept going from her pretty face to the full thrust of her tits. Her titties jiggled in her pajama tops excitingly every time she took a breath. His cock was tight in his pants.

"Well, if you have to," she grumbled impatiently. "Let's get it over with."

She lay back on the bed.

Dr. Mansfield drew the sheet down and exposed her hips and graceful, bare legs. He sat down on the bed and reached for her panties. Compliantly, she lifted her ass off the bed, let him draw her frilly panties down her sleek thighs. Then she bent her knees and lifted her feet. He stripped her panties off.

"Now, let's see here," he mused. Gently, he parted the girl's knees, spread her legs and exposed her pussy. He felt sweat beading his upper lip. He contemplated her naked cunt. Her twat-lips were delicately fuzzed with light, reddish-blonde hair.

Kathy lay on her back and stared resignedly at the ceiling.

Carefully, he spread her cunt-lips, opened the pink gash, exposed the delicate ruffles of flesh. He made a show of studying her inner cunt-lips. He tried to make the appropriate musing noises as his heart raced.

His finger fucked the nubbin of her cunt. She gave a rasp of shock and surprise. "Hey!"

"Did that hurt?" he asked, hoping he sounded concerned.

"You know damn well it didn't," she said, looking at him.

Her tits were rising and falling more quickly.

"Oh?" He stroked her clit again and watched her writhe from the stimulation.

"That's not where it goes," she moaned. "Now come off it, Doc, and get it fitted. Okay?"

With a casual shrug, he took a round plastic case from his pocket and opened it. After taking out the diaphragm, he uncapped a tube of contraceptive cream. Carefully, he filled the diaphragm and ran a bead of cream around the outer rim of the springy dome. He carefully curled the diaphragm and spread her cunt lips again. Then he slid the coiled contraceptive device into her cunt-hole. Watching closely, he pushed the diaphragm up inside the young girl's pussy.

Then, impulsively, he leaned over and kissed her cunt. He flicked her clit with his tongue. Her hips bounced up in reaction.

"Shit," the girl hissed.

The elderly doctor began nursing on her clit. He dragged her clit between his lips and stroked it with his tongue. In reaction, Kathy's hips writhed and squirmed against his face. She cursed at the ceiling. He held her thighs open with one hand. He felt the muscles spasming under her soft, tender flesh.

"Oh, eat me, eat me, eat me!" she moaned.

Dr. Mansfield drew back from her flooding cunt. He stood up.

She looked up at him, her blue eyes hazy with lust. "What are you doing?"

He stared down at her. His cock was an aching lump in his pants. "Take off your pajama tops," he ordered.

"What are you doing?" she repeated.

"Miss Dell," he said carefully, "if you do not do exactly as I ask, I will tell your parents that you asked me for a diaphragm."

Kathy's lust faded abruptly. She lowered her legs and clamped them together. Then she cupped her hands over her cunt. "You bastard."

"Please do as I ask, Miss Dell."

"You-you dirty old man!" Kathy snarled. "You sonofabitch!"

"Your pajama tops," he insisted, unperturbed by her insults. She was, after all, a slut.

"Bastard," Kathy growled. But she was obeying him, was stripping off her pajama tops, baring her wonderful tits to him. She flopped back on the bed. Her nipples were alert pink berries on the pale globes.

Dr. Mansfield unbuckled his trousers and let them drop. He stepped out of them, then pushed his shorts down and exposed the towering thrust of his hard-on. He saw her eyes flick down to his cock, saw her pupils dilate when she saw his prick, saw the flicker of fear and excitement on her face.

"You're hung like a horse," she whispered. "Your cock must be a foot long!"

Dr. Mansfield reached for the controls of the bed. He punched the button to elevate the area under her hips. Her pussy rose, as if begging to be penetrated by his prick.

He noted that her legs had parted at the sight of his prick. Despite her protests, she was anxious to have him fuck her.

He stared down at her exposed body. His eyes went to her firm young tits, then down to the pouting lips of her pussy. Getting on the bed beside her, he spread her graceful legs wide, made her cunt gape as he bent her knees. Her face was shining with lust and fear.

Grasping his cock, the old doctor bent it down and, parting her cunt lips, he set the burning tip on her twat. He nestled his cock-head in her cunt-hole, then leaned over and began forcing his prick into her tight tunnel.

"Awww!" she groaned. She reached up and curled her fingers around the stainless steel bars of the head of the bed. Her head rolling from side to side, she took his titanic prick. Her knees were drawn up so far they would have been mashing her tits if they hadn't been spread so wide.

Leaning on one hand, steadying his cock with the other, the doctor looked down and watched his monster prick drive slowly into the girl's pussy. It looked as if his bulk would rip her cunt. He smiled and continued to work his cock into her. Her pussy was tight and hot. Just as tight and hot as he had hoped and expected.

"Awwww," Kathy moaned. Her head rolling, her arm muscles tensing and shivering, as she was gored by his cock.

A short, sharp thrust and a quarter of his cock was sunk in her clutching cunt. A slow thrust of his hips and a half an inch of his prick was swallowed by her hot, clutching cunt-flesh. The friction of her tight hole was so great he could feel his foreskin being stretched back from his cock-head.

"God, your cock's so huge!" Kathy moaned, writhing and squirming.

Still looking down at where his cock was parting her pussy-lips, the doctor drove into her cunt, powered another inch of his monster cock into her guts. He drew back a half an inch, drove inward another inch. He felt his cock seeping burning lubricants into her pussy.

Kathy's face was a study in lust and pain as her cunt was stretched by his cock.

Dr. Mansfield rammed his cock into her cunt until he felt the end of her hole. He pushed a bit farther, felt her flesh stretch against his prick-tip.

Kathy's legs drew up still more, and her knees spread wider. She was begging him to give her more cock! He wedged another quarter of an inch into her and then stopped when she whimpered in pain. More than an inch of his cock was still outside her split twat.

"Awwww," Kathy moaned as he lowered his body onto hers. The cloth and buttons of his white shirt dug into her tender body.

"Feels like I have a telephone pole in my cunt!" Kathy groaned. "You're ruining me!"

"You love it," he argued. "Cunts are designed to stretch."

"Just let me get used to it!" she begged.

She grabbed her knees, spread them wider and pulled them up a little further. He felt a fraction of an inch more of his prick slip into her pussy as she opened her cunt as wide as she could.

"Jesus!" she moaned. "Fuck me! I can't take this for long!"

He fucked her. Drawing his prick out of her, he slid it back in, until it jammed against the end of her cunt. His hips moving with relentless power, he pistoned his prick in and out other tight twat.

Kathy kept her legs folded up and spread incredibly wide. She whimpered with every inward stroke of his enormous cock.

"Awww, I'm going to come!" she moaned.

Dr. Mansfield ignored everything but the searing pleasure from his prick. His cock burned, and his balls flooded as if trying to put the fire out. His hips humped faster and harder, his cock-head slamming into the end of her cunt.

Kathy was huffing in time with his drives. It was as if his monster cock was slamming against her lungs, driving the wind out of her. She hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled on her legs, trying to open her cunt so he could get even deeper.

"Awwwww, I'm coming," she wailed. Her voice shuddered in time with his thrusts.

Paying no attention to her, the old doctor fucked closer and closer to eruption. The puddle of come in his groin churned and seethed. His balls slapped her ass each time he entered her cunt. His hairy hips ground against her soft legs. His balls pulled up against his groin.

His muscles tensed, and the first wad of come split his piss-hole like a knife of hot acid. It was blocked by the stretched end of her cunt and squeezed back between his cock-head and her cunt-walls. He felt waves of thick fluid, blocked from any other exit by the rubber diaphragm, squirm out between cock and cunt.

"Awwww," Kathy groaned as she felt her cunt being hosed by hot jism.

Dr. Mansfield tensed his ass and shot his juice into her hot hole. He shivered and shuddered, tried to get the last fraction of his pumping prick into her cunt. His toes curled and his legs cramped as he fucked himself dry. With a convulsive shudder, he forced the last dribbles of come out of his cock, then collapsed limply on top of the teenage girl.

Kathy let go of her legs and let them flop onto the bed on either side of the doctor's pale, hairy legs. She was pinned under him. Her cunt felt spitted on his slowly shrinking dick. Her tits ached from the weight on them.

"You bastard," she moaned.

"You loved every minute of it."

"Bastard," she repeated.

He got up. His prick whipped free, spattering her thigh with come. Her pussy was flushed and battered from his brutal fucking. He knew she had loved it. He dragged on his pants and tucked in his soggy prick.

He flicked off the light and opened the door an inch. He looked down toward the nurses' station. Dr. Stern had left, and there was no sign of Nurse Kelly.

Quickly, Dr. Mansfield slipped out of Kathy's room.

"Old goat," Kathy muttered, as she put her pajamas back on and leveled her bed. "Shit! Now I'm too sore to fuck Angelo. It'll hurt just to walk, dammit. Well, when I don't show up, he'll use his hand. Or fuck Nurse Kelly, like he did last night. Damn, between that bitch nurse and the horny doctors, it's getting a little hairy around here."

Chapter SIX

Lorraine speared herself on Angelo's cock with a hot moan of pleasure. She had stripped to her bra, garter belt and stockings, clutched his traction frame and eased herself down on his throbbing hard-on. She felt his prick wedge into her sucking twat. She loved the feel of her tight cunt being spread by his hot, hard prick. She eased down on his dick until it was snuggled full depth in her pussy and the knob was against the end of her cunt.

Angelo hissed his pleasure, gave a long sigh of contentment. Lorraine began making strange sounds, half sobs, half gulps, deep in her throat.

"Crazy," Angelo whispered, grinning tightly. He was watching the mingling of his pubic patch with hers.

Lorraine fucked herself on the boy's prick, lifted herself and then dropped. She felt his cock jam up into her twat. Her arms shivered. Her bra felt hot and uncomfortable against her aching tits. Her nipples burned when the lace dragged across them.

She loved the feel of Angelo's huge cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. It scraped the rippled walls of her cunt, struck fire from them. It stretched her pussy deliciously wide.

As she rose and fell, the glistening piston of Angelo's cock slid smoothly in and out of her cunt. Every stroke made the sex-fire pulse through her. Sweat ran down her tits as she carefully lifted and lowered her cunt on the boy's prick. She was oblivious to everything but her desperate sexual need.

"Jesus, that's great!" Angelo gasped.

"Oh, God," Lorraine groaned. She was nearing her peak. Her cunt began to spasm around Angelo's huge cock. "Oh, God!"

Lorraine was coming. She was sliding inevitably into the chaos of her orgasm. Her arms straining, her head thrown back, her whole body on fire, her cunt fountained around his cock. Her twat gripped the rocky shaft, muscular waves stroked the hard bulk.

"Shit!" Angelo hissed. He began to come. His cock geysered hot, thick wads of jism into the nurse's tight, spasming pussy.

Lorraine felt her hole being hosed and, her climax seemed to rip her mind to shreds. Thick cream spurted out around his prick.

She returned to reality when the cock in her guts finally stopped spurting. She realized with a jolt that she had let her whole weight down on Angelo. She hurriedly jerked herself up with her arms.

"Ah!" Angelo winced.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, getting off him. His limp prick looked soggy and sticky. It flopped against his leg. Lorraine was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt and misery.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Angelo asked, eyeing her nervously.

"I'm such a slut," she said miserably. "I could get fired for what I just did."

"Relax! I'm not about to squeal on you."

"Doesn't matter. An intern's already blackmailing me."

"Fuck Stern," Angelo grunted.

"How'd you know who it was?" Lorraine asked. She slumped on the chair by Angelo's bed.

"Aw, he and Jimmy were whispering and gabbing together. I knew something was up."

"Yeah, well, Stern found my panties in Jimmy's bed," Lorraine explained.

"How the fuck did he get them?" Angelo asked. "You didn't have Jimmy pick them up?" Lorraine asked.

"Naw. After you left, I went to sleep."

"And you didn't tell Jimmy about what we did?"

"No way," Angelo answered quickly.


"Then how did Dr. Stern know what we did?"

"Well, I didn't tell Stern," Angelo noted, "and I didn't tell Jimmy, either. Only one way Jimmy could have known."

"He was watching." Lorraine sighed softly. A trickle of fear and excitement burned through her.

"Is he awake now?" Angelo asked.

"I don't know," Lorraine whispered. "I can't see his face."

"Is his sheet moving?"

"Just stopped."

"Jacking off."

"Oh, God," Lorraine moaned.

"Yeah, well, let the poor kid have what fun he can," Angelo suggested. "Shit, how long does he have, anyway?"

"Not long," Lorraine said sadly.

"Man, I'd hate to go out the way he's going to," Angelo muttered. "Shit, he's only a teen. Poor kid. He'll never know what it is to fuck a woman."

Lorraine felt a strange twinge of regret -- and excitement.

"I mean, a hand job is better than nothing," Angelo went on. "But it ain't nothing like having a hot cunt stroking your pecker."

Lorraine nodded. It wasn't fair. Jimmy was a nice kid. He was slender and handsome. He was an easy patient. If anyone deserved a break, it was Jimmy. His pubis wasn't hairy, wasn't developed yet. But his cock sure was.

And his ass, she thought. What an ass the kid had. It was firm, smoothly-rounded, well-muscled, and very erotic. She hadn't realized it before, but taking his temperature rectally had been a real pleasure.

Her pussy dripping hungrily, Lorraine moved toward Jimmy's bed. He was on his side, pretending to be asleep. She reached back and unfastened her bra. Her tits sprang free. Wearing only her cap, garter belt and stockings, she drew the sheet off Jimmy.

