The sitter loves to suck

The process of growing up, of passing through the age of adolescence has, through the ages, been marked by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family and peer group alike. Certainly, in modem society, the problems of youth appear to be more marked than ever before.

Lisa Fuller is a teenager embarking on her own special journey toward adolescence. She finds herself overwhelmed by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality, sometimes angered over imagined slights and youthful misjudgments. It is only through the patient understanding of her friends that Lisa manages to put her world into perspective and is able to cope with her new feelings and take disappointments in stride.

THE SITTER LOVES TO SUCK is the story of an average young American girl coming of age, and her story is a lesson to us all, a reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.

Chapter ONE

When Lisa Fuller woke up, Mr. Henderson had his hand up her dress. The blonde teenager didn't even remember falling asleep. It was something she never did when she was babysitting. But here she was, draped across the couch in the Henderson living room. Her dress had ridden high up on her thighs, showing off her long legs. Mr. Henderson's hand was in the hollow of her crotch and he was gently feeling the insides of her thighs.

"Mr. Henderson! What are you doing?" she gasped. She sat up straighter on the couch and tried to push her dress back down her legs.

He didn't say anything. He simply stared at her with a weird look in his eyes. For a moment she wondered if he was drunk. His hand stayed with her as she shifted position on the couch. He was kneeling on the floor in front of her. His fingertips scraped against the dry silky triangle of her panties.

"Where's Mrs. Henderson?"

"She decided to stay over with the Bensons," he answered calmly, as if they were having a perfectly ordinary conversation and nothing unusual was happening. "She wanted to have a long talk, with Frank Benson in particular. I came home by myself to drive our sweet little babysitter home."

"Mr. Henderson, I don't think you should be doing this," Lisa muttered softly. But she made no move to jump up or get away from his exploring fingers. She hated to admit it, but his hand felt kind of nice playing about there in her crotch.

He smiled up at her gently, like a kindly uncle. His fingers crept over the top of her panties and moved quickly through the soft fleece of her pussy hair. Then his other hand was under her dress tugging at the tiny briefs. She could feel her panties being hauled slowly but surely off her hips. She stared at him helplessly.

"I think babysitters are definitely underpaid," he went on matter-of-factly. He didn't sound drunk at all. He seemed just to be choosing his words carefully. "And from time to time, I think they should be given a little bonus. A little extra treat, if you know what I mean."

"Mr. Henderson..." she groaned. She saw her pretty pink panties stretched tautly between her thighs. Then they were down past her knees.

"Babysitters work long hours, all alone, with no adults to talk to," he rambled on. "And all for a few bucks. I really don't think it's fair."

To her amazement, he suddenly waved her panties in the air in front of her. He smiled at her, then tossed the panties to the other side of the room. It had happened so quickly. She'd had no time to protest. In fact she couldn't speak at all. She just lay on the couch staring at him, wondering what he would do next.

He was raising up on his knees, lifting her dress slowly with both hands. Her slender thighs were exposed almost to the crotch as it was. Now her lovely, blonde pussy came into view. He gazed lovingly at the cute triangle of cunt hair. Then he folded the dress back over her golden-brown belly. He licked his lips in appreciation.

There was a deep, low sound coming from his throat, almost like growling. He stroked his hands up and down on the insides of her thighs, enjoying the feel of her taut young flesh. He forced her legs apart on the couch, so that he could see the perfect slice of her cunt beneath her crotch hair. Her pussy lips cracked open a fraction for him.

"Mr. Henderson, I don't think I should let you do this," she murmured, her voice husky and strange. "What if Mrs. Henderson..."

"I told you. She's staying over. We're perfectly safe." His fingertips began to probe against the soft puffy slabs of her pussy. He was prying her cunt open, examining the bright pink flesh inside. Lisa slipped lower on the couch in front of him.

"But, Mr. Henderson, what are you going to do?" she asked. She found herself edging her ass closer to the, edge of the couch and spreading her legs wide.

"You'll see. Just a little fun and games," he answered. He lowered his head sq that her sweet young cunt was only inches from his face. Then, very gently, he began kissing the inside of her thighs.

Lisa's mind raced. What was he up to? Was he going to kiss her pussy? Surely not. What would he want to do that for? But his lips were getting closer and closer. And they felt so nice. He was kissing higher and higher on her thighs. He was snuffling and nibbling in her pussy hair. Then her head reeled. He began licking and kissing her cunt.

"Mr. Henderson! Ooooooh!" she moaned. She closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side.

He was keeping her cunt lips open with his thumbs, and with gentle flicks of his tongue he was teasing the pulpy slabs. Mound and around he went, in smaller and smaller circles. And finally he was probing inside her pussy and tickling the sensitive cunt flesh that oozed out like some weird plant growth. His mouth made soft smacking sounds.

"Mr. Henderson! Ooooooh!" she groaned. She glared down at the top of his head to make sure she wasn't dreaming. His mouth felt so wonderful on her pussy. She'd never imagined anything could feel so nice.

"You like? You like getting your pussy eaten?" he asked. He was leering at her and licking his lips. Already his mouth and chin were wet and greasy.

"Don't stop! Oh God, don't stop!" she croaked. She lifted her ass off the couch and thrust her naked pussy into his face. Her crotch was tingling crazily.

"I knew you'd love it. I just knew it," he smirked.

He dipped his head back into her crotch and began nibbling at her blossoming cunt. Wriggling folds of cunt flesh were expanding from her pussy and swelling even more as he sucked them.

"It feels so... weird!" she panted, her voice tense. "I never felt this strange before."

She lifted her feet up onto the couch, spread her thighs as wide as they would go. His tongue was fucking deep in her pussy now. She could feel it circling around and around. A strange and lovely warmth was spreading through her pussy. She didn't want him ever to stop. She wanted this crazy experience to go on forever.

He suddenly scooped his hands under her tight little ass cheeks and hefted her up off the couch. He never once stopped gnawing on her ragged pink cunt flesh. She spread her anus out on either side of her for balance. Her legs were sprawled on each side of his face. Her knees were weak and trembling.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" she gasped. His mouth mashed hard against her gaping pussy. She could feel his lips, his tongue, even his teeth gnawing and sucking at her cunt.

Lisa suddenly wondered if he was going to fuck her. It would be weird and kinky, fucking right here in his living room and everything, but she knew that if he wanted to fuck her, she'd let him. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she realized how much she needed fucking. If his mouth and tongue felt so good in her cunt, what would his cock be like?

But he seemed quite content to suck and chew at her cunt. He kept it up for long minutes, without any sign that he wanted to try anything else, or that he was getting tired. It was as if this were something he'd been waiting to do for a very long time, and now that he'd got the chance he was going to enjoy eating her cunt. He began to probe even deeper into her wide-open cunt gash.

"Mr. Henderson, ohhhhhh!" The strange feeling in her pussy was spreading. Her cunt began to jerk against his mouth.

He had found the stiff little button of her clit and was teasing it between his lips. He tickled her clit again and again with his tongue and didn't let go. Her crotch swiveled and rolled under his mouth, but he stayed with her. A thick and slimy oil was rolling down her pussy walls and soaking his face.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" she whimpered, biting her bottom lip. For the moment, she'd lost control of herself and could only hump her cunt onto his sucking mouth.

He snorted and sucked between her legs, thoroughly enjoying himself. The sweet fresh taste of her pussy was wonderful. Her cunt was expanding against his lips. And the thick oily ooze slithered over his face crazily. He didn't want to let her go.

"Mr. Henderson... ohhhhhh God!" She bucked her hips at him and smothered his face with her cunt. Her lower body felt as if it were melting with pleasure.

He tickled her clit then dug his tongue deep inside her pussy and circled it around. His lips nibbled at all the lush hunks of cunt flesh. His tongue was never still. Eventually he found her clit again and began diddling it back and forth. He didn't show her any mercy. He wanted to drive her out of her mind.

"Ohhh God! Ohhh God! Ohhh God!" she chanted. Her eyes were rolling wildly and a fine film of sweat had appeared on her lovely forehead. She'd never felt so good before. She'd never felt so completely helpless.

He sucked at her pussy for several more minutes, forcing her to higher and higher levels of pleasure. But at last she seemed to have reached her peak. Her voice took on a wild, pleading sound, as if the pleasure were turning into discomfort. She almost sounded as though she were in pain. And her movements grew a little less jerky.

Without warning, he lifted his greasy mouth off her gaping pussy. He stared at her from between her legs as her naked ass settled back down onto the couch. He smacked his lips and smiled. Then he climbed to his feet, unbuckled his belt, and thrust his pants and shorts down to the floor. His big floppy cock danced about between his thighs.

"Now, little girl, time for you to return the favor," he announced evenly. "Time for you to suck a little cock."

Chapter TWO

Lisa stared about her as if she were in a daze. She had slipped down on her side on the couch and suddenly his prick was at her eyelevel. The heavy pole of his cock swung in front of her, the piss slit at its tip winking at her lewdly. His cock was only partly stiff and pointed downward. But his fucker looked powerful and heavy. It was about seven inches long.

"Come on girlie, open wide," he coaxed.

"I've got all hot and bothered eating you out like that. I need a nice friendly blow-job to give me some relief."

Slowly Lisa's mind was coming back into focus. She was still half drunk with pleasure, but for the first time she realized that something was expected of her here. He wanted her to use her mouth on his cock, to suck him off. She stared up at the looming hunk of cockmeat nearing her face, at the hairy pouch of his balls beneath. Without thinking, she opened her mouth and waited.

"Atta-girl. Open wide," he urged.

He was kneeling just to one side of her on the couch, thrusting his cock at her with one hand. His cockhead pressed into her cheek, then into the side of her nose before he finally located her open mouth. His cockhead fucked into the pretty pink oval nicely.

"Mminmfffff!" She was amazed that all this was happening so fast. His cock was hard and hot against her pouting lips. Her eyes rolled up to his face as if to ask for instructions.

"Use your tongue. And your lips... Lick my cock. Kiss it," he told her. He didn't try to cram his whole cock into her mouth just yet.

She stared up at him for a moment, then began moving her lips back and forth gently, sliding them up and down over his purple cockhead. Her tongue tip poked at the piss slit and circled around gingerly. He gripped her hand and brought it up to circle the shaft of the cock. Her fingers closed on the thickening prick automatically.

"Pump it back and forth. Use your hand. You know how to jerk a guy off, don't you?" he smiled. He could feel his cock growing against her face. His cock wasn't even deep in her mouth yet, but his prick was swelling nicely.

"Mmmmmfffff, ggggggnnnnnnnn," she murmured. She felt the hard wriggling veins in the shaft of his cock. Her fist squeezed his cock and began jacking up and down gently.

The motion seemed to force more cock into her mouth, for suddenly the whole of his swelling cockhead was sitting on her tongue. His cockhead was heavy, like a ball bearing or something. And his cock was throbbing solidly. She bathed his fucker in the wetness of her mouth and curled her tongue around it. She felt the cockhead growing bigger and bigger.

"That's it. More and more cock, a bit at a time. Pump it steady. Atta-girl." His voice was gentle and coaxing. He moved his hips ever so gently, fucking his cock through the cradle of her fingers.

Her lips were stretching tighter around the growing bulk of his prick. Somehow another inch of cock had forced itself into her mouth, and now his cockhead was bumping the back of her tongue. She had to change the angle of her head and let the cock pull its way back toward her throat. She glanced up at him uncertainly.

"That's it. Let it go all the way back there. Take it into your throat," he soothed. "It won't hurt you. You'll get used to it."

Lisa wondered if she ever would. It felt so strange to have any part of a guy's cock in her mouth, but as more and more of it slid inside it felt even stranger. She pumped his prick with her fist and used her tongue and lips on his cock, but she couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen next. She wondered if she'd be able to handle it.

"You're doing real good. A natural cocksucker," he said. "But maybe it'll be a little easier if we change the angle some."

He was moving around, fucking his cock into her mouth and fingers and cradling her head in his hands. She found herself lying flat on the couch, with her head tilted over its edge.

He had shifted around so far that she could see nothing but the lower part of his cock and his dangling hairy balls. Everything was upside down for her.

"I'm gonna try and fuck your face for a while," he explained. "That way you won't have to do much. Just breathe through your nose, and everything will be easy."

Lisa wasn't in any position to complain. She let go of his cock and stared up at the huge dangling sac of his balls. Her lips were sealed tightly around his cock. The veins in the cock shaft were very solid and hard. Her nostrils flared as she sucked in air. She was curious to see what would happen next.

"Easy now, real easy," he coned. And he began a slow fucking movement with his cock, sliding it through the oval of her lips steadily. He supported her behind her head with one hand.

She glared up at the thickened base of his prick, amazed to see it sliding back and forth so easily.

Three, four, then five inches of cock disappeared into Lisa's face. His prick was two-thirds hard now and the ugly blue veins were swollen in its sides. Each time he felt she was used to the amount of cock he was feeding her he fucked a little deeper. His prickhead was plowing deep into her throat.

"Yeah, this feels real good," he moaned. "Just what I've been needing. Think you can take it all now, girlie? Think you can take every last inch of my hard-on?"

Lisa groaned deeply. Her mouth and throat were clogged full of hard cock. She only hoped his prick had grown as big as it was going to get. He thrust forward some more, and the final few inches of cock fucked into her mouth. His balls smacked against her nose now each time he lunged forward.

"Nice little mouth you've got, sweetie," he crooned. "Had my eye on it for months. All full and pouty and red. I bet that mouth drives all the boys crazy, doesn't it?"

His cockhead was fucking far into her throat and she was barely listening to him. She wondered vaguely if he could hurt her in some way, doing this. It didn't feel all that unpleasant. But it was so strange, so kinky. Why didn't he want to fuck her in the regular way? Men certainly had some weird ideas when it came to sex.

"And these tits, too. I've wondered for a long time what these tits really looked like. Are those for real?"

He was leaning low over her as he moved back and forth. His fingers were easing her dress down off her shoulders. He caught his breath as he uncovered the heavy tits packed in her flimsy pink bra.

He pried her big tits out of the sheer harness bit by bit, till finally the bra was stretched below both tits like a lacy rote. Her nipples stuck up over half an inch from their puffy circles. He fucked her nipples with his fingers and then began squeezing and massaging her solid tit mounds.

"Jesus, they really are for real, aren't they?" he said. "You've got big tits, little girl, for someone so small."

The whole time he was playing with her tits, he was humping his hips back and forth, fucking her face with even, steady lunges. The wetness of her mouth made his prick shine brightly. It glistened with moisture. Smudges of her red lipstick were smeared on the cockshaft.

"Yeah, very nice," he mumbled.

He kept one hand on her tits and pressed the other down between her wide-spread legs. Her cunt was wet and gaping from the teasing he'd given it. Now he began to play his fingers about between her pussy lips. He found her clit again and diddled it back and forth.

"Mmmfff! Mmmmm!" she moaned, her mouth full of cock. She was still dazed and confused beneath him there on the couch. Her legs cranked wide automatically.

She glared up into the crook of his thighs and watched the trembling sac of his hairy balls swinging back and forth. His balls smacked her in the face again and again as he fucked her. In and out his cock sawed, bulling through the tight oval of her lips and fucking deep into her throat. His movements were growing faster and more jerky as time passed.

"Yeah, you're a gorgeous little hunk of pussy, aren't you?" he croaked. "You've really blossomed this last year or two. I should have been paying you more attention."

It was true, Lisa realized. There had been great changes in her in the past year and a half. Her tits had filled out. She'd had to change bra sizes three times. Her hips had developed a delicious sexy curve. In a matter of months she'd gone from being a scrawny kid to a fully developed woman. Only her pretty face had stayed the same. She still had the eyes and hair and skin of a young teenager.

And men really had started paying her more attention. She noticed it whenever she walked down the street. They looked at her with the same light in their eyes that Mr. Henderson had in his eyes tonight. Did they all want to do things like this to her? Fuck her face and eat her pussy? Was that what all those glances meant?

"Beautiful tits, just beautiful," he muttered, squeezing one a big tit and rolling it around on her chest. "I think I'd like to fuck 'em. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more it appeals to me. How about a tit-fuck, girlie? You ever had your tits fucked before?"

Lisa groaned deeply. Tit-fuck? Did people really do such things? Didn't two people just get together in bed anymore and make love, with the man on top and the woman underneath? Wasn't that supposed to be the way this worked? So far tonight she'd had her pussy eaten and her face fucked. Now, it seemed, he was going to use her tits in some strange way.

