The voyeur family sucks

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of conflict in today's high-paced world, the nuclear family has been forced to seek strength from within.

THE VOYEUR FAMILY SUCKS is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it nonetheless works for this family.

THE VOYEUR FAMILY SUCKS -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.

Chapter ONE

"Stop fucking around and take it in your mouth!" he said.

Stifling a sharp retort, thirty-four-year-old Judy Palmer clenched her fists, digging her fingernails into the palms of her hands. After being married to Jack for so many years, she sometimes wondered what it was they ever saw in each other.

Even their sex life had become a drag. Like now. When she was in the mood to read her magazine, he wanted her to go down on him. It seemed he deliberately picked those times when she was absorbed in something else to force himself on her.

She still enjoyed his cock even if she sometimes hated him. But then she liked cocks and always had. Even as a teenager she'd been known as the blow-job queen. She'd nursed on dozens of cocks before she had eloped with Jack.

As she grew older her interest in sex had increased. Even now, she had some beefcake magazines hidden in the bottom of one of her drawers. Sometimes, when she was home alone, she masturbated while she gazed at a picture of some young stud.

It didn't seem fair. Just when a woman became mature and deliciously horny her marriage turned sour. Jack could have helped, but he had become a selfish bastard. She couldn't depend on him for satisfying her, that was for sure.

She knew having teenage kids had an effect on Jack. He sensed his own youth slipping away and it depressed him. She suspected there was more to it. Lucy was turning into a sexy little thing. More than once, she'd seen Jack leering at his daughter's tits and ass.

She didn't fault him for it. The girl was a dish. She was built like Judy, only younger with long legs and big uplifted tits. And she was a tease. Even as a small child she'd been partial to men. As a kid, she'd been a flirt, but now she was almost brazen.

Judy knew damn well her daughter wasn't a virgin. Hell, she didn't expect it. She herself had lost her cherry early and had fooled around plenty before that.

As for Jeff, he'd admitted he wasn't a virgin. She was happy he confided in her, but a little jealous that she was no longer the most important female in his life.

More and more, she found herself staring at his crotch lately. He reminded her of Jack at the same age. Studhammer, they called Jack in high school. Teenage boys were always horny and eager to lick a pussy. Too bad Jack lost his enthusiasm far cunt. When he was Jeff's age he had been a champion cunt lapper.

Sometimes she felt guilty when she wondered what was inside her son's jeans. Mothers weren't supposed to think about their sons that way.

Fuck that, she thought. I'm human too. I was human before I was a mother.

She knew damn well that Jack had other women. He didn't even try to bide it. She didn't cheat, but her faithfulness was more a result of laziness. She was beginning to think about it more and more. Why the hell not? She wasn't getting much satisfaction from Jack.

She remembered what a good lover Jack had been in the old days. When they were newlyweds he had fucked her constantly. He walked around with a hard-on and an unlimited supply of jizz. He stuck it into all her holes and she couldn't get enough of it.

Now, as they sat in bed, he brought his cock out of his pajamas and waited for her to blow him. Even though she was angry at him, her pussy responded when she touched him. She fluttered her fingers over his limp cock shaft and squeezed. He had a big cockhead, and his -- thank God -- cock was thick. She never cared much about the length of a prick. She liked them thick.

She knew he was becoming impatient when he took hold of her neck and shoved her head down. "Suck it!" he snarled.

She had no choice but to take his cockhead into her mouth and suck.

"Asshole!" she muttered through his fuck-meat.

"Just shut up and suck," he said, loosening his hold on her neck. "Try and do a good job, huh?"

She inhaled deeply. The bastard. He was always telling her she'd lost her touch. Who wouldn't! He treated her like a maid and a whore. Who wouldn't resent it?

She felt herself respond as she fondled his balls and took more of his cock shaft into her mouth. She squeezed his nuts just a little too hard. It was a hostile act and she knew it. He winced and yanked on her hair.

"Take it easy," he said.

She sucked his cockhead hungrily. Juice leaked out of his pisshole and his knob felt like a giant mushroom in her mouth. Despite everything she dearly loved sucking his prick. At moments like this she remembered that despite everything she still loved Jack, in her own way.

Love and hate are closely related, she told herself. And nowhere is that more evident than in marriage.

As she nursed on his prick and caressed his balls, Jack played with her tits. She was wearing an old flannel nightgown and he didn't bother sticking his hand inside. He squeezed her big melons through the thick fabric. When he became tired of that, he pulled her nightgown up and she wiggled her ass until her tits bounced free.

He nonchalantly pulled on her nipples. Sometimes she felt like a cow being milked. Still, it felt good.

She widened the spread of her legs when he moved a hand over her ass. She was sorry now she'd worn the old nightgown to bed. It was bunched up under her armpits and just got in the way of her enjoyment.

He touched her cunt and discovered how wet she was. She twisted around, still sucking his prick, and opened herself to his exploring hand. He was a hostile bastard, but he still knew how to turn her on when he was in the mood.

"Don't stop rubbing my cunt," she said, her voice muffled by his prick.

"Don't tell me what to do," he said, but he rubbed one fingertip back and forth over her joy-button.

She spit his cock out and trembled. "Let go a minute so I can take my nightgown off."

He clamped his hand over hers and shoved her head back down. "Keep sucking," he said. "Everything'll be okay."

Damn you! she thought as she pumped his cock shaft and tongued his knob. To vent her anger she closed her lips around his cockhead and sucked hard. He enjoyed it, and she released some of her tension.

She was in the mood to be fucked. At the rate they were going he would come in her mouth and turn over and go to sleep. He wasn't interested in her needs. He knew she wanted to fuck. She enjoyed blowing him, but she liked to wind up fucking. The selfish bastard deliberately dumped in her mouth most of the time. Damn him anyway!

Well, at least he was fingering her. Sometimes she came that way. She needed a lot of pressure on her clit and he was giving it to her. A few more minutes of manipulation and she'd come. But it wasn't the same as getting laid.

There was one way to avoid it. She spit his cock out and tolled onto her side. Before he could stop her she pulled her nightgown over her head and flung it onto the floor.

"Let's fuck," she said, hefting one of her big milkers in her hand.

"No, but I'll suck you," he said, stretching out on his back. "Climb on board and I'll bring you off."

Ordinarily she would have welcomed it. But she wanted to fuck. The perverse bastard. He was so damn power hungry.

Still, it was better than going to sleep horny. She climbed on top of him in the sixty-nine position. Her cunt hovered over his face. He almost always wanted to sixty-nine. He seldom went down on her when she didn't simultaneously return the favor.

Now he gripped her asscheeks and pulled her back until she was almost sitting on his face. He rubbed his nose around her cunt and she wiggled her ass. She deliberately covered his face with her cunt juice. One thing about him, he didn't mind digging in. He had no compunction about sticking his nose into her pussy.

Now he vibrated his tongue-tip on her erected clit and she responded instinctively by sliding her lips to the base of his prick.

"Take it in all the way," he said, pumping his ass up and driving his cock into her throat.

She came then, grinding her pussy over his face and shivering violently. At the same time she mouth.-fucked him and when she stopped coming she stopped sucking.

"Damn you, bitch, keep sucking!" he hissed.

"Take it easy," she said.

He lurched forward and plunged his cock into her throat. "You had yours, now suck!"

She had no choice but, to suck. At the same time, he continued eating her. He gripped her clit between his teeth and lashed it with his tongue. When he was in the mood, he gave good head. She had to give him credit for that. But she didn't trust him. Whenever he did a good job on her, he wanted something in return. What would it be tonight?

She decided to enjoy herself for the time being. For some reason Jack was in the mood for gash. She still wanted to get laid, but having her pussy licked would do for now.

Suddenly be shoved a finger into her cunt. It felt good. She continued nursing on his prick while be frigged her.

"Lick my balls," he said as he moved his finger from her cunt to her ass crack.

She obediently licked his balls while he wet down her asshole with the juice from her cunt. He worked on her asshole until it was loosened. Then he tilted her ass up and lapped his tongue over her grommet.

Damn him, it felt good! When he licked her asshole like that, she almost forgot how angry he made her. She sucked hungrily on his prick as she squirmed against his face. She felt another orgasm approach. Why fight it?

Now Jack squeezed and mauled her firm full asscheeks as he licked her asshole in a frenzy. The more eagerly he licked, the more eagerly she sucked his cock. One hand washes another, she thought.

She prayed he wouldn't want to fuck her asshole. She liked taking it in the ass occasionally, but tonight she was in the mood for a cock in her cunt. It had been days since he'd fucked her properly. How she needed it!

He was certainly giving her a lot of time tonight. There would be a price to pay. There always was. Jack always thought of himself first, the bastard. As usual she held herself back just a little. In the end he would want something she would be unwilling to give. But he'd force her. The bastard always did.

Once again he began manipulating her pussy. He wet his fingers with her juices and roughly shoved a finger into her asshole.

It hurt and she yelled. "Take it out," she said. "When I take it out, I'm going to stick my cock, in there."

"Like hell you are," she said.

"Like hell, I'm not."

And then she was on her hands and knees and he yanked his pajamas off and climbed behind her. He grabbed her around the waist and pushed himself against her ass.

"Why don't you stop complaining once in a while?" he said.

"Because I don't want it in my ass tonight," she said.

"Since when do you give the orders around here?"

Despite herself she felt her knees shaking and her pussy quivering with excitement. "Why don't you shut up and get it over with?" she snapped.

She bit her lips and stifled a moan when he squeezed and pried open her asscheeks. Then his cockhead was poking against her shitter and she held her breath.

She knew it was useless to protest. He always responded by telling her that when she went to work and brought home the bread she could make the rules. Until then the one who made the gold made the rules.

Just to spite him I ought to get a job, she thought. But she knew she wouldn't. She liked her freedom too much. The thought of going to some dumb job every day made her cringe.

He pressed his big cockhead against her asshole. At times like this she wished his cockhead was smaller. She sometimes thought he preferred her asshole to her pussy-hole. She wondered how many men preferred going in the back door. The perverse bastards.

"Stop moving around," he said now as she tried to evade the penetration.

"Be careful when you stick it in," she said.

"Jesus, you're always complaining."

"That's because you're a clumsy bastard."

"Shut your big mouth!"

She shut up. If she got him mad, he'd make her pay. Even now, he was roughly thrusting his prick-knob against her asshole.

She wiggled around and tried to expel it. "Watch out!" she hissed. She was excited, but had no intention of telling him.

He grunted when his cockhead popped into her rubbery bung. "Bull's-eye!" he snickered. "Jesus, Jack, you're killing me!"

"Shut up and enjoy it," he said, ramming forward forcefully and stuffing the rest of his thick cock into her skitter.

It hurt, but it felt good. She didn't know which to concentrate on, the pain or the pleasure. His cock felt bigger than ever. How widely stretched she must be to take his big cock!

She bit down on the pillow when he began ramming her. He shoved her head forward with every thrust as he pistoned his dick into her asshole.

She felt her bowels being churned. I'd like to take a big shit right about now, she thought. It'd serve him right too, if I shit all over his prick, the bastard!

He rammed her like a bull, mercilessly pounding her without regard for her feelings. It was true she was very excited, but that wasn't the point. She hadn't wanted it in the ass and he'd insisted on it.

When he stroked so hard she fell down flat, he lifted her up again and continued thrusting. She wanted him to come and get it over with. Her pussy was flowing and she knew she would come too. But she'd never admit it. When it was over, she'd tell him she felt nothing.

Damn, it felt good to have his balls banging away at her cunt! Even the feel of his wiry cock bush on her ass felt good.

She felt him high up inside her. Once his entire cock was inside her asshole, he stroked easily. It always amazed her how her asshole opened up to accommodate his cock.

Even though she was very turned on she resented that he was using her. She wondered what other women did in the same position.

She strained to keep from coming. She knew it was crazy, but she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was giving her pleasure.

Men! They had all the power. Maybe the libbers were right, but it was too late for her.

She was too excited to hide it from Jack. She was wildly aroused and intent en climaxing. There was no more pain. Now there was only white-hot pleasure and the exquisite torture of being on the brink of a giant orgasm.

Waves of ecstasy washed over her and her tension was released as she came. All her hostility disappeared as she spasmed. There was nothing in God's world that could take the place of a good come.

She fucked back now like a wild woman. Her tits swung back and forth and her nipples grazed the sheet. Her cunt was the focus of her pleasure. Especially her little clit with all its sensitive nerve-endings.

She wondered if the kids could hear her yelling. The walls were thin and she made a lot of noise when they fucked. Jack made noise when he came. He roared like a bull at the moment of climax. Sometimes she thought the house shook when he came.

"Fuck me!" she shrieked. "Keep fucking me!"

"Oh, no you want it, bitch," he hissed as he rammed his dick into her asshole.

Gurgles of pleasure erupted from her throat. Let him be nasty. She didn't care anymore. She was having too much fun.

Her asshole milked his dick as she came and he began shooting. He growled loudly as thick jets of jism shot into her butt.

He continued dicking her until his balls were drained. She was disappointed when he stopped. She even liked the feeling of his weight on her back when he collapsed over her.

Eventually he pulled out and rolled over. "You sure weren't feeling any pain," he smirked as he turned off the light.

"No thanks to you," she sneezed, pulling the covers up to her chin.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "Whose cock was it in there, making you scream?"

"Oh, shut up and go to sleep, will you?" she said.

"You and your big mouth," he yawned. "It just never stops."

Chapter TWO

Judy stayed angry at Jack for a week and they barely spoke. Later, when they began talking again, they still snapped at each other and their hostility permeated the family.

Jack began staying out late and not coming home for dinner. Judy knew he was out fucking some whore, but she didn't care. She was tired of his selfishness. If he got laid by some bimbo at least he'd leave her alone.

Of course that left her horny, and more and more she thought about finding a man to satisfy her. But her interest in her own son was upper most in her mind. The boy was adorable and the bulge in his jeans tempting.

She decided that incest wasn't as bad as people said. In the beginning of time people committed incest. Who else did people have to fuck when the world began? The hornier she became, the more she rationalized that fucking Jeff wouldn't be so wrong. The only problem was how to get him into bed without traumatizing him.

She had plenty of opportunities to be alone with the boy. With Jack out fucking anything that moved and with Lucy probably sucking off a different boy every night, she and Jeff spent many evenings home alone.

She was certain that Jeff found her sexy. Boys always thought their mothers were beautiful. Enticing him was no problem. But getting him into bed was. She had to make him think it was his idea. Then she had to ease his guilt. She didn't know how she would manage it all, but she was determined to try.

She thought of various schemes. She could leave her bedroom door open and walk around naked in the hopes he would see her. But that was leaving too much to chance.

She thought of pretending to be ill and calling out to him to help her. But that seemed cruel.

There was only one thing to do. Wait for a day when they were home alone and let nature take its course.

Two weeks later she had her opportunity. Jack phoned from his office and told her he was working late and wouldn't be home for dinner. She knew from experience that he'd probably wander in at midnight with lipstick on his shirt collar. On the same day, Lucy phoned from school and asked if she could spend the night at a girlfriend's. Judy told her daughter to have a good time and hung up the phone. The perfect opportunity had come. How exciting!

At six thirty she and Jeff had dinner and as they ate she began teasing him.

"I guess it's pretty boring around here with just your old mother for company," she said.

The boy spooned ice cream into his mouth. "You're great company, Mom," he said.

She had deliberately worn a very tight sweater and now she raised her arms and yawned. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the teenager stare at her tits.

"You're nice to say it, sweetie, but I know you'd rather be with kids your own age. By the way, you're not going out tonight and leaving me alone, are you?"

