Mom's incest orgy

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modern everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

MOM'S INCEST ORGY is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its mast base desires come to the fore. Mother, son and daughter are all swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing them to be completely liberated.

MOM'S INCEST ORGY -- the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.

Chapter ONE

Susan Walker leaned against the wall, her knees bent and spread wide apart.

The boy standing next to her, Burt, was holding his cock and brushing the dripping head around her nipple, smearing his slippery pre-cum all over the creamy surface of her tit. She didn't mind: she loved it. The hot smoothness of his cock sent shivers up and down her spine.

A few feet in front of her was Sissy, her young daughter. Sissy was on her knees, her head lying on the carpet with her cute, rounded little ass arching high into the air. Behind her, on his knees, was Gary. Gary lived next door and was the same age as Sissy. He was holding the girl's hips tightly, pumping his throbbing hard cock vigorously into her very tight, extremely hot, almost hairless young cunt.

Lying on his back on the couch was Jay, Susan's son. Jay had his hands on the creamy cheeks of Judy's sweet-looking ass. His face was buried in her cunt, his tongue lapping hungrily at the lips of her moist pussy.

From where she sat on the floor, Susan saw that Jay's nose was pressed against Judy's crinkled asshole.

Judy was on top of Jay with her head toward his feet. Jay had one foot hanging over the couch, and Susan could observe with excitement how the very pretty girl devoured his hard cock greedily.

Judy mewled softly as she dived her face up and down on his cock, sucking and licking as she clung to his balls with one hand, lifting them and pressing them against her nose as she went dawn on his prick.

The soft sighs and ecstatic mewls seemed to fill the room. Susan trembled as she looked from her son to her daughter, her dark eyes smoldering and liquid. Her own cunt throbbed and burned, seeping with intense desire. Her clit stood hard, exposed from the moist folds of her pink cunt. Now and then she ran her hand down through her cunt curls and over her steamy clit. Sometimes she dipped her finger deeply into her pussy and sucked it in, her ass writhing.

She held Burt's balls in one hand, twisting and squeezing them just enough to make him groan with pleasure.

The muffled squeals that bubbled from Judy's hot, excited mouth as she sucked on Jay's cock told Susan of her erotic delight. Judy loved to suck cock, Susan knew. She knew the deep pleasure the little girl received when she had a hard, throbbing, dripping cock inside her hot, wet mouth. Judy, Susan thought often, was a born cock-sucker -- if there was such a thing.

And if a girl was born to suck cocks off, then Sissy was certainly born to do that. Susan's daughter loved to suck on a cock as much -- if not more -- than her friend, Judy did.

They all loved to suck cock, and Susan usually came when a cock spurted into her mouth, filling it with the sweetness of fuck juice.

But then Susan usually came no matter what she did with a boy. She came very easily and had even come just by looking at a boy or man, visualizing in her mind what his cock and balls would look like -- how thick his prick would be, how long.

"Ooo, fuck me," Sissy murmured. "Oh, Gary, drive your cock up my cunt!"

Susan watched her daughter as she wiggled her rounded, naked ass back against Gary's thrusting cock. The girl had one hand between her thighs, clawing at his swinging balls, pressing them against the few hairs of her pussy.

Gary was grunting as he pounded against Sissy's uplifted ass, his cock glistening as it withdrew before ramming deep into her cunt again.

"Mmmm!" Judy moaned as she lifted her mouth off Jay's cock.

Susan watched as Judy gazed at Jay's cock, then darted her tongue out to lick up and down his hard prick-shaft. She licked at the boy's cock as if it were an ice cream cone, her tongue fluttering about his smoothly swollen prick-head and across his dripping piss hole.

Judy's eyes were glassy and unfocused with erotic delight. She opened her mouth wide and sucked down on Jay's cock, taking it deeply, her chin, against his cock base, her nose rubbing into his balls.

Judy's lips clung to Jay's cock as she sucked up and down swiftly a few times, then slowed her movements. She wiggled her compact, creamy little ass as she squirmed her wet cunt into Jay's mouth. Now and then the boy's tongue licked about her puffy cunt lips before it stabbed between them.

A soft cry of pleasure caused her to bring her hot, passion-moist gaze back to Sissy. The girl was churning her naked little ass around as Gary fucked into her gripping little cunt faster. The soft slaps of his lower stomach banging against her excited ass were louder, and his ass cheeks were bunching up tightly as he fucked the squealing girl.

Susan knew the signs quite well by now. Sissy was going to be coming soon. She saw the way her daughter moved her ass back and forth, twisting it as her orgasm began to steam like wild fire through her slender, naked body.

Sissy was like her mother most of the time. She could come quite easily and often felt waves of orgasm before the discharge of thick fuck-juice into her cunt created her final, body-shattering orgasm.

"Oooo, Gary!" Sissy mewled. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhh golly, fuck my hot cunt! You're gonna make me come so good! Fuck it, Gary! Ohhh, you're so fucking hard... hard cock, hard cock!"

Sissy's upturned ass seemed to be a whirling blur of creamy nakedness as she twisted it for him. Susan knew her daughter's tight little cunt was gripping and sucking at the boy's cock. It was an ability that they both seemed to have.

Susan's and Sissy's cunt would suck and nibble and grip on a hard cock in almost identical ways. The boys loved that.

Watching all this sent ripples of pleasure racing through Susan. Her daughter's face was turned toward her too. Sissy's expression showed her naked ecstasy. Her eyes were half open but unseeing. They glinted with tiny lights of passion. Her mouth was parted, and her tongue licked over her lips frequently. Her soft whimpers and sighs thrilled her mother.

Once in a while, Burt would lift his cock to Susan's face, and she would press her lips to the tip, kissing his moist cock-head. Then he would rub the piss hole of his cock over her creamy tits, paying most of his attention to her sensitive nipples. She clung to his balls with her fingers, loving the way his balls filled her palm.

Susan rubbed at her cunt with her fingers, bringing her hand up to caress Burt's cock, then licking at her fingers with a soft mewl of delight. She was tasting her cunt and his cock at the same time that was something she loved.

Burt pressed the piss hole of his cock against Susan's hot, rubbery nipple and jacked back and forth on his prick with a tight hand. She looked down. She watched his prick sink into the firm sponginess of her tit, feeling the wet heat of his piss hole.

Sissy was gripping Gary's balls tightly as he thrust his cock in and out of her clinging cunt, and he was grunting, gritting his teeth as cum rumbled through his balls and cock.

Sissy gave a loud yelp of delight, and Susan saw her suddenly shudder as she came. The girl's eyes closed and her mouth gasped. Gary rammed his cock hard and deep into her tender cunt, bolding his prick there as his body went stiff, the cheek of his ass very tight. His expression told Susan his cock was flooding Sissy's cunt with the thick sweetness of his jism. The woman's cunt twitched as if it were jealous as a small orgasm rippled through her.

She watched with glowing eyes as Sissy slumped to the floor, her naked little body shaking as she breathed hard from the power of her orgasm. Her small, swelling ass cheeks flexed as the hot glow of pleasure continued in a rippling flow through her body.

The movements of her son, Jay and Judy caught Susan's eye now. After a glance at Gary's glistening cock now dangling between his legs as he sat down next to Sissy, she turned her attention to the other two.

Judy was banging her cunt up and down in to Jay's face furiously, grinding with her hot, smooth thighs gripping his head. Jay's fingers were clawing at her ass cheeks, his nose wedged between them. The muffled gurgles from Judy told Susan that she, too, was coming.

Judy's tight, wet lips began racing up and down Jay's throbbing cock, sucking in a frenzy as she came. She held Jay's balls tightly in her hand as she sucked hungrily on his cock.

The excitement Judy felt was transferred across the small room to Susan. Susan's cunt pulsated hotly as she watched her son being sucked so greedily by the pretty girl. She licked at her lips as she stared, seeing Judy's mouth working up and down his throbbing prick. He was arching his hips upward now, trying to shove his cock as deep as he could into the girl's hot, wet mouth.

A soft, delighted gurgle bubbled from Judy as Jay gushed jizz into her hungry mouth. Susan watched as her son shot his white fuck juice into her mouth. The girl's throat worked and her lips clung tightly to his cock.

When it was finished, Judy pulled from his prick and lay with her cheek resting upon his cock and balls, her thighs no longer tight about his head.

Susan looked down at Burt's cock pressing against her tit, seeing his glistening pre-cum covering her creamy flesh. She pulled at his balls, bringing her other hand up from her cunt and slipping it between his thighs. She dug her fingers into his ass, and he brought his cock up toward her face.

His fist beat rapidly back and forth on his prick now as he arched forward. Susan ran the tip of her tongue over his dripping piss hole as he jacked off. She knew what he wanted to do now, and she was more than willing.

Holding his balls tightly in one hand, the cheek of his ass in the other, she opened her mouth wide, her tongue sticking out. He held the head of his cock about two inches from her open mouth, his fist sliding back and forth swiftly.

She looked down at the head of his cock and waited. She was breathing heavily with excitement because the other four were now watching her and Burt.

With a grunt, Burt came off.

His thick creamy cum spurted from the piss hole of his cock; splashing into Susan's open mouth. She watched his sweet cum juice fly from his prick, her mouth being filled with it.

The taste of Burt's jism was sweet. She held her mouth wide open as he seemed to squirt time and again with a never-ending stream of fuck juice. Her mouth filled, and she had to swallow, the last spurt or two of jizz splashing over her lips and chin.

As Burt sat down next to Susan, she licked at the fuck juice clinging to her lips, sighing with pleasure. Her lips glistened, and her eyes glowed, and she smiled at the teenagers sprawled around the room, legs and arms wide, cocks and cunts exposed.

After a minute or so, Susan got to her feet.

"Anyone care for iced tea?" she asked.

They all wanted some, and she went to the kitchen for it. She could feel their gazes on her naked ass and thighs and could not resist the impulse to wiggle her ass for them.

As she poured the tea over the ice cubes, Susan thought back to how this came about. It had been sudden, and so much had happened in such a short time. But she felt no regrets, no remorse. On the contrary, she was now happier than she had been in months.

She looked out the kitchen window at the small garden in one corner of the back yard.

That was where it started, she remembered, and such a short time ago, too.

Chapter TWO

Susan Walker was thirty-three years old.

She was a tall woman, with a slender body. At one time, she had been a fashion model. She had enjoyed that, and the money was very good. But as she grew older, her body changed. Her tits became larger than what was desired for fashion modeling, and her hips rounded. For a while, she modeled panties, bras, pantyhose. Most of that was for catalogues, and she found an aspect of her personality and nature that she enjoyed very much.

Dressed in skimpy items like lacy bikini panties and bras, or wearing only a pair of nylon pantyhose before a camera, she discovered the thrill of exhibiting her body. At first there was only a tingling, vague feeling of pleasure. But then it grew until one day, wearing a pair of lacy, almost transparent, panties and bra, she found herself in the grip of an intense orgasm. She had been surprised, of course, but not so surprised that she didn't want it to continue.

Thereafter, every time she modeled panties and bras or the panty hose, she would come. Sometimes she would come four or five times before all the pictures were taken. Then came a day when she had to model a flimsy, body-hugging negligee.

She was posed by the photographer: a man old enough to be her father. She wore nothing underneath the gown, so no ugly lines would show. The gown was gauzy, and she had to bend and fold her legs so the dark curls of her cunt hair would not be on film.

However, the photographer had suddenly came from behind his camera and looked at her. With a faint blush on her pretty cheeks, she realized the position of the pose had exposed her dark cunt hair to him. A glance at the front of his pants told her how hard his prick was.

Before the session was over, Susan had been thoroughly fucked by the man -- not once, but twice.

And she loved it.

Soon after that, she met and married a man who turned out to be a disappointment to her. She had discovered the ecstasy of fucking and wanted more and more of it. The man she married was good at fucking in the beginning, but then became afraid of her intense sexual desire. After ten years, he finally left her with two children.

For a time, Susan went out with any man that asked her, and some of them were good fuckers, but still it seemed as if there was a lot missing when she was fucked. She enjoyed their cocks tremendously, but she wanted something else besides a few drinks, a dinner, and some motel room.

Finally, she stopped going out at all, staying home with Jay and Sissy.

Susan was an extremely beautiful woman. She was still as slender as her days before the camera, but her tits were larger. They were not overly large, but too big for fashion modeling. Her nipples were extra long and extremely sensitive. Sometimes she could hardly wear a bra, and she finally gave them up. Even then, the way her nipples brushed at her dresses, blouses, and summer sweaters often was too much for her.

Her tits were firm and shapely, almost pointed. Her flesh was unblemished except for a few light freckles on her shoulders. She tanned very well, especially for a woman with golden-red hair and supposedly fair skin.

Her waist was small, no thicker than when she was fifteen years old. Her hips rounded out beautifully and sloped to tantalizingly long thighs and curvy legs. The flesh of her thighs was as creamy and smooth as the flesh of her lower stomach. Her ass swelled with sloping curves that were a delight to look upon. Her ass cheeks were tight and firm, writhing tightly in her skirts, dresses, designer jeans and body hugging shorts.

The hair of Susan's cunt was a darker red than the hair on her head. In fact, it was a brown with auburn highlights. Her cunt hair was formed in a perfect triangle of thick growth, with a pencil-line of dark hair growing up to her dimpled belly button. The long curls tucked between her smooth thighs and grew thick along the sides of her puffy cunt lips, finally disappearing into the crack of her ass. But it stopped there, and she had no hair at all anywhere around her crinkled asshole.

Susan's clit, like her nipples, was extra long. It could almost slip into a cunt, as she had found out. Her clit was long enough to suck on and seemed to throb and tingle in a constant state of ready-to-fuck hardness. She loved to wear very tight designer jeans that pulled into her crotch and pressed upon her clit. She loved the tightness of her thin shorts, loved the way they hugged the round swelling cheeks of her ass and outlined her cunt.

The one thing about most of her shorts was it was impossible to wear them out of the house. The reason for this was her cunt hair was so long it showed along the legs of the shorts. She could have clipped and shaved it but she hated that. She didn't even have to shave her legs the way so many women did, and she wasn't going to shave her cunt, either.

Looking out the kitchen window at the small garden, standing there naked with fuck juice on her tits and chin, while five naked teenagers waited for her in the other room, she remembered when and how this wild fucking began. She had been wearing an exceptionally tight and short pair of shorts, the material very thin. She had thought no one was home -- that Sissy and Jay were someplace in the neighborhood with friends. So she decided to wear those shorts as she weeded the garden.

Her back was toward the house as she bent over, her legs straight, pulling at weeds. She had not known when her son came out of the house and sprawled on the lawn, watching her.

She had not known he was gazing with interest at the tan of her long slender thighs and the spread of her ass. She had no idea that he could see the contrasting whiteness of her ass cheeks as the shorts pulled high on her thighs. She did not realize that curls of her dark twit hair peeked from the tight legs.

Then she happened to glance behind her as she leaned over and saw Jay there on the lawn. For a moment, she was startled as realization came to her what he was staring at. But before she could so much as blush, a hot tingle began rippling through her body. Her nipples became painfully hard, and her cunt started pulsating.

A slight shiver glowed through her as she came to the startling understanding that she was enjoying her son looking at her body this way. A small orgasm exploded in her cunt and Susan swallowed a soft groan.

On a sudden impulse -- an impulse that was so strong she found it impossible to resist -- she straightened-up and turned to face her son. He was on his stomach, his chin propped in his hands as he watched her.

"Why don't you help, Jay?" she asked in a soft voice. "This garden is filled with weeds."

But Jay shook his head, a grin on his face. "I'd rather watch you, Mom," he said, his eyes burning as he stared directly at the tight crotch of her shorts.

Susan knew where her son was looking, and instead of blushing, she grew warm with sudden desire. Her gaze moved to his ass, and she saw that he was writhing his cock against the lawn. She knew his prick must be very hard and felt a thrill because it was her body that gave him the hard-on. She knew, without looking, that her tight shorts outlined her curt. They were so tight and so thin, nothing was concealed.

The urge to tease her son was powerful, and she gave in to it, not dreaming where it would lead. Pretending she was unaware of how much of herself she was showing the young boy, she squatted while facing him, jerking at a few weeds. But from beneath lowered lashes, she watched him look at her. Her knees opened, and she knew he could see the tightness of her shorts now, along with the dark cunt curls sticking out on each side. She saw his ass tighten up as she spread her knees.

Jay's mouth was partly open, and Susan loved the expression on his face. His eyes gleamed with desire, and it made her feel good to know that. Behind her lowered lashes, she found herself wondering what his cock was like -- how big it was, if he had much hair on his balls. The image she drew up in her mind was strong enough to make a small orgasm burst in her cunt.

But Susan could not continue this teasing game for long. She became intensely eager and almost weak with desire. She stood up, her legs shaking. She walked past her son, knowing his gaze followed her. She could feel him staring at her tight shorts, and her ass writhed with excitement as she walked across the lawn and in to the house.

In her bedroom, she peeled out of her shorts and light blouse and got into the shower. As she soaped her slender body, she wondered if Jay was someplace now jacking off. She found herself hoping he was.

Toweling herself, she slipped into a pair of panties, lacy and sheer. The panties were hardly more than two triangular patches of lace with two elastic bands about her hips. Then, knowing she was taking a chance, she stepped into the hallway wearing the panties only. Exactly what she was doing and what she thought she would find, she wasn't sure. At any rate, as she stepped into the hallway, she came face to face with her son.

They looked at each other. Susan's naked tits arched up in that pointed way, her unusually long nipples almost aimed at the ceiling. That was where Jay looked first, licking at his lips as he did so. Then his gaze went down, and he stared at her panties. The patch of lace concealed nothing, and her dark cunt hair was visible, as it was along each side of the panties.

Susan's gaze went to her son's crotch, and she saw the outline of his cock there. His cock strained against his pants, and she could see it jerk.

Then, without speaking, Jay was in his mother's arms. She held him tightly against her body and felt his hands sliding down her back and cupping the cheeks of her ass. She also felt the throbbing hardness of his cock pressing against her thigh. She was a good six inches taller than her son, and when he lowered his mouth and began to suck at one of her nipples, she mewled softly and held his face tightly against her tit.

Jay pressed and squirmed his cock against his mother's naked thighs, and she was returning the pressure. One of her hands held his face against her tit as he sucked at it, and her other hand went down to his ass, clutching one cheek with tight fingers.

When Jay pulled off of her nipple and looked up at her face, she pressed her lips to his, and when his tongue suddenly darted into her mouth, she did not hesitate to suck at it.

