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It has been said that nearly every community contains a cross section of Americans within its confines, thereby maintaining an image unique in this country today. Every town has its doctors and lawyers, its coaches and teachers, and its clerks and carpenters, and each individual has in turn been touched to some extent by emotions common to all men -- greed, lust, envy, and distress.

HORNY WIFE IN BED is a story of everyday, responsible people whose lives are wrought with common frailties; people who seek pleasure, profit, expediency; people not unlike those who may live in your town or your neighborhood. Respectable citizens -- yes, but not without the foibles and weaknesses seen every day in nearly every city.

HORNY WIFE IN BED provides a unique insight into those emotions with which we all must live, a look at America at the grass-roots level.

Chapter ONE

Kitty Willis ducked her blonde head down between her husband's thighs and curled her fingers around his throbbing cock. She moaned as she tilted his prick back slightly and slipped his engorged cock head between her pursed lips.

"Move your pretty ass around, honey," Pat Willis said to his bride. "I want to stick my finger in your cunt while you eat me."

Kitty was quick to obey. If she had learned anything during her week-long honeymoon, it was that obeying Pat, especially in bed, was always rewarding. It made her realize over and over how lucky she was having him for a husband. In fact, it was precisely Pat's stud-talents that had convinced her to accept his marriage proposal. She had decided she couldn't risk missing out on a future of great fucking and sucking that Pat offered.

She shifted her ass toward Pat and eagerly anticipated what would follow. She kept her lips clamped around his bulbous prick head and wiggled her ass invitingly.

He inserted his finger into her cunt, and Kitty instantly squeezed his cock knob with her lips. Her thighs trembled as he stroked his finger deep inside her wet pussy. She loved having her cunt finger-fucked almost as much as she loved having it sucked and licked. Of course, there was no substitute for having a stiff, pumping cock sink in between her wet pussy lips and filling her cunt chamber. That was by far the best!

Kitty savored every precious moment as she humped back against her groom's drilling finger and swiped her tongue around his swollen cock head. This was the last day of their honeymoon and she wanted it to last forever. Tomorrow, she would be going back to work and settling into a regular routine.

Not that she minded going back to work. Kitty liked her job as receptionist at Dolan's Insurance Agency. It was a small, one-man agency with no pressure. The work was a snap, the pay adequate and the boss, Brad Dolan, liked her more than a little bit.

Brad had given Kitty the job soon after Kitty had graduated from high school. He had also taken her cherry during the first summer she had worked for him. Brad, she knew, really liked her, and he wasn't exactly overjoyed when she had told him that she was getting married. Kitty had been fucking Brad Dolan right up until two days before her wedding but then she had made Brad understand that she couldn't fool around when she returned from her honeymoon.

Brad hadn't liked it much, but he seemed to understand. Kitty was confident Brad would accept her marriage in time and they could adjust to a good boss-employee relationship without the fucking.

"That feels great, honey," Pat rasped as he plunged his stiffened finger all the way into her moist cunt hole. "Suck a little harder."

She took most of Pat's cock shaft between her lush lips and sucked. She flicked her tongue up and down the underside of his prick and lowered her hands to his heavy balls. She fondled his male eggs and gently scratched his hairy ball-bag while continuing to suck on his pulsing cock.

She groaned and swished her hips in fast circles, thrilling to the sensations gradually intensifying in the depths of her trembling pussy. Pat's drilling finger was once again performing magic on her tender cuntal tissues and quivering pussywalls. Her cunt was dancing and tingling in an extreme state of arousal and Kitty found herself on the verge of a gut spasming orgasm.

Kitty began swirling her tongue hungrily over his pulsating prick meat, easing the lip-lock on his sturdy cock shaft. She dug her fingers into his balls and delighted at the squishy feeling.

"Mmmmm, you're going to be a fabulous wife," Pat whispered, letting his finger slip out of her grasping cunt. "Shit, baby, you suck a cock like nobody I've ever known."

"I always knew that's why you married me," she teased, nibbling away on his prick.

The truth was, Kitty loved sucking cock. It always made her feel so utterly feminine. Knowing that she could make a man's prick stick up tall and hard was a powerful feeling. Knowing that she could make a man squirm and moan with joy when she nibbled his cockmeat with her soft lips overwhelmed her with womanly pride.

Kitty could feel her husband's appreciative gaze on her naked, upturned ass. Another flash of pride swept over her. She loved showing herself off to her man. At twenty her supple body was curvaceous and enticing to most men. Her tits had ballooned into shapely, mammoth globes that attracted the gaping stares of many men and boys and her toast-tinted pussy patch also attracted the anxious attention of several lovers. God, how she could use his stiff, saliva soaked prick in her cunt right now!

Kitty forced herself to be patient. One of the main things Pat had taught her during this honeymoon was how sweet fucking was when they had allowed the anticipation to build for many agonizing minutes. She quickly redoubled her efforts at pleasing Pat with her lips and tongue by gulping most of his cock back into her hot mouth. Without thinking about what she was doing, she reached underneath and moved her fingers inside his ass crack. Her husband groaned and squirmed against her exploring fingers as his cock twitched delightfully inside her sucking mouth.

The horny husband, perhaps inspired by the bold maneuver of his bride, suddenly thrust a finger back into her cunt. Kitty instantly smiled as she writhed around frantically. Seconds later, Pat added a second finger to her cunt and Kitty went wild. When he touched her that way, stroking his fingers deep inside her juicy pussy cavern, she was in heaven!

She sucked more and more of his prick into her throat and her cunt gushed juice. Her lips moved eagerly over his cockmeat and she wiggled her ass to get as much friction as possible in her tingling cunt.

Grunting and groaning with ecstasy, Pat shoved his fingers deep inside his sexy wife's pussy until he had embedded them totally. Then he corkscrewed them in wide circles, massaging her sensitive cuntwalls. Gradually, he intensified his fingering motions, pistoning his digits in and out of her shuddering cunt channel, teasing her excited cunt.

Lust exploded inside Kitty. She creamed around his fingers and moaned through a mouthful of prick. Her eyes rolled back and her long curly, blonde hair flew wantonly over her eyes. She squealed and panted, never once removing her lips and mouth from her husband's surging prick.

The sensations were obviously getting to Pat as he bucked his hips wildly, forcing more of his stiff cock into her sucking lips. Soon his cock head slammed against the back of her throat with a force that took his wife's breath away. But it didn't matter. Instead of feeling helpless, Kitty felt hotter than ever. Her senses reeled with delight and she had no trouble controlling her gag reflex.

When she felt his balls and realized how tight they were, she knew he was on the verge of coming. There was nothing she found more thrilling than a shooting prick -- especially when that spewing cock was aimed at her thirsty mouth.

"Don't slow up now!" Pat hissed. "Keep sucking, baby! I'm about to blast my come down your throat!"

Kitty twisted around carefully so as not to dislodge his drilling fingers from her seething pussy. At the same time, she wanted to see her handsome husband's face as she coaxed his pulpy jism out of his cock with her mouth. She loved seeing his expression when he dumped his load. Watching his face contort with lust and knowing she had caused this obvious display of ecstasy in him, always made Kitty feel great.

At the same time, the feeling of his fingers stretching her sensitive cunt hole made her swoon with ecstasy of her own. She willed her nerves to speed toward her on-rushing climax so that she could come along with her husband. She loved climaxing with Pat and she made it her personal goal every time they fucked or sixty-nined. She wanted their marriage to start off firm and solid and she could think of no better beginning than to strive toward mutually satisfying orgasms.

Seconds later when Pat's guts flexed and his hips humped automatically, Kitty was ready. Her own body was bumming and her pussy contracted vigorously around his embedded fingers as his cock leaped inside her sucking mouth. An instant later, his hot come jetted against her throat.

As her violent orgasm racked her body, Kitty briefly stopped sucking on her husband's prick and enjoyed the wonderful sensations that raged through her body. Then she capped his prick knob with her lush lips and continued to gently suck, coaxing more of his thick jizz into her mouth.

She felt Pat's strong body go limp as he sagged in joyous release. But Kitty kept her lips clamped around his come-oozing cock head, making sure she got every drop of his jism. She savored his spicy spunk and loved listening to his grunting moans of pure pleasure coming from deep in his throat. Only when she was sure she had sucked the last of his come into her hungry mouth did she reluctantly remove her lips from his prick head and smile up at Pat.

"Boy, that was good," she said, smacking her lips and licking off a thin glaze of his spunk. "You hungry now, darling?"

He grinned at her. "Only if I can take my medicine laying down," he quipped.

Kitty giggled and scrambled around until she straddled Pat's face. Gazing down on her husband's prick while sitting on his face excited Kitty as much as anything the horny young couple had done on their honeymoon. She especially loved the sensational ecstasy of Pat licking and tonguing her pussy as she leaned down and played with his cock and balls.

It was one of the many new delights Pat had introduced to her and Kitty was anxious to keep experimenting. As she positioned herself above his face, she glanced down at his uncoiling prick and smiled. Obviously her young husband was going to be plenty willing for some time to come.

"Hey, careful, babe," he said as she round her cunt forcefully over his face. "Don't smother me! I won't be much good for you if I'm dead!"

He lifted her ass and shifted her around so that only her bushy cunt hovered over his mouth. She squealed with joy and pressed down, her huge, shapely tits flopping around as he pushed her forward across his body.

"Oh, darling, I like your thinking," Kitty hissed as she inched her face close to his growing prick.

She scratched her fingernails through the bristled, dark brown patch of his cockhair, then teased the thickening root of his cockshaft with light tickles, watching his cock swell quickly into huge erection. She wrapped her smallish fingers around the middle of his prick shaft and squeezed the bloated cockmeat. She pinned as her husband moaned and squirmed beneath her.

He flicked his tongue up over her moist pussy, rubbing his tongue-tip through the fleecy blonde-rimmed pelt that protected her smoldering cunt opening. Kitty shivered as his tongue swiped against her clit. Instantly, she started pumping his cock vigorously in her fist as the pleasures his active tongue were igniting swept throughout her shapely, lust-craving body.

"God, your tongue feels great on my cunt, honey," she rasped.

Pat used his lips to nibble away at her tender, juicy pussypulp as he edged his mouth toward her throbbing clit. His slow, deliberate licking and nibbling created a lusty, wild tension deep inside her churning pussy and Kitty howled her ecstasy. The scalding wetness of her cunt juices already bathed her pussy tunnel and washed over his lips and chin.

"Oooohhhh, Pat, keep doing that," she hissed, twitching her ass against his face, urgently offering her pulsating, convulsing cunt to his lips and tongue. "You're driving me crazy! Oh, fuck I'm about to come all over your wonderful face!"

She frantically pumped his cockmeat in her hand and massaged his balls with her free hand. The sensations sizzling her nerves were sweeping her toward a violent, quick orgasm, and Kitty wasn't about to do anything that would stop it. When Pat's lips closed tenderly around her throbbing cunt, she practically bolted straight up on his face and screamed a husky cry of raw passion.

"Goddamn, baby! My pussy is exploding!" she shrieked. "Please don't stop sucking my little cunt! God, I love it so!"

Pat deftly squeezed her sensitive cunt between his teeth and whipped the hard, tingling bud with his tongue. This lusty action sent Kitty into convulsions of senseless gyrations and contortions. She bellowed a horrendous scream of passion and joy as her body jerked and twisted atop his face. Through it all, she kept her hands clasped to his throbbing cock and meaty balls, urgently stroking his hard cockmeat.

"Ooohhhhh! Stick your tongue into my pussy!" Kitty wailed finally as her senses overloaded on the joyous torture his tongue was doing to her delicate clit. "Lick my cunt with your tongue, honey! Ooohhhh, Jesus, plow my cunt hole with that marvelous tongue!"

She continued to beat him off, her fingers squeezing his cock while he stiffened his tongue and darted it into her creamy pussy gash. With an expertise that thrilled Kitty, Pat drove his tongue straight through the clinging, shuddering tissues of her inner cunt until he had penetrated her syrupy pussy depths and pulsing cunt walls.

The overwhelming ecstasy this action caused made her fall forward and take his twitching cock between her lips. She could no longer be happy whipping off his prick meat. Kitty needed to feel his pulsating cock against her tongue.

Kitty toyed with his balls and gasped when his tongue knifed to its deepest point inside her quivering cunt channel. She knew her cunt hole was providing his tongue a wet, hot, and tight sleeve because she could feel every bump and every move of his snaking tongue. Her twenty year-old pussy was molding itself around her husband's tongue, squeezing it firmly.

Her mind reeled as the massive onslaught of sensations bombarded her senses. The glorious ecstasy of the moment quickly brought on an unexpected climax. She squealed and shuddered and felt her pussy nectar gush out over his tongue and cascade into Pat's mouth.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh! I'm coming!" she mumbled, keeping her mouth on Pat's surging prick. "Oooooohhhhh!"

She could feel Pat swallowing her thick, sticky pussy juice. A delightful friction sizzled the tender membranes of her bushy cunt lips as his jaws worked feverishly and his tongue hungrily lapped up her gushing cunt cream.

The intense shudders continued to jar her nerves as her husband's tongue licked over her juicy cuntal tissues. Finally, to stifle her guttural moans and harsh yelp, she clamped her lips firmly over her husband's cock crown and sucked. By heating up her husband, Kitty figured he would keep tongue-fucking her pussy.

Pat obviously had other things in mind, however and it wasn't the first time during their honeymoon that he had pleasantly surprised her. His strong fingers dug into her round ass cheeks and he effortlessly pushed her up and slightly off his face. Before Kitty realized what was happening, Pat was pushing her whole body down toward his jutting prick.

She squealed happily as she snapped to what he wanted. Apparently Pat didn't want to blast another load before slamming his prick into her cunt. Kitty loved that kind of thinking and she was happy to accommodate her horny groom.

She spread her legs wide apart and stretched them out on either side of Pat's waist, straddling him in the delightful obscene way he liked. Then, without hesitation, she lowered her juice dripping pussy down solidly on his engorged cock knob. She shuddered and yelped as the bloated prick head pierced her sensitive pussy gash, then she dropped her weight and allowed herself to be completely impaled by his stiff, unwavering cock.

She ground her ass against his groin, then dipped her hands down to fondle his balls as her pussy chamber, stuffed with his throbbing prick meat, flexed and convulsed. She glanced back over a shoulder, letting her long blonde hair fly provocatively as she flashed a leering grin at her man.

Pat returned her smile as she yelled and started bouncing up and down on his fat, long cock. Kitty knew her husband was getting a lewd view of her curvy ass as she slid her cunt up and down on his prick. The thought of that, coupled with the wild, glorious sensations filling her pussy, made her scream out in ecstasy.

She threw her bead back and hit the bottom of his prick hard, then rested there, sitting flat on his crotch, her greedy pussy engulfing every inch of his cockmeat. Her long hair tumbled down her satiny back and tickled his flat belly as she savored the wondrous feelings tingling her nipples and convulsing her cunt hole. Her cunt was on fire, throbbing like crazy.

Pat's cock twitched and leaped between her spasming cunt walls and Kitty panted as she creased his tight balls with feathery massages. As her own orgasm took hold and jarred her pussy and the rest of her body, Pat's come suddenly shot straight into her womb, coating the wet, hot walls of her pussy chamber and sending its searing fire straight up to her head.

As Pat grunted and groaned, Kitty shuddered and yelped as she rode his spewing cock in tight, back and forth movements. Her pussy milked his cock and sucked every drop of spunk from his balls. By the time she slumped forward between his wide-spread thighs, she was whimpering softly and loving the pleasant afterglow of her intense climax still echoing over her nerves.

As Pat's limp prick finally slipped from the clasping grip of her juicy, pulsing cunt gash, Kitty sensed that their marriage couldn't be off to a better start. They had ended their honeymoon just like they had started it and Kitty couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

Chapter TWO

"Well, look who's back! The blushing bride!" Brad Dolan said as Kitty strolled into the office. "Baby, married life really agrees with you! You've never looked prettier."

Kitty flashed a timid smile at her forty-year old boss, then glanced at the shapely brunette sitting at the receptionist's desk, obviously enjoying Brad's brash welcoming. Kitty could feel the brunette's eyes scanning her and she shivered slightly as she wondered what things Brad had told the brunette about her.

"I see you couldn't wait to replace me," Kitty said, winking at the brunette. "Hell, Brad, I was only gone a week."

"Sugar, a week without you is a lifetime," he said, booming with laughter as he approached her and embraced her. "Come on back to the office. I'll fill you in on what all you missed."

Kitty hesitated slightly, then followed Brad down the short, narrow corridor to his private office. Strangely, her heart was pounding, and she couldn't determine if it was a sign of excitement or fear. Then, she dismissed any troubling thoughts by telling herself that if Brad stepped out of line, she would firmly remind him that she was a happily married lady. He would have to respect that, Kitty decided. After all, he hadn't wasted any time getting a cute replacement for her and Kitty battled a surprising surge of jealousy.

Brad shut the door behind them and turned to her with a casual smile. "All right, angel. Tell daddy all about it," Brad said with a lewd wink. "Is that stud really half as good a cocksman as me?"

"I don't think that's any of your business, Brad," Kitty said, mustering as much dignity as possible.

Brad gazed at her for several seconds, smirking. "Lay off the bullshit, baby," he finally said, approaching her. "I can see right through you, Kitty. You're hot for my prick. Right now your pussy is quivering and getting real wet. You can't bullshit me, honey. I've been around too long for that."

Panic tugged her guts, then raced through her. Kitty felt her knees start to shake as Brad stepped up to her. His breath bathed her face as his eyes feasted on her tits and flaring hips.

"Brad, we went over all of this before the wedding," she said, her voice breaking nervously. "I'm Mrs. Pat Willis and there's nothing you can do about that."

"Who wants to do anything about that?" he snapped as his lips curled into a lewd smile. "You're trying to change the subject, but I'm not falling for it. You want to fuck right now so bad you can taste it. I bet you even thought about me the whole time that punk was fucking you."

"Pat is no punk, Brad," she said, hating herself for the throaty rasp in her tone. "He's a damn good carpenter and he'll be a foreman by this time next year and..."

He choked off her words by suddenly grabbing her and pulling her against him, smashing his lips against hers. She tensed and tried, for a split second, to push away from his intimate grasp. Then she seemed to melt inside his embrace and she found herself sucking his tongue, pulling it deeper into her hot mouth. She felt her cunt perk and her nipples stiffen and, at that moment, Kitty knew it was pointless to fight Brad.

All of her good intentions about not cheating on Pat had suddenly evaporated. The horny sensations engulfing her body had cleared her mind of any guilty thoughts. The office seemed to spin around her as she returned Brad's hot, wet kiss.

