Naked horny wife

It all started when the new neighbors moved in. Until then, Bette Jameson was just a typical suburban housewife. But as soon as she saw the moving van, things seemed to change. Something was different. Maybe it was merely the promise of something new in her life that Bette sensed, or, perhaps it was a premonition of what her new neighbors would be like.

Then an attractive, modern, friendly family moved in next door. Just how attractive, modern, and, above all, friendly, Bette and her husband, Ted, were soon to find out.

Suddenly, Bette was doing things she'd only dreamed of. Then she was doing things she hadn't even dreamed of. Even Ted, a very conservative, strait-laced businessman, was swept along on a sleigh ride of kinky and perverted pleasure.

Perhaps this story is an exaggeration, and oversimplification. But we can be sure it has its counterparts in reality. Nothing portrayed in these pages is new to the avant-garde of the sexual revolution. By delving into these pages everyone can join in that revolutionary cause, can weigh the advantages and disadvantages, pleasure and pains of that movement.

Chapter ONE

Bette Jameson was holding her right tit and watching "General Hospital" when she saw the big yellow truck from her picture window. The new people were moving in next-door.

It took a long time for the moving men to maneuver the big truck in the driveway and set up the ramps to unload the stuff. But when the furniture started rolling from the truck, Bette knew her neighbors had taste and money -- especially money.

Since Bette had, just spent nine grand on a new living roomy she was up on furniture prices, and she knew that every stick the men unloaded was the finest.

Still massaging her tit, a new habit she'd just picked up, she pulled a chair to the window and watched the parade of furniture.

The movers were also interesting to her, the young one most of all. Bette first sized up the piece of furniture, then, when she'd appraised it, she turned her attention to the men.

She'd been holding her tit through her blouse. But now she unbuttoned a few buttons and slipped her hand inside. She gasped as she felt her fingers sliding over the smooth flesh of her firm tit.

Bette wore sexy bras that held her tits like hammocks, leaving their tops bare. That sort of bra let her show off her tits, which she loved doing, leaving her blouse opened at the top. It also made it easy for her to scoop her tit free. Now, with her big tit hanging over the bra's empty cup, she ran her fingertips around her large nipple.

The movers were carrying the mattress of a king-sized bed now. As Bette thought about the action the mattress had seen, she looked again at the younger moving man. His white tee shirt left his well-muscled arms exposed and his tight jeans revealed the taut muscles of his legs. Bette pictured him with a hard cock sticking out from his crotch, and she opened her mouth wider, as though he were offering his cock to her face.

Now she was pinching her nipple like Ted, her husband, often did. But she imagined that it was the dark-haired man giving her such pleasure.

When the movers disappeared into the house, Bette rocked back on the chair and pulled her tit completely from her blouse. She lifted it to her face and sucked her erect nipple into her mouth. She sighed as she covered her nipple with her soft tongue.

She always sucked her own tits when she masturbated, which she did frequently. But sucking her tit at the window made it even more fun. Even in the dimness of her dining room, if someone passed close by they would see her!

The movers came out again and Bette watched the dark-haired one's ass switching back and forth as he walked up the ramp into the truck. She bit down harder on her tit and stuffed more of it into her mouth.

The men came out of the truck with a walnut sideboard, a piece that must have cost over a thousand bucks, Bette knew. She had just seen one like it at Grand's, the best furniture store in North Drake.

But the furniture that interested her less now that she had other things on her mind. Her crotch was getting hot and wet with the juice that seeped from her cunt.

The thought of remaining right where she was and jerking off thrilled her. So she unbuttoned her slacks and pulled them down. The fabric of her dining room chair under her bare ass felt great!

She lowered her tit from her mouth but continued caressing it. With her thighs spread, the cool air at her cunt filled her with wild sensations.

Touching her chest just below her tit, she began sliding her hand slowly toward her cunt. Over the tender skin of her slim belly, past her belly button, and into her pussy hair her fingers traveled. Then they wrapped around the curve of her cunt mound.

"Oh-h-h-h!" she sighed with deep pleasure. Her slender middle finger lay over the wet crack of her cunt. Gently, she began grazing the folds of flesh within her pussy. Softly, she tickled her clit.

Bette's thin body began trembling slightly. And when the movers emerged from the truck again, she didn't even notice the dining room table they carried. Now all her horny attention was on the dark-haired man.

Bette sent her finger sliding up her hot cunt, imagining that it was the strong finger of that man. She pretended she felt his lips at her ear, its hot breath filling her with words of lust and praise.

She still held one tit while she finger-fucked herself. She lifted her feet and kicked off the slacks and panties she had left around her ankles. Then she lifted her legs, resting the balls of her feet on the windowsill.

With her toes sticking up over the windowsill, Bette really went to work on her cunt. She kept her middle finger up her cunt and put her thumb on her clit. Then she wiggled her thumb until her legs were was shaking so her tits wobbled, she eased up on her clit, leaving her thumb resting on it lightly while she stirred her pussy.

Many hours of experimentation had taught Bette how to keep her pleasure climbing constantly, but slowly, toward an intense orgasm.

Wouldn't it be funny if the movers were to notice her toes on the windowsill? She thought. She was far enough back in the dim gloom of the room to remain hidden, but her toes could certainly be seen. What would they think about ten toes wiggling in the window? Would they guess they belonged to a woman who was playing with her pussy?

As the men went back to the truck, they laughed. Bette didn't know what they were laughing at, but it was fun to imagine that they had seen her toes and were laughing with horny delight at her game.

That thought stirred Bette's lust. She wished the men would see her and guess what she was doing. But there wasn't much chance of that happening. Unless.

Bette was overcome with a profound wave of passion. Masturbation had never excited her so much before. Then she realized that it was a kinky thought in the back of her mind, a thought she hadn't yet allowed to come forward, that sent that shiver through her.

She stopped tickling her clit. She didn't want to come, not yet. While the thought incubated in the secret regions of her consciousness, she put herself on hold.

She would do it she had to!

She got up, unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and dropped it from her shoulders. Then she left the dining room and went through the kitchen into the den.

By now she was shaking. Cunt juice drooled down her thighs.

Her den was opposite the dining room of the neighboring house and the large windows looked out over the large windows of the dining room next-door. The movers would have a great view of her naked body!

So, quivering with perversion, Bette stayed in the shadows, peering across the gap between the houses into the dining room next-door. Then, when she saw the dim shapes of the movers in the window opposite hers, she stepped forward into the sunlight. She sat down on a chair and stretched her legs forward, parting them slightly. Resting her head on the back of the chair, she assumed a typical sun-bather's pose.

Bette knew that the moving men had a perfect view of her naked body and that they must be staring at her at that moment. That knowledge filled her with a lust that made her cunt weep. She didn't understand why showing herself off like this was so exciting but it sure was!

As she lay there glorying in the knowledge that the men were peering at her, Bette realized with a jolt that there was more to her weird desire than merely showing off her gorgeous body. She had to show them how she gave herself an orgasm!

She pictured the men as they watched her. She knew enough about men to know how they would be joking, sneering, kidding about her while they each felt desperate longings. But she was going to shut them up. They would be stricken dumb and paralyzed by what she was going to do!

As she often did, Bette slowly reached for her tit. Holding her hand over it, she brushed her fingers across her nipple. Then she took her tit into a tight embrace.

She imagined the men leaning closer to the window. She squeezed her tit, kneading it, making sure the guys knew she was playing with herself and not merely scratching. Then she grabbed her other tit and squeezed it.

She moved her tits around on her chest, pressing them together and pulling them apart. Then she lifted one to her face, bent down, and began sucking it. With more motion than usual, Bette tugged her nipple with her mouth and shook her head as she licked it.

The men must be crazy, she thought with supreme lust!

She hummed loudly, but she doubted that they could hear her. She should have opened the window before starting. Never had she been so hot, so blitzed with kinky emotion!

But the best was yet to come. As exciting as it had been so far, when Bette started sliding her hand toward her pussy, she could barely contain her passion.

First she opened her legs wide so that the pink swath of her cunt would show. She wiggled her hips like a hula dancer as her fingers crept through her golden pussy curls. Then her fingers advanced into her cunt.

Her whole body heaved with a jolt of rapture as she felt her fingers enter her pussy. And as she stuffed two finger up her cunt, her body wiggled with greater speed. It was a sight any man would remember to his dying day!

Knowing that she had an audience made her lust advance like a speeding locomotive. She knew she had to avoid touching her clit or she would come immediately.

She kept cork-screwing her fingers up her flowing cunt tunnel while writhing vigorously in the chair. All the while she kept a tight grip on one tit, too.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" she cried in the strained voice of a woman in ecstasy or agony, although no one who saw her could mistake her condition.

Were the men jerking off as they watched her? She wondered. She wished she knew, for if they were pounding their meat, her own pleasure would be even greater.

Now Bette let go of her tit and brought that hand to her cunt, too. Still finger-fucking herself with her right hand, she used the fingers of her left to rub her clit.

She tried to imagine the men watching. She pictured herself stretched out on the chair, her fingers busily working on her cunt, and her tits swaying heavily from side to side as she writhed in demented bliss.

"E-e-e-e-e-e!" she wailed, hoping they could hear her.

Her legs kicked wildly as she came and her head lolled on the back of the chair as though it might fall off. Her body bucked and jerked. It was a sight that would make any man melt with lust!

Although she would never know for sure, Bette's performance had just the effect she imagined. Al, the dark-haired man, had noticed her first.

"Bill, look at that!" he'd gasped as Bette had stepped into the sunlight.

"Jesus H. Keerist!" Bill said. "Some dame!"

"Look at those tits!" Al said. "Like a movie star's! I'd give anything to get them into my mouth."

"I'd rather be that chair right now," Bill said.

But when Bette reached for her tit, just as she'd suspected, the men had shut up, too horny to speak. And when she began diddling her cunt, they had each whipped out his stiff prick and jerked off, timing their orgasms to hers.

Bette continued wailing until all her pleasure was consumed. Then, slowly her body began relaxing, giving only an occasional twitch. But now, with her lust satisfied, she began to feel strange. Her kinky game suddenly shamed her.

Pulling her fingers from her pussy, she jumped up and ran from the room.

Chapter TWO

"Someone's moving in next-door," Bette said to Ted at dinner. "Their furniture arrived today. Nice things. They must have a lot of money."

"Oh yeah?" Ted said. "What's he do?"

"I don't know. I haven't even seen them. I only saw their furniture. They must have very good taste, or a good decorator."

"I'm sure your taste is better," Ted said, knowing his wife was proud of her good taste.

"And I'm sure our furniture is every bit as good. It should be after spending nine thousand just on the living room."

"Good things cost money," Bette said. "I've been thinking about our bedroom set. We've had it since we got married."

"There's nothing wrong with our bedroom set," Ted said firmly. "And so what if we had it since we got married? I hope to have it till we die."

"Oh, you men are..." She was interrupted by the doorbell.

"Don't answer it," Ted said. "It might be important," Bette said, getting up.

"Hi," said the handsome man at the door. "I'm Jim Farmer, your new neighbor. My wife and I were going to spend the night in our new house, but it seems the electricity hasn't been turned on yet. Do you have a candle or two we could borrow?"

"Sure," Bette said. "Come on in while I find them."

Bette went for the candles, but her mind was elsewhere, namely, on Jim Farmer. She had never seen a more handsome man! Her cunt was running with hot juice again.

"It was our new neighbor," Bette told Ted when she went back to the kitchen table.

"What was he like?" Ted asked.

"Dreamy! Older, distinguished-looking. Just think, handsome and rich too."

"You used to think I was handsome," Ted said. "And we're not exactly poor."

"Oh, you're jealous."

"I am not jealous," Ted said, his thin lips tense.

Bette knew when to lay off. Ted was a nice guy, but very serious. He took his job as an accountant seriously, and he was very proud of the nice home he provided. And when he took that tone of voice, he wasn't to be toyed with.

After dinner, Ted went out in the back yard. He often strolled around the yard with a glass of brandy, looking at the flowers or up at the stars. Bette took this opportunity to try and get a glimpse of their neighbors. She went from window to window, trying to peek into their house from hers, but it was too dark.

Just as she was about to give up, she saw a glow moving through the Farmers' dining room. It was a candle, and behind it was a woman's naked body. The candle light shown on the undersides of two huge and firm tits, illuminated a flat belly, and showed two thin thighs as the woman walked across the room. A dark triangle of thick pussy hair showed clearly, top.

Bette was in the den where she had shown herself to the movers earlier that day. But now she was in darkness and invisible. The sight of the woman excited her and she wanted to see more.

Hurrying to the kitchen, she looked out again. This time she got a fleeting glimpse of the candle's glow and a profile of one tit. Then Bette went into the living room and looked out, but saw nothing. The house next-door was dark.

She was surprised at the excitement caused by the view of that naked woman. But that was nothing compared to her surprise at jerking off in front of the movers. She had been doing strange things lately.

The dishes were all in the dishwasher and everything was put away, so Bette poured herself some brandy and went back into the living room to wait for Ted. She wanted to make him feel desirable after arousing his jealousy at dinner.

But Ted stayed out in the yard longer than usual. Bette went into the den and looked out to see what he was doing.

It was dark out. Only the lights from the house nearby let her see anything at all. After her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, she saw Ted standing near the fence that separated their yard from the Farmers'. He was definitely looking over the fence and standing next to the cactus so he wouldn't be seen.

Bette was surprised to see Ted peeking into their neighbor's yard, it wasn't like him. But when she saw him fumbling at the front of his pants, she was amazed. But the biggest shock came when she saw Ted's arm moving in an unmistakable masturbatory motion.

Bette would give anything to see what. But their house had only one story, as did all the houses on their block, so she couldn't look over the fence without Ted seeing her. And she couldn't embarrass Ted by joining him. He wouldn't think that was funny.

So Bette had to settle for watching her husband jerking off -- an exciting sight in itself. She had never seen him jerk off before, and hadn't even known that he did.

She could just barely make out his prick in the darkness as he pumped it. Only its fat head remained beyond his jerking hand.

Bette stuck her hand down her slack and grabbed her cunt. Watching Ted and imagining what he was looking at she fed her own passion.

For the second time that day, she slipped her fingers into her cunt. Her juice lubricated her fingers as they entered her pussy. In and out she slid two fingers, imitating a fucking cock. That brought her to the verge of coming. Slipping her fingers out of her pussy and rubbing her clit finished the job.

She hissed as she sucked air deep into her lungs while she felt the explosion of pleasure. She was in the grip of her climax when she saw Ted's body twitch. His hand was a blur as it pumped his prick and his hips made thrusting motions. It was a very exciting sight for a masturbating woman to watch!

Bette put the finishing touches on her orgasm, then retreated to the living room. She took her position on the couch again, picked up her brandy, and took a sip.

But just as she tasted the brandy, she got a whiff of her own cunt juice. Her fingers reeked of it. If Ted should smell it her secret would be known. So, quickly, Bette stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked the flavor and odor of cunt juice from them.

"What are those pink flowers?" Ted asked nonchalantly as he came into the room.

"I don't know what they're called," she said. "The gardener told me, but I forgot."

Bette wanted to ask her husband what he had seen over the fence, but she knew poor Ted would die if he even suspected she'd seen him jerking off. Also, she wanted to fuck, but was afraid Ted wouldn't be in the mood after having just come.

But she had certain alluring techniques that usually worked. First, she threw her shoulders back, pressing her tits forward. Looking down at herself, she saw how her nipples made large bumps on her blouse. Then she raised her arms and ran her fingers through her long black hair. With her arms raised, her tits lifted proudly. Then she put one foot up on the coffee table, making her slacks hug her cunt.

Ted was reading the paper, running his eyes up and down the list of stocks, checking on his investments. Bette wiggled just enough to attract his attention. He glanced at her, but only for a moment. So she wiggled a bit more, not enough to be obviously seductive, but enough to make Ted aware of her. He looked again.

Bette spread her thighs ever so slightly. She saw Ted's eyebrows lower, his mouth tighten, and his eyes turn back to the paper.

He was struggling now, she knew. She enjoyed this game, and she always won, even if it took a while. But she didn't mind because she got hot luring Ted to her body. When he finally slipped his prick into her, she was always desperate and insane with lust!

She picked up her copy of "Glamour" magazine and flipped through it. When she found an ad for sexy underwear that showed a model dressed only in a tiny bra and panties, she pretended she was bored with the magazine and laid it over her thigh so Ted could see the picture.

He bit. She saw him look at the magazine, then at her body draped in her sexiest pose.

When their eyes met she gave him a coy smile, the corners of her wide mouth turning up and her eyelids becoming heavy.

The time when Ted looked back to his paper, Bette knew she had him. Rather than moving up and down the columns of stock quotations, his eyes roamed randomly.

Now was the time to move. Bette slid across the couch and put her head on Ted's shoulder. She knew her cunt would be radiating the subtle odor of a woman in heat.

