Daughter gets horny

It was Henry Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

DAUGHTER GETS HORNY -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, wow," Sandy Falk breathed, "I can hardly believe this. It looks like we were all wrong about sex, Sis." The wide-eyed teen was sitting on her bed, staring at a huge illustrated book.

"What is it?" her sister Molly demanded, jumping onto the bed. "Let me see."

Sandy pointed to a paragraph in the book, and Molly read it, her eyes widening. "Oh, my gash!" she exclaimed. "We sure have a lot to learn."

"I'll say we do," Sandy said grimly. "You better sit here and read this book with me. Otherwise we'll never get finished before it's due back at the library."

"Right," Molly agreed.

Molly was just a year younger than her sister, and the two looked a lot alike, cute and petite blondes. But there were a lot of differences between them, too. Sandy was serious, a bookworm, and she wore her golden hair in prim braids. Molly was a bubble head and as outgoing as a friendly puppy. Her honey-blonde hair was in short bouncy curls which seemed to be springing in all directions.

"Gosh, so that's what fucking is all about?" Molly said wonderingly as the girls pored over the book.

"Yeah, I guess babies don't come out your belly button after all," Sandy said.

There was a good reason for the sisters' ignorance about sex. Their father, Roy Falk, had always been very careful to shield them from any information on the subject. But finally their curiosity had gotten the better of them, and Sandy sneaked to the public library to check out a book which would answer all their questions. The girls were amazed at how much they didn't know.

"Darn Daddy anyhow," Molly complained, "how come he didn't tell us all this stuff?"

"I guess he was just trying to protect us," Sandy replied.

"But from what?" Molly asked.

A good question. The girls' mother had died ten years previously, and Roy Falk had never remarried. He regarded raising his two daughters as a very serious responsibility and, as a police detective, he was more conscious than the average person of the corruption in the world. He wanted to make sure his girls were never exposed to the seamier side of life. But maybe he'd gone overboard.

Molly and Sandy had always been sent to strict all-girl schools where there were no sex education classes. There was no information on sex to be had, either from the school or from their father. He also told them they couldn't go out with boys till they were twenty-one. To the curious teenagers, that seemed like an awfully long time to wait. They knew they were missing something -- and that was one of the reasons Sandy had defied her father and checked out a book on sex.

"This book is fantastic." Molly said, "But Daddy'll kill us if he catches us reading it."

"Then we'll just have to be really careful," Sandy replied. They heard a noise from downstairs, and she instantly snapped the book shut and scurried to hide it under her bed. "That's gotta be Daddy coming back from his date. Let's try to look innocent."

After making sure the book couldn't be seen, the two sisters sat primly on their beds waiting for their father to come and check on them like he always did when he'd been out at night. But this time Roy didn't come upstairs. It was almost midnight, and maybe he thought they'd gone to bed. Still it was the first time they could remember that he hadn't come up to check on them. Every night since they'd come home from boarding school for the summer, he'd tucked them in and given them a good night kiss.

"Something funny's going on," Molly said. "You think so?" Sandy said. "Hey, maybe he invited his date in for coffee or something."

Molly gave her a gleeful smile. "Hey, wouldn't that be something to watch?" she said. "We've never met one of his girlfriends. And maybe they'd do something, uh, interesting."

"Molly," Sandy said sternly, "are you suggesting that we spy?"

"Yep," Molly grinned.

"Terrific idea," Sandy said, as they both slipped off their beds and tiptoed to the door.

They crept down the upstairs hall and halfway down the stairs, where they were hidden in shadow but could see into the living room. To their delight, Sandy's hunch was correct. Daddy had brought his date home. The girls exchanged wicked grins, then settled into comfortable positions to watch, tucking their long cotton nightgowns around their legs. It was just as good as going to the movies -- maybe even better.

Roy Falk had always made it a strict point to keep his role as a father separated from his dating activities. He was no monk, he needed women, but so far he'd never found one to replace his deceased wife and be a mother to his girls. So he had casual affairs and never introduced the girls to his daughters. No point in letting the kids get attached to somebody who wasn't going to be around long, he thought.

But tonight things had gotten out of control. He'd had several dates with Christine Denton, a gorgeous nurse in her late twenties, and she turned him on like no other woman he'd ever met. When she begged to see his house, he just couldn't turn her down. It was practically midnight, and the kids would be in bed, so there was no chance of them seeing Chris.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked.

"It's a lovely house, Roy," Chris said as she sipped the drink he'd mixed for her, "but that's not exactly why I'm here."

"Oh?" Roy smiled at her over his glass. "Then why did you ask to come here, Chris?"

"So we could be alone," she said in her naturally husky voice. "I have roommates, you know."

Roy felt his cock stiffening. Chris was his favorite physical type, a tall leggy brunette with a cute face and fantastic big tits. He wanted to her into bed in the worst way. But he'd never expected her to come on to him like this, to set it up so they could make love. Now she set down her drink and walked over to him and took his glass away. She snaked her arms around his neck and rubbed her firm curvy body against his.

"Don't I even get a kiss?" she asked.

"Baby, I intend to give you a lot more than that," Roy growled. He kissed her hungrily on the mouth, darting his tongue between her lips.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned, melting against him.

On the stairs, Sandy and Molly were breathless with excitement. Along with his other forms of censorship, their dad had never allowed them to see movies or TV shows having to do with sex, so they'd never actually seen a love scene before. Now they were seeing one live. They watched wide-eyed, hardly daring to breathe, as Daddy and his date kissed and rubbed their bodies together.

"Isn't she beautiful," Molly whispered.

"She sure is," Sandy sighed. "I wonder if they'll do all that stuff we read about in the book?"

"It sure looks that way," Molly beamed.

"Well, then, we better keep real quiet," Sandy warned. "We sure don't wanta get caught."

Molly nodded, and they turned their attention back to the exciting action in the living room. Daddy and Chris were just ending their long steamy tongue-kiss, and as they came up for air Daddy slid his hands down Chris' body till he was cupping the firm globes of her ass. He gave her ass a squeeze, and she grinned and rubbed her crotch against his.

"So you wanted us to be alone, did you?" Roy grinned. "Did you have anything specific in mind for us to do?"

"No," Chris breathed, "I want us to do everything. I'm really turned on to you, Roy."

"The feeling is mutual, lady," Roy said, "but I'm afraid I can't take you to my bedroom. It's upstairs, and I don't wanta risk waking my two girls. How do you feel about using the couch?"

"The couch will be just fine," Chris purred. She reached behind her and tugged down the long back zipper of her skin-tight jumpsuit. The garment peeled away from her body and puddled at her feet. Molly and Sandy barely contained gasps of admiration. Chris had a real grown-up woman's body, tall and deliciously curvy, with big thrusting tits the size of small watermelons. It was the kind of figure both girls dreamed of having.

Chris kicked away the jumpsuit, along with her high-heeled boots. She was wearing nothing but tiny black bikini panties. Roy seemed to have turned into a statue from the moment she started unzipping. He stood there and stared and stared at the most fantastic female body he'd ever seen. But he wasn't completely frozen. The crotch of his pants was bulging bigger and bigger, till it was tented by a huge obscene lump.

"Mmmmmm, for me?" Chris purred, her eyes dropping to his hard-on.

"Just as soon as I can get my clothes off," Roy leered.

Molly and Sandy exchanged excited glances. They'd never seen their rugged, handsome father when he wasn't in uniform or otherwise fully dressed. He'd never even warn a bathing suit around them. The girls thought their dad was the sexiest guy in the world, and they were hotly turned on by the idea of seeing him naked. They watched breathlessly as Roy began to strip. Chris strolled up to him, her big melon shaped tits bouncing.

"Let me help you, Roy," she cooed.

While he pulled off his shirt, uncovering his massive hairy chest, Chris tackled his pants. Her deft fingers had them open and falling in a matter of seconds. She went to her knees in front of him, helping him to step out of his pants, and then she reached up and carefully peeled his jockey shorts down over his rigid engorged cock.

"Oh, my gosh," Molly breathed, "it's huge."

"Sssshhhh," Sandy warned, clapping a hand over her sister's mouth.

But she shared Molly's wonder. They'd just finished reading about how boys are different from girls, but they still didn't have a very clear idea of what a penis or cock looked like. Now they knew. Sandy couldn't believe the thing was so enormous. Their dad's cock appeared to be about eight inches long and as thick as a girl's wrist. It sprang from a dark patch of hair, and below were two hair thatched bags of flesh that looked the size of baseballs.

"How can he get a thing that size into her?" Molly persisted in a frantic whisper.

"Molly, shut up," Sandy hissed. "He'll kill us if he catches us spying -- and we'll miss all the rest of this."

That threat was finally enough to keep the bubbly girl quiet. Both girls focused wonderingly on their father's belly-bugging blue veined cock as Chris helped him step out of his shorts. He stood naked now, his six-foot body massively muscled and incredibly exciting to his spying daughters. Chris reached up and fisted his engorged prick, drawing it down at a right angle to his body.

"I didn't have any dessert tonight," she grinned. "I'm ready for a snack."

The girls didn't have any idea what she was talking about. They hadn't reached the

Chapter in their library book that told about oral sex. But everything Chris did looked so exciting, so fun. She stuck out her gleaming littie tongue and began to lick the big fat head of Daddy's cock. She swirled the juicy wet meat around and around the purple knob of flesh, and Daddy snorted with pleasure and gave a lusty shiver.

"That feels great, baby," he rasped.

"Tastes great, too," Chris giggled.

Fat globs of cream were oozing from the dark cleft of his cock head, and Chris was spearing them up with the pointed tip of her tongue. She rolled them around in her mouth as if savoring the taste, then swallowed them and tongued for more. Molly and Sandy found themselves aching to be in her place, it looked like such an exciting thing to do.

In fact Molly was getting so turned on, she wanted to play with herself. All the girls at the boarding school played with themselves. Nobody knew who started the custom, but it was passed on to every new girl, and Molly had learned it eagerly. She knew, just how to rub her clit with a stiff finger and get off like crazy. She had the urge to do that now, but it seemed too risky. Sometimes she yelled when she came, losing control of herself, and she couldn't take a chance like that.

So she tried to ignore the hot need in her pussy as she watched Chris licking Daddy's cock. That pink tongue swirled faster and faster around the spit-soaked head of his prick as Chris hungrily lapped up all the oozing cock cream she could get. As Daddy watched her, his face was getting flushed and his nostrils kept flaring. His eyes were all hot and funny looking, and it was clear that he was getting excited out of his mind.

"Yeah, baby, that's great," he said hoarsely.

"Here's something you'll like even better," Chris leered.

She opened her red-glossed lips very wide and slid them down around Roy's steel-stiff cock, taking about half the granite column into her mouth. She curled her fingers around the rest and pumped it. She drew in her cheeks and began to suck Roy's big boner, and he shivered with lust and leered down at her.

"Christ, yeah, honey, suck my cock," he growled.

Molly and Sandy stared at each other in wonder. This kind of thing sure hadn't been in that book they were reading -- but maybe it came later. The part they'd read so far was just about basic fucking, probably, no frills. They'd read about how when men and women make love, the man puts his cock in the woman's cunt and, according to the book, they both get off on it a whole lot. But there'd been nothing about cock-sucking.

"Wow, that looks like fun," Molly whispered.

Sandy nodded but shot her a warning look, and Molly shut up. They focused wide-eyed on Chris' hugely stretched lips as she pumped them up and down the spit-soaked length of Roy's huge hard boner. Her throat muscles were busy, and the girls realized that she was sucking the hot juice out of his cock and swallowing it. She acted like she just couldn't get enough of the stuff. And Roy wasn't exactly hating what she was doing.

"Fantastic, baby," he growled, "just fantastic."

It had been a long time since he'd had a good blow job, and he'd never had one from a girl as beautiful and sexy as Chris. He realized he was getting very attached to the lusty young nurse. He wondered how his girls would feel about a stepmother. But those thoughts faded as his lust mounted. Chris was sucking him right to the brink of an explosive orgasm.

"Honey, that's enough," he said, gently lifting her head from his stiff-standing cock. "I don't wanta come in your mouth tonight. I wanta come in your hot cunt."

He lifted her to her feet and quickly tugged down her panties. The girls gazed enviously at her lush dark bush. Then Roy led her over to the couch, and she eagerly positioned herself on her back with her legs bent and spread wide open. Molly and Sandy had a brief glimpse of her juicy red slit and its glossy fringe of dark curls, and then their dad's body was in the way. He was crawling between Chris' eagerly parted legs, his stiff cock wagging and dripping.

"You're sure you wanta go all the way with me, Chris?" he asked.

"Yes," she breathed, "I want you to stick that big thing into me and fuck my brains out, Roy."

"I guess that answers my question," he grinned.

He wedged the fat purple head of his cock into the moist mouth of her cunt, and she gurgled eagerly as he went into her about an inch. He paused, savoring the searing heat and juicy slickness of her cuntal opening, and then he shoved into her, cramming her full of his throbbing dick and reaching her womb in one hard thrust.

"Ahhhhhh, God, yessss," she moaned, "give me all of it, Roy, I love it."

Again the sisters exchanged wondering looks. It just didn't seem possible that something as big as Daddy's stiff cock could go into a woman's body without hurting her -- yet obviously Chris loved it. Daddy sank down on her, and she clung to him and moaned happily as his ass began to knot and jerk. He was pumping his iron-hard cock up and down in her cunt, and she was responding deliriously, her pretty face twisting into a lusty grimace.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, baby, fuck it to me," she moaned, "fuck my pussy good, Roy."

Daddy's face was all contorted, too, and as his excitement mounted, he fucked Chris faster and faster. Their bodies slapped loudly together, and there was an obscene sucking noise as his thick prick reamed the juice from her tight cunt. Roy was groaning his pleasure, and Chris was squealing and gurgling. No question about it, fucking had to be the most fun thing in the world.

"I have to try it," Molly whispered to her sister, "I just have to."

"Molly, will you shut up?" Sandy said.

Yet secretly she shared Molly's excitement. She ached to know how it would feel to have a guy's long hard cock pumping in her cunt. Maybe tonight in bed she'd use a stiff finger on herself and see how it felt. But of course that would be no substitute for a real-live cock. Sandy gave a horny sigh and rubbed her thighs together, trying in vain to ease the hot desire in her pussy.

"Unnnhhhh, Roy, I'm gonna come," Chris was moaning.

"Yeah, baby, come with me!" he growled. "Ahhhhhh, shit, I'm coming right now!"

"Unnnnhhhh, yes, me, too," Chris gasped, "unnnnhhhhh, ohhhhhh!"

Chris and Roy writhed and howled and bucked together in a violent mutual climax, and Sandy and Molly grabbed the moment to race back to their bedroom. They knew their dad would be up soon to check on them, so there was no question of masturbating or of reading more in that very interesting book. The girls hopped into bed and turned out the lights and pretended to be asleep. Soon there was a light tap at the door, and Roy peered in.

"Asleep, kids?" he whispered.

There was no answer, and he tiptoed away with a smile of relief.

Chapter TWO

Roy had to work the next day, and his daughters got up early to fix him a big breakfast. Sandy thought he looked especially happy and enthusiastic that morning, and she wondered if he was falling in love with Chris, but she didn't dare ask. She wasn't even supposed to know about his girlfriends.

"You girls are terrific," Roy said as he kissed them goodbye. "I'm gonna get fat if you keep feeding me like that."

"We've got a great dinner planned, too, Daddy," Molly said. "Will you be home at the usual time?"

Roy reddened slightly and said, "Yeah, honey, but I'm gonna have to eat and run. I'm, uh, going out for a while tonight."

"Okay, Daddy," Molly said, while she and Sandy tried to keep a straight face.

When he was gone, they burst into giggles. "He just has to be seeing Chris again," Sandy said.

"Yeah, and we know why," Molly laughed. "Wow, I hope he brings her home again."

"Me, too," Sandy said. "We've still got a lot to learn."

"I just wish we had a boy to learn it with," Molly sighed.

"Well, forget about that," Sandy said as they headed for the kitchen to wash the dishes. "You know Daddy won't let us date till we're twenty-one."

"But we'll be old hags by then," Molly moaned. "I'm not gonna stand for it, Sis. I'm gonna find a boy one way or another, and I'm gonna get it on with him."

"Oh, Molly, don't be silly," Sandy said, "Daddy'll never let you do that."

"Well, I'll think of a way," Molly said determinedly.

Secretly Sandy wished she would. If anybody could do it, it would be Molly. She had nerve, and she was good at getting her way. But this time it seemed possible. Daddy would never even let them near a boy, let alone allow them to fuck one. Sandy was dying to experience sex for herself, but she resigned herself to waiting till she was twenty-one.

