Daughter goes down

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced, middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of incest, all in the spirit of good, clean fun... but where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When the children set as the pattern of their own life style what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of what outwardly appears a normal average American family. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, for this family, pleasures of the flesh are the norm.

DAUGHTER GOES DOWN -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

Chapter ONE

"God damn you, Lee," Della Porter panted, trying to push his hands away. "Stop mauling me. It's time for you to get dressed and go to your office."

"But, sweetheart," her husband begged, once more running his hand up under her nightie. "It's at least a half an hour before I have to get up."

"I'm not interested in when you have to go," she hissed, tugging his fingers away from her cunt, "I'm in no mood for that shit this morning."

"Hell, Della," he panted. "When are you in the mood?"

"God damn it, Lee!" snapped the beautiful brunette, her big gray eyes flashing with anger. "Can't you ever think about anything but sex?"

"Not when I never get any!" he shot back. "Frankly, I'm sick of it!" shouted Della, turning her back to him. "That's all you ever think about."

"Jesus Christ!" he shouted. "When was the last time I fucked you?"

"I don't remember, or care," she hissed. "And stop using that filthy language."

"I'm only human," he said in a softer tone of voice. "Haven't you any feelings?"

"Damn right I have feelings!" she cried, breaking out in tears. "And I don't feel like having your cock in me this morning."

"When do you feel like it?" he asked.

"Never!" shouted the enraged woman. "Now get out of this bed and go to work."

"You selfish bitch," he yelled, getting up, a horrendous hard-on poking out through the front opening of his pajamas.

After showering and shaving, he made himself some toast and coffee and stormed out of the house. Remembering that his partner, Jim Barker, always played golf on Wednesday morning, Lee decided to drive by his house and get him to sign some papers before he left for the country club.

While driving aver to Jim's house, Lee found that his mind was on his wife. They'd been married for eighteen years, and at first their sex life had been very rewarding, but, as the years passed, Della became less and less interested. With Della now in her mid-thirties, their sex life was almost nonexistent.

All that still kept them together were their two daughters whom they both loved very much. The oldest was Ann, a blue-eyed blonde, and little red-headed Kelly was their other daughter. Lee knew how much he would miss his lovely daughters if he and Della ever split up.

A few moments later, when he arrived at Jim's house, he was greeted at the door by his partner's wife, Loni.

"Hi, Lee." She smiled, brushing her lovely brown hair back from her face.

"I can't stay," he explained, stepping inside as she closed the door behind him. "I just want Jim to sign these papers."

"You're too late," she said. "He just left for the golf course about five minutes ago."

"Well," the man laughed. "I guess they can wait until he gets to the office."

"How about a cup of coffee?" asked Loni. "I've just made a fresh pot."

"That sounds good." He smiled, looking at his watch and seeing that it was still quite early.

Following the attractive young woman into the kitchen, he could tell from the way the soft cheeks of her ass were rolling under the short filmy dressing gown that she was wearing nothing underneath it. He was already in an extremely horny mood after the frustrating affair with his wife this morning. His cock gave a little twinge as he watched her smooth, soft thighs gleaming beneath the short hem. Both he and his wife had known the Barkers for some time, but this was the first time Lee had realized what a sexy body she had.

"Sugar or cream?" she asked when he sat down at the breakfast bar.

"Just black, thank you."

She bent over to pour his coffee. Lee's cock gave another lurch at the sight of a big juicy nipple when the front of her gown momentarily gaped open. After serving the coffee, Loni seated herself on a stool next to him, and, crossing her legs, exposed her bare thighs to the man.

Quickly glancing at the smooth flesh, he felt blood rushing to his prick. He realized her naked little cunt was just beneath the wispy little negligee she was wearing. Lee had never once been unfaithful to his wife, but right now his head was spinning wildly and he felt a strange panic at the nearness of the partially clad woman. Looking into her warm eyes as she made small talk, Lee realized what a strong impact her closeness was having on him. Hearing the blood pounding in his temples, he had a peculiar feeling that his body was floating. He suddenly had a wild impulse to reach out and grab her, to bury his face between those two luscious tits. With dogged determination, he tried to focus his attention on what she was saying.

"Oh, Lee," she said, casually resting her hand on his thigh, "you haven't touched your coffee, and it's probably cold. Do you want me to pour you another cup?"

"No, this is fine," he muttered, unable to believe her hand was only inches from his swollen cock.

He was suddenly afraid that she would see or feel his lurching prick as she casually moved her fingers around on his thigh. Having never fooled around with other women, Lee could only believe that Loni was completely unaware of what she was doing. He felt that she could be terribly embarrassed if she realized how close her fingers were to his prick.

"Oh, Lee, you naughty man," she suddenly giggled, staring wide-eyed at the big bulge in the front of his pants. "I've given you a hard on."

"Excuse me, Loni," he muttered with embarrassment. "I'd better get to the office."

"Wait a minute," she whispered, brushing her hand across the bulge of his fully erect prick. "I love to play with cocks, and this is such a nice hard one."

He couldn't believe what was happening as she began lightly running her fingers up and down over his throbbing boner through the material of his pants. It didn't seem possible that he was actually sitting in the Barkers' kitchen while Loni brazenly stroked his stiff boner.

She was tenderly smiling at him with a lascivious expression which was filling him with excitement. Still gazing at him with her teasing eyes, she skillfully lowered his zipper and released his throbbing boner from the tight confines of his pants. Completely stunned, he stared down at the blood-swollen length of his prick as Loni's soft cool fingers gently caressed his cock.

Unable to control himself another second he jumped up and pulled the woman into his arms, smashing his lips down on hers. She sensually snaked her slippery little tongue into his open mouth.

Digging her fingers into the soft hot flesh between her asscheeks, he pulled her body up tighter against his as their tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss. Completely carried away by his pent-up lust, Lee moved his hands over her luscious body, goaded on by his desire. He could feel the heat of her pussy beneath the thin gown as Loni ground her cunt against his stiff, naked prick.

"I'm sorry," he panted quickly releasing the woman and turning away from her when he suddenly realized what he was doing. "I don't know what came over me."

"I do," she whispered. "It was lust."

It was true that his parent's wife had encouraged him, but did the beautiful woman really know what she was letting herself in for when he hadn't had a good fuck for such a long time? Thank God he'd come to his senses before it was too late since almost anything could have happened under such explosive circumstances.

"Lee," he heard her whisper from behind him. "Look, Lee, look."

Turning around, he was startled to see her standing there stark naked. She'd quickly removed her brief dressing gown, and her luscious body was completely bared to him a complete daze, he stared at the soft creamy flesh of her full tits, the gentle swell of her shapely hips and the shimmering triangle of light-brown hair which surrounded her moist pussylips at the juncture of her naked thighs. With his heart pounding in his throat, he just stared at the beautifully sculptured body of his partner's wife. The wild throbbing of his obscenely exposed cock, accompanied by the aching lust in his balls, was almost more than he could stand. His palms suddenly sweaty and his head reeling crazily, he just gazed at the naked woman in front of him.

Aware of how much her nude body was exciting him, Loni raised her hands and began caressing and teasing her own big luscious tits. Cupping and lifting them to show their full ripe beauty, she ran the cherry-hard nipples between her beautifully tapered fingers. Continuing to caress her tits, she began suggestively running the tip of her tongue around her wet, red lips. Lee could hardly breathe when she began moving her hands down over her smooth dimpled belly. Her fingertips grazed lightly over the soft tendrils of her pussy hair.

Lee was panting loudly, trying to fill his burning lungs with air as he watched her fingers move up and down along the edges of her passion-swollen cuntlips. Smiling at him through half-closed eyes, she lewdly parted the lips of her slippery little pussy with her fingers, revealing the glistening pink inner flesh of her drooling cunt. Lee could see her naked body shuddering with rapture as she began toying with her aroused clitty.

It was more than the man could stand. He no longer gave a damn about being true to his wife or even his partner. All he wanted to do was fuck his hard cock into that delicious little hole between Loni's soft warm legs.

Without a single word, he grasped the beautiful woman by the wrist and led her to a big couch in the living room. Shoving her down onto the soft cushions, he began quickly undressing as she smiled up at him with a naughty expression in her teasing eyes. When he was at last standing naked by the couch, his big prick swelling up in front of him, Loni reached out and closed her slender fingers around the hard, burning flesh of his throbbing boner.

"Oh, Lee," she whispered. "I've always suspected that you had a nice big dick, but I never dreamed it would be this large."

"What are you doing?" he asked when Lord suddenly leaned forward and stuffed his swollen cockhead into her mouth.

"Sucking your prick, darling." She smiled up at him, temporarily removing his boner from her mouth. "Haven't you ever had a blow-job?"

"No," he admitted. "My wife doesn't get too sexy."

"How about other women?" she asked, swiping her wet tongue around the head of his prick. "Haven't they ever sucked you off?"

"There haven't been any others," he confessed.

"Oh, baby," Loni giggled. "Are you gonna get a treat this morning."

Lee thought he'd go wild as her hot wet lips and tongue worked up and down over his blue veined prickshaft, around his balls and asshole and back up his prick again to his cockhead. His knees were trembling with excitement when she began fucking her mouth up and down over his big prick, taking his cock deep into her throat. He'd never felt anything so incredibly good in his life.

"Don't stop!" he gasped when Loni removed her mouth from his prick and fell back on the couch with her legs spread apart.

"Oh, Lee," she whispered, lewdly parting her cuntlips with her fingers. "I want you to shoot your first load into my cunt, and the next one into my mouth."

Dropping down between her shapely naked thighs, Lee grabbed his cock and guided his prickshaft into the hot wetness of her slippery pussy. Loni could feel the walls of her cunt expanding to take the thick girth of his hard naked boner. Her moist warm sheath began closing around his big cock.

When the man started fucking his cock in and out, the beautiful woman's face contorted in ecstasy. Her hot bare body writhed and churned beneath Lee's deep hard thrusts. Her nostrils were flaring with wild desire, her full sensual lips were uttering little obscenities.

"Oh, yes, honey!" she panted. "Fuck me... do it to me! Oh, shit what a beautiful cock!"

Fucking down into her cunt, driving with all his strength, Lee could feel the hot moist flesh of her clasping pussy sucking and squeezing on the length of his thick cock.

Wet slurping noises echoed through the room as he increased the tempo of his lusty fucks. Lee had never been so aroused in his entire life, and nothing prior to this had prepared him for the pure animalistic pleasure of this wild fuck.

Loni was writhing and flailing under this intense fucking, and his big cock had her even more aroused than he was. Unknown to Lee, his partner's wife was an insatiable chippy and had been lusting for him since they first met. Now, with Lee's big thick cock banging into her cunt, Loni was in a sexual paradise. It had taken a long time for her to find the right moment to seduce him, and now at last she was enjoying every cunt-filled moment.

Loni's naked body, slippery from sweat, was slamming up and down against him. Writhing her cunt around his prickshaft, she dug her bare heels into, the crack of his ass to goad him on.

"Fuck, baby! Fuck harder!" she screamed as her soft ass jiggled and quivered while her hungry pussy fucked up and down the length of his prick. She suddenly squealed as he felt her body stiffening beneath him, every muscle and nerve tensing up.

For a brief moment she seemed to freeze into a taut stiffness, and then she suddenly exploded.

"Aaaaaaaaaggghhh!" she shrieked, digging her nails into his broad bare shoulders. "I'm coming... commmmmiiiiinnnggg!"

After clinging to him like a vise for a few brief seconds, she seemed to suddenly collapse. Her entire body began twitching and quivering as her cunt continued climaxing around his fucking cock. Waves of intense ecstasy washed through her cunt like a tidal wave, bathing her entire body with pleasure. She felt as if she were in the center of a tornado as the entire universe seemed to explode around her. She'd never experienced such a powerful orgasm in her whole life, and, as it slowly waned, she felt even more horny than before.

"Oh, sweet darling, Lee!" she whispered to the man as he humped over her.

She began once more arching up against him, her wet sucking pussy grasping desperately at his near-bursting prick, hoping to achieve another mind-blowing climax before he filled her fuckhole with jizz. She passionately clung to him, shaking and wriggling her excited cunt around the heavenly thickness of his prick. Feeling his cock starting to jerk and thicken, Loni knew he was about to shoot his load, and she began fucking back at him like a wild animal, hoping for one more orgasm.

Realizing that he was almost ready to come, Lee began fucking his big thick cock harder and deeper, anxious to empty his swirling jizz into the slippery hotness of her sucking cunt. Rearing back he began fucking his blistering boner into her with a renewed fury, and Loni suddenly felt a second orgasm building up in her aroused pussy.

"That's it, you sweet fucker!" she shrieked. "Keep fucking, baby! I'm gonna come again!"

Loni suddenly felt his white-hot cum gushing deep into her writhing belly, triggering a second climax.

"I'm coming!" she screamed. "Oh, you beautiful big stud! I'm coming... coming!"

His pent-up jizz was shooting into her cunt like from a hose, splashing hot and wet against the sensitive walls of her pussy. When his seething jism had completely filled her fuckhole, cum began oozing out from between her squeezing cuntips, soaking the cushion beneath her.

They were locked tightly in each other's arms, and their heads were reeling as wave after wave of intense pleasure flowed through their spent bodies.

Chapter TWO

Lee's beautiful daughter, Ann, was an innocent-looking girl with big blue eyes and long blonde hair, but in reality, she'd been fucking like a mink for the past two years.

One summer afternoon, as she was reading on a reclining lawn chair in her back yard which was partially hidden from the house by tall shrubs, Ann was thinking about her latest boyfriend, Roger West, when he suddenly appeared. Ann had been dropping her pants for the handsome youth since they had first started dating. She suddenly felt hot and juicy between her legs when she saw him.

"Do I get a kiss?" she whispered as he stood over her.

"Shit, yes." He grinned, dropping down next to her on the chair.

Drawing Ann's cute young body close to his, he reached under her skirt and slid his hand up along the bare flesh of her inner thighs. His heart began pounding with excitement when his fingers found her hot little naked cunt.

"Oh, YOU sweet little darling," he whispered. "I just love cute little blondes that don't wear panties."

Ann felt a wild thrill was her boyfriend's hand moved over the soft globes of her quivering asscheeks. Grinding her pussy up against him, she felt his fingers goosing into the soft sensitive flesh between her bare asscheeks.

A few moments later, she felt his fingers fumbling with the zipper on her skin. While he was removing it, Ann took off her blouse. She could feel the warm air moving over her bare tits, making her swollen nipples even more turgid. With the shrubs shielding them from the house, it seemed like a great idea to fuck in the privacy of the back lawn. Ann was getting further aroused by the way Roger was staring at her juicy little cunt.

As her boyfriend stood up and began slowly undressing, a lurid thrill of lusting pleasure rippled through Ann's dripping pussy as she watched him standing over her. A hot jolt of juice squirted from between her legs when his big meaty cock sprang into view.

Letting out a low moan of lust, the youth threw his naked body on top of hers. She could feel his smooth bare chest pressing against the resilient mounds of her budding tits.

"Are you ready, honey?" he panted into her ear. "Are you ready for my fucking cock?"

His use of the vulgar words sent a new excitement racing through her pussy. The underside of his stiff hot prick was resting in the soft wet folds between her cuntlips. She could feel him sliding his prick back and forth against the hot moistness. Her pussylips seemed to open wider to tease his big thick boner which was sliding over them. The excited girl was more than ready for everything he had to offer her. Ever since she'd first let Roger fuck her, she'd thought about nothing but having his big hard cock buried deep in her pussy.

Ann was grinding the length of her cunt up against the underside of his wonderful boner, feeling her own hot pussy juices coating his cock with a film of fuck juice. With these delightful provocative sensations whirling madly through her trembling body, Ann knew she'd do a lot of fucking before this day was over. She could hardly wait to feel his hard prick fucking in and out of her hot little pussy.

"Ooooooooooh, yes, honey," she whimpered when she felt him raise his hips and nudge the head of his hot, hard cock between her slippery cuntlips. "Put it in me."

With her eyes squeezed tightly shut, she could feel the pressure of her boyfriend's swollen cock-knob trying to part the hot flesh of her pussy. She could feel him rotating his hips slightly, trying to fuck his hard prick into her cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," she moaned with rapture, feeling his bloated cockhead sinking slowly between her stretched pussylips.

When his prick had finally penetrated Ann's hot juicy cunt-mouth, Roger remained perfectly still over her body as he always did until her pussy adjusted to the size of his unusually large cock.

"Shit, that feels good," she whispered when her boyfriend finally fucked his hard boner deep into her cunt.

Moaning softly and clinging tightly to Roger's naked body, Ann waited for her pussy to adjust to his big prick. Slowly relaxing she became aware of his thick cockshaft throbbing in her belly. She could feel his hard prick pulsing against the sensitive walls of her hot young fuckhole. The first slight discomfort was fading rapidly. Her tingling inner-flesh was rubbing against his steel-hard boner, inducing even more intense pleasure into her sucking cunt.

"Oh, sweet Roger," she gasped when he began fucking his slippery prick in and out, just an inch or so at a time.

Her young cunt was now completely adjusted to the size of his big prick. She felt the rapture of his bloated cock sliding against the hot slippery tissues of her excited pussy. Her pleasure was further increased when she began squeezing his throbbing cock with her tight pussy muscles. Now wantonly aroused, the horny young blonde was throwing her hips up to meet every thrust of her boyfriend's prick.