She sucked wildly on his tongue as his hands squeezed and felt about her swelling ass. She dug her fingers into his ass, holding his throbbing hard cock against her thigh. But this was not enough for her. She wanted bare flesh against her bare flesh.

Her hands slipped between them and she fumbled hotly at the front of his pants. The buckle of his belt came open, then she tugged his zipper down. He stood before her, trembling.

"You aren't afraid, are you, darling?" Susan asked him as his pants slithered to his feet.

"Gosh no, Mom!" he gurgled.

She stepped back a foot or so and looked down at his cock. His prick was longer and thicker than she had thought. There was hair at his cock base, but not much. His prick head was swollen, and she could see pre-cum drip from his piss hole. She reached down and cupped his balls gently, feeling them, her other hand stroking back and forth on his hard cock.

Susan turned his cock loose and dropped to her knees, then onto her back. She bent her legs and spread them wide. She hooked a finger into the skimpy crotch of her panties and pulled it to one side, revealing her hairy, wet, pulsating cunt to her son.

"Come here, darling," she mewled in a hot voice.

Jay knelt between his mother's spread knees, his eyes gazing excitedly at her cunt. Her pink pussy lips were puffy and wet, her clit exposed. He knew what his mother wanted, and he wasn't going to refuse.

Susan pulled her son on top of her, his face once more at her tits. He held his ass up as she held his cock, guiding it to her cunt. She felt him start to suck at one of her burning nipples as she brought his hard cock to her cunt. Then, the swollen head of his cock was inside her boiling pussy.

"Ahhh!" she hissed with pleasure as his cock slipped into her pussy. "Oooo, darling! That feels so good! Oh, Jay, that feels wonderful! Fuck me, darling! Fuck your mother!"

Susan's cunt clung to her son's cock as he thrust it deeply into her. She felt the burning throbbing of it, the hard ridges of his swollen cock head. His hairless balls brushed at her ass, and she lifted her hips up for him.

She hooked one leg about his hips, her ankle between his legs. She hugged him against her body as she began to churn her cunt up and down on his cock. The depth his prick went and the slapping of his balk on her ass sent shivers of wild, erotic, delight through her.

"Oh, God! Oh, baby! Oh, honey?" Susan whimpered as her son began to fuck into her cunt. "Ahhh, that's so good, Jay! I love it! Fuck me, darling! Oh, God...! Fuck Mother! Fuck me, Jay! God, but your cock is so hard! Fuck Mother with your hard cock, baby!"

Jay sucked strongly at her tits as he stabbed his prick in and out of her cunt. She wailed and tossed her head about on the floor. She bounced her naked ass up and down, twisting excitedly, fucking him as much as he was fucking her.

She clawed at his tight ass cheeks with both hands now, humping up and down in a frenzy. She spread her legs wide, then scissored them tightly along his pumping hips. Her fingers dug at his flexing ass cheeks as he grunted against her tits.

As often as Susan had gotten fucked, as much as she loved a hard cock driving into her tight, hot cunt, she was more trilled at this moment than ever in her life. The rippling tingles of ecstasy filled every pore of her body. Her eyes, although wide open, saw nothing. They were glazed with the intensity of her pleasure. She made soft mewling sounds.

Her ass kept up a relentless bouncing on the floor, slamming her slippery, steaming cunt along her son's throbbing cock furiously. She could feel his cock scraping at her long, sensitive clit, and wave after wave of orgasms were shooting through her, making her cunt suck in a flexing motion on her son's stabbing cock. Every inch of her body was shaking with the power of the pleasure.

Jay was fucking her so hard and fast, she was sliding on the floor, but she didn't care. She wanted him to fuck her hard, bruise her hot cunt, scoot her writhing, twisting ass along the harshness of the carpet. She wanted a fast and hard fuck, and she was getting it.

Jay was grunting against her tits, and he slid his hands underneath her churning ass. He now held her tightening ass in both hands, pulling her cunt tight and hard against his pounding cock.

"Oh yes, Jay!" she yelped. "That's it, darling. Fuck me hard! Hold my ass, Jay! Hold Mother's ass and fuck the piss out of her cunt! Ohhhh baby! Fuck your cock up my hot pussy! Fuck me hard and fast! Ohhh, honey, you're so sweet! You're going to make Mother come, Jay. That sweet cock of yours is going to make my cunt come so... so... fucking strong!"

Susan dug her fingers into her son's naked, bouncing ass, squeezing him tightly as she twisted and tossed her around his driving cock. Her orgasms whipped through her, getting stronger and more powerful. The sounds coming her were wails and whimpers and moans of ecstasy.

"Mom!" Jay shouted, lifting his head and gritting his teeth. "Mom, I gotta do it! I gotta come, Mom!"

"Yes, do it, Jay! Come baby! Oh, please come! I want to feel you coming in my cunt! Let it go, darling! Flood my cunt with your jism! Hurry, Jay. Let your cock come inside my hot cunt. Let me have your fuck juice, darling!"

Jay thrust his prick as deep as he could into Susan's boiling pussy. She felt his balls tighten against her uplifted ass, his cock throbbing and lurching inside the squeezing lips of her cunt. The gush of his cum spurted in rapid waves, filling her greedy cunt swiftly.

Susan yelled with the ecstasy of feeling her son come inside her pussy, and her body shuddered as a final orgasm exploded inside her. Her cunt gripped her son's cock tightly, flexing about it the way her fist would do. Her pussy was sucking at his gushing prick, making him groan with the most pleasure he had ever experienced.

Susan's asshole tightened up as the shattering ecstasy flooded her body. Her hands dug brutally into her son's naked ass cheeks, her fingers clawing and leaving marks on his ass. But neither knew nor cared about that.

Susan's cunt filled with her son's thick jism, and she could feel it seeping from her, making the cheeks of her ass slippery against his balls. She was surprised and so very happy that he could come so much. She loved it when a cock squirted so much sweet fuck juice, and her son was coming more than any man she had ever fucked.

When it was over, Jay slumped on top of Susan; and she held him for a long time, running her hand up and down his body and under his shirt. His cock was still clasped in side her cunt and they gasped loudly for a time.

His cock went deep inside the tightness of her pussy. He went stiff between his mother's tightly gripping thighs, and his cock spurted jizz.

Susan gave a loud yelp as her cunt convulsed around her son's gushing cock, being filled once again by the sweetness of his thick, creamy fuck juice.

And again, they lay there on the carpet, breathing in heavy gasps. Then Susan pushed at her son.

"Oh my God, Jay," she said. "You better get off me, and let me up. I forgot about Sissy! She might come home and see this. Get off, baby, please."

Jay pulled his cock out of her cunt and got to his feet. She gazed fondly at his prick and balls, seeing them glisten wetly as he picked up his pants when he had kicked them off. He stood looking down at his mother and she lay for a moment longer, her tits standing up, with her legs spread wide so he could look all he wanted. Then she smiled at him and stood up, kissing him quickly. She brushed her hand over his cock and balls.

"Now scoot, honey," she said, and she went back into her bedroom.

Chapter THREE

Susan was delighted with Jay's attitude.

He showed no shame or guilt about fucking her in the hallway. On the contrary, he seemed as pleased about it as she had been. However, he did not openly touch her -- caress even her arm when she was near. She could understand that. He was still very young and probably knew nothing about girls.

One thing she did know was that Jay was jacking off more than he had before. She had gone into the hall bathroom two days later and had seen the evidence of his jacking off. He had come and left a few drops of jism on the seat. She touched the still warm fuck juice with the tip of her finger and smiled, knowing he had been reliving that fuck in the hallway with her. And although he did not touch her, his gaze followed her constantly, shining, waiting, and anticipating.

She, too, was anticipating. She knew that if Jay fucked her again, she would have to start it. So, with her cunt steaming as always, she decided it was time for her son to have himself another piece of ass -- her ass.

Knowing the value of clothing, Susan was wearing a pair of very lacy, very sheer, very tight bikini panties. But she still could not tolerate a bra. She put on a man's shirt, leaving the buttons open and tying it together beneath her tits.

This left the creamy, succulent swells of her flawlessly shaped tits partially revealed almost to the nipples. A wrap-around skirt that flared and parted on her thighs was teasing enough, she decided.

Sissy had gone with her friend, Judy, someplace. Jay, in the past few days, had been hanging about the house. Susan knew he was there waiting for another opportunity to fuck her, and she was going to provide that now.

She saw him enter the bathroom, his cock straining against his pants. She knew he would soon be jacking off his beautiful hard cock. She had flashed her long, tanned thighs at him and leaned over so he could peek at her tits, and his cock had become swollen. So he went to the bathroom, and she knew it was not to piss -- not with his cock so sweetly bulging at his pants.

Susan waited outside the door of the bathroom, listening as. Jay's pants slithered to his feet. Then she heard him making soft grunts as he began to run his fist up and down his cock. The sounds excited her, making her tits swell and her moist cunt pulsate eagerly. After she felt he was pumping up and down on his cock with intense pleasure, she shoved the door open and walked in.

Jay was sitting on the toilet, his ass shoved forward. His legs were spread wide and his cock was standing up very hard with a sweetly swollen head already dripping. His balls, sweet, succulent and hairless, dangled between his spread thighs.

Seeing his cock in his fist sent a ripple of desire flowing through Susan's body, and her cunt twitched with hunger.

"Don't stop jacking off, darling," she said in a low voice, flashing her son a radiant smile. "It's all right to jack off. I would love to watch you jack off sometime -- see you squirt your fuck juice. But not now, honey."

Jay removed his hands, placing them on his thighs as he looked up at Susan. His eyes were shining with hot desire. She leaned over him and closed her fist around his throbbing cock, squeezing it and watching a bead of clear pre cum bubble at his piss hole.

"Mmmm," she murmured. "Your cock's so hard, darling! I love to feel a nice, sweet, hard cock!"

Susan pumped her tight fist on her son's cock a few times, then ran her hand down to his balls. She cupped them in her hand and gave them a gentle squeeze, causing him to moan with pleasure.

Squatting next to her son, she let the wrap-around skirt fall away from her thighs. She gripped his cock and jerked on it again as he gazed at the creamy length of her thighs.

Sum felt her son's cock throb in her tight fist, and on an impulse, she leaned down and kissed his thigh, high and near his cock. Her tongue darted out, and she licked slowly at his thigh, then lifted her face, looking at him.

"We better do something about this lovely hard-on, don't you think, Jay?"

Jay nodded, so excited he couldn't speak.

Susan laughed a low, whispery sound. "What would you like to do with your cock, baby?" she asked, teasing with her voice and hand. "Tell Mother what you would like for us to do with this sweet hard-on."

"Mom I wanna fuck you again," Jay grunted. "I wanna put my prick in you again."

"Put your prick in me, baby?" she teased. "Where would you like to put it in me? Don't be bashful, honey. You can tell Mother anything. Where do you want to put your sweet cock, Jay?"

"In your pussy!" he almost shouted.

"Ahhhhh -- my pussy, huh?" she laughed, softly squeezing his cock. "You want to stick your cock in Mother's pussy? You want to fuck me is that it, darling?"

"Yes, Mom!" Jay said, excitedly. "I wanna fuck you!"

"God, yes!" Susan squealed.

She released his cock and stood up. Peeling away the slit of her skirt, she stood for a moment so he could gaze at her lacy panties. Then she hooked a finger into the tight crotch and pulled it to one side, just as she had done in the hallway. He looked at her cunt with hot, almost glassy eyes. She could see in his face the excitement running through him.

"Touch my cunt, honey," she urged, arching her hips toward him. "You can touch Mother's cunt, baby."

Jay's hand reached out, and Susan shivered as he felt her hairy cunt. She spread her thighs for him and trembled as his fingers ran back and forth on her puffy, wet cunt lips. When his fingers probed at her long, tingling clit, she almost came. She twisted her hips as his hand felt between her hot, smooth thighs.

Whether he knew anything about girls or not, his finger slipped into his mother's cunt. She mewled with pleasure as he stabbed his finger in and out of her hot, flexing pussy. She held her panties to one side, gazing down at his cock as he finger-fucked her.

A shudder of pleasure caused her body to shake, and she said in a thick voice: "Enough! Ohh, I want your sweet cock in my cunt, Jay! I want your cock in my fuck-hole! I want to fuck you, baby!"

Susan was so hot she didn't take time to strip her tight panties away. She spread her long thighs spread over his, and she bent her knees, her hairy cunt making fiery contact on the head of his dripping cock.

"Watch it, Jay!" she moaned. "Watch how your cock goes in my cunt! See... see how Mother's wet cunt eats your cock up!"

Jay's eyes were huge and hot with excitement as he gazed downward. His mother's pussy was very hairy, but as his cock head was splitting her puffy cunt-lips, he could see the way his prick entered.

Susan held herself poised above her son's cock, feeling his swollen prick-head between the burning lips of her cunt. She made a soft hissing sound of delight as she rolled her ass about. Then with a soft gurgle, she lowered her cunt down on his hard cock slowly -- very slowly -- savoring the feel of her son's cock entering her bubbling cunt.

When every inch of his cock was deep inside her slippery pussy the dark curls of her pussy hair flattening against him, she sighed and held him there. A small shiver ran up and down her spine as pleasure grew. She felt his cock throbbing deep in her cunt and loved it. She felt his hairless balls touching the cheeks of her pantied ass and wished that she had removed them now. But it was too late; his cock was up her cunt, and she wasn't going to waste any time stripping the panties off.

"Nice, isn't it, Jay?" she cooed, staring into his hot eyes. "Do you like mother's cunt, baby? Is Mother's cunt nice and wet and so very, hot?"

"Oh, Mom!" Jay grunted, his hands holding her skirt apart, his fingers gripping into her thighs. "I love your cunt! Are you gonna fuck me, Mom?"

"You're damn right I'm going to fuck you, darling!" she whimpered. "You just sit there and watch how my hairy cunt fucks your sweet, hard cock!"

Susan began to plunge her pussy up and down then, fucking her son with excited grinding motions. The muscles of her thighs rippled and strained as she bounced her cunt up and down, riding his cock. She placed her hands on his shoulders to brace herself as she pumped up and down. Jay's moans were music to her ears, and she slammed down hard on him, his cock very deep in her fiery, gripping cunt. She churned her hips back and forth with his prick deep in her cunt, scraping her long clit against him. As always, small waves of orgasm began flowing through her body, making her pussy nibble at her son's cock.

The hot throbbing of her son's prick inside her greedy cunt thrilled her. His cock may not have been as large as some were but that didn't matter to her. What mattered was that her son enjoyed fucking her and that meant more to her than the size of his cock.

Susan began again to bounce up and down Jay's cock, her pussy holding his prick tightly. Soft moans bubbled from her as her cunt slipped up and down his hard-on. Her eyes were wide, looking at his face.

Jay's eyes were glazed with the pleasure her cunt was giving him as he watched his mother's hairy pussy ride up and down his straining cock. The idea that she was making him feel so good thrilled her -- the idea it was her cunt fucking his sweet cock sent tremors of intense pleasure through her. The way his cock throbbed inside her cunt sent her orgasms racing hotter and stronger in her pussy.

The moist sounds of her cunt sucking up and down Jay's cock mingled with their soft moans and whimpers, increasing the erotic excitement.

Susan felt her son's hands slide up her thighs, past her hips, and then he was clutching at the flexing checks of her grinding ass, his fingers digging into her springy ass-flesh.

"Ohhh, that's it, darling!" she cooed.

"Hold Mother's hot ass! Hold my ass while I fuck the piss out of your hard, sweet cock with my hairy, hot cunt! Hold my ass tight, Jay!" Susan's cunt swelled as they jiggled inside the thin shirt. Her nipples were rubbing the material, and she had to untie it so they could swing free. With her tits exposed, she leaned toward Jay's face, her ass in constant whirling and grinding motion.

Jay's mouth latched onto her rigid nipple. He sucked hard, his tongue flicking the sensitive tip as his hands clutched at her tightening ass cheeks.

Susan groaned with the delightful sucking as her cunt raced up and down on his throbbing prick. Her pussy was gripping her son's cock with rippling, flexing waves that seemed to suck and nibble as her cunt went up and down.

Susan's orgasms were becoming tighter and hotter as she fucked furiously on her son's cock. She was now gasping with soft squeals of ecstasy. Her cunt clutched at the boy's prick in desperation as the organ swelled and exploded in her crotch.

She knew there was going to be one huge orgasm soon -- an orgasm that would make her weak, cause her cunt to convulse so strongly, she might very well fall from his lap.

Jay was sucking very hard on her nipple now, trying to arch his cock up into her boiling cunt. But she was fucking so wildly -- so frantically -- he could do no more than strain her wildly plunging pussy pressed him down against the toilet and his cock was swelling and lurching, the sweetness of the ecstasy filling his tight balls and making his prick tingle.

Whether Susan could actually feel his cock jerking inside her tight cunt or not, she thought she could. She could feel the way her son's cock throbbed against the stretching lips of her cunt, and that was enough to send her mind reeling with erotic ecstasy.

That enormous orgasm she had been expecting struck her without warning. She screamed with the power of it, smashing her cunt down hard against the base of her son's cock, grinding now by reflex. Her hot cunt went even tighter on his prick, squeezing it like a wet, hot fist.

Jay grunted with the pleasure of Susan's convulsing cunt. Her hands dug into his shoulders, and her nails gouged through his shirt. He almost bit her nipple as his cock suddenly squirted. His thick, white fuck juice poured into her hungry cunt in spurts of ecstasy.

Susan felt her cunt filling with Jay's sweet fuck juice and it caused her orgasm to be drawn out. Each succeeding contraction was stronger than the last. Her body was shuddering and she thought she was going to fall from him. She clamped her thighs around his hips tightly as her pussy gobbled at his spewing cock, holding herself there.

When it was over, she slumped forward against Jay, gasping in a labored way. Her tits rested beneath his chin as the waves rippling her cunt slowed, then became gentle, and finally stopped altogether.

After what seemed a long time, but actually was only a few moments, Susan pulled back and looked at her son. Then she pressed her month to his, kissing him hotly. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and licked about, tasting him as pleasure still glowed on her warm flesh.

"Mmmmmm," she mewled as she sat back on him. "That was fantastic, Jay! I thought I would never stop coming. And oh, you filled my cunt so full of your jism! I felt your cock squirting cum up my pussy and it made me come and come!"

"That was better than the first time, Mom," he agreed with shining eyes. "Oh, Mom... I love you, and I love to have my cock in your cunt and love to have you fucking me, and, I love..."