He shook his head, still gazing at her tits. "Naw, I won't leave you alone."

"I'm glad, Son," she said. "Sometimes I could just kill your father."

Jeff lowered his gaze. "Aw, you two fight a lot, but you love each other, don't you?"

"Yes, but sometimes it's not easy," she snapped.

"I wish I could do something to help."

"You help by just keeping me company once in a while."

"If I was married to you I'd appreciate you more," he blurted out.

Judy stifled a giggle. It was working. "Oh, your father's got his good points."

"I know he does, but why do you always fight?"

"Sometimes when people have been married a long time problems just crop up." She gazed at him meaningfully. "If you know what I mean."

He hesitated. "I don't understand. What's there to fight about?"

"Oh, honey, you were too young to burden with my problems." She crossed her legs and showed him some thigh. "Let's just say that when people are married a long time sometimes they take each other for granted."

"I'd never take you for granted," the boy said, his jaw set.

"But you're not my husband, you're my son," she giggled. "Oh, honey, I guess you're old enough to know the truth. Men like your father, oh, good men and good providers, sometimes get selfish when it comes to... uh... sex."

Jeff flushed and looked away. "Oh," he murmured.

Judy leaned forward and spooned more ice cream into his dish. "Why am I bothering you with this? Here, darling, have some more ice cream. It's your favorite flavor."

She rose up and cleared the table as Jeff finished his dessert. The conversation had ended abruptly. When the dishwasher was loaded, he came up behind her.

"I wish I could help, Mom," he said.

She turned to him and her tits grazed his arm. He pulled back quickly.

"I know you do, honey, but I guess I'll just have to live with it." She kissed his cheek and pressed up against him. "You just run along now and have a good time. I'll find something to keep me busy."

He paused. "I was just going to watch a football game on the tube. I'm not going out. But if you want me to keep you company I will; Mom, I worry about you."

She blew him a kiss and pulled her shoulders back to emphasize her tits. "I know you do and I love you for it. Go on, baby. I'm going to bed early and try to sleep my troubles away. You go on and watch your football game. Just having you in the house and knowing you're near makes me happy."

When he left the room, she hugged herself. She had set him up. He was worried about her and probably horny. She'd admitted she and Jack had sexual problems.

Now if the boy wants to help me out how can I stop him?

When she went upstairs, she left the door to her bedroom partially open. She proceeded to strip her clothes off and dimmed the lights.

She switched on the radio and brought her vibrator out of the drawer. She plugged it in and settled down on the bed to masturbate.

If by chance Jeff should see her, all the better. The door was only open a few inches. Anyone could leave a door open by mistake. No one could accuse her of deliberately enticing the boy. Accidents do happen, don't they?

Her heart pounded with excitement. Her pussy was wet. She toyed with her tits and picked up the vibrator. Flicking it on, she languidly ran it over her beaver.

It heated her up at once. Not that she needed heating up. She'd been horny for days and Jack hadn't helped. Fucking her in the ass when she wasn't in the mood infuriated her.

Now she squeezed her tits and ran the vibrator over her cunt. Damn, it felt good! She wiggled her ass and pulled on her nipples. She wondered what Jeff was doing at this very moment.

She could hear his television blaring. If only he would come out into the hall and see her. She knew that if he saw her naked and masturbating he wouldn't be able to resist barging into her room.

She shifted onto her side and tossed the vibrator away. She used her fingers on her gash. The sound of a door opening nearby told her Jeff had come out of his room. She waited, barely breathing. Oh, Lord, what am I doing?

She moaned softly, hoping he would hear her. She rolled her head back and forth on the pillow. Then she saw him out in the hall peering into the room.

"Oh, I'm so hot!" she moaned, tossing her head from side to side and working her fingers over her pussy.

Now that she knew the boy was watching, she spread her legs wide and planted her feet on the bed. Let him have a good look at a woman's cunt, she thought. Let him compare it with the teenage girls he faded.

She was so excited she almost came. To know that her own son was watching her frig herself! It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her!

Her tits bounced as she writhed her ass on the bed. Her dark muff was matted with juice.

She rubbed her steaming meat, aware that her long dark hair fanned out on the pillow and framed her face. She was glad she was still pretty and that she'd kept her figure. Only a woman with a good body could afford to let a boy see her naked.

"Oh, yes, I need fucking so badly!" she moaned. "So damn bad." She would let Jeff know just how horny she was. She would let him think he was doing her a favor by barging into the room and fucking her.

She pumped her ass at her fingers. She pretended she was being fucked as she thrust her ass around with wanton abandon.

For one brief moment she wondered if the boy was repelled by the sight of her cunt. What if he thought her hairy gash was ugly?

No, boys his age are fascinated with cunt, she thought. I'll bet he's got a hard-on. Maybe he's even got his cock out. Maybe he's masturbating while he's watching.

When she glanced at the door, she saw his shadow. She considered calling out. But it was too soon. She didn't want to frighten him, but she did want to turn him on. Better to give it a little more time. There's no hurry. The night is young.

She twisted her ass and reached for her vibrator. She used it on her clit while she frigged herself. She became engrossed in her body and her approaching orgasm. She almost forgot that Jeff was out in the hall watching her.

When she next opened her eyes she knew instinctively that the boy was jerking off as he watched her. She rolled her head from side to side, but, at the same time, she gazed out into the hall.

Jeff had become emboldened and was indeed jerking off. She could see his hand whipping back and forth over his meat. As she watched his fingers fly she came again. She had to restrain herself. Wait for him, she thought. Wait for him to be so horny he storms into the room.

All the affection and warmth she no longer felt for Jack she transferred to her son. Please, darling, come in and fuck mother! she thought. Please, Son, fuck me!

She could wait no longer. She was afraid he would empty his nuts and return to his bedroom.

Leaping off the bed, she moved swiftly to the door and flung it open. "Come in, honey, it's okay," she said, pulling him into her arms. "It's crazy for you to stand out there like that."

"Oh, Jesus, Mom, I'm sorry!"

He stood glued to the spot, his cock swinging and his eyes averted from her nakedness. Judy gazed down at his dick and tugged at his hand.

"Come in, I'll put something an." As she spoke she moved to her closet and wrapped herself in a robe. "There, is that better, darling?" She urged him to hold her and then she kissed him briefly.

"I'm sorry, Mom," he murmured.

His world belied his expression. Judy had seen that look before. He was drinking in her curves and was obviously very excited.

"There's nothing to be sorry for, honey. I left the door open. You're only human."

"Well, I better go now..."

"Don't you want to keep your old mother company? Maybe we could ball or something. I know that's something new for us, but would you like it?" Her eyes twinkled, but her pussy throbbed.

"Do you mean it?" He stared at her heaving tits. Her robe barely covered her bosom.

"Yes, I do," she breathed. She moved her hand to her cunt and played with herself. "You'd be doing me a favor. You have a very horny mother. Did you know that?"

"I hear you and Dad sometimes," he said.

"I suspected as much." She spread her legs and let him have a glimpse of her beaver. "Shall I take this off? You've already seen so much of me, what's the sense of keeping it on? Shall I take my robe off?"

"If you want to." His voice was barely audible.

"Can you smell my pussy?"

His voice was a whisper. "Yes."

She untied the belt to her robe and showed him her boobs. "Do you like the smell?" It was crazy, but she'd come too far to stop.

"Yeah, it's great."

Suddenly they were in each other's arms. Judy trembled as she held him. His chest mashed her bare boobs and he moved shaking fingers to her ass.

She pressed the length of her body against him. His cock hung out of his fly and stabbed her. She could feel the heat of him and the life emanating from his fuckpole.

When they kissed, she felt like a girl again. The fact that it was her son kissing her so passionately made her even hotter.

Eve did it, she told herself again and again. She had to. Who else did she have to fuck except her sons?

"Touch me here," she said, pointing at her tits.

He quickly obeyed and she swayed slightly and felt dizzy when he lifted one of her tits in his hand.

He squeezed it and fondled it and then moved his other hand to her free tit. She closed her eyes and relished the feeling. And fuck you, Jack! she thought with a rush. Who needs you when I've got my kid.

Now Jeff no longer looked frightened. His eyes were wide open and he looked confident and horny as he played with her tits. He made her nipples hard by rubbing his thumbs over them. His enthusiasm, so like his father's at the same age, delighted the horny mother.

"Suck them," she moaned.

"Oh, God!"

She guided him to the bed and they sat down. He lowered his head and she stroked his hair as he placed his lips tentatively over one boob.

"My baby," she said, leaning back and pulling him with her. She thrust her tits into his face and he filled his mouth with her.

He licked her nipples with teenage hunger, pulling and tugging on them and sucking them into his mouth.

She shivered with pleasure and felt her pussy lubricate. Whatever happened, she would never be sorry. No, fucking her boy would be the most exciting thing that ever happened to her. There was no way she would regret it.

His cock stuck out of his fly and when she gazed at it she smiled. "Darling?" she said.

"What?" His mouth was busy on her boobs.

"Take your clothes off."

She almost had to drag his lips from her tits. "Just another minute, Mom," he said, his eyes glazed with passion.

"Take your clothes off and let me see all of you," she said. Her eyes twinkled. "I've already seen your cock and now I want to see everything else."

He blushed and released her tit. She helped him drop his jeans and she crouched down on the floor to pull them off his feet.

She stayed on her knees and took his prick in her fist. She fondled his shaft and the bloated head of his dick that so resembled his father's.

He groaned and nervously touched her hair. "You won't tell anyone, will you, Mom?"

She giggled. "Are you kidding? Neither of us better tell anyone."

She explored his prick and balls and examined him closely. She planned to take his prick in her mouth, but first she wanted to see every ridge and vein on it.

"You've had girls blow you, haven't you?" she said.

He snickered. "Sure."

"Well, I'm going to blow you, but I've had a lot of experience so it might feel different. If you think you might need to come, tell me. I think I can bring you up again, but I still want to know. Promise?"

"Okay, Mom," he said through clenched teeth. "Jesus, that feels good."

She was kissing him, running a series of wet kisses up and down the shaft of his prick and stroking the moistened flesh.

At the same time she squeezed his cockhead and fondled his nuts. She pressed his entire prick against her cheek and moved it between her tits.

"Did anyone ever tell you you've got a lovely cock?" she said.

"Oh, Mom!" He chuckled and looked away. "It's not funny," she said. "You have a lovely cock." She kissed the moist tip of his prickknob. "Mmmmmm, it tastes good too."

"Jesus, Mom, you're driving me crazy."

"That's what mothers are for," she giggled, blowing her warm breath over his swollen ball-bag.

"Are you really going to blow me?" he croaked.

"Yes, but first I've just got to try your cock on for size." She climbed over him and straddled his hips. Her balloon-like boobs hung down like two huge melons. "Let's see how it feels," she said, squirming around until his cock was positioned at the opening to her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" the boy groaned.

"Easy, baby, easy," the horny mother said as she lowered herself over his prick.

She barely breathed as she pushed forward and took his cockhead into her cunt... He was thick enough to stretch her cunt lips. Oh, God, it was happening! There was no turning back now!

"You're in me!" she hissed.

He grabbed her ass. "Oh, shit, Mom, I know!"

She lurched forward and his cock disappeared inside her. She felt faint and weak. When his cock twitched inside her, she fell forward and fastened her lips to his.

"Baby, baby, baby," she crooned automatically gripping his prick with her experienced cunt-muscles.

"Jesus, Mom, I don't think I can hold back."

"You can, Son," she said. "Just concentrate on it. Just a little while and then it'll be easier." She held him inside her without moving, he was confident that she could get him hard again if he came, but she wanted their first fuck to last a while longer.

She relished every throb of his prick inside her gash. She bit her lip and moaned each time it jerked inside her fuck-canal.

"Well, now we've done it," she said. "Oh, baby, it's good! It's good for you too, isn't it?"

"Jesus, Mom, I think I'm going to pop off."

A ragged sob came out of his throat. She knew he was trying hard to control his orgasm. To take his mind off his cock, she placed his hands over her tits.

"Oh, shit!" he cried.

It was too late to stop him. He held her ass and pumped his hips as he plunged his dick in and out of her pussy.

She had no choice but to move with him. She raised and lowered her ass and ground her cunt against his prick. He was hard and randy and she could feel his prick high inside her body when he thrust in.

It was the best fuck she'd had in years. The fact that it was her son's dick plowing into her made it even better. Women who never fucked their own sons were stupid. God, it was good!

She squirmed her ass and bounced up and down. Her tits flew and when she glanced down she saw his prick disappear inside her body.

And to think I used to diaper that dick, she thought with a giggle.

How things had changed! Now his prick glistened with her sticky cunt juice. She leaned forward and directed his prick against her cunt.

"I'm almost ready to pop," she said. "My God, you're a good cocks man!"

She held onto his hands and closed her eyes. She focused on her pussy and the exquisite sensations flooding her.

She fucked the teenager vigorously. She took from him what women always took from men and she gave in return. He jerked his hips and ass off the bed and she rammed back at him.

When she came, she fell forward, crying out as her pussy love-grabbed his prick. He came too, roaring loudly as he shot his load inside her cunt.

"Don't stop!" she cried. "Keep fucking me!"

He kept fucking her until his balls were empty and then he lay back exhausted. She made him stay inside her until he just slipped out. The starch was out of his prick.

She curled up next to him and took him into her arms. "Oh, baby, what a fuck," she said.

"Did I make you happy, Mom?" he panted. She kissed him. "You bet, baby," she said, fondling his limp prick and feeling dreamily content. "Happier than I've been in years."

She never got to suck him off that night. She didn't care. They would have that some other time. They would have all kinds of things.

Chapter THREE

Judy didn't feel guilty, but she knew she couldn't become too dependent on her son. She had an almost-constant ache in her pussy and it wasn't fair to expect the teenager to douse her fire. Still, she couldn't think of anyone else to have an affair with.

Then one day she was shopping at a neighborhood mall and she ran into her brother-in-law, Ted. Jack's brother had been hitting on her for years. He was married to a woman who nagged him incessantly and he made no secret of his affairs. Judy didn't like his wife. She thought Beth was a drag. And Jack and Ted had never been close. The families only got together for weddings and funerals.

Well, why not? she thought. Ted was okay. She'd already fucked her son. Why not her brother-in-law?

When Ted asked her to join him for a cup of coffee, she accepted. They went into the mall coffee shop and he started off by telling her a dirty joke.

"How's my brother?" he said, patting her ass as he helped her into the booth.

"He's okay," she said, glancing down at his lap. "How's your wife?"

He shrugged. "She never stops me from having fun."

Judy winked. "But she doesn't join you."

"You've got it."

"Maybe you're not the only one."

Ted lifted his eyebrows and ordered coffee. He turned to her. "I get the feeling you were trying to tell me something before."

She didn't believe in being coy. "Maybe I was."

After two cups of coffee and a half hour of bantering, they both knew what they were leading up to. The vibrations were in the air. When Ted casually suggested they find a motel, Judy shrugged and nodded. "We may be sorry."

"Let's find out," Ted said.

In no time at all they were in each other's arms in a motel room.

"This won't get back to Beth, will it?" he said.

She giggled. "Are you crazy? I'm married too. Remember?"

He held her close and grinned. "Yeah, and I never thought you even liked me."

He kissed her and she pressed against him. "I don't," she giggled. "But I like the way your cock feels against my belly."

"Jesus Christ," he said softly as she moved back and slipped her shoes off. He smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt. She was removing her skirt when he briefly wrapped his arms around her and moved his hands to her ass.

"At least we're both keeping it in the family," she said.