His eyes opened. He looked frightened. His pajama bottoms were down around his ankles. His prick was limp. Nestled at the tip was a wad of cloth -- a pair of his shorts. They were sticky with come. She threw them to the floor and knelt by Jimmy's bed. She drew his beautiful, virgin prick into her mouth. She tasted his goo as she massaged his cock with her tongue.

With a soft sigh, Jimmy rolled to his back. She followed, kept her mouth around his prick. She rested her cheek on his smooth belly as she sucked his cock. His hand stroked her hair, dislodged her cap. She fondled his small, firm balls.

His prick was growing, driving toward the back of her mouth. His hairless thighs thrashed. She saw his feet kick free of his tangled pajama pants. She continued sucking his swelling prick. Her tits were pressed against the side of his bed. Her cunt was drooling.

Backing off, she studied the youthful sleekness of his spit-wet cock. It looked fresh and unused.

The cap was a rosy pink spearhead.

Easing up on the bed, Lorraine lay down beside Jimmy. She rolled him over so he was facing her. She eased one leg over his smooth thigh. The nylon of her stocking slid sensuously over his skin. Her cunt open to him, she eased forward and down until the tip of his prick had wedged through her snatch and into her hot pussy.

Gently, very gently, she fucked his cock. Cupping his ass cheek, she urged his cock into her cunt. She felt his prick penetrate her cunt. She saw the ecstasy on his face as her hot flesh embraced his cock.

"Oh, Momma!" Jimmy sighed. His eyes closed as he savored the new sensations.

Joy swelled inside Lorraine as she watched him. His cock filled her cunt like a hot steel column.

Jimmy's instincts took over, and he began to move. He drew his cock out of her pussy and eased it back in.

Lorraine dug her fingers into the sweaty crack of his ass. Her hips moved in a slow, languid fucking motion. His pubic arch ground against hers, twisting and rolling her clit.

Lorraine was only faintly aware of Angelo's hot panting behind her. The teenager had twisted his head so he could watch the action on the neighboring bed. He curled his hand around his throbbing meat and watched Jimmy's introduction to fucking. Lorraine's ass was framed by her stockings and garters. Angelo had a sudden urge to plunge his aching cock into her deep, dark crack.

Lorraine loved the feel of Jimmy's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She loved the rolling and twisting of her clit. She fought the urge to spur him on to greater speed and power. She was in no hurry. No hurry at all.

Her fingers slithered along the oily crack of his ass, touched the puckery bud of his asshole. She felt his cock lurch hard into her. She probed his asshole, felt the cock in her cunt shudder and swell a fraction, felt Jimmy jam his hips forward.

"Oh, yeah!" he moaned.

Delicately, Lorraine twisted her finger carefully into his tight asshole. The prick cramming her twat spasmed as if it was coming -- but no hot gush of cream flooded her pussy. He hadn't come!

Straining his arm, Jimmy reached around her. She felt him searching for her asshole. His fingers slid into her ass crack. He touched her asshole. Her hips lurched and her cunt contracted. Flames seared her nerves.

Angelo saw where the younger boy was probing, and he cursed the rack that stretched and immobilized him. His fist pumped his aching dick, which was still gooey with his come and Lorraine's cunt-juice. Jimmy's finger delicately penetrated her tight asshole.

"Awww," Lorraine sighed.

She twisted her finger into Jimmy's asshole. She thought of all the enemas she had given patients, and wondered if any of them had enjoyed them.

God knew, the feeling of her own asshole being slowly penetrated was exquisite. Her only regret was that his finger wasn't larger.

Jimmy was hissing deep in his throat. Her finger bored deeper into his greasy shitter.

Lorraine felt the thin barrier between her pussy and asshole being squeezed between his cock and finger. She squirmed her finger deeper into his asshole and rubbed his prostate.

The itching fire in her invaded ass was fantastic. Her asshole spasmed around his finger while her cunt gripped his pistoning prick. Wiggling her other fingers, she stroked his squirmy balls. She felt his fingers move in her crotch, felt him try to slip a finger into her twat. She growled with pleasure when he managed to get his finger into her dripping hole. Now he had his cock and one finger in her cunt, and one finger up her asshole.

A film of sweat was making them both slippery. Her nipples were rubbing against him, her tits were squishing and squirming against his sweaty chest.

She sank her finger to the hilt in his asshole, and twisted it around and around, enjoying the feel of his crap. The finger he had crammed in next to his cock slipped out. Then her asshole was being stretched by a second finger. The stinging fire made her hips heave up. He had two fingers in her shitter and was reaming her cunt with his cock!

"Aww yesss!" she groaned. "That's it, that's it, that's it!"

He twisted and squirmed. His mouth found hers, and his tongue drove deep into her mouth. His hips jammed against hers, his prick stroked the walls of her cunt. His fingers twisted and turned in her asshole. She felt his prostate, a rubbery knot under her finger, felt it spasming. He was about to come.

She was coming. Her cunt began to twitch, harder and harder, until it was spasming madly. Her asshole was quivering around his twisting, churning fingers. Her teeth dug into Jimmy's neck, her finger pushed deep in his shitter.

Jimmy began coming. His prick jerked and bucked in her twat. She felt his semen scald her insides. His asshole clenched her finger like a rubbery ring. His whole body writhed against hers as hot come streamed into her spasming, sucking pussy.

Angelo blinked his eyes desperately to get the stinging sweat out of them. Angelo could see how the nurse's asshole was distended by Jimmy's digging fingers. He could see creamy overflow come oozing out where Jimmy's prick was socketed in her cunt. His prick throbbed hotly as he jerked off.

"Outta sight!" Kathy exclaimed as she eased the door closed behind herself.

Angelo flinched.

Lorraine shuddered. Her cunt and asshole spasmed with shock at the sound of the girl's voice. The stinging agony of her shitter trying to cut off Jimmy's fingers sent her orgasm flaring higher. And she felt Jimmy's pumping prick fire an extra, thick, hot jet of come against the end of her cunt. Her consciousness and shock and fear were swept away on a tide of pleasure.

"Outta sight!" Kathy whispered hotly, moving toward Angelo. She shed her pajamas as she moved in on him.

Chapter SEVEN

Naked, her tits aching with lust, come drizzling down the insides of her thighs, Kathy was horny. The sight of the young boy and the lush, mature nurse screwing, with their fingers in each other's assholes, sent Kathy's lust soaring. The sight of pearly jism oozing from Lorraine's twat made Kathy's own pussy drool hungrily.

"Come on," Angelo urged. All he could do was clutch his aching dick. He could see Kathy standing beside him, he could see her delicious tits, her sleek torso -- but not her peach-fuzzed pussy.

"Outta sight!" Kathy whispered again.

"Come on, Goddammit! I'm going nuts!"

"I want to watch!" she protested.

"They're done, dammit! Besides, you can have the real thing right here with me!"

Reluctantly, Kathy tore her eyes off the tangle on the next bed and turned toward Angelo. Her eyes fastened on his prick. She licked her lips. His dick was hard as a rock, a throbbing tower with a glistening coating of pre-come.

"What about my asshole?" she asked.

"You mean you want me to ass-fuck you?" Angelo asked.

"Just-just your finger."

"Don't think I'll be able to reach," he groaned. "If I face away from you?"

"Yeah, that might work," he agreed. "Now, will you hurry the fuck up?"

"Kiss my ass," she retorted.

"What? Come on now."

Kathy fingered her streaming pussy. "You're helpless without me," she said cruelly. "You kiss my ass, and I'll fuck you."

"You're crazy!"

"You're chicken."

"You ever kissed ass?" Angelo asked.

"Well, would you kiss an ass?"

"I don't know."

"Well, don't ask me to do nothing you wouldn't do," Angelo snapped. "Now, will you fuck me before I lose my hard-on?"

"Oh, okay. But you will stick a finger up my ass?"

"Yeah, yeah, hell," Angelo grumbled. "Christ, you want me to sign a contract or something?"

"Just don't want any cheating," Kathy said as she used the traction framework like a trapeze. She swung a leg over him. Facing his feet, she reached under herself, grabbed his prick, and aimed it at her cunt.

Angelo felt the knob of his prick nuzzle into her twat. When she leaned forward, he could see the dusky crinkle of her asshole. Remembering his promise to drill her there with his finger, his mouth went dry and his cock got even harder.

Kathy eased herself down on his prick. The sensitive walls of her cunt stroked his searing cock meat. He felt his cock seeping pre-come. He slid his hands over her ass. His thumbs slipped into her ass crack. She leaned forward, took more of his cock into her cunt. His balls clenched as his cock was engulfed by her hot tissues.

Kathy was making little chirping noises as her pussy was filled by Angelo's dick. Leaning forward, bracing herself on his traction frame with one hand, steadying his cock with her other, she lowered herself slowly. Her cunt was still slick with Dr. Mansfield's come, so Angelo's prick slid into her easily. Her asshole itched in anticipation.

Angelo touched her asshole. He was sweating heavily. With his thumbs, he stretched the sides of her bung. He felt her cunt contract around his prick, felt it pulse in response. She lowered her weight on him tentatively, then more decisively when he didn't complain. His cock was all the way in her cunt now. She tipped forward, toward his feet. She felt his prick lever down as the angle of her pussy changed. Her tits brushed his hairy legs like warm, soft pillows.

Her asshole moved as she leaned forward, became more accessible to his probing thumbs.

The girl wanted a finger up her ass? Well, maybe her give her more than she bargained for. He pressed the tip of one thumb at the puckered hole. The tip of his thumb eased into her opening.

"Aww shit that feels good," Kathy moaned as her cunt spasmed around his prick.

Gritting his teeth, Angelo drove his thumb into her asshole. Now a quarter of an inch of his thumb was in her asshole, then half an inch. The ring of her shitter felt like a little rubber donut. He watched his thumb being swallowed by her asshole. He felt her muscle clench and unclench around his thumb.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Kathy grunted. Her asshole was jerking in time with her snorts. "More!"

Angelo gave her more, drove his thumb up her ass. He was almost up to the first knuckle now. He could feel the contents of her hole being pressed aside. He felt a subtle sort of a squirming against his prick, and realized that he was feeling his thumb through the barrier between her cunt and asshole.

"Ooooohhhh, that feels soooo good!" Kathy moaned.

Hooking his thumb inside her asshole, he pulled upward. Understanding, Kathy lifted. He felt the walls of her cunt rub his prick like hot velvet. His prick tried to flex with the angle, but couldn't, it was so hard and engorged.

His thumb, meanwhile, felt as if it had been thrust into a soft channel that was packed with warm mud. He carefully kept his mind off the name of what his thumb was feeling. He pumped his thumb in and out of her asshole, slowly, watching her asshole drag out and ease in as he did so.

"Oh, Christ!" Kathy moaned. "Jesus!"

As she rose and fell on his cock, he felt his thumb with his prick, felt his prick with his thumb.

"Aw, I'm coming!" Kathy whined. "I'm coming! Awwww!"

Angelo held on. His balls were on the verge of erupting. He felt her cunt clenching and unclenching as she orgasmed. Her asshole jerked and her crapper tried to drive his thumb out. He fought back, refused to let her body shit him out. Her asshole winked around his thumb. It kept clenching and unclenching.

When her orgasm seemed to be fading, he slowly rotated his hand, twisted his thumb in her hot tunnel. Her muscles were stimulated to new efforts.

"Awww, I'm done," Kathy moaned, slumping forward so her tits squashed on his legs.

"Yeah, well, I'm not," Angelo grunted. His cock ached.

"Yeah, well let me rest a minute at least," she whispered. Her breath was hot against his shins.

"What do you have up my ass, anyway?"

"One thumb."

"Only one? Jesus, it feels like a telephone pole is fucking my butt."

"Does it hurt?"

"Sort of," she answered. "But it feels good, too. Ah!" Her asshole spasmed and relaxed.

"Come on, Kathy! Feels like my cock's being twisted off!"

"Okay," she hissed. "Okay."

She straightened up and took some of the bend out of his cock. Still leaning forward, she lifted her ass and his prick slithered out of her flooded cunt. She lowered, drove his cock back up into her. Her cunt-juice poured down over his balls.

Angelo began thumb-fucking her asshole again, began easing his thumb in and out of her rubbery ring. Then he applied his other thumb to her already stretched asshole.

As he drove his first thumb back into her, he slipped his second in beside it. He felt a shudder rip through her as he stretched her asshole. Her cunt clenched around his cock. His palms and fingers gripping her ass-cheeks, he forced both thumbs deep into her rectum.

"Jeeeezzz!" Kathy screeched.

"Fuck me," Angelo grunted, pistoning his thumbs in her asshole, stirring her shit.

"Don't stop," Kathy begged. "Awww shit, you're tearing me open! Don't stop!" She bounced up and down on his cock.

He didn't stop. His balls were boiling. His hips tried to fuck against the resistance of the traction harness. A streak of sadism ripped through him.

He stretched Kathy's asshole with his thumbs, trying to tear her. He saw her asshole stretch and draw out into an oval as he pulled his thumbs out to the sides.

He wondered what it would feel like to have his cock in the hole his thumbs were spreading open. His guts sizzled as his orgasm drew closer and closer. Kathy was silent now. Her blonde hair tossed around her naked shoulders as she jerked and heaved on the double penetration.

"Going to come!" Angelo hissed.

"Awwww," Kathy whined.

"Come on, bitch, come on!" Angelo surged, using his thumbs to guide her bouncing. He twisted and turned his thumbs in her ass, drew her shit-hole out to the sides, and moved his thumbs in and out of her all at the same time.

"Jeez," Kathy moaned.

"Coming!" Angelo grunted. He pressed forward and down with his thumbs. He jammed Kathy down hard on his cock. Pushing forward, he pressed his jetting prick through her velvety flesh. His come felt like bullets of molten lead. His neck was screaming from the strain he was putting on it, but the pain was nothing compared to the searing pleasure of his coming.

