The horny newlywed

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE HORNY NEWLYWED -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Chapter ONE

Isabelle pulled Mark's cock out of her mouth and looked up at his smiling face, the jets of shower water spraying down on them, the steam rising about their already hot bodies.

She smiled. "Mmm, this is super," she said. "You're so much like Matthew, but so different. Your cock is so much longer, so much harder. It's a real treat to suck on such a gorgeous cock. I really love it."

She returned her mouth to his throbbing cock and pulled it back in. She hummed appreciatively as she took more and more of the engorged length into her hungry mouth. She was glad for the opportunity to provide this service for him. She had begun to think the entire week might pass by without a chance to be alone with her new brother-in-law.

She reached between his legs and grabbed his large swollen balls. She massaged them very carefully, rolling them around in her hand, gently squeezing them, scratching the wrinkled leathery sac, wrapping her thumb and two fingers around the banging skin and pulling down, making the sac look even bigger even longer than it already was. She continued to hum as she toyed with his massive balls and sucked on his hot, thick cock.

Mark leaned back against the wall of the shower and ran his hands over Isabelle's lovely wet blonde hair. He never dreamed his brother's new young wife would be so hot, so eager to wrap her mouth around his long-neglected cock as this.

His own wife had never satisfied him this way. She was too... too proper to suck on a preacherman's cock. Or at least, she gave the impression she was. But Mark couldn't help but wonder if, now that she'd left him and run off with another man, she sucked on his cock.

He also wondered what would happen if Matthew ever found out. This was a gamble, he knew. It was a high risk. But she was doing such a grand job sucking his cock he couldn't bother with thinking about the consequences.

Her mouth had such powerful suction. Her lips were so tight wrapped around his swollen cockshaft. Her throat was so nice and hot and deep.

He couldn't remember the last time he had had his cock sucked. He could barely recall the last time he had sex of any sort. It had to have been months before his wife left him. And that was years ago.

The break-up had been so traumatic he couldn't face the pain and agony of getting involved in another relationship. And there was the embarrassment of his wife running off with the choir director, a man five years younger than she was. He found it hard to face his congregation after that, for, as it turned out, he was the last one to know.

But this was terrific. A long, low hum of deep appreciation welled up from his throat as he gently forced more of his long cock into Isabelle's hungry mouth. He squeezed her beautiful blonde head as he watched his aching cock disappear repeatedly into her face.

"Oh, Belle, that's terrific. You don't know how happy you're making me. That's absolutely wonderful. You're satisfying my deepest desires. Oh, yes. Suck harder now, faster. But we mustn't be caught. We can't have Matthew finding out. Oh, yes, dear. I... I... I'm going to shoot pretty soon. I hope you don't mind. I hope you can take it. I feel like I'm going to fill your pretty mouth with a gallon of cum, it's been so long since I've had my cock sucked. You're so good to me. So so wonderful. Oh, yes that's it! Faster now! Stroke my cock faster with your hand and my cum is all yours. Oh, yes. Mmmmmm!"

He rolled his head back against the shower wall, his eyes closed in extreme ecstasy. He could feel himself getting higher and higher from the terrific blowjob his sister-in-law was giving him. He could feel his balls pull up in his crotch. He could feel his fuck glands scream out for release.

The fact that they might be discovered any minute added to his sexual thrills. When his brother wrote to him and announced he was finally getting married after all these years, Mark never suspected his new sister-in-law would be so young, so gorgeous -- and so hot. And if Matthew ever found out, he would be facing the same desperate feelings Mark had felt when he learned of his own wife's wicked ways. And if his congregation ever found out, it would be a disaster he would never be able to face.

Isabelle squeezed her hand tighter around the base of Mark's cock, the part she wasn't already sucking deep into her mouth, deep down her hot tight throat. She too, felt the urgency of the situation. She wanted this gorgeous young stud's jism shooting down her throat and she wanted it now.

She moaned with sheer delight from the experience. It had been so long since she had had a cock as wonderful as this to suck on. That was one thing -- one of many things -- Matthew wouldn't let her do for him.

She had fallen madly in love with him the first time she saw him. He was so tall and so good looking. And he turned out to be a terrific person -- so kind, and gentle and understanding.

There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for her. Except go wild in the bedroom. He was too straight. She told herself she should have expected that. In the interests of living up to the high standards of his profession, he had told her he didn't believe in engaging in premarital intercourse.

But Isabelle was so in love with him, she told herself it didn't matter. There were so many other things about him that mattered much more than sex. And once they were married she found he was still not willing to go all out to satisfy her.

Oh, they had consummated their marriage, but he believed in making love only once a week, on Saturday evening, after he was done writing his sermon for the next day, and so he would have a good night's sleep.

That once a week turned out to be not enough for Isabelle. She was young yet, about twelve years younger than Matthew, who was already showing signs of salt and pepper around the temples of his dark brown hair.

Every Saturday night it was the same. Just one quick fuck and that was it. He wouldn't hear of anything else. He wouldn't ravage her; most often he wouldn't even satisfy her.

And he certainly wouldn't have her ravaging his body. That was completely out of the question. He wouldn't engage in anything but straight, missionary position sex. And when it was over, he'd say, "Thank the Lord," roll over and go to sleep.

Six months of that was more than enough not only to inflame the passions deep down inside his hot young wife's lusty belly, but it was enough to frustrate her, enough to cause her eye to start wandering, enough to cause her to start thinking about other men, other positions, the size and shape of other cocks, the taste of male fuck juice she had grown to love over the years prior to meeting Matthew. And she longed for the delightful feel of a hot wet tongue working over her cunt and clit.

Now it was the holidays, and they had decided to open up their house for a week to their new in-laws whom they hadn't met. And Isabelle was discovering she was enjoying herself for the first time in months.

Matthew's younger brother, Mark, was the first to arrive -- alone, shame-faced, and longing for warm companionship and understanding. Soon their younger sister, Ruth, and her husband, Ted, would be there. And Isabelle's sister, Catherine, and her new husband, Vince, whom she hadn't met yet, would fly in from the coast.

The house would be a bustle of activity. But Isabelle didn't mind. That's what the holidays were for.

Besides, their large three-stow parsonage had been virtually empty, begging for the sounds of laughter and conversation and singing -- and wild, unbridled sex. And she welcomed the opportunity to be a gracious hostess, to make Matthew proud of the way she ran a household, and to entertain so many people.

When Mark flexed his thigh muscles and his body stiffened, his hips thrust forward in short quick stabs, and she knew he was ready to blast. She hummed eagerly, welcoming, anxious to have his tasty male wed shoot in her mouth and down to her stomach.

She increased her pumping motions with her hand, but also increased her suction on his long cock. Her head bobbed up and down more furiously as he drew closer and closer to filling her mouth with his cum. Then, when she felt his cock pulsate and swell all the more to fill up her mouth as much as possible, she knew she had it.

"Oh, yes. This is it, Belle," Mark called out over the splashing sounds of the running water. "Oh, good Lord, yes. I'm coming! I can't help myself! I'm coming in your mouth. Oh oh oh!"

His breathing was rapid and noisy. He bucked and humped and thrust even more of his hard cock into her sucking mouth. "Oh, yes. Unh! Take it all! Suck my cock as hard as you can! Suck my cum right up from my balls!"

She let go of his cock and shoved her face all the way forward; her nose crashing into his public bone, his dark wiry hairs tickling her nostrils. She breathed heavily and rapidly as she continued to hum and suck as hard and as fast on his cock as she could.

"Aah, yes! Aah aah aah! Your mouth feels so good on my aching cock. Ah yes, that's it. Suck it all! Suck up all my juice!"

His knees trembled as his balls huddled up in his crotch and the first of his mighty load shot up from his fuck glands, raced along his throbbing cock and out the cum hole in his swollen dark cockhead. Isabelle hummed with glee, bouncing around like a happy child as she greedily welcomed the first mighty blast of his jism into her mouth. It was instantly followed by another.

She sucked harder, trying to draw up all the fuck juice she could find. Blast after mighty blast of his hot thick cream erupted from the depths of his balls and shot into her tight throat.

Isabelle continued to suck harder, gripping his pulsing, erupting prickshaft with her lips as she continued to fondle his balls and lightly scratch the tender skin of his inner thigh. Her head was a blur of activity as it bobbed up and down his fucker. When he was about half through she pulled off slightly so all his load wouldn't blast right down her throat without offering her a chance to taste that salty funky jizz she missed so much, that she craved so much.

She brought her free hand up and milked the last blasts of his mighty load from his flagging cock into her hungry mouth. She squeezed and tugged his long softening prickshaft, to make sure she had all that was coming to her. She sucked harder, her cheeks making dimples, to drain every drop of his spunk.

Then she pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop, being very careful not to lose a drop of his precious male fuck cream. She swished his tasty essence around in her mouth humming and smiling delightedly, then swallowed once, twice, and -- after working up a last bit of saliva -- a third happy time.

Isabelle was radiant with joy. Her eyes were closed and she grinned with ultimate ecstasy. Here was that familiar flavor she had been craving for mouths. And it was wonderful.

She didn't know how she had managed to live so long without it. She told herself she would have to suck on Mark's cock as many times as she could over the next week, for once he left, and she was left alone again with her dear sweet husband, she wouldn't get another chance to taste that delicious flavor.

Mark reached down and grabbed Isabelle under the arms and lifted her to her feet. As he did so, he lowered himself to his knees.

Isabelle couldn't believe what was happening. Mark wasn't actually going to return the favor, was he?

She shuddered at the mere thought. That's something Matthew would never do for her. She could feel her pussy flowing already from the excitement, and when she felt the first tender flick of Mark's tongue over her quivering clit, she gasped and trembled.

Isabelle felt her legs go weak as she felt the next feathery flick of Mark's tongue on her tender passion point.

"Uh-hu-hu-hu!" A series of little quivering grunts escaped uncontrollably from her throat. "Uh-hu-hu-hu. Oooooh, Mark. Oh oh oh yesss."

She was already delirious. She could feel a low-level orgasm rippling throughout her system. She could feel herself get higher and higher.

She knew that at the end of this rapidly mounting series of little pops and tingles she would experience a fireworks display of grand magnitude. She laced her fingers through Mark's dark wiry hair. She wanted to look down and watch the show, for it had been so long, so long. But she was already out of control.

Her eyes fell closed as if by themselves. Her head crashed back against the shower wall. She was weak in the knees and didn't know how much more of this she could take. But she didn't want to stop. She couldn't stop. This was the best -- the only -- tongue action her clit had felt in over a year.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho, Mark! Omigod! Your mouth feels so good on my cunt. I can't believe it. It's been so long. I love Matthew very very much. But he's so... so straight. Your tongue feels so-o-o-o good on my pussy. I'm coming already, Mark, and you're taking me higher and higher. Oh, yesss. Don't stop now!"

Her legs shook faster and faster, and Isabelle suddenly felt very light-headed, as though she might faint. But she couldn't stop herself. She felt her head spinning, she felt the little shower stall swirling about her.

She saw images before her eyes as her orgasm mounted higher and higher. She saw Matthew's handsome face. She saw him smiling at her, taking her hand the first time. She saw their first kiss. She saw them exchanging vows. She saw their wedding night. She saw him fucking her far the first time. And she saw him going down on her.

But it wasn't Matthew. She saw him, but she knew it wasn't him. It was his younger brother, Mark. But she, could feel him. She could feel his hot little tongue ravishing her sensitive fuck switch. She was getting higher and higher, the room was spinning faster and faster.

Then she shrieked as her orgasm exploded, sending her swirling about the room, caught up in the same whirlpool. She felt her legs buckle and her crotch crash into the handsome face below her. She felt her cunt flood that face with a warm river of cum as a firm soft tongue plunged rapidly up inside her to lap up her juice.

As she collapsed, she felt hands clutching her waist, breaking her fall. She could relax now, for she could foci herself safe in those strong hands.

Her head flopped loosely around on her shoulders. Ripples of extreme joy wracked her body as she convulsed, practically smashing Mark's nose, nearly passing out in the throes of the grandest orgasm she had experienced in a long, long time.

Chapter TWO

Mark wrapped his mouth around Isabelle's swollen cunt lips, eagerly sucking up the torrent of fuck juice that was flooding from her pussy. He thrust his tongue in and out of her steamy drooling cunt, lapping up all the tasty female cum he could find.

For him too, it had been a long long time since he had gone down on someone. He wasn't as reserved as his brother Matthew, but since his wife had left him, he hadn't had the pleasure of eating pussy.

"Hmmmmmm, mmmmmm," he hummed repeatedly as his tongue darted around in and out of Isabelle's hot cunt. "Agh, gawd, but this is good!" He tried to speak between laps and flicks of his tongue, eager to get all the fuck juice she was issuing from her pussy. "Mmmmmm, oh yeah!"

Isabelle's mind continued to spin, and she thought she was going to pass out when she felt. Mark suck the last of her juice from her flooding cunt and pull himself to his feet. He pressed his wet lips against Isabelle's as she fought for air. He wrapped his arms around her back, clutching her lovely asscheeks in both his hands to help brace her up.

Isabelle twisted her mouth away from Mark's until she could breathe more easily. Then she swished wet strands of hair out of her face and kissed him furiously on his hot wet lips, darting her tongue into his mouth to taste her own delicious fuck juice. She felt her strength returning to her legs as the room stopped spinning and she lacked her knees to support herself. As she did so, she noticed that Mark's cock had sprung back to life and it stood long and rigid between their bodies, poking into her lower belly.

She grabbed the back of his head with one hand and mashed her lips all the tighter against his, grinding her body against his, feeling his rock-hard cock grind against her body. She reached down and snared his swollen pulsing fucker and squeezed it lovingly, feeling its hardness, its impressive length. It felt longer and stiffer than before, and it throbbed with excitement.

"Oh, God," she muttered, slowly pulling her mouth off his and kissing him randomly all over his face and neck, as he did the same to her. "God, oh God, oh God, Mark. I can't believe it! Your cock feels so good in my hand. I need you to fuck me with this gorgeous cock of yours. I need to feel your hard, stiff cock pumping in and out of my cunt. Please, Mark, please. Fuck me. Fuck me now!"

She was still delirious with excitement and could barely speak, could barely see as she tried to peer through eyes coated with shower water. With her free hands she pulled the shower curtains swiftly open and, still holding Mark by the cock, stepped hurriedly out of the tub. She sat on the floor, yanking Mark's huge throbbing cock, pulling him on top of her, between her legs.

She pressed her face against his again, planting wet kisses all over his mouth and neck. She pointed his cock in the right direction, and as soon as she felt the huge knob of his prickshaft press against her waiting open cuntslit, she yanked his ass and slid his cock home.

"Uhhh," she cried out as she felt his long hot cock drill nearly all the way to the back wall of her itching pussy. Again, she swooned and felt as though she were going to pass right out on him. But oh, she thought, what a way to go!

Mark wasn't slow to follow her lead. She had led him all the way in this, and he was too turned-on to slow down and stop now.

She was too beautiful, too young, too hot to be denied her sexual dues. Matthew was a fine man, he thoughts Mark respected him and looked up to him. But had had a duty here to keep his wife satisfied.

If Matthew wasn't going to fulfill that duty Mark thought to himself the responsibility automatically passed on to him. At least it would keep her off the streets. This would keep her from doing something dangerous and damaging to Matthew and his career. This would keep her from doing to Matthew what his own wife had done to him.

"Oooooh!" Mark grimaced and scrunched his eyes closed to concentrate all the more on the delightful feeling he was experiencing. He had almost forgotten how wand, how wet, how snug a nice piece of pussy can be. He told himself he was a fool for going without for so long.

But, he thought, his brother was an even bigger fool for having someone as hot, as luscious, as beautiful as Isabelle to fuck whenever he wanted -- and saving it only for Saturday nights! For one quick jump and then off to snooze land!

No sir, be told himself, he certainly wouldn't treat Isabelle that way if she were his wife. And since she was so frank, so direct in her approach, he looked forward to many more such gratuitous fucks during the following week that he'd be visiting. Oh yes, he thought, this was too good an opportunity to let slip though his fingers.

With one arm wrapped around his strong back and the other pressing his ass farther down toward her crotch, Isabelle began a slow rocking motion. They gyrated their hips and ground their crotches into each other. In slow steady circles, Isabelle wound her ass one way while Mark circled his the other, feeling his cockhead nose around deep inside her hot wet pussy, pressing against the tight silky pussy walls.

"Oh, yes, Mark, yes," Isabelle whispered in his ear. "Oh, good God, yes! This is so wonderful. Oh, yes, that's it. Oh, oh oh! I can't believe how wonderful your cock feels plunging all the way back in my hot cunt. This is heaven, you know that, preacherman? This is heaven, right here on earth!"

Mark slowed the gyrating motions of his ass and pulled his long hard cock halfway out Isabelle's dripping pussy. Then he sank it back in again. He repeated this several more times, pulling his stiff prick out a little farther each time, and sinking it in a little deeper each time until he had the entire length of his cock stuffed in her fuck hole.

He wanted to feel every inch, every fraction of an inch, of her beautiful tight cunt wrapped around his cock. He wanted to leave it buried in her warm cunt forever, but he knew that would be impossible. They couldn't stay glued together like this indefinitely.

Even though Matthew was gone, he was right next door at the church, taking care of business. He could call or walk over any time. And they didn't dare be caught doing what they were doing now.

"Mmm-mmm," he hummed as he slowly began to pick up his fuck pace. He didn't want to move too fast just yet though, for he was enjoying all too much the nice tight grip Isabelle's cunt had on his long-neglected cock.

Slowly, steadily he worked up his pace, easing his hard cock out of her dripping cunt, plunging back in mightily, forcefully. He knew he would be coming soon, all too soon, for it had been a long dry spell and this hot tight cunt would have him blasting his load before much longer.

Isabelle wrapped her arm around his strong back tighter and started yanking his ass faster to get him to plunge his hot stiff cock deeper and deeper into her itching pussy. She grunted and groaned with each one of his powerful but slow and steady thrusts into her. Then she began to rock her ass, slapping her pussy up against his crotch on his downward strokes.

Soon they had a medium tempo going and Isabelle felt herself getting dizzy again. She closed her eyes tightly to try to keep the room from spinning. She didn't want to pass out, not just now, for she didn't want to miss this. She didn't want to miss a single second or a single inch of this wonderful fuck her husband's brother was throwing her.