Her arms went around his neck as he moved his hand under her skirt and found the crotch of her panties. She gasped softly as his exploring fingers traced the wet material.

"Yeah, honey," he mumbled. "You've got one hot little pussy."

Kitty felt herself wilt under his touch. His hands moved insistently around her panties before he darted a couple of fingers beneath the elastic waistband and tangled them around her wet cunt bush.

"Strip'em off, honey," he hissed, his hot breath ragged in her ear as he nibbled along the side of her neck. "I can't wait to touch your sweet little pussy."

Brad began moving her across the office to a sofa that lined the far wall. As he eased her down onto the leather cushion, he quickly bunched her skirt up around her waist. His eyes savored the luscious view of her nylon-covered crotch and her throbbing tits. His fingers started to once again tease her cunt fuzz and Kitty swooned under the magic touch.

"Oh, Brad," she squealed as he touched her hard clit. "Ooohhhh!"

She came instantly, the intensity of her orgasm shattering the last barrier to her total surrender to him. She eased back on the sofa, moaning passionately as he grabbed her hand and placed it over his crotch.

"Give my cock a good feel, baby," he hissed. "Doesn't this bring back the memories? You and me getting it on in the office, fucking our brains out and loving every minute of it?"

Kitty didn't want to think about what she was doing. The fuck-lust racing through her body told her everything she wanted to hear. Since there was no turning back, she realized she might as well enjoy Brad's prick and all it could do for her lust-smoldering body. Frantically, she tugged at his zipper and pulled it down. Without hesitation, she reached inside his fly and fished around for his cock.

"That's right, baby," he cooed. "Oh yeah, that's it. You've still got that delicate touch."

She curled her fingers around his hard, surging prick and gingerly moved her thumb over his sensitive, slick cock head. Gradually, she rubbed the end of his prick head harder, just the way Brad liked it, and thrilled as he squirmed and moaned. Her heart pounded with excitement and her cunt creamed as she pumped his rigid cock harder.

He removed her hand from his prick just long enough to jerk his pants down to his knees. Then he ordered her to play with his balls as he sat back down on the sofa beside her and slipped an arm around her shoulders.

Kitty gazed with wide eyes at his hard prick. It was thicker than Pat's and just as long. God, how she wanted to feel his prick buried inside her steamy cunt hole!

"Missed him, didn't you?" he rasped, smiling lewdly. "I knew you would, honey."

Kitty eagerly began pumping his cock again. She gazed in fascination at the whitish pre-came that oozed from his piss-slit as she squeezed her fingers around his prick shaft.

"Come on, Kitty," he urged. "Get your mouth down on it. What the fuck are you waiting for? You know you're dying to taste my spunk. Do it!"

He pushed her head down toward his crotch and she didn't resist. She was too turned on to care that she was a newly married woman about to suck the cock of a man who wasn't her husband.

She eagerly opened her mouth and closed her lips over his engorged cock head. Brad groaned and grabbed her head, keeping her securely in position to suck his prick. Her senses reeled with the taste and smell of his throbbing prick meat.

Her tits pulsed and tingled and her cunt lips quivered as she sucked on the knob of his cock. She swirled her tongue around and around his pink spongy cock head and teased his tender piss-slit with her tongue-tip. She used her tongue to caress the entire bulb of his cock knob, making Brad squirm and moan as her tongue-flicks filled him with lusty sensations.

"Suck my cock good, baby. Give it a good sucking," he whispered.

He humped his hips back and forth in gentle motions, poking his stiffened cock deeper into her wet mouth. Kitty let her teeth scrape lightly over his saliva-glistening cockmeat. She bit and nibbled the sensitive crown of his cock and ran her moist lips up and down his fat cock shaft.

She moved her fingers up and down his hard, throbbing cock shaft as she eagerly licked and sucked on his prick head. She fondled his meaty balls with her free hand and occasionally moved her hand back to his manly ass. She savored her lusty chores, loving the way Brad responded. He grunted and groaned and Kitty took this cue from him to speed up her action. She whipped her fist up and down his cock and intensified the pressure of her sucking. But he wasn't quite ready for her eager action.

"Slow down, baby," he hissed, grabbing her wrist and squeezing it. "We've got lots of time. Don't get in a hurry."

As if to prove his point, he suddenly moved out of her grasp and cupped her huge tits. He pushed against the material of her dress, then quickly unbuttoned it down the front, revealing her lace-trimmed bra and her luscious, snowy tit-mounds. He then wasted no time burying his face against her cushiony tits and sucking her stiff, tingling nipples through the lace of her bra.

"I've always been a sucker for these big, beautiful titties," he mumbled, nibbling on the bra and her sensitive nipples. "I never get tired sucking on your titties."

Kitty sighed a throaty groan of wanton pleasure as he pulled her huge tit-globes out of her bra. Kitty shivered with excitement and pride as the stud gazed in obvious appreciation at her stiff, pink nipples and huge, flawless tits.

Brad extended his tongue and ran it around her white, satiny tit-mounds. He flicked her cherry-like nipples and made them, dance under his intimate touch. Searing heat tingled through her nipples and tits and mingled with the burning, moist fuck-lust already seething in the pit of her pussy. Her bushy cunt lips continued to quiver and pulse and Kitty was grateful when Brad finally focused his attention on her cunt.

"I've been a very hungry man since you left me last week," he rasped, ducking his face down toward her crotch. "I'm going to show you how much I've missed you, honey. Just lean back, spread your legs nice and wide, and give me plenty of room to tongue-fuck your pussy."

Kitty wasn't about to complain about his intentions as she quickly leaned back on the sofa and spread her shapely, long legs. He crouched between her creamy thighs and in a moment his hot mouth was pressed against the wet blonde hairs rimming her pulsing, puffy cunt gash. She lifted her ass just enough to make it easy for him to slip his hands beneath her and squeeze the lush roundness of her ass cheeks. He lifted her pelvis even more, totally exposing her wet, hairy cunt to his excited view.

Following a brief hesitation in which Brad savored the sight of her glistening, pink pussy pulp, he leaned forward and ran his tongue and lips up and down her shimmering cunt slit. He nibbled gingerly on the tender tissues, tweaking the delicate membranes and teasing the wet folds of her outer cunt lips.

Kitty hissed and growled as her fuck-lust boiled under his expert, gentle tonguing. She was so wet and so hot and Brad was so obviously enjoying the luscious meal her pussy offered. Her entire cunt was totally inflamed as she writhed around on the sofa. Reacting impulsively, she grabbed his head and pulled his mouth hard against her fiery, wet cunt.

Brad responded by darting his stiffened tongue directly into her creamy, quivering cunt gash. His tongue pierced the clasping tissues of her inner cunt and he shoved his tongue deeper inside her burning pussy. Kitty shrieked her pleasure as his drilling tongue penetrated her pussy hole, thrilling her.

Hot, sticky cunt nectar drenched his imbedded tongue as she swooned and humped her ass up and down on the sofa. She couldn't stop humping her cunt against his mouth and lips, impaling her pussy hard on his stiffened tongue. The thrilling ecstasy of his impassioned tongue fucking was driving her wild and Kitty was loving every splendid second of it!

Spasms rocked throughout her pussy channel as her hot juices flooded the quaking cavern of her cunt tunnel. Her pussy muscles squeezed around his tongue as if it was a hard cock and the sexy blonde screamed as her sudden orgasms jolted every nerve in her shapely body.

"No, no, nnnooooo?" she squealed, clenching her teeth, shutting her eyes and shaking her head while squeezing her fingers against his scalp.

Her body contorted in wild gyrations as her orgasms tripped her senses and spasmed her juice-gushing cunt. Brad, obviously taking her loud outburst as further proof of the ecstasy he was giving her with his drilling tongue, kept at it. He slammed his tongue in and out of her seething pussy, treating her pussy to an experience usually saved for a pumping prick. Then, finally, he pulled back, forcing his face away from her convulsing pussy.

He beamed a smug smile up at her dreamy face and licked her glistening cunt nectar from his lips. He stood, pushing himself off the sofa and, never taking his eyes off her lovely face and heaving tits, stepped out of his pants.

"Get up and move over here," he said in a soft, yet firm tone.

"Where?" she asked, hearing his instructions through the hazy cloud of her echoing orgasms.

"Get against the wall!" he snapped, impatiently. "Come on, Kitty! You didn't forget that much after just one week with Pat. Now move that pretty ass and get into position. My cock is ready for your pussy, and nothing is going to stop me from fucking the shit out of you right now!"

He pulled her roughly over to the far wall and pressed up against her. He was right, of course. Kitty had been through all of this before many times. Yet now she stumbled through the motions, her mind spinning fresh doubts and guilts. She was, after all, a newly wed bride just back from her honeymoon. But, here she was, sucking another man's cock and letting him lick her pussy and now, she was about to get fucked by him! God, only a low-life slut would be doing this, she told herself.

"Goddamn you, Kitty!" Brad raged, slapping her sharply across the cheek. "Wake up and get with it! I'm getting pissed! Now, wrap your arms around my neck and get ready for my cock!"

The sting of his slap jarred her mind into alertness. Strangely, it seemed to also rekindle the fuck-lust surging through her horny body. She moaned and slipped her arm around his neck as ordered. He quickly took her ass in his strong hands and bent his knees, guiding the bulbous tip of his cock against her hot, hairy pussy hole.

"Spread your legs, bitch!" he hissed.

She spread her legs and felt his thick, stiff prick slide inside her body. She wiggled her ass against the wall and thrust her cunt forward to meet his cock. She arched her back and tightened her grip on his neck. His fat cock easily slid deep inside her cunt hole and she gasped. She trembled and met his gaze as he leaned over and sucked in a mouthful of tit.

"This is what you like," he said in a demanding tone. "This is the way you love it, hard and rough."

Kitty was beyond thinking. All she could do now was nod her head and sigh. Brad was right. Her body was singing out in pure, raw lust. That passion and arousal made her body tremble as desire washed through her nerves, flexing her cunt hole. As good as the fucking had been on her honeymoon with Pat, it did not match the raw excitement and wanton experience of this wild encounter with Brad. The older man was assertive, domineering and boldly determined to bend her completely to his wishes.

He gave her stiff, tingling nipples a final playful pinch with his teeth, then straightened up and shoved his fat cockmeat all the way into her creamy cunt hole. She gasped and panted, totally filled with cockmeat. Brad's cock was so deep inside her she almost felt it in her stomach.

Her mouth was dry and she ran her nails over his muscular arms as he stroked in and out of her cunt. His thick prick stretched her pussy hole deliciously and with each fuck-thrust she felt like she had a huge steel plank embedded in her guts. Her thighs quivered as she swayed back and forth to meet his brutal fuck-strokes.

"Yes, yyyeeesss!" she wailed. "Give it to me, Brad! Give me all of your wonderful, thick cock! I need it! I always need your big, stiff prick slamming into my cunt!"

"That's more like it," he retorted with a smirk as her cunt walls gripped his prick. "You may be a real hot bitch, but at least you're my hot little bitch!"

Her orgasm erupted suddenly and violently. The climax dragged the sticky juice right out of her cuntal depths and showered over his driving prick. She gripped his neck fiercely as her body trembled and shook and her pussy spasmed around his wedged prick. An instant later, his body convulsed and his hot spunk shot into her womb.

He grunted loudly as his cock made lewd noises as it drilled in and out of her heavily juiced pussy. He held her hips and continued to fuck her in a frenzy. His cock rammed in and out of her pussy, making her come again. Clinging to him, Kitty wilted against Brad, gasping and squealing each time his plunging prick punched into her spasming pussy hole.

"Ooooohhh, yeah, this is how I love to take you!" Brad rasped. "Good God, this is great! Your pussy always brings out the best in me!"

Kitty thought her pussy lips would split in two as his cock continued to leap inside her cunt gash and spew thick wads of jism inside her pussy tunnel. He filled her fucked-out pussy hole with steamy cream as she plastered herself flat against the office wall. His shooting cock nailed her in place, keeping her helpless as her cunt sucked up his battering jism.

Finally, Brad slumped and pushed away from her, slipping his wilting prick out of her juicy cunt hole. He chuckled as she almost toppled to the floor, but caught herself just in time and steadied her knees and legs. She caught her breath and her huge tits heaved provocatively while she struggled to regain her composure.

"By the way, Kitty," Brad said softly as he turned away and started to dress. "I did welcome you back to work, didn't I?"

Kitty nodded as she stepped gingerly toward her discarded clothes. She had forgotten just how much she had missed Brad while she was away on her honeymoon.

Chapter THREE

By the end of her first week back, Kitty had settled into a normal groove at work. Much to her surprise, Sue, the pretty brunette Brad had hired in her absence, had become a good friend. Kitty had quickly gotten over any jealous feelings whenever Brad summoned the shapely brunette into his private office or invited her out for lunch, leaving Kitty to mind the store. She and Sue enjoyed chuckling about Brad's horny desire for pretty, young women.

At home after work, Kitty received all the good benefits of a newly wed. Pat fucked her nightly with the same wild creativity they had enjoyed on their honeymoon. Kitty decided life couldn't be sweeter.

On Friday afternoon as she was about to leave the office, Sue stopped her.

"If you can break away from your husband tomorrow for a couple of hours, come and see me," Sue suggested. "I'd like you to see my apartment." The sexy brunette winked and added, "I'd also like to talk to you about why Brad is keeping both of us on the payroll. He doesn't do enough business to justify keeping both of us."

Kitty grinned. "Don't be silly, Sue. You know as well as I why our dear boss is keeping us around. He's having the time of his life fucking the two of us."

Sue laughed and nodded. "Do you think he's ever planning to fuck us together?"

Kitty appraised the brunette with an arched brow. "You mean a threesome?" the blonde bride asked.

Sue nodded and flashed a lewd wink. "Exactly. What do you think?"

"Knowing Brad, I think you may be on to something," Kitty admitted.

Sue sat on the edge of the receptionist desk and crossed her long, shapely legs. There was a slight rustle of nylon as her skirt rode up high, revealing a creamy thigh.

"I was thinking of inviting Brad over to see my apartment tomorrow too," Sue said casually. "If you just happened to be there, well..."

Kitty giggled. "Honey, I never realized what a devious mind you have. Suddenly, I'm just dying to see your new apartment, Sue."

The two women giggled like school girls, then Kitty left the office, stuffing Sue's address into her purse. Already, she was thinking of a good excuse to leave Pat home by himself for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. She didn't relish the idea of lying to her new husband, but she also realized she couldn't pass up the opportunity of engaging in a wild threesome with Sue and Brad.

That night, Kitty prepared a fancy dinner for her husband and prepared to entertain Pat in a particularly wanton way. Maybe it was her way of giving him something a little extra the night before she would cheat on him with another man and woman. By the time Pat got home from work, Kitty had his thick, juicy steak almost ready. She greeted him at the front door wearing his favorite black, see-through gown.

Pat stopped still in his tracks as he gazed up and down his wife's lovely, curvaceous body. Her pert, pink nipples were stiff, pressing against the flimsy black material of her gown. Her downy blonde cunt patch sparkled enticingly through the provocative fabric and the striking contrast of the thin, web-like black gown against her snowy feminine flesh was indeed mouth-watering. Kitty knew what the sight of her was doing to her young husband and it thrilled her.

He scooped her against him and hungrily pressed his lips against hers. His tongue immediately darted between her lush, wet lips and explored her hot mouth. Kitty sighed with pleasure as she sucked Pat's tongue as his strong arms encircled her waist.

Eventually he stepped back and gazed lovingly at her pretty face. He ran his fingers through her long, silky blonde curls while using his other hand to absently fondle her firm, huge tits through the material of her black gown.

"Wait for me in bed, sweetheart," he breathed. "I'm gonna take a fast shower?"

"What about dinner?" she asked softly. "I've fixed a big steak for you, darling."

"I'm looking at everything I want to eat," he responded with a wink and a chuckle.

Kitty hustled toward the bedroom, her heart pounding with excitement and her senses trembling with lusty arousal. She couldn't resist rubbing her pussy through the sheer material of her gown as she climbed into bed.

She listened impatiently to the running shower water, counting the seconds until her husband would join her in bed and soothe the burning, horny ache in her cunt. She traced her fingertips over her pulsing, puffy cunt lips, teasing and torturing herself as her desire sizzled. Her clit was throbbing and she longed to feel her husband's lips close around the twitching, sensitive bud and suck. The lusty thought made her utter a small squeal as she automatically humped her ass slightly off the mattress and spread her long, shapely legs. She settled back against her pillow and closed her eyes.

"Jesus, you look like a dream, baby," Pat rasped as he stepped naked into the bedroom, toweling off his curly hair and eyeing her with obvious appreciation.

Kitty opened her eyes and smiled at her husband. She lingered her gaze on his growing prick. She watched in fascination as his cockmeat swelled before her eyes. Her cunt throbbed as his cock leaped into a jutting, stiff hard-on aiming straight at her.

"How about giving me a slice of that big cock, pal," she purred, stretching her arms up above her head and displaying her luscious tits.

Pat chuckled as he tossed the towel toward the dresser and moved straight toward the bed and his sexy, curvaceous bride. His eyes locked on his wife's tits as she jiggled them seductively. He moved over her and squeezed one of her tits as he kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth. As she eagerly sucked on his tongue, she ran her hands over his damp chest and belly and finally down to his surging, throbbing prick.

He groaned as her soft hand closed over his engorged cock head. He pressed his face against her cushiony tits and nibbled hungrily at her nipples through the gown.

Kitty moaned and sighed as she held Pat's hot, bulbous prick head in her dainty hand. The heat that radiated from his cock knob seared her nerves and seemed to further activate the lusty pulsing in the depths of her seething pussy.

"Oh, honey, fuck me," she pleaded softly as her breathing became faster and faster. "Fuck me now, darling! I need your big, stiff prick so much! Don't make me wait for it, honey."

He wound his arms around her and pulled her against him. "Angel, I love this craving you've got for my cock," he whispered, licking his tongue through her cleavage. "I hope this is one addiction you'll never cure."

"No chance of that," she said with a small giggle as she humped gently against his thighs.

He kissed her again, his lips coming down roughly on hers. Then he started nibbling the silky flesh of her chin and neck, gradually working his way downward toward her heaving tits. He dragged his tongue over the material of her gown and it tickled her sensitive flesh.