Ted lowered the paper and put an arm around Bette's shoulders. She snuggled closer and in another few seconds they were kissing hungrily, searching each other's mouth with their tongue.

"M-m-m-m!" Bette moaned when she felt Ted's hand grip her tit.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Ted whispered.

"Yeah-h-h," Bette agreed.

As she stripped, Bette remembered her kinky behavior that afternoon. The memory of her powerful lust as she'd put herself on display for movers and jerked off helped fuel her lust now. And the memory of seeing Ted jerking off made her even hornier. By the time she pulled down her panties, her crotch was soaking wet.

The sight of Ted's hard prick struck her with more force than usual. It was always a thrill to see his cock twitching, but now the thrill was stronger, as strong as it had ever been.

They each got into bed, sliding beneath the sheet toward each other. The air conditioner made the sheets cool, so the warmth of their bodies as they caressed was exciting.

Their tongues entered each other's mouth again. Bette's tits flattened against Ted's hairy chest, and his prick folded up between their bellies where it pulsed steadily, its hot head warming them both.

"Um-m-m-m!" Bette moaned with joy as Ted hugged her tightly.

Bette slid her hand down to Ted's ass and petted it. He loved that. He slid his hand to her ass, too, running his fingertips along the crevice, which made Bette shiver with lust. Every trip along her ass crack was longer, his fingers moving deeper into her crotch toward her syrupy pussy.

Their mouths were wide open now, their teeth pressing against each others' lips. Their tongues lazed around together, flickering and lolling.

"Oh-h-h-h!" Bette sighed when Ted's fingers reached her drooling pussy.

She shoved her hips forward, squeezing his prick tighter between their bellies. Ted's fingers were swimming in her cunt tunnel and his hand was wedged between her ass cheeks.

She loved him to reach into her crotch like this from the rear but she couldn't grab his prick like she longed to.

Ted's mouth left Bette's and moved along her jaw to her ear where he nibbled and kissed before moving on down her tong-neck.

He took his hand from her cunt just long enough to move his arm around her leg and grab her crotch from the front. He pushed her down on her back and dropped his mouth to one erect nipple. He reinserted his fingers into her slippery pussy as he filled his mouth with her tit.

Now Ted's prick was leaning against Bette's thigh, still out of her reach. But with Ted's fingers in her pussy and his mouth sucking her tit, she had enough to make her moan without grabbing his prick.

Ted seemed to be gobbling her tits with more greed and passion than usual, Bette thought. He usually sucked each nipple, pausing to bury his face between her tits. But now he was sucking, licking, chomping her tits, sliding his face around on the saliva with which he'd coated her tits. It was very unlike his usually simple tit-sucking.

Bette liked Ted's new approach to sucking her tits. Could whatever he had seen aver the fence be making him more passionate?

"Oh, Ted! That feels soooo good!" Bette cooed as she hugged his head to her tits. By the time he stopped feasting her tits were red and shining with saliva. Ted slid down Bette's body and spread her legs, making room for him to curl up between her thighs. Kissing his way down to her cunt. Damp skin inside her thighs, moving his face from one thigh to the other, grazing her pussy hair with his lips and nose. Then, from her right thigh, his tongue slipped into her salty cunt.

Bette sighed. Ted had always been an avid cunt-lapper, and Bette had always appreciated his efforts. There was nothing like a tongue wiggling in her pussy to make her writhe.

She writhed now as her husband's tongue covered her clit and cunt lips with licks. He thrust his tongue deep into her pussy until his teeth pressed against her.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" Bette sang, in a ghostly voice.

Ted's tongue began lashing her like a whip. It covered her pussy with a strong swipe ending with a snap at her cunt.

"Oh-h-h-h, God!" Bette cried as she arched her back in ecstasy.

Ted was showing an increased fervor in his cunt-lapping too! Lifting her head, Bette looked down her body at the head between her thighs. She was amazed at the way it nodded and shook as he gave her a super-tonguing.

"Oh-h-h-h!" Bette wailed, shaking so much her tits quivered on her chest violently. She grabbed them, cupping them tightly in her hands. Her legs rose from the bed and kicked in the air above Ted's lapping head.

Ted's face slithered around in Bette's yawning cunt as he stuck his tongue up her pussy then tickled her cunt. Between those two extremes, his tongue wiggled against her delicate cunt lips furiously.

"Ted! Get inside me!" Bette suddenly gasped. "Fuck me!"

The cunt-lapper lifted his face and climbed over his wife's body. Bette caught his prick and guided it to her swampy crotch. She saw how wet Ted's face was, her juice smeared all over his cheeks and chin.

He gasped as his prick slipped deep into her cunt.

Bette cried in harmony.

After the terrific tongue-lashing her cunt had received, having Ted's big prick filling her was heavenly!

Ted kissed his wife as he fucked her, filling her mouth with the juice he'd brought from her cunt. Bette liked the flavor of her own pussy juice, drinking it eagerly as she sucked on Ted's tongue.

Ted drove his cock in rhythmically, hard, and deep. Each thrust gave both of them a pang of joy, each pang of joy more intense than the last.

Since this was their second orgasm of the evening, it was delayed. They had to work harder, but they knew the rewards would be greater. And Ted was fucking with more abandon than usual, swiveling his hips in a loose but powerful motion.

"A-a-a-a-a!" Bette yelled. "I'm going to come!"

"Me too!" Ted gasped. He lifted his face, looking down at Bette's. Seeing each other's grimace of passion, they both came.

The look on each other's face and the sound of their desperate wails added to the physical sensations of fucking. Both of them broke out in a cold sweat as they were consumed by ecstasy.

Ted ran the course first, dropping his head beside Bette's, slowing his prick-thrusts. But Bette's orgasm continued. She bucked her hips, helping Ted fuck her until her orgasm subsided.

"Come on! Come on!" she urged.

But Ted didn't need any encouragement. He kept his prick ramming into Bette's body until she had registered every volt of the electric charges of pleasure that lit up her brain.

Something was happening to them sexually. What was it? Did it have something to do with their new neighbors?

Chapter THREE.

The next day, Bette began her vigil at her windows to see what she could of her new neighbors. At about nine, she saw them carry a small round table onto their back porch, bring out trays of food, and sit down to eat.

She only had a few good looks, but there were three of them. Jim, to whom she had given the candles, a woman who was much younger, about twenty-five, and a teenaged boy. The woman was blonde, willowy, and attractive. The boy was dark like his father.

Later, after Jim drove away in his Mercedes sports car and the boy rode away on his bicycle, Bette saw the woman alone in the yard. She went out to say hello.

"Thanks for the candles," the woman said when Bette called a hello to her. "We still don't have any electricity, but I expect the man to come over any time now to turn it on."

As they talked over the fence, Bette was impressed by the woman's beauty. Her blue eyes shone with intelligence, her complexion was creamy and flawless, and her features well sculpted and pretty. She introduced herself -- her name was Sue.

When Sue smiled, her teeth gleamed in the bright desert light. With what Bette had seen of Sue's body in the candle light the night before, she realized Sue was a true beauty.

Bette invited Sue over for coffee, and Sue accepted gratefully.

Bette asked Sue where they had come from. She explained they had just moved to Arizona from New York City. Jim was in real estate and had been investing heavily in Arizona for years, so they decided to move there.

"You'll love it," Bette said. "The weather is so nice."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to spending a whole winter by the pool. We're having a pool put in right away," Sue said.

"People don't usually swim here in the winter," Bette said. "They think it's too cold because it's only hi the eighties. They wait until it's a hundred."

"Oh, there's the electric man now," Sue said, looking out the window. "It was nice meeting you, and thanks for the coffee."

Bette finished her chores, watching for Sue to come outside again. Bette thought she might offer to help Sue get organized. But there was no sign of her, and the electric man's truck was still in Sue's driveway.

Bette went outside to water the plants. This was her favorite time of day, before noon, when it wasn't too hot. But as she watered the plants, a faint sound drifted to her.

At first the sound was so faint she hadn't noticed it, even though it was already affecting her. She was aware that she was getting horny, but there was nothing unusual about that -- she often got horny.

Then she realized that there were low moans of sexual bliss coming from Sue's house! Bette stood still, and listened. There was no doubt about it. Sue must be fucking the electric man!

As Bette listened, goose bumps rose on her arms and legs. Her nipples became erect, and her cunt moistened. She'd heard of women fucking milkmen and mailmen and, working men, but she'd never encountered it herself. The thought that her new neighbor, a woman she had just served coffee to, would do something like that appalled her -- and thrilled her, too!

Bette remembered how she had jerked off in front of the movers the day before. Wasn't that just as bad?

Now Bette heard the electric man gasping, and Sue's moans become shriller. The sounds filled Bette with lust, making her wish the electric man would come visit her next!

But she had to think of some way to ease her lust right away. She ran into the house and stood in the middle of the kitchen wondering what to do. She only came up with one solution -- the usual one. Rushing to her room, she stripped and threw herself down on the bed.

Assuming her usual masturbatory position on her back with her legs spread, Bette grabbed her cunt with one hand and a tit with the other.

But as soon as she dipped a finger into her cunt she knew this wouldn't do. The sounds of Sue's moans of pleasure still echoed in her ears and the thrill of jerking off in front of the movers came back to her. No, she needed more than simple masturbation now!

She got up and wrapped her robe around her. Then she went to peer out the front window, waiting for the electric man to come out of Sue's house.

When he finally did come out and climb into his truck, Bette ran out and waved at him.

"Yoohoo," she called. "Could you come over and look at my wiring?"

He climbed out of the truck and came toward her. Bette's cunt tingled, and when she got a good look at him, it tightened. He was young and very good-looking!

"I smell something burning," Bette said. "I was afraid it was the wiring. Maybe the air conditioner is overloading a circuit or something." To herself she said, I think it's my cunt that's burning.

The man agreed to take a look, and Bette followed him into her house. He went to the utility room, sniffed at the fuse box, then went outside to look at the air conditioner. Bette followed him like a shadow.

She was desperate to fuck him but she didn't know how to give him the message. How had Sue done it? Bette wasn't used to this sort of thing -- she'd never done it before.

"Everything seems all right," he said. "Where did you smell something burning?"

"Uh, in the hallway," Bette said, eager to keep the man, knowing she had to do something soon or he would leave her alone with her horniness.

"Well, I can't find anything wrong," be said. "If you smell it again, see if you can tell where it's coming from. Then give the company a call."

"Don't go!"

He stopped and turned around. Bette was facing him, her robe hanging open, her cunt and tits exposed.

"This must be my lucky day," he said to himself as he moved toward the naked woman. Bette held out her arms, welcoming him into her embrace.

He grabbed her roughly and pulled her to him. He kissed her hard. Bette felt a moment of fear, then melted in eager passion.

"Come to my bedroom," she whispered.

The man followed her, dropped his belt full of tools, then stripped off his clothes. Bette sank down on the bed and watched the man undress. By the time his hard prick was bared, she was panting.

He jumped onto the bed and grabbed her again. Now Bette was grabbing back with equal force. Ted was always so gentle, she thrilled to the rough style of this stranger.

As he thrust his tongue into her mouth and captured one of her tits in his hands, Bette grabbed his balls and squeezed. When she heard him moan, she let up just a bit. Meanwhile, she bit down on his strong tongue.

After kissing the man and letting him fondle her tits, she pulled her face away and looked him in the eye.

"Suck my tits!" she said.

Arching her back, she presented her tits for sucking. The man held one in each hand as he sucked them in turn. As he had done everything else, he sucked her tits with brisk eagerness.

Bette sighed happily.

As he sucked, he reached for her cunt. First he squeezed her pussy mound as though trying to crush it. Bette loved the way that felt! Then he forced his way inside, filling her with his thick fingers.

"Ohhhhh!" Bette gasped as the sensations of the man's brutish assault on her tender cunt filled her with rapture.

Rudely, he stuck his middle finger up her juice-filled pussy. His finger explored as though he were searching for contraband. When he pulled his finger out, he began to pinch her clit.

Bette's cunt had never been handled this way -- and she loved it! At this rate, she would be in the grip of an orgasm soon, too soon. To avoid it she grabbed the man's wrist and yanked his hand from her cunt. Then she shoved him onto his back, his mouth popping from her tit.

"What..." be asked, surprised by her behavior.

But when he saw Bette's eyes focused so intently on his prick, he shut up. He knew what was coming, and was eager for it. But he didn't expect such a violent attack. Bette lunged her face at his cock, taking it right into her mouth. Her sharp teeth scraped roughly over his fat cockhead and she grabbed his balls again, too.

Sucking greedily, Bette made the guy squirm. She tasted the faint flavor of cunt on his prick, and realized it was Sue's. That weird added ingredient made this blow-job even more sensational.

"Oh, lady!" the man cried. "Oh-h-h!"

Bette even surprised herself as she sucked the fleshy bulb of his cock and bobbed her head up and down. But the presence of this hot prick in her mouth turned her into a desperate, hungry woman.

As much as she wanted to drink his jism, she had to feed her pussy. So when she felt his prick twitching faster, she lifted her face. Just in time, too, judging by the way he was panting.

She mounted him, bringing her cunt over his throbbing prick. She grabbed his cock with one hand, spread the lips of her cunt with the other, then lowered herself onto his cock.

"Ah-h-hhh," the man gasped as her tight cunt slid down over his prick.

Bette sat heavily on his hips, forcing his prick against the end of her pussy tunnel. For several seconds she remained like that, enjoying the fullness of his prick in her pussy. Then she began lifting and dropping her hips, sliding his prick in and out.

She leaned forward, bracing herself with her hands on the guy's chest. In that position, her cunt was rubbed by the top of his sliding shaft. Her tits hung from her chest and the man scooped them up in his hands.

Slowly at first, Bette moved her hips, sliding his prick deep into her cunt. As her lust increased, so did the speed of her fucking.

"A-a-a-a-a!" she wailed.

She watched the electric man as she fucked him. In the bright light of the room she watched him cringe in passion. He was going to come, she could tell, and she waited to feel the heat of his jism entering her.

"Hahhh!" the man cried and lifted his head from the pillow.

"O-o-o-o-o!" she moaned.

Now both of them were in mid-orgasm. The atmosphere of the room was charged with their passion, the air vibrating with their cries.

Bette's climax refused to quit. It lasted longer than any other, and she kept riding the man like a jockey on the home stretch even when his own orgasm had passed.

"Oh, oh," he gasped, hoping the woman would stop soon.

But Bette was already on her second orgasm, and there was no end in sight. Her body glistened with sweat and her mouth was dry from constant wailing. Her tits swung wildly. And still she fucked with all her might, her pleasure as intense as ever. Only when her strength was about to give out did she slow her thrusts and gradually grind to a halt.

"God, lady," the man sighed. "You must have really needed to get fucked. I never seen nothing like that!"

"Yeah! I haven't gotten laid since last night!"

Bette let herself collapse in a heap beside the man, enjoying the relaxation of satisfied passion. She was hardly aware of the man dressing, and only vaguely did she hear him say good-bye.

Chapter FOUR

The next day Bette and Ted invited the Farmers over for a barbecue, and Bette spent all afternoon making hors d'oeuvres and rum cake. She just couldn't stop thinking about how Sue had fucked the electric man. Of course, she hadn't forgotten that she'd fucked him too, but she'd only done it because Sue had. She was eager to get to know Sue better. Jim interested her too, and not only for the obvious reasons. She also wanted to know if he was the jealous type.

Ted came home with a few bottles of liquor. Bette had told him to stock the liquor cabinet because she had a feeling the Farmers would appreciate it.

Everything was going well when the guests arrived at twenty after seven, fashionably late.

"Care for a cocktail?" Ted asked.

"Martinis for Sue and me," Jim said. "Del, what would you like?"

"Nothing, thanks," Del Farmer, Jim's teenaged son, said.

They sat outside as Ted, dressed in his apron with the funny sayings, played chef, moving the steaks about on the grill.

"Did you have any trouble with your electricity?" Sue asked Bette. "I saw you call the electric man in."

"No, no trouble," Bette said.

"Was there something wrong?" Ted asked, worried in his serious way.

"Oh, it was nothing Ted," Bette said. "I just wanted to have him check something out."

Bette wondered if Sue was naive enough not to know why she had invited the man in. After all, Sue had fucked him first. When she looked up, she saw Sue smiling slyly as she tilted her martini to her lips. She knew, all right, and she was enjoying the game.

"If we start on our salads now, the steaks will be done when we're ready for them," Ted announced.

Jim sat next to Bette, and Del sat across from her. As she ate her salad, Bette was aware of Del's eyes. They were dark, like his father's, and they kept wandering to the top of her low-cut halter top where her tits overflowed. The boy was handsome, and Bette felt proud that he was interested in her.