"Unh unh unh!" she grunted as she continued slapping her loins up against his. "Oh, oh Mark. This is so-o-o-o wonderful. You can't believe how wonderful this feels. Fuck me faster. I'm so fuckin' turned-on. You've got me climbing the walls. My head's spinning from this wonderful fuck you're throwing me. Faster now, Mark. Harder! I'm going to explode in a thousand pieces. I can feel my climax building up already, higher and higher. Oh, yes. That's it. Fuck me faster, Mark fuck me harder!" Mark wasn't too eager to oblige. He was enjoying this too much. Her cunt felt tighter and hotter than any he had ever felt. Even better than his ex-wife's. And she had a great cunt, but it was nothing compared to this wonderful tight grip Isabelle's pussy had. He felt as though he had a hot tight glove wrapped around his dock. And her cunt was so slick, so wet. His cock, as engorged and huge as it was, had no trouble sliding in and out of her hot slippery cunt.

He wanted to feel every inch of every stroke, and he wanted to remember it as long as he could. If he fucked her any faster he would blow his load all too soon, and he wanted this to last for as long as possible. It felt just too wonderful to have it be over too soon.

"Oh, God, Belle," he whispered low and coarsely. "God, this is wonderful. I love the feel of your pussy wrapped around my cock. It's so wonderful. You don't know what a great cunt you've got there. I'd love to fuck you all the time, Belle. I'd fuck your eyeballs out five times a day if you were mine. I could never get enough of this hot tight cunt of yours."

He slapped his groin into hers with increasing fervor as he felt his orgasm mounting up deep inside his balls. He was glad Isabelle had sucked his first load of cum from his fuck glands. That always meant it would take longer before he shot off the second time.

But Isabelle was so hot, that he knew he wouldn't have the control he used to have. Just listening to her wanton words, listening to her moan and grunt as she twisted her ass underneath him, added to his sense of heightened urgency.

Faster and faster, he began shoving his cock, into her drooling pussy. Harder and harder, he slapped his loins against hers. She wrapped her legs around his now to pull even harder, as if to pull more of his cock into her -- that part of it that was buried inside his body behind his balls. She tugged and yanked on him as though she wanted to pull all of him right inside her aching cunt.

"I'm going crazy," she called out in between delirious groans. "I can feel the top of my head coming right off. I'm coming already. Can you feel it, Mark? Can you feel it? My cunt is just overflowing with my hot fuck juice. That's it! Harder now. Fuck me harder! I'm coming more and more with each stroke. You're going to put me in orbit in another second. Oh, yes, Mark. Fuck me as hard as you can. Now! Now! Oh, yes, that's it. I'm coming!"

With that, she lifted her head off the carpeted bathroom floor and sank her teeth into Mark's shoulder. She bit him so hard he winced. Tears filled her eyes. Ripple after electric ripple of the grandest orgasm she had ever had drove her over the edge into absolute ultimate bliss.

Mark grunted and groaned as he felt his balls crash furiously against her crotch. Then they tightened up and he felt that familiar tingling that signaled his every orgasm.

"Oh, yes," he called out. "This is it. I'm with you all the way on this one. Here it is. Here it is! I'm coming all over the place!"

He fucked her so hard he feared he might give her rug burns on her back. Their bodies slapped noisily as they exploded together in a dynamic dual orgasm.

Again and again at record speed, Mark jackhammered his erupting cock into her flooding cunt as they poured out what seemed like the juice of a lifetime.

Isabelle felt herself coming uncorked again as the room spun faster and faster. She was no longer in the bathroom, lying on the floor with her husband's brother's cock pile driving into her much-neglected pussy. She was on a cloud somewhere. She was tingling with electric sparks all over her body.

Matthew's handsome face smiled at her as he laid her back on the bed for the first time, on their wedding night, and he slowly lowered himself on top of her. She grunted and slapped her hips up forcefully as she felt his sizzling cock sink into her cunt for the first time. She was dizzy with sexual joy as he pounded away at her hungry cunt. Tears of joy formed in the corners of her eyes.

Then she squinted up at his handsome tanned face, twisted and tightened in ecstasy as he pounded his cock into her all the harder, sending his hot rich cream as deep into her cunt as he could. He felt as though he were fucking to save his life, like he would never have another chance to fuck this wonderful beauty beneath him ever again. And he wanted to go out in style.

Again and again, he drove his cock into her at record speed as blast after mighty blast of his fuck juice filled her cunt, combined with the juice of her own dynamic orgasm and flowed out backwards over her swollen cunt lips.

As he felt his cock flag and the last of his thick lava flow up from the depths of his crotch, he suddenly felt weak all over his body, spent, exhausted but happy. He was happier than he had been in years.

Isabelle relaxed her grip. Her arms flopped lifelessly to the carpet. She felt him lower his massively heaving chest to hers, and together they lay until they had the strength to get up, rinse off, and return to the real world, acting as normally as they could, yearning for a repeat performance at the earliest possible chance.

Chapter THREE

The next afternoon, Matthew and Mark's younger sister, Ruth, and her husband, Ted arrived. Isabelle just about went nuts. She took in Ruth's gorgeous, sexy form with hungry eyes. She had never been attracted to a woman before, but this one certainly was getting her hot.

Her shapely long legs weren't the only highlights of her gorgeous body. Her tits were a little larger than Isabelle's. They were proud and perky, as was her ass. It stood firm and high. If Isabelle had an ass and a set of tits like that, she told herself, she would give her own to the annual church bazaar.

But Ruth wasn't the only thing that caught Isabelle's eye. When she got a look at Ted, she felt her panties grow instantly wet. Her heart started pumping blood so wildly to all parts of her body she was sure the others would hear.

Her throat went dry when she took in Ted's lean, sexy frame, his handsome dark features, and his bedazzling eyes. Those eyes suddenly spoke to her, and they said more than just hello!

Then her eyes fell to Ted's ass, and she gasped. It was a high button ass that any woman would have been proud to own. His lean frame tapered downward from broad shoulders and seemed to point directly to that high tail of his. From the back, she thought, he looked like an exclamation point.

They all visited for a while until Matthew announced he had better get back to work. While Ruth and Mark continued talking about old times, Ted said he would like to go for a little jog. Isabelle seized the opportunity to make her move.

"Well," she said to Mark and Ruth as she got up, "I have a few more seasonal things to get out of the attic, and dinner to prepare and you two obviously have a lot more catching up to do. So, if you'll excuse me, we'll all see each other at dinner."

She bustled up the stairs and instantly slowed her pace when she neared the room Ted and Ruth were sharing. She could hear him grunting and puffing inside, doing stretching exercises. She tapped lightly on his door.

He stopped huffing for a moment and opened the door, his dazzling eyes dancing with Isabelle's. He had changed into a pair of jogging shorts, a T-shirt and sweat socks.

She tried to keep her eyes from cruising this magnificent specimen of young manhood before her, yet yearned for him to divert his eyes so she could steal a peek.

"Uh, I was wondering..." A rumble of excitement churned in her stomach. A gnawing yearning seemed to call out from her throbbing pussy. "Could you help me get a few things down from the attic?"

"Sure," he said. "No problem." He bounced energetically on the balls of his feet. "Just let me get my shoes on."

"Oh, thank you."

When he bent over to tie his shoes, she thought she would flood the floor with her overflowing cunt juice. That magnificent ass of his was staring her right in the eyes, pressing against the thin shiny material of his jogging shorts. She even thought she could discern the outline of his balls high in his crotch.

"Don't mention it," Ted said, as he tied the other shoe. "Anything I can do to help, you just name it."

God, Isabelle thought, yes, there is something you can do to help. There's a lot you can do to help a horny young neglected wife who's so hot she wants to tear your clothes right off your body and fuck your eyes out here and now!

When he suddenly spun around to face her, her stare ended up on his crotch, a gorgeous full bulge staring back at her. She coughed and fumbled for words as her eyes met his. "Ah, right this way."

She led him down the hallway, wondering if he had read her intentions, wondering if she had read his. Little did she know that Ted all the while was just about choking on a dry tongue, trying to keep his hard-on from ripping through his shorts as he watched her terrific pert ass swing down the corridor in front of him.

They climbed the narrow stairway to the finished attic and she led him to the far corner set up as a guest bedroom. She pointed at a stack of boxes. "I'll need those in the living room."

Ted picked up a stack of small flat boxes and turned around. Isabelle noticed how the bulge in the front of his shorts had grown. She gasped and licked her lips with a dry tongue.

"Oh, here," she said extending her arms. "Let me take those. They're light."

She lowered one hand under the stack of boxes, and as she brought it up she let it brush against his raging hard-on. Her mouth twisted in a lewd smile at their eyes locked.

When he returned her lusty smile, she felt their bodies pulse in unison. She was sure they understood each other. There was no sense in pretending it was an accident, she told herself.

She lowered her hand back down to his crotch and clutched his burgeoning, throbbing cock.

"Seems as though you have a real problem here," she said, her voice dripping with sex.

He rotated his hips, thrusting more of his growing cock into her massaging hand. "What do you suggest we do about it?"

Her stare still locked with his, Isabelle lowered her other hand to his shorts and began tugging them floor ward. Ted carefully set the stack of boxes in a nearby chair and began tearing at her clothes as they mashed their mouths together.

In a flash she was sitting naked on the edge of the bed sucking Ted's huge cock into her mouth. She tugged his hand to pull him onto the bed.

But instead of climbing on in a way that allowed her to straddle his legs and finish her blowjob, he landed the other way, facing her feet, and buried his face in her drooling cunt muff.

Isabelle clasped his long rigid cock between the fiat of both hands as she slowly slurped her tongue around his huge fuck knob. She hummed softly as she licked off a bead of early precum and tasted the funky salty essence.

Ted greedily inserted his tongue as deeply as he could into her drooling pussy and wriggled it around a few times to let her know he meant business. Then, in an effort to have a good look see at what it was he was eating, he yanked his face back and stared at her beautiful blonde furred slick cunt. He spread her cunt lips wide with his thumbs so he could inspect and admire the entirety of the delight -- from the dark rose colored button of her winking asshole, to the glistening tight little fuck hole where his tongue had just been, and up her pussy lips to her quivering little clit peeking out from its protective hood.

That's where he headed first, snaring the long fleshy bullet between his lips and flicking the tip of his tongue gently over it. Instantly Isabelle flinched and rotated her ass upward, forcing more of her sloppy pussy tight up in his face. He buried his nose in her fuck hole as he twirled his tongue around her begging clit.

Isabelle, all this while, had been carefully licking up one side of his cockshaft and down the other. When she felt him examining her cunt, she paused long enough to inspect his marvelous cock. She lapped around his entire prickhead, down his long cockshaft and even around his meaty hairy balls.

But she was too turned-on for much of this adolescent foreplay. And she knew they had better not be away from the others too long. Besides, she craved his cock in her mouth, his cum shooting down her throat and, as a grand finale, his hard-again cock slicing away at her ravenous cunt.

She opened her lips and went right to work, sucking his swollen throbbing cock deep into her throat.

By this time Ted was nuzzling his nose around in her beautiful blonde bush -- but only for a few seconds. Excited by the scent of her steaming cunt, he immediately went to work thrusting his tongue as deep inside her as he could. Already she was wet with desire, her cunt walls nice and hot and tight, and slicked up with the early lubrication of her fuck fluids. He lapped and sucked away at her flooding pussy as she trembled and moaned with low animalistic sounds.

Isabelle didn't waste much effort in stroking or pumping that part of his cockshaft that wasn't in her mouth. She couldn't, for she had almost the whole thing sucked as far back as possible, taking his swollen knob and the first couple inches of his magnificent prick straight down her throat. She bobbed her head franticly, tightening her lips, sucking hard, causing dimples to form in her cheeks.

She fondled and toyed with his balls, admiring their large size. She wrapped her forefinger and thumb around the upper part of the sac and stroked and pulled, making his balls seem larger than they were. Scraping her nails over the dark hairy leathery skin, she saw his balls shift, scrunch up and rotate around.

Then she raked her nails over the sensitive flesh of his inner thigh -- strong and muscular and bulging with rock-hard firmness. As she continued to slurp up and down his flaming cock, she ran a finger further back along his buried cock stem, all the way to the end where it stopped just short of his asshole. There she gently poked her index finger against the spongy juice bag. Even here, she thought, where the sun doesn't shine, his skin has a beautiful, almost tanned look.

She bobbed her head up and down on his twitching, glistening, warm and rigid cock with increasing delight. She pulled off as far as she could every now and then, swirling her tongue around the flared rim of his cockhead, tasting more of his funky male precum on the flat of her tongue. Then she sank her face back down again until her chin was tickled by the massive jungle of near-black pubic hair that coated his lower belly.

Faster and faster he licked away at her drenched fuck hole. She had one of the tightest, tastiest cunts he had ever eaten. He started plunging his tongue deep into her pussy hole, feeling the contours, the soft folds of her inner flesh. Again and again, he stabbed her luscious juicy pussy with his cock-like tongue.

Then he started alternating between tongue fucking her tasty tight cunt hole and lapping greedily around her inflamed little bubble of tender flesh. He could tell by the way she writhed and moaned and gobbled on his cock that he was shooting thrills of super-charged delight through her. Every time he switched from feeding his tongue into her hot little cunthole to swishing around her tender clit. She convulsed and shook with increasing joy.

Then he wrapped his lips completely around her cunt lips and sucked her quivering passion point between his teeth. Very carefully, he nibbled on her clit, sending lightening bolts right up her spine to the base of her brain. Then he gently flicked his tongue over the tender fleshy bud, paused, flicked again.

Each time he flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit, she jerked spasmodically. And when be paused, she relaxed. But he kept it up -- flicking erratically and pausing, and every flick sent her higher and closer to blasting off.

It was all she could do to keep munching on his massive cock. Her nostrils flared wildly, taking in round after round of that rugged male essence of his balls that inflamed her passions still higher. If his cum tasted as great as his balls smelled, she thought, she wanted a mouthful of his jism, and she, wanted it now.

As she felt herself get higher and higher, closer and closer to having a mind-shattering orgasm with each of his sporadic tongue-flicks over her begging clit, she sucked harder and faster and lower on his steely cock. She pressed and massaged even more frantically at his juice bag buried at the root of his cock. Then she slid her finger farther back and pressed against the puckered door of his asshole. With her other hand she squeezed and fondled his hairy ass -- that magnificent rock-hard ass that filled her guts with the flames of overriding lust.

Each flick of his tongue over her ripe clit brought her that much closer to erupting. Inch by inch, flick by flick, she climbed the ladder to the point of no return. Faster and harder, she sucked on his pulsing cock, pulling his prick knob at the first several inches right into her hot tight throat.

Then she felt her whole body tighten up. But only for a few seconds. With the next flick of his tongue over her sensitive passion point, her leg muscles began to quiver.

Low rapid gurgling hums escaped from her throat as her whole body then began to twitch. Then she shrieked, as well as one can shriek with her mouth stuffed full of cock, and her whole body exploded in a wet and heated orgasm. Tingles and pops of pure pleasure ran rampant throughout her as she erupted.

She had to pull her mouth off Ted's cock for fear of biting it off in her ecstasy. But she clutched it tightly and pounded it for all she was worth as a virtual torrent of fuck juice spewed from her cunt and flowed over her ass cheeks like clear lava. She yelped and twisted and flopped her legs in an effort to get him to release her clit from between his teeth and go after that flood of pussy juice that was drenching the bedspread.

Ted got the message, and he was only too happy and too eager to comply. He went after his reward like a kid after candy. His tongue abandoned her clit for the delights issuing from her steamy cunt. He slurped away wildly, literally drinking up her fountain of fuck juice.

Just when her orgasm peaked and began to subside, she felt Ted buck his hips and tighten his ass muscles. She instantly sucked his flaming, pulsing cock back into her mouth and into her throat. She tried to work her mouth up and down his near-bursting cock, but his efforts were too much for her.

It was more like ho was fucking her face than she was sucking his cock. And she loved it! Her eyes widened in eager anticipation of the massive amounts of tasty spunk she was about to feel flooding her mouth, shooting down her throat, filling her belly.

Again and again, he thrust his hot cock into her tight throat. She, dug her nails frantically into the soft hairy flesh of his ass cheek. Then he flexed his ass muscles and they became as hard as granite as he fed his pulsating rigid cock into her face all the deeper.

Tiny yips of delight and encouragement got snagged in her cock-stuffed throat. When she saw his balls scrunch up in his crotch, she pressed her finger firmly against his asshole. She felt his cock root start to pulse, and then blast after blast of his love cream shot off like a cannon inside her mouth.

She tightened her throat muscles as well as she could, to simulate a hot tight cunt as his torpedoes kept firing away, sending his liquid bullets straight down her gullet. Then she pulled off so she could receive the remainder of his massive blasts in her mouth. She saved as much as she could, mixing it with her saliva before swallowing it.

His cock continued to fire salvo after salvo of his hot sticky cum into her mouth before it started to flag, then chuck up the last of his cream and go semi-soft. They sucked and licked each other till they had all the juice they could find, then pulled back, rested their head on the other's thigh, and gasped for air.

Chapter FOUR

Isabelle didn't waste too much time regaining her senses or her breathing. She lay with her head on Ted's thigh, gasping for air, her body shivering with electric desire.

His cock had felt so good in her mouth. His hot tongue had felt so good working her cunt to a glorious orgasm. His salty cum had tasted so wonderful in her mouth. But it wasn't enough.

Her eyes were closed tightly as her mouth worked open and closed. Little beads of sweat formed on her forehead. Her thighs were flexing and relaxing rapidly.

She rolled her head on Ted's leg. She still burned with desire, aching deep down inside her cunt where his tongue hadn't been able to reach. She needed his cock in there to put out the flames, to scratch where it itched.

She began toying with Ted's half-erect cock. She flipped it back and forth, tugging it, stretching the loose folds, of skin over his semi-soft prick. She looked at his cum hole winking at her, oozing little beads of precum mixed with the last of his fuck juices. She brought her head closer to his crotch and blew little puffs of air on the wrinkled skin of his cockshaft.

Ted's cock started responding. He dared his throat. "We'd better be getting back. Someone might start to suspect..."

"Oh God, Ted," she panted breaths. "I need this gorgeous hunk of cock inside my cunt. God what a magnificent cock! Ruth certainly is lucky to have a hot young stud like you around to fuck whenever she wants to. I can't wait any longer, Ted. I need it now. I'm on fire. My pussy is dripping already just at the thought of you sticking this beautiful cock in me."

Ted's cock was quickly responding to her sexy, frank words. She didn't beat around the bush, he told himself. She was direct and to the point. And the words sounded all the naughtier coming from his wife's sister-in-law, from the lips of a preacher's wife.