Susan laughed, kissing his cheek fondly. Then she slipped from his cock. Looking at his prick, she saw it glisten with the wetness of her cunt and his fuck juice.

Jay was leaning back against the water tank, still breathing a bit fast. Susan squatted at his side and caressed his dangling balls as she looked at his gleaming prick. As she looked at his cock, her hand gently squeezing and twisting his hairless balls, his fucker began to swell again.

"Oh, look at your cock!" she said hotly. "You just had a great fuck, and that cock is wanting more! Oh, I think I love that! We're going to enjoy fucking each other, darling. I love a cock that gets hard so often."

She watched her son's cock as it became swollen again. She licked at her lips. "I know something you'll love, baby."

"I love to fuck you, Mom," he said.

"I know, and you're going to love this, too."

Susan moved her face over her son's cock, her lips were inches from it. She turned her gaze to his face. "You Jay. You just lean back and watch what Mother is going to do with your sweet cock now."

Susan moved her face lower, then she kissed the head of her son's cock. His eyes widened as he saw her lips brush the swollen head of his prick.

"Oh, Mom! That does feel good!"

"I've just started, honey," she said. She put her lips to his cock again, feeling the slippery wetness coat them. His cock was hot against her lips, and when she shoved the tip of her tongue out, it was hot against that. She ran the tip of her tongue back and forth on his piss hole. She felt his balls draw up and heard him moan with the new pleasure she was giving him.

"I'm going to give you a blow job, Jay. I'm going to take your cock in my mouth and suck it. I love feeling a hard cock in my mouth, and honey, I'm going to suck your cock off. When you feel like you're about to come, don't pull away. I want you to come in my mouth. You hear me, darling?"

"Come in your mouth, Mom?"

"That's right, honey."

"But I thought girls didn't like..."

"Girls love it," she said with a soft laugh. "And don't let them lie about it. Any girl with a hot cunt loves to suck a cock off, and she loves to have it coming in her mouth, too."

Susan opened her lips and placed them around the head of her son's cock. At the taste of his cock and cum, she rolled her eyes back, and she mewled softly with pleasure.

She teased herself by sucking on his cock head. She continued to hold his balls in her hand, then she went down on him. Her hot, greedy lips went all the way, and the head of his swollen, smooth cock probed the entrance of her throat. The few hairs at the base of his cock tickled her lips, making her shake with ecstasy.

Susan held her son's cock deep in her mouth, her throat working as her lips squeezed. Her tongue licked around his wet cock shaft. She closed her eyes as the ecstasy of having her son's cock inside her greedy mouth filled her body.

Then, with a soft whimper of intense pleasure, Susan began to suck up and down Jay's cock. She sucked his prick hard and strong, her tongue was never still, always moving, always licking. She felt her son's balls tighten in her hand and she tugged and twisted them gently as her mouth sucked up and down his throbbing prick. She could feel his body shaking.

With his cock buried as deep as she could get it in her mouth, she turned her head sideways and looked up at him. His eyes were glowing as he watched her lips hold his cock.

Having Jay watch her as she sucked on his prick thrilled her tremendously. It was better than simply having him or any other boy look at her body. With him watching her suck his cock, the pleasure was so great, she wasn't sure she could stand it without coming.

Being seen with a cock stuffed inside her hungry mouth had been something Susan longed for, and after all those years of frustration, her son was watching her now.

Susan gobbled at his throbbing prick; soft mewls bubbling from her. There was a tremendous heat in her cunt. But the best heat of all at this moment was on her wet lips and in her mouth.

She ran her tongue and lips up and down her son's cock greedily, devouring every inch of his throbbing prick-meat. The hard throbbing of her son's cock between her lips sent sparks of ecstasy running through her body, and having him watching as she sucked his prick made those sparks more pronounced.

Susan's mouth watered up with the sweetness of her son's cock, and she began to suck at his prick desperately, not wanting to spend a long time. Later, she would suck his cock in a slow, teasing way. But right now, she was desperately hungry to have his fuck-juice spurting thickly into her greedy mouth, running down her burning throat.

Her eyes opened occasionally as she looked up into Jay's face, making sure he watched her mouth devour his hard cock. Being seen as she gave him this blow job was almost fifty percent of her pleasure.

Jay's cock was dripping from his piss hole again, and Susan's tongue flicked his pre-cum away every time she held his cock between her lips near his smooth prick head. His cock juice was slippery and sweet on her tongue, and it served to make her become even more desperate to test his jism.

Susan's lips began to race up and down Jay's cock, squeezing tightly. Her lips were wet and very hot -- so hot they felt like flames on his cock.

He was arching up into her mouth now, and she slipped her free hand underneath his ass, clutching a firm cheek. Her fingers dug between his ass cheeks near his tight asshole. She knew that would increase the ecstatic sensations for her son, and she began rubbing his asshole.

Susan felt her son's cock swell even more, becoming larger and thicker. His swollen prick-head brushed at her throat as she sucked it deep into her hot, wet mouth. She held her lips tightly against his throbbing prick shaft as she sucked up and down. Her lips pressed hard at his cock base. Then, with strong suction, she pulled upwards until she held just his piss hole in her mouth, her tongue fluttering around his sensitive, dripping cum-hole.

Her finger rubbed strongly at his tight asshole as her other hand pulled and twisted on his writhing balls. She heard him grunting hotly, and a peek upward told her he was still watching her suck his cock.

Jay was shaking now with an impending orgasm. Susan felt his cock jerking inside her mouth, and she knew he would soon spurt his thick cum. She bobbed her mouth up and down faster, her red-gold hair fanning out. She kept her gaze on his face, wanting to watch his expression when he came in her mouth.

"Ooo, Mom," he yelped, straining his cock up into her hot mouth. "I'm gonna come! Mom, I'm gonna come!"

Susan's cunt twitched as Jay told her he was about to come, then an orgasm rippled through her pussy. At the peak of her orgasm, she felt her son's cock spurt.

Cum filled her mouth quickly squirt after squirt. Her tongue raced around Jay's swollen cock head, her eyes becoming glassy with ecstasy. The taste of her son's thick come juice was so sweet in her mouth, it caused her cunt to convulse tightly.

She pulled at her son's balls as he came into her hungry mouth, and she suddenly shot her finger into his asshole. She shoved her finger deeply into her son's tight, flexing asshole and held it there as he spewed fuck juice down her throat. His expression was what she wanted to see pure delight and ecstasy.

Susan kept her lips tight on his cock as he gushed jism into her hot mouth, her finger deep inside his tight asshole and his balls writhing in her other hand. She swallowed sweet, thick jizz in gulps, her body shaking as she knelt at his side.

When she felt there would be no more cum for her, she released his cock and let it flop to his thigh. She kissed his prick and ran the tip of her tongue along it, then down over his balls as she held them up in her hand. Finally, she stood up.

"Now you can jack off if you still want to," she teased.

She left her son in the bathroom, his eyes filled with love and awe.

Chapter FOUR

Susan loved fucking and sucking her son.

But still, he waited for her to make the first moves. She didn't mind that, but she wanted him to be a bit more aggressive with her. She would have enjoyed it if he had come to her, torn her clothing off, and fucked the piss out of her. But she knew he was still very young -- still trying to find out about girls and fucking.

She had to let him do it his way, she felt.

Within a day after fucking and sucking Jay in the bathroom, she had learned from him that he had never had a piece of ass until she had fucked him in the hallway. He had opened up with her and told her how often he had jacked off, and then he surprised her.

He told her that sometimes he and his two friends, Burt and Gary, would conceal themselves and jack off, watching each other to see who could squirt cum the farthest.

Susan was amused by her son's confession, and told him she would love to watch them play that jack off game.

When Jay offered to ask them, Susan prevented him by telling him he had to be discreet and careful who he talked to about them. Jay was disappointed because he wanted his friends to watch him fuck his mother.

Susan thought it would be fantastic to have the two young boys watch as she took her son's cock into her cunt, but she knew it would be best to go slowly and carefully. If it had been left up to Jay, he would have rushed out immediately and gathered up his friends, bringing them back with him then and there.

Then Jay said something that surprised and delighted Susan.

"I think Gary and Burt are fucking Judy," he said.

Susan looked at Jay. "Why do you think that?"

"I heard something about it from Gary," he said. "He didn't come right out and say so, but he hinted at it."

It was appealing to Susan. The idea of those two boys fucking their pretty sister gave a steamy sensation to her cunt.

Sissy was the same age as Judy, and Gary was one year younger -- tile same age as Jay. Burt was the oldest of them all. In her mind, Susan saw the pretty girl with her legs spread wide and her cute pussy revealed, the boys taking turns fucking her.

What her son had said remained with her for the rest of that day. She was in constant excitement, wishing there were some way she could find out for certain if Judy was fucking her two brothers.

Early that evening, when Sissy came to Susan and asked if Judy could spend the night, the woman was quick to agree. She looked at Judy differently now, with the knowledge that the girl was perhaps fucking her brothers. That made her all the more appealing.

Susan stayed up late -- long after her son had gone to bed. The two girls were in Sissy's room, and she could hear them chattering.

At eleven that night, the two girls were still wide awake and talking. Susan thought she should tell them it was quiet and go to sleep. She shoved the door of Sissy's room open and peeked in. The two girls looked up at her and smiled.

"Don't you think it's time to sleep, girls?" she asked.

Her gaze moved over Judy's body. The girl was wearing a shortie gown, her legs exposed. They were crossed as she sat in the middle of Sissy's bed revealing the tight panties she was wearing.

Susan entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed, suddenly joining them. She could not remove the picture of this lovely girl being fucked by her two brothers from her mind. It made her wonder if her daughter, Sissy, had fucked either Burt or Gary.

One thing Susan noticed was Judy did not seem ashamed to sit there with her crotch so exposed. She didn't seem to mind that Susan looked between her thighs. It seemed as if she actually knew what was going on inside the woman's mind. At least she seemed to understand the sudden interest Sissy's mother had in her body.

Without Susan realizing it, the conversation suddenly turned to fucking, and as they giggled and whispered, she found herself involved as if she were a young teenager again. When Judy shoved her hand between her thighs and openly rubbed at the tightness of her panties, she found it exciting.

"You play with yourself often, Judy?" Susan asked the pretty girl.

"Ooo, yes," Judy mewled softly. "I love way it feels, Susan."

Susan looked at her daughter. Sissy was blushing, but her eyes glowed with hot interest. "You too, Sissy?"

Sissy, shyly, nodded her head.

Suddenly Susan laughed. "Well, I guess that makes three of us, don't it? I play with my pussy sometimes, too."

The two girls looked at her with wide eyes. "But you're a woman," Judy said. "I thought only us teenagers played with our cunt."

"You've got a lot to learn, then," Susan laughed. "Finger-fucking and jacking off feels good no matter how old you are."

Judy, unlike Sissy, was not at all bashful about it. She sat there on the bed with her legs crossed, running her hand up and down her pantied cunt boldly.

"I'll probably make myself come," the little girl said. "I love to come."

Susan watched the girl's hand move up and down her cunt, and then before Sissy knew what she was doing, she flipped her gown up and said: "You play with your cunt, honey."

Sissy was hesitant, her eyes flashing with inner heat. "Are you sure, Mom?"

"Of course I'm sure," Susan said, caressing her daughter's thigh. "It feels good, and I know you do it, so I'd love to watch both of your play with your pussies."

"You do it, too!" Judy squealed, working her hand into the waist of her panties. "You play with your cunt too!" Susan looked from Judy to Sissy. Sissy seemed to be waiting, yet eager.

"Do you want to, honey?" Susan asked her daughter. "Come on, let's all jack off together!"

Susan shoved her skirt to her waist and removed her panties. Sissy and Judy stared at her bushy cunt as she settled on the bed, leaning against the headboard, her long smooth thighs stretched wide.

Susan began to rub at her unusually long clit, feeling a thrill at being watched by the two young girls. She pulled at her hairy cunt lips and slipped a finger into her cunt, writhing her naked ass against the bed.

"Come on, Sissy," Susan urged in a hot voice. "Judy isn't shy. Take your panties off and let's all watch and play with our pussies."

Judy tripped her panties off quickly, spreading her legs as wide as she could, and leaned against the footboard of the bed, facing Susan. Sissy was, between them, and with a shy expression, she shoved her panties down. Then she removed her gown so that she was the only one completely naked. Her small tits were hardly more than two creamy bumps, but succulent-looking with their sugary pink nipples.

Without speaking, Susan and Judy removed their gowns. All three -- Susan and her daughter and Judy -- then began to fondle their own cunts. Sissy's cunt was extremely pretty, with a small patch of cunt fuzz at the top, her pink cunt-lips totally hairless. Her little clit glistened as her fingers moved about. Judy's pussy had more cunt hair, and it was darker than Sissy's. And Judy's tits were larger -- but not much.

Susan watched as the two teenaged girls fingered their cunts, thrilled to have their gazes on her as she worked a finger in and out of her pussy. Her daughter was no longer shy, but in tensely interested.

When Susan saw Sissy thrust a finger into her tight little cunt, she knew that either her daughter had been fucked or else she finger fucked a great deal.

Staring at those two succulent young cunts made Susan get ideas. Their pussies looked so sweet, she could not resist the impulse to reach out and stroke her daughter's cunt with her free hand.

Sissy's hips jerked at the contact, arching upward. Susan rubbed at her tiny, distended clit, and when Judy scooted near her, she pulled her moist finger from her own pussy and began to feel Judy's cunt.

As she fondled Sissy's and Judy's pussies, Judy slipped her hand along her creamy thigh and began to return the favor by finger-fucking her pussy.

"Oh, Susan," Judy squealed, "your pussy is very wet and hot!"

Susan laughed throatily. "You've got a pretty hot, tight little cunt yourself, Judy!"

Sissy's eyes burned when she heard her mother say that, and her finger moved faster into her gripping, hairless cunt.

An idea formed in Susan's mind. It flared up like a nova, and she could not resist it.

"Listen, girls," she said in an excited voice. "This finger-fucking is fine, but I know something that is even better." The two teenaged girls looked at her.

"Tell us," they said together.

"How about if I..." Susan paused, looking from her daughter to Judy. They were excited, their eyes glowing with eagerness. "What if I licked your cunt?"

Judy and Sissy made mewling sounds as they looked at her.

"I can use my lips and tongue on those two sweet-looking cunts and make both of you come off. It's better than finger-fucking."

While Sissy and Judy considered this, Susan slipped from the bed to her knees. She faced the girls.

"Come on you two, sit on the edge here, spread your legs, and scoot those sweet asses over. I'll lick both of you off!"

Sissy and Judy scooted until their legs dangled over the edge of the bed, spread wide. Judy hooked her leg over one of Sissy's legs and Susan gazed between their creamy thighs, staring at the two beautiful, almost hairless cunts.

She had never tasted cunt in her life -- except when she sucked on her fingers after finger fucking herself. But seeing these two cunts made her hungry and very eager to have her mouth on them.

Shoving her face between Judy's thighs, she kissed her wet, slightly pulsating cunt. Judy squealed with pleasure as Susan moved to Sissy's pussy.

Sissy's hips shot up from the bed, and smashed into her mother's mouth. She began to grind her cunt against her mother's mouth with soft gurgles of pleasure bubbling from her.

With her nose pressed into the fuzz of her daughter's cunt, Susan looked up and saw the two girls squeezing at each other's tits. Staying at her daughter's cunt, she thrust her tongue out and into the wet heat of her pussy feeling her moist cunt-lips close around it.

Sissy's cunt seemed to be sucking at her tongue as she stabbed it in and out, tongue-fucking her daughter. She caressed Judy's thighs as she licked her daughter's pussy, watching than as they twisted each other's nipples and then began to kiss hotly.

Twirling her tongue around Sissy's distended clit Susan sucked strongly, making the girl's hips jerk against her face. When Sissy began to grind her slippery cunt into her mother's mouth, the woman cupped one cheek of her small, compact ass, squeezing it as her tongue stabbed in and out of her dripping, steamy cunt.

Then Susan pulled her face from her daughter's pussy, her cheeks and chin smeared. She darted her mouth between Judy's legs and tasted her cunt. Her pussy tasted different than Sissy's, but still delicious.

Susan's tongue licked up and down Judy's twitching cunt lips, and the girl squirmed and writhed. Looking up at Judy's naked body, Susan saw that Sissy was now sucking on the girl's nipple, her eyes closed.

Susan thrust her tongue deeply into Judy's cunt a few times, then moved to her daughter's quivering, hot little pussy.

No longer the least bit bashful, Sissy arched her cunt tightly against her mother's sucking, licking mouth. Susan ran her hand underneath the girl's small ass and clutched a round, springy ass cheek, squeezing it as she lapped her tongue about her daughter's sensitive cunt. Her other hand was gripping Judy's ass, and she continued to look up past their squirming bodies, watching them suck each other's tits.

With her tongue running deeply into Sissy's cunt, Susan felt the girl's sweet pussy sucking at it. She thrust her tongue as deep as she could, and felt her daughter's cunt clench around it. Her upper lip was pressing against Sissy's throbbing clit and the girl was gurgling as she sucked on Judy's small tit, grinding her cunt furiously now against her mother's sucking, lapping mouth.

Judging from the harsh grinding and the loud, ecstatic gurgles Sissy made, Susan knew her daughter was about to explode into a terrific orgasm. Her fingers dug harder yet into tile girl's small, tight ass cheek. Her tongue raced in and out of her daughter's slippery, steamy depths as she writhed her lip against her throbbing clit.

Sissy was whipping her tender pussy up and down swiftly into her mother's face as she whimpered with her impending orgasm.

Susan could see clearly the way Sissy sucked eagerly upon Judy's rubber-like nipple. She saw that her daughter pulled her mouth from Judy's tit just before she came. She saw Judy quickly grab Sissy's upstanding pink nipple in her lips as the girl squeezed her tit.

Sissy's hips were twisting and tossing violently. She was grunting and gasping loudly, her hands racing down to clutch the back of her mother's head, holding her face into her grinding wet cunt.

Sissy's body went absolutely rigid, then she shuddered. A loud wail bubbled from her tight throat, and her cunt began grinding into Susan's face again, frantic as she came strongly.

Susan's tongue was deep inside the girl's cunt when she came, and her almost-hairless pussy drew hard on it, flexing around it like an excited fist.