Already he was stirring, pulling his bonehard cock from the wet hole of her mouth. He was swinging one long leg up and over her, climbing on top of her on the couch. His legs scissored on either side of her and he settled his ass onto her belly. His cock jutted out from his hairy crotch like a shiny red club.

In a way it was a relief to have her mouth and throat free of the monster cock. At least now she could breathe easily. But it still felt weird to have him cram her tits together over the solid log of his prick. She wasn't at all sure she was going to enjoy this. Why didn't he want to fuck her in the regular way?

"Beautiful tits," he mumbled. "See, I just slot my cock down into your cleavage like this, and then force your tits together over my cock. Then I jerk back and forth like this and fuck your tits. It's a real ride!"

He plowed his cock up through the tunnel formed by her plush tits, enjoying the feel of the sweet young tit flesh. He forced her stiff nipples in against the bulk of his cockshaft, loving the touch of the stone-hard nipples along the swollen prick veins. And all the time he stared down into her sweet and innocent young face, thrilled that anyone with a body like this could look so young and pretty.

"It feels funny, having your cock there," she whispered. She was staring back up at him with her big blue eyes. "It feels so big and hard against my tits."

"It is big and hard, baby," he croaked. "And all thanks to you. Eating that sweet cunt of yours got me ready. And that pouty little mouth of yours finished the job. If you ever learn to suck cock properly, you're gonna drive men out of their minds."

She frowned slightly. "You mean I didn't use my mouth right? I didn't suck you properly?"

"Well, you just kind of lie there and let me do all the work. Which is okay. But a guy likes to lie back and let a real expert to go to work on him, you know. A guy should be able to lie there without doing a damn thing, and you should be able to get his cock up just with your mouth. You should be able to suck him hard and bring him off in your mouth."

"You said I was a good cock-sucker."

"You've got promise. I'll give you that. But you need to practice a lot. You need to suck a lot of cocks. It's the only way. You've got to eat a lot of cum if you want to learn to be really good."

Lisa thought about this for a while as he bucked back and forth on top of her, fucking his huge cock between her tits. But, then he started grunting strangely and she had to pay full attention to him. He squeezed her tits hard and jerked back and forth faster. All she could see of his cock was the purple cockhead jutting up from her cleavage.

"Open your mouth wide. Tilt your head forward," he instructed tensely. "I'm gonna shoot real soon and I want to spurt my jizz in your mouth. You're gonna get a mouthful of cum. You think you'll like that?"

Lisa nodded, not knowing what else to do. She opened her mouth wide and dipped her head forward and he quickly thrust a cushion behind her to prop her up. His cockhead was four or six inches from her gaping mouth, depending on how far he thrust forward on any given fuck-stroke. The thought that he was going to come soon scared her, but excited her as well.

"You ever had a mouthful of cum before?" he grunted. He didn't wait for an answer. "You'll love it. And you'd better get used to it if you're going to learn to suck cock. You'll see."

Lisa stared at the trembling head of his cock. Her mouth gaped wide in readiness. It was like waiting for a time bomb to go off. Her eyes flicked up to his face every few seconds, to detect any telltale signs there. She stuck out her tongue as far as it would go, determined to suck up as much cum as she could.

"Here it comes, baby. Don't be shy. Gulp it all down like a good girl!"

He rammed forward several more times in rapid succession. Then he slowed down as he felt the cum spin up the length of his big cock. He let her tits roll off his prick and held them in support on either side.

A thick wad of silver cum shot from his cockhead through the trough between her tits, leaving a glittering white trail behind it. The jet leaped over the hollow of her throat, bounced off her chin and splattered her just above her top lip. The gooey string of jizz slopped across her open mouth and dangled from her top lip like elastic.

"Ohhhhh! Sssppplllfff!" she mumbled, smacking her lips together and capturing the tail of the jumping cum-rope. She did it without thinking, tasting the salty spunk before she quite realized what was happening.

"Open your mouth! Keep it open!" he wailed. "I wanna shoot this load right down your throat!"

Released from the grip of her tits, his cock tended to swing upwards out of control as he humped her. He folded one hand over his cock, gripped it tightly, and began jerking himself off just inches from her gaping lips. He bent the cock down and aimed it toward the pretty red oval of her mouth. Her tongue was stuck out once more, and it was coated with traces of white cum.

A steaming jet of silver spunk shot in a straight line directly between her gaping lips. It hit the back of her tongue and bounced up against the roof of her mouth before slithering down into her gullet. This time she kept her mouth open and her tongue thrust out. The thick rope of white spunk gleamed on the back of her tongue.

"That's it! Take it all! Suck up every last fucking drop!" he raved. He moved forward, till the head of his cock was sitting on the outstretched tip of her tongue. His fist pumped out the hot jets of spunk one after the other.

Lisa gazed up at him helplessly, letting him spurt his hot cum into her mouth. There was nothing else she could do. This thing was started now and all she could do was wait till it ended. It actually didn't feel that bad. His cum wasn't unpleasant. And by gulping occasionally, she could easily keep up with the hot flow.

But then he fired off three quick jets of cum, one after the other, right into her wide-open mouth. The silver spurts shot over her tongue, ricocheted off her teeth and gums, and filled her mouth to capacity in a matter of seconds.

The sizzling goo began to wriggle down her throat like raw eggs, and she just couldn't keep up.

The milky cum began to seep from the corners of her mouth and drool down her face. Two thick trails of white appeared, oozing to her chin. Cum slithered down over her pretty neck and throat. More and more cum followed. He pumped his cock steadily, emptying his balls into her mouth.

"Suck it all down. Attagirl," he encouraged. "Eat it. Eat my cum!"

Lisa swallowed gamely, sucking thick globs of jism to her belly. But she let great wads of spunk ooze clear of her mouth and slide down her face. Her lips were nearly closed over his cockhead now, for he had nudged forward again. She could feel his prick contracting each time it spurted out another steaming jet of cum.

Finally his cock stopped twitching though, and she could set about clearing her mouth of hot cum. When the last jet of jizz had shot free, he eased his cock from her mouth slowly. A thick string of spunk hung from his cockhead and stuck to her lip, like a loose thread. It stretched and stretched as he moved back, grew thinner and thinner.

And at last the filament of cum snapped in midair and fell away across her chin and neck to her left tit, leaving a gleaming silver trail of slime across her skin. She gazed up at him with a smile on her pretty lips. She opened her mouth slightly and let thick gobs of silver cum ooze from her lips and drain off across her chin and neck.

Chapter THREE

The next few days were strange ones for Lisa. She was in a state of mild shock, in a way, over what had happened to her at the Henderson house. She'd been eaten, face-fucked and tit-fucked by a man almost as old as her father. And while it had been weird and a bit kinky, she had enjoyed it. Yes, it had been fun for the most part. She'd been exposed to a side of sex she'd never imagined existed.

She'd never realized, for instance, that a man could make a girl come by simply using his mouth on her pussy. Or for that matter that a girl could make a guy spurt cum by just sucking his cock. In a way, it was all so wonderful and exciting, and she wanted to know more about it and experience more. She was curious.

But she was shy and a bit scared as well. There was so much she didn't know. Like how to suck a cock properly, for example. Mr. Henderson had been pretty nice about it, but he had said she was too passive, that he had had to do all the work. She wanted to learn how to please a man in these new ways, with her mouth and tongue and hands as well as with her pussy. As he said, she needed lots of practice.

The thing was, she didn't have anyone she really liked or cared about to practice with. She went out on dates and everything, but most of the boys she saw were just as inexperienced as she was. And since she'd filled out so much, they seemed a bit intimidated by her body. They acted like little boys around a Playboy bunny.

She thought of approaching Mr. Henderson again and asking him to show her a thing or two. But it was awkward. He was a married man with a family, after all, and she couldn't just go barging into his home. She'd at least have to wait till she was asked to babysit there again, and that could take weeks. And besides, maybe he was so put off by her inexperience that he didn't want any more to do with her.

By the end of the week she was still as confused as ever. But when young Doug Hollins asked her out she consented, figuring that maybe some time in the course of the evening, if he didn't make a move, she would. He was a nice boy, and she'd been out to the drive-in with him several times already. But he was very shy and quiet, and their dates had been pretty innocent. He hadn't even tried to feel her up.

Doug took her to the drive-in again. Since he didn't have much to say this seemed the easiest kind of date for him. But the movie this time was truly awful, and after an hour they agreed to leave. He seemed content to buy her a hamburger and drive her home, but through some subtle suggestions she managed to get him to park the car in a secluded area up by the lake. They'd never done this before.

They necked for a while, pretty innocent stuff, and when he made no move to go further, Lisa took hold of his hand and planted it firmly on her lovely lush tit. She felt him tense and dig his tongue deeper into her mouth. His fingers dug into her tit and circled the big tit around on her chest. She'd left off her bra this evening on purpose.

"Mmmmm, squeeze my tit, honey. Squeeze it," she panted, breaking off their wet kiss. She pressed her body against his and forced her tit into his palm.

"Your tits are so beautiful, Lisa," he grunted, massaging her strongly now with his hand. "They're just so big and beautiful."

"Take my tits out. Play with them. Undress me," she moaned. And she caressed the hair at the back of his head with her fingers. His hand was sending sparks into her tit.

He stared at her for a moment in the dim light of the car, as if he wasn't sure he'd heard right. He switched his hand to her other tit and began squeezing and mauling it with the same firm motions. He was amazed at the size and firmness of her tits. He'd never dreamed they would feel this nice.

"Go ahead," she encouraged. "If really want you to. Open my shirt and play with my tits. Don't be shy."

She thrust out her tits at him, and slowly he began to unbutton the front of her shirt. He watched the great heavy swells of her tits come into view, all golden brown and smooth. Then he could see the paler skin that had been covered by her bathing suit. Finally he had her shirt fully open and he stared at the naked tits with his mouth open.

"You like them? Are my tits pretty?" she teased, cocking an eyebrow at him. She couldn't help but smile at the expression on his face.

"My God, Lisa. They're fantastic!" he croaked.

He was staring at the lush pink circles that capped both tits like painted silver dollars. And at the thick nipples that jutted up more than half an inch off the puffy rings. His mouth seemed to be watering.

"You can suck my tits if you like. Would you like that? Do you want to take my nipples in your mouth and suck them?" Lisa was enjoying herself. She felt completely in control of the situation. She was setting the pace. She was leading him from step to step.

There was a deep groan and he was leaning forward, opening his mouth, sinking his lips onto the swollen stiff nubs of her nut-brown nipples. He moved from one tit to the other quickly, as if he couldn't settle for just one. But then he slowed down some, stayed with one long nipple for the better part of a minute. He sucked on it hungrily, drawing the nipple up even higher off its ring of puffy pink skin.

"OOOOOOH, baby, yes! Suck it like that!" she moaned. His mouth really did feel good on her tit. She rolled her head back and closed her eyes and let him suck like a contented baby. She could feel her pussy growing wet already.

Doug lifted his lips up off the one nipple and began kissing all around it hungrily. Then he was heading down alongside her tit into her cleavage, kissing and licking as he went, fraying a trail of spit behind. Up the slope of her other tit he moved, till finally he reached the second stiff nipple. He licked and kissed all around this nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

"Yes! So nice! So very nice!" she murmured sleepily. She sank a little lower in her seat. She wondered what she might like to have him do next.

"Mmmnnnmmnulfln," he groaned, nipping her tit with his teeth and circling his tongue pound and around her nipple.

"Open my pants. Feel my pussy," she muttered, trying her best to retain control of herself. She humped her crotch up at him in invitation.

Still sucking her nipple, he reached down with one hand and groped for the tab of her fly. When he found it he tugged down and the zipping sound seemed as loud as a gunshot. He stuffed his hand into her panties and ran his fingers through the lush fleece of her pussy hair. It was as far as he could go. Her jeans were too tight against her skin.

"Help me pull down my pants. Help me!" she groaned, wriggling her hips and pushing at her jeans with her hands. She lifted her ass high off the car seat.

As if he were waking up from a dream, Doug raised his mouth off one stiff nipple and stared about him. His face was dazed and flushed between the twin mounds of her lush tits. Both her nipples stuck up wet and shiny nearly an inch off her tits. They threw long shadows across her creamy skin.

"My pants! Pull my pants down!" she urged, jerking her crotch at him. Her tits wobbled and jerked lewdly.

At last he seemed to hear her. He hooked his hands into her jeans and helped her shove her jeans down off her crotch. They forced the pants over her lovely slender thighs and past her knees. Soon the jeans were free of one foot and tangled uselessly around the other. Her legs were brown and slim and lovely.

"My panties too! Take off my panties!" she croaked, and again she thrust her crotch up at him.

Doug stared at the pretty triangle of her pale-blue panties stretched tautly over the hump of her cunt. He could see the tufted curls of her pussy hair crushed under the sheer material. A couple of tiny blonde hairs peeked over the elastic top at him. His mouth fell open again, and he groaned deeply.

"Please take them off! Please!" she urged. She held her ass up several inches off the car seat. With one hand, she'd shoved down on one side of her panties, and a thick sliver of blonde cunt hair was now clearly visible.

He hesitated a second longer, then suddenly he was dipping his head, planting his mouth firmly on the covered outline of her cunt. He began licking her pussy through her panties, wetting her panties so that the shape of her cunt showed clearly through the sheer material.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!" she groaned. This wasn't what she had in mind at all. She wanted to stay in control of the situation. She didn't want to lose her head this way.

"Mmmfff, mmmmmm..." he mumbled, kissing her cunt through her panties. The tip of his tongue was poking at her cunt slit.

Lisa's head reeled. Sparks were flying through her cunt again, just as they had the other night with Mr. Henderson. Why was she so easy to arouse? Was she some kind of nympho, or what? She wriggled and writhed on the car seat, and slipped slowly to one side as Doug slobbered on her crotch. She tried to force her panties down farther, but his mouth was locked solidly on her cunt.

Doug was half kneeling, half lying on one side as he concentrated on her crotch. Her eyes focused on the cock-bulge in his jeans, and suddenly she was reaching for his fly with her fingers, tugging down, peeling open his pants. She saw the large bulge in his shorts and hauled the elastic top out and down quickly.

His cock, half hard already, rolled to one side and bumped her fingers. Her mouth watered, and she wanted to grab his cock, to pull on it, to stuff his prick into her mouth. But first she had to wrangle his pants and shorts lower, and it wasn't easy, the way he was lying. It took several minutes for her to shove his clothes far enough out of the way so that she could see his balls.

"Lisa honey, what are you doing?" Doug asked, lifting his mouth off her cunt. Her panties were soggy where he had been gnawing her pussy.

"I want your cock. I want to jerk you off. I want to suck it," she panted.

His cock and balls were free at last and she curled her fingers around the heavy prickshaft and began pumping it steadily. She could feel his cock growing in her hand. His fucker was thickening and growing stiffer.

"Lisa, honey..." he groaned. Her fingers were so long and cool and gentle on his hot prick.

"I want to. I need your cock. I love it," she crooned. Her fist pumped up and down on the heavy cock and she gazed at it fondly. But she couldn't get her mouth close to his cock in her present position.

"Where did you learn to jerk a guy off like this?" he wondered absently, watching her expert hand movements. "I couldn't do it better, myself."

Lisa smiled to herself. It really was funny, she thought, but no one had ever showed her how to pump a cock. It had just now come very naturally. All she had to do was curl her fingers around his prick, and the rest seemed easy. Shucking the outer cock skin gently up and down appeared to be the most reasonable thing to do. Maybe she was a natural at certain things. Maybe sex was going to come easy to her.

"Fuck, Lisa, that feels so good. But if you keep it up like that you'll have me shooting real fast. You're a bit too good, honey." He watched her tensely.

"Pull my pants down. Take them off," she said. Again she humped her crotch at him.

This time he did what he was told, digging his fingers into the lacy material at her hips and hauling down her panties while she lifted her ass helpfully. He shoved the briefs all the way down her legs till they were tangled around one ankle with her jeans. Then he gazed at her sweet young cunt for the first time. His mouth fell open loosely.

The plump outer lips of her cunt had split to either side, and a pink rubbery circle of skin had oozed free. There were thick flaps of flesh on each side which joined at the top over the swollen button of her clit. The whole thing stuck out nearly an inch from the damp hairy lips of her outer cunt. The rubbery cunt mouth looked hungry for cock.