"Oh, my God! Oh, God!" she whimpered, feeling the big muscular youth fucking his hard cock deeper and faster, bringing the girl more intense joy with each thrust of his big prick. She sobbed, grinding her juicy crotch up tighter around the base of his plunging shaft. "I didn't think anything could ever feel as good as your fucking cock!"

Realizing that the heat and tightness of her sweet fuckhole was bringing him close to a climax, the experienced youth slowed his movements until he was perfectly still. Resting over her on the reclining chair, Roger could feel Ann's full tits squashed beneath his chest.

"Oh, Roger, honey," she whispered, "I never dreamed that anything, could be so much fun as being screwed by you."

Reaching down and grasping his ass, the horny little blonde pulled his motionless body up tighter against her, forcing his wonderful prick deeper into her writhing cunt. Roger couldn't believe the intense ecstasy when Ann's excited cunt muscles began squeezing and sucking on his motionless prick. When the aroused youth was finally certain that his near climax had been postponed, he once more began fucking his big slippery cock in and out of Ann's tight pussy.

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" she squealed with rapture. His magnificent cock was once more fucking ecstatically through the juicy warmth of her slippery cuntal flesh. Wrapping her arms tightly around his muscular back, the cute young chippy squirmed her naked body up against his, squeezing his fucking boner with her hot, clinging cuntlips.

"Oh, fuck, baby, fuck!" she squealed, wrapping her smooth thighs more tightly around his waist. "Jesus, how I love that big hard cock!"

Crazed with passion and lust, her handsome boyfriend fucked his swollen cockshaft deeper and harder into the slippery hotness of Ann's clinging pussy. Big globs of sweet pussy juices were oozing out around Roger's slippery prick, dribbling down over her ass and onto the chair beneath them. Fucking his big cock into her hot young cunt slit, Roger was further aroused by the exciting sound of his bloated balls slapping against her sweet juice-drenched ass.

Roger had never experienced such bliss in his life as when the horny blonde's hot, juicy cunt walls squeezing around his big prick. The feel of her tight hot pussy was driving him wild.

"Oh, my God!" whimpered the girl is he fucked his thick prick in and out of her slit in long measured strokes. "You've never fucked me this good before!"

Ann was writhing with a wild new ecstasy as her boyfriend's throbbing cock fucked in and out of her pussy. She was riding an incredible wave of passion that was mounting crazily with every thrust of the young man's big lust bloated cock.

"Oh, YOU sweet darling!" she whimpered beneath the lurching youth as his cock-knob pounded into the furthest reaches of her little cunt. "I love it! I love it!"

Ann thought she'd go wild when her experienced boyfriend began varying the tempo and depth of his strokes.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed. "That's it, honey! That's it! Oh, shit I love that cock!"

After several more deep long thrusts, he withdrew his prickshaft until only his cockhead remained embedded, and then he began teasing her clitty with a series of high fast strokes. These were followed by another series of hard deep plunges, followed again by short fast ones. The ever-changing tempo of his fucking was almost blowing the girl's mind. In her wildest imagination, she'd never dreamed of a fuck as good as this one.

"Jesus, baby, that feels good," she moaned, screwing her cunt up tighter around the hard prick that was plundering her hot young pussy. She could feel every vein and sinew of his blood engorged cockshaft rubbing against the sensitive inner flesh of her pussy.

"Oh, Roger, honey!" she panted as her boyfriend's hard boner fucked in and out of the sucking warmth of her grasping pussy. Ann was almost out of her mind with ecstasy.

Grasping him frantically around his shoulders, the horny girl wildly threw her hips up to meet every stroke of his hard cock. The open lips of her pink little cunt sucked and pulled at the base of his cock, trying desperately to get more and more into her greedy pussy.

His stiff boner fucked in and out of the aroused blonde's sucking, slippery fuckhole. Roger could feel her hard nipples burning into his flesh as her luscious tits squished against his heaving chest.

"Oh, sweet piss!" she squealed, sinking her teeth into his shoulder as her cock-hungry cuntlips involuntarily sucked at the thick meatiness of his fucking prickshaft. "It's so good, honey. It feels so fucking good."

Further excited by her squeals of delight and unrestrained passion, Roger reared back and began fucking his lust-inflamed prick harder and deeper into the depths of the shuddering girl's scalding pussy slit.

"Oh, yes, you sweet fucker!" she screamed, feeling the thickness of his hard hot cockshaft fucking through the clinging flesh of her cock filled pussy. "That's it, baby! Fuck it to me good, honey!"

Her nostrils flaring, her baby-soft lips writhing back from her teeth, her long blonde hair flying wildly around her excited face, the beautiful young girl fucked his plunging prick for all it was worth.

"Harder, honey, harder!" she shrieked, grasping his ass and pulling him more violently against her. "Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

Crazed with excitement by his girl friend's cries of delight as she rubbed her hot tits up against his heaving chest, Roger fucked his hard throbbing boner deeper and deeper into her insatiable pussy.

"That's it, you big cunt-fucker!" she whimpered, feeling the force of his savage thrusts pounding into her seething pussy. "Oh, sweet shit, how I bye that cock! Fuck me harder, honey! Just fuck the piss out of me!"

On and on they pounded, their slippery wet bodies humping frantically together on the wildly bouncing chair. She was almost out of her mind with lust. Ann's widely splayed legs were waving obscenely in the air as Roger's thick juice-slickened prick fucked noisily in and out of her slurping, sucking pussy. The horny girl was squealing with delight, feeling incredible sensations swirling through her body as her boyfriend's lusty cock fucked deeper and deeper into her little fuckhole. Her lovely young face was etched with passion as little cries and obscenities poured from her open mouth.

The slick clinging walls of her pussy-flesh massaged and grasped at his invading prick pulling and squeezing his cockshaft, making his prick thicker and harder with each passing moment.

Roger could feel the flames of lust blazing through his loins, sending fires of passion to every nerve ending in his body. He couldn't get over the delicious hotness of Ann's juicy little cunt.

The lust-driven girl was wildly screwing herself up tighter against the young man, forcing his magnificent boner to fuck deeper and deeper into her scalding pussy hole. He was rhythmically fucking into her at a much faster tempo, each lusty thrust driving her back into the chair. Lunging steadily back and forth, lost to everything except his devouring lust, Roger was sending shivers of rapturous delight surging through the squealing girl's naked flesh.

"Oh, you sweet, sweet fucker!" squealed Ann. "It's so fucking good! I can't believe it! God, I love your big hard cock! Fuck me, baby! Pour it to me!"

Ann's young body was filled with a heat so intense that the horny girl felt she would be devoured by the flames. The white-hot heat spread out from her cock-stuffed cunt to every part of her body, even igniting flames of passion in her nipples. She could feel the most fantastic sensations between her oscenely spread thighs as her boyfriend fucked his slippery thick cock deeper and deeper into her prick-filled cunt slit.

Lee Porter had just stepped out through the back door to get a breath of fresh air when he heard Ann's squeals of rapture coming from behind the bushes.

"Oh, Roger, honey," he heard Ann whimpering. "Your hard cock feels so good in my hot little pussy."

Suddenly realizing what was going on, Lee felt a vicarious excitement surging through his prick. Moving quietly so they wouldn't hear him, the man crept over by the shrubs where it would be easier to hear.

"Oh, honey!" he heard Ann squeal again. "Fuck me faster, honey! Fuck me faster, honey! Fuck me faster!"

Lee's body tensed with excitement at the sound of his daughter's passionate squeals, followed by the sound of a faster squeaking from the reclining chair's springs.

"Harder, honey, harder!" he heard her squealing.

Seeing a small opening in the shrubs, the excited man peered through and saw his cute young daughter's smooth thighs wrapped tightly around the youth's body as she ground her overheated crotch up around the base of his fucking cock. Frantically rubbing his own throbbing prick, Lee saw her lovely young face rolling from side to side on the chair, her babysoft lips gaping open as her long blonde hair flailed around her head and shoulders.

Lee fully realized that this was his own sweet daughter being fucked, but he'd never witnessed anything so erotic in his life.

"That's it, honey!" he heard Ann squeal. "It feels so good, so fuckin' good!"

The heat and the hard thickness of Roger's big meaty cock were driving Ann wild as the intensity of her boyfriend's assault increased.

"Eeeeeeeeeggghhh!" she shrieked as his relentless attack continued, lifting her to higher and higher plateaus of rapture. "Faster, baby, faster! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Realizing that his fucking boner was propelling her toward a wild climax, Ann was squealing hysterically. The glorious, almost wild sensations that were enveloping her burning flesh made her squirm.

"Ooooooooooh! I'm gonna come! Gonna come!" she shrieked as roaring waves of unbelievable ecstasy flooded through her lurching body. "Harder, honey, harder!"

Suddenly, without warning Ann felt Roger's hot cum gushing into her passion-crazed fuckhole.

"Ooooooooh, shit!" she squealed when the exciting feel of his cum splattering against her cunt walls triggered her climax. "I'm coming! I'm coming... commmmmmiiiiiiinnnggg!"

Holding her boyfriend tightly in her arms, the trembling climaxing blonde clung to him until the last drop of jizz had dribbled out of his shrinking cock.

Not wanting to be seen watching them, Lee slipped back into the house.

Chapter THREE

Lee's wife went to a club meeting that night, and he was sitting alone in the den sipping from a bottle of whisky, which was something the man rarely did. Not wanting to ruin the relationship with his partner, Lee had stayed away from Loni since that first fuck, but every time he thought about the sexy woman, he got a wild hard-on.

Seeing his cute daughter being fucked out in the back yard this afternoon had really turned the man on. He couldn't seem to get thoughts of Ann's sweet young body out of his mind. Though he knew he would never do it, the thought of fucking into her cute little cunt was driving him wild.

Sitting in the den, having his incestuous thoughts, he completely finished the bottle. Then his wife came home.

"Hi." She smiled, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"Hello, honey," he slurred, rising unsteadily to his feet. "I've been drinking a little tonight."

"I can see that," she sighed, noticing the empty bottle on the carpet next to his chair. They left the den.

More aroused than he'd ever been in his life, he clung to the rail as he struggled up the stairs to the bedroom, his thick boner throbbing wildly in his pants. God, how he hoped Della would let him fuck her tonight. He just had to get rid of that big hot load that was in his lust bloated balls.

Because it was a warm evening, Della didn't bother to put a nightie on as she crawled into bed while her husband staggered into the bathroom.

"Della," he called as he returned to the bedroom with his stiff cock thrusting up from his naked loins. "Look what I have for you."

Opening her eyes, the woman was shocked at the obscene sight of the hard cock her husband was lewdly grasping in his hand. The last thing she wanted was a fuck, especially one from a drunken man.

"Oh, honey," she sighed, not wanting to get him angry when he was so intoxicated. "I'm too pooped tonight."

"Don't worry," the staggering man slurred as he pulled back the covers. "This nice big cock is just the tonic you need."

"Please, Lee," she whispered, suddenly wishing she'd worn a nightie to bed. "I just couldn't."

"Sure you can, baby," he laughed, throwing his massive body down over hers. "My fucking cock won't take no for an answer tonight."

With his heavy frame pressed down on hers, Della could hardly breathe. The feel of his big hot prick digging into the soft flesh of her bare tummy was filling her with disgust. The last thing the woman wanted was to be mauled by her drunken husband.

"Goddamn it, Lee!" she shouted. "I told you to leave me alone!"

"Ah, skit, honey," he laughed, trying to pry her legs apart so he could force his big prick into the hot moistness of her cunt. "You're gonna love it."

"No!" she shrieked. "Keep your filthy hands away from me!"

"Stop that bullshit," he panted, trying to force the head of his swollen prick between her cuntlips. "This is what you need."

"You rotten bastard!" Della cried, slapping him across the face with all her strength. "I told you to leave me alone!"

He just stared at her in a stunned silence. In all their years of marriage, neither of them had ever struck the other.

"Della!" he gasped.

"I'm sorry," the woman sobbed. "But I think you'd better sleep in the guest room tonight."

Numbed and shocked, Lee slowly got out of bed and staggered down the hall toward the spare room, his aroused cock thrusting up in front of him. Grasping his throbbing prick, the man began masturbating as he walked. He had to release that big load in his balls, and the only way was by jacking off. With his mind completely fogged by the alcohol, Lee leaned back against the wall to support himself while he stood naked in the hall wildly stroking his throbbing boner. Sliding the thick foreskin back and forth over his big bloated cockhead, he could feel an ejaculation building up deep in his loins.

He was just about to spray a hot load of jism all over the hall carpet when he suddenly heard sobs and moans coming from his youngest daughter's room. Only faintly aware of what he was doing, he quickly opened the door to investigate. He could hardly believe his bleary eyes when he saw Kelly writhing around naked on the bed. The cute little redhead's legs were spread wide open, her knees drawn up and the middle finger of Kelly's right hand was fucking in and out of her juicy little pussy. The fingers of the other hand were squeezing the swollen nipples on her newly sprouted tits. Her big amber eyes were tightly closed and a series of cries and moans were coming from deep in her throat.

Lee hadn't seen his little daughter nude since she was just a kid, and the sight of her sweet young cunt slit started his cock throbbing even harder. The moist pinkness of her slippery cunt was surrounded by a swirl of soft red pussy hair. A stream, of cunt juice was oozing from her pussy slit and covering her finger with a thick film of slippery fuck fluids.

The sight of her nubile young tits was almost as exciting as her sweet young cunt. They had just recently sprouted out into firm little cones of flesh about the size of tennis balls, but the erotic things about her cute tits were the big juicy nipples that topped them.

Kelly's long red hair was spilling wildly over the pillow, and the child's baby-soft lips were moist and parted, her wet little tongue darting in and out between them. The excitement on her flushed pretty face was a picture of ecstasy as she writhed her hot young pussy around her fucking finger.

Kelly had only recently been introduced to masturbation by an older girl friend, and she was now fingering herself off four or five times a day. Her friend had also told her all about boys' cocks, and whenever Kelly masturbated she always closed her eyes and pretended that her finger was a guy's hard prick.

Standing by the bed with his massive cock throbbing up in front of him, Lee was holding onto the headboard for support. He drooled over his little daughter's naked body. The sight of her juice-slickened finger fucking into the hot wetness of her little cunt slit was driving him wild. In his state of arousal and drunkenness, he didn't seem to give a damn, whether this was his own little daughter or not. He was only aware that she was a hot little pussy.

Momentarily opening her eyes, Kelly was shocked to see ha father looking down at her.

"Daddy!" gasped the adorable little redhead, quickly pulling her finger from her cunt. "What are you doing in here?"

"Watching you play with your cute little pussy," he slurred.

Tears filled her frightened eyes.

"Oh, Daddy," the youngster said in a trembling voice. "Are you going to spank me?"

"Why should I spank you?" he slurred.

"Because I was doing something naughty to myself," sobbed the child, brushing the long red hair back from her flushed face.

"Tell me something, honey," her father said, sitting down on the edge of her bed. "Did it feel good?"


She suddenly spied her naked dad's big stiff boner thrusting up from between his legs. Until now she had only heard her girl friend talk about pricks, so the size of her father's big thick cock was a terrific shock to the youngster.

"What's the matter, darling?" her dad asked, amused at the way his little daughter was staring at his throbbing prick.

"Nothing," answered the cute youngster, still staring with disbelief at her father's big hard cock.

"Do you like Daddy's thing?" he whispered in a slurred voice.

"I don't know," she muttered. "It's so awful big."

"Do you wanta feel it?"

When the frightened child didn't answer, he took her soft little hand and wrapped her fingers around the long thickness of his big throbbing boner.

"Gee, Daddy," the adorable little redhead whispered, gently squeezing his throbbing hard-on. "It's pumping like a heart."

"Does it feel good, darling?" he asked. "Does Daddy's big cock feel good?"

"Gosh, yes." Kelly grinned, her first shock beginning to subside. "I've never felt anything so neat in my life."

The cute youngster couldn't get over the velvety softness of his cock-skin stretched over the hard meaty flesh of his swollen prick. The smooth texture of his big purple cockhead was the most exciting thing she'd ever seen. Kelly realized his prick was much too big to fit in her little pussy, but looking at his cock sure made her hot and juicy between her legs.

"Oh, Daddy," she excitedly whispered as she started sliding the foreskin up and down over his powerful cockshaft. "I just love your prick. It's so nice and hard."

"Do you like to play with it honey?" he asked. "Is it fun?"

"Gee, yes," beamed the youngster. "I've never seen anything so neat."

"May I touch your cute little pussy?" he asked, getting more aroused by the second.

"Gee, I dunno," she muttered. "It just doesn't seem right."

"But you were touching it when I came in," he whispered, placing his hand on her bare inner thigh.

"That's different," Kelly argued. "I wasn't letting someone else touch it."

"But I'm letting you play with my cock," said her father, moving his finger up closer to the youngster's hot little pussy slit.

"Ooooooh, Daddy!" she gasped when his fingertip grazed against the moistness of her open cuntlips. "That feels funny."

He lovingly moved his finger up along the wetness of her pussy slit until he found her little quivering clit.

"Oooooooh, Daddy!" the youngster squealed with delight when he began lightly massaging her tingling little fuck-button. "Shit, that feels so damn good!"

Drunk and half-crazed with lust, the man suddenly bent over and covered an entire young tit with his mouth as he fucked the full length of his middle finger into the child's slippery little cunt.

