Hot horny housewife

Today, what with the continuing rise of the divorce rate, maybe people seem more surprised when a marriage holds together than when it breaks up. Yet despite many dire predictions about the gradual death of matrimony, the trend seen is to be toward changing the internal structure and workings of that institution, rather than abandoning it.

We see an increasing number of books which dispense advise on how to make a marriage more "open". Sociologists have noted a tendency for couples to form trial marriages before legalizing their relationship. And increasing numbers of married couples are trying everything from sensitivity sessions to mate-trading in an attempt to make their marriages more flexible and meaningful.

Craig and Eileen Patton outwardly lead the respectable lives of a happy young American couple, yet behind the scenes find themselves undergoing a crisis in their marriage. It is only after a severe sexual crisis that they find themselves truly communicating once again, realizing that sex between them should be for mutual enjoyment.

HOT HORNY HOUSEWIFE -- the story of one troubled marriage and its resolution. A word of warning to other couples. A tale of our times.

Chapter ONE

Eileen Patton mixed the drinks. She heard the voices of her neighbors in the other room. She heard footsteps. "Craig, why aren't you out there with our guests?"

Craig circled his wife's lush body. "I came in here to get you hot." His hands slipped up and cupped her large creamy tits. He squeezed the pliant meat. "I'll bet Hank would sure like to be doing this," he said, snuggling his mouth against her neck.

"Craig!" Eileen said. "You'll make me spill the drinks."

Craig released her, leaned against the counter. "Hank thinks you're dynamite."

Eileen blushed. "So? I don't care." She looked at her husband. "You got that horny look in your eyes again. I'd better watch out."

"Yeah." He pulled her into his arms. "I think Hank wants to take you to bed."

Eileen squirmed up against him. "And I suppose you want me to go," she said.

"It might be a blast." He dropped his hands to the soft rounded flesh of her ass.

"What about Carol? Don't you think she'd mind -- or have you three already decided things while I was making the drinks?"

"No, baby," he said, rubbing his hard cock into her body. "Hank's been trying all night to get close to you. Carol doesn't look as if she minds at all."

"I don't like it, Craig. I don't want to go to bed with another man. I love you."

"I know you love me, baby. Just one time. You make it with Hank. I'll make it with Carol."

"You're pretty sure of yourself. What happens if Carol doesn't go for it and I'm already committed to Hank?"

"No sweat. Carol wants to, I got a feeling."

Eileen kissed him. "Please, Craig. I don't want to do this." Her violet eyes filled with tears. "Please don't make me."

"Just this once, baby. We got nothing to lose."

"What about our marriage?"

"We love each other too much to let it hurt our marriage. If it doesn't work out, we've lost nothing."

"No, Craig," she said.

"I'm going in the other room and I'm counting on you. Don't let me down." He picked up the tray of drinks and left, leaving Eileen alone.

"Damn him," she muttered. She slammed her fist down on the table. "I won't do it." She regained her composure and left the kitchen to join her new neighbors.

Eileen stepped into the front room. Her heart dropped. Craig was on the chair. Carol was sitting on his lap. She steeled herself. Instead of running from the room and crying, she put on a plastic smile. If Craig wanted a switch party, she would do it for him.

"You two look pretty chummy." Eileen kept her voice even. She walked over to the couch, a smiling Hank ogling her every step.

"I hope you don't mind," Carol purred.

"But your husband is so cute!"

Eileen saw the hungry pleading look in her husband's eyes. "Not at all," Eileen purred back. "I think your husband's kind of cute too."

"Great!" Hank said. "You can sit right here beside me."

Eileen winked at her husband, her fake smile still on her lips. "I was planning to do just that." She eased down beside Hank, snuggled close and crossed her legs. Her dress slipped up her thigh, baring creamy flesh.

For a second, Craig watched as Hank slipped his arm around Eileen's shoulder. Inwardly he winced, but the scent of Carol's perfume and her soft squirming body erased, for the moment, his jealousy.

"I was worried about you," Hank said as he traced a finger over Eileen's knee. "Carol and I thought you might be some kind of prude."

"I'm no prude," Eileen said. She looked at her husband and Carol. It sickened her. They were kissing. "Craig and I have always wanted to try something exciting like this."

"I'm glad we moved into your neighborhood at the right time," Hank said. He pulled her close. He took a deep breath. "You feel great, Eileen."

"You feel pretty good yourself." Eileen forced herself not to look at her husband.

Hank sensed Eileen's hesitation. He dropped his hand over her shoulder and casually spanned a round, sexy globe of tittie flesh that was straining against her dress. "Will you look at Carol?" He shook his head. "She's not the least bit shy." His hand squeezed and he felt Eileen tense up.

Eileen looked. Carol's dress barely covered her panty-clad crotch. She was squirming in Craig's lap and Craig was massaging every part of her body. She wanted to scream, to end this nightmare, but she didn't. If Craig wanted it so much, she would go along with it -- but just this once.

Hank brought his mouth to Eileen's ear. "You should relax a little." He squeezed his fingers into the soft yielding flesh of her tit. His other hand caressed the silky flesh of her inner thigh. "This is going to be a fun night."

"I know," she sighed. She squirmed around and licked her lips. Her violet eyes were misty with despair.

Hank took it for passion. He brought his mouth to hers and crushed her lips with his own. His tongue slipped into her open mouth, exploring.

A shudder swept through Eileen. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Craig. His hand was inside the top of Carol's dress, massaging her tits. Carol was whimpering like a bitch in heat. Eileen closed her eyes, throwing herself wholeheartedly into the game Craig had wanted to play so badly.

She sucked on Hank's tongue, combed her fingers through his dark, wavy hair. She felt his hand move under her dress and fought her instinct to stop him, relaxing herself, accepting, for a night, the hideous game of lust Craig had forced upon her.

"Nnnnn, honey," Hank moaned. "You've got a great mouth."

"So do you," Eileen sighed. "I got lipstick all over you."

Hank licked his lips. "Tastes great."

"Oooooo, Craig," Carol squealed as Craig's fingers slipped under her panties and into her dripping wet pussy. "Ooooo, you're so eager."

Eileen turned her head and bit her lip. She smiled. "Is my husband getting fresh?"

"Not fresh enough," Carol giggled. She pushed her dress back into place. "He's horny as hell."

Craig looked at his wife sheepishly. "I guess I got carried away."

"Isn't that what it's all about?" Eileen said, the biting edge to her words lost on the other three.

"Mmmmmm," Carol purred and grabbed Craig's hand, pulled him to his feet. "Do you mind if I borrow your husband for a while?" She winked. "There are a few things I need done over at the house."

"Not at all," Eileen lied. "I'll keep Hank company while you're gone." She looked at her husband, hating him. "Enjoy yourself."

"We will," Carol promised. She tugged on Craig's hand. "Let's go, honey. I'm creaming."

"Have fun, Eileen." Craig said, stopping for a moment at the door as Carol pulled on his arm impatiently.

"I'll make sure she does," Hank said, squeezing Eileen in his arms. "Take your time and don't worry about messing up the bed."

Craig was yanked out the door by a horny, anxious Carol. "C'mon, Craig honey. My panties are soaking wet." She pulled him across the street.

"I'm coming," Craig moaned, his eyes glued to the cheeks of Carol's jiggling ass as they hurried up the walk to the house. He pushed Eileen and Hank from his mind. Fucking Carol would be worth it.

"Oh, Craig," Carol gasped once they were in the house. "God," she threw herself into his arms. "You're a hunk and a half!"

"So are you, baby," Craig moaned. She was all soft and ready. He roamed her body, exploring the flesh beneath her tight dress.

"I know Eileen will have a ball. Hank's great between the sheets," Carol sighed.

Craig plastered his mouth to hers. He didn't want to know about what would be going on back in his own house. He squeezed the cheeks of Carol's ass. His cock was hard and aching, bulging painfully in his pants, pressing into the soft curve of her belly.

"Ewww, Craig," she gasped, coming off his mouth. "You're as anxious as I am."

"Yeah, baby," he groaned, his voice laced with desire.

"You've excited me ever since Hank and I moved into this nice quiet neighborhood." She squirmed out of his arms. "You want to strip me or would you prefer to watch? I always like to please."

"You do it," Craig groaned. He was going to enjoy himself, and what better way to start than by watching his sexy neighbor give him a strip show. He plopped on the sofa. "Anytime you're ready."

"I'm always ready," Carol cooed. "Hank will tell you that." She stood in the center of the living room, swaying on her feet. She kicked off her heels, her green eyes glowing, fixed on Craig's lust-etched face.

Craig's prick ached in his pants. He rubbed his crotch, his eyes on the jiggling flesh of Carol's tits, which were still hidden by her tight dress.

"The way you're looking at me makes me cream," she sighed. She reached behind herself and pulled the zipper down. "You ready?"

Craig nodded, his mouth dry. "Take it off."

Carol dropped her arms. She flicked her shoulders and hips. The silky red dress seemed to melt from her body, ending up in a puddle at her feet. She saw Craig's eyes pop.

"You like that?"

Craig feasted his smoky gray eyes on Carol's lush body. A black lace bra and matching panties hid the obvious delights of her gorgeous body. She had long legs, full hips, a narrow willowy waist, and large overripe tits that almost spilled from the lacy confines of her bra. She had a sexy face that held the promise of untold pleasures and thick blonde hair that fell about her face and shoulders. Green eyes glowed hotly, and her mouth was full. He imagined her ripe red lips around his cock. A spasm ripped through his gut.

"I like the way your looking at me," she sighed. She rolled her hips. "Hank says I'm a time bomb that goes off every few minutes when we're having sex."

"I can believe it," Craig groaned, his eyes on her lewdly rotating hips.

Carol shivered, her eyes rolling into her skull. "Ohhhh, Craig. I just climaxed." She shivered again. "See what I mean? I can't stop creaming." She swayed, then fell to her knees. "Let's see your cock."

Craig was overwhelmed by Carol's lust. He had never met anyone like her. She was an animal.

"Oooooo, look at that bulge!" She crawled between his legs, rubbing the hard lump in his pants. "God, it feels good."

"Take it out," Craig moaned.

Drooling, Carol fumbled with his zipper. "I'm dying to see it," she gasped. "I always cream when I get a new cock in my hands."

Craig watched. His throat was tight, dry. He stared at her hands working frantically on his belt and pants.

"Unnnnn," she moaned, spit caught in her throat. She had his zipper down, his belt and pants open. Her anxious hand groped inside his shorts, quickly finding the object of her desire.

"Aghhhhh," Craig growled as her hand grabbed hold of his cock and lugged it out. Her fingers were like a hot vise.

"Oooooo, Craig." She stroked his prick. "Ummmm, it's gorgeous! Damn, I'm creaming my panties again." Shivery orgasms, like tiny explosions, rippled through her overheated pussy.

Craig's face screwed up in lust. Her fingers, clamped tight to his shaft, squeezed, stirring the jizz rumbling in his balls.

The crotch of her black lace panties was soaked with hot frothy pussy-cream. She yanked on his pants and shorts, pulling them down over his knees. She leaned back.

"Lift your feet."

Craig obeyed, his eyes devouring her as she whisked his pants and shorts over his shoes. His prick jutted up from his groin, hard and throbbing with passion. His nuts hung like heavy weights beneath his towering shaft.

Carol's eyes took on a new and more exciting glow. "You've got a beautiful prick, Craig," she mewled. "I'm gonna gobble it up and see how good you taste." She tore her eyes away from Craig's prick and stared into his face. "Hank says I give the best blow-job he's ever had, and he's had a lot of women." She winked. "I hope Eileen is good with her mouth."

Beneath his surging passion, Craig grimaced. "She's terrific," he said. "He won't be disappointed."

"I'm glad," Carol sighed as she brought her hands back to Craig's long, stiff hard-on, "because I'm going to have a ball with you." She smiled hotly at him. "Sometimes, when we do this, one of us gets a klinker who's a deadbeat in bed. It ruins it for both of us."

"I know what you mean," Craig said, acting more sophisticated than he was. Her hands on his prick were turning his brain to mush. He didn't care about Hank, or Eileen. His only concern was the stacked, sexy blonde between his legs.

Carol stared hungrily at Craig's prick. The time for talk was over. She brought her head to his cock. Extending her tongue, she slithered it up the hairy sac that held his cum crammed balls. The texture was rough against her tongue and the contact made her cream again.

"Aghhhh," Craig groaned. He lunged up, his cock spearing the air.

"Ummmmm, you are anxious!"

She slapped her tongue over his balls again, soaking the swollen nut-sac with warm spit. With his balls soaked, she slithered her tongue up the length of his prick. She did it again, thrilled with the throbbing beat of his shaft against her sensitive tongue.

"Suck it," Craig groaned. Her tongue was driving him crazy. "Suck it!" He jabbed up, trying to capture her mouth, but failed.

"Twill," Carol hummed. "I like to work up to it." She scratched her nails along his thickly muscles thighs. A hot sultry smile played on her wet mouth.

Craig, his balls on fire, his head reeling, reached for her. "Suck it!"

A light sexy laugh escaped Carol's open mouth and she leaned back, away from his grasping hands. She grabbed his prick. "Settle back and relax. You'll like my way the best. Take my word for it. I've never had a complaint."

Craig sank back into the softness of the couch. He believed her. "Go ahead. Do what you want."

"I usually do," she giggled. She came back between his legs, scratched her nails along his taut gut, up his thighs, and across his balls. She watched as his prick twitched.

Craig groaned, squirming on the couch as she clawed his flesh. He gritted his teeth. His prick felt as if it were going to explode!

Carol brought her mouth to his cock. Using her teeth, she dragged her mouth up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing cock. She chewed him hungrily, thriving on his agony. She sucked and chewed his prick until it felt like a piece of hot steel against her lips.

Craig balled his fists. His gut felt like cement. The blonde bitch was driving him mad!

Carol opened her mouth and looked up at Craig's hard, passion-lined face and fiery gray eyes. "You want me to suck you now?" she purred. "You want me to swallow your cock?"

Numb, his heart thumping in his throat, he nodded.

"I can take it all," she bragged. "Can. Eileen?"

Craig moaned. Right now, he didn't give a shit about Eileen. He needed the blonde bitch's mouth.

"Hank will find out, huh?" Carol winked, licked her lips, then went back to Craig's hard, towering cock.

Somewhere in Craig's lust-sopped brain, a pang of jealousy touched him. Right now, he figured, Eileen would be doing the same thing to Hank. He buried his annoying thoughts under a ton of passion.

Carol hovered over Craig's prick. She opened her mouth, slipped the head of his cock between her greedy lips. She stopped with only Craig's cockhead in her hot, anxious mouth.

Craig's prick seemed to swell even larger, stretching the thin skin around his blood engorged shaft to the bursting point. He jabbed and screamed in passion as Carol's teeth sank into his shaft.

Carol popped her mouth off his prick. She loved tormenting him. "Don't move. You'll enjoy my mouth more."

Craig didn't know how he was going to do that, but he nodded, willing to try.

"Good," she moaned. "I'll do it my way and you'll have the best blow-job of your life."

Carol slipped the bloated head of Craig's cock back into her mouth. She sucked deep, listening to Craig groan. With her teeth dragging along his shaft, she eased more of his cock into her mouth. The bloated head of his prick brushed against the roof of her mouth and her tongue. She stopped when his cockhead blocked her tight throat.

Craig forced himself not to lunge into her gullet. He waited, his mind slowly being destroyed by Carol's greedy mouth.

Carol, her nails digging into Craig's belly, relaxed her throat muscles. Breathing hard through her nose, she shoved her face forward, impaling herself on Craig's cock. She took him quick, stopping only when her lips mashed into his hairy groin.

"Aghhhh!" Craig roared. His back arched and his neck strained. Her teeth had almost tore the skin from his shaft. His prick throbbed -- a prisoner of her throat. He felt her teeth sinking into the base of his shaft.

Carol held him tight in her throat. He was stretching her gullet. His prick throbbed, sending exquisite vibrations throughout her body. His cock hair tickled her nose. Another orgasm trickled through her oversexed body.

"You're biting it off," Craig roared. He twisted, but her teeth held him captive. "Easy. Christ! It's the only cock I got!"

Carol ignored him. Slowly, she drew her head back. His prick throbbed. She scraped her teeth back up his shaft, feeding on his agonizing groans. The ridge of his bell-shaped cockhead hit the back of her teeth. She stopped, spittle dribbling from her mouth and down his bloated shaft and into his cock hair.

Craig growled with relief. He squirmed, his balls swollen, sore, ready to burst. She was fabulous.

Carol gripped the base of his spit-soaked cock in her hand. Light feathery strokes along his wet, throbbing hard-on had him groaning and twisting on the couch. She used her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she suckled his cock.

Craig groaned with pleasure. The torture was over. He relaxed, wallowing in the pleasure of her wet sucking mouth and caressing hand.

"You got it now," he groaned. "Unnnn, yeah, don't stop."

Carol's mouth met her fingers. Spit drooled out. She kept his cock greased in her warm saliva. Her fingers, lightly wrapped around his shaft, picked up speed, as did her bobbing mouth.

"Yeah," Craig groaned. "Unnnnn, I'm ready, baby. Christ, my balls are ready to fuckin' bust open!" He lunged up, jabbing violently into Carol's hot, sucking mouth.

Carol kept her sucking mouth and gripping hand stationary. She sucked with her mouth, milked with her squeezing fingers as Craig growled like a bear and plundered her throat.

She used her teeth, chewing maliciously on every hard inch he rammed into her mouth. She used her tongue, whipping it wildly over his thrusting shaft and cockhead. Sucking, chewing, and lashing with her tongue, she took him to the peak.

