Scat slavers

What one man considers sexually exciting may be considered by another man to be disgusting and perverted. Should someone pursue the darker side of his sexual preferences? Should he follow the indecent paths his lusts lead him along, or ignore their temptations?

Davie, a handsome young man with a devoted black master, finds he must explore his rather unnatural callings. Even he realizes that what he craves is far away from the norm, but he can not resist. He must experiment with the forbidden, even if it costs him the comfortable life he had come to enjoy.

SCAT SLAVERS, the story of Davie as he works to discover what is important and satisfying to him. Through his experiences the rest of us can learn how what seems to be impossible can indeed be made real.

Chapter ONE

"It's gonna be you and one other slave to service everybody, cocksucker! And you better service them good, get me? You open up both your fuckin' filthy holes for whatever my brothers want to put in 'em! Or you'll get it when we get home -- if I don't sell your dirty fuckin' shit ass tonight!"

"Yes, sir," Davie said, lowering his eyes to the heavy leather belt around his naked hips and his wrists secured in leather cuffs on each side.

Reb reached over and worked Davie's cock and balls into a rubber cock ring, then snapped a chain to Davie's dog collar. He opened the door and Davie stepped out on the asphalt covered parking lot. Reb yanked the chain roughly, dragging Davie into the service entrance of the building where he pushed the elevator button.

As they ascended, Davie wondered what any of the residents would think if they could see him, but a few moments later they were standing at the front door of the apartment where Reb's buddy was having the party. Davie could smell the grass, hear the loud music and could feel his cock getting hard.

Terry, the host, was a tall, good-looking guy with a broad hairy chest and a long, slender cock hanging out of leather chaps. "Well, it's about time, Reb, you red-necked fucker! We've already given the other slave a case of lockjaw!"

He laughed and stepped aside as Reb yanked Davie into the room. Davie raised his head slightly and looked around. As Reb had promised, there were ten or twelve men in leather standing around drinking beer, smoking and talking. Another naked slave was on his knees drinking some guy's piss with a dildo strapped up his ass.

A tall, rough-looking guy approached and looked Davie over. "You gonna share that, or are you just braggin'?" he asked, laughing.

"I brought this piece of shit for all you fuckers to enjoy," Reb said, bending Davie over. "Soon's I pull this chastity plug out of his pussy." He worked the butt plug out of Davie's asshole and slapped him hard across the asscheeks.

The tall guy pushed Davie to his knees, aimed his cock at Davie's mouth and started pissing without saying a word. "How ya been, Reb?"

"Hangin' in there. Looks like a good party. You could get stoned just breathin'," he said, taking a hit from the tall guy's joint.

When the tall dude finished pissing, a hot, redheaded guy took his place, filling Davie's mouth. He rubbed Davie's head gently and rotated his hips sensuously as Davie drank, then looked down. "Drink it down, baby. Drink it fuckin' all," he moaned.

"Your slave eat shit?" Terry asked Reb.

"Fucker can't get enough. Wouldn't keep him if he didn't eat."

"I gotta force mine, but he loves it."

"Forcin' or feedin'?"

"Both. I'll chain mine in the bedroom and you can chain yours in the john. Okay? That'll give the guys some privacy if they want to shit."

"Good idea. I wanna get this punk of mine outta my sight for a while, anyway."

Terry turned to his guests. "Okay, you horny fuckers, we got two slaves for your kinky fuckin' pleasures. I'm gonna chain this pussy mouthed shit ass of mine in the bedroom for suckin' and fuckin'. And we'll chain Reb's slave here in the can for pissin' and shittin'." He laughed and grabbed Davie's stiff dick. "And it looks like this one can't wait to drink or eat you fuckers."

Reb pulled Davie into the john and snapped his chain over a towel bar behind the toilet.

"Okay, turd-lips, you treat my buddies real good."

He pulled Davie's face up, spat on him, turned and left. Through the door, Davie watched Terry tie his slave, Billy, to the brass column of the bed and leave.

"How you been. Davie?" Billy asked.

"Fine, Billy. Reb's a great master, but he gets a little carried away when he's had too much to drink."

"Terry, too, sometimes. Wish they'd tied us in the bathroom together I'd sure like to suck that cock of yours."

"That's why you're in there and I'm in here," Davie said, laughing.

A bearded guy, wearing only a leather jacket, walked around the bed, pushed Billy to his knees and started fucking his mouth. Davie watched the top's beautiful ass until Harry, a big black acquaintance of Reb's, walked into the john.

Harry looked down at Davie and grinned. "Hey, Davie, baby, what's happenin'?"

"Nothing yet, sir."

"That fucker, Reb, givin' you enough?"

"Yes, sir."

Harry slowly slid the zippers down both sides of his leather chaps and aimed his cock at Davie's mouth. "Take my piss, baby."

Harry didn't stop or even slow his stream down, forcing Davie to gulp it quickly until he finished. Then he turned around and spread his big, black ass.

"Clean it up, sugar," he said, pushing his ass back into Davie's face.

Davie licked out the guy's hot ass, crack and then began sucking on his big shithole, sliding his tongue up his hot, black as far as he could.

Harry reached down between his legs, grabbed Davie's ankles and jerked him flat on the floor, squatting his big black ass right over Davie's face.

"I hope you're hungry, baby, 'cause I got a big load of shit up my black ass for ya'."

Davie opened his mouth as Harry began to shit -- a stiff turd first and then, without stopping, a slow column of softer shit, filling Davie's mouth full. Davie gulped it down as fast as he could, then Harry raised his ass up slightly.

"Lick it clean, sugar."

Davie raised up and licked Harry's shitty hole. He sank back on the floor gasping for air as Harry stepped into his chaps and zipped them up.

"You eat shit good, Davie..."

"Thank you, sir. That's cause I like it."

A hot little blonde with a big cock had Billy bent over the bed and was fucking the hell out of his ass, grinding his crotch into Billy's butt and slamming him into the bed roughly. The sight made Davie's ass twitch as the top rammed his cock deep into Billy's hump hole, dug his fingers into Billy's shoulders and emptied his balls, throwing his head back with a loud moan. He tuned to see Davie, jerked his dripping cock out of Billy's asshole and walked into the bedroom, his big cock hanging limp and coated with Billy's shit.

"Clean me up, shit freak," he said, sticking his dirty cock into Davie's mouth.

Davie sucked the semi-hard, shitty cock as the top moved it around in his mouth, then pulled it out. He held it for Davie to lick up the smears left on the shaft and cock hairs, then slid it back into Davie's mouth and took a piss. When Davie had drunk it all, he pulled out, turned and left without a word.

By this time, Billy was getting fucked from both ends by two different leather guys pounding prick deep into his mouth and asshole. The grunts and groans made Davie's cock and ass quiver. He watched jealously, sliding his ass over the john and getting rid of all the piss he had drunk.

The two hunks blew their nuts in Billy's ass and mouth. The face fucker left and Billy licked the ass fucker's dirty prick clean, sucking it until it glistened. As he staggered out of the bedroom, Billy looked at Davie and grinned.

"Man, those two can really fuck," he said. "I saw, you lucky faggot," Davie said, smiling and trying to scratch his balls.

Reb walked into the bedroom with two cans of beer. He gave Billy one and poured the other one into Davie's open mouth without stopping. Davie swigged it down greedily, sneaking looks at Reb's cock and wishing Reb was pouring used beer in his mouth instead of fresh. He knew, however, he'd get that piss sooner or later -- here or at home -- if Reb forgot his threat to sell him.

Reb unsnapped the chains at the collars and motioned for both slaves to sit down on the bed. Billy rubbed his bare leg against Davie, who flinched, hoping that Reb hadn't noticed.

You're crazy, Billy, Davie thought, to take such blatant chances.

Reb, strapped a belt on Billy's hips and cuffed his wrists to it. He told them both that Terry wanted the two of them to put on a show for the guys in the other room.

"You'll leave these belts and cuffs on. You'll suck each other, until you're stiff, which shouldn't be more than a couple of licks," he said, looking down at their half-hard cocks, "Then you'll fuck each other, drink each other's piss and finish off the show with shit and a special dessert."

"Yes, sir," they said.

Reb led them out into the living room.

"Okay, you fuckheads! Show time! The two best fuckin' slaves in the world are gonna do it all for ya'!" He turned back to Billy and Davie like a referee and whispered: "I don't wanna see either one of you pop his nuts, got it? Now, start suckin' cock and make it fuckin' hot!"

Billy knelt and began licking Davie's cock, slathering his hot tongue all over the head and the shaft. In seconds, Davie was hard and aching to use his hands, which were cuffed at his sides, making him utterly helpless.

Billy's mouth was one of the best, and Davie nearly shot off several times as Billy sucked him. He steeled himself to hold back his load with every muscle in his body, puffing his prick out of Billy's mouth at the last minute.

Billy took the hint. He stood up as Davie sank to his knees in front of his hard cock, licking his cockshaft and closing his mouth over his cockhead. He slid his dirty lips all the way down Billy's prick to his balls as Billy moaned and began working his hot little body, driving his hard meat in and out of Davie's warm, juicy mouth as the leather dudes began hooting and hollering for more.

Billy grunted and pulled his cock out of Davie's mouth with seconds to spare. He whirled around and bent over, offering his hot little ass to Davie, who eased his cock up Billy's ass and began to fuck. Billy wriggled his ass as Davie bucked cock into him, grinding his crotch against Billy's beautiful ass, Billy moaned with each huge lunge of Davie's cock, loving the hot fucking.

Davie was hot to shoot, and he fought hard to keep from filling Billy's ass with a hot load of spunk. He pulled his prick out in the nick of time and watched agonizingly as Billy sank down to suck his cock clean. He closed his eyes and willed himself not to flood Billy's mouth with fuck juice. Quickly, he pulled his prick out and whirled around. When he bent over, Billy drove his stiff cock up his ass and the men cheered.

Billy banged his prick into Davie repeatedly, ramming his cock home and pulling it out to ram it home again, until he could stand it no longer. He pulled his shitty prick out and moaned loudly as Davie turned around and sucked it clean.

"Yeah, you son of a bitch, suck shit!" one of the men yelled.

"Lick shit off that cock!" another said.

Davie stood up, looking into Billy's grinning face, as Terry walked over to them with two stemmed goblets. He held them under their pricks without a word, and Davie and Billy pissed them full quickly.

Terry shifted the goblets and poured each's piss down the other's throat. Every dude in the room played with his cock or someone else's as they watched Billy and Davie drink the piss, cheering them on and flagging their cocks.

Terry held the empty goblets out to the group. "Anybody wanna fill these up again for these piss freaks?"

Two guys grabbed the goblets, pissed them full and handed them back to Terry. He poured the fresh piss down the slave's throats without stopping to let them breathe.

"Now," Terry said, "how would you like to see these two cocksuckers eat each other's shit?"

All the men hooted and whistled, pumping their stiff pricks faster as Billy lay down and Davie squatted over his face. Davie grunted and forced out a hard turd. He pinched it off and dropped down into Billy's wide-open mouth. Some of the guys hunkered down, egging Billy on as he munched it and let it slide down his throat.

Davie started to raise up, but Reb's strong hand on his shoulder stopped him. "Feed it all to him, fuck face!"

Davie squatted down again and grunted, spurting out a pile of softer shit which nearly filled Billy's mouth.

"Pig out, shit-face!" one of the guys yelled.

"Chow down, cocksucker!"

Billy gulped it down and rolled over, pulling himself up by his ass.

Davie lay back on the floor as Billy straddled him and squatted on his face. When Billy wriggled his ass, Davie raised up and licked his well fucked, slimy shithole. He opened his mouth as Billy grunted and stretched his shit lips wide, pushed out a long turd and let it hang out of his asshole. Davie raised up and began sucking on the turd as the group cheered. When Billy pinched it off, it plopped into Davie's dirty mouth.

He closed his eyes and moaned softly, chewing up Billy's big turd with his mouth open and letting it slide down his throat bit by bit.

"Go for it, joy boy!" someone yelled.

"Fill his fuckin' belly!"

Billy checked Davie out between his legs to see if he had swallowed it, then squatted over his face again. Davie waited anxiously, then watched a stream of soft shit ooze out and slide down into his open mouth. He closed his eyes and concentrated on Billy's shit, feeling the texture and savoring the taste, letting it glide down his gullet in succulent gulps until it was done. He opened his eyes and licked his lips as Billy stood up.

"That little fucker is a real shit-eater," one of the guys said, as Terry helped Davie up.

"How about that, you fuckers? And now... now they get dessert!" He held up two hot dog buns, waving them under Billy and Davie's noses. The buns each filled with a long turd, hard and cold.

Davie hated cold shit and knew he would have trouble swallowing it. He steeled himself for it as Terry fed the first hot dog to Billy, who managed to eat it quickly, moaning and shivering, to the delight of the guys watching.

Davie ate his quickly, too, making it in four bites, chewing and gulping it down fast, trying not to gag on it.

Terry patted their heads. "How about that?" The men applauded as Terry pushed the boys toward the bedroom.

"Now they are both gonna be chained in the bathroom. 'Cause I see lots of loaded guts that gotta take a piss... or somethin'."

He took them into the bathroom, snapped the chains back on their collars, hooked them both to towel bars and left them alone.

"Damn, I'd love to suck your cock and eat your ass out again," Billy said.

"Me, too," Davie said, "but we don't dare."

"Yeah, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to."

"Me either," Davie said, kissing Billy's dirty mouth.

During the next hour, they drank bladder after bladder of piss. So much so that they were sometimes in pain until they had time enough to relieve themselves between hot hoses repeatedly filling their bellies. The stream of pissing pricks didn't give them time to even think about playing with each other.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Terry walked into the bathroom.

"I think by now you two have had all the piss in the place," he said. "You both sure stink like a couple of filthy outhouses, but some of the guys wanna fuck you and they're so fuckin' stoned, they can't smell anything anyway. So what the hell?"

He unchained them and pushed them face-down on the bed in the bedroom, slid pillows under their crotches, and then opened three sets of cuffs. He shackled their outside ankles to the bedposts and their inside ankles together, leaving them spread eagled with their humpy asses in the air, high and available.

They were fucked repeatedly, sometimes one at a time, and sometimes both of them getting screwed side by side. One stiff prick after another was stuffed up their shit holes. Their bodies were crushed into the mattress again and again by heavy, heaving bodies banging their asses. Some of the guys jerked the slaves heads up to get sucked clean after dumping loads in their asses. Others just fucked them and left.

Davie and Billy both liked getting fucked, but what they endured was more than brutal, and the constant parade of pricks pounding up their assholes soon had them both groaning with true agony.

Still, sore as he was, Davie did enjoy getting fucked by Harry, whom Reb had given him to before on occasion. In spite of the size of his large black cock, he was gentle and kind; and even though his asshole was raw, Davie loved the fucking Harry gave him. He didn't even mind Harry's big heavy body on top of his, craming him into the mattress, and he proved it by bucking his ass wildly for Harry's pleasure.

"Damn, Davie, that's good ass!" Harry whispered, biting and licking his sweaty earlobe.

"I love your big cock up there, Harry."

"Damn, I'd like to have that purty little ass every fuckin' day, baby."

