Horny easy daughter

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to tile undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

HORNY EASY DAUGHTER is the story of how a father, a mother, and their daughter adjust to the liberated moral standards of modern American culture. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful and helps them keep their family together after weathering many hardships.

HORNY EASY DAUGHTER -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.

Chapter ONE

Eighteen-year-old Joan Wallace and her roommate, Linda Morton, were sitting in their apartment discussing their favorite subject, men. Life was a beautiful bubble for the two young girls who were on their own for the first time in their lives. Both of them had recently graduated from high school in a small town and had come to the city where they quickly found jobs.

Living away from the watchful eyes of their parents for the first time, the young ladies were giddily looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. If the girls were a bit naive about the ways of city life, they certainly weren't lacking in the knowledge of sex. Joan had lost her cherry in a cornfield when she was younger, and Linda had been introduced into the world of cocks when she let several members of the high school basketball team gang-bang her.

The result was that both of them enjoyed fucking and openly admitted it. When they first moved to the city, they were taken out and fucked by several young men who worked in the same office with them. This continued for Joan until she met an older many named Bart Cooper.

He was a big handsome man in his late thirties or early forties who walked up and introduced himself to Joan one evening when she was at a disco with a group of young people. Being only eighteen, Joan thought he was the most distinguished and sophisticated man she'd ever met. The girl readily gave him her phone number when he asked for it and was in seventh heaven when he called her a few days later. She invited him over to the apartment that night and hadn't dated anyone else since.

"Is Bart coming over this evening?" Linda asked as the two girls sprawled out on a couch.

"I think so," Joan said, throwing back her long blonde hair. "He says he'll be free tonight."

"He sure keeps some funny hours," said Linda. "Have you ever wondered if he's married?"

"Lots of times," Joan admitted.

"Does it worry you?"

"Not really," the girl answered. "I just enjoy being with him."

"Then you're not getting serious with him?" Linda suddenly asked.

"Not really," she answered. "But he's sure a lot of fun to be around."

"Is he a good fuck-partner?"

"I wouldn't know," Joan admitted. "We've never gone past the kissing stage."

"Are you shitting me?"

"Nope," giggled Joan. "He seems to treat me like an innocent child."

"Goddamn," Linda laughed. "How do you stand it with your horny cunt?"

"It's tough," sighed the cute blonde. "But I do a lot of masturbating."

"How long can you go without fucking?" her roommate asked.

"Not much longer," Joan giggled. "I hope to change things tonight. Are you going out?"

"I will if you want me to," volunteered Linda.

"Just give me till midnight." Joan grinned. "That should give me enough time to get into his fucking pants."

"Okay," giggled Linda. "I'll go up to Don's apartment and ball him."

Linda had barely left when Bart Cooper arrived. Wanting to make her pussy as available as possible to the man, Joan had made a point of not wearing panties under her short dress.

"Hi, hon," she greeted, kissing him lightly on the cheek as she opened the door for him.

"You sure look pretty tonight." He smiled, looking over her fresh young figure. "You look like a peppermint stick."

"Thank you." She playfully curtsied.

"Where's Linda tonight?" he casually asked.

"She's gone out and won't be back until quite late," she answered, sitting next to him on the couch.

The nearness of the girl always excited Bart, and tonight was no exception. She was the loveliest young lady he'd ever met in his life, but he was very much disturbed about their vast age difference. There was nothing in the world he would rather do than fuck his hard cock up the cute little blonde's cunt, but he fully realized that he couldn't take advantage of her youthful innocence.

"Shall we watch television?" he nervously asked, feeling the hot flesh of her thigh burning through her dress against his leg.

"Not tonight." She smiled, casually placing her hand on his upper leg. "Let's just talk."

"Okay," he muttered, excited by her touch, but realizing the sweet youngster wasn't aware of what she was doing. "What shall we talk about?"

"You. Because," she whispered, "we never talk much, and I want to know all about you. Have you ever been married?"

"Yes," he answered after a long pause. "I'm married now."

"Any children?"

"Yes, a daughter."

"Is your wife pretty?"

"Very pretty," was his frank answer. "But we've drifted far apart in the last few years."

"What happened?"

"It was just one of those things," he sighed. "We were too young when we married, and as we grew older, we just had nothing in common."

"Why don't you get a divorce?" Joan asked, subtly pressing his thigh with her hand.

"Because of our daughter."

"Did you make a lot of love in the beginning?" she asked.

"I suppose so," he said, a bit disturbed by her questioning. He hoped the innocent young girl wouldn't notice the cock-bulge in the front of his pants, induced by her nearness.

"I'll bet it was hot and passionate love," sighed Joan, slowly moving her hand up along his inner thigh.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"Because you look like a passionate man," she whispered, leaning over and kissing him lightly on the cheek as her teasing fingers moved higher up his leg. Pretending to be changing her sitting position, she squirmed around on the couch until her short skirt was hiked almost to the top of her soft bare thighs.

"Gee," she whispered, taking his hand in hers as the fingers of her other hand continued slowly moving up his leg. "You have the smoothest palms for a man."

"I don't get many calluses from my desk job." He grinned.

"Tell me more about your wife," she said, slowly moving his hand down between her open thighs.

"What more do you want to know about her?"

"Did she have a hot pussy?"

"I guess so," he answered.

"As hot and juicy as mine?" she whispered, suddenly plunging his finger against the scalding dampness of her wet slit as her other hand grasped the big throbbing cock-bulge in his pants.

Bart couldn't believe what was happening when the innocent young girl rubbed his finger against her hot slippery cunt. He was even more shocked when she placed her warm little hand on his throbbing cock.

"Well," she continued as the older man sat in stunned silence. "Was she?"

"Was... was she what?" he stammered, trying to gain control of his thoughts.

"Was your wife as hot and juicy as me when you were first married?" Joan repeated in a teasing voice.

"Er... uh... I... I d-don't think so," he stuttered as the cute young blonde guided the tip of his finger up into the slick hotness of her naughty little cunt.

"I'm glad," she whispered, giving his hard prick a playful squeeze through his pants. "I want you to think I have the neatest fucking cunt in the world."

Trembling with a newfound excitement, he was shocked to hear the sweet young girl use such dirty words. Unable to control himself any longer, Bart thrust the full length of his finger up into the squeezing tightness of her slippery young cunt.

"Oh, honey," she whispered, opening her thighs wider to make her dripping pussy a bit more available to his probing finger. "That feels so fucking good."

Bart couldn't believe what was happening to him, but he knew damned well he didn't want it to stop. In all his wildest imagination, he hadn't dreamed that Joan would be such a hot little fox.

"Honey," she excitedly whispered. "Let's go into my bedroom and do naughty things to each other."

Without waiting for an answer, she took his hand and led him through the door. Standing in front of him by the bed, Joan quickly removed his jacket and began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. When the girl had discarded the garment, she lightly ran her fingers over his smooth chest, letting them linger teasingly around his sensitive male nipples. After sensuously caressing his chest, her naughty fingers moved down over his firm stomach to his navel. Deftly opening the excited man's fly, she dropped his pants, revealing the big bulge of stiff cock throbbing in his shorts. Finally removing his last and final garment, she took his hard cock in her hand and slowly skimmed the thick rubbery foreskin back and forth over his stud-hard prick. Smiling at him, she released his cock and slipped out of her brief little dress. Not wearing panties or a bra, she was suddenly totally naked in front of the handsome man.

Bart's gaze traveled from her big cherry hard nipples and lush tits down to the fluffy golden heaven tucked between her creamy soft thighs. Under the soft light, her sweet pink cuntlips glistened with droplets of pussy juice that were bubbling out of her little hot swollen pussy.

Moments later, as they rested on the bed together, Bart Cooper thought he would go crazy from the feel of her soft naked body pressed against his. Joan's lovely moist lips were nibbling on his neck and ear while her feathery-light fingers teasingly slid the foreskin up and down over his iron-hard cockshaft.

"D'ya like that?" she whispered, flicking her wet tongue around in his ear.

"God, yes!" Bart gasped, his big frame trembling with lust.

Leaning on his elbow, he smiled down at the girl's excitedly flushed face. "You've sure surprised the hell out of me."


"I didn't think you knew much about sex," he answered.

"I'll bet you thought girls from small towns didn't churn anything bitt butter," she giggled.

Covering her soft open mouth with his lips, Bart moved his hand down and slipped his middle finger into her hot little cunt slit again.

"Oh, God," she softly moaned at the feel of his finger fucking in and out of her hot little pussy.

Her hand was flying up and down on his stiff prick as his finger fucked noisily in and out of her wet, foamy pussy slit.

"Gee," she whispered excitedly. "Let's do something neat with that nice hard dong."

"What would you like me to do with it?" he teased.

"Do something naughty."

"Like what?"

"Like slipping it into my hot little cunt."

"And then what?" he continued, teasing.

"Then fuck the shit out of me," Joan giggled. "I've never felt so horny in my life."

Rolling onto her back, the excited young lady raised her knees and opened her creamy young thighs. Reaching down, she lewdly parted her slippery cuntlips with her fingers, exposing her hot open slit to Bart's eager eyes.

"There's the fun-hole, honey," she whispered up to the handsome man who was kneeling between her widely splayed legs. "Now use it."

Reaching down and tenderly grasping his big stiff cock, Joan slowly guided his prick toward its hot juicy reward. The feel of his big mushroom-shaped cockhead probing against her hot slick pussy sent a wild thrill streaking through her trembling loins. Looking down, she could see the lips of her hungry little cunt open up and slowly swallow his big purple cock-knob, taking his luscious prick into her slippery fuck-tunnel at a maddeningly slow speed. His cock crept up through the cute blonde's grasping, sucking cunt at just a fraction of an inch at a time. His restrained and teasing fuck was the most ecstatic thing she'd ever experienced. When he'd finished the heavenly slow penetration, he stayed perfectly still over her little trembling body, his big lust bloated balls nestled warmly between the soft cheeks of her quivering young ass.

Bart's big cockshaft throbbed violently against the stretched walls of her cunt, sending wild sensations racing through the girl's excited flesh. Wanting to please him as much as possible, Joan began squeezing his thick cock with her youthful cunt muscles.

"My God," he moaned, feeling the walls of her experienced pussy massaging the entire length of his straining prick.

Unable to withstand the intense ecstasy any longer, he began withdrawing his juice slickened cock from her little sucking cunt at the same controlled pace he'd used to enter.

"Oh, Bart! Oh, sweet baby!" she squealed, feeling the thick ridge of his cockhead rubbing against every hotly titillated nerve in her excited pussy. Bart continued the slow withdrawal until only the tip of his hard prick remained between her sucking cuntlips.

Again he slowly fucked his straining shaft of cock-meat back up into the juicy hot depths of her fuckhole, where her talented cunt muscles once more sucked and massaged his throbbing cock.

"Oh, my God," she whispered. "You're the best fucker in the world."

Unable to control himself any longer, Bart began fucking his hard prick in and out at a faster tempo.

"Oh, shit, honey, that's good!" she sobbed, clutching him tighter in her arms and screwing her hot cunt up around the base of his cock. "Fuck me good, baby! Fuck me good!"

Urged on by her near-hysterical voice, Bart began fucking deeper and faster into the young blonde's frantically lurching body.

"That's fuckin'!" she squealed with joy. "Oh, you beautiful bastard, that's real fuckin'!"

Her eyes gazed, she was clawing frantically at the fucking main as his big massive balls slapped noisily against her little juice-drenched ass. The room was filled with the slurping, sucking sounds of his thick prick fucking in and out of her slippery young fuckhole. With every plunge of his big thick prick, globs of cunt juice squirted out of her pussy slit, running down over her ass and thighs.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" the wildly aroused girl screamed. "Split me open, honey!"

From the frantic jerking movements of his body, Joan could tell that Bart was about ready to shoot his load.

"Easy, honey," she whispered, not wanting him to squirt until she was ready to pop her own cookies. "Slow down, darling."

Clasping him tightly against her naked body, she felt him slow his thrusts until he was perfectly motionless above her.

"Rollover on your back." She smiled. "Let me fuck you for a while."

As he turned over, Joan kept his cock in her tight cunt until she was straddling his loins.

"Oooooh," she whispered, looking down at his excited face. "Your big hard prick feels so fucking good."

His body trembling with passion, Bart stared down at where his cock disappeared into the soft pink folds of her golden-fringed cunt.

"D'ya like my hot pussy?" she whispered, smiling down at him through half-closed eyes.

"God, yes!" he gasped, unable to believe that this horny little bitch was the same Joan Wallace that he'd thought was such an innocent country girl. She looked so wantonly wicked sitting on his big prick with her soft young thighs straddling his waist. His cock gave a frantic lurch when she began slowly rotating her cunt in a circular motion around his deeply embedded prick-shaft.

"D'ya like this?" she giggled with a naughty expression in her teasing eyes. "Do you like my hot little box?"

"God, yes," he panted.

Still rotating her pussy slit around his cock, she began raising and lowering her body, fucking his throbbing cockshaft deep into her hot, slippery cunt.

"Jesus Christ," he moaned, wildly thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her frothy hot cunt. "Oh, God, that feels good!"

"Oh, shit, baby," she hysterically screamed, feeling his slippery prick fucking deep into her cunt. "That's the way, honey!"

Crazed with excitement, Bart grasped her hips and fucked her up and down faster over his straining cock. He could feel his hot jizz boiling up for the impending climax and knew he'd never be able to control himself if she didn't come soon.

"Oh, fuck, baby, fuck!" squealed the girl. "Fuck me good, honey! I'm almost there almost there! Oh, shit, I'm coming... commmmiiinnnggg!"

As the glorious orgasm swallowed up the writhing girl, she could feel Bart's thick hot jizz gushing into her cunt.

"That's it, baby!" she shrieked, falling forward across his body. "Fill me up, honey! Squirt, baby, squirt! Shit, I love that hot jizz in my cunt."

Screwing her cunt down tighter around the base of his spurting cock, she could feel her young pussy filling up with the slippery jizz.

"Jesus," she giggled a few minutes later as she cuddled in his arms. "I never thought you'd ever get around to fucking me."

"I didn't know you were so fucking hot to trot," he whispered. "Christ, you're a wild little piece of ass."

"Wait'll you see what else I can do," she smiled, reaching for his limp cock. "Linda won't be home until after midnight."

Chapter TWO

From that night on Bart Cooper was fucking the cute little blonde as often as possible, and two months later, when he had to leave town on a business trip, he asked her to go with him. The night before he left, his wife, Marge, was hanging up his coat when an airline ticket envelope slipped out of his pocket. Looking at it, she was stunned to find two tickets, one made out for him and the other for a Miss Joan Wallace.

Marge had been suspicious that her husband was having an affair with someone, but this was the first time she'd actually had any proof of it. Feeling extremely upset about it, she put the tickets back in his coat and said nothing to him about them.

The next day Bart and Joan took off on an afternoon flight and checked into their motel. When they'd freshened up a bit, they went to a restaurant for a few cocktails and dinner. Returning to their room a couple hours later, they were both in a very mellow and relaxed mood from their drinks.

Bart sat down on a couch and Joan playfully propped herself up on the arm of it with her legs slightly parted to give him a teasing view of her panty-clad crotch. As Bart thought of how much he always enjoyed fucking that hot little cunt that was only inches from his eyes, his cock gave a violent lurch.

Taking his hand in hers, she opened her thighs even wider apart for his benefit.

"Oh, Joan," he whispered. "You're so beautiful."

"Then why don't you seduce me," she whispered, taking his hand and resting it against her bare leg. "Make me feel like I'm being fucked for the first time."

The feel of her bare flesh was making his prick throb violently in his pants. Almost out of his mind with desire for the cute young blonde, he absently traced his fingertips lightly over her smooth skin.

As she spread her legs still farther apart, she could feel his hand creeping closer and closer to her hot little pussyhole. Dropping the sandals from her feet as she sat on the arm of the couch, she lightly touched his bulging crotch with her bare toes. He trembled with excitement, and his hand moved farther up between her thighs until his fingers made contact with her hot wet panties. Lightly caressing his groin with her bare toes, Joan could feel his cock throbbing violently.

Now half-crazed with lust, the older man wormed his finger around the brief crotchband of her panties and fucked his finger up into the hot slickness of her juicy pussy.

"God, that feels good, Bart," she whispered, still massaging his big bulge with her toes.

The way his finger was twisting around in her little pussy was getting her more and more aroused.

"Oh, Bart," she sighed. "You're driving me crazy."

Realizing she could no longer control her lust, she moved down from the arm of the couch and sat next to him with her skirt hiked up and her thighs spread wide apart. When he once more thrust his hand up between her legs, Joan quickly opened his fly and released his throbbing cock.

The beautiful girl was thrilled by the size of his big prick when his cockshaft sprang into view. His prick was long and thick with a big dome-shaped cockhead and large veins throbbing just beneath the tightly stretched cock skin.

Grunting with excitement, the aroused man ripped off her panties and fucked his middle finger deep into the slick hotness of her scalding pussy.

"Oh, Bart," she hotly whispered, jumping to her feet. "Let's get into bed."

Not hesitating a moment, Joan quickly discarded her clothes and spread herself out on the bed to watch Bart undress. The girl's heart was pounding loudly with anticipation when he finally lowered his naked body down next to hers.

"Oh, God, you big-cocked beauty," she panted. "I want you to eat me out before we fuck."

Trembling with excitement, the man moved down and lovingly spread her satiny smooth thighs farther apart. Her juicy hair-fringed pussy was completely revealed to him, the moist flesh glistening with her hotly oozing cream. Gazing into her slippery pussy, he lowered his head down between her beautifully tapered thighs and nuzzled his face into the furry warmth of her overheated cunt. He deeply inhaled the pungent fragrance of her cunt, the horny female aroma deliciously assailing his nostrils.

"Oh, yes, honey, lick my pussy," Joan impatiently crooned, writhing her steaming loins against his face. "Lick me good."