Susan thrust her tongue back and forth, flicking it furiously. Her fingers dug into Sissy's tight, small ass cheek, and the girl's body shook as powerful spasms rippled through her. She wailed loudly with her head tossing about on the bed. The muscles of her flat stomach churned as her cunt whipped up and down into her mother's mouth.

Susan kept her tongue moving slowly around Sissy's pulsating cunt lips. The convulsion was over, and the teenager now lay on the bed, shivering, her legs spread wide as her mother lapped gently now, tasting each sweet cunt lip in turn.

Finally, Susan pulled her face from her daughter's cunt. Her cheeks, chin, and nose were smeared with the tasty sweetness of the girl's cunt. For a moment, she gazed between Sissy's slim thighs, watching her cute pussy throb, her clit seeming to writhe. She leaned into her daughter's cunt and gave it one last kiss.

"Me now!" Judy yelped. "Lick my cunt now, Susan! Oooo, lick my cunt off now!"

Susan's cunt was boiling. She was intensely pleased to be licking these two sweet teenaged girls. The taste of their cunts was much better than she had thought.

Susan moved to Judy, who still had one thigh slung over Sissy's. Judy's tender cunt was pulsating, and her cunt poked from wet, slippery folds of cunt-flesh. The cheeks of the girl's ass tightened and relaxed as she writhed her hips about.

Susan slipped between Judy's thighs, kissing and licking her way to her slippery pussy. Lifting both her hands, she cupped the girl's ass cheeks, then pressed her face into her pussy.

Judy's cunt twitched, and her hips heaved upwards, smashing her cunt into Susan's open, hungry mouth.

"Oooo, yes, Susan!" Judy wailed. "Tongue-fuck my cunt the way you did Sissy's! Tongue-fuck me, Susan!"

Susan's hands cupped Judy's shaking ass cheeks, her fingers digging into the girl's flesh, pulling her ass mounds apart. Her tongue ran up and down her wet, pulsating cunt. She twirled her tongue around the girl's rigid, throbbing clit, then down again. She swirled her tongue about her wet, hot cunt lips and then began to lap up and down.

With her tongue thrusting and then licking, Susan realized that she tasted the girl's asshole now and then, but it only increased her erotic desire. She licked from her tight asshole, up her wet, slippery cunt lips, then twirled her tongue about her hard little clit.

Judy squealed and wiggled; one of her small hands clinging to Sissy's naked tits, the other to the back of Susan's head.

Susan noticed that her daughter was looking down at her, her young eyes gleaming with excitement. She looked into her daughter's face as she tongue-fucked and licked furiously at Judy's cunt.

With Sissy watching her, Susan felt a tremble of intense lewdness flow through her body. Her cunt was twitching and pulsating between her thighs, and she closed them tightly against her pussy.

Judy was bouncing her ass up and down, slamming her cunt harshly into Susan's face. Her head was twisting about on the bed, her hair flying; her eyes closed tightly with intense pleasure. With a sudden upward jerk, she thrust her cunt violently into Susan's face, squealing as she came.

Susan held Judy's ass-cheeks tightly, her tongue racing in and out of the girl's convulsing cunt.

She released Judy's ass and pulled her slippery face from between her thighs when it was over. She sat back on her heels and grinned up at the teenagers.

"Did you two like my cunt-sucking?" Susan asked in a soft, low voice. "How was it?"

"Oh, Mother," Sissy squealed. "It was so good! I loved the way you sucked my cunt! Golly, I sure came! I thought I'd never stop coming!"

"I wanna do it again," Judy giggled. "That was really terrific, Susan."

Susan stood up and began gathering up her discarded clothing. She ran a hand over her lips.

"I'm a mess from eating your cunts," she laughed. "I need a shower. Listen, you two, if you liked it so much, eat each other. I'm going to clean up and get some sleep."

Carrying her clothing balled in her hand, Susan paused at the door and looked at them. Sissy and Judy were turning on the bed, eager to taste each other's cunt.

Susan stood and watched them for a moment, seeing her daughter shove her pretty face between Judy's thighs and wrap her arms about the girl's hips. Judy pressed her face between Sissy's widely spread thighs, and the soft wet sounds of tongue-fucking could be heard. Susan grinned and left the room.

She showered for a long time, feeling very good about what had happened. She was sure the two girls would have eventually gotten around to sucking each other off, or at least finger-fucking one another. She had simply speeded up the process -- that was all.

She crawled into bed naked, a warm glow flushing her creamy flesh.

Chapter FIVE

The next day, Susan was still feeling good. She cleaned up the house, dusting and using the vacuum after finishing with the kitchen. The house never got too dirty because Sissy and Jay were very good about picking up after themselves.

It was close to noon, and Sissy and Jay had remained in the house to help her. As she went about the chores, she felt them staring at her. She knew her son was trying his best to peek under her skirt, to look at her thighs and ass and cunt. It amused her, and she went out of her way to give him the thrill of seeing under her dress.

She wondered if Jay and Sissy had talked together -- told each other how she had fucked and sucked. Their expressions told her nothing, and they didn't seem any different than before. They still squabbled and argued as usual.

Once, they even began to wrestle on the floor, and Susan had to intervene and stop them. They lay on the floor glaring at each other.

Susan stood at their feet, then flopped back on the couch, her skirt flying. She took hold of her skirt and fanned it up and down. She saw them both staring at her thighs, and she flapped the skirt higher. They were seeing her tight panties, she knew, and it thrilled her as it always did when someone looked at her body.

"It's getting warm in here," Susan said. "Why don't one of you turn on the air conditioner?"

"I will," Sissy said, getting to her feet.

As her daughter went down the hall where the thermostat was, Susan looked at her son.

Jay's cock was hard, straining against his pants. Susan held her skirt up, spreading her knees so he could look directly into the crotch of her tight panties.

"See anything there of interest, darling?" she whispered.

"I see cunt, Mom," he said, rubbing at the front of his pants.

"You see panties, and not cunt," Susan laughed. "I'd think you'd know the difference by this time."

"Well, show me your cunt," he said. Susan hooked her finger into her panties and pulled them to one side, exposing her hairy cunt to Jay's excited eyes. She saw the outline of his cock jerk, then let the crotch of her panties fall back into place.

"That's enough to make me come in my pants," he laughed, gripping the outline of his cock. "I like all that hair on your pussy, Mom."

"The only place you're going to come is in my cunt, baby," she said.

"Or in your mouth?"

Susan laughed throatily. "That's right, either you come in my cunt or in my mouth."

"When?" he asked, excitedly. "I'm ready to fuck right now, Mom."

"I can see that," she murmured, gazing at the cock bulge in his pants. "Your cock seems to stay hard, doesn't it? And you know what, Jay? I love your prick hard!"

"Mom, I wanna fuck you!" he rasped, squeezing his cock. "I wanna fuck you now!"

"In front of your sister?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Do what in front of me?" Sissy asked, coming back into the room.

Susan was sitting on the couch, her knees still wide apart and her skirt high. The crotch of her panties was exposed, and Jay was still clinging to his cock through his pants.

Sissy saw this. She stopped halfway across the room, her eyes huge. "Golly," she gurgled. "You mean you and Jay are... Mom, is it true?"

"I guess we've been caught, Jay," Susan said, giggling like a young girl. "Now what do we do? Sissy just caught us, didn't she?"

Sissy danced from foot to foot with excitement, her eyes gleaming as she looked from her mother's crotch to the cock bulge that her brother was hanging onto. She then came closer, standing over her brother, staring down at the front of his pants.

Jay looked up at his sister, right up under her dress. She didn't mind; she even spread her feet on the floor as she gazed hotly at his pants.

"If you're fucking," Sissy said, "then I get to fuck too, Mom."

Susan saw the way her son was staring up under Sissy's dress, his eyes bright with interest. She looked at her daughter and saw the hot gleam in her eyes as she stared at Jay's cock. He was not holding his prick now, and it was sweetly outlined as it strained at his pants.

"You want to fuck your brother?" Susan asked. "You want to fuck Jay, Sissy?"

"I sure do!" Sissy giggled lewdly, "I wanna fuck him Mom."

"Jay? Do you want to fuck your sister?"

"Yeah," Jay groaned, still peering up his sister's dress. "I wanna fuck something."

"Then why should I stop you two from fucking?" Susan asked in a thick voice. "Go ahead and fuck yourselves silly."

Jay and Sissy began to giggle like naughty children.

Susan sat on the couch, feeling the steam flowing about her cunt as she watched Sissy kneel at her brother's hips. Her small hands reached for his cock, and she fumbled with the belt of his pants. When she tugged his zipper down, his cock stood up firm, throbbing and dripping.

Sissy removed her brother's pants quickly, her little body actually shaking with eager desire. Jay removed his own shirt and then lay there naked, his cock standing up.

Sissy was gasping with hot excitement as she clutched her brother's cock in her tight little fist. She pumped up and down on his prick swiftly, her other hand cuddling his hairless balls.

Susan thought her daughter had probably been fucked before; she handled her brother's cock as if she were quite familiar with pricks.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off, Sissy?" Susan asked.

Pumping up and down on her brother's cock, Sissy glanced at her mother, her eyes smoldering. "I will if you will, Mom," she said. "Let's show Jay what we've got, Mom! Let him see us naked, too!"

"That's just fine with me," Susan said, giving a throaty laugh as she began unbuttoning her dress. "I love being naked."

As she undressed, she watched her daughter remove her clothing. Jay's gaze followed them both as if he had a problem with which one to watch.

Susan, sliding her panties off as she lifted her ass from the couch, watched as Sissy hooked her fingers into the elastic band of her tight little panties.

Jay was straining now, his cock dripping as he watched his sister slide her panties down, kicking them from her feet. She stood for a moment with her legs spread wide, her hairless cunt revealed to her brother's hot eyes.

Then Sissy dropped to the floor. She got to her hands and knees, her sweet, rounded ass wagging an open, lewd invitation to her brother. She looked over her shoulder as she waggled her tight ass, gazing at his cock.

"I want to fuck the doggy way, Jay!" she giggled. "I wanna get fucked like the doggies do it."

Susan could not keep her hands off her steamy cunt. She spread her thighs wide as she sat on the couch, watching her son and daughter. She caressed the thick curls of her cunt and rubbed lightly at her long, throbbing clit. Jay knelt behind his sister's up-thrusting ass, his cock throbbing up and down.

Before he stabbed his cock into Sissy's cunt, Susan moved close to them on her knees, watching. She spread her knees wide, still rubbing at her pussy, thrusting a finger in and out of her cunt now and then. She saw the way her daughter's tightly rounded ass parted, gazed at the pucker of her cute asshole.

Then Jay probed his sister's cunt with the swollen head of his dripping cock. She mewled hotly as she felt her brother's cock pressing at the tight heat of her pussy.

Susan placed a hot hand on her daughter's ass as she watched. Jay moved his cock harder again his sister's cunt and Susan reached with her other hand and held her son's cock at the base.

"Shove your prick in her, Jay!" Susan moaned. "Shove your cock up your sister's cunt!"

Susan slipped her hand down over Sissy's shining ass cheek, and with two fingers, parted her delicate cunt lips as Jay pressed his cock forward. Her eyes became slightly unfocused when she saw her son's swollen cock head penetrate the tight wetness of the girl's cunt.

"Ooooo," Sissy whimpered with an ecstatic sound as her brother's cock entered her pussy. "Ooooohh, golly! That sure feels good! Put it all in my cunt, Jay! Stick all your cock up my cunt, and fuck me!"

Then Susan saw Sissy arch her ass backwards, and Jay's cock slipped deep into her steamy cunt. Sissy's pussy pressed Susan's fingers against Jay's crotch, and then Jay began plunging his cock in and out of his sister's cunt furiously. Sissy was gurgling and mewling as she banged her ass back and forth on Jay's cock. Susan once more began fondling and caressing her daughter's ass cheeks as the boy dug his fingers into her writhing hips. The moist sounds of their fucking seemed loud to Susan. She found it intensely exciting to see her son's cock stabbing in and out of her daughter's boiling little cunt.

"Oh, baby," Susan whimpered as she watched her son's cock thrusting in and out of Sissy's gripping young cunt. "That's beautiful! So fucking beautiful! Fuck her hot little cunt, Jay! Fuck your sister's hot, tight, sweet little cunt! Ooo, Sissy -- does it feel good -- your brother fucking your delicious cunt with his sweet, hard cock?"

"Golly, I love it, Mom!" Sissy grunted. "I love it. Oh, Jay -- fuck me! Fuck me hard! I love your hard cock fucking my cunt, Jay!"

"Sissy's cunt is tight!" Jay grunted. "Gosh, Sissy has a tight cunt and so fucking hot, Mom, I love fucking her pussy as much as I do your cunt, Mom!"

"Fuck her, baby!" Susan yelped, leaning down and kissing her daughter's smooth, shivering ass. "Give that sweet hard cock to your sister's hot, little cunt! Fuck her good! Fuck her until she pisses all over the fucking floor! Fuck the shit out of her hot cunt!"

Susan's tongue began to lick about the creamy flesh of her daughter's shaking ass cheeks. She lapped at her ass flesh until it glistened wetly, her gaze seldom straying from between her parted cheeks, watching her son's cock stab in a frenzy up the girl's clinging pussy.

Sissy's asshole clenched with the intensity of her pleasure. She moaned and whimpered and wailed with delight, writhing and twisting her naked little ass mindlessly as her brother fucked hard and fast into her tight, wet, steaming cunt.

"Ooo, he's making me come!" Sissy screamed, dropping her head to the floor and arching her ass high into the air. "Jay is making me come! Oohhh, I love that! My cunt is really coming!"

Susan moved the tip of her tongue to the parted crack of Sissy's shaking ass, her eyes smoldering inches from her son's cock as it continued to stab relentlessly into his sister's cunt.

Susan was so close she could see Sissy's cunt lips gripping Jay's cock as it pulled out, only to disappear with his next plunge. She ran one hand behind her son's pumping ass and between his thighs. She gripped his swinging, hairless balls squeezing them as he fucked his sister. The way she twisted and pulled on his balls triggered his climax.

Jay gritted his teeth and slammed hard against his sister's upturned ass, his cock deep in her cunt, holding himself there. Susan heard her son grunt with ecstasy. Then his balls became tight in her hand.

"Shoot your jizz to her, baby!" she yelped. "Give your sister's cunt that cum juice! Squirt your sweet fuck juice up your sister's hot little pussy! Flood her fucking cunt with your cum!"

Sissy was coming in a powerful way. Her body was shaking violently, her ass twisting with excitement. Susan began licking her daughter's ass cheeks again, still clinging tightly to her son's balls. She did not release his balls nor lift her mouth until they had finished coming. The only sound in the room was the heaving breathing they were doing.

Susan sat on the floor; her long legs spread out wide, her cunt throbbing. She watched Jay pull his cock from his sister's gripping cunt, the moisture glistening on it.

Jay sat down and breathed harshly, looking at his mother's hairy pussy. Sissy slumped to the floor, her swelling little ass shuddering as the hot glow of her orgasm continued to ripple through her.

After they had calmed down a bit, Susan brought them soft drinks. Despite the cool of the air-conditioner, they were all sweating. She sat on the floor and leaned against the couch as they sipped the cold drinks.

Sissy sat up in the middle of the floor, her legs crossed, her sweet, small tits looking succulent. Jay sat next to her, his cock surprisingly hard again.

"My turn now," Susan said in a thick voice as she finished her iced drink. "Watching you two fuck made me so damned hot. Come on, Jay... I get to fuck your sweet hard-on."

Susan climbed to the couch, laying back and spreading her legs wide. Sissy and Jay gazed between her creamy long thighs, seeing her hairy wetness and the tip of her long clit. The lips of her cunt seemed to throb in hot readiness. Her tits stood up, pointed; her nipples rubbery in their hardness.

"Go fuck Mom," Sissy urged her brother.

"I wanna see you fuck her hairy cunt, Jay!" Jay moved to Susan, and she drew her knees up and pulled them to her shoulders. This lifted her cunt into the air, and Jay and Sissy stared at her.

Susan's tight asshole was flexing as she held her knees against her shoulders, and she was whimpering for her son to hurry. She twisted her upraised ass invitingly.

"Come on, I want your hard cock up my cunt, Jay! Fuck me! Fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt with your lovely hard cock!"

Jay climbed onto the couch, his cock straining for her cunt. Sissy came to stand on her knees near her mother, peering down at her pussy.

"Stick Jay's cock in my cunt, Sissy!" Susan murmured hotly. "Take hold of your brother's cock and put it in my cunt!"

Sissy grabbed her brother's throbbing hard-on and brushed his swollen prick head up and down the wet, steamy slit of her mother's cunt.

Susan yelped with the contact and jerked her pussy up. The smooth head of Jay's cock penetrated her hungry cunt, and then the boy began fucking in and out.

Sissy started cooing at the sight. She watched her mother's hairy cunt lips suck at Jay's cock, saw his balls bang against her asshole. She reached out and dug her fingers into her mother's firm tit, squeezing it.

Susan dropped one hand over the couch and slipped it between her daughter's thighs, plunging a finger into her wet cunt. As her son fucked her, she finger-fucked her daughter.

Jay's crotch slapped wetly against his mother's upturned cunt, his eyes blazing with the pleasure. Sissy slid her hand underneath her mother's ass and, as the woman had done with her, began to caress her smooth ass cheeks. The only difference was that Sissy began to rub and probe her mother's tightly flexing asshole with a fingertip.

Susan, feeling this, began to gurgle with hot desire. Her finger inside her daughter's slippery cunt moved faster, stabbing in and out as the heel of her hand pressed upon the girl's throbbing little clit.

Sissy leaned closer. She rested her chin on the back of her mother's thigh as she watched her brother's cock sliding in and out of the woman's hairy pussy, her finger pressing at the tightness of her asshole.

Susan yelped. Sissy had shoved her finger up her ass. She began thrusting her finger in and out of her mother's asshole as Jay fucked her cunt.

Susan's naked body shook, her ass tossing about wildly. She held her knees tight against her shoulders, feeling the thrill of being fucked by her son's throbbing cock and the excitement of her daughter's finger-fucking her up her ass. It was new to her, but so intensely erotic, she almost swooned with the hot sensations.

"Ohhh, up the ass!" she wailed as she wiggled her ass about. "Cock in my cunt... finger up my ass! Ohhh, that's so fucking good! Fuck my cunt, Jay! Fuck my asshole, Sissy! Ohhh, that is so fucking good! Ream my asshole with your finger, baby! Ram my cunt with your cock, Jay!"