The sisters cleaned the house and shopped for dinner, getting through all of it as fast as they could. Then they raced upstairs and dragged out the heavy illustrated book on sex. For the next four hours they sat on Sandy's bed and read. They had eye strain by the time they finished, but they'd completed the book. They had all the information they could possibly get about sex -- yet somehow something was missing.

"I think you have to do it yourself to know what it's really, like," Sandy concluded.

"Really," Molly replied, "and that's why I'm gonna find myself a guy to do it with."

Sandy was going to tell her again how unrealistic that idea was, but at that moment Daddy arrived home, from work. Once discovered the forbidden book was carefully hidden under Sandy's bed, and the girls trooped downstairs to greet their dad. It wasn't until several hours later that they were able to get back to the book, reviewing some of the illustrations.

"These are just diagrams," Sandy sighed. "They don't really tell you what anything looks like."

That was for sure. The sterile black-and-white line drawing of a penis didn't look a thing like their memory of Daddy's enormous blue-veined prick. The book had served its purpose, but there was a lot more the girls needed to know, and it wouldn't be found in any book. Molly and Sandy were discussing their problem when they heard a car pull up in the driveway. Molly ran to the window and looked out.

"Hide the book," she said, "it's Daddy. And he's got Chris with him."

"Oh, far out!" Sandy cried.

Roy was home a little earlier than last night, and he came right upstairs to check on the girls. He and Chris couldn't get it on at her place, because of her roommates, so they had to come here. But Roy wasn't going to take a chance on his daughters being exposed to a love-making scene. He tapped lightly on their bedroom door, then opened it quietly and stuck his hands in. The room was dark, both girls in bed and breathing quietly.

Reassured that he and Chris would have privacy, he closed the door and went downstairs. Sandy and Molly counted to a hundred, then crept out of their beds and followed. They settled down on the stairs and watched as Roy mixed drinks for himself and Chris. Chris was looking even more beautiful tonight, the girls decided, in a cherry-red sleeveless dancing dress that was cut practically to her belly button. Both girls envied the young nurse's spectacularly large yet firm tits.

Chris sat down on the couch, kicked off her shoes, and put her feet up on the coffee table. The slit skirt of her dress slipped aside, revealing her nice long legs almost to her crotch. "Ow," she laughed, "I think I did too much dancing."

"Maybe this will help," Roy said, handing her a martini. "Sorry about the sore feet, but I hope you had a good time otherwise."

"I had a terrific time, Roy," Chris smiled. "I always have a great time with you."

Roy slid onto the couch beside her and moved up close. "I'm glad you feel that way, Chris," he said. "You know, I'm getting pretty damned fond of you."

He kissed her, a long sensuous tongue-kiss, and Molly and Sandy looked at each other excitedly. They really liked Chris, even though they'd never been introduced to her, and she seemed to make their dad very happy. She sounded like the ideal choice for his second wife and their stepmother. But they couldn't tell Daddy that, because then he'd know they'd been spying. That really put them in a bind, because they wanted him to know how much they liked Chris.

But there was nothing they could do about that problem right now. They could only sit there silently and watch -- and that was a real turn-on. As Roy kissed Chris, his hand strayed down off her shoulder and cupped a big ripe tit, squeezing it through her clothes. Chris responded by sliding her hand over Roy's crotch and squeezing his swelling cock. When they finally came up for air, they were both flushed and hot-eyed.

"Roy, you brute," Chris teased, "you're wrinkling my dress."

Roy took the hint. "Gee, I wouldn't wanta do that," he answered. "Maybe we better take it off."

"Oh, Roy," Chris purred, "you're so thoughtful."

The dress was held up only by one little string, and Roy quickly untied it. Chris stood up, and the dress slithered to the floor. As usual, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her thrusting tits were capped with big light pink nipples, and they quivered slightly with her movements. All she had on now was a tiny pair of red lace bikini panties.

Roy was staring at the nearly naked young nurse and thinking what a fantastic body she had, probably the best he'd ever seen. Chris was just about everything he wanted in a woman, gorgeous and sexy, bright and warm. With a lusty growl he seized the waistband of her panties and tugged the little garment down. Christ stepped out of her puddled clothes, and Roy cupped her pert ass and pulled her close, burying his face in her glossy black bush.

Chris ran her fingers through his hair, but as he began to ease her legs apart, she said, "Uh, no tasting the merchandise, at least not till you take off your clothes, too."

"Oh, sorry about that," Roy laughed, "I got carried away and forgot."

Molly and Sandy shivered expectantly as their handsome father stood up and began to undress. Chris helped him, of course. The lovely brunette seemed to have a helpless attraction to his cock. She got his pants open fast and tugged them down, and then she was going for his jockey shorts, peeling them down over his bloated cock. From the shadows of the stairway his two teenaged daughters gazed longingly at the blue-veined slab of meat.

"Oh, wow, I wish I could touch it," Molly sighed.

"Me, too," Sandy said wistfully, "but we better be quiet."

Chris made short work of his clothes, and when he was naked he pulled her to him and gave her another hot tongue-kiss. Chris wantonly rubbed her warm soft muff against his engorged cock, and he in turn cupped her ass and squeezed it. It all looked so exciting, Sandy and Molly began to squirm with lust. Then Daddy broke the kiss and once more slid to his knees before the tall leggy brunette. He folded back the raven-black fur of her bush and exposed the bright red lump of her clit.

"Mmmmmmm, looks good enough to eat," he grinned.

Sandy and Molly exchanged puzzled looks, not really understanding what he was talking about. But they soon got the picture. Roy stuck out his big hot tongue and began to lash it up and down over Chris' cream-beaded joy button. Chris gasped and gave a convulsive shudder, then clutched his broad shoulders as she grew dizzy with pleasure.

"Ooooooo, Roy, that's so good," she moaned, "I just love that, honey."

Sandy felt a hot spurt of cream from her virgin cunt as she imagined being in Chris' place. It would just have to feel terrific. Daddy's big tongue would be hot and juicy and firm on the most sensitive organ of her body. Sandy ached to have that experience, and she felt a sudden wild urge to play with herself. But of course she couldn't take the risk right now. If she got carried away and squealed and moaned, Daddy and Chris would discover her spying.

Molly was having similar problems as she watched her dad whip his juicy red tongue over Chris' joy button. It was easy to imagine how great that would feel, and she creamed like crazy just thinking about it. Like her sister, she ached to reach up under her nightie and play with herself, but she figured it was just too risky. She'd watch this scene to its conclusion, then race for her bed and get herself off.

"Unnnnnnn, Roy, I love it, I just love it," Chris was whimpering.

She was clutching his shoulders and letting her body sway back a little, her thighs parted. Her long black hair swung heavily as her head lolled back. Her eyes were glazed with lust, her nipples stiff with arousal. Roy's head bobbed up and down as he lashed his wet tongue over her ultrasensitive clit, and his daughters could hear the obscene slurping and snorting noises he was making as he ate his girlfriend's pussy.

"Ahhhhhh, honey, don't ever stop," Chris moaned.

This sure was different from the book they'd read, Sandy thought. There'd been a whole

Chapter on oral sex, but it had sounded so dry and clinical, they hadn't really understood how much fun it could be. Now they were getting a real illustration of what oral sex was all about, and they could hardly wait to try it for themselves. Sandy squirmed with longing as she imagined a boy's fever-hot tongue whipping her greedy joy button. She glanced over and saw that her kid sister was squirming, too.

"Ohhhhh, God, Roy, I can't take much more," Chris was sobbing.

The lovely young nurse was swaying with pleasure, almost falling over, and thick streams of pussy juice were gushing down her inner thighs. Roy got a firm grip on her ass and pulled hard against his face. His lips were hidden by the dark fur of her bush, but the loud wet sucking noises told the girls what he was doing to her. As he sucked her off, Chris screamed in ecstasy.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, yesssss," she cried.

Sandy and Molly smothered giggles. They were never allowed to use words like "shit". Daddy had a fit if they ever cussed. But he certainly wasn't scolding Chris. He was sucking like crazy on her throbbing joy button, and she was wailing her pleasure and using quite a few forbidden words. Then all of a sudden she stiffened. She remained frozen for a second, and then her body began to convulse.

"Unnnnnnnh, fuck, baby, you're making me come!" she yelled.

She swayed and shook so hard as she climaxed that Roy had to jump to his feet and hold her to keep from toppling over. Rivers of molten cream flooded from her cunt and gushed down her legs. Molly and Sandy once more fought the urge to masturbate as they watched. Both girls were aching to have a big relieving orgasm like Chris was having, but they realized they'd just have to wait till they were in the privacy of their own room.

Chris finally stopped convulsing and looked up at Roy a little sheepishly. "Wow, I sure made enough noise," she said. "I hope I didn't wake up your kids. Maybe you better go check."

"No problem," Roy grinned, "I checked them when we got here, and they were asleep. And once those two are asleep, they're out till morning. So let's you and me get more comfortable."

He eased her down on the couch, bending and spreading her legs, exposing the whole juicy red line of her slit. He went belly-down between her legs and brought his face right up to her steaming pussy. Molly and Sandy writhed with horniness as they watched him stick out his tongue and tickle it all over Chris' cream-beaded gash. Chris gurgled with excitement and fed him rush after rush of thick pearly cream from her tiny cunt mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, you're making me so greedy, Roy," she giggled, "I really feel like I wanta get off again."

"Specialty of the house," Roy leered.

He stuck his long tongue out all the way, made it stiff, and then crammed it hard up Chris' cunt. "Ohhhhhh, God, yessss," she wailed, "give it all to me, honey, fuck me with your tongue!"

Sandy felt her own molten pussy cream soaking through the nightgown beneath her. Last night after everything had quieted down, she'd tried working a stiff finger into her virgin cunt, and it had felt great. She'd gotten herself off like crazy with less than a minute of stroking. So it wasn't hard to imagine how terrific it would feel to have a guy's hot slippery tongue doing the job.

Molly, too, ached with envy and horniness as she watched her dad hammering his stiff tongue in and out of Chris' cunt. Last night she'd discovered a new way to masturbate, jerking her stiff finger in her untried twat, using it just like a tiny cock. It had felt fantastic, but she was sure a man's wet thick tongue would feel even better. She would have given anything just now to be in Chris' place, her lusty box reamed and crammed by Daddy's slippery long tongue.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, baby, you're gonna make we come," Chris was moaning.

Her pretty face was distorted into a lusty grimace as Roy's pistoning tongue drove her higher and higher toward climax. The red-hot friction between tongue and gripping cunt was delicious. Pleasure built and built in her pussy till she just couldn't contain it any more. It exploded deep in her cunt and radiated out to engulf her whole body.

"You did it, Roy, I'm coming!" she wailed. "Ohhhhhhhh, shit, am I coming!"

Molly and Sandy whimpered faintly as they watched Chris having a body-wracking orgasm for the second time that evening. Both girls were wriggling with horniness by now. They ached to run to their room and beat off, yet they didn't want to miss a second of the exciting action between their dad and his date. It was torture watching Chris get that hot relief, while they had to just sit there and squirm.

"Mmmmmmm, Roy, that was marvelous," Chris gurgled, "but can't I do something for you now?"

"You sure can, baby," Roy leered. "Roll over for me, okay?"

"Woof, woof," Chris laughed.

She rolled onto her hands and knees, thrusting her luscious ass in his direction. He rose to his knees, and his daughters stared in lusty fascination at his belly-hugging hard-on. His cock was enormously engorged and drooling thick rivers of cream. He fisted it and drew it down to rub over Chris' juicy pussy. Then he socked the fat purple head of his prick between her swollen pussy lips.

"Yesssss," she hissed, shivering with need, "stick it in me, Roy."

Grinning broadly, Roy shoved hard and buried his cock right to his balls in her sizzling fuck hole. She took it with a hoarse moan of ecstasy, and he felt her molten juice soaking his meat. Grasping her curvy hips, he began to piston his cock into her, fucking her hard. He was just too insanely aroused to be slow and gentle. But Chris didn't seem to mind his roughness. She clawed the couch and gurgled with pleasure.

"That's it, baby," she cried hoarsely, "fuck my pussy good and hard."

On the stairs Molly and Sandy sat breathless with excitement. In the doggy position they could see very clearly what was happening. They could watch their dad's wrist-thick boner pistoning in and out of Chris' cunt, dripping with her cream. Now they could really see what fucking was all about. It looked a little scary, but very very exciting.

"Oh, wow, I just have to try it," Molly moaned.

"Sssshhhh," Sandy warned.

They could hear the lewd sucking noise Roy's cock was making as it reamed the hot juice from Chris' gripping cunt. Chris was moaning steadily now as she took the steel stiff meat, and she was clawing the couch and creaming like crazy, the hot juice overflowing her cunt and dribbling down her thighs. She had her eyes screwed shut in ecstasy as Roy's pile-driving cock drove her to the brink of another orgasm.

"Roy, I'm gonna come," she gasped.

"I'm gonna come with you," he groaned. "Ahhhhhh, fuckin' shit, yeah, aaahhhh!"

"Ooooo, shit, waaahhhh!" Chris howled, his steaming load of jizz triggered her orgasm.

Molly and Sandy knew the show was over, and they snuck back to their bedroom. They got into their prim twin beds and, without another word, pulled up their nightgowns and started beating off. It was obviously the only thing to do. Two stiff fingers worked like crazy in two lust-inflamed virginal cunts, and the room echoed with squeals and moans and hot panting. The two sisters were so horny, it took them only moments to get off.

"Oooooo, shit, ooooooh!" Molly squealed as she came.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, whaaahhhhh!" Sandy moaned.

That was a relief. But their longing was far from over. "I'm gonna find a guy to fuck, if it's the last thing I ever do," Molly vowed as they were falling asleep.

"Forget it," Sandy sighed, "No way Daddy watches us, you don't stand a chance."

Chapter THREE

Molly seemed awfully squirmy at breakfast, so restless that Roy finally asked her if something was the matter.

"Oh, I guess I'm just anxious to get outdoors, Daddy," she replied. "It's such a beautiful day."

"I understand, honey," Roy said, "but just remember not to leave the yard."

"But, Daddy," Molly pouted, "can't we at least go to the beach for a swim?"

"Sure, sugar, next weekend when I can go with you," Roy said, preparing to leave the table. "But you know I won't let you go alone. Too many things could happen."

Exactly, Molly thought. She wanted things to happen. She wanted to escape the prison of this house and yard, go out and find a boy to fuck. But Daddy wasn't falling for her tricks, and she didn't dare disobey him. Somehow he'd know if she did. She tried not to look too disappointed as he kissed her and Sandy goodbye and left for the office. Another boring, horny day stretched before her.

"Darn it all," she moaned as Roy drove off.

"Nice try," Sandy said, "but I told you it was hopeless. He'd never allow us to be alone with guys."

"Well, there has to be a way," Molly insisted. "There just has to be some guy we can get, even if he's not our age, even if he's really old -- like forty or something."

"Lots of luck." Sandy said dismally. "Now we better do our housework."

She headed for the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes, but Molly lagged behind her, lost in thought. Sandy was just about to turn on the water when she heard a piercing shriek!

She raced back to the dining room and found her kid sister hopping up and down, highly excited, a look of glee on her face.

"Molly, what in hell's happening?" Sandy cried.

"I've got it, I've got it," Molly cried, "I know who we can get it on with."

"Oh, who?" Sandy said, her interest picking up.

"Daddy," said Molly.

"What?" Sandy gasped.

"You heard me," Molly grinned. "He's the only guy we ever got to be alone with, right? So obviously he's the only one we've got a chance with. If we wanta have any fun before we're twenty-one, Sandy, we have to go with this."

Sandy frowned. "He'll never do it," she said.

"We'll just see about that," Molly challenged. "I'm gonna try to turn him on tonight."

"Molly, you're crazy," Sandy snorted. "You'll end up getting your ass paddled."

"We'll just see," Molly repeated.

As they argued about Molly's plan, neither girl was worried about the idea of incest. That was because they'd never heard of it. Roy had been so careful to guard them from all information about sex, that he'd left out the prohibitions, too. Molly and Sandy had no idea that it was wrong to fuck their own father. For them, the only problem was getting him to go along with it. Molly figured she could do it. Sandy was sure she couldn't.

Still Sandy agreed to give her sister a chance. In the evenings, when Roy wasn't on a date, they all usually watched TV together -- with Roy carefully selecting the programs to avoid anything sexy. But this evening Sandy excused herself early, saying she wanted to go read a book. Roy, who was proud of her good grades and interest in books, approved quickly.

"Sure, honey, go ahead," he said, drawing her close for a goodnight kiss. "Molly, you ought to do more reading, then maybe your grades would be as good as Sandy's," he told his other daughter.

