Hot loving widow

Normal. A frequently used word, yet a word whose exact meaning is as elusive as the term "perverse". What those two words imply seems to vary from nation to nation, from community to community, from person to person.

Among one African tribe it is considered obscene to expose one's back to others. In many Eskimo communities it is the height of hospitality for a man to offer his wife to a guest.

Donna Spaulding outwardly appears to be an average, middle-class American mother. Yet, she behaves in ways that many others would consider abnormal -- she is magnetically drawn to boys, finding in them what she had always lacked in her relationships with men her own age.

And who is to say whether she is normal or perverse?

HOT LOVING WIDOW -- a novel of major interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of one woman seeking to resolve her conflicts and find inner happiness.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, dear God, what am I ever going to do?" Donna Spaulding asked herself hopelessly, pacing the floor. "Damn Mary Lee Henderson for talking me into going to that damned movie with her! It just made things a thousand times worse."

Donna watched herself strutting nervously about her own living room in the big mirror in the entryway. Her long blonde hair tossed as she paced, and her big, braless tits jiggled furiously beneath her sheer negligee with each step. Donna pivoted on her long, flawless legs and strode across the room once more.

The movie had been a real mistake, Donna told herself for the hundredth time since she and Mary Lee had walked out of the theater an hour ago. Donna ran her hands absently across the front of her slinky negligee, feeling her nipples poking out firm and rubbery under the sheer fabric.

"Changing into this damned thing was probably a mistake too!" Donna muttered, disgusted with herself and the hungry, hot feelings that were pounding through her pussy! Donna had never even thought such words before moving to California four months ago. She knew such things were deadly sinful. But then everything in California was so different from "down home".

"Damn you, Leonard, why did you have to die and leave me and Lennie all alone?" Donna whispered bitterly. "Oh, you did right by us. You left us well-set, enough so I could move out here to the West Coast and be all alone and miserable! Oh, dear Lord, what's a widow to do?"

An image of one of the handsome, virile young men in the pornographic movie Mary Lee had dragged her to see flashed through Donna's mind. He had been a really good looking guy, with a huge cock and a masterful way of using it on the many girls in the film.

Donna moaned as she put herself into the scenes mentally. She had never done half of the disgusting, shocking, thrilling things she had witnessed today -- Leonard had been too wholesome and godly a man to even suggest such things -- but she quickly found that it turned her on furiously to imagine herself doing them!

"Oh, I hope Lennie doesn't get home early today!" Donna groaned, heading for her bedroom. She just had to have some time to herself before her son got home! The movie had been just too much for Donna to handle without a little relief.

Donna locked the door to her bedroom and flung herself on the bed. She slid the flimsy negligee up over her flat belly and put a long, delicate finger up into her moist cunt.

"Uhhhh!" Donna groaned as the finger glided in over her super-sensitive clit. "Ohhhh, Lord, I know it's wrong, and I try not to do it but since Leonard's been gone... since I moved out here, to this wicked land..."

Donna's voice quieted to an inaudible whisper. She hoped God would understand. The needs the lovely thirty-year-old woman felt raging through her pussy were just too strong to deny.

"Oh, I should have stayed down home! Where I wouldn't see such trash!" Donna moaned, thinking about the movie and the handsome lead actor, with his long, thick cock. "Oooh, it's so big! And those shameless girls... they did everything in the world to it! They... sucked it! Oh, dear Lord! One of them even put it... back here!"

Donna parted her tight asshole with her fingertip and probed around. She was amazed as a jolt of fiery need flashed from her ass right up to her clit. Her snug pussy shaft closed in time with her asshole, trapping a finger in each for a second.

"Oh, my! That feels so odd!" Donna sighed, beginning to realize why the sensuous redhead in the film had only mewled and begun grinding her lush hips back to meet the fuck-thrusts of the leading man when he had shoved his massive prick up her ass.

"These... godless people out here sure know some tricks!" Donna mumbled as she sank more and more of her fingers up into both clingy holes. "Ohhhh, no wonder that girl liked this!"

Hot thrills were spilling from Donna's an up to her cunt and back again faster than she could fuck her fingers in and out. She caught sight of herself in the dresser mirror. Donna again thought of herself in one of those perverse movies, fucking with an exciting man like the one she had seen today.

"I... I look just like one of those harlots he was... he was... fucking!" Donna said the dreaded, disgusting word aloud for the first time in her life. "Oh, God, I'm as pretty as any of those whom! Why won't you fuck me, you gorgeous stud! Why won't you fuck my hot pussy!"

Donna was floating on a dream. Her cunt was fluttering vividly round her delving finger. Her ass was nipping at her other gently drilling finger. She looked in the mirror again and saw her lean, big-titted body undulating shamelessly on the bed, just the way the sluts in the movie had when they were getting fucked.

"Oh, fuck me, you sweet man!" Donna whimpered. "Fuck me till I cum my head off!"

The loud, angry ring of the front doorbell drove the sensual image of the actor from Donna's mind in an instant. The bell chimed again and again.

"Nooooo!" Donna whined, her body shaking on the edge of the climax it needed so desperately. "Not now! Not when I'm this close! Go away. Come back later, whoever the hell you are!"

The ringing wouldn't stop. Donna felt her orgasm dying away.

"Ohhhh, slit!" the frustrated widow said at last and slowly pulled her fingers from her ass and pussy.

Donna drew the flimsy negligee back around her and stopped for a second in the bathroom to run water over her hands. She was still flushed and breathing heavily with excitement as she reached the door and peeked out the peephole.

Byron Willis shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously. He pressed the doorbell again.

"Come on, Mrs. Spaulding, I know you're home," the teenaged boy muttered under his breath. "The car's in the fuckin' driveway. What's takin' you so long?"

Donna opened the door as wide as the safety chain would allow. "Yes, Byron. What is it?"

"Uh, I came to collect for mowing the lawn, Mrs. Spaulding," the boy answered quickly. "It's the first of the month again and I need the cash. Okay?"

Donna went to the entry table and grabbed her purse. She was frustrated and in a hurry to get back to the bedroom and finish what she had started before her son got home. Lawn mowing money, at a time like this! Imagine!

"Here's your money, Byron." Donna passed the bills through the crack quickly. "And, Byron, you might call first next time you come over. I just got home. You could have walked over here for nothing."

"Yeah, sure, Mrs. Spaulding, anything you say," Byron agreed, stuffing the money in his pocket. "Uh, I wonder, could I use the phone for a minute before I head out? I just have one quick call to make."

Donna's mind raced. The nerve of this boy! People back home would never have been so forward with someone they'd known for barely a month. Wanting to barge right into the house and use the phone! Still, he had asked politely enough.

"Okay, come on in," Donna sighed at last, mentally giving up her plans for continuing her much-needed session in the bedroom. "But be as quick as you can about it. I have a lot of things I want to get done today before Lennie gets home."

Byron sucked in his breath as the chain was undone and he stepped into the entryway. Mrs. Spaulding had always impressed him as being a knockout, but he had never really seen her in any clothes that emphasized her curves until now.

Donna realized as soon as the tall, handsome teenager stepped inside that she should have run back into the bedroom and thrown on a robe before admitting him. The unfamiliar state of arousal she had worked herself into before the bell had rung still had Donna in a dither. She just wasn't thinking clearly yet.

"I... I hope you'll forgive my appearance," the widow blurted uncomfortably. "I wasn't expecting visitors."

Byron smiled, his eyes scanning Donna's sumptuous curves shamelessly. "Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you, Mrs. Spaulding. You sure are pretty! I've never seen a lady as... well-built as you are. Not in real life, I mean. Just in movies and on television, you know?"

Donna blushed. She felt tremendously embarrassed and uncomfortable standing in front of the boy in her skimpy negligee, but his stumbling compliments about her beauty pleased the lonely widow.

"Why, thank you, Byron," Donna whispered in her soft Southern drawl, her cheeks still red. "I know I should have rushed in and put on a robe before you came in, but it's not really as if you can see through this old thing, is it?"

Byron shook his head enthusiastically. "No, ma'am, it's not like that at all."

Donna looked at herself in the mirror. She could see the outline of her dark-red nipples through the sheer, patterned lace. The soft downy bush of fine blonde pussy hair between Donna's legs was so light in color that it didn't show at all.

Damn, Donna thought. This thing is nearly transparent, but if I run off to the bedroom now, it'll just make it worse!

"Uh, the phone!" Donna blurted. "You came in to use the phone, didn't you? There's one right here, in the family room. Let me show you!"

Spinning on her heel, Donna led Byron to the family room. She felt her plush, shapely ass jiggling under the see-through negligee as she walked and she cursed herself for not having the boy go ahead of her.

Byron found the phone and punched the buttons. Donna went to the built-in wet bar across the room and grabbed a glass. Back home, she had rarely taken a drink, but since moving out here, Donna had often joined her friend Mary Lee for a highball or two during the day. She needed one badly right now, and she made it strong.

"Hey, Wild Turkey, high-proof!" Byron whistled, grinning from across the room. He waited for someone to pick up the phone on the other end. "My dad keeps a good supply of that around the house. I'm always hittin' on it. Good stuff."

Donna gulped down the strong liquor. Kids drinking! That figured. She took another big swallow and chided herself for ever bringing her innocent Lennie out to a place like this to grow up in.

"Hey, baby, what you say?" Byron was whispering into the receiver. "You all ready for tonight? Man, are we gonna party!"

The handsome youth laughed at something the gut on the other end said. Donna shivered, picturing the good-looking, self-assured boy out alone with some hot-blooded teenaged girl. Donna bet Byron was really cutting a swath through the local high school girls, with his muscular, tanned good looks and his pockets full of lawn-mowing money.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby, you know I'm gonna let you do that!" Byron's voice rose to an excited hiss. He dropped his tone to a barely audible whisper. "Every inch. I want to sect slide right in there, sweet-lips! I love that hot tongue -- you know that!"

Donna bit her lip to keep from gasping. The boy was so into what his girlfriend was telling him that he obviously wasn't paying any attention to Donna.

"Ohhhh, baby, save it for tonight," Byron panted. "See you at six, honey. Yeah, yeah, I gotta go now. I'm not home. I'm at a neighbor's. Can't tie up their phone anymore. Okay?"

Byron hung up, grinning sheepishly at Donna. The front of his jeans protruded as if a flashlight had been crammed down behind the zipper, and Byron turned slightly so that his hard-on was hidden from Donna's gaze.

"Uh, she gets carried away," Byron said, his face reddening slightly beneath the tan. "That's why I like to call her from somewhere other than home. My old man teases me about Jennie all the time."

Donna squirmed, knowing she should have left and given the boy his privacy.

"I, uh... here, let me get you a drink, Byron," Donna said. "There must be some kind of soft drink back here you'll like."

Donna bent behind the bar and fished through the refrigerator. She named off four or five different kinds of pop but Byron, who had come over to the front of the bar, didn't answer.

"Uh, this'll be fine," the boy finally said in a choked voice.

Donna looked up. Byron was pouring himself a double Wild Turkey and drinking it neat. His eyes were glued to the front of Donna's negligee. In her position, the loose top had sagged downward to give him a perfect view of her dangling, jiggling tits.

"I-I'm sorry. Mrs. Spaulding," Byron managed to mumble. "But I've never seen tits as big or as pretty as yours before. Not even in the movies! I couldn't help looking, honest!" Donna didn't know if it was the booze or the lingering effects of the dirty movie and the finger-fucking, but a huge flood of pussy juice flowed through her cunt as she realized Byron was ogling her bare tits. Her pussy got even hotter as he told her how beautiful her tits were.

Donna straightened up and Byron sighed, hating to lose his view of the gorgeous widow's naked tits. His eyes never left the front of her filmy negligee.

"I'd cut your fuckin' lawn for a year for free just to see those pretty things again," the boy blurted. "You are the best-lookin' woman I've ever seen anywhere, Mrs. Spaulding!"

Donna felt the searing flashes of pre-cum delight boiling even more furiously through her loins. She downed the rest of her drink, not knowing what to do next.

"Would... would you like to see them again?" Donna heard herself asking. It was an odd, detached voice that shocked her almost as much as it did Byron.

"Oh, God, yes!" the boy shouted, his body quivering with excitement at the prospect.

Donna came out from behind the bar as if in a trance. She let the boy take her arm and guide her over to the couch. Almost before she knew what was happening, Byron was placing trembling fingers on her thin straps, gliding them clumsily off her milky-white shoulders.

"Holy fuck! I've never seen anything like 'em!" Byron gasped as the silky material floated down into Donna's lap and her big, round tits popped into view.

Byron wasted no time in showing the stunning widow that he knew how to please a lady. Donna gasped as the boy's hot breath caressed one protruding nipple while his fingers found the other.

"Ohhhh, my sweet God!" Donna moaned, feeling the boy's lips sucking her firm elongated nipple in hungrily as his fingers, did wonderful things to her other billowy tit mound.

Donna knew she should stop this right here and now, but the words refused to come. The sensations the boy was causing in her long neglected tits were so intense that all Donna could do was moan and mewl happily as he chewed and sucked at her tender tits.

"Beautiful!" Byron gasped as he changed tits frantically. "Can't believe I'm suckin' these big, beautiful tits! Hot, sweet tits! Nipples are so big, so fat and sweet to suck!"

Donna ran her hands through the handsome boy's long dark hair as he gobbled her nipples expertly. There was no turning back now, not with the gathering spasms tightening in the aroused widow's juicing cunt. She couldn't... she wouldn't stop until this gorgeous, worldly boy made her cum!

And Byron felt the same way -- that was obvious. His free hand slid in between Donna's legs and up under her loose-fitting negligee. He found her oozing cunt slit and rubbed his finger delicately across the juicy, slippery pussy lips and rigid clit.

Donna shuddered uncontrollably and opened her legs wider for the boy. She knew she was acting like a shameless slut, but she found she couldn't help it.

Byron eased Donna back onto the couch. He pushed her sheer garment up around her neck and then off over her head and arms, leaving the gorgeous widow naked on the couch. He never stopped kissing her tits and working his finger up into her wet, pink cunt folds.

"Ohhhh, Byron, you're making me crazy!" Donna sighed happily, reveling in the feel of the boy's mouth on her tits and his finger expertly fucking her cunt. "Keep doing it! Keep doing it just a little more!"

Byron finger-fucked Donna harder and deeper. He knew she was about to explode beneath him and he wanted to please her more than he had ever wanted to please anyone in his life.

But Byron also had enough experience in these matters to know that one cum wouldn't be enough for Donna -- not for a girl as horny and turned on as this! And that was just great with Byron. He had some things he wanted to do with this awesome lady before the afternoon was out! Who knew when he'd get a chance to be with a woman with a body as fabulous as this again?

Byron redoubled his efforts. His mouth moved rapidly from one nipple to the other, teasing sensations from the burning tit tips that Donna could barely stand. She whined and pulled his head down tighter, forcing her lush hips up off the couch to fuck her juicy cunt on his finger as he shoved it into her liquid depths.

"Oh! Oh, Byron... I..." Donna gasped. Then she screamed as the heat from her orgasm engulfed her.

Byron nipped and sucked at the springy flesh of Donna's nipple as she churned and bucked beneath him. He could feel the quivers reverberating through her exquisite body, and he fucked his finger into her spasming cunt faster as she jerked and moaned.

"Cumming! Agghhh! Ohhhh! So hot!" Donna wailed, helpless in the overpowering orgasm's fiery grip. "So fucking hot!"

Donna couldn't stop cumming. Her tits and cunt were twitching in unholy unison beneath the boy's knowing tongue and fingers. It seemed to take forever for the shuddering spasms to finally abate.

"Ohhhh, that was wonderful!" Donna sighed at last, when she could finally master the use of her vocal cords again. "How... how could a boy so know such things?"

Byron smiled and stood up. He slowly unzipped his fly and undid his belt buckle. He could see the heat rising in the shy widow's eyes once more as he worked his jeans and shorts down over his super-stiff prick.

"I know one thing," Byron said softly. "I know this cock of mine wants you. And I know you want it. Take it. Hold my cock in your hand, Mrs. Spaulding."

"Ohhhh, I do want it!" Donna heard himself admitting, her hand snaking out to capture the boy's firm, pulsing prick.

"Good." Byron smiled more broadly, relieved that his confidence had been rewarded. "Now, come with me to the bedroom, where we can do this right. I've never done it in a real bed before, where I could take my time. Jennie and I always have to make do with car seats and parks and places like that. Come with me, Mrs. Spaulding, and show me how to fuck right."