Pressing a thumb on either side of her quivering pussy slit, he gently spread her fleshy cuntlips apart. He could feel the heat of her smoldering pussy against his face as he stared into the juicy core of her cunt. Unable to control his lust any longer, he took a deep breath and drilled the tip of his tongue into her eagerly waiting fuckhole. Her cunt felt so slick and hot in there as her tangy fuck juices flowed thickly over his tongue.

Whimpering with delight, Joan reached down and curled her fingers into his thick head of hair, pulling his face tighter against her hot leaking cunt.

"Oooooooh," she wantonly panted. "Lick it good, baby. Lick it good."

Wanting to please the beautiful girl, he began fucking his tongue in and out through the moist clinging warmth of her slippery cunt. Swirling his tongue around in the hot depths of her horny pussy, Bart brought loud squeals of rapture from the writhing youngster.

"Oh, my God!" she sobbed. "Ooooooooh, yes! That's it, honey! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

Wanting to bring her even more pleasure, he moved his lips farther up her slit, seeking the pulsing bud of her ditty.

"Ooooooooh!" Joan shrieked with joy when his probing tongue made electric contact with her sensitive clit.

Spurred on by her squeals of rapture, he took her tingling clitty between his lips while he feverishly stroked with his tongue.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed excitedly, writing her crotch up against his mouth, searing the lips of her oozing pussy all over his cock.

As Bart passionately licked and sucked on her tasty little cunt, he was becoming more and more aware of the arousal of his own cock. He was thoroughly enjoying the delicious taste of her cunt, but now he wanted to fuck his throbbing prick deep into her pussy, filling her writhing belly with a thick load of hot cum. His desire to fuck his cock into her steaming cunt slit was so powerful he could hardly control the urge. He was just about to mount her when Joan suddenly pushed his juice-smeared face from her cunt and crawled down between his legs, nuzzling her face against his big heavy balls which were hanging just below his super hard cock.

Watching the horny young blonde caressing and licking his balls, Bart couldn't get over how beautiful she was.

"You're some fuck," he whispered.

"You're just saying that because I'm smokin' your cock," she giggled with her chin resting against his tight asshole, she began licking under his balls. The crinkly skin of his ball bag excited her sensitive tongue as she generously bathed his balls with her warm abundant spit. The man's entire body began trembling as Joan slowly moved her tongue and lips up the entire underside of his hard throbbing cockshaft. The horny young girl was soon expertly sliding her hot wet lips and tongue up and down the deliciously thick length of his prick.

On her stomach between Bart's outstretched legs, she swung the backs of his knees over her shoulders to raise his asshole up in front of her face. Still caressing his cock and balls with her fingers, she began blowing her soft warm breath over his puckered shitter.

"Oh, Christ," he gasped when the thumb and forefinger of her free hand splayed apart the cheeks of his ass so her moist hot breath could more easily caress his obscenely exposed asshole.

Having started giving blow-jobs when she was just a kid, she had an exceptionally talented mouth, and she nearly always found some new variations that would drive her lovers wild.

"Holy Christ!" he gulped when the bloated tip of her tongue darted out and bathed his trembling asshole with spit.

Once more she worked her slavering tongue up from his asshole, over his lust-swollen balls and onto his big sensitive cockhead. The wet caresses of her flicking tongue on his throbbing prick-knob was sending wild thrills exploding through his entire body.

"Like it?" she whispered up to him.

"Shit, yes!" he gasped, looking down at her teasing eyes peering at him from between his legs.

"Do you think you could find a better suck and fuck than me?" she taunted.

"No!" he shuddered as her tongue swirled deliciously around his cockhead.

"You better believe it, baby," the horny young girl giggled. "You're shackin' up with the best cock-sucker and piece of ass in the whole fuckin' world."

Bart couldn't deny that.

Opening her mouth, she wrapped her juicy hot lips around his throbbing cock-knob. There was always something about the texture and taste of Bart's big prick that really excited her.

The man stared down as she took more and more of his prick into her mouth while she smiled up at him with her glowing eyes. The thing that really turned him on was the way Joan always looked at him when she was sucking him off, her teasing eyes always trained on his while she licked and slurped on his hard prick.

The cute little blonde's face was glowing with excitement as she watched her lover writhing and groaning with ecstasy.

"Oh, sweet Joan," he whispered, seeing her long blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders.

Suddenly raising her mouth, the cute blonde crawled up into his arms.

"Oh, God, baby, I need your big prick!" she squealed. "I wanta be fucked!"

Panting hotly, she reached down and grasped his swollen cockshaft in her hand.

"Jesus Christ!" she gasped, her eyes aflame with lust. "It's so hard and ready!"

"Goddamn right it's ready," he panted. "And you're gonna get the fucking of your life."

"Oh, yes!" she whimpered. "I just wanta be fucked to death!"

As he crawled up between her wantonly splayed thigh, Joan reached down and grasped his swollen cock. Frantically clutching the base of his thick prickshaft, she eased the lust-inflated head of his cock between the sopping lips of her moist slick cunt.

"Now," she passionately whispered. "Stuff that big beauty into me."

Fucking forward, Bart felt the delicious hot wetness of her cunt closing around the throbbing thickness of his hard naked cock. He could feel her slippery fuckhole slowly flowering open until her pussy had swallowed the bulbous head of his prick. Then, flexing his hips, he plunged violently forward, fucking the entire length of his hard cock-meat into her seething cunt with one powerful lunge.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped, her pussy suddenly filled with hot throbbing cock. "You really go right after it, don't you?"

"No sense in foolin' around." He grinned. "When a cunt's ready to be fucked, it doesn't want to wait."

"Then fuck it," she hotly whispered, squeezing her cunt walls around the throbbing length of his deeply embedded cock.

Anxious to empty a hot load of jizz into her delicious fuckhole, he began humping over her, fucking his thick cock in and out of her squeezing cunt with short, smooth strokes. As her slippery pussy adjusted to his beautiful cock, he gradually lengthened his thrusts until he was fucking deep into her spasming cunt.

He was thrilled by the way Joan always responded beneath him, fucking back like a hot little mink. Her steaming loins were slamming up to meet every long deep fuck of his thundering cock as her tight pussylips nibbled their way up and down the sensitive thickness of his heavenly cock.

Her naked thighs were locked passionately around his body as he increased the tempo and depth of his cunt-splitting fuck thrusts. Feeling the beautiful youngster squirming and writhing beneath him, he pressed his hot open mouth against her moist parted lips. As their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, Joan's cute face was contorted with desire, her eyes were glazed and her breaths were coming in hot gasps.

Fucking into her with all his power, Bart reached down beneath the squealing girl and cupped her wiggly asscheeks in his palms, trying to pull her cunt up tighter around his fucking prick.

"Oh, honey," she panted when his fingertip brushed across the sensitive ring of her little puckered asshole. "Stick your finger up my ass."

Willing to do anything to please the horny girl, he tried to penetrate her tiny asshole with his finger, but he couldn't get it through the tight little opening. Reaching down, he rubbed his finger in the slippery juices that were oozing out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips.

"Do it now," she panted when she felt his juice-coated finger probing around her tight little asshole again. "Now ram it in."

"Okay, baby!" he panted. "You asked for it!"

His finger suddenly popped through the elastic ring of her tight little asshole and sank to the palm of his hand in the buttery hotness of her slippery asshole.

"Jesus Christ!" she shrieked from the momentary pain of his sudden penetration.

Frightened by her cry, Bart was about to withdraw his finger from the depths of her forbidden fuckhole. Then he heard the youngster whimpering with joy as she excitedly skewered her ass back around his deeply embedded digit. As she writhed her burning asshole back around his thick finger, she arched her hips up, trying to get even more of his hard cock into her seething pussy.

"Oh, my God!" she softly moaned as she began spiraling up toward a wild climax. "It feels so fucking good, honey! So fuckin' good!"

Bart began fucking her faster and harder, feeling the thickness of his middle finger through the thin tissues that separated her two fuckholes. Joan was writhing insanely beneath him, hotly grinding her horny cunt around the length of his fucking cock. While her shapely legs were wrapped tightly around his humping body, her burning asshole was rhythmically contracting around his deeply buried finger.

Fucking into her cunt with his magnificent prick, he urgently finger-fucked her asshole. Bart could feel hot jizz boiling around in his churning balls. Anxious to empty his hot load into Joan's writhing belly, he pulled his finger out of her asshole and lifted her legs up over his shoulders. Pushing forward, he forced her knees back against her shoulders. With Joan bent in this unnatural position, the man was able to fuck deeper into her up-tilted pussy slit. When her legs doubled back, the whole of her defenseless cunt was vulnerable to his fucking prick.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she squealed to the humping man. "Fuck it to me, baby! Ooooh... fuck me harder, honey!"

Joan was almost out of her mind from the pleasure she was receiving from his hard fucking cock. As her orgasm raced nearer, her head flopped from side to side on the rumpled pillow, her hair flailing wildly around her lust contorted face.

"Aaaaaaauuuuuugggg! Fuck!" she screamed when the force of her wild climax struck her. "Ooooooooh, fuck harder! I'm coming... commmmmmiiiinnnngggg!"

Feeling his jizz streaking up through the length of his tingling cockshaft, Bart fucked into her with deeper, harder strokes. Then it was suddenly there. His cock was spewing a torrent of white hot cum into the beautiful young girl's spasming cunt. Feeling the fiery stream of jizz gushing into her triggered her own wild climax.

"That's the way, honey!" she sobbed. "Cream me good, honey! Oh, fuck, I love it! I love that hot jizz in my cunt!"

Spurt after spurt of frothy fuck cream gushed out of his prick as the man continued fucking into her. It wasn't until he'd shot the last drop that he slowed down. Finally feeling his cock starting to deflate in her jizz-filled pussy, Bart collapsed over her delightfully naked body.

"Jesus Christ," whispered Joan. "That was really a wild fuck."

"You're not shittin'," Bart agreed. "I want some more of that."

"Me, too," giggled the cute girl. "I just wanta fuck and fuck for the next four days."

Chapter THREE

When Bart left town with Joan, his wife, Marge, was terribly upset about finding the pair of airline tickets. Feeling more and more depressed, she called her divorced friend, Beth Franklin. Unable to hold back her tears, she spilled out the whole story to the woman.

"Don't be so upset, honey," Beth said. "I've been married three times, and there's not a Goddamned man in the world who's worth crying over."

"But I just don't know what to do," sobbed Marge. "I feel so alone."

"Then go out and have your own fling," laughed Beth. "A hard new cock can do wonders for a woman."

"I couldn't do that," sighed Marge. "I've never cheated on Bart in my life."

"Then start doing it," said her friend. "He's having a ball with some broad."

"I wouldn't even know how to go about it," saw a handsome dark-haired gentleman a touch of gray at his temples. "Who's that good-looking man?"

"That's Lorne Walters, the president of Consolidated Enterprises," answered Beth. "He's worth millions. Would you like to meet him?"

"Do you know him?" gasped Marge.

"Casually," her friend answered. "We occasionally run into each other on the cocktail circuit."

"God, yes, I'd like to meet him," said Marge.

"Good evening, Mr. Walters." Beth smiled, leading her friend over to the imposing figure.

"Hello, Beth," he greeted in a resonant voice as he took her hand. "It's so nice to see you again."

"Thank you." The woman smiled, turning to her friend. "I'd like you to meet Marge Cooper, a very dear friend of mine."

"And a very pretty friend," the man said, taking Marge's hand.

A wild excitement raced through her trembling body as he continued holding her hand while his eyes moved slowly down from her lovely face to the soft deep cleavage between her ripe half-exposed tits.

After the shock of finding that her husband was being unfaithful to her, she was thrilled by the way this wealthy handsome man was admiring her. The beautiful redhead was shaking like a leaf when Beth led her away to meet some other people.

As the evening progressed, Marge was very much aware that the handsome man was constantly watching her from across the room. It was terribly thrilling to know that this very important man was paying so much attention to her.

A little later, when Beth momentarily wandered off with a man that she was hoping would get into her pants later, Marge was surprised at the sound of Lorne Walters voice over her shoulder.

"Have you been deserted?" he asked in his deep soft voice.

"Nope, he is over there talking with a friend."

"That's a shame," he teased. "I was hoping you were stranded."

His flattery started her heart pounding wildly with excitement. She couldn't believe that this wealthy man was actually flirting with her.

"How are you enjoying the party?" he asked.

"I love it."

The way his deep dark eyes were looking into hers made it difficult for her to keep her knees from trembling.

"Marge," he said in a soft voice. "You're one of the prettiest women I've ever met."

"Thank you." She smiled, trying to act calm, but feeling a bit embarrassed to be standing all alone with him. The woman was faintly startled when she felt his fingers brush against hers as they stood side by side. Gently taking her hand, he led the beautiful woman out onto the terrace.

"Lovely evening, isn't it?" he sighed, standing close to her as they watched the city lights spread out below them.

"Oh, yes," she whispered. "It's really beautiful."

Without further words, the man moved his arm around her slim waist, gently drawing her closer to him. He could feel the excitement surging through her body as she rested her face against his shoulder. Though she'd never before in her life had a desire to cheat on her husband, she now felt a little trickle of hot cunt juice bubbling out of her tingling pussy slit. Then she felt his hand inching down toward her soft round ass.

"Oh, Mr. Walters," she giggled when his fingers began probing into the quivering crack of her ass, through the thin material of her dress. "That makes me feel all naughty."

"Don't you like to feel naughty?" he whispered, still working his fingers around in the soft flesh between her luscious asscheeks.

"I don't know." She smiled up at him. "It's a funny feeling."

Remembering that her husband was shacking up with some broad, Marge began thinking how much she'd like to be fucked by this handsome man. When he suddenly drew her into his arms, the lovely redhead offered her softly parted lips up to his. She lightly pressed her hot pussy against his groin, feeling his hard cock grinding back at her through his pants.

"Marge," he excitedly whispered. "Will you stay with me tonight?"

The woman could hardly believe this important man actually wanted her to sleep with hum.

"Yes," she answered without a moment of hesitation. "I'd love to."

Excusing herself, Marge quickly found Beth and told her she was leaving with Lorne Walters to spend the night with him.

"Wow," giggled her friend. "It didn't take you long to get into the act."

"I know," said Marge as she turned to leave. "I think he's a wonderful guy."

"So do most other women," laughed Beth.

"Is he married?" Marge suddenly asked.

"Nope," replied her friend. "No woman has ever been able to hook him."

When Marge and the man stepped out of the building, a big black limousine pulled up to the curb as if by magic.

"Will you drop us at the motel, Ben," said Lorne to the driver when they were settled in their seats. "I won't need the car until around ten o'clock in the morning."

"Yes, sir," the chauffeur answered.

"I live in the country," the handsome man explained. "But I maintain a suite at this motel where I sometimes conduct private business meetings away from the office."

After a short drive, they drove up to the discreet rear entrance to the motel. When they entered the man's suite, Marge nervously sat on the edge of a big king-sized bed while the man disappeared into a dressing room. Trembling with excitement, the woman could hardly believe that she was going to be fucked for the first time by someone other than her husband.

A wild thrill shot through her entire body when he came back into the room, wearing a silk dressing gown. Noticing his bare legs and feet, Marge realized he was wearing nothing but the robe, and she tried to visualize how his cock looked.

Walking over to where the beautiful redhead was sitting on the edge of the bed, he gently took her hands and lifted her to a standing position. Reaching down, he took the hem of her dress and drew it up slowly over her head. He smiled with approval at the braless woman standing before him, naked except for her brief little panties.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, sitting down on the edge of the bed and turning the standing woman around to face him. Her big lush tilts and the soft smooth plane of her dimpled tummy were only inches in front of his eyes.

Slipping his fingers through the waistband of her dainty panties, he began rolling them down over the soft globes of her curvaceous ass. When the flimsy undergarment had slithered down her shapely bare legs to her ankles, Marge stepped out of them, and the handsome man cupped the soft cheeks of her ass in his hands. Tenderly drawing her toward him, he covered her pert little navel with his eager lips. His fingers probed and kneaded the soft warm crack of her ass while his tongue licked and bathed her quivering belly.

Marge had never experienced the tenderness she was receiving from this older man. Her body was flaming with anticipation as he picked her up in his arms and spread her out on the bed.

"Ooooooah, God!" Marge squealed when she suddenly felt his hot lips burning against the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs.

Then he slowly began working his mouth back up her legs, getting ever closer to her moist pussy. She let out a little squeal of joy when she felt his tongue probing lightly at her open cunt slit.

"Jesus Christ!" she sobbed, feeling his hot open mouth covering her entire cunt.

This was an entirely new experience for the woman. Her own husband had been fucking her for years, but they'd never practiced any form of oral sex. Crazed with this new excitement, she began writhing her sopping hot cunt tighter against the man's slavering mouth. His tongue swirled around deliciously in her fuckhole. Slowly withdrawing his tongue a bit, he moved it up until he found her clitty and began giving her clit a long, teasing massage that the woman wouldn't soon forget.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed, squeezing her smooth thighs against his face. "I'm gonna come! I can't stand it! Ohhhhhhhhh, shit!"

Wanting to delay the beautiful woman's climax, the man quickly removed his mouth and gently rolled Marge onto her stomach. Lowering his head again, he pressed his face into the soft crack of her ass. With her face resting on her arms, Marge could feel his thick wet tongue probing around the tight ring of her asshole. She frantically screamed as he slipped a hand under her body, moving his finger up against her quivering clit as he continued licking her ass.

"Oh, sweet Jesus." She shuddered, her mind almost blown away by the feeling of his tongue reaming out her asshole while his fingers expertly manipulated her quivering clit.

She was once more on the verge of climaxing when he rolled her over and pressed his mouth against her fragrant cunt slit again. His tongue began swirling frantically around in her lurching fuckhole, sliding deliciously against her slippery cunt walls. Grabbing his hair, Marge pushed his mouth down tighter against her scalding pussy slit.

"Jesus Christ!" she squealed, arching her hips and clasping her thighs against his juice drenched face. "Don't stop! Keep suckin'!"

