The widow's hot job

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to see come true.

In this story, Patty Parker, a widow, has learned to be honest with her sexual desires, and she becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is a woman dedicated to becoming a sexually liberated soul -- a person who not only feels sexually free, but who feels compelled to unshackle others from the bonds of Puritanism.

THE WIDOW'S HOT JOB deals with a volatile issue, an issue that government has tried to define, that churches have tried to repress, that swingers have tried to advocate -- but perhaps the answer lies with the individual. Let him or her decide his own standards of morality where sex between consenting individuals is concerned.

Chapter ONE

Patty Parker stood outside the tall office building, gathering her nerve. She hadn't looked for a job in years, but now that she was widowed and left without a dime, she didn't have a choice. She had to get a job, and fast.

The problem was, Patty had no skills. She was young, pretty, blonde, and had a fantastic body, but that was it. Ten years before, just out of high school, she'd gone job hunting, and she'd ended up marrying the first guy who interviewed her, Carl Parker, a wealthy older man. So she really hadn't had to develop any job skills.

Now Patty was sorry that she'd never trained for any line of work, but it was too late for that. She needed work right away. She'd just have to bluff at her interviews. The sales company of Henry Clark, Inc. wanted a receptionist, and she figured she could handle that, if she could just get past the interview.

Patty took a deep breath and entered the building. As she walked to the elevator, she noticed many good-looking men coming in and out, and for a moment she forgot her worries about a job. Since Carl's sudden death a few weeks ago, she'd been free to make love with men her own age, free to fuck as many guys as she wanted. She'd been too busy to take advantage of that freedom yet, but she was looking forward to it.

She'd loved Carl, and they'd had a pretty good sex life, even though he was old enough to be her grandfather. But now Patty was eager to fuck with some young bunks. After all, she was still young herself, still in her twenties. And, marrying so young, she'd never sown her wild oats.

Carl was the only man she'd ever fucked. She was burning with curiosity to know what it was like with other men. The young widow was very horny. She'd been almost a month without sex now, and it was really getting to her. But before she could do anything about that, she reminded herself, she had to find work.

As she rode the elevator up to the tenth floor, she wondered what had possessed Carl to leave all his money to the Humane Society. He must have figured that Patty was young and healthy and could take care of herself -- but she wished he had at least left her money for some job training. She felt as helpless as one of those abandoned kittens or puppies that Carl was so concerned about.

She stepped off the elevator and faced a frosted glass door lettered: "Henry Clark, Inc." She swallowed hard, took another deep breath, and entered. She found herself face to face with a grim-looking older woman who glared at her.

"Yes?" the woman barked. "What can I do for you?"

"I've come to interview for the receptionist's job," Patty said.

The woman looked scornful, but she stood up and said: "Oh, very well, follow me. I'll take you to Mr. Clark, the company president."

They left the anteroom and entered the main room, full of open cubicles with desks and phones. There wasn't another woman in the place. To Patty's delight, it was an all-male sales force, and the men were very attractive. Many of them smiled at her and looked her over appreciatively.

At the back of the room was an imposing oak door labeled: "President."

The grim old receptionist knocked at the door, then opened it and announced: "Mr. Clark, someone to interview far the job."

She let Patty into the room, then left. Patty found herself looking at a little bald guy in his late fifties seated behind an enormous desk. He looked Patty over like she was dessert, almost licking his chops. His gaze lingered on her gorgeous big tits. Finally he pulled himself together.

"Your name, please?" he said.

"Patty Parker," she said with her most dazzling smile.

"Please sit down, Miss Parker," Henry Clark said, indicating a chair very close to his.

Patty decided not to tell him that she was really "Mrs." She sat down and faced him, hiking her skirt up a little to show off her nice long legs. She obviously wasn't going to win this job on the basis of skills, so she hoped her looks would do the work for her. Mr. Clark looked her over again, and it was clear that he liked what he saw.

"Your previous work history, Miss Parker?" he said.

"This will be my first job, Mr. Clark," Patty told him. "I was married fourteen years, and my husband recently died. I need work."

"And what skills do you have?" he asked. "Typing, filing, bookkeeping, shorthand?"

Patty blushed hard. There was no getting around it. "I'm afraid I have no job training, Mr. Clark," she confessed. "But I need a job badly and I'm willing to work hard and learn."

Henry Clark sighed loudly. "Damn," he muttered, "I'd love to have you replace that old relic, Miss Graves. You just met her. She's retiring, and we're looking for her replacement. You can imagine what it's been like, looking at her for the past decade or so. Somebody like you would lift a lot of spirits. But I'm sorry, Miss Parker -- I can't hire you if you have no job training for the job."

Patty's heart sank. She could see now that it was going to be this way at every interview. The boss would like her looks and be very attracted to her, but he wouldn't hire her, not unless she came up with a different approach. Patty thought fast, then decided to take a desperate chance.

"I didn't say I have no skills at all, Mr. Clark," she putted.

She stood up and started to undress. As she worked the buttons of her blouse, Clark sat up very straight in his chair and his eyes widened. Patty removed her blouse and draped it over her chair. Clark ogled the fully packed cups of her lacy bra, then pressed a button on his phone and lifted the receiver.

"Miss Graves, hold all calls," he instructed. He hung up and watched as Patty unzipped her skin and slipped it off. She had gorgeous long legs, tan and shapely. She kicked off her shoes and skinned out of her pantyhose. She paraded before the boss in matching lace bra and panties. Clark was getting flushed in the face and very excited.

Facing him, Patty reached around and unhooked her bra. She let the delicate garment fall to the carpeted floor. Clark licked his lips as he studied her big thrusting tits. They were the size of big honeydew melons, round and heavy, yet high-riding tits.

Patty knew she had gorgeous tits. Carl had never been able to keep his hands off them. Now she moved in a little closer to Clark to give him a better view of the creamy tit flesh and large light-pink nipples. She could feel his hot breath on her sensitive tits.

Swallowing hard, he reached out and hoisted her heavy hot tits, as if testing dick weight and seeing if they were for real. He started molding and squeezing her tits. It was the first time she'd been touched by a man in over a month, and Patty felt a sudden rush of lust that left her hot and trembling.

Clark used his thumbs to tease her big cone shaped nipples into long rigid nubs. Patty felt molten cream starting to leak from her hungry cunt, moistening her panties. She needed a man worse than had thought. Henry Clark was old enough to be her father, skinny and bald, but he was turning her on.

It didn't matter how he looked. He was a man, he wanted her, and that was all that counted. Patty reminded herself that she was here was to get that receptionist's job, but was hard to keep that in mind. All she could think about was the raging need in her starved pussy.

Grinning, she drew beck, casing her heavy hot tits from Clark's grasp. Standing just out of reach, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and started inching the lacy garment downward. She did it slowly and teasingly, while Clark leaned forward in his chair to watch.

She inched the panties down till the first golden pussy curls popped into view, then abruptly turned her back on the gawking employer. She pulled the panties down over the small perfect globes of her ass. She let him look for a second, then whirled to face him again.

Now she drew the panties down over the small golden triangle of her cunt bush, then let them slither down her legs. She kicked them away and stood naked before the dignified company president, Henry Clark. His Adam's apple was bobbing up and down as he studied her magnificent young body. To Patty's delight, she noticed a growing bulge at his fly.

She'd gotten to him, all right. But it was enough to get her that job? She'd better make sure.

"I assume you like what you see, Mr. Clark," she purred. "Perhaps you'd like to sample it a little."

She moved in close, practically sticking her cute little pussy in his face. He gave a hoarse growl and grabbed for her, cupping her firm littie ass and pulling her against his face. He buried his face in her soft warm cunt bush, inhaling the fragrances of soap and cologne and lusty female juices.

Patty gave a horny gurgle and felt more hot sticky cream leaking from her cunt and moistening her pussy slit. She'd never fucked with anybody but her husband. Except for a little kissing and hand-holding on dates as a teenager, no guy had touched her but Carl. So even though Henry Clark wasn't the young hunk of her dreams, he was getting her plenty excited.

Besides, he knew what to do with a pussy. He folded back the golden fur of her pussy bush and isolated the supersensitive nub of her clit, the most responsive part of her pussy. He pressed a fingertip to the moist button and rubbed it expertly. Patty moaned and creamed hard.

"Oooooo, yessss," Patty breathed, "that feels so nice, Mr. Clark -- don't stop."

This guy had been around. He knew how to arouse a woman. And Patty didn't think he'd gotten his practice with his wife, whose photo was on the desk beside them. Mrs. Clark was middle-aged, fat, and ultra-respectable looking.

No, this little homely guy obviously had lots of bucks which he didn't mind spending on young ladies, and he knew just how to make young ladies feel good. He massaged Patty's clit with his fingertip, and she couldn't hide the streams of pussy juice that coursed down her legs.

"Unnnnnhhh, yessss, feels so nice," she breathed.

He could feel her clit throbbing and swelling under his massaging finger, of course, so he had to know how aroused he was getting her. He worked her clit into his own miniature hard-on, till it felt ready to burst with hot sensation. Then he switched tactics on her.

"Ooooooo!" Patty squealed. "Shit, yessss." Clark had suddenly stuck out his tongue and started licking her clit. It was a heavenly sensation for the horny young widow. Thick floods of cunt cream gushed down her thighs, and she had to back up and grip the edge of the desk as her knees turned to rubber. She moaned with delight as his tongue flicked her clit.

"Oh, God, I love that," she sobbed.

Patty had practically forgotten why she was in Clark's office. It didn't seem important now. All that mattered was getting off, satisfying the burning lust between her legs. One thing she could say for Clark, he'd kept her well fucked. Since his death she'd missed that regular good loving, and now she needed some loving urgently. Henry Clark was giving her just what she craved.

She leaned back against the desk and spread her legs, giving him plenty of room to work. His tongue darted deeper between her thighs, lapping the tangy cream from her dripping cunt mouth. Then he lashed her clit again, whipping it with his big hot tongue till Patty was sobbing with pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, honey, I have to get off," she wept. "I'll go crazy if I don't come pretty soon."

"No problem," Clark chuckled.

He stuck his thick middle finger up her cunt. It was stiff and hard, just the sensation she ached for. He started finger-fucking her in quick deep thrusts, and she clutched the edge of the desk till her knuckles went white. Her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace, her eyes rolling crazily.

"Do it to me, fuck it to meeee," she whined. Dizzily, she remembered that she was supposed to be interviewing for a job, not getting finger-fucked, but there was nothing she could do about that now. Her lust was raging, blinding, and she couldn't bear to make Clark stop finger-fucking her famished pussy hole.

Suddenly, however, she felt him pulling his finger out of her cunt, and she sobbed with frustration. He stood up, dropped his pants, and tugged down his shorts. She saw his cock, stiff as steel and drooling thick globs of cream. She moaned with longing.

"Yessss," she hissed, hiking herself up on his desk.

Clark quickly brushed various articles out of the way, clearing the desk top. He scowled at the photo of his wife, then turned it face down. Patty lay on her back, bringing her ass and her heels to the edge of the desk. She spread her legs wide, showing Clark the cream-soaked pink flesh of her cunt gash.

"Beautiful," he growled.

He ogled the glistening rosy cunt flesh and its pretty fringe of golden curls. Then he pressed the engorged head of his cock into the steady little pit of her cuntal opening, and Patty whimpered with excitement. It would be the first time she'd taken any guy's cock except her husband's.

"Yes, yes, stick it in me," she panted.

Clark looked at her wonderingly, no doubt puzzled that such a sexy and beautiful young woman could be so hard up for sex. But he didn't ask any questions. He just fucked his stiff cock into her, thrusting deep till only his balls showed. Patty threw back her head and sobbed with relief.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, I need it so bad!" she cried. Flushed and leering, the little man started fucking her in quick greedy thrusts, giving it to her, hard and deep. That was exactly the way she wanted it. She gripped the sides of the desk and moaned in ecstasy as his iron-hard cock crammed her starved cunt again and again. She soaked his pistoning prick with swing floods of cunt cream.

"Unnnhhh, yes, honey, fuck me good and hard," she moaned. "Make me come. I'll go crazy if I don't come."

Clark snorted with excitement and fucked into her even faster. His eyes were fixed on her big ripe tits, which were wobbling like jelly with the impact of his fucking. Then he watched his cock battering her cunt and spreading her pussy lips wide. The more roused he got, the faster and harder he fucked her.

That was just fine with Patty. She needed somebody to fuck her silly. She had a whole sexless month to make up for, and her needs were desperate and hot. Closing her eyes, she rocketed toward the climax she needed so badly.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she wailed. She was learning something. She knew now that she couldn't live without sex. She had to have a man in her life, and she had to have regular, good fucking. She just wondered how she'd gone four long weeks without taking a cock.

The pleasure built in her seething pussy till she couldn't contain it any longer. She felt a massive explosion of sensation in the fiery depths of her cunt, and it flashed out to shake her whole body. Her cunt went into hard spasms around Clark's fucking cock.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, yessss, whahhhhh!" she wailed. "Ohhhh, God, I'm coming, whahhhh!"

"Ahhhhh, Jesus, aaaggghhhh!" Clark roared, boiling his load of jism into her sucking cunt.

They climaxed hard together, and then he slumped back into his chair, panting for breath. Patty gave a satisfied sigh and sat up, grinning at him.

"What do you think of my job skills now, Mr. Clark?" she cooed.

Henry Clark, president of the company, chuckled. "I may be crazy," he said. "But what the hell. Who cares if you can't type? The job is yours, Patty. I'll have Miss Graves start training you right away."

Chapter TWO

For a week Miss Graves struggled to teach Patty all the office machines and duties. Patty didn't know anything, and it was obvious that she'd never be as good at the job as Miss. Graves.

But the president of the company insisted on hiring her, so the older woman did her best to train the new girl.

While they worked, Patty watched the attractive salesman coming in and out of the reception area, and she got hornier by the second.

She wished she and Henry Clark could get together again, too. But unfortunately she couldn't make a move without Miss Graves following her and supervising her.

The suspicious spinster hardly even let Patty go to the john by herself. Miss Graves must have suspected the real reason the beautiful blonde had been hired to replace her. But Patty was very careful not to do anything put of line. The week was a total drag, but Miss Graves didn't catch her at anything.

At last the training period was over, and Miss Graves was given a small good-bye party with tea and cookies. It was Patty's first chance to meet the sales staff. Mr. Clark introduced her to everybody, and the men's eyes told Patty how happy they were that she was taking Miss Graves' place.

The following Monday, Patty took over the receptionist's desk. It was wonderful not having Graves leaning over her all the time. The old bitch had celebrated her retirement by going on a cruise to Antarctica, so they wouldn't be hearing from her for a long time, if ever. Patty happily slipped behind the desk, but she'd hardly sat down before the phone buzzed.

"Henry Clark, Incorporated," she said.

"Patty," Henry Clark said, "please get your gorgeous ass into my office right away. Oh, and bring your steno pad."

"Yes, sir," Patty said.

She was puzzled. Mr. Clark knew she couldn't take dictation. Graves had tried to teach her a little shorthand, but it was no go. However, he was the boss, so she did as ordered, taking her steno pad and going to his private office.

Patty was wearing a clinging red dress, cut short at the hem and low in front. It showed off her shapely body, deep cleavage, and great legs. She had a natural sexy sway to her walk. As she passed through the main room, the place went silent and work pound to a halt.

Male eyes bored into her as she smiled and sauntered through the room. Patty knew that at least a dozen men were looking at her and fantasizing about fucking her. It made her feel horny as hell. Maybe now that she had Graves off her tack, she could start dating some of these cute guys.

She tapped at Clark's door and entered his private office. He wasn't at his desk. He was across the room, at the built-in bar, having a little nip. He tossed down his drink and walked over to Patty, guiding her to the chair beside his desk. She sat down and poised her pencil over her pad.

"Take a letter, Patty," Clark said solemnly. "Yes, sir, I'll try," Patty said, frowning. He started dictating to her, and she did her best to get all the words down, but she knew it was hopeless. He was standing behind her, and judging from the sound of his voice, he was moving closer and closer to her. Suddenly she noticed something weird out of the corners of her eyes.

"Oh, my God," she gasped.

"Surprise," Clark laughed.

It was a stiff cock, and it was right by her face. Patty stared at it, taking in the engorged purple cock head, the fat blue-veined cock shaft, and the thick hairy base. It had been a week since Clark had fucked her, and she hadn't had any sex since then, not an ounce of relief for her raging lust.

She set down her pad, turned, and looked at her boss. He was standing there in his three piece business suit, looking perfectly respectable except that his cock, was sticking stiffly out of his pants and he was grinning like a fiend. Patty grinned back at him.

"I've completely screwed up this letter, Mr. Clark," she announced.

"That's okay, Patty," he said. "And please call me Henry."

Patty dipped out of the chair, leaving her pad and pencil behind and going to her knees in front other leering boss. She curled her fingers around his cock and guided the engorged cock head toward her lips. Her glistening pink tongue darted out, and she started licking his cock meat. Clark gave a lusty snort and shivered with excitement.