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes!"

Harry worked his cock slowly in and out of Davie's ass, then gradually picked up prick speed, screwing his big cock all the way up Davie's guts, his hands tight around Davie's wrists and his heavy body soaking Davie's back.

"Squeeze it, baby! Squeeze that pussy tight on Harry's big black cock!" He rode his hot cock all the way up Davie, twisted it around and sent spirals of flame coursing through Davie's wet, crushed body.

"You like it, don'tcha... baby?"

"Oh, yes, Harry! Let me... have it!"

"Give it to me... please... Harry!"

"Back it up... baby... 'cause I'm about to... fuckin' blow... my big black nuts!"

Davie crammed his asshole back up onto Harry's cock as his big black fucker rammed up his ass. He ground his ass back into Harry's cock hair, reveling in the big black bruiser all the way up him.

Harry groaned loudly and his throbbing prick shot spurts of searing flame up Davie's heaving asshole, jerking and pulsing wildly in his hot guts.

"Oh, yeah, get it, Davie! Get my big fuckin' load!"

He fell on top of Davie, sinking his teeth into Davie's neck as his heavy body slithered all over Davie's back and his massive chest panted crazily as Davie squeezed his shit-hole on the big cock emptying its load in his ass.

"You... okay... baby?"

"Oh, yes, Harry... it was... heaven!"

"It sure was... kid. I'd like to have that ass... all to myself."

"I'd like that too, Harry, but..."

"I know, baby," Harry said gently, easing his spent cock out of Davie's ass. He crawled off Davie and moved to the head of the bed, offering his big dirty prick to Davie's hot tongue.

Davie licked his prick clean, then looked up at Harry, who smiled, patted him on the head and left.

"My fuck hole is on fire, Davie."

"Mine, too."

"Do you think they've all fucked us?"

"It sure feels like it. Several times over..." Billy listened for a moment. "They all seem to have calmed down a little."


"I'd sure like to suck all that cum out of your asshole, Davie."

"Holy shit, Billy... You are fuckin' insatiable!"

"And horny all the time," he said, laughing. "I'll never get enough cock if I live to be two hundred."

"Which you won't."

"Well, I'll die happy," Billy said, laughing. "Besides, you're as crazy after cock as I am... and piss... and shit..." He slid his hand under Davie's crotch and grabbed his prick. Davie did the same, and they lay there grinning at each other and fucking fists, not daring to make a sound or even kiss each other.

"Oh, God, that's wonderful."

"Yes, it sure is."

They clenched and unclenched their hot asses, fucking each other's fists quietly and furiously, gripping each other's cock harder and harder. "I'm gonna come, Davie!"

"Me, too!"

"Oh, God!"

Their hot loads shot up their cockshafts together, flooding their fists with spurt after spurt of pent-up passion. Their bodies jerked and quivered uncontrollably, and soft moans escaped their mouths. They rubbed their warm cum into each other's hot crotches, sensuously smearing themselves with it and grinning at each other, then slowly puffing their hands back reluctantly.

Suddenly, Reb was in the room. He jerked Davie up roughly and saw the mess in his crotch and on the pillow. He slapped Davie hard across the face.

"You little son of a bitch!" he roared.

Davie tried to pull his legs up, but the cuffs held him firmly.

Reb slapped him again, harder than before, and shook him savagely. "Your fuckin' ass has had it, faggot!" He slammed Davie back down into the bed and stormed out of the room.

Billy took Davie's hand. "I'm sorry, Davie. It was my idea."

"No, I was hot to come, too."

"Maybe he'll forget it, before you get home..."

"I hope so, but sometimes he..." Davie sobbed as he lay, there shivering.

Reb had been beautiful in the beginning, Davie thought, training and teaching him to service all his needs. And Davie had loved everything about him -- his sweat, his taste, his smell, everything Reb had given him. He had even been able to cope with Reb's occasional outbursts. Then Davie had begun to realize that Reb's anger stemmed from self-hatred, and had nothing to do with him, except that he was there to bear the pain of Reb's brutality. Davie had also begun to realize that he was actually afraid of Reb, and that he was in a situation from which he saw no escape. Tears welled up in his eyes and he pinched them tight to stop the flow.

"It'll be all right, Davie," Billy said, trying to reassure him.

Suddenly, Reb returned, and Davie's body lurched up in agony as the belt crashed across his ass. He began to scream as the studded leather whizzed through the air and slashed up his back, harder and harder with each searing slap.

"You filthy little faggot!" Reb screamed through clenched teeth as he brought the belt down on Davie's back with all his strength.

Then suddenly, Davie heard a loud shriek and the sound of scuffling. He twisted his head painfully to see Reb, his face red with fury, struggling in Harry's big arms. Quickly, Harry had Reb in a neck hold and bucked him crashing into the bathroom doorway.

Reb lay there shaking as Harry towered over him menacingly, his face taut with anger. "How dare you do that to that boy!"

"He's a fuckin' whore!" Reb hissed.

"And you made him one! Passing him around to every fucking sadist you know, making him service anybody who wanted to stick a cock in him. You filthy fuckin' pimp!"

"And he loved it!"

"No! He did it because he loved you. And you degraded him, you ignorant son of a bitch! You don't deserve a slave!"

"He's a fuckin' devil! Drivin' me crazier and crazier every day."

"Devil, my fuckin' black ass! That's all your fuckin' hang-ups talkin'. And you got 'em, man, by the bellyful. Davie's only hang-up was you, and that's the biggest mistake he ever made, you fuckin' homophobe!"

Reb was silent for a moment, then Harry reached down to help him.

"Don't you touch me, you filthy nigger!" he snarled.

Harry's fist smashed into Reb's jaw, sending him reeling across the floor and splattering blood on the wall.

"You ain't fit to be gay, you asshole! And you better have that bigoted ass out of this house in five seconds or I'm gonna pound it to a pulp!"

Reb struggled up and slouched toward the door. The men standing there pulled apart to make way for him, but he stopped and turned back to Harry with hate in his eyes. "I'll get you for this!"

"You and the fuckin' clan, cocksucker?" Then Harry threw back his head and laughed. "No, I take that back. You ain't smart enough to be a cocksucker, you rednecked piece of white trash!"

Reb glared at him, then turned, stormed through the living room and slammed the door behind him.

Harry bent down, uncuffed Davie's ankles and then picked Davie's bruised body up in his arms, cradling his naked body close to his own like a baby. Warmth and tenderness flooded Davie's flesh as Harry lowered his head and kissed him lovingly.

"I didn't know this was gonna happen, Davie."

"I didn't either. But I thank you, Harry, for a..."

"Naw, baby, don't even say it." Davie ran his hands over Harry's broad back and clung to his chest. He lifted his head as tears streamed down his beautiful face.

"Hey, Davie, don't cry."

"What's gonna happen to me? I don't have..."

"I'm gonna take you home," Harry said, kissing the boy's wet cheeks, "and fuck the livin' shit out of you!"

Davie laughed as Harry kissed him again.

"But not tonight, baby," Harry said.

"Why not?" Davie asked, laughing through his tears.

"Well, maybe," Harry said, letting Davie down.

They walked though the living room where Harry dressed and, a few minutes later, Davie was cuddled up on the front seat of Harry's car with his head resting in Harry's warm lap.

Chapter TWO

Davie woke up with his head in Harry's lap. He sniffed the scent of Harry's crotch and then began licking the bulge in his denim fly.

Harry tousled his head. "Take it out, baby, if you want some piss."

Davie unbuttoned his fly and worked his big black cock out. He took his cockhead in his mouth as Harry began to piss. It was sweet nectar to Davie, sweet as the man who was giving it to him, and he drank it all without stopping.

"Thanks, baby," Harry said, rubbing his hand up and down Davie's back. "I can tell you're gonna take good care of old Harry. Just like old Harry's gonna take good care of you."

Davie lifted Harry's fat cock and began licking it, breathing hot gasps of air into his open fly and inhaling Harry's marvelous crotch scent filling his nose.

"I'll go pickup your stuff this week," Harry said, sighing contentedly.

"I don't have anything."


"Nothing. Not even a toothbrush. Reb burned everything I had, which wasn't much."

"You mean he's kept you naked all the time."

"Yeah. But I only had a pair of jeans, some dirty old sneakers and a tank top when he found me."

"I'll pick you up some things this week."

"Yes, sir, but I'm happy just the way I am."

"We'll see," Harry said, stroking him, as he turned off the main road. They drove a mile or so in the bright moonlight, then turned off on a private dirt road and pulled up in front of a small, rustic cabin. Harry opened the door for Davie and, to his surprise, hoisted him up over his big shoulder.

"This gravel could be hard on those bare feet and I don't want them cut up," Harry said, carrying Davie easily up the drive and into the house.

It looked bigger inside. There was a big living room, a nice kitchen, and two bedrooms, plus a big bathroom and large deck on the back.

"The little bedroom will be yours, Davie, so you can have some space, okay? Right now, I wanna get out of this stinkin' leather and we'll have a beer outside. Get us out a couple."

A few moments later, Harry walked back into the kitchen without a stitch on his big, beautiful dark body. He took Davie in his arms and pulled him tightly in a bear hug, kissing him.

"Think you can be happy here?"

"Yes, sir."

"With me?"

"Oh, yes, sir."

Harry kissed him again and ran his tongue into Davie's mouth where Davie sucked on it ravenously. "You taste like shit, baby, but it tastes good."

Davie grinned and licked Harry's lips. He got two beers out of the fridge and followed Harry out onto the spacious deck. The moonlight was soft, flooding the deck with a silvery glow which was almost daylight.

Harry pulled Davie down on a big deck lounge beside him, wrapped his arms around Davie's shoulders and hugged him close, his big body warming Davie's in the early morning coolness.

"Have you always belonged to somebody?"

"Yes, sir. Reb was my third master."

"Third? At your age? And probably the meanest?"

"Well, sometimes. But I did love him at first."

"I know. Have you always done everything?"

"Yes. Since I knew I was gay. I guess I always loved sucking cocks and rimming assholes. And I really loved getting fucked. Then, one time I drank a guy's piss because he wanted me to and I liked that, too."

"What about shit?"

"Well, this older man picked me up on the street one time and took me to his place. He fucked me and then stuck his shitty cock in my mouth. When I sucked it clean without complaining, he grinned and said I was gonna eat his shit. Well, I needed the money he promised me 'cause I was hungry."

"And you ate it?"

"Sure. And I liked it. But when he was through, he laughed and kicked me out naked, throwing my clothes into the street after me. And he didn't pay me."

"Fuckin' prick!"

"I didn't even know where I was. But I found a public john and slept in one of the stalls that night. The next day, I sold my ass three times, got some money, and that night I met Basil, my first master. I stayed with him a couple of months, then he gave me to a buddy of his when he got transferred out of town. That guy was real nice, but one night he found somebody younger."

"My God!"

"Well, he liked 'em real young, I guess. Then a few weeks on the street and I found Reb."

"And here you are."

"Yes sir," Davie said. "But I am very well trained and I'll do anything you want."

"I know. And I'll never hurt you."

"I knew you were a good man."

"Those rotten days are over, Davie."

"Yes, sir," he said, rubbing Harry's chest with his hand and nestling his head on Harry's big arm, breathing in the marvelous aroma of Harry's armpit. He slid his hand down Harry's belly and stroked his big cock and balls, feeling his big black prick grow under his fingers. His own cock began to tingle and he sighed contentedly.

"Would you like to fuck me?" Davie asked. Harry pulled him over on the top of his big body, pulled his knees up on either side of his waist and reached down, grabbing his cock and aiming it up at Davie's asshole.

Davie sank down on Harry's big black cock with delight, squirming sensuously until Harry grabbed his ass and held him still.

"Just sit on it a minute, baby. Let me feel how great my cock feels up that ass."

Harry sighed and then began bucking his cock up and down in Davie's ass, raising and lowering both his hips and Davie's whole ass as he did.

Davie felt like he was riding a rocking horse and he reveled in it. He looked up at the shining stars and wondrous moon, which made the spacious deck the most heavenly place in the world to serve a big beautiful stud like Harry.

"Oh, ride it, baby. Ride my big fuckin' rod!"

"Oh, yes, Harry. Fuck me! Fuck my ass off with that big, beautiful cock!"

"Take it all, sugar!"

"Oh, yes! Give it to me, Daddy!" he screamed, slamming his ass down on Harry's cock, grinding all nine inches up his fuckhole, squirming his ass tightly into Harry's crotch to get every centimeter of that cock up him, then sitting up to sink even deeper on Harry's driving cock.

"Feel... good... baby?"

"Oh, yes, sir!"

"Oh, Harry... you're fuckin... heaven!"

Harry pulled on his cock and squeezed his balls as he bounced him up and down in the air, then pinched his tits until they were pointing stiffly at the stars.

"Oh, Harry," Davie panted, "I wish I could suck it and sit on it at the same time."

"Then take... turns, tiger. Pull off it... and turn around... suck on it and I'll... eat that hot... little pussy!"

Davie scooted around quickly and took Harry's cock in his mouth as Harry's tongue slid up his wide-open asshole. He drove his mouth to Harry's rigid cock root as Harry dug his fingers into his ass and moaned, his hot tongue plunging up Davie deeper and deeper.

Davie jerked straight up and screamed, squeezing his tits raw with the pain and the pleasure of Harry's mouth gnawing and fucking his asshole.

Suddenly, Harry pushed Davie up. "Sit on it... baby! Hurry! I'm about to blow... my fuckin' nuts!"

Davie whirled around and rammed his fuckhole down Harry's cock to the balls.

Harry grabbed his ass and held him still. He arched his back, thrusting Davie into the air as his prick jerked and throbbed deep up Davie's ass, shooting searing splatters of spunk up Davie's guts again and again.

"Oh, my God!" Harry yelled.

"Fill me, Harry! Fill me!" Davie begged.

Harry fell back on the cot, panting, trying to smile through his clenched teeth as his big hands still dug deep into Davie's ass.

Davie rubbed Harry's chest, sliding his hands over the steaming skin, then bent forward and kissed Harry's mouth.

"Oh, thank you, Harry. That was wonderful!"

"Oh, God, yes, baby!" Harry gasped, pulling Davie to him tenderly. "I love... that hot... little ass... of yours."

"Can you piss up me, Harry?"

"You like that?"

"Oh, yes, Harry."

Harry took a deep breath and relaxed, feeling his warm piss shoot out the end of his cock deep in Davie's guts, flooding his prick with a marvelous soft sensation as he filed Davie full. He rubbed Davie's belly as it began to bulge out, making Davie moan softly as he took deep breaths and let himself fill up with Harry's lovely, exhilarating enema.

When Harry had finished pissing, Davie sat still and closed his eyes, reveling in the pleasure of the piss which filled him, and feeling Harry's warm hands rub his belly gently.

"You feel like you're pregnant, baby," Harry said, grinning up at Davie.

"I love it, Harry. Piss enemas drive me wild." Davie squeezed his shit lips on Harry's cock as he raised up slowly, sliding up off the big cock without losing a drop of Harry's piss.

