Mom's three horny darlings

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

Susan Carter, a young widowed mother, finds a form of happiness in the arms of her three kids. She discovers that it is a happiness she cannot deny herself.

MOM'S THREE HORNY DARLINGS -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts some of us in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

Chapter ONE

Wearing her tiniest bikini, Susan Carter slumped with hot water swirling and bubbling about her neck. The hot tub was one of her better investments, she thought. With her eyes closed, head tilted to the sun, she opened her legs to feel the water swirling between them.

Her thigh touched that of her son, Bob.

Again, as it had happened before, she felt something like an electrical shock against her flesh. She tingled at the point of contact. She moaned softly, almost lazily, as the lips of her pussy twitched. The swelling of her clit seemed squashed inside the tight crotch of her bikini, but the sensation felt so very good.

The water was very clear, and if it had not been swirling and bubbling, it would have been transparent. But sh didn't need to see that her son was jacking off. She could feel the movement of his thigh against hers, and a peek at Bob's face revealed what he thought was his secret.

It amused Susan, knowing Bob jacked off every time they were in the tub together, his legs touching hers. But it excited her, too. She had wanted to grab his cock in her hand, finish it for him, but so far she hadn't had the courage. It wasn't because she worried what Bob would think of her. He loved her very much, as did her other son, Billy, and her pretty daughter, Pamie. What worried her most was the fact she might not be able to turn his cock loose once she had his prick in her hand.

Peeking through slitted eyes, she saw Pamie and Billy sitting a few feet away, sipping Cokes. Billy, like Bob, wore boxer trunks with wide legs. But Billy's back was toward her. Pamie sort of slumped in her redwood chair, knees wide apart. Susan's eyes moved up between Pamie's slim, smooth thighs. She gazed at the tightness of her daughter's bikini crotch, Pamie's cunt seemed to puff outward sweetly, with a visible indentation of her cunt slit. The tiny halter barely cupped those sugary little titties, and Pamie's nipples were uninhibitedly pointed against the fabric. They were small tits, but flawlessly shaped, firm, just enough to fill a hand.

With her mind turning toward erotic delights, Susan looked out over the valley. The house sat almost on the peak of a medium-sized hill, and at night they could see the lights of the village. It was a beautiful area, and Susan had purchased it a few months after her husband died.

It was early spring, yet the weather was almost like the middle of summer. The sun was very hot, boiling down on the raised deck where the hot tub was located.

Susan felt Bob's thigh pressing a little harder against hers, and she peeked at his face again. He was resting his head on the deck, eyes closed, making very soft sounds of self-induced pleasure. She watched his face a moment, feeling her tits swell in the tight cups of her halter. Her cunt was throbbing now. She rested her right hand on her son's thigh and heard a soft gasp come from him. But he was so involved in pleasure, he didn't stop jerking on his cock.

Susan trembled with desire, wanting to hold his cock badly. The palm of her hand started itching, and she couldn't resist sliding her palm a bit higher on his thigh. She had not been fucked for almost a year, and Susan was not the type of woman to go so long without a cock. She was extremely erotic, came easily, and thought fucking was the greatest of all the world's pleasures.

She made no pretense of what she was doing. She wanted Bob to know she was doing this deliberately. She wanted him to know she was aware that he was jacking off. Moving her palm slowly, she stroked his thigh, sliding her fingers back and forth on the inner surface of his leg. Bob paused for just a moment with his fist movements, glancing at his mother. Susan returned his stare, her smoldering eyes sparkling.

Bob started jerking off again.

But stroking his young thigh only made Susan's cunt throb all the more. With her eyes hot on his, she widened her smile and moved her hand higher on his thigh. Bob groaned softly, scooting his ass forward on the bench. Susan felt the leg of his trunks and dragged a fingertip along it. Now she could feel movement, and she let out a soft whimper. If she was ever going to grab her son's cock, she told herself, now was the time.

Sliding her fingers underneath the leg of his trunks, she watched Bob's eyes turn glassy. The tips of her fingers touched his balls, and Bob grunted.

"Baby," Susan whispered very softly. "Oh, Bobby!"

She gripped his balls, pressing her thigh against his. She pulled her hand from his trunks and slipped it over his fist. She squeezed his fist hard about his cock, then shoved his hand away. Closing her fingers around his cock, she gasped with excitement. His prick throbbed so hotly in her fist and was so beautifully hard. Bob gazed at her as she squeezed his cock and started pumping up and down.

"Shhh," she said, nodding her head toward his brother and sister. "Be very quiet, baby."

Bob lifted his hips, trying to fuck his mother's fist. But Susan started jacking him faster, and all he could do was lean on the deck, holding his hips up as she jacked faster with a tight fist. He began to breathe with short, gasping sounds, still staring into his mother's strangely hotlooking eyes.

Susan's cunt throbbed painfully, her clit so swollen she wondered why it didn't burst through the crotch of her bikini. She was certain, that if she stood up, her clit would be closed her fist tight on her son's cock, squeezing as she jerked up and down. She released his cock for just a brief moment, sliding her hand into his trunks and squeezing his full balls, then gripped his hard cock again, pounding up and down swiftly and tightly. Bob began to make strangling sounds, his hips twisting now. His cock seemed to become larger, longer, and harder. Knowing he was about to come, Susan beat at his cock almost in a frenzy.

Her lips were close to his ear, and she began to whisper. "Come, Bob. Let it go, baby. Don't try and hold it back. Let yourself come."

And come he did.

Susan stopped jacking her son, wrapping her palm about the smooth head of his cock, feeling the boiling come juice splash into her palm. She mewled softly, her cunt starting to convulse in a sweet orgasm. She continued to hold his cock after he came, watching the strings of come juice float through the swirling water. She stabbed the tip of her tongue into his ear, then giggled in a lewd way.

"Better?" she whispered.

Bob nodded, a grin spread across his young face. Susan tucked his cock back into his trunks, and they sat close, holding hands. Susan glanced again at Billy and Pamie, wondering if they knew what he had done. But they weren't paying any attention to her and Bob. Again she looked between the slender thighs of her daughter, running her tongue over her lips.

"Did you like that, Bob?" she whispered in her son's car.

Bob nodded, still grinning.

"Mmmm, so did I," she admitted, and pulled his hand onto her thigh.

She spread his fingers out on her thigh and moved his palm up and down. A shiver shot through her as she pulled her son's hand between her legs. Before she could change her mind, she opened her legs very wide, and pulled her son's palm into her crotch, pressing hard upon her cunt.

Bob gasped again as he felt the heat of his mother's cunt burning through the very thin fabric, so hot he thought his palm would blister. He looked at his mother, and Susan was grinning lewdly at him.

She drew his palm up and down her crotch a few times, twisting her hips. "Ooooo, nice," she murmured. "Do you like to feel me, baby?"

Bob nodded.

When Susan removed her hand, Bob kept rubbing his palm up and down his mother's crotch. Susan cupped his cock and balls, feeling them through his trunks. She gurgled as his cock started to swell again.

"That's enough," she whispered, petting his cock and balls, then removing his hand from between her creamy thighs.

Pamie and Billy were coming toward the hot tub. Susan's eyes raked across the front of Billy's trunks, searching for signs of his cock. She could see the puffy pouch of Pamie's cunt, and she began to dream up images of them naked, all of them, outside on the patio, using the hot tub, seeing each other and feeling and... fucking?

Susan was shook by the thought.

Fucking? With her sons and daughter? Taking her son's cock into her cunt, fucking him frantically, watching Pamie fuck her brothers? The image was so strong, Susan came again, stronger than before, a shuddering orgasm that almost frightened her. She didn't know enough about her children. Maybe they weren't as interested in sex as she was. Maybe they didn't care about such things. Maybe they wouldn't have anything to do with their mother that way, or with each other.

She watched Pamie and Billy slip into the hot tub. With all four in it, there wasn't much room. Maybe two more people could get in, but Susan had no intentions of using the tub for six people.

She felt her daughter's thigh brush hers as Pamie settled down, Billy on the other side. Almost immediately, she felt the movements under the water. She looked at her daughter and Billy. They looked so innocent, so sweet, yet Susan knew things were going on under the water. Pamie had rested her head on the deck, her honey blonde hair framing such a sweet, innocent face. Pamie turned her head toward her mother, smiling. Her sky-blue eyes looked different to Susan, and then she understood. Those young eyes appeared hot, almost glazed. Then she was sure of what was happening beneath the water. Billy was sighing happily, his eyes closed.

Pamie was jacking Billy off!

Susan knew that without a doubt.

Her pulse leaped and raced with excitement. The thought of reaching across her daughter's lap to make certain was strong, but she resisted. There was enough evidence in the way Pamie's shoulder moved.

Placing her hand between Bob's thighs, Susan cupped his balls and cock again. But Bob, no longer seeing any reason to be so secretive, slipped her hand under the leg of his trunks. Susan fondled and squeezed his balls, feeling his cock grow very hard. As she wrapped her fist about his cock once again, she felt his hand sneaking up between her thighs. With a shiver, Susan opened he legs to give him access to her crotch.

This is crazy, she told herself. Here I am, sitting in this hot tub, jacking one of my sons, letting him feel me up, while my daughter is jacking the cock of my youngest son. And look at us! Each trying to keep it concealed from the other! Insanity, that's what it is, sheer insanity.

Bob rubbed at his mother's cunt, pressing hard, and Susan began to grind at his palm slowly. She clung to his hard cock with tightness, moving her fist up and down, wondering if she could make Bob come off again. In her mind, she was watching Pamie's small fist jacking on Billy's cock, and the image increased the fiery heat between her thighs.

All four were leaning their heads on the deck now, pretending nothing was happening.

Then she heard the choking gasp from Billy, accompanied by a giggle from Pamie. With slitted eyes, Susan saw Billy's come juice float up in strings. She had not been wrong Pamie had jacked Billy off. With her breath held in, she jerked her fist swiftly on Bob's throbbing cock and felt him spurt in rapid, spewing spasms. She had made him come off again, and as he came, his hand rubbed fast and hard at her cunt. Susan couldn't stop the whimper as she tame, couldn't stop the grinding motion of her hips. Her eyes rolled in her head, every part of her body seeming to explode with an amazingly sweet orgasm.

She realized Pamie and her brother were looking strangely at her. Bob was relaxed with a big grin on his face. The come juice floated on the surface of the water, giving mute evidence to what she and Pamie had done for Bob and Billy.

No one mentioned it, and after a while Susan felt she had to get away from them, think this over, figure out where it would lead.

"I've had enough," she said, climbing from the tub. She stood a moment, looking down at them, then turned.

"Wait a minute, Mom," Bob called.

He climbed from the tub and she felt his hands at her ass. Her breath caught as she felt him adjusting the bottom of her bikini. She realized it had drawn into the crack of her ass, with both cheeks showing, in view of her children. She trembled at Bob's touch, then he was gone. Without looking back at them, she entered the house and went straight to her bedroom, not caring that she dripped water all the way through the house.

Her huge bedroom window looked out over the patio, and she stood there, looking at her sons and daughter. She peeled her halter off, dropping it on the carpet. Her tits stood out, dark-pink nipple straining upward. She untied the strings at her hips, and let the bikini bottom fall to her feet. She stood nakedly, running her hands over her body as she gazed at Pamie and the boys. They didn't seem to be doing much except talking, so she turned toward the wall mirror.

Susan retained her youthful look. She had dark-brown hair that shined from many thrashings, round dark eyes, a full pouting mouth. She was slender with creamy smooth flesh. Her tits stood high and wide on her chest, as firm as they had been as a teen. They were perfectly round, arching to points. Her waist was small, her hips flaring. Her legs were very long, slim and satiny to the touch. The bush of her cunt hair was a flawless triangle, thick and curly, with a very fine line leading to het dimpled belly button. Her ass was round and firm, the cheeks swelling out very beautifully, enticingly smooth, with a very deep, tantalizing split.

Naked, she stood before her window again, looking out at Pamie and the boys. They were involved in some horseplay now, but it looked innocent enough to her.

She pulled a terry cloth wraparound from the closet and draped her nakedness. She caught a movement in the window and watched Pamie and the boys get out of the hot tub. Each boy seemed to have a hard-on. Pamie's bikini bottom clung to her, crawling into the crack of her ass, both sweet asscheeks fully exposed as if she wore nothing at all. She didn't seem the least bit ashamed or modest.

Susan felt her cunt respond with a hot lurch. Going buck through the house, she met Pamie and Billy as they entered. They smiled at her, going past without speaking. Billy's cock had been straining against his shorts, she saw, and she turned to watch them walking away. Pamie had not pulled her bikini bottom from the crack of her ass, and Susan stared. She had not realized her daughter had such a lowly little ass.

Walking out onto the patio; she adjusted a redwood lounge and then rested back on it. Bob was sitting at the round table with a colorful umbrella over it. He sat in a straddle, his knees on each side of the bench.

Susan's eyes went straight to his crotch, looking openly. She saw a hint of his balls, and that sent shivers up and down her spine. She crossed her ankles, noticing the wraparound parted almost to her crotch. She didn't care; all of them had seen her legs plenty of times. But she was naked under the wraparound. An inch or so more and Bob would have seen her cunt. Susan didn't care if he did. The palm of her right hand seemed to itch, and the imprint of his hard cock seemed burned there.

Bob's eyes glowed upon his mother's exposed thighs, and Susan loved it. Even his eyes seemed to heat up her flesh. She crossed her hands on her stomach, the checks of her ass clenching on the pad. Her eyes went from his face to his crotch, peeking past the leg of his trunks, seeing his young balls. The heat in her pussy increased, and she felt herself becoming wet.

Bob stood up, looking at his mother.

Susan saw his cock straining at his trunks, with the swollen head almost slipping from one leg. When he started toward her, she couldn't take her eyes from that sweet, exciting outline.

Chapter TWO

Bob stood at her side.

Susan continued to stare at her son's outlined cock.

She lifted her eyes to his face, licking her lips in a nervous gesture, her body trembling. Her tits rose and fell as she breathed. Bob didn't make a mow, but just stood there, looking down at her legs, his hips arched forward suggestively.

"Ohhh, baby," Susan murmured, sliding her hand between her son's knees.

She squeezed his knee, then moved her hand up his thigh. When she almost touched the leg of his trunks, she paused. She was sure she could feel the heat of his young balls.

Bob leaned down, and Susan made no protest as he opened her wraparound. The sun burned down upon Susan's body. Her son gazed, seeing her upstanding tits and rigid nipples, the flatness of her stomach, the thick hair of her cunt. Susan dug her fingers into his thigh, barely breathing as he looked at her.

Susan uncrossed her ankles and slowly opened her legs.

Bob gasped as he gazed between them, seeing the pink lips of his mother's cunt, seeing them glistening wetly. The tip of her clit showed from the cunt slit, throbbing in a visible way.

"Like me?" Susan whispered huskily.

Bob nodded, swallowing hard.

Susan slipped her hand into the leg of her son's shorts, tracing her fingertips along the shaft of his cock. Then she wrapped her hand about his prick, squeezing. Shoving his trunks to one side, Susan exposed her son's cock and balls. She gazed hard at them, seeing the thickness, the swollen head, the pin hole seeping that clear fuck fluid. She looked at his balls, and realized Bob wasn't old enough to have very much hair on them.

With his cock sticking from his trunks, she began to stroke his prick, writhing her hips as he watched.

"Please," she murmured. "Please."

She pulled at his cock, indicating to her son where she wanted him.

Bob knelt on the lounge between his mother's thighs. Susan spread her thighs very wide, watching his cock lurch up and down. Bob knelt there for what seemed hours to her, just staring at her cunt. His hands rested on his thighs, and his eyes were glowing like embers. Her cunt was juicy, very juicy now. The curly hair spread along each puffy cunt lip, disappearing into the crack of her ass. Susan placed her hands on her naked tits, gently squeezing them, her nipples pressing between her fingers. She lifted her ass and twisted, offering her steaming cunt to her son.

Bob slid his hand along the smoothness of his mother's thigh, then poked tenderly at her clit. Susan's hips jerked upward as a small whimper came from her mouth. She almost came.

"Inside," she whispered, her voice throaty.

Bob pressed a finger into his mother's cunt. Susan mewled as she felt it. The lips of her cunt gripped his finger as his knuckles pressed them. Bob fucked his finger back and forth a few times, and Susan rotated her hips, arching her cunt to his finger.

"Inside," she whispered again.

"It is, Mom," he replied, croaking.

"Not your finger," she said, a slight blush on her lovely face. "That." She pointed to his upstanding cock. "I want that inside, baby."

"Really, Mom?" Bob asked, unable to keep the excitement out of his voice. "Really?"

Susan grinned nervously, nodding her head. She opened her legs as wide as they would go, bet feet hanging on each side of the lounge, her pint lifted up. She held her arms up to him.

"Oh, wow!" Bob grunted, and fell across his mother's naked body. His cock moved right into Susan's cunt without assistance.

