In mommy's bed

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of our modern liberal culture, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge.

IN MOMMY'S BED is the story of how a mother and son adjust to the liberated moral standards of modern American culture. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

IN MOMMY'S BED -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.

Chapter ONE

Brenda Brown was hurrying from the bathroom to her bedroom, wearing nothing but a hastily draped towel, when she almost collided with her teenage son Mark. "Oh, Mark, honey," she cried, "sorry, I'm in such a hurry. Remember to lock the door when you leave, okay?"

"Okay, Mom," Mark replied as she scooted past him and darted into the master bedroom.

Mark was all ready to leave for a date on that warm Friday night in July, but he lingered outside his mother's half-open door, listening to her hum to herself as she dressed. Brenda was so pretty and sexy, he thought. He just couldn't resist taking an illicit peek at her. Quietly he stuck his head into the room.

Brenda had her back to him and was just dropping her bath towel. Mark had never seen his mother naked before, and his eyes got huge as he studied her tall sleek body, tiny waist, and perfectly-shaped little ass. Her long dark hair was still wet from the shower, and she began to comb it out, still humming to herself. Mark felt his cock starting to stiffen.

"Shit," he muttered under his breath.

He couldn't very well show up for his date with a hard-on, yet he wanted to go on looking at his beautiful mother. She had such a fantastic body, slender yet with big melon-shaped breasts. Mark hoped she'd turn around so he could see her naked tits. On the other hand, if she turned, she'd see him. He'd better find a safer way to spy on her.

As quietly as he could, he inched the door closed, then dropped to his knees and looked through the keyhole. That was more like it. Brenda would have no idea he was watching her. And just as he got settled at his spying post, she turned. His cock went stiff asa board as he ogled her fantastic big tits and little dark bush.

Brenda strode across the room, unaware that she had an audience. She opened a dresser drawer and started sorting through her collection of bras and panties, looking for the most sexy combination she could find. Her husband Gil, a trucker, was due home that evening after almost two weeks on the road, and Brenda wanted to give him a welcome he'd never forget. It made her horny just to think about seeing Gil again, and she felt her pussy start to heat and cream.

She reminded herself that it might be a few hours yet before her husband got there, so she'd better not get all worked up. Of course, she could masturbate, but she didn't really want to do that. She played with herself so much when Gil was away. Tonight she wanted to save herself for the real thing -- her husband's huge rock-hard cock. She could hardly wait to take it into her famished cunt.

"Mmmmm, Gil, hurry," she murmured.

She selected a white lace bra and bikini panty set, but she didn't hurry to put them on. Instead she stood before the big dresser mirror and critically studied her body. Was it as good as when she and Gil were first married so many years ago? That was hard to say, but it was still damned good. It was sleek and firm and slender, and her large pointed tits didn't sag at all.

Brenda liked what she saw in the mirror, and she paraded back and forth in front of it a few times, having no idea how much she was arousing her spying son. Mark thought his mother was the sexiest woman in the whole world as she paraded before that mirror, her luscious big tits bouncing. His eyes dropped to the small neat triangle of her bush, and he wished she'd spread her legs so he could see all that mysterious female territory down there. Mark had an awful lot to learn about female anatomy.

For a few precious seconds he got his wish. Brenda paused and faced the mirror squarely, then folded back the dark curls of her bush and isolated the small pink bud of her clit. Sighing softly, she rubbed the sensitive button with the tip of her index finger, giving herself a few tantalizing stabs of pleasure. She needed that much relief from her rapidly mounting horniness. But that was all she allowed herself.

She stepped away from the mirror and put on the pretty little panties and bra. On the other side of the door, Mark was almost groaning with need. His stiff cock felt like it was going to tear its way right out of his jeans, and all he could think about was making it with his gorgeous mom. He tried to imagine how it would feel to sink his engorged boner into her steamy slick cunt.

But that was kind of hard to imagine, because he'd never fucked before. He'd had only a few dates, in fact, and so far he'd never gotten beyond kissing and hand holding. But maybe tonight he'd get lucky. Dana, the girl he was taking out, had a kind of fast reputation. And speaking of Dana, he was going to be late for his date if he didn't get in gear.

He hated to leave. He could have gone on watching his mother a lot longer, especially as she paraded around the room in that skimpy bra and panty set. But he didn't want to blow it with Dana. Sighing, he got to his feet and tiptoed down the hall and out of the house. He wasn't wanted there anyway, he was sure of that. Dad would be home soon, and his parents would want to have the place all to themselves while they made love.

Mark shivered with longing as he thought about his dad fucking his mom. He really envied the old man, getting to go to bed with her whenever he wanted to. Tie was still thinking about how fantastic his mother had looked naked as he backed the family car out of the driveway and headed for Dana's place.

Meanwhile Brenda was using the blow dryer on her long blue-black hair and trying to ignore the fiery need in her pussy. It was too soon to get horny, she told herself. No use putting herself through hours of torment while she waited for Gil. There was no telling just when he'd get there. A lot depended on traffic and on whether he stopped to eat. She'd just better try to think clean thoughts for awhile. She gave that a few seconds of effort, then giggled. It was no go -- she definitely had a dirty mind tonight.

She opened the closet arid took out a filmy white negligee that was semi-sheer. Gil would be able to see through it when she greeted him, and she hoped that would give him the right idea. They'd had so little love making these past few years, much too little for Brenda. She wanted to make their few moments together count. She just lipped Gil wasn't all tired out. That had been happening a lot lately.

He was working himself way too hard to pay for their house. It was wonderful having a house of their own at last, but still Brenda wondered if it was worth it. Their love life was going to hell. Gil didn't want her to work, so he had the whole financial burden, and all too often he was just too busy or too exhausted to make love.

Well, not tonight. Brenda was going to get laid if she had to drag him through a cool shower and force coffee down him. She'd go crazy with frustration if she didn't get fucked, she was sure of that. Two weeks without a man was just too much. She'd been masturbating every single night, sometimes two and three times in a row, but it hadn't done much to ease the nagging lust she felt. Only Gil's big hard cock could do that.

"Oh, please, honey, get here soon," she sighed.

An hour passed, and no Gil. Brenda lounged in front of the TV, sipping a drink, but she couldn't get interested in any of the programs. All she could think about was how desperately she needed to be fucked. Her cunt was on fire with need, and it was leaking a steady stream of hot sticky juice. She caught herself rubbing her thighs together for relief. She had a hunch she was going to change her mind about playing with herself.

It was Gil she wanted and needed, but at least she could give herself some relief with her own fingers. She opened her negligee and slid a hand down inside her panties. She touched the searing wet flesh of her pussy and shivered with anticipation. She was really getting to be an expert at playing with herself these days. She pressed a fingertip to her slick little clit and began to rub it in a circular motion. Hot stabs of pleasure radiated through her gash.

"Mmmmmm, yesssss," she sighed.

She slumped back against the couch and closed her eyes, blotting out everything but the good feelings she was giving to herself with her rimming fingertip. Her clit was supersensitive, reacting even to her most light and feathery touch. Very slowly and gradually she increased the speed of her rimming, working herself to a fever pitch of arousal. Soon her finger was dripping with her molten cunt cream.

Even as she played with herself, she couldn't help thinking that she'd never masturbated during the first ten years or so of her marriage. It hadn't been necessary. Gil had, always taken super care of her in bed. But since all these money worries had come up, and he'd been working overtime, she just wasn't getting laid enough. And that was when she'd started playing with herself for relief.

She'd been awkward at first, but it hadn't taken her long to develop a few favorite and sure-fire techniques. This was one of them, rimming her juice-slick joy button with a fingertip, increasing the tempo till she was panting with need and jerking her hips in an urgent fucking motion. When she got to that stage, she could come in an instant.

"Oooooo, shit, yesssss," she moaned.

Just one firm stroke of her fingertip, and she was going to be in orbit. Brenda knew that, and she needed to come desperately, but she greedily prolonged that exciting moment when she hung on the very brink of orgasm. Very very slowly she twirled her finger around the violently throbbing shaft of her clit, giving herself hot little pleasure-stabs. Finally she couldn't stand it any more. She pressed her fingertip to the center of her swollen clit and caine like a bomb.

"Ohhhhhh God, yes, yessssssss!" she wailed.

Her whole body seemed to melt with that blast of ecstasy, sizzling and writhing and throbbing. Her whole hand was drenched with a heavy flood of molten come-cream. Brenda sobbed with relief as the powerful climax ripped through her, but even as she started coming down from it, she knew it wasn't going to be enough. One climax was rarely enough for her these days, she had so much bottled-up lust to take care of.

As the last delicious after-spasms of her climax faded, she switched to her other favorite way of playing with herself. She quickly tugged her panties down to her feet and slipped halfway out of them, letting them dangle from one slender ankle. That way she could pull them up fast if anybody came to the door. Then she spread her legs very wide and bunched three fingers together, imitating the size and thickness of a cock. She pressed her fingers against the juice-filled mouth of her cunt and started pushing them inside.

"My God, yes, get into me," she gasped.

She always pretended some faceless stranger was fucking her when she masturbated this way. She'd started out using only one finger in her cunt, then two, and finally three. Three was a lot more like the real thing. Gradually she crammed her cunt with hot stiff fingers, pretending the stranger was gliding his stiff prick her, filling her deliciously full of the hard throbbing meat.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, ft's good," he moaned.

She pushed her bunched fingers into her cunt as far as she could get them, then started jerking them in a fucking motion, pretending it was the stranger's cock hammering in and out of her famished pussy hole. It felt fantastic. In fact it was almost as good as actually getting fucked. Almost.

"Unnnnhhhhh, yes, do it to me, fuck me hard," she moaned to her imaginary lover.

Her fingers were making a loud obscene sucking noise as they reamed the thick juice from her hungrily gripping box. She was scorching hot inside, and her cream was coming in helpless thick floods. After two weeks without a man, she was ragingly horny, as needy as she'd ever been in her life. Frantically she pistoned her fingers in her starved cunt, working them faster and harder by the second.

"Fuck me, dammit, fuck me to death," she babbled.

She arched her body up, taking her jerking fingers as deep as she could get them in her flooded box. She felt the hot pleasure building in her slit, building to the point where she could hardly contain it any longer. Her whole hand was drenched with cream by now, and she was working her fingers with lightning speed. She soared to the very brink of orgasm and hung there, moaning in ecstasy.

"Ooooooo, fuck, make me come, make me come," she whimpered, "I'll go crazy if I don't get off."

Her fantasy lover obliged hammering the stiff meat into her, making her sol with pleasure. She closed her eyes tightly, and her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace as she hurtled toward climax. She felt her cunt clamp hard around her fingers as the first delicious spasm wracked her body. With a hoarse howl she began to come, her tall body bucking and writhing, her high-heeled shoes beating out a helpless rhythm on the rug.

"Ohhhhhhh, God, ohhhhhhh!" she wailed. It was a violent body-wracking climax, and it left her breathless and gasping. But it didn't leave her satisfied. She really hadn't expected it to. It would take care of her lust for a few minutes, but it wasn't what she really needed. What she craved was a man's thick hard cock. She needed a good hard fucking. Dizzily she glanced at the clock and saw that it was half past ten. Where in hell was Gil?

She went to wash here cream-soaked hand, feeling more horny and frustrated by the second. Then just as she was coming out of the bathroom she heard a car pull up to the house. She gave a yelp of delight and hurried for the front door. Sure enough, it was Gil. She threw the door open and ran down the steps in her negligee, not giving a damn what the neighbors thought.

"Oh, honey, I'm so glad to see you," she cried, throwing herself into Gil's open arms.

He laughed and kissed her and carried her into the house. Brenda could tell he was exhausted. He'd overdone it again. After setting her down, he collapsed into his favorite chair, and she hurried to bring him a cold beer. He downed it very quickly. She perched on the arm of his chair and leaned down to give him a sensuous kiss, darting her tongue into his mouth. To her disappointment, his response was feeble, and as they broke the kiss he gave her an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, honey," he said, "but I'm just bushed. Maybe tomorrow morning we can get off a quickie before I leave."

"Before you what?" Brenda exclaimed.

Gil looked sheepish. "I signed up for another haul," he said. "It'll only be a week this time, and you know we need the money."

Brenda groaned. She'd been two long lonely weeks without love making, and now he was proposing to be gone for another week? "Gil," she sighed, "I have to be honest with you. I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get laid pretty soon. Here, maybe I can help things along."

She slid down to kneel between his legs, and she reached eagerly for the fly of his jeans. Luckily he almost never wore shorts, so her work was easy. All she had to do was unzip his fly and ease his cock free. She fisted the thick hairy base of his big prick and stuffed the rest into her mouth. Gil flinched and groaned, and as she began to suck loudly and hungrily on his prick, she knew she had his complete attention.

"Ahhhhhh, Jesus," he moaned.

He might have been exhausted, but there was plenty of life left in his cock. It responded fast as Brenda noisily sucked it. She felt the huge slab of meat swelling up hard. It pushed her lips wide apart and butted into the back of her throat, almost choking her. She drew back a little and gurgled with excitement as salty cream dripped from his cock onto her taste buds.

"Mrnmmmm, uuummmnim," she sighed.

"You got what you were after, baby," Gil leered, "so you better get those panties off and get over to the couch."

Those were just the words Brenda wanted to hear. Releasing his rigid spit-soaked cock, she skinned out of her clothes and ran naked to the couch. She flopped down on her back and flung one long shapely leg up over the back of the couch, lewdly exposing her wet pink slit. Gil ogled it as he tore out of his clothing. He lumbered toward her, his eight-inch dick weaving lewdly and stiffly.

"Oh, God, yes, fuck me," Brenda panted.

Then he was letting himself down on her, and she sobbed with relief as his massive boner crammed her cunt. She'd been waiting two long weeks for that sensation. She soaked his throbbing prick with a huge load of cream, and as he started fucking her roughly and urgently, she went wild with pleasure. Her hips jerked to his rhythm, and she arched her swollen joy button against his pistoning shaft, getting hot blasts of pleasure.

"Oh, Gil, fuck me good, honey, fuck hard," she sobbed.

"I'm not gonna last long," he warned her hoarsely.

So what else was new? He never lasted long any more. He was always in too much of a hurry to get to work or to get to sleep. Brenda didn't like it, but she was used to it, and she knew just how to get off fast. She arched her body even more sharply, rubbing her clit hard against his pile-driving cock, and she felt herself hurtling to the brink of climax.

She wished those exciting sensations could go on for hours, but if she wanted to get off, she'd better grab her chance. She ground her erect joy button against her husband's engorged prick and felt a huge explosion of pleasure radiating out from her cunt, engulfing her whole body. She soaked Gil's cock with a huge molten flood of cream.

"Baby, you're doing it to me; I'm coming!" she screamed.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, shit, aaaggghhhhh!" Gil roared.

He was coming hard, flooding her womb with his steaming jizz. Brenda clung to him and sobbed with relief as his pounding cock hammered her through a powerful orgasm. Fucking was so much better than playing with herself. If only Gil had had the time and energy, they would have gone on making love half the night, like they'd done in the early days of their marriage. But it looked like those days were gone forever.

Brenda helped her exhausted husband to the bedroom, and he fell asleep the moment his head touched the pillow. Watching him snore, she sighed with frustration. This just wasn't her idea of a good sex life, but what was she going to do about it?

Chapter TWO

Mark arrived at Dana's house only a few minutes late and found her sitting on the front porch waiting for him and looking impatient. She was a cute girl, petite with dark curly hair, but she wore too much make-up. That was one of the reasons for her bad reputation. As she hurried down the walk, Mark observed that her clothes were pretty damned tight, too.

In fact he wondered how she could move so fast in those skin-tight jeans. He could even see the outline of her pussy the crotch was so snug. Her t-shirt was equally tight, and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her high-riding tits were apple-size and wobbling around like crazy. At least, Mark reflected, if she noticed his hard-on he'd have an excuse. Just looking at her was enough to make a guy horny.

But of course that cock-stand was for his mother. He could hardly even concentrate on greeting Dana as he replayed again and again in his mind that brief tantalizing glimpse of Brenda without any clothes. Dana was pretty, but Brenda was gorgeous. Brenda was as fantastic as any centerfold he'd ever seen. He just couldn't get his mind off his mother, no matter how hard he tried. But he forced a grin as Dana opened the passenger door and hopped into the car.

"Sorry I'm late," he said. "You still wanta go to the drive-in?"

"Yeah," Dana said, snapping her gum, "there's a couple movies on I really wanta see."

Mark stifled a groan. He'd already seen both movies twice. But maybe while Dana watched he could do some exploring. All the guys had told him she'd permit just about anything. None of them had actually come out and said they'd fucked her, but there'd been some pretty strong hints. So as soon as they got settled at the drive-in, Mark slipped his arm around her shoulders.