"I was hoping you gave head," he said.

"Oh, I do," Patty cooed. "And I'm very good at it. My husband was a good teacher."

She proceeded to prove it. She lathered his prick with her hot saliva.

Today, it was Henry's turn to back up against the desk as his knees turned to rubber. He stood there flushed and panting as his beautiful receptionist tongued his prick.

"Like I said, who cares if you can't type?" he sighed.

Patty was starved for cock. Carl had taught her everything there was to know about oral sex, and she loved doing it and having it done to her. She was drooling onto Henry's prick now as she tongued it. He clutched the edge of his desk and panted.

"Ohhhhh, yes, baby, that's great," he moaned.

Thick globs of cream began to ooze up in his piss hole, and Patty salivated at the sight. She hadn't tasted cock cream in so long. She tongued up the delicious salty juice and railed it around in her mouth, savoring it. She licked up his cock cream as fast as it appeared.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm," she moaned.

"Suck it for me, honey," Henry said hoarsely. "I bet you're really good at that."

"You be the judge," Patty grinned.

She opened her red-glossed lips and started sliding his throbbing boner into her mouth. Henry groaned with bliss. She was able to take in almost his whole cock, fisting and pumping the rest. She drew in her cheeks and started to suck.

"Christ, yes," he gasped.

Carl had taught his young wife well. He loved blow-jobs, and he'd made sure that Patty gave the best possible kind. Luckily, she was a natural. She loved sucking and licking, and she loved the taste of cock, so she was an eager pupil. Now she was showing Henry her full talents.

He stared down at her, unbelievingly. So maybe this girl couldn't take shorthand or work a word processor -- she was incredibly skilled in other ways. It was the best blow-job he'd ever had, and there'd been lots of them. This horny young widow was genuinely hungry for cock.

She sucked loudly and greedily on his prick, drooling as she tasted his cock cream. Henry was tempted to let her suck him off, but he also wanted back into her tight and steamy little cunt. It was too bad he didn't have two cocks. But he had to make a choice.

He enjoyed her loud greedy cock-sucking till he was dangerously close to coming, then said hoarsely: "That's enough, honey. I want to fuck you now."

Patty shivered with excitement. Much as she loved sucking cock, she liked fucking even better. She stood up, and Henry guided her into the position he wanted, leaning against the desk with her hands braced against the edge, her cute little ass sticking out. He stood behind her and flipped up her skirt.

He ogled her perfect ass in the tight bikini panties, and his prick gave a lusty buck and leaked thick hot cream onto the carpet. He was about to pull her panties down when he got the uneasy feeling that he was being watched.

"Oh-oh, just a second," he said.

Once more he turned his wife's photo face downward. Then he slipped back into position and eased Patty's lacy panties down over her ass. He let the garment slide down her nice long legs, and she kicked it away. He tucked her skirt up, leaving the field clear for action.

"Gorgeous," he murmured, running his hands over her silky hot, ass.

He eased her thighs wider and wider apart, then slipped a hand between them and felt the searing flesh of her cunt gash. As he fondled the swollen folds of her pussy, she moaned and creamed all over his hand. She was the horniest young woman he'd ever met, and that aroused him violently.

He plugged the fat head of his cock into her steamy moist cuntal opening, and she whimpered with eagerness and clawed the desk. She soaked his cock head with a smoldering rush of cunt cream. He watched the pearly liquid overflow her pussy and run down her legs as he penetrated her about an inch.

"Unnnnhhh, yesss, Henry, stick your cock in me," she moaned. "Give me every inch!"

Grinning like a maniac, the little bald guy fucked his stiff boner slowly and deliciously into the gorgeous blond's slippery cunt. Patty was definitely hard up for cock. He couldn't imagine how or why, but he was glad to be the guy to give her what she so urgently needed.

As he fucked into her she clawed the desk, sobbed with relief, and creamed like crazy. Her cunt was hot as a blast furnace around his cock meat, tugging and squeezing it. Thick floods of juice overflowed her cunt, forced out by his advancing cock. He pushed till he hit bottom.

"You got it all now, baby," he growled.

"Oh, yeah, it feels so good," she gurgled. "Fuck me good and hard, Henry -- I need it real bad."

Henry suspected she always needed fucking really bad. She was naturally hot-blooded, and her late husband had gorged her on sex, till she couldn't go a day without it. Now she'd had to go a week, and she was almost out of her mind with fuck-lust. He started fucking her, and she went wild.

"Unnnnhhhh, shit, yes!" she cried. "Fuck it to me, baby, fuck the living shit out of me."

Henry hammered the cock to her, knowing she loved to get it hard and fast. Some other time, when they had more time and privacy, he'd get into the refinements of love-making with this hot-pants widow, but right now he was just satisfying some basic animal lust for both of them.

Patty appreciated that fact. She loved all kinds of foreplay and kinky love-making, but right now she just needed to be fucked. She needed to be fucked hard and thoroughly. Her lust was at the boiling point after such a long time without a man.

"Oooooo, yeah, do it to me! I love it!" she wailed.

All week, she'd been masturbating like crazy. In fact she'd been beating off like a sex maniac ever since Carl died. It was fun and it temporarily satisfied her, but nothing could take the place of a nice hard cock. Her fingers could never substitute for that fat throbbing slab of cock meat.

She was enjoying hell out of it now as Henry fucked his rock-hard prick into her fiery-hot little pussy. Her face twisted into a lusty grimace, and she clawed at the desk top as he hammered the cock to her. His thick cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out her cunt cream.

"Ooooo, shit, hove it," she sobbed. "I love to fuck."

Not that she had to tell her boss that. He could see it for himself. There were signs of horniness that a woman couldn't fake, like a boiling-hot cunt and floods of pussy cream, and Patty was displaying all the signs. Her famished pussy hole was clamping around his cock, sucking at it, and soaking his fucker with blast after blast of searing cunt cream.

She was frantic to get off, and Henry helped launch her into orbit even faster than she'd expected. Still pistoning his big hard prick into her greedily squeezing pussy, he reached around and grasped her clit between his fingers and started kneading the super sensitive button.

"Ohhhhhh, my God, yesssss!" she wailed. "Honey, that's gonna make me come so good!"

She loved to be fucked, and she loved having her clit massaged. Now Henry was doing both things to her at the same time. She closed her eyes and soared to the brink of orgasm as she enjoyed the double sensations in her cunt and on her clit. It was heaven for the sex-starved young widow.

"Do it to me, don't stop, gonna come," she sobbed.

Her cunt was growing fiery hot around his cock, and she was squirting hot cream all aver his fingers. Henry knew she was right on the verge of coming, yet she was greedily holding off the explosion, wanting to prolong the fun. She was hungry for sex, and he loved that.

But there finally came a point when she couldn't hold back her release any longer. She stiffened, and he felt her cunt closing around his cock with exquisite tightness. There was a deluge of molten cunt cream around his cock meat, and then her shapely young body went into hot convulsions.

"Ohhhhh, shit, you did it to meeee! I'm coming!" Patty screamed.

Henry was glad he had a soundproof office, otherwise his salesmen would wonder what the screaming was about. He fucked the moaning, writhing widow through a violent long orgasm and went on massaging her clit, too. Patty sobbed with relief and soaked his cock with rush after rush of thick hot come-cream.

"Unnnnhhh, yeah, coming so good!" she wept.

It was a delicious hard climax, with Henry stimulating both her cunt and her clit, and it went on and on. Yet when she finished coming, Patty was surprised to feel her boss' cock still hard as steel inside her pussy.

"Henry, you didn't get off!" she exclaimed. "I didn't want to yet," he said. "I want to go on fucking your hot little cunt."

The phone rang. Patty moaned, pulled herself together, and answered: "Henry Clark, Incorporated. Yes, one moment, please." She handed the phone to Henry. "Long distance, Chicago."

"Oh, right," he said, pulling his cock out of her and sitting in his big swivel chair. "Hello, Ed? Yes, she does have a sexy voice, doesn't she? That's my new receptionist, Patty. We finally got rid of that old witch, Graves."

He started talking business, and Patty realized he'd forgotten all about her. He still bade hard-on, though, and the sight of it made her drool. She decided to treat her boss to a little surprise. Quietly, she slipped under the huge desk and crawled between his legs. She poised her greedy mouth right over his stiff drooling cock.

"Yeah, Ed," he said, those figures are right. "I'd have to... ohhhh, Jesus." He moaned helplessly as Patty slipped his cock into her steamy hot mouth and started to suck. "Uh, no, Ed, I'm okay," he panted. "I just dropped something."

He struggled to keep the excitement out of his voice as his horny receptionist proceeded to give him a blowjob under the table. Patty's mouth was hot as fire, and it worked swiftly and greedily on his prick meat. She suctioned the thick hot cream out of his piss hole and gobbled it.

"Yeah, Ed," he said hoarsely, "tell me more about that deal you had in mind."

He wanted Ed to do the talking, because he wasn't sure he could control his voice much longer. Patty was sucking faster by the second, bringing his lust to the boiling point. She was sucking loudly, too, so loudly that he wondered if Ed could hear the obscene wet noise.

Then he felt his balls exploding with their steaming load. No way could he stop the fiery rush of jism up his bucking, throbbing cock. The first hot sting of come hit the back of Patty's throat, and she moaned hungrily and sucked like crazy, absolutely draining his balls.

He covered the mouthpiece of the phone and yelled: "Eat it, baby, aaaggghhhhh!"

He flooded Patty's mouth with blast after blast of scorching jizz, and she gobbled it greedily. She let her cheeks swell with the hot salty come, savoring it, then gulped it down and took another load. Henry felt like he'd shot ten years' worth of come into her sucking mouth.

"Great, Ed, I'll be talking to you," he sighed, hanging up.

"What did your friend want?" Patty asked, crawling out from under the desk.

"Damned if I know," Henry said. "I didn't hear a thing he said."

"Oh, sorry," she giggled.

"I'm not," he said with a leer. "You're some kind of receptionist, Patty. You sure know how to keep your boss happy."

Chapter THREE

While Patty was keeping her boss happy, the salesmen in the main office were talking about her.

"She's sure an improvement over old Graves, isn't she?" somebody said.

That produced an outburst of agreement, and everybody started talking at once about how beautiful and sexy the new receptionist was and how they'd like to make out with her. There wasn't a man in the room who didn't want to get into Patty's pants.

"She's probably got a guy already," said Ken, the hottest salesman.

"Well, there's only one way to find out," replied Brook, the head salesman. "Somebody should ask her out, and if she accepts, he can find out just how far she'll go."

Art, the mousy office manager, grinned and said: "Why don't you take on that assignment, Brook? You're a great success with the ladies."

There was applause for that suggestion, and Brook laughed and said: "Well, hell, why not? The first chance I get today, I'll ask her out."

He got his chance as people were coming back from lunch. Brook was always prompt in returning because he wanted to impress Mr. Clark, and Patty knew she didn't dare be late. So they found themselves entering the office at the same time.

Patty smiled at Brook and hungrily took in the sight of his tall, perfectly built body. He was the hunk of her dreams, big and handsome and super masculine. He was the kind of guy she wanted to fuck when she got the chance. It would be so exciting to fuck with an attractive man her own age.

Brook was taking her in, too. She was a little over average height, fantastically built, and with a beautiful face and long light-blond hair. A guy would have to be pretty out of it, or just not interested in girls, not to get excited about Patty. Mentally, he undressed her and felt his cock stiffening.

"How's the job going, Patty?" he asked.

"I've got a lot to learn, Brook," she admitted with a smile. "But if I can last one more week, I think I'll be okay."

"Well, everybody's delighted to be looking at you instead of Miss Graves," he assured her. "By the way, what are you doing tonight? If you're free, I'd like to take you to dinner."

Patty almost squealed with delight. "Why, Brook, I'd love that," she said. "When would you like to pick me up?"

Brook would have liked to pick her up right then and there, carry her to his apartment, and fuck her silly. But he settled for seven o'clock. Patty went home humming to herself. Brook aroused her like crazy, and she knew that whatever he wanted, she'd give him. What woman would want to hold out with a guy like him?

Patty took a long shower, then dressed in a low-cut black evening gown that showed off her incredible figure. She knew she looked great, and Brook's eyes confirmed the fact when he came together. He took her to one of the nicest restaurants in the city, and afterwards they went dancing. Patty got wildly turned on as she pressed herself against his hard masculine body.

Naturally, when he took her home, she invited him into her apartment for a nightcap. She wasn't letting this hunk get away early. Brook eagerly accepted, and she mixed them a couple of martinis. They sat on the couch together, sipped their drinks, and watched the lights of the city through the big picture window.

"I didn't know till tonight that you just lost your husband," Brook said. "I guess you must be feeling pretty lonely."

Not now, Patty thought. But aloud she said: "Yes, Brook, I do feel very lonely. I don't like not having a man around."

She hoped the hint would be taken, and it was. Brook leaned over and kissed her. He started out gently but soon tried more daring things, darting his tongue suggestively in and out of her mouth. Patty creamed right through her panties.

She was so up for this. Of course, she'd been up for fucking with Henry, too, but at the time any stiff cock would have done the job for her. Now she wanted a man who was young and cute, a guy who really aroused her. Brook was perfect.

She darted her tongue back at his, letting him know she wanted him. He set aside their drinks and really got to work, pulling her tightly against him and shoving his whole tongue into her mouth. Patty was creaming and trembling uncontrollably.

As they came up for air, Brook murmured: "Yes, you really do need a man around Patty. I can tell you like to make love."

"Oh, yes, Brook, I really do," she panted. "And I've missed it so much."

Brook's cock mushroomed, crowding his pants. This gorgeous big-titted blond was as much as telling him that she wanted to fuck. She'd made it clear that she needed some loving desperately and that she wanted him. But he knew that, like most women, she didn't want to be rushed, either.

Brook knew just what to do. That was why he was such a success with women. He went on kissing Patty, getting her hotter and hotter, and when she was trembling with excitement, he slipped down the top of her gown. As he'd suspected, she wasn't wearing a bra.

Her big creamy tits popped free of the dress and stuck out nice and firm. He'd never seen a nicer pair of tits. The large cone-shaped nipples were a delicate light pink. Growling, he reached out and cupped the heavy hot tit globes, and as he began squeezing them, Patty slumped back against the couch and gurgled with delight.

"Oh, yeah, Brook, play with my tits," she panted. "I love that."

Brook's cock tried to rip its way out of his pants. But he didn't hurry. Patty wanted to be slowly and deliciously worked up to the point where she couldn't control herself. He knew most women liked to be courted that way. And Brook liked spinning things out, too. He never liked to rush something as fun as fucking. So he took his time, fondling her tits in a leisurely and sensuous way.

Patty stared adoringly at his handsome face, then down at his big hands as he fondled her tits. He used his thumbs expertly to coax her big sensitive nipples into stiffness. Then he leaned down, stuck out his tongue, and started licking the erect nubs. Patty moaned with pleasure.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah, that feels so exciting," she panted.

This man turned her on totally. She couldn't resist him and didn't want to. If he'd asked her to fuck hanging from the rafters, she wouldn't have hesitated. Any kinky thing Brook asked of her tonight, she'd gladly do it.

She'd been wanting to fuck a guy like him ever since she was a teenager. Instead, she'd married a man old enough to be her grandfather. Carl had been a very nice guy, and she'd loved him sincerely, but all during their ten-year marriage she'd secretly lusted after guys her own age.

Now at last she was going to have one. Brook was being a gentleman, bringing her along slowly, but she saw that enormous lump in his pants and knew he wasn't leaving her apartment till he'd done something about it. And that was just fine with Patty!

"Brook, you're getting me so turned on," she gurgled.

"That's the whole idea," he grinned.

He pushed her big hot tits together, lining up the engorged nipples till they rubbed each other. Then he slid his hot steamy mouth down around both nipples and started to suck. Patty almost flew off the couch. With a hoarse cry of pleasure, she sank back, completely submissive, lacing her fingers through Brook's thick dark hair. He loudly and greedily sucked her nipples till she was panting and squealing with arousal. "Unnnhhh, Brook, I can't take much more," she moaned. "I'll go crazy if I don't get off."

He released her spit-soaked nipples and said: "Well, I'd better do something about that right away. Direct me to the bedroom."

He scooped her up in his arms, and Patty told him where the bedroom was. She reached out and switched on the light as they entered the room. For just a second, she felt a touch of guilt. There was the king-size bed she'd shared with Carl for the whole ten years of their marriage, and she was about to bring another man into it.

But Carl was dead now and she was free, Patty reminded herself. She wasn't expected to do without sex for the rest of her life just because she was a widow. She forgot her guilt and even forgot Carl as Brook stood her up and removed her evening gown the rest of the way. She wasn't wearing anything under it but skimpy bikini panties, and Brook made short work of those, too.