"Ooooooh, Daddy!" shrieked the youngster. "Your big finger is hurting me!"

Paying no attention to her cries, he continued sucking noisily on her swollen nipple as he fucked his finger around in the moist hotness of Kelly's tight little pussy. The teen was still stroking his prick while he dug into her cunt and sucked wildly on her nipple.

"Oh, Daddy," she whimpered, writhing her hot little pussy slit around his invading finger. "Now it feels so good."

"I'm glad, darling," he panted. "Do you want Daddy to bring, you off?"

"Shit, yes!" she beamed. "I'd really like that a lot."

Lee had never touched a pussy with his mouth, but he suddenly had a wild desire to taste his cute little daughter's cunt slit.

"Okay," he leered, removing his finger from her juicy pussy. "Has anyone ever licked your pussy before?"

"Of course not," she giggled. "Who'd want to lick my pussy?!"

"Me." Her father grinned.

"But, Daddy," gasped the cute youngster. "I piss out of it."

"I know that, you sweet angel." He smiled. "But I'll bet you have the best-tasting piss in the world."

"Oh, Daddy," Kelly giggled. "You shouldn't talk like that."

"Will you let me lick your little cunt?" he asked, ignoring her remark.

"If you want to," she said. "But it sure sounds dumb."

Drooling with lust, the youngster's father parted her cute little thighs and lowered his face toward the hot, juicy hole between her soft young legs. The fresh scent of Kelly's sweet cunt wafted to his nostrils as his nose grazed lightly against the downy swirls of her red pussy hairs. The man could hardly believe it. This was the most exciting aroma he'd ever sniffed. The fresh fragrance of his darling daughter's young cunt was almost enough to blow his mind. Taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth and excitedly ran his thick wet tongue up along the length of her little hot drooling cunt silt.

"Ooooooh, Daddy," giggled the cute youngster as his tongue moved over the sensitive flesh at the entrance of her darling young pussy. "You're a naughty man, but shit that feels good."

Slipping his tongue in the moist slickness of her hot little cunt slit, the man locked his slavering mouth tightly over his cute daughter's open cuntlips. Sucking wildly as his tongue lashed around in her dripping pussy, he was greedily lapping the sweet fuck juice from his daughter's horny little pussy.

"Oh, Daddy!" Kelly squealed with joy. "I love you, Daddy! I love you so much!"

While clawing at her own hard nipples in ecstasy, he feverishly aroused youngster was excitedly squeezing her soft young thighs against the juice-smeared face of her handsome father. She'd never heard of a man wanting to suck a girl's pussy, but, as kinky as it seemed, it sure felt neat. As far as Kelly was concerned, from now on her father could lick her horny little cunt anytime he wanted.

"Oh, sweet suckin' Daddy," she panted, grinding her hot oozing cunt even tighter against his slobbering mouth. "I love it, Daddy. I've never felt anything so neat in my life."

After spending several moments licking the tasty juices from deep in her little cunt, the cute little redhead's father withdrew his tongue and lovingly sucked her hard young clitty between his lips.

"Oh, Daddy!" she sobbed when he began twirling his tongue around her erect little girl cock. "Oh, shit! Oh, shit, that feels good! Oh, shit, Daddy, shit!"

Kelly could feel a climax building up in her trembling, body as her father continued sucking and teasing her hard little clit with his tongue and lips.

"Oh, Daddy!" she cried. "Don't stop, Daddy! Don't stop! Keep suckin', I'm gonna come!"

Feeling his daughter's hot little body writhing under the obscene caresses of his mouth, he attacked her little pussy with a renewed fervor.

"Oh, Daddy!" the youngster suddenly shrieked. "Here I come, Daddy! Oh, shit, I'm coming!"

Lurching violently on the bed, Kelly writhed her hot little cunt around his mouth.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered a few minutes later as she rested in his arms. "That was so neat."

"Honey?" he asked. "How would you like to lick Daddy's cock?"


"Would you like to suck my prick?"

"Gee, I don't know." She hesitated. "Will you promise not to piss in my mouth?"

"I promise." He grinned. "And if you suck me real good, I'll shoot some tasty cream into your mouth."

"How do I suck it?"

"Pretend it's a lollipop," her father suggested.

"Okay," Kelly giggled as she bent down and stuffed her dad's big stiff prick into her mouth. She was a bit startled by the strong male taste and smell of his cockhead, but she also found them strangely exciting, and the smooth hard flesh of his big shiny prick-knob felt good against her lips. Having never heard about sucking a cock before, the cute youngster wasn't certain how she should do it, so she just sucked and licked at the rich meaty flavor of his hot prick.

"Oh, shit, baby!" he gasped. "That's the way to do it!"

"Am I gonna get a mouthful of cream?" she asked, momentarily removing his boner from between her lips.

"You sure are," he gasped.

He was trembling with excitement as he watched his prick disappearing in and out of Kelly's hot sucking mouth again.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she mewled around his cock, her face flushed with excitement.

"God damn!" he excitedly panted. "That's the way I like it. Shit, you're a little natural born cock-sucker."

Staring down at her baby-soft mouth, he saw his slippery prick fucking in and out between her sucking lips.

"Hot fucking damn!" he hotly panted, curling his fingers into her long red hair. "Christ, baby, am I gonna give you a mouthful!"

Removing his sensitive cockhead from her mouth, Kelly instinctively began licking the entire length of his throbbing boner. When she had the entire surface of his prickshaft drenched with her sweet warm spit, she once again stuffed his big meaty cock back into her mouth. His entire body began trembling with excitement when he once, more felt his hard slippery prick fucking back and forth between her soft sucking lips.

"Are you gonna feed me some cream?" she excitedly whispered a few moments later when she again removed his big beautiful cock from her mouth.

"You're not shitting!" he panted, grabbing her head and slamming the child's mouth down over his big prick again. "Keep sucking, baby, cause here it comes!"

Giving a wild lurch, the horny father fucked his exploding cock deep into his little daughter's throat as his prick started spewing a hot stream of cum. Little Kelly was startled by the huge amount of jizz that was gushing into her mouth, but she sucked and swallowed frantically, not wanting to lose a drop of her sweet father's delicious cock-cream.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered when she finally released his limp wet prick from her mouth. "Your thing isn't hard anymore."

"I know." He smiled, getting up from the bed. "But next time it gets hard, I'll feed you some more cock-cream."

"Good night, Daddy." She smiled, licking a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth as her dad started leaving.

"Good night, darling," he whispered, closing the door behind him as he started walking down the hall to the guest room.

Chapter FOUR

Though Ann Porter was having a very active sex life with Roger West as well as some other boys she knew, the lovely blonde was thinking more and more about her dad. She'd always thought her father was a handsome man ever since she was a little girl, but for the past several weeks she'd been thinking about him in a sexual way. Lately she'd been having fantasies about him fucking her, and she was developing a wild urge to get her hands on his cock.

Coming home one afternoon and not finding anyone in the house, she looked out the kitchen window and saw her father sunning himself in the back yard on a blanket. Deciding to join her dad, she opened the back door and walked out to him.

"Hi, Ann," he said when he saw his beautiful older daughter approaching.

"Hi, Dad," smiled the pretty blonde, thinking how handsome and virile her father looked in nothing but a pair of trunks. "It sure feels nice out here in the sun."

"Why don't you join me?" he suggested. "I could sure use some company."

"Would you mind?" She smiled, happy that she had no bra or panties on under her dress.

"Not at all," he answered. "It's so nice and private out here."

"I know." She grinned with a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she slowly removed her dress. "I always enjoy sunbathing in the nude if it's a spot where a person has privacy."

Lee almost shit in his shorts when his pretty daughter pulled her dress off. He just stared numbly at the naked young girl standing directly over him, her cunt only a few feet from his eyes. Lee had always thought his oldest daughter was pretty, but he'd never realized how really lovely she was until right now. There was something about her soft creamy flesh that was almost lewdly obscene.

Nervously looking up at her face, Lee could see her smiling down at him with half-closed eyes. Her full lips were moist and soft as she suggestively teased her pink tongue around them. The man had never seen anything as lovely as her long blonde hair cascading down over her smooth bare shoulders.

Completely enthralled by his daughter's beauty, he found his gaze drawn to her luscious tits, so soft and pliant, yet firmly erect with big coral-tinted nipples which were just begging to be sucked and chewed. Next, his gaze moved down over the smooth flesh of her belly until his eyes focused on the nest of silky gold pussy hair surrounding her moist hot cunt. Her cuntlips were glistening with the horny fuck juices which were oozing out from between them.

The man had glimpsed her naked body when he had seen Roger West fucking her behind the bushes, but because they were some distance from him and the boy was on top of her he hadn't really had a good look at her until right now. Lee's cock was throbbing wildly in his shorts. He fully realized she was his own daughter, but, because of his frustrating sex life with his wife, he suddenly, had an insane desire to stuff his hard cock up between her shapely young legs.

"Am I embarrassing you?" she asked in a soft voice. "I love to sun myself in the nude."

"God, no," he gulped, his prick throbbing excitedly in his shorts. "I'm not embarrassed."

"Good," murmured Ann as she dropped to her knees beside him. "I imagine you've seen plenty of naked women before."

Her dad was too stunned to answer.

"Well, haven't you?" she asked.

"Haven't I what?"

"Seen lots of naked women and pussies," she giggled.

"I guess so," he muttered unable to understand his daughter's behavior.

"Do you like to play with cunts?" she asked with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

Completely shocked, the man just stared at her, unable to comprehend what was going on.

"I love to play with cocks," she continued, reaching for his zipper. "Do you mind if I check out your prick, Daddy?"

Before he could move or answer, Ann had his fly open and his prick out.

"God, Daddy," she giggled. "That's a real beauty."

This was the largest cock Ann had ever seen, and she couldn't get over how long and thick her father's prick was.

"Gosh, that's some fuck-tool," she whispered, milking his tightly stretched fore skin up and down over the rigid length of his prick. "Would you like to stuff it into my hot little pussy?"

"Me you serious?" he gulped, finally finding his voice.

"I sure am," giggled Ann. "I've never been so ready to fuck in my life. Feel my pussy."

"What?" he gasped.

"Feel my hot little pussy," she whispered, spreading her thighs farther apart as she knelt next to him. "Feel how fucking hot I am."

Reaching down, she took his hand and pressed it against her steamy crotch. The feel of her hot slippery cunt was almost more than the excited man could stand, and, unable to control himself any longer, he fucked the length of his thick middle finger all the way up her scalding cunt.

Lee realized she was a child and his daughter, but he vividly recalled that he'd seen Roger fucking her.

"Ooooooh, Daddy," she moaned, writhing her hot juicy pussy around his deeply embedded finger. "If you'll take those stupid shorts of f, we could get down to some serious fucking."

When her father was finally spread out naked on his back, Ann knelt between his legs and once more took his throbbing cock in her fingers. She could feel the blood pumping like crazy through his distended veins, and, from the way his hot boner was jerking in her grasp, she knew her overexcited dad was on the verge of shooting his wad. She quickly decided to get rid of his first load before they started screwing. She wanted a long, luxurious fuck with her handsome dad, and she realized it would be impossible in his present state of excitation.

Knowing she had to suck him off before they could enjoy an extended fuck, Ann leaned forward and, inch by delicious inch, lowered her mouth down over his thick throbbing boner, licking and rolling her tongue all around the sensitive underside. Next she slowly raised her head up, sliding his thick meaty cockshaft across the top of her mouth as she tickled his prick with the tip of her tongue. Then she went back down, her soft juicy lips of an oval of delight as they slithered over his tingling prick.

Staring at his beautiful daughter, Lee was thrilled by the erotic sight. Her long hair was spread out all over his belly and thighs as her sweet little cock-sucking lips fucked rhythmically up and down over his throbbing prickshaft.

Ann was in a sexual paradise as her leeching lips sucked and pulled on the meaty flesh of his enormously swollen cock. With his bloated balls cupped in her palm, the young girl massaged and caressed the loose, crinkly skin with her naughty fingers. She was lightly nibbling on the slick velvety surface of his knobby cockhead, sending tingles of rapture racing up and down the naked length of his pulsing boxier. Up and down went her head as the horny girl skillfully sucked and licked on her dad's throbbing cock.

Beneath her, Lee was trembling from the sensual pleasure she was giving him. Digging his fingers into the blanket, he moaned as nothing else, seemed to matter except those juicy little lips that were so intimately sucking on his fiery prick.

From the way his thigh muscles were flexing and tensing, Ann could tell he was about to shoot his wad. Wildly aroused by the taste and texture of his hard prick in her mouth, she suddenly wished she could finger herself off at the same time, but her hands were too busy with his balls. The beautiful girl couldn't do both things at the same time, but sucking on his huge cock was almost as exciting as coming herself.

Momentarily stopping the deep suction, she drilled the pointed tip of her pink tongue inter the tiny slit on the end of his prick, licking up the delicious drops of tasty fuck fluid that were bubbling out. As the oily liquid trickled to the back of her throat, Ann began once more fucking her mouth up and down over his magnificent boner.

"Oh, my God!" her dad moaned. "You sure know how to suck cock!"

Ann parted her warm slippery lips and swiped her tongue down along the blue-veined length of his sensitive prickshaft until she reached his balls. She could feel bits of curly hair in her teeth as she slavishly licked his swollen balls. Panting with excitement, the horny girl opened her mouth even wider and began sucking his nuts in and out, one at a time. It was pure heaven for her to feel her mouth stuffed with his balls as well as the loose folds of his ball skin and his wet tangled crotch hair.

"Jesus Christ!" her dad cried as she devoured his spit-soaked cock and balls.

Finally releasing his cum-filled balls from her mouth, the aroused girl lifted her head and began once more sucking vigorously on his cockhead. As she brought him closer and closer to a climax, he began softly moaning. His body convulsively shuddered. His ass was squirming all over the blanket as his thighs tightened and his toes curled. Wanting to bring him off as soon as possible so they could have a hot fuck, Ann sucked and licked and milked on the sensitive meat of his swollen cock for all she was worth.

She could tell from his gasping breath and by the way his thick prick was twitching that he was on the verge of shooting his hot fuck juice. Feeling his hips humping up and down, Ann began sucking even harder.

"Aaaaaauuuuuggg! Uuuuuuuggghhh!" he roared, his ass flying up from the blanket as big gobs of boiling jizz gushed into her throat. The girl desperately swallowed the delicious thick cum as she continued sucking on his spurting cock-knob, not wanting to waste a single drop of his bubbling jizz. No matter how rapidly she swallowed, torrents of white hot cum gushed against the back of her throat, splashing back out from between her cock squeezing lips, dribbling down her chin. When his wild climax subsided, she continued sucking until she'd drawn every last drop of his delicious jizz from his wilting prick.

As his boner turned limp, Ann continued sucking, wanting to get his cock up again as soon as possible so she could get that nice hot fuck she wanted so badly. After gently swirling his limp prick around in her mouth for what seemed like a long time to the horny teenager she felt his cock start to swell and lurch. She sucked more urgently on his limp meat, and took only a few more minutes until the man's virile cock was as hard and rigid as before his heavenly blow-job.

"Okay, Daddy," she giggled, rolling onto her back and exposing her delicious slippery pussy to her father's eyes. "Let's see what kind of a fucker you are with that big hard cock."

Tingles of excitement raced up and down her spine as she watched her handsome dad crawl up between her widely spread thighs. She could feel hot fuck juices boiling out of her overheated little pussy as she gazed at his long hard prick. Trembling with excitement, Ann reached out and grasped his throbbing boner and guided his prick toward her slippery cunt.

"Shit, he's a beauty," she whispered, squeezing his pulsing cock-knob in her palm. "That's the hardest fucking cock I've ever touched."

The beautiful blonde began trembling with anticipation as she eased the shiny head of his prick against her hot, slick pussy opening.

"Oh, skit, Daddy," she panted, trying to screw herself up against his hard cockhead. "Shove it in. I just want you to fuck me silly."

Feeling his aroused daughter's slippery cuntlips starting to swallow his sensitive cock knob, Lee suddenly lunged forward, fucking his thick throbbing cock all the way in with one sweeping stroke.

"Eeeeeeeggggghhh!" she shrieked with delight as his hard prick fucked deep into her sex-crazed cunt. "That's what I want, Daddy! That's what I need!"

Writhing and moaning in ecstasy, Ann passionately ground her aroused young body up closer against his, trying to get even more of his big blood-bloated prick into her hungry clasping pussy. Trembling with excitement, she felt every vein, sinew and tendon of his steel-hard prick rubbing against the sensitive walls of her pussy.

"Oh, sweet fucking," she whimpered as his hot cock fucked in and out of her slick tight cunt. "That's the way to fuck! That's the way to screw a pussy!"

Ann was almost out of her mind with rapture as her dad's hard prick drilled deeper and harder into her writhing cunt. She'd never enjoyed anything as much as this wild fuck he was giving her. Frantically grasping him around his shoulders, Ann was slamming her soft hips up to meet every stroke of his hard fucking prick. The lips of her hot, frothy cunt were sucking and pulling on his cockshaft, trying to suck even more of his thick meaty prick into her teen-aged fuckhole.

On and on they fucked, for what seemed an eternity to both of them. Lee could feel his cockhead larger and larger as he fucked smoothly in and out between the soft fleshy ridges of her hot, snug pussy. He felt as if his big blood-engorged prick would literally explode from the exquisite sensations being induced by her sweet young cunt.