"Yeah, you're probably right, Daddy," Molly said, snuggling closer to him on the couch, "but I'm into this program right now, and I'd really like to see the end of it, okay?"

"Sure, babe," Roy said, slipping his arm around her and focusing on the TV screen.

Molly and Sandy exchanged looks of relief.

Roy had almost upset their plan, but now everything was off to a good start. Not that Sandy expected Molly to succeed with her crazy plan. She started upstairs, actually intending to read, then stopped halfway up. It might be kind of fun to watch what Molly did. Nothing was going to happen, of course, but Sandy was curious about what approach her sister would take to seducing their dad.

So she plunked herself down on the dark stairway and watched. Molly didn't make the mistake of moving too fast. She sat there for awhile, cuddled against Daddy, his arm around her, and they watched the rest of the program. Then Roy turned the set off by remote control and started to get up, but Molly clung to his arm and kept him snuggled next to her. Roy turned to her with an inquiring look.

"It's bedtime, honey," he said.

It sure as hell is, Molly thought lustily. But she put on an innocent smile and said, "Yes, Daddy, but could we talk for a minute? I almost never get a private talk with you."

"Sure, honey, is something wrong?" Roy asked.

"Well, kind of," Molly said, cuddling even closer to his big rugged body. "I mean I'm a big girl now, Daddy, and you've never told me anything about sex."

Roy turned beet red. "You're not old enough yet, Molly," he said sternly. "I told you that a long time ago -- when you're twenty-one, I'll explain everything, and then you can date."

"Oh, come off it, Daddy," Molly snorted, "get into the real world. Girls my age are dating. Some of them are even getting it on."

Roy turned even redder. "Well, not my girls," he said angrily, "I'm going to make sure of that."

"Of course you are, Daddy," Molly purred, "but, gee, you could at least tell me how babies get made. I mean, I'm old enough to know that, aren't I?"

"Well, yes, I guess-you are," Roy admitted.

"So tell me," Molly said.

"Er, of course," Roy said. "The way it happens is, uh..."

He trailed off, blushing like mad, and Molly saw that she was going to have to take matters into her own hands -- literally. Still looking innocent, with wide blue eyes, she slipped her hand onto Roy's crotch. She could feel the big lump of his cock, and she shivered with excitement. Roy stared at her as if he couldn't believe what was happening. She smiled innocently and gave his cock a squeeze.

"Some of the girls at school told me this is what makes babies," Molly said, massaging his prick through his clothes.

"Well, ah, yes," Roy stammered, "but you really shouldn't touch me there, pumpkin."

"Why not?" Molly chirped. "I'm just curious, Daddy. I wanta look."

Before her stunned father could react, she was unzipping his fly. On the stairs, Sandy was cracking up, hardly able to smother her laughter. Leave it to that nut Molly! She had their astonished father totally off balance, and she was getting a lot farther with him than Sandy would have guessed. She quickly got his pants open, and she tugged them down along with his shorts. His massive eight-incher lay there exposed, semi-hard and hers for the taking. Eagerly she wrapped her fingers around the hot meat and drew it out away from his confining clothing.

"Oh, wow, look at that," she exclaimed.

Something was happening, something she hadn't anticipated. Daddy's cock was growing in her fist. As she held it and pumped it, the thick slab of meat swelled and stiffened, pushing her fingers wide apart. That turned her on like crazy. She hadn't known it was possible for anybody to blush that hard. But as long as she had him all shook up, she was going to take advantage of it.

"How come your cock got hard, Daddy?" she cooed.

Sandy was holding her sides and trying not to laugh out loud as she studied her father's face. He looked totally mind-boggled as his younger daughter sat there with his stiff cock in her hot fist. This rugged police detective, this in-charge guy, looked like he was going to faint. He started to answer Molly's question, but nothing came out. He cleared his throat and tried again.

"Young lady," he said sternly, "you stop that and go to bed right this instant."

"But, Daddy, I'm just starting to learn something," Molly cooed. "I've been dying to know what a cock looks like. Just let me look at it for a little bit, okay?"

Without waiting for an answer, she bent low over his swollen prick, fanning it with her hot breath. Fisting the thick hairy base with one hand, she used the other to explore, running a fingertip up and down the blue-veined flesh. Daddy's cock was so exciting to hold, hot and smooth and hard. The engorged column throbbed against her fingers as if it had a life of its own.

Unfortunately, as far as Roy was concerned, it did. He wouldn't have dreamed of getting a hard-on for his own kid, but his cock had other ideas. He'd been thinking of Chris all day, and he'd come home horny. When Molly touched his cock, the result was unavoidable. His cock didn't care whose fingers were doing the petting -- Molly's or Chris'. So there he was in that incredibly embarrassing situation.

It was not only embarrassing, it was exciting. Roy had to admit to himself that be was turned on like crazy as his cute blond daughter petted his cock. Secretly he'd always wanted to get it on with a lusty teenager, and now it was happening. Molly was panting onto his prick and making him shiver with excitement. He realized he'd better end this scene fast, before he lost his self-control.

"All right, young lady," he said hoarsely, "That's it. Enough. You go to bed right now."

Molly didn't let go of his cock. She kept a firm grip, so there was no way for him to pull loose. "Aw, come on, Daddy," she pleaded, pumping his meat in her hot fist, "this is so much fun. And I'm learning a lot, too. Don't make me quit now."

It took all of Roy's self-control to reply, she was getting him so excited. "Molly, honey, it isn't right for you to touch me like that," he said. "I want you to stop it right this instant."

Molly had never disobeyed her dad before, but this was just too important to give in on. "But why is it wrong, Daddy?" she insisted. "We're just having fun, and what's wrong with that?"

Roy swallowed hard, hoping his voice wouldn't come out in a horny croak. "It's called incest, honey, and it means sex between relatives. It's against the law," he explained.

"Well, that's silly," Molly said, dismissing the whole thing easily. "We're not hurting anybody."

She went right on pumping his cock, and now she was using her free hand to pet the sensitive head. Rot juice began to bubble from his piss hole, and she eagerly smeared it all over the tip of his prick, giving him hot jolts of satisfaction.

Roy felt himself getting aroused to an insane level, and he wanted so much just to slump back on the couch and let her play with his prick till he came.

"It feels good to you, doesn't it, Daddy?" Molly purred.

"Y-Yeah, baby, but that still doesn't make it right," Roy said weakly.

"I bet you'll like this, too," Molly chirped, then raised her head and kissed him on the mouth.

Again she caught him off guard. The next thing he knew his daughter was giving him a hot horny tongue-kiss. She forced his lips open and darted her juicy tongue inside, and Roy groaned and almost shot his load. While she explored his mouth with her tongue, and pressed her cuddly body against him, she was still pumping his cock, doing it faster and faster. Roy knew he was almost beaten. If he didn't get away from her now, he never would.

"Dammit, Molly, I said stop it!" he cried.

He jerked away from her steamy kiss and started prying her fingers from around his massively bloated cock. Molly realized he really meant it and that she'd better cool it for a moment. He was horny, all right, but his conscience was getting to him -- that silly grownup conscience that said it wasn't right for father and daughter to make love. She had to do something to make him forget that stern message.

She let go of his cock and said, "Oh, all right, Daddy, I'll stop, but I think there's something you should know."

"What's that, sugar?" Roy said with a sigh of relief.

"This," Molly said, pulling off her shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra. Roy had been after both his daughters to wear bras, but they refused, saying it was unnatural and uncomfortable. It really bothered him the way they ran around the house with those sweet tits bouncing and jiggling under their shirts. Now he knew the reason. The sight of his daughters' bobbing breasts had been making him lusty, even though he hadn't admitted it to himself.

Now here was Molly, pulling off her shirt and tossing it aside, sitting there bare breasted. She actually thrust her chest at him, showing off her adorable apple-sized tits. The globes were high-riding and capped with red nipples which were rigid with arousal. Roy couldn't suppress a low growl at the sight of those stiff nipples, and he just barely kept himself from reaching out and cupping his daughter's pretty creamy-fleshed tits.

"I'm a woman now, Daddy," Molly informed him. "You can't go treating me like a baby. I get horny, you know."

"Molly, you just watch your mouth," Roy said weakly, his eyes focused on her naked tits.

Molly saw where he was looking, and she quickly took advantage of the situation. She grabbed his hands and set them on her tits, squeezing and molding. Roy almost shot his load. His rigid cock was still sucking obscenely out of his pants, standing straight up and drooling thick hot cream. Molly left his hands on her tits and reached down to fist his cock again. She began to pump, and Roy groaned.

"Let's just give each other a little fun, Daddy," she said softly, "and then I'll go right to bed, I promise."

Roy didn't answer, and watching from the stairs, Sandy realized he was beaten. That glassy look in his eyes told her that Molly had won. Roy was just too horny to quit now. He had to come or go crazy with frustration. While Molly pumped his cock in both her hot fists, he squeezed and molded her tits. Sandy felt like applauding for her nut of a kid sister, but that wouldn't have been a very smart idea just then.

Molly gurgled with excitement as her dad's big hot hands massaged and molded her sensitive tits. At last, it was happening, she was really getting it on with a man -- and it was even more exciting than she'd imagined. She loved pumping Daddy's cock. It was so smooth and hot and nice to touch. It really thrilled her to know that she was going to make her father come.

But she also wanted him to make her come, too. Now that she'd gotten him to touch her tits, maybe she could get him to go one step farther. Quickly she took one hand off his cock and unzipped the fly of her jeans. She grabbed one of Roy's big paws and stuck it down inside her panties. He groaned lustily as he touched the soft warm fur and the juicy hot flesh of her pussy.

"Make me come, Daddy," Molly pleaded, her eyes hot with need. "Let's get each other off. I need it real bad."

Again Roy didn't reply -- but he didn't take his hand away, either. After all, the kid was jacking him off, and it was only fair that he return the favor. And he couldn't deny that the feel of her hot wet slit was driving him crazy with excitement. She let go of his hand, and he felt around till he found the pulsating bud of her clit. He began to rub it with a stiff finger, and Molly moaned delightedly and soaked his finger with a burst of molten cream.

"Oooooo, yeah, Daddy, that feels great," she squealed.

Sandy felt a sudden twinge of jealousy. At first she'd just been amused at what Molly was trying to do, then admiring as the kid actually began to get someplace with Daddy. But now she was wishing she was in Molly's place. She wanted so much to touch and explore a cock, and she would have given anything to have Daddy's stiff finger rubbing her clit. But Molly was having all the fun.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, I just love that," Molly gurgled.

I'll bet you do, Sandy thought gloomily. Not for the first time did she wish she had her younger sister's nerve. Sandy was the one with the good grades, the perfect lady, and Daddy was always on Molly's case to be more like her older sister. But when it came to mischief and adventures and having fun, Molly was always out in front. Sandy could have kicked herself for not being the first to come on to Daddy.

Well, it was too late now. All she could do was spy from the shadows and try to ignore the hot horny ache in her pussy. Molly's two fists were zipping up and down the fat shaft of Roy's cock, and his finger was sawing busily between her legs. Both of them were red-faced and panting, and it was obvious that they were both about to come. Sandy wanted to shove her hand down inside her jeans and get herself off, but it was just too risky.

"Darn it all," she moaned softly.

"Oooooo, Daddy, I'm gonna come," Molly was whimpering.

"Me, too, honey," Roy cried hoarsely. "Just keep doing that to me, don't stop."

He knew it was insane of him to be doing this with his own daughter, but it was too late to turn back now. Both of them were too achingly horny to quit. Maybe after they got off, they could think clearly. Maybe then he could explain to her why incest was wrong. But right now all that mattered was getting off. His balls felt ready to explode, and the searing heat of Molly's pussy told him that she was also right on the brink of coming.

"Unnnhhhhh, Daddy, here it comes," she gasped, "ohhhhhh, shit, oohhhhhhh!"

Roy was about to scold her for saying "shit", when he realized how ridiculous that would be under the circumstances. The next thing he knew, he was coming.

"Awwwwwww, Jesus, aaagghhh!" he roared.

Dizzily Molly watched the thick white wads of jizz shooting from his prick. She was fascinated, and so was Sandy, who watched intently from the stairs. Molly had succeeded in getting it on with Daddy, all right, but she still hadn't achieved the final goal. She hadn't gotten him to fuck her yet. Sandy wondered if even Molly could get that far. And she was about to find out.

Chapter FOUR

Roy shivered with the last spasm of climax, then came back to reality. There he was with his hand inside his daughter's panties, stroking her pussy, while she had both fists around his cock, her fingers soaked with his splattering jizz. Roy turned red right down to his shoes.

"All right, Molly," he said awkwardly, "that's it, off to bed. You promised."

"I lied," she grinned.

"What?" Roy sputtered.

"Aw, come on, Daddy," she pleaded, "I'm having so much fun, and I don't have to get up and go to school tomorrow or anything. Let me play with your cock just a little longer, please."

"No way," Roy said firmly. "I should never have let things go this far. Molly, you've got to understand how wrong it is for a father and daughter to have sex. We can't ever do this again."

There he went again with that silly adult morality stuff. Molly stifled a yawn. He could lecture her all night, and she still wouldn't change her mind. Obviously what they'd just done was terrific fun for bath of them, and it hadn't hurt anybody else, so what was wrong with it? The word "incest" didn't mean a damned thing to her. She looked at her father impatiently.

"It's against the law in just about every culture," he was saying, "and if I got caught that'd be the end of my career."

And so on, and so on. Molly tuned him out. Instead she focused on his gorgeous big cock, which was lying blue-veined and semi-hard on his thigh. She ached to play with it again. She remembered some of the exciting things she'd seen Chris do with Daddy's cock, and she wanted urgently to try them herself. But Daddy was really on a morality kick right now. How would he react if she suddenly went down on him?

Sandy watched intently from the stairs, wondering what Molly's next move would be. It was all pretty comical to watch. There was Daddy raving and ranting away about incest and morals and things like that, and Molly's eyes were glazed over with boredom. It was obvious that she wasn't paying any attention. Instead she glanced down at his huge prick, and her expression lit up again.

Sandy could just about guess what she was thinking. They'd both spied on Chris and Daddy, and they'd never forget seeing the lovely young nurse licking and sucking his cock. That had to be on Molly's mind right now as she eyed his meat and licked her lips. She started to reach for his cock, then hesitated. Daddy went on and on with his stern lecture. Finally Molly must have decided that she had nothing to lose.

"So you see, honey," Roy was saying, "we mustn't ever do this again, and -- Molly... What in hell?"

Obviously his lecture hadn't made much impression on the teenager. He looked down and saw her circling her fingers around the fat hairy base of his cock. She began to pump his meat eagerly, and that left him speechless. Then she dipped her head down low, and he felt her hot moist breath fanning the sensitive head of his prick.

"M-Molly, what are you doing?" he croaked.

"Just learning, Daddy," she said, sounding as innocent as possible.

Sandy smothered a giggle. That devil Molly was at it again, just blowing Daddy's mind. She sounded so innocent, but there were some really naughty thoughts churning in her mind, Sandy was sure of that. Molly held Daddy's cock up and bent low over it, till her lips were almost touching the swollen purple head. Daddy looked shocked and stunned, his face reddening as her hot breath tickled his meat. Then Molly snaked her tongue out fast, lashing it all over the head of his dick. Roy gave a violent shuddered and gasped.

"Honey, no," he moaned.

Of course Molly paid not attention to his protest. She had a good grip on his cock, and he couldn't get away. She knelt there and worked her greedy tongue all over the big purple knob of his cock head, leaving it glistening with her hot spit. She found it terrifically exciting to be licking a hard hot cock and making a grown man moan and shiver -- especially when that man was her own handsome dad.

"Damn it, Molly, let go," Roy cried hoarsely.

It was a helluva fix, being practically raped by his own kid. The guys at the station would never believe him if he tried to explain it. He could say he was just innocently watching TV when his sixteen-year-old sex fiend of a daughter threw herself at him, jacked him off, and then gave him head. Not too many people were going to believe that.

In fact he was having trouble believing it himself. But Molly's tongue was real enough. It was hot and velvety and wet on his sensitive cock head, and it was swirling around and around the fleshy knob, making him shiver with excitement. His big semi-hard prick responded with a life of its own, as it mushroomed under Molly's lapping tongue, pushing its way to her lips.

"Oooooo, it's growing," she squealed.

No shit, Roy thought dizzily. You can't expect to tongue a guy's cock and not get a reaction, especially when the guy has been horny all day. He'd known he wasn't going to see Chris tonight. He'd told her, regretfully, that he really ought to spend an evening at home with his kids for a change. She understood, and she'd been perfectly gracious about it. And Roy had instantly regretted his decision.