Then Patty helped him undress. Those damned three-piece suits were attractive but maddening to get off quickly. She finally got him stripped, then stood back to admire his powerful male body. He looked like a centerfold out of a woman's magazine -- the most attractive man she'd ever seen in her life.

Her eyes drifted down to his cock. He was very nicely hung, his engorged prick so heavy that it weaved and wagged lewdly before him. She thought about taking that long thick slab of cock meat into her starved pussy hole, and she creamed helplessly, the pearly juice overflowing her cunt and running down her legs.

Brook saw the sparkling cunt juice flooding her thighs, and he shivered with excitement. This woman was incredibly horny. He'd never met a girl more in need of hard cock. With a lusty growl, he picked her up again and carried her over to the huge bed. He laid her down on her back, and Patty spread her legs without hesitation.

"I need it so bad, Brook," she moaned.

Brook had a surprise for her, the same surprise he had on all his first dates. It was easy for him to get women aroused, to get them to surrender completely. Most of them ended up like Patty, on their backs with their legs spread, begging for his cock. But that was too easy.

Brook hated routines. He liked to shake women up and do the unexpected. Now he stood ogling Patty's luscious-looking pink cunt silt and thinking how surprised she was going to be when he didn't accept her offer to luck. He climbed onto the bed and crawled between her legs.

"Oh, yes, honey, I want it so bad," she moaned, holding out her arms.

Then she gawked as Brook halted his progress, flopped onto his belly, and stuck his face smack against her juicy hot pussy. She heard obscene slurping and sucking noises and felt his big tongue raking the sensitive flesh between her thighs. It felt marvelous, but she was still in shock. This guy had turned down her obvious invitation to fuck. He'd decided to eat her pussy instead. She couldn't believe it.

"Brook, honey," she gurgled, "you don't have to get me any hotter. I'm about as hot as I can be. We can fuck if you want."

Brook ignored her and started lashing his big tongue fast and hungrily over her creamy pussy. It felt so good that she responded with wails of delight and helpless creaming. It was that hot tangy pussy cream he was after. He lapped her cunt juice up and gobbled it as fast as it spurted from her pussy.

"Oohhhhh, God, yessss," Patty moaned. "You're doing that so good, honey, I love it."

She'd always loved having her pussy licked and sucked. Carl had been an expert at it, and Brook was an expert, too. She held her legs wide open and just let him gobble away. His big hot tongue was everywhere, lashing her throbbing clit, teasing the mouth of her cunt, even rimming the little puckered opening of her shitter.

The love-starved young widow was in heaven. She clawed the bed and sobbed with pleasure as Brook coated every inch of her famished cunt with his hot spit. More musky cream poured from her cunt and down her ass crack, and the big man went for it, lapping it up with the pointed tip of his tongue.

It all felt marvelous to Patty, but she discovered that it was just for openers. After coating her pussy with his saliva, Brook zeroed in on a single target, the juice-spurting mouth of her cunt. She watched him make his big tongue long and stiff, then cram it into her pussy.

"Unnnnhhhh, yesssss!" she screamed.

She'd been aching to have something big in her cunt, and he was giving it to her, cramming her full with his hot slippery tongue. He pushed it into her, clear to the root, then started fucking her with it, hammering it in and out of her velvety fuck-hole.

"Ohhhhh, baby, I love it, I love it," she sobbed.

Patty threw back her head and whimpered and squealed with pleasure as Brook reamed her hot pussy hole with his tongue. He picked up her legs and draped them over his broad shoulders, opening her completely to his tongue fucking and driving the hot meat even deeper than before.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, you're gonna make me come so good that way," Patty wept.

Keeping her legs wide apart and splayed over his shoulders, Brook flicked his long stiff tongue into her cunt. As he touched bottom, Patty took off. She felt his tongue triggering a body blasting orgasm, and then she was convulsing with it and flooding his face with spurt after spurt of creamy come-juice.

"Ohhhhh, God, yessss, ohhhhhh!" the young widow wailed.

Brook went on furiously tongue-fucking her as she came, knowing the deep hard thrusts would make her climax doubly long and intense. Her excitement infected him. His cock, trapped between his belly and the bed, throbbed and bucked. He wanted to cram it into her, yet he was in no hurry. They had all night.

So as Patty started coming down from his tongue-fucking, he slipped the wet meat out of her pussy hole and slid his lips over onto her clit. Firming his mouth around the pulsating lump of clit flesh, he started sucking it. As he'd expected, Patty's horniness rushed back in full force and her pussy went fiery hot against his face.

"Yesssss, suck meeee," she gurgled.

This was some of the best pussy-eating she'd ever experienced. As much as she wanted to fuck Brook, she also wanted to go on enjoying his lips and mouth and tongue. He kept her legs draped over his powerful shoulders, opening her pussy wide, and now he was sucking wetly and noisily on her sensitive clit.

Her clit swelled between his lips and throbbed like crazy, close to explosion. She was so sensitive there that if she rubbed the little button she could get off in less than a minute. Obviously the same thing was going to happen now as her clit responded to Brook's sucking lips.

"Faster," she whimpered. "Ohhhhhh, yesss, here it comes, whaahhhh!"

She blasted his face with floods of molten come. Brook sucked her through another violent orgasm. But the moment she finished coming, she wriggled out of his embrace and jumped on him, knocking him down on his back. She eyed his magnificent hard cock, which was standing up at right angles to his flat hairy belly. She studied his prick and licked her lips.

"Mmmmmm, yessss," she gurgled.

Then she was sliding her hot juicy lips down the thick blue-veined column of his cock. Brook felt his cock meat being sheathed in that tight steamy cavern, and he shuddered with excitement. She was able to take in about half his long hard cock, and she fisted and pumped the rest. Drawing in her cheeks sharply, she began to suck.

"Unnnnhhhh, yeah, baby, great!" he groaned.

Usually Brook liked being the active one in love-making, but now and then he needed a rest, and this was his favorite way to take a break. He lay there grinning, his arms folded behind his head, and watched the cute blonde receptionist working her widely stretched lips up and down his prick.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmm," she moaned.

Her big tits swayed with her movements, the lust-stiffened nipples grazing his body. Brook couldn't keep his cool for long. Soon his horniness was overpowering him, and he spun out of control and started fucking Patty's mouth. Her hoarse moans told him it was okay, that she wanted a whole mouthful of his come.

She didn't have to wait long for it. Panting and groaning, Brook pistoned his prick faster and faster over her slippery little tongue. Then he felt his balls exploding and scaring jizz rushing up his cock. He began pumping her mouth full with blast after blast of boiling jism, and she moaned with excitement.

"Eat it, baby, unngggbhhh!" Brook groaned. Patty's throat muscles were busy as she gobbled the steaming blasts of his come. She drained his cock dry. As it slipped from her mouth, she licked her lips to get every last drop of his tasty cock cream. Brook looked up at her with a mischievous grin on his handsome face.

"Gee, Patty, that was great," he said. "Maybe next time we date, we can fuck."

Patty placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned down on them. "Brook," she said hoarsely, "you're not going anywhere. I'm not letting you out of this bed till we've fucked."

"Is that a promise?"

Chapter FOUR

"It's a promise," Patty said. "And if you don't cooperate, it's also a threat."

Then she scooted down, knelt between his legs, and went for his cock. She picked up the big hot slab of cock meat and stuffed it back in her mouth and started sucking on it. She was an excellent cock-sucker, Brook noted. Somebody had trained this young woman very well.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, baby, that feels great," he sighed.

Over dinner, she'd told him her story, about how she'd gone looking for her first job and ended up marrying the much older man who interviewed her. Her husband had been rich, but he'd been a little weird, too, because he'd left Patty without a dime, willing all of his money to the Humane Society.

At least he'd left her with excellent training in bed. Her pumping fist and sucking lips were in perfect coordination as she worked Brook into his second massive hard-on of the evening. She was so eager, so hot. This beautiful young thing had been married to an old man for ten long years. No wonder she could hardly wait to fuck with new guys.

Those were Patty's thoughts, too. She'd had lots of fun with Carl, but now it was time to be young again and to enjoy herself with men her own age. She sucked ravenously and loudly on Brook's swelling prick, dying to take it into her famished pussy hole. His big boner cooperated, swelling up into a thick granite column. Patty drew her steaming mouth off his hard-on and admired her work.

"Mmmmmm, gorgeous," she gurgled.

Then she tumbled off him and rolled onto her back. She bent and spread her legs, showing him the cream-soaked flesh of her pussy and her drooling little cunt mouth. She held out her arms to him.

"Now will you fuck me?" she asked dryly. "I don't know," Brook said. "I'd better call my answering service first and see if I have any appointments."

"Not if you want to leave this bed alive," she warned.

Brook chuckled and crawled between her legs. He was finally ready to get down to business. He'd had his tongue in Patty's cunt, and he knew how exquisitely tight and juicy and hot it was in there, the perfect place to bury his lust engorged cock.

He knelt between her eagerly spread thighs and pushed the enormous purple head of his prick against her leaking cunt mouth. She whimpered at contact and soaked his cock head with a spurt of cunt cream. He fucked into her, penetrating her pussy about an inch as he buried his cock head in her steamy folds.

"Ohhhhh, Brook, honey, yessss," Patty whimpered. "Stick your big cock in me, give me all of it."

Brook's nostrils flared, and he shivered with excitement. He was a very attractive guy and had fucked dozens of women, but he'd never met one more starved for sex than Patty. The gorgeous blonde widow was frantic for his cock. She was whimpering and clawing the bed and creaming steadily as he plugged her molten cuntal opening with his swollen cock head.

Brook wanted to savor his first thrust into her hot little cunt. He fucked into her steadily but slowly, loving every inch of it. Her cunt sucked and tugged at his cock meat, drenching it with blast after blast of hot cunt cream. Patty was going out of her mind with need and excitement as he gradually filled he pussy with his long throbbing boner.

"More," she sobbed, "give me more of it, baby. I want every fuckin' inch of that big cock!"

Brook growled with excitement at her naughty words. He watched her pretty face contorting with lust, her eyes rolling. He'd never been into a hotter cunt or one that creamed so heavily. This pretty lady acted like she hadn't been fucked in months. He was delighted to come to her rescue.

"Ohhhhh, God, yeas," Patty sobbed as he finally touched bottom.

Neck paused with his massive hard-on fully sheathed in her gripping juicing pussy, savoring the delicious sensation. But Patty was impatient for action. She moaned and wriggled around the fat impalement of his cock, her hips jerking in a fucking motion. The horny widow was making it very obvious to him what she wanted.

"Fuck me, baby," she pleaded. "I need it so bad."

Brook let himself down on her, and her engorged stiff nipples dug into the thick hair of his chest. He cupped her ass, and she wound her legs around his body, so they could make the deepest connection possible. Both attractive young people were hungry to fuck each other.

Then Brook started pistoning his cock in Patty's cunt, and she sobbed with relief. She'd been craving that sensation all day. Yes, Henry had given her a pretty good fucking this morning, but one fuck was just an appetizer for a girl as hot-blooded as Patty. One orgasm just made her hungry far more.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she babbled. She was fucking right back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm, and meeting each deep thrust of his cock with an upward swing that took his fucker to her molten depths. Patty loved being crammed full of rock-hard cock and feeling it throb against every inch of her greedily gripping cunt.

Brook was just as eager. He loved the clinging action of her fiery-hot pussy hole, and he wanted to fuck his prick in there about a thousand times. He had his second wind now and felt like he could go all night with the lusty young widow and her hot little cunt.

"You like it, baby? Am I fucking you good?" he panted.

"Mmmmmm, yessss," she gurgled. "You're fucking me real good, Brook -- don't stop. Fuck me till I can't take anymore."

That was more or less what Brook had in mind. Obviously Patty needed some extensive love-making to satisfy her stored-up needs, and he was just the guy to give it to her. He'd been turned on by the lovely widow from the moment he saw her, and he wanted to fuck her brains out. So they were in perfect agreement about how they wanted to spend the rest of the evening.

Patty's head lolled back and she gurgled in ecstasy as Brook fucked his wrist-thick cock into her starved cunt. Her eyes rolled aimlessly, then closed tightly as she spun her way towards orgasm. It was going to be easy to come. She couldn't have stopped it even if she'd wanted to. But like Brook, she was in no hurry.

Like Brook, she was a pleasure glutton. She wanted it to go on and on enjoying all these fantastic sensations. She wanted to fuck till she was exhausted. Carl hadn't been able to carry on marathon fucking sessions toward the end of their marriage, because he was just too old and pooped out.

He'd spoiled her during their honeymoon. His excitement had been at its peak then, and he'd fucked his virgin teenaged bride all day and night. Patty loved it and wanted it to continue, but that wasn't possible. Carl had done his best, right up to the night of his heart attack, but it wasn't enough to satisfy his horny young wife.

At least he'd died happy, Patty thought. They'd just had a fantastic fuck that lasted about an hour, and then Carl went peacefully to sleep and never woke up. A lot of people would like to check out that way, including Patty herself. But she had a long time to go before that happened, and she had a whole lot more fucking to do.

She thought fondly of Carl, but her thoughts soon drifted back to Brook. Brook was giving her a wonderful fuck. He was hammering away like some efficient well-oiled machine, showing no signs of tiring. Patty arched her body and rubbed her swollen clit against his pistoning prick shaft, getting a hot buzz of pleasure.

"Ooooo, shit, it's so fuckin' good!" she squealed.

"Jesus, is it ever," Brook groaned.

Her cunt was so hot it seemed to sear his cock meat. She was soaking his prick with blat after blast of molten cunt cream. He'd never fucked a cunt that was hotter or more greedily gripping. He fucked her faster and harder by the minute, but the rougher he was, the more excited she became.

"Yearn, you big bastard, that's it, fuck the shit out of me!" she cried hoarsely.

She kept her legs wrapped around him, opening herself to him completely, and she clawed his broad shoulders and bit his neck and earlobes. The woman was going wild, and Brook loved it. He'd fucked plenty of girls who just went through the motions, faking it, and plenty more who were too modest and repressed to display any pleasure. But not Patty.

Patty was horny out of her head, and she wasn't ashamed to show it. She didn't mind if he knew how badly she needed his cock. Her hips were jerking right to his rhythm, and she was willing and moaning as she greedily rubbed her clit against his pistoning prick. Then suddenly she went into hard convulsions and soaked his cock with floods of come.

"Umnnhhh, yeah, I'm coming, whaahhh!" she wailed. "Ohhhhh, shit, fuck, unnnggghhh!" Brook gritted his teeth as her cunt went into violent spasms around his deeply thrust cock. Her muscular cuntal walls seemed to try to suck the fizz out of his cock. But he didn't want to shoot his load yet. He wanted to go on and on fucking this incredibly horny young woman.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, so good!" she sobbed.

Her big hot tits were jiggling against his chest as she came, driving him wild. She went on convulsing, her climax lasting a full minute. But at last she slumped back, limp and panting.

"Fuck me some more, Brook," she gurgled.

"You just got off, greedy," he laughed.

"I know, but I'm so horny," Patty moaned. "Your cock's still nice and hard, honey, so fuck me some more."

"Okay," he grinned, "but let's flip you over and let you bake on the other side."

He drew his long dripping cock out of her pussy, and Patty whimpered with frustration. She hated having her cunt empty. Quickly she rolled into the doggy-fucking position, on her elbows and knees, spreading her legs wide. She moaned eagerly as she felt Brook grasping her hips and plugging the hard head of his cock into her juicy cuntal opening.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, get into me," the lusty young widow moaned.

Patty clawed the sheets and moaned in ecstasy as Brook fucked his long thick boner into her pussy. He fucked into her till his prick butted her womb. Then he began fucking her in slow sensuous strokes, in no hurry to end the fun. Patty was in complete agreement.

"Ummmmm, yeah, fuck me forever, baby," she gurgled. "I can't get enough of your cock."

Brook wondered if she could get enough of anybody's cock. From what she'd told him, she'd literally fucked her elderly husband to death. It was a great way to go, of course, but obviously Patty's sexual needs were much stronger than the average girl's. Maybe she was more than one man could handle.

Her cunt was as juicy and hot and eager as ever around his deep-thrusting prick. He'd just made her come like crazy, but she was all ready to go again, eager for more fucking. She could wear a guy's cock out. However Brook wasn't complaining. If he couldn't give her all the fucking she needed, he'd at least come damned close.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, harder now, honey!" she panted. "Faster."

Brook speeded up his fucking, and his fiat belly began to slap her upturned ass. Each time he fucked into her, she whimpered with delight and soaked his cock meat with another molten rush of cunt cream. He fucked her harder and harder. As before, she seemed to like it rough, getting more aroused by the second as he speeded up.

"Yeah, mother-fucker, do it to me, give it to me as hard as you can," she panted hoarsely. "I wanna fuck you all night, Brook, I never wanta stop."

That sounded good to Brook. Inflamed by her naughty words of encouragement, he fucked into her like a piledriver, making her body shudder with the impact. Patty had to clasp fistfuls of bedspread to keep from getting hammered into the headboard. But she wasn't complaining.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, fuck my brains out, baby," she howled.