"Happy days," he murmured, kissing her ear. "Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to stick it to you."

Judy smiled. Ted was a few years younger than Jack. Maybe this would be the beginning of something good. If she had someone to fuck her regularly, she and Jack might get along better.

"I've got a present here for you," he said with a smirk.

"Oh, yeah? You do, huh?"

He took her hand and moved it against his crotch. "A nice big lollipop. And it's getting bigger by the minute."

"Why don't you finish undressing?" she said. "Then I'll be the judge of whether it's a present or not." Her pussy twitched with excitement. It was fun to flirt again.

"You're on," he said, unbuckling his belt.

"No, I'm not, but I will be soon," she smiled.

He chuckled and she watched him undress. It seemed so strange to be about to fuck her brother-in-law. She'd known him most of her life and now here she was about to climb iota bed with him. Life was full of surprises. First Jeff and now Ted.

With her skirt and blouse were off, he moved behind her and unhooked her bra. "Let me," he said.

Her bra slipped off and suddenly her big round tits were in his hands. "Oh, mama," he said. "What a pair of jugs."

"You always did have a way with words," she said as he lifted her tits in his hands.

"What a meal," he said, rolling his eyes and lapping his tongue over his lower lip.

"You don't have to be afraid. They won't bite."

"Yeah, but I do," he growled, lowering his head and capturing one of her nipples between his teeth.

She felt her pussy moisten. Her panties felt wet as she watched his mouth lick and sucked her tits.

He still had, his shorts on and she reached down and touched his cock through the garment.

"Take it out," he said, still licking her tits. She reached inside his fly and brought his prick out. She wasn't disappointed. His cock was nice and thick and his cockhead was swollen. She stroked his shaft and felt the little veins pop out.

"Oh, yeah, we're going to get along well," he said.

"To think you and me..." She paused. "Well, what the hell. You've got hot pants and so do I." She stroked her thumb over his pisser and smeared the juice over his cockhead.

"Good thing," he said, clamping his lips over one of her tits.

"You mean running into each earlier like we did?"

No, both of us being horny. "You're always horny."

He snickered. "And you?"

"I guess I am too. Oh, fuck, keep sucking like that and I'll come!"

She pulled any and finished undressing. She moved quickly. She had no illusions about Ted. With a stranger she might act more seductive. But Ted was family, Jack's brother. Why be coy?

Almost casually, she peeled her panties clown and tossed them onto the floor. Ted groaned, and, before she could stop him, he knelt down and pressed his face against her muff.

"Let me get on the bed," she said.

"What a snatch."

She plopped down onto the bed and stretching out with her legs widespread. He climbed between her thighs and wasted no time in beginning to eat her.

"I've got to admit think you're going to be a good lover," she said, squirming slightly. "Oh, yeah, you like gash. I can tell."

"Shit, good hot cunt makes my balls turn blue." He swooped down and lapped eagerly up and down her slit.

"Jesus, you're going to bite it off," she said, as he licked her cunt.

"I never had any complaints."

"I'll bet," she gggled. She held his head with both hands and forced him to use more pressure on her. "Jesus, that feels good. And that too."

"I never sucked a cunt I didn't like," he said, his tongue probing and poking and licking.

"Now up and down," she said, directing his head. "Up and down my outer lips."

He licked up and down her hairy flaps and slurped up her thick juices. He swallowed and licked again and fluttered his tongue up and down her torrid swamp.

She held his head lightly and continued directing his mouth. "Jesus, Ted, now I'm sorry I kept telling you to get lost."

"I tried to tell you."

"Listen, I'm almost there. Keep sucking right there and I'll make it."

She pressed her cunt firmly against his face. She kept her fingers tangled in his hair, but it was no longer necessary. He sucked eagerly without her urging.

At one point he pried her cuntlips open with his thumbs and swabbed his tongue all over her gash and into her asscrack. She raised her ass off the bed and rammed her cunt at his mouth.

He dug his fingers into her assflesh and plastered his mouth against her pussy. She yelped when he forced the tip of his tongue into her cunthole. With piston-like strokes he managed to tongue-fuck her.

"Jesus, that's good," she cried, clenching her asscheeks and arching her back.

"Hot cunt!" he hissed. "Shit, look at that juice!"

She came, but he continued eating her. She pulled her knees back to her chest and rocked back and forth. When he finally stopped sucking, his face was wet with her juices.

He rolled his eyes and wiped his face on the sheet. His eyes glittered and she winked. Holding her arms out, she mentioned to him. "You may as well climb on board," she said. "You've been wanting to for years."

He quickly stripped his shorts off and lay down next to her. When he kissed her, she tasted herself on his lips and tongue.

She sucked hungrily at his mouth. "I wish Jack was more like you."

She made a grab for his cock.

He pushed her hand away. "I'll do it."

"You're like Jack," she said wryly. "Men!"

He leaned over and kissed her. "What do you want?" he said.

"I want to get fucked."

"Just exactly what do you crazy women want? I'm going to fuck you, bitch. What the hell do you want? You're all alike."

"Shit, Ted, fuck me!" She grabbed his dick and squeezed. "Just fill me with your dick and save the lectures for your girlfriends."

He clamped his hand over her gash and bit her tit. "What a mouth," he said. "What a fucking big mouth."

"That's what Jack tells me." She stroked his prick and fondled his balls. "But you'll appreciate it when I suck you off."

He thrust two fingers into her pussy and used his thumb on her clit. "Jesus, you must give the best blow-job in town with that big mouth."

Wave after wave of pleasure coursed over her. She moaned and writhed and pumped his dick.

"Shit, think of all the time we wasted," he said.

Her cunt was sopping wet and horny. He fingered her and she clamped her thighs tightly around his hand.

He thrust a third finger into her cunt. She felt stretched. Almost as if she had a cock inside her. "Jesus, Ted, if you fuck as good as you suck and frig, I'm in business."

Her head reeled. She lifted her ass up and felt her cunt lips quiver. She wanted his cock inside her, but she wanted his fingers too. She was just horny and she knew it. Why else would she suddenly be so hot for Ted?

Still, her pussy was aflame. Her clit felt swollen and ready to explode. Every nerve ending in her body tingled. She forgot the dingy room and musky smell. Ted had a nice big cock and that was all that mattered.

She knew her brother-in-law considered it a coup to be in bed with her. That didn't bother her. Let him think he seduced her. She knew better.

"Okay, stick it in," she said. "Stick it in and fuck me."

He groaned. "Jesus, you're sure a ball breaker."

Grumbling, he did as she asked. He climbed between her legs and pushed them wide apart. She pulled her knees back and exposed herself to his gaze.

He grinned when she squeezed and fondled her tits. She pinched and pulled her nipples and held her breath when he approached her.

"Stick it all the way in!" she hissed.

She tossed her head back and gasped when he pushed his cockhead inside her oozing cunt hole.

Her knees rubbed against her tits. His cockhead was inside her. He lurched forward and drove the full length of his fuck-hose into her slime-slippery snatch.

"Oh, yeah," she gasped. She tossed her head back and forth. "Oh, yeah, fuck!"

She shrieked as his fuckpole opened her up wide. She raised her ass and thrust back at his stroking dick. He was all the way inside her and she felt the trunk of his dick. Jesus, it felt good! "Okay, fuck," she muttered.

His pulsating cock moved in and out of her clutching pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and beat her heels on his back.

"Fuck!" she panted, her cunt muscles gripping his meat. "Oh, shit, that's good!"

She felt crammed and filled and wonderful. Just the fact that it was Jack's brother who was fucking her was kick. And he was a cocks man. The way Jack used to be.

"Don't be afraid, you won't hurt me," she said. "You can fuck me hard. I won't break."

"Okay, kiddo, you asked for it."

He began pistoning his prick deep inside her guts. He corkscrewed as he thrust so his cock shaft rasped deliciously against her love-button.

Her cunt spasmed in pre-orgasmic delight. His balls slapped her with every thrust. She reached underneath and tried to grab his balls. Her tits bounced and jiggled from the force of his strokes.

"Jesus, Ted, you're a fucker!"

"Yeah, so are you."

A lock of hair fell over his eye and she clutched his asscheeks and humped back at him.

"When you fuck, you don't fool around," she gasped.

"Neither do you."

"Jesus, you're in so damn deep."

"You like?"

"I love."

He stopped pumping and grinned lewdly. "Want to stop?"

She beat her heels against his back. "Don't you ever stop."

"Make me."

"Give it to me, you jack-off!"

He began stroking again, pistoning his dick relentlessly into her pussy. She held his ass and humped her ass up and dawn. She felt as if she were swallowing him up with her pussy.

"You sure needed it," he panted.

She radiated pleasure from every pore. "I sure did," she agreed. "Sure glad I bumped into you."

"We'll do it again."

"My brother sure is an asshole," he said.

"Oh, don't talk about him." She didn't feel guilty, but she didn't want to be reminded about Jack at the moment.

She wiggled her ass and moved, her hands under her body to lift herself up. She rammed up forcefully and fucked his dick.

"You ever stick it to Jeff?" he said. She lied: "No, did you ever fuck one of your kids?" He had three, two girls and a boy.

He chuckled. "That's my business. Hey, you got same snapping pussy."

Soon she felt herself approaching orgasm. He seemed to sense it and he slowed, down his stroking.

It was too late. Her cunt contracted around his prick and when she opened her eyes she felt the first hot jet of his spunk as it shot into her still-quivering cunt.

"I'm coming!" he yelled.

"Oh, yes," she cried. "Oh, yes, I feel you." She felt her cunt lips close around his prick.

He thrust so hard she thought he might huff her. His load, seemed endless and soon the bed was drenched. She wondered how many other couples had fucked on this bed in the past twenty-four hours.

"Oh, Christ!" he panted as he finished up. She milked him. She squeezed her cunt round his prick and he collapsed on her chest. She held him in her arms and suddenly he was fucking her again. He continued fucking her until his cock slipped out and he lay facing her, exhausted.

Later they sat up and talked as they shared a cigarette.

"So you and Jack go your own way, huh?" She blew some smoke out and grimaced. "He's been fucking around for years."

"And you figured you'd get in on the action."

She inhaled deeply. "Yeah, why not? I've got rights too."

"You're not lying to me when you say you never touched Jeff?"

She flushed. "That's none of your damn business."

He took her into his arms. "Hey, never mind me. I never could keep my mouth shut."

Her hand dropped to his crotch and she idly played with his limp prick. As she toyed with his cock, they continued chatting.

"I wouldn't mind doing this once in awhile," she said.

"Me too," he said. "Hey, you're bringing my dick up again."

She glanced down and smiled. Sure enough his cock was stirring. A shiver of sweet anticipation swept through her.

He kissed her and nuzzled her ear. "I broke my girls in," he said.

"Oh, Jesus, they're just kids," she groaned. "If they're big enough, they're old enough." His daughters were quite mature for their ages.

"I guess you're right," she said, sliding down and moving her lips over his hairy chest and belly. In a moment her mouth was over his prick and she didn't waste a moment. She took it in to her mouth and began sucking.

He groaned and held her head with both hands. She flicked her tongue over the flared rim under his cockhead.

With a lunge, she slid her lips all the way down to his balls and held his cock inside her throat.

"Sweet Jesus, you're some cocksucker," he said, admiration in his voice.

She eagerly swabbed her tongue over his pisser and then once again took him into her throat.

Jack's brother, she thought again and again. I'm sucking Jack's brother. And I love it.

"Suck it good and hard and I'll fuck you again," he said.

How like Ted, she thought. I'll show him. I'll get on top the way I did with Jeff and I'll fuck him. I'll bet Beth never gets on top.

She spit his prick out and cupped his balls in both hands. She nuzzled them with her nose and lips and then licked them.

"I'll give you a nickel if you suck me off," he snickered.

Her cunt twitched. She had a sudden urge to take his load in her mouth. "I'll do it for nothing," she said.

He groaned and bucked his hips when she began fucking him with her mouth. He came quickly and the feel of his jizz cascading into her throat brought her off.

Chapter FOUR

Judy squeezed her legs together and sighed with pleasure. She leaned against the headboard and gazed down at Jeff.

"I dreamed about you last night," she said. The boy grinned. "What were we doing, Mom?"

"We were fucking, of course, honey." She let her legs fall open and fingered her tits.

He gazed with admiration at her boobs. Leaning forward, she ran her hand over his flat belly.

She worked her way down to his prick and touched it. The teenage boy smiled and in a moment his cock stiffened.

Giggling softly, she loaned down and kissed him on the mouth. "I guess I know what you want," she said.

"Jesus, Mom, you always know what I want."

Mother and son had been sleeping together for two months. Judy found herself drawn to him more and more frequently. As for Jeff, he became obsessed with his mother. When they weren't actually in bed, he seemed to be sniffing around her.

Now she squeezed his quickly hardening dick. They lay naked on his bed. It was late afternoon and as usual they had the house to themselves. Her pussy quivered as she fondled his prick. Soon his cock would be inside her and how she craved it!

"Does that feel good, baby?" she said.

"Sure, Mom."

"Do I have a good touch?"

"The best."

She moved just his cock skin over his pole and caressed his chest and belly. She loved fucking the boy. She loved giving him pleasure and talcing it in return.

She released his prick and watched it pop back and almost hit his belly. She climbed between his legs and brushed her lips over his belly.

She pressed her cheek against his cock bush and his cock lurched against her nose. She sniffed his male aroma and couldn't resist licking his juiced-up cockhead.

"I love when you do that, Mom," he said. "Oh, baby, not as much as I get off doing it!"

"Wanna bet?"

She briefly lapped her tongue over his silken skinned cockhead. "Yeah, I'll bet."

She cradled his shaft against her cheek and flattened her tongue over the tip. The teenager groaned. She kissed each vein on his fuck-hose and pressed her hot lips against his balls.

As she made bye to his dick, he shivered. He was more relaxed now than he'd been in the beginning of their affair. It amused her to watch him go from a randy boy to a lusty man. She knew she was teaching things that no young girl could show him.

She licked his cock rapidly now, tonguing it hungrily from base to tip. At the same time she jerked him off with her fingers.

"Spit on it, Mom," he said.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" She drooled over his prick and watched her saliva wet him down. "Yeah, it feels good when you jack me off and it's wet."

"Oh, baby, you're making me so hot!" She closed her lips around his cockhead and sucked hard.

"Oh, shit, Mom, that's good!" She trembled with joy. God, she loved sucking the boy's cock!

Her lips fastened to his prick, she sucked eagerly and noisily and used her fingers on his shaft. He groaned from time to time, but his eyes were closed and his face was inscrutable.

She sometimes wondered what he was thinking while she was sucking his prick. She loved when he ate her pussy, but given the choice she much preferred sucking him off.

"Yeah, Mom, that's good," he croaked. She nipped his cockhead with her teeth. "I love it," she said, closing her lips around his cockhead and applying suction.

She fluttered her tongue over his piss-slit and licked the flared rim under his knob. The boy began pumping his ass and trying to force more of his dick into her mouth.

She retained control, but slid the ring of her lips further down his cock shaft. She inhaled him, almost swallowing his prick into her throat.

At one point his prick hit the roof of her mouth and then he lurched up and it rammed into the back of her throat.

He threw his head back and writhed his ass on the narrow bed. She climbed to her knees and got a better grip on him. Then she bobbed her head up and down and slid the ring of her lips up and down his meat.

He began panting for breath and groaning. She felt a surge of power. None of the little teenage girls he knew could give him this much pleasure. It took a grown mature woman to know bow to suck a cock.