"I'm cuming," Craig roared as his nuts erupted. "I'm cuming!"

Carol knew it and she craved it. She sucked, catching the first thick wad of exploding cum at the back of her throat. The second wad filled her cheeks. She swallowed, sucked, and used her hand and mouth, matching Craig's humping frenzied rhythm.

"I'm creaming!" Craig shouted. He slammed up into Carol's face, squirting thick globs of cum into her gobbling, sucking mouth. "Suck it, baby! Drink it up!"

Carol sucked and swallowed his hot, tangy cum. She took away her hand, freeing his cock. The next stringy glob of jizz gushed into her throat as he lunged into her face.

Craig thrust up from the couch. His ass lifted off the cushion and his prick slammed deep into her throat. Again and again he ruthlessly banged his cock into heir face, spewing hot, sticky jizz into her mouth and gullet.

"More, baby! Take it all!"

Carol enjoyed hearing him shout. She shoved her face forward, absorbing his devastating blows. She tried swallowing his spraying cum, but it was coming too fast. She pressed forward, her lips mashing into his groin each time he slammed up into her sucking mouth.

Craig's face screwed up in agony. Her teeth had come back into play. He bellowed as another jet spray of jizz flooded her mouth.

The cum was like a river. It filled her cheeks, gushed out beyond her clinging lip's. Cum dribbled into his cock hair, over his jiggling balls, and down into the crack of his ass.

Carol sucked, gagged. Cum clogged her throat. She swallowed but she couldn't take it all. She drove forward, smashing her lips into his groin as he lunged up, then sank her teeth into the base of his prick.

Craig howled and fell back, his prick still spurting jism. He was trapped in her throat. Her teeth were deep in the base of his shaft.

Carol held him tight. She sucked her way back up his shaft, draining his rumbling nuts of every drop of cum. She held his prickmeat in her mouth and sucked, his creaming, squirting cock down to a trickle.

Craig lunged up one last time, then collapsed back on the couch. His balls were empty. "Enough," he groaned. "Enough."

Carol took one last suck, then popped her mouth from his cock. "You were delicious, Craig." She staggered to her feet. "Now I'll get these things off and we'll fuck."

Craig moaned. His glassy eyes fixed on Carol's body as she tore off her bra and panties. "Jesus," he rasped. Then she was naked, her legs spread, hands on her hips, tits heaving and eyes blazing. "Jesus Christ!"

"You'll be hard in no time," Carol said confidently. She climbed on top of him, straddling his groin. She pressed her juicy pussy against his limp cock and began to move her hips. "No time at all."

She was telling the truth. Within a few minutes a howling Craig and a screaming Carol experienced their orgasms together.

Chapter TWO

With Hank's arm around her, Eileen had watched Craig leave with Carol. She shuddered. She was now alone with Hank.

"Now you can relax," Hank soothed, stroking her thigh. "We're alone. Carol will take good care of him."

I'm afraid of that, she said to herself. Aloud, she said, "I hope he had as good a time as I'm going to have."

"Now you're talking," Hank said, a hot smile on his face.

Eileen moved easily into his arms. "This is my first time," she sighed. "Don't rush me, okay?"

"Sure, baby," Hank said, enjoying the softness of her body.

He caressed her back, seeking and finding the zipper on her dress. He was excited. Where Carol was bold and trampy, Eileen was shy and quiet. The contrast gave him a raging hard-on.

Eileen held him, felt his hand on her zipper, his other hand on her thigh. She shivered, keeping her panic under control. Except for Craig, Hank would be the only man in her life. She broke out in goose bumps as Hank slid the silent zipper down.

"You got soft skin," he moaned, caressing her back. He took her hand, placed it in his lap. "Feel, Eileen. I'm hard as a rock."

Eileen moaned as the throbbing hard-on in Hank's pants beat against her hand. She squeezed, making him groan in pleasure.

With his mouth kissing and sucking at her slender neck, Hank eased Eileen's dress off her shoulders. He squirmed under her squeezing hand and pushed her dress down, exposing her creamy tits.

"God, they're gorgeous," he moaned. He leaned back, admiring Eileen's creamy white tittie flesh and large silver-dollar pinkish brown nipples. He licked his lips. "Beautiful, Eileen. Makes me cream."

Eileen blushed. She avoided his horny gaze. Having someone other than Craig leer at her bare tits made her feel dirty. "You want me to take off my dress?" she asked shyly.

With his eyes glued to her huge fleshy tits, he nodded. "You have to relax." He rubbed her knee. "We're going to have a ball."

"I know." She paused. "It's just that..." She didn't bother finishing her sentence.

Hank brought his hands to her tits and began kneading the pliant meat. "This will help," he said, massaging her soft, yielding tits. He watched her face and saw the passion begin to creep into her violet eyes.

"Oooooo," she sighed. His hands were wonderful. She pressed into them, her breathing short, raspy, the insides of her cunt beginning to ooze. "Let me take this off."

Hank leaned back and watched as she stood. His prick was hard, aching in his pants. He wished she'd hurry up and relax. He needed his cock sucked fast!

Hank thought of his wife together with Craig. A grin slipped over his mouth. Craig would certainly enjoy Carol's mouth. He stared at Eileen's lips, wondering how good she was at sucking cock.

Eileen, her cheeks burning under Hank's horny gaze, eased her dress down over her hips. It fell to the floor, and she blushed from her tits up. She forced herself to step closer to him. "You take off my panties," she whispered.

Hank sat up, ran his big hands over her creamy skin. "You're gorgeous, Eileen. The four of us are going to have a ball together."

Eileen shuddered at the prospect of spending another night like this. His hands were exciting her but she fought it. For Craig, she would allow Hank to enjoy himself, but she vowed to keep her own passion under control.

Hank sensed her reluctance. "You should enjoy yourself too," he said. "Craig is." He caressed her hips, running his hands over her tight, silk-encased ass cheeks. "If I know Carol, she's probably chewing his cock off by now."

That image ate at her brain and sickened her. She erased it from her mind and looked down at the top of Hank's sandy blond head. "Take off my panties, Hank."

Hank latched his fingers into the elastic waistband and eased the silky panties down over her hips. A thick patch of curly black cunt hair came into view. He anticipated burying his cock in her pussy.

"Baby," he moaned, pushing her panties down to her knees. They fell to the floor.

Completely naked, Eileen stood in front of her gawking new neighbor. She felt like a whore on display and didn't understand why Craig wanted her to do this -- or did she? Carol. Sexy Carol with the hungry mouth. It angered her. Craig was trading her off to fuck Carol!

She parted her legs. "Finger me, Hank. Get me wet for your cock." She rolled her hips lewdly, bringing her hands up to maul the flesh of her own tits.

Hank didn't know what it was, but he knew something in his sexy neighbor had changed. He skimmed his hand between her thighs, dragged his fingers through the gash of her cunt. It was moist, but not wet. Carol had spoiled him. She was a constant fountain of pussy-cream.

"Unnn," Eileen moaned. His lingers were activating her suppressed passion. She was grateful. Craig was having a ball so she intended to have a ball too.

"Inside my pussy, Hank," she said, her voice quaking. "Finger me. Get me wet and hot." She jerked her hips, trembling.

Hank, always willing to oblige, plunged his finger into her cunt. She was moist. He twisted it, added another finger.

"Oooooo, Hank," she moaned. "I'm getting hot. Unnn, yesss!" She kept the image of her husband fucking Carol in her mind. It helped block out her disgust for allowing Craig to talk her into this.

Her cunt muscles tugged at his fingers. Juices began to flow, coating his exploring fingers in warm soupy pussy-cream. "You're getting it now, baby," he groaned. "Getting wet and mushy."

"Unnnn, I know," she moaned. "Oooooo, I know." She humped her cunt, gouging her pussyhole on his blunt, stabbing fingers. "Make me cream. Get me wet for your cock." She let herself go completely. If Craig ever talked with Hank, she didn't want Hank complaining. It would serve Craig right to have another man brag about how good his wife was in bed!

Hank jabbed his fingers into her cunt. He used his free hand to explore the rest of her lush body, her hips, thighs, tits, and firm jiggling ass. His prick was aching. "How about me, baby? I've got a cock that's dying to get acquainted with you."

For a moment shock zoomed through her body. But she shoved it from her mind. "Ooooo, Hank." She couldn't move. His fingers were driving her crazy!

Hank pulled his juicy fingers from her pussy and leaned back. "I need a little now," he said. He rubbed his crotch, his eyes glued to her naked body. "Take a look at what's going to make you howl."

Eileen dropped to the floor. Shyly, her passion helping her over the awkwardness, Eileen pulled down his zipper. She fished inside Hank's pants and lugged out his cock.

"Ummmmm, give it a kiss," he moaned. Her fingers were hot, sweaty against his throbbing shaft.

She stared at his cock, her violet eyes glazed with desire and anger. She battled the conflicting emotions. An image of Carol and Craig fucking tipped the scales.

"It's big," she sighed, her voice wavering a little. She swallowed the lump in her throat. "Really big."

"Give it a kiss, baby," he moaned.

Tentatively, Eileen brought her mouth to Hank's cock. She kissed his prick and shuddered. Not having his fingers gouging out her cunt caused some of her passion to fade. She leaned back.

"Fuck me, Hank. I'm not ready for anything else."

"Next time," he said. "You'll be more relaxed."

She lay back on the floor, legs spread, eyes fixed on Hank as he stripped off his clothes. There will be no next time, she vowed. Never again! "Hurry, Hank," she sighed, afraid that if he didn't fuck her soon, she'd chicken out completely.

"I'll be right there, baby. Keep it hot for me."

Eileen rubbed her body urgently, keeping the embers of passion alive. She stared at Hank. His cock was jutting out a mile. Stripped of his clothes, he was lean and well muscled. She gulped.

Hank leered hotly down at Eileen's lush, naked body. "You're gorgeous, baby."

"Take me, Hank." She kept her legs spread, writhing, enticing him to fuck her.

Hank dropped to the floor. He stretched his lean, muscled frame over Eileen's soft, supple body. His cock and balls swung heavily between his legs. Stiff-armed, he stared into her face.

"Put it in," he whispered.

Eileen trembled as she reached down between them to find his cock. Shivers of panic and desire swept through her. Stretching, she gouged Hank's cock through her pussy. The head of his prick slipped between the folds of her pussy, clogging the entrance to her cunt. She brought her hand away.

"Slow, Hank. Do it slow."

Hank moaned. The heat around his bloated cockhead sewed through his shaft and into his balls. "Whatever you say, baby," he groaned. "We got all night. Carol will keep Craig busy until dawn."

Eileen cringed inside but hid it from Hank. She brought her hands up, caressing his broad shoulders and muscled arms. "Fuck me, Hank."

Hank adjusted his body. "Like this?" He eased his hips forward, sinking his long thick cockmeat into her pussy an inch at a time.

"Unnnn, yesss," she moaned. "Slower. Slower!" She was tight, moist, no longer wet and juicy as she had been.

Hank stopped. It was like fucking a virgin!

It made his blood boil. He felt the clinging muscles of her cunt against his shaft. His face tightened. The urge to rum her into the floor was overwhelming. Still, he fought it, winning. He'd give her what she wanted.

Moving slower, he slipped the rest of his cock into her tight clutching pussy. His nuts rumbled. His breathing hissed out through clenched teeth.

"Owwwww, Hank," she sighed. "Owwwww." She rolled her hips. The action made her tits jiggle.

Hank grunted. He was buried to the hilt. She was a furnace, a moist furnace, that kept his nuts churning at the boiling point. He eased back, dragging his prick out until only the head was still buried.

"Unnnn, Hank." She wallowed in his slow, painstakingly arousing strokes. The juices began to flow again. Passion was enveloping her lush, writhing body. "Faster, Hank. A little faster!" She was getting caught up in her first adulterous fuck.

Hank's face was tinted with triumph. He was turning her on. He could see it in her flushed face, glassy eyes, and most of all in her sopping wet, overheated pussy.

He kept his strokes long and tantalizing, but quickened the pace. "Like this, baby?" he groaned, already knowing the answer by the pulsing beat of her cunt muscles.

"Ummmmm," she moaned, writhing on her floor. "Yes!" She humped up, driving her cunt along his cock. She lunged up again, catching his rhythm and smashing her soft body into him each time he plunged clown.

Passion had taken over completely. She was a slave to her senses, her lust, to the cock that was wreaking havoc on her cunt. "Oh, Hank. Oooo, Hank!"

Hank plowed forward, driving her squirming body back into the carpet. He lunged, groaned, his cock swallowed up quickly by the cushiony wetness of her pulsating pussy. Again and again, he drilled his throbbing prick into her cunt. His balls swelled and his prick felt as if it were going to burst at the seams.

Eileen absorbed his jabbing thrusts. She clawed his arms, his shoulders, his hairy chest. "Hank. Faster! Fuck me, Hank. Fuck me!"

Her cunt was an overheated oven. It beat against his plowing shaft. He jabbed hard, groaning as Eileen lunged up to meet him. "Baby! Baby!"

Eileen twisted her hips. She felt his cock inside her. She used her cunt muscles to milk his shaft, igniting the fuse to his bubbling cumfilled nuts.

"Make me cum, Hank. Make me cream!" Her tits flopped, the nipples -- like Hank's cock -- ready to burst.

Hank wanted to give his screaming neighbor what she needed. He shortened his strokes, packing all the power he possessed into the shorter jabs. Hard, violent stabs cut through the soupy ooze of her cunthole. He grunted, taking her quickly toward an explosive orgasm.

"I feel it coming!" she screamed. "I feel it coming!" She bucked under his pounding body. Her legs curled around his driving hips. Her heels dug into the small of his back. Thrashing wildly under his powerful thrusts, Eileen creamed.

"I'm cuming!" she shrieked. "I'm cuming!" She went insane, her body exploding.

Hank knew it. His cock was stabbing through the stormy goo of her erupting cunt. Hard punching jabs kept Eileen creaming, hovering at the peak.

"Cum, baby. Cum!"

"I am! I am!" She kicked her heels into his back. Her hips swung in a tight, frenzied arc.

Her tits floundered on her chest, the nipples sore. She lifted up to meet his punishing blows.

"Cum too," she wailed. "Cream me, Hank. Fuck me to death!" She went out of her mind. She clung to his shoulders, raked them with her nails. Her upper body twisted and her hips rolled. "Cum, fucker, fill me with your cum!"

Hank couldn't hold back any longer. His balls erupted. Hot thick stringy gobs of cum gushed through his prick, shot out through his pisser and white-washed Eileen's sopping wet pussy.

"I'm cuming," he roared. "I'm cuming!"

"Yes, I feel it!" The hot squirting cum from Hank's cock triggered more explosive orgasms in Eileen's cunt. "I'm cuming again," she squealed. "I'm creaming. Ahhhhhh, Hank! Hank!"

Her legs shot out straight, stiffening. She began to shake. Her arms fell to the floor, her fingers balling into fists. She pounded the floor as Hank pounded her.

Hank's cock blasted a steady stream of thick cum. It flooded Eileen's pussy, overflowed her clinging lips. "I got more, baby," he bellowed, lunging into her cunt. "Take it all!"

Their cum mixed, blending into a gooey ooze. It dribbled down the cheeks of her ass, over his swinging balls. It squished between them as they lunged maniacally into each other.

Eileen groaned, lunging up. She curled her stiff legs again, kicking her heels into his jabbing hips. She grabbed him and clung to him, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Hank battled the twisting, writhing, screaming housewife beneath him. She was clinging to him like an octopus. She was all arms and legs, and a pussy that was draining his nuts like a vacuum. He collapsed, crushing her beneath him.

Eileen groaned, cushioning his weight. Her hips moved faster, gliding her cunt along his stabbing shaft. Her screams were now muffled against his neck and she clung to him while her body was exploding in wave after wave of exquisite orgasms.

Hank groaned, his mouth clamped to her neck. He felt her nipples burn into his chest as she twisted and squirmed beneath him. His hips jabbed and his cock sliced into her.

Grunting, moaning, their flesh slapping wetly into each other, they climaxed again. Fused together in the last of their orgasms, they shuddered, moaned, then stopped, their bodies still twitching.

Hank eased off, his cock popping from her pussy. He rolled onto his back and saw Eileen's husband standing there. His face lit up with surprise. "Craig. What happened? Carol... where's Carol?"

Shock registered on Eileen's face. "Craig... what?"

Craig forced a tight smile. "Hey, don't let me stop you two." He strode to the kitchen, returning a few seconds later with a drink. He looked at Eileen. She was getting dressed. "You two have fun?"

"Hell, yeah," Hank said. "Eileen takes a little warming up, but once she starts, look out."

"I noticed," Craig said flatly.

Eileen had finished dressing. Her eyes darted from Craig, who was sitting like a statue in the chair, to Hank who was slowly dressing. She looked at her husband and felt as if she were staring at an active volcano.

"How come you came back here?" Hank asked, fixing his pants. "Usually Carol won't let anyone out of bed until dawn." He winked. "She tire you out, buddy?"

"Sort of," Craig said. His gray eyes glared at Eileen. "I didn't think it would be an all night party."

Hank had finished dressing. "Maybe next time, huh, buddy?" He winked at Eileen. "See you two tomorrow."

"Right," Craig said. His hand held the glass tight. His knuckles were white. His jaw was firm, his eyes slits. When the door closed, he turned his attention to Eileen.

She looked away, ashamed. "How long were you watching us?"

"Long enough," he said flatly.

"How was Carol?" she snapped.

"Great." He sneered. "I could see you were having a blast."

"It was your idea," she said, her voice cutting. "I didn't want to do this."