She didn't say anything, already absorbed in the movie. Mark didn't understand how any human being could eat popcorn and chew gum at the same time, but that was her problem. As long as she let him do what he wanted, he didn't care what weird eating habits she had. She didn't react as he inched closer to her till their thighs were touching.

So far, so good. This was as far as he'd gotten with any girl. Well, he hadn't kissed her yet, but he figured he'd skip that as long as she was on the popcorn and gum. He let his hand trail down from her shoulder till he was touching an upper curve of her right tit. He slid his hand down just a little farther, and he was cupping her tit -- a first for him.

He squeezed her tit rhythmically, and she didn't react at all. It must have seemed routine to her. Getting bolder, Mark slid his other hand up under her t-shirt and cupped a naked tit. She didn't object to that, either. He got both hands up there and started fondling and molding the first tits he'd ever touched. Dana snapped her gum a couple of times, but that was her only response.

Her tits were really great to squeeze, all silky-skinned and hot and throbbing. Mark got very aroused, and his ever-horny teenage cock was soon stiff as steel again. He just couldn't keep it down these days. He'd be sitting in class having a little fantasy while the math teacher droned on and on, and suddenly he'd have a hard-on that wouldn't quit. That could get to be pretty embarrassing.

But tonight it was okay to have a stiff cock, because Dana couldn't see it in the dim light. Besides, she might even do something about it. Mark shivered with excitement as he imagined fucking her. His cock gave a horny lurch and tried to tear its way out of his jeans. He reminded himself that he was still very far from a complete conquest. While he went on fondling her tits with one hand, he eased the other hand toward the tipper of her jeans.

He fumbled around and found the zipper tab and started opening her pants. No reaction. Quickly he tugged the zipper all the way open. Dana ate another fistful of corn. As Mark slid his hand down inside her panties, she shivered a little as if he was tickling her, but she didn't protest. His cock gave another lusty lurch as he petted, soft warm pussy fur for the very first time.

That reminded him of his mother. He had a quick vision of her neat, dark triangle of pussy fur, then reminded himself that he was with a real-live girl and didn't need to tantalize himself with thoughts of Brenda. Anyhow, it was kind of kinky to have the hots for his own mom. Still he found it hard to get her out of his mind as he cupped and squeezed Dana's mound.

He cased his hand farther down between her legs and touched the hot moist flesh of her pussy. His cock was drooling thickly by now, and he was getting aroused out of his mind. He started feeling around, exploring the slick juicy flesh, and Dana gave a little sigh. He couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or impatience, but when he glanced at her, her eyes were glued to the screen and she seemed to hardly notice what he was doing to her.

Well, as long as she didn't complain, he wasn't going to stop. He kept feeling around inside her panties till he located her cunt, a small slippery-feeling hole at the very center of her crotch. He rimmed it with the tip of his finger, very tempted to feel inside. But maybe that would be going too far. He popped his finger in about an inch, and still Dana didn't react at all.

Slowly, carefully, he glided his middle finger up her cunt. That really got him excited, because he could tell how great that little fleshy tunnel would feel around his stiff cock. It was so snug in there, so juicy and hot. He'd have given anything to cram his prick in there. And maybe he'd be doing that before the evening was over. So far Dana had let him do everything he wanted.

At last his middle finger was lodged to the last knuckle in the girl's steaming little pussy hole. He could feel the gripping flesh throbbing all around his finger. His cock was trying to rip its way out of his jeans, and he felt like he could come if he sneezed. He started pumping his finger up and down in Dana's juice slick box, trying to get her turned on -- and that was when she finally reacted. She took his wrist firmly and drew his hand out of her pants.

"Wait till intermission," she said.

Mark gawked at her. What in hell had he done wrong? Why had she stopped him? She hadn't seemed to care what he did, as long as she got to eat her popcorn and watch the movie. But now she'd made it clear that she didn't want to be touched. He sulked in his corner of the car while she watched the rest of the first feature. He just wished he could have jacked off. That would have been some relief for the incredible horniness he felt.

Finally it was intermission, a bunch of ads on the screen. Dana crumpled her popcorn bag and dropped it on the floor. Then she grabbed Mark's hand and shoved it back where it had been, inside her panties, touching the moist flesh of her gash. Mark gawked at her again. She was taking his middle finger and inserting it in her cunt.

"Do what you were doing before," she said matter-of-factly. "Get me off."

"But you made me stop," Mark exclaimed.

"I wanted to concentrate on the movie," she said. "Hurry, we don't have much time."

Mark began pumping his finger stiffly in her cunt, and this time her response was completely different. Instead of ignoring him, she really got into it, moaning with pleasure and soaking his jerking finger with molten cream. Her head lolled back, and she closed her eyes tightly, concentrating on the hot sensations she was getting as he finger-fucked her.

"Unnnnhhhhh, yeah, do it faster," she moaned, "do it real fast and hard."

Mark obeyed, fascinated, and he felt her fiery-hot little cunt tightening around his pistoning finger. Dana began to whimper shrilly as she hurtled toward orgasm. Then suddenly her twat was clamping like a vise around his finger, and sizzling juice was spurting from her cunt, soaking his whole hand. A hard convulsive shiver shook her body.

"Ooooooo, shit, I'm coming!" she gasped. "Ooooooo, fuck, unnnhhhhhh!"

Mark damned near came, too, just from listening to her and feeling her tight teenage cunt spasm around his pumping finger. She went on like that for nearly a minute, drenching his hand again and again with floods of hot come-cream. Then she gave a satisfied sigh and removed his hand from her pants and grabbed for her purse, unwrapping a fresh stick of gum. She looked at Mark as if nothing unusual had happened. "Want me to jack you off?" she asked.

"Ur, uh, sure," he said.

"Okay, but let's not talk," she said. "The second feature's starting."

Her eyes were glued to the screen again, and without ever looking away she felt around in her purse and found some kleenex. Then she quickly and deftly unzipped Mark's fly, as if she'd made that movement dozens of times which she probably had. She tugged his jeans and shorts down, freeing his cock, and it stood up stiffly, drooling hot cream. Mark flinched and moaned as she curled her fingers around his cock.

Watching the movie, popping her gum, she expertly gave him a hand-job. Mark watched her little fist zipping up and down the thick blue-veined shaft of his prick, and he felt his excitement reaching the boiling point. He'd been about to come even before she touched him, and now there was no way in the world he could hold back the body-blasting climax that threatened. He just did what he could to prolong the fun, wishing it could go on all night.

Dana never missed a beat as she watched the flick and pumped his cock, but it was obvious that her interest was totally on the screen. Mark didn't care. He'd never had a girl jack him off before, and he wasn't going to look the gift horse in the mouth. He slumped back and enjoyed, his tireless young prick swelling almost to bursting.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, that's good," he groaned.

"Ssshhhhh," Dana replied.

So she was a movie nut. So she got to see all the movies she wanted, free, for letting guys play with her pussy and then jacking them off.

It seemed a perfectly fair arrangement to Mark. His balls were taut with their steaming load, and he knew it was just a matter of seconds now before he'd be shooting his jizz. Dana seemed to know it, too, because she got the kleenex ready. Then she suddenly made her pumping a lot harder and faster, and Mark was in orbit.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ!" he yelped. "Ahhhhhh, fuckin' shit!"

Dana didn't tell him to be quiet this time. She must have known there was no way he could stifle his cries of pleasure as he came. She just clapped the tissue over the squirting head of his dick and caught all his come. Not once did she take her eyes off the screen. Finally Mark came back to earth, feeling considerably relieved. "Gee, thanks, Dana," he said, "that was great."

"Ssshhhh," she said.

Since she didn't want to talk, Mark just snuggled close to her and fondled her tits during the rest of the movie. Of course that got him horny again, and it wasn't long, before his inexhaustible teenage cock was swelling and stiffening. This time he decided to go for the big prize. By now he knew Dana wouldn't want to be interrupted during the picture, but as the final credits came on, he turned to her eagerly.

"Dana, lets fuck," he said.

She stared at him like he was out of his mind. "What kinda girl do you think I am, Mark?" she snapped. "I think you better just take me right home before you get any more of your funny ideas."

So he'd blown it. But how was he supposed to know that she'd let him finger-fuck her, jack him off, and then get all indignant about fucking? There were obviously slot of things he didn't understand about girls. Dana was so pissed off, she wouldn't even kiss him goodnight, and when he hinted about another dater she just glared at him and closed the door in his face.

Well, the evening hadn't been a total loss. He'd gone farther with Dana than be had with any other girl, and he'd actually felt a pussy and a clit and had a girl feel his cock. His prick got rigid again as he replayed all the exciting things he'd doze with Dana. Then as he turned into his street, he groaned. It just wasn't right -- right ahead of him was his dad's car, pulling into the driveway.

So dad was just now getting home? That meant Mark definitely wouldn't be wanted around the house. Yet he had nothing else to do, and he was tired and ready for bed. He passed the driveway and went around the block and parked in the alley. He'd just sneak in the back way and go right to his room, not disturbing his folks at all. They wouldn't even know he was there. Or so he hoped as he tried to turn his key silently in the back door.

Unfortunately his parents were in the living room, which left him trapped in the kitchen, no way to get by them without being noticed. All he could do was stand there in the shadows and watch them till they finally went to bed. His dad was slumped in his favorite chair, looking bushed. Mom was just handing him a cold beer. He took it gratefully and downed about half of it in one swallow.

Brenda was looking gorgeous in that see through white lace negligee with the matching bra and panties underneath. Mark's cock swelled and strained against his fly as he ogled her beautiful tall body. He forgot Dana in a hurry. He just wondered how dad could ignore such a lovely, sexy woman. He had to be pretty damned tired if he didn't get turned on to Brenda tonight.

She waited patiently while he finished his beer, then slid onto the arm of his chair and leaned down to kiss him. As she did so, her gown slid open in the front, and Mark got a tantalizing glimpse of her little panty crotch. He could see a few fine pussy curls peeping out around the leg bands. He barely stifled a horny moan.

Brenda straightened up, looking disappointed. It was obvious that she hadn't gotten any response to her kiss. Gil sheepishly explained that he was all tired out and that he was leaving the next day on yet another haul. Mom replied that she was going to go crazy if she didn't get laid pretty soon. Then she was sliding down to kneel between his legs, unzipping his pants, easing his massive cock out into the light of the room.

"Ahhhh, Jesus," Gil moaned as she stuffed his dick into her mouth and began to suck it.

That got his attention, all right. He'd have to be dead to ignore that, and Brenda must have known it. She sucked greedily and noisily on his prick, and it wasn't long before his meat was swelling and pushing her lips wider and wider apart. She made a little choking sound as it ballooned into the back of her throat, and she drew back a little so she could breathe.

Gil was alert now and leering down at her.

"You got what you were after, baby," he growled, "so you better get those panties off and get over to the couch."

Mark shivered with excitement. He was actually going to see his parents fucking. They'd always been so careful before, doing it behind the locked door of their bedroom. This was one chance in a million, and he wouldn't have missed it for the world, even if it was wrong of him to spy on them. The wouldn't know, so how could it hurt them? His balls and cock were throbbing like crazy as he watched them stripping.

Of course he knew what his dad looked like undressed, and except for one envious glance at his enormous stiff cock, Mark ignored him and concentrated on Brenda. She stripped very quickly, and he ogled her big melon-shaped tits and little dark bush. Then she stretched out on the couch and flung one leg up over the back, completely exposing her soaked pink pussy. Mark almost came in his jeans.

"Oh, God, yes, fuck me," she moaned hoarsely as her husband approached her, his massive prick weaving heavily and drooling thick gobs of cream.

He crawled between her eagerly parted legs and let himself down on her, and then, his ass jerked hard and she moaned. She was practically sobbing with delight as he pushed his cock into her. Poor main, she'd really been needing it. Mark recalled that it had been two weeks since she and Gil had been together. No wonder she was horny. He tried to imagine going two weeks without jacking off and figured he'd die of frustration.

"Oh, Gil, fuck me good, honey, fuck hard," Brenda moaned as he began to piston his cock inside her.

"I'm not gonna last long," Gil warned her. Mark couldn't blame him. Personally he'd be shooting his load already if he had his stiff boner in his mom's juicy hot cunt. The excitement would be just too much. In fact he was almost coming just watching her take dad's stiffly pounding prick. She jerked her hips to his rhythm, fucking right back at him, and her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace.

Mark imagined being in his father's place just then, roughly hammering his nearly bursting cock in Brenda's frantically horny cuntal tunnel. The image was so powerful, he just had to jack off. Quickly he unzipped his jeans and eased his achingly swollen cock out. He fisted it and began to pump, never taking his eyes off the action in the living room.

Mom was arching her big-titted body sharply upward, as if trying to take dad's jack-hammering cock as deep as possible into her smoking little fuck hole. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she was lost in the hot pleasure she was getting from his rough deep fucking. Gil's eyes rolled crazily, then closed, as he fucked both of them to the brink of climax. Then abruptly Brenda let out a hoarse wail of ecstasy.

"Baby, you're doing it to me, I'm coming!" she screamed.

"Ahhhhh, shit, aaaggghhh!" Gil roared, sizzling his load into her.

Mark began to come. Dizzily he directed the jetting cream toward the wall, where it could be easily cleaned up, and then he pumped his squirting cock like crazy, pretending he was flooding his mom's hot cunt with load after load of jism. When he finally finished coming and peeked into the living room again, his parents had gone to bed. He grabbed the chance to sneak down the hall to his bedroom.

No question about it, he mused as he fell asleep, his own mother turned him on a lot more than Dana did. A lot more than any girl his own age, come to think of it. He sure as hell envied dad.

Chapter THREE

Brenda woke early the next morning with the most delicious sensation between her legs. Something hot and wet and slippery was lashing her clit and making her horny out of her mind. Her eyes snapped open, and she saw that her husband was going down on her.

"Gil, you nut," she laughed.

"Want me to stop?" he leered.

"No way," she said eagerly.

"I thought this would be better than that quickie I promised you," Gil said, "that's why I woke you so early -- so we'd have lots of time."

"Honey, I don't mind, at all," Brenda sighed.

He dipped his head down again, and she gurgled with delight as he tongue-lashed her joy button. It had been a long, long time since Gil had eaten her pussy; far too long. He was very good at it, but lately he'd been too tired or too busy for anything but an occasional quick fuck. Last night had been typical. He'd shot his load and fallen asleep almost before Brenda knew what was happening.

Now he seemed to be trying to make up for it. She sure as hell wasn't complaining about that; Gil's big hot tongue zipped expertly around and around the erect shaft of her clit, giving her fantastic sensations, and she groaned in ecstasy and clawed the sheet. Molten juice was pouring uncontrollably from her cunt. Gil gobbled some of the tangy liquid, and the rest dribbled down her ass crack and puddled on the bed.

Long ago Gil had discovered just how Brenda liked to have her pussy eaten, and he was doing her favorite routine right now. Gradually he increased the speed and force of his tonguing, till he was lashing her throbbing joy button roughly and driving her to a fever pitch of need. That was when he made his tongue long and stiff, then crammed it hard up her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, God, yessss," she hissed, "stick that big thing into me, honey, fuck me with it."

She kept her legs wide open for him, wanting to take his spearing tongue as deep as she could get it in her seething little twat. Gil was a super tongue-fucker, and he drove her wild with pleasure as he hammered the slippery meat hard and fast in her thirsty box. Brenda gurgled and whimpered with ecstasy, soaking his face with her helplessly gushing cream. He was taking her from a sound sleep to orgasmic heights in just a matter of minutes.

"Oooooo, shit, honey, I'm almost there," she cried.

She arched her body sharply, trying to take his jerking tongue into her molten depths. She closed her eyes and felt herself sailing to the very brink of climax. Greedily she prolonged that breathless moment, whimpering in estasy, till the pleasure grew so hot that she couldn't stand any more. She felt a massive explosion in the depths of her cunt.

"Unnnhhhhh, Gil, unnnhhhhh, I'm coming!" she groaned.

Her climax was so violent that Gil couldn't keep his tongue inside her. She writhed off the impalement and spasmed her body bucking, her luscious big tits wobbling like crazy. Gil watched her, leering, his cock hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on. Finally she stopped coming and looked up at him with lust-glazed eyes.

"Mmmmm, Gil, that was wonderful," she sighed.

"Ready for more?" he leered.

She knew him well enough to guess just what would excite him most, and she crawled forward and opened her lips wide and brought them snugly around his cock, taking in half his massive boner. He shivered and moaned as she began to suck his prick. Thick globs of salty cream dripped onto her, tongue, and she drooled heavily as she savored them.