Pat cupped her tits and Kitty breathed easier. She felt so secure and protected with Pat. There was no doubt that she loved him and that she had made the right decision when she had married him. For the moment, all that mattered was that she please him while he soothed the raging desire sweeping throughout her body. All thoughts about tomorrow and what adventure awaited her at Sue's apartment had long since evaporated from her mind. She was totally consumed with the lust she was sharing with her husband. And Pat, she gleefully knew, was well up to the pleasant task of cooling her burning desire.

She tightened her grip on his cock head and moaned. Then she slipped her hand dawn on his pulsating prick shaft, loving the way his cock jerked and twitched under her touch. Her pussy felt inflamed at the feel of his velvet-skinned cylinder of cockmeat, and her moans soon became pants of wanton fuck-lust.

"Oh yes, yes, honey," she breathed as he nibbled on her nipples through the gown. "Bite my tits, darling. Oh, yes!"

With gentle precision, Pat peeled away the flimsy folds of her gown and exposed her luscious, ripe tits. Kitty shivered with delight as she felt herself being stripped naked by her husband. She shrieked with joy as he quickly sucked one taut nipple into his mouth and whipped it with his tongue.

Kitty moaned, savoring her husband's horny enthusiasm and the expert way in which die caressed and massaged her tingling nipples with his lips and tongue.

"Oh, baby, that's wonderful!" she squealed, pumping his cock faster in her fist. "I love the way you suck my titties!"

He went from one tit to the other, giving each nipple equal treatment. Then he buried his face in the creamy pillows of her tits and licked her with a gluttony zeal that thrilled her. She almost came when his teeth closed over her nipple and he bit down firmly.

She thrust her tits up at his mouth, feeding her tit-globes to him and desperately trying to ram her entire massive tit-mound between his nibbling lips. She was panting and gasping as her arousal heated up and overwhelmed her.

Pat suddenly released her tits and hunched down, pulling off the rest of her gown, uncovering her smoldering pussy in the process. He feasted his eyes on her moist-tinted blonde cunt-bush and her glistening pussy pulp.

"Mmmmm, looks good enough to eat," he whispered, licking his lips and smiling up at her.

"Oh, baby, let me suck your cock first," she said as she squeezed his thick cock rod.

He chuckled and shrugged, taking another long look at her inviting pussy patch and the tiny drops of dew that sparkled on her muff.

Kitty wrapped her legs around one of his as her cunt lips opened up and she pressed her hairy, wet cunt slit against his leg. She leaned down and lapped her tongue over his belly and chest, lingering just long enough to nibble lightly at his nipples.

She felt her pussy leaking cunt juice, flooding her leg with sticky cream. She pushed herself up into a sitting position while maintaining her leg-lock on Pat's thigh. Finally she was about eye-level with his surging, jutting prick.

She moaned as she closed her lips around his engorged cock knob. Following a brief hesitation, she started to suck and didn't stop until all six inches of his cockmeat had disappeared inside her mouth. She rubbed the bloated underside of his prick with her flicking tongue then finally released his cock from her lip-lock. Immediately, she started to lick over every inch of his saliva-glistening cockmeat, savoring the aroma and the heat of his stiff cock.

Her excitement mounted as her tongue darted around his thick cock and she proceeded to administer long, smooth strokes over his prick with her tongue. She thrilled to his reaction as he began to moan and squirm and tangle his strong fingers in her long, blonde curls.

She scratched her fingers through his curly mass of cockhair and slithered her tongue around his balls. She felt his balls tighten under her intimate touch and she heard him groan.

"That's the way I like it, honey," he rasped. "Yeah, that's great. Suck my balls, baby. God, I love the way you do that!"

She puckered her lips and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She held it there and bathed it in her saliva-filled mouth. She went from one ball to the other and then released his nuts and eagerly returned her attention back to his prick.

She closed her lips over his cock and took him deep inside her throat. His cock bush tickled her nose as she bobbed her head up and down and face-fucked his cock. She moaned as she worked on his prick, loving every second of the lusty exercise.

She felt her pussy spasm and churn as she gluttonously sucked his prick. Her own arousal was quickly reaching a feverish level and Kitty wasn't sure if she could stop herself from making Pat come in her mouth. She was anxious to drink his come but she also wanted to save some for her cunt.

"Don't stop!" he hissed. "I'm gonna come!" She released his cock, spitting it out of her mouth with a loud pop. Then she fell back down on the bed, grinning up at her husband and his bewildered expression.

"Fuck me, baby," she pleaded. "I want your cock inside my pussy. I need to be fucked!"

A slow smile curved his lips and he shrugged as he settled comfortably between her widespread thighs and grabbed his thick, saliva coated cock root. He rubbed his engorged cock head against her seething gash.

"Mmmm, nice and wet. You sure do need a stiff, hard cock. I guess I shouldn't disappoint a horny lady."

Kitty gasped as he rubbed his slick prick knob through her bushy cunt lips. Electric sensations sizzled the tender tissues of her cunt lips and pussy pulp and she urgently reached down to grab his prick. He shoved her hand away with a playful slap.

"I'll do it," he snapped.

His prick was at the socket of her slime-coated cunt slit now and her outer cunt lips were wide open. He lurched forward and stuffed his bloated cock head inside her tight, hot cunt hole.

Her lathered pussy sucked it up and Kitty squealed with fuck-lust as he began to fuck her. He stroked his cock deep inside her spasming pussy tunnel. She was glad her horny cunt hole was nice and tight. She loved being able to feel every vein and curve on his pumping cock shaft. Her cunt muscles flexed around the invading cock and squeezed it in an oily grasp, thrilling Kitty. She cried out passionately and bucked her hips wildly, fucking back as her husband slowly sank his prick deeper into her syrupy cunt hole.

She reveled in the feel of his stiff prick filling her cunt. She wiggled her ass and grabbed his hips as she met his fuck-thrusts. Pat's fucking never failed to excite her and this fuck-session was surely equal to his past performances. She relished every wonderful sensation.

Her entire body tingled with lust and pleasure as she savored the way his cock parted her overheated cunt lips. She loved the way his prick rasped over her throbbing cunt and slid through the tangled hairs of her cunt.

Repeatedly, he plowed into her depths with such intensity that Kitty hardly had time to prepare for the vibrating orgasms that suddenly swept through her fiery pussy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and humped up and down. His solid hunk of cockmeat fucked in and out of her and she knew her pussy was going to be gripped in an endless series of multiple orgasms.

Pat grabbed her ass cheeks then and squeezed as they bounced up and down on the mattress. He took her breath away as he plunged his pistoning cock in and out of her succulent cunt slit. His hammering cock reduced her to a quivering mass of wanton ecstasy as her nerves received flashing blasts of pleasure.

The intensity of their fucking overwhelmed her senses. Her long blonde hair flew around her head and shoulders and framed her lovely face on the pillow. He grunted and his deep fuck-strokes took on a jerking quality which Kitty recognized as the beginning of his own orgasm.

As the heat rose over her body and her huge, shapely tits bounced around with every movement of their bodies, Kitty squealed and felt her trembling cunt cavern frantically massaging Pat's twitching prick. She tossed her head from side to side on the pillow as the jarring sensations rocked her curvaceous body.

Suddenly Pat dropped his face down to her luscious tits and gluttonously sucked one of them into his hot mouth. Kitty responded by wrapping her arms around his head, holding his face firmly against her tit-mounds.

He slobbered his tongue over her tit-flesh and bit down on her nipple. Her cunt instantly erupted again, clamping down on his pounding cockmeat. She arched up, expecting him to come too. But he didn't. He continued nursing her tits and slamming his cock in and out of her seething pussy.

Her steaming pussy milked his cock, but still he didn't come. She felt his cock head swell inside her cunt hole and she humped her ass wickedly as she draped her legs over his broad shoulders. Her glorious orgasms continued to rock her senses and jar her pussy, yet Pat's cock continued to piston in and out of her cunt hole, twitching and leaping, but not blasting his spunk.

Cunt juice poured from her pussy and his plowing prick made squishing sounds as it drilled in and out of her pussy. She marveled at his self-discipline and, through it all, reveled in the ecstasy his pounding cock was providing her pussy.

"Baby, oh, baby, what a fuck!" she growled. "You're like a-fuck-machine! Oh God, this is the very best! Fuck the shit out of me! Keep fucking me like this forever!"

His only response was a deep grunt as he sucked in more of her tit-flesh and hammered his cock tirelessly into her flexing, spasming cunt hole. The relentless pounding of his prick made Kitty believe he was going to split her pussy in two!

She moved her shapely legs to his waist and bucked her way through another climax. His cock crashed in and out of her cunt slit with powerful thrusts, only increasing the tempo of his wild fucking. It seemed like he would fuck her forever and she wasn't complaining!

Then, just as her fantasy formed in her lust numbed mind, her pussy contracted around his imbedded prick and she suddenly knew without a doubt that he would blast off soon. She sank her teeth into his strong arm and bit down as he came again.

His thick spunk jetted straight into her spasming cunt tunnel and filled her womb. His jism slapped the tender interior of her cunt channel, rocking her body into more spasms and contortions as she yelled out her pleasure.

For endless seconds, Pat's come drenched her cunt hole, filling her body and triggering yet another series of bone-stirring climaxes inside her. She hollered as her lovely body twitched and leaped against his pressing body. Her juicy cunt walls squeezed around his pulsing prick, milking out every precious drop of his spurting jizz.

Finally, it was over and he slumped on top of her, gasping for breath as his draining prick twitched inside her flexing pussy hole.

"Wow, honey, what a fuck," she breathed. "You were like a madman tonight. Maybe I should wear my black gown more often."

He chuckled weakly as he rolled off of her and landed belly-up beside her on the bed. "If you did that, it'd kill me in one month."

"Ah, you're stronger than you think," Kitty said, winking at her husband as she moved slowly between his legs and crouched down with her face near his spent cock.

Kitty closed her lips over his juice-coated cock head and sucked gently while flicking her tongue playfully out over the slick surface of his cock knob.

"Goddamn, woman, what are you doing now?" Pat said. "Have you taken out a life insurance policy on me or something?"

She shook her head, reluctant to release his ballooning prick knob from between her lips. "I'm sucking you clean, darling," she mumbled around her mouthful of cockmeat. "I believe in taking good care of my man."

"Yeah, keep that up and you'll love me to death," he said with a chuckle.

She lapped her tongue hungrily over his engorging cock head, slurping up the tangy taste of her cunt fluid. She experienced a strange excitement as she tasted her pussy cream on his cock. It certainly wasn't unappealing.

She ran her tongue up and down his thick cock shaft and sucked up the juices clinging to it. She ran her tongue around his hairy balls and sucked them lovingly and tenderly into her hot mouth. She rolled his male eggs gently over her tongue and thrilled as her husband moaned and squirmed.

Eventually she lifted her head and sank the ring of her lips halfway down his cockmeat as her mind ticked off possible excuses she could give Pat tomorrow for leaving him alone for a few hours. She didn't allow any guilt feelings to enter her mind as she slobbered over Pat's stiffening prick. After all, she had just thrilled him with one of their best fucks ever. Maybe she shouldn't view this as paying her dues for tomorrow's wanton pleasure with Sue and Brad, but she refused to think of it in any other way. What would happen tomorrow surely wouldn't have anything to do with her real, true love for her husband.

She drenched his hard cock with her hot saliva, then smiled lewdly up at his grinning face. Without a word, she crawled up and straddled his hips. Her pussy burned with a familiar heat and she anxiously lowered her seething, creamy cunt lips down onto his engorged prick head. She gripped the thick root of his pock and pressed her weight down on his cock head.

She squealed as her tight, hot cunt hole clutched his prick knob. His prick slid high up inside her cunt until she felt it stab into her belly. Suddenly, as she became completely impaled on his prick meat, Pat sat up and rolled over until he was on top of her again.

He bucked his ass and smashed his cock into her nectar-washed cuntal depths. They rolled over again and then she was on top, bouncing up and down on his cockmeat. The next time they rolled around they ended up on the floor beside the bed with Pat on top.

"See what you do to me?" he hissed as his cock sawed in and out of her pussy. "You turned me into a maniac! Just a pussy-crazed maniac!"

Again and again his cock speared through the tangled hairs of her pussy and split her wide open. Their bodies crashed together, both glistening with sweat.

Kitty screamed with delight as her orgasms raged throughout her cunt channel, finally drawing his own come right out of his balls and into her churning, convulsing pussy tunnel. Through it all, Pat continued to pound his prick into her cunt hole until his rampaging prick limped into a wilted slab of sausage and slithered out of her cunt.

Exhausted and totally satisfied from the two wild fucks, man and wife fell asleep in each other's arms on the floor. For Kitty, her husband's strong arms and muscular body were wonderful comfort as she slept gloriously with a smile on her face.

Chapter FOUR

Kitty broached the subject of going over to Sue's tentatively as she prepared breakfast. To her relief, Pat immediately endorsed the idea.

"Be good for you to get away fora while," he said, hugging her to him as she placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him. "I don't want us to get on each other's nerves spending every minute together."

"Well, I hate to leave you alone, honey," she said, kissing his cheek.

"Hell, don't worry about me, baby," he said, playfully slapping her round ass. "I'll probably go shoot some pool with a few of the guys in the crew. I'll find plenty to do."

"You're a dream," she whispered, pecking another kiss on his handsome cheek. "Besides, we might miss each other so much today that tonight will be something special."

Pat laughed as he dug into his bacon and eggs. "Another night like last night will finish me off for sure." He winked across the table at his bride.

They giggled happily as wanton excitement already started coursing through Kitty's body. She squirmed on her chair and squeezed her thighs together. Her clit was hardening and tingling as her mind leaped ahead to the adventure awaiting her later in the day.

She waited until Pat left, then she straightened up the apartment before leaving for Sue's. Her excitement and anticipation mounted as she drove toward the address Sue had given her yesterday. She parked in front of Sue's place and noted with a sliver of disappointment that Brad's car wasn't already there. Sue ushered her into a nicely furnished, spacious apartment and graciously offered her a Bloody Mary as they sat in the cozy living room of the one-bedroom apartment.

In the week that she had gotten to know Sue, Kitty knew the sexy brunette was divorced and, although only twenty-two, Kitty sensed that Sue had been around. Of course, Kitty knew, Brad would only hire a worldly woman. She recalled with amusement how he had painstakingly broken her in after hiring her out of high school. She knew he would be too restless now to hire a woman who didn't already know the score.

As Sue brought them both a second drink, Kitty asked, "Brad will be here, won't he?"

Sue grinned and winked. "You know it, honey," she said. "I told him you and I were getting together to do some sewing. I could tell the way his eyes lit up that he couldn't wait to barge in on our little hen party. He'll be here. Don't worry."

Halfway through her second drink, Kitty felt herself becoming increasingly relaxed and comfortable in Sue's company. She kicked off her black high-heel pumps and curled her long legs up beneath her on the sofa as she chatted with her pretty co-worker. As they shared a dirty joke, Sue casually leaned over and touched Kitty's knee.

The casual touch ignited a strange feeling inside Kitty as she gazed at the brunette's large pointed tits jutting against her tight-fitting halter top. As the brunette lingered her touch on Kitty's leg. Kitty glanced up into the other woman's smiling face. Her pussy lips quivered suddenly and Kitty couldn't deny the arousal she felt.

"I must be getting high," she whispered, placing her drink down on the narrow coffee table that was between them.

"I don't think the booze has anything to do with it," Sue said, her voice low and husky as she rubbed her fingertips higher on Kitty's leg, slipping them just under the hem of her skirt. "I think you like me touching you."

Kitty tried a casual chuckle as she shifted uneasily on the sofa. "This is crazy, I'm no lesbo."

"Oh? You sure gobbled up my invitation in a hurry," Sue responded.

"Well, yeah, but I thought Brad would be here," Kitty said. "I figured it'd be a real kick for both of us to have a crack at him at the same time. That's all."

"You knew we would be together on a bed, naked," Sue stated. "So what if a guy happens to be with us? You and I will still be together, touching each other. Surely you realized that would be part of this happy little threesome. Besides, I'll bet you Brad is the type of stud who really gets off on watching two women make it."

A smothering heat was engulfing Kitty as she squirmed uneasily on the sofa. Her face burned a bright red and her heart was pounding with a mixture of fear and pure excitement. Everything Sue was saying was true, she couldn't deny that. A second later, she felt the brunette's hand slip further up her leg and she gasped as Sue's fingers brushed across her nylon-covered pussy bush.

"Sue, I'm not sure about this," Kitty stammered, shifting nervously on the sofa, but not moving enough, to get out of the brunette's range.

Sue merely smiled sweetly. "I know you're nervous, honey. I was too the first time I made it with another woman. But don't worry. You'll see just how nice and pleasant it can be."

The brunette's words bounced around her mind and left a dizzying effect. Kitty was confused and dazed by what she was hearing and feeling. The weird feelings were the most difficult for her to understand. The brunette's gentle, intimate touch was unnerving, yet soothingly arousing and exciting.

"Trust me, Kitty," Sue whispered as she took Kitty's hand and pulled her up from the sofa. "Just relax and give in to your feelings and your desires."

In a motion that made Kitty swoon with both panic and excitement, the brunette deftly lifted her dress to her neck, exposing her blonde, panty-covered pussy and her braless, shapely tits. Kitty shivered as she saw the brunette gazing at her naked tits and jutting, firm nipples. Somehow, Kitty had never felt so truly naked and vulnerable as now. The way Sue was gazing at her body, taking in every curve and shape, made Kitty feel as if she was under a high powered inspection glass.

Seconds later Sue leaned forward and gently nibbled at Kitty's lips. At the same time, the brunette feathered her fingertips up and down Kitty's inner thighs, dancing them closer and closer to Kitty's panty-covered pussy. She teased the blonde's cunt with these gentle caresses as she boldly darted her tongue between Kitty's gaping lips.

It was all done with extreme gentleness and affection and, before she realized it, Kitty found herself melting against the brunette and surrendering to her caresses and kisses. It was all happening so fast that Kitty's mind reeled even as her body exploded with glorious sensation. Sue obviously knew the territory and she was proving it by the expert way in which she explored Kitty's curvaceous body.

"Let's get this damn dress off," Sue said with a soft giggle, tugging Kitty's dress off over her head, then stepping back and quickly discarding her own clothes. "Just leave your panties on for now. They're sexy. Besides, I'll enjoy taking them off of you later."

When Sue was stripped down to her own bikini panties, she moved forward until she was standing tit to tit against Kitty. Then, with only the slightest hesitation, their lips met and their tongues tangled. Sue's fingers again sought Kitty's cunt and this time she moved her digits inside the elastic band and touched the blonde's moist pussy hair.