Then something bumped Bette's knee. It was Jim's knee, she realized with a start. He had let his thigh lean toward her until his knee rested against hers, and he was leaving it there! Bette stared at him, but he didn't seem to notice.

"You're in real estate, Bette tells me," Ted said to Jim. "Good field these days."

"Yes, it is," Jim said. "Fortunes are being made every day, especially out here. Fabulous. And every bad winter in the north makes business better."

Bette was surprised at the way Jim could talk business with Ted while playing with her knee under the table. But when she felt Jim's hand on her thigh, she almost jumped up.

Now Jim turned to her and smiled warmly as his fingers pressed into her thigh. She wanted to smile back since she really was enjoying his attention but she could only stare at him, shocked at his boldness.

."Great investment opportunities here, Ted," Jim said. "Let me know if you want to make some money. I'll put you on to something good."

As he spoke, Jim took his hand away from Bette's leg, cut his steak, then grabbed Bette's thigh again, this time higher, closer to her leaking cunt.

Bette looked at Ted to see if he had any idea what was going on. But Ted was merely munching his steak, his brows knitted with concentration.

"Isn't the building boom about over here?" Ted asked. "There doesn't seem to be much room left."

"Over in Golden Valley," Jim said. "I'm dealing with some men about a mall. That's where the big bucks are -- malls."

In spite of herself, Bette had slipped down in her chair, bringing her crotch closer to Jim's hand. If she could, she would have dragged his hand right into her crotch. But even Ted would notice that, not to mention Sue and Del.

Bette was wearing a billowing skirt. And Jim began dragging it up. Over her knees it rose, then to mid-thigh. Now Jim's fingertips were playing over the tender flesh inside Bette's thighs.

"More wine?" Ted asked as he passed the bottle to Jim.

Jim casually lifted his hand from Bette's thigh, took the wine, filled his glass and Bette's, then grabbed her thigh again.

Bette was having a ball! The martini before dinner and the wine now eased her mind and left it open to the thrill of playing with Jim. She dropped her hand to her own lap, then moved it to his thigh. Again he turned his face to hers and smiled.

Bette looked around the table to see if anyone was wondering why Jim was smiling at her, but everybody was too busy eating to notice.

When they finished dinner, Bette got up to clear the table and bring out the dessert. In the state of lust Jim had brought her to, even the material of her skirt swishing around her legs excited her. She wanted to tickle herself into ecstasy, but decided it would be more fun to continue the game with Jim then, later, take out her yearnings on Ted.

"Uh, my mother said I should bring these in," Del said, making Bette jump.

She turned to see Del with a pile of dishes in his hands. He was a tall, good-looking boy, lanky and slim.

"Thanks," Bette said. "Just put them on the counter."

As soon as Del left, when Bette was on her way out with the rum cake, Jim came in.

"Let me give you a hand with that," he said too loudly. Then, quieter, "I think Sue's on to us. That's why she sent Del in before I could get to you."

He took the cake with one hand and grabbed Bette's ass with the other. Leaning close, he gave her a quick kiss on the ear. Relieved of the cake, Bette went back for the brandy. She needed some!

Back on the patio, everyone had pulled their chairs back as they sipped their brandy, Jim and Bette could no longer reach each other's thigh. They had to make do with tickling each other's ankles with their feet. But even this trifling play kept Bette's lust rising.

"It's getting a little bit cold out here," Ted said. "Should we go inside?"

"You call this cold?" Sue asked.

"You see what happens when you come to Arizona?" Bette said. "As soon as it gets below eighty you feel chilly."

They all agreed to go inside, however, except for Del, who excused himself and went home.

"Grown-ups bore him," Jim explained. "He prefers television."

They went into the living room. Bette brought a bowl of fruit and more brandy. While she was in the kitchen, on a sudden whim, she reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties.

Now, as they sat around nibbling fruit and sipping brandy, Bette began to tease Jim with views of her creamy thighs. They sat near each other but on separate sections of the couch. Ted and Sue sat opposite from Bette, so by facing Jim, she could give him views without letting the others see.

At first, she put one bare foot on the coffee table and spread her thighs just enough to give Jim a teasing peak. When she saw his thick eyebrows rise, she knew he could see her naked cunt.

"With interest rates so high," Jim was saying, "it's important to get as much seed money as possible."

He was a cool character, Bette thought as he continued talking about business with Ted while admiring the view of her cunt.

"Let's not talk about business," Sue said.

"What would you like to talk about?" Jim asked his wife.

"Anything but business," Sue said. "Did we tell, you we're having a pool put in? Tell them about it, dear."

Jim began describing the pool he wanted. As he did, Bette took one of the yellow grapes she'd been languidly dropping into her mouth, and brought it beside her thighs, hidden from Ted and Sue, but visible to Jim. As he watched, still talking about swimming pools, Bette moved the grape below her raised thigh toward her cunt.

She watched Jim's face. He struggled to continue talking and looked over at Ted and Sue occasionally so they wouldn't see that his interest was fixed on Bette's crotch.

Bette made sure the way was clear for Jim's eyes. Then, when he looked back toward her cunt, she slowly inserted the grape.

Jim cleared his throat, looked at the other two briefly, and continued talking about the pool. It wasn't easy for him to talk clearly now, but it served him right, Bette thought. After all, he'd started it.

She kept the tip of her finger tucked into her cunt, rolling the grape around. Once, she almost lost it up her pussy, but she reached in and pried it out. When the grape had warmed to body temperature and was well lubed, she let it slip from her pussy.

"Have some grapes, Jim?" she said as she lifted the bowl of fruit and handed it to him.

As he took the bowl, she slipped the special grape into his hand. He took it, pulled a few more grapes out of the bowl then passed the bowl to Sue.

When Jim sat back again, Bette watched him roll the warmed grape in his fingers. Then he popped it into his mouth, sucked it then squeezed it between his teeth, letting the juice ooze between his lips.

"Delicious!" he said.

"Bette and I have thought about getting a pool," Ted was saying. "Maybe if we have one put in when you do we can get a better price."

"Yes, good idea," Jim said, smacking his lips.

Bette noticed that Jim had one hand in his crotch. The shape of his stiff prick was obvious under the material of his well tailored slacks. His fingers were scratching the lump.

If Bette could have been alone with Jim for five minutes, she would have fucked him. In her advanced state of arousal, that's all it would take. She was sure Jim felt the same way so she fought the effects of the alcohol fuzzing her brain, and plotted her strategy.

"You'll probably be looking for drapes," she said to Sue. "There's a woman over in Mesa who does beautiful work. We just had our bedroom done. Come on, I'll show you."

Sue stood up, but when Bette rose, she only got halfway up before she cried out and dropped back down.

"Ow! I've got a terrible cramp in my leg," she said as she kneaded her calf. "Ted, you take Sue to see the drapes. I have to get rid of this cramp?"

"Can I do anything to help?" Ted asked, playing the worried husband.

"No. It'll be fine in a minute," Bette said. "Come on, Ted," Sue said. "You can show me the drapes."

As soon as they were alone, Bette and Jim looked at each other. They were both smiling.

"Come on!" Jim said as he held out his hand toward Bette.

She grabbed his hand, and he pulled her to her feet. They slipped out the front door and ran across the gravel on the front yard.

As they scurried to Jim's house, he began grabbing her ass again. And as soon as they were in his living room, he embraced her and kissed her.

"Shit, I forgot about Del," Jim said.

Jim ran across the room and peeked down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. When he came back, he told her Del was watching television and wouldn't know if there was an earthquake.

"Hurry!" Bette hissed as Jim unbuckled his pants.

As soon as his pants were down, Bette hiked up her skirt and welcomed the man's prick into her crotch. He pressed her up against the wall and reached for her cunt.

"Ohhh!" Bette sighed as she felt him maneuvering his prick into her cunt.

He got the big knob of his prick between her cunt lips, then bent his knees to attack from just the right angle. Expertly, he pressed his cock high up Bette's flowing passage.

"A-h-h-h!" she cried.

Jim began pumping his prick. Bette hung around his neck and lifted her legs around his body. He helped, but when she had her legs wrapped around his hips, he reached for her tits. Sliding his hands into her halter top, he captured her bare tits and hugged them tightly.

Using his knees and hips, Jim plowed his thick cock up Bette's cunt with a steady and powerful beat. They sounded like a couple of steam engines as they puffed and gasped, trying not to attract Del's attention by crying out.

"Oh, Jim!" Bette whispered. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Jim covered Bette's mouth with his own and added his tongue to the stimulation he was giving her passion. Then, unable to caress her tits any longer as he kissed her, Jim reached for Bette's ass. Grabbing an ample cheek in each hand, he helped support her weight, letting her move her hips more freely and giving her the pleasure of having her ass held.

Bette felt the first stirrings of a climax. Now she didn't care what happened. As long as she felt the thrill of coming, nothing else in the world mattered.

Jim was going to come too. Bette loved the way he was groaning into her mouth as he kept his tongue wagging in there.

So, struggling to keep their sounds of passion down while they let their lust rage, the two fuckers worked hard and desperately.

"You okay?" Jim whispered when his own orgasm was over.

"Yeahhhh!" Bette sighed. She appreciated a man who cared about her satisfaction. "We'd better get back."

"Don't you think we might be interrupting something if we go back too soon?" Jim asked as he let Bette get her feet back down on the floor.

"What do you mean?"

Jim pulled his cock from her cunt and reached dawn for his pants. Bette smoothed her skirt down. She really didn't have to be told what Jim had meant, but where did he get the idea that Ted was going to take this opportunity to make a play for Sue? Unless, Sue...

"Do you think they would?" Bette asked. "They think we're still in the living room waiting for them."

"You're probably right," Jim said.

They walked back over to Bette's house, she and Jim talked in loud voices about the neighborhood. But when they went in, they found Ted and Sue sitting innocently on the couch. Ted was telling her about the dangers of inflation.

"Where were you two?" Ted asked mildly. We were about to send out the bloodhounds.

"I wanted her opinion about our dining room set," Jim said. "Sue wants a new set, but I think the one we have is better than anything she'll find anywhere."

"I know what you mean," Ted said. "Bette was just talking about a new bedroom set. I like the one we have."

Jim only nodded. Bette sat down again, trying to make sure she didn't have a tit sticking out or any jism running down her legs.

"I think we'd better get going," Sue said. "I'm getting sleepy."

Jim and Sue raved about the meal, thanked their hosts profusely, then left.

"Strange girl, that Sue," Ted said as they cleaned up. "I thought she was trying to seduce me or something. Imagine, with you and Jim liable to come in at any moment."

"You mean it would be all right if she tried to seduce you while I was out of town?" Bette said.

"Oh! No! No, of course not," he stammered, looking serious again.

"Ted, let's fuck!" Bette said. "We can clean up tomorrow."

Chapter FIVE

"What did you think of the electric man?" Sue asked Bette.

"What about him?" Bette said.

"Okay, be that way," Sue said with a twinkle in her eye.

The women were sitting on Sue's patio drinking coffee. Bette wanted to level with Sue about fucking the electric man, but she was afraid to begin talking about fucking since she'd just fucked Jim the night before. It would be terrible if Sue found out about that. "How about going to Mesa to see that woman who makes drapes?" Sue said. "Will you help me measure my windows?"

"Sure, gladly," Bette said.

So the women set to work. They measured all the windows in the house, climbing up on chairs and stretching a tape measure across each window.

They got into Sue's Jaguar and headed for the freeway. Sue's driving scared Bette at first, but Bette soon realized that although Sue drove fast and loose, she wasn't reckless. Bette relaxed and enjoyed the exhilaration of speed and freedom.

In the drapery shop they looked at bolts of material. But Sue couldn't pick out any that she was sure she liked enough. The woman offered to bring some samples to Sue's house to show her so she could see them as they would look with her furniture.

Then the women were on the road again.

An old Chevy passed them. The two young boys in the front seat turned to grin at the women.

Bette was amazed when Sue pressed dawn on the accelerator, making the Jag leap forward. It seemed so childish to race those young kids. But as the sleek maroon Jag began catching the bright-red Chevy, Bette did feel the excitement of competition. And when the Jag passed the Chevy, Bette enjoyed the victory.

The Chevy caught them and passed. Again, Sue pushed down on the gas. Glancing at the speedometer, Bette watched the needle climb quickly to one hundred. She wanted to pass the kids in the Chevy, too, and her nervousness was overshadowed by excitement.

"That old junker goes pretty fast," Sue said as the Chevy began to pull alongside.

The women looked at the boys in the Chevy. They both wore a look of determination as they hoped to pass the Jag. Sue let them come alongside, but didn't let them pass.

Sue looked at the boys beside her. Then her foot moved down on the accelerator again, and the Jag walked away from the Chevy. Bette was amazed.

Sue's head went back as she laughed merrily. They were going about a hundred and fifteen, faster than Bette had ever traveled in a car.

Suddenly, Sue lifted her foot and the Jag slowed to sixty. It felt as though they could get out and run alongside the car at that speed.

Once again the boys in the Chevy pulled beside them. Now when the women looked, they saw the boys sticking out their tongues and fluttering them in a cunt-lapping motion.

"Don't you wish," Sue said through the windows, pronouncing the words slowly so the boys could read her lips.

The boy in the passenger seat began wiggling around as though he were pulling his pants down. That's exactly what he was doing, the girls discovered when he stuck his bare ass out the window at them.

"Oh my God!" Bette said. "DO you believe this?"

But Sue only laughed. The boy withdrew his ass from the window and replaced it with his grinning face.

"Hey!" he yelled. "Fuck us. Come on!"

"Should we?" Sue asked Bette.

"Are you kidding?" Bette asked, incredulous.

"Why not?" Sue said. "We don't have anything else to do, do we?"

"But, Sue. They're teenagers. And we don't even know them."

"That's why we should fuck them," Sue said. "They're perfect."

It did make sense, Bette saw. But she couldn't quite bring herself to agree. However, her cunt was getting the urge.

"But where could we go?" Bette asked. "Surely, we wouldn't take them to our places."

"We'll go to a motel, of course," Sue said. "We'll get just one room so we don't have to be alone with either of them."

Bette was silent. She did want to fuck the boys, but she couldn't say so.

Sue got Bette's silent message. The Chevy was still beside them and Sue gave the boys a look that made their faces go blank. Bette couldn't see what Sue had done but when Sue pulled over and sailed down an exit ramp, the Chevy followed.

Sue drove into a parking lot and lowered the window. The Chevy pulled along side. The boys looked like they couldn't quite believe what was happening.

"There's a motel just up the road," Sue said to them. "Get a room. We'll follow you."

The boys looked flabbergasted. This was the last thing they'd expected. But they drove down the road and pulled into the motel. Sue followed, parking in the lot. The women watched the boys as they conferred, probably counting their money to see if they had enough.

Finally, one of them got out and came toward the Jag.

"We was just wonderin'," he said. "You ain't going to pull out of here sticking us with a room and no chicks, are you?"

"Look," Sue said in a stern voice. "Have a little class, will you. Get the room and stop whining." She raised the window, and the boy went to the office. When he came out he had a key.

"Do you think this is safe?" Bette asked.

"Sure," Sue said. "I've got a black belt in karate. If either of them gets out of line, I'll knock him out."

Bette felt reassured. Her cunt began moistening again.

The boy with the key walked around the corner of the building and down the long line of doors and windows. The Chevy and Jag followed. When the boy opened a door and entered a room, the cars parked.

Not wanting to seem hesitant, Bette walked beside Sue as they crossed the parking lot to the room.

The boys were both good-looking. One was tall and fair, the other shorter, muscular, and dark. He had a tattoo of a black panther on his forearm.

The blond boy was the last into the room. When he closed the door, Bette felt a mixed feelings of lust and fear. But she knew that Sue had things under control.

"That's a great car," the dark boy said.

"Screw the car," Sue said. "We didn't come here to talk about cars. Get undressed."

Sue's words excited Bette. But the boys looked unnerved. Nevertheless, they began undressing.

Bette watched Sue and followed her example. Sue began undressing, so Bette did too. Sue undressed slowly, making sure the boys stripped first. The boys pulled off their tee shirts, then unfastened their belts.

The women were still removing their blouses when the boys were pulling down their jeans. Sue unfastened, her bra and slipped it off, revealing a gorgeous set of tits. Both boys stared at them, their eyes widening.

Bette felt weird as she took off her bra. She'd never undressed in front of so many people before. She was very self-conscious. Her tits couldn't compete with Sue's, but when she dropped her bra away from her, Bette saw both boys swing their gaze toward her. And the expressions on their face made Bette begin to feel better.

The boys were soon naked. Both of them stood with their hard cocks bobbing before them. Bette noticed how their pricks resembled their owners. The tall blond boy's prick was long and pink, the dark boy's prick was thick with a dark, purplish head.

Looking from boy to boy to Sue, Bette pulled down her slacks. Sue had already pulled her slacks off and was lowering her undies. When she was naked, she stood with her weight on one leg, her hips tilted and her hands on her hips.