"Fuck, Lisa, your pussy's all swollen or something. Do you feel okay?" he asked. He glanced up at her anxiously.

"I'm just horny, honey. Touch my cunt. Put your fingers on it. Make me feel nice." While she watched him, she jacked his cock up and down with sure and steady strokes. His prick had grown huge in her pumping fist.

Doug placed two fingers on the pulpy slabs of her pussy and pried them apart. The wriggling cunt flesh inside seemed to stretch farther into the open, and her pink clit thrust out at him like a thumb tip. He touched her clit with the finger of his other hand and she writhed and jerked strangely. Then he fucked his entire middle finger up her cunt and started circling it around and around.

"Ohhh yes! Ohhh God!" she crooned, cranking her legs in and out over his hand. "Finger-fuck me like that! Oh yes!"

He jammed his finger in and out of her pussy like a small cock. And the greasy wads of pussy slime began to ooze down her cunt walls and soak his hand. He loved the feel of her wiry crotch hair against his fingers, and the soft inner wetness of her cunt as he fucked his finger in and out. He saw her naked tits rise and fall as she began to breathe more heavily.

"Oh Doug! Finger-fuck me! Oh yes! Do it! Oh yes!" she croaked. Her hand was now a blur of motion on his swollen cock. She whacked his prick up and down crazily, as if she wanted to tug his prick out by the roots.

"Lisa, easy!" he warned, trying his best to retain control of himself. "I'll shoot if you don't slow down. I swear, I'll shoot all over the place."

Lisa didn't seem to be listening. She pumped his cock madly and cranked her legs in and out over his probing hand. She slipped a little farther down on the car seat, but she still couldn't get her face close to his cock. By now she was past worrying about that, though. She felt too good. The only thing better than his finger in her cunt would be his cock.

"Honey, fuck me," she said suddenly, realizing that this was what she most wanted now. "Shove your big cock in me and fuck me silly! Please! Oh please do it!"

Doug gazed at her in amazement. How did she expect him to fuck her when she was clutching and pumping at his cock as if her life depended on it? She didn't seem about to let go anytime soon. Still, fucking was what he wanted badly as well, and he pulled his finger from her pussy reluctantly and set about wriggling around into the right position.

It was hard. They were halfway lying across each other with their heads and crotches in opposite directions. He forced himself up off her, twisted himself around, tried to shove her down on her back on the bench seat. But she wouldn't let go of his cock. She jerked on his cock steadily. He felt his balls sizzling and his cock trembling at the base.

"Lisa you've got to let it go! I can't fuck you unless you let go of my cock!" he complained. He was crouched just to one side of her naked body. The sight of her stretched out there drove him half crazy.

She let go of his cock, finally, and it snapped up against his stomach loudly. He crawled around between her scissored legs, leaned down over her, lined himself up with her gorgeous young body. But then her hand was snaking back up and curling around his bloated cock. She began jacking him off again. And her free hand came up to cup and caress the dangling hairy sac of his balls.

"Lisa, no! Oh God!" he groaned, and he stared down helplessly at the tight grip of her fingers on his aching cock. He was between her legs now, ready to bear down and cram his prick into the soft wet gash of her cunt. But she gripped his cock over her belly and wouldn't let him go.

"I love your cock! It's so big! Shove it into me! Fuck me so hard!" she whimpered, squeezing his balls and whacking his cock crazily. She didn't seem to have any idea what effect she was having on him.

"Lisa, no! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he grunted. His hips began to pump, and he was fucking his cock in and out through the cradle of her fingers. He felt his balls begin to pulse.

A giant rope of cum spiraled up from his prick and smacked down across her belly noisily. Cum splashed over her brown belly and up her heaving rib cage before wrapping around the inner slope of her lush tit. The cum-rope glittered on her skin like silver paint. Jism began to drool down the slope of her tit into her cleavage.

"I'm coming! Can't you see! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he panted, helplessly fucking his cock through her fingers. There was nothing else he could do. She really did have him by the balls.

Lisa pumped his cock evenly and stared at the head of his cock, fascinated. She couldn't explain it. She wanted nothing so much as his cock inside her pussy, fucking solidly. But she couldn't let go of his prick. She was hypnotized by the sight of him spurting cum all over her.

"Coming on you! Coming all over you!" he moaned.

As they both watched, another huge rope of white arm shot from his prick and splattered right up the center of her body, slopping into her navel before slithering up between her big tits.

It felt so weird to Lisa, like warm cream being splashed across her skin. And it shot so far. The jets of jizz were over two feet long. She hadn't paid much attention when Mr. Henderson came. It had all been too close up. But now she could actually watch a guy shooting his cum-load, and she found it just amazing. She wouldn't have missed this for anything.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" was all Doug could say. His cock was completely numb in her jerking fingers.

"Your cum is so lovely! It's beautiful!" she moaned, and as she yanked on him another streamer of jism burst free. This one spun in the air a while and then fell splattering in a wide circle under her left tit, like part of a string of pearls. Some of the cum drooled off down her side.

Her fingers pumped on his prick steadily, and gradually the strong jets grew smaller, till his cock was simply oozing heavy knots of spunk that poured over her hand and dropped to her belly like jelly. She watched his cum filling up her navel and drooling down over her hip. She was totally caught up in his climax. She seemed to have forgotten fucking.

"All over me! You came all over me," she whispered, as if to herself. Her hand was finally slowing on his poor, cock. She watched the spunk strings dangle lazily from his prickhead before dripping to her belly.

"Ohhhnnn! Ohhhnnn!" he groaned.

She tugged on his cock for maybe another minute, till she was fairly sure she'd milked the dregs of his cum from his balls. Then she let go and his cock rose up against his belly solidly. She planted both hands on her belly, with the fingers splayed, and began rubbing the cock cream onto her skin. She massaged the silver jizz all over her belly, and then into her tits, making them shine like mounds of gelatin.

Chapter FOUR

John Robbins was dark and muscular, and the youngest of all the husbands Lisa came in contact with when she was babysitting. He was also very quiet, as if he always had something on his mind. Lisa assumed it was his marriage. She figured he and his wife weren't getting along too well after their two years together. She was secretly pleased about this, if it were true. She had a crush on handsome Mr. Robbins.

Lisa had often caught him staring at her, while waiting for his wife to get ready for their evening out. He always looked away quickly, as if he felt guilty about eyeing another woman. But she knew she was having an effect on him. He never spoke to her much, but she knew he was interested in her.

Two nights after her date with Doug, Mr. Robbins called to ask Lisa to babysit. It was on short notice, but she didn't have anything better to do. And it would be another chance to show herself off for him. She wore a bright yellow top that clung to her so tightly her tits and nipples were as visible as if she'd been topless. She could always keep her coat on if Mrs. Robbins was around, she figured.

But Mrs. Robbins was nowhere to be seen. Nor was little Jason, the baby. Mr. Robbins was all alone when Lisa arrived, and he appeared to have been drinking for some time. He waved her into the living room with his highball glass, swayed a little unsteadily on his heels. He spoke to her very clearly though, with sort of a grim determination.

"Jackie's left me," he announced, almost before Lisa could sit down. He addressed her as if she were a relative or a dear old friend, she noticed. What business was this of hers?

"I'm sorry," she answered, not knowing what else to say. "She'll probably be back soon."

"No. No she won't. Took the kid and everything. She's serious."

Lisa thought for a moment. If there was no kid around, why had he called her over to babysit? Just what was it he wanted of her? Did he want her to listen while he jabbered on about how his wife didn't understand him and all that? Or was it something else? From the look in his eye, it appeared to her to be something... like fucking.

He had the same look that Mr. Henderson had had the other night. Exactly the same. What was it about all these married men? They all seemed so unhappy with their wives. None of them seemed to be getting what they wanted out of marriage. Or was it just that they couldn't resist sexy little teenagers like her? She blushed as she realized again just how attractive she must be to these men.

She opened her mouth, about to ask him point-blank why he'd asked her over. But then there didn't seem to be any point. She had a pretty fair idea. The only question was how soon he'd get around to it, what exactly he had in mind. She sat back and watched him, her heart beating steadily.

"The real problem in our marriage was sex," he said, right on schedule. "Jackie had such old-fashioned ideas about it, you know?"

Lisa smiled softly and said nothing. She leaned back on the couch and her big tits lolled a little to the side inside her tight yellow top. His eyes kept flicking to her nipples, she noticed. The horny stubs stuck up into the fabric like bullets. She was glad she'd worn bright red lipstick and dark-blue eye shadow. It made her feel so much older.

"It was always straight fucking with her, or nothing," he went on, gulping from his glass. "You know all the time we were married she never sucked me off? What do you think of that? No cock-sucking in all that time."

"Mmmmmm," Lisa murmured, pursing her lips. He was sitting on the coffee table, directly in front of her. He watched her carefully the whole time.

"I guess you wonder why I asked you over here tonight," he said. "I suppose you're asking yourself that."

"You want me to suck you off?" she asked, her voice perfectly level. "You want me to take your cock in my mouth and suck it till you shoot. Isn't that it?"

Mr. Robbins choked a little on his drink. "Well... I'm not sure I'd put it like that..."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not insulted or anything. I'd love to suck you off. But maybe you've had a bit too much to drink already..."

He seemed insulted, and immediately put his glass down on the coffee table beside him. "I'm not the least bit drunk. And if anything, I can get it up better when I've had a few. Why don't I prove it to you?"

Lisa was prepared to set to work right there. She would have leaned over, unzipped him, stuffed his cock in her mouth on the spot. She still hadn't had any real practice, but Robbins didn't seem in any condition to be such of a judge. Besides, he hadn't been sucked off in so long he would probably be satisfied with anything.

He insisted that they retire to the bedroom. Lisa imagined he wanted that so as to insult his wife in some way, and she felt a little uncomfortable at first. But she soon quit worrying. It would be her first sex experience in a proper bed. And for the first time, she would be able to stretch out and enjoy herself. She was determined to use the occasion to learn all she could about cock-sucking.

He stumbled down the hall in front of her, stripping as he went. By the time he flopped on his back on the big double bed he was completely naked, and his big soft cock rolled back against his belly lazily. He propped himself up on pillows and spread his legs, waiting for her. He was tanned and muscular, she was pleased to see.

"You want me to undress too, I suppose?" she smiled, kicking off her shoes.

"Of course, you silly girl. You think I'd pass up a chance to see those big beautiful tits of yours?"

Lisa unzipped her jeans and forced them down her slender brown legs. Her pretty blue panties stretched in a tiny triangle across her crotch. For a few seconds she paused and let him stare at her just like that, in her panties and T-shirt. Then she crossed her arms, hauled the T-shirt off over her head, let her big tits bounce free on her chest.

She heard his intake of breath, and after she'd tossed her shirt to one side she hefted her tits in her palms for him, lifted them, flicked the stiff brown nipples with her thumbs. Then she bent over and let her tits dangle free while she peeled off her pretty panties. Her tits hung down like heavy ripe fruit and swung gently from side to side.

"Jesus Christ," he murmured from the bed. His eyes moved from her swaying tits to the beautiful triangle of blonde pussy hair at her crotch. He began breathing heavily.

Lisa clambered onto the bed, giggling, and John made a space for her between his legs. She scooted down, till her face was inches from his limp prick. She stared at his balls and at the long soft cock angling off across his lower belly. She planted her hands on the insides of his thighs and spread them farther apart.

"Lick my balls. Use your mouth on them," he murmured. He glared at her painted young face surrounded by the ringlets of fluffy blonde hair.

She smiled at him, leaned down, and touched one of his hairy balls with the tip of her tongue. His ball shifted slightly in its crepe pouch, rolled softly against its partner. And she followed it, forcing the ball gently this way and that with her tongue, playing with it. After a few seconds she began playing with the other bloated ball.

"That's nice. Oh yes," he muttered, watching her. "Use your tongue on my balls like that. Lick them."

With long slow sweeps of her tongue, Lisa did as she was told, scraping his balls this way and that. Then she opened her mouth wider, planted her red lips against one ball in a soft wet kiss. When she drew back, a red circle of lipstick gleamed on his ball sac. She glanced up at him and smiled, her eyes teasing.

"You like licking my balls?" he asked.

But she didn't answer. Her mouth had fallen over his other ball and taken it completely inside.

She was sucking his ball, rolling it back and forth on her tongue and bathing it in the warm juices of her mouth. The skin of his ball sac stretched taut as she tugged gently with her lips. Her tongue curled every which way on his balls, circling it, teasing it, hefting it. Her big blue eyes stared up over his limp cock into his face, judging his reaction.

Suddenly his prick gave a mighty roll and ended up on the other side of his belly, angled up an inch into the air. She spat out his ball and smiled, her eyes full of fun. Then she sank her mouth down again and slipped the other ball between her glossy red lips. Together they watched his cock inch its way up into the air in a series of quick twitches.

"Jesus, girl, you really know how to use that mouth, you know? I've never had my balls sucked like this before."

Lisa felt her heart swell with pride. She had no real experience with this sort of thing, yet she was doing so well. She was pleasing him! She was giving him something that his wife, a much older woman, didn't give him. And she was doing it in the family bedroom. She began to feel quite adult and mature.

Whatever she was doing was obviously having its effect. A big ugly blue vein in the side of his cock was throbbing, and steadily his prick was lifting itself into the air, angling up and up as if it were attached to wires. The cock was thickening, growing longer, shifting back so that it pointed up over his navel. And all without her touching, his cock! She had done all this with her mouth on his balls.

"Oh girlie, oh girlie," he croaked, still watching her tensely. "You're going to have quite a bit of cock to handle."

This was true, Lisa realized, and she decided she'd better get started before his prick was too huge. His hard-on already seemed to stretch for more than eight inches over the hairy plain of his belly. Folds of skin had peeled off his purple cockhead and left it shining like a wet mushroom.

She spit out his steaming ball and began working up from the base of his prick, scraping her tongue over the thick root of his cock and licking from side to side. She didn't use her hands on him, just her mouth and tongue, and his cock tilted this way and that as she nudged it. The whole time she kept her eyes locked on his face.

"Oh girlie, oh girlie," he moaned. He had propped himself up on his elbows and was glaring at her wildly.

Lisa dipped her head from side to side and wrapped her lips over the trunk of his cock. Greasy red lipstick smudged off onto the cockshaft. Her tongue flicked all over his cock, tickling and teasing. And his prick continued to grow, stiffening into a steel bar that threw a shadow across his belly. She could feel every vein and ridge in the cock's surface with her tongue.

"Nnnnnnn," he groaned softly. He closed his eyes from time to time now, as if he couldn't bear the sight of her pretty young face slobbering over his cock.

"Does it feel nice? Does my mouth feel nice on your cock?" she asked. She was almost at the top of the cock now, her lips kissing him just below the flange of the cockhead. His prick was huge and blocked off most of her view.

"Nnnnnnn," was all he could say. Her lips, her tongue, were driving him crazy. And she hadn't even begun sucking his cock yet.

She had reached his cockhead at last, and she stared at him over his prick for a moment, her eyelids droopy with lust. Her lips were pursed against the underside of the prickhead and her tongue tapped against it steadily. One hand had come up to circle the base of the cock and her fingers now held it upright in front of her. The monster cock throbbed and looked very red and angry.

"You want me to suck it? You want me to suck your cock?" she teased, talking near the head of his cock as if it were a microphone. Her tongue prodded the cock solidly.

"Nnnnnnn," he whimpered. His balls were sizzling.

Her lips folded quickly over the swollen red cockhead, and she was sucking the way she'd sucked on his balls, using her tongue to tickle and tease his prick. He watched her red lips move this way and that over the purple cockhead and he groaned deeply. The warm wet in of her mouth was driving him mad. She was squeezing his cockhead with her mouth, bathing his prick in warm spit.

Then she was dropping lower, forcing her lips down and down over the shaft of the cock, inch after inch. He watched her lips crawling down, saw two, three, four inches of thick cock meat slide into her face. Then more cock. Five, six, seven inches. She angled her head and let his cockhead fuck into the depths of her throat.

"Nnnnnnn," he croaked. He grabbed a handful of bedsheet and tangled it in his fist.

With two-thirds of his cock stuffed in her face, Lisa paused. She backed up, rising on his prick till only the fat cockhead was still inside. Then she lunged down again, taking his cock in to the balls. Her pretty turned-up nose was stuffed into the thick curls of his crotch hair.