"Enough," Kathy whined as his coming faded.

He drew his thumbs out of her asshole, saw the puckery hole seal itself.

Desperately, Kathy pulled up off his shriveling cock. He saw his thick white come oozing from the folds of her pussy. His thumbs felt greasy.

Kathy was slumped on the edge of his bed. His hand rubbed up and down her smooth, naked back. Then, without really thinking about it, he reached around her and cupped one tit tenderly. Kathy pressed his palm against her warm, yielding globe, then took his hand and kissed it. She sniffed his thumb and grinned wickedly at the smell of shit.

Lorraine was lying on her back on Jimmy's bed. He was on top of her, pounding into her cunt. Her eyes were closed, and she was visualizing Angelo's brutal stretching thumbs wrenching Kathy's bung open.

Lorraine was only faintly aware of Jimmy's weight on her. The boy was pounding his prick into her with tireless thrusts. Her cunt was raw from the fuckings it had already taken.

Lorraine's asshole burned as she thought about what Kathy had let Angelo do.

Jimmy slammed against her, pulverizing her cunt. Lorraine writhed under his attack. She spread her knees. Her hips were bouncing and rebounding off the firm mattress, moving in opposition to Jimmy's vigorous thrusts. Her hairy twat slapped against Jimmy's hairless pubis. Their flesh smacked together.

Lorraine rose slowly to a climax -- one that would never have existed if it hadn't been for Jimmy's stamina. She imagined Angelo's cock driving into Kathy's shitter. She visualized Kathy's asshole being stretched by Angelo's rigid cock, pictured his brutal prick pumping in and out of Kathy's ass.

Lorraine's coming swept over her like a wave. She felt Jimmy's prick jumping and jerking and twitching as come shot from his prick.

Even after Jimmy's cock had left her cunt, Lorraine felt as if a hot metal bar was filling her channel. She had had too much cock in one night. Her cunt was rubbed raw. She ached.

When she hauled herself off the bed and stood up shakily, she felt come dribbling down the insides of her thighs, down to her stockings. She was hardly aware of Jimmy's exhausted snores, or the door closing as Kathy left the room.

After dressing, Lorraine fled from the room. She hurried down the corridor toward her station, her mind on what she was becoming.

A cradle-robber, that was what she was. Jimmy was eighteen, barely old enough to spurt when he came, and still hairless. And he was dying. And he had been innocent. And she had corrupted him.

She felt sick.

Chapter EIGHT

In her room in the nurses' quarters, Lorraine stood staring out the window. Smoke from her cigarette stung her eyes. She dragged on it nervously. The glass of Scotch was cold against her naked ribs -- she was wearing only her bra and panties, and had one arm defensively across her bare midriff. Beside the ashtray stood the contraband bottle of Scotch. After what she had done already, what did it matter if she violated the ban on booze?

"Hi," Joyce said from the doorway.

"Hi," Lorraine grunted, not turning around.

"God, what a shift!" Joyce sighed. "Ugh! We had two cardiac arrests. I feel like I've been in a pressure cooker."

"Thought you said it was another quiet night."

"It had been, up till then. I need a shower."

Lorraine's gloom-racked mind wondered absently why Joyce showered so much.

"Still haven't fixed the air conditioning, dammit," Joyce complained, coming back into the room. "I think it's a plot by the interns to get a free skin show. Keep standing at that window and you'll have all of them over here with their cocks hanging out. There any yogurt left?"


"I thought you stopped smoking," Joyce said from the kitchenette. "Hey, you left the ice out."

Half melted cubes tinkled in Lorraine's glass as she took a big swallow of Scotch. It was her second ass... or maybe her third?

"Holy shit! You're drinking!" Joyce said around a mouthful of yogurt.

"Actually, I'm trying to get drunk," Lorraine said bitterly.

"Well, whoopee, let me get out my grass!" Joyce said cheerily. "Miss Ice finally breaks down! Wait'll the rest of the girls hear about this."

Lorraine turned and looked at her roommate. Joyce, wearing only a pair of flowered bikini panties that hugged the mound of her pussy tightly, was looking at Lorraine worriedly.

Joyce's short, straight brown hair was still wet from the shower. It was parted and combed like a boy's. It emphasized the graceful length of her neck, the boyishness of her trim, petite body.

"Hey, you're really crashing, aren't you?" Joyce observed seriously.

Lorraine turned back to the window, and took another swallow of Scotch. Then she reached for the bottle. It slipped from her grasp, tipped over.

"You've had enough," Joyce said, corking the bottle of Scotch and setting, it on the floor. Then she gently removed the sodden, half smoked cigarette from Lorraine's hand and added it the pyramid of butts.

Lorraine let herself be herded to the shower.

"When you break, you sure do it up fine," Joyce muttered. "Come on, you need a shower -- you smell like a stale fish and Scotch."

"Don't like showers," Lorraine muttered as she was urged over the edge of the tub and under the pounding spray. Her roommate dragged her panties down and off and then undid the hooks of her bra.

"Get in there," Joyce ordered, giving Lorraine a shove. "I guess another shower won't hurt me, too."

After stripping off her own panties, Joyce stepped into the tub and slid the door closed. Joyce's hands were strong and determined. Lorraine was shoved under the spray, and turned around and around, first one way and then the other. The jet of water spattered her tits, then her asscheeks and back. When the water ripped over her tits, her nipples stiffened abruptly. The feel of Joyce's firm hands made Lorraine painfully aware of her nakedness.

The spinning and turning was too much for Lorraine's over-loaded stomach suddenly. She threw up. Joyce made a face and stood back out of the way until the spasms passed, then turned Lorraine and let the shower rinse away the foulness. "Christ, as if I didn't have enough on the ward," Joyce grumbled.

"Just let me drown," Lorraine moaned. She tried to sink down so she could sit.

"No, now stand up, damnit," Joyce swore. "Got to get you cleaned up." Taking the soap, she quickly lathered Lorraine's face. "Keep your eyes closed, stupid!"

Lorraine stopped trying to sit down. She let herself be turned so the shower rinsed the soap off her face. Joyce's hands touched her tits, and Lorraine felt a wave of heat sweep through her whole body. Her tits felt like hard pebbles under Joyce's palms. Lorraine felt her tits being molded, squeezed, lifted and pressed.

"God, have you ever got a body!" Joyce murmured. "Makes me drool."

The hands left her tits, and Lorraine felt a surge of disappointment. The pleasant feelings faded. She was turned, and her back was being washed. Then her ass was being massaged by soapy hands. She liked having her asscheeks pressed and massaged the way her tits had been.

"Look at that ass," Joyce sighed. "Yum! It's no wonder Stern spends half his shift at your station."

Soapy hands slithered between Lorraine's tits stroked the crack of her ass. Another wave of heat surged through her. She remembered Angelo's thumbs parting and plumbing Kathy Dell's asshole, and felt her pussy drooling hotly.

Joyce finished with Lorraine's ass. Lorraine's pleasure faded as the hands slid down tier graceful legs.

"Smells like stale fish," Joyce muttered. "Spread your legs."

Lorraine spread her legs eagerly. Joyce's fingers lathered Lorraine's bush. Lorraine was rocked by waves of heat. Her cunt was pressed and rolled, and her cunt-lips were parted. Lust flooded through her.

"Even your cunt is soft and delicious," Joyce muttered. "Jeez, you've got equipment in places where I don't even have places. And you don't even use it."

Joyce was kneeling as she carefully washed her roommate's pussy. Lorraine was being carried along on a wave of fire as Joyce's fingers probed and explored her hot slippery cunt-flesh, rolled and tormented her aroused clit. Joyce brushed over her piss-hole, explored the gates of her cunt.

Lorraine had a sudden overwhelming urge to pee. Before she could control it, she felt the first hot, stinging trickle. "Look out," she croaked as the flood burst from her twat.

"Ooops," Joyce responded as the yellow flood poured over her hands and arms. "Oh, well. It'll wash off."

"I'm sorry," Lorraine apologized groggily.

"That's okay. Nurses are used to getting pissed on," Joyce said casually. "Kind of kinky, really." She went back to washing her roommate's pussy.

Lorraine trembled.

"Oh, missed your asshole," Joyce muttered. "Beg pardon, 'your anus'."

Excitement surged through Lorraine. A hard, soapy finger touched tier asshole! Her asscheeks clenched at the probing touch.

"Damnit, don't shit on me, too," Joyce grumbled.

"I won't," Lorraine managed to groan. "Oooooh!"

"Like that, huh? Well, so do I, sometimes," Joyce muttered.

Lorraine wanted to beg Joyce to do anything she wanted, but her fear of being thought a lesbian made her throat knot.

Joyce probed into the hot, slippery tunnel of Lorraine's cunt, and Lorraine was engulfed by waves of fire.

Joyce pumped her thumb in and out of Lorraine's streaming twat. "Might as well explore all avenues."

Lorraine relaxed as a soapy finger probed her asshole, twisted slowly into her tight bung bored up into her shitter. Lorraine tipped her head back. A finger hit her clit. Lorraine convulsed as an electric jolt ripped along her nerves.

A finger pumping in her asshole, a thumb in her cunt, and her clit being rolled against her pubic arch, Lorraine was in heaven. She was grunting and whining as her pleasure soared. She felt the flame of her orgasm blossoming through her body, felt her cunt flooding, her asshole spasming. The signs of her coming had to be obvious. But Joyce showed no sign of dismay.

"That's it, that's it," Joyce murmured. "That's my girl."

The pleasure faded, and Lorraine's exhausted muscles relaxed. She slumped wearily as the finger left her ass, the thumb slithered out of her cunt. Her pussy-lips closed.

Joyce got to her feet. "Let's get the soap off you. How do you feel?"

Lorraine thought a minute. "Horrible."

They got out of the shower.

"You fall apart and I got to work harder," Joyce muttered as she rubbed Lorraine briskly with a towel. "God knows, no one else would cover for me the way you do."

"You cover for me, too," Lorraine said as they stood naked in the small bathroom.

"Here, take these," Joyce said, giving Lorraine two aspirin, a vitamin pill, and a stomach mint. "What a long lunch break!"

"I haven't had lunch in days," Lorraine said sourly.

"Come on, let's go in the bedroom," Joyce exclaimed. "Jeez, I wish they'd get the air conditioning fixed! Thank God it isn't too hot." She pulled down the covers on her bed. "Lie down while I get some goodies. Then we'll talk."

Lorraine lay down on Joyce's bed. She wasn't sure she wanted to talk. But her resistance had been sapped by the events of the past few days.

Joyce came back in the room with an ashtray, tobacco pouch, and cigarette papers. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she carefully rolled two cigarettes.

"Here," she said, handing one to Lorraine.

"I'd rather smoke my own."

"It's grass, dummy," Joyce snorted. "It'll help your hangover. Lemme use part of the pillow."

Joyce's shoulder and upper arm pressed against hers. Out of the corner of her eye, Lorraine could see the alert buds of Joyce's tits, the gentle mounds of her small tits.

"Take a deep drag and hold it in," Joyce ordered, lighting Lorraine's reefer. "Then give it to me."

"What's the other one for?" Lorraine asked. She felt a strange lightness surge through her as she exhaled the faded blue smoke.

Joyce's eyes were closed. She handed the weed back. "For when this one is done," she answered. "Oooooh, that's good."

For a while all the two naked women did was just smoke.

As the second reefer passed back and forth, Lorraine told her roommate about what had happened since Stern's fondling had released her pent-up lust. Without thinking about it, Lorraine let her leg rest against Joyce's.

"I'm falling out of bed," Joyce complained, easing her arm around Lorraine's neck.

"Sorry," Lorraine apologized, lifting her head and slipping her arm under Joyce's back.

"It's okay," Joyce said. Her forearm brushed Lorraine's soft tits, made her tits burn and harden. "So, you were horny -- which is understandable -- and you did something about it."

"But with patients," Lorraine groaned. "And kids, at that!" She sucked in smoke and felt herself floating higher.

"Huh, wish I had the chance," Joyce said blurrily. "I wish Stern felt that way about me. Or Mansfield, even." Joyce snorted. "At least then I might get fucked once in a while. With the damn night shift and all the overtime, I haven't had a date in months. And, as for getting fucked, forget it. For someone who used to get fucking regularly, it's really hard. If it wasn't for my hand, I'd be climbing the walls."

"You masturbate?" Lorraine asked. If she hadn't been so stoned, she would have been shocked.

"Hand job after hand job," Joyce answered. "But it isn't the same as a cock, or even a tongue. Shit, and I thought you were horny and kindly brought you off in the shower."

"But it didn't do anything for me," Joyce sighed. "Except leave me hornier than ever." Handing the half-smoked reefer back to Lorraine, she reached down and stroked her brown-fuzzed pussy.

Lorraine sucked in a lungful and held it until her head was swimming. "Doesn't seem fair," she mumbled as she exhaled.

"No," Joyce agreed. "You owe me one."

"But I don't have a cock," Lorraine observed.

"There's a vibrator in the drawer," Joyce answered, motioning toward the bedside table. "And, you've got hands and a tongue -- if you're willing to use 'em. If not, I'll just do myself."

Joyce's fingers were gently tickling Lorraine's tit, making it squirm and burn.

Lorraine's head felt like a balloon full of helium. The reefer scorched her fingers as she took one last drag. She held her breath. Joyce inspected the roach and stubbed it out unhappily. "I wanted that last drag! And I think I'll get it!"

She lifted herself, rolled toward Lorraine.

Lorraine felt lips touch hers and jerked with surprise. Then, as a wave of pleasure burned through her, she let Joyce pry her lips apart. The smoke in her lungs seeped to her mouth, was drawn from her by Joyce's sucking mouth.