He felt the head penetrate her cunt, and she growled in delight as she hugged him to her naked tits. She lifted her hips, sucking her son's cock completely into her juicy cunt. His hard cock almost sent her into orgasm immediately. After a year of not having a cock, Susan's ain't was greedy. She lifted her long legs, then wrapped them about her son's hips, locking her ankles across his ass.

Feeling the tight heat of his mother's cunt holding his cock, Bob groaned next to her ear. He fought to keep from coming right away, and, when the feeling subsided, he moved his hips up and down very slowly, fucking his cock in and out of those hairy, wet, steaming cunt lips.

Her son's weight smashed her firm tits almost flat, and Susan mewled as he started fucking her. She arched her crotch up and down, matching his slow rhythm. His cock went deep, and even the harsh scratching of his trunks on her inner thighs felt good. She hugged him tightly, kissing at his shoulder and neck, licking his flesh with her tongue. She twisted her ass with ecstasy.

Slipping her hands down his back, she clutched the checks of her son's ass, digging her fingers through the trunks as he fucked up and down. She began to pant and gasp, arching hard into his cock. The wet sounds of his fucking thrilled her, and she drew her knees up his sides, placing them at his shoulders. This lifted her ass very high, and Bob was almost on his knees, fucking her faster and faster. She loved the way his cock fucked in hard, smashing the hot lips of her cunt, her throbbing clit.

When Bob began to fuck hard and fast, Susan churned her crotch with him, gasping softly, making tiny squeals as her ecstasy increased significantly. Her cunt gripped his cock in a waving motion.

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "Oh, baby!"

"Mom!" he grunted, banging his cock almost frantically into her cunt. "Oh, Mom!"

"Hard, Bob!" she gasped. "Real hard! Ooo, harder, harder, and faster... oh, God, hard and fast!"

Her eyes closed as they rolled. She swallowed the scream that came to her throat as her boiling orgasm began. She came with shuddering whimpers, clinging to her son's ass with tight fingers, ramming her convulsing cunt up and down, riding his throbbing cock in a frenzy of sweet ecstasy.

"Ohhh, again!" she yelped in surprise. "I'm doing it again, darling! Ohhh... oooo, I'm coming -- again!"

Her second orgasm was even stronger. It was so strong, she felt as if her cunt was exploding. Her mind went blank, and she wondered if she was going to faint and miss his squirting come juice. She wanted that... to feel her son's cock exploding inside her squeezing cunt, feel the hot spray of his come juice splash the velvety walls of her hungry pussy.

She was still coming violently when her son suddenly and unexpectedly jerked his cock from her holding cunt.

"No!" she yelped. "Nooo, please!"

But it was too late.

Bob had yanked his cock out of her cunt, sliding his prick through the hair of her pussy, squirting in rapid jerks, sending thick come juice through her cunt hair and over her trembling stomach.

"Oh, I wanted it!" she wailed. "I want it so badly, baby!"

Bob rested like dead weight on top of her. With frustrated tears in her eyes, she stroked his trembling back, running her bands from his shoulders to his as. Her long legs spread around him.

Bob lifted his head up, looking into his mother's teary eyes. She held the checks of his ass, gazing up at him.

"I wanted it, darling," she whispered. "Why did you take it out?"

"Wasn't I supposed to, Mom?" he asked.

"Oh no!" she said. "Never take it out, not when you're going to... come."

"But I thought..."

"Baby, that's one of the best parts," she said, sliding her hands into the waist of his trunks to feel the skin of his young ass. "It feels good, and it makes me... you know, come very hard."

Bob pulled his cock from his mother's cunt, sitting back on his heels. He looked at her pussy, seeing her cunt still quiver. Susan sat up, stradling the lounge. She held his wet cock a moment, then leaned forward and kissed his lips in a tender way.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped, quickly pulling her wraparound about her shoulders. "I forgot about Pamie and Billy. Oh, I hope they weren't watching."

"They weren't," Bob said.

"How can you be so sure?" Susan looked toward the house, searching the windows.

"I'll show you, Mom," he said, standing up. His trunks were caught to one side, his cock and balls showing, but he didn't seem to mind. Taking her hand, he led her into the house and down the hall.

Susan thought she knew why by the time they stopped at her daughter's bedroom door. Bob pressed the door open, and Susan shoved a hand to her throat.

There, an Pamie's bed, was her daughter and other son. Pamie had remembered her bikini and was totally naked. She was on her hands and knees, and Billy, his trunks dangling from one knee, was fucking his sister.

Susan couldn't breathe. She stared fixedly at Billy's cock fucking back and forth. She seemed mesmerized, watching her young daughter tossing her uplifted ass about and squealing with ecstasy. She was pushing her naked ass back to meet Billy's cock, twisting very lewdly. Susan's eyes became glazed, but focused clearly upon her daughter's grinding, naked ass, upon her youngest son's cock poking into the little cunt. Billy was pipping his sister's twisting hips, his mouth open as he watched his cock fucking into her pussy. She could hear their heavy breathing, the squeals of her daughter. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. It was as if some of her erotic thoughts were coming true. She began to tremble as the heat swelled inside her cunt again. She slipped her hand into her wraparound and smeared Bob's come juice about her stomach and through her silky cunt hair.

Bob turned to look at his mother.

Taking her other hand, he pulled her away, pulling the door almost closed.

"That's why they didn't see us, Mom," he said softly.

Susan squeezed her son's hand, looking at him with shining eyes. "How... long?" she asked.

"Not long," Bob replied.

"And you?"

He nodded his head.

"My God!"

Walking as if dazed, she let her son lead her to her bedroom. Her thoughts were in a turmoil she was seeing her daughter on her hands and knees, her youngest son fucking her with vigor, and Pamie loving it. She felt Bob pull her wraparound from her body, and she knew she was standing there completely naked, yet it seemed unreal. The rustle of Bob's shorts came to her, and she turned, looking at him.

Again his cock was hard, standing straight out, jerking slightly. Standing close to his mother, he cupped her tits in his hands, squeezing gently at them. When he pressed his lips to a nipple, Susan's body jerked. She clutched at her son's shoulders when he started sucking her tits, going from one to the other. She lifted her head up, moaning as his tongue licked, sending fire through her sensitive tits. She felt his cock probing at the hair of her cunt. Her legs opened. As his cock slipped along the slit of her cunt, she squeezed her thighs tightly. As he sucked at her tits he began sliding his cock back and forth. Susan felt his prick hot and hard between her thighs, sliding along the slit of her cunt. Yet it didn't seem real. This was what she had been imagining for weeks, never dreaming it would be so real.

"Not this way," she whispered, pulling from her son.

She moved toward her bed, with Bob watching. His eyes took in the lovely shape of her naked ass, her long thighs. Susan paused, her knees touching her bed, her gaze looking across it and out the window.

Suddenly, she giggled, shaking her ass.

"This way," she said, leaning over the bed, shoving her ass back, inviting her son. She twisted her naked body lewdly, braced with her hands on the mattress. She looked over her shoulder at him, eyes smoldering and glittering with intense desire. "Fuck me this way, the way Billy is fucking Pamie."

Bob moved eagerly to his mother. Gripping his cock, he dragged his prick up and down the crack of her ass, then shoved his cock lower, pressing at her cunt. Susan felt his prick and groaned with eagerness. She shivered as he placed his hands on her hips.

"Now!" she yelped, ramming her ass back. Bob's cock fucked deep, bringing a low whimper of delight from Susan. She shot one hand between her thighs and clutched at his young balls, her cunt already sucking at his throbbing cock.

The gates of perverse passion opened, and the dam was released.

"Fuck me!" Susan gasped loudly, no longer bashful. "Fuck me, Bob! Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother! God, I've wanted you to fuck me forever, it seems! Oooo such a hard cock, Bob! I love it, baby! So hard -- so long -- fuck me, fuck me!"

The things his mother was saying seemed to make his cock harder than ever. He loved the way his mother clung to his balls, and he began to fuck his cock in and out of her hairy, clenching cunt. His lower stomach slapped at her naked ass. He looked down, excited by the twisting, lurching churning she made. Even the way his mother pulled and twisted at his balls felt good.

Susan was no longer hesitant to let her passions go, to allow herself to screw and talk and feel the ecstasy she desired so much. She shook her ass wantonly, lewdly, her tits dangling as her son fucked hard into her cunt from behind. She was buffeted forward, but she held herself up, her head twisting, dark hair flying.

"Fuck my cunt, baby!" she yelled. "Oooo, fuck Mother's hot cunt! I love fucking, Bob! I love a hard cock I love hard cock in my pussy, fucking me wildly!"

Susan was dancing her stiff legs, her ass revolving and twisting. Bob could hardly stay with her, but he dug his hands into his mother's wildly jerking hips and fucked into her cunt with a frenzy.

"Oooo. I'm going to come!" Susan wailed. "My cunt... it's on fire! Ohhhh, I'm going to come so good! Fuck me harder, faster! Make me come, baby! Oooo, please, make me come!"

A loud, drawn-out wail bubbled from her as her pussy went into tight convulsions. The orgasm made her cunt so tight and strong, Bob seemed to have trouble fucking her. Susan threw her head back, yelling at the top of her lungs as she came. Bob, his ass hunching frantically, leaned over his mother's back, grabbing her tits with both hands, digging into them as he rammed his cock hard. Susan, in mindless ecstasy, clawed at his balls, her cunt bursting time and again with those wild orgasms. She felt her legs trembling, becoming weak, but she managed to keep her ass up, keep it churning, keep her son's cock inside her searing cunt.

The harder Bob squeezed her tits, the more she came.

Somehow, through the foggy, sweet torment of orgasm, she remembered that her son had jerked his cock out when he had come outside.

"Don't take it out!" she yelled. "When you come, Bob, don't jerk your cock out of my cunt I want it in me... deep in my hot cunt!"

Time and again, her son pounded into her fiery pussy, fucking her wilder than he had outside. His fingers dug into her swollen tits, causing pain, but the sweetest pain Susan had ever felt. She could no longer shake and twist her ass for him now! She was simply too weak, her orgasms draining her strength. The best she could do was to keep bracing herself, letting him fuck as long as he wanted to.

Susan was mewling and sobbing, her body burning with erotic heat. The very idea that it was her son fucking her created intense desire in her mind and body. Somewhere, in the distance, she heard a scream, and at the time it made no sense. Only later would she realize it had been the ecstasy of her young daughter enjoying excruciating orgasms, too.

"I'm almost ready, Mom!" Bob grunted, his hot breath searing her naked back. "I'm about to come!"

"In me!" she yelped. "Please, baby, come in me this time! Let me feel you come... feel you spurt come juice up my hot cunt?"

She felt her son's cock swell inside her sensitive pussy, felt it throb, stuffing her time and again. She clung to his preciously young balls tightly. His cock gushed. She screamed as it sprayed the satiny walls of her cunt, flooding her very being. As his cock squirted time and again, filling her greedy pussy, Susan could feel his balls writhing in her clenched hand, and she came a final time.

When her son's cock stopped spurting, she slumped forward on the bed, gasping heavily.

Her legs parted, hanging over. Bob, his own legs shaking, stood there and watched his mother's creamy, naked ass shivering. The cunt hair could be seen, and it looked to him as if her cunt was seeping a milky thick come juice. Her asscheeks clenched, flexed, and Susan was moaning as she ground her still-tingling cunt into the mattress.

Slowly, Susan turned onto her back, leaving her legs wide open. She grinned happily at her son. She started opening and closing her legs, squeezing her thighs against her cunt. She ran a hand down her quivering stomach, through the thick curls of her pussy, then gently rubbed a finger at her clit.

"Was I good, Bob?" she asked in a low voice. "Am I a good fuck? Do you like me?"

Bob nodded his head, still panting.

"Am I good enough for you to want me again? Am I hot enough for you?"

"Wow!" Bob managed. "You're the best, Mom."

She giggled and sat up. "How do you know I'm the best?" she asked, cupping his cock and balls lovingly, fondling tenderly. "Just how many girls have you been sticking this sweet cock into?"

Bob hesitated, not knowing if he should answer.

But Susan pulled at his wet cock, a low, husky laugh coming from her, giving him the answer.

"Is your sister the only one?"

A flush came over his face as he nodded. Again Susan laughed. "Don't be ashamed of fucking Pamie," she whispered, rubbing the head of his cock around her tits, poking her nipples at his piss hole. "And don't be ashamed of fucking me."

Bob's face lit up. "It's okay, Mom?"

"Okay, my ass," she said, pulling, stretching his cock. "I think it's great!"

Chapter THREE

Susan found it odd that the evening passed without mention of the day.

Things seemed no different during the evening than they had always been. Pamie watched television, her brothers reading. The only one who seemed excited was Susan. Surely Bob had told Billy and Pamie.

Yet there was no indication from any of them. Susan bathed and climbed into her bed, still wondering.

Bob and Billy had been fucking their sister for a couple of weeks, Bob had told her. But surely they must have been doing a little feeling before that. It could have been going on for a very long time, she decided.

Bob, the oldest, seemed the most shy. Pamie, in the middle, had never so much as hinted she had an erotic side to her bubbling, friendly personality. Billy, the youngest, was much more bolder than his older brother. She wondered who had initiated this fucking, then realized it didn't matter. What did matter was they were fucking, making Susan's wild, erotic imaginings come true.

All three were one year apart in ages, all three still in school. Bob would graduate someday, though, and be going off to college. That would leave her with Billy and Pamie, then Pamie would go oft and finally Billy. She would be alone then. Susan didn't want to think about that.

The next morning, as Billy and Pamie dressed for school, Susan found Bob still in bed. She entered quietly, sitting on the edge of his bed, watching him sleep. She had dressed in a becoming house dress, low at the tits, tight at her waist, then flaring around her hips. She pressed a hand to his forehead. It woke Bob up. He grinned up at his mother, his eyes shining.

"Aren't you going to school today?" she asked softly, resting her hand on his stomach through the sheet.

"I can't, Mom," he said.

"Why not?"

"I think I'm disabled."

"Come on." She grinned at him. "There's nothing wrong with you. Get your ass out of bed."

"No, it's true," he said. "I have this stiffness."


He took his mother's hand and placed it on his cock. She felt it throbbing beneath the sheet, then grinned at him as she squeezed. "You do have a stiff, or should I give you a hard-on?"

"That's why I can't go to school, Mom."

She pulled the sheet down, seeing his cock standing up very hard. The head of his prick was swollen, his piss hole flaring and already dripping. She pumped a few times, saying softly: "That's easily fixed, you know. All I have to do is get on it, and, before you know it, it's gone, nice and soft and no one will ever know how hard it was."

"But it might get hard again, at school," he teased, putting his hand on her knee just under her skirt.

"I didn't think about that," she gurgled.

"Maybe you better stay home today."

He slipped his hand up her thigh, beneath her dress. Susan watched, enjoying the way he felt her up. She opened her legs when his fingers touched her panties.

"Not much to feel, is there? Just a pair of panties."

"Nice, though."

Susan looked at his cock as he rubbed at the crotch of her panties. The head was very swollen, very smooth, and the clear fuck juices excited her. She ran her fist to the base of her son's cock, then with tight fingers, drew it up. His piss hole opened wide, a copious amount of clear liquid forming there.

"Bob, has anyone ever kissed your cock?"

"Kissed my cock?" he asked, shaking his head. "No."

"Not even Pamie?"

"We just fuck. Mom, that's all."

"And you don't come in her little cunt, either, do you?"

"She said not to."

"I wonder why?" Susan said, jacking up and down on his cock watching the head and shaft become smeared by the dripping fuck juices. "Did she say?"

"No, it's just the way we fuck."

"Don't you want to come in her little pussy?"

"Sometimes it's hard to jerk out in time, Mom."

Susan chuckled. "So that's why you say I'm a good fuck, because I let you come in me?"

"Yeah!" he grunted, fucking his cock into her fist.

They were silent for a while, with Susan gazing at his cock. Bob's hand rested between her thighs. Susan shivered and pulled in a deep breath of air. Suddenly she dipped her face, pressing her moist lips to the head of her son's cock. Bob gasped, his eyes shooting wide as he watched.

Susan had intended only to kiss the head of his cock, but the familiar heat, the wet fuck juices seeping from his pies hole forced her to open her lips, sliding them around the smooth cockhead. Her husband had loved to be sucked, and Susan found a hot, hard, throbbing cock in her mouth a treat. She lapped her tongue over her son's seeping piss hole, tasting those fuck juices. A fire started in her cunt and she slipped her lips lower, thrilling at the stretching sensation, the way Bob's cock filled her mouth. She held half his cock between her lips, sucking gently, her tongue twisting, then she pulled up, smacking her lips as his cock came free.

"You like that?" she whispered, pumping his cock again.

"Wow, Mom!" he groaned. "That was good. Your mouth was hot and wet, and when you sucked up, I thought I would come."

Susan pulled his band from under her skirt, patted his full balls lovingly, then stood up.

"Later," she promised. "Right now you have breakfast. You can stay home from school, though."

She reached the door when her son called her. She looked over her shoulder at him, saw him gripping his cock hard.

