The hottest neighbors

It has been said that nearly every community contains a cross section of Americans within its confines, thereby maintaining an image unique in this country today. Every town has its doctors and lawyers, its coaches and teachers, and its clerks and carpenters, and each individual has in turn been touched to some extent by emotions common to all men -- greed, lust, envy, and distress.

THE HOTTEST NEIGHBORS is a story of everyday, responsible people whose lives are wrought with common frailties; people who seek pleasure, profit, expediency; people not unlike those who may live in your town or your neighborhood. Respectable citizens -- yes, but not without the foibles and weaknesses seen every day in nearly every city.

This story provides a unique insight into those emotions with which we all must live, a look at America at the grass-roots level.

Chapter ONE

Anne loved to fuck. She had loved to fuck ever since she was in high school, and now at twenty-nine, she still absolutely adored fucking. She could never get enough cock.

She walked into the bathroom where her husband Robert was shaving. He stood nude except for a white towel tied around his waist. He was a handsome man of forty, short brown hair, a lean taut body he kept in shape by daily jogging. He had a movie-star face, rugged, cut with definite lines, sky-blue eyes, and a proud chin that looked as though it had been hacked from solid granite.

Anne stood beside him and their eyes met in the mirror. Robert appraised his pretty wife. He towered over her. But what a body had been packed onto that little frame.

Anne looked splendid in a pair of tight white panties that were packed at the crotch by a lavishly thick carpet of brown pussy hair. Her huge tits were cupped saucily by a white bra. Nice tits. Big round tits. They were pushed together by the bra to form a juicy cleavage. She wore a pair of white high heels.

Anne smiled seductively at Robert in the mirror. His eyes were roaming her body, greedily scanning her tits, her pussy, her trim, shapely legs. Then he stared into her face.

Anne was a regal beauty. High cheek bones were carved to taut cheeks that flowed down to a square chin. Her forehead was shaped perfectly to her brown hair that had been cut short into bangs in the front and a perfect style on the sides and back, effecting a Jackie Kennedy look.

"My pussy is screaming for some cock," she whispered. She brought her hand around in back of Robert and caressed his fine ass, sliding one finger up and down the crack, over the damp towel, gliding it slowly until she finally slipped it down under the towel and shoved it up his ass.

"Jesus, baby," Robert whispered.

She fucked her finger lewdly in and out of his asshole.

"God, honey," he mumbled.

"You just keep on shaving, darling," Anne teased. Then she dropped to her knees behind her husband, pulled the towel off him and threw it to the bathroom tile. Her hands cupped the cheeks of his ass, she spread them and wiggled her tongue into Robert's asshole.

"You fucker!" he gasped.

She plunged her tongue at his ass, wobbled it in a quivering flutter. An electric wave of delight jiggled through Robert.

"You little ass-fucker!" he cried. His cock was flapping to a stiff hard-on that stood like a shining monument. His cock was thick as a flashlight and nine inches long.

Anne crawled around to his side and Robert turned to meet her. His cock slapped her face. It whacked up against her cheek. Anne cupped his prick in her palm and held it there, rolled the huge head of his cock against her smooth skin.

She eyed herself doing this in the mirror, then looked over to find Robert also enjoying the image in reflection. Anne pushed the cockhead off her cheek and gripped the quivering stalk with one hand. She licked a drop of pre-cum from the cocktip. Her other hand cupped Robert's balls.

"It looks good, Anne," her husband sighed. Anne looked at herself in the minor and watched herself suck the big cockhead between her blood-red lips. She sealed them around the cockhead like a sucking plunger. She kissed and sucked his prick at the same time.

"Shit, baby," Robert moaned. Anne squeezed his balls lovingly and ducked in on the big cock. She took it deeper, swallowed the prickhead and locked her thick lips around the prickshaft.

"Mmm, honey," Robert whined. Her head bobbed in and out on his prick. Her lips flirted on the pulsing prick as her fingers held the cock base.

"You suck a cock so God darn good, Anne." Anne bobbed on the huge prick, her thick lips sliding in and out in a lewd suck. She rolled his balls on the palm of her hand.

"Your mouth is like butter," Robert gulped.

Anne pulled back and kissed his cock hotly. "My mouth is butter. It's butter for you, baby," she whispered.

"Oh, God damn you!" Robert groaned. He grabbed the back of her head, his fingers clutching her hair, and pulled her mouth back onto his dripping prick.

He watched in the mirror as Anne sucked savagely on his giant prick. She jiggled his balls with one hand and her other started a slow shake on his stiff cock. She jacked his prick and sucked. She watched herself in the mirror. The sight of the fat prick in her mouth excited her. Her pussy creamed and dampened her tight panties.

"Suck me, Anne!" Robert sobbed. "Suck my prick, you hot little bitch!"

Anne looked absolutely ravishing in the mirror as she gulped his cock. Robert's body was twitching, and she knew he was on the edge of climax. She loved it when she did this to a man. She liked the way they turned to putty. She licked, sucked, kissed, and jacked his cock. She was voracious, as though she'd been starving for cockmeat.

Robert watched in the mirror. He brought both hands behind her pretty head, entwined his fingers in her hair, caressed her neck, and moaned.

Then he came.

Anne jerked his cock wildly against her open mouth. The cockhead bulged and showered her with a riptide of thick cock cream. A flood of jizz sprayed her mouth and splattered her lips.

"Ah, oh, baby -- fuck!" Robert yelled.

His prick splashed another thunderstorm of cock cream into Anne's mouth. Big thick rivers of cum trailed down her lovely cheeks. Thick gobs of cum clung to her mouth.

She pumped wildly, lost control, and the monster cock snapped back against his belly and spit out more cum. A fountain of cock cream gushed in an arc and sloshed into Anne's hair.

"Anne! Anne! Anne!" he howled.

Anne grabbed at the cum-spurting prick, got both hands on it, pulled down and jacked as though she were shaking a tumbler of martinis.

"Oh, shit, I'm cumming!" her husband yelled.

And Anne loved it. She cherished a heaving, jizz-spraying cock. She sucked it back inside her mouth, sucked the last of his jizz as it surged from the head of his cock. She swallowed a sticky load, then felt another glop shoot at the roof of her mouth.

Robert watched in the mirror. Anne watched in the mirror, too, adoring the sight, her face soaked with dripping cock cream. She bobbed on the slushing prick, sucked wildly until Robert quaked and shuddered. He clutched the sink for balance as he hit the crest. It left him gasping, panting for breath. Anne licked at the thick streams of cum dripping from her lips. Robert radiated in the tingle of his climax. Anne relished the bath of cum.

Anne stood up. Robert ran his fingers through the cum on her lips, then he kissed her warmly, lovingly. His hand danced into her panties and his finger slipped into her sopping cunt. He finger-fucked her pussy as he licked the cum from Anne's face. She shook violently.

"Eat my pussy," she gasped.

Robert knelt in front of her. Anne watched in the mirror as he hooked his thumbs in her panties and tugged them down over the lush thatch of cunt hair between her thighs. He pulled the thin panties down around her knees and pressed his face into her cunt. His tongue lapped wildly at her pussy slit.

"Yeah!" Anne gulped.

Robert opened his mouth wide and sucked her pussy.

"Oh, yeah! Suck my cunt!" Anne sighed hotly, her words steaming out of her mouth in a throaty hiss.

Robert clutched the cheeks of her fine ass, a dream ass, sculptured round, hill, as if it had been chipped to perfection and one more slip of the chisel would have ruined the effect. He caressed the smooth tight skin, pushed at it and mashed her pussy to his face. He sucked and licked at her cunt hungrily.

"Yeah, you dirty bastard. That's it. Suck my cunt!" Anne growled as she watched in the mirror.

"I love you," Robert gurgled.

"You damn well better. I'm the best thing that ever happened to you," Anne said. "You better love me. You better eat my... oh, shit! Oh, God... yeah... like that! Oh, Bob!"

He smacked and licked her cunt. He was an eager muff-diver, a greedy, vulgar cunt-licker.

"Son of a bitch! Bastard! Fuck face! Fuck me with your face. Yeah, fuck me with your face. Fuck my cunt with your... oh... oh, shit, Bob!"

Anne ground her hips, rolled her fabulous ass, pushed her pussy into Robert's face. His tongue wiggled up and down her cunt slit, found her clit and tickled it.

"Oh, no! Jesus Christ!" Anne sobbed.

Robert paddled his tongue at her clit. Anne fell into a slow-motion swoon. Her panties fell from her knees to her high heels in a fluffy white pile. She corkscrewed her hips shamelessly at Robert's sucking mouth.

"God, I love that!" Anne howled.

Anne shuddered with delight. She tingled to the tickle of his lewd tongue. Goose bumps crawled up the insides of her thighs. A sweet rapture gripped her.

Robert's tongue nuzzled her pussy, grazed the thick cunt bush, licked and lapped until Anne felt the exquisite sensation of her climax beginning like a low moan, a rumble, then coming on full-blast into a deafening roar.

"You fuck-ass bastard!" she screamed. "I'm cumming, God damn it! You're making me... oh... God, Jesus Christ, Bob... it's so good. Eat it! Eat my pussy!"

He did. He was a wild man. Anne watched him in the mirror. The way his head wobbled from side to side, his mouth pasted to her pussy, his tongue twiddling her clit sent her deep into a tunnel of blinding ecstasy.

"Oh, my God!" she cried.

She shivered and fell forward, grasping his shoulders to catch her balance. And all the time she watched herself climax to his lewd cunt-eating in the mirror.

"This is fantastic!" she yelled. "So God darn good! Baby... baby... that was wonderful."

Robert stood up. He took Anne in his arms and kissed her. They stood glued together, man and wife in front of the mirror. Anne could feel his rising cock against her belly. Bob managed to pull her big round tits out of the bra, set them up over the top nd fondle them, then he leaned down and sucked a nipple eagerly into his mouth.

Anne had an elegant set of tits. So round and big, but pointed beautifully, and Robert nipped them lovingly, hooked his lips around the hard nipples.

"Suck 'em," Anne whispered.

He plunged one hand into the softness of her ass and fucked a finger up Anne's asshole. He fucked another finger into her cunt.

"Jesus!" Anne hissed.

Robert slobbered on her magnificent tits. His finger fucked her pussy. Anne dipped her hand between them and found her husband's cock stiff as stone again. She clutched his prick and squeezed her fingers around it, pressed down firmly, then moved her hand in and out over handed on the long cockshaft. The wet cockhead slipped against her palm.

"I need you to stuff this cock in me," Anne begged.

Robert lifted his lips off her tits. They stood sideways to the mirror. He looked at the reflection -- Anne holding his cock, his finger in her pussy. He saw Anne set her legs apart and thrust out her hips. He watched himself hump down and level his prick at her pussy.

Anne's mouth hung open. She caught Robert's gaze in the mirror. He realized at that moment just what a beautiful woman his wife was, just how appealing she was.

"Darling," he mumbled.

Anne brought the thick head of his cock to the lips of her pussy. She shivered at the burning touch, then fucked his prick inside her slushy cunt.

"Ooooo, Jesus!" she breathed hotly.

"Honey," Robert whispered.

"God, it feels good. It always feels so good," Anne puffed, her words hissing out as if on a jet of steam.

Bob humped down a bit farther so they connected perfectly, and then as they both watched in the mirror he fucked his prick back and forth, fucking in and out of her cunt.

Anne's eyes dipped down to watch the action between them. She loved the slick click of the hot prick as it fucked in and out. She liked the way his cock plugged her. Then she returned her stare to the mirror and watched from that angle.

"Looks so good," she gasped.

"You bet," Bob answered.

"Fuck me... come an fuck me!" Anne huffed.

Bob pumped his prick to her. Anne rolled her fine hips, her gorgeous ass, met her husband's steaming fuck-strokes, bumped and pumped back.

"Fuck me, baby," she whispered. She took him deeper, pushed her cunt out and took that big cock. "Shit! You're fuckin' me again!"

"Yes, yes, darling."

Anne threw her arms around his neck and plastered a hot kiss on Robert's mouth. They kissed and fucked. She broke from the kiss gasping, looking again in the mirror at the beautiful way his prick plunged in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me," she panted.

"Anything you like better than a fuck, Anne?" Robert asked.

"Yeah," she gulped. "Two of 'em!"

"Oh, you sweet bitch!"

"Fuck me, you bastard!"

Bob fucked wildly, fucking his prick deep into her cunt.

His cock was huge inside Anne. She absolutely loved it in her pussy, burning in there, squirting, fucking.

"Fuck my pussy," she sobbed.

Bob had one hand on her hip. He moved the other behind her and shoved a finger up her ass. She managed to get a hand around behind Robert and hooked her finger up his ass and fucked it in.

"Fuck my asshole with your finger, Bob," she commanded. "Fuck my cunt with your prick. Fuck me!"

They watched their fucking in the mirror. Fingers up the shithole, Robert's cock stuffed lewdly in Anne's pussy. It was a divine image. Anne quivered uncontrollably. A sweet ripple of simmering delight overwhelmed her.

"I'm cumming!" she shouted.

"Get it, honey!" Bob yelled.

"Fuck me!"

His cock heaved and spilled a flood of cock cream into Anne's cunt. A wave of jizz sprayed inside her pussy. Juicy cum spit from the big cockhead.

"Oh, God damn!" Anne moaned.

"Darling!" Robert howled.

The climax ripped through Anne. A wild breathtaking rapture consumed her. Her body stiffened.

Robert fucked faster. His cock thumped her cunt. It was thick, fat, huge. His cock throbbed in her pussy as it poured out its seething load of cum.

She fingered his asshole in time with his finger which plugged her shitter. She howled in delight, threw her head back and screamed.

"God damn! Oh, God damn!" she gasped. "Anne, darling," Bob muttered. The two fuckers fell against the sink gasping, panting holding onto each other for balance.

"I truly love to fuck. I truly do," Anne whispered.

Chapter TWO

Robert went to work at the advertising agency where he held a middle-management position, and Anne decided to get some sun out in the back yard.

She had been married to Robert only a year, and she liked the role of wife, taking care of the house, having her days free. She slipped into a white two-piece bikini and fixed an iced tea. She took a towel and a novel and went out to the yard. She arranged the lawn chair to face the sun and reclined on it.

Anne looked scrumptious as she lay back and took the sun. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot rays. Then she remembered to spread some tanning lotion on her body, she reached for it, and as she did she spied the neighbor boy next door in the window on the second level of the house. He was peeking down at her. She pretended not to notice him, took the lotion and squeezed some in her hand and applied it along her legs.

Anne peered through her sunglasses at the window next door. It was Jimmy Lewis, the teenaged son of Mr. and Mrs. Gray Lewis. Gray and Marilyn had just moved to the subdivision, and though Anne had met them briefly, they were not friends. Gray was in his mid-thirties, as was Marilyn. Gray was a muscular, good-looking man with shiny black hair, and Marilyn was a blonde beauty, with long hair that licked her shoulders, a round angular face, and pouting lips.

Anne worked the lotion over her thigh and looked again at the peeping Jimmy. He had taken his cock out now and was stroking it slowly. This excited Anne. She rubbed her hand slowly up and down her thigh, working in the creamy liquid. She spread her legs lewdly and watched as Jimmy pumped faster on his prick. She ran her hand along the other thigh, moved it slowly toward her crotch, and rubbed lightly over the tight white bikini panties.

Jimmy jacked furiously on his cock.

Then Anne lay back again, making sure her legs were apart in a suggestive V. She cocked one knee up, rolled her hips very seductively as if she were adjusting her position on the lawn chair.

The sight of the young boy jacking off to her like that thrilled her. She had to control her emotions. She wanted to rub her pussy again, but she didn't want to be too obvious.