Donna felt the boy pull back, her fingers still gripping his hard prick. She followed his lead, getting up off the couch and following the retreating boy as he moved slowly through the house with Donna in tow. He grinned as he guided her into her bedroom, her hand still around his steely prick, her tits jiggling softly as she walked with bun.

"On the bed," Byron instructed Donna, tearing at his shirt and kicking off his shoes. "I want you, Mrs. Spaulding! I've never wanted anything as bad as I want to lick that sweet-looking pussy of yours!"

Donna felt her knees threaten to buckle. She lay down on the bed quickly, before she fell onto it.

He was going to... going to lick her pussy! Just the way that actor had licked the girls in the movie! No one had even proposed such a thing to Donna before, and she found her pussy bubbling over.

"Now," said the naked boy as he got upon the bed next to Donna. "Slide right over here and wrap those gorgeous lips around my prick, Mrs. Spaulding."

Chapter TWO

Donna's heart was pounding with lust and fear. She remembered how incredibly sexy it had been to watch the beautiful starlets in the porno film running their lips up and down the men's hard cocks. But Donna had never thought about performing such a disgusting act, herself!

"Come on, Mrs. Spaulding, give me some head!" Byron urged. "Lick my cock all over and suck it a little. I bet a sexy woman like you can show me some real cocksucking tricks!"

Donna moaned. She didn't know if she could bring herself to suck a cock.

"What's the matter, Mrs. Spaulding?" Byron asked, getting impatient for the fun to begin once more. "Something wrong with my cock? Isn't it big enough for you? Don't you want to suck it?"

Donna shivered with desire. "Ooooh, yes, it's beautiful! But I'm afraid I don't know how to... to do what you want!"

Byron looked shocked. He shook his head disbelievingly.

"Hell, Mrs. Spaulding, even Jennie Long knows how to suck cock, and she's only a kid," Byron told the shocked widow. "And she's been giving me blow-jobs for a year now!"

Sweet Jennie Long, with a prick shoved between her cute lips? Donna's mind reeled. The teenager had often sat next to Donna and Lennie in church. The image of the polite, pretty neighbor girl with this man-sized hunk of cockmeat splitting her lips was so obscene, and yet so erotic, that Donna felt her cunt creaming madly again as she thought about the girl performing such a lewd act.

"Not Jennie! Not the cute girl down the street?" Donna sighed.

Byron smiled and put his hands on either sides of Donna's gorgeous face. He nodded as he slowly pulled the woman's head closer to his super-stiff prick.

"Oh, yes, sweet Jennie just loves to suck my cock and eat my cum," Byron assured Donna. "Just like you're gonna like it. Now, just wet the head of my cock with your tongue first. Just remember, easy does it."

Byron was talking slowly and softly to Donna, the way he might coax a girl to eat her vegetables.

"Oooh, I don't... I don't know!" Donna whispered as the head of the boy's fat prick got close to her mouth.

Donna started to protest more, but then the boy's prickhead was brushing her lips and she found her tongue moving cautiously out of her mouth to touch the warm, soft cocktip. It was hot and smooth against her tongue.

Drawing her tongue back in quickly, Donna discovered that the boy's cock didn't taste bad at all. As a matter of fact, she kind of liked the bland, slightly salty taste of cockmeat!

"Mmmmm," Donna hummed, letting the boy know she enjoyed the taste of his prick as she ran her tongue all over the cockhead.

"Agghhh! Mrs. Spaulding!" Byron groaned happily. "I never thought I'd see a lady as pretty as you... a grown-up, knockout lady... licking my cock! Ohhh, man, you turn me on!"

Growing bolder with each second, Donna ran her tongue down onto the sighing boy's velvety cockshaft. The base of Byron's hard prick smelled musky and even more male than the rest! Donna tickled the boy's balls with her exploring tongue, just the way she had seen the sluts in the movie do it.

"Oh, fuck, Mrs. Spaulding... Donna you sure learn fast!" Byron panted. "Lick my cock, then suck it! Suck my hot cock like a wild woman!"

Donna laved the youth's prick with her tongue. She made Byron's strong cock gleam. She fitted the helmet-shaped cockhead between her lips and sucked as she pushed her ovaled lips down onto the throbbing prickshaft.

A wild woman! That was what Byron had said he wanted, and that was just what Donna felt like! The shy Southern matron's head flew up and down the kid's hard cock, once she got the hang of opening her throat so she didn't gag. Again and again, Donna took the fat cockhead into the back of her throat, then caressed it with her tight throat muscles and lively tongue as she let it slide back out.

"Shit! Oh, shit!" Byron moaned. "You're blowing me! You're really blowing me! Fuck, Donna, you suck cock better than poor Jennie ever will -- and she's been practicing for a year!"

Donna gurgled happily and sucked even harder. The excitement coursing through her cunt was almost too much for the turned-on widow to endure. The boy's prick tasted wonderful! Donna adored the way his cock fucked in and out of her tightly sucking lips.

"Fuck! Take it easy!" Byron finally gasped, pulling the hotly suctioning mouth up off his jerking prick. "Can't... can't blow my wad yet! Too many things I want to do with you first!"

Donna's blue eyes were gleaming with lust as her head came up off the bubbling, glistening prick. She felt the cunt juice oozing hotly out of her pussy. The boy had said something about blowing his wad, and Donna realized he had been close to shooting his syrupy jism right down her throat!

"Oh, dear God, I'd let you!" Donna panted. "I'd even let you... cum in my mouth! You've got me so excited!"

Byron smiled and pushed the lovely widow onto her back in the middle of the big bed. He straddled her quickly, pausing only for a moment to plant a wet, sucking kiss on each of Donna's big red nipples, before bringing his face down squarely in the middle of the older woman's pretty pussy bush.

The movie! They did this in the movie! They called it "sixty-nine" and Donna had thought at the time that it was one of the most disgusting things she had ever witnessed. Now she couldn't wait to try it!

Byron's prick came downward and Donna's mouth opened eagerly to receive it. She sucked lovingly on the boy's fat cock as she felt his lips all over her pussy.

Donna whimpered with need as Byron kissed up and down her cute pussy slit. The boy shoved his tongue inside and fucked Donna's super-lubricated cunt with it a few times. He slid his tongue slowly out, lapping hard at Donna's aroused clit.

"Oh! Oh, my Lord!" Donna screamed.

Nothing had ever felt like that! Donna's cunt was on fire with need. She gulped Byron's hot prick back in between her lips and sucked furiously, her head bobbing.

Byron groaned and licked at Donna's hot clit over and over. His tongue occasionally fucked into the gorgeous widow's tight cunt, drawing whimpers of approval from the lips stretched around his prick.

The next few minutes were heaven on earth for Donna. The thick cock fucked hotly in and out of her mouth, pounding into the back of her throat with each hard lunge. The boy's lips were kissing and sucking everywhere on her steaming cunt mound.

Donna groaned and gurgled delightedly again and again. It was like one long, incredibly intense orgasm, and yet it wasn't an orgasm.

Donna spread her legs wider and wriggled her juicy cunt against the boy's mouth shamelessly. The hot spasms were coming closer and closer together. They were so unbelievably strong and hard!

Byron licked at Donna's clit furiously. His tongue fluttered against the tiny nubbin again and again, until Donna's keyed-up pussy couldn't bold back another moment.

Donna's ass came up frantically off the bed. She wanted to scream and wail out her joy, but Byron's long, hard prick was still buried in her throat! All the helpless, orgasming widow could do was hold onto the boy's pistoning asscheeks and suck his prick as she came and came on his magic tongue!

The flashes of blinding cum-fury lasted longer than Donna had ever felt them before. She couldn't believe how long and hard and beautifully she was cumming! She couldn't believe how much pussy cream she was pumping out of her wildly contracting cunt slit, and how noisily and greedily Byron was gulping it all down!

"Unnghhh! Ohhhhh!" Donna moaned at last, the fire slowly cooling within her lust slick cunt. She clung to Byron and nursed at his cock, wondering why he hadn't shot his cum-load into her mouth.

Byron got up, his prick easing out of Donna's sucking mouth. He scrambled around and knelt between the blonde's widely spread legs, his prick still hard as a steel rod and gleaming with Donna's spit.

"I... I wanta shoot my load up your pussy!" Byron panted, still winded from gobbling Donna's slippery pussy. "My girlfriend, Jennie, will blow me all I want. But she won't let me fuck her. Not all the way. She just lets me stick the head of my cock in once in a while, when she's really horny and turned an."

The hot-blooded widow felt her pussy slit gently. It was absolutely sopping with boy-spit and her own slippery cunt oil.

"Yes, darling, I'll let you," Donna finally whispered. "I would be happy to fuck you. I owe you a lot for showing me what sex can be. I just hope I'm a good... a good first fuck for you, my sweet Byron!"

Donna pushed her hips upward, offering her wet pussy to the wide-eyed, panting boy. He guided the tip of his burning cock into Donna's fuck-hole and pushed forward slightly.

The sexy widow's succulent cunt lips yielded instantly to the boy's hard prick. The thick hunk of cockmeat sank down into Donna's squishy pink pussy folds like a brick mushing down through wet mud.

Donna moaned as Byron's prick filled her snug cuntal canal. No one but her late husband had ever fucked her before, and Donna agonized over her letting this boy, this almost total stranger, have her sweet pussy. She agonized over it even as she marveled at how Byron's prick filled her cunt.

"Ohhhh, dear God, I need it!" Donna finally moaned when the youth had fucked all the way up inside her. "I need your hot, sweet prick up inside my wet pussy!"

Byron shivered with the intensity of the wonderful feelings Donna's slippery cunt brought to his cock. He stroked the stunning blonde's long hair and ground his prick around in her pussy.

"Never thought I'd fuck someone as pretty as you," Byron sighed, staring into Donna's burning blue eyes. "Your cunt's so hot and juicy... so tight! Oh, man, Donna! I've just got to fuck your sweet pussy!"

Byron was moving his hips in and out now, fucking his fat cock up and down in the lovely widow's clingy cuntal sheath. He groaned and fucked even faster, reveling in the liquid, hot grip of the woman's tight cunt against his gliding prick, the thrilling slap of his tightening ball-sac against her perfect ass as he fucked into her again and again.

Donna moaned loudly, twisting her head on the pillow, her long flaxen mane flying. The boy was fucking her! She was actually letting a boy fuck her.

"Ungghh! You're... you're turning me on again!" the statuesque blonde murmured, feeling her pulse pounding faster with each passing moment. "My... my pussy! Your hot fucking is making my pussy cream all over again!"

Wonder was etched on Donna's exquisite features. The boy, was taking her to new heights of passion! She had just cum moments ago -- one of the most exciting, fulfilling cums in her whole thirty years experience -- and yet she was hornier than ever right now. All she could think of was getting more and more of the boy's fucking cock!

"Ohhhh, you cute stud!" Donna whimpered. "Fuck me hard! Rip my tight pussy apart with your big cock!"

Byron grunted and fucked his fat prick into the excited widow as hard and as fast as his muscular body would let him. His loins were a blur as he pounded his cock into Donna's slick fuck-hole and bounced on her undulating cunt mound.

"Fill me!" Donna screamed suddenly, her orgasm coming on like a freight train. She desperately wanted the boy's first cum inside a woman's pussy to be one he'd never forget. "Shoot your cum right up inside me, darling! Oh, God, don't hold back a single drop!"

Byron gave a strangled cry and jammed his prick deep into Donna's fluttering pussy sheath. The spasming fuck-tube felt like a thousand tiny fingers toying with Byron's sensitive cock flesh as Donna came and came.

"Cumming!" Byron cried, his eyes wild and burning with lust. "Cumming right up inside that tight pussy of yours! Ohhhh, take it! Take my hot load!"

The searing blasts of boy-cum jetting up into Donna, spattering hotly against her innermost depths, sent furious new spasms rolling through Donna's climaxing cunt. It seemed as if Byron had a never-ending supply of the scalding jism as it coursed up into Donna's cunt and jetted back along his cock in her tight pussy sheath.

"Oooooh, that's it, my darling!" Donna murmured in ecstasy. "Fill me with that beautiful cock cream! Oh, God, it feels so hot and slippery and good up in me!"

Byron fucked his cum-spurting prick in and out of Donna's clasping pussy tube a few times, the incredible heat and friction drawing out another few wads of cum. Donna mewled happily and rolled her hips in time with the boy's fuck-thrusts, enjoying the chance to milk the last few dribbles of his cum with hei wet, sucking cunt lips.

"Ummmm, you fucked me so good!" Donna smiled up at the boy. "I don't know what I could ever teach you about anything when it comes to sex. My late husband never made me cum any better than you just did your first time out -- and he fucked me for years!"

Byron actually seemed a little shy, now that he had spilled his cum-load. He grinned at what she told him but seemed unable to look her in the eye now.

"Thanks for the encouragement, Donna... I mean, Mrs. Spaulding. I... I guess I ought to be going now. I gotta get home and get, uh, cleaned up... for my date, you know?"

Donna smiled and ran her hand along the boy's tanned chest. She bent and kissed Byron briefly on each nipple, then stole a long, tongue-touching kiss from the boy's lips.

"Too bad you have to leave, my lover," Donna whispered hotly, surprising both of them with her forwardness. "I just might like a little of that kind of wonderful love-making again, if we had time. But then I guess poor Jennie wouldn't get any attention from you tonight, would she?"

"No, ma'am, I'd definitely be all fucked out then." His face turned serious. "Donna, can we... I mean, you know. Just 'cause I can't stay today, does that mean we can't ever... you know?"

Donna smiled and touched Byron's limp prick. "You don't have to worry about that, darling. Now that I've tasted this tall, fat fellow, I'm not about to give him up after one short nibble!"

Byron grinned again and started to say something. He stopped abruptly.

There had been a fleeting movement in the hall. Both of them had seen it.

"Who's there?" Donna demanded nervously.

They heard footsteps running down the hall. The door to Lennie's room slammed shut.

"Oh, dear God!" Donna whispered with a sinking heart. "Is that you, Lennie? Darling, it's all right! Mom can explain!"

"I don't ever want to talk to you again!" a muffled boy's voice shouted back through the closed door. "Go away, Mom! Don't ever talk to me again!"

"I... I guess you'd better leave," Donna told a panicked-looking Byron Willis. "And for God's sake, don't say anything about this mess to anyone! I'll see you in a day or two."

Byron nodded and hustled into his clothes. He left quickly, not even looking back.

Chapter THREE

Donna's first instinct was to throw on a robe and run to her son's room, but when she stood up, she immediately saw that that wasn't a good idea. The dresser mirror showed Donna that her cunt was a mass of frothy pussy cream and boy-cum. A thin trickle of Byron's creamy jizz was slowly running down both of the widow's slender legs.

"And the smell!" Donna whispered aloud with mild disgust.

Actually the odor of fresh cum and cunt juice stirred a feeling of desire within Donna again, but she could imagine it having just the opposite effect on the boy she would be trying to comfort. A shower was definitely in order before Donna went to Lennie's room. Besides, Donna felt she needed the additional time to think.

What could she say to her son when he'd just caught her fucking a boy barely older than himself? Donna was worried as she stepped into the shower's stinging spray.

"It was beautiful," Donna sighed, remembering the glorious feeling of Byron's hard cock filling her cunt. "And it wasn't like I wanted him to seduce me... or like I tried to seduce him!" Donna washed off the rich lather she had absently scrubbed into bubbly abundance on her curvy body. "And, Lord knows, it wasn't as if I showed him anything he didn't already know how to do!"

The thought of Byron's stiff prick fucking her virgin mouth brought a renewed thrill to Donna's squeaky-clean cunt. She felt the thick pussy lube boiling to surface again as she remembered how the boy's cock had felt and tasted, "Ohhhh, God, I want to taste his cum next time!" Donna sighed. "Lord help me, I want to eat that boy's cum!"

The perverse desire shocked Donna to her very soul. What was happening to her? Four months in this strange, sinful environment and she was longing to do filthy, disgusting things that would have struck her senseless with shame back home!

Resolutely, Donna turned the shower slowly to the cool position. She had to stop these dangerous longings somehow. Maybe an old-fashioned cold shower would help her get her mind back in control before she faced her son.

"Ohhhh, my goodness, but that's cold!" Donna wailed as the cold water struck her. "Freeze my nipples off!"

Donna abruptly changed her mind about the benefits of a cold shower and turned the water off. The sudden rain of cold water on her sensitive, aroused nipples had sent sharp pains through both of her tender tits. She threw open the shower door and reached for a towel.