"I love the way you talk, Isabelle. You're getting to me, Isabelle. You're getting me so fuckin' turned-on, I'm going to be able to fuck your eyeballs out with the stiffest, hardest cock I've ever had in my life. Aah, yes. That's it. Just keep working over my cock with your fingers. Keep stroking it, keep pumping it. Oh yeah, that feels so-o-o good. You'll have me ready to stuff my cock inside your hot tight cunt in no time. Mmmmm!"

It didn't take much more coaxing for Isabelle to get Ted's cock stiff and long again. She lightly scratched her fingernails over the tender flesh of his inner thighs, up and around his huge hairy balls, over the sensitive area behind his balls. She pressed and massaged his fuck gland behind the root of his cock and even circled her fingertips around his puckered asshole. Soon she had his cock throbbing with excitement -- stiff and long and eager for a taste of her moist pussy.

Without further words, Isabelle pushed back on Ted's chest and turned around to straddle his loins. Grabbing his pulsing cock up off his flat hairy belly, she adjusted her position slightly and in another second, she had half his hard cock up her dripping pussy.

"Unh!" she moaned as her head snapped back and her eyes rolled up in her head. She began a slow grinding motion of her hips over his, feeling his huge cock twirl around inside her cunt. "Oh, yesss! Oh, God, that's the stuff. Oh yes yes yes! It's so wonderful! Mmmm-mmm. Oh, Ted, your cock feels so good inside my flaming cunt. Oh, God!" Her voice was low and raspy, barely audible. "This is so, so good. God, I love the feel of your cock deep inside my pussy. Fuck me now, Ted. Fuck me good. I'm already on the brink. I'm so fucking worked up. I can't take too much of this!"

Ted was rotating his ass around in the opposite direction, grinding his pubic bone against hers, his dark wiry pubes tangling with her fine blonde ones, the knob of his cock pressing against the tight inner walls of her wet cunt.

"Mmmmm," he said. "Oh yeah. Oh God, Isabelle. This is magnificent. You have such a tight cunt I can't believe it. It feels like my cock is in a hot wet vise!"

He reached up and pressed her full round tits up against her chest, rotated them, clutched them, felt the nipples growing hard and erect under his palms. Then he lifted his head and pulled one beautiful hard tit-cone in his mouth, worked it around, nibbling the nipple. Then he repeated the action on her other aching tit.

Isabelle began a pistoning motion up and down on his cock. She was so worked -- up she didn't need to start out at a nice slow speed. She began whipping her ass up and down on his thighs at a fairly good clip, pulling nearly all the way back, feeling the knob of his huge cock massaging her swollen outer cunt lips.

"Oh yes, Ted, yesss. That's it. Pinch my tits good. You're really getting me going now. Oh good Lord. I'm already there. I can feel my orgasm popping off already. I'm coming. You've got me so fuckin' horny, I'm coming already. Unh, unh, unh, oh yesssss!"

She shifted to high gear and Ted grabbed hold of her ass to help direct her movements, so she wouldn't pull back too far and disengage his cock from her cunt. He began a rapid-fire pumping into her pussy to match her every thrust. He pulled his mouth off her tits and looked down to their pelvic regions, to watch his long stiff dark engorged cock ramming in and out of her beautiful cunt.

She began to shriek with little yips of joy as her orgasm welled up and snapped off inside her. Her body became a writhing twisting fountain of pleasure as she bounced furiously on his cock. She shuddered and her whole body shook as she erupted, her juicy cunt flooding his cock and groin with a river of hot juice.

She was beyond words. All she could do was shriek, bounce, twist, tremble and whimper. Her head and her tits flapped wildly about as her orgasm raged like wildfire throughout her system.

Ted grunted and bucked as fast as he could now, sending his hot stiff cock up inside her flooding cunt as fast and as hard as he could. He could feel his cock thrusting deep inside her, his balls flapping up and down in his crotch.

He flattened the small of his back to the bed and thrust higher and higher into he erupting long and low and tell forward, panting and dripping with sweat, her face sideways, puffing warm air on his tanned cheek.

Ted squeezed and massaged Isabelle's lovely firm ass cheeks as he continued to rotate his hips around, thrust them up and down, his cock still buried deep in Isabelle's pussy.

Suddenly she brought a hand to her face, wiped her brow and lifted her head from his. She looked in his dark sparkling eyes, the fires of desire still burning deep inside them. She clenched her cunt muscles and felt his cock -- long and stiff and slick -- still planted deep in her hot cunt.

"My God!" she exclaimed. "Didn't you come?"

"I sure did. Same time you did."

"And you didn't go soft?"

"Not yet," he grinned mischievously, wantonly [missing text].

Isabelle considered the implications. "Why, my God. If you can do that all the time, Ruth's a luckier woman than I thought. That's super." She chuckled between gasps for air. "That's out of this world!"

Ted just smiled back at her, then clutched the back of her head, pulled her face toward his and kissed her fervently, their tongues soul dancing. He began to bounce his hips up and down off the bed, sending his long cock in and out of her dripping cunt. Soon he had a good rhythm worked up and Isabelle matched his movements stroke for stroke.

Letting go of the back of her head and her ass, Ted wrapped his arms tightly around her body, thrust his long cock deep inside her and held it there while he rocked back and forth, rolling her sideways, and ending up on top of her. He reached back, brought her legs up around his waist and began long slow deep fuck strokes into her flaming hungry cunt.

Isabelle's head flopped back and forth on the pillow. "Unh, oh God, Ted. This is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Oh, good Lord. I can feel your cock plunging all the way back to the rear wall of my cunt. Your cock feels so good fucking in and out of my aching cunt. Hmm-mmm. Oh yes! That's it! That's wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Uh uh uh uh!"

Ted rammed into her pussy harder and harder with every stroke. He paused now and then to grind around, gnash his pubic bone against hers, feel his swollen cockhead dig around deep, inside her moist pussy. Then he drew back again and rammed her all the harder, all the faster.

Soon he had a rapid tempo worked up. He gritted his teeth and tightened his muscles and jackhammered his stiff cock into her as fasts he could. His ass was a blur of activity as he pounded furiously away at her lovely blonde pussy.

Isabelle was writhing and moaning with increasing fervor as she felt another glorious orgasm welling up deep inside her. Tears flowed from the corners of her eyes and down her cheeks as she reveled in each one of Ted's magnificent fuck strokes into her.

She hadn't been fucked so grandly in months -- years, it seemed like. She was too young yet, too full of sexual energy to have this wonderful action denied her. She needed it, and she needed more of it.

She could barely find speech when her orgasm reached its peak and snapped off like a fireworks display throughout her system. She screamed so loudly Ted cupped a hand over her mouth so the others downstairs wouldn't hear. He rammed his cock into her dripping searing pussy faster and harder than he ever remembered, and she thrashed all over the bed in the throes of orgasm.

When she was spent, her legs flopped like wet wash cloths to the bed. She whimpered and panted with extreme joy. She lay motionless for a long minute, then opened her eyes and looked up into Ted's grinning face when he again began a slow jog-trot into her flaming cunt with his still-hard cock.

"My God, my God, my God!" Her wide misty eyes flickered in awe. "I don't believe this. I... I... can't... oh God, yes, yes, yes! Fuck me some more, Ted. You're driving me nuts!"

She wrapped her arms tightly about him and hugged him fiercely as he picked up the pace of his fuck strokes again. She planted wet sloppy kisses all over his handsome dark face.

Ted wasn't through. He had just began to fuck the living daylights out of this gorgeous hot young horny blonde. He rammed his cock into her more forcefully than ever, causing great muffled grunts to escape from Isabelle's throat as she continued to moisten his face with passionate kisses.

But Isabelle panicked. She realized they had been away from the group way too long.

"What's the matter?" Ted asked, ramming away at her dripping pussy.

"We... we've been away too long. We have to get back."

"You're right. All right, get set for the grand finale." He instantly pulled his slick long cock out of her pussy, causing Isabelle to gasp.

But Ted knew what he was doing. He grabbed her legs and twisted them, forcing Isabelle over on her stomach. With strong hands, he grabbed her hips and lifted her pert little ass high in the air.

He lifted her higher and higher, and spread her legs as he did so, until he had her beautiful ass square in front of his face.

Isabelle squealed and jumped as she felt his hot wet tongue poke in her tiny asshole. She quivered and tried to protest, but it didn't do any good. She knew what was going to happen, and although she had never done it before, and although she had long wondered about it, she didn't know if she was ready right at that moment.

But Ted was too strong for her. Plus he had such a gorgeous hunk of cock swinging between his legs and he was so handsome. He turned her on more than she ever imagined possible. This would be all right, she told herself. She suddenly waited it as much as he did.

"Oh, yes, that's it, Ted. Eat my asshole. Get it nice and greased up. I want you to fuck me in the ass. Oh, yes that's exactly what I want you to do. I'm on fire down there and I want your gorgeous cock shoved up my asshole. Oh yes, Ted, yes. Fuck my ass! Yes, yes, yes!"

Ted worked rapidly and furiously. He pumped wad after wad of his saliva up into her hot tight asshole. Then he lowered her knees to the bed, grabbed his cockshaft and plunged it a few final times into her dripping cock while he worked up another mouthful of saliva.

He quickly pulled his cock out of her moist pussy, spat in his hand, slicked up the entire length of his cock, and the next thing he knew, Isabelle jerked with joy as he sent his cockhead and the first couple inches of his long prickshaft up her asshole.

Isabelle grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it as she felt Ted's slick cock work its way into her virgin ass. She grunted and grimaced and clenched her teeth as he pulled out and shoved more of it back into her hungry shitter. Her legs were trembling and her whole body shook with electric joy as he withdrew again.

Each time he sank his cock back into her, he shoved a bit more of it in. Soon Ted was puffing and moaning with joy as he shoved the last of his long cock into her ass, working it around a little to stretch her tight ass ring a bit wider. Then he started to pump away. She winced with pleasure with every one of his powerful thrusts into her. He didn't waste time in working up a good pace, and in less than a minute he was fucking her ass at top speed.

Isabelle's muffled cries of pain and joy were swallowed up by the pillow under her face. When she felt Ted's massive hairy balls slapping up against her ass, she knew he had the entire length of his long cock ramming in and out of her ass. Once she got used to the sensation, she started thrusting backwards to match his stabs and soon she heard him call out his climax.

Ted knew this hot tight back door action would get him shooting sooner than anything, and since it was Isabelle's idea to finish up quickly and get back to the group, he didn't hesitate in letting her have a taste of his cock up her ass. He slapped his hips into hers all the faster, and almost without warning, he felt his balls pull up in his crotch and their familiar tingling sensation that preceded every orgasm flash through his body.

"Unh unh unh," he grunted. "This is it. You've got it now! I'm shooting my load deep in your ass, babe. Unh, unh, unh, unh, oh, yeeeeeaaanaahhhhh!"

He rocked back and forth so forcefully the headboard slapped against the wall as he sent blast after mighty blast of his creamy cum deep into her bowels. Again and again, he slammed into her, filling her asshole with loads of white hot lava. He grunted and pounded away until the last of his spunk fired up from his fuck glands and spewed into the uncharted territory of her dark cavern, where no man had ever gone or come before.

Chapter FIVE

The next morning at breakfast, Matthew announced he would like to take the group on a tour of the new chuch grounds. The men were excited at the idea -- or at least politely pretended to be -- but Ruth said she'd rather stay and help Isabelle with the shopping and cooking.

Matthew finally accepted the idea, and as soon as breakfast was over, he and Mark and Ted left for the new property. Ruth helped Isabelle with the dishes and they got to know each other rather well. Much to Ruth's surprise, Isabelle kept turning the conversation around to sex. And although Ruth didn't know it, Isabelle kept sneaking glances at her perky tits and sassy ass every chance she got.

"You know," Isabel said. "You're certainly a very lucky woman to be married to someone like Ted. I'll bet he's really a wonderful man."

"Oh he is. We think very highly of you, too. Matthew'd been a bachelor for so many years, we never thought he would ever take the plunge. But we knew that when he did, he would make a real good choice."

"Well, thank you. I don't know how well you know your brother." She turned her head when she felt her eyes get misty.

Ruth put down the plate she was drying and placed her hands on the back of Isabelle's shoulders. "Why dear, what is it? Is something... between you and Matthew?"

Isabelle snuffled. "Well, I shouldn't pry, but I'll bet Ted never leaves you... unfulfilled." She diverted her eyes and sniffed again. "I mean, Matthew's rather... old-fashioned. I mean, he's quite... reserved about..." She started sobbing.

Ruth held her close, wrapping her arms around her new sister-in-law, brushing the back of her blonde head with soothing, loving hands. "There, there. Well, you know he is much older than us. He grew up with another set of standards. But you can't mean you... never..."

Isabelle tried to smile. "Oh, sure we do. Sometimes. Saturday nights. I mean, I'm so... I have so much... love... to give him. So much energy. I'm really quite... frustrated." She buried her head in Ruth's shoulder and sobbed. "And he refuses to discuss it. What am I going to do, Ruth?"

Ruth patted her head again, rocking her slowly back and forth, gently hugging her close to her.

Isabelle began to feel the warmth of Ruth's body. She recalled the feeling she had had deep in her crotch when she first laid eyes on this gorgeous creature and now here she was, her arms wrapped around her, their tits pressed against each other's and growing (it seemed to her) firmer and firmer, and hotter and hotter. Isabelle suddenly felt a warm tingling sensation spread through her. She felt her heart start to race and her stomach turn over. Then, when her attention focused still lower, she noticed her cunt was blazing, throbbing, her cunt lips swelling and growing damp.

"Oh, Ruth," she whimpered. "Hold me tight. It feels so good. I want... I need some... loving so bad it's driving me nuts!" Her last words were accompanied by a flood of tears as she buried her head into Ruth's shoulder.

Ruth lifted her head and tried to wipe away her tears. "Now, now. Just take it easy. Settle down." She wiped tears from Isabelle's cheeks then began kissing her cheeks delicately, licking up the salty wetness from her face.

Isabelle continued to bawl, and soon found her hand behind Ruth's head as she returned Ruth's loving kisses. The next thing she knew, their lips brushed over each other's. They hesitated ever so briefly, staring lustily into each other's eyes, then wild. They each clutched each other's head, pressed their lips against the other's and frenched wildly as they rubbed first their tits, then their warm cunt.

Suddenly Isabelle pulled away and stared longingly at Ruth with passion and lust burning from her eyes. "Oh, Ruth. Your body feels so good rubbing against mine. You're comforting me in a way I've never been comforted before. I feel... wonderful. Nothing this good can be bad. I need you, Ruth. I need you."

Ruth's eyes met Isabelle's.

"The minute I came in the door yesterday I felt my heart flip-flop, my panties steam with passion. You're so attractive, so sexy. I wanted to run my hands all over your body, kiss and lick you all over." She dropped a hand to Isabelle's cunt and pressed against it. "And your pussy is as warm with desire as mine is."

Isabelle planted her wet lips on Ruth's again, kissed her furiously for a few seconds, then pulled away. "Come with me, Ruth. I need you. You're getting me so hot I need to have you put out my flames. Quickly, while we have the time."

She unglued her body from Ruth's, grabbed her and led her upstairs.

Inside the master bedroom they tore at each other's clothing, and in the next instant were on the large bed, wriggling and pressing their warm naked bodies together. Ruth was on top of Isabelle, and when she could stand the delay no longer, worked her way down to her sister-in-law's steamy blonde pussy.

Ruth brought her face closer and closer until her nose encountered the fragrant scent of Isabelle's delicate bush. There she nuzzled around a bit, sniffing deeply, inhaling the full essence of her wonderful female odors. Her tongue lightly lapped it her swollen cunt lips.

Isabelle twitched and spread her thighs farther. She rotated her ass higher, cocking her knees sideways to open her cunt all the more. She wanted to allow her new sister-in-law tin easiest access possible to her flaming pussy which was screaming for attention.

When she felt Ruth's fingers gently spread her upper cunt lips, she shivered and moaned. And when she felt the first flick of Ruth's hot little tongue over her quivering excited clit. She shuddered. Her legs flexed in ecstasy, trapping Ruth's pretty head between her creamy thighs.

"Oooooh, yessss, Ruth. That's it. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Lick my clit. That's the stuff! Aaaah! Hmmmm! Oh, yes! Work your tongue over my itching clit. Oh, Ruth. That's heaven!"

Ruth worked her tongue around the base of Isabelle's quivering clit. She barely touched the sensitive tip of the bud, for she knew herself what it felt like. She knew what felt good to her, and she intended to provide this for Isabelle.

She wrapped her lips around as much of Isabelle's gorgeous blonde cunt mound as she could, driving her tongue in light circles around the quivering fuck switch. Every now and then she flicked it ever so lightly over the tip itself, sending shivers of joy tingling up and down Isabelle's spine, getting her higher and higher. Then, when she figured Isabelle could stand it no more, she buried her tongue deep in the blonde's dripping cunt.

A long low moan of deep pleasure escaped Ruth's throat. Deeper and deeper she plunged her tongue into Isabelle's hot pussy. She could feel the gentle contours, the warm fleshy walls of the tight interior of her fuck hole, and thought Matthew a fool for not taking advantage of this wondrous delight.

She pulled her face out of Isabelle's sopping wet crotch and inspected the marvel with her eyes and probing fingers. As she spread the puffy outer lips with her thumbs, she flicked a finger tip over her fleshy clit, then thrust one as deep as she could into the flaming cunt-hole itself. It was so hot, so tight, she couldn't understand how a huge cock could possibly fit in there.

"God, Isabelle," she rasped, her voice quaking with desire. "What an absolutely gorgeous pussy you've got here. It's so hot, and so tight. My own pussy is drenched just thinking about eating this gorgeous pussy pie."

With that, she extracted her finger from Isabelle's tight cunt and lowered her face back to her drooling crotch. As she plunged her tongue in as far as it would go, she nuzzled her nose around in the area of the blonde's clit. The room was filled with the sounds of Isabelle grunting and writhing.

She could tell Ruth was an expert at this, and wondered just how much experience she had had. But at the moment it didn't matter. What mattered was that the hungering deep inside her neglected pussy were being met by her sister-in-law and her amazingly talented tongue.

She rotated her ass a little higher and reached down between her legs. With the flat of her hands yanking on her upper thighs, she managed to tug her cunt open even wider. She yelped when she felt Ruth plunge her tongue all the deeper into her ravenous cunt-hole.

"Yiiieeee! Omigod, yessss!" Isabelle pleaded. "Unhhh, Ruth, you're driving me wild. Your tongue feels so good on my pussy. Eat it, Ruth! Eat me out good. My pussy is on fire!"