For a moment, Bette had the terrible feeling that both boys would want Sue, leaving her a wallflower. But the dark boy turned toward her, and started walking over to her.

Bette was stricken with lust as she watched the boy's heavy prick getting closer. Beyond the boy, Bette saw Sue walk over to the blond boy and push him down on one of the two beds.

"You're gorgeous!" the dark boy said as he came to Bette, his eyes covering her body.

"You're not bad yourself," she said, imitating Sue's brassy tone.

The dark boy and Bette were the same height. His prick touched her just above her cunt, then it pressed against her belly as he took her into his arms. Bette's big tits met his muscular chest. They kissed.

He was a skillful kisser, moving one hand up and down her gently curved spine and grabbing a handful of ass in the other. Bette could tell he'd handled a lot of chicks.

Still kissing, they toppled onto the bed and the boy began reaching deep into Bette's mouth with his tongue. She forgot all about the fear she'd felt about fucking these strange boys. What a great idea it was to fuck them! she thought.

When the boy nibbled Bette's ear, she was able to watch Sue and the other boy on the next bed. What a sight! Sue was holding him by the balls as he sucked her tits. Her other hand was grabbing his blond hair, leading his face, from one tit to the other.

Sue looked over at Bette and, winked. Bette winked back.

Bette's boy began kissing his way to her tits. Bette encouraged him by pushing his head down, until he fastened his sucking mouth on one of her big, erect nipples.

"Mmmmm!" Bette hummed happily. She loved having her tits sucked!

On the other bed, Sue was on her back. Her tits stood proudly on her chest, her pink nipples crowning them. Her tits shone with the saliva the blond boy was leaving as he sucked them.

Bette was on her side. She didn't want to be on her back because her tits slid to the sides of her chest and flattened in that position. In contrast to Sue's pert tits, Bette's were pretty limp. So she lay on her side with her tits stacked one on the other as the boy sucked them.

"This kid's pretty good at tit-sucking," Sue said. "How's that one?"

"Wonderful!" Bette said, grateful that Sue had spoken to her. It seemed weird to be making it in the same room with another couple, and talking back and forth made it seem more natural. Besides, it was fun to compare the [missing text].

"I can't wait until this one eats my pussy," Sue said. "Did you see how his tongue fluttered before?"

"That's what we brought them here for," Bette said.

Bette watched as the blond boy lifted his head from Sue's tits. He got up on his knees, his cock twitching. Then he crawled between Sue's legs, grabbed and lifted them, and lowered his face between them.

"Ohhh!" Sue gasped. "Oh, he is good! What a tongue!"

The dark boy was still sucking Bette's tits as she watched the blond boy eating Sue's cunt. Sue's thigh hid his face, but the top of his head was rocking over her belly and Sue's body was moving with it, her firm tits quivering.

"You think you can do that?" Bette asked the boy at her tits, tapping him on the shoulder then motioning toward the next bed with her thumb.

"Nothing to it," he said.

He sat up, then lowered his head to Bette's cunt, bringing his prick up to her face. Bette spread her legs and grabbed his prick. She was willing to suck him, eager in fact. The only drawback would be losing the exciting view of Sue and the blond boy. But when she opened her mouth and began sucking the fat cock, she found that she could still see the action on the neighboring bed past the boy's hip.

"Ohhhhh!" Bette cried with joy.

Meanwhile, she watched Sue. Still rocking with the motion of the head nodding at her cunt, Sue was obviously enjoying herself. The look on her face radiated pleasure. Her tits were heaving and her thighs shook.

The cock in Bette's mouth was thicker than Ted's. She had to open up as wide as she could to contain it. But it felt nice to have her mouth so stuffed. As she sucked, she hooked her arm around the kids' thigh and grabbed his balls. She was having a wonderful time!

The tongue stroking her cunt was filling her with explosive excitement. She knew she was going to come before long.

Sliding the cock in her mouth to the back of her throat, Bette thought it would be nice to have it spewing jism into her mouth as she hit her own orgasm. His prick was already bucking powerfully, and she thought it might erupt at any time.

"Harder! Lick my clit!" Sue hissed, throwing her head back.

Although Sue was talking to the boy between her legs, the dark boy took her advice too. He began eating Bette's pussy with quicker, firmer lashes of his strong tongue and each lash brought her closer to coming.

"N-n-n-n!" Bette moaned on the cock sliding in her mouth.

"Ahhhh!" the boy cried into her cunt.

"Aaaaaaa!" Sue hollered suddenly when she came.

Bette's orgasm hit as soon as she heard Sue's orgasmic wail. Still sucking the boy's prick, she began twitching and writhing as more ecstasy coursed through her.

The prick in her mouth shot a load of jism, which was quickly followed by a half-dozen more. In her sexual rapture, the thick juice flooding her mouth tasted like a gift from the Gods. She swallowed as much as she could, the rest dribbling down her cheek.

Bette closed her eyes as she came. But as soon as she could, she opened them to see how Sue was doing. As soon as she saw Sue, Bette's own pleasure increased. Sue's body was waving on the bed as though she was dreaming that she was rowing a boat. Her eyes were shut tight and her teeth were bared.

"Eeeeee!" Sue wailed.

The cock in Bette's mouth stopped squirting but she kept it in her mouth until her orgasm was over. Then she stopped the boy's head by clamping it between her thighs and she lifted her mouth from his spent prick.

"Oh-h-h!" she sighed with the last pulse of her climax.

Sue stopped squealing, too, and she yanked the blond boy's head up from her cunt by pulling his hair. He lifted his face and looked around.

"Well, it looks like I'm the only one who didn't come," he said.

"Don't worry about that," Sue said. "I want you to come in my mouth."

Sue remained on her back and the boy, on his knees, moved up her body, straddling her. He brought his prick to her mouth and sat on her tits. Sue tucked a pillow beneath her head and took his prick into her mouth, stretching her lips around it.

Bette and the dark-haired boy watched as the blond kid fucked Sue's face. With his hands on the headboard of the bed and his knees planted in the mattress beside Sue's shoulders, he pumped his prick into her mouth.

"Gug, gug, gug," Sue's sucking sounded with each lunge of the boy's cock down her throat.

"Hah-h-h," the boy gasped as he shot Sue's mouth full of jism.

But Sue kept taking his spewing prick down her throat. Even when he stopped coming, she held his prick in her mouth, reluctant to let it go. Finally, though, the boy pulled his cock from her and lay down beside her.

"Um-m-m! I love jism!" Sue said as she licked her lips.

For a while they lay quietly, the boys fondling the women's tits, the women playing with the boys' semi-erect cocks. Then Sue caught sight of her watch.

"I've got to get going," she said. "You boys were terrific. I think we should give them a special rate, Bette, don't you?"

Bette looked at Sue, wondering what she was talking about.

"Let's only charge them fifty dollars each, rather than a hundred," Sue continued. "Half-price for being such great fucks."

Bette saw how the boys' faces paled and their mouths dropped open.

"But, but," the blond boy stuttered. "We didn't know you were going to charge us!" the dark kid said.

"What?" Sue asked, feigning indignation. "Do you think we fucked you for the hell of it? We do it for money, chump. Do you think I paid for that Jag with Green Stamps?"

"But we spent all our money on this room," the blond boy said.

"What should we do with these deadbeats?" Sue asked Bette.

Now Bette understood Sue's game. And as she thought about ways to make the boys pay, her lust rose again.

"Let's make them jerk off for us," Bette said. "I'd love to see them pumping their pricks!"

"What a fun idea!" Sue agreed. "Come on, guys, let us see how you come when there aren't any chicks around to go to a motel with you."

The boys looked at each other with pained expressions.

"Go ahead, boys," Bette said. "You've got to pay up. We're letting you off easy."

The dark boy reached for his prick. The blond did likewise.

"Stand up," Sue ordered. "So we can get a good view."

Slowly, the boys got up and stood near the foot of the bed facing the chicks, pumping their pricks.

The sight filled Bette with passion. She loved the way they stood as they jerked their cocks. And the sight of their balls swinging was wild! But the boys' embarrassment was the most exciting part of the show.

Bette noticed Sue spreading her legs. Then she reached for her cunt and joined the boys in masturbation. Bette followed Sue's example and was once again showing off her masturbation technique.

Now that the women had joined in, the boys beat their cocks harder and faster. Their faces lost the embarrassed look and took on expressions of lust.

"Oooooo!" Sue sighed. "This is better than fucking!"

"Yeahhhh," Bette said. "I wish I had a camera!"

With the women jerking off in front of them, the boys' lust soon peaked and they came. As soon as the dark-haired boy shot, Sue leaped forward and opened her mouth. Still rubbing her clit, she caught the rest of his load in her mouth.

Bette waited too long. By the time it occurred to her to do the same, the blond boy's orgasm was over, his discharge wetting the bed and his fist. But Bette kept massaging her clit and had a wonderful climax!

"Next time you guys pick up some chicks, stick to the amateurs or have some money," Sue said as they all dressed.

"That was great!" Bette said to Sue as they sped away in a cloud of dust. "Did you see their faces when you asked for a hundred bucks?"

"I couldn't let those twerps fuck us without making them pay somehow or other," Sue said. "That was a good idea -- making them jerk off."

"Yeah, I thought it might be fun," Bette said, then, as they drove home, Bette told Sue how she had jerked off for the movers the day Sue's furniture arrived.

"Wow!" Sue said. "Now you've got me horny all over again. I'm going to fuck Jim's balls off when I get home!"

Chapter SIX

Bette laughed at Sue's eagerness to fuck Jim so soon after the fun with the boys in the motel. But when Bette got home, she found that she was horny, too. She couldn't wait for Ted to get home. She greeted him at the door, naked, enveloped in a cunt juice mist and holding two martinis.

As Ted sipped his martini, Bette undressed him, kissing and licking each exposed part.

When they were in bed together, Bette surprised herself by finding it easy to pretend Ted was a man who had picked her up, a stranger, rather than her husband.

After one of the best fucks of her marriage, Bette lay in bed thinking about the weird turn her sex life had taken. She slipped her hand down to her cunt. And when Ted began snoring softly, Bette gave herself yet another orgasm.

The next day, Bette kept peeking out to see if Sue was around. She hoped to catch her, invite her in, and go on another escapade. But Sue wasn't to be seen. Finally, her cunt starving, Bette rang Sue's doorbell.

Sue came to the door in a robe and invited Bette in. "I was in bed," Sue said. "Sometimes I stay in bed all day; I've been thinking of those kids yesterday and jerking off."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Bette said. "I sort of thought we might go out today and see what we could find."

Sue laughed. "Hey, take it easy. Too much of a good thing gets boring. It's too easy to get carried away. I've gone out and fucked every day for weeks at a time, and believe me, it's a rat race."

As Sue spoke she led Bette into the kitchen and made two cups of coffee.

"Let's take these into the bedroom," Sue said. "I really don't want to be out of bed." They went into the bedroom. Sue slipped back into bed and motioned for Bette to sit down in the near-by chair.

"I can see how fucking every day would get boring," Bette said, still trying to get Sue to go out. "But just two days in a row hardly seems like a binge."

Sue laughed.

"Well, how about it then?" Bette asked hopefully.

"No," Sue said. "I'm not getting out of bed today. But you don't need me to find a guy to fuck."

"I know," Bette said. "But I'd be afraid to do it on my own."

"Gee, honey, I'd love to help you out, but I just don't feel like getting up."

Sue stretched her limbs beneath the satin sheet that covered her. Her arms and legs reached out from her body, tensed and quivered. Her tits rose, forming two hillocks on the sheet, her erect nipples punctuating them.

As Bette stared at the gorgeous form of Sue's body writhing beneath the sheet, something fell onto the floor beside the bed, something that had been under the sheet with Sue.

Bette fastened her eyes on it as it lay on the plush red carpet. It looked like a child's toy rocket ship, bullet-shaped, made of white plastic, about eight inches long. Bette didn't know just what it was yet, but the sight of it made her pussy twitch.

Sue sat up and looked over the side of the bed at the fallen object. Then she reached down and picked it up.

"I always keep this handy," she said. "It's a wonderful companion!"

Suddenly Bette knew what the thing was. She'd never seen one before, but since it belonged to Sue and had been in bed with her, Bette guessed it was a dildo.

"What's the matter?" Sue asked when she saw how Bette had turned pale and was staring at the vibrating dildo. "Haven't you ever seen one of these before?"

"No," Bette said, still staring at the kinky thing.

"You ought to get yourself one," Sue said. "Here, can you catch?"

Sue tossed her toy to Bette, who lifted her hands to catch, but in her horny state reacted too slowly. The dildo bounced off her hands and hit her between the tits then tumbled to the floor.

Bette leaned forward and picked it up. As she cradled it in her hands as though it were an icon, she inadvertently moved the switch on its base which started the dildo vibrating and humming. This so startled her that her body jerked and she cried out, dropping the dildo on the floor.

Sue laughed but Bette was too shocked to get the joke. She sat rigid, staring down at the vibrating gizmo. Gradually, she realized that she was looking at a technological marvel. Here was a machine especially designed to give pleasure to horny women!

"Hey, you're letting my batteries wear down," Sue said. "I might need that thing again and I'm not going to get up to go buy new batteries."

Bette, forcing herself to her senses, picked up the vibrator and switched it off. Holding it in her hands again, she longed to put it to its intended use. Would Sue let her borrow it? Dare she ask?

"Sue, uh, could I borrow this for a while?" she asked with a dry voice.

She laughed. "Sure, I'll let you use my dildo all you want, as long as you use it here and I can watch."

A weird sensation filled Bette. She looked up at Sue and saw a gleam of delight in her eye. Once again, Sue had amazed Bette with a lively imagination and perverted wit.

Bette felt her lust rise to the boiling paint. Sue's words swam in her head, her cunt was flooded with hot juice, and she rose to her feet. Without saying a word, Bette put the vibrator down on the chair and began undressing.

She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped out of it. Then she unfastened her bra, letting her heavy tits loose. Next, she kicked off her sandals and pulled down her pants. By the time she stripped off her wet undies, she was shaking like the vibrator itself.

Standing naked in front of Sue added to her passion. Bette could see that Sue was as turned on as she was, Sue's face reflecting her own lust.

Bette picked up the vibrator and sat down again on the chair, letting her thighs sag open. She slouched down on the chair so that her tits rested on her stomach. She held the vibrator in front of her like a dagger and switched it on. It began humming.

Slowly, Bette brought it to her crotch. She watched its blunt tip near her cunt. Beyond, she saw Sue reclining in bed, watching intently. Spreading her legs wider, Bette brought the dildo to her cunt.

"Oooooo!" she cried as its buzzing head met her clit. "Wow, I never felt anything like this before!"

"Isn't it wild?" Sue said excitedly.

Bette shivered as she experimented with the vibrator. She slid it around in the gaping slot of her pussy. Her inner lips slipped around the toy, wetting it with her fragrant juice.

Bette moaned, her jaw trembling. Holding the base of the dildo in the fingertips of both hands, she pushed it into her pussy. The sensation was so wonderful her eyes closed and her head fell back in ecstasy.

"Oh, God!" she gasped. "It's wonderful!"

"Watching you is wonderful, too!" Sue said.

The humming was muted when the vibrator was shoved up Bette's cunt. But the vibrations were powerful as they were absorbed by the flesh of Bette's pussy. Her nerves were set on fire, sending urgent messages of joy to her brain.

As much as Bette enjoyed the kinky machine, Sue enjoyed the sight. She had watched herself in a mirror many times as she filled her own cunt with the vibrating dildo, but watching Bette was more exciting. She loved the way Bette's tits shook as she shivered with glee. And the expression on Bette's face was the most snesuous sight imaginable!

"Errrrrrrrrrr," the vibrator hummed, growing louder and softer depending on the depths it reached in Bette's cunt.

Now Bette was wiggling her hips, rolling on the cheeks of her ass as she fucked herself with the vibrator. In and out she slipped it, faster and faster.

"Aaaaaa!" she moaned as her body jerked and quivered.

A coating of sweat broke out all over her as she hit her reward. She was moving the dildo in and out and around and around in her flowing pussy. Her tits wobbled and her head nodded furiously. Never had an orgasm been so intoxicating!

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she cried desperately.

The buzzing dildo kept her soaring in bliss for many splendor-filled minutes. As her orgasm faded, reality began to come back. She heard the vibrator buzzing, felt the strain in her arms from ramming it so fast up her cunt, felt the cool air of the room lifting her sweat from her skin. Letting the dildo slip from her cunt, she switched it off with a weak finger and lifted her heavy eyelids.

As her, vision cleared, a startling sight filled her eyes. The sheet covering Sue had risen in two tents and was shaking. Sue's tits were exposed, but her arms were hidden. Her face bore an expression of passion.