Lorraine's lust blazed higher and higher. Joyce's hand began stroking her, hard tits pressed against Lorraine's soft, cushiony ones, and a slender, graceful leg sneaked over her thigh. A pussy was rubbing Lorraine's thigh as her own cunt pressed Joyce's leg.

Lorraine took the marijuana smoke back from Joyce as the kiss went on and on. Lorraine explored her friend's mouth with her tongue. Lorraine liked the feel of Joyce's slender body on hers. Joyce was slowly and languidly rubbing her twat on Lorraine's thigh. Lorraine's hips were humping as she moved her thigh in response to Joyce's need.

Joyce at last broke the kiss, lifted her head and looked at Lorraine. "The vibrator?" she asked desperately.

"Anything you want," Lorraine answered. "Anything."

Joyce reached over to the table. "Yeah, well, I won't ask you to piss on me now, since it'd get my bed wet. Sometime I'd like to try it again, though." It didn't seem crazy. Lorraine felt an irresistible desire for her roommate. The marijuana and booze had swept away her inhibitions. She was ready to do anything, anything at all.

"Just lie back," Lorraine said, taking the long quivering vibrator from Joyce. Lorraine sat up and began teasing the shivering tip around Joyce's mouth, then over her lips. Gently, she pressed the shuddering end between Joyce's lips. Joyce let the crazy quivering electric cock slip into her mouth. Her face flushed with lust as she sucked on the machine.

Lorraine shifted the shuddering cylinder, to Joyce's tits. Joyce squirmed. First one tit, then the other, was probed with the shivering, rounded point of the electric dick.

Lorraine slid the vibrating plastic cock down her roommate's flat tummy, skated down to her belly button. Joyce's mouth gaped as she groaned, begged for a cock to be jammed into her cunt. Her knees bent, her legs spread, Joyce opened her cunt, invited Lorraine to rape her with the machine.

"In the drawer -- grease," Joyce groaned.

Lorraine switched off the vibrator. She carefully smeared the ivory cylinder with cream. Then, tauntingly, she held it in front of Joyce's passion-glazed eyes. Joyce's lips looked moist and soft.

Switching the vibrator back on, Lorraine slid it down through Joyce's light-brown pussy hair. She plowed a furrow along Joyce's cunt. She drove the shivering point against the girl's cunt. Pleasure flared on Joyce's face as her body writhed.

Lorraine nestled the shaking vibrator in Joyce's cunt, angled it, and slowly drove it up into Joyce's cunt. Joyce spread her legs.

Lorraine's tits were hard with excitement as she raped her friend with the machine. Lorraine could see how the shaking of the vibrator was making Joyce's cuntlips shiver. Lorraine could feel how Joyce's clit was quaking and burning. Joyce was rolling her head from side to side. She was clutching her tits.

Then, reaching up blindly, she grabbed Lorraine's head and dragged her down for another hot, sucking kiss. Then she looked deep into Lorraine's eyes. "Eat me," she groaned. "Suck my cunt."

Lorraine hesitated a second, then began easing the vibrator in and out of Joyce's cunt in a fucking motion. Lorraine bent her head to Joyce's cunt. Lorraine could see the flaring, aroused inner petals of pink, could see where the vibrator entered Joyce's hole. Still pumping the machine in and out, Lorraine put her lips to Joyce's cunt and sought her clit. She captured the berry, sucked on it, tasted Joyce's hot juices. Drawing on Joyce's cunt, Lorraine tongued it and tongued it and tongued it. At the same time, she fucked the vibrator in and out of Joyce's curd.

"Eat me, eat me, eat me!" Joyce whined. "Give me your cunt! Give me your cunt!"

Obediently, Lorraine squirmed around until she was straddling Joyce's face. Lorraine's hips were dragged down, and then a tongue ripped into her twat, and her cunt convulsed with lust. Still eating and fucking Joyce, Lorraine let her pussy be ravaged. A tongue was plunging in and out of her cunt. Her clit was being mangled. Fingers were prying and working at her ass. Then a finger drilled into her asshole. Lorraine nearly died with pleasure.

Joyce's ass was tight and hard. There, inches from Lorraine's eyes, was the brownish pucker of Joyce's asshole. Lorraine drew the vibrator out of Joyce's cunt.

Madly, Lorraine set the buzzing tip on Joyce's pucker, drove it slowly up into her asshole. She watched Joyce's anus being pried open by the shivering machine, watched the wrinkles disappear, watched the ring of muscle slowly stretch and embrace the thrusting, shaking electric cock.

Joyce's mouth went mad on Lorraine's cunt. Two fingers were digging into Lorraine's asshole. Then Joyce's mouth left Lorraine's cunt and her fingers left her bottom. Then a hot, squirmy tongue drilled into her blazing asshole. Lorraine buggered Joyce with the vibrator and sucked on Joyce's clit until they both collapsed in a naked, shivering heap. That was the last thing Lorraine remembered.

When she woke up, she was still tangled head to crotch with Joyce. The soiled, greasy vibrator lay on the bed. The batteries had gone dead. Joyce was sleeping peacefully.

Carefully, Lorraine got up and took the vibrator to the bathroom. After showering, she washed off the vibrator. Back in the bedroom, she looked at Joyce, who was now awake.

"We're disgusting," Lorraine observed.

"Wonderful, wasn't it?"

"Yes," Lorraine admitted. "But, I'm not queer."

"Neither am I. I'm just liberated. I love who I want, when I want, the way I want."

"You're from a different generation than I am," Lorraine observed sadly.

"You can learn, can't you?"

"Can't teach an old dog new tricks."

"You're not old, and you're certainly not a bitch," Joyce retorted.

"Relax. Enjoy. Don't worry! I won't hold this over you. And it'll never happen again, unless you want it to."


"Promise," Joyce assured her. "Just one condition."

"What's that?"

"I'll have to want it to happen, too."

"I'm going to ask for a transfer from Pediatrics," Lorraine said suddenly. "That'll mean a shift change, probably. We won't see as much of each other."

"Why do that? Because of this?"

Lorraine shook her head. "No, because of what I've done with Jimmy and Angelo."

"So, what have you done?" Joyce asked. "You've given a dying kid the thrill of his life, and a potential paraplegic reassurance. Think it over, at least, okay?"


"Give it a week."

"I'll think about it," Lorraine said at last. "I'll think about it."

Chapter NINE

Lorraine had the feeling that Dr. Stern was waiting for something. He kept wandering past her station, stopping occasionally for a strained word. She wondered if he was waiting for her to take her break, was waiting to make his move then. Somehow, she didn't think that was it. Finally, with a sigh, she keyed the intercom. She had to check with Joyce before leaving the station.

She saw Dr. Stern disappear from the corridor. Her curiosity aroused, she slipped into the bathroom. She waited a minute, then peered cautiously back out.

The intern stopped at Kathy Dell's door. He looked nervously at the empty nurses' station, then slipped into the girl's room. Lorraine chewed nervously on her thumb. Stern was a fool to go into the room alone. He was laying himself wide open to a rape charge.

And Kathy was anything but innocent. She might be just the type to blackmail someone like Stern, given the chance.

Lorraine walked down the corridor toward Kathy's room. Silently, Lorraine slipped into the room next to Kathy's. Moving like a shadow, Lorraine went into the bathroom between the two rooms and closed the door behind her. Then, very carefully, she opened the door to Kathy's room.

"Kind of a strange time to be wanting to take my temperature, isn't it?" Kathy asked Dr. Stern.

Lorraine put her eye to the crack. She could see Kathy. She was sitting up in bed. The girl's tits thrust out erotically. Her tit ends were visibly alert -- sharp points under the soft cloth of her pajamas. Her nipples were dark circles.

"Dr. Mansfield's orders," Dr. Stern insisted, shaking a thermometer down briskly.

"Oh, okay," Kathy sighed, opening her mouth.

"Uh uh, not there," Stern ordered.

"My bottom?" Kathy asked.

"It's -- ah -- yes."

"How come a nurse isn't doing it?"

"Nurse Kelly had to go on her break," Stern answered. "Now, bottoms up."

"Are you sure all you want to do is take my temperature?"

"Let's just say it's a preliminary procedure in your case."

"Hmmmm, preliminary to?"

Stern grinned hotly. Lorraine could see his hard-on. It was a huge lump in his pants.

"Preliminary to some exploratory work," Stern answered.

"Some deep, penetrating exploratory work?" Kathy asked.

"If it seems advisable," he agreed. "Bottoms up," he ordered again, taking out a tube of lubricating cream.

As Kathy rolled over onto her stomach and lifted her ass, the intern coated the thermometer with the grease. Then, almost worshipfully, he reached out and drew her panties down, exposed the creamy roundness of her ass. She spread her legs as far as the panties would allow -- they were around her knees. Lorraine could see the girl's pussy.

Dr. Stern spread her ass-cheeks with one hand and worked the bulb of the thermometer into her asshole. Rotating it slowly, he forced it gradually deeper and deeper into her bung.

Lorraine felt an unbearable itch building in her guts. She watched the thermometer slide out of sight, up into Kathy Dell's ass. Dr. Stern was taking a terrific risk pushing the thermometer so far in -- even such a blunted rectal one could perforate Kathy's rectal wall if she moved unexpectedly.

Lorraine breathed a little easier when the intern extracted the glass probe. He twisted it as he pulled it out. Kathy's eyes were glazed with lust as he withdrew the prod.

"What's my temperature, Doctor?" she asked.

Stern made a show of reading the oily thermometer carefully. "Running a fever, I'm afraid."

"Ooh, I thought I felt hot. Are you going to have to operate?"

"Let me do a tactile probe, first," Dr. Stern suggested, reaching for the grease. He smeared his finger with the lubricant.

"Aren't you supposed to put one of those rubber things on first?" Kathy asked.

"I don't have one with me, and this is an emergency," he said as he oiled his middle finger. Carefully, he smeared Kathy's asshole with goo. Then, with a steady pressure, he pushed his finger into her asshole.

"Oooo, yes," Kathy purred, wiggling her butt.

The itch in Lorraine's tail grew as the tip, of the intern's finger dug into Kathy's asshole. Hauling her dress up, Lorraine crammed one hand into the steaming swamp of her crotch. Her tits felt like red-hot pebbles in her bra.

The intern twisted his finger.

Kathy was making short, funny gurgling sounds as she let her ass be drilled by the doctor's finger. The top of her pajamas was up so far Lorraine could see her big tits. The girl's alert, aroused tits were scraping the sheet. She held her bottom high and rested her cheek on the pillow. Her mouth gaped.

Stern bored deeper with his finger. Lorraine wished her own asshole was being violated that way. She wished she was feeling burning friction through her shit-hole. She ached for something to be twisting its way up into her ass. She was digging two fingers into the folds of her cunt, but it didn't help.

Stern had half his finger in Kathy's greasy asshole now. Moving quickly, he twisted and turned, drove his finger deeper and deeper into her crapper. Kathy was reaching back under herself. Lorraine could see her pumping two shining wet fingers in her cunt as her asshole was buggered by the intern's finger.

"Oh, Doctor," Kathy moaned. "Oh, Doctor."


"More," she begged desperately.

Dr. Stern jammed his finger the rest of the way up her butt. He was stirring the girl's shit with his finger, stroking the walls of her crapper, pressing and stretching the thin barrier between her ass and her cunt.

Lorraine managed to hook her thumb into her cunt and push one finger against her asshole. It was like Joyce had said, like trying to tickle yourself -- not very fun. But it was better than nothing.

Stern began pumping his finger slowly in and out of Kathy's asshole. Then he began twisting it at the same time. Kathy's wrinkled asshole drew out and pushed in from the friction. Spit drooled from her mouth. Excited juices were seeping down over her working hand as she finger-fucked herself.

Then the intern pulled his finger from Kathy's tail. Kathy shuddered as her asshole sealed itself. The brown bud was gleaming with grease. Kathy moaned softly.

"I think we better go the whole route," the intern panted as he undid his belt and started to shove his pants down. His prick leaped free, jabbed out against his shorts. His hands shook as he dragged his shorts down.

Taking the tube of lubricant, the doctor quickly oiled his prick, coated it thickly with goo. The oil oozed over his throbbing hard-on. He moved up behind Kathy and touched his prick-tip to her puckered butt-hole. Kathy shuddered. Her hand was moving frantically in her streaming cunt.

Clutching his cock, staring down at his target, the intern wiggled the purplish tip of his prick against Kathy's asshole. The knob of his prick bulged as he put pressure on it, and the shaft threatened to bend from the pressure. Kathy sighed, her asshole winked, and the very tip of the doctor's prick went in.

Lorraine ached with lust. She pumped her finger and thumb in her asshole and cunt. She pinched the wall between the openings. She rubbed her cunt with her other hand. Her legs began shaking.

The intern leaned into his thrust, and half an inch of his prick drilled into Kathy's ass. The girl groaned and wiggled her tail as she took the cock. The oily head of the man's cock throbbed as it burrowed into her resisting gate.

He had clenched the shaft of his cock to stiffen and steady it. As he wiggled his prick into her tight asshole, rivulets of lust trickled down his tan, smooth face.

"Awwww shit!" Kathy groaned. "More. Give me more."

"Patience, girl."

"All of it, I want all of it," Kathy moaned. "Oh, Christ that's good. Give me more, please. Give me more!"

"Just hang in there and you'll get it," the doctor assured her. He pressed on. His cock slithered into her clutching, winking, straining shit-hole. The ring of muscle was stretched by his cock, driven inwards by the pressure on it.

"Awwww," Kathy groaned. "What happened?"

"Nothing, I'm just making progress," he told her.

