Turned on secretary

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of future wealth and power. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

In this story, Sheila Linn has learned to be outward and honest with her sexual desires, and she becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is a young girl dedicated to became free from a marriage which has burdened her spirit and sexuality.

TURNED ON SECRETARY deals with a volatile issue, an issue that society has tried to define, but an issue which, perhaps, can be resolved only by the individual. Let he or she decide their own standard of morality, just as the young woman in this book has done.

Chapter ONE

"Please!" Sheila whispered, pulling free of his embrace. She turned her face to the side as he tried to kiss her again. Her body still tingled with the excitement of his lips. Her breasts still throbbed from the feel of his chest against them.

"Why?" Walter asked her in a voice hoarse with desire. "Why not?"

He looked dawn and saw her tits heave beneath the soft nylon blouse. The sight of them made his cock stiffen. Damn, they had felt good against him. He clenched his hand, itching to cover one of her luscious globes in his palm. Her eyes were wide as she turned back to him. He saw the pleading expression and smiled warmly, hoping to reassure her.

"Look, Sheila," he told her. "You feel it. I feel it. What's wrong? After all, we aren't children any longer. You want to as much as I do."

"That's what's wrong," the redhead answered. "I do want to. Ohhh, Walt, you don't know how badly I want to."

She meant it. She did want to. She ached to have him caress and fondle her. She trembled at the thought of Walt slipping his big, warm cock between her legs. Her pussy quivered in anticipation of hard meat driving her to ecstasy. She wanted to fuck him. She had wanted him since the first time he caught her like this, in the small storage room, and kissed her.

"Then there's no problem at all. I'll meet you after work and we'll go to my place."

"No!" Sheila gasped. "Oh, no! I can't! Please, Walt, don't torment me like this. I'm married. I can't do it."

He pulled one of her hands into his groin. The girl could feel his hard cock trembling in excitement. She wanted to circle her fingers around it. She wanted to pull it from his pants and kiss it. She wanted to screw with him. She wanted that too much, far too much.

"I don't know why that makes such a difference," Walter Morrow told her. "Feel that cock? What difference does a wedding ring make to a stiff prick? I'm not asking you to leave your husband. I just think we ought to enjoy each other this evening. Then you can go back home, happy and content."

Next he would tell her that other married girls in the office were screwing around. Sheila knew that. She knew that Mrs. Farrow in the accounting department was putting out for Mr. Higgs, the comptroller of the corporation. She knew that most of the girls in the office, married or not, were available to the more handsome young executives and salesmen. She knew all of that. Then, he could tell her that Tom, her husband, was fucking anything he could get his hands on. She had heard that before. Just because Tom went don to the tavern every night, some of the girls tried to convince her that he was playing around on her. She didn't buy it.

She forced herself to struggle free of Walt's arms. She stepped back from him, making herself appear angry. She glared at him, fighting the temptation to smile as warmly as he. She shook her head.

"No!" she repeated. "And I don't care if every married woman in town is sleeping around. I don't care if my Tom is balling anything with a hole between its legs. I'm married. I... I... oh, please, wait! Don't make it harder on me."

She spun around as her anger dissolved. Tern of frustration tilled her eye. The redhead fought against her tears and ran out of the room. Walt Morrow watched her, eyeing the luscious way her tiny waist spread out into such enticing hips and ass, eyeing her lovely legs that swung through the door. He smiled. She'd come around. Yes, it was only a matter of time before that exquisite piece ended up in his bed. He took a deep breath and waited for his erect pecker to shrivel. The tall, lean, young man closed his eyes as a smile played at the corner of his mouth. He pictured the girl with her husband. Walt had met Tom Linn six months earlier, at the office picnic back in the summer. It had only taken one glance to determine that the luscious Sheila was far too much woman for that dull oaf. He had gone out of his way to try and have a conversation with Tom, a hopeless waste of time. The burly husband was practically inarticulate. He stood there and grinned stupidly, grunting answers in single syllables, while leering at any of tile broads that happened along.

Walt shuddered as he left the room, imagining the fumbling Tom attempting to screw his luscious wife. It would never be good fucking, Walt assumed. Tom Linn had nothing to offer except brute strength. Any screw would be only a legally permitted rape. Hell! Pussy like Sheila deserved better. Sheila should be fucked by an expert, by a man who could appreciate such a woman. Walt was certain that he could meet those requirements. He'd never had a complaint from any girl yet. He smiled in anticipation of taking the beautiful redhead to bed. Yes, it was only a matter of time, a very short time.

Sheila was still breathing unevenly as she went back to her desk. She was afraid that she was still blushing from the excitement. She had to stop this. Somehow she had to stop wondering how it would be with Walt. She was being unfaithful to Tom, the way she kept daydreaming of slipping into bed beside the young executive. She was being even more unfair to herself. She was causing herself all kinds of frustration.

"Hey! Have a good time in the storeroom?" a bright voice laughed from the next desk. "Steal a little nooky on company time?"

Sheila turned to face the woman, bristling at the accusation. Ruby was smiling at her, her blue eyes glowing with a secretive understanding. The brunette winked suggestively at Sheila and pretended to turn back to her work. Ruby had been trying for months to convince the red-haired girl that she would enjoy a good screw with one of the men in the office. Ruby Thompson should know. She'd fucked with just about all of them. Yes, she'd given her pussy to all of them, from Mr. Forrest to Alby, the office boy.

Ruby was always available when Mr. Forrest had special clients or any of the men from the New York office in town for a week. The brunette was older than Sheila by a good ten years. She had kept her figure, however. She was as slender as a model even though her tits were quite a bit larger than anything Sheila had ever seen on a model. Ruby was sexy. Ruby knew she was sexy. Ruby enjoyed being sexy. She also was frustrated because her younger friend wouldn't take part in her games.

"You told him where I was!" the redhead accused. "You wanted him to catch me alone!"

"I didn't have to tell him," Ruby laughed. "He'd been waiting for a chance all morning. I hope he showed you what you've been missing. Hell, girl, you've got too much class for that ape you married. A body like yours is worth a million dollars if you'll just get smart."

Sheila had heard that before. Ever since she first started developing her breasts, people had talked about what all she might have before her. Men, especially, had made their suggestions with an offer to assist her. The young woman glared across at Ruby, then sighed disgustedly.

"Why can't you leave me alone!" she snapped. "Why can't all of you just leave me alone!"

She didn't ask it as a question. She knew why the men would never leave her content. She knew that every morning when she stepped from the shower and looked at her body in the minor. Part of her problem, also, was that she didn't want to be left alone. She enjoyed the attention. God knows, Tom gave her little enough.

The lovely redhead shuddered as she recalled what passed for sex between her and Tom. If Tom took more than three or four minutes to fuck her, she feared that he was sick. Walt had touched on a sore spot. She would admit that what was worse was her growing contempt for the dumb bastard she had married. She ached for decent conversation, the kind that went on around the tables at lunch here at the office. She'd like to go out at night. She'd like to go dancing. She'd like to go to a play or a concert, even just a movie. She never did. Tom would eat dinner with her in silence, then leave the house to go to his favorite tavern. He would return about midnight to fuck her before falling asleep, the smell of beer so heavy about him that it almost sickened her.

"Mrs. Linn," a male voice called from the front of the office. She looked up to see Joe Higgs, her immediate boss, standing with Mr. Forrest, the regional manager and vice-president. Joe Higgs motioned for her to join them. As the girl rose from her desk, the brunette beside her laughed softly.

"Forrest always insists that you take notes of their meetings," she whispered. "I think he enjoys looking at your legs during those conferences."

Sheila ignored what she knew was true. She grabbed up her pad and a couple of pencils, then smiled brightly as she walked up to join the executives. Both pairs of eyes were on her as she walked toward them. They continued to talk to each other, but their eyes thoroughly watched her legs and tits. They smiled warmly as she joined them, then stepped into the conference room. Mendel Forrest casually placed his arm about her shoulders as he ushered her into the elaborately furnished room. Half a dozen other men were waiting. All eyes brightened as the red-haired beauty walked in.

"This is Sheila Linn." Mendel Forrest introduced her. "She's the best we've got in this company. Now, if you can get your minds back on company business, let's get to work."

Chapter TWO

Tom Linn had been the high school star, captain of the football team and all-city fullback. Every girl she knew drooled over him, over his dark good looks, over his charming smile.

Tom began eating while Sheila was still standing at the stove. His mouth spread in an impish grin. His eyes darted from one side to the other. Then he grabbed a piece of chicken and ate it quickly. He looked up at her, that damn grin on his face as though asking her to laugh at the childish antics.

Five years ago she had thought those actions to be completely irresistible. She had been the happiest girl in school when Tom noticed her. She knew that he screwed any girl he dated. That didn't matter to the redhead. She was deliriously happy with the chance to offer him her cherry. He had popped her on their first date. He had fucked her, then bragged about it to the other boys on the team. He fucked her regularly after that. He usually kept his buddies up to date on just how many times he had gotten her pussy, too.

Their screwing had never been fulfilling to Sheila. Hell, just about the time she started feeling anything, he had already shot his wad. What he lacked in finesse, however, he tried to make up for in vigor. When Tom Linn fucked a girl, she knew she'd had a man between her legs. He bragged about that. The bastard would brag about that as he lay beside her, that juvenile grin on his face, while she shuddered with desire that had only begun to rise.

Tom had eaten two pieces of chicken and was finishing a third by the time Sheila slipped into her chair across from him. The young woman ate daintily while her husband continued to stuff his mouth. He nodded his approval of her cooking, grabbed a fourth piece of meat, looked from side to side, grinned, and started bolting down that piece of chicken. He struggled to swallow a huge mouthful, then spoke to her while the remains threatened to drop down his chin.

"You made up your mind about the convention?" he asked, referring to the forthcoming meetings of her company to be held in New Orleans. "You decided to go?"

Sheila had about decided not to attend. Mr. Forrest had been urging her to go. The manager had even suggested that her expenses would be paid by the company. He wanted her to handle some of the presentations, he said. The red-haired girl suspected that he wanted her to handle more than just formal presentations of charts and diagrams. The way Forrest had looked at her as he talked about the meetings left little doubt in her mind. Sheila felt reasonably confident that she could handle any approaches the men might make. Still, it would be embarrassing. No, she'd probably be better off remaining at work. She might make enemies out of the executives she turned don each evening.

"I don't think I'll go," she answered her husband. "It just doesn't excite me that much."

Tom's face showed a peculiar expression of disappointment. He grunted in response, then finished his meal in silence. Sheila was aware of a growing anger in his eyes as he looked over at her. She had thought he might be relieved at hearing her decision. He had made enough comments about what happened at conventions. He suggested that the company only held them to give the men a chance to screw every girl on the payroll. She wasn't about to tell him that they didn't heed a convention for that. Except for her, the men in the company were fucking all the girls without leaving town.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "I thought you wanted me to stay home."

Tom pushed back from the table. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, then rubbed the greasy hand on his pants. He got up and put his jacket on. He didn't speak to her until he got to the door. Then he looked back at her for a moment.

"I don't give a damn what you do!" he snapped. "Just don't try to pull anything on me. Don't think I owe you anything because you aren't going."

Sheila watched the door slam behind him. She fought back the immediate surge of resentment. Damn him! She'd never tried to use anything against him. She certainly didn't hold it up to him that her salary was considerably higher than his. She had never suggested, as happened to be true, that she could be making a hell of a lot more if she weren't married to him. That must be the problem, she suddenly suspected! He was resentful of her rising position. He was jealous of her success.

It didn't have to be that way. He didn't have to work at his demeaning job. She'd have been only too happy to work while he went back to college.

She had pleaded with him to let her send him through school. He could have finished on his own years ago. They had been at the state university where he was on a football scholarship. Tom had injured his knee, however, in the first week of practice. The university would have honored its contract with him despite the fact that he would never play. It had been Tom who packed up and returned home. Tom had only been interested in football, not in the education. Now he resented being in a low paying job. Damn it, it was his own fault. She would still pay for him to get his education.

Maybe they should talk about that again. Maybe they needed to do a lot of talking. If he was being such a bastard because of his own frustrations, then she needed to do something to reassure him. Sheila quickly began cleaning up the table. She spent almost an hour in the kitchen, then walked into the bedroom and began changing clothes.

She'd go down to the tavern. Yes, she'd show him that she didn't feel superior to his friends. She'd have fun with him tonight, even drink beer with him! Ugghhh! That would be a way of proving her love. He knew how she detested the smell and taste of beer. She would sit there and drink with him, then come home and have a long, serious talk.

She felt much better as she ran the comb through her hair. She had slipped into tight slacks and a soft sweater that emphasized her tits. She shook her head sadly, knowing that there was no way she could pass as a typical tavern wife. Then she laughed at herself. Why should she worn? Maybe this would even help Tom. Every man in there would drool over her. That ought to give her husband a feeling of being important. He had always been proud of her sexy appearance. She might be able to use that tonight.

She stepped back from the mirror and stared at her reflection. She could imagine how Walt Morrow would react to her. The redhead shivered at the thought of his arms about her. Her tits swelled as she fancied his hands covering them and slowly massaging her nipples into pulsing desire. She closed her eyes and remembered how his hardening cock had felt against her today at the office. She had a catch in her breath as she realized just how much she had wanted to meet hint after work.

She could meet him now! Tom would be boozing it at the tavern for three hours or longer. She had plenty of time to drive to his apartment. She could drive over, let him bring her to a slow, dreamy fulfillment, and be back home long before her husband ever staggered in. The mere thought of it sent a shudder through her body.

No, she couldn't. She just couldn't. Maybe it was because she wanted to so badly that she couldn't. If Walt were as good as she imagined, then how could she ever come back to the frustrations of this bedroom? No! It was just too much to handle. Besides, she didn't know where his apartment was located. Too bad, she told herself. She tried to get her breathing back to normal, then saw the telephone book on the nightstand.

Sheila stared at the book as though frightened by it. It seemed to glow before her. Her knees were weak and watery as she stepped to the bed and sat down. Her hands trembled as she pulled the volume across her legs. She was only satisfying her curiosity, she insisted. That's all it was, mere curiosity. Still, her heart skipped a beat when she spotted his name on the page. She felt a lump in her throat, a warmness in her breasts. Her eyes were drawn to the name and the address which accompanied it. Damn! He lived so close to her! She could be at his apartment in fifteen minutes.

This was stupid, she told herself. Sheila leaned back against the pillow, letting the phone book fall from her lap. She closed her eyes again and tried to picture the expression on Walt's face were he to open his door and see her standing there. What would she say?

"Hi! I've come for my fuck?" That would be why she was there, wouldn't it? He would know it, whatever she said. Her pussy quivered as she imagined him leading her inside and looking down over her heaving tits. She could imagine the way his cock would swell inside his pants as he led her to his couch. No, he wouldn't waste time, not since he would know exactly what she came for. He'd take her to his bedroom.

Stop this! Her conscience screwed at her. She had to stop thinking like this! This was a one-way street. This wouldn't do at all. Yet it was so pleasant to dream. The lovely redhead closed her eyes once more and breathed deeply, imagining Walt's hands running softly over her tits, his fingers turning her nipples into panting buttons of shimmering pleasure. She tingled at the thought of his hand caressing her pussy until he had her gushing like crazy. She pictured him pulling his big pecker from his pants and inviting her to fondle it. She mopped the perspiration from her forehead as her breath became suddenly rapid once again. Her heart pounded in excitement. Her breasts swelled luxuriously. Her pussy tingled and throbbed.

He would give a slow, thorough balling. He would screw her like they described it in the books. He would give her one of those fucks that Ruby always talked about. She would roll with him. Oh, would she ever rock and throb as they pumped frantically and completely against each other.

Sheila jumped up from the bed. She forced herself to stop thinking like that. She had to stop this. If she didn't, she would be unable to resist the nearness of that apartment where he was waiting. If he was waiting. She hadn't thought of that. Walt wouldn't be sitting there waiting to see if she might show up. She had made it all too clear that she'd never put out for him. He'd probably not even be home. If he was, he'd probably have some other girl there. He might have one of the younger girls from the office. He might have same other tenant of those apartments. He might even have Ruby. The brunette was older than girls Walt usually dated, but Ruby had bragged once about what a hell of a piece of meat the young executive had between his legs.

She could find out! She could dial his number and see if he was there. No! Sheila knew that she'd be unable to resist his voice. If she heard him over the phone, she'd be unable to turn him down again. She couldn't turn him down twice in the same day, not as horny as she felt right now.

She looked back at the telephone as she grabbed a coat from her closet. She paused at the door. The phone seemed to demand her to come to it, to pick it up. Sheila ran through the door, fighting the terrible impulse. She ran through the living room, pulling her coat over her shoulders as she stepped out into the evening air. The lovely young woman walked quickly to her car and drove away. She had to get to Tom. She had to escape the temptation to pick up the telephone. She drove rapidly to the tavern that her husband usually mentioned. She spotted it and pulled into the small parking lot next door. Sheila had almost gotten out of her car when she realized that Tom's car was not parked in the lot. She cranked her car again and drove slowly through the lot. No, there was no sign of Tom's old Chevy. It wasn't parked on the street out front, either.

The redhead was confused by the absence of his car. She turned into the street and drove on slowly, trying to remember any other taverns he might have mentioned. Nothing rang any bell in her memory. The girl fought back the immediate feeling of anger. She hadn't asked him where he was going and he hadn't told her. She couldn't accuse him of lying to her, not very well. Still, it rankled her that he wasn't where she had expected to find him.

She drove around the small town, checking on other bars. She had driven through those parking lots before she spotted his automobile. There it was! A sigh of relief escaped her as she pulled into the nearest available slot and climbed from her own small import. This didn't seem a likely place for Tom. The sound of live music came out from the door as a couple ahead of her entered. Above her was a brightly lit sign that read: Country Music Dancing.

She couldn't understand her Tom coming to a place like this. Sheila shrugged her shoulders and pushed through the door. Maybe Tom had to come here to meet some buddy of his. She stepped into the dimly lit interior and groped her way over to the bar. She found an empty stool and sat down while her eyes became accustomed to the light.

"Well!" a man on her right gasped. "You're the prettiest thing to step in here in years!"

Sheila ignored him, her eyes roaming about the bar, searching for Tom. He wasn't at the bar. She was sure of that. She looked back along the row of booths, interrupting her survey of them as she spatted two pool tables off to the side. He wasn't at the tables, to her disappointment. She returned to the booths, still not able to see him anywhere.

Then she saw him! He was standing beside one of the tables out around the dance floor. Tom was leaning down and talking to some girl. His back was toward Sheila so that she couldn't see his face. She could surely see the face of the slender brunette, though. She could see the clear expression of pleasure as the girl talked to Tom. The redhead kept warning herself against getting angry. Hell, the girl was probably the wife or girl friend of some buddy of Tom's. Sheila knew that wasn't so, but still she kept telling it to herself.

She tried to convince herself that it was all harmless. Even as Tom led the girl to the dance floor, she insisted there was nothing to get angry about. Besides, the girl was too skinny. When she stood up, it became apparent just how scrawny she really was. No, Tom couldn't be interested in that. But why, then, was he dancing so suggestively with her. Damn him! Damn Tom! He was rubbing his cock all over the girl as they danced. He had a hand planted firmly on her tiny little ass while he rubbed sensuously against her to the slow beat of the music. He had one leg between hers and was letting her pussy ride the top of his thigh.

Now Sheila could feel anger. She allowed herself that luxury. Damn right. She became furious as she watched. Her blood boiled as she wondered how many other nights Tom had been here with that little bitch or some other woman.

"Dance, beautiful?" a voice sounded at her shoulder. "Gorgeous broad like you should be dancing."

She looked up into the hopeful eyes of the young man who had approached her. Sheila tried to smile as she shook her head. Dancing was the last thing in the world she felt like doing. The man seemed to take her refusal personal, however. His eyes glared angrily at her as he turned away.

"Go to hell, then," she heard him mutter under his breath. Sheila saw him go to one of the tables and easily find a girl to dance with. She couldn't understand why he had gotten angry with her. Hell, he hadn't even bought her a drink. Someone had, though. A beer was sitting in front of her. The man on her right laughed as she looked questioningly at the mug.