Like Brook, Patty was wondering if she could ever get enough fucking or if one man would be able to satisfy her. Her needs seemed to be endless, and she was always up for one more orgasm. But Brook was doing a damned fine job for her. He was a regular fucking machine.

As he hammered steadily away, his belly hitting her ass loudly, she felt herself hurtling effortlessly toward climax. Once again, she couldn't have prevented it even if she'd wanted to. But of course, she didn't want to stop that delicious explosion of sensation. She felt it now, welling up from the depths of her cunt and shaking her whole body.

"Oooooo, shit, fuck, you're doing it to me, I'm comingggg!" she screamed.

She sure hoped her apartment was soundproof, because she couldn't hold back those wails and screams of ecstasy as Brook's fucking cock brought her to climax. She felt herself creaming. The hot juice soaked his prick and overflowed her cunt, gushing down her thighs.

"Ooooo, shit, coming so good!" she gurgled. Patty went on rocking and writhing for long delicious moments, and Brook didn't let up, fucking her steadily through the violent orgasm. But when she finally stopped convulsing and paused to catch her breath, he pulled his steel stiff cock out of her, and she whimpered with disappointment.

"Please, honey," she whined, "fuck me some more."

"I sure will, Patty," he said. "But you'll have to sit on it."

She whirled to look at him. He was lying on his back, arms folded lazily behind his head, and his prick was standing straight up, lewdly aimed at the ceiling and leaking thick rivers of juice.

He was grinning wickedly, knowing she'd do whatever he wanted, she was so desperate for more of his cock.

Gurgling with need, Patty crawled over to him and straddled him, her knees hugging his hips. Brook's eyes glazed over with hot lust as he watched the big-titled blonde poise her dripping cunt mouth right aver the massive head of his prick. She sat down, impaling herself on his cock.

"Oooooo, yesssss!" she squealed as she slid down the granite column of cock meat and took the whole fucker into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, Christ, yessss," Brook groaned. Once again his prick was sheathed in the steamy silk-lined tunnel of her cunt, the nicest fuck-hole he'd ever been into. He grabbed the swaying, moaning girl by the waist and started fucking into her hard and fast. He knew he wasn't going to survive this round of fucking. He was just too damned excited. Patty fucked herself on his cock and wailed with excitement.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, you're really fucking me now, baby!" she cried. "Don't stop, make my teeth rattle."

Brook certainly did his best. He rocketed out of control and gave her the hardest fuck of her life, making her whole body shake and shudder with the impacts. That was when Patty realized she could never get fucked hard enough. She could take anything a man had to give her.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, I love it," she sobbed. She was going to go to bed well fucked tonight, that was for sure. Her pussy was going to have that deliciously bruised and sore feeling, just like after her honeymoon. It had been a long time since she'd been fucked that good, but it had been worth waiting for. She drenched Brook's steel-hard fucker with blast after blast of molten cunt cream.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she howled.

Brook watched his cream-washed prick moving roughly between her splayed cunt lips and forcing out her thick pearly cunt cream. He watched her gorgeous big tits bouncing and wobbling with the jolts of his fucking. He watched her pretty face twist into a lusty grimace as she hurtled to the brink of orgasm.

It was too much for the wildly aroused young man. He yelled hoarsely as he felt his balls discharge their red-hot load of jism. He started shooting his come into Patty's sucking pussy and the boiling liquid triggered her orgasm, making her come a split second after Brook.

"That's it, baby, take my load, aaagggghhhh!" he roared.

"Ohhhh, yeah, cream meeee!" Patty wailed, riding his jetting cock and coming.

They'd fucked each other out for the evening. It had been a long time since Patty had felt so totally satisfied. But that gave her some idea of how much pleasure she could have with guys her own age. Certainly Brook wasn't the only one she intended to fuck with.

"Thanks, Brook, it's been wonderful," she muttered sleepily as he got dressed.

"It sure has," he said. "I hope we do it again soon."

So did Patty, but only if she could work him into her schedule. There were thousands of attractive guys out there for her to fuck, and she could hardly wait to get started.

Chapter FIVE

When Brook walked into the office the next morning, his fellow salesmen were waiting, eager to hear his report on his date with the beautiful new receptionist. Brook made sure the door to the anteroom was closed, so Patty couldn't hear him, then turned to his buddies with a big grin.

"Boy, did I score," he announced.

They all demanded details, and Brook gave them a juicy account of everything that had happened at Patty's apartment. Now everybody in the office knew that the young widow was hungry for cock, and they were more eager than ever to date her.

Most of them were married, however, and couldn't risk asking her out. That was no handicap for Ken, the best salesman of the group and a bachelor. As Brook finished his story, Ken was rubbing his hands together in glee.

"Fantastic," he said. "I'm gonna ask her out right away."

At his first coffee break, Ken hurried to the reception area, where Patty was struggling to type a letter.

"Hi, gorgeous," he said. "Doing anything tonight?"

"Why, no, Ken," Patty beamed.

Ken was so cute, she thought, nicely built, with sandy hair and bright blue eyes. He was her age, too. In fact he was one of the guys in the office that she most wanted to get together with. Now as he leaned close to her, looking down the front, of her low-cut blouse, she shivered with excitement.

"How about coming over to my apartment for dinner?" he suggested. "I'm not a bad cook, and there's a nice swimming pool."

"I'd love to, Ken," Patty responded immediately. "Would seven o'clock be okay?"

"Great," he said.

Patty hadn't been swimming in years. Her apartment had no pool, and Carl had never been fond of the beach. So on her way home from work that day, she had to buy a bathing suit. Wandering through the stores, she was astonished at bow skimpy and revealing bathing suits had become since she was a teenager. They hardly covered anything.

But she didn't intend to be modest. She wanted to arouse Ken as body as she could. So she chose the most tiny bikini she could find, two skimpy pieces of red cloth. They'd just about cover her nipples and her cunt bush, but that was all. She could hardly wait to see Ken's expression when she appeared in that suit.

At seven, she drove to his apartment building. She was carrying her street clothes in a tote bag, and she was wearing the tiny red bikini under a short terry robe. She took the elevator to Ken's apartment, and when he let her in, she opened her robe.

"How do you like my bathing suit, Ken?" she chirped. "I just bought it today."

Ken's mouth fell open, and he felt his cock getting stuff. This girl had the most fantastic body he'd ever seen, even in centerfolds. She had great legs, slim but curvy hips, tiny waist, and huge thrusting tits -- everything was perfect. And of course, that ridiculously small bikini set it all off just right.

"Uh, it's a great-looking suit, Patty," he said hoarsely. "Want a drink before we swim?"

"Sure, I'd love one," she said.

Ken mixed two tall drinks, and they took them down to the pool. There were a few other people there, but gradually they drifted away to have dinner and only Ken and Patty were left. They finished their drinks and swam around a little, then reined in the water at the shallow end of the pool.

Patty had been admiring Ken's hard hairy body and wondering how well he was hung. She couldn't help it -- every time she was around an attractive guy, she started wondering about his cock. She was pretty sure she'd find out the size of Ken's prick before the night was over, however.

While she glanced at his crotch, he was ogling her nearly naked tits and the plump pout of her pussy mound in the tiny bikini bottoms. He didn't have to tell her how attractive he found her. It showed in his hot eyes and in the way he kept inching closer to her as they leaned against the side of the pool.

Patty felt her pussy swelling and heating as Ken got closer. Then he was sliding an arm around her shoulders and puffing her close for a kiss. He darted his tongue suggestively between her lips, and she tickled it with her tongue. He gave a moan and crammed his whole tongue into her mouth.

Patty slumped against him and felt molten juice spurting from her cunt. It had been twenty four hours now since her long and delicious fuck-session with Brook and she was hot again, eager for more action. She never liked to go more than a day without fucking.

Her nipples stiffened with excitement and poked against his chest. Ken felt them and reached down to cup her huge firm tits. He could feel those excited nipples throbbing, even through her bra. He started fumbling with the little string that held on her bikini top, but she squealed and jerked her face away from his.

"Ken!" she gasped. "We're in public."

He leered at her and said: "But we're the only ones in the pool. Everybody has gone in for the evening. And besides, it's more fun when you flake risks, right?"

Patty had to agree with that. She'd never been turned on by safe sex or by anything boring and routine. She grinned as Ken removed her bikini top and flipped it out of the pool. His hands closed eagerly around her magnificent big tits, and she gurgled and slumped back against the pool rim, totally submissive.

"You've got the most fantastic tits," he said, his voice husky with excitement. "You're driving all the guys in the office wild."

Patty chuckled. That was good news. The more men she attracted, the better, now that she was free to fuck anybody she wanted. She shivered with pleasure as Ken molded and caressed her big sensitive tits, and her stiff nipples throbbed against his palms.

Peering down into the lighted water, she saw that Ken was getting a hard-on. The crotch of his tight swimming trunks was sporting an obscene bulge. Patty creamed at the sight of it. She could hardly wait to take his stiff cock in her greedy little pussy. But just like last night, she didn't feel like rushing, either.

Sex was just too great to be rushed, she thought. She loved to string her men along, letting them wonder if they were going to score or not. She loved having them arouse her, making her hotter and hotter with their foreplay. She didn't believe in just fucking and running.

So she was enjoying hell out of it as Ken fondled her big but tender tits. He squeezed fistfuls of satiny hot tit flesh and teased her nipples with his thumbs. Then he leaned down, stuck out his tongue, and started licking the stiff buds. Patty gurgled with pleasure.

"Oooooo, yeah, that feels wild, Ken," she panted.

Ken thought the whole situation was pretty wild. He'd dated lots of girls, but usually he was in control of the situation. Not this time. Patty was so incredibly sexy, she was making him do crazy things. Here he was undressing her and licking her tits in a public swimming pool. He'd never done that with any other girl he'd taken out.

But what the hell, Patty was worth it. He'd do damned near anything to get this gorgeous blonde into his bed. He lashed her throbbing engorged nipples with his hot wet tongue till she was gurgling and shivering with excitement. Then he started sucking her tits, casing both erect nipples into his mouth.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss," Patty hissed. "Suck 'em, honey. That feels so good."

She didn't know how they were going to explain their behavior if anybody else entered the pool area, but she wasn't going to worry about it now. She just wanted to enjoy Ken's delicious tit-sucking. She was creaming through her bikini bottoms and clutching the rim of the pool in her hot excitement.

Ken sucked her tits till she was moaning. He figured he'd gotten her aroused enough to try something even more daring. He reached down and started untying the strings that held her panties on. Patty gasped, then giggled. She was willing to go along with his naughty idea.

He removed her bikini bottoms and flipped them out of the pool to join her discarded top. Through the rippling water, he got a distorted image of her small golden cunt bush, but that was enough to make his cock try to tear its way out of his swimming trunks. He slid a hand between her thighs and started exploring her pussy. The flesh was swollen and hot.

"Ken," Patty gurgled, "this is crazy."

"Yeah, but it feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes," she laughed, "it feels great. But what if somebody comes along? What'll you tell them?"

"I'll tell them I lost something," he said, feeling deeper between her thighs.

Patty relaxed and gurgled with delight as he expertly caressed her naked cunt slit. He fondled the swollen folds of pussy flesh and explored her slippery cunt mouth with a fingertip. He rubbed her swelling clit, and she squirmed and whimpered as it touched that most sensitive spot.

"You like to be touched there?" he asked. Patty nodded, too turned on to speak. Ken caught her wet clit between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading it. Patty moaned hoarsely, and he felt sizzling juice spurting from her cunt, hitting his busy fingers before it dissipated into the water. Her thick eyelashes fluttered.

"Ken, you're getting me so turned on," she gurgled. "This is positively indecent."

"Yeah, isn't it?" he laughed.

He went on massaging her clit between his fingers and feeling it swell and throb. Patty was horny, all right, and she wasn't frying to hide it. As he played with her clit, her features twisted into a horny grimace, and she moaned and panted and creamed. He realized he could bring her off right there in the pool.

He decided to go for it. He liked kinky adventures, and this was the wildest thing he'd ever done with a girl. He fondled her big sensitive tits with one hand and masturbated her with the other, rolling her supersensitive clit faster end faster between his fingers.

"Ohhhhhhh, God!" Patty moaned.

Her eyes rolled, then closed, and her teeth flashed in a lusty grimace. She was panting and moaning steadily as Ken worked her toward climax. Spurt after spurt of molten cunt cream hit his fingers. He wasn't immune to her excitement. His cock was bucking and juicing.

"Unnnnhhhh, Ken, I'm gonna come, if you don't stop that," Patty warned hoarsely.

"Just what I had in mind," he chuckled. "Go ahead, baby, let it happen. Nobody's watching."

Except him, of course. The outlandish scene turned Patty on like mad. Here she was, stark naked in a public pool, a guy fooling with her clit and driving her wild. He was watching her every reaction to his finger-play. It was outrageous and kinky, and she loved it.

Ken went into high gear, rolling her pulsating clit very fast between his fingers, and Patty couldn't contain her pleasure any longer. Her clit seemed to explode in his grasp, and thick floods of sizzling cream gushed from her cunt. Her body convulsed violently, her big tits wobbling.

"Unnnnnhhhh, yesssss, I'm cominggggg!" Patty gasped.

Her knees turned to rubber, and she would have slid right under the water if Ken hadn't held her up. He held her with one arm around her, and with his free hand he went on kneading her clit, giving her a delicious long climax. At last she went limp.

"Oh, wow, that was insane," she laughed.

"But fun," he chuckled.

"Now let's try this," Patty said.

She surprised him by suddenly grabbing his swimming suit and pulling it down. The next thing Ken knew, she was underwater, kneeling before him as she worked his fret out of the suit. Then she surfaced, laughing, and toned his suit out of the pool, beyond reach.

"Hey, lady, this is a public place," he gasped. "Tell me about it," Patty said. "It's only fair, isn't it? You did the same thing to me."

Ken couldn't argue with that. He saw her eyes focusing hungrily on his cock, and ho looked down to see the engorged slab of cockmeat wagging stiffly and lewdly just below the surface of the water. Patty was staring at his prick and licking her lips. Then she made a grab for his cock.

"Oh, Jesus!" Ken gasped as she wrapped her fingers around his prick and started pumping it.

"Fair's fair," she said with a wicked leer.

Ken had never been jacked off in a swimming pool before, or any other public place, for that matter. He slumped back against the pool and wondered whether to laugh or shoot his load. He was tempted to do both. But there was something else even more tempting that came to mind.

"Hey, Patty," he grinned. "Ever fuck in a swimming pool before?"

"No," she giggled. "Wanta try it?"

"Why not?" Ken said. "We've done everything else."

It wasn't easy. Patty placed her hands on his shoulders, and he took her by the waist and lifted her up to sit on his stiff cock. It was difficult to stand up and keep steady in the water. He finally managed to wedge the hard head of his prick into her juicy cuntal opening, and she started sliding down the thick fuck-pole.

"Oooooo, yessss," she hissed.

"Shit, yeah, sit on it," he groaned.

Then they both yelled as they lost their balance and went under. They thrashed around and righted themselves, then surfaced, laughing.

"Back to the drawing board," Ken said.

"Maybe if I lean against the side, it'll work," Patty suggested.

She took her place, steadying herself by leaning against the pool's edge, and once more Ken lifted her to sit on his rigid fucker. This time it worked. She slid down the stiff prick, taking it fully into her cunt. Ken felt his cock being sheathed in red-hot velvety cuntflesh.

"Ohhhhh, God, yesssss, fuck me," Patty whimpered.

"Oh, Christ, will I ever," he growled.

He leaned her against the side of the pool and started fucking his cock into her while she clung to him and whimpered and moaned with pleasure. He hit her searing cuntal juices soaking his cockmeat again and again. She was every bit as hot and eager as Brook had claimed.

"Yeah, do it to me," she panted. "Fuck my pussy good. Ohhhh, Ken, I need it so bad."

Ken had never met a hornier girl. He knew for a fact that his buddy had fucked her brains out just last night, but she acted like she hadn't gotten any cock for a month. Her cunt clamped and sucked and tugged at his pistoning prick, and she couldn't stop her heavy hot creaming.

"Ohhhhhhh, yea, so fuckin' good," she moaned.

Ken watched her eyes roll crazily, then close tightly as she was swept away on a tide of pleasure. Her features twisted, her face got flushed, and her teeth flashed as she panted. He caught her arousal and fucked into her faster and harder by the second. He felt her cunt getting tighter and tighter.

"Urnnnhhhhh, Ken, you're doing it tome," she suddenly gasped. "You're making me come! Ohhhhhhh, God, yessssss, unnnnhhhhhh!"

"Take my load, baby, aaagggghhhhh!" Ken yelled.

His voice seemed to echo through the pool building, and he just hoped it didn't bring the apartment security guard running. He shot his steaming load of jizz into Patty's greedily sucking cunt, and she wailed with ecstasy as she took it.