Then she saw Jimmy stiffen in the window. She knew he was cumming. She couldn't see the flood of jizz that poured from the boy's hot, hard prick, but she saw how he humped down, how his hand became a blur in the window, and then he disappeared.

It left Anne hot as a firecracker.

She went in the house and threw a terry cloth jacket over her bikini, slipped into a pair of high-heeled sandals and walked through the gate in the back fence and around to the back door of the Lewis house. She knocked lightly.

It took a while, but Jimmy finally opened the door. He was blond like his mom. A cute young lad. It looked as if he had just showered. His surfer hair was wet and he wore only a pair of jeans.

"Hi," Anne said. "I'm Mrs. Johnson from next door. I was wondering if your mother is home."

"No ma'am, she's not here right now."

Anne let the jacket fall open. The boy's eyes bugged wide as he gazed at her big tits, the way they were almost falling out of the white halter.

"What were you doing up in the window a little while ago?" Anne cooed. "Huh?" the boy gasped.

"I saw you jacking off," Anne whispered.

"Well, I... oh, you won't tell my mom, will you?" Jimmy exclaimed.

She saw the hard-on in the boy's jeans. "My, my, Jimmy," she admonished.

He stared at her big tits.

"Wanna feel 'em, Jimmy?"

"Oh, God, really? Could I?"

She took his hands and guided them to her tits. The boy trembled as he lifted her tits out of the halter. He held them like precious jewels. He fondled and squeezed her tits. He breathed hotly. Anne smiled at the way she excited the young boy. She grabbed at his cock through the Levi's.

"Ooo," the boy whimpered.

She unzipped his fly and yanked the hard cock out. His prick was a good six inches long and it was stiff, throbbing, thumping. She squeezed his cock, moved her hand in and out on it.

"Do you like that, Jimmy?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am. Yes!" He caressed her tits.

"Why don't you stick your hand in my bikini, Jimmy?"

He was shaking badly, but he managed to dip into her white bikini bottom, his fingers entwining in all that cunt hair.

"Geez!" he gasped.

"Stick your finger in my cunt, Jimmy."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, honey, like that."

The boy fucked his finger into Anne's pussy. She needed it in there. She was so hot. She liked the friction of the in-and-out movement. She felt the boy's cock throb. It pit out a blob of pre-cum that splattered against her thigh and dripped downward.

She finally removed his finger-fucking hand and slipped out of her bikini. She stood naked before the trembling boy. He drank in her beauty, the big tits, the abundant crop of pussy hair between her legs. He gasped.

Anne smiled again. "Ever eaten a pussy, Jimmy?"

Of course, the boy hadn't -- but he certainly was eager to try.

Anne walked across the kitchen and sat down on a chair at the kitchen table. She moved it away from the table, slid down and spread her legs. Her hairy pussy looked delicious.

"Get down on your knees between my legs, Jimmy," she commanded.

The boy willingly knelt before the beautiful woman. Anne ran her finger through his thick blond locks, grabbed a handful and pulled his head between her thighs, mashed his face into her hairy pussy.

"Yes, yes, Jimmy. Kiss my cunt. Lick it flow, lick it, move your tongue up and... ah, oh, yes, like that."

Jimmy reeled his tongue up and down the slit of the woman's pussy. He licked eagerly. It was the first time he had done this, and it thrilled him as much as the titillations that fluttered through Anne as his tongue swept over her pussy.

"Oh, Jimmy, you sweet thing," Anne mumbled.

She was so hot. She had never had any extramarital affairs since she'd been wed, but now she was delighted. She was ecstatic with the young lad's lapping tongue. She watched him lick her hot cunt, and she shivered with the beginning of a quick, gripping climax. She spread her legs wide, slid her ass down on the edge of the chair and churned her hips at Jimmy's face.

Jimmy glanced up at her. He saw that beautiful face wrinkled in passion. His cock wobbled and thumped. He grabbed his cock and pumped as he sucked Anne's pussy.

"Jimmy!" Anne gasped. "Oh, God! Jimmy!" She snapped forward on the chair at the waist, brought up by the intensity of her simmering climax. "God damn, honey."

She settled back on the chair, spent. The lad backed off her slushy pussy, his cock still in his hand.

"Stand up in front of me," Anne said.

He got up, still holding his prick.

"Now jack off to me like you did earlier today -- jack off like you did in the window."

Jimmy jacked his prick, his hand firm on the cockshaft, his thumb extended. He humped his ass, spread his legs and jerked wildly on the stiff hard-on.

"Honey, baby," Anne whispered. "That's the way. That looks good. Do you like that?"

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Johnson!"

She smiled, rolled her hips off the chair lewdly. "Wanna stick your cock in me?"

"Oh, God... can I?"

"You damn right. If I don't get fucked right now, I'm gonna go crazy!" Anne cried.

"What should I do?"

"Get back down on your knees, Jimmy."

The boy fell to his knees on the kitchen floor. He crawled between Anne's legs, his cock wobbling, shimmering. Anne edged out on the chair and grabbed his fucker. She squeezed. His piss slit was fizzing and foaming.

"Oh, Jimmy, you darling boy," she murmured. "Would you like me to suck it for you before you fuck me?"

The boy was shaking so badly he couldn't answer. Anne leaned down off the chair, craned her neck toward the quaking cock, underhanded it, and lifted his prick to her mouth. She licked the pre-cum bubbles from the glistening cockhead. She sucked it into her mouth. "Oh, Mrs. Johnson!" the boy cried.

She sucked all of that teenage prick into her mouth. Her lips sealed around the base of the cock. She cupped his cute balls with her hands, played with them as she deep-throated the boy's prick.

The beautiful woman, her splendid tits dangling, craned herself out off the chair to suck Jimmy's cock. It was a fabulous sight.

The boy shuddered, threw his head back and yelled: "Mrs. Johnson!"

Anne sucked voraciously and felt the bulge as his prick erupted. As he came, she slipped her lips slowly back on the stalk of his cock as her mouth filled with the teenager's cum. The boy filled her mouth with cock cream. She bobbed her head on it. She slipped her lips back farther until they were barely touching the twitching cum-squirting cock.

"My, my," she mumbled as the kid's cum splashed against her mouth.

Then she leaned back on the chair, spread her legs again, took Jimmy's cock and stuffed it into her hot pussy.

"Ooooo!" the boy yelped.

"Yes, hot and cumming," Anne whispered. She ground her ass up off the chair and fucked at the jizz-spurting prick. "Fuck it to me! Fuck my cunt. Move in and out, Jimmy."

The boy, on his knees, his mouth open wide, his ass humping, pushing, fucked his prick into Anne's wet cunt.

"Fuck me, Jimmy," Anne sobbed. "Fuck me! I need to fuck!"

The boy's cock continued spewing out his cum-load. Anne reached between them. She circled her forefinger and thumb around the kid's fucking prick. She liked to feel a prick plunging into her pussy. It excited her.

"You little fucker!" she shouted. "You hot little fucker!"

"Mrs. Johnson!" he panted. "Oh, Mrs..."

"Fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me, because I truly love to fuck," Anne moaned.

Chapter THREE

The day after Anne's interlude with young Jimmy, Robert suggested they invite the Lewis' over for a barbecue. "I think we should get to know Gray and Marilyn," he said.

"I think so, too," Anne agreed.

It was set that. Robert called them on the phone and it was appointed for the very next evening. Anne went shopping and bought some rib-eye steaks and charcoal, made tossed salad, and picked out some potatoes to bake.

She stood in the kitchen. It was mid-afternoon. She was wrapping the potatoes in foil to put on the grill. One of the spuds was big and long, at least seven inches, and thick as the end of a baseball bat.

She was attired in a short summer skirt of white cotton, a yellow blouse and low-heeled sandals. She took the big spud and rubbed it against her pussy through the skirt.

Then she came upon an exciting idea. She peeled the huge potato, sliced off some of its thickness. It was slimy, slick, full of spud-juice. She placed it on the kitchen table, then sat down on a chair, pulled her skirt up, tugged her panties down and off, took the potato and slowly rubbed it against her cunt.

"What a nice prick it makes," she whispered.

She shoved the spud into her pussy.

"Oh, Jesus!" she gasped. "I'm fucking a potato! I'm fuckin' myself with a big potato..."

It fucked in easily, and the spud-slime made it easy to manipulate. She fucked more of it in to her cunt.

"Oh, God!" she gasped. "This is fabulous!" Sweet Anne, pretty Anne, beautiful Anne, splayed out on the kitchen chair, fucking herself with a huge potato was a strange sight. The slick potato fucked in and out of her stretched cunt. Anne held it on the other end, her fingernails into the slick white potato, fucking it farther into her pussy.

"Oh, shit!" she gulped. "Got a big potato. What a prick? So thick."

Faster then, Anne fucked the juicy potato into her pussy. She spread her legs wider, thumped harder, faster with the slick spud. It made a sweet clicking sound as it fucked her. She threw her head back on the top of the chair-back, and was now splayed lewdly on the chair as she fucked herself with the big freshly peeled potato. She shoved it deeper. The thickness of it thrilled her. Her cunt lips sucked around it, sealing on the white body of the potato like a plunger. She rolled and ground her hips.

"Fuck!" she shouted. "Fuck me, potato! Fuck me!"

Then she came. A delicious tingle racked her body. She stiffened on the chair, straight as an ironing board am she fucked the big spud into her hairy pussy, faster, faster, harder, harder.

"Shit!" she howled. "Oh, goodness."

She shuddered, quivered, and quaked through a brilliant climax. It left her gasping, and heaving on the chair. Her arms hung at her sides. The potato stuck deep in her cunt.

"Oh, God," she said. "That was fantastic." She looked down at, the potato sticking out of her cunt. She slowly pulled it out.

It was soaked with her pussy-juice, all wet, juicy, delicious looking. She got up and wrapped it delicately in foil and placed it with the other potatoes and took them out to the grill, put them on the simmering coals. Someone will eat a cunt-soaked spud tonight, she thought. She smiled, delighted with the thought of it.

When Robert came home, he mixed drinks and they waited for Marilyn and Gray to come over. They arrived about a half hour later. Gray wore jeans and a button-down, short sleeved shirt. Marilyn wore a tight pair of dark-blue shorts that hugged, her curvy ass like a tight glove. They crunched up in the crotch, making an alluring mound there. She wore a white tank top that pulled in firmly over her big tits. She had nice tits. They were pointed and proud and looked like two big scoops of vanilla ice cream as they pushed at the tank-top. Her long blonde hair was pulled back at the sides and tied into a pony-tail with a pink ribbon in the back.

Dinner was served Anne placed the big cunt cooked potato on Gray's plate. He opened the foil and noticed immediately that his, unlike the others, had been peeled.

"I wanted to try something new," Anne said, noticing his puzzled look.

They sat at the picnic table and ate their meals. Anne watched Gray take big scoops of the potato.

"This is absolutely delicious. I've never tasted a potato like this," Gray said.

"I'm glad you like it," Anne smiled. "What did you do to it?" Marilyn asked. "Oh, I'll tell you later... I guess I'd have to show you. Marilyn."

"It's so good," Gray said.

After the meal the foursome went inside for more drinks. Robed mixed the martinis. The other three stood about the kitchen.

"Show me how you made that potato," Marilyn said.

Anne looked at Robert. She went over and whispered in his ear. He smiled and nodded.

"Okay," Anne said.

She pulled out the sack of potatoes, found a big thick one, a spud about six inches long. She peeled it slowly, sliced the sides a bit, and then with it slimy, oozing potato juice, she sat down on a chair.

"Here's what you do," Anne said. She raised her skirt, pulled her panties down and teasingly played the potato at the lips of her cunt.

Marilyn and Gray were certainly surprised by this lewd move. Gray's eyes were big and intense as he stared at Anne's pussy. Marilyn flushed red. She didn't know what to do about this new development.

Gray was getting hot. He watched Anne and thought how remarkably like Sally Fields she looked. His cock leaped to a big hard-on. It punched at his jeans.

Robert handed Marilyn a martini and stood beside her as they watched Anne fuck the big, slick potato in her cunt. Robert reached behind Marilyn and caressed her firm ass.

"My God!" Gray gasped. "You fucked yourself with a potato, then baked it?"

Anne nodded.

"Oh, Jesus?" Gray blurted.

"You ate a cunt-soaked potato, Gray," Anne whispered.

"I don't know abut this," Marilyn said doubtfully. "I think we better leave, Gray." But Robert had set his drink down and was suddenly on his knees in front of the attractive blonde. His tongue licked lewdly at the crotch of Marilyn's tight shorts.

"I'd rather fuck a cock," Anne said.

"Ooo," Marilyn murmured, her eyes flirting down to see Robert lapping at the puff in her shorts.

"Why don't you fuck me, Gray?" Anne cooed.

Gray looked at his wife, looked at Robert nibbling her shorts, looked back to beautiful Anne fucking the spud into her cunt, and became wild with passion. He ripped at the fly of his jeans, slipped them off, and then pulled down his Jockey shorts.

"Oh, my God?" Anne gasped as Gray's cock snapped up and wobbled threateningly. It was a fine, handsome prick, certainly not as thick as her husband's, but it was so long. Gray's cock must have been a full foot long.

Robert pulled Marilyn's shorts down to reveal a pair of thin pink panties all shaded in the front with her blonde pussy hair. He yanked her pasties down. She stood, beautiful in white high heels and the white tank-top.

Robert crawled over to Anne and removed the potato from her pussy. He crawled back to Marilyn and leveled it at her pretty blonde cunt.

"Oh, no," she gasped, backing up.

"Yes," Robert said as he kissed her pussy. His tongue licked up and down the slit of her pussy.

"Oh, God," she whined.

Gray was on his knees between Anne's legs. His big prick looked amazingly like one of those foot-long ball park hot dogs. He fucked into Anne's cunt.

"God, yes!" Anne yelped.

Robert was rubbing the potato on Marilyn's thighs as he kissed her pussy. Then he stuck it in her wet cunt slit.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Don't!" Marilyn moaned as the thick spud fucked into her cunt.

"Fuck me Gray," Anne shivered, humping her ass off the chair to Gray's big cock. He pushed, fucking half his cock lance into Anne's pussy.

Robert was eagerly fucking the slick potato into Marilyn's pussy. He lodged it in there, then bit the back end, bobbed his head in and out and shoved it back and forth, pushing it deeper and deeper.

Marilyn groaned loudly. "God, don't! You're fucking me with a potato. Don't!" But she loved it. "Oh, Robert!"

Anne reached down and held Gray's cock as he fucked her.

"It's so long," she muttered as she watched his cock fuck in and out. "Looks good doin' that!"

Robert was still mouth-fucking Marilyn with the potato. The hot wife watched her husband fuck his long cock into Anne as the potato fucked her.

Finally Robert pulled the potato out. He licked it slowly, lewdly, fucked his tongue over the peeled spud, lapping Marilyn's hot pussy juice from it.

Marilyn watched him excitedly. She was so hot now. She needed to fuck, and Robert knew it. He stood up and undressed slowly, until he stood in a pair of white boxer shorts which were soaking wet with pre-cum. He quickly stripped them down and his big fat cock flipped up and spit out a gob of pre-cum that splashed on Marilyn's tummy. She'd never seen a cock that thick. It was as fat as the potato that had just been fucking her pussy. Robert took her in his arms and kissed her wildly, savoring the taste of her sweet, pouty lips.

Marilyn reached down and clutched his cock. "Oh, God. So round!"

"Fuck me, God damn it, Gray!" Anne hollered. "Fuck me with that big, long, hot, hard cock. Fuck my pussy!"

Robert took Marilyn down. He pulled her tank-top off. She wore no bra. They lay side by side on the kitchen tile. He fondled her lovely tits and kissed her longingly. Marilyn rolled her hips at his pulsing prick. Then he was up on top of her. He fucked his cock into her pussy.