"Don't you dare jack off," she said. "I want everything you have, but after breakfast."

Teasingly, she jutted her ass out toward him, jerking her skirt to her waist. She pulled her panties into the crack of her ass, then shook her ass at him.

"Do that again, Mom, and I'm gonna come," he laughed.

"As I said, don't you dare." She smoothed her skirt down and left him.

Bob ate, then showered. Susan went onto the patio. It was already hot, the sun burning through the trees. She rested on a lounge, drinking coffee. Her body was scrubbed dean, with a light but enticing scent. She was glad Bob was staying home. Yesterday had unleashed the hunger of her body, a hunger dormant by design. She had not wanted to date, pick up men, or anything since her husband had passed on. She couldn't remember when her thoughts had turned to her two boys and daughter, but it no longer mattered. Bob was fucking her now, and Susan knew it would only be a matter of time before her youngest son would have his cock up her cunt. She wasn't sure what to do with her daughter, and, when the thought came to her, she shoved it aside with a faint blush on her pretty face.

Leaning back, she lifted her skirt past her knees, enjoying the sun. Bob came out, wear big trunks again. Her face turned radiant as she watched him come toward her.

"Why aren't you in a bikini, Mom?" he asked, sitting at her side.

"Later," she said, placing her coffee cup on the table. "That's what you said in my room." He grinned.

Susan chuckled. "You remember, do you?"

"How could I forget, Mom? I loved it." She watched him place his hand on her knee, then slowly move it upward. He toyed with the hem of her dress a moment, acting unsure of himself.

"Feel me if you want," she murmured.

His hand moved under her skirt, and she parted her legs for him. When his fingers began to move, she slipped her skirt to her waist.

"You look beautiful, Mom," Bob said, running his fingers along the crotch of her nylon panties. "I mean, with your skirt up, wearing panties. It makes my cock tingle."

Susan twisted her hips, grinding slowly at his hand. "Stand up a minute, baby."

Bob stood, and she slipped a hand between his legs, bringing him closer to her face. She shoved his trunks aside, exposing his cock and balls. His prick was half hard, dangling near her face. She gazed at his cock, sliding her hand between his thighs and into the leg of his shorts, touching the cheeks of his ass. She pulled his hips closer and opened her mouth. With her eyes looking up at his delighted face, she took his cock into her mouth. She twisted her lips about, her tongue licking, feeling his cock growing harder. She moaned softly and pressed at his ass, taking his cock deep into her mouth. With her lips pressed at the base of his cock, she used her throat on the prickhead, her tongue pressing on the underside making a tight wetness about his cock.

When his cock was very hard inside her mouth, she gurgled deep in her throat and began to suck. As she sucked, she kept her eyes burning into his pleased face, squirming her ass against the pad of the lounge chair.

Cupping the cheeks of her son's ass, letting him know to fuck back and forth at her mouth, Susan ran her other hand into her panties and began to rub at her swollen clit knowing this would increase her son's excitement. His cock tasted so hot and hard between her lips, and his prick dripped so much she had to swallow the juices. She pulled her hand out of her panties, then pulled the crotch very tightly into her cunt. Hair showed, and Bob leaned down, feeling his mother's cunt.

Susan drew back, turning his cock loose and licking at his young balls, feeling his cock throb along the side of her face. Again she pulled his cock into her mouth, digging her fingers into his ass tightly, lifting her cunt up to his rubbing band.

"I might come, Mom," he said in a hoarse voice.

"Mmmmm," she replied, sucking hard.

"Want me to take it out when I come?"

"Mmmm!" she shook her head, still sucking at the thick cock.

"In your mouth?" he asked, surprised. "You want me to come in your mouth, Mom?"

"Mmmm." She nodded, her eyes bright.

"Wow!" Bob gurgled, watching her lips grip and slide on his cock.

Susan's mind spun with erotic pleasure. She sucked hard and tight on her son's cock, lifting her hips, spreading her thighs wide, making a tight circle, then churning up and down as if she were being fucked. It felt so good to let herself go, to allow her emotions to flow. It was delicious to have a hard, hot cock in her mouth after a year. Her cunt was bubbling, very wet. The crotch of her panties, pulled into her slit, were soaked.

Bob suddenly leaned down, his cock almost coming out of her mouth. Susan purred like a kitten when her son pressed his face between her legs, kissing at her panties.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"Wait, baby," she gasped. "Just a minute." She adjusted the lounge chair until she was flat on her back. "Now, climb on... and stick your cock back in my mouth."

Bob spread his legs over her face, his cock aimed down into her face. For a minute she almost asked him to take the trunks off, but thought it was quite sexy this way. As she opened her mouth and took his cock in again, she wrapped her arias around him, clutching at the cheeks of his ass. She pulled him tightly into her face, his balls resting on her nose, her throat filled by hard cock. She sucked hard, then pushed him up again.

"Fuck my face, Bob!" she hissed passionately. "Fuck Mother's face -- please! Use my mouth just like my cunt! And, baby, come in my mouth! Don't you date jerk your cock out when you start to come! I want it... want you to squirt your load in my mouth!"

Bob made no reply. He had shoved his face into his mother's parted cunt, licking in a frenzy. She moved a hand down and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side as she pulled his cock back into her mouth. Somehow, she wasn't at all surprised that her son was licking and sucking her hairy cunt so willingly and eagerly. She shot her hands up the legs of his trunks again, clasping the cheeks of his ass, and, when he started fucking her mouth, she gurgled and began to grind her cunt into his face. Bob ran his hands underneath his mother's ass, cupping the firm asscheeks, lifting her pussy into his open mouth, his tongue darting in and out, fucking and licking as his lips sucked greedily.

Susan whimpered with passion, keeping her lips tight around his stabbing cock, thrilled by the way his balls beat against her nose. She closed her hot thighs against her son's face, her mouth pulling on his throbbing cock.

The only sounds in the heat of the day were the gasping, panting, slurping noises they made. They squirmed tightly together, both sucking with greedy delight. Susan twisted her cunt into her son's face as his tongue delved deep into her juicy pussy. The hot air coming from his nose as she panted burned across the cheeks of her ass, and, when he pulled those cheeks wide in his cunt-licking excitement, the air burned her puckered asshole.

She clutched his ass, moving a fingertip about his asshole as he fucked up and down. She kept her eyes wide open, watching his balls bang against bet nose, the head of his swollen cock entering her constricted throat. She shoved the legs of his trunks high, waiting to see his ass, to watch him bang up and down, to see her finger rubbing at his asshole. But his cock was throbbing more than ever, dripping copiously into her throat. He was fast approaching discharge, and she didn't want to lose any time or a single drop of her son's come juice when he did come.

Bob's tongue stabbed deep into his mother's cunt, his fingers tight on the cheeks of her squirming ass. Susan whimpered as she started to come. The hairy lips of her fiery cunt clawed at his tongue, sucking deep. The convulsion shook her, and she began smashing her mouth up as her son drove his cock hard and fast into her mouth.

With a loud growl into his mother's cunt, Bob came.

He shoved his cock down hard, forcing the swollen prickhead into his mother's tight throat. Susan's eyes rolled and her mind reeled when he came. The hot fuck juice spewed from his cock with a force she had almost forgotten. She felt his balls smash against her nose as Bob tried to fuck deeper. The rapid gush of his come juice went down her throat, and Susan moaned with cock sucking ecstasy. She sucked as hard and fast as she could, pressing a fingertip to his tightly puckered asshole.

Bob trembled atop his mother, his cock shooting thick, creamy come juice in a wild fly. He sucked and licked at her convulsing cunt hungrily, trying to get his lips completely wrapped about her hairy pussy. They thrashed and twisted with mindless ecstasy, Bob moaning into his mother's spasming cunt, Susan whimpering as she swallowed time and again, almost choking on the come juice. Bob came so much, even more than her husband had. Susan loved it, loved the boiling taste of Bob's spunk. She loved a cock coming off into her mouth as much as she did in her fiery cunt.

Bob sprawled atop his mother, gasping heavily, his face resting between her thighs, his cheek on her cunt. Susan held his cock in her mouth, feeling his prick going soft. She caressed the cheeks of his ass, his balls not so full now. She licked gently at his cock, then pushed at his hips. "You're heavy," she said, her face between his thighs and her chin between the checks of his ass. "You're getting to be awfully big, you know."

Bob lifted from his mother, his face smeared with the juices of her cunt. His eyes were bright and shining, a huge grin on his young face. He stood there, grinning down at her.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked, licking at her puffy lips.

"I think I want to suck Pamie's cunt now," he said unhesitatingly. "I wonder if her cunt tastes as good, Mom."

"The only way to find out is to suck it, I'd say," Susan laughed, swinging her legs over the edge of the lounge. "Look at your face. You've got cunt juice all over it."

Bob licked his lips. "Mmmm, sweet cunt juice, too."

He stepped into the hot tub.

Susan stood up. "Mind if I join you?"

"Come ahead."

Susan unbuttoned her dress, letting it slip from her body. She unhooked her bra, and stroked the red marks it left on her tits. Bob watched, his eyes starting to gleam again. Susan started rolling her panties down, wiggling her ass sexily and smiling at her son.

"Are you going to get in here naked Mom?"

"Do you mind?" she teased, stepping out of her panties.

"Not me," he laughed happily, "but I can't promise nothing if you do."

"You let me worry about that," she grinned, stepping to the edge of the tub. She stood with her legs parted, letting her son look up between them at her cunt. "If you've seen enough, I'm getting in."

Chapter FOUR

The day passed quicker than Susan realized.

The sun was turning toward the west, and she was leaning over the deck of the hot tub, her legs in the water, her tits smashed flat on the hard deck. But she didn't feel the hardness.

Her hands were stretched above her head, clawing into fists, her lips parted as she gasped in pleasure. Standing on the bench under the swirling water, Bob was fucking his cock furiously into her cunt. It was the second time he had fucked her since she had gotten in the tub. She was amazed, delightfully so, that he could achieve a hard-on almost on demand.

They were both naked now, with Bob's trunks floating on the water. Each time he fucked in his mother's cunt, the checks of her ass jiggled, and she grunted with pleasure.

"Ooooo, Bob," she gurgled. "You stay so damned hard! I love it, too. Ohhh, baby, fuck me! I can't get enough fucking! I love the way your cock stuffs my hot cunt... and you go so fucking deep!"

"I like your cunt, Mom," Bob snorted, "it's so wet and hot! Your pussy is different than Pamie's, but I can't say why."

"I understand," she panted, lifting her ass to his cock. "Oh, ram it to me, baby! Fuck me! My cunt is so hungry for cock... I could fuck all day!"

Time was forgotten, and Susan felt as if she was in heaven, a heaven filled with hard cocks, all of them fucking her, coming in her. There was a slightly raw feeling in her cunt, but she didn't care. Her son could fuck her cunt until she walked spraddle-legged, and still she would want more.

She rested her cheek on the hard deck, eyes closed, wiggling her naked ass into his stabbing cock. At first she didn't notice the sound, then she sensed the presence of someone, else. She opened her eyes and looked up.

"Oh?" she shouted.

She shoved back, pushing Bob away, sliding under the water swiftly, her face burning.

Her youngest son, Billy, stood there watching.

"Go away, Billy!" she wailed, wrapping her arms about her tits, even though they were flow under water. "Please, go away!"

"I don't wanna, Mother," he said, his eyes huge. "I wanna stay here."

Peeking up, Susan saw his cock throbbing against his pants. "What did you see? How long have you been standing there?"

With a total lack of embarrassment, Billy said: "I been watching Bob fuck you, Mother."

The blush on Susan's face deepened, and she lowered her eyes. This is silly, she told herself frantically. I saw him fucking Pamie, didn't I? This is what I've been wanting, isn't it?

She lifted her eyes, stopping when they saw his cock outlined in his pants. "Where is your sister?"

"Changing into her bikini," Billy said.

He looked boldly into his mother's face. Susan lifted her eyes to his briefly, but dropped them back to his cock. She uncrossed her arms, lifting her shoulders out of the water. Billy's eyes followed and gazed at his mother's tits. Bob was on the other side of the tub, watching. Susan ran her hand up Billy's leg, wetting his pants. She placed her hand on his cock, pressing.

"Take it out, Billy," she whispered in a throaty voice. "Take your cock out for me."

Billy dropped his school books, his fingers working at his fly eagerly. He reached in and and pulled his cock out. It was not as large as Bob's, but very long. Susan gazed with smoldering eyes, then wrapped her fist about it and started pumping back and forth.

Bob came to stand on the bench next to her, feeling of her cunt from behind. Susan arched her ass back, turning her face to him, kissing Bob as she jacked on Billy's cock.

"Can I take my clothes off, Mother?" Billy asked, his voice eager.

"You bet you can, darling," she said.

She released his cock as he undressed, but stood on her knees watching him, letting Bob finger fuck her. She felt his cock pressing at her hips, aud jerked his prick beneath the water.

Naked, Billy looked beautiful to her. His balls had hardly any hair, and neither did the base of his cock. His prick lurched up and down as he slipped into the water. Leaving Bob alone, Susan stood before Billy as he settled on the bench. She dipped her hand down and grasped his throbbing cock, spreading her knees along his thighs.

"Want to fuck me, Billy?" she whispered, rubbing the head of his cock along the scalding slit other hairy cunt. "Want to stick your cock up Mother's cunt, fuck me like Bob was?"

Billy was grinning widely, staring excitedly at his mother's full, lovely tits. Holding herself up on his lap. Susan mewled softly, the feel of her youngest son's cock on the lips of her cunt very exciting. She felt the round prick head throbbing, and pressed his cock upon her swollen cunt. She moaned with pleasure.

She watched Billy's eyes as he gazed at her tits, knowing he wanted to touch them, but wasn't sure if he should.

"You touch them, baby," she whispered. "You hold Mother's tits, play with them, suck my nipples."

With groaning delight, Billy closed his small hands about her spongy tits. Her nipples seemed to grow more rigid against his palms. She shook her shoulders, moving her tits in his hands. She wiggled her crotch, fitting the head of his cock barely between the puffy, juicy cunt lips. Water swirled hotly about them.

Although Susan had forgotten about her other son, Bob still leaned behind her, watching, wishing they were out of the water so he could see, could watch his brother's cock press into their mother's cunt. His own cock, still painfully hard from his interrupted fuck, stood out from his lower stomach beneath the water.

Billy was much too excited to speak. He tried a few times, but the words were garbled. His young body shook with intense excitement as his mother straddled him, the head of his cock barely inside her fiery cunt. The urge to fuck into his mother's pussy was powerful, but he was afraid to do anything unless she told him to.

Susan understood his hesitation. She pressed her lips upon Billy's mouth. The tip of her tongue shot forth, licking at his teeth. When Billy opened his mouth, Susan wormed her tongue past his teeth and licked slowly about his. At the same time, she inched her cunt down onto his very hard cock, making soft moaning sounds as his cock filled her cunt.

Billy flung his arms around his mother, kissing her frantically, sucking her tongue deep. The wet heat of his mother's cunt gripping his cock was too much. He sucked her tongue deeply, and suddenly sent a geyser of come juice into her pussy.

"Don't worry," she whispered, wiggling her ass and pressing her cunt onto his cock. "You'll come again, baby."

Susan wiggled and squirmed on Billy's cock and his prick didn't have a chance to become limp. Her hot cunt, the hairy pussy lips squeezing like a fist, kept his cock hard. Running a hand down past her ass, Susan stroked at his young balls, pressing them into the spreading crack of her ass for a moment. Her tongue licked about Billy's face.

"Now, Billy!" she hissed. "Now!"

Susan began to bounce up and down on her son's cock, wiggling and squirming. Again she lifted her face to the sun, eyes closed, her expression dreamy. Billy stared at his mother's tits, watching them jiggle with movement. Placing his hands on her gyrating hips, he gritted his teeth in agonized delight.

Moving her hands from his shoulders under the water, Susan pressed Billy's hands to her ass. When he clutched at her shaking asscheeks tightly, she put her hands back on his shoulders, her fingers digging hard.

"Hold my ass, darling!" she gasped, churning up and down on his throbbing cock. "Hold Mother's hot ass tight! Oooo, your cock is so hard, Billy! Hold my hot ass... I'm going to fuck your sweet cock off!"

Bob could see the water churning about them, gripping his cock tightly. Although he couldn't see his mothers naked ass moving, the way she moved her shoulders, the way she clawed at his brother's flesh, her lovely face to the sun, was enough to send perverse pleasure through his balls. He didn't want to jerk off -- he wanted pussy. Bob moved close, rubbing his cock against his mater's twisting ass beneath the water.

"Oh, yes!" Susan wailed, feeling Bob's cock brushing at her flesh. "Yes, yes!"

She plunged her cunt time and again, taking Billy's cock far into her pussy. She smashed down onto him, the fiery lips of her cunt tight. Her clit crashed at the base of Billy's cock. She felt Bob's prick drag along the crack of her ass, and then it touched, lightly, against her puckered asshole.

Susan's cunt exploded.

