Humping, pumping family

For every person there comes a time when he must confront new ideas and lifestyles. Each person must adapt to the changes that life presents to him. The young man who enlists in the Army and meets people of varied economic and ethnic backgrounds; the young girl going off to college for the first time; a teenager breaking away from his circle of friends to meet people on his own -- all must face different and sometimes shocking ideas and situations and deal with them as best they can. This is what makes a person a responsible adult.

HUMPING, PUMPING FAMILY is a story about the people in an average family and their reaction to a totally different and unusual situation. These people, like many in today's world, must learn to deal with the new and shocking acts to which they are unexpectedly exposed. They learn to deal with the new experiences successfully and even enjoy them.

HUMPING, PUMPING FAMILY -- the story of how one family takes responsibility for the direction of their lives. It holds a lesson we would all do well to learn.

Chapter ONE

"Jennifer, we're going," Sue Robin called out to her daughter. "We'll be home late. Dad will lock the doors and don't let anyone in until Bobby gets home."

"Okay, Mom," young Jennifer replied. "Have a good time."

"Cold cuts in the fridge and chocolate chip cookies."

Jennifer smiled. "I'll be fine. Mom."

"Well, okay, bye, now."

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the front door close. She ran to the window and watched her parents climb into the car and drive off.

She returned to her bed and flopped down. She moved her hand between her legs and caressed herself. They were only going to a party at a neighbor's house. They still treated her like a baby. Just because her older brother wasn't home yet they locked every door in the house. It was silly.

She used one hand to fondle her tits as she rubbed her pussy. She would jerk off until Bobby arrived. Then they'd do what they always did when they had the house to themselves. They'd get naked and fuck.

Jennifer smiled to herself when she thought about her parents and how protective they were of their only daughter. If they knew how horny she was they'd die.

Her thought wandered to her older brother as she manipulated her clit and stroked her boobs. She loved fucking Bobby. He had taken her cherry, and, although she'd fucked other boys since that first time, he was still her favorite fucker.

She glanced at the clock on her bureau. It was seven-thirty. Bobby said he'd be home around eight. He was always late so she skinned her jeans and leaned back against the pillows. She would give herself one orgasm before he arrived. She'd heat herself up and, by the time he arrived, she'd be ready for him.

She shoved her hand inside her panties and smiled happily. Grabbed her brother's prick. Though a teen, he was built like a man. And when his cock got hard it was huge. Really a monster.

Now the big-busted blonde pulled her panties down and thrust a finger into her pussy. She was very wet and when she withdrew her finger her digit was soaked with whitish cream.

She fingered her tits. Her nipples grew large when she became excited. She wasn't wearing a bra and they poked against the cotton of her tee-shirt.

Where is he? she thought impatiently a she peeled, her tee-shirt off and hefted her bare tits in her hands.

She raised one tit and blew on the tip while she rubbed her clit. Why was Bobby keeping her waiting. He knew their folks were going out tonight. They had the house to themselves for hours. On nights like this they fucked two, sometimes three times.

Now she thrust two fingers into her cunt and wiggled them around. Her pussy grabbed her fingers. Her insides fascinated her. Everything about sex fascinated her. Especially cocks and balls. She cock stare at cocks and balls all night and still find them fascinating.

She combed her fingers through her curly cunt-bush. She spread her legs and closed her eyes. She wondered if her folks still enjoyed fucking. She buried her fingers up her twat and wondered if her mother found cocks fascinating too.

She moaned as she moved her fingers in and out of her hot young slit. "Fuck me, fingers," she said. "Fuck me until Bobby gets here to fuck me properly."

She felt the sensations that signaled an orgasm. Usually it started in her toes and worked up to her cunt. Sometimes she felt the wonderful tingling sensation on her scalp and in back of her eyes. She was marvelously sensitive all over.

Her fingers sliced into her and she wiggled her ass wildly. Moving helped trigger an orgasm. She thrashed around now, using her fingers like a cock.

"Faster!" she murmured, humping her ass up and down on the bed. "Faster! Fuck me faster!"

She came and writhed around and clamped her thighs around her hand as the exquisite raged through her.

She stroked her wildly bouncing tits as she came. She lifted her ass off the bed and tried to come again.

"Jesus, I guess you were horny," Bobby said, sitting down on the bed.

Jennifer opened her eyes and grinned. "How long have you been there?"

"A few minutes."

"I gave myself an orgasm," she said, sitting up and licking the cuntjuice off her fingers.

"I guess you're not in the mood to fuck now," he teased.

"Oh, fuck you," she giggled. "Take your pants off."

"If you insist," the handsome teenager said. He moved close to her on the bed and she reached over and lowered his zipper.

"They won't be home till late," she said.

"We'll have plenty of time to fuck," he said.

"Do you want to eat first?"

"I had a hamburger an hour ago. Maybe I'll eat later."

She thrust her hand inside his fly. "You're horny."

He snickered. "So are you."

"Get naked," she said. "I want to rub up against you."

He rose up, but smiled teasingly. "You're turning into a real nympho."

She threw a pillow at him and in a few minutes they were lying naked in the middle of the bed. Jennifer wasted no time in wrapping her fingers around his already-stiff cock.

"I love it," she whispered, deftly working her fingers over the thick base of his dick.

"You've sure got a good touch, Sis," he said. "I'm going to suck it." She moved down until her lips were an inch from his cock.

He groaned as her moist mouth enveloped his prick.

She knew what he liked and how he liked it. She knew where he wanted her tongue and for how long. She took his cockhead into her mouth and flicked the tip with her tongue. She spit it out and fluttered her tongue up and down the thickness of his shaft. She dragged her tongue up the underside to his cockhead and polished his knob with saliva.

"You sure know how to suck a cock," he said.

"That's because I love it," she said.

She was dying to have his prick inside her cunt, she didn't want to rush him. She wanted him good and horny so when they fucked he would ram it in hard and deep.

Anyway, she didn't want him firing his pistol too soon. She wanted to suck him a while before he wet her whistle.

She removed her pouty lips from his cockhead and used the flat of her tongue to wet down his entire fuck-stick.

She licked up and down from the tip of his cockhead to his balls. She nibbled and licked along the way. When his cock was drenched with saliva, she pressed her pretty face between his legs and tasted his balls.

She liked the smell and taste of his nuts. The texture of the skin covering his balls was so different from the skin covering his dick.

She licked his balls with her moist tongue and felt the hard eggs inside these. Ho groined and took held of her cars. To tease him she darted her tongue into his asscrack.

"Oh, no!!" he shouted as she probed her slick tongue against his asshole.

"I love licking your ass," she giggled, deliberately pointing her tongue and flicking it over his bung.

"Holy Christ!" He bucked his ass as the hot teenage girl lapped her tongue over his shitter. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

She sucked slowly and lovingly. "It just came to me." He clutched her ears and guided her lips over his prick. "Mmmmm, you taste so good."

Holding her breath, she felt his meaty tool slip over her tongue and into the back of her throat.

She carefully swallowed around it, dragging her lips lovingly over the length of his dick as he finally pulled out.

She licked his cockhead savagely. He held her ears and directed her mouth, but she needed no encouragement. She loved what she was doing. She wanted it to last forever.

"You look so damn cute with your lips stretched around my dick."

She bobbed her head up and down, lifting him to new heights of ecstasy. His body twitched and jerked. She knew if she continued he would come and cream her tonsils. She knew his cock would get hard again, so she decided to let him dump his bag into her mouth. "Yeah, suck it out," he said.

His cock twitched as she sucked it deep into her throat. She was ready when he released his hot load of glue.

It gushed out of his cockhead and poured into her mouth. It seemed endless, streaming out in spurts.

She sucked and swallowed and sucked again. The excess dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chest.

The horny girl kept milking his boner even as he lay still. His cock was still hard and she coaxed a few last drops from his pisser.

"Was it good for you?" she whispered licking his flaccid cock.

"Shit, yeah," he said, breathing deeply. "You sure give good head."

"You taught me everything I know."

"You learned good."

The prospect of fucking his sister excited Bobby. He had taken her cherry and ever since she'd given him the best blow-jobs a guy could get.

Now she cuddled against him and rubbed her tits over his arm. "Feel my pussy," she said.

"Feel how hot it is."

He reached over and touched her. His fingers made squishing sounds against her gash.

As he fingered her, his cock began stirring. She held it in her fist and felt it grow and twitch and stiffen as he fingered her twat.

"Climb over me and fuck me," she said, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. "I'm the horniest chick you ever saw."

The boy climbed between her legs and stared down into her trench. He held his cock in his hand and with one quick movement it soared into the girl's slippery little pussy.

"Oh, God, that feels good," she sighed, feeling his dick high up in her passion-pit.

She had thought about Bobby's dick while she masturbated. At last it was buried in her pussy and it felt wonderful.

She wrapped her velvety thighs around his waist as he slowly thrust into her moist softness. Every plunge of his prick sent wonderful sensations through her clit and into her hole.

"Harder," she begged. "Fuck me harder." His cock sliced in and out of her pussy and she writhed her ass on the mattress. She reached around and held his asscheeks in her hands and he reached under her and did the same.

He pounded her and she responded, clamping bar strong young cunt-muscles against his plunging cock. She pulled his head down and kissed him and he responded by sticking his tongue into her mouth.

"Damn, it's good," she whispered.

"Yeah, it's great."

She felt his cockhead swell up inside her. She felt her cunt walls suck on his tool.

Together they floated to orgasm. Jennifer's juices churned around his ramrod-stiff dick. He panted as he speared her and fought to control his climax.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and ground her cunt around the trunk of his cock. Her stiff, elongated nipples tabbed his chest and her bouncing tits became mashed between their bodies.

"Jesus. Sis, this is a great fuck."

"Oh, Bobby, it's the best yet!" She almost wept as his meaty dick tore into her.

"My balls are slapping you," he said. "Can you feel them?"

"Yes, they're hitting me in the ass. I love it."

"How's this, Sis?" As he spoke he corkscrewed his cock into her depths, thus assuring that she had constant stimulation on her clit.

"It's wonderful!" She covered his lips with hers and panted with excitement. "You're in so damn deep. I can't stand it, it's so good."

He responded by plunging even more deeply into her depths. Her pussy felt snug around his meat. The entire length of his fuckpole pulsated with sexual need.

They moved as one, two healthy young animals indulging in life's most pleasurable pastime. His stiff young dick soared into her pussy and his jism-filled balls tickled her butt.

"I'm going to come soon," he gasped.

"Come in me!"

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yes, I want you to come in me."

"I could pull out just before I come."

"No, I hate that."

"Did you remember to take your pill?"

"Yes, I'm safe. Come in me." He continued pounding her. Nothing mattered to the big-boobed blonde but the feel of her brother's cock inside her.

They clung together as his hard-driving cock soared ever more deeply into her grasping cunt. She held her legs up in the air and opened herself totally.

Bobby loved fucking better than anything. He had several girlfriends, but his sister was his favorite fuck. There was something at out her pussy that drove him crazy. It was so damn tight it almost cut into his cock.

He remembered how she jerked him off when they were younger. Even as a small child sire was fascinated with his cock.

She had begged him then to let her touch his prick. When she convinced him no one need know, he dropped his pants and let her take his cock in her fist. That was the first time she jerked him off. He was eleven years old.

Ever since that day he dreamed about fucking her. Even as a youngster she had tiny budding tits and a beautiful face.

She didn't get any hair on her pussy until she was older. She told him about it one day. She was all excited and she made him look at her blossoming muff.

He remembered the few little hairs growing in the triangle between her legs. Even then looking at her cooze excited him.

Now she wiggled around under him. "Fuck me!" she gurgled as he thrust wildly.

"I am!" he yelled.

Suddenly she felt his second load squirting into her pussy. The feel of his seed entering her body triggered her own orgasm.

"I'm coming too," she said, tightening her thighs around his waist. "Oh, God, I'm coming too!"

They clung together long after his limp tool slipped from her pussy. She held him close and kissed him repeatedly.

"That was so good," she cried over and over. "That was so damn good."

"Yeah, it was, wasn't it?"

Chapter TWO

Sue found it difficult to keep her mind on the television movie. Whenever she was alone with her brother-in-law, Mike, she found herself flustered, and uncomfortable.

She knew what caused her discomfort. Mike had been married to Jim's sister, Carla, about a year. The younger couple lived nearby and from the beginning Sue had been strangely attracted to Mike.

On this evening Carla and Mike had come to dinner. Afterward the children had gone out somewhere and Carla and Jim had gone to visit their mother on the other side of town. Sue and Mike were alone and she fidgeted in her seat and tried to concentrate on the movie.

When she found herself alone with Mike, she tried to keep the conversation away from sex. Mike was a gregarious man and a joker. It was difficult not to laugh when he made lewd remarks about the actors on the screen. It was even more difficult to ignore the way he ogled her tits.

She wondered if Carla noticed the way Mike flirted with her. Carla was a stunning redhead and Mike was crazy about her. But he had a way of mentally undressing every woman he met and his sister-in-law was no exception.

Tonight Sue had deliberately worn a loose-fitting silk blouse to de-emphasize her big boobs. Still, the fabric clung to her big jugs and Mike didn't bother to conceal his interest.

Sue was very much in love with Jim and happy with her life. But after being married almost twenty years she and Jim found it difficult to keep their sex life exciting. She enjoyed sex more than ever, but found herself having indecent fantasies about going to bed with one of the men.

She had dreamed about Mike more than once. In her dreams they fucked for hours. Sometimes she got on top of him and rode him like a bronco. Sometimes he fucked her in the ass until she screamed for mercy.

Now she gazed at the television screen, trying to ignore the fact that Mike was staring at her tits. She told herself she was a mature woman and as such she could control the situation. She wasn't some teenager with hot-pants. She was a woman with a rational mind and the ability to handle any situation.

Mike sipped a beer and Sue reached for her Coke. She realized she'd made a mistake thinking her blouse would make her tits appear smaller. To the contrary, they threatened to spill out every time she leaned over.

"Let 'em out." Mike grinned, nodding his head.

"You're bad," she said, sitting back on the sofa.

"This is sure boring." He drained the can and reached for another.

She wondered if he cheated on Carla. The way he was admiring her tits made it clear he was a man on the make. He had never made a real pass at her. If he did Sue didn't know what she would do. Just the thought made her blush.

When the rest of the family were around, his vulgar remarks didn't bother her. But when they were alone she felt threatened. Not by Mike. He would never force himself on her. She was sure of that. She was afraid of her own feelings. If he did make a serious pass, would she have the strength to turn him down?

She felt perspiration drip down her cleavage. There was an unmistakable burning sensation in her cunt. She reached for her Coke and once again her tits spilled over the neckline of her blouse. Mike licked his lips without moving his eyes from the television screen.