Their slippery bodies were thrashing around frantically on the blanket as he fucked his long fleshy cock deeper and harder into her scalding pussy slit.

"Oh, sweet Daddy!" she gasped as his massive prick-knob pounded against the very end of her cunt. "You sure know how to use that fucking cock of yours!"

Lunging back and forth, he wildly pounded his hard boner in and out. With his prick fucking into her, he was banging against the very end of her cunt with his hard cock. She moaned and twisted beneath him as he jolted her time after time with the delicious force of his pounding strokes.

Lee was almost beside himself from the pleasure he was receiving from his teen-aged daughter. It seemed that every lusty stroke of his ponderous cockshaft was increasing her insatiable lust. Her aroused cunt responded wildly to every thrust and pull of his cock. As his hard cockshaft fucked in and out of her heated pussy, her hot fuck juices flooded all around his slippery prick. Thrilled by the way she was writhing and moaning beneath him, he pounded his hard cock even deeper into her heavenly little snatch.

Lee was panting heavily as their tumultuous fucking continued. Each time his cock plunged back into the seething hotness of her squeezing fuckhole, the tingling ecstasy streaked down his prickshaft to his balls. Even his asshole was tingling from the intense joy he was feeling.

"Ooooooooh, shit! Oooooooooooh!" she whimpered. "Do me, Daddy! Oh, fuck it's so good!"

"Jesus, Ann," he gasped. "You're the hottest kid I've ever seen..."

"Oh, good!" she squealed. "God, how I love the way you fuck me. I love your big hard cock!"

Further aroused by his daughter's words of praise, he began fucking into her with a renewed fury. His hips thrashed against her writhing flesh as he fucked deeper into her hot little belly.

On and on they fucked, her aroused dad fucking into her like a wild animal.

"Oh, God!" he panted. "I can't hold back any longer! I'm gonna shoot!"

"I'm ready, too!" she squealed. "Let it go, Daddy! Juice me good! Fill me up!"

Without warning, his plunging cock exploded violently into her cunt, streams of hat bubbling jism splattering against the walls of her pussy. His thick cum was mixing with her flood of orgasmic juices as they sloshed together.

"Oh, fuck!" she shrieked. "I'm coming! Oh, fuck, how I'm coming... commmmiiinnnngggg!"

Their lewdly entwined bodies humped and pounded madly together, his exploding cock spewing spurt after spurt of swirling cum into her cunt. His hard deep thrusts were jolting her as he pounded the head of his belching prick deeper and deeper into the flooded depths of her pussy. Her inner flesh rippled deliciously around the length of his shooting boner.

Out of her mind from her intense orgasm, she desperately clung to him, furiously drumming her bare heels against his back as her dad continued shooting his hot jizz into her pussy.

His spurting cock was lurching and jerking in her creaming cunt, bathing her pussy with big globs of hot cum. Shuddering together in a frenzied embrace, they came and came in each other's arms. Lee unloaded his bubbling jizz into his daughter's juice-drenched cunt.

Later, as they recovered from their heavenly fuck, a smile of contentment crossed Ann's beautiful young face. She thought about, all the neat fucking they would be doing from now on.

Chapter FIVE

For the next few days, Lee couldn't seem to think about anything except that incestuous fuck with his beautiful young daughter. On the following Saturday, when his wife had gone shopping and little Kelly had gone out to play with some of her friends, Lee went up stairs and knocked on Ann's bedroom door.

"Come in," sang the pretty blonde.

"Hello, darling." Lee smiled as he entered the room, thinking how cute she looked in her halter and shorts.

"I was hoping you'd come up," she beamed as she sat at her desk writing a letter.


"Because when Kelly went out to play, I knew you and I were alone," she giggled. "And I'm all hot and juicy between my legs."

"What do you want me to do about it?" he teased.

"Well," she grinned. "Maybe a nice hot fuck would help."

"Of course." He smiled. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Then undress me," whispered Ann as she rose to her feet and faced him with a naughty twinkle in her big blue eyes.

Not saying another word, Lee quickly untied her halter and removed it, letting her luscious tits spill free.

"Oh, Daddy," she said, "I think you're as horny as I am."

"You bet I am."

"I'm glad," giggled Ann when he rolled her shorts and panties down over her soft rounded ass, leaving the cute blonde naked. "Because I sure wanta be fucked by my daddy's big hard cock."

Pushing his lovely naked daughter back on did bed, Lee quickly stripped, letting his stiff boner point straight up in the air. Smiling at her, the man dropped down onto the bed with his naked daughter. Grasping the firm flesh of her luscious young tits, he could feel her stiff erect nipples swelling even larger between his fingers. Grasping her wrist with his free hand, he pressed her fingers down against his hard throbbing cock. Thrilled by her dad's aggressive behavior, Ann felt his big blood bloated cockhead nosing against her palm as she lovingly squeezed.

"Oh, Daddy," she passionately whispered, rubbing the swollen head of his big prick against her bare soft tummy. "I love you."

While caressing her full young tits and gently kneading her hard nipples, he began stroking the soft naked flesh of her inner thighs with his other hand.

"Oh, sweet Daddy," she cooed, feeling the tip of his probing finger touching the juicy slit of her hot cunt. "I love you so fucking much."

Involuntarily arching her hips up when his finger slipped through her juicy little pussy hole, Ann's entire young body shivered with ecstasy. She felt his finger worming up through the hot inner flesh of her steaming cunt.

Panting with excitement, Lee could hardly believe that his finger was fucking in and out of his beautiful young daughter's gold-fringed little pussy. God, how he loved the way her juicy cuntlips sucked around his finger.

"Oh, Daddy," Ann moaned.

She felt him rolling and tweaking her big tingling nipples while the thick middle finger of his other hand was working on her slippery little pussy. The beautiful young girl let out a sob of pleasure when his finger found the swollen pearl of her clit.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels so good," she whispered, lovingly squeezing his big meaty cockshaft as she slid the foreskin up and down. "God, it feels so good."

Moaning softly, Lee pressed his lips to his young daughter's moist yielding mouth, sucking on the sweet tongue she offered him. Finally removing his mouth from hers, he eased himself down over her body and covered one of her juicy nipples with his lips. The man had never been so aroused in his life, and, thinking about his daughter's sweet young cunt which he was about to fuck, he decided to lick her pussy first.

Ann was writhing on the bed in ecstasy when she slowly became aware of her dad's lips moving down over the soft smooth flesh of her flat tummy. She could feel her handsome father's lips approaching her hot little cunt mound. Shivering with anticipation, she excitedly watched the thrilling progress of his mouth moving ever closer to her cunt. Her chest was rapidly rising and falling as she felt his lips brushing through the soft blonde curls of her pussy hair. With rapture mounting throughout her body, she watched his fingers part the petals of her cuntlips and felt his warm wet tongue ease into the steamy slit of her hotly flowing cunt. Thrilled with the heavenly feeling, she let out a little whimper of delight when her dad's tongue made contact with her tingling clit.

Thrilled with what was happening, Ann squirmed excitedly under his lingual assault. She lovingly clamped her flaked thighs against his handsome face as his tongue continued teasing her hot little fuckhole.

"Oh, sweet Daddy," she whispered, staring down at him. He momentarily pulled his face back and excitedly gazed into the hot moistness of her juicy pussy.

"Oh, you darling child," the man panted.

"Shit, Daddy!" she squealed with rapture as his hot moist lips closed down over her juicy little cunt slit again. "Shit, your tongue feels so good!"

Thoroughly enjoying what her dad was doing to her, Ann closed her big blue eyes in ecstasy. Her shapely bare legs were trembling wildly as he planted wet sucking kisses all around the hot wiggly edges of her sopping hot cuntlips while his tongue fucked in and out of the slippery little pussy opening.

She whimpered as her dad's lips passionately sucked, drawing the slick warm folds of her pussylips into his mouth. Ann's entire body was writhing with rapture as his tongue teased around her clit.

"Oh, sweet Daddy!" she sobbed, feeling hot tingling sensations mounting between her shapely young legs. "That feels so good."

Though dozens of guys had gone down on her, nothing had ever compared to the delicious warmth in her loins from her father's plundering tongue. Listening to the wet sounds of his slurping mouth between her legs, she could feel his hot tongue teasing her sensitive clit. The heavenly sensations soon had the feverishly aroused teen-ager sobbing and moaning with joy.

Kneeling between her legs with his face buried in the soft fragrance of her pussy, Lee fucked his tongue as far as possible into her juicy little cunt slit.

"Oooooooh!" she squealed in ecstasy as her lovely young body writhed on the bed. "It's so good, Daddy... so good!"

Clutching her thighs, he spread them farther apart and once more fucked his tongue deep into her sweet young cunt.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed, feeling a glorious tingle racing all the way down to her toes as her father's tongue continued teasing her seething pussy.

After several minutes of this agonizing pleasure, the rapture in her loins was almost more than the madly aroused little blonde could stand.

She was excitedly squeezing and pulling on her hard nipples with the fingers of one hand while she lovingly tousled her dad's thick head of hair with the other. God, how she loved the way he passionately sucked between her widely splayed legs. Moaning with joy, Ann reached down and parted the puffy lips of her cunt with her fingers, allowing his tongue easier access into the steamy hotness of her wet pussy.

While sucking passionately on the wiggly folds of her dripping cunt, Lee was fucking his tongue deeper and deeper into her squirming pussy slit, drawing squeals of delight from the pretty young girl.

"Eeeeeeeeeeggggghhhh! Daddy!" she squealed. "It's so fuckin' good!"

Walking into the house through the back door, little Kelly heard the shrill screams and hurried up the stairs to see what was the matter. Staring through the partially open door to Ann's room, she was surprised, to see her dad licking her big sister's pisser. Kelly and her father often sucked each other, but she hadn't known that he was doing it to Ann, too. From the ecstatic expression on her big sister's face, Kelly could tell how much Ann was thoroughly enjoying herself. It was thrilling to see Ann's soft naked thighs rhythmically opening and closing against her dad's face as he noisily sucked her cunt. Her hips were writhing convulsively, grinding her hot pussy up against his juice-drenched face.

Little Kelly just stared with total fascination as her big sister's legs suddenly flew up around her father's shoulders, her bare heels beating a wild tattoo on his broad back as the man licked at her hot wet pussy. Watching them, the cute little redhead was getting moist and itchy between her own thighs. Suddenly having to piss, Kelly hurried down the hall to a bathroom.

Unaware that her little sister had been watching them. Ann was almost losing her mind from the pleasure. She could feel the ecstasy building and building, and she was just about to explode into a bell-ringing orgasm when her father suddenly pulled his mouth away from her sizzling cunt.

"Oh, Daddy!" she whimpered, trying to force his face back into her steaming crotch with her hands. "Don't stop now! I'm ready to came!"

Having other ideas, Lee was already moving up over her young body, guiding his swollen cockhead toward her spit-soaked cunt slit. Suddenly aware of what her father was up to, Ann spread her legs wider apart. She thrilled at the feel of his cockhead rubbing against her inner thighs. The feel of his big lust-bloated cock burning against her naked flesh further excited the turned-on teen-ager.

Ready to fill his cute daughter's cunt with cock-meat, Lee could feel his prick swelling even larger. Feeling Ann's soft young fingers closing around his throbbing boner, the man almost shot his wad into her hand.

Clinging to her father's nice hard prickshaft, Ann excitedly guided his cock toward her hot swampy fuckhole.

"Oh, Daddy," she heatedly whispered, her entire young body trembling with expectation as his prick moved closer and closer to her more-than-ready cunt. "Please fuck it to me, honey. Just fuck the living piss outa me."

Reaching down and cupping the firm cheeks of her sweet young ass in his hands, Lee drew her juicy pussy up toward his slowly advancing cockhead. His big muscular body lurched with anticipation when his sensitive prick-knob brushed against the slippery open lips of her drooling pussy.

Mewling hotly beneath him, Ann spread her thighs even farther apart, and arching her ass up off the bed, she scissored her shapely young legs around his waist offering the entire length of her slippery cunt up for his use and pleasure.

"Stick it in, Daddy," she whimpered, rubbing her hot juicy cuntlips all around the swollen head of his thick throbbing prick. "For God's sake, fuck me! Fuck me!"

Desperately grasping at her father's sinewy ass, the horny young blonde pulled him to her, feeling his big hard cock fucking into her hungry cunt.

His thick boner plunged into his adorable young daughter's hot sucking pussy. Lee was trembling with excitement as he realized he was about to fuck his horny young daughter again. He had loved that first fuck out on the back lawn the other day, but he knew that this one would be even better.

"Oh, Daddy," she softly moaned.

With his big swollen cock-knob about halfway up her pussy, Lee gave a mighty lunge, drilling the entire length of his prick all the way in.

"Eeeeeeeeeggghhh!" she squealed with delight as his stiff cock fucked into her slit. "That's what I need, Daddy!"

Still grasping his sinewy ass, Ann arched her hips up and pulled his magnificent cock still deeper into her hot sucking fuck hole. Thrilled by the feel of his boner throbbing in the moist hotness of her grasping pussy, she tightly squeezed around the thick base of his cockshaft.

Lee could hardly believe his cock was buried to the hilt in his young daughter's hot little cunt. Looking down, he could see the youngster's long blonde hair splayed out over the pillow, her soft parted lips smiling at him, adoration in her, eyes.

"Oh, Daddy, darling," Ann whispered as his boner throbbed so hotly in her clasping pussy. "Your cock feels even bigger and harder than it did on the back lawn the other day."

Deciding the time had come to empty his hot load into his pretty daughter's writhing belly, the lust-crazed man began pumping his hefty prick in and out of her delicious hot little cunt.

"Oh, yes, that's it, Daddy," she sobbed as the soft flesh of her hot cunt was stimulated by the thick length of his wonderful prick. "That's what I need. Oh, shit, what a beautiful cock."

Speeding the tempo of his thrusts, Lee was soon forcing a hot stream of fuck juices out of her cunt slit. The pumping pressure of his pistoning boner was driving her crazy.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!" squealed Ann. "That's the way to fuck your kid's hot little pussy!"

Never had Ann been fucked with such total abandon. Her eyes were rolling crazily back in her head as she enthusiastically slammed her hips up to meet every lusty stroke of her dad's plunging prick.

"That's it, Daddy!" she shrieked with joy. "That's the way to fuck a hot cunt! Just screw my horny little ass off!"

"Don't worry, darling," he panted. "That's exactly what I intend to do."

"Ooooooooh, it's so good!"

Returning from the bathroom a few moments later, Kelly could hardly believe her eyes when she saw her dad fucking his big juicy prick into her sister's pussy. The youngster had seen lots of dog's fuck, but watching two people fuck was the wildest thing she'd ever seen. She couldn't understand how her father's big cock could fit into her sister's little cunt, but, from Ann's squeals of delight, there was no doubt that she was having the time of her life. Little Kelly loved to suck on her dad's big prick, but she sure as hell wouldn't want him to fuck that thick cock into her little pussy. She knew his prick would split her wide open.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" her sister was screaming with joy. "That's the way to use a cunt! Oh, shit, how I love that big fucking cock of yours!"

The exciting scene on the bed was really turning Kelly on, and she began feverishly rubbing her own cute pussy through the leg opening of her shorts. The youngster had never felt so horny in her life. Hot fuck juices were flowing out from between her itchy little cuntlips. Rubbing her leaking pussy as she watched, Kelly decided that fucking must be the most wonderful thing in the world.

Passionately finger-fucking herself, the cute little redhead decided she wanted to be fucked, but not by her dad's big cock. She suddenly thought about Tod Turner, a kid who lived around the corner, and she wondered if she could get him so fuck her.

Lee could feel Ann lurching wildly beneath him and realized she was about to come. Feeling a climax building up in his own loins, he began fucking her with all his strength, hoping to bring her to an orgasm before he shot his wad.

Their hot bodies violently fucking, her tits rubbing hotly against his chest, the lewdly locked father and daughter thundered toward their inevitable climaxes. His ready-to-explode cock was fucking in and out of her clasping cunt. Ann was writhing beneath him, desperately clinging to him with her arms and legs.

"That's it, Daddy!" she was squealing. "Fuck it to me, Daddy! Fuck me harder!"

Ann could feel every sinew and vein of his thick cock rubbing against her sensitive cunt walls.

"Oooooooooh, yes!" she shrieked as his stiff prick fucked in and out of her hot little juicy cunt. "That's it, Daddy! Fuck me good!"

Frantically increasing the speed of his thrusts, Lee felt the delicious sensations building in his balls. He rapidly approached a seething climax.

"Oh, shit, Daddy, I'm gonna come!" Ann screamed as she pulled her knees back. "Fuck it to me, Daddy! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Passionately clutching his shoulders, the lunging girl sank her nails into his flesh. Her wild ecstasy began peaking. She was aware of nothing but the way his big wonderful cock was battering her cunt, vibrating crazily again to her tingling clitty as he fucked in and out.

"Oh, shit!" she screamed, her pleasure exploding into a wild orgasm when she felt her dad's hot fuck-cream gushing into her writhing pussy. "Squirt, Daddy, squirt! Fill me with it! I'm coming!"

Shuddering violently, the cute teen-ager screwed her juice-drenched pussy up around the base of his squirting cock as he filled her cute little pussyhole to overflowing. It was the most wonderful and the most total orgasm the girl had ever experienced in her young life.