"Oh, jeez, not too much at once!" Marilyn yelped. "Oh, wow!"

Robert's naked ass humped up and down and he fucked his prick into her hot and hard.

"Oh, God damn!" Marilyn cried. "You're fucking me!"

"Up to the onions!" Anne screamed. "Shove it into the balls!"

Gray, on his knees, rocked back and forth as he fucked his prick in and out of Anne's pussy. On the floor near them, Robert was fucking Marilyn, splitting her pussy wide open with his thick prick.

"I'm cumming!" Anne shouted. "Now! I'm cumming!"

Gray's big long pipe-prick bulged and heaved a tremendous load of jizz into her pussy. She shook violently on the chair, rumbled into a thundering climax.

Robert fucked wildly on pretty Marilyn. She tossed her head from side to side, her long blonde hair licking the tile. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around him, fucked her ass up and down off the floor and took all of his cock.

"Now!" she screamed. "Now!"

Robert let her have it. He shot out a shower of cum. "Oh, sweet fuck, baby?"

"Fuck me, Bob!" Marilyn yelled.

She bucked wildly off the floor and crested with him as his cock fucked her cunt and filled it with hot cum. She'd never had such an exciting climax. As she came, she watched her husband fuck out his cum-load into Anne.

"I love to fuck!" Anne sobbed. "I truly love to fuck!"

Robert looked up from the floor to see Anne's impassioned face as she shook hotly in her climax. It excited him to see her being fucked. It gave him the wild jitters as he flushed out the last of his cum-load into Marilyn. He never realized before now how thrilling it was to see his wife getting fucked. He squirted cock cream into Marilyn as he watched Gray fuck his big lean cock into Anne.

"Fuck him, Anne!" he yelled.

"Fuck her, Gray!" Marilyn bellowed.

Chapter FOUR

The next day was Saturday, and Robert and Anne were in the back yard cleaning up from the night's barbecue. New neighbors had just moved in next door on the other side.

After the exciting episode with Gray and Marilyn, they were anxious to see what the new couple might look like.

It was then they saw a young girl come out the back door of the adjoining house. She was attired in a pair of short-shorts, tight and yellow, that rode high on her ass revealing the sweet ripple of her cute ass below the tugging material. She had beautiful young tits, small, but setting up against her white T-shirt so proudly, so firmly.

"Hello," Anne called.

"Oh, hi," the girl said, and walked over to the waist-high wooden fence.

"I'm Anne Johnson, and this is my husband, Robert."

"I'm Julie Lake," the teenager said. She had long brown hair that was tied in two fresh falls at the sides with white ribbons, it was parted in the middle and pulled down tight against her head. It was an adorable hair-do and enhanced the square-cut of her pretty face. Her body was exquisite. Nice, shapely, bronzed legs, thin hips, a fabulous schoolgirl ass, tight tummy, and ripe little tits.

"You just moved in?" Anne asked. "Yes. Mom and Dad won't be here until tonight. I came early, because I had to register at school."

"Well, come on over and have a cola," Anne said.

Julie crawled over the fence, Anne and Robert led her to the kitchen. She took a can of Coke and sat down at the kitchen table.

"It's nice to have you in the neighborhood," Anne said.

Julie smiled.

"We're very close in this neighborhood," Robert added.

"We have lots of games we play," Anne purred.

"Oh, good. What kind of games?" Julie said. She had thick round lips that had been recently glossed in a soft orange.

Anne was wearing a summer dress. It was light blue. She wiggled to the fridge.

"We like to play the cucumber game." She reached inside and pulled out a huge, green cucumber.

"How do you play that game?" Julie asked.

"I'll show you," Anne said.

Robert watched intently. The cucumber game was a new one on him. Anne fingered the giant cuke. Her hand gripped one end of it. She took a paring knife and peeled off the green skin. She did this slowly until the cuke was naked, juicy, ripe, hard.

"It certainly is a big one," Anne commented. "I'll bet it's nine or ten inches long."

Julie took a sip of Coke. She had a puzzled look on her face.

"Now, let me show you how we play this game, Julie."

Anne pulled a chair from the table and sat down next to Julie. She smiled and licked her tongue vulgarly over the slick, juicy cuke.

"Bob, why don't you take my panties down so I can show Julie how to play this game?"

Robert had on a pair of light-brown cords and a T-shirt. His cock was already hard and bulging against the pants. Julie saw it, but looked away quickly. He settled to his knees in front of Anne and lifted her dress up around her waist. He tugged her pretty white panties down and tossed them aside.

Julie gasped at the woman's hairy pussy. Tiny wrinkles of amusement appeared on her forehead. She had no idea what was happening, but she knew it was going to be strange. She was frightened and thought about running out of the kitchen, but just then Anne fucked the big cuke into her pussy.

"This is how we play this game. It's called fuck the cucumber, Julie."

Julie gulped down a swallow of Coke. Her eyes were fastened to the juicy cucumber fucking in and out of Anne's cunt. Anne plunged it deep. She twirled, rolled, fucked it into her pussy.

Robert had crawled away from her and was on his knees off to the side. He couldn't believe his beautiful wife actually had that gigantic cuke in her cunt. But she did, and she was obviously enjoying it. He could hear the sweet click of the juice... cuke and... in and out.

This was all so new and strange to little Julie. She thought about getting up, leaving, but the sight of the huge cucumber fucking the woman's pussy intrigued her, and then Robert suddenly had his fingers between her legs tickling her little cunt through the shorts. She didn't stop him. She became excited. A rippling buzz of delight shot through her.

"You like this game, Julie!" Anne whispered. The girl took a sip of cola, looked down at Robert's scratching fingers, then back at the cuke. "I've never seen that before."

"Haven't you ever finger-fucked your pussy, Julie?" Anne asked.

"Well, I... sure, I guess I have."

"You've rubbed it with your fingers like I'm doing now," Robert said.

"Uh-huh," Julie mumbled.

"Oh, God, this feels good!" Anne gasped.

Robert unbuttoned Julie's shorts at the side and peeled them down over a thin pair of pink panties. He slipped between her legs and kissed her cunt through the panties.

"Ooof, ooo," Julie purred.

Robert licked lewdly at the girl's panties, and Anne fucked herself, furiously with the cucumber. Little Julie, so cute, so pert, sat on the chair in complete delight. She'd never known the thrill of sex like this. Robert yanked her panties down, pulled them low and took them off. He kissed along the girl's beautiful young thighs, licked longingly there, then suddenly pushed his face into her pussy.

"Oh, jeez!" she panted. "I don't know if you should do that."

"Of course he should, Julie," Anne said. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

The girl moaned.

Robert twirled his tongue into the sticky softness of Julie's cunt. He lapped at her pussy delicately, nipped the lips of her cunt slit, chewed, nibbled, licked, then sucked as much of that little cunt into his mouth as he possibly could.

"Oh, God!" Julie gulped.

Anne fucked the cuke wildly into her pussy. It was all wet and slimy. It fucked in and out easily, so gracefully, so beautifully, and Anne was enraptured by the feel of the big, thick thing.

Robert reached up and pulled Julie's T-shirt around her shoulders to reveal her naked tits. They were adorable, round and pointed, and they sat up like two hard tennis balls. He fondled her tits as he sucked her pussy.

"This is so... so... so good!" Julie panted.

"Wanna fuck the cuke?" Anne asked.

"I've never fucked anything but my finger," Julie muttered.

Bob pulled his mouth off her pussy, unzipped his cords, and whipped out his huge cock.

"Jesus!" Julie blurted.

He grabbed his cock and peeled the skin back so the big cockhead pushed out, red, round, shiny, glossed with dripping pre-cum.

"It's so big!" Julie whispered.

Bob stood up. His cock waved in front of Julie's face. "You lick it for me."

She looked up at him, a sweet look of compliance. Robert held his prick before her mouth, and Julie swept her tongue over her upper lip, then twirled it on the tip of his prick.

"Ah, yes, my dear," Robert whimpered.

"Oh, shit!" Anne gulped. "I love fucking and sucking. I truly do," she sobbed, plunging the big cuke in and out of her cunt.

She felt the force of a climax blind her, grip her with such force it pulled her put of the chair, to her knees on the kitchen floor.

Little Julie smooched the tip of Robert's thick cock. Her sweet young lips slurped at the drooling cockhead. She kissed and licked on his prick and finally brought her little hand up and held that fat thing. Bob humped his ass and pushed his prick in her mouth, instantly filling the girl's warm mouth with a slime of pre-cum.

"Phew!" Robert panted. "She's sucking it, Anne!"

Anne was on her knees in the last vibration of her climax, there on the floor, still fucking her cunt with the cucumber, her head thrown back, her mouth open, her body shaking and shuddering.

"Whew!" Robert breathed hotly as Julie gulped on his cock.

Then it happened. He couldn't control it. Just the sight of her sucking him like that sent him into a spiral of passion that ripped at him with a bubbling vengeance. He came.

His cock bulged in the girl's mouth and fizzed out a thick load of creamy cum.

"Oh, honey!" he gasped.

Julie had never experienced anything such as this. The hot cock cream splashed back into her throat, filled her checks. She pulled her mouth off Robert's cock and cum spilled from her mouth. Bob pulled her head back to his cock, just her lips touching his cocktip, and he continued to splatter her with his cum-load.

Cum dripped off Julie's chin. Robert's thick cock was thumping furiously. It leaped from Julie's mouth, mashed against her sweet cheek and splashed a gob of cock cream against it. Bob grabbed his cock and guided it back to her sucking lips, planted the cockhead there and squirted more jizz on the young girl's mouth.

Big globs of cum dribbled down the girl's chin, her neck, and fell to her ripe tits. She sucked voraciously on the man's cum-spitting prick.

Anne had completed her cum and pulled the fucked cucumber out of her pussy. She breathed heavily and watched her husband spurt his incessant cum-load at Julie's face.

"God damn, Bob, you're cumming all over her face!" Anne burbled.

"Yeah, oh yeah," Bob mumbled.

"Mmmmmm," Julie muttered.

Finally, his cock throbbed, beat, and spit out its final thrust of cum at Julie's mouth. She gulped.

Anne got up off the floor and went to the girl. She took the big juicy cuke and played it up and down against the girl's cunt, slipped it along the cunt slit.

"Ohhh, no," Julie gasped. "Not with that."

"Sure, honey, don't you wanna play fuck the cuke?"

Robert pulled back away from the girl, his cock wilting, drooling strings of cum to the floor. Julie's face was drenched with the thick white cream of his climax.

"It's too big," Julie protested. Anne stuck it in her pussy. "Oh! Oh!" Julie panted. "No! No!"

"No it's not," Anne said. "It'll fit. Look, see how it's in there now?"

"Oh, God," Julie whimpered as she looked down to see Anne kneeling before her, fucking the cucumber into her little blonde-haired pussy.

Anne fucked it in and out of the young girl's cunt.

"Oh, my God, that's good!" Julie cried.

"God damn!" Robert blurted.

He got another hard-on just watching his wife fuck the young girl with the big cucumber. He grabbed his cock and jacked. Julie was such a pretty teenager and the way she spread her legs, sat on the edge of the chair, her cum-soaked face -- the sight sent him into a deep passionate swoon.

"I wanna fuck her!" Bob yelped.

"Go ahead then," Anne said. "Fuck her." She pulled the cuke out of Julie's pussy, leaving the girl breathless, heaving on the chair in excited anticipation. Bob pulled her out of the chair and took her T-shirt off. She stood naked before him.

"Gad, you're a sweetheart," he mumbled, then he pulled her to him and kissed her furiously. His cock thumped between them. He reached behind her and clutched her tight little ass and squeezed her asscheeks.

"Go on and fuck her," Anne said.

"Get up on the kitchen table, Julie," Bob said.

Julie had no choice. She needed that big thick cock. After having the cuke in her cunt, she was so hot she thought she might faint with delight. She crawled up on top the kitchen table and lay down on her back.

Bob got on top of her. He guided his cock to her pussy and shoved the cockhead in.

"Shit!" Julie exclaimed. "Shit, is right!" Robert panted hotly. "Not too much, please," the girl pleaded. What a sight. The two fuckers on top of the kitchen table. Anne removed the bowl of fruit that sat beside them. She grabbed a huge banana from the bowl. She slowly fucked it into her cunt, the yellow skin sliding in easy. She held one end of it gripped in her palm and fingers and danced it up and down.

Robert humped his ass and fucked his thick prick deeper into Julie's pussy.

"You've fucked before," Robert said.


"You've been fucked before, I can tell," he said. "Haven't you!"

"Yes," Julie admitted, feeling the man's cock plug her pussy.

Robert fucked deeper. He pumped up and down on the young girl. Their bodies clapped together on the table. His big balls banged against her tight ass.

"You little fucker," Robert breathed hotly. "How many times have you fucked?"

"Lots of times!" Julie gasped. She banged her young hips back at Robert's wild fucking.

Anne plunged the banana wildly into her pussy. "I'm fucking a banana!" she cried.

Julie and Robert both looked at her sitting on the chair next to the table. They fucked and watched Anne fuck herself with the long yellow.

"You sweet little piece of ass," he murmured, and he picked up the beat of his stroke. Faster, faster, he fucked on top of her, hammering his hard, thick cock into the schoolgirl. She took it all.

"Goddamn!" Anne howled as she watched her husband fuck Julie. "You two are fuckin' like mad!"

"Yeah, I love that prick in me!" Julie cried.

Robert was a wild man. His balls made a delicious slapping sound as they whacked at Julie's ass. His prick penetrated her all the way, then he pulled up, fucking back in.

Julie threw her arms around his neck, flung her legs wide open up in the air, forming a big V. She humped her ass off the table. Her ass thumped up and down.

"I love that prick fucking me like this!" she yelled. "Fuck me, Robert. Fuck the shit out of me!"

Anne was in a delirious tremor. The banana was a yellow flurry of fucking temptation as it slipped in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, Julie," Robert gulped. He rode her high and hot now, fucking faster. They banged together on the table. Anne fucked her cunt with the banana. She sawed it savagely at her pussy.

"I love this!" Anne yelped. "I truly love all this!"

"I do, top!" Julie yelled. "I wanna fuck... oh, oh... shit... Here I cum right now!"

Her beautiful young body shuddered. She wriggled beneath the older man, taking all he had to give her. She felt the thick prick bulge and then the hot cock cream poured into her pussy.

Anne yelled: "I'm cummin' with this Goddamn banana. It's fuckin' me off. Oh, slit!" She slid down in the chair, her head thrown back, her mouth open, her head swinging from side to side.

Julie's pigtails slapped at the table as she came. Robert squirted his cum-load in her pussy.

"Shove it to me!" Julie yelled. "I've fucked... I've fucked before... and I'll fuck again!"

Hot kissed her passionately as they crested together. Anne fucked herself so fervently she fell off the chair again in her violent climax, dropped to her knees by the force, but she kept fucking the big banana in her pussy.

"Fuck off! Fuck off!" she sobbed.

"Yes, fuck off!" Julie cried, breaking away from Robert's sucking kiss.

It was a fucker's paradise in the kitchen. The sounds of panting, gasping, the slicking of cock in cunt, banana in cunt, the fire of love at its zenith was just what Anne had always wanted, what she had always needed.

"I'm Virginia," Mrs. Lake said. Anne guessed she was about thirty-five. "We'd love to. Ed win be home tonight after work, and I'll tell him you invited us."

"Say Friday night then?" Anne said.

"That sounds fine," Virginia agreed.

And so it was set.

The day before the barbecue with Ed and Virginia. Anne was in the back yard tanning her gorgeous body. She was resplendent the way she reclined in the lawn chair. Jimmy came out of the Lewis' house next door. He peered over the fence at Anne.

"Hi, Jimmy," she said.