Seeing her friend jerking off filled Bette with happiness and her own lust was reawakened. Even the tremendous climax she'd just given herself wasn't enough to cool her passion as she watched Sue shaking the bedsheet.

Sue was looking into Bette's eyes and she played with herself. She began kicking at the sheet, knocking it out of the way so Bette could see exactly what was going on beneath it.

The sheet gone, Sue's body was revealed in its masturbatory position, her knees drawn up, legs spread, cunt opened and full of scrubbing fingers.

"God, you looked so beautiful jerking off!" Sue said in an unsteady voice. "How do I look?"

"Fabulous!" Bette sighed.

Then, in an act of goodwill, Bette lifted her limp body from the chair and went to the bed. She turned on the vibrator again and held it toward Sue's cunt. It still shined with Bette's cunt juice as Sue grabbed it.

Sue quickly brought the fat thing to her own cunt and buried it almost to the base in the pink folds of her wet cunt lips.

As Sue stuck the dildo up her cunt, Bette's nose was filled with the heady odor of Sue's steaming cunt juice. The smell made her own cunt flow more copiously and she wet Sue's sheet where she sat at the edge of the bed.

Beside the odor of Sue's juice, the close-up sight of her cunt with the dildo stretching its lips thrilled Bette. She saw how Sue's cunt lips were formed like butterfly wings and how they slithered along the plastic vibrator. Sue's clit glisstened with juice as it stood guard over the sliding vibrator.

In and out Sue slid the humming toy as Bette watched. "Aaaaaaa!" Sue moaned.

Bette was fascinated and before she realized what she was doing, Bette moved her hand to the base of the dildo. She grabbed it and helped Sue slide it back and forth between her gaping cunt lips.

"Ohhhhhh!" Sue gasped and let go of the vibrator.

Now Bette had to take over and she welcomed the chance. She kept that fat thing sliding up Sue's pussy while Sue raised her own hands to her tits, which she took into a tight embrace.

At first, Bette merely slid the dildo back and forth as Sue had. But when Sue began wiggling her hips sideways and back and forth, Bette moved the dildo in a circular, stirring motion. It buffeted Sue's clit and made her cunt lips flap.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God!" Sue cried. "That's soooo nice!"

Bette pressed the vibrator deeper as she stirred and plunged it in her friend's pussy.

Bette's lust was rising almost as fast as Sue's even though her own cunt was left unattended. Still, Bette was going wild. As she fucked Sue with the vibrator, she gasped and drooled onto Sue's spread cunt.

Although she hadn't noticed, Bette was slowly lowering her head toward Sue's cunt and the sliding vibrator. When her eyes crossed in an effort to keep Sue's pussy in focus, Bette realized that her nose was only a few inches from Sue's cunt. Her tongue had even slipped out from between her parted lips.

Bette jerked her head back in shock. What was happening to her? She wasn't a lesbian!

Bette kept pumping the dildo in her friend's cunt, though. And again her head began to automatically lower. Soon her eyes were crossed again and her nose was approaching the wet vibrator.

"Go ahead!" Sue hissed through her teeth. "Do it if you feel like it!"

Sue's words, although whispered, echoed like thunder in Bette's fevered brain. Too excited to think, Bette acted instinctively. Her tongue reached out and her head descended. Still sliding the vibrator, she touched it with the tip of her tongue just below Sue's clit.

The vibrator felt warm and wet. As Bette wiggled her tongue around on it, she began to taste the flavor of fresh pussy cream. Her cheek was tickled by Sue's cunt hair.

It was a short trip to Sue's clit, and Bette's tongue made it quickly. As her tongue met that erect bud, something was triggered in Bette's brain. She instantly became an avid lapper, eager for more of this new pleasure.

"Do it!" Sue squealed as Bette pulled the vibrator from Sue's cunt and replaced it with her tongue.

Sue's spread cunt pressed to her cheeks and chin as Bette reached up Sue's cunt with her tongue. Sue's soft, fuzzy pussy mound compressed under Bette's face, Sue's hot, slippery cunt lips spread over her mouth, and Sue's flowing tunnel sheathed her tongue.

"Aaaaaaaaa!" Sue wailed, welcoming Bette's invading tongue.

Sue was glad her new friend was proving so adventurous. She lifted her head to watch Bette eat her. The sight of Bette's brow wrinkled in passion and her eyebrows dancing with the effort of her cunt-lapping added to Sue's pleasure. So did the way Bette's hair swept over Sue's thighs as Bette swung her head from side to side.

After reaming Sue's cunt tunnel, Bette withdrew her tongue and began licking Sue's cunt lips and clit. She loved the way it felt to have the tender flesh of Sue's cunt slithering under her tongue! And the juice that smeared over her face felt wonderful!

"Oooooooo!" Sue cried as she lifted her hips, arching her back.

"I'mmmm commmming!" Sue gasped desperately.

Sue's hips began bucking she couldn't help it. A few times, Sue's cunt escaped Bette's lashing tongue, but Bette grabbed a firm ass cheek in each hand and held on, keeping her face wedged between Sue's sweating thighs.

"Eeeeeeee!" Sue screamed as she was consumed by a tremendous climax.

As her orgasm diminished, Sue had to pry Bette's face from her crotch. "Okay, okay!" Sue gasped, trying to calm Bette's cunt-lapping frenzy.

Sue grabbed Bette's nodding head and lifted it from her crotch. Bette's tongue continued flashing, drooling cunt juice and saliva. Finally, Bette got the message that it was all over, but she couldn't stop her body from shaking.

"Oh, Sue!" Bette gasped breathlessly. "I never did anything like that. But, God, it it... was... wonderful!"

Sue pushed Bette down onto her back. She brushed Bette's hair from her eyes and tried to soothe her.

"That was wonderful, Bette!" Sue said softly. "Would you like me to eat your cunt?"

"Would you?" Bette asked, surprised and thrilled. "I mean, you don't have to. I mean, if you don't want..."

But Sue was already on her way. Bette spread her legs and Sue curled up between them. Bette was still dazed from all the excitement, but when she felt the warm touch of Sue's tongue in her pussy she knew that this was not Sue's first experience at cunt-sucking. Bette shouldn't have been surprised.

Afterwards, when all their lust had been burned up, the chicks lay in each other's arms.

"I'm so glad you came to visit," Sue said. "It's fun to stay in bed with my vibrator all day, but this was ten times better!"

"Gee, I've never done anything like this before," Bette admitted in a tiny voice. "And what would Ted say if he knew what we've been up to?"

Sue giggled. "I think it would do him good to find out. But don't worry, I'll never tell."

Chapter SEVEN

The next day as she dusted and made the bed, Bette's thoughts drifted back to all the kinky events she'd been involved in since meeting Sue. Her cunt moistened and her nipples became stiff.

Scrubbing the bathroom, Bette thought about the future. She was sure she had only scratched the surface of the possibilities for sexual pleasure. Now the crotch of her undies were soaked and her clit was swollen. She needed to relieve her horniness, but she forced herself to continue her chores instead.

By lunchtime she was barely able to resist ripping off her clothes and going after her pussy with eager fingers. But the housework had made her hungry, and her hunger helped ease her passion.

With the self-control of a saint, Bette scurried around the kitchen gathering the ingredients for her lunch. She put a bowl, cutting board, knife, jar of mayonnaise, and two hardboiled eggs on the counter. Her hands shook slightly with desire as she peeled the eggs and her thighs quivered, but she remained firm.

Peeling the second egg, however, she began to lose control. And by the time that second egg was stripped of its shell, Bette knew the battle was lost.

Holding the egg in her hand reminded her of the head of an erect cock. She was on fire, and her mind swam with schemes for putting the fire out.

Without wasting another second, Bette went into action, choosing the first kinky idea that came to her fertile mind. She stepped back from the counter and pulled down her slacks. Then she lowered her undies, leaving her wet cunt gaping and bare.

Her heart began pounding as she reached for one of the peeled eggs. She held it tight as she brought it to her crotch. Then she pressed it to the slippery lips of her cunt. It was easy to slip the egg into her cunt. It felt good even though it was cold. But Bette had an uncomfortable thought. What if she couldn't get the egg out again?

Quickly she squatted and tensed the muscles of her pussy. The egg slipped from her cunt and hit the floor. Bette relaxed now that she was sure there was no danger. She picked it up and stuck it back into her hot pussy.

When she and Ted fucked they would play a game, communicating by tensing and relaxing their organs. Ted would twitch his cock in a certain rhythm as it lay in her cunt, then Bette would answer by squeezing his prick with her cunt. Now, she used those same muscles to eject the egg into her waiting hand. After a bit of practice, she found she could hold the egg in her cunt, then fire it out at will.

She sat down and played with the egg, playing catch with her cunt. She was soon launching the egg almost a foot from her pussy, and each time she pushed it back and shot it out, she felt a pang of pleasure rush through her. She was delighted with this new talent and couldn't wait to show Sue.

After playing this weird game for a while, Bette was ready to come. So she pressed the egg to her clit and wiggled it. It was warmed almost to body temperature now, and it felt great rolling aver her erect clit.

As she came, she took the egg from her clit and attacked that bud with her fingers it needed more pressure than the egg could give it. But she didn't give up on the hard-boiled sexual toy. She slipped it up her cunt again!

It was like being fucked with the fat head of a shaftless prick. Finally, just as her orgasm hit its peak, Bette brought the slippery egg to her mouth and sucked it, enjoying the taste and sensation of her cunt juice. Since eating Sue's pussy the day before, Bette had a longing to have a mouthful of cuntal syrup again.

"Mmmxnm!" she hummed, the egg stuffed into her mouth now, muffling her sounds of pleasure.

If it weren't for the egg in her mouth she never would have heard the doorbell, and the person at the door would have, heard her. But Bette was in no condition to answer the door.

But the bell rang over and over with a determination that surprised her. No salesman or religious fanatic rang like this. Bette's curiosity was aroused. Her orgasm had been completed, and she had almost caught her breath, so she stood up and tugged her undies and slacks up. She hurried to the dining room window and peeked out.

Jim Farmer was walking away from the front door.

Bette's eyes grew wide as she caught sight of him. She hated to let him get away. Ever since the quick fuck they'd had against the wall in his living room, Bette had thought of him as a walking sex machine. So she hurried with the button of her slacks, pulled the egg from her mouth, and ran to the door.

"Jim!" she called.

He turned and hurried back to her door. Ewe felt her waist, tucking her blouse into her slacks and tried to act calm.

"I thought you weren't home," Jim said. "I'm glad you are. I've been thinking of you ever since the other night."

He pronounced the words "other night" in a breathy voice that made Bette shiver.

"Meet me somewhere tonight," Jim continued. "I've got to fuck you again, I've got to!"

"Tonight? Let's see," Bette said as she struggled to concentrate. "Why tonight? Come in now -- no one's here."

"Can't," Jim said. "I've got to meet Sue in ten minutes. It's got to be tonight. Please!"

Jim grabbed Bette's hand and squeezed it. He seemed so desperate Bette thought he was being a bit silly. Still, she was flattered and eager to feel his fat prick inside her again.

"Okay, where, when?" Bette said, caught up in Jim's excitement.

"In the backyard? But..."

"Please!" Jim said with such longing that Bette had to nod her head.

Then Jim smiled, lifted her hand to his lips, and kissed it. But as he pressed his lips to her palm, his eyes suddenly widened and his eyebrows lifted. He held her hand to his face for several seconds, breathing deeply through his nose. Bette realized that she had left the pungent odor of her cunt juice on her fingers. Jim had found her out!

But when he dropped her hand, he merely smiled and hurried down the walk toward his own house. He looked back at Bette with a smile on his lips as he slipped into his Mercedes.

With his cultured good looks, silvery hair, and perfectly tailored clothes, Bette thought him the most handsome man she'd ever met. And as he sped away, she began counting the seconds until she could join him in the backyard that night.

It was the longest evening Bette had ever spent in her life. There had been many evenings when Ted had come home tired and listless, had dinner, and fell asleep soon after while Bette burned with desire for his cock. Now that she burned with desire for Jim's cock, Ted was lively and hinting that they would have a great time in bed that night.

"Let's go to bed now," Bette said, hoping to tire him early and send him to dreamland.

"But it's only nine o'clock," Ted said.

"So what? Why do we always have to wait until eleven? Don't you think we can do things a little differently once in a while?"

"But I haven't even read the paper yet," Ted said.

Not to be denied, Bette unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her tits lewdly. She laughed when she, saw her husband's expression change from surprise to lust to bafflement, his features out of sync -- his mouth turning down as his eyebrows arched, then his mouth curling in a smile as his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

Cupping her heavy tits in her hands, Bette lifted them, offering them to her husband.

"What's getting into you?" Ted asked. "You've been acting very strangely lately."

"It must be old age," Bette said. "Women get hornier as they get older."

Then she lifted one tit toward her mouth and licked her nipple. She had never acted this way in front of Ted before, but she could see that he liked it. Through his amazement, his excitement was obvious!

Ted came to his wife and took her into his arms. She thrust her face violently at his, cramming her tongue into his mouth and biting hard on his lips.

"Oooo!" Ted yelped.

As she cried out in pain, he pressed his hips forward, sinking the lump of his hard prick into Bette's stomach. She wiggled against him as her tongue writhed in his mouth.

Ted lifted his hands to his wife's tits, scooped them up, and squeezed them. He held her tits tighter than he ever had before, taking his cue from Bette. If she could be a tigress, he could be a tiger. And Bette noticed the difference in Ted's behavior. But no matter how good he was, Bette wouldn't forget that she had a date with Jim later. This was merely a warm-up!

After kissing and feeling his wife for several minutes, Ted swept her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He threw her onto the bed from quite a distance, and even though she hit the very edge and almost fell onto the floor, Bette was impressed and excited by Ted's new macho technique.

He undressed quickly, tossing his clothes over a chair rather than hanging everything in the closet as usual. Then he went to Bette and pulled down her slacks and undies. He left on her opened blouse, unusual for such a fastidious man.

Ted whipped his glasses off his face like Clark Kent and dropped down between Bette's legs and buried his face in her muff.

"Oh, Ted!" Bette sighed as she spread her legs.

But even as her husband covered her pussy with hungry laps of his tongue, Bette thought about Jim and how wonderful it was going to be with him later.

"Mmmmmmm!" Bette whined as her passion rose.

Ted had always been a skillful cunt-lapper, never failing to send her into a blissful swoon. But now he showed greater talent than ever. As his tongue traced the ridges of Bette's inner-lips, he kept his tongue fluttering something he'd never done before. And when he nibbled her clit, he sucked it deep into his mouth and wrapped it in his tongue.

"Oh, sweetheart!" Bette gasped happily.

Once more licking her pussy, Ted continued his brilliant performance. But now he kept his tongue away from Bette's clit, denying her an orgasm.

Only when Bette was moaning desperately did Ted crawl up from between her legs, cover her quaking body with his own, and bring his prick to her cunt. Dying to have her cunt stretched over his big, hard cock, Bette grabbed his prick and dragged it toward her yawning pussy.

Ted only slowly gave his prick to his wife. He fit the soft head into her hot cunt, then, slowly lowered his hips and slid home.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Bette cried wantonly when their pubic hair tangled together.

Bette's hips began churning, but Ted pinned her down with the weight of his body. Working alone, Bette was able to move his prick slightly, but not nearly enough.

"Fuck me!" she pleaded. "Ted, fuck me!"

Ted obeyed, but slowly. He lifted his hips, pulling his cock from the depths of Bette's body and raking the lining of her cunt with the ridge of his prick knob. As he withdrew his cock slowly, Bette shook her hips, sliding her cunt in short, quivering jerks over his prick. And she continued that motion as Ted slowly sank his prick deeply again. With, those two distinct rhythms, they were fucking as they had never fucked before.

"Ohhhhh, baby! That feels great!" Ted whispered.

"Yeah, for me too!" Bette breathed hotly. In and out Ted's prick slid as the wet velvet of Bette's pussy hugged it. Each dip of Ted's prick head seemed deeper, and each withdrawal brought Bette to a higher level of passion. Ted kept fucking with his same slow stroke, and Bette fell into his rhythm, letting her body rise and fall like a mid-ocean swell.

His steady heat, Ted lifted his chest from Bette's tits, supporting himself with his arms. Then he pulled his knees-up toward Bette's ass. In this position he could move his hips more freely, driving his stiff prick relentlessly, deeply, and powerfully into his wife's writhing body.

Also, this position gave Ted a great view of Bette as he fucked her. He looked down at the expression of ecstasy on her pretty face. Casting his gaze lower, he watched her tits wobbling with the tremors of his lunging prick. He saw how her stomach was tensed as she followed his motions. And where their bodies came together in a dark tangle of hair, Ted saw his prick appearing, wet and shining with juice, each time he pulled it from the depths of Bette's body.

Bette saw Ted watching her. To give him a good show, she exaggerated her slithering motion, making her tits fall up and down. She lifted her upper lips, baring her teeth in a sensual snarl.