"You couldn't tell by your actions."

"What do you want from me?" she said, tears filling her eyes. "You begged me to go to bed with Hank so you could fuck his darling wife. I didn't plan on enjoying myself. I fought, but Christ, Craig... I'm human." She wiped her eyes, sniffed back her tears. "You look at me like I'm some kind of tramp."

He didn't answer.

"Is Carol a tramp?"

"Yes," he said. "She's a tramp."

"Then I guess that makes me a tramp too." She couldn't hold back her tears. "It was your idea, damnit to hell! I only did it because I love you."

Craig snickered and finished his drink.

"I'm going up to shower, then I'm going to bed and forget this ever happened. I never intend to see ow talk to either Carol or Hank again. You coming?" She had blurted it all out in one long breath.

His voice was tight, his face lined with a jealous rage. "I'm going to get drunk."

"Suit yourself." She stormed from the room and climbed the stairs to the second floor.

Craig went back to the kitchen, picked up the bottle. He didn't need a glass.

Dragging his feet, he wandered back into the living room and stared at the floor where he had seen Hank fuck his wife. He closed his eyes and gulped the fiery Scotch. It wasn't working out the way he had expected.

Chapter THREE

Eileen blinked against the morning sun. She stretched and shivered as the memories of last night came rushing, back to haunt her. She reached over, needing Craig, needing his comfort to help block the horror of her actions with Hank from her mind.

"Craig." The other side of the bed was empty. "Craig!" There was no answer. She stumbled out of bed.

Grabbing a silky robe, she wrapped it around her naked body and checked the bathroom. It was empty. She hurried barefoot out into the hall. "Craig?" No answer. "Damn him."

She ran down the stairs, her robe opening, licking at her ankles. Her tits plopped out, bouncing as she stormed into the living room.

"Oh, God!" The room was a shambles. The chairs were overturned. Two bottles lay empty on the floor. A lamp was broken, the pieces strewn about the carpet. "Oh, God."

She staggered into the living room. "Craig! Craig!" Dazed, she wandered to the kitchen, hoping he had passed out at the table. The kitchen was empty.

She stumbled back into the living room and saw the note. It was pinned to the wall. Her heart turned over and a knot filled her stomach. She pulled the note from the wall and fell on the couch to read it.

Tear-stained eyes followed Craig's drunken scrawl. "You bastard," she muttered. She read the last lines over and over again. "I can't live with a whore. I'm sorry."

She crumbled the note in her hand. "You bastard!" She tossed the note on the floor and stood, surveying the wrecked room. "I am not a whore! I did it for you! I did everything for you!"

Crying hysterically she stumbled from the living room and climbed the stairs.

In her room, she stared at her grim tear streaked face. Violet eyes, filled with hurt, stared back. She hated Craig, hated him with all her heart.

The memory of her creaming Hank's cock haunted her. "I am a whore," she sobbed. "Craig is right."

She turned from her reflection. "If Craig thinks I'm a tramp, and I know I'm a tramp, I might as well be one. My marriage is gone. I have nothing." She pounded her hands against the wall, knocking a picture to the floor. "It's your fault, Craig!" she wailed. "It's your fault!"

She went into the bathroom and rinsed her face. With her hurt buried under anger and rage, she applied makeup: lipstick, thick and bright-red; eyeshadow, dark and alluring. Finished, she stomped into the bedroom.

"I'll fix you, Craig, and enjoy myself like a whore should."

She laughed as she tore off her robe. Her tits bounced freely as she paraded to the bedroom window. She looked out, not caring who could see her. She pulled back the curtains, displaying her lush, naked body.

She spun on her heel and, rolling her hips, went to the dresser. She dabbed perfume between her thighs, between her tits, and on her neck. The erotic scent filled the room.

She stormed to the closet, threw open the door, and foraged inside for something sexy to wear. She grabbed a dress. "This will do nicely," she pursed.

She dropped the glimmering dress over her head. It melted down her body, clinging to every lush, naked curve like a coat of green paint. Her tits swelled, the nipples hard and pointy, poking against the clinging fabric.

With the dress licking deliciously at her knees, she crossed the room and slipped into a pair of high heels. They gave her long legs an added sexuality. She glanced back at her reflection and saw the way the dress clung to her hips and the cheeks of her ass. A spasm rippled through her body and a sizzling smile danced on her full mouth.

"I am ready to be what I am -- a whore." She left the bedroom and went down the stairs. She forced herself to think of nothing, it was the only way to keep from being hurt again.

The phone rang. She stopped. Her heart skipped. "Craig." She rushed into the living room, winced as she saw the mess. She grabbed the phone. "Craig?"

"Sorry, honey," the hot sultry voice said. "It's just me, Carol. I thought maybe we could get together and have a little bull session over coffee."

Eileen was raging inside. She wanted to hate the sexy blonde, but knew it wasn't her fault. "I can't. I'm going out," Eileen said.

"Okay. Maybe this afternoon. Hank's at the golf course today. Where's Craig?"

Eileen bit her lip to keep from screaming. "He's out for the day. I think he's at the gym. Listen, I have to go."

"Sure, see you this afternoon, maybe."

"I'll try," Eileen lied. "Bye." She hung up and stood rigid for a moment. Ignoring her cyclone-struck living room, she walked toward the front door.

As she reached it, the doorbell chimed. "Goddamn!" she mumbled, wondering if she would ever get out of the house. She opened the door, a sullen look on her face. It changed quickly as she stared at the handsome young man. "Can I help you?" she purred.

"I hope so," he said, taking in Eileen's lush body. "My car broke down." He pointed down the street. "You mind if I use your phone to call for a tow?"

Eileen's heart leaped into her throat. "Sure, come on in. Use the phone in the kitchen. The living room's a mess." Excited, she took his hand. "I'm Eileen." She smiled hotly, her violet eyes glowing with promise.

"Ted... Ted Heinz." He felt the warmth of her hand, and his groin picked up on her hot smile, stiffening. "I really appreciate you letting me use the phone."

"It's my pleasure," she cooed. "This way." She turned and walked through the house to the kitchen, her ass swinging provocatively.

Ted followed, his eyes fixed on her swinging hips and jiggling ass. He let out his breath slowly. His groin was tight and his nose picked up the sensuous aroma of her perfume.

"There it is, on the wall." She smiled and made him brush by her to get to the phone. While he dialed, she sat on a chair, crossed her legs, and inched her dress up high, baring her long, sexy legs.

Ted finished, frowned. He hung up and turned around, his blue eyes popping at Eileen's bare legs. A tremor shot through his gut.

"Bad news?" she sighed. Her heart was pounding. She didn't know if she could go through with her plans.

"Yeah," Ted grumbled. "They can't get over here for at least an hour." He tore his eyes away from her legs. "Thanks for the use of the phone." He took a step, about to leave.

Eileen came off the chair. Without thinking of the consequences, she went to him and took his hand. "Sit down, have some coffee. There's no reason for you to sit out there alone." She tempted him with a smile and the gentle squeeze of her hand. "Call them back, tell them you'll be at this address, waiting. When they get here they can come and get you." She had rushed her words out in a single breath.

Ted wasn't about to turn down the luscious housewife's invitation. "Hey, thanks!" He called the garage back while Eileen made coffee.

Eileen trembled. She had to battle her emotions to keep herself from changing her mind. Determined to be exactly what Craig thought she was, she brought the coffee over to the table.

"How do you like it?"

"Hot," he said, feeling her hip against his shoulder.

"Me too," she cooed, pouring the steaming black coffee into both cups. She lingered, trembling inside.

Ted's nostrils filled with her perfume and the aroma of coffee. He pressed his shoulder against her hip and heard a soft sigh escape her lips. A grin crossed his face. It could be my lucky day, he thought.

Eileen sat near him, letting her knees touch his. "You're lucky," she said. "I was just on my way out."

"Very lucky," he said. His blue eyes concentrated on her tits bulging against the material of her dress. The touch of her knees held promise. Lonely, or just a tease? He couldn't decide.

Eileen knew she wanted him, but didn't know how. It was all new to her. She cleared her throat to speak, but nothing came out.

"You're very beautiful," he said, sipping his coffee.

Eileen blushed, avoided his sexy eyes. "Thank you."

"Where's your husband? Upstairs sleeping off a Friday night hangover?" He grinned.

"Oh, no," she said, licking her lips, keeping the red lipstick moist. "He's out for the day. I'm here all alone." Her violet eyes sparkled. "I was just going out to keep from getting bored, maybe meet..." She couldn't finish her sentence.

"Meet someone?" he asked, finishing her sentence.

"Maybe." This time she didn't avoid his eyes. She stared right into them.

Ted reached over and placed his hand on hers. "Maybe we can think of something to do to keep from being bored until the mechanic shows."

Eileen's heart leaped. "It's possible," she said breathlessly. She slipped her hand from his and stood. She was nervous, anxious, frightened, but determined not to change her mind. "You want more coffee?"

"What I want," Ted said, anxious to determine whether she was willing or just a sexy tease, "is you." He took her wrist and pulled her to his chair.

Eileen's breath escaped in tight pockets of rushed air. She froze, unable to move as Ted turned in his chair.

"Relax," Ted soothed. He brought his hands to her hips, caressed them, slid his hands down her side. "You're sexy as hell."

Eileen was too nervous to move or speak. She stared across the kitchen at the clock on the wall. Her insides were churning. I'm a tramp. I'm a tramp. Over and over again, she repeated the phrase in her mind.

Not getting any resistance, Ted's hands became bolder. He skimmed up her thighs, over her hips and around to the cheeks of her ass. "Nice, Eileen," he said, soothing her with her name. "You feel soft and sexy."

His hands and voice were calming her. She glanced down and amazement filled her. She was actually allowing a man -- a complete stranger -- to feel her ass! She swooned. "Don't," she protested, but it was too meek for Ted to take seriously.

He roamed her ass and brought his hands around to span her tits. His fingers urgently fused to the giant globes. "Soft," he moaned. "Soft."

"Oh, Ted," she moaned. The clock on the wall turned fuzzy as passion began to fill her body. "Ooooo. Ted!"

Ted heard her whimpering voice. He dropped his hands to her ass and squeezed. He didn't stop there. Skimming down the backs of her thighs, he touched flesh -- sizzling flesh.

Eileen was shaking. She swayed, her insides raking in turmoil. His fingers stroking the backs of her knees and thighs were driving her wild.

"I'll bet," Ted groaned, his fingers drifting higher up the back of her thighs. "I'll bet you're wearing a pair of real sexy panties."

Eileen's breath caught in her throat. She wasn't wearing any panties! Panic gripped her. I'm a tramp, she told herself, a no good fuckin' tramp! Aloud, she said, "I'm not wearing any panties."

The knowledge tightened Ted's gut and swelled his balls. Still going slowly, his hands under her dress, he caressed her thighs. He was anxious to sample the soft flesh of her ass, but kept himself under control. His fingers finally touched her ass cheeks.

"Damn!" he muttered.

"I told you," Eileen said. "I'm not wearing a thing under this dress." She parted her legs, combed her fingers through his hair and stared across the room, trying to focus through her passion-glazed eyes at the clock on the wall. She couldn't.

Ted hands caressed her ass, kneaded the soft rounded curve of each cheek. "Baby," he moaned. "Jesus, you feel good."

Eileen concentrated on his words, allowing them to caress her, to block out the morals she had been raised with. "Don't spend all your time back there, Ted. Touch my pussy. Make it juicy."

Her velvet voice bombarded his senses. He skimmed his hands around her hips, down over her flat belly to the thick, curly thick of pussy hair that adorned her cunt.

"Ooooo, Ted. Ted!" She scratched her nails through his hair, caressing his face. Inching back, she stared down at his hands moving beneath her dress. It made her dizzy.

Ted's hand slipped between her parted thighs. His other hand came out from under her dress. He kneaded his way up her trembling body to her tits. His fingers curled around one fleshy globe as his other hand found the moist gash of her pussy.

Eileen began to shake. She was getting hotter -- burning hot! She watched his hand maul her tit through her dress. As she gazed down, she visualized his hidden hand stroking her overheated pussy. "Ooooo, I'm creaming, Ted. Go inside my pussy. Make it real juicy."

Ted stroked the puffy lips of her cunt. Juice coated his fingers. He plunged two fingers into her. Pussy muscles gobbled him up, pulsing against the welcomed invasion.

"Oooo! Unnnn!" She rotated her hips, jerking, moaning. "Ooooo, Ted. I love it." She leaned into him, her legs unable to support her completely.

"Jesus," Ted groaned. He jabbed his blunt fingers into her cunt. Twisting his fingers inside her juicy pussy, he had Eileen quivering in bliss. His cock ached and felt as if it were going to burst through his pants.

Hot, crazed by Ted's finger-fucking and tit mauling hands, Eileen went into spasms. She wanted his hand on her bare tit. She tore at the top of her dress. The ripping of the material echoed in her head. One tit bounced free, the nipple swollen. She grabbed his hand off her other still covered tit and mashed it against her hot, jiggling flesh. She gasped.

Ted groaned. His fingers closed like a vise around her fleshy tit. He squeezed, his fingers sinking into the pulpy tit. He squeezed, his fingers sinking into the pulpy meat. Her nipple burned into his palm.

Eileen rolled her hips. Hot, buttery pussy juice flowed over Ted's invading fingers. She was out of her mind and loving every second of it.

Ted gouged her pussy with his fingers. He mauled her exposed tit. Hard upward jabs of his fingers had Eileen moaning and squirming against him.

"Make me cum, Ted. Make me cum all over your hand." Eileen was delirious. Passion raged out of control through her body. Driven by her husband's cruel words, she responded to Ted like a bitch in heat.

Ted dropped her tit and skimmed his hand down her back, and up her dress. He found her ass and cupped the tight cheeks in his splayed hand.

"Oh, Ted." She saw her exposed tit jiggle against his head. "Oh, God. Make me cum. Make me cum!"

Ted wormed his fingers between the cheeks of Eileen's ass. He scratched up and down the crack, stopping at the wrinkled asshole.

"Oooooo, what are you doing? What are you doing?" She was shaking, hovering at the peak, wanting, needing to cum.

"This," Ted grunted. He jabbed a finger into her asshole.

"Aghhhh!" she squealed. The sensation was painful -- and exotic. "Oh, God! Oh, God!" Eileen grabbed at her dress and pulled it up around her waist. "Make me cream, Ted. Please!"

With his head bent, Ted began chewing on her belly and hip. He sucked on her hot flesh, the scent of her turned-on cunt attacking his senses. He finger-fucked her pussy with quick, punching jabs. He gouged her asshole, twisting his fingers, torturing Eileen as she hovered at the peak.

"My clit, Ted, pinch my clit." Her head lolled on her shoulders; her thick black hair sprayed across her crimson face. Eyes bright like fire, she jerked her hips, humping, quivering towards her climax.

With his fingers deep in her cunt, Ted mashed his thumb against her hard, blood filled clit. He added another finger to her tight dry ass. With both her holes stuffed and her clit mangled by his thumb, Ted turned his arms into pistons, jamming his fingers in and out of her body.

"I'm cuming!" Eileen screamed. Her voice filled the kitchen, bouncing off the walls. "I'm cuming. I'm creaming. Ooooo, Christ!"

Hot frothy cunt-cum flowed from Eileen's exploding pussy. It drenched Ted's stabbing fingers, soaking the palm of his hand and dribbling down his wrist. Her insides were mushy, pulsing hotly against his twisting, jerking fingers.

"Harder, Ted. Harder! Rip me open!" She wanted pain, pleasure, anything. She jabbed with her ass, moaned as his fingers plowed deeper into her tight, narrow asshole.

"Aghhhh! It feels so good!"

She humped forward, mashing her clit against his stationary thumb. Back and forth she jerked her hips, feeding on his invading fingers.

Ted was growling, chewing her flesh. He stretched his fingers inside her pussy and ass. Her howling cry told him that this was what she had needed. He did it again and got the same piercing response.

"Yessss!" She hissed, snapping her head back. "Yessss!" She climaxed again, her legs almost turning to butter.

With his fingers stretched apart, cum soaking them, muscles trying to squeeze them, Ted gouged at the thin skin that separated her two fantastic holes. He felt his own fingers through the thin skin. He pressed and Eileen wailed. When he jabbed his thumb into her clit, Eileen shrieked.

"I'm still cuming. Ooooo! I'm creaming." Her body was jerking, bucking back and forth.

She used her ass muscles to tighten their grip around his jamming fingers. She used her pussy muscles to milk his gouging fingers. She humped forward, destroying her clit against his thumb.

Ted was just holding on. She was going crazy on his fingers and he couldn't wait until this same passion was directed to his hard, throbbing cock. "Cream me, baby. Cream!"

The kitchen was spinning. Another orgasm racked her body. She fell against him, her knees buckling.

Ted, his fingers ripping into her cunt and asshole, bore the brunt of her weight. He twisted his thumb into her clit, crushing it.

"Ooooo, Ted!" Eileen began to twitch. Jerky, spastic movement replaced the frenzied action of only a few moments ago.

"Un! Un! Unnnn!" She squirmed her hips. "No, more! No, more!"

Ted eased his fingers from her ass and pussy. He lifted his head and stared up into her flushed, passion-ridden face. "You're fantastic."

Eileen leaned against the table and caught her breath. The room was still spinning. The muscles in her cunt were still pulsing, oozing creamy juice. She cleared her throat, stared at his handsome face, then saw her juice all over his fingers.

Eyes shining bright like glowing fires, she moaned, "You haven't seen anything yet."