"It's a great feeling for the pisser, too," Harry said, kissing Davie's belly, then rubbing it again. "You're somethin' else, baby. When you're ready, just stick your snatch over the edge of the deck and let 'er fly."

Davie held it as long as he could, then bent forward and kissed Harry again, easing himself off the cot and Harry's warm crotch gingerly. As Davie squatted over the edge of the deck, Harry knelt in front of him. He kissed Davie as he shit, then pulled him up and hugged him close.

Davie ran his hands down over Harry's big ass. He fingered Harry's asshole as their tongues slid into each other's mouths. He sank into Harry's arms as the sky lightened and the morning air swirled around their naked bodies like a cool hand.

"You worn out, sugar?"

"No, sir, I'm fine."

Harry chuckled and squirmed as Davie slid his finger around in his asshole and twisted it, then pulled it out and held it up for Harry to see as he licked it clean.

"You little fucker. You really dig eatin' shit, don'tcha?"

"I love it. I can't get enough. It's my favorite food, I guess."

"And watchin' some guy eat it really turns me on."

"Well?" Davie asked, grinning. "Feed me, Harry. Please feed me."

Harry squatted down slowly, pulling Davie down with him. He kissed Davie's mouth as he grunted. He farted loudly and they both laughed. Then he grunted again and began to shit on the deck.

Davie moaned and breathed in deeply as the smell wafted up his nose.

"Smell good, baby?"

"Oh, yes, sir."

Harry put his hands on Davie's shoulders and rose slowly, turning his ass into Davie's face. "Lick it up, sugar. Lick me clean with that hot little tongue."

Davie spread Harry's big asscheeks and burrowed in with his face. He licked out his whole crack and swirled his tongue around Harry's shithole, lapping up all the smears. When Harry pulled away, he bent over and sniffed the pile of shit, then began licking it.

Harry squatted back down to watch, pulling on his fat prick. "Eat it, baby. Eat old Harry's shit."

Davie sucked up a mouthful and swallowed it, closing his eyes and whimpering with pleasure.

"Let me see it, Davie. Let me see that pretty little white mouth full of my hot black shit."

Davie opened his mouth. He swirled the shit around his tongue, then let it slide slowly down his throat.

"Yeah, baby! Eat my stinkin' shit good!"

Harry's prick was stiff again, and so was Davie's. They grabbed each other's cocks and began beating them.

"See what that does to old Harry, honey? All you gotta do to get this old prick hard is eat yourself some shit."

Davie bent down, licked up the rest of the pile and straightened up again so Harry could watch. He grinned as he chewed it up like a steak and grabbed Harry's cock again.

Davie gulped and moaned loudly. "Oh, shit, Harry! I'm gonna come!"

Harry jerked his body up and sank his mouth all the way down Davie's prick just as his hot load lunged up his cock and shot. He groaned and gulped it down as he dug his fingers into Davie's ass and pulled him close, forcing Davie's spitting cock all the way down his hot throat. After a moment, he let Davie's prick slide out of his mouth.

"Damn, baby, that little cock shoots a big fuckin' load," he said, grinning and sliding his cummy tongue into Davie's dirty mouth.

Davie had both his hands on Harry's cock and there was still shaft to spare. He shivered with delight that his big-dicked dude not only wanted him but also was so tender and hung so loose.

When they stood up, Davie moved to the edge of the deck and began to piss in the bushes. Harry moved up behind him and slid his arms around Davie's waist, then bent and kissed Davie's neck.

Davie rubbed back up against Harry's warm chest, feeling warm, protected and loved.

Chapter THREE

To Davie, the next few weeks were sheer heaven. While Harry was gone during the day, Davie cooked, cleaned, mowed and pruned until the whole lawn and house glistened and shone with his love. Harry had bought him some clothes, too, but Davie spent the days naked and slowly became as brown as Harry.

They had sex nearly every night. And during the day, all Davie had to do was think of Harry's big, beautiful body and cock and his own prick would stand out stiff. It amused Davie as he worked without a stitch on, to think how a stranger would have reacted, chancing down the road to see a naked young man mowing the lawn with a raging hard-on.

Davie felt safe for another reason too. Harry's big pit bulldog, Sandy, had taken an immediate liking to Davie, following his heels from morning until night.

One afternoon, Harry brought another black friend home. His name was Joe. Davie had met him before, and had liked him.

When he heard the car, he ran around the house, close on Sandy's heels. He jumped and straddle Harry's waist, threw his arms around Harry's neck and kissed him as Sandy barked and jumped. Then he welcomed Joe to their hideaway, grinning broadly.

Davie got out some beers as Harry took off his suit and the two of them went out on the deck.

Joe came out a few minutes later. He had stripped to the skin and looked like a beautiful African God.

As Harry stretched out on the cot, Davie sat between his legs, rubbing his big feet and massaging his legs.

"I gotta piss real bad, sweetheart," Harry said.

"Me, too," Joe said. "Where's the john?"

Harry tousled Davie's head. "Mine's right here," he said, laughing.

"Lucky you."

"Wanna drink Joe, baby?"

"Sure," Davie said, sliding off the cot and sinking to his knees in front of Joe's prick. He opened his mouth as Joe began to piss. He moaned as the lovely liquid filled his mouth and flowed down his throat. When Joe finished, Davie moved to Harry's crotch and watched the sweet stream spurt out the end of Harry's big cockhead and into his open mouth. He had waited for Harry's piss all day, and he gulped it down greedily.

"Harry, you got it made. A great secluded place like this and a hot little number to take care of it... and you."

"I know. I'm one lucky fucker."

"So am I," Davie said, licking his lips as the last drops of Harry's piss slid down his throat.

Davie fixed dinner on trays and they ate on the deck. When they were finished, Davie took the trays into the house and brought some more beers. His own cock had begun to heat up and he noticed when he returned that the same thing was happening to Harry and Joe as he sat down on the cot.

Joe stood up and walked to the edge of the deck. His half-hard cock swayed over his big balls add his beautiful asscheeks rose and fell in the rhythm of his rolling walk. Harry reached over and pulled on Davie's hard cock.

"Want to have a threesome with Joe?"

"Sure, if you want to, Harry."

"Yeah, I do, baby."


"I want to watch you take care of him."

"Can I eat his shit, Harry? I'm real hungry."

"As long as I can watch, sugar. Wanna suck him off first and get him all hot? Then you can get into shit."

Davie knelt in front of Joe and took his big black cock in his mouth. In seconds, Joe's fuckrod was raging hard, and Davie began to suck the long steely shaft, pulling on Joe's balls and fingering his asshole.

"Man, this child sucks a mean cock!" Joe said, driving his prick in and of it of Davie's hot mouth.

"That's because black is his favorite color, right, baby? Bring that hot little pussy over here, sugar, and wrap it around my prick while you suck off my buddy."

Davie backed up to Harry's crotch with Joe's cock in his mouth. Harry glided his big stiff cock up Davie's ass as Davie sank down on it.

"Love it, baby. Now just sit there and suck!" Davie really turned on to the marvelous feeling of Harry's cock up his ass, especially when Harry made it jerk deep in his guts. He sucked Joe's balls and lapped out his hot crotch like a tiger, sliding his hot lips up and down the hard black shaft from his drooling cockhead to his sweaty cock hairs.

Joe moaned and moved his hips in rhythm with Davie's mouth. "This little fucker gets horny in a fuckin' hurry, don't he? Oh, eat it, baby! Eat my big black cock!"

"Just the thought of a stiff prick makes his mouth start waterin', right, sweet baby?" Harry said, laughing.

Davie mumbled and moaned around Joe's mammoth prick as his hot lips careened up and down his cock faster and faster.

"Whoooeeee! He's gonna pull a big load out of this old cock... all the way from my fuckin' toes!"

"Well, blast off, buddy. Empty those big black nuts right in my baby's mouth!"

"I gotta, man! My fuckin' balls are gonna explode! Damn! Here I come, Davie, baby!"

Davie sank his mouth to the root as Joe's cock throbbed and jerked deep in his throat.

"Holy shit! Get it, baby... get my big hot... load of fuck juice!"

Davie felt the hot spurts of spunk shoot up the man's shaft and splatter down his throat, choking him with the searing flood of red-hot juice. He wrapped his lips tight around Joe's cock as Joe shivered and pulled the spent prick out of his mouth.

"Whooooeee! That was fuckin' heaven, baby!" Joe panted, sprawling out in a deck chair.

Harry ran his arms around Davie's waist and whispered in his ear. "That was hot suckin', sweetheart. You got him goin'. Wanna eat shit now?"

Davie ground his asshole on Harry's cock and groaned. "Oh, yes! Right now, Harry!"

"Hey, Joe, my little baby here wants some dessert. You got anything for him up that big black ass?"

"Sure have. Been savin it ever since you told me he liked eatin' it."

Joe turned around, backed up to Davie and bent over, spreading his beautiful ebony asscheeks.

Davie leaned forward slightly and began sucking out Joe's big ass crack, turning on to the pungent sweat and ass cheese. He wrapped his mouth around Joe's dirty shit lips, savoring the delectable shit smears he licked up with his hungry tongue.

"You like that ass, baby?" Harry asked.

Davie came up for air. "Yes, it's fantastic!" He dove back in, plunging his tongue all the way up Joe's tasty turd tunnel, making him squirm and shiver with pleasure.

Harry stuck an inhaler up Davie's nose and Davie felt the prickly sensations shoot through his body as he lunged back into the big asshole.

"Man, I gotta shit real bad," Joe moaned.

"Feed me! Feed me!" Davie begged.

Joe grunted and his asshole opened up in Davie's mouth. He shivered slightly as a big fat turd slid out of his asshole and down on Davie's tongue. He whirled around quickly and saw his shit in Davie's mouth, watching wide-eyed as Davie began to chew it up slowly and let it slide down his throat bit by bit.

"Fuckin' fantastic," Joe said, his eyes glued to Davie's mouth.

"Go, baby! Eat it!" Harry whispered. "Eat my buddy's hot shit!"

Davie gulped it down and looked up at Joe. "Give it all to me, please."

Joe turned around again and felt Davie's mouth on his shithole. He pushed out and filled Davie's mouth with a mound of steaming shit.

"That's too fuckin' much," Joe said, turning around and watching again as the shit disappeared down Davie's throat.

"My little fucker loves it," Davie said, squeezing Davie's waist hard. "Don'tcha, baby?"

"Yes, sir," Davie said, licking his dirty lips. "May I have the rest of it, please?"

When Joe turned around again, Davie wrapped his ups around his hot asshole as Joe fed him the last of his shit then turned around again.

"Good, baby?" Harry asked, rubbing Davie's belly.

"Oh, yes. It's real good shit."

"Do you do that, all the time?"

"Sure. Whenever Harry wants me to. I love it. I love being a toilet for a big hot stud like you two."

"I ain't shit anywhere but that cute little mouth for three weeks, have I, baby?"

"No, sir."

"And sometimes it's a real bitch tryin' to save it till I get home."

"I'd save it. That's wild, watching him eat it."

"Watch this," Harry said, pushing Davie up off his prick. "Lick it clean, sugar."

Davie knelt and began sucking the shit off Harry's big black cock. Sandy knelt beside him. When he reached out to pet Sandy, the dog rolled over on his back.

"I'd sure like a piece of that hot little pussy, honey," Joe whispered in his ear.

Davie turned in Joe's arms and kissed him, pushing his small hot body into Joe's hard cock and wriggling his ass under Joe's big hands. He slid his hands down between their bodies and wrapped them around Joe's hard prick.

"Oh, yes, big Daddy! Fuck me!"

Joe lifted Davie up and laid him down on one of the sun cots, then wedged his big black body between Davie's slender legs. "Let me see it, sugar. Let me see that cute little cunt."

As Davie lifted his legs and buckled his knees to his chest, Joe reached out and ran his fingers over Davie's shithole. "Oh, baby, what is that?"

"Hmmmm," Davie moaned. "That's my pussy."

Joe pulled Davie's ass up on his big black thighs and aimed his cockhead at his hot little asshole. Joe's big purple cockhead was slick with its own juices and it slid up Davie's snatch little by little.

Davie moaned and wriggled his asshole until Joe's entire cock was buried in his ass.

"That cock feel good, honey?"

"Oh, yes, big Daddy. Real good."

Joe leaned forward and kissed Davie. "Show me how much you like it, sweetheart," Joe whispered. "Squeeze that sweet little pussy on my big prick."

Davie wrapped his legs around Joe's belly and threw his arms around Joe's bull fleck, purring under his full weight. "Oh, Joe, fuck me. Fuck me hard with that big, stiff, beautiful, black prick."

"You're gonna get it, honey. You're really gonna get it!"

"Oh, yes, big Daddy! Big black pricks are the only kind that make a dirty little whore like me happy."

"I'll hump you happy, baby. I'll screw you like the stinkin' little slut you are."

Joe began working his muscled ass, puffing and pushing his big prick in and out of Davie's ass, as Davie locked his legs around Joe's thighs and ground down with his squirming asshole on Joe's plunging prick.

"Yeah, you little tramp. Work that fuckhole!"

Joe dug his cock deeper and deeper into Davie's ass with each lunge of his hard cock, pulling his prick out all the way and slamming it up Davie's ass to the hilt harder and harder until Davie threw his head back and squealed.

"Shut up, you little shit-eatin' slut! Little... hot-assed... whore!"

"Yes! Yes! I'm a fuckin'... whore!" Davie screamed.

Joe slammed his cock into Davie with a vengeance, pushing his prick with every muscle in his big body, crushing Davie into the sun cot. "You cock crazy... little cunt!"

"Yes! Yes! I'm a cunt! Cunt!"

He pushed Davie's ass higher and higher in the air, until his big sweating body was jackknifed over Davie's upturned butt and his ass bobbed faster and faster in the cool night air, cramming his cock in and out of Davie's steaming shithole a mile a minute.

Harry moved behind Davie's head and looked down.

"Man, that's real fuckin'!" he said gruffly, watching Joe's prick plunge down into Davie's ass like a pile driver. "You like my big buddy's cock up that pussy, don'tcha, sweetheart?"

"Oh, yes... yes... he's fantastic!" Davie yelled, grabbing Harry's hard cock.

Joe pounded Davie until his head hung over the end of the cot and Harry's cock slid easily into Davie's gasping mouth.

"Shit, man! That's... hot... ass!" Joe groaned. "And this little... whore... sure knows... what to do... with it!"

Davie screamed with ecstasy and dug his fingers into his tits hard as Harry began fucking his mouth, crashing his big black balls into his forehead. Hot saliva ran out of his mouth and up his nose. He gasped for air in rhythm with Harry's prick plunges, crazy with the fucking he was getting on both ends.

"Fuck the slut's... mouth... buddy! Fuck her... filthy... shit-eatin' mouth while I... fuck her... filthy cunt!" Joe hollered, setting Davie's shithole on fire, driving every stiff inch of his cock all the way up Davie's snatch, plunging his prick in and out faster and faster.

"I'm... gonna... cream... your fuckin'... cunt... baby!" Joe yelled, ramming his fucker all the way up Davie's battered asshole. He held it there as it jerked and throbbed like a snake in Davie's guts.