"Thought you might be a little thirsty," he told her, his hand coming around her waist in familiar fashion. The redhead shuddered at his touch, debating whether to make a scene just yet or not. So far he was only touching her waist. She decided to keep quiet unless he tried to play with her tits or her ass. She wanted to watch more of Tom and the skinny brunette before she caused any sort of commotion. She acknowledged the beer with a blank nod of her head, then turned back to watch the way her husband was hunching against the girl on the dance floor. The brunette seemed to approve of his actions. Sheila could watch the girl rub herself against him just as passionately. Her eyes were clenched shut like she was in total ecstasy. The whole sight sickened Sheila. The smell of the beer, the loud laughter, all of it nauseated her.

She watched until the song was over. Tom leaned down and whispered to the girl. Her black hair shimmered as she nodded eagerly. They walked over to her table where she pulled a coat from the back of her chair and pulled a purse up from the floor. Then she snuggled against Tom and walked with him toward the door. They came past Sheila, almost close enough for her to reach out and touch them. The redhead stared in disbelief. Damn, the girl was homely. Her features were much too sharp. She had only tiny breasts. She had skinny legs. Nevertheless, Tom couldn't keep his eyes off her as they walked through the door. He was giving her all the old charm. He was giving her full exposure to his little boy grin, damn him. The redhead felt her body trembling as she watched them leave.

"Old Tom's got him another piece!" the man to her right laughed. His hand patted her across the ass. "Yeah, Tom scores about every night. Damnest guy I ever saw when it comes to picking up girls."

Sheila was off the stool by now. She stood frozen and disgust and anger for a moment. She glared back at the man beside her, then strode toward the door when the two had just departed.

"Go to hell!" she snapped at the guy. She felt his eyes on her as she walked through the door. The redhead felt a moment of pity for him. He thought he had found himself a luscious piece, only to have it walk right out of his arms. Well, he was lucky. All she did was walk away from him. Tom Linn wasn't going to be so lucky.

Chapter THREE

Sheila was still trembling as she rang the doorbell at Walt's apartment. The earlier anticipation was now heightened by the excitement of her anger against Tom. Damn him, anyway! If he could take the skinny brunette out for a fuck, then she could sure get hers from Walt. That would leave them even, wouldn't it?

She pressed the button again, impatient to be in Walt's arms. She changed the answer to her question. No, they wouldn't be even. According to the man beside her, Tom did that almost every night. She had a hell of a lot of fucking to do if she was going to even the score. She shuddered, both at the anticipation and at the apprehension.

"Sheila!" Walt gasped as he opened the door. His eyes widened in surprised delight. He smiled broadly, stepping back for her to enter. He stared at her tits, as she had expected. She walked past him, feeling the warmth of his gaze on her ass and legs. She tossed her coat into a chair and held out her arms toward him.

"Ohhhh, God, Baby!" he panted as he pulled her against himself. "This is fantastic!"

His hands roved about her body. He cupped her buttocks, then caressed upwards over her hips and waist. Sheila tingled as one hand cupped around a tit and pressed firmly into the ripe breast. She parted her lips to let him tongue into her mouth. His cock throbbed against her, sending pulsing heat through their clothing and into her trembling cunt.

"I came," she whispered, pulling away from his kiss for a moment. "I came to give it to you."

He looked own at her. He smiled at the sight of one luscious tit in his hand. His eyes narrowed in exquisite pleasure as he softly squeezed the firm flesh. He fingered her nipple, then fondled the other breast just as deliciously. He swallowed at the lump in his throat and pulled her face back to his. This time he kissed her even longer, even more passionately. He sucked at her breath while their tongues met in erotic play. His knee parted her legs and moved upward to press his thigh against her glowing pussy. Sheila relaxed in his arms for a minute before breaking away once more.

"Mix me a drink," she said. "Then take me to the bedroom."

Walt stared at her a moment, then smiled gently. He released her and walked to a small bar, giving her an affectionate pat on the ass as he moved past her. The redhead watched him pour drinks. Her body was already hot. She could hardly contain her excitement. She felt free. She had every right to get some cock wherever she pieced. Tom and the brunette had given her that right. They sure the hell had. She was going to start with Walt. Hell, she'd had the hots for Walt Morrow long enough. It was time to get some satisfaction.

She smiled at him as he returned with the drinks. She took a sip and toasted him silently. Then she let him pull her against his side as be shepherded her toward the bedroom. She took two more good swallows of the drink before they reached the bed. She took a final long drink, then set the glass don. A quick motion had her sweater off. She removed her slacks with more deliberation, letting his eyes feast on her curves as she slipped them down her thighs and legs. She posed before him in bra and panties, thrusting her tits and ass out provocatively as she turned her back to him. She stepped backward against him.

"Unhook me," she whispered, rubbing her scantily clad ass across his swollen cock. He didn't, not at first. His hands came around her instead. He pulled her tightly against him, each hand closing over a heaving tit. His fingers felt firm against her tits. The thin nylon of her bra allowed their skin to touch deliciously. Walt's fingers pressed into her nipples, sending sharp pangs of delight through them. He rolled her breasts adoringly, then reluctantly released them so he could comply with her request. As soon as he pulled the bra from her shoulders and tossed it aside he grabbed two handfuls of tit again.

"Mmmnunm!" Sheila purred as he played with her nipples. "Oooooo, yessssss!"

He humped against her, shoving his cock against her ass while he got lost playing with her tits. The redhead leaned her head back and turned her face to him, tingling as their lips met once more. She sucked his breath this time. She glowed and tingled as he finally released her tits and pulled her panties down her hips. She ran her fingers through his hair as he knelt down and drew the transparent nylon down her legs. He turned her toward him and suddenly plunged his face into her crotch. Sheila gasped in surprised delight as he got his mouth over her pussy and sucked her softly. His tongue lapped at her cuntlips while she trembled with the power of her soaring passion.

"Ohhhh, Baby!" he gasped. "Ohhhhhh, I've been waiting so long for this fuck!"

"So have I," she admitted as he lifted her in his arms and laid her onto the bed. He smiled down at her as he quickly removed his own clothing. Sheila watched, her breath coming in short pants. She tingled as she saw his long hard cock rise up when his shorts dropped away. She licked her lips hungrily, waiting for him to ease down on the bed beside her. She had waited too long for this. She needed a good loving and Walt looked like he was certainly capable of proving it. He sure the hell had the right equipment.

"Oh, yes!" she hissed as she reached for his cock. "OOOOOO, let me have it!"

He stretched beside her, his hands back at her tits, while she stroked the sweeping curve of his pecker. She caught the luscious meat in her hand and pumped the skin along his glowing shaft while he leaned over her and began kissing her tits. He caught a nipple between his lips and sucked deliriously on her. The redhead quivered beneath his caresses. Her breasts had swollen out firm and full. Even as she lay on her back, they stood up proudly and invitingly. Her nipples stung with passion as they became tight and hard. She pumped his cock more firmly and ran her other hand down to his balls. She fingered through the silken sack and smiled as she felt him writhe in delighted response.

"Ohhhhh, beautiful!" he whispered. "Ohhhhh, what a gorgeous little piece you are!"

"You should know!" she teased. "You've balled enough girls to be quite an expert."

"Never anything to match this," he assured her. "I've never wanted to so badly, either. Damn, I never met, a girl who kept me hard like you have."

One hand began caressing her thighs, slipping toward her pussy while she gasped and panted in surging passion. He got his fingers on the soft and sensitive lips of her cunt and teased her until she was bouncing about the bed beneath him. His lips alternated between her tits, bringing one globe to full delight before switching to the other. Sheila wiled back and forth, aching to feel his finger come into her pussy. She tightened her thighs against his hand, trying to hold it captive until he began to finger through her juicy cunt.

"So sweet!" he whispered up from her breasts. "So soft and sweet!"

"Oooooeeee!" she gasped as his finger finally entered her pussy. "Oooooo! Mmmmm!"

He began rubbing her clit until it tingled and glowed in passionate response. She writhed in an agony of pleasure while sparks of rippling passion throbbed up and down her cunt. She squeezed more tightly about his cock and teased his balls with slow, sensuous finger play. Sheila arched her back to thrust her tits more fully against him, twisting her shoulders to roll them over his face as they writhed together.

"Baby!" he muttered. "Ohhhhh, Baby! What a hell of a woman! Ohhhhh, God! You're one hell of a piece!"

His finger plunged back and forth through her pussy. Walt had her juices gushing over his hand as he kept up his luxurious torment of her glowing, panting cunt. Every nerve inside her pussy was a fire. She was throbbing beneath the sensuous treatment, her breath struggling from her in short, ecstatic bunts.

"I need you!" she whispered desperately. "I need your cock in me. Please, Walt! Please fuck me! Ooooo, fuck me!"

"You are starved for it," he laughed. "Damn, I didn't know you wanted to screw this badly."

Sheila hadn't realized it either. The redhead knew that she needed to be fucked. But she didn't know she was this starved for it. Years of frustration were now dissolving into a throbbing, panting desire for one good lay. Months of fighting the attraction she felt towards Walt Morrow were exploding inside her. She shook, her pussy sucking on his roving, plunging finger. Her tits rolled deliriously across her chest as he kissed and sucked them into frenzied ecstasy.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned softly. The girl pulled hungrily at his cock while he got two, then three, fingers into her pussy and teased her into deeper passion. "Mmmmmmmm! Fuck me! Come on, Walt! Fill me with that beautiful cock! Fuck me!"

He laughed in delight as he climbed over her. She spread her thighs eagerly as he brought the hard, pulsing cock against her aching pussy. She groaned in delicious agony as he began to push the huge head between her cuntlips. She shuddered as the long shaft slowly buried itself into her quivering body. God, he felt good in her. Ohhhh, she'd never had her pussy so excited in her life.

Walt looked down at her. His hands caressed along her golden body while he began to pump his cock into her. He lowered his chest onto her heaving tits and rolled over her burning nipples while seeking her lips eagerly, greedily. Sheila returned his kiss just as vigorously. She sucked his breath from him and slapped her tongue against his in wild, delirious play. The luscious young woman twisted beneath him, her body going crazy with erupting passion. Her pussy sucked greedily at his rampaging cock, trying to drown the leaping prick with lushly flowing juices.

"Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!" he panted as he began fucking her with deliberate rhythm. "Ohhhhh, God! You're beautiful! You're magnificent! Ohhhhh!"

He trembled violently as his cock plunged into her quivering pussy. He had every nerve inside her sparkling with exquisite passion. His hands raced about her body, touching ass and tits and waist and thighs. He panted and pumped as she wrapped her legs up about his leaping, driving body. The breathless redhead clung to him, rubbing her tits wildly across his chest, urging him on toward the surging fulfillment of their monumental passion.

"Fuck me!" she chanted in his ear. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooo! Ohhhhh! Fuck me!"

Her dam broke. Her pussy exploded. One moment she was shuddering and listening to the soft slap of his cock through her cunt juice. The next moment she felt paralyzed, frozen against the bed. Then it felt like everything inside her erupted at once. The redhead shrieked the intensity of her orgasm as it swelled through her. She struggled to breathe. She swirled deliriously in the throes of boiling passion. Sheila tried to speak, fought to urge Walt into his own roaring climax. She could only groan in rapture as the room spun around her. She shook furiously. She was on fire with a million delicious sensations hitting her at one time. Intense spasms gripped her pussy. Her tits swelled luxuriously into Walt's firm chest. She hugged her leg more tightly about him, rolling from side to side and swinging her hair wildly across the pillow.

"Ride it, Baby!" he whispered. "Ride it out! You've needed this sort of fucking for a long time."

He continued balling her firmly, deliberately, as she tingled and glowed all over. He held back his own orgasm, content to guide her though her climax alone. Finally, as her body slowly began to grow calmer, he smiled down into her eyes.

"Feel better?" he asked compassionately. He kissed her lips before she could answer him. He kissed her, then sucked briefly on each nipple. His cock continued to pump deeply into her still trembling cunt.

"You never came?" Sheila protested. "You took me right up to heaven, but you haven't had yours yet."

"I will," Walt assured her. "I'll catch the next flight. You don't think this fuck is anywhere near over do you? Hell, sweetheart, we're just getting warmed up."

"Oooooo!" she sighed, hugging herself about him eagerly. "Mmmmmmm! I like the way you talk. Oooooaoeeeee! Take me up again!"

They laughed together, rolling from side to side. Walt's fingers went after her nipples, teasing and taunting her buttons until she felt new fire kindling inside her. He pulled his cock back along her cunt until the bulging head could ride slowly back and forth across her clit. The redhead began quivering once more beneath him. Her hands ran gently over his body, delighting in the firmness of his flesh. Sheila felt him respond to her soft taunts. He shook more frantically and began to drive his cock at her with deeper, more determined thrusts. Her pussy clamped over his meat again and again as sensuous spasms gripped her cunt.

"What sweet pussy!" he rasped as he thrust his cock at her in long, slow drives. "Ohhhh, what sweet, juicy cunt!"

"For you!" Sheila whispered excitedly. "Just for you! All of it, far you! Ooaoooeeeee!"

Sheila heaved her cunt along his glowing rod, waving her ecstatic ass as she tightened her legs about him once more. She rubbed her tits tightly into his chest, feeling the delicious fire caused by their nipples rubbing together. She bumped at him with greater zest. Her cunt was quivering in delirious expectation. She wanted to feel Walt lose control in the overwhelming force of his lust. She wanted to hear him scream in fury as he emptied his throbbing, pulsing meat into her.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Ooooo, fuck me! Let it blow into me! Ride me, Walt! Mmmmmm! Ride the ball out of my tail!"

He increased the tempo of his fucking. His long, curved shaft sent her cunt into spasms of intense pleasure as he balled her with rater ferocity. He moved his body from side to side, his raging cock rubbing ecstatically about the lining of her cunt as he kept plunging at her faster and faster. They both gasped for breath, struggling to increase the sensitive touch of prick and cunt as they rolled madly over the bed.

"Uhhlhh!" he panted. "Ohhhhhh, what a fuck!"

Sheila felt his wad come boiling through the rampaging shaft. She felt the deeper throbs which shook the lunging instrument of such exquisite pleasure. She felt the surging force of her own passion rising rapidly to meet him. Their orgasms came within a split second of each other. She was on the frantic verge of her climax when his cock let go its hot, boiling charge. The hot impact of his cum against the walk of her pussy sent her into a delirious rapture of her own.

"Aaaaiiii!" the girl shrieked as they climaxed together. "Oooooo! Ooooo! Uuuuhhhmmmmm!"

It was beautiful! It was fantastic! It was beyond anything she had even dreamed. Her body exploded, then kept erupting in frantic spasms of blazing pleasure. She rocked beneath his insane cock as he kept pouring his juice into her. She felt her pussy clamping about his luscious cock with spasms of total adoration. She shook and trembled as this second orgasm far exceeded the first.

"God!" Walt panted finally as his prick began to shrivel. "God, you're a sweet fuck! Honey! Any girl who can do this for a man ought to spend her whole life in bed. Ohhh! You're the sweetest tail I ever tapped with my old pecker."

Sheila smiled as she lay back and let him keep slowly running his pecker along her glowing cunt. She felt like something special, something very, very special. She could tell from the way he looked at her that Walt agreed. His eyes were afire with adoration.

They lay quietly together, their bodies still united. Walt slipped to the side of her, turning her so that he could keep his swollen, if softened, prick in her. His hands cuddled her tits gently and lovingly.

The redhead ran her fingers affectionately through his thick hair and teased about his ears. She pulled his face into her tits and hugged him against her huge globes. She sighed as she felt the strength of his body against her. She felt warm and fulfilled.

If her body was calm now, her brain was certainly not. The girl's mind was whirling. This was the way it could be! She kept thinking that. This was the kind of sex she could have regularly. She could have been fucking like this for year, had she not been stuck with the dumb bastard she had married. She had deprived herself such lovely sex for Tom. Yes, she had done that for the guy who had been stepping out on her.

Anger rose inside her. She had a hell of a lot of fucking to do! She had to make up for all those missed lays. She had to capture all those lost orgasms. Damn, she had to start fucking.

Chapter FOUR

"Come to Mama!" the brunette purred as she pulled Sheila over and began cupping one tit with slow, deliberate caresses. "Ohhhh, Baby! I've been itching to get my hands on these beauties since the first day you came to work."

Ruby switched to the other breast, then dropped her face toward the heaving flesh. She kissed into the luscious crevice, then kissed the firm tit. She kissed sides, top, bottom. She kissed one nipple, then the other. She sucked at the lovely breasts, her hands cupping and cuddling them while her lips drew deeper tremors of excitement into them.

"Mmmmmmm," Sheila sighed contentedly. She stretched her body luxuriously against the soft, satin sheets, basking in the glow of the soft lights on either side of Ruby's bed. "Mmmmm, that feels so good! Damn, but I need this."

The younger woman moved her body so that she could get her face into Ruby's surging breasts. They lay in opposite directions, each pair of lips searching the other's tits. They sucked and kissed while their hands began exploring further down each body and fingering through lush cunt hair. Sheila tingled as she felt Ruby tease across the lips of her pussy. She caught one of her friend's lovely nipples between her lips and sucked firmly on the taut button. The brunette might have small tits, but they were lusciously firm and erect. They also were crowned with the sexiest nipples and areolas the girl could imagine.

"So lacy," she murmured. "Your tits are so sweet and lacy." The crinkled pink flesh did give a delicate effect. Sheila's tongue ran adoringly over them. Then she pulled one nipple into her mouth and sucked deeply. She spread her mouth, attempting to suck the entire breast inside. Her tongue went crazy against the swollen tit as her fingers slipped between the brunette's cuntlips and taunted Ruby's glowing clit.

Sheila needed this gentle loving in her friend's bed. Sheila could still shudder at the memory of the scene with Tom. She had not returned home until after her husband. The redhead and Walt had lost all track of time as they cuddled in the executive's apartment. They had fucked once more before she finally crawled from his bed. She had been reluctant to leave, yet knew that she had to. She had to face Tom. She had to let the cocky bastard know that she had caught him with the skinny brunette.

Tom seemed to feel no guilt about it. When she walked in he was waiting in their small living room. His eyes blazed with anger as she came in the front door. He stepped toward her and caught her roughly by both arms. His face was livid with rage as he screamed at her.

"Where the hell have you been?" he demanded. "What the shit you trying to pull?"

His fury took her by surprise. Hell, she'd have thought he would have been suspicious of something else. The son of a bitch should have suspected that she'd seen him. He should have been concerned. Instead he screamed at her and shook her roughly.

"You've been fucking one of your big shot boy friends!" he accused her. "Hell yes! I can smell his cum all over you!"

His hands shook with anger as he held her. His breath came in irregular pants as he looked at her. His mouth spread in a tight and angry smile as he looked down at her tits. He struggled to control his fury long enough to speak further but Sheila slashed at him with her own words before he had a chance.

"How the hell could you know?" she demanded. "Between all the smell of booze and the skinny brunette you fucked tonight, how can you swell anything?"

He froze at her words. His eyes widened in surprise. She thought for a moment that she had him backed off. He overcame his moment of uncertainty, however, and returned to the attack. He grinned suggestively at her body, nodding down at her quivering breasts.

"They like to play with your tits?" he asked breathlessly. "They suck your titties before they ball you?"

"At least they have something to suck!" she hissed, finally puffing from his grasp. "Your little brunette didn't have a damn thing, did she? I'll bet when you pulled her bra off, she had less tit than you!"

"What the shit you talking about?" he panted. "You think you know something? Come on! Stop hinting around and accuse me of something."

"Come off it, Tom!" Sheila snapped. Her anger was rising fast by this time. She sneered at him in con tempt as she drew a deep breath beneath the heaving breasts. "I was there! I saw you, Tom. I went looking for you. I wanted to talk to you, so I decided to join you down at the tavern. You weren't there, were you? You weren't don there at the usual tavern."

"You were checking up an me!" he snarled. "Damn it, you were trying to catch me at something!"

"I did, too," Sheila answered sweetly. "I sure did. Guess who I spotted dancing? Nooooo, I said to myself, it couldn't be good old Tom. He doesn't like to dance. He detests taking me out to dance. We've been married for years and he's never taken me dancing because he doesn't like to dance. But guess what? It was you! You had found yourself a skinny little playmate and suddenly decided that you enjoyed dancing. You rubbed your hot pecker all over her, too."

She had him! She really had him! Tom had stepped back from her in shock and disbelief. His eyes opened wide in apprehension as she snarled angrily at him. He was searching for some good explanation. She could sense that. He was struggling to produce some excuse.

"You didn't dance very long, though," she continued. "You only danced long enough to get the girl hot. Then you took her out. Hell, I could have reached out and touched you. You passed that close to me. You were so busy eying her that you didn't see me. You just couldn't wait to get it inter, could you?"