"Honey, you always were a fantastic little cock-sucker," Gil panted, "but we're gonna have to make it short and sweet this time."

He was looking at the damned clock. Brenda seethed. It seemed like she always had to compete with the clock when she and Gil made love. She sucked urgently on his throbbing boner, trying to give him a good come before he had to leave. He panted and shivered as the pleasure-jolts ripped through him, but finally he raised her head and pulled his prick free.

"Stay just like you are," he requested hoarsely.

Brenda remained on her hands and knees, seething with lust as he crawled around behind her. She could never get enough of his massive hard cock. He grasped her hips, and then she gurgled with delight as he started easing his stiff slab of meat into her. She soaked it with helpless bursts of cream that overflowed her twat and ran down her legs. As he hit bottom, she groaned in ecstasy.

"Oh, honey, that feels so good," she cried. Snorting with excitement, Gil began to hammer his cock in his wife's juicy little fuck hole. Not only didn't he have much time, he was so aroused by now that he couldn't be slow or gentle. He just had this urge to fuck the living shit out of Brenda. Luckily she didn't mind. She clawed the sheet and bowled with pleasure as he reamed and crammed her hot little box.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she chanted hoarsely.

She just wished they could stay in bed and fuck all day, the way they sometimes used to. She was just getting warmed up. Gil could make her come, and come hard, but she knew that after he left she'd soon be horny again. He was never with her long enough any more to give her all the orgasms she needed. So she grabbed greedily for what she could get.

"Fuck hard," she moaned, "fuck me crazy, honey."

Gil leered down at her as he hammered his thick boner in and out of her cunt. He watched his blue-veined column of meat stretching her delicate pussy lips wide, then plunging to her fiery depths. He watched her magnificent big tits swinging heavily back and forth with the impact of his fucking. She kept gurgling and moaning with pleasure as he hammered her to the very brink of orgasm, and she was drenching his prick with molten cream.

"Ooooo, baby, I'm almost coming," she sobbed.

"I'll get you off," Gil rasped.

He wished he didn't have to hurry her, but it was time he got to work. Still pistoning his rock-hard cock in her juicy little box, he reached around her and grasped her clit between his thumb and forefinger. He began to knead the fleshy button, and it took just a few seconds of that stimulation to bring Brenda off like crazy. He felt his fingers getting soaked with her sizzling come.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, I'm coming, unnahhhh!" she howled.

"Take my come, baby," Gil gasped, "Awwwwwww, yeah, aaaggghhhh!"

Brenda gurgled ecstatically as he pumped her full of his thick hot jism. The steaming load made her own climax longer and more powerful. He jetted the fiery liquid into her till it overflowed her little twat and flooded down her legs. She wanted to go on taking his load forever, but at last he pulled out and left the bed, hastily donning clean clothes.

"Darn it, honey, I wish you didn't have to leave again," Brenda sighed. "We just never have any time together any more."

"I know, babe, and don't like it any more than you do," Gil answered, "but we've got to have the money for the house."

"Do we?" Brenda said. "Is the house really worth what it's doing to us and our marriage?"

"Brenda, don't talk crazy," Gil said. "You know we've always wanted a home of our own. Now, I've gotta rush, honey. I'll see you in a week."

He gave her a quick peck on the lips, and then he was gone. Brenda groaned in frustration. She had a lot more to say to him, a lot more arguments against him working himself to death and neglecting their sex life. But he was in a big fucking hurry, as usual. It was infuriating. And now she'd have to go another whole week without getting laid. What kind of a marriage did they have, anyway?

Things turned out pretty muck as she'd expected -- by late afternoon she was horny again. That quick love-making session had just whetted her appetite for more. She needed her husband urgently, but by now he was miles away and getting farther away all the time. Once again her only satisfaction would have to come from her own fingers. She would much rather have had Gil's cock, but she didn't have a choice. Bitterly Brenda reflected that she ought to write a book on masturbating -- she sure as hell was an expert by now. She must have explored every possible way of getting herself off. Today, as the urge became overwhelming, she and Mark were in the back yard, weeding and trimming. She suddenly felt like sbe'd go crazy with frustration if she didn't excuse herself for awhile and beat off.

"Mark, I'm tired for some reason," she lied. "I think I'll grab a nap."

"Okay, Mom," Mark said affectionately, "I'll finish up here."

Brenda headed straight for the master bedroom, lacking the door behind her. Her pussy was on fire with need, her panties soaked with her uncontrollably gushing juices. She was so intent on taking care of her lust that she didn't notice the keyhole going dark. Of course it would never have occurred to her that Mark might spy on her.

Mark wasn't sure what had prompted him to creep after his mother into the house and follow her down the hall. Maybe he was hoping he'd get lucky and see Brenda naked again. But she'd been acting funny all day, ever since Dad left, and Mark suspected there'd be more going on in her room than just a nap. He knelt and peered through the keyhole. He'd gotten lucky, all right. Brenda was just starting to take off her clothes.

Mark's tireless teenage cock went stiff as steel. Nothing in the world was more fascinating and exciting to him than the sight of his mother's naked body. She seemed to be in a hurry, too, for the clothes went flying in all directions -- sandals and shirt and jeans, then bra and panties. Naked, she stretched out on the king-size bed and immediately shoved a hand between her legs.

It was a second before Mark realized just what he was witnessing, but then it all made sense. Dad was gone again, and Mom had nobody to fuck. So she was going to satisfy herself with her own fingers. As he watched her stroking her slit, Mark's cock strained against the tight confinement of his jeans. He wanted to release it -- and why not? It would be a kick to jack off while he watched his mom masturbating.

Quickly Mark unzipped his jeans and eased his rigid cock out of his pants. He fisted it and pumped it, but he never took his eye away from the keyhole. He didn't want to miss even a second of that thrilling scene. His prick began to drool thick hot globs of dream as he watched Brenda moving her fingers all over the puffed and juicy flesh of her gash. He had no idea how women got themselves off, and he was dying to find out.

Completely unaware that she had an audience, Brenda took, her time, enjoying herself. There was no reason to hurry. It would be a whole week before she had a man again, so she might as well be nice to herself -- very nice. She explored her pussy, giving herself a rub here and there, and then she trailed her hands back up to her big swelling tits. She loved having them fondled, but Gil was usually too busy for that these days.

That was ironic, because it used to be that he just couldn't keep his hands off her large thrusting tits. She chuckled to herself as she recalled the first time they met. She was just a teenager, walking down the street, and Gil was approaching from the opposite direction. She noticed the handsome stranger eying her tits, which were well-displayed by her skin-tight t-shirt. Then the handsome stranger was walking into a power pole.

During their first dates he'd done everything he could think of to cop a feel of her tits. Brenda had finally taken pity on him and let him remove her bra and fondle her naked breasts, but she never let him go farther than that till their wedding night. As she recalled all these exciting encounters, she cupped and caressed her big silky-skinned tits, using her thumbs to tease the large conical nipples into rigid buds.

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighed.

Mark was eating his heart out. Like his father, he was fascinated with Brenda's luscious big tits, and he ached to get his hands on them. Clearly Mom wanted somebody to fondle her tits, and he just wished he could volunteer for the job. He pumped his prick furiously as he watched her running her hands over the swollen melons, and, teasing her nipples into taut erection. Then, still using one hand on her tits, she slid the other back between her legs.

She had her knees bent and her thighs parted very wide, so Mark had a super view of her slit. He saw moist pink flesh fringed with little dark curls, once again Brenda raw her fingers all over her pussy, getting them sticky and wet with cream. Then she zeroed in on the most sensitive spot of all, the small bud of flesh at the very top of her gash. She pressed a fingertip to it and rubbed it in a swift circular motion.

"Mmmmmmm, yesssss," she sighed. Mark memorized the spot, because if he ever got to touch a pussy again, that was where he'd do it. That little button seemed to be fantastically sensitive. Brenda was stroking her self there very lightly, but she was gurgling with excitement and creaming heavily, the pearly liquid dribbling down her ass track and puddling on the bed.

Brenda would have been shocked to learn that her teenage son was watching her through the keyhole and jacking off. But she had no idea, so she was completely uninhibited. She worked her clit into stiffness with that circling fingertip. Swollen, it was doubly sensitive. It throbbed hard under her teasing finger, and finally it was so engorged it felt ready to explode. She was right on the brink of coming.

But she didn't take herself over the edge. It was too soon. She wanted to take her time and prolong the delicious sensations. So she left her clit, swollen and erect, and moved on to rim the moist little mouth of her cunt. She used the tip of her middle finger to zip quickly around and around the tiny hole, and it wasn't long before her body responded, following its natural lusty instincts.

Her hips began to jerk in a fucking motion, and she moaned, "Stick it into me, give me all of it."

Mark wondered who she was thinking of when she whispered those hoarse urgent demands. He just wished he could be right there to give her what she wanted. If she wanted something stiff and hard in her cunt, he was all ready for her. His engorged young cock was hard as iron. It seemed a shame that his horny mom had to use her finger instead. But that's what she was doing.

"Oooooo, shit, yessss," she hissed.

Brenda was easing her middle finger up her seething little twat, and it felt marvelous. Three fingers would feel even better, of course, but she was saving the best sensations for last. Right now she was just teasing herself, building up to the big moment. She jerked her finger fast and hard in her famished cunt, squealing with pleasure -- then withdrew when she threatened to come.

By now she was writhing with need, but she still wasn't ready to end her fun. She ran her hand up her body again and cupped and squeezed her tits. By now the big melons were fully engorged and throbbing, and her nipples stood up rigid and rosy. Because she had such big tits there was a trick she could do. She eased one tit upward and met it with her tongue, lashing the stiff nipple and giving herself delicious sensations.

Mark damned near shot his load as he watched his beautiful mother licking her own lust-engorged nipples. That was another thing he wanted to do for her. If she'd just let him, he'd be delighted to stimulate her lovely tits in any way she wanted -- fondling, squeezing, licking, sucking. Again, it seemed a real shame that she had to do all those things for herself. It was clear that Dad wasn't taking very good care of her in bed.

Mark wanted to take his fathers place. He knew he could do the job, and he knew how urgently his mother needed it. He just had to dream up the right way to approach her. Later he'd devise a plan, but right now he was just too horny to think straight. Urgently pumping his throbbing cock, he watched Brenda slide her hand down onto her pussy again. She rimmed her clit, flinching and gasping as pleasure-jolts shot from the supersensitive bud.

"Qoooooo, shit, I need to come so bad," she moaned.

I can do it for you, Mom, Mark thought. I'd do it any way you wanted it.

If Brenda had been able to receive her son's silent message, she might almost have accepted his offer. She needed a man so urgently, she was going wild with frustration. But she knew the only solution was to get off by herself, much as she craved a big hard cock and a good stiff fucking. She bunched three fingers together, approximating the size and shape of a real cock, and plunged them hard into her cunt, taking them as deep as she could get them.

"Ahhhhhhh, God, yesssss," she gurgled. Once more Mark almost, shot his load. It was driving him wild to watch his desperately horny mother finger-fuck herself, when he was just a few feet away with a stiff and ready cock. It didn't make any sense at all. Now she was jerking those bunched fingers in and out of her twat with lightning speed, hammering herself toward the orgasms she craved. Mark pumped his nearly-exploding prick to her fast urgent tempo.

"Fuck it to me, fuck hard," Brenda groaned.

She was yelling to her faceless fantasy lover, having no idea that just ten feet away her own son was watching her and dying to fuck her.

She worked her fingers faster and faster, plunging them deep into the boiling pulp of her famished little pussy hole. A few more stiff thrusts and she was over the edge, coming violently.

"Ahhhhbhh, yessss, whaahhhhhhh!" she howled.

"Unnnnggghhhh, fuckin' Christ!" Mark gasped, shooting his load against her door. His helpless gasp was drowned out by her hoarse cries of release. The moment he'd finished coming, he grabbed some tissues from the bathroom and cleaned the come off the door. Then he treated himself to one last peak through the keyhole. Brenda was lying almost still now, catching her breath, one finger stroking lightly over her gash as if to milk out the very last drops of sensation.

Mom, Mark thought longingly, I wanta do that for you.

Chapter FOUR

Pretty soon Brenda came outdoors again and helped Mark with the yard work. He worked hard and well, as always, but his mind was somewhere else. He was trying to think of a way he could get his mother turned on to him, but he wasn't having much success.

He didn't know how much Brenda was attracted to him already. She'd noticed how her little boy was growing up. In fact he wasn't a boy any more, he was a young man. His body was distinctively masculine in cut-off shorts and no shirt. He didn't have any hair on his chest yet, but his chest was broad and strong. His arms and legs were well-muscled, too.

Yes, he was a very good-looking young man. Brenda's eyes strayed lower, to the crotch of his shorts, and she wondered what his cock looked like now. She hadn't seen it since the last time she'd bathed and dressed him, years ago. She felt a little spark of lust, when inwardly laughed at herself for getting turned on by her own son. That was just plain silly.

Still, it didn't surprise her. She got turned on to all kinds of males when Gil was on the road for a long time. Not that she'd ever done anything about it or wanted to, but the lust was there. She didn't believe in cheating, and she loved her husband very much, but when he didn't do his job in bed, she just couldn't help wondering how it would be with other guys.

So she found herself looking at Mark as a man, not as her young son. And he had a really nice body. She kept glancing at him admiringly, and she noticed that he was looking her over pretty good, too. The day was getting hotter, so she'd changed to shorts and a skimpy halter. Mark obviously liked her tall shapely body. But that seemed perfectly normal, and it didn't bother her.

They had a light supper and then flopped on the couch to watch TV. It was one of the new soap opera-type shows, and Brenda got pretty absorbed in it, but all Mark could think of was how badly he wanted to get it on with her. He wanted it, she needed it, and nobody else had to know about it that was how he viewed the situation. But stilt he couldn't get up the courage to make the first move.

As his lust grew, be inched closer and closer to his pretty mom till their thighs were almost touching. He could feel the heat, radiating from her body, and he could smell her delicious scents of cologne and soap and natural female. His balls began to swell, and his cock started to stiffen. Mark blushed. He really didn't want to get a hard-on right now. Mom would be sure to notice, and it would be difficult to explain. But his treacherous prick had a mind of its owe, and it went on swelling as he thought of fucking his mother.

He couldn't help replaying all the exciting things he'd seen in the last couple of days while spying on her. Brenda parading naked before her mirror, Brenda moaning in ecstasy as she took Gil's hammering cock, Brenda desperately finger-fucking herself into a moaning orgasm -- all those images turned Mark on like crazy, and they made his cock swell to its full size, forming an obscene bulge at the crotch of his shorts.

"Shit," he muttered.

"What did you say, honey?" Brenda asked absently.

"Uh, nothing," Mark replied, slipping his arm around her shoulder.

Brenda patted his hand, but that was her only response. She was absorbed in the program. Mark studied the deep cleavage of her big ripe tits. Her halter was cut very low in front, and he could see half of each breast and maybe even a hint of light pink nipple. He inched his hand down her shoulder and rested it at the tip of her tit, just as he'd done with Dana. The only thing was, Dana had known exactly what he was up to, while Brenda didn't have a clue. She just thought he was being an affectionate son.

Again she patted his hand, but her attention was on the TV. It was really a very sexy program, and it was giving her thoughts that she'd hoped to avoid. Maybe she ought to switch over to the football game. But, no, she'd just end up staring at all those trim male asses in those tight pants. It seemed like everything reminded her of sex when Gil was away. But at least she had her son to distract her.

Then she happened to glance over and see that Mark, had a hard-on.

She turned beet red and looked quickly back at the TV. Then she snuck another glance at his fly. Sure enough, his cock was so swollen, it looked like it was going to rip its way out of his pants. He was hugging her tightly and brushing his fingertips over the top of her tit. He'd inched so close to her that their thighs were touching.

It finally got through to Brenda that her son was turned on to her. What to do? She figured it was a phase he was going through. Describing his own adolescence, Gil had said he was horny twenty-five hours a day and would have fucked anything that moved. So it wasn't too surprising for Mark to be aroused by his attractive mother. But Brenda didn't know how to handle it. She kept sneaking looks at his stiff cock, and she realized she was getting aroused.

"Well," she chirped, "this really is a silly show. I think I'll go to bed."

"Wait, Mom," Mark exclaimed.

His voice rasped out in a horny croak, and he made a desperate grab for her, kissing her hard and clumsily on the mouth. He just couldn't control himself, he was so lusty, and the next thing Brenda knew, he was pulling her down on the couch and rolling on top of her. She felt his rock-hard cock throbbing through their clothes and pressing her belly, and she creamed a huge hot burst of molten juice.