She began plunging up and down on his prick, raising up on his cock then stuffing every last inch of it in her face on the downstroke. The thumb and forefinger of each hand were arranged around the cock base in a diamond shape, propping it up. The cock hardened to the texture of granite in her sucking mouth. It shone weirdly each time she lifted up off the cockshaft.

"What a cock-sucker! What a hot little cock-sucker," he wheezed. And again her heart swelled with pride. She was gaining confidence every minute. She was really enjoying herself.

Up and down she sucked on his rock-hard dick, her lips sealed tight around it and her tongue moving up the length of the cockshaft like a velvet pad. Her nostrils flared wide as she snorted air, and she made loud sucking noises with her mouth. Her pretty blonde hair bobbed up and down as she moved. A film of sweat formed on her forehead.

She sucked his cock this way till she sensed he was reaching a point of no return. Then, quickly, before he could protest, she lifted her mouth up off his prick completely and held his wet cock in front of her. She glanced into his face, expecting some complaint, but he was quite silent. He seemed passive and helpless, completely in her hands.

"Just a rest. Just a pause to cool off," she assured him. And she clambered up onto her knees between his legs, bent down low so that her big tits swung in close to his cock.

Her hand rose up the shaft of his prick and tugged it toward her. She prodded one stiff nipple with his cockhead, then the other. She circled his cock around, smearing off his precum juice onto her lovely swollen tits. She bent her nipples this way and that with the head of his cock, pressed her nipples in on themselves like elevator buttons.

He was watching her with glazed eyes. Why he hadn't shot his cum-load before now he had no idea.

"It feels nice to rub your cock into my tits," she teased. "It makes my nipples so hot and hard."

John didn't doubt it for a minute, but he couldn't say anything. He simply glared at her as she smeared his cock juice all over her gorgeous dangling tits, decorating them with clear slime trails. He'd never felt this aroused in his entire life. He could feel his balls sizzling in the crook of his thighs.

"You like it too, don't you? I can tell," she muttered. And suddenly she let go of his cock altogether, let it bump heavily back against his hairy belly.

Lisa drew herself up, then leaned low over him, letting her big tits dangle below her like ripe fruit. Slowly, with easy, gently motions, she began to rub her tits all aver his cock and all over his balls. The hard nipples, nearly an inch long, scraped against his cockshaft and dented his ball sac. His cock bumped this way and that, rolled up the sides of her tits, slotted into her cleavage. A heavy pearl of pre-cum juice hung from the cocktip.

"Honey... you're gonna get... sprayed!" he grunted, warning her. There were tremors in the base of his hot cock. Her nippies were hard and scratchy against his balls.

"Are you going to come, you naughty man?" she teased. "You gonna spray your naughty white juice all over me?"

He whimpered helplessly and watched as she flopped her lovely tits onto his cock, pressed it down onto his belly. But then she raised up, circled his cock with her fingers, lowered her mouth onto the throbbing cock. She closed her lips around his bloated cockhead and drew several inches of prickshaft into her mouth. She sucked hungrily, pumping the base of his cock in her hands.

It was just in time. There was a strange quivering in his balls, and the huge cock seemed to flex in her hand. Then, with great heaving ripples, his prick began to spurt thick knots of spunk into her mouth and throat. Her mouth filled up in an instant and she was swallowing greedily, sucking hot wads of cum to her belly.

He whimpered and groaned on the bed, stretched out helplessly while his cock emptied cum into her mouth. He clutched at the sheet and stared at her, amazed at how cool and in control she was. The top third of his cock was locked solidly between her lips. With her fist she pumped up and down, milking up the heavy globs of spunk into her mouth.

She swallowed steadily, but thick knots of silver jizz slipped from her mouth and poured down the shaft of his prick. Three heavy trails of white cum drooled down his cock and into his crotch hair. Cum slithered over her pumping fingers and webbed them together. The cum hung off his cock like wax.

Lisa began to gag, then to cough. His cock just wouldn't stop spurting cum. Again and again his prick recoiled in her mouth, twitched, then spat out a glob of spunk so huge her mouth was refilled in a flash. The jism backed up from her throat, swirled around in her mouth, then was sucked up into her nose. She began to snort cock snot from her nostrils.

He groaned, fascinated at what was happening. He hadn't come so powerfully in all his life. He'd never shot off so much cum.

The milky bubbles snapped and popped from Lisa's nose, and the great heavy blobs of cum slithered from her mouth. She swallowed desperately, her neck bobbing. Her fist never stopped pumping. And finally, at long last, his cockhead twitched for the last time. One final jet of cock cream spat free. She let the cum drool from her lips and slither down his prickshaft.

"Nnnnnnn!" he moaned, half out of his mind.

Her head began to bob slowly up and down on his cummy prick while her tongue swirled this way and that, circling the cockhead, cleaning it of all cum. And finally she let the cock slip from her mouth altogether. She clutched his slimy prick in her fingers and let the spunk drool down into his crotch hair. His cock was draped with strings of cum.

"You like that? Was I good?" she murmured.

And as she spoke heavy ropes of jizz slid from her lips and drooled down her chin. Cum hung from her face in white strands.

Chapter FIVE

Lisa was proud of herself. In one area at least, her confidence was growing. She knew how to suck a cock. With her mouth and tongue, she'd driven Mr. Robbins out of his mind. When he'd tried to walk to the bathroom after she'd blown him, he was weak in the knees. In the future, she wouldn't have to worry about whether she could satisfy a man in this way. She had some cock-sucking experience at last.

But there was something else troubling her now. She'd had sex with three different guys in the last few days -- but not once had she been fucked, not once had she had a nice thick cock up her pussy. Doug had been about to try and fuck her but had spurted his cum-load all over her before he could get his cock inside her cunt. Mr. Henderson and Mr. Robbins hadn't even tried to fuck her. This bothered Lisa.

It wasn't that they didn't want to, she told herself. They just hadn't had time. And they'd been more interested in her sexy mouth than her sweet young pussy. But whatever the reason, she wanted to correct things as soon as possible. A girl couldn't go through life just sucking cocks. She had to get fucked once in a while, too. It was only right.

She didn't have any babysitting assignments lined up, and she began to wonder where the next opportunity would arise. She didn't want to see Doug again, particularly. She wanted to fuck with someone more experienced.

The boys in school who had reputations with girls started to interest Lisa more and more. There was one named Tom Hawkins who really appealed to her.

He'd had a locker just down from hers for a long time, and she'd often noticed him watching her between classes, a cocky, confident look in his eyes. She'd always ignored Tom because she didn't know how to respond and because he was considered a real girl-chaser. He seemed to have a different girlfriend every week. He had a reputation for dropping a girl as soon as he'd fucked her.

None of this bothered Lisa anymore. She wasn't interested in him as a boyfriend, or any kind of friend for that matter. She was interested in him because he was sexy, and because he probably knew what he was doing in bed. Tom Hawkins was exactly what she wanted right about now.

One afternoon he happened to be standing around in the hallway as she stuffed her books into her locker. Classes were over for the day and the hall was emptying rapidly. He was watching her as she bent over to retrieve a fallen book, she could tell. She suddenly felt very daring and decided to go for broke.

Lisa was squatting on her haunches in front of her locker, her skirt hiked up to mid-thigh. Looking Tom in the eyes, she swiveled toward him, licked her lips, and let her legs swing open lewdly. He had a full view into her crotch, at the teasing flash of beige panty covering her pussy. For one wild moment, she wished she hadn't bothered to wear panties at all.

Tom had been leaning lazily against the lockers, but he suddenly straightened up, glanced about him to see if anyone had noticed what she had done. By the time he looked back at her she was turned toward her locker again. She was modestly rummaging in her bag, as if she had lost something. It was as if nothing had, happened.

He sauntered over to her, stared at her with his dark eyes. His crotch was at her eye level, and it was bulging promisingly. She glanced from his face to his cock-bulge and back again. She stood up, closed her locker, hooked her bag over her shoulder. She smiled at him and wet her lips.

"How'd you like to shove that big cock into me? You in the mood?" she purred. Her eyes were bright and challenging.

"I'm always in the mood, baby," he murmured. And he grabbed her arm and whisked her off down the hall and out of the building before she had a chance to change her mind.

Tom Hawkins was one of the few guys who drove his own van to school. His van was thickly carpeted and set up for all his many sexual adventures. The rear was practically one big bed. In a matter of minutes he had parked in a deserted lot a few blocks from the school and was ushering Lisa into the back. He left on his T-shirt but stripped off his jeans and shorts.

"You want me to suck you first, or what?" she asked, fumbling her way through the huge cushions on her hands and knees. He came up behind her, his big cock flopping about between his legs.

"First you gotta strip, baby. I wanna see what I've been missing all these months. Let's see those gorgeous young tits of yours." He was pawing at her top, and together they hauled it off over her head and let her tits tumble free. He grabbed one tit immediately and began to squeeze and maul it.

"You like? You like them?" she crooned. And while he fondled her tits she wriggled free of her skirt and slipped her panties down her thighs. She was breathless and excited. Her pussy felt damp already.

"I knew they were great tits. I've been telling the boys for months," he grunted, squeezing one long nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"You talk about me? You talk about me with your friends?" She wasn't sure how she felt about that, whether she was insulted or flattered.

"All the time, baby. The boys have been real interested in you for a long while now." His hand had drifted down her belly and was searching in the fluffy curls of her pussy hair. Two thick fingers separated the pulpy lips of her cunt and a third dipped inside quickly.

"Ohhhhhh!" she gasped, caught off guard. Her hand curled around the soft bulk of his enormous prick and she began jacking his cock eagerly.

"Anytime you want a little cock, just call on me or one of the boys. We're always ready to oblige." He diddled his finger about in her pussy and pried her pussy lips open wide.

Lisa had a fair idea who he meant by the boys. There were two or three rough fellows, much dumber than Hawkins, who hung around with him and picked up the stray, confused girls after he'd fucked them and dropped them. They weren't attractive or pleasant or sexy enough to get girls for themselves, but they could always make out if they stayed close to Tom Hawkins. They were creeps, mostly.

"How about that suck now?" he grunted suddenly. And he climbed up on his knees by her side, thrust his cock in her face, bumped the cockhead against her cheek.

Lisa had been about to ask more about the boys. She wanted to know what they said about her, and whether they knew what she'd been up to for the last little while. How could they, unless Doug Hollins had said something? She didn't have a chance to say a word. Tom's cock was lunging for her mouth, and she was forced to close her lips over his prick automatically.

"Suck my cock good now, get it good and hard. Then I'll give you the fuck of your life." He shoved forward and four inches of thickening cock fucked into her mouth.

"Mmmffff, mmmmmm," Lisa mumbled, circling her tongue around his growing cockshaft. With the fingers of one hand, she tickled the underside of his ball sac.

His cock was swelling rapidly in her mouth. Veins were throbbing in his cockshaft and it was no longer spongy and soft. He fucked slowly back and forth between her lips, feeding her just the top part of the cockshaft. Her fingers circled his prick at its base, and helped pumped the life into it. His cock was soon a giant pole stuck in her face.

"Looks like you're ready for a good fuck. Looks like you're hungry for it," he smiled. He had been poking about in her pussy for some time now, and his fingers were wet and slimy.

"Mmmfff, mmmmm," she grunted. And suddenly his cock was pulled from her mouth and she was left gasping.

Tom forced her over onto her back, crawled between her legs and hooked them up on either side of him. He leaned down, his cock in his hand, and poked the cockhead about on her soggy cunt. He gouged the cockhead up and down in the slit of her pussy, but didn't force it inside just yet. He watched her writhe and whimper beneath him and smiled to himself.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!" Lisa pleaded, and she gazed up at him with longing in her eyes. Her hips humped up at him, but each time he backed off enough so that his cock stayed outside her pussy.

"Well, why have you made me wait so long?" he wanted to know. "I could have fucked you months ago. How come you were so unfriendly?"

He kept on teasing her with his cockhead, poking it up and down on her cunt gash without every really shoving inside her. Her puffy cunt lips had cranked wide open for him and they sucked eagerly at his pricktip, trying to draw his cock in. He nudged her clit two or three times and watched her quiver with longing.

"I didn't know about cocks then! I didn't know anything! Please fuck me! I need it real bad! I want you to cram your big cock in me and fuck me silly!"

He sneered down at her, still forcing his cockhead up and down. But then he placed the pricktip more solidly between the soft greasy folds of her cunt. He paused for a split second, drew in a deep breath, and fell forward. His thick cock fucked between her pulpy cuntlips an inch at a time, warping them out of shape.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned, watching as the thick hunk of cockmeat vanished slowly between her legs. Her hands fluttered up and down his belly and she tried to grab him, tried to pull him onto her.

"Feel good, bitch?" he leered. "A big hard cock feel good in that teasing little pussy of yours?"

Six, seven, eight inches of cock fucked into her cunt. And finally his crotch hair was mingled with hers, and his cock was in her cunt to the hilt. He rested a moment on top of her, his huge prick throbbing in her pussy. Every last inch was buried inside her. Her legs hooked up over his ass and her arms gripped his waist.

"You like it, bitch? You like a big cock up your cunt?" he sneered. And he began humping his hips, fucking his hard-on in and out of her slime-slick pussy.

"Yes! Oh yes! Oh my God, it feels so good!" she chanted. She stared up at him, her eyes sparkling. She felt stuffed, totally clogged with cock. And it was wonderful! Her pussy seemed to be melting with pleasure. Her head rocked slowly from side to side.

"I knew you'd love it. The quiet ones always do," he said. And he bucked back and forth on top of her, feeding her long lengths of hard cock. Her tits wobbled and rolled on her chest, and he grabbed one tit and squeezed it hard.

Lisa began to hump her hips back up at him, shyly at first, but then with more and more authority, till she was fucking her cunt onto his thick cock again and again and again. She reached around back of him and clawed at his ass cheeks, drawing his fucker into her pussy.

"What... what do your friends... the boys... say about me?" she panted, staring up into his eyes. "Do they all want to fuck me?"

"Sure they want to fuck you. It would take a corpse not to want to fuck you, baby. They all think you're a cock-teaser. The way you dress without a bra and all lately, and wiggle your tits and ass when you walk down the hall. They all want to fuck you real bad."

"Do they say that? What... what else do they say?" Lisa really wanted to know. It made her feel so sexy and desirable to be talking like this while they were fucking. All those boys who watched her hungrily as she wiggled down the hall.

"They want to fuck you, each and every one of them. They want to fuck you every which way. Up the cunt and up the ass and between your tits and in your mouth. I think they'd all like to do that at the same time. Gang-bang you. You ever taken on more than one guy? You ever fucked and sucked a whole group of guys, little cock-teaser?"

"Oh my God! No! Do they really want to do that?" Lisa felt her heart skip a beat at the thought of it. All those boys. At the same time! How dirty, how kinky could things get? And to be fucked up the ass! Did people really do such things?

"Yeah, baby, you're a real popular piece of ass. You can have more cock than you know how to handle, whenever you feel like it. Just say the word."

"Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!" she chanted. Her mind was reeling. She felt so good. Her whole body was tingling.

He suddenly reached behind him, unhooked her legs from around his ass. He forced her legs to either side of him, scissored them, pushed them up and out till she was almost split in two, like a trussed turkey. He leaned down on her thighs with his hands and fucked into her with strong, vicious lunges of his cock. Her cunt oozed pussy juice wildly.

"Fuck me deep like that! Oh yes! Fuck me deep!" she croaked. Her voice was husky and rough with lust.

He fucked into her steadily, burying his cock to the balls on each fuck-stroke. His balls swung madly and smacked down between her thighs again and again. His cock shone with cunt juice and loud sucking sounds rose up each time he moved. His ass flexed and trembled crazily.

He fucked her this way for several long minutes, till she was whimpering and almost crying, her eyes gazing up into his with sweet devotion. But then he stopped, hauled a big fat cushion into place, forced her over slowly onto her belly. His cock stayed in her pussy the whole time, screwing itself around in the grip of her greasy cunt lips. He held her thighs wide apart.

"You enjoying yourself, bitch? You having a good time?" he leered. His voice was deep and rough.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" was all she could say. The corkscrewing of his cock in her pussy was driving her crazy.

The big cushion was under her belly, and it forced her lovely little ass up high. There was a deep and sexy hollow in the small of her back. Her tits were mashed lewdly beneath her. He dug his hands into the perfect pale mounds of her girlish ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart. He gazed at the tempting puckered circle of her asshole.