She screamed softly as she came, grinding down onto Billy's cock. Her pussy squeezed and clutched at the base of his prick, the steaming waves of orgasm sucking him.

"Ohhh, you're making me come, Billy!" she yelped. "Oh, God! I'm-m... so strong! Billy, oh, Billy!"

Billy's hands dug into his mother's shaking ass, his cock throbbing with the way his mother's cunt gripped. He tried to arch up into her, but Susan was sitting atop his lap, still grinding hard against him, still coming. Behind Susan, Bob stood up on the bench, straddling his mother's naked body, rubbing the head of his cock about her shoulder blades, pressing his balls to her hot flesh.

As her orgasm faded, Susan mewled, resting her head on Billy's shoulder. She felt Bob running his hard cock about her back. She lifted her head and looked at Billy's face. She saw the torment there, the desperate need. She lifted her ass a few inches, but not letting Billy's cock go.

"Fuck me, Billy," she panted. "Hold my hot ass and fuck the shit out of me! Do it, Billy! I want more... I want as much cock as you can give me! Hurry, fuck my cunt!"

With her ass lifted up slightly, Billy clung to the checks, and began to pound his cock up and down, fucking his mother with some exciting, violent thrusts. Her ass jiggled from the pounding, her breaths coming in gasps of delight. Bob ran his hard cock about his mother's neck, into her partially wet hair. The heat of his cock on her neck added to Susan's already-heated hungers. She leaned her tits into his face. He was the perfect size to suck them as he lunged his cock up and down. Susan squealed when Billy began sucking at one tingling, throbbing nipple. It seemed he had co-ordinated the thrust of his cock with the way he sucked on her swollen tit.

She felt Bob's cock moving back and forth on her neck, and tilted her head, trying to squeeze his prick between her shoulder and jaw. She purred in wanton pleasure as Billy's cock stabbed at her cunt with short, swift strokes.

"Oooo, you two!" she moaned. "This feels so good! Fuck me, Billy! Ohhh, fuck my hot cunt!"

She twisted her face toward Bob's cock, her long tongue darting out. She licked at the hard prick shaft, tickling his cock with the tip of her tongue, tasting the smoothly swollen prick head. She flicked at his piss hole, licking up the seeping fuck juice there. With a hungry moan, she closed her lips about the head of Bob's cock, licking and sucking. Billy, his mouth full of sweet tit, glanced up. He saw his mother's lips stretched around his brother's cock. The sight sent rumblings of heat through his young body. He dug his hands into his mother's hot asscheeks, and fucked into her cunt with a force that lifted her. Her mouth came off Bob's cock, and she wailed loudly, her cunt grasping Billy's cock very hard as she came again.

"Oooo, I'm coming again!" she wailed. "Ohhh, Billy, fuck that hot cunt! I'm coming, baby! God, am I coming."

Bob was pressing his cock between her shoulder blades again, rubbing it up and down.

Although she was clutched in a stormy grasp of orgasm, Susan felt him rubbing his cock and balls up and down on her flesh, felt his prick throbbing. Billy had shoved his cock very deep into her convulsing cunt. There was a spraying wetness against her back.

"Ohhh, yes, yes!" she wailed mindlessly.

Bob's cock shot thick streams of boiling come juice across his mother's back, coating her neck and tangling into her hair. Almost at the same time, Billy grunted and sent spurting come juice bubbling far up her spasming cunt. Susan's pussy clutched and sucked at Billy's squirting cock, drawing his sweet, creamy come juice from his precious young balls. Her neck and back dripped with conic juice, searing her smooth flesh, increasing the contractions of her orgasm.

She slumped forward, too weak to sit upright on Billy's cock. Her tits wrapped about his young face as she shivered and whimpered like a small puppy. The heat of Billy's panting breath between her tits told her of his exhaustion, and the splash behind her was Bob falling into the water.

After a few minutes of rest, she slipped off Billy's lap, a soft moan coming form her as his cock pulled free of her cunt. She sprawled on the underwater bench, her head leaning back on the deck, he eyes closed. She smiling, her lovely face glowing with pleasure. Opening her legs beneath the water, she very tenderly stroked her well-fucked cunt.

"That was something, wasn't it?" she whispered, still tired. She slipped her other hand across Billy's hip and cupped his cock and balls, squeezing them gently. Only her head was above water as she turned and kissed his check. "You are a fantastic fuck, Billy," she whispered in his ear, darting the tip of her tongue into his ear. "I suppose you've had a lot of practice, though."

A startled expression came over his face, and he glanced at his brother.

"I showed her yesterday, Billy, remember? I told you all about it."

"I forgot," Billy said.

"Forgot?" Susan laughed, pulling at his cock, stretching his prick playfully. "How could you forget something like that, honey?" To Bob, she said: "You told him everything we did yesterday?"

Bob nodded, grinning.

"And Pamie?" Susan asked.

Again he nodded. "We don't have any secrets, Mom."

Susan gave a low, husky laugh. "I knew you'd tell them, baby."

Chapter FIVE

They were oddly quiet for a while.

It wasn't because of embarrassment, but each was deep in thought, Susan wondered what effect all this would have on Pamie. Apparently both boys had been fucking the little girl for some time. Susan could hardly believe it possible they had been fucking right under heniosc, and her not getting a hint of it.

With her face to the sun again, her eyes closed, she idly felt her son's cock and balls. Bob sat on the other side of her by now, and she had both hands on them. She stroked their cocks gently, not really paying much attention, knowing only that she couldn't keep her hands off them any longer. Those two young cocks had gven her more pleasure than she had had in a very long time. Susan knew she had to have cock on a frequent and regular bases, and her year of not having one had been pure torture.

Obviously Bob and Billy were delighted to lick her. They both were feeling her tits, squeezing them, pulling and twisting at her sensitive nipples. She slipped her hands past their cocks and cupped their young balls. She rolled them about in her hands, feeling her cunt starting to become warm and moist again. She would never get enough cock, and most especially of her sons' cocks. They thrilled her beyond description. Pamie, she told herself, would just have to share from now on. Her daughter would no longer have exclusive use of her brothers' cocks.

She wondered if Pamie fucked them both one after the other, like a mini-gangbang. It was obvious to Susan that her daughter was not sucking them, taking those hard cocks into her mouth. Bob had been much too surprised when she sucked him off.

She felt their hands brushing downward, across her stomach and into her crotch. She opened her thighs wide, draping one each over a thigh of Bob and Billy. Her tits were under water, barely seen. Both boys felt her pussy, one of them slipping a finger into her cunt and the other rubbing at her once-again swollen clit. Gripping heir cocks in her fists, Susan pumped up and down slowly, feeling them grow into a full hardness. She twisted her hips, mewling softly as they fondled her hairy cunt. She squeezed the two hard cocks, jacking her fists up and down in matching rhythm.

She imagined her daughter as she had seen her the day before, her small, succulent body naked, her ass arching into the air, with Billy driving his cock swiftly into her young cunt. In her mind, she visualized Pamie spread out, her little tits exposed, those long legs wide. She tried to see her daughter's cunt, knowing her pussy would be pink, wet and sugary. She imagined watching her sons take turns fucking Pamie, with Pamie thrashing about, squealing in mindless ecstasy. The scene in her mind was powerful, and she moaned softly, a mild orgasm shooting through her. Hp cunt gripped the finger that was deep inside. The finger wiggled and drew her mild orgasm out longer. She lifted her ass, using her son's thighs as a brace, and twisted her ass from side to side.

If her sons would fuck her, one right after the other, Susan knew she would love it, would come many times. But the thought of fucking them together, at the same time, was even more exciting to her. She would love to have one of those cocks fucking into her cunt, the other fucking her hungry throat, both at the same time. It was something Susan had dreamed of for a very long time, being fucked at each end at the very same time again.

It had almost happened once about three years ago.

She had been with her husband and a business friend. She had not been drinking, but her husband and his friend had. They had dinner in her home, and then sat about after all the kids were asleep. Susan wasn't certain why, or what caused it, but she felt hot, wanting to fuck that night. She always wanted to fuck, but that particular night it was worse. The man was quite good looking, and she was aware of his frequent glances at her. She had sat across the room, and they were on the couch. She had been wearing a skirt with a very high slit along her left thigh. She knew most of her legs were exposed.

Somehow the talk between her husband and the man turned to sex, and the more she listened, the more her cunt bubbled. She noticed that not only was her husband getting a hard-on, but so was his business friend. She could see their cocks straining in their pants, and neither man tried to conceal them. Looking at her husband, seeing the glow in his eyes as they talked, she decided that men weren't the only ones that could show their erotic desires.

Susan deliberately parted her knees, and when the men looked at her, she licked her tongue very slowly and suggestively over her lips, looking blatantly at the straining cocks in those pants. The conversation had stopped, and the men watched her. At first she worried about her husband, afraid he would become angry, but there was only desire in his eyes.

With her cunt boiling, Susan stroked her tits as they watched the tension became great in the room, all of them breathing heavily. Susan gazed at the front of their pants with smoldering eyes, and the men opened their legs, letting her see their bulging hard-one. She squeezed her tits a few times, then caressed down her body to her thighs. As she drew her hands up her thighs, she brought her skirt with them. She didn't pull it to her crotch, not then. She gave them a teasing hint of her panties, and, as their eyes became hotter, she slowly parted her knees.

The men sucked in air as they saw her panties, the crotch very tight, her cunt puffing outward. Susan paused then, giving her husband a chance to stop her. But he didn't.

She inched her skirt up, her knees remaining wide. Scooting her skirt to her wait, she began opening and closing her legs, writhing her ass on the cushion. When she trailed a finger along her inner thigh, circling the expanse of her crotch, the men looked at each other, both grinning. Her husband then pulled his cock from his pants, exposing the thick length. The man, seeing this, hurriedly pulled his own cock out. With her eyes burning on the two hard cocks, Susan slipped a finger into the tight crotch of her bikini panties, rubbed at her clit a moment, then stretched her panties to one side, showing them her wet, hairy cunt without shame.

The man gripped his cock, and began to jack up and down, his eyes burning at Susan's pussy. Her husband, his cock standing very hard from his open pants, watched her. Susan held her panties to one side, spreading her legs wide, then slowly lifted them. She draped her legs over the arms of her chair, scooting her ass toward the edge. She poked a few times at her cunt, fucking her finger in and out very slowly. Her eyes glazed with passion as she stared at the two throbbing, dripping cocks. She pulled her imbedded finger from the wetness of her cunt, slipping downward and stroking lightly at her asshole, then moved the finger back to her pussy, and finger fucked herself with unabashed pleasure.

Susan next stood up, rolling her hips in circles, and removed her bra and blouse. Her tits stood up, nipples pointed toward the ceiling. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Wearing only her bikini panties, she began to dance without music, her hips thrusting back and forth. She twirled around, presenting her ass to the men, shoving it out and twisting. She spread her feet on the floor and leaned way over, peering at them between her thighs.

The two men gazed hotly at the spread of Susan's ass-cheeks. Slipping her hands back, she caressed her ass, then pulled the panties wide, exposing her hairy cunt and puckered ass.

It was too much for her husband and his friend.

Susan's husband jumped to his feet, stripping his pants off quickly. Wearing his shirt, he pulled Susan to the floor, ripping her panties off. Susan laughed and gurgled as he knelt between her spread thighs. When he fucked his cock into her cunt swiftly, Susan lifted her legs and wrapped them about hit naked, hunching ass, fucking into his thrusts with pleasure.

The other man got to his feet, and moved closer to watch. While her husband rammed his cock powerfully into her boiling cunt, Susan ran her hand up the man's thigh, closed her fist about his throbbing cock, and began to jack him off. The man sank to his knees, and Susan clung to his throbbing cock. She was just starting to pull his cock to her mouth when the man came, shooting his creamy come juice onto her shoulder.

Still, she tried to get his cock into her mouth, churning her ass frantically while her husband fucked her cunt with wild thrusts. She had almost gotten the man's cock to her mouth when her husband came, sending hot come juice up her greedy cunt.

The man stood then, removing Susan's hand from his cock. By the time her husband had pulled his prick free of her clinging cunt, the other man had stuffed his cock back into his pants. His face was very red with embarrassment.

He left quickly, and Susan's husband seemed too ashamed to talk about the incident.

So, Susan had almost gotten herself two cocks at the same time, and she still wanted two cocks at the same time.

Right now she had two in her hands.

She opened her eyes and looked at her sans. She squeezed their cocks very hard.

"I need this," she whispered. "I need your cocks very much."

She slipped from them, standing up in the middle of the hot tub, her tits dripping water. She smiled at them, and ducked beneath the surface. She went toward Bob's cock, taking his prick in her mouth, sucking. Holding her breath, she moved her face to Billy's cock, and, when she took his prick between her lips, she felt him try to pull out. She closed her lips tightly, her tongue licking, and grabbed his young balls. She pulled at them, keeping him from jerking his cock out of her mouth. She swallowed his prick, feeling the swollen cock head probe the back of her throat, her lips at the base. She sucked hard on Billy's cock, then she had to surface.

She flung her head front side to side, spraying water out of her hair.

"I bet that was something Bob didn't mention," she laughed.

"How could I, Mom?" he said. "You only sucked me off this morning. Billy was still in school."

"Gosh!" Billy grunted, his eyes huge as he looked at his mother. "You suck cock, Mother?"

"Not only do I suck cock, darling," Susan said in a throaty voice, "but I'll let you come in my mouth, too."

"Gosh!" Billy said again, his eyes enormous. "Pamie won't even let us come in her..." He stopped, his face turning pink.

"She won't let you come in her cunt," Susan finished for him. "It's time to stop acting so embarrassed, Billy."

"Do it again, Mom," Bob said.

"Of course," Susan giggled, and dipped under the water again.

She went straight to Billy's cock this time. When she sucked his prick into her mouth, he didn't try to pull away. Instead he arched his cock into her mouth, placing a band on the back of her head. Susan, holding her breath, was delighted as her youngest son began to fuck her mouth, plunging his prick deep into her throat. But, as much as she wanted to suck him off, to taste the sweetness of his young balls, to swallow his creamy load of come juice, she had difficulties breathing. She pulled from him and placed her lips about Bob's cock, sucking up and down a few times. Then she had to surface again.

As her eyes opened, she found herself looking at Pamie, who was standing near the edge of the hot tub.

Pamie was in her briefest bikini, and the crotch outlined her sweet cunt. She stood looking down into her mother's face, a small smile playing about her lips.

"What were you doing under the water, Mother?" Pamie asked with shining eyes.

"What do you think I was doing, Pamie?" Her tits were above the water, and Pamie looked at them. "Are you completely naked?" she asked.

Susan nodded her head. "So are these two," she said, pointing her finger at Bob and Billy. "You should see what they have under the water, Pamie."

Pamie giggled. "I know what they have, Mother."

"Oh, is that right?" Pamie nodded.

"Then tell me," Susan urged.

"Really?" Pamie asked. "You really want me to say it?"

"Why not?"

Pamie looked at her brothers, then back at her mother. "Your tits are showing, Mother."

"Are you ashamed to tell me what they have under the water?" Susan asked. "Surely you're not. I mean, you've been fucking your brothers long enough to know the name of it by now, right?"

Pamie giggled naughtily, her small hips shaking. "Bob said you fucked him, Mother."

"He's right."

Pamie sucked in a breath, causing her hard little titties to strain at her halter. "They have two cock under the water, Mother. And I bet they're both real hard!"

"Come on in," Susan invited leaning back against the far side of the hot tub, her full tits floating on the water, nipples hard and dark pink.

Giggling, Pamie slipped into the water between her brothers. Susan watched, her eyes burning at the front of her daughter's bikini bottom. Pamie settled between her brothers, staring at her mother. She closed her small fists about the two hard cocks, and giggled with lewd pleasure.

"Ohhh, they are hard!" she said.

Susan slipped under the water, her eyes open. She saw her daughter pumping her sons' cocks, then surface again. "I see you found them, honey."

"I can always find them," Pamie giggled again. She stood up, turning her back to her mother, but her bands stayed under the water, jacking her brothers' cocks. Susan moved up behind her daughter, and untied the halter.

"The water feels better when you're naked, Pamie," whispered, tossing the halter onto the deck. She shoved her arms around Pamie, cupping the firm titties in her hands, she began to fondle Pamie's tits, titties that fit perfectly in her hands. She felt her daughter's nipples burning at her palms, and she licked Pamie's ear.

"Ooo, what are you doing, Mother?" Pamie squealed, but kept a tight grasp on her brothers' cocks. "That makes me shiver."

"Is that all?" Susan purred, squeezing the small tits and bringing a mewl from her daughter. "Is that all it does to you?"

"It makes my... you know, feel warm."

"What? Your pretty little ass, or your sweet little cunt?"

Pamie giggled, shivering and shaking her hips, gripping her brothers' cocks very hard.

"Both," she said. "It makes my pussy tingle."