Ruth greedily probed, licked, slurped, and did everything else she could think of to this gorgeous pussy in her face. Her own cunt was dripping from the excitement of it all, and as she thrust her ass high in the air, she reached back with one hand and rubbed her own clit. She could stand the temptation no longer.

In an effort to get Isabelle to climax as soon as possible, to flood her face with torrents of tasty cum, she withdrew her tongue from the blonde's sloppy fuck hole and twirled it anxiously around her quivering clit. She knew this would have her blasting off before too much longer.

Around and around the fleshy little pink bubble she swirled her tongue round and round in ever-smaller circles she lapped her tongue, until she swished it over the excited tip of Isabelle's clit. She snared the slick fuck switch between her lips and flicked her tongue over it in a rapid, jerky, irregular movement.

Isabelle went wild. She shrieked and brought her hands up to her tits, pinching the thick dark cones, the hard cork-like nipples. Her mind swam. What she was doing, she told herself, was wicked -- but she loved it, and she couldn't stop herself.

"Unh, aaarrrgghh, Ruth!" she wailed softly, her words snagging in her throat. "I, I, I can't control myself any longer. Your mouth is just too, too good on my poor pussy. It's all yours, dear. If your brother doesn't want it, you can have it all. Unh! God, yes. Flick your tongue over my clit like that and I'll drown you with my cunt juice in another minute. Oh, yes, yes, yes!"

She rotated her ass higher, quivering, shaking, convulsing with each delightful new thrill Ruth's tongue was providing her crotch. She could feel electric sparks race up her spine, gather at the base of her brain, waiting for just the right moment, the right flick of that marvelous tongue!

Ruth was going wild with her mouth techniques on Isabelle's eager cunt. She flicked her tongue frantically over the excitable clit. She plunged her tongue in her gaping cunt-hole. She lapped like a dog up and down the entire trench of her pussy. She blew cooling little puffs of air over the entire area -- making the wet flesh feel as though it was being cooled with a fan. She shagged her head between the alabaster thighs. She shot wads of spit up into the already drenched fuck hole.

Then Isabelle felt the brunette pull her finger out of her sloppy cunt and, just as she sank her thumb in there where her finger had been, she felt a well-greased up finger slip almost effortlessly into her asshole.

Isabelle flinched, and immediately tightened her asshole around the invading finger as she thrust her hips upward in an attempt to prevent further penetration, smashing her juicy cunt up into Ruth's wet face, which was lapping away at the itchy clit below her. She yipped and groaned and squirmed. She gritted her teeth and her eyes scrunched closer.

But the finger persisted. Deeper and deeper, it slowly inched inside her and wriggled, twisted, stretched the tender flesh of her asshole. Soon she seemed to be filled with a delicious presence she found herself enjoying. She felt a pressure inside her, pressing against her cunt and her clit -- from a different direction, from inside her, from behind.

Then, as a warm, consuming glow radiated from her asshole, from deep inside her asshole, it engulfed her cunt, her clit, her entire crotch and started to crawl, like a thousand fire ants, outward, upward, and even downward. She reined her body, and as her ass sank slowly back to the bed, Ruth's finger sank slowly deeper and deeper into her asshole, and Ruth's thumb started pumping furiously in and out of her cunt.

"Arrrggghhh! Oh God, Ruth. That's it. That's magnificent! I've never felt so good before in my life. What a great sensation. You're taking me to heights I never imagined possible. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Fuck me faster! Flick my clit with your tongue, and I'm there. Oh yesss!"

She convulsed and quivered and thrust her as faster and deeper onto the invading finger. Her whole body seemed to be actively involved in this magnificent pseudo-fuck. Instantly, she was on the brink of blasting off, and then saw stars when Ruth went to work flicking away directly at the tip of her little fuck button.

Isabelle jerked with spasms and thrust her hips up forcefully, smashing her dripping cunt right into Ruth's wet face. She wriggled and moaned with increasing fervor and pound her ass around on her rapidly thrusting finger. This double action was a sensation the likes of which she had never experienced before, but she knew she wanted to experience it again.

She suddenly found herself wandering what it would be like to have -- a cock thrusting in each of her holes at the same time. The mere thought made her pussy throb with excitement, drool with anticipation. And at that moment she reached the point of no return.

"Yiiieeee! Oh yes, that's it? Faster, harder! Deeper! Oh, yessss! My body has never felt so good? You're driving me absolutely crazy! I-I-I-I'm coming! I'm commmiiinnnggg!"

Isabelle's ass flip-flopped around on the bed so frantically Ruth had to stop thrusting her finger and thumb into the twin openings so forcefully. When she felt the blonde erupt with a gusher of cum, she popped her thumb out of her cunt and nuzzled her clit with her nose while she thrust her tongue wildly into her erupting pussy. With loud slurpy sounds, she tried to suck up all the tasty female fuck juice she could drink.

Chapter SIX

When Isabelle's orgasm subsided, Ruth stopped licking her cunt, popped her finger out of her asshole, and pulled herself up on top of the blonde's heaving sweaty chest. She pressed her tits and wriggled her cunt mound against Isabelle's, gnashing their pubic bones together, feeling her own cunt being tickled by her sister-in-law's fine blonde hairs. She kept circling and grinding her pussy against Isabelle's, sending herself higher and higher. She wriggled and writhed with increasing fervor as she kept her orgasm welling up inside her.

Isabelle knew what she was doing, and to help the process she clutched the back of Ruth's head with one hand and buried her tongue deep in the brunette's mouth while gasping and kneading her gorgeous firm ass with the other. She hummed and moaned into Ruth's mouth, sucking her tongue into her own, biting it, flicking it, sending her higher and higher.

Ruth continued to grind her crotch against Isabelle's, her movements becoming more and wore rapid, with quick little wriggles of her ass, fucking their pussies together. Faster and faster, she ground her cunt against Isabelle's until her ass was a twitching blur of activity. She tightened and relaxed her leg muscles in a quick alternating pattern, and soon a high-pitched whine came from her throat. She jerked her legs and trembled like an aspen in fall, and suddenly, all hell broke loose.

In a flash, she pulled her mouth from Isabelle's so she could breathe. She clutched Isabelle's shoulders tightly and dug her nails into the tender flesh. She screeched and whined, her voice going higher and higher, her cunt shaking and quivering all the faster over Isabelle's groin.

"Unh unh unh," she grunted. "Yiiiieeee!" Her whole body bucked and jerked as though she were afflicted. She shook and whined and yipped as her orgasm raged on, her body wracked with a series of multiple blasts. Again and again, she felt little explosions zing throughout her system.

"Unh unh unh, ooooh, God! Yie yie yie! Uh, God! I can't stop coming! Unh unh unh! Oooh! Yesssss!"

She huffed and puffed as her orgasm raged on, leaving her breathless and limp. Isabelle continued to grind her pussy against Ruth's harder and faster. Higher and higher, she lifted her ass off the bed, gyrating and thrusting her hips up against the brunette's.

Finally Ruth stopped convulsing. Great spasms wracked her body one after the other as her orgasm subsided. Then she collapsed to Isabelle's chest, Isabelle's ass falling back motionless to the bed.

Panting and humming with great delight, Ruth lifted her face to Isabelle's and kissed her passionately. As she did so, she realized that Isabelle had began to rotate her ass again, grinding her pussy against her own. Together they kissed and ground their bodies into each other until Isabelle felt a series of orgasms burst like fireworks.

She whimpered and hummed with glee as her body arched higher and higher toward Ruth's. They twirled and twisted their cunts against each other's until they were spent -- at least for the moment.

Their lips were fused together loosely so they could both suck in the air they needed. They stroked each other's hair and body. Their fingers tickled each other's delicate flesh and soon they were hot again.

It seemed no matter how hard they tried, they could not get enough of each other. The more they satisfied themselves and each other, the more they wanted.

Isabelle wrapped her arms tightly around her sister-in-law and rolled her over. It was her turn to take a tongue trip down this gorgeous person's lovely, shapely body. She had never done this with a woman before, but she had always been curious. And she knew the minute she saw Ruth the day before, she wanted to find out what it would be like to roll in the sack with her.

She pulled her mouth off Ruth's and slowly began journeying downward, in much the same fashion as Ruth had done to her, moments earlier. She paid particular attention to Ruth's tits, because she considered them so lovely, so much nicer than her own. They were large and firm, with pointed little nipples, sticking far out from the cones of her twin mounds. While she flicked over one with her tongue, she lightly rolled the other between her thumb and forefinger.

"Ooooooh, yeah, Isabelle. That's so wonderful. Oh, yes. I love the way you're sucking and pinching my tits. So nice and gentle. God, I just knew you'd be great in bed, the minute I first laid eyes on you I felt my pussy grow moist. You're so beautiful, Isabelle. And your tongue feels so good on my body."

Hearing these words made Isabelle feel all the better. She felt her own passions rising again.

And the very thought that she was rolling around naked with a woman made her pussy pulse with delight.

What she had done with Mark and with Ted had been one thing. That would have been scandalous enough if anyone ever found out. But this was something else. Just the thought of performing this naughty act with another woman -- with Matthew's very sister -- caused her heart to thump all the faster, caused her legs to tremble, her cunt to quiver with lust.

While leaving her hands on Ruth's gorgeous tits, she scooted downward, leaving a trail of saliva right down the front of her body to her cunt. Isabelle was on fire again and wanted to get right to the main course.

She lowered her tongue right to Ruth's pussy. She brought one arm down, hooked it under Ruth's thigh and lifted it in such a way she could reach right back up to stimulate Ruth's tits. She did the same with the other leg and now she had her head buried in Ruth's lovely brown cunt bush, Ruth's legs over her shoulders, her fingers tweaking and pinching her sister-in-law's nipples.

Again Ruth shuddered. She had no idea Isabelle wold make such a wonderful bed partner. She hadn't had treatment like this from any man. No one had ever tongued her pussy while fondling her tits. She knew this double action would be sending her through the roof in no time.

She flopped her head, her mouth falling open. She groaned in a low voice and grabbed the back of Isabelle's lovely blonde head.

"Oh, Isabelle. Oh, my dear. That's wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. You're going to have me splashing your pretty face with my cunt juice before you know it. Oh yes, that's it. Lick my clit. That's wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. God! Your tongue feels so good on my clit, I can't believe. Oh yes yes yessss!"

Isabelle flicked her tongue over the delicate bubble of flesh between Ruth's swollen upper cunt lips with great joy. She had never dreamed sucking on another woman's cunt could get her so high. But she could feel another orgasm welling up inside her just from providing Ruth this service. The very thought, of this action was enough to get her wet and excited to the point of blasting off herself.

She flicked away at Ruth's quivering clit, thrusting her tongue lower every once in a while to poke it into her gaping pink fuck hole.

God, she thought, what a gorgeous cunt. How lucky Ted is to have such a lovely cunt to fuck and to lick whenever he wants. She wished now all of a sudden she could have it for herself.

While she thrust her tongue into Ruth's hot slick fuck hole, she continued to nuzzle the excited clit with her nose. Soon she could stand it no longer, she was getting so horny herself. She let go of one of Ruth's tits, brought her leg down to the bed and straddled it, rubbing her cunt up and down the smooth creamy flesh.

Ruth continued to squirm and moan in ecstasy. She could feel Isabelle's warm cunt rubbing gently against her leg. Already she could feel the juice dripping from her excited cunt. Just the thought that Isabelle were getting off on this kind of action made Ruth all the happier, took her all the higher to sexual paradise.

"Oh, yes. Lick my cunt real good now, and you'll have us both blasting off in a hunched different directions. Oh, yes! Mmmmm! That is so wonderful!"

Isabelle wriggled her ass to gently stimulate her clit over Ruth's leg as she continued to nuzzle her sister-in-law's clit with her nose and plunge her tongue into Ruth's pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter. She moaned and squealed into Ruth's cunt with increasing fervor.

She had never dreamed it could make her feel so wonderful to lick and suck on another woman's cunt. The thought of it was driving her wild with lust.

She was now in the most twisted position she could possibly be in, but there was still something further she could do. She had her head buried in Ruth's crotch, her tongue plunging in and out of the brunette's hot pink fuck hole. Her nose was gently flicking over Ruth's clit. Her own pussy was slipping and sliding over Ruth's gorgeous shapely let. And her left hand was still massaging and fondling her sister-in-law's gorgeous firm tits.

But that still left a hand free. And that sill left an area of Ruth's body that was not being attended to. Isabelle brought her right hand down to Ruth's crotch at the same time that she removed her tongue from her cunt hole. She moved her face a little higher up Ruth's gaping pussy slit, and in a firm swift movement, buried her middle finger as deep into Ruth's fuck tunnel as she could.

Ruth yipped and squirmed with glee. She moaned and tried to keep from shaking as she felt her orgasm welling up in her, her temperature rising higher and higher, her head beginning to spin in ecstasy.

"Oh, God, Isabelle. That's wonderful! Oh, yes. I love it. I love the feel of your tongue on my clit and your finger in my cunt. That's heaven. Absolutely heaven! Fuck my pussy good with your finger!"

She wriggled her ass and pressed the small of her back against the bed to shove more of her cunt into Isabelle's hungry face. Her arms and her head flip-flopped around on the bed uncontrollably as she felt herself getting higher and higher.

Isabelle slipped her finger deeper into Ruth's, hot tight little fuck hole. This was the first time she had ever had a sensation like this, other than fingering herself, and it was driving her nuts. The wonderful feeling of doing something like this for the first time, the sheer novelty of it was getting her so aroused she suddenly felt a flood of her fuck juice splash out over Ruth's leg. She wriggled her ass and pressed against Ruth's leg all the more to stimulate herself to greater heights.

She withdrew her finger from Ruth's cunt as she continued to flick her tongue over her clit, and rammed it back in, twirling it around, feeling the warmth and the contours of her silky wet cunt walls. Her cunt was so hot and so tight, she wondered how something as huge as Ted's cock could fit in there.

Then she began a regular pumping stroke into Ruth's pussy, not too slow but not too fast. She had a good medium tempo worked up, finger-fucking her new sister-in-law's delightful pussy, all the while feeling herself getting hotter and hotter, closer and closer to an orgasm of mind-shattering proportions.

She gradually picked up the pace -- faster and faster she fucked her finger into Ruth's dripping cunt. And the next thing she knew, she had worked another finger inside the lovely brunette's hot pussy and was fucking her wildly with two of her long slender fingers.

"Oh, yes yes yes!" Ruth called out in her ecstasy. "Oh, good Lord, I haven't been fucked this good in a long time. You really know what you're doing. It feels so good. That's it! I'm going right through the ceiling! Oh, yes! Unh, unh, unh!"

She bucked and twisted her hips as her orgasm mounted higher and higher.

Isabelle flicked her tongue over Ruth's clit with increasing fervor now as she felt her sister-in-law mounting higher and higher with sexual bliss. And now that she had her fingers nice and slicked up with Ruth's cunt juice, she had another treat, in store for the brunette.

She pressed her face a little firmer into Ruth's crotch to stabilize her movements, pulled her fingers out of her slippery cunt, and shoved her thumb in. She knew it wasn't as long as her fingers, but it was thicker. It wouldn't be able to plunges deeply into her pussy, but it would fill her up better, like a nice thick cock.

When she had her thumb working in and out of Ruth's cunt at a good pace, she let her slicked-up fingers slide backward down her slippery trench, across the open territory, right to her asshole. Since Ruth had done this to her, she assumed she would like it in return.

Ruth winced and yelped when she felt Isabelle's fingers press against her whole. Her anal muscles tightened up automatically. Then she relaxed, let her anal ring open, and in slipped Isabelle's finger.

"Oh, wow! Oh, yes yes yes! Your finger feels so good in my asshole! Fuck my asshole faster now! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me all aver! Keep licking my clit! I can't stop coming! I'm coming all over the place! More more more! Oh, yessss!"

Isabelle was only too happy to oblige, for she kit her own orgasm welling up in her as she continued to rub her massively drooling cunt up and down and around an Ruth's wet leg. To know that she was providing her beautiful sister-in-law with such wonderful sensations made her feel all the better, sent her all the higher. She could feel them both explode into a thousand pieces, and she knew Ruth was coming with the same rumble of orgasmic explosions she was.

It was difficult for her to fondle Ruth's tit, lick her clit, finger-fuck her cunt and her asshole, keep her face glued in her crotch, and work her own pussy over Ruth's leg all at the same time. But she did her best as they erupted in a sloppy slurpy orgasm.

Isabelle yanked her thumb out of Ruth's flooding cunt and thrust her tongue in as deeply as she could. She was amazed at the torrent of cunt juice the brunette was producing. She didn't think it was humanly possible for one person to produce so much fluid.

But Isabelle didn't mind. She literally drank the plentiful cunt juice gashing from the beautiful brunette's pussy as she rammed her finger into her asshole faster and faster. Her own cunt was slicking delightedly over her sister-in-law's smooth shin as she erupted in ecstasy.

Animalistic grunts and groans filled the room.

Chapter SEVEN

That evening at dinner, Matthew announced that he had a board meeting to attend, and was sorry he wouldn't be able to spend time with his visitors. Ruth mentioned that she had called several of her old girlfriends that afternoon and would be visiting them. Ted said he didn't have anything planned, but was looking forward to a nice jog around the neighborhood, a long shower and then hitting the hay early.

All the heads turned to Mark. He grinned and said he didn't have plans either. Matthew invited him to join the board meeting at the church, but he declined, saying this was supposed to be a vacation for him and he had enough of that back home. No, he said, he would just be content to watch a little TV, read a book and turn in early. He would use this vacation to rest.

Isabelle said she would be busy with the decorations and doing some baking. She felt a little sorry for Mark, because it seemed to her everyone else had something to do. He just sat around feeling sorry for himself for having lost his wife to a younger man.

After dinner, they all went their separate ways. Mark helped with the dishes and even volunteered to help with the baking. But Isabelle said it was pretty much a one-person job and told him just to go relax.

As soon as Ted came down in his running shorts and shoes and headed out the back door, Isabelle put her apron aside and scurried up to Mark's room.

She knocked lightly.

"Come in," Mark called from his bed.

Isabelle pushed the door open slowly, looked back over her shoulder, tiptoed insides and went directly to the bed. Without waiting for another word, she leaned over and gently kissed Mark on the lips.

"You know," she said. "I really had a fun time with you the other day... I hope you don't think I was being too forward. Or too... you know. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want Matthew to find out about us, but, well... it's just that I need someone to pay a little more attention to me than he does."

Mark smiled up at her, put his book aside, and took her hand, puffing her face back down to his.

"Not at all. I understand perfectly." He kissed her as he continued, to pull her closer.

She stretched out on top of him, kissing wildly and sensually, her body rubbing madly against his.