Chapter FOUR

Ted leaned back in the chair, stared at Eileen. Her thick black hair was disheveled. One large, plump tit was exposed, the nipple big, swollen. Her dress was draped around her hips, her long legs fully displayed. Part of her cunt peeked out from under the hem of her dress.

"You look fabulous, baby," he said.

Eileen smiled drunkenly. "Wait until you see me sprawled out in bed." She was playing her role to the hilt, the perfect whore.

She straightened up and wriggled her hips. The dress floated down, hugging her curves. "I ripped my dress." She smoothed the palm of her hand over her exposed tit. "C'mon up to the bedroom. It's more comfortable there." She winked.

Ted took her hand. "You sure your husband won't come home?"

"I'm positive," she said, swinging her ass as she wandered out of the kitchen. "C'mon, we'll have a blast."

Ted followed her, his eyes watching the erotic movement of her ass beneath the tight fitting dress. His prick ached painfully in his pants and he couldn't wait until he was humping her naked body.

Eileen reached the stairs. She was dizzy. Nothing seemed real. "I can't wait until I see how big your cock is," she purred, climbing the stairs slowly.

"You won't be disappointed." He ran his hand under her dress and mauled her pussy. "It'll fit just right."

"I'm counting on it," she moaned as his fingers jabbed into her pussy. "Ooooo, I'm counting on it!" She couldn't take another step. "Oh, God, Ted." She leaned against the railing, humping his fingers as he gouged out her cunt. "Stop it! Can't you wait until we get to bed?"

"No, baby," he said. The idea of taking her on the stairs appealed to him. "Turn around." He popped his fingers from her pussy and spun her around.

"Ahhhhh," she gasped, almost falling. "What are you doing? I want to go to bed. I want your cock." She stared down at him. "God, Ted. I need to be fucked."

"You can have it here," he snickered. "Right here on the steps." He rubbed his crotch and saw her glazed eyes follow the movement of his hand.

A lewd smile played at her red, glistening mouth. "Whatever you want," she moaned. "I aim to please." She swayed. Holding the railing, she eased herself down on the step. "Come up a little higher so I can get it."

Ted climbed up two steps and leaned against the wall. "How's this?"

"Perfect," she sighed. "Ooooo, just perfect." She flattened her palm on his crotch.

"Take it out, baby."

"Whewwww, it feels so big!" She fumbled with his zipper. A lump formed in her throat but she swallowed it. She was a whore and she was going to act like one.

"Oh, Ted," she gasped, hauling out his cock. "You were right. It is big!"

"Suck it, Eileen. Show me how much you appreciate what I did for you in the kitchen."

Eileen pursed her lips, gave his prick a wet exciting kiss. "You like that?" She pulled her mouth away and saw that the head of his cock was covered with lipstick.

"Yeah, but it wasn't enough."

"I have plenty more," she giggled. She smeared her lipstick up and down his thick veiny shaft and used her tongue, slapping at his pulsing meat. She smeared it with spit and lipstick.

"Ahhhhh," Ted groaned, jerking his hips. "Suck it. Put it in your fuckin' mouth!" The bitch had him crazy.

Eileen tilted her head back. Her mouth was smeared with red glistening lipstick. "I'll suck it, Ted. I'll chew you alive."

"I'll bet you can," he groaned, staring down into her lust-crazed face.

"I know I can," she said. "Watch me."

Ted growled as the heat of her mouth enveloped the head of his cock. "Yeah, all of it, baby. Take it all."

For a moment Eileen almost slipped back into the world of reality. She battled her emotions. She was a whore, Craig had said so. She stared at Ted's cock.

"Stop looking and eat it, bitch."

"I will, fucker," she giggled. She opened her mouth and swallowed the head of his cock. With it in her mouth, she whipped her tongue over it, lashing his pisser.

"Aghhhhh," Ted groaned, squirming against the wall. "Christ, what the fuck ya doing?"

Eileen ignored him. She sucked hard on his prick and heard his moans. It excited her. Being a whore was fun! She relaxed her throat muscles and jammed her head forward. Ted's cock pierced her gullet and she gagged, but didn't quit.

"Yeah, baby... all of it... unnnn, you're getting there!" He lunged hard, stabbing the rest of his long fat cock into Eileen's throat. "Unnnn, Christ!"

Eileen's eyes popped and her mouth was stretched wide. Her lips were mashed into his zipper. His prick was buried to the hilt, throbbing in her clogged throat.

Ted, enraged with lust, reached down, grabbed her hair and violently fucked her face. "Here, baby. Chew it all up!" He fucked her face, his cock jabbing fast. "Unnn. Suck it! Chew it!"

Eileen's face turned beet-red. He was brutalizing her mouth and throat. She choked. Dizzy, her mind reeled. Gagging, she grabbed his hips, slowing his frenzied pace. She shoved him back into the wall, bracing herself on the stairs.

Coughing, she pressed hard, pinning his hips to the wall. Ted's lunging hips stopped for the moment and Eileen attacked. She used her teeth, her tongue, and her, sucking mouth. Hard gnawing chews into his thick steel beamed shaft soon had Ted growling like a trapped lion.

"You're biting it off," he roared, twisting his hips. "Jesus Christ!" He jabbed, trying to take her attack. But her teeth digging into the base of his prick stopped him.

Eileen tamed his lunging, throat-piercing cock with her teeth. She enjoyed the power her mouth gave her. She exerted it, sucking, chewing, whipping his bloated cockhead with her tongue.

Ted moaned, content now to let Eileen do as she wished. He dropped his grip from her hair and leaned back against the wall. Eileen's mouth was carrying him toward an orgasm, an orgasm he needed. He was powerless to stop it and too hot to care.

"Oh, Christ, baby!" Fingering the hot bitch in the kitchen and now with her crazy mouth on his cock was too much. He was boiling in his own passion.

"I'm ready, baby. Ready to blast your fuckin' mouth!" His nuts churned, ready to erupt.

Eileen devoured his cock. She feasted on every hard, delicious inch. Gurgling, she pierced her throat with the tip of his cock.

Somewhere in her lust soaked mind, she realized what was going to happen. With her desire to be fucked overwhelming her desire to suck him off, Eileen stopped attacking his prick. Reluctantly, she pulled her greedy mouth away.

A drunken face flushed with lust stared up into Ted's passion-filled eyes. "I got a better place for this beautiful cock -- my pussy." She cleared her throat, her hands stroking his wet spit-drenched prick.

Ted pulled her to her feet. "Bend over, bitch. I'm going to repay you for the way you chewed up my cock."

"Not, here, handsome," she giggled lewdly. "We'll break our fuckin' necks when we cream."

"Here," he growled, and grabbed her hips.

Laughing, Eileen pulled away and started to run up the stairs. "Catch me, fucker. Catch me and you can have me."

Ted snarled, racing up the stairs after her. He stretched out his arm and grabbed her dress. It ripped away in his hand. He stumbled.

Eileen stopped at the door to her bedroom. Naked, she spun around and laughed. "C'mon, Ted." She spread her legs, parted the lips of her pussy, exposing the red gash. "Come take this. Stuff me with your cock."

Ted stared down the hall. He leered hotly at her lewd gestures and gorgeous body. "I'm coming, baby," he growled, taking off after her.

"Not yet you're not," she said, disappearing into the bedroom.

Ted stopped at the doorway. He groaned. His prick jutted from his pants. It ached with the sight of what his eyes saw. Eileen was sprawled out on the bed, legs spread.

"C'mon, Ted. Take off your clothes and fuck me with your gorgeous cock." She squirmed, twisting her fingers, keeping the puffy folds of her dripping pussy apart. The red gash glistened with juice and white cream.

Ted staggered into the room. He tore at his shirt, throwing it on the floor. Groaning, he attacked his pants, kicking them off into a pile along with his shoes.

"Hurry, Ted," she moaned. Her tits flopped. "Ooooo, I'm creaming without you."

Ted was mad. He pulled off his cocks, ripped off his shorts. "Here I come, baby!" He climbed on the bed, his cock swinging between his legs.

Ted grabbed her, pulling her squiggling body into his arms. She was soft, vibrant, constantly moving. "Baby!" He roamed her flesh, kneading, exploring. His prick throbbed against her belly.

Eileen was crazy. She rolled with him, grinding her belly into his prick. She crushed her tits into his chest, the nipples burning, swollen, scratching against his thick mat of chest hair.

"Stick it in me, Ted. Screw me. I'm out of my fuckin' mind!"

"Me too, bitch," he growled. He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. Her tits lifted. He held her pinned, feasting on her tittie meat.

"Oh, yes, Ted. Chew them. Chew them like I chewed your cock." She bucked her hips, her tits bouncing against his chomping mouth.

"Ewwwww, yes, Ted. Ummmmm!"

Ted sucked her nipples and chewed her jiggling flesh, turning her creamy tits a wet, glowing pink. The nipples he destroyed, sucking and chewing them until Eileen screamed for mercy.

"Now your pussy, bitch," he growled, then released her hands.

"Yesssss," she hissed. "Yes!" She twisted her hips, humped up, anxious to have her pussy stabbed. "Fuck me, Ted. Ooooo, fuck me!"

Ted climbed over her twisting body. She was a wildcat. His car breaking down had turned into the best thing that had happened to him all week. Bracing himself, he aimed his cock at her steamy cunt. Inching forward, the head of his cock banged into her clit.

"Aghhhh," she gasped, lunging her ass up from the bed. "Ooooo, stick it! Stick it!"

"Yeah, bitch." Ted jerked forward, slamming his prick into the buttery ooze of her gulping cunt. "Unnnn." Hot juice and spongy cunt muscles greeted him.

"Ooooo, Ted!" She humped up to meet him, crashing back as he drove her into the mattress.

Ted's cock was jammed tight inside her cunt. He groaned. "God, you're hot and wet!"

"Ooooo, I know. I know! I'm hot for your cock... wet for your cum!" She wriggled her hips. "You like?"

"Unnnn," he moaned. "You're fantastic!" Eileen gasped. She felt his overgrown cock palpitating inside her pussy. Her hips bucked, thrust forward. "You're so hard. So damn fuckin' hard!"

His lust-etched face spread into a grin. "It gets bigger, bitch," he groaned confidently.

He smashed his body into her, driving his prick in to the root. Another lunge forward and his cock ripped deep into her wet, tender pussy. The head of his cock pierced the cushiony wetness, stretching it.

"Oooo, Ted." She used her muscles, clamping them tight around his plowing shaft. "More, Ted... gimme all you got."

Ted lunged hard and fast. His prick was thickening, growing longer, hardening. His face twisted in lust. His hips ground his body into her soft frame.

"You sure know how to fuck," she moaned. "Ooooo, God, do you know how to fuck!" She used her hips to hump and glide her pussy along his cum-swollen hard-on. Her hips rammed up.

Ted drove her back, mashing her ass into the bed. He twisted, mangled her clit into his hard groin. Hard fast punching jabs had him groaning with each one.

"Oh! Ohhh!" She matched him hump for hump, jab for jab, her body squiggling, jerking. She stared up into his face. "Faster, Ted. Rip me open. Oooo, I feel it. You're getting bigger... so big!"

Ted bored into her juicy cunt with even faster jabs. "God, you're hot, baby..." He hovered over her, muscles tense, tight, surging with strength. Hard drilling stabs took the full length of his cock deeper and deeper into the sticky sauce of her oozing pussy.

"Ummmm, Ted," she wailed. She rocked her hips and tightened her cunt muscles around his juice-drenched shaft. "Oooo, it's wonderful!"

He rammed into her, feeling the gripping muscles of her cunt squeeze his cock tight. "Aghhhh, baby!" He filled the room with his groans. His face turned into a snarling mask of lust. He couldn't hold out much longer.

Open-mouthed and panting, Eileen banged her cunt into him. She took every hard inch of his hulking cockmeat with her spongy, hot cunt muscles. "Oh, you're so stiff... hard, ahhhhh!" She was delirious.

Her eyes bulged, the violet disappearing as the pupils dilated. Her mouth drooled. It was going to happen. A woeful moan escaped her parted lips. Orgasms deep inside her steamy pussy were beginning to erupt, shaking her entire body.

The intensity deep in her pussy grew stronger. Orgasms spread. She screamed. "I'm... cuming... I'm cuming!" Her cunt, surrounding his drilling cock, beat a steady rhythm against the pulsing cockmeat. "I'm creaming, Ted. Creaming all over your fuckin' cock!"

His face was red, drawn tight. His nuts felt as if they were being ground up in a vise. His muscled arms held him above her thrashing, climaxing body. He saw the bliss of her orgasm in her face, felt it inside her pussy with his cock. It blew his mind.

"Baby, you're so wet... so hot... I'm gonna cream you!"

His next grunt and his next plunge brought his bubbling balls to full boil. They erupted. A thick jet stream of hot white cum spewed from his prick, soaking Eileen's tight, wet velvety cunt.

"Take it, baby. I'm cuming. I'm creaming!"

With thick, stringy cum squirting into her pussy and Ted's cock ramming her at blinding speed, Eileen's cunt went into spastic contractions. She felt his load of jizz fill her pussy and jabbed up at him, wanting more, needing it to wash away the nightmare she was living.

"Hard, Ted! Harder!" She battled him, struggling under his powerful body. "I'm creaming. Creaming your cock!"

Foamy pussy-cream poured from her cunt. Each driving thrust of Ted's cock gushed cum out over his nuts and down the cheeks of her ass. It flowed freely, greasing his squirting prick for more speed.

Ted hammered her wriggling body back into the squeaking mattress. He lunged, crushed her twisting body and groaned. His hips jerked fast, with short, punching jabs, pounding Eileen into a screaming babbling mass of exploding flesh.

Her plump tits quivered and shook. She garbled something, the words lost in her throat. A shrill scream followed. "I'm creaming... so fuckin' much!"

The buttery pool of cunt-cum and jizz thickened inside her cunthole. She moaned, then another loud scream escaped her throat.

"I can't stop creaming you. Your cock, oooo!" She rocked her head from side to side, orgasms bombarding her constantly.

The ache in Ted's nuts grew worse. Her twisting, humping body and hot, clenching cunt made him insane. More cum churned out from his nuts, splattering the hot, spongy depths of Eileen's cunt. His pisser dilated and a thick load squirted out.

Eileen's hips moved wildly. Her cunt overflowed. Her ass cheeks pounded the bed, jiggled each time she lunged up. "More, Ted. More!"

"You're fabulous," He groaned weakly, his short, punching strokes beginning to slow. His nuts were about empty. "Unnnn, baby you're great!"

Eileen moaned, swirling back from the dizzy heights Ted's cock had taken her to. "Oooo, so are you," she sighed. Her tits glistened with beads of sweat. She caressed his face and arms. "Mmmm, so are you."

Ted rammed her one last time and she squealed as the last of his cum dribbled from his pisser. He eased back, spent, sated.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed. She stopped moving. Only her cunt muscles were active.

They pulsed erratically against his shrinking shaft. "Take it out slow, Ted."

Ted grunted, then eased back until his prick popped from her pussy. "Christ!" He rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.

Eileen trembled inside. A smile crossed her face. She took Ted's hand and rubbed it over her sweaty tits. "I'm glad your car broke down."

"So am I," he said.

The doorbell chimed. They looked at each other, their naked, tired bodies tight, quickly filling with tension. The bell chimed again.

Chapter FIVE

"It's not my husband," Eileen said. She giggled, throwing herself into Ted's arms. "Besides, I don't care." She showered him with kisses, crushing him with her naked body.

"C'mon, baby," Ted groaned, "cut the shit."

Eileen laughed and rolled over on her back. "It's probably someone from the garage. You get dressed. I'll go down and answer the door."

"Sure, baby," Ted said. "Tell him I'll meet him at the car."

Eileen grabbed a robe and as she hurried down the stairs to the front door, she pulled it on. "Hi," she purred. She was going all the way. "Are you from the garage?"

Jim Fields gawked. "Yeah," he said, eyeing Eileen's lush body and beautiful face. "I got a call about a car needing a jump."

"You got the right place," she purred, boldly looking into his face. "He's upstairs getting dressed." She winked, licked her lips. "You almost got here too soon, if you know what I mean."

He grinned. "I know," he said. He stared at the creamy flesh of her partially exposed tits. "Your husband's a lucky guy."

"Oh," Eileen said. "He isn't my husband. We just met." She was flaunting it, taunting the man standing at the door. "He just stopped by to use my phone."

Ted had come down the stairs, stopping as he finished buttoning his shirt. He was staring at Eileen in the doorway, the sun shining through her robe, silhouetting her long, sexy legs.

"Whewww," Ted said. "Definitely my lucky day." Ted saw the mechanic grinning at Eileen as they talked. "Maybe his, too."

Eileen turned. "It's the man from the garage, Ted. He's here to give you a jump." She giggled and leaned into Ted as he came to the door. "I was telling him how he almost showed up too soon." She smeared her moist lips over his mouth.

With Jim ogling, Ted ran his hand down Eileen's back and cupped the cheeks of her ass. "I had a great time."

"Ummmmmm, so did I, Ted." She looked at the mechanic. "I never got your name."

"It's Jim."

"Hi, Jim. You take care of my new friend." She leaned out the door and brushed her lips against Jim's cheek. "I hope you're as good at getting things started as I am?"

"I've never had any complaints," Jim said. "I can tell," she purred. She draped herself in the doorway and watched them walk down the path to the street. "Bye." She waved, her tits swinging, almost popping out completely.

She closed the door and leaned against it for support. "Oh, God. What am I becoming?" She shook her head, shaking the thoughts from her mind. "It doesn't matter. Nothing matters... I'm a whore." She rushed up the stairs.