Not wanting to be caught watching them, little Kelly tiptoed downstairs and out of the house.

Chapter SIX

A few days later, while little Kelly was walking home from the neighborhood drugstore where she'd gone for a cake, her mind was on Tod Turner. Two days ago, she and the boy had been fooling around together in his back yard. Anxious to be fucked for the first time, little Kelly had turned the conversation to sex.

As they talked, she finally told the boy how much she liked to play with hard pricks. He immediately asked the girl if she'd like to go out behind the garage and mess around with him. She had excitedly agreed, and as soon as they were alone in the secluded area, he whipped out his hard cock. Wanting to get him hot enough to fuck her, she started stroking his boner.

She was vigorously pumping her hand up and down on his prick when they heard the kitchen door slam. Realizing his mother was coming out in the back yard, the boy had quickly stuffed his boner back in his pants.

Thinking about it now as she walked home from the drugstore, she was pleasantly surprised to see Tod standing in front of her house.

"Hi, Tod," she beamed. "What are you doing here?"

"I just dropped by." He blushed, thinking how cute she looked in her shorts and halter.

"Come on in," said Kelly, knowing her dad was at work and her mother and big sister had gone downtown to shop for some clothes.

"Thank you." He grinned as Kelly opened the door for him.

Looking at the pretty young girl in her brief attire, Tod could feel his cock starting to stir in his pants. Remembering how she'd stroked his stiff prick out behind the garage the other day, he reached out and placed his hand cm her bare upper arm.

Kelly turned around and pressed her face against his chest, suddenly wanting him to hold her in his arms. Tod could sense the excitement in her trembling body and pulled her close against him, letting his hand slide down along her back. When his fingers found the soft globes of her asscheeks and she made no attempt to discourage him, Tod gently forced her clown on a couch.

His hands gently caressed her firm little tits which were only partially covered by the brief halter. Hearing the girl panting with excitement, he continued rubbing her nipples as they enlarged, pressing out against his palms through the thin material.

He swiftly removed the garment. His tongue began leaving a warm wet trail of hot kisses along the smooth flesh of her neck and shoulders. Rolling the excited youngster onto her back, he lowered his head and began giving her little butterfly kisses on her cute flat belly. His lips slowly worked up to the jutting mounds of her firm little titties, his tongue licking into the smooth valley between them.

Shivering with delight, Kelly grasped the back of his head, pressing his face into the soft cleavage of her sprouting little tits. Tod wasn't a masterful lover, but the boy had fucked a few girls and knew what usually pleased them. Lifting his face from the soft valley, he closed his lips over one of her big turgid nipples.

"Oh, Tod," she whispered, writhing her hot young ass into the cushion as she squirmed under his touch. "That feels so neat."

Grasping his face between her hands, Kelly pulled him up from her boobs and covered his mouth with hers. Panting excitedly, she felt his tongue probe into her mouth as his lips covered hers with a passionate kiss. The feel of his probing tongue in her mouth was driving the young girl wild.

She could feel his fingers titillating her hard tingling nipples. Millions of delicious sparks were shooting from her tits to her pussy as he teased her sensitive tits while they sucked sensually on each other's tongue. Her heart leaped with pleasure when his hand moved down from her titties to the soft bare flesh of her inner thighs.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned, feeling his fingers moving up through the leg opening of her brief shorts.

Probing up under the brief material, his finger lightly teased up and down along the outer edge of her little juice-slickened cuntlips. Pushing up through the leg opening, the tip of his finger finally slipped into the slippery moistness of her hot young cunt slit.

"Oh, Tod," she whimpered, feeling the hot tight walls of her pussy closing around his finger. "That feels so good."

As his finger began sinking deeper into her squishy hotness of her steaming little pussy, Kelly spread her legs wider apart to give him more room. She could sense the excitement in Tod's body as he began enthusiastically fucking his finger in and out of her hot young pussy slit. Kelly was quivering from head to toe as he fingered her hard clit, caressing and massaging and teasing her clit to a throbbing erection. She didn't know where this torrid necking was leading them, but she hoped it would lead to fucking.

Tod was almost out of his mind with lust as he passionately probed his tongue around in her mouth. He realized the girl was probably too young to fuck, but playing with her hot little cunt was driving him wild. There was a hotness and tightness to her cute little pussy that was really turning the older boy on.

Completely carried away by the passions that were flaming through her body, Kelly reached down and grasped the big hot bulge in the front of his jeans. After excitedly rubbing for a few moments, she lowered his zipper and pulled his throbbing prick out, glad that his cock wasn't huge like her father's.

Holding this cock that she had stroked the other day, she felt a wild spurt of fuck juice gushing out from between her aroused cuntlips. The size of her dad's big prick had frightened the young girl, but Tod's hard sleek boner looked to fit into her little virginal cunt without too much discomfort. The thought of fucking had never entered Kelly's mind until she saw her dad and sister fucking. But now holding Tod's hard prick, she couldn't wait to feel his cock in her pussy.

While Kelly lovingly stroked his stiff prick, the boy leaned back on the couch, his finger still working around in her frothy little pussy slit while he passionately kissed her moist parted lips. Suddenly moving his mouth from hers, he began sucking oh her turgid tits again, his middle finger still fucking wetly in and out of her aroused cunt while his lips and tongue devoured the creamy flesh of her firm young tits. Thoroughly enjoying what was happening to her, the horny little redhead writhed and squirmed with unrestrained joy.

Pulling his clinging lips from her quivering nipples, he slipped his hand into the waistband of her brief shorts and slowly rolled them down over her bare little ass. She automatically raised her hips to assist him. Her soft red muff of moist pussy hair was soon exposed to the boy's appreciative eyes. Finally pulling her shorts completely off, he gazed down at her her sweet young cunt which had been so thoroughly aroused by his finger. Her soft wet cuntlips were pertly displayed in the red nest of newly sprouted pussy hair. Little droplets of fuck juice glistened on the wet coral-tinged flesh of her frothy pussy.

Her youthful hips weren't fully developed yet, but there was a soft fullness to them as they flared out from her slim waist. Tod could see steady trickle of hot cunt juices streaming out of her pussy slit, dribbling down over her cute bare ass.

Suddenly getting up from the couch, Tod began stripping off his clothes, wanting to feel her naked young body pressed against his. Smiling up at him, Kelly wanted to see his lean muscular body as naked as her own. Her gaze moved slowly down over his chest and flat belly and finally to the sleek hard prick thrusting up so rigidly from between his legs.

"Oh, Tod," she whispered, her breath catching in her throat as he sat back down beside her. "That's such a beautiful cock."

Kelly fully realized what was going to happen, and she couldn't wait to feel the boy's hard prick in her pussy. There was only one way this could end, and if that was what Tod wanted, she was more than willing to give herself to him. The thought of being fucked for the first time was a bit scary to the youngster, but, staring at his hard cock, she became less and less afraid. Uncontrollable lust mounted in her cunt. She realized there would be pain, but there always had to be a first time for it to happen and this was as good a time as any.

"Shit, you've got cute little titties," he panted, once more covering her turgid nipple with his hot open lips, sucking almost her entire tit into his mouth.

"Tod," she whispered. "Would you like to fuck me?"

"What?" he gasped, releasing her big hard nipple from his mouth.

"Would you like to fuck me?" she repeated.

"Have you ever been laid before?"


"Then I don't think we should," he panted. "You're barely..."

"I know how old I am," she giggled. "But I want you to fuck me."

"I still don't think we should," he said. "Why don't you let me bring you off with my finger?"

"No," she argued. "I want you to make me come with your prick."

"Gee, Kelly..." He hesitated, just dying to fuck the cute girl. "I'm afraid I'll hurt you."

"We can stop if it hurts too much," she pleaded. "Please fuck me."

"Will you stop me if it hurts?" he asked, his cock throbbing frantically at the thought of fucking her sweet little pussy.

"Of course I will," whispered the horny youngster.

"We'll try it then," he panted, excitedly crawling up between her shapely young legs.

Clutching the base of his boner in his hand, Tod guided the tip of his bloated cockhead up against the wet pink lips of her slippery little cunt. Feeling the hot hardness of his prick against her pussy, Kelly decided that, no matter how much fucking might hurt, she wanted that hard prick buried all the way up her aroused cunt.

Kelly's head was lolling from side to side, her long red hair flowing across the cushion. The excited youngster could feel him pushing the tip of his cock against her partially open cuntlips as he began gently guiding his prick through the slippery hotness of her young pussy. Continuing to fuck forward, the boy could feel his cock-knob slipping through the tight little opening.

Kelly had anticipated pain, but she felt nothing but wonder as his boner pressed out against the tight walls of her virginal cunt and slowly nosed in. Little by little, he eased more and more of his prick into the squeezing tightness of her unused cunt.

Her pretty young face was suddenly twisted with pain as his stiff prick began stretching the walls of her fuckhole, but she didn't utter a single cry.

"Push it in," she whispered, encouraging him as she tried to keep her mind away from the pain.

Pushing harder, Tod could feel the tightness of her pussy slit squeezing around his slowly advancing cockshaft.

"Don't stop," she begged when he suddenly saw the anguish on her face. "It doesn't hurt very much. Keep pushing."

Feeling his cockhead pressing against her cherry, Tod grasped her hips and rapidly fucked his prick forward, ripping through the thin membrane as quickly as possible. Once through the barrier, he kept pushing until his boner was completely buried in the tight depths of her pussy.

Kelly was writhing and moaning beneath him from the momentarily pain of his hard cock being forced into her tiny cunt. Now the worst was over, and the pain began slowly subsiding as she felt his hard meaty cock filling her tight little pussy for the first time in her life.

Resting on top of her with his throbbing cock buried to the hilt in her grasping pussy, Tod tenderly kissed away the tears from her cheeks. Sensing that the pain was fading, he began to rotate his groin a bit, letting his throbbing prick enlarge her sweet little fuckhole.

Clasping him tightly in her arms, Kelly began grinding her cock-filled pussy up around the base of his prick. It felt good! It felt so good. With the brief initial pain fading from her memory, the little redhead found that she had never felt so filled with joy. Clinging passionately to him, she excitedly felt him withdrawing his stiff prick for his next thrust. Again he fucked back into her, again and again until he was fucking his hard cock-meat in and out with slow deliberate strokes. From the way his muscular body was trembling, Kelly knew he was enjoying this as much as she was. His hard sleek cock was soon pumping into the deepest depths of the excited young girl's pussy. Her sensitive grasping cunt walls slowly expanded, adjusting to the size of his boner as the ecstasy mounted in her loins.

"Oh, Tod," she squealed with delight. "It's so good! I never dreamed... never thought anything could be so fucking good!"

Ha squeals of delight fired the boy toward a fevered pitch, causing him to speed the tempo of his thrusts. As he fucked his cock into her cute little cunt slit with all his strength, it was very obvious to Tod that she was thoroughly enjoying her very first fuck.

The lewdly coupled pair was soon rhythmically fucking up and down on the couch, her naked young body responding perfectly to his. They were both giving and taking more pleasure than either of them had ever experienced.

Kelly was excitedly screwing her juicy little crotch up tightly around his juice-slickened cockshaft, enjoying the feel of his balls slapping against her widely splayed asscheeks.

"Jesus, you're a neat little fucker," he whispered to the pretty little redhead who was gazing up excitedly at him. "This is the tightest, neatest pussy I've ever fucked."

Speeding the tempo of his long sweeping thrusts even more, the boy drove her hot little ass deeper and deeper into the cushion. Lunging steadily back and forth, he used his big cock to send wave after wave of rapture surging through her horny flesh. The cute little girl was soon lost to the world of reality, lost to everything except the wild passions that was spreading and whirling through her little teen body. Squealing with delight, she parted her baby-soft lips in ecstasy, her big eyes glazes with lust as her long red hair swirled wildly around her glowing face. Her legs were locked tightly around his lurching waist. Her nails clawed into the bare flesh of his shoulders, and his hard prick fucked noisily in and out of her dripping cunt.

"Oooooooh, Tod!" she sobbed, half afraid of the unbelievable ecstasy that filled her seething loins. "It's so good... so fucking good!"

The darling little redhead was almost out of her mind with passion as his cock rubbed against every nerve in her tight little pussy. Grasping his asscheeks in her hands, she thrust her cunt up to meet every stroke of his fucking cock, pulling him violently against her. She arched her hips up to take the full length of his hard prick. The open lips of her frothy little cunt slit were sucking and grasping at the base of his cockshaft, frantically trying to suck even more of his wonderful boner in.

"Ooooooh, it's good!" she squealed with excitement. "Fuck me harder, Tod! It feels so shitting good!"

As they increased the tempo of their fucking, Tod hoped he could hold back his orgasm until little Kelly had reached her climax.

Loud slurping sounds were gurgling up from her pussy as his humping ass fucked his prick in and out at an ever-increasing speed. Squealing with uninhibited pleasure, Kelly dug her nails into his back as she pounded her bare heels into the crack of his ass to urge him on.

"Oh, Tod," she screamed, grinding her cuntlips up around the base of his slippery cock. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

The aroused boy was fucking his cock into her clinging cunt as far as he could while her tight pussy walls sucked against the entire length of his wildly pistoning prick. Unable to fully comprehend the intense ecstasy she was feeling, the cute little girl was bucking wildly on the couch. She fucked back at him with all her power. She could feel his balls pounding against her asscheeks as she cradled his lurching body between her thighs.

"Oh, God, it feels so good!" she wailed. "Faster, honey, faster!"

Tod had never felt anything so fucking good in his life. The wild feeling of his cock fucking in and out of her tight little pussyhole was the most exciting thing he'd ever experienced. Maybe she was an inexperienced little kid, but she was the wildest fuck he'd ever had.

"Oooooh! Oooooh!" she shrieked, feeling the top ridge of his sleek boner rubbing against her clitty. "Oh, shit! Eeeeeehhhhhh!"

"Am I hurting you?" gasped the boy, stopping his wild thrusts.

"Fuck, no!" she squealed, screwing her frothy cunt up tighter around the thick root of his throbbing cock. "For God's sake, don't stop! Just keep fucking!"

Almost out of her mind from the feel of his hard prick streaking back and forth against her tingling clit, Kelly was thrashing and bucking wildly beneath him. Drawing her knees back to offer even more of her pussy up for their mutual enjoyment, Kelly grabbed the cheeks of his ass, pulling his cock deeper into her hot squirming pussy. While he fucked his prick in and out of her slippery little cunt slit, she clung to his ass, pulling him more violently against her.

"Fuck, Tod, fuck!" she screamed. "I want more of that beautiful cock!"

On and on he pounded, fucking his juices slickened prick deeper and deeper into the girl's lurching pussy, driving her sweet little ass into the cushion with every wild thrust.

"Harder, Tod, harder!" panted the horny little redhead, pulling him more violently against her.

The wildly humping boy was fucking into her with all his strength, almost out of his mind with lust. His boner pistoned in and out of her hot pussy slit. Feeling a climax building deep in his balls, Tod fucked harder and faster into her lurching cunt, unable to control himself any longer.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she chanted, slamming her cunt up to receive every plunge of his marvelous cock. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Little Kelly suddenly felt a sensation in her pussy that she felt when her dad tongue-fucked her, only this was a hundred times more intense. Realizing that she was reaching an orgasm, the youngster fucked back at him with all the strength that remained in her ravished little body.

"Oh, Tod, I'm coming... coming!" she shrieked as the overpowering sensations began washing through her loins. "Fuck, honey, fuck! I'm coming... commmmiiinnngggg!"

Screaming and holding his naked body tightly in her arms, Kelly felt hot cum gushing into her cunt for the very first time in her life.

Chapter SEVEN

Because of his wife's insistence, Lee was still sleeping in the guest room. One night when he was restlessly tossing around in the bed, he decided to get up and take a walk. Just as he finished dressing, he heard Ann come home from a date and enter her room across the hall.

Wanting to kiss his pretty daughter good night, he opened the door to her room without knocking and walked in. Ann was standing by the window waving to Roger West who was just driving away.

Stepping up behind his beautiful daughter, he rested his hands on her shoulders.

"Hi, Daddy," she whispered, leaning back against his chest. "What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep," he answered as Ann took his hands and folded them across her flat little tummy.

Gently pressing her body back against his, the cute young blonde was pleased to feel his prick starting to stir against her ass through his pants.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered. "I can feel your naughty prick rubbing against my hot little bottom."

Becoming more aroused by her words, Lee began moving his hands up from her belly to her big ripe tits. When she made no protest as his fingers brushed up against the gentle swell beneath her tits, he reached through the low neckline in the front of her dress and cupped her naked tits in his palms.

"That feels so good, Daddy," she whispered when he began rolling her desire-swollen nipples between his fingers and thumb. "I just love it when you play with my tits."

Reaching behind her, the horny young blonde began rubbing the throbbing bulge of his boner through his pants. She'd been fucked by Roger less than an hour ago, but now she wanted to be fucked by Dad's long thick cock.

He began squeezing and pulling a bit more urgently on his pretty daughter's turgid nipples as she deftly pulled his hard prick out.

"God, I love your big hard cock," she said in a soft voice. "I'll bet you're all hot to stick it in my little cunt."

"I sure am," he excitedly panted as the horny girl wantonly pulled the skin back and forth over his throbbing cockhead.