She tried to wrench her face away, but by now he had his tongue in her mouth, thrusting and probing. That turned her on even more. But what really drove her crazy was feeling that hard and ready prick of his jabbing her belly. She couldn't help thinking how easy it would be to just let him stick that rigid throbbing meat into her cunt. She needed it more than anything in the world.

But this was her own little boy she was getting the hots for! With her last ounce of strength she managed to break the kiss and exclaim, "Mark, let me up! You know you shouldn't be doing this."

"Aw, please, Mom," he groaned, "I'm so damned horny."

The anguish in his voice wasn't faked. And Brenda knew just how he felt. Whenever Gil was away for long periods of time, she got horny enough to scream. She began to feel sorry for Mark. It was bad enough to have one person in this house tortured with sexual need. Why should there be two? He was her son, and she was going to help him out.

"Honey, let's go to your room, and maybe there's something I can do for you," she said gently.

Mark wasn't sure quite what she meant, but it sounded very interesting. He obediently followed her down the hall and into his room. Brenda patted the bed, and he stretched out on his back. Quickly and deftly she unzipped his shorts and tugged them open. He wasn't wearing under shorts and his engorged young cock sprang free of its prison and stood straight up, bulging with blue veins and drooling thick streams of juice.

Brenda felt hot saliva rushing to her mouth as she eyed her son's handsome seven-inch cock. She wanted so much to lick and taste and suck it, but she knew that would be wrong. She must only give him the minimum amount of attention, just enough to get him off and relieve his horniness. Sighing, she curled her fingers around his prick and began to jack him off.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, Mom, that's terrific," he sighed.

Of course he'd much rather be jerking his stiff boner in her hot little cunt, but he figured he was damned lucky to get as far as he had. He really hadn't expected his mother to do this for him. She was blushing a little as she pumped his cock, but he was sure he saw hot lust in her eyes. She couldn't look away from his dick. She seemed fascinated with it.

Mark would have been even more excited if he'd known what she was thinking. As she stared helplessly at his stiff cock, Brenda was imagining how big and hard and nice it would feel in her famished little cunt. True, Gil had been gone less than a day, and he'd fucked her this morning, but already she was urgently horny again. Playing with herself didn't get it. The only thing that could satisfy her would be a good hard fucking -- and the only stiff cock available belonged to her own teenage son.

Forget it, she told herself sternly, that's crazy.

But was it really so crazy to have the hots for this good-looking kid with the engorged boner? Wasn't it only natural for a woman as sex-starved as she was? Brenda desperately tried to explain and excuse her incestuous longings as she pumped her son's cock. It was Gil's fault that she felt hot and horny for their little boy, Gil's fault for not doing his job in bed.

Or so she told herself. It was hard to think straight. Mark's prick was fiery-hot and violently throbbing against her fingers, and she was getting excited out of her mind as she pumped the smooth hard slab of meat. Molten cream dribbled from his piss hole and ran down to wet her fingers, making her pumping very slick and fast. No matter how she tried, she couldn't help wanting to feel that engorged cock in her cunt.

Just a few stiff thrusts from that rigid boner, and she'd be coming like crazy, she was sure of that. And it would be so easy to do it. She was positive Mark wanted to fuck her. All she'd have to do was slip off her shorts and panties, open her legs, and let her eager son cram his rock-hard cock into her juice-slick cunt. It would be just a matter of seconds before she got the relief she craved.

Brenda realized how close she was to losing control of herself and begging Mark to fuck her. She let go of his drooling prick like it was a hot potato and cried, "Oh, my God, Mark, this is all wrong. I shouldn't be doing this."

"Please don't stop, Mom," Mark begged hoarsely, "I'm almost there."

Again the urgent need in his voice brought out her maternal instincts, and all she could think of was making him feel better, taking away his misery. She grasped his throbbing cock again and went on pumping it, and Mark breathed a big sigh of relief. At least he'd persaded her to jack him off. But of course he wanted to go a lot farther with her than that, if he could only think of a way.

However right now all he could think of was his engorged and nearly exploding cock. Brenda's hot little fist zipped faster and faster up and down his engorged shaft, and he closed his eyes and hurtled to the brink of climax. Her fist tightened around his meat as she watched his face twist into a lusty grimace. She knew he was on the verge of coming, and she pumped his cock with firm quick strokes, taking him over the edge. He fucked hard at her fist as he began to come.

"Awwwwwww, fuck, awwwwww!" he yelled.

That was when Brenda realized that she'd forgotten to have some tissue handy. As the first thick wad of come jetted from his cock, the housewife in her took over, and all she could think of was preventing a big mess.

Desperately she opened her mouth wide and brought it within range of his squirting prick. She managed to catch all the globs of steaming jizz.

She gurgled and drooled as she tasted her son's delicious salty come. She realized she was doing a very kinky thing, but the alternative was to let him spurt his come all over the room. And she had to admit that she didn't mind eating it -- not at all. She caught the last few spurts, and then she licked her lips clean. Luckily Mark hadn't noticed a thing. He was just now opening his eyes after that body wracking orgasm.

"Gee, thanks a million, Mom," he sighed, "I-I really needed that."

"All right, dear, you go to sleep now," Brenda said. She wanted to get out of that room before she completely lost control of herself.

But Mark grasped her wrist and wouldn't let her go. "Wait, Mom," he said, "don't you want me to help you feel better, too?"

Brenda blushed furiously. "Mark, that wouldn't be right," she said, even as her pussy burned with need.

"But, Mom, that doesn't make sense," he said, pulling her down beside him. "You just helped me out, so why shouldn't I do the same for you?"

As he spoke he was unzipping her shorts, and Brenda gasped as he slid his hand down inside shorts and panties and touched the scorching wet flesh of her pussy. He began to rub her there, just as he'd seen her rub herself when he was spying on her, desperately hoping to get her aroused. He succeeded. His stroking felt so good on her lust-inflamed slit that Brenda just couldn't resist.

"Ohhhhhh, God," she moaned.

"Just relax, Mom, and I'll get you off," Mark said soothingly. "There's nothing wrong with me just touching you."

Brenda convinced herself that he was right. She'd jacked him off, and now he'd just return the favor. There'd be nothing more serious than that, just mother and son helping each other out in an unusual way. She started to relax, and Mark zeroed in on her clit, rimming it with the tip of his finger, just as he'd seen her do it to herself. She gurgled with pleasure and soaked his finger with a hot spurt of juice.

"Mmmmnun, yesss, honey, just do that a little while longer," she sighed.

"I'll do whatever you want, Mom," he promised.

He just wished she'd want his cock inside her. He was sure as hell ready to provide that service, any time of day or night. But he knew he was lucky to have gotten as fat as he had. It seemed fantastic to be working his finger in all that hot juicy flesh between her legs and making her gurgle and sigh with pleasure. Soon his finger was dripping with her hot cream, and she was breathing very heavily.

Mark rimmed her clit faster, and she whimpered in bliss. Somehow it was a lot more exciting to have a male masturbating her than to do it herself. She closed her eyes and shut out all other thoughts and sensations as he rimmed her clit and gave her hot jolts of pleasure that made her cream, steadily and helplessly. It wasn't long before she was approaching orgasm, the pleasure building in her pussy till she could hardly contain it.

"Ooooooo, honey, just a little more," she moaned.

Mark wanted to give her a really powerful come. He recalled all the things she'd done to herself when she was beating off, and he remembered that she'd saved the most arousing thing till last, when she plunged her three bunched fingers into her cunt and used them like a cock. He decided to use that technique to bring her off. He just wished it was going to be his cock instead of his fingers that did the job.

His prick was steadily stiffening as he played with his mother's clit, and it went stiff as a board when he glided his three fingers into the scorching slippery tunnel of her twat. It was so damned hot and juicy in there, and he just knew it would feel terrific around his swollen boner. He imagined thrusting into her, sheathing his prick in that satiny hot flesh, and he damned near came. Brenda was moaning in ecstasy as he crammed her with his fingers.

"Unnnhhhh, baby, yes," she cried, "keep doing that to me, make me come."

That wasn't very hard to do. Mark started positioning his bunched fingers in her cunt, and she shot to the brink of orgasm, creaming heavily and helplessly. She arched her body to take his plowing fingers as deep as she could get them. She felt the pleasure building in her pussy and reaching the point of explosion. That was when Mark felt her cunt clamp like a vise around his fingers and drench them with steaming liquid.

"Ooooooo, baby, you did it, I'm coming!" his mother howled.

Mark's cock twitched and drooled as he felt that steady hard clamping action around his fingers. It sure would be great to have his cock massaged like that, then sizzle his load into his mom's gulping cunt. He just had to try it. He was dying to be rid of his damned virginity, dying to make it with his gorgeous mother. As Brenda started coming down from her body rocking climax, Mark whipped his soaked fingers out of her box and threw himself onto her.

"Mark, noooo," she squealed.

"Please, Mom, let me do it," he groaned.

It was obvious that he was urgently horny, but Brenda wasn't ready for fucking her own son. He stabbed around with his steel-hard tock, trying to get into her cunt, but all he did was jab her belly. It was easy to divert the inexperienced kid. Brenda grabbed for his prick, curled her fingers around it, and started pumping.

"Ahhhhhhh, Jesus," Mark moaned.

"I'll get you off, honey," Brenda said soothingly.

Mark was just too horny to fight it. He wanted so much to plunge his achingly stiff cock into his mom's juicy little pussy hole, but her pumping fist felt damned good, too. He just let it happen. He began fucking at her fist as his urgency overtook him. All that mattered to him was shooting his load, and he didn't care how it happened.

Brenda felt that violently throbbing cock jerking in her fist, and she almost groaned with need. Once again she thought how easy and wonderful it would be just to open her legs and let Mark cram his cock into her. She needed to be fucked so badly. But she couldn't handle incest. Not yet, at least. This was something she really had to think about. So for the time being it was best just to jack the boy off. That would give them both time to think.

Using one hand to pump his nearly exploding prick, she grabbed some tissues from the besides table. Not a moment too soon, either -- Mark was moaning steadily and hoarsely, fucking her fist, and it was clear that he was just about to come. Brenda tightened her grip around his cock and pumped it very fast, and that took him over the edge. She felt his cock spasm hard, and she clapped the tissue over the squirting purple head to catch his boiling jizz.

"Awwwwww, fuck, shit, awwwwwwww!" the boy roared.

Brenda shivered lustily, wishing that boiling come was flooding her cunt. She still had a week to go before Gil returned, and every hour of every day would be spent in Mark's company. She wondered if she'd be able to resist her handsome horny son if he came on to her again. That was a question she just couldn't answer. As Mark started coming down from his climax, she hastily moved off the bed.

"You go to sleep now, Mark," she said firmly, then hurried from the room before he could say a word.

Chapter FIVE

Brenda wasn't at all surprised when she woke up ragingly horny the next morning. It was always like that when Gil was on the road. But this time it was even worse, because of her tantalizing encounter with her son. Instead of thinking about Gil she found herself thinking of Mark.

She stretched, yawned, then automatically slid a hand between her legs. That was how she started most mornings when Gil was away -- a quick beat-off to keep her from feeling lusty all morning. She pressed a fingertip to the swollen nub of her clit and started rubbing the supersensitive button. As she did so, she had a helpless fantasy of Mark lying on top of her and urgently stabbing his stiff cock against the slippery flesh of her pussy.

"Oh, God no," she moaned.

But the fantasy wouldn't go away, and she found herself incredibly turned on by it. She imagined Mark stabbing all around with his rigid prick and finally hitting the mark, cramming her seething cunt full of throbbing meat. As she fantasized this, she glided her finger up her box and started pumping it in stiff cock like motions. It felt marvelous, especially when combined with that naughty, incestuous fantasy.

"Do it to me, honey, fuck me hard," she whimpered.

It was outrageous of her to be imagining such a thing, but somehow she just couldn't stop. She added another finger, then a third, to her boiling slick box and pretended her son was fucking her very hard and urgently. She hurtled to the edge of orgasm, soaking her pistoning fingers with her helplessly gushing cream. One more deep hard thrust with her bunched fingers and she was coming powerfully.

"Ohhhhbh, God, ohhhhhhh!" she sobbed.

It was a delicious body-wracking come that went on for a full minute and left her panting. But with her lust finally satisfied, Brenda felt ashamed of herself. What kind of sicko was she, anyway? And what was driving her to feel lust for her own teenage son? Grimly she marched off for a cool shower, hoping her beat-off session had cooled her lusts for the rest of the day.

To her relief Mark slept in late, and she didn't have to be tempted by his presence till nearly noon. Meanwhile she threw herself into some heavy housework. She needed to keep busy, to keep her mind off her relentless need for sex. The technique worked pretty well -- until Mark finally appeared. The moment she saw him, Brenda felt her lust returning in full force. She could tell it was going to be a very long day.

"I'll get your breakfast in a minute, dear," she said, trying to sound calm, "as soon as I finish vacuuming this room."

"That's okay, Mom," Mark said, "I can get my own breakfast. Then I'll help you with the housework."

Oh, great, Brenda thought, terrific.

That was all she needed, to have Mark right beside her for the rest of the day. She'd go crazy with lust. She simply couldn't trust herself to resist the boy if they were alone together for that long. She decided the sensible thing to do wat go somewhere else, where they'd be around other people and Mark wouldn't be able to come on to her. She marched into the kitchen where he was scrambling some eggs. "I've decided we ought to bag the housework and go to the lake," she smiled. "How does that suit you?"

"Hey, that's a terrific idea," Mark exclaimed. "It's gonna be a hot day, just right for swimming."

"Fine," Brenda smiled, "I'll pack us a lunch while you eat."

They drove to a nearby lake and parked by the shore. There were two other parties of people there, much to Brenda's relief. All she and Mark could do was swim and sunbathe. There was no question of making love with all those other people around. She went to the changing rooms and put on her revealing little yellow bikini, then, headed straight for the water.

Mark, who'd just changed into his swimming trunks, noticed the looks his mother was getting as she strode down to the lake. Every male from nine to ninety was ogling her tall big-titted body, and no wonder. She looked fantastic. Mark felt his cock start to swell as he watched her, and he hurried to join her in the cool water, hoping it would prevent an embarrassing hard-on.

They swam for a long time, almost an hour, and when Brenda finally emerged from the water she was surprised to find that all the other people had left. She and Mark had the whole lake to themselves, exactly the situation she'd wanted to avoid. She just hoped he wouldn't notice. She stretched out on the picnic blanket, face down, and prepared to soak up some sun. Mark soon joined her, dripping from his swim.

"Want me to put some sunscreen on you, Mom?" he offered.

"Yes, honey, please," Brenda said, already getting drowsy in the hot sun.

Mark got the bottle of sunscreen and squirted a generous amount on his palm. He started working it into the silky hot skin of Brenda's arms and shoulders and back. She purred with pleasure, enjoying his massage, and her eyes fluttered shut. Mark saw that she was drowsy and off guard. It was the perfect chance to cop a feel of her fantastic tits. Quickly he unhooked her little bikini top.

"Mark, what are you doing?" she muttered.

"I wanta put some lotion here," he lied. "It's okay, Mom, there's nobody around to look."

So he had noticed that they were the only people here. Brenda knew that was a bad sign and that maybe they should pack up and go, but she felt so good lying there in the sun, she just didn't want to move. Mark was massaging lotion into her back, where the bra had been, and she closed her eyes again and went half to sleep. She hardly noticed that his fingers were inching lower and lower.

Mark was ogling her big creamy-skinned tits and wondering if he dared take the chance. His lust got the better of him and he quickly slid his lotion-slick hands underneath her and cupped her hot throbbing tits. Instantly her big nipples went stiff, poking hard against his palms. As he started squeezing and molding her tits, Brenda gasped.

"Mark, stop that," she cried.

"Aw, relax, Mom, I'm just putting lotion on you," he replied, trying to sound innocent.

Meanwhile his cock was going stiff as steel, obscenely tenting his swimming trunks. It was a good thing Brenda couldn't see that. She relaxed a little as he went on fondling her tits.

They were huge fistfuls for him, satiny and delicious to touch. He sensed that she was enjoying his massage too, almost purring with pleasure.

Mark's hunch was right. Brenda adored having her tits fondled, and she just couldn't resist letting him continue. It had been a long time since Gil had done it for her, far too long. And Mark had sounded so innocent when he said he was just putting lotion on her. She closed her eyes and felt the hot stabs of pleasure streaking from her tits to her pussy. Too late, she realized that she was getting horny. Her slit was suddenly swollen, wet and boiling.

But just at that point Mark slid his hands off her tits and moved them to her back, rubbing in more cool lotion. Brenda relaxed. He massaged the sunscreen around her waist and hips, then the top of her ass, right down to the line of her tiny bikini bottoms. His fingers darted under the panties, working in more lotion.