Fierce shudders raced through Kitty's cunt as she felt Sue's fingers grazing over her puffy cunt lips and toying with her creamy pussy pulp. Her knees trembled and, for a moment, Kitty feared she was about to lose her balance and fall against the sexy brunette.

"Mmmmm, I know you'd be deliciously wet and hot," Sue purred. "I have the same problem."

"It's no problem," Kitty whispered, suddenly darting her tongue boldly into the brunette's mouth.

Her stiffened nipples pressed against Sue's and wild sensations shot through Kitty's body and her clit instantly throbbed passionately. Suddenly, she couldn't wait for Sue to really explore her pussy and to show her all the joys she had been missing by not having an occasional female lover.

"Let's get comfortable," Sue breathed, leading Kitty back to the sofa. "I think we'll both enjoy ourselves more."

Kitty wasn't about to argue with the experienced brunette. She leaned back against the sofa cushions, her legs spread wide, wispy ringlets of her moist cunt muff edging beyond the crotch band of her panties. Sue rested on her side and brought one thigh up as she tuned to Kitty and cupped one of the blonde's big tits.

She held Kitty's tit and brought her mouth down to her stiffened nipple. Kitty watched in fascination as Sue opened her mouth and brought her lips down to the round, tingling tit.

Kitty caressed her own thighs with nervous aroused energy as the brunette nursed at her tit. The brunette's round, shapely ass presented an enticing view for Kitty and she found herself becoming increasingly turned on by the brunette.

She whimpered as the brunette's tongue lapped hungrily over her rigid nipple. She watched Sue's mouth and tongue work over her tit and draped an arm around Sue's back.

The brunette's cool skin was tanned and smooth and Kitty delighted in rubbing her hand over the flawless flesh. She ran her fingers through Sue's dark curls, then traced her fingertips down the brunette's back toward the deep curve of her ass. She skirted her fingertips over one of the brunette's shapely ass cheeks, feeling a surging excitement mount inside her body.

Then, without a word, Sue released Kitty's tit from her soft lips and smiled into the blonde's blushing face. When Sue stood and held her hands out to Kitty, the inexperienced blonde knew instinctively what was to follow.

The two women walked hand in hand into the bedroom and stretched out on the bed. Sue pulled Kitty against her until the blonde lay on top, resting securely across the brunette's curvaceous body. Immediately, the brunette started roaming her hands all over Kitty's back and ass while nibbling at her lips and neck.

Kitty's head started to swim as ecstasy flooded over her aroused body. She felt Sue's fingers dancing over her ass cheeks, excitingly teasing her ass crease while fondling and massaging the round, firm globes. Her cunt fluttered and oozed juice as the brunette expertly worked Kitty's body into a frenzy of lust.

"I'm going to eat your pussy now," the brunette suddenly whispered.

Kitty's heart pounded as her desire and anticipation rushed in a fury to the surface of her body. Her nerves were tingling and alert as her clit throbbed into hard readiness.

"Climb up here and sit on my face, Kitty," the brunette ordered. "I want you looking at my pussy while I'm licking yours. I think you'll find that interesting."

Kitty moved to obey the brunette's instructions, her face flushed a deep red as she positioned herself above Sue's lovely face. Her knees rested on either side of the brunette's head as she eased her burning pussy down to Sue's lips.

Kitty trembled as Sue spread the wet, shimmering folds of her pussy and exposed her throbbing, hard clit. She shuddered as she focused out before her to the inviting sight of Sue's dark-patched cunt nestled between her shapely thighs. She moaned as she felt the brunette's lips rub up and down her overheated cunt and, seconds later, she toppled forward, resting her cheek against Sue's inner thigh.

The brunette had obviously expected Kitty to assume this position and she had no trouble adjusting as she held Kitty's ass and dipped her stiffened tongue directly inside Kitty's gaping cunt. She drilled her tongue through the blonde's steamy cuntal tissues and membranes as Kitty squealed and writhed.

Seconds after driving her tongue deep into the blonde's flexing cunt hole, the brunette withdrew her tongue and attacked the twitching cunt. She flicked Kitty's clit back and forth as Kitty twitted her ass in wild circles. Intense desire gushed over her body and Kitty's shrieks of pleasure grew into wails of pure passion and ecstasy.

She gazed at the brunette's glistening cunt patch and whiffed the majestic fragrance of Sue's pussy. Animal-like lust engulfed Kitty as she suddenly had the overwhelming desire to bury her own tongue deep into Sue's hot cunt. She shifted her head over and tentatively rubbed her nose through Sue's thick curly thatch and the protruding slice of pink pussy meat.

She delicately extended her tongue and lapped it over Sue's pussy lips. The erotic taste and smell sizzled her senses and Kitty was instantly driven into a frenzy of cunt-lapping that shocked her. Never would she have thought she could be performing this act. Licking a juicy pussy just wasn't something she had ever even fantasized about. But now, gripped by lust into the lewd action, Kitty found everything about it exciting and arousing.

She quivered violently at the feel of the brunette's eager lips on her own pussy. Her entire body shuddered and heaved as the brunette drilled her tongue in and out of the blonde-rimmed pussy hole. Searing heat raged through her pussy and Kitty knew she was about to come.

Kitty struggled desperately to steady her fingers as she gingerly pried apart Sue's cunt lips. She was anxious to dig her tongue deep into the brunette's creamy cunt channel and return the thrilling pleasure she was currently receiving. She delicately opened up Sue's pussy gash and quickly darted her tongue up and down the tasty cunt slit. She zeroed in on Sue's twitching clit and delighted at the response from Sue the instant she clamped her lips around the shuddering bud.

"Oh, yes!" mumbled, opening her mouth wide and sucking in most of Kitty's hot pussy. "Stick your tongue inside!" the brunette instructed, her words muffled by the blonde's trembling cunt.

But Kitty had no trouble hearing the message. She reacted immediately and eagerly, piercing through the creamy tissues just inside Sue's cunt gash. Kitty propelled her tongue forward until she was spearing Sue's cunt channel, tasting the creamy residue from the brunette's convulsing cunt.

The blonde's first orgasm came suddenly and violently. Before Kitty realized what was happening, her pussy shuddered and convulsed as the glorious sensations sparked an eruption throughout her cunt. Her hot juices flowed and filled Sue's sucking mouth as Kitty's body contorted in wild gyration controlled by her orgasm.

As the exquisite sensations consumed her, Kitty picked up the tempo of her own cunt tonguing. She plunged her tongue in and out of Sue's pussy, desperate to tongue-fuck the brunette into a jarring climax. She wanted to drink the brunette's pussy juice and to know that she could make the more experienced woman come.

Then, just as she thought she was about to succeed in tonguing Sue to an orgasm; the brunette surprised and shocked Kitty by suddenly darting her nectar-slick tongue straight into the blonde's ass. Kitty felt Sue's fingers dig in to her ass cheeks and jerk them apart just as she slipped her tongue into her puckered asshole.

Kitty instantly shrieked and the brunette had to whip her legs around Kitty's head to keep the blonde's face against her hot cunt. Violent shudders trembled Kitty's body as she felt the brunette's tongue slither deeper and deeper into her asshole. The angle was perfect and Kitty's own pussy juice had lubed the brunette's tongue enough to allow her to easily plunge her tongue into the blonde's flexing ass chute.

Kitty experienced another fierce orgasm almost immediately, and she savored the wonders sensations by digging into Sue's pussy with her active tongue. She licked the brunette's convulsing pussy hole, driven by the glorious sensations raging through her own body.

The wanton ass-tonguing sizzled Kitty's senses as she slurped up the brunette's rich pussy nectar. When Sue started to groan and tremble and hump her pussy hard against Kitty's driving tongue, the blonde knew she was finally making Sue come. She relished the moment and continued to suck up the gushing juice that filled her mouth. She used her tongue to coax even more of Sue's pussy cream into her mouth and she moaned as yet another climax rattled through her own cunt. Her asshole was now totally clogged by Sue's tongue and Kitty discovered a whole different set of sensations.

Kitty sucked and licked Sue's slime-coated pussy in a frenzy of fuck-lust. When Sue climaxed again, she continued flicking her tongue feverishly over the brunette's clit feasting on the shuddering bud and thrilling to the way she was making Sue come.

Finally, Sue released her leg-lock on Kitty's head and went limp. Her tongue slipped from Kitty's asshole and the blonde rolled off the brunette, gasping for breath. They lay beside each other, moaning and sighing, each recovering at her own pace.

It was Sue who made the next move. She flashed Kitty a wanton smile as she stretched out and reached toward the nightstand drawer. Kitty's eyes leaped to gaping attention as the brunette fished out an eight-inch dildo.

"You ready to try this baby?" Sue giggled, stroking it as if it were a real cock.

"We won't be needing that," Brad's voice sounded from the bedroom doorway, startling the two women. "The real thing is always better."

Kitty couldn't argue with that.

Chapter FIVE

"Looks like you girls started without me," Brad said with a smirk as he stepped into the bedroom. He surveyed the two naked women sprawled before him on the bed with a casual air as he slowly started to strip. "I've got some catching up to do."

Kitty's initial reaction to the sudden appearance of Brad was a startled embarrassment. At first, she was devastated that her boss and occasional lover had seen her in a lesbo embrace with Sue. But she quickly realized Brad wasn't likely to be shocked.

Now, Kitty became fascinated watching Brad strip off his clothes and approach the bed. His cock, was already surging into a stiff hard-on and the sight was causing her pussy to flutter with renewed arousal. She felt her clit throb into life as her nipples tingled with fresh desire.

"Mmmmm, Brad, you look good enough to eat," Sue purred as she positioned herself on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

"Prove it, honey," Brad snapped.

A trickle of jealousy raced over Kitty as she watched the horny brunette eagerly close her lips around Brad's swollen cock head. Her boss was standing at the edge of the bed and gently placing his hands on top of Sue's head, running his fingers through her long dark curls and, from the wide grin curving his lips, obviously loving the attention of Sue's mouth on his cock.

Kitty blushed as she watched the intimate act. She tried to stifle her jealous feelings and decided the best way to combat it was to get in to the action.

"Come on, baby," Brad said, motioning toward Kitty. "There's plenty to go around."

Kitty grinned sheepishly as she crawled toward her boss and Sue. She watched as Sue swirled her tongue over Brad's cock knob and she felt herself being drawn to the lusty action. She moved next to Sue and reached out to gently cup Brad's balls. She wrapped her fingers delicately around his nuts and savored the heat that radiated from them. She trembled from the sensation and suddenly longed to suck the male eggs into her warm mouth.

The horny blonde lowered her head and, working just beneath Sue's cock-sucking lips, managed to flick her tongue out against Brad's hairy ball-sac. She teased his nuts with her tongue-tip and listened proudly as the man moaned his delight.

"Girls, this is almost too good to be true," he rasped, lowering one hand to Kitty's back and gently rubbing over the smooth flesh. "There can be nothing finer than having two lovely ladies sucking on my cock and my balls at the same time. Every man should be so lucky."

Kitty's pussy felt syrupy as she continued to massage Brad's balls with her tongue. Finally, she managed to draw his nuts between her wet lips and suck them gently into her mouth. She moaned, savoring the taste of them as they rested on her tongue.

In the mean time, Sue was busy licking her tongue up and down Brad's jutting prick. Brad tangled his fingers in both women's hair as his cock throbbed from the loving attention it was receiving from the two female tongues.

It would have been easy for Kitty to envy Sue as she glimpsed the brunette running her tongue gluttonously over the length of Brad's prick shaft. Instead, Kitty occupied herself by dribbling saliva over Brad's balls, then sucking them clean. She thrilled to the feeling of his nuts tightening against the delicate touch of her tongue and lips. She felt every tremor that shivered through his body.

Then, in an unplanned moment, the woman's tongues met as Sue licked her way through the hairy base of Brad's cock at the same time that Kitty was flicking her tongue-tip against the top of Brad's ball-bag. The contact sent electrical shockwaves through Kitty and she instantly realized the affect was similar with Sue. The woman froze for a second as they gazed into each other's eyes.

Brad chuckled and broke the tender moment by twisting his hands in the women's hair and forcing them back onto the bed. He then moved between them and stretched out across the mattress on his back. He reached over and lazily fingered Kitty's big, stiff nipples as he dropped his other hand over Sue's dark-thatched pussy.

"I want my employees to be close, but you two are starting to get ridiculous," he joked as he playfully pinched one of Kitty's sensitive nipples.

"Ouch!" Kitty yelped as she reached for Brad's nuts and gave them a fast squeeze. "It's a good thing you finally showed up. Sue was teaching me some very interesting things."

"I noticed," Brad snapped.

"You sort of liked watching didn't you, Brad?" Sue asked as she snuggled against her boss.

"I'm beginning to like this even more," he admitted as the women's hands tangled around his jutting prick and bloated balls. "But I'm starting to get hungry. You girls have any ideas about that?"

Kitty and Sue giggled, then Sue said, "What's your mood, sir? Blonde or brunette?"

Brad chuckled as he turned slowly toward Kitty. "I think I've got a taste for a juicy blonde," he said. "Think you can help me with that, Kitty?"

Kitty's heart pounded with excitement and pride as she winked at her boss. "You just got yourself a very nourishing lunch!"

She splayed open her legs as Brad eased down, dragging his tongue over the length of her belly and the top of her creamy thigh. He tickled her blonde cunt patch with his tongue tip, and Kitty shivered with delight as her cunt juices rumbled and flowed. He licked his way through her dense pussy bush, flicking his tongue-tip against her tender cunt gash and toying with the sensitive folds of her quivering pussy.

Just as he stabbed his stiffened tongue into her juicy cunt hole, Sue moved around behind him and pushed her face under his crotch. She wasted no time sucking his cock head into her mouth as he worked on Kitty's pussy. Brad raised his ass to give Sue access to his hard, pulsating prick while he buried his face against Kitty's syrupy pussy.

She sucked his balls into her mouth and Kitty strained to watch as Brad's darting tongue quickly drove her into a frenzy of lusty excitement. She fell back against the mattress and moaned a guttural sigh as the ecstasy of Brad's tongue-fucking over-powered her senses. Kitty experienced the raw heat of pure passion as his tongue relentlessly plunged in and out of her convulsing cunt cavern.

Lost in her fit of aroused delirium, she didn't realize that Sue had abandoned Brad's cock and balls until she felt the brunette's hot, wet lips close around one of her taut nipples. She blinked open her eyes in time to see Sue resting beside her and ducking her face down over her throbbing tits. Kitty instinctively arched her ass and humped her pussy hard against Brad's pistoning tongue and nibbling lips as Sue sucked on one of her nipples.

Overwhelming sensations flooded her body and sizzled her nerves as the twin tongues worked on the most sensitive regions of her body. Kitty was propelled into a state of wile passion, captured by the intense heat of her passion and lust. The feelings were incredible and delicious.

Sue squeezed Kitty's tits while she moved her lips over the blonde's nipples. She grazed the rubbery nipples with her teeth, making the horny blonde groan and squirm in ecstasy. Then, seconds later, the brunette lifted her head and smiled down on Kitty. She winked at the blonde and deliberately fed her one of her tits.

Kitty eagerly gobbled up the brunette's huge tit-melon, swirling her tongue passionately over the tasty, stiff nipple. The tit-flesh muffled her joyous moans as Brad continued to stab his tongue in and out of her juicy cunt hole.

"Okay. My turn!" Brad snapped, lifting up and smiling at the two women. His face glistened with Kitty's sticky cunt juice and he licked his wet lips with smacking pleasure as he moved up and straddled the blonde's chest.

Sue just managed to escape, freeing her tit from Kitty's lips just before Brad shoved his pulsing prick into the blonde's wet mouth. Kitty gulped and adjusted just in time as Brad forced his thick prick deep into her throat.

She gagged momentarily as her boss hammered his cock hard in and out of her gaping mouth. A fierce friction sizzled her lips as his prick slid in and out of her mouth, clogging her threat and forcing her to administer to his cockmeat.

"Slick it down good, honey," Brad rasped as he squeezed Kitty's head between his strong hands. "I've got plans for my cock that you're going to love. Make my prick slick and greasy and it'll be easier for you."

Kitty didn't miss the subtle warning in his tone, but the anxiety she felt was quickly erased by the tremendous sensations exploding over her lust-driven body. Familiar feminine lips were suddenly busy nibbling on her simmering cunt folds, kissing and caressing her sensitive, twitching cunt gash. She howled around the mouth of prick meat clogging her throat as she felt Sue's expert tongue dart into her pussy hole.

Kitty came immediately and bucked her ass and hips violently while throwing her long legs around Sue's head, pinning the sexy brunette in place against her flowing pussy. At the same time, Kitty worked her mouth and tongue furiously over Brad's ramming prick. Her mouth created a perfect socket for his driving cock and she hummed as he sawed his cock in and out of her hot mouth.

And then suddenly, Kitty felt herself being flipped over on her belly. Weakened by her intense orgasm and momentarily confused by her lust-numbed senses, she found herself facedown in the middle of the bed, her hands clutching at the sheets. She heard Sue and Brad snickering as she felt Brad's strong fingers prying apart her ass cheeks.

"What's going on?" she whispered, glancing over her shoulder.

"Take it easy," Sue said soothingly. "Put your head in my lap and lick, my pussy while Brad fucks your ass."

It wasn't possible for Kitty to protest. Sue was cradling the blonde's head as she sat in front of Kitty's face. She opened her mouth and inhaled the rich aroma of Sue's dark-haired pussy just as she felt Brad rub his engorged cock head around her soupy pussy. It was at that instant that Kitty realized what was about to happen. Brad was obviously lubing his prick so he could fuck her asshole and, in spite of the initial fear that shivered through her, Kitty was thrilled at the prospect.

She dropped her face against the warmth and cozy comfort of Sue's pussy and flicked her tongue over the juicy membranes of the brunette's cunt gash. She tried to brace herself for Brad's fuck-thrust, but she quickly discovered that nothing could prepare her for it.

When Brad pushed his cock head inside her asshole, Kitty groaned but continued lashing her tongue hungrily through Sue's pussy gash. Her tight asshole clamped around Brad's prick knob, but other than a burning sensation, it wasn't too bad. Then Brad forced the rest of his cock shaft into her ass and the pain of the initial penetration took her breath away.

She tried to scream a howl, but Sue's pussy blocked off the guttural wail. Instead of screaming, Kitty's mouth filled with Sue's hairy pussy. But in a moment the pain subsided and wildly intense pleasure took over.

She moaned happily as she gluttonously sucked and licked Sue's gaping pussy. She started to hump back against Brad's driving prick, thrilling to the way his cockmeat impaled her asshole.