In the shower, the water beating against her flesh, Eileen washed herself. She rinsed her pussy, her whole body tingling, cleansing herself of Ted's thick white cum.

"Oh, God," she moaned. She leaned back against the tile, water spraying her tits, making the nipples hard. She smiled, imagining the conversation between the two men.

"Oooooo," she sighed, turning around. She parted the cheeks of her ass and enjoyed the spray against her asshole. She remembered the feel of Ted's stabbing fingers in her asshole and started to cream.

Clean, her pussy rinsed and ready for more action, Eileen stepped out of the shower. She wrapped the silky robe around her body. The silk clung to her wet flesh. Her tits and ass looked almost as if she were wearing nothing at all.

With her hair piled in curls atop her head, Eileen left the bathroom. Out in the hall, she spotted her dress. Laughing, she kicked it into a corner.

She wandered downstairs. Avoiding the living room, she went into the kitchen and found a bottle of vodka.

"Why not?" she said. "Whores can drink anytime they want." She laughed and poured a healthy amount of vodka into a glass.

"Whewwwww," she gasped, sipping the patent liquid. "Christ!"

She grabbed some ice cubes from the freezer and plunked them into the glass. A few moments later, the vodka chilled, she sipped it again. "Mmmmm, much better."

She wandered back through the living room, ignoring the mess. The doorbell chimed. Her heart skipped. Maybe it was Ted coming back for a second helping? It made her eager.

She rushed to the door, threw it open. Surprise filled her face. "Jim! What brings you back here? You have trouble getting Ted started?"

"No trouble at all," he said. "You going to invite me in?"

Eileen winked. "Your truck break down?" She stepped aside.

Jim brushed by her, his arm bumping into her tits. "Nice place."

"Thanks. I was just having a drink. Care to join me?"

"Sure." He followed her through the living room, leering at her ass swinging beneath the clinging robe. "Whewwww," he said when he spotted the messy living room. "What happened here?"

Eileen poured him a drink. "We had a party last night. Things got carried away."

He took the drink. "Looks like you had an orgy."

"I wish," she said, leaning against the counter. "It was fun though." She stared at him, imagining him shoving his cock up into her pussy. The thought made her dizzy.

Jim sipped his drink, his eyes flowing over her lush body. He fixed his gaze on her tits. Beneath the robe, they looked delicious, the nipples outlined erotically. "Ted told me you're a real friendly lady."

"I can be," she said, her violet eyes holding his gaze. "It depends."

"On what?" Jim said.

Eileen smiled hotly. "Oooo, a lot of things." She walked by him and went back into the living room.

"Like what?" He was anxious. Ted's story had given him a raging hard-on.

Eileen plopped down on the couch. She crossed her legs, staring at his crotch. "You want to be my friend?" She flicked the tip of her pink tongue over her lips.

"I sure do." He gaped at her legs. The robe had fallen away, exposing all of her creamy thighs. "I got something here that wants to get real friendly with you." He rubbed his crotch and saw the gleam in her eye.

"You make it sound so interesting," she cooed. She felt dirty and wallowed in it. "Why don't you introduce me?"

She set her empty glass down. Her tits spilled out of her robe and she didn't bother closing it. It would have been a waste of time. She leaned back, her tits on exhibition.

Jim stared, unable to take his eyes off Eileen's voluptuous tits. He gulped down the rest of his drink. "Why don't you introduce yourself?" He stepped in front of her, his bulging pants stuffed with his aching cock.

"Why not?" She sat up, played with his zipper. "I hope it's big," she mewed. "I like 'em big and thick."

"You won't be disappointed." He groaned as her fingers found his shaft. "Unnnn, take it out!"

Eileen did. "Mmmmm, it is big... thick too!" She stroked it, feeling it throb to her touch.

"Ted said your husband won't be home today. You sure?" Her fingers were caressing his shaft.

"It wouldn't matter anyway," she sighed. She jerked the skin up and down his shaft. "My husband doesn't care."

"He might -- if he walks in while I'm fucking you," Jim groaned. Her fingers were squeezing his shaft. "Unnnnn... I'm not looking forward to having some husband shoot me in the ass while I'm fucking his wife."

"Oooo, don't worry about Craig," Eileen said. She squeezed his prick. A pearly drop of jizz seeped from his pisser. She licked it up, making Jim shudder. "You like that?"

"Yeah, but I don't like fucking while I'm looking over my shoulder at the front door."

Eileen dropped his prick and stood up. She rubbed her tits against his chest. The coarse material of his shirt irritated her sensitive flesh. "Mmmmmm, you're such a worry wart."

She moved back and let her robe slip off. It pooled around her ankles. Swinging her hips, she walked to the center of the living room. "Last night," she said. "My husband watched me fuck a man right here. He came back early after fucking the man's wife. My husband doesn't care. Stop worrying and fuck me."

Jim ogled her lush, naked body. His prick was hot, the blood surging through his shaft bubbling at the boiling point. Seeing her naked was too much. He no longer cared about her husband. All he wanted was to empty his load in her body. He rubbed his prick, anticipating the tightness of her cunt.

"C'mon, Jim. Didn't Ted tell you I like the action hot and fast?" She rolled her hips lewdly. "I'm soaked. I can't keep my eyes off your prick." Drooling, she stared hungrily at Jim's long, fat, blood-gorged cock.

"You don't have to wait any longer, sexy." In a flash, Jim was tearing at his clothes. Leaving them in a pile on the floor, he grabbed Eileen by the wrist. "C'mere!"

"Mmmmm, you're so forceful." She melted into his arms, rubbed her naked flesh against his hard body. "Mmmmmm, you feel good."

"So do you," he groaned. He kneaded her body, exploring her sizzling flesh. "How do you like getting fucked in the ass?" His fingers sank into the pliant meat of her ass cheeks.

The thought boggled her mind. "I... don't know," she gasped. "I haven't been fucked in the ass since my honeymoon." The idea was beginning to intrigue her. She rubbed tight against him, scratching her nails over his skin.

"You'll love it," he said.

"Ummmmm, could be," She nibbled on his chest with her teeth. "Will you be gentle?"

"Sure. I have a knack for it."

"Sounds good." She was willing to do or try anything. She reached between thew and grabbed his cock. "God, will it fit? My asshole isn't my pussy, you know."

"It'll fit," he groaned. "Tight... nice and tight."

She wriggled out of his arms. "You want me on my hands and knees like a dog?" She rocked on her feet, her tits swaying.

"Over the couch." His prick was throbbing. "Turn around."

A dirty smile decorated her face. "Wanna see what it looks like, huh?" She turned around and spread her legs. Stiff-legged, she bent over, wiggling her hips to give Jim a fantastic view of her ass. "How's that?"

"Over the couch," he groaned. His eyes were bulging. Eileen's hands had parted the cheeks of her ass, exposing the reddish-brown wrinkled hole. "C'mon."

Eileen straightened up, paraded around the room, and stopped at the couch. "Get it wet in my pussy first. I'm soaked." She leaned over and got comfortable. Legs spread, ass exposed, she waited.

Jim came up behind her, his lumbering prick swinging between his legs. He caressed her ass cheeks, teased his finger at the entrance to her crack. "It's gonna be a nice tight fit."

Eileen swooned. The room was spinning. "Get it juicy first," she panted, a twinge of panic gripping her. "Get it wet and gooey."

"I know what I'm doing," Jim groaned. He grabbed the base of his cock and lugged it up through the overheated ooze of Eileen's cunt. The temptation was there. A simple thrust and he would have his prick buried in her pussy. But he fought the urge. She was willing and her ass was too gorgeous to pass up.

"Unnnn," she hummed, feeling his prick soaking in her buttery cunt juice. "Ooooo, get it all gooey. All of it."

Jim plunged deep, coating his entire shaft in Eileen's juicy pussy. He groaned as he hauled it out. It was drenched in creamy white ooze.

"Ooooo, Jim. Why did you take it out?" She was trembling.

"Because I want your ass." He shoved the slippery head of his cock against her wrinkled ass hole. "Don't move."

Eileen's breath hissed out. She felt the pressure against her crack. "Slow, Jim. Christ, don't ran it!" She was quivering, waiting.

Jim pushed and the head of his prick slipped into her ass. He groaned as the tight-ringed muscle of her ass closed around his cock, trapping his prickhead. "Unnnn, God, you're tight!"

"Aaaaa," Eileen moaned. "Ooooo, you're stretching me." She squirmed, her tits swinging beneath her.

Jim gripped her hips, easing forward. Hard, slippery inches of his thick prick disappeared inside the tight, narrow channel of Eileen's shitter. Then he stopped. His entire prick was buried. His groin was flush with the cheeks of her ass!

"Ahhhh," Eileen cried out. Her insides felt strange. The throbbing of his cock seemed to vibrate through her entire body. "Ooooo, Jim!" She snapped her head back and stared into his face. "Oooooo, it hurts so good!"

Holding her hips tight, he eased back, then lunged forward. He reveled in her moans. He eased back again, then slammed forward. Her squeals told him she was enjoying herself to the fullest.

"I knew you'd love it, baby," he panted.

"I do! I do!" she cried out as she shoved back, gobbling his cock up inside her. It was hard, fat, and stretching her ass until it hurt.

She loved it.

"It feels heavenly," she sobbed loudly. "So fabulous." She wiggled her hips. "Go deeper."

Jim leered, enjoying the way she was wriggling. He watched his prick enter, split her wide, then ease back out until only the head was inside her hot steamy asshole.

"You're even better than Ted had said," he growled. "Ten times better."

Eileen turned her head. "Ted said I was a good fuck?"

"The best." His eyes were ablaze. Her asshole looked fantastic.

"All the way again," she whimpered. "All the way!" She twisted her head. "Ooooo, yeahhhhh... like that." She was moaning, her asshole fully stuffed and stretched.

Eileen swiveled her hips. Taking his cock slowly, she whimpered, her eyes hungry, glazed with lust. "Ooo... I feel you. You're in so deep!"

Jim's hips picked up speed. His balls slapped against the back of her thighs. He used his thumbs, keeping her ass cheeks parted. Long, deliberate slow strokes filled Eileen's asshole. He groaned, his nuts rumbling for same faster action.

"Yes," she wailed ecstatically. Her eyes widened the same time her asshole loosened to accommodate Jim's giant cock. "Unnnnn, don't stop, Jim. Don't ever stop!"

Jim humped. Long quick strokes kept his cock reaming out, her shitter. Tight muscles clung to his shaft, massaging it. "Goddamn! Your ass was made for fucking. Damn!" He was ramming her tiny asshole down to his balls.

"Oh, Jim. My pussy is jealous. Oooo, I'm creaming."

With his prick buried deep, he jerked his hips from side to side. "Feel that?" he groaned, making his cock throb. "You got it all, every fuckin' inch. Now ride it!"

Gurgling, her mouth drooling, her ass humping, Eileen rammed herself on Jim's thick piece of rock-hard cockmeat. Deep growling moans came from her throat. She fucked herself into a state of euphoria, her ass clinging to the cock that was giving her so much pleasure.

She squirmed, her fingers digging into the arm of the couch. She slammed back again and again, her tits swinging beneath her. "Unnnnn! Fuck me!" she panted. "Fuck me! Fuck me." It was a hoarse, desperate request.

"Tired of riding, huh?" He grinned.

"Yes," she sobbed. "Fuck me!"

"Whatever you say, hot bitch. I'll fuck you. I'll cream your asshole too."

Hearing what he said made her jerk wildly and moan incoherently. She fucked herself blind on his raging hard-on. She gobbled on his cock. With it stuffed, her ass cheeks rubbing into his groin, she went into spasm.

Jim was amazed at her twisting hips and wild gyrations. His grin spread, turning into a mask of lust. Grunting, he took over, slamming his cock violently into her asshole. Hard thrusts had his balls swelling and Eileen screaming.

"Oh, Christ, it feels good..." Saliva dribbled from her mouth. Her eyes rolled. Her hips jerked frantically. She shoved back to meet his thrusts. "Aghhhhh!"

Jim's prick grew thicker. He ground his hips in a tight circle. His prick was in deep, twisting inside her tight, narrow hole. He kept her cheeks stretched apart, leered at her tiny puckered asshole around his embedded cock. The pinkish-brown ring was twitching.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. Her creamy body bucked wildly. She was in a frenzy.

Moaning, leaning into the couch for support, she reached under, found her oozing cunt. "I'm so wet... unmmm!" A finger swirled around her wet, slippery, bloated clit. "I want to cream."

His large hands grabbed at her fleshy hips. His fingers dug into the resilient meat. He pounded. Her ass cheeks jiggled as they collided with his groin. His cock, a spear of thick meat, split her asshole wide with each lunge.

"Ohhh, Jim," she gurgled dreamily. "You're killing me." Her pussy overflowed, soaking her fingers as she pinched and mangled her pulsing clit. "I want to cream! I want to cream!"

The exquisite blend of pain and pleasure from his drilling cock made her delirious. She swayed, her fingers still squeezing, pinching, rubbing her clit. "Ooo! Ohh! I'm going to..."

"Yeah. Cream while I fuck your asshole!"

Eileen rocked her ass. Her face was flush against the back of the couch. Drool oozed from her panting mouth. She creamed.

"I'm cuming," she cried as each violent lunge and powerful drive of Jim's cock cut into her asshole. She shoved back, reveling in having her asshole stuffed with cock. "I'm cuming! Creaming!"

Orgasms bombarded her as Jim ripped into her ass. Defenseless against his brutal attack, she wallowed in it, seething in the depravity of having a stranger fuck her like an animal. Her ass muscles contracted around the bulky width as her cunt milked an empty hole.

Savagely, Jim speared her to the hilt. His eyes flowed up and down her shaking, quivering body -- full hips; slender back; gorgeous ass. Watching her cum while his cock was plunging into her ass enraged him.

"Keep creaming, bitch. Keep creaming!" Feverishly, he plunged. His cock went jamming into her tiny hole again and again and again.

"Oooooo... fabulous... heaven!"

She was panting, her tongue flicking over her lips. Her face was flushed with her unleashed passion and her muscles tingled as if they were on fire. Wave after wave of exquisite orgasms washed her over spastic body. She quivered, trembling out of control. She twisted her clit, screaming as her asshole gobbled greedily on Jim's drilling cock.

With his cock fucking away at Eileen's asshole, Jim felt his load of jizz surging in his balls, ready to be jettisoned. He was ready.

Prick throbbing, balls swelling, he was going to cream her gorgeous ass. He bellowed in a wild rage, every muscle in his body tightened.

"Cum!" she screamed, sensing his approaching explosion. "Cum!"

Jim's balls erupted and his cock spewed thick wads of white-hot jizz into the tight narrow canal of her asshole. "I'm cumming," he roared, his voice blending with her high pitched screams. "I'm cuming!"

Eileen felt the jet streams of hot cum fill her, flood her. "Ooooo, you're drowning me! Ohhhh!" His cock, greased with his cum, moved faster. She felt each squirting wad as it splattered deep in her asshole. "Oh, God... Keep cuming! Keep creaming!"

Her body twisted and jerked. She shoved back. A steady flow of cum gushed from her empty pussy, drenching her fingers as she clawed her clit. She lost control. Totally enveloped in her lust, she surrendered herself to Jim's skewering cock.

Jim lurched forward. His groin smacked into her jiggling ass. Hot white cum spurted into her asshole and he felt the muscles of her ass tighten. "Aghhhhh... God!"

Jim's squirting, exploding prick carried Eileen into another series of orgasms. To keep from crumbling, she gave up destroying her clit. Clinging to the couch, her tits bouncing, she went into convulsions. His cock was turning her brain to mush. She jerked back, moaning, sobbing, unable to do anything but absorb the tremendous volley of Jim's ass-splitting stabs.

She sobbed hysterically. The spurting cock emptying its load in her ass had her insane. She crashed forward. Twisting, she kept herself from toppling over the arm of the couch. Her body became limp -- a ragdoll -- jerking against the cock boring into her.

She turned her head. Through eyes glassy with lust, she stared at the man behind her, slamming his spurting cock into her asshole. She felt each thrusting stab, each hot load of cum.

"Ooooo, I'm still cumming!"

"We too," he howled. "Jesus!" She was tight, greasy, wet.

Her head snapped back, her black hair tumbling down, slashing over her scarlet face. Her arms collapsed. She was being beaten with his pounding body and ass-filling cock. She crashed over onto the couch, the arm of the couch hitting her in her groin. Her ass was still stuffed with his prick. Her face smacked into a cushion, her screaming voice now muffled.

Jim emptied the last of his gooey, thick cum into her ass. He stopped pumping and stared at her crack. With her panting breath echoing in his head, he watched the cum dribble out her crack. He jabbed forward, then pulled back. Her ass felt warm and creamy. She was great, just like Ted had said.

Eileen moaned and blinked. She felt his cock begin to shrink inside her body. Soft sighs escaped her mouth as she twisted her head, bringing her face out of the cushion.

Jim eased his prick from her cunt. "Christ, baby," he said, "you're terrific!"

Eileen curled up on the couch. Her asshole was empty. It felt strange, all squishy inside. She looked up dreamily. "So were you, Jim. I loved getting my asshole reamed."

She squirmed, getting comfortable. What she needed now was a nap. Having taken on two men one after the other had drained her completely. "Make sure the door's closed when you leave." She closed her eyes and drifted into a light, sated sleep.

With his cum buried in Eileen's asshole, Jim dressed quickly. "See ya," he mumbled, but she was asleep. Quietly, he let himself out of the house.

Chapter SIX

Eileen stirred on the couch and opened her eyes. Something was ringing in her head. "The phone," she mumbled. "Shit!"