"Oooooo, shit, cream meeeeee!" she cried. They were both making too much noise, but tonight they were lucky. Nobody heard them and nobody came running to investigate the strange sounds in the pool house. They finished coming, and Patty giggled as she slid off his cock.

"Wild," she laughed.

"It sure was," Ken chuckled. "Now let's go have some dinner and plan something even more wild."

"Sounds good to me," Patty agreed.

Chapter SIX

Ken broiled a couple of steaks and made a salad, and he served a good red wine to go with it. It was a pleasant dinner, and they ate every bite of it, but their minds were on the wild fun they'd just had together and the fun they could have for the rest of the evening.

"Let me help you with the dishes," Patty said as Ken started clearing the table.

She was wearing nothing but that tiny red bikini, and he loved the way she moved in it.

She kept brushing against him as they washed and dried the few dishes, and he felt his balls swelling and his cock stiffening.

The dishes taken care of, he scooped Patty up in his arms and carried her to his king-size bed. She was surprised to see that the walls of his bachelor bedroom were lined with mirrors, and even more surprised when she saw the mirrors on the ceiling.

"Enjoy looking at yourself?" she teased.

Ken just grinned. She knew perfectly well what the mirrors were for. The horny young bachelor liked to bring his dates in here and watch himself fucking them. Patty liked the idea, too. It was kinky, and she loved kinky sex.

Ken quickly removed her bathing suit, then his own, and they slid onto the huge bed and grabbed for each other, exchanging steamy tongue-kisses. Patty ran her hands over his lean hairy body, and he fondled her big hot tits. She felt his cock growing against her belly till it became a huge hard pole of hot cockmeat. They finally broke off their kiss, panting with lust.

"I wanta go down on you," Ken growled. "I wanta go down on you," Patty protested. "Well, let's do both," he chuckled.


"Sure, haven't you ever done sixty-nine?" he grinned.

Patty smiled knowingly. Ken stretched out on his back and had her crouch over him in the other direction.

Her mouth was poised right over his stiff standing cock, and she could feel his hot breath on her pussy. She couldn't imagine anything more exciting. She wrapped her fingers around the thick hairy base of his prick to steady its lusty bucking, then started licking the fat purple cockhead.

"Ohhhhh, yeah," Ken panted. "Lick my cock, honey. I could take about an hour of that."

Patty could have given it to him, too. She loved licking and sucking cock, and her late husband had taught her well. She took her time now, slowly and sensuously lathering his prick with her hot saliva. She started at the cockhead and worked her way down the massive blue veined cockshaft, not missing an inch of it. Ken shivered with excitement.

He didn't just lie there, however. While Patty coated his cock with her steamy spit, he folded back the golden-furred lips of her cunt gash and studied the luscious-looking pink flesh inside. He ogled the tiny wrinkled opening of her shitter, the creamy mouth of her cunt, and the small hooded lump of her clit knowing she was extremely sensitive in all three places.

He decided to start with her clit. He tickled it with the pointed tip of his tongue, and Patty squealed with delight and creamed all over his face. That was a sign of horniness no woman could fake, and it turned him on like crazy.

"I guess you like having your pussy licked, huh, Patty?" he chuckled.

"Shit, yessss," she gurgled.

"Good, 'cause it's one of my hobbies," he said.

He went on tickling her supersensitive clit with his tonguetip, while Patty finished her exploration of his big hard cock with her tongue. She licked her way right on down to his balls, lashing the huge hairy balls and making him gasp with lust.

Then she started licking her way upward again, toward her goal, the delicious cream that was oozing from his piss hole. She reached the engorged head of his cock and slid her tongue into the cleft. As she scooped up his cream, Ken shivered with delight and his cock gave a lusty buck in her restraining fist.

"Yeah, baby, eat that juice," he growled.

While Patty feasted on his steadily oozing cock cream, he went to work on her clit, getting serious now. He stopped the light tickling, and instead he began lashing his big hot tongue roughly up and down over the tender bud. Patty shivered violently and soaked his bobbing chin with molten cunt cream.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, I love that, honey," she moaned. "Keep doing that -- make me come."

She felt Ken drooling onto her clit as he tongue-lashed it. He had a natural hunger for tangy pussy cream, and now he was gorging himself on it, lapping up the sizzling cunt juice as fast as he could get it. Patty returned the favor, scooping up his hot cock cream with her greedy tongue tip.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm," she moaned.

Ken lashed her throbbing clit steadily faster and harder, creating delicious friction. The harder he did it to her, the more excited she got, and soon she was drooling onto his big fat cock head as she gobbled his cream. They went at each other hungrily and noisily.

Patty was almost shaking, she needed to come so bad. But she sensed that Ken knew this and was holding back her release so he could give her the most powerful orgasm possible. It was sweet torture for the love-starved widow.

Meanwhile she gobbled his delicious salty cream as fast as it welled up in the deft of his cock, scooping it up on her tongue tip and rolling it around in her mouth to savor the special taste. She gulped it down greedily and went for more.

Ken was glad he'd already gotten off once that evening, because it enabled him to hold out a long time. Otherwise he'd have been blasting his come right into Patty's pretty face, he was so damned aroused. This young woman was absolutely starved for cock.

He could hear her panting and moaning as she feasted on his fucker, and he could feel her slippery little tongue reaming out his piss hole as she sought more and more hot juice. She play-nibbled the fat, head of his cock, sucked on it, and lashed it with her tongue.

Ken loved everything she did, and he decided to give her the release she so obviously craved. He jammed his lips onto her wildly throbbing clit and started sucking her off. Patty threw back her head and howled in ecstasy.

"Oooooooo, yeah, mother-fucker, suck meeeeee!" she wailed.

Ken was glad that his expensive bachelor pad was soundproof. Patty's cries were shrill and loud as he expertly sucked her clit and took her steadily towards orgasm. She was creaming all over his face, unable to control the molten flow.

He sucked up her tangy pussy cream and gobbled it.

"Unnnnhhh, yeah, honey, gonna come," she sobbed.

Patty had a dizzy image of Ken's massive hard-on weaving and drooling before her eyes, but she couldn't do anything for him just then because she was starting to come. She felt the delicious explosion beginning in the base of her clit and radiating out to shake her whole body.

"Oooooooo, shit, fuck, whaaahhhhhhh!" she howled.

Ken's face was drenched with her gushing come-cream. He grabbed her furiously bucking hips and held them in place so he could keep his mouth on target, sucking her hard through her orgasm. He sucked up mouthfuls of her delicious tangy come.

"Unnnnhhhh, so fuckin' good," she sobbed.

Ken was a fantastic pussy-eater, even better than her late husband. That was hard to believe, because Patty had thought nothing could ever feel better than the things Carl had done to her pussy with his mouth and lips and tongue. But here was a cute guy her own age who could do wonders.

"Mmmmmmm, Ken, that was great," she gurgled. "Now I'd better do something for you."

"No hurry," he said. "This is too fun to rush."

Patty agreed, but his cock looked ready to explode. Thick globs of cock cream were oozing from his piss hole and running down the blue-veined column of prick meat. She lapped up all his cream, and he shivered and moaned. Then she set her lips around the head of his cock and started sliding them downwards.

"Ohhhhh, Jesus, yessss," he groaned. "Take it in your mouth, baby, suck it."

Patty gurgled with excitement as she sucked more and more of his long rigid cock into her mouth. She couldn't take the whole thing without choking, but she got most of it. She started out with slow sensuous sucking that made Ken writhe in bliss. She suctioned the tasty cream from his piss hole and savored it.

"Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," she murmured.

"Baby, that feels great," he told her hoarsely. "Now I'm gonna do something nice for you, too."

Patty sobbed with delight as she felt his long rigid tongue sliding up her cunt. She adored being tongue-fucked. Sic liked it almost as much as real fucking. She soaked his tongue and face with blast after blast of molten pussy juice as he worked the slippery slab of meat into her.

"Unnnnnhhhhhh, uummmmmmmm," she moaned.

She couldn't tell him just how much she liked it, not with her mouth full of cock. But Ken got the idea, especially when she kept creaming all aver his face. He worked his tongue into her as deep as he could get it, then paused to savor the exciting heat and tightness of her pussy.

She wriggled her hips lustily and impatiently, and he got to work, giving her the deep tongue thrusts she craved. Her muffled whimpers and steady creaming told him he was doing just what she wanted. In her hot excitement, she was drooling all over his cock and sucking it faster and faster.

"Mmmmmmmm, unnnnhhhhh," she moaned.

Ken was moaning, too, as she applied strong and greedy vacuum pressure to his throbbing cock. She was sucking up his cock cream as fast as she could get it. He tongue-fucked her faster and harder, and she responded with hoarse moans and hot heavy blasts of cunt cream in his face.

The bedroom echoed with obscene wet sounds as the lusty young couple gobbled each other. Patty moaned in ecstasy each time Ken fucked his tongue into her, and he groaned and writhed as she suctioned the juice from his piss hole. They were both rocketing towards orgasm yet reluctant to end the excitement.

Patty decided to distract herself and hold back her orgasm by looking in the mirrors. All around her and above her were those mirrors, reflecting everything that happened on the bed. She glanced to one side and saw herself and Ken in the sixty-nine position, heads bobbing.

Ken was looking in the mirror, too. He was fucking his wet red tongue in and out between her furry cunt lips and watching himself in action. Patty watched her widely stretched lips sliding up and down his spit-soaked cock. The sight didn't distract her. It just made her more insanely horny.

Ken's tongue speared deep in her tight little pussy hole and touched off a body-blasting orgasm. Patty threw back her head, letting his engorged cock snap free, and she howled in ecstasy as her body convulsed with pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh, I'm coming, whaahhhhhhh!" the young widow shouted.

Ken tongue-fucked her hard and fast as she came, and she sat on his face and deluged it with her molten come. Then as the last delicious spasms rippled through her pussy, she ducked forward again and slid her juicy hot lips down around his cock. She started sucking ravenously on his cock meat.

"Yeah, baby, suck me off," he growled.

He lay there enjoying it, feeling his balk get ready to explode. He waited till his cock was almost bursting before he gave Patty the naughty surprise he'd been saving. He made his tongue long and stiff, then started cramming it into the tiny puckered opening of her asshole.

"Unnnnnhhhhhbh!" she gasped.

She was surprised, all right. This was a first for her. Carl had made love to her in many different ways, but this was one spot he'd neglected. She felt Ken's long wet tongue filling her ass hole, and she experienced incredible excitement.

She went wild, sucking like crazy on his cock. She forgot that his prick was too big for her mouth and she opened her throat and took in the whole thing. His big hairy balls grazed her lips. As he felt her swallowing his cock, Ken gave a muffled bellow and began shooting his load.

He pistoned his tongue furiously in her hot little shitter and set her off, too. They were moaning and groaning as they brought each other into a body-wracking mutual orgasm. Patty was learning that she could get an orgasm from her asshole, a very interesting piece of information. Ken was having his cock swallowed for the first time.

"Holy shit," he breathed when they finally stopped coming. "That was something else."

"It sure was," Patty said, diving for his cock again.

He couldn't believe how horny she was. They'd both just come like crazy, and she wanted more. Quickly and greedily, she sucked him into another hard-on. Then she drew back and admired the results of her work, studying his stiff and gleaming cock.

"Mmmmmmmm, beautiful," she gurgled. "Thanks," Ken laughed. "I know just what I wanta do with it, too."

He hauled her over to one side of the bed. He sat with his legs dangling off the edge and then had Patty sit in his lap. As she sat down, he eased his cock into her pussy from behind. He held her so that she couldn't sit completely on it. That was very frustrating to the lusty young woman.

"Come on, honey, I want it all," she whimpered.

"You'll get it," Ken promised. "But first, look in the mirror."

Patty looked and shivered with wicked arousal. She saw herself sitting on Ken's lap, his massive boner fucked halfway into her cunt. It was stretching her pussy lips wide, and pearly cream was leaking from her cock-crammed cunt. Ken caught her eye in the mirror and leered at her.

"Oh, Ken," she gurgled, "this is just too much."

He grinned and let her slide the rest of the way down his thick blue-veined cock. Patty watched it happen in the mirror and damned near came. It was the most sexy thing she'd ever seen in her life. She soaked his cock meat with a huge flood of hot cream. Ken shivered hastily.

"Keep watching," he rasped. "This is gonna be great."

Patty already thought it was great. She'd thought she'd done everything there was to do in bed, but Ken was proving her wrong -- and she was delighted. Now she gurgled with excitement as she looked in the mirror and watched herself being fucked. It was another first.

"Ohhhhhh, my God, ohhhhhh," she moaned.

Ken was grinning broadly as he fucked his thick cock in and out of her cream-spurting cunt and watched it all happen. Patty observed her own lust-contorted and flushed face, then focused on his jerking cock. With each deep thrust, she moaned and creamed.

She knew she was going to come fast, she was so insanely turned on. Whimpering and panting, she steadily tightened her cunt around Ken's deep-driving cock, knowing the fiery friction would bring her off like crazy. Ken caught her excitement and fucked into her like a piledriver.

"That's it, you big bastard," she hissed at his reflection. "Fuck the living shit out of me."

They both started coming, watching it in the mirror. Patty groaned: "Yesssss, motherfucker, fuck meeeeeeeee!"

Dizzily Patty watched him exploding his hot come into her sucking cunt. The creamy come overflowed her crammed pussy hole and gushed out to run down her thighs. Her big tits were wobbling like crazy as he hammered his hot jizz into her.

Then they rolled apart and slumped on the bed.

"Incredible," she panted. "I never did anything like that before. You really have a dirty mind, Ken."

"I know," he said proudly. "But you don't do so badly yourself, Patty."

"I'm working on it," she said with a grin.

Chapter SEVEN

"Boy, did I score," Ken was telling the guys at the office.

They listened in lusty fascination as the young salesman described last night's date with Patty in lurid detail.

The married men were eating their hearts out, wishing they were free to have a wild evening with the beautiful blonde receptionist. And the office manager, Arthur Jensen, was eating his heart out also, but not because he was married.

He wasn't.

Arthur just knew that he wasn't young and handsome and macho enough to interest a girl like Patty. There weren't many girls who were interested in him, and the ones he managed to date were dogs. He ached to have an affair with an attractive woman, but he'd just about given up on the idea.

However, as he listened to Ken telling about all the exciting things he'd done last night with Patty, he couldn't contain his longing. He'd give anything to have an experience like that. He figured there was a ninety-nine per cent chance that Patty would refuse to go out with him, but he decided to try.

He knew the pretty widow always came back early from lunch, so he cut his own lunch hour short and waited for her, his heart hammering. Arthur was almost positive he was going to be turned down, even laughed at, but he also knew he'd never forgive himself if he didn't at least try to get a date with Patty.

Meanwhile, Arthur Jensen was the last man on Patty's mind. She had her eye on Phil Traynor, another of the salesmen, and she wasn't surprised when Phil tagged along after her when she went to lunch. She accepted his offer to buy lunch, and as they ate she waited for him to make his move.

He was so handsome, she thought, tall and blond and cute. He had a terrific body, too. He worked out at a gym every day, he said. Then as he reached for the salt and pepper, Patty froze. For the first, time, she noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring.

His timing was lousy. As Patty stared in horror at the ring, Phil leered at her and said: "How about seeing me tonight, honey? I could get away for a couple of hours."

Patty sighed loudly. "I'm so sorry, Phil," she said. "But I just noticed your wedding ring, and I don't date married men."

"Damn!" he said. "I should have slipped it in my pocket."

That was a pretty sneaky attitude, Patty thought, and it confirmed her resolve not to go out with him or any other guy who was married. There were plenty of single men to date, so why take the chance of getting involved with a man she couldn't have or risk hurting his wife and kids?

Yet Patty regretted that she wasn't going to have a date that evening. She left the restaurant and returned to the office alone. She was surprised to find Arthur Jensen, the office manager, sitting on the edge of her desk, waiting for her. Her heart leaped into her throat. She hoped he hadn't been delegated by Clark to fire her.

"Hi, Patty," he said shyly.

"Hi, Arthur," she replied, forcing a smile. "What can I do for you?"

He hesitated before answering as if it wasn't easy for him to say what he had to say. Patty really looked at him for the first time. He was a skinny guy with thinning hair and rimless glasses, maybe around thirty-five, and he was shy and awkward. But he had nice features, and somehow she liked him.

"I'm sure you'll say no, Patty," he said at last. "But I have to ask. Are you go to the movies with me this evening?"

"Of course, Arthur," Patty said impulsively.

"You will?" he cried.

"Sure," she said, grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil. "Here's my address. Oh, by the way -- you're not married, are you?"

"Me?" he said with a bitter chuckle. "Nope."

After he went to wondered what had made her accept a date with him. She certainly wasn't attracted to him. But she liked and pitied him, and she didn't want to be alone tonight. Even dating Arthur Jensen would be better than spending an evening without a man.