Nothing in her years of motherhood had prepared Donna for the shock awaiting her.

Lennie Spaulding stood there in his mother's bedroom, just outside her open bathroom door. His hand was frozen in mid flight up his rigid, surprisingly large prick, a look of pure panic on his handsome face.

"You... you quit showering so fast, Mom!" Lennie said lamely, his face turning a bright red. "You never stop that quick! Not usually!"

Donna didn't know whether to be angry, shocked, amused, or saddened. The boy had been jerking off as he watched his mother behind the semi-transparent shower glass. And from his statement, it was clear that this wasn't the first time he'd spied on her!

"So you're not so mad at your mom that you won't come sneaking into her bathroom and watch her shower, huh?" Donna said at last, keeping her voice as neutral as she could manage under the circumstances. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Lennie was terrified at being caught, but even in his fear, his gaze flitted down to his mother's wet tits and dewy cunt mound every few seconds. He shifted his feet nervously and let go of his cock. The prick bobbled and twitched lazily out in front of his balls. But the stiff cock showed no signs of wilting under his mother's steady gaze.

"I... uh... saw you and... uh... Byron, Mamma," Lennie muttered at last. "It made me really mad, to see you with him, doing... doing all of the things you did!"

Donna felt herself reddening now. She reached for a big bath towel and threw it over her shoulders. The thick towel covered both of Donna's marvelous tits and draped strategically down over her wet cunt bush.

"And just how much did you see?" Donna asked when she had herself covered.

Lennie turned even darker red. He looked down at the floor.

"I... I saw you put your mouth on his... on his thing, Mom!" the boy blurted out at last. "I saw him lick you... down there! I saw him get on top of you and... and... and do it to you."

Donna sighed. It was worse than she had imagined. The boy must have been standing silently in the hallway throughout her whole fuck-session with Byron. The thought of what she had subjected her only child to tore at Donna's motherly heart.

"Oh, Mamma, you're so pretty and so good." The boy was suddenly crying. "How could you do those awful things with that guy? A guy I go to school with? How could you let him do that when... when I love you so much and I dream about you all the time?"

Lennie looked so vulnerable, standing there in Donna's bedroom with his man's cock, tears rolling down his cheeks. Donna went to him unthinkingly and put her arms around the sobbing boy.

"It's okay, honey," Donna whispered soothingly. "I read somewhere that it's not so unusual to have such thoughts about your mom. It's pretty common, I guess."

Lennie was nuzzling into his mother's protective arms. Both billowy tit mounds were jelled against his tear-streaked cheeks.

"Oh, Mom, you're so pretty!" Lennie was whispering. "All the other boys tease me about you. They say filthy things about the way you look, and what they'd like to do to you! Especially the older boys! They're always talking about... about these!"

Lennie's hand moved up to touch Donna's left tit. The towel had slipped out of the way and the boy took his mother's big, creamy tit in his hand and squeezed it lightly.

Donna closed her eyes. It felt so exquisite, having her own baby boy kneading one of her tits. She knew it was wicked -- even more sinful than what she had done with the other boy earlier, somehow -- but she found she couldn't speak the words asking him to stop.

"Oh, Mom, your... your tits are so big!" Lennie was breathing excitedly. He had sensed his mother's lack of resistance and boldly brought his other hand up to Donna's right tit.

"Ohhhhh, Lennie, my darling," Donna moaned as she felt both of her sensitive nipples squeezed in unison. "I should make you stop, but you're making Mom's tits feel so good! I can't help it! I can't help it if I need your hands... your hot mouth on my nipples... just like when you were a baby!"

Donna's babbled words were not lost on Lennie. He plopped his mother's plumped-out right nipple between his lips and licked the hot, pliant little nub wildly as he sucked at it.

"Unnnnggghhh!" Donna moaned, her knees turning to jelly. Her own baby boy! Her own handsome son was sucking her tit like a hungry baby once more!

The searing flashes of pre-cum goodness shot through the moaning widow's big tits and down into her hotly creaming pussy. Donna swayed and groaned, her fingers coming up to the back of the boy's blond-thatched head to pull him in closer. She gurgled with delight as his lips sucked in more and more of her milky white tit.

"Suck 'em, baby! Ohhhh, suck Mom's big tits!" Donna heard herself mumbling.

The lust and pure animal desire coloring her normally soft, southern voice surprised even Donna. She felt a flush of shame at the incredibly lewd and wanton way she was encouraging her son to sin, but she pushed it roughly from her thoughts.

Fuck it! Fuck being guilty, Donna thought. She was tired of thirty years of burning need answered only by mediocre sex! Byron and her son had made her hotter in one afternoon than her bumbling husband had ever managed.

"Oooooh! Mom needs you, Lennie darling!" Donna whimpered. "Mom's gonna show you how to love her! I know it's sinful, but Mom can't help it anymore! Mom needs what you can give her, sweetheart, and I know you need it too!"

As if to prove her point, Donna reached down and put her hand around her son's steelhard prick. The boy moaned and ground his hips forward, fucking his mother's hand automatically.

"Oh, Mom, will you play with it?" Lennie pleaded. "Will you play with my thing?"

Donna led the boy over to the bed and threw off the towel. She spread her cunt open for him and smiled tenderly up at his nervous face.

"Yes, baby, I'll play with it," the aroused window assured her son. "I'll do things to you you won't believe, my darling! Come, join Mom."

Donna patted the bed and Lennie sat down. His mother pulled his tee shirt up over his skinny chest.

"Take off all of your clothes, honey," Donna instructed the boy urgently. "Mom wants to kiss you all over your body. She wants to kiss your sweet cock!"

Lennie jumped up and ripped off his shin. He nearly lost his balance and fell as he wrestled crazily with his jeans and shoes.

Donna smiled at her son's antics, glad to know he was as eager to participate in the illicit coupling she was planning as she was to have him. She held out her arms to the naked boy.

"Here, baby, come and kiss Mom! Come and let her show you the right way for a man to kiss a woman," Donna encouraged her son.

She sighed, enjoying the weight of the boy on her tits as he lay on top of her and pushed his inexperienced lips onto hers.

Donna ground the slippery entrance to her fuck-mound against the boy's stiff cock as she kissed him. Lennie moaned and opened his mouth, only to find his mother's hot tongue snaking into the wet opening.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lennie moaned, letting his mother know that he liked this new, wild style of kissing. He wriggled his tongue against hers and pushed his hard prick boldly against the squishy lips of her wet pussy.

Donna was creaming crazily beneath her son. She had never felt anything like the kinky thrills racing through her tall body at this moment! She sucked at the boy's wagging tongue and rubbed her cunt gash up and down his hard prick until it was slick with her gushing pussy juices.

"Ohhhh, Lennie, darling, Mommy can't wait!" Donna gasped as she broke off the steamy kiss. "I've got to fuck you, baby! I've got to feel your nice cock up in me!"

Lennie's eyes widened as his mother pushed him up off her big tits and reached down to grasp his hard prick once more. She ran her fingers up and down his lubricated cock briefly, then fitted the small mushroom tip against her oozing pussy mouth.

"Fuck me, Lennie!" Donna panted, surprising both of them with her hungry, rasping tone. "Ooooh, my baby! I need your hard cock up in me! Fuck Mom deep, my darling!"

Lennie pushed tentatively, his cock easing through his mother's juicy cuntal folds and down into her tight fuck-hole. The boy gasped and struggled to keep from popping his guts then and there.

"Agghhh! It's hot!" Lennie marveled. "It's the hottest, slickest thing I've ever felt!"

Donna shoved her hips insistently upward fucking her slippery cunt onto the boy's hard prick. "Give it to me, baby! Give me all of it!"

Lennie groaned and fucked into his pretty mother's warm pussy until his balls rested against her upturned asshole. He looked down at her in shock.

"It's in you, Mom!" the surprised boy gasped. "It's actually in your hot pussy! I'm really fucking you! I'm really fucking my beautiful, sexy Mom!"

The boy was moving his hips up and back, the way he had seen Byron do it earlier. Ecstasy glowed on his face as he felt the glorious friction of his cock dragging against the slurpy wetness of his mother's tight cunt folds.

"Ummmm, that's it, baby!" Donna whimpered, her own blood boiling to a fever pitch. "In and out. Hard and deep! That's just the way Mom likes it! Ohhhhh, darling, your hard cock feels so wonderful in Mom's tight pussy!"

Donna was teetering on the brink of the strongest cum yet. The knowledge that it was her own baby son's forbidden cock drawing forth the exquisite feelings made them a hundred times stronger. The rich sensuality of his small body grinding away on top of her, the hot pleasure of his prick fucking hotly in her cunt hole -- it was too good to bear for long!

"Oh, oh, darling!" Donna suddenly gasped, her long body going stiff beneath the boy's pounding cock. "I want... I want to tell you that... that I can't last too... that I can't last too much... Aggggggbhhhhh!"

Donna rose up off the bed, her cunt gripping at Lennie's prick. The tiny passageway seemed to have a life of its own now, gobbling and sucking crazily at the boy's pistoning cock.

Lennie whimpered at the new deluge of thick, boiling cunt oil that suddenly bubbled out around his prick. He shuddered atop his mother and threw back his head.

"Ohhhhh, Mom, I can't... can't hold it back no more!" the half-frightened son yelled. "It's... I'm... I'm cuming right in you!"

Almost oblivious in the throes of her own cum, Donna held out her arms and cradled the boy tenderly. She rocked her hips quickly, sucking out his jetting cum.

"It's okay, baby! It's just what Mom needs!" Donna cooed delightedly in the boy's ear. "Give it to me! Pump Mom full of your hot, sweet cum, baby!"

Lennie sobbed on his mother's heaving chest. "It feels so good, Mom! It feels so good to shoot it up into your hot pussy! Ohhhh, Mom, I ain't never felt anything so good as this!"

Donna held the boy and moaned as he fucked her. She couldn't believe how much jism these guy's produced in their balls. She couldn't believe how wonderful it made her orgasm feel when they unloaded all of that spunk just as she was cumming!

"Mmmmmm, it's all right, honey," Donna sighed, proud of the way her boy's cock was exploding its fiery jizz up into her clenching fuckhole. "Shoot it in me. Shoot that hot stuff up into Mom until you can't fuck anymore!"

Lennie kept his prick in Donna for as long as he could. The boy kept moving his deflating cock until it finally slipped, limp and gooey, from his mother's jizz-coated cunt lips.

"Oh, Mom, thank you!" Lennie panted gratefully, lying motionless on his mother's undulating chest. "Thank you for showing me how to do it to you!"

Donna pushed the boy off with a smile and patted the bed next to her. She felt some guilt, but she tried to ignore it. After all, right at this moment, she felt better than she had ever felt in her whole life!

Chapter FOUR

"Will you have some more, my darling?" Donna asked her son lovingly, holding put the basket full of fried chicken.

Lennie shook his head and took a big drink of milk. He was clearly getting full. Fried chicken was his favorite, and Donna had made him up a huge batch so that he could have as much as he wanted.

Donna got up and started to clear the table. She patted Lennie on the head as she worked on his side of the kitchen, and the boy reached out and slipped his arms around Donna's naked body underneath the loose robe she wore.

Electric shock ran through the blissful widow as her boy's hands touched her bare flesh. It had been like this all afternoon and evening. Lennie just couldn't get enough of touching his mother's lovely white flesh, and Donna loved every hug and fleeting caress.

"Oh, Mom, I'm so glad I can feel your big titties now, and look at them!" Lennie sighed happily, opening his mother's robe to stare at her beautifully rounded tits. "Your nipples stick out like little grape halves, Mom, all firm and round and delicious like!"

Donna felt her just-washed cunt creaming lightly again. She had showered briefly after Lennie had fucked his cum load into her cunt, but she could feel her pussy getting wet once more as the boy's hungry eyes devoured her spectacular tits.

"If... if they look so delicious," Donna teased, "then why aren't you eating them for desert? Did you get too full at dinner?"

Lennie gulped, still not quite believing that it was okay to ogle his mom's huge tits and that she really didn't mind if he sucked them again!

"Oooooh, darling, I don't know what's wrong with Mom, but all of a sudden I just can't control myself!" Donna moaned to the boy as he looked up at her. "Come with me to the bedroom! I want to show you things, my darling. Things I just learned."

Donna took the boy's hand and led him back into her bedroom. She dropped the robe and turned to him, his eyes glowing with pride as he ran them over her lush body and realized that it was all his for the evening. He put his arms around his tall, stunning mother and rubbed his bare chest against her full tits.

"Hew, baby, take this off!" Donna sighed, her cunt oozing madly as she eased the boy's robe off and pulled his naked body against hers. "Ummmm, darling, your cock is hard already!"

He really wanted her! Her darling son wanted to make love to her just as badly as she wanted him!

This time it was Lennie who took the lead. He pushed his mother onto the bed, giggling boyishly at the sight of her huge tits wobbling and jiggling on her chest as she bounced to a stop. He got onto the bed next to Donna.

"Can I? Can I do it to you again, Mom?" Lennie whispered, his cock twitching as he asked.

Donna nodded slowly, the heat building in her sleek thighs and gleaming cunt. She motioned for him to stop as he began to scramble between her legs.

"Not so fast, darling," Donna said. "Mom wants to show you some things first. Some things that really please her. Don't you want to learn how to really turn a woman on?"

"Oh, yes!" Lennie blurted. "Didn't I please you when I, you know?"

"When you fucked me?" Donna crooned. "Oh, yes, baby! You pleased Mom's pussy something fierce with all that hot, thick cum!"

Donna stroked the boy's blonde hair affectionately. "But there are other ways to make a woman feel wonderful. Ways for her to make you feel good, too. And Mom wants to teach you! I'm still learning, myself, but maybe we can learn together. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Lennie smiled uncertainly. "You mean like you and that Byron kid were doing? You mean you want me to... to kiss you... down there?"

Donna nodded, opening her legs wide so that her son could see every inch of her softly gleaming pink pussy. She spread her cunt lips open with two fingers and hunched her ass up off the mattress so that the boy was staring right down into the wetness of her cunt gash.

"Run your tongue over it, darling, please!" Donna whispered with urgency. "It will make Mom feel so good! If you lick it and kiss it just right for me... I'll do the same for your cock! Oh, baby, I'll suck your sweet cock. I'll let it shoot in my mouth, I promise!"

Lennie sat looking thunder-struck for a moment, then moved quickly into action. He was still a little reluctant, but it was clear that the idea of his own pretty mother sucking the cum right out of his throbbing cock was enough incentive to make the horny boy do practically anything she might want.

Donna moaned in anticipation as her son's hot breath teased her tender cunt flesh. What she was making him do was so nasty, so perverse in her own mind that just thinking about doing it was almost enough to make the trembling widow cum.

"Baby, oh, my sweet baby!" Donna cried. "Lick your naughty mom's cunt and she'll suck your cock and lick up your sweet cum!"

Lennie sniffed her steamy pussy, his tongue touching the cunt slit lightly, tentatively. He pushed it against his mother's gleaming pinkness again, lingering to taste the clear, thick oil that coated the hot surface.

"Mom, I like it!" the boy said excitedly. The relieved boy ran his tongue up and down his mother's wet cunt, lapping up her steamy outpouring. He swallowed the slippery cunt juice eagerly.

Donna whimpered and thrust her cunt up uncontrollably at the boy's licking tongue. "Kiss it, Lennie! Kiss your mom's hot pussy all over? Ohhhhh, eat me up, you sweet, sweet baby!"

The way his mother was burbling and moving her luscious hips beneath his sloppy kisses told Lennie he was doing something right. The horny teenager found a strange, pearl-like bud of flesh at the top of this mother's greasy cunt and gave the tiny nub a long, sucking.

"Eeeeee! My clit!" Donna screamed as a furious spasm ripped through her cunt. "That's it, my darling! Suck Mom's hot clit until... until... oooohhhhhhh!"

Donna couldn't find coherent words any more. Lennie was sucking at her throbbing clit like a boy gone mad with a new plaything, and the torrid thrills were rippling through Donna's tensed body like electricity.

"So much!" Lennie panted in amazement, moving his lips away from Donna's twitching, bubbling fuck-hole for a moment. "Oh, Mom, darling, your pussy's pouring out so much of that hot, slick stuff!"

"Gulp it down!" Donna demanded, her cum hovering as near as her son's soft lips. "Ohhhh, suck my clit and swallow my hot, hot cum!"