"You've got great jugs," he said. "Why fight it?"

"Just watch the movie." She straightened her shoulders, causing her boobs to stick out farther.

He calmly picked up his beer and took a big gulp. "It sucks."

"Find something you like better." She fidgeted around.

"You're awfully jumpy tonight." He grinned and blew her a kiss. "Don't tell me you're out of shape because you're alone with me."

"Don't be silly. Why would I be?" More perspiration dripped down her cleavage.

Mike smiled confidently. "Because I'm so sexy." He put his feet up on the coffee table and his arms on the back of the sofa.

His fingers touched her shoulder. They seemed to burn into her flesh. She moved back. "I wonder when Jim and Carla are coming home?"

He finished his beer and went to the kitchen for another. When he sat down again, he sat closer to Sue and his gaze dropped to the swell of her velvet-skinned tits.

Sue felt herself blush. Mike ran his hand over his jaw. The gesture was at once masculine and sensual.

By now they were sitting close together and he casually draped his arm behind her back.

"I always liked you, Sue," he said.

"And I always liked you." Even to herself her voice sounded shrill. It went up a few octaves when she became nervous or uptight.

She wondered if he had a hard-on. She bit her lower lip as he handed her his beer.

"You look like you could use this," he said. She felt his eyes travel down to her legs. Her skirt had hiked up and half of her thighs were exposed. She tried to push it down, but they were sitting so close and her skirt was so tight it wasn't possible to move it.

"Leave it up," he said, dropping his arm so that his hand landed on the top of her boob.

"I didn't think you were a leg man," she blurted without thinking.

"Tits, legs, asses, I love 'em all." She felt dizzy and her nipples tingled with arousal as his fingers moved closer to the roundness of her tit. Her pussy was wet with sticky love-lubricant. Could he tell she was turned-on? Should she stop him from going any further?

She quickly pushed his hand away before he actually cupped her tit. "Stop that," she said, trying to sound calm.

A film of perspiration appeared on his upper lip. "What's the harm?" he said in a suddenly husky voice.

Her throat felt constricted. "I don't know," she whispered. She sat perfectly still while his fingers crept closer to her tits.

"Why don't we quit pretending and just get into a bed and fuck," he said.

She swallowed hard. "Mike, it's wrong." She was both frightened and aroused by his frankness.

"We both want it," he said, his fingers touching her nipples. "Don't tell me you don't want it. You're as hot as I am."


But it was true. Her body tingled with anticipation and her pussy was very wet. She hadn't felt this excited in ages. As much as she loved Jim, they'd been together so long. So boringly long.

Her arms laying passively at her sides and she didn't stop him when he cupped her tit. Her nipple quickly stiffened. It never took long for her nipples to erect, but tonight sh, knew she set some son of record.

He was half turned toward her now and he squeezed her boob while he stroked her long dark hair. He kissed her ear and breathed against her neck.

"Come on, let's get into a bed," he said, his fingers insistent and her mind a swirl of confusion.

When he kissed her, she knew she was lost. She moaned softly when his lips descended on hers. She made one last vain attempt to stop him, but it was too late. Soon he was forcing her lips apart and she was accepting his tongue into her mouth.

She felt herself sinking more and more deeply out of control. His hand was stroking the swamp between her legs before she had a chance to push it away.

His fingers were on the waistband of her panties and then they slowly slid under it. The touch of his hand so near her pussy made her clench her thighs together. It was too late. She unclenched them and her protection was gone.

The kiss continued, passionate and yet tender. Her pussy tingled and lubricated and his fingers probed and tickled and teased.

Her body was no longer a vehicle she controlled. Her body was giving orders to her mind and she eagerly obeyed.

A white hot heat suffused her and she heard her breathing become ragged and urgent. She realized too late that she'd opened her thighs wide to welcome his hand.

She felt momentarily angry at her weakness, but joyous too. God gave people bodies to enjoy and she was enjoying hers to the fullest.

"Your pussy feels like a furnace," he murmured, kissing her ear hotly.

"I know," she said, widening the spread of her legs.

He worked his fingers down to her slit and plunged one into her sow wet cunt. "Sweet hungry little pussy."

"It's not hungry," she said defensively.

"Yeah, I know." He kissed her lips again, using his tongue to probe and fill her mouth.

She panted for breath as he frenched her and fingered her cunthole. He stroked her tits through her clothes and his fingers burned into her nipples.

Suddenly the full impact of what she was doing hit her. She struggled futilely to push him away. For a moment they strained and writhed together, but he was much stronger and she didn't have her heart in the fight.

And then she was coming. Quite suddenly, his insistent fingers brought her to orgasm. She was taken by surprise by the waves of ecstasy that surged through her. There was no way she could stop now. Not now when her cunt was contracting so deliciously around his finger.

Normally an orgasm satisfied her and signaled the end of her desires. Now, instead, it ignited the fire in her cunt and she wanted more. Much more.

She had no recollection of how they arrived in the bedroom. She didn't remember rising up and walking upstairs. She couldn't even blame booze since she'd only had a sip or two of beer. But suddenly they were upstairs in the master bedroom and Mike was undressing her.

"I want to see everything you've got," he said.

"It's wrong," she whispered, her eyes closed and her body limp. "It's wrong."

"It's okay," he said, unbuttoning her blouse. "Jesus, look at those jugs!"

It was only a matter of minutes before her skirt and blouse were off. He practically yanked her bra off and sucked in his breath at the sight of her big round tits.

She opened her eyes to see him gazing hungrily at her boobs. They bobbed and weaved enticingly as she trembled.

"Give me a taste," he said, cupping both tits and bringing them to his lips.

He caught one succulent pink nipple in his mouth and Sue gazed down at the top of his head and cradled him against her.

No man except Jim had sucked her tits in years. But dear God, it felt so damn good. It felt so damn good.

She still wore her panties. The crotch of her panties was soaked and pushed to the side, no longer covering her pussy.

Mike moved from one tit to the other and she could see the flush of his cheeks and the glitter in his eyes.

When he released her, she tensed up. It was difficult meeting his eyes. She tried pushing his mouth back down on her boobs, but he held her around the waist and stared up at her.

It occurred to her then that besides being her brother-in-law, Mike was also much younger than she. Then he pulled her into his arms and she stopped thinking as he moved his hands over every inch of her.

She lay still, eyes closed and body limp. He could do whatever he wanted. She wanted it too.

He leaned over and kissed and sucked her tits briefly. Her nipples were crimson and long and rubbery with excitement.

She moaned when he tongued his way down her perspiration-moist cleavage to her belly. He dipped the tip of his tongue into her navel and she trembled with uncontrollable passion.

He peeled her panties down and held them up to his nose. He inhaled deeply and smiled lewdly. Then he tossed the lust-soaked garment onto the floor.

She writhed her ass on the bed as his fingers combed through her muff. Her beaver was thick and dark and curly. Now it was wet with pussy dew as well and the moisture soon covered his fingers.

After caressing her for a few moments he rose up and she watched him undress. His movements were abrupt and masculine. There was strength in the sound of his zipper sliding down and the thud when his shoes fell to the floor.

His cock was big. It tilted up from his belly like the weapon it was. His cockhead was big and dark red and the slit in the tip dripped whitish cream.

He knelt before her, watching her admire his dick. "Do you like it?" He knew women. He'd never met one who wasn't impressed by his big prick.

"Yes, I like it," she said in a husky voice. He inched closer and tilted his cock forward so the tip touched her belly. "It won't bite. You can touch it."

As he spoke he spread her thighs and crawled between her legs. He slid his hands under her ass and lifted her up.

He paused when her legs were draped over his shoulders and her cunt gaped open. "Now that's what I call a gash," he chuckled.

"Oh, Mike, I can't help myself," she said. "Don't try," he said curtly.

"What if Jim and Carla come home early and find, us here?"

Hr ignored her words. "I'm going to fuck your pussy."

Despite herself, Sue giggled. "If you insist."

"I do." He grinned down at her, lewdly wagging his tongue.

Her legs dropped, but she pulled them back to her tits as he lowered his mouth to her pussy.

"Oh, God!" she murmured as he licked up and down her slit.

She stopped breathing and felt the room go around in circles. She thought she might faint, but she didn't. The feel of his tongue on her twat was too good to miss. Too good.

"It tastes like a horny cunt," he said. "Don't stop," she said as his tongue lashed her slit. "Please, don't stop!"

Chapter THREE

Sue's moist and hot inner cuntlips unfurled and sucked Mike's tongue inside her hole. He clamped his lips around her succulent tissues and used his upper lip to flick her clit.

She shifted her ass around and pushed her cunt against his face. She moaned weakly as he licked her erected love-button. Hot, tingling sensations raged through her body.

She exploded in her second orgasm and this one was more intense than the first. He licked her until the frenzy of her orgasm subsided. He lifted her ass with both hands and climbed over her until his cock dipped into her pussy.

She thrashed around wildly as he plunged his prick into her cunt. He fucked his cock in and out a few times to open her up and then rammed balls-deep into her depths.

Squirming with ecstasy, she offered no resistance. She had been transformed into a giant cunt with a wild need that she didn't quite understand and had no intention of questioning.

Her pussy felt snug around his prick. He felt it expand and contract and he prepared to fuck her brains out.

Ever since he'd married into the family he'd had eyes for his sister-in-law. Older women turned him on and Sue was a beauty. Ripe and juicy looking with tits like two melons.

Now she took a deep breath and braced herself for the onslaught. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he leaned down to kiss her.

He fucked her slowly but deeply and their bellies slapped together. His balls hit her ass with, every stroke.

Suddenly he pulled out and rubbed his cockhead up and down her pouting cuntslit. She whimpered with frustration, but her groan turned to an excited gurgle when he frenched her.

He ground his prick against her beaver, and she reached clown and held his cock between her thighs. She squeezed her thighs together and felt the thickness of him and the energy emanating from his fuckpole.

His hands were all over her ass and tits and she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. His cock throbbed against her. It felt like a living thing, apart from his body.

Suddenly she was hungry for him. She wanted his cock in her mouth. Her mouth watered for him and she had to have her way.

She had always loved cocksucking. Even as a young girl she had preferred sucking a cock to getting laid.

Now as a grown woman she preferred fucking, but she still loved nothing more than a mouthful of cock followed by a sperm milkshake.

Mike seemed to sense her need. He stretched out on his back and she hovered over him. In a moment her lips covered his cockhead and she took him into her mouth. How she loved the feel of his bulk filling her cheeks!

She gently worked her tongue over his cockshaft and her teeth over his knob. She licked the sensitive flap of skin on the underside of his prickshaft. She brushed her moist lips over his ball-bag.

She nibbled up and down the length of his cockshaft and covered her teeth in order to avoid injuring the sensitive prick.

He groaned happily and she sucked more gluttonously. She knew she was a good cocksucker. Even Jim told her she gave a great blowjob.

When they were still newlyweds, she had refused to swallow his jism. That was the one thing about cocksucking she didn't enjoy. But after a few months he convinced her to try it.

"It's part of a man," he said.

"But it tastes awful?"

"Try it once. If you don't like it, I won't push it on you."

She was sure she would hate it, but she had tried it once and loved it. After that she wanted to take his load in her mouth all the time. Then it was Jim who objected and insisted he preferred coming in her pussy.

Sometimes he rubbed his cock up and down her cleavage and came on her the. He hadn't done that in years, but she had pleasant memories of having her tits fucked.

Now as she took Mike's cock into her throat, she wondered if he would fuck her tits sometime. It had been years since Jim had plunged his prick between her heavy, jism-oiled boobs.

She held Mike's fuckpole with both hands and peppered the length of it with kisses. She clamped her lips over his knob and gradually worked her mouth down his thick shaft.

"Don't bring me off," he said. "I want to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me," she answered, flicking her tongue expertly over his dick.

"Jesus, you're a born cocksucker."

"I love it," she said shyly.

She let his throbbing cockhead enter her throat. She tongued his piss-slit and cupped his balls in her hands. She couldn't resist moving a hand between her legs and masturbating while she blew him. He soon became aware of her gesture and he snickered and pinched her ass.

"Carla could learn a few things from you," he said.

"Don't mention her," she whispered.

"Why?" He stroked her ass and dipped a finger into her asscrack. "She'd get off if she blew we were doing this."

Sue spit his prick out and stared down at him. "Are you crazy? You're not going to tell her?"

"Hell, no, she'd shit, but it'd turn her on too."

"Oh, God!"

Her tongue darted nervously over his prick and balls. Just the thought of Carla and Jim finding them together made Sue's blood run cold.

But her lust controlled her. She couldn't stop, even if she heard Jim's car drive up. She was powerless to control her wild cravings.

She devoured Mike. She no longer cared if she brought him off.

She took him so deeply into her throat that her lips clutched the trunk of his cock. When she released him, his cock quivered wildly and she lovingly licked the flared rim under his knob.

She moved her hands under his ass and kneaded his muscular asscheeks. He pumped his butt and fucked her mouth, and his raging cock threatened to tear her lips apart.

Suddenly he pushed her away. "Get on top of me," he said, and she quickly straddled his hips. He grabbed her big wobbling tits and held them tightly as she lowered herself over him.

She took the cock inside her clit and bounced up and down. "Oh, yes, fuck me!" she sighed. "Oh, God, fuck me!"

She came twice before his cock exploded and damped his jizz into her pussy. He rolled on top of her and she came again as he rammed into her.

An hour later they dressed and went downstairs to await their mates. When Jim and Carla drove up, Mike went outside and climbed into his car. The younger couple left immediately and Sue greeted Jim with a feigned yawn.

"I think I'll have a hot bath," she said. She wondered if he could smell the sex on her bruised but contented body.

She was grateful that he seemed to sense nothing amiss. He made them each a cup of tea and brought the cups upstairs to drink.

As the water ran into the tub, she climbed in and relaxed. It seemed so strange to be taking a cup of tea from Jim's hand when only a few hours before she'd been in bed with Mike.

"I put some lemon in it," Jim said. He leaned against the sink and sipped his tea.

"It's good, honey," Sue said.

"What did you and Mike do while we were gone?" he said.

Sue's heart pounded. "Watched something on television."

"Anything good?"

"Oh, some private eye show."

Jim looked thoughtful. "Mom's got a cold."

"I'll call her tomorrow to see how she feels."

"She'd like that."

She felt her cheeks flush. "It feels good in here. Want to join me?"

"Not now." He finished his tea and took her cup from her hand. "Why don't you finish up and we'll have us a little fuck."

"Terrific," Sue said. She groaned inwardly. Just when slit felt totally satisfied, wouldn't you know he'd be in the mood?

When he left the room, she lathered up her tits. She was determined to wash away any trace of jism from her body.