Mark was lying on the bed in a maroon robe and Isabelle instantly began to work her hands inside the folds of the soft velvety material, feeling her brother-in-law's strong hairy chest muscles. She moaned and hummed as she felt his nipples -- and his cock growing harder under her writhing belly.

Mark wrapped his arms around her and flipped her over. She continued to pull and loosen his robe, tugging at the belt, and soon she had it open all the way, his long stiff throbbing cock popping out into full view.

Mark had removed her blouse and bra, and had her slacks off in short order. They exchanged very few words. Their grunts and moans of pleasure said it all. Then, when they were both stripped bare, Isabelle pulled Mark on top of her. She immediately grabbed his long stiff cock as she spread her legs.

"Oh, yes, Mark. Fuck me! Fuck me good! I can't get enough of your beautiful cock fucking in and out of my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Mark, please!"

She nuzzled his huge throbbing slippery cock head up and down between her cunt lips a few times, feeling his early precum moisten her outer lips. She flicked the flared bulbous head over, her clit, sending warm chills up her spine to the base of her brain. Then she lowered it to her slick eager cunt-hole, nosed it around a few times, probing his blunt prickhead just inside, working it around, working up a good amount of her generous fuck juice.

"Ooh, yeah, Mark. Clod, that feels so good! Shove your gorgeous cock right inside my waiting cunt. I need it. I need your cock inside me so ba-a-a-ad. Oh, yes yes yes! That's it. That's wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Ummmmmmm!"

Mark was eager and quick to respond. He had been letting her take the lead. He held his hips up so just the knob of his huge cock was touching her cunt where she wanted it to be touched. He held himself up over her on stiff outstretched arms, looking down into her radiant lust-filled face.

She was so beautiful, he thought. She was young and hot and horny. It was a shame his brother ignored her so.

If she was his, he told himself, he'd fuck her brains out every night. She was just the thing for a young man like himself. He would only be visiting another week, but he'd try to fuck her every chance he got. That was why he hadn't made any plans for the evening. He had suspected, even hoped, he would get another chance to soak his aching cock in her hot dripping pussy after everyone eke left. He smiled when she squeezed his cock as tight as she could and plunged it into her hungry fuck hole.

"Mmmmmm," he hummed. "Oh, yes, Belle. You're so beautiful. So hot. I can't imagine Matthew doesn't take better care of you. But I'll fuck you. As long as I'm here, and whenever you want it, I'll fuck you good. Your cunt feels so-o-o-o good wrapped around my cock. I could do this forever."

When Isabelle planted his cock in her pussy, she reached around with both hands and grabbed his ass to pull him in deeper. He tightened his hard ass muscles as he began a slow steady piston motion with his cock, sinking it in a little deeper, pulling out a little further. With each long slow steady stroke, he plunged into her tight pussy a little further, feeling every fold of warm silky flesh, every contour of her hat tight cunt as it swallowed up his rigid, aching cock.

Isabelle moaned and tossed her head with each stab of his hard cock into her welcoming pussy. She yanked harder on his firm ass cheeks and looked up into Mark's smiling face. She could tell he was getting off on this fucking almost as much as she was. He had been neglected for so long, too, it was only natural, only fair, that they share a fuck with each other. It seemed to make everything right.

"Oooooooh, yes, Mark. Yes yes yes." She ginned and tried to laugh. "You can't possibly imagine how wonderful that feels. Please fuck me, Mark, whenever you can. I need you to fuck my cunt so, so bad. Oh, oh yes. That's it! Faster now, Mark! A little harder!"

Mark began to pick up his pace, and was soon stabbing his rigid cock into her hungry cunt as fast as he could. She moaned and writhed with each of his powerful jabs into her hot tight pussy, and began slapping her hips up to meet his forceful thrusts into her.

Mark bent his elbows and lowered his face to her tits and began sucking them fervently. They were hot and getting hotter, the nipples hard and erect and jutting out high above the twin globes of creamy white flesh. He pulled a nipple in his mouth and squeezed it between his teeth, rolling it around, flicking over it wildly with his hot tongue. She yipped with joy when he switched to her other aching tit to repeat the action.

Soon Isabelle was bucking and grunting with excruciating pleasure.

"Harder now. Fuck me harder and I'll be coming all over the walls. Yeow! That's it! You got it now. Oh, yes, wonderful. Fuck me as hard as you can, and I'm there! Oh, yes, wonderful. This is it. Unh, unh, unh, I'm coming! I'm comiiinnngg!"

Their bodies slapped together so hard and so fast the bed squeaked across the floor, the headboard slapping up against the wall as their bodies slapped into each other's. Isabelle was delirious with joy. That was the most wonderful sound she had ever heard.

She wrapped her legs around Mark's thighs as tight as she could. She wrapped her arms around his back, pulling herself completely off the bed as she slapped her soaked crotch up against his with wet squishy sounds.

Mark thrust his hard cock into her faster and harder. His ass whipped up and down in a blur of activity as he ramrodded his cock into her erupting pussy at record speed. Then he felt his balls scrunch up in his crotch and issue that tingling sensation that signaled his upcoming orgasm.

"Oh, Belle, oh Belle, oh Belle! This is it! I'm with you all the way. I can feel my cock exploding now. I'm coming!"

He lowered himself to her chest and squeezed his arms against her sides as tightly as he could as he felt his prick fire round and round of his thick white cream into her waiting cunt. He fed her so much spunk they wondered where it all came from. Blast after mighty blast erupted from his pulsating cockhead, flooding the depths of her fuck hole with what seemed like a pint of thick rich cream.

Again and again, they bucked and squirmed and slapped their groins into the other as their orgasms raged on, filling the room with the sounds Isabelle had so wanted to hear since she married Matthew six months earlier. Their orgasms mounted and mounted, taking them both higher and higher toward ultimate sexual fulfillment.

When she felt Mark slow his thrusts against her body, Isabelle tightened her grip around his back and thighs and hugged as tightly as she could, pulling herself as close and holding as firmly as possible. She felt her muscles twitch from the extreme exertion she was applying with her tight grip.

Her whole body trembled and convulsed as he stabbed her cunt a few final times with his waning cock. She clenched it mightily with her cunt muscles to milk the last of his cum up from his balls. She squeezed again, feeling his softening cock shrink in her cunt, and she relaxed. She loosened her grip around him and plopped to the bed -- hot, wet, and happy. She pulled his face down to hers and planted wet sloppy kisses all over it between massive gasps for air. Her ass gyrated and heaved in a slow sexy undulating pattern as she tightened her cunt muscles around his flagging cock.

He relaxed his muscles and let his massively heaving chest press against her smaller, softer, but equally heaving, upper body. His hairy chest pressed and rubbed against her still-erect nipples. She arched her back to force more of her large tits into his strong chest.

Together they lay, huffing for dear life. Neither had been so worked-up in a long time. They reveled not only in the sheer pleasure of the sensation, but in the fact that they really shouldn't be doing this, and that they could be caught at any moment.

Once they regained their breaths, Mark lifted his head, looked into his sister-in-law's lovely fair face and caressed her smooth soft silky blonde hair.

"You know that was the best fuck I ever had. I mean that. You were magnificent. Absolutely wonderful. I don't know how I'm going to live without you. Your cunt feels so good tugging at my cock. Your body feels so wonderful slapping up against mine. Your firm warm tits pressing against my chest... but we really shouldn't be doing this. We can't risk getting caught. It would ruin three people's lives."

She smiled weakly and kissed him softly. "I know, I know. You're absolutely right. But, God, Mark. I'm so... so frustrated. I get so lonely. So horny. And your cock feels so good inside me. I just can't fuck you enough. I need you. My pussy needs to feel your cock, deep inside where it itches."

She raised her head and kissed him again. She flexed her cunt muscles to let him know how fulfilled and how satisfied and how grateful she was. And she shuddered. He was hard again.

"Oh, God, Mark. I can't believe it! Fuck me again. Just one more time. That's all I ask. Just once more, please."

She pulled her ass toward the bed, off his stiffening cock, and slammed her hips back up she pressed her lips against his to prevent him from objecting, and quickly worked up a good speed, sliding her cunt up and down his slick cock.

Before long, they were pumping into each other at a lightning speed again, and before very much longer they were calling out their respective orgasms.

"Oh oh oh oh, God, yesssssss!" Isabelle shrieked. "Yes yes yes, Mark. Do it! Fuck me as hard as you can. Deeper, Mark! Fuck your cock deeper into my burning cunt faster! Put out the fires way down deep inside my pussy."

She threw her legs over his shoulders this time to get his cock in her as far as it would go. Turned on all the more by her wanton act, he gritted his teeth and hammered away at her pussy with a royal vengeance. Before long he filled her dripping cunt with another glorious load of his rich creamy spunk.

They collapsed together on the bed and tried to regain control of their breathing. But the warmth of their bodies against each other's, their cool breath on each other's neck and shoulders, their sopping wet groins grinding into each other's had them hot and horny again in no time. As he squeezed her gorgeous firm tits, she ran her hands down his strong back and over his tight ass cheeks, and began yanking his semihard cock back into her ravenous cunt.

Then both heads snapped up frantically when they heard applause come from the doorway.

Chapter EIGHT

Isabelle and Mark both glanced quickly toward the door, a look of panic frozen on their faces. There stood Ted, wearing nothing but a towel over his shoulder and a grin on his face. They both tried to come unglued and grab for something to cover their bodies.

Ted held up a hand. "Take it easy. Nothing to worry about." He walked slowly into the room. "Looks like you're having quite a party here." He cocked his head with a sly grin. "Is anyone welcome?"

Isabelle and Mark looked at each other with wild eyes. Isabelle tightened her cunt muscles and discovered Mark's cock had immediately stiffened from the shock, and was pulsating wildly away deep inside her pussy.

She tried to laugh as she swept strands of wet blonde hair out of her face. "This is terribly embarrassing."

"Oh?" Ted continued to leer, at her. "As embarrassing as what you and I did the other day in the attic? The only difference was Mark didn't come in at the proper -- or should I say improper -- moment and catch us in the act."

Mark looked back and forth from Ted to Isabelle. "What are you talking about?"

Isabelle took a deep breath and sighed. "Look, the both of you, you know how Matthew's been... ignoring me. I mean if he was more of a husband to me... than just once a week, I won't... well, you can understand, can't you? You're not going to tell, are you?" She looked at Mark.

He tried to laugh. "Tell? You want me to turn myself in as well?"

"What about you?" She looked plaintively at Ted.

"Don't be silly. That'd be cutting off my nose to spite my face. But as long as I'm here, and I'm..."

He looked down at his huge cock, jutting straight out from his hips, throbbing wildly, the knob already glistening from early drops of pre-cum. "As long as I'm ready, well, I thought maybe you'd let me join the party." He looked at Mark.

Mark shrugged.

Suddenly Isabelle brightened. "Why, think that'd be just great. Come over here, lover boy." She held out her hand, ready to receive Ted's huge pulsing cock as he stepped closer to the bed.

Isabelle leaned over, still pinned to the bed by Mark's large body, his hard cock still planted deep in her twitching pussy. When Ted's shins touched the edge of the bed, Isabelle wrapped her hand around Ted's, cock, drew her face to it, and pulled it into her mouth.

Mark gasped. He had never dreamed he would be a part of such a wild scene before. But he found it excited him.

His cock quivered wildly inside Isabelle's gripping pussy. His eyes bugged out as he saw Isabelle's lips wrap around the throbbing knob of Ted's massive cock. He felt his leg muscles tighten, and instantly he began pumping his cock in and out of Isabelle's dripping pussy.

Ted placed his hand on Isabelle's lovely blonde head. "Oh, yes, Isabelle. That's wonderful. Oh, yeah. Um-hmmm. Your mouth feels so good wrapped around my cock. I love the way you suck me off. You're doing a better job than you were doing the other day. And you were great then. But this is out of sight. Oh, yeah! Go ahead. Suck it harder. That's it. Suck it right down that nice hot tight throat of yours. Oh, yeah! That's the stuff. Work my aching cock over good with that hot mouth of yours."

Watching Isabelle suck on Ted's cock was getting Mark hotter and hotter. He had never seen anything like this before, and he had never imagined in his wildest fantasies that he would ever be a part of it. He rocked his an faster and faster as he saw more and more of Ted's long cock disappear into Isabelle's mouth, then reappear, slick with her saliva, glistening in the dim light of the room.

He could see the bulges and contours of his brother-in-law's stiff cock pulsing and shining in the light. He could see the thick slick skin, laced with highways of blue veins, looking like they were about to pop, about to explode a gusher of cum into Isabelle's hungry mouth. He saw the low-hanging leathery dark hairy sac, containing a pair of huge swollen balls swinging between Ted's thighs.

He got more and more worked-up as he felt his own cock swell all the more. It was so stiff and so hard, it ached. He picked up his pace, ramming his rigid cock harder and harder into Isabelle's insatiable cunt.

He pressed his lips closed, trying to squelch involuntary grunts and groans. Faster and faster, he rammed his cock into Isabelle's lovely tight pussy as he watched his sister-in-law suck on Ted's cock. Sure, he knew people sucked cock. Isabelle had sucked his own. But he had never seen anybody do it before.

Isabelle slurped and sucked wildly away. She was as full of cock now than she had ever been.

Even in her wildest fantasies, even in her wildest moments of lust before she went out with Matthew, she had never had the opportunity to be serviced by two gorgeous hunks of cock at the same time.

Her cheeks caved in, making dimples, as she applied more and more suction to Ted's long thick prickshaft. She was twisted half-sideways and could feel Mark's stiff cock thrusting into her pussy at an angle. He was unable to shove it all the way back to the very depths of her flaming cunt.

She tried to spread her legs wider, she tried to flatten her ass against the bed to allow Mark to stab his cock into her deeper, harder. But it was useless. In their present configuration, it just wasn't going to work.

She suddenly pulled her mouth off Ted's cock and grabbed it with her hand.

"Pull out, Mark. Pull your cock out of my cunt. I want to flip over. Ted, sit here in front of me."

They all scurried at once. Mark pulled his rapidly twitching cock out of her dripping pussy. Isabelle flipped over and immediately felt Mark sink his cock back into her pussy from behind.

Ted got on the bed, his back against the headboard, his legs spread wide, his hard cock swinging high above his hips, staring Isabelle straight in the face.

In a flash, she bent over and pulled his slick prick back in her hungry mouth as she felt Mark's strong hands grip her hips and began ramming his cock into her steamy cunt. He worked up a quick regular rhythm as he watched the back of his sister-in-law's lovely blonde head bob up and down over Ted's rigid cock.

Every now and then, Mark would glance up into Ted's eyes, just when Ted was looking at him. At one point. Mark saw his brother-in-law's mischievously twinkling eyes winked at him. Ted grinned as Isabelle continued to slurp away at his throbbing cock and as Mark continued to pound away at their sister-in-law's gorgeous dripping cunt.

"Some trip, ain't it, preacherman? Isn't this far fuckin' out? I'll bet you never thought something like this would happen to you."

Mark frowned. Ted was right. But then this was out of his hands. He was doing Isabelle a favor, he told himself.

She was the one who had initiated the whole thing. He never would have disappointed her. He wouldn't be fucking her now if she hadn't went to him in her moment of need.

Oh, well, he thought. You're only young once. He certainly can't go to hell for helping out a fellow human in need. He grinned back at Ted.

"You're right. You're absolutely right. This is the wildest thing I've ever done in my life." Mark tightened his grip on Isabelle's hips and fucked her faster, sending his cock deeper and deeper into her flaming wet pussy.

Isabelle continued to grunt and moan and work her ass around to feel Mark's steely cock dig deeper and deeper into her aching pussy. She had the entire length of Ted's long cock sucked into her mouth now. She let go of the base of it with her hand so she could pull it farther down into her throat.

She reached under and squeezed his balls gently with one hand while she massaged and stroked his firm ass cheeks with the other. Up and down his slick cock her head bobbed as she fondled his huge hairy nuts. Faster and faster, she felt Mark's long cock pile-drive into her dripping cunt from behind, his own hairy balls crashing against the backs of her thighs.

She could feel herself getting higher and higher, her inner cunt pulsing with unequalled pleasure. She had never thought, especially since she married Matthew, that she would be so full of cockmeat all at one time. She thought for a moment she might lose her mind.

Mark picked up the pace of his thrust into her pussy, ramming his cock into her harder and harder. He could feel his cum well up deep in his fuck glands and he started yanking on her hips to bring her ass crashing back against his groin all the harder, all the faster. Soon he was on the brink.

"Okay, Belle. This is it. You want your mouth full of Ted's cum, you suck on his cock for all you're worth, because I'm on the brink. Harder. Suck his juice right up from his balls. Get ready. This is it. Here it comes. Oh, yes, yes, yes! I'm coming! I'm comiiinnnggg! Unh unh unh!"

With deep guttural grunts and groans he ramrodded his cock into her, his thick meaty balls thudding up against the base of her cunt. He slapped his loins into her ass furiously as his cock erupted with a gusher of a load of his hot white lava, shooting wildly into her cunt, mixing with the torrent of her own flooding juices. Together, the massive load drenched her insides, filled her to overflowing, and came oozing out her swollen cunt lips, dribbling down their rapidly jerking thighs.

Ted had clutched Isabelle's wildly bobbing head and began pumping his long cock into her throat as fast as he could. He held her head tightly between his strong hands and thrust his hips upward as fast as he could, feeling his swollen cock stab her hot tight throat again and again as his balls chucked up a gigantic load of his liquid silver. Gob after gob of his creamy cum spurted from his pulsing cockhead and splashed right down her gullet.

Isabelle jerked and writhed as her own orgasm zinged and popped throughout her system. She could hardly breathe, her nostrils flaring rapidly, her ass bucking and grinding against Mark's loins as he unleashed his load into her. She squealed and grunted as she felt both gorgeous cocks pop and spurt their spunk into her as her own orgasm raged on.

When she felt Ted's cock soften as it issued up the last of his massive load, she pulled her mouth off his cock and milked the last of his cum up from his balls. Mark collapsed on top of her, his limp cock stretching like elastic in her tightly clamped cunt. She slurped Ted's flagging cock and rested her head against his chest as they all heaved and panted together.

While they rested, she continued to toy with Ted's semi-erect cock, and soon had it back to nearly full size. Again she issued orders to Mark. He had just fucked her three or four glorious times, but as long as she had them both here, she wanted to make one of her long-time fantasies become a reality.

"Come around here, Mark," she called. "Bring your gorgeous cock up here and let me work it over. I'm not done with it yet. You're going to satisfy me one more time with that beautiful hunk of cock you're letting go to waste."