Tom fought back in the only way he knew. His hand came around without warning and cracked against her face. He hit Sheila again as she staggered backwards. Then he grabbed her and pulled her to him. His body shook with combined rage and frustration. The stench of beer was all about him, mixed with the girl's cheap perfume and the scent of dried cum.

"Why were you checking up on me?" he demanded angrily. "I know! Hell yes, I know! You wanted to catch me at something! You wanted to get something on me. You wanted an excuse to fuck all your rich boy friends!"

He paused, panting wildly. His eyes had a crazy, irrational look about them. His hands shook even more furiously as he glared at Sheila. Then, without warning, he caught the neck of her sweater and pulled roughly. The fabric refused to tear, increasing his anger and determination. He caught the sweater in both hands and yanked with all his might. The collar split apart, giving him a moment of satisfaction before he stripped it off her.

"I'll show you a real fuck!" he gasped. "I'll show you what a cock can do to a pussy with fancy ideas!"

Tom pushed her to the floor and fell on top of her. He pinned her to the carpet as he struggled to get his cock free of his pants. Sheila reached one hand upward and drug her fingernails along his cheek, feeling the quick satisfaction of bringing streaks of blood to the surface of his skin. Her pleasure was short lived, however. Tom slammed his fist against her jaw even more brutally. Her head slammed back against the floor as she felt any ability to resist him fade in a swirling haze of slipping consciousness. She lay back, helpless and frightened, as he tugged with her slacks.

His breath came in angry, lustful gasps as he lay on her, wrestling her slacks down and then tearing her panties from her hips. His nostrils flared with sensuous rage. His mouth hung loosely open. His eyes glittered in anticipation. He met her look of amazement once, his wrathful contempt for her all too apparent.

"What's the matter, honey?" he laughed roughly. "Your prissy boy friends not this rough? You think you're too good for it this way? Shit! A slut like you is supposed to get roughed up. Yeah! I been too nice with you. That's your trouble."

He slammed his cock into her. His hands pulled painfully at her tits, ripping her bra from her as he dug his angry pecker into her pussy with brutal force. He muttered hoarsely as his body lunged and reared over her. Sheila recovered her strength and was about to fight him. Then she relaxed and lay back. Why take the trouble? He wanted her to do that. He wanted the chance to beat her again. If she just lay back and didn't resist he'd shoot his wad soon enough. Tom could never last more than a minute or two when he wasn't angry. He should be blowing it into her any time now.

He fucked her for a longer time than usual. His face glowed with delight as he banged away. Damn him, she thought. He prefers it like this. The bastard was getting more pleasure out of roughing her up than he ever got out of fucking her in the bed. She shuddered at the pure pleasure that radiated from him. Damn! Damn! He was going to go after her like this all night. She began to revise her decision to submit passively. Her tits were throbbing with pain from the way he worked at them. Her nipples were sore as hell from the squeezing play of his fingers. Her pussy was pulsing more from the slamming force of his body than from any stimulation by his cock.

"Please!" she heard herself whisper. "Please hurry!"

She hadn't meant to beg him. She didn't want to give him that satisfaction. The words had leaped out before she realized it. Sheila clamped her lips shut, cursing herself for that moment of weakness. The deeper smile on his face as he heard her made her sick. She felt disgust with her weakness as she watched him grin lewdly.

"You're changing your tune!" he laughed. "Hell! You usually beg me to hold off! Now you can't wait to feel me give it to you! Maybe you like it this way, huh?"

She didn't answer him. Sheila closed her eyes to shut out the sight of his ecstatic face. All she wanted was to get it over with. Damn him, this was no time to start prolonging his charge. She lay passive beneath him as his prick ripped through her in rapid, vicious thrusts. She prayed for it all to end, for hint to finally have his satisfaction.

"Ohhhh, Baby!" he panted. "We're riding now! You get this much cock from your rich boy friends? Ohhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!"

His fury dissolved into rapid, frantic lunges. Sheila sighed in relief as his wad came boiling into her cunt. She submitted to his groping, twisting hands as his cock emptied its hot load through her. She lay quiet as he finally completed his violent assault and pulled his cock from her.

"Maybe that'll hold you," he grinned down at her. "You want to come checking on me again, you remember what happened?"

She lay on the carpet, her eyes closed as he shoved his cock back into his pants and got up. She heard him walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator. Tom opened a can of beer, then walked back to the living room. He paused before going to the bedroom and scowled at her.

"Get up!" he snarled. "You act like I hurt you. Shit! I will hurt you next time. You puli anything like this again and you'll see."

Now, almost two hours later, the redhead felt the surge of passion tremble through her pussy as Ruby caressed her clit into spasms of delight. She twisted sensuously against her friend and slipped her own finger deeper into the brunette's cunt. She pumped slowly, feeling the satin skin of the older woman's thighs close about her hand.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ruby murmured, rocking them both from side to side as she continued to nibble at Sheila's heaving breasts. "Ooooooo! Lovely! So lovely!"

Her lips began to slide up beneath one tit, pretending to eat the ripe fruit. She finger fucked Sheila with growing frenzy, sending shimmering sparks all up and down the girl's glowing cunt. Then her lips kissed across Sheila's tummy. Both of the brunette's hands were in the girl's crotch, pumping the red-head's pussy and caressing thighs and into wild anticipation. Her lips came on downward, kissing through the silken cunt hair and sending the quivering lips of Sheila's pussy into tingling excitement.

"Yearns!" Sheila breathed. "Oooooo, yesss! Suck me, Ruby. Suck my little pussy! Oooooooo!"

She crawled along the brunette's body, letting her own lips trace their way toward and through the rich black hair that grew at the woman's crotch. They teased and taunted one another with their lips, approaching each pussy slowly and deliberately. Each woman continued to rub her finger over the other's clit and down into the satin pussy beyond. They sucked and kissed through rich growths of hair while their hearts began to race in excitement Sheila could feel her body trembling at the expectation of having Ruby's soft, sensuous lips finally clamp over her glowing cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" she sighed. "Ooooooooooo! Suck me! Ohhhhhh, please! Suck me before I go crazy!"

Ruby slowly withdrew her finger from the girl's cunt. She cupped each of the redhead's buttocks, holding Sheila's writhing hips and easing her lips down to the softly pulsing cunt. She kissed the pussy lips slowly and sensuously, darting her tongue into the quivering opening while the girl gasped and panted with tingling excitement.

"Ooooooo!" Sheila moaned. "Ooooeeee!"

Ruby's tongue lapped at her clit. The brunette began sucking firmly. Sheila's cunt trembled lusciously under the treatment. The younger girl got her own lips over her friend's pussy and sucked Ruby eagerly. She licked into the brunette's throbbing cunt as Ruby began to pour her lubricants profusely. They, both wrapped their thighs over the others head and rolled about the bed in sensuous movements. Their tits rubbed luxuriously into one another, nipple sending flew delight into the opposite button. Their tits swelled and throbbed with surging passion as their cunts gushed and pulsed with equal delirium.

Sheila was glowing in her pleasure. This sure beat the hell out of sleeping on the couch at home. After Tom went to bed she had debated remaining and making herself comfortable on the sofa. She had no thought whatever of sleeping with him. She had no intention of ever sharing his bed again. She had stared at the couch for a few minutes before getting up slowly and puffing her torn clothes. She glared at the bedroom door, afraid of going in for fresh clothes. There would be time for that tomorrow, while Tom was at work. She'd go back over with Ruby and pack her clothes tomorrow. Tonight she just wanted to be out of the apartment.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ruby moaned as their pussies began rising to new heights of passion. "Ooooooo! Mmmmmmmm?"

They both groaned as they wrestled sensuously about the bed. Their bodies pounded with leaping delight. Their tits and cunts trembled deliciously. They blew and sucked and tongued. They squirmed and twisted and groped. Their hands pawed deliriously over each tingling body. They grabbed at tit and ass and thigh as they pulsed and throbbed, both bodies burning with an unquenchable demand for the other.

Sheila felt her climax begin to shake her. The redhead felt the sudden, rapid spasms that seized her cunt. Her entire body became a glowing mass of sensitive delirium was paralyzed for a moment from the intense pleasure, then surged into the full power of her orgasm. Her pussy gushed over the sucking, taunting lips of the brunette. The orgasm swept through her, turning Sheila into a maniac as she humped and surged against the older woman.

"Aaaaahhhh!" she shrieked up into Ruby's pussy. "Oooooeeee!"

Her response triggered the same explosion of stored up passion in the brunette. Ruby's cunt began to writhe in constant spasms beneath her lips. The slender woman rolled them about in a frenzy of leaping, pulsing desire. The room spun about them. The soft lights became blazing stars, whirling through the deep golden hues of Ruby's bedroom. They last their breath from the intensity of their climax. They fought to extract every luscious pleasure from the exploding cunts, then lay panting and breathless against each other as their desire spent itself.

"Obhhhh, Baby!" the brunette whispered. "Ohhhhh, wow!"

"Nice!" Sheila whispered happily. "Ooooo, that was sooooo nice!"

They laughed together, their hands slowly caressing their pulsing bodies. They kissed and stroked each tingling body until they finally relaxed enough to fall asleep in each other's arms. Sheila dropped to sleep with a happy smile on her lips. She had been deprived for too long. Now she was going to make up for all the good screwing she'd been missing. Ruby could guide her. Oh, yes! The sexy brunette could teach her some of the fine points she'd been missing.

"Mmnmmmm, Baby!" Ruby sighed as she looked down at Sheila. "Just wait till you hit that convention! The company will never be the same."

Chapter FIVE

New Orleans! The scent of roasting coffee hung in the air, its heady fragrance seeming to permeate the city. Sheila stood at the window of dick hotel room and looked out on the city. To one side she could make out the serpentine windings of the Mississippi with its traffic of barges and dark, exotic freighters. The redhead stood and stand, her mind already whirling at the thought of a week in this carefree city. From the moment they had stepped off the plane she had felt excitement vibrating through her body. Sheila was sure it was more than just the thought of being at a convention. It was more than just Ruby's promises of the wicked fun that awaited them, courtesy of the company's executives. No, the city itself held an erotic, an earthy fascination. Her pussy quivered just looking out over the town.

"Hey!" Ruby scolded her from the doorway. "You going to spend all afternoon staring out the window? Hell, sweetheart, we can go out and find some real action."

Sheila looked up and smiled. She nodded and grabbed her light coat. Then she tossed it aside. It may have been cold when they left home, but warm air had greeted them as they stepped out from the airport. She didn't need a coat. The redhead smiled to herself. She'd attract more attention without a coat. She giggled like a schoolgirl as she ran lightly into the hall to join the waiting brunette.

"Let's go!" she called out, swinging her ass deliberately as she walked towards the elevators. "Let's see all that action you promised me!"

It didn't take the two girls long to find it. The bars along Bourbon Street were already filled. Sheila wondered if they were still full from last night or just fining up for tonight. In New Orleans it was difficult to tell. The city that care forgot seemed anxious to live up to its reputation. The presence of two luscious young women, strolling unescorted through the French Quarter, only provided additional color to the atmosphere.

Sheila was not sure exactly where the two young men joined them. She knew that they were at the adjoining table while they listened to one of the jazz bands. By the time they had turned the corner of St. Pete's Street and gone into Pat O'Brien's, the men were fully incorporated into their company. They sat out in the patio, sipping Hurricanes and chatting.

Lee and Ben were in New Orleans with another convention. Sheila was sure they had told her whether they were lawyers or accountants or what. She hadn't been paying that much attention, however. She was much too pleased with the soft, seductive atmosphere out in the courtyard. She leaned back in her chair, the second Hurricane beginning to make her pleasantly woozy. Lee, the blond man, patted her knee affectionately. His eyes rested for a moment on her tits, then he smiled into her face. He leaned toward her and made the suggestion she had been expecting.

"Let's split out of here," he whispered.

"Oh?" she responded, raising her eyebrows in question. Her heart pounded rapidly as she saw the desire in his cool grey eyes. His hand tightened its hold on her knee and stole softly up her thigh. "You have a better place to go?" she asked.

"A place that's more private," he answered. "Come on to my room and I'll fix you my own special drink."

Sheila stand at his earnest expression for a moment. She almost pretended that she wasn't interested. She couldn't carry that off, though. Poor Lee was too intense to tease for very long. Instead of prolonging his agony she reached over and ran her hand along his thigh. She felt him jerk in response to her touch. His Adam's apple bobbed nervously as she tightened her grip on his leg and threatened to reach on up toward his cock.

"You talked me into it," she laughed, relenting in her torment. "You twisted my leg and talked me into it."

Ruby winked at her as she rose and accompanied the young blond man from the bar. She walked arm in arm with him to a small hotel near by. The combination of the Hurricanes and her tingling anticipation made her feel deliciously wicked as she waited with Lee for the elevator. An old man who operated the small lift smiled knowingly at them. Sheila gave him a sneaky grin in return, then let the young man lead her to the door of his room.

"Now, Baby!" he whispered as he opened the door. "Let's get a little action of our own under way."

His hands were all, over her as soon as the door closed. He felt eagerly over her tits, catching her from behind and cupping each breast eagerly. He rolled them about, letting his fingers press into her nipples. His lips traced along her shoulder and began to kiss hungrily along her neck.

Sheila trembled with her own rising passion. She moved her ass against him, feeling the heat of his excited prick against her. She let her hair fall about his face as he nuzzled her. The luscious young woman twisted sensuously in his arms, then gave a quick gasp of surprise when he dropped one hand from her tits and pressed into her crotch. Her pussy throbbed in response to his caress, tingling wildly at the soft, erotic touch.

"Mmmmmm," she purred. "Yessss. Ohhhhh, yesssss!"

He loosened his hold on her and began unbuttoning her blouse. His hands pulled the thin nylon apart and grabbed once more at her delighted tits. They swayed together as he pushed her toward the bed. She leaned back against him, going limp and compliant in his arms. Damn! He hadn't even gotten his cock out and already the room seemed to be spinning around her. The bed spun dizzily before her. The redhead began to laugh softly, her body feeling woozy and unsteady as she fell toward the soft and inviting bed. Lee was beside her immediately, tugging anxiously at her clothes until he had her stripped down to bra and panties.

"My God!" he panted. "You're beyond belief! You're beautiful! You're absolutely beautiful!"

"And drunk!" she laughed. "And hot for a good fucking!"

"Glad to assist a lady in distress!" he gasped as he stood up and pealed out of his clothes. "Never let a beautiful girl have to beg for it."

He leaned over her and unhooked her bra. He let her slip it from her shoulders while he drew the dainty panties down over her legs. His hard pecker stood out from his body, throbbing in its impatience. Sheila reached for it and grasped the heavy shaft firmly, puffing him to her by the handy instrument. They laughed as he lay beside her. They shivered as their skin touched. They moaned as they began to fondle and caress one another.

"Mmmmmm, what a healthy piece of meat," Sheila cooed as she pumped the skin along his pulsing cock. "Oooooo, I'll know it when I get this big pecker in me."

She ran her hand along the curve of his shaft, feeling the power of the cock. She closed her fingers about it once more and reached beneath with her other hand. She taunted through his balls while Lee's hands became more and more frantic as they rubbed and caressed about her tits. He turned her breasts into swollen globes of throbbing demand. He fingered her nipples into burning disks of shimmering delight.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed. "Ooooooeeeee! You're turning me on, Baby! Ohhhhh, how you're turning me on!"

She heard Lee chuckle as he changed his position. Now he had his face buried in her breasts and was kissing and sucking at her tits eagerly. His cock lay back up beyond her head as she refused to release her hold on the warm, hard meat. He cupped one tit in both hands and sucked all over the flesh. Sheila gasped as he caught her nipple between his lips and began tonguing it rapidly. Her body leaped and jumped in wild enjoyment as tiny sparks of sensuous pleasure shot through her tit. She groaned in wonderful agony, trembling as he switched his attention to the other tit and brought it to the same frantic delight.

Lee kissed and sucked between her tits, then moved his lips tauntingly from one heaving breast to the other. He reached one hand across her tummy and fingered through the deep auburn ham above her pussy. Her cunt quivered in anticipation as he came closer. Sheila worked frantically at his balls while her body jerked with wild impatience. Damn! She wanted to feel his finger up her pussy. She writhed against him, rubbing her tits into his face fiercely. She'd smother him! Yes, she'd give him a taste of her breasts! She laughed aloud as she twisted and rubbed the swollen tits over his nose and lips while he kept sucking and kissing them in eager desire.

"Ooooeeeee!" she cried out as the tip of his finger played across her pussy lips. "Ooooooo! Go, Baby! Turn me on! Drive me crazy! Ooooooeeeee!"

He got his finger on her clit and rubbed that button until she feared she'd lose her breath completely. He drove her clit into frenzied vibrations. Sparks leaped wildly through her pussy as her juices began to ooze from the cunt walls. She clamped her thighs against his hand and hunched her cunt against him, aching to have him finger-fuck her pussy into fiery explosions. She pumped his cock roughly, pulling at the firm meat wildly. Her cunt pressed about his nuts until she felt him shaking all over with the same furious demand that was wracking her body.

"Got to eat that sweet pussy!" he muttered as he crawled further down her body. His lips left her tits and kissed down along her tummy. He darted his tongue into her navel before slipping further toward the tingling pussy that waited so impatiently for him.

"Mmmmmmmm! Yes! Yes!" the redhead answered. "Eat me! Ohhhhh, please! Eat my cunt, Lee!"

Sheila had never done this with a man before. Except for the night with Walter, she had only experienced the most ordinary sort of fucking. She had heard about all kinds of variety, of course. She had read about it, too. She had read of sixty-nine fucking. Now she was really going to get a chance to find out about it. She was going to try out all kinds of fucking in the next few days and weeks. The thought of it gave her a thrilling sense of freedom. She was going to be sucked and fucked. She was going to experience it all! Her breath came rapidly, both from the realization that she was going to do all the things she had dreamed of and the sudden delight of having Lee's lips at her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned softly as she felt him begin to suck at her tingling, delirious cunt. "Ooaoooo! Eat it! Suck me? Oooooo!"

His tongue darted in to where his finger had just been. She felt him lap at her with slow, delicious lapping movements. The girl shivered in rising ecstasy. She discovered his cock right in front of her own lips and began kissing the hot, bulging head while she fondled and caressed the luscious length of meat in both hands. Her teasing lips sent his body into convulsions of anxious expectation. The big cock leaped wildly in her hands and shoved against her lips.

"Ohhhhh!" Lee groaned into her pussy. "Ohhhhhh! Take it, Baby! Get a mouthful of that old prick!"

He rolled them over so that he no longer lay beside her. Lee was above her, his face buried between her thighs as he sucked and lapped frantically at her glowing cunt. His cock pushed between her lips and entered her mouth. Sheila trembled in tenor for a moment. She held both hands tightly against the enraged cock, struggling to prevent him ramming it roughly back through her mouth and into her throat. He could choke her with this much meat! She lay confused beneath his lunging body. She didn't want to chicken out, not now. Still, she was terrified that he would throttle her if she let him plunge his cock freely through her mouth.

He was oblivious of her fears. He was too enthralled by the sweetness of her cunt and the satin skin of her thighs as she held his face tightly between her legs. He sucked deeply at her softly flowing pussy. His hands reached beneath her and cuddled her firm ass. He dug his finger into the luscious skin of each buttock as he sucked even more demandingly on the pulsing, throbbing cunt. He sucked and suddenly reversed the flow. He blew up into her fl hard as he could. Sheila writhed on the bed, caught in a deeper passion by the suddenly increased pleasure he sent ripping through her enraptured pussy.

"Aaaiiii!" Sheila cried out. "Ohhhhhh!"

She released her protective hold on his cock and grabbed passionately about his legs. She hugged him adoringly. Her hands were playing over his firm, thrusting ass before she realized that his cock was fucking away at her mouth. He wasn't choking her, either. He seemed to know exactly when to hold up the angry charge of the raging pecker. The long tool would drive into her mouth, its head just closing her throat. Then he would pull it back as she became fearful. He pumped and thrust at her while she sucked more deeply on the hot, rigid prick.

They wiled from side to side. Their bodies clutched tightly together. Sheila rubbed her tits against his chest, thrilling at the shooting fire that ran from her nipples all through her throbbing breasts. She rubbed the lovely flesh against him, letting their nipples send surging delight through them both while she sucked eagerly on his charging prick. She began to shake wildly as her climax built up inside her. She gasped helplessly, hugging and humping and groaning in her delirious enjoyment of the reckless play.