Lennie lapped wildly at her trembling clit. He gathered in the pool of steamy cunt juice that had collected in his mother's cunt hole and swallowed it. His lips sucked in the tiny bud of his mother's clit and he nursed hard on it, the way he had suckled her big tits when he was a baby.

"Gaaahh! Oh, God!" Donna wailed, the fiery sensations lacing through her clenching cunt. "Cumming! Oh, eat Mom's cum, my baby boy!"

Lennie sucked and swallowed and struggled to keep the searing clit in his mouth as his mother bucked and wriggled her tight ass all over the bed. Waves of super-heated cunt juice broke from the gibbering woman's clasping cunt lips and washed down Lennie's throat. He kept on sucking and licking until the last trickle of the tangy, slick pussy oil was in his mouth and on its way to his belly.

Donna's ass slowly bounced to a stop. Her cum had been devastating. The satisfied, deliriously happy woman lay panting for long moments, trying to regain her breath and her sanity.

"Oh, God, honey, you made Mom cum as hard as she's ever cum in her whole life just then!" the grateful blonde sighed at last.

Lennie smiled, his face looking suddenly older and more self-assured than Donna had ever seen it before. He moved over next to her and flipped onto his back, his boyish cock still as stiff and ready as it had been before he began eating his mother's juicy pussy.

"Are you gonna do what you said?" Lennie asked expectantly.

Donna smiled at the boy. There was a bright sheen of cunt cream all over his cheeks and chin. His cock jerked as her eyes swept down his body.

"Do you want me to?" Donna asked the boy coyly, teasing him. "Do you want Mom's lips around this fine, hard cock?"

Lennie moaned and nodded quickly, too turned on to speak. Donna grinned at him and slid down between his legs, turning onto her stomach. She moved her mouth into position just above the boy's stiff cock.

"I hope I do this right," Donna whispered. "I've never done this for anyone before. Not let it cum in my mouth, I mean. I don't even know what you're supposed to do with it when it goes off."

"Swallow it!" Lennie gasped, fighting to control his need to shoot. "That's what the older buys at school say a girl will do with it if she really likes you!"

Donna smiled and ran her tongue over the head of her son's small, steely cock. She felt him shudder under her soft licks, and heard him moan way down in his throat at the tremendous thrill her tongue was giving him.

"I like you more than anyone in the world, my darling," Donna whispered.

Donna sucked the boy's spit-slick cockhead in between her wet lips and laved it with her tongue again. Lennie groaned even more loudly and tried to push his hips upward out of pure instinct.

Wildly excited by the illicit act she was performing, the ravishing blonde eased her mouth down onto Lennie's pulsing cock until all of the hot cockshaft was embedded in her mouth and throat. His prick was smaller and shorter than Byron's prick, but Donna didn't mind that at all. This short, stiff cock belonged to her loving son -- that was all that mattered!

Donna ran her tongue around and around Lennie's prick as it lay against the back of her throat. The boy whimpered at the bath his mother was lavishing on his sensitive cockmeat.

"Oh! Oh, Mom, your mouth's so hot!" Lennie gasped. "It... it's even hotter than your hot pussy!"

Donna felt her blood beginning to boil once more. She moved her mouth up and down the rigid cock, loving the way it hit just at the back of her throat. There was no danger of accidentally gagging on Lennie's throbbing cock.

"Jeeeezus! You're fucking me!" Lennie babbled excitedly. "You're fucking my cock with your slippery lips! You're mouth-fucking me, Mom! Annggghhh! It feels... it feels wonderful!"

Donna was mashing her ovaled, sucking lips frantically up and down the boy's thick cock. The taste of his prick, the feel of it piercing her tight lips again and again, the knowledge that she was pleasing her baby beyond its wildest fantasies -- all of it meshed in Donna's fevered mind to thrill her to her very limits of endurance.

Donna was mewling and grinding her cunt madly against the bed sheets as she slurped at Lennie's cock. She felt her clit tightening along with the tiny ball-sac that bounced against her spit-slick chin with each furious suck.

Going to cum, Donna thought. My pussy's going to go off right along with my baby's hot cock!

Lennie's eyes were glassy with lust. The sight of his gorgeous mother's face gliding frenziedly up and down on his jerking prick, the feel of her wet lips sucking at his tender cock flesh, the slurping sound of her licking at his engorged prick, the incredible heat of her wild mouth -- all of it combined to excite the boy in a way that all of his jacking off and fantasizing never had.

"Mom! Mom, you'd better stop!" Lennie suddenly screamed, panic in his voice. "It's getting ready to... I mean I'm gonna... Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh, Mommmm!"

Lennie wailed and fucked his cock deep into his mother's nursing lips. His small balls jerked frantically.

Cum exploded out of Lennie's cock and spattered into Donna's licking tongue, bathing the inside of her mouth with her boy's slippery cock cream. Donna felt her cunt gripping and spasming as the slimy spunk spewed into her throat and the first big wad slithered down into her tummy.

"Ummmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" the climaxing widow murmured as she gulped down a second and third mouthful of the boy's jism.

It tastes wonderful, she thought. It's so rich and gooey and delicious in my mouth! I want it! I want every jizz drop of my baby's hot ball juice!

The orgasming blonde sucked and licked and swallowed until Lennie's cock refused to spit up any more of the thrilling, pungent cum. Lennie moaned and ran his hand gratefully through his mother's long flaxen curls.

"Oh, Mom, you got it all!" the boy sighed contentedly, still not quite believing his good fortune. "I been hearing about blowjobs in school for the last year, but I never thought I'd ever get one! Not from my own beautiful mom!"

Donna swallowed the last of her boy's prick cream and licked her lips clean. She felt the same soft, inner glow of fulfillment as Lennie did. Her orgasm had been perfect, the searing jets of jism from the boy topping it off and making it seem very, very special.

"Ummmm, darling, I don't know what I've started here today," Donna murmured, still floating in ecstasy. "But I know I love it. I know making love to you is wrong, my darling, but I don't think I'm going to be able to give it up very easily. It just feels to damned right and good to me!"

Lennie nodded, caressing his mother's blonde locks. "I couldn't either, Mom, not now. Not after I've had my cock and my tongue inside you! Not after you've showed me how wonderful sex is!"

Donna moved up on the bed and held her boy in her arms. She sighed, feeling his prick began to grow hard again against her sleek thigh.

Chapter FIVE

The next morning was very strange for Donna. Her thoughts were a crazy mish-mash of guilt, happiness, and uncertainty.

On the one hand, she felt wonderful about suddenly having a man around the house again. A man to sleep with her at night and make love to her passionately, a man who really did love her for herself and not just for the pussy she was giving him.

Donna already realized how awkward it was going to be when it came time to order Lennie to clean up his room or do his homework.

And the guilt! Donna hadn't prayed last night, the first time since she'd been a little girl that she had not talked with God. Donna didn't feel she could do that anymore.

A flash of need shot through Donna's body as she remembered Byron's strong body and his big, man-sized cock fucking into her tight cunt! Lennie was wonderful, but Byron had been really exciting, too. Donna felt her pussy creaming as she thought about Byron's suntanned body and the masterful way the self-assured boy had eaten her cunt and showed her how to give a man pleasure with her mouth.

"Hey, Mom, gotta run!"

Donna heard Lennie's voice coming toward her from down the hall. The boy stepped into the living room, clad in a striped tee shirt and jeans. He was carrying his football.

"Big game at the park today," Lennie announced. "I'm gonna play flanker, Mom. They're gonna let me catch the ball!"

The boy came up to his mother and kissed her passionately, his free hand straying to the front of her robe. He slipped it inside quickly and grabbed Donna's right tit, squeezing it expertly as he shoved his tongue inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmm, yes, darlin', I can see you have a great pair of hands!" Donna teased as he pulled away. "You have a good time and be careful! And you remember our little talk this morning! You mind what you say to your pals!"

Lennie smiled. "None of 'em would believe me anyhow, Mom. Not if I told 'em about you and me!" Laughing, Lennie ran out the door.

Donna sighed and started to sit on the couch and read a magazine. Maybe the articles would take her mind off the predicament her new relationship with her son had her in. The doorbell rang and Donna stopped and went to answer it.

Byron Willis was standing on the front porch with another boy. Donna recognized him immediately. She wondered what Byron was doing here with Paul Long.

"Hello, Byron, may I help you?" Donna asked in a neutral voice.

Byron looked very nervous. He stepped quickly inside and smiled sheepishly at the voluptuous blonde.

"Uh, yeah, you sure tan, Mrs. Spaulding... Donna," Byron began quickly.

He pulled Donna in close, whispering rapidly. "You know my big friend here, Paul Long, Jennie's older brother?" Byron muttered so that Paul couldn't overhear. "Well, he caught me and Jennie last night on the sofa at their house. Their folks were gone but the 'hulk' there came home early. I had my cock shoved down his sister's throat, and I blew my nuts just as he came in the door!"

Donna's blue eyes went wide as Byron rushed on.

"You should have seen it! Cum was gushing everywhere in the living room! He yanked me off the couch, and I was already cumming and I couldn't stop. I shot all over the rug, the couch, all over Jennie... man, it was gross!"

Donna felt her cunt tightening and her nipples hardening as she imagined the lewd scene. She waited anxiously for the nervous boy to finish. What did all of this have to do with her?

"Anyway, when Godzilla got done shaking me around and yelling at both of us, he dragged me outside to beat the living shit out of me! He said he was gonna kill me for ruining his sister's reputation!"

"Hey, step it the fuck up!" Paul Long said in a gravelly voice that perfectly matched his rugged, beefy looks.

"Yeah, yeah, in a minute!" Byron shot back. He turned to Donna, pleading. "You gotta help me, Donna. I couldn't think of anything else to do. He had me in those gorilla arms of his, squeezing the shit out of me! He kept yelling about killing me, and I believed him!"

"Come on, you fuckin' wimp!" Paul yelled again, growing more impatient with each passing second. He stepped inside and closed the door after him. "Is this bitch gonna put out like you promised -- or am I gonna rip your guts out right here and now for fuckin' around with my sis?"

Panic gripped Donna like a vise. She looked at Byron, praying this wasn't happening to her. She could see from the boy's sheepish look that it was.

"What... just what did you tell this boy?" Donna demanded.

"It was the only thing I could think of to keep from getting killed!" Byron whispered, his voice turning desperate. "I mean, you should have seen the look on his face."

The boy's embarrassed voice trailed off into silence. Donna had the picture in her mind. There was no further need for explanation, anyway.

Donna had seen the tall, burly Paul watching her ever since she had moved into the neighborhood. The youth already had the beginnings of a heavy beard and an evil, hungry look in his eyes when he looked at Donna that never failed to make her shudder.

"Enough of this shit!" Paul stepped up to the whispering pair. "It shakes out like this, blondie. Numb-nuts here said he fucked you yesterday, before he came over to try and fuck my sister."

The hulking boy stopped to glare at Byron, who seemed to shrink right before Donna's despairing eyes.

"Anyway, he told me if I didn't break his fuckin' legs -- which I should have done anyway, just on general principles -- he'd bring me over here today and get me laid. Now, the question is, honey, are you gonna put out for me, like this asshole here says you will, or are you gonna stand back and watch while I give him what he deserves?"

Donna was trembling. The older boy had reached up and taken a lock of her long blonde hair as he spoke. He was twirling it around his thick finger, toying with it as he attempted to catch of glimpse of her tits between the folds of her robe.

"Oh, I guess I should mention that, if you don't fuck me, I'm gonna put the story round the neighborhood about you and asshole," Paul went on. "And he ain't gonna deny it, 'cause if he does, he's gonna need casts to hold his other casts together, after I stomp his ass the second time!"

A long, pain-racked groan escaped from Donna's lips. If she didn't do what this horrid, bullying boy said, he was perfectly capable of doing everything he'd threatened -- Donna could see that in his evil brown eyes. There was a sly animal cunning there, but no real intelligence, no compassion.

"Which way's the bedroom, blondie?" Paul finally asked with a triumphant grin.

Donna wanted to run. The tall, muscular boy put his big hand on her shoulders and turned her toward the bedroom. She let him push and urge her down the hallway.

"Wouldn't you like a drink first?" Donna blurted in rising terror. "I know I would! How about a nice whiskey and water?"

Paul spun the frightened housewife around and reached for the tie at the front of her robe. "Nah, what I want is some of this primo pussy, baby. I can drink anytime, but I can't fuck a gorgeous bitch like you anytime. I know that wimp kid of yours will be home in a couple of hours -- Byron the asshole and me been watchin' the house all morning. We saw him leave in his football outfit. Now, come on, baby, get with it!"

Paul jerked the tie open and Donna's robe parted. The boy's dark eyes sparkled with desire as he saw the woman's spectacularly long, pretty legs and her downy-soft blonde cunt muff.

"Jesus! It's even nicer than I thought!" the excited teenager sighed. "Let's see these tits, honey! You been drivin' me crazy ever since you moved here. Struttin' around the neighborhood with a set of jugs like yours, all jiggly and bouncy..."

The horny boy shoved Donna's robe farther apart and her huge, creamy-white tits popped into view. Paul sucked in his breath and stood motionless, admiring the size and plump fullness of Donna's heavy, flawless tits.

"Look at them tits!" Paul panted. "I never seen such big ripe nipples!" He grinned at the beautiful widow. "You just play like you're some kinda ritzy, stuck-up bitch, don't ya, Mrs. Spaulding? I can see by the way your nipples are pumped up, you wanta be fucked just as bad as I wanta fuck you!"

Donna turned her head, blushing furiously as the boy skimmed off her robe and let it slip to the floor. He was simply awful! The part that really had Donna worried was that the boy was correct. Glancing in the mirror, Donna saw that her tits were as aroused and ready as he had said.

"Mmmmmm, I love a bitch with huge, heavy tits that don't sag a bit!" Paul murmured happily, leaning down to suck one of Donna's cherry-sized nipples into his wet lips.

The obnoxious youth ran his tongue all over Donna's sensitive tit as he sucked it. Donna moaned. She couldn't help herself!

Byron moved around in back of Donna. She felt his gentle touch on her thighs, spreading her legs so that he could snake a finger up into her already-sopping pussy to tickle and tease her throbbing clit.

"Ummmmmmm! Ohhhh! Oh, that feels so wild!" Donna moaned, her head thrown back, her eyes clamped shut.

Paul looked up from his avoid his gobbling as he changed nipples. He saw Byron behind the moaning woman.

"What the fuck you doin', asshole?" the bully asked Byron roughly.

"I... uh... I'm helping get her hot," Byron explained meekly. "I, ahhh, I know a lot about turning girls on."

"I'll bet you do, you cock-sucker!" Paul hissed at the bashful boy. "You learned on my sister!"

Byron started to move back, but Paul had seen what the other boy's fingering was doing to Donna. He motioned for Byron to stay.

"All right. You help me get her hot to fuck, but then you clear the hell out of the way and watch me give it to her," Paul ordered Byron. "Take notes. You might learn something about the way a real stud fucks a knockout bitch like this one."

Donna's eyes were open again. She looked in the mirror and saw Byron nod. The knowledge that Paul was going to fuck her and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it sent a flurry of pre-cum tremors racing through her cunt, exciting and disgusting Donna at the same moment.

I want this violent animal to fuck me, Donna thought. Oh, dear God help me! What a shameless slut I've become since these boys have showed me what sex really can be!

Paul's mouth was all over Donna's pulsing tits. He sucked and nipped at her sensitive flesh until she felt like screaming and begging for his hard prick.

Byron was diddling Donna's gushing cunt like a true expert. The squishy sound of his fingers fucking in and out of her tight, slippery cunthole filled the room. Donna was panting and moaning and running her fingers through Paul Long's dark, greasy hair, pulling his mouth in harder on her firm tits.

"Ohhh, I can't help myself!" Donna groaned at last, her whole exquisite body on fire with need. "I'll let you do it to me. I'll let you... fuck me if you want to!"

Paul laughed, Donna's tit spilling from his mouth. He straightened up and looked Donna in the eye, gloating with satisfaction at the undisguised, horny heat, he now saw there.

"You'll let me fuck you if I want to?" Paul mocked the aroused blonde. "Baby, who the fuck do you think you're kiddin'? You want cock so bad you're practically drooling for it! Now, get what you want! Get down on your knees and take my cock out and show me how much you want it! Beg me for it, baby! Beg me to put that big hunk of meat up that pretty pink hole of yours!"