Realizing that the beautiful redhead was rapidly approaching her climax, the experienced man started sucking and licking with even more fervor. Marge had never dreamed that a cunt could be tongue-fucked, and this new experience was driving her wild.

"That's it!" she suddenly shrieked. "I'm coming! Christ, how I'm coming coming!"

The man felt her scalding cunt jerking and convulsing beneath him as she exploded into a glorious orgasm.

"Gee, Mr. Walters," she whispered a few minutes later as she felt strength returning to her exhausted body. "That sure felt good. No one has ever sucked my cunt before."

Getting up from the bed, the man walked across the room and removed his robe, placing it over the back of a chair. Watching him return to the bed, Marge couldn't turn her eyes away from the big thick cock that was thrusting up so proudly from his big hair-covered balls.

"God, Mr. Walters," she whispered when he sat back down on the edge of the bed. "That's sure a beautiful big prick."

"Thank you, Marge," he smiled. "But I wish you'd call me Lorne."

"Okay, Lorne."

Staring at his big purple-tinted cockhead, Marge could hardly wait to feel his prick fucking into her horny cunt. Leaning back with her long red hair cascading over the pillow, she raised her knees and lewdly opened soft thighs. Reaching down, she playfully parted the lips of her slippery cunt with her fingers.

"Look at this," she whispered, a teasing smile on her glowing face. "D'ya want to fuck it? It's all ready for you."

The man stared hungrily at her juicy pink pussy slit, so deliciously surrounded by her damp red pussy curls. This was the most provocative woman he'd ever met.

"Come on, Lorne," she whispered, writhing her sweet hot ass around on the bed. "Start fuckin' it!"

Crouching on his knees between her widely splayed legs, he guided his throbbing cock up toward her hot dripping cunt slit.

Marge was shivering with anticipation as she felt his bloated cockhead nudging against her slippery pussy. As his big purple cock-knob slowly slipped through her slippery cunt mouth, Marge clutched him tightly in her arms, feeling her cunt stretching to accommodate this thick prick that was a little larger than her husband's cock.

"Oooooooh, Lorne," she whispered with ecstasy, feeling the thickness of his prick pressing clit against her stretched cunt. His cock fucked deeper and deeper into the fiery depths of her overheated body.

When the man's thick prickshaft had completely penetrated her pussy, Marge snaked her smooth naked legs around his waist, luxuriating in the sensuality of his big prick buried deep in her quivering flesh. She'd never felt so much hard cock-meat stuffed into her smoldering fuckhole.

"Don't move for a minute," the woman whispered, screwing her cunt up around the base of his cock. "I just want to feel it throbbing in me."

Not moving, Marge could distinctly feel the blood pumping through the distended veins of his cock, pulsating against the sensitive flesh of her hot cunt walls. Feeling his big prick throbbing and quivering with excitement, Marge began slowly rotating her cunt, causing his erect cock to stir around deliciously on the hot flesh of her grasping fuckhole.

Unable to control himself any longer, the man began fucking his swollen cockshaft in and out of Marge's slippery pussy.

"Oooooooooh, Lorne!" she mewled, clutching him tighter against her soft naked body. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

Excited by her passionate cries, the man began fucking his cock into her cunt with deeper, harder strokes.

"That's it, sweet baby!" she squealed. "Bang me good!"

Reaching down and grasping her soft sweet ass, he pulled her sizzling cunt tighter around his fucking cock. Clutching her lurching asscheeks in his hands, he began fucking his prick up her slippery pussy at an even faster pace.

As he fucked his big prick in and out, his fingers goosed into the soft wide cleavage of her asscheeks.

"Ooooooooh!" she squealed with delight.

Fucking his cock harder and deeper into the beautiful redhead's writhing cunt, the man became more aroused by the moment.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhh!" she screamed as his plundering cock began fucking into her with even more force.

The man's sizzling cock was soon fucking deep into her pussy at a blinding speed.

"That's it, honey!" she cried as his big meaty prick fucked deeper and deeper into her pleasure-crazed cunt.

The feel of his fucking cock was almost more than the red-headed beauty could stand.

From the way her cunt muscles were contracting, the man was fully aware that his lovely fuck-mate was rapidly approaching a climax.

"That's it, honey!" she screamed. "Fuck it to me!"

Excitedly rearing back, he began fucking his cock into her cunt like a wild stallion.

"Yes! Yes!" squealed the woman. "That's the way to fuck a cunt."

Lorne could feel his own climax building up in his balls, and he was skillfully trying to bring them off at the same time.

Completely realizing that her husband had never given her such a fantastic fuck in her life, she was frantically writhing her inflamed cunt up to meet every plunge of his glorious prick, hoping to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. The beautiful woman's flushed face was distorted with passion as her long red hair flailed wildly in the pillow.

"Yes! Yes, you beautiful big stud!" she screamed. "Oh, God, you sure know how to fuck a hot pussy!"

Her creamy soft legs were waving frantically in the air as he fucked harder and deeper into her with his slashing, fucking cock.

"Oh, shit!" she cried. "I'm almost there! I'm gonna come all over your cock!"

She felt like every nerve in her body was centered around her hot steaming pussy as she began tensing for her climax.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she squealed as she began riding his cock through a thunderous orgasm. "I'm coming, honey! Oh, shit, how. I'm coming... coming... commmmmmiiiiinnnngggg!"

The wonderful sensations surging through her loins were further intensified by the feeling of his hot jizz squirting into her convulsing fuckhole. It was the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced, and the way his big cock continued squirting spurt after spurt of cum cream into her pussy only served to prolong her fantastic climax.

"Oh, Lorne," she whispered a few minutes later as she rested in his arms, tenderly fondling the tip of his limp wet prick between her thumb and forefinger. "That was so wonderful."

"It was fantastic." He smiled, running his hand over her smooth naked flesh. "I'm gonna get another piece when my cock gets hard again."

"You can bet your big prick on that," she whispered. "I can last as long as you can."

As the chauffeur drove Marge home the next morning, a smile spread across the exhausted woman's face. She thought of all the wonderful things that had happened to her. The man had fucked her every conceivable way, including in the ass, and he'd even introduced her to cock-sucking, which she had really enjoyed. It was one fantastic night that she would never forget.

Chapter FOUR

Two or three days after Joan Wallace and Bart Cooper returned from their suck and fuck vacation, Joan was called home for a few days because of illness in the family. Left in the apartment alone, her roommate, Linda, was constantly thinking about hard cocks. The more she thought about pricks, the hornier she got. Wishing that her boyfriends upstairs were home to fuck her, she threw herself down on the couch. Getting hotter by the second, she began, fingering her steamy little pussy. Masturbation was no substitute for fucking, but it was sure better than nothing.

Finally taking off her juice-soaked panties, she lifted her skirt and began fucking her finger around in the hot slick moistness of her frothy young cunt. It felt good, but she would have much rather had a man's hard cock in there. The horny girl was fingering herself close to an orgasm when she was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Answering the door, she was surprised to see Bart Cooper standing there.

"Hi, Bart." She smiled, her face flushed and damp from her near-climax. "Come on in."

"Is Joan home?" he asked as she closed the door behind her.

"Nope," she answered when her roommate's lover was seated. "She had to go home to her parents' for a few days because of some illness in the family."

The man had never felt so disappointed in his life. He had a throbbing hard-on and had been anxiously waiting to shoot his load into her hot young pussy. As he tried not to show his disappointment, his gaze was drawn to the damp panties on the floor.

"You'll have to excuse these." She smiled. "I was just fingerfucking myself when you rang the doorbell."

Too shocked to speak, the man just stared at the pretty girl.

"Did you come over for a fuck or a blowjob?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Joan told me how you both sucked and fucked each other half to death on your trip," she giggled.

"Did she say whether she enjoyed it?" he asked.

"She sure did," answered Linda. "She said it was fantastic."

"Well," he mumbled, his hard cock still throbbing violently in his pants. "I guess I'd better be leaving."

"Do you want me to give you a blow-job or a hot piece of ass before you go?" she asked, slowly walking over to him.

"Of course not!"

"Why not?"

"Because you're Joan's roommate," he answered.

"Maybe I am," she giggled, lifting her dress up above her hips as she stood directly in front of where he was seated. "But I've sure got a hot little pussy."

He just stared numbly at the sweet little cunt that was tucked so deliciously between her sweet young thighs. There was a soft growth of downy hair curling around the smooth, creamy flesh of her blatantly exposed cunt, and the open lips of her delicate pink pussy slit glistened with little droplets of the girl's sweet pussy juices.

When she slipped the dress off over her head, she fully exposed her cute body and her unusually big tits. Her oversized nipples were taut and erect with a large ring of dark-pink flesh surrounding them. The swollen areolas were covered with little bumps of excitement, and the swollen nipples that capped them looked like tasty berries.

"Now drop your pants," suggested the naked young lady.


"You came over here for a fuck or a blowjob," she said. "And now I'm going to see that you get it."

He continued staring at the cute naked girl. The man realized that she was his girlfriend's roommate, but the thought of her soft lips slurping on his cock was really exciting him. He wanted to be true to Joan, but what harm would there be in letting her suck his prick? Friends kiss each other all the time, he tried to rationalize, and what difference was there between kissing his cheek or his cock?

Slowly standing up, he unfastened his belt and fly, dropping his pants and shorts. Linda's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw his big cock up close for the first time. His prick was standing thick and gnarly from above his huge hairy balls. It was as large as the huge cock that her uncle had fucked her with years ago. Trembling with anticipation, the youngster reached out and tentatively touched his big thick hose with one finger. No wonder Joan enjoyed him so much.

"God, it's big, Bart," she whispered, nervously clutching his cock.

The feel of her soft young hand around his naked cock-flesh made it throb even more. When she began sliding the thick foreskin back and forth, it exploded into a harder erection. The girl continued stroking his unbelievably big boner as he sat back down on the sofa. Excitedly skimming the tightly stretched skin up and down over his wonderful cockhead, she could feel all the sinewy muscles and veins beneath her excited fingers.

"Does that feel good?" she whispered, gently stroking his prick.

"Christ, yes!" he gasped, his hips jerking in anticipation of her every movement.

Leaning forward, she touched the tip of his cock-knob with her wet little tongue, thrilled with both the flavor and texture of his thick hard prick. Holding his cock straight up in the air, she began licking the underside of his prick like an ice cream cone.

"Leapin' Jesus!" he panted, feeling her naughty young tongue licking and lapping at his sensitive cock.

"Do you like that, Bart?" she asked, pleased at the effect her mouth was having on his big hard-on.

"Shit, yes!"

Pulling his rigid prick slightly forward, she opened her mouth and wrapped her warm, wet lips over his huge cockhead. She could taste the tiny drops of pre-cum that were oozing out of the little slit on the tip of his prick-knob. From the way he was jerking and lurching, Linda knew that the suction of her lips around the head of his cock was driving the man wild.

"You won't piss in my mouth, will you?" she giggled as she continued sucking.

"Of course not," he panted. "But you're sure gonna get a hot load of jizz."

"Good," she said, sucking harder and deeper on his tasty prick.

Lurching with excitement, the man stared down at her soft lips bobbing up and down over his big meaty cock. He could see the slippery wetness of his spit-drenched prickshaft fucking in and out of her cute sucking mouth.

"Oh, Linda, honey!" he sobbed. "Don't stop, darling! I'm almost there... almost ready to squirt!"

Filled with both excitement and anticipation, she was mouthing his cock at a feverish pace.

"That's it, baby!" he shouted. "That's it! Here comes the juice!"

With a wild lurch, he slammed his hips up, fucking his cock deep into the young lady's throat as a massive load of hot cum spewed into her mouth. The load was more than she could hold, and, releasing his spurting prick from her lips, she began coughing, gagging and swallowing. She loved the exciting taste of the slippery fuck fluid, but there was more than her mouth could handle. She frantically licked and swallowed as cum gushed back out through her lips. Finally getting everything under control, she lowered her mouth farther over his cock and caught the rest of the jizz which was still spurting out.

When she'd sucked the last drop from his shrinking prick, Linda rested her pretty cum-drenched face on the man's trembling thigh.

"Now will you do something nice to me?" she whispered, smiling at him with her little dimpled face.


"Lick my pussy."

"I'd love that." He smiled, picking the girl up and spreading her naked body out on the sofa.

Leaning over her, he took one of her big luscious nipples into his mouth. Sucking tenderly at her deliciously erect nipple, he rolled the hard bud around his tongue. Her sweet young body quivered with delight.

"Oh, Bart!" she excitedly whispered at the feel of his lips and tongue flicking deliciously around her big taut nipple.

Turning his face, he took the second tit into his mouth, but he continued massaging the other tit with is big gentle hand. His entire body was trembling with passion as he continued sucking on her fresh young tits.

Finally releasing her succulent titty-flesh, he lowered his face and began licking her dimpled navel and tummy. When he finished giving her sweet young belly a sensuous wet tongue-bath, he lovingly parted her creamy soft thighs.

Lowering his face down between her legs, he could see the sweet, hot cunt juices oozing out from between her cute eighteen-year-old pussylips. He could feel her quivering with anticipation when she felt his breath on her crotch.

"Oh, Bart," she whispered, feeling his tongue gliding into her pussy slit. "Shit, that feels good!"

Crazed by the million sensations that were swirling around in her loins, Linda was thrashing and lurching so wildly that the man was having a rough time keeping his mouth locked over her squirming pussy.

"Suck, honey, suck!" she squealed. "I love it! I love it!"

Her tingling clit was hard as a rock as he rolled and sucked it with his tongue and lips. Her sweet young asscheeks were drenched with the hot fuck juices that were dripping out of her frothy cunt slit. As she wildly writhed her pussy against his slavering face, the girl almost went out of her mind with ecstasy.

Aware that Linda was rapidly nearing her climax, the man began sucking more frantically on her sensitive little clitty.

"Ok, Bart!" she suddenly squealed, feeling her wild orgasm exploding all through her body. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Grinding her hot oozing crotch up, she violently pulled his face down tighter over her cunt slit, and, with one last scream, she collapsed into a limp wet mass of quivering flesh. It was several minutes before the emotionally and physically drained girl began recovering from her intense orgasm.

"Are you all right?" he asked, gently brushing her damp hair back from her pretty flushed face.

"Oh, yes." She beamed up at him.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked.

"Shit, Bart," she whispered in a dreamy voice. "That was fantastic."

Cradling her naked body in his arms, he covered her sweet young mouth with his gently probing his tongue between her lips.

"Oh, Bart," she giggled when their mouths parted. "You're gettin' another hard-on. No wonder Joan's so hot for your cock."

"You're pretty hot stuff yourself," he said, kissing the tip of her nose.

"Bart," she whispered, reaching down and gently caressing his rapidly growing cock. "Will you fuck me?"

"Of course not."

"Why not?"

"Because you're Joan's friend and roommate," he answered firmly.

"How do we know whether some of my boyfriends have screwed her?" she argued.

"We don't."

"I won't tell if you don't," promised the girl. "I was even fingerfucking myself when you came here. God, I need to be laid."

"Then call one of your boyfriends upstairs," he suggested. "I'm sure they'd be more than willing to screw your cute little cunt."

"They're not home."

"Well, I'm not going to fuck you," the man said.

"Please," she begged, reaching for his prick again.

"Damn it, Linda," he nervously panted. "Don't talk so foolish."

The man stared at her lovely naked body as she pleaded and stroked his hard cock. The thought of fucking his prick into her sweet young cunt was driving him crazy.

Unable to resist any longer, he picked the naked girl up, and, with her facing him, he placed her on his lap, her shapely young legs straddling his thighs. Reaching down, he firmly grasped her soft asscheeks and positioned her cunt just above the head of his rigid prick. Trembling with excitement, he began lowering the attractive girl's dripping pussy toward his throbbing hard-on.

An uncontrollable passion burned through his loins when her hot juicy cuntlips brushed against the sensitive tip of his cock. Slowly lowering her down, he was thrilled by how easily the head of his big fat prick slithered through the slippery little opening.

Not wanting to fuck his cock in too far at first, he just raised and lowered her hot young pussy up and down over the head of his cock for a few moments.

"Oh, Bart!" she squealed with delight. "That hard prick feels so fuckin' good in me!"

Every nerve ending in the girl's slick warm fuckhole was responding deliciously to the big cock that was fucking deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy.

"Ooooooooooh, Bart!" she sobbed in ecstasy.

Becoming more aroused every second, the man began thrusting the squealing young lady up and down at an ever-increasing tempo.

"Oh, shit!" she cried. "That sure makes my pussy tingle."

"Oh, my God!" he sobbed as his big hard boner fucked in and out of her hot young pussyhole.

"That's it, Bart!" she screamed with delight when the man began thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her juicy slit. "That's it, baby! Fuck me good! Oh, fuck... fuck... fuck!"

The room was a bedlam of noise from her shrieks and the sound of his big meaty prick slurping in and out of her hot sucking pussy.

"Oh, Bart!" screamed Linda. "It's so fuckin' good!"

Filled with a lust beyond anything he'd ever experienced before, the man suddenly lifted the young lady from his prick and rolled her over on her back. Bracing himself with his hands and elbows to keep his weight off her fragile young body, he crawled up between her open thighs.

"Oh, Bart," she panted, wrapping her arms and legs around him. "Fuck me hard, honey! Fuck me hard!"

To the girl's delight, he began fucking his big cock viciously into her slippery little cunt. Screaming with passion, she took the full force of his lusty assault and begged for more.

"Ride me, honey, ride me!" she screamed, thrusting her hips up to receive the full force of his vicious fucking.

As she slammed her cunt up to meet every delicious plunge of his heavenly cock, her cute dimpled belly slapped against him at an ever quickening tempo.

"Oh, sweet piss!" she shrieked when the ecstasy was almost more than she could stand. "I love it! I love it!"

Inspired by her squeals of joy, the man began fucking hard cock-meat into her cunt with even more power. Each thrust of his mighty prick was slamming her sweet young ass into the couch. The entire length of his slippery stiff cock was tingling with those deliciously wild sensations that could only be experienced when a man was fucking.