Lee's cock shuddered wildly as he thrust with more rapid strokes. His hands worked about her ass with insane frenzy. He kept blowing into her pussy, then sucking at her and lapping the lushly flowing lubricants. His whole body shook from his groaning passion. Sheila fought to hold off her orgasm. She didn't want to come until he was ready, but the way his mouth and tongue had worked at her clit and pussy she could hardly wait much longer. She moaned softly as she took the wilder thrusts of his cock back into the opening of her throat.

"Ahhhhhh!" he gasped as he lifted his face from her pussy. "Have to break this off, Baby! I could suck your sweet pussy all day, but I'd rather feel my hot pecker jammed up then."

He twisted about on the bed, pulling his cock from her mouth and turning over her. He spread her legs enough to get his body inside them. His huge, shuddering cock rammed immediately at her pussy. Sheila tingled as she felt her cuntlips separate and her cunt walls stretched by the warm meat that snaked up into her.

"Yesssss!" she hissed, still quivering with excitement. "Ooooooo, yessssss! Fuck me! Get that beautiful prick in me and fuck!"

Lee smiled down at her. He held her tightly at her hips and thrust his cock roughly into her. His prick surged along the moist cunt passage, throbbing and pulsing with intense pleasure. Sheila writhed in delight, hearing the sounds of the hard prick stirring the lush fluids that were pouring through her cunt.

"Uhhhhhh!" he panted as he started fucking her in firm, rhythmic thrusts. Her pussy clutched adoringly around the lunging pecker, a million sparks of delight flashing all through her. Sheila wrapped her legs about his body and hugged herself tightly to him as he reared and tore at her. They moaned together.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she sighed. "Ooooooooeeeee! Ride me! Fuck me! Ooooo! Give it to me! Fuck! Fuck!"

"Damn right!" Lee panted back to her. "Damn right! I'll fuck you! Ohhhhh, Baby! I'll ride the shit out of that sweet tail!"

He began carrying out his promise. He bounced over her, ramming his cock through her cunt with brutal force. The redhead was far too aroused to feel any fear. She welcomed his wild fucking eagerly, humping herself along the rampaging cock with a frantic zeal to match his. Her juice was boiling inside her as she rode the driving shaft toward a final explosion of their passion. Sheila had lost only a moment from her panting, throbbing desire when he changed from mouth to cock at her pussy. Now she had more than recovered her full desire. She answered his fucking with her own ecstatic movements as she felt her climax come back through her.

"You've got my cock so damned heated up," Lee gasped to her, "that's it I'm about to lose control! Ohhhhhh, Baby! I want to feel it shoot into you! I want to feel it all unload into you!"

"Yes! Yes!" she panted. "For God's sake go ahead! Damn it, I've been ready! I can't wait any longer either. Fuck me! Ooooooeeeee!"

She had just let herself go in the frenzy of her orgasm when his hot semen burst from the cock and shot through her glowing cunt. They shook together as their orgasms sent them into almost blinding pleasure. Her pussy hugged his ripping prick in spasms of adoring bliss. They rolled about the bed, both bodies lunging frantically about in the moment of intense pleasure that trapped them and held them captive.

"Eeeeeee!" Sheila shrieked. "Ooooeeee!"

She swung her head from side to side, whipping her hair about wildly as his cock kept finding more of that luscious cum to shoot into her. They fucked long and deep, then finally began to calm their efforts. Sheila lay back and let him empty the last few drops from his fucker as he buried his face into her breasts and kissed adoringly on each tit.

"What a woman!" he whispered. "What a hell of a woman! Damn! I never met a broad who could fuck back just as hard as I was balling her, not until now. Damn! You're one hell of a lay!"

Chapter SIX

They knocked at the door. Ruby smiled over at the redhead, her eyes approving the way Sheila's dress clung to her tits and flared out to emphasize the ripe curves of her thighs. They had slipped away from the convention's evening meeting. Both girls wanted the chance to shower and change clothes. For most of the day Sheila had been afraid that Walt was not going to look her up. They were attending different meetings, but she had expected to see him somewhere around the hotel. She'd been almost ready to accept, one of the other invitations that had been offered her constantly during the day.

Then he had shown up at her table while she ate dinner. A tall young man from the New York office was with him. They slipped into chain beside the two young women as Walt introduced Rolf Brinkman to them both. His eyes rested hungrily on the red-haired girl even through Walt made it plain that Sheila would be his date tonight. Rolf wasn't rude to Ruby or anything like that. The brunette probably didn't even see the expression in his eyes as he looked over Sheila's body.

"Say!" he commented to Walt as he reached over and took one of Ruby's hands in both of his. "You guys really do have all the good-looking girls. We don't have anything like this in New York!"

Neither girl believed him, but it was awfully nice of him to make such a comment. They agreed to meet the two men after the evening meetings. Now they waited a moment before the door of Walt's room opened and they were greeted with approving looks.

"Ohhh, wow!" Rolf gasped as he embraced the brunette eagerly. "You're even more beautiful than at dinner."

He pulled Ruby against him and cupped her taut ass in one hand while the other hand caressed her glistening black hair. Sheila watched them for a moment, then turned her lips up to receive Walt's passionate kiss. Her tits throbbed as he began fondling them. He brought his knee up between her thighs and pressed his leg sensuously against her pussy while he sucked deeply at her breath. Finally he released her and smiled happily at her as he led her toward the small bar the men had set up on the dresser.

"Let's start with a drink," Walt suggested, not waiting for Sheila to answer one way or the other. He mixed a round of drinks and passed them to the other three. They toasted the evening silently, then each took a deep sip of their drink. "Good booze, good pussy, and a night of fun!" Walt laughed. "In about that order."

"Yeah," Rolf agreed, "maybe you girls should take off those dresses so they'll still be nice when we go out later."

Walt cupped Sheila's ass. He set his drink on the dresser and took her by the shoulders. He was still laughing softly as he turned her and quickly unzipped her dress. He reached inside and slipped a hand around to caress her tits while he kissed the nape of her neck. The redhead could feel his cock leap against her ass when he pulled her against his body.

"You don't think we'd let you leave this worn before fucking you, I hope," Walt whispered. "Hell, as pretty as you two look tonight, it's a wonder we've waited this long."

Ruby hadn't needed either explanation or encouragement. The brunette was already out of her dress and slipping her hose down. Neither girl had worn a bra. Their dresses were designed to go without. Besides, Sheila knew that her tits rolled far more enticingly if they weren't restrained except by the soft fabric of the dress. She smiled as she saw Ruby's small but lovely breasts displayed tauntingly before Rolf's eyes. The New York man was slowly beginning to remove his shirt as he stared at the appearance of the brunette's dark cunt hair beneath her sheer panties.

"You talked me into it," Sheila laughed to Walt and slipped from his grasp. She let Walt pull her dress from her, then slipped her hose and panties off quickly. She was naked almost as soon as Ruby. She tingled as she saw the appreciation in Walt's eyes. He must have set some kind of record getting out of his clothes. His cock stood out from his body, all hard and throbbing and ready for action.

"Finish your drink," her partner laughed as he handed her the glass she had just set aside.

They leaned against each other and sipped the booze while Rolf finished undressing and backed Ruby toward the bed. Those two had forgotten about their drinks. Right now they had only fucking on their minds. Ruby backed away from Rolf, her eyes taunting him. She cupped her tits upward at him, then rubbed her pussy suggestively. The tail, dark man pushed her roughly onto the bed. He dived after her, his mouth seeking her tits. Ruby held his face in both hands and rubbed her breasts over his mouth as he sucked and kissed the shining globes. Sheila watched as her own desire began to rise. Walt's hand came about her waist and fondled a tit lovingly while they watched the scene on the bed.

"I don't know why we're standing here watching," Walt whispered into Sheila's ear. "I got a room with a king-sized bed so we could have a fucking party."

Sheila looked up at him, then smiled. That sounded great! The thought of a double fuck going on at the same time was exhilarating. She grabbed her man's pecker and pulled him with her as she stepped quickly to the bed. They looked down at the other couple just as Rolf crawled between Ruby's legs and shoved his lunging prick against the brunette's waiting pussy. He pushed the head of his cock into the dark cunt hair, paused for a moment, then thrust hard enough to sink his shaft deeply into the girl's pussy. Ruby jerked as he plunged into her, then shuddered luxuriously as she pressed her tits upward against his chest. She hunched her cunt toward him as well, pumping herself along his shaft as he fucked her with a slow, pounding rhythm.

"God!" Walt breathed. "That's beautiful! That's so beautiful!"

He sank onto the bed beside them and pulled Sheila on top of him. She sat across his legs, playing with his rigid cock while he pulled and caressed her tits with trembling hands. Sheila pumped the stiff meat roughly, squeezing her fingers about it and watching the great head get redder and redder with excitement. She tried to see how far back she could pull the skin, then pressed the lunging prick against her cunt hair while she reached don to play just as tauntingly with his balls.

"Mmmnnn!" she sighed. "Good old pecker! Mmmm, what a promising hunk of cock!"

"C'mere!" Walt laughed and pulled her toward him. "I want to feed on those lovely tits far a few minutes."

She leaned forward to allow his lips to get at her. He caught one nipple in his lips and sucked deliciously on her. His hands cupped and cuddled both tits, sending small sparks of pleasure rippling through the heaving globes. He sucked harder on her, threatening to take the whale damn tit into his mouth. His tongue worked at her nipple while she pumped his cock even more frantically. Sheila trembled in response to his expert manipulation, glancing over to watch Rolf's frantic thrusting as he rammed his cock into Ruby's writhing, delirious body. Sheila felt her heart beating wildly as she pulled and tugged on Walt's cock and thrust her tits into his face, rubbing them lusciously against him. She rubbed the leaping pecker tightly against her abdomen, thrilling to the deep, anxious throbs that swelled along its rigid length.

"Oooo!" the redhead panted. "Ooooee! It's so hard! It feels so strong and beautiful!"

"In you!" Walt panted. "I'll die if I can't feel your soft pussy around it!"

He dropped his hands to her hips and lifted her up so his lunging meat could press against her cunt lips. Sheila eased herself down over the lovely cock, shivering in pleasure as her pussy closed about the throbbing head. She bounced lightly on her knees, feeling her clit go crazy as the cock sent sparks of fiery delight surging through her. Walt grinned broadly as he reached for her tits again. He sucked them deeply while she rode up and down on the pulsing cock.

"Ahhhh!" she sighed, losing her breath from the intense pleasure. "Ohhhh, it's nice! Mmnim! I'm riding that prick! Oooo! I can feel it soooo beautifully!"

They laughed at her enthusiasm, then began fucking with greater ardor. Walt's ass came up from the bed as he lunged his cock up into her seething cunt. Sheila twisted about as she rode the rearing, bucking pecker. She leaned her tits forward at him and threw her head back, shaking her lush red hair wildly as she trembled with exquisite delight.

"Give it to me!" Ruby was screaming from beside her. "Ohhhhhh, feed it to me! Fuck, Baby! Fuck the hell out of me!"

The brunette and Rolf were shaking the bed with the frenzy of their lustful play. Sheila glanced over and looked at the expression of total enjoyment on her friend's face. Ruby's eyes were clenched shut as she took the deep thrusts of the man above her. The redhead felt her own desire rising to the same point of complete ecstasy. Her pussy was clamping over Walt's great cock with pulsing delight, shaking along the juicy pecker as spasms of happiness tingled through her glowing cunt.

Sheila looked at her lover's face and watched the expression of adoring rapture that spread over him. His cock was leaping and shaking as he thrust upwards with greater and greater intensity. Sheila shivered violently, her pussy slowly and steadily rising toward a final, voluptuous orgasm. She bounced more rapidly up and down on his gorgeous cock. She pressed her tits into his face with greater determination.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Fuck me! Ooooeeee! Slam it into me! Ooaoo!"

Walt lay back on the bed, pulling his face from her tits. His hands, however, continued to send those fantastic surges of raw pleasure through her tits. He heaved his body upwards with brutal force, slamming his prick through her glowing cunt with luscious, long strokes. Sheila lost her breath from the quick mounting of her passion. She gasped and shuddered on the brink of her climax for a few moments. Then it all hit her with full power.

"Aaaaiii!" she shrieked. "I'm coming! Oooo, I'm coming! Hurry! Hurry! Shoot it into me! Oooooeeeee!"

"Gorgeous pussy!" Walt exclaimed as his cock leaped into ecstatic action. "Ohhhhh, you're a hell of a piece of pussy!"

His cock was already erupting inside her. His juice splattered all through her cunt as he turned her beneath him. They lay partially against Ruby and Rolf as they balled away with frenzied enthusiasm. A million fires seemed to be exploding around her as Sheila took the shattering power of Walt's driving fuck and shivered with the fabulous rapture of her own orgasm. She wrapped her legs about him and clung tightly as they hunched and humped at one another.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she sighed, purring in contentment even as her orgasm slowly receded. "Mmmmmm, what a fuck! Oooooa, what a gorgeous screw!"

"Always glad to serve a lady in distress," Walt laughed. They lay beside each other, fondling softly, while Sheila let the warm haze of satisfaction engulf her. She sighed and snuggled tightly into him, unable to think of joining Ruby and Rolf when they got up to go over for more drinking. She lay beside Walt until his cock drooped back limply against his balls. Even then she kept it cuddled in her hand, slowly squeezing it in appreciation.

"You guys going to lay there all night?" Ruby asked as she brought fresh drinks to them. "Come on, let's get this party livened up."

Sheila lifted herself upward and propped against one of the pillows. She took the glass and sipped on the strong mixture while the other three exchanged small talk. She lay naked across the bed while they each took a quick shower and dressed once more. She was still stretched across the bed when they all three grabbed her.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed as they lifted her from the bed and tossed her unceremoniously into the shower. She fumed for a moment, then quickly rinsed the dried cum from her and stepped out of the small bath. They all three toweled her down, then had more to drink while she slipped back into her dress.

They spent several hours out on the town and Sheila was having severe problems with her speech and walk. She slurred her words and stumbled along, giggling helplessly as Walt teased her about getting drunk. She might be intoxicated, but she was enjoying the hell out of it. The girl hadn't felt so good in years. Not since she married Tom, she thought with a distasteful shudder.

"Honey," Ruby asked her, "you able to take a little more fucking?"

Sheila giggled again and slapped her friend on the ass. She cupped her tits in both hands and laughed happily as she nodded her consent. She rubbed her tits against Walt and looked up into his eyes.

"That seem like I'm too drunk for screwing?" she asked. "Mmmmmn, fucking beats booze any day!"

They all laughed as they caught the elevator up to the room where the evening had begun hours before. The red-haired girl was already tingling with pleasure by the time they got inside Walt's room. She spun about in a circle, letting her skirt whip out to reveal her softly rounded thighs. The other three members of the party applauded when she didn't stumble once during the whirling display. Then Rolf caught her before she could fall and carried her to the bed. His breath was heavy as he kissed along her neck and began unzipping her dress.

"This time I get to fuck you," he chuckled. "Walt started the evening, but I'll finish it off."

"Let's all fuck together," Ruby suggested. "Sheila and I can lay across each other and suck tit while Walt balls me and you dog-fuck Sheila. Sound like fun?"

It certainly did to Sheila. She slipped out of her clothes and hopped on the bed to wait for the others to finish disrobing Ruby came to join her and lay down on her back while the redhead knelt above her head and leaned down to start kissing and sucking over the brunette's luscious breasts.

"Ohhhhh, God!" Walt whispered. "Look at them! Did you ever see anything so beautiful? Damn! My pecker is going crazy just watching them!"

He climbed on the bed and began fondling Ruby's pussy while his cock pulsed and throbbed upwards from between his legs. Rolf slipped behind Sheila and began rubbing his hard meat beneath her ass, his hands joining Ruby's lips at her tits and cupping the firm globes with exquisite care. Sheila moaned and writhed at his touch, swishing her ass against him and flying to close her thighs over his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" she purred happily as she rubbed her tits over Ruby's lips. "Ooooooeeee!"

The brunette sucked at one nipple while Ruby's fingers turned the other button into throbbing tautness. She gasped in pleasure and sucked deeper on her friend's swollen breasts. Her tongue lapped wildly over each nipple as her hands cupped and fondled the firm tits with trembling excitement.

Sheila glanced forward and saw Walt push the head of his huge cock into the brunette's cunt. He eased the massive meat in slowly, then gave a violent lunge and drove the full length of his shaft into the quivering pussy. The redhead shuddered as though he had rammed into her own panting cunt. She sucked harder on Ruby's tits and pushed her ass sensuously across the tight stomach of the man behind her.

"Your ass need a little attention?" Rolf laughed. "Get ready, Baby! No need to let old Walt do all the fucking around here."

He dropped one hand to her cunt and began fingering her clit into tingling anticipation. The head of his cock pressed into the soft pussy and joined his finger in giving her cunt a wild, frantic ride. Sheila felt her juices begin to flow richly. Her cunt throbbed with sensuous delight. Her lubricants oozed from the lining of her pussy and dripped down her soft thighs. Rolf kept up his wild treatment until she began to moan, pleading with him to get his damn finger out of the way and feed that juicy prick up her pussy.

"Get it in then!" she hissed. "Damn you! Fuck me! Feed me some cock, Rolf! Fuck me! Ooooooeeee! Yessssss!"

Rolf's long, lean pecker thrust quickly up into her cunt and began to ride back and forth through her glowing passage. He pressed his hand against the outside of her pussy and held her clit tightly against his plunging shaft. The sensation sent fire all through Sheila. This was better fucking than Sheila had experienced before.

"You're sure the hell made for fucking!" Rolf panted from behind her. "I never saw a girl so built to be screwed. I never met a girl who enjoyed it so much, either."

Sheila laughed with him as he rode her ass. They giggled, partly from all the booze, partly from the luxurious pleasure that enclosed both pussy and cock. The redhead swung her ass from side to side, increasing the wonderful tension inside her cunt. She rode back and forth on her knees, sending wilder flashes of erotic delight all up and down her pussy.

"Eeeeee!" she shrieked. "Ooooooeeeee! Fuck me, Baby! Oooooo! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Yeah, sweetheart!" Rolf answered in a gasping voice. "Take me, Baby! Take all that cock in you! Ohhhhh, Baby! Now we're balling!"

Walt and Ruby were moaning and chattering just as ecstatically. The two girls went crazy as they groped and sucked at one another's tits. Sheila leaned her head back as Rolf began kissing along her shoulder and neck. She gasped with intense pleasure as his teeth clamped down over the tender skin along her neck. She shook with delirious frenzy, feeling the rapid surge of her climax building inside her pussy. She screamed as the orgasm hit her. She cried out, laughing and pleading for her lover to unload his hot charge inside her.

"Give it to me!" she panted. "Ohhhhh, shoot it to me! Fuck me, Rolf! Shoot that wad all through me!"

She went into deeper throes of passion as she felt his cock leaping to respond to her plea. His warm cum boiled through her cunt, producing luscious spasms of possessive pleasure all along the inner passage of her pussy. She shuddered wildly as the room spun about her. She buried her face into Ruby's tits and sucked like crazy. She moaned softly as she felt the full power of her orgasm shake through her. Finally she fell, panting and gasping onto Ruby. She lay there, drunk with passion and satisfaction, while the others completed their roaring fucks.

"What a piece of tail!" Rolf complimented her. "What a fantastic piece of pussy! You interested in a transfer to New York?"

Sheila finally managed to roll over and look up at him. His eyes were steady. There was no twinkle of amusement in them. He was completely serious about it.

"I mean it," he insisted. "You let me talk to Mr. Collins. I think I can find one hell of a promotion for you if you're interested."

Sheila didn't answer him. This didn't seem like the time. This was a night for fucking, not for business. Besides, she wasn't quite ready to leave Ruby yet.

Chapter SEVEN

"Ohhhh, look at her go!" one of the men shouted as they all sat about on the floor. "Shake it, Baby! Come on and shake it good for him."

Sheila laughed as she watched Ruby dancing in front of the young salesman. The brunette was giving him one hell of a come-on the way she writhed her body, swirling her hair sensuously in front of her face. She had her blouse unbuttoned far enough to show most of her tits as she leaned toward the sweating man and shook the breasts wildly. Her legs were spread, pussy humping forward to the beat of the music that played from a stereo to the side of the worn.