"Mmmm, that's nice," Susan murmured, sliding under the water and untying her daughter's bikini bottom. She stared at the fine, small, sweet ass before she lifted the suit to the surface. She tossed the bottoms on the deck, then pressed against her daughter's back, smashing her tits there, pressing the hairiness of her cunt at the small of Pamie's back. Again she began playing with Pamie's tits, pinching and twisting lightly at the sugary, hard nipples. "And this is better."

Pamie giggled and pressed her ass against her mother, bending over until her chin was in the water. She jerked up and down on her brothers' cocks, making them groan in pleasure Susan rubbed her hairy cunt about her daughter's hot little ass, slipping one hand down her flat stomach. Susan had never felt of any cunt but her own and asker hand moved downward, her own pussy began to throb with the perverse excitement. Pamie made no move to stop her.

Susan felt the silky hair of Pamie's cunt, and she moved the tip of one finger to the pussy slit. She found Pamie's clit very swollen, throbbing. She rubbed, mewling softly and twisting her hairy cunt upon the twisting cheeks of her daughter's creamy, little ass.

"Ohhhh," Pamie whimpered, no longer jacking her brothers' cocks. She gripped them as tight as she could, her cunt flaring into an orgasm quickly, unexpectedly. "Ooo, Mother! You made me come!"

"I know," Susan whispered, slipping her finger down and then into her daughter's cunt. "You're very wet, baby. So very wet."

She moved her hand up and around Pamie's hip, trailing her hand over her sweet little ass. She ran her fingertip down the shivering crack of Pamie's ass, under and between those sweet thighs. Dipping her finger into her daughter's cunt again, she finger fucked Pamie. Pamie squealed and wiggled her us, thrilled at the way her mother's finger wiggled and moved in and out of her pussy.

"What's going on down there?" Billy asked. "Oooo, golly?" Pamie whimpered. "Mother has her finger in me!"

"I sure do," Susan gurgled. "I'm finger fucking Pamie, that's what I'm doing."

"Oooo she is!" Pamie said hotly. "Do it some more, Mother! Ohhh, you do it so good... better than I can, even."

Susan felt the tightness of her daughter's cunt gripping her finger. Panic arched her ass back farther, and her face went into the water. She jerked up, choking.

"I don't want you to drown," Susan laughed, taking her finger out. "If you're so hot, baby, why don't you fuck one of your brothers?"

Panic, standing up straight, looked around. She looked through the trees, down into the valley. "Here? Right here in the open?"

"Who would see?" Susan replied. "That is, except me, and I'd love to watch you."

Bob lifted himself from the water, sitting on the deck, dangling his feet down. His cock thrust up from the bush of hair, straining and throbbing and dripping. Panic squealed with excitement, grabbing his prick in her small fist. She pumped it fast. Susan... moved to her daughter's side and cradled her son's balls; Pamie glanced at her mother, giggling as her fist jerked. Susan pressed her lips to her daughter's, kissing her. She found Pamie's young lips sweet and warm, and ran her tongue back and forth over them.

"Fuck him, Pamie," Susan whimpered, twisting her son's balls. Fuck that big, hard cock! I want to see your little cunt eat Bob's cock up.

With lewd giggled, Pamie pulled herself from the water, sliding her legs along Bob's thighs. Susan stared at the fine, shapely ass, realizing just how young her daughter was. She saw the crinkle of Pamie's pink asshole, and the tight slit of bar cunt. Honey blonde curls grew near her clitoris, no place else. The sugary cunt lips were bare, making Pamie's cunt look so sweet and kissable.

Billy, his head turned sideways to watch, took his mother's hand and brought it to his throbbing cock. Susan clenched his prick, puling and pushing, but her eyes remained on her daughter's twat, which was now hovering above Bob's upstanding cock.

Her other hand moved up her son's thigh. She tickled his balls a moment, then wrapped her fingers about Bob's cock. Her eyes burned at her daughter's hovering ass and cunt, and she licked her lips with lewd desire.

Pamie lowered her cunt, drawing her knees up along Bob's sides. The cheeks of her ass spread wide, and Susan watched her daughter's asshole wink tightly. Standing between Bob's knees, Susan held his cock as Pamie pressed her almost hairless cunt downward. Her eyes became glassy when Pamie's young cunt lips parted, taking the swollen head of Bob's cock between them.

"Oh, beautiful!" Susan hissed. "That's absolutely beautiful, Pamie!"

"I love it!" Pamie said, her young cunt closing about the smooth head of her, brother's cock. "Oooo, that first touch of a cock almost makes me come!"

Pamie twisted her ass, her cunt holding just the head of Bob's cock. She twisted and giggled, and then slowly began lowering her cunt down. Susan watched her daughter's cunt spread tightly, then felt the heat of Pamie's pussy touching her fist.

Chapter SIX

Billy lifted from the water, sitting on the edge, of the deck, with Susan still gripping his cock.

He had seen his brother and sister fuck before, many times, but the sight still excited him. His cock throbbed in Susan's fist, and she moved her hand down to hold his young balls. At the same time, she moved her hand from Bob's cock so her daughter could take his prick deep into her pink pussy.

Pamie shoved her cunt down until she had every hard inch of Bob's cock up her pussy. She pressed and began to grind. Susan sucked in excited air, her eyes straining with heat. Holding Bob's balls in one hand, Billy's in the other, she had the weird desire to kiss her daughter's naked ass.

She dipped her face down, tickling the tip of her tongue about Bob's thigh, her face turned to watch the depth his cock went into Pamie's cunt. She ran her tongue along Bob's thigh, almost to his balls. Her face was very close now to Pamie's pretty little ass. Still she held off. She grabbed Billy's cock and began to jack furiously.

"Oooooo, I'm gonna fuck you, Bob!" Pamie squealed, and began bouncing her cunt up and down. "Ooooo, golly, you're so hard today! And my pussy is so hot!"

Susan's eyes smoldered as she watched her daughter's naked ass bouncing, her sweet little cunt riding up and down her brother's throbbing hard-on. Bob's cock became wet with the juices of his sister's pussy, glistening in the sunlight.

Pamie fucked almost violently, unashamedly. She made wild, lewd sounds as her cunt pounded up and down, stabbing herself on Bob's cock. She fucked frantically, bringing the juices to a froth at the base of his prick. Wet sounds came to Susan's ears as she stared, jacking faster on Billy's cock. She licked her lips, then licked Bob's shaking thigh again. She shoved her face closer to the churning ass of Pamie, watching her pink asshole twinkle invitingly, closing and opening as she fucked her brother in a squealing frenzy.

"So fucking beautiful!" Susan moaned. "Such a pretty little ass... such a hot cunt! Fuck him, Pamie! Fuck the piss out of him!"

Susan ran her hand over her daughter's wiggling, bouncing ass, feeling the smooth heat of her flesh. She moved her fingers down, feeling that sugary cunt and the shaft of her son's cock, her own cunt reacting with a searing, boiling heat. She jacked furiously on Billy's cock, no longer able to prevent herself from touching Pamie's cute little ass with her tongue. She scraped the tip against one tight cheek, but Pamie was fucking her brother so swiftly, Susan couldn't truly lick at the hot skin.

She clipped her head and started to lick at Bob's balls, but felt Pamie's ass smash into her face. Unable to suck her son's balls as Pamie fucked him, she shoved her tongue out as far as she could. She lapped at the bouncing cheeks of Pamie's creamy little ass. Billy grunted, his cock throbbing in his mother's fist as he watched.

"Ooooo, so fucking good!" Pamie groaned; "Fuck me, Bob! Oh, please, run your cock up my pussy!"

Pamie held her ass up, arching it, while Bob lunged his cock up and down, flicking deep into her tight cunt. His balls swung, his hands now clutching his sister's ass, pulling the cheeks wide. Susan saw Pamie's asshole pooch outward, and jammed her mouth against her daughter's ass. She licked frantically at the tight heat of her daughter's asshole. Pamie, feeling what her mother was doing, squealed loudly.

Billy leaned over, seeing his mother's tongue licking up and down at his sister's asshole.

"She's licking your fucking ass, Pamie," he croaked. "Mother is licking your asshole!"

"I know!" Pamie gurgled, shoving her ass into her mother's face, but not far enough to prevent Bob from fucking her. "I feel it! Oooo, Mother... that's very nice!"

Bob looked at his sister's tormented face. "You want him to come in your cunt?" he asked.

"I don't care!" Pamie screamed as her cunt went into powerful convulsions. "I don't care! I just want you to come, too, Bob!"

Susan felt her daughter's orgasm. The contractions caused that small asshole to grip reflexively on her tongue. It grew so tight, she couldn't plunge her tongue in and out. Pamie screamed and screamed with hot, burning ecstasy as she came.

Bob, however, didn't get the message quick enough. As his cock started to throb with impending discharge, he jerked free of his sister's convulsing cunt just in time. He yelped he came. Susan, with her tongue up her daughter's whole, felt the boiling splash of his come juice on her chin. She squealed, yanking her tongue out of Pamie's gripping asshole just in time to close her lips about the head of Bob's cock to taste the second spurt of come juice. She swallowed quickly, and began racing her tight lips up and down his cock as he spewed. There was a slight difference to the taste of his come juice this time, and it took her a moment to understand why.

She was tasting the thick juice of her daughter's cunt along with his come juice. She moaned and sucked as hard as she could, driving her lips to the very base, and pulling her tight lips upward, sucking the come juice from his writhing balls. Just in front of her eyes was Pamie's cunt, visibly twitching, very juicy.

Bob still held her sister's asscheeks, flooding his mother's mouth, unloading a thick, creamy gush down her throat. Susan gripped Billy's cock, but she wasn't jacking him. All her senses were attuned to sucking the come juice out of Bob's balls, loving the way it burned down her throat. She stared in glazed fascination at her daughter's quivering, wet cunt, but clung to Bob's cock until he could no longer come. She ran her tongue over his piss hole, licking up the last bead of come juice.

Suddenly, she released Bob's cock, and, as Billy gasped in surprise, Susan fucked her tongue into her daughter's cunt in one swift plunge. Pamie yelped, her ass jerking up. It only aided Susan's tongue to lick deep into her pussy. Susan's eyes rolled as her nose pressed hard at her daughter's asshole, her lips sucking at the sugary, juicy cunt lips, her tongue fucking in and out.

"Golly! Ohhhhh, golly!" Pamie gurgled, twisting her ass into her mother's face. "Ooooo, that's fantastic! Mother, what are you doing to me? Ohhhh, I love it! You're gonna have me coming again, Mother, if you keep doing that to me!"

Susan turned loose of Billy's cock, grabbing her daughter by her shaking hips, pulling Pamie's ass and cunt hard into her sucking face. The thick juices she sucked from Pamie's cunt was so hot and sweet, she wanted to shove her whole face into that steamy little cunt.

"I'm gonna do it, Mother!" Pamie squealed, ramming her ass back, grinding now into her mother's face. "Oooo, stick your tongue real deep, Mother! Real, real deep! Ooooo, I'm going to... there it is! I'm coming, Mother! I'm coming in your face, your mouth!"

Susan was sobbing as she sucked and licked her daughter's cunt. She was surprised that she was doing this, that she had her face smashing at a cunt, her tongue licking wildly, sucking up the sweetest juices of a young, almost-hairless pussy. But she wanted to suck. She was driven to lick and fuck and suck this ever-so-sugary cunt. Her own pussy was exploding time and again with muscle-straining orgasms, her hips jerking about beneath the surface of the water. She shifted her hips, trying to fuck Bob's feet, but not getting in the right position.

She kept sucking at her daughter's cunt, her chin resting on Bob's soft cock now. But Pamie couldn't take any more. She was shaking badly, and she pulled her ass and cunt from her mother's face, rolling onto her side next to Bob, her tight little tits heaving up and down. She gasped noisily, sucking in air and writhing on the hard surface, clutching at her aching little cunt with both hands.

"Me, Mother!" Billy shouted urgently. "What about me!"

With a growl of mindless passion, Susan rammed her face between Billy's thighs, nuzzling her nose and mouth at his full balls and throbbing hard cock. He was about to explode by the time Susan wrapped her hot, hungry lips around her youngest son's cock. She began to suck at him wildly, mindless to everything but his cock and her convulsing cunt.

She devoured Billy's cock. Her mouth hot and wet, her tongue moving in a frenzy. She growled low in her throat, eating at Billy's hardness with a fury that surprised even her. She could hear the moans and giggles of her daughter, but they seemed to come from a great distance. In her cock sucking hunger, she didn't care who watched her sucking her son's cock. Resides, if they were like her, it would serve to make them bubble with erotic pleasure.

Her face dove up and down Billy's cock, her lips hot and wet, as she tried her best to suck it deep into her threat. She grabbed his balls, rolling and twisting them about, and when she went down on him, she pressed his young, precious balls against her chin.

"Go at it, Mother!" she heard Pamie giggling. "Fuck his cock with your mouth! Suck his hard cock... eat his prick up! Golly, that makes me hot again!"

She heard the splash of water, but it made no sense to her. She was much too wild with cock sucking hunger to pay any attention. She slurped wetly up and down Billy's throbbing cock, thrilled when it smashed at the back of her throat. She felt hands on her ass, between her thighs rubbing at her. But, somehow, it was like a dream. Susan shoved her ass into the hands, her eyes closed as he sucked in a frenzy, desperately trying to draw hot, thick come juice from Billy's full balls.

Pamie stood behind her mother, fucking a finger in and out of her hairy cunt, her eyes huge as she peered over Susan's shoulder, watching how frantic her mother sucked Billy's cock.

Billy grabbed his mother's head, plunging his cock up as her mouth came crashing down. Not only was Susan sucking her son's cock now, but he was fucking deliciously into her mouth.

"Suck me, Mother!" Billy shouted. "Suck my cock! Ohhhh, my balls hurt! I'm gonna come so fucking much, Mother! You want it in your mouth?"

Susan was much too busy to answer, but she heard him through the loud roaring in her ears.

"Do it, Mother!" Pamie hissed near her head. "Make Billy come! Make him come in your mouth! Fuck his cock... fuck his hard cock with your hot mouth, Mother!"

Susan was hearing it all, but wasn't paying that much attention. Her mind was spinning wildly as she sucked desperately. With her daughter finger fucking into her hot cunt, she was already coming, shaking with orgasm after orgasm.

"Eat my cock, Mother!" Billy was shouting arching high as if trying to fuck his cock down her throat. "I'm gonna let go! Ohhh, I'm gonna give you a mouthful, Mother!"

Susan ran her hands underneath Billy's uplifted ass, clutching at his hard asscheeks, pulling his cock as deep as she could into her mouth. With a grunt, Billy came.

Susan tasted the splash of his sweet, young come juice as it struck the back of her throat. She whined with ecstasy about his cock, swallowing greedily. As she began to suck up on his spurting cock, some of the come juice dripped from the cower of her lips, but she managed to swallow most of it. She gulped wetly, her tongue flicking against his gushing piss hole. Her eyes, still closed, rolled in her head as her twat entered final contractions of agonized orgasms about her daughter's deeply in bedded finger.

Susan slumped on the deck, gasping, conic juice clinging to her lips. She felt Pamie pull her finger out of her cunt and her ass shivered. Her throat continued to burn from the spray of come juices, both from Bob's cock, and Billy's, too.

She wasn't sure whether she dozed a few minutes or not, but, when she lifted her head, she saw them looking at her. They had moved back from the hot tub, and each was sipping at a soft drink. She had not realized anyone had entered the house. With her lips glistening wetly from the juice, she grinned at them.

"Well, I guess I gave quite a show," she murmured.

"An outstanding performance. Mom," Bob said. "The best ever."

"This is shameful," she whispered, running her hands over the tips of her tits, "so shameful."

"It is?" Pamie asked.

"Very," Susan replied.

"The why don't you put her bikini on, Mother," Billy said, "or at least close your legs?"

Susan moaned, twisting her ass, keeping her legs wide apart. "Because it feels so damned good, that's why."

"As they say," Bob laughed, "if it feels good, do it."

Susan sat up, drawing her knees to her chin. Resting her chin there, she hugged her legs against her naked tits, aware that her cunt was showing. She gazed at her daughter.

Panic seemed quite comfortable in her nakedness, not at all uncomfortable. Nor were her sons. Pamie sat astride the bench at the table. The golden fuzz of her pink, sugary cunt was exposed. Susan ran her tongue over her lips, thinking this all had to be a dream, a wild, wicked, but oh-so-exciting, dream. But it was not a dream -- her mouth still had the taste of come juice. Had she really sucked her daughter's cunt? Fucked her two boys?

"Pamie," she asked softly. "Why don't you let the boys come in your cunt?"

Pamie giggled. "Because it's too much like piss, Mother. It's the same as letting them piss in my pussy."

"You're wrong, baby," Susan said. "Very wrong. It's not the same at all."

"How do you know, Pamie?" Bob asked. "You ever had a boy piss in you?"

"No, silly," Pamie said, slapping playfully at her brother's cook. "You know I haven't."

"Just how many boys have you been fucking, Pamie?" Susan asked.

A cute blush crept over her daughter's face. "Only -- come on, Mother. A girl has to have some secrets."