"Oh, you beauty!" Linda squealed, thrusting her hips up to meet every thrust of his prick.

The room was filled with their gasps and moans, the wet slurping sound of his swollen cock fucking in and out of her sucking cunt, and the steady beat of his lusty balls slapping against her juice-drenched ass.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she whimpered, sinking her teeth into his shoulder. "Fuck, baby, fuck!"

With every lunge of his magnificent prick, Linda could feel herself racing toward a traumatic climax.

"That's it, baby!" she shrieked. "Don't stop, honey! I'm almost there!"

Bart could feel his climax building up deep in his balls as he fucked his cock faster and deeper into the scalding wetness of the girl's slippery young cunt.

"Oh, Bart!" she squealed with ecstasy. "Here I come, honey! Oh, Christ, here I come!"

Feeling his prick ready to explode, the man began fucking in and out with fast, jerky strokes. Then he felt the jizz rushing up through the length of his throbbing prick.

"Oh, sweet pissin' Jesus!" Linda squealed as his white-hot cum gushed into her cunt. "I'm coming! I'm coming... commmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggggg!"

With her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his spurting body, Linda felt nothing but rapture. His belching cock continued shooting stream after stream of hot jizz into the little convulsing fuckhole.

When he finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her cum-drenched pussy, Linda quickly scampered down and stuffed his flaccid cock into her mouth. Sucking deeply, she drew out the last remaining drops of his tasty jizz.

"Did you enjoy that?" she whispered, crawling back up into his arms.

"God, yes."

"Me you gonna fuck me again tonight?"


"And are you going to let me take care of your beautiful cock until Joan gets home?" she asked.

"Yes, darling," he whispered. "But we must never let her know about it."

Chapter FIVE

A few days later, Lorne Walters called Marge at home.

"Hi, Lorne," she said, instantly recognizing his voice. "How are you?"

"Just fine," he answered. "I was wondering if you are doing anything next weekend."


"A business associate of mine is flying into town, and I was hoping you and your girlfriend, Beth Franklin, would join us for an intimate little weekend at my country home."

"How intimate?" she giggled.

"As intimate as you want to be."

"Are you thinking about a lot of sucking and fucking?" whispered Marge.

"Yes, that's sort of what I had in mind," he answered. "Does Beth go in for that sort of thing?"

"God, yes," the pretty redhead giggled. "She's a hotter bitch than I am."

"Good," he laughed. "Then you'll go?"

"I'll have to ask Beth," she answered. "But I'm sure she'll want to."

"Then I'll send my car for you around ten o'clock Saturday morning," he said.

"You better have him pick us up at Beth's place," whispered Marge. "I don't want my husband to know about it."

"I understand," he said. "Will you give me her address?"

When she finally hung up, Marge called Beth, and her friend was thrilled about it and readily agreed.

Telling her husband that she was spending the weekend with her mother as she often did, Marge asked him if he'd take care of their little daughter, Penny, until she got back. Packing her bag the next morning, she hurried over to Beth's place.

As they waited excitedly in Beth's apartment, both women were wearing extremely short dresses and no panty hose. When the doorbell rang, the chauffeur was standing at the door.

"The car is waiting," he said, picking up their bags and following the two beautiful women to the limousine.

The two horny women chattered excitedly as the car rolled through the green countryside. It was fun to be heading for an adventure and to not have any idea of where they were going or of exactly what they'd be doing when they got there.

"Gee," Beth giggled. "I feel so wicked."

"Me, too," whispered Marge, so the driver wouldn't hear.

The car finally turned off the highway and, after a short drive down a narrow lane, they arrived at a beautiful big rustic home surrounded by pines. Lorne Walters and another man were standing on the wide veranda, wearing T-shirts and slacks.

"Hi, girls," he greeted, walking down to the car, followed by his friend.

"Hello, Lorne," beamed Marge as they got out of the car.

"Charlie," he said, turning to the man. "This is Marge Cooper and Beth Franklin."

Charlie was a tall balding man, a little older than Lorne Walters, but with a rugged, well tanned appearance.

When the introductions were completed, Lorne and his friend led the women into the house. The living room was paneled in oak with a high-earned ceiling. There were several large couches and chairs scattered around on the deep-piled shag carpet. A large stone fireplace was in one wall but was obviously not used in the summer.

"Well," said Lorne, sitting next to Marge and facing the other couple on a couch across from them, "would you girls care for something to drink?"

"I'd like a gin and tonic," Beth answered. "So would I," said Marge. "That would taste good after that drive."

Walking over to the bar, he mixed the girl's made a bourbon and water for Charlie and himself. A rather tense silence settled over the room as they all slowly sipped their drinks. The strained silence was more like a church social than a suck and fuck party. They all knew why they were there, but none of them seemed to know how to get it started.

"Care for another drink?" Lorne asked Charlie as he drained his glass before the women had hardly started on theirs.

"Please," the man replied.

"Are you girls interested in business affairs?" Charlie asked Beth, trying to make idle conversation when Lorne walked over to the bar.

"Not really," Beth smiled, deciding to drop a bombshell and get the party off the ground. "I'm more interested in cocks!"

"What?" Charlie asked in a startled voice, not sure he'd heard right.

"I'm more interested in cocks," she repeated in a naughty whisper. "Nice hard cocks."

"W-well," he stammered. "That's quite an interest."

"What are you talking about?" Lorne asked, returning with the drinks.

"The lady says she's interested in cocks," answered Charlie, still dazed by the beautiful woman's remark.

Lorne smiled, sitting down next to Marge. "So you find cocks interesting, Beth?"

"Shit, yes," she giggled. "They're all so wonderful and different."

"That's an interesting appraisal," Charlie smiled, recovering from his initial shock.

"Beth," Marge said to her friend, aware of the beautiful brunette's humor and sense of drama, "exactly what do you mean by cocks all being different, yet wonderful?"

"Well," began Beth, winking at her girlfriend, "if you'll bring Lorne over here by Charlie, I can explain."

Deciding to play along with Beth's game, whatever it was, Marge took Lorne's hand and led him over to where Charlie was sitting next to Beth.

"Okay," said the pretty brunette. "Both of you men stand side by side while Marge sits here by me."

When the two men stood facing the women who were seated on the couch, Lorne turned to Beth. "What now?"

"Take off your pants and shorts," she answered in a casual manner.

"Why?" asked Charlie.

"Just take them off," Beth giggled, reaching out and unbuckling his belt.

Within a matter of seconds, the two men were standing completely naked except for T-shirts. Both Marge and Beth stared at their cocks.

"What now?" asked Marge, eager to go along with Beth's game.

"First we have to make their dicks nice and hard," said the beautiful brunette giggled, wrapping her fingers around Charlie's rapidly growing cock.

"Jesus Christ," Charlie whispered when Beth's soft cool hands began skimming his thick, rubbery foreskin back and forth over his big purple cockhead.

Following suit, Marge began gently fondling Lorne's cock with slow, teasing strokes. As she stared at the man's big purplish prick-knob, Marge felt a hot gush of pussy juice bubbling opt from between her itching cuntlips.

"Oh, Charlie," she heard Beth giggle when her friend had the man's cock fully erect. "This is sure a nice big pisser you have."

Once more concentrating on Lorne's cock, Marge vividly recalled how much she'd enjoyed it when he taught her to suck him off that night in his motel suite. Bending backwards and forwards, she flicked her tongue against the sensitive underside of his throbbing cockhead. The horny redhead was thrilled by the pungent aroma and taste of his blood-swollen prick.

"Jesus Christ," gasped the man as the horny redhead's tongue licked and lapped all around his quivering cockhead.

Excited by the taste of Lorne's big hot prick, Marge opened her mouth and wrapped her soft wet lips around his shiny, rubbery cockhead. The texture of the man's big smooth cockhead against Marge's lips and tongue almost blew the woman's mind. There was something so obscenely exciting about having his prick in her mouth. Sucking deeply on Lorne's wonderful cock, Marge cupped his big hairy ball-sac in her palms while her fingers gently teased and played with his balls.

Seeing what Marge was doing, Beth quickly opened her lips and sucked Charlie's big prick into her hot wet mouth. She, too, always found the flavor and texture of a cock to be very exciting. The two men were trembling with ecstasy as Marge and Beth feverishly sucked on their throbbing pricks.

"Oh, my God," moaned Lorne as Marge's middle finger found the sensitive ring of his asshole.

"Okay," Beth suddenly giggled. "It's time to stop."

"Jesus Christ!" roared Charlie when the girls released the men's pricks from their mouths.

"Goddamn it!" shouted Lorne as he stood stroking his thick hard-on. "This is a lot of shit!"

"Now sit down, side by side," giggled Beth, completely ignoring his anger. The pretty brunette was finding this to be even more fun than she'd expected. When the two excited men were seated on the couch with their big bloated cocks throbbing wildly in the air. Beth turned to Marge, "Let's take our clothes off so we can check them for size."

The aroused men were soon staring wildly at the two naked women standing in front of them. They could plainly see the creamy cunt juice dripping out of their hot little pussy slits. Their sweet swollen cuntlips were glistening through the silky nests of damp pussy hair.

"Okay," whispered Beth, facing Charlie and straddling his loins. "Now we'll check you for size."

When Marge saw Beth lowering her dripping cunt down around the man's lurching cock, she followed the same example with Lorne. Both men let out a soft, moan of pleasure as they felt their cocks sinking into the horny women's steaming hot cunts.

"D'ya like that?" Marge whispered as her cunt muscles sucked and squeezed around the entire length of the man's deeply embedded prick.

"Oh, God," he sobbed, the heat and juiciness of Marge's sweet cunt almost more than he could take. With her big full tits pressed against his face, Lorne, sucked one of her hard nipples into his slavering mouth.

"Oooooooh, Lorne!" she squealed with joy. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

The entire, lengths of their long thick cocks were flaming with ecstasy as the girls' slippery hot cunts fucked rapidly up and down over their hard prick shafts. Both men were frantically thrusting their hips up to meet every downward plunge of the women's foaming pussies.

"Change!" shouted Beth, leaping up from Charlie's cock.

Within a matter of seconds, Marge and Beth had exchanged partners, and their delicious assault continued. Great globs of cunt juice were flowing from both of their hot cunt slits as the horny bitches bounced faster and faster on the men's insanely aroused cocks.

Lorne was just on the verge of shooting his hot loud when Beth once again shouted.

As Beth lifted her sucking cunt from the man's prick, Lorne's cockhead exploded, squirting a gush of jizz all over her belly and tits. Her deliciously naked body glistening from the man's discharge, she grasped Lorne's cock and quickly wrapped her hungry lips around his prickhead. God, how she loved the taste of his spurting jizz. The horny brunette sucked and sucked until she'd drawn the last drop from his limp prick, and then scooped up the fuck cream from her stomach and tits as she frantically licked her fingers.

With Charlie's swollen cock still fucked deep into Marge's cunt, he carried the sexy redhead over to another coach without removing his boner. Placing her on her back, he remained on top of her, his cock still deeply embedded.

"Oh, yes," whispered Marge, opening her thighs wider to give the man deeper penetration. "Fuck me good, Charlie, fuck me good."

Marge drew her knees back almost to her tits so that the feverishly aroused man's big cock could fuck even deeper into her hot sucking cunt. She felt like this big cock was fucking almost up to her throat. This was only the third cock she'd ever had in her cunt, and this one was a real beauty.

Watching from the other couch, Beth and Lorne could see beads of sweat standing out all over Charlie's bald head as his thick, lusty cock fuck deep into Marge's hot swollen cunt slit.

"Fuck, Charlie, fuck!" the horny redhead screamed as the man fucked his cock deeper and deeper into her hungry cunt. "Christ, what a prick! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

"Leapin' Jesus!" gasped Beth as she and Lorne watched the wild scene. "Look at that man fuck!"

"And she's really loving it," Lorne panted, feeling Beth's talented fingers working on his limp prick.

Marge's strong legs were snaked around Charlie's lurching back as her long red hair flew wildly around her passionately flushed face.

"That's it, Charlie!" Marge screamed. "Keep banging, baby! I'm almost there, almost there!"

Feeling a wild climax building up in his swollen balls, Charlie began fucking even harder and deeper into the horny redhead's scalding fuckhole, his entire body screaming to release his big load of jizz.

"That's it, Charlie!" Marge sobbed, clutching him tightly in her arms. "I'm coming, baby! I'm coming!"

Fucking into her with all his strength, the man felt his cum-filled cockhead explode into the woman's convulsing fuckhole.

"That's it, baby!" she shrieked, feeling his hot jizz spewing and gushing into her cunt. "Squirt me good, honey! I'm coming... coming... commmiiiinnnggg!"

"Christ, Charlie," giggled Marge a few minutes later as she slowly recovered from the delicious orgasm. "You can really fuck."

Getting up, Marge walked down the hall to a bathroom where she could take a much-needed piss. Staring across the room at Charlie who was spread out on his back with his soft wet cock limp over his leg, Beth had a sudden desire to have him eat her pussy.

"You're quite a fucker," she commented, walking over and sitting down at the edge of the couch where he was.

"Thank you." He grinned. "And I'd like to take care of your hot little cunt as soon as I get another hard-on."

"Why not take care of it now?" she whispered in a naughty little voice.

"How can I?" he laughed.

"Like this," Beth giggled, quickly straddling his chest and pressing her hot wet cunt against his face. "Lick my pussy!"

Charlie felt an exciting tingle race through his limp cock, caused by the exciting aroma of Beth's hot dripping cunt slit. Trembling with excitement, he slipped his thick tongue between the juicy hot cuntlips she was grinding into his face. He could feel her sweet warm pussy juices dripping onto his tongue as he swirled his tongue around in her smoldering cunt.

"Oooooooh, Charlie," she giggled. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

The man's limp prick began lurching and swelling with excitement as he sucked and licked on the beautiful brunette's sweet cunt. His excited face was smeared with the abundant cunt-cream that was flowing out of her super-hot pussy.

"My God!" gasped Marge when she returned from the bathroom and saw Beth's creamy thighs pressed around Charlie's sucking mouth. The wild expression on Beth's contorted face was testimony to the ecstasy she was enjoying, but the thing that really turned Marge on was the sight of Charlie's brand-new hard-on thrusting up from his crotch as he rested on his back with Beth straddling his chest. The big shiny bulb on the end of his cockshaft looked so delicious, hard and meaty. God, how she would love to suck the hot jizz right out of that delicious big cockhead.

Unable to control her wild desire any longer, Marge ran over and dropped to her knees beside the couch, sucking his throbbing cock into her slurping mouth.

"Oh, God," Charlie moaned into Beth's hot, sopping cunt when he felt Marge's juicy lips sucking on his swollen cock.

Thrilled by the texture and taste of the man's thick, meaty prick, Marge began bobbing her slurping mouth up and down until the hard head of his prick was nudging at the back of her throat. God, she could hardly wait to feel his creamy cum exploding into her mouth.

Watching from across the room, Lorne could see Marge's juicy slit just below her little puckered asshole. She knelt on the floor, sucking on Charlie's big flavorful cock. The sight of her wet dripping cuntlips nestled in the soft growth of silky red pussy curls sent blood surging through his throbbing cockshaft.

Slowly walked across the room, Lorne dropped to his knees right behind Marge's turned-up ass.

"Oh, you sweet little bitch," the man heatedly whispered as he clutched his bloated cock and guided his prickhead up between the wet, swollen lips of the beautiful woman's hot pussy.

"Aaaaaggghhhh!" she gurgled, not removing her mouth from Charlie's big cock which was almost ready to explode.

"Oh, you sweet cunt-lapper," moaned Beth as Charlie fucked his tongue deeper and deeper into her sizzling cunt. "Goddamn, how you eat pussy!"

The room was soon filled with the sobs and erotic sounds from the lewdly coupled foursome writhing around in lust on the couch. Charlie's slavering tongue and mouth were working frantically on Beth's squirming clit as the raven-haired beauty raced toward a climax while his own throbbing cock was about to explode in Marge's slurping mouth. Marge, too, was on the verge of an orgasm as Lorne's hard prick fucked in and out of her feverish hot pussy.

As if by prearranged signal, all four people exploded into a mighty climax at the same time. Screaming and moaning, they all collapsed into a pile of hot wet flesh on the couch.

It was almost midnight before the thoroughly fucked and thoroughly exhausted group crawled into Lorne's big king-sized bed for some much-needed sleep.

Chapter SIX

After that weekend, Marge spent more and more evenings with Lorne in his motel suite. Sometimes Charlie was there, and when he was around, they would both take turns fucking her.

The three of them were spending one evening sipping drinks before going out to dinner when Lorne received a phone call. It was from a very important business associate who was stopping in town for the evening and wanted Lorne to come over to his hotel for a few minutes to discuss a merger that was taking place in two or three days. Telling Marge and Charlie that he'd be back in a little while, Lorne quickly rushed away.

Left alone, Charlie fixed the cute redhead and himself another drink. Staring at the man, Marge was getting in a horny mood. Not saying another word, the beautiful redhead walked over in front of him and reached down, cupping his bulging crotch in her hand. Making no attempt to move, the man stood perfectly still, thoroughly enjoying the thrilling contact of her hand on his cock and balls. He began trembling with desire when she started caressing his rapidly swelling cock. As his prick grew larger and longer, his hard-on pushed out against his pants, almost screaming for release from confinement.

"Oh, Charlie, your cock is always so nice and big," the beautiful woman heatedly whispered as she slowly knelt in front of him and lowered his zipper. A delicious thrill streaked through her loins when his thick pole of virile cock-meat shot out in front of her like a hard steel spring. She could feel hot fuck juices boiling out from between her legs as she stared at the bloated purple cock-knob protruding from the end of his thick cockshaft.

She held his cock in her hands for several moments without saying a word. Finally releasing his swollen boner, she grasped his pants and shorts in her trembling hands and lowered them all the way to his ankles, exposing his complete hardness. Panting heavily, she stared excitedly at the rampaging prick pointing skyward from the hairy balls that dangled obscenely between his legs.