"Rrrrrr!" she roared like a jungle beast in heat.

Bette lifted her legs high above Ted's ass and kicked her feet. That added another bit of motion to their fucking, giving them even more joy!

"Aaaaaa!" Ted gasped, nearing an orgasm.

Still thinking of her date with Jim, Bette was determined to give Ted an orgasm that would knock him out. So she began to use those muscles inside her cunt again, milking Ted's prick, tugging at it, wringing it out like a dishrag. The effort was exhausting, but it was worth it. Bette was going to have a super orgasm, too!

"Ahhhh!" Ted cried as he threw back his head, his face contorted with lust.

Bette was like a balloon stretched taut with air, but in her case it was lust that threatened to make her explode. And when she felt the surging heat of Ted's jism in her cunt, she did explode.

"Eeeeee!" she wailed, blinded by pleasure. The fucking they had been doing now became exaggerated and automatic -- their bodies taking over where their brains had functioned, their brains short circuited with intense sexual bliss.

The bed rocked with their desperate fucking. The atmosphere in the room was tropical with the heat and humidity of their sweat and panting.

But even in the insane grip of blind rapture, Bette stuck to her plan to knock Ted out so she could join Jim in the backyard. Bette kept her hips jerking, swallowing Ted's prick over and over even when he'd run out of jism.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Don't stop! Never stop!"

Ted did his best to fulfill his wife's desire. Valiantly, he kept his cock diving even though it was becoming so sensitive it was becoming more painful than pleasurable to continue.

Bette's second orgasm was better than her first. But as a third wave of pleasure began to envelop her, Ted began to lose his rhythm.

"Ted!" she screamed, but it was no good. The poor man was spent. His hips began to jerk spasmodically and finally, his softened cock slipped from Bette's flowing cunt.

Although Bette lost out on a third orgasm, she had worked her strategy to perfection. The way Ted moaned and rolled onto his back assured her that he wouldn't be in the way when she went to meet Jim.

As she watched him, Ted slipped into blissful sleep.

Bette smiled like a cat settling down to a bowl of warm cream. Slipping out of bed, she grabbed her silk robe, made a quick stop in the bathroom to put her cunt into pristine condition, then went out into the backyard.

As always, it was warm and beautiful outside. But Bette was too eager to find Jim to think about the weather.

The fucking she'd done so far had only made her eager for more. She looked over the brick fence for Jim. But he was not in his yard. "Hello," a whispered voice said from the darkness at the corner of the fence.

She turned and peered into the darkness. She could see Jim, but just barely. Taking a quick look around, Bette hurried to the darkness of the bushes, her cunt longing to continue fucking.

Bette found Jim naked on a blanket. As she fell into his embrace, she found his style of meeting exciting and kinky.

"I've been waiting for you," he whispered after searching her mouth with his tongue. "I heard you and Ted fucking and I thought you'd decided not to come to me."

"No, I just had to put Ted to sleep first," Bette told him.

"I was going to jerk off listening to your moans," Jim said. "But I resisted."

What a kinky character, Bette thought. His bluntness made her pussy even hungrier and juicier. She grabbed Jim's stiff prick and filled his hands with her tits. They began devouring each other's tongue.

Soon, Bette sank down onto her back on Jim's blanket, opened her robe, and dragged him into a hot embrace of her arms and legs.

Jim, suave as always, flowed into her, his hard cock filling the void of Bette's burning cunt.

Once he had his prick stuffed into Bette's cave, he began his onslaught. The last time he had fucked Bette, they had been standing up, leaning against a wall, and Bette had assumed that Jim's battering technique had been due to their upright position. But now, lying down, she found that he used the same mechanical stroke, a jabbing, blunt stab.

"Oooooo!" she cried, pressing her mouth to Jim's shoulder to muffle the sound.

As he rammed his fat cock in and out of her cunt, Jim stuck his tongue into her ear. His breath warmed her as his prick churned in the thick juice of her cavern.

It was a steady rise to ecstasy for Bette. She felt Jim's hand caress one of her ass cheeks. He spread his fingers over it, grabbed and squeezed. Then he moved his hand until the tip of his middle finger was at the rear of Bette's cunt. There he wet his finger with her juice, then moved it to her asshole.

Bette gasped when she felt his fingertip prying her asshole open. She tried to relax her ass muscle to ease the way for his finger, but in the grip of passion she couldn't. But that didn't stop Jim from pressing his wet finger up that tight tunnel!

"Uhhhhhh!" Bette moaned at the thrill of having her ass raped by a strong finger as her cunt was being fucked by a strong cock.

Lodging his finger high up her cunt, turn wiggled it round and round. And he was pumping his prick harder and faster now too.

Bette's orgasm rushed up from the burning nerves in her crotch, spreading through her with irresistible force. Her lust was so intense, her passion so complete, Jim was amazed. He'd fucked a lot of women, but he'd never experienced such wild writhing and desperate shaking in any of them as Bette was showing now beneath his thrusting hips.

"Ohhhh, Jimmmm!" she wailed in an unearthly voice.

Bette's hips churned, driving her pussy back and forth on Jim's cock as it stabbed her. Finally, Jim had to hold himself still above Bette while she fucked him from below. He couldn't keep up with her frantic pace!

Jim's jism was sucked out of him by Bette's leaping cunt. He had a great orgasm! And Bette began to slow down.

"That was wild!" Jim whispered breathlessly as he lowered his hips onto Bette's slowing pelvis.

But as soon as Bette felt the man slowing his prick-thrusts, she nearly panicked. She'd become addicted to sexual ecstasy, and she couldn't stand to have it end.

"Noooooo!" she cried. "Don't stop! Please!"

Jim was shocked, but also determined to go all the way with this wild creature. So he began shoving his prick deep into Bette's body again, trying to coordinate his thrusts with the spasms of Bette's flailing hips.

Jim set his jaw and went back to work. Bette opened her mouth and gasped in warm night air as she was lifted back up to the highest stages of pleasure. The bush they hid beneath shook in the calm air as though the wind were raging.

"Oh, oh!" Jim panted in exhaustion. "Baby, I don't know if I can go on much longer."

Sweat covered the poor man's body and his bones ached with his monumental effort. Finally, like an old horse, he simply gave out.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" he gasped and collapsed on Bette, pinning her to the ground with his weight.

Bette still wiggled, stirring Jim's prick slightly in her spasming cunt. But she knew it was over.

As Jim recovered slowly, Bette realized her mistake. By knocking out Ted, she had overdosed herself on orgasmic joy. Poor Jim didn't even get a chance to kiss her tits and have his prick sucked before Bette dragged him into her insatiable cunt.

She told Jim what happened, apologizing for being so greedy.

"That's all right, sweetheart," he said. "It was great! I've never had such a wild fuck!"

They lay under the bushes for a while. Bette looked up along the side of the fence at the sky, marveling at the stars. Suddenly, she noticed a spider strolling down the fence toward her and she scrambled from the bushes and stood naked in the yard.

Jim followed Bette from their hiding place and brought her robe to her. Covering her shoulders with the robe, he kissed her on the ear and patted her on the ass.

"Better get back in the house before someone sees us," he said.

For the first time, it occurred to Bette that she might get caught and could wind up in serious trouble. So she hurried into the house.

Chapter EIGHT

After her marathon fucking with Ted and Jim, Bette was finally sated. It was a new experience for her. She had always been at least slightly horny. But now she wasn't at all. In fact, she was slightly sore. Her hips and back hurt a little, and her cunt was tender.

It was nice to sit at the kitchen table having tea and toast and being completely satisfied. The sun shining in the windows and the music on the radio made Bette feel even more content.

As she, sat, she noticed something strange out the window. A red disk of some sort was rising up into the air, then lowering out of sight. Could it be a UFO?

Bette went to the window and peered out. It was Del playing with a Frisbee. Bette had never seen anyone play with a Frisbee as Del did. He was alone, and he would make the Frisbee spin, toss it up into the air, and catch it on one finger, keeping it spinning. Sometimes he would turn around before catching the disk, and sometimes he would toss it up from beneath his lifted leg.

She watched for a long time before she realized that she hadn't even thought about Del as a horny kid with a hard prick, which he undoubtedly was. She felt free of those slavishly lascivious thoughts now, free to enjoy life without the constant, nagging need to soothe her lust.

What a pleasure it was to simply live a life without thinking about sex, Bette told herself. And she decided to enjoy this freedom while it lasted, for she knew it was only temporary.

Her tired and sore bones cried out for a hot bath. So she finished her tea at the window, still watching the lithe boy next door. Then she strolled to her bathroom, enjoying the feeling of her silk robe fluttering around her legs without the distracting sensation of lust to spoil that pure and simple pleasure.

As she walked through the bathroom door, she wiggled out of her robe and let it fall dramatically behind her. She turned on the water in the large sunken tub and enjoyed the sound of it and the way the steam filled the bathroom. There was a full-length mirror reflecting her body, and she admired her naked self in purely aesthetic terms until the mirror steamed up, obliterating her reflection.

The thick, warm steam felt wonderful caressing her flesh. And when she turned off the water, the silence was beautiful.

"Ahhhhh!" she sighed as she sat down slowly in the hot water.

Arranging an inflatable pillow behind her head and stretching out her legs, Bette luxuriated in aquatic splendor.

She'd never dreamed that so much pleasure was possible divorced from sex. Of course, it had taken sex, lots of it in fact, to bring her to this state of repose.

She was glad to be free for a while from lust. As she lay in the tub, caressed by the soothing water, she appreciated how her tits floated without giving her distracting sensations of lust. And the hot water surrounding her thighs and lapping against her cunt felt terrific without arousing sexual longings. Even when she spread her legs, letting the water enter her cunt, the effect was soothing rather than stirring.

Oh, what glorious simple pleasures.

Bette opened her thighs wider, letting more water flow into her cunt. But the flow was one way. No juice was being secreted now in her innocent state of grace. The water merely bathed the sore and abused lips of her pussy.

Out of habit, she lifted her hands to her tits and caressed them. But even this didn't set her passions on fire. Rather, she was able to enjoy the pure sensation of softness and weight of her tits as she held them. It was more like stroking a kitten or hefting a smooth rock.

Even when her nipples became erect, Bette felt only the good, clean joy of health and well-being. Rather than a pit of lust, her body was a temple of purity.

Then something struck the window above the tub. Bette's eyes lifted to catch the red disk as it fell from where it had hit the glass. It was the Frisbee, she knew, and Del would come to fetch it, no doubt.

In Bette's housing development, most of the homes had bathrooms without curtains on the windows. Rather, there were walls built around an area surrounding the window, and inside the walls were cactus and other plants. So from inside the bathroom, the view was of plants and the sky. This was one of Bette's favorite things about the house.

Now, though, the lack of curtains was going to expose her nakedness to Del when he hopped over the wall to get his Frisbee, and Bette was sure he would do that.

As she lay in the tub waiting for Del to appear, she experienced the fastest, most powerful change of mood she had ever known. Lust suddenly burst in her like a desert flower after a rain. Her heartbeats quickened, her skin melted.

It occurred to her that she could hop out of the tub and hide. But no sooner had this thought entered her mind than she drove it out.

She wanted Del to see her and she wanted much more than that, too!

The suspense was terrific. But she wasn't disappointed. Soon Del appeared over the fence and dropped down inside the walled area. As he came down, his eyes saw Bette's gorgeous body lying a few feet away from him.

His eyes, striking Bette's body like a flash of light, brought her lust to a boil. She gasped and so did Del.

Ordinarily, under such circumstances, a woman would scream and run to cover herself. But Bette wanted to send Del a different message. So she lay still, putting herself on display. When Del's eyes finally moved along her body to her face, Bette held him with her eyes.

First, she let her body relax. The angular lines formed by her elbows and knees smoothed into flowing shapes. Her thighs spread slightly, so slightly the motion would communicate directly with the boy's passion. The expression on Bette's face said a lot, too. Her eyelids lifted a tiny bit as though to ask the boy if he were ready for something interesting. And the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, letting him know that if he were interested, so was she!

Bette breathed deeply and slow. Her tits were mostly under water, but with every breath they rose so her stiff nipples and the surrounding tit-flesh broke the surface.

They had stared at each other long enough to know what was in each other's mind now. Bette felt confident that she had snared the boy and all she had to do was reel him in. She motioned for him to come in the back door.

Del looked at her disbelievingly for several more seconds. His tall frame swayed, his face a mask of lust. Then he quickly came to life and climbed over the wall.

Bette had a horrible thought. What if he wasn't coming in? What if he was on his way home, shocked and horrified at what she'd done?

But her fear was ended when she heard the back door opening. And with every footstep across her kitchen, her passion increased. By the time Del stood in the doorway of the bathroom, Bette was panting and her tits were causing ripples on the water as they rose and fell.

Del remained silent as he slowly approached the tub, his eyes unashamedly surveying Bette's body. She shifted positions, turning her crotch toward the boy and giving him a view of her pink cunt under the water.

"Want to join me?" Bette asked.

Still, Del remained silent. Bette felt queer having the silent visitor staring down at her. But when he began to undress, she felt a lot better -- and a lot hornier.

As soon as Del pulled down his jeans, Bette could see the effect she'd had on him. His cock was stretching the front of his underpants away from his body. And when he lowered his underpants, Bette was greeted by a huge, powerful prick!

Del stepped into the tub and sat down facing Bette. His legs bumped against hers and his hard cock broke the surface of the water and throbbed.

"It's nice having company in the tub," Bette said.

Now that she'd gotten him to speak, Bette felt more comfortable. She moved toward him, wrapping her legs around his ass and pulling him toward her. Then she reached out with both hands and captured his cock.

"Huhhhh!" the boy gasped.

Having his cock in her grasp filled Bette with sexual greed. His prick was thick and long and its pulsing was strong and rhythmic.

"What a beautiful cock!" Bette cooed. "So nice! So big!"

Del began writhing, wiggling his ass on the bottom of the tub. Bette wondered if any other woman had ever handled him like this.

Bette sat straight up, then leaned forward. Her face lowered toward the swollen head of the boy's prick. She stuck out her tongue and gave the taut head a lick. Del trembled, which excited Bette even more.

A bit lower her head descended and her mouth opened. Del's prick head slipped between her lips, between her teeth, and nestled snugly in her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" Del cried as he thrashed about, sending splashes as high as the window.

As she held the tip of his prick in her mouth, Bette reached between the boy's thighs and grabbed his balls. Then she moved her head about, giving his cock a good licking.

Nodding her head quickly, Bette slid his cock head over her tongue. Then Del began jerking his hips, thrusting his cock to the back of Bette's throat. A few seconds later, gobs of jism began gushing into her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh!" Del moaned as he sloshed about in the tub, writhing in ecstasy.

Bette swallowed several mouthfuls of cream and loved the taste of the stuff and the way it felt as it surged into her mouth. Since Del was a horny, young kid, she had no worry about his ability to continue fucking after this orgasm.

Only after sucking his cock clean did Bette lift her head, dropping the boy's prickhead from her mouth.

"God!" Del sighed as his prick collapsed and sank into the water.

"Ummmmm! I love sucking cocks," Bette said.

Her words were enough to start Del's prick rising again. He looked like a scarecrow that had been hit by a tornado, his dark hair hanging from his reclining head, his scrawny neck stretched, and his arms slung back over the sides of the tub. But his prick was rising to the surface again.

"It looks like you've only begun," Bette said, pointing to his prick.

"Yeah, I could go on," Del said hopefully.

"Well, let's go, then," Bette said and held her arms out to the boy.

Del splashed into Bette's arms. Whirlpools and tidal waves filled the tub as they kissed and groped at each other. With an eager grasp, Del fondled Bette's tits. She ran her hand down his back to a muscular ass cheek and gripped it as though her life depended on it. By now, Del's hard-on had renewed itself and was throbbing against Bette's belly. They drove their tongues into each other's mouth.

Del dropped his face to Bette's tits, which were underwater. So as he kissed and sucked them, he had to hold his breath. When he came up for air, Bette suggested they get out of the tub.

She crawled out first and sprawled ort the thick wall-to-wall carpeting, beads of water running down her body.

Del came after her and threw himself down on top of her. And when he sucked her tits again, he held them tightly and devoured them with uncontrolled passion.

With his face pressed to a heavy tit, Del reached down to Bette's crotch. She flinched as he squeezed her pussy a bit too hard. But it felt good to have her cunt massaged so vigorously after soaking it in the hot water.

Roughly spreading her cunt lips, Del stuck a finger into the soft, wet flesh within. Crudely he grappled with her cunt and inner hips, searching for her pussy.

It was clear that Del was new to this sort of thing. But his inexperience thrilled Bette. She felt like a teenager again, experimenting with the forbidden joys of her body.

"Ahhhhh!" Bette cried when Del poked his finger deep into her cunt.