"Get it... slut... get my... fuckin'... spunk!" He lunged forward, pushing Harry's prick out of Davie's mouth, and his big cock shot its fiery load up Davie's hot ass in searing spurt after searing spurt of red-hot jism.

"Oh, God! Oh, my God!" Joe screamed.

He crushed Davie's knees so hard against his chest he could barely breathe, slumping his full weight onto Davie's body, heaving and panting like a wild man.

Finally, Joe relaxed and his big prick slid out of Davie's asshole.

Davie gasped for breath as Joe pulled his big body back. He slowly untangled his legs and stretched them out. Blood surged into them, making him quiver with a thousand tiny pin pricks as he lay there feeling the cool night air blow across his body, wet with Joe's sweat.

Joe slid forward and stuck his dirty prick into Davie's face. "Clean me up, cunt. Suck your stinkin' shit off my big cock."

Davie lifted Joe's big soft, shit-coated cock and began licking it as Joe looked down at him.

"Lick up those shit smears, slut. Don't want no pussy leavin's on my big purty dick."

Davie took Joe's cockhead in his mouth and let his lips slide down the dirty, rubbery shaft. He sucked it clean, then licked up and down it like the lollipop it was to him.

Joe looked down and smiled. "That was fuckin' marvelous. You okay?"

"Oh, yes, sir."

"So am I, baby. So am I."

Joe stepped off the cot. As he did, Davie scooted around and sank down in front of his cock, opening his mouth. Joe groaned as stream of piss shot out into Davie's hot mouth. He watched Davie gulp it down without stopping until he was drained dry, then look up, smile and lick his lips.

Harry helped Davie up and hugged him closely. "How's your hole, sugar?"

"A little raw, sir," Davie said, grinning. "But I loved it."

"You can see why I have to keep this little whore out here in the country, can't ya' buddy?"

Joe looked at Davie and winked. "You're a fuckin' fool to share that ass with anyone, friend."

Chapter FOUR

The surprise visitor was a backpacker named Les. He was tall, blonde, good looking, and his body glistened with sweat. He wore only hiking boots and shorts, and the blonde hairs on his chest and legs were like tiny strands of gold in the sunlight.

When Les told Davie he was lost, Davie invited him to take a rest and offered him iced tea.

"You naked all the time?" Les asked, sipping the cool drink.


"Way to go. Wish I could like that way."

"You live here alone?"

"No, I have a lover. But he's in Chicago for a couple of days."

"You have work to do?"

"No. When Harry is away, I just keep the place up and horse around with Sandy."

"You ever had a queer drink your piss before?"

"No. That was a first. Wow!"

"Good, too," Davie said, licking his lips. "I ain't had any for three days and I'm tired of drinking my own."

"Wow," Les said, amazed.

"You've got a beautiful ass. Why don't you turn around and let me suck on your shithole?"

"I'm not very clean."

"That makes it taste all the better," Davie said as Les turned around.

He spread Les' asscheeks and looked at his lovely crack. The blonde hairs around his asshole were discolored slightly and there were small smears of shit on his puckered assring. Davie bent forward and sniffed, filling his nose with the delectable smell and shivering with anticipation. He stuck out his tongue and licked out Les' dirty asscrack, lapping it clean from his balls to the tip of his spine, then slid his tongue back down and teased his tight assbud.

"Oh, man," Les moaned, "that's too much."

Davie wrapped his lips around Les' shithole and worked spit into the ring, sliding his tongue up the hot hole as far as it would go.

"Holy shit! That's sensational," Les murmured.

Davie came up for air. "Damn, that tastes good! My tongue must feel better than a leaf in the bushes, right. Sure tastes good on my hot tongue."

"Oh, yeah, man!"

"Push it out and pull it in. That way, I can get my tongue way up there and swab it clean."

He dove back into Les' shit pit. When Les pushed out, Davie stuck his tongue in deep. When he pulled in, he sucked Davie's tongue up him deep and moaned with pleasure.

"God, that's good," Davie said, gulping for air.

"Yeah, man. It's wonderful!"

"I love eatin' a smelly shithole. And I got a brown tongue to prove it."

Les whirled around to look. "I don't believe it. You really eat shit?"

"That's your shit on my tongue, stud. And it sure whets my appetite." Davie lay back on the deck and looked up at Les' hot asshole. "You ever take a shit in a dirty queer's mouth?"

"Well, squat down, stud, right over my mouth. And shoot me some shit right out of that smelly hole."

Les lowered his ass and pushed out, spreading his shit lips wider and wider. A dark-brown turd tip appeared in the center of the ring and oozed out until it was hanging down about six inches.

The smell drove Davie wild and his mouth watered like a river as Les pinched it off and it dropped down into Davie's hungry mouth.

Les turned around and watched wide-eyed as Davie chewed on his turd with his mouth open, munching it around in his mouth until it softened and slid down his throat, bit by enjoyable bit.

"Damn, you give good shit, stud," Davie said, licking his ups. "Give me all of it."

Les squatted again and pushed out, emptying his whole gut in Davie's ready mouth as he grunted. "I don't know how you can do that," he said, watching Davie gulp it down like a pig.

"My mouth is a fuckin' toilet," Davie said, grinning. "Studs have been shitting in it for years."

"Fuckin' wild, man!"

The shit scene had turned Les on. He spread his legs and looked down as Davie scooted over and began licking his cock and playing with his blond-haired balls.

Davie skinned back his cockhead and took a whiff. It was coated with cheese, and he waved it under his nose and inhaled the succulent smell.

"Man, with all that cream cheese, I need a cracker," he said, flicking out his tongue and licking it up.

"Lick it clean, cocksucker," Les said, moaning.

Davie took his whole cockhead in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the velvety skin. He slid his hot lips down the dirty shaft until his nose was buried in Les' sweaty, smelly cock hair.

Les began to move his beautiful ass, making his cock twist in Davie's eager mouth. He pushed it in and out slowly, sticking it in a little deeper with each pleasurable plunge. "Take it all, you shit-eatin' son-of-a-bitch! Take it fuckin' all!"

Davie pulled out to his throbbing cockhead, then drove his lips down his steel shaft all the way, slithering his tongue like a snake on the bottom of Les' hot fuckrod as he sucked cock like a crazy man.

Les pulled his prick out suddenly. "Suck my nuts, faggot! Yeah, that's good. Suck 'em both in that dirty mouth. Get 'em hot, cocksucker! Wallow 'em around in that shitty spit!"

Davie sucked on his big, hairy balls like a maniac. He swished them around in his hot mouth, pulling on them gently with his dirty lips.

"Suck 'em, shit eater! Suck on my big hot nuts!" He smashed his crotch into Davie's face, stuffing his balls hard into Davie's hot, hungry mouth. Then he groaned and pulled back, casing his nuts out of Davie's mouth, pulling on his stiff prick inches from Davie's upturned face.

"What are you slobberin' for, faggot? This big old cock's got you droolin', huh?"

"Yes, sir," Davie whispered huskily, unable to take his eyes off the prick pounding in front of him.

"You wanna suck it? Then beg for it, cocksucker!"

"Please let me suck your cock, sir!"

"That's better, you filthy-mouthed faggot!"

"Please give me your big prick."

"Open up, pussy-mouth! You're gonna get it fuckin' all!"

Les shoved Davie back on the deck, straddled his face and rammed his cock down Davie's throat. He raised and lowered his whole body, pile driving his prick in and out of Davie's hot mouth.

"Take it, you shit-eatin' son of a bitch! Doin' push-ups on your cocksuckin' mouth! Suck it fuckin' out! Got a four-day load in those swingin' nuts, faggot! Four days since another cocksucker sucked a load out of that big mother! That old faggot paid for it, baby! Paid good money... for what you're gettin' for fuckin' free! Squeeze that... shitty mouth! Tighter, turd-licker! 'Cause I'm... gonna blow... my fuckin' balls... gonna shoot a... volcano... right down... that shit eatin'... mouth! Get it, you fuckin' freak! Get my Goddamned jism!"

He fell on top of Davie, cramming his cock all the way down Davie's throat. His whole body quaked and shuddered as his cock jerked and shot globs of hot spunk splattering into Davie's belly, smothering him with the full weight of his hot body. Quickly, he pulled his prick out of Davie's mouth and rolled over on the deck, panting wildly as his cock still jerked and throbbed.

"Man, that was a fuckin' a blow job!"

"It sure was," Davie said, gulping for air himself.

"You sucked... that hot load... all the way up... from my fuckin' toes!"

"Wanna fuck me?"

"No, but thanks. I think I need some sleep. Mind if I used your deck for the night?"

"I can give you a bed."

"I'm used to my sleeping bag out in the open."

"Help yourself."

Les unrolled his sleeping bag and crawled into it bare-assed as Davie stood up and walked toward the house.

"Hey, Davie?"


"I'm glad I got lost."

"So am I."

"You're really somethin' else. It's sure been an evening to remember."

"Thank you," Davie said as he and Sandy went into the house. "Sleep well."

Chapter FIVE

Davie woke up and stretched in the sunlight filling his bedroom. He walked out onto the deck and found no trace of Les, who had obviously taken off without waking him up.

In the kitchen, he found a glass full of piss on the counter and a note: "Davie -- thought you might like this better than tomato juice. Thanks for a really hot time. You suck a mean cock and eat a mean ass... and I wish I never had to shit in the bushes again, Les."

Davie was disappointed, naturally. Harry wouldn't be home for a couple more days, and Les had been a hot, fun playmate. He sniffed the piss and his cock jerked.

"Down, dick," he said, scratching his balls as he drank the piss.

He walked out on the deck and Sandy gave his cock a good-morning lick as he petted him.

"Mornin', lover," he said, rubbing the dog's furry back. "You stink as bad as I do. But I like it."

And he did. He loved lifting his arms and sniffing out his armpits. He wished he never had to take a bath, because he loved the smell of cum, piss and shit all over his body, in his mouth, anywhere. He loved not wiping his ass after he shit, and he dug the dried piss on his cock and balls. His peach-fuzzed face was dirty, too, and his short hair straggled crazily over his handsome head. He liked smelling like the toilet he was, he thought, as he lay beside Sandy and snoozed off in the sun.

Sandy woke him up, standing over him and growling. Davie sat up and listened. He heard the sound of a motor coming up the road, and he dashed through the house and looked out the front window.

A pickup passed the drive and stopped at a small pumping station just beyond the trees, which was the end of the road. Two men got out. They were hefty, good-looking guys in cut-offs and boots. They were laughing as they unzipped their flies, reeled out their cocks and took a piss.

Davie thought a moment, smiling to himself. How, could he attract their attention without seeming to attract their attention? By being totally unaware that they were there, he decided, and doing something he would normally do.

"Let's mow the lawn, Sandy," he said.

He went out to the shed and pulled out the mower. With Sandy on his heels, he wheeled it around to the front and started the motor.

A few minutes later, Davie noticed one of the men walk out of the shed. He stopped short when he saw Davie's bare ass through the trees. His partner came out too, and they stood there, watching Davie, nudging each other and talking, as Davie grinned and criss-crossed the lawn behind the mower.

The two men sauntered around the trees and started across the lawn. Sandy growled at them and they stopped. When Davie spoke to Sandy and turned off the mower, the two hunks approached him cautiously.

They were well-built guys, about the same age, with sweaty, hairy chests and asses poured into equally sweaty cut-offs. They had muscular, hairy legs, and their socks and work boots were dirty. They introduced themselves as Bob and Tom and told Davie they worked for the gas company, then asked him if he had anything cold to drink.

Davie offered them a beer -- hoping he had some left -- and went into the house. When he returned, both men were sitting on the front steps leaning up against the railing. The one named Bob had drawn up a leg and one of his hairy balls dangled out of his shorts. Tom, the other one, had both legs on the step and his elbows on his knees.

Davie mumbled something about getting the mower out of the sun after he gave them the beer and went down the steps. He pulled the mower into the shade and stood looking up at them, pleasantly surprised to see the head of Tom's cock peeking out the leg of his shorts.

"You live here?"


"It's very secluded."

"Yeah. That's why I run around naked."

"Best way to go."

"Sure is. That pumping station must be a steam bath with that tin roof."

"It sure is. We're both soaked."

Davie decided to brazen it out. "Want me to toss those shorts and socks in the dryer?"

"Why not?" Tom said. They took off their boots and socks, then stood up and slid out of their cut-offs. They had no underwear on and their cocks were nice-looking hunks of fuckmeat.

Davie took the shorts and socks and went into the house. He tossed them into the dryer and went back out, noticing that their cocks seemed to have grown a bit in his absence. He sat down, looking from one prick to the other.

"Like what you see?" Tom asked.

"Sure do."

"I could sure use a blow-job," Tom said, stroking his hardening cock.

"Well, you sure pulled up the right road," Davie said, sliding down the steps and kneeling in front of Tom's crotch as he stretched out and spread his legs.

Davie licked the man's prick until it was hard, then lifted and sucked his hairy balls into his mouth. When Tom lifted his legs, Davie lapped his way down to his smelly asshole, twirling his tongue around that tempting shit pit. He licked back up his cock and slid his lips down the shaft as Tom leaned back and sighed.

"This guy can really suck cock, buddy."

"I can see that."

"Damn, that feels good."

Davie picked up speed with his sucking mouth, pulled on Tom's wet balls and fingered his asshole. He rammed his hot mouth all the way down Tom's cock to the root, burying his nose in the hot, raunchy cock hair.

"Keep that up, cocksucker, and I'm gonna pop my fuckin' nuts!" He grabbed Davie's head and began bucking his ass up pushing his prick in and out of Davie's mouth harder and harder.

"Holy shit, this kid's got a hot mouth!"

He rammed his cock all the way into Davie's mouth and held it, grinding his ass like a maniac.

"Get it, baby! Here it fuckin' comes!"

His cock spumed and shot off in Davie's throat, shooting hot spurts of spunk up the steel fuck shaft to blast out in Davie's belly.

Davie clamped his lips around the man's cock root and milked down as he pulled his mouth up off the prick.

"Wanna suck on my asshole?" Bob asked, standing up with a stiff cock. He moved down the steps and bent over, spreading his asscheeks.

Davie knelt from behind him and sniffed out the crack of his big ass from top to bottom, moaning and sighing as the smell filled his lungs. He lapped it out, top to bottom, then wrapped his lips around Bob's shit-hole and slid his tongue up the tunnel.

"Suck my ass, baby," Bob groaned, grinding his ass into Davie's face.

"Man, that's hot," Tom said.

"It's wild, buddy, and I fuckin' love it. I have to cold-fuck that cunt I been seem to make her suck my prick. And slap the shit out of her to make her eat my ass. And then she ain't nothin' compared to this kid's hot mouth."

"Push it out and I can get way up there," Davie said, as he grabbed some air.

When Bob grunted and spread his hips, Davie rammed his tongue up his hot asshole with one long lunge.

"Holy shit! That's sensational!"

Davie dug in even more, swabbing the shithole out ravenously, burrowing in and out with his tongue as Bob squirmed and pushed, jerking wildly on his cock.

Suddenly, Bob groaned, whirled around and slammed his cock into Davie's mouth.