She lay a hand on his belly as if to calm him down. She mouthed him more slowly. She wanted to teach him to take his time. There's no hurry, she thought. My baby boy, there's no hurry at all.

When she almost reluctantly released his cock from her mouth, she saw that it glistened with her saliva. She gobbled it up again and it quivered in response.

When he showed signs of climaxing, she pulled her lips off his prick and smiled down at him.

"You like the way suck your cock, don't you?"

"Jesus, Mom, you've got the wildest mouth!"

"Want some more?" she teased him by brushing her lips over his prick-tip.

With a shudder of lust, she hefted his ball bag in her hand and bent down to lick it. She held his prick in her fist while she sucked his nuts into her mouth.

"That's good, Mom," he said. "How's this?" She drooled over his balls and licked it off with long swipes of her tongue.

"Oh, shit, it's great!"

She continued licking his balls and squeezing his cock shaft. She covered her teeth with her lips to avoid bruising his delicate ball-flesh.

"Take my cock in your mouth again," he said, squirming abruptly.

She sucked his cockhead into her mouth and he thrust forward to plunge his shaft into her throat.

Her pussy throbbed with need. As much as she loved blowing him, she needed fucking badly.

With a cry of passion she released him and rolled onto her back. "Get on top of me and fuck me," she said. "Come on. Climb into the saddle and stick it to me."

The boy rose up to his knees and gazed with hot eyes at her nakedness. There was raw lust in his eyes and she opened her legs to let him see her raunchy cunt.

"Touch it," she said. "Go on. Touch it."

"I will," he whined, moving closer. Impatient, Judy pulled her cunt lips open and wiggled her ass. The teenager leaned down and she saw his nostrils flare as her scent wafted up to his nose.

Finally he placed his hands on her inner thighs and spread them further apart. He snaked his fingers into her snatch and she sighed with pleasure.

"Mmmmm, that's good, baby," the horny mother said.

Once he began playing with her cunt she knew from experience it would be hard to stop him. He was fascinated by her pussy, as all teenage boys were fascinated with snatch. Judy liked to think that what she had between her legs was special. And the expression in the boy's eyes told her it was.

"Get over here and fuck me!" she hissed, holding her arms out and beckoning to him.

"Aw, Mom, can't I eat you first?"

"No, fuck me first. I want you to fill me with your prick. Oh, baby, I need it. I really need it."

The teenager grinned and awkwardly mounted her. He was still a little timid about getting on top of her and she tried to help by reaching for his prick and pushing it against her cunt.

Once he was in the proper position he took over. With a ramming of his hips he sank his cocks balls-deep into her hungry pussy.

"Oh, yes, fuck me!" she gasped. "Fuck me until I scream."

She writhed her ass as he stretched her cunt with his dick. It felt wonderful as it reamed her. It felt good to have the boy's weight on her body.

He hadn't yet learned how to keep his weight on his elbows when he fucked. There was so much to teach him. But that's what mothers were for.

She used one hand to manipulate her clit. "Why're you doing that, Mom?" he croaked.

"Because it feels good to rub my clittie while you fuck me."


Her strong cunt lips clutched his prick. The teenager moved his ass slowly, reluctantly pulling his shaft out of the tight confines of her gash.

She sighed with pleasure as his young prick plunged in and out of her hot box. The feel of her own flesh and blood reaming her sent chills up and down her, spine.

"Fuck me, baby!" she wailed. "Fuck me!" With a sob, he shoved forward and rammed his cock deep inside her slit. When his cock shaft rubbed against her clit, she removed her hand. The feel of his dick on her love-button was delicious.

With pounding heart, she writhed her ass and fucked back at his stroking dick. Her pleasure knew no bounds.

"Good fucking, baby," she crooned. "Nice deep fucking is making your old mother so happy."

"Aw, shit!"

With a happy moan she wrapped her legs around him and pulled his cock more deeply into her pussy.

Her hands were all over him, on his ass and his hair and his thighs. Each time he pulled out and plunged back in she could feel his cock stretching the hungry mouth of her cunt.

She deliberately rolled and wiggled her hips. She closed her eyes and felt the sensations of his prick pushing into her cunt and then pulling out again.

She felt his warm breath on her neck and felt him trembling in her arms as he reamed her.

When he moved his lips to her mouth, she eagerly kissed him. She frenched him hotly and gyrated her ass on the bed as she welcomed his pile-driving cock.

He humped her awkwardly as he became more aroused. His cock dove deeper into her twat with every stroke.

She felt dizzy and warm and knew she was fast approaching the wonderful moment of orgasm. "Oh, fuck me, Son!" she whispered, moving her hands to his hips and humping up and down. "Fuck me!"

She wrapped her legs around his ass and urged him on. She clawed at his asscheeks and left red welts behind. She wanted him to love her forever.

"Fuck me, Son!" she shrieked. "Fuck me!"

Her thick black hair was damp and clung to her forehead as she wriggled around. She squirmed her ass and tossed her head down from side to side on the pillow.

His firm young body seemed to become more muscular and certain as they fucked. She dug her fingers into his ass and raked her nails over his back.

She was out of her mind with lust. Nothing mattered except achieving the exquisite release of an orgasm. Nothing mattered except the feel of his cock plunging in and out of her grasping fuck-hole.

Her cunt and her son's cock became the end-all and be-all of her existence. There was nothing else. She forgot about Jack and Lucy. There was only Jeff and his stiff cock whipping into her succulent gash.

He was fast approaching orgasm too. Her cunt spasmed with anticipation. It was best when they came together. But it didn't matter. When she felt his load, in her guts it would be wonderful.

My fuckable son, she thought. My wonderfully fuckable son.

Her pussy throbbed wildly and the bottom half of her body was aflame. She began to panic. Why wasn't she coming? Why was her orgasm eluding her? She needed to come so badly she thought she'd lose her mind.

"Oh, damn, almost!!" she cried.

She wrapped her legs more tightly around his back and bucked up and down. She tried to will herself, to come.

I'm just overexcited, she thought. I'm too turned-on, if that's possible. I have to concentrate on feeling his prick inside me. I'll go crazy if I don't.

It wasn't easy. She knew from his movements that it would be over soon. He couldn't last much longer. Soon he would be flooding her with his thick jizz and if she didn't come with him she'd be left frustrated. Horribly frustrated.

She could always use her fingers, but it wouldn't be the same. There was nothing like fucking to get her rocks off. Nothing like having a cock inside her.

She slipped a hand between them and frantically masturbated. She felt his prick thrusting in and out of her hairy hole and she moaned with frustration.

"Try not to come yet, baby," she said. "I'm almost there, but not quite. Try to hold back until I'm ready."

"I'll try, Mom."

She squeezed and mauled his asscheeks and he took a deep breath. He placed his full weight on his elbows and gazed dawn at her with admiration.

"Jesus, you look beautiful, Mom," he breathed.

"I must look a mess," she said, biting her lip as she writhed her ass.

"Oh, Jesus, that's good!"

"Oh, God, fuck me, baby! Fuck me with your hard cock!"

Grunting and fighting to keep control, the teenage boy rammed his prick in and out of her spasming cunt. She knew when she felt him stiffen up that he would soon blow.

She tried to stop him from moving, but it was no use. A groan escaped his lips and a blast of hot jism splashed into her pussy.

Fortunately her clit erupted at just that moment. She rammed her heels against his back and cried out as she came.

Without thinking she rolled over and the boy automatically plunged his still-spurting dick inside her from behind.

"Keep going," she moaned, and he managed to sink his cock more deeply inside her in the animal-like position.

He held her hips and continued fucking her even when his balls were drained. Raw pleasure surged through her. She'd forgotten how much she liked this position. It was so easy to masturbate when she was positioned on her hands and knees. And he was able to penetrate her deeply even after his cock had lost its stiffness.

Her pussy convulsed again and she thought she felt another spurt of jizz jet inside her. She squeezed her cunt around his prick and the boy held her hips and rammed her.

She hugged a pillow and rubbed it against her tits. She wiggled her ass back at the boy, but now he stopped thrusting and lay panting against her back.

"Stick your finger in my asshole, honey," she said.

"Oh, Jesus!" he pawed, sitting in a crouching position and leaning against her ass.

He ran a finger inside her ass crack and paused at her shitter. "Oh, shit, Mom, your asshole's beautiful."

"Stick your finger in." She wiggled her ass impatiently. "Use your index finger."

In a moment he was pushing his finger inside her bung and she climaxed again. She thrust a finger into her cunt and felt his finger through the thin membrane separating her two fuck-holes.

Incredibly he entered her again and fucked her briefly, but well. When he dumped another load into her cunt, it was like an added bonus and she rolled onto her back and pulled him against her.

She cradled his balls in her hand and cooed in his ear. "What a lovely fuck," she said. "You fuck your mother so deliciously, honey. So deliciously."

His spunk drooled out of her cunt and wet the insides of her thighs. She moved a hand to her pussy and stroked herself.

Jeff's eyes were closed and his breathing was ragged. She wasn't tired. She climbed over the boy and ran the tip of her tongue over his nipples.

He opened his eyes and groaned. "Jesus, Mom, I don't think I can do it again."

"That's okay, honey, I just like kissing you." Later she brought his prick up again and showed him how to fuck her from behind while he stood up.

Once again she lay on her hands and knees with her thighs widespread and her tits pressed into the mattress.

He was the right height to enter her easily from behind. When she turned her head to watch him, he threw his head back and roared.

He sounded just like Jack at that moment and Judy trembled all over. "Fuck my cunt!" she hissed, burying her face in the pillow. "Fuck me into the ground."

Chapter FIVE

One day Judy took Jeff with her when she visited her mother in a nearby town. This gave Jack the opportunity he'd been waiting for. Time alone with his teenage daughter. Time to fuck her brains out.

It wasn't as if she wasn't asking for it. For about a year she'd been pushing her tits in his face at every opportunity.

She was only a kid, but he knew she wasn't a virgin. He'd have felt guilty for having filthy thoughts if she was cherry. But she was fucking pimply-faced kids ever since she'd been in high school. Well, by God, he needed her. He was her father and he had rights.

They had the whole day before them and by ten o'clock in the morning his nuts ached. Maybe, if everything went well, he'd be able to fuck her three or four times before Judy and Jeff returned.

Father and daughter had breakfast and stretched out on gliders in the yard. It was warm enough to sunbathe and Lucy wore a string bikini that showed everything she had.

Jack had downed a six-pack and he was feeling no pain. He normally didn't drink until noon, but he needed the moral support that booze gave him.

He went into the house for more beer, and on his way back to the yard he passed Lucy who was going into the house.

"I've got to pee," she said, swinging her tits as she walked.

He turned around and followed her. The sight of her boobs made his cock throb.

"I think I'll stay inside," he said, moving toward the den.

The little blonde's eyes darted over his crotch.

"Me too, Daddy."

A few minutes later she joined him in the den. The outline of her cunt was clearly visible through her bikini bottom.

She climbed onto the sofa next to him and took his beer can from his hand. She silently sipped it and their eyes met over the rim. She seemed to know what he had planned.

"I know what you're thinking, Daddy," she said softly.

"What, honey?"

She giggled and licked the rim of the beer can. "You're thinking that we're alone."

The little bitch was teasing him. "You sure look like a hot-pussied bitch in that bikini," he said.

She rested her arm behind his neck and ran her small hand over his chest. "Why, Daddy, how you talk."

They bantered back and forth for a while. Jack opened another beer and handed it to her. She sipped it slowly and as they talked she dragged her fingers down to his belly.

"A little lower and you'll find yourself in trouble," he said.

She deliberately touched his crotch with a fingertip. "Maybe I want to be in trouble," she whispered.

"I think you do want to be in trouble," he said. His head felt light. He wondered how it would feel to dive into her sweet young pussy.

She rested her head on his shoulder and rubbed his thigh very lightly. "Daddy?" she said.

"That feels nice," he grunted.

"Daddy, I've got an urge."

"What is it, baby?" She took such a deep breath her tits almost burst the seams of her bikini top.

"I'm afraid you'll be mad," she said. He caressed her hair and had to control his own urge to push her down between his legs.

"I think I know what you want," he growled, his fingers digging into her scalp. "Go on and do it before I lose my nerve."

He pushed her head down and she squealed with excitement. She slipped to the floor and on her knees and he spread his thighs.

"Suck me off, honey," he said. "Jesus, you've got me so hot I don't know what I'm doing."

"Yes, you do," she smiled, her eyes wide as she gazed at the bulge in his crotch.

"Take it now," he said.

The little teenager moved her hand over the mound that filled his pants.

"I've wanted to do this for ages," she breathed.

"Not a word to your mother, remember?" The girl's eyes sparkled and she rose up. She thrust her tits out and wiggled her ass.

"Stretch out, Daddy. I'm dying to suck you off, but I want to do something else first."

He didn't know what to think. Fora kid, she had a mind of her own.

He stripped down to his shorts and then glanced at her to see her expression. He was proud of his body. He was in good shape, if he held his gut in. Judy was always complaining about his belly, but the bitch was a ball breaker. Lucy was still young and sweet. And she'd always been her daddy's girl.

"Lay on your belly, Daddy, and I'll relax you."

His cock thrust up and made a tent of his shorts. The little blonde could hardly take her eyes off it.

When Jack was stretched out on his belly, she climbed onto the sofa between his legs and began massaging his back.

"That feels good, honey," he said. When she touched him like that he wanted to shove her down and hump her into the ground.

"You've got a tense spot here," the blonde said.

"That's not the only place I've got a tense spot," he snickered.

"Oh, Daddy, you're so funny!"

"I'll show you how funny I am in about five minutes."

She stroked his back and he groaned when she moved her fingers into the waistband of his shorts.

"I can't, tell you how horny you make me," she said.

"Yeah, well you should know how it feels from this side."

His cock was so hard it felt like a rock. He was so excited he couldn't think straight. Maybe he'd fuck her and have her suck him off later. Shit, sticking it to sweet young pussy would be a kick after living with that bitch, Judy for so long. He fucked around, but it wasn't the same. Fucking his own kid wasn't like, fucking some bimbo.

"Does that feel good?" she teased, letting her long blonde hair graze his back.

He groaned. His balls felt bloated and achy. "What do you think?"

"Why don't you take your shorts off?" she said.

"Oh, Jesus, shit!" he muttered, raising his ass and letting the girl peel his shorts off.

He lay down again, suddenly self-conscious about showing her his cock. What if she got scared and ran? What if she thought his cock was ugly? She'd only had experience with young kids. Young kids had cocks like babies. He had the cock of a man. Suddenly he panicked.

"You can still change your mind if you want to," he said.

She squeezed his bare ass with both hands. "I don't want to," she said.

He relaxed. The little cunt was hot. He could tell by her voice and the touch of her fingers.

She wanted it as much as he. These days kids were all bundles of sex. They knew everything.

Lucy caressed and fondled his ass and thighs, but was careful to keep her fingers away from his prick and balls. She couldn't see him from his position, but her pussy creamed with excitement. She'd wanted to fuck her father for years. And now it was finally happening. Her dreams had come true.

Almost instinctively she ran her fingertips into his ass crack. He groaned and widened the spread of his legs. It was then that she touched his balls for the first time and he flinched.

"Oh, Jesus, baby!"

He squirmed his ass for a moment and then lay still. He craned his neck and gazed back at her.

She knew what he wanted. He nodded solemnly. "Turn around, Daddy, and I'll work on your other side."

He rolled over and reached for her. A guy could only take so much. He had to have a feel of those big tits. Jesus, they looked delicious.

He pulled her over on top of him and squeezed her teenage boobs. She squealed when he yanked her bikini top dawn. The flimsy garment tore, but she didn't care. She giggled and rubbed up against him.