Donna shuddered, her knees threatening to cave in under her. Byron was still fooling with her cunt, and the shock waves of building lust were making Donna's keyed-up body shiver with the need to cum. The turned-on widow found herself sinking to the floor in front of the dominant teenager. She reached for his zipper as if in a dream, tugging it downward.

Paul's hard prick was so large that Donna could barely work it through the opening. She moaned as she stared at the ten-inch monster, all wet around the tip with oozing pre-cum, and as thick as Donna's wrist.

"Show me, bitch!" Paul urged the kneeling woman. "Show me how much you want it in you!"

Donna licked the head of the boy's engorged cock. She was white-hot with desire by now, and the touch of the fat, hot prickmeat to her lips sent a new flurry of cum-desire rippling through her juicy cunt.

Oh, how Donna longed to have this male, throbbing cylinder of hard make flesh fucking into her! She forced the tip of the drooling monster past her stretched lips and licked the heady, sweet pre-cum off the smooth cockhead.

Donna worked her ovaled lips up and down the long prick, getting as much of it as she could into her throat. She loved the way his prick stretched her lips and her throat, filling her mouth with the taste and feel of hot, savory boy-cock.

"That's it, you hot bitch! Lick it, suck it!" Paul was mumbling triumphantly. "I knew you were nothing but a hot, cock-sucking cunt from the day I first saw you. Always acting so refined and better than everyone else! Well, now you're suckin' it! Now you're just a pussy on her knees, eatin' my big cock for lunch!"

Donna whimpered with lust and drove her mouth onto the boy's manly prick. She was going crazy beneath the boy's mocking abuse. A strange, sensual thrill was sweeping through Donna's clit and pussy.

Abruptly, Paul reached down and grabbed a huge fistful of Donna's golden hair. He jerked her back away from his prick, a yelp of pain coming from her as his prick popped free of her wildly suctioning mouth.

"Not that way, bitch!" Paul told Donna gruffly. "Not this time. My first load is reserved for that hot, juicy pink cunt of yours!"

Donna looked at the huge prick swaying so obscenely in front of her lips. It was by far the biggest cock Donna had ever seen, and she couldn't wait to feel the thick, purplish cock head parting her small cunt lips.

Donna nodded, her eyes never leaving the throbbing, drool-coated monster. "Yes, I want it! I want your big prick up in my tight pussy! Oh, God, but I want you to fuck my hot cunt!"

Paul laughed and bent over, his big hands hooking under Donna's arms. He lifted the tall blonde and threw her onto the bed as easily as he might have tossed a child's teddy bear.

"You're gonna get fucked now, baby!"

Paul promised Donna, tearing at his clothes as he came toward the bed. "I'm gonna drive this big fucker in you till it comes out your mouth!"

Donna groaned and touched her clit in anticipation as she watched the boy feverishly undress. He was big all over. His large, bulging muscles and hairy chest sent ripples of renewed eagerness through Donna's nipples and pussy.

Paul wasted no time with preliminaries. He dived onto the bed as soon as he was naked and spread Donna's shapely legs wide, kneeling between them.

The tip of the boy's over-sized cock felt as large as the business end of a ball bat against Donna's small cunt mouth. She started to tell Paul to take it easy, but she never got the chance. Paul's thick cockhead split her slick cunt mouth and fucked inside. The boy didn't stop powering his muscular hips downward until his rough pubic fur met Donna's soft blonde cunt curls.

Never in Donna's wildest dreams had she imagined being fucked by so much burning, throbbing cockmeat. As Paul lay heavily on top of her, flattening her mountainous tits against her chest and pinning her to the bed, Donna felt positively stuffed with prick.

"Ohhhh, so much!" the dazed woman groaned.

Paul smiled, pleased at her awed reaction. "That's what they all say, baby, until I start fuckin' them with this big hunk of cockmeat! They get to lovin' it real quick then, and so will you!"

The boy began pulling his prick out of Donna's wet, clinging cuntal depths. She moaned as she felt the hot cylinder of cockmeat gliding out of her pussy, pulling her cunt folds along with a fiery, slick friction that sent jolts of bliss through Donna's whole being.

"So tight!" Donna babbled mindlessly. "So big and tight in my hot pussy!"

Paul grunted and fucked his thick cock back into the moaning widow's juicy pussy. Donna mewled with pure delight and began tossing her lush hips up to meet the boy's greedy fuck thrusts.

"You're... you're fucking me!" Donna marveled. "Your big cock is fucking me so good!"

Paul gasped at the blonde's enthusiastic undulations beneath him. Her cunt was gobbling his fat prick, pouring hot pussy oil out onto the fucking monster.

"Ohhhh! Oh, lady, can you ever fuck!" Paul rasped into Donna's ear as he rammed his thick cock in and out of her pussy.

Byron came up to the bed. He winked at Donna and unzipped his pants. His cock was as hard as the one inside her, though not nearly as big, and he wanted Donna to know that he was next.

Donna smiled up at the boy and rocked her hips even harder, forcing Paul's huge fuck pole even deeper as he fucked her.

"Gotta fuck you hard!" Paul was murmuring. "Gotta fuck you deep and hard, you pretty bitch!"

The muscular boy gripped Donna even tighter in his powerful arms and crushed himself down onto her as he rammed his huge cock down into the blonde's gushing cunt. Donna's tits were smashed flat beneath the sweating boy's hairy chest. Her cunt was throbbing with incredible heat from the boy's hungry, fierce fucking.

"My balls!" Paul groaned suddenly, his prick stopping its relentless drilling for a moment, then slamming forward again and again even faster than before. "My balls are getting ready!"

Donna held onto the fucking teenager and gurgled with steady, savage pleasure. A long, never-ending orgasm held her in its fiery grip, and she sensed that the boy's cum would send her boiling into new realms of sensual bliss.

Paul screamed out his lust and delivered a geyser of jism into Donna's clenching pussy. The volume of the boy's hot spunk made Donna's eyes roll as the burning juice ignited a new wave of cum-fury within her pussy.

"Cumming, too!" Donna wailed as the mind-wrenching flurries shook her cunt.

Paul was still fucking the climaxing woman furiously, his thick cock shooting wad after wad of steamy spunk up into Donna's slippery cunt hole. The river of jism back-washed out of Donna's full pussy and ran down into her winking asshole, the kinky sensation sending fresh tremors of orgasm fluttering through the helpless widow.

"So hard!" Donna burbled, nearly out of her mind with bliss. "Your thick cock is making me cum so fucking hard!"

The fierce fucking kept on until Paul's prick began going soft. He glided the fat cockshaft into Donna's jizz-slick pussy until it was too limp to stay inside.

"Ohhhhh, what a hot fuck!" Donna murmured, lost in the haze of a beautiful after cum glow. "Oh, what a hot, good fuck you gave me!"

Paul got up off the dazed woman and looked down. "Your pussy's swimmin' in my cum, that's for sure! I drained my nuts in your ritzy cunt, didn't I, Mrs. Spaulding, baby?"

The boy's haughty words brought Donna back to reality. The fucking he had given her had been wonderful, but now she had to face the consequences.

A movement caught Paul's eye. He turned and saw Byron trying frantically to stuff his hard prick back into his tight jeans.

"I told you, cock-sucker, you came here to watch me fuck this slut," Paul said angrily. "Not to get no nookie yourself!"

The big youth was off the bed in an instant. He caught Byron by the back of the neck as the frail boy attempted to run out of the room.

"I've... I couldn't help it!" Byron protested as the bigger boy spun him around. "It turned me on, watching the way you fucked her, Paul, honest! I mean, wow! You really gave her the old meat-stick, just like you said you would!"

Byron was grinning sheepishly, hoping to avoid the blow he felt was coming. Paul smiled back, a cruel, thoroughly humorless smile.

"So you just wanted some relief, huh?" Paul asked the frightened boy. "Well, they tell me there's great relief in sleep, numb-nuts. Nighty-night!"

The crushing right hand to Byron's jaw was so quick and so fierce that the hapless boy didn't even have time to throw up a hand in his own defense. Donna sat up on the bed and screamed as she watched the blood explode from Byron's mouth and his lithe body fly across the room. The boy hit the wall and slid downward, unmoving.

"You... you fucking animal!" Donna shouted at the leering bully.

Paul stood admiring his handiwork for a few moments before he turned to face the angry woman. Byron was out cold, blood running down his chin and dripping onto his white tee shirt.

"Here's what me got to say to you, bitch," Paul said to Donna as he moved back to the bed. "Here's the way it shakes out."

The menacing boy reached down and grabbed Donna by the throat. His big paw went all the way around her slender neck. He pushed Donna back onto the bed and cut her words off easily with a flex of his index finger against her windpipe.

"You, pretty lady, are going to fuck me and suck me, all I want, when I want," Paul announced slowly, enjoying the terrified look on Donna's face. "If you don't, I'm gonna give you just what I gave junior over there. Understand?"

The pressure on Donna's throat increased and she gasped and nodded her head vigorously, unable to speak. Paul grinned his approval and went on.

"If you call the cops, I'm gonna tell 'em all about you and numb-nuts. And, as a bonus at no extra charge, I'm gonna throw in all the information about you and the sonny boy."

Donna's eyes went huge. Her heart was pounding.

"Oh, yeah, I know all about you and Lennie." Paul gloated at the woman's terror. "I didn't really believe asshole over there last night, so I checked out your bedroom through the crack in the curtains."

Donna shivered, remembering how she had sucked her son's cock the night before, with this maniac spying from the bushes! A rising need to throw up overtook Donna as she stared up into the boy's dark, vacant eyes.

"Now I think we understand each other, blondie," Paul said at last, releasing Donna's throat.

The swaggering bully went over and retrieved his clothes. He got into them slowly, smiling at the cowering, totally defeated blonde sprawled on her bed.

"I'll be back real soon, honey," Paul assured Donna. "Don't you worry about that. And I'll have a real big load of cum for you."

Laughing, Paul sauntered out of the room. Donna shuddered and waited for the front door to close. She made it to the bathroom and threw up before she started crying.

Chapter SIX

Lennie Spaulding knew something wasn't quite right the moment he opened the door. He listened for a moment, then followed the muffled sounds down the hallway to his mother's room.

"You! You're here again!" Lennie shouted at Byron Willis as soon as he saw the lanky teenager stretched out on Donna Spaulding's big bed.

Byron was naked from the waist up. His jaw looked puffy and red. Donna was bending over the tall boy, handing him a wash cloth filled with ice cubes.

"Oh, Lennie, darling, it's not what you think... not this time!" Donna sobbed. "It's... it's worse than you think."

It took Donna fifteen minutes to explain and sob out her story to Lennie. She told him everything, except how much she had cum on Paul Long's big, hard prick, of course.

"Jeez, Mom!" Lennie breathed at last, having heard it all. "What are we gonna do now? Long's the meanest, toughest guy in the whole school! In the whole town, far as I know!"

Byron sat up and rubbed his jaw. He spoke slowly, as if doubting his mouth would still work. "He's right, Mrs. Spaulding. Long's a real beast when you get him pissed off at you! Just no telling what he'll do!"

The three of them sat around feeling dejected for a few minutes. The phone, rang and Donna finally got up and went over to answer it.

The statuesque blonde's cheeks went white as she listened to the voice on the other end. She nodded woodenly and answered: "Yes, yes, I understand. Of course I'll be here. See you then."

Donna hung up the phone. She spun and faced the boys, her blue eyes filled with terror.

"Get dressed, quickly!" Donna shouted. "Lennie, give Byron one of your shirts to wear. His is ruined with dried blood. That was Paul Long. He says he's on his way over here tonight! He had been thinking about today... about how much he enjoyed raping me! He's coming back for more!"

The two boys sprang off the bed looking as frightened as the alder woman. "What're we gonna do?" Lennie asked.

"The first thing we're gonna do is get out of here, fast!" Donna said. "We'll take Byron with us. He's the first one Paul will go after if I'm not here when he shows up!"

Donna parked her big sedan in the darkest, most remote row of the drive-in theater lot. She waited until she was sure none of the other people in the sparse scattering of cars were paying any attention to her, then got out and opened the trunk.

Byron and Lennie got, out of the trunk quickly and the three of them hopped back in the car. The two teenaged boys were giggling with excitement as they shut the door.

"This is a great idea, Mom!" Lennie whispered. "Old Long couldn't follow us in here, even if he could find us!"

"Yeah," Byron agreed. "This adults-only drive-in is off limits to kids and everyone knows it! He'd never think of looking for us here."

Donna grinned, happy she had remembered the old drive-in. Now she and the boys would have a few hours to sit back in perfect safety and discuss their next move.

It was after dusk and the screen suddenly came alive with a lurid orange movie title: "Backdoor Bonnie". Donna felt a sudden twinge of conscience, then put it quickly aside. The two boys seated on either side of her in the front seat had to be sheltered from sexually -- Donna had seen to that personally!

So what difference did it make if they saw other people fucking on screen? It sure beat getting mauled by Paul Long.

"I heard my older brother and some of the guys talking about these kinda movies a while ago," Byron whispered to Donna. "I always wanted to see one but I never got to do it till now. Let's watch a little before we talk, okay?"

Donna nodded. There was a lovely girl on the screen now, taking a shower. Unlike conventional movies, this one showed every inch of the beautiful red-haired starlet's luscious body in close-up detail. Donna sucked her breath in as the boys gasped over the fifty-foot wide image of the actress' cunt suddenly filling the screen.

"I... I see no point in trying to discuss our situation until you boys have your curiosity about this kind of film thoroughly satisfied," Donna whispered, trying to sound calm.

The sexy widow was trying to forget the other porno movie she had seen with her friend, Mary Lee. It was that exposure that had started all of this trouble, Donna couldn't help remembering. Surely, this one would be less graphic, less... less stimulating.

The girl on screen dried her long, leggy form with slow towel strokes, her legs spread wide to give the camera maximum access to her own lips and swaying tit mounds. Donna could see the woman's pussy was wet and slick looking already.

Donna felt her own cunt begin to leak. The excited, rapid breathing from the two teenaged boys had a lot to do with it.

Risking a look downward, Donna saw that both the boys had raging hard-ons already. Their jeans were tenting and each of them had his hand down there covering himself in an attempt to hide the evidence.

A man had entered the bathroom when Donna looked back up at the film. He was a big, handsome man with a muscular body and he was totally naked. Donna gasped at the size of the actor's hard prick.

"I... I bet you wish Lennie and me had cocks the size of that one!" Byron said in awe.

Donna blushed, but the boys couldn't see it in the darkened front seat. She shook her head slowly.

"No, such big ones might hurt me," Donna whispered back reassuringly, truthfully. Paul Long's huge prick had been thrilling on a onetime basis, but Donna didn't fancy stretching her cunt lips and mouth to fit such a monster cock very often.

"I like you all's... sweet cocks." Donna felt odd saying the dirty word out loud, so casually. "I like 'em just fine!" The woman on the screen was busy showing she liked the lead actor's cock too. The redhead was on her knees in the bathroom, sucking hard on the stiff tower of jutting prickmeat.

Donna felt her tummy tighten all the way down into her juicy cunt. This film had been a mistake, she could tell that right now. The boys' cocks were about to tear holes in their jeans and her own nipples and tits were so pumped full of excitement that they felt ready to explode out of her bra.

The actress made matters worse by stopping her hot suction at that moment and standing up. She gave the actor a sensuous, sexy look that sent a thrill of cunt flurries through Donna's sopping pussy and turned to rest her weight against the bathroom sink.

"Suck me, stud!" the actress whispered throatily. "Give it to me! You know how I want it!"

The actor grinned and moved in behind the girl. The camera changed angles and the audience could see the actor aim his long spear of cockmeat at the redhead's juicy cunt and shove forward.

"Ohhhhh! That's it! Fuck meeeee!" the actress whined, up on her toes as the long, thick cockshaft fucked into her wet cunt. "Get it all the way in me! Oil it up. Get it ready! Ohhhhh, so ready!"

The couple on-screen rocked back and forth eagerly, the man's big prick gleaming with the actress' greasy cunt oil. The actor reached up and opened a medicine cabinet as he fucked the lovely girl. He took out a jar of petroleum jelly and dabbed a big wad of the gooey stuff up into the actress' asshole.

"Are... are you sure you want it up the ass, Bonnie?" the handsome actor whispered.

"Ohhh, yesssss!" the girl, sighed, her eyes closed with lust. "Oh, God, yes! Give it to me, baby! You know how much I love assfucking."