Fucking Mike had been a turning point in her life. She knew now what she was missing. She had every intention of making up for lost time.

She was still young enough to attract men. She glanced down at herself and stroked her soapy boobs. Mike was years younger and he'd been happy to fuck her. And she'd already cheated on Jim. She instinctively knew the first time was the hardest.

She wondered if Jim could be satisfied tonight with a blow-job. She called out to him and when he returned to the bathroom she asked him to scrub her back.

He reached for a washcloth and soaped it up. He ran it over her back and shoulders and she let her head fail forward and relaxed her neck.

Jim wore only his shorts now and as the water sloshed over the sides of the tub it wet his crotch. He had a hard-on and Sue reached for it.

"How about if I suck you off?" she said. "No, I want to fuck."

Did his voice sound suspicious or was it her imagination? He dropped the washcloth between her legs and rubbed it over her slit.

"You look like you could use a fuck," he said, dropping the cloth and using his fingers to massage her swollen cuntlips.

He was right. Even though she was all fucked out, her body was responding to his touch. Her cunt throbbed, ready once again to be fucked.

She breathed deeply and thrust her cunt at his hand. Her belly heaved and her big round tits bobbed in the soapy water.

He leaned over and sucked one of her tits into his mouth. She held his head and cradled him against her.

"I could really go for a mouthful of jizz," she said.

"No, I want to fuck."

"Well, suck on my tittie like that and we'll fuck, hon," she said. "I love when you suck my tit like that."

Soon she rose up and he helped her from the tub. She dried off and followed him into the bedroom.

She was still wrapped in the towel when he yanked it from her and pushed her down on the bed.

"All the time I was at Mom's I was thinking about fucking you," he said.

She gazed up at him. He still turned her on. He had a good body and he took care of it. He had all the right equipment. If only he were more imaginative in bed. If only he were more like Mike.

Mike. The name now brought goosebumps to her flesh. Mike's cock was so big and thick, but, more important, it was so randy. Jim's was big too but Jim didn't take the time Mike took.

Now Jim pushed her legs apart and prepared to mount her. "Wait," she said, deliberately closing her legs.

"What's the matter?" He shoved her legs apart. "Come on. It's me."

She knew he wouldn't bother with foreplay. He never did. She was turned on, but she still needed some lovemaking. Damn, why did he have to be so stubborn?

There was nothing she could do about it. He climbed over her and positioned his prick over her gash. Without a kiss or caress he simply shifted forward and thrust his prick into her cunt.

She wrapped her long shapely legs around his back and pulled him inside her. She moved her ass rhythmically as he began thrusting. She pulled his head down and kissed him and he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

As her passion increased, she explored his body more fervently. "Make it last a long time," she cried. "I'm real horny, hot."

"It's late," he said, dipping his dick into her feverish pussy with quick shallow thrusts.

"It's not that late." She tried to stop him, but he pumped faster and faster.

Still, it felt nice having his dick inside her so soon after Mike had fucked her. If Jim knew he'd kill her. The thought excited her. She had a seat from him and it made the fucking more exciting.

She might even come while they fucked. Her clit felt like it would explode at any minute. Almost there, she thought as she drew closer to the brink of orgasm. Any minute.

She thrashed and churned and squeezed her cunt around his cock. He banged in and out and she could see by his expression he would shoot off soon.

Suddenly she wanted him to come inside her. She wanted him to batter her with his prick. She was ready for it. She was primed.

Primed by another man. Her brother-in-law and Jim. But it was Jim's jism she wanted shooting into her pussy. It was Jim's cock she wanted splitting her in two.

"Jesus, you're hot tonight," he said.

"Shove it all the way in!"

"I'm trying, I'm giving you everything I've got."

"Fuck me as hard as you can." Her teeth were clenched. "I want to feel you everywhere. I want to feel your cock in my throat."

"You really want to blow me, huh?"

"I want it all."

"I can't stop!" His cock pounded her in a frenzy and throbbed inside her clutching snatch. His balls slapped her ass and she shivered with every stroke.

She came before he did. The exquisite sensation of her orgasm ripped through her and she cried out with the sheer delight of it.

How many orgasms can a woman have before she simply dies of ecstasy? she thought with a giggle. Her ass leaped off the bed as she rammed herself at Jim's dick.

"What the hell got into you tonight?" he groaned. "You're like a different person."

"I guess I'm just hot."

Her legs were still locked around his back. She dug her fingernails into his arms and pulled his mouth down to hers.

She knew it was because she was still turned on by her session with Mike. Her cunt was on fire with raw animal need.

Jim controlled his own orgasm for a long time. He rammed his dick into her slurping sucking pussy. He had no idea what had come over his wife, but he liked it. Her pussy was biting into his prick and it kit damn good.

When he finally came and dumped his load inside her, she clung to him and milked him with her strong cunt-muscles.

"That was a great fuck, hon," he said, rolling over and pulling the covers up as soon as it was finished.

And I know why, she thought with a smile. She yawned. "It was, wasn't it?"

Chapter FOUR

Jennifer moaned and turned around in her sleep. The sheets were tangled around her legs as she shoved her finger into her pussy.

It wasn't her finger, she realized with a shaft. It was a cock. It was her brother's cock. No, it was her father's cock. Or was it her Uncle Mike's?

The teenager brought her knees up and stabbed her finger in and out of her cunt. She moaned in her half-sleep and churned her finger around.

She wished she had a cock in her cunt instead of her finger. It would feel so good to have a prick at her disposal whenever she wanted it. Mmmmm, yummy, it would feel good to have a cock right now, sliding slowly into her snatch.

She rolled onto her belly and opened her legs. She rubbed herself against the mattress. She rubbed and rubbed, pressing her tits into the pillow while she moved her open slit against the sheet.

Her pussy oozed cuntjuice. It became wetter as she frigged herself. She thrust a second finger into her hot hole. She rolled onto her back and strummed her clit while she fingered herself.

"I wanna fuck," she moaned out loud in the dark. She tossed her head from side to side and brought her juice-covered fingers to her lips. "I wanna fuck," she repeated. "I want a cock."

She was tempted to awaken Bobby by climbing into bed next to him. He'd be angry if she did. He hated when she awakened him in the middle of the night.

Now she lifted her, ass from the bed and thought about her Uncle Mike. She'd been playing a game of cat and mouse with him lately.

Just last week she'd sensed that he was horny for her. She'd deliberately left her door open and undressed with the lights on.

She knew for certain Mike was in the hall outside her room watching her. Carla was out with her mother and the others were in the basement workshop. She heard Mike's footsteps out in the hall and she saw him peering in at her.

She remembered how she'd removed her bra with her back to the door and touched herself. She stood before her wall-mirror and cupped her little.

She squeezed herself and moaned softly, certain her uncle was watching. Her pert nipples poked out between her fingers and her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders.

The teenager caught a glimpse of Mike as she fumbled with the snaps on her jeans. When she finally peeled her skin tight jeans down she heard a groan out in the hall.

It amused her to know her uncle was spying on her. He'd been flirting with her for months. He had never approached her and she knew he never would unless she instigated it. Now she teased him, although she was still uncertain about what she would do should he confront her.

What if he walked into the room and grabbed her into his arms? What if he raped her? She shivered at the thought. Rape! The very word both frightened and excited her.

She was fond of her aunt, but didn't feel guilty about teasing her uncle; even at her tender age, she didn't believe in fidelity.

She stood before the mirror wearing only her bra and bikini panties. She licked her lips and deliberately moved a hand between her legs. With a forward motion she rubbed her moist pussy slit. Tossing her hair over one shoulder she flounced to the closet.

The teenage blonde thought she heard a groan in the hall. She was wearing her skimpiest bikinis and a lacy half bra that barely covered her nipples. As she rolled her panties down, she looked down at the tendrils of cunt hair escaping from the tiny crotch.

She widened the spread of her legs and let the crotch slip inside her slit. The crotch disappeared inside her hairy trench and she giggled softly and brought her legs together.

Eat your heart out Uncle Mike, she thought. If you're out there.

Yanking her panties down, she combed her long crimson fingernails through her beaver. She wiggled her ass from side to side and used her free hand to fondle her boobs.

Now she mumbled sleepily at the memory and threw the blanket back as she masturbated. Cock, she thought, frantically frigging herself. I need a cock.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and gasped. Someone was sitting beside her on the bed. Mike was sitting there, his smile tense in the dark room.

"Uncle Mike!" she breathed.

"Hi, honey," he said, drinking in the lushness of her naked tits.

She let her legs fail open. She watched his eyes dart from her tits to the thick golden curls covering her snatch.

"What are you doing in here?" she said. "I was on my way to the bathroom," he said. "And I happened to see your door was open." He averted his eyes and bit his lip. "I fell asleep on the couch downstairs."

Her initial surprise gone, she sat up and faced him. She took his hand and smiled shyly, making no attempt to cover her nakedness.

"I guess you saw what I was doing," she said. "I was thinking how pretty you are."

"You don't think I'm terrible for... you know..."

"For masturbating? Hell, honey, everybody does that."

"I'm kind of glad you were watching me," she said softly.

"Not as glad as I am."

He made no attempt to touch her so she placed her hand on his thigh. "I've had a lot of experience, you know. I'm not a kid anymore."

He hesitated and then cleared his throat. "I figured as much."

She rubbed his leg, took his hand and placed it on her pussy. That was all the invitation he needed. He turned to her and drew her into his arms.

"I want to fuck you," he said.

"I want you to, Uncle Mike."

"You've got the prettiest tits I've seen in ages."

His husky voice and the feel of his strong arms around her back sent chills of hot desire through her.

"I'm so horny."

He lowered his mouth to her tits and began sucking her nipples. He captured one of her succulent nubs between his lips and let it run over his tongue.

"Me too," he said in a low voice.

He left one hand on her crotch and moved a finger inside her slit. In a moment his finger was stroking her clit and she moaned and let her knees fall entirely open.

"Oooohhhh, Uncle Mike," she moaned. "Oooobhhh, your finger is in my pussy."

"You're not cherry, are you, kid?"


"Then we can fuck."

"Yes, I want to."

He hungrily licked her boobs. "Maybe I just ought to suck your cunt and you can blow me."

"No, I want to fuck."

"Jesus, you're just a kid."

She reached for his prick. Impatient now, she rubbed his hard-on through his pants. "I don't care!" she hissed. "I want to fuck."

"Okay, kid, okay," he said nervously. "You want it, you'll get it."

He unzipped his fly and began mounting her. She stopped him with a purr.

"You can lick my pussy first," she said. He hesitated and then smirked. "I'm going to lick your pussy until you beg me to fuck you."

"Yes, that's what I want!"

She pulled his head down and they kissed. She thrust her tits into his chest. "I love fucking," she sighed. "I figured you did."

"You've been coming on to me lately."

"You've been sticking those cute tits in my face every time I see you."

"I guess we've both been coming on to each other."

He frowned. "You don't think your family has noticed, do you?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't. How about Aunt Carla?"

He grinned. "It'd probably turn her on to know, we were balling."

"You mean she wouldn't mind?"

"Hell, she'd kill me, but it'd turn her on."

"People are so funny."

He dry-humped her through his clothes while he nibbled her tits. She toyed with his hair and wrapped her legs around his back.

It suddenly occurred to her that she was naked and her uncle was fully dressed.

When would he start eating her? She wanted it. She was anxious for it. The idea of his mouth on her wet cunt blew her mind. Yet she hesitated asking for it again.

Her passion caused her to go limp against him. The beat of his lips on hers and his fingers on her pussy and tits made her delirious with passion.

Adding to her excitement was the fact that even if she wanted him to stop she couldn't make him. He was so strong and powerful and she felt so wonderfully helpless under him.

She widened the spread of her legs as he continued fondling her sensitive flesh. He squeezed and pinched her erect nipples and she encouraged him to caress her cunt.

She moaned softly when he thrust a finger against her clit and locked his lips over one of her nipples. He sucked an inch of her tit into his mouth and she held his head greedily.

"Eat me!" she cried, flailing her fists against him.

He guided her onto her back and she lay there quivering. Still fully clothed, he climbed over her and kissed and licked her tits.

He moved from one teenage melon to the other. His lips were parted and she felt his teeth on her nipples. Her nipples throbbed in response to his bites. Then she suddenly felt his prick pressing against her thigh.

She hadn't realized his cock was out. She tried to touch him, but he slid his hands down her body and lowered his weight over her.

"You're a hot baby," he said as she writhed her hips on the bed.

"I love it," she said, hot ecstasy and raw desire flowing through her.

He took her into his arms and kissed her. His prick strained against her crotch. Finally he sat up and pulled his pants and shorts off. His cock pulsated wildly and his eyes were half-shut.

She breathed deeply when his finger found the bud that was her clit. He rolled it slowly, using just the right amount of pressure.

"Uncle Mike, that's great," she said, tossing her head from side to side with abandon.

He sucked one of her tits into his mouth while he manipulated her clit. "You're delicious," he said.

"You haven't even tasted me yet."

His finger slid teasingly inside her cunthole. "But I will." He stroked the hot buttery folds of her pussy. "I happen to be a man who loves gash."

She toyed with his hair and the back of his neck while he tongued her tits. She groaned as he masturbated her.

Mike was a better lover than Bobby. She adored Bobby, but there was something about Mike that was so mature. So manly somehow.

She wondered for the first time what it would be like to fuck her father. She had never even let herself think about it. Her own father! Jesus, just thinking about it was a sin.

Now she let her wind wander. What was the harm in thinking about it? And what was the harm in doing it, provided she could get Jim into a bed.

"I'm going to eat you up," Mike said suddenly.


"I'm going to lick your pussy until you beg for mercy."

The teenager bit her lip and wiggled her ass.

"I'm waiting."

He pinched her butt. "Little hot-pants."

"Do it, Uncle Mike."

She flinched when she felt big breath on her cunt. He brushed his lips lightly back and forth over her slit.

Any moment he would put his mouth on her clit and kiss her down there. Oh God, it was so exciting!

Instead of kissing her gash, be nibbled and licked her inner thighs. His wet tongue trailed lovingly on her heated flesh.

He finally brought his mouth up to her juicy cuntlips and kissed her pussy. She bucked her ass off the bed.

He began lashing his tongue over her clit. She shrieked and grabbed his head with both hands.

Her erected clit responded to his intimate caress. It throbbed and grew under his touch.

When her juices flowed into his mouth, he licked them up greedily. She raised her head and clamped her thighs around his ears.

Suddenly she wanted him inside her. She wanted his prick deep inside her hot little hairy snatch. She wanted him slicing into her and ripping her apart.

"Honey, you taste terrific," he said. "You're tonguing me so good, Uncle Mike." She mashed herself against his mouth and he cupped her ass and settled down for a long suck.