"I'd like to suck your cock now," she said.

She moved back and they both glanced down at his upthrust dick. His balls were swollen and he felt himself flush.

The little blonde's eyes smoldered and then widened. "It's so big!" she said, making a grab for his prick.

He groaned when she wrapped her dainty fingers around his cock shaft. She sighed and giggled and licked her lips.

"You don't think it's ugly, honey?" he said, beads of perspiration erupting on his forehead.

The little blonde touched the whitish foam oozing from his pisser. His cock shaft throbbed in the palm of her hand.

"I think it's beautiful, Daddy," she said in a hushed voice. "It's really big."

He relaxed and grinned. "You're making my balls ache."

A wave of lust coursed through the teenage girl's body. "You're making my pussy ache so we're even."

"Keep touching it like that," he said, holding his hand over hers as she squeezed his meat. "It feels good."

"I love your cock. And your balls are so big and hairy. I love them too."

"Do you still want to take it into your mouth?"

She threw her head back and giggled. "You bet."

Smiling seductively, she used both hands to pump his prick. She moved his cockmeat slowly, relishing the feel of his hard cock-muscle in her fist.

She knew how to fondle a cock. She'd been obsessed with male organs for years. She jerked him slowly, using the right touch to make him feel good, but not bring him off.

She rubbed the juice oozing from his pisser over his cockhead. She leaned over and blew her father a kiss.

"Suck it, honey," he said. "I can't take much more of that."

A groan came out of his throat when she moved her hands to his balls. She pumped his prick with one hand and fondled his balls with the other.

"In a minute," she said, her face flushed and her eyes shining. "I just can't stop doing this. I love it. It makes my pussy wet."

"Jesus, baby, how long have you been fucking around?"

She wrinkled her nose and thought for a moment. "I jerked a boy off in Mr. Garner's class. That long ago."

"I loved it."

He grimaced. He didn't want to hear any more. He was jealous of every kid she had ever sucked or fucked or, even touched.

She breathed deeply as she caressed him. "Daddy, I love your cock," she breathed.

"Take it in your mouth, baby," he said. "Take it in your mouth and suck it."

He groaned when she finally bent down and moved her lips to within an inch of his upthrust dick. She brushed her lower lip over his bloated cockhead and he felt her warm moist breath.

"I'm so horny," she said.

"Take it in your mouth." He was almost frantic with desire.

The skin of his cockhead was taut and damp with his spunk. She watched his expression when she touched her lips to the tip.

He groaned and bucked his ass off the sofa. She opened her jaws wide and then teased him by pursing her lips.

"I'm going to do it now, Daddy," she said.

"Suck it!"

She opened her mouth and gobbled his prick inside. He let out a loud sigh and she greedily lapped her tongue over his pisser.

He humped his ass and she knew what he wanted. She slid her lips to the root of his dick and held him in her throat.

My daddy's cock! she thought with a rush. I'm sucking my daddy's cock!

He groaned and laced his fingers through her long blonde curls when she scraped her teeth over his cockhead. She flicked her tongue up and down his shaft and wet him down with saliva.

She sucked like a pro and he wondered again how many guys she'd sucked off in her years. She was obviously an experienced cocksucker. And she obviously loved it.

She played with his cock-hair while she sucked. She pulled it lightly and at intervals took a few hairs between her teeth.

She bit down lightly and then slid her lips back down over his prick. She dragged her lips back and released him and her heart beat wildly.

"Am I doing a good job?" she said, wetting his ball-bag with the tip of her tongue.

"Great, baby."

"Do you like when I lick your balls like that?"

"I love it."

He groaned when she sucked one of his nuts into her mouth. He held her head in a tight grip as if afraid she would stop.

"You're terrific, kid," he said.

"I'm touching myself, Daddy," she said gleefully.

He noticed then that she had a hand between her legs. The little cunt was jerking off while she sucked him.

"Good girl," he chuckled. "I'm glad to see you know how to have a good time."

She moved her legs in a way that permitted him to watch her finger herself. She knew he was dying to fuck her. She loved that he wanted her so much. She wanted him too.

She wondered how it would feel to have his cock inside her pussy. Sometimes she wondered how it was possible to fit a big cock into a tight cunt. She smiled to herself. She knew the largest cock fit into the tightest cunt if a girl wanted it to.

Meanwhile Jack was afraid he might come before he was ready. "I want to suck your pussy, honey," he said.

"Oh, yes!" the little blonde said. Most of the time boys just wanted her to suck their cocks. She seldom had her pussy licked.

They changed places on the sofa and the hot little teenager eased herself onto her back.

She lay still and waited for her father to finish undressing her. He crawled between her legs and with shaking fingers he yanked her bikini bottom off.

Now she was naked too and she smiled sexily as she opened her legs and writhed her ass. She saw him staring at her teenage box. His eyes looked glazed and his prick twitched.

He began masturbating as he stared at her golden-thatched muff. She watched his hand as he pumped his cock. She began masturbating too. She clawed her juiced-up pussy. This was almost as good as having her pussy licked.

"If you come, I wish you'd come all over my cunt," she breathed.

"No, baby, I want to fuck you," he said, squeezing the root of his prick and forcing his cockhead to bulge.

Her ripe young tits bounced freely as she masturbated. He was amazed at how uninhibited she was. She positively glowed with excitement.

She had the face of an angel and the heart of a slut. He adored her and she knew it. He realized that he'd waited for years for this moment.

He knelt between her silken-skinned thighs and grabbed her tits in both hands. Her nipples were rubbery and long and pink and they hardened under his touch.

"Kiss them, Daddy," she moaned. "Kiss my titties."

He leaned over and sucked one of her tits into his mouth. He kissed her hotly while he mauled her boobs. Her tongue welcomed his. They dueled and bit and licked.

He rubbed his cheeks over her jugs and licked her nipples. He moved his hands under her ass and lowered his face to her pussy.

What a meal! he thought as he kissed her slit. She sighed and closed her eyes. Her eyelashes fluttered. He nuzzled his nose into her pussy and inhaled deeply. She smelled like every cunt he'd ever known, only better.

As much as he wanted to suck her, he wanted to fuck her too. He held her fleshy cunt lips open by tendrils of blonde hair and flicked his tongue over her cunt.

He watched her face as she spasmed. I just brought my own kid off, he thought. Either I'm a fucking pervert or the luckiest guy in the world.

"Oh, Daddy, you made me come," she cried, resting her legs on his shoulders.

"You taste delicious, honey," he said, slurping tip the fuck-honey that gushed from her cunt.

"Stick your tongue inside me," she said, wriggling her ass.

Jesus, what a hot-cunted bitch! he thought. How much could a guy take? Her excitement was a turn-on so he used his finger on her clit while he tried to force his tongue into her cunt hole.

Her mouth hung open and she went rigid when she came. "Oh, Daddy!" she breathed. "Oh, God, Daddy, you're making me come so good!"

After that everything was a blur. He entered her quickly and didn't last long. But it didn't matter. They had hours to explore each other. Hours to find the joy that comes from good fucking.

Chapter SIX

A week after Judy and Jeff's out-of-town trip to her mother's, she and the boy went downtown to buy him some clothes for school. When they were through shopping, they ran into Billy Palmer outside the store and stopped to talk to the boy.

Ted's only son was big for his age. His mother had given him a credit card and sent him downtown alone to buy some new shoes. Judy felt sorry for the kid. She invited him to lunch and he seemed pleased to see them.

They went into a hamburger joint and sat in a booth. Judy ordered Cokes for the boys and beer for herself along with cheeseburgers.

Within a half hour she had one hand on Jeff's thigh and the other on Billy's. Being a little drunk and a lot horny gave her the courage she needed.

"How's your dad?" she said, her speech slurred by the booze.

"He's okay," Billy said. He had a sweet, innocent face, but he grinned as she stroked his leg.

"And your mom?" Judy went on. Her fingers grazed the bulge in his crotch. For a kid, the bulge looked impressive.

"She's okay," he said, sipping the last of his Coke.

The boys didn't see each other very often but they liked each other. Now they talked about school and baseball. Judy paid little attention to the conversation. She had a hunger in her cunt and an idea.

Why not invite Billy home with them and fuck both kids at once? It was a wild idea, but one which appealed to her.

Her pussy twitched at the thought. What a slut I've become, she thought. But Jeff hadn't suffered any trauma. And Billy won't either. She ordered another beer and thought about how she would approach the whole thing. The prospect of climbing into bed with her son and her nephew made her pussy itch.

How like Beth to send Billy downtown shopping alone. She was a lousy wife and a lousy mother too.

She called for the check and threw some bills on the table. "Come on, boys," she said. "We're getting out of here."

"Can I come home with you?" Billy said as they left the restaurant.

"Not only can you come home with us, but you can stay for dinner." She gaged to herself. He was playing right into her hands.

"Can I? Honest?" He followed on her heels as she walked to the parking lot. "Jesus, Aunt Judy, that'll be great."

"You have to call your mother and get permission." She shooed the boys into the car and climbed into the driver's seat.

"She won't mind," he said.

His head jerked back when she pulled out of the lot. She drove fast. She was excited and hot.

Jeff shot her a strange glance. She felt he knew what she had in mind. She winked at the boy and he nodded.

When they arrived in the house, she made certain Lucy wasn't there. She grabbed a six-pack from the refrigerator and told the boys to go up to Jeff's room.

When she joined them they gazed at her wide-eyed. "We're going to have a party," she said to her nephew as she lacked the door behind her. "And if you ever tell anyone what we do in here I'll make sure you're sorry."

The boy shook his head and looked frightened. "I won't tell," he said.

"You'll see," Jeff said. "It'll be great." But he looked frightened too.

Judy could see Jeff was apprehensive. She tousled his hair and pulled the blinds closed.

"Do you think I'm pretty, Billy?" she said. The boy cleared his throat. "I think you're real pretty," he croaked.

She smiled. "Well, you're going to see more of me than you ever thought you'd see," she said, winking at Jeff. "Do you like big tits on a girl?" Billy snickered and Jeff chuckled out loud. "Sure, who doesn't?" Billy said. "Well, mine are big," she said, holding her tits with both hands and caressing them. "I told you my mom was something." Jeff said to his young cousin.

Billy blushed. "I wish my mom looked like you."

Judy moved closer to the boy and took his hand. She liked turning him on. He was so cute and vulnerable. And she'd already fucked his father half a dozen times.

"I bet you're well-hung," she said to Billy. She was dying to see if his prick resembled Ted's.

"Huh?" Billy turned pale.

"She's just kidding," Jeff said. "Who's kidding?" Judy said, unbuttoning her sweater. "Tell you what. Let's play show and tell. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours." She swayed slightly. "And if I wasn't a little drunk I wouldn't have the nerve to talk this way."

They all laughed and that broke the tension. "Do you mean it, Aunt Judy?" Billy said.

She took the boy's hand and touched it to her tits. "Cross my heart." She stared into his eyes.

He blushed furiously and looked toward Jeff. The older boy nodded. "Tell her yes!" he hissed.

"I'll play," Billy blurted.

Judy creamed her panties. It was so easy once you knew how. She was surrounded by young cock and it was, all hers for the afternoon.

"Say you want to suck my big tits."

"I want to suck them, Mom," Jeff said.

"I know you do, honey," she said, her eyes boring into Billy's. "But I want to hear it from Billy. Do you want to suck my nipples, Billy? It makes me very hot to have my nipples sucked. Maybe I'll let both you boys suck them. Billy can suck one and Jeff the other." She turned from one boy to the other. "But first Billy's got to tell me he wants to suck my big pink nipples."

The boy worked his lips but had difficulty forming the words. Finally he spoke. "Jesus, Aunt Judy, I'd love to suck your tits."

Judy released Jeff's hand and moved her hands to her hips. She wiggled her ass and smiled at her nephew.

"Well, if you can't say it, you can't say it." She stared at him until he looked away.

It was fun to be the center of attention. The pre-teen was positively sweating. The bulge in his fly pushed against the denim of his jeans. His eyes remained glued to her tits.

"Have you ever sucked a girl's pussy?" she said.

Billy frowned and shook his head. "No, but a girl once sucked my dick."

She finished unbuttoning her sweater and pulled her shoulders back. "But you're a virgin?"

He nodded and looked down. "Yeah."

"Are you going to break him in, Mom?" Jeff said, his voice excited.

She shrugged. "Why not?"

She slipped out of her skirt and sweater and stood before the boys half-naked. She took a sip of beer and hiccupped. Then with a giggle she unhooked her bra.

With a sultry smile she peeled the flimsy cups away from her tits and tossed the bra into Billy's face.

He was taken by surprise and the garment fell to the floor.

The boy breathed through his mouth as he awkwardly fondled her tits. He kept avoiding her eyes and glancing toward Jeff who was struggling out of his clothes.

With her shoes off, Judy was the same height as her nephew. She kissed him and from his reaction knew he'd never been trenched before.

Now Jeff was stripped and he climbed onto the bed and watched them. "Make him suck your tits, Mom," he said, pumping his cock.

"Get it good and hard, but don't come yet," Judy said to the boy.

She took Billy's head in her hands and guided, it down to her chest. The boy groaned when she shoved a fat pink nipple into his mouth.

"Jeff, watch Billy suck my tits," she cried. Jeff yanked more slowly on his prick as he watched his cousin suction the hard tip of his mother's tit into his mouth.

Judy smiled down at the top of Billy's head and winked at her son. Billy slurped and sucked and licked the pink morsel until her nipple became sore.

"Don't bite it off," she giggled. She guided his head to her other tit. "Now this one."

He sucked her fresh tit into his mouth. His eyes were feverish, and soon both tits were wet with his saliva.

"I like watching you," he grinned, still beating his meat.

"I thought you would," she said. She kissed the underside of Billy's prick and finished undressing. Billy held his prick and watched her.

He gazed at her cunt intently. She realized he'd probably never seen a woman's pussy before.

When she was naked, she approached him. "Did you ever ace your mother naked?"

He shook his head. "No." Eyes lowered, he trembled.

"Don't be scared," she said, crouching before him. She pushed his lap apart and climbed onto the bed. "Your mother's got what I've got. All women do."

With a glance at her son, she lowered her lips to. Billy's cock and closed them around his swollen prick-knob.

There was nothing she liked better than having her mouth stuffed with prick. She loved the taste and the feel and the smell. She loved the taste of his pre-orgasm spunk. She couldn't think of a thing she didn't like about cock.

Billy grunted and twisted his ass on the bed. He was obviously trying to please her.

She slid her lips to the base of his dick. Her mouth was stretched, wide. The trunk of the boy's cock was wider than she had anticipated. What a pleasant surprise.

She stretched her mouth in order to take him all the way into her throat. He wasn't fully hard yet, so it wasn't difficult. He seemed surprised when his cockhead hit the back of her throat. She wondered if he'd lied about being blown.

"Oh, Jesus, Aunt Judy!" he said. His eyes were shut tight and he grimaced with pleasure.

She dragged her lips down his cock and released some of his shaft. She kept her lips tightened around his pole. She knew her lips felt like a cunt to the youngster.

She suddenly thought of Ted. He'd probably laugh if he knew what she was doing. What a slut, he always said when they fucked. Why didn't I find you before Jack did?

And she felt like a slut. A wanton, cock hungry slut. Why not? That's what it was all about. Fucking and sucking.

She wondered if Beth enjoyed sex. Ted claimed she was frigid. Judy didn't believe there was any such thing as frigidity. She thought Ted probably scared her to death on their honeymoon and turned the poor woman off for life.