"Felt like something snapped," she whimpered.

"How does it feel now?"

"Feels good," she sighed. "Oh, God, does it feel good! Shove it in!"

Lorraine was blind with jealousy as she watched the girl get what only a woman could truly appreciate. She should be getting that buggering, not the little bitch. Her fury was almost enough to break in on the scene, break up the lewd coupling.

Then Stern rammed a full inch of his prick into Kathy's ass. The girl screamed with pain and pleasure, and Lorraine's pussy flooded with come. Stirring both her twat and her asshole, Lorraine braced herself. She blinked back her tears of anger as the intern's pale prick drove into Kathy's asshole. His cock was moving like a well-oiled piston now.

Kathy was grunting and whining as she was crammed full of cock. Her stomach muscles writhed as she took the cock up her butt. Her mouth gaped open, dribbled spit. Her asshole was too stretched to do anything now, too strained to clench and slow the steady drive up into her bowels.

Stern rammed his prick smoothly, full depth, into Kathy's ass. His hips jammed up against her lush ass-cheeks. He wiggled, trying to gain another fraction of an inch up her dirt road. He grabbed her waist. Kathy moaned.

"Tight," the intern grunted. "Tight, and hot. Feels greasy."

"Do me," Kathy groaned. "Oh, hurry up and fuck my ass."

He drew his prick out, very slowly and carefully, until just the head remained in her butt. His cock gleamed with the cream he had coated it with. He pushed forward, and his prick pistoned back into her crap tunnel, splitting her asshole like a wedge as it drilled inward.

Lorraine could almost feel that burning shaft in her own tail. Kathy looked as if she was fainting. Lorraine's crotch was knotted with frustration and lust. The smell of sex wafted up from her dripping cunt.

Clutching Kathy by the waist to steady her, Stern buggered her brutally. He pistoned his prick in her tight asshole. The skin of his cock stretched as he pulled outward, compressed into wrinkles as he jammed it back into her distended butt. His balls swung and slapped her pussy as he pumped his cock in her ass.

"Awww," Kathy groaned. "I'm coming! Awwww, I'm coming! Awwww!"

"Soon," the intern grunted. "Can't hold off for long. It's too tight."

"Come," Kathy begged. "Come!"

The intern was panting softly as he pumped his cock in her ass. He blinked his eyes against the sweat and pistoned his prick in her ass. His balls were drawing up in his groin, preparing to release their hot load.

"Aw!" Kathy whined.

Lorraine bit her lip until it bled. She was unable to reach her own peak. A hand just wasn't enough!

"Shit!" the young doctor swore sharply. Ignoring her wail of lust and pain, he slammed his dick hard into Kathy's rectum. His ass clenched.

Lorraine imagined the hot, gooey bursts of come that were going into Kathy's bowels. A jism enema. She imagined the feel of that towering prick pumping, spasming, jerking in the clutching embrace of her ass. She was consumed with frustration as she hovered on the brink of her coming, and watched the pair on the bed feel everything she herself wanted to feel.

The intern's orgasm seemed to go on forever. He clung to Kathy. He had to be pumping his jism against the back pressure of her shit! Kathy writhed like a squashed bug as her ass was pumped full of cream.

When the young doctor finally withdrew his prick from her ass, his hard-on was gone. His prick looked shriveled. Kathy's asshole seated itself reluctantly, after letting a pearly streamer escape. The streamer linked her to Stern for a moment, then broke, and spattered the inside of one of her thighs.

Stern staggered as he got off the bed. He lurched toward the bathroom.

Lorraine panicked. Desperately, she wheeled toward the other door, slipped through, and closed it behind herself just as she heard the other door bang open. Her hand dripping with come, she pressed back against the wall and held her breath.

There was the sound of running water, then silence, then the thud of the door being closed. Lorraine took a deep breath. Shaking and shivering, she stood in the dark room trying to compose herself. She had almost been caught.

It seemed like hours before she heard Dr. Stern leaving Kathy's room.

Chapter TEN

Lorraine stood at the counter, waiting to start her shift. The nurse going off was giving the usual rundown on the patients. Lorraine still hadn't made up her mind about asking to be transferred, despite what she had seen Dr. Stern do to Kathy Dell the night before. She had, thank God, managed to avoid throwing herself at Jimmy Carter again.

"Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Jimmy Carter is going home tomorrow," the nurse announced.

Lorraine felt the blood leave her face. "There's no hope?" she whispered.

The other nurse laughed. "No. Exactly the opposite. There's been a 'spontaneous remission'. A miracle really. Jimmy is going to live after all. He's going home to live, not to die."

Lorraine could hardly believe it. Jimmy was going to live! She thought of what she had done for the "dying" boy, and felt slightly betrayed.

"The doctor says it must be from a sudden change in his body chemistry -- some unexpected glandular activity," the nurse noted as she collected her things and handed over the keys to the drug closet. "I say it's a miracle."

Lorraine sank down in the chair. She had thought for a moment that she was going to faint from shock.

Lorraine sat stiffly, trying to control her emotions. Finally, she began making her rounds. As she drew closer and closer to Jimmy's room, her pussy grew hotter and hotter.

Praying he would be awake, she pushed the door open. Her heart sank when she saw his face. He was asleep. He was lying on his back. The sheet covered him to his waist.

Lorraine looked over at Angelo. He, too, was sound asleep. He, however, looked much less comfortable than Jimmy was. There was a big lump under Angelo's sheet -- a hard-on. Lorraine wondered if he was dreaming about her or Kathy Dell.

The sight of Angelo's hard-on did nothing to ease Lorraine's horniness. But, she didn't really want Angelo. She was much more attracted to Jimmy's smooth, immature body, and his youthful innocence and enthusiasm.

But, Jimmy was asleep. And Jimmy didn't have a hard-on.

She slipped into the worn and eased the door closed. Her tits felt very tight. She knew she was going to do it. It was her last chance.

Standing over the sleeping boy, she unbuttoned her white dress. She let it slide off her shoulders and stepped out of it.

She shed her bra, wiled down her panties. She felt chill air touch her amused pussy. Undoing her stockings, she rolled them down, then took off her shoes. Her garter belt joined the white pile on the floor.

Jimmy was snoring softly. His lips were parted slightly. He looked like an angel.

Very carefully, Lorraine pulled the sheet off him. He was naked. She wondered if he had been expecting her. His cock, a stubby worm, lay drooped down over his balls. It looked sweet and innocent.

Lorraine reached down and touched his prick. Lowering her head, she blew on the limp prick. She licked it, tasted a salty drop at its tip -- piss? The idea excited her.

Jimmy's prick shivered in her trembling fingers. She touched it with her tongue, and felt it hardening, growing. After moistening her lips, she wrapped them around the end of his cock. The quivery shaft expanded. She screwed her tongue into the slit at the tip.

She swirled her tongue around the rubbery cap of his cock. She felt his prick expanding quickly. She glanced up and saw he was still asleep. Dipping her head, she carefully sucked his swelling cock into her mouth, let it slide along her velvety tongue.

Jimmy groaned softly, and his hips began rolling and thrusting. His legs slid apart, and his balls dropped down slightly. The muscles in his trim, flat belly squirmed.

Lorraine's guts tightened as she got more prick in her mouth. She wondered if it would be possible to bring Jimmy off without him waking up. She decided to try. She held his prick delicately between her thumb and forefinger and bobbed her head up and down. His prick seeped hot pre-come onto her tongue.

Jimmy's hips rolled from side to side on his pillow.

Lorraine slowed her cock-sucking. She stopped bobbing her head and remained still, with just an inch of his cock in her mouth. Very gently, she stroked the underside of his prick with her tongue, pressed a wave of clear juice out of his piss-hole. The slippery fluid smeared her tongue. His cock was fully erect now.

She waited until Jimmy was breathing evenly again, then began pumping her head, more slowly and carefully this time. She reached between his slender, hairless thighs and slipped her hand under his balls. The egg-shaped glands squirmed as she fondled them. She gently pinched each ball between her fingers and thumb, then let it squirm aside. She felt the twisting cord of his sperm tunnel.

She pumped her head on his prick. Her fingers caressed his balls, scratched his cock. Delicately, she touched his asshole with her fingertip. She felt his prick twinge reflexively.

The burning trickle from Jimmy's cock increased as she scratched his asshole. She fucked her mouth on his cock, coated his shaft with spit. Her jaw was staring to ache.

He was still asleep, but was increasingly restless. His hips were pumping, driving his cock into her mouth. His flat, hairless belly was almost touching her nose. She gagged as his cock-head brushed against the back of her squirming, scrubbing tongue.

His balls tensed. His ass-cheeks clenched. She felt his piss-tube squirm and a hot blob of jism squirted into her mouth. She was swamped in a musky scent. The viscous fluid coated her tongue. She was swimming in come. Her mouth flooded with saliva and jism.

She swallowed jet after jet of come. She was being drowned in semen. She knew the total amount could be no more than a teaspoonful, but as it kept spurting into her mouth, her stomach recoiled as she swallowed.

She swallowed the last of Jimmy's come, then sucked his cock as it began, to lose its stiffness. Her mouth was pasty with semen. She loved it. She let go of his cock and sat up. She looked at him. He was still sleeping. His legs were drawn up and spread wide as if he was a girl who was eager to take her lover.

His prick was shiny with spit.

"Very nice," Angelo said suddenly from across the room.

Lorraine looked sharply in his direction. He had thrown the covers off and was holding his towering hard-on. His hand pumped the cock-shaft as his fingers smeared the purple cap with clear fluid.

"I thought you were asleep," Lorraine said stupidly.

"It's damn hard to sleep in this fucking rack," he pointed out sourly.

"I suppose so."

"Quite a farewell party."

"You've heard, then?"

Angelo snorted. "Shit, who hasn't? A miracle, the doctors say the kid's body chemistry changed suddenly. Shit. You and I know all he needed was a good fuck -- which he got."

"You sound bitter," Lorraine observed.

"What makes you say I'm bitter? Should I be bitter? Bitter about spending the rest of my life on this fucking torture rack?"

"You won't spend the rest of your life on it."

"Yeah? You ought to hear what my doctor has to say about that," Angelo responded sourly. "Anyway, the kid's getting fucked, and going home. I'm stuck here."

"You've gotten fucked, too," Lorraine pointed out.

"Yeah, well, I haven't had a blow job like that one," Angelo argued.

"Looked to me like Kathy did all right by you."

"Yeah, for a kid she did all right. She's young and inexperienced, though. She's not a woman."

"Are you leading me on?"

Angelo grinned. "Shit, yes!" He was still pumping his fist on his throbbing prick. "I want a blow job. I want to see your mouth on my cock. I want a fine, high-class, educated, registered nurse twice my age to suck my cock like a common whore. I want a blow job from a neat Irish chick named Kelly."

"I'm French," Lorraine snapped. "My husband was Irish."

"Yeah, well, French is more appropriate anyway," Angelo said, then snickered. "So, French me, lady."

"Why should I?"

"Because, you're a nurse, and if you don't, I'll be in pain."

"You keep jacking off and you'll be in a puddle."

"Shit. I could do this all night and all I'd get is a raw cock."

Lorraine watched him jerking off, watched the way the foreskin tugged and slid over his towering prick. She wondered what his come would taste like, how much of it he could produce. Then, there was his bitterness. Chances were he would heal, but it was going to take a long time. And, when he did get out of the traction frame, there would be weeks and weeks of physical therapy.

Lorraine knew she was rationalizing what she was going to do. Also, she didn't want Angelo the way she did Jimmy -- Angelo's older, hairier maturity didn't appeal to her the way Jimmy, did. She liked them young -- at least young-looking -- the younger the better.

But that towering chunk of cock made her mouth water.

And, if he didn't come, he would be in pain.

Getting up from Jimmy's bed, Lorraine went over to Angelo. He was still pumping his hard-on. Putting her hands on his bed, she leaned forward, lowered her mouth to the jutting purple knob of his cock. He smelled of sweat and shit. Her lips curled around the bulb of his cock and she swept his hot meat with her tongue. She lifted her head, picked a pubic hair off her tongue, then took his prick into her mouth again.

Angelo steadied his cock with one hand. His other came down on her head. He curled his fingers into her short black hair and forced her to take his cock down her throat. She gagged.

"Yeah, suck it," Angelo groaned.

"What are you doing?" Jimmy asked suddenly.

Lorraine froze.

"Getting some special nursing care," Angelo answered. "Like you just got."

"I did?" Jimmy's voice cracked.

Lorraine wanted to spit out Angelo's prick, but his grip on her hair made it impossible.

"I had a real crazy dream," Jimmy said.

"Sonofabitch, never would have thought it was possible," Angelo grunted.

Lorraine's throat was battered as Angelo's cock slammed against it.

"Jeez, look at her go!" Jimmy exclaimed softly.

"Yeah, man," Angelo agreed. "Deep throating it, that's what she's doing."

"I'm getting hard just watching," Jimmy noted.

"So, go ahead and do something about it," Angelo suggested.

"I-I'd like to do something a little different," Jimmy stuttered.

"You mean up her ass?"

Lorraine's guts chilled, and her asshole twitched.


"Get some hair cream," Angelo ordered.


Lorraine heard the drawer of the table between the beds being opened. Angelo had stopped jamming her face down on his prick, but his cock still crammed her mouth, which effectively silenced her.

"Put some on your prick, and some on her asshole and plunge right in," Angelo instructed.

Lorraine started to mutter something, but Angelo forced her head down and his cock corked her throat. Silence. Then there was a chill, greasy touch at the crack of her ass. Something slithered to her asshole, pushed against the tight hole, entered her. Lorraine's guts knotted with pleasure and fear.

Angelo grabbed her head with both hands and began pumping her face on his prick. He was bruising her throat with his prick.