Mark knew he had to work very carefully in order not to alarm his mother. Gently he inched her bikini panties downward, exposing the perfect firm rounds of her ass. He started rubbing lotion into the twin globes, and at the same time he eased her thighs apart just a little so he could see the wet pink flesh of her gash and its fine fringe of dark curls. His cock gave a violent horny lurch and began to drip hot cream.

He knew then that he just wouldn't rest till he'd crammed his cock into his mother's juicy little fuck hole. It was all he could think about any more. And what better chance would he have than this? Brenda was about half asleep. He already had her panties halfway off, her legs open. He knew he was taking a terrible risk, but he just couldn't resist. He firmly grasped her bikini bottoms and pulled them off fast.

"Mark -- oh, my God!" Brenda gasped.

One moment he was whisking off her bathing suit, and the next moment he was on top of her, pinning her down, and shoving his hot hard young cock between her legs. He was trying to enter her from behind, his stiff meat stabbing hard against the tender wet flesh of her pussy. Brenda tried to roll out from under him, but he clung to her like a leech. Then she felt the thick head of his prick hitting the mark, plugging the mouth of her cunt.

"Honey, noooo," she sobbed, "you can't fuck your own mother."

Mark didn't see why not, especially when he was so tantalizingly close to his goal. His cock was already into her about an inch, and all he had to do to lose his cherry was shove. While Brenda sobbed in protest, he caught his breath, then pushed hard. He groaned with delight as he sheathed his cock right to the balls in his mother's slippery smoking cunt.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, fantastic!" he cried.

"Oh, my God," Brenda wept.

The damage was done now. Her son's cock was inside her. He'd shoved it into her as far as it would go, butting her womb, and she could feel his meat throbbing against every inch of her tight cuntal tunnel. Worse than that, she loved it. She adored feeling her twat crammed with hot hard cock-meat. Helplessly she soaked his dick with molten cream and struggled not to moan with excitement.

She might have felt some conflict about what they were doing, but not Mark. All he felt was utter bliss as he began to stroke his cock in a juicy cunt for the very first time. Moaning happily, the horny teenage boy let his instincts carry him away, pistoning his cock fast and stiffly in that juice-slick little hole.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, it feels good," he panted. Brenda agreed, but she wasn't about to tell him so. It didn't just feel good to her, it felt marvelous. She was way overdue for a good stiff fucking. She clawed the picnic blanket and tried to stifle her cries of pleasure as Mark's rigid cock reamed and stuffed her famished twat. He was giving it to her just the way she craved it, fast and rough. She was creaming helplessly, soaking his hammering cock.

"Unnnhhhh, stilt, unnhhhhh," Mark groaned, going out of his mind with excitement, "does it feel good to you, Mom?"

Brenda was spared a reply, because at that moment they heard a car approaching. It was agony for Mark to pull his swollen cock out of her deliciously hot and juicy cunt, but there'd have been big trouble if somebody drove up and found them fucking in a public place.

Quickly he and Brenda pulled on their bathing suits.

"Damn," he moaned.

Brenda started loading things into the car. She couldn't find the words for what she felt. It was the most powerful lust of her life, and she knew she'd go crazy if she didn't satisfy it. Call it incest or whatever, she wasn't going to fight it any more. She couldn't. That interrupted fuck had been agony, and she knew she had to be alone with Mark again.

"Come on, we're going home," she said quickly.

Mark didn't know what was on her mind. She wouldn't talk on the way home. His cock wouldn't go down, either. He replayed again and again those few exciting moments when he'd had his prick in her. He felt like he'd go out of his mind with frustration if he didn't get to fuck her again. He helped her carry the picnic things into the house, then turned to her with a questioning look.

Brenda locked the front door and said, "Come with me, Mark."

He followed her to the master bedroom and hungrily eyed the king-sized bed where she and Dad must have made love hundreds of times. His tireless young cock was once more trying to tear its way out of his swimming trunks. He turned to his mother again and saw with delight that she was taking off her bikini. Her eyes were all hot and loving, and they were focused on his bulging crotch.

"Take off your bathing suit, Mark," she said.

He tried. But the suit was wet, and his cock was enormously swollen. Somehow he just couldn't ease that tight suit down around his hard-on. While he struggled, Brenda dropped her bikini bra on the floor, her big melon shaped tits bouncing free. She skinned out of her panties and kicked them away. Mark hungrily ogled her dark little bush and tried even harder to get his trunks off, but it was no go.

"I'll help you, dear," Brenda said hoarsely. As she approached him, Mark feasted his eyes on her firmly thrusting tits and rigid big nipples. Then she went to her knees in front of him and began carefully and patiently easing down his trunks. It was hard for her to be patient, because she was dying to see and touch and taste his meat, but somehow she was finally helping him step out of the trunks. His belly-hugging cock was level with, her hungry mouth, and she drooled at the sight of it.

She leaned so close, that her hot breath tickled his swollen cock. Then her little pink tongue darted out Mark felt an electric shock of pleasure as it contacted his prick. He shivered and groaned. Brenda began to lick up all the salty juice that was dribbling from his piss hole. That turned him on like crazy.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, Mom, that feels fantastic," he cried hoarsely. Brenda seemed to be off in a lusty trance.

She didn't talk, just licked, very carefully tonguing up every single drop of his cream. She rolled the thick juice around on her tongue, savoring it, then gulped it down and greedily tongued for more. Mark had heard vague things from other boys about head jobs and oral sex, but he'd had no idea it would be this exciting. But then everything his mother did excited him.

She licked up all his cream, then drilled the pointed tip of her tongue right into his piss hole to get more. Mark almost came in her face. It was a very close thing. She gurgled with excitement as she swallowed his cream. Then she got to her feet, took his hand, and led him over to the bed. Mark was almost yelping with excitement. It looked as if his dream was going to come true -- he was going to take his dad's place in Mom's bed.

Brenda stretched out on her back, bent her legs, and spread her thighs wide. Mark ogled the moist pink line of her slit and the tempting opening of her cunt. She still seemed to be off in that lusty trance, not talking, just needing. She opened her arms to him, and Mark gave a snort of lust and threw himself onto her.

He stabbed around with his stiff cock, but he skidded all over the place, her gash was so slippery with cream. He couldn't seem to find her cunt. He was moaning with frustration. Then Brenda reached down and took his rigid boner and slipped it into her cunt. They both groaned in ecstasy as he shoved his meat, the rest of the way, touching her womb and cramming her full.

"Ohhhhh, baby, yessss," Brenda hissed.

It didn't matter to her now that this was incest, that she was eagerly fucking her own teenage son. All that mattered was having a hard cock inside her famished pussy hole, getting well fucked. She showed him how to do it. She took his hands and placed them under her ass, showing him how to cup firmly and pull her tight against him. His instincts did the rest. He began to fuck her hard and urgently.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, it's good," he moaned. "is it okay for you, Mom? Am I doing it the way you like it?"

"Yes, baby, it's just tight," Brenda panted. "Keep fucking me good and hard, don't stop."

Wild horses couldn't have made him stop! Mark was totally bussed out as he hammered his swollen cock in his mom's snug and juicy pussy hole. He'd never felt anything so great in his young life, and he just wished he could go on fucking her forever. Each time he shoved his prick into that juicy little hole, he felt a hot jolt of pleasure. Brenda clung to him and jerked her hips to his rhythm, letting him know how much she loved his fucking.

"Ohhhhhh, Mark, honey, I love it," she gurgled, "you're fucking me so good."

"I love fucking you, Mom," the boy groaned, "I don't ever wanta stop."

But it was going to come to an end very soon because he was just too damned horny to hold out. As his excitement carried him away, he fucked into her faster and faster, his prick making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the hot juice from her squeezing cunt. She kept pace with him, fucking right back at him. Mother and son hurtled to the edge of orgasm, clinging to each other and moaning.

"Awwwwww, fuck, unnnhhhh," Mark groaned.

"Ohhhhh, shit, fuck me, fuck me forever, honey," Brenda wailed.

In that bed it was hard not to be reminded of Gil. Here she was, fucking their own son in their marriage bed -- but not feeling a bit guilty about it. If Gil had done his duty as a husband, this wouldn't be happening. But Brenda could only go so long without sexual satisfaction and she'd reached her limit today. She couldn't control her lusts any longer. She took her son's jackhammering cock with screams of ecstasy.

"Unnhhhhh, Mark, I'm gonna come!" she sobbed. "Fuck real hard, honey, as hard as you can."

Mark was already giving her what she wanted, spinning out of control and fucking her so hard that her body, shuddered with the impact. The big bed began to creak and quiver. Then Brenda felt a powerful explosion of pleasure deep in her cunt that flashed out to engulf her whole body. Her spasming cunt sucked the jizz from Mark's hammering cock.

"Ohhhhh, God, I'm coming, ohhhhhh!" she wailed.

"Awwwwww, Christ, take my come, awwwww!" Mark howled.

It was the first decent fuck Brenda had had in a long time. It was hard to believe that her young son had given, her what his father wouldn't provide, but that's how it was. And as long as Mark could give her what she craved, they'd go on being lovers -- incest just didn't worry her any more. She and Mark could meet each others needs, and what else mattered?

Chapter SIX

Mark had been considering calling Dana for another date, but not any more. Now that his beautiful mother was willing to fuck him, what did he need with Dana or any other girl his own age? None of them turned him on the way Brenda did.

After their love-making that afternoon, he followed her around the house, helping her with chores, never wanting to be out of her sight. They kept stopping to kiss and caress each other. It was Mark's idea of a perfect day. Brenda made his favorite dinner, and by the time they finished eating, their minds were on sex again.

Brenda felt just as turned on as her son did. She hadn't had any decent love-making in so long that she could hardly wait to take Mark to bed again. All she could think of was his inexhaustible, steel-hard teenage cock and the fantastic pleasure it could give her. By the time she'd finished loading the dinner dishes into the dishwasher, she was ragingly horny again. And from the way Mark kept brushing against her, she was sure he felt the same.

"Want to watch some TV, honey?" she asked teasingly.

"I'd rather watch you," Mark said, his voice husky with longing.

Brenda glanced at his fly, and saw it was bulging. The boy had a hard-on for her, and that excited her hotly. She moved toward him, and Mark swept her into his arms and kissed her hungrily, darting his tongue into her mouth. Wantonly she ground her swollen mound against his engorged prick, and she felt him give a horny shiver and a muffled moan.

She darted her tongue back at his and went on rubbing her mound against his stiff prick. She could feel his meat throbbing even through their clothes. Her nipples were growing long and engorged with lust, pressing into his chest. She was creaming helplessly, hot spurts of juice that soaked through her panties. It was high time they quit fooling around and got down to some serious love-making, she decided.

"Why don't we go to my room, dear?" she purred as they finally broke off the steamy tongue-kiss.

"Great idea, Mom," Mark leered.

He noticed she didn't refer to it as "our room", that is, hers and Dad's. She hadn't mentioned Gil, not even once, since she and Mark became lovers. It was like his Dad was totally out of the picture. That made Mark wonder what, things would be like when Gil returned. But he wasn't going to worry about that now. He was just going to grab all the pleasure he could get while he was still the only man in his mother's life.

In the bedroom they quickly stripped, then stretched out on the big bed for more kissing and caressing. Brenda curled her fingers around her son's stiff cock and pumped it lightly, teasingly, smearing her fingers with his dribbling cream. Mark slipped a hand between her thighs and teased the scorching wet flesh of her pussy. They went at each other ravenously, not hiding their incestuous attraction for each other.

Brenda thought briefly, what a shock it would be for Gil if he walked in and found them like this. He'd been known to come home early from a road trip. Not often, but it had happened. What would he think, if he found mother and son naked on the bed, Brenda eagerly pumping Mark's cock while he played with her soaked and ready pussy? It certainly wouldn't be an easy sight for Gil to see.

On the other hand, Brenda thought, maybe he deserved to see it. Maybe it would finally wake him up to the fact that he was destroying their marriage by being away so often and not taking care of her in bed. She'd tried to tell him that again and again, but he just wasn't listening. It might take a shock like this to get his attention. Or would it be too big a shock if he found his wife and son were lovers?

She couldn't answer that question, and her attention was soon distracted as Mark's caressing fingers teased her pussy to a fever pitch of need. She'd had enough foreplay. Now what she really needed was her son's magnificent iron-hard cock reaming and cramming her famished cunt. She rolled onto her back, bent and spread her legs, and held out her arms to him.

"Fuck me, baby," she pleaded hoarsely, "I need it so bad."

Mark hardly had to be urged. With a snort of lust he threw himself onto her, and she groaned in ecstasy as he shoved his stiff prick into her. He thrust clear to her womb in one greedy movement, cramming her almost breathless. But she loved his greedy roughness, and she clung to him and moaned with delight.

"Yesss, honey, give me all of it," she whimpered, "fuck my pussy good."

Mark was practically coming just from listening to her. She made no secret of the fact that his cock felt great inside her, and as he began to fuck her, her response was even more hot. With each deep quick thrust into her molten slick twat, she creamed all over his meat and moaned her appreciation. Wildly aroused, Mark fucked her in swift urgent strokes, his cock making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out her cream.

"That's it, baby," she moaned, "fuck me hard, I love it that way."

Gil usually fucked her hard, too -- but only for a minute or so. Then he'd shoot his load, roll over, and snore. That hardly did much for Brenda. Sometimes she didn't even have time to climax. And she never climaxed enough with Gil, not since their love-making was limited to quickies. But with Mark, it was different.

Mark was in no rush to finish. He could probably go on fucking her all night if she asked for it. Like her, he was greedy. He wanted to gorge himself on pleasure. Like. Brenda, he wished the wonderful sensations would never end, now he was fucking her like a machine, his cock pistoning tirelessly in her juice-slick box. Brenda arched her body to take his meat as deep as she could get it.

"Yes, baby, fuck me deep," she moaned, "really give it to me."

In her need to take his cock as deep as possible, she flung her legs around his body and locked them there. Now he could sink his cock into her right to the balls. Mark groaned in ecstasy and fucked her faster and faster, till the bed began to creak and rock. But no matter how hard he fucked her, she got off on it. In fact he noticed that the harder he gave it to her, the more aroused she became.

"Ohhhhhh, God, it's good," she sobbed.

Now she really did wish Gil would walk in and catch them fucking. She wanted him to see how the job ought to be done. She wished he could see his own teenage son fucking her like a young stallion, pounding away minute after minute, making sure she was thoroughly fucked. This was the way she'd craved it for so many months now, the way she had to have it if she was going to be satisfied.

Mark's ragged breathing and hotly flushed face warned her that he was close to coming, however, and she knew that if she wanted to get off, she'd better do it now. Greedily she rubbed her swollen clit against the hard pistoning shaft of his cock. She screwed her eyes shut and felt herself flying towards orgasm. Stab after stab of hot pleasure shot from her clit, and she creamed heavily and uncontrollably.

"Unnnhhhh, honey, keep fucking me hard, I'm almost coming," she panted.

Mark was practically coming himself, but he gritted his teeth and managed to hold out, wanting to bring his mother along, too. He hammered his rigid cock into her with all the speed and force he could muster. She stiffened for a second and gasped, and then he felt her cunt sucking hard at his prick and going into spasm. Her tall body shuddered and shook beneath him.

"Unnnhhhh, yes, I'm coming!" she wailed.

"Ohhhhhh, God, am I coming!"

Mark was only a split-second behind her, unable to hold back his torrents of steaming jism. "Take my come, take it!" he shouted.

"Yes, baby, cream me good!" Brenda sobbed.

The sizzling floods of her son's come made her own climax doubly intense, and she gurgled with ecstasy as he hammered his load into her, filling her twat again and again. When he finally finished coming, he just collapsed on her without pulling his cock out. She loved that. She loved feeling his meat throb inside her satisfied cunt. She gave Mark a big hug and an affectionate kiss.

"Mmmmmm, honey, that was wonderful," she sighed.

"It sure was," Mark said, raising his head and grinning at her. "Can we do it again?"

She felt his cock stiffening inside her, and she gurgled with excitement. "Of course, darling," she purred, "we can do it all night if we want."

Mark definitely wanted Dana and other girls his age were the farthest thing from his mind right now. He already had his ballooning prick inside the sexiest lady in the world -- his own gorgeous mother. She licked her lips and let her hot lust show in her eyes as his cock swelled to fullness, stuffing her greedy pussy hole. But as he started to thrust, she signalled him to wait.

"Let's try it another way, all right?" she smiled.

"Sure, just show me," Mark said eagerly.

"Hang on to me and roll over," she instructed.