Actually Beth wasn't bad looking. She had big tits and a round ass. But she dressed like an old lady. She actually tried to hide her tits behind baggy shirts and sweaters.

And now I've got her son's cock in my mouth. She'd croak if she knew.

Chapter SEVEN

Judy almost forgot about Jeff in her zeal to give Billy a blow-job he'd never forget. Now she glanced at the boy.

"I haven't forgotten about you, honey."

"I know, Mom. I like watching you suck Billy."

"What does it look like?"

"Like a porno flick."

"Have you ever seen a porno flick?" He grinned.


"There's so much I don't know about you kids," she said with a sigh.

She turned her attention back to Billy. She hefted his balls in her hand. His ball-bag was pink and almost hairless. There was an innocence about his nuts. But then he was only a kid.

She gently caressed his balls and thought about the delicious milk that swelled them. She licked her lips, tempted to suck him off and drink down his fuck juices.

"I think I'll blow you and let you come in my mouth," she said.

His eyes widened. "Honest?"

"Would you like that? It would mean we probably won't be able to fuck."

He didn't hesitate. "I'd love it, Aunt Judy."

"Will you blow me too, Mom?" Jeff said.

"Of course. And I've got a good idea. You can lick my cunt while I blow Billy."

"Oh, fuck, here I go," Jeff muttered as she turned her attention back to Billy.

She pumped the boy's dick and watched his face. She didn't want to bring him off too soon. She wanted him to enjoy it.

She lay on her side facing Billy who was lying on his side. Jeff crouched over her and her legs fell open.

He buried his face between her legs. She was taken by surprise when he rubbed his nose against her cunt.

"Take it easy, baby," she said. "Don't make me come yet."

He licked her cunt-tissues and she leaned closer to Billy and took his prick into her mouth.

She took more and more until his cock-knob tickled her throat and his balls slapped her chin.

She bobbed her head and fucked him with her mouth. She licked his pisser on the out stroke and nibbled on the flared rim under his cockhead.

Billy shuddered and groaned. He wouldn't last long. "Christ!" he yelled.

She licked up the jizz oozing from his piss slit. Jeff ran his tongue up and down her slit. He tried to stick his tongue into her cunt hole. She bucked ha ass and reached down to direct his tongue over her cunt.

Jack would shit if he could see her now! A boy's cock in her mouth and another boy's mouth on her cunt. One kid was his nephew and the other his son. Shit, he'd shit!

She heard herself moaning as she struggled to breathe and mouth fuck Billy. When she thought of the load awaiting her, she trembled.

She clamped her thighs around Jeff's head.

The boy certainly knew how to suck a gash. But then she'd taught him well.

Now she moved one hand inside Billy's ass crack and tickled his bung. He groaned and rammed his prick into her throat.

"Mmmmmmm, easy!" she mumbled, tears coming to her eyes. "You'll choke me to death."

She spit his prick out and used her fingers on his shaft. She wet his brownie with saliva and snaked a fingertip inside.

"Jesus, Aunt Judy, your finger is in my asshole!"

"Don't I, know it," she giggled.

At that moment Jeff stuck a finger into her asshole. She hungrily sucked Billy's dick back into her mouth.

She devoured him until the boy groaned helplessly and seemed to go rigid. She pulled her lips off his prick and gazed down at him.

"Let it out, honey," she said. "Come in my mouth."

"This I've got to see," Billy said, sitting up to watch.

She barely noticed her son. She was intent on taking Billy's sweet cream into her throat. She swooped down on him and filled her mouth with his boyish fuckpole.

His cock throbbed and lurched against the roof of her mouth. Then he stiffened and groaned, sounding like a wounded animal. His cock slid into her throat and a moment later he came. The first shot of jism hit her windpipe.

She loved it. Splash after splash of bittersweet spunk erupted from his prick. It filled her mouth to overflowing and she swirled her tongue over his cockhead as it exploded.

She was amazed at the extent of his load. It gushed out, thick and warm and gluey. And how she enjoyed it! It was only at the end that she noticed Jeff intently watching her and she felt a little embarrassed.

She winked at her son and squeezed the last few drops of jizz from the tip of Billy's cock. For dessert she ran her tongue over his asshole.

"That was delicious," she said, glancing meaningfully at Jeff. "But I'm still hungry."

With a final suck on Billy's prick, she turned to her son and crawled between his legs. She let her tits flop over his face and he licked her, but she pulled back and closed her lips over his cock.

She took him in deep, sliding her lips down until she had his cock halfway down her throat.

Using one hand to pump his shaft, she fucked him with her mouth. She was aware of Billy watching them and that drove her on. She felt wild and free and wonderful.

Jeff only lasted a few minutes. And little wonder. She milked him greedily and soon he shuddered and shot off into her mouth.

Crooning and hissing like an animal, she licked her lips with glee.

When she thought he was through, another see of come splashed in her mouth. She drank it down and the next jet hit her in the eye.

She massaged his cream into her skin and swallowed convulsively. She let the residue wash over it teeth and gums.

The horny mother felt overwhelmed by dick and jizz. First her nephew and now her son. She felt dizzy from it all.

As much as she loved it, she hadn't come and her pussy was wet and throbbing. With a cry of raw lust, she flopped onto her back and plunged two fingers into her pussy.

"Watch me, boys," she shrieked finger fucking herself. She opened her thighs wide and humped her ass up off the bed. "Watch me jerk off!"

Her total depravity drove her on. The boys gazed at bar with glittering eyes. They watched her fingers plow into her cunt. Neither thought of helping her. They were too mesmerized by her wildness.

She used a finger on her cunt and two fingers to fuck herself. She rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples.

The boys frigged themselves as they watched. She giggled. "Bring them up again, boys," she said. "Then we can fuck!"

Hilly groaned, his face contorted with lust. Jeff stared at his mother intently. She had no idea what he was thinking, but it didn't matter.

He looked fascinated by her actions.

Now she frantically sought to bring herself off. She wanted to come and let the boys see what a woman looked like when she was in the throes of ecstasy.

As she frigged herself she watched their cocks swell. She watched the two salamis harden and knew it wouldn't be long before she was reamed fore and aft by teenage fuck.

Oh, fuck, Billy's only a kid! she thought. What the hell, I can't stop now.

Her cunt was aflame. By the time she came she was wild with need and her orgasm only satisfied her for a moment.

"I'm coming boys!" she yelled. "I'm coming!"

She continued frigging herself and her pussy grabbed her fingers. The boys crouched around her and watched. Billy, especially, looked fascinated.

"Get over here, both of you," she said breathlessly. "I need fucking."

"Jaw, Mom, you're really wild today," Jeff said.

"I can't help it," she said. She knew she was shocking him, but she was desperate. She needed a cock. Was that so wrong?

She made Billy stretch out on his back and she climbed onto her hands and knees between his legs. She reached back and pointed at her ass.

"You can fuck me from behind, Jeff."

"In your asshole?" the boy said in a hushed voice.

She hesitated. "I was thinking of my cunt, but if you want my ass go ahead." She thought of Jack and how he hurt her when he fucked her asshole. "Be careful, honey. You can really hurt me if you're not careful."

The boy quickly moved behind her and she spread her thighs and tilted her ass back. She wanted him in her cunt so she deliberately let him see her dripping pussy-meat.

He pried her asscheeks apart and she felt his breath on her asshole. She moved a hand to her cunt.

"In here, honey," she said. "Fuck me in here."

"Jesus, Mom, I never saw your cunt up close like this," he said.

"Well, stop looking and stick your cock in there!" she hissed.

She turned her attention back to Billy and swabbed her tongue up and down his cock shaft. Jeff rubbed his cockhead between her thick hairy cunt lips and directed it at the entrance to her cunt.

Thank God! she thought, nursing on Billy's dick. God, it feels good to be penetrated!

She wriggled her ass and shivered as she waited to be entered. How she loved that moment! How she loved the feeling of being stretched by a big fat dick!

"Stick it in, baby! Give your mother what she wants!"

In a moment the boy pushed forward and thrust his dick all the way into her cunt. She fell forward onto Billy's prick.

"Oh, yes, you're in deep!" she cried. "Now in and out, honey. In and out of mother's cunt."

She flicked her tongue over Billy's balls. She concentrated on the feeling of Jeff's cock inside her. Billy lay perfectly still, his eyes wide and frightened. She'd forgotten the kid was cherry.

What a drag.

As Jeff fucked her, his cock rasped against her clit. He was able to enter deeply from this position. She felt open and vulnerable. But Jeff was her son. Who loved her more?

"Fuck me, honey," she said. "Fuck me until I come. Remember how I taught you to control yourself? You can do it. I know you can."

His cock fucked in and out of her depths. He plowed back and forth, grunting with every thrust.

Once again she salivated at the thought of taking Billy's load in her mouth. He'd be disappointed if he didn't fuck her, but she didn't care. She concentrated on her own pleasure. If she didn't, who would?

She began mouth-fucking the youngster, bobbing her head up and down and sliding the ring of her lips to the trunk of his prick.

She drooled around his meat and wiggled her ass at Jeff's stroking fuck-stick. This was a first for her, but she knew she'd do it again. She was the ham in the sandwich. Some sandwich.

The boys had her skewered, but she was in charge. That was the best part. For years Jack had called all the shots. Well, now it was her turn. Thank God I had at least one son, she thought.

When she came, her pussy spasmed convulsively. A low groan escaped from Billy's throat and he began shooting off.

"Oh, shit!" he yelled and his cock slipped out of Judy's mouth.

She quickly gobbled it up again and felt her pussy convulse again around Jeff's wildly thrusting dick.

Suddenly she expelled Jeff from her pussy and told him to stretch out flat. Then to the surprise of both boys she squatted over his face.

"Eat me," she said, mashing her pussy against his face.

She reached behind her and gripped the boy's dick. While he ate her cunt she pumped his prick.

"What about me?" Billy whined.

"Shut up and watch," she snapped.

When she sensed that Jeff was about to come, she quickly mounted him and thrust his prick into her cunt.

"Ride that cowboy," she said, her tits flying as she swallowed his prick with her talented cunt.

"Jesus, Aunt Judy, you're fucking him again!" Billy wailed.

"Oh, fuck, that's good, honey!" she cried, ignoring her nephew. "Keep it hard for me. Keep it hard another minute. Oh, shit, that's good!"

As usual Jeff obeyed.

Chapter EIGHT

Jack wallowed in guilt. He knew it was wrong to take advantage of Lucy's youth and inexperience. Fucking his own kid was wrong, but, guilty or not, he continued to crave her.

She teased him constantly. Whenever she could, she walked around the house with her tits hanging out. Sometimes Judy ordered her to cover up. But most of the time she either didn't notice or didn't care.

Judy seemed distracted lately and oblivious of her daughter. Jack didn't give a damn about what Judy thought anyway. When she was distracted she didn't yell at him. That was all he cared about.

One day he was home alone with Lucy when Judy phoned. She sounded excited, babbling about a sale at some store. She told him that Jeff would be home late and to please fix dinner for himself and Lucy.

When he hung up, he realized Lucy had been listening. "We're on our own for dinner," he said.

He tried to steer clear of her, but as usual she wouldn't allow it. "Let's see now," she said, pressing up against him. "What shall we make for dinner?"

"Go away and leave me alone," he growled, stalking into the den and sitting down on the sofa to read.

She followed him and stretched out with her head on his lap. Jack had no choice. He gazed down into her sexy young face and tossed his paper onto the floor.

"You're asking for it, aren't you?"

"Don't you want to do it again, Daddy?"

He stared at her rosebud lips and huge blue eyes. Who would guess that those lips could grip a cock so tightly? Who could guess that this sweet-looking face could look so fierce with desire?

She was a tease and a flirt and some day she'd be a ball breaker. Just like her mother. The thought of Judy made him wince. If she knew what he'd done she'd shit. No, she'd kill him.

There was no doubt about it, Lucy could cause him a lot of trouble. For, despite their fights, he loved. Judy and looked forward to growing old with her.

Now he couldn't resist placing his hands on his daughter's tits and pinching her ass.

"Ouch," she squealed.

"Isn't that what you want?"

She wriggled around. "Yes, but gently, Daddy. Gently."

"Gently?" he said. "You want gently, go get one of your boyfriends to lay you."

The little blonde was wearing tight short shorts and her pussy split was outlined by the material.

"I want you to fuck me," she whispered. She tufted her head and pressed her face into his crotch. She felt his cock throb. She knew just how to get to him. He tried to stay away from her, but she wanted him and she would have him.

She nuzzled against his stiffening prick. She giggled and gazed up at her father's tortured face.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she said.

He squeezed her tits hard. "You're going to get me in trouble one of these days."

"You like fucking me, don't you?"

"Yeah, I love it."

She sat up briefly and peeled her shorts down. She kicked them off her feet and rolled onto her side to expose herself.

Her panties were sheer and the crotch tiny. Tendrils of blonde hair escaped the tiny garment. She saw his eyes as he glanced down. She had him by the balls, so to speak.

She felt his cock pulsate against her arm. He stared at the triangle between her legs. She was wet with horniness and she touched herself.

"I'm so wet," she said.

"Yeah, I'll bet you are," he said, still not touching her.

"I'll never love anyone the way I love you, Daddy," she sighed. Her voice was husky with arousal.

She touched his thigh and fingered his crotch through his pants. She felt the outline of his dick and balls and she pinched what she thought was his cockhead.

"Now, you cut that out," he said. But he knew she had him by the nuts. How could he resist the little cunt when she was so damn sexy? "What if your mother finds out about this?" he said.

"Why should she find out?"

"These things have a way of getting out."

"I sure won't tell her."

Jack drew in his breath. "And I sure won't," he said grimly.

She moved her mouth down and blew her warm breath against his crotch. He groaned. The little tease was deliberately driving him crazy.

"You like having power over me, don't you?" he said.

She giggled and pressed her cheek against his crotch. "Let me take it out, Daddy," she said.

He laced his fingers through her hair. "Not yet. I'll say when."

"You're the boss." But her eyes told him she knew she had the upper hand.

He leaned his head back and she slowly worked his zipper down. He didn't stop her when she slipped her hand inside his fly and closed her fingers around his dick.

"Okay, you win," he said.

She brought his prick out and relied onto her belly. "Oh, Daddy, it's hard."

"Oh, Daddy, it's hard," he mimicked.

"What the hell did you think was happening?" She giggled as she examined his dick. His cockhead was red and bloated. The slit in the tip was big and wet. She never tired of looking at his prick. She was fascinated by everything about it. "I love your cock," she said.

"Maybe too much," he muttered, his eyes shut tight and his head on the back of the sofa.

She squeezed his shaft and played with his balls. She smiled each time he groaned. She loved turning him on.

Her eyes glittered as she opened her sweet mouth and wrapped her lips around his cockhead. He sucked in his breath as she bathed his knob in her saliva filled mouth.

"Let's get into a bed," he said.

"Can we get into your bed?"

"Absolutely not, young lady. We'll use your room."

She sat up and giggled. "Why can't we use your room?"

"You know why," he said, shoving her until she rose up. "It's your mother's room and mine. There are some things that are still sacred."

She held tight to his dick as she rose to her feet. He made her release him as he took the stairs two at a time.

He knew that if he gave her the upper hand she would become impossibly demanding. Just like Judy. Damn, they were alike.

In the girl's bedroom, he locked the door and pulled her into his arms. He held her ass and kissed her.

She rubbed up against him like a bitch in heat. Her firm asscheeks made his knees weak. He pushed his cock into her belly.

"How'd you like it in the ass?" he said. She blanched. "I don't think so!" she said, frowning.