"Get it, baby! Get my fuckin' load!" Davie felt Bob's cum shoot up his prick and blast out in his smelly mouth. He gulped down each searing spurt of the stud's hot spunk as Bob pound his cock in Davie's throat and shivered. He sank back slowly as Bob eased his cock out of his mouth, licking his lips.

Tom hunkered down and ran his hands over Davie's hot, dirty ass. "You take it up the shithole, cocksucker."

Davie nodded as Tom lay back on the grass and grabbed his stiff, dripping prick. Davie bent over and spread his dirty asscheeks, puckering his raunchy little shit ring.

"Oh, yeah, baby, sit right down on it!" Davie centered his crapper over the cockhead as Tom guided his stiff prick up his ass. Davie sighed as his whole cockshaft slid up his asshole and ground his smelly ass into Tom's sweaty cock hair.

Tom grabbed his ass and held it still as he began bucking his cock in and out of Davie's fuckhole nice and easy as Bob backed his ass up to Davie's face.

Davie ground his face into Bob's ass crack and slid his tongue up Bob's shitter, slurping that shithole out like the little pig he was, squeezing his shit snatch on Tom's cock and fucking him royally.

"Damn, that tongue turns me the fuck on," Bob moaned, pulling his prick.

"Well, save that second load for his asshole, buddy. It's fuckin' great." He grabbed Davie's ass roughly, jacking his cock off with Davie's shithole, pulling Davie's tongue out of Bob's ass and pushing it back in with each beautiful bounce.

"Damn, that's a tight one!" Tom groaned. "Fuck me, stud!" Davie yelled. "Plow my fuckin' ass raw!"

Tom grunted and ground his prick up Davie's ass to the balls, wriggling his muscled ass to make his cock jerk and twist in Davie's guts, and driving Davie crazy with the prick-pounding pain.

Bob whirled around and stuck his cock in Davie's mouth, ramming it in to the balls, and smashing his crotch into Davie's face.

"Damn, this kid is a hot fuck!" he said, grabbing Davie's head and fucking his mouth hard.

"Shit! I'm about... my fuckin' nuts!" Tom yelled, grabbing Davie's ass and driving his cock all the way up his asshole. "I can't... fuckin' hold... it!"

He pulled Davie's asshole all the way down on his cock and held it still with his big hands. His big cock shook like a snake in Davie's guts, exploding with his second load of hot cock juice.

"Son of a bitch!" he screamed, jerking his prick out and falling back on the grass exhausted.

Davie pulled his mouth off Bob's stiff prick and slowly slid his shithole up Tom's cock. He turned around and hunched down between Tom's legs, licking his shit off Tom's cock, balls and crotch as he wriggled his ass in the air.

Bob knelt behind him and spread his dirty ass cheeks, then slid his prick up Davie's juicy asshole in one lovely lunge that made Davie gasp with joy.

Tom pushed himself up on his elbows and gasped. "Holy fuck! This crazy cocksucker is lickin' his shit off my dick!"

Davie raised up and smiled. "Four-star fairy service, stud."

"Damn, you were right, buddy!" Bob panted, grabbing Davie's ass and ramming his cock in and out as hard as his ass could push it. "This is one... tight little... twat!"

Davie grabbed Bob's cock with his shit lips and squeezed. The hot sensations in his ass from Bob's big banging prick shot through his whole body. He reared up, squeezing his tits, then dove again into Tom's dirty crotch, sucking and slurping like a maniac.

Bob slammed him over hard, cupping Davie's hot ass in his crotch, careening his cock crazily in and out of Davie's shit pit with his muscled ass. He bellowed like a buffalo in Davie's ear as he pounded his prick up his ass, deeper and deeper with his big, stiff cock.

"I'm comin', cocksucker!" he yelled.

He rammed his cock all the way up Davie's ass and held it, digging his fingers like steel spikes into Davie's ass cheeks. His load lunged up his prick and shot off, flooding Davie's guts with one long blast of ball juice after another, until he sank limply on Davie's sweaty back, pushing his face down hard in Tom's wet crotch.

He eased his cock tenderly out of Davie's asshole and stood up, staggering.

Davie whirled around, licking and slurping up the shit on the big cock that had just fucked him to a pulp, sliding his hot mouth up and down the shaft and sucking it clean.

"I gotta piss," Bob sighed, still gasping for breath.

"Piss in my mouth," Davie said, looking up.


"Piss in my mouth."

Bob nodded numbly and tried, forcing a little piss to dribble out of his prick. Davie licked it up and sank back, opening his mouth wide. Bob began to piss a full stream, filling Davie's mouth to the brim, shaking his head in wonder as he watched Davie gulp it down like a desert rat until the last drops dripped out.

"That's too fuckin' much. Drink mine," Tom said, stepping over in front of Davie.

He reached up, grabbed Tom's prick and aimed it at his open mouth. Tom grunted and began to piss, flooding Davie's filthy mouth without stopping, making Davie swallow it down like a son-of-a-bitch to get it all.

When Tom's cock was dry, Davie sank back on his heels and looked up at the two hot studs. "Man, you two sure can fuck. On both ends!"

"That's because we love fuckin'," Tom said, running his hand up and down Bob's beautiful back.

"Ever fuck a faggot before?"

"Once, in the Navy," Tom said. "You, buddy?"

"Nope, but it sure ain't gonna be the last time."

"Well, you sure got a pair of real hot cocks. Not to mention a couple of sweet shit-holes."

"And you sure know how to suck 'em both, baby."

"Speaking of which, I gotta take a shit," Bob said. "Where's the john?"

Davie led Bob into the bathroom, "Don't flush it. Fuckin' thing overflows," he lied. "And I'll get something to wipe that ass on."

Bob had shit when Davie walked back into the bathroom. The smell wafted up his nose, tempting his taste buds like a souffle. "Here, let me wipe that ass for you, stud."

Tom gave him a funny look as he turned around. He felt Davie spread his ass cheeks as he bent over, then his hot tongue instead of paper.

"What the..." Tom said, then relaxed and let Davie eat him out.

"Well, that's a first," he said, straightening up.

"Turn you off?"

"No, not really."

When he walked back out to the porch, Davie lingered a moment, sniffed the turd in the john and then went out the front door. "... then he licked my shithole clean," he heard Bob say as he approached the two hunky men.

Tom grinned and looked at Davie. "I could stand a shit, too. Wanna show me?"

In the john, Tom started to sit down, but Davie stopped him. "Why don't you turn around and let me watch?"

Bob straddled the john facing the wall. He grunted and pushed out a big, fat turd, letting it hang out of his ass.

"Oh, man, that's a beauty. And it smells fuckin' great!"

"Smells like plain old shit to me."

"Smells like good eatin' to me."

"You kiddin' me?"

"Didn't Bob tell you I licked his shithole clean?"

"Didn't that turn you on?"

"Sure did."

"Well, back that beauty hangin' out of that hole up and drop it into my mouth."

Davie wrapped his lips around the turd as Tom pinched it off, then began to chow down on it as Tom turned around to watch.

"Holy shit!"

"It sure is," Davie said, chewing it up voraciously and swallowing it bit by bit with his mouth open and his eyes closed.

"How can you eat that stuff?" Bob asked, suddenly appearing in the doorway.

Davie swallowed the last of Tom's load and looked up at the two hunky studs staring at him incredulously. "I don't know. I just like it," he said, licking his lips greedily.

"I don't fuckin' believe this," Bob said.

"Neither do I," Tom agreed. "It's fuckin' weird, huh?"

"He ain't even pukin'!"

"I sure as hell would."

"Do you... do this... often?" Bob asked.

"Damned near every day," Davie said honestly. "I live here with a big black guy and I service him completely. If he wants his cock sucked, wants his piss drunk, wants a piece of ass, or wants his shit eaten... well, I do it because I want to. He's my master and I'm his slave."

"I'll be damned!"

"I stay naked and dirty most of the time 'cause I like it and he lets me. I usually stink like piss and shit 'cause sometimes he pisses on me or shits on me and watches me play with it."

"Play with shit?"

"Sure. I smear it all over myself, jack off with it... or eat it... whatever I feel like... or whatever I think'll turn Harry on."

"That's real sick, man."

"No, it's not, if you think about it. And Harry also likes to watch me take care of his buddies."

"Well, I could dig that," Bob said, laughing. "In fact, I just did."

"See, I belong to him. He takes good care of me. If he wants to pass me around, I don't care. 'Cause I love him and I'll do anything he wants me to do. I'll suck cock, get fucked, drink piss or eat shit... anytime I'm told to."

"Holy cow!"

"And I'm real happy. I eat him out almost every morning. There's lots of it, and his piss in the morning is tally great. Let me show you somethin'," Davie said, leading them into the living room. "See that? That's a rimming stool. I lay down with my head under the hole, then some guy sits down and I suck his asshole or eat his shit."

"Holy fuck! It's just like a toilet!"

"Well, that's what I am. A toilet. Why don'tcha sit down and let me lick your assholes clean?" Davie asked, stretching out under the stool with his head under the hole.

Bob then sat down tentatively and Davie licked his ass crack top to bottom, which he seemed to dig. When he stood up, Tom sat down and ground his dirty ass into Davie's face. He moaned as Davie tongued him, lapping his ass out like a puppy.

"That's too fuckin' much," he said, standing up. He turned to Bob and gave him a big smile. "Hey, buddy, why don't we come by in the morning and let this guy eat us out?" He turned quickly to Davie. "What time do you get up?"

"What time will you be here?"

"About six."

"I'll be up and hungry," Davie said, heading for the dryer.

He gave them their clothes and watched them dress before they left.

Chapter SIX

Davie was up early and waiting. About ten to six, Bob and Tom pulled up the drive and got out of the pickup. They were both bareassed, and it amused Davie to think they had driven over that way. They must be real hot to trot, he thought, grinning lasciviously.

He walked across the lawn to meet them, turning hot himself at the sight of their semihard cocks flopping over their big jostling balls. "You guys look ready for some down-and-dirty action."

"Yes, Bob's been jerkin' his joint all the way over."

"I have not, fucker," Bob said, cuffing Tom playfully.

"Want to get rid of your piss first?" Davie asked. "Then you can enjoy your shit more."

He knelt down, took their pricks in his hand and aimed them at his open mouth. He shivered when they began to piss almost instantly with great sighs of relief. He gorged himself on the double stream, swallowed like a pig to keep up, but he was unable to keep some of their strong morning brew from running down his chin and coating his cock.

"Wow!" he said when they were through and both cocks were dry. "That was some fuckin' piss call. Come on, I got up real hungry."

He lay down under the hole, and looked up, licking his lips. "When I squeeze on your ass, stop shitting. That's so I'll have time to eat when I've got it in my mouth, then you can feed me some more. Okay, who's first?"

Bob stepped over the stool and sank his big ass on the hole.

"I'm really ready," he said, grunting almost immediately, as Tom laughed and squatted down to watch.

Bob spread his shit lips and pushed out a long firm turd. When Davie squeezed his ass, he pinched it off and it dropped into Davie's hungry mouth.

Davie turned to Tom and began to chew up the turd with his mouth open so Tom could see it. He grinned like the cat that got the cream and savored it, then swallowed it slowly.

"Oh, God, that's good," he said, squeezing Bob's ass again. "Give it fuckin' all to me!"

Bob bore down, grunted and spread his hot shit lips. A big load of soft shit slid out of his ass and piled up in Davie's mouth.

"Damn, that stinks!" he said.

"It sure does, buddy," Tom said. "But this fucker is eatin' it like it was candy."

Davie closed his eyes and chewed it up, tasting every delicious morsel of Bob's crap. He spooned it down his throat with his dirty tongue and groaned with utter pleasure. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

"I-I got an idea," he said, scooting out from under the stool. He ran into the kitchen and returned with a big bowl.

"What's that?" Tom asked.

"Finish your shit in this and you can both fuck me dog style while I eat, it, if you wanna. That way, you can both watch, too," he said, sliding the bowl under the chair.

"It's your fuckin' feast, man," Bob said, dumping the rest of his load in the bowl.

"Wow! Does your shit stink!" Tom said, scrunching up his nose.

"Hell, man, yours ain't no fuckin' perfume!"

When Bob stood up, Davie licked his shithole clean. Then Tom sat down, dropped a big had turd and a pile of hot shit into the bowl. When he stood up, Davie spread his ass and sucked him clean.

They watched closely as Davie got down on all fours, stuck his dirty ass high in the air, sniffed the shit in the bowl and began licking it up like a pig at a trough.

And pig out he did, slurping up their hot shit noisily, sucking it up like an animal, gorging his guts. He was a kid in a candy store, licking, sucking and eating with no thought or feeling of what Bob and Tom were doing to his dirty asshole.

When the bowl was empty, Davie remembered begging for cock up his ass, mumbling like a crazy man through mouthful after mouthful of shit. He remembered gyrating his ass and pleading for pricks to pound the piss out of him as he gulped down shit. He vaguely remembered sucking shit off cocks and gulping down pus out of dirty pricks. He remembered his head being jerked up out of the bowl of shit and having a stiff, shitty cock stuck in his filthy mouth. Finally, when the bowl was licked clean, Davie came to and turned to see Bob and Tom sprawled out on the floor panting.

"That was fuckin' wild," Tom said, breathing deeply.

"I don't fuckin' believe it," Bob said, shaking his head between gasps of air.

Davie reached down and touched his sore asshole. He rubbed it tenderly as he fell back on the floor, exhausted.

"My fuckin' ass is raw, guys," he said, grinning at the hunks.

"Not surprised, baby. We fucked the livin' shit out of it! We creamed that fuckin' cunt two times each, didn't we, buddy?"

"That was hot, man! Real hot!" Tom said. "Watchin' you suck up that shit. Made me fuckin' crazy!"

They stood up and staggered for the door slowly, then Tom turned back. "We get off work early... 'bout three. You be hungry again?"

"I'd love it," Davie said. He burped and both Bob and Tom laughed. "Call me. If I tell you it's a wrong number, you'll know Harry got home."

I wrote the number down for them and watched them walk naked to the pickup, stuff their unwiped asses and dirty cocks in their cut-offs and take off. Those asses and cocks might taste good after working all day, he thought.

At noon, Harry called from Chicago to say he wouldn't be home until Saturday.

"You and Sandy havin' fun?"

"Been behavin' yourself?"

"Almost," Davie said, giggling.

"Well, you, be careful, hear? See you Saturday. And I'm gonna be real horny, sugar."

"Yes, sir."

Davie checked the refrigerator and decided to order a delivery from the country store up the road, charging a case of beer and some other items to Harry's account.

A half-hour later, the store's small panel truck pulled up the drive and a good-looking Mexican kid got out. He had on sneakers, shorts and a tank top. His beautiful copper skin shone in the noonday sun as he went back around the truck, got Davie's order and started up the walk.

Davie suddenly realized he was still naked. He grabbed a bikini, stuffed his balls and cock in the pouch and opened the door, just as the delivery boy knocked.

"How ya' doin'?" he asked Davie with a big smile.

"Me, too. Wish that's all I had to wear," he said, following Davie into the kitchen. "I'm Paco."

"I'm Davie. I got one cold beer if you'd like to have it."