Lovingly cupping his swollen ball-bag in her hands, she felt the throbbing weight against her gentle palms. Smiling up at him for the first time, she slipped a naughty finger up under his balls and began lightly tracing the tip around the sensitive ring of his asshole.

Then, withdrawing her finger, she once more grasped the thick base of his prickshaft and began flicking her tongue around the bloated head of his cock. She made no attempt to fuck his prick into her mouth yet, the tip of her tongue just darted around the screaming nerve center on the underside of his prickknob.

The man's knees began shaking violently as she teased her tongue and lips up and down over the entire length of his hard cock-meat. When the gorgeous redhead finally opened her lips wide and sucked his entire cockhead into the steamy cavern of her hot mouth, he started trembling so much that he jerked his prick out of her wildly slurping mouth.

After sucking and licking on his tasty cock for a few heavenly moments, Marge stood up, and, pressing her body against him, she locked her soft arms around his neck. Smiling at the woman, the handsome man bent down and tenderly kissed her flushed cheeks as she passionately gazed at him through half-closed eyes.

"Charlie," she whispered against his chest. "I'm ready to be fucked."

"That's exactly what you're going to get."

Taking his hand, the sexy redhead led him over to the bed. Quickly removing her clothes, she spread her deliciously naked body out for him.

With a wild sob, he suddenly hurled himself down on the bed, burying his face in the hot moistness between her soft thighs, deeply inhaling the heavenly scent of her ripe cunt.

"Ooooooooh, Charlie," she sighed, feeling his thick wet tongue lapping at the tender, sensitive flesh of her open cuntlips. Holding her breath, Marge felt his tongue slithering through the quivering opening of her cunt slit. His fantastic tongue was warm and wet as it scurried around in her creamy pussy.

"Oh, sweet Charlie!" she sobbed when his experienced tongue moved higher up and began probing at her tingling clit.

Taking her quivering joy-button between his lips, the man sensually teased her clit with the tip of his tongue until the beautiful woman was writhing in ecstasy.

Squealing with delight, Marge clamped her soft thighs tighter against his fade, pressing his mouth down tighter against the hot wet flesh of her open cunt. Crazed with lust, the woman ground her pussy slit around the sucking length of his swirling tongue.

"Oh, Charlie, I love what you're doing to me!" she sobbed as his tongue burrowed into every crevice and fold in her lurching fuckhole.

Tightly grasping her sweet asscheeks in his hands, he held her crotch firmly in place while his tongue once more stabbed erotically at the sexy redhead's warm, moist pussy opening. Hesitating for only a moment, he suddenly fucked his tongue deep into the slippery passage of the woman's sucking cunt.

"Aaaaaaaahhh, Charlie!" she gasped, grinding her slippery pussy up tighter against his slobbering mouth. As she squeezed her smooth thighs tighter against his juice-drenched face, his tongue lapped feverishly at the delicious fuck juices that were boiling around in her juicy cunt.

The beautiful woman was almost out of her mind with passion. It was absolutely heaven to have her quivering thighs spread wantonly apart as Charlie avidly sucked and licked on her dripping hot cunt slit.

"Oh, honey!" she squealed with rapture, completely giving her body up to the profound pleasure she was receiving from the man's unrestrained licking and sucking of her lust crazed cunt.

As she squirmed her ass around on the rumpled sheet, flames of erotic pleasure built up and up in her quivering loins. The hot flesh of her helplessly excited pussy sucked at the man's thick tongue as it swirled around in her scalding fuckhole.

Unable to wait any longer, Charlie pulled his hot tongue out of her sizzling pussy. Then, crawling up between her open thighs, the man eased his swollen cockhead between the scalding lips of her cunt. Feeling the smooth wet walls of the woman's hot pussy closing around his aching hardness, he lustily fucked forward.

"Oooooooh!" Marge moaned, as her helplessly throbbing pussy flowered open to receive his lust-swollen thickness. When his virile prick was buried to the hilt in her slit, Marge began squirming beneath him in wild fucking motions, mumbling little incoherent obscenities.

Starting with a slow steady rhythm, the man began fucking his huge steel-hard cock deeper and deeper into the soft hotness of her cunt.

"Oh, God, yes!" she cried as he began increasing the tempo. "That's it, Charlie! Fuck it to me!"

Thrilled that he was fucking this beautiful redhead so well, he reached under the woman's squirming ass and cupped her soft asscheeks in his palms, pulling, her cunt up tighter around the thick base of his fucking prick. Holding her in this position, he was able to fuck deeper into her belly, feeling the smooth hot flesh of her cunt walls clasping and sucking around his bloated prick.

"Oh, deeper! Harder!" she screamed, wildly waving her shapely legs around in the air. "Fuck me deeper!"

"Then get on your hands and knees," panted the man, ternporarily yanking his prick out of her. "I can get more cock into you from the rear!"

Quickly scrambling around, she was soon kneeling with her nakedly white asscheeks waving around his hungry eyes. Easing his big cock-knob between her hot leaking cuntlips again, he grasped her hips and lunged forward.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed with delight as he began fucking into her slippery pussy from behind, the force of his long deep strokes rocking her obscenely crouched body all over the bed.

Grasping more firmly the wiggly softness of her asscheeks, he began increasing the depth of his plunges, feeling his pelvis smacking against her soft ass as her hot clinging pussylips clasped passionately around the meaty thickness of his fucking prick.

Seeing her little deliciously puckered ass ring nestled between her widely spread asscheeks, he suddenly had a wild desire to fuck her asshole. He realized it would probably hurt her at first, but in her super-horny mood, and with the thick coating of cunt juice on his cream-slickened cockshaft, the man decided he could probably get his prick into her tight little asshole.

Trembling with anticipation and hoping he could get away with it, he slowly drew his cock out of her cunt and grasped the soft flesh, of her asscheeks. Spreading her tiny ass opening apart with his thumbs, he eased his cream-drenched prick-knob up against her asshole. Grasping her hips more firmly, he fucked wildly forward while he yanked her flaring asscheeks back against him.

"Aaaarrrggghhh! No!" she screamed from the sudden and painful invasion of her defenseless asshole. "Take that Goddamned thing out! You're killing me!"

Marge had always thoroughly enjoyed herself when Lorne fucked her in the ass, but Charlie's much larger cock was extremely painful.

Completely ignoring her cries, he relentlessly fucked his big prick deeper and deeper until his flat hard stomach was mashed right against her wildly writhing ass.

"No! No!" she continued screaming.

Impaled on his big cock, Marge was frantically trying to wriggle herself free, but every wild movement caused his cock to fuck even deeper into her churning ass. Her eyes glazed with pain and her long red hair whipping around her face and shoulders, she was conscious of nothing but his hard prick throbbing in her asshole. The pressure was so great that the beautiful woman could hardly breathe.

He was thrilled by the unbelievable tightness of the tiny fuckhole. The man's face was a mask of lusting pleasure as he began smoothly fucking his rigid cock in and out. Never had he experienced such a delicious hot tightness around his prick. The lewd sensations were almost driving him wild with ecstasy as he continued fucking his throbbing cock in and out of her squirming ass.

Then he was suddenly aware of a mewling sound coming from deep in the woman's throat as she began gently rocking back against him. With the initial pain now completely gone, she was lasciviously writhing her tingling asshole back around his lust-hardened prick, trying to get his cock as deep into her slippery asshole as she could. Now thoroughly enjoying her ass-fuck, she was moaned and panted with passion.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck my ass!" she cried with uncontrolled ecstasy. "Fill it with jizz! Fuck it to death!"

Sweating and grunting behind her, the handsome man fucked his thick cock up her ass like a mad bull, anxious to explode his seething cum into her burning asshole.

Arriving back at the motel after his business appointment, Lorne could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the naked woman crouched subserviently on the bed while Charlie was fucking his cock in and out of her asshole.

"My God!" gasped Lorne. "What the hell's going on here?"

"I'm fuckin' Marge," panted Charlie, too close to a climax to stop now.

"But you're fucking her asshole!"

"Fuck, I know that," gasped the man. "This is the hottest, tightest little hole I've ever fucked."

"I don't mind you fucking her," said Lorne. "But get your Goddamned cock out of my woman's butt."

"Don't stop him, honey," Marge shouted back over her shoulder to Lorne. "I've never felt anything so good in my life."

"But this is all wrong," be argued.

"Maybe it's wrong, but it sure is fun," giggled the horny redhead. "Why don't you take your clothes off and join the party?"

"Are you crazy?" gasped the man.

"Shit, no," puffed Charlie. "You can fuck her cunt while I fuck her asshole."

With his cock still deeply buried in Marge's ass, the man rolled over on his back, taking the pretty woman with him.

"See," he panted as the impaled woman lay on her back on top of him with his prick still up her ass, her empty cunt deliciously exposed.

"Oh, Lorne," Marge called to her lover as he stared down at the obscenely coupled pair. "Please fuck my hot cunt."

As unbelievable as the whole scene was, Lorne's cock began throbbing wildly in his pants as he stared at his girlfriend's juicy hot cunt slit while Charlie's hard prickmeat was stuffed into the widely stretched asshole beneath. The excitement increased in Lorne's loins as he watched his pretty mistress writhe her prick-filled asshole around the man's lewdly impaled cock. The woman's big tits were dancing wildly on her chest as she feverishly squirmed around on his swollen prick.

"Come on, Lorne," she begged. "Please fuck my cunt. God, how I need two cocks in me."

Unable to resist any longer, Lorne quickly disrobed and moved up on the bed with Marge and Charlie. Panting excitedly, he knelt between Charlie's widespread knees, his hard naked prick throbbing wildly with anticipation as he stared down at the beautiful woman's juicy, red-fringed pussy. He could see her face was distorted with lust as she impatiently waited for Lorne's hard cock. Positioning himself over the woman's wildly gyrating pussy, he eased his thick throbbing cock-knob down toward her steaming pussy.

Panting with excitement, Lorne tenderly spread Marge's naked thighs farther apart with his hands as he moved into position. Smiling down at the woman's beaming face, he grasped his wildly throbbing cock around the base and guided his prickhead into the moist hotness of her oozing cunt.

"Mmmmmmm," she softly mewled, feeling her handsome lover's lust-bloated cock slithering up into her writhing pussy, with one hard cock in her cunt and another up her tingling asshole, Marge was gasping for breath between the two men. The beautiful woman knew in the back of her mind that she was hopelessly depraved to be ass-fucking one man and fucking another at the same time, but she felt nothing but intense passion. Mindlessly babbling little obscenities, she rocked back and forth, sandwiched between the two of them.

Unable to hold back any longer, Lorne began feverishly fucking into the woman's hot pussy while his friend fucked his swollen prick in and out of her prick-stuffed asshole.

"Yes! Yes!" squealed Marge.

Almost out of her mind from the intense pleasure the two men were giving her, the beautiful redhead was squealing with joy. They both fucked into her with the same rhythm. Their blood-thickened pricks were fucking in and out of her two well-splayed fuckholes like cam-driven pistons. The men's long moist cocks were glistening wetly as they fucked in and out.

"Oh, my God!" she sobbed.

Charlie's thick cockhead was being squeezed by Marge's rubbery ass ring as he drove his slippery cock in and out between her tightly clenching asscheeks. The intense ecstasy seemed to increase as the top ridge of Lorne's hard cock rubbed delightfully against her exposed clit. The beautiful woman had never felt anything like this in her life. Marge was so completely lost in her blinding sensuality that she no longer seemed to know or care what was happening to her body just as long as the pleasure didn't stop.

Being sandwiched between these two wildly fucking men was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. There was a kind of masochistic pleasure to it, enhanced by the helpless feeling of them relentlessly fucking into her, literally fucking her senseless with their wild jackhammer blows. With Charlie's prick fucking into her deliciously ravished asshole and Lorne's magnificent boner fucking into her steaming pussy, Marge was on the verge of losing her mind.

"Ooooooooh! Oooooh! Ooooh!" she began rhythmically chanting as the two men quickened the tempo of the deep thrusts into her cunt and asshole. Churning and twisting between their passion-crazed bodies, Marge thought she'd go mad as she moaned and jerked like a battered rag doll. "Oh, God! Keep fucking, darlings! Don't stop! I'm coming... coming!"

It was the most intense orgasm the beautiful woman had ever experienced, and, sandwiched between the two wildly fucking men, her fantastic climax seemed to last forever.

As the spasming woman's asscheeks involuntarily clenched and unclenched around Charlie's naked throbbing cock, she seemed to suck the cum right out of his balls.

"Oh, my God!" he suddenly roared as his hot jizz exploded into her asshole. "Here comes the jizz!"

On top of the climaxing woman, Lorne was fucking deeper and harder into her writhing cunt as his climax rapidly approached. Then he too, was violently coming, his cum suddenly shooting deep into the screaming redhead's wildly convulsing pussy.

Finally it was over, and their soft limp pricks slipped wetly out of her two cum-drenched fuckholes. They collapsed together on the bed.

Chapter SEVEN

A few days later, both Lorne and Charlie had to leave on an extended business trip to Europe and the Orient, and they would be gone for the next six weeks. After all the sucking and fucking that Marge had enjoyed with the two lusty men, she was terribly frustrated when they left. After two weeks had passed, the horny redhead was so hot she could hardly stand it.

Marge hadn't had any sexual contact with her husband since she found the airline tickets in his pocket, but Bart didn't seem to mind because he was busy fucking Joan and Linda. Every summer, Marge and her husband always threw a big garden party for all their friends. It was a catered affair with all the finest foods and drinks for their guests, and, though their marriage was in a strain, they decided to go through with it again this year.

When the evening arrived, Marge let her little daughter, Penny, stay up a bit later than usual, to see the guests, and then she sent the child up to bed. As the party progressed and Marge was mingling with guests, she kept noticing how Hal Logan kept watching her. Hal and his wife, Sandra, had just moved in across the street, and, as a neighborly gesture, she had invited them to the party. At the last minute, Sandra, a nurse, had been called back for emergency duty at the hospital, but both Bart and Marge insisted that he come anyway.

Marge was pleased by the way his gaze kept following her around the garden. Not only did it flatter the lovely redhead, but there was something about the man that was making her feel horny for him.

Seeing the man standing alone by the edge of the patio, Marge walked over to him.

"Having a good time?" she asked.

"I certainly am," answered Hal. "But I wish my wife could be here. You have such a beautiful garden."

"Thank you," replied Marge, lightly resting her hand on his arm. "We're pretty proud of it ourselves."

The feel of her hand on his arm vaguely disturbed Hal as he looked down at her beautiful face and big firm tits, which were practically falling out of her gown. The man occasionally enjoyed a strange piece of ass, and it was very obvious to him that this gorgeous woman had a figure that was built for fucking. Staring at her, he began wondering how it would feel to have his naked body cradled between her soft smooth thighs while his hard cock filled her hot cunt.

"This is such a lovely home you have here," Hal said, trying to get his mind off the beautiful redhead's body.

"You've never been inside," said Marge, thinking how much she would like tote alone with the handsome man. "Would you like me to show you around?"

"I'd love to see it," he answered.

"It was once a very elegant old home that had been run-down, and, we had it all restored," she explained, leading him into the house.

Taking Hal's arm as they walked along the exquisitely paneled hall that led to the formal dining room, she took him all through her downstairs portion of the house. As she led him up the stairs, Hal could feel her soft warm body pressing against his through her gown.

"This is the playroom," she said, ushering him into the guest room and closing the door behind them.

"This hardly looks like a playroom," he murmured, noticing the intricate atmosphere created by a love seat and queen-sized bed the deep plush carpet. "I expected to see a pool table and table tennis and other recreational games."

"Those aren't the kind of games I like to play," she whispered, moving in front of him as her fingers reached down and lightly brushed against his cock. "I like to play with stiff dicks."

Hal just stared at her in complete shock as her busy fingers toyed with his cock through his pants. She was smiling up at him through her sensual, half-closed eyes. Little electric-like shocks were racing up and down the length of his cock as his prickshaft began throbbing toward hardness.

"I'll bet this prick of yours tastes good," she whispered, lowering his zipper and reaching in.

Hal was shaking with uncontrolled excitement as her soft cool fingers drew his lurching cock from the confines of his pants.

"That's a real beauty," she excitedly whispered as she began sliding the foreskin back and forth over his big purple cock-knob. "A real fuckin' beauty."

His cock wasn't as long and thick as Charlie's huge cock nor even as large as Lorne's, but there was a hard erotic meatiness about his cock that felt so good in her squeezing, milking fingers. She could almost taste his fuck-juice squirting into her cock-hungry mouth. God, how she'd learned to love the taste of a man's hot, thick cum during the past few weeks.

Momentarily releasing his lurching prick, she removed his jacket and then slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. Pressing her mouth against his bare chest, she lightly nibbled on his male titties with her lips and teeth. She could feel his entire body quivering with excitement as she mouthed his sensitive nipples. She unbuckled his pants and dropped them down around his ankles. When she finally had her handsome neighbor completely naked, Marge gently pushed him down on the bed.

Reclining back on a pillow, Hal watched the lovely woman slip out of her long green gown. The man had never seen anyone as beautiful as Marge when she stepped out of her dress, wearing absolutely nothing beneath the lovely garment. With her lush red hair falling loosely over her bare shoulders, there was a wild animal lust in her smoldering eyes. The big hard nipples on her tits seemed to be swollen to twice their normal size. There was a delicious lewdness about her creamy inner thighs, accented by the fiery red bush of silky pussy curls. Drops of creamy cunt juice were oozing out from between her puffy pink pussylips. He could hardly control his wild desire to lick the bubbling fuck fluid from her slippery pink pussy slit. God, how the man wanted to bury his nose into the musky hotness of her sweet damp cunt.

Dropping down beside him on the bed, Marge drew his hard naked body on top of her. One of his legs slipped between her open thighs, and she brought the soft flesh of her upper leg up under his crotch, rubbing against his big lust-swollen balls. Grinding her soft warm flesh against his cock and balls, the horny redhead covered his trembling lips with her hot, open mouth, entwining her tongue around his. Gently rubbing her upper leg against his throbbing cock, she could feel his prick violently jerking with anticipation. Sucking passionately on his tongue, she nibbled lightly with her teeth, sending delicious tremors throughout his body.