She came with a terrific force instantly as Brad moved his head to her cunt and flicked her clit while he fucked her asshole. Her entire body jarred and vibrated as the ecstasy flashed through her. She burrowed her face hard against Sue's juicy pussy as she screamed out her joy.

Another gut-wrenching orgasm ripped through her pussy as Brad slammed his prick in and out of her bowels. Her gaping mouth was clogged with Sue's pussy pulp and her yelps of pleasure were completely choked off.

When Sue fell backward, savoring the afterglow of her orgasm, Kitty was finally free to voice her own pleasure. The lust-consumed blonde shrieked screams of raw passion as her asshole massaged Brad's pistoning prick.

With her pussy convulsing wildly and juicing heavily, her asshole gripped Brad's cock in a buttery vise. The feelings were tremendous and never before had Kitty experienced such utter delight. Explosions of pleasure rocked her senses as her shapely body flopped and twisted on top of the mattress.

Brad grunted, but controlled his own orgasm, continuing to fuck Kitty's widely-stretched ass. Through the haze of her lust-clouded vision, Kitty glimpsed Sue, sprawled and groaning, rubbing her convulsing pussy, savoring the echoing rumblings of her most recent climax.

Kitty tasted the brunette's cunt juice on her lips, but the incessant pounding of Brad's prick in and out of her ass chute dominated her thoughts and attention. She dropped her face back down flat on the bed and clawed at the bed covers as the burning sensations engulfed her nerves. She bellowed as yet another orgasm was triggered in the depths of her syrupy cunt hole.

Suddenly, Brad's cock erupted, showering his hot jism straight into Kitty's bowels. The explosion of spunk knocked Kitty forward as she belched another horrendous, shrill scream of passion. She felt her clenching asshole milk the imbedded prick as it spasmed and shot.

The torrid seconds passed until finally Brad collapsed down on Kitty's back, his weight falling heavily across her. Her tight ass continued to flex against the thick cockmeat stuffed inside her and her juice-leaking pussy continued to churn long after the memory of her violent orgasms had filtered over her nerves.

"I guess this is as good a time as any to welcome you two to my apartment," Sue quipped, sitting up on the bed and grinning at Brad and Kitty. "I was worried everybody would be too shy to make this a real party."

"Boy, were you wrong!" Kitty said, leading the happy giggles.

Chapter SIX

Kitty didn't realize how late it was until she happened to glance toward Sue's bedroom window and see that it was almost dark outside. She leaped off the bed as fast as her lust-numbed limbs could move and dressed as panic gripped her. Jesus, what will I tell Pat? The fearful question burned her mind as she mumbled quick good-byes to Sue and Brad and hustled out of the apartment.

Her mind raced with explanations as she gunned her car toward home. Pat was sure to be either worried out of his tree or totally pissed.

What she had planned to be a two or three hour adventure had become an afternoon of wild fucking and sucking. She repeatedly examined her face in the rearview mirror as she weaved through the weekend traffic. She searched desperately for any telltale evidence of the wanton activities she had enjoyed during the day. She was afraid there was no way to disguise the unmistakable scent of sex on her body and she hoped to climb into the shower as soon as she got home.

Her heart pounded and her guts tightened as she drove up to the front of her apartment and saw that the living room light was on. She braced, herself for a confrontation with Pat as she hurried up the front walk. She patted her long blonde hair nervously, then opened the front door, a careful smile etched across her pretty face.

"Hello, stranger," an unexpected male voice greeted as she stepped into the apartment. "I love the way you play hostess for your favorite brother-in-law."

She blinked, then giggled a high-pitched laugh as relief swept through her. "My only brother-in-law, you mean," she said, hurrying up to Pat's younger brother and embracing the boy in a sisterly hug. "What a pleasant surprise!"

"I see that my brother is taking such good care of you that you spend a whole Saturday afternoon gone," the boy chided. "Been married to the guy two weeks and already out spending all the family dough, eh?"

She slapped the boy's bottom playfully and smirked. "It's the real reason your brother married me, Bob," she joked. "He wanted my money, but I'm fooling him. I'm gonna spend it up before he gets his hands on it."

"Good for you, Sis," Bob Willis said with a wide smile.

"Where is that gold-digging brother of yours anyway?" she asked casually, maintaining her playful manner.

Bob shrugged and winked. "He said something about a redhead and a young blonde. Then he mentioned something about the mice playing while the cat is away. I didn't catch all of it."

"Funny," Kitty said. "Your brother has got a young blonde right here, and she's more than he can handle."

The young man snickered as he stepped over to retrieve his beer beside the television set. Kitty watched him and scolded her self for lingering over his slender, boyish ass inside his snug fitting jeans. She and Bob had gotten along great from the very beginning of her relationship with Pat. They teased each other constantly, more like typical brothers and sisters rather than in-laws.

"Seriously, Kitty, your old man was called back to a construction site," Bob said as he crossed the living room and sat on the sofa, cradling his beer in his lap. "There was a fire and his foreman needed him and the rest of the crew to help the insurance guys. He might be gone all night, so he called me. He didn't want you to be here alone."

"Well, your brother sure is a trusting soul," Kitty purred. "Leaving me all alone all night with such a luscious stud."

"Bullshit!" Bob chuckled, sipping his beer and eying his sister-in-law with a distinctive twinkle which Kitty noticed. "You should appreciate what babysitting my brother's wife is doing to my love-life. Rachel was really pissed when I had to break our date tonight."

"You should've brought her here," Kitty said, stepping into the kitchen and getting a beer for herself. "Besides, there's no need for you to be here. I certainly don't need a babysitter. Call Rachel, make-up with her and go pick her up. Simple."

The teenager shook his head slowly. "Nope. Too late. I called her a few minutes before you came in and she's already split for the night. Her old man said she went out with Ronnie Drake. Fucking jock!"

"Shit, Bob, I'm sorry," Kitty said, sitting beside her brother-in-law on the sofa. "Hey, she'll come to her senses by tomorrow. What girl would settle for some dumb high school jock when she could have a handsome dude like you?"

"Rachel Murphy, that's who," Bob said with a sigh.

"Well, fuck her," Kitty snapped. "She doesn't deserve you."

"Hell, I wish I could fuck her," the boy admitted, staring down at his beer. "She must be saving it for Ronnie or some other big hero jock."

Kitty felt real sympathy for her young brother-in-law. She did her best to cheer him up as they talked and joked and drank another beer together. They watched TV until midnight, ate some popcorn and, gradually, Kitty worked him out of his depression. Kitty still had vivid memories of her own painful teenaged years.

"I'll just crash here on the sofa if you don't mind, Kitty," Bob said when Kitty stood and headed for that shower she had promised herself hours before.

"Make yourself at home, Bob," she said, smiling sweetly at the young man. "Give me ten minutes and the shower is all yours."

He nodded. "Yeah, I feel pretty growdy." As Kitty stood beneath the blasting shower spray and soaped away the residue of her wild afternoon of sex, she couldn't help but dwell on the provocative sight of Bob's tight, trim ass encased in those super-tight jeans. She felt a slight stirring in her pussy that at first startled her, then excited her. Fuck, I shouldn't feel guilty for my thoughts, she told herself as she continued to relish the lusty image of his rump. She recalled vividly the generous lump in the crotch of his jeans as her clit suddenly tingled into hardening life. Then, quickly, she finished her shower, turned off the water, grabbed a towel and padded into the bedroom.

She was in bed, under the covers and pretending to be asleep when Bob quietly stepped through the bedroom and into the bathroom. She lay listening the sounds of his shower as her mind played erotic images of the young man's nude body. She squeezed her thighs together and moaned softly as she felt her throbbing, erect cunt going wild with arousal. She closed her eyes and pictured the water washing away soap suds from the young man's muscular shoulders.

God, what a slut I'm becoming, she told herself. She reached down and lightly touched her blonde-covered pussy. Her puffy cunt lips were already moist and creamy. Her big nipples were jutting stiffly against the cool sheets, tingling with arousal. She sighed and sat up on the bed, bracing her back and shoulders against the headboard. She flipped on the bedside lamp and waited for Bob to come out of the bathroom. Shit, I'll hate myself tomorrow, but the kid has made me horny as hell!

He stepped into the bedroom and froze. A towel was wrapped around his slender waist, otherwise he was totally naked. His eyes locked instantly on Kitty's and the horny blonde knew her brother-in-law was getting a clear, lusty signal.

"I feel responsible for blowing your date, Bob," she whispered, aware that the bedcovers were barely covering her huge tit-mounds. "I could make it up to you."

The boy appeared too stunned to talk even as he moved tentatively toward the bed and his sister-in-law. Kitty dropped her eyes to the bulge already throbbing against the towel and threatening to pulsate the flimsy covering away from his crotch. His gaping eyes seemed locked on the luscious sight of her satiny tit-globes spilling out over the edge of the sheets. He licked his lips as he finally reached the edge of the bed.

Bob stood perfectly still, his face flushed and his eyes sparkling as they continued to stare down on her shapely tit-melons. His cock was raging beneath the towel, sticking straight out lewdly and provocatively. Kitty felt an overpowering urge to reach out and lovingly fondle the jutting cockmeat.

"That looks like quite a pistol you're packing there, mister," Kitty said, trying to keep her voice light and breezy.

Bob cleared his throat nervously. "I could show you," he rasped.

At that moment, Kitty realized there was no turning back. Slowly, she reached out and touched his leg, slipping her fingers beneath the towel and allowing her fingertips to crawl gradually toward his balls. Immediately, his breathing became ragged and labored as his body started to tremble with pure excitement.

When she gingerly cupped his surprisingly meaty balls and wrapped her cool fingers around the bloated nuts, the towel fell away and dropped harmlessly to the floor. Then, it was Kitty's turn to gasp. She found herself gaping at a gigantic prick, both longer and thicker than either Pat's or Brad's. In fact, she quickly calculated, it was by far the largest cock she had ever seen.

"Oh my," she cooed, loaning toward him and not caring in the least that the sheets had now fallen completely off of her huge tits. "Bobby, your little girl friend is a total fool!"

That comment seemed to break the ice and the boy snickered and reached for his sister-in-law with sudden confidence. He gently stroked her long, silky blonde curls, edging his fingers closer and closer to her big tits.

The horny blonde knew what she was doing and encouraging was crazy, but she didn't much care. Their mutual lust and attraction was too powerful to combat. She eagerly used her free hand to stroke up and down his impressive cockmeat while continuing to massage his heavy balls with her other hand. She gazed in utter fascination at his huge, swollen and purplish cock head that was pointed directly at her lush, moist lips.

"Lovely and very impressive," she cooed, curling her fingers around the thickest part of his cock shaft and pumping the hot prick meat vigorously. "I can't resist this beautiful thing?"

Bob moved immediately to make it easier for her. He inched even closer to her face and rested a knee on the edge of the mattress as his engorged cock head loomed a scant inch or two from Kitty's lush lips. She moaned in horny expectation and began to deliberately tease him by opening her mouth wide, then closing it just short of letting her lips touch the tip end of his swollen cock knob. This playful action brought a guttural giggle from the young man and he reacted by tugging not so gently on her long hair.

"Don't be a bitch, Kitty," he hissed.

His cock head seemed to swell even larger as she squeezed the massive root of his prick shaft and bounced his heavy balls gently in the palm of her other hand. Her pussy was steaming now as she gladly stopped teasing him and settled down to some serious cock-sucking.

She slipped her hand off his balls and slid it around his slender waist and rested her fingers on a tight, hard ass cheek. This time when she opened her lips, she closed them securely around his plump cock head. The heat from the prick knob was incredible and Kitty groaned as the boy's enormous prick head seemed to enlarge inside her hot mouth.

Bob started to fuck her face in a frenzy she hadn't expected or anticipated. His bold action caught her off guard and the horny blonde had to adjust quickly to keep from choking on his massive cock head. He plunged his prick knob against her throat and growled passionately. Gradually, he plunged more and more of his tremendous prick into her sucking mouth until Kitty feared she couldn't possibly accommodate any more.

Her eyes gaped wide as size discovered there was still half of his fuck meat outside her stretched lips! And already, his spongy cock head was lodged against her throat!

She frantically squeezed his ass cheeks, desperately hoping to signal the boy that her mouth was filled to capacity. She gagged as he bucked his hips and slammed another inch of his cock into her mouth. There just wasn't any more room for the rest of his cockmeat.

She tried to pull her head back and free her mouth from the onslaught of his driving, mammoth prick. But he held her firm, grasping her blonde hair tightly in his fists while his passion overwhelmed his body.

His youthful zeal turned out to be Kitty's saving grace. Just when she knew his huge cock was going to choke her to death, she felt his mighty prick leap and jerk violently. She realized the teenager was about to blast his load into her throat. The thought barely raced through her mind when his thick spunk jetted down her throat, drenching her mouth and flooding the entire, clogged cavity.

Bob grunted low in his throat, his cock hitting her wind-pipe as his searing jism flooded her throat. Finally, she managed to pull back just enough to avoid drowning in the sea of his tidal-waving jizz. She jerked back fiercely and the gigantic cock flopped up and down, spewing his wad all over her face.

His whole lanky body shuddered and convulsed as his prick finally sprayed out the last of an enormous load. Her face was by now splotched with his thick, rich spunk, but Kitty didn't mind.

"It's supposed to be good for the complexion," she murmured when she resisted his polite efforts to wipe it off her face.

The real reason for her rejecting his clean-up action was due to the overwhelming arousal griping her churning pussy. She was desperate for her syrupy pussy to receive some attention and, while she longed for his terrific prick to do its duty on her quivering cunt, she was content to see what his tongue could do to dowse the raging fire inside her pussy tunnel.

Her mind raced as she directed him onto the bed and had him straddle her head. She positioned him urgently so that he was facing her moist, puffy cunt lips, looking down over her shapely body and able to enjoy the erotic view of her glistening blonde cunt patch.

"Just stretch out across me, honey," she breathed as she gripped his slightly wilted prick in both hands and rubbed his deflated cock head against her lips. "Put your mouth against my pussy and stick your tongue into my cunt."

"Great!" Bob exclaimed. "I love tongue-fucking pussy."

"Oh, honey, you're too good to be true," Kitty squealed. "I married the wrong brother?"

His giggle was snuffed out by her hairy cunt as he suddenly buried his face greedily against her pussy bush and eagerly nibbled away on her juicy, sensitive pussy pulp. Kitty shrieked a joyous squeal as she felt his active tongue anxiously dart into her slippery cunt hole.

She gobbled up his softened prick meat, anxious to revive his huge cock to its gigantic stiffness and have him use it on her convulsing pussy. In the meantime, she savored the thrilling sensations his tongue was providing as he relentlessly drove it in and out of her cunt hole.

She shuddered and quaked as her pussy expelled a flood of cunt juice. Spasms of pleasure rocked her senses and she greedily sucked Bob's prick back into its huge dimensions. His tongue flicked and whipped her trembling cuntal tissues, bringing her more intense pleasure than she had imagined.

She thrilled at the discovery that the young stud actually was an accomplished cunt-lapper. Quickly, his tongue whipped her pussy into another jarring climax and he gluttonously slurped her the wet, sticky nectar that flowed from the depths of her pussy tunnel.

When he turned his attention to her overheated clit, she went wild! Kitty thrashed her legs up and down, then wrapped them around the boy's head as she humped up and down, frantically ramming her quivering pussy against his sopping face. Through it all, she managed to keep her lips locked around his pulsing cock. She marveled at the way his huge slab of cockmeat leaped against her tongue, and it was all she could do to fight the urge to choke herself on the surging prick.

"Oooohhhh, I need this cock in my cunt!" she wailed, pushing his boyish ass off her face with a burst of strength she never realized she possessed. "Fuck me now, Bob! Do it now! Please, fuck me with that big, beautiful cock!"

He flashed a lopsided grin in her direction as he rolled away, slipping his juice-smeared face off her convulsing pussy. She started to move over him and straddle his waist, but he stopped her and pushed her back flat on the bed. God, how she had wanted to ride that monster prick and to feel it stretch her juicy pussy tunnel. But the young man had other ideas, and Kitty thrilled to his aggressive control.

He wedged himself between her legs and gripped her huge tits as he pressed his weight down on her. With her pinned on her back, his hands squeezing and massaging her throbbing tits, he dabbed his bloated cock head against her steamy pussy.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me, baby!" she hissed, the plea coming from her throat in an airy gasp. "Slam that big prick into my cunt! God, I can't wait for you to plunge that prick into my pussy!"

She flopped her long legs wide open and desperately reached down to guide his terrific prick into her cunt hole. Bob merely laughed at her desperation, then aimed his engorged cock knob against the syrupy socket of her pussy tunnel.

A shrill squeal pierced the otherwise stillness of the bedroom as Kitty shrieked in response to the frenzied flexing of her cunt hole and pussy pulp against the boy's searing, spongy cock head. Then, automatically, her hungry pussy sucked up the enormous prick knob and it glided inside her pussy with a lewd pop. She bellowed a harsh scream of pleasure as her tender, slippery pussy membranes stretched to accommodate the monster cock head.

Without warning, Bob pushed forward and slid half his huge cock into her moist, hot cunt cavern. She trembled and groaned and instinctively wrapped her long legs around his waist as he pressed down hard and forced the rest of his enormous prick shaft into her tortured pussy hole.

Her gargled cries ripped through her throat as she endured the pain-pleasure of her cunt being stuffed to the absolute limit with teenaged cockmeat. The single, brutal stroke was enough to set her senses off into a vibrating, bone-trembling orgasm. Her stretched, strained prick convulsed and gushed hot juice over the imbedded prick as her pussywalls spasmed violently.

She felt his meaty balls tickle her upturned ass as her cunt muscles squeezed around his cockmeat. Her nonstop wails only intensified as he started to pull his massive prick out of her grasping, clinging pussy hole. When he hammered his tree-trunk cock back into her cunt hole, the blistering friction sent white-hot sensations through all of her nerves. She writhed in an unbelievable orgasm as her lust-controlled body grated in a series of lewd twisting contortions.

He began fucking her with long cork-screwing strokes of his gigantic prick meat, his swollen cock shaft rasping against her tender, hard clit with each downward thrust. Her hoarse wails left her throat dry and parched even as her pussy became slick with her flowing pussy cream.

Mercifully, he lasted only a dozen fuck strokes or so before he grunted and blasted his load into her womb. His teenaged trigger tired quickly and Kitty howled as the hot wads of thick spunk splattered into her churning, spasming cunt hole.