"Two," Billy laughed. "She fucks two boys, Mother. Besides me and Bob, that is."

Susan gazed at her young daughter. She wondered how long all this had been going on, who the other two boys were, and where it was happening. There was something here she was unaware of something her daughter and sons were involved in. She imagined Pamie, sweetly naked, being fucked by four boys, one after the other. From what she witnessed only a short time ago, she had no doubts that her daughter was a willing participant.

"Who started this?" she asked.

Both Bob and Billy pointed at Pamie, who flushed and lowered her eyes bashfully.

"I should have known," Susan said, smiling at her daughter.

Pamie pecked at her mother from lowered eyes, her face pink, but those blue eyes were sparkling mischievously.

"The way you fucked Bob should have told me that."

"She's a little hot ass, Mom," Bob said, moving to his sister and rubbing his cock about a hard little tit. "If she'd just let us come in her cunt, she'd be a perfect fuck."

Billy climbed onto the table, and standing on his knees, rubbed the head of his cock about his sister's cheek. Pamie shivered, taking hold of Bob's cock and pressing his prick to her creamy, small tits, breathing deeply. It excited Susan to see them doing these erotic things. She was getting her answer about Pamie fucking them together or separately.

Pamie started jacking Bob's cock, pressing his piss hole against one of her rigid, pink nipples. When Billy dragged the swollen head of his cock across her cheek, Pamie gave a low moan and brushed her lips across it. Susan's eyes burned upon her daughter and two boys, her cunt starting to throb wetly all over. She slipped her hand down the back of her thigh, moving a fingertip to her swelling cunt. She stroked her cunt gently as she watched them, her excitement bubbling deep inside her stomach once more.

"Kiss it, Pamie," she hissed. "Kiss Billy's cock, baby."

Pamie looked at her mother from the corner of her sparkling eyes, pursed her lips, and kissed the tip of Billy's cock. She brought her other hand up, closing her fingers around the hard prick shaft, and then she was jacking both of them. Pamie rubbed her ass back and forth on the bench. While jacking her brothers' cocks, she kissed along the sides of Billy's, keeping Bob's piss hole pressed against her nipple.

Susan watched Pamie's pink, moist tongue slip from her lips and lick along the shaft of Billy's cock. Her own cunt bubbled wetly as her finger stroked up and down the hairy pussy lips.

Squeezing Bob's cock upon her firm tits, Pamie licked at Billy's cock until his prick glistened wetly, but not once did she take his cock into her mouth. She dipped her head and lapped slowly at Billy's hairless balls, and the low mewls of her pleasure drifted to Susan.

"Suck, baby," Susan murmured. "Suck him... take his balls in your mouth and suck them! Let me see you suck his beautiful balls, Pamie!"

Pamie hesitated a moment, glancing at her mother, her mouth opening. Susan saw Pamie take a deep breath, then pull Billy's balls between her lips.

"Oh, God!" Susan moaned, thrusting her finger into her boiling cunt, watching. "I'm getting so fucking hot, just watching you kids!"

"Oh, wow, Pamie!" Billy gasped, looking down. "You never done that before!"

His cock pressed along his sister's cheek, starting to drip.

"His cock, Pamie!" Susan groaned, finger fucking herself furiously. She opened her knees now, holding them very wide, leaning back on one hand and churning her uplifted ass in time to her fucking finger. "Take his cock in your mouth, Pamie! Suck his cock, darling! Let me see you suck your brother's hard cock!"

Pamie dropped his balls, looking at her mother. "I've never had it in my mouth, Mother. I've just licked it, that's all."

"Do it!" Susan almost screamed. "Suck his cock -- now!"

Pamie's small, naked body shook. Eyeing Billy's cock doubtfully, still jacking Bob's cock against her tit, she looked up at Billy. "You won't come in my mouth, Billy?"

He shook his bead.

Pamie stared at his dripping cock a moment, then parted her young lips.

Chapter SEVEN

"Suck!" Susan groaned.

Pamie leaned forward. She felt the smoothness of Billy's cock brush past her wet lips. She looked up into her brother's eyes as she slowly closed her mouth about the head of his cock. She held his prick there for a moment, her eyes almost showing fear. Almost, but not quite. They seemed to sparkle a moment longer, then turn glassy and dreamy. Her hand kept pumping on Bob's cock.

"Take it all the way in your hot little mouth, Pamie!" Susan urged. "Gobble his hard cock, darling... suck him! Oh, Pamie, let me see you suck Billy's cock! Please, darling, please! Ooooo, it makes my cunt so fucking wet, seebag his cock in your wet mouth!"

A shudder rippled through Pamie's small body, and she slowly moved her lips down her brother's cock. She felt his prick throbbing as his cock slipped along her tongue. She felt the heat of his prick. His cock seemed very large, almost too much for her young mouth. She rubbed her crotch faster on the bench, pulling and pushing on Bob's cock, rubbing the wet head from one sweet tit to the other. When the head of Billy's cock brushed against the back of her throat, she gagged for a moment. She still had almost half an inch to go and then Billy's cock would be all the way inside her mouth.

Susan saw her daughter open her lips, take a deep breath, and pull the remainder of her brother's cock into her mouth.

Pamie couldn't breathe. Billy's cock cut her air off as he pressed into her throat. But she shivered again and twisted her lips at the base of his cock. She slipped her hand between Billy's thighs, stroking his balls, cupping a cheek of his ass.

"Suck it, baby!" Susan urged, arching her crotch into her fingers. She now was fucking herself with all four fingers, gasping in erotic, voyeuristic delight. "Ooooo, suck his hard cock, Pamie... suck it! Fuck him with your pretty little face!"

"Mmmmmm," Pamie moaned as she drew her lips back, keeping her mouth tight. She slipped her lips off his cock, but thrust her tongue out, flicking it up and down on his piss hole, then circling.

"Like that, Mother?" she asked, her voice throaty in a childish way. "Is that the way?"

"Oh, yes!" Susan growled.

"Remember, Billy," Pamie said. "Don't come in my mouth."

"I won't," he promised.

Pamie sucked his cock back into her mouth, but she didn't take all this time. She darted her lovely little face back and forth, sucking, her creamy cheeks sinking inward as she pulled back, ballooning out as she went forward. She started slowly, allowing her mouth to become accustomed to the size. Billy's cock seemed so hard and thick, stretching her lips until she wondered if they would split. The fuck juices dripping out of his pies hole coated her tongue, and she swallowed a couple of times, finding the taste not bad at all. She beat her fist faster on Bob's cock, holding the head against her pink, hard nipple.

Susan began to make soft, sobbing sounds as she watched, her tongue racing about her lips hungrily. Her naked ass churned almost violently as she fucked her fingers in and out of her juicy cunt. She wanted to grab Bob and pull his cock into her cunt, fuck him frantically as she watched her daughter sucking Billy's cock. But at the same time she wanted to watch them, all three of them.

"Ooooo, suck it, suck it!" she whimpered. "Oh, honey, if I had a camera! You don't know what it's doing to me, watching you, your mouth stuffed with your brother's cock!"

She rammed her hairy cunt hard into her fingers, her orgasms bursting now. Her hairy cunt clutched her fingers, sucking them. Wails of ecstasy were bubbling from her mouth.

Pamie smashed her mouth back and forth, sucking faster, holding her lips and cheeks tight now, her tongue pressing Billy's cock against the roof of her mouth. Her pretty little, ass squirmed and twisted on the bench, her flat stomach quivering. Her fist beat very hard on Bob's cock, making his balls swing.

Billy, staring excitedly at his sister, thrilled by the wet heat of her mouth, placed a hand on top of her thrusting head, the cheeks of his ass tightening. His balls drew up and began to ache with the urgent need to empty. Arching his hips forward, he groaned. "Ooooo, Pamie! Suck my cock harder! Oh, wow, it's almost like your tight cunt!"

Pamie made whimpering sounds as her lips raced back and forth. She felt her brother's cock throbbing in a more powerful way, but she kept sucking. She jerked her fist swiftly on Bob's cock, and, with a yelp, Bob came.

Panic rammed her mouth hard onto Billy's cock as she felt the wet head of Bob's come juice spurt over her tit. She rubbed his spewing prick about her naked tit, smearing her tit with the creamy come juice.

Billy came.

Pamie's eyes popped wide as she jerked her mouth quickly off his cock. But it was too late. He had sent a hot, thick spurt of come juice flying over her tongue. She shoved his cock downward quickly, and began to jack his prick, making him finish coming on her other tit. She looked down at the two cocks spraying her tits, and her small ass shuddered as her cunt contracted and began coming.

"Come on my titties!" she wailed. "Come all over my titties!"

Susan, still coming, gazed with hot eyes, watching her two boys coming, drenching Pamie's sweet tits. The white fuck juice glistened in the lowering sun, and Pamie was squealing with delight, pumping their cocks, draining them.

When Bob and Billy pulled away, Pamie lifted her shoulders, thrusting her tits out, and she smeared the thick come juice about them, her expression showing the pleasure she had received.

Susan couldn't stand it any longer.

She pulled her daughter from the bench and laid her out on the deck. She leaned over and began to lick the come juice from those sweet, hard tits. Her tongue ran about the wet nipples, her lips sucking. She arched her naked ass into the air, waving her ass erotically. She growled like a starving animal as she licked the come juice from her daughter's tits, closing her hungry mouth about a firm nipple and sucking deeply. She could almost get all of Pamie's small tit into her mouth. As she sucked and licked at both tits, her hand raced down and cupped Pamie's almost-hairless cunt. The heat burned at her palm as she rubbed swiftly, her hand going up and down the very wet pussy slit and rubbery clit.

Once she had licked all the come juice from Pamie's titties, Susan licked her way downward, her tongue swirling hotly and eagerly. She flicked the tip of her tongue against her daughter's knotted clit, causing Pamie to squeal and shove her pussy upward. Susan rammed her tongue deeply into her daughter's cunt, fucking it in and out, tasting the sugary fuck juices, swallowing, and going for more. Her hands moved up and down the little girl's slim thighs, underneath to clutch Pamie's tight little ass.

"Ohhhh, Mother!" Pamie squealed, pressing her hands at the back of Susan's head, grinding her cunt tight and hot at her mother's licking, sucking mouth. She lifted her long, slender legs and closed her hot thighs tightly about her mother's face. She banged her juicy cunt up and down, humping at Susan's mouth and tongue. "Ooooo, suck me, Mother! Oh, fuck me with your tongue, Mother! Gaily, my cunt is so fucking hot and wet! Eat my pussy, Mother! Shove your tongue real deep! Oh, it feels almost like a cock... fucking me!"

Bob and Billy watched. Seeing their mother's naked and very shapely ass lifted into the hair, twisting in tight circles, made them giggle in nervous desire.

Susan gasped body as she smeared her open lips into her daughter's cunt, sucking, licking, eating hungrily. She clung to Pamie's small shaking ass, her nose pressing into the pink crinkle of that tight asshole.

Susan didn't even realize when she swung her legs over her daughter's head. She didn't know what she was doing. The only thought in her head was sucking at this sugary, wet cunt. She tried to press her tongue deep, her lips sucking on the puffy cunt lips.

Pamie, grinding furiously into her mother's face, found herself staring into her mother's hairy cunt. It was only an inch or so from her faces and her mom's pussy was very wet. The spreading cheeks of her mother's ass caught her eye, and she stared hard at the puckered asshole. Sliding her hands up her mother's thighs, Pamie cupped those creamy asscheeks. With her small hips thrashing up and down into her mother's face, Pamie suddenly pulled, bringing her mother's cunt against her mouth. She moaned as the heat of Susan's hairy cunt surrounded her. Gripping her mother's ass tightly, Pamie shot her tongue out, sliding it into her mother's bubbling cunt.

Susan groaned when she felt her daughter's tongue pump into her pussy, and she began to twist her cunt into Pamie's face. She hunched up and down as if she were riding a hard cock.

Bob and Billy stood over them, watching with steamy eyes. Neither had ever seen anything this wild before. They gripped their cocks hard, eyes huge, mouths open. They looked down into their sister's face, seeing the curls of their mother's cunt cover it almost completely.

"They're eating each other!" Billy gasped.

"They sure as hell are," Bob replied.

Mother and daughter heard them, but kept sucking and licking in a frenzy at each other's twitching, juicy cunt. They were much too involved in this activity to reply to the boys. Susan's face was smeared by the slippery fuck juices of her daughter's cunt, and the more she licked and sucked, the more she wanted. She wiggled her crotch into Pamie's face, sliding around until Pamie's face, too, was coated by the hot juices of her pussy.

Pamie began to bang her cunt up and down, smashing at her mother's sucking mouth. Susan held her daughter's small ass tightly, shoving her tongue past those sweet, tight cunt lips. When Pamie came, Susan's tongue was deep. Susan sobbed with delight when she felt Pamie's cunt clutching at her tongue, felt the waving action of her daughter's cunt in orgasm. She smashed her own pussy down into Pamie's face, twisting hard and fast, her own orgasm flowing through her body in deliciously ecstatic contractions.

Pamie felt her mother's cunt explode into her face, and a small groan came from her, muffled because her mouth seemed full of cunt and delicious fuck juices.

With a final shudder, Susan rolled from her daughter's shaking body. She lay with her arms and legs wide, gasping for air. She could hear Pamie panting, and moved her hand along her daughter's creamy thigh in a loving caress.

"You'd do anything, wouldn't you, Mom?" Bob said, squatting at her side.

"I would," she replied, shoving her hand underneath his ass and playing with his dangling balls. Her mouth spread in a wide smile. "You don't know it -- all of you -- but you have one fucking hot-assed mother."

Pamie sat up, giggling in a naughty manner. "I sucked your cunt, Mother," she whispered, almost in awe. "I really licked your pussy."

"And wonderfully, too," Susan murmured. "I never done anything like that before," Pamie whispered, surprised at herself. "Not even had a cock in my mouth, and now look at me!"

"Oh, I'm looking at you, all right," Susan said. "I'm looking at all of you, every sweet inch of you, and the boys, too."

"I've been home from school about two hours," Pamie said, "and I've sucked a cock and a cunt!"

"And been fucked, don't forget that," Susan laughed, sitting up, but keeping hold of Bob's balls.

"I get fucked a lot, Mother," Pamie giggled. "I get fucked every day, often two or three times." She grabbed Billy by his cock. "They stay so hard, and when they're hard, they want to fuck me, and nothing I say will make them wait."

"Look who's talking," Bob said.

"Well," Pamie said, a faint flush on her face, "maybe I do start it."

"Start it, hell," Billy laughed. "You won't leave us alone, Pamie."

Susan laughed, looking at her children. "Do you want her to leave you alone?"

"No!" both boys said at the same time.

"That's what I thought," Susan laughed, and slipped into the hot tub. "You know, this house is perfect."

"Why?" Bob asked.

"Because there's no one else around. See?" She waved her hand about. "Nothing but trees and the valley. We can be naked out here anytime we want, fuck all we want, right in the sunshine, and no one can ever see us."

"I never thought of it that way," Pamie said, looking out over the valley. "But you're right."

Susan dipped her head under the water, washing the cunt juices from her face. When she surfaced, she asked if one of them would bring her glass of iced tea.

"I will, Mother," Pamie said, jumping to her feet.

Susan watched her daughter go, seeing that small, but so-shapely ass. Pamie had a natural swing to her cute ass that was enticing. Susan wondered how many hard-ons that pretty ass had caused, how many dreams of fucking her ass had created.

Bob and Billy both squatted, facing their mother. She looked at them, seeing those lovely cocks and young, precious balls dangling. "Pamie has never let you two... come in her cunt?"

Both shook their heads. "She lets us come on her titties, though," Billy said. "She likes that."

"Pamie thinks it's the same as piss," Bob said.

"Well, then," Susan replied, a smile coining across her face, "I guess we'll just have to show her the difference. She doesn't know what she's missing."

When Pamie came from the house, carrying a tall frosted glass of tea, Susan was playing with hot two sons' balls, a pair in each hand.

"You can't do anything without me here," Pamie giggled as she handed the tea to her mother. "I don't want to miss the fun, you know."

"Are you always so fucking hot, darling?"

Susan grinned.

Pamie nodded her head, blue eyes shining. Susan sipped her tea, ideas forming in her mind. She didn't want her daughter missing out of the best part of fucking or sucking. Susan loved the feel of come juice spattering into her cunt or her mouth. But she knew many other girls didn't enjoy jizz as much as she did. Some girls, she knew, found it distasteful for a cock to come, especially in their mouths.

But, if Pamie didn't want it that way, who was she to try changing her daughter's mind? Pamie had every right to enjoy cock in her own way. But her daughter had licked and sucked her cunt eagerly, even tasting and swallowing the fuck juices. Susan felt cunt juice wasn't that much different than come juice out of a boy's balls.

"Pamie," she said slowly, "what did you think when Billy came in your mouth?"

"He couldn't help it, Mother," Pamie said.

"I know, but what did you think when it happened?"

"It surprised me."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, kinda," Pamie said. "I jerked back real fast because I was surprised."