Hal had never felt so stimulated in his life as he did at this minute with the beautiful woman's soft bare thigh moving sensually against his lurching prick.

"Wanta fuck?" she whispered, nibbling lightly on his ear lobe.

"Christ, yes!" he panted.

"Good," she sighed. "I love to feel nice hard cocks screwing around deep in my cunt. Me you gonna give me a good fuck?"

"The best I can," gasped Hal, almost out of his mind with lust.

"Good," she crooned, throwing herself back on the bed with her legs wantonly spread apart for him. Reaching down with her naughty fingers, she teasingly opened the slippery pink lips of her hot juicy cunt.

"I'm here," she whispered. "Just stuff it in as far as you can."

Dropping down between her widely splayed legs, the handsome neighbor nudged his hard cockhead up against the hot wet flesh of her dripping cunt.

"Oh, honey, don't wait," she moaned, grinding her hot naked pussy up against his throbbing cock. "Fuck me now, baby. Just drill it in."

Giving a sudden lunge, he drove his stiff prick all the way up into the scalding depths of her slippery cunt with one wild thrust.

"Ooooooh, sweet baby," she whispered as his virile cock filled her horny pussy. "That's so good, honey, so fuckin' good."

She momentarily wondered if her husband still had the mistress he took on the plane with him.

"Oh, Hal," she gasped, screwing her cunt up tighter around the base of his deeply embedded prick. "Fuck me good, baby. Just fuck it to me!"

With his cock buried to the hilt in her hot sucking pussy, Hal started fucking his big cock deeper into her passion-slickened cunthole. As she threw up her lips to meet every delicious thrust of his cock, their lewdly coupled bodies pounded against each other in an ever-quickening rhythm.

"Ooooooooh, honey!" she squealed with delight, remembering how good it felt when Charlie corn-holed her while Lorne fucked her cunt. "Stick your finger up my ass! Please, baby, make me hurt!"

"What?" he gasped.

"Please," she repeated. "Fingerfuck my asshole while you screw my cunt."

Reaching down beneath her slippery wet asscheeks, Hal began probing for the beautiful redhead's asshole. Her hot wet cunt juices were running down between the crack of her ass, saturating her puckered little shitter with the slippery fuck fluid. Because of the abundant lubrication, the tip of his finger slid easily into her asshole.

"Ooooooh!" she squealed with delight when the end of his finger ripped through the tight ring of her ass opening.

Exited by her squeals, he fucked his finger into the second knuckle.

"Oh, yes!" she cried in ecstasy. "That's it, honey! It hurts so good!"

Loving every moment of the sweet pleasure pain his finger was inflicting in her tingling shitter, she kept screwing her ass back until his probing digit was buried to the palm of his hand. As he swirled his finger around in the hot buttery darkness of her asshole, she could feel the underside of his cock through the flesh that separated her two holes.

Marge screamed, frantically rotating her asshole around his finger as his stiff bloated cock fucked deeper and deeper into her hot hungry cunt. Her swollen pink cuntlips were clinging and sucking against his juice-slickened prick every time he partially withdrew for the next lunge.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she suddenly shrieked when the force of his cock and finger drove deeper into her two lust-crazed fuckholes. "I'm coming, honey! Oh, Christ, how I'm coming!"

Pulling her knees far back, she clasped her ankles around his shoulders, offering the entire length of her juice-slickened pussy lit up for their mutual enjoyment. With her cunt writhing up around his cock in uninhibited abandon, her lovely mouth was gaping open while her long red hair flailed wildly around her lust-contorted face. She screwed her convulsing cunt up even tighter around his madly fucking cock. Marge's entire body was jerking and wrenching as she writhed through her overwhelming orgasm.

As her intense climax began receding, she leaned back, gasping, her pussy spasmodically quivering around his still-fucking cock. Hal hadn't shot his wad yet, and his entire body was aching to blast his hot load of cum into the beautiful woman's trembling belly.

"What a ride," she whispered. "God, that was fantastic."

"The ride's not over," the man panted, still feverishly fucking his prick in and out of her hot dripping cunt. "The best is yet to come."

"Oh, yes!" she squealed with joy, realizing for the first time that he hadn't shot his load yet. "Oh, you sweet fucker! Make me come again! Oh, yes, do it to me some more!"

They were both so busy pounding their naked bodies together that neither of them saw Penny, Marge's young daughter, enter the room. Penny's bedroom overlooked the garden, and she had been unable to sleep because of the noise of the party. She had slipped down to the guest room for a better place to spend the night. Staring at their neighbor from across the street who was fucking her mother, the youngest was more fascinated than shocked.

Penny was a well-developed girl for her age, with the same long red hair as her mother. The cute girl had just as strong a sex drive as her mother, but, being as young as she was, she could only find sexual relief through fantasy and masturbation. Penny had heard and read a lot about sex, but this was the first time she'd ever witnessed two people fucking. This, too, was the first time Penny had ever seen a man's cock. She'd often tried to visualize what a hard prick looked like as she rested in bed at night, fingering her own hot little turn. But, in her wildest imagination, the youngster had never dreamed that a cock could be this big and hard.

The sight of their neighbor's stiff, juice slickened prick fucking in and out of her mother's frothy cunt slit was sending a torrent of pussy juice boiling out of her own excited cunt. The wet, slurping sound of his big prick, fucking in and out of her mother's wetly sucking cunt was music to the horny youngster's ears.

"That's it, Hal, honey!" she heard her mother squeal. "Christ, can, you fuck, baby! Can you fuck!"

Her mother's squeals of ecstasy were sending delicious chills racing up and down Penny's spine. God, how she wanted to feel a hard cock filling her own little dripping pussy. Because of the supreme joy on her mother's face, the youngster didn't even reseat the fact that she was cheating on her father. The cute little girl quickly decided that anything as beautiful as this couldn't really be bad. In a strange way, the youngster could vicariously feel the supreme ecstasy that her mother was experiencing.

"Oh, God!" Penny heard her mother scream as the woman locked her legs around the man's waist. "I'm gonna come again, honey! I'm gonna come again!"

Because of her masturbating, Penny could vaguely realize what her mother was feeling. The youngster had often finger-fucked herself to an orgasm, but she wondered how much better it would feel to be brought off by a nice hard cock.

"Oh, Christ, honey!" her mother was hysterically squealing. "I'm coming, honey! I'm coming... commmmiiinnngggg!"

Little Penny trembled with excitement as she watched the man's hot jizz oozing back out of her mother's cock-filled cunt. It was quite obvious that the man was shooting a hot load into her pussy.

When the writhing couple collapsed into each other's arms, Penny scurried down the hall, not wanting to be seen watching. Passing a bathroom, the youngster decided she had to pee.

Sitting on the toilet with the hot piss squirting noisily out of her excited young pussy, the child could think of nothing but that big cock fucking in and out of her mother's cunt. Reaching over and picking up a hand mirror from the counter, Penny held it down between her legs. She excitedly stared at the reflection of her own young cunt, which was surrounded by a feathery growth of soft red pussy hair. It didn't seem possible that a cock could ever enter, but Penny knew she was going to give fucking a try the first chance she had.

When the child had wiped her wet cunt with tissue, she flushed the toilet and stepped back out into the hall. Her intentions were to go back to her own room, but she suddenly had a desire to take one more peek at her mother and the man. Moving quietly down the corridor, she peered through the half-open door again.

She froze in complete shock when she saw the naked man on his back and her mother spread out in the opposite direction on top of him with his brand-new hard-on in her mouth. The man was frantically licking her mom's cunt which was pressed down against his upturned face. Her mother's sucking mouth was bobbing up and down over his big spit-drenched prick. The cute little girl had never seen such a sight in her life.

The man's face was between her mother's naked thighs, and his nose was practically in her asshole as his tongue swirled around in her cunt.

"Oh, you sweet Goddamned cunt-lapper," Penny heard her mother moan around his big cock. "That's the way to eat pussy! Oh, shit, honey, you're driving me crazy."

From the way they were trembling and moaning, Penny could tell how much they were both enjoying themselves. As she watched his tongue licking her mom's sizzling wet pussy slit, Penny reached under the hem of her short nightie and began fingerfucking her own steamy little pussy. She could almost feel the man's thick wet tongue slithering around in her own wet virginal cunt.

Turning her attention to her mother's hot sucking mouth, Penny had a wild desire to taste and lick a hard cock. The thought of sucking on a prick wildly fascinated the child. Watching the lewd naked couple on the bed, Penny was aware that they were reaching a wild plateau of passion. She could hear them both moaning with ecstasy as they sucked more feverishly on each other's fuck equipment.

"Goddamn!" she heard the man gasp. "I don't think I can hold back much longer!"

"Then let it squirt!" squealed her mother. "I'm ready, too!"

"Oh, Christ!" the man gasped as his hips lurched up off the bed.

From the wet slurping sound her mother was making as she sucked more frantically on his lurching prick, Penny realized the man was squirting his hot jizz into her mouth. A little tingle of excitement rippled through the youngster's body when she saw a thin rivulet of cock-cream dripping from the corner of her mom's sucking lips.

Turning and walking back to her own room, Penny knew that she wanted to suck and fuck at the first opportunity.

Chapter EIGHT

Feeling extremely horny the next day, Penny decided to wander over to a nearby park and see if any boys might be hanging around. Walking down a path, she saw Dale Webster, a boy she slightly knew, sitting on a bench under a tree.

"Hi, Dale," she said, walking over and sitting down by him on the bench.

"Hello, Penny."

Dale was one of the most handsome young men that Penny had ever seen, but, because she was only a kid, he had never seemed to pay any attention to her. Watching the boy through the corners of her eyes, the cute little redhead could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Gosh, how she'd love to get her hands on his hard cock.

Earlier in the day, Dale had been looking at some porno pictures at a friend's house, and he'd been wildly aroused since then. Now, looking at Penny's soft bare thighs under the short skin she was wearing, she didn't seem as young to him as she usually did.

They were soon casually chatting, and the longer they talked, the more Penny was intrigued by the handsome boy. She began wondering what kind of a cock he had, and the more she thought about it, the hotter she got between her legs. She suddenly wondered if she could get him to pop her cherry.

Penny was still trying to figure out a way to proposition him when their attention was drawn to a young couple walking down the path with their arms around each other. From the flushed expression on her face and from the way she was caressing him as they walked, it was very obvious that she was more than ready to fuck.

"Gee," little Penny suddenly giggled. "That girl's sure in a horny mood."

"She sure is," agreed Dale, strangely excited by the little redhead's use of the word horny.

"That guy should do something about it before she cools off," whispered Penny.

"What would you do?" he asked.

"Probably take him to bed," she giggled, aware that she was turning him on.

"Are you serious?"

"Sure." She grinned. "Wanna try me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you come over to my house with me and find out for yourself? My folks aren't home."

Without saying another word, he excitedly followed Penny home.

"Now what do we do?" he asked when they were standing in her room together.

"Take our clothes off," giggled Penny, starting to unbutton her blouse.

Within a few short moments, their clothes were strewn all over the floor, and they were sitting nakedly together on the bed.

"Now what do we do?" asked the youth. "We just relax and enjoy ourselves," Penny whispered, taking his hand and guiding it toward her naked tits.

An exciting tremor raced through the boy's body when his fingers made electric contact with the vibrant flesh of her naked tits.

"Oh, Dale, this feels so neat," she whispered, drawing his finger across her turgidly erect nipples.

Panting excitedly, the boy began squeezing her warm tit-flesh in his trembling hand.

"That's it, Dale," she softly whispered, moving her hand down toward the stiff virile cock that was standing up between his legs. Kneading her luscious tits, Dale was suddenly aware oft her fingers caressing his hard-on. Closing his eyes, he hoped she would jack him off. Dale had never found a girl who would let him fuck her, but a couple of girls had jacked him off while he finger-fucked them.

Excitedly stroking his hard young prick, Penny stared in trembling fascination at his pink cockhead. The warm, hard flesh of his throbbing prickshaft seemed to be swelling even thicker as she caressed it, and she could feel the blood surging through the distended veins just below the tightly stretched skin.

Wanting to please him in the same way her mother had pleased their neighbor Penny leaned over and licked her hot, wet tongue across the little hole on the very tip of his cockknob. She trembled excitedly at her first taste of a prick. Holding his stiff cockshaft straight up in her hand, the horny little redhead began feverishly licking the sensitive flesh, of his swollen prick-knob. She could feel the boy lurching beneath her as she passionately bathed his cock with her delicious warm spit.

The boy couldn't believe what was happening. He'd found a few girls who'd been willing to jack him off in return for a fingerfuck, but no one had ever touched his prick with her mouth. He'd heard about cock-suckers, but this hot little bitch was the first one he'd ever found.

Becoming more aroused with each lap of her tongue, Penny finally opened her mouth wide and lowered her lips down over the boy's delicious cockhead.

"Oh, God," Dale moaned. "I've never felt anything so fuckin' good in my life."

Thrilled by the taste of his cock, Penny was frantically working her lips and tongue up and down over his hard young prick.

"Oh, Dale," she excitedly whispered up to him between sucks and gulps. "It sure is fun to suck your prick."

Dale was writhing insanely around on the bed as the horny little redhead continued working her hungry mouth up and down over his meaty cock. He couldn't understand why the girl should enjoy sucking on his piss-prick, but he sure was enjoying it.

"Oh, shit," gasped Dale, curling his fingers into her long red hair as he arched his ass up from the bed, trying to fuck even more of his stiff boner into her mouth.

Wrapping her soft juicy lips more tightly around the spit-soaked head of his prick, Penny slowly lowered her hot sucking mouth until his shiny cock-knob was nudging the very back of her throat. Feeling her lips pressed into the thick tangle of kinky hair around the base of his cockshaft, the little redhead realized she'd taken the full length of his virile young hard-on into her mouth.

"Jeez," moaned Dale, feeling Penny pumping her mouth up and down over the entire length of his prick. "This is really far out."

While the pretty redhead was ravenously sucking on his cock, Dale reached down and grabbed her jiggling tits, lightly pinching and pulling on the turgid nipples that were so swollen with excitement. Penny slobbered and moaned over, his tasty cock-meat while his hands caressed and pinched her firm little tits.

"Holy shit!" he panted, his breaths coming in hot ragged gasps. "Keep suckin', honey! I'm almost there... almost there!"

Then, suddenly and without any warning, his throbbing cock exploded a torrent of white jizz into her mouth. The taste of the tangy cum gushing against the back of her throat was absolutely sensational. Sucking frantically, Penny gulped and swallowed the delicious fuck fluid as fast as it spurted out of his virile young cock. It was only when she'd drawn the last slippery drop from deep in his shrinking prick that she released his prick from her cum-drenched mouth.

Feeling the boy shaking with exhaustion, Penny rested her face on his leg, her hand still caressing his limp, wet cock.

"That's such a neat cock," she whispered. "Gosh," said the boy. "I've never felt anything so wild in my life."

"I promised you a good time," reminded the horny little redhead. "And I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I sure did."

"Then what about me?" she asked, remembering what the man had done to her mom.

"What do you mean?"

"Now it's your turn to lick my pussy."

Dale was momentarily stunned. The thought of sucking on a girl's cunt had never once crossed his mind. Staring down at her little red-fringed pussy, he wondered if it would make him gag.

"Go on," she urged in a soft little voice. "I sucked you off."

"But that's different," argued the boy.

"No, it isn't," she said. "And if you don't lick my pussy, I won't suck you off again."

That quickly changed his mind, and, taking a deep breath, Dale lowered his face down between the little girl's widely spread thighs. The boy was pleasantly surprised when his nose was buried in the fragrantly scented patch of red pussy hair that curled around Penny's sweet pink cunt slit. He'd expected a girl's pussy to have a stinky smell, but the aroma of this little cunt filled him with a strange excitement. Encouraged by the delightful scent, he ran the tip of his tongue along the edge of a juicy cunt lip. Again he was surprised by the thrilling taste of her sweet little pussy.

No longer feeling any reluctance, the boy spread Penny's thighs a bit farther apart and pressed his lips up against her hot wet cunt slit.

"Oh, Christ!" gasped Penny, feeling a mouth on her cunt for the first time in her life.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Dale, momentarily lifting his face. "You've sure got a tasty snatch."

"Oh, Dale," she whimpered when she felt his tongue slithering up into her juicy little cunthole. "I think you're wonderful."

Pressing his mouth up tighter against Penny's dripping pussy slit, he swirled his tongue around in her hot wet fuckhole in the same fashion that a hungry dog would lick a plate clean. With his tongue lapping greedily in the girl's hot fuck-tunnel, Dale reached up and gently fondled and lightly pinched her erect nipples.

"Oooooooh, shit!" squealed Penny. "That's it, honey! Suck my cunt! Squeeze my titties! I love it! I love it!"

Dale's eager hot mouth was working feverishly on the pretty little girl's squirming cunt.

"Oh, baby," panted Dale, gazing into her fuckhole when he paused to catch his breath.

Her open pussylips were a bright pink and swollen with passion, and he could see the girl's clitty standing out erectly near the top of her pussy. Staring deeper into her open cunt, Dale could see the walls of her cunt wildly pulsating, eager for the delicious licking he was going to give her.

Dale could feel his cock throbbing back to another erection as he pulled her hot cunt up tighter against his lips.

"Oh, Christ!" sobbed Penny, spreading her legs wider to give the boy all the room he needed as his tongue slipped up between her cuntlips until he found her tingling clit. "That's the way, honey! Oh, shit, that feels good!"

This was a wild new experience for Penny, and, as she rushed wildly toward a climax, she was finding it a million times more exciting than she'd ever expected it to be.

"Oh, Dale!" she shrieked as the boy's mouth sucked madly on her cunt. "I'm gonna come... gonna come!"

As her wild orgasm finally waned, she noticed the brand-new hard-on standing up proudly between his legs.