Donna's breath caught as the actor pulled his well-lubricated cock out of the girl's cunt and centered the massive cockhead against the tiny opening of her tight ass pucker. The man pushed forward and the small, elastic opening expanded to admit the thick cockhead.

"Unnnnnggggghhhhh!" The girl's eyes shot open as the big hunk of cockmeat fucked into her ass.

"M-Mom!" Lennie choked in surprise. "He... he's doin' it to her... back there! I didn't know you could do it to a girl... like that!"

Donna shook her head as all of the actor's gigantic fucker disappeared up into the redhead's cute ass. "I didn't know it either, honey!"

"Man, oh, man, I bet that's tight!" Byron blurted, his eyes nearly popping out of his head.

A burning feeling began to build in Donna's cunt and spread unexpectedly down into her virgin asshole as she watched the couple on the screen fuck shamelessly. Donna couldn't help wondering if the girl was that good an actress. The redhead was whimpering and groaning on and on about how good it felt, about how hot the big, hard cock was making her tight ass feel.

The male lead grabbed the red-haired girl's nice-sized tits as he fucked her ass. He squeezed her jiggling tits hard and rammed his prick into her slick asshole again and again, his rough fucking and tit squeezing bringing new, even hotter moans from the actress.

"Yes! My tits! Rub my big, hot tits!" the girl playing Bonnie wailed.

Byron shifted uncomfortably in the seat. He turned and looked at Donna.

"Her tits ain't so big," the boy whispered. "Her tits are nothin' compared to yours, Donna! Your body is so much better than this bitch's it's not even funny."

Lennie agreed quickly, so turned on that he didn't care, for the moment, that Byron was hitting on his mother again. "I agree with him, Mom! I'd rather play with your big titties any day than hers."

Byron was one step ahead of the other boy. His hand was already snaking up under Donna's sweater as Lennie spoke, teasing the turned-on blonde's erect nipple through the stiff fabric of her bra cup.

"Ohhhh, then why don't you, darling?" Donna heard herself moaning as Byron stroked her sensitive nipple. "Why don't you sweet boys suck Mom's big titties while she watches this filthy, disgusting movie?"

Byron didn't lose a second in raising Donna's sweater up over her heaving tits and reaching behind her for the bra snaps. He undid the clasp and lifted the bra up and out of the way. His mouth came down on Donna's spiked, needy nipple as soon as it popped free. Lennie almost bumped heads with Byron as he went for the other bobbling tit globe. Donna let out a long, delighted groan as she felt her tender nipples being sucked by the horny teenagers.

"Ohhhhh! Oh, sweet God! Two hot mouths at once!" Donna gasped as the wonderful suction sent chills down her spine and into her oozing pussy.

Donna watched as the girl on the screen screamed and took a cum-enema. The thick, white cum pumped obscenely out of the actress' tight ass as Donna watched, and the aroused widow could see her asshole gobble and suck at the jizz-spurting prick buried within it.

"Ummmmmm, she's cumming!" Donna babbled, lost in her own building cum and the heaven of having both lush tits sucked at once. "You can cum by taking it in the ass!"

"Yeah, I bet you could, too!" Byron agreed, kissing and licking at Donna's tit. "I bet a hot woman like you could cum real hard from that kinda fuckin'!"

The teenager sucked Donna's enlarged nipple back into his mouth and bit down lightly on the spongy tit tip as he eased her pants open. Donna groaned and twisted, hungering for his finger in her pussy slit. She whimpered and thrust her hips up to him, burying his finger in her seeping cunt folds as he pushed forward.

"Fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy with your hard finger!" Donna groaned. "Fuck me while you suck my big titties, my darlings!"

Lennie helped Byron tug downward on his mother's tight jeans. The two boys had Donna stripped below the waist in no time, her frilly panties and tight demins shoved down around her ankles. The hot-mouthed boys kept gobbling and sucking at Donna's huge tits.

"Help me get these fuckin' seats down!" Byron whispered urgently to Lennie, letting go of Donna's fat nipple for a moment. "She's sexier than those cunts on that screen any day!"

Lennie nodded, his mother's nipple still clenched between his lips. He hit the power seat button on his side as Byron hit his. The two front seats reclined to form a bridge with the rear seat, creating a plush mini-bed for the two boys and the stunning blonde.

The next few minutes were a sensual, confused haze to the aroused widow. All she knew was that she was completely naked in the car now, as were the two boys. The pricks were hard and ready, and they seemed to find their way automatically into Donna's fists. She was up on her hands and knees now, a stiff cock in either hand, her mouth moving from one delicious boy-prick to the other.

"Suck 'em, Donna!" Byron was groaning. "Oh, baby, suck our hard pricks! You're so much better, so much prettier than that redheaded cunt on the screen, I can't fuckin' believe it!"

Donna glanced up as she moved from Lennie's swollen cock to Byron's. The actress was on her knees in front of two men now, doing just what Donna was doing -- moving her head from cock to the other!

Byron reached for Donna's purse as her head came down on his cock. Sighing, Byron eased a tube of hand lotion out of the purse and dabbed a big gob of the slippery stuff into the kneeling woman's tiny ass pucker.

Donna gulped as she felt the cold cream being worked into her virgin asshole.

Byron groaned and began fucking Donna in the ass with his hard finger. Her mouth around his throbbing cock felt so good that he could barely keep from blowing his cum-load down her throat as she sucked his cock.

"Her... her pussy!" Byron croaked, struggling to control his urge to blow his jizz into Donna's sucking lips. "Play with your mom's hot pussy while I finger-fuck her ass!"

Lennie fucked a finger up into Donna's warm, juicy pussy as the older boy continued to finger the moaning blonde's hot asshole. Byron found one of Donna's dangling, neglected tits and squeezed hard on her pliant nipple as she sucked his hard prick and he reamed her tight ass.

Donna was going out of her mind. On the screen, the radiant redhead was gulping down mouthfuls of jism, her hand working feverishly on the other man's hard prick as she sucked down the warm curds of cum juice from the leading man's gushing cock.

The lewd sight, along with the fiery sensations engulfing her own tits, ass and pussy made it almost unbearably good for the kneeling, cock-gobbling blonde. Donna couldn't wait for her own pussy and asshole to blast off the way the redhead's had in the obscene movie. She couldn't wait for Byron's rock-hard prick to blast its steamy boy-jism down her throat.

But Byron had other ideas. The hot fuck had shown him a new thrill that he wanted to experience with his hot-blooded blonde friend.

The dark-haired boy pulled his cock out of Donna's sucking lips and got to his knees. She moved around in back of the on-all-fours blonde and rubbed his prick tip in the goody cream coating her asscrack.

"Oohhh! Ooooooh, I wanted to suck you," Donna moaned like a little girl who had just lost her favorite toy. "I... I wanted to feel your hot cock go off in my mouth, darling!"

Byron nodded to Lennie. "Lay on your back in front of her. Let her suck you off while I... while I do this to her!"

Lennie's eyes got big as he saw what Byron was doing. He saw Byron's face contort with effort as he eased his thick cockhead into Donna's slippery, tight asshole.

"Unnnmmmmm!" Donna groaned, feeling the big, hard, hot prick split her open where she'd never had a cock before. "It... it hurts meeee!"

Lennie grabbed a handful of his mother's long, flaxen hair and pulled her protesting mouth down onto his prick. The shiny cockknob cut off the tortured woman's moaning as it pierced her full lips and fucked into the hot recesses of her.

Donna groaned around her son's steely cock. Byron was fucking the rest of his prick up into her greasy ass. Donna felt his prick fuck into her ass until the thick cockhead was deep in her ass guts and the boy's man-sized balls were resting against her cunt slit.

"Ohhhhh, man! Is she ever tight back there!" Byron sighed in ecstasy as his prick filled Donna's snug, squishy asshole.

"Tighter than her cunt?" Lennie asked with a moan caused by Donna's tongue against his cockhead.

"A lot," Byron hissed happily. "A fuckin' lot. You gotta try her ass next, man. You won't fuckin' believe how good it."

Donna gurgled around her son's cock. She knew how good it was! She loved the feel of the hot, thick cock pulsing and throbbing deep inside her asshole.

"Do you like it, baby?" Byron asked as he eased his prick back out of Donna's clasping ass, only to fuck in to the hilt once again. "Do you like having your sweet ass fucked by my big cock?"

The teenager's thick fucker squished in and out rapidly, and Donna let out a long, throaty growl of enjoyment. There was no doubt in either of the teenage boys' minds that Donna loved having her ass fucked.

"Look at her!" Lennie groaned. "Look at my beautiful, sexy mom take that cock up her backside! Just like in the movie! Look at her suck my fuckin' cock while she takes your cock up heir hot asshole!"

All three of them were mewling and moaning and throwing their bodies together fiercely by now. Donna couldn't get enough of the wonderful cock fucking in her tight ass, or of the hard, slick prickmeat fucking her hot mouth. She groaned and sucked and thrust her pretty ass back to receive more cock.

"Oh, Donna, get ready!" Byron suddenly gasped, his prick fucking all the way in the woman's quivering ass. "I'm gonna cream you! I can't hold back. It's cumming. Here comes my hot jizz."

Donna felt a volcano erupt deep in her ass guts. The boy's hot jism combined with her own fiery pussy contractions to unleash a cum inside her that threatened to rip her apart.

"Unngggghhhh!" Donna wailed around the tower of stiff meat that was fucking into her throat.

The incredible vibrations of the woman's cum-moans against Lennie's sensitive cock were too much for the boy to stand. He grabbed both of his mother's tits and squeezed hard as the first jet of cum ripped out of his cock and spattered at the back of her throat.

"Oh, Mom, swallow it!" Lennie screamed, his trim ass arching helplessly up off the car seat as he came into his mother's mouth. "Suck it all out of me and swallow it!"

Donna gurgled and gulped down the first load of swirling boy-jizz. She sucked crazily at the spurting cockshaft, wanting more and more of his cum in her belly. She wanted to drown in the heavy, rich jism, to feel it flooding her belly just like the boiling outpouring from Byron's balls was flooding her tiny ass channel.

"Unnnghh! Baby, oh, Donna baby!" Byron cried mindlessly, still fucking his cum-gushing cock in Donna's greasy shitter. "Your asshole's sucking it, just like your mouth! Your asshole's suckin' the cum right out of my nuts!"

Donna whimpered and gulped down another mouthful of her son's salty jizz. She knew Byron wasn't exaggerating. She could feel her climaxing asshole sucking at the boy's pistoning cock, drawing the seething cum out of his tender prickshaft.

"Ohhh, cream her, Byron!" Lennie was burbling in ecstasy. "Shoot your shit right up her ass! You should feel the way she's lickin' my cock! You should hear her gulp my cum down!"

Byron sighed and pulled his prick out of the blonde's jism-filled ass. He nodded to Lennie.

"I know it, man. She's somethin' else, that's for sure."

Donna let bet son's deflating cock slip from her mouth as she cleaned the last of his sticky cum off. She was panting with excitement and with the effort of pleasing both horny teenagers at once.

Looking up at the screen, Donna saw the redheaded star of the movie was going her one better. She had a cock up her ass, a cock in her pussy, and she was sucking off a third man as the other two fucked both holes.

"Oh, my!" Donna gasped, immediately wondering what it might feel like to have two cocks in her at one time. "That looks... uh, interesting... doesn't it?"

Byron smiled at Lennie. "You get her ass this time. I get her pussy."

Lennie grinned. "You got it!"

Donna sighed and watched the movie more intently, noting how the slinky redhead was moving her body to please both men at once. She motioned to Byron.

"You get dressed and head up to the phone booth by the refreshment stand, darlin'," she instructed the boy, her eyes never leaving the lewd events on the screen. "Tell your folks I'm treatin' you all to a movie tonight, and that you're stayin' over with Lennie. I'm sure it'll be all right."

Byron patted Donna's sleek ass and reached for his shirt. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be all right, too," he smiled. "Real all right!"

Chapter SEVEN

"Oh, I swear to the Almighty!" Donna moaned. "How can you two even think about playing football this morning after being up so... uh... late last night?"

The two teenagers had scrambled out of bed on either side of Donna. They had slept in her bed last night after returning from the drive-in at two-thirty in the morning.

"Big game, Mom," Lennie laughed, tucking in his shirt. "We've still got a chance to go on to the Tri-City Finals if we win today!"

Byron was buckling his belt. "Yeah, I missed half our games this season because of my job, but I'm gonna play in this one. You can bet your boots on that, Donna!"

Lennie halted by the door. He looked back at his beautiful mother, worry on his face.

"You sure you're gonna be okay, Mom?" the boy asked. "I mean, we can stay here if you think Paul Long's liable to come back today."

Donna shook her head, smiling. She felt too good after the wonderful fucking she and the boys had shared the night before to give a damn about Paul Long. It was a bright, clear winter Sunday in her peaceful suburban neighborhood. Too nice for anything to possibly go wrong. Donna felt content and at ease with herself for the first time in a week. The boys had made life perfect for her!

"No, my darlings," Donna smiled. "I'm just gonna relax here this morning. I'll just lock the door after you and I won't open it until you all get back."

Donna stretched and reached for her robe.

She smiled at the enthusiastic looks she got from the boys as she got out of bed and folded the heavy material over her spectacular nudity. It made her feel vibrant and slightly horny all over again, knowing how much the boys wanted her lush body.

"See you later," Donna called after them as she shut the door and latched the bolt.

Smiling to herself, Donna went back down the hall to the bedroom and into the master bath. She started the shower and stepped out of her robe.

Donna remembered, as she lathered the dried boy-cum from her cunt lips and asshole, how good it had felt to have both of her studs fucking her at once! She shivered with delight as she recalled how Lennie had fucked his slender cock into her asshole. The tiny passage had been so tight and slick that Lennie had moaned with pure delight at the snug fit.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck me, Lennie darling!" Donna crooned aloud, recalling how wonderful the boy's hard prick had felt fucking in and out of her tight shitter. "Fuck Mom's hot asshole!"

And Byron had fucked Donna's pussy at the same time. The aroused widow could still feel the penetration as the thick cock fucked into her wet pussy lips, Lennie's hard prick still shoved deep in her ass!

"Ummmmm! Both of your sweet pricks at once!" Donna cooed, soaping her pussy wildly as she recalled each thrilling fuck-stroke.

The two boys had fucked and fucked, able to stay hard for what had seemed like forever! Donna's knees shook in the shower as she thought of the hot, ceaseless fucking the boys had given her the night before. She had cum twice, three times, a shuddering, squealing fourth time that had all but blacked her out as the boys pawed at her furiously and fucked their jizz-spurting pricks in and out of her slippery cunt and ass!

"Oh, omigod!" Donna sighed, her whole body alive with the memory of the exquisite thrills the boys' exploding cocks had created within her lush body.

And afterward, at home in bed, the boys had begged for a blow-job-and she had accommodated them.

The boys had taken, a leaf from the redheaded porno star's book when it had been time to cum. They had made Donna jack their jizz-jetting pricks off in her pretty face, the way they had seen it done in the movie earlier. Donna groaned and turned off the shower, remembering how good it had felt to have the two boys spattering her face with her slimy, hot spunk!

"God, I'm getting truly depraved!" Donna laughed as she stepped from the shower.

It was true, the statuesque blonde realized as she dried herself. She was getting to be completely debauched, a true libertine. But dear God, if her sensual, lust-driven behavior was so wrong... why did she suddenly feel happy, complete, satisfied for the first time in her whole life?

Donna threw, a robe on and padded down the hall. Her pussy was wet again, and not from the water splashed on it in her recent shower. Thinking about all of the delicious things she and the boys had done together was making Donna horny all over again! Her nipples were two tiny points of arousal in the front of her silky robe as she entered the kitchen. Maybe some food would calm her system.

The sound of a key turning in the lock froze Donna in mid-reach for a jar of jam. The lovely blonde straightened up and shut the refrigerator door, starting for the front room. The boys were home! Donna could feel the juice starting in her restless cunt again as she entered the hallway anxiously. She wondered what exotic, nasty things she and her lovers would try this time as the door opened.

"Lennie, darling, is that you?" Donna sighed. "Is Byron with you? Did you win your football game, my darlings?"

Byron and Lennie exploded through the open door, rolling to a stop against the far wall. Paul Long swaggered in after them, Lennie's house key still clutched in his big hand.

"Sorry these shits tripped, Mrs. Spaulding," Paul said to the suddenly ashen faced blonde. "They had a little trouble remembering who was boss in this neighborhood, so I helped 'em remember."