All day he'd been thinking about the exciting love-making he'd had with this new woman in his life, and he'd been wishing Chris would be there when he got home, hot and loving and juicy-cunted. He'd been practically squirming in his chair all evening as he watched TV with the girls, wishing Chris was in his bed waiting for him. So when Molly came on to him, it hadn't taken much to get him hotly aroused. Now, with her juicy-hot tongue tickling his prick head, he was in danger of losing his self-control again.

"Okay, honey," he said weakly, "you've had your fun. Now it's time for bed -- and that's an order."

Molly didn't even bother to say no. She just went right on swirling her hot tongue around and around the head of his cock. This confused Roy, because she'd never disobeyed him before. Maybe, even as innocent as she was, she realized that his cock was the boss tonight. She might have guessed that no matter what he said, his prick would demand satisfaction.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmm," she sighed.

Juice was beginning to ooze from his piss hole, and as the first droplet touched her tongue, Molly knew she was going to love giving head. She really got off on the strong salty taste of his cream, and she lapped it up as fast as she could get it. She actually found herself drooling all over the head of his cock. Daddy must have enjoyed her licking, too, because he was shivering and moaning softly as she gobbled his cream.

"Molly, Goddamnit," he groaned, "You gotta stop. You gotta do it for both of us, honey."

Again she ignored him. She knew she had him now. He just couldn't resist the pleasure she was giving him. The need to come was overwhelming his conscience. He slumped back against the couch, and Molly grabbed the chance to pull his pants and shorts off all the way. Then she tugged off his t-shirt and revealed his massive hairy chest. She ran her fingers through the coarse hairs, then dropped back into a crouching position, her head poised over his stiff-standing cock.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ," Roy moaned as her hot tongue darted out to tease his cock head.

It was insane, it was scandalous, but he just couldn't get it together to stop her. His lust was too, powerful. And he wasn't exactly forcing her into this, either. He could feel her drooling onto his cock head as she awaited each thick glob of cream. As the juice bubbled from his piss hole, she speared it up with the tip of her tongue and gobbled it.

No, he wasn't forcing her. She'd been the aggressor all the way. So why not just lie back and enjoy? It wasn't every middle-aged man who had a horny teenager come on to him. He ogled her quivering tits as she crouched there, and he watched her wet pink tongue playing all over the gleaming head of his cock. She was pumping the base of his prick, too, adding to his excitement. Roy gave in completely, relaxing, shivering with pleasure. He'd let her get him off this way -- and then it was absolutely the end of this kinky little episode, he vowed.

Molly sensed his submission and realized she could take her time now and do whatever she wanted. She began to gobble her way down his long stiff shaft, lapping up the thick rivers of cream that dribbled from his piss hole. She made sure to lick and taste and stimulate every inch of his prick, from the swollen purple head right down to the thick hairy base. But she didn't stop there.

"Ahhhhh, Christ, yeah," Roy gasped, "lick my balls, honey."

Watching from the stairs, Sandy creamed right through her jeans. She was seething with envy by now, dying to be in her kid sister's place. Of course Molly deserved all the fun she was having. It had taken real nerve and skill to get Daddy to go this far. But that didn't keep Sandy from feeling envious and horny. She ached to try a taste of their father's juicing prick, to lick him all over like Molly was doing.

"Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmmm," Molly moaned.

The saucy girl was lathering Daddy's balls with her hot spit, not missing an inch of the fur-thatched bags. When she'd completed that job, she started tonguing her way upward again, slowly and sensuously coating his meat with hot saliva. Roy was watching her with lust-glazed eyes, completely submissive now. Thick globs of cream bubbled from his piss hole, and she caught them as they dribbled down his shaft, spearing them up with the pointed tip of her tongue.

Then she did the most exciting thing of all. Sandy almost moaned with envy and longing as her kid sister opened her lips wide and slid them down around Daddy's thick boner. She took in too much of his massive cock and choked. Then she drew back a little and got it right. About half of that giant prick was all her mouth could hold.

"Ohhhhhh, baby," Roy breathed, "suck it, honey, suck Daddy off."

Those were just the words Molly wanted to hear. They were her ticket to complete success. Obediently she drew in her cheeks and began to suck, just the way she'd seen Chris do, and Roy responded with grateful moans. He thought he had it made now. He thought he could just lie back and let her suck him off, and that would be it. But he had another think coming.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, honey, that's terrific," he moaned, his eyes closing as he blotted out everything but the hot excitement she was giving him.

Molly found she really got off on sucking his cock. Her mouth was crammed with the throbbing meat, and his delicious cream was falling onto her tongue, where she could savor it before swallowing. She loved knowing she could drive him to a fever pitch of excitement just by using her mouth and tongue. All that was a lot of fun. But it was, secondary to her real goal, which was to lose her cherry.

She was going to lose her cherry if it took all night.

"Unnnhhhhh, sugar, it's so good, I'm gonna come," Roy groaned, starting to jerk his cock in her mouth.

Oh, no, you're not, Daddy, Molly thought gleefully.

She kept sucking his violently throbbing dick till he was right on the edge of orgasm. He was fucking her mouth now, spinning out of control, and he felt like his balls would burst with their sizzling load. Molly's mouth was deliciously snug and hot and juicy around his nearly-exploding prick. He prepared to blast into orbit -- when all of a sudden she raised her head and let his spit-soaked prick snap free.

Roy groaned in frustration. "Honey, don't stop now," he begged. "I need to come real bad."

"I know, Daddy," Molly purred, "and I'll make sure you come -- but not with my mouth."

Roy stared at her, puzzled. But he wasn't in the dark for long. She hopped onto her feet and wriggled out of her jeans and panties. He helplessly ogled the golden hair of her bush. Then she flopped down on the couch, on her back with her legs bent and wide open. He stared hungrily at her luscious looking virgin slit, moist pink flesh fringed with blonde curls.

"I'll get you off, Daddy," she cooed. "All you have to do is stick your cock in me."

Roy's breathing was harsh and loud, in one part of his mind he knew that it was absolutely wrong to fuck his own kid, but another part told him he'd be a fool to decline her invitation. How many more times in his life would a beautiful lusty teenage girl beg him to fuck her? He crawled between her legs, his dripping cock weaving heavily and obscenely.

"Hurry, Daddy," Molly moaned, "I feel soooo horny, I just have to get fucked."

Sandy realized the big moment had actually come, that Molly had actually succeeded in getting their dad to fuck her. It seemed incredible, but it was happening. She just had to get a closer look. She tiptoed down the stairs and into the archway that led to the living room. Now she was only twenty feet away from the couch, and she could see everything clearly.

There was Molly's tempting glistening pussy, all moist and pink and swollen. There was Daddy's huge cock wagging lewdly and dripping hot cream. He knelt between Molly's legs, fisted his iron-hard cock, and touched the huge engorged, head to the tiny untried mouth of his daughter's cunt. Molly gurgled with excitement as she felt that first hot contact.

"Yes, Daddy, yes," she squealed, "do it to me."

"Honey, I'm not even sure it'll fit," Roy said regretfully. "I'm afraid I'm way too big for you."

No way was Molly going to quit now! "It'll be okay, Daddy," she insisted. "Please, please fuck me, I just have to know what it's like." Roy couldn't resist. He thought how exquisitely tight her virgin teenage cunt must be, and he just had to try it. He began easing into her, ever so gently and gradually, yet steadily. The fit was fantastically tight, but the horny girl had been creaming heavily, making the way slick. He could get in. He just had to go slowly and be careful not to hurt her.

"Ahhhhhh, baby, baby," he moaned.

Molly didn't make a sound. Sandy found that pretty strange, since usually her kid sister was jabbering all the time. But now Molly was just lying there, her blue eyes getting bigger and bigger as Daddy eased his thick eight-incher into her virgin cunt. She looked as if she was getting a lot more than she'd bargained for.

Sandy's hunch was correct. Molly just hadn't realized how enormous her father's cock would feel in her untried cunt. It was scaring her, and she was trying not to show it. But she felt like she was going to be torn in half by that giant slab of meat. She was so full of throbbing cock, she could hardly breathe. Daddy pushed in deeper and deeper, and she stifled cries of alarm.

Roy was panting harshly as he filled the tightest cunt he'd ever encountered. At last he touched bottom and paused to catch his breath. His meat was encased in torrid heat and velvety wetness, a delicious sensation. He just wished he could stay like that forever, his cock lodged to the hilt in his daughter's tiny hot cunt. He looked down at Molly to see how she was reacting, and he found her wide-eyed and pale.

"Scared?" he smiled.

"Uh, oh, no," Molly lied.

Roy always knew when his kids were lying. "Honey," he said soothingly, "the worst is over. Now it's gonna start to feel real good, I promise."

"Okay, Daddy," she replied meekly.

To her relief, he wasn't kidding. He started moving his cock inside her, pistoning it in and out of her juice-slick box, and it really did feel good. His stiff shaft rubbed up and down over her clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure, and she responded with eager moans and more scalding juice. She clung to his big hairy body, clawing his shoulders and whimpering.

"Oooooo, Daddy, oooooo!" she cried.

"Feel better now, honey?" he asked.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah, a lot better," she gurgled.

Sandy picked up on that husky note to her sister's voice, and she knew Molly was starting to feel real pleasure from their father's fucking. Again she felt envious, and she rubbed her thighs together, trying to get some relief from the hot ache in her slit. She was desperate to play with herself, but this wasn't the time or place. Seething with need, she watched her dad's ass jerking and knotting as he pumped his big hard cock in Molly's newly deflowered cunt.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, Daddy, it's feeling real good now," Molly panted.

"Great, baby," Roy growled, "now let's get you off."

He shifted upward and forward a little, so that his rigid shaft sawed firmly over her clit. Molly loved that. She creamed and gurgled and moaned in ecstasy, and she felt hot pleasure building in her pussy till she could hardly contain it. She looked up at her dad's face and saw that it was flushed and glassy eyed. Then she closed her eyes, blotting out everything but the mounting pleasure in her gash.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, I'm gonna come," she sighed.

Sandy bit her lip to stifle a moan of envy. She was creaming through her jeans by now, and she felt like she could get herself off with one stroke of her finger. But she'd just have to wait till she had some privacy. Feverishly she watched Daddy pumping his wrist-thick cream-soaked boner faster and faster in Molly's juicy box. Molly was arching her body up to take it, her pretty face contorted into a lusty grimace. Then suddenly her body began to convulse.

"Unnnhhhhh, Daddy, honey, you did," she gasped, "I'm coming! Ohhhhhh, fuck, yeah!"

Roy felt her scorching teenage cunt squeezing his cock almost flat. "Ahhhhhh, baby, take my load, ahhhhhhh!" he yelled.

Molly gurgled in ecstasy as she took her very first load of come, and Roy bellowed in bliss. The only person left out of the fun was Sandy, and she just couldn't stand to watch any more, she felt so envious. She raced upstairs to play with herself, all the while knowing it wasn't what she really wanted. She wanted what Molly had gotten -- their dad's big hard cock.

But would she have to nerve to go for it.

Chapter FIVE

It was Roy's day off the next day, and he took both girls to the beach. It was the least he could do, since he'd be gone that evening on a date with Chris. Not only that, but he didn't want to be alone with Molly. Waking up that morning, he'd been horrified to recall that he'd fucked his own daughter.

Luckily Molly was being completely cool about it. She didn't act unusual, and she didn't say anything revealing in front of Sandy. Roy was grateful for that. Maybe Molly understood that what had happened between them was a deep dark secret and that they would just have to forget the whole thing. But for Roy, at least, it wasn't going to be that easy to forget.

As they drove to the beach, his mind wandered helplessly back to last night and the fantastic tightness of Molly's virgin teenage cunt. That was an experience he'd never forget, taking his own daughter's cherry. He could almost feel those scorching velvety cuntal walls squeezing and sucking at his cock. In fact he was about to get a hard-on just thinking about it. He forced his mind back to the present.

At the beach it was equally hard to keep his mind off sex, especially when Molly and Sandy changed into their bikinis. Roy had wanted them to buy more modest bathing suits, but they'd told him all the other girls were wearing bikinis, and that they wouldn't be caught dead in anything else, and that he was ruining their social life -- and so on, till he'd given in. Now he was sorry. He'd never seen anything sexier in his life than his two blonde girls in those skimpy suits.

Molly's tiny bikini was red, Sandy's blue, but they both had the same slim yet cuddly figure, the same high-riding tits that bounced in the tiny bras. As the girls romped in the sand and turf, Roy lay on a blanket sipping a beer and watching them, and all he could think of was tiny, hot, slippery teenage pussy holes. When his cock threatened to get hard again, he got up and plunged into the cold ocean to distract himself.

He hummed all the way home, knowing that in a short time he'd be with Chris, getting his rocks off. He sure as hell couldn't wait much longer. And Chris actually had her apartment to herself that evening, both roommates out of town, so it was going to be one nice long orgy, no worries about waking the kids or about roomies walking in. Roy could hardly wait. At home he quickly showered off the salt water, dressed, and headed for the front door.

"See you later, kids," he said. "Remember, keep the doors locked, and be in bed by eleven."

"Yes, Daddy," the girls chorused.

They closed and locked the front door, and Sandy cried eagerly, "Okay, what was it like?"

"What was what like?" Molly said.

"You know," Sandy said impatiently, "making out with Daddy. I haven't had a chance to talk to you alone till now. I wanta heat all about it."

A sly grin appeared on Molly's face. "Wait a second," she said. "How do you know I made it with him? You were in our room reading."

Sandy blushed scarlet. But her curiosity was stronger than her embarrassment. "Okay, so I spied," she said. "Wouldn't you have spied if you'd been in my place?"

"I sure would have," Molly giggled. "Did you see everything?"

"Yeah, from start to finish," Sandy said, "but that didn't tell me how it felt. Let's get comfortable, and you tell me all about it, okay?"

"Okay," Molly laughed.

They went upstairs to lie on their beds, like they always did when they had some big hot secret to share. Molly started telling about how much fun it had been to play with Daddy's cock and suck on it, then how scared she felt when he first started easing his cock into her.

"I thought it was gonna split me in half," she said, "and it really hurt. But then it started to feel just great."

Sandy looked puzzled. "I don't get it," she said. "How could it hurt and then feel good?"

"Well, maybe I could show you," Molly said, "if only we had something the size of a cock."

They thought for a moment, and then Sandy cried, "A banana. I'll run downstairs and get one."

She quickly returned with a banana which they both agreed was exactly the size of Daddy's prick. Then Sandy tugged off her jeans and panties, and Molly arranged her on her back, knees bent, legs wide open. It was the same position Molly had assumed last night when she lost her cherry. She pressed the tip of the banana against the moist opening of her sister's virgin box. Sandy wriggled with lusty excitement.

"Okay," Molly said, frowning in concentration, "he started putting it into me real slow, like this."

She tried to recreate the scene as perfectly as she could, calling on her memory of that exciting moment when Daddy had taken her virginity. Ever so slowly and gently she eased the thick firm banana into Sandy's untried twat. Sandy's blue eyes began to widen, and then she looked panicked.

"It's not gonna work," she gasped, "it's too big."

"That's how I felt," Molly grinned, "but I was wrong. Just relax, pretend your cunt's elastic. You can do it."

"Well, all right," Sandy said doubtfully. "I'll give it one more try."

She reminded herself that she didn't want to stay a virgin forever, so some time she was going to get her cherry popped, and it might as well be now. She did her best to stay relaxed, and she fantasized that her tiny virgin cunt was a supple elastic tube. It worked. The fit was very tight, but Molly managed to work the banana all the way to Sandy's quivering womb.

"There," Molly said, "it's all the way in."

"Oh, wow," Sandy panted, "it feels huge."

"Okay, now he started moving it, like this," Molly said, determined to give her sister the same experience she'd had.

She began to move the banana slowly but steadily in Sandy's juice-slick cunt, and Sandy was surprised that it didn't hurt. The hurting part was over, and her horny teenage twat had gotten used to that big stiff presence. Now the cock-like motions of the banana were giving her little jolts of pleasure, and she began to cream and gurgle.

"Oh, hey, yeah!" she cried.

"See?" Molly grinned. "It really does get better."

The banana began to make a soft lewd sucking noise as it reamed out Sandy's creaming box. Each time it moved into her, she felt hot excitement, and she creamed another steamy spurt of juice. She closed her eyes, pretending it was Daddy's mammoth cock reaming her twat, and that got her even more aroused. Instinctively she began to jerk her hips in a fucking motion.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, terrific," she panted.

But abruptly the movements stopped, the banana went still. Sandy moaned in frustration and opened her eyes to see why Molly had stopped masturbating her. Molly had a weird look on her face. It reminded Sandy of long ago, when they were girls and the few times Sandy had gotten some cookies to eat and Molly hadn't. Molly had been too proud to say anything, but envy and longing had been written all over her face.