Bob slumped down on top of Kitty and the sated blonde held her young brother-in-law tight against her as they both rested after the strenuous fucking. Her pussy continued to flex against his jizz-oozing prick for many minutes.

"Honey, you can be my babysitter any time," Kitty laughed as she rubbed her hands over his tight ass.

"That's a deal!" Bob said with a chuckle as he squirmed atop his sister-in-law's curvaceous body. "It might be a tough job but, hell, somebody's got to do it."

Chapter SEVEN

Two weeks later as Kitty kissed her husband and started to leave, he grabbed her wrists and peered earnestly into her eyes.

"Baby, I'm glad you're showing such an interest in my kid brother," Pat said sincerely. "Bob needs the attention and since I've been so busy I appreciate you spending so much time with the kid. Thanks."

Kitty grinned and shrugged. "It's no problem, darling," she snapped, pecking his forehead before hurrying out of the house.

As she climbed into her car, she had to laugh at the irony. She had been spending every possible free moment with Bob, feasting on his magnificent cock and his endless supply of rich jism. She sighed and felt a familiar tingling as her nipples stiffened just from her thoughts of the young man and his monster prick.

She drove anxiously toward the little motel out on the highway, her cunt already sizzling in horny anticipation. This particular Saturday encounter with her brother-in-law was going to be something special. This was the day she was going to meet his girl friend, Rachel Murphy.

During the course of their intimate talks between wild fucking and sucking sessions, Kitty had learned from Bob that the girl he was crazy about was painfully shy when it came to sex. Bob assured Kitty that Rachel was a delicious looking girl with a pair of womanly tits that belied her youthful age. She was, according to Bob, fun to be around until it came to sex. Then Rachel became uneasy and uncomfortable and unwilling to enjoy the pleasures that proper sex provided. He had also confessed that the sheer size of his prick had frightened the teenaged girl when she first saw it. He had talked her in to licking it a few times, but Rachel had never seemed to enjoy the experience.

Kitty convinced Bob that she could improve the situation between him and his girl friend. But the real task was Bob convincing Rachel to meet with Kitty and give her the chance to help the young girl unwind and enjoy a stiff, huge cock. Kitty had no doubt that she could show the girl the path to enjoyable sex. When Bob announced on Friday that Rachel had agreed to meet them Saturday at noon at their motel hideaway, Kitty was ecstatic. This was going to be a terrific and pleasant challenge.

When Kitty arrived at the motel, Bob and his girl friend were already there. Rachel was indeed a real beauty. Kitty greeted her warmly and immediately worked to soothe the dark-haired girl's nervousness. She complimented Rachel on her lovely, alluring coal-black shoulder-length hair, her flawless, exotic olive-complexion skin and her girlish, yet curvy figure.

Kitty gave Bob and Rachel a couple of beers, and the three of them sipped them and chatted casually, breaking the tension and becoming better acquainted. It didn't take long for Kitty to win the girl's confidence and friendship. After all, Kitty wasn't that much older than the young lovers and she pressed this fact to her advantage in making Rachel feel at ease.

"Setting the right mood is always as important as the actual fucking," Kitty said when she had eased the topic back to sex and the real reason for this meeting. "Believe me, Rachel, if done properly, you'll be begging for Bob's big prick. Then once you get it, you'll bug him to death to keep getting it."

Her teenaged audience giggled and exchanged glances as Kitty stood in front of them and began a slow, provocative strip-tease. Kitty had to remind herself not to mention her previous intimacy with Bob in front of Rachel. She and her brother-in-law had agreed that might shock the young girl and make her even more uncomfortable. Instead, Kitty hinted that she would use Bob as an example of how Rachel could easily get him stimulated and turned on while getting herself eager for his prick.

"Put on a show for your man, Rachel," Kitty said as she peeled off her blouse and coyly revealed her overstuffed, lacy bra. "Watch his reaction and you'll find yourself getting hot and wet down where it counts."

Rachel giggled nervously as she watched the slow strip-tease with as much interest as Bob. Kitty slipped off her skirt and paraded sexily in front of the teenagers, wearing only her bra, bikini panties and high-heel pumps. She lowered her gaze toward Bob's crotch, struggling to be free of his jeans. She moaned at the sight of that good omen and slowly unclasped the hook of her bra.

When Kitty's big tits bounced into view, Rachel gasped and blushed a deep, red as her eyes gaped wide. Bob responded to the luscious view of Kitty's tit-melons and stiff nipples by licking his lips and grinning broadly.

"Are you beginning to feel a tingling sensation in your pussy, honey?" Kitty asked Rachel softly, standing directly in front of the blushing girl.

Rachel's blush deepened as she nodded. "Yeah, it feels hot and squishy inside," she admitted.

"You'd like to suck my titties, wouldn't you?" Kitty asked, keeping her tone light and casual.

Rachel squirmed nervously on the edge of the bed beside Bob, then nodded quickly. "I don't get it, but yeah, I wouldn't mind sucking them."

"Why don't you stand up and touch my tits first?" Kitty said gently. "That'll really make Bob's prick leap and twitch."

The young girl glanced at Bob's lap and instinctively licked her lips as she gazed at the thick bulge straining against his tight-fitting jeans. Bob flashed his girl friend a lewd grin as she slowly unzipped his fly.

"Maybe this is a good time for you to see the real thing," he whispered.

Rachel stood up and nervously reached out and cupped Kitty's mammoth tits. Her fingers were cold at first as she tentatively fondled the swollen tit-mounds, but Kitty could read the girl's expression and knew Rachel's pussy must be getting very hot and wet. The experienced blonde used this opportunity to reach around and unzip Rachel's dress. She quickly slipped her hands inside the parted dress and unclasped the teenager's bra.

Rachel groaned and touched her fingertips to Kitty's stiffened nipples just as Kitty slid her hands beneath Rachel's loosened bra and felt for the teenager's shapely tits. Rachel's eyes sparkled with excitement and Kitty could almost hear the girl's heart pounding as her arousal reached a feverish level.

"Go ahead, Rachel," Bob urged. "Suck her tits. I'd love watching you do that."

"Go on, honey," Kitty coaxed, "lick my nipples and suck them. It'll feel wonderful, and then I'll return the favor and show you what you've been missing."

It suddenly struck Kitty how much like Sue she was sounding. Now it was Kitty teaching another female the joys of lesbo activity. She smiled as Rachel timidly leaned forward and opened her lips near one of the blondes jutting nipples.

She gasped as the girl gently closed her soft lips around the sensitive nipple. Kitty reveled in the feel of the girl's warm, moist tongue tentatively tracing the outline of the taut nipple.

"Ah, honey, that's it," Kitty mumbled. "You're doing just fine. Keep it up."

Gradually, Rachel became bolder as she started to suck on the older woman's responsive nipple.

"Suck on it a little harder now, dear," Kitty whispered as she delicately cupped Rachel's titties beneath the girl's dress. "Yes, ah, yes! Harder. Take the whole tit in your mouth. Yes, that's it! Ooooahhhh, suck it! Damn, baby, you're getting me hotter and hotter. Don't stop. You're doing a great job!"

Her lust sizzled to the surface as the girl began to eagerly suck and lick Kitty's tit. The girl was giving Kitty a true flash of arousal as she worked her lips and tongue aver the tingling nipple. Soon Kitty heard a soft moan escape from the young girl's throat as she switched to the other tit.

Kitty peered over Rachel's shoulder and made eye-contact with Bob. They exchanged winks and Bob immediately stood and shed his clothes. He moved up behind his girl friend, his enormous prick sticking out big and thick, and tenderly eased his arms around her slender waist.

"I want you naked too, Rachel," he whispered, kissing the side of her neck while she continued to suck Kitty's tit. "I can't wait for you to show Kitty and me that pretty body of yours. I want to run my hands over your lovely tits and your hot cunt and your shapely ass. Hurry, baby. Can you feel my cock pressing against your ass? Damn, it's so hard and horny, I'm afraid I'm about to blow my wad."

Rachel moaned again, this time louder. She was hungrily nibbling and sucking on Kitty's tit flesh, eagerly moving her mouth from tit to tit. She was obviously turned out by what she was doing and she seemed reluctant to abandon the succulent tits even for her boyfriend's huge prick.

"It's okay, dear," Kitty whispered as Rachel finally released the blonde's tits from her lips. "Always take care of your man first. Keep him happy and he'll be generous about letting you make it with other women."

Kitty helped Rachel strip off her dress. Then, with trembling fingers, the horny teenager slipped off her bra and tugged down her panties. She then turned to face Bob and her eyes instantly gaped wide as they glued to the imposing sight of his monster prick and big, meaty balls.

"Mmmmmmm, what a gorgeous body you have Rachel," Kitty said as she stepped around beside the dark-haired girl. She glanced at Bob and added, "I can certainly see why you love this girl so much."

Rachel blushed shyly. "Thank you. I was embarrassed to strip, especially in front of you, Kitty. My tits aren't as big as yours and I know most guys love blonde-bushed cunts."

Both Kitty and Bob chuckled gently as they moved to reassure the young girl that she had nothing to be embarrassed about.

"You're perfect, Rachel," Bob said as he touched her tits and rolled her pert nipples gently between his fingers.

"Oh, that feels good!" Rachel gasped. "Just wait until I suck these babies," Bob said with a broad smile. "I'm gonna make your little pussy really cream!"

"Come on, kids," Kitty said, leading both of them in toward the bed. "Let's stretch out and get comfortable. You get beside me, Rachel, and I'll suck your titties. Then Bob will take care of both of us."

Rachel didn't need coaxing as she positioned herself on the bed as Kitty had detailed. "I can't believe how hot my pussy is," she gasped. "It feels like my whole pussy is on fire!"

Bob chuckled as he gripped the thick base of his cock shaft. "I've got just the hose that'll put out that fire," he said as Kitty and Rachel giggled.

Rachel turned her gaze back on to Bob's impressive prick meat and immediately seemed to be mesmerized by it. She leaned toward Bob and grabbed the hard cock without uttering a single word. She started running her fingers up and down the long length of it, obviously amazed at its size and hardness. Kitty could almost read the young girl's mind as she watched how Rachel stroked the majestically massive prick. The girl wondered how in the fuck that huge slab of cockmeat could get wedged up inside her tight little pussy hole.

"It's incredible!" the young girl finally breathed. "It's so damn big and thick and hard!"

She moved his cock up and down and around in her small hand, inspecting it with open curiosity and amazement. She smiled as the huge prick jumped and jerked at her touch. She toyed with it, experimenting and obviously loving the way the fuck meat responded to her every touch and stroke. She rubbed it harder and faster, then slowed her tempo, covering every massive inch with feathery caresses.

"Wanna suck it?" Bob asked softly.

The young girl grinned. "Sure, if you don't mind," she answered, obviously thrilled by the notion. "I've heard a lot of the girls at school talk about doing that sort of thing, but I was always too shy and embarrassed to try it. Ronnie Drake wanted me to do it to him, but I just couldn't. Besides, his cock wasn't nearly as big as yours, Bob."

Bob grinned a proud smile and patted Rachel's head in a manner that struck Kitty as humorous. She managed to stifle the chuckle that instantly leaped to her throat and stirred on the bed. Her own pussy was twitching and quivering in horny expectation of the cock sucking she was about to witness. The idea of watching the young girl work her small mouth around Bob's gigantic prick thrilled the sexy blonde greatly.

"I think you'll enjoy it almost as much as I will, Rachel," Bob said, flashing Kitty a fast wink.

That was all the encouragement Rachel needed as she bent forward and closed her mouth over the engorged cock head. The soft, moist wall of her mouth wrapped tightly around Bob's prick knob and she moaned a throaty sigh that even sent erotic shudders through Kitty's pussy.

Instinctively, the young girl flicked her tongue over the bulbouse cock head, lathering it with her hot saliva. She soaked it down good, then started nibbling the tip-end of his cock head with her moist lips.

"Oh, Rachel," Bob rasped. "You're fantastic! You must be a real natural."

Bob's praise seemed to ignite Rachel into an increased frenzy of activity. She swirled her tongue hungrily over the slick surface of his prick head, then boldly gulped half of his huge cock shaft between her widely stretched lips.

Bob didn't move. He didn't want to lessen the sweet sensations his girl friend was giving his cock. His eyes shifted to Kitty, who was watching the proceedings while licking her lips and pinching her own nipples.

"Looks like watching this action is starting to get to you," he said to Kitty, his lips curving into a lewd smirk.

"It's just too damn bad I'm the teacher at this party," Kitty retorted. "I'm working up a real hunger for that cock of yours, but I'm holding off to give Rachel a whack at it. Getting you two off on the right foot sexually is making me do a ton of sacrificing!"

Bob giggled even, as he started arching his hips toward the sucking mouth and savoring the wonderful sensations his girl friend's mouth was providing.

Kitty studied the action closely even as she continued to play with her own tits. She noticed how Rachel seemed to redouble her cock sucking efforts every time Bob paid any attention to her. Kitty sensed that the teenager was a little jealous of her and Kitty couldn't really blame the girl. Kitty knew how quickly a girl could become possessive of a guy.

Then, Kitty, driven by the lust raging throughout her body, decided to intrude herself back into the hot fucking action. After all, she reasoned, Rachel would soon have Bob all to herself. No point in letting the girl hog the stud right now.

"Stretch out on your back, Bob," Kitty instructed. "I want to sit on your face while Rachel sucks your cock."

Neither Bob or Rachel voiced any objection and Bob assumed the desired position as Rachel kept her lips locked around his mammoth prick shaft.

"Play with my balls, Rachel," Bob said as Kitty straddled his head, her blonde-haired pussy hovering just above his lips. "Suck on them a little, too."

Kitty made sure it was the last statement Bob made for a while as she quickly sat down on his mouth and fed him her juicy, quivering pussy. She winked at Rachel as the teenager glanced up briefly from her lusty work between Bob's spread legs.

Kitty was no longer concerned about the image she projected to Rachel. Her own horniness was making it difficult for Kitty to give a damn whether or not Rachel guessed she and Bob had ever been lovers. All Kitty knew now was that her own cunt was steaming and she desperately needed some relief.

Bob groaned with pleasure and squirmed his ass against the mattress as Rachel dipped her mouth down low and sucked his meaty balls between her lips. His huge prick jutted straight up from his crotch and wavered like a sturdy flagpole in a gust of wind. The erotic sight caused Kitty to squeal passionately even as Bob's tongue slithered up into her juicy, spasming cunt hole.

When Rachel soon returned her attention to Bob's tall prick, the girl cast a lingering glance at Kitty and the provocative way in which the sexy blonde was perched atop Bob's face. Kitty quickly realized the girl was fascinated by the tongue-fucking, and it prompted Kitty's offer.

"Would you like to trade places?" she asked Rachel. "This boy has the most marvelous tongue in the world!"

Rachel flicked her tongue up the length of Bob's cock shaft once more as a lewd smile spread across her lips. "Yeah, I would love to try that," she murmured. "My pussy is sizzling just thinking about getting Bob's tongue licking up inside me."

The women quickly changed positions and Bob seemed amused by the musical chairs maneuvering. Either way, his prized cock was going to get some very special treatment and he was going to taste two lovely cunts.

Kitty quickly settled down between Bob's legs and wasted no time stabbing his plump balls with her tongue-tip. She listened to Rachel's immediate yelps of pleasure as the young girl experienced her first tongue-fucking. The lusty sounds only increased Kitty's desire as she eagerly sucked Bob's balls between her lips and munched delicately on the enormous male eggs.

She loved the way his fruit-sized nuts bloated her cheeks, but her burning, wet cunt propelled her quickly into more drastic action. Eagerly she released his balls from her mouth and sucked in his engorged prick head. Without hesitation, Kitty gobbled up more than half of his impressive prick shaft.

As Bob's tongue sent Rachel into heights of ecstasy she had obviously never before experienced, Kitty gluttonously slobbered over the stud's tremendous cock. She wanted it juicy and slick for when she mounted it with her pussy.

Kitty endured the exquisite torture of not immediately impaling herself on Bob's huge cock for several more seconds. Then, with her lust boiling and her pussy seething, she frantically scrambled up, straddled his hips and wedged her gash over his bulbous prick head. She shrieked a guttural wail as she dropped herself an the rigid prick pole and instantly felt the blistering invasion of his mammoth cock into the center of her cunt tunnel.

Rachel couldn't ignore Kitty's loud scream of pleasure as she savored her own ecstasy, rocking back and forth over Bob's face. Her spasming pussy bathed his handsome face with her cunt juices as she reached out and fondled Kitty's big tits.

The two women seemed drawn to each other, both supported by Bob's body and receiving some satisfaction from him. As Kitty started to bounce up and down on his gigantic cockmeat, intense orgasms vibrated her pussy and jarred her body. She screamed continuously, expressing her ecstasy in animalistic howls. Her stuffed cunt channel flexed around the imbedded prick and drenched it with hot, sticky cuntal nectar.

When he blasted his load of thick come into her womb, Kitty shouted a lust-filled scream that rattled throughout the motel room. Rachel watched intently even as her own explosive orgasms caused her youthful body to tremble and shudder and, finally, to topple off her lover's face.

All three lay in an exhausted heap on the bed, gasping for breath and savoring the glorious feelings of sexual satisfaction. Their naked arms and legs tangled haphazardly, and because of youthful vitality, within a very few minutes they were once again stroking and nibbling at each other.

Kitty watched eagerly as Rachel sucked Bob's semi-hard prick into her lips and proceeded to polish away the pussy cream that was clinging to her boy friend's cock meat. By the time Bob had pushed Rachel down on the bed and was sinking his massive prick into her tight pussy, Kitty was busily finger-fucking herself and waiting for an opportunity to join their action.

Meanwhile, the sexy blonde felt a swelling of pride as she watched the teenaged lovers. Their passionate fucking was proof that she had succeeded in getting their romance back on track. Keeping it there, she reflected, was definitely going to be fun.

Chapter EIGHT

It was with bitter irony a week later that Kitty found herself alone in the office, taking an occasional call and passing the time flipping through outdated magazines. The hectic pace of her sex life since her marriage had obviously spoiled her, and she had naturally expected it to continue. What was currently blowing her mind was that suddenly she seemed alone, getting absolutely no sex. The abrupt change was not without a set of rough withdrawal symptoms.

What a difference a few days can make! First, Pat was called out of town to be part of an emergency construction crew working on a government project. The money was too good for him to pass up, so the newly weds had kissed each other good-bye and reluctantly parted for a few days. Then, the next day, Brad announced that he and Sue were going to take advantage of a ten-day trip to Vegas he had won in a newspaper contest. He needed Kitty to man the office in their absence. But the most cruel irony of all was that after helping young Rachel overcome her shyness, she had become a horny tigress, possessive and extremely jealous when it came to sharing Bob and his tremendous cock. Now Bob was suddenly off-limits to Kitty.