Mark pulled his half-limp cock out of her cunt and moved around to lie back against the headboard next to Ted. Isabelle immediately went to work sucking and licking his cock and balls. He had come so many times his cock was responding slowly.

"Lift up your ass higher," Isabelle said, a sense of urgency in her voice.

He braced himself on his elbows, spread his knees and raised his ass up off the bed. He shuddered when he felt Isabelle's hot little tongue pop into his asshole. This was another new experience for him.

A long, low moan rolled up from his throat and he clutched Isabelle's blonde head as her hot stiff tongue continued to dart into his asshole. When he felt new life being pumped into his cock he knew this was just what he needed. Soon, she had his cock inflated to full size, and she removed her tongue from his asshole.

"Now get behind me again. You're in for another little treat before the evening's over. Ted, you scoot down here. I want to feel your nice stiff cock up my cunt."

Mark positioned himself behind her, his slick throbbing cock flying in the breeze. He stared bug-eyed as he watched Isabelle lift her hips and impale her pussy on Ted's twitching cock.

"Uh, what do you want me to do?"

"You weren't born yesterday," she said in a low voice, dripping with sex. "Use your imagination. I've got another opening down there just waiting for you to stuff it full of your gorgeous cock."

Mark hesitated, but only for a second. He may have been inexperienced, but he wasn't stupid. He grabbed his cock and just before he nuzzled the nose of it up against her tight asshole, he saw Isabelle spit a wad of saliva in her hand, thrust it between her ass cheeks and lubricate her shit chute.

In another minute she winced and grunted when she felt his huge prick knob and the first several inches of his long cock slide into her asshole.

"Unh, oh yes. That's it. You got the picture, preacherman fuck my hole good. The both of you. Fuck me as hard as you can. I need you to fuck me like you've never fucked before. Unix, unh, unh! Oh, yes yes yes! I'm coming already. Oh yes! I'm comiiimmggg!"

Ted slapped his groin up into hers as hard and fast as he could. The look of twisted pleasure on her face inspired him to fuck her faster, harder. He was so worked-up, it wasn't long before he exploded, his cum combining with the generous load of Mark's already in her dripping pussy.

Mark wasted no time in following her orders, and sawed her asshole as fast and as hard as he could, his aching cock feeling the first tight ass hole ever wrapped around it. The wild sensation was too much for him, and he called out his own climax soon after he had plunged his cock into the depths of Isabelle's bowels. Blast after powerful blast of his hot cum fired out of his excited cockhead into her tight asshole.

Isabelle couldn't control her body or her thoughts, she was climaxing so violently. All she knew was she was experiencing the fuck of her life. She yelped and convulsed as the two men rammed their cocks into her as hard as they could, sending her mind spinning.

Together, they grunted and jerked and banged into each other as they unleashed their combined loads. And together they sent themselves and each other into sexual ecstasy. Mark collapsed onto Isabelle's back, as she fell exhausted onto Ted's chest, wiping the tears of extreme joy from her cheeks.

Chapter NINE

Late the following afternoon, Isabelle was finally relieved to see her sister Catherine and her new husband arrive for the gathering. So far the only ones there were all from Matthew's side of the family, people she hadn't met before.

Isabelle hugged her younger sister joyously, feeling very comfortable. All the while, her eyes ran eagerly up and down the handsome form of Catherine's new husband, Vince. Catherine mid Vince had only been married several months, and Isabelle hadn't been able to make it to the wedding. NOW she was sorrier than ever.

Vince was unpardonably handsome, with a firm, strong, medium build -- the athletic type, top jock on the block. A sexy smile brightened his face, a cock-sure look of self-importance highlighted his eyes. With strong shoulders and narrow waist, he looked like a real rough-and-tumble type -- and Isabelle couldn't help but crave a tumble with him.

She shuddered when she scanned this gorgeous hunk of young manhood, easily three or four years her junior, but easily a perfect match for her younger sister. She released Catherine from her embrace and extended her hand to Vince. She smiled warmly, almost seductively, and, considering the way things had been going over the past several days, she wondered how long it would be before she would get her hands on his cock.

She found out later that day when she needed to go to the pantry in the basement for some staples. She asked Vince if he would help her carry a few things up. He flashed her a knowing smile and a wink and quickly agreed.

The basement was cool and damp, and the pantry would not be the most comfortable place for a fuck. But Isabelle didn't care. She was hot.

Once inside the pantry, she immediately turned toward Vince and wrapped her arms around his neck, planting a passionate kiss right on his waiting full lips. She pressed her body close to his and rubbed it sensually against him. Bringing one hand up to the back of his head, she ran her fingers through his long golden hair while she dropped the other hand to his ass and pulled his crotch closer to hers.

Vince brought one hand around to the front of her body and gently squeezed one of her tits while he let the other slip to her ass where he kneaded first one gorgeous taut ass cheek, then the other. He ground his body against hers, feeling her warmth, feeling his cock stiffening between their closely pressed bodies, feeling her cunt mound press and gyrate against his leg.

Isabelle pulled her lips off his and planted wet kisses on his lips, his face and his neck, and spoke in short baiting phrases. "Oh, God yes, Vince, yes. I need you to fuck me. I need to feel your cock inside me, Vince. My pussy is just dripping with desire." Her voice was barely above a whisper, and was raspy, rough-laden with sexual urgency.

Vince squeezed her tits with increasing fervor, kneading and massaging her tight ass all the more vigorously. He brought his hand around from her ass and palmed her warm moist pussy.

"Mmm yesss," he hissed. "This feels so good. You want me to fuck you, that's perfectly all right with me. You've got me so excited, I need to plug my cock into your cunt right away. Oh yes, Isabelle. Let's do it. Let's fuck right here, right now. I need you so bad."

While he spoke, Isabelle had been undoing his pants with trembling frantic fingers as he fumbled with her blouse and her bra. In another minute she had his pants shoved to his ankles and was on her knees gobbling his cock into her mouth. She sucked the entire length of his throbbing cock inside in one inspired maneuver.

She took long pulls on his cock as he kicked his pants free from one ankle and spread his legs for her. She sucked his cock knob deep into her throat, tasting the delicious flavors of early male precum. His cock was enormous and filled her oral cavity to capacity.

As she bobbed her head up and down his long cock, she entwined her tongue around the hard shaft. Tiny hums of approval escaped her throat as she felt the spongy contours, his mighty cum chute, his massive knob penetrate her throat. She could feel the inner walls of her cunt pulsate and her clit quiver at the thought of having this gorgeous cock plunging madly in and put of her ravenous pussy.

She reached up and pressed on his chest to get him to lean back against the shelves. Doing so, he rotated his hips up so she could pull more of his pulsing cock into her mouth. Her cheeks caved in from the pressure she was applying to his cock, and she started pumping the lower part of it rapidly with her fist to get him to come all the sooner.

She wanted to get him worked up as soon as possible. They didn't have much time. After slurping up and down the entire length of his cock for several minutes, she pulled it out of her mouth and inspected it in the dim light.

Her eyes bugged out when she saw his magnificent cock. She felt her heart throb wildly. She felt her mouth go suddenly dry and her knees shake.

"Oh good Lord, Vince. What a gorgeous cock you've got here. This is absolutely the most magnificent thing I've ever seen in my life. I can't wait to feel it inside my burning cunt. But I need a taste of your cum first. I need to taste this beautiful hunk of cock splashing its load in my mouth before you stuff it inside my burning pussy."

She lifted his throbbing cock skyward and ran her tongue down the underside of it. She repeated the action several times, humming and quivering with extreme delight. Then she lapped all around the sides of his long cock, twirling her tongue around the ridge of his massive prickhead, around the pulsing thickness of his cockshaft, all the way down to his balls.

She clutched his balls tightly, frantically, with trembling hands. She gulped at their massive size, their warm, full feeling. She lapped her tongue over them eagerly, then sucked them in her mouth as she ran her hand farther back between his legs, clutching a tight ass cheek, running her fingers down the crack of his ass, pressing against his tight asshole.

Vince leaned back against the wall and moaned. He rotated his hips upward and spread his legs as wide as he could, his pants still around one ankle. He clutched her head as she worked her tongue around on his cock and his balls.

"Oh, God, Isabelle. Oh, yes. That's it. That's the spirit. Work my cock over good. Your tongue feels so good licking my cock! That's it! Suck my balls good. Ooooh, yeah. You really know how to work my cock over good. Mmmm."

He clutched, her head and ran his fingers through her fine blonde hair. He looked down to watch her pretty face working away in his crotch. There were few things in life he enjoyed more than fucking a beautiful woman's face unless it was fucking her cunt.

Isabelle was clutching and pumping his cock with her free hand while she sucked on his balls, and toyed with his asshole with the other. Then before she pulled her mouth back to his cock to suck it in and receive a load of his juicy cum, she nuzzled her face back a little farther and thrust her tongue up his gaping asshole.

"Oh, God," Vince whispered. "Jeez, Isabelle. You're driving me nuts with that tongue action of yours. Oh, God, yes. That's it. That's the stuff. Mmmm, yeah. Tongue my asshole good and you'll have my cock chucking up a good load of cum any second now."

Isabelle felt herself inspired by the lust of her actions. She pounded his cock all the harder, and tried to stick more of her pointy hot tongue into his asshole. She didn't know why she was worked-up like this.

She didn't know why she was using this approach when her cunt was so on fire and she wanted to feel his hot stiff cock plunging deep inside her. All she knew was that this stud turned her on, and she needed to thrust her tongue into his ass.

She wanted him to get hotter and hotter. She wanted him to shoot the load of his life. Then, and only then, would she have him fuck her brains out.

She lapped more and more furiously away at his asshole, literally fucking it with her hot stiff tongue. In and out, faster and faster, she stabbed his rear opening with her hot oral spear as she pounded his cock harder and harder.

Vince leaned farther back, trying to spread his legs even more so she could have easier access to his asshole. He worked his hands over her beautiful blonde head all the more frantically as he felt his cum well up in his balls. That familiar tingling sensation that preceded every blast soon signaled to him that he was on the brink.

He clutched her head. "Oh, yeah, babe. This is it! You've got me now. I'm coming. I'm there, babe! Yeow!"

When Isabelle felt his leg, muscles tense and jerk wildly, she suddenly pulled her tongue from his asshole and wrapped her mouth around the knob of his cock. Swiftly she bobbed her head up and down, grunting and humming with delight as she felt him unload a gusher of jism into her waiting mouth. Up and down, her face raced on his magnificent cock as bullet after glorious liquid bullet spewed from the eye of his cockhead into her mouth and down her throat.

Vince quivered and tried to thrust his hips up in time with the eruptions from his fuck glands. He clutched her head tightly and held it in place as gob after gob of his rich white cream flooded her mouth. He grunted and groaned as softly as he could, his face twisted with sexual ecstasy as his orgasm raged on.

When Isabelle felt his blasts subside, she plunged her head further forward, sucking the knob and the first several inches of his long cock right down her throat to suck up every drop of his spunk. She bobbed her head farther and farther onto his flagging cock, her nose nuzzling in his thick patch of golden pubic hairs, her cheeks caving in from the mighty suction action she was providing his cock.

When Vince felt his cock chuck up the last of its trickling load, and when he was sure Isabelle had sucked his nuts dry, he pulled her face off his waning cock and pulled her all the way up to him with his strong hands. As he did so, he let himself slide to the floor so he was sitting on the cold concrete, her crotch directly above his face.

He flipped up her skirt, and reached up to remove her panties and was pleasantly surprised to discover she didn't have any on. All the better, he thought. That made his job all that much easier.

Isabelle leaned forward, her hands grasping a shelf of the pantry as she spread her legs and lowered her cunt to Vince's hungry mouth.

"Oh, yes, Vince. That's it! Eat my pussy! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! My juicy cunt is just for you. It's all yours. It's on fire, just waiting for you to lick out the flames. Oh God, yes, Vince. That's it. Mmmmm! God, that feels so wonderful!"

Vince had just begun lapping away at her gorgeous swollen clit and she was already quivering with delight. She was so hot, so eager for action. He considered Matthew a very lucky man to have someone as gorgeous as this around, someone as hot as this to fuck whenever he wanted.

Although Catherine was several years younger than Isabelle, and about as good-looking, she certainly wasn't as hot as this. She was a good fuck. In fact, he thought, she was great, Isabelle -- now she was something else!

He lapped up the entire length of her full cunt lips several times, feeling their warmth, feeling the juicy lubrication already forming there from her dripping inner cunt. Then he plunged his tongue deep inside between her lips as he clutched her ass and squeezed it. He gripped her in such a way that he was able to thrust his thumbs forward in her crotch and spread her outer pussylips.

Vince hummed low when he felt the hot tight inner walls of her cunt wrap around his tongue. He stabbed her fuck hole furiously several times, thrusting his tongue deeper and deeper inside her, tasting the delicious flow of cunt juice she had to offer.

Then he pulled his tongue out of her cunt gash and flicked it farther up to her quivering cunt. There he flicked it around, wildly exciting the little bubble of flesh in a way he knew would have her climbing the walls.

"Oh, yes, Vince, yes! That's it. Oh, God, yes! Lick my clit. That's it! Mmmmm. You're sending me right up these walls with that talented tongue of yours. I'm so hot, Vince. I'm so fucking hot, I'm coming already. Oh yes, yes yes!"

Her legs quivered and buckled, sending her ass flip-flopping all over Vince's face. She exploded with a series of pops and tingling throughout her system. She moaned and whimpered as her head tossed her gorgeous blonde hair from shoulder to shoulder.

Her heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour as her orgasm raged throughout her system. She yipped and panted wildly, her jaw hanging slack. Her cunt literally flooded Vince's face with an outpouring of juice as he tried futilely to slurp it all up.

She lowered herself closer and closer to Vince's wildly lapping face. Forcing his head to the floor, she kneeled on top of him, then scooted her cunt down his broad chest to his loins where she was pleased to discover his cock had already responded to the call to duty.

She quickly snared his wildly pulsating cock which was flopping around on his belly like a jack rabbit. Lifting her ass off his thighs, she sat down on his cock, sinking it right to the very depths of her quivering steamy cunt.

"Uuuhhh," she cried as her head flopped back. She put her hands on his strong hairy chest and began to thrust her ass up and down furiously. She squeezed her knees tightly against his body and fucked for dear life.

Faster and faster, she bounced up and down on his long stiff cock, getting herself higher and higher, closer and closer to another raging orgasm. She was so wild with passion she sounded like she had just run three miles. Her words were barely audible above the wild slapping sounds of their bodies, and the jumbled mix of moans and sighs of deep appreciation.

"Oh, yesss," she whispered. "Oh. God, yes. That's it. I'm coming again! I can't stop. I just can't stop! I can't help myself! I'm going nuts! You're driving me nuts, Vince! Oh yes, yes, yes. I'm coming all over the place. Unh, unh, unh, unh! Aaahhh!"

She shuddered and whimpered as her body flexed and relaxed at a rapid pace. She grunted and groaned, beads of sweat forming on her forehead as yet another orgasm raged throughout her system. She felt herself getting higher and higher as her orgasm mounted, zinging furiously through her, body.

She had bucked and humped so rapidly she nearly exhausted herself as she suddenly came crashing down on Vince's massive, heaving chest. She panted and whimpered as she looked at him, his eyes twinkling with sexy suggestion, his smile spelling mischief. She flexed her clit muscles and discovered his cock was still hard.

"Oh, God," she huffed between breaths. "Oh God, oh God! We can't have you going back upstairs like that." She quickly pulled her cunt off his stiff slick cock and turned around, kneeling on the hard cold dusty concrete. "Here, quick, fuck me from behind! Fuck me good! That's it. Hurry. Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can. We have to get back upstairs."

Vince was quick to respond, and in the next minute he was stabbing her dripping cunt as hard and as fast as he could from behind. Again and again, he rammed his stiff cock into her hungry pussy at record speed, and soon called out his own climax between clenched teeth.

"All right, this is it. I'm coming. I'm coming!"

He pile-drove his cock into her hot tight clit so furiously they both hurt their knees. But neither cared. This had been a grand fuck. The speed with which the whole thing came on, the urgency, and heated passion of both individuals took each other higher than they had ever thought possible.

Chapter TEN

It became increasingly difficult for Isabelle to continue meeting privately with any of her guests. She found herself in a growing state of agitation, in spite of the fact that she was wearing off a lot of her built-up sexual energy. But just having so many good-looking young healthy vibrant sex partners surrounding her, offering their bodies for her to scan, casting her winks and seductive looks when they thought no one else was looking, caused her passions to mount higher and higher.

She looked for any excuse she could to get one or another of them off to the attic, off to the cellar, or for everyone but one select person to be out of the house at the same time. Over the next several days she enjoyed each one of them again.

The next opportunity she had to spend with Ruth came early the next week. When she noticed they were alone, after several days of welcoming and returning Ruth's secret little glances and hints of sexuality, Isabelle sidled up to her, rubbed her pointed tits against her back and blew lightly in her ear.

"I think we're alone," she said. "The only ones here are Vince and Catherine, and they're busy doing whatever newlyweds do when they have a few moments alone together."

Catherine had come down with the sniffles from being out in the cold and damp the day before, and Vince was kind enough to fuck her in bed and spend his time taking care of her every need. This looked like the perfect opportunity for Isabelle and Ruth.

Ruth turned around so her tits could rub against Isabelle's. She glanced nervously around, then planted a light kiss on Isabelle's lips. Isabelle returned the favor, brushing her warm cunt mound against Ruth. Then she grabbed Ruth's hand.

"I know just the place. Come with me."

Isabelle led her up two flights of steps to the attic. When they got to the far corner where the bed was, she turned and again and kissed her sister-in-law. They wrapped their long slender arms around each other's back. Together they stroked, kissed, hummed merrily, and ground their cunts together.

Isabelle pulled away. "Here let's get rid of these and do it right." She began undressing Ruth as Ruth did the same to her. In another minute, they were wider the quilt on the soft bed, cuddling up to each other to keep warm. They ran their legs up and down the other's, as though rubbing sticks together to start a fire.

The two hot women sucked on each other's tongue. Their hands worked feverishly over each other's body, fondling tits, moving their hands down the gentle curves of each other's hour glass figure, over the warm taut flesh of hard ass cheeks, over the curves of the lower belly. Ultimately, their hands moved down over the other's bushy triangle, and came to rest in the Y between the other's legs.

They hummed and moaned and sucked on each other's tongue as they took each other higher and higher, made each other hotter and hotter with sexual desire. Their bodies writhed and wriggled under the quilt, warming each other up, taking each other to greater and greater heights of sexual bliss.