"Hi, Mrs. Johnson," he called, leaning on the fence with his elbows, staring at Anne's golden body, the tiny white bikini, the way some brown cunt hair coiled from the sides of it.

"Wanna come over, Jimmy?" Anne asked. "Yeah, no one's home over here -- it's kind of boring." He hopped over the fence.

"Come on inside. I'll fix you an iced tea," Anne said.

They went in the back door to the kitchen. Jimmy gazed at Anne's luscious ass as she stirred. She dropped in a couple cubes of ice and handed it to him.

He had a hard-on already. Anne stated coyly. His hand trembled as he sipped the iced tea.

"My, my," Anne cooed. "Look at this." She rolled her palm lewdly over the bending cockbulge in his jeans.

A knock at the door.

"Just a minute, Jimmy," Anne whispered. She went to the beck door and found little Julie standing there in hor school uniform. She attended a Catholic school, so she was attired in a short gray skirt with pleats a Navy-blue sweater, dark blue knee socks, and blue-and-white saddle shoes. Her long brown hair was pulled into a pony-tail in the back. Her pouty lips were glossed in a gleaming red.

"Come in," Anne said.

"Mom asked me to bring over the seasoning for the steaks tomorrow night. She said you didn't have any Cheffield Steak Seasoning, and Dad loves it."

"Well, you can't buy it in this town," Anne said.

Julie spied Jimmy standing there. Anne introduced them. Julie immediately took note of his hard-on.

"Well, now, since you two are neighbors maybe you should get to know each other better," Anne purred.

Julie smiled. Jimmy's eyes rolled over the beautiful young girl. She looked stunning in her uniform.

"Jimmy has a big hard-on, Julie," Anne said.

"I see it," Julie said.

"Maybe we should do something about it, huh?"

"I think so."

Anne went to the boy, unzipped his fly, and pulled his prick out. It was stiff as steel. The cockhead was glistening with prick-juice.

"Why don't you suck his prick for him, Julie? Would you like that, Jimmy?"

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Johnson!"

Julie came to the boy, fell to her knees on the kitchen floor, clutched his simmering hard-on and swirled her juicy tongue over the tip of his prick, licked at it and sent Jimmy into a deep free fall of delicious delight.

"Ah yeah," he sighed.

"Very good, Julie," Anne said.

Julie spiked Jimmy's prick into her mouth. Her gorgeous red lips sealed around his cock lewdly. Her head bobbed as her pony-tail slapped at her back. She sucked the boy's hard cock with caved-in cheeks, big dimples that looked so sweet as she gulped the cockmeat.

"Suck his prick," Anne urged.

Julie took his prick out of her mouth instead and jacked on it. Faster and faster her little hand danced on the stiff cock. Jimmy watched in fascination as Julie jacked him off.

Julie's hand was slick as it fucked Jimmy's cock. She watched the cocktip bubble. She leaned in and fucked at the jizz with her tongue and continued pumping.

Anne clapped. She grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl on the table. She sat down on a chair, stripped her bikini down, then screwed the apple at her cunt. She shoved and twisted it into her pussy, then spun it around and around, screwing her pussy with it.

Jimmy's cock erupted. It flooded out a geyser of milky twin. Julie jacked his prick furiously as it squirted and spurted the hot cock cream. Gobs of jizz fizzed from the bulging cockhead and splattered to the kitchen tile.

"Oh, Julie!" Jimmy barked. "Jack my cock."

"I'm jackin' it, God damn it!" Julie gulped. "Oh, God, that feels... feels... good!"

"Shoot cum, shoot stuff," Julie whimpered, still pumping her hand wildly on the boy's cum spitting cock.

Anne worked the apple around, and around on her cunt. Her pussy lips had stretched around the big red apple. "Oh, Jesus! Look at the cream come out of Jimmy's prick."

Jimmy stumbled backwards, but Julie didn't let go of his cock. She kept pumping, almost holding him up with her hand, pulling wildly on his prick as the boy shivered through his climax.

"Eat Julie, Jimmy," Anne commanded. "She sucked you off, so now you have to eat her."

"Yes, eat me. I'm hot. I want my pussy sucked," Julie babbled.

She got up off the floor and sat down beside Anne in a chair. She lifted her little skirt up around her waist and at there, darling and daring in her shoes, knee socks and a pair of pretty pink panties.

Jimmy, his cock drooling, came to her. He knelt between her spread legs and kissed along Julie's thighs, licked at them, then licked the schoolgirl's panties.

Anne twirled the apple in her cunt. "Yeah, suck her panties, Jimmy!"

Jimmy mouthed the crotch of Julie's panties, sucked at them, chewed on them.

"Come on, suck my cunt," Julie pleaded. "Please... now... suck my cunt!"

Jimmy yanked her wet panties down and threw them to the floor. He dived in on her pussy.

"Oh, Jesus!" Julie cried. "I'll have to tell Father Brannigan about this in confession."

Jimmy greedily munched on her beautiful young cunt. He sucked at her cunt, licked and kissed her sweet pussy.

"What will you tell the Father?" Anne gasped, still fucking herself hotly with the apple, screwing it into her juicy cunt.

"I'll tell the Father that I have sinned. I let Jimmy suck my cunt. That's what I'll say," Julie panted. "And he'll sit on the other side of the confessional, and it'll make his prick hard just hearing that someone sucked my cunt like this. He'll love hearing all about it."

The sweet schoolgirl rolled her thin, lovely hips off the chair and pushed her pussy into Jimmy's face. He munched, gurgling and slurping at her pussy.

"God damn!" Anne cried. "Suck her cunt, Jimmy."

"Oh, Jesus, that's good," Julie sighed. "It feels so good when you suck my, cunt."

"I'm fuckin' an apple!" Anne cried.

Julie looked over and saw the way she was screwing the apple deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy. "Jesus H. Christ!" she gasped. "That's so fucking lewd, Mrs. Johnson!"

"Yeah, so fucking lewd. I love it. It feels good, like the head of a giant cock. I love it!"

Jimmy lifted off Julie's pussy. He reached up and fondled her ripe tits. He unbuttoned her sweater and took her tits out of the pink bra. He leaned in and kissed both tits as Julie watched him. His cock was hard again. He unbuckled his jeans and slipped out of them, wiggled out of his shorts and pointed his stiff cock at Julie's juicy pussy. He nudged the cunt slit with the head of his cock.

"Oooo, yeah," Julie whispered.

"Fuck her now, Jimmy."

"I will, Mrs. Johnson."

He fucked his cock into Julie. It slipped in easily. Julie felt the firecracker hotness of his prick in her pussy. She liked the heat of his cock, the way it throbbed inside her cunt.

"Fuck me, boy!" Julie said body.

Jimmy plumed his prick deeper. He started fucking her like a rabbit. Anne watched and she fucked her pussy with the apple. She was like an electric, delicious swoon of delight.

"You'll have to tell Father that you fucked, too," Anne said.

"Yes, I will," Julie sobbed.

Jimmy fucked his hard prick into her sweet pussy. Anne could hear the juicy fucking sounds. He sawed his fucker in and out with precision timing with Julie's lewd circular hip movements, the way she lifted her ass off the chair and ground her pussy onto the fucking prick.

"Will Father forgive you?" Anne asked. She was spinning the apple in a wild twirl.

"Yes," Julie puffed. "Yes, he'll tell me I shouldn't fuck boys, and I'll tell him that I'll never fuck a boy again."

"But you will, won't you?" Jimmy panted. "You will, huh?"

"Damn right, I will!"

"You fuck my prick, right?"

"Goddamn right, I will, Jimmy. I'll fuck your prick anytime!"

Anne was so hot she was beside herself. She tossed the slimy apple across the room, grabbed a big banana from the bowl and fucked it deep into her pussy. She humped it wildly, pushed up to it, fucked it furiously.

"Oh, God, Mrs. Johnson! You're fuckin' a banana."

"You'll have to tell Father about it."

"Yes, I'll have to tell him that while I was fucking a prick you were fucking a banana."

"I know -- I need forgiveness," Anne said. "Fuck me, Jimmy!" Julie howled. She was lost in the trembling twitter of climax.

"Jesus!" Julie shouted. "Fuck me! I'm... I'm... cumming!"

Anne fucked her pussy with the banana. Jimmy jammed his prick at Julie's cunt. His prick shivered and deluged her wet pussy with a load of hot cum.

"Fuck me! Pour your jizz in me!" Julie yelled.

If Father Brannigan could have seen this, the Catholic school girl, so darling in her uniform, splayed so lewdly on that chair, cumming, while the boy's prick fucked her cunt, could have seen Anne fuck herself with the banana -- surely he would have forgiven them, or joined them as though they'd been sprayed on, and Anne noticed she had a tight, fine little ass.

Robert mixed drinks and they sat around in the back yard for a while, chatting, getting acquainted.

They all went back in the kitchen to fix another round of drinks and Virginia said: "Julie said she met you all. She said you have lots of games to play."

"What kind of games?" Anne said in surprise.

"Just games. That's all she said."

Anne was relieved that Julie hadn't told her folks about all the fucking she'd been doing in the Johnson house.

"Well, of course, there are different games for different occasions," Anne said.

"What would be proper for this occasion?" Virginia asked.

Anne was attired in a pair of tight white shorts and a white halter. Her golden tan looked good. She looked good, and he'd noticed several admiring stares from Ed.

"Well, there's one game we could play," Anne said, unhooking the shorts and letting them drop around her high heeled-sandals. She looked splendid in tight white panties that pulled tightly to her hairy cunt. Ed's mouth gaped open. Virginia stifled a gasp of shock.

Anne slipped seductively out of the panties and stood in the kitchen in just her halter, billowing with her gorgeous tits. Her pussy, so bushy, between her legs.

"We could play fuck the rolling pin," Anne said.

She pulled a huge rolling pin from somewhere near the sink, sat down on a chair and diddled her cunt with the point of it.

Robert never ceased to be amazed at his lovely wife's inventions, her extroverted personality. He loved her so much, and she looked so beautiful sitting on the chair, her legs apart, holding the rolling pin with both hands and slowly dunking it into her cunt.

"Good God!" Virginia exclaimed. "She's pushing the rolling pin in her... her..."

"Cunt," Anne said.

"Good God!"

Ed watched with excited interest. His cock was stiffening in his slacks. Anne watched the rise of his cock-bulge, which continued way past the time it should have stopped. It looked like the man had a bust hunk of cockmeat in his pants.

She fucked the rolling pin in her pussy. She pumped it up and down. "It's time for fuck the rolling pin!"

Robert moved closer to Virginia. Suddenly his fingers were crawling between he little woman's legs, scratching at her pussy through her tight jeans.

Ed's cock just grew and grew in his slacks, until it looked like it might burst the material and spring out. Anne was interested in his cock. Very interested.

"Let me see that prick, Ed," Anne said. Ed pulled down his zipper, but he had trouble getting his cock out. He couldn't pull it through the fly. His hard-on was too big, too hard. So, he unbuckled his belt and slipped his pants down. They fell in a heap at his feet. His shorts were spiked by his hard-on. He pushed them down around his knees and the biggest prick Anne had ever seen sprang up, slapped his belly, wobbled, waving like a jumping fish.

"Holy, Jesus!" Anne gasped. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

Even Robert was taken back by the monster cock.

"How big is that prick?" Anne panted, fucking the rolling pin in and out of her slurpy cunt.

"It's fifteen inches," Virginia said proudly. Somehow Anne couldn't imagine how the tiny woman could handle such a killer cock. The prick was absolutely frightening, but Anne shivered at the thought of fucking it, having it in her pussy.

"Good God, she's still fucking the rolling pin," Virginia said.

"I'd like to fuck that incredible cock," Anne said.

Robert was already taking Virginia's jeans down. He took her yellow panties off, then pulled off her sweater and her bra, until the little woman stood only in her black high heels. She was finely built, and Robert dipped to his knees and kissed her pussy.

"Okay, okay," Virginia whimpered. "Okay, then eat me!"

Anne removed the rollng pin from her cunt. Ed moved toward her. His cock swung from side to side, clapped at his thighs. It was humongous.

Anne leaned forward on the chair. Ed stood in front of her. She kissed the head of his huge fucker.

"Mmmmm," Ed moaned.

Anne licked her tongue over the big cockhead. It was so big it reminded her of the apple she had fucked the day before, big, slick, and red. His prick foamed out a glop of pre-cum. Anne licked the slime away with her hot tongue.

"This is the biggest fuckin' prick I've ever seen. I didn't think there could be a cock this big," she said.

"Suck me," Ed said.

Virginia stood poised over Robert, her hands on her hips, bumping them into his face as he slurped at her pussy. "Yea suck my cunt, Robert."

Anne pulled on Ed's cock. She ran her hands over the prodigious cock and inspected the width and breadth of this unbelievable prick. She squeezed his prick with both hands. A tear of pre-cum spit from the cocktip. Anne quickly gulped at it, swallowed, then took the big head of his cock in her mouth. The cockhead was so big it felt as though she had that apple in her mouth.

"Take me down and fuck me!" Virginia yelped.

Robert pulled her down on the kitchen floor with him. He ripped, tore at his clothes until he was naked. He rolled over on top of the little woman. His thick cock thumped on her belly, Virginia clutched and guided his cock to her pussy. Robert fucked it in.

"Oh boy!" Virginia gasped.

"God, baby," Robert said.

Anne sucked voraciously on the head of Ed's cock. She had both hands wrapped around his cockshaft.

Then she yanked it out of her mouth. "I have to fuck this prick. I absolutely have to fuck this thing!"

"I want to fuck you," Ed said.

He pulled her out of the chair and they kissed. Their lips were wet, hot, melting against each other, his cock bulging, spitting, more pre-cum against her.

Ed stuck his finger in her pussy.

"My husband's fucking your wife," Anne whispered. "They were fucking there on the floor."

Ed fucked his finger hotly in and out of Anne's cunt. She was weak with passion. She couldn't believe how big his prick was. She wondered, as she sagged to the floor, if this was where Julie had learned how to fuck if she had fucked her daddy's mammoth prick.

Ed fell to the floor with Anne. Anne felt him on top of her, felt the pulsing of his colossal cock. She squeezed on his prick as she spread her legs. He settled in between her legs. She put the head of his prick in her pussy.

"I want you to fuck my pussy with all of it."

Ed pushed. His cock fucked into Anne's pussy.

"Yeah, honey. Just shove," Anne said. "Oh, Jesus Christ! That's big. Oh, holy shit!"

Ed stuffed his fucker in there. Anne lay on the floor, her chin tucked in to her neck, eyes glued to the large prick fucking into her cunt. Maybe this was the cock she'd been looking for to plug her insatiable pussy, she thought.

Anne wept as she watched Ed's prick fuck deeper. He let her relish the friction of the slide. Anne's pussy twitched and twittered. She was steaming.

"God damn, I need that big cock in my big pussy, Ed," she whimpered.

Ed fucked deeper, a full ten inches.

"Oh, Jesus! Oh, shit, Ed!" Anne howled.

Now he began a slow stroke, fucking in and out, and in the process drummed in two more inches.

"I'll bet I've got a foot of cock in my cunt!" Anne shrieked.

Robert and Virginia lay right beside Ed and Anne. Robert was fucking the little woman with his fat cock, and she was ardent in her hi movement, a circular grinding. He looked over, craned his chin over his shoulder to see Ed's huge cock fucking in and out of Anne. Then he became enraged with boiling passion. He pumped up and down on Virginia with a hot stabbing fuck-stroke.

"Fuck me!" Virginia cried.

Ed jabbed his cock in Anne's cunt with a short stroke and gave her two more inches of cockmeat.

"Now, shove in the rest," Anne said.

He pushed and she took the final inch. "Oh, this is unbelievable!" she sobbed. "I love all that prick in me."

He pulled up, his ass humping high, pulled that big cock stalk and all the way to the cockhead, then fucked back into Anne's cunt.