"Shit, if I wasn't so close to coming, I'd fuck you up the ass. Would you like that, slut? You like a big thick cock bulling up your asshole?" He began fucking his prick into her cunt from behind. He kneaded her ass cheeks roughly.

"Mmmfff, mmmfff!" she muttered, in a daze of fuck-lust. His fuck-thrusts were growing stronger, faster.

He glared down at her deeply arched brown back, at the tiny bumps of her spine and the lovely wings of her shoulder blades. He stroked up and down along her slender golden-brown thighs, squeezed her pretty ass cheeks some more. Her blonde head was bobbing from side to side and she was whimpering softly.

"Come inside me," she moaned suddenly, her voice thick. "Shoot your lovely hot cum up my cunt. I want you to. Oh please!"

He groaned and fucked his hard cock in and out of her pussy rapidly. And then he was doing just as she asked. He couldn't hold back any longer. The jism swirled in his balls, rocketed up the shaft of his cock, and burst from his prickhead in steaming hot jets. He lunged into her, firing off wad after wad of creamy hot spunk.

"Yes! Mmmmm! Come inside me like that! Oh yes! Oh yes!" she moaned, tossing her head. She tried to force her ass up higher, fucking onto the lunging spike of his prick.

A hot swirl of cum spurted up her cunt. And another. And now each time he pulled his prick into the open, heavy strings of jism hung from his glistening cock. He bore down on her, buried his prick in her cunt again and again. His balls twitched and fired up glob after glob of sizzling spunk. His fuck-lunges became tense and jerky.

Finally his cock slipped from her cunt altogether, bulled its way between the lovely mounds of her ass, slotted there like a greasy piston. He pressed her ass cheeks to either side of the cum-spurting cock, locking it there while he went on humping her. He watched as the last of his cum spurted up high over her back.

"Oh God! Oh God!" she mumbled. Slimy globs of cum poured freely now from her unplugged cunt.

He warped her lovely young ass cheeks out of shape over the ugly purple log of his cock and humped back and forth madly. A jet of spunk fired off high over her back and splattered between her shoulder blades, some of his cum rising so high it ended up hung in her hair like a piece of ribbon. The trail of cum snaked down her back and off across one hip.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he grunted, and he lunged forward, letting fly another streamer of silver jizz that crisscrossed the first. The cock cream glistened on her brown skin like wax.

One more cum jet splashed off at an angle, making a long shiny streak just below her left shoulder blade. And then his cock merely drooled, spilling gob after gob of cum down over her ass cheeks and into the deep hollow of her back. A sticky white pool formed there, growing deeper as more and more silver jizz poured down, till at least it overflowed, and streamers of cum flowed thickly around her waist.

"What an ass! What a fucking gorgeous little ass," he murmured. And he let go of her pretty ass cheeks at last and rested his big cock between them. Her ass was all marked up with pale patches where his fingers had mauled her.

His cock drooled more slime into the small of her back and then he took his cock in hand, lifted it from its resting place. He began to rub his cockhead into her ass cheeks, smearing them up good with what was left of his cum.

Chapter SIX

Well, it had happened at last. Lisa had been royally fucked, and she'd enjoyed every minute of it. Her only regret was that she and Hawkins hadn't been in a bed somewhere, with all night to go at it. There were lots of things she wanted to try with him, an ass-fuck, for instance, which, he had seemed to be getting in the mood for all along. But they hadn't had time. He had a date, he said.

What an asshole he was. No sooner had he shot his cum-load inside her, and all over her, than he wanted to rush off to be with some other chick. The guy obviously had problems. But she didn't care. It didn't worry her. She'd gotten what she wanted from him. And there were plenty of other guys around willing to try new things with her, if she wanted to seek them out.

As it turned out, she didn't have to seek out anybody, at least not that weekend. Everything fell into place very nicely. She was invited to spend the weekend with the Sanderson family, at their lakeside cabin, as a live-in babysitter. The place was big, and there was another family there as guests. Lisa was supposed to keep an eye on the small children of both families, when the grown-ups wanted a breather.

The kids pretty well looked after themselves, and Lisa had time to swim and sunbathe in her skimpiest string bikini. Evenings, with the kids in bed, she could do as she liked. Mrs. Sanderson and her friend Mrs. Leigh sat around knitting, talking over old times when they were in school together. The men took off for an hour every evening and made themselves scarce.

On the second evening, as the light faded, Lisa went swimming by herself. She was drying herself lazily, gazing off across the water, when she got the feeling she was being watched. She turned around, and sure enough there was Mr. Sanderson, staring at her from the open door of the old boathouse. He'd been repairing an old canoe that was upturned over two trestles.

Behind him appeared Mr. Leigh, the guest, wiping his hands on a rag. Both men watched Lisa closely, their eyes taking in every inch of her golden brown body all speckled with clear drops of lake water. Her first childish impulse was to cover herself with her towel. But she didn't. She stared right back at them, proud of her bikini-clad young body.

"Enjoy your swim?" Mr. Sanderson said, leering at her. He reached for a glass off one of the trestles and took a gulp from it. He seemed fascinated by her tits.

"Uh-huh," she murmured, stepping toward them. Her big tits swayed heavily inside the flimsy harness of her bikini top. They appeared about to burst free any second.

"You're still wet," Mr. Leigh said, moving forward and taking the towel from her. He began dabbing her arms and shoulders carefully.

She let him do as he wished, wondering if he'd dare to touch her if he hadn't been drinking for the last hour. Sanderson watched them both, breathing a little oddly. Then his eyes fell from the damp inner globes of her tits to the tiny triangle of string bikini bottom. He took another gulp of his drink.

"Careful there, Lou. Maybe the little lady doesn't like to be touched like that," he breathed.

"I love it. I love to be touched," she muttered. She turned to face Leigh squarely, thrusting her tits at him.

Encouraged, Leigh began dabbing at the upper globes of her tits, sopping up the clear drops of water. Then he went lower, fluffing the towel down into her cleavage. She thrust her chest up proudly at him, enjoying the feel of his hands pawing her tits. He began to rub so much her bikini top was in danger of slipping off.

Sanderson came closer, determined not to miss a thing. He watched as Leigh massaged the upper slopes of her tits again. Then he grunted deeply as the bikini top slipped low enough to allow one thick swollen nipple to pop into the open. The nipple was stiff and dark brown and pointed up to the sky like a thumb.

"Sonovabitch," he groaned. And with a quick glance up toward the quiet cabin he pulled Lisa into the old boat-house and Leigh with her, closing the door behind them.

Leigh went on mopping as if nothing had happened, but now he was working on her flat brown belly, scraping the towel gently over her skin. He worked his way down to the tiny triangle of material at her crotch, his knees bending.

"Sonovabitch, look at the length of this fucking nipple!" Sanderson croaked. He leaned in close and gazed at the inch-long stub of nut-brown flesh.

"You can suck it if you want to," she said. "In fact I'd like you to. Go ahead."

While Leigh dropped onto his knees and commenced rubbing her golden slender thighs with the towel, Sanderson dipped his head to her chest and slipped her erect nipple into his mouth. Her nipple was cool from the lake water and hard and stiff as rock. He began sucking the nipple and flicking his tongue around it hungrily.

"Yes, I love it. Yes, oh yes," she murmured dreamily. It was a strange and wonderful feeling for her to have two men paying her all this attention.

"Sonovabitch," Sanderson grunted, slopping her nipple from his lips. His hand came up to pry her tit completely free of her bikini top. Then he freed her other tit and dropped his mouth onto its stiffened nipple. Her bikini top was stretched like a wet rope beneath both heaving tits.

Leigh was daubing at her crotch with the towel, deliberately pressing into the brief triangle of material covering her cunt. He stroked down, and the triangle slipped far enough to show a blonde strip of pussy hair bristling up. He stared at it briefly, then tugged on the string looping over her hip. The bikini bottom slipped down her legs.

"Oh yes, oh yes," she muttered absently.

She had her hand on the back of Sanderson's head and was urging him onto her nipple strongly. Then suddenly Leigh's face was in her crotch, snuffling at her hairy pussy as her bikini bottom slithered to the floor.

"Sweet little cunt. Sweet little twat," Leigh grunted. His nose was buried in her crotch hair and he was licking at her pussy, fucking his tongue deep into the wet cunt slit.

"Yes, oh yes," she bleated, and she bent over and spread her legs lewdly, sinking her cunt onto his sucking mouth. "Eat my cunt. Eat my cunt!"

Her golden body glowed under the subdued light of the boathouse. It shone with full, girlish health. Her blonde hair, still wet from her swim, had formed into tiny corkscrew curls about her pretty face. She looked so young and innocent without any make-up. But her moans and groans of lust brayed her real feelings.

"I want you to fuck me, both of you. I want to make it with both of you at the same time," she groaned. Now she had her free hand hooked in back of Leigh's head and she was urging him onto her cunt, her brown belly rippling with lust. "I'll suck you both off first. I'll do anything. Please do it to me. Please fuck me!"

The men continued working, Sanderson sucking her nipple deep in his mouth, Leigh gnawing steadily at her cunt flesh. For the moment they made no sign that they had heard her. But then Sanderson came up off her tit, stepped back to take a series of deep breaths. His face was flushed and his eyes were shining. There was a huge cock-bulge in his pants.

Leigh went right on chewing at her cunt flesh, digging his tongue deep and tugging at her pussy lips with his mouth. His hands had snaked up behind her to clutch at her naked ass. He had one taut little ass cheek in each fist and was squeezing and mauling them tightly. The sounds of his cunt-sucking was loud and wet.

"She's gonna suck us, Lou. The little girl says she wants to suck us both," Sanderson reminded him. Lisa was gazing down between her legs dreamily.

"Sssppplllfff, okay," Leigh slobbered, backing off from her steaming pussy. He too was flushed, and his lower face gleamed with the grease from her cunt.

Lisa was completely naked, her big nipples stiff, her cunt lips gaping open lewdly. But for the time being she put her own needs aside. She dropped to her knees on the rough ground between the two men, reached for them with trembling fingers. They stepped close, on either side of her, thrusting their bulging crotches at her.

"Two cocks. I want to suck both cocks at the same time," she muttered, as if she were talking to herself. She reached for Sanderson's zipper, tugged down, wrangled his pants off his hips and down his legs. His underpants bulged with the monstrous curl of his cock.

Hooking her fingers into the top of his shorts, she pulled out and down, but his prick was caught under the fabric and bent down low. She tugged out a little, and his cock suddenly sprang free like a striking snake. His prick recoiled into the air in front of her face, the cockshaft thick and angry. A string of precum juice slid from his piss slit and dangled.

"You ready for that sweetie? You ready for that?" he grunted, leering at her. Sanderson was very proud of the size of his cock. He let her push his shorts to the ground then stepped clear of them and his pants. His prick stuck out straight from his crotch, the purple cockhead shining.

She glanced quickly at the threatening cock, her mouth watering. But then she turned quickly to Leigh and set about unzipping him, shoving his pants and shorts down past his knees. His cock was much softer than Sanderson's, and she had no trouble freeing it. His cock hung down heavy and thick from a forest of crotch hair, its head covered by a wrinkled fold of foreskin.

"Two cocks," Lisa mumbled. "Two cocks at the same time."

Her hands came up and circled both pricks gently. She pumped the cocks evenly, amazed at the difference in them. Sanderson's prick was already solid, a thick throbbing bar of cock flesh jutting up through her fist. Leigh's prick was fat and heavy, but hung loosely down between his thighs. If his cock ever got hard, she thought it might be bigger than Sanderson's cock.

She stared at Leigh's cock closely, surprised at how heavy it was in her fist. As she worked on his cock, the foreskin peeled back farther and farther off the purple cockhead. She stopped her jerking, squeezed his fucker tightly, then forced her hand up along the solid cockshaft. Slowly, the foreskin rolled all the way back, wrinkling behind the flange of the cockhead and leaving it shining.

"Two cocks. Two cocks," she muttered. And she bent over Leigh's hefty prick, forced her mouth over the bloated cockhead. She began to suck, driving her head up and down slowly. The cock was so long and heavy she had to support it with her hand, and there was a definite bend in the cock midway up the trunk.

"Yeah! Oh yeah," Leigh sighed, winking at Sanderson.

Her mouth sank lower and lower on his prick, till she had four thick inches inside. Her slender fingers pumped the cock base without missing a beat.

"She good, Lou? She a good little cocksucker?" Sanderson asked. His own cock angled up through her other fist and seemed to be growing longer as she jacked him off.

"Mmmmm, nhnnn," Leigh grunted. He was twitching his hips slightly, feeding her his thick prick.

She sucked for several minutes, taking as much as five inches of thick cock at one stroke. But suddenly she was backing off, raising her lips from the gleaming cock. She swung her face over to Sanderson's hard-on, slipped the cockhead between her lips quickly. She began driving her head up and down again.

"Suck it, sweetie. Suck it hard," Sanderson growled. He planted a hand on the top of her head and tried to fuck more cock into her mouth.

Lisa suddenly had cock deep in her throat. Her neck was angled weirdly and she was sucking and gulping on huge lengths of Sanderson's prick. She made protesting sounds in her gullet but he kept on pressing and pretty soon she was snorting in his pubic hair. Her nostrils flared wide as she gulped in air.

"Let her do it herself, Dick. Let her do it."

Leigh put in. Her fist was squeezing his cock in protest.

Sanderson let go of her head finally, watched her as she lifted up on his cock, glanced up at him in relief, then plunged her wet mouth back down on his hot prick. She began sucking his cock at her own speed and depth, driving her lips down just as far as she wanted before raising back up, leaving his cock shining wetly.

"She knows what she's doing, huh? The little slut's sucked a few cocks before now," he muttered to Leigh. But the other man was deep in concentration, watching the bumps and bulges in her cheeks as she worked on sucking Sanderson's cock.

Lisa's heart pumped. She was so proud of herself. Only a few days ago, she hadn't known where to begin sucking a cock. Now, after only a few tries, she was becoming an expert. She had what it took, apparently, to become a good cock-sucker. She pumped her face up and down madly on Sanderson's prick. Then she spat his cock out and turned back to Mr. Leigh.

Chapter SEVEN

"Say, I'm ready for that fuck you promised us," Sanderson grunted. "How about it sweetie? What do you say?"

Lisa had been sucking their cocks for the better part of ten minutes. Sanderson's cock was a huge red spike in her fist with fat blue veins wriggling up its side. Leigh's cock was even uglier. His prick had filled out and lengthened, and now jutted straight out from his crotch like the branch of a tree. Both pricks glistened wetly with the juices of her mouth.

"Come over here honey. Let's do this right," Leigh said. And he tugged her by the hand to where an old blanket was draped over the nose of the canoe. He spread the blanket over the floor and guided her down onto it.

Sanderson was immediately on his knees by her side, pawing her, his cock pointing up from his crotch like a rocket. He circled her waist with his hands, tried to haul her down on top of his hard-on. Lisa flailed about on all fours, not sure which way to go. She held onto Leigh's cock to steady herself.

"Easy, Dick," Leigh grunted. He got on his knees at one end of the blanket, pulled Lisa forward till she was set up properly between them on her hands and knees. Her big tits dangled heavily and her ass tilted up into the air invitingly.

Sanderson seemed to get the picture. He too fell forward onto his knees, behind Lisa. And he nudged forward between her thighs with his cock in his hand. Her thighs were spread wide and the tufted gash of her cunt winked at him there below the puckered ring of her asshole. He slotted his cockhead between her spongy cunt lips and pushed forward.

"Ohhhhhh! Nnnnnn!" she moaned, feeling the huge bulk of his prick fucking into her cunt. His fuck-lunge drove her forward and the head of Leigh's cock bumped into her face and scraped along her cheek.

"Suck my cock. Don't forget to suck it," Leigh reminded her. He arched his back and thrust his prick up through her fist.

Obediently, Lisa opened her mouth, dipped her head, and commenced sucking. She timed her lunges with the thrusts of Sanderson's cock in her cunt, and soon she had a rhythm going with him. Each time Sanderson fucked forward, her mouth sucked down on Leigh's big prick.

"Sonovabitch, sonovabitch," Sanderson grunted. He had his hands planted on the upturned globes of her ass and was feeding her long hunks of cock. His thick glistening cock fucked into her pussy again and again.

"Mmmmm! Mmmfffmmm!" she groaned, her mouth full of cock. What a weird, crazy feeling it was, to be making it with two men at the same time, to be sucking one cock while she was being fucked by another cock. She'd never even imagined herself in such a position, not in her wildest dreams. Her heart pounded with lust and excitement.