Then Ruth rolled Isabelle over and ground her body against her sister-in-law's. They could feel their pubic patches rub into each other's, their clits actually stimulating the other's. Together, they wormed their way around on the bed, stroking each other's hair, humming and moaning into the other's mouth, feeling their cunts as well as each other getting hotter and wetter as they went along.

Isabelle was the first to pull her mouth away. She enjoyed Ruth's delicate kisses very much, but she needed to breathe. She clutched Ruth's head close to her own as she panted homely in her ear.

"Oh, yes, Ruth. Yes, yes, yes! Your body feels so wonderful next to mine. That's it. Keep grinding your warm wet pussy against mine. I can feel your bush tickling my clit. It feels so good. You're getting me so hot. You have such a gorgeous body it makes me hot just looking at it. You're really getting me hot now. Oh, yes, yes, yes! That's it. Keep grinding your cunt against mine. Ooooh. You're getting me so hot, I'm going to come any minute. Come with me, Ruth!"

Together they rubbed their bodies together and each continued to grind her flaming pussy against the other's. They could feel the heat, the moisture scaring from their grinding, gnashing cunts. They could sense each other getting higher and higher, hotter and hotter, closer and closer to blasting off.

What developed was a slow, gently mounting orgasm, not fast and furious, but delicate, tender, and very very sensual.

"Oh, yes, Isabelle," Ruth whispered. "I'm with you. I'm with you all the way. Just the thought of holding your lovely body so close to mine gets me hot. Actually, doing it gets me hotter and hotter. I'm with you, darling. I'm on the brink myself. Your pussy feels so good rubbing against mine. Oh, yes. Come with me. I'm there. Come with me now. I'm coming! Oh, yes! Ah, ah, ah, I'm comiiinnggg!"

She quickly pressed her lips against Isabelle's and thrust her tongue forcefully into her mouth as she clutched the sides of her head with her forearms, twining her fingers in her sister-in-law's radiant blonde hair. She increased the rocking and writhing motion of her groin against Isabelle's at a furious pace now as she felt her orgasm well up inside her.

Together they moaned as they ground their bodies frantically together. They were like a whirlwind of activity as they wriggled and squirmed around on the bed, their bodies melting in their mounting excitement, and they felt their juice gush out against each other's steamy cunt.

On and on, their orgasm raged as they literally ravished each other with their, twisting, turning bodies, their pubes tangling with each other's, the combined heat of their pussies about enough to start the covers on fire. They moaned and gurgled feverishly into each other's mouth as their climax sizzled on carrying them higher and higher, to the very crest of sexual bliss, then over it, and on to another.

They pulled their lips apart and clutched each other tightly, feeling their climaxes snap off like a hundred little brush fires. They gasped and panted and sweated as their orgasms tore on, almost ripping them apart in their frenzy.

When they felt their cumulative orgasms peaking and subsiding, they relaxed their grips and let their arms and legs loosen up. Their grinding movements were slowing down as they stared bleary-eyed into each other's radiant face. Ruth relaxed on top of Isabelle's warm body, her chest heaving.

They stroked each other's hair and gently rubbed their bodies and legs together, no longer in a way to achieve a mind-shattering orgasm, but in a way to express gratitude, as well as keep warm.

Isabelle looked into his sister-in-law's lovely dark eyes as she ran her fingers through her silky brown hair. She was glad Ruth had shown her the ways of making another woman happy, and she wondered if she would ever get another chance. She wondered if she ever dared, at the risk of damaging her husband's reputation, making the first move toward starting a similar relationship with another woman.

She knew she didn't want this kind of life exclusively, for she loved men too much. She loved feeling a nice hard cock pump in and out of her cunt. She loved the feel of a strong thick cock in her hand, warm and hard, the silky smooth flesh over a rock-hard lead pipe underneath.

She loved the feel of a gorgeous hunk of cockmeat stuffed in her mouth and even down her throat. She loved the texture and the taste of a good load of male jism filling her mouth and splashing down to her belly.

She knew she loved those things and always would. There was no getting away from that. She was truly in love with a good hard piece of cock.

But this... this encounter she had with Ruth was so different. She still managed to have a terrific orgasm, but it was the way it came about that excited her.

A woman was so soft, smelled so nice. A woman didn't have scratchy cheeks and chin that rubbed her face -- or her thighs -- raw. A woman was gentle and tender and knew just how and when to touch her to bring her the greatest thrills.

She was saddened suddenly at the thought of never being able to make it with another woman. She clutched Ruth tighter at the thought.

"Hold me, Ruth. Hold me tight. I love the feel of your body close to mine. I want to cherish the thought forever. I might never get another chance to do this... not for a long, long time anyway. Matthew would just die if he ever knew. But I need you now. I need to make the most of this precious experience. I need you to make me feel good and wonderful all over my body. And I want to remember this all my life."

With that, she lifted Ruth's face to her own and kissed her tenderly, lovingly. She pressed her lips delicately against her sister-in-law's and caressed her cheek as they fondly kissed each other.

Then Ruth felt the flames of her passions being fanned again, and she increased the slow gentle gyrations she had been making with her cunt against Isabelle. She squeezed her ass cheeks, pressed her groin against Isabelle's and twirled it around frequently.

Soon they were working their cunts against each other's with increasing conviction, with mounting sensations.

Only Isabelle didn't want to do it the same way. Once was enough. Although it had been tremendously enjoyable, she needed variety to make this a truly memorable experience. Plus, she needed to taste Ruth's delicious cunt juice once more before their visit was over.

She wrapped her arms tightly round Ruth's back and rocked her sideways until she had her flipped over, then began a slow tongue trip down her torso, kissing and nibbling at the brunette's lovely tits, down farther to her curly brown patch of cunt-hair, and then down to the very target of her journey.

Isabelle pressed the flat of her tongue against Ruth's swollen cunt lips. She hummed with great delight. Then she grabbed Ruth's thighs and spread them wide, her cunt lips opening up in the process, exposing the tasty pink flesh of her inner pussy lips.

Isabelle used her thumbs to spread the moist lips apart, then stared deep into Ruth's gaping cunt-hole. Without further ado, she plunged her tongue in as far as it would go. Already it tasted wonderful, the remnants of the orgasm they had just enjoyed lingering on Ruth's slick hot cunt walls.

When Ruth felt Isabelle's tongue into her steamy pussy, she clutched her sister-in-law's head and hissed.

"Ohhh, yesss. Oh God, Isabelle. That feels so wonderful! I love the feel of your tongue in my cunt. You're better than any man. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! That's it! I love it! Suck my cunt for me, Isabelle. Lick my pussy good. This might be the last chance we ever get. Aaah, yess! That's wonderful!"

Her legs flip-flopped about on the bed as Isabelle continued her terrific tongue job on Ruth's drooling fuck hole. Isabelle thrust her tongue in and out with increasing fervor. She could feel every contour, every fold of delicate warm moist flesh on the inside of her sister-in-law's cunt.

It was a treat like nothing she had experienced. She loved it, and she wanted more.

Faster and faster, she lapped away at Ruth's steamy pussy. Deeper and deeper, she tried to plunge her tongue, but it was only so long, it would go on only so far. She wrapped her lips around Ruth's cunt lips and sucked as she thrust her tongue deep inside, trying to pull out all the delicious cunt juice she could find.

"Oooooh, wonderful. You're driving me up the wall with that wonderful tongue action. I need a nice juicy cunt to suck on, Isabelle. Bring your lovely ass around here so I can taste your sweet juices as well."

She flung the quilt back and twisted her body downward as Isabelle turned hers upward. Soon they were positioned with their heads on each other's thigh, their faces in each other's crotch, lapping wildly away at the other's hot dripping cunt.

There was little energy left for words, but they didn't hesitate to hum and groan with great delight whenever they felt a particularly exhilarating maneuver of the other's tongue. They lapped and licked and, sucked at each other's pussy until they felt themselves in the throes of another mounting orgasm.

They took each other higher and higher, closer and closer to sexual bliss with each lap of their talented tongues on each other's aching, quivering cunt. They thrust as deeply as they could, literally tongue-fucking the other's pussy for all they were worth.

They writhed and grunted and squirmed all over the bed, not caring that the room was ten or fifteen degrees colder than the rest of the house, they were so hot, so engrossed in giving and receiving the ultimate sexual pleasure they could imagine.

When their convulsing subsided, they didn't stop. They both knew their time together was limited, and they both knew they were capable of reaching yet higher states of sexual fulfillment. They flicked their tongues over each other's clit, nuzzled their chins in their pubic hairs and sucked, nibbled and blew themselves to a mind-shattering series of climaxes.

Then Ruth recalled the delightful triple action Isabelle had provided her the other day. It was something no one had ever done to her before, and it was something that surprised her, for at the time Isabelle claimed she was a virgin when it came to making it with a woman, yet she certainly knew what she was doing. It had sent Ruth up the walls, and she was ready to experience it again. And the best way to get it, she knew, was to give it.

While she sucked and flicked away at Isabelle's quivering clit, she brought her hand around from her ass where she was kneading and fondling her sister-in-law's lovely ass cheeks, and thrust two of her fingers right in Isabelle's flaming wet pussy. She pumped in and out as though she were fucking it with a cock of her own.

Sure enough, it worked! The next thing she knew, Ruth felt Isabelle doing the same to her. Together they fucked each other's cunt with their fingers, and when she had hers good and slicked up, Ruth pulled them out and inserted her thumb to provide the same fucking action while she stretched her fingers back to the blonde's asshole and thrust one effortlessly inside.

Isabelle responded by doing the same to her, and soon they were licking each other's clit, thumb-fucking each other's cunt and fingerfucking each other's asshole until they brought each other to the most dynamic conclusion either had ever experienced.

They thrashed and jerked and moaned and grunted like they were stricken with spasms. They slurped and fingered and thrust and bounced so furiously, the bed rattled and slapped against the wall. They literally exhausted each other in the orgasm of the century, and when it was over, they collapsed on the bed, their fingers still in each other's fuck holes, their chests heaving mightily as they gasped for air.

"Bravo!" a man's voice said, accompanied by solitary applause.

Their heads snapped up in terror and twisted to see Vince's smiling face as he hunkered on the floor in his bathrobe, his huge cock throbbing wildly in front of him.

"Marvelous show," he said. "Mind if I join in?" He got up and untied his robe, letting it fall to the floor, the gigantic purple knob of his pulsing, massive cock glistening with precum.

Chapter ELEVEN

Ruth flinched and shrieked when she saw the size of Vince's huge cock, throbbing and glistening in the dim light of the attic as he approached the bed with a swagger, a look of radiant lust spread over his face, passion dripping from his loins.

Isabelle clutched her sister-in-law tightly when she felt Ruth trying to disengage herself and get up.

"Easy, Ruth," she said in a desperate attempt to calm the brunette. "It's okay. It's okay. This may prove to be interesting. Just settle down."

Ruth squirmed and whimpered, half from embarrassment, half from fear. He might tell Ted. And he might tell Matthew. She couldn't bear the thought of either of them finding out.

She looked at Vince bug-eyed as he slowly sauntered toward the bed, his gigantic erect cock leading the way, flying freely in the cool air of the attic.

"You have your nerve," she said bitterly, her voice quaking as she tried to pull the comforter over her naked body. "How long have you been there? What are you going to do now? Are you going to tell?"

Vince tossed his hands up casually and continued to grin. "Hey, who would I tell? And why? Naw, this can just be our little secret. Okay? I mean, just as long as it's our little secret, if you know what I mean?" He looked at her lewdly, his eyes cruising that part of her nude body that wasn't covered.

"What do you mean by that?" Ruth asked, her voice still stern and trembling.

"Well, as long as I'm a part of it, I don't see why anyone here has to mention anything to anyone else. Get the picture?" His eyes leered at her with desire, his cock rock-hard and jerking nearly in her face now as he stood next to the bed.

Then he glanced at Isabelle. "Ask Isabelle. She'll tell you what I mean. It's just our little secret, isn't it, Isabelle? Just like the other day. Nobody needs know about that either, right?"

Isabelle smiled up at him lewdly. "That's right Vince, just our little secret. Well, a three way secret now." She looked at Ruth.

Ruth's eyes shot back and forth between Isabelle's and Vince's. "What... What are you two guys talking about?"

Isabelle looked at her seductively. "Didn't you wonder what took Vince and me so long when we went down to the pantry the other day? It certainly doesn't take that long to fish up a couple jars of jam and a sack of potatoes."

Ruth began to relax as the light went on. She glanced at Vince's swollen stiff cock again, just inches from her face, and she felt her heart thump. It had been racing along at a rapid pace when she first heard Vince's voice and hands clap, but now it thumped excitedly.

She had to admit, his huge throbbing cock sure was an imposing sight to see. Her eyes scanned the rest of his strong athletic body. He was well-built, there was no denying that, and quite attractive, especially standing here in the nude.

She had led a rather limited sex-life since marrying Ted, but there sure was room for a little extra thrills now and then. She had done plenty of fooling around before she got married, and now, all of a sudden, eyeing Vince's gorgeous form, his stiff cock staring at her invitingly, she realized she missed that variety.

She felt herself craving a little added something. She felt a hungering, pulsing excitement deep in her cunt. And the fact that she was doing something quite naughty added to her excitement.

Without hesitating another minute, she slowly reached out and softly caressed Vince's huge pulsing cock. The instant she touched it with her warm fingers it jerked and issued a few more drops of his early clear precum, glistening invitingly from the eye of his blunt cockhead.

She gently cupped the throbbing cock in her loose fingers, running them all the way down his cockshaft to his massively hanging balls. She wrapped her hand around his cock and pulled it closer to her mouth. Her lips parted, she stuck out her tongue and leaned forward, licking off the clear drops of precum.

Vince arched his back and leaned forward, his knees resting against the edge of the bed, to offer more of his long aching cock to her oral caress. She opened her mouth and pulled the huge purple knob inside and sucked, her cheeks caving in, her eyes lighting up, a soft hum of delight issuing from her throat.

Isabelle patted her gently oh the ass. "That's the spirit. Now we're all members. All in the family. Come on up here, Vince. Join the party. There's plenty of room for everyone, and plenty of warm bodies to make everyone happy."

Vince let Ruth run her hot tight mouth up and down his slick cock until she had it harder, hotter and eager for action. He held the back of her lovely head and caressed her soft brown hair appreciatively.

"Oooooh, yesss. That's it. That feels so good. You have a real fine mouth there, Ruth. It feels real good, sucking on my aching cock. You're getting to me with that wonderful tongue. You really know how to suck a cock, don't you? Ted's a lucky guy. I'll bet you get plenty of practice, don't you. Mmmmm-mmmm. Oh, yeah! That's one mighty fine blow job you're giving me here."

Ruth scooted a little closer to the edge of the bed to suck in more and more of his long, thick cock. Her initial fears and reservations had been overcome, and she was now getting into the thrills of this exciting act. She worked her mouth tighter and faster up and down Vince's magnificent cock.

When she had it as stiff and as long as it would ever get, Vince proposed another idea.

"Hey, that feels great, but let's all get in the act, okay?"

He pulled his cock out of Ruth's mouth and they were all surprised when she lurched for it, trying to snare it and pull it desperately back into her hungry mouth.

"Oh," she choked. "Let me have more. Please! You have such a gorgeous cock, I want to suck it off. I was just getting into it. Please, let me suck your beautiful cock off. I want you to come in my mouth."

"Well, that can be easily arranged," Vince grinned. "But let's get ourselves situated here, so we can all play."

He offered suggestions to the two beautiful women, and soon he was kneeling on the bed, his head buried in Isabelle's dripping crotch, while Ruth had positioned herself under him so she could continue to suck on his gorgeous cock. Soon they were working themselves to a frenzy.

They didn't have time to argue about who was enjoying it more. Isabelle was writhing with delight as Vince lapped and sucked away at her already drenched pussy. Ruth slurped and stroked his pulsing hulk of cockmeat, humming and moaning with sheer delight at having this magnificent specimen in her mouth. She was almost frantic in her efforts to get him to blast his tasty cum in her mouth.

As he felt his orgasm mounting, Vince lapped more and more furiously away at Isabelle's drooling pussy. He spread his knees wider to lower more and more of his engorged cock into Ruth's ecstatic mouth. He felt that familiar tingling sensation in his balls, and knew he was on the verge of blasting a mighty load into the lovely brunette's throat, but he didn't want to interrupt his own mouth action on the gorgeous blonde pussy below him to call out his climax. He hummed delightedly into Isabelle's sloppy pussy with increasing fervor as his orgasmic sensations mounted higher and higher. He figured Ruth would get the message. He flexed his leg muscles and bounced his ass up and don.

He wasn't sure just how much cock Ruth could take into her throat, but he would soon find out. If she pulled off or gagged, he'd have to ease off. Until then, he kept thrusting his hips, and soon it was less like she was giving him a blowjob and more like he was fucking her face as he sent his cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

Ruth gasped and gurgled with delight as she felt more and more of his long slick cock force its way deeper into her oral cavity. She relaxed her throat muscles and let him stab her throat wildly as she sensed his orgasm mounting. She craved the sensation of him shooting his load down her gullet. Wriggling and moaning, she reached down to her own itchy pussy with excited fingers and diddled her quivering clit, racing with the others to a tumultuous combined orgasm.

Isabelle shrieked wildly, grabbing a pillow and sinking her teeth into it for fear of alerting more unwanted intruders. She convulsed and groaned as her orgasm ripped off, sending her crotch slapping frantically up into Vince's wet face. He lapped her quivering clit grandly until she exploded. Then he wrapped his lips around her swollen cunt lips and sank his tongue as deep into her erupting cunt as possible, lapping up every drop of delicious cunt juices he could find.

He instantly flexed his thick thigh muscles and tightened his ass and sank his cock deep into Ruth's wet, tight throat and held it there. His body was quivering from the exertion of his holding his muscles so tight. He convulsed once, twice, and then his cock instantly exploded a gusher of cum right down to her stomach.

Ruth's eyes bugged out as she felt her throat stuffed full of cock, no longer sliding in and out, but holding its position firm, immobile, except for the wildly pulsating sensation she felt as his cock spurted gob after gob of his mighty load into her gullet. She quivered and grunted, fearing she might have her air supply cut off at a crucial moment, but ravenous for the generous load of rich creamy fuck juice Vince was pumping into her.

She wriggled her ass and thrust her cunt up into her hand, flipping her clit with frenzy as she felt her own orgasm well up. When she exploded, she instantly removed her hand from her clit, and rubbed her legs together, contorting her groin area to work her cunt to a grander explosion. She brought both hands up to Vince's hips and clutched them tightly.