"Dale," she whispered. "Have you ever fucked a girl?"

"Nope," answered the boy. "Have you ever been laid?"

"Not yet," she replied. "But let's try it."

"Are you serious?" gasped Dale, his face aglow with excitement.

"Sure," she said. "I really wanna be fucked."

"But we don't even know how to do it."

"We're not exactly dummies," giggled the cute little redhead. "I'm sure we can figure it out."

"Okay." He grinned, excitedly stroking his stiff prick.

Rolling onto her back, Penny spread her legs.

"Now just stick your prick in here," she giggled, pointing down at her pussy.

As the boy knelt between her widespread legs, Penny pulled her knees back almost to her shoulders, offering the entire length of her hot, wet cunt slit to him as he slowly advanced his prick toward her little virginal fuckhole.

Feeling his hard cockhead probing lightly against her cuntlips, Penny reached down and grasped his steel-hard prickshaft, brushing the sensitive tip of his prick up and down against the slippery opening of her cunt until the swollen cock-knob was glistening with the frothy juices that were oozing out pf her.

Slowly and sensually she guided his pink prickhead between the swollen outer lips of her pussy and against the hot opening of her fuckhole. Grasping his ass, she arched her quivering hips up and drew his cock gently into her.

"Oh, Dale," she whispered, feeling his stiff young cock slipping into her warm cunt. "This is gonna be fun."

Suddenly the advance of his prick was stopped by the tissues of her cherry.

"That's my cherry," she said, having heard about it from other girls. "You'll have to break it with your cock."

He tried to be gentle as he pushed forward, but he couldn't seem to break through the stubborn barrier. Finally drawing back, he fucked forward with almost all his strength, and Penny let out a piercing scream as his cock ripped through the thin membrane of her cherry. Once his prick had broken through the obstruction, he was able to fuck easily into the sucking warmth of her little unused pussy.

Clutching the boy tightly in her arms, Penny's bit her lips to hold back the tears while she waited for the searing pain to recede. Slowly relaxing, she felt his stiff cock throbbing deep in her little pussy. Cautiously moving beneath him, she felt his prick rubbing against the slippery walls of her tight pussy. Her hot inner flesh rubbed against his hard cock, bringing even more pleasure to the fiery depths of her passion-inflamed cunt.

"Oh, Dale!" she whispered with joy when he withdrew his prick about, an inch, wildly stimulating the nerve endings in her cunt. "It feels so neat!"

Not knowing exactly how to fuck a girl, and afraid of hurting her, he began slowly pumping his cock back and forth, just an inch or so at a time. Penny's initial pain completely disappeared as his hard young prick rubbed so lusciously against the slippery flesh of her tight little pussy. The pleasure was wildly enhanced when Penny discovered how good it felt to squeeze his hard prick with her strong young cunt muscles.

"Am I hurting you?" he whispered when he heard soft moans escaping her lips.

"Gosh, no," she gasped, her pretty face flushed with pleasure. "But I wish you'd fuck me a little harder."

As the boy increased both the depth and tempo of his fuck thrusts, Penny excitedly slammed her cunt up to meet every plunge of his hard boner. Tears of pleasure were running down her lovely face.

Every thrust of his virile young cock was sending screaming sensations throughout her body. The burning rapture she felt was almost more than she could stand. Penny screamed and bit and clutched at this boy who was giving her first fucking, a feeling beyond her wildest dreams.

"Faster, honey, faster!" she whimpered, feeling his juice-slickened prick fucking madly into her cunthole. "Oh, shit, Dale, fuck me... fuck me!"

Almost hysterical from the profound ecstasy she was feeling, Penny feverishly raised her sizzling cunt up to meet every heavenly plunge of his super-hard prick.

This was the first time Dale had ever fucked a girl, but when he suddenly realized he was rapidly approaching a climax, he had sense enough to slow down. Not wanting to ruin all this fun by shooting his wad, he came to a complete stop.

"What's the matter, honey?" she asked, swirling her tongue around in his ear.

"I almost came," he admitted. "And I want this to last a long time."

"Then just relax and take it easy," whispered Penny, grasping the cheeks of his ass and pulling his cock more deeply into her pussy. "Just let it soak in my hot little box for a minute."

Dale felt as if his whole body would explode as her heavenly little cunt muscles squeezed and sucked on his motionless cock. After remaining still for almost five minutes, Dale finally felt he had things under control, and he once again started fucking his prick in and out of her slippery little cunt.

"Oh, wow!" she screamed with delight as his cock once more began fucking in and out of her tingling cunt.

Passionately wrapping her arms around the naked boy's back, she squirmed her pussy up against his, squeezing his hard-fucking prick with her grasping cuntlips.

"Oh, fuck, Dale, fuck!" she sobbed, wrapping her baby-soft thighs more tightly around his body.

Thinking about how much better fucking was than jacking off, pale continued fucking his rigid cock deeper and harder into her tot little cunt.

"Oh, God! Oh, sweet Jesus!" she moaned as her hungry cunt sucked on the entire length of his prick. She could feel every inch of his cock fucking deliciously in and out of her little pussy, and she suddenly wished he had a few more inches to give her.

As if he'd read her mind, Dale reared back and fucked his hard prick deeper and deeper into her writhing cunthole.

"Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh!" she screamed, feeling his cruel cock tearing deeper into her belly, almost to her womb. "Give it to me, honey! That's the way! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Her nostrils flaring her lips curling back from her teeth, her long red hair flailing wildly around the pillow, she felt herself being earned toward a wild orgasm.

"Harder, honey, harder!" she hysterically screamed as she grasped his asscheeks, pulling him more violently against her.

Urged on by her squeals of ecstasy, he fucked his passion-hardened prick even deeper into her hot young cunt.

"That's it, darling!" she cried as the full force of his wild fuck thrusts pounded into her seething little belly. "Fuck it to me, baby! Faster, honey! Fuck me, Dale! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

On and on she screamed, an overwhelming orgasm enveloping her body as Dale increased the tempo.

"Oh, shit! I'm gonna explode!" she shrieked as wild streaks of ecstasy shot through her wildly jerking body. "Harder, honey! Fuck it to me!"

Suddenly she felt his hot cum gushing into her passion-crazed pussy. Penny instinctively screwed her cunt up tighter around the base of his spurting prick, wanting to get the full charge, and then suddenly her whole body exploded into a delirious orgasm. Thrilled by the feel of his hot jizz pumping into her belly, she clung tightly to him until her bone-rattling climax ended. Then the exhausted youngsters collapsed in each other's arms.

Penny knew that from now on, fucking was going to be her favorite hobby. It was fun to be fucked by Dale, but now that her cherry had been popped, she was anxious to try a big man-sized prick.

Chapter NINE

After that afternoon, Dale was fucking the cute redhead several times a week, and, as his friends heard about it, they, too, were fucking the horny youngster. One day she even dropped her pants for the postman when her mother wasn't home.

One Saturday when Penny's mother was secretly shacking up with their neighbor, Hal Logan, in a motel, the youngster was home with her father, watching television. Not very interested in the golf match that was on the tube, Penny kept looking at her dad, thinking about how handsome he was. Watching him, the little youngster began wondering how he was hung. Now that she'd started fucking around, cocks were always utmost in her naughty little mind.

Thinking about her dad's prick, she felt a delicious tingle deep in her pussy. The more she thought about his cock, the hornier she was getting. God, it would be neat to be held in his strong arms while his hard cock fucked in and out of her little juicy cunt. The more the cute redhead thought about fucking her father, the more she wanted to feel, her dad's prick shooting hot cum into her pussy. How could she ever get him to fuck her?

"Daddy," she suddenly smiled up at him. "Do you think I'm sexy?"

"Gee, I don't know," he admitted, "I've never given it any thought."

"Why not?"

"Because you're still a child."

"Daddy," she said again after a long silence. "Do you remember the first girl you ever messed around with?"

"I sure do," he said with a faraway look in his eyes. "Her name was Betty Moore."

"How old was she?"

"Probably around your age, maybe a year older."

"Did you think she was sexy?"

"God, yes," her father admitted. "She was the sexiest girl I'd ever met."

"Then why don't you think I'm sexy?" Penny suddenly asked. "I'm only a year or so younger than she was."

"Well, I'll be damned," the man laughed. "I hadn't realized that."

"Now do you think I'm sexy?"

"You're awfully pretty," he admitted. "So. I guess you're sexy."

"Gee, I wish you'd love me." She smiled up at him.

"But I do love you."

"I don't mean that kind of love," she giggled. "I mean the kind of love two people do in bed."

"What?" he gasped. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I wish you'd make love to me," she whispered.

"Penny!" he shouted. "I've never heard of anything like that in my life."

"But, Daddy," she argued. "What's wrong with a man loving his daughter?"

"Nothing," he admitted. "But not sexually."

"You oughta try me," she giggled. "I'll bet I could give you a better time than that dumb Betty Moore did."

"What does a little kid like you know about sex?" gasped the man.

"Enough," she whispered. "Bays do it to me all the time."

"Do what to you?"

"You know," she said. "They screw me."

"What?" he roared.

"I said they screw me," repeated Penny. "And the postman has even had me."

Her father was too stunned to speak. Clutching the cushion until his knuckles were white, he stared blankly at the television set.

"I can't believe this," he finally said. "It's true." She smiled. "And they all say I'm a real good piece of ass."

"But you've always been such a sweet little girl," he sighed.

"I still am," she whispered. "But I like to screw."

Still completely stunned, the man sat in silence.

"Don't be so upset, Daddy," she whispered. "All the kids are fucking around these days."

"I can't believe you," he sighed. "You're still just a baby."

"You better believe me," she giggled. "If you ever fucked my cunt you wouldn't think I'm a baby."

"Stop that filthy talk!" he gasped. "Have you lost your mind?"

"No, I haven't!" she shouted. "And I'm not a baby any longer."

"Yes, you are!"

"No, I'm not," she argued. "I'm a horny little bitch who loves to fuck, and I wish you'd screw me."

"That's enough of this stupid talk," the man snapped. "I'm not screwing my little kid's twat."

"I'm not a little kid!" she shouted back if him. "Look at my pussy!"

The girl was glad that she wasn't wearing any panties as she quickly pulled her skirt up. Holding the hem above her hips she scooted her ass forward on the sofa and opened her thighs as wide as possible.

"Look, Daddy," she whispered. "Is this a baby's twat?"

The man glanced nervously dawn at his daughter's blatantly exposed cunt. He could see her moist, coral-tinted pussylips gleaming up wetly at him from the soft nest of red hairs shimmering in the late afternoon light. The last time he'd seen her little pussy, it had been just a puffy, hairless mound with a slit in it.

Averting his eyes, he stared at the television. "Pull your damned skirt down!" he gasped.

"No," she answered defiantly as she reached over and took his hand. "I want you to feel how hot and juicy my little cunt is."

He pushed her hand away and tried to concentrate on the tube. After several minutes of silence, he stole another furtive glance at Penny's exposed pussy. Seeing her little moist cuntslit gleam through her red panties sent a wild tingle streaking up through his cock. He was fully aware that she was his own little daughter, but he couldn't get over the sight of her juicy pussy tucked so neatly between her smooth, creamy thighs. Though still trying to concentrate on the television, he kept sneaking quick pecks at her lewdly exposed cunt.

Penny was very much aware that her dad was stealing peeks, and she dropped her hand down between her bare thighs, letting her finger trail along the edge of her pink little pussy slit. Through the corner of her eyes, she could see the wild expression on his face as he kept taking furtive glances at her pussy.

Though he fully realized she was his own little daughter, his cock began swelling in his pants. He hornily watched her slip the tip of her finger up into the slippery hotness of her cunt. He could hardly believe it when the child began thrusting the full length of her finger in and out of her dripping pussy slit. Arching her hips up, she threw her head against the back of the couch and began writhing her cunt around the deeply embedded finger.

"My God, Penny!" he shouted. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Fingerfucking myself," she whispered.

"Stop that!" he shouted.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned, once more grabbing his hand and thrusting it down between her legs. "Please fingerfuck me, Daddy. Please bring me off."

A wild shudder raced through his loins when Penny slipped his finger up into the warm slippery moistness of her hot little pussy. He made a feeble attempt to remove it, but she held his hand firmly in place.

"Oh Daddy," she panted as she slowly juicy little cunt around his finger.

"Please turn off that damn television."

When he returned to the sofa, Penny put her free hand around his neck and drew his lips down to her passionately open mouth. Worming her sweet tongue between his lips, she felt him shiver with excitement. As Penny clung to her father, swirling her tongue around in his mouth, the man frantically plunged his thick finger round in the youngster's juicy little cunt slit, too aroused to care any longer if it was his own little daughter or not.

"Oh, Daddy," she squealed with delight as she began gently rubbing the big cock-bulge in the front of his pants. "You've got a hard-on."

Lowering his zipper, Penny reached in and drew his big stiff prick out. His cock was even bigger than she expected, and his prick was hard and meaty, and, best of all, the cock belonged to her dear sweet father. Sliding the thick rubbery foreskin up and down over his cockshaft, she suddenly had a wild desire to lick his big bloated cockhead.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered, lowering her mouth down toward his pulsing prick. "I love you so much."

Lightly flicking her tongue across the hard purple flesh of his big cock-knob, Penny was pleased by the rather strong taste and pungent scent of his cock. There was something about the taste of a man's prick that sent a delicious shiver through her body.

"Oh, my God," panted her father. "What are you doing?"

"Lickin' your beautiful cock, Daddy," whispered the horny little girl.

"You shouldn't be doing that," gasped her father.

"But it tastes so good," she slurped, sucking deeply on his throbbing prick-meat.

Although the idea of allowing his little daughter to suck on his prick seemed terribly wrong to the man, her soft wet lips were sending wild tingles racing through his loins. Thoroughly enjoying the delicious sensations, he decided to let her suck his cock a little longer before stopping her.

"Daddy," she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from his cock. "Take your pants off. I want to lick your balls, top."

Completely aroused by his daughter's sucking lips, he quickly arched his ass up off the couch and removed his pants and shorts. Penny took her skirt and blouse off at the same time, and then, when her dad removed his shirt, they were both bare-assed naked.

While her father began fucking his finger in and out of the youngster's slippery slit again, Penny once more leaned down and sucked his prick into her mouth. The feel of his hard cock-meat sliding onto her tongue was driving the girl wild. Grasping his prick in her hand, she began licking up and dawn the entire underside of his big sinewy prick. When her mouth reached the base of his cockshaft, the youngster's tongue lapped out against the crinkly skin of his swollen balls. Sucking and licking his big hair-covered bag, she soon had it glistening wetly with her spit. Finally removing her sucking lips from her dad's saliva drenched balls, she began tonguing her way back up the underside of his streaming cockshaft.

Bart was lurching wildly on the couch at his pretty little daughter lewdly sucked and slurped on his ready-to-burst cock. He was well aware that it was wrong to let his own child suck him off, hut he no longer gave a damn.

Knowing that her dad was completely lost in the throes of sexual ecstasy, the horny girl released his prick from her mouth and facing him she quickly straddled his loins. Reaching down and grasping the thick base of his cock, she lowered her dripping pussy until she touched the tip of his bloated cockhead. Holding his stiff prick straight up with her hand, she slowly inserted the big cock-knob between her juicy cuntlips.

"You can't do that!" gasped her father, suddenly coming back to reality. "That's incest!"

Ignoring him, she quickly dropped down over his cock, forcing it all the way up into her deliciously tight slippery pussy.

"Jesus Christ," he moaned, the warm slick tightness of her sweet young cunt destroying the last ounce of his resistance.

"Do you like it, Daddy? Do you like my juicy little cunt?"

"Oh, honey," he moaned. "It feels so good, you sweet little darling."

"Daddy," panted Penny as she continued writhing her juicy cunt around his deeply embedded prick. "Why don't you get on top of me and just fuck the shit out of my horny little cunt?"

Getting off her father's throbbing cock, Penny spread herself out on the couch with her legs wantonly parted. She could feel her hearts pounding in her throat as she watched her handsome father move up between her thighs.

"Oooooooh, that feels so good," she whimpered, feeling her dad's wonderful prick sliding deeper and deeper into her hungry little pussy again. Locking her legs around him, she screwed her crotch against his loins, making certain she had every inch of his throbbing cock embedded in her little overheated fuckhole.

Bart began fucking his hard prick slowly in and out of his little daughter's tight young cunt. Then, becoming more aroused by the moment, he began speeding the tempo of his deep fuck thrusts.

"Oh, Daddy," she whimpered. "It feels so fuckin' good... so good."

"Oh, you sweet, sweet baby," he panted his cock now fucking viciously in and out of her slippery little pussy slit.

As her father fucked deeper and harder, Penny instinctively drew her knees back, offering even more of her frothy cunt to his battering assault.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned, clutching him more tightly in her arms. "I love the way you're fuckin' me. Your cock feels so good... so fuckin' good."

"Oh, my sweet darling!" he panted, fucking his cock deeper with every stroke.

Penny was softly whimpering from the pleasure of his swollen prickshaft fucking against the tight, grasping walls of her fuckhole. The only sound in the room was their deep breathing and the gentle squeaking of the couch.

"Daddy! Daddy!" she squealed when he speeded the tempo of his deep thrusts. "That's the way! Fuck it to me good!"

It felt to Penny as if her entire body would explode with ecstasy as he fucked faster and deeper into her little overheated cunt.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" she shrieked with joy. "That's the way to fuck, Daddy! Just fuck the shit out of my horny little cunt!"

His big plunging cock was throbbing with rapture, the pleasure so intense that Bart was no longer in control of his own actions. The horny father was fucking his prick in and out at a blinding speed.

"Ooooooh, Daddy!" she whimpered, feeling his heavenly cock ripping into her steaming pussy. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good! Ooooooooh, it's so good... so good!"

Spurred on by her whimpers of passion, he began fucking into her cunt with all his strength.

"Fuck me harder, Daddy!" she shrieked, sinking her teeth and nails into his shoulders. "Screw me silly! Fuck, Daddy, fuck!"