Susan's pussy was gripping her son's cock reflexively, orgasm after orgasm shooting the length of her naked body. Her cunt sucked at his hard cock as he drove it deep and fast, and her asshole closed tightly around her daughter's plunging finger. A huge orgasm was rumbling like searing steam through her body, making her uplifted ass shake in a violent way. Her tits seemed ready to burst, her nipples tingling hotly.

Sissy plunged her finger swiftly in and out of her mother's asshole, knowing she was coming by the way her tight asshole seemed to suck her finger. She kissed the back of her mother's tight thigh as she stared at her brother's cock ramming hard into her hairy cunt. Her face was very close to the fucking, and every time Jay lunged forward, his hip smacked her face.

And then Jay moved too fast.

His cock came free of his mother's tightly gripping pussy, and when he thrust forward again, his dripping prick-head came to his sister's lips.

With a sudden squeal, Sissy opened her mouth and caught the head of her brother's cock between her lips before he could pull away. She held his prick tightly and it was too late for him to pull back. His cock began to gush jizz.

Sissy's eyes were wide with pleasure when her brother started coming into her mouth. His thick fuck juice spurted from his piss hole, coating her tongue and filling her mouth before she knew what was happening.

Susan, feeling her son's cock pull out of her cunt, looked between her knees. She was exploding into a tremendous orgasm, but her vision was clear. Sissy was resting her cheek on the wet hairiness of her cunt, and she could see her son's cock halfway inside the girl's mouth.

"Suck his cock, Sissy!" she yelled. "Suck your brother's cock! Let him come in your fucking mouth! Drink his fuck juice down, baby! Suck his cock suck his cock!"

Sissy, still surprised, tasted Jay's cum as it flowed heavily into her mouth. The taste of his jizz was sweet, and she swallowed as best she could. Her tongue began to move, and she ran it about his cock as he squirted cum time and again into her mouth, filling it.

The sensation of having a hard cock throbbing between her lips, gushing jism into her mouth for the first time in her life, sent her tender cunt into strong spasms of orgasm. She squealed around her brother's gushing prick, swallowing as much jizz as possible, finding it erotically delicious.

Susan watched it all, her cunt convulsing like never before. Somehow, watching her daughter sucking on her son's cock after it had been up her cunt was the most exciting thing she had ever seen. Her stomach muscles rippled tightly as her orgasm continued. She thought it would never stop, and it felt so good.

Sissy's mouth seemed stuffed by her brother's cock as her lips clung to it, her tongue moving. She was surprised at how much he came, and her eyes rolled in her head now with ecstasy as she swallowed, loving the taste of his fuck juice. She liked the taste so much she was reluctant to let his prick go when he finished.

Sissy and Jay sprawled out, gasping from the effort. Susan lay back on the couch, letting her legs dangle over the cushions now. Her pointed tits heaved up and down. Later, after breathing returned to normal, she sat up.

"You cheated, Sissy," she teased. "I was supposed to get Jay's cum up my cunt."

Sissy giggled. "I couldn't help it, Mom," she said. "Jay's cock came out of your pussy, and then it was in my mouth. I don't even know how it got there."

"I'm teasing you, honey," Susan said. "Of course we couldn't let Jay come all over my stomach. If he had to come then, it was best he came off in your mouth."

"I loved it!" Sissy squealed, licking at her slightly puffy lips. "Golly, I loved it when his cock spurted cum into my mouth."

"A fuck and cock suck at the same time," Jay laughed. "I get to fuck Mom's cunt, but come in Sissy's mouth! That was great!"

"You think you're something, don't you?" Susan teased her son, reaching over to flip his cock. "Got yourself a couple of hot cunts to fuck... get a blow job when you want it; not many shit-heads your age that have all that, you know."

Sissy and Jay giggled, leaning over to hug and kiss their mother.

Chapter SIX

Susan knew that her son and daughter were now fucking almost all the time. She also knew that Sissy and Judy spent a lot of time licking each other's cunts. She knew because her son and daughter told her. Judy was no stranger about the house now either, and she mentioned it too.

A few times, Susan had been with her daughter and Judy, and she was, of course, with her son and daughter every night. With each session of fucking Jay, and being with Sissy and Judy, her sexual desires and appetite were increasing. Being the exhibitionist that she was, Susan found it intensely exciting to have her son watch while she and Sissy sucked and lick each other, or to have Sissy watch when Jay fucked her or she sucked his cock off.

Susan found there were many interesting and exciting fucking combinations three eager people could indulge in with wet cunts and a hard cock.

Susan encouraged Sissy and Jay to fuck, and she taught Sissy how to suck cock. She did not have to do much teaching because the girl was so eager and enthusiastic. What she lacked in experience, she made up for with her intense love for sucking cock.

Jay was forever a willing recipient of his mother's and sister's hot, wet mouths on his cock.

The taste of fuck juice was such a sweet thing for Sissy she talked about it constantly. She was always kissing and licking on her brother's cock, her tongue twirling about his piss hole to lap away the beads of pre-cum that seeped up.

Sissy would go to her brother if he were watching television, drop down and open his pants. She would shove her hot little hand into his pants and take his cock out, and proceed to lick and suck on his prick without a word passing between them.

Susan enjoyed watching them, and often she found herself in such a high state of excitement, she could not keep her hands to herself. She would fondle her daughter's sweet, lovely body as she sucked her brother off, finger fucking her tight, hot cunt and making her come.

She would play with her son's balls as Sissy sucked his prick, she was thrilled when the boy, in turn, would feel her up.

Susan was not being left out; Jay was fucking her as often as he fucked his sister. His cock seemed to remain hard constantly, and both Susan and Sissy were delighted that he could fuck them two to three times each a day.

It was shortly after noon when Sissy and Susan sat on the couch together, Jay out someplace. As usual, mother and daughter were talking about his cock, fondling each other.

Susan had opened her daughter's blouse and was fondling her succulent little tit as she sucked and licked on the other. Sissy was sliding her hand up and down her mother's thigh, feeling and caressing the soft, hot, smooth inner surface.

Susan removed her panties, and when her daughter's fingers probed at the silky curls of her cunt, she sighed with pleasure. Both wore skirts, and Sissy's was bunched about her small waist. Her hand ran underneath her mother's skirt as she lolled back on the couch, feeling the woman's hot, wet mouth suck and nibble and lick at her small tits.

Sissy mewled in soft pleasure. When Susan ran her hand down her flat, quivering stomach, she opened her thighs eagerly. She ran her fingers up and down the girl's twitching, hot cunt, pressing and squeezing, making her whimper and twist her sweet little ass with anticipation.

She slipped her finger into the hot crack of her daughter's ass cheeks and brushed lightly over her tiny asshole, applying gentle pressure. Then she slipped her thumb into Sissy's tight, slippery cunt as her finger pressed a bit harder upon the tightness of her small asshole.

When the first joint of her forefinger entered Sissy's asshole, the little girl yelped with the rippling sensation of tingling pleasure.

Susan asked Sissy to get on her hands and knees, which the girl did quickly and eagerly. She shoved her daughter's skirt to her waist, gazing upon the sweetness of her lovely, naked ass.

Telling Sissy to place her head down on the couch and arch her ass high and back, Susan began kissing her creamy, ass cheeks. When the girl was shaking her ass with hot delight, her mother worked a finger into her juicy cunt again, then pressed another finger up her crinkled asshole.

Sissy whimpered in lewd delight, shoving her ass back into her mother's hand.

Susan began thrusting her fingers in and out, one inside the girl's gripping cunt, the other up her tight asshole. Her eyes blazed hotly as she sensed the ecstasy her daughter was experiencing.

"Oooo, Mom!" Sissy wailed as she waggled her upturned ass. "Qooo, that's nice! Finger-fuck my cunt... finger-fuck my asshole, Mom! Ohhh, a finger up my cunt and asshole at the same time! I love, it, love it, Mom!"

Susan gave a low, excited laugh as she watched her two fingers stabbing into her daughter's fuck holes. She loved the way her small asshole clenched at her finger, and the way her cunt gripped the other one. She had her daughter going through a series of orgasms in no time.

This was when Jay came into the house.

He paused in the doorway, watching his mother and sister for a moment, then he turned and said something outside the door. After he closed the door, he came close to them, his eyes wide as he leaned over to see where his mother's two fingers were in Sissy.

Susan smiled at her son. He quickly stripped his pants, and his cock stood up immediately, strong and dripping.

"Want to fuck her, Jay?" Susan murmured as she stroked her son's cock.

"Damn right!" He snorted.

Susan pulled her two fingers out of Sissy's clinging cunt and asshole. The girl giggled and wagged her uplifted ass for her brother. Susan knelt on the floor at the couch, kissing her daughter's creamy little ass cheeks as Jay moved behind her.

When Jay probed at his sister's steamy cunt, Susan reached out and grasped his cock. The boy's eyes widened when he saw his mother bring the swollen head of his cock to Sissy's tiny, puckered asshole.

Sissy yelped when she felt her brother's cock brushing her asshole, but it was a yelp of anticipation.

"Fuck Sissy in her ass, Mom!" Jay asked. "Are you sure about that? I don't know if my cock will go in there, Mom."

"Your prick will go, darling," Susan said, holding his cock against Sissy's tightening asshole. "Your cock will go up her ass without a problem."

"Stick your cock up my ass, Jay!" Sissy yelped, waving her ass about. "I wanna see what it's like with a cock in my asshole! Fuck me up my ass, Jay!"

"You heard what she said, baby," Susan laughed. "Put your cock in!"

Susan's eyes were glassy with excitement as she rested her cheek on her daughter's naked ass, watching as her son began to press the head of his cock forward. She saw her daughter's tight asshole sinking inward, and the pressure sent a ripple of pleasure through the girl. She yelped with wild delight and pressed her ass backwards.

Running her hand underneath her daughter's trembling stomach, Susan began to rub and thrust her finger in and out of her burning cunt. Her other hand clasped tightly on one cheek of her son's ass. Her eyes were inches from his cock as it pressed inward on his sister's asshole.

Sissy screamed when the swollen head of her brother's cock entered her asshole. It was a loud scream, but it was not a scream of pain. It was a scream of perverse ecstasy. She shot her ass backwards, and Jay's cock disappeared all the way, his balls banging upon Susan's hand between Sissy's thighs.

"Ooooo, that's good!" Sissy wailed. "Oh, Mom... Jay, that is so good! Golly, fuck my ass, Jay! Fuck me up my asshole! Ahhhh, your cock feels so big in my ass, Jay! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!"

Susan gripped her son's ass cheek as he began to thrust his cock in and out of his sister's tight ass hole. Watching him fuck her daughter from behind this way, sent her cunt into throbbing orgasms, and her breath was hot against her daughter's wiggling ass. She began to suck at the flesh of one ass cheek, her tongue licking as she darted her finger in and out of the girl's cunt.

Susan was thrilled by the way her son's hairless balls banged against her hand. Somehow, she managed to scoot her face lower, and the tip of her tongue licked about her son's cock as it plunged in and out of Sissy's gripping asshole. She squeezed her hot thighs tightly together; creating pressure upon her extra long clit as wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her body.

Jay was pumping his cock in and out of his sister's asshole vigorously now, gasping with the intense pleasure he felt from that hot tightness.

Sissy's asshole was flexing on his cock as he fucked in and out, tightening and relaxing, ripping his prick like a fist.

Susan drew her face up so she was able to watch as Jay fucked Sissy. Sissy was mewling and gurgling in mindless ecstasy, her mother's finger fucking furiously into her spasming cunt.

Susan felt intensely erotic as she watched Jay's cock pumping in and out of Sissy's asshole. The ass-fuck was beautiful -- a very lovely thing to watch, and at the same time, so erotic her cunt was convulsing tightly. Her finger deep inside her daughter's cunt assured her that Sissy was coming very strongly, too. The girl was squealing and gurgling with increasing loudness as she shook her cute ass for her brother.

Jay gripped his sister's hips with tight fingers as he fucked faster and more wildly into her tight, burning asshole. He grunted with the tingling heat and tightness of it, his balls drawing up.

Susan knew Jay was close to coming, and she urged him with pressure upon his tightening ass cheeks. Her mouth hung open as she panted with the excited heat of her cunt.

With a powerful thrust, Jay rammed his cock as deep into his sister's ass as he could, his body going stiff. He threw back his head and groaned, his balls tight at the base of his cock now.

With her finger deep inside Sissy's cunt, Susan felt the spasms of her son's cock as he came. His fuck juice flooded the inside of his sister's ass, filling her with hot, thick sweetness. The girl wailed when she felt her brother squirting cum up her ass, and her small body shook as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her.

"I thought I was coming apart," Sissy said fifteen minutes later. "I thought I was coming all over myself, Mom. When I felt Jay's cock spurting in my asshole, I exploded. Oh, that was so fucking good!"

"And I get his cock up my ass next," Susan laughed, the sound of her voice throaty and sensuous. "Isn't that right; Jay?" Jay nodded his willingness as he drank a huge glass of milk.

"By the way, Jay," Susan asked. "Who was that at the door with you?"

"Gary," he replied.

"Well, it's a good thing you didn't just bring him on in," Susan laughed. "We might have shocked the boy."

"I'm gonna fuck him," Sissy said.

Susan looked at her daughter. "You are, are you? And when is this supposed to happen?"

"Just as soon as Judy tells him."

"You mean you can't get your hot little hands on Gary's cock unless Judy tells him?" Susan laughed. "I would think by this time, you'd know how to fuck without help."

Sissy grinned at her mother. "She's not giving permission, Mom. She's gonna tell him I want his cock and bring him to me, that's all."

"I think I should know more about what's going on between you kids," Susan said.

"But I thought since we were..." Sissy started, but Susan broke in.

"I don't mean it that way, honey," she said. "What I meant was that if any fucking goes on your mother wants in on the fun."

"You mean you'd let Gary fuck you."

"Mom?" Jay asked. "Really you would?"

"Of course," she said, grinning lewdly at her son. "Why the hell not?"

Jay began giggling. "You know what he said... Gary said you were the best-looking older woman he's ever seen, and he would like to stick his cock in your cunt."

"Older woman, indeed!" Susan snorted. "I suppose to you kids I look ancient."

Susan sat in the chair, her legs draped over the arms of it, her hairy cunt fully exposed to the boy ran her hand up and down the glistening lips of her pussy. The idea of fucking that good-looking boy next exciting to her. She wondered how long Gary had been anxious to stick his prick up her cunt.

"Your cunt don't look ancient," Jay said, his prick standing tall. "It's the prettiest cunt I've seen."

"How many cunts have you seen?" Susan asked.

"Yours and Sissy's," he said. "And I peeked at Judy's with Gary once when she pissed in the backyard."

"Did Judy let you two boys watch her?"

"Sure she did," Jay said. "She lifted her dress up and pulled her panties to one side. Then she spread her knees and just pissed."

"Made that little cock hard, huh?" Susan laughed.

"My cock is hard now, Mom," Jay said, stroking his prick as he sat next to his sister. "And I wanna fuck your asshole."

Susan looked at her son's prick, seeing his swollen prick-head so smooth -- so sweet as it dripped pre-cum. She made her legs widen on the arms of the chair.

"Come on and fuck my ass then," she said, rubbing a fingertip along her crinkled asshole.

Jay came to his mother and dropped to his knees before her widely exposed cunt and asshole. Sissy came over to watch, leaning over the back of the chair and fondling her mother's spongy tits.

Jay brought his cock to his mother's cunt, rubbing it up and down, smashing her swollen clit. Susan whimpered with anticipation, her body shuddering in pleasure. Jay probed her pussy with his cock for a moment or so, thrusting in and out. Then he pulled his prick free and pressed the smooth head against her asshole.

"Push hard, darling!" Susan gurgled. "Push hard, and don't stop!"

Jay thrust forward, and his cock slipped easily into his mother's asshole. She screamed as her daughter had done -- a scream of ecstasy as her son's cock stretched her tightly gripping asshole.

Jay fucked deep, and Susan felt his prick throbbing. Her asshole clenched on his cock as he began fucking her, her cunt already convulsing in a series of orgasms.

"Oh, God! Oh baby! Oh, darling," Susan whimpered as her son plunged his cock back and forth. "That is so fucking good! Your cock really stretches my asshole, baby! Fuck my asshole, Jay! Fuck the shit out of my hot, tight ass! Fuck me hard, baby!"

Sissy's eyes burned as she watched her mother's trembling body, seeing her brother's cock plunging wildly and almost frantically into her asshole.

Susan's long clit stood out stiffly from the wet folds of her hairy cunt. Sissy moved round the chair and leaned over her mother. She flicked her tongue against her sensitive clit, and the woman pressed at the back of her daughter's head.

"Suck my clit, Sissy!" Susan urged hotly. "Suck my fucking cunt while your brother fucks my asshole! Suck my clit, baby! Oohhh, eat my hot, hairy pussy while Jay fucks my ass!"

Susan felt her daughter's hot, hungry lips close around her steaming clit, sucking hard as her tongue licked furiously. Her orgasms grew stronger, causing her smooth stomach to ripple as she churned her ass about for Jay. Every nerve of her beautiful, slender body was screaming with ecstasy, and her rolling eyes were sightless. She kept calling out for her son to fuck her asshole hard and fast, and for Sissy to suck and lick her cunt. She did not know she was doing this, because her mind was reeling with the intensity of her ecstasy.

It had been so long since Susan felt a throbbing hard cock inside her asshole! She had almost forgotten the pleasure of it -- how it felt when a cock went so deep into her ass. Her tits swelled up, her nipples almost ready to burst. She was churning her hips so swiftly Sissy had a difficult time keeping her lips around her throbbing clit.

Jay was holding Susan's thighs as he fucked in a frenzy, driving his cock as deep as he could into her tight, clinging asshole. Somehow, Sissy managed to get her finger moving in and out of her mother's cunt as she sucked her long clit.

Sissy's finger, mouth, and tongue and Jay's cock combined to send Susan into a soaring ecstasy.

Susan's body began jerking as a very powerful orgasm whipped through her body. She was screaming loudly from the ecstasy, the sound filling the room. When she felt Jay plunge deep and his cock suddenly squirt fuck juice into her asshole, she screamed louder yet. Her ass filled with jizz, and she shoved her daughter's face tightly against her convulsing cunt.

It was a long time before Susan could move.

Her muscles and bones seemed like liquid, and tremors of pleasure continued to rumble through her body. When she recovered sufficiently, she saw that Sissy was spread out over Jay. She was sucking wildly on his prick, and he was tonguing her cunt with furious delight.