Donna looked at Lennie who had the beginnings of a nasty black eye. Byron's lip was split and he looked as if his face had been pummeled.

"I waited at your house till two in the morning," Paul said to Donna, his tone menacing. "You never showed."

Paul gestured to the boys. "So I found these two weasels this morning and persuaded them to tell me all about what happened last night -- after I talked 'em into leaving their football game a little early."

Byron shook his head groggily. "Didn't want to tell him, Donna. Swear to God! But he just kept beatin' the shit out of me and Lennie until... until."

The tortured boy's voice broke off into a sob. Byron looked down at the carpet where he lay, unable to meet Donna's eyes.

Donna turned to Paul, fury etched in her delicate features. "You bastard! You slimy, disgusting bastard! How could you?"

Paul grinned and went over to the boys. He grabbed each of them and yanked them to their feet.

"Easy, bitch! Watch this!" Paul growled to Donna as he shoved the boy's roughly out onto the hall.

Donna heard the boys' feeble attempts to get away, the loud slap of Paul's fists wreaking havoc on the two smaller boys, the sound of the door to the garage being thrown open. There was a crash as Paul shoved the two boys out into the garage, then a slam and the sound of the lock being turned.

"And you better not try and get in until me and blondie get done!" Paul yelled. "I got some hot fuckin' to do on that sweet cunt!"

Donna shut the door to her room and locked it as she heard Paul returning. She went to the phone, agonizing over whether or not to call the police.

"Hey, cunt!" Paul was pounding at the locked door. "Don't you ever learn anything?"

There was a splintering crack as the light wood door flew open under the assault of Paul's size-ten boot. The muscular, angry youth stalked across the room and yanked the phone from Donna's limp hand.

"You don't need this, bitch," Paul laughed, tearing the phone out of the jack in the wall. "I've got what you need right here."

Paul began to unzip his pants. Donna could see that his big prick was already half hard. He pulled off his shirt and threw jt in the corner.

"You don't need this robe, baby," Paul hissed, catching Donna easily in his big hands and peeling the robe from her struggling body.

"No!" Donna said hopelessly, knowing her half-hearted attempts to get away were useless. She still twisted in the boy's rough grasp.

"Stop it, cunt!" Paul growled, hitting Donna solidly across the face with the back of his hand. "You know you want my big prick more than you want those cocks you're always suckin'!"

Stars exploded in Donna's head as the boy's huge paw collided with her face. She felt herself being picked up, carried to the bed, dumped on the soft surface. Before the stunned widow could react, Paul was naked beside her, his thick fingers toying and tugging at her nipples. The tiny nubs began to grow beneath the boy's expert stimulation, much to Donna's disgust.

Paul bent and plopped a spongy nipple between his lips. His hot suction, the feel of his rough, hungry tongue gliding over the tender surface of Donna's sensitive tit brought a long, low moan from the woman.

"Ha, you like it!" Paul looked up triumphantly into Donna's cool blue eyes. "You ritzy-titsy, stuck-up bitches are all alike. You want suckin' and fuckin' as much as the sleaziest cunt on the street -- the sleazy cunts are just more honest about it, baby!"

Paul went back to Donna's big luscious tits. His hot sucking and tiny love-nips brought another flurry of moans and groans from Donna, much to her embarrassment.

Donna fought her own hungry urges as best she could, but she soon found that her boiling cunt was winning. It was no use. Paul's experienced tit-sucking was making Donna's huge tits come alive with burning need. The hot, slick oil was bubbling up out of her pussy lips.

Paul worked a finger into the slippery slabs of cunt meat and ground it deep into Donna's juicing fuck-hole. He cackled with delight as he sucked her throbbing tits when he found her pussy so wet and willing beneath his teasing finger.

"Your pussy knows what you want, sleazy bitch!" Paul looked up at the moaning woman once more. "That sweet honey-hole of yours knows it wants this, baby, even if you say you don't!"

Paul straightened up in bed, his pulsing cock standing proudly out. Donna eyed his ten-inch cock hungrily, remembering how hard it had made her cum the last time Paul had fucked her.

"Suck it, bitch!" Paul commanded arrogantly. "Get down here and show me how much you want my hot fuckin'!"

Donna hesitated. She hated the boy for his cruelty, his desire to see her crawl before him and worship his huge prick with her mouth.

But she slowly crawled down the bed just as he had ordered her. There was no point in resisting now, as excited as her juicy cunt was, as hard and hungry as her big tits felt! She did want the boy's big fucker rammed up into her again, that was the terrible, embarrassing truth that Donna had to live with.

"That's it, cunt," Paul whispered, excited to a frenzy at the sight of the beautiful older woman obeying his every whim. "Lick my cock. Lick it till it shines with your hot spit. Lick it until it's so slippery it just glides right into your tight pussy!"

Donna groaned helplessly, feeling her cunt tighten as she lapped at the boy's hot, velvety cockhead and heard him talk about her wet, slippery pussy.

The stunning widow was aroused in spite of herself. She began licking Paul's towering prick insatiably.

"That's it, you hot cunt!" Paul panted. "Suck it! Suck my big prick before I fuck your brains out with it!"

Donna obliged willingly, all pretense gone now, burned away by the heat building within her wet cunt. The stunning blonde slurped and lapped at the fiery cockshaft. She tongued out a big wad of hot spit and spread it lovingly from the head of the huge prick down the sides until the whole throbbing cockshaft gleamed.

Paul sighed at the feathery brushes of Donna's liquid tongue against his sensitive cock. The prick-hungry blonde ovaled her lips and pushed them down over the boy's big helmet-like prickhead.

"Ohhh, baby! Suck me!" Paul groaned. "You suck my cock so good, you sweet bitch!"

Donna gurgled happily and moved her lips downward, lost in the delicious sensation of gobbling hard, hot teenaged cock. Donna pushed her lips downward until nearly all of the enormous cock was between them. The thick cocktip poked into her throat and the curly hairs at the lip-stretching base tickled her nose.

"Ohhhh, baby, take it all!" Paul groaned, out of his mind with lust at the sight of the sensational blonde forcing most of his rigid prick into her willing lips. "Suck me hard! Get every inch of it in that long, pretty neck of yours, blondie! Eat my big prick!"

Donna felt the out of control teenager's hands on the back of her head, pushing her downward still farther. She didn't panic. She opened her throat and kept from gagging. In seconds, Donna's beautiful face was gliding up and down the thick cock, sucking it all in with every insistent lunge.

"Suck it! Suck that big cock!" Paul chanted softly under his breath, forcing Donna's mouth onto his prick again and again. "Unnnggghhh, ohhhh, babeeee! Lick it, you pretty bitch!"

Donna worked her tongue faster around the thumping cockshaft. She could see the boy's balls tightening; feel his heart pounding faster and faster through the blood coursing in his engorged prick as she sucked it.

Donna was whimpering with desire as she mouthed his hot prick. Her pussy was pouring out waves of clear, slippery cunt juice. Her stiff clit cried out for release.

At the last moment, Paul sensed her frenzied lust. He pushed Donna roughly away and turned her long, lush body around as easily as he might have hefted a rag doll.

"Suck me off, cunt," the boy told her gruffly. "While I eat your pussy juice! Give me lots of that sweet stuff, baby! I love a good, hot mouthful of cunt cream from a pretty bitch like you... especially when she's gulpin' down my fizz!"

Donna didn't have time to answer. She didn't even have time to think.

Paul's mouth was on her wet pussy, sucking out the searing cunt cream, lapping hungrily at Donna's tender clit. The surprised blonde moaned and found Paul's long, thick cock fucking into her mouth. She sucked at the slippery fuck-pole as Paul teased her clit unmercifully with his lively, experienced tongue.

Donna felt her cum-need boiling up like an overflowing caldron. She sucked hard at Paul's fat cock as he rammed it in and out of her ovaled lips, her cunt beginning to clench spasmodically around his tongue.

"Ummmmpphhh!" Donna gurgled as the furious orgasm clasped through her contracting pussy.

Paul let out a matching, passionate rumble of joy as his big balls jerked and the first wad of fiery cock cream filled the moaning widow's throat. The boy fucked his cock frantically into Donna's nursing lips, emptying huge jets of thick jism into her mouth with each frenzied cock-thrust.

Donna had never had such a flood of jizz in her life, not even when Lennie and Byron had both jacked off in her face at the same time! The heady-tasting, slippery cum filled her mouth again and again, and she gulped it down hungrily, lost in the spasming goodness of her own climax.

The aroused blonde kept licking and sucking at Paul's long prick until she could tease not another drop of the delicious jizz from its spongy head. Donna licked and licked at the smooth, hard surface, surprised at the boy's ability to stay hard as a rock even after he had stepped blasting the heated cum into Donna's mouth.

Paul stopped licking Donna's clit, realizing that her turn was slowly dying away. He raised his juice-slick face from her pussy and grinned.

"You loved that, didn't you, you stuck-up blonde cunt?" He gloated to Donna. "You really liked blowing my big prick and swallowing my jizz, didn't you?"

Donna didn't answer. She kept on sucking gently at the arrogant, dangerous teenager's engorged prick, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of telling him how hard he had made her cum.

Paul laughed. "Still too good to admit you love it, huh? Well, I know how to make a nose-in-the-air bitch like you beg for it!"

The boy pulled his fat cock from Donna's sucking lips and grabbed her roughly once more. He got up onto his knees and flipped Donna around so that she was kneeling on all fours.

"It'd be a real crime to waste a cock as big and stiff as this one... and a pussy as wet and slippery as this," Paul told Donna gruffly as he steadied her hips and pushed his hard cockhead against her slick cunt lips. "Now wouldn't it, you hot blonde bitch?"

The huge pricktip split Donna's elastic pussy mouth with well-greased ease. She moaned as the thick cockhead filled her small cunt sheath, followed by inches and inches of hard, hot prickmeat.

"Tell me how you love it, baby!" Paul demanded, rubbing his pussy-stretching cock teasingly against Donna's clit but not really giving her enough to satisfy. "Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, blondie! Tell me how good my big cock feels up in that tight cunt of yours!"

Donna mewled and wiggled her aroused cunt against the invading monster, but she refused to beg for it. Paul laughed and fucked his big prick into Donna all the way, mashing her erect clit nearly flat with his porn.

"Tell me!" he teased.

The lovely blonde moaned and bit her lip. The boy's prick was so big... so hot. So incredibly good up inside her yearning cunt! But she couldn't beg this disgusting bully for more degradation... could she?

Paul reached over to the night stand and grabbed ajar of cold cream. He threw the cap across the room and mushed a huge gob of the cold, slick cream up into Donna's tight ass pucker, his prick still buried all the way to the balls in her cunt.

Donna shivered uncontrollably as the boy began finger-fucking her ass and rotating his cock teasingly against her throbbing clit. He fucked his slippery finger faster and faster into the moaning woman's tight ass, feeling it loosen and heat up.

"Tell me, bitch!" Paul whispered urgently, stopping his hot fuck-strokes for a moment. "Tell me how much you want it, cunt!"

Donna bit her lip and whimpered. The boy had her so hot already. He wasn't even fucking her yet, really, and her wet cunt slit was boiling over with desire. Her asshole was sucking at his finger.

"Ohhhh, fuck me!" Donna blurted out at last. Paul laughed and pulled his huge cock abruptly out of the woman's cunt. Donna turned, her face contorted with disappointment and raw desire.

"What?" Donna moaned, desperate to feel his big cock fucking into her hungry cunt lips once more. "Why... why'd you pull it out of me?"

Paul pushed Donna flat on her stomach and grinned. "Oh, you're gonna get it, baby. Don't worry about that. But you're gonna get it my way!"

Bewildered, Donna started to push back up onto her hands and knees. She felt Paul's big hand holding her firmly, the head of his large prick nudging up against her cream-slick asshole.

Chapter EIGHT

"Noooooo!" Donna screamed, terror racing through her. "Not back there! Not a cock as big as yours!"

Paul laughed and fought to hold the suddenly struggling woman in place beneath him. He let more of his weight down on the terrified widow and pushed hard with his hips.

"Eeeeeeeeggghhhh!" Donna screamed at the top of her lungs as the head of his mighty prick forced her tight ass ring open wider than it had ever stretched before.

"Ohhh, honey, is your butt ever tight!" Paul sighed with delight as he fucked another three inches of his rigid prick into Donna's unbelievably snug ass channel.

Tears were streaming out of Donna's blue eyes. The luscious blonde balled her fists until her knuckles were white, and moaned, unable to do anything but take the obscene penetration of her sweet ass as best she could.

Paul shoved forward greedily, feeling the protesting woman's ass muscles begin to loosen slightly. The stiff muscles closed down tightly again as he pierced them, but only after the bunching bully had fucked nearly all of his ten-inch cock into Donna's cream-smeared asshole.

"Ugghhhh! Dear God! Oh, dear God, but it hurts!" Donna groaned in abject despair, the pain knifing deep into her ass guts unlike any pain she had ever endured before. She couldn't believe how good Lennie and Byron's smaller, shorter cocks had felt in her ass compared to the agony this throbbing monster was producing.

Paul leaned forward and put more weight on Donna's shoulders, squashing her big tits against the bed. He lay on her, fucking the rest of his prick into her ass.

"Nnnnghh! Ohhhh! Oh, please don't do this!" Donna gasped, feeling as though she couldn't take the pain a second longer.

Paul laughed and began fucking his cock in and out of the snug tunnel tentatively, seeing how he liked this novel new way of fucking. He laughed louder as his slow fuck-thrusts brought even louder wave of moans.

"Not so fast!" Donna screamed. "Dear Lord... please don't do it... fast! It's... it's not like fuckin' pussy! You gotta... you gotta go... slooow."

Paul was fucking her asshole roughly now, paying no heed at all to her begging attempts to slow his ever-increasing pace.

"Tight!" Paul grunted, ramming his prick home again and again in the lovely blonde's squishy ass. "Tight and hot and sweet, baby! You got a pretty ass! I love to fuck it! I love to fuck your pretty, tight ass! Shoulda fucked you this way last time, foxy bitch!"

Donna gurgled into the pillow, the boy's big balls slapping her cunt with a hard, steady rhythm as he fucked her asshole. The pain was so intense that it was starting to seem unreal, like an incredibly bad dream that she just couldn't wake up from.

"Oh, baby, I knew you'd like it!" Paul grunted excitedly into Donna's ear as he fucked her. "Those wimps in the garage told me you liked it this way, after I beat the crap out of 'em and got 'em talking. I knew you'd like my big prick up your beautiful ass!"

"I don't like it!" Donna cried. "I hate it!"

Paul laughed and fucked even harder. "Then why you ballin' me back, baby? Why you movin' your pretty butt so nice?"

Donna shuddered. She realized, as the boy said it, that she was undulating beneath him! She was rolling her ass back and forth to take each of his lusty cock-strokes.

"Ohhh, noooo!" Donna murmured aloud. "I can't be liking this awful fucking!"

She heard the boy chuckling on top of her. They both knew it was true. They could, both feel her tight ass fluttering and sucking at the huge prick as it rammed inside. They could both feel Donna's muscular contractions as she feverishly rolled her lush hips up and back to revel in the savage ass-fucking.

"You want it! You want my big prick!"

Paul repeated over and over as he rammed his thick cock in to Donna's slick asshole. "Admit it, cunt! Admit you want my hot prick!"

Donna felt the heat building in her asshole, spreading her pussy. It was a fierce, all consuming flame that threatened to tear her ass apart when she came, but she couldn't stop it now. She wouldn't have stopped it if she could. It was too intense... too burning... too fucking good.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Donna threw back her head and moaned. "It does feel good to have your big cock up my hot ass, you fucking animal! Fuck me hard, you bastard! Fuck my tight asshole!"

Paul gave a gurgling grunt and gripped Donna's shoulders harder, pressing himself down on the twisting, humping woman. Donna was bucking and moaning and babbling, her cunt pouring out lubricant. She ground her pulsing clit and gushing pussy against the sheets, and the steamy cunt juice soaked the bed.

"Fuck! Fuck meee!" Donna was screaming as loud as she could. "Fuck meeee! Eeeeeee!"

Donna's ass began to jerk crazily around Paul's fucking cock. Her ass squeezed the boy's prick so hard that he had trouble forcing his ready-to-explode prick into the clenching hole.

"I want you, you sweet bitch!" Paul growled, finding the strength to power his fiery prick past Donna's quivering muscles. "I wanta fuck your pretty ass till you can't stand it no more!"