The redhead leaned back against the man sitting behind her and felt his hands come about her. He cupped her tits eagerly, fingering about her nipples while they laughed at the determined attempt of Ruby to get her prey heated up. The salesman had made a remark about the party getting boring. He felt that it needed a little livening up. Ruby took him up on the suggestion, insisting that he dance with her. Now she was giving him plenty of life. She stepped closer to him, rubbing her tits across his chest as she swayed to the music. Her hands brushed his groin, teasing as though she were about to grab at his already swelling cock.

"Get him, Baby!" a voice panted. "Grab his meat and give him a good tug!"

"If she does that," another voice laughed, "his old cock will pop right through those pants!"

The brunette pushed one leg between the guy's thighs and lifted her knee. She rubbed slowly and sensuously against his cock while pressing her breasts against him and rolling her shoulders to let him feel them more lusciously. Ruby swayed before the applauding crowd at the party, slowly letting her fingers run over his cock before cupping the bulging mass for a moment.

"God!" Joe Higgs' voice panted from beside Sheila's ear. "He's feeling it now! Damn! She's got a handful of his cock!"

Her bass thrust his hand inside the redhead's blouse and squeezed her tits in excitement. He buried his face into her neck, kissing her with sudden passion as he thumbed her nipples. Sheila felt a moment of concern. She darted her eyes about the room, then remembered that Bette Farrow, Mr. Higgs' office girl friend, had not been able to come to the convention. Someone had to remain at home and keep the office open. Bette had been one of the skeleton force selected. So Joe Higgs was on the loose this week! Her boss was on the loose and on the make. One hand pulled out of her blouse and dropped down to the girl's crotch. He stoked slowly at her pussy, panting heavily in her ear as his cock went wild at the softness of Sheila's skin.

"Damn! You're the sexiest broad I've ever known!" he gasped. "I've had the hots for you since you went to work for me."

"You kept it to yourself very well," Sheila laughed softly. "No one would ever have known."

That wasn't exactly true. Joe had given her the eye quite often. He'd never made any advance, however. The redhead knew why. Old Higgs didn't want Bette cutting off his pussy because she caught him messing around with a younger woman. What the hell? Tonight he was a thousand miles away from either his wife or Bette Farrow. He was off at a convention and had his hands all over the body of a willing young beauty. Sheila leaned against him, delighting in his caresses and running her hand along his leg and thigh.

In the center of the roam, Ruby was slowly removing her blouse as she danced suggestively before the gaping salesman. She tossed the nylon aside and held her tits out for his inspection. Then she began unzipping her tight slacks, shaking her ass in a rapid motion and turning sideways to him so he could see both tits and buttocks rotate for the delight of the onlookers.

"Like it?" the brunette asked him. "Like what you see?"

He reached out and grabbed her tits while she slipped the slacks down her legs. He fondled them eagerly as she kicked her slacks aside and removed her hose and panties. Ruby spun quickly, dancing away from him and motioning to his clothing.

"Join the girl!" one of the older executives laughed as he sat cuddling a petite blonde. "Hell, man! She wants you naked, too!"

"Take it off!" several of the others began chanting. "Take it off!"

Ruby clapped her hands and laughed delightedly. She swayed before him as he reluctantly began to comply with the shouts of encouragement. Her wide mouth spread in a smile of approval as he bared his chest and then dropped his pants. As he pulled his shorts off, the long, hard pecker swung upwards to a scattering of applause. The brunette licked her lips as though anxious to get that luscious meat in her. She danced closer to him, standing on tiptoe in an attempt to get her pussy against the head of his swinging cock.

"Take her, man!" he panted from behind Sheila. "Damn it, get it in her. Start the fucking. I'm ready to dip my stick in this red-haired witch!"

He had plunged his hand inside Sheila's slacks, inside her panties. His finger probed through her cunt hair and started rubbing into the soft lips of her pussy. He pulled her blouse apart and began caressing her heaving tits. His breath was heavy and passionate at her ear. Sheila turned her shoulders and leaned forward, rolling her breasts into his grasping hand. She managed to reach back and grab his swollen pecker. The redhead squeezed his prick firmly and held the hard meat while she watched Ruby back from the center of the circle. Ruby led the horny salesman toward a couch along the wall.

"She wants it!" one of the spectators screamed. "Man! She wants to be fucked! Get her! Ball the shit out of that teasing cunt!"

The object of the general encouragement climbed over the reclining body of the pulsing brunette. He got himself between her knees, then brandished his long cock over the waiting girl. His face was flushed with excitement. His nostrils flared with rushing lust. He smiled in anticipation, then pointed his cock down at the waiting pussy. Ruby's body quivered as he raised his ass over her, then rammed his shaft deep into her.

"Abhhhh!" he gasped as he buried the lunging meat into her pussy. "Ahhhhhh!"

Ruby immediately wrapped her legs about him. Her arms went about his neck. Her ass wriggled frantically as she took his cock with wild enthusiasm. She hunched herself against him, running her pussy along his thrusting shaft while they both clenched their eyes shut in total pleasure.

"Now I'll get mine!" Joe Higgs panted as he suddenly twisted around and laid the redhead back on the thick carpet. "My cock is aching to try out your soft little pussy!"

He grinned at her and began opening his pants. Sheila smiled hazily, her body throbbing from the excitement of both Ruby's display and Joe's hands at her pussy and tits. She slipped her slacks off, then removed her hose and panties. Higgs was about to climb on her with his pants only pulled apart enough for his cock to get out. The redhead shook her head and motioned for him to pull his trousers all the way off. Him hesitated a moment, his passion ready for immediate fulfillment. Then he nodded and complied. The fact that the other men were stripping probably did more to convince him than the young woman's request.

"Maybe it will be more fun like this," he admitted as he came back over her. "Hell, I guess we'll be spending most of the night fucking, anyway."

That's what the party had been planned for, Sheila knew. The redhead had not planned to come up here to this suite. She had planned on spending the evening with Walt Morrow. She'd already fucked around enough to decide that she preferred it with her lean young executive. Unfortunately Walt didn't seem to feel the same way. She had caught him picking up one of the waitresses at the cocktail lounge in the hotel. Sheila had gone in to find him. She found him all right. She spotted him as the waitress, just off duty, tucked her arm in his and walked to the elevator. Walt had stood there, his hand up beneath the short skirt while they waited for the doors to open. He hadn't seen Sheila, hadn't learned that she wanted to spend this night wrapped in his arms.

"Ohhhhh, sweetheart!" Joe Higgs panted as he pushed his cock against her pussy. "Ohhhhh, what a lovely cunt! What a beautiful girl! Damn! Your skin is so smooth, so like velvet."

He kept muttering, kept telling her how beautiful and luscious she was. He eased his cock into her cunt and rubbed against her clit while his hand cupped and caressed her tits. He leaned on one elbow, smiling at her in adoration. He tilted his head down and sucked on one of her tits until he had her nipple shivering with delight. Then he lifted his face and smiled at her again.

"Let's get to fucking!" he rasped. His cock began ripping wildly through her cunt. He might be getting old, but he sure had a young man's cock. No wonder Bette was so possessive about him. Sheila's pussy glowed with pleasure as he shoved and plunged with sensuous abandon. He came back up above her, letting her rub both tits across his chest. He caught her ass in both hands and shook her buttocks passionately. He pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and ran his finger along the crack as Sheila tingled beneath him.

Mound them came the gasping, panting sounds of all the others fucking just as furiously. Ruby's shrieks of pleasure cut through all the other voices. The brunette had started first. Now she was approaching her first orgasm. The sounds of such exquisite pleasure sent chills of delight rippling through Sheila's body. The gasps of the couples on either side of them gave her a feeling of lusty partnership. She could even imagine Walt and the waitress up in his room. Was he still fucking her? He hadn't shown up at this party. He was either balling the chesty little vixen for the fifth time or had found another girl.

She was still angry at him. No, not really angry. After all, she had found her own stud this morning. She had fucked a handsome artist while Walt was tied up in meetings. She couldn't be too jealous of his screwing around. She could have forced herself to go to the meetings. She could have called his room, even. No, he had probably picked up the waitress because Sheila wasn't available to him.

"Ahhhhhh!" Higgs panted, twisting his ass about and ramming his cock at her with increasing ferocity. "Ohhhhh, Baby! Baby! What a glorious fuck! Ohhhhh, you make me young again!"

His finger kept playing through her crack. He pressed his fingertip against her tingling bum. Sheila felt her breath leave her as he slowly pushed the end of his finger into her ass. She jumped about, gasping wildly as he ran the finger slowly back and forth.

She tried to pull her ass away from his finger, only to shove her pussy deeper onto his plunging cock. She jammed herself all the way over his prick, then couldn't move any further as his finger dipped deeper up her glowing, throbbing ass. Higgs laughed at her confusion and kissed one lunging tit again.

"Easy, sweetheart!" he consoled her. "You must not have had your ass fingered before now. Just relax it and you'll discover a new pleasure."

Relax hell! That was one thing Sheila couldn't do. How the shit was she supposed to relax when he was sending such pulsing throbs of passion all through her? She struggled to breathe as he fucked ass and pussy with deliberate strokes. Damn! It felt like his cock and his finger were going to meet somewhere deep inside her. The pressure of having both holes filled made her even more sensitive to every thrust. Sheila moaned in luxurious agony as he worked her into a deep frenzy. Her breasts lunged upward against his chest. The very touch sent wild shudders through her tight, hard nipples. She wrapped her legs about him and hugged tightly to him. Her body jerked as spasms kept sweeping through her.

"Come on, Baby!" he encouraged her. "Work on my ass the same way. Get that soft finger of yours up me and give me the same kind of fun. Get with it, sweetheart. Come on! My ass is aching to feel your soft finger!"

Sheila hesitated, then threw aside her resistance. Hell, why not? His ass wouldn't bite her finger off. She laughed to herself and began exploring the crevice between the round, firm buttocks that were thrusting his cock so pleasantly up her cunt. She ran her finger slowly into his crack, feeling for his asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh! Yesssssss!" Higgs cried as she touched that sensitive aperture. "That's my girl! Ohhhh, Baby!"

The way he responded intrigued her. Sheila rubbed the tip of her finger about his bum, then slowly pushed inside. Higgs squirmed, his body trembling wildly and plunging his cock up her with renewed fervor. His response excited the redhead into going after his ass roughly. She drove her finger into him and fucked it rapidly back and forth while Higgs groaned and screamed his surging pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh! Yessssss!" he gasped. "Let's ride, sweetheart! Ohhhhhh, let's get it all happening!"

It was happening! Sheila felt her pussy grabbing lusciously at his cock as he fucked her insanely. Her ass burned from the rapid thrusts of his finger. Her tits rubbed wildly against his chest. She fucked her finger back and forth in his ass and pulled his head down toward her. The redhead buried her face into his neck and began biting him in delirious, panting demand.

"Uhhhhhhh!" he panted. "Uhhhhhhh!"

His body slammed into her as he fucked her with powerful driving thrusts. His cock quivered inside her, sending sparks of passionate flame all through her ecstatic pussy. She felt paralyzed for a minute. She lay helpless beneath him, her pussy vibrating deliriously. Then her orgasm came pounding along the walls of her cunt. She screamed loudly as she bit viciously into his neck. She twisted her finger about in his ass. She shook from the explosive force of her climax.

"Fuck me!" she shrieked. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Keep going, Baby!" Joe Higgs muttered. "Keep it all going! I'm ready to join you! Here it comes, sweetheart! Here's my load!"

His cock shuddered, then spurted the mass of warm semen into her. Sheila went into deeper rapture as his cum boiled through her pussy. She bit him more wildly, sucking at his wounded skin and quivering frantically from the glorious feeling of his eruption inside her.

She lunged about on the floor, one hand flailing about and touching several other fucking couples. Damn! Everyone seemed almost stacked on top of them. They all gasped and pounded through the mass bang. Sheila finally pulled her finger from her partner's ass and lay back exhausted. She felt the warmth of his continued thrusts, even after his cock was unable to muster any more cum. He fucked slowly, letting his ardor calm by degrees, then finally collapsed beside her in exhaustion.

"What a fuck!" he whispered. "What a delicious fuck!"

His eyes rested affectionately on her. His face glowed. Sheila felt a twinge of guilt. Would old Higgs be satisfied with Bette after getting an evening of young pussy. She hoped so. Besides, she warned herself, the older woman might know a hell of a lot of interesting tricks for him. She shook her head to clear her mind of that. After all, that was Bette's business. She hadn't stolen the woman's lover. Higgs had just happened to be nearest her when everyone began pairing off.

Several of the couples were slowly dragging themselves up from the floor. They went to the bar that was set up just inside the door and began mixing drinks. The redhead smiled as one of the men walked to her and handed her a drink. She sipped while Joe Higgs sighed heavily and drug himself to a sitting position beside her.

Ruby winked at her from across the room. The brunette had told her it would be a great party. Sheila had hesitated, had wanted to remain in their room and pout about Walt. Ruby had insisted, however.

"Remember," she told Sheila, "you aren't just a frustrated housewife out on a lark. You're a caner girl now. Parties like this are essential for your advancement in the company. Give a good fuck in the right place and you never know how far that will lead you."

Sheila gave in. If she was really interested in being a company girl, then she'd better stop concentrating on just one young executive. Now she was glad she had complied. She could recognize quite a few of the New York brass scattered over the floor. Yes, she just might parlay this party into a good raise in pay.

"All right, you guys," one of the New York secretaries called out, "finish your drinks as soon as you can. This party is just getting started. While you men relax for a few minutes, we girls can get started on a daisy chain."

Chapter EIGHT

The girls were arranged in a circle around the room. They alternated lying on their backs and kneeling. Sheila looked down at the petite blonde in front of her. The girl's light brown cunt hairs glistened from the last fuck. Behind Sheila, a busty girl from the west coast office had already begun caressing Sheila's thighs. The men sat and stood leisurely around the circle of tit and pussy, sipping their drinks and making comments about the endowments of several of the girls.

"Damn!" one of the salesmen panted. "Look at that pair of tits on the redhead! Soon as I build up another load, I'm going to get into her tail!"

The men made more obscene remarks as the room began to pulse with the slow, sensuous play of the girls. The west coast beauty sucked sharply at Sheila's cunt, drawing wild spasms of pleasure through the shuddering redhead. Her tongue darted inside the pussy and lapped over Sheila's clit as they rolled about in tingling pleasure. She reached up and fondled the throbbing tits above her, her fingers sending delicious sparks over Sheila's tight nipples.

"Mmmmmmnn!" the girl moaned as she sucked deeply on the moist pussy. "Ooooooo!"

Sheila shuddered again, realizing how much cum the girl was sucking and lapping, cum left from the fuck just completed. She was getting plenty of cum in her own mouth as well. She sucked deliriously on the blonde's glowing pussy, licking at the tingling little clit and running her hands wildly about the slender girl's heaving young tits. Her fingers taunted the blonde's nipples as she delighted in the softness of the panting cunt. The blonde's thighs tightened about Sheila's face, hugging her frantically as their bodies lunged about from the thrill of the wild game.

"Look at them go!" a man rasped above them. "Ohhhh, look at those little beauties go at it! Damn! My old cock won't be able to take much more of this!"

The circle of girls pulsed about the carpet. The room was filled with gasping breath and soft moans of sensuous pleasure. Sheila felt her body going crazy from the way her cunt was being eaten. She jerked from the spasms that ran through her and sucked even harder on the quivering blonde. The circle of cunt was writhing about her. The sound of gurgling pussy and lapping tongues worked her into a gloriously erotic frenzy. The screams of the men as they pumped their hard pricks in preparation for coming into the circle after the girls sent even more powerful emotion over her throbbing body.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned, sucking fervently at the gushing cunt beneath her. "Ooooooo! Mmmmmm!"

The circle joined in her mad ecstasy. A dozen female bodies throbbed and writhed in glorious delight. A dozen men panted above them, watching the luscious scene. The room was alive with lust. The air was heavy with passion. The girls moaned and screamed, finally driving the men beyond any ability to contain themselves.

"Get them!" a deep voice screamed. "Come on, damn it! Let's get into those pussies!"

The room became a bedlam as the men rushed in among the girls, pulling them apart and groping wildly over the vibrant bodies. Sheila felt the west coast girl pulled from beneath her. She was bounced to the side as a heavy man dropped onto the petite blonde. Then she felt a long, hard cock come up from behind her. A pair of hands nabbed her tits as some man pumped his cock frantically between her thighs.

"Got you!" he chuckled, wiling her tits about and fingering her nipples. "Got you and that teasing ass you've been waving at me!"

He dropped one hand from her tits and rubbed roughly at her cunt. He sent deeper tremors from her clit back up through her panting pussy. He worked at her clit and tits as she tingled with new fires igniting all through her. Sheila thrust her ass against him, rubbing her pussy lips along the lean prick as she waited for him to ram it into her.

"Fuck me!" she hissed to him. "Ohhhhh, yes! Get that snake in me! Fuck me!"

Around her she could see the other men balling like crazy as he rolled the girl over the floor in a frenzied swirl of lust. Sheila gasped as her partner ran his finger up her pussy and twisted it about, sending glowing delight all through her wet passage. He hugged her roughly, his other hand working her tits into firm, swollen passion. She shuddered deliciously, then felt him draw his cock back as though he were getting ready to ram it into her. Sheila tingled in anticipation, waiting for bin, to drive that meat through her, then start fucking her with full concentration.

"Yes!" she encouraged him. "Oooooo! Yes!"

He pulled his hands down to her ass and held her tightly by her hips. His cock head ran along her buttocks, then pushed into her crack. She started to protest, but he jammed his prick into her bum and was casing it slowly up her ass. Now she did protest. Her voice quaked as she moaned her abjection.

"Take it easy!" he snarled. "Good-looking piece of ass like yours ought to have a cock in it. Hell, Baby, you've got the rest of the night to take a dick in your pussy."

The lean cock shoved deeper into her, stretching her ass so badly that she feared he had torn her. Sheila groaned as he began to pump her ass with slow, deliberate thrusts. She ached from the treatment and tried to pull herself off his cock. She had no success at that, no more than the attempt to talk him out of it. He reached around her and grabbed her pussy in one hand, holding her against him while he fucked her ass more roughly.

"Ride it, Baby!" he laughed. "Ride your all on this prick! You'll get wed to it! In another minute you'll be howling with delight!"

Sheila couldn't believe that. Even as her ass became more used to that driving cock in it and actually started responding with slow spasms of pleasure, she couldn't believe it. It wasn't possible. Still, she couldn't doubt the slow throbs of delight that had begun to wrack her. His finger went back up her pussy. His hand came back over her tit. His cock drove through her ass with trembling enthusiasm as she moaned in both protest and encouragement.

"See!" he chortled. "I told you that you'd like it! It's great for a change! Now, let's ride, Baby! Let's get this party cranked up!"

They both shook as he attacked her frantically. He worked both her ass and her pussy into panting, throbbing ecstasy. He caressed her tits until Sheila was ready to scream out in demand for him to shoot his hot juice into her. They lunged about the floor, gasping and moaning together. Their bodies trembled and glowed as Sheila's orgasm, the climax that had begun building during the cunt suck, boiled up through her.

"Ooooooeeeee!" she called out. "Give it to me! Fuck me! Shoot it into me!"

She lost her breath as her climax hit. Sheila shook wildly, her entire body glowing and pulsing in unbelievable ecstasy. She throbbed over him, then shrieked even louder as she felt his hot cum blow into her ass.

"Ohhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!" he sputtered in helpless pleasure. "Ohhhhh, Baby! There it is! Ohhhhhhh!"

They rolled about the floor, thrashing and lunging in the splendor of their fuck. They moaned together and twisted, savoring the sparkling pleasures that ran through them. They gasped through the violent orgasms, then finally collapsed in a heap amid the other floundering bodies.

"Wow!" Sheila panted. "Ohhhhhh, wow! What a fuck! What a hell of a ride!"

"Yeah!" the man grinned. That was all he could manage. He just lay there, grinning up at her. Sheila recognized him now. She had seen him earlier during the party and had thought he looked familiar. Now she placed him. She'd seen him with Mr. Higgs and Mr. Forrest back at the office. He was the regional manager on the west coast. Sheila reached down and caressed his shoulders and chest gently. Ruby had pointed him out to her once. He'd married one of the young Hollywood beauties, the kind who always pose in bikinis as background for TV movies. He was supposed to have had a hot affair with some more prominent female star. Well, he'd found a little country girl who showed him that he didn't have to look in Hollywood for good fucking. His eyes and his smile assured her that he was fully aware of that.

"Yeah!" he repeated, patting her tits affectionately. "Ohhhhh, yeah!"