Lorraine hardly felt Jimmy's finger leave her asshole. Then she felt his cock-head jam at her asshole, and her pleasure roared still higher. He leaned against her backside and the pressure on her asshole built and built and built. She drew hungrily on Angelo's cock.

"Keep pushing," Angelo told the younger boy. "It takes quite a push."

"Yeah," Jimmy grunted.

Lorraine's butt burned. She felt her rectum yielding. She tried a momentary crapping motion -- the result scared her. Her asshole opened, and Jimmy blocked the closing, and it hurt like hell. She whimpered around Angelo's cock as she forced her asshole to relax again.

Jimmy's cock gained more ground up her ass. It felt like her asshole was being stretched open by a too big turd. Only, instead of there being the delectable release of pressure from getting rid of shit, there was a slowly increasing pressure.

Angelo's prick seeped sticky juices over her tongue as Jimmy's dick forced her asshole open bit by searing bit. Lorraine wondered vaguely if they might meet deep inside her -- wondered if she would wind up with cock from her head to her tail.

She felt something snap, and a ringing burning pain speared through her bowels. She would have yelled, but Angelo's prick made any sound impossible.

What had happened in her ass? Had she torn?

The pain faded to an ache, and the pressure in her bowels grew, as did the burning friction, and she realized that Jimmy was driving his cock deep into her rectum. The snap had been her ass muscle slipping over the groove of his cock-head. The worst was over. Now the smooth, oily shaft of his cock was sliding deep into her bottom.

"Sonofabitch that's tight!" Jimmy gasped.

"Swallow again," Angelo ordered.

Lorraine swallowed. Her tongue and throat massaged Angelo's cock. Her asshole squirmed around the cock jamming it.

The pleasure was unbelievable. If she hadn't seen Kathy take cock up her ass, Lorraine would never have thought it possible. She had given hundreds of enemas during her nursing career, but an enema tip was nothing compared to a cock.

The cock pistoned in and out of her burning ass. She was bobbing her head up and down on Angelo's cock now without any orders from him. She loved the double penetration. She loved the feel of two cocks driving in and out of her. She wished her cunt was similarly stuffed, but she was taking all the cock that was available at the moment.

She was coming. Her cunt was flooding, sending hot, slippery juices down the insides of her naked thighs. Wave after wave of pleasure swept through her as the cock drove into her ass. She wanted the two boys to come, to flood her with creamy jism. She tried to get another fraction of an inch of Angelo's monster cock down her throat. She felt Jimmy's hips slam up against her buttocks as he got the full length of his cock up her ass.

Reaching between Angelo's thighs, Lorraine lifted his balls, searched farther and found his asshole. She twisted her finger into his asshole. She felt his cock throb, expand, tremble, and then erupt. His come hitting her throat felt like hot acid. She swallowed frantically. The hot jism hit her stomach, joined the copious pool left there earlier by Jimmy's cock.

Jimmy slammed into her ass. Her asshole was being rubbed raw, blistered by his brutal ass-fuck. He had only come a few minutes ago -- he might go on like this for centuries! Her asshole would be a tattered ruin. Lorraine was terrified.

Then Jimmy slammed into her again. His hands sank into the soft flesh of her waist and he dragged back on her. Her ass-cheeks squashed against him, and he got more cock up her butt. His prick pumped and jerked and she knew he was shooting her ass full of come. She could feel his cock lurching in her asshole. She took a jism enema as cocks flooded her throat and her bung.

She slumped down on Angelo. His dick stopped pumping in her mouth. The cock in her ass was driven out. She felt something hot trickle down her ass. Her legs folded and she slid to the floor. She rested her head on Angelo's bed and fought to catch her breath.

"Gosh, I hope I didn't hurt her," Jimmy whispered, frightened.

"I'm okay," she said quickly.

"Boy!" Jimmy gulped. "Boy, that was really something!"

"A going-away present," Lorraine told him.

"Yeah," Jimmy sighed. "Gee, I'm going to miss you."

Lorraine shrugged. "You'll find someone to take my place. Someone nearer your own age."

"Aw, they don't know anything," Jimmy snorted. "You know what?"


"Sometimes you sound just like my mom."

Lorraine frowned. She knew he meant well, but his words were a harsh reminder of just how young he was, and how old she was. "Thanks. I'd better be getting back to the station."

"Let me look at you for a minute," Jimmy asked softly.

She stood before him, naked, a mature woman with lush, full tits and a thick black snatch. She let him feast his eyes on her until his cock started to lift its head again. Then she started to dress.

"Thanks," Jimmy said softly.

"You're welcome," she said as she opened the door. Her greasy ass-cheeks rubbed against each other as she walked down the hall.

Chapter ELEVEN

Lorraine's eyes were still drowsy with sleep when she went into the physical-therapy room and closed the door behind her. Angelo glowered at her from a wheelchair. She locked the door behind her.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Angelo asked sourly.

"Someone told me you weren't cooperating."

"Fuck them."

Lorraine leaned against the door. She was tired. The night before had been one crisis after another. Also, she was horny.

Jimmy had been gone for a week, and she had found no one to take his place. Dr. Stern was gone, too. Dr. Mansfield had caught him with Kathy Dell, and there had been hell to pay. Stern had been sacked. His career was ruined. No one had questioned why Dr. Mansfield had been checking on Kathy. Everyone was walking very softly following the scandal. Even if there had been a replacement for Jimmy, Lorraine wouldn't have dared to do anything. Probably.

"Why won't you try to walk?" she asked Angelo.

"Because I can't," he retorted bitterly. "I have a broken neck, remember?"

"It's healing," she answered.

"Yeah, but I'm paralyzed. Everyone knows you're paralyzed if you break your neck."

"Bullshit!" Lorraine snapped. "There was no damage to the nerves. There's no reason in the world you can't walk."

"So how come my legs don't work?"

"Because you haven't used them in weeks, that's why. The muscles have gone all flabby. That's why we have you in here, to get your muscles built back up."


"Know what I think? I think you're chicken," Lorraine taunted. "Long as you were strapped in that rack, safe in your bed, all you had to do was lie there. You're too lazy and too chicken to try to walk."

"It hurts," Angelo grumbled.

"Of course it hurts. Are you going to let a little pain stop you? You are chicken. You're yellow!"

"Fuck you," Angelo growled angrily.

"Ho, ho, ho, wouldn't you just love to?"

"Yeah, well, who says I want you?" Angelo retorted.

"You were eager enough while you were strapped down," she observed. "Of course, you didn't have to do anything but lie there. No one could criticize your technique."

"Ain't nothing wrong with my technique!"

"I'll bet you can't even get your cock up. I'll bet you're afraid to even show me your dinky dick," she snorted. "Probably wore it down to a nubbin beating it with your hand because you're chicken to fuck a real woman."

Angrily, Angelo tore his robe open and jerked at the snaps to his pajama bottoms, pulled out his prick. "Some nubbin!"

Lorraine swallowed at the sight of his cock. "Limp as over-cooked spaghetti."

"Yeah, well you aren't showing it anything to get it excited," Angelo answered.

"If I did, you wouldn't know what to do with it," she taunted, shivering.

"You just give me the chance. Anytime, anyplace."

"How about right here, right now?"

Angelo looked surprised, then wary.

Lorraine was burning up inside. Her pussy felt like a brush fire. Moving away from the door, she went to the parallel bars, and stood at the end away from him. She began to unbutton the dress that was the only thing she had on.

She saw Angelo's cock begin to rise between his hairy thighs. She wished he weren't so hairy.

"You want me, you come get me," she challenged, undoing the button below her navel. "You walk down here and get me." She unfastened the button over her dripping pussy, then the one below it -- the last one.

She let the dress slide off her shoulders and drop to the floor. She stood there naked. His cock rose rapidly. Cupping her breasts, she thumbed her tits, made them stiffen. Then she slid her hands down her belly, down to her pussy and fingered her cunt. She spread her legs.

"Come on," she whispered. "There's your target. Come and get my pussy, if you've got the balls."

Angelo's face beaded with sweat. Reaching out, he grasped the bars. His shoulders and arms bulged as he hauled himself painfully to his feet. His pajama bottoms dropped around his ankles.

Holding himself up on the bars, Angelo dragged his feet out of his pajama pants. His cock was swaying heavily. Then, steadying himself with one hand, he slipped one arm, then the other, out of his robe. In a moment he was down to just his pajama shirt. It parted around his erect cock. He undid the buttons and stripped off his last covering. Now he was as naked as she was.

His prick drooled. She fingered her itching clit. "Come on," she whispered. "Come and get pussy."

The muscles in his arms swelled and strained as they took his weight.

Slowly and painfully, one foot inched forward on the slick floor. After placing it carefully, he leaned on it, transferred his weight to the wasted muscles of his leg. Sweat poured down his body as he dragged his other foot forward and set it firmly. His chest was heaving. His eyes were fastened on her furry cunt as he struggled toward her.

Lorraine waited for the teenage boy. Her finger slippery with cunt-juice, she rolled the little pearl of her clit.

His jaw clenched, Angelo moved slowly toward her. He was halfway to her now. He moved, more easily as he gained experience. His cock was swaying and bobbing.

Mentally, Lorraine was urging him on. Her cunt was spasming, searching for a cock to fill it. She stayed at the end of the bars as Angelo drew closer and closer. He was two feet away, then one foot, then his cock was smearing her belly. Still she made no effort to help him get to her.

For a moment he hesitated. Then, quickly, he moved one sweaty hand from the bars to her naked flesh, dug his fingers into her upper arm, clutched at her. His other hand slapped her, bruised her arm as he fell against her. His cock skidded up her belly as his full weight lurched against her.

Wrapping her arms around his sweating body, she fell backwards onto the exercise mat. As she dragged him down with her, she was very conscious of the steel collar protecting his neck.

She spread her legs and felt his cock slam into her twat. She shifted her hips, and his cock slid into her hole. His hips heaved, and suddenly she was filled with his cock, jammed full with it. Her cunt juiced around Angelo's drilling dick and her hips heaved upward.

The fucking was savage, brutal. Angelo bucked, drove his prick into her hot cunt again and again and again. The head of his cock slammed the end of her cunt. His body ground against her clit as he raped her.

She clawed his back, spurred him on with her heels, eagerly took everything be was giving her. Her tits were bruised and battered by his weight. The exercise had felt like sandpaper against her naked back and ass as he rammed his cock into her.

She could barely focus on his sweat-shiny face, his tousled black hair. She loved it. She loved the feel of his cock fucking her cunt, stabbing her tunnel end. She loved the feel of her clit being pulverized. The bruising of her tits was exquisite.

She bucked under him crazily as her lust roared higher and higher and higher. She whined, howled, reached for his heaving ass. She grabbed his ass-cheeks, dug her fingers into the crack and forced one finger into his asshole.

She felt him probe her asshole, bugger her rectum with one finger, then two. He was wrenching her asshole open, stretching it, feeling his cock in her cunt through the wall of her shitter.

She felt his cock fire come into her spasming cunt. Her asshole jerked and clutched at his digging fingers. Jism burst into her pussy, spattered her cunt, then pressured out around his jerking, jetting dick.

She roared to an orgasm as his goo streamed from her cunt and down her ass. Semen greased his buggering fingers and stung her strained asshole. She clutched at him, jammed her finger into his greasy depths to wring the last of his come from his prostate.

Her orgasm flared again and again and again before finally fading to an ache of satisfaction.

For a long time she lay under the teenager with her finger still drilled into his asshole. His fingers were still stretching hers and his cock was shriveling in her cunt.

His fingers left her tail-hole as his cock pulled out of her cunt. He rolled on his back with a soft groan. "Bitch," he muttered.

"I told you," she panted. "I told you you weren't paralyzed."

"Shit," he wheezed, exhausted.

"You were good, by the way. Very good."

"Thanks," he answered, staring at the ceiling. His chest was heaving. "You miss Jimmy."

"What makes you say that?"

"You always went for him more than for me," Angelo said matter-of-factly.

"He was dying," she said defensively.

"Me, I was just strung up in a rack. Well, you proved I'm not paralyzed."

"Pretty soon you'll be walking without using the bars," she told.

"Kiss my ass," he snorted. "It'll take weeks."

"You could do it right now," she retorted. "If you do, I'll kiss your ass."

"You're kidding!"

"Just try me," she answered quickly. Her heart was beating very hard.

Angelo rolled to his side carefully and stared hard at her. "If I try to walk without the bars, right now, you'll kiss my ass?"

"You try, and I'll kiss your ass," she repeated. She could feel her pulse racing. "You take one step and I'll French your ass. You take two steps and I'll French your ass and suck your cock."

"Three steps?"

"Three steps and you can do anything you want," she told him.

"Fuck your ass?"

"Anything," she whispered. Her cunt was flooding.

Angelo struggled to sit up. He reached for the ends of the bars. Lorraine held her breath. It was actually happening. He was going to try, and, at the very least, that meant she was going to have to kiss his ass. She was frightened, and the fear added to her lust.

Angelo dragged himself to his knees, got one foot under himself. His back to her, he clutched at the ends of the parallel bars. His ass looked very pale, the crack dark and hairy. She wondered how clean he was.

With a powerful heave, Angelo pulled himself to his feet. He teetered as he steadied himself. He still had his back to her. His feet were spread. She could see his cock and balls hanging down between his hairy thighs. He was sweating with the strain.

Another lurch, and he had turned to face her. He was still gripping the bars. He towered over her. His cock was half hard. His balls were drawn up into his groin.

Lying on her back, her knees bent, her legs spread, her cunt a hot gash of red in her black bush, she looked up at him.

"You're in my way," he grunted.

Quickly, she rolled to one side.