Chapter SEVEN

It was only a matter of time before Jay brought Gary into the house with him.

Susan knew her son would have Gary there after their conversation. A week ago, she might not have suggested it; but this was not a week ago. Many things had happened recently -- things that she enjoyed and wanted to keep enjoying.

She wondered if bringing the young boy into their fuck sessions would change anything between hr twp children and her. Perhaps, she thought, Gary would not react the same as Sissy and Jay did with her. It just might be that Gary would consider her bad or evil or something. Perhaps his attitude would rub off onto her own children, and then they would think differently. Susan felt mixed emotions about Gary.

She would love to fuck the boy, but on the other hand, she wanted nothing to interfere with her new relationship with Jay and Sissy. She decided to wait and see, she had no other course.

Jay had not mentioned bringing Gary home with him for a day or so, and Susan thought he might have forgotten about it. She felt a slight relief, but it was a short-lived feeling.

She wanted to feel Gary's cock inside her cunt, she knew. She began imagining what it would be like to have a different boy fucking her, and her cunt would pulsate and throb, becoming extremely wet.

Her clit would swell almost painfully when she thought of Gary's hard cock thrusting into her pussy. Once, she actually came while doing housework, thinking of Gary and his hard prick.

Jay and Sissy were now spending the night in bed with her. Sometimes Jay would fuck her and other times, he fucked his sister. But while he was fucking Sissy, Susan was never left as a simple observer. She was always involved in some way.

Jay was an extraordinary young man. His cock seemed to stay hard and strong no matter how many times Susan and Sissy sucked him off or fucked him.

It seemed to Susan that her son could come in gushing gallons, something she and Sissy both loved, especially when they had his cock inside their wet, hot mouths. She ad her daughter both had the ability to enjoy orgasm after orgasm, the last one always being extremely powerful, causing their naked bodies to go stiff and shudder violently.

Just that morning, Susan had been fucked fantastically by her son when she woke up. He had came awake with a raging hard-on next to her, and she had stroked his prick lovingly until be plunged it into her cunt.

Sissy had played with Jay's balls and Susan's ass while they fucked, and then a few minutes after the boy had squirted his fuck juice into his mother, he fucked his sister.

Later, Susan had showered for a long time. She loved to keep her slender body clean, and often showered twice a day. She was an extremely beautiful woman, and she wanted to keep her youthful looks as long as she could. After her shower, she pulled on a lacy pair of skin-tight bikini panties, a full skirt that flared as she twirled, and a thin blouse that molded her perky tits.

The blouse was so thin, her nipples and areoles were exposed darkly. Her red-gold hair gleamed from brushing. She was extremely attractive with a faint application of lipstick and subdued eye shadow.

There was a vague anticipation inside her, and her cunt throbbed more than ever. Why she felt this sudden eagerness, she had no idea.

About noon, she understood the feeling.

Jay came in, and behind him was Gary.

When Gary's gaze fell upon Susan's tits, she remembered the blouse, but it was too late. She saw the excitement in his eyes, and a twitch rippled through her cunt.

As Jay moved about the kitchen getting soft drinks for Gary and him, Gary's gaze followed Susan, always zeroing in on her straining tits. The front of his pants bulged with a hard-on: she was quick to notice.

Susan did not leave them. She felt excitement running through her body as the boy looked unashamedly at her tits. Her gaze kept dropping to the lump in the front of his pants, and her son noticed what she was staring at.

Taking their drinks with them, the boys followed Susan into the living room. She sat on a low stool near the fireplace, seeing that the ashes of the last fire still remained. She placed her elbows on her knees and cupped her chin, looking at the boys. The stool was very low and she noticed Gary's gaze had dropped. She could feel what he was looking at. The backs of her thighs were revealed to him where the dress fell away. A wild urge ran through her and unable to resist it, she used her elbows to make the skirt slide up on her thighs.

Jay came up behind her and without saying anything, slipped his hands over her shoulders and cupped her thrusting tits. For a moment, she almost removed his hands, but she saw a jerk in Gary's pants.

She placed her hands over those of her son, pressing his palms into her spongy tits. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she stared directly into Gary's hot eyes.

Jay leaned over his mother, pulling one hand off her tit. He reached down and quite deliberately pulled her skirt past her thighs, revealing them to his friend. He did not stop there, but pulled her skirt higher, slowly. Then she realized he had pulled her dress to her waist.

Susan sat there with her tight bikini panties exposed to Gary, and her son was again fondling her tits with both of his hands. When she felt the boy unbuttoning the blouse, she made a soft gasp, but did not try to stop him. Suddenly her firm, pointing tits were naked, her nipples rubbery hard. She heard her son asking her to spread her knees, and without resisting, she did so. She spread her knees very wide, revealing the tight, slightly puffed out crotch of her panties to Gary. The expression on the young boy's face told of his intense interest, and Susan's cunt pulsated until she thought she would come, simply because this boy was staring at her revealed tits and panties.

Jay pulled his hands from Susan's tits, and she felt him fumbling behind her head. Then she felt his cock sliding through her red-gold hair. When the head of his cock probed her shoulder, she felt the trail of pre-cum it left. Then his cock was sliding along her neck. She sat there with her tits naked, nipples tingling, knees spread wide and panties showing, and her son was sliding his cock along her neck.

With a soft mewl of delight, Susan turned her head as Jay's cock brushed her chin. With her eyes burning in the direction of Gary, she opened her mouth.

Jay stood at her side, and his cock slithered between her lips. She heard a grunt from Gary as she tasted her son's cock going deep into her mouth.

"Mom," Jay said in a thick voice. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth!"

"Mmmmmm," Susan mewled, her eyes still gazing at Gary as her son began to stab his cock between her lips. "Mmmmm!"

She knew the sight of her son's cock fucking into her mouth was making Gary very hot and excited. She knew it for sure when he opened his pants and pulled his throbbing hard cock out.

Gary's cock is beautiful, she thought. It is a bit larger than Jay's, with a swollen head and a dripping piss hole.

Gary closed his fingers tightly around his cock and began to pump up and down as he watched Jay fucking into Susan's mouth.

As Susan sucked on Jay's cock, she opened his belt and pulled his pants down. She cupped his ass cheeks in her hands as his prick moved in and out of her wet, tight lips. Then after a moment or so, her eyes blazing in the direction of Gary, watching him pump on his cock, she crooked a finger at him, motioning for him to come to her.

Gary was not at all bashful. He stood up and dropped his pants, and like Jay, wore only his shirt. He walked toward Susan, his cock jerking up and down. He needed no further directions now.

Susan gripped her son's ass cheeks tightly as he fucked her in the mouth. She felt Gary's hands running up and down her creamy thighs. She felt his small hand eagerly rubbing at the crotch of her panties, and she scooted her ass as close to the edge of the stool as she could without falling from it.

She dropped a hand from her son's ass and felt about until she had her fist around Gary's prick. She tightened her fist on his cock, squeezing it, making him groan with pleasure.

She began to pump her fist on Gary's cock as he fondled her pussy through her panties. His face was close to hers, watching Jay as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

Being watched as her son fucked her wet, cock-sucking mouth sent a shivering thrill through her. Her half-naked body shook, and she pulled her mouth off her son's cock for a moment.

"Take my panties off, Gary," she murmured hotly. "Take my fucking panties off so you can stick your cock inside my cunt! Fuck me, Gary! Fuck me while I suck my son's cock!"

She felt the boy's hands eagerly tearing at her flimsy panties. She lifted her ass so he could pull them down.

As Susan's panties were removed, she moved from the stool, managing to keep her lips tight around her son's throbbing cock. She braced her body on her hands and knees with Jay kneeling in front of her face. She waggled her upturned, naked ass invitingly to Gary, and he shoved her skirt past her waist.

"Put year cock in her cunt, Gary!" Jay urged in a thick voice. "Stick your cock up mother's cunt and fuck her! Go on fuck my mother's hairy cunt!"

Susan, with her mouth full of her son's cock felt Gary pressing the swollen head of his cock against the hair-lined lips of her quivering, wet pussy. She gave a soft moan of pleasure, his prick thrust deeply. Her pussy closed on his cock tightly.

She felt Gary holding her hips as he began to fuck into her gripping cunt. Her son was fucking her in the mouth, and her body was being buffeted almost violently between the two teenaged boys.

Gary then leaned over her back, his cock plunging in and out of her cunt as she wiggled and twisted her ass for him. He gripped her dangling tits in both hands, squeezing them hard as he fucked wildly into her hot, slippery cunt.

Susan moaned and grunted with the intensity of the pleasure flowing through her. Feeling a cock fucking deep into her boiling cunt and a cock plunging in and out of her hungry mouth caused her to begin a series of stomach clutching orgasms. Wave after wave of orgasms burned through her body, and her pussy lips held Gary's cock tightly, nibbling at his prick as he fucked it deep.

Her ass shook with the slapping of his lower stomach and with the power of her son's cock moving in and out of her mouth. She was being fucked gloriously at both ends.

Through the steaming ecstasy, she could feel the wild throbbing of Gary's cock inside her cunt and the thick hardness of her son's cock inside her mouth.

Jay fucked his cock in deep, and she loved the smooth feel of his swollen prick-head probing at her throat. Her his cock tightly and hotly as he fucked her mouth and she sucked as best she could, her tongue twirling and licking.

She loved the way Gary squeezed at her sensitive tits as he fucked eagerly into her hairy cunt. Being fucked by two hot teenaged boys in her mouth and cunt at the same time was so exciting to her she experienced hotter and tighter orgasms.

The grunts of the two boys thrilled her, and she mewled softly around her son's thrusting cock. Her flesh was shivering with the beautiful ecstasy that was boiling inside her. Her mind reeled with delight to have two hard cocks fucking her, both at the same time.

She felt it in her cunt when Gary's cock began to throb more powerfully. She squealed around her son's prick as she anticipated the gush of Gary's thick fuck juice into her pussy. The boy was fucking into her cunt very hard and fast now, thrusting swiftly.

"Ohhhh, I think I'm gonna come!" Gary yelled. "I'm gonna come in your mother's cunt, Jay!"

"I am, too!" Jay yelped. "I'm gonna come in my mother's mouth! Ohhh, you just gotta let her suck your cock off, she's great! A great cock sucker!"

Susan listened to the boys talking, and her body was being fucked from mouth to cunt. Her orgasms were stronger and hotter, her cunt holding Gary's driving cock very tight. She felt him thrust deep into her cunt and hold his prick there, his hands digging into her tits hard.

Gary grunted loudly, and then Susan felt his thick cum spurting into her hungry pussy. Her cunt convulsed around his spewing cock, sucking at it, draining jism out of his balls.

Jay was holding Susan's cheeks now as he fucked faster into her mouth. She sucked on his prick as hard and greedily as she could, her body shaking as she came powerfully. She felt her son's cock swell and lurch inside her hungry mouth, then a thick spurt of his sweet jizz splashed over her tongue.

Susan gurgled as her mouth filled with Jay's sweet fuck juice and her throat worked as she swallowed his jizz in gulping delight. His cum burned as it ran into her throat. And her lips clutched his squirting cock greedily.

When the boys pulled their cocks out of her cunt and mouth, she slumped to the floor, her naked ass and tits twitching with the hot glow of her pleasure. Her legs sprawled wide, and the boys gazed at her hairy pussy as her cunt lips quivered.

A bit later, Susan drank a glass of iced tea. She gave the boys some and sat with them on the couch. She fondled their cocks and balls as they felt her tits and cunt. They laughed, and she giggled along with them, stroking their cocks into hardness again.

"Are you two planning on switching ends this time?" she asked. "Are you going to fuck me, Jay, while I suck Gary's cock off?"

"You're really nice, Susan," Gary said, pulling his mouth off a nipple he had been sucking on. "I just knew you'd let me fuck you."

"Oh, you did, did you?" Susan said, squeezing his cock. "And how did you know that?"

"Jay said you would."

"And Jay is going to get his hot little ass kicked if he don't keep his cunt-licking mouth shut!"

But her son laughed. "Burt is going to fuck you next, Mom," he said.

Susan stared at her son. What is going on? She wondered. There is no way I want to be a sex toy for every boy in the neighborhood. I'll fuck Jay and lick Sissy's cunt, and let them bring in Judy and Gary, but now Jay wants Burt in on it, too. There has to be a line drawn someplace.

But she would think about that later. Right now, she had her hands on two hard cocks, and her pussy and mouth were hungry once more.

"Are you going to fuck me, baby?" she asked her son. "Or are you just gonna talk about it? Right now, you can sit there and jack off if you want, but I'm going to see what Gary's cock tastes like!"

Telling Gary to stand up on the couch, she turned her face to him as his cock stood out for her.

"I bet you can suck cock better than Judy," he said.

Susan looked up at the boy as she cupped his balls in her hand. "What did you say, Gary?"

"I said, I bet you can suck my cock off better than my sister."

"Does Judy suck your cock?"

Gary looked at Jay. "Didn't you tell her?" he asked.

Jay shook his head.

"We all fuck Judy," Gary said. "Burt and me and Jay have been fucking my sister for the past month."

Susan's flesh shivered with excitement. "How about that?" she said. "I think I understand you kids a little more now." She opened her mouth and pulled Gary's hard cock between her teeth and sucked it. Her eyes blazed with the idea of Judy sucking his cock. It was no wonder the girl had been so willing and eager when she had joined her and Sissy that night in the bedroom.

Releasing Gary's cock, she turned to her son. "Jay, darling, I want your cock in me."

She scooted her ass to the edge of the cushions and spread her knees as wide as she could.

"I want you to fuck me up my ass, baby! I want to feel your sweet cock fucking my asshole while I suck Gary's hard cock off! Came on, Jay, fuck my ass!"

Jay moved between his mother's thighs, his cock dripping in readiness again. She felt his cock pressed between the hot crack of her ass cheeks. Then his prick was against her tight asshole.

She turned her mouth back to Gary's cock and took it deep into her mouth. She lifted one hand and slipped it between the young boy's thighs, squeezing at his ass cheeks as she bobbed her beautiful face back and forth, her wet lips sucking hungrily. She gave a soft, muffled yelp of delight when her son's cock penetrated her tight asshole, and she lifted her ass for him.

Jay dug his fingers into Susan's hips as be began to thrust his cock in and out of her burning, gripping asshole, staring down at the hairiness of her twitching cunt and throbbing clit.

The idea that Gary was watching her son plunge his cock into her asshole was exciting to Susan -- as exciting as it was to have his cock inside her mouth.

"Oooohh, you sure have a hot, wet mouth, Susan," Gary moaned as she sucked his cock greedily. "Qooh, this is good! Suck my cock! Suck it!"

Susan's asshole burned, gripping her son's cock as it rammed in and out. She felt the hot throbbing of the boy's prick in the tightness of her asshole. His prick went deep, his balls slapping at her creamy ass cheeks. She ran her free hand to her cunt and began to rub and pinch at her steaming clit.

She sucked noisily on Gary's cock, writhing her ass as her son fucked it. She knew it excited the boys to see her fingering her cunt as she sucked one and ass-fucked with the other.

Susan was again experiencing orgasms, and her cunt lips visibly flexed as she pulled and twisted her clit, gulping on Gary's cock as she writhed her ass for Jay.

She whimpered with the ecstatic pleasure rippling through her heated body. The two boys were gasping as they fucked into her tight, hot asshole and hungry, sucking mouth. Their fucking sounds increased her excitement, and she twirled her ass as her son lunged his cock in and out of it.

Gary was digging his fingers into one of her spongy tits as she sucked vigorously on his throbbing prick, her tongue twirling eagerly.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Jay yelped, driving his cock hard into her hot asshole. "I'm gonna come up your fucking ass, Mom!"

Susan grunted around Gary's throbbing cock, her eyes open but not seeing anything. He was stabbing his cock in and out of her clinging, sucking mouth faster and faster, and she loved the way his prick throbbed.

She felt her son plunge his cock as deep as he could into her hot asshole, then he groaned. His prick gushed, his jizz splashing far into her ass. She was twisting at her clit when her son came in her asshole, and her cunt exploded. The convulsions of her cunt sent ripples through her asshole, making it tighten and relax on her son's spewing cock.

She felt Gary's cock lurch inside her mouth. Then she tasted his sweet, thick jizz as his prick gushed. As her asshole filled, so did her mouth. Gurgling mewls came from her as she swallowed the fuck juice flying out of Gary's piss hole. The pleasure was so intense she came very close to fainting with weakness.

She felt her son pull his cock from her asshole, and then a cool draft of air fanned over it. Gary slipped his thoroughly drained prick out from between her clinging lips, and she kissed his wet prick-tip quickly before he slumped to the couch. The sensations of her strong orgasms seemed to rumble through her without letting up.

Susan knew this was not going to be the last time she had two lovely hard cocks fucking inside her at the same time!

Chapter EIGHT

Susan had spent the morning shopping.

There were many things she had to purchase, but her mind was not on shopping. The pleasure she had experienced with her son and Gary still seemed to rumble throughout her body.

Sucking on one hard cock while being fucked up her creamy, swelling ass by another was something she wanted more of. What made it even more exciting was that the two boys could observe everything she did with them. They could watch as she sucked on one sweet cock and got fucked in the ass by another. They could see her fingering her steamy clit. To her, being watched was fifty percent of her enjoyment.

As she shopped, she found her gaze straying to the crotch of every man or boy she passed. A few of them wore pants so tight she could see the outline of their cocks, and these her eye lingered on for quite some time. Her cunt was moist and pulsating as she moved about the shopping mall, her eyes always searching, hot and hungry.

Susan was not seeking a new man or boy; she simply could not keep from staring at the front of their pants. What she sought was the line of those cocks -- the length of them. She was not only an exhibitionist, but something of a voyeur, too. She had never had the chance yet, but would love to see a man and woman -- teenagers if possible -- fucking while she concealed herself in secrecy.

As she continued with her shopping, Susan began to wonder what it would be like to be the only woman among a group of boys, all of them with hard cocks, and every one of them taking turns fucking her cunt, her asshole, and her mouth. Her erotic daydream grew, and soon she had a picture of herself in impossible fucking positions. She imagined herself being fucked in her pussy and fucked in her asshole while she sucked on two cocks at the same time, her hands jacking on two more.

She was leaning against a counter with costume jewelry, and suddenly she experienced an intense orgasm. It was so strong, her legs became weak, and she thought she would end up on the floor. That thought made her giggle. Sifting on the floor of a department store, her dress hiked past her ass, and coming off crazily just because of some erotic daydream.