"I love it when a hard cock lets go in my mouth," Susan softly. "It makes me come every time."

"Really?" Susan nodded. "A girl can do so much with her mouth, but she has to enjoy, make it good for the boy, too. Boys can tell when a girl loves to suck cock."

"So they can come, huh?" Pamie said.

"You know how you feel when you come? The urge to push is almost unbearable. Well, it's the same with a boy. That's why they don't like it when a girl moves her mouth away just as they come."

"I didn't think about that," Pamie said.

"If you want to be a good piece of ass, baby," Susan said, "you've got to get into all kinds of fucking, and that means letting the boy come in your mouth, or your cunt, wherever his cock happens to be."

"It's obvious you're into it, Mother," Billy said.

She set her glass of tea down, running her hands under Bob's and Billy's squatting asses. She slipped her fingers to their assholes, rubbing gently, then dragging her hand up and clutching their balls a moment. Taking a cock in each hand, she murmured, "Want to see just how deep I am into this thing?"

All three nodded their heads.

"I'll show you, but if any one of you laughs or makes a shitty remark, that's it." Susan squeezed her son's cocks hard. "You'll just have to leave me out of it from now on. Because this is one woman that won't draw any lines."

"Show us what you're talking about," Pamie said.

"I'm going to show you, especially, darling." Susan grinned at her daughter. "If you're going to really enjoy fucking, you've got to go along with every thing."

"Show us!" Pamie said, rubbing at her own cunt.

Susan looked at the two cocks she had in her hand. A shiver passed over her naked flesh. She had done this only once before, with her husband. But that one time had been enough to tell her she wanted more of it. As she told her sons and daughter, she was into it all.

"Stand up, both of you," she said, her voice very husky with anticipation. "Stand up and face me."

They stood, their beautiful young cocks hanging down. Susan ran her tongue over her lips, knowing this time it was going to be different. She wasn't ashamed of her desires.

"Piss on me," she whispered.

"Huh?" Bob gasped.

"Just do it," Susan said huskily. "Piss on me... piss right in my face!"

"If you say so, Mother," Billy giggled, holding his cock, arching his hips forward. "You wanna get pissed on, then I'm gonna piss on you!"

The golden stream spurted from his pies hole. It splashed against Susan's shoulder, and he adjusted his cock. Susan began moaning as the hot pus struck her face. Then Bob was pining into her face, too. She cupped her tits and lifted them to the golden heat.

"The same as having them came on your titties, Pamie," she said.

"Golly!" Pamie squealed.

"Pies! Oh, piss in my fucking face!" Susan groaned, turning her face into the twin streams. "Ooooo, it makes my cunt nice and hot!"

As the piss rained into her face, Susan then did what she wished she had done with her husband that time.

She opened her mouth.

Pamie's eyes widened, watching her mother take the piss into her mouth until it flowed from her lips.

With a squeal, Pamie came.

Chapter EIGHT

"No one has to go to school today," Susan said as she watched them eating breakfast.

"No school?" Billy asked.

"I have plans for us," Susan said, smiling at them. She wore a floor-length gown, but it concealed nothing. It was very sheer, and her slim, exciting body was clearly exposed through it. Her tits swelled against it, her nipples a dark pink and straining hard. She stood at the sink, leaning against it, her boys and Pamie at the small kitchen table.

Bob and Billy were dressed, in their usual jeans and tank tops. Pamie still had her shorty baby-doll gown on. She had washed and combed her blonde hair, though, putting it up in twin pig tails, something that made her look very young.

"What kind of plans, Mom?" Bob asked. "I thought we'd all take a walk in the woods."

"Aw, Mother," Pamie frowned. "That's no fun. We walk there all the time."

"Especially on week-ends, huh?" Bob laughed, looking at his sister. "Pamie loves to walk in the woods on week-ends."

"That's because she gets fucked there," Billy said.

"Oh, is that right?" Susan asked. "By whom, you two?"

"Among others," Bob said.

"Bob," Pamie said. "Do you have to tell everything?"

"Mother, there's a place in the woods that's been fixed up," Billy saw. "It's sort of a meeting place. A couple of the kids go there and fuck. None of us wanna get caught, so we've fixed this secret place up."

"Would you show it to me?" Susan asked.

"Sure," Bob replied, finishing his breakfast.

"Pamie, get dressed," Susan said, wiggling her hips. "This I want to see."

"You won't ever tell about it, Mother?" Pamie wanted to know. "If the others knew you knew, they might not come back there."

"Never! Cross my heart," Susan said, and cupped her left tit. "Or at least squeeze my tit!"

Pamie skipped to her room, the hem of her baby-doll gown flipping about, showing her cute ass.

"I guess I better put something on, too. We don't need anyone seeing me wearing this," Susan said, removing her gown where she stood. "Now, don't you two get any ideas about fucking me here in the kitchen. Just don't get a hard-on, or we might not take that walk."

Leaving the gown on the floor, she shook her ass at them as she went to dress. She chose a man's shirt, tying the tails beneath her otherwise naked tits. She didn't button it, but allowed the creamy flesh to show. She then pulled on a pair of old, faded cut-offs, a pair that used to excite her husband. The raggedy fringe of the legs was cut very high, exposing the cheeks of her ass. It was not anything she dared wear away from the house, but there was no one to see but her boys and daughter, and she wanted them to stay in a constant state of hominess.

Susan adjusted the crotch so a great deal of her cunt hair stood out, then she found the others ready. The boys, already dressed, held their sister's hands. She had put on a very thin cotton blouse and a pleated skirt.

"Pamie's ready," Billy said, lifting his sister's skirt. She was naked beneath it.

"Sure she is," Susan laughed. "Ready to fuck."

"That's a nice outfit, Mom," Bob said, looking her up and down.

"I have to make sure you keep a hard-on, don't I?" she replied and rolled her hips, jerking her crotch toward them.

They left, taking a small trail through the woods. When they could no longer see out over the valley, they led her onto another trail, a trail she had never noticed before.

"You walk in front, Mother," Billy said. "You can't miss it now."

"Why should I lead the way?"

"Because we wanna see your ass," Bob said.

"By all means," Susan chuckled and stepped ahead of them. She swung her ass sexily, now and then running a hand over her ass, pulling the cut-offs into the crack of her ass. When she looked back, her eyes glittered, pleased to see their cocks out of their pants, both very hard. Pamie had opened her thin blouse, her perky hard tits now showing. She lifted the front of her skirt and tucked it at her waist, her golden, fuzzy cunt showing.

Taking their lead, Susan untied her shirt and let it flap about her tits.

A few minutes later, she came to a small clearing. There warn an old mattress there, with a lean-to made from branches covering it. The residue of a camp fire with soda cans in the ashes there.

"This is it, Mother," Pamie said.

There were a pair of panties on the mattress. "There they are," Pamie said. "I wondered what had happened to them."

"Your panties, honey?" Susan asked, amusement in her eyes. "I've fucked in cars, on the beach, in parks, and once in a men's restroom, but I've never lost my panties. Maybe you should just stop wearing them altogether."

Susan looked about, excited to be in this place where her children held their little orgies, if they did have such a thing.

"How many of you school kids come here to fuck?"

"Maybe all, I don't know," Pamie said. "But we've been here with four, two boys and two girls."

"That's one girl short," Susan said.

"Maybe you'll volunteer, Mom," Bob said, moving to his mother and stroking her naked tit.

"I just might do that," Susan whispered, feeling her cunt responding. "Do you think the others would want a grown woman like me here?"

"They'd all go ape shit over you, Mother," Billy said, grasping his cock. "You're the best fuck of all."

"Not better than me," Pamie said.

"Yes, she is," Billy retorted. "You don't let us come in your cunt or mouth, and Mother does. She even wants us to piss on her."

Bob was sucking at his mother's tit, sliding his hand along her inner thigh toward her pussy. Susan opened her legs, standing straddle-legged for him. Pamie shoved Billy's cock from his hand, grabbing his cock herself.

"Oh, is that right, you asshole?" She grinned very lewdly. "I'll have you know that whatever Mother does, I can do, too."

"You're going to have to prove that, Pamie," Susan said, jerking on Bob's cock as she sucked her tit, his fingers now inside the leg of her cut-offs.

"Right here?" Pamie asked.

"Anything wrong with here? You've been fucking here enough, haven't you?"

Pamie squeezed Billy's cock, watching her mother and other brother. "I want them both at the same time, then," she said. "Of course," Susan agreed, grinning at her daughter. "You would for your first time. Nothing like going for it all the way, huh?"

"But, Mother, what about you? Don't you want to fuck, too?"

"I always want to fuck, but since this is your first time to let them come in you, I'd love to just watch."

Pamie squealed, dragging Billy toward the mattress by his cock. She went to her knees and began undressing him. When his cock brushed her face, she kissed his prick, and, as his jeans fell, she closed her mouth around his cock and sucked a moment, her pig tails waving. She clutched Billy by his ass, and pulled his cock deep into her mouth, not choking this time.

"You better get over there, Bob," Susan said, slapping his ass. "The way your sister is sucking Billy's cock, it might be over before she gets both of you in her."

Pamie sucked away from Billy's cock as Bob approached. She closed her fingers about Bob's cock, jerking. "I don't know who to suck and who to fuck," she said.

Bob slipped to his knees, sitting on his heels, his cock rearing up in full hardness. "Suck this," he said.

"Okay," Pamie mewled, dropping down and leaning over his lap, taking the swollen cock head between her lips. She stretched her body out on the mattress, her pretty face bobbing up and down her brother's cock. She wiggled her ass, and Billy went to his knees. He turned his sister's body until she was on her side, but Pamie kept sucking Bob's cock. Billy shoved his sister's dress to her waist, lifting one leg high.

Susan squatted in the grass, her eyes straining as she watched them. Billy pressed his cock to his sister's cunt, holding her leg high, revealing her pink and sugary cunt. Susan watched him slide his cock into her daughter's cunt, listened to the moan of pleasure Pamie made around Bob's cock.

Pamie looked so beautiful, she thought, her perky tits exposed, her mouth filled with Bob's cock, her other brother fucking his cock into her cunt. Susan could see it all, everything. She gasped in pleasure when Billy began fucking Pamie, and Pamie's tight mouth moved up and down Bob's cock. She was lying on her side, facing her mother, taking a hard cock into her fuzzy little cunt and a hard cock into her young mouth.

"That's wonderful," Susan hissed, her eyes bright. She opened her knees as she squatted, seeing all three were looking between them. "Fuck her hot little cunt, Billy! Oooo, Pamie suck that cock hard!"

The heavy breathing seemed loud in the stillness of the woods, exciting Susan very much. Although Pamie didn't seem able to move her body much, she managed to hump her pretty ass in time with Billy's fucking cock. Those pink pussy lips looked very stretched, as if they sucked on Billy's cock. Her lovely face bounced up and down, her lips gripping Bob's cock. She moved a hand up and clutched at Bob's heavy balls, making squealing sounds of intense pleasure.

"You're going to suck that cock off, Pamie," Susan was whispering. "You're going to suck it off and taste that wonderful come juice! You're going to swallow it, and Billy is going to come in your tight little cunt!"

"Mmmmmm!" Pamie grunted a reply, her pig tails waving as her head bobbed up and down on the throbbing prick of her brother.

"Let us see your cunt, Mom!" Bob grunted, feeling his sister's hot mouth gripping his cock. "We wanna look at your pussy!"

"Oh, yes," Susan gurgled, pulling the crotch of her cut-offs away from her boiling cunt. "Look at my cunt! Look at me!"

Panic, lying on her side, her mouth stuffed by Bob's cock, her eyes looking hot and dreamy, was erotically beautiful to Susan. That slim leg lifted almost to Billy's shoulder, the sweetness of her young cunt stretched about his plunging cock, excited Susan more than anything in her life. She could see precious balls moving slightly, see Pamie's young mouth sucking hungrily, hear her soft mewls of pleasure, watch her glistening cunt taking Billy's cock. Her own cunt was so very hot, throbbing very near to orgasm.

Being seen in her obscene squatting position, watching them at the same time, gave Susan an intense erotic sensation. Being in the very spot where they came to fuck and suck with a couple of others increased Susan's pleasure. Her almost-insane erotic desires were becoming a part of her everyday life, just as she had wished for years. The fact that she was fucking around with her daughter and two sons made it more perverse. And Susan hungered for the perverse, the more the better.

Pamie's almost-naked body was so beautiful. Her hard tits looked extremely swollen to Susan, with those cotton candy nipples so stiff in hardness. Susan stood and opened her shorts, her eyes glazed in passion, watching Bob and Billy fucking their cocks into their sister's cunt and mouth. Squealing and moaning, Susan shoved her shorts to her knees and squatted again.

"Ooooo, Pamie, Pamie?" she hissed. "Suck Bob's cock, baby? It looks so fucking good! Lick that hard prick, suck it down your throat! Billy, fuck her cunt! Oh, baby, fuck your sister's hot little twat, her snatch, her pussy! Two beautiful hard cocks... a tight, wet, hot cunt!"

Susan thrust her shoulders back, arching her tits out as she ran a hand beneath her ass, her fingers stroking the pucker of her asshole, her other hand sliding through the curls of her cunt hair. She thrust a finger into her pussy and gave a short, quick groan as she fucked a finger up her asshole. She started finger fucking herself in the cunt and asshole at the same time, her eyes glassy as she watched the intense ecstasy her daughter was experiencing.

Pamie gripped Bob's balls in her small hand, mewling as he began to lift his cock, fucking her between her hot, stretched lips. Her other hand tried to reach Billy's full balls, but failed. She settled, instead, upon rubbing at her distended clit while he fucked her. Her small body shook and trembled.

"I'm almost ready!" Billy groaned, ramming his cock deep into his sister's snapping cunt. "I'm gonna come in your wet pussy, Pamie! Oh, I'm gonna give your hot cunt a real load!"

He lifted his head, clutching her uplifted leg, his eyes shut. His face twisted into an agonized grimace of almost-unbearable ecstasy. Pamie rammed her ass back against him, moaning around Bob's cock. Her cunt was contracting in a visible way, her organ growing tighter than ever. Her flat stomach was trembling, and she wanted to scream out her ecstasy, but her mouth was filled by Bob's hard, throbbing cock.

Bob's balls, in her hot hand, felt hard and full. She was coming so deliciously she didn't have any thought to what that meant. Her mind was spinning by the time Billy's cock unleashed a spraying stream of thick come juice. Through the erotic fog in her mind, she felt him cowing inside her curd, felt the heat of his come juice splashing at the sensitive softness of her cunt walls.

Her cunt in tight, boiling convulsions, squeezing and sucking at Billy's squirting cock, Pamie began to suck as hard and fast as she could, feeling uncoordinated. Her head didn't seem to work in conjunction with her jerking ass. Her tongue licked in a swirl of greedy hunger about Bob's cock, her tight lips racing up and down the prick shaft. She dug her hand into his tight balls, twisting them.

"Pamie!" Bob shouted. "Don't move! Keep sucking! Ooooo, suck as fast as you can! My balls... my balls hurt! My cock can't stand much more! Ohhh, Pamie, I gotta come!"

Pamie's face fucked up and down. She heard Bob shouting, but with the exploding orgasms in her cunt, feeling the spraying come juice from Billy's cock, the words made little sense.

Then Bob came.

Even as the creamy, hot come juice gushed into her mouth, Pamie didn't seem to understand. Her slim throat worked as she swallowed, her eyes bulging now. The come juice spurting from Bob's cock burned at her throat, gushed over her tongue. She groaned, both cocks coming with throbbing squirts into her mouth and cunt together. She raced her lips up on Bob's cock, squeezing about his swollen prick head. Her tongue raced frantically across his spewing piss hole, tasting.

Swan, fucking her fingers up her cunt and asshole in matching rhythm, watched her daughter, seeing those cocks coining into her shaking body. She had already came half a dozen times by the use of her fingers, but Susan knew she would have come without them. She would have come just by watching them.

"Ooooo, come!" Susan urged, her voice low and thick. "Come in her hot fucking cunt, Billy! Bob, give your sister that delicious, thick, hot come juice! Suck him, Pamie! Suck his come juice down your hot, cock sucking throat! Eat that cock... fuck that cock! Ohhhhh, shit, shit... I'm coming so fucking hard!"

Both Bob and Billy had finished coming and were gasping with exhaustion. Pamie lay there, with Billy still holding her leg near his shoulders, across his chest. Pamie's nearly naked body didn't want to stop trembling. The tip of Bob's cock rested against her glistening lips.

Susan, still squatting, hung her head and pulled her fingers out of her cunt and asshole.

For perhaps five minutes, they rested, panting with soft moans, the only sounds in the woods except for birds in the frees. Finally Pamie stirred. She lifted herself on her elbows and gazed at Bob's cock wonderingly. She felt Billy's cock resting on the inside of her thigh, near her pulsing cunt.