He tilted her ass back and feverishly licked her asscrack. He flicked his tongue-tip over her bung again and again.

She shook her ass in a frenzy. She came hard and then she came again. She screamed and he stiffened his tongue and plunged it into her cunthole.

"Fuck me, Uncle Mike!" she gasped. But he continued tongue-fucking her cunthole. She tried to expel it, but he held tight. He seemed to be getting great pleasure from sucking her twat.

Her next orgasm came with a intensity that shook her nearly off the bed. She bucked bet ass frantically and he held her down and continued sucking.

When she finally lay back exhausted, he slid up over her and drew her into his arms.

"Was it good for you?" he said.

"You're the best."

He pushed her head down and she knew what he wanted. "Suck my cock," he said.

"Yes, I want to."

She climbed between his legs and took his prick into her hands. With a joyous moan, she closed her lips around his bloated cockhead.

"I love it!" she hissed.

He snickered. "Suck it awhile and then we'll fuck."

She slid the moist ring of her lips an inch down his cockshaft. She used her tongue on his piss-slit, the way Bobby taught her.

He tasted different from Bobby. Manly was the word that came to mind. Daddy, she thought, now that Uncle Mike's going to fuck me, how about you?

Chapter FIVE

Carla rubbed her thumb over her nephew's cockhead. The boy groaned with pleasure.

"Does it feel good?" she said. The teenager nodded. "Yeah, it's great." Carla nodded thoughtfully. She had long been tempted to fuck Bobby. She hadn't indulged her cravings until she became convinced that Mike was cheating on her. She was certain he was fucking around. She didn't know if he was seeing one woman or several, but something was going on and she didn't like it.

Still, getting even with Mike was proving to be fun. She had dropped in at her brother's house and found Bobby alone. When she made the decision to ball him, she simply dropped to her knees and brought his prick out.

The kid never had a chance, she thought with a smile. Even now he was staring at her, a sick-looking grin on his face. He looked scared to death, but afraid that she'd stop. The striking redhead knew her nephew had a crush on her. Boys his age were obsessed with tits and ass and gash. She had it all and she believed in flaunting it. And the kid was cute.

Now she squeezed his rapidly stiffening cockshaft. She had mixed emotions about Mike's infidelity. On the one hand she was wildly jealous. On the other it turned her on to know he was balling someone else. It would really be a kick to watch him fuck another broad she thought. And if I know Mike he knows it would turn me on.

"Has a girl ever blown you?" she said now to her nephew.

Bobby snickered. "Sure."

She effortlessly unbuckled his belt and thrust her hand inside his fly. She touched his balls. "I'm going to blow you," she said. "And I'm going to lick your balls all over. I like licking dick. Anyone ever lick your balls for you?"

Bobby gulped. "Yeah, sure."

Carla frowned. "Isn't there anything I can surprise you with?"

"I never saw a grown woman's cunt."

"Thank God for that." Carla shifted around and stroked his prick and thighs. "So you want to see my pussy huh?"

"Yeah, I like pussies."

"You just want to see if I'm a natural redhead."

"I don't care about that."

"What is it about pussies you like the most?"

"I like the hole."

"It always goes back to fucking, doesn't it?"

"I love fucking."

"So do I. I think it runs in the family." After a while they went upstairs. Carla decided if someone came home while they were in bed she would pretend she was helping Bobby with his homework.

There wasn't much chance of Jim walking in on them. He was at work. She wasn't worried about Sue and Jennifer. She suspected neither were angels themselves.

Now the teenage boy struggled out of his clothes. Carla stayed dressed to tease him and prolong her own excitement.

When he was naked, Bobby sat on the edge of the bed. His cock was half-hard and it swayed delightfully when he moved.

Carla had enough experience to know that he was very, very excited. She would go slow and easy. Even now he shivered visibly when she moved close to him.

She sat down next to him on the bed and he trembled when she ran her hands over his chest and belly.

The feel of his aunt's hands on his bare flesh was the most exciting thing the teenage boy had ever experienced.

Aunt Carla! he thought over and over. Jesus Christ! Aunt Carla's gonna let me fuck her!

"Lie down, darling," she said. "Don't be nervous. You, look scared to death. I won't hurt you. I'm your aunt and I love you. We're going to have a lovely time. That's a promise."

She placed a pillow under his tousled head. She beamed down at him, hands on hips and ass stuck out in the air.

"So you like pussies, huh?" she said.

He nodded wordlessly. His lips were dry and his eyes blazed.

"I really shouldn't do this," she said. "After all, I'm a married woman. But I'm very attracted to you. I really can't help myself."

The boy squirmed. He worked his lips as he stared at her tits.

Sitting back on her haunches, she raised her tee-shirt up to expose her braless tits. She watched his cock stir and lurch around.

She swung her legs off the bed and removed her skirt. She wore black lace bikinis and she sat with her legs wide-spread and showed him her dewy crotch.

She had a plump love-mound covered with thick reddish curls. Her beaver grew down her inner thighs. Now she touched herself, rubbing the palm of her hand over he sex.

Bobby continued staring at her. She knew he'd never seen anything like her tits. They were not only big, her nipples were huge.

Bitable, Mike called them. Mike. She hadn't thought about him in a while.

She realized she didn't feel a bit guilty. Delighted with herself, she twisted around and bent over slightly to show her nephew her generous ass.

Her mind was awhirl with what she and the boy would do. There was so much she wanted to show him and so little time.

She turned to face him and her mammoth tits swelled with every breath she took. The boy's eyes glistened with excitement. He no longer trembled. He seemed to be gaining in confidence as he drank in her feminine beauty.

"I guess if you're a pussy-man you don't like my tits," she pouted.

"Hell, I love your tits."

"You haven't said a word about them."

"I never saw anything like them," he blurted out. "They're so big."

She glanced down at her chest and frowned. She was self-conscious because her tits sagged a little from their weight.

"They're too big, aren't they?"

"No, they're not. They're even bigger than Jennifer's."

They both realized what he'd said at the same moment. "Jesus Christ!" he hissed.

Carla laughed out loud. She took his hands and moved them to her boobs.

"Here, have a feel," she said.

The boy couldn't resist squeezing her oversized jugs. Now Carla knew about him and Jennifer. He couldn't take the words back so he might as well enjoy himself.

He sat forward and seemed to be about to mount her. The redhead pushed him back and hovered over him.

"Keep squeezing my tits like that," she said. "I'm your aunt, not your sister. I'll run the show if you don't mind."

"Can I see your cunt soon?"

"Sure, soon." As she spoke she rubbed herself against him.

Using one hand, she peeled her bikinis down and made him release her tits. She used both hands to cover her beaver. She opened her fingers and let thick tendrils of reddish hair escape her hands.

The teenager stared longingly at her snatch as she opened herself. She held her cuntlips open and showed him the crimson meat inside.

Her heart beat faster and faster. She raised her ass and let her tits swing from side to side.

"Do you like it?" she said.


The boy sounded hoarse. Carla ran a finger up and down her slit and she heard the sharp intake of his breath when she exposed the slick tissues of her cunt.

Her clit tingled. It had erected long ago and it throbbed with hot desire. It had been years since she'd fucked a teenage boy. The whole scene was damn exciting.

My brother's kid is staring at my cunt! What a blast.

Without changing her expression the horny aunt straddled the boy's head and placed her cunt directly over his mouth.

She heard him suck in his breath and she imagined what he was feeling. He touched her ass as she brushed her gaping cunt over his lips.

"Do you want me to lick it?" he croaked.

"Yes, I want you to lick it. Lick it and suck it. Don't be afraid of it."

The lusty redhead crouched over the teenager, her open pussy pressing against his mouth. She moaned when she felt his warm breath on her sex-meat.

She dropped down until his nose dug into her snatch. Cunt-dew wet his cheeks as he extended his tongue.

"Tongue me," she whispered, careful not to put her full weight on the boy's face. "Stick your tongue into my cunt. Lick it all over. Hurry! Hurry! I can't stand it, I want it so bad!"

The teenager obeyed his aunt. He hastily flicked his tongue over her snatch. It didn't taste bad. It tasted good. As good as Jennifer's. Better. His aunt's cooze smelled better than his sister's. When he tasted her pussy-oil he felt his prick lurch around.

As he fluttered his tongue up and down her slit he noticed her clit. He was fascinated by its size and wanted to lick it. He tried biting down on the little nub, but it was wet and slippery and his teeth.

"Stick your tongue into my cunthole," Carla said, wiggling around over him. "Make it stiff and try to stick it inside, like it was your cock."

"I'm trying," he said, wanting to please her. "Yes, I know you are," she said. She rubbed herself against him. "You're doing a damn good job too."

When he managed to push the tip of his tongue into her cunt, she went wild. She fell forward and slurped his prick into her mouth.

The boy groaned when she inhaled his dick. He felt her tight pussy suck on his tongue. He couldn't believe his luck. His aunt was not only letting him lick her pussy, she was blowing him!

Would she really let him fuck her? The prospect made his balls ache. Would she actually spread her legs and let him put his cock inside her? Oh, Jesus, she's sucking my dick so good!

"Lick there," Carla said now, using her finger to show him her clit.

I can't believe I'm licking my aunt's clit, the teenager thought. Jesus, she's taking my cock into her throat! Jesus!

"That's very good, honey," she said, peppering his prick and balls with kisses. "You're a good cunt lapper. Now do it there." She guided his head with her hands. "There. Lick back and forth." She groaned as she buried his prick in her mouth. "Oh, God, yes!"

Moaning wordlessly, she ground her torrid twat against the boy's face. He managed to get his lips around her clit and he sucked it with gusto.

She gyrated her ass and assaulted his prick. She used her tongue expertly to wash his shaft down with saliva. She made a tight ring of her lips and used it like a cunt on his cockhead.

Meanwhile he enthusiastically licked her pussy. He struggled to breathe as he darted his tongue over her sex-flesh.

Carla moaned constantly. Bobby felt like he might come at any moment. He was determined not to lose control until they fucked. She promised. God, how he wanted to stick it to her! Suddenly she released his prick and climbed around over him. Her tits were so big they took his breath away.

Her entire body vibrated with lust as she leaned over and fed one of her tits to his mouth.

"Suck my titties a while," she purred. The boy had done a very adequate job of sucking her cunt. But she needed more. She needed a good fuck.

"Can we fuck soon?" he said in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, I need it too," she said, covering his face with her boobs. "There's nothing like a nice big cock inside my cunt. Rubbing against my clittie. Don't forget to rub my clit with your cock when we fuck. You won't forget, will you?"

"No, I won't forget," he mumbled through a mouthful of titflesh.

The hot-assed redhead finally sat up. She lifted her milkers in her hands and wagged her tongue.

"Let's fuck," she said, grinning. "Let's get that big gun of yours inside me before it goes off."

The teenager gulped and gazed up at her massive tits. He nodded silently and she wantonly touched her cunt. His cock jerked against his belly and she used one hand to squeeze it.

"Nice boner," she purred, squeezing his pulsating organ in her fist.

"Don't bring me off," he groaned. "I'm making it harder." He groaned. "Oh, shit, I hope I don't just come."

She paused, two fingers circled around his cock-root. "Don't you dare!"

She swung one leg around and mounted him. She felt the heat of his dick as she positioned it between her legs.

Barely breathing, she lowered her gaping cunt to his dick and moaned when it touched her cunt-petals.

Then he was inside her. First his cockhead and then his shaft. Her seething pussy clutched him and she sank down and felt his balls on her ass.

She felt depraved and animalistic at the same time. She'd been bored and hadn't realized it until she suspected Mike of cheating on her. Now she felt young and alive and wildly sexy.

Thanks, Mike, she thought as she gazed down at Bobby's boyish face.

She bent over and gyrated her ass and cunt over his swollen rod. He writhed under her and she pressed her hot lips to his.

The teenager closed his eyes and gave himself over to his aunt's lust and to his own. He fought for control, but he knew that at any moment he would blow his wad into her pussy.

He found himself fucking back. He arched his back and raised his ass off the bed. He plunged his prick into her depths and her cunt bit into his dick in a way that took his breath away.

He knew Carla was enjoying herself too. She wiggled around a lot and moaned constantly. She muttered occasionally and her tits bounced and wobbled like two watermelons.

Encouraged by her wildness, the boy bucked his ass up and down. He'd never kit a cunt like Carla's. It was tight and at intervals it seemed to cut into his prick. It felt alive, almost as if it really could cut his cockshaft in two.

And the way she worked her cunt over his dick blew his mind. Her pussy was like a furnace and when he was all the way inside her it clutched him like a band of steel.

"You can come any time now," she panted, her long reddish hair flying wildly and her tits bobbing up and down. "I'm ready. Oh, Jesus, am I ever!"

"You want me to come inside you?" the boy said.

"Of course!" She took his hands and placed them on her tits. "Squeeze them," she cried, the muscles in her thighs rippling.

He would have preferred climbing on top. Still, once she gave him permission he came, growling when his jism squirted into her cunt.

Carla came with him. She rubbed her clit against his fuck-stick and grunted hoarsely. The feel of his boy-cream inside her gave her a wild rush.

Her pussy was soon drenched with a combination of her own juices and the boy's. He shot an endless stream of spunk into her. His cock remained hard and she kept fucking him until he pulled her down on top of him.

"We better getup," she panted, rolling to the side of the bed. "Your mother finds me in here she'll kill me." She looked at him and patted his cheek and chuckled.

Chapter SIX

Bobby was dazed after his aunt let him fuck her. For weeks he thought about nothing else. But whenever he tried to get Carla alone she just laughed and moved away.

After a while he realized she had just been flirting with him. To her their affair was a diversion. To him it was the turning point in his young life.

He was no longer satisfied with fucking his sister. He still enjoyed fucking Jennifer, but the memories of his aunt made Jen seem young and clumsy by comparison.

He began noticing his mother in a different way. He had always thought his mother was beautiful, but now he realized how sexy she was. For the first time he dreamed about fucking her and he was ashamed of his fantasies about her when he was awake.

One day he arrived home after school. The house was quiet and he went upstairs to go to the bathroom. As usual he was horny and he planned to jerk off after he peed.

As he reached the bathroom he heard strange sounds coming from his parents' room. He paused and listened. It sounded like his mother was either crying or moaning. He turned and without hesitation opened the door to his parents' room.

The moment he looked inside he froze. His mother was lying on the bed. She appeared to be fully dressed, but her knees were pulled back and she was masturbating.

Her eyes were shut, tight and the room was dim, but Bobby could see the can of beer on the nightstand and his mother's fingers strumming her cunt.

"Bobby!" she cried, opening her eyes and sitting up when she saw him in the doorway.

"I'm sorry, Mom," he stammered. "I should have knocked."

He turned to leave, but she called out to him. "Don't go," she said. "Come here and talk to me?"