"Sure. It's time for my lunch break anyway," he leaned up against the sink and popped open the beer. "Man, it is hot out there. My clothes are fuckin' soaked."

Davie decided that what had worked with Bob and Tom might work again with this hot young Mexican, who seemed pretty wise.

"Take 'em off and I'll toss them in the dryer."

Paco hesitated. "Ain't no women around?"

"No. Why?"

"I don't wear no shorts, man. I like to feel my cock and balls floppin'."

"Hell, I'm damned near naked myself."

"Yeah, that sure ain't much of a swimsuit, man."

He pulled off his shorts and tank top and handed them to Davie, who, threw them in the dryer, then turned back to stare at this good looking kid, now naked except for the sneakers.

Davie's cock began to grow and push out the pouch of the bikini. Paco noticed and grinned, then reached down and scratched his balls as Davie stared.

"Guess I might as well go all the fuckin' way," he said, kicking off his sneakers. He looked up at Davie and grinned. "You like lookin' at naked guys?"


"You're gettin' a hard-on, man. You a faggot?"


"Wanna suck on this?" he asked, flipping his prick.


"I thought so. I need a fuckin' blow-job bad. That cunt I been fuckin's got the rag on and I ain't gettin' no pussy."

Davie knelt in front of Paco's crotch and began licking his brown cock. He skinned back his cockhead and sniffed it, then gently licked it clean. He slid his mouth all the way down his stiffening prickshaft as Paco rolled his head back and moaned with pleasure.

"Fuck, that feels good," Paco sighed. "Better'n my old lady. She don't like suckin' cock."

"I do," Davie said, pulling his mouth off Paco's prick for a moment.

"I can tell that, man," Paco said, pulling his prick up. "Suck on them hot nuts."

Davie sank lower and sucked his balls into his hot mouth, swirling them around in his spit and tonguing them tenderly, savoring the salty, sweaty taste.

"Oh yeah, man, suck them fuckin' nuts! Oh, yeah, baby, eat my balls good! Chew on 'em, cocksucker!"

He slammed his crotch into Davie's face, stuffing his hot nuts into Davie's mouth, moaning as Davie wallowed them around in his mouth like a pig, then let them slide out and lapped down under them with his hot tongue, turning on to a whiff of Paco's asshole.

"You suck assholes?"

"Love it."

Paco turned around and bent over the sink, spreading his asscheeks wide.

Davie crawled into the hot crack, sucking the asshole aromas into his lungs, then began lapping out the raunchy valley top to bottom.

"My old lady won't eat my ass either," Paco said, pushing his ass cheeks back into Davie's hot face. "And I fuckin' love it, man!"

Davie wrapped his lips around Paco's shithole and began sucking. He slithered spit up Paco's ass and then began sliding his tongue up between his stinking shit lips.

Paco squirmed and farted in Davie's face. "Fuckin' refried beans, man."

"Smells good."

"You liked that, huh?"


"Well, suck it out! Suck out my spicy ass!"

Davie dove back in and sucked his smelly shithole like a fiend, banging his tongue in and out of Paco's ass, humping that hot hole like a sailor sucking a snatch.

Suddenly, Paco jerked his asshole off Davie's hot tongue. He whirled around, slamming his cock into Davie's wide open, hot mouth.

"You got me hot, gringo. Suck it! Let me see that mouth gobble my fuckin' meat!"

And gobble Davie did, pulling his mouth up to Paco's throbbing cockhead and cramming it back down his cock to his rock-hard prick root, swirling his tongue around the slick shaft as he pumped it with his prick-happy mouth.

"Yeah! Suck it! Suck my hot Mexican fuckmeat!" Paco groaned. He grabbed Davie's head and began fucking his wild mouth, long dicking his cock between Davie's luscious lips, grinding his ass and pumping prick like an oil driller.

"You like that Chicano cock, huh?"

"Oh, yeah!" Davie mumbled.

"Some fuckin' tamale, huh?"

Davie gargled again and sank his mouth down to meet the plunge of Paco's prick, burying his nose in his sweaty black crotch hair.

"You suck good, fucker," Paco panted, driving his cock in and out. "Better'n that stinkin' glory hole in the park, man! Ain't nothin'... like a fuckin' gringo faggot... on his knees pumpin' my hot prick!"

He began fucking Davie's mouth furiously, ramming his cock in harder and harder, smashing his balls ruthlessly against Davie's spitsoaked chin with each plunging pound of his hard prick.

"You're gonna get it, man! Gonna get... my big hot load!"

He yanked Davie's mouth all the way down and smashed his big prick in to the balls. His cock jerked and he shot his load down Davie's throat like a cannon shooting cum, blasting his ball-juice down Davie's belly.

"Get it, gringo. Get that... macho man... juice!"

He held his cock in Davie's mouth deep, grinding his ass as he moaned with panting pleasure, until he stopped shooting and his cock stopped throbbing. He sighed and eased his cock out slowly as Davie gasped for air. Then, still gripping Davie's head, he began to piss down Davie's throat.

Davie pretended to sputter and gag, feebly trying to pull away from the prick flooding his mouth.

Paco tightened his grip. "Oh, no, gringo! Drink that hot piss! Drink every fuckin' drop!"

He pissed it all down Davie's throat then pulled it out as the last drop oozed out the end of his pricks.

Davie licked it up as Paco looked down and grinned.

"Hey, man, you dug it. Don't shit me. You drank old Paco's piss and liked it, didn'tcha?"

Davie nodded and looked up at Paco's wet prick, licking his lips.

"You want it again, huh?"

"You liked that cock fuckin' your mouth, huh?"

"Oh yes."

"Well, give it a minute, man, and it'll fuck that mouth again real good," he said, stroking his slippery prick shaft inches from Davie's face. "You like suckin' a dick that pumps pussy, huh?"

"Oh, yes."

"Suck on my shithole again. That'll get me hot fast," he said, turning around and bending over the sink.

"How about sittin' on my face?"

"Whatever you want, cocksucker."

Davie got the rimming stool and set it up in the kitchen. He scooted under it and looked up at Paco. "Sit down, stud, and get that shithole really sucked out."

"Damn, this is just like that fuckin' outhouse in the park," Paco said, easing his ass down on the hole.

Davie grabbed Paco's shit lips with his mouth and rammed his tongue up his smelly asshole, pulling it out and plunging it back in as Paco squirmed.

"That's fuckin' wild!" Paco moaned.

"You got a big fat turd up there, stud!"

"Keep swabbin' it out and you're gonna be eatin' it!"

Davie dove his tongue back up the hot Mexican's asshole as Paco pushed out, sucking even more of Davie's tongue up his hot ass as he pulled his ass pucker in.

"Yeah, man! Give me that hot fuckin' tongue!"

Paco pushed and pulled on his shit lips until the tip of a turd touched Davie's tongue. It slid down little by little, turning Davie into a sucking, rutting pig as he plunged his hot tongue in and out of Paco's ass.

Quickly, he pulled his tongue out and panted: "You got a big fuckin' burrito up there, stud!"


"Yeah. I'm lickin' the end of it!"


"And it tastes fuckin' good. Got me so hot I wanna eat it, stud!"

"You wanna eat shit?"

"I sure do," Davie begged. "Let me have it! Let me have that big, hard man turd."

"Go for it, cocksucker!"

Paco grunted and pushed down, spreading his hot shit lips out. The big turd oozed out wider and wider.

"Shit, stud! Shit right in my fuckin' mouth!" The big brown turd got fatter and longer as it slid out of Paco's ass slowly until it was a beautiful column of crap hanging out of that hole and the tip touched Davie's tongue.

Paco squeezed his shit lips and the big turd dropped into Davie's mouth. Paco raised up to look and his eyebrows hit the roof.

"Damn, man, you really gonna eat my fuckin' turd?"

Davie nodded and began chewing it up with his mouth open, closing his eyes as he tongued the shit around his mouth and let it slide down his throat.

"Hot shit!"

"That's what it is, stud," Davie gulped, looking up and licking his lips. "Good fuckin' eatin'. Give it all to me."

Paco sat back down and pulled his ass cheeks wide. He grunted and pushed out a pile of shit in Davie's mouth. Before he could turn around to watch, Davie gulped it down, moaning with hungry lust as he gorged himself and crammed it down his greedy gullet.

"I ain't never seen anything like that, man," Paco said as he stood up and turned around, pulling his prick stiff. "That got me fuckin' hot, man. Suck me off again, faggot."

Davie scrambled up, sank his mouth all the way down Paco's hard prick, burrowed his nose in his sweaty cock hair and swirled his tongue around his throbbing prick root.

"Suck it, you shit-eatin' son-of-a-bitch! Suck my cock with that shit-eatin' mouth!"

He grabbed a hunk of Davie's hair and fucked his face roughly, driving his cock in and out with break-neck lunges that smashed his balls hard into Davie's chin. Hot, salty sweat ran off his belly onto Davie's face as he ground his prick in and out of Davie's mouth like a battering ram.

"Suck it... shit eater! I'm... gonna fuckin'... shoot!"

He grabbed Davie's head and jerked his mouth all the way down his cock to the root, ramming his crotch into Davie's face savagely. His hot cock jerked and shook, shooting spurts of hot cum up the shift and splattering out in Davie's throat, searing the insides as Paco roared like a wounded lion.

Davie tried desperately to breathe. He was dizzy, and he pushed frantically against Paco's hips. He lunged back with all his strength and gasped for air, then sucked Paco's dripping prick back into his mouth, clamping his lips around the Mexican's fuckrod, milking out the last drops of his load as he pulled his mouth slowly up the still-stiff shaft.

"Holy fuckin' shit! That was... hot, baby!"

"You really... can fuck... with that prick!" Davie said, sinking back on his heels exhausted.

"Shit, man, the way you... like to suck cock... you ought to go over to the park and sit behind one of them glory holes."

"I'd love it," Davie said, smiling at the thought. "How big is the hole?"

"Big enough to get a butt into, if you wanna suck out some guy's ass."

Davie's legs were weak, but he struggled up, took Paco's clothes out of the dryer and handed them to him.

"I'll meet you there if you wanna go," Paco said, suddenly turning into a sweet kid as he dressed.

"Why would you do that?"

"Well, shit, man. You took care of me real good. And I'd like to do somethin' for you."

Davie thought, about it for a moment. He hadn't sucked a cock through a glory hole in ages, he mused, and Harry wouldn't be home until Saturday.

"Maybe tomorrow? About lunch, time? Okay?" Paco asked. "You'll get a kick out of it. Lots of real hot guys go in there to get sucked off."

"Okay. Tomorrow at noon."

Paco patted Davie's bare ass and went out the door. At the truck, he waved and took off.

Might be fun, Davie thought. Nothing needed doing around the house. Might as well eat some hot prick.

Then he began to wonder about the change in Paco.

Chapter SEVEN

Davie was napping when Bob and Tom arrived after work. He jumped up when he heard them honk and walked out the front door.

They were leaning up against their pickup, naked as jaybirds. When they saw Davie, they pushed their crotches out and flipped their pricks at him, nudging each other and laughing.

"Come and get it, cocksucker!" Bob yelled. "Better be thirsty, baby," Tom said as Davie started across the lawn, "'cause we been savin' our piss all day and I'm about to fuckin' bust." Davie sank to his knees in the grass and looked up at their cocks. He opened wide as they both began to piss, taking both their streams in his mouth and gulping them down. He reached up, grabbed their pissing pricks and directed the hot spigots up and down his body, soaking his hair and drizzling their hot piss over his chest and down into his hot crotch.

"Oh, God, don't ever stop!" he begged.

"A double piss shower, faggot," Bob said, watching Davie's hands fly over his body as he rubbed their piss into every hot pore.

Tom watched mesmerized, as Davie fell back into the grass, sighing contentedly and stroking his hot flesh.

"What a fuckin' turn-on! I've shot lots of loads in cocksucker's mouths, but I never pissed on one."

"Yeah, I'm hard as a rock," Tom said, flipping his stiff prick.

"Get that hot mouth up here, faggot, and blow my hot-assed buddy," Bob said.

Davie scrambled up and sank his mouth down on Tom's prick to the root.

Bob moved behind him, grabbed his head and held it still. "Fuck that hot mouth, buddy! Fuck that hot mouth like a pussy!"

Tom drove his cock down Davie's throat, pulled it out and pushed it back in roughly. He ground his hot crotch into Davie's face hard with each drilling dig of his stiff prick.

"Oh, shit, man, that's fuckin' heaven!" Tom moaned, closing his eyes and throwing his head back.

Bob tightened his grip on Davie's head, pushing his mouth down each time Tom fucked his cock forward.

Davie gagged and groaned, but there was no letup as Tom grunted and rammed his cock harder and harder into Davie's hot mouth like an animal.

"I'm gonna... shoot!" Tom yelled.

"Yeah, buddy, cream the fuckin' cocksucker!"

Davie dug his hands into Tom's hot ass as he crammed his cock down his throat all the way, growling and screaming like a banshee as his big prick shot off, spurting glob after glob of red hot jism down Davie's gulping throat.

"Get it... cocksucker! Get my... fuckin' juice!"

Bob ground Davie's face into Tom's crotch so hard he was unable to breathe. He fought hard for air until Bob released his head and he fell back gasping.

Bob jerked Davie's head around with one hand, pulling his cock with the other under Davie's nose. "Open that mouth, cocksucker, 'cause I'm about to blow my fuckin' nuts!"

Davie watched Bob's hand fly up and down his big cock inches from his mouth, then saw the globs of stud sauce shootout the end and splatter against the roof of his mouth.

"Aw shit! Son... of... bitch!" Bob roared. He squeezed his cock and the last drop oozed out his piss slit. He flipped it on Davie's lips and grinned. "Fuck, man. I've waited for that all day long."

"You been half-hard all day, too," Tom said, slapping him on the ass.

"That's right, buddy. I was a fuckin' basket case about three, drippin' down my leg."

"Me, too. I was about ready to suggest we strip naked and whack each other off."

Bob laughed. "And I'd have done it, too, buddy."

Davie tried to picture these two stud hunks naked in the pickup beating each other's meat and his cock jerked up.

"I think we're turnin' the cocksucker on," Bob said, noticing Davie's prick.

"We oughtta have this kid with us during the day, buddy," Tom said, rubbing Bob's back. "Hell, we'd never get horny."

"Shit, let's take him for a ride right now."

"That's hot, buddy. Why the fuck not?"

"Come on, cocksucker," Bob said, grabbing Davie's neck and shoving him into the cab as Tom slid in on the driver's side. Bob scrunched in beside Davie as Tom started the motor and drove off.

Davie giggled and snuggled down between these two naked studs.

"What's so funny, faggot?"

"I feel like I'm being kidnapped."

"Not a bad idea. Right, buddy?"

"Not bad at all."

"Except nobody'd pay a fart for a faggot like you."

"I don't know about that," Davie said bravely. "Shit eaters are pretty scarce."

"Shut up. Get down between my legs and eat my big hot ass."

Davie worked his body under the dash as Bob scrunched down and pulled his legs up. He looked up at Bob's hot ass crack, and licked his lips, then bent forward and sniffed deeply.