"Goddamn!" she wailed.

He did it again. Slow fuck-strokes, pulling his breathtaking cock all the way out, then bulldozing back into Anne. Anne loved the sight of that big long cock fucking in and out of her pussy. She was ecstatic with the fill of the hot cockshaft, the way it thrummed inside of her, throbbed, boiled and spit cum.

"You God damn freak!" Anne yelled. "Fuck me, you fuckin' bastard! Fuck my pussy with that God damn prick."

His cockhead sprinkled cream in Anne's pussy as he pumped and poked that king-sized cock to her. Anne watched down there, watched so she could see how the big long fucker penetrated her. It thrilled her.

"You son of a bitch!" she sobbed. "You dirty mother-fucker!"

"Bitch!" Ed snarled. "You need your hot pussy fucked."

"You're God damn right I do, lover, I need prick in my pussy."

She wrapped her little legs around Robert and fucked up at him as she came. "Ooooo," she whimpered.

Robert attacked her unmercifully.

Big Ed, his hulking frame pumping up and down as if he were doing push-ups, was clobbering Anne's pussy with his ravishing cock. He fucked in and out, full-blast strokes, hard fucking that delighted Anne to a seething climax. She felt his cock give and splash a full load of cum in her pussy.

"Oh, God damn! Here we cum!" Anne yelled. And there on the kitchen floor, lying side by side, the neighbors fucked. Sizzling-hot fucking. Anne's pussy toasted and sucked on the rapacious cock, which swamped her cunt with jizz.

Ed looked down into Anne's beautiful face, at the impassioned look, the splendid loveliness. He kissed her body as his killer cock deluged her pussy with cum. Anne was squirming and fucking her hips off the floor to meet his wild fuck-strokes. She was cumming with a fucking fury.

"Don't stop!" she yelled. "Don't stop fucking my pussy. My pussy is crying for cock! Rape my cunt with that big fucker!"

Ed's cock had swelled to enormous size as it sprayed and soaked Anne's cunt with fuck cream. She had never before enjoyed a fuck so much. She was a wild woman beneath him. She was giving him the best fuck he'd ever had.

Robert finally came. Virginia felt the wave of cum pour into her pussy.

"We're all cumming!" she shouted.

"Yes, come on, cum! Fuck me Ed, baby. Don't stop! I love it!" Anne cried.

Chapter SEVEN

The following day, Sunday, Robert left for the golf course with Ed and Gray. Anne called Virginia and Marilyn to see if they wanted to get together, but both had left for the day. Marilyn said she had to see her ill mother, and Virginia was driving out of town to visit relatives.

Anne longed around the house most of the morning, fixed a sandwich and decided to go out and suntan in the back yard. She slipped into a tiny, slick, green two-piece suit, put on a pair of white heels and was about to slip out the kitchen door when the front-door buzzer rang.

It was a priest. He stood tall and erect, a man of about fifty, silver hair, handsome, a ruddy face, almost a stereotype Catholic priest.

"I'm Father Brannigan," he smiled. "Come in," Anne said. "Well, I just wanted to stop and pay a courtesy visit. I'm the priest at Saint Thomas, just down the street. We have a wonderful church and a full school. I know you're new in the area. Your neighbors are Catholic, and I just stopped to see them, but no one was home. I thought I'd visit you and see if you would be interested in attending our church. Are you Catholic?"

"I'm afraid not, Father," Anne replied. "Ah, well, you may still attend if you like." Just then Julie rode by on her bike. She looked darling in a pair of white shorts that hugged her wiggling ass. She wore a short-sleeved blue sweater and tennis shoes. She rode her bike up the walk to the door where Anne and the priest were engaged in conversation.

"Hi, Father -- hi, Mrs. Johnson," she said, sliding her fine, tight ass off the bike seat.

"Well, hello, Julie," Father Brannigan said jovially.

Anne saw possibilities and immediately said: "Come in, Father. I just made some iced tea." Julie parked her bike and entered the house with Father Brannigan. Anne led them to the kitchen and poured them each a glass of tea.

"Father, I have some theological questions for you," Anne said.

"Oh, by all means, ask me."

Anne went to the refrigerator. She pulled out a big, thick, long sausage. It was slick and hard, at least a foot long. She laid it on the kitchen table.

Father Brannigan and Julie sat across from each other. Anne stood next to the priest. Julie knew immediately what was going to happen. The Father waited to be served some sausage slices.

Anne slowly tugged at her bikini. She pulled it down over her hairy cunt. The priest's eyes bulged. Anne picked up the sausage off the table, slid it between her legs and rubbed it on her pussy.

"Oh, my heavens!" the priest exclaimed, his face flushing red.

"I was wondering, Father, if you considered this a sin?"

Her hand danced with the fat hunk of meat. She pushed the tip between her cuntlips and slowly fucked it into her pussy.

"That certainly is a sin!" Father Brannigan said indignantly.

"Why?" Anne asked, fucking the meat deeper into her cunt.

Father Brannigan watched with excited interest. "Well, it is. You should know that."

Anne rolled her hips lewdly at the thick roll of pork. She shoved it deeper and fucked it in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

"Julie, why don't you get up and take down your shorts?" Anne suggested.

Julie stood up, walked around the table, stood near the priest, and unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She stood, a picture of teenaged beauty in a thin pair of blue panties and the blue sweater.

Father Brannigan couldn't help himself. His cock had leaped to a full hard-on and was thumping against his black slacks. His cock bulged at his crotch, and Anne could see his hard-on throbbing against the thin material.

"Look," Anne said, "can't you forgive me if this is a sin?"

"Well, I..."

Anne fucked the sausage in and out of her pussy. It made her feel ecstatic, fucking herself with the thick meat while the Father watched her.

"Take his prick out, Julie," Anne said. Julie walked to Father Brannigan. She looked him deeply in the eyes, smiled coyly, reached down and unzipped his fly. The priest's cock jumped out.

His cock was rigid and ready, the cockhead red and round, the cockshaft a full nine inches. Julie grabbed it with her hand, held the priest's puking prick in her gripping, tightening fingers.

"This is wrong," Father Brannigan said.

Julie bent over and kissed the tip of his cock. Her sweet, young red lips sealed right over the cockhead.

"...[missing text]," the priest mumbled. Julie's hand pulled up and down on the bulging prick stalk. She licked her tongue over the glistening cockhead, felt a squirt of pre-cum seep out, wiggled her tongue, caught it, and swallowed the sticky goo.

"Oh, this is so wrong," Father Brannigan panted.

Anne had the sausage plugged deep in her pussy and was furiously fucking herself. "God, that looks so good!"

Father Brannigan looked at Anne, his eyes hot, glassy, as she fucked herself fiercely with the sausage. Then his gaze swept down to the beautiful young girl who was licking the head of his trembling prick. Julie's head bobbed up and she came down. Her lips slid hotly over the stalk as she took his cock in her beautiful mouth and sucked. Her cheeks dimpled out as she lifted up and down.

Then she suddenly pulled her mouth off his cock and pumped wildly. Her hand steamed on the priest's prick. She jacked on the priest's cock.

Anne pulled the sausage out other cunt and quickly went to the couple. She pulled Julie's hand off Father Brannigan's prick. She straddled him, threw her legs over him and grabbed the hard cock, pulled it up as she ground down and took it in her pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Father. I'm gonna give you a good hot fuck."

"Oh, my heavens!" the priest gasped.

Anne bounced wildly on top of him. She buried his cock in her cunt. She threw her arms around him, clasped her hands behind his neck and fucked up and down on his cock.

Julie watched with intense pleasure. She dipped her hand inside her ice-blue panties and fish-hooked a finger into her wet little pussy.

"Father, I'm fuckin' you!" Anne cried.

"Oh... oh... yes... yes, you are!" he muttered.

She entwined her fingers round his white cleric collar, rolled her hips vulgarly, looked down so she could see the way his cock fucked in and out of her cunt.

"Look down there Father," she whispered. "Look, see how your cock is fucking in and out of my pussy."

"Oh, my!" Father Brannigan muttered.

Julie was so hot she had to fuck three fingers into her pussy as she watched Anne fuck Father Brannigan.

Anne leaned in and kissed him, a hot, wet kiss, her tongue lapping into his mouth. She bucked up and down in a fucking frenzy. Father Brannigan's cock exploded. She felt his prick heave, then felt the gush of hot cock cream shoot up into her pussy.

"God, Father! You're cummin' in my cunt!" Anne felt the blissful rapture grip her body. She shivered as that beautiful emotion, that tingling euphoria rippled through her. She slapped her ass up and down on top of the priest. She took all of his cum-squirting cock, pushed her hips down and let him squirt jism deep into her pussy.

Julie was in a trance. She bent forward. Her knuckles bugled against the thin panties as she finger-fucked her cunt.

"God damn, Father!" Anne screamed. "You're filling my pussy with cum. God damn, you've got a lot in there!"

"Mr. Johnson!" he gasped. "Oh... oh... I feel so good!"

"I'm cummin'!" Julie hollered. "Right now, damn it. I'm gettin' my cookies right now!" Her body jerked forward as she came.

Father Brannigan looked up into Anne's lovely face, saw the wrinkles of pleasure and passion etched there.

"You're beautiful!" he cried, heaving his hips off the chair, fucking his cock up into her cunt.

"Oh. Father," Anne sighed. "Fuck your prick to me!"

He pushed and humped up at her. Anne bucked back and forth, relishing the foaming cock cream that rushed into her needy pussy. It seemed that his cock would never stop spurting. Anne couldn't remember a prick that had ever had so much cum to give.

She was now at the zenith of her climax. Her body trembled and shook. She pulled off the kiss, fucked up and down again and again.

"God, aren't you ever gonna stop cummin'?" she yelled.

Gum was now spilling out of her pussy, dripping along her thighs, splattering to the kitchen tile. Father Brannigan threw his head back. He bucked up at Anne.

"Is this a sin?" Anne muttered.

"Yes, yes," the Father mumbled. "Yes it is," Julie said, gasping and panting as she tried to catch her breath after her fabulous climax.

"No it isn't?!" Anne yelped. "No it isn't!"

"Oh, Mrs. Johnson," he moaned. Anne was fucked out, but the priest's cock was still hard, still sprinkling cream into her cunt. She fell over on top of him, spent, huffing and puffing, her chest rising and falling, her tits falling out of the halter-top of her suit. She panted and gasped for breath.

Julie was still fucking her cunt with her finger. She convulsed from the waist, pulled over by the electric force of a zinging climax. "Jeez!" she whimpered.

Her body buzzed with the excellent feeling. Her head wobbled from side to side. Her hand knuckled out the crotch of her blue panties as she fucked her finger faster and brought herself to the edge of her orgasm.

"Holy shit!" she cried.

Father Brannigan watched her cumming. Anne was still sitting on top of the Father, her chin hanging on his shoulder, her breathing settling down to a normal pace. But she knew the priest hadn't been fucked in so long, or perhaps never. His cock was still like a bar of iron in her bushy pussy.

Anne lifted off him and knelt between his legs. She fisted Father's cock, squeezed the tremulous prick stalk, inspected the length, then licked her tongue over the creamy cockhead. She lapped along the cockshaft, down to the base, licking the sticky white lather. She lifted his balls in the palm of her hand and kissed them tender. She sucked his balls into her mouth.

The priest slid to the edge of the chair to accommodate this obscene behavior. His big fat balls hung over the seat so Anne could have easy access to them.

Julie finished her climax and watched Anne's lewd licking. She walked to the table and leaned her ass against it to take in the show.

Father Brannigan's prick stood stiff and long. Anne sucked on his balls. The cock trembled, thumped. A big squirt of cum juice from the cocktip, arched in the air, and splattered to the kitchen tile.

Julie went to the man. She knelt at his side and bent down. Her lips brushed against the top of Father's cock. She swirled her tongue over the huge cockhead. Anne continued to suck the man's balls. Julie grabbed the stalk of his cock with one hand and pumped it against her mouth. He creamed her pretty lips. Sticky cum clung there like strings.

"Oh, my heavens!" the priest blurted.

"I wanna fuck him," Julie whispered.

"Please, ladies," Father Brannigan protested. "This must stop immediately." His cock spewed a blob of cum on Julie's cheek.

Anne got up from the floor. She backed off. "Okay, go ahead, Julie. Fuck that big prick."

Julie straddled Father Brannigan. She looked darling. She pulled down her blue panties, whipped them oft then threw her legs over the top of his legs and sat down on top of him.

Her cute young tits popped at her tight sweater. Father Brannigan looked into her pretty face. His eyes were on fire with pathetic passion.

Julie reached for his cock, clutched it with one hand, balanced the other on Father's shoulder. She manipulated the big hard-on as though it were a gearshift. She pulled his cock back, pushed his cock forward, wobbled it to the sides, just as if she were shifting down. She took the big proud prickhead in her fist and played with his cock, pulling and pushing.

Father Brannigan was in a heated trance. "Please, young lady, you must stop."

"Forgive me, Father, for playing with your prick, will you?"

She slid her hand down to the middle of the cock stalk and started pumping his prick. She lifted up, pulled his cock to her pussy and inserted the cockhead inside.

"Oh, no!" Father Brannigan gulped.

Julie rolled her hips around in a slow bump-and-grind and fucked down on his leaping prick. She took his prick deep into her little cunt.

"Let's fuck," she whispered.

"Fuck his balls off, Julie," Anne said.

She had taken a chair from the kitchen table and had spread her legs wide. She had found an unpeeled cucumber. She shaved the big thick vegetable into her pussy. The green shaft fucked in easily.

"Oh, Father, this feels good. Your prick feels good in my pussy," Julie said.

"You must stop doing this," he murmured.

"I know I should, Father, but I can't. I'm just a crazy little fucker, I guess."

"Oh, good God!" Father hissed.

Julie bucked slowly in and out on his cock. She clasped her hands behind his white collar. She looked the priest in the eyes. He stared back, then looked down to see how his huge cock was connected to the stunning young girl. His cock as fucked vulgarly into her pussy. Julie's pony-tail waved back and forth as she fucked the priest.

"I'm fucking you," she whispered.

"Yes, yes you are," he sobbed.

Anne fucked the cuke into her pussy as she watched the exciting scene. The tight body of the beautiful teenager bounced up and down on the Catholic's big cock. She looked stunning in the tight blue sweater and her blue tennis shoes as she rode the man high and hard.

Anne wanted to fuck the priest again, herself. But she let the thick cucumber pleasure her pussy. She had a good grip and fucked it in and out of her cunt wildly.

Father Brannigan was so hot with fuck-lust he couldn't stop the climax that shot through him. His cock swelled inside the little girl. The cockhead bloated and spurted a thick load of cum into Julie's cunt.

The hot cock cream spilled into her pussy. She fucked wildly on Father's thumping prick. She rode his fucker like a pro. Her tight little ss thumped up and down on the man.

"Oh, my dear!" Father Brannigan gasped.

"Father!" Julie yelped. "Oh, Father you're cummin' in me."

"Oh, my precious darling," he mumbled.

"I want you to fuck me in the confession booth, Father... next time... please... will you?"

"You obscene little slut!" Father, shouted.

He humped his hips off the chair. He fucked his big bruising prick into her in a furious frenzy. Julie held on. He bucked her high. She rocked back down. He threw her up again.

"Oh, Jesus!" Julie cried.

Father Brannigan held her by the waist as he pushed up and down off the chair, fucking his prick deep into Julie's yearning cunt.

There was so much cum squirting into Julie's pussy that it began spilling out the sides, dripping to the floor. The priest was bulldozing his cock into her. She had never been fucked so hard. She had never had her pussy flooded with so much sweet cock cream.

"Fuck me, fuck me in confessional!" Julie babbled.