Mark did, and he found himself in an exciting new position for fucking. Brenda was on top, and she sat up to give him a fantastic view. She sat impaled on his prick, and he could watch it in action, gliding in and out of her juicy little box. He could watch her lust contorted face as he fucked her, and he could watch and fondle her big swinging tits.

"Fantastic," he grinned.

Brenda just smiled, and an impatient little jerk of her hips told him she was ready for action. He gave it to her, jerking his cock fast and hard in her horny little box. He was fascinated with the sight. Each time his thick blue-veined boner slammed into her, it forced out a flood of pearly cream. The hot sticky juice gushed down her thighs and soaked his belly and balls. He watched that for awhile, then leered up at her.

"You like it, Mom?" he asked. "Does it feel good to you?"

"I love it, baby," she moaned, her eyes rolling crazily, "I love the way you're fucking me."

She wasn't faking her passion, Mark was sure of that. She couldn't possibly fake that heavy helpless creaming. Not only that, but her pretty face was contorted with lust, her voice hoarse with pleasure. Her big pink nipples stood up erect and engorged. This was clearly a woman going out of her mind with sexual arousal. Just looking at her turned him on like crazy, and he fucked into her hard and urgently, making her body shake with the impact.

"Yes, fuck hard," she panted, "really give it to me, Mark."

Mark stared up at her adoringly. He would have fucked her upside down or hanging from the ceiling if she'd asked him to. Nobody aroused him like his Mom did. Her cunt was deliciously snug and steamy and slick around his hammering cock. As he fucked her faster and faster, he watched her eyes close tight and her even white teeth flash in a grimace of ecstasy. His mother was very close to coming, and he was going to take her over the edge.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she moaned. Brenda couldn't believe how turned on she was. She hadn't enjoyed a fuck this much in months. But then she hadn't had this kind of attention in months, either. She was fed up with Gil's selfish quickies and with the endless lonely, horny nights when he was away. She just wasn't going to deny herself pleasure and satisfaction any longer -- not even if she had to turn to her own teenage son to get what she needed.

"Baby," she moaned hoarsely, "you're fucking me so good, so damned good."

Mark leered up at her, his eyes darting between her heavily wobbling tits and her lust contorted face. He loved the power he had over her right now, the power to drive her into ecstasy with his stiffly pounding cock. Her juicing was getting heavier by the second, and her cunt was steadily tightening. Then she groaned and began to spasm.

"Ohhhh, baby, you did it to me, I'm coming!" she howled.

This time Mark was in no danger of climaxing along with her. He had his second wind, and he felt like he could fuck all night. He lay there and enjoying the clamping and squeezing of her cunt as she came, and he watched the floods of pearly come-juice gushing from her box. He'd made his pretty mom come like crazy, and that made him very proud.

"Mmmmmm, Mark, that felt so good," she panted.

"Let's try it another way," he said eagerly. "There are other ways, aren't there, Mom?"

"Lots of them," she grinned. "Just let me catch my breath."

Brenda was beginning to think she was finally going to be satisfied. Mark seemed tireless tonight. His energetic young cock was still hard as a rock inside her, throbbing and ready for more, action. When she'd caught her breath, she slid off the stiff impalement and rolled into the doggy position, on her elbows and knees. Mark got the picture, and he hurried to kneel behind her.

"Yes, hurry, baby, stick that big thing into me," Brenda lewdly encouraged.

Not that Mark needed any encouragement. With a growl of lust he slammed his rigid cock into her, sinking it to the balls in her steaming cuntal tunnel. Grasping her slim but curvy hips, he began to hammer his cock into her, fucking her in the rough urgent way she loved best. Brenda had to dig her fingers into the bedspread to keep from being knocked over from the impact of his frantic humping.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, it's good," he groaned.

"Yes, baby, it is," Brenda sobbed, "I don't ever want it to stop."

Each deep hard thrust of her son's cock was ecstasy to the love-starved housewife. This was the way his father used to fuck her in the earlier days of their marriage. Brenda would never forget how horny she'd been in those days and how eagerly she greeted Gil when he got home from a haul. Of course he was never away so long then, and he always came home well-rested and ready to fuck. Often they'd forget about dinner and head straight for the bedroom, making love for hours before they tired. Now Mark's eager adolescent fucking was taking her back to the good old days.

"Yes, fuck hard, honey, fuck my pussy good," she moaned.

Mark enjoyed this position a lot, too, because he could watch his cock in action. He snorted lustily and sank his meat as deep as he could into his mom's juice-slick pussy hole, then drew back for another rough slam. He didn't worry about hurting her. He'd already learned that the faster and harder he licked her, the more she liked it.

So he pulled out all stops, hammering it to her as hard as he could, his belly slapping loudly against her raised ass. She clawed the bedspread and groaned in ecstasy, thick hot cream pouting from her reamed box and gushing down her inner thighs. Pretty soon Mark felt the familiar tightening sensation around his cock, and he knew his mother was close to coming. Her box got very snug and hot as fire.

"Unnnhhh, baby, I'm so close," she whimpered.

She grabbed his hand and brought it around her, showing him how to squeeze her clit and bring her off like a bomb. Mark was a fast learner. Still pounding his stiff cock in her sizzling cunt, he pressed the magic button. As he gave her clit a long firm squeeze, she went hurtling into a body wracking climax, soaking his prick with scalding cream.

"Oooooo, shit, I'm coming, oooooo!" she squealed.

Her cunt clamped and sucked around his cock, but still he wasn't tempted to come along with her. He wanted to fuck her in every possibit position, wanted to go on fucking her all night. He didn't think he could ever get enough of her juicy hot cunt. He kept hammering his stiff dick into her as she came, till finally she went limp and panting.

"Can we do it another way, Mom?" he asked eagerly.

Brenda smiled a wicked little smile that he didn't see. "Of course, darling," she purred.

He was acting so cocky, like he could fuck all night, but she had a little surprise for him. The next position was sure to bring him off, whether he planned it that way or not. She took his hand and led him over in front of the big dressing table mirror. She spread her legs and had him stand behind her and bury his cock deep in her seething cunt. He held her against him, cupping and squeezing her swollen tits. In the mirror they could both see his cream-soaked blue-veined cock pistoning in and out of her dripping cunt.

Brenda leered at him, meeting his eyes in the mirror, and said huskily, "Fuck me good, baby, fuck me real hard."

Mark groaned and almost came. He found the scene outrageously sensuous. He watched his mother's face glow with pleasure as he hammered his cock in her blazing-hot box, and he could see the thick cream dripping from her cunt as he reamed it out with his swollen meat. It was just too much stimulus for the horny teenage boy. He spun out of control, fucking her like a pile driver.

"Yessss," she gurgled, "that's it, baby, fuck the living shit out of me."

Brenda was just as turned on by the kinky scene as Mark was, and in less than a minute she was starting to come, her cunt going into spasm round his jackhammering cock. Mark had to shoot his load this time. He was just too excited to hold back, especially when he felt his mother coming, her convulsing box squeezing and sucking his meat. He gave a sustained hoarse groan as he flooded her womb.

"Take my come, Mom," he cried, "take it, aaaggghhhh!"

"Yes, Mark, cream me, whaahhhh!" Brenda wailed.

Dizzily she watched herself climaxing and taking her son's jizz. The thick cream overflowed her twat and flooded down her legs. Her tall big-titted body shuddered with the force of the boy's frantic fucking. It was a very kinky scene, really outrageous, a mother wailing in orgasm as her son shot his load into her cunt. But Brenda didn't feel guilty, not for an instant.

She just wished, again, that Gil could see her now. Maybe he'd get the idea that something wasn't quite right with their marriage.

Chapter SEVEN

Brenda didn't know it, but Gil already had the idea. At dawn the next day, while she and Mark were still sleeping, Gil was on the road, heading home. He'd done a lot of thinking on this trip, and he'd ended up agreeing with Brenda. The house wasn't worth it, not if his long hours of work were ruining their marriage.

So he was coming home early to offer her a new deal. He'd go back to normal work hours, and they'd sell the big house and buy a smaller one. He was sure Brenda would go for that. She'd never been after his money or the things he could buy her. She just wanted his love and companionship -- and he'd been a fool not to see that sooner.

He just hoped he hadn't lost her already. He'd seen how disappointed she was last time he was home, upset that he didn't stay longer and that their love-making was so short and rushed. He worried that already she might have found another man to take care of her neglected passions. He wouldn't blame her a bit if she had, but he hoped she was still being patient, still waiting for him.

Completely unaware of Gil's decision, Brenda wasn't expecting him home for several more days. She slept in the next morning, then prepared a huge breakfast for herself and Mark. They did some shopping, had a swim in the lake, and then headed home in late afternoon, both of them frankly horny by now. They quickly stowed the groceries they'd bought and headed for the master bedroom.

"I got a hard-on while we were swimming," Mark chuckled.

"The cold water didn't help?" Brenda laughed.

"See for yourself," he said, dropping his jeans.

Brenda stared with undisguised hunger at her son's belly-hugging cock. It was rigid as steel and drooling thick rivers of juice. Quickly she got rid of her clothes, and Mark skinned out of his. They walked over to the bed, and Mark climbed on, but Brenda didn't join him.

"I'd like to try something different this time, honey," she said. "I want you to sit on the edge of the bed, like this."

She had him sit with his legs hanging over the edge and parted. Then she grabbed a pillow and knelt on it between his thighs. By now Mark was beginning to get the picture, and he started breathing hard, very excited and eager. Brenda wrapped her fingers around the swollen base of his prick and gently drew his meat towards her red-glossed lips. Her hot little tongue darted out and contacted the sensitive head of his cock.

"Jesus, yes," Mark gasped, "lick my cock."

Those were the first words Gil heard as he entered the house. Brenda and Mark had been so intent on getting to the bedroom and stripping, they hadn't heard him drive up. He walked in, found the kitchen and living room empty, and started down the hall. Then he heard Mark's hoarse exclamation, stopped, and broke into a grin.

That little devil Mark -- it sounded as if he'd smuggled a girl into the house and was getting it on with her. Gil wondered where Brenda was. Out shopping, maybe. He just couldn't resist taking a peek at Mark and this girl of his. He followed the hoarse panting sounds and discovered they were coming from the master bedroom. So Mark had taken the girl to the best room in the house?

Grinning, Gil dropped to his knees outside the door and peered through the keyhole. He blinked and looked again. The grin faded from his face, and his mouth dropped wide open. Mark was there with a female, all right, getting his cock licked. But the female was Brenda. She was kneeling between the boy's legs and running her tongue greedily all over the glistening head of his prick.

"Ohhhhh, wow, Mom, that feels so great," Mark was moaning.

"Mmmmmmmrn," Brenda murmured as she tongued up another tasty drop of his cock cream and ate it.

Gil felt paralyzed with shock. There was his wife going down on their son. That totally blew his mind. It looked as if this wasn't their first love-making session, either. They were reined and familiar with each other, taking their time, getting all the leisurely pleasure possible. Gil felt outraged. Yet at the same time he was aroused in some kinky way.

His eyes roamed hungrily over Brenda's voluptuous naked body, and he watched her pointed tongue lapping up Mark's cream. He felt his balls swelling and his cock stiffening. He didn't understand it, but he was getting turned on like crazy as he watched. Maybe he ought to just charge in there and break up that incestuous scene, but spying on it was a lot more fun. He shifted his position a little, getting more comfortable before the keyhole.

By now Brenda had lathered every inch of Mark's stiff cock with her hot spit, leaving the blue-veined shaft gleaming. Mark was flushed and glassy-eyed with pleasure, and he was breathing harshly, a ragged sound that his father could hear clearly even through the closed door. Gil didn't blame Mark for being so aroused. Brenda gave damned fine head.

At least she used to, back when they'd had the time and energy for good love-making. Gil could have kicked himself for spoiling those times. Lately he'd been cheating both himself and Brenda when it came to sex. But it wasn't going to be that way any more. Poor Brenda had been so hard up, she'd turned to their teenaged son for satisfaction, Gil vowed to make it up to her.

Now wasn't the time, though. He felt his cock swelling and straining against the fly of his jeans as he watched his pretty dark-haired wife licking their son's cock. She licked all the way down to Mark's engorged balls and back up again, then used the pointed tip of her tongue to ream more tasty juice put of his piss hole. Gil heard her, greedy gurgle as she swallowed the hot liquid, and his cock mushroomed to its full hardness.

But the most exciting scene was yet to come. Brenda had licked up every bit of Mark's cock cream, but she wanted more -- lots more. She fisted the base of his prick and crammed the rest into her mouth, the boy gave a hoarse moan of bliss as his mom caved in her cheeks and began to suck noisily and hungrily on his cock.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, Mom, suck me off," Mark groaned.

Gil's cock gave such a powerful lurch, it was almost painful, and he had to unzip his jeans and let it free. It weaved and wagged lewdly from his pants, dripping thick globs of juice. He was getting excited out of his mind as he watched Brenda's bobbing head and hugely stretched lips. She was sucking the kid fast, urgently, as if she could hardly wait to get a whole steaming mouthful of his come.

It looked as if she wouldn't have much longer to wait, either. Mark was practically bug-eyed with lust by now, and he was moaning steadily and hoarsely as his beautiful mother sucked loudly on his prick. Gil wouldn't have minded at all being in his son's place just then. He knew how hot and juicy Brenda's mouth got when she was starved for cock. But he'd just have to wait his turn.

That wasn't going to be easy. He'd have to wait fill Brenda had satisfied Mark, till everything was back to normal, then go out and come in again, as if he'd just arrived. That part wasn't so hard, but how long would he have to wait? The way things looked now, Brenda and Mark could go on making love for hours. The attraction between them was very hot, and it wasn't going to cool down after just one love-making session.

Brenda's long dark hair was flying as she sucked faster and faster on her son's tasty prick. Gil could hear the lewd slurping and gulping sounds she was making as she gulped the boy's hot cream. Mark's eyes rolled crazily, then shut tightly, as she sucked him to the edge of climax. Clearly Mark wanted the exciting sensations to go on forever, but he just couldn't hold back the steaming load of jizz that boiled in his balls.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, Mom, I'm gonna come," he gunned, starting to pull back so he wouldn't come in her mouth.

Brenda released his cock for a split-second and panted, "Honey, come in my mouth. I want to eat your come."

That excited Mark so much, it was a wonder she even got his prick back in her mouth before he came. She opened her lips and stuffed his meat back inside, and he went crazy, fucking her mouth in rough urgent strokes. Gil could hear her moaning her encouragement, her sounds punctuated by the boy's excited yelps as he began to come. Suddenly Brenda's cheeks swelled up fat and full with jizz.

"Awwwww, fuckin' shit, awwwww!" Mark howled.

Gil's prick gave a lusty lurch and dripped more thick cream as he watched Mark shooting his load into Brenda's thirsty mouth. She let his tasty jism collect till it was squirting from the corners of her lips, then gulped down the huge hot load. Mark filled her mouth again and again, then finally slumped back on the bed, drained and panting. Releasing his cock, Brenda licked her lips to get the very last drop of his come.

"Oh, wow, Mom, that was fantastic," Mark breathed.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, darling," Brenda purred, crawling onto the bed beside him.

Mark looked so played out, Gil expected him to ask for a rest, but he was disappointed. Mark reached far Brenda and kissed her lingeringly, and they rubbed their naked bodies together, getting quickly worked up for another session of fun. Gil tried to ignore the urgent need in his swollen balls. Even if he couldn't have Brenda to himself, this spying was one of the most incredible sexual experiences he'd ever had. He wasn't knocking the situation, not one bit.

"My turn to get you off," Mark was saying affectionately to Brenda.

"I'll show you a brand-new way," she smiled. "It's called pussy-eating."

Their relationship couldn't be very old, Gil thought, if Brenda hadn't even taught the boy how to give head. Having her pussy eaten was one of Brenda's very favorite things. Gil could have kicked himself when he realized how long it had been since he'd gone down on her. No wonder she'd turned to their son for the lovemaking and attention she needed.

Now she was stretching out on her back, bending her knees, and opening her legs wide, exposing the luscious-looking pink flesh of her slit. Gil drooled at the sight of it. He wished he could do the job for her. But because of his neglect, somebody else was going to do it -- his own teenaged son. Mark followed her instructions and went belly-down between her legs, his face just an inch from her moist gash.

"Here's where I like to be licked best, honey," Brenda said, folding back the lush dark fur of her bush and showing the boy her pea-size clit.

Mark stuck out his tongue arid began clumsily licking the supersensitive bud. With Brenda's patient instruction, it wasn't long before he sot a good steady rhythm going and was giving her the hot jolts of pleasure she was after. Brenda lay back and gurgled and sighed with enjoyment, and a river of silvery cream leaked from her cunt and trickled down the crack of her ass.