He showed up at her apartment promptly at seven, and Patty asked him in for a drink. She really didn't care if they saw the movie or not. She just wanted company, and if Arthur aroused her at all, she wanted to make love. It had been twenty-four hours since her last sexual experience, and she was feeling very horny.

They sat on the couch and sipped their drinks, and he shyly looked her over. He wanted her, all right. Did she want him? Patty decided she wouldn't know until they'd at least kissed. She wanted to know what his technique was like. So she slid closer to him, till their thighs were touching.

"I bet you'd like to kiss me, wouldn't you, Arthur?" she purred.

"Yes, Patty, I would," he sighed.

"Then do it," she said.

He turned red. Then he set aside his drink and kissed her -- a very timid little peck on the lips. Patty felt him shivering with lust, but he managed to control it when he kissed her. She drew back, very disappointed.

"Arthur, put some lust in it," she demanded. "I was afraid you'd get mad," he said. "Not at all," Patty assured him. "Let yourself go. Kiss me the way you really want to."

Arthur was sure she'd slap his face if he did that, but at least he'd have gotten one real kiss out of the evening. He went for it. He grabbed her and pulled her roughly against him, then shoved his tongue in her mouth.

That was more like it, Patty thought. She slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, darting her tongue over his. He shivered and moaned, and she started creaming. He explored her mouth with his tongue till they were both panting and had to come up for air.

"Mmmmmmmm, that was much better, Arthur."

"Call me Art," he said boldly. "May I do it again?"

"Sure, Art, go ahead," she grinned.

They started kissing up a storm, exchanging hot darting tongues, pawing each other. His kissing was a little clumsy but very eager, and she knew the mousy little guy could be made into a first-class lover. The idea appealed to her a lot. Why not spend the evening training him?

When they surfaced again, Patty said: "You're getting me pretty excited, Art. Why don't we just skip the movies and stay here and have some fun?"

"Uh, what kind of fun, Patty?" he said.

"The same kind of fun we've been having," she laughed. "Making out, getting it on."

"I must be dreaming," he said.

"Oh, no, you're not," she said. "And I'll prove it."

She started unbuttoning her dress down the front. His eyes got huge behind his rimless glasses, Patty she was and thought going to see steam coming out of his ears. She shrugged the dress down to her waist, and he ogled the fully packed cups of her bra.

The bra had a front catch, and she popped it open. The cups snapped apart, and her big firm tits tumbled out, wobbling enticingly. Mt gave a hoarse groan and swallowed hard as he studied the big creamy globes and her lust stiffened pink nipples. He acted like he'd never seen tits before.

He seemed to turn into a statue, his eyes huge and fixed. He wasn't moving, hardly even breathing, as he ogled the most gorgeous pair of tits he'd ever seen. Patty began to squirm with impatience.

"Art," she said, "when a lady shows you her tits, she wants you to play with them."

He shook himself out of his paralysis, blushing hard. "Gosh, Patty, I'd love to play with your tits," he said. "But I don't know how. I've, uh, never had that opportunity before."

"Then I'd better teach you," Patty said eagerly.

She grabbed his hands and placed them on her firm hot tits. Holding her hands over his, she showed him how to mold and squeeze and caress the tender flesh. He was shivering and panting as he fondled her magnificent tits.

"There," she said. "Now you try it."

She took her hands away and let him solo. He did fine. More and more, Patty suspected that the guy was a natural, that he instinctively knew just how to arouse a woman. He didn't realize it, but he could become a fantastic lover. It was going to be so much fun teaching him!

"Mmmmmmmmm, yesssss, Art, you're doing great," she whispered.

As he worked her swelling tits into tautness with his light but sexy touch, Patty sneaked a glance at his fly. It was obscenely tented, to her delight. She creamed heavily, a hot spurt of cunt juice that soaked through her panties. She was more than ready to take a nice hard cock.

But that would happen later. First she wanted to teach the shy office manager all the ways of turning a woman on. He was doing great with her tits, but how would he do with her pussy? She took one of his hands and slipped it up under her dress.

"Girls like to be touched here, too, honey," she purred.

Art couldn't believe this was happening to him. The gorgeous receptionist was not only coming on to him, she was pushing his hand up her skirt, urging him to play with her pussy. It was all too good to be true. It was like one of his jack-off fantasies come to life.

But he figured that even if he was dreaming all of it, he could enjoy it. So with one hand he teasingly thumbed her big nipples into total stiffness, and with the other hand he found her hot steamy pussy, cupping it through the moist crotch of her panties.

"Unnnnnnhhh, Art, yesssss," she hissed.

He was rhythmically squeezing her cunt mound through her panties, turning her on like crazy. The guy had a talent, all right. He knew just what to do with her pussy when he found it. She started creaming steadily into his hand. Art felt the hot sticky pussy juice and knew he was turning her on. He could hardly believe it. He'd never done foreplay with a woman before. He went to hookers now and then and got laid, but they were always too busy for foreplay. And the women he'd dated wouldn't even kiss him good night.

So basically the shy office manager had done a lot of coming on and a lot of fucking, but nothing in between. This was his first experience of slowly and deliciously arousing a woman, and he was really getting off on it. While he squeezed Patty's steaming cunt, he stuck out his tongue and lashed it all over her stiff and sensitive nipples.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, honey, I love that," she gurgled. "I'd like you to suck them, too."

Art opened his mouth and slid it down around her left nipple, taking the long rigid nub inside and sucking it loudly and greedily. Patty slumped back against the couch and gurgled and squealed with excitement. She was so glad now that she'd accepted a date with Art.

In fact, she couldn't even remember why she'd hesitated. He was no movie star when it came to looks, but he adored her. He knew how to turn her on, and he was fun to fool around with. Looks didn't matter when a guy could get her this excited.

He sucked one engorged nipple, then the other, and all the while he was massaging her cunt slit through her panties and driving her wild. Patty couldn't contain her excitement any longer. She grabbed her panties and practically ripped them off, then tucked her skirt up out of the way. Art stared hungrily at her juicy pink pussy slit and its fine fringe of golden curls.

"Now you can really play with it, Art," she purred.

"Just show me what to do," he said eagerly. Patty folded back the lush fur of her cunt bush and showed him the small hooded lump of her clit. "That's my clit," she said, "the most sensitive spot a woman has. We love to be touched there. Here's one way you can do it."

She took his finger and sawed it gently but steadily back and forth over her clit. He got the perfect touch right away. As he went at it alone, Patty moaned with delight and thick hot cream gushed from her hotly aroused pussy hole and trickled down over her ass crack.

"Oooooooo, yeah!" she cried. "Keep doing that, honey -- make me come."

Art damned near came, himself, when she said that. He still couldn't believe he wasn't dreaming, yet her flowing cunt juice was real enough, scalding and sticky on his finger as he massaged her violently throbbing clit. He stared at her naked pussy and felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

He'd never expected her to go out with him, let alone get it on with him. But this beautiful girl was hot as a pistol and obviously needing him to get her off. Art was delighted to oblige. He rubbed her clit faster and faster, and she threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy. She soaked his sawing finger with molten floods of cunt cream.

"Just a little more, Art. I'm almost there." Art's cock attempted to buck its way free from his pants. His balls felt ready to explode. He watched intently as Patty reached out and showed him how to get her off. She had him mold her clit between his thumb and forefinger and knead it.

"Oh, yeah, keep doing that," she panted. Art rolled her pulsating clit between his fingers and watched as she rocketed into orbit. First she flooded his fingers with a steady rush of sizzling pussy juice, then she went absolutely still for a few seconds as the first heavy jolts of orgasm ripped through her body. Finally she started convulsing hard.

"Ohhhhhh, God, yesssss, I'm coming!" she howled.

Art beamed with pride. He'd wanted to make her come hard, and he'd succeeded. Her body was rocking with orgasmic convulsions, her big tits bouncing and wobbling. Molten cream poured from her pussy to soak his whole hand. She kept on convulsing for nearly a minute.

"Oh, shit, I needed that," she sighed.

"I bet you need more," Art said eagerly. "Show me another way to get you off."

Patty grinned and took his hand. She guided his thick middle finger into her cunt and jerked it up and down like a stiff cock. It was a very simple technique, and of course he mastered it right away. She took her hand away and let him finger-fuck her, gurgling with delight.

"Mmmmm, yesss, perfect," she moaned. "Keep doing that to me, honey, and I'll come like crazy."

She really needed something stiff moving in her cunt. She would have preferred a cock, but she wanted to bring Art along step by step, as if he was actually seducing a date. She wanted to do things right. She knew she'd be taking his cock later, anyway. His hard-on was still making a huge obscene bulge in his pants.

Her features twisted into a lusty grimace, and her big blue eyes rolled. She was moaning and creaming steadily as Art fucked his finger fast and deep in her velvety pussy hole. She was flying effortlessly towards another orgasm.

"Mmmmmm, so fuckin' good," she said. Art was going crazy feeling the inside of her cunt. It was deliciously tight yet slick with cream, and it was velvety and very hot. He ached to get his cock in there. He didn't know if she'd let him go that far, however. He decided to just enjoy what he had.

That was plenty. It was as far as he'd ever gotten with a date. He'd never masturbated a woman before or sucked her tits, and he was enjoying hell out of it. He felt Patty's sizzling pussy hole tightening around his finger, and then suddenly it was going into spasms, clamping like a vise. His whole hand was deluged with a thick flood of her cunt cream.

"Unnnnhhh, baby, you did it to meeeee!" she screamed. "Ohhhhhhhh, shit, I'm coming so good!"

Again Art almost came in his pants. He was excited out of his mind as he felt her cunt convulsing around his jerking finger. He thought how fantastic that hot action would feel around his cock. Would the beautiful receptionist let him fuck her? He doubted it, yet he hoped to fuck her.

Patty went on climaxing for a full minute her body rocked by the delicious spasms. Then she went still, slumping back against the couch and panting for breath. Reluctantly, Art slipped his soaked finger out of her cunt. He'd gotten her off twice, and she was probably satisfied and through for the evening.

"Art, that was very good," she said, her voice husky with lust. "That was very nice for openers. Now let's go to my bedroom and get serious."

Chapter EIGHT

Once more, Art was sure he was dreaming. This just couldn't be happening to him. Patty stood up and shrugged off her rumpled dress and bra. Naked, she pulled him to his feet, then led the way to her bedroom. His cock was so stiff, it seemed to precede him by about a yard.

She switched on the light, revealing a very inviting and huge bed. Then she turned to Art and started undressing him. He was still in a daze, not believing this gorgeous creature had invited him into her bedroom. He stood there like a statue as she whisked off his clothes.

Then he realized he was naked and that Patty was staring at his cock. She had good reason to stare. Art was extremely well hung, especially for such a skinny little guy. Even in high school, he'd been envied. Jocks like basketball players, huge guys, would stare and frown with jealousy.

However he seldom got a chance to impress girls with his thick nine-incher. He somehow always managed to date prudes who wouldn't even hold hands, let alone fuck. Hookers were always impressed with his prick, but this was the first time a regular date had seen his cock.

"Oh, my gosh!" Patty said in awe. "You've got the biggest cock I ever saw, Art."

"Really?" he said happily.

Patty couldn't believe it. He really was the best-hung guy she'd seen. Of course she hadn't fucked very many men, but she was sure there weren't many pricks this size. She could hardly wait to enjoy it. She grabbed Art's hand and practically dragged him over to the bed.

She gave him a playful push and he rolled onto his back. His incredibly long thick boner stood straight up, aimed at the ceiling and bulging with blue veins. Patty crawled over to him, panting, and started lashing her hot little tongue up and down the granite column of cock meat. "Ohhhhh, Jesus, yesss!" Art moaned blissfully.

This was just like one of his crazy sex fantasies. He'd had lots of fantasies about Patty since she came to work at the office, and he especially liked to imagine her going down on him, greedily whipping her hot juicy tongue all over his stiff cock. Now it was actually happening, and he felt like he'd died and gone to heaven.

Her big tits were swinging and wobbling with her movements, and he ogled them. He watched her glistening pink tongue lapping all over his stiff-standing cock. Her pale-blonde hair was long and straight, and it swung as her head bobbed. Everything he saw turned him on like mad.

Patty was just as aroused as he was. She saw the thick globs of cock cream oozing up in his piss hole, and she went for them, spearing them up with the tip of her tongue and gobbling them. Art watched the gorgeous widow eating his cream, and his cock gave a violent buck and almost exploded. He was so insanely turned on, he knew he couldn't hold off his climax much longer.

"Patty," he groaned, "I'm going to come. I can't stop it."

"Great," she gurgled. "Come in my mouth." His eyes widened as the lovely naked girl brought her red-glossed lips down around his prick. His cock was so thick and long, she couldn't take all of it, but she managed to suck in the massive purple cock head and some of the blue-veined cock shaft.

Then she drew in her cheeks and started sucking noisily and greedily. Art almost flew off the bed. He'd had blow-jobs from hookers, but they were just going through the motions, doing a job that bored them. Patty was sucking his cock with genuine hunger and lust.

"Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm," she moaned.

"Ohhhhhh, Jesus," Art panted.

He wished the fantastic experience could go on and on, but unfortunately he was just to horny to last. He'd been lusting for this girl since the moment he first watched her ass wiggle in a tight skirt. He'd been lusting after her all evening as she did progressively more daring and sexy things to him. So how in hell could he hold out now?

Patty's hair was flying and her head was bobbing furiously as she suctioned the hot cream out of his piss hole. Art watched her dizzily, but his eyes wouldn't stay in focus. They rolled back, then closed tightly, and he felt his balls exploding. Searing come thundered up his cock and flooded into Patty's hotly sucking mouth.

"Unnnhhhhh, eat it, aaaagggghhhhhh!" he roared.

"Mmmmmm, uuummmmmmmm!" she moaned.

Patty let her cheeks swell with his heavy steaming come-load, savoring the hot salty taste. She held it till the molten juice was spurting from the corners of her lips. Then she gulped it down, draining his cock and balls. Art slumped back with a blissful groan.

"Patty, that was sensational," he panted. "That was the best blow-job I ever had."

"Why, thank you, Art," she beamed. "My husband taught me to do that."

"He was a great teacher," Art said. "But then, so are you, Patty. Will you teach me some more things?"

"Sure, Art," she said. "Did you have anything in particular in mind?"

"Yes," he said with a wicked grin. "I'd like to learn how to go down on girls."

"Good choice," Patty said. "It really turns them on."

She got into position, on her back with her legs bent and spread wide. Art crawled between her legs to get a close-up view of her pretty cream-beaded pussy slit. In that position, everything was exposed to the light of the room, and he didn't miss a thing. Patty let him look for a few moments, then pointed to her little hooded clit.

"Remember my clit?" she asked. "Well, if you lick it and suck it, I'll follow you anywhere."

"I get the picture," Art chuckled.

Patty was a great teacher, and he loved being taught. He found himself drooling as he moved in for his very first taste of pussy. He knew even before his tongue touched her cunt gash that he was going to love eating pussy.

"Ooooooooo, yesssss!" Patty squealed.

Art's big wet tongue was lashing up and down over her clit, giving her delicious sensations. Nothing could feel better than that, she thought. She arched her body up, greedily thrusting her clit at him to get even more friction from his lashing tongue. She clawed the bed and moaned with delight.

"Mmmmmmm, honey, that's perfect," she panted. "I love that so much, Art, don't stop."

Art had no intention of stopping. Just as he'd anticipated, he loved the tangy hot taste of pussy, and he knew he'd never get enough of it, even if he went down on a thousand girls. He whipped his tongue greedily over her clit and gobbled up all the musky juice that flowed from her aroused cunt.

Patty was in heaven as she realized that the meek mousy office manager was a natural-born pussy gobbler. The guy had incredible talent. His hot tongue whipped faster and faster aver her throbbing clit bringing her excitement to fever pitch. She was creaming all over his face and clawing the bed as the pleasure built and built.

"Ohhhh, shit, am I gonna come," she moaned.

Art thought he knew just how to get her off. She'd mentioned how she'd love to have her clit sucked, and it seemed to be time. As she whimpered and shoved her clit in his face, he suddenly jammed his mouth onto the wildly pulsating button and began sucking it loudly and greedily.

"Ohhhh, God, ohhhhh!" Patty screamed. "I love that, honey! Don't stop!"

She soaked his face with blast after blast of her sticky cunt cream, and he sucked faster and faster on her nearly exploding clit, wanting to give her a climax she'd never forget. Patty sobbed in ecstasy and closed her eyes tightly as she hurtled to the very brink of climax.

"Suck meeeee! Ohhhhh, fuck, whahhhhhhhhh!" she wailed as her body began to convulse.

Art shoved his hands under her churning ass and held her pelvis steady as she came so he could go on sucking her clit. He wanted to gulp every drop of her hot tangy came-cream. His sucking made her orgasm violent and prolonged, and by the time she came down from it she was sobbing with bliss.

"Oh, Art, that was so damned good," she sighed. "You're a terrific pussy-eater."