"What a hot bitch! What a sexy little slut!"

Sanderson gasped. His cock was a thick greasy pole as it fucked in and out between her soggy cunt lips. He buried his cock deep inside her pussy, smacking his belly loudly against the taut cheeks of her ass.

Lisa's head reeled. It was such a kinky, dirty thrill, to be fucking with two men and have them talk to her this way, call her dirty names, use her like a whore. She was enjoying every second of this whole strange experience. Was there something wrong with her? Was all the fucking having some crazy effect on her?

She didn't care. She really didn't care one way or the other. She was having a good time, that was all that mattered. She was getting more fucking than many girls got in a lifetime, and she was having fun. She was determined not to spoil it all by asking too many questions. She wanted to try everything, when it came to sex. Feeling guilty about it didn't occur to her.

"Let me fuck her for a while," Leigh suggested. "You'll wear yourself out fucking away like that."

He grinned at Sanderson and tried to urge Lisa up off his own cock. She struggled a little, quite content to continue sucking his prick while Sanderson fucked her. But finally she let the cock slip from her mouth. She waited patiently on her hands and knees while the two men changed places. Her cunt gaped wide open as soon as Sanderson pulled his prick free.

"Get over on your back. Lie flat," Leigh ordered, pushing at her hip. His cock swayed heavily between his legs.

Lisa did as she was told, rolling over onto her back on the blanket and spreading her legs wide. Her big tits shimmied on her chest as Leigh crept between her thighs with his cock in hand. He planted his prickhead between her soggy cunt lips and pressed forward. His monster cock fucked into her pussy easily. His balls settled into the crook of her thighs.

"Here, suck it. Suck it, bitch," Sanderson was saying.

He was kneeling to one side of her head, his thick thighs straining, and he tilted his heavy cock down with his fingers, aiming it for her gaping mouth. She turned her face toward him and obediently stuck out her tongue. His fat cockhead fitted snugly into the lovely oval farmed by her lips.

Lisa began sucking cock once more, resting on her back while Leigh fucked his cock back and forth in her cunt. She felt stuffed, clogged with cock. Her body was full and satisfied. She wondered briefly if a regular fuck would ever be enough in the future. How could one guy ever give her this kind of thrill? How could she ever top this?

Sanderson's cock was bent down, like a banana, into her mouth. She had reached up to curl her fingers around his prick, and now she tugged on it, feeding the cockmeat into her mouth. The cockhead and maybe an inch of cockshaft fucked between her lips and she began poking her tongue tip directly into his tiny piss slit.

"Suck my cock like that, cunt. Suck it," he muttered, and he reached down to massage her wobbling tits.

Leigh humped his ass up and down, fucking his cock into her cunt with deep lunges. He glared into her cock-stuffed face the whole time, as if hypnotized. His breathing grew ragged. Then he seemed to come to a decision. He stopped suddenly, looked up at Sanderson.

"You want to fuck her up the ass? You want to double-fuck her?" he asked. His cock was throbbing madly in Lisa's hot pussy.

"I'm just getting used to this," Sanderson growled. "She's a great little cock-sucker. I like this."

"Come on," Leigh insisted. "Let's fill up both her fuckholes. I'll stay in her cunt. You fuck her up the ass. I've wanted to try this for a long time. Let's do it!"

He didn't give either one of them much time for argument. With his cock still embedded in her oily cunt, he was falling on his side and pulling her on top of him. Sanderson's cock plopped quickly from her sucking mouth. She glanced about in a daze, totally confused.

"Sonovabitch," Sanderson complained. But he moved around in back of Lisa and waited while Leigh fell onto his back and she settled slowly on top of him.

Then, his own cock in his hand, Sanderson bent down. He could see Leigh's cock angling up to disappear in the thick folds of her cunt. He could see the man's balls nestled just below. He could also see Lisa's puckered asshole winking at him from between the perfect round domes of her ass cheeks. He slotted his cockhead against the tight ass ring and pressed forward.

It had taken Lisa some seconds to grasp exactly what was going on. She was in a daze of fuck-lust and pleasure, and barely heard what they were saying anymore. But she did finally realize that she was going to get fucked up the ass. What it took her still longer to realize was that this was going to happen while she still had Leigh's cock in her cunt.

Her mind was suddenly crystal clear. Double-fuck! That's what it meant. They were both going to fuck her at the same time, one cock up the cunt, one cock up the ass. She was going to be in the middle of a fuck sandwich. She nearly swooned at the thought of it. Two cocks fucking away down there at the same time! It was too dirty, too exciting to be real.

But it was happening, there was no doubt about that. Leigh's cock was throbbing away solidly in her cunt. She could feel it distinctly. His fucker was like a giant steel bar rammed up into her pussy. But now there was pressure against her asshole as well. Sanderson was behind her, forcing his cockhead against her tight asshole.

"She's tight. She's so fucking tight!" Sanderson was grunting. He was putting more and more of his weight behind the granite shaft of his cock.

"It'll go. Keep pressing," Leigh advised. He was keeping very still. Her big naked tits were squished into his chest, the hard nipples scratching him.

Lisa groaned deep in her throat. The pressure on her asshole was amazing. The lower part of her body was growing numb. But then all at once something seemed to give. Things got easier. And she could feel the giant head of Sanderson's hard cock fucking into the tight chamber of her asshole. It wasn't half as unpleasant as she'd thought it might be. Ass-fucking was really quite nice.

"It's going! It's fucking going!" Sanderson grunted, truly amazed. He stared down at her asshole and saw his cockhead was completely inside her. And an inch of cockshaft had followed. And another.

"Sure, it's going. I knew it would," Leigh wheezed. He stroked his hands up and down Lisa's naked flanks.

"Gggnnngggnnn?" Lisa moaned. She could feel the cock fucking up her ass. Two inches, three inches, four inches. It was the weirdest feeling she'd ever had. Leigh's cock was throbbing up her cunt. And another cock was fucking up her ass. Five inches, six inches, seven inches of prick! It felt so strange. It felt so good.

"Fuck her! Fuck her up the ass!" Leigh ordered. He seemed to be growing impatient as he began to writhe beneath her.

Lisa felt the light tickling of Sanderson's crotch hair against her ass cheeks, and she knew his cock was in her ass all the way. She clenched her eyes shut with satisfaction, so proud of herself for having taken both cocks. She was exploring areas now, she knew, where other women rarely ventured. She felt so mature.

Sanderson began to pump back and forth, fucking his cock all the way up her ass then drawing back till only his cockhead remained locked inside. Each time he fucked forward, he could feel the log of Leigh's cock throbbing in the next channel. Her ass was tight as hell.

"Yeah! Oh yeah!" Leigh grunted. There was little he could do in his position he was in, but he did jerk his ass up off the blanket every so often, fucking his prick deep into Lisa's wet cunt.

Together, the two men fucked the groaning teenager, fucking their cocks in and out of her and driving her wild. She squirmed and moaned between them, deeply impaled on both their monstrous cocks. She was in heaven, half out of her mind with pleasure. She chugged back and forth on top of Leigh, fucking herself again and again onto the twin pricks.

"Feel good, Dick? Feel good up her ass?" Leigh wanted to know. The friction on his own cock was unbelievable.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" was all Sanderson could say. He bucked back and forth, fucking his cock deep into Lisa's tight little asshole.

Lisa moaned and panted. She'd never dreamed such things were possible. Only a matter of days ago, she had hardly any sex experience at all. Now here she was, fucking with two men at the same time, getting sandwich-fucked by two gigantic hot cocks. What a lucky girl she was! She'd come so far in such a short time.

"I'm gonna shoot real soon. I'm gonna blow my wad!" Leigh panted. He was arching his back up off the blanket, fucking his prick into Lisa's hot cunt.

"Me too! Ohhh fuck!" Sanderson wailed. He fucked his cock up her ass again and again and again. His balls smacked down heavily each time he lunged forward.

Lisa felt proud. She was fucking two grown men at the same time, and now she was going to make them come. They couldn't help themselves, that was obvious. She couldn't wait to feel the tot gushes of cum inside her. Two cocks spurting off jism inside her at the same time. What a thrill it would be!

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Leigh groaned. He gripped her tits tightly and squeezed them in his fists. His mouth was distorted into a snarl.

"Sonovabitch! Sonovabitch!" Sanderson yelled. He fucked his cock up Lisa's asshole one last time.

Lisa felt suddenly as if she were sitting on a couple of fire hoses. Both cocks, within seconds of each other, began to explode, spurting hot bolts of spunk far up into her helpless body. The two men couldn't have timed their climaxes better if they'd practiced for weeks. The pricks twitched and spasmed, and shot glob after glob of sizzling hot jizz far up both of her fuckholes.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" she whimpered, her body racked with pleasure. "Both at the same time! You're both coming inside me at the same time! Ohhhhhh fuck!"

The men grunted and groaned, bucking their cocks into her. And again and again each cock spurted a hot rope of jism deep into her body. The pricks twitched and trembled, firing off cum in hot waxy jets. They clogged her with cum, filled her to overflowing with the stuff. Jism seeped from both her fuckholes and coated each cock.

"Pump it into me! Fill me up with jizz!" she wailed. "I love cum! Spurt it deep inside me! Oh yes! Oh yes!"

Their cum felt like hot lead spurting off inside her, thick and heavy and sizzling. Each individual jet made her tremble and quake. And she began to wonder if they'd ever stop. They fucked and jerked and twitched, and more and more steaming spunk shot off inside her. She was being split apart by the two exploding pricks.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Leigh groaned. Her big tits were dangling in his face like ripe fruit, and he tilted his head and sucked one swollen nipple into his mouth. He began to tug on her tit crazily, to keep from crying out anymore.

"Sonovabitch! Sonovabitch!" Sanderson growled. He was mauling her ass cheeks roughly with his hands, leaving pale finger marks even as he fucked his cock up her ass.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" she bleated, caught helplessly between the two rutting men. They were jerking her every which way with their lunging cocks.

Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, it seemed to be all aver. She could no longer feel the hot jets of cum lashing out inside her, only the wet drool as the spunk seeped from both her fuckholes and mixed in her crotch. Both men slowed down their movements, fucking at her more lazily. They stopped grunting and only breathed deeply in her ears.

"So much cum! So fucking much!" she sighed deeply. She was suddenly exhausted, ready to fall asleep between the two drained men.

They fucked her more and more slowly, their cocks withering gently in both her clogged holes. And at last Sanderson pulled himself up off her and tugged his cock from her drooling asshole. Leigh rolled her off himself and pulled his cock out of her soggy cunt. She was left half asleep there on the blanket, her cunt and asshole pouring out cum in thick silver trails.

"SO much cum!" she chanted sleepily. "So much fucking cum! I love it! I fucking love it!"

Chapter EIGHT

The friends of Tom Hawkins eyed Lisa strangely now whenever she saw them in the halls in school. It was plain to her that he'd told them all about his encounter with her in his van. They obviously knew she was a hot one. If only they knew what she'd been up to with Leigh and Sanderson up at the lake on the weekend. What would they think then?

Actually, she didn't give a damn what they thought. Or anybody else, for that matter. She was past caring about such things. She knew what she wanted, and that was all that was important. If they talked about her in school, so what? She was having fun. She was getting all the fucking she wanted. Fuck them all.

For some time now, she'd quit wearing a bra to school. She liked to have her tits loose, liked the sexy feel of the hard nipples jutting up against the fabric of her clothes. Now, after her wild weekend with two adult men, she surprised herself further. She quit wearing panties. She loved the way the breeze caressed her long legs and fluffed her cunt hair. And this wasn't all.

She bought herself a black garter belt and some sheer stockings from a sex shop downtown, telling the salesgirl they were a gift for her aunt, a joke. And now she took to wearing these wherever she went, even to school. She spent many an hour examining herself in her bedroom mirror, the belt across her belly and the garters snaking down her thighs framing the tufted gash of her cunt.

The items made her feel so sexy, just like those gorgeous models she'd sneaked peeks at in the men's magazines in the drugstore. She loved the way the stockings ended at the tops of her thighs, and the dry feel of them against her skin. She adored the fine embroidery and lightness of the garter belt. Walking down the hallways at school was a thrill, because of what she had on underneath her clothes.

The hot looks from Hawkins' friends only added to the fun, really. She liked to be looked at now. She enjoyed being lusted after. It didn't matter to her at all that they were dumb, rough boys, or that Hawkins had virtually ignored her after he'd fucked her. She'd expected that. She didn't care.

What Lisa did wonder about, as the week passed, was whether or not she'd fuck these rough fellows, given the chance. It didn't take much thought for her to decide she would. She would fuck them all at once, if they wanted it as much as Hawkins had hinted they did. She would let them gang-bang her. It wasn't brains she was after, it was cocks.

Friday afternoon was a hot, sticky day, and she wore a short print dress over her garter belt and stockings. As she walked home from school she knew she was being followed, and she deliberately drifted into a run-down area full of old houses and deserted warehouses. Hawkins' friends, three of them, ambled after her.

She didn't feel the least bit scared, or even nervous. They want her simply for sex, but that was okay, because she wanted them for exactly the same thing. It didn't occur to her that her attitude was unusual or out of the ordinary. She didn't worry about such things anymore.

She led the boys along for several blocks, very much aware of their low mumbling behind her. At one point she bent down, stroked her hands over one ankle as if to adjust her stocking. Her dress flipped quickly over her back and the boys were treated to a full view of her naked ass above the black tops of her stockings. They could see her black garters snaking down over her ass and thighs.

There were gasps and groans. The three boys didn't quite seem to believe what they were seeing.

Lisa straightened up, turned to her left, wandered into the open front of a deserted warehouse. The place was musty smelling but dry. It was cluttered with abandoned furniture and piles of junk.

The boys followed her. She could hear them bumping about behind her. She paused, began to daub her lips with red gloss and her eyelids with thick blue shadow. Then she put down her bag and turned to them, her hands on her hips. They all came to a stop six feet from her. They stared at her hungrily, their mouths hanging open. She almost laughed out loud.

She recognized them all. Harry something or other with his great muscular arms and his short, thick legs. Fred Ingils, sometimes called Inches, for reasons she could guess at. And Arte Fletcher, with his big willy bulging out in his black T-shirt. All Hawkins' cronies. None of them overly bright. They ogled her without moving.

"Looking for a little action, boys?" She leered at them. "Come on, don't be shy. Speak up."

"You... you fucked Hawkins," said Arte, his voice thick and slow. He said it like an accusation, as if he were charging her with something.

"That's true," she admitted. Then her voice turned sarcastic. "A truly unforgettable experience. I can see why Tom Hawkins breaks beans everywhere he goes."

They stared at her with their mouths open, not quite knowing what to do next. Their eyes followed her hands as she gripped the hem of her short dress, lifted it slowly over her dim thighs. Higher and higher the dress fluttered, beyond the tops of her black stockings, revealing the dark strips of her garters along her legs. Then the lovely tufted V of her cunt came into view as she went higher still. The three of them gasped and gulped at the sight of her pussy. Lisa kept hauling the dress up, over her golden belly, past the black strip of her garter belt. And at last she pulled it off over her head and stood before them wearing nothing but the belt and stockings.

"I told you. She's wearing no fucking panties!" Arte gulped. He began to rub his hand up and down in his crotch, fondling his cock through his ants.

"What a slut. What a horny little bitch," Harry croaked.

Fred Ingils simply stared and groaned. His eyes roamed from her tufted pussy to her flat brown belly and higher, to the proud jutting mounds of her gorgeous tits. Her nipples probed high off their puffy pink circles. They threw shadows across her big tits.

"What's the matter, boys? Never seen a pussy this close before?" she said. "Don't be scared. It won't bite you."

She began caressing her tits with both hands, hefting them and squeezing, tweaking the long nipples with her thumbs. Then one hand fell down into her crotch, and she was fucking a finger into her cunt, prying her cunt lips open with two more. She moaned softly and glared at them with lust and longing in her eyes.

"You think you can handle me? You three guys think you can handle this much cunt and tit between you? It's a lot to expect, I know. It's asking a lot." She was swiveling her hips at them teasingly, like an expert stripper.

"Look at her! Look at the hot bitch!" crooned Fred. He, too, was rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Come on, boys," she urged. "Let's see some cock around here. It's impolite to keep a girl waiting." She dropped to her haunches, squatted there in front of them with her knees bent, her thighs spread far apart. Her fingers kept her cunt wide open and pink for them.