Swaying slightly, he cautiously lifted one hand from the bars. He teetered precariously. He steadied himself with less and less of his other hand, finally just the fingertips, and then carefully drew the hand off the wooden rail.

Lorraine was holding her breath. She heard voices and footsteps in the corridor, and wondered how much time had passed. She had made the physical therapist promise her an hour alone with Angelo. How much of the hour was gone?

Angelo slid one foot forward jerkily, six inches, then a foot, and planted it firmly. He swayed precariously. Lorraine braced herself to catch him. Then he steadied.

"One," he grunted.

"One," she agreed. She had to French his ass.

He swayed again, and dragged the other foot forward.

"Two," she whispered.

Angelo was grinning now. Rivers of sweat were streaming down his naked body. His prick was limp because of his concentration on walking. He had his weight spread evenly now.

One more step, Lorraine reminded herself, and she was committed to letting him fuck her ass with his cock, and then cleaning his cock with her mouth. She was on fire with lust, anticipation, hope, and terror.

His foot dragged forward, past the planted one.

He turned and grinned down at her triumphantly. Then his knees gave way and he began to fall. Desperately, Lorraine threw herself forward. Her muscles and joints cracked as he hit her. He crashed down on her, smashing the breath out of her. His steel neck brace bruised her tits as it ground into them. Her tits blazed with agony.

"Made it, lady," Angelo grunted as he clung to her.

"You made it," she repeated.

"You promised."

"I promised," she agreed. She was burning up inside.

"Just let me catch my breath," he panted.

"We don't have much time," she told him. How much time was left?

"You aren't getting out of it that way," he growled.

"I'm not trying to. But the therapist only promised me an hour."

Angelo rolled to his back. "Shit, that's almost gone. You knew it would be, damnit. You knew it."

"I didn't," she insisted. "Honest, I didn't. I'll do it, I promise I'll do it. Since we don't have time now, I'll do it tonight, in your room."

"Help me," he grunted. "Help me get dressed, damnit."

She helped him up, and steadied him as he made his way back down the bars to the wheelchair. She managed to get him into his pajamas and robe.

She grabbed her dress, yanked it on and buttoned it, covered her naked, sweating body. The thin material stuck to her tits and her belly.

"Tonight. I promise," she panted. "You've had enough for one morning, anyway."

"Don't forget," he snapped. "Don't forget."

She unlocked the door. "I won't forget. I promise."

The physical therapist came in and looked from Lorraine to Angelo. The teenager was in his chair at the end of the bars. The therapist saw the sweat on both of them. "You two been working hard?" he asked.

"He did it," Lorraine announced. "And, he'll do it again tomorrow."

"How'd you manage it?" the therapist asked.

"Just a matter of supplying the right motivation," she answered, slipping past him.

"See you tonight," Angelo said as she left.

Lorraine shivered as come trickled down the insides of her naked thighs.

Chapter TWELVE

As she sat at the station that night, Lorraine didn't even try to do any work. She was going to do it, going to do what she had promised. She wanted to. The thought sickened her. But, she wanted to.

As the hands of the clock ground their way inevitably around toward her break time, she got hotter and hotter and hotter.

She was looking forward to screwing her tongue into Angelo's hung. She was aching to feel his cock drive into her ass. She was burning to feel his prick stretch her asshole, piston in and out of her shitter until he flooded it with jism.

And then she would carefully lick his filthy cock clean. And, if she was real lucky, maybe he'd get hard and come again, in her mouth. Just the thought was enough to turn her pussy into a hot, oozing swamp of lust.

Finally she dragged herself out of the chair. It was time to make her rounds. A deep breath to clear her head and she started off.

Kathy Dell's room was empty -- her parents had taken her to another hospital after the scandal with Dr. Stern. Lorraine knew it hadn't been the intern's fault entirely.

Everything was quiet on the ward. Lorraine stopped at Joyce's station. "Okay if I take my break now?" she asked.

"Fine. Take as long as you want," Joyce told her.

Lorraine began hurrying as she got closer and closer to Angelo's room. She wanted to do it. That was the most frightening thing of all. It wasn't the acts themselves that horrified her as much as it was Angelo's youth. He was less than half her age.

She stopped outside his door. Her panties were a sodden mess. She put out a sweaty hand and eased the door open. She slipped inside.

Angelo stared at her hotly.

"Hi," she croaked.

"Hi." His sheet was tented up by his monster hard-on.

"We-we've got to be careful," she said huskily. "After what happened with Dr. Stern, we have to be careful."

"That cunt down the hall is covering for you, isn't she?"

Lorraine nodded. "Her name is Joyce."

"Don't think you're going to get off easy," Angelo warned.

"I don't -- I don't want to," Lorraine confessed. "I'll just take off my panties. That way I'll be covered if someone comes."

"Long as the necessary holes are bared," Angelo said crudely.

Hiking up her white uniform, Lorraine skinned her panties down and off. She turned around.

Then she gulped. Angelo had thrown his sheet off. His cock lay up against his hairy belly like an ivory pole. Her pussy swelled and pulsed at the sight of his dick -- but her pussy was the one hole that was not going to get that great cock tonight.

Her asshole itched with hunger as she stared at Angelo's great tower of meat. Angelo heaved up out of bed and turned to sit on the edge. His cock thrust up from his lap.

"You-you want me to suck you first?" she asked, hypnotized.

"Shit no. I want to shove it up your ass first. Then, after I'm done there, you French my asshole, then suck me off."

"I see," she whispered.

She got onto the bed on her hands and knees. She looked over as Angelo got a tube of lubricant out of the bedside table. He let her watch as he greased his prick thoroughly. Then he took a blob of cream and reached for her ass. He flipped her skirt up, bared her ass-checks.

His fingers touched her ass. The lubricant felt cold at first, then it warmed and softened. Her asshole ached and burned as he thrust two greasy fingers into her tail. She plunged her hand into her pussy, rolled the squirming button of her clit.

She felt the bed sag as Angelo got on his knees behind her. His fingers left her asshole. Then Angelo's cock-head touched her asshole. She felt steadily increasing pressure and pleasure, felt her ass slowly yielding to his brutal penetration.

Her asshole stretched and stretched and stretched. Then, suddenly, there was a snapping feeling as his cock-head popped into her asshole. She knew the most painful part of the penetration was over.

It felt like shitting in reverse. She felt the cock bum through her tightly stretched ring of muscle. She felt the contents of her bowels compact, press up into her guts. She wished she had taken a crap before she had come down here for this.

She put her head on the pillow and let the roaring flames of pleasure sweep through her. On her knees, her head bowed, she submitted to the brutal buggering.

Angelo's hips jammed against her ass, his balls swung, slapped her hand and her pussy. She thought she was going to die. He was sunk all the way in her ass. His cock jammed her asshole like a monster unyielding turd. Her ass tried to cut his tower off, struggled futilely against the solid cylinder.

Leaning forward over her, Angelo reached around and grabbed her tits.

Squeezing the warm, heavy globes, he drew his cock out, them jammed it back up her ass.

Angelo was unaware of her pain. He dug his fingers into her tits through her clothes, pistoned his cock in her shitty depths. His hips slammed against her butt. His crotch hair ground against her ass-cheeks like steel wool. It felt like he was driving his cock clear through her body. The way her shit was being forced back up inside her, she wondered if it might come out her mouth.

She loved it! She loved the pressure, the friction, the pain, the weight on her back, the hands on her tits. She loved the feel of her asshole being dragged outward as he pulled his cock out of it, then pushing in as he jammed his prick up her rectum again. She was coming in a slow, hot rush.

Angelo moved faster and faster. As the pain in her ass grew so did her pleasure.

Angelo was panting hoarsely as he drilled into her asshole more and more brutally. His balls were tensing, hitting her pussy higher, differently. He had to be getting close to coming. He was going to hose her bowels with jism, his cock was going to pulse in her ass!

"Awwwww," Lorraine moaned as her orgasm crested.

"Shit!" Angelo groaned as his prick began to jump and spurt.

His cock filled her bowels with powerful, pumping squirts. It felt like she had a live animal up her ass. The walls of her crapper felt the heaving, pumping, hot creamy waves of come. Her twat spasmed madly, searching for something to fill it. She stuffed her fingers into it.

"Yeah," Angelo grunted as he felt her fingers against his jetting dick.

"Awwww," Lorraine groaned.

As she pumped her fingers in her cunt, she felt as if she was going to rip wide open from her crotch upward. Two cocks, two spurting cocks, would be better, she said to herself.

Angelo's prick gave a final heaving lurch, shrank a little, heaved again, and then faded some more. She knew that he was done. His cock drooled come as it faded in her ass. Her crapping muscles went into action, began to drive his cock out. Angelo clung to her tits. He kept his shriveling prick in her tail. It felt like she had a worm in her asshole. Then she crapped it out.

Lorraine slumped forward on the bed. His come on her strained asshole felt like ice. She was racked with shudders as her rectum slowly returned to normal. Her tits were bruised and sore from Angelo's hard grip. He was lying half on top of her, catching his breath.

She was thinking about what she had promised. Lying there with his semen burning her butt, she thought about what was still to come. He wasn't going to have to force her to kiss his ass and suck his fouled dick because she wanted to. She really wanted to lick his shitty prick and screw his asshole with her tongue.

Dragging herself to her knees, she hauled her dress down over her ass. Angelo lay on his face on the bed, his naked, hairy ass right in front of her. His legs were spread slightly. His cock and balls were framed by his hairy thighs.

"Get to your knees," Lorraine croaked, her mouth suddenly dry.

She was on her knees behind him. She hauled his butt into the air. His cock and nuts dangled obscenely as his ass waved in the air.

Reaching out, she spread his ass-cheeks, exposed the dark pucker of his asshole. It looked like the heart of a flower -- a dusky rose. A wave of lust swept through Lorraine, burning away her shame. She leaned forward. Gently, she kissed one cheek of his ass, then the other.

His ass was incredibly soft.

She licked his hot flesh, closer and closer to the crack. Reaching the top of his crevice, she pursed her lips and kissed her way down toward his crotch. The crack grew deeper as she went. She jammed her face against his delectably soft ass-cheeks.

Reaching back under herself, she slipped two fingers into her cunt and began rolling her clit against her pubic bone. She nibbled lower, fastened her lips on his wrinkled anus. For a minute, all she did was work her lips against his bottom-like a girl shyly giving her first kiss.

Her nose jammed into the crack of his ass. His cock and balls dangled against her chin.

Hesitantly, she probed with her tongue, felt the funnel-shaped hole of his ass. The tip of her tongue touched his clenched asshole. She felt his muscle spasm against the threatened invasion.

She probed hard with her tongue. He resisted. She pushed harder. She twisted her tongue-tip this way and that. Slowly, she forced the tip of her tongue into his asshole. She wormed her tongue-tip slowly deeper and deeper into the youth's asshole.

She felt his pecker slowly hardening with lust. When she finished with his asshole, his cock would be fully erect, ready to plunge down her throat.

She pumped her fingers in her cunt. Then, reaching back an inch, she found her asshole. It was still slimy with Angelo's come. She twisted her linger into her rectum. She wished she had a cock there and a cock in her cunt.

Her forehead scraped against his ass as she struggled to get her tongue as far into his ass as she possibly could. Reaching between his thighs, she wrapped her hand around his sticky, greasy cock. She tugged on it as she reamed his asshole with her tongue.

She was coming again. She was telling herself what she was doing, telling herself she was kissing ass. Her coming got hotter and better. She strained her tongue into his depths.

Then her coming faded and she fell away from his ass. She shuddered.

"Jesus!" Angelo muttered. "Jesus!"

Lorraine began to shiver uncontrollably as she caught her breath. She tried to ignore the stench on her face, on her lips, in her mouth. She had never had an orgasm like that before in her life. She wondered if she would ever have one like it again.

Angelo turned on her as she lay there and waved his loaded cock in her face. "You aren't done yet, you know."

"I know," she said huskily. There was a hot core of lust in her guts that kept driving her on and on and on. She stared up at the prick hanging above her. Reaching up, she grasped the blunt, hot, dirty cock and pulled it toward her mouth.

Angelo leaned forward, let her draw his prick toward her face. He rested one hand on the bed beside her hip and looked down under his body at her. His head was over her crotch.

Hopefully, she drew her knees up, spread her legs, presented her dripping twat to his face.

"Please, eat me," she begged. "Please, eat me!" Angelo grinned. Then his hot mouth fastened on her hairy twat.

Her lips closed around his shitty prick. She tasted grease and shit and come.

His tongue rammed deep into her cunt. His hips thrust up, fucked his cock clear to her throat. He began to fuck her mouth, totally disregarding her gagging. He chewed on her pussy.

His cock pistoned in her mouth, while his tongue pistoned in her cunt. She began to come again. She twisted her head, opened her throat, tried to take more of his prick. Her hips bucked and heaved against his eating mouth. He spread her ass cheeks.

She clutched his bobbing ass as he fucked her mouth. His balls were bumping her nose with every thrust. Then they began to draw up and up.

She knew he was about to blast her throat with semen.

His cock erupted for the third time that day, the second time that night, and she thought she was going to drown in jism. Thick, hot, creamy spurts flooded her throat, poured down to her stomach. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

She scissored her nylon-clad legs around his head, clamped his mouth to her cunt. She wrapped herself around him like an octopus as her come obliterated her consciousness.

She didn't come to until she began to choke. She sputtered around his meat, struggled to get air into her lungs. She licked his prick clean as it shriveled. Then he tumbled away from her and lay beside her with his head on her hip.

When she tried to stand, her legs felt rubbery and gave way for a moment. Her white uniform fell into place.

She helped Angelo back under the covers and tucked him in. Briskly, she washed his face, then her own, and rinsed her mouth out.