"Why?" He kneaded her ass flesh and nuzzled her neck.

"I think it would hurt," she said.

He moved his hand to her tits. "If you're going to act like a whore, you've got to take it where whores take it."

She looked frightened. "Do whores do that? I didn't know that. I don't think I want to, Daddy. It might really hurt."

He was sorry now he'd frightened her. He wrapped her in his arms and frenched her. "I wouldn't hurt my little girl," he said, nibbling her earlobe. He felt her relax against him.

"I know, Daddy. I know you'd never hurt me."

He thought about Judy and the many times he'd forced himself on her when she hadn't wanted to take it up the asshole. But she was a grown woman and his wife. Damn it, women were supposed to let their husbands do those things.

Now he moved a hand between the girl's legs and felt her up. She had plump cunt lips and she was very wet.

He ran his finger up and down her slit. She squealed with pleasure. The crotch of her panties slipped inside her cunt lips.

"Let's get into bed," she said, her eyes glittering with excitement. "I'm dying to fuck."

As much as he hungered for her, he wanted to make her suffer a little. She had enticed him and pushed herself at him. She deserved to get punished.

He yanked her panties down and she stepped out of them. She pulled her tee-shirt over her head and once again he was amazed at how lovely her long blonde hair was.

He wondered how it would feel to have a thick strand of that hair wound around his prick.

What am I thinking? he thought. What kind of a man am I?

He shivered with lust as he held her in his arms. When they climbed onto the bed, he mauled her tits with both hands.

Still fully dressed, but with his cock sticking out, he moved his hands under her ass and lowered his mouth to her pussy. She wiggled around and her thighs felt soft as velvet on his cheeks.

She moaned as he began licking her succulent snatch. She bucked her ass and pulled his hair.

"Eat me, Daddy," she moaned, clamping her thighs more tightly around his face.

He turned around so she could reach his prick while he ate her. The little blonde eagerly took his cock in her hand and pumped it as he tongued her slit.

She squeezed his balls and the root of his dick. She smeared his fuck juice over the bloated head of his prick.

She was eager, but awkward. He badly wanted his cock in her mouth. He shifted around again and pulled her on top of him.

"Get your mouth on it," he said.

"You get on top, Daddy. I like it better when you're on top."

"Just like a woman," he growled.

He rolled on top of her and in a moment his cock and balls nudged her face. She gazed hungrily at the whitish glue oozing from his piss-slit.

Fucking her father was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to the teenager. She adored him and wanted to please him in every way.

Jack relished the fact that the girl was anxious to please him. Take advantage of it while you can, he told himself. In a few years she'll have a big mouth like her mother.

"Take my pants off," he said in a gruff voice. Stretching out on his back, he folded his arms behind his head and waited.

Like a little lackey, she climbed around and struggled to pull his pants down. When his pants and shorts were down to his ankles, she grabbed his prick and took it into her mouth.

Smiling teasingly, she turned back into the sixty-nine position and gave him her pussy to eat.

He kicked his clothes off and pried her asscheeks apart. As much as he loved gash he was even more fascinated by a woman's asshole.

Judy and he had fought about ass fucking from the beginning. He wanted to stick it into her butt on their honeymoon. Even then she gave him an argument, the bitch.

Now father and daughter simultaneously began eating each other. He groaned as Lucy took his cockhead into her mouth. He pulled her pussy down to his mouth and licked it hungrily.

She sucked and licked his fuckpole while he devoured her steaming trench. She slid her lips halfway down his cock shaft and lapped her tongue over the underside.

He was hard and horny and wanted to throw her down and fuck her hard and fast. But it was too soon. It was true she was moaning and breathing hard, but he knew from bitter experience she wasn't ready for the main event. Women took so damn long to get ready. It was a drag. Why couldn't they be more like guys?

Judy didn't turn him on like this anymore. Jesus, one touch of Lucy's hand and his cock stiffened. Half the time lately he walked around with a perpetual hard-on. It was embarrassing sometime and he wondered if Judy noticed.

Now he kneaded his daughter's lush asscheeks and she wiggled her pussy against his face. She licked his balls and he rubbed her asshole lightly.

When she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, he bucked his ass and rammed his cock halfway down her throat.

She swallowed around his prick and gave him incredible pleasure from the swallowing motion.

By now he was obsessed with fucking her in the ass. "Let me fuck you here," he said, dipping a finger into her brownie.

She spit his prick out. "Okay, if you promise to be careful."

He was so excited he'd have agreed to anything. "Sure, honey, sure. I'll be careful as hell."

"Oh, Daddy, I love sucking your cock!"

"Yeah, me too, honey."

He licked her clit contemplatively as he thought about how he would approach her asshole. Maybe it would be best to grease her up with Vaseline. There'd be hell to pay if he hurt her. She might even tell Judy.

What if Judy came home early and caught them together? The possibility made him hesitate. It was true the door was locked, but Judy would know what was going on. She had a sixth sense about those things.

It was too late to turn back. He was determined to fuck the little blonde in the ass. It was crazy, but true. Before they left this bed he was determined to cornholed her.

As if reading his thoughts Lucy tongued his balls and pumped his prick. "Come on, Dad," she said. "I need it now."

He released her abruptly. "Go get some Vaseline."

With a nervous giggle she climbed off the bed and went into her bathroom. She returned with a tube of Vaseline.

He stretched out on his back and glared at her. "Smear some on my cock," he said.

She climbed over him and smeared a huge gob of the grease on his dick. "Like that?" she said.

"Yeah, smear it around."

Her cheeks were flushed and her delicious looking tits flopped around ass she smeared the Vaseline into his prick.

When she was through, he made her climb onto her hands and knees and he greased up her bung. She craned her neck and glanced back at him.

"I'm so excited," she said.

"Yeah, me too."

"Does Mom let you fuck her in the ass?"

"None of your business." She hugged her tits and held her ass perfectly still. It felt good when he stuck a finger into her asshole. She hoped having his cock in there would feel good too. His cock was a lot bigger than his finger, but he was determined to go through with it.

When she was greased up inside and out, he pushed one finger and then two into her asshole to loosen her up. He used a screwing motion and she moaned softly, enjoying the sensations, but still frightened.

She stopped breathing when he pulled his fingers out and told her to move to the edge of the bed. She lay there with her ass in the air and her feet hanging over the edge.

Jack stood behind her and her pink-rimmed asshole winked up at him. He could barely contain his excitement as he positioned his cockhead against the puckered opening.

Her asshole seemed so small and vulnerable. Shit, this is going to be the fuck of my life, he thought. A cherry asshole!

He felt somewhat guilty so instead of sticking it to her, he used his fingers again to loosen her up. The little blonde wiggled her ass seductively and practically invited him to ram his dick up her bowels.

He couldn't wait any longer. With trembling fingers he shovel his prick against her shit-chute and pushed in. She yelled and tried to move out of the way, but he held fast and soon his cockhead was inside the elastic ring of her butt.

She yelled again, loud, but he was like a man possessed. "Shut up!" He gritted his teeth. "The worst is over. Stop yelling. You wanted it."

"It hurts!"

"Take it easy." With a lurch forward he stuffed the rest of his dick into her tender asshole.

She continued yelling, but he could tell she was enjoying it. She wriggled around, but didn't try to push his cock out.

He felt her asshole muscles squeeze his cock like a vise and he began fucking her slowly.

Her shrieks became moans of pleasure. She whimpered and sobbed, but at the same time she rammed her ass back at his thrusting dick.

He clutched her hips as he humped her. Her ass was fully visible to him and it was gorgeous. The most gorgeous part of a woman.

"Play with your cunt," he said. "Go on, play with it."

The little blonde moved a hand between her legs and fondled her cunt.

"Stick your finger inside," he said, and she eagerly obeyed.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" she yelled. "I love it so much. Fuck me!"

She came quickly, before he was ready and he continued impaling her asshole. He held her plump asscheeks as he pistoned his dick inside her.

As he was coming all he could, think about was how lucky he was to have a daughter who loved taking it in the ass.

Chapter NINE

"Is Mom a better fuck than me?" Lucy said, rolling onto her belly and enjoying the feel of the hot sun on her back.

She and Jeff were at the beach. It was Saturday and on hot days like this they enjoyed sunning and surfing.

They enjoyed each other's company in more ways than one. They lay very close together and occasionally one of them would touch the other. Brother and sister were good friends and lovers.

They had been lovers for two years.

Jeff lay on his back and smirked. "Sure, she's better than you. Everyone's better than you!"

"Shithead!" she hissed, smacking his arm. "Tell me. Is she a better fuck than me?"

"Stop it," he muttered, closing his eyes again and pretending to doze off.

"If you go to sleep I'll pinch your balls." He groaned. "Oh, shit, I believe you would, too."

The teenage blonde sat up and reached for, her tube of suntan lotion. She smeared some over her legs. "You bet I would. Now, tell me."

"Mom's a terrific fuck," he said softly.

The teenagers had no secrets from each other. It was when Jeff confessed that he was fucking their mother that Lucy decided to seduce her father.

Now all she had to do was show her father a little skin to get him sniffing. All she had to do was walk around the house with her tits half exposed and he almost raped her.

The teenage girl smiled and lay down next to her brother. "Does she give good head?"

"The best," Jeff said.

"So does Dad," she said. "He sucks my pussy like you wouldn't believe."

"Better than me?"

Lucy toyed with a strand of blonde hair. "Not better, but different."

"All this talk about fucking is giving me a hard-on."

"Yeah, me too, I mean I'm horny."

"Where'll we go?"

"I don't know."

They lay without speaking for a while. The sun beat down and Lucy moved closer to her brother.

"Mom's not home," she said.

"We can't do it in the house!"

"Why not? The first time we did it we did it in the house."

"That was different. It just happened. And we were crazy to take the chance."

"Daddy fucks me in the house all the time." Jeff opened his eyes and turned to her. "Yeah, Mom and I do it at home too."

"So?" Her eyes twinkled. "If she comes home, we can always pretend you're helping me with my homework."

He snickered: "Some homework."

They gathered their things and left the beach. The other swimmers gazed at them as they walked to the parking lot. Lucy knew they made a handsome couple. She wondered if people thought Jeff was her date.

She hurried to keep up with him. She noticed the bulge in his cut-offs. "I can see your hard-on," she giggled. "And so can everyone else."

"Come on, hurry up," he said impatiently. "I let Dad fuck me in the asshole." He shot her a meaningful glance. "Fuck you."

She climbed into the car next to him and switched on the radio. "You're just jealous."

He gunned the motor and pulled out of the parking lot. "Fuck you twice."

"I wouldn't mind." She wiggled her ass and snapped her fingers in time to the music. She was anxious to get laid. Sex! It was the greatest.

When they drove onto the freeway, he yanked his zipper down. "Here," he said. "If you're so damn horny, put your mouth on this."

She slipped down on the seat and wedged her head behind the steering wheel. She had sucked him off many times as he sped down the freeway. They both liked having people look into, the car and do a double-take.

"That truck driver almost went into that red car," she said.

"Let them look," he said.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah, let them look," she mumbled dreamily, her mouth filled with his cockhead.

He slowed down slightly as she began sucking. She lapped her tongue over his cockhead and slid her lips halfway down his shaft.

By the time they arrived at the house, his cock was rigid. He had trouble stuffing it back into his cut-offs. Finally he gave up and held a blanket in front of his crotch as they walked into the house.

Lucy called out, but there was no answer. Judy wasn't home, thank God.

They went upstairs to her room and quickly stripped their clothes off. Lucy climbed onto the bed and let her legs fall open.

Jeff was still struggling out of his shorts when she began masturbating. He gazed down at her and chuckled.

"You're one hot chick," he said, his eyes hot and admiring.

"You bet I am," she said.

"Jesus, Sis, the folks are sure hot stuff, aren't they? Do you suppose they're sleeping with anyone else?" He climbed onto the bed next to her.

"Dad's hot, okay. As far as them fucking other people, I think Mom is, but I'm not sure."

"Did you mean what you said before?" He moved a hand to her boobs.

She frigged herself slowly. "About Dad fucking me in the ass?"


"Yeah, I let him."

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, when it stopped hurting I liked it."

"Can I do it?"

"Sure, but you've got to grease yourself up first."

"Shit, I'll use the whole damn tube!"

He had fucked a few girls before Lucy, but she was his favorite lay. Except for his mother. Fucking his mother was almost holy. There was something so damn exciting about sticking his dick in his mother's pussy, he felt weak just thinking about it.

He thought Lucy was wild in bed. She couldn't get enough of cock. She liked sucking as much as fucking. Sometimes he thought she was a nymphomaniac and he worried that some day she'd get into trouble.

Now he went to the bathroom for Vaseline. When he returned, he greased up his prick and Lucy rolled onto her hands and knees.

With her legs wide-spread, she lowered her shoulders to the bed and hugged a pillow. She was anxious to see if Jeff was as good an ass fucker as her father?

She didn't have long to wait. In a moment he was behind her and squeezing and mauling her asscheeks. She loved having her ass caressed. Maybe she was just a born slut.

She couldn't lay still when he touched her that way. She squirmed around and wriggled her ass.

"You're making me so hot," she said.

"Don't move around like that."

"It's hard to lie still when I'm excited."

"Well, do it anyway."

He knelt behind her and she shivered when he kissed first one asscheek and then the other.

He licked all over her plump butt, working his tongue closer and closer to her ass crack.

She groaned when he flicked his tongue against her grommet. "Mmmmmm, that feels good," she said.

"It tastes good too," he said. "I don't know. Your asshole looks so small."

"Your cock'll fit," she said. "Dad's did."

"Yeah, I forgot."

He ran his tongue up and down her ass crease until she was wet with his saliva. At intervals he licked her slit. Hot sensations coursed through the teenage girl's crotch.

She buried her face in the pillow when he pressed his nose inside her ass crack. "That's perverted," she mumbled.

He licked back and forth over her brownie.

"Yeah, and you love it."

She wiggled and bounced even as he told her to stay still. It was impossible. His tongue felt so good on her ass. The pleasure was almost excruciating.

"Tell me when you're going to stick it in," she said.

He stopped licking and inserted a finger into her hung. "It won't be long."

"Is your cock real hard?"

"The hardest," he said, frigging her asshole with his finger.

"Stick it in."


He nudged her brownie with his cockhead and she tried relaxing herself. As he rubbed the tip of his prick back and forth, she felt her asshole open slightly.

"Oh, God, don't hurt me!"

"Here goes."

He entered her asshole, pushing his cock in slowly and stretching her wide. Lucy screamed into the pillow. It hurt like hell, but the pain was wildly exciting.

"I'm in," he said, leaving his prick imbedded in her butt.

"Jesus, Jeff, don't I know it!"

While Jeff was fucking his sister in the ass, Judy was in a motel with her brother-in-law.

They saw each other every few weeks. She enjoyed their trysts, but her lack of communication with Jack was depressing her.

Now she sipped some wine and listened to the sounds of Ted peeing.

"My brother's an asshole," he called out.

"Why, because he doesn't satisfy me?"

"Yeah, if I was married to you you'd be so well fucked you would walk bow-legged."

The toilet flushed and Ted entered the room zipping his fly. Judy shrugged. "You never can tell. Maybe I just don't turn him on anymore."

Ted patted his well-packed fly. "You turn me on," he said.

She glanced at his hard-on and smiled. "We're not married."

He thrust his pelvis forward in a lewd motion. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

He moved his hand inside her sweater and felt her tits. "I don't know how much longer we can meet like this," she said.

He slid a hand under her skirt and felt around her crotch. She automatically spread her legs. The crotch of her panties was wet. As usual she was horny.