The result of these separate incidents was that Kitty had suddenly become a twenty-year-old virginal spinster. She had gone from having more cock than she could handle to having none. It was devastating and her pussy, accustomed to lavish, steady attention, was inflamed by raging desire by her third day of sexual inactivity.

Finger-fucking only encouraged the lust fires inside her horny cunt and throughout her deprived body. Suddenly, Kitty had to make a bold move or risk going stark-mad. She closed the office and went out to search for a good stiff cock. Her wanton, slutty action thrilled her and added to the burning arousal already sweeping through her. The bold adventure was exciting.

She ducked into a large department store three blocks from Brad's office and headed straight for the sporting goods. She had engaged in some innocent flirtations with a couple of the salesmen in that department on previous lunch hours and one of them in particular had a clean cut, blond-blue-eyed look that especially appealed to her. She stepped through the department, gazing at the boxing equipment, barbells and baseball gloves, pretending to shop. It didn't take long for her curvaceous body and her glamorous looks to attract the very salesman she had enjoyed a few fleeting fantasies about.

"Hello, pretty lady," he beamed. "Looking for anything in particular?"

Her eyes twinkled as she allowed her gaze to travel wantonly over his trim, fit body. "I'm shopping for some special equipment," she cooed. "It must be hard and sturdy and really be able to give me a workout."

The salesman blinked, then his lips curled into an understanding smirk. "Lady, I think I have what you need in the warehouse. If you'll come with me."

He escorted her through the sporting goods department and through a door labeled "Employees Only". She stepped alongside him down a dimly lit, narrow corridor that led into a spacious concrete-floored storage room. The walls were lined with shelves loaded with crates and shipping boxes.

"It ain't a luxury suite, but it should be private," the salesman said, draping his arm over her shoulders and directing her toward a stack of bundled mattresses. "Everybody's gone to lunch."

"Not quite everybody," a male voice echoed through the bunker-like storage room.

The salesman and Kitty both turned around to see another sporting goods salesman stepping toward them, a lewd smile spread across his face.

"Goddamn you, Harvey, you scared the shit out of us," the blond salesman said. "Give us a break and get lost."

"Let's let the lady decide who leaves," Harvey said as he approached Kitty.

Kitty scanned the intruder and made a snap decision. "You boys don't have to fight," she murmured. "This mattress looks big enough for three."

The two men flashed broad smiles at each other and chuckled, as Kitty stretched across the middle of the bundled mattress.

"You heard the lady, Steve," Harvey said, already tugging off his tie. "I sure think she's got enough good stuff to go around."

Steve chuckled as he climbed up on the stack of mattresses and stretched out beside the sexy blonde. Kitty instinctively cuddled against the handsome blonde salesman and deliberately pressed her bulging tits against his chest.

"I really don't have much time," she cooed. "I'm on my lunch hour and I've got to get back soon."

"Don't worry about it," Steve snapped as he reached for her big tits and squeezed them through the sheer material of her silk blouse.

Kitty had no intention of worrying about it or anything else except relieving her horny frustrations. Her body tingled in lusty alertness as the second salesman joined them on the mattress. This was really getting exciting. Two stiff, eager cocks for the price of one. Now that was some shopping spree!

"I've been wanting to get my hands on you for months," Steve said, anxiously unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her huge, shapely tit-melons. "Where the fuck have you been lately?"

"On my honeymoon," she replied, loving the shock value of her simple statement.

She giggled as she watched the startled expressions of the two men. Then the three of them shared some gleeful laughter as the men stripped her.

"Man, look at that blonde pussy patch," Harvey said with a low-pitched whistle. "I'm gonna love digging for that gold!"

"Shit, I've got a hard-on that won't quit!" Steve said.

"Are you blaming me for it?" Kitty teased. "Baby, with those tits and that blonde-furred cunt, you bet your sweet ass I'm blaming you," he retorted as he unbuckled his belt and unhooked his slacks.

Kitty sighed a deep, guttural moan as she stretched between the two men. She squirmed her ass and raised her arms over her head. This was the craziest thing she'd ever done, but it was a real turn-on. Just knowing that a few yards away, hundreds of shoppers were scurrying through the department store, completely unaware that she was using this storage room to be the middle of a lewd sex sandwich.

Steve finished stripping and rolled against her, pressing his hot, throbbing prick against her creamy thigh. He bent down over her and ran his hand gently over her luscious tits.

"I used to think you wore falsies," he said. "Boy, was I ever wrong!"

"I'll say," Harvey echoed as he finished tugging off his slacks and shorts.

He reached over and cupped one of Kitty's tits while Steve fondled her other tit. Harvey squeezed her nipple and Kitty immediately yelped her pleasure.

Kitty felt her pussy churn and wished one of the men would get dawn to the business of slamming a stiff prick into her hungry pussy tunnel. She trembled as the two salesmen continued to fondle and caress her tits and nipples. God how she needed a cock to soothe her convulsing pussy hole!

As her arousal swelled and sizzled inside her, Kitty reached down and grasped both pricks firmly. She sighed and panted as she stroked the two slabs of stiff fuck meat. She marveled at the striking difference between the two strange cocks. Harvey's was the thicker of the two, but it was shorter and stubby. It would make, Kitty thought with a shiver of excitement, a perfect asshole plug. Then, shocked by her own lewd thought, she turned her attention to Steve's nice, average-sized prick. It felt about six-inches long and plenty thick enough to give her creamy, flexing pussy a good fucking.

Without further hesitation, she scooted down between the two men until she was eye-level with Steve's jutting, dark pink prick. His thick cock bush was light-brown, matching the shade of his curly hair on his head. She fingered the wispy curls that covered his leathery ball-bag and started to gyrate her ass in provocative circles, pressing her round, firm ass cheeks against Harvey's stubby prick.

Her left hand slipped off of Harvey's fat cock as she turned completely, on her side and faced Steve's prick. She used both hands to caress Steve's prick knob, smearing a pre-come drop of jizz over the bulbous surface with her fingertips.

She flicked her tongue out and slapped it over Steve's tiny piss-slit, making the handsome salesman groan and squirm. She opened her lush lips wide and closed them securely around his engorged cock head. She moaned as she started to suck gluttonously on the bloated cock knob. She fondled his balls with, her fingers while savoring the exquisite feelings of his active prick leaping between her clamped lips.

"Hey, I'm at this patty, too," Harvey complained. "Give us both a little show, baby. Then you can suck all the cock you want."

Kitty hated giving up Steve's tasty cock head, but Harvey's suggestion, wasn't bad. She grinned as she rested enter back and spread her long legs wide apart and lifted her knees to her tits. She held her cunt lips open and teased her pussy pulp. She jiggled her tits from side to side as the men gazed at the lewd action and beat their cocks.

Kitty was just as excited watching the two studs beat-off. She gazed from one to the other, feasting her eyes on the hunks of cockmeat that would soon be stretching her cunt hole and maybe also plugging her asshole. She licked her lips in anticipation of getting one of the throbbing cocks into her mouth. God, how she loved to suck cock!

Suddenly Steve began kissing her tits. He hungrily nibbled on her stiff nipples and tit flesh with eager lips. "Whoever first said that more than a mouthful is wasted sure didn't know you, lady," he mumbled without removing his mouth from her luscious tit-melons.

The handsome blond salesman stroked her thighs and flat belly, and it wasn't long before he moved his lips from her tits to her navel and then to her silky inner thighs. She splayed her legs open when he slid his tongue around her bushy pussy. She rolled her head from side to side when Harvey took Steve's place at her tits.

Now she had one man sucking her pussy and the other sucking her boobs. This was more like it! God, it was good to be getting so much passionate attention! Every delightful sensation seemed magnified. Harvey sucked her nipples and tongued her mouth, ears and neck. He slithered his tongue into her ears and up and down her neck. He gage her a tongue-bath until every nerve ending in her body tingled with raw fuck-lust.

But none of that was any match for what Steve's educated tongue was doing to her steamy pussy. His tongue was driving her wild! He tongue-fucked her cunt hole and her clit. He licked up her pussy slime and teased her blonde cunt muff. He nibbled on her glistening cunt bush, taking a few hairs between his teeth and pulling gently. He didn't miss a trick as he caressed, probed and massaged her cunt with his tongue and lips.

She shivered at the feel of their exotic lovemaking. Harvey ran his tongue over her belly and tongued her navel. He bit down on her nipples and then whipped them with his tongue. At the same time, Steve never stopped tongue-fucking her pussy. He plunged his stiffened tongue-like a cock in and out of her juicy cunt hole, thrilling her beyond her dreams.

Just as her body shuddered and her overwhelmed pussy convulsed with a violent orgasm, the men turned her over on her side. She was still in the grips of the wonderful climax as Harvey moved in behind her. He examined her firm, round ass cheeks and pried them open to expose her puckered, vulnerable ass. She shrieked an horrendous wail when seconds later she felt Harvey's tongue licking along her ass crease as Steve continued to lick her cunt.

She realized these men were intent on giving her a royal tonguing and she was more than prepared to savor the treatment. Delightful trembles shivered her body as she felt Harvey's tongue slither over her ass just as Steve's darting tongue filled her syrupy cunt channel. She loved it and was excited about returning the favor.

Kitty whimpered as her first orgasm finally faded over her nerves. But she had no time to savor the exquisite afterglow of pleasure. Harvey chose that precise moment to force his tongue-tip into her asshole.

"Oh, ooohhhh, my God!" she yelled.

Her cries were repeated as Steve drilled his tongue into her pussy hole as deep as possible. Her asshole clutched one tongue and her pussy the other. Spasm after spasm convulsed her pussy until she felt helplessly tormented by the jarring, jolting vibrations contorting her body.

"Oh, fuck, I can't take any more," she pleaded. "Please, let me do some sucking now. I can't stand any more of this rough shaking and trembling. Ooooohhhhh, it's killing me!"

The two men chuckled and finally eased their tongue from her two intimate holes. It was Harvey who quickly straddled her face and pushed his stubby prick against her lips.

"You're ready to suck a cock, then have at it," he snapped.

Kitty opened her mouth and he filled it with his cock. She swirled her tongue over his fat cock knob and relished the feel of his cock shaft against the roof of her mouth.

Just as she started to wonder where Steve had gone, he appeared beside her on the bed, grinning down into her lovely face as Harvey forced her to suck on his prick. Steve winked lewdly at Kitty and again disappeared from her field of vision. But quickly she realized where he had gone. She felt him push her thighs wide apart and climb into the saddle of her inner thighs and crotch. Without hesitation, he rammed his prick into her pussy hole and fucked it in and out, a few times before abruptly withdrawing it.

"I'm saving it," he explained as he again appeared before her limited view.

Steve leisurely played with her tits while Harvey continued to fuck her face. Kitty quickly focused her attention back on Harvey as he slid his stubby prick in and out of her lips. She pumped his cock shaft while she sucked his plump cock knob. She played with his jism-filled balls and inhaled his male fragrance.

"I'm getting ready to dump a load down your throat," he warned as he gripped her curly blonde hair.

Kitty continued sucking, eager to have his spunk in her mouth. She braced herself for the explosion of his jism against her throat. God, how she loved drinking rich, thick come!

Then, just as he shot his wad into her sucking mouth, Kitty felt Steve start to finger-fuck her juicy cunt. She tried to pant her pleasure, but the onrushing spunk choked back the cry.

Harvey gritted his teeth and grunted as he pistoned his prick in and out of the ring of her lips. She swallowed his come, licking up the few drops which escaped from the corners of her mouth. His fat prick stretched her lips just enough to produce a delightful friction as he fucked through them, spewing his jizz against her throat.

The second Harvey finished blasting his wad, he freed his wilting prick from her lips and rolled off her face. Before Kitty could adequately catch her breath, Steve had taken Harvey's place, positioning his knees on either side of her head and drilling his rigid cock between her lips.

Kitty's cunt twitched and fluttered as she sucked the handsome blond salesman's prick into her hot mouth. She molded her lips to his plunging cock and thrilled to the nicely shaped cockmeat screwing between her lips and teeth.

An overwhelming heat still sizzled her shuddering pussy tunnel and now, more than ever, she longed for a hard prick to clog her pussy hole. It was the only sure-fire way for Kitty to receive the release and ecstasy she so desperately needed.

"Lady, you've got a mouth that was made for this," Steve muttered as he slammed his cock in and out of her wet mouth.

Kitty moaned as she tasted the residue of her own pussy cream on Steve's prick. The flavor mingled with the scent of his cockmeat and the horny blonde swooned in pleasure. If her pussy wasn't so overheated and in need of a plunging cock, Kitty would have gladly sucked Steve's cock for hours.

Then, Steve suddenly whipped his prick out of her mouth and smiled down on her. "I don't know about you, sweetie, but I've got to get back to work soon," Steve said. "I think it's time that Harvey and I start really giving you some cock you won't forget."

"Yeah," Harvey snapped with a lewd grin. "We're gonna make sure you walk away from here bow-legged."

Kitty wasn't sure what the two men had in mind, but she was sure she'd like it. These two salesmen seemed to know their way around a bed and a lady. Regardless of what little treat they had in store for her, Kitty figured it would be all she had been lusting for. Maybe even more!

Harvey turned her over on her side, putting her ass against his stubby prick. He moved closer behind her and lodged his limp cock inside her ass crease and held it there. He crossed one leg over her hips and pressed his cock against her ass. She felt his prick stiffen as he rubbed his cock head up and down inside her ass crack.

Steve lay on his side in front of her and began roaming his hands up and down her body. He traced his fingertips through her blonde-bushed, oiled-up pussy, then reached up and flicked her stiff, tingling nipples.

At the same time, Harvey's cock was steadily growing against her ass, gradually working its way inside her tight, squeezing ass chute. Instinctively, Kitty started pushing her ass back against Harvey's ballooning prick, suddenly anxious to impale herself on the stubby, fat, butt-plugging cock.

Then, her excitement swelled to new dimensions as Steve grabbed his surging prick and shoved it between her thighs. In that instant, Kitty realized she was about to get plugged by two cocks at the same time. She groaned and panted and writhed and just as Harvey's cock head popped into her tight asshole, Steve managed to press his engorged cock knob against her creamy, shuddering pussy. She hunched down and squirmed and Steve's bloated prick slid into her cunt hole.

Kitty squealed an animal-like howl as the feel of Steve's prick in her pussy passage filled her with exquisite sensations. Behind her, Harvey plunged his cock deeper into her ass, and her curvaceous body trembled mightily. She bellowed another deep-throated growl as wild spasms erupted throughout her cunt and ass. The two slabs of prick meat had completely stuffed her twin fuck-holes and the ecstasy drowned her senses with pleasure.

Her orgasms began and didn't let up. The sensations of having a cock in her pussy and another in her ass almost made her faint. She cried out with lust as Harvey started stroking his fat cock in and out of her asshole just as Steve drilled her spasming cunt canal with his prick.

The men soon found a common fucking rhythm, and the result nearly drove Kitty to the edge of consciousness. The overwhelming intensity of her multiple orgasms totally drained her as the two experienced studs punched their cocks relentlessly into her fuck-holes.

She lost count of the climaxes that ripped through her cock-stuffed cunt as her body, completely beyond her control, writhed around, forcing Steve's plowing cock to rub wonderfully over her lust-numbed clit.

"You're slowing up, darling," Harvey hissed, spanking her with a resounding smack of his open hand. "Get with it. Move that ass!"

"There's plenty of movement here in front," Steve murmured as his cock leaped inside Kitty's flexing cunt walls.

Steve came first, filling her cunt hole with his thick, foamy spunk. Harvey continued splitting her asshole with his vicious fuck-strokes. Again and again he scalded the walls of her tender ass chute with his stubby prick.

When Kitty endured another jarring orgasm, it was finally enough to trigger Harvey's cock into spurting his wad deep into her bowels. He crammed his fat cockmeat a final time all the way into her ass and groaned as his jism blasted into her asshole.

When they fell apart and sprawled across the mattress, Kitty gasped for breath and savored the delicious sensations that flickered over her nerves. Her swollen cunt lips still throbbed and the depths of her smoldering pussy passage ached wonderfully even after the two salesmen had dressed and returned to their duties in the sporting goods department.

Finally, she struggled slowly off the stack of new mattresses and began to dress. She accomplished the task, then strolled through the store, a wide, sensual smile permanently curving her lips. She realized now that dreams could come true. An hour ago she had wished for a stiff, sturdy cock. She got two of them!

Kitty marched out of the department store with fresh respect for the power of positive wishing.

Chapter NINE

As delicious as the threesome adventure had been at the department store, Kitty successfully fought the temptation to spend another lunch hour with the sporting goods sales crew in the storage room. Somehow, she felt as if she owed it to Pat to be good until his return home at the end of the week.

The days dragged, but finally Friday arrived and Kitty had worked up a severe case of horniness far her husband's prick. She wanted to give him a very special homecoming.

When she unlocked the back door, and stepped into the kitchen Friday afternoon, she immediately squealed a blissful cry as she spotted Pat sitting at the kitchen table, nursing a beer and beaming a happy smile back at her.

She rushed up to him and threw her arms around his neck as he stood and returned her warm welcoming embrace.

"God, I missed you, baby," he whispered, brushing his lips across her ear.

"That goes double for me, sweetheart," Kitty babbled, squeezing her husband tight against her.

They held their embrace for long seconds, savoring each other's body. Then, Kitty felt an outpouring of built-up desire wash throughout her body and she leaned back to gaze tenderly into her husband's face. The movement made his hands slide forward on her shoulders until he rested his strong fingers on the upper curve of her luscious, huge tits.

"I thought I'd die while you were gone, Pat," she whispered.

He placed a finger over her lips. "Don't talk, baby," he said softly. "We've got too much catching up to do."

He moved against her and nibbled at her satiny neck, licking and biting gently while his hands pressed the swollen mounds of her tits. He cupped her heavy tits and squeezed. Through the material of her dress and bra, his fingers found the stiffened points of her nipples and he caressed them tenderly.

"Aaaahhhhh," she moaned throatily, her head flung back and her long blonde curls cascading down her back.

Pat covered her slightly parted lips with his own and quickly speared his tongue into her hot, wet mouth. He explored her mouth with his active tongue even as she began sucking on the invading tongue.

Kitty felt a searing heat building between their bodies as she tangled her tongue with her husband's. Their mouths moved together, igniting even further the fiery arousal that blazed between them. Seconds later she felt a distinct, urgent throb echo throughout her cunt.