"Thanks," Angelo whispered.

She looked down at him. "Consider it a farewell present," she said.

"Oh?" His eyes flickered open and she realized he was almost asleep.

"You don't need me any more," she noted. "You can make it on your own from here."

"Yeah, but still..."

"No more, Angelo," she insisted.

They had done it all. She had taught him and learned from him.

He was snoring softly as she left.


Lorraine wondered how she could feel happy at such awful news. Jimmy's re-admission could mean only one thing -- he was worse.

But the sickening reality was, after she heard he was coming back, she felt a surge of anticipation and pleasure. The memory of his cock driving into her ass as she sucked Angelo's cock was still burning fresh in her mind, many months later.

Angelo had been sent home, and she had kept her lust tightly controlled since then. The dust from Dr. Stern's scandal had settled, but she hadn't had a good opportunity since her ass-kissing episode with Angelo.

Jimmy's return instantly triggered a searing flame in her cunt. That slim, hairless body was available again, that wonderful, slender prick could ram her guts one more time, flood her with hot jism.

"Jimmy's in with a boy who lost a leg to bone cancer. He's about to have another amputation," another nurse said, going off duty.

"Oh? He's new, too," Lorraine observed.

"Uh-huh. He's probably terminal, too. He's the same age as Jimmy. Such a tragedy."

"Yes," Lorraine agreed. She was remembering how she had gotten involved with Jimmy in the first place. Why shouldn't the new boy get to have a little fun before he died?

"Well, that's it, I'm gone," the nurse said, picking up her purse. "Give 'em the usual tender loving care."

"I will," Lorraine managed. She sat down and considered the situation.


An hour later she was baring her mature, lush, womanly body. Jimmy was lying on his back, naked. He had his throbbing hard-on gripped in one hand.

Down to her stockings and garter belt, Lorraine put one foot on his bed and rolled her stocking down. The pose gave him a perfect view of her black bush. She felt his eyes zero in on her hot cunt.

Once free of her stockings, she unhooked her garter belt and tossed it aside. She stood in front of Jimmy and spread her legs slightly. She ran her hands up and down her naked body. Cupping her tits, she lifted the heavy, warm masses. She stroked her thumbs over her nipples.

Jimmy stared hungrily at her. Dipping her head, she tongued her nipples, made them hot.

Arching her back, she massaged her tits. Her pussy oozing with lust, she let her hips roll and thrust, rocked her naked twat toward the boy. She was a woman, a horny, ready woman, presenting herself to her favorite stud. Turning her back, she rolled her ass at him, then bent forward. Clutching her buttocks, she dragged them apart, showed him her asshole. She felt like an animal, and she loved it.

Jimmy was sweating. A thick heavy clear blob of pre-come quivered at the tip of his rigid prick, then oozed slowly down to where his fingers encircled the tower. His hand moved, smeared the clear juice over his meat, made a sticky sound.

Rising one foot to the bed again, Lorraine slid a finger up into her cunt. Slowly, she moved it in and out of her slippery, velvety tunnel.

Jimmy watched as she languidly finger-fucked herself. Spreading her cunt-lips, she toyed with her clit. Her hips began to roll and twist with arousal.

Jimmy was jacking himself off with youthful abandon. His hand moved up and down the ivory column of his cock. The skin of his prick slid over the steel-hard core. Sticky strands of pre-come coated his fingers as his hand moved up and down, up and down.

"Don't come," Lorraine groaned. "Don't come."

"I won't," he assured her. "Not until I'm in you."

"Well, be careful."

"What about Charlie?"

Lorraine glanced over at Jimmy's roommate. The boy looked even younger than Jimmy. He was still covered by his sheet. He was watching shyly. His prick was like a tent-pole under the sheet, and there was a spreading damp spot at the tip. From the looks of it, his cock was monstrous. He was watching her and Jimmy with bugged-out eyes.

"He'll get a turn," Lorraine said.

Charlie gulped, and brushed his hair back off his forehead.

Lorraine kept easing her glistening finger in and out of her dripping cunt. She turned to stare at Jimmy. Her mouth watered at the sight of his prick. The dusky tip was coated with a thick, shining layer of lubricant.

She curled her finger in her twat and scooped out a gob of juices. She licked her finger while Jimmy watched. Then, she reached out and took a thick drop of Jimmy's pre-come from his cock and sucked her finger clean.

"Come on," Jimmy groaned.

She knelt on his bed. She straddled him, spread her cunt over his trim thighs. She moved until her hole was over his cock. She lowered herself on his prick, nuzzled the tip into her twat. When his hips lifted, tried to stab her with his dick, she pulled up so he couldn't penetrate her cunt. She was in control. It was going to be her show.

"Please," Jimmy whispered.

"You want to fuck me?"

"God, yes," Jimmy grunted. "Shit, came on, let me fuck you."

"I'm going to fuck you," she corrected. "I'm on top."

"Well, get to it. Please," Jimmy pleaded as she squirmed her hips around. Just the point of his prick was touching her cunt.

She stopped, and stayed very, very still for a moment. His cock was as hard as steel. The tip was spreading her pussy-lips, nuzzling into the soft rippled opening.

She dropped, all at once. His cock speared into her like a battering ram, slammed deep into her cunt. In a split second she was filled with meat, stuffed with cock. Her cunt walls were stretched by his mass, jammed open. She felt as if she had taken a cannon shell in the crotch.

"God!" Jimmy groaned.

"Geez," his roommate sighed.

Lorraine shivered. She sat up very straight and let her cunt get used to the size of his cock. Her cunt spasmed around the hot, hard shaft as if trying to squeeze it out. She cupped her tits, mashed the heavy globes, dug her fingers into them. She loved the bruising pain. She reached down and took Jimmy's hands and placed them on her tits. She pressed his palms down on her heaving tits.

She made him dig his fingers into her flesh.

Then she began to rise and fall on his prick. Leaning forward against his hands, dragging her tits this way and that, she screwed herself on his prick. She saw him looking down at where her cunt met his cock, and wished that she could see the shining tower of his prick sliding in and out of her.

The boy in the next bed was watching, learning what his cock was for. Soon, he would be doing it.

Fingering her clit, Lorraine slid up and down, up and down on Jimmy's monster prick. She felt it spread the walls of her cunt as she lowered herself, then felt the walls close in behind it as she rose. She diddled her clit. Her twat burned from the friction of his cock against its walls.

"Gonna come!" Jimmy grunted.

"Me, too!" she told him. "Come, Jimmy, come!"

She fucked faster and harder.

"Jeez," Jimmy grunted. His hips hammered upward as she dropped on him.

"Coming!" Lorraine moaned as flames roared through her.

"Aw!" Jimmy grunted as her cunt spasmed around his dick.

Her coming soared higher and higher. She felt Jimmy's cock give a leap, felt the first hot wad of come hit the end of her tunnel. Thick jism spattered her twat, pressured back out around his leaping, spurting prick, spilled out of her clenching cunt. She ran desperate fingers around the base of his cock where it was jammed into her pussy.

She shivered as her coming began to fade. Jimmy's juice was simmering in her cunt. His dick began to shrink. Her cunt walls hugged his withering organ possessively.

As her lust faded she cuddled the boy as if he was a baby.

When his prick withdrew from her cunt, she felt a twinge of sadness. She was crouched on top of him like a predatory cat. She was riding him, clutching him with her knees and thighs, her hands and arms.

"Jeez," Charlie sighed from the neighboring bed.

Lorraine turned her head and looked at him and frowned. The wet spot on his sheet was immense. Obviously, he had come as he watched, had flooded his sheet with semen. His prick had lost its hardness. The sheet wasn't tented up anymore. She was going to have to bring his cock back to life before he would be able to fuck.

She held onto Jimmy until the last lingering sensations of her orgasm had faded away.

When she eased up off Jimmy, come smeared across his hip. On shaky legs, she crossed to Charlie, and reached for his sheet.

"No," he protested, clutching it desperately.

"Don't you want me?" she asked. "I have to uncover you, if we're going to do anything."

"It's not my -- my thing," the youth stammered. "It's my leg."

"All right, I won't uncover your leg," she told him.

Carefully, she drew the sheet down until his shriveled prick was revealed, the head had retreated into the foreskin. His stomach was a slippery mass of come. She knelt on the floor beside his bed and carefully drew the tip of his cock into her mouth. His meat tasted of jism.

She wormed her tongue into the tip of his cock. With her lips and tongue, she worked the foreskin back. She felt his cock begin to respond. Leaving it for a moment, she licked the come off his hairless tummy, cleaned the base of his prick, then sucked on his balls.

"Geez!" Charlie moaned.

She took one of his nuts in her mouth and purred softly. Then she licked his cock some more. She stroked its underside, made the skin stretch and stretch. She was glad now that he had come. His lasting power would be good since his first impatient load had spent itself.

She rested her cheek on his belly and sucked his prick. His stomach was still as smooth as a baby's. There wasn't even any peach fuzz.

The cock in her mouth was as hard as rock. She swirled her tongue around it. He was ready. Her cunt was drooling hungrily.

She dragged herself up off the floor and straddled Charlie the way she had Jimmy. Jimmy was out of bed, hovering over, watching the fucking. His cock was almost hard again.

After nestling Charlie's prick in her pussy, Lorraine eased herself down slowly. She wanted him to fully appreciate the hot, wet embrace of her cunt. She felt his cock burrow up into her like some small animal. Slowly, she let her weight down on his hips. She felt his body sink into the mattress as his prick hit the end of her hole.

"Wow!" Charlie sighed.

"Mmmm," Lorraine said. She was sitting up very straight. Her tits thrust out boldly. They quivered slightly as she shivered with pleasure.

"Jeez, it's hot," Charlie sighed. "Feels like -- like a wet towel or something."

"Feels like I've got a pole up my cunt," Lorraine told him. She looked at Jimmy. He was staring at where her crotch was jammed down on Charlie's. Jimmy's cock, still sticky, was as hard as iron. It speared out from his hairless groin.

Why not two at once? What would it feel like to have a cock up her ass while she had one clamped in her cunt?

More cock, that was what she needed, more cock.

"Jimmy?" she said cautiously.


"How would you like to fuck my ass again?"


"Right now, while I have Charlie's cock in my cunt."

"Shit! Outta sight!"

Lorraine tightened her cunt muscles around Charlie's prick. "Don't worry, you'll love it," she assured him.

"I'll get some grease," Jimmy said.

"No! No, the come that's on it will be enough."

"You sure?"

She nodded.

"How can I do it?" Jimmy asked.

Lorraine leaned forward on Charlie. She felt his cock angle down in her twat. Reaching back, she spread her ass cheeks to give Jimmy access to her asshole.

"Jeez, I can see where his cock is stuck in your cunt," Jimmy said.

"Do it," Lorraine urged as her cunt went into a series of rippling spasms.

She felt the bed shift as Jimmy crawled up behind her. He put one hand on her back and bent over. Then she felt his cock probing the crack of her ass. It poked her cunt-hole, which was already jammed full with Charlie's pecker. She wondered if Jimmy was going to try to wedge his cock in alongside Charlie's.

Jimmy dragged his prick up to her asshole, and thrust. Her asshole clenched tight in. She fought to relax it, tried to shit. She felt him get his cock into her. It burned like fire because of the inadequate lubrication. Jimmy didn't let that stop him. He leaned into her hard. She felt her asshole being driven open by his burrowing cock.

It felt like a hot poker was being run up her ass. She fought to let him in. Her asshole rebelled, so she overcame its resistance again.

"Shit, I can feel him going in," Charlie moaned.

"Tighter than before," Jimmy noted as he got the head of his cock through her anus.

"Gawd!" Lorraine whispered. She was sure her asshole was being ripped open.

Jimmy drove at her, slammed his cock up her rectum. He was driving the shit along ahead of him. The barrier separating cunt from asshole was stretched thin by the two cocks. Lorraine could feel the flesh being rolled and pinched by the big pricks.

"Shit!" Jimmy grunted.

"Christ," Charlie moaned. "I can feel you going in."

The boy under her drew his cock out and rammed it back in.

"Jesus Christ, did that feel great!" Jimmy growled. He drew his cock out of her asshole, then rammed back in.

"I feel it, I feel it," Charlie moaned.

Lorraine felt like a fucking machine. She felt the cock in her cunt draw out and jam back in. Then the cock in her ass drew out and speared back in. She was rolled into a ball of pure lust as the boys alternated their thrusts. Her clit was a knot of pleasure. The wall between her cunt and stilt tube was being rolled and pinched and twisted by the two pistoning pricks.

When Charlie was drawing out, Jimmy was driving in. Lorraine felt like she was being shredded, being torn in half. She was coming, endlessly and mindlessly as two young boys pistoned their cocks in and out of her.

Charlie and Jimmy raped her, and Lorraine's lust roared upward. One moment she was nearly empty, and the next she was crammed full of cock. It was like two wedges were being driven up her crotch simultaneously.

The boys increased their pace. Lorraine started to float away on a misty cloud of pain-pleasure.

She felt the two cocks jerking and fountaining in her. The cock in her cunt erupted first, flooding her flaming pussy with creamy come. Then, the lurching and pulsing of that prick set off the one up her ass, and her rectum was hosed with a soothing enema of jism. Her body could do nothing but accept the flood. Her own orgasm had reached a plateau and couldn't rise any higher.

Lying between the two boys, she became a willing receptacle for their goo. She didn't begin to come to her senses until the pricks were withered lumps of flesh. Her ass drove Jimmy out. She eased up off Charlie, felt his cock slither out of her.

She lay sandwiched between the grateful boys. They were doomed, but at least their last days had been fun. They would die, but there would be others who needed her.


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