She closed her eyes again, wishing it would stop ringing. It didn't. "Fuck," she grumbled, reaching a bare arm over her head and groping for the phone.

"Goddamn fuckin' phone," she growled. The receiver had fallen from her hand and was lying on the floor. "Balls." She retrieved it.


"Hi," Carol said. "You sound as if you were sleeping."

"I was," Eileen said. "On the couch. I'm beat."

"I'll bet I know why," Carol giggled, lying back on her bed and staring up at the ceiling. "You've been a bad girl today."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Eileen said.

"Oooo, you don't have to be coy with me," Carol said. She played her fingers through the silky hair of her blonde pussy.

"I don't know what you mean." Eileen's eyes were open now and she was fully awake. She moved, the squishy ooze in her asshole reminded her of Jim and his fabulous ass splitting cock.

"Cut the shit, Eileen. I saw you from my window. You've been busy," Carol giggled, "very busy."

"So? You jealous?" Eileen relaxed. What difference did it make who knew? She was a whore. "I had a couple of my cousins visiting."

Carol's hand was playing over the huge creamy mounds of her tits. "I wish I had a couple of my cousins here with me now." She sighed. "I'm bare ass naked and creaming all over the bed."

"Sounds sexy," Eileen said. "I'm on the couch and I'm not wearing a thing either." Her breath caught in her throat. "My pussy is juicy and I know I have something you don't have." She was getting hot all over again.

"What's that?" Carol panted. She was kneading her tits roughly, the nipples swollen, sore.

"An asshole flooded with hot sticky cum," Eileen moaned. "It's all squishy and warm inside inc."

"Ohhh, shit," Carol gasped. She squirmed on the bed, visualizing Eileen's gorgeous ass. "How would you like me to come over and suck it all out?"

The words shocked Eileen for a moment. She couldn't speak.

"Well?" Carol purred. "I have a nice long tongue and I love cum."

Eileen swooned. "Why not?" She squirmed on the couch. "C'mon on over. I'll keep it hot for you."

"Don't move. I'll be right there." Carol hung up.

"Ooooo, is this going to be fun," Eileen sighed. She dropped the phone back over her head. A piece of luck caused it to drop in its cradle.

She rolled off the couch and crawled to the center of the living room. She sprawled herself out on her back and waited.

A few minutes later, Carol knocked on the door and came in. She stopped, stared down at Eileen lying spread-eagled on the floor. "Damn, you're gorgeous!"

"Hi, Carol." Eileen squirmed on her back. "This is right where your husband fucked me last night. God, did I cream him." Her quick attack at trying to make Carol jealous failed.

Carol giggled. "I'll bet you had a ball." She couldn't take her eyes off Eileen's black thatched pussy.

"I did," Eileen moaned. "Craig was standing right where you are. He saw the whole thing."

Carol was stripping off her clothes. "I'll bet he enjoyed it."

"No," Eileen said. "He didn't." She fingered her cunt. "Let's not talk about Craig."

"I need my asshole cleaned."

Naked, Carol stepped farther into the livingroom. It was then that she spotted the mess. "Christ, what happened?"

"A storm called Craig," Eileen giggled.

"Forget the room. I need to be tongued." She rolled over and propped her ass up in the air.

Carol stared, couldn't refuse. "We'll talk after I clean your gorgeous crack."

Carol dropped to her knees and crawled the last few feet to Eileen's naked body. "God, your ass is beautiful."

"Jim told me the same thing," Eileen sighed.

Carol stroked the cheeks of Eileen's ass. She parted them and gaped at the wrinkled crack. White sticky ooze coated the puckered asshole. "Who's he?"

"The guy who creamed my ass." She wiggled. "Your hands feel nice, but your tongue would feel a lot better."

"Which one was he?" Carol asked, wanting to put a face to the cum oozing from Eileen's asshole.

"The mechanic," Eileen said. "Now suck my asshole."

Carol moaned, imagining the man she had seen. "Okay." She kept Eileen's ass cheeks parted and brought her mouth to her crack. With her mouth open, she blanketed Eileen's asshole and sucked.

"Ahhhh," Eileen moaned. "Ooooo, Christ!" She shoved back, mashing her ass into Carol's face.

Carol used her tongue, reaming it into Eileen's tight, cum-drenched hole. She lugged out cum, thick and gooey, and swirled it around in her mouth before swallowing it. "Mmmmmm, tasty."

"Carol. Suck my asshole again." She wiggled her butt. "God... it feels so fantastic!"

Carol plunged her tongue into Eileen's asshole and skittered it through the goo clogging her channel. Pulling her tongue free, she sucked, drawing in her cheeks for greater suction.

"Ahhhhhh," Eileen wailed. "You're sucking out my guts." She was on her face, arms stretched out, ass thrust in the air, Carol's mouth glued to her crack. "Keep sucking. Ewwwww, yesssss!"

Cum oozed from Eileen's ass, filled Carol's sucking mouth. She savored each drop, her mind carrying a hot sizzling image of how the delicious-tasting cum got there. She sucked again, enjoying Eileen's squeals of pleasure.

"Tongue me. Tongue me."

Carol obliged. She darted her tongue into Eileen's asshole, exploring. Cum coated her tongue. She sucked, drawing the last of Jim's delicious cum from Eileen's asshole. She popped her mouth off and the gooey cum slipped easily down her throat.

Carol leaned back and licked her lips. "Did you enjoy that?" she asked. Her legs were spread, her blonde pussy glistening with drops of white filmy cream.

"I loved it," Eileen said. "I've never had my ass sucked out before." Her eyes dropped to Carol's red, puffy cunt. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

"You've never made it with another woman either, right?"

Eileen nodded. "No, but I want to do it all," she said, her violet eyes challenging Carol. "Everything!"

"Because of Craig?" She saw the hurt blending with the passion in Eileen's eyes.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter. I want to be like you."

A smile played at Carol's mouth. "What am I?"

"A woman who enjoys herself," Eileen said.

"I'm certainly that." Carol reached, spanned one of Eileen's pulpy tits. "I don't think you're at all like me." She squeezed.

"I want to be," Eileen said. Carol's hand was turning her on. Pushed by her determination to be what Craig called her, Eileen's passion flowed easily. "I want to make it with you."

"I want you too," Carol said. She licked her lips. "I've never turned down a chance to make it with anyone."

"I won't either," Eileen said.

"Sure you will," Carol said. "Craig will come to his senses."

"I don't want him. I want you and anyone else, but not him."

"I'm game," Carol sighed. "Let's find out if you really like being with me."

They melted into each other's arms, hugging, their hot, excited bodies fusing together. One was a novice, ready to ruin her life, the other only interested in the pleasures of the flesh.

"Ohhhh God," Eileen sighed. "You feel so good." The softness of Carol's body was exotic compared to the hard, muscled frame of Craig and the men she had fucked today. "God, you're so soft!"

"Mmmmmmm, you feel good too," Carol sighed, caressing Eileen's soft, silky skin. "You're exquisite."

Eileen, in her exuberance, wound up on top of Carol. She looked down into Carol's beautiful face. She was quivering, her body on fire. "God, I'm creaming and we haven't even started yet."

Carol leered up, smiling hotly. "Enjoy my body, Eileen. Explore and satisfy your hunger."

"Oh... yes." She was panting. "I'm going to do everything to you." A drunken smile played at her mouth. "I'm going to suck every hole you have."

"Mmmmmm. I hope you like it, because I know I will. Then I'll do the same to you."

"Great!" Eileen brought her mouth to Carol's beautiful body. "First your mouth." She clamped her lips to Carol's, plunging her tongue into the more experienced woman's mouth.

Carol sucked and chewed on the rubbery invader. Her hands kneaded the soft, sensuous flesh of Eileen's hot, excited body. Squirming, she captured one of Eileen's thighs between her legs.

Eileen's head was in the clouds. She felt the heat and juice of Carol's pussy on her skin. She captured one of Carol's thighs and humped her cunt against it. With her tits crushed into Carol's flesh globes, she feasted on Carol's mouth. At the same time, as her leg was drenched in cream, she soaked Carol's thigh in her frothy juice.

Dazed, her heart pounding, Eileen broke the frenzied kiss. Panting, her eyes blazing with desire, she moved her eager mouth down Carol's neck, over her shoulders leaving a path of drool on her way to Carol's milky tits.

"Oooo, you are a natural," Carol moaned. "Oooo, Christ!" She squirmed on the floor, her green eyes staring wildly up at the ceiling. She scratched her nails over Eileen's shoulders to her mouth. She felt Eileen's moist lips and wet tongue.

Eileen nibbled on Carol's fingers and at the same time dined sumptuously on the jiggling flesh of Carol's tits. She soaked each magnificent globe in warm saliva. With Carol's tits wet with spit, she used her teeth, turning each floundering mass of tittie flesh a glowing pink.

"Damn, YOU got a fabulous mouth!" Carol was in bliss. She squirmed on her back, her ass rubbing into the deep-piled carpet. "Unnnn, Eileen." She scratched her nails through Eileen's thick black hair. She rolled her hips. The heat and juiciness of Eileen's pussy was still against her flesh.

Eileen's muffled moans were absorbed by Carol's jiggling tits. With both of Carol's tits soaked, she lifted her head. "How am I doing?"

Carol moaned. "You have me creaming. Now please do my nipples. Bite 'em off." She squirmed, ready for the attack.

Eileen looked at her handiwork. She leered at Carol's large, round swollen nipples. "I'll bite them off."

"Do it! Christ." She brought her hands to each jiggling mass. "Here." She shook them, tantalizing Eileen.

Eileen brought her mouth to one nipple. She sucked and Carol moaned. She chewed and Carol squealed.

"Yes... yes," Carol wailed. "Harder. Bite! Bite!" She jammed her cunt against Eileen's body. "Ooooo, you're..." The words became trapped in her throat.

Eileen devastated both of Carol's nipples with her mouth. She chewed them, biting the bullet-shaped tips. She sucked, drawing the entire nipple into her mouth, then whipped it brutally with her tongue. Each nipple was treated to the same rough and exciting treatment.

With her face smeared in spit, Eileen lifted her head from Carol's mammoth globes.

"You're delicious."

"I get better the further down you go," Carol moaned. She squirmed, a dreamy expression on her face.

Eileen's wet tongue burned a path over Carol's heaving rib cage, down to her squirming hips. She smeared Carol's hips in spit, then attacked the flesh with her teeth. She chewed with exuberance across Carol's belly and back again, turning Carol's hips the same bright wet pink as her jiggling tits.

"My pussy," Carol moaned. "Chew my pussy." She humped up, twisting her hips.

The scent of Carol's cunt was enticing, but Eileen didn't succumb. She sucked, leaving red love bites and suck marks all over Carol's hips and belly.

Eileen's mouth had turned Carol into a boiling inferno of lust. "My pussy, you bitch. Chew my pussy!"

"Not yet," Eileen gurgled. "You have plenty of nice hot flesh yet to taste before I get down to the main course." She squiggled down between Carol's lush thighs. "Mmmm, more nice tender meat."

"Oh, you bitch. You bitch." She kept her legs parted, the muscles strained, tight. "My cunt. Suck it!"

Eileen was having a ball. Tormenting the blonde who had fucked Craig somehow made her feel more than passion. In a small way, she was getting a piece of revenge and enjoying herself at the same time. She sank her teeth into Carol's thigh.

Carol screamed. "You crazy fuckin' bitch!" She humped. Her thigh meat was being chewed mercilessly by Eileen's brutal mouth.

Eileen chomped on the creamy flesh. She sucked deep, enjoying Carol's agonizing screams. The heavenly scent of Carol's cunt was attacking her senses. She conquered her desire to gobble up Carol's pussy.

"Oh. Oh! Eileen." Carol squirmed on her back, her body on fire. Eileen's mouth was so close to her pussy, it blew her mind! She thrashed on the floor. Tits flopping, her nipples swollen in pain, she stretched her arms and clawed at her own cunt.

Eileen ignored Carol's screams. Having control of the sexy blonde was exciting. "Roll over," she rasped. "Your asshole is next on my list."

"Christ, Eileen. Stop torturing me. Get me off! You can have my ass anytime."

Somewhere in her mind, Eileen knew this wasn't true. There would be no next time. She bit Carol's thigh viciously. "Turn over."

"Aghhhh," Carol wailed. Too hot to fight, she obeyed. Rolling over, she presented Eileen with her ass. "Get it over with," she gasped. She squirmed, crushing her tits into the rug.

Eileen ogled Carol's beautiful ass. She caressed each cheek, then turned her nails on them, scratching until each cheek was a crisscross map of red lines.

Carol screamed and twisted under the clawing attack. With it over, she panted, her hips still jerking, her ass cheeks still jiggling. "You hitch! I'll get even." She was having a ball. It had been ages since she had been so completely dominated by another woman.

Juice from Carol's overheated pussy had soaked the crack of her ass. Eileen parted Carol's ass cheeks and stared at the moist, glistening crack. "Your asshole looks delicious."

"It is, but my pussy tastes better." Carol humped up, jerked her hips. "Christ. I'm going crazy. Do something."

Eileen brought her mouth to Carol's ass. She flicked out her tongue and swished warm spit over the puckered brown hole.

Carol shoved back, mashing her ass into Eileen's face. She moaned as Eileen's tongue forced the tight ring apart. Eileen's tongue inside her tight asshole felt fabulous. Tiny orgasms washed over her as she rocked her ass.

Eileen roamed the tight canal with her tongue, her face plastered against Carol's ass and her lips fused to the wrinkled hole. She plunged her tongue deep, worming it in and out of Carol's ass.

Carol, her ass perched high, clawed the carpet. She twisted her hips. Buttery cream oozed from her pussy. "Unnnn, you tonguefucking bitch!"

Eileen, caught up in what she was doing, reamed deep, then pulled out. She caught her breath. The sweet, succulent scent of Carol's overheated pussy had become too overpowering to resist. "Now, I'll suck out your cunt."

"It's about time," Carol groaned. She rolled over on her back. Spasms racked her insides. She looked up. "How did you like my asshole?"

"Delicious!" She smacked her lips. "Now I'm ready for this." She grabbed Carol's cunt, gripping the puffy folds of her pussy. She squeezed, enjoying the agony on Carol's face.

"Oooo, you rotten fuckin' bitch!" She twisted, but couldn't wrench free of Eileen's claw like grip.

Eileen laughed and released Carol's pussy, game time was over. She dropped between Carol's sexy legs and glued her mouth to the red sopping gash of Carol's turned-on pussy. She sucked, drawing the swollen folds and a load of cream into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh," Carol cried. "Oooo, suck! Suck!" She jerked on the floor like a bucking mare. Eileen's mouth was at last on her cunt.

She rolled her hips, grinding her cunt into Eileen's face.

Frothy cream, warm and sticky, flowed over Eileen's face. It coated her lips and tongue and filled her mouth. The taste was exquisite. She gurgled as Carol's pussy juice bathed her in its warmth. "Mmmmmm!"

"Oooo, keep suckin'. Keep suckin'!" Carol went crazy. Tits flopping, hips jerking, she ground her cunt into Eileen's face.

Using her hands, Eileen kneaded Carol's jerking body. Her mouth was a vacuum. She sucked, then chewed on the delicious-tasting folds of Carol's gooey pussy. Cream oozed over her and she smeared it into her skin.

Carol's green eyes widened. Eileen's torture had driven her insane and now she was racing wildly toward an explosive orgasm. She thrashed her legs, her fists pounding the floor!

She strained her neck, her mouth open.

Eileen sensed Carol's approaching orgasm. She chewed and sucked with more intensity. Carol's screams grew louder. She rammed her tongue into Carol's pussy. Muscles, spongy and hot, attacked her invading tongue. She teased the spongy muscles, worming quickly in and out of Carol's ready-to-explode pussy.

"Oh, Eileen. I'm there. I'm gonna... gonna cream!" Carol howled, her voice reaching a feverish pitch. "I'm so fuckin' close!"

Eileen tongue-fucked Carol's twisting body. Deep plunging stabs into the scalding depths of Carol's cunt had the blonde on the verge of climaxing. She flicked her tongue against the pulsing walls, teasing, tormenting, as Carol, screaming at the top of her lungs, shuddered at the breaking point.

"Bite my clit. Make me cum. Bite me!"

Carol was hovering at the peak, unable to take the final plunge into bliss. The friction on her clit was elusive, tantalizingly light. She needed more. She slammed her cunt hard against Eileen's mouth.

Eileen sucked the hard, blood-filled clit into her mouth. She swirled her tongue over the tip. It was only enough friction to make Carol scream louder.

"Bite it, you bitch. Bite it!" She jammed her cunt into Eileen's mouth. Her pussy pulsed hungrily, cream oozing from the cushiony walls. "Bite me."

Eileen was ready. She sucked hard, enjoying Carol's babbling cries. The next moment, Eileen sank her teeth into the swollen clit. She chewed it, whipping her tongue over it at the same time.

Eileen's chomping teeth and lashing tongue catapulted Carol into her orgasm. "I'm cuming! I'm cuming!" Deep rumbling orgasm erupted inside the boiling vat of Carol's mushy cunthole.

Eileen kept her mouth flush against Carol's overflowing pussy. She clenched her teeth tighter into the sensitive sex button. Carol's screams were deafening. She shook her head, almost ripping Carol's clit from her body.

Hot orgasms swept over Carol's twisting writhing body one after the other. Pussy muscles, denied a prick to milk, throbbed and oozed against nothing. Each pulsing contraction gushed cum from her pussy, bathing Eileen's face in a constant deluge of sticky wetness.