"Yes! I'll fuck you in the confessional!" the Father shouted.

Anne fucked the cuke deep into her pussy and came. There was so much emotion in the kitchen she could feel it in the air, the smell, the pungent aroma.

"I'm cummin'!" Julie sighed. She threw her pretty head back and howled loudly.

Father Brannigan fucked his cock to her. Anne fucked the cuke. And the kitchen filled with the sweet simmer of fucking. Julie slumped over on top of Father Brannigan, huffing and puffing in the glow of the fabulous fuck. The Father shook all over. His cock spit out little after-gobs of cum in the girl's cunt.

"Jeez! He really fucked the shit out of me, Anne," Julie whimpered.

Anne was still fucking the cuke wildly in her pussy, grinding her hips off the chair as she fucked herself to the top of her climax.

Julie pulled off Father Brannigan's cock. The thick cockshaft had wilted and curled on his thigh. His cock wiggled and thumped as it spit one last gob of jism that oozed from the cocktip very slowly then dripped down his leg.

"Whew, it's melting," Julie murmured.

She petted the priest's thick prick lovingly, toyed with the cockshaft, ran her fingers along the length of it, took the creamy cockhead in her palm, watched how it thickened, jumped around like a fish.

"Wow!" the girl exclaimed.

Father's cock began expanding, rising to Julie's playful and careful touch. Julie watched in avid interest at the way his cock rose, slowly at first, then thumping to a full hard-on.

Julie grabbed the cockshaft, dropped to her knees between the man's legs, jacked up and down on the stiff fucker, looked at the cockhead bobbing above the curl of her thumb and forefinger. A whip of excitement slapped her. She dipped her beautiful head. Her pony-tail bobbed. She puckered her lips and fucked them over the tip of Father Brannigan's cock.

"Oh, my dear, you really shouldn't," he gasped.

Julie licked over the top of his prick, swirled her tongue against his burning cockhead as if she were licking an ice-cream cone.

Anne had by now finished her tremulous orgasm and sat on her chair watching Julie bring Father Brannigan to the edge of paradise. She got up, went to the sucking girl, knelt there beside her and watched how she kissed his prick.

Julie worked her lips along the prickshaft, and as she moved off the head of Father's prick, Anne fastened her lips to the prickhead. Julie sucked his balls. Anne sucked the head of his cock.

The priest shook with excitement and desire. The two women were taking him to the pit of hell, but he loved every minute. He liked the way young Julie kissed his big hairy balls, then sucked him into her warm mouth. He liked Anne's thick lips on the top of his cock.

"Girls, girls," he pleaded. "You're driving me mad!"

Julie got up from the floor, stood by the side of the chair, put her arm around the man's neck and brought his face to her pussy. The Father didn't know what to do about her aggressive behavior. He loved the aroma of her wet pussy.

His tongue flicked along her slippery cunt slit. He opened his mouth and kissed her cunt. The poor man even found himself chewing Julie's pussy, much to the delight of the ravenous young girl.

"Nice, Father," she sighed. "Nice cunt-sucking."

Anne plunged her lips deeper onto the priest's cock. She grabbed the prick stalk, held on with one hand, jacked up and down as she sucked.

"You will absolve us, won't you, Father?" Julie sighed as she pushed her pussy into the priest's face.

Anne lifted her sucking lips off the man's throbbing prick, got up, straddled him, humped her cunt down on the big cockhead and fucked onto it, taking half his cock into her pussy in a swift flourish of her hips.

"Yeah, you'll absolve us, huh, Father?"

"Ah, uh, mmm," the man gurgled, unable to pull his face away from Julie's delicious cunt. "Mmmmm, mmmmmm!"

"You can absolve us the next time I come to confession, Father," Julie cooed.

Chapter EIGHT

Anne grew more beautiful more ripe and appealing with each passing day because she was getting what she needed. The time had arrived to invite both couples over for a cook-out.

Ed stood on the other side of the screen.

"Come on in," Anne called.

The big, tall man with the enormous prick strode into the kitchen.

Anne was attired in a snug-fitting pair of white shorts and a red tank-top that looked obscene the way it showed off her fine tits. The shorts pulled in tightly at her cunt in inviting ripples.

Ed walked right up to her. "Look, I haven't been able to get you off my mind since that night here in the kitchen."

"Is that right?" Anne teased.

He grabbed her and kissed her roughly.

"My, my," Anne sighed, rolling her body against the man, feeling the beating of his cock in his cards. His cock was so huge as it slapped against her.

Anne unzipped Ed's pants and tried to get his cock out of the fly, but his hard-on was too big and hard, so she unbuckled his cords, slid them down the man's hips with his shorts. Ed kicked them off and stood revealed in a T-shirt, a pair of white athletic socks and blue tennis shoes. His fifteen-inch cock lifted from his crotch like a huge limb. Anne loved the way his fucker bent upward from the middle, the cockhead all creamy. She grabbed the big prick and pulled the skin back to make the cockhead bulge and slip out in a red bulge.

"Gosh, it's just so fabulous," Anne whispered a she eyed the huge prick. She peeled the cock skin back farther. The head of his cock pushed out bigger. "Wow!"

The warm thumping of the giant cock in Anne's hand thrilled her. She did a swan-dive on his cock, bent over from the waist and dipped her lips onto the head of Ed's prick. She kissed over the top, licked her tongue in long slapping flaps.

"This is the biggest prick I've ever seen, Ed -- and I've seen a few pricks in my life," Anne said. "It's magnificent."

Anne grabbed his colossal cock with both hands, wrapped her fingers around the thick stalk, pulled the bulging cockhead into her mouth and sucked, her cheeks puffing out and caving in as she bobbed her pretty head.

"Suck me," Ed whimpered. He was in a dizzying swoon of ecstasy as Anne's hot mouth sent him to glorious heights of shivering delight.

Anne, still bent over at the waist, glanced up at Ed, saw the passion wrinkled onto his face, his mouth open, tongue banging out. She sucked furiously on his monstrous prick.

"Your mouth is like butter, Anne," the man whined.

Anne slipped her luscious lips off his prick and said: "My mouth is butter, Ed. My mouth is butter for you, baby."

"Oh shit!" Ed gasped. "You sweet bitch!"

"Yeah, tell me I'm a sweet bitch," she purred, licking her slobbery tongue over the huge head of Ed's prick.

"You sweet bitch! You beautiful cock-sucker! You dirty fuckin' bitch!" Ed moaned.

"Oh, God!" Anne panted. She sucked Ed's cock back into her mouth and slid her sucking lips in and out on the big cockshaft.

"You prick-sucker! Dirty cock-sucker! Sweet prick-teaser!" Ed babbled.

He couldn't stand the excitement. He pulled Anne off his cock and kissed her greedily. A hot gulping kiss. A blazing, sucking kiss. A moment of slobbering paradise.

Anne still had his cock gripped in her hand. She slid her fingers on the throbbing staff of cockmeat as they kissed hotly. Ed finally broke the kiss, choking breathlessly, then he dived to his knees, ran his fingers up her thighs, reached around and clutched her fine ass.

"I wanna suck your shorts," he whispered.

"Oh, shit... yes!" Anne yelped.

Ed licked his tongue at the white shorts, sucked on the ripples at her crotch. His hands fondled her ass, clutched the asscheeks with his fingers. His tongue wagged against her shorts.

The man's frantic licking excited Anne beyond any limit she knew.

"Just a minute," she panted. "Let me show you something."

She was shaking as she backed away from the flapping tongue. She went to the fridge, pulled out a chicken leg. She laid it on the kitchen table. She sat down in a chair, unbuttoned her shorts at the side, slid them down her thighs, and pulled them off. She wore no panties so her hairy pussy was bare.

Anne slid to the edge of the chair. She spread her legs and brought the chicken leg to her pussy.

Ed stood in awe and his cock was rigid, at attention, dripping jizz to the kitchen floor. "You're not going to..."

"Fuck this chicken leg?" Anne said. "Yeah, watch me!"

She trailed the crispy chicken leg up and down the slit of her cunt, screwed the fat thing into her pussy and fucked up and down. "Oh, jeez, baby!" Ed gulped.

"Make you hot?" Anne purred.

"You sweet son of a bitch!" he hissed.

"Yeah, that's what I am. Tell me!"

"Dirty fuck-sucking cunt! Rotten, dirty chicken-fucker! You sweet, incredible bitch! I love you!" Ed barked.

Anne smiled seductively. She lifted her ass off the chair and fucked her cunt at the chicken leg. Big, crispy scabs of chicken skin clung to her hairy pussy. Anne pulled the chicken leg out of her cunt.

"Now, you eat the crumbs, honey," she cooed.

"Oh, God... yes!" Ed panted.

He went to his knees between Anne's legs and hungrily ate the crispy chicken skin from Anne's pussy, licked his tongue into the thick cunt hair, chewing on the long strands as he dined on the crumbs.

The man slobbered over Anne's chicken-flavored pussy. He sent a wobble and flutter over the toasty cunt. Anne was swept by a riptide of pleasure that flooded her body. Ed's tongue danced in a tingling tizzy on her simmering cunt. He tongued, licked, kissed and sucked her clit into his mouth. He bit tenderly. His greedy manipulation filled Anne with delight. She shuddered and slipped into that intoxicating ecstasy she knew and loved so well. She threw her head back, pushed her cunt at Ed's vulgar tongue, and howled.

"That's good. Right there, honey! Right there, damn it! Oh, shit. Here I cum!"

His tongue sent Anne's clit into a sensational twitter as she came.

Ed took her to a seething orgasm, delighted to be on his knees feasting on her juicy cunt, excited that she was excited. His head swung from side to side as he gobbled her pussy.

Ed got up and swept Anne into his arms. His kiss was creamy with her pussy-juice. He stuck his finger in her slushy cunt and fucked it back and forth, sawed slowly.

Anne grabbed for his cock, clutched the hard, hot fuck rod. She slid her hand over the thick, marble-like hardness.

"Would you suck my prick one more time?" Ed blurted.

Anne squeezed his cock. The plum-red cockhead spit out a thick gob of creamy cum.

Anne knelt before him, puckered her red lips and sealed them over the creamy cockhead and applied a hot, wet, slobbering kiss on the head of Ed's prick. His tongue was so huge she had to use two hands. The big thick prickshaft expanded as she sucked it into her mouth. Ed knew this was love at its zenith. He felt an exquisite flutter of rapture as Anne sucked on his cock.

"You're a damn good cock-sucker!" Ed panted.

Anne opened her mouth wide, curled her tongue out against the head of Ed's prick, and pumped with both hands on the immense cock, jacking him off on her tongue and lips.

Ed felt as though he were sticking the head of his cock in warm butter. He fucked his prick at her ruby-red lips. Then he felt a shudder of delight that ribboned through his whole body, a delicious tingle. His cock bulged, throbbed, and gushed a wave of cum at Anne's gaping mouth. He spilled a hot spray of cum on her lips, her chin, her cheeks.

"I'm cummin', Anne!" Ed howled.

Anne's hand blurred as it danced on his frothing cock. She loved the bubbling cock cream that poured into her mouth, squirted on her face.

"Oh, Anne!" Ed cried. "Shit, baby!" Her hand pumped wildly now, just one hand slicking on the throbbing wick. The cockhead kept shooting out thick gobs of cum that drenched Anne's beautiful face. She pumped the thumping prick, licked her tongue against the spray of his cum-load.

"Ah, shit!" Ed hollered.

Finally Anne's hand was simply stroking his dying prick. She caressed his cock, slicked the big blobs of cock cream, lathered them over the pulsating prick as the last tear of cum dribbled from the giant head of his prick onto her lips.

"Now, baby, I wanna eat your pussy again," he panted. Anne knelt there before him, her lovely face painted with milky cum Ed dropped to the floor with her, pushed her back so she lay prone. His hands lifted her ass off the floor. He held the globes of her asscheeks, squeezed them, then licked his tongue over the top of her bushy pussy. He sent his tongue into a wild frenzy, lapping up and down the slit of her cunt. He masked his face into her hairy cunt and gobbled wildly.

"Oh, Ed!" Anne sobbed.

He stuck a finger up her hot pussy twiddled a flutter of pleasure through Anne.

"Yeah, fuck my ass with your finger!" she cried. "Fuck my ass and suck my pussy!"

She felt pleasant tingles grip her as Ed's tongue whipped her cunt and his finger fucked her ass. She ground her hips up to his face.

"Ah, whew, I love your hot pussy, honey," Ed gurgled.

"I want you to suck me," Anne whimpered.

"I wanna fuck you," Ed said, and he was suddenly hulking over Anne, and his cock was on a full-blast hard again. The throbbing and spitting cockhead slapped against Anne's belly.

"Fuck me then," Anne sobbed. Ed fucked his cock into her cunt. "Whew, shit!" Anne howled. Anne threw her legs around Ed and humped her ass off the kitchen floor. Ed's cock sawed at her pussy. He fucked hard. Up and down. Thump-pump. His balls banged against Anne's smooth ass.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me!" Anne whispered. "You sweet fucker!" Ed panted. Ed's huge prick plugged Anne's pussy in an erotic, lusty push-and-pull fucking rhythm. Anne craned her head off to the side to watch the way his cock fucked in and out of her cunt. She shoved a finger in his asshole. He stuck a finger in her asshole again.

"You cunt. I love to fuck your cunt. I love to fuck your ass with my finger. I love the way my balls are banging up against your ass. I love you, you dirty bitch, you rotten fuckin' dirty son of a bitch! I wanna fuck you every day. I'd pay to fuck you every day. You're a good fucker, baby, a hot dirty screwin' fucker!" Ed babbled as he pounded his prick violently in Anne's pussy.

Anne threw her arms around Ed's neck and pulled his head down, pasted her lips to his in a French kiss. Her free hand slid between their bodies, down to the bolt action of his fucking cock so she could feel the thrust of the thick cock into her pussy.

"Oh, Ed, that cock is beautiful."

"You're beautiful," Ed gasped as he fucked Anne's pussy.

His cock bulged and splashed out a huge load of cum.

"Shit, yes!" Anne yelled as she felt the hot deluge of cum fill her cunt. "Yeah, this is better than a chicken leg."

Chapter NINE

Anne's kitchen was becoming a meeting place for the frolics of the neighborhood. No sooner did Ed zip his bit fucker back into his pants and slip out the back door, when Julie knocked at the front.

She was darling, attired in a white T-shirt with DURAN DURAN scripted across the front in black lettering. The U's in Duran cupped her firm little tits enticingly as the shirt pulled tightly and bottomed into a tight pair of jeans that looked as if Julie had taken them in at the legs and hips so that they would hug her delicious young body. Her ass was cuddled delightfully against the light blue denim of the jeans.

Julie had her hair in the cute pony-tail tied in a white ribbon. Her lips were painted glossy pink and her cheeks had been freshly blushed with a bright orange, the color of a speedometer dial. She wore a pair of high-heeled sandals, and three white plastic bracelets hung from her right wrist.

"Shhh," Julie said. "Father Brannigan is coming down the sidewalk."

"Come in," Anne said with a smile. "Is he headed for my house?"

"Where else do you think he'd be headed?" Julie chuckled. "God, I love to turn him on."

"You little devil," Anne said.

Anne closed the door, and a knock came a minute later.

"Oh, Anne," Father Brannigan said. "I thought I'd drop by for a moment and invite you to our bingo game tonight."

"I'm sorry, Father, we're having a cook-out."

Father Brannigan was staring at Julie. His holy eyes burned over the schoolgirl. Julie smiled salaciously.

"Ah, uh, well... oh, that's too bad. I was hoping you could come to the affair."

Anne reached between Brannigan's legs, pinched at his black slacks, found his slowly rising cock, and grasped it.

"Well, perhaps I should..."

"Fuck us," Julie said. "Wanna fuck us, Father?"