"Molly, what's wrong?" Sandy asked.

"Are there any more bananas?" Molly asked, breaking into a wicked grin.

"Yeah, and there's one even bigger than this one," Sandy laughed.

"Be right back," Molly said, leaping off the bed.

A few minutes later the sisters were lying on their respective twin beds, both working bananas in their juicy eager cunts. Sandy preferred it this way. She could guide the banana any way she wanted it, whatever felt best. She pistoned the firm fruit faster and faster in her famished pussy hole, and she couldn't help moaning with pleasure. Molly was moaning, too. The sisters had always shared their secrets, and they didn't feel at all self-conscious.

"Oooo, shit, that's good," Sandy squealed.

"A cock's even better," Molly panted, "but this isn't half bad."

Sandy loved the steady pumping action, the cramming of her cunt, but she needed some stimulus for her clit, too. That was one thing a cock could give and a banana couldn't. The fruit just wasn't flexible enough. So she continued pumping it in her juicy twat, and with her free hand she rubbed her swollen joy button. That added a whole new dimension to the fun.

"Hey, Molly," she panted, "try this." Molly glanced over to see what her sister was up to. Sandy was still pumping the thick cream-soaked banana in her cunt, but at the same time she was rubbing her clit with a stiff finger. That seemed like a really good idea, and Molly tried it, rubbing her index finger briskly over her ultrasensitive love bud. Hot stabs of pleasure ripped through her pussy.

"Ooooo, yeah, fantastic," she squealed. Now that they'd mastered this new way of playing with themselves, it didn't take the lusty girls long to reach the very brink of orgasm. Sandy was gurgling and moaning, more aroused than she'd ever been in her life. She was thinking that if fucking really felt like this, she just had to try it. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

"Ooooo, shit, ooooo," she whimpered.

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna come," Molly gasped. "Mmmmmm, yeah, here it comes, whaaahhhhhhh!"

Dizzily Sandy looked over at the other bed and saw her kid sister's bucking writhing body. "Ohhhhh, shit, ohhhhh, I'm coming!" she wailed.

She could feel her cunt clamping around the deeply-thrust banana as she came, and she imagined it was Daddy's cock, buried to the hilt in her flaming box. She'd like that so much. But she didn't have Molly's nerve, not yet. She couldn't imagine herself just walking up to their stern father and asking him to fuck her. And that was too bad, because she was just aching to get it on with him.

"Mmmmm," she sighed as she came down from her hot climax, "that was great."

"It sure was," Molly agreed with a satisfied gurgle.

Both girls started and gasped as they heard the front door close with a thunderous slam.

"Oh, my gosh, what was that?" Sandy squeaked.

The sisters crept to the stairs and peered down into the living room where they saw Roy pouring himself a stiff drink and looking mad as hell.

"Terrific," he muttered, "just fucking terrific."

His evening had turned to shit. He'd gone to Chris' apartment, and she was waiting for him in a sexy lace teddy that drove him wild. They were on the couch in an instant, kissing and pawing, and then Chris opened the teddy with one deft movement and made her luscious silky-skinned body available to him. He reached between her legs and felt her pussy, all swollen and wet and hot as fire.

"Fuck me, Roy," she'd whispered huskily, "stick that big cock in me, baby."

That was when her roommate Thelma had walked in the door.

Roy and Chris had leaped apart, while Thelma stammered and explained that she'd changed her mind about going out of town that evening. For Roy it was just too much. He'd been horny all day, dying to be alone with Chris, and now their chance was gone. It was too early to take her back to his place, too -- the girls would still be up. Roy had had it.

"Listen, Chris," he said angrily, "if there's ever a way we can be alone together, let me know. Meanwhile I might as well stay home and watch the fuckin' tube." And with that, he slammed out of her apartment.

Arriving back at his place, he mixed himself a double scotch on the rocks and flopped down before the TV set, fuming. He was too mad even to go say hello to the girls. He decided to let his temper cool before he did that. He took a big gulp of his drink and tried not to think about how much he wanted Chris. Their affair seemed doomed to disappointment, so he'd be better off just forgetting her.

"He and Chris must have had a fight," Sandy whispered as she and Molly watched him from the stairs.

"Yeah, he sure looks pissed off," Molly grinned. "I think I'll go cheer him up."

"What do you mean?" Sandy asked. "Are you gonna try to make it with him again?"

Molly smiled, "wanta come along?"

Sandy blushed furiously. "Oh, no, I couldn't do that," she cried. "I wouldn't have the nerve."

"Okay, Sis, but you'll be missing out on some really good stuff," Molly said. "If you change your mind, just come on down."

Sandy gnashed her teeth in frustration as she watched her kid sister bounce down the stairs. She wished she had Molly's guts, but she just felt too scared to come on to Daddy. Not Molly -- she skipped into the living room with a big smile on her face and plunked herself down on the couch right beside their father. Roy looked at her and slowly reddened, no doubt recalling all the wild things they'd done last night during their incestuous love-making. Molly didn't look embarrassed at all.

"Hi, Daddy," she cooed, "did something go wrong? You look mad."

"Yeah, well, I had a fight with this girl I've been dating," Roy said, "but no big deal. Where's your sister?"

"Asleep," Molly lied. She cuddled up close to Roy and put her hand on his leg. "There's just you and me, Daddy," she purred, "so why don't we have some fun?"

"Oh, terrific," Roy groaned.

This was really all he needed. He was horny out of his mind, seething with sexual frustration, in no condition at all to tell Molly that they could never get it on again. He'd meant to give her a long lecture on the evils of incest, and all he could think about was how tight and hot her cunt would be. His cock rose at the very thought, obscenely tenting his pants. And of course Molly had to notice.

"Ooooo, Daddy, your cock's getting hard," the cried.

"No shit?" Roy groaned. "Listen, baby, I am not going to get it on with you, so just forget it. Go to bed. I'm in a lousy mood, and I need to be alone."

"Oh, please, Daddy," Molly cooed, stroking his mushrooming cock through his clothes. "I'm so horny. Just get me off and I'll go to bed, okay?"

Roy sighed loudly. It probably would be a good idea to satisfy her lust, so she'd leave him alone. He couldn't trust himself around her much longer. The whole damned day had been one long turn-on and temptation, and he was just about to snap. With a growl he unzipped her jeans and tugged them off, along with her panties, trying to control his excitement as he caught a glimpse of her juicy pink slit.

"All right, brat," he growled, "I'll get you off, and then you go straight to bed, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," Molly cried happily.

She assumed he was going to fuck her, and so did Sandy, who seethed with envy. The older sister couldn't resist sneaking down the stairs for a closer look as Roy arranged Molly on her back with her legs bent and wide open. Sandy crept to the archway and just prayed Daddy wouldn't look in her direction. It didn't matter if Molly saw her. Molly knew she was spying.

"Ooooo, hurry, Daddy," Molly was panting, "I'm so horny I can hardly stand it."

Roy crawled between her legs without unzipping his pants. To her astonishment he shoved his face right into her pussy. Then she felt the most exquisite sensation she'd ever known. Something hot and velvety and juicy was circling her clit, giving her rushes of pleasure that made her cream like crazy. She realized that Daddy was licking her joy button.

"Ooooo, Daddy, I love that!" she cried.

Roy shoved his hands under her pert ass and drew her firmly against his face. He rimmed her throbbing clit with the wet tip of his tongue and listened to her moan and whimper. She was obviously in ecstasy as she got her pussy eaten for the very first time. That was exactly what he wanted -- to arouse her fast and get her off quick. Then he could get her out of this room and end the terrible temptation to fuck his own kid.

"Unnnnhhhhh, Daddy, it feels so good," Molly sobbed, "don't stop, do it forever."

Sandy shivered with longing as she listened to the hoarse pleasure in her sister's voice. She watched Daddy's big wet tongue lashing Molly's clit, and she could easily imagine how great that felt. She longed to slide her hand down inside her panties and play with herself, but it was too risky. She couldn't trust herself not to squeal and scream with pleasure, she felt so incredibly turned on.

"Unnnnhhhhh, yeah, I love it, I just love it," Molly was moaning.

The blonde had her legs thrown as far apart as she could get them, offering her whole steamy slit to her father's expert tongue. But Roy concentrated on her clit, the most sensitive place of all, wanting to get her off as fast as possible. When he'd tongued the bud into its own throbbing erection, he jammed his lips down on it and began to suck. The pleasure was so sudden and intense, Molly almost shot off the couch.

"Ohhhhhhh, shit, yesssssss," she hissed, "suck me, Daddy, make me come."

Sandy was almost whimpering with need and envy, and the crotch of her jeans was soaked with her helplessly gushing pussy juice. She would have given anything to be in Molly's place just then, feeling Daddy's hot sucking lips around her lust-engorged clit. She watched Molly's eyes roll and then close tightly as the horny girl went into orbit, a violent explosion of pleasure rocking her body.

"Ooooooo, Daddy, I'm coming!" Molly howled. "Ooooooo, shit, am I coming!"

Roy breathed a sigh of relief and tried to ignore his achingly swollen cock, which was trying to rip its way out of his pants. He rose to his knees and watched his cute daughter coming. That ought to satisfy her for tonight, he thought, and now he'd have a chance to think. Molly finally gave a little gurgle of satisfaction and opened her eyes.

"That was terrific, Daddy," she grinned. "Now can we fuck?"

Chapter SIX

Roy groaned. He was being pushed to the limits of his self-control, and he didn't know how much longer he could resist his daughter's attempts to seduce him. He gathered all his strength and spoke to Molly as harshly as he could.

"Dammit, Molly, once and for all, no," he barked. "I've told you it's wrong and we're never going to do it again, and that's all I have to say on the subject. Now I want your ass in bed -- right this instant."

Hmmm, Molly thought, this is serious.

Since she couldn't talk her way to what she wanted, she'd have to try another method. "Okay, Daddy," she said, faking a yawn, "I'll start getting ready for bed right away."

She pulled off her shirt, leaving herself completely naked. Roy stared hungrily at her girlish tits. While he was staring she grabbed for the zipper of his pants and tugged it open. The next thing he knew, she'd pulled his pants and shorts off and was curling her hot fist around his lust-engorged cock. He moaned in spite of himself, her touch felt so good to him.

That involuntary moan told Molly that she still had a chance to seduce him. She began to pump his cock, firmly and swiftly, and she watched lust glaze his eyes and redden his face. No question about it, Daddy was horny out of his mind. It might still be possible to work him to a fever pitch of lust, to get him so aroused that he couldn't resist fucking her.

"Relax, Daddy," she purred, "and let me jack you off. After all, you got me off."

"All right, honey," Roy sighed.

He just couldn't resist. He needed to come so damned badly, and here was this eager girl just begging to jack him off. A hand job seemed harmless enough, at least compared to what he really wanted to do to her. He slumped back against the couch and watched his cute blonde daughter eagerly pumping his swollen prick in her hot fist.

"Yeah, honey, just keep doing that," he said hoarsely. "I'll get off real fast."

Just twenty feet away, Sandy watched with a knowing grin. No way was Molly going to settle for jacking off their dad and then going to bed. She was aiming for the big prize, and Sandy had figured out her tactics. She drew even closer to watch, hoping Roy wouldn't notice. He was half turned away from her and intent on watching Molly's flying fist. Sandy came right into the archway, as close as she could get without entering the living room.

Molly saw her, and the sisters exchanged grins. But Molly never missed a stroke as she pumped their dad's wrist-thick boner. Roy was moaning steadily now, his eyes rolling crazily. Then his eyes closed, and his cock throbbed violently in Molly's fist. Innocent as she was, she could tell her father was right on the brink of an explosive come.

"Yeah, baby, just a little more like it," he groaned.

Molly and Sandy exchanged another sly look, and then Molly went into high gear, pumping Roy's blue-veined prick with lightning speed. Roy groaned his approval and poised himself for a thunderous flight into pleasure. But just as his balls were about to explode with their hot load, Molly let go of his cock. He opened his eyes and stared at her in disbelief.

"Honey, I was almost there," he moaned. "Don't stop now, please."

"Oh, I'll get you off, Daddy," Molly replied with a mischievous grin, "but not with my hand. You've only got one choice -- fuck me, or go to bed horny."

That did it for Roy's self-control. All day he'd been horny, and all day he'd met nothing but frustration. Now he'd had it. His cock ached, and his balls felt ready to burst with the strain of holding in all that jizz. He didn't care any more what the world thought about incest. Here was a sexy teenage girl begging him to fuck her, and he'd be an absolute fool to turn her down.

"Okay, honey, I'll fuck you," he growled, grabbing for her.

It all happened very fast, much faster than Molly had anticipated. Daddy grabbed her by the waist and easily lifted her up in the air. He set her down straddling his lap, and her moist cunt mouth contacted the big hard head of his cock. She gasped as the fleshy knob split her cunt lips wide apart. It felt like she was taking a cannonball up her twat.

"Oooooooo, unnnnhhhhh," she gasped.

"Take it, baby," Roy leered. "You've been asking for it, and now I'm gonna give it to you, every fuckin' inch."

Molly stopped moaning and gasping. Daddy was right. She'd been begging for his cock, so it wasn't right to panic now. She gritted her teeth and tried not to cry out as he crammed her tiny teenage box full of his throbbing prick. She could feel the rock-hard meat stuffing her breathless, battering her womb. She felt his coarse-haired balls slamming to rest against her delicate slit. He leered at her, his eyes hot with excitement.

"Now you've got all of Daddy's prick, honey," he said hoarsely. "Just how does it feel?"

"H-Huge," Molly stammered.

Still grinning insanely, Roy began to fuck her in short urgent jabs. That was more like it, Molly thought. His stiff shaft rubbed up and down over her ever-horny clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. She gurgled happily and creamed all over his jerking cock, making his way slick and easy. She clung to him, clawing his broad powerful shoulders.

"Oooooooo, yeah, Daddy, fuck me," she cried, "fuck my pussy good."

Sandy shivered with longing. She ached to feel Daddy's enormous hard boner in her own pussy hole. It was embarrassing that she was still a virgin, while her kid sister had managed to lose her cherry. But there wasn't much Sandy could do about it all right now. She just stood there seething with lust and envy and watching her dad's thick blue-veined cock piston in and out between Molly's hugely splayed cunt lips. Molly was clearly enjoying hell out of it.

"Ahhhhhhh, yeah, Daddy," she gurgled, "that feels so fuckin' good."

Sandy noticed that Molly was swearing like crazy and Daddy wasn't even scolding her. That added to the older girl's envy. She got the good grades, she had the good manners, but it its Molly who had all the fun. Sandy moaned softly, rubbing her thighs together in a vain attempt to ease the burning need in her slit. She needed to come so badly, yet she didn't dare play with herself.

On the other hand, why not? It just wasn't fair that Molly got all the fun while Sandy stood there in an agony of frustration. And Daddy wouldn't notice. He wasn't facing her way, and he was totally absorbed in fucking Molly. Sandy couldn't ignore her needs any longer. Quickly she unzipped her jeans and slipped a hand inside her panties, touching the scorching wet flesh of her gash.

"Ahhhhh, yesssss," she moaned.

Her soft cry was drowned out by Roy's harsh panting and Molly's steady squeals and gurgles of pleasure. She sought out the fat hot lump of her clit and began to rub it with a stiff index finger. The pleasure was instant and delicious. Her finger soon dripped with her helplessly gushing cream. But all the time she was doing this, she never took her eyes off the action on the couch.

"Unnnhhhhh, Daddy, I love it, I just love it," Molly was whimpering.

"I love it, too, baby." Roy growled, "I love your hot cunt."

He was fucking her faster and faster as his excitement mounted, but she took it eagerly, her scorching box expanding like elastic to take his thick eight-incher. Her cuntal tube was hot and velvety and gripping, a marvelous place to sheath his nearly bursting boner. He could feel the tunnel getting progressively tighter around his prick as she hurtled toward orgasm.

"Think you're gonna come pretty quick, baby?" he asked hoarsely, hoping to take her with him before his cock exploded.

"Unnnhhh, yeah. I'm almost there," Molly moaned. "Fuck me real hard, Daddy, as hard as you can."

"Okay, sugar," Roy leered.

He wasn't at all sorry now that he'd given in to her. Not many men had experiences like this, a tight-cunted beautiful teenager begging for their fucking. And it was even more rare to be begged by one's own sexy daughter. Roy was delirious with excitement as he hammered his iron-hard cock in Molly's soaking tight twat. He gave it to her hard, just as she'd asked, and she responded with moans and giggles of ecstasy.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, ahhhhhh," she cried, "I love you to fuck me, Daddy."