Bobby's heart pounded as he slowly approached the bed.

As for Sue, she suddenly realized Bobby was almost a man. Ever since she and Mike had fucked she had an almost constant itch in her pussy. She realized that for weeks she'd wanted to fuck Bobby. And why not? He whi her son, wasn't he? She had taught him everything else, why shouldn't she teach him about sex?

Bobby blushed as he approached the bed. He was embarrassed at being caught spying, but excited by the sight of his mother jerking off.

Sue decided not to try and hide her actions. She returned her lingers to her snatch and motioned to the boy to sit down next to her.

She picked up the can of beer and sipped it. Her finger shook with excitement. "So now you know your mother is no saint," she said.

"Oh, Mom," be said, his eyes down.

She took his hand with the hand that had been touching her cunt. "Boys always think their mothers are too old for this sort of thing. But I'm still young and I have needs too." She picked up the beer and held it to his lips. "Have a drink." She giggled. "You look like you could use it."

He gulped the beer and then she retrieved it from his hand and finished it.

"I guess I should have made you leave," she said. "Look what I've gone and done. I've given you a hard-on." She laughed joyously as she pointed at his erection.

He grinned, beads of perspiration glistening on his forehead. She reached over and kissed his lips.

"My baby," she murmured. "I know you'll think I'm terrible, but I'd really like it if you'd take your cock put and let me play with it."

Bobby gazed at her with glistening eyes. He couldn't believe it. First his aunt and flow his mother. His dreams were turning into reality.

He felt himself blush. "You mean it?" he said.

Sue giggled happily. The beer helped loosen her up. "Sure, I mean it. Come on." She hiccupped and toyed with a long strand of hair. "Come on, show it to me. I want to play with it."

The teenager rose up and tugged his zipper halfway down. "You're not just teasing me, are you, Mom?"

"I need sex, baby," she said in a soft voice. "I need more than your father can give me. Won't you help me?" Her big blue eyes glistened with tears as she bit her full lower lip.

Bobby melted. "Jesus, Mom, sure I will." He tore his clothes off.

"Oh, my," she whispered when his cock sprang free from his shorts. "It's standing out so big and hard."

She leaned back against the pillows and purred. She spread her legs and for the first time he realized she wore no panties.

She instinctively began masturbating. What she was doing was wrong, but she couldn't help it. She had planned to jerk off and he'd walked in on her. What could she do? Send him away?

The boy was naked now, but instead of climbing onto the bed he watched her masturbate. They gazed into each other's eyes as she masturbated and he reached down and stroked his prick.

"You've got a lovely cock," she said. "Are you always this horny?"

He nodded. "Yeah." His voice cracked and he blushed.

"Your voice is still changing, but you've got the cock of a man. Sit down, baby, and kiss me."

He lowered himself to the bed and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him, snaking her tongue into his mouth and rubbing her tits against his arm.

"I guess I should undress," she said.


She giggled. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? You're just dying to see my body."

"Jesus, Mom!"

She climbed off the bed and quickly undressed. "I'm going to suck your cock, baby," she said. "Oh, I'm so damn hot and I need sex so badly!"

She climbed onto the bed again and this time shoved her naked tits against his chest. Her boobs weren't as big as Carla's, but they were beautiful.

"You nursed on these when you were little," she cooed, rubbing her tits against him. "And now you're going to nurse on them again. Isn't life funny?"

She flopped down onto her back and touched herself. She used one hand to fondle her tits and the other to diddle her clit.

Bobby watched, fascinated by the sight of his naked mother. Her tits were so firm and young. Her pussy was juicy-looking like Carla's. And her beaver was thick and curly.

He couldn't resist reaching for her tits. She stuck her chest out and smiled happily. She closed her eyes and licked her lips. She moaned softly and used more pressure to massage her clit.

She writhed her hips as rippling spasms surged through her. She grabbed his hand and made him touch her pussy. She leaned against the pillows, teeth chattering and tits heaving.

"Oh, God, I came," she said.

Bobby removed his hand from her snatch and stared at her pussy. His hand was wet with her juices. He was tempted to lick her fingers clean, but he was afraid his mother would think he was kinky.

"Now I'm going to suck your cock for you," she said. "You've had girls give you blow-jobs, haven't you?"

He nodded solemnly. "Yeah, a few times." First his aunt and now his mother. Jesus, I must be doing something right, he thought.

"Someday you'll understand all this," she said, gently pushing him down on his back. "Right now you may think what I'm doing is wrong. Even immoral. But someday you'll realize that women get horny too. And we need sex as much as men. Maybe more."

"I love you, Mom. Whatever you do is okay with me."

Thank God, Sue thought, taking the boy's prick in her fist. Thank God kids bye their mothers so much.

"I know you do, honey, and I love you too." She lowered her head to his crotch. "Now you just lie there and enjoy. Mother's going to suck your cock so good." She stroked his cock as she spoke. "And if you come that's okay too. You can come in my mouth. To tell the truth I'd like it." She blushed and looked away.

"Jesus, Mom, you're the greatest."

He groaned when Sue leaned clown and began licking his balls. She ran the tip of her tongue over his ball-bag and then up and down his cockshaft. She tongued the hard eggs inside his sack and sucked his cockhead into her mouth.

"Oh, man!" he muttered happily.

"It's good," she whispered, pursing her lips and taking just the tip of his knob into her mouth.

She rammed her tongue-tip against his piss slit. She clamped her lips over the flared rim under his knob. Her entire body felt alive and tingling. She wondered how many other mothers blew their own sons.

Bobby watched his mother suck his cock. He was still amazed at his good fortune. First Carla and now his mother. Jesus, the world was full of horny women.

He was fascinated by the sight of his mother sucking more and more of his shaft into her wide-open mouth. The sight of his cock disappearing into her luscious lips made his blood race. He grunted and raised his head as she used her teeth to caress his cockhead. He thought he might die from the stimulation.

Sue cupped the boy's balls and licked them. She tongued his cock and rubbed her moist lips up and down his shaft.

My baby, she thought, pressing her cheek against his balls. My baby boy.

She couldn't resist making a ring of her lips and sliding the ring halfway down his shaft. Her pussy itched, but she couldn't seem to stop sucking his cock and balls long enough to fuck.

You're an evil woman, she thought as she mouth fucked him. She only took a few inches of his prick into her mouth, but the boy groaned hoarsely.

He quivered all over and then stiffened. Despite his attempt to control his orgasm he came. Sue was delighted when his jism erupted into her mouth. She loved his aggressiveness when he lifted his ass and rammed his cock deep inside her throat.

It was even better than sucking Mike. It was glorious taking her son's load in her mouth.

Her pussy felt inflamed and a tiny orgasm rippled through her. She was amazed and delighted that she had come without being touched. Just the taste and feel of her son's spunk in her mouth made her climax. What a surprise!

She pumped every last drop of jizz put of his cock. She used her fingers on his rock-hard dick. She kneaded and squeezed and sucked, and coned another jet of spunk from his pisshole.

"Baby, that was the best," she smiled when she finally released his cock.

"Jesus, was it ever!" The teenager grinned up at his mother.

She pressed her nose into his cock bush and inhaled deeply. "I had an orgasm too," she murmured.

"But I didn't even touch you."

"You've just got a very horny mother."

"I guess you've got a horny son too. I'm still hard." He grinned proudly.

"Doesn't this thing ever go down?" She giggled, closing her fingers around his dick.

"Sometimes it stays hard."

"I guess it likes me."

"It loves you."

"And I love it."

"This conversation is getting dumb."

"You're right, but it's fun, isn't it?"

"I can fuck you now, Mom."

"Soon, baby, soon. Let me play with it awhile." She stroked and kissed his prick and fondled his balls. She deliberately let her tit flop down on his thighs and at one point squeezed them around his prick.

"Maybe I can get my nipple inside," she said positioning her nipple into the slit of his cockhead.

The teenager snickered. "Jesus, Mom, you're something."

"Jut promise not to tell your father about this."

"Are you kidding? He'd kill me."

"He'd kill both of us."

Bobby still couldn't believe his good luck. Fucking his aunt had been a fantasy come true. But he never dreamed his mother would let him fuck her.

Even though her tits weren't as big as Carla's he liked them better. They were shaped so pretty and her nipples were so pink and big.

He reached for them now and once again she moved his prick between her boobs. She pushed her tits together and enveloped his dick. He dropped his head down on the pillow and groaned.

"You're spoiling me, Mom," he said.

"Good." She wanted to spoil him. She wanted to be his favorite girl. She realized that now. And what better way to assure his adoration than to fuck him regularly.

After all those years of being a faithful wife I've turned into a hot-cunted slut, she thought.

The idea of realizing her sexual potential delighted her. She captured Bobby's cock-tip in her mouth and moved her hands to his ass.

"Jesus, Mom, what're you doing?"

She snaked her fingers into his asscrack and quickly found his bung. "I think you'll like this, honey." She pressed a fingertip into his brownie and wiggled it around.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned.

"No good?" she said, her lips wrapped around his prick-knob.

"Oh, Jesus, it's good!"

His cock surged into her throat as she rammed her finger knuckle-deep into his asshole.

Suddenly she had to have his cock inside her. She thrust her finger into his butt one more time and climbed onto her hands and knees. She craned her neck and pried her asscheeks open.

"Fuck we, Bobby," she said.

He quickly crawled behind her and dipped his cock between her thighs. She wiggled around and helped him locate her cunthole.

"Slick it in!" she hissed.

He positioned the tip of his prick at the entrance to her pussy and jerked his hips hard.

"Fuck!" she yelled.

"Jesus, Mom, it's in!"

Her pussy gripped his cock tightly and he reached underneath to clutch her tits while he stroked.

They quickly found a rhythm. Mother and son moved together gracefully. With each thrust the boy's cock fired her cunt and his balls slapped her clit.

Her eyes filled with tears of joy. She felt every inch of his young cock in her pussy. She loved being entered from behind. His balls rubbed her so deliciously in this position.

Bobby gritted his teeth in an attempt to control his orgasm. He wanted to give his mother as much pleasure as possible before he came.

Just seeing her bent over with her ass in the air was enough to bring him off. Jesus, what a sight! And seeing her pussy from behind was something else.

"Oh, God!" Sue yelled as she churned her ass back at his stroking cock. "Oh, God, you're making me come so good!"

He rammed forward, buried his cock deep inside her clit as his balls exploded. They both groaned as the white hot jets of spunk splashed inside her fuckhole.

My own son's jism, she thought. God, how lovely!

Chapter SEVEN

One night a few weeks later Carla sat at home alone brooding about her marriage. She was horny and angry at Mike for leaving her alone again. It would serve him right if she wasn't there when he arrived home.

Bowling with the boys, she fumed silently. Fat chance. More likely he was dipping it to some little bimbo right now.

She sat on the sofa in her daytime outfit, tight jeans and a tee-shirt. As usual she wore no bra. Mike didn't like other men to see her braless. He loved her big tits, but didn't like when she flaunted them.

If he only knew, she giggled now, thinking of her nephew. If he only knew I let Bobby fuck me.

She went to the kitchen and had a sandwich and a beer. She slipped into a nightgown before returning to the living room.

Maybe Mike actually is bowling, she thought. Christ, I'm bored. Maybe another beer will put me to sleep and I won't have to think about it.

After a third beer she was still bored, but feeling more mellow. She switched on the television and when one of her favorite actors appeared on the screen she began fondling her tits.

What I wouldn't do to be fucked by that, she thought.

She was momentarily startled by the knock on the door. She wasn't friendly with any of her neighbors. She had few female friends. Who could it be?

"Who is it?" she called out.

"It's me," the voice said.

Carla recognized Jim's voice. "I'm coming," she said, rising up and moving quickly to the returned with two drinks and again plopped dawn on the sofa.

"You don't mind that I don't cover up, do you?" She sipped her drink and tried to look innocent.

Jim gulped down half his drink and shook his head. "I'll try not to look."

"You're my brother. You can look."

Jim glanced at his watch again. "If you don't mind maybe I'll wait for Mike."

For the first time Carla allowed herself to feel excited. Mike wouldn't be borne for at least two hours. She loved her older brother and admired him too. It was obvious that he was troubled. If she could make him feel better what was the harm?

"Sure you can wait for him." She brought her feet up on the sofa and touched Jim's arm. "Want to play gin while wc wait?"

He grinned. When she was a child he taught her to play gin and she beat him regularly. "If you don't mind I'd rather just have another of these." He raised his glass and drained it.

She brought out the bottle and some ice cubes. Gradually Jim relaxed. Carla became bolder. She massaged the back of his neck and let her tits rub his arm as they chatted.

What would he say if he knew I fucked his son? she thought. He'd probably think it was cute that I gave the kid some experience.

"What's so funny?" he said.

"Why, was I laughing?"

"You look like you know something I don't know."

"Maybe I do." She tipped the bottle over and emptied it in his glass. "Drink up."

He shrugged. "Why not?"

Suddenly she took the glass from his hand. He reached for it and gazed at her quizzically. "What's up?"

She combed her fingers through his hair. "I don't know, maybe Mike doesn't pay enough attention to me."

"That bad, huh?"

"That bad. And you're staring at my boobs."

He grinned. "Who can help it?"

"You're turning me on, you know." Without another word he reached over and pulled her into his arms.

Even though she'd instigated it, his kiss came as a surprise to the horny redhead. But it seemed so right and natural too. It seemed almost preordained.

For a moment his lips brushed hers. His lips were dry and warm. Then her lips parted and he ran his tongue into her mouth. He groaned as his tongue coiled around hers.

She returned his kiss greedily and her arms quickly encircled his neck.

A ragged groan escaped his throat as he tongue-fucked her mouth in a frenzy. She used her tongue too, hungrily darting it around his.

She didn't know which one finally broke the kiss. She only knew the straps of her nightgown were down and Jim's face was pressed against her tits.

"This is crazy," he murmured.

She held his head and hugged it to her chest. "Yeah, crazy."

He guided her onto her back on the sofa and climbed over her. He frenched her and she arched her back and thrust her naked tits against his chest.

She felt his cock through his clothes and the enormity of what they were doing struck her. He's my brother, she thought with a rush of pure lust. He's my own flesh and blood.

"Well, Sis, I guess we're about to commit incest," he said.

"Yes, I know." She giggled and pulled his mouth back down on hers.

He rubbed his cock against her belly. It felt big and hard and she squirmed her ass and pushed herself against him.

When he tried to get up, she drew her head down and forced him to kiss her tits. He rubbed his cheek against her stiff nipples and the soft cushions of her boobs.

"Lick my tits," she sighed.

He raised his head and gazed down at her. He extended his tongue and, still staring into her eyes he licked a wet circle around her right tit.