Tremors shot through his body as he began tonguing out the man's sweaty ass crack. He twirled his tongue around Bob's stinking shithole and cased it up the dirty chute.

"Oh, yeah, baby. Let me feel that tongue all the way up my filthy ass!" Bob moaned, pushed his shit lips out as Davie's tongue slid up him and twisted his ass all over the sweaty scat with a long groan.

"Damn, that's hot," Tom said, one eye on the road and the other on the rimming Davie was giving Bob.

"So's that tongue," Bob panted. "Want somethin' out of that hole, cocksucker?"

"Yes, sir."

"What do you want, pussy mouth?"

"Your shit, sir."

"You hungry, dick-licker?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, open that crap cravin' mouth, 'cause here it fuckin' comes."

He pushed out, grunted, slid a big turd down Davie's tongue and pinched it off with another grunt.

"Holy shit, that stinks!" Tom said.

"Stinks good, though, don't it, shit eater?"

"Yes, sir," Davie said. He opened his mouth and let them both watch him slurp Bob's shit around his mouth as he chewed it up and swallowed it.

"Get the rest of it, butt-sucker," Bob ordered.

Davie wrapped his lips around the crap coated hole as Bob grunted again and filled Davie's mouth with a mammoth mound of man shit. He sank back, eating the shit like a greedy little pig as Bob lowered his legs and sat up.

"Eat it, baby. Eat that sweet stud shit." He reached out and grabbed Tom's cock. "Making you horny, buddy?"

"Yeah," Tom said, grinning sheepishly.

"Let's switch and you can feed the fucker." Tom stopped the pickup and they switched places, dashing around the car naked. Bob threw the pickup in gear and took off as Tom straddled Davie's waist and pulled his knees up high, baring his big ass for Davie's hungry mouth.

The pickup bounced and jolted over ruts and potholes in the road, forcing Davie to grab Tom's ass to steady himself as he leaned forward to sniff. He licked and sucked on Tom's hot asshole, tonguing his ass crack from the quivering base to his swinging balls.

"Let me have, it," he begged. "Please! I wanna eat shit! I wanna eat all of that hot stud shit!"

In one huge grunt, Tom emptied his guts in Davie's mouth, filling it to the dirty brim. He sat up as Davie scooped the shit off his chin and worked it into his crap-crammed mouth.

"That's feedin' him, buddy," Bob said. Davie showed them his open mouth and let the shit slide succulently down his throat, gulping and groaning with pleasure. When he had swallowed it all, he looked up at them both and licked his lips.

"Damn I fuckin' love watchin' that kid eat shit," Bob said, stroking his cock with his free hand. "Got me hard again."

Tom reached over and grabbed Bob's prick. "Hell, man, you get hard at supermarket openings."

Bob slid his hand across Tom's thigh and pulled on his stiff prick. "Gets you turned-on, too, buddy."

"Bring that cunt up here, cocksucker, and sit down on my big hard cock," Tom said.

As Tom grabbed his prick, Davie squirmed around and spread his dirty ass cheeks. He sank down easily as Tom guided his hard cock up his whole, then pulled Davie's ass down slowly until all that hard hunk of stud meat was buried in Davie's butt to the bouncing balls.

Tom stretched out, putting his hands behind his head and watched Davie's ass bounce on his prick as the pickup jostled and jerked over the road.

Bob reached out and squeezed Tom's tit. "Damn, that's hot to watch, buddy."

"And hotter to fuck."

Davie squirmed and squeezed on Tom's fuck shaft as he bounced up and down, grinding his ass into Tom's groin with each lurch of the pickup.

"Man, that's the tightest pussy in town," Tom said, watching his rock-hard fuckrod slide in and out of Davie's glorious whole.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, you hot-cocked stud! Fuck the livin' shit out of me!" Davie screamed, squeezing his hot tits hard.

Tom grabbed Davie's hips and held his ass still. He bucked his prick in and out of Davie's slimy shithole as sweat sprouted on his chest and ran down his crotch, slithering his all over the seat as he pounded his prick up Davie savagely.

Bob slammed on the brakes. "I can't drive and watch that fuckin', buddy," he said, squeezing Tom's tit.

Tom reached over and began playing with Bob's balls and pulling on his hard cock. Bob leaned closer, with his mouth inches away from Tom's.

"Don't stop now, buddy!" Tom begged. Bob took Tom's open mouth in his and their tongues tangled in their hot spit. They moaned and ground their faces together, locking their arms around each other's necks.

Tom instantly reared up. He bucked his cock all the way tip Davie's ass and held it. He groaned and shot off as Davie twitched and turned his ass, sucking Tom's hot spurting spunk up his guts as it gushed out of his shooting cock.

Tom sighed as Bob pulled away reluctantly. "I've been waiting for that for years."

"I know, old buddy," Bob said. "Me, too."

"I shot my guts out!"

"I know."

"It was fuckin' wonderful!"

"I know."

Tom beat Bob's meat as they kissed again.

Davie squirmed around and sank down between Tom's legs, licking his shit off the big beautiful cock that had just flooded his fuckhole.

Bob cupped his hand behind Tom's head and slowly pulled his face toward his crotch. He watched Tom's tongue lick the head of his cock and slowly slid his lips down the throbbing shaft with a marvelous moan.

Davie's suspicions had been correct, and he tried to grin round his tongue lapping on Tom's dirty prick.

"Oh, suck it, buddy! My old cock's been wastin' that hot mouth of yours for years!"

Bob threw his head back and closed his eyes. He purred as he stroked Tom's bobbing head and slowly rubbed his hot ass on the seat.

"Oh, God, it's heaven? Just like I knew it would be, baby!"

Tom began to suck Bob's hard cock faster, taking more of his fuck shaft each time his mouth slid down his hard prick. His hot spit ran down over Bob's taut balls and onto the seat of the pickup as Bob twitched and bucked his ass with lust.

"Oh, Tommy, baby! I can't hold it! I can't... fuckin'... hold it! Tommy! Tommy!"

Davie watched Bob ram his cock all the way up Tom's mouth and hold it, shuddering and groaning. His balls jerked and quivered as he shot off his red-hot stud jism in his buddy's hot mouth.

"Oh, God!" Bob screamed. "Take it, Tommy. Take your... buddy's... hot load!"

Bob jerked Tom's head up and smashed their mouths together. He shoved Tom higher and higher, licking his chest like a wild man, sucking on his tits ravenously and groaning with years of desperate desire until his hot, sexual lust was spent.

Tom slid down slowly and they kissed again, wrapping their arms around each other's necks. They were totally oblivious to Davie, the pickup and the world.

"What happened?" Tom asked, his face puzzled as he looked into Bob's smiling eyes.

"I think the fuckin' world just fell apart, my beautiful old buddy," Bob said, grinning broadly.

"Let's put it back together," Tom whispered. "Yeah, let's do that. Let's shove this shit eater out and go home... together. I owe you one hot fuckin' suck, buddy!"

Tom turned to Davie and opened the door. "Fuck off faggot?" he said. "Here," he added, slapping a pair of old dirty Jockey shorts into Davie's hands quickly.

Davie knew it was no use arguing, and he stepped down out of the pickup. Tom shut the door as the pickup sped down the road, leaving Davie standing there holding onto the raunchy briefs.

"Why the fuck couldn't they have fallen in love on our lawn? Here I am, miles from home and damned near naked." He sat down on a small culvert and shook his head. "Hell, I don't even know which way to walk!"

Chapter EIGHT

Davie sat there about twenty minutes, then he heard a car in the distance. He looked down the barely used road and saw a jalopy getting closer. He quickly slid into the Jockey shorts, and with a shrug, held out his thumb.

The rattletrap slowed to a stop. It was driven by a good-looking teenager who gave Davie a quizzical look. "What you doin' way out here?"

"It's a long story."

"Somebody steal your clothes?"

"Yes, among other things."

"Where do you live?"

"Just off Mill Road, near the junction."

"That's about five or six miles. Hop in." Davie walked around the car and slid into the seat as the teenager took off down the road. "My name's Roger."

"I'm Davie."

"I live just a ways back up the road. You wanna see if I can find something for you to wear?"

"Sure, that's very nice of you." Roger spun the old car around and headed back up the road, eyeing Davie curiously. When he asked, Davie told him that two guys had forced him into their pickup, made him blow each of them and kicked him out on the road.

"Did they hurt you?"

"They made you... suck 'em off?"

"Yeah. And drink their piss."

"Wow. Didn't it make you sick?"

"Naw, it didn't bother me." Roger reached down and scratched his balls.

"They make you... do anything else?"

"Well, they made me rim 'em and then one of them fucked me."

"Up the... ass?"


Davie grinned as he noticed Roger's cock move ever so slightly under his fly.

"Here we are," Roger said as he turned into a driveway and pulled up to a small house. "I live here with my uncle, but he's off fishing with friends."

Roger rubbed his crotch again as Davie followed him into the house. "Did they make you... swallow their cum?"

"Yeah. I was afraid not to."

"You must have gagged."

"No. I... forced myself not to," Davie said, grinning at his own lie.

"That must have really been something. Want a beer?"


Roger got two cans out of the fridge and offered one to Davie.

"Aren't you a little young to drink beer?"

"I sneak one when my uncle's away sometimes. Those shorts are really dirty."

"So am I. Where were you headed?"

"Just down the road to get the mail out of the box. It can wait. You wanna take a shower? Or would you rather go down to the creek and take a swim?"

Roger yanked off his tee shirt and pushed off his jeans. "Leave those shorts here. You don't want to put those back on."

No, but I'd like to keep 'em to sniff on later, Davie thought. Instead, he slid them off and followed Roger's bare ass out the kitchen door with his eyes glued on his beautiful bouncing ass cheeks.

Davie couldn't quite figure out if Roger was just a nice kid, or lonely, or what; but his cock began to twitch as he watched Roger's tanned, muscled, young body walk down the path.

The creek was beautiful. Roger and his uncle had made a dam that backed up the water into a lovely pool and had constructed a wooden pier from which you could dive.

"You like it?" Roger asked.

"It's beautiful," Davie said, smiling.

Roger jumped in and came up sputtering. Davie dove in and they horsed around in the cool blue water. When Roger pulled himself up on the pier, he offered his hand to Davie and they sat there with their feet dangling in the water. The setting sun gave the whole area a soft glow and Davie loved it.

"This place looks like a painting," he said.

"Yeah. My uncle and I spend a lot of them here."

"You swim... naked?"


"He must be a nice guy."

"He is. One time he caught me... jacking off."


"What did he do?"

"He just stood there on the bank laughing. He said it was perfectly natural for a guy to flong his dong."

"You jack off much?"

"Sure. Don't you?"


"You said those guys made you rim em. That means sucking on... assholes, doesn't it?"


"Did you ever do that before?"

"Yes. But nobody ever forced me to do it before," Davie lied, watching Roger closely.

"You mean you... did it... because you wanted to?" Roger asked, obviously shocked.

"Sure," Davie said, noticing Roger's cock begin to lengthen a little. "I like it, sometimes."

"Are you a... a..."

"Queer? Yeah. I've been suckin' guys' cocks as long as I can remember. And lettin' guy's fuck me, too."


"You ever think about gettin' your cock sucked?"

"Yeah, sometimes."

And you're gonna get it sucked real soon, kiddo, Davie thought, seeing Roger's fuckrod get stiffer and stiffer. "You thinkin' about it now?"

"Yeah," Roger said sheepishly. "Want me to suck you off?"

"Would you? I've never..."

"Turn around and lay down." Davie knelt between his legs and felt Roger wince slightly as he cupped his young hairless balls with one hand and his cock with the other.

He moaned as Davie began licking his stiff prick up one side and down the other, then flinched and squirmed as Davie took his young tight balls in his mouth and began teasing them with his hot tongue.

"Oh, wow!" Roger gulped.

"You like it?" Davie asked, looking up. "Yeah. It's really wild."

"Just lay back and enjoy it, then."

Davie was excited by this young boy, who couldn't have been more than a couple of years younger than himself, but seemed so innocent by comparison. The idea that his mouth was the first on this virgin cock made Davie grin as he lifted the young, slender legs and pushed them up. He slathered his tongue down Roger's ass crack as Roger twisted and moaned. He slid his tongue into his hairless asshole, stabbing it in and out, then let the boy's legs down and sank his hot mouth all the way down his stiff shaft with a vengeance.

Roger raised and lowered his hot young ass as Davie sucked, pushing and pulling his cock in and out of Davie's hot, sucking mouth. He savored Davie's hot tongue as it twirled around his prick, bucked his ass and felt Davie's scorching spit set his cock on fire.

Davie grabbed Roger's ass and ground his fingers into his hot young ass cheeks, bouncing Roger's ass on the deck and jacking him off with his mouth until Roger began to groan and grunt, writhing with sheer ecstasy on Davie's hot groping hands.

"I think... I'm... gonna come!" he moaned.

Davie sucked up and down his prick faster and faster, his hot spit drooling out around Roger's stiff cock and steaming up his already hot, tight balls.

"Do you... want me... to come in... your mouth?" he gasped.

Davie tightened his lip grip on Roger's cock, sucking like a fiend, plunging his hot mouth up and down Roger's red-hot fuckrod furiously.

"Oh! I'm... coming!" Roger yelled.

Davie pulled his lips up to Roger's cockhead as he began to shoot. He felt the sweet virginal cum splatter out the end of Roger's cock, hit the roof of his mouth and slither down his tongue. He felt Roger beat the pier with his hands, screaming and sliding like a snake as he shot spurt after spurt of succulent young spunk up into Davie's mouth.

Davie locked his lips around his cockroot and gulped down his gorgeous jism, thrilling to the taste of the teenager's beautiful ball cream. Then he slowly pulled his lips up Roger's shaft as he calmed down and ate the last drops that oozed out into his mouth. Roger sank back and sighed, still gasping for breath.

"That... was... wonderful!"

Davie looked up, let the boy's drained prick slide out of his mouth and smiled, licking his lips.

"It sure was, kid," he said, grinning proudly.

Roger raised up and looked at Davie oddly. "Doesn't it taste funny?"

"No. It tastes good. Why don't you milk down your cock and try it?"

Roger hesitated a moment, looking from his limp prick to Davie. Then he wrapped his fingers around his cockshaft and milked it out to his cockhead. A drop of cum oozed out of his piss slit between his fingers. He looked at Davie again and then lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked.


"It tastes like... I don't know."

"Tastes like nothin' in this whole world, believe me, buddy."

Roger managed to laugh, then jumped into the pond like a kid who had just had a visit from Santa Claus.

Davie jumped in, too, and the played around in the water until they had both cooled off, then pulled themselves back up on the dock.

"I sure liked it when you sucked on my asshole," Roger said.

"Tasted good down there."


"Yeah. I like suckin' on shit holes," Davie said, looking at Roger squarely. "I've sucked out shit holes that haven't been washed in a week."

"Holy cow!"

"Yeah. And sometimes a big, tough guy will make you drink his piss, too."

"Like those guys today, huh?"

"Uh huh." Davie paused a moment and then looked straight at Roger's wide-open eyes. "And one of them made me eat his shit."

"You're kiddin'!" Roger said as his mouth flew open.