Watching all this, Sandy worked her stiff index finger faster and faster over her lust swollen joy button, bringing herself toward climax much faster than she'd anticipated. She'd figured to get herself almost there, then duck back into the dark hallway to come. But she forgot about her escape as she feverishly masturbated and watched her dad fucking her kid sister.

Now Molly's head was lolling back and her eyes were screwed shut in total bliss. Sandy could hear the obscene wet sucking noise their dad's cock was making as it reamed the hot cream from Molly's clinging cunt. Molly stiffened for a second and gasped, and then her petite body began to convulse.

"Ohhhhhh, Daddy, I'm coming, ohhhhh!" she sobbed.

Her spasming cunt went vise-tight around his cock, and Roy couldn't hold out another second. "Take my come, honey," he gasped, "aaaggghhhh, shit, awwwwwww!"

"Oooooo, yeah, Daddy, cream me!" Molly wailed.

She loved that sizzling flood of juice that filled and overflowed her gripping twat. Roy hammered his cock into her, filling her with load after load of the thick cream. Then as she began to come down from her orgasm, she opened her eyes and saw her older sister staggering into the room. For a second Molly couldn't believe it. Sandy was heading right for the couch.

Sandy could hardly believe it, either, but she didn't seem to be able to control herself. As Roy and Molly started coming, she'd gotten to excited that she brought herself off with her jerking finger. She had neglected to leave the room first, and now she was out of control, coming like crazy and staggering into the light.

"Unnnhhhhh, shit, ooooooo!" she cried.

"What in hell?" Roy gasped, turning to stare at her.

There was his demure bookworm older daughter, her hand down her panties, rubbing herself like crazy as she stumbled into the living room. Roy stared at her in disbelief while Molly tried to stifle a giggle. It looked like Sandy was going to join the party whether she'd planned it that way or not. She sank to the rug right beside them, still feverishly rubbing her clit and moaning. Then as her climax subsided, she sat up and turned red as a beet.

"Oh-oh," she said in a tiny voice. "Sandy, what in hell are you doing?" Roy demanded.

Poor Sandy was too humiliated to answer, but Molly chuckled and said, "She was spying on us, Daddy. She got so turned on, she played with herself. Isn't that right, Sis?"

"Oh, shut up, Molly," Sandy glared. Roy felt a little like laughing himself. It was all pretty crazy. Here he'd been caught with his cock up his daughter's cunt, but the intruder had been his older daughter, feverishly masturbating herself and getting caught in turn. Sandy sat on the rug, blushing harder than she ever had in her life, while Roy tried to decide what to say. Molly wasn't at a loss for words, though.

"Sandy can join us, can't she, Daddy?" she chirped. "It isn't fair to leave her out of the fun, after all."

"Why, I guess you're right, sugar," Roy smiled.

"Great," Molly cried. "Take off your clothes, Sandy."

Sandy turned even redder. "I-I don't want to join you," she lied.

"Oh?" Molly giggled. "Then why were you playing with yourself?"

She whispered something to Roy that Sandy didn't hear. Quickly Molly explained to their father that Sandy was too shy and embarrassed to admit how horny she was. They'd have to pretend to force her into the fun. Roy nodded his agreement, and they both flew off the couch and pounced on Sandy, who gave a squeal of surprise.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" she cried.

"Undressing you, Sis," Molly leered.

"Don't you dare," Sandy gasped.

They paid no attention. Roy got her shin off, while Molly tugged down her jeans and panties. That was all she was wearing. She blushed non-stop as the two of them ogled her curvy body. Daddy's lust-hot eyes traveled over her golden bush and up to her tits and stiff red nipples. She could tell he was really turned on by her body. She felt a hot rush of lust, but she was too shy to admit it. Then Molly was crawling around behind her and pinning her shoulders.

"You know what, Daddy?" Molly chirped. "I think Sandy would just love to have her pussy eaten."

"You think so, honey?" Roy leered. "It sure looks good enough to eat. I think I'll try it."

"No," Sandy cried as he thrust his head between her thighs, "you guys -- ohhhhhh."

Daddy's big hot tongue was lashing her lust engorged slit, and it felt delicious. It was the most wonderful thing she'd ever felt in her life. His tongue was slippery and wet and mobile, and it tickled and probed all over her flaming crotch. She stopped struggling and went limp and submissive, hold her legs wide open for him.

"Unnnhhhhh, ohhhhhhh," she gurgled.

"I figured you'd love it." Molly chuckled.

Sandy didn't reply. She wasn't even capable of speaking at this point. The pleasure Daddy was giving her with his big hot tongue was a thousand times better than anything she'd ever done to herself with her fingers. He lathered her whole swollen pussy with his hot spit, and then he zeroed in on the most sensitive spot of all, her throbbing joy button. He began to lash it with the stiff tip of his tongue, and Sandy just couldn't hide her pleasure any longer.

"Ooooooo, Daddy, that feels so good," she sobbed.

"Well, you just lie back and enjoy, honey," Roy said tenderly. "NO need to be shy with us. We all love each other, and we're all gonna have fun together, okay?"

"Okay," Sandy smiled.

And she wasn't shy after that, not a bit. The incredible pleasure of Roy's expert pussy-eating made all her shyness vanish. He lashed his slippery hot tongue up and down over her ultra sensitive clit, giving her blast after blast of pleasure, and she moaned in ecstasy and creamed all over his face. The molten juice overflowed her cunt and gushed down her ass crack to puddle on the rug. She couldn't control herself, and she didn't want to.

"Ooooooo, fuck, it's good," she sobbed.

She realized dizzily that she'd just said the naughtiest word of all and Daddy hadn't even noticed. Things sure had changed around their house since he'd started getting it on with Molly, and it was a change for the better. At last he was acting like a normal human being and treating his daughters that way, too. For too many years he'd tried to pretend that he had no sexual feelings and that Molly and Sandy would never develop such feelings. That was such a load of crap.

But there'd be no more hypocrisy, no more lies. Roy noisily and hungrily bobbed his head between his daughter's legs, tongue-lashing her clit and gobbling her cream. He could never go back to the old ways, and of course neither could Sandy and Molly. Sandy greedily arched her body upward, pushing her horny joy button against her dad's whipping tongue, aching to get off.

"Make me come, Daddy," she begged, "I'll go crazy if I don't come."

"Sure, sugar," Roy leered, "I'll get you off."

He jammed his mouth down on her clit and started to suck. "Oooooooo, shit, oooooo," Sandy squealed.

Watching all this, Molly felt her lust returning in full force. Daddy's head was bobbing furiously up and down, and she could watch him sucking like crazy on her sister's clit. Sandy's pretty face was all contorted with lust, her eyes screwed tightly shut. She was hurtling toward a body-wracking climax -- and Molly just wished she could join her.

"Unnnhhh, Daddy, I'm almost there," Sandy moaned.

Molly felt a sizzling rush of juice from her cunt that flooded down her inner thighs. Without hesitation or shyness she began to nib her clit with a stiff finger. Why the hell not? The three of them had nothing more to hide from each other, not after tonight. If she masturbated in front of her family, it was just another way of having fun together. She rubbed her slippery joy button fast and hard as she watched Daddy sucking Sandy off.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, shit, I love it," Sandy moaned.

Molly got a kick out of watching her shy bookworm sister go ape like that. Sandy sure as hell wasn't acting shy now. She had her legs bent and wide open, and she was yelling in ecstasy as Daddy sucked at her clit. He was making an obscene slurping and snorting noise, but that just seemed to add to Sandy's wild arousal. The pigtailed teenager arched her body, shoving her throbbing clit farther between her father's sucking lips.

"Unnnhhhhh, Daddy, I love it so much," she sobbed, "I wish it could go on forever."

Molly knew the feeling. She could have taken hours of Daddy's expert pussy-eating without getting tired. She knew the ecstasy Sandy was feeling -- and she wanted some for herself. She waited impatiently for her sister to get off, rubbing her clit as she watched. Playing with herself was fun, but it couldn't compare with taking Daddy's big wet tongue. Now, to her relief, Sandy screamed and climaxed.

"Ahhhhhhh, shit, OOOOOOO, I'm coming!" she wailed.

Roy couldn't keep his lips around her clit, she was bucking and writhing so hard, so he rose to his knees and watched her come. He also glanced at his other daughter and found Molly frankly beating off. She grinned at him and went right on rubbing her stiff finger over her clit. At last Sandy gave a big sigh and went limp.

"Oh, wow," she sighed, "that was just fantastic."

"I'll bet it was," Molly said, "and now I want Dad to do it to me. How about it, Daddy?"

Chapter SEVEN

It was the kind of invitation Roy just couldn't refuse, not as long as he was male and human. "Sure, honey," he grinned, "you want it the same way I did it to Sandy?"

Molly leered at him as she got into position, on her back with her legs bent and spread. "Not exactly," she purred. "I want your tongue up my cunt."

"She sure makes herself clear, doesn't she?" Sandy laughed.

"Yeah, not bad for somebody who only got a 'C' in English," Roy chuckled.

"Will you two just forget about my grades?" Molly said impatiently. "Come on, Daddy, I need you. I'm about horny enough to scream."

"Okay, I can take a hint," Roy grinned.

He flopped belly-down for another meal of tangy teenage pussy cream, drooling as he thrust his face between Molly's eagerly parted thighs. Her pink slit was juicy and swollen, and she shivered with excitement as he snaked out his tongue and began rimming the tight mouth of her cunt. Sandy, all her shyness gone, crawled up as close as possible to watch. Roy felt very close to his daughters, closer than ever before. They really were one happy family.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Daddy. Stick that big thing into me," Molly gurgled.

Sandy shivered with, excitement as she watched Daddy ease his thick wet tongue up her sister's cunt. That was something she just had to try tonight, it looked so arousing. Molly gurgled and squealed with pleasure as Roy crammed her greedy box with his slippery throbbing tongue. He pushed it right to the root in her gripping twat, then held it that way for a second, letting her groove on it.

"Ohhhhh, Sandy, this is so fantastic," Molly told her sister, "you just gotta try it."

"I sure will, first chance I get," Sandy agreed.

Then Roy began to jerk his tongue in stiff cock-like motions, jerking it in and out of his daughter's cream-filled box. Molly responded with shrieks of ecstasy and more hot spurts of delicious cream. Roy tongue-fucked her and gobbled her juice, knowing he could never get enough of the tangy stuff. He found himself drooling all over her hot pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Daddy, do it to me real hard," Molly panted, "really give it to me."

Roy couldn't respond with words, not with his tongue up her cunt, but he replied by bobbing his head with lightning speed, pistoning his stiff tongue furiously in her gripping, smoking fuck hole. Molly's face contorted with ecstasy, and she closed her eyes tight, blotting out everything but the fantastic pleasure she was getting from his spearing tongue. Sandy panted as she watched, and almost without realizing it she slid a stiff finger over her clit and began to masturbate.

"Ooooooo, shit, OOOOOOO, I love it," Molly squealed.

"Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmm," Sandy moaned as she rubbed her clit.

Roy glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and saw her playing with herself without a blush. She had lost her shyness, and she was glad. It had always kept her from doing what she wanted, but not any more. She knelt there frigging herself like crazy while she watched him tongue -- fucking Molly, and not one of them was the least bit uptight.

"Unnnhhhh, Daddy, I'm gonna come," Molly cried hoarsely.

Roy's head bobbed even faster, and Sandy could hear the obscene sucking noise his tongue was making as it reamed the thick hot cream from Molly's gripping box. She rubbed her clit faster and harder, approaching climax, but even as she began to come she knew it wasn't going to be enough to satisfy her. She realized now that she wouldn't rest till she'd lost her virginity.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, ohhhhhhh!" she wailed as she brought herself off with her flying finger.

A second later Molly was coming, too.

"Oooooo, Daddy, you did it!" she howled. "Ohhhhhh, shit, am I coming!"

She twisted away from him, convulsing helplessly, and Roy rose to his knees and watched both his daughters coming. They were rolling around on the rug, writhing and howling and he couldn't help being hotly aroused by the sight. All these years he'd tried to shield them from sex. It had been a wasted effort. These were two normal, healthy young ladies, and no way was he going to keep them from satisfying their natural urges.

As Sandy came down from her body-wracking climax, she opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Daddy's enormous stiff cock. It was lying flat against his belly and drooling thick streams of juice. It looked so big, she couldn't imagine how she'd ever take it into her untried cunt, yet she longed to try. After all, Molly had done it, and she didn't want to be shown up by her kid sister. She wanted to experience all the pleasure and excitement that Molly had had with Daddy's huge hard cock.

Still she remembered Molly's report on her first fuck, how she'd felt like that enormous slab of cock-meat was going to split her in half. It had hurt, Molly said, and she was really scared. Sandy looked and looked at Roy's wrist-thick boner and wondered if she really had the nerve to take something that size into her body. She was aching to try it, yet she was frightened, too.

"Don't be chicken, Sandy," Molly taunted. That did it. Sandy couldn't stand to be teased by her younger sister. She didn't care if it hurt like hell -- she was going to get fucked. Then Molly wouldn't be the only experienced woman in the house, Sandy crawled over to their father and timidly petted his prick. Roy shivered with excitement. He sensed there was some kind of rivalry going on between his daughters, but he didn't know what it was about.

"Bet you don't have the nerve," Molly grinned.

"Bet I do," Sandy snapped.

"Well, then go ahead and do it, smarty," Molly replied.

"What are you two going on about?" Roy laughed.

"You'll find out pretty quick," Molly giggled. "At least I think you will."

"Will you please let me do this my own way Molly?" Sandy said. "I didn't sit there and tell you how to do it."

"Right," Molly said apologetically, "I'll butt out."

Roy shook his head, completely puzzled. He didn't have any idea what the girls were talking about. But Sandy was running her fingers up and down his swollen cock, and that felt great. She was getting bolder about it by the second, running her fingers over his juicing piss hole and smearing the hot cream all over the fat purple head of his prick. She seemed fascinated with his cock.

"Oh, wow, it's so big," she sighed.

"It's gonna feel even bigger," Molly snickered.

Sandy could believe that. She'd had her finger inside her virgin cunt, and she knew how tiny and snug it was. No way in the world could it accommodate something the size of Daddy's cock. And yet somehow Molly had done it. Sandy just couldn't let herself be outdone by her kid sister. She started gathering her nerve, and meanwhile she turned herself on by playing with her father's huge rock-hard prick. She loved petting that smooth hot flesh.

"Honey," Roy growled, "I gotta warn you, you're really getting me hot."

"I-I know, Daddy," Sandy squeaked.

Roy wasn't sure the shy teenager really knew what she was doing. He was aching to bust her cherry -- it was as simple as that. But did Sandy realize it? He was going to have to get some relief pretty soon or go out of his mind with frustration. As Sandy's fingers tickled and massaged his nearly-exploding cock, he shivered lustily and thought about how exquisitely tight her cunt must be.

He told himself to cool it. If Sandy wanted to remain a virgin, she had every right to hold out on him. He could always fuck Molly. He didn't think his younger daughter could ever get enough sex. He glanced over at her now and saw that she was playing with herself again, rubbing a stiff finger over her swollen clit. He caught her eye, and she grinned at him shamelessly. She was so different from her bashful sister.

Yet right now it was Sandy he lusted for. He glanced down at her stiff-nippled tits. He took in her tiny waist, curvy slim hips, and the golden hair of her bush. She was like some jack-off fantasy come true, a luscious girl who was just learning about sex. Now she was dipping her head down and sticking out her tongue to get her very first taste of cock cream.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured.

Sandy discovered she loved the taste of her dad's hot salty cream. She'd been wanting to try it ever since she spied on him and Chris and watched the young nurse give him head. Now it was proving to be every bit as exciting as she'd dreamed. Eagerly she lashed her tongue all over the massive purple head of Roy's dick, gobbling up every bit of the thick juice that had oozed from his piss hole.

"Ummmmm, mmmmmmm," she moaned.

"Honey, I can't take much more of that," Roy said hoarsely. "I'm about to shoot my load."

Sandy wasn't even sure what that meant, she was so innocent, and she really didn't pay much attention to it. She was absorbed in exploring her father's cock. She'd petted it and licked it, and now she wanted to suck it. Fisting the thick hairy base, she opened her mouth wide as she could and brought it down around the throbbing column of meat. Roy gave a sustained hoarse moan as she worked his swollen prick into the steam heat, of her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh, baby, awwwwww," he cried.

Sandy remembered how Molly had almost choked on Daddy's cock the first time she'd put it in her mouth, and she was careful not to make the same mistake. She eased in about half his thick eight-incher, which was all she could take without getting it into her throat. She drew in her cheeks and began to suck, and Roy gave a violent horny shudder and fed her hot globs of salty cream.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, honey, suck my cock," he groaned.