She trembled win his cager lips captured one of her nipples. He used his tongue to whip the swollen nub and his teeth to scrape it lightly.

She couldn't keep her hands off him. He finally moved them to his waist and fumbled around with his belt-buckle. She tugged his zipper open and managed to take his pants and shorts down.

He sat up and drugged them off his feet. The sofa was wide and he lay down next to her on his side.

She reached greedily for his prick. She clutched it, barely breathing as she felt the stiffness of it.

She was forced to release it when he bent down and snaked his tongue over her navel. In a moment his lips were pressed to her muff and he was filling his mouth with tendrils of hair. The redhead responded by yanking her nightgown down. Now she was naked and her pussy sizzled.

I'm making love with my brother, she thought. She moaned out loud when she felt his tongue on her clit. My God, I'm making love with Jim!

She had always felt comfortable and safe with her older brother. They had both submerged their natural attraction for each other. Now as adults they didn't have to. No one could be hurt except their mates. And what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

She gave in to her animal desires. She was surprised that Jim seemed to be doing the same. It was one thing to fuck Bobby. He was just a kid. But Jim was a mature man and he knew what they were doing was wrong. Yet, he obviously wanted it as much as she did. The way he was kissing her cunt made that fact clear.

Her thoughts drifted as waves of hot lust surged through her. She floated along, allowing her partner in incest to lead the way.

Life was really so simple. All a person had to do was what came naturally. She thought of Mike and was no longer angry that he was fooling around. He, too, was doing what was natural and right to him. How could she fault him for it?

Jim continued nibbling and licking her clit. For the most part he concentrated on the outside of hot hairy cuntlips.

With a sigh of pure pleasure she parted her legs to encourage him to lick the interior of her gash. He moved his head back and gazed don at her snatch, revealed now in all its splendor.

She the glazed look in his eyes mirrored hers. His body was muscular and pulsated with masculine strength. Hers was all soft curves and rosy flesh. She vibrated with sexual need writhing her ass on the sofa.

"Jim," she murmured.

He gazed down at her slit. Her cuntlips opened and closed wetly. "What, Sis?" he said.

"I know it's crazy, but I've never been so excited in my life."

As she spoke she arched her back and thrust herself at his hand. The moment his fingers touched her pussy cuntjuice flowed from her hole.

"Me too," he said.

They both stared down at her unfurling cuntlips. Whitish fuck-honey oozed out of her as he dipped his fingers into her furnace.

He churned her juices and caressed her throbbing cunt-folds. She was both embarrassed and proud of her strong reaction.

She had a tiny orgasm as he played with her. She buried her face in his shoulder and her teeth in his flesh.

When she lay back, he brought his lips back to her steaming slit. She hugged his head with her juice-slick thighs as he ran his tongue up and down her slit from her clit to her asshole.

She was beside herself with excitement. If Mike walked in right, now she would barely notice him.

She pushed her ass up and rubbed her cunt against Jim's mouth. She panted and gasped as he tongued her clit. Finally he placed his lips over her cunthole and thrust his tongue inside her.

Only the very tip of his tongue went inside her cunt, but it felt like a small cock. She wigged constantly while he sucked and licked the sensitive tissues of her pussy.

She came hard when he fit his lips around her clit. A series of electric jolts surged through her and one orgasm into the next only served to make her hotter. Thick juice flowed out of her and he licked it up apparently swallowed it down. To have no compunction about pushing his face into her snatch. His face glistened with her essence and he groaned hoarsely.

The horny redhead lost all sense of reason. She even reached down and pried her cuntlips open to give him total access to her pussy.

He was able to lap his tongue into every nook and cranny of her gash and she bucked betas wildly and laced her fingers through his hair.

Her next orgasm made her shudder violently and she lay back gasping. Jim continued eating her for a few more seconds. She finally pushed his head away and he straightened up.

She sat up and reached for his cock. It stood out from above his balls like a club. She took it into her hand and squeezed it. It was rock-hard and thick around.

"It's all yours, Sis," he said.

She moved her fingers to the thick trunk of his dick sad gripped it firmly. "Can I put it wherever I want it?"

He nodded, his prick throbbing at her touch. "It's all yours!"

She licked her lips and considered taking it into her mouth. There were so many places she wanted to stick his cock.

She watched his cockhead swell up under her touch. She loosened her grip on his cock-root and moved his cock-skin up and down his rigid pole.

"I want to suck it," she whispered. "Go ahead," he said in a soft voice. "I want you to fuck me too." A tiny drop of clear fluid oozed from his pisser. She dropped her head down and licked it up.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned.

She held his balls with her free hand and fluttered her tongue up and down his fuckpole.

"We can't take too long," she said. "Mike'll be here eventually."

"You said we had two hours."

"Yes, I know, but we can't take any chances."

He covered her hand with his and encouraged her to pump his prick. "Yeah. I guess you're right."

She flicked her tongue over his cockhead. "I'd really like to give you a good blow-job."

"Ya, Sis, go on."

"Stat I want you to fuck me so bad?"

"You can't have both. If you blow me I'll be ticked I'll cream your tonsils."

"Oh, fuck, I'd love it!"

"I want to fuck you, Sis."

"Me too, Jim."

He stretched-out on his back and she hovered over him. She looked deeply into his eyes and saw herself. They resembled one another. Maybe that was why she found him so attractive.

He gazed at her with the same combination of affection and lust. Did he see himself in her eyes too?

With a soft moan she bent down and kissed the tip of his prick. Her hot moist lips melted into his cockflesh.

"I'll take the chance," she whispered.

"You don't have to."

She moved a hand to his lips. "I want to." She pushed him gently and he placed his head back down on the sofa. She gripped his hard-on and salivated.

She darted her tongue over the flared rim of his cockhead. She licked the sensitive piece of flesh on the underside of his shaft.

He clenched his hands and with a grunt grabbed the sides of her head. She licked his balls with long swipes of her tongue. She pressed her lips against the moist tip of his prick and then ran her tongue up and down his shaft.

When he dug his hands into the side of her head, she finally fit her lips to his cockhead and took it into her mouth.

She took in a few inches of his fuckpole and then another few inches. With a final lunge she had it all in her throat.

He groaned as she mouth-fucked him. He worked his hips as her lips caressed his prick. She sucked him lovingly, thrilled at the pleasure she was giving him.

She slid her lips down his shaft and felt his cockhead in her throat. She savored it for a moment and then released it. Then she repeated the motion.

Each time she took him into her throat she closed her throat muscles around his cockhead. She knew it was only a matter of time before he creamed her mouth. She didn't care. All that mattered was having his prick fill her mouth and threaten to explode.

Then he began tossing around and coming. Carla struggled to breathe while at the same time she managed to swallow every drop of his precious cream.

He thrust his dick into her throat and she thought her lips would split apart from the force of his thrusts. At the end he fingered her cunt and she came too.

"We'll fuck next time, Sis," he panted. If there is a next time, she thought.

Chapter EIGHT

Mike began helping Jim out with his business problem. As a result the two men spent most of their spore time at the office. Sue found herself alone with Carla more and more. The two women liked each other and enjoyed many of the same things so that was no problem. They both liked swimming and maintaining a year round tan. They enjoyed shopping for clothes and reading fashion magazines. And of course Sue had married into the family years before so they felt more like sisters than sisters-in-law.

One Saturday the men worked and Sue spent the day with Carla at her apartment complex pool. When it was time for lunch, they went inside and changed into shorts and sweaters. Then they went into the kitchen and Carla fixed a tossed salad.

"The boys are getting closer than ever," Sue said as they ate.

"Yeah, I know. I think it's good. Don't you?"

Sue colored slightly; she felt a little guilty about her affair with Mike. They had only gotten together a few times, but since she and Carla were seeing more of each other she felt she was being disloyal to a friend.

"I'm glad they're good friends and I'm glad we're good friends too," Sue said.

Carla leaned back in her chair and sipped her wine. "There's something I've been dying to ask you," she said.


Carla hesitated. "Have you ever cheated on Jim?"

Sue blanched. "Can I plead the fifth?"

Carla sat forward, smiling. "I've cheated on Mike."

Sue exhaled. "Thanks. I needed that." They spent the next half hour talking about affairs without mentioning specific lovers. Carla admitted she envied Sue having children, but said that Mike wasn't ready for a family yet. Sue confessed she envied Carla's lifestyle. She was free to come and go as she pleased and didn't have to worry about the high cost of college tuition. Carla agreed, but said her biological clock was running out and she didn't want to wind up a childless old lady.

They continued talking while Carla cleared the table. Sue insisted on washing the dishes. Sue gazed out at the pool as she rinsed a plate.

"It must be nice to be able to swim whenever you feel like it," she said.

Carla came up behind her and brushed her hand over her shoulder. "I've got a nice life. I admit it. But so do you."

"You don't feel guilty about cheating on Mike, do you?"

Carla thought about Bobby and Jim and she pursed her lips. "Not really," she said, leaning against the sink.

"Why do I feel so damn guilty? I haven't even done that much."

"I'll bet it's a new thing with you too."

Sue smiled and colored. "I only had my first affair about six months ago."

"Anyone I know?" Carla's hand drifted down Sue's back and paused at her rounded ass.

Sue bit her lip as the image of Mike's cock leaped into her mind. "No, no one you know."

Carla's lips were inches from Sue's and she pressed her leg against the older woman's hip. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I don't know."

"The sun made me drowsy," Carla said. Sue felt the younger woman's breath on her ear. "You can take a nap if you like. You don't have to worry about me. I'll probably go out and get some more sun."

"I was thinking you might want to take a nap too." Carla's words came out a sensuous purr.

Carla stroked Sue's long hair and for the first time Sue realized her sister-in-law was working up to something. Something to do with sex.

"I love sex," Carla whispered, her words strangely mesmerizing. "I love all kinds of sex. Straight and not so straight. How about you?"

Sue began to answer, but suddenly she felt her sister-in-law's soft round tits against her arm.

"I've... uh... never done anything that wasn't... uh... straight."

Carla moved behind her and placed her arms around her waist. "Really?" she hissed.

Sue thought about the time she fucked her son. Christ, does she know? she thought.

Carla realized just how naive Sue was. She was obviously trying to deduce the brunette and Sue didn't even know it.

In fact Sue was well aware that Carla was coming on to her. She was amazed at her audacity. She planned to leave at the first opportunity, but first she wanted to see how far Carla would go.

The idea of another woman wanting to make it with her intrigued her. She knew she ought to make it clear to Carla that she wasn't interested. But she felt riveted to the spot. She just couldn't leave.

"I guess women of your generation didn't go in for kinky stuff," Carla said.

"I'm not that much older than you," Sue said.

Carla let her hands fall to Sue's hips and rubbed her tits against her back. "I was just teasing you."

"What are you doing?"

"It's just that I've had more opportunity to experiment," Carla continued. "I mean, straight sex can be boring." She deliberately ignored Sue's query.

As she spoke she moved her hands under Sue's sweater and touched her tits.

Sue tried, to control the tremor in her voice. "What do you think you're doing?" she said.

Carla quickly moved her hands to Sue's smooth-skinned, flat belly. "Just showing you how nice another woman's hands can feel."

"I don't think I want you to do that," Sue stammered. Despite herself she felt her juices flow.

When Sue made no move to stop her, Carla moved her hands back to her tits. Carla was very excited. She hadn't planned on seducing Jim's wife. But now that it was happening she wanted it. And she knew that Sue wanted it too.

"I'll stop if you want me to," she said. She moved her hands away from Sue's tits and waited. Sue moaned softly and pressed back and Carla returned her hands to her boobs. "Let's get your sweater off so I can really play with your tits. Come on, just be free and easy, you'll see how nice it is."

Dazed and out of control, Sue turned to face the redhead and made no attempt to stop her from removing her sweater.

Carla licked her lips as she pulled Sue's sweater over her head. Her eyes widened at the sight of Sue's tits. They bulged over the lacy cups of her bra. Her bra was much more revealing than the top of her swim suit. More revealing and more exotic.

"Why shouldn't I get to enjoy them?" Carla said. "Strange men obviously have. Why not me?"

Why not indeed? Sue thought. She had to admit the way Carla was looking at her turned her on. "I guess you're right," she said in a tremulous voice. "But this is really a first for me. I mean it."

Without asking permission Carla reached around and unhooked her sister-in-law's bra. Sue's tits bounced free and she started to cover herself with her arms.

Carla moved forward and stopped her. She filled her hands with Sue's white-skinned tits. Sue moaned with excitement and surprise.

And then Carla was bending down and running her moist tongue over Sue's pink nipples. Sue leaned helplessly against the sink and felt Carla's long tongue whip around and around her tits.

It was obvious that this wasn't the first time Carla had sucked a tit. She was not only proficient at it, she clearly enjoyed it a great deal.

In a moment Sue's nipples stood out like two berries. Carla devoured them and Sue encouraged her by cradling her head in her arms.

She still leaned against the sink with her eyes closed. She found herself thrusting her tits at Carla's vigorously sucking mouth.

Without being aware of it she was stroking the back of Carla's neck. "I love it," she said over and over. "Oh, Lord, I love it."

"I know what you like," Carla said between nibbles. "I'm a woman too, remember? It takes a female to know what turns on a female." Soon they went into the bedroom and undressed. Sue shamelessly gazed at the lush curves of Carla body. She had an urge to suck the younger woman's tits. Carla's nipples looked like two crimson cherries waiting to be plucked. Or sucked. She sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed her thighs together as Carla finished undressing.

"I'm so glad we're finally doing this," dada said. She was especially excited about balling Sue since she'd already fucked Bobby and Jim. "What else are we going to do?" Sue said.

By now Carla was hovering over her and busily kissing her neck and throat and ears. "Whit do you think?" she whispers.

She shook her head. "I don't know."

Sue lay with her legs apart while Carla pressed her entire body over hers. The feel of Carla's tits and pussy against her naked body made Sue dizzy.

"You really don't know, do you?" Carla said.

"I know what women do..."

"Thank God for that."

They rolled around the bed gracefully, touching each other in familiar intimate places. Sue was aware of Carla's femininity. Her hands were more gentle than a man's and her touch more tender.

She had seen Carla undressed many times, but she'd never seen her totally naked. She had been surprised by the tie of Carla's tits. Now as they rolled around the bed she melted against the round cushions of Carla's boobs.

Carla landed on top as they fondled and kissed and writhed around the bed. That was the plan and Sue preferred it that way. She liked being passive. They snaked their tongues into each other's mouths and breathed love words into each other's ears.

Sue strained to hear something Carla said. "What did you say?" she said.

Carla bent down and lashed her tongue over Sue's navel. "I said I can't wait to eat you."

"Oh, God!" Sue gasped. She moaned blissfully as Carla sucked her nipples deep inside her mouth. She tossed her legs and moaned. "Suck me!" she cried.