"That must have made you wanna puke."

"Damned near. But I've had to do it before."


"Yeah. See, sometimes guys like to make a queer do things like that just because they don't like queers. So sometimes you're afraid not to."

"I see."

"And sometimes you wanna do it for a guy if he wants you to... if you dig him."


"Sure. I'd do it for you."

"You mean you'd... drink my piss and... eat your shit, if you wanted me to."

"I don't think I'd..."

"Why not? It's just somethin' else out of a guy's body. Hell, I already swallowed your cum. Piss and... ain't no different."

"I think it is."

"Nope. Why don't you try it? Stand up and take a piss in my mouth. You'll dig it."

Roger waited a moment, then stood up slowly as Davie knelt in front of him and opened his mouth wide.

Roger gulped and began to piss. He looked down as his piss filled Davie's mouth and watched Davie swallow it, gulping it down quickly. The stream filled his open mouth again and gurgled down Davie's throat.

Roger was fascinated and his whole body quivered as Davie's mouth covered the head of his cock. He had dug it as Davie'd promised, and he wanted to go on pissing forever. The sensation was like coming all over again in a warm mouth.

Davie milked. Roger's prick down and then sank back on his heels, looking up. "Well, what did you think?"

"I think it's wild," Roger said, looking down and grinning.

"I can tell. Your cock's gettin' hard again."

"Yeah," Roger said, blushing.

"You ever fucked a guy?"


"Well, a pussy is a pussy, no matter where you find it, I guess."

Roger laughed and blushed again as Davie reached out and grabbed his stiff prick. "I'd sure like to have this up my asshole," he said, slowly stroking it.

"Well, maybe."

Davie grinned, let go of Roger's cock and turned around. He stood up, bent over and spread his ass cheeks. "Why don't you stick that stiff beauty up my hot ass?"

Roger hesitated again, the grabbed his cock and aimed it at Davie's shithole. He nudged Davie's hot shit lips apart with his cockhead and slid his shaft up watching it disappear up Davie excitedly.

"Oh, wow," Davie moaned with pleasure.

"Am I hurting you?"

"Shit, no, kid. I love it. That pit's had so many pricks fuck it, it doesn't know how to act without a cock up there."

Roger began sliding his cock in and out of Davie's ass, gingerly at first, and then excitedly, driving his prick in with more and more assurance. He grabbed Davie's hips and grunted with pleasure.

"That's it, baby! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of that faggot fuckhole!"

"Yes! Yes!" Roger moaned.

"Bang those hot balls against my ass, baby! Ram that, hot fuckin rod home!"

"It's... it's wonderful," Roger panted, plunging his prick in and out of Davie's ass faster and faster.

"Yeah, baby! Fuckin' wonderful and vice versa! Pound my pussy good, baby! Make your first fuck a ride to remember!"

"Yeah!" Roger groaned, grinding his groin harder and harder into Davie's ass.

"Pull it out and slam it home! Long dick my hot ass, kid! Let me feel every inch of that cock goin' in and comin' out!"

Roger drove his prick up Davie faster and faster, fucking furiously. He crammed his cock all the way up Davie's hot asshole to his root with each hard, frantic lunge.

"You like it?" Davie gasped.

"Oh, yeah! Yeah!"

"Fuck me, man! Fuck me hard as you fuckin' can!"

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

"Blast off, baby!"

"Yes! Yes!" Roger panted, shuddering down to his toes.

"First my ass, baby! Flood my Goddamned guts!"

Davie reached back and grabbed Roger's ass, holding the hot, young cock all the way up his asshole, squeezing and squirming his shithole.

Roger threw back his head and roared as his spunk shot up Davie's ass with a blast that bruised his balls, burrowing into Davie's shitter so hard he felt like his cock was going to shoot right out of his hot crotch.

"Yeah, baby! Shoot that fuckin' load!"

"Oh, God! Oh, my God!" Roger screamed.

"Give me that hot jism, baby!"

Roger fell on Davie's back. Hot sweat dripped off his heaving body onto Davie's as he locked his arms around Davie's waist in a vise that pushed Davie's breath out. He lay there, panting like a puppy, as Davie grinned maliciously, rubbing his back sensuously in the sweat on Roger's heaving chest.

Slowly, Roger stopped panting and his prick began to soften in Davie's ass. He raised up slowly and his no longer virgin cock slid out of Davie's talented asshole.

Davie turned around quickly and sank to his knees.

Roger, too spent to move, watched as Davie began to lick the shit off his cock, then suck it up entirely in his hot, hungry mouth, puffing out the last drops of delicious cum.

Gradually, Roger became aware of what Davie was doing and he backed up a step, jerking his cock out of Davie's sucking mouth. "How can you do that?"


"Suck that... shit off your, prick?"


"It just shows you how much I liked the fuckin I got."

"Yes, but..."

"I told you that I do anything for a guy I dig, even lick his cock clean."

"Okay," Roger said hesitantly. "Didn't you like it? The fuck, I mean?"

"Yeah, it was wonderful."

"Now why don't you turn around and let me suck on that sweet little shithole again?"

When Roger turned around slowly and bent over, Davie spread his ass cheeks and began lapping out his sweat-caked ass crack. He licked the tender, young virgin hole greedily, and then slid his tongue hungrily up Roger's sweet-tasting shitter.

Roger moaned and pushed back, grinding his ass into Davie's happy face.

Chapter NINE

Davie waved as Roger backed out of the driveway and started down the road. He had been a nice kid, Davie thought. One kid to another, he joked to himself. And it had been fun copping his cherry, which hadn't seemed to be too hard a job. Although he'd been unable to talk Roger into some scat, he had eaten that cute ass until it was damned near raw, enjoying his tongue up that virgin shit hole as much as he had enjoyed sucking that load of virgin cream out or Roger's eager and exciting cock. As he walked to the house, Davie began to think about the last two days without Harry. He had had some really wild experiences, so should he have felt guilty about cheating on him? Still, Harry hadn't minded. He had even asked him to service other studs. He didn't think. Harry would mind a little extracurricular cocksucking or... whatever. And knowing Harry's sense of humor, he would probably bust his big balls when Davie told him everything that had happened during the week. Who knows? he thought. If Harry enjoyed all his stories he might just show him what he had taught Sandy to do. That would sure make Harry laugh, he thought. Anyway, when Harry came home, he'd just have to play it by ear.

Davie had declined Roger's offer of something to wear and Roger had brought him home in the old Jockeys Bob had handed him when he was tossed out on the road. He went into the house, turning on some lights, sniffing the Jockeys as he did. He fixed himself a bite and fed Sandy, then grabbed a beer and walked out on the deck. He flaked out in the dark on a sun cot and looked up at the stars as Sandy curled up between his legs. The warm fur in his crotch gave him a nice safe feeling of contentment.

"You're a good old buddy, Sandy," he said, reaching down and stroking the beautiful dog's head. Sandy rolled his eyes and nestled down snugly between Davie's legs.

His mind drifted off. He thought about the good times he'd had this week. And all of them matters of chance, like drawing good cards in a rummy game.

He thought about Les and his hot blond body. Wonder where that beautiful backpacker is tonight?

He grinned when he thought about Bob and Tom, those two hot hunks who really only wanted each other. It had been wild servicing them both before they fell in love. He felt maybe he'd helped start something really beautiful between them as he remembered watching them kiss each other in the pickup, realizing what a crazy moment it had been for them. They'd probably been suckin and fuckin' ever since they dropped him off, he thought, grinning.

Davie felt a hand on his bare shoulder. He blinked his eyes in the bright morning sunlight streaming through his bedroom window and looked up into Harry's beautiful face smiling down at him.

"Harry!" he yelled, jumping out of bed and throwing his arms around his master's big beautiful neck. He smashed his lips into Harry's and pound his slender body into Harry's already naked one.

"Hi, baby?"

"God, I'm glad to see you!"

"Me too, sugar. I was just gonna crawl into that sack and rape you."

"Come on, stud," Davie said, pulling Harry's big bare body down on the bed. "Sock it to me! Sock it all to me, lover!"

Harry lowered his body on top of Davie's, pushing Davie deep into the mattress and kissing him.

Davie purred like a kitten, wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and pushed his crotch up into Harry's as he slid his tongue into Harry's mouth.

"Oh, welcome home, lover!"

"You can feel how glad I am to be here, can't you, boy?"

"I sure can," Davie said, feeling Harry's big cock throb in his crotch. "Oh yes, Harry, I can sure feel it. And it feels good."

"Wanna drink it before it gets too hard to piss?"

"Oh, yes!"

Harry raised up as Davie scooted down under him, taking Harry's cock in his mouth. He moaned when Harry's piss slit started trickling and then shot out a full stream. Davie gulped it down, swallowing Harry's piss until he had drunk it all. He milked his master's big cock down and licked his lips as he slid back up under Harry and kissed him.

"That was wonderful, Harry. What a great way to wake up!"

"It sure was, baby. Pissin' in the john of a hotel doesn't make it."

They laughed and hugged each other tightly as Davie spread his legs and pulled up his knees.

Harry pulled Davie's ass up on his thighs and rubbed his cockhead up and down Davie's ass crack.

"Oh, yes, Harry, let me have it."

"Sure, baby."

The head of Harry's big prick slid between Davie's shit lips as he pushed, then glided up Davie's ass slowly, as Davie pushed down and swallowed up the whole fat shaft greedily.

Harry held it still embedded in Davie's ass, then he bent down and kissed him. "Oh, man, am I home!" he said, grinning down at Davie's happy face.

Davie twitched his asshole teasingly and groaned with pleasure. He felt Harry's cock jerk in his shithole and began to wriggle his ass cheeks.

Harry lifted his head and sighed, then began to slid his stiff cock in and out of Davie's squeezing shithole.

"I beat my cock off a dozen times this week thinking about that little snatch," Harry said huskily. "Damned near made it raw fuckin' my fist."

"You won't have to anymore, Harry. That big black cock is right where it belongs."

"Right up my baby's hot little pussy."

"And nobody's ever fucked it like you do, Harry."

Harry looked down at Davie and grinned.

"Must be love, sugar."

"Oh, yes, Harry," Davie said, kissing him. "I love you, Harry."

"And I love you, too, Davie."


"Yes, baby?"

"You... you won't ever..."

"Won't ever what?"

"Won't ever... kick me out... will you?"

"Why should I do that, sugar? You're Harry's little boy, no matter what happens."

"No matter what?"

Harry laughed. "You sound like you're feelin' guilty about somethin', sugar."

"Well... I..."

"Had a little sex on the side while I was gone? Hell, I know you got a wild sex-drive. That's nothin' to feel guilty about, baby."


"So you sucked and fucked with some other dude. What does that matter? Hell, baby, you know where you are right now, don'tcha?"

"In bed with you, with your big cock up my ass."

"That's right. And that's all that matters to me, sugar, the here and now. Did you have fun?"

Davie nodded and began to tell Harry about his week, tentatively at first, watching Harry's face closely, then laughingly as he reined and listened with a grin.

And Harry enjoyed it all, fucking Davie's ass in nice slow strokes, grinning more and more as Davie told him about Les, the backpacker and then about Bob and Tom, the two gas men who found out they loved each other.

"Well, I'll be damned," Harry said.

"Wild, huh?"

"That hot little tail of yours must be a matchmaker... or a magnet. I leave you alone in a secluded house in the country with only a dog and you end up fuckin' your brains out with strangers who just happen to drop in." He threw his head back and laughed heartily.

Davie laughed too, as he told Harry about being taken off in the pickup and dumped out.

"Those bastards. I don't care if they did find out they were hot for each other. That a rotten thing to do to my baby."

"No, Harry, it worked out," Davie said, telling him about Roger, the youngster Davie had taught a few hot things to.

"You are a dirty little devil," Harry said. "Well, I didn't hold a gun to his head."

Harry laughed again. "And I was worried about you all alone in the country. I should have known you'd find some shithole to suck on, you feisty little fucker."

Davie moaned as Harry humped his cock back up his ass. He ground his ass cheeks down into Harry's crotch as every inch of Harry's big prick slid up his shithole, forgetting his fuck stories as he reveled in the ramming Harry's cock was giving his asshole.

Harry pushed Davie's legs higher and jackknifed his big black body over Davie's ass, plunging his prick in deeper and deeper as Davie confessed.

"Then I met this young Mexican kid..."

"Did you?" Harry asked, pounding his prick up Davie's ass faster and faster.

"Oh, yeah! We smeared... and sucked... and really went crazy!" Davie moaned, trying to gasp air into his crushed lungs as Harry pushed his legs higher, bending him double.

"Oh, God!" Davie yelled.

"You comin', baby?" Harry panted, looking down at Davie's hand flying up and down his prick between their bellies.

"I'm supposed to meet him in the park... I just wonder... if Paco is still waitin' for me!"

Harry threw his head back and roared, lunging his cock all the way up Davie's ass. "I'm sure... he found... somethin' to fuck... baby!"

Davie locked his arms around Harry's neck as he rammed his big black prick all the way home and shot off.

"Get it... baby! Get my... fuckin' jism!" Harry yelled, screwing up his face and gritting his teeth.

"Oh, yes, fill me! Fill me with that big... hot load!" Davie screamed, closing his eyes, loving the feeling of Harry's cock throbbing and shooting his ass full, blasting sizzling spunk up his guts, searing the walls of his fuckhole like a flame thrower. His head soared and his hot body screamed and shuddered with skyrocketing sensations.

He opened his eyes and saw Harry's beautiful body hanging limply over him. He raised up painfully and kissed Harry's mouth, then licked the sweet, warm sweat off his beautiful face.

Harry looked down at Davie's slender, wet body and let his slim legs down slowly. He ran his hands up Davie's thighs, stroked his hairless chest and smiled.

"I think you invented fucking, Harry," Davie said. He reached up and squeezed the big black tits as Harry's cock slid out of his asshole.

"No, baby, I just made it an art," he said, leaning down and kissing Davie's willing mouth.

"I know, and I love it."

"It's a snap, baby, with that little prick-lovin' pussy of yours."

Harry raised up, easing his big beautiful ass up on Davie's chest. His big cock, coated with Davie's shit, hung down over his sweaty balls, inches from Davie's mouth.

Davie looked up at Harry looming above him and began to cry.

"Did I hurt you, baby?"


"Than what's the matter?"

"You're not really mad at me?"

"Shit, no, baby," Harry said, grinning. "I'm mad about you."

"I won't do it again, Harry."

"That doesn't matter, baby. Hell, I can't tie you to my bed. You're a healthy young animal and you love wild, hot sex. So enjoy it. I'll never get mad at you... about sex. Maybe the dishes, but not sex," he said, grinning.

"You're a great guy, Harry," Davie said, wiping his eyes.

"My only thought about what happened this week is that you might have gotten hurt. And that would make me mad. So you just be careful every time, you hear? I'd never want to see anyone hurt you. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, Harry."

"'Cause I love you, you hot-assed little whore," he said, looking down at Davie and laughing.

"I love you, too, Harry," Davie said, grinning up at this wonderful, caring man.

Harry flipped his big dirty cock in Davie's face. "Shut up, kid," he said, chuckling. "Shut up and suck!"


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