His finger roamed her cunt, violating every corner, and giving Bette wild sensations of pleasure!

"Ohhhhh," she gasped. "Ummmm!" Del sucked Bette's tits, throwing his head from one to the other and gobbling greedily. His finger remained in Bette's pussy and she wiggled her hips so his finger moved about with greater speed and pressure. As Del fingerfucked her, Bette's clit was dragged around on the palm of his hand.

Bette could have lain there for hours having the inside of her pussy massaged. But she sensed that Del was eager to plug his prick into her juicy pussy. As she spread her legs wider, inviting him to fuck her, she longed to feel his mighty prick inside her.

"Get inside me," she whispered hoarsely.

The boy sprang into immediate motion. Pulling his finger from her pussy, he mounted her and lunged his prick at her gaping pussy lips.

Del's first lunge was off the mark. His fat cock head crashed against her cunt then slid up over her belly. Bette gasped, Del tried again and this time he was right on target. Bette caught his pricktip in her vulnerable pussy like a first basemen catches a line drive.

"Aaaaaaa!" she cried as the boy's shaft followed his prick head into her hot body.

"Ohhhhh!" Del cried as the sensation of burying his prick in a cunt filled him with joy.

Looking up at Del's face, Bette could see how he was affected by this. As much as she loved having a hard cock in her pussy, she could tell that Del loved it even more!

Then Del began pumping his prick. As Bette's cunt-lining was stroked and stretched, both of them went into ecstasy. Their voices filled the steamy bathroom with the music of passion. Their bodies writhed and strained to create as much motion between Del's prick and Bette's cunt as possible.

"Ohhhhhh, God!" Bette cried as Del's prick head repeatedly bounced against the far end of her pussy.

"Huhhhhh! Huhhhhh!" Del gasped as he drove his cock in and out of Bette's tender cunt.

Since Del had just delivered a load of jism into Bette's mouth, he was able to keep plowing his prick into her cunt without spilling Del's prick, her ecstasy mounted until she was almost hysterical.

Del let out a twisted, anguished moan that told Bette he was going to come. She'd been in the grip, of a wild orgasm for a while already, and she was ready to receive his gift.

Del pressed his face to Bette's as his body rocked with the spasms of a dizzying orgasm. His searing jism, rushing into Bette's cunt, put the cap on her climax, sending jolts of blinding pleasure through her.

They drifted in semi-awareness as they recovered from the exertions of sex when they were rudely jarred back into the real world by the chimes that meant someone was at the door.

Del began to get up, but Bette stopped him.

"Stay where you are, honey," she said.

The chimes sounded again, but then there was silence. The fuckers remained where they were. They even began to explore each other's body again. Bette ran her fingertips down Del's back, and Del played with one of Bette's soft ass cheeks.

She could feel his prick stiffening inside her a thrilling sensation! She knew she would soon be writhing in pleasure, and her cunt began to moisten.

When Del's prick was fully inflated, he began moving it, slowly at first, them faster. Before long, they were fucking up a storm again.

This time Del was even wilder. It seemed like the two previous orgasms had turned him into a madman for sex. He fucked Bette with all his might, sticking his prick in as deep as it would reach, then pulling it out until his cock, head lay between her delicate cunt lips. And he did this with as much speed and strength as he could.

The effect on Bette was immediate and profound. She was driven into a state of frenzy. Her cunt turned the physical stimulation into electric currents of pure bliss!

As Del crazily fucked Bette, his prick slipped out of her pussy. Then he fitted his cock back into her and continued with even more enthusiasm. But his prick slipped out again because he was making his strokes so long.

Bette froze, waiting for him to enter her again. He did, but in uncontrolled passion, he missed her cunt and he jabbed his prick at her asshole. His cock was wet, and so was Bette's asshole, so as Del lunged, his prick entered her ass and sailed deep inside her.

"Oooooo!" Bette cried, her eyes as big as saucers.

Del kept pumping his prick, reaching high up Bette's ass and then retreating.

After the action her cunt had had, this was a thrilling and kinky diversion. She didn't think Del had done it on purpose, in fact, she wasn't even sure if he knew his prick was up her ass rather than in her cunt. But that didn't matter. Either way Bette loved having her ass fucked.

Whether he knew where his prick was or not, Del was insane with lust, acting out his insanity by bucking his hips and driving his cock up Bette's ass.

Being fucked up the ass wouldn't make Bette come, she knew, but she didn't mind. The pleasure of this perversion was worth sacrificing an orgasm for. Besides, she could give herself an orgasm any time she wanted one.

Del's climax, when it finally struck, was awesome. Bette thought she could hear his bones rattling over the sound of his desperate wails.

"That was fun," Bette said, trying to see if the boy understood exactly what he had done to her.

"Yeah!" he sighed, not giving her a clue.

Then his prick slipped from her ass. Now she would never be sure if Del knew he had flicked her ass unless she asked him outright. It seemed a very strange question indeed, so she left it unasked.

The door chimes rang again. Del and Bette looked at each other, and again Bette told the boy to ignore it. But when there was a loud knocking at the back door, Bette could ignore the situation no longer. It occurred to her that the caller might be one of Del's parents.

"I'd better see who it is," Bette said. She got up and put on her robe, but before she left the bathroom, they heard the back door open.

"Bette, are you home?" a voice called -- Jim's voice.

"My old man!" Del gasped.

"Don't panic," Bette said. "He won't find you in here. I'll keep him in the kitchen, and you slip out the door in my bedroom."

"He probably wants to fuck you again," Del said as he pulled on his underpants.

Bette was startled to hear that Del knew about her and his father. But there was no time now to ask him exactly what he knew.

"I'll be right there," Bette called as she left Del.

She caught Jim just in time. He was on his way to her bedroom. They embraced and kissed. Then Bette led him back into the kitchen.

"Want a cup of coffee?" Bette offered.

"Coffee? Hell no! I want you!"

"Oh, this isn't a good time," Bette said. "I'm expecting Ted home early."

"Well then we'd better not waste any time," Jim said as he came toward Bette.

"No, really, Jim," she said, fending him off. "I'm not at all in the mood."

Actually, the only thing keeping Bette from fucking Jim was the bit of morality that told her she shouldn't fuck a father right after fucking his son. Besides, there was jism running out of her cunt and asshole and dribbling down her thighs. She was a mess and needed another bath.

Suddenly, Jim stopped grappling for her. She saw his gaze move pest her and through the window. Bette felt a chill as she guessed what was happening. She turned around and saw what Jim did. Del was hopping over the backyard fence!

"What was he doing here?" Jim asked.

"Oh, he probably had to get his Frisbee. He's been throwing it around all morning and it sailed into my yard a few times."

"But he didn't have his Frisbee, and it looked like he came out of your bedroom! Bette, were you fucking him?" Jim asked.

"A lady never tells," Bette said coolly.

"Okay, okay," Jim said. "The boy could use a piece of ass, God knows. Now, how about us?"

Jim tried to embrace Bette again, but she held him away with her arms.

"Tomorrow," Bette said. "Come tomorrow afternoon. Surely Sue can take care of your needs until then."

"Sue's out of town. She won't be back till tomorrow," Jim said.

"Well, you'll just have to wait," Bette said. Her cunt and asshole were slightly sore, and another hot bath appealed to her more than another fuck.

Chapter NINE

After soaking in the tub for a while, Bette was summoned by the telephone. She decided not to answer, but it rang so long she finally gave in. It was Ted. He wouldn't be coming home that night. Something had come up at the office, and he had to fly to Tucson right away.

This had never happened before, but Bette knew a lot of wives whose husbands had to be away from home often, so she couldn't complain about one night alone.

Bette made herself dinner and ate in front of the television. She could always call Jim, she thought. He was alone, too. But the idea of fucking him after fucking Del still seemed a bit too kinky. So she decided to have a leisurely evening alone for a change. Solitude and quiet would be a welcome change from her usual busy pace.

But just as she was beginning to enjoy herself, the phone interrupted her serenity. The voice of an old friend greeted her.

"June, how nice to hear from you!" Bette said.

They made small talk for a while. But Bette had the feeling there was more to this call than a chat. She hadn't seen June for a few years, and now June had called as though they had never been out of touch.

"Is there something special you wanted?" Bette asked, trying to settle her curiosity. The following silence gave Bette an uneasy feeling.

"Well, there was something," June said slowly. "I agonized about this before I decided to call you."

"What? What is it, for goodness sake?" Bette asked, worried and curious.

"Frank and I just got back from, the Roaring Lion, you know, that steak joint in the Holiday Inn in Tempe? Well, as we were driving out, I spotted your husband's car in the lot. Then I saw him climbing the stairs to a room; and, Bette, I hate to tell you this, but he wasn't alone."

Now Bette was silent. She struggled to make sense out of what June was telling her.

"Are you sure it was Ted?" Bette asked, looking for a logical explanation.

"Yes, honey. I'm sure," June said. "I recognized his license plate."

Bette felt a chill in her bones. She thanked June and hung up.

Pacing around the house, she tried to make a plan. Should she pack up and leave? Should she go fuck Jim again? Should she go to the Holiday Inn and confront Ted?

The last idea appealed to her most. Bette was not the sort of woman to hide from a battle. In fact, she loved a good fight when she was in the mood, and she was in the mood now!

Driving to Tempe, Bette kept thinking about what she was going to do when she caught up with Ted. But the memories of her own indiscretions crept into her mind, too. She hadn't forgotten those boys she and Sue had picked up and fucked. And she had fucked Jim twice, and just that afternoon she had fucked Del. Plus there was the perverted fun she'd had with Sue. Sue -- she was the start of all this trouble.

Then another thought entered her mind. Suddenly she remembered that Jim had told her that Sue was away overnight, too.

That bitch! Bette was sure she would find Sue with Ted. How could she? Bette asked herself. But Bette had to admit that she had fucked Sue's husband, so if Sue was a bitch, so was she.

Bette's foot eased up on the accelerator and the car slowed. Her spirit was broken. She would get off at the next exit ramp and go home.

But when she came to the next exit ramp she didn't turn off. She couldn't help herself -- she had to go to where Ted and Sue were fucking. Not knowing what she would do when she got there, Bette was compelled to confront them.

As soon as she saw the Holiday Inn sign, she felt a strange pang. When she pulled into the parking lot, she was trembling. And when she spotted Ted's car, she felt dizzy.

She parked. Looking up at the windows on the upper floor, she was strangled by jealousy to realize that behind one of those curtained windows, her husband was fucking her new friend -- and her new lover.

As she climbed the stairs, she began to wonder how she was going to find which mom Ted and Sue were in. She pictured herself pacing back and forth all night, looking for, but not finding, them. She might have to pound on every door until someone opened it.

Gasping and trembling, Bette moved down the balcony of doors and windows. Only one window was unguarded by drawn drapes, but that window showed an empty, dark room. All the other windows were lit but screened by drapery, the light sifting through, teasing Bette and making her feel like a trespasser.

She found that one set of drapes was not closed completely. A slit of space between the drapes gave her a view into the room. She pressed her face close to the window and moved her head from side to side so she had a panoramic view. What she saw made her blood surge. There were two naked people on the bed, embracing and kissing.

It was clear that this was not Ted and Sue, though. The woman had red hair and the man a beard. So Bette left the window, but the effect of peeking stayed with her. Now, her lust was growing even though her jealousy still raged.

Hurrying back and forth, she checked for other rooms into which she might peck. But all the other windows were impenetrable to her gaze.

She would knock on a door and see if she recognizes the voice.

She went to the next door and knocked. The door opened, and a good-looking man dressed in a suit confronted her.

"Well, hello," he said. "Can I help you?"

"No, sorry, I've got the wrong room," Bette said and hurried away.

The man looked after her as she walked down the balcony, but when he went back into his room, Bette stopped and knocked on another door.

There was no answer. Bette's head felt light as she imagined her husband and Sue inside, wrapped in ecstasy. She pounded on the door, rattling it in its frame.

"What is it, what do you want?" a frail voice asked.

The voice obviously belonged to an elderly woman whom Bette had terrified with her crazed pounding. Bette hurried away from the door.

Walking, dazed, along the balcony, she caught in the corner of her eye that slit of light that she had peeked into before. Even in her present state, she couldn't help stopping to peek.

Now the couple was fucking doggie-style. Bette saw the woman's tits drooping to the bed beneath her bent body. Her round ass stuck out behind her and the bearded man was slipping his prick in and out of the woman's cunt with a steady motion.

As Bette watched his cock appearing and disappearing between their bodies, she was aware of her own lust increasing. Juice seeped from her cunt. But, still, her jealousy and rage consumed her.

She'd been so interested in the scene before her she hadn't noticed footsteps approaching. By the time she did and turned to see whose they were, the man who had answered the first door she had knocked on was right beside her.

He peeked into the room, then smiled at Bette.

"We could give that a try if you'd like," he said with a warm smile.

"Leave me alone," Bette yelled, tears blurring her vision. "Leave me alone!"

When Bette heard her own voice she knew that everyone in the building had heard it too. What had she done? What was she trying to prove?

"Okay, lady! Okay!" the man said as he backed away quickly.

Doors began to open and heads peered out to see what was going on. Bette felt like a freak, a fool, a side show spectacle. She was nearly hysterical as she began running for the stairs. But before she reached them, Sue stepped out from one room and reached out for the fleeing woman.

"Here we are honey." Sue said soothingly. "In here. Come on in."

For a second, Bette didn't know whether she should pull herself from the hands Sue had fastened to her shoulders, or enter the room. Sue continued to talk to her in a gentle voice, and Bette allowed herself to be guided inside.

Ted was standing near the foot of the bed, looking scared. "I'm sorry, honey," he said.

"How could you?" Bette moaned, tears streaming down her face.

"Poor baby!" Sue said as she sat Bette down in a chair. "If I knew this would happen I never would have come here with Ted. But we didn't think you were ready to face our fucking each other."

Sue handed Bette a glass of whiskey and Bette sipped eagerly.

"Ever since you fucked Jim I've been dying to get back at you," Ted said. "I know it was childish, but that's the way I felt."

"How did you know I fucked Jim?" Bette asked.

"We saw you," Ted said. "You were standing against the wall in his living room, and Sue and I were coming through our dining room, and we could see you right through the window. If Sue hadn't calmed me down, I don't know what I would have done."

Bette was flabbergasted. It seemed incredible. Then, as she thought about it, it began to seem funny. Finally, she burst out laughing.

Sue joined in her laughter. Finally, Ted was giggling, too.

"You should have told me," Bette said.

"I told Ted to say so," Sue said. "But he didn't want to, and he made me promise to keep it a secret. I'm going to go. You two should stay. Fuck and make-up. Can I take your car, Bette?"

"Don't go," Bette said. "Couldn't we all go to bed together? That seems the best way to make up all around."

Ted and Sue looked at each other, then looked at Bette. Sue wore a sly smile, she was obviously all for it, as. Bette thought she would be. Ted, on the other hand, looked confused. His lips were drawn tight, as they were when he added up columns of figures on his calculator.

Bette was in suspense. She was dying for some action. And with Ted and Sue together, she could get all the action she needed, and then some. If only Ted would go along!

Gradually, Ted's face changed from thoughtful concentration to boyish delight. His lust was obviously taking over. Bette felt juice trickle hotly down her thighs.

"I don't see why not," he said at last. "In fact, it seems like a damned fine idea!"

Ted was wearing his pants, undershirt, and one sock apparently all he had time to put on when he heard Bette yelling on the balcony. Sue wore a black slip. Ted began undressing and Sue pulled off the slip -- she had nothing on beneath it.

Bette began undressing, too. Her eyes switched from Ted to Sue. Ted, with his prick bouncing at his crotch, was a sexy sight. But so was Sue, who began massaging her own tits as she went to the bed and stretched out.

Bette was soon as naked as the others. She and Ted joined Sue on the rumpled bed, one on either side of Sue. Husband and wife moved toward each other, pinning Sue between. They kissed and put an arm around each other. Their tongues pried into each other's mouth.

Even without Sue there, Bette would have been out of her mind with lust. But with Sue's hot tits under her own and Sue's pretty face only inches away, Bette was wild. She ran a hand over Sue's stomach and onto one of her firm tits.

Holding Sue's tit while kissing her husband was a weird treat for Bette. But it got even weirder when Sue lifted her face and stuck her tongue into the tangle of Ted and Bette's tongues.

Sue also wrapped an arm around each of the others, running a skillful hand up and down their spines.

All of Bette's jealousy and anger was forgotten. As her tongue writhed with Ted's and Sue's, she had no room in her mind for any emotion other than lust.

After thoroughly massaging Sue's tit, Bette moved her hand down to her crotch. She slipped her fingers into Sue's pussy hair and into her cunt. But when her fingertips arrived at that steaming pussy, she found Ted's fingers already there so she dipped her fingers into Sue's cunt along with Ted's fingers, giving Sue a super sensation.