She suddenly felt his hot cum splatter against her cunt walls. Her entire body tensed and stiffened.

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna come!" the youngster suddenly cried, frantically snaking her lush young thighs up around her father's shoulders, lifting her sizzling crotch up to better receive the hard deep fuck thrusts.

Her wildly aroused little body lurched violently every time his hard cockshaft fucked into her battered fuckhole. The feel of his swollen prick-knob fucking all the way into her belly and the tingling sensation of his rigid cock rubbing against her sensitive swollen clit were driving her wild.

"Ooooooooh, I'm coming! Oh, shit, how I'm coming... coming!"

Her body was bucking and lurching beneath him as his hot jizz jetted into her pussy with the force of a fire hose.

"Squirt, Daddy, squirt!" she screamed. "Squirt me full! Cream me good!"

His cock spewed cum for several more moments before it began to soften in her little cum-drenched cunt.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered when he finally pulled his spent prick out of her juicy little fuckhole. "Oh, God, that was neat."

As her father rolled off her, Penny quickly crawled down and slipped his shriveled lump of hot, wet cock-flesh into her mouth.

Sucking for all she was worth, the horny youngster siphoned the last delicious drops of cum from deep in his prick. The man's body writhed in delicious agony as she continued sucking on his spent prick. She was hoping to get his cock hard enough for another fuck. Not giving up, she continued passionately licking and sucking on the exhausted man's cock.

"Oh, Daddy, I love you so much." She tenderly smiled into his handsome face as delicious tingles continued rippling through her quivering flesh.

"And I love you, sweetheart," he whispered to his adorable little daughter.

A delicious thrill streaked through her body when she felt her father's prick start swelling in her mouth.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled. "You're getting another hard-on."

"I know." The man tenderly smiled at her.

"Am I gonna get laid again?"

"You sure are, sweetheart."

"Daddy," she whispered in a teasing voice. "Do you still think I'm too young to screw?"

"No, darling," answered the man. "You're not too young to screw."

Chapter TEN

When her father's cock was fully erect again, they decided to go up to her room for another fuck. Gathering up their clothes, the two naked people hurried up the stairs.

"Honey," he whispered when they got into Penny's bed. "Has anyone ever fucked you dog-fashion?"

"I don't think so," she answered with a puzzled expression on her face. "What's dog fashion?"

"That's when a girl gets on her hands and knees so the man can fuck her cunt from the rear," he explained.

"Jesus," Penny giggled. "That sounds like fun. Let's try it."

The youngster quickly dropped to her hands and knees, wriggling her cute little ass around in front of her dad's face. More than ready to fill his little girl's pussy again with his new hard-on, Bart grasped her hips and eased his drooling cock-knob between her slippery cuntlips. Holding her firmly for a few moments, he began pushing forward.

"Oooooh, Daddy!" she gleefully squealed, feeling her father's hard prick sinking into her hot little pussy.

His cock felt so much fatter and longer with this rear fucking position that the youngster had to grit her teeth to keep from crying out as her father fucked into her. Then his cock was finally buried to the hilt in her deliciously stretched fuckhole.

"Oh, Daddy, your cock feels so nice and big," she whispered back over her shoulder to him. She was thrilled by the feel of his big hairy balls tickling the insides of her sweet young thighs as his hard prick pulsated wildly in her joy-filled cunt. Excitedly writhing her ass back against him, Penny felt her horny fuck juices boiling all around the thick length of her father's big hard-on.

"Am I hurting you, darling?" he whispered.

"Shit, no!" panted the wildly aroused youngster. "Just give me everything you ye got!"

"Then hang on, baby!" he gasped, partially withdrawing his prick so he could start som serious fucking. "You're going to get everything I've got!"

"Good," whispered Penny, digging her finger into the mattress to brace herself.

His first lusty thrust almost knocked the youngster off her knees. His huge cockhead pounded against her womb, his balls slapping noisily against the backs of her thighs. As her father began fucking his cock in and out, Penny's entire body lurched from the force of his thrusts, making the girl's cute little titties bounce beneath her.

"Yes, Daddy!" she screamed, her ass writhing back against her handsome father as he rhythmically fucked into her pussy from the rear. "Fuck it to me, honey!"

Bart could hardly control his depraved lust as he feverishly fucked the tightest, hottest little cunt he'd ever fucked. Wanting to prolong the intense pleasure he was feeling, he decided to change the pace and slowed down his fucking. His hard cock slowly fucked in and out of her adorable little pussy as she teasingly rotated her ass back against him. Her heavenly pussy felt so hot and slippery. Her cunt squeezed his throbbing prick like his cock had never been squeezed before.

"Are you having fun, darling?" he asked his little daughter. "Does my cock feel good in your hot little cunt?"

"Fuck, yes!" she moaned, a broad grin on her pretty face. "It feels neat!"

Bart couldn't get over the fantastic feeling of the youngster's scalding cunt-cream flowing all around his deeply fucking cock as the youngster's snug-fitting cunt squeezed on the entire length of his prickshaft. Her little adolescent fuckhole was hot and slick, the most heavenly little pussy he had ever fucked. Unable to control his frenzied lust, Bart again began fucking his daughter with long violent strokes that plunged his cock balls-deep into her luscious young cunt, almost knocking the youngster off her knees with every thrust.

Penny was fucking back at him for all she was worth, each heavenly thrust of his big cock carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. Every feverish plunge of his wildly fucking prick was stimulating every sensitive inch of her sucking, grasping cunt.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed with rapture, creaming all over his wonderful prick as she shook and wriggled her ass. "That's the way to fuck, Daddy! That's the way to fuck your kid's cunt!"

She kneeled with her ass high in the air and her face resting on her arms. Penny was being bounced all over the bed by her father's lusty fucking. Her firm young tits were jiggling delightfully beneath her as his blue-veined hard-on relentlessly fucked into the very depths of her tight young slit. The horny youngster was almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy, and erotic sound of her dad's big cock squishing in and out of her little oozing pussy was further arousing her.

"Oh, fuck, Daddy!" she shrieked. "I love it! I love it!"

Feeling his hot jizz churning around deep in his balls, Bart could hardly wait to fill his daughter's writhing cunt. The man had always thought Joan and Linda were fantastic fucks, but they couldn't even compare to this horny little girl. Panting raggedly as he feverishly fucked his thick boner into the heavenly tightness of Penny's juicy young cunt, the man began fucking at an even faster tempo. It was driving him wild to feel her youthful pussy muscles sucking and pulling ravenously on the tingling length of his naked hard-on. He savagely fucked his cock in and out of her hot, creamy pussyhole.

"Oh shit!" she gasped, wriggling her sweet little ass more urgently against his pounding loins. "Fuck it to me, Daddy!"

Realizing how much his adorable daughter was enjoying his big man-sized cock, the man increased the speed and depth of his fuck thrusts. He felt his belly slimming noisily against her ass as he fucked into her with all his power. Hot slippery fuck juices were coming out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips as his big cream-slickened cock fucked in and out of her stretched cunt.

Penny had loved being fucked by Dale and the other guys, including the postman, but they were nothing compared to this fantastic fuck she was getting from her own sweet dad. The youngster had never enjoyed anything so much in her life, each lusty thrust of her father's big prick carrying her to new heights of sexual ecstasy.

An insane grin spread across the youngster's face. Her eyes rolled crazily back in her head as she frenziedly clawed the sheet.

"More cock, Daddy!" she screamed. "Fuck me harder! I need more cock... more cock!"

Bart was fucking his thick prick into her pussy with every ounce of strength he had, almost lifting the youngster off her knees with each violent thrust.

Penny couldn't get over how good it felt to be fucked by her own father's huge cock. It was an ecstasy beyond description as her tight young pussy burned and tingled with joy. With the walls of her young cunt nearly glowing from the heavenly friction of his fucking prick, Penny knew she was on the verge of a bell-ringing climax. She felt her nipples stiffening with arousal.

"Oh, fuck!" she suddenly screamed, violently slamming her as back against him. "I'm cumming, Daddy! Oh, how I'm coming..."

Jerking and bucking beneath him as her cunt began contracting and spasming around the length of his prick, Penny was enveloped by the wildest orgasm she had ever experienced in her young life. The intense joy was further enhanced when she felt her dad's hot cum gushing from the flared head of his violently jerking cock.

"Yes, Daddy, yes!" she screamed as his thick bet jism flooded her little writhing cunt. "Cream me good, honey! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!"

Collapsing under her father's cxhausted body as his cock continued shooting into her cum-drenched pussy, Penny had never been so completely satisfied in her life.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered, curling up into his arms and pressing her softly parted lips to his. "I love you so much."

As Penny and her dad dozed off, Marge was angrily driving home. After her fuck with Hal in the motel earlier this afternoon he'd told Marge that he had to leave and meet his wife. Still hot to fuck, the horny redhead had never been so frustrated in her life. Now, driving home, the woman was sizzling with lust.

Arriving at her home, Marge immediately went upstairs, and seeing the door to Penny's room half open, she glanced in. The horny woman was completely stunned to see her naked husband and daughter sound asleep in each other's arms. Seeing Penny's fingers curled around her dad's limp wet cock and the thick cum oozing out from between her cuntlips told the whole lurid story of what had been going on between them.

Marge realized she should be furious with them for what they'd been doing, but, in her extremely aroused state, their naked entangled bodies excited her. Staring at Bart's thick limp prick, she suddenly had a burning desire to feel his cock stuffed in her hot itching pussy. She no longer cared whether he'd been seeing another woman or not. All she wanted right now was a hot fuck. His cock was soft now, but during the past few weeks she'd learned how easy it was to get a man's prick hard again in a hurry.

Unable to control her burning desires any longer, Marge removed her clothes and walked over by the bed. Gently removing little Penny's sticky fingers from his limp wet prick, the wildly aroused woman lowered her face down toward his groin. Crawling between his widely spread thighs, she lifted his cock with her fingers and lovingly closed her soft swarm lips around the head of his prick. Within a matter of seconds, she felt his cock starting to throb and swell in her mouth.

"Marge!" gasped Bart when he opened his eyes and saw his beautiful wife's lips ovaled around the head of his rapidly expanding cock. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm sucking your prick, dummy," she whispered, momentarily removing her deliciously soft mouth from his juicy cockknob.


"Because I want to."

"But you've never done that before," he gasped, unable to believe his wife was actually licking his prick.

"Don't you like having your cock sucked?" she cooed, lightly teasing the tip of her tongue around his sensitive cock.

"Of course I do," he gulped.

"Then relax and enjoy it," whispered Marge, stuffing his fully erect prick back into her mouth again.

After sucking on his cockhead for a few moments, she removed her mouth from his prick, and, holding his throbbing cockshaft straight up in the air, she began running her tongue up and down the length. Feeling the way her handsome husband was trembling, Marge could tell how much she was pleasing him.

Inhaling the scent of his lusty cock, she lowered her head farther and reached between his legs, cupping his big swollen balls with her palms. Shivering, with excitement, Marge snaked her tongue out and began running it lightly over the hairy, crinkly skin of his big warm ball-sac. The curly hair on his balls tickled her nose, adding more excitement to what she was doing.

After sucking and licking on his balls for several heavenly moments, she raised her head and lowered her hot mouth down over his tingling cockhead again.

"That's it, Mom," giggled Penny who'd just awakened. "Give him a nice hot blow-job."

"Oh, God," moaned Bart, unable to believe his wife was actually sucking on his prick after all these years. "That feels fantastic."

Lorne and Charlie had taught Marge well. Wrapping her soft juicy lips more tightly around his big tasty prick, she slowly lowered her hotly sucking mouth until she could feel his swollen cockhead throbbing against the back of her throat...

"Suck it, honey... suck it!" her wildly aroused husband moaned as she lovingly fucked her slobbering mouth up and down over his big hard-on.

Excitedly arching his ass up from the bed, he fucked his thick cock deeper into her mouth.

"That's it, darling," he panted, feeling her mouth working deliciously on his cock for the first time in his life. "Oh, yes, sweetheart, that's the way I've always wanted it. Suck, honey, suck."

Aware of how much her husband was enjoying the first blow-job she'd ever given him, Marge tried even harder to please the man. Her juicy mouth was slithering up and down over his spit-drenched cockshaft as she lapped and swirled her tongue.

"Suck, darling, suck!" he moaned as the hot suction of her lips increased. "That's the way, baby! Jesus, what a cock-sucker you've turned out to be!"

Slobbering on her husband's tasty prick, Marge suddenly wondered why she'd waited so many years before giving him this pleasure that he'd wanted so much. Completely turned on, Marge could feel her own horny cunt juices seeping out from between her legs as she passionately gobbled on his throbbing boner.

"Jesus, honey, I've never seen you so hot!" gasped Bart, pulling his cock out of her mouth and rolling his wife onto her back.

She'd never allowed him to do it before, but Bart crawled between her thighs, staring hungrily at the drooling pussy he'd been wanting to lick for years.

"Now pull your knees back," he whispered.

She quickly and eagerly complied, and, with her knees drawn back and thighs, fully spread, the entire length of her furry little split was exposed to him. Her hot slippery dint was open, fuck juices of passion flowing from between her pussylips.

Tenderly parting the petals of her flowering cuntlips with his fingers, he lapped up the slippery length of her quivering pussy slit, bringing soft moans of delight from deep in her throat. His mind reeled as his nostrils inhaled the fragrant scent of his wife's pussy for the very first time. Passionately running his tongue up and down over her tasty cuntlips, he felt the pressure in his aching balls increasing.

Spread out in this lewd position with her knees drawn back as her husband lovingly licked her pussy in front of their daughter, Marge was filled with a burning lust she'd never experienced before. She was feverishly aflame with passion as he hungrily tongue-fucked her defenseless cunt.

"Oh, God!" Marge suddenly screamed. "Stick your cock in me, darling. Fill my cunt with jizz!"

"Go ahead, Daddy," giggled little Penny. "Give her a nice hot fuck. I wanna watch."

When Bart knelt between Marge's widely spread thighs, Penny grasped her father's thick cockshaft and guided the bloated cockhead between her mother's open cuntlips. "Now shove, Daddy," she urged as the hot slippery holds of her mom's pussy began closing around the swollen prick-knob. "Ram it in!"

Flexing his hips, Bart pushed forward, fucking his lusty boner into the moist warmth of his wife's hotly clinging pussy.

"Ooooooh!" she squealed with delight as her slippery cunt sheath closed around the thick length of his throbbing cock.

He began lustily fucking his hard prick until his big blood-engorged cockhead was pounding against the very end of her hot fuckhole. Marge whimpered with ecstasy as his cum swollen balls slapped against the soft flesh of her sweet bare ass.

"Oh, sweet fucker!" she shrieked, her mouth hanging open and head flopping crazily from side to side. She spiraled her cunt up and down over his prick. His long powerful fuck thrusts were almost blowing her mind, bringing hysterical screams from deep in her throat.

"That's it, Daddy!" Penny was screaming. "Fuck it to her!"

Further aroused by his little daughter's cheers, Bart began fucking his blistering cock deeper and harder into Marge's writhing cunt. Trying to get his feverish cock still deeper into her cunt, he pushed her thighs back until her knees were almost pressed against her shoulders. With her deliciously naked body doubled back like this, Bart was able to fuck straight down into her obscenely turned-up cunt.

"That's it, baby!" she screamed. "Just fuck the piss outta my hot cunt."

Squealing from the unbelievable joy she was experiencing, Marge wildly writhed her cunt around in tight little circles as he fucked straight down into her pussy. Not even in the early days of their marriage had he given her such a thorough fucking.

"Oh, baby, you're hot," he gasped, fucking his thick cock deeper into her quivering cunt, feeling his cockhead pounding against the very end of her heavenly cunt.

"Oh, sweet Bart!" she hysterically sobbed. "Shit, how I love your beautiful big cock!"

The slick, fleshy walls of her pussy seemed to be sucking his thick boner in even deeper. As his lusty prick pounded feverishly onto her overheated fuckhole, she was being aroused by the feel and sound of his jizz-filled balls smacking against her wriggling ass.

Aware that he couldn't hold back his fiery stream of hot cum much longer, he began fucking harder and deeper, trying to bring her off before shooting his own load.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed, completely beside herself from the intense rapture. "Fuck it to me, baby! Just fuck my tail off!"

"Yes, Daddy!" little Penny screamed, her eyes only inches away from her father's big fucking cock. "Fuck the shit out of her. Make her come!"

Marge was almost out of her mind from the incredible pleasure she was feeling and didn't know how much longer she could last. Feeling the moment of her climax approaching, she drew her knees farther back.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, shit, I'm coming!" she suddenly squealed, writhing her hot cunt up around the thick length of his mighty cockpole. "Fuck me harder, darling! I'm coming coming!"

"Yes! Yes!" Penny excitedly squealed. "Fill her cunt with jizz, Daddy! Squirt her full of it!"

The churning load of cum that had been boiling around deep in the man's balls suddenly erupted. A fiery stream of burning cum shot through the tingling length of his cockshaft, gushing from the head of his cock into the very depths of her writhing belly.

"Yes! Yes!" shrieked Marge, feeling his hot jizz splattering against the walls of her wildly climaxing cunt. "Cream me good, honey! Oh, fuck, I love it!"

Bart continued fucking into her cunt until the last drop had been emptied from his spurting prick.

"Oh, darling," his beautiful wife whispered when his limp wet prick finally slipped out of her pussy. "That was the neatest fuck I've ever had in my life."

Reclining back on the bed with his wife and daughter in his arms, Bart let out a deep sigh of satisfaction, knowing he'd never miss Joan and Linda. Marge, too, was filled with contentment, no longer wanting to ever see Lorne or Charlie again. From now on, she didn't want to be fucked or sucked by anybody but her handsome husband.

And Penny knew that she would never need to fuck a boy, or even the postman, as long as her wonderful daddy was there to fill her hungry little cunt with his big cock. Maybe she could even get her mother to suck her off once in awhile.

They were a happy fucking family.


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