Carla finally sat back and gazed hungrily at Sue's open pussy. "Oh, how lovely," she said, leaning over and kissing and caressing Sue's squirming body.

Sue cried out with wanton abandon when bet sister-in-law rammed her tongue inside her slit. Carla made love to her throbbing gash patiently and tenderly, using her fingers on Sue's clit while she tongued her cunt-tissues.

Sue watched spellbound. She was amazed at the zeal with which the redhead attacked her. She had always known that Carla was a passionate woman. What she hadn't suspected was the depth of her own passion.

Now Carla slid her hands under Sue's writhing ass and squeezed her asscheeks while she ate her pussy. Her tongue almost disappeared inside Sue's gash and her nose stabbed her clit.

Sue pushed and pulled her own tits. Since Carla was busily squeezing her ass, she licked her own nipples and fondled her titties.

Sue thrashed her legs in the air and strained to achieve the realm of an orgasm. Carla helped by flicking her tongue back and forth over her clit until her pussy exploded.

Sue cried out sharply, damping Carla's head between her thighs as she came. When Carla finally withdrew her mouth and moved up to embrace Sue, the two women kissed and hugged tenderly.

"Was it good?" Carla said, aware of the answer.

"It was marvelous!" Sue grinned happily and rolled on top of Carla.

"You'll do it to me too, won't you?" Carla said, nuzzling Sue's neck.

"Yes," Sue said with a groan, already kissing the bulge at the top of Carla's massive tits.

Carla lay flat on hr back and stroked Sue's long dark hair. She closed her eyes and her eyelashes flittered. Her breath became labored as Sue tentatively touched her firm tits.

"You're beautiful," Sue said, speaking from between the younger woman's legs and touching her cunt.

"So are you," Carla said, raising one knee and opening herself up to Sue's hand.

Sue had long since lost her resistance to touching Carla's pussy. She fingered Carla's thick pussy-bush and the wet furrow that separated her cuntlips.

She was fascinated by the way Carla's cunt folds protruded from her hairy outer lips. She wanted to kiss her there and lick up the juice oozing out of her cunthole. She wanted to stick her tongue in there and she wanted to make Carla come.

She slowly moved a fingertip up and down the edges of Carla's cuntlips. Carla's pussy felt velvety soft and jelly-like.

Moving by animal instinct now, Sue touched Carla's clit and watched it grow even larger under the intimate caress. Then she watched Carla's cunthole pulsate and she realized Carla wanted something inside her.

She thrust a finger into her cunthole and Carla sighed with contentment. She watched Carla's pussy suck on her finger as she slid it further, inside her sex-furnace.

What amazed Sue was her desire to eat Carla's pussy. Although she hadn't touched her lips to it yet, she wanted to. She wanted to smell and taste Carla's female essence. She wanted to know what her own pussy tasted and felt like.

Carla seemed to sense her sister-in-law's passion. She grated her ass and brought both knees up to her tits.

"Kiss it," she said with a smile. "Kiss my pussy, you hot-cunted bitch. Fuck me."

Sue's excitement was so intense she found herself struggling to breathe. She moved her hands under Carla's ass and lowered her face to her snatch.

Carla's belly and tits undulated. The blood pounded in Sue's temples. She was about to embark on her fir st lesbian adventure. Would she like it? Would she become hooked on gash?

The sight of Carla's waiting body took her breath away. She lowered her mouth to Carla's split-beaver and tasted the pink flesh inside her outer lips.

Carla shivered all over and tangled her fingers in Sue's hair. "Oh, fuck me," she sighed. "Fuck me with your mouth."

Sue swarmed over her, cupping her tits in both hands while she kissed her cunt. She coiled her tongue over Carla's clit and dabbed the tip into her cunthole.

Carla moaned constantly and squirmed her ass against Sue's hands. "Fuck me with your tongue," she moaned again and again. "Jesus, fuck me with your tongue."

She stiffened her tongue and rammed the tip into Carla's cunthole. Carla's squirming body sent slack and a sharp cry escaped her throat as she came.

Sue held Carla's cuntflaps open and gluttonously licked the inside of her cunt. Her nose and cheeks were soon wet with Carla's juices. Her own pussy was awash with fuck-dew.

"Eat me!" Carla cried. She tossed her head from side to side in a frenzy. "Eat me!"

Sue fastened her lips to the redhead's puffy cunt-meat and lifted her up by her ass. She moved her face back and forth in the trench between Carla's thighs.

Carla wailed and moaned and thrust her pussy up at Sue's wildly sucking mouth. When Sue bit down on her clit and flicked her tongue over the nub, Carla came again.

She shuddered convulsively as her clit slipped from between Sue's lips. Sue tongued up and down the younger woman's pussy, wrenching another climax out of Carla's succulent cunt.

After resting a while they changed places and Carla made love to Sue again. By the end of the afternoon both women were exhausted. When the men arrived at the apartment, the women were fixing dinner and frying to look as though nothing had happened.

Chapter NINE

Jennifer was troubled. She was quickly growing into a stunning young woman. She still fucked her brother, but her uncle would no longer touch her.

Mike maintained that he'd been wrong to become involved in an affair with her. She pleaded with him to continue the liaison, but he refused.

After a while she became concerned that she was too promiscuous. She tried to talk with her mother, but there never seemed to be a proper time. She discussed it with Bobby, but he thought she was being silly. He thought life consisted of fucking and fast cars.

She decided to abstain from sex for a week. After a second week of abstinence shows way horny, but she decided to stay with it for a third week. At the end of the third week she was hornier than ever and still troubled.

She hated to bother her father with her problems. He had his own troubles at work. Uncle Mike was even helping him out at the office.

One day after Jennifer's third week of sexual abstinence her father happened to be at home working in his basement office and she went down to talk to him.

She hesitated as she entered the room. She hated to bother him when he was busy. He was seated behind a rickety old desk in his old leather chair, poring over some papers. He glanced up when she entered the room and did a double take when he saw her.

"Hi, Princess," he said.

He smiled and lay his papers aside. She moved into the room and sat down in a chair near the desk.

"I hate to bother you, Dad," she said.

He swiveled in his chair. "I always have time for my girl."

He toyed with a pencil as she fidgeted in her seat. Now that, she was here and had his attention what could she say?

"Something bothering you, honey?" he said. She raised her eyes. "I think it's just growing pains."

His eyes flickered over her legs. "You're all grown up. Still having growing pains?"

"It's just about guys, Dad." She tried tugging her shorts down. They were short. For the first time she was aware of her father as a man and not just as her father.

Jim frowned. His baby was a sexy kid. He knew in his gut she wasn't a virgin. Not at her age and not in the twentieth century. But he hated to think of some teenage kid getting into her pants.

"Want to talk about it, Princess?"

"Yes and no."

He leaned back in his chair. "How about your mother? Have you talked to her about it?"

She shook her head. "No. I think I'd rather talk to you."

Jim fidgeted around. His cock seemed to be stirring. What the hell is going on here? he thought. He cleared his throat.

"If ft's about guys maybe you ought to talk to your mother. I'm no good at these things."

"But you're a man." The teenagers eyes filled. "Dad, Mom'll just tell me to behave myself and not get in trouble."

Jesus, she's telling me she's not a virgin. Slit! Aloud he said, "Not bad advice."

"Look at me." She glanced down at her chest. "I can't help it if I'm built this way. Boys are always making remarks and trying to feel me up. And I've got urges too. You know what kind of urges." Her voice trailed off.

"I'll try to help you, baby," he said. His cock was definitely stirring. "Tell me what's troubling you and I'll try."

Jennifer looked down at her lap and toyed with her fingers. "It's hard to explain."

"You're not in trouble, are you?"

The teenage blonde giggled. "You mean pregnant? No."

Jim whistled. "Thank the Lord."

"I know better than to get pregnant."

"So you do... uh... fool around."

"Dad, I'm seventeen." Her eyes were steady now and calm. "I'm not a child."

"Yeah, I know. I sometimes forget you're not much younger than your mother when I married her."

Jennifer averted her eyes. "I sometimes think maybe I'm too easy a mark."

Jim sat forward and touched her arm. "You mean sex?"

A slight tremor went through Jennifer as she raised her eyes. "Yes, sex." Her father's eyes were wise and non-judgmental. She felt better.

"Are you locker-room gossip?"

"I don't think so. I just seem to always need it."

Jim sighed. "And when you need it you go to bed with whoever's round."

"Sometimes." She bent her head. "Sometimes I act like a slut."

Jim rose up and moved to her side. He tousled her hair and she leaned against his thigh.

"Don't call yourself a slut," he said. "You're a beautiful child and it's natural to have urges." He patted her shoulder and she sniffed.

"I haven't let anyone touch me in a few weeks."

"That's not easy when you're your age. Especially when you've got so damn many temptations from television and rock stars."

Jennifer felt her face flush. If he only knew she had fucked Bobby for years and had even fucked Uncle Mike a few times.

"I want to be good, Dad," she said.

"I know you do, baby." He fondled her hair thoughtfully.

She leaned her cheek against his strong thigh. "Maybe I ought to find one boy and only have sex with him."

Jim's heart pounded. The thought of his baby girl fucking some big jock regularly drove him crazy.

"There's nothing wrong with variety."

"But you said..."

"Don't listen to everything I say. I'm no saint myself."

He took her hand and she rose up. "I feel better just talking to you, Dad," she said.

He wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. "I'm glad I was able to help, Princess."

The teenage girl felt an electric spark between them. Her legs were suddenly unsteady. She had never thought of her father in a sexual way although several of her friends had let their fathers fuck them.

It felt good to be enclosed in his arms. She closed her eyes and tried to relax against him. Safe, she thought. She moved, her arms around his waist. Safe and secure.

"Princess," Jim said, stroking her hair. "What, Dad?"

When his fingers touched her ass, she was barely aware of the caress. A lovely floating sensation surged through her, but it wasn't purely sexual. It was loving and stimulating at the same time.

She gazed up into her father's eyes in time to see his lips come down on hers. His tongue plunged boldly into her mouth and her knees went weak.

She responded instinctively, returning his kiss and ramming her tongue against his. Her body felt hot and floating and the past weeks of celibacy melted away as she came alive under his touch.

Most important, her pussy throbbed with need. It was wet and it ached with that special pleasure-pain reserved for sex.

Jim placed both hands on her ass and drew her against him. "Oh, baby, this is wrong," he whispered in her ear.

She raised her lips to his. "No, it's not. I think it's what I've wanted all my life."

She moved her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. He groaned. "Oh, baby, baby..."

"Dad, I need you," the teenager said. "There's nothing wrong with it if it's my idea."

Suddenly he released her. "Okay, I guess you're right. You're not really a kid any more. Listen, get down there on the couch."

There was an old couch in the corner and Jennifer stared at it. Suddenly she was faced with a momentous decision.

"Go on, baby, if you really meant what you said."

With a decisive shrug of her head the sexy blonde lay down on the couch. Her father climbed over her and began kissing her and running his hands over her throbbing body. He stroked her all over and she felt his fingers on her bare flesh.

His hands clutched her tits and her nipples stiffened. Her pussy gushed and she clung to him as he kissed her tits.

"You're so lovely," he said hoarsely.

He removed her shorts and pulled them off. He fondled her all over and she opened her legs for him.

He pulled her panties down and pushed her legs wide apart. Her teenage split winked open and gleamed wetly beneath her blonde muff.

Jim quickly undressed. He pushed his pants and shorts down and began to lower his face to her cunt.

"Oh, Dad," she sighed. His lips were an inch from her gash.

The sweet folds of her pussy were wet with passion. Her aroma filled his nostrils. With a groan he filled his mouth with her sex.

The young girl sobbed when his open mouth embraced her cunt. She pumped her pussy against his mouth and smeared cuntjuice over his face. He flicked his tongue up and down her oozing pussy, slit and fluttered it over her clit.

After a while she had a strong craving to have his cock in her mouth. "I want to suck you too, Dad," she said.

He sat back on his haunches and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. "Are you sure, Princess?"

"Yes, I want to."

He stretched out on his back and she crawled between his legs. She closed her fingers around his upthrust cock. It was very hard and very big. There were purplish veins throbbing all over his shaft. She bent down and ran her tongue over one of them.

Jim groaned as she tenderly licked his cockhead. She darted her tongue over his piss slit. That's where I came from, she thought. It seemed right somehow to be kissing the source of her being.

She took his prick between her lips and sucked it. She moved one hand under his balls and massaged them gently.

The eggs inside his ball-bag jumped around. She watched his expression. She had never felt so loved in her life.

She wondered what he was like as a young boy. She wondered if he still enjoyed making love to her mother. There were so many things she wanted to ask him. Did she dare?

"What is it, baby?" he said, stroking her long blonde curls. "Sorry you started this?"

She lapped her tongue over his cockhead. "Never."

He glanced at his hard-on. "Think you can take it?" he said.

She thought of Mike and his big cock. "I think so, Dad."

"It's not the biggest prick in the world, but I've been told it's okay."

"I love it." She ran the tip of her tongue up and down his shaft and licked his balls.

"Jesus, Princess, that's good. You give a good blow-job."

"I haven't really started yet."

"It feels pretty good to me."

"I'm going to try and take it all the way into my throat."

He lifted his eyebrows. "Think you can do it?"

"Yes, I do."

She trembled with excitement and slid her lips halfway down his shaft. His sigh of pleasure further excited her.

She was happy when he placed his hands on the sides of her head and guided her lips. Her lips were flecked with saliva and her eyes were glazed.

Jim still had reservations about fucking his own daughter. It was true that she wanted it, but was it fair of him to take advantage of her inexperience and her love for him?

He thought about it while she tongued his dick and balls. After a while he decided she was old enough to fuck and if she was old enough all that mattered was that he loved her. He loved her more than any, of those teenage jocks she fooled around with.

Now Jennifer was making love to him with her teeth and lips and tongue. She licked him all over, tracing patterns up and down the length of his fuckpole and around its width.

His cock-knob was very swollen and the skin was pulled taut. She poked her tongue into his pisser and tasted his spunk.

"I love it, Dad," she said.

She rubbed her tits against him. She could tell he liked that.

As she sucked his cock she fingered his balls. She deliberately waited before mouth-fucking him. She wanted to tease him first before taking his prick all the way into her throat.

He reached and thrust his hand between her legs. She arranged her legs in a way that gave him access to her pussy.

Then his fingers were inside her, in the hot wet folds of her cunt. His prick was so hard. She wanted it in her pussy.

She licked his cockhead a few more times and then spit it out. "Dad, fuck me," she said softly.

He sat up eagerly and guided her onto her back. "Oh, baby, will I."