Deciding this was enough shopping since her mind would not stay with it, she left the air-conditioned mall and walked to the parking lot. On her way home, she pulled her dress far past her knees and let the cooling air of the car's air-conditioner soothe her burning cunt. She sped the car up, hoping Jay would be home when she arrived. She was so eager for a cock she could hardly wait to get home.

Pulling into the driveway, she got out and hurried into the house. As she opened the door leading to the entrance of the living room, she stopped, staring.

There were three people in the living room. One of them was her daughter. Sissy was totally naked, and she was sifting on Burt's lap. Her back was to him, and her slim legs were spread out very wide.

Burt had his hands around Sissy's waist, his hands cupping her small, but succulently firm tits. Sissy's cunt was stretched wide by his thick cock as it plunged in and out of her cunt.

Susan gazed at them, seeing the boy's balls dangle between his legs as his cock slithered in and out of Sissy's wet, hot pussy! The girl was mewling with the pleasure of being fucked, and one of her hands was twisting at her hard clit as the boy's cock thrust up and down.

Susan could see the tightly stretched lips of her daughter's cunt as they gripped Burt's hard, throbbing prick. Her legs began to tremble as she watched with hot eyes, and she had to lean against the door-jamb. One hand went to a spongy tit, her fingers digging into it. Her other hand smashed against her cunt through her dress and panties, the pressure against her throbbing clit making her moan softly.

Sissy's slim hips moved up and down as she bounced slowly on Burt's cock, soft whimpers of pleasure bursting from her month. Her eyes were closed as her cunt rode up and down the boy's cock, her expression one of sweet ecstasy.

Susan knew well what her daughter was feeling. She felt as if the stretching of her pussy by Burt's cock had been transmitted to her own, and there was a deep throbbing sweetness in her cunt.

"Oooo, Burt," Sissy gasped. "That's so fucking good! I love fucking, Burt! Ohhh, I want all your cock up my cunt, Burt!"

Susan saw her daughter's hip gyrations speed up as she churned swiftly on his prick. Her tight cunt held his cock wetly, sliding up and down on it. His hands were on her hips, digging into them as she twisted and turned her naked, sweet ass up and down.

Susan had been thinking about seeing teenagers fucking, and now she got her wish. It was as exciting as she knew it would be; somehow different than when Sissy and Jay fucked, perhaps because a different cock was plunging in and out of her daughter's hot, slippery cunt. Perhaps it was the fact that their little group of fuck games was increasing, and perhaps it was because Gary and Burt were the brothers of Judy. Perhaps it was incest that made it so exciting -- incest between her and Jay and Sissy, and incest between the lovely little girl and her two eager brothers.

Leaning against the jamb, Susan watched her daughter's tight cunt ride up and down Burt's surprisingly thick cock. She pressed harder against her burning clit and dug into her tit until she almost bruised her tender tit flesh.

Susan knew her daughter was about to explode with a tremendous orgasm. She saw it in the way her small, sweet tits swelled; the way her creamy flesh flushed and the jerky motions of her pussy.

A sudden wail of intense ecstasy burst from Sissy's mouth and her small body went stiff. Then she began to shudder as her cunt ground down onto Burt's cock.

Susan was sure she could see the girl's cunt convulsing around the boy's prick, and her eyes burned as she strained to see his balls come up tight against the base of his cock. She heard him grunt.

Susan knew her daughter's pussy was being filled with the boy's thick, sweet fuck juice. Oddly enough, neither Sissy nor Burt looked in her direction. She was out in the open and could easily be seen by them. Yet, as Sissy lifted her cunt from Burt's cock, they did not see her. She saw the thick fuck juice seeping from her daughter's cunt as she slumped on the couch, her slim legs spread wide and her pussy exposed.

Susan had not realized she had shoved her hand inside her blouse and was gripping one swollen tit, or that she had pressed her skirt between her thighs and was cupping her pussy. She felt an overwhelming urge to enter the room and fall to her knees in front of Burt, taking his glistening cock into her mouth and sucking it furiously, bringing more of his thick cum up and into her mouth. Somehow, she managed to control her desire.

Within a few moments, Sissy, without a word, leaned over Burt's lap and ran her tongue up and down his wet cock. Seeing this sent Susan's cunt into a series of orgasms, and she had to swallow a moan. She watched as the girl sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, drawing one of her feet up onto the cushions of the couch, spreading her knees wide and rubbing at her clit as she mouthed his cock. She took his cock deeply into her mouth, her cheeks working as she sucked it.

Burt's cock began to swell into hardness as Sissy sucked it up and down. As his prick grew, her lips stretched. Soft gurgles escaped the girl and again, Susan knew the pleasure her daughter was getting. She licked at her own lips as her mouth watered for Burt's cock.

Susan saw something move and she turned her head and saw Judy come from the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Judy wore a pair of panties and nothing else.

Susan became hotter as she saw Judy stand for a moment, while Sissy sucked her brother's cock. Then she sat next to him. While Sissy sucked on his prick, Judy began to fondle his balls. He draped an arm over her shoulders and played with one of her firm tits.

"Let me suck your cock," Judy said, leaning down as Sissy moved away.

Susan watched as the girl took her brother's throbbing cock into her mouth, and Sissy's eyes were glassy as she watched only inches away.

Judy sucked every inch of her brother's cock into her mouth, then began to bob her pretty face up and down his prick-shaft swiftly, making squealing sounds of delight. Then Judy drew her mouth off Burt's prick. "I wanna fuck your cock now!" she said in a hot voice. "It's my turn to fuck Burt, Sissy!"

Susan watched as the pretty girl swung her legs over her brother's lap and settled upon his hard cock in the same fucking position Sissy had been in.

Susan stared as Judy parted the lips of her cunt with both hands, then sank down on her brother's thick prick.

The girl mewled as her pussy was filled with prick. Once she had her brother's cock inside her cunt, she began to bounce up and down.

Burt reached around his sister's hips and began to rub at her tiny clit, making her mewl even louder.

Sissy slipped from the couch and sat on her heels between Burt's legs. Susan watched as she leaned her face closer. Then her tongue licked out and traced a wet pattern around the boy's dangling balls.

Judy had lowered her gaze so she could watch Sissy lick her brother's balls, and her little ass began to churn furiously.

"Suck his balls, Sissy!" Judy growled. "Suck on my brother's balls while I fuck his cock!"

Sissy opened her mouth and took one of Burt's balls. Again, she ran her tongue over her lips hungrily as she watched. Seeing the two extremely pretty young girls fucking and sucking this boy was intensely exciting to her. Watching Judy's slippery cunt sliding up and down on Burt's cock as Sissy sucked his balls sent a shiver of pleasure up and down her spine.

Sissy sucked on Burt's balls in a hungry way, making gurgling sounds. Her eyes were wide as she watched Judy's cunt moving up and down his cock only an inch or so away. Then she released his balls, and lapped her tongue around them. Her wet tongue tickled Judy's clit, then licked Burt's cock as Judy lifted upwards.

"Lick me, too!" Judy urged in a hot, excited voice. "Ohhh, Sissy! Lick my cunt while I fuck Burt! Lick my cunt and his cock at the same time! Oooo, that sure looks good! I'm gonna try that next!"

Burt was grunting as his sister fucked up and down his prick with her tight, wet cunt. He nearly shot his load when he felt Sissy's tongue running hotly around his balls and up his slippery cock.

Susan saw him trying to peek past his sister's shaking body -- trying to watch what Sissy was doing.

Susan wasn't sure she could stand there much longer, watching the teenagers fuck. She was very weak from the series of orgasms burning through her cunt, and her clit was aching now from the tight grip she had on it. Seeing the two girls and boy fucking and sucking was thrilling to her.

"You two hot cunts are going to make me come, again," Burt rasped. "Don't you ever get enough hard cock?"

"Not me!" Judy cooed as her cunt fucked up and down her brother's prick. "I'll never get enough cock -- never, never."

Sissy pulled her mouth back. "You like it? Burt," she said and sucked one of his balls back into her mouth.

Sissy and Judy were so active and hungry for Burt's cock, Susan could feel their ecstasy too. The sight of Judy's wet, hot cunt sliding up and down her brother's cock started spasms in the woman's cunt. Watching the way her daughter sucked the boy's balls, licking up to twirl about his sister's rigid clit, she felt her whole body burn with intense desire.

Burt really had nothing to do. The two girls were doing it all for him. All he had to do was slump there with his ass over the couch, enjoying what they did to and with his cock and balls.

Susan could no longer stand there and watch.

Sissy was the first to see her mother. "Come on, Mom!" she squealed as she pulled her mouth off Burt's balls. "You can suck his balls if you want!"

"No, baby. You keep sucking his balls," Susan said.

Burt peered from behind his sister's back at Susan as she approached. Judy did not lose a single fuck motion. Her tight cunt continued riding up and down Burt's cock, grinding and churning.

Susan, her body burning and shaking, got down on her knees at Burt's side. She lifted her skirt and shoved her panties down quickly, arching her hairy cunt toward him. He lifted his hand and shoved it between her hot, creamy thighs, his finger diving into her slippery, tight cunt immediately.

Susan whimpered as she gripped his wrist, his finger plunging in and out of her clasping pussy. She gazed down, watching Judy's cunt devouring her brother's prick, seeing her daughter sucking on his balls.

Sissy caressed Judy's creamy thighs with her hands while she sucked Burt's balls. Judy twisted her face around, and as Susan ripped her blouse open, began to suck on one of the woman's rubbery hard nipples.

But Judy did not suck long. Her small body was shaking as she rumbled toward an orgasm. Tearing her mouth from Susan's tit, she screamed: "Oh, I'm coming! My cunt is coming so fucking hard!"

Sensing Burt was going to squirt his load of cum, Susan yanked his finger from her cunt and shoved Judy to one side. The girl sprawled at the end of the couch, her legs wide and both hands clawing at her convulsing cunt, screaming in ecstasy.

Susan quickly lowered her face to Burt's throbbing cock, and then she had her hot, hungry lips around his hot, swollen prick-head. Her eyes shone into those of her daughter.

Sissy still sucked vigorously on Burt's balls, and her eyes gleamed with hot pleasure.

Burt grunted, and Susan clamped her hot lips tightly around the swollen head of his cock. Her tongue flew eagerly about the flare of his piss hole. The first squirt of his fuck juice bubbled into her hungry mouth, and she squealed with pleasure. Her mouth became filled with the sweetness of his thick jism, and she began to swallow as his cock spewed jizz hotly.

When Burt finished coming, Susan lifted her mouth from his prick, turning her beautiful face to his. His expression was that of a young boy pleasantly surprised. She grinned and shoved her wet mouth onto his, thrusting her tongue into his mouth deeply. She cupped his cock and felt her daughter's lips brushing her hand.

Sissy still sucked and licked at Burt's balls, reluctant to turn them loose.

After a bit, Susan asked: "Where is Jay, Sissy?"

"He was here," Sissy said, looking around. "I don't know when he left."

"He went to get Gary," Judy said, still puffing from her intense orgasm.

Susan looked at the three teenagers, smile on her face. "That's nice. I guess I better get ready," she said in a voice that showed her eagerness.

Chapter NINE

What Susan meant by getting ready, even she didn't know. She had said it as something to say -- some means of covering up her nervous anticipation. The teenagers were up to something, she knew. She had been fucking them and talking to them and listening to them for a number of days now, and she knew they were up to something.

She stripped her clothing off in her bedroom and then ran a tub of hot water, splashing oils and bubble bath into it. When the tub was filled, she climbed in and sprawled chin-deep into the fragrant bubbles. The water soothed her excited flesh, swirling between her thighs and around her steaming cunt. She moved her hands over her tits and felt the silky oils smooth her flesh.

The taste of Burt's cum lingered in her mouth, and she savored it. She licked her lips, feeling the residue of her cock sucking. She had sucked her son's cock off into her mouth, then Gary's, and finally, Burt's cock. She had licked the sweetness of not only Judy's cute pussy, but had tongue-fucked her daughter's tasty cunt. She had been fucked by Gary and her son -- their cocks thrusting into her cunt and asshole.

Now, she was going to fuck Burt.

As the water drained in the tub, she dried her slender body with a fluffy towel. She tried to listen to the teenagers, but there were no sounds coming from the living room. Her cunt throbbed as hotly and eagerly as always -- only it seemed to her that the pleasure in her pussy was more pronounced.

Leaving the steamy bathroom, Susan selected a pair of very lacy, very tight bikini panties. Sliding her smooth thighs into them, she considered one dress after another. She really did not have much that could be considered proper clothing for what she anticipated.

Her clothing was all sexy; but not what she wanted at this time.

She decided not to wear anything but the panties. The boys would have her out of them quickly enough. She sat on the bed, brushing her red-gold hair. Then on an impulse of wicked pleasure, she ran the brush through the thick curls of her cunt hair; the bristles of the brush sent a tingling heat throughout her cunt and made her asshole flex.

After a few minutes: Susan realized she was remaining in the bedroom out of sheer nervousness. She didn't know why she was nervous. After all, she had done just about everything a woman could do with a cock and a cunt and an asshole. It was not that there were strangers in the house. The only difference was that the five teenagers would be together for the first time, with her joining in.

She tried to consider her nervousness and decided it was a pleasant type of feeling -- not fearful. There was no fear in her, just that tingling feeling of anticipation. She recalled the same feeling when she had been a small girl and her father drove over sharp hills in the highway, making a wonderful sinking sensation in her stomach.

Susan's tits swelled out, firm and spongy, her nipples very hard. She looked down at them; pleased at the way they had retained their pointed shape. The boys loved her tits, she knew.

Taking a deep breath, she left her bedroom and went down the hall. She stepped into the living room to find only Burt sifting on the couch. The girls were nowhere in sight. She noticed their clothing had been picked up from the floor where they had been discarded during the frenzied fucking.

Burt looked at Susan, his gaze moving from her beautiful face to her thrusting tits with their pointing nipples. He gazed down her flat stomach and stared at the triangular bush of her cunt.

Susan spread her feet on the floor, feeling no shame whatsoever. This was the first time Burt had seen her naked, although her son and Gary had seen her this way many times. The lacy panties concealed nothing, and her cunt hair curled from the small patch of cloth covering her pussy.

Susan gazed at Burt's exposed cock and balls. His prick was very hard again, pressing against his stomach, his balls dangling between his thighs. Her mouth watered, and she licked her lips with hunger as she stared at his prick.

"Well?" she asked in a throaty voice. "Is that all you want to do, Burt, just look at me?"

He grinned at her. "I want to fuck you," he said simply.

Susan arched her eyebrows teasingly, cock her hip slightly. "Oh, you want to fuck now, do you? I suppose you have your own idea of where your cock will go, don't you?"

"Any place you want it to go," he said; his voice husky as he took hold of his cock and pumped it slowly.

He arose and, with his cock jutting almost straight out of the fuzz of his crotch, he came to her. She felt his cock brush her thighs as he wrapped his arms around her body, his hands cupping her springy ass cheeks. Her tits flattened against his neck.

Burt was about six inches shorter than she was and he leaned down a bit and pressed his face between her shapely tits. She pressed her hot tits against his face, writhing her ass into his squeezing palms.

"Judy and Sissy went to find Gary and Jay," Burt said from between her tits. "They told me I could fuck you until they got back."

"They're very free with my pussy, don't you think, Burt?" Susan mewled as she wiggled her pussy against him.

"Were they wrong?" Burt asked.

"They were right!" Susan whimpered as his fingers dug into her swelling ass cheeks. "Take, my fucking panties off. Burt! Hurry -- I want your hard cock in my hot cunt -- now!"

She felt his hands tug her panties down, and as be dropped to his knees before her to remove them from her feet, he kissed her soft cunt curls.

Susan held the back of his head, grinding her steamy cunt against his face. "Mmmmmmmm," she mewled softly. "You like to eat pussy, too, don't you, Burt?"

For an answer, his tongue darted between her thighs and scraped over her throbbing clit, making her shiver with pleasure. She pressed her wet pussy hard into his face and looked down at him with blazing eyes. His tongue darted at her sensitive, clit. Then he had her clit between his lips and was sucking hard. She made a throaty whimpering noise and spread her thighs wide, squatting slightly in an awkward position.

Burt's tongue lapped and swirled about her rigid clit as his lips sucked vigorously on it. She held his face tightly against her crotch, twisting about as he once again clutched her writhing ass cheeks.

Burt sat down on the floor, his head twisted up, and his eyes bright as he gazed into Susan's face. His tongue slipped into her wet, slippery cunt.

Susan was almost squatting over his face now, grinding her cunt into his sucking, licking mouth. Her body shivered as her stomach churned. Her tits jiggled slightly.

"Eat me!" She hissed down at him. "Eat my hairy, wet pussy! Suck my hairy cunt, Burt! Tongue-fuck my pussy! Ohhh, sweet, sweet! I love a tongue up my hot cunt, Burt! Tongue me. Lick my clit!"

Susan's cunt was drawing on the boy's tongue, sucking and gripping it as they went in and out of her pussy. Soft mewls of delight bubbled from her constantly as she twisted and writhed her naked ass, the thick curls of her cunt surrounding his beardless face.

Series upon series of orgasms rippled through her: each group stronger than the last. She gripped the back of Burt's head, holding his face and mouth tightly against her slippery cunt. His tongue seemed like a flame of fire inside her boiling cunt.

"Ohhhh, you're going to make me come!" Susan wailed, grinding her pussy almost brutally into his face. "Your cunt-sucking tongue is going to make me come, you sweet pussy licker! Fuck my cunt, cunt, Burt! Ooo there -- there! I'm coming! Oh, am I coming!"

Burt clung to Susan's shaking ass as her pussy gripped his deeply buried tongue. His fingers dug into her smooth, creamy ass cheeks, his tongue swirling and darting vigorously, his gaze burning up into her contorted, beautiful face.

Susan came dangerously close to falling on her ass; her orgasm was so strong. She shoved Burt's face from between her thighs, seeing his cheeks and chin smeared with the slippery juices of her cunt. She dropped to her knees and kissed him, her tongue licking at his wet lips and into his mouth. Her hand went to his throbbing hard cock, and she pumped on it swiftly.

"Oh, your prick is so hard!" she cooed squeezing his prick in her fingers. "I love a hard cock, Burt. Don't you think it's time you fucked me with it?"