"Thanks, Patty," he said, growing bolder by the second. "How about letting me go down on you some more?"

"I'd love it," she gurgled.

"Tell me what you like best of all," he said. Patty gave a horny shiver and said: "I'd like you to fuck me with your tongue."

"You got it!"

He shoved his face between her legs, and she gasped with pleasure as he crammed his long stiff tongue into her hotly aroused cunt. He pushed it into her as far as it would go, clear to the root, and she whimpered in ecstasy and soaked his tongue with huge floods of pussy cream.

"Yeah, that's it, honey," she sobbed. "Give me all of it -- fuck me with it."

Art felt his cock mushrooming as he listened to her hoarse cries of excitement and felt the deliciously snug and juicy inside of her cunt. He started pistoning his tongue stiffly in her pussy, fucking her with it, and she wailed in bliss and fed him a steady supply of the musky cunt juice he craved.

The room echoed with lewd sucking and slurping noises as Art reamed out Patty's cunt with his tongue. The pretty widow was in heaven, eyes tightly closed, clawing at the bed. She creamed and sobbed at every deep thrust of his tongue.

"Unnnnhhhh, Art, I love that," she wept. "Don't ever stop, honey. Eat me forever."

Art would have been perfectly happy with that arrangement. He'd always suspected he'd love the taste of pussy, and now he knew it. He fucked his hungry tongue as deep as it would go in Patty's tasty pussy hole, scooping out her delicious juices and gobbling them.

He felt her cunt tightening steadily around his tongue, and by now he realized that this signaled a climax coming on. She arched her body to take his probing tongue as deep as she could get it, and she whimpered and moaned. Then suddenly his face was blasted with an enormous explosion of cunt cream.

"Oooooo, shit, yesssss, aaahhhhhhhh!" Patty howled. "You're making me come, Art, whaahhhhhhh!"

Art's cock gave a violent buck as he experienced the hot hungry clamping of her cunt around his tongue. He ached to feel that horny action around his prick. He decided to just go for it. All she could do was say no.

He tongue-fucked her through her orgasm, then drew back and watched her as she recovered. Her pretty face was flushed, her teeth flashing as she panted. It took her a minute or so to breathe normally again. Then she opened her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes widened.

Patty as focusing on his enormous rock-hard prick. It was all ready to go again, stiff standing, thick and drooling. She creamed helplessly and felt her lust rushing back in full force even though she'd just come like mad. The sight of a stiff cock always did that to her, and Art's was the biggest and stiffest cock she'd ever seen.

"I'd like to fuck you, Patty," he said. "I hope that doesn't make you mad, but I just had to say it."

"Art, I'd love to fuck you, too," she gurgled. "I didn't bring you in here to talk."

He beamed. "You'll do it?" he cried. "You'll let me fuck you?"

"All night, if you want," she grinned.

With a delighted whoop, he threw himself onto her, practically knocking her breathless. The approach was clumsy, but it was very enthusiastic. Laughing, Patty spread her legs wide and let him sink down between them. He pushed the huge hard head of his cock into the juicy pit of her cuntal opening.

"Yes, honey -- stick that big thing into me," she panted.

"Ohhhhh, Jesus, yesssss," Art groaned.

He fucked into her in one long greedy shove, sheathing his throbbing boner clear to the balls in her steamy velvety pussy tunnel. Her cunt was gripping and wet around his cock meat, and it felt fantastically good. He snorted with excitement and started fucking her hard.

"Yes, mother-fucker really give it to," she growled, clawing his shoulders. "Fuck my brains out!"

Art sighed with bliss. He knew this was going to be the best fuck he'd ever had. It had to be, because he'd only made it with hookers before. They just went through the motions, but Patty really loved to fuck. She was soaking his cock meat with floods of cunt cream and wailing with pleasure.

"Unnnhhhhh, honey, I love it," she groaned. "I love to fuck."

Not that she had to tell anybody. It was obvious. Art loved fucking with a girl so hot and responsive. She was fucking back at him, meeting the rough thrusts of his cock with greedy jerks of her hips. They went at each other like a couple of rutting animals, snarling and growling.

"Ohhhhh, God," Patty moaned. "I wish we could fuck forever."

Art felt the same way. He couldn't imagine anything he'd rather do than this. As his excitement mounted, he fucked into her faster and faster, but it never seemed to rough for her. Just the opposite -- the harder he fucked her, the more wildly excited she got, soaking his jackhammering cock with uncontrollable floods of cunt cream.

Their bodies slapped loudly together, and the bed began to creak and rock. Patty kept fucking back at him, keeping up with his wild tempo, and she was digging her nails into his shoulders and biting his neck. Art loved it. At last a woman was responding to his fucking, loving his cock.

"Fuck it to me, you big bastard! Fuck me crazy!" the horny widow wailed.

Art spun totally out of control and fucked her like a machine gone berserk. He worried that he'd be too rough for her, but he quickly saw that this was no problem. She loved it that way. She hammered her hips to his furious rhythm and wailed with ecstasy.

"Ahhhh, yesssss -- I love it!" she shouted. The bed was rattling, Patty was screaming, and he was bellowing with bliss. How he even kept from shooting his come-load, he didn't know, except that he was so greedy far her cunt and wanted to go on and on fucking her.

It was the same for Patty. She ached to come, and she could have come at any second, yet she didn't want this fantastic fuck to end. She wanted to go on all night taking Art's huge rockhard cock in her incredibly horny cunt. This was the best fuck she'd ever had in her life.

But they were too wildly aroused to hold out much longer. As Art fucked into her with lightning speed, making her body shudder with the impact, Patty felt the orgasm starting in the fiery depths of her cunt. It exploded outwards and scared through every nerve and vein in her body.

"Ohhhhhh, Art, honey, you're making me come!" she wailed. "Ohhhhhh, shit, fuck, whaahhhhhhhh!"

Her cunt went into violent spasms around his prick meat, sucking and clamping, and that did it for Art. As much as he wanted to go on fucking her, he couldn't stop the body-racking orgasm that ripped through him. He hammered his boiling come-load into Patty's sucking pussy.

"Take it, baby, take my load, aaawwwwwwww!" he yelled.

"Yes, cream me, Art, unnnnggghhhh!" she moaned.

Much later that night, the blissed-out office manager drove home, a silly grin on his face, knowing that from now on he was going to be very popular with the ladies. Patty had taught him everything he needed to know about turning women on, and she'd assured him that he had a natural talent for it.

Patty was happy with her evening's work, too. She loved making men happy, and she knew she'd sent Art home a very happy guy. It had been lots of fun for her, too, of course. The mousy little man was a real tiger in bed.

But as usual, she was looking forward to the next guy. There were still plenty of horny attractive males out there for her to seduce, and she could hardly wait to fuck them.

Chapter NINE

The next day, Friday, Patty was called into the boss' office almost as soon as she got to work. Henry Clark gave her a big smile as she walked in, ten motioned her to sit close to him.

"I wanted to talk to you right away, Patty, to make sure you're free tonight," he said. "I'd like you to come to a party at my apartment."

"Why, how nice of you, Henry," Patty said. "Of course I'd love to come. I haven't met your wife yet."

He glanced at the photo on his desk showing the heavy-set and stem-looking middle-aged woman. "Oh, my wife won't be there," he said with a sigh of relief. "She's out of town, visiting her mother. So it'll just be you and me and a couple of the salesmen. I've invited Brook and Ken."

"Well," Patty said, "that certainly will be interesting."

She wondered who she'd end up fucking. She'd made it with all three men, and certainly they'd all be looking to take her home. But she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. Right now, something more immediate was getting her attention. Henry had slipped his hand onto her knee.

"There's another reason I called you in here, Patty," he said.

"Oh, really?" Patty giggled. "I'd never have guessed."

He slid his hand up under her skirt and touched the warm pouting crotch of her panties. "I haven't seen as much of you as I'd like," he went on. "I've been too busy. But I've certainly been thinking about you."

Patty opened her legs wider and let him cup her whole crotch. The boss' come-on was very well timed. She'd awakened horny, and she'd been wondering how she'd get through the whole day without sex. A little fun with Henry would relieve the hot ache in her pussy and let her concentrate on her work.

She pulled her skirt up so he could see what he was doing. He ogled her slim figure in the tiny bikini panties, then grasped the waistband and started inching the little garment down. Her small golden cunt bush popped into view. She raised her ass so he could slip the panties all the way off.

As Henry dropped the garment on the rug, Patty spread her legs wantonly wide, showing him the moist pink flesh of her cunt gash. He licked his lips and shivered with excitement. Folding back the soft cunt lips, he exposed her glistening clit. He took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading it.

"Mmmmmmmm, yesssss," Patty gurgled. "That feels so nice."

She started creaming, hot sticky liquid that overflowed her cunt and trickled onto Henry's kneading fingers. He worked the thick cream all over her clit as he massaged it, giving her a steady buzz of pleasure. Patty got flushed in the face and started to pant.

"Honey, you're getting me awful hot," she moaned.

"That's the whole idea," he said.

His fingers were soaked with her seeping pussy cream, and his own excitement was reaching the boiling point as he watched the pretty big-titted receptionist reacting hotly to his finger play. Patty saw the crotch of his pants swelling up into a big hard cock-bulge. She shivered with longing. She desperately needed a stiff cock in her fever-hot cunt.

"Henry, honey, let's fuck," she suggested hoarsely.

"In a minute," he grinned. "Let's not rush. I love turning you on, Patty."

Patty loved being turned on, too, but it was office hours, and she did have work to do. However, if the boss didn't mind her taking time off to fool around, so be it. She relaxed, keeping her thighs wide open and letting the delicious sensations carry her away as Henry kneaded her supersensitive clit.

Then the phone rang. Patty cleared her throat and answered it. "Good morning. Henry Clark, Incorporated. Yes, just a -- ooooooooooo!"

Henry was mischievously fucking his thick middle finger up her cunt. It felt so great, she couldn't suppress that squeal of delight, and she soaked his invading finger with a molten rush of cunt cream. He started finger-fucking her, and it was all she could do to keep the lust out of her voice.

"Pardon me," she said to the caller. "I dropped something. I'll connect you with Mr. Lawson." She pressed a button. "Brook, line one." Then she hung up. "Henry, you really ought to be more careful."

"Fair's fair, Patty," he chuckled. "You did the same thing to me, remember?"

Patty had to laugh. It was true. She'd sneaked under his desk and sucked him off while he was on the phone. But she hoped the damned thing wouldn't ring again very soon. She wanted to forget about business and just enjoy the things Henry was doing to her. He was fucking his finger fast and deep in her horny little pussy.

"That feels nice, honey," she gurgled. "But I'd rather have your cock in there."

That did it for Henry. He'd kept his cool up to this point, arousing and teasing the beautiful blonde, but now he was overpowered by lust and excitement. He whipped his finger out of her cunt, stood up, and dropped his pants and shorts.

Patty gave a lusty gurgle at the sight of his stiff drooling cock. She stood up and leaned against his desk, bracing her hands against it, and he got behind her. She shivered as he eased the swollen head of his cock into her juicy little cuntal opening. Then he turned and started to reach for the photo of his wife.

"Wait, Henry," Patty said wickedly. "Why don't we let her watch this time?"

"Good idea," he laughed. "Maybe she'll learn something."

He fucked his steel-hard prick into her cunt, and Patty moaned with relief. She'd been wanting a nice hard cock in there since the moment she woke up. He fucked into her as deep as he could go, then started fucking her in eager rough thrusts. She soaked his pistoning prick with hot cunt cream.

"Ooooo, yeah, honey, fuck it to me," she moaned. "I need it real bad."

The phone rang. Patty groaned and answered it.

"Brook, I can't talk right now," she said. "I'm, aah, taking dictation. What? Yes, I'll be at the party. Okay, see you." She hung up. "We better make this a quickie, Henry. The office is too busy this morning."

"Damn," he said. "Oh, well, we can make up for it tonight."

He went into high gear, fucking her very fast and hard, and Patty gripped the edge of the desk and gurgled in bliss. She adored being fucked like that, deeply and thoroughly. She felt herself spinning effortlessly towards the hard climax she needed so badly.

At the same time, though, she found herself wondering what was going to happen at the party tonight. Henry had already made it clear that he expected her to stay with him, and Brook had just called to see if she'd be there, obviously wanting to make out with her.

"Unnnhhhh, yessss," she moaned. "Fuck it to me real hard, honey, as hard as you can."

She forgot the party and everything else as Henry fucked into her like a piledriver, making her body shudder with the impact. The red hot friction between cock and cunt sent her into orbit. A violent orgasm exploded in the depths of her cunt and thundered through her body.

"Ooooh, yeah, I'm coming, ohhhh!" she moaned.

"Awww, Jesus, awwwww!" Henry gasped. Patty gurgled with ecstasy as he boiled his heavy come-load into her sucking pussy. She came deliciously, her body racked by hard pleasure spasms. At last Henry backed off, pulling his wet cock from her soaked cunt, and they hunted up their discarded clothing.

"Remember, that was just for openers," he told her with a leer. "Tonight we'll really get it on."

As Patty returned to the reception area, she caught Brook's eye, and he stared at her. The message was dear. He expected her to leave the party with him. But as she stepped into her anteroom, Ken followed her. In surprise, she turned to look at the handsome young salesman.

"Going to the boss' party tonight?" he asked.

"Yes, I am, Ken," Patty said.

"Good, then we can leave together," he said, pulling her into his arms and kissing her.

He shoved his tongue into her mouth, and Patty shivered with excitement. Then he was gone, back to the main room, and she stood there shaking her head and wondering what she was going to do. Three men wanted her. Each was counting on fucking her this evening. It was a real dilemma.

Her boss always regarded Friday as a slack day, but Friday turned out to be an incredibly busy day. The phone seemed to ring constantly, so Patty didn't get all her typing done and had to work late, after everyone else had left the office. She hadn't been alone very long when the janitor waked in.

Patty gawked at him. He was a real hunk, maybe in his mid-thirties and powerfully muscled.

He was wearing a sweat shirt with the arms cut out, showing off his muscular arms. His tight jeans outlined his big prick. Patty felt a rush of lust for the man that made her redden.

He was gawking at her, too, as if he couldn't believe what he saw. "Hey," he said, "what happened to that old bitch -- I mean Miss Graves?"

"Miss Graves retired," she told him. "I'm Patty, the new receptionist."

"Well, well, well," he said, breaking into a delighted grin. "I'm Mike, Patty, and I'm the janitor. I sure am glad to meet you. Working very late?"

"No," Patty sighed. "I just have one more letter to type."

"Too bad, 'cause I'd sure like to know you better."

Patty wanted to know him better, too. The guy turned her on like mad, and the feeling obviously was mutual. She decided she could type the letter on Monday. She got up and walked over to Mike, moving slowly and sensuously, wriggling her ass and swaying her hips. His eyes got hot with lust.

She walked right up to him and ran her fingers up and down his powerfully muscled arms. "Do you work out, Mike?" she cooed.

"You sure look strong."

"Yeah," he said, "and I'd sure like to work out with you, Patty."

He reached out and cupped her thrusting tits in his big hot hands. Patty gasped with excitement. She'd thought that fucking with the boss this morning would keep her mind off her pussy for the rest of the day, but obviously not. All she had to do was look at an attractive guy, and she was horny again.

Her tits swelled and her nipples stiffened as Mike played with them. She knew she had to get home and prepare for the party, so there was no time to lose. She reached for his fly and unzipped it. She was delighted to discover that he wasn't wearing underwear.

His cock snapped free of its confinement, mushrooming into a huge and hard fuck-tool. Patty shivered at the sight of his hard-on. She wrapped her fingers around his prick and started pumping it, and Mike gave a lusty growl. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, pushing them out of the way to bare her magnificent tits.

"Fantastic," he breathed, cupping and squeezing the big hot tit globes.

His cock was pretty fantastic, too, almost as big as Art's gigantic prick. Eagerly, Patty ran her little fist up and down the hot smooth column of cock meat, while Mike lustily fondled her tits. She could, feel molten cream seeping from her cunt and soaking her pussy.

Mike slid his hands down from her swollen stiff-nippled tits and quickly unzipped her skirt and let it drop. He grasped her panties and tugged them down. They slithered down her legs and she stepped out of them, naked except for her pushed-back blouse and bra.

"Unnnnhhhhh, yesssss," she gasped as he slid a hand between her thighs.

Mike had been aroused, obviously. He knew how to turn a girl on with more than his looks. He started gently, but sensuously rubbing Patty's swollen cunt, and she juiced heavily into his hand. He spread the hot cream all over the swelling flesh of her cunt slit.

Greedily, she tugged at his tight jeans. They were hugging his body and hard to budge, but gradually she worked them lower. At last he was stepping out of them, his massive boner weaving stiffly and lewdly before him. Patty was soaking his caressing hand with pussy juice.

She fisted his cock again and pumped it hungrily while he played with her pussy. But that situation didn't last for long, because they were both getting too horny and impatient for foreplay. At last Mike gave a lusty growl, scooped Patty up in his arms, and carried her over to her desk.