Sheila watched the other couples complete their screwing. She listened to the groaning and panting. She watched the bucking bodies. She smelled the profusion of cum. Damn, all this made her feel even more sensual. This was the way to have a party. What a hell of a party!

As the fucking ended, they gradually reassembled at the bar. Sheila downed another drink, then accepted the joint one of the girls handed her. She took two deep puffs and passed it on to the next person.

One of the men moved past her with a magnum of champagne in his hand. Sheila looked at the bottle and began to tremble at the idea that leaped into her mind. She tingled at the thought of having all the men here licking aver her body. Before she realized her actions, the redhead had snatched the bottle from the man and stepped up onto a chair.

"Hey, you guys!" she called out to gain attention. "Anybody want to drink my champagne?"

Then she turned the bottle upside down and poured the sparkling liquid all over her. She squealed, not realizing that it would be so cold, then hopped down from the chair as the men rushed for her. The force of their crowding carried her to the floor where they all came laughing down on top of her. Lips, tongues, hands covered her body as the guys took advantage of her invitation. Sheila giggled crazily, the accumulation of booze mixing with the few draws on the joint to give her a giddy, light-headed feeling. She tingled as tongues lapped over her body. The redhead suddenly gasped with tense pleasure as one of the men got his mouth on her pussy and sucked her deeply. A pair of lips was at each of her tits, too.

"Let's teach her a lesson!" a male voice panted. "Let's eat her until she begs for mercy!"

A shrill voice added encouragement as several of the girls joined in the lusty game. Sheila almost lost her breath, struggling against the press of all the bodies that crowded over her. They sucked her pussy. They sucked her tits. Their hands worked feverishly over her ass and along her thighs. They teased at her ears and ran their fingers through her hair. She panted and twisted, her body blazing with frenzy. Her tits were swollen, her nipples tight and hard with sexual desire. Her pussy was gushing once more, lubricating itself profusely and quivering delightedly as someone kept sucking and licking her with wild excess.

"Somebody stick a cock in her mouth!" a woman panted. "Come on, give her something she can bite down on!"

Sheila tried to protest. As wild a frenzy as she was hr from all this sucking and kissing and fondling, she'd choke on a cock. She just knew it. There was no way she could prevent it, however. She saw the moist prick appear in front of her face, then come down toward her mouth. Hands held her face, preventing her from twisting away as the guy lowered his cock between her lips. The warm meat pushed into her mouth and began to thrust back toward her throat.

"Suck me, Baby!" the man muttered. "Suck my old dick!"

He was shaking with excitement as he fucked into her mouth eagerly. The guy whose mouth was working at her pussy matched his intensity. The girls sucking her tits were going after her with equal enthusiasm. Sheila gasped as she felt her body quivering from the rough, demanding treatment. Her pussy tingled from a thousand sparks that ran teasingly along the nerves of her inner passage. Her tits swelled voluptuously, nipples glowing with soft passion. She sucked on the cock that seemed to be swelling even larger once it had gotten into her mouth. She licked at the drooling head of the prick and sucked again. The thick rod leaped about, surging back in a determined attempt to find the opening to her throat. Sheila moaned softly, writhing in both pleasure and apprehension. Damn them! They were going to kill her! The cock would choke her, but in the meantime they were going to cause her body to explode from all the sensuous sucking and kissing.

"Mmmmmmnim!" she groaned, keeping her mouth closed tightly about the guy's cock. "Ooooooo! Mmmmmm!"

"She's going now!" he panted from above her. "Ohhhhh, she's giving me a hell of a suck! Eat it, Baby! Eat that old prick!"

His cock lunged about, throbbing wildly as he pumped it back and forth. With each stroke it was pushing into the top of her throat, then pulling back. Sheila coordinated her breathing with the thrusts, beginning to enjoy that moment when he had her completely at her mercy. She trembled vibrantly, her cunt pulsing from the climax that seemed to be waiting just beneath the surface. She would explode any time, now. The redhead decided that she wanted to bring this juicy prick to orgasm before she had her own. She sucked more viciously on him, then tightened her lips about the cock as tightly as possible. She took a deep breath between thrusts, then suddenly blew over the raging cock with all her might. The guy screamed his ecstasy and shook wildly on top of her.

"Ohhhhh, God!" he bellowed. "She's fantastic! She's the greatest! God! What she's doing to me! Ohhhhhhh!"

He tightened his thighs against her cheeks and drove his meat at her with renewed fury. His cock shook and pulsed in her mouth. His whole body was trembling as spasms shook him powerfully. Sheila felt the beat build up in his cock, felt the rise of his wad up through the driving shaft. He was ready! Damn, but he was ready! She sucked violently, then blew him again. His cock seemed to pause a moment, then erupted into her. The hot cum came blowing into her mouth and throat. Sheila had no choice but to swallow the steaming load. She swallowed quickly, then took another heavy wad of the cum.

Her own orgasm came immediately. Her pussy went into swirling, panting climax. Spasms of rapture surged along her cunt passage as she leaped and lunged in delirious pleasure. She pressed her tits against the girls who were sucking them. She hunched her pussy against the guy's devouring mouth. She sucked the final drops of cum from the prick that began to slow its wild fuck into her mouth. Finally they all sagged in contented exhaustion. Their bodies lay twisted and contorted together, heaving from the struggle.

"Oooooooo!" Sheila muttered. "Mmmmmmmm! That was fun, wasn't it! Ooooeeeeeee!"

They laughed and rolled apart, then dragged themselves into sitting positions as other girls decided to follow Sheila's lead. Three of them were pouring champagne and brandy and Scotch over their bodies. Sheila had started quite a new game, the redhead congratulated herself. Yes, that was a hell of a nice game. She wandered about using something else next time, like honey or jam. That might be even more pleasing. She lay back and let her body tingle in satisfied pleasure as the party resumed about her.

It was morning by the time they ended the orgy and staggered back to their own rooms. Ruby and Sheila looked at the disheveled reflections that faced them from their mirror. The girls shuddered together, then broke into laughter. They hugged happily, collapsing into their beds. The convention ended at noon. Neither had any intention of making the final sessions. After that party they had just attended they felt that very few of the company's employees or executives would be in attendance.

Just before she dropped off to sleep, the redhead murmured her thanks to Ruby. She should be thanking her ex-husband, she knew. If the bastard hadn't been screwing round on her, then she'd never had had all this fun. She shuddered at the thought of ever going back to those years of frustration, of thirty-second fucks. No way! She'd found out just how good fucking could be. She tingled as she imagined how many good pieces of cock lay ahead of her.

Chapter NINE

Sheila parked her car in the broad drive and looked up at Mr. Forrest's mansion. She knew that he held a very responsible position in the company, but she hadn't really expected anything so large and imposing as this. She turned on the interior light in her car and attempted to check her make-up.

Her boss had just flown in from a meeting in New York. He had called and asked to speak with her personally. That had been flattering enough to the girl. Then, when he told her that he wanted her opinion on some proposed new procedures, she had been ecstatic. They arranged for her to bring several files of papers out from the office tonight and go over them with the district manager.

"Personal assistant," Ruby gasped when Sheila told her. "He wants to make you his personal assistant. I told you that as soon as you made that pretty little cunt available around the company your career would take off!"

Since the New Orleans convention, she had seemed to carry new importance around the office, the redhead realized. The men treated her with the respect that they usually gave to only two or three of the most senior female employees. Ruby was right, Sheila admitted. Spreading her legs had opened quite a few doors for her. She shivered in the crisp evening air and walked quickly up the steps of Mendel Forrest's home. The door was opened almost immediately. A sour-faced butler admitted her, asking her to wait for a moment until he could inform Mr. Forrest that she'd arrived. He stepped into one of the rooms off the entrance ball, then came back to her immediately.

"Mr. Forrest is waiting," he told her, allowing his face to crease into a formal smile. His eyes were smiling more openly, though. The redhead felt them on her as she walked to the door. The old boy had hot pants in spite of all that pompous appearance, she decided.

"Sheila!" Mendel Forrest exclaimed, coming across the room to greet her. It seemed odd to hear him address her in this way. Mr. Forrest had always spoken quite formally to her. Even when he kidded her about how well she was built, he did it in a cool, aloof way. He took both her hands and squeezed them delightedly. Sheila noticed that he wore an elaborately brocaded dressing gown, like she had seen several times in the movies. She didn't think, until now, that any men really wore clothes like that. The men she had known lounged about the house in a T-shirt.

She looked around the room as he poured them brandy. The room was exquisite. She was still staring around her at the elaborate desk and chairs, at the rich upholstery, at the huge paintings, when he laughed and handed her the brandy.

"No, honey," he chuckled, "I haven't been embezzling company funds. I happened to marry a very rich woman. The house belonged to her family. I just try to blend in with the surroundings."

He took the stack of papers she had placed on his desk, thumbed through them for a moment, then tossed them carelessly aside. His eyes were serious as he looked at her again. He cleared his throat nervously, then managed to speak in a more husky, less certain, voice.

"I hope that you didn't think I wanted you to drive all the way out here just to bring me some papers I could have picked up as I came from the airport," he said.

Sheila looked at him, her eyes showing her slow realization of what he really wanted with her. He wanted to screw her! This was a compliment! As far as the girl knew, none of the other girls in the office had ever fucked him. He was a little free when it came to hugging all of them, but he'd never bedded any of them. Now he wanted her. Her eyes sparkled as she looked up into his face. Now it was Sheila's turn to swallow and gulp for words. Finally, she settled for nodding her willingness.

"Yes," he mused, "I heard that you were sometimes willing to put out for the company. Lately, I hear, you've become quite an aggressive young career woman."

"The bed, it seems, is the quickest way to get your attention," she snapped back. "If I have a soft pussy, then you're more willing to consider that I might also have a bright mind."

Forrest laughed with her and finished his brandy. He took her half-filled glass and walked back to the decanter, pouring a generous amount in both glasses. Then he returned her glass to her and led her to a door at the far end of the room.

"Nice to find a girl so direct," he murmured as his hand rested on her ass. "You're correct, I must admit. A girl with your body can get any man to show an interest in her intellect. There's practically no limit to the possibilities for your future in this company."

He opened the door to a small, gorgeously appointed bedroom. Satin sheets shimmered on the bed. Mendel Forrest laughed nervously and guided her towards it. He reached about her waist and cupped one tit lovingly. He squeezed the heaving globe, then stepped back and began unzipping her dress. His hands trembled with excitement as he reached inside the dress and caught both tits in his hands, pulling her back against him and kissing her neck frantically.

"Sheila! Sheila!" he panted. "Ohhhhhh, Sheila! I've waited so long for you!"

He pulled the dress from her shoulders and let it drop over her hips. The soft nylon fell to the floor as he unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. He turned her back to face him and leaned his face down into her tits, sucking them and cupping them hungrily. The redhead ran her fingers into his grey hair and caressed him slowly while he kissed each swollen breast with infinite devotion.

"Quickly," he panted. "Get your panties off. I'm so hard already that I'm about to lose my mind."

Sheila looked up as she slipped her panties down her legs. Forrest pulled his robe apart. He was naked underneath. He smiled as though he'd played some sort of trick on her. His cock stood upright, waving before her as it pulsed and throbbed in his eagerness. She backed toward the bed and sat on the edge. The touch of the soft satin against her buttocks sent tiny chills of delight through her. Sheila slipped her legs up on the bed and propped herself against the pillows while Forrest stood beside her, smiling down at her naked loveliness.

"God!" he breathed. "You're beautiful! You're the most beautiful toy. Want to play with me?"

He nodded and sat beside her. Then he did something that took her completely by surprise. He opened the drawer of the table beside the bed and took out a tube of lipstick. While Sheila watched in amazement, he began applying the lipstick to her nipples and areolas. He covered them with the red lipstick, then opened her thighs and painted the lips of her pussy just as thoroughly. Sheila gradually recovered from her surprise and began tingling in anticipation of this fuck. She had done enough screwing around by now to appreciate a few variations. If lipstick on her cunt and tits turned him on, then she was all for it. She smiled at him and opened her arms, thrusting her glowing breasts upward for his inspection.

"Like?" she asked, causing each tit to bounce on her chest teasingly. "Satisfied?"

"Very!" Forrest gasped, then pulled one tit up in both his hands and planted his lips firmly over the lipstick. He sucked her tit eagerly, hungrily. His tongue lapped at her nipple, sending sparks of sensual pleasure surging through her tits. She moaned and twisted luxuriously beneath him, her fingers running along his shoulders, then about his cars. She turned her body towards him, moving her legs gently against him and tingling at the touch of their skin.

"Yessssss!" she whispered. "Love them! Suck them! Mmmmmmm!"

Sheila realized that he had soft music playing from somewhere in the room, slow, erotic music that vibrated through her. The lights gave a golden haze to the bed as they glowed from beneath rich shades on the lamps. She basked in the richness of the scene, shuddering pleasantly as Mendel Forrest sucked more deeply on her tits. His cock lunged as she slipped her thigh against it. Forrest sucked more frantically at her tits, pulling and rolling the ripe breasts insanely. His tongue lapped over one nipple, then the other. Sheila moaned again, her body pounding with rising demand. She leaned toward her boss and rubbed both tits heavily over his face.

"God, what a beautiful girl!" he whispered, looking up into her eyes. "Ohhhh, you're so lovely!"

He rubbed his face against her tits again, then slowly kissed down her tummy. His body slid down her legs until he had himself where he could get his face into her pussy while she pulled her foot up into his throbbing cock. She taunted his cock with her foot as his lips pressed into the lipstick-smeared cunt. He kissed her pussy with short, rapid smacks of his mouth. He kissed along the quivering lips of her cunt. Then he opened his mouth and matched his lips to the shape of her pussy. Sheila gasped in delight as he suddenly began sucking on her. He sucked deeply into her gushing cunt, then licked at the oozing lips. His tongue set her opening on fire before he slowly began lapping at her clit.

"Oooooeeee!" the redhead panted. "Ooooeeeeee! Suck me! Eat me! Oooo! I like it! I like it!"

She saw his body shake as he laughed into her glowing pussy. His cock leaped about, sending shimmering thrills through her. They rolled from side to side, writhing in pleasure as he sucked and blew up into her pussy. Sheila was getting hotter and hotter for him. She wanted the cock to get in her. She wanted him to ride her, to pump her, to fuck her roughly and deeply. She groaned in her need, her breath coming in sharp pants of anxious demand.

"I want you!" she shrieked. "I want your cock! Hurry! You've got me on tire! Fuck me! Please, fuck me!"

Mendel Forrest looked up at the plea in her eyes. He touched her wildly rotating breasts tenderly. There was a mist in his eyes as he smiled at her, a hazy glow of moist adoration. She smiled as though he totally adored her, then slowly came up over her. Sheila grasped his hard meat and squeezed it tightly. She pumped him three, four times, then led the lunging prick toward her aching pussy.

"Beautiful girl!" he muttered. "Beautiful pussy!"

His body was shaking as she pulled the head of his cock against her pussy lips and then eased the meat inside her, stopping just as he entered. His bulging head rubbed sensuously against her clit while one hand began caressing her tits into throbbing madness. He had one hand at her tits, one hand on her ass. He didn't plunge his prick deeply into her. He kept the hot cock just at her cunt, fucking her lightly until she was ready to scream louder in her desperate demand for him to start really fucking her. Her clit was already in flames. He didn't need to work her up any more. She was ready for fucking. Damn! She was ready to have him rough her up a little bit. Her pussy clutched at his cock as spasm after spasm raced through her. She wrapped her legs about him and hunched over his big, throbbing cock. He laughed softly as her cunt exploded into a fantastic orgasm. He kept taunting her clit as she surged through her blinding climax.

"Ooooooeeeee!" Sheila gasped. "Aaaaiiiii! Ohhhh, yes! Yes! Yes! I love it! Fuck me! Oooooeeee! What a glorious fuck! Mmmmmm!"

Sheila screamed and chattered as her orgasm shook her. She gasped and panted in total rapture. "Shoot it!" she begged. "Ohhhhh, shoot me with it! I want it! I want to feel it! Oooooeeee!"

Forrest continued to tease and taunt her as she soared through the powerful grips of her orgasm. He was still playing with her as she finally began to calm down. He smiled, down at her and leaned over to kiss her lips gently. He caressed her cheek with one hand, then bent his body so he could kiss the nipples that still ached from her lust.

"That's my beautiful girl," he said in a silken voice. "That's my lovely young woman. Ohhhhh, it feels good to have my cock in your soft pussy."

He kept up the taunting play of his cock against her clit. He began to stroke her tits again. Wendel Forrest kissed her, kissed her shoulders and neck. His mouth came over her lips. His tongue slipped into her mouth. Their tongues met in teasing, passionate play. Then he began sucking her breath. They spread their lips wide, still keeping them tightly pressed together, and drew deeply on each other. Now he began moving his cock in delicious circles inside her stretched and pulsing cunt. He cupped her tits together, thumbing her nipples.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Sheila moaned as her body began throbbing again. "Oooooo!"

She was leaping about the bed, unable to control the dramatic surges of passion that ripped through her. Sheila knew she was getting ready for another climax, an even more consuming orgasm. She shuddered in tense anticipation, then jerked in lust as he slowly began driving his cock deeper into her sweltering cunt. He started thrusting, ramming his beautiful cock into her with slow, deliberate strokes. The sensuous contact of prick and cunt sent fire through every nerve in her body. The redhead hugged herself against him, rubbing her tits frantically against him and hunching herself against the driving cock with wild intensity. She could hear the slap of their bodies, the sound of his pecker as it stirred her flowing juices. She felt the tense quivering of her pussy lips that came just before her climax. Sheila twisted her face free of his lips so she could scream her terrible demand.

"Now!" she wailed. "Do it now! Ohhhhh, please! Fuck me! Shoot it to me! Fuck me!"

"This time," he chuckled, "I have no choice. Damn! I couldn't hold it back if I wanted to!"

He didn't. He became a maniac as he started balling her roughly. His cock plunged deeper and deeper into her cunt as she trembled beneath the power of her second orgasm. She was still thrilling to the beauty of their lust when his cock roared within her. His cum splashed through her, splattering all about her pussy. He held her tightly, rolling her about and driving his cock at her like some madman.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" he panted. "Uhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck that pussy! Ohhhhh, what sweet pussy!"

"Aaaaaaiiii!" Sheila screamed, rolling about in wild throes of ecstasy. "Ooooooeeee! Ride me! Ooooooeeee, ride me!"

They gasped and panted through the powerful explosion of their passion. Then they lay quietly beside each other. He caressed her tits tenderly once more. He kept kissing her as he held her cradled against him. Sheila stroked his cock lovingly, amazed that such an older man could have such good fucking left in him. She smiled contentedly. If this was what it was going to be like to fuck the bosses, then she was all for it. She kissed him on the cheek, then on the lips, and squeezed his cock playfully.

"Young lady," he whispered, "you passed the test."

"What test?" Sheila asked in confusion. Hell, she hadn't been trying to prove anything. All she had been after was a good screw. She'd sure the hell gotten that. She was already satisfied.

Then Forrest explained what he had in mind. They needed a girl, a beautiful girl, to be available for visiting brass and for a few important clients. They would provide her with clothes and a swank apartment. She would still work at the office, but in a more important capacity. She would be listed as his special assistant for marketing research. The evenings the company did not need her pussy, she was free to live her own life. All they demanded was that she not cause the company any embarrassment.

Sheila sat up on one elbow and looked at him. Her first reaction had been to refuse. That was like being a prostitute. She didn't like that at all. Hell, she fucked for pleasure, not for money. Forrest seemed to understand her resistance.

"Look at it this way," he suggested. "You'll be serving the company. You'll be learning about the business. You'll be making important contacts and getting to know the top personnel. It's a perfect situation for a girl with ambition."

She thought that over. Yes, she could see the possibilities. Chance for advancement and opportunity for pleasure, all rolled into one neat little package. She nodded her consent, then snuggled back against him, reaching back to his balls and fondling them.

She lay basking in the warmth of their fuck. She sighed deeply, her eyes closed. Perhaps had they been open she would have seen the tall blonde woman who walked into the room and stood propped in the doorway. As it was, she wasn't aware of Mrs. Forrest's presence until the woman spoke.

"My!" the cultured voice cut through the stillness. "Didn't you find a lovely one for us tonight!"

Sheila was petrified as she looked up into the smiling face of the chic blonde. She clutched at the sheet, trying to cover herself. What good would that have done? The woman would know that she'd just been fucking her husband. The scent of cum still filled the room.