Slowly they moved toward her. Then, when they were within a foot or two of her, they stopped. Harry unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. He stepped clear of them quickly. His cock swung up toward her dangerously, the cockhead already half clear of the surrounding foreskin. It twitched in the air and pointed down at her big beautiful tits.

Fred and Arte followed Harry's lead, shoving down pants and shorts and untangling themselves as quickly as possible. Arte had some trouble, and hopped about on one leg for a while before righting himself and freeing his foot from his jeans. He joined Fred and Harry in a semi-circle around Lisa, his cock a great heavy log dangling between his thighs.

Lisa stared at each cock in turn, a slight smile on her pretty lips. She tilted her head up to glance at Fred, suddenly very aware why he had the nickname Inches. His cock, thicker than either Arte's or Harry's, drooped down from his forest of crotch hair like a heavy hunk of pipe. His prick was the width of her forearm, and must have been ten or eleven inches long. It was the biggest, fattest cock she had ever seen.

"Well, what have we here?" she purred. And she raised her hand, touched her fingertips to the underside of the huge cock. She tilted his prick up toward her, examined the ugly purple cockhead closely. The cock was heavy on her hand.

"That enough cock for you?" Harry leered, mocking her. "You think you can handle old Freddie here?"

The other two boys snickered. Fred seemed a little embarrassed at all the admiration she was showing him. He wasn't used to girls doting on him. And the few he did get next to usually screamed and ran off when they caught sight of his mighty prick. It was a change to have someone look at his cock fondly. And such a sexy little bitch, at that.

"What a cock. What a beautiful fucking cock," Lisa murmured.

She bent forward, still holding Fred's heavy cock up toward her face. She pursed her lips, planted a soft wet kiss on the shining purple dome of his cock-knob. She forced her lips down partway over the hot cockhead, touched it with her tongue, sucked in and out gently with her mouth.

"You'll never do it. You'll, never suck the whole fucking thing," Harry warned her. He was hoping she'd turn to his own cock, stuff it in her mouth and suck him dry. But for now she was completely fascinated by Fred's thick prick.

"Mmmfff, mminmm," she mumbled. And she forced her lips lower on Fred's cock, taking the entire cockhead at one gulp. Her lips were sealed tightly around his cock, just below the ridge of the prickhead. Her cheeks hollowed and swelled.

It appeared Harry was right. She couldn't suck all of Fred's cock without seriously hurting herself. But she was determined to go as far as she could. The huge prick was simply too much of a challenge. It made her mouth water just to look at that big fucker. She might not get a chance at another cock like that for a very long time.

"Shit. Oh shit," Fred muttered. He gazed down at Lisa's platinum-blonde head. A third of his cock was fucked inside her mouth. He could see one thick and ugly blue vein disappearing under her top lip.

Lisa hummed softly on Fred's cock, forcing her lips to creep down on the cockshaft a little at a time. She was supporting the weight of his prick with her mouth now, and she suddenly let her hand fall from its trunk. Both her arms flailed about in the air, searching. And at last her hands found the thick bulk of the two other cocks, hanging to her left and right.

Her fingers closed on both pricks, clasped them like two lifelines. She began pulling on them, jerking both cocks with her fists. And all the time she forced her mouth farther and farther down the trunk of Fred's monster cock. She had just about reached her limit, midway down the bloated cockshaft.

"Shit, shit, shit," Fred croaked. He swept his hands up the side of her face, piled her blonde hair high on top of her head. He watched her cheeks balloon out then hollow, saw her nostrils flaring. The little cunt really was doing a great job.

"How about a suck for us, too, bitch?" Harry suddenly grunted. "There's more than one cock here, you know. Fair's fair."

"Yeah. Fair's fair," Arte snorted. His heavy cock had grown enormous in her pumping fist.

Lisa was stalled on Fred's whopper of a cock. She really couldn't go any farther without hurting herself. Her neck was already tilted down at a weird angle, to allow his cockhead into her throat. She decided she'd done her best. She pulled up and off his prick, letting his prick slop from her mouth like a wet log. The prick swayed down slightly under its great weight.

"Cock, cock, cock," she began to chant weirdly, her breathing ragged. She moved quickly from cock to cock now, dipping her head, her mouth gaping. She licked and kissed and sucked wildly, taking Harry's cock between her lips, spitting it out, sucking on Arte's prick, letting it slide free and up her face. It seemed she couldn't get enough cock all of a sudden.

She slowed down after a while, clasped one cock long enough to stuff it deep in her miouth, run her tongue all over it, suck the cock deep. But then she soon slipped over to another cock, giving it the same mad treatment, pumping the cock in her fist. She even included Fred in this ritual, not forgetting to suck his cockhead briefly before proceeding to Arte or Harry.

"She's crazy. The hot little bitch is crazy," Harry muttered. His cock stood out from his crotch now, an angry red spike. He breathed heavily.

Now Lisa was trying something else. She was clasping each cock tightly in turn, bending her head, and rubbing the cockheads madly into her face. First she smeared Arte's cock all over her cheeks and hose, then Harry's prick onto her forehead and into her eyes. She smudged her eyeshadow about crazily.

At one point she tugged two of the cocks together and pressed them into her face both at once. She rubbed the cockheads up and down her cheeks, poked herself in the eyes with both of them. Then she held both cocks in front of her mouth while she licked and kissed them, finally trying to stuff both bloated cockheads between her lips at the same time. She damn near succeeded, too.

"She wants cock. She wants it real bad," Harry grunted. "We better fuck her before she goes nuts."

"Yeah! Fuck her! Let's all fuck her!" Arte wheezed. The sweat was dripping down his face and he was flushed a deep red.

"Fuck me! Fuck me every which way! I want your cocks! I want all of them!" she wailed. And she smeared two cockheads roughly into her pretty cheeks.

But then she didn't appear to be quite finished. Still pumping their cocks in her fists, she dipped her face low, opened her mouth, and began to lick and kiss each dangling sac of balls. She moved from one to the other, making sure she serviced them all. Her mouth ovaled, and she took each set of hairy balls into her mouth in turn and sucked as if her life depended on it.

Chapter NINE

The three boys stood there stunned. They waited while Lisa licked and sucked on their balls. They moaned and groaned and swore softly among themselves. Their cocks were angry and swollen in her pumping fists. And even when she paused to draw in deep breaths, still they didn't move. They wanted to fuck her, but they seemed to be wondering if there were any more surprises for them first. Maybe there was something else the hot little cunt wanted to do for them.

Finally though, after she'd sucked on each set of balls at least three times, she squatted there in front of them, panting as if she'd really exhausted herself. She clung to their cocks, but she didn't try to suck them now. She simply stared at the cocks with deep affection, as if they were her oldest and dearest friends.

"Let's do it. Let's fuck her," Harry said at last. And he eased Lisa over on her back and spread her legs wide. The other two gathered around, their cocks swollen and drooling pre-cum.

They took turns fucking her at first, two of them waiting while the third settled between her hooked-up legs, fucked his cock inside her pussy, and began fucking steadily. Harry went first, amazed at the slickness of her oozing cunt. He fucked his eight-inch prick in and out of her cunt quickly for a while, then slowed down, pacing himself. He didn't want to be the first one to come.

"Somebody else take a turn," he grunted after maybe four minutes. He rolled over onto his back and his cock stuck up lewdly.

Arte went next, fucking his prick into her twit quickly and fucking her at a regular pace that he thought at first he could keep up forever. But the sight of her lust-clouded face gazing up at him, and the feel of her big bouncy tits against him was all too much. He had to stop fucking after a while and, like Harry, take a breather.

Finally Fred knelt between her legs and fitted his monster cockhead between her wet cuntlips. He corkscrewcd his big prick around for some time, getting her used to it. But at last he sank slowly down onto her, fucking his hard-on into her pussy one fat inch at a time. Though she was in a daze, she tensed beneath him.

"So big! Your cock's so fucking big!" she whimpered, gazing up at him. It felt like someone was shoving an arm up her cunt.

Her cuntlips warped out of shape around the bulling mass of his cock. Inch by inch, his cock was disappearing up her well-fucked pussy. He plowed on and on, and finally his balls lodged in the tight angle of her thighs. He was fucked in her all the way, his prick embedded in her juicy pussy.

"Give it to her, Freddie! Fuck the ass off the silly bitch!" Harry croaked.

He was kneeling to one side now, pumping his cock in his fist and staring down at Lisa's crotch as the monster prick fucked up her pussy. He moved just to the left of her head, still on his knees, and forced her hand around the twitching bulk of his own cock. He helped get her started jerking his prick up and down.

Arte didn't want to be left out. He shuffled on his knees to the right side of Lisa's head and curled her free hand around the bloated shaft of his prick. He grinned over at Harry stupidly as Lisa began pumping his cock. She now had a cock in each hand and was jacking on each cock evenly. They loomed out over her face, ugly and purple and huge.

"Fuck her! Fuck her hard!" Harry wailed, cheering Fred on. He was amazed that all of Fred's cock had vanished up her soggy cunt.

"She's so fucking tight! Shit!" Fred groaned. But he was slowly humping his ass up and down, and his cock was fucking in and out of her wet pussy without too much trouble.

"I love it! Ohhh, I just love it!" she crooned, her eyes fixed on Fred's straining face. "Fuck me deep! Cram your cock all the way up to my throat! I fucking love it!"

Fred increased his pace, ramming his footlong prick into her pussy again and again. He would pull out almost all the way, leave just his cockhead between her pulpy cuntlips, then lunge back inside her, burying his cock deep. Her belly began to ripple and quake as he fucked her. Her big tits wobbled about on her chest.

And Arte and Harry shoved their cocks closer and closer to her face, so that eventually she could tilt her head from side to side and kiss each cockhead in turn. She folded her lips over Harry's cockhead, then over Arte's. She began sucking in as much of each cock as she could, rolling her face from side to side. Her fingers squeezed and pumped each prick expertly.

But suddenly she stopped. She gazed up at Fred very seriously. She watched him as he fucked into her once, twice, three times. And finally she caught her breath enough to speak. She seemed to have reached some decision. Her eyelids were droopy with lust as she spoke.

"Fuck me at the same time. All of you," she groaned. "I want all your cocks in me at once. Fuck me up the cunt, and up the ass, and in my mouth -- all at the same time. I wanna be crammed with cock."

The three horny boys glanced at each other, not sure they'd heard right. She repeated herself, moaning and groaning and writhing beneath them on the floor. She begged them, again and again, to do as she asked. And finally they backed off from her, Fred having some trouble withdrawing his fat cock from her tight sucking cunt.

"Up her ass! I wanna fuck her up her ass!" Harry said. And he rolled to one side, waiting for the others to get in position. His cock stuck out from his crotch and swayed in the air crazily.

With Harry directing them, the thing was slowly organized. Arte was made to lie down on his back on the floor and Lisa was helped as she squatted over him, sinking her pussy gingerly onto his jutting cock. She had to take his prick in her hand and wriggle it about for a while before she could lodge it against her gaping wet pussy lips. But then she sank down with a deep sigh of satisfaction, and Arte's cock disappeared from sight.

Fred, his cock red and raw from fucking in her cunt, knelt in front of her and let her grip his prick and stuff it quickly into her mouth. Again, she could only suck a third of his cock, and the rest she pumped strongly in her fist. Her cheeks swelled out of shape over his colossal prick.

"Perfect. Just fucking perfect," Harry grunted, gazing down at the split globes of her ass and the way her legs scissored on either side of Arte.

Arte's cock arched up into the gash of her cunt, and just above was the puckered ring of her asshole. Harry lowered himself slowly, his knees bent, his thighs spread wide. He forced his cock down with his fingers and planted its head against the tight circle of her asshole. Then he let his weight fall on top of her.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmfffmmm!" she moaned on Fred's cock. She was gurgling with pleasure.

Inch by inch, Harry's cock drove between her tight little ass cheeks, denting them as it fucked into her asshole. He was amazed at how easily his cock fucked inside. There was hardly any resistance at all. He figured he would be the first ever to fuck her up her sweet little ass, but now he wasn't so sure. Her ass was as easy to get into as her cunt.

"Fuck her! Fuck her up the ass!" came Arte's muffled voice from the bottom of the pile. He didn't sound any too happy, crushed down beneath everyone. And he was staring right up at Fred's huge cock as it fucked in and out of Lisa's hot mouth. Trapped on the floor he couldn't move.

But Harry could. He had buried the final inch of his cock up Lisa's ass, and now he began fucking with a vengeance, drilling his prick back and forth like some out-of-control machine. He could feel the hard bulk of Arte's cock in the next channel, and his fucking provided enough friction for the both of them. The two cocks throbbed in her ass and cunt.

"You guys having a good time? You fucking her good?" Fred wanted to know. There was no answer, and he didn't seem to want one. He knelt in front of Lisa and let her suck on his cock. Her lips were sealed tightly around the cockshaft.

"Mmmnun! Mmmfffmmm!" she moaned. She was being tugged every which way by the three huge cocks. Her big tits hung down and the hard nipples scraped across Arte's chest.

Lisa was in absolute heaven. Never had she felt so weird, so strange, so good. Her every fuck hole was plugged with straining cock and her heart pounded at the thought. Damn near a yard of cock inside her, writhing and pumping, and getting ready to explode. How wild, how kinky could her sex life get? She forced her ass back against the two cocks splitting her in half down there. She drove her mouth farther down on Fred's steaming prick.

She'd really accomplished a lot in the last week or two. She'd tried just about everything. And she'd enjoyed every weird minute of it. Sex for her would never again be a hang-up. Men would never scare or intimidate her. She'd taken cocks every which way and loved it. She was calm and confident and at ease with herself.

The three men fucked and strained against her. It was obvious that they couldn't hold back much longer. Any minute now their cocks would be exploding, spraying glob after glob of steaming hot cum into her. Her mind reeled. What could she do that, she hadn't done already?

"Mmmfffmmm... come all over me!" she slobbered, pulling her, mouth off Fred's straining cock. "Jerk off all over me! Shoot your come on my tits and in my face! Spurt jism all over me!" Her voice was heavy with lust.

She moved forward, trying to free herself of the two cocks embedded in her ass and cunt. She whimpered and moaned, as if she were in pain. Clutching Fred's cock like a lifeline, she hauled herself slowly toward him.

Bit by bit, Harry's cock was pried from her asshole. His cock snapped free finally and swung up in the air strongly. Arte's prick slopped from her pussy at about the same time. The head of his cock scraped against her inner thigh, daubing her skin with pussy slime. Lisa slumped forward, grunting. She let go Fred's cock and tumbled over on her side.

"Give me your cocks! I want to see them go off! Come all over me! Spurt in my face! Oh God!" She flopped over onto her back and gazed at the three of them anxiously. Her arms stretched out in welcome.

Harry and Arte scuffled up alongside her face, on her right and on her left, and her fingers wrapped around their cocks and began pumping roughly. She gazed from one cockhead to the other, trying to determine just how close they were to exploding. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue stuck out and curled in the air.

"Fuck my tits!" she yelled at Fred, who still hadn't decided where he wanted to be. "Cram your big cock between my tits and fuck them raw! Come all over them! Come all over my face!"

Slowly, Fred came around in back of Arte. He swung one leg over Lisa's middle and settled his ass down on her flat brown belly. He forced his monster cock down into her cleavage and pressed both tits against the cockshaft. The stiff nipples bent inward and scraped up along his ugly cock. His cockhead stuck out far over the hollow of her throat.

"Yes! Fuck my tits like that! Splatter me with cum!" she wailed.

Her fists were blurs of motion now on the other two cocks. She was jacking them off as if she had to see them explode soon. Her head turned from one cock to the other, and between times she glanced at Fred's cockhead. She was curious to see who would come first.

It was more or less a dead heat between Arte and Harry. One second they were silent, staring down at her jerking fists as if the cocks didn't belong to them at all. Then suddenly they were both moaning and grunting, and great slithering ropes of silver cum were looping out from their cocks, spinning over Lisa's mouth and face.

"Ohhhfffmmm! Yes!" she spluttered, two giant strings of jizz crisscrossing her mouth diagonally. "Come in my mouth! Mmmfffmmm! Ohhhhhhhh!"

The cum ropes fell heavily on her tongue and continued down her face. She smacked her lips and sucked in as much thick cock cream as she could. The rest slithered and drooled down her cheeks and off her chin. Gleaming white globs of spunk tumbled from her mouth and clung to her face like jelly. Then her mouth opened again, her tongue stuck out, and she was ready for more cum.