Sue pulled her hands from behind Ted and Bette and reached for their crotches. She clutched Ted's prick and Bette's cunt mound.

Bette finally left the three-way tongue lashing and bent her head to Sue's chest. Lightly, she brushed her lips over an erect nipple and then opened her mouth and sucked it inside. Bette sucked hard while she kept her fingers swimming along with Ted's in Sue's cunt.

Bette didn't know if Ted knew about her lesbian affair with Sue. She hoped not, only because she wanted him to be shocked when he saw her slip between Sue's legs and suck her pussy -- which she did next.

First with her face poised at Sue's cunt Bette watched Ted's fingers stirring Sue's pussy. She loved the way Sue's plump cunt wiggled about as Ted massaged the interior.

Then Bette grabbed her husbands wrist and pulled his fingers from the juicy cunt she was so eager to suck. As soon as the way was clear, Bette pressed her mouth to Sue's stretched and swampy pussy. The warm fluid of Sue's cunt wet Bette's face and filled her mouth as she began to lap.

Bette looked up from Sue's crotch to see Ted's reaction. Now she knew that Sue hadn't told him about their perverted secret. Clearly, Ted was amazed to see his wife eating Sue's pussy -- amazed, and impassioned. Ted had never looked so dazed!

Watching his wife eating Sue's cunt made Ted hungry for the same meal. He left Sue to attack Bette's cunt. Almost diving. Ted grabbed Bette's hips and twisted them, bringing her cunt within range of his face.

"Let me suck you!" Sue cried, grabbing for Ted's legs.

So Ted wiggled into a position where he could suck Bette's cunt and give his prick to Sue's watering mouth. The three of them formed a triangle on the bed.

Now as Bette licked and probed Sue's cunt with her tongue, she could look up Sue's body, past her high tits, to Sue's face, which was pierced with Ted's fat cock.

"Oooooo!" Sue moaned as she moved her head back and forth, sliding Ted's prick between her stretched lips.

What a thrill, Bette thought! She had sucked a lot of cocks in her time, but now she found that watching a blow-job was almost as much fun as giving one. And with her tongue traveling about in the slimy folds of Sue's cunt, her pleasure was profound! The stimulation coming in through her eyes and tongue made her almost oblivious to Ted's tongue in her cunt. But as he increased the pressure on her opened pussy, she could no longer ignore it.

Ted was a good cunt-lapper, she'd always said so. And now Bette realized that Ted's improved interest and performance was due to his fucking Sue.

"Nffff! Mmmmmm!" the suckers moaned, their mouths full of juicy flesh.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Bette began to cry into Sue's cunt as Ted's tongue fluttered over her clit.

Sue looked down at Bette, summoned by the desperate moans she was moaning as she neared an orgasm. Sue kept sucking Ted's prick, but she had to watch Bette come!

Bette's eyes were closed. She kept her tongue roaming in Sue's pussy, sliding up her cunt and dragging over her clit. As her orgasm consumed her, she added her nose and chin to the massage her tongue was giving Sue's cunt, too blissful to know what she was doing.

Ted kept his tongue on his wife's clit, knocking that little bud from side to side and grinding it down. As long as Bette's thighs continued to shake and as long as he could hear his wife's wanton wail, he would keep working on her clit.

When Bette regained her senses, dizzy from the intensity of her orgasm, she focused her cunt-lapping on Sue's clit. Since her face was completely soaked, Bette realized she had been trying to crawl right into Sue's cunt. But now Bette stuck the tip of her tongue against Sue's clit and wiggled it.

Sue, still holding Ted's prick in her mouth, began crying like a lost pup. Her head jerked back and forth unevenly, taking Ted's prick into her throat! Sue's eyes were also tightly shut.

Bette gave Sue a wonderful climax. And as she enjoyed it, Sue kept sucking Ted's cock.

By the time Sue's climax was over, Bette's tongue ached. Having done a good job, Bette lifted her wet face from Sue's pussy and crawled up beside her to get a better view of the blow-job she was giving Ted. Since giving Bette an orgasm, Ted had been licking her cunt lightly, and Bette didn't mind losing that stimulation. At the moment, an erupting cock was much more important.

Snuggling up to Sue, Bette embraced her and gave her moral support. She even reached out and stroked Ted's thighs as Sue sucked him.

Bette studied the motion of the blow-job Sue was giving Ted. She watched her husband's fat prick pistoning into Sue's mouth. Watching the veiny shaft slide, lubricated with Sue's saliva, Bette wished it was in her mouth instead, wished it was her mouth that would be flooded with jism when Ted came.

"Uhhhhh!" Ted gasped.

This was it, Bette knew. He was going to come! And Sue seemed to be ready for it. Her eyes were now open wide as her head increased its motion.

Bette's mouth watered in envy. She wanted a share in the bounty. Then, suddenly Sue withdrew her face from the spewing cock and coughed. She had taken a squirt down her throat when she hadn't meant to.

Bette immediately took over. Sue still held Ted's prick shaft in her hands, but Bette fastened her mouth to the spitting head. Ted's cream was still pumping out with force when she caught some. But Bette didn't want more than her share. After a few hits of jism, she took her mouth away.

"God, oh!" Ted gasped.

Now Sue was ready to catch the last of Ted's cum. She slurped it down then began to lick his prick. Now Bette joined in again, adding her tongue to the clean-up operation.

The two chicks dragged their tongues over the wet prick until the taste of jism was gone. But they noticed that the flavor still lingered on each other's tongue so they left Ted's shrinking prick and began sucking each other's tongue.

Soon the women were completely ignoring Ted, but he didn't mind. The sight of these two chicks kissing and groping was easily as exciting as anything they could do to him.

As they kissed and sucked each other's mouth, the women grabbed each other's tits. Red marks appeared when their nails sank into the tender flesh. But if there was any pain, it wasn't apparent. All Ted could see was pleasure and lust.

The chicks got themselves into a position in which they could suck each other's tits simultaneously. They each held onto the other's tit tightly and crammed its tip into their mouth. Ted loved it!

Before long, they were holding each other's cunt. Ted saw that each of their middle fingers had disappeared into the other's pussy. The vigorous motion of their wrists showed that they were busy giving each other pleasure, all the while kissing deeply.

With his prick standing, Ted enjoyed the show. It was impossible to tell which moan and sigh belonged to which chick. Ted, of course, was familiar with Bette's sounds of passion, but none of these cries were like the ones he remembered from their own bedroom. Maybe lesbian sex produced different sounds, he thought.

In any case, the women were both writhing vigorously now. Their wide hips bounced on the mattress as their ass cheeks wobbled. Their tits were shoved together and they jiggled as one.

"Mmmmmmmxnm!" one of them moaned wantonly.

"Mmmmmmmm!" the other answered with equal lust.

Their arms moved with frantic speed as they worked on each other's pussy. Then, as each woman reached her climax they let their bodies fall away from each other. But they kept their hands on the other's cunt, rubbing and scrubbing.

Now Ted had a tremendous view of female ecstasy. Bette and Sue both lay with their mouths open, gasping and panting. With the cum, their tits shook each set with its own rhythm.

The chicks were still clutching each other with their legs to keep within cunt-rubbing range of each other. But Ted had a good view of their cunts. He saw how his wife's cunt was spread wide by Sue's fingers as they speedily massaged Bette's clit.

Bette had a different method of cunt play. She held Sue's pussy lips open with her thumb and ring finger while she tickled Sue's clit with her index and middle finger.

Suddenly Sue's hips gave a mighty heave. Her orgasm was like an earthquake. After the initial heave, she shook with wild desperation!

"I'm coming!" Sue gasped happily.

In her ecstasy, Sue increased the pressure of her fingers on Bette's cunt and soon Bette joined her friend in orgasmic bliss.

Ted was spellbound by the sight. But, although he shared the chicks' joy, just by watching he was eager for them to finish with each other so he could fuck one -- or both -- of them. He was hornier now than he'd ever been!

"Eeeeee!" the women continued wailing.

After what seemed like an eternity to the horny spectator they gradually slowed their writhing and lowered their voices.

They got into the spirit of the game, giving Sue the chance to be really creative. At one point, Ted stopped pumping, letting his prick soak in Bette's cunt. Then Sue grabbed his prick shaft and began moving it about in Bette's cunt. Then Sue pumped the skin of Ted's cock back and forth as though jerking him off while his prick was stuck up his wife's cunt!

Finally, with Sue's help, Ted and Bette came. Now Sue lifted her fingers from the lovers' crotches to her mouth, licking the mixture of sex from them.

It seemed like their fuck would never end, but finally it did. Then the three of them lay quietly, resting and glowing with the pleasure of kinky sex.

"Maybe we'd better get home before we all fall asleep," Sue said.

"But Jim doesn't expect you at home," Bette said. "He came over and told me you were away for the night."

"He only said that because he wanted to fuck you," Sue said.

"You mean he knows you're here with Ted?" Bette asked.

"Sure! Jim and I have no secrets."

Chapter TEN

The explosion awakened Bette. The men who were digging the pool had struck rock, so they were dynamiting, quaking the house from early morning to late afternoon.

She got up, washed, dressed, and went down to have breakfast. Through the window she saw the orange construction equipment, piles of dirt and rock, and the hard-hatted men. The room was filled with the roar of a diesel engine. Sitting at the table nibbling her toast and sipping her tea, Bette watched the men work. Naturally, having a bunch of men around while she was alone made her think about fucking. It would be a simple matter to invite all the workmen in and spread her legs for them. In fact, as she thought about it, Bette's cunt became hot and wet.

She was reminded of the day, not so long ago -- even though it seemed like ages -- when she moving van had come with Sue's and Jim's furniture. She remembered how she'd exposed herself to the moving men, jerking off so they could watch. That had been the beginning of her transformation from simple soul to sexy slut.

Her mind was made up she would fuck all the men digging her pool. But rather than rush out in the yard and rip off her clothing, Bette played it cool. First she finished her breakfast, letting her lust grow and ripen.

Although she was too excited now to even taste her tea, she kept sipping mechanically while she plotted her strategy.

When she'd fucked the electric man, she had invented an elaborate story about smelling smoke to lure him over. But, finally, she'd merely dropped her robe and given herself to him. This, no doubt, was the best policy. She would merely stroll out to the yard and invite the guys in. Once inside, she would offer to fuck them.

Cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Bette trembled wit anticipation. Every nerve of her body was on fire, especially those in her pussy. After unbuttoning her blouse down to mid-tit and tickling her nipples into erection, Bette sashayed out into the yard.

The men's boss, Frank, was a good-looking middle-aged man. Bette went to him with her warmest smile.

"Hi, Frank," she said.

"Hello, Mrs. Jameson," he answered.

"Call me Bette. I was wondering if you and the guys would like..."

Bette was interrupted by her doorbell. Now that her seduction was under way she hated to be distracted, but she thought it best to get rid of whoever was at the door before starting to fuck ail these guys.

"Excuse me, Frank," she said as she went back inside.

It was Jim at the door and Bette's heart sank when she saw his obvious horniness. But she couldn't just send him away.

"Hi," Jim said. "I'm glad I caught you. I was afraid you might be out."

"Actually, I've just finished breakfast," Bette said.

"Gee, I thought it was later," Jim said, looking at his watch. "I've been up since dawn. I had to get some figures together for my lawyer. We're meeting today about a real estate deal in Phoenix. What a morning!"

Bette knew what was coming next.

"How about hopping into bed with me for a while?" Jim said simply. "Sue's in a rotten mood. She practically threw me out of the house."

Bette didn't see any way out. She was too horny to refuse, and she couldn't fuck the workmen right under Jim's nose. She took solace in the knowledge that the men would be digging her pool for at least another week.

Jim put his hands on Bette's hips and she let her body fall forward, bringing her face and tits to him. He kissed her passionately as her tits crushed against his chest.

"Wait here until I make sure all the drapes are closed," she panted, wiggling from him. "I can't let the workmen see that I'm smuggling you into my bedroom."

Bette closed the drapes in the dining room and bedroom, then called to Jim. In the bedroom, with the subdued light of day coming through drawn drapes, they began eagerly stripping off their clothes.

Naked, they threw themselves into each other's arms and resumed their hungry kissing. Flesh to flesh, they squeezed their horny bodies together. Their lust was explosive.

They went into the bedroom where Jim was waiting.

"Hi, old man," Ted said. "Hope you don't mind my horning in on you. I could go next door and see Sue if you'd rather."

"Not at all," Jim said. "Glad to have you join us."

Ted stripped and joined Jim and Bette, who were already kissing and groping each other again. Ted snuggled up to his wife's back and pressed his hard prick to her ass. It seemed strange to be in this position with Bette while she and Jim were kissing. But it was also very exciting.

Ted fitted his cock into the crack of his wife's ass and slowly slid it back and forth along that smooth crevice. It seemed to Ted that Jim was holding Bette's tits, so he supposed her cunt was unoccupied. He slipped his fingers beneath her ass and between her thighs, feeling her hot juice searing his fingertips.

Bette stuck her ass back toward her husband, inviting him to probe her cunt. Ted complied. With his cock still rocking along the crack of her ass, he pressed his fingers farther into her pussy. He filled her cunt with his fingers, creeping into her flowing tunnel.

"Mmmmmm!" Bette hummed into Jim's mouth as Ted played with her pussy.

But Ted soon had company. From the front, Jim's fingers wandered into the wet folds of flesh Ted's finger were exploring. But Ted didn't retreat and Jim kept advancing. Neither man minded sharing this territory. In fact they both found that finger fucking together was exciting.

Soon, Bette was backing her hips between the two men. They both had their pricks pressed to her body, Jim's to her belly, Ted's to her ass. It felt great to them to have Bette buffeting between them.

"Ohhhhhh!" Bette gasped in the desperate tone that indicated she would be coming very soon.

The men increased their fingering at the tender flesh of Bette's pussy. Jim, since he warns in front of her, concentrated his diddling on Bette's clit. Ted reamed her cunt with three fingers, stretching, massaging, tugging.

"Ohhh, that feels sooooo good!" Bette cried.

The men kept up their fingering until Bette was wailing with ecstasy. Then, as she calmed down, they let their fingers slip from between Bette's thighs.

Giving Bette that orgasm made both men wild for their turn. But which or would fuck her first?

Still on her side between them. Bette took their pricks in her hands. Then she pulled both stiff cocks to her crotch. She held Jim's bloated cock head at her clit while she tucked Ted's pricktip beneath her drooling pussy.

"I want you guys to fuck me both of you," Bette said, still breathless from her climax.

She climbed onto her knees, still gripping a cock in each hand. The men followed, understanding what she had in mind and thrilled by it.

"Wet your prick in my pussy," she said to Ted as she dragged his prick up her cunt.

Ted slipped his prick into his wife's pussy, gasping at the thrilling sensation of being swab lowed by her hot cunt. But he only remained inside her for a moment before Bette pushed him out.

"Now stick your cock up my ass!" she ordered.

Just what Ted had expected! He eagerly obeyed, putting his cock head against Bette's asshole, which she displayed by pulling her ass cheeks apart.

Jim supported Bette's body as Ted pressed his prick up her ass. Ted looked down at the meeting of cock and asshole and watched his prick disappearing into it. Her asshole was hot and tight and his prick sank in slowly as Bette's ass stretched around it.

Now that Ted was lodged up her ass, she invited Jim to fill her cunt with his hard cock meat. Bette leaned back on Ted as Jim threaded his prick into her pussy.

When both men were deep inside her, the action started. They both began pumping their hips, bouncing Bette between them as they forced their cocks in and out of her body.

"Aaaaaaa!" Bette sang, her voice wanton and savage.

The bed rocked with the effort of the three of them to make this a fucking to remember. Ted's hips slapped Bette's ass as he plunged his prick madly in her ass. Jim's belly slapped Bette's belly and her tits swayed against his chest.

In unison, then in opposition, the men's pricks plowed and withdrew. Bette became a rag doll between their powerfully lunging bodies.

"Aaaaaa!" Bette screamed, hitting another orgasm.

"Mrs. Jameson, are you all right?" a voice called. "Are you..."

The heavy tread of work boots stopped at the bedroom door. The three frenzied fuckers looked up, startled to see Frank standing there, summoned by what he thought were cries of pain.

The fuckers were too far into their pleasure to stop or even slow down. Frank, a would-be rescuer, stood dumb-founded, gaping at the sight before him. When the man collected himself, realizing his mistake, he turned and started away.

"Frank!" Bette called. "F-F-Frank! Don't go. C-c-come back!"

But the man didn't stop, quickly disappearing around the corner of the hallway. But then his face reappeared, looking back into the bedroom as though he couldn't believe what he'd seen.

"Get the other men!" Bette called as she continually bumped between the thrusting hips fore and aft. "I n-n-need all of you! F-f-fuck me! F-f-fuck me, everyone."


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