Anne unzipped his fly and withdrew his hard cock. She dipped to the floor and sucked the cockhead into her warm mouth. Julie went to Father and caressed his ass, then shoved a finger up his asshole through his slacks.

Anne unbuckled his pants as she sucked his cock, and soon she had them down around his shoes. His cock stood proud, tremendous. Julie unsnapped his clerical collar and ringed it wound his thick cook. This delighted Anne. She slid the collar on the priest's cock.

Julie watched and got hot. She rubbed her pussy through her jeans, which were all crunched up in snug ripples at her crotch.

Anne ducked in on Brannigan's cock and sucked. The priest watched Julie fingering her jeans. His mouth was unhinged. His eyes were on fire.

Julie liked his fuck-hot stare. She started a slow strip for Brannigan as Anne sucked his prick and he watched Julie. She unbuckled the jeans and forced them down her alluring thighs, revealing her ice-blue panties packed with brown coils of cunt hair at the crotch. She pulled the T-shirt off and exposed her beautiful little tits, the nipples upright, the lift of her tits so incredibly proud. Julie grasped her panties and slowly tugged them down on top of the jeans and stood up to show off her pretty pussy. She opened her mouth in a lewd smile and licked her pink tongue over her lips.

"Oh, God have mercy!" Father Brannigan cried.

Anne got up. "Let's all go in the kitchen." Julie quickly removed her jeans and panties and walked naked with Anne and the priest into the kitchen. Anne turned in the middle of the kitchen and stripped off the man's clothes, pulled him to her and Frenched him on the lips, rolling her pussy against his hard prick. Then she sat down on a chair near the kitchen table and quickly she reached for a big chicken neck on the table. She rubbed it obscenely over the lips of her pussy and fucked it in.

"Oh, no!" Father Brannigan gulped.

Anne jiggled the crispy neck in and out of her cunt.

"That's better than fucking a cuke," Julie said.

The young girl went to the priest. She rubbed against his hard-on. She felt his cock squirm and spit pre-cum on her stomach.

"You're such a nasty old man," Julie whispered, then she went down to her knees and kissed the man's towering prick.

Father Brannigan's wandering eyes flitted from the scene on the chair, Anne diddling her pussy with a chicken neck, to the young girl's pretty pink lips secured tightly around his cock.

"Could this be heaven?" he mumbled.

"Fuck me, Father!" Julie gasped as she lay back on the floor.

Father Brannigan looked down at her lithe body splayed out. Julie wiggled her hips in a slow roll off the floor, bumped them at the staring eyes.

Father got down on the floor with her. They kissed hotly. Julie rolled over on top of him. She lifted to all fours, reached down and gabbed his cock. She manipulated the bloated cockhead against her young cunt. She fucked the hard cock-knob inside and rolled with her folks will be coming over soon for the cook out.

"Oh, God, I can't let them catch me," Julie panted as she fucked faster on the priest's cock.

Brannigan was in a whirlpool of fuck-lust. He had no idea what was going on. He was lost. He loved the young girl bucking and fucking on his prick.

"That cock up my ass feels good," Julie yelped.

Julie bucked high when the stream of hot cock cream jetted into her pussy as Father Brannigan came. Jimmy pushed hard, fucked his cock like a sledgehammer up her asshole until he creamed. The hot jizz fizzed and spilled out over the cheeks of Julie's ass.

Anne came as never before.

"I love to fuck and suck!" she screamed. "I truly do!"

Julie zipped into a shuddering climax. Her body shook as though she were shot through with electricity. "I do, too!" she yelled.

"Holy slit! What a tongue!" Anne hissed hotly.

She pushed her hips out, thrust her pussy to the thick pink tongue and let the man slurp, lick, and flap at her cunt. Waves of delicious sensation floated through the beautiful woman, and as she shivered in ecstasy, she was glad the finger of fate had directed her and Robert to this neighborhood, this very house surrounded by such wonderful neighbors.

Chapter TEN

The couples arrived on time. Gray and lovely Marilyn came to the door first, followed a few minutes later by Ed and Virginia. Both men were dressed casually in cords and sweaters. Marilyn wore a white sun dress. Virginia had packed her petite body into a tight pair of pink shorts and a white sweater, and she wore white high heels.

Anne wore a white linen skirt and a light-red sweater with white high heels. Robert wore jeans and a Rugby shirt. It was the first time that the three couples had been together at one time, and Anne was looking forward to their event with great anticipation. She had pondered how she might better get all the people involved in a food-and-sex orgy, the thought of which excited her immensely.

The chicken was ready, cold and chilled in the fridge. The potato salad was fresh and ready to be served, and the steaks were laid out on a big platter ready to hit the grill.

Anne put on a Carly Simon album and suggested that the couples dance. They danced with their mates.

When the first song ended, Anne said: "Let's switch partners."

She walked up to Ed. She wanted to feel that fifteen-inch cock in the worst way. She pushed in against him as another song began. She gave Ed a huge hard-on by wiggling her hips at him, rubbing her pussy on his leg. She enjoyed the way she could make a prick rise so easily.

When the dance ended, she turned to the others and said: "Look at this big hard cock."

She unzipped Ed's pants and tried to get his cock out, but remembered that when it was this hard she'd have to take his pants down. So she did. Anne also stripped down his shorts, and Ed's king-sized cock bounced up with a snap and wobbled, jerked, and throbbed.

Virginia gasped. The woman had never seen a prick like this.

"Like it, Virginia?" Anne cooed.

"Look, no one's gonna fuck Ed's cock but me!" Virginia hissed.

She went to Ed and grabbed his huge prick with both hands and dipped down on the tip, sucked the throbbing cockhead into her mouth. Virginia's head bobbed on the monstrous prick. She pulled her mouth off the cockhead with a long swipe of her tongue, turned to the gaping neighbors and said: "No one gets this cock but me."

Ed grabbed the expanding stalk of his prick. He got a good grip on the huge hard-on, and he waved it around as Carly sang "You're So Vain" over the stereo system.

"Stop that," Virginia huffed, and she grabbed Ed's cock and stilled it with both hands.

"God, I'd love to see Marilyn fuck that prick... I'd really like to see you fuck it, honey," Gray said to his wife. Marilyn was still shaking in amazement that there could be a prick as long and big as Ed's. "I couldn't possibly see all that in me," she whispered.

"Aw, come on, Virginia, don't be so damn piggish," Anne said.

Sweet Anne, the loveliest of all the ladies, the most sexy, the most beautiful with a coy smile toying at the corners of her lips. She looked stunning in the red sweater and the thin white skirt with pleats. She, more than any of the women, wanted that big cock. She wanted anything at the moment, because her pussy itched for a hot fuck.

She unzipped Gray's cords and took out his cock. Gray had that big foot-long fucker. The throbbing hard-on looked good to Anne. She got a good grip on his cock, and she watched the piss slit pop a drop of pre-cum that oozed out, fattened, then dripped in a long string of juice to the floor.

"Hell, Gray's got almost as big a cock as your husband, Virginia. I'll bet it's a foot long. Look at this big thing," Anne said.

"It's not fifteen inches Ed, this one," Virginia snapped, and she kissed the head of her husband's cock.

Robert unzipped his fly and pulled out his [missing text]. "[missing text] pussy?" Anne whined, pulling her skirt up over her waist to reveal her naked cunt, so bushy, so much hair, so wet and lovely.

"I'll fuck that pussy!" Gray gulped.

He moved to Anne, his foot-long prick in his hand. He jammed the cockhead into the thick hair coiling in Anne's crotch.

She took the slippery prick in, humped her hips in fast bumpy shots, then pulled off the cock.

"Np, you guys give all that good cock to Virginia," Anne said.

Anne went to the fridge. She pulled out the vegetable tray and withdrew an obscenely long cucumber, a bright-green thing, big and thick as a wrist.

"Marilyn and I will play fuck the cuke while she takes on all that cock."

Anne unbuttoned her white skirt and moved to Marilyn with the giant cucumber.

"Take off your dress, Marilyn," Anne said. Marilyn hesitated a moment, then quickly unzipped the dress in the back and slipped out of it. She stood in a pair of white panties and a white bra. Her long blonde hair was slicked back tightly against her head, pulled to the back and clipped with a barrette into a long, flowing Virginia pushed him back on the floor. He lay with his big cock sticking up like a lightning rod. Virginia crawled on all fours over him, lifted up, grabbed the stalk of his prick and fucked the head of his cock into her pussy.

"Oood, yeah," she whimpered.

Gray moved around to the front facing Virginia, kneed his way in and offered his foot long prick to her gaping mouth. Virginia locked her lips on it, sucked the pulsating prick into her mouth. Robert moved behind her and fucked his nine-incher up her ass.

There was a gasp from Virginia as she sucked Gray, felt Robert's hard cock fucking up her asshole. She pushed down and took all of Ed's cock inter big pussy. She sucked furiously on Gray's cock, and Robert slammed in from behind, fucking her ass with hard fast strokes.

The poor little woman was being fucked better than she'd ever been fucked. Anne and Marilyn fucked together on the big cuke as they watched the hot scene on the floor -- Marilyn fuckin three cocks.

"She's got a yard of cock!" Anne yipped. "I wanna have a go at that," Marilyn whispered.

Virginia looked good on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at Robert's fucking prick, looked good sucking Gray, looked superb fucking up and down in and out on her husband's monster cock.

"Fuck the cuke," Anne whispered, shoving harder and faster at Marilyn.

"I can't believe we're fucking this cucumber," Marilyn whimpered.

Sweet little Julie looked scrumptious in a tight pair of jeans and thin, tight pink sweater, crept along the side of the house. She knew there would be some hot action in Anne's kitchen. Anne's hot kitchen. She slid along the side, stopped just short of the kitchen window and peered in.

"Oh, jeez," she whispered.

She saw her mom fucking up and down on her dad's incredible cock. The sight made her so hot she shuddered. Her hand slid up along the inside of her thigh, the slick until her fingers were rubbing the ripples of denim at her crotch, making her pussy feel good.

Julie gasped again when she saw Anne and Marilyn fucking the cucumber. She rubbed her pussy faster.

Father Brannigan, who at the last minute decided to stop by the cook-out, strode by on the sidewalk. He saw Julie peeping in the window and crept up behind her.

Julie felt his fingers on her ass. Father cupped her tight asscheeks. Julie peeked back over her shoulder.

"Oh, Father!" she sighed.

"What's happening in there?" Father Brannigan whispered.

"They're fuckin'," Julie whispered back.

Father looked over her shoulder and saw the torrid fuck scene in the kitchen. "Oh, my heavens!" he whimpered.

He pushed his hips in against Julie's wonderful little ass. His hard cock thumped on her soft ass. He moved lewdly behind her, peeking over her shoulder at the action in the kitchen.

Julie wiggled her ass back against Father Brannigan's hard-on. The priest pushed tighter to her ass, pressed his hard-on into the soft, exquisite flesh. He reached around in front of the schoolgirl and plunged his hands into her crotch, fought with Julie's fucking fingers until he held her pussy firmly through the jeans, and then he rubbed her cunt frantically as he dry humped her ass.

"Father, you dirty old man," Julie sighed. "You dirty little girl," Father hissed. His cock bulged and thumped against her ass.

"Look at them," Julie said. "They're fuckin' up a storm in there, Father. Look at how big my dad's cock is."

"Ooooo, God?" the priest panted.

He unbuckled Julie's jeans in the front. They flapped open and he dipped his hand inside her sweet pink panties, hooked his finger in her sopping cunt and fucked it in and out.

"Oh, Father, honey, you shouldn't do that to me with your finger like that."

"I know I shouldn't," he gulped. But he finger-fucked Julie hard. His finger slipped creamily in and out of her pussy.

In the kitchen, Anne fucked Marilyn with the cucumber. The big green stalk had gobs of juicy cunt cream dripping from it. Marilyn fucked back and gasped for breath.

"God, you're gonna make me cum!" Marilyn shouted.

"Yeah, let's cum!" Anne howled. Virginia worked on all that cockmeat, sucking, fucking, and the woman was in a daze. They rode the heat of the fire to the explosion. Cock cream poured. She felt the flush of jism up her asshole. She tasted the sweet cum flooding her mouth. Ed's giant prick spurted a thick gusher of cum up her pussy.

Outside, Father Brannigan took Julie's jeans down to her knees. Still behind her, he tugged on her pink panties. He skinned them down on top of the jeans, exposing the young girl's beautiful ass. He punched his cock at the soft asscheeks.

"Father!" Julie exclaimed. "Not up my butt!"

"Yes, my dear, up your beautiful butt," the priest panted.

He poked his cock between the soft asscheeks, pushed his cockhead into Julie's ass, slammed it up her asshole.

"Oooof!" Julie hissed.

"Oh... darling!" Father Brannigan panted.

"Fuck my ass, Father!" Julie cried.

Inside, Marilyn floated through the most magnificent climax she'd ever experienced. She took a yard of cock to the ultimate. She collapsed on her husband. She lay gasping on top of him. Robert grabbed his cock which was still squirting and jacked out the last slither of his cum-load, spraying the hot cock cream down on Virginia's back. Gray's cock had slipped out of her mouth, and he knelt there shaking in the aftermath of his cum.

Marilyn and Anne withdrew the cuke from their cunts.

Anne sat down on the kitchen table. She took a paring knife and cut a thin slice of the cuke. She held it teasingly between her thumb and forefinger.

"Come here and eat some cunt-cucumber, Gray."

Gray waddled on his knees to gorgeous Anne. She spread her legs. He kneed in between them. She offered him the cum-soaked cucumber slice. He took it as if she were offering his communion. He sucked it into his mouth and chewed it.

"Oh, my?" Father Brannigan whispered, still peeking over Julie's shoulder, still fucking his prick up her asshole.

Virginia rolled off Ed and lay on the floor, catching a breather. Cum drooled from her chin. Cum dripped from her asshole. Cum slid down her thighs.

Robert fell to the floor with Virginia. He kissed her creamy lips. He flattened out on top of her. They rolled on the kitchen floor.

Anne sliced another sliver of cucumber and fed it to Gray. His cock was lifting to a slow, throbbing hard-on again.

Ed lay on the floor. His cock circled into a soft curl. Marilyn went to him. She lowered her fine body over him on all fours, then took one hand and massaged his wilted cock.

Anne stuck the end of the cucumber in her pussy.

Gray began nibbling the big cuke. He licked the creamy stalk and took a big bite as he chewed it down to Anne's pussy. Soon he'd eaten all of the juicy vegetable and started licking Anne's pussy.

Anne pushed her cucumber-tasty cunt to the man's flapping tongue. She pulled on his hair and mashed his face into her hairy pussy.

Robert's prick was hard again. He angled the juicy cockhead at Virginia's cunt. He fucked down and in. Virginia threw her legs around him. They moved into a hot fast fucking tempo. Style and harmony and grace and good rhythm were evident in the way they fucked at each other.

"Oh, they're really going at it in there, Father," Julie whimpered.

The priest was humped with spread legs behind the lovely girl, fucking his cock slowly in and out of her asshole. With one free hand, he finger-fucked her cunt.

"They appear to be having an orgy, my child," Father Brannigan said.

"You're making me feel so good, Father," Julie whispered. "You've got your prick up my butt."

Suddenly Jimmy appeared out of the bushes. He rushed up to Julie and Father Brannigan. He peeped in the window. His gaze was fixed hotly on the scene in the kitchen.

"They're fuckin' and suckin' in there, Jimmy!" Julie gulped.

Jimmy looked at her sweet pussy, the way the priest was finger-fucking her. He saw the man's cock fucking in and out of her asshole.

Jimmy knelt in front of Julie. He removed Father's finger from Julie's cunt and smashed his tongue into her pussy.

"Oh yeah, like that, Jimmy. Lick my pussy!"