"Mmmmmm, yes, baby, that's just right," she sighed. "Keep doing that, don't stop."

Gil was drooling as he watched. In his wild rush to make money, he'd forgotten the tangy taste of his wife's slit and how he loved to drive her to ecstasy with his tongue and lips. It had been way too long since he'd done that for her, and it was no wonder she was getting it from somebody else. Again Gil couldn't blame her a bit. It was just kind of a shock that the partner she'd chosen was their own son.

Yet the more Gil thought about it, the more sense it made. Brenda was a gorgeous woman, with a fantastic body, and he'd already noticed the way Mark ogled her when he thought nobody was looking. It had amused Gil that the boy's hungry eyes were always focused on Brenda's pouting mound, shapely ass, or big thrusting tits. It wasn't so amusing now. The horny kid had been right there, ready and willing, when Brenda couldn't stand her sexual frustration any longer.

"Mmmmmm, honey, I love it," she moaned as Mark's busy tongue lashed her clit. "I want you to suck it now, suck me off."

Mark eagerly caught her swollen joy button between his lips and began to suck, an obscene wet noise that drove Gil to a fever pitch of arousal. All too often he'd had that throbbing lump of flesh between his lips, sucking loudly, taking Brenda over the edge into a body-rocking climax. He wanted so much to be doing that right now, but he'd blown his chance.

"Unnnhhh, yesss," Brenda hissed, "suck real hard, baby, keep going."

She screwed her eyes shut, and her pretty face contorted as she hurtled toward climax! Red-hot blasts of pleasure shot from her clit each time Mark sucked the tender bud, and molten juice poured from her cunt, soaking his bobbing chin. She clawed the bed and arched her body, greedily shoving her clit hard between his lips.

"Oooooooo, shit, suck meee," she wailed. Gil almost came from listening to her and watching her. He knew he hadn't gotten her that aroused and excited in months. Their teenage son was taking the time to do the job right, and he was sucking her into ecstasy just the way Gil should have been doing if he wanted to please his lovely wife. Gil vowed to himself that he'd never let Brenda go horny again. But would he get a chance to prove that to her?

"Ohhhhh, Mark, honey, that's it, I'm coming!" she howled.

Her big-titted body began to buck so hard that Mark couldn't stay on target. Her clit whipped from his lips, and he drew back a little to watch her coming. Her luscious tits wobbled like crazy, and a thick flood of come-juice gushed from the tiny fur-fringed opening of her cunt. Mark watched her hungrily, his young cock stiffening again.

Gil saw that rowing hard-on and almost moaned with frustration. He needed his turn with Brenda, but it looked as if he wasn't going to get it for quite awhile. Brenda's violent orgasm lasted for almost a minute, and then she finally opened her lust-glazed eyes and looked at Mark with a grateful smile. Her satisfaction was obvious.

"Honey, I loved that," she sighed. "You sure are a fast learner."

Mark beamed with pride. "Teach me more, Mom," he begged. "I wanta know all about pussy-eating."

Naturally Brenda wasn't going to turn down a deal like that. "Okay, honey," she grinned, "I'll show you another good way to get a woman off."

This time she showed him how to tonguefuck. Gil was going out of his mind with need as he watched. She had Mark make his tongue long and stiff, then cram it into her cunt, clear to the root. She showed the boy how to use his stiff tongue like a cock, hammering it in and out of her juicy box. Mark quickly got the idea. Gil could tell that his son was a natural-born pussy-eater, a chip off the old block.

"Unnnnhhh, baby, that's wonderful," Brenda gurgled, "just keep doing that."

She lay stretched out on her back, her long legs bent and wide open. Mark's head bobbed furiously between, her thighs. His gleaming wet tongue pistoned in and out of her little furfringed cunt mouth, making an obscene sucking noise that added to Gil's arousal and frustration. As. Brenda's face twisted into a lusty grimace, he knew the kid was doing damned good. The little rascal was going to get her off like crazy.

"Qooooo, baby, I love it, I love it," she howled.

Gil thought about banging his head against the wall to distract him from his frantic horniness, but that would disturb Brenda and Mark. About all he could do for relief was jack off, but be didn't want to compromise. He wanted to hammer his tongue in his wife's delicious little cunt, then fuck her brains out. He wanted to plunge his cock into the molten velvety depths of her cunt, not into his own dry fist.

But that just wasn't possible. Brenda's snug pussy was occuped already by their son's hammering tongue. Brenda clawed the bed and whimpered with pleasure as the slippery meat crammed her box again and again. From the hungry gobbling and snuffling noises he was making, it was obvious that Mark loved the hot tangy taste of her gushing cream.

"Yes, baby, eat me," Brenda moaned, "fuck me with that big ol' tongue."

Mother and son were perfectly content with each other, and there didn't seem to be any room for Gil in that happy picture. It was his own damned fault, of course, for neglecting both of them, but he couldn't help feeling left out and lonely. There just had to be some way to get back with his family again. But what would he do about this incestuous little affair he was witnessing? Could he let mother and son go on being lovers? Gil debated these questions as he watched Mark tongue-fuck Brenda to the very brink of climax.

"Ohhhhhh, Mark, I'm gonna come," she gurgled. "Do it to me real hard now, honey, as hard as you can."

Mark eagerly obeyed, his head bobbing with lightning speed. His spearing tongue made an obscene wet sucking noise as it reamed the thick juices from his mom's twat. Her face contorted with ecstasy, her eyes tightly closed, Brenda howled and writhed. As she soaked the boy's face with her spurting cream, Gil longed to be in his son's place, taking that sizzling flood.

He couldn't believe how lusty she was, how violent her need was. She was even more neglected than he'd thought. He'd been aware that he wasn't fucking her enough, but he hadn't realized till now that her lust was battled up like floodwaters behind a weakening dam. Now it was raging loose, and she had no control of it. She was so horny, so desperate, that she'd become the lover of her own teenaged son.

"Baby, it's happening, I'm coming!" she screamed.

Again her tall body rocked so hard that Mark couldn't stay on target. She wrenched off the impalement of his tongue and bucked hard, her lovely big tits wobbling and bouncing. Mark rose to his knees and watched her, his eyes hot with lust. His prick was so stiff by now, it was hugging his belly and drooling thick streams of juice. Obviously Mark wasn't finished making love to his mother, not by a long shot.

Brenda came down from her climax and opened her eyes, and the first thing she focused on was Mark's rigid drooling cock. "Baby," she breathed, "we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?"

Chapter EIGHT

Gil gritted his teeth and tried not to howl with frustration. His cock felt ready to explode. He ached to cram it into his wife's hot juicy little fuck hole, but it seemed that space was reserved. He was paying the price for all those months of neglect.

He could remember all too clearly the many times he'd come home from a long trip to find Brenda looking gorgeous, wearing a sexy outfit she'd bought just to please him, practically begging him to fuck her. And he'd yawned in her face and gone to sleep. All he could think about was making more money -- but for what? Money couldn't buy him a lusty, loving wife like Brenda. In fact money was making him lose her.

He wanted to rush right in there and tell her that he'd come to his senses, but Brenda was busy right now. She was busy petting their son's stiff cock, running her fingers lovingly up and down the rock-hard blue-veined shaft. She was smearing her fingers with his sticky prick juice and rubbing it all over his meat. She worshipped his stiff prick, and she wasn't bashful about letting him know it.

Gil remembered how she used to play with his cock like that, back hi their early married days when he was allowing more than five minutes for, their love-making sessions. They used to lie in bed late on weekend mornings, and Brenda would pet his prick and play with it till he threatened to shot his load on the ceiling. Only then would she grin and show him some mercy. Only then would she let him cram his throbbing boner into the sizzling snug tunnel of her cunt.

As Gil recalled those sensuous times, his fingers strayed automatically to his prick and began to pump. But he stopped jacking off when he realized what he was doing. That was kid stuff. He was going to save that hard-on till he could shove every inch of it into Brenda's hot little box. Even if be had to wait all day, he wasn't going to beat off. Or so he grimly told himself.

Now Brenda had petted Mark's handsome young prick into a rigid column of blue-veined meat, and she was admiring her work. Gil wondered if she was thinking about those long-ago mornings when she teased his prick into stiffness. Probably not. She had Mark now, she didn't need to dwell on the past. Gil was probably the farthest thing from her mind at this moment.

"Mmnnnm, baby, it's so hard," she murmured as she ran her fingers up and down her son's stiff-standing cock. "What do you wanta do about it?"

Mark's voice was hoarse with desire. "I wanta fuck you, Mom," he said. "How about being on top?"

Brenda grinned her approval, and Mark stretched out on his back, his magnificent young cock standing up stiff as steel and pointed at the ceiling. Eagerly Brenda straddled him and brought the dripping mouth of her cunt down to touch his engorged purple cockhead. With a snort of lust Mark seized her by the waist and rammed his cock into her.

"Ooooo, baby, yessss," she hissed, "stick it in me, give me all of it."

"You got it, Mom," Mark groaned, "every fuckin' inch."

Gil caught himself pumping his cock again, and he dropped it with a muffled groan. He knew exactly what Mark was feeling at that moment. He knew that Brenda's ready cunt was slippery with cream, searing hot, and yet deliciously tight, the perfect place to sheath a swollen cock. He seethed with envy and longing as his son began to piston his meat in Brenda's juicy
hole. Brenda rode his jerking cock with squeals of delight.

"Oooooo, yes, honey, fuck me good and hard," she cried,

Brenda hadn't been this aroused for her husband in a long time, but then Gil hadn't given her any reason to be; if she was lucky, he gave her a quick fuck, roll off her, and snore. She was obviously starved for attention in bed. She didn't take Mark's stiff fucking passively, she fucked right back at him, grinding her hips and slamming her famished cuntal tube down around his thrusting prick.

Gil would have given anything just then to take over, to be working his nearly-exploding boner in her juice-filled steaming twat. Like Mark, he really enjoyed fucking with the woman on top, so he could play with her tits and watch her every, reaction to his cock. He liked to watch his prick thrusting in and out of her, stretching her delicate cunt lips. He could use all of that stuff very much right now.

"Ohhhhh, Mark, you're fucking me so good," Brenda whimpered, "so damned good."

Gil had to admit the kid was giving her a terrific fucking. He hammered away tirelessly, cramming her cunt again and again with his rock-hard prick, making her groan in ecstasy each time he thrust to her womb. Her pretty face got flushed and contorted as she took her son's pistoning prick, and she gurgled and squealed with pleasure, soaking his cock with her uncontrollable creaming. In no way was she faking her arousal.

"Ahhhhhh, shit, Mom, it's good," Mark panted.

"It sure is, baby," Brenda moaned, "it's the best."

Gil reddened. He sure as hell knew where he stood now. He was going to have to work very hard to impress Brenda after the super fucking their son was giving her. But somehow he'd do it. He didn't want to lose his gorgeous hot blooded wife. In fact he wanted her now more than he'd ever wanted her in the years of their relationship. His prick was close to exploding as he thought of how badly he wanted to fuck her.

Once more his hand was round his cock, pumping urgently, and this time he didn't bother to take it away. He wished he could be fucking Brenda instead of jacking off, but that might be hours away, and he just couldn't takes the horniness any longer. The scene in the bedroom was just too incredibly arousing to him. He got a firmer grip on his violently throbbing meat and pumped urgently.

His jerking fist matched the rhythm of Mark's jerking cock. The boy was fucking hard and fast into Brenda's juice-filled box, and his cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed her. His face was flushed, and his teeth flashed in a lusty grimace as he fucked her molten twat. Brenda's big tits wobbled and shook with the impact of his rough fucking, and she was soaking his meat with torrents of cream.

"Fuck it to me, baby, fuck hard," she moaned. "I love it, Mark, I just love it."

Mark beamed, obviously proud that he could make this beautiful older woman go out of her mind with pleasure. Each time he shoved his cock to her womb, she wailed in ecstasy and soaked his meat. Her excitement infected him, and he fucked her faster and faster, till the bed began to bounce and creak. Mother and son went at each other like rutting animals, growling and snarling. Gil got the feeling they wouldn't have noticed a brass band marching through the room.

And obviously they weren't thinking of him. Good old Dad was forgotten as the lusty mother and son fucked each other. Once more Gil realized just how close he'd come to blowing his family life completely. He just hoped he could get it back -- but how? Mark and Brenda didn't really need him. They were satisfying each other's needs just fine.

"Harder, baby, fuck harder," Brenda groaned, "fuck the living shit out of me."

Leering up at her lust-contorted face, Mark gave it everything he had, fucking into her with all his speed and strength. Her tall body shuddered with the impact, and her heavy tits swung back and forth. She screamed in ecstasy, her eyes tightly closed. Thick rivers of cream poured down her thighs as she allowed her lusty son to fuck her to orgasm. Watching her near the edge of climax, Gil pumped his cock like crazy.

"Yes, yes, honey, I'm almost there," she moaned.

It looked like Mark was almost there, too. He was gritting his teeth and trying not to come till he brought his mom off. Gil had to give the boy credit he was a very considerate lover. And that was why Brenda preferred him. He put her needs first. He made sure her boiling lust was satisfied before he got off. He fucked her with lightning speed now, and it paid off.

"Unnnnhhh, baby, I'm coming, unnnhhh!" she howled.

Mark let out a yelp that was half relief and half bliss. "Take my come, awwwww!" he yelled.

Gil watched his teenage son jet his sizzling load into Brenda's box, and in another second he was coming himself. He barely managed to stifle his groan of release as he splattered the bedroom door with hot gobs of jism. When he finally finished, he glanced dizzily through the keyhole again and saw that Mark's jerking hips were just slowing down as he pumped the last of his come into his mother's womb.

Straddling him, his thick jism gushing down her thighs, Brenda looked radiant and satisfied. Even if it was incest, she'd gotten her needs taken care of at last. She'd been thoroughly fucked for the first time in months. Gil figured she'd surely stop for a rest now -- but he was wrong. As Mark's drained cock slipped from her cunt, she scooted down, dipped her head, and began to lick his meat.

Gil's eyes widened. Had he left her that hard up, that needy? Obviously even the marathon love-making session she'd just had with Mark wasn't enough to satisfy her. Hungrily she crammed the boy's cream-soaked dick into her mouth and began noisily sucking on it. Mark broke into a happy grin. He enjoyed this nonstop orgy as much as she did.

"Yeah, Mom, suck my cock," he moaned. Brenda's head was bobbing up and down swiftly, her sleek dark hair flying. If he'd played his cards right, Gil thought, she'd be going dawn on him, not her son. Her hot juicy mouth would be snug around his meat, her tongue teasing the sensitive head of his prick. Just thinking about it was making him horny all over again. In spite of the violent come he'd just had, he felt his balls swelling and his cock stiffening.

He could hear the lewd wet slurping and sucking sounds Brenda was making as she worked Mark's cock in her mouth. It was as if she just couldn't get enough of the bog's cream. Mark was young and energetic, and he responded fast to her sucking. His meat began to swell, pushing her lips wider and wider apart. As it filled her mouth, Brenda gave a muffled moan of excitement and sucked even harder.

"Shit, yeah, that's good," Mark groaned.

Gil knew just how good it was, even though it had been long time since he'd let his wife go down on him. His stupid schedule always got in the way. So now some other guy, his own son in fact, was getting all those great sensations. Gil's prick rose into stiffness and weaved lewdly before him as he watched Brenda noisily sucking Mark's cock. He was in an agony of need and frustration, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Oh, he could always jack off again, but that just didn't appeal to him. He wanted what his son was getting. He wanted to feel Brenda's velvety wet mouth around his prick, suctioning the hot cream out of his piss hole. He wanted to jet his boiling load down her eagerly gulping throat. But none of that was possible, because she was already sucking off Mark. Gil seethed with envy and longing.

"Unnnhhhh, Mom, that's fantastic," the boy whined.

Brenda's red-glossed lips looked stretched almost to bursting by the boy's engorged prick. Her throat muscles were very busy as she gulped down his steadily oozing cream. She left his shaft gleaming with her spit, and Gil knew she was drooling all over his meat. He'd had that experience himself when his pretty wife greedily gulped his cock juice.

Finally Brenda drew back and let Mark's cock snap from her lips. It hit his belly with a wet slap, stiff as steel and once more ready for action. Brenda eyed it hungrily, licking her lips and making a horny gurgling noise in her throat. Gil had never seen her more horny, more frantic for action. She moved a little to the side of Mark and arranged herself in the doggy position, on her elbows and knees, her pert little ass thrust up in the air.

"Fuck me, baby," she begged hoarsely, "stick that big hard thing into me."