She opened her legs and he quickly pressed his cockhead into her pussy. His knob lodged inside her pussy-socket and he left it there a moment without moving.

Jennifer gazed up at him, feeling a love so total it took her breath away. "You're in me," she said.

He lurched forward and the rest of his hard dick surged into her depths. "Now I am, Princess."

The blonde teenager stared up at the man who had given her life. He looked so handsome and strong. She loved him so much.

He began thrusting and she moved with him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his thick cock stroked into her.

With every stroke his shaft rasped against her clit. She moved her hips in the age old way. She gave herself to him totally.

Jim felt her pussy grab at his dick and he fucked her faster. She thrashed her legs in the air and tightened them around his waist.

She let out a wild cry when she came. She nearly blacked out from the force, of her orgasm. As she writhed wildly he sent spurts of jism into her snatch.

Afterward he lay on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him. "Oh, Dad, that was so wonderful," she said.

He raised his head and kissed her on the lips.

"This is the first and last time we'll do this, Princess. I can forgive myself for one time. But never again."

She sighed and cuddled against him and wondered if he meant it.

Chapter TEN

On Bobby's birthday, his parents gave him a motorcycle. Sue rode behind him on the bike a few times. It amused her when people thought she was his girlfriend.

They began to talk about his future, plans. He didn't want to go to college. Jim wanted him to further his education. Sue thought the boy should do as he wished.

Sue and Bobby seldom went to bed together. Sue decided that it wasn't right to monopolize the teenager's time. Bobby still sniffed around his sexy mother, but he didn't argue when she rebuffed him. He seemed to be buying this time.

One day mother and son sat in the kitchen having a leisurely Saturday breakfast. Sue refilled her coffee cup and cut Bobby a big piece of chocolate cake. She poured him some milk and sat back in her chair and watched him wolf it down.

"I can't believe I've got a son so old," she said.

He grinned crookedly and filled his mouth to overflowing with cake. "You look pretty young yourself," he said.

Sue smiled. "You always know just what to say." She knew he was exaggerating, but it sounded good anyway.

"What are you doing today, Mom?" he said. She shrugged. "Nothing much. Maybe I'll wash my hair."

"Wanna go for a ride on my bike?"

"I think you ought to go out with your friends."

"You're my friend."

"I'm your mother." She emphasized the word mother.

"Can we fuck, Mom?" he blurted out.

Sue flinched. "I don't think so, honey."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't think we should do that any more."

He said nothing for a while. Then he grinned. "Just a last time shot?" he said.

She gazed into his eyes. The little stinker. She was tempted. Jim was so wrapped up in his business he hardly had time for sex any more. One time wouldn't hurt, would it?

She shivered when the teenager covered her hand with his. "Well, maybe this once," she said.

He sat back in his chair and lifted his tee-shirt over his head. "Terrific," he said.

She gazed at his teenager chest and had a midden desire to run her hands all over his body.

She rose up. "Okay, let's get into bed." He followed her out of the room and upstairs to her bedroom.

When she closed the door, he started to grab her. "No, lie down," she said. "No need to rush things."

The teenage boy smiled as he climbed onto the bed and pushed a pillow under his head.

Sue approached the bed. She opened her robe and exposed her tits. She watched his cock stir inside his fly and felt her pussy lubricate.

She was naked under her robe. Her love mound felt puffy and hot. She touched herself for a moment and watched Bobby's reaction to the wanton display.

She dropped her robe to the floor and turned her back to the boy to show him her ass. She deliberately bent forward and showed him the split between her legs.

When she turned around to face him, her hands were filled with her ripe tits. She loved the expression in his eyes as he stared at her nakedness. He tugged his jeans and shorts off as he gazed at her.

"Just this one time," she said in a husky voice.

"I love you, Mom," he said.

He couldn't resist reaching for her. He grabbed her tits and she sank down onto the bed next to him.

He began to push her down, but she stopped him. "Not so fast, honey," she said, pushing him down on his back. "Let me do it."

"I'm dying to fuck you. Mom."

"I'm dying to fuck you too, baby." She spread her legs and rubbed herself. "But first I'll heat up my box."

"Jesus, Mom!"

She moved both hands to her cunt and played with herself. She opened herself up and showed the teenager her succulent pussy-flesh.

She licked her lips and threw her head back. "Do you think my pussy is pretty?" Her heart pounded with excitement.

"Yeah, it's beautiful." Actually he was fascinated with pussies. He thought they were all beautiful. He'd never seen a pussy he didn't like.

Sue heard the sharp intake of his breath when she turned around, and pried her asscheeks apart. She jabbed a fingertip against her shitter and shoved it inside momentarily.

Her pussy ached with need and lubricated constantly. When she could take more of her own fingers she climbed over the boy and dropped her cunt over his face.

"Suck it," she said.

"Jesus Christ!" he breathed, and his warm breath on her cunt felt wonderful.

She held her tits in her hands and felt his lips on her cunt. In a moment the boy's nose pressed into her cunthole. She held her cuntlips open for him and he flicked his tongue all over her snatch.

"Try and get your tongue inside me," she said. "You did it before. Do it now."

"Jesus, Mom, sure."

He extended his tongue and touched it to her gushing hole. The scent of her spurred him on. He felt powerful when he ate his mother's pussy. He loved her so much and knew she loved him too.

Sue bent down and grabbed his cock. She began licking it. She straightened her legs out and they were in the classic sixty-nine position. He licked her clit and she closed her lips over his prick-knob.

"Stick your tongue into mother's cunthole, darling," she said, vigorously licking his piss-slit.

He snaked the tip of his tongue into her cunthole and wiggled it around.

"More!" she cried hoarsely. "More!"

She slid the ring of her lips down to the trunk of his prick. He groaned as he tried to insert more of his tongue into her cunthole.

He managed to force a little more of his tongue into her pussy. She mouth-fucked him now, tightening her lips on his cock and dragging them back and forth from his cock-root to his knob.

She held his prick-knob in her throat and swallowed around it. She ground her cunt against his face.

He licked her clit in a frenzy. She writhed her ass over him and frantically licked his balls. She darted her tongue into his asscrack and licked his brownie.

It was then that the telephone rang. Initially Sue ignored it, but it rang incessantly so she crawled over and picked up the receiver.

It was Jim and he needed some papers. He asked her to bring them to his office right away.

She reluctantly climbed off the bed and began dressing. She considered having a quickie before she left, but decided against it.

Bobby sat and watched her. His hard-on stood between his legs. He held his hands over it. Jesus, his balls ached.

"I don't know when I'll be back, hon," she said, grabbing a jacket from her closet and looking under the bed for her shoes. She leaned over to kiss him goodbye. "Save it for me, huh?" She planted a kiss on the tip of his dick.

"I might jerk off," he said. "But we can start all over again when you get back."

After she drove off the boy began jerking off. Just my luck, he thought. Shit, just my luck.

Suddenly he heard the downstairs door open. "Anyone home?" Carla called out.

Bobby grinned. Aunt Carla would be glad to get laid. She was always in the mood. "Come on up, Aunt Carla," he said. "I'm in Mom's room."

In a matter of moments Carla walked in and found Bobby jerking off. "You devil, you," she giggled.

She began stripping while Bobby slowly pumped his prick. "Hurry up," he said. "I'm gonna shoot my wad."

"I won't even ask what you're doing in here," she said.

When she was naked, Carla jumped onto the bed and shoved her tits in the boy's face. He opened his jaws and gobbled one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Oh, shit, what a surprise," she said, curling her arms around his neck and toying with his ears.

She moved one hand to his crotch and grasped his dick. Suddenly she climbed between his legs and lowered her face to his dick.

In a moment his cock was inside her lips and she was lashing it with her tongue. She rubbed the leaking head of his cock around her salivating mouth and used her fingers to jerk him off.

She worked his thick cockshaft into her throat and expertly controlled her gag reflex. In a moment her nose was buried against his cock-bush and she was mouth-fucking him with long smooth strokes.

Bobby watched her lips move up and down his shaft. What if his mother returned? What if she found them in bed together?

Suddenly he sensed his mother's presence. "Aunt Carla?" he said.

"What?" Carla's voice was muffled by his prick.

"Mom's coming back soon."

"Oh, Jesus!" Suddenly she knew they weren't alone. She glanced up into Sue's eyes.

"You didn't waste any time," Sue said, glaring at her sister-in-law.

"You left me so horny, Mom," Bobby whined, but Sue ignored him.

"Oh, fuck, don't act so saintly," Carla said. Sue stared at her coldly for a moment and then she chuckled. "Well, maybe you're right. I guess I'm jealous. Do we make it a party?"

Carla smiled. "I wouldn't mind that at all and I'm sure Bobby wouldn't mind either, would you, honey?"

Bobby snickered, his eyes glittering as they moved from his mother to his aunt. "Maybe it's a dream."

But it was no dream. Sue undressed quickly. She hadn't bothered with panties before and she was naked in less than a minute and stretched out on the bed.

"As long as it's in the family I don't mind," she said.

Bobby's face was flushed. He glanced from his aunt to his mother. "Jesus, Mom, I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," Sue said. She turned to Carla. "Shall we put on a show for him?"

Carla sprawled out on her back with her legs wide. She smiled lazily at Sue. "Why not?"

Sue climbed over her and sniffed her cunt. Bobby crouched next to his aunt and directed his prick at her mouth.

Sue teethed down and fondled the reddish curls covering Carla's snatch. Carla opened her mouth and took Bobby's cock inside her lips. She moaned softly around the thickness of him.

Suddenly Sue bent forward and lapped her tongue over Carla's mound. She kissed her inner thighs and licked the petal-like lips of her cunt. Carla hungrily mouth-fucked Bobby's dick and opened her legs wider to accept Sue's searching tongue. She closed her lips around Carla's clit and peppered her slit with hot kisses.

Sue separated the pulpy folds of Carla's pussy. She licked and kissed each delicate slick fold. She snaked her tongue into her cunthole. She knew Bobby was watching even as Carla was sucking his cock. She wanted to titillate him at the same time she feasted on Carla's twat. She loved the taste and feel of Carla's hot pussy. It was like sucking the inside of a ripe peach. She understood why some men loved sucking gash. There was something wonderfully satisfying about the soft wetness of a turned on cunt.

The tantalizing touch of Sue's tongue on her snatch sent Carla's passion soaring. She felt deliciously ravished and she purred with pleasure as she willingly submitted to the sexual assault.

Meanwhile Bobby was ramming his velvet-skinned dick into her mouth and she kissed and tongued it wetly with every thrust.

She had come to the Robin house on an impulse, never thinking she would find her nephew naked in bed. She and Sue enjoyed a mutual suck-off occasionally, but they had never brought a man into their pleasure-feasts.

Now she lapped her tongue shamelessly over the teenager's ball-bag. She smeared his cockjuice over his knob and took his entire cock into her mouth.

She let his cock rest inside one cheek and then the other. She bit the flared rim under his knob and took tendrils of cock-hair between her teeth.

At this point Carla was wildly aroused. She had never had her cunt licked while she had a cock in her mouth. She concentrated on all the wonderful sensations invading her body. Bobby's cock throbbed against her tongue and threatened to slit at any moment.

Just then he came. His body was seized with a wild spasm and a thick gush of jism splashed into her mouth.

She tried to swallow it down, but some of it leaked out of the corners of her mouth. There was a never-ending flood of jism gushing into her mouth and she had no choice, but to take it all.

"Suck it hard, Aunt Carla," the boy growled. "Suck it all out."

Carla mumbled around his spurting cock.

"Keep sucking!" he yelled. "Jesus, don't stop sucking!"

Carla kept her lips attached to his dick and sucked it like a hungry animal. At the same time Sue was licking up and down and around her twat. How much stimulation could a woman take?

Carla sucked him mindlessly, licking and whipping her tongue around his cockhead. His cock began deflating, but she clung to it possessively in a desperate attempt to keep it hard.

Finally the teenage boy pulled away and reeled backward on the bed. Sue sat up and planted her lips over Carla's in order to taste her son's jism on Carla's mouth.

Carla laced her fingers through Sue's hair and sighed when Bobby took one of her tits into his mouth. Boys his age recovered their strength so quickly.

The redhead's cunt tingled when Sue went back to it and licked it again. Sue used her tongue like a cock. A small, stiff, hungry cock.

Suddenly Carla came and her entire body writhed as a gush of come spilled into Sue's mouth.

"Jesus, Mom, you're sucking her so hard!" Bobby said.

"Is your cock hard, Son?" Sue said.

Bobby closed his fist around his prick. "Yeah, sort of."

"Get behind me and fuck me," Sue cried. Bobby climbed behind his mother and Carla watched as he tried to enter her from behind. Sue continued licking Carla's cunt, but she held her cuntlips open for her son so he could find her hole.

Carla watched him enter Sue's snatch and then she watched Sue's face contort with passion. Sue continued sucking Carla's snatch and Bobby managed to stick his cock inside his mother's cunt.

Before he shot off the two women pounced over him. They took turns licking and sucking his cock and then, giggling, they blew him simultaneously.

Bobby gazed down at the two women; he had never been eaten by two women at once. He stroked their hair. He couldn't believe his luck.

"Darling, your cock is delicious," Sue said. "Mmmmm," Carla mumbled, unwilling to release him for a moment.

"Do you think I'm terrible, darling?" Sue said.

"You mean because you ate Aunt Carla?" he said.

Sue nodded, her tongue-tip on his pisser. "I'm not a lesbian, honey. Neither of us are."

"Hell, Mom, I know that," Bobby said. Then he winced. "Jesus, I'm gonna shoot."

Sue met Carla's eyes. "Shall we take it together?"

Carla giggled. "Why not. There's enough for both of us."

"You can have the first shot."

Carla licked her lips and rolled her eyes. "I had a load before. You take the first shot."

"If you say so," Sue, said. She smiled at Bobby. "Come in my mouth, honey." Slipping her lips over the boy's prick-knob, she began sucking.

They took turns with his cock, sharing his load until he had no more to give. Then, their lips glistening with his jism, they giggled and kissed each other like lovers.

Bobby lay here watching them with his fingers on his cock. He could feel his prick getting hard again. He still had another load in his balls and in a few minutes he would be ready to fuck.

Carla laughed when she saw the boy pumping his prick. "Look at him. He can't wait to fuck again."

Sue smiled as she gazed at her son's cock. She could still taste his jism on her tongue. And now his prick was leaking again and in a moment he'd be ready. She would make him fuck Carla. It would certainly be exciting to watch his cock sliding in and out of Carla's hot cunt. Or maybe she would have him for herself, have him fuck her ass. Would Carla be shocked? Then he could fuck Carla's ass, too. The possibilities were endless. Smiling, one hand playing with one of Carla's tits and the other hand jiggling Bobby's balls, Sue quivered with contentment and expectation.


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