"Hi, sweetheart," Mr. Forrest called up to his wife. "I hoped you would get here before Sheila left."

He turned to the redhead, smiling warmly. He didn't show the slightest hint of concern about their having been discovered. He pulled the sheet away to leave Sheila naked and exposed to the careful scrutiny of the blonde who walked over to the bed and stood looking down at the girl. The smile was still on the woman's face. She nodded to her husband, then wrinkled her nose affectionately at Sheila.

"I'm Madelyn Forrest," she said smoothly. "Mendel has been talking about you for months. I'm so happy you finally consented to come out and join us for a little evening of pleasure."

Chapter TEN

Sheila stared at the blonde, fumbling for words. She expected anger. She had been waiting for an explosion as a result of being caught in bed with the woman's husband. Instead, Madelyn smiled warmly at her and looked appreciatively over her young body.

Sheila stared in greater consternation as Madelyn unzipped her dress and began undressing in front of them. The dress slipped softly, sensuously from her lithe body. Mr. Forrest's wife stood before them in bra and panty hose, her body slender and exquisitely formed. Sheila couldn't help but notice how expensive her underclothes appeared. The bra must have cost fifty dollars or more. The panties that she was slipping down her lean, tanned legs cost at least that much.

"Mmmmmmmm, it's good to get out of my clothes," Madelyn murmured as she stretched luxuriously. She caressed her tits and the pert breasts stood out lusciously from her chest, taut and firm. Sheila wondered how much it cost the woman in health club expenses to keep her body in such shape. Mrs. Forrest was not a young woman, yet she had a body that would shame most teen-agers. She even sparked a moment of jealousy in the redhead. Mostly, though, Sheila was fascinated by the woman's exquisite beauty.

"Now I can join in with you," Madelyn smiled as she stepped to the bed. "I was hoping I could get back in time. Wendel told me what he was planning. I couldn't get away in time to get here for the first fuck. We'll just have to make up far that, won't we?"

Sheila's mouth gaped open in amazement. This was not at all what she'd expected. She tried to think of some response as the woman slipped into the bed with them. Madelyn reached for Sheila's tits and began cuddling them softly and admiringly. Her hands were soft and gentle as they felt about the tender skin. Her fingers were expert as she teased the girls nipples.

"We have to see how good you'd be with important female clients," she explained. "I can see that you're a hell of a lay for any man. Now we'll see how balanced you are with your sexuality."

Sheila felt her nipples harden again. The gentle hands worked at her breasts until each tit was swelling out to its fullest extent. She could feel the nerves inside her beginning to glow once more. Even though she had just completed a wild, throbbing fuck, she was getting all heated up again. Her body was responding fabulously to Madelyn's soft fondling. The blonde sat over her, just above her head. She leaned down, bringing her lips toward Sheila's tits and letting her own ripe globes come down over the girl's face. As the wide, sensuous mouth came over one of her nipples, the redhead caught one of Madelyn's tits in both hands and brought it to her mouth. Damn, but the nipple was sweet. She switched to the other tit, discovering that it was equally sweet, equally luscious to her touch. The nipples hardened as she sucked them. She licked over them, tasting some exquisite flavor that she couldn't place. Madelyn's breasts tasted as good as most women's smelled. She lapped and sucked on them with trembling delight.

"Like them?" Madelyn asked. "Like the taste? That's a secret I'll share with you. A woman's breasts should taste as good as they feel. Don't you agree?"

That must have been the reason Forrest put lipstick on her, Sheila realized. Taste was important to them. She'd never heard of anything like this before, but she had to admit how much it added to sucking Madelyn's tits. She continued cupping and sucking on each breast while she felt the blonde's tongue teasing with one of her own nipples. They moaned together and writhed about the bed, enjoying the rising fullness of both pairs of tits.

"Mmmmmmm!" Madelyn moaned. "I need you, pretty girl! I need to love these tits of yours. After the stuffy old meeting I've been at, I need this soft, young body. Besides, I haven't had a decent pussy to suck in months. Thank God, Mendel finally got up the nerve to have you over."

Sheila writhed beneath her, breasts throbbing from the soft, expert treatment of Madelyn's hands. Her nipples stung with passion with every soft lap of the blonde's tongue. She sucked back at Madelyn more passionately, then tingled as she felt a hand slip don over her tummy. Madelyn fondled about her belly button, then reached don into the soft, silken cunt hair. Sheila imitated the older woman's movements. She felt through the lush growth of light hair and got the tip of her finger on the moist lips of the blonde's pussy. She slipped her finger in and pressed it against the woman's clit, feeling the immediate response that ripped through Madelyn's body.

"Ooooooooo!" the blonde woman panted. "What a delicious little creature. What a sweet young girl!"

"You're beautiful!" Sheila gasped in reply. "Your tits are so firm and lovely!"

"They're too small," Madelyn protested. "Compared to you, I'm practically flat-chested."

"No! No!" Sheila insisted. "They're exquisite! They have such a lovely shape!"

She meant it. She meant every bit of it! Madelyn's tits were so beautifully shaped. The woman's skin was like ivory. Her tits were lovely. They were the sexiest breasts Sheila could imagine. She squirmed about, sucking deliriously on the exquisite glands.

"If you like them that much," Madelyn laughed, "then I'd better be content. As long as they please you, I should be content. Suck them, pretty girl. Suck them all you like."

She returned to lapping and sucking on the redhead's full, ripe tits. She cupped each one of them and darted her tongue firmly against the nipple, sending quick flashes of fiery pleasure through the panting girl. Then she began to crawl further down Sheila's body. The tits moved past the girl's lips. In their place came the soft hair of Madelyn's cunt. In front of the girl's lips was the soft, throbbing opening of the blonde's pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" Sheila sighed as she kissed the soft flesh. "Oooooooo! Lovely! Lovely! Mmmmmmm!"

Her lips pressed into the woman's crotch and found the quivering lips of the sweet-smelling pussy. Madelyn must have another secret, she realized. The blonde also kept her cunt smelling and tasting as nice as her tits. She licked about the pussy, then clamped her lips over it and began sucking luxuriously. The blonde's body leaped with pleasure. Sheila sucked more deeply, then blew up into the cunt. Madelyn's thighs tightened against her cheeks. They rolled about as Sheila felt her own pussy going crazy from the intense sucking of the woman's lips. They hugged each other tightly, twisting over the bed. Their bodies pulsed and trembled from the passion which already was coursing through them. Sheila's pussy spasmed frantically as surging spasms grasped her. She held the blonde tighter and sucked her with greater eagerness.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Mrs. Forrest panted, breaking her face away from the girl's cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhh! Wow! You're a luscious little cunt! This is the sweetest pussy I ever got my mouth on!"

She pulled her body away from Sheila and swung around on the bed. Her eyes glittered as she turned herself in the same direction as the redhead. She pressed her crotch against Sheila's cunt, their pussies touching as they slipped their thighs along each other's soft flesh.

"Ohhhhhh, yes!" the blonde gasped. "Let's have our pussies kiss each other for a while. I want to feel you against me like this!"

She pressed closer into the girl, their cunts shuddering against one another. The pressure sent her cunt into wild spasms. They rubbed their passion buttons slowly, letting the desire rise inside them and turn each pussy into a quivering mass of delight. Their tits touched, nipples touching nipples. They rubbed their breasts together and began kissing with slow, passionate zeal. They sucked on each other's breath and tongued with delicate adoration.

Sheila's body was going slowly mad from such a sensual foreplay. She had trouble keeping her breath coming without heaving and gasping. She was lost in the wonder of the beautiful woman's embrace. Madelyn was so soft, so lovely, so beautiful. Sheila sighed and rubbed even more sensuously against the woman's silken skin. She felt as though she were being absorbed into Madelyn's loveliness. They were becoming one body, one person.

Sheila was a quivering bundle of raw emotion. Her body pounded from the play of their clits, from the rubbing fire of their nipples. She tongued the luscious blonde and sucked at Madelyn's soft breath. Their hands caressed along waist and hips and thighs. The women rolled and swayed, humming together in their delight. A slow climax had begun to build inside the redhead. She felt her cunt go into those unmistakable spasms that preceded her orgasm. Sheila shivered as she waited for the final explosion that surged up through her body.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" she hummed. "Ooooooo! Beautiful! It's all soooooooo beautiful!"

"Feel them go!" Madelyn laughed. "Just feel our pussies go after each other! They're about to eat each other up! Ohhhhhhh, sweet girl! You're a beautiful fuck!"

They rocked back and forth, their bodies shaking with the fiery pangs of exploding pleasure. Their orgasms ripped through both bodies, shaking them frantically as they hugged and groped and twisted in erotic frenzy. They were still trembling as Mendel pulled his wife away from Sheila. He grabbed the lovely blonde by her hips and pulled her onto her knees. His cock was huge and throbbing as it came at Madelyn from the rear. Sheila watched the heavy prick glide between the satin thighs and lunge upwards towards Madelyn's throbbing pussy.

"Don't think I'm going to stay out of this!" Forrest muttered. "I'm going to do more than just watch all this pussy!"

Sheila felt herself jump as his cock was buried in the blonde's soft pussy. It was almost as exciting as if he'd plunged that meat into her own tingling cunt. His shaft began thrusting at Madelyn, pumping lusciously into the golden hairs that lay above the woman's pussy. The cunt seemed to be sucking on the thick pecker, holding tenaciously to the meat as it plunged back and forth through the beautiful flesh.

"Ooooooo!" Madelyn moaned in pleasure. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Ride me, boy! Mmmmmmmm!"

Her mouth was open. Moisture sparkled over her lips. Her eyelids dropped sensuously as she rode slowly on his pounding cock. Forrest caught her tits in both hands, cupping and fondling them roughly as he drove his cock into her with increasing demand. Sheila jay back, panting as she watched the voluptuous scene. Her eyes went from the cock that kept burying itself up the lovely cunt to the hands that fingered so tauntingly at Madelyn's firm, ivory breasts. She felt her body remaining warm and glowing from the orgasm that had been interrupted just as she was getting her final pleasure. Her pussy quivered as she watched them, then began to pulse wildly as Madelyn caught her legs and pulled her towards the action.

"Come on over here, sweetheart!" Madelyn smiled. "I can eat your pussy while he fucks me!"

Sheila scooted herself beneath the couple, tingling with anticipation as she watched the blonde head dip down between her thighs. Madelyn reached for her tits and caught one globe in each hand as her lips came over the girl's glowing pussy. She sucked the redhead with renewed energy. She licked and sucked and blew into the panting cunt to the tempo of the cock that kept up its delirious thrusting. Sheila could no longer see the prick buried into the woman's pussy, but she could watch the results of each stroke. The blonde's lovely body shook each time her husband drove into her. Madelyn sucked more passionately at the redhead's pussy, her hands tugging and fingering the girl's tits into swollen, throbbing happiness.

"What a night!" Mendel laughed from above his wife. "Ohhhhh, what a night! Two soft, lovely putties! The loveliest woman and the sexiest girl around and I've fucked them both!"

She couldn't believe it! It was actually going to happen again! Sheila gasped and rolled about, feeling the first throbs of a new orgasm. Four! She was about to have her fourth climax! That was beyond comprehension. It just didn't seem possible, yet it was all happening. Why not? How could she resist all the beautiful sensuality of this room, of this bed? She shivered in glorious delight as she watched the shuddering body of Madelyn beneath the wild, violent thrusts of Forrest's enraged cock. The sight pushed her toward her own sexual frenzy. The insane sucking of the woman at her pussy, the taunting play of Madelyn's hands at her tits, it was all more than she could handle. Her pussy went into those wild, wonderful spasms of pleasure. She was flooding, gushing just as fully as ever. She felt her cunt sucking back against Madelyn's tongue as the blonde lapped at her glowing, throbbing pussy.

"Oooooooo!" the girl screamed. "Ooaoooooo! It's all too beautiful! It's all just too gorgeous to believe!"

Her body was filled with a million tiny, teasing sparks. They flashed and sparkled from one nerve to another. She panted and gasped her delight, barely able to catch her breath in the fantastic thrill of everything that was happening inside her. Her body quaked from the sucking lips, her head spun from the sight of the ecstasy on Mendel's face. She watched the bodies above her as they shuddered with such obvious rapture.

"Oooooeeeee!" she screamed as the million sparks leaped into flames. "Aaargghh! I'm there! Ohhhhhhh, I'm coming! Ooooooeeee! It's beautiful! It's gorgeous! Keep fucking! Ball her, fuck her sweet tail off her! Suck me! Oooooeeeee! Suck my crazy pussy!"

She kept screaming. She shrieked and sang her rapture. Sheila almost fainted from the pure pleasure of the threesome.

"Yesssssssss!" she hissed. "Yesssssss! I'm there! Ohhhhh, I'm having it all! Ooooeeeeee!"

Her partners joined in the frenzy. Forrest began pumping the blonde with slower, more powerful thrusts. They all trembled from each monstrous plunge of his raging cock. Madelyn dropped her hands from Sheila's tits and hugged the girl tightly about her thighs. Her fingers dug into the sensitive flesh of the redhead's ass, then came back up for the heaving, rolling tits. They all twisted and bounced in passionate fulfillment. Their bodies leaped and lunged as three orgasms exploded in unison. Sheila felt helpless beneath the raw power of such sexual demand. She glowed and throbbed with the most intense pleasure she had ever imagined. Wave after wave of passion swept through her. She pulled at the covers. She clawed at the blonde hair in her crotch.

"Aaaaaaaiiiiii!" she shrieked again, watching Forrest bite into Madelyn's soft shoulder. "Ooooeeeeee!"

They shook beneath the force of their final spasms, gasping and shuddering while the orgasms ran through them. Finally they collapsed in a tangled confusion of arms and legs, of tits and thighs.

"Mmmmmmm," Madelyn sighed. She cuddled the girl's tits with one hand, her husband's cock with the other. "Mmmmmm. That sure was better than the stuffy old meeting of the Symphony Guild I just left."

She looked over at her husband and smiled affectionately. Sheila watched her tug playfully at his cock, then tickle his balls. She leaned over and kissed the beaming man on the cheek, then nestled her head back against Sheila's tits.

"Mendel," she purred, "you must bring this girl home more often. Better yet, find her a nice, young stud for a husband and we'll take them to our swinger's club on Sunday evenings."

That was not what Sheila wanted. Hell, she had a husband. At least, she had one until two weeks ago. She didn't want another one, not even Walt. Walt Morrow was good for screwing around with, but she didn't want to be married to him. Hell, she didn't want to be married to anybody. She was just beginning to enjoy herself. She was just learning how much fun there was for a single girl.

She was forced, however, to think about both Tom and Walt. When she got back to Ruby's apartment, Ruby told her that Tom had called. Her ex-husband wanted a chance to talk with her. He had tried to convince Ruby that he was horribly sorry for what he had pulled on his wife. He wanted another chance. Sheila waved the message aside, then told her friend about the offer Mr. Forrest had made. They both became excited as they thought about Sheila laying every important man in the company. Ruby sat back, her eyes closed and a soft smile on her lips.

"What about Walt Morrow?" she asked quietly. "You know that he wants to marry you as soon as you divorce Tom. How will he tit into your plans?"

"He won't," Sheila answered. "I only want him to tit his cock up my tail. That's the only interest I have in Walt. He gives a good fuck, but I expect he'd be an awful husband. Besides, why should I need a husband? I can get more cock without one."

They laughed together, then embraced happily. Sheila knew, though, that it would not be so easy. It would not be so easy to get rid of Tom. It would be even more difficult to hold Walt off.

Chapter ELEVEN

"So you're the one!" Harrison Collins beamed as he stepped in the door and looked over Sheila. "Damn! You're even more beautiful than you seemed at the convention."

Sheila looked at him questioningly. He hadn't been at any of the parties she had attended. She had seen him presiding at meetings, of course. She couldn't recall having ever been within fifty feet of him, though. She must have shown her confusion. He set his small suitcase down and stepped closer.

"I saw you," he assured her. "It was from a distance, but I saw you. Sweetheart, you're a standout in any crowd. I could never forget that hair or those tits."

His face showed complete approval as he looked her over now. She had just made it. She had just finished slipping into the gleaming satin gown. Her hair lay soft and fluffy about her shoulders. The sexy hostess dress was cut low to show maximum cleavage, and was slit up the side all the way to her rump. She had smiled as she looked at the shimmering white material, thinking idly how great it would look as a wedding gown. She wrinkled her nose at her reflection, deciding that it was a wedding gown. She was marrying the company. Nothing seemed more appropriate than wearing it for her fuck with the company president. She pretended to blush at Mr. Collins' compliments, leading hint to the small bar which Mendel Forrest had amply stocked as soon as she moved in.

"What's your pleasure?" she asked as he stepped beside her and ran his hand lightly beneath her tits. She smiled warmly at him, showing her approval of his fingering. "We try to supply your needs around here. I hope we have a little of everything."

"You have plenty of what I want," Collins rasped. "Damn, you're a beautiful woman!"

He turned her toward him and kissed her while he reached inside her gown and caressed her tits. His cock rubbed against her as it swelled in excitement. His body trembled in anticipation. Then he suddenly relaxed and stepped back from her. A laugh rippled from his throat.

"Forgive me," he told her. "I'm afraid I was coming on much too strongly."

"However you like," Sheila answered. "After all, I'm here to please you."

He stepped to the bar and poured himself a drink. He studied the girl as he sipped slowly. He started to speak once, then decided to wait.

Sheila lounged against the bar, posing her ass and tits for him as he watched her. There was something he wanted to say. She had a feeling about it. He wanted to ask her something but hadn't yet found the courage. He poured himself a second drink and downed it much more rapidly. Then he reached out and took her by the hand.

"Did you mean that?" he asked.

"Mean what?" the redhead returned, trying to piece together his meaning.

"About however I like it," he responded. "Would you really do it as I prefer?"

"Of course," Sheila assured him. She felt only a faint flicker of warning, then shrugged that off. Mr. Collins certainly didn't appear dangerous. She couldn't imagine him turning into any sort of a maniac. He was a jolly sort of man, growing more plump with age. His round face seemed pleasant, almost cherubic. She wrinkled her nose at him and smiled warmly. "You tell me what you want," she said, "and I'll do my damnest to satisfy you."

Collins smiled at her. He patted her tits, then left to get his suitcase. Sheila followed him to the bedroom and pulled the coven back in preparation. She began slipping her gown off when she saw him removing his suit. He reached out and stopped her.

"No," he said. "It looks so beautiful on you. We'll get it off later. At fist, just take off everything underneath."

"All I have beneath it is my panties," she laughed, slipping the gossamer fabric down her legs and giving him an enticing view of her thighs in the process.

She waited while he completed undressing. Sheila suddenly suspected that there might be some trick to get his limp cock completely ready for fucking. She watched as he opened his suitcase and pulled out a small whip. It was made of string, not leather, yet it still had a threatening air about it. Collins handed it to her, then stretched himself across the bed.

"Whip me," he directed her. "I'm going to be a bad boy, so give me my punishment first." Sheila looked down at the lash, then at his chubby ass as he bent over the bed. She shook her head in disbelief. She'd heard about such men. She laughed at her own hesitation. Hell, she didn't want to hurt him. He was her boss, the big boss. She certainly didn't want to hurt a man that important. She didn't want to offend him either, she reminded herself. She had promised to do whatever he liked. Now she had to carry out that promise.

"GO ahead," he insisted, looking back at her. "Don't be afraid, honey. You won't kill me. You'll give me a hell of a hard-on, though."

Almost by instinct she let the whip fall acres his buttocks. Pink streaks sprung over his ass where the lash had pulled across it. She lifted her arm and let the lash fall again. Deeper pink streaks appeared. She struck him again, then again. He gasped beneath her blows, his face getting red from excitement. His body began to pulse heavily, writhing in sexual delight beneath each blow. Sheila became fascinated with the way his ass got brighter red with each slash. She felt her tits heaving in excitement, felt her pussy starting to throb each time she dropped the whip onto him. Damn! She was enjoying this. She was getting aroused as well as Mr. Collins. She panted in her sudden pleasure, lashing at him again and again.

"Ohhhhhh!" he moaned in sensuous agony. "Ohhhhh, Baby! Ohhhhh!"

She struck him more rapidly. She stuck him more viciously. She whipped him until he was writhing beneath her. She struck him until she was trembling and shaking with wild delight. She whipped him harder and faster, her lust rising frantically inside her.