Gil's prick gave a violent lurch and began to leak thick globs of cream. He almost groaned with need as his son crawled over behind Brenda and got into position. Mark grasped her slim but curvy hips and touched the fat hard head of his cock to the moist pink opening of her cunt. Both he and Brenda shivered lustily with that first electric contact.

"Unnnhhh, yessss, baby," Brenda moaned, "give it to me, give me all of it."

Mark took his time. He had his second wind and was in no hurry. He probably envisioned fucking his sexy mother all night. Gil couldn't blame him for that, but it made his own situation pretty difficult. What was he supposed to do during the hours that mother and son were making love? He watched with uncontrollable lust as Mark gradually glided his steel-stiff cock into Brenda's cunt.

"Oooooo, yessss," she hissed, clawing the bed.

Steadily, but ever so slowly, Mark filled her cunt with his rigid cock. All the while Brenda crouched there clawing the bed and shivering with excitement. Oil saw thick pearly cream oozing out around the boy's invading prick and flooding down her legs. Her face got flushed, her eyes glassy with desire. After what must have seemed an eternity to the horny housewife, Mark's balls came to rest against her slit.

"You got it all now, Mom," he said hoarsely, "You've got all of it. Jesus, you're so hot in there."

"Hot for you, baby," Brenda moaned, "you're taking care of me so good. Do it again now, fuck me good."

"I sure will," Mark leered.

The kid had to feel like the luckiest teenager in the world. Here he had this gorgeous older woman just begging for his cock and loving everything he did to her -- and she just happened to be his mother. Gil could understand the hot excitement his son felt. He just wished the boy would tire out a little faster. He wanted his own turn with Brenda's steamy little fuck hole.

But again Mark was taking his time, drawing out his enjoyment as long as he could. He started fucking her in long, slow, sensuous strokes. Brenda seemed to enjoy the change of pace, and she gurgled and moaned huskily as her son filled her twat again and again with his stiff throbbing boner. More thick cream gushed down her thighs as she continued her helpless juicing. As Gil watched, he found his fist once more straying toward his bloated cock.

No, damnit, he thought, I'm not gonna jack off. Not this time.

He swore he wouldn't come again till he plunged his dick into his wife's hot cunt or greedy mouth. He was damned if he'd just stand there and masturbate like a guilty little kid while he watched his own son have all the fun with Brenda. Maybe he'd been behaving like a jerk this past few months, but he deserved another chance with his wife -- and he was going to get it, somehow, some way.

Dizzily, his eyes glazed with longing, he watched Mark's cream-soaked prick gliding in and out of Brenda's sizzling little box. She was gurgling contentedly as she took it, and Gil was sure that her husband and her marriage were the farthest things from her mind just then. But, by God, he was, going to give her memory a jolt. He didn't propose to be left out any longer. He was going to walk right in there and demand to join the fun.

But just as he was about to walk in, Brenda hit him and Mark with a mind-boggling surprise.

"Honey," she moaned hoarsely to her son, "let's try something new. Stick your cock in my ass."

Gil stopped still, his mouth dropping open. Mark went motionless, too, for a second, as if hardly believing what he'd heard. But then he broke into a broad grin and quickly whipped his cream-drenched prick out of her cunt. He pressed the fat purple head against the tiny puckered mouth of her asshole and began to push. Brenda gasped and dug her nails into the bed.

"Easy," she panted, "go slow. Yes, that's it. That's good, honey, real good."

Her voice was husky with horniness, and Gil could tell she was loving it as Mark slowly and carefully eased his rigid cock up her tiny shitter. Gil was ready to yell with frustration. He and Brenda had done about everything there was to do in bed -- except this. He'd never asked her, thinking she'd refuse, and maybe she'd been too shy to suggest it. So Mark was the very first guy ever to stick his cock in her brownie.

"Oooooo, my God, it's fantastic," Brenda moaned as she took inch after inch of her son's cock into her untried asshole.

Mark was panting and moaning as he eased his dick into her. "Aw, shit, it's tight," he panted, "so nice and tight."

Tell me about it, Gil thought grimly.

His own cock was lurching wildly and dribbling a steady stream of juice as he watched.

Mark slowly filling Brenda's red-hot asshole with his stiff prick. At last the boy was all the way into her, and he paused fat breath, his steel-hard boner sheathed in tight velvety flesh. Brenda looked totally blissed-out, her face twisted in a lusty leer as her son's cock throbbed in her greedy shitter. Then Mark began to ass-fuck her in long slow thrusts.

"Oooooooo, shit, ooooooo," she gurgled. "Do you like it, Mom?" Mark asked anxiously.

"I love it, baby," Brenda moaned, "it's just incredible."

Gil had had enough. No matter what he'd done, no matter how big a fool he'd been, he didn't deserve this kind of torture. He didn't just have to stand there and go out of his mind with lust while the other two members of his family had all the fun. A man could take only so much. Quickly he stripped naked, dropping his clothes in the hall.

As he did so, he could hear Mark's lusty panting and Brenda's hoarse cries of pleasure. Those sounds were driving him crazy with need. He jerked the door open and strode into the room. Hearing him, Mark and Brenda looked up, then froze. They must have realized whan an incriminating sight they presented.

Brenda crouched there with Mark's stiff cock up her ass. And of course they must have been astonished to see Gil stride into the room naked, his stiff cock wagging before him.

Finally Brenda found her voice. "Honey," she said weakly, "I didn't expect you home for a couple more days."

"I can tell," Gil said dryly. He turned to Mark and said, "Well, young man, what's your story?"

Mark glared at him. "I don't have to make up any excuses, Dad," he snapped. "You lost out, and you know why. So why don't you just split?"

Chapter NINE

There it was, the whole thing laid out nice and clear. Son challenging father -- for mother's love. Gil and Mark stared at each other, while Brenda tried desperately to come up with a solution. She didn't want to lose either one of them, because she loved and needed, them both.

"Wait a minute," she said, forcing a smile, "nobody has to be left out here. We can all have fun together."

"Oh, yeah, how?" Mark snapped. "There's no room for him."

"Yes, Brenda," Gil growled, "there's only one of you and two of us. How are you gonna handle that?"

"Ever hear of taking turns?" Brenda purred.

Mark and Gil thought it over and started to relax. "I get to finish my turn, don't I, Mom?" Mark asked eagerly.

"Of course you do, darling," Brenda gurgled. "You were here first."

That was only fair. Besides, his rock-hard cock was buried deep in her asshole, throbbing and ready. She didn't want to miss out on that experience. She just hoped Gil would understand, and judging from the expression on his face, he did. He was grinning as he crawled onto the king-size bed and stretched out nearby to watch.

"That arrangement's okay with me," he said. "How about you, son? Think we can share your mother and stay friends?"

"Sure, Dad, that'd be great," Mark exclaimed.

He felt relieved. He loved his Dad and didn't want to break up the family. He just had to be sure that he could still fuck his mom and not be left out of the fun. Now that his parents had reassured him on that point, he relaxed and got back to the action. Burying his throbbing prick to the balls in his mom's hot slick shitter, he ass-fucked her to his heart's content while his father watched.

Gil thought maybe he should, just be a passive spectator, but be couldn't contain his curiosity. "Is her ass tight, Mark?" he asked eagerly.

"Oh, shit, is it ever," Mark panted. "You just gotta try this, Dad."

"I believe I will," Gil chuckled.

Brenda shivered a little. Taking Mark's stiff boyish cock in her tiny asshole was one thing, but she wondered if she could take Gil's eight inch monster. Still she eyed it hungrily. His prick looked as thick as her wrist, and it was dripping big globs of hot cream. She could hardly wait to get it on with her handsome husband. But that didn't mean she wasn't having a fantastic time with her son.

"Oooooo, yes, Mark, fuck it to me, fuck deep," she moaned.

Mark was thrusting deeper and deeper into her fiery-hot shitter, reaming her depths and giving her hot stabs of pleasure. Her asshole was just as sexy-feeling as her cunt, Brenda found, and she loved being fucked there. Mark obviously enjoyed the exceptional tightness.

He was snorting and panting as he crammed his prick again and again into that snug slick hole. Soon he was spinning out of control, fucking her faster and faster.

"Unnnhhh, shit, Mom, I can't go slow any more," he whined.

"It's okay, baby," Brenda moaned, "I can take it. Give it to me, fuck me good."

Gil's cock was drooling like crazy as he watched and listened. Mark's blue-veined boner was pistoning up and down in Brenda's brownie, stretching the puckered opening wide. Brenda closed her eyes tightly and dug her nails into the bed as she hurtled toward climax. Mark spun out of control and hammered his dick into her tiny shitter. She gasped, stiffened, then began to rock and writhe.

"I'm coming!" she howled. "Cream me, baby, shoot it up my ass!"

"Aggghhhhh, fuck, shit, aaagghhhh!" Mark yelled.

His boiling jizz flooded her bowels and overflowed, boiling out around his deeply buried prick and running down her legs. She whimpered in ecstasy as shock after shock of pleasure radiated from her asshole and shook her body. Gil had rarely seen her come so hard. But be was determined to equal his son's feat, as soon as he could have a turn with her. And that moment seemed about to arrive, at last.

"Oh, slit, incredible," Mark sighed as he finally pulled his come-drenched cock from her shitter.

"You better go wash, honey," Brenda said, one last material impulse bubbling up before she fell on her face and collapsed, gasping for breath.

Mark dutifully trotted off to the bathroom, and Gil grabbed the moment to be alone with his wife. He stretched out beside her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her hungrily. As he stuffed his wet tongue into her mouth, he felt her quiver lustily. She rubbed her mound deliberately against his rigid cock. Thank God, she was still hot for him, still wanted him. They broke the kiss, both of them flushed and panting.

"Welcome home, honey," Brenda said softly. "You're sure you're not mad at us?"

"I've got no reason to be," Gil said. "I know I drove you to it. But I came home early to tell you something."

Quickly he outlined his plan for selling the large expensive house and getting a smaller one that he could pay for without working overtime and going away for weeks. As he was explaining, Mark returned and listened intently. Both he and Brenda began to smile...

"I get the impression you like the idea," Gil said.

"Oh, honey, I love it," Brenda squealed. "It'll be so nice to have you home again."

"It sounds great, Dad," Mark beamed. "Then we'll be a real family again."

"Fine," Gil grinned, "that problem's solved. Now to do something about this one." He fisted and wagged his enormously bloated cock.

"Oh-oh, looks like I better get out of the way," Mark chuckled, moving to the far side of the bed and getting comfortable.

He just assumed it would be okay for him to watch as his parents made love. After all, Dad had been spying on him and Mom. It was really a peeper's picnic around here. But Mark wondered how long he could remain just a spectator. It was a real kick to watch others making love, a real turn-on, but it always got him horny out of his mind. His lust was returning in full force as he watched Gil and Brenda tongue-kissing and rubbing their naked bodies together.

"I wauta go down on you, baby," Gil leered at his wife. "It's been a long time."

"You're telling me," Brenda sighed. "But what if I wanta suck your cock?"

"There's ways we can have both," Gil grinned, "unless you've forgotten."

"Oh yeah," Brenda giggled, "it's all coming back to me now."

Mark didn't know what they were talking about, but he was eager to learn, and he watched intently as Gil rolled onto his back. Brenda crouched over him backwards, stradling him so that her ass was practically in his face and her head was poised right over his rigid drooling cock. She opened her legs wider, bent lower, and her luscious pink slit was open to Gil's mouth and tongue.

"Fantastic," Mark murmured.

Re was going to file this one away and use it. It was a way for a man and a woman to go down on each other at the same time. Brenda looked down at the huge drooling head of her husband's cock and licked her lips. Then her little pink tongue darted out and began to tease the gleaming purple knob of flesh. Gil gave a lusty shiver, and thick globs of cream began to bubble up from his piss hole.

"Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm," Brenda gurgled.

She speared up the drops with the pointed tip of her tongue, savoring them before swallowing. Meanwhile Gil was getting a snack, too. He stuck out his big wet tongue lashed it up and down the juicy pink line of her slit. She squealed with delight at the first electric contact and began feeding him a steady flow of tangy cream. Gil gobbled up her hot juice and rolled it around in his mouth, enjoying the flavor before gulpig the stuff down. Mark's cock went stiff as a board as be watched.

"Mmmmmmm, honey, we oughta do this more often," Brenda murmured.

"We will, baby," Gil leerd. "Believe me, from now on we will."

This sure beat those long lonely hauls on the road. He'd still be a trucker but he wouldn't have to work his ass off for something they didn't really need or want and he'd have time to enjoy his family. Of course family life was going to be a little different now that his wife was fucking their son. But that didn't mean it wouldn't be fun. It looked like it was going to be more fun than ever.

Mark was already adding new spice to their relationship, just by being there. Gil had never made love with an audience before, and he found it an incredible turn on. He'd also enjoyed watching Mark and Brenda get it on. The boy's participation in their sex life could only improve things for everybody. Gil lashed his thick tongue over his wife's pussy and noticed how intently Mark was watching him.

"You know how to do this, son?" he asked. "I've got a lot to learn," Mark admitted.

"Well, move a little closer and get a better view," Gil invited. "I'll show you just what she likes."

"Hey, terrific," Mark exclaimed.

The boy moved in close to catch every movement of his father's expert tongue. He watched how Gil tickled Brenda's clit with the pointed tip of his tongue, then darted down to stiffly rim her little cunt mouth, making her gurgle with pleasure. He moved even lower, cramming his tongue into her asshole about an inch, and she squealed and creamed like crazy. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once.

Not that Brenda wasn't doing anything while all this delicious tongue-play was going on. She opened her mouth wide and brought it down around Gil's stiff-standing prick, taking in half the eight-inch monster before it butted the back of her throat. Then she caved in her cheeks and started to fuck. Gil groaned and gave a horny shudder as that wet velvety flesh encased his meat.

"Yeah, baby, suck my cock," he groaned.

"Shit, I sure have missed that." He began feeding her a steady supply of his hot salty cream.

Brenda sucked hard and noisily on his cock, and he returned the favor by cramming his big stiff tongue up her cunt. Her moan of delight was muffled but hoarse. He used his tongue like a cock, pistoning it roughly and stiffly in her juicy little box. Husband and wife moved in perfect unison as they worked with mouth and tongue to bring each other off.

Mark was impressed. This was how the experts did it. But at the same time he was beginning to feel frustrated and left out. His prick had swelled up taut and was drooling steadily. He found himself wishing he could be in his dad's place, his prick sheathed in Mom's juicy sucking mouth. He couldn't suppress a lusty groan.

Gil heard it and understood. He drew his tongue from Brenda's cunt and said, "Getting pretty horny, son?" Mark nodded vigorously. "Okay," Gil went on, "I've been thinking about what to do if we both get horny at the same time. I think everybody's gonna enjoy this idea."

Brenda and Mark begged for details, but Gil just laughed and told them to do as he instructed. He had Mark lie down on his back, legs spread, and then had Brenda crouch between his legs, her greedy mouth poised right over the boy stiff cock. Naturally she got the idea right away. With a greedy gurgle she opened her lips wide and brought them down around Mark's engorged prick. As she began to suck, Mark gave a lusty moan. Satisfied with that part of his plan, Gil moved to kneel behind his wife.

He grasped her hips and stared at his target, the tiny puckered mouth of her slitter. Ever since he'd seen his son ass-fucking her, he'd been dying to try it himself. But his cock was so much bigger than Mark's he wondered if it would fit. There was only one way to find out. He reached between Brenda's thighs and scooped up some of her thick cream and smeared it all over his massive cock-head. Then he pressed his steely boner against his little assbole and started to push.

"Mmmmmmm," Brenda moaned encouragingly.

The fit was tight, but she wanted it. He felt her shitter relax and expand, and very gradually he eased his meat into the lightest hole he'd ever been into. Brenda's hot, excitement showed in the way she sucked Mark's cock faster and faster. The deeper she took Gil's prick into her asshole, the more greedily she sucked the boy's cock. Finally Gil touched bottom, caught his breath, and began to fuck her ass in quick urgent jabs.

"Take it, baby, take it," he groaned.

Brenda knew none of them were going to last long. The scene was just too kinky, too wild. And in another second her son's steaming jizz boiled into her mouth. She came herself a moment later, groaning in ecstasy as she gulped his come. Her shitter clamped like a vise in orgasmic contractions, and Gil felt his cock squeezed almost flat. He bellowed and shot his load into her, the whole family coming at the same time.

"Ahhhhhhh, shit, Mom, whaaahhhhhh!" Mark yelled.

"Take my come up your ass, baby, take it!" Gil roared.

With her mouth full of cock, Brenda couldn't say anything, but her whole body radiated contentment. With both her son and her husband to take care of her, she knew she'd never go horny again.


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