Donna's scream rose to a squeal as she felt the huge prick grow even larder within her ass. He was getting ready to jizz her, the frantic, blonde knew instinctively! The burly boy was getting ready to drown her clasping asshole in rich, pearly cock cream!

"Blast me!" Donna wailed, out of her mind with the fury of the cum tearing through her ass and pussy. "Blast meeeee!"

Paul's throaty, masculine gurgle of pure pleasure joined Donna's screech of ecstasy as the first gobs of cum bathed her ass guts. The pair writhed and moaned together, Paul's cum filling Donna's ass channel to overflowing.

"Take it, you hot cunt! Take every drop up your tight ass!"

"And you take this, mother-fucker!" A boy's voice suddenly chimed in threatening. "Rape my mom's ass? You take this for your trouble!"

In a haze of cum-ecstasy, Donna looked up just in time to see her son swing the ball bat. The first swing hit Paul in his thrown-up arms, and the second smacked him squarely in his face, sending a spray of teeth and blood raining down over Donna's sweaty ass and back.

"No, no, Lennie! You'll kill him!" Donna managed to gasp.

Lennie swung the bat once more, hitting Paul solidly on the back of his swaying head. With a loud groan, the sagging bully fired a last wad of cum up into Donna's ass and rolled off her, his weight dragging his still-stiff cock out of the excited blonde's ass with an audible pop.

"Eeeeek!" Donna screamed as his huge prick left her asshole.

Lennie had the bat drawn back for another swing. Byron, shaken and still bleeding, stepped unsteadily into the room and took hold of the bat.

"Nah, man, your mom's right." Byron shook his head. "You'll kill him for sure."

Lennie, eyes blazing with hate, finally nodded and stepped back from his fallen victim.

He put the bat down slowly.

"And, uh, you don't think we'll have any problems about, uh..." Donna looked at Paul, who had been cleaned up and stitched but who continued to stare emptily out into space.

"No, I don't think so, not with what the boys said and the way the... er, tests came out, Mrs. Spaulding," the police sergeant said, somewhat embarrassed. "Not with Paul Long's record. He's been in and out of trouble since he was seven. Mostly in."

Donna shifted her weight uneasily, her ass still a little tender from Paul Long's fierce fucking and the doctor's poking around for sperm samples. She looked at the sergeant.

"What will happen to him?"

The cop shook his head and closed his report book. "A hospital for the criminally disturbed, that's my guess. After the hearing, they'll shove him in one of those places until his head straightens out enough to stand trial for assault and tape."

"Will the boys and I have to testify?"

Donna asked.

"No, your statements will be enough to get him committed right now," the sergeant said. "And I wouldn't give you a bent nickel for his chances of ever being normal enough to go to trial. That was some lick your boy gave him... not that I blame him one bit. Good riddance, I say! Good evening, ma'am."

Donna took a long time, soaking in the bath. She wanted the hot, soapy water to steam away her guilt, wash her clean and prepare her luscious body anew for the evening ahead of her.

Byron's parents had been very nice about letting him stay over with Lennie. They had quite understood how it might be better for Donna to have a second male in the house with her tonight, making her feel more secure, in view of what had happened to her today.

When the hot water had finally soaked the aches from Donna's pink flesh and left her tingling all over, the sumptuous blonde arose and dried herself. She caressed and patted her sensuous body from top to bottom, making sure it was dry and soft and just right for her lovers in the next room. She dried her long, golden hair and fanned it back over her shoulders.

"Man, it's about time!" Lennie said as the door finally opened. "We've been done with our showers for a half hour! We... oh, Mom, you... you're sure worth waiting for!"

Byron was sitting on the bed next to Lennie. He smiled painfully, his face still swollen from Paul Long's last beating.

"He's got that right, Donna!" Byron agreed enthusiastically, his eyes never leaving Donna's gently swaying tits. "I'd wait a month for just a peek at a body like yours!"

Donna came unashamedly over to the boys. She smiled down at them, loosening the robes they wore with both hands, her big tits jiggling furiously as she tugged at the robe ties.

"Well, my darlings," she whispered, the heat rising in her naked cunt once again as she stripped the boys, "you don't have to wait any longer. And you don't have to peek. You can touch and feel and do whatever you want to me... as often as you want!"

Lennie and Byron moved as if they were one person. The boys slipped out of their open robes and stood up, their cocks already bone-hard. They put their hands on the tall blonde's shoulders and pushed her gently to the carpet, on her knees before them.

"You want my mouth first," Donna whispered, not questioning, only stating their desires aloud.

The lovely blonde brought the boys in closer, so that they stood side by side in their nakedness. She caressed both stiff cocks, kissing one, then the other.

"I want them, my darlings!" Donna hissed hungrily, licking the tips of both the hard, throbbing pricks. "Oh, dear God I want to gobble them both up, they're so hot... so sweet!"

"Suck 'em, Mom!" Lennie said eagerly, the good feelings his mother was causing in his cock becoming just too good to endure. "Oh, God, I love it when I see you eating both of 'em!"

Donna was only too happy to do just what her horny son asked. She fitted her lush, ovaled lips around the head of his wet prick and took it slowly into her mouth, her tongue lapping and licking at the cockshaft.

"Ohhhhhhhh, oh, fuck, man! Can she ever suck a cock!" Lennie moaned, pride lighting up his face.

"I know, man, I fuckin' know!" Byron whispered, his eyes riveted on the thrilling spectacle of Donna sucking her own son's hot prick all the way into her nursing lips. "Do mine too, Donna! Come on, give me a suck too!"

Donna eased Lennie's cock out slowly, her tongue still driving the boy wild as she sucked hungrily on his sensitive prick. She kissed his throbbing prickhead as it popped free of her wet lips.

Instantly, the horny blonde's head turned and Byron's cock disappeared between her moist red lips. The taller youth moaned loudly as Donna ate his cock expertly.

"Jee... Jeeeezus!" Byron groaned. "Oh, that's it, Donna! Taste it! Baste my prick with your hot spit, baby!"

Donna giggled at the boy's knee-shaking appreciation of her cock-sucking talents. She laved his prick repeatedly with her slippery, hot spit, swirling her tongue again and again around the pulsing fuck-stick.

"Fuck! You gotta try this, Lennie!" Byron, gasped to his friend. "You gotta get her to wash her hot spit all over your prick while she sucks it. Jeez, is it ever juicy and hot!"

Donna hadn't swallowed in a long time. The pool of saliva that was delighting Byron was getting deep, stirred up by Donna's laying tongue and the presence of the boy's gliding cock.

Not swallowing a drop, Donna let Byron's large cock ease out of her lips. The boy's prick was dripping with her thick, glistening spit.

She turned her attention quickly back to her own son. Donna plunged Lennie's hard cock into her hot bath of spit. The boy moaned and quivered uncontrollably as she lapped the fiery fluid over his sensitive prick.

"Jeez... God, oh, my fuckin' God!" Lennie whined. "So hot! So wet and hot on my cock!"

Donna continued her steamy licking, her blue eyes pleading with Lennie to make it even hotter. She wanted his fiery cum to jet into her reservoir of saliva.

"She wants us to jizz her!" Byron gasped, his hand flying up and down his wet, slippery prick as he watched the lewd spectacle. "Man, she wants us to blow our nuts in her mouth... both of us. Don't you, Donna baby?"

Donna nodded, her mouth too full of cock and spit to do anything but burble. Lennie pulled his prick out of his mother's mouth and let Byron tam his prick in for a few strokes.

The boys took turns fucking their aroused cocks into Donna's overflowing mouth. They jerked and pumped their slickened cocks as each waited for his turn, each boy getting hotter and closer to shooting his cum-load with every plunge into Donna's sucking lips.

Donna was near cumming, herself, though neither boy had so much as touched her aroused body as yet. The thrill of sucking and basting the boys' hard pricks to a fiery discharge in her hungry mouth was enough to send Donna quivering to the brink of a cunt rippling release.

Byron's prick was fucked into Donna's mouth once more. She sloshed hot spit wildly across the engorged cocktip and slowly cased the rest of the slippery cockshaft down into her throat.

"Donna! I... ohhhhhh! Oh, fuck, it's here!" Byron suddenly gasped, unable to hold back another second.

The thick jet of cum gushed into the reservoir in Donna's mouth, followed quickly by another, then another. Lennie screamed, his own prick jerking abruptly beyond the limit of his endurance as he jacked off.

Instinctively, Lennie pressed forward, seeking the white-hot immersion of his mother's full mouth. His thin, boyish cock jabbed into the corner of Donna's mouth just as the first blast of cum spattered from its tip.

Byron groaned as he felt Lennie's cock nudge in next to his own pumping prick. Donna's mouth stretched to its fullest to accommodate both of the boys' jerking, cum spewing cocks, her throat working constantly in an attempt to gulp down their dual outpouring of jism.

The kneeling blonde's pussy began to tremor the moment the first mouthful of cum hit her stomach. Donna sucked and swallowed and made lusty noises of contentment as the fiery cum spilled into her mouth and she closed it noisily down.

"Suck it, you pretty bitch!" Byron croaked, on his toes with excitement, his huge load of cock cream bubbling down into Donna's tummy. "Swallow it all, you hot, sweet cunt!"

"Yeah, Mom, yeah!" Lennie moaned, his own cum exploding out onto his mother's nursing mouth endlessly. "He... he's right! You... you're a hot, sweet cunt! Ohhhhh, drink it, Mom! Drink our sticky cum!"

Donna couldn't get enough of the pungent, slippery cock cream. She did as the boys asked gladly, her own orgasm rolling on as she tongued their jizz-spurting pricks and greedily sucked down every oozing dribble of their cum.

"Ummmmmmmmm!" Donna moaned around the boys' deflating cocks, their cum still gently dribbling into her mouth.

"Oh, man, did she ever make me blow off hard!" Byron sighed at last, pulling his completely drained prick from Donna's cum smeared lips.

"Me too," Lennie agreed, a look of pure satisfaction on his face as his mother cleaned the last of his jism off with her loving tongue tip.

Lennie looked down at his mother. "Are you hot, Mom? I mean, you sucked us so fine and all... but we didn't do nothin' for you."

Donna licked the slippery cock cream from her lips and the corners of her mouth and swallowed it, a pleased smile on her face. She looked up at Lennie.

"I, uh, really got off on doing that for you darlings," Donna told the boys, slowly getting to her feet. "But, uh, I don't know... it seems the more I get lately, the more I... uh, well..."

Donna took Byron's hand and placed it on one of her big, ripe tits. The nipple, which had been receding to its normal state, immediately began to swell to excited fullness once more.

Donna put Lennie's hand between her legs. The boy grinned as he felt the rich lather of her recent cum, the slippery essence of turned-on pussy.

"Shit, man, her cunt's hotter than a pistol!" Lennie shouted to Byron, his finger dipping up into the slick pussy lips, tickling Donna's semi-erect clit.

"Uhhhh!" Donna moaned, quivering from head to foot as her boy diddled her sensitive clit. "Ohhh, yessssss! Yes, I guess I am at that, darlin'!"

Byron and Lennie wasted no time in maneuvering Donna onto the bed. Lennie ended up near his mother's rapidly rising and falling tits, watching the big orbs shake as they moved up and down. Byron spread Donna's long, sleek legs open widely and lay between them, his mouth hovering just above her rapidly swelling clit.

"Suck those big tits of hers good, partner," Byron whispered to Lennie, his voice raspy. "I'm gonna lap this sweet pussy until your mom blasts off for points unknown."

Lennie nodded and sucked Donna's left nipple into his hot, needy lips. He delighted in the way his mother moaned and arched her shapely ass up off the bed as he ran his tongue across her tender clit.

"Ohhhh! Oh, God, yes!" Donna murmured, her mind ready starting to fog with bliss. "Suck me! Eat my hot pussy!"

Byron ran his tongue tip from the base of Donna's slick cunt gash to the very top, where the tiny red bulb of her clit was already peeking out of the puffy lips of her cunt. The smiling boy parted the juicy cunt slit with his tongue and lapped at the aroused nubbin of flesh a few times.

"Unnnngghhh! Oh, oh, that's it!" Donna whimpered.

Lennie changed tits as he felt the big globes shake beneath his lips. "I don't know what you're doin', but Mom sure likes it!" He grinned at Byron before licking and sucking at the other jutting nipple.

Byron grinned back and took another long, lazy swipe at Donna's throbbing clit. The lovely blonde groaned and thrust her spread open pussy up at him once more, his tongue knifing from her clit down into the molten caress of her slick cunt lips.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck me with your hot tongue!" Donna begged. "Lick my burning clit and fuck me with that wonderful tongue of yours, baby! Suck me! Suck my big tits. Lennie!"

Excited by his mother's lewd, hot urgings, Lennie nipped and licked at Donna's thick nipples with everything he had. He could see her sumptuous ass working up off the bed, rolling and undulating against Byron's slippery tongue.

"Oh my babies. My sweet, sucking babies!" Donna was moaning and tossing her long flaxen hair from side to side as the boys sucked at her sensitive flesh. "Mom's ready! Oh, oh, dear Lord, is Mom ever ready!"

Donna's ass was shaking as she threw it up to meet Byron's delving tongue. Her whole lush frame was shaking, shaking with the need to cum.

"Suck me!" Donna screamed as the first furious spasm took her. "Suck my tits! Suck my hot, hot clit! God, oh, God, it's so good! So fucking, fucking, fucking good!"

Waves of pussy oil boiled out onto Byron's lapping tongue as he caressed her pulsing clit again and again. Each touch of the magic tongue to the throbbing love button drew another blissful squeal of joy from Donna and another big gush of clear pussy juice from her climaxing cunt.

"Shit, man, look at her go!" Lennie exclaimed.

He sat back on his haunches and twisted both of Donna's enlarged nipples at once between his thumbs and forefingers, watching as she writhed and squirmed and moaned out her fierce cum on Byron's piercing tongue.

The dark-haired boy kept licking and sucking at Donna's overflowing pussy until she stopped her frantic jerking and moaning. He waited until he was sure her climax was ebbing before he pulled his face out from between her pretty legs.

"Jeez! Makin' her cum did somethin' to me!" Byron told Lennie.

The blonde-haired boy saw what his friend meant. Byron's prick was rock-hard, and ready once again. Lennie grinned and ran a hand over his own rigid prick.

"I know what you mean," Lennie told his friend with a wink. "Eatin' pussy makes you want a piece, doesn't it?"

Byron laughed and looked down at Donna. She smiled up at her two lovers.

"Do it to me, my darlings," she told them. "It's hot. All hot and juicy and ready for you. Fuck Mom all you want to, my sweet boys."

Lennie helped Byron turn Donna onto her stomach. They got her into an all-fours position and Lennie moved quickly into place behind her. Donna moaned as her son's long, thin prick opened her wet cunt slit and fucked all the way inside her pussy in one quick, thrilling lunge.

"It's good and slippery, Mom," Lennie whispered from behind Donna. "Just relax and take me all the way up in your sweet ass now. Okay?"

Donna felt her boy's prick pull out of her cunt, then nudge against her brown ass pucker. She groaned softly as he fucked in, the strong, tight ass ring slowly opening for his greasy, hot prick.

"Ohhhh, my hot ass!" Donna sighed. "Oh, baby, be gentle with Mom's hot ass!"

Lennie grunted and began fucking slowly. Donna cooed into the pillow, enjoying the hot, pleasing friction building in her ass.

"Now you," Lennie grunted aloud.

The lithe teen pulled up on his mother's round ass as he fucked it. Donna came up higher on her hands and knees, allowing room for Byron to scoot under her. She felt his hard prick bump against her tits and belly as he eased it into place and stopped just beneath her dripping cunt slit.

"Ohhhhhhhh! My sweet babies!" Donna moaned as she let her pussy slide down onto Byron's cock, Lennie's cock still fucking slowly in and out of her gripping asshole. "So much cock! So much hot, sweet cock for Mom!"

Donna closed her eyes in utter bliss. She didn't know if it was right or wrong anymore. All she knew was that her babies were fucking her!

This was the way it was going to be from now on, Donna knew, a fierce unholy joy streaming through her. She didn't care if it was right, wrong or what -- she just knew that this was the way she wanted it. This was the way she had to have it, now that she had experienced it! Hot teens. With hard, never-empty cocks! Hot cocks for Donna!

"Fuck me, my darlings!" Donna screamed as a fiery orgasm began to ripple through her body. "Fuck Mom!"


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