Suddenly he rolled onto his back. He grabbed the whip as she struck again, gabbed it and pulled her onto the bed with him. He jerked the lash from her and threw it across the room. His hands ripped the expensive satin from her body as he came up over her. His cock was immense and threatening. He pushed her flat on the bed and brandished his glowing pecker above her.

"Look at it, Baby!" he panted. "Look what you did to it! Now you have to pay for what you've done to it!"

He laughed crazily as he pulled the thick shaft down toward her pussy. Sheila shivered as it touched her cunt-mound. This aught to be a hell of a fuck! Damn, he had grown a cock during that whipping. She panted to feel it stretch her pussy open. She ached to feel herself impaled on all that meat.

"Get even with me!" she hissed. "Come on! Drive that prick into me!"

She helped him get the head against her panting cunt lips, then stretched her thighs wide apart. Collins was sweating in anticipation as he held her hips in both hands and drove the cock roughly at her waiting pussy. The redhead groaned as he jammed it into her. She cried out in pain, feeling as though he was ripping her, in two with that fantastic sword. He slammed it into her, not pausing until he had the thick meat buried to the hilt in her soft pussy. Then he began pumping her slowly. The deliciously tight tit of the cock in her pussy made the fuck that much more wonderful. She could feel every ripple of lust that ran along the giant shaft. Her pussy caught fire from the magnificent friction caused by his slow, deliberate thrusting. His hands came over her tits, rolling the ecstatic globes about with frantic joy. He thumbed her nipples as he fucked her.

"Oooooo!" she moaned. "Ohhhhhh! It's so big! Ohhhh, it's wonderful! Ball me! Fuck me!"

She shuddered as he pushed her legs upward, turning her cunt up to let the cock drive at her with greater ease. She draped her knees aver his shoulders and rocked back and forth, her body aflame with the gorgeous sensations that came boiling up from her pussy.

Harrison grasped her buttocks. He pushed a finger up her bum and finger-fucked her ass. His other hand came back to her tits, mashing her nipples back into her tits. He fucked her with greater vigor, sending his cock up her with more rapid thrusts. Her pussy glowed beneath his power. Her body ached and throbbed with naked lust. She wiled about, her pussy sucking eagerly against the magnificent intruder.

"Uhhhhh!" he panted. "Ohhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! What a fuck! What a gorgeous pussy! Ohhhhhblt!"

"Yes! Ohhhhh, yes!" the redhead screamed back. "Fuck me! Ooooeeee! Ride me! Bang it at me! Oooooeeee!"

His cock began shuddering crazily in her. The huge throbs sent her pussy into rapture. Her nerves, already frayed, went wild from the boiling lust. Sheila lay paralyzed as her orgasm suddenly gripped her. She was helpless. Her pussy was vibrating wildly. Her cunt sucked and chewed on his cock while her dim ax blazed through her.

"I'm coming!" she finally gasped. "Ohhhhh, I'm coming all over! Don't let me go alone! Empty that beautiful cock! Fuck me! Ooooo! Fuck! Fuck! Aaaaiiiii!"

She thought she would faint from the force of his wad. His cum spurted into her cunt, deepening her climax. They shook and trembled through the wild orgasms, then finally fucked slowly and gently. Collins smiled down at the girl and kissed her forehead softly.

"Now you know why I wanted to be punished first," he told her. "My cock usually hurts girls. I feel like I ought to give them a chance to punish me before I use it."

"It didn't hun me," Sheila answered him, hunching her pussy along the huge shaft. "It gave me the most wonderful fuck I could imagine."

Her cunt grabbed at his prick as she felt another spasm shake her. She caressed his cheek and rolled her tits against his hand as he fondled her affectionately. She dropped her legs down and brought her thighs together, pinching his cock with the tightening of her pussy. They laughed like children, playing with each other happily and carelessly.

They toyed with each other that way for almost an hour, then got up and went back to the bar. This time Sheila joined him in a drink. They took their drinks to the small kitchen and mixed up an omelet together.

"You have reasons for staying with the company here?" Collins asked her. "I mean, is there a particular reason you haven't asked for a transfer to New York?"

There was no reason now. Until she split with Tom there had been a reason. The redhead shook her head. She told him she was anxious to go wherever she could have the best chance for advancement. Collins nodded, his expression indicating that he would consider the matter at a later date. They finished the omelet, then shared another drink. By the time they had finished both were ready for another round in the bed. This time, however, it didn't take a whipping to get his big cock stiff. As they fucked Sheila realized that it had become much more important to settle matters with Tom. Tomorrow night she would see to it that he was off her back forever.

Chapter TWELVE

"There he is now!" Ruby laughed as the bell rang. She motioned Sheila back to the extra bedroom as she started for the door. "Get out of sight. Now we'll see just how trustworthy Tom has become."

The redhead tingled with excitement as she slipped back into the darkened room. From back in the shadows she could see out the crack in the door and watch the brunette entertain Tom on the couch. Her ex-husband didn't know about the plusb apartment supplied by the company for her. She had told him that she still lived with Ruby. She'd called this morning, reluctantly accepting the necessity of facing him eventually. She couldn't let him keep calling her office.

Tom pleaded with her to return. He made all sort of promises about his new love for her. He told her how terrible he had been, how horribly he had treated her. She didn't believe him. Tom was a bastard and a lousy piece of cock, but she still was interested in whether he was just leading her on.

"She's not back yet," Ruby was telling him at the door. "I don't think she was able to contact you earlier this evening. She had an important business appointment that came up. She won't be back for at least a couple of hours."

From the tone bf his voice, Sheila knew that he didn't buy the story. He didn't suspect that she was hiding in the apartment, though. He seemed to be convinced that she was coping out on meeting with him.

"Why don't you wait for her here," Ruby suggested in her sweetest voice. "I won't mind at all. It will be good to have a man around here. I don't get that much male company."

What a lie! Sheila almost laughed out loud. She covered her mouth and chuckled silently, able to see the two of them as Ruby led Tom to the couch. The man couldn't keep his eyes off the brunette, Sheila noticed. That was the way she had expected it to be. After all, Ruby was poured into her tightest, most revealing jump suit. She wasn't wearing a bra, a fact emphasized to any viewer by the zipper being open almost to her waist. Her full hips swelled out the suit provocatively. She swung her hips for Tom's benefit as she went to get the beer he had agreed to drink.

Tom eyed her ass as she wiggled across the room. He frowned slightly, as though gauging just how available the brunette might be. His face brightened into that little boy grin, however, when she returned. He was giving her his best treatment. Sheila felt a wave of nausea hit her. How many times had she seen that stupid grin?

She leaned against the wall, her tits heaving in anger at the quickness with which he turned on the charm. Hell, she had figured that Ruby would have to work just a little bit to get his attention. He was putting on his play from the very beginning. He gave that shitty grin once more, spreading his legs to show the bulge of his balls beneath the tight slacks.

"Sheila seeing guys regularly?" he asked. "She leave you home alone often?"

"I'm used to being alone," Ruby answered. "Girls like me have to adjust to that."

"A girl as beautiful as you?" Tom asked with his most unbelieving smile. "I can't believe that. You look like you could be a hell of a woman if you just got the chance."

His eyes fucked down to her tits, then to the fullness of her hips and roundness of her thighs. He grinned like she had caught him looking at her, then darted his eyes over his shoulder as though to be sure no one else had seen him. He laughed softly and shook his head. His hand was resting casually in his groin, lifting his balls and cock slowly. He ducked his head like he was blushing and grinned once more.

"Yeah," he said, "you could sure turn me on. Too bad I'm married, isn't it?"

His eyes gave her a clear invitation, an invitation Ruby accepted immediately. She sat down beside him and looked up into his face like she thought he was the greatest example of male sexuality she'd ever seen. She laid a hand on his thigh and caressed slowly up toward his cock.

"Too bad," she agreed. "Too bad you aren't willing to have a little fun on the side without Sheila ever knowing a thing about it."

Her hand was almost against his cock. Her tits were clearly visible to him as she leaned over and let the suit pull away from them. Then she pulled away, patting his leg softly.

"I'm surly," she added. "Really, I am. That wouldn't be fair to Sheila. She's out working on business and I sit here panting for her husband. I ought to be ashamed of myself."

"But you aren't, are you?" Tom laughed. Now his hand was on her thigh. "You aren't any more sorry than I am."

He squeezed the brunette's leg, then slipped an arm about her waist. He pulled her roughly against him, then kissed her firmly on the lips. He kissed the hell out of the brunette, then pulled back from her. The hand around her waist had came far enough to grab at a tit and squeeze it slowly. His thumb traced the nipple beneath the soft fabric of her jump suit.

"Maybe we shouldn't," Ruby protested, making a small to get free of him. "After all, you're trying to patch things up. I assume that's why you want to see her."

"Don't worry about that," Tom said. "I can handle Sheila. Give me fifteen minutes and I'll have her eating out of my hand. Want to know why?"

He took one of Ruby's hands and pulled it into his groin. He placed her fingers over his cock and laughed at her expression.

"That's why," he told her. "She's so dumb, so stupid. How long did you say it was before she'll be back?"

"Over an hour," Ruby whispered. "You really think we van get away with it?"

"Baby, you aren't going to get away without it!" Tom panted. "You've been showing me too much tit to expect me to just sit here and talk. Hell, Baby, you want it and I want it. As long as Sheila doesn't know about it, who'll be hurt?"

He pulled her down on the couch. He ran his hand inside the suit and fondled Ruby's tits. He kissed Ruby again, unzipping the suit and pulling it I'm her shoulders. He started kissing her tits while he worked the suit down her hips and legs. Ruby lay naked except for the thin panties. Her tits heaved excitedly before his gaze. She stared up at him, moving her lips as though she wanted to protest again.

"Shut up!" Tom snapped. "Shut up and you'll get the fuck you're so itchy for. Hell, sweetheart, my cock can already smell how horny you are. Let's get you in bed and start the party. We'll be through in plenty of time before the red-headed bitch gets back."

He scooped Ruby up in his arms and turned. Sheila cringed against the wall as he walked towards the bedrooms. Ruby lay in his arms as though too sexually aroused to protest any further. She let Tom bring her to the bedrooms, almost waiting too long to point out her own. They were walking in the door of the room where Sheila was hiding when the brunette protested.

"No! No!" she told him. "The other one. That's Sheila's room!"

"Hell, what difference does it make!" Tom retorted. He seemed insistent on coming into the room anyway. Sheila felt her heart skip a beat. She had begun looking for a hiding place when he finally turned back just as his hand was finding the light switch. "I guess you're right," he admitted. "She might smell the cum when she came in here."

Sheila breathed a sigh of relief as he walked across the hall. He switched the light on and took the brunette to the bed. Sheila eased toward the door. She couldn't watch from back in the shadows any more. If she was going to watch them she'd have to get to the door and stand just behind it.

She slipped out of her shoes and tip-toed to the door. Tom was tearing his clothes off as Ruby smiled up from the bd. He trembled with lust as he dropped onto her. He started sucking her tits and pawing at her panties, stripping them don her legs and clearing the way to get his cock at her waiting pussy.

"Slow and easy," Ruby cooed. "Fuck me slow and easy. Build me up slowly and gently. Then we can have a nice screw."

"No wonder you stay lonely!" Tom gasped. "You expect a healthy man to take all night for a fuck? No way, Baby! No way!"

He went after her roughly. He hopped on her and slammed his cock, into her crotch. He held her hips a moment while he steadied his rod. Then, with a vicious lunge, he buried his meat in the slender girl. Tom started pumping her furiously. He rolled her about the bed, hands pawing at her tits eagerly. His body slammed against hers as he drove his prick through her with no thought beyond his own lustful pleasure. His ass trembled as his wad build up rapidly. His hands pulled and tugged at her delicate breasts, fingering and squeezing Ruby's nipples as the girl moaned from the suddenness and intensity of his fuck.

"Here we go, Baby!" he cried out. "Hen's the way a man fucks! You'll know you had a man between your legs when I finish with you!"

He laughed crazily, sending chills through Sheila's body as she watched. Damn him! He was worse with other women than he was with her.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" Tom panted. His ass waved from side to side as he kept driving his cock at her with fierce intensity. "Ohhhh, yes! You'll remember this fuck! I want to tear that soft pussy in little pieces!"

He lost his voice for a moment. Tom shuddered wildly as his orgasm came roaring through the delirious cock. He panted and groaned, then began balling her more wildly than before.

"Ooooooo!" he screamed. "Here it comes, sweetheart! Here it all comes! Obooooo! Feel it, Baby! That's my hot wad for you!"

He was the worst fuck she'd ever had. He was even worse to watch. Sheila clenched her teeth in anger as she watched Tom roll off the brunette. That damned grin was still on his face. He looked over at Ruby, grinning. The dumb shit was proud of himself. He really thought he'd given a good screwing.

Sheila slipped out the door. She held her breath, hoping that Tom was so busy gloating over his conquest he wouldn't see her until she was in the worn with them. She succeeded. He was too busy gloating to even notice her as she stood beside the bed. It wasn't until she spoke that he looked up.

"I believe you wanted to talk with me," she began. "I believe you wanted to talk about how I could trust you from now on. Is that what you wanted to tell me, Tom? Hell, if you'd told me you would promise to fuck decently I might have been interested. I can take a hell of a lot off a man when he brings me to orgasm. But I'm not interested in a bastard who can't hold his load more than five minutes."

Tom stared up in disbelief. He tried his innocent little grin on her. He tried his shy blushing play on her. He swaggered a little bit, then grinned his most sickening smile. None of it worked. What made it all worse was the soft laughter of the brunette beside him. He finally gave up and slowly climbed back into his clothes. His eyes kept darting out, trying to see if there was a chance Sheila might soften her attitude. When she didn't, he walked to the door with what dignity he could recover.

"Go to hell!" he snapped. "You sluts can all go to hell. If you ever want a man, don't call inc. I can find all the pussy I need."

He slammed the door as he left. Sheila and Ruby stared at each other for a moment, then broke into laughter. They hugged each other and rocked about the bed. Their light, airy voices resounded from the walls as they giggled like children.

"How long were you married to him?" Ruby asked.

"Since I finished high school," Sheila said. "Honey, you got a better fuck than I ever got those years. Tonight was the best Tom Linn ever gave."

"You're kidding!" Ruby gasped, then broke into laughter once more. "You owe me a hell of a lot," she reminded Sheila. "You have to admit that I opened a whole new world to you."

Ruby didn't know just how wide a world had been opened to the younger girl. Sheila hadn't had a chance to tell her about Harrison Collins' promise. The doorway Ruby had opened was leading the red-haired beauty straight to the top. Sheila knew where she was going. She also knew what she was going to do when she got there.


He pushed his cock slowly into her seething cunt. Sheila closed her thighs about him, hugging him tightly to herself. Her lips parted, drawing his tongue into her mouth and sucking on him luxuriously. Walt Morrow slipped one hand between them and teased her nipples while he began fucking her with deep, steady strokes. Sheila wiled slowly from side to side, her body as silken and soft as he had remembered it. She was a little more mixture, a lot more self-confident. She was still a hell of a lay.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned beneath him. "Ooooooo! It's been too long, Walt! It's been much too long!"

"That's not my fault," he assured her, pumping harder into her throbbing cunt. "You were the one who came to New York and left me stranded."

Sheila thrust her tits against him, rubbing as she squirmed in delicious pleasure. Her pussy humped along his heavy shaft, oils oozing profusely from her cunt. She sighed as he fucked her thoroughly. She caressed his shoulders and teased his ears. Her body shivered again from the intense pleasure which rose rapidly through her.

She had been waiting for him when he arrived at the office this morning. The new vice-president of the company had walked in feeling very nervous about such a huge promotion. Walt had been jumped over a dozen men who had better qualifications for the position. He walked through the glass doors and saw Sheila immediately.

The light struck her hair, emphasizing the golden highlights in the deep red color. She was dressed like a glamorous model. Her pose was so cool, so professional. Walt could hardly believe this was the shy little girl who had protested so hard the rut time he tried to kiss her. Her face glowed as she spotted him. Her legs sparkled beneath her nylons as she walked towards him. Her skirt swung provocatively around her curving thighs. Her tits thrust proudly against the satin blouse. The small jacket she wore did nothing to conceal what her breasts looked like in that sexy blouse.

He stuck out his hand, then realized that she had no intention of taking it. Sheila stepped inside his arm and put her arms about his neck. She kissed him deeply, raising his desire as that fabulous body pressed against him. She was laughing as she stepped back. Her eyebrows arched as she waited for him to greet her.

It had been Sheila who showed him about the office, who took him to his own office, then led him to meet the company president. It had been Sheila all day who seemed able to open all the right doors, who seemed to know all the right people. They all seemed to know her, too. She carried a hell of a lot of respect around the office. She was able to deal with the executives in a relaxed, familiar manner. He constantly shook his head in amazement. She was a hell of a girl. She might have gotten this job by putting out for the right men. She had been able to prove her abilities, though. She was a hell of a lot more than just a good screw. She was a damn capable woman.

She was capable in bed, too. She was still the best piece of tail around. Walt's cock leaped as it thrust into the soft, moist cunt. He fondled and caressed her tits and her ass. He rolled in the luxurious cradle of her thigh. He kissed her again, sucking on the sweetness of her breath and enjoying the way she darted her slender, delicate tongue through his mouth. He fucked her with growing enthusiasm. His ass trembled tensely as passion mounted rapidly.

She had looked even more lovely when he walked into her apartment tonight. She had been wearing a soft pair of satin slacks. The deep green fabric clung to every curve of her body. Her hair was falling down over her shoulders in a more casual hair-do. She opened her arms to him, seeming as hungry for him as he felt toward her.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned. "Ooooooeeeee! Fuck me, Walt! Let's make up for lost time! Fuck me, dearest! Mmmmmm!"

There had been a lot of lost time. There had been too much time spent chasing every pussy he could find. He fucked some girl every night. He never found one, however, that could erase the memory of Sheila. This beautiful redhead was still the sexiest woman he had ever gotten his hands on.

"Ohhhh, Baby! Baby!" he panted. "God, I've missed you! Ohhhhhh, sweetheart! It's so nice to get my cock back in your sweet pussy!"

They rolled about the bed, thrusting and lunging in ecstasy. Sheila nibbled at his ear, then bit into his shoulder. She hadn't realized quite how much she had missed this man. Now she had him back. She had him in New York. She had him here so he could fuck her constantly. She shuddered with raging passion, clutching him tightly and gasping with every gorgeous plunge of his cock.

"Fuck me!" she chanted. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"With you, Baby!" he panted in her ear. "Pm with you all the way! Let's ride it, sweetheart! Ohhhh, let's enjoy the hell out of it all!"

His cock swelled in lust. His chest heaved in sensuous excitement. The redhead felt her pussy beginning to tinge wildly as her climax approached. She shrieked her pleasure. She moaned her rapture. She humped and writhed beneath his lunging body. The long separation was too much for them. They couldn't hold back the roaring passion that pulsed within. Besides, they had all night for a slow, easy fuck. Right now they had to release all that pent-up desire.

"I'm coming!" she hissed. "Oooooeeee! I'm coming! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Her body exploded in a swirling mass of ecstatic movements. She felt him grab her tighter and ball her more violently. Her pussy was still shaking in orgasm when he let his wad go. The boiling cum shot into her, sending deeper tremors of lustful desire over her tingling body. They writhed and bucked over the bed. They hunched together. They panted and gasped in their magnificent orgasms.

"Aaaaiiiii!" Sheila screamed. "Ooooooeeee! That's the way! That's the way to ball me! Oooooooo! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Her pussy sucked at his lunging prick. She hugged him. She fucked back more vigorously than she'd ever fucked in her life. Sheila was no longer the chic sophisticate. She was a lusty, country wench in the arms of her man. She took his strong charge, then kissed and caressed him while they lay panting and heaving together. This was her man. This was the man she could do all sorts of things for.

Hadn't she gotten him selected for the new position? It took a few good fucks with Mr. Collins to do that, but she had accomplished her first goal. Now she was setting up the chairman of the board. She would provide the old man with the best pussy he'd ever had. Then she would get Walt named the new president of the company.

Sheila lay back, her head swimming with dreams. Walt would want to marry her. She had no doubt of that. Well, one day she would. That would have to wait. The company didn't allow husband and wives to both retain their positions. She wouldn't marry Walt Morrow until she had taken him to the very top. Then she would retire into his loving arms. The girl shivered at the thought. That would make it all worth the effort.

"Ready for more?" she asked, tickling his ear with her finger. "I'm not letting you out of here until you've fucked me completely into oblivion."


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