Eileen rode Carol's explosive orgasm. She tortured the blonde's clit with her teeth and tongue, making Carol buck and jerk. She scratched at Carol's flesh as hot cream washed over her mouth and into her throat.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" Carol thrashed on the floor. Tits floundered like mounds of jello as she wrenched her hips and twisted her shoulders. "Bite! Suck! Ooooo, I'm cuming! Creaming!"

Eileen, gurgling on the hot frothy cum that constantly flowed into her mouth, pawed the cheeks of Carol's jiggling ass. She scratched and clawed the jiggling meat, finding her crack and raking the wet, wrinkled hole.

Carol arched her back. Her hips rolled. A scream filled the room. Drool came from her open mouth. She collapsed back, screamed again.

Eileen sucked harder, chewing more viciously and clawing Carol's ass and asshole with more maliciousness. She was rewarded with ear-piercing screams and a flooding gush of more pussy-cum into her mouth. She jabbed one nail into Carol's ass and clawed the insides.

Carol was completely at Eileen's mercy. She writhed on her back, bucked up, ground her cunt into Eileen's face. She thudded back, her ass smashing into the carpet. Cum flowed down her crack and over Eileen's face. Grunting moans matched the rhythmic thudding of her ass on the floor.

"I can't stop. I'm in heaven. Oooo, Christ!" She didn't want to stop. Being dominated by Eileen was giving her an orgasm she would never forget. "Keep biting me!"

Eileen gladly obliged the screaming blonde. She chewed, believing that if she chewed harder she would bite Carol's clit off. The mushy wetness, screams, and fabulous taste had Eileen on fire! She couldn't wait until it was her turn to be tortured.

Carol drew up her legs, lifting her body off the floor and balancing herself on the soles of her feet and on her head. She fell back, Eileen's mouth with her all the way. Convulsions racked her pussy and she skittered down from the peak.

Eileen eased her attack and waited, her mouth firm against Carol's pussy. It would be her turn in a second.

Carol shuddered. "Enough! Oh God, take your mouth away."

Eileen sucked one last time, then crawled out from between Carol's legs. She lay on her back legs spread, pussy on fire. "Now me!"

Without catching her breath and determined to pay Eileen back for her tortuous mouth, Carol attacked.

Twenty minutes later they were sitting on the couch having a drink, their naked bodies glowing with the passion they had shared.

Chapter SEVEN

"God," Eileen said. She finished her drink. "Your tongue... Christ... it was fantastic!"

"I think you're trying too hard," Carol said, sensing Eileen's inner tension.

"Shit," Eileen said. "Not me. I'm having a ball. I just wish Hank was home so I could take him on again."

Carol giggled and polished off her drink. "He'd like that. Last night when he got home, he told me how great you were once you got over your shyness."

"How about Craig?" Eileen said, looking at Carol.

"He's like you, Eileen. He's playing at being a swinger. Neither of you is cut out for it."

It made her feel good inside hearing it, but she refused to admit it. "You're wrong." Her face was set into lines of determination. "I am a swinger."

"Okay, but don't say I didn't tell you." She reached over grabbed the phone and dialed her home number. Her face brightened. "Hank. I'm over at Eileen's. She's horny and anxious to wake it with you again." Before Hank got over his shock, Carol had hung up.

Carol turned to Eileen. "If I know Hank, he'll be here before you mix us another drink."

Eileen started to get up, but the doorbell stopped her. She giggled. "He must have run."

"Probably," Carol said. "I'll get it. Why don't you get into a sexy pose to surprise him?" Swinging her ass, Carol headed for the front door. "Maybe we'll be lucky and the two men you fucked today will be with him."

Eileen shuddered. Inside, deep in her gut, she knew Carol was right. But outwardly, as she struck an exotic pose, she was the picture of loose sexuality.

Hank, his arm around his wife's waist, came into the living room. He stopped. "Damn!"

"I told you," Carol said, but she stared too.

Eileen was straddling the arm of the couch. Her hips were dragging her cunt back and forth. A lewd, flushed expression was on her beautiful face. "Hi," she gasped. The material of the couch was scratching at her clit, sending her into spasms each time she lugged her cunt over it. "Ooooo, I'm creaming."

"She certainly seems to have changed," Hank said. He walked over, ogled her jiggling tits. "You're gorgeous."

Carol joined him, cupping one of Eileen's fleshy tits. "She's faking it," Carol said.

Hank grabbed her other tit and squeezed. "If she is, she's doing one helluva job." His cock was throbbing.

"I'm not faking it," Eileen gasped. "I'm creaming." She grabbed one of Hank's hands and pulled it down to her pussy. "Feel."

"Christ!" Hank's hand had slipped between Eileen's pussy and the arm of the couch. Cunt juice flowed over his fingers. "She's a fuckin' fountain."

Through glassy, violet eyes, Eileen stared at them both. She kept her feelings buried, allowing only her passion to bubble at the surface. "I'm always soaked."

Carol slipped her hand around and gouged in between Eileen's ass and the couch. Her fingers touched Hank's. "She is drenched. Finger her pussy, Hank. Let's give our friendly neighborhood nympho a double finger-fuck."

"I already had one," Eileen bragged. "His name was Ted." She squiggled on their fingers. "Ummmmm, feels good."

"Now you can be finger-fucked by us. We're more fun."

"I know," Eileen cooed. "So finger me."

"You heard the lady." Carol winked. "Give it to her, Hank."

Hank twisted his fingers. They slipped easily into the juicy slot of Eileen's gaping cunt.

"She's tight, Carol. Tight and wet."

"I know. I had my tongue up inside her hole." She leered at her husband. "Both holes."

Eileen was delirious. Having them talk about her and play with her was erotic, a real mind-bender. "My asshole, Carol. Finger my asshole!"

"Greedy isn't she?" Carol jabbed a finger into Eileen's asshole.

"Ahhhhh!" Eileen howled. "Oooo, God!"

She twisted on the arm of the couch. With Hank's fingers stretching her pussy and Carol's fingers stretching her ass, she was in bliss.

Hank mauled her tits with his free hand. His prick was ready to burst from his pants. He looked at his wife. "She doesn't feel like she's faking."

"She's not faking passion," Carol said. She twisted her fingers inside Eileen's asshole, making her howl. "Just misdirecting it."

"As long as it gets directed toward my cock," Hank said.

Eileen leered at Carol. "You're full of shit." Her violet eyes were on fire. She licked her lips. "I love what you two are doing."

Carol clawed her free hand over the jiggling flesh of Eileen's ass. "Shhhh. No more talk. Let's enjoy ourselves."

"Best idea yet," Eileen said drunkenly. She swayed, her holes stuffed with squiggly fingers.

"Ooooo," Eileen screeched, gouging her clit into Hank's hand. "Oooooo." She fell against Carol, getting a face full of tit.

"Chew 'em while we turn you on," Carol moaned.

Eileen chewed wetly and hungrily on Carol's tits. Leaning against Carol, she was free to use her hands. She reached for Hank's bulge and gasped as he stepped close enough for her to pull down his zipper.

"Take it out, Eileen." He mangled the flesh of her ripe tits. His eyes were fixed on Eileen's mouth as she devoured Carol's tits. "Damn!"

Eileen went insane. She jerked back against Carol's ass-jabbing fingers. She gobbled on Carol's tits, slobbering all over the creamy flesh. Her hands massaged Hank's hard-on as she humped his cunt-stabbing fingers.

"I think she's gonna cream," Carol sighed. "Christ. She's going crazy."

"I'm watching," Hank groaned. Eileen's hands were crushing his cock, making it ache. "She better do it soon, or my cock won't be worth a damn."

Eileen heard them talking. It was wild. She was truly a whore. It blew her mind.

Bucking on their invading fingers, Eileen creamed. "I'm cuming," she wailed. "I'm creaming all over!" Her words were muffled and garbled as she buried her face in Carol's tits.

Eileen bucked and twisted her hips. Her head snapped back. "Ahhhh, I'm..." She fell over, their fingers popping from her holes.

"Damn," Hank said. "She almost took my cock with her." He rubbed his sore, swollen prick.

Eileen writhed on the couch then fell to the floor, still writhing in ecstasy. Creaming like this had only heightened her lust. "I want more!" she screamed, staring up at her two neighbors. "I want more!"

Hank was pulling off his clothes. "We can't disappoint her." He winked at his naked wife. "What are good neighbors for?"

"I'm ready," Carol said as she dropped to the floor. "C'mon, Eileen. Let's share his cock for a while."

Eileen nodded and pulled her overheated body up. She stared at Hank's prick then sat on her knees. She grabbed Hank's cock. "I'll do better than I did last night." She gobbled it into her mouth.

Hank groaned as her teeth chomped hungrily on the thick, throbbing meat of his shaft. "You're biting it off."

Eileen ignored his howling protests. She had it all. His cockmeat crammed her throat, with his balls were against her chin. Cock hair tickled her nose.

"Hey!" Carol complained. "I want some of that too." She began chewing hungrily on Hank's hips. "C'mon, Eileen. Let me have a suck."

Eileen pulled her mouth off, nipping his shaft along the way. She giggled. "This is fun."

"I know it is." Carol moaned as she clamped her mouth to Hank's shaft.

Eileen's eyes sparkled. She did the same, chomping on the other side of Hank's shaft.

Hank roared as he stared down at his wife and neighbor. They were gobbling up and down the length of his long thick shaft. He felt their teeth and it was agony, but pleasurable agony. He jerked his hips, gliding his cock along their lips and over their teeth.

Eileen sucked and chewed, working her way from the base of his thick cock along the shaft to his bloated cockhead.

Carol had followed the same path up the other side of Hank's cock. When her lips touched Eileen's, they shared Hank's swollen cockhead. She hummed, her tongue active, tantalizing.

Eileen swooned. She sucked, enjoying both Hank's cock and Carol's lips. With Hank's cockhead between her lips and Carol's, she kissed the blonde, each swirling her tongue into the other's mouth and over Hank's prick.

Hank groaned. His balls were rumbling, swelling with hot, churning cum. "No more," he groaned, but no one was listening.

Eileen relinquished Hank's cockhead to Carol's eager lips. Using her anxious mouth, she twisted her head and chewed along the underside of his cock until she reached his balls. Cupping them, she soaked them in spit. She tried sucking them into her mouth but couldn't because Carol was in the way.

Hank's legs were weakening. The frantic attack of the women was taking its toll. "No more," he groaned. "Christ!" He jerked, banging the head of his cock against Carol's teeth.

Eileen moved around and began chewing on the cheeks of Hank's ass. She parted the tight cheeks and plunged her tongue into his ass. She reamed his ass, her nails clawing his ass and the back of his nut-sac.

Hank was trapped. He jabbed forward, plunging his cock into his wife's mouth. He jerked back, Eileen's tongue reamed his asshole. Back and forth his hips jerked. The attack on his cock and ass had him insane!

Carol gobbled and chewed roughly along Hank's shaft as he plowed it into her mouth. She sucked, clawing his muscled thighs. She chewed hard, whipping her tongue over his bloated cock head.

Hank reached the point of explosion and his face contorted in agony. He tried to stop, but their mouths wouldn't let him. He was at the peak and at their mercy.

Carol, her husband's cock buried in her throat, felt the erratic throbbing and knew what was going to happen. She pulled off, gasping and panting, stopping what would have been an explosive orgasm.

Eileen was too far gone to notice. She raked his ass with her nails, tonguing his asshole. Her hands scratched at his thighs and his heavy nut-sac.

Hank jerked back and moaned. "Christ! Her tongue is up my asshole." He looked down at his wife. "She's reaming me to death." He jerked forward, panting as he freed himself from Eileen's grasp.

Eileen, drunk with lust, fell forward. Sprawling out, she twisted onto her back, whimpering in agony. "Fuck me, Hank. Fuck me! I need it so bad!"

"Get on your knees," Hank said. "I had you on your back last night."

Moaning, deliriously hot, Eileen obeyed. She rolled over and scrambled up on her hands and knees. She wiggled her ass. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Hank dropped to his knees. His prick swung like a heavy pole between his legs. He fondled the cheeks of her ass, calming the churning cum in his balls. He didn't want to end it all in three strokes.

"Hurry, Hank. Christ! Stick it in." She turned her head. "Carol, watch me while Hank fucks me."

Carol crawled around and spread herself out on the floor. She leered into Eileen's flushed face. "How's this? If you get hungry you can eat me while I watch."

Eileen was delirious. She gasped. "Tell him to fuck me. I'm going crazy!"

Carol looked up at Hank. "Give it to her, Hank. Make her happy."

With his long bloated cock in his hand, Hank stroked it through the hot soupy slot of Eileen's pussy. He eased the head of his prick into the wet, steamy entrance. Hot cream coated his bloated cockhead.

"Unnnnn, God. A fuckin' oven!"

"All of it," Eileen wailed. "Stick it in me!" She shoved back, needing his prick to wipe her mind clear of her nagging doubts. "Fuck me, you bastard!"

Hank laughed and moved back, keeping Eileen from gobbling up his cock. "You'll get it," he taunted. "When I'm ready." He jabbed back the head of his cock. The scalding heat from her cunt reached into his balls.

Eileen's desperate eyes found Carol's smiling face. "Please, Carol. Make him fuck me."

"Kiss my pussy first." Carol parted the folds of her cunt, exposing the red gash. "Right there."

Like a slave, Eileen obeyed. She brought her mouth to Carol's pussy and while Hank tormented her pussy with the head of his prick, Eileen kissed and licked Carol's sopping-wet cunt.

"Oooo... mmmmm." Dreamy eyes found Carol's husband leering down at her. "Fuck her, Hank. Rip her fuckin' pussy apart."

Hank groaned. Watching Eileen obey like a slave enraged film further. His nuts felt as if they were on tire. He slammed hard into Eileen's pussy, burying his cock to the root. His groin smacked into the cheeks of her ass.

Eileen's head snapped up from Carol's pussy. "Aghhhh," she screamed, her voice filling the room. "Ahhhh, Hank! Pump! Pump!"

Hank wasn't moving. He remained buried deep, his groin flush with her ass. He felt the twitching muscles of her cunt attacking his shaft. He fought the urge to pound her.

Like an animal, Eileen gobbled up Carol's pussy. She used her teeth, torturing the blonde until she screamed out in pain.

Bringing her juice-drenched face from Carol's pussy, she turned to face Hank. "Fuck me, or I'll bite Carol's cunt until she faints."

The threat didn't mean a thing. "Go ahead." He twisted his cock inside Eileen's pussy. "I enjoy seeing Carol in pain."

"You bastard," Carol giggled. "I'll remember that." She looked at Eileen. "You like being tortured?"

Only gurgling noises came from Eileen's mouth. She rotated her hips and used the spongy muscles of her cunt to attack Hank's shaft, hoping it would get him to pound her into creaming. It didn't work. Pleading eyes found Carol.

"Please. I need it. I need to be fucked."

Eileen stared first at Carol then Hank. They were driving her mad -- it was heaven! She attacked Carol's pussy, chewing it until Carol screamed out in pain. She jerked her ass back and forth, but Hank moved with her. It was useless. She was their slave and there was nothing she could do about it.

Hank pawed the soft flesh of her ass. "Relax." He eased back, fighting the muscles in her cunt until only the head was buried.

"Nooooo," Eileen cried out as her head came out of Carol's pussy. "Put it back. Fuck me!" She was delirious.

"When I'm ready." He kneaded the cheeks of her ass and followed the flare of her hips, up her slender back, and found his wife's smiling face leering up from the floor.

Carol moaned. "How long do we torture her?"

Hank parted the cheeks of Eileen's ass. He slammed back, driving Eileen forward. "Forever."

"No... no... no," Eileen shouted. She began to whimper, tier body on fire, her pussy stuffed with throbbing cockmeat. "No more torture." She rocked on her hands and knees, her huge tits hanging like weights of jiggling flesh. "Fuck me!"

Hank eased back again, feeding on Eileen's agonizing cries. He lunged forward, drilling his prick in to the root. He repeated it.

"Faster, Hank. Jesus Christ. Fuck me!"

She was thrashing on her hands and knees. Rocking back and forth, she drooled, slobber dribbling from her open mouth.

Hank picked up speed. His prick, swollen with blood, jabbed into her frothy cunt. Hard, quick lightning stabs had his balls slapping against Eileen's quivering flesh. He groaned, looking into his wife's face as he pounded Eileen's pussy.

"I'm getting close," he panted.

Lights flashed behind Eileen's eyes. Her nipples swelled. "Unnn," she moaned, reveling in each hard-driving punch of Hank's prick.

"He's fucking me," she gurgled, staring wild-eyed at Carol, "He's fucking me!"

Carol squirmed on the floor. "Cum, fuckers. Let me watch you cream. Cum! Cum! Cum!"

Eileen heard Carol's chanting voice and it echoed in her head. Her eyes popped. "Here I... cum! I'm cuming!" Her orgasm racked her body. Cum gushed from her spongy walls, soaking Hank's jabbing cock.

Hank slammed into her. His prick swelled to the point of busting. His nuts churned, erupted. "Me too!" he roared, his deep voice blending with Eileen's. "Me too!" Hank's hips became pistons, driving his prick deep with each hard fast lunge.

"He's creaming me," Eileen squealed. "He's miming!" Each load of jizz squirted into her pussy was welcomed. She felt his squirts and wallowed in them. "We're cuming, Carol! Watch!"

Carol was watching. The sight of her husband and Eileen creaming sent hot, tingling orgasms through her pussy. She humped, pretending a prick was buried in her hole.