He slumped back against the couch, and Sandy got into a better position, kneeling between his legs. That way she could really bring her bobbing head into play, zipping her slick lips up and down the massive blue-veined shaft of his stiff boner. Molly crawled close to watch, still rubbing her clit and giving herself hot stabs of pleasure. She found herself envying Sandy, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

She drooled at the very thought of sucking up Daddy's salty cock cream, but she'd just have to wait her turn. This might take awhile. She assumed Sandy was going to use her mouth on him to get him aroused out of his gourd -- then demand that he fuck her. It was a good ploy. It sure had worked for Molly. She rubbed her clit feverishly as she watched her older sister work.

Actually Sandy didn't have any plan in mind. She'd even forgotten that she wanted to get laid. She was aware only of her father's tasty prick throbbing on her tongue and of how much she loved sucking it. She could have gone on and an, but she sensed that Roy wasn't going to hold out much longer. He was moaning steadily now, his big hard-muscled body quivering with pleasure.

"Shit, honey, that's good," he rasped.

It was exciting him out of his mind to have his shy and bookish elder daughter hungrily sucking his cock. Down deep, he saw, Sandy was just as hot-blooded as her sister. She sure as hell had a natural instinct for cock-sucking. It was her very first time, yet she wasn't clumsy or hesitant at all. She had a good steady rhythm going, her head bobbing briskly up and down as she suctioned the hot cream of his piss hole. Roy loved it, but he wasn't about to come.

"Honey," he gasped, "you better quit. I'm gonna come."

Sandy didn't even hear him. She was totally absorbed in the hot excitement of sucking a cock for the very first time. She forgot everything around her as she sucked faster and faster, drinking up his delicious cream as fast as it came from his piss hole. Roy grasped her head and tried to pull it away, but she impatiently removed his hands and went on sucking greedily.

"Sandy, that's enough," Roy panted. "I told you, I'm gonna shoot my load."

"She's not gonna let go, Daddy," Molly grinned, "so you might as well just go ahead and shoot."

Roy didn't have much choice. His balls were about to burst. Sandy gave an especially long delicious suck, and that was it. "Ahhhhhhh, honey, eat my come!" he roared.

Sandy wasn't expecting him to come in her mouth. She'd never made a guy come before, so she didn't even know what it was like. Suddenly her mouth was filled with her dad's boiling cream, filled so full that her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's. The sizzling juice squirted from the corners of her lips. She had to gulp down the enormous load or drown. Then Roy was groaning and filling her mouth again.

"Awwwwww, fuckin' Christ, awwww, yeah!" he yelped.

"Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmm!" Sandy moaned.

She was getting the hang of it now, savoring his tasty jizz till she absolutely had to swallow it, then getting another hot mouthful. Molly watched her in hot envy. This was something she hadn't experienced yet. She'd sucked Daddy's cock, but he'd never come in her mouth. She vowed that she'd have that experience before the night was over.

But she might have to wait awhile because that hog Sandy wasn't letting go of his cock. Even though he'd finished coming and she'd eaten all his jism, she just kept right on sucking, as if she could never get enough. Roy was lying back flushed and panting, but she could tell from the gleam in his eye that his lust was returning already, thanks to Sandy's hotly sucking lips.

"Yeah, sugar, go for it," Roy growled.

His cock was mushrooming on her tongue, and Sandy knew the big moment was near. This time she wouldn't delay and she wouldn't chicken out. She was going to get Daddy to take her virginity. She sucked till his cock was stiff as steel, then drew back and let the spitsoaked column of meat snap from her wet lips. It stood up rigid and gleaming, ready for action.

Sandy looked up at her father, nervous but eager. "Daddy, please fuck me," she said huskily, "I just have to know what it's like."

Roy hesitated for a second. Sandy was a completely different person from Molly, a lot more sensitive and vulnerable. She might not be so blase about losing her cherry. Yet here she was begging him to do it to her. She wasn't being forced. And her virgin cunt just had to be exquisitely tight. He couldn't resist. The idea of taking two teenage cherries in two days was just too delicious.

"Sure, baby," he growled, "come here."

He lifted her up to straddle his lap, and she knelt with her moist virgin cunt mouth right over the massive purple head of his stiff-standing cock. Sandy trembled but didn't try to get away. She couldn't bear to be humiliated in front of her sister, and no matter how bad it hurt she wasn't going to make a peep. She held herself rigidly, waiting for the first ripping thrust of Daddy's frighteningly huge prick.

"Sandy," Molly said gently, moving close to watch, "you gotta rein. Go limp or it'll hurt. Just pretend like you're made of elastic, okay?"

"Ok." Sandy smiled, grateful for her sister's concern.

She relaxed as much as she could, and Daddy's cock touched her slippery cuntal opening and began to move inside her. Maybe it was the practice she'd just had with that banana, but it didn't seem so bad. In fact she was soon panting and creaming with excitement as his huge hard boner slowly crammed her twat. Roy looked at her with a mixture of lust and concern.

"You okay, honey?" he asked.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Daddy," Sandy gurgled, "I'm fine."

She loved feeling stuffed with his throbbing meat. He touched bottom, they caught their breath, and then he began to fuck her, pistoning his stiff prick in and out of her juicy box. The fit was very tight, but that didn't worry Sandy. She knew her tiny cunt could expand to take even Daddy's huge boner. She clung to him and gurgled with excitement, soaking his pistoning meat with her hot cream.

"How does it feel, Sis?" Molly asked eagerly. "Do you like it?"

"Mmmmmmm, I love it," Sandy moaned, "it's the most fun thing in the whole world."

"It sure is," Molly grinned.

She was glad for her sister, glad that Sandy was enjoying her first fuck and not having any pain, but she was also feeling frantically horny. She wished Daddy had two cocks so he could fuck both his daughters at the same time. She kept rubbing her clit, but that seemed like kid stuff now that she'd been fucked and sucked. She wanted some action from Roy, but she'd just have to wait her turn. It seemed like Sandy would never finish with him.

"Unnnhhhh, Daddy, I bye it, I just love it," Sandy was moaning.

She was riding Roy's pile-driving cock like it was a bucking bronco, her cute tits bouncing like crazy. Roy's thick cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the hot cream from her tight twat.

Sandy's head rolled back and her eyes closed as she floated to the very brink of orgasm. Greedily she clung to that exciting sensation, feeling almost unbearable pleasure.

"Ooooooo, shit, oooooo," she squealed.

Roy watched her lust-contorted face and felt her tiny near-virgin cunt tightening steadily around his meat. It all excited him insanely, and he knew he couldn't hold out another second longer. He groaned and began to sizzle his steaming load into her womb. A moment later Sandy gasped and began to convulse, her cunt nipping at his exploding cock.

"Ahhhhh, honey, take my load!" Roy bellowed.

"Unnnhhhh, Daddy, I'm coming, whaaahhhhh!" Sandy howled.

Molly watched them with hot horny eyes. As she stood beside the couch waiting her turn with Daddy, hot cream gushed uncontrollably from her cunt and ran down her legs. She just hoped Daddy had plenty of energy this evening, because she was just getting started -- and she had a hunch that Sandy would be up for a lot more love-making, too. If ever a man needed to be in top physical shape, it was Roy on this special night with his daughters.

Chapter EIGHT

"My turn now, Daddy," Molly was squealing even before Roy lifted Sandy off his temporarily-exhausted cock. He glanced at Molly and groaned. The kid was hopping up and down with eagerness, thick cream gushing down her legs -- but she felt all fucked out.

"Just a minute, sugar," he sighed, "the old man's got to rest. How about getting me a beer?"

"Sure, Daddy," Molly said, racing for the kitchen, her cute tits bouncing.

"I'll rub you down, Daddy," Sandy offered.

"Thanks, baby," Roy sighed, "that'd be great."

Sandy got some soothing lotion from the bathroom and started working it into his arms and shoulders and chest. Molly arrived with a cold can of beer, and Roy slipped it gratefully. He felt Sandy's massaging hands moving lower down his body, but he didn't pay much attention, not until she started massaging his cock.

"Sandy, you nut, what are you doing?" he laughed.

"That should be obvious, Daddy," she giggled.

"Well, honey, I'm afraid it's a lost cause," Roy sighed. "A man can only take so much. I mean, you are full of energy, but I'm over the hill."

He stopped, interrupted by squeals of laughter from Sandy and Molly. He looked down and saw that his prick was stiff as a board. Apparently all the time he'd been babbling about his age, his cock had been stiffening under Sandy's massaging fingers.

She kept up the massage, and his lust surged back in full force. He gave the girls a sheepish grin and chugged the rest of his beer.

"It's my turn now," Molly reminded her sister.

"Yeah," Sandy sighed, reluctantly letting go of Roy's cock, "but I wish it was mine. I feel horny all over again."

Roy heard the longing in her voice, and he wished there was some way he could satisfy both his lusty daughters at the same time. And just maybe there was! A wicked idea came to him. It was kinky, outrageous -- and he could hardly wait to try it. His cock gave a horny lurch and jerked its way put of Sandy's grasp.

"Molly, honey," he leered, "just what did you have in mind for your turn?"

"I wanta suck your cock and have you come in my mouth, just like you did with Sandy," Molly said eagerly.

"Sounds great," Roy grinned, "but let's let. Sandy join in, too, okay? We'll all have some fun together."

"How are we gonna do that, Daddy?" Molly said, looking puzzled. "I mean you've only got one cock."

"True, true," Roy chuckled, "but just trust me. Go ahead and do your thing, Molly, and I'll work Sandy into the action without getting in your way."

"Okay, Daddy," Molly said.

She hoped he knew what he was doing, because no way was she going to surrender his cock till she'd gotten a whole steaming mouthful of his come. Roy got down on the soft rug, where they'd have plenty of room, and Molly crawled between his legs and fisted his rock-hard cock. It was already starting to leak big hot globs of juice, and she went for the stuff hungrily, spearing it up with the slick tip of her tongue.

"Yeah, baby, that feels great," Roy sighed. Her juicy tongue really did feel terrific on the sensitive head of his cock, but that didn't make him forget the additional fun he had in mind. He lay there for a few moments, savoring the delicious sensations as Molly tongued up his oozing juices and lathered his swollen cock head with her hot spit. Then he glanced over at Sandy, who was crouching close to them and watching every detail of her sister's performance.

"Come here, Sandy," he leered, "and sit on Daddy's face."

Both girls snorted with laughter. "Daddy, you weirdo," Molly cried.

"That's pretty crazy, Daddy," Sandy giggled.

"Yeah, but it'll work," Roy replied, "and this way we can all have fun together."

"Hmmmmm, maybe he's got something there," Sandy said, crawling closer.

Roy had her straddle the upper part of his chest and then lean forward over him, her steamy pink slit poised right over his mouth. He folded back the delicate golden fur of her bush and eyed the erect bud of her clit. His big wet tongue shot out and Sandy shuddered and moaned as the hot meat contacted her horny joy button. She fed Roy a quick spurt of tangy cream, and he gobbled it up.

"Oooooo, Daddy, yeah, lick meeee," she cried.

"Mmmm, Daddy, I love the taste of your cock," his other daughter sighed.

Bussed out, Roy gobbled Sandy's tasty hot pussy while Molly tongue-lashed his swollen cock and lapped up his cream. Father and daughters were so engrossed in their orgy none of them heard a car pulling up in the driveway. Chris Denton got out and hurried up the front walk, but as she stepped onto the porch she froze. Through the front window she'd glimpsed something she just couldn't believe.

Chris had come to patch things up with Roy. He'd left in anger after her roommate interrupted their love-making, and she didn't blame him. She felt pretty angry and frustrated herself. But she'd realized, after he stormed out, that she loved Roy and couldn't stand breaking up with him. Even if she had to pay for an apartment of her very own, she was going to hang on to this man.

That was what she'd come to tell him, but it looked like he was busy. Chris' dark eyes widened as she stared in the window. Roy was naked on the rug, with two naked girls, all of them doing things to each other that Chris could hardly believe. And the girls were just the ages of Roy's two teenage daughters, whom Chris hadn't met yet. Could Roy possibly be getting it on with his own kids?

Chris shook her head. It just couldn't be. But if they weren't his daughters, who in hell were they and where were Molly and Sandy? She had to find out what was happening in there, and she quietly left the porch and walked around to the back door. It was unlocked. Chris slipped inside, removed her shoes, and padded silently into the dark hallway. From there she had a spectacular view of the action.

Roy was on his back, tonguing one girl's pussy while the other girl licked his cock. The girls both had Roy's features and they were calling him "Daddy". There just couldn't be any more doubt in Chris' mind. Roy Falk was getting it on with his own teenage kids. She just wondered how long this kind of thing had been happening. It couldn't have been very long, because he'd been fucking Chris practically every night for two weeks.

Chris felt a little shocked as she watched, yet also increasingly aroused. She'd never watched other people making love before, and she found it fascinating. This scene in particular was a gripper, a powerfully-built hairy-chested father making out with his own teenage daughters. Chris felt her pussy swelling and heating, and then sticky juice was seeping from her cunt. She wished she could get in on the fun.

"Oooooo, Daddy, that feels so good," Sandy squealed as Roy stiffly tongued her swollen clit.

"Mmmmmmm, uuummmmm," Molly sighed as she tongued up her dad's salty cockcream.

Chris felt rubbery-legged with lust, and she leaned against the wall. She watched Roy's wet red tongue lashing up and down over Sandy's erect joy button. The girl shivered and squealed with each flick of his tongue, and she was feeding him a steady stream of tangy juice which he gobbled up greedily. Chris creamed heavily, wishing she was in Sandy's place.

On the other hand, she wouldn't have minded being in Molly's place, either. The blond was obviously having a marvelous time gobbling up her dad's salty cock cream as fast as it oozed from his piss hole. Her pink tongue swirled around and around his fat cock head, leaving it glistening with her spit. Now and then she playfully nibbled the hard purple flesh or reamed his piss hole with the tip of her tongue.

"Ahhhhh, baby, that's great," Roy moaned. "Lick Daddy's cock real good, honey."

Chris creamed right through her panties and slacks. Her roommate Thelma had burst in at the worst possible moment, just when Chris and Roy were about to tear each other's clothes off and fuck each other silly. Chris was still plenty horny after that untimely interruption. Now her lust was doubled as she watched Roy and his daughters in their kinky, incestuous three-way orgy. She'd never seen anything like this in her life.

"Daddy," Sandy whimpered, "stick your tongue in me, fuck me with it."

"Sure, baby," Roy growled. "Molly, honey, how about sucking me off while I do this to Sandy?"

"What's in it for me?" Molly giggled.

"I'll get you off next," Roy promised.

"Good enough," Molly grinned.

She opened her lips as wide as she could and brought them down around Roy's stiff-standing boner. The big man groaned and shivered as she sheathed his swollen dick in the juicy hot flesh of her mouth. Pulling in her cheeks, she began to suck him, and Roy's eyes rolled crazily.

"That's it, sugar," he groaned, "suck Daddy's cock real good and hard."

Molly didn't need much coaxing. She was already sucking away greedily and noisily. Her throat muscles worked busily as she suctioned out Roy's salty cream and swallowed it. Roy groaned with approval. Then he made his thick tongue rigid, aimed it right at the center of Sandy's pussy, and thrust it upward. His aim was perfect, and the slippery meat sank to the root in her juicy cunt.

"Oooooo, Daddy, yessss," Sandy cried.

Chris barely stifled a moan of longing. She knew how great it felt to have Roy's wet tongue plunging deep in her cunt, reaming her out and she longed to feel it right now. She watched lustily as he began to piston his tongue in and out of Sandy's hot box, fucking her with it in quick rough strokes. The blond teenager went wild.

"Oh, shit, fuck, I love it," she gasped.

Her head lolled back, and she closed her eyes in utter bliss as her dad crammed her cunt again and again with his thick hot tongue. Sandy couldn't imagine anything in the world that would feel better than that. She whimpered and gurgled as that pistoning tongue drove her quickly to the brink of orgasm, the pleasure building in her pussy till she could hardly stand it.

Meanwhile Roy was getting some hot pleasure of his own. While he greedily reamed Sandy's cunt and gobbled her tangy juice, Molly was sucking ravenously on his swollen cock and giving him blast after blast of sensation. Her mouth was velvety and scorching around his meat, and her sucking was strong and hungry. Roy knew he wasn't going to hold out long against that kind of stimulation.

While Molly wasn't getting any direct stimulation for herself, sucking her dad's cock was driving her wild with excitement. Daddy's prick somehow seemed even more thick and swollen tonight, and it was leaking a steady stream of delicious cream. She just couldn't get enough of that hot liquid, and she suctioned it out of his piss hole as fast as she could, rolling it around in her mouth and savoring it before swallowing.