Burt climbed to his feet, his cock jutting out in hardness, dripping from its piss hole. Susan sat on her naked ass, waiting for whatever he wanted to do with her. When his prick came toward her face: she opened her lips willingly.

Burt held her face in his hands, and as his swollen cook head slipped between her lips, she began to suck it. He held her head still as she sucked on the smooth head of his cock. Then he began to thrust in and out.

Susan pulled away long enough to say: "You want to fuck me in my mouth? Do you like fucking a girl in the mouth, Burt?"

He didn't reply, and she shoved her mouth back onto his prick. He again started fucking her in the mouth, and she made gurgling sounds of delight.

The hard throbbing of Burt's cock as it stabbed in and out of Susan's mouth caused her to shiver with ecstasy. The feel of a hard cock thrusting between her hot, hungry lips always thrilled her, and she sucked powerfully as he fucked back and forth. She clutched at his right ass cheeks, feeling his balls bang upon her chin as he fucked deep, his swollen prick-head probing her burning throat.

As Susan slicked on his fucking cock, she was hoping he would gush sweet, thick fuck juice into her mouth again. A cock coming off deep inside her hungry mouth always made her come powerfully.

Her lips clung to his thrusting cock. Her finger dug between the flexing cheeks of his tight ass. She began to rub the tip of one finger around in his puckered asshole. This made him grunt with pleasure, and she pressed her finger against his asshole. She felt his ass flesh give and then her finger began to dart in and out of his asshole as he fucked his cock into her mouth.

Susan's cunt was steaming again. She twisted her naked ass against the floor, drawing her knees up as she sat there sucking his cock, finger-fucking him in his asshole. Her clit was painfully swollen and throbbing as it jutted from the wet folds of her cunt. She wanted to twist it, but she wanted to hang onto his ass cheeks more.

The smooth feel of Burt's cock fucking in and out of her slippery, tight cunt lips sent shiver after shiver racing through her naked body. His swollen prick-head brushing at her throat made her mind reel with ecstasy. He was dripping so much pre-cum she had to swallow often. But she didn't mind at all; she was starving for his sweet jizz.

Suddenly, Burt grunted loudly, driving his cock deep into Susan's mouth. She was disappointed, but only slightly. She had wanted only the head of his cock inside her mouth as he came so she could lick her tongue about his squirting piss hole.

She felt his cock jerk inside her mouth, the head at her throat. Then his thick cum was gushing from his prick and into her burning throat. She mewled softly as he shot jism into her mouth. She raced her finger in and out of his asshole, increasing his ecstasy and making his cock spurt and spurt into her mouth.

Burt's legs shook, and when he pulled his cock from Susan's clinging mouth, he sat on the floor before her, breathing harshly, his eyes slightly unfocused. She sat there, her knees drawn up and spread wide. Jism glistened on her lips, and she licked at it with her pink tongue.

"You suck cock as good as Judy told me," he said once his breathing was normal. "Judy said that?"

"Jay told me too," Burt said. "You suck cock as good as Sissy and Judy." Susan laughed -- a low husky sound. "That's because we love cock-sucking, Burt."

"How about fucking?"

Susan spread her knees wide to expose her cunt to him. "Fuck me," she murmured. "Don't you want to see what my hairy cunt is like, Burt?"

"I've never fucked a woman before," he said. "I've only fucked Judy and Sissy."

"Then it's time you fucked a woman with hair on her pussy, don't you think?" Susan asked, sprawling onto her bock and spreading her thighs wide. "Why don't you fuck my hairy cunt while we're waiting for the others to come?"

Burt's cock sprang up in readiness, swelling into a beautiful hardness. Susan held her arms out and he moved between her long, creamy thighs. She grabbed his cock and lifted her hairy pussy to him.

Burt shoved downward, and his prick slid easily into the steaming wetness of Susan's cunt.

Susan hissed her pleasure as his prick filled her greedy cunt. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he began fucking his cock in and out of her cunt. She lifted her legs high into the air, scissoring them about his pumping hips, then locked her ankles across his ass cheeks.

"Fuck me! Burt!" she squealed as she twisted and tossed her hot ass about, grinding her cunt against his throbbing balls. "Fuck my hairy cunt! Ohhh, I love your hard cock fucking my hot pussy! Fuck me, baby! Fuck my hot wet cunt hard and fast!"

Burt's face was level with Susan's swollen tits, and he began to suck harshly on her nipples. His hands went down her gyrating hips and underneath, clasping the twisting cheeks of her naked, bouncing ass.

Susan whimpered with delight as the boy squeezed her ass tightly, thrusting his cock powerfully into her gripping cunt.

She raced one of her hands down his back and over the bunching cheek of his ass. Again, she thrust a finger into the crack of his ass, rubbing at his asshole.

Taking the cue, Burt began sliding one of his fingers around Susan's tight asshole, and when she thrust her finger into his ass, he rammed a finger up her asshole. She squealed with ecstasy as his finger darted in and out of her burning asshole, his cock plunging into her boiling cunt.

"Ohhhhh, fuck me!" Susan groaned. "Fuck my cunt, Burt! Fuck my ass! Oooo, ram your sweet cock up my cunt! Finger-fuck my hot, tight asshole! Ohhh, I'm going to come! Come so much! Fuck me! Asshole and cunt! Fuck me!"

Susan's pussy exploded, squeezing at Burt's ramming cock tightly, her asshole flexing on his thrusting finger. Her naked body shuddered violently.

Susan's mind reeled, and she had no idea when Burt pulled his cock from her convulsing cunt. He was trying to work his prick down to her asshole. She felt him trying to get his cock up her ass and somehow found the strength to turn over. She drew her knees underneath her body, lifting her naked, creamy ass into the air.

Still weak from the power of her orgasm, she murmured hotly. "There! There it is Burt! Oh fuck me up my hot asshole!"

She felt his cock pressing against the pucker of her asshole, and whimpering with mindless pleasure, she shoved her uplifted ass back against his cock. When the swollen head of his cock entered her ass, she groaned with the tight feel of it. Her naked ass shivered as he gripped her hips, now thrusting deeply into her clasping asshole.

Susan's pussy was convulsing time and again in a series of long, drawn-out orgasms. She closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip: the ecstasy almost too much for her to take.

Burt was fucking into her tight, hot ass vigorously, his fingers digging into her hips. He could see the way her asshole stretched around his throbbing cock, and the sensation of it made his balls draw up tightly at the base, slapping her hairy cunt.

"Oooo, fuck my ass, Burt!" Susan whimpered. "Fuck my tight asshole! Ram your sweet, hard cock up my fucking ass! Baby! Ohhhh, I love it, love it!"

Through the sweetness of her flowing ecstasy, Susan felt Burt's cock throbbing and jerking as it penetrated deeply into her burning ass, stretching and filling it nicely. She knew the boy was about to come, and her asshole seemed to grip his cock tighter yet. As much as she wanted to turn around and take his cock deeply into her mouth when he came, she also wanted to feel him gushing jizz up her asshole.

Before Susan could decide where she wanted Burt's cock to spurt, he grunted and drove his cock deep into her ass, holding himself against her.

Susan gave a wail of pleasure when she felt his cock gushing jism deep into her asshole. Her naked body shuddered as her cunt exploded again. Her asshole clenched around his spewing cock, and the sensation of being sucked off came to him. His fingers left imprints against her creamy flesh as they dug into it. His climax was unbelievably powerful.

Susan moaned as Burt pulled his cock from her tight asshole. She felt his lips kiss the cheek of her ass, then she turned onto her back, looking at the exhausted boy with smoldering eyes, her legs spread wide, and her hairy cunt revealed. She caressed her smooth tits gently as she looked at him.

The sound of the door opening caused her to turn her eyes in that direction.

Chapter TEN

Jay and Sissy came into the house with Gary and Judy following them.

Susan did not move, her hands cupping her tits. She smiled at the teenagers as they came into the room. All of them looked about at her and Burt, their eyes gleaming with pleasure. Jay slipped his hand over his sister's swelling little ass, feeling it as he looked at his naked mother.

Susan noticed that Gary was trying to get his sister's dress up, but seemed to be having some problem.

Sifting up, her tits jiggling slightly, she smiled brightly. "I don't know about all this," she said. "But it seems I don't have much to say. Right now, I need something cold to drink."

She got to her feet and went to the kitchen, mixing herself a tall glass of iced tea. When she returned to the living room, Burt was leaning against the couch, sifting on the floor. Next to him was Sissy, playing with his slippery cock. Next to Sissy was Jay, and he had his sister's dress up, rubbing at her panties.

Judy and her brother Gary were sifting on the couch. Judy's dress was now about her waist, and Gary had his hand inside her tight panties. The girl, in turn, was stroking his cock.

"Well, this looks cozy," Susan said as she sat in the overstuffed chair, her long legs stretched before her. "I suppose this is what you kids had in mind all the time, isn't it?"

"We talked about it, Mom," Jay said.

"When?" Susan asked.

"A day or so ago," Sissy giggled. "We didn't talk about it until we were sure you'd do it!"

"Do what?" Susan asked.

"Let us come here to fuck," Judy giggled. "We can't fuck at our house, and I don't like sneaking around. We could get caught that way."

"What makes you think I'd let all of you come here and fuck?" Susan asked.

"Because you like to fuck as much as we do, Mom," Jay said. "We don't have anyplace else to go, you know that."

Susan knew they were right. She loved to fuck and suck as much as these teenagers did, and they really had no place else to go. She did not want them sneaking about.

Jay and Sissy, of course, had their, home. But Judy and her two brothers had no place. It made sense to her, and she nodded her head in agreement.

"There will have to be some rules around here," Susan said. "Number one is that you don't bring any one else here unless you ask me first. And number two is that I get all the cock I want."

The boys giggled.

"We accept those rules," Burt said, his cock swelling inside Sissy's gripping fist. "Right, kids?"

The other four agreed eagerly.

"If that's settled," Susan said in a low, thick voice, "I want to try something."

She spread her long legs and scooted her ass to the edge of her chair. She set her glass of iced tea on a small table next to the chair, then shoved both her hands between her thighs. She pulled the lips of her hairy cunt wide, revealing the pink wetness of her cunt to the teenagers. Her clit stood up in the rubbery hardness, throbbing eagerly despite the many times she had come already that day.

She looked at the two girls and three boys with hot eyes. "First, all of you have to take those fucking clothes off. From now on, the only clothing worn in this house will be only to excite and tease. Otherwise, it's total nakedness. I love to be naked -- to be looked at -- and I love to see hard cocks and wet cunts."

The teenagers began stripping naked, and Susan sat there with her legs wide, fondling and caressing her cunt as she watched them peel clothing from their excited bodies. The three boys had hard cocks. Sissy and Judy's cunts were moist and eager.

"Another thing," Susan said as she ran a finger in and out of her cunt. "Anything goes in this house. If you kids want to try something far out -- weird even -- then we do it. If someone doesn't like what we do then we won't do that anymore. Agreed?"

They all five yelped their agreement.

"Then let's fuck!"

"You said you wanted to try something, Mom," Sissy said as she stroked Burt's cock. "What is it? Come on -- tell us!"

"I don't know if is possible," Susan said. "But I sure would like to try."

"I want to see if I can take all three of your sweet cocks," Susan said. "At the same time."

Eagerness shone on the faces of the boys and girls. Susan could see from their expressions they were more than willing to try anything she came up with.

"Gary, you get on the floor on your back." The boy did as Susan asked, his cock arching up in hardness. Susan got up from the chair and straddled him, a foot on each side of his hips. The others gathered around to watch.

Susan squatted above Gary's cock, her cunt sinking down onto it. She then stretched her tall, slim body out on top of him. His cock was deep inside her cunt, her legs on each side of his.

"Sissy, pull the cheeks of my ass apart," Susan said, her voice shaking with emotion. "Burt, while my daughter holds my ass cheeks apart, I want you to stick your sweet cock back inside my asshole."

The kids looked at her.

"That's right," Susan gurgled hotly. "I want to be fucked in my cunt and up my asshole at the same time."

She felt her daughter's hot hands pulling at the cheeks of her round, swelling ass. Burt knelt behind her and managed somehow to get the head of his cock pressing against her tight asshole.

"Shove your prick in!" Susan yelped when she felt his cock there. "Shove your cock up my fucking asshole!"

Burt pressed, and his cock slipped into Susan's gripping ass for the second time. She whimpered as she felt his prick thrust deeply into her ass.

"Ohhh -- that's wonderful! A cock in my cunt and a cock up my ass! Now fuck me -- both of you! Fuck me hard, damn it!"

Susan's naked body was between the two teenaged boys, and she felt their throbbing cocks sliding in and out of her slippery pussy and tightly gripping asshole. She was caught tightly between them, unable to move. But she didn't need to twist and toss her ass. The two boys were doing a wonderful job of fucking her.

Sissy and Judy stared, their eyes wide as they watched Susan being double-fucked.

"Ohhhh, I wanna try that, too!" Sissy yelped excitedly. "I'm gonna get fucked in my cunt and asshole at the same time!"

"I am too!" Judy squealed.

"I'm not finished yet," Susan said. "Jay, bring your sweet cock to my mouth, baby! I want to suck your cock and be fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time! I want all three of your hard cocks in me!"

Jay somehow managed to get his cock close to his mother's face without shoving his ass into Gary's face. Susan opened her mouth as her son rubbed his dripping cock-head across her moist lips.

"You're going to have to fuck me in my mouth, Jay," Susan gurgled. "I can't move."

Jay thrust his cock into his mother's mouth. Then, with Gary fucking into her cunt and Burt stabbing his cock up her tight asshole, she sucked and licked her son's prick as he mouth fucked her. The sensation of being fucked by three hard cocks at the same time sent shudders of intense ecstasy flowing through her naked body.

Susan began to experience hot waves of orgasms almost immediately as the three cocks penetrated her in her three fuck holes. Her eyes closed tightly, her son's balls banged upon her chin, his cock fucking deeply into her hot, hungry mouth. Her asshole clutched at Burt's stabbing cock and her cunt clung to the hardness of Gary's prick.

From the corner of her smoldering eyes, she saw her daughter and Judy turning to each other. Judy straddled Sissy's face as her mouth went to Sissy's cunt. The two teenaged girls began to lick each other's pussies furiously, making sucking sounds.

Every inch of Susan's naked body was on fire, burning and melting with the intensity of her ecstasy. The three cocks seemed to move in unison, penetrating her asshole, her cunt and her mouth. Every nerve of her slender body shivered as she moaned around her son's cock.

Susan's orgasms were increasing in strength, making her cunt flex about Gary's throbbing cock. Her asshole seemed to tighten more than ever with the thrilling hardness of Burt's cock.

Jay drove his prick deep into her hungry mouth, his balls banging at her chin and the sparse hair at the base of his cock tickling her lips and nose. The sounds of Sissy and Judy licking at each other's tender cunts made her pleasure all the more exciting.

The loud grunts of the three boys filled Susan's ears, and it was better than any music she ever heard.

Susan's mind reeled until she thought of nothing and felt nothing except fucking, fucking, fucking! Having three cocks fucking into her steaming body at the same time was more pleasurable than she thought possible. The orgasms rumbling through her body and exploding in her cunt were becoming very strong, and she wailed around her son's fucking cock, her lips clinging tightly as her tongue swirled.

She felt the power of those cocks fucking her, and she was hoping desperately that all three would come at the same time, gushing all their precious fuck juice up her cunt and asshole, and into her mouth. She wanted their thick cum with an almost insane hunger.

Susan did not get what she wanted.

Gary, beneath her, suddenly grunted. His cock throbbed and jerked inside her cunt. She felt the thick gush of his cum as it splashed into her burning cunt. She felt the thick jism flying from the piss hole of his cock, and the muscles of her pussy squeezed his prick.

As soon as Gary's cock stopped spewing jizz, Susan felt Burt press hard and deep into her asshole, his cock jerking, his balls tight upon her crotch. She gasped when he suddenly squirted jizz deep into her asshole. Her cunt had been filled with Gary's cum, and now her asshole was being flooded by his brother's jizz.

She yelped around Jay's prick as it stabbed in and out between her hot lips. Her naked body shook between the boys as her orgasm flowed like liquid heat through her.

Hardly had Burt finished coming up Susan's asshole, when she tasted the sweetness of Jay's jism. His cock swelled and unleashed a torrent of bubbling cum into her mouth, and she gurgled with ecstasy, sucking hard as his thick jizz flowed down her throat.

By the time the boys had finished coming, Susan's body felt exhausted from the power of her orgasms. Her naked flesh glowed as the boys removed their cocks from her fuck holes.

She was sprawled on the floor, her flesh rippling with pleasure. She gazed at the kids, her eyes still smoldering but now, hardly seeing. Her tits heaved on her chest, and then she realized that Sissy and Judy had tongue fucked each other to explosive orgasms and were now sifting on the floor.

The teenagers watched Susan as she recovered and finally sat up.

"That was really fantastic?" Susan panted. "You two girls will have to try a triple-fuck!"

"I'm gonna do it," Sissy said.

"Me too," Judy replied.

For the next hour, the group sat and talked eagerly. They discussed all the different kinds of fucking they wanted to try. Some of the things the two girls mentioned, Susan knew would only happen in the erotic imaginations of two hot-assed young girls. But she knew they enjoyed discussing it and she loved listening to them. The boys were more than eager to attempt everything mentioned, and she smiled and laughed at some of the fucking positions they discussed.

The talk seemed to restore the energies of them all. The boys were soon sporting hard cocks again, proud of their hardness. Sissy and Judy seemed to love being seen in their naked ness as much as Susan.

Now, standing at the kitchen sink and gazing at the small garden in the corner of the back yard, Susan smiled to herself: remembering how it all began such a short time ago.

She thought of the five teenagers sitting in the living room, waiting for her to return. Or perhaps they weren't waiting for her at all; but already fucking and sucking like fiends.

Susan didn't mind what they did. The rules had been established, and she knew they would abide by them. They realized what they had here -- just as she knew what she had. They would not do anything to endanger their fuck haven in any way. As she turned from the window to start back to the living room, she felt her asshole, cunt, and mouth tingling for cock again.

Susan paused in the doorway, looking at the teenagers. They seemed no different than any other teenagers, except they were naked, with hard cocks and wet, hot cunts.

They were insatiable fuckers, she knew. But then, so was she. She found herself wondering where all this fucking would lead. She visualized her house filled with the naked bodies of dozens of teenaged boys and girls, all fucking and sucking in a frenzy of ecstasy.

Susan walked into the room with that vision of naked bodies wall-to-wall still in her mind.


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