Saying nothing more, Ann walked over by the bed and quickly removed her dress. As often as Lee had seen his pretty daughter's body lately, it never failed to excite him. When the man had removed his last stitch of clothes, he pulled Ann up against him and lowered his mouth down over one of her swollen nipples. Slowly bathing her erect titty-bud with his hot wet tongue, he gently lapped and licked them until her luscious boobs were glistening with his wet spit. The man's slow sensual tongue bath soon had his young daughter's nipples on fire.

Writhing against him, Ann reached down between their bodies and gently grasped his stiff hard boner. Then feeling beneath it, she affectionately cupped her hands under his balls, thrilled as always by the bigness of them.

"Gee, Daddy," she whispered, getting further aroused by the feel of his cock and balls. "You've sure got some neat equipment."

As the girl continued stroking her father's big thick prick, he reached down and peeled her brief panties off over her soft rounded ass and thighs. Stepping out of them, she pressed her totally naked body against his, feeling his hard cock burning into the bare flesh of her quivering belly. Cupping her wiggly asscheeks in his palms, Lee pulled his darling daughter's hairy little crotch up tighter against his prick.

Finally releasing the girl, he led her across the room.

"Now, darling," he whispered. "Get down on your knees!"


"So you can bend over and rest your elbows on the arm of this chair."

"I don't understand," she muttered. "Just do it so I can fuck you."

"Aren't we going to screw on the bed?" asked Ann, completely confused by her dad's actions.

"No." He grinned. "I'm going to fuck your cute little cunt from the rear."

"Like a dog?"

"Right," he smiled. "Just like a fucking dog."

"Oh, that'll be fun," she giggled as she assumed the position he'd suggested, her soft rounded ass waving provocatively in the air.

Kneeling behind her, he reached up between her legs and pressed his palms over the furry mound of her pussy, dipping his middle finger in and out of her little hot steamy cunt slit.

"Oh, yes, Daddy," she passionately whimpered as the tip of his finger brushed against her stiff clit. "This is gonna be fun."

Removing his hand from her hot dripping pussy, he grasped the thick base of his throbbing cock and guided his big purple prick knob up against the slippery lips of her seething pussy, feeling her warm fuck juices dripping.

Anxious to be fucked by her dad again, the horny young blonde pushed her ass back against him, feeling his cock pressing between her spreading cuntlips. Her father's cock was by far the biggest prick that Ann had ever been fucked with, and she was anxious to feel his cock back in her little teen-aged cunt again. A delicious tingle raced through Ann's naked loins when her dad reached around her and began fingering her clitty as he slowly fucked his thick boner into her tight young pussy. With her elbows resting on the arm of the chair and her mouth gaping open, Ann was staring straight ahead through glazed eyes. Her father's thick cock slowly entered her hot slip pery fuckhole.

She could feel the delicious pressure of his big prick filling her pussy while his strong hands pulled her steamy cunt back around his slowly advancing cock.

"Oh, shit," she whispered as she took more and more of her dad's heavenly big, cock. "That feels so good."

When his throbbing boner was completely buried in his young daughter's juicy little pussy, Lee felt her soft round ass pressing against his belly. Clutching her luscious tits, he remained completely motionless, letting his thick boner luxuriate in the squeezing hotness of her tight juicy pussy.

"Oh, Daddy," she hotly whispered as her father released one of her tits and began toying with her swollen clit again. "You sure know how to get my motor running."

"Thank you, sweetheart," he panted. "But this hot little cunt of yours always seems to be warmed up."

"I know, Daddy," she beamed, looking back over her, shoulder at him. "That's because I love to fuck."

Leaning over the arms of the chair, the horny young blonde felt an intense pleasure in her loins when her father began easing his thick cock back out of her tight, clinging cunt. While he continued rubbing her swollen clitty with the tip of his finger, Lee kept withdrawing his stiff boner until only the cock-knob retained encased in her little cunt. After pausing for just a brief moment, he grasped her hips with both hands and fucked his hot prick back up into the steamy depths of her little fuckhole with one wild thrust.

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" she gasped as the force of his thrust almost forced the breath right out of her lungs. "God, how I love your beautiful big cock!"

Settling down to a steady rhythm, the handsome man produced a wet slushy sound as he fucked in and out of her hot sucking pussy. The delicious pressure of his massive cock against her cunt walls was steadily increasing the mounting pleasure she was feeling, and the touch of his middle finger on her tingling clit was almost driving the horny little blonde wild.

"D'ya like this, little darling?" he hotly panted into her ear. "Do you like the way my cock is fucking into you like a horny dog?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" she wailed. "I love it, you sweet dog-fucker!"

Ann could feel a fantastic thrill with every thrust of her father's ponderous boner, and it was making her seething young cunt boil. Her dad was fucking into her as if she were a bitch in heat. The depravity of their fuck seemed to further arouse the horny teenager.

In and out! In and out! On and on he fucked into her steamy young pussy slit, his heavy cock sawing rhythmically into her clasping hot pussy. Bent over, her elbows resting on the arm of the chair, her luscious tits jiggling back and forth beneath her, Ann was being carried to new heights of ecstasy by the pounding of her wonderful father's massive boner. Madly aroused by the wild fuck she was getting, the cute blonde was grinding her ass around in tight little circles. Her youthful cunt muscles squeezed and sucked and pulled on his big prick.

"Oh, Daddy, you sweet dog-fucker!" she squealed, shaking and shuddering from the deep strokes of her dad's magnificent prick. "Please fuck me to death!"

He was fucking the beautiful blonde youngster with a steady rhythm. The room echoed with the sound of his belly slapping against the soft wiggly cheeks of her cute bare ass as he fucked his thick prick in and out of her sweet little pussy, each plunge bringing both of them more and more joy. As he began fucking into her with a faster tempo, it intensified the pleasure even more.

"Fuck, doggy, fuck!" she screamed as her feverishly aroused father fucked right into the core of her steaming cunt. "Oh, sweet shit, how I love being fucked by that beautiful big cock of yours!"

A delicious tingle rippled through the horny little blonde's entire body when she felt her father's big hands moving around her waist, his fingers reaching for her jiggling tits. While his hands cupped her luscious tits, wild electric thrills sparked through the girl's body as his fingers deliciously squeezed and pulled on her thick turgid nipples. Whimpering with joy, the well-fucked youngster was thrilled by the way her handsome father's strong hands held and caressed her tits, filling her with a rapture that was beyond description.

The thickness of his plundering cock fucking in and out of her hot young cunt was bringing her even more rapture than his hands were giving to her luscious tits. As her father's glorious big boner fucked in and out of her wet clasping pussy slit from the rear, her entire young body was tingling from the heavenly pleasure. Her loins were writhing from the vibration of his throbbing cock. The horny little blonde's scalding fuck juices were flowing all over his magnificent prick as his cock ground around in the burning depths of her creaming pussy.

Clutching tightly to her slim waist, Lee pulled back, forcing the quivering softness of her cute young ass tighter against his belly. His fingers were alternating back and forth from her flat tummy to the swollen nipples of her jiggling tits.

"D'ya like it, little darling?" her father panted as he continued fucking his fantastic prick into her little cunt. "D'ya like being fucked like a hot bitch in heat?"

"Oh, shit, I love it, Daddy! I love it!" she cried with joy.

As the girl's ecstasy increased, her cute bare ass writhed faster and faster. The pressure of his belly against her asscheeks as he pulled her back against him was adding to the pleasure of his pounding cock. Her clenched little fists were excitedly pounding on the arm of the chair. She maintained the lewd position while her father fucked his massive prick into her from the rear. Squealing with delight, the young girl slammed her ass back to meet every deep plunge, of his thick juice-slickened cockshaft.

God, she was glad her father was such a well-hung man. There was something about the bigness of his cock that always ignited her imagination as well as her pussy. The girl was almost on the verge of blowing her mind as his fantastically hard prick ground against every nerve in her hot cunt!

"Feel it, darling? Do you feel it?" he whispered into her ear as he pressed his panting face into the back of her hair. "Can you feel my cock twisting around in your cute little twat?"

"Oh, yes," she whimpered. "I feel it! I love it!"

With his finger once more strumming a tune on her clit, Ann bucked even wilder, writhing her cunt back around the thickness of his cock. Unbelievable joy was streaking through her bent-over body as her dad fucked into her creaming slit with long deep thrusts.

"Oh, my God!" she suddenly squealed. "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

Her entire body quivering with uncontrolled passion, Ann rushed headlong toward a wild orgasm.

"Yes! Yes! I'm gonna come!" she shrieked. "Do it, darling!" he panted. "Come all over my hard prick!"

"Oh, Christ, Daddy!" she cried. "I'm coming, honey! I'm commmmmiiiiinnnnnggg!"

"Hang on, sweet baby!" he gasped. "Here comes my juice!"

As the girl's traumatic orgasm enveloped her, Ann could feel her dad's thick hot jizz gushing into her hot little cunt, wave after wave of the delicious hot fuck fluid squirting into her writhing pussy hole, filling her cunt and seeping back around his deeply embedded cock. Floating through the glorious ecstasy of her wonderful orgasm, she was so thankful for her big-cocked father.

Chapter EIGHT

Feeling in an extremely horny mood a few days hater and knowing that his wife was at a bridge party, Lee decided to leave the office early so he could go home and fuck Ann. When Lee was about a block from his house, he saw Ann driving away with Roger West. Lee's cock was throbbing wildly in hit pants as he walked dejectedly into the house.

Going upstairs, he happened to glance into little Kelly's room where he saw the cute red-head lustily masturbating. Kelly and her dad were still sucking each other off two or three times a week, and seeing the cute naked youngster playing with her pussy really excited him.

Sitting nakedly in a chair, she had her back turned to him. But he could see her in the full length mirror she was facing as she excitedly finger-fucked herself. Only moments before, Kelly had stepped out of the shower. Feeling an itching sensation between her legs, she had sat down in the chair in front of the mirror to examine her pussy.

As she spread her cuntlips to get a better look, the feel of her fingers on the hot pink flesh ignited a searing flame in her cunt. Suddenly feeling extremely horny, she began rubbing her clit. As the delicious sensations increased between her legs, the horny little redhead threw her head back and began wildly fucking her finger in and out of her hot oozing pussy.

Almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy she was feeling, Kelly started fucking two fingers in and out of her overheated cunt while she enthusiastically rubbed her cunt with the middle finger of her other hand. The horny young girl was so completely aroused by the passions that she had no idea that her father was watching.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! God, it's good!" she whimpered to herself, pretending she was being fucked. "Fuck it to me, honey! Give me more of that big cock!"

Watching the adorable youngster as she writhed her hot little cunt around her plunging fingers and squealed with excitement, her father recalled how delicious her cute little pussy tasted. He couldn't get over how erotic her naked little body looked. He had already been in an extremely horny mood when he entered the house, but seeing his pretty little daughter masturbating added to his burning lust.

The man knew that incest was wrong and depraved, but he had already fucked one daughter and he suddenly had a wild desire to fuck his cock into his youngest daughter's cute young pussy. Unable to control his lust any longer, the perverted man stepped around in front of her.

"Oh, Daddy!" She smiled when she saw him standing in front of her.

"Does that feel good, sweetheart?" he asked.

"Shit, yes," giggled the horny youngster.

"Would you like me to play with your sweet little pussy?" he asked, dropping to his knees in front of her.

"God, yes!" she beamed, knowing how good it always felt when her dad licked her cunt.

Smiling lovingly at his pretty little daughter, he began lightly tracing his finger up and down along the edge of her red-fringed cunt. Panting with lust, he expertly rubbed and caressed the slick hot lips of her juicy little pussy, bringing squeals of pleasure from the young girl's throat. The pretty little girl's eyes closed with rapture when his finger found her hard clitty.

"Ooooooh, shit! Ooooooo, Daddy!" she whimpered with delight as he lovingly rolled her tingling fuck-button between his fingers. "That feels so shitting neat!"

Her darling little adolescent pussy was getting hotter by the moment as warm fuck juices flowed all over his finger.

"Oh, look," she suddenly giggled. "See how my horny little cunt is creaming on your hand."

"I can see it, darling." He grinned lasciviously. "Daddy loves your sweet cream."

Continuing to finger Kelly's writhing pussy, he dreamily studied the silky curls of hair that surrounded her pink cunt slit. The sight of her sweet young pussy between her widely spread thighs made his thick boner throb more violently in his pants. The youngster's darling little cunt was so moist and dainty, and the slippery flesh such a beautiful shade of coral. Finally pulling his finger out of her juicy fuckhole, he spread her thighs farther apart and placed me backs of her knees over his shoulders. With the girl in this position, her exposed pussy was spread open for him. He lowered his face into her fragrantly scented crotch.

"Oh, yes, Daddy! Yes!" she excitedly squealed as her depraved father's tongue began licking her steaming little cunt again. The man expertly fucked his tongue back and forth across her clit as Kelly whimpered from the intense pleasure she was feeling. She loved it when her dad licked and sucked on her pussy, but his cunt-lapping felt better today than it ever had before.

Holding her breath, the writhing young girl could feel intense rapture radiating from between her legs to every nerve in her body.

"Oh, shit, Daddy!" she squealed. "It feels so fucking good that I can hardly stand it! Oh, shit it's good!"

Wanting to bring her cute youngster off, he drilled his tongue up between the hot slick folds of her flowering pussylips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" she whimpered with delight, arching her hips up as she rubbed her hot, juice-slickened cunt slit harder against his slavering mouth.

Feeling his thick tongue swirling tongue in the hot depths of her aroused cunt, Kelly rushed blindly, toward a climax.

"Oh, my God!" she screamed when her wild orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. "Ooooooh, I'm coming! I'm coming, Daddy!"

She involuntarily arched her drooling pussy tighter against his mouth as he hungrily lapped up the orgasmic juices as they flowed across his tongue.

"Oh, sweet Daddy," she whispered a few moments later as she slowly recovered from her heavenly orgasm. "I love you so much."

As the depraved man stood up, the pain of his throbbing cock pushing out against the front of his pants was almost more than he could stand.

"Darling," he panted. "Have you ever seen any prick except mine?"

"Sure," she giggled.


"Tod Turner's," she answered. "He even fucks me."

The man was completely stunned by her statement, but knowing she'd been fucked made his little daughter seem even more desirable.

"Would you like to suck Daddy's cock?" he lewdly asked as he rubbed his prick through his pants.

"Sure," answered Kelly, excitedly staring down at his cock's big bulge.

Kelly's heart was beating loudly as she watched him disrobe. She smiled with pleasure when he finally dropped his shorts, revealing his big naked boner in all its glory.

"Jesus, Daddy," she whispered. "Doesn't that big thing hurt a pussy when you stick it in?"

"Of course not," laughed her father. "Shit," she muttered, still staring at his big prick. "I don't ever wanta be fucked by a cock that big."

"Women love big pricks." He lewdly grinned, lasciviously stroking his thick boner.

"Well, I sure wouldn't want one that big in me."

"But you like to suck on it, don't you?"

"Shit, yes," she beamed. "I love it." Quickly lowering her head, Kelly wetly ran her tongue all around his cockhead.

Wanting to give her father the same pleasure that he'd given her, she licked up and down the length of his long fat prick until his cock was gleaming with her slippery spit. The flavor of his big gnarly cock was so much stronger than Tod Turner's. Loving the musky taste the youngster licked with gusto, her tongue swirlmg madly around his big shiny cock head.

Finally opening her mouth as wide as possible, she lowered her sweet soft lips over his big sensitive cock-knob, digging the tip of her tongue into the little pee-slit on the end. Worming her tongue around, she was thoroughly enjoying the taste of the fluid that was oozing out.

Still wanting to fuck his little daughter, he pulled his throbbing prick out of her mouth.

"Sweetheart," he panted. "Will you let Daddy fuck you?"

"Shit, no! Your cock's too damn big!" she gasped with a frightened look in her eyes.

"Please, honey," he begged. "I won't hurt you."

"Jesus, Daddy," she argued. "That big thing would split me wide open."

"No it won't, darling," her dad said. "Cunts were made to stretch, and I'll be very gentle."

"Promise you won't hurt me," she whispered, wanting to please her sweet father.

"I promise." He smiled, leading her over to the bed.

When the youngster was spread out on her back with her sweet little thighs parted for him, her father crawled up between her legs. Placing the head of his prick against the tiny opening to her pussy, he lunged forward before she could change her mind. "Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!" screamed Kelly as her father's long thick prick fucked into her little cunt.

It hadn't hurt nearly as much as she'd expected, but he'd knocked the breath out of her. She was experiencing thrilling sensations as he fucked his thick boner deeper and deeper into her widely stretched fuckhole.

"God, Daddy," she whispered when the entire length of his thick cock was throbbing wildly in her unbelievably tight little pussy. "I sure feel stuffed full of cock."

The horny little redhead's slippery fuck juices were flowing hotly over her dad's deeply embedded prick. She excitedly writhed her pussy up around the thick base of his shaft.

"Does it feel good, baby?" he whispered, thrilled at the way her tight young cunt was squeezing his tingling cock.

"Oh, yes! Shit, yes!" She ecstatically moaned beneath him, creaming all over his prick as she shook and wriggled her cute bare ass around on the bed. "That's it, Daddy! Fuck it to me! I want all of that big beautiful cock in me!"