The boy bobbed and wiggled his head as he flipped his tongue up and down the slit of Julie's quivering cunt.

"Your mother is fucking my dad, Jimmy," Julie gasped.

"Uh-huh," the boy mumbled as he chewed Julie's cunt.

Father picked up his pace. He fucked his cock harder and faster up Julie's tight ass.

"Fuck my ass. Butt-fuck me, Father," the girl sobbed. "Whew! Up my shitter, you dirty son of a bitch!" She wiggled her round ass back at the puffing man. "Fuck the shit out of my ass, Father!"

Jimmy gurgled and mumbled as he muffed in, his greedy lips smacking her soft fuzzy pussy.

"Oh, Jimmy," Julie sighed. "Eat me!"

Inside, Marilyn had played Ed's huge prick into another hard-on. She lifted up and fucked down on his cock, over the big man on her hands and knees. And, just as Virginia had a few minutes before, she rocked back and forth on the big cock.

Robert pumped like a piston on Virginia, power-driving his prick into her pussy. His balls banged the floor.

Gray sucked on Anne's pussy, but then Anne pushed him off, went to the fridge and withdrew a big bowl of potato salad. She went to the table. She sat back down on the chair, scooped her hand into the bowl and grabbed a gob of salad, thick sticky, yellow and fresh smelling. She packed it against her pussy, spread it between her legs, then spread wide.

She looked obscene and lovely sitting on the chair, a coy, sexy expression etched on her beautiful face, her crotch slicked and smooth with potato salad. This was what Anne had wanted all her life. Orgies like this. A roomful of fucking friends.

"Have some potato salad, Gray," she cooed. The man needed no urging. He mashed his face into the thick goo. His mouth gaped open. He gobbled at the potato salad. He ate it off Anne's cunt. She watched with a smirky smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. His tongue finally lapped through and hit her cunt.

"Yeah, yeah, bastard, you're eatin' pussy and potato salad!" she cried.

Julie couldn't believe the scene before her eyes as she looked in the window. The priest peered over her shoulder as he fucked his cock up her sweet asshole. Then he pulled his big bulging prick out and dropped to his knees behind Julie. He ran his tongue up and down the crack of her ass and sent it twirling at her asshole.

"Oooooo," the girl moaned.

Now Jimmy and the priest both licked her good. Jimmy was a wild little boy on his knees chewing Julie's delicious pussy. She had never felt such pleasure. She shivered into a wonderful climax.

Robert's ass humped high as he fucked his cock in and out of Virginia. The little woman took it all and banged her ass off the kitchen floor as she fucked back at the piston-like prick that fucked in and out of her pussy.

Anne watched her husband fuck Virginia. She watched Marilyn, her head thrown back, rocking back and forth, fucking her cunt up and down on Ed's monster cock.

As far as Anne was concerned, this was what life was all about. She looked down to see Gray's face all smeared with potato salad, watched him lap her cunt.

She oozed slowly into a fabulous orgasm. She lifted her potato-slimed pussy off the chair, pushed into Gray's face as she came. As the slick glow throbbed through her, she heard Virginia scream.

"Nail my pussy down!"

Robert pumped hot and hard on Virginia and Anne knew they were both cumming. Marilyn gasped loudly, rolled her hips and fucked her cunt on the big prick that Ed pushed up into her pussy.

"I'm cumming!" Marilyn shouted.

Julie was shuddering, quivering, fluttering through multiple climaxes as she peeked in the window. The priest and the boy licked her asshole and her pussy. She loved the juicy feel of her orgasm. She wanted to scream with delight, but knew she shouldn't draw attention to the window.

She finally grabbed the window sill, gasping, choking for breath, played out, spent. Her head banged against the glass. As Anne was relishing the creamy cum, she saw Julie's face pushed against the window.

Anne pushed Gray off her. His face was covered with potato salad.

She got up, went to the window, threw it open and said: "Get in here, Julie -- get in here!"

Julie walked to the back door when she recovered from her climax, puffing Jimmy and Father Brannigan with her. They appeared in the kitchen, much to the amazement of all the neighbors. Marilyn had fallen off Ed and was lying on the floor beside him, heaving, panting. Ed's cock flagged at half a hard-on, slick and lathered with thick cum.

Julie went to her dad and grabbed his huge cock. She knelt beside him, her jeans down around her thighs with her panties, her pussy exposed. Ed had been fucked so hard and so hotly by Virginia and Marilyn that he was in a daze. He looked up into his pretty daughter's face.

Julie was enchanted with her father's huge cock. She slicked her hand up and down on the slippery cock. She jacked on the beefy cock until she brought it to a full hard-on.

"Oh, Daddy," she gasped. "Daddy, it's so fantastic!"

She leaned over Ed and kissed the big apple-sized head of his prick.

"Ooooo," her dad sighed.

Anne pushed Father Brannigan to the floor and stripped off his black frock. She stripped him and sucked his cock as she knelt over him.

Jimmy shed his clothes and stood over. Marilyn, who was lying beside Robert after their wild fuck.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Mom," he whispered.

"Yes, yes, yes," she mumbled.

The boy fell to the floor and fucked his prick into her gooey cunt. He was fast and hot. His balls slammed against her ass and his cock fucked her pussy in wild, quick jabs.

"Oh, jeez!" Marilyn gulped.

Anne got on all fours over Father Brannigan and took his cock inside her pussy. Gray, with a huge hard-on, his face all smeared with potato salad, moved in behind her. He guided his cock to her ass, then shoved. The throbbing cockhead met her asshole in a hot sputter.

"Shove that son of a bitch up my ass!" Anne hollered.

She bucked back, then fucked down. She took Gray's cock up her shithole, took the priest's cock up her pussy. Robert moved around in front of her and offered her his limp cock. She sucked his cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head and brought his prick to a boiling hard-on. She took the three cocks gleefully.

Julie by now was licking up and down the giant stalk of her daddy's cock. He lay on the floor, watching his young daughter greedily lap his marble-hard prick.

Virginia moved over to Julie and Ed. She took Ed's cock away from Julie. "Let me show you how to suck this prick, honey," she said to her daughter.

"No, let me suck it," Julie insisted.

Julie pushed her mother away and jumped on her father. She took his huge cock and inserted the cockhead in her young pussy. She leaned over on all fours. Her gorgeous tight ass bucked in and out as she fucked herself on the bulging cock.

She was the face of sweet beauty as she fucked in and out, hands on the floor, her legs spread, knees wide on the floor. She looked down between her and her dad so she could watch the bend of his cock as it fucked up into her cunt.

"Daddy's prick is so big," she whined.

Virginia crawled across the floor to Jimmy and Marilyn. "I have to get fucked," she panted.

Gray pulled his foot-long cock out of Anne's asshole and offered it to Virginia. The petite woman grabbed his cock and jacked it wildly. She pulled Gray down on top of her and he fucked his cock into her pussy.

The kitchen was filled with the sounds of sweet desire, of pure pleasure, of unleashed fuck-lust.

Julie threw her head back and yelled: "I just love to fuck -- I truly do!"

Anne's mouth was filled with cockmeat, but she managed to nod in agreement.

Chapter ELEVEN

The day after the supreme cook-out, Anne got up late. Robert was still in bed. Anne showered and slipped into a pretty pair of black panties and black bra. She added a shiny white garter-belt, nylons and white heels.

She went to the bedroom. It was early and Robert was still asleep. She sat down on the edge of the bed, flapped the covers back and stripped down Robert's pajama bottoms. His cock was nestled nicely at his crotch.

Anne fingered his prick lightly, watched as it grew. She liked the way the cockshaft bulged, thumped, erected into a stiff hard-on. She leaned over and planted a thick red lipstick kiss right on the cocktip.

Robert woke up and rubbed his eyes, saw his beautiful wife, dressed so sexily, leaning over kissing his cock.

"Oh, darling," he murmured. "I love you so much."

Anne took the head of his prick in her mouth and rolled her tongue on the bulbous cockknob. She bit the cockhead lightly, licked, sucked.

Then she raised up and said: "Come into the bathroom with me, darling. I wanna fuck in front of the mirror."

"Oh, I'd love to," Robert gulped.

Anne led him to the bathroom. They stood in front of the mirror. The man's eyes greedily explored his wife's exquisite body in the mirror's reflection. He felt fortunate to have such a beautiful woman. He stood nude, his cock stiff and sticking out like a pipe.

Anne reached over and grabbed his prick with one hand. They turned to each other, but their heads were turned so they could see in the mirror.

Robert dipped his hand into Anne's black panties. "Oh, shit, honey," he moaned. "I love gettin' in your panties!"

Anne was getting hotter, holding his bulging cock, feeling Robert's finger in her pussy.

"I have a surprise for you, darling," she whispered. "Wait here, play with your prick and think of me, will you? I'll be right back."

Robert sat down oh the toilet and stroked his cock. Anne left the bathroom. It seemed she was gone forever to Robert, but when she did return, she carried a tray.

"Breakfast is served," Anne said. She had soft-boiled eggs in a bowl.

Robert sat on the toilet. His cock was so hard it hurt him. Anne knelt between his legs. She took a soft-boiled egg out of the bowl, jiggled it in her palm and mashed it to the head of Robert's cock. The yellow yolk dripped down his stiff cockshaft. She quickly bent over and licked the stringy yolk as it slithered along his hard cock.

"Oh, baby," Robert sighed.

Anne took another egg in her hand and mashed it to Robert's cock and began jacking him off. Her hand slipped up and down on the slick egg yolk and white. Then she bent over and began licking the mashed egg, eating it from Robert's prick.

"Oh, honey... jeez... baby... Oh, shit!" the man cried.

He came.

It was quick. Anne gulped the fizzing cock cream and the oozing egg slime from his prick. This was the most delicious breakfast she'd ever had. Robert's cock continued erupting, spraying Anne's beautiful face with cum as she knelt before the toilet in her black panties and bra, her nylons, her garter-belt -- knelt there and tried to eat and suck all the cock cream and egg from his prick.

Alter Anne had drained Robert's thick cock of all its cream, sucked and swallowed it, licked the egg from his prick, she pulled him off the toilet and sat down on the stool, herself.

"It's your turn to have breakfast now," she said. She slipped her black panties off.

Robert was trembling from his violent cum. He knelt between Anne's legs. Anne slid out on the edge of the toilet seat and spread her legs wide.

She reached for another pasty soft-boiled egg. She mashed it to her pussy. The thick yellow slime clung to the thick brown hair of her pussy. Robert took the cue and immediately licked at the sticky goodness. He licked and gobbled the egg from Anne's pussy.

She took another egg and broke it on her cunt again. Robert ducked in on the tasty delight. He lapped his tongue over and over her pussy.

"Eat your breakfast, honey," Anne cooed. "You must have a good breakfast. It's important... it's an important meal."

This inflamed Robert and he chewed at her hairy pussy, lapped all the egg off. Anne sat on the toilet watching his eager appetite express itself. She reached for the tray sitting on the sink. She buttered a piece of toast.

"Here, have some toast with your eggs, dear," Anne whispered, and she offered Robert the thickly buttered slice of toast.

Anne held it flat against her pussy. She rubbed the buttered side all over her cunt. Robert was nibbling at the toast as Anne rubbed it up and down. His mouth, his chin, his cheeks, his face were covered with egg and crumbs. He devoured the toast, then licked the butter from Anne's pussy.

"I'm so glad I'm married to you, Anne," he mumbled, spitting out little chunks of toast, his tongue flapping like a wet rag at her pussy. "Now, wait -- before you finish breakfast darling -- here, let me butter the main course." Anne scooped the butter knife into the gooey butter dish, got a big gob and buttered her cunt. She layered a thick coat of butter over her hairy pussy.

Robert lunged at her cunt. He licked furiously at the butter, got all of the thick stuff, then munched, chewed, sucked on Anne's slippery cunt.

"Ah, whew... yeah, baby, lick my butter soft cunt."

"Mmmmm, mmm," Robert burbled. "Eat your breakfast, fucker," Anne panted, lifting her ass off the toilet, fucking her pussy at Robert's gaping mouth.

"It's delicious... delicious breakfast," he muttered.

"Fuck me, you asshole!" Anne barked. Robert lifted up. His cock snapped against the toilet seat, banged it, wobbled, and Anne grabbed the cockshaft. She shoved the quivering hard-on into her sloppy pussy. Robert started rocking back and forth on his knees, fucking his cock in and out of her cunt.

Anne rolled her hips pound her pussy at him. She fucked beautifully. She looked lovely, bumping and grinding off the toilet seat as Robert's big cock fucked her pussy.

"You dirty bastard! You fucker! You cunt fucker! You big prick!" Anne yelled.

She was dizzy with emotion. She was frying with desire. She was bubbling with pleasure. She looked down to see the slick slide of his cock in her cunt. The fucking looked good to Anne. She looked back up, and their eyes met.

"I love you," Robert moaned.

"You better damn well love me. I'm the best fuck you've ever had."

"Anything you like better than fucking, Anne?"


Now the heat of their friction made slurpy clicking sounds as his cock fucked in and out of her gushing pussy. Anne was gripped with thrilling tingles that spilled through her in a splendid, ravishing rapture.

Robert's cock unleashed a jetting load of jism. The heat of the splashing cock cream made Anne cum with him. She ground her hips in a wild frenzy. Robert hammered her cunt in quick short fuck-strokes. His balls swung low and banged the toilet.

"Now, baby! Now!" Anne shouted.

And they came together in an overwhelming shower of pleasure.

This was what Anne loved. This was what she needed. The sweet tingle rippled through her and pulled her up off the toilet to a sitting position as her body convulsed and shuddered.

Robert's cock fucked in and out, spitting wads of thick, chunky cock cream into her pussy. Anne thought he would never stop showering her cunt with his cum-load.

"Fuck off! Fuck your jizz into me! Come on, bastard, fucker, dirty asshole, fuck me, fuck me!" she babbled, completely lost in the ardor of her orgasm.

Robert lunged forward, shoved hard, and slammed one last fuck-stroke, up to the base of his cock, left all of his cockmeat throbbing in Anne's pussy as he clutched his arms around her.

She leaned down and they kissed in a hot spitty, bubbly lip lock.

They sat for a moment in silence, Anne on the toilet, Robert still on his knees, his cock wilting in her cumming pussy. He finally pulled out. The head of his prick was swollen and dripping with cum.

Anne got up and went to the mirror. "Come over here, baby."

Robert came to the mirror. They stood sideways, looking at their reflections. Anne took the butter dish, dipped her finger in, got a load of butter and stuck it up Robert's ass.

"Oh, God, baby!" he gasped.

"Like that?"

"Oh, Anne," he moaned.

She took the knife, clipped it in the butter, then buttered the crack of Robert's ass, buttered it good. When she had completed this to her satisfaction, she knelt behind him and licked the crack of his ass, lapped her tongue at the slimy butter.

"Wait till you see what I have planned for dinner tonight, darling," she murmured.

"Will we be inviting the neighbors?" Robert asked.

"Let's invite the whole damn neighborhood," Anne chirped.

And she sent her tongue fucking up his asshole.

"Ooooo," her husband moaned.

Anne worked her tongue up and down his ass, in and out of his asshole. Robert watched her lick and suck his ass. He watched in the mirror.

His cock began to rise. He watched his prick spring up to a full hard-on.

"I have to fuck you, Anne," he panted.

He took her down onto the bathroom floor. He lowered over her. Anne gabbed his cock with buttered hands, slicked them up and down the hard cockshaft and pulled the bubbling cockhead to her pussy and took it in.

Robert fucked up and down on her, fucking hard and fast. His balls were like two hardboiled eggs as they slammed up against Anne's ass with a soft thud.

Anne wrapped her legs around him and took all he had to give.

"I love to fuck," she whispered. "I truly love to fuck."


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