She thrust the giant of a man upward off her face, and was pleased to see him respond favor ably. He was so much bigger and stronger than both her and Isabelle put together, but he wasn't ignorant in the ways of sex. He didn't want to choke her.

What he didn't know was that she thrust his groin off her face more out of the desire to have his cum shoot in her mouth than out of the need to gasp for air. She had wanted to taste his funky fuck juice, and she couldn't if he was firing it right down her gullet. She pulled his cock out of her throat and let the remainder of his massive load erupt into her mouth, filling it up, nearly overflowing her small oral cavity, combining with generous amounts of her saliva, a few maverick drops oozing out the corner of her lips and dribbling down her chin.

Blast after powerful bleat of his generous load erupted from his cock as he continued to slurp away at Isabelle's still overflowing pussy. They sucked and licked at each other's flooding fuck organs until they were dry, spent, and, for the moment anyway, exhausted.

Vince finally pulled his flagging cock out of Ruth's mouth and rolled sideways, crashing to the bed next to the two gorgeous sisters-in-law. After resting and panting and catching their breaths it was time to regroup and launch into another glorious round before they had to regain their composure and reappear elsewhere in the house, acting as though nothing had happened.

Vince's gigantic cock had only come back to half size when they started to regain their strength and reposition themselves. Ruth was eager to have his mammoth cock up her cunt, fucking her silly, but it was too early for that just yet.

"You know what'll bring it back to life faster than anything? If I have a gorgeous pussy to munch on." He winked at Ruth. "And since I've already sampled Isabelle's while you were so nice to suck me off, I figure it's only fair if I return the favor."

Ruth leered at him. "Well don't do it because you feel like you have to." She half-smiled.

He grinned lustily at her. "Hell, I'd never do that. This will be more my treat than yours. There's few things in life I enjoy more than eating a beautiful woman's pussy. And from what. I've seen, you've got just the thing to breathe new life into my cock."

They repositioned themselves so Ruth was on her back, and Vince was straddling her. He was about to bury his face in her crotch when Isabelle suggested he flip around the other way so Ruth could work on his cock at the same time.

He looked back at her. "What'll you do? We want you included in this picture as well."

She looked at him lustily. "I intend to be included. You'll see. Just flip around."

He did so, and immediately went to work lapping away at Ruth's dripping pussy while she wrapped her fist around his semi-hard cock and pumped away at it before pulling it into her mouth.

Isabelle got behind Vince, grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them as wide as she could. In the next instant, she had her tongue plunge in again and out of his asshole much to his delight. This would have him hard and ready for more action sooner than anything.

Vince was in ecstasy being worked over by these two gorgeous females, as well as having a tasty cunt to lick on in the process. He pressed the flat of his tongue against Ruth's swollen cunt lips, spreading them with his thumbs. As he kneaded and clutched her firm round ass cheeks, he plunged his tongue deep inside her cunt to savor the tasty juice already there.

He hummed with delight and wriggled his ass, pressing it backward every now and then to feel the wonderful sensation of Isabelle's hot stiff little tongue plunging into his asshole. They all moaned and writhed with, great joy as they toyed with each other's fuck equipment.

While Ruth was on her back with her mouth licking and sucking on Vince's huge cock, she felt Isabelle's head very close to her own as she worked away at Vince's asshole. She had been clutching and fondling Vince's massive rock-hard ass cheeks, getting a great thrill out of the experience, sending herself higher and higher. But she wanted to provide Isabelle with thrills in addition to the tongue job she was providing Vince's asshole.

She reached both arms back through Vince's spread legs and worked her fingers over Isabelle's hanging tits. She squeezed the firm tit globes, sending tingles through her sister-in-law. Then, with one hand, she stretched as far back as possible and toyed with Isabelle's cunt. It was a long reach, but well worth it, for Isabelle started to respond with great delight, wriggling her ass, humming into Vince's asshole.

Vince shifted the focus of his attention from Ruth's gaping cunt hole to her clit, and flicked over it delicately with his tongue, sending shivers up and down her spine. He licked and sucked at her excited fuck bud until he felt her tighten and jerk with pre-orgasmic spasms. The combined action he was receiving had blown up his cock to full length now, and he was eager to bring Ruth to a glorious climax so he could flip her overland fuck her hot tight cunt with his aching cock.

Faster and faster, he lapped away at her quivering clit with feathery flicks until he heard her moan and hum in his crotch with extreme excitement. Her leg and ass muscles twitched mightily as she shuddered and exploded a torrent of hot tasty cunt juice all over his welcoming face. He stopped fucking her clit and sucked and licked her flooding pussy again to slurp up every drop of her delicious cum he could find.

When he had sucked her dry, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and quickly rearranged the group so he could fuck her from behind while she sucked on Isabelle's pussy. Ruth positioned herself in such a way so she could provide her sister-in-law with that wonderful two way act they had provided each other before. She fondled Isabelle's tits with one hand, flicked her clit with her tongue, flicked her cunt with her thumb, and dug into her tight asshole with her middle finger.

Vince pounded away at Ruth's cunt from behind, gripping her lovely ass cheeks in his strong fingers. He had gotten her so worked up from the tongue job he had just given her that it wasn't long before she felt the delights of another orgasm rippling throughout her system. She came suddenly, her body twisting and shivering with delight as she shuddered and whimpered into Isabelle's cunt.

When her orgasm subsided, she realized Vince's cock was still hard, still pumping furiously away at her cunt.

"Unh, unh," Ruth sputtered as she pulled her mouth off Isabelle's clit. "God, you're still hard. I can't believe it. I'm spent. I can't take any more of this. Please, Vince, please. Come, now. Fuck me faster. Fuck my cunt harder. Please, come quickly. I can't take any more."

Isabelle came to her rescue. The finger-fuck Ruth was giving her asshole had her turned on to new heights, but it wasn't enough. Ruth wasn't able to plunge in as far as she wanted it, all the way to the back where it itched.

"Vince! Vince! Stop! That's enough. You can finish off by fucking me in the ass. How'd you like that? Please, Vince. I need you to fuck my asshole so bad!"

Vince stopped instantly and smiled. Without waiting for an answer, Isabelle disengaged herself from the collection of bodies and assumed the necessary position. Ruth scooted under her and glued her face to Isabelle's dripping cunt while offering her own to Isabelle's hungry mouth.

Vince got behind and plugged her asshole with his throbbing excited cock. She was loose enough from Ruth's finger job that his cock slipped in her ass with little effort. In no time, they had a rapid rhythm going, and they all raced each other to another glorious orgasm.

When it was over, and Isabelle flexed her burning asshole around Vince's mighty cock, she discovered he was still hard!

"My God! Didn't you come yet?"

"The minute I had my cock plunged all the way in your ass."

"And you didn't go soft?"

He shrugged with false modesty. "That happens. Especially when I'm really turned-on. And you two gorgeous females got me turned-on like I've never been before."

"Omigod!" Isabelle exclaimed. "Now what do we do? I'm spent."

Ruth grinned with desire glinting in her eyes. "I've got a spare opening that's just itching for some hard cock."

No one needed another word. They all repositioned themselves again, and fucked till Vince finally came, filling Ruth's virgin asshole with a mighty load of his hot young spunk. They all collapsed together on the attic bed, struggling to regain their composure as quickly as possible and get back to their normal activities, before they were missed -- or discovered, again!

Chapter TWELVE

The next afternoon, Catherine and Ruth went to do some last minute Christmas shopping together to get to know each other a little better. And while Matthew was at work, Ted talked Vince into going jogging with him. Mark claimed he had some work to do, and wanted to spend some time alone.

When the others had left, Isabelle bounced up the stairs and knocked on Mark's door.

"Come in," he called.

Isabelle opened the door quietly and peeked in at him, sitting at the desk, poring over some boring-looking documents. She smiled teasingly, and walked sexily over to him, swinging her hips as she did so, running her tongue over her lower lip.

He looked up at her. "Yes; what can I do for you?"

"We've got the house to ourselves," she said with a suggestive tone to her voice, her eyes wandering lustily over his tall, lean handsome form, admiring his dark hair and features.

"Aah, look, Isabelle. I've been giving this some thought. I don't think we should take any more chances. We're really risking it, you know. I mean, what if we get caught again, by someone other than Ted. We were just lucky he was willing to participate and keep quiet about the whole thing."

She lowered herself next to his chair, and began running her fingers through his wavy dark hair. She leaned up to plant little kisses on his cheek.

"Mmmmmmm, I suppose you're right. We really shouldn't be carrying on like this. But, you're so-o-o-o good, Mark. I just can't keep my hands off you." With her other hand she started to rub his chest. I like you, Mark. You're so handsome and so well-built. And so-o-o well hung. It's a shame to let all that gorgeous cock go to waste. So come on. You're right, we shouldn't risk it. But nobody's here. And no one will be back for at least an hour.

She had let her hand drop to his lap where she was feeling around for his cock. She found it and started massaging it through his robe, feeling it respond to her caresses. His lips might have been saying no, but his cock was definitely saying the opposite, and was soon to change his mind for him.

Isabelle raised her lips back to his face and kissed him hotly, lovingly on the mouth as she continued to fondle and stroke his cock, which grew larger and firmer with each passing second. She knew that when she plunged her tongue in his mouth and started preaching with him, he would soon come around.

Mark slowly turned himself more and more sideways in his chair, to better enable Isabelle to get at him, to bitter enable him to wrap his arms about her, feel her silky blonde hair, run his hands down her shapely sides and back. He parted his lips and let her tongue enter his mouth. He spread his legs and let her hand dig his burgeoning cock up from between his thighs.

He moaned with delight into her mouth as she parted his robe and fished out his throbbing cock. God, he thought, that feels so good. She really knows how to take care of a man. She really is a terrific person, and so eager to please, so willing to open herself up to others. How could he resist her? He wondered. How could he possibly say no to her?

Plus, the way Matthew ignored her so much, it was only fair that he treat her kindly. It was only fair that he provide her with the kind of attention she so deserved, that she so obviously needed, that she so desperately craved.

He wriggled his ass and shoved his hips a little forward on the chair and spun around all the more. He hummed with delight as he felt her hot hand wrap around his already stiff, throbbing cock.

She had him going now. She had him excited. He could feel the oily beads of precum already oozing out the slit of his huge fuck knob, and he knew he wouldn't be happy, he wouldn't be satisfied until he had fucked her one more time before he left.

Isabelle sucked on Mark's tongue all the more frantically when she felt his cock getting harder and harder. She began, a slow, gentle, pumping motion up and down his thick cockshaft with her hand as she hummed into his mouth.

Then she brought herself up, let go of his cock, lifted her skirt and sat on his lap, facing him. She nuzzled against him, spinning the chair around a little more so it would lean back against the desk. She wrapped her arms about his neck as he scooted down farther in the chair and smiled up at her.

Isabelle continued to rub her wet cunt against his cock, which was resting straight up against his belly. She massaged and tickled her clit against his pulsing cock as she smiled into his face. Back and forth, round and round, she worked her cunt over his cock until she had her pussy good and lubed up, good and excited, ready to feel the hardness of his cock stuff up deep inside her hungry steaming cunt.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed. "That feels so good, yes. This is absolutely wonderful! Oooooo!"

She smiled delightedly into his handsome face as she continued to work her dripping cunt over his stiff cock. She leered at him with lusty eyes as she ground her groin against his. She rowed her hips and thrust her ass forward, grinding, pumping, squeezing her cunt against his hard cock, getting herself higher and higher, getting herself closer and closer to orgasm, getting herself more and more ready to plant herself right on his stiff throbbing cock.

Mark held her ass with both hands, kneading her firm smooth round ass-globes, pulling them forward, twisting her cunt around his eager rigid cock all the more furiously. He hummed low and smiled back up at her.

"You know, you're just the thing for a lonely neglected guy like me. I'm enjoying this trip more than I thought I would. I love the way you're treating me. Your cunt feels so good working over my cock like this."

Isabelle licked her lower lip and leered at him. "Well, then what are we waiting for?"

She lifted her hips up off his, reached down to snare his wildly pulsing cock, and pressed the huge engorged knob of it against her flaming wet, gaping pussy. She let go of it and nuzzled it a little with her cunt, feeling it poke gently inside her wet waiting cunt-hole. She wriggled her ass again and bounced slowly up and down a few times to feel his hard long prickshaft slide ever so slowly inside her hot tight cunt.

"Mmmmmm, that's so wonderful. God sure knew what she was doing when she invented sex. You know, that?"

She leaned forward and kissed him appreciatively as she continued rocking her hips up and down, back and forth, squeezing her legs against his sides to work more and more of his long hard cock into her hungry pussy.

Soon, they had a steady, rapid, rhythm going, Mark thrusting his hips up to stab more and more of his rigid cock into his sister-in-law's gorgeous blonde cunt as she bounced her hips up and down, forcing her groin closer and closer to his, feeling his long stiff cock slide as deep into her hungry pussy as possible.

Mark pulled his lips off hers and clutched her tightly to him as he felt his climax welling up in his balls. He whispered hoarsely and frantically in her ear.

"Oh, Belle! This is magnificent. I never seemed it could be so good. Mmmmm-mmmm."

"Your cunt feels so good, working up and down my cock. It's so nice and tight. You're going to have me shooting my load too, soon. I'm sorry, Belle. But I just can't take too much of this. You just get me too worked-up."

He hugged her head and breathed warmly and rapidly on her neck and shoulder as he thrust his flaming cock into her moist cunt all the harder. His legs twitched and jerked spasmodically as he felt his balls screaming out for release.

"Oh, yes yes yes, Mark. Don't worry about me. I'm with you all the way. You had me tingling with orgasm the minute I felt your cock slide in my pussy. Oh, yes yes yes! I'm coming! I'm comiiinnnggg!"

She bounced furiously away on his slick cock, slapping her wet loins harder and faster into his, crashing her crotch against his with loud sloppy sounds as they clutched each other tightly and exploded together. They fucked frantically and powerfully, grunting and humping for dear life as their orgasms flashed like lightning throughout their bodies.

When it was over, Isabelle kissed his face and head fervently, holding his handsome face between her hands as she rocked back and forth on his lap, clenching his flagging cock with her tight pussy muscles to milk the last of his cum out into her dripping pussy.

When they caught their breath, Mark looked her in the eyes and said, "You know, we don't have much time, but you've got me so worked up, I can't stop now. I need to feel your nice tight cunt wrapped around my cock as long as possible. I want to feel my cock thrusting in and out of your pussy again. This might be the last chance we ever get."

She looked at him with wild eyes, thinking the same thoughts he was. She didn't know when she would ever again be fucked so grandly.

"Oh, yes, Mark, yes. I'm all yours. I can't get enough of your gorgeous cock. Fuck me again, Mark. Fuck me all you want. Yes, Mark, yes. Fuck me!" She drowned him with wet kisses as she ground her cunt around on his half-stiff cock.

He clutched her ass cheeks firmly in his hands and lifted her up. "Wrap your legs around me," he whispered hoarsely, frantically. He got up and carried her to the bed where he laid her flat on her back. He removed his robe and climbed on the bed, but before he could position himself in a satisfactory way to fuck her again, she latched onto his semi-hard cock.

"We need to pump this up first," she said, and pulled his cock into her hungry mouth. He switched around, and soon they were devouring each other's crotch simultaneously.

Mark licked and sucked her pussy to another orgasm while she blew new life in his burgeoning cock. Long low moans and groans of pleasure issued from her throat as she pulled his half-stiff cock inside, deep, all the way back into her throat. She sucked and slurped on his cock until it grew too long and too hard to fit in her mouth.

Mark rotated his hips and thrust more and more of his cock into her talented mouth. Her mouth felt so good on his cock, it didn't take him long to get another raging hard-on -- this one firmer and longer than before -- and pulsing with the desire to plunge deep in the pussy he was greasing up with his mouth.

The delicious taste, the fragrant smell, the silky feel of her warm moist cunt flesh also aided in bringing his cock back to fuck-status. She had one of the tastiest pussies he had ever had the pleasure of having the pleasure of. He licked her cunt to two more orgasms while she inflated his cock.

When his cock was ready, pulsing with the renewed blood of desire, they rearranged themselves and he fucked her from behind. His cock sank into the depths of her drooling cunt with one swift stroke. In a matter of seconds, they were chugging and shrieking as she exploded in another mind-shattering climax.

He collapsed on top of her sweaty heaving back, her pointed nipples pressing into the palms of his hands beneath her. He kissed her neck warmly.

When she squeezed her cunt muscles she realized his cock hadn't gone limp.

"You didn't come?"

"Not yet, Belle. I wanted to make this the best ever. I wanted us to have something to remember."

"Would you like to fuck me in the ass, Mark?"

He smiled. "If you don't mind."

"No sense in being so timid about it," she kidded. "If you wanna fuck me in the ass, that's more than fine with me. But do it like you mean it. You don't have to ask sweetly. Just take me, Mark. Take me. Just ravage my body. Fuck my asshole like there's no tomorrow. And there might not be. Not for us together, anyway."

Mark hesitated, leered at her lustfully, then did what he wanted to do. And what he knew she wanted. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and yanked her ass up in the air. He slicked up has asshole with a mouthful of spit and grabbed his excited slippery cock.

Isabelle rated her cheek on a pillow and reached back to spread her ass cheeks as far as possible, opening up her back door for easier entry. She shuddered when she felt his thick cockhead press against her tiny asshole, but she instantly reined and pushed back, swallowing up the huge throbbing fuck knob and several inches of his long, slick prick shaft.

Before long, Mark was fucking her asshole wildly, sending her into ecstasy as she grunted and whimpered with each mighty thrust. She peered through slitted eyes when she heard the soft rustle of someone's presence in the room. She opened her eyes wider and looked up past two quavering rigid cocks into Ted's and Vince's smiling face.

"We just got back from our jog," Ted smiled, "and thought you might like some... help."

"Mind if we join you?" Vince asked, his voice dripping with sex, his cock twitching invitingly in Isabelle's face.

Isabelle smiled warmly as she got a brilliant idea. She reached out with one hand and squeezed first Ted's long throbbing cock then Vince's, while Mark continued to pound away at her asshole. She could already feel the excitement in her cunt mounting as she anticipated fulfilling yet another of her wildest dreams.

"Why, you just can't imagine how happy I am to see so many warm willing cocks all eager to satisfy me at the same time. Let's not waste another minute."

Before she knew it, the two newcomers had joined her and Mark on the bed, and while Ted fucked her from underneath, and Vince shoved his huge, hunk of cock in her mouth and Mark continued to fuck her asshole, Isabelle felt herself floating blissfully off to sexual heaven.


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