Ann could hardly believe her eyes when she stepped into the room and found her dad fucking her little sister. Completely shocked, she just stood there staring at them. Ann felt she should be angry about her father's depraved behavior, but the sight of his juice-slickened cock fucking in and out of Kelly's slippery little pussy was strangely exciting. The rapture on the young girl's face clearly showed how much she was enjoying herself.

"Oh, Daddy!" she heard Kelly squeal. "Make me come! Make me come, Daddy!"

Excitedly rubbing her leaking cunt through the material of her panties, Ann watched her father's hard prick fucking into her little sister. She suddenly wanted to feel his cock fucking deep into her own horny cunt again.

"Yes! Yes!" shrieked Kelly. "That's the way, Daddy!"

The horny little redhead had enjoyed it when Tod Turner fucked her, but she'd never experienced anything to equal this. Each lusty thrust of her dad's hard prick was carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. The tight walls of her tiny pussy were steaming from the heavenly friction of his fucking cockshaft. On the verge of a wild orgasm, Kelly felt her nipples burning and stiffing with excitement.

"Oooooooohhhhhh!" she suddenly shrieked, her pretty little legs waving around. "I'm coming, Daddy! Oh, fuck, I'm coming commmmmmmiiiiinnnnggg!"

When her wild climax finally ended, the exhausted youngster collapsed beneath her dad. He continued fucking his prick into her little limp body, wanting desperately to fill her belly with his hot jizz.

"Shoot in my cunt!" squealed Ann, tearing her clothes off as she rushed over to the bed. "Shoot your fucking jizz in me! I need a hot fuck! Kelly's already come!"

Pulling his throbbing prick out of his exhausted little daughter, the man moved over to the other side of the bed where Ann was waiting for him.

Smiling down at the beautiful young blonde with her legs widely spread for him, the depraved man moved up between her soft shapely thighs. Reaching down, Ann lovingly grasped the thick base of his prick and guided his cock in between the hot juicy lips of her pussy.

"Oh, Daddy," Ann passionately whispered to him. "I want the wildest fuck any girl ever had."

Seeing the lust in his teen-aged daughter's eyes, he fucked his cock into her with one hard deep thrust. He felt her hot cunt-flesh spreading as he lustily filled her with his hard prick.

"Oh, yes!" she whimpered with joy. "Just fuck me as hard as you can! Fuck the holy shit out of me, Daddy!"

Completely carried away with her passions, Ann was frenziedly slamming her steaming loins up to meet every deep thrust of his cock. Packing into his writhing daughter for all he was worth, the man could feel his hard cockhead pounding against the very end of her cunt.

As the lust-crazed man fucked deeper and harder into his pretty daughter's hot pussy, Ann drew her knees farther back, offering even more of her fuckhole for him to enjoy.

"Fuck it, Daddy, fuck it!" she squealed, her eyes flaming with passion. "I love you! Love you!"

"You sweet darling!" he gasped, his big lust-thickened cock fucking into the fiery depths of her horny pussy.

"Ooooooh, slit!" she squealed, her eyes rolling back in her head, her twitching facial muscles distorting her passion-crazed face. "I love the way you fuck! Oh, shit, you fuck good!"

"You sweet fucking angel," he gasped, sucking deeper and harder.

"Oh, shit, Daddy!" she whimpered in ecstasy. "Fuck me harder, Daddy! Oh, Christ, it's so good!"

Fucking his big cock in and out of his daughter's hot cunt slit, the man stared down at her lovely face. Her soft full lips were parted in rapture, her long blonde hair cascading over the pillow. She smiled up at him with an expression of total adoration. The warmth of her naked thighs around his waist was further exciting the man. Her oversized nipples were quivering as her luscious tits jiggled to the rhythm of his powerful fuck-thrusts.

"Oh, sweet, sweet Daddy," she whimpered as his big swollen boner continued fucking madly into her pleasure-ravished pussy.

The man could feel his big hairy balls slapping noisily against her juice-smeared ass. He continued to fuck his throbbing cockshaft into her slippery fuckhole.

"Oh, Jesus!" she sobbed, clutching him tighter in her arms.

As the couple fucked wildly on, little Kelly slowly recovered from her intense orgasm. Seeing her father's ass humping up and down between her big sister's thighs, she had a wild desire to spur him on by ramming her finger up his asshole.

Moving over next to them, Kelly pressed her fingertip against the rubbery ring of her dad's humping asshole. At first nothing happened, but, as she shoved harder, her finger finally slid into the first knuckle.

"What the hell are you doing?" her father roared when he first felt the electric shock of her finger in his asshole.

"Sticking my finger in your ass," she giggled. "I'm just helping you out."

The man began fucking more violently into Ann when Kelly buried the entire length of her finger in his tingling asshole. Frantically fucking into his daughter's writhing pussy, the aroused man was almost beside himself. He knew he would soon be shooting his hot cum because of the burning sensation deep in his balls that always signaled his climaxes.

Writhing wildly beneath him, his daughter bucked and arched her loins up against him. She skewered herself onto his cock while her little sister's naughty finger streaked in and out of their father's burning shitter. The wild ecstasy between Ann's legs mounted in leaps and bounds as she felt her orgasm rapidly building in her aroused body.

Lee, too, was almost out of his mind from the joy of fucking Ann's hot cunt while little Kelly's finger continued zipping in and out of his tingling asshole. Never had he enjoyed a fuck so much in his entire life. He had always thought any pussy was fun to fuck, but nothing compared to this double fuck he was getting from his two daughters.

Suddenly Ann felt her orgasm exploding through her entire body as her spasming pussy began convulsing all around the length of his cock.

"Oh, shit!" Ann shrieked. "I'm coming, Daddy! Oh, sweet shit, how I'm coming!"

Then she suddenly felt her father's hot cum spurting into her cunt. Big gobs of jizz splattered against the slippery walls of her writhing cunt. He continued pumping, shooting his thick cum into her. Finally when the last drop had been shot, they collapsed into each other's arms.

"Shit," giggled Kelly, pulling her finger out of her father's buttery asshole. "That was sure some fuck."

"You're not shitting," her sister beamed. "Our dad really knows how to fuck."

"I know," giggled horny little Kelly.

Chapter NINE

A few days later, Lee had to drive over to another town on business and little Kelly asked if she could go with him.

"I'd love to have you along for company," her father said. "But you might have to wait a long time in the car while I'm calling on my client."

"That's okay," beamed the cute youngster. "I won't mind."

A little later, she got in the car with him. She had an just a pair of shorts and a halter. They'd been driving down the highway for about ten minutes when Lee felt little Kelly's hand rummaging around in his crotch. The man suddenly experienced a delicious thrill as hot blood began rushing to his cock. His hard on was rapidly growing, and he could feel a crawly sensation in his nut-sac as his tingling balls tightened up closer to his body. Moments later she found the tab of his zipper and quickly pulled it down. Dipping her hand inside the open fly, she curled her fingers around his hardening cockshaft.

"Oh, Daddy, you naughty man," giggled the cute little youngster, as she pulled his throbbing cock out of his pants. "You've got a hard-on right in front of your innocent little daughter."

"God, Kelly," he panted. "You're sure a sly little girl!"

"Am I fun to fuck?" the cute little redhead teased, giving his hard cock a loving squeeze.

"You're the best."

"Do you feel like fucking me now?"

"You know I do," he panted. "There's a motel about twenty miles from here. Would you like to stop there for a little while?"

"God, yes," she giggled as she began vigorously stroking his cock. "I'm gonna give you the hottest fuck you've ever had."

Her tight shorts were saturated as the horny little youngster's cute cunt oozed with pussy juice. Kelly couldn't remember ever being this hot in her young life. Her slippery little cunt was burning and itching with desire and she could almost feel her dad's big prick screwing around deep in her little adolescent fuckhole.

"Oh, God," groaned her father, writhing around on the seat as the horny youngster continued sliding his foreskin back and forth over his big sensitive prick-knob. "If you don't stop that, I'm gonna come in your hand."

"Then turn off onto that side road just ahead of us," she suggested.

Doing as she asked, Lee brought the car to a stop by some trees about a mile from the highway. From the ruts and tire tracks in the dirt road, it was very obvious that it was seldom used.

"We don't want to waste any of your cum in my hand," she giggled, getting out and running around to the driver's side of the car. Yanking his door open, the cute little youngster pulled his ass to the edge of the seat and quickly tugged his pants and shorts off.

As Lee leaned back on the seat, his bare ass perched on the very edge, his hard prick was throbbing wildly in the air. Stooping between her dad's legs, the horny little girl grasped tilt root of his thick cockshaft and began licking the purple prick-knob. Her body trembled with excitement as she licked all around his tasty cock-meat.

"Do you like this, Daddy?" she whispered, feeling her father writhing under the ecstasy of her swirling tongue.

"Shit, yes!" he panted, his hips lurching frantically on the seat.

Running her tongue around and around his thick meaty cockshaft, she was pleased with the scent and taste of his big purple cockhead. Holding his massive prick straight up in the air, she feverishly ran her tongue all around the entire underside of his wonderful hard-on.

"Oh, shit, Kelly," he panted, feeling her hot wet tongue lapping against his prick. "You're such a sweet little angel."

She bent his cock slightly forward, opened her mouth wider and slipped her soft wet lips over the head of his prick. The youngster was shivering with delight as she tasted the clear drops of pre-cum oozing from the slit in the end of his meaty cock-knob.

"Oh, Kelly," he sobbed as the suction of his little daughter's lips around his cockhead became more intense.

On and on she sucked, bringing her handsome father closer and closer to climax. Kelly always loved the taste of his prick, and the way his cockhead spread her lips, pushed out against her cheeks and nudged at the back of her throat was just fantastic. The meatiness of her father's, boner tasted delicious as it pumped in and out between her hotly sucking lips.

"Oh, God, Kelly!" he moaned. "I'm almost there!"

"Good," she excitedly slurped, still sucking vigorously on his bursting prick. "I want a big fucking mouthful."

Lurching with excitement, the man stared down at his cute little daughter's soft young lips sucking on his slippery cock as his prick fucked in and out of her pretty face.

"Oh, sweet fucking shit!" he cried as the darling youngster took his big hard cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Thrilled by her father's obvious pleasure, Kelly slurped and slobbered noisily on his prick, wanting this to be the best blow-job she'd ever given him.

"Oh, shit, darling!" he panted, digging his fingers into her long red hair, forcing her mouth down tighter over his bloated prick. "Don't stop, honey! I'm almost there!"

Eagerly anticipating a big mouthful of her dad's tasty cum, Kelly worked her little lips feverishly on his big slippery cock.

"That's it!" he roared, thrusting his hips up as his prick began spewing a torrent of hot jizz into the cute youngster's eager mouth. "Here it comes!"

The massive discharge of cum was more than her mouth could handle, and jizz began flowing back out from between her cocksucking lips. She feverishly sucked and swallowed until she had the flood under control. Then she sensually sucked the very last drops from his slowly shrinking prick.

Slowly recovering from his fantastic climax, Lee stared at his daughter's cute face. She beamed at him with a little rivulet of jism dribbling from the corner of her sweet moist mouth.

"Pull up your pants, Daddy," she whispered. "I can't wait till we get to that motel. God, how I want to feel your big cock buried in my hot little cunt again."

Not wanting people to know he had a little girl with him, he made Kelly duck down in the seat while he registered at the motel. When he finally parked the car in front of their room, he quickly got her inside before anyone could see her. The moment they were alone in the room, they both quickly stripped.

"It didn't take you long to get another hard on," giggled Kelly when she saw her dad's hard prick.

"It never takes very long when I'm around you." He grinned, drawing the youngster into his arms, his stiff prick pressing hotly against her soft little belly.

"Gee," she whispered. "Your fucking cock feels so nice and hard again."

Reaching down and digging his hands into the deep crack of her cute bare ass, he pulled the child's soft little body closer against him.

"Oooooooooh, Daddy," she giggled, feeling his finger probing around the rim of her little asshole. "You're a naughty man."

"And you're a sweet child," he whispered, lewdly slipping the tip of his finger into her tight little shitter.

"Oh, God," she gasped. "That makes my asshole tingle."

"Do you like it?" he asked, slipping his finger up deeper into her cute asshole.

"Shit, yes," she panted, grinding her ass back around his deeply embedded finger. "It feels neat."

With her little hot wet cunt pressed tightly against him, Lee was soon fucking his thick middle finger in and out of the buttery softness of her tight young asshole.

"Ooooooooh!" she squealed with delight. "That feels so fucking good."

Seeing how much his daughter was enjoying this, he slipped a second finger up her asshole.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, feeling the added thickness of two fingers fucking in and out of her sweet young ass.

Her father couldn't believe how much the youngster was enjoying his fingers in her hot little shitter.

"Oh, Daddy," she panted, pulling away and kneeling on the floor with her arms resting on the bed and her cute bottom waving up in front of his face. "Stick your cock up my ass."

"What?" he gasped.

"I wauta be fucked in my butt," she giggled. "Please ass-fuck me."

It was quite a temptation as he looked down at her soft little ass writhing around in front of him. Recalling how much he'd enjoyed fucking Ann doggy-fashion, he suddenly wondered if a tight little asshole might feel even better.

"Please," she whispered. "Please stick your cock up my ass."

Grasping her soft young hips, he nudged his big bloated cock-knob up against the soft warm flesh of her puckered little shitter. Spreading her tight young asshole with his thumbs, he tried to stuff his prick in, but the ass ring was too tight.

Spitting into his hands, he began smearing saliva all around her quivering asshole and the head of his cock. Once more trying to part her cute little asshole with his thumbs, he pressed his cockhead harder against her stubborn ass opening.

"Eeeeeeeegggghhh!" she shrieked when his stiff prick suddenly popped through and slid up into the slippery tightness of her asshole.

It was more shock than pain that caused the youngster to squeal when her dad's hard cock suddenly filled her sweet little shitter.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered, writhing her hot young ass back around the base of his deeply embedded prick. "That feels so fucking good. God, what a neat feeling."

Grasping her hips, Lee began fucking his swollen cock in and out of the warmth and tightness of her slippery asshole. It didn't seem possible to the man that her widely stretched shitter could take anything as large as his thick cock, yet it was obvious that his cute daughter was really enjoying being fucked in the ass.

"Oh, God!" she squealed with delight as she ground her hot little ass back around his big slippery prickshaft. "That feels so neat! It makes my asshole tingle like crazy!"

Clutching her hips more tightly in his hands, her father began fucking his big prick deeper and harder into the moist hotness of the squealing child's little asshole. The way the slippery walls of her tight asshole squeezed around the entire length of his cock felt incredibly good to him. Every nerve in his long naked prick was tingling from this wild new sensation. Or and on he fucked, every thrust giving him more pleasure than the last. The intense joy her hot little ass was giving him was beyond description.

"Oh, Daddy," she sobbed. "This feels so fucking good."

"Do you really like it, honey?" he panted, fucking his cock even harder and deeper into his sweet young daughter's slippery hot asshole.

Reaching one hand down in front of the squirming youngster, he slipped his finger into her warm slick cunt.

"Oh, yes, Daddy," she moaned when he made contact with her clit. "That's it! Oh, shit, that feels neat!"

With his finger teasing her clit on his big thick prick fucking in and out of her shitter, the youngster was rapidly approaching a booming orgasm.

"Fuck, Daddy, fuck!" she squealed, thrusting her sweet young ass back to better receive the glorious plunges of his wonderful ass-fucking cock. "I'm gonna come, Daddy!"

With his big prick fucking into the moist hotness of her little asshole, Lee too felt a climax building in his loins. God, it was going to feel good to shoot his sizzling load of cum into his cute little daughter's writhing asshole.

"Oh, fuck, Daddy!" she suddenly cried. "I'm coming! Oh, shit, how I'm coming!"

Squirming her ass back around his exploding cock, Kelly felt her father's hot jizz gushing into her ass-guts. The feeling of his slippery fizz filling her asshole made her wild orgasm even better.

A rivulet of stringy cum dripped out and down her leg when he withdrew his spent prick from his little daughter's well-fucked asshole.

"Gee, that was neat," she whispered a few minutes later as she rested in her dad's arms.

"It was fantastic." He smiled, cuddling her naked little body closer to him.

The feel of her warm bare flesh against him soon had the man's cock stirring again.

"Oh, Daddy," giggled Kelly, feeling his prick starting to stiffen against her tummy. "You wanta play some more naughty games, don't you?"

"I sure do."

"Oh, you sweet fucker," the child whispered when she felt his thick middle finger probing around in the sweet slippery flesh of her hot young cunt. Writhing her excited pussy around his finger, she reached down and stroked his swollen hard-on. "Daddy, now I want this nice big cock in my cunt."

Looking up at him through half-closed eyes Kelly watched her father move up between her wantonly spread thighs. The sight of his big throbbing prick moving toward her quivering cunt slit sent warm waves of excitement coursing through her body. Having such a deep affection for her dad, she wanted him to enjoy her horny little body to the utmost.

Reaching down and gently wrapping her fingers around his thick cockshaft, she slowly guided his bloated prick-knob toward her slippery little pussy hole.

"Shit, that thing's so nice and hard again," she whispered, squeezing his oozing cockhead in her sticky hand. She began trembling with anticipation when she placed the head of his bloated prick against the hot slick opening of her pussy.

Kelly could feel her cuntlips slowly stretching as her father's wonderful cock began slipping in. His prick felt so thick, pushing out against her expanding cunt walls as he fucked deeper and deeper into her quivering pussy. She gave a little shudder of delight. When the full length and girth of his steel-hard cockshaft was completely buried in her hot young fuckhole.