"We'll talk later," he said. "Let's see that hot cunt of yours."

He rubbed himself as she slipped her panties off. She stood with her legs apart and her skirt up and showed him her cunt.

She held her cunt lips open and wiggled her hips. "Suck it," she said.

The hairy lips of her pussy pulsated with excitement. Her beaver was wet and matted. She thrust herself forward and watched Ted rub himself.

"Is this going to be a mutual masturbation, or are you going to fuck me?" she said.

"There's nothing wrong with mutual masturbation," he said, pulling his zipper down and hauling his dick out. "But if you insist, here's your friend."

She giggled. "I insist." She gazed at his prick and played with her cunt. The sight of his big fat fuckpole made her pussy throb.

He moved closer and stroked her hair. "Suck it," he said.

She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. "I thought you were going to eat me."

He grabbed her head and pushed his prick inside her lips. "First get this good and hard."

Eventually all men were alike, she thought.

They think of themselves first. Oh well, fortunately I love having a cock in my mouth.

"Get it good and hard," he said, stroking her hair.

She used her fingers and her tongue and lips and teeth. She reached inside his fly and brought out his balls.

She twisted his huge ball-bag in her fist and he groaned. "Where'd you learn that?" he said.

"None of your business," she said, continuing to twist his ball-bag.

"That's good. Real good. Jesus, you're going to swallow me up."

He curled his fingers in her hair as she mouth fucked him. She slid her lips back and forth from his cockhead to the base of his fuckpole.

"Yeah, you're a natural-born cocksucker." Her pussy twitched and pulsated. She moved one hand over her cunt and clawed at her clit.

"Bring yourself off," he said.

"That's the idea," she mumbled, her mouth stuffed with dick.

Sticky, thick juice gushed out of her pussy and drenched her hand. She slid her lips up and down his pole and flicked her clit.

She wondered who eke Ted was fucking. She thought about Jack and wondered if he suspected her of cheating. She wondered if she was the only woman in the world who was fucking her son and her brother-in-law.

Well, I'm certainly making up for lost time, she thought. For years I was a faithful wife and now I've committed incest with two men.

She still didn't feel guilty. A woman has a right to pleasure. At least she was keeping it in the family.

She was amazed at how much moisture seeped out of her cunt hole. She used it to caress her inner thighs and soon she was sticky with the love-fluid.

At intervals she twisted Ted's balls. She stopped taking his cock into her throat. She nursed on the tip and flicked her tongue back and forth over his pisser.

"You really get off on it, don't you?" he said. She nodded, unwilling to release his prick to answer. She lapped her tongue around the flared rim of his cockhead and thrust a finger into her gash.

She held her head perfectly still and Ted fucked her mouth with long smooth strokes. He used her mouth like some men use a pussy. She loved it. He was aggressive and his maleness turned her on.

When he stopped fucking her mouth, she took over. She bobbed her head up and down and took him into her throat. She moved slowly, savoring us taste and careful not to carry him over the edge.

She released his dick at one point and gazed at it wistfully. It was big and swollen and menacing looking. She loved it.

He grabbed her and shoved it back into her mouth. "Keep sucking," he said. "Jesus, what a mouth."

"Let's fuck," she said.

He held her head and refused to be rushed. "Keep sucking. I'm not ready yet."

She swirled her tongue over the sensitive underside of his shaft. It would serve him tight if I brought him off in my mouth. But then I wouldn't get fucked. Shit! Men!

She gagged when he lurched forward and thrust his cock deep inside her throat.

"What the hell are you doing?" she hissed. "Giving you what every woman wants." She struggled, but he held her head tightly. "I'd like to breathe, if you don't mind," she said.

"Suck!" he rasped.

She jutted gluttonously. The rougher he was, the more excited she became. At the same time she masturbated in a frenzy. But what she really wanted was to have his cock inside her cunt.

She took only his cockhead into her mouth and tightened her lips around the rim. She fingered herself and it suddenly occurred to her that he wasn't going to fuck her today. He was going to shoot off in her mouth.

She took him by surprise when she released his cock and rose to her feet. She breathed deeply and moved to the bed.

"I'd like to fuck you now," she said, removing her skirt.

He glared at her. "Jack's right, you axe a ball breaker."

She ignored him and climbed onto the bed. "Listen, I've sot rights too."

He dropped his pants and shorts and mounted her. She raised her legs up in the air and he positioned his cock outside her pussy.

She winced when he moved his prick to her asshole. "No, not there."

"I'm just playing with it," he said. "Just rubbing my cockhead over it."

"Well, don't stick it in," she said. "If I want my asshole fucked I can go home to Jack."

"Yeah, well, don't worry." He rubbed his cockhead back and forth over her brownie. "I just want to rub it a little more."

She was anxious to fuck and get home. Ted was getting on her nerves today. "Stick it in," she said, wiggling her ass.

His eyes glittered as he gazed down at her. "You want it, you got it," he said.

Clenching his teeth, he lurched forward and plunged his cock into her bung. She screamed, as much from surprise as from pain.

"You bastard!" she yelled.

He grunted and buried the rest of his dick in her ass. "You said to stick it in," he chuckled.

"I didn't mean there!"

Her body was at an angle which prevented her from fighting him. He began fucking her butt and despite herself it felt good.

"See how easy it goes in," he growled. "You fuck!"

But it was true. She was taking the entire length of his cock without difficulty. And it felt damn good.

"You love it," he said. "Admit you love it."

"I love it, now fuck!" she snapped. She felt her asshole contract around his prick.

He stroked faster now and his hairy balls slapped her ass.

"Faster!" she hissed. "Fuck me faster!"

"Oh, shit, yeah!" he growled, ramming his dick deep inside her bowels. "Oh, shit, yeah!"

Chapter TEN

"Come and look." Jeff spoke softly and yanked on Lucy's hand. The teenagers were in the hall outside their parents' room.

"Why are you whispering?" Lucy said. "What's going on?"

"Shut up and look."

The door to Judy and Jack's room was open partway. Lucy gasped when she saw them. They were naked on the bed, and obviously fucking. Jack was leaning against the headboard with his legs stretched out. Judy was on his lap facing him, and her tits bounced up and down as they fucked.

"Jesus Christ!" Lucy hissed, hanging onto her brother's arm. "I never saw anything like it. Did you ever see them before?"

"No, but I'm getting a hard-on." The teenagers watched their mother's round ass as she humped up and down on their father's prick. Then Lucy's eyes widened. He was fucking her ass. She realized that her father's cock was inside her mother's asshole.

"Jesus, what a scene," Jeff said in her ear. He stood just behind his sister, his cock pressing into her butt.

"I can't believe it," Lucy said. "Here, take this in your hand," Jeff said. Lucy found her brother's prick in her fist. "Here? They'll see us."

"Are you kidding? They're too busy to notice us."

Lucy decided he was right. Her mother looked ecstatic and her father beamed. She gripped Jeff's prick and pumped it up and down.

The teenager moaned softly when her father bent down and took one of her mother's tits into his mouth. She stared into the room. Watching her parents ball was an incredible turn-on.

Inside the room, Judy bounced happily. She clung to Jack's neck and took him all the way into her brownie.

After her last meeting with Ted she decided to see if she could salvage her marriage. She let Jack do whatever he wanted in bed and she found that if she stopped fighting him she enjoyed herself. Jack's enjoyment increased as hers did. Her marriage was saved and she was happier than ever.

Now Jack stroked and she bounced and her asshole felt stretched and tight at the same time. From this position Jack was able to manipulate her clit and suck her tits too. How lucky could a woman get?

"You're a different woman," Jack said. "What happened?"

"I decided to go with the flow," she said.

"You mean it, don't you?"

"Yes, and don't stop fucking my asshole, lover."

Outside in the hall Lucy shivered with excitement. Jeff's prick was rock-hard and she couldn't keep her eyes from the scene on the bed.

She wished Jeff could fuck her right here while they watched their parents. But they couldn't take the chance. At least she was able to give him a hand-job. She always enjoyed the feel of a good stiff prick in her hand.

"Look at Mom's tits," Jeff said, grinning. Lucy looked. Judy's tits were big and juicy looking. She felt herself salivating. The feeling frightened her. She felt around for Jeff's balls.

"Maybe we should go," she said. "Are you kidding? And miss this?" She couldn't tell him that watching her mother turned her on. He'd think she was a perv. But the more she watched her mother's round ass and pink-tipped tits the more her mouth watered.

"You're sure I'm not hurting you?" Jack said.

"No, I love it," Judy said. "I'm in deep."

"I know and it's great."

They french kissed again and again. Judy laced her fingers in his hair and kissed him hotly.

She cradled his head against her chest and he suctioned one of her tits into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over her nipple and she moaned and hugged him.

"Christ, no one sucks a tit like you," she said. "Huh?" He released her boobs. "What'd you say?"

Judy blushed. "I said you sure know how to suck a tit."

In the hallway the two youngsters glanced at each other and giggled soundlessly. Jeff grabbed one of his sister's tits while she skinned his prick.

"Don't come yet," Judy said, reaching back to caress Jack's balls. "I want to fuck a long time before you come."

"It's okay with me," Jack said, shaking his head. "I don't know what happened to you, but I sure like it."

In the hall, Lucy watched as her mother slid off her father's lap and moved to the side of the bed.

Jack slipped to the floor and stood before her, his cock swaying back and forth under her nose.

The teenage blonde gazed at her father's prick. It was wet with her mother's juices. She was jealous, but she knew somewhere inside of her that her parents' marriage was improving.

She watched her mother open her mouth and take her father's cock inside her lips. She watched her father's face. He looked deliriously happy.

Judy's lips were stretched wide around Jack's dick. She drooled around his meat and slid her lips up and down his cock shaft.

She gazed up at his face. A thrill raged through her. They had a second chance at happiness and were taking it. Thank God he never caught her cheating.

She made slurping sounds as she sucked him. He stroked her hair and breathed deeply. When he began plunging his dick into her throat, she held her breath. But then he pulled out.

"Get on your knees," he said.

Six months ago she'd have flinched. Now she trembled with excitement as she climbed onto her knees with her ass in the air.

There's nothing wrong with being a passive wife, she thought. In bed, anyway.

She reveled in the feeling of having Jack's finger in her asshole. She hugged a pillow and crooned when he used his free hand to play with her pussy.

"That feels good," she said.

"If I do something you don't like just holler," he said.

"Oh, Jack, it's good!"

He rubbed his cock up and down her torrid slit and mashed it against her pussy-folds. Every time his cockhead touched her clit she whimpered with lust.

"Yes, fuck me in the ass again," she said as he placed his cockhead at the ring of her whole.

She moved her hand to her cunt and rubbed her clit. She loved taking it in the ass. She liked it better than being fucked in the cunt.

Because she cooperated, his cockhead slipped inside with ease. In a moment he was holding her around the waist and his cock was imbedded deep inside her shitter.

She reached underneath to fondle his balls. He used one hand to squeeze her hanging tits.

"You're the greatest," he said. "So are you," she cried. "I can't stand it," Lucy moaned, frantically pumping her brother's cock.

"Let's go fuck," Jeff said.

"Wait, I want to see them," Lucy said. "I can't even see his cock. It's in her ass so deep I can't even see it."

"Jesus, I'm going to dump my wad right in your hand," Jeff said.

Lucy stopped pumping. "Don't waste it."

"I can't help it."

She squeezed the tip of his cockhead and the boy struggled to control himself.

"I'm okay for now," he said. "But I can't take too much of this."

"I think dad's going to come soon. Look at his face."

Jack's breathing was labored and his face a grimace of passion.

"I know just how he feels," Jeff whispered in her ear.

"And I know how she feels," Lucy whispered back.

"Come on, let's fuck," Jeff said. He stood behind her and raised her skirt. He rubbed up against her ass and she melted against him.

"Oh, God, look at Dad," she said. "Jesus Christ!" Jack said. "Have I got an enema for you!"

"Give it to me," Judy cried. "Fuck me in the ass and fill me with your jizz!"

Judy rubbed her clit in a frenzy and squirmed her ass back at her husband's stroking cock. In a moment the warmth of his jism filled her bowels and she came too.

Her cried were muffled by the pillow and together they collapsed on the bed.

"That was the best, hon," Jack said. Judy rolled over and kissed his face and chest and neck. "I love you, baby," she said.

"I love you too."

"No more big mouth?" she asked. "You've got one big mouth I love."

"Mmmmmm, honey, I think it's getting hard again."

"Jesus, you're killing me."

They rested awhile after fucking again, and then Judy rose up and went down to the kitchen. When she returned, she wordlessly handed Jack his robe.

"What?" he said sleepily.

"Get up and follow me," she said. Grumbling under his breath, he followed her into the hall. "What's up?"

They moved outside Lucy's door. The door was open a few inches and Judy stood to one side and motioned to him.

"Your children," she said, stifling a giggle. Jack gazed inside the room and froze when he heard his daughter's moans. "Jesus!" he hissed.

"Quiet or they'll hear," Judy said. "I suspected as much. Look at those two young animals."

Together they watched their children. Both youngsters were naked and they were stretched out on the bed with their arms around each other.

"I'll be damned," Jack said.

Judy took his hand and moved into his arms. Somehow her indiscretions didn't seem important any more. Her son was fucking her daughter. The whale world was crazy. She was fascinated by the sight of Lucy's strong young body writhing around with wild fervor. Jeff's hands were all over her, stroking and probing and caressing.

"Jesus, look at that," Jack said, clutching Judy's ass.

Jeff was sucking one of Lucy's tits into his mouth. Judy watched him roll it around his tongue and bite down on her puckered nipple.

"Our kids," Judy whispered.

"It's good for them," Jack said. "They are cute, aren't they?" Judy said. Jeff held one tit in his hand and squeezed the other. Judy saw a trail of his saliva slip down Lucy's boobs.

"Go for it!" Jack said.

"Ssshhh," Judy giggled as they watched Jeff climb on top of Lucy.

Lucy wrapped her legs around her brother's back as he thrust his prick into her cunt. Judy watched the wet shaft of the boy's cock slide in and out of his sister's cunt.

She leaned against Jack and breathed deeply. It seemed right, somehow. Watching their children fuck after the wild session they just had seemed like the perfect ending to a perfect day. It seemed natural and right and damn cute.

"Are you surprised?" Jack said.

She shook her head. "Not really. Are you?"

"No. I'd be surprised if they weren't fooling around."

"He's well-hung, isn't he?" She bit her lip as she gazed at the boy's cock.

Jack shot her a glance. "She's not bad either."

Suddenly Judy knew that Jack had fucked Lucy. And she realized he knew about her affair with Jeff. She wasn't the only one involved in incest. The whole family was fucking around.

"Your cock is rubbing my clit," Lucy hissed, inside the room.

"Does it feel good?" Jeff croaked. "Great."

"Your cunt feels real tight," he said. "Oh, Jeff, you fuck me so good."

"Better than Dad?"

Judy glanced at her husband, but his face was impassive.

"Oh, fuck you!" Lucy giggled.

Judy reached for Jack's cock. She slipped her hand inside his robe and took it in her fist. She shivered when she realized he was hard again. Obviously, watching his daughter get fucked had given him a hard-on.

Jack untied her robe and felt between her legs.

"You're wet," he said.

"You bet," she said. "This is better than watching a fuck film."

"She's a little girl, isn't she?" She squeezed his prick.

"She sure is."

"We've done okay, hon," Jack said. "Let's leave them alone and go back to bed."

Judy nodded. They had done okay. They certainly had. She smiled and held Jack's cock as they turned away.


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