"Mmmmmm, uuummmmmm," she moaned.

"Yeah, honey," Roy cried hoarsely, "that feels terrific. I'm gonna give you a whole mouthful in just a second."

But first he wanted to bring off Sandy. He crammed his big stiff tongue back into his older daughter's smoking pussyhole and began fucking her with it as hard as he could. He felt her cunt respond, gripping his tongue and growing hot as fire. He kept up the stiff tongue-fucking, and Sandy sobbed in ecstasy and soaked his face with helpless floods of searing cream.

"Unnnhhhh, Daddy, just a little more," she whimpered, "I'm almost there."

Chris stood in the shadows rubbing her thighs together in a vain attempt to ease the hot need in her slit. She could practically feel the sexual tension in that room, knowing that Roy was aching to shoot his load yet wouldn't let go till he'd satisfied Sandy. He jerked his tongue with lightning speed in her juicy twat. Suddenly the girl stiffened and groaned, and then her petite body shuddered violently.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, yeah, I'm coming!" she howled.

She was coming so hard, convulsing so wildly, that she rolled right off the impalement of Roy's tongue and went tumbling around on the carpet. She was all taken care of, but Roy had another second or so to go. Molly's head bobbed furiously over his engorged prick, and his face was red with lust. He screwed his eyes shut and felt his balls spasm and release their sizzling load.

"Eat it, baby," he groaned, "eat my come! Ahhhhhhhh, shit, aaaggghhhh!"

Molly's cheeks puffed out hugely as Roy fucked hard at her mouth and filled it with steaming jizz. The greedy girl let his delicious load collect till it was spurting out the corners of her lips and she just couldn't hold any more. Then she gulped it down with a hungry moan. Roy was still fucking at her mouth, filling it again, and she gurgled with hunger.

"Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmm!" she moaned.

"Yeah, honey, eat it all!" Roy cried.

Chris caught herself drooling as she thought of eating al that thick salty come. If things had gone right, that would be her taking Roy's delicious load, her getting tongue-fucked. Damn her silly roommate anyhow! But she vowed that she and Roy would never be interrupted in their love-making again. That's what she'd come to tell him. Only now it was going to be a little awkward announcing her presence.

Well, perhaps when the right time came, she could sneak out and knock at the front door, as if she'd just arrived. But the time hadn't arrived. Chris sensed that there was more kinky action to come, and she wanted to see it all. She was very horny, but she was also very turned on by watching Roy make love to his cute teenage daughters. She could postpone her own needs for awhile in order to watch this incestuous spectacle. She waited eagerly as Roy and Molly finally rolled apart.

"I'll be a sonofagun," Roy exclaimed.

His cock was as hard as ever. It seemed to have forgotten how to go down. Molly eyed the rigid slab of meat with delight. Daddy had promised to get her off, and she knew just how she wanted it to happen. She crouched in the doggy position, aiming her cute ass in his direction. Her pussy was swollen and pink, hot cream oozing from her tireless twat and trickling down her thighs.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she begged, "I'm horny enough to scream."

"You got it, sugar," Roy leered.

If he was going to have a perpetual hard-on, he might as well use it. He crawled over to the lustily quivering girl and knelt behind her, grasping her slim hips. He popped the fat head of his cock between her swollen pussy lips, and she gurgled with anticipation. He pushed into her a little roughly, but she didn't protest. Molly had already learned to accommodate his giant-size cock.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, Daddy, stick that big thing into me," she moaned.

"Ahhhhh, Christ so nice and tight," Roy groaned as he sank his cock clear to the balls in his daughter's juicy little box.

He was too excited to be slow and gentle. He began to fuck her hard and fast, making her petite body shudder with the impact. But Molly didn't object. She dug her nails into the rug to keep from being knocked forward, but she was gurgling and squealing with excitement as she took her father's jackhammering prick. Hot cream overflowed her reamed cunt and gushed down her inner thighs.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, Daddy, fuck it to me," she cried, "fuck the living shit put of me."

Sandy crawled closer for a good view of the action, and Chris wished she could do the same. She was still about thirty feet away and couldn't see as many details as she'd like. But she focused hungrily on Roy's wrist-thick eight-incher as it plowed in and out of the girl's tiny twat. In no time at all his prick was dripping with her cream.

Chris stifled a gurgle of longing. She ached to feel Roy's thick hard cock hammering in her starved cunt. She'd been wanting it all day, and then just as she was about to get it, her roommate had interrupted. Now she was being frustrated yet another time, watching another girl get that magnificent rock-hard boner. It was almost more than she could endure. If only there was some way she could get in on this little orgy!

There was only one way she could think of, and that was just to walk in and ask to join the fun. She didn't know how Roy and his daughters would react to that, but she almost didn't care any more. As she watched her lover's huge stiff cock pistoning in another girl's cunt, she was going out of her mind with envy and need. She finally decided to do it, just walk in there and beg for relief.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, honey, I'm gonna come," Molly was moaning. "Just a little more, fuck real hard."

Roy gave her what she craved, fucking into her with all his strength and speed. Her petite body shook with the impact, her tits bouncing wildly. But obviously she loved it. Her eyes rolled shut, and her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace as her father's hammering cock took her over the edge into, a body-rocking climax.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, you did it to me, I'm coming!" Molly wailed.

As the girl shrieked and came, Chris quickly stripped naked in the shadows of the hallway. There was no turning back now. She just had to get some relief for that burning ache in her pussy, and there was only one man she wanted to get it from -- Roy Falk, the man she loved. And if she had to compete with his own teenage daughters for his cock, then by God she'd do it.

Just as Roy was pulling his still-stiff cock from Molly's satisfied twat, Chris strode into the room, tall and big-titted and gorgeous. Roy and his daughters gawked at the sudden appearance of the naked brunette nurse.

"Hello, everyone," Chris grinned, "mind if I join your party?"

Chapter NINE

Roy stared at her, open-mouthed and speechless, but Molly and Sandy squealed with delight. Finally they were going to be introduced to Daddy's nice girlfriend.

"Hi, Chris," Molly beamed, then clapped a hand to her mouth as she realized what she'd just revealed.

"Nice going, Sis," Sandy frowned. "Wait a minute, how did you know Chris' name?" Roy demanded. "You've never met her before. You're not even supposed to know about her."

"Well, Daddy, we might as well confess," Sandy said. "We spied on you guys when you were getting it on here."

"You what?" Roy gasped, turning red.

Chris just grinned, a slow spreading grin that made the girls smile back at her. "Spying is kind of a turn-on, isn't it?" she asked.

"It sure is," Molly giggled. "Were you spying on us just now, Chris?"

"Mmmm-hmmm," Chris purred, "and it made me so horny I just had to ask if I could join in. But first there's something I want to say to your father."

"Sure, go ahead, Chris," Sandy said adoringly. She and Molly both found themselves liking the pleasant young woman very much.

"Roy, I came to apologize for the way things turned out this evening," Chris said. "It won't happen again, I promise. I'll even get an apartment of my own so we'll have privacy."

"That won't be necessary, honey," Roy said, slipping his arms around her. "We can live here. If you'll marry me, that is."

"Oh. Roy," Chris squealed, giving him a big hug, "of course I'll marry you."

Sandy and Molly exchanged glances. They were delighted that Chris was going to be their stepmother and that Daddy had found a woman to love, but it was going to put an end to their fun. Chris would be Daddy's wife, and she wouldn't want to share him. The girls hated to lose their sex life just as they were getting started on it, but obviously Daddy's happiness came before anything else.

"Well, I guess we better butt out, Molly," Sandy said with a regretful sigh.

"You, you two won't want us around now," Molly said to her father and his fiancee.

The sisters got to their feet, but Chris said, "Hey, wait a second, you two."

Chris knew that she couldn't make Roy happy unless she made his kids happy, too. He'd always put his daughters first, and she'd be expected to do the same as their stepmother. Besides, she didn't mind being nice to Molly and Sandy when they'd been so nice to her. They'd welcomed her into the family instantly. Now she beamed at them, and they smiled timidly back at her.

"You're not going anywhere," she said firmly. "We're going to be a family in everything we do."

The girls looked delighted, and Roy exclaimed, "Honey, you actually don't mind sharing me?"

"Well, I don't wanta share you with the whole world," Chris laughed, "but with Molly and Sandy it's different. Right, girls?"

"Right," they chorused.

"Good," Chris said, "I guess we all understand each other. Now I want to show you girls how we can all keep your dad happy. Come here."

Sandy and Molly hurried over to Chris, and she began whispering to them, something Roy couldn't hear. He had a hunch that a surprise was being planned for him as all three young women began to grin mischievously. Then they broke up their huddle, giggling, and went for him, easing him down onto the soft carpet. Roy felt like he was being gang-raped by three luscious females, and he had no objections at all.

"All right," he laughed, as they pinned him down on his back, "what's happening here?"

"You'll find out, lover," Chris purred.

She leaned down and kissed him, snaking her juicy hot tongue into his mouth, and he shivered with excitement. At the same moment somebody grabbed his right hand and set it on a slick hot pussy, and then somebody did the same with his left hand. He found himself stroking his daughters' juicy slits while Chris probed his mouth. His cock, completely neglected, gave a horny lurch and drooled hot cream.

Chris finally raised her head and said huskily, "How do you like it so far?"

"Terrific," Roy grinned, "but my cock would like to get in on the fun, too."

"I was just about to take care of it," Chris smiled.

She was crouched over him, her big melon shaped tits grazing his chest, and now she started kissing and licking her way down his powerful hairy body. She took her time, doing all kinds of kinky things to him. Meanwhile his daughters crouched on either side of him, presenting their juicy hot pussies for him to play with. He ran his fingers over the velvety flesh and made the girls squeal with delight.

"Oooooo, yeah, Daddy, play with me," Molly cried.

"Mmmmm, Daddy, that feels great," Sandy moaned.

"I'd say you've literally got your hands full," Chris laughed.

She stuck out her hot pink tongue and used the pointed tip to rim his nipples, coaxing them erect and making them very sensitive. Then her wet tongue was tickling down over his ribs and belly, to the fat hairy base of his stiff cock. She tongued her way up the granite column of meat, gobbling up thick streams of juice on her way, till finally she was tongue lashing the fat purple head of his prick.

"Mmmmmmm, your dad's cock tastes delicious, doesn't it, girls?" she said.

Sandy and Molly answered with giggles, and Roy almost shot his load right in Chris' pretty face. In all hiss jack-off fantasies, years and years of them, he'd never imagined a scene like this. He could still hardly believe it was happening. His gorgeous fiancee licking his cock while his two cute teenage daughters let him play with their pussies -- it was just too much. Nobody would believe him if he told them about it.

And that was just as well. His extraordinary sex life would have to remain a family secret. He was just damn lucky he'd found a woman who could understand it. Not only did Chris understand his kinky desires, she got off on them herself. He could feel her actually drooling onto his cock head as she lapped up his cream, and he realized that she was turned on by sharing him with the girls.

"Okay," she grinned, raising her head, "that was for openers. Now for the main event. We want you to fuck us, Roy."

Roy snorted. "How in hell can I do that?" he demanded. "I've only got one cock."

"Right," Chris leered, "so you'll just have to fuck us one at a time, won't you?"

Roy groaned. He just wasn't sure he could hold out long enough to fuck three deliciously snug cunts in a row. Just the idea of doing it was enough to make him come. But he saw that the girls weren't going to give him a choice. Already Molly was straddling his belly and bringing the sopping mouth of her cunt down to touch the hard knob of his cock head. Her cunt was searing-hot.

"Stick it in me, Daddy," she pleaded, "I just have to have it."

Naturally Roy wasn't going to turn down a lady in distress. With a lusty growl he seized his younger daughter by the waist and plowed his cock up the slippery tunnel of her cunt. Molly's eyes rolled, and she moaned hoarsely as he crammed her full of hot throbbing meat.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, Daddy, give me all of it," she cried.

"You got it, baby, every inch of it," Roy growled.

He started fucking her hard and fast, too insanely aroused to control himself. But Molly didn't mind his roughness one bit. She rode his hammering cock with squeals of pleasure, and she soaked his meat with rush after rush of molten cream. His prick made an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out that horny juice, and he fucked her faster and faster as his excitement grew.

Part of his excitement was due to having such a sexy audience. Sandy and Chris sat on either side of him, their eyes focused hungrily on his pistoning prick as it hammered in and out of Molly's juicy cunt. They were impatiently waiting their turns with his cock, and that really turned him on. Not too many guys had lovely young women lined up to fuck them. Hotly aroused, he fucked Molly with lightning speed.

"Ooooooo, Daddy, OOOOOO," she squealed.

"Mmmmmm, hope you're saving some of that energy for me, darling," Chris purred.

"Yeah, Daddy," Sandy giggled, "don't use it all up on Molly."

"H-He c-can if he w-wants to," Molly cried. Roy was fucking her so hard now, her teeth rattled.

The red-hot friction was driving her right to the brink of orgasm, and suddenly she was over, rocketing out of control. Roy felt her cunt voice vise-tight around his meat, and he just escaped shooting his load.

"Unnnhhhh, I'm coming, whaahhhhh!" Molly wailed.

Chris and Sandy watched intently as the blond howled and came. The moment she was finished, Molly hopped off her dad's stiff cock, and Sandy crouched beside him in the doggy position. Roy snorted lustily and rolled to his knees behind her. He was barely out of one hot teenage pussy hole before he was cramming his cock into another one. He went into her roughly, but Sandy took the throbbing meat with a howl of delight.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Daddy, fuck me good and hard," she cried, "fuck me crazy."

Roy growled lustily and hammered his cock into her deliciously tight and slippery cunt. On either side of him Chris and Molly watched the action. He met Chris' eyes and she deliberately licked her lips in a slow teasing motion, silently promising him some kinky fun later. That made him so aroused that he fucked his squealing daughter even faster.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, yes," Sandy whimpered, "it's so damned good, Daddy."

Her tiny hot cuntal tube seemed to be sucking at his meat, trying to draw the jizz right out of his balls. He had to get her off before that fantastically tight hole excited him into coming. Still pounding his cock into her, making her slim body shudder with the impact, he reached around her and seized her hot clit between thumb and forefinger. He began to knead the throbbing bud, and Sandy went into orbit, soaking his prick with a huge flood of sizzling cream.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, you did it, I'm coming!" she screamed.

The sucking and tugging action of her spasming cunt was almost too much for Roy. His balls swelled and throbbed, and he gritted his teeth and struggled not to come. Again he caught Chris' eye and she leered at him, knowing exactly what he was going through. She was silently daring him to hold out, to save the last fuck for her -- and he just managed to do it.

"Jesus," he gasped as Sandy wriggled off the impalement of his rock-hard cock.

"Okay, Tiger," Chris leered, "my turn."

The long-legged brunette stretched out on her back and opened her thighs wide. She was the sexiest thing Roy had ever seen, lying there with her luscious red slit exposed and her big stiff-nippled tits quivering. For a moment he just knelt there and ogled her, hardly believing his luck. She was not only stacked and gorgeous, she was a very horny lady, and from now on she was all his.

He gave a lusty growl and crawled over to her, while she grinned at him shamelessly. As far as the two of them were concerned, the kids weren't even in the room, and Sandy and Molly picked up on that. It was time to leave the happy couple alone. The curious kids couldn't resist watching for a few seconds longer, though, as Daddy let himself down on Chris and glided his massive boner into her velvety hot cunt. Chris' beautiful face flushed with pleasure as she took that giant slab of meat.

"Mmmmmmm, Roy, I've been wanting that all day," she gurgled.

"And I've been wanting you, baby," he growled as he began to jerk his hips.

Sandy and Molly quietly left the room and started up the stairs. They were feeling very happy. It was nice to know that Daddy would have a loving wife to take care of him even after they'd gone away to college, and it was especially nice that he was going to marry Chris, a really good lady. But the nicest thing of all was that Chris didn't mind sharing his cock with her step-daughters.

"Ohhhhh, Roy, honey, you're fucking me so good," Chris was moaning.

Sandy and Molly paused on the stairs and looked back, watching Roy's trim ass jerk and knot as he hammered his cock into Chris' eagerly offered cunt. The girls just couldn't resist spying. They watched Chris arch her tall body upward to take their dad's stiff prick as deep as she could get it. They stood there watching till Roy and Chris began to writhe and howl in a violent mutual climax.

"Ohhhhh, Roy, you're making me come!" Chris cried. "Ohhhhhh, honey, it's so fuckin' good!"

"Ahhhhh, shit, baby, take my come!" Roy roared.

Sandy and Molly beamed, and Sandy remarked, "They sure make a nice couple, don't they?"

"They sure do," Molly agreed. "Things are really gonna be fun now that Chris is part of the family."


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