"I need to fuck, darling," she whispered in a raspy sigh. "My pussy is aching for your cock."

"I'll take care of that ache," he promised huskily.

Suddenly, their slow-motion caressing and fondling became frantic and feverish. They tugged at each other's clothes, impatiently stripping each other. Their mouths licked and nipped over every new section of flesh that became exposed. Their lust bubbled up and consumed them.

Kitty knew they would never make it to the bedroom. The frantic tempo of their pawing and fondling signaled the urgency of their mutual need and longing. The second Pat had peeled off her bra, he attacked her upthrust tits with his mouth and feasted gluttonously on the delicious melons. She squirmed against him and squealed her excitement.

"I could never forget how great your tits taste," he rasped, the words slurring through his tit-filled lips. "It reminds me just how great your pussy tastes."

"Oh, honey, now you're talking some real sweet talk," she cooed through a throaty giggle.

His mouth began a teasing trail down her body, leaving a sizzling path as it went. He nuzzled the soft, damp blonde hair covering her pussy. With a moan of piercing pleasure, she parted her legs wide, her knees trembling violently as she offered him the sweet nectar of her creamy cunt.

She braced herself against the table as Pat knelt on the floor in front of her and opened the juicy folds of her pussy with his fingers. When he had exposed the glistening pink meat of her cunt hole, he mashed his face against the smoldering, pulsating membranes. He stabbed his tongue into the fleshy cunt tunnel and hungrily slurped up the sticky honey that greeted the penetration of his tongue.

Kitty squealed and hunched her hips, grazing her pussy back and forth across her husband's upturned face. Her horny cunt muscles flexed and sucked in the stiff tongue that probed her pussy hole. She loved the wet, slurping sounds he made as he hungrily ate her hot cunt.

"Yes, darling! Ooooooohhhhh, yes, yes!" she wailed. "I love the way you do that! Tongue-fuck my pussy, baby! Son of a bitch, you drive me crazy with your fucking tongue!"

He buried his face in her creamy pussy, stroking his tongue deep into the convulsing opening of her cunt hole. Trying to force even deeper into her humid pussy, he grabbed her round, firm ass cheeks and pulled her hard against his face.

Kitty hips bucked and jerked out of control as her lust raged. She almost lost her balance as his lips and tongue tormented the tender flesh of her pussy in a way that made her want to scream and plead for still more of this wanton treatment.

She writhed and twisted above Pat's head, digging her fingers into his scalp. Pat knew just how to make her beg to be fucked and it was just one of his many talents that made her love him. By working his tongue in and put of her pussy, then teasing her jerking clit with his tongue-tip, he brought her to the very edge of a shuddering orgasm. Then he slowed his tongue-stroking, forcing her passion to tool before bringing her back up to the edge of ecstasy.

"Ooooohhhhh, Pat!" she shrieked as he gave her this wonderful torture. "Make me come! Make me come and then fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me, baby! I'm craving your cock!"

She ground her pussy down on his upturned face and practically pressed her entire weight on him. His strength enabled him to maintain his position between her wide-spread thighs and to keep pistoning his tongue in and out of her seething cunt tunnel. He rammed his tongue through the swollen folds of her cunt lips, then closed his warm, nectar-smeared lips over her distended cunt. This produced the jarring come that had built-up inside her pussy and she couldn't hold back a shrill yelp of ecstasy.

Pat opened his mouth wide enough to cover her entire pussy and to drink the fresh flow of her hot cunt cream. Her spasming pussy led the rest of her sexy body in a jolting series of shudders.

Finally her intense orgasm faded slightly and Pat gave her twitching cunt a last, loving lick and stood. He moved without hesitation against her and pinned her back against the table, leaving no doubt that he was anxious to plunge his surging cock directly into her gasping, slime slick cunt.

Kitty reached between them, grabbing and guiding his engorged cock. The plump, purplish prick knob plopped between the slick lips of her pussy and straight into the tight mouth of her cunt tunnel.

"Oooohhh, yes, this is what I need!" Kitty crooned softly.

Pat flashed a lust-contorted smile as he sank his rigid cock deeper into her syrupy cunt hole. "Fucking your pussy just keeps getting better and better," he rasped.

She returned his smile and reached up to clutch his broad shoulders as his cock disappeared completely into her churning cunt channel. She groaned and sighed as his cock plugged her pussy. Her cunt walls automatically went into a frenzy of fluttering spasms.

Pat left his prick lodged there, buried to the hilt inside her massaging cunt tunnel, for several seconds. Then, he began to slowly withdraw his cockmeat from her creamy pussy.

Kitty lifted her hips, bringing up her legs, allowing him an even better way to stuff his pistoning prick all the way in and out of her horny cunt. Her greedy pussy sucked and gobbled the full length of Pat's cock, flexing and spasming and juicing around the invading, pounding prick.

Pat arched his body, beginning a frantically pleasing friction against her swollen clit. By flexing his hips and ass and working his bloated cock back and forth slightly, he rhythmically massaged her horny, dancing little clit.

"Good God, I love the way you fuck me, honey?" Kitty wailed. "Ooooohhhh, Pat, you fuck my pussy just right!"

She groaned savagely and pushed herself against his hammering prick, impaling her pussy on his cock. Her fingers closed into his shoulders as he pumped her to another violent orgasm.

"Aaaahhhhh, my wonderful, horny lover!" Kitty shrieked, her lust sweeping a joyous delirium over her. "Keep slamming every precious inch of this stallion-cock into my wet, hot pussy? Jesus, baby, I've got to have every fucking inch of your cock! Fuck me hard and fast! Ooooohhhhh, I'm coming! I can't stop coming! It's so good!"

Pat forced his blood-engorged prick into the deepest part of her churning, slippery pussy with harsh fuck-thrusts. The lovers gasped and panted and grunted as the ecstasy engulfed them.

Kitty's cries and moans became steadily more intense as Pat fucked into her spasming, sucking pussy channel in hard, fierce strokes. She answered every savage fuck-stroke with an upward push of her own, making his driving cock become imbedded all the way to his heavy balls. Her cunt muscles twitched and shuddered crazily as the sensations overlapped. She felt pure physical excitement all over her body as her orgasms melted together.

"This is so good, baby, I don't want it to end," Pat hissed, ramming his cock relentlessly into her steamy pussy. "Oh, shit, I'm losing it! I can't hold back!"

"Let it go, lover!" Kitty rasped. "Fire away! Give me your hot come, baby! I want every drop of your spunk inside my pussy!"

A second later a jolt of heat exploded deep inside her cock-gripping pussy tunnel, rushing through her body in waves of crackling excitement. Her husband growled a guttural cry of raw ecstasy just as Kitty felt as if a spewing fountain was gushing directly into her womb. Pat's blasting jism bathed her pussy depths and flooded her womb, sending a sweet satisfaction throughout her body.

As the onslaught of Pat's spurting come lessened and he slumped slightly against her, Kitty sighed a deep moan of pleasure and murmured, "Oh, honey, I didn't realize how much I needed that fuck."

He grinned as he leaned down and licked the glistening beads of sweat from her snowy tits. "Baby, I realized it," he said softly. "I've been on the road too long to doubt it."

As he lazily flicked his tongue across her tingling nipple, Kitty's cunt muscles flexed and squeezed against his softening prick. The sensation rattled her nerves and rekindled the smoldering heat of lust inside her cunt. She rolled her eyes and moaned as she began humping against him.

"Damn, Kitty, I've hardly gotten the road dust off and you're already trying to fuck me to death," he chuckled as he reached beneath her and cupped her firm ass cheeks, lifting her off the table and forcing her to stand. "We've got plenty of time to pick up where we left off before I got called away."

"I'm not taking that for granted any more," Kitty said, hugging herself. "I missed you too much to waste a single second now that you're home."

Pat laughed and patted her ass. "So, what do you want to do in the next few seconds?"

Kitty flashed a dazzling smile. "That's easy," she snapped. "Let's get in the bedroom and fuck dog-style!"

Chapter TEN

For a week it was just like Kitty and Pat were having a second honeymoon. They utilized every possible free moment to fuck and suck and Kitty couldn't have been happier. Besides an extended lunch break during mid-week with Sue and Brad at Sue's apartment, Kitty saved all of her passion for her husband. It was a time of sheer bliss for Kitty.

Then on Monday of the second week since Pat's return, Kitty arrived home from work later than usual to find her husband and her brother-in-law watching a football game on television. The instant she stepped into the room, she sensed a tension that caused her to feel a shiver of panic and fear in the pit of her guts.

"Bob and I have been having a very interesting little talk," Pat said.

He stood and stepped deliberately across the room and turned off the TV. It was impossible to read his expression as he faced his wife.

"I think it's time now for the three of us to stop talking and for me to see what I've been missing."

Kitty's mind reeled and her panic intensified as her husband led her toward the bedroom. She didn't dare look back over her shoulder at Bob who was trailing behind them. She spent the agonizing seconds that it took to move to the bedroom trying to think of something to say to Pat. But, apparently, Bob had already said more than enough for both of them.

Her confusion only increased when Pat started stripping her after they entered the bedroom. Bob closed the door as he stepped into the room and watched in obvious fascination as his older brother peeled off Kitty's clothes.

When she was standing totally naked in front of the two men, Pat finally smirked and ordered her to get on the bed. Through her panic and confusion she suddenly felt a creeping excitement filter through her body. Parading naked in front of her husband and her brother-in-law somehow appealed to her inner most nature. When she rested across the bed and saw the two men slowly start to undress, she found herself becoming horny with anticipation.

She giggled nervously when Bob followed his brother's lead and began stripping. "What is this, Pat?" she asked, striving for a purring tone.

"We're gonna put this marriage on the right track. From tonight on, our fucking is gonna be out in the open." A small smile curved his lips. "Besides, I've always shared most things with my little brother. The idea of sharing you with him is growing on me."

Pat climbed onto the bed and, without any hesitation, he straddled her chest and fed his stiffening cock into her mouth. Kitty didn't dare reject the cockmeat. Rather, she eagerly sucked the growing prick between her lips and swirled her tongue around his blossoming cock head.

Kitty's panic lessened as she munched on her husband's cockmeat. Her own growing arousal was quickly overshadowing her initial unease and fear. Also, Pat's pronouncements about putting their fucking in the open excited her. Of course, his apparent willingness to share her with his monster-cocked kid brother sure didn't bother her one bit!

As she sucked more of Pat's leaping prick into her mouth, she felt Bob climb onto the bed and immediately bury his face against her pussy. She groaned instantly as he rammed his tongue around her pussy tissues. Now there was no delay in her lust springing to the surface. Her cunt suddenly moistened and quivered as Bob started to lick her cunt.

A couple of seconds later, she almost accidentally bit off Pat's cock. She yelped a fierce squeal of wanton pleasure as Bob shoved a finger up her cunt hole while he lapped her clit. The double-dose of attention the kid gave her pussy produced an instant surge of overwhelming ecstasy all over her body.

"Goddamn, Bob, whatever you're doing down there, stop it!" Pat hissed with a hoarse chuckle. "You touched a nerve or something and I almost lost my fucker."

Bob lifted his mouth off Kitty's twat long enough to snicker. "You wanna trade places, Pat?"

"Don't be a smart ass, kid," Pat snapped. "Man oh man, my little Kitty has one hell of a talented tongue. Shit, Bob, I guess I don't have to tell you that!"

The brothers chuckled good-naturedly and that made Kitty happy but she didn't dwell on it. Her mouth was stuffed with cockmeat and her juicy, hot cunt was rumbling with intense desire.

Pat's cock was now rigid and solid and burning hot as he drilled it in and out of her ringed lips. He fucked her face with frenzied, jerky fuck-strokes. His harsh, almost brutal face fucking convinced Kitty that a trace of bitterness motivated her husband's rough treatment, but whatever the reason behind it, she felt a weird sensation because of the rugged action. Maybe she deserved a little punishment, she thought.

Bob pried open her creamy cunt lips with his fingers and attacked her pussy hole again with his darting tongue. He slithered his tongue-tip through her shuddering pussy membranes, penetrating her cunt channel and caressing her flexing cunt walls. He used his fingers to massage her pussy, making Kitty buck her hips and ass up off the bed.

She continued to pant and moan as Bob tongue-fucked her cunt hole and Pat fucked her mouth. She came quickly and intensely as Bob's tongue worked its magic on her soupy cuntal depths. Her groans and cries were adequately choked off by Pat's bloated cock wedged against her throat.

She feasted hungrily on her husband's prick, thrilling to the sensations it created. There was no mistaking that Pat's cock plunging in and out of her mouth and Bob's feverish cunt lapping played equal parts in causing the supreme pleasures that swept through her lust trembling body.

Abruptly, Pat whipped his cock out of her mouth and climbed off her chest. Bob needed no encouragement to take his brother's place, and the teenager quickly shoved his impressively huge cock into her hot mouth, stretching her lips to the limit. She sighed as her mouth strained to envelope the kid's gigantic cockmeat.

Suddenly, Pat grabbed her legs and pushed them back until her knees touched her big tits. Then, he rammed his saliva-smeared prick straight into her juicy cunt hole. He hammered his cock all the way into her, stopping only when his balls slapped against her upturned ass. She tried to scream out, but Bob's massive prick meat choked off the guttural sounds.

There was nothing for Kitty to do but savor the delights of the fierce fucking her husband was giving her and to keep her lips stretched around Bob's pistoning prick. She struggled to keep her hot lips clamped around the teenager's thick, long prick shaft. Prominent veins crisscrossed his meaty cock shaft, adding to the sizzling friction that heated up her lips as the boy drove his monster-cock in and out of her mouth. Sensations flooded her senses and left her weak as the two men fucked their bloated cocks into her body. She panted and moaned and writhed, but the men didn't seem to notice. With determined effort, they relentlessly fucked the curvaceous blonde.

In and out, her husband pounded his cockmeat into Kitty's convulsing pussy. Her delicate pussy passage churned and flexed and spasmed, seeping cuntal juice over the penetrating prick. Her gut-heaving orgasms blended together until she could no longer distinguish one from the next one. It was like the two men had found a trigger that ignited her climaxes and they were repeatedly squeezing it just to watch her spasm and contort.

Suddenly, she heard Pat grunt and felt his prick still inside her smoldering cunt channel. Seconds later, he blasted his wad, the thick hot spunk jetting directly into her womb. Through it all, her aching jaws remained locked open to the limit as Bob kept ramming his tremendous cock in and out of her mouth. She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable explosion of his rich jism against her throat.

Then, Bob surprised her by pulling his huge prick out of her lips and rolling off of her chest. At the same time, Pat slipped his wilting prick out of her twitching cunt lips and moved out of the velvety saddle of her inner thighs. She gasped for breath and groaned as her jaws were finally allowed to relax. Electric-like shudders pricked her nerves as she endured the afterglow of the intense multiple orgasms that had so recently raged through her pussy. But, as her senses gradually recovered, she wondered what the men had in store for her next.

She blinked open her eyes and found herself staring at Pat's come-oozing cock head. Before she could react, he pressed his deflated prick knob against her lips and forced it inside her sore, numb mouth. She groaned as she tasted her own cunt juice on his prick head and the drops of his salty spunk. But before she could concentrate on the way her husband was raping her mouth, Bob was turning her over onto her side and spreading apart her ass cheeks.

Instinctively, she tried to squirm out of Bob's grasp, but it was impossible. Pat suddenly grabbed her long, blonde curls and held her face in place to accept his plunging, semi-hard cock. He kept moving his spongy cock head back and forth across her lush lips until it was ballooning and spreading open her lips.

Just as she automatically wrapped her tongue around Pat's prick knob and cock shaft, Bob poked his saliva-soaked prick head against her ass. She stiffened instantly from the initial pain of the enormous cock knob stabbing into her ass and twisted frantically in hopeless attempts to escape the double-fuck.

Then, as Pat continued to force his prick into her mouth, Kitty gradually began to thrill at the feel of Bob's huge cock sliding inside her asshole. She gyrated her ass and gasped as the huge, determined prick pushed inside her ass. Suddenly, the intense, shredding pain was equal to the sizzling sensations crackling through her spasming cunt channel.

She rocked back and forth, one cock in her mouth and another impossibly-huge one in her asshole. She wondered how she could survive the brutal ass-fucking Bob's gigantic prick was giving her.

Kitty went wild getting double-fucked by her husband and her brother-in-law made the entire episode tremendously passionate and exciting. The two men she loved most in the world were feverishly fucking her at the same time and she couldn't imagine a more wonderful, thrilling experience!

Her big tits bounced and jiggled with every fierce fuck-thrust of the two stiff cocks. Bob's magnificent prick was now slamming in and out of her loosened, stretched asshole, sending blistering friction and intense sensations throughout her lust-contorted body. Pat's cock pistoned in and out of her lips and his engorged prick head struck her throat repeatedly as her own passion swelled and pushed her into a marvelous eruption of spasming orgasms.

As the second series of climaxes rocked her bones in wild spasms, both men wasted their come into her body. Bob's spunk filled her bowels as Pat's leaping, jerking cock spurted thick jism against her throat. She gulped down her husband's come as her tight asshole squeezed Bob's tremendous prick, milking out every precious drop of his hot jism.

By the time they had separated and were resting in a fleshy heap in the middle of the bed, Kitty's body was still humming with a buzzing, ring of tingling nerves and lust-coated senses. Her knees wobbled and a delicious ache throbbed in the pit of her asshole and her cunt hole. It was a glorious feeling and as she caught her breath, she smiled a lewd, satisfied grin and reached out to fondle the two limp, sated pricks. She grazed her fingertips over the spongy cock tips and lightly scratched the two pairs of empty balls. Her teeth showed as her lewd grip spread into an open, thrilled smile marrying Pat had obviously, brought her a tremendous bonus, she reflected as she squeezed Bob's growing prick.

Pat suddenly leaned against her and teased her stinging nipples with his tongue. "What the fuck is that smug smile for, you cock-crazy slut?" he hissed, the tiny trace of a smile exposing his phony sternness.

Kitty laughed a shrill giggle as she grabbed her husband's ears and pulled him down against the cushion of her big tits. "I was just thinking how nice it would've been if you had another brother," she teased.

As the three of them giggled, Kitty decided she would wait a while before she told her husband about the lusty lunches she enjoyed with Brad and Sue. After all, a girl was entitled to a few secrets, wasn't she?

Kitty thought so. But then, as Bob slid his huge prick into her slick pussy hole, she realized Pat and his younger brother could find lots of ways to make her talk.


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