"Jesus, that feels good," she whimpered, screwing her trim little body up tighter against his, her cute little titties squishing against his broad chest.

The thing that always blew his mind was the way her taut little cunt muscles milked, sucked and massaged his cockshaft. It felt to Lee as if his fiery cockhead was swelling bigger as he fucked in and out between the fleshy ridges of his overheated daughter's grasping, sucking cunt walls.

"Ooooooooh, sweet darling," she passionately whimpered as her father's big hot prickshaft fucked in and out of her cute little pussy. Their feverish naked bodies were rubbing rhythmically against each other. "It feels so shitting good. God, how I love your big cock."

Little Kelly was almost beside herself with ecstasy. Grasping her handsome father around his shoulders, the horny little nymphet slammed her hot young pussy up to meet every stroke of the wildly aroused man's fucking cock.

"Just fuck the piss out of my horny little cunt. That's it, Daddy!" she screamed with rapture! "Just fuck my tail off!"

The open cream-covered lips of the youngster's frothy cunt were feverishly grasping and sucking at the base of his slippery cockshaft, desperately trying to get even more of his big hard prick into her little pussy.

"Oh, God, can you fuck, Daddy," she hotly whispered, snaking her baby-soft thighs tighter around his waist. "You must be the best fucker in the whole world."

On and on they fucked, both father and daughter bringing unbelievable pleasure to each other.

"Oh, Daddy," she hysterically sobbed. "Fuck me faster, honey. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me faster!"

Their wet slippery bodies were slapping noisily together in mutual ecstasy. Little Kelly had never experienced anything as wonderful as her father's stiff cock.

"Faster, Daddy, harder!" squealed the horny little redhead, drawing her knees back almost to her tits, offering the full length of her hot pussy slit to his fucking prick.

With their lust-crazed bodies pounding against each other, Lee began increasing the speed of his thrusts, his balls tingling at the approach of his climax.

"Harder, Daddy, harder!" she screamed, her cute hot nipples burning against her father's heaving chest. "Oh, shit, it feels so fucking good!"

The wild ecstasy was almost more than the screaming youngster could stand. Her long red hair was flying wildly around her face as she thrashed beneath her father's lurching body. The pure joy she was receiving from his cock was the most fantastic thing she'd ever experienced.

"Oh, my God!" she shrieked as his lusty boner fucked harder and deeper into her hot little pussy. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

The youngster was aware of nothing but the rapture that filled her naked little body as his cream-slickened cock slithered against her hard clit.

"Oh, God, Daddy!" she panted, locking her legs tighter around his lurching body. "Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!"

"Okay, Kelly," he gasped, fucking his prick in with more force. "You asked for it!"

"I know! I know!" she squealed. "I want you to bang the living slit out of me!"

To the horny youngster's delight, her father began fucking his thick juice-slickened cock more violently into her juicy little cunt. Screaming with joy, the wildly aroused little redhead took the full force of his rampaging, assault and begged for more.

"Ride me, Daddy, ride me!" she squealed, thrusting her hips up to better receive his hard deep strokes. "Fuck it to me, Daddy! Make me come!"

With her nails digging into his shoulders and her shapely young legs waving wildly in the air, Kelly could feel an orgasm building up deep in her frantically lurching body.

"Hold me, Daddy, hold me!" she shrieked, clutching him in her arms. "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

Her excited father began fucking faster and deeper into the youngster's hot little cunt slit. "I'm coming, Daddy! I'm coming!" she squealed, writhing her cute cunt up around the base of his cock as he began squirting a torrent of fuck-juice into her spasming pussy. "Oh, Daddy! Eeeeeeeggggghhh!"

Clinging tightly to him, Kelly felt her cunt filling with his hot spurting cum.

"Oh, shit, Daddy, that was fantastic," she whispered when she began recovering from her intense orgasm. "That was the neatest fuck we've ever had."

"It sure was!"

Chapter TEN

One evening Lee and his wife sat in the living room reading. Della felt a faint little tingle in her pussy as she looked at her handsome husband. He'd been sleeping in the guest room for the past several weeks, and tonight Della was starting to feel horny. The woman didn't want to make a habit of it, but she began thinking it might be enjoyable to let him give her same pussy tonight. She'd been feeling a bit tense lately and she decided maybe she needed a little sexual release.

"Lee," she finally said, putting down the magazine she'd been reading. "Would you like to sleep in bed with me tonight?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well," she muttered, "it's been a long time since we've been together and I thought maybe you'd like a little loving."

"Well, I'll be damned." He grinned, getting up and taking her hand. "I didn't think I'd ever hear you suggest that."

Walking up the stairs with her, Lee wished she would suck his cock like Ann and Kelly did, but he knew that would be out of the question with his wife. He was lucky to be getting a piece of ass out of her tonight, even if she never fucked with much enthusiasm.

In bed, watching his beautiful wife undress, he began wondering if her pussy would taste as good as his daughters. Of course he knew she would never let him lick her cunt, but it was still fun to think about.

When she finally crawled into bed with him, the man drew his lovely naked wife into his arms. He pressed his lips to hers. Della was a bit timid about accepting his tongue as he slipped it into her mouth. Della had always thought this was an indecent way to kiss.

"Lee," she whispered. "Do you really want to make love tonight?"

"I sure do," he answered, throwing back the covers.

"Oh, honey," she giggled, noticing how big his cock looked. "Your cock looks bigger than usual tonight."

Squirming around, the beautiful brunette rested her face on his belly to get a better look at his hard prick.

Suddenly feeling the heat of her breath on his cock as she studied his prick, the man almost lost his mind with desire. Unable to control himself, his hand shaking like a leaf, he began pressing on the back of her head, hoping she'd take his tingling cock-knob into her mouth.

"Oh, God!" he excitedly blurted, giving her head a gentle nudge. "Please lick my prick."

"What?" she gasped, springing up to a sitting position.

"Please suck my cock," he begged, his entire body shaking with lust.

"You fucking asshole!" she shouted at him. "Get away from me!"

"What the hell's the matter with you?" he shouted at her. "Other wives suck their husbands off."

"Bullshit!" she screamed at him. "Only sluts and whores would do anything that filthy and depraved."

"Damn you!" he roared, his entire body shaking with both rage and lust, "Suck me off!"

"Get out of here, you filthy beast!" she screamed, clawing at his face with her nails. "Don't you ever come near me again!" Roughly grabbing the woman, he threw her down on her back and straddled her chest, his big hard cock pointing right at her mouth.

"Now suck it!" he panted, his ass pressing down on her big full tits.

"I will not, you filthy pig!" she hissed at him.

"I said suck it!" he roared.

"No, you rotten bastard!"

Grabbing her long hair, he began pulling and twisting until the frightened woman was afraid he'd pull her hair out by the roots.

"Eeeeeeeeggghhh!" she screamed from the searing pain.

The usually gentle man would never have dreamed of inflicting this cruelty on his wife in his right mind, but tonight he'd lost all control of himself. The years of pent-up frustration had exploded, turning him into a wild animal.

Afraid of him for the first time in her life, the woman grasped the thick base of his wildly throbbing prick and brushed his cock-knob across her half-parted lips. Closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at his prick, she guided his huge cock into her mouth.

At first he sat perfectly still on her squashed titties, enjoying the sight of his hard prick between his staid wife's ovaled lips. Holding her head in his hands, he began moving her face up and down so her juicy mouth would slide back and forth over his sensitive cock. His entire body began trembling from the feel of her warm wet tongue and lips working on his spit-coated prickshaft. As the excitement mounted in his loins, he suddenly thrust his hips forward, fucking his prick farther into her mouth, forcing her head back down on the pillow.

Della gagged as his thick oozing cock-knob pressed against the back of her throat. Afraid of what he would do to her, she continued sucking on his hard cock.

"That's the way," he panted, fucking his gnarly prick in and out of her mouth. "See how much fun it is."

God, how she detested this vile, disgusting man! She couldn't believe this was the same gentle husband she'd lived with for so many years.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" He grinned as he pulled his throbbing prick out of her mouth. "I think it's time to give you that hot fuck you wanted so badly."

"No!" she gasped, tears in her eyes. "I don't want you to ever touch me again. From now on you can pay whores to do those filthy things to you."

"That's okay with me," he panted as he moved down and roughly parted her thighs. "But I'm going to give you one last fuck to remember me by."

"Leave me alone," she sobbed as he guided his throbbing cockhead up against her numb cuntlips. "I'm too dry in there! It'll hurt too much."

He was panting like a wild man as his body moved over hers. Feeling the head of his prick pressing between her dry cuntlips, she closed her eyes and bit her lips to keep from crying.

"Here it comes, baby," he gasped, "and you're gonna love it."

"No, Lee!" she pleaded, tears running down her cheeks. "Please don't!"

A scaring pain streaked through her entire body as his hard cock knifed up into her dry cunt. The woman had never felt such intense discomfort in her life.

"Stop it!" she screamed. "You're hurting me!"

Ignoring her, he kept pushing until he'd fucked every inch of his steel-hard cock into her dry, burning pussy.

"You rotten bastard!" she sobbed, feeling the thick length of his swollen cock lodged in her belly. "I hate your guts!"

In spite of the pain and her revulsion for him, the feel of a big cock in her cunt started her fuck juices flowing. The pain then completely vanished, and he began slowly fucking his prick in and out. Della could feel her tight inner flesh becoming warm and slippery against her will. The woman's body started responding to his thrusts.

"Does it feel good now, honey?" he whispered down to her as he rhythmically fucked his big cock in and out of her responding pussy.

"No!" she snapped.

Della wouldn't admit it, but, as her hot fuck juices began flowing around his throbbing prick, rapture spread throughout her body.

"Oh, God... oh, God... mmmmmmm," she moaned, no longer able to hide the pleasure she was feeling.

"Do you still think I'm a filthy pig?" he panted, as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.

"Oh, no," she whimpered, every last vestige of her hate completely gone. "I love it."

With his wonderful cock fucking deeply into her hotly creaming fuckhole, she clung tightly to him, moaning from the intense joy he was bringing her. As her fuck juices poured more profusely around his prick, he was able to fuck much more easily in and out of her slippery cunt, each thrust pounding her ass deeper into the mattress.

Lost in his wild lust, the man was frenziedly fucking into his wife. Aware of nothing but the incredible pleasure streaking up and down the tingling length of his throbbing cockshaft fucking his thick cock-meat into her for all he was worth, he sent shivers of ecstasy flooding through his wife's naked flesh, waves of rapturous delight washing through her writhing loins.

No longer feeling the shame and disgust that she had felt earlier when he forced her to suck his cock, Della was now enjoying sex more than ever before.

"God, honey!" she whimpered. "This feels so good! So shitting good!"

Becoming more heatedly aroused with every hard thrust of her husband's big hard cock, Della wrapped her smooth naked legs tightly around his lurching body. Sobbing with rapture, she feverishly ground her sopping cunt slit up around his throbbing cock, trying desperately to get more and more of his bloated prick into her steaming cunt.

"Jesus, darling," she moaned, pulling his face down to hers, slipping her tongue into his panting mouth. With their lips welded passionately together, the woman sensually explored his mouth with her tongue.

She had never been very interested in sex, but now, writhing and bucking beneath her husband, she couldn't seem to get enough of the man's cock. Her flaming lust increased with each heavenly thrust of his big hard prick.

"Harder, honey, harder!" she screamed. "Just fuck me to death! Fuck harder!"

More sexually aroused by his wife than he had been in years, the man quickly increased the tempo and depths of his strokes.

"Oooooooooh, fuck!" squealed Della, thoroughly enjoying the way he was fucking his hard cock into her. Her hot tingling pussy hungrily welcomed every mighty thrust of his cock. She couldn't remember when she had ever enjoyed a fuck so much. Clinging passionately to him, Della was almost hysterical with joy as she bucked and churned.

"My God, honey!" he gasped. "I've never seen you this hot before."

"That's because you've never fucked me like this before," she giggled.

Increasing the tempo of his fuck-thrusts, he began fucking his cock even deeper into his wife's hot sucking pussy. Della could feel her cunt expanding and contracting wildly around the thickness of is big prick. Violently slamming her hips up to meet his fuck-thrusts, Della used her cunt muscles to gulp hungrily on his bloated cockhead. The woman's slippery juices were creaming all aver his well lubricated prickshaft as they frenziedly fucked into each other.

"Harder, honey!" she squealed. "I'm almost there!"

The burning pleasure in her fiery cunt was almost blowing the woman's mind as they passionately fucked themselves into a wild frenzy. Della felt that if the intense rapture increased anymore, she would literally explode. Yet, as she desperately clung to him, her ecstasy mounted and mounted.

"Fuck, honey, fuck!" she shrieked. "Fuck it to me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

The glorious feeling of his thick cock fucking in and out of her overheated pussy was incredible. Screaming little obscenities, Della was crazed with passion as her head flopped crazily from side to side on the pillow. Her eyes were staring sightlessly at the ceiling, her face a mask of lust as she writhed and bucked beneath her wildly fucking husband.

Della had reached a point where she didn't think she could stand another second of this agonizing rapture. Yet she still screamed for more.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she chanted, wildly slamming her pussy up to get the deepest penetration from every stroke of his blistering cock.

Aware that he was rapidly approaching a climax, the man speeded the tempo of his violent fucking, trying to bring her off before he shot his hot cum into her.

"Oh, yes!" she screamed. "Make me come, honey! Make me come! I'm almost there!"

Della was filled, with a heat and lust she had never experienced before. She felt as if every nerve in her wildly lurching body was on fire, the ecstasy turning between her legs and through her body was beyond description.

"Ooooooooh! Mmmmmmmmm!" she moaned, clutching him tighter in her arms. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

Listening to her, the man began fucking his cock into her with longer, harder strokes.

"That's it, honey!" she squealed. "Fuck me good!"

Reaching down and grasping her asscheeks, he pulled her pussy uptighter around his cock. He began fucking his cock into her hot slippery pussy hole at an even faster pace.

As he fucked his prick in and out, he goosed his fingers into the soft crack between her soft round asscheeks.

"Ooooooh! Ooooooooh, Christ!" she screamed with pleasure when one of his probing fingers brushed across her puckered asshole.

Encouraged by her squeals of delight, he fucked his finger deep into her asshole.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, lifting her ass off the bed. "All the way, honey! Ram your finger all the way up my asshole?"

Fucking his finger in, the man couldn't believe that his sexually cold wife was behaving like this. Her beautiful face was distorted with lust and passion and her shapely legs were kicking frantically in the air. His lewdly embedded finger lifted her ass to better receive every thrust of his hard cock.

As she raced closer and closer toward a climax, she suddenly felt as if every nerve in her body was centered around her cunt.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" she sobbed as she began riding his wonderful cock over the crest of a wondrous orgasm. "Oh, sweet darling, I'm coming... coming... commmmiiinnnggg!"

Later, as they both sprawled out nakedly on the bed, Della was filled with the warmest afterglow that she had ever experienced. Glancing down, she noticed that his limp prick was starting to swell again. When his cock had reached full hardness, Della decided she had better start sucking him off if blow-jobs meant so much to him.

"What are you doing?" he gasped when his wife lowered her face down toward his brand new hard-on.

"I'm gonna suck you off," she whispered, gently taking his big stiff prick in her hand. Tenderly holding his cock, she felt hot blood pumping through the extended veins of his magnificent cockshaft.

She lightly fucked the tip of her tongue across his cockhead. Clutching to the base of his thick cock, Della began licking on the big mushroom-shaped prick-knob. When her hot wet tongue made contact with the sensitive underside of his cockhead, she felt him lurch with excitement. Realizing she had discovered an erotic nerve center, Della continued nibbling at the area with a feathery-light pressure which was drivng her husband wild.

Momentarily deserting the sensitive nerve center, she began licking up and down the entire length of his hard cock. His thick prickshaft was saturated by her hot wet saliva. The man's legs were trembling with excitement as his wife's tongue continued hungrily licking the entire underside of his throbbing prick. He could hardly control himself when her hot mouth and tongue reached his lusty balls.

Suddenly thrilled by the exciting taste and aroma of her husband's balls, Della started sucking his balls in and out of her slurping mouth. The crinkly skin around his ball-sac had such an erotic testure against her lips.

Finally sliding her lips back up along the underside of his hard glistening cockshaft, she opened her mouth wide and took the big shiny prick-knob deep into her eager throat again.

"Jesus Christ!" panted the man as her soft tender lips closed around his throbbing cock.

Her tongue was fucking rapidly around the base of his cockhead. Della began fucking her leeching lips up and down over his prick-knob. With each plunge of her head, she took more and more of his big hard prick into her mouth.

"Holy shit!" he sobbed in a shaky voice. "Don't stop, honey! Just keep suckin!"

Frantically curling his fingers into her hair, he forced her mouth down over his throbbing cock.

"Here it comes!" he roared.

Della wasn't prepared for the huge hot stream of cum that suddenly exploded out of his throbbing cockhead. She had to swallow rapidly as the jerking prick-knob continued filling her mouth with fuck juice. Though the bitter-sweet taste of his jizz was new to her, she found his cum strangely exciting. She frantically sucked on his spurting cockhead, not wanting to lose a single drop of this new taste treat.

Smiling to himself, Lee could see nothing but beautiful days ahead, fucking his newly aroused wife and his loving daughters.


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