He laid her down on her back, her ass resting just on the edge of the desk, and then he took her long shapely legs and draped them over his powerful broad shoulders. Her pussy was completely open to the light of the room, and he feasted his eyes on the gleaming rosy cunt flesh and fine blonde curls. Patty let him look for a few seconds, then started squirming with lusty impatience.

"Come on, honey, fuck me!" she whimpered. "You got me so hot, I just have to have it!"

"Patty, you're my kind of girl."

He pressed the hugely engorged head of his prick against the moist and drooling opening of her cunt, and she whined with excitement. He fucked into her slowly, savoring every inch of penetration, and she soaked his cock with blast after blast of sizzling cunt cream.

"Ooooo, yeah, stick it into me, Mike!" she cried, clawing the desk. "Give me all of it!"

"I'll give it to you, all right," he growled. Patty's pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace as the burly janitor filled her greedy cunt with his thick throbbing fuck-tool. She could feel his cock pulsating against every inch of her cunt and pushing up against her womb. She writhed around the thick impalement, aching for action.

"Fuck me," she whined. "Fuck my pussy good, Mike."

He snorted with excitement and started fucking his huge prick in her juice-slick cunt. Patty sobbed in ecstasy. She'd done a lot of kinky things since she became a widow, and she'd made love in all kinds of different ways, but there wasn't anything she liked better than plain old hard fucking.

"Ohhhh, yeah, fuck it to meeee!" she wailed. Grinning insanely, Mike fucked the wailing receptionist faster and faster. He couldn't seem to do it too roughly for her. The harder he gave it to her, the more crazily excited she got. She soaked his pistoning cock with endless floods of molten cream, and her pussy got steadily tighter and hotter around his prick.

"You like it, baby?" he asked.

"Shit, yes, I love it," she sobbed. "Keep fucking me real hard, Mike, as hard as you can."

He growled lustily and went into high gear. Patty's body shuddered with the impact of his fucking, and her gorgeous big tits wobbled crazily. She closed her eyes tightly and blotted out everything but the fantastic pleasure she was feeling as the hugely hung janitor fucked her to the brink of orgasm.

"Ooooo, fuck, yessss! So fuckin' good!" she wailed.

"Ohhhh, Jesus!" Mike groaned. "Gonna shoot my load real quick."

"Yes, yes, honey, cream me," Patty moaned. She didn't worry about getting left behind, because her own climax was already starting. She felt the delicious blast of sensation in the boiling depths of her cunt, triggered by Mike's fucking cock. Then her whole body was convulsing with pleasure, and her cunt went into hard spasms around his cock.

"Ooohhhh, shit, aaaggghhhh!" the big man bellowed as her cunt sucked the jizz out of his balls.

"Ooooo, yeah, whaahhhh!" Patty wailed. She gurgled and squealed with pleasure while he pumped load after load of boiling jism into her pussy. She might be late for the party, but the delay would have been worth it. She wouldn't have missed fucking him for the world.

"Mmmmm, that was nice," she gurgled. "Very nice."

"It sure the hell was," Mike sighed as he pulled his dripping cock from her cunt. "How about going out with me tonight, Patty?"

"I wish I could, Mike," she said. "But I already agreed to go to a party with some people. How about tomorrow night?"

"You're on," he said. "Give me your phone number."

Patty hurried home to shower and dress for the party at her boss' place. She was going to be late, and she sure hoped Mr. Clark wouldn't be angry.

Chapter TEN

Almost half an hour later than she was supposed to arrive, Patty rang the doorbell of Henry Clark's penthouse apartment. He opened the door with an anxious look on his face, and she saw Ken and Brook pacing the floor behind him, drinks in hand.

"Patty, thank goodness." Henry said. "We were worried about you."

"I'm so sorry," she said breathlessly, "but I got delays in traffic."

"Well, we're glad you're here, late or not," Henry said, taking her coat. "It wouldn't be a party without you."

He brought her a glass of champagne, and they sat around, in the spacious living room, enjoying the expansive view, of the city and eating expensive snacks. All three men kept looking at Patty in an unmistakable way, and she wondered how she was going to handle that awkward moment when she had to choose who to go home with.

But she forgot that problem temporarily when Henry said: "Well, I'll quit beating around the bush, Patty. This party is for you. We're celebrating your first week on the job."

"Yeah, here's to you Patty," Ken said, raising his glass.

"To the prettiest receptionist in the world," Brook added.

"Why, thank you, you guys," Patty said, blushing. "But isn't this a little premature?"

"Why do you say that, honey?" Henry asked.

"Well, let's face it, fellas," Patty sighed. "I'm not doing a very good job. I'm a lousy typist, and all those buttons on the phone get me mixed up. I wouldn't blame you if you fired me."

The men looked at each other and laughed. Then Brook explained affectionately: "Honey, we don't care if you can't answer the phone right. You're still good for business. You keep our morale up, and you attract new clients. We've decided to hire another girl to do the office work. We just want you to sit at that front desk and look gorgeous."

"Oh, my gosh, is that true?" Patty cried.

"Yes, it is," Henry said. "All you have to do is greet clients and make them feel welcome. If you do that, we'll give you a raise."

"Oh, wow! How can I ever thank you guys?" Patty exclaimed.

They looked at each other and grinned.

"Well, Patty," Henry said, "there's a way we want to be thanked. That's why we arranged this party, just you and the three of us. You have something we all enjoy a lot."

Patty stared at them, then blushed and giggled. Obviously she wasn't going to have to worry about choosing between them or starting a fight. The gentlemen had exchanged notes, and they all knew that she'd been fucking with every available man in the office.

"I guess I made myself clear," Henry said.

"Yes, Henry, you did," Patty purred. "Let's get started."

She downed her champagne, stood up, and stripped. The men watched her with hot lusty eyes, but they couldn't have been more excited than Patty, herself. Now she knew the real reason for this party. She'd been invited here to fuck with three men at the same time.

She'd never imagined herself fucking with more than one partner, but now that she thought about it, it sounded exciting. It also sounded practical, because one man was never enough for her. She loved the idea of taking one hard cock after another. Maybe her incredible lust would finally be satsifled.

As she removed her clothes and uncovered her magnificent young body, she noticed all three men getting hard-ons. It turned her on wickedly to have that horny audience of three eager males, knowing they were all going to fuck her. This promised to be the wildest night of her life.

It didn't matter that she'd fucked Henry this morning and Mike just an hour ago. She was all ready to go again, her pussy hot and wet and swollen. She thought about those three steelhard pricks waiting for her, and she creamed furiously, soaking the crotch of her panties. She whisked the panties off and stood there naked.

"We tossed coins before you got here," Ken explained, standing up and starting to undress.

Patty was glad of that. She didn't want any delays or arguments to get in the way of the fun. Henry and Brook remained seated, sipping their drinks, content to watch till it was their turn. They were more than content, in fact. Patty could see that they were very excited about the idea of watching their own private live sex show.

The idea turned her on, too. It was outrageous, but she wanted to be watched. Naked, his stiff cock wagging before him, Ken drew her down on the thick shag rug, and they started kissing and pawing each other. Henry and Brook pulled their chairs closer to watch.

Ken shoved his tongue into her mouth, and she ground her cunt mound against his throbbing boner, wantonly rubbing it and driving him to a fever pitch of arousal. When they finally surfaced, he was red-faced and glassy-eyed with lust. Growling, he rolled on tap of her.

"Baby, I'm too excited to fool around," he rasped. "I wanta fuck you right now."

"Yes, Ken," Patty panted. "Stick it in me, I want it."

That got excited groans from their audience. Patty did all she could to inflame the other two men. She raised her legs and spread them wide, giving Brook and Henry a fleeting glimpse of her moist pink pussy slit. Then Ken sank down between her splayed thighs and socked the fat purple head of his prick into her cunt mouth, stretching it hugely.

"Ooooo, yesss!" Patty squealed. "Stick that big thing in me, Ken -- I need it real bad."

He started easing his thick fuck-tool into her steaming little pussy, and she heard Brook and Henry breathing hard as they watched. She whimpered and gurgled with pleasure as the hard fucker filled her greedy cunt. Once more, she wondered if she could ever get enough cock. Tonight should tell the story.

She sighed with relief as Ken's massive boner touched her womb. He shoved his hands under her hot little ass and staffed fucking her greedily, hammering the cock to her hard and fast. But that was just the way she liked it best, and she clung to him and wailed with delight.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, honey -- fuck it to me good and hard!" she cried.

She was being fucked fast toward climax, but before she got completely carried away, she checked out her audience. Brook and Henry were on the edges of their seats, their eyes hot with lust as they followed the hard-hammering action of Ken's cock in her juicy little pussy. "Great idea, Henry," Brook said hoarsely. "Thank you, Brook," Henry answered, his eyes glued to the fucking couple.

"It's minds like yours that make this country great," Brook said.

"No raise this year, Brook," Henry replied.

"Shit," Brook said.

"Maybe next year," Henry added.

"Hey, will you guys shut up?" Ken panted. "We're trying to fuck, in case you hadn't noticed."

But they'd noticed. All the time they were bantering with each other, they hadn't taken their eyes off Patty and Ken. They watched with hot excitement as he fucked the moaning widow faster and faster. When Patty arched her body up and rubbed her clit against his pistoning prickshaft, they knew she was about to come.

"Unnnhhhh, hard, fuck hard," she sobbed. Ken fucked into her with lightning speed, and her eyes rolled back and closed. Her teeth flashed in a lusty grimace. She went stiff for a second, then wailed. Her body convulsed, her big ripe tits wobbling. Brook and Henry almost came out of their seats.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, I'm coming, whaahhhhh!" Patty howled.

"Take my load, baby, aaagggghhhh!" Ken yelled.

"Oh, Jesus," Henry panted.

"Too much," Brook groaned.

Patty had hardly finished coming before Ken rolled off her and Brook leaped from his chair and stripped. She lay there catching her breath and watching eagerly as he took off his clothes. She'd just come like a bomb, but one climax was only an appetizer for the lusty young woman. She wanted more, and she wanted it now.

She decided to give Henry and Ken a better view of the action, however. She rolled onto her hands and knees and stuck her cute little ass out. Naked, Brook dropped to his knees behind her. She gasped with excitement as he wedged the swollen head of his cock into her juicy cuntal opening and started fucking his big hard boner into her.

"Oooooo, yessssss!" she hissed.

"Henry, you old fox," Ken laughed. "You didn't tell me how much fun it is to watch."

"I know a few things you youngsters don't know," Henry chuckled. "That's why I'm the boss."

He didn't exactly say it, but they got the message. Henry liked to watch, and he did a lot of it. This wouldn't be the first sex show to go on in this apartment while his wife was out of town. The boss was a very kinky guy, even if he looked meek and harmless on the surface. He was watching Patty and Brook with great enjoyment, the crotch of his pants hugely tented. He and Ken followed the progress of Brook's big blue-veined prick as it filled Patty's dripping cunt. Finally, only Brook's balls were showing, and Patty gurgled with delight.

"Fuck me now, baby," she panted. "Give it to me good and hard."

"She never gets enough," Henry said.

"Well, she just might tonight," Ken chuckled.

Patty was wondering about that. She was taking on her fourth partner of the day, and she was still horny out of her mind. She felt like she could fuck forever. Brook began fucking into her like a piledriver, and she wailed with pleasure.

"Ooooooo, shit, yessss!" she cried. "Fuck me hard, baby, fuck my brains out."

Brook's belly slapped loudly against her ass, and his cock made an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out her thick hot cunt cream. The room echoed with those sounds and with Patty's squeals, Brook's groans, and the hard breathing of their audience.

Once again, Patty felt herself flying easily toward climax. Brook's thick fuck-tool was driving deep and hard and fast in her insatiable little cunt, just the way she liked it. She clawed the rug and creamed helplessly, pussy juice gushing down her thighs. Her big tits swung and bounced with the impact of his fucking.

"Oh, shit, I'm not gonna last long," he groaned.

And no wonder. He'd gotten horny out of his mind when he watched her being fucked by Ken. Patty felt his cock throbbing inside her as if it was close to bursting. But she wasn't going to be left behind when he came. He was making sure of that.

He reached around her and grasped her clit between his fingers and kneaded the pulsating button. Patty wailed with ecstasy. Now she was getting delicious sensations in both her cunt and her clit, from his pounding cock and his kneading fingers.

"Ohhhhh, shit, honey, you're making me come!" she howled.

"Awwwwwww, Jesus, awwwwwww!" Brook bawled, flooding her cunt with steaming jism.

"Cream me, honey! Unnnnggghhhh, yessss!" she cried, wailing with bliss.

Ken and Henry watched her and Brook fucking like crazy as they came. They saw his boiling jism overflowing her cock-crammed cunt and gushing down her thighs. Then Henry got up and began taking off his clothes while the young couple were still moaning and writhing.

At last Brook pulled out and went to collapse in his chair. Patty crouched there and caught her breath, but she was by no means finished. Henry skinned out of his shorts and she caught sight of his steel-hard cock. Her lust boiled back as strongly as ever.

Naked, Henry stretched out on his back and leered at her. "Sit on it, will you, Patty?"

"Mmmmmmm, I sure will, boss," she said, eyeing his stiff-standing prick.

She crawled over to him and climbed aboard, straddling his belly. Teasingly, she rubbed her slick hot pussy over the swollen head of his prick, but he was in no mood for playing around. The coin toss had given him the last turn with her, and he was horny out of his mind.

Growling, he grabbed her by the waist and fucked his cock into her hard and deep. Patty gasped, then gurgled with pleasure and soaked his cockmeat with a big steaming rush of pussy juice. Henry started fucking her fast and urgently, hammering his cock in her deliciously tight and velvety cunt.

"Ohhhhh, Jesus, yeah," he groaned.

"Fuck it to me, Henry! Ooooooooo!" she howled.

Brook and Ken were watching with mounting excitement. Both young men felt their balls filling and their cocks swelling as they focused on the boss' fucking prick and the receptionist's widely stretched cunt lips. Both of them knew how snug and slick and hot her cunt was.

"Unnnnnhhh, yeah, Henry, you're fucking me so good," Patty moaned. "Don't stop, honey -- fuck me forever."

"I might just do that," he said.

He wasn't kidding. He went on and on fucking her, hammering his prick into her like a machine. Patty couldn't believe his stamina. Grinning broadly, he kept up a hard steady pace, and she was quickly on the verge of another orgasm. She started tightening her cunt around his pistoning prick.

"Oooooo, yeah, gonna come," she moaned. Brook and Ken grunted with approval, wanting another turn with her. They assumed that if she came, so would Henry. They sat on the edges of their seats, eager to get to Patty. She threw back her head and wailed as she climaxed once again.

"Ahhhhhhh, yessssss, unnnnhhhhhh!" she cried.

Henry just kept right on fucking her. He didn't miss a beat as her hot cunt went into violent spasms around his cock. Ken and Brook glanced at each other in amazement. It looked like the boss was never going to run out of steam.

Horny observed that his two young salesmen had hard-ons, and he chuckled knowingly. "Hey, you guys," he said. "Why don't you join us?"

"What?" Patty gasped.

But Henry had it all worked out. Under his instruction, Brook came and stood in front of Patty, straddling Henry's chest, his drooling prick grazing her lips. Hungrily, she opened her mouth and let him slide his cock inside. She drew in her cheeks and started sucking greedily and loudly.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm," she moaned.

"Oh, yeah, baby, suck," Brook growled.

"Okay, Ken, you fuck her in the ass," Henry instructed.

"Hey, I don't mind if I do!" Ken exclaimed. Patty wasn't sure if she minded or not, but as Ken knelt behind her and eased his swollen prick into her hot little shitter, she realized she was going to love it. Now she had cocks in her mouth, cunt and asshole. If that wasn't enough cock, she was out of luck, because no woman could take more.

But it was enough, at last. Patty moaned blissfully as she sucked the delicious cream from Brook's throbbing boner and felt Ken's and Henry's cocks jerking side-by-side in her belly. She started coming, and she couldn't stop. Orgasms blasted through her body, one after another.

"Uuuummmmm, unnnnngghhhhhh!" she moaned.

The young widow was finally getting all the fucking she could handle, all the cock she craved. Brook exploded his come-load down her throat, and then Ken was flooding her shitter with his sizzling come and Henry was filling her pussy with thick hot jizz. A final body-racking climax shook Patty as she took the three heavy loads of come.

Some day soon she was going to want to settle down. She'd fall in love and get married, have the husband and home and kids she dreamed of. But not quite yet. She was going to allow herself just a little more fooling around.

She'd married so young, she'd never had a chance to explore the world of sex. Now she was getting that chance, and it was an opportunity she couldn't deny herself. Only when she'd fucked all the men she wanted, in all the ways so there were to fuck, would she really know what she wanted in a relationship.

"More champagne, everybody?" Henry asked as they rolled apart.

"Sure," Patty said. "The night is young."


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