Harry grunted, fucking his cock in and out through the tight grip of her fist. A jet of jizz fired off from his cocktip and disappeared between her open lips. Her eyes gaped wide with shock and she coughed raggedly. What cum hadn't shot down her throat hung heavily off her teeth and top lip.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Arte chanted over and aver again.

A fat rope of spunk shot out from his prick and hit her on the other side of her mouth, some of it slopping between her lips, the rest riding up over her cheekbone and off toward her ear. The cum was heavy on her face, like a painted trail of goo.

"Ohhhfffmmm! Mmmfffmmm!" she gulped, trying her best to swallow gob after gob of steaming spunk. Her eyes rolled and her throat bobbed. Thick strings of cum poured from her lips and trailed off down her face.

Her mouth seemed to be clogged with cum. She closed her lips and swished the heavy paste about between her cheeks and gums, tried to swallow it a bit at a time. A thick line of cum sealed her lips shut like wax. Dribbles of cock cream rolled down her chin and onto her pretty neck.

And now the cocks had nowhere to spurt. The heavy jets of jizz began splattering into her face, onto her cheeks and over her nose. The two boys tilted their cocks this way and that, unsure of what to do. Ropes of cum shot up between her eyes, onto her forehead. Cum fountained up the length of her face and into her hair. She clenched her eyes and gulped down more wads of spunk.

And suddenly Fred was grunting and cursing, fucking his cock in and out between her tits like a greased piston. His prick tilted up over the hollow of her neck each time he drove it forward. And now, from this position, his cock began to shoot, spurting streamers of cum two feet long up over Lisa's helpless and sodden face. Arte and Harry hadn't even finished yet, and now Fred was heaving thick gushes of cum at her.

"In her face! In her hot little slut face!" he croaked.

Fred's prick twitched and sent a ribbon of cum flying up the left side of her face, splattering her from jaw to hairline. The stream of cum was nearly an inch wide, and it rode up her cheek and crossed her eye. Her eyelid tensed under all the weight.

Harry sent a jet of jism spinning off over her nose and between her eyes. His cum curled over her eyebrow and wriggled over her forehead. Then his cock stopped spurting and dripped thick drops of cum onto her skin in fat pellets. The cum fell to her cheek, then rolled down her face to her ear.

Arte fired off one more giant rope of cum, directly into her mouth, just as she was opening her lips for the first time in a while. She immediately coughed, gagged, and closed her mouth again. Silver streaks of cum ran from the corners of her mouth. He planted his cockhead to one side of her face an let it ooze dregs of cum onto her splattered skin.

"In her face! Oh fuck! All over her hot slut face!" Fred croaked. He sent another loop of jizz up the right side of her face, then another directly up the center. He decorated her face lovingly with swirling streamers of spunk, as if he were painting a portrait.

And all the while Lisa moaned and groaned with fuck-lust and pleasure, as if this were something she'd wanted all her life. She tilted her face from side to side slightly, so as to get as much cum as possible on her features. And as soon as she could, she opened her mouth again, stuck out her tongue and waited for more cum. She was whimpering softly.

"Dirty slut! Hot, cock-sucking bitch! Sleazy twat!" Fred wailed, still lobbing stream after stream of scalding cum into her face. Her features were disappearing under the deluge of cum. She was no longer recognizable. Fat gobs of spunk slithered about everywhere on her face. It was as if she'd been hit in the face, repeatedly, with heavy cream pies.

"Shit, look at her! Look at her face!" Harry grunted. He was smearing his cock about against her ear.

"Cock-sucker, cock-sucker," Arte mumbled. He had wrapped a handful of her pretty blonde curls around his cock and was wiping the cum off carefully.

Fred moved forward, planted his huge cockhead on Lisa's upturned chin. He spurted one last giant ribbon of jizz up the center of her face, over the bridge of her nose and onto her forehead. He let the rest of his cum ooze out onto her mouth slowly, like syrup. He stared down into her face, fascinated at what the three of them had done to her. He had never seen anything like it.

And slowly, Lisa brought up her fingers to her face. Her eyes were clogged with silver cum, the hashes matted together and submerged under pools of jizz. Globs and streamers of white cum hung off her nose and cheeks and forehead. Her whole face shone under its weird mask of shimmering cum.

With slow, deliberate movements, she began to smear the cum into her face with her fingers. She rubbed it into her cheeks, circling her fingers about. She smudged cum into the side of her nose. Then she opened her cum-clogged mouth and began licking her fingers. Beneath all the creamy cum, she was smiling.

Chapter TEN

Fucking would never be the same for her again, Lisa realized, not after what had happened to her over the last few days. She'd been fucked every which way, by more men than she could remember. She'd had cocks up her cunt and up her ass and in her mouth and between her tits. She'd jerked guys off, rubbed cocks into her tits and face. And she'd let guys spurt cum all over her. She'd been covered in cum.

What's more, she'd been with whole groups of men at the same time. She'd been gangbanged. Short of fucking and sucking an entire football team, there was little else that she could try that she hadn't already done. It was as if she'd reached the end of the line.

For a day or so she let all this sink in. She thought about what she'd done, remembered fondly all the weird situations. She blushed, occasionally, as she recalled screaming and begging for a cock. And she smiled softly to herself. There was no real shame or guilt in what she felt. It had all been fun, and it had been an experience. She simply wondered what she could do next.

At school, Hawkins and his three friends avoided Lisa. It was strange. She'd expected them to maybe snicker at her as she passed them in the halls. But it didn't happen. If they looked at her at all it was with a kind of shy fascination, as if she were someone they couldn't begin to understand. And whenever she glanced over at them, they looked away quickly. In a way, this pleased her.

Toward the end of the week Doug Hollins asked her out again. She hadn't seen much of him lately, and hadn't spoken to him at all since she'd jerked him off all over her after their drive-in date. For a while there she couldn't have cared less if she'd ever seen him again. She was much too busy looking for cock elsewhere.

Now she looked at Doug a little differently. He was a pleasant fellow, and though they didn't have that much in common at least they felt comfortable with each other. Once in a while they could actually carry on a conversation. She accepted his invitation. He might not be able to offer her what Hawkins' friends could, namely a gang-bang, but maybe there were other things in life worth looking into.

They went out for pizza, and afterward he just drove around aimlessly, seemingly quite content just to be with her. As usual, he didn't say much. Over dinner they'd made very polite conversation and hadn't once referred to the episode in his car when she'd pumped out his cum all over her. In a way, it was as if they were going out together for the first time. Finally he parked up at the lake, and she thought it would just be a replay of what had happened to them before, with them both hot and bothered and cramped in the front seat, their clothes thrust aside quickly. But he wanted to walk, and he took her hand as they ambled down to the water. Around the bay, she could see lights in the Sanderson cabin, and she steered him around in the other direction.

There seemed to be something on his mind. His quiet demeanor wasn't like before, when he simply appeared to have nothing to say. This time he was obviously thinking about something and trying to figure out how to say it. When they were finally moving away from the lakeside cabins toward a deserted stretch of sand, he turned to her.

"Did you really go out with that Tom Hawkins character?" he said. He quickly turned away and stared off across the lake.

Lisa blushed. Was fucking and sucking a guy in the back of his van really going out with him? She sighed. "I suppose you could say that. I saw him once."

"You know what they say about him? He makes every girl he goes out with. All he thinks about is sex."

"It's true," she answered quietly. "That's all he thinks about. The guy has a one-track mind."

Doug glanced at her shyly. "Did you suck his cock?" he asked finally.

She looked right back at him. "Doe it make a difference, whether or not I sucked him off?"

They stood there on the sand staring at each other. It was growing dark, and they couldn't see each other's face clearly. Lisa wasn't sure what was going through his mind. Guys sometimes had such weird ideas when it came to sex. Some of them considered a girl a whore if she sucked a guy off, for instance. She wondered if that was what he thought of her. Why had he asked her out then?

"I did suck his cock, yes," she replied simply. "I've sucked lots of cocks lately. I enjoy it. I love to suck cock. What's the big deal?"

For a second, she thought he was going to walk away. But then before he could do anything she was dropping onto her knees on the sand. Her fingers were fumbling with his fly and belt. She was opening his pants, reaching inside, wrangling out his cock with her long slender fingers.

She began to pump his prick in her hand, staring up at him all the while with her big blue eyes. Then she dipped her head and slipped the head of his cock between her lips. His cock was soft and puffy as she began curling her tongue around and around it, but within seconds she felt his cock thickening, swelling in her mouth. Her lips slid lower on the cock, drawing in several inches of prickshaft.

"Lisa, you don't have to..." he muttered, gazing down at her blonde head. He glanced up and down the lake edge to make sure no one was around.

"Mmnimmffffff!" she growled, sucking in another couple of inches of cock. The cockshaft was growing quickly, thickening and stiffening as she worked on it. Her pretty blonde head dipped up and down, up and down. She made wet slurping sounds on the growing prick.

"I didn't mean anything... when I asked about Hawkins," he muttered. "I heard stories, that's all. I was curious. I got to thinking about you and him... together."

He was breathing funny. He was growing more and more excited by the minute. His cock was sticking out from his pants now in a long thick pole. Her fingers had wrapped tightly around its base and while she sucked the cockhead she pumped her fist up and down evenly. Her free hand snaked into his pants and scooped under his balls. She began to squeeze his balls gently.

"I guess I was jealous, thinking about Hawkins and you and all those other guys..." he went on. "All I could think about was you sucking Hawkins cock..."

"Well, now I'm sucking your cock, so it doesn't matter, does it?" she gasped, suddenly pulling her mouth off his solid cock. She gazed up at him in the half-light and licked her lips. "I told you. I like to suck cocks I also like to fuck. I like to take cocks every which way. Up my ass and between my tits. If we're going to go on seeing each other, you'll have to get used to that, Doug."

Before he could answer she sank her mouth back onto his prick and started sucking roughly, jacking the cock base up and down in her fist and wriggling her tongue very which way an the bloated cockhead. He groaned softly and his hands came up to caress her head. He swept the hair up over her temples so that he could see her cheeks hollow and swell.

"I know... I know it..." he grunted. "But it's not easy, you know. It takes some getting used to, having the girl you like fuck around so much."

For a while she didn't say anything more. She simply sucked and pumped his cock, till it was as hard and long as it was going to get. She fondled his balls with her free hand and drew his balls out into the open where she could see them. When she finally pulled her mouth off his cock she began licking up and down the cockshaft hungrily.

"I don't want a boyfriend. I don't want just one guy," she muttered, scraping her tongue lower, over the wrinkled hairy pouch of his balls. "No restrictions, understand?"

"Yes... yes," he croaked. He was growing weak in the knees. Her mouth and hand were driving him crazy.

"Okay then," she said. "Maybe now you'd better get down to business and fuck me. I think your cock is hard enough." She suddenly let go of his prick and stared up at him with big, teasing eyes. She licked her lips and smiled at him.

"Fuck you?" he moaned, his voice thick and stupid.

"Yeah. Shove your cock up my cunt and ram it in and out. You know, what we tried to do before one time."

"Fuck you?" he repeated. He stood there staring down at her, his cock jutting out from his pants.

She unhooked his belt quickly, drew his pants and shorts down off his crotch. He groaned softly as she bent down his hard-on in the process. His cock suddenly snapped upward as it was freed from his shorts. His cock swayed heavily in the air, and a fat pearl of pre-cum oozed form the cocktip and hung there.

"Fuck me. I want you to," she muttered. And she fell back on the sand, lifted her dress, showed him the tufted mound of her cunt. She was wearing no panties, just her black garter belt and sheer stockings. She spread her legs for him, raising her knees.

"What are you wearing? Shit!" he wheezed. He glared down at the black strips of her garters and the hairy triangle of her bare cunt between them. Her cunt was opening for him, gaping beneath the blonde pussy hair.

"Just fuck me. Fuck me!" she groaned she slipped the top of her dress off her shoulders, folded it down to expose her big beautiful tits. She wriggled there in front of him, using her hands to press her tits together.

He moaned deeply. Then he dropped to his knees, his pants and shorts still tangled around his ankles. He wasn't sure where to start. She was all spread out for him there like some life-sized doll. He wanted to suck her tits. He wanted to eat her pussy. He wanted to fuck her so bad his balls were aching. He took his cock in his hand, jerking it up and down strongly.

"Shove your cock up my cunt! Fuck me!" she groaned. She planted her fingers in her puffy cunt lips and tugged them apart, showing him a great deal of pink pussy skin. "Cram your cock up my pussy! Please!"

Doug finally tilted his cock down, slotted the great cockhead between the gaping slabs of her pussy lips. He moved forward, fucking the cockhead into her cunt. She let go of her cuntlips, let them fold snugly around his straining prick. He rammed forward, fucking more than half his cock into her cunt. After a brief pause, he lunged forward again and fucked the rest of his hard-on into her pussy.

"Yes! Oh yes!" she moaned. She lifted her legs, wrapped them over his haunches. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her cunt. She began to hump her belly at him hungrily.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he moaned. And he began fucking in and out of her pussy, burying his cock deep on each and every fuck-stroke.

He couldn't believe this was finally happening, that he was fucking Lisa at last, after dreaming about it so long. And she'd sucked his cock. What a strange, crazy little girl she was. All the time he'd known her she'd been so quiet and shy. She was like some kind of cock-crazed slut. She couldn't seem to get enough cock.

He wondered if all the stories he'd heard about Lisa were true. That she fucked the men she babysat for, that she'd actually fucked with all those rowdy friends of Tom Hawkins'. She'd as good as admitted that. She loved sex, all kinds of sex, she'd said. She craved cock. Should it make any difference to him? Did he want her less because of all that?

Doug didn't know. He couldn't say. He didn't even know if he'd want to see her again after tonight. But one thing was for sure. He couldn't have stopped himself now, no matter what. He was having the fuck of his life with the sexiest girl he'd ever known. He was going to make the most of this fuck, just in case it was the last time.

"Ram it deep! Fuck me hard!" she was saying, pleading with him in a tense voice. "I love your cock! I just love it!"

And Lisa meant it. She'd never have thought it possible, that fucking with one guy could be this good. She had thought that maybe that all her weird adventures had spoiled her for anything so ordinary. But she was enjoying herself. Her cunt felt full and satisfied. She tugged him to her, wrapped her legs tightly around his back.

"I love cock! I just love it!" she grunted. "Shit, it feels so good!"

"I'm going to come," he gasped. "I'm going to come up your cunt."

He squeezed her big tit in his hand, gazed down into her lovely young face. He humped up and down madly, fucking the hot piston of his prick in and out of her wet pussy. His balls smacked into the crack of her ass again and again. His belly scraped hotly against hers.

"Yes!" she cried. "Come up my cunt! Spray your jizz into me! I want it. I want your hot cum up my pussy!"

She heaved her ass up off the sand and fucked her cunt onto the hot stiff spike of his prick. Greasy sucking sounds rose up from her cock-stuffed cunt. She felt herself coming slowly, almost lazily. Each fuck-lunge of his cock increased the warm melty feeling in her pussy.

"Do you really fuck the guys you babysit for?" he gasped. He was on the verge of spraying his cum-load into her cunt, and something in him made him ask her.

"Yes! I fuck them all -- every chance I get! I suck them off, I let them fuck my tits, my cunt and my ass. I love it! I love it!"

"And Hawkins' trashy friends -- did you fuck them too?" he went on. He sounded as though he were in pain. His cock fucked in and out of her pussy with increasing violence.

"Of course! I took them all on at the same time! One cock up my cunt, one cock up my ass, and one cock in my mouth! They gang-banged me. I begged them to. I loved every inch of it! I'd do it again. I'd do it again tomorrow! I love fucking cock!"

He fucked into her again and again, and now his balls were jerking. He could feel the heavy cum sizzling in his balls. He fucked her viciously, driving his prick as deep as he could into her cunt. He was groaning deep in his throat, and it was hard to tell whether it was with pleasure or pain.

"I let those guys come in my face. I let them come all over me. I loved it!" she croaked. She was staring up into his face wildly.

"Bitch! Cunt! Slut! Cock-teaser!" he screamed down at her.

And with one last fuck-lunge into her cunt he began to spray out his jism. His cum spurted out in hot heavy blobs. Flooding her pussy. Cum clogged her cunt and clung to his cock in thick heavy strings. He shot his cum load in sizzling streams, jet after jet of jizz. He couldn't stop fucking.


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