Eileen wailed. "More, Hank. Ooooo!" She snapped her head back and saw the mask of lust on his face. She turned and saw Carol's contorted expressions. Her black hair slashed over her face and sweat broke out on her forehead. "Keep fucking me!"

Hot wads of stringy cum spurted from Hank's pisser. The shooting load greased her pussy and mixed with Eileen's hot cream. He pawed her hips and plundered her pussy with each spurting slam.

Eileen's arms buckled under the pounding barrage of Hank's driving prick. She fell forward, her face mashing into Carol's pussy. Drooling, pussy-cream drenching her face, Eileen climaxed again and again.

Hank rammed deep. With Eileen's ass cheeks parted he watched each cunt-splitting stab. "Take it, baby!" He saw his wife. "I'm still cuming."

Eileen rolled her hips. Cum gushed from her pussy and dribbled down her thighs and Hank's balls. Her whimpering squeals were muffled in Carol's cunt. She climaxed again, shuddering, then slipped into a light faint. The day had taken its toll.

Hank pounded her limp body until his cock was empty. He groaned, popped his prick from her hole and fell back, sucking air into his tired lungs.

Eileen fell over, sprawled out on her back. She blinked. Everything was fuzzy. "God."

Finally focusing, she saw Hank and Carol dressing. "Where are you going?"

"Home," Carol said. "I'm going to make him take care of me."

"Stay," Eileen said. "We'll party."

"Can't." Carol winked, latching her arm through her husband's. "Think about what I said. This isn't the life for you."

Eileen closed her eyes as they left. She clamped her hands to her ears, trying to shut out the words. But she couldn't.

Chapter EIGHT

Eileen climbed the stairs. It had been a wild day, a day she never would be able to forget. It had been a nightmare of sex.

She staggered into the bathroom and tuned on the shower. Numb, she climbed under the refreshing spray. "Ohhhh, God, what do I do with my life now?" Her own voice echoed back to haunt her.

She closed her eyes and tilted her face up into the warm water. "Oh, God. I'm not a tramp," she sobbed, her tears mixing with the shower spray. "I'm not!"

The nightmarish events of the day told her different. "No! No! No!" She pounded her fists against the wet tiles, but the memories didn't go away.

Craig staggered into the house. His head pounded and his day, too, had been a nightmare of events. He looked in the living room and saw the mess he had made. He cringed. "Eileen!" There was no answer. He was glad. If she was out it would give him a chance to clean up. He had to talk to her. Their life together was on the line. He climbed the stairs.

Eileen finished cleaning her ass and pussy. The water splashed off her flesh. The steady beating of the spray on her body kept her from thinking about the future.

Craig came through the bedroom and heard the shower. He poked his head into the bathroom. "Eileen?"

Hearing her husband's voice, Eileen froze. She didn't speak.

Craig came in, pushed back the curtain. "Eileen." He stared at her naked body and an image of her thrashing under Hank's pounding frame haunted him. He forced the ugly thought from his mind.

"What did you come back for?" she asked, the sharpness of her words a cutting edge. "To call me a whore to my face?"

"I... I'm sorry about that," Craig said. "I was out of my mind with jealousy. I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." Through gray tired eyes, he pleaded. "Can you forgive me?"

Eileen saw the anxiety, the hurt. "You look terrible." She forced a smile. "Why don't you take off your clothes and get in here with me? You look as if you've had a rough day."

"Does that mean you forgive me?" He was already tearing at his clothes.

"It means we'll talk about it." She moved over as Craig joined her in the shower. "I'll soap you down."

"Feels good," he said, facing the wall, relaxing under Eileen's soothing hands.

"What did you do today?" she asked, wondering if she should tell him what she'd been up to.

Craig's gut tightened. He was ashamed. "If I told you, our marriage wouldn't stand a chance." He turned and faced her.

Silence hung between them as the water sprayed them both.

"Seeing you fucking Hank last night turned me into a madman."

"It was your idea," she reminded him.

"I know. Christ, it's been eating at my gut."

Eileen soaped him up, wrapping the soapy wash cloth around his prick. "What did you do today?" She was curious, aroused, sensing what he had been doing.

"Drinking..." He groaned. Her hands were getting his cock hard. "And fucking any woman who would go to bed with me." He looked at her, waiting for her to drop his cock and shove him out of the shower.

It made her feel good to know he had been doing the same thing she had been doing. She wavered, wondered if she should confess. She decided, at least for now, to keep her secret. The bonds of their marriage were strained enough; they needed no more stress.

"No," he said. He pulled her into his arms. "I love you, honey. Christ, I love you."

Eileen, the water spraying her back and shoulders, melted into his arms. "I love you too, my darling, but what you said cut me like a knife." She wasn't going to let him off completely.

"I know," he groaned, reveling in his wife's soft, wet body. "I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

"No. We have to forget last night and today. We forget arid start over."

"You're not going to leave me for the things I made you do and the things I did?" he asked softly.

She brought her mouth to his and kissed him. "Today is buried." Silently, she prayed she could forget the things her own unchanneled lust and anger had caused her to do. "I love you."

Craig slipped his hands down her back, cupped the cheeks of heir ass. "You feel my prick?"

"Yes," she moaned. "It's throbbing against my belly."

"Do you want to do anything about it?"

"Not here. We might kill ourselves." She squiggled her hips. "In bed, where I can show you how much I low you."

They climbed out of the shower, their bodies glistening wet. Forgetting about turning the water off -- they had other things on their minds -- they headed into the bedroom, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the carpet.

Eileen climbed on the bed. "We're going to have fun the old-fashioned way, together as husband and wife." She tugged his hand. "I got the hots for you, my husband."

Craig joined his wife on the bed, his eyes enjoying the soft, sensuous contours of her wet, naked body. With his prick throbbing, he took her in his arms.

Eileen plastered her wet, tingling body against him. She parted her lips, accepting his tongue. She hummed, taking his tongue and sucking it. Squirming, her flesh squeaked against his as they kissed and hugged urgently. Playfully, she scratched, his neck.

"Oooh, Craig," she gasped. "I love you. Love you so." She showered him with kisses, face, neck, mouth. "So much, Craig!"

"Unnn, Eileen. Sweetheart." He caressed her, kneading her wet, slippery flesh. His hands were greedy, exploring, squeezing, reveling in the joy of her squirming body. His prick pressed against her belly, throbbed with passion as blood surged through his shaft.

Eileen moaned. His hands and mouth were driving her crazy. She wanted him, needed him. "Wait," she gasped. "Not yet." She wriggled out of his arms. "Let's make it last."

"Whatever you want, my love," Craig groaned.

She swallowed back her rising passion. "I want to show you that I love you."

"I already know," he said, looking up into her beautiful face. "We have all the time in the world..."

Eileen's mouth feverishly worked on Craig's flesh. She kissed and sucked his neck, his shoulders. Nibbling, she reached his chest and licked his tiny nipples. Purring sighs escaped her mouth as she coated each nipple in spit.

"Bite them," he groaned. Eileen's mouth was like a furnace.

Eileen giggled lewdly. "I'll suck them too." She covered Craig's nipple and sucked. It wasn't as big or soft as Carol's, but it was what she wanted. She sucked again, then chewed.

"Unnnnn," Craig groaned. "Goddamn." His gut tightened, and his prick towered above his groin, throbbing and twitching for her pussy.

Gurgling on her own spit, Eileen slobbered and chewed her way down Craig's lean frame. His stomach was taut, and she sucked. She raked his chest with her nails and chewed on his hips, his prick looming always in her field of vision.

"My cock, honey." He squirmed on his back. "Chew my cock."

Eileen was in heaven. She sucked his groin, down his thighs to his knees. After chewing both thighs, she stopped. She was between his legs, her eyes glued to his prick.

A hot, sultry smile played on her lips. She gripped his cock. "You want me to suck this?" She shifted the skin up and down his bloated shaft.

"Yeah," he groaned. "Suck it." He jerked his hips, lunging his cock up through her jerking fist.

"For you, anything." She lowered her head and brought her mouth to the base of his cock. She gripped his thick shaft with her teeth and sucked. She took a hard bite and felt his shaft throb against her lips. "You like that?"

Craig groaned. His eyes popped. "You'll bite it off and neither one of us will have any fun."

"I'll make sure I don't bite it off." She straddled his leg, her cunt flush against his knee.

"Christ, you're soaked!" He jerked his knee, banging it into Eileen's pussy.

"Mmmmm, soaked for your prick," she sighed. She rolled her hips, jerked her ass. "Ooooo!" Leaning forward, she brought her mouth to his cock and sucked up and down the length of his shaft.

Craig growled. She was humping his leg and chewing on his prick. "In your mouth, honey. Suck it!" He jerked up, gouging his knee into her cunt.

"Ahhhh," she moaned. Her pussy went into spasm. She twisted his cock and lifted her head, gobbling his prick between her lips.

"Yeah." Craig moaned. Her sucking mouth was churning the cum in his balls.

Mild orgasms trickled through her pussy. She sucked, drooling her spit on his cock. Her cunt drooled, soaking him in warm, sticky cream. "Mrnmmmm," she hummed, her mouth filling with the head of his dick.

Craig lunged up, driving his prick along the roof of her mouth. "All of it!" He lunged again, clogging her throat with his bell-shaped cockhead.

Eileen took his prick in deep, swirled her tongue over his shaft. Working her hips and keeping his knee bathed in pussy-cream, she sucked, grating her teeth along his shaft. Her cunt contracted, but there was nothing to squeeze. It was all in her mouth.

Craig's stretching and squirming, found a large creamy tit. He pulled, twisted, squeezed. It was soft, pliant, silky in his gripping hand. He hinged up as his fingers tightened on the soft meat of her pulpy tit.

Eileen's face turned red. The pain from his viselike grip was agony. She sank her teeth into his shaft and heard him howl. The pressure eased on her tit and she reined her jaw on his cock.

"Mmmm," she sighed. One quick push buried the entire length of his prick in her mouth. Her lips mashed into his groin. Cock hair tickled her nose. His prick was throbbing deep in her throat. She was in heaven.

Craig arched his back, his legs stiffening. Slamming up, he smashed his groin into her face. Grunting, he fell back, his prick a prisoner in his wife's hot, sucking mouth.

With Craig still, Eileen feasted on his cock as if she hadn't sucked a prick in months. She forgot about bathing Craig's knee in cunt juice. All she concentrated on was his cock. She bobbed her head as his cock plunged in and out of her mouth. Warm saliva kept his cock coated for fast plunging action. She took him deep, dragged her teeth back, then sucked when only the head of his cock was in her mouth.

"Eileen! Eileen!" He lunged up, meeting her halfway. His balls swelled. His cock felt as if it were going to burst. "No more! Christ, stop!"

In her lust-dulled mind, she heard him howl. His prick was swelling in her mouth, throbbing erratically. It finally seeped in. Gasping, she pulled her mouth off his prick.

"God, I got carried away."

"Get on your back, honey," he groaned. He stared at her beautiful face. "Get on your back and let me put this where we both want it."

"Where's that?" she giggled. She grabbed his cock and squeezed.

"Your pussy," he groaned, twisting under her exquisite torture.

"I'm ready," she mewled. "Wet and ready." She straddled his hard cock. "Feel this." She pressed down, squeezing his cock between his groin and her pussy.

"Christ, you're wet." He squirmed as pussy juice bathed his dick.

"Mmmmm, feels fabulous." She jerked her hips, dragging her cunt along his shaft. She leered down and saw the bloated head of his prick peek out. It was drenched in juice. "Mrnmm, looks fabulous."

Craig growled and grabbed her tits. He pulled. "In your pussy, honey. Now!"

Eileen squirmed and lifted her hips. She felt the head of his prick slip between the folds of her pussy. "Ewwwww, it knows just where to go."

Her eyes danced with lust and devilment.

She wriggled, swallowing the head of his cock into her cunt. "Mmmmmm."

Craig was out of his head. He released her tits and grabbed her hips and slammed her onto his prick. With his cock buried to the hilt, he relaxed, content for the moment to enjoy the spongy muscles and hot, juicy heat of her pussy.

"Oooo, Craig." She leaned back, balancing herself on stiff arms. The action bent his prick. "Oooo, I feel it." She rolled her hips, her eyes floating toward the ceiling. It was spinning.

Craig's prick felt as if his cock was going to snap off. He growled like a wounded bear, then reached for and mangled her tits. Jabbing into her cunt, he pulled her down to his mouth. He devoured her, chewing and sucking on her eager lips.

Eileen squirmed and twisted her hips. She attacked his mouth, matching his desire. She ground her cunt down, gurgling as his tongue plunged into her mouth.

With his hands full of tittie meat, Craig plowed up into her pussy. His nuts ached painfully. Her nipples, like hot coals, burned into the palms of his hands.

Eileen crushed her clit into his hard groin. Lights flashed behind her fluttering eyes as she feasted on his mouth and milked his cock. Gurgling, she struggled, breaking free of his mouth.

"Oh, Craig. I'm having a ball. This is all we need. We don't need others."

"You're right." He lunged up, skewering her cunt with his cock. "I was a fool."

"We both were," she moaned. His lunging stab made her cream. She straightened up and looked down at his hands mauling her tittie flesh. "Mmmmm, I love it!" She humped, twisted her hips. "You're in so deep, my husband. So wonderfully deep!"

Craig brought her squirming, impaled body into his arms. He rolled, winding up on top, his prick still buried.

"Ooooo, Craig!" She gazed up, her violet eyes adoring him. "Fuck me. Fuck me!" She raked his arms, chest and shoulders with her nails.

Craig grinned hotly. He eased back, watching the color drain from her face, enjoying the panic in her eyes. He jammed his hips forward, watching her face flush and her eyes bulge. He repeated it over and over again.

Eileen was in bliss. She thrashed beneath him, thrilled with his long, cunt-stuffing strokes. She lunged back, grinding her hips.

"Ooooo, Craig. I'm creaming all over."

"I feel it, honey. My cock is soaked and so are my balls." He slammed hard, his body fused to hers. He ground his hips, his cock twisting inside her vat of soupy pussy-cream.

"Unnnn," she moaned, her clit mangled, her cunt stuffed. "Oooo, Craig!" She twisted her own hips, destroying her clit again. "Aghhhhh!"

Craig's stroking cock quickened. "I'm going to make you cream like never before." His pounding stabs became more brutal.

"I know... I know!" she squealed. "Do it. Make me cream. Make me cum!"

Their bodies clashed. Craig slammed down. Eileen lunged up. The bed was squeaking, groaning under their pounding weight. Hard slapping smacks echoed in the room each time their bodies fused together. Their groans added to the erotic noises in the bedroom.

"I'm ready, honey. My balls are gonna bust!" His voice was ragged, coated with lust. "I'm gonna cum. Feel my cock?"

"Yessss," she hissed. She caught his maddening pace. "Fill me, Craig. Cream my pussy. Drown me." She used her body as a battering ram, smashing it into his hard driving frame.

Moaning, her tits flopping, nipples swollen and sore, she continued to thrust her body up into Craig's. Her clit was raw and felt as if it were on fire. She jerked her hips, climbing and clawing her way toward the peak of her own orgasm.

"I'm there too!" she squealed. "Oooo, Craig. It's going to happen."

Craig's punching jabs powered her twisting body back into the mattress. His balls churned, ready to erupt. Arms stiff, he leered down into her screaming face.

Eileen's dilated glazed eyes found her husband's lust-etched face. "I'm cuming!" she screeched. Her voice filled the room. "I'm creaming!" Her cunt exploded. Pussycum -- juicy, hot, and flowing -- flooded her cock-stuffed cunt. The scalding cum washed over Craig's piercing prick, keeping it coated in milky white.

Craig's cock skewered her mushy, creamy hole. The hot, greasing juices lubricated his plowing shaft. His stabbing prick throbbed inside her pulsing pussy hole. Muscles tugged, pulled on his shaft, urging the load in his balls to erupt.

He roared. His balls burst. A thick, squirting stream of jizz shot through his swollen cock. Spurting wads of jism shot from his dilated pisser, splattering the spongy depths of her climaxing cunt.

"I'm cuming," he roared. "I'm cuming!" His head snapped back, the muscles in his groin stiffened. He roared again, the explosion in his balls exquisite. Hard-driving thrusts pounded Eileen's jerking humping body into submission.

"More," she shrieked. "More. Give me more!"

Eileen felt each squirting wad. Each lump of stringy jizz triggered orgasms inside her hole. She climaxed again. Her legs stiffened, curled, the heels digging into his back. She rode him, bucking under his slamming body like a wildcat.

Craig's passion drained him, weakening his powerful arms. His elbows buckled and he crushed her climaxing body beneath him. "I'm cuming," he growled, his mouth against her neck. "I'm still cuming!"

Eileen's arms circled his back. She clawed his tightly muscled back and chewed on his neck. Her tits were crushed into his chest and her clit was mangled against his jamming groin.

They battled in pleasure. Each strove to give the other pleasure and wipe away, at the same time, their own guilt. Eileen held him, sandwiched between his pumping body and the squeaking mattress. Craig pounded, his hands sinking into the cheeks of her ass. Their groans and cries were muffled in each other's neck.

Eileen gasped, twisted. She was floating down from the peak. It had been fabulous. She held him, absorbing the last of his fantastic blows as he drained his nuts into her pussy.

"Honey," Craig panted. He grunted, stopped, and caught his breath.

Eileen held him until her head stopped spinning. "It was wonderful. The best we've ever done."

Craig rolled off, his limp prick lying on his thigh. It had been the best. "I guess maybe it takes a little adversity to make us appreciate what we have."

Eileen snuggled close. "Yes," she said. "Now we know. We have all we need, all I want."

He held her in his arms. "Each other."

They slept.


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