"I sucked it off," she whispered, almost in awe. "I really did! You came in my mouth, Bob!" She wiggled, dipped her face, and stroked her tongue along the wetness of his cock, into his balls. Then she sat up, crossing her legs in front of her. "Mother, they came in me. And you know what?"

Susan lifted her sparkling eyes, a grin on her face.

"I loved it!" Pamie squealed. "I'm gonna make them come in me all the time from now on. Ooooo, golly, it felt so good, feeling their cocks come in my cunt and mouth! I think I can learn to love sucking a cock off. It really tastes good, Mother. Kinda thick, but hot and sweet. I think I'm gonna be a cocksucker when I grow up!" She burst into peals of naughty laughter.

"You're already a cocksucker," Susan said, enjoying the expression on her daughter's face, the things she said. "If you suck one cock off, that makes you cocksucker."

"I am!" Pamie giggled. "I wanna be the best fucking cocksucker in the whole world!"

"What about you, Mom?" Bob asked. "I'm a cocksucker, too." She flashed her son a huge smile. "You know that already."

"I mean," he said, looking between her legs, "don't you want some cock, too?"

"You better believe that." Susan stood up, drawing her cut-offs up, buttoning them. "But back at the house."

Chapter NINE

On the walk back to the house, Bob and Billy, carrying their pants, were naked from the waist down. It was very exciting to be walking with them through the woods that way. Susan clung to Billy's cock, and Pamie clutched at Bob's prick as they walked slowly. Without any agreement between them, she and her daughter would change cocks. Pamie's skirt, of course covered her slim hips and saucy ass. But Susan's cut-offs kept the cheeks of her ass on display. She walked ahead of Pamie and Billy, and she loved the way one of them would cup her ass now and then.

They were halfway home when Susan paused. She squatted in the trail, taking Bob's cock into her mouth. She sucked him awhile, then licked at his balls. Pamie pulled Billy's cock to her, and Susan sucked it.

"Turn around," she hissed at Billy, twisting his hips. When he had his back to her, she began to lick and kiss at the cheeks of his ass.

Pamie giggled in her childishly naughty way.

"Lean over," Susan said.

Billy leaned and gave a yelp when his mother ran her tongue into the crack of his ass. Pamie leaned down, watching her mother with big, hot eyes. Susan lapped up and down the crack of Billy's ass, licking at his tight asshole and breathing noisily.

"Do that to me, Mom!" Bob said, arching his ass to his mother's face.

Susan shoved her face into Bob's ass, licking swiftly about his asshole. Pamie squealed and grasped Bob's cock, jerking.

"Let's make them come again, Mother," she said. "We'll make them come in our mouths!"

"Mmmm, that would be nice," Susan replied, pulling her face back, "but I want them nice and hard when we get home. I've got plans for their hard cocks."

Still squatting, she saw her daughter lift her skirt. Her golden little cunt was seeping, and the come juice from Billy's cock smeared her inner thighs.

"Open your legs, baby," Susan mewled, pressing her mouth between them. She licked the come juice from her daughter's parted thighs and clipped her tongue into the tight, hot cunt a few times. Pamie gurgled and grabbed the back of her mother's head, wiggling her crotch in circles.

"Enough," Susan murmured, kissing into the silky fuzz at her daughter's cunt. "I've got to piss now."

She pulled the crotch of her cut-offs to one side, and pissed there on the trail. The two boys and Pamie watched, laughing, but not in a nasty way. They laughed because it excited them to see their mother piss. Susan saw Billy take his cock, arching his hips forward.

"No, don't pin," she said. "Hold it in until we get home, baby."

"You really do have plans, don't you, Mom?" Bob asked.

Susan squirted the last of her golden piss, then stood up. She didn't adjust her cut-offs, but allowed her cunt to show.

"I certainly do," she grinned wantonly, taking his cock in her hand again.

They finished their lunch after they got home. Susan moved her hands under the table and felt their cocks. They were both very hard again.

She smiled and stood up. With them watching her, she peeled out of her shirt and shorts.

"I'm about ready," she said softly, twisting her hips and running her hands through the thick curls of her cunt. "I hope I'm not disappointed."

"Disappointed by what?" Pamie asked.

"Come into the living room, Pamie, it's your turn to watch, if you want. I'm going to fuck them now."

They entered the living room, and Susan gazed at the hard cocks with shivering anticipation. Her cunt was already bubbling and very wet. Her tits thrust out, nipples hard with erotic expectation.

She had Bob got on the floor and lie on his back, his cock lifting up, throbbing with hardness. Pamie couldn't resist and dropped to her knees. Her small mouth closed about the swollen, seeping cock head.

"That's mine, Pamie," Susan grunted. "You've had your turn. That hard-on belongs to me this time."

Panic lifted her face, giggled, and swung her leg over Bob's hips. She jerked her skirt to her waist, and with a moan, rammed her cunt down onto Bob's cock.

Susan stood and watched for only a moment, then said: "Come on, greedy. Give my cunt a chance, okay?"

Pamie bounced wildly on her brother's cock, ignoring her mother. She slammed down, Bob's cock buried completely up her hot pussy, and shuddered. She wiggled her ass, squealing. "I'm coming! Ooooo, nice!" She lifted up, grinning at her mother. "I couldn't help it, Mother. Every time I see his, or Billy's cock standing up that way I have to fuck it."

"At least you left it hard for me," Susan replied, letting her daughter know she wasn't pissed.

She walked straddle-legged up Bob's legs, then squatted down. Holding his cock, she rubbed his prick about her cunt, dragging his cock from her inflamed clit, along the slit, and about her asshole.

"Ooooo," she hissed as her ass lowered, the head of his cock splitting the hairy lips of her fiery cunt. "It feels so good, right at first. But it gets better after it's in me."

She sat upright on her son a moment or so, grinding her crotch on his cock. Leaning over him, she smashed her naked tits against his young chest, spreading her long, slim thighs about his. She pumped her ass up and down, fucking him, mewling as the sensations between her thighs increased to almost pure ecstacy.

Pamie and Billy stood over them watching their mother's ass pump and clench. Pamie was gripping her brother's cock as hard as she could, her eyes enormous. Billy was digging his fingers into his sister's tight ass, breathing heavily as he watched his mother fucking Bob so swiftly.

"Oh... oh... ohhh!" Susan moaned, her ass flying up and down, grinding hard. "Ooo, you're so fucking hard, Bob! I love your hard cock. I'm fucking you, baby! Mother is fucking the piss out of your hard cock. My pussy, my cunt... it's on fire! It's so hungry for cock, hard cock!"

With a soft scream, she slammed her cunt down hard, her shapely ass twisting. "I'm coming!" she screamed. "Ohhh, I'm coming so fucking hard?"

Bob grabbed the cheeks of his mother's ass, digging into them harshly as her cunt sucked and gripped and chewed on his cock. As her orgasm cooled, she stopped trembling. Bob's cock was still as hard as ever. That pleased her. She had not intended for him to come, nor had she intended to fuck him as she had. But, like her daughter, once his cock was up her cunt, she couldn't resist.

"That was wonderful," she hissed softly. "Sometimes I come when a cock first goes up my cunt."

She lifted her ass slightly, but not high enough to lose her son's cock.

"Spread my ass, Bob," she said. "Pull the cheeks of my ass wide... show my asshole."

As Bob pulled her asscheeks wide open, her asshole clenched deliciously.

"You see that asshole, Billy?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at him.

"Yeah!" Billy groaned.

"Shove your cock up it!"

"Do what?"

"Fuck me in the ass!" Susan moaned, wiggling her ass but making sure Bob's cock didn't slip from her cunt. "I want you to fuck me in the ass, but while Bob fucks my cunt, toot I want both of you fucking me... one in my hot asshole, one in my wet cunt!"

"Oh, golly!" Pamie squealed. "Won't that hurt, Mother?"

"I don't give a shit!" Susan wailed. "It's what I want, and I can take it! Come on, Billy, ram your cock up my hot asshole! Bob's cock is throbbing and I don't want him coming off until both of you are fucking me together! Now, hurry!"

Billy straddled the back of his mother's thighs, watching her asshole puckering. Pamie dropped to her knees and took hold of his cock. She pulled it to her mother's asshole, brushing the seeping piss hole up and down. Susan made a hissing sound as she felt the smooth prick head burn upon her asshole.

"Up my ass, Billy!" she shouted with erotic pleasure. "Shove it up Mother's asshole! Just ram it in, don't fuck around! Fuck me!"

Pamie pulled her hand off Billy's cock, resting her palm on the cheek of her mother's ass, her eyes huge as she watched. Billy pressed forward and saw his mother's asshole sink inward from the pressure.

"Do it fast!" Susan groaned.

Billy took in a deep gasping hiss of air and lunged.

"Ooowwww!" Susan screamed as her son's cock sliced up her asshole. "Owww, shit, it hurts! But don't stop! Oh, God... don't you dare stop now!"

Her body shook as the pain in her ass turned to pleasure. She felt Bob's cock lurching and throbbing inside her grasping cunt, and the hardness of Billy's cock very deep up her asshole. She was crushed between her sans now, and could hardly move. She felt impossibly full of cock, stuffed beyond comprehension. Her asshole burned as if someone had set it on fire, but it was a sweet, delicious fire. Until now, the largest thing she had had up her ass was a finger. Billy's cock felt enormous, stretching her tender asshole.

"Fuck me!" she screamed urgently. "Fuck me, both of you... fuck my cunt... fuck my asshole! Oooo, fuck me good and hard!"

Bob had some difficulty fucking his mother's cunt, but Susan held her ass up, giving him room to thrust up and down, at the same time making it easier for Billy to fuck her asshole. She thrilled to the buffeting of those hard cocks, smashing into her cunt and ass. Every erotic nerve of her naked body was screaming with ecstasy.

She felt her breath driven from her lungs as they fucked eagerly into her. She felt as if her body was being split, from cunt and asshole, but the sensations were erotic, deliciously so. She wiggled her hips as best she could, feeling her boys fuck those hard cocks into her cunt and asshole at the same time, then pull back together, only to lunge inward again. Billy leaned over her back, getting his hands between his brother's chest and her tits. When he squeezed them, fucking his cock up her asshole with force, Susan almost came then and there. Bob kept holding her asscheeks, keeping them stretched for his brother.

Pamie was dancing about excitedly, almost tearing her blouse and skirt in her effort to get them off. She was squealing and clutching her bubbling sweet cunt with both hands, trying to find someplace to shove it. With her eyes rolling in a glazed, unfocused way, Susan saw her daughter rubbing furiously at her own cunt.

"Shove it in my face, Pamie!" she groaned, the words separated by the powerful thrusts of the two cocks into her body. "Shove your cunt in Mother's face! I'll suck it for you! I'll tongue-fuck your sugary cunt... while they fuck my cunt and asshole raw! Give it to me Pamie! Smash your wet pussy in my cunt licking face!"

Pamie squatted, squirming her hips beneath her mother's face. She settled her perky, smooth ass into Bob's face, and spread her slender thighs wide. Leaning back on her hands, she twisted her wet, almost-hairless, cunt, into her mother's mouth.

"Mmmm!" Susan gurgled, and began to lick and suck at the slippery heat of her daughter's cunt.

Bob started kissing and licking at his sister's creamy, tight ass. Pamie squealed with hot pleasure. "Oooo, Mother, Bob is licking my ass! He's kissing my ass!"

"And I'm sucking your cunt," Susan mewled with her lips touching at those candied cunt lips lightly. "Suck her hot little ass with your tongue! And, ohhh, keep fucking me, both of you!"

Pamie gurgled as she felt her brother's tongue sliding into the crack of her ass, licking the pucker of her asshole. She felt her mother's tongue dip in and out of her tight, fiery cunt. Her arms trembled as they held her weight up. She looked into her mother's eyes, but Susan couldn't see. Her eyes were vacant except for the erotic heat in them. She opened her mouth and sucked hard, drawing the creamy cunt juices in, swallowing, sliding her tongue deeper for more. She felt her daughter's knotted clit smash at her upper lip.

"Eat her pussy, Mother!" Susan heard Billy behind her. "Eat her cunt!"

"I am, I am!" she hissed.

Susan managed to draw one of Billy's hands from her tits, and thrust one of his fingers into Pamie's bubbling cunt. Billy finger fucked his sister, and, when his mother pulled his finger out and began to suck it, he laughed huskily. Susan purred, panting from the buffeting of the cocks fucking into her cunt and asshole.

She buried her face into her daughter's cunt again, her tongue licking up and down the sweet, wet heated pussy silt. She twirled her tongue about Pamie's knotted clit then began sucking as if Pamie's cunt was a tiny pricks Susan's cunt erupted in wild, flaming orgasms, grabbing at Bob's cock very hard. As she came, she was sure her asshole was convulsing, too. She was certain that her naked body, captured between those beautiful cocks, was more than one huge ecstatic orgasm. She sucked hard at Pamie's juicy cunt, swallowing with gulping, wet sounds. Even the power of her multiple orgasms wasn't enough. The more she came, the more she wanted.

"Eat my pussy, Mother!" Pamie squealed, grinding her cunt frantically against Susan's lips. "Oooo, Bob is shoving his tongue up my ass, Mother! Golly, he's fucking me in the ass with his tongue! I like it, love it! Suck my pussy... fuck my ass! Golly, golly, I'm going to come, Mother! My cunt is... my pussy is... ooooo, I'm going to come in your fucking mouth, Mother!"

Billy was again squeezing at her tits, sending a fiery pleasure-pain through them, fucking his cock in and out of her asshole in a frenzy. The orgasm Susan was experiencing created a very hot tightness about his cock. She had the weird feeling that she was sucking his cock off with her asshole, sucking Bob's cock with her spasming cunt.

She had her tongue buried deep into her daughter's cunt when Pamie came. That sugary, juicy, young pussy clamped around her tongue.

Pamie was screaming with mindless ecstasy as she came. Bob's cock was thrusting in short, quick plunges into Susan's tight pussy.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Bob yelled, his voice muffled because his sister's ass was in his face. "I'm gonna come in your fucking cunt!"

Susan couldn't answer, her mouth was pressing so tightly into her daughter's contracting pussy. She did feel, however, the increased throbbing of his cock, matching those of Billy's far in her asshole. Without being conscious of it, only aware of the ecstasy she felt, her cunt and asshole clutched at both cocks. She heard a loud grunt from Bob, then felt the boiling spurts of his creamy come juice. She felt him come deep inside her cunt, but then there was an added delight.

Billy gushed up her asshole.

Susan would not have thought it possible, but she felt each and every spurt of come juice. She felt it filling her greedy cunt, filling her hungry asshole. Her orgasm became so strong, she was close to fainting.

She may have lost consciousness for a moment. The next thing she knew, the two cocks were soft but were still inside her cunt and ass. Pamie had pulled back, resting with her legs spread about Bob's head, rubbing her cunt gently at the top of his head.

"Oh," she whimpered. Her asshole felt forever stretched, filled with come juice. Her cunt seemed to have a dull ache, but a nice ache, as her pussy was filled with creamy juice. The taste of her daughter's cunt lingered in her mouth.

She felt Billy starting to pull his cock from her ass. "No, not yet," she murmured. "Leave your cocks in me awhile longer."

"You're getting heavy, Mom," Bob said.

"Just a minute longer," Susan whispered. "I... I want you to..." She blushed prettily. "Piss in me!"

"Are you sure, Mom?" Bob asked.

"Ooo, yes! I want to feel both of you pissing in me. Piss in my cunt and piss in my asshole! Please, do it for me!"

Billy pressed his weight back onto her back, laughing lewdly. "If that's what you want, I'll piss up your asshole, Mother."

"Do it!" she squealed. "I want it! Piss up my asshole, piss in my cunt!"

Bob began pissing first, spewing a hot stream deep into his mother's hairy cunt. Susan gurgled as she felt it, and then Billy began to piss. The heat of their pin gushing into her cunt and asshole made her shiver with ecstasy. Not even being fucked felt, this good, she thought. Her cunt filled and overflowed, and her asshole burned. The more they pissed into her, the more she loved it. She felt the need to piss, too, and let go. Bob gasped as she felt his mother's hot piss flowing about his cock and over his balls.

The more Billy pissed in her asshole, the more she felt the need to shit. She prevented that, however, but flooded Bob's cock and balls until they were drenched.

When it was over, Billy pulled his cock from his mother's clasping asshole and climbed off. As Susan lifted her cunt off Bob's cock, piss seeped from her hairy cunt. She sat back on her heels, cupping her pussy in one hand, her asshole with the other. She began to giggle, loud and lewdly.

"Want to piss, too, Pamie?" she asked, her voice throaty. "Use my face, baby. Sit in my fucking face and piss, please."

As Pamie got to her feet, Susan leaned back on the floor, still holding her cunt. Pamie squatted into her mother's face looking down with bright eyes.

"Ready, Mother?"


Her daughter let loose a golden stream. The hot piss splashed into her face, and Susan opened her mouth. Pamie twisted her crotch, her small hands holding her cunt open, and pissed into her mother's mouth. Susan swallowed, thrashing her naked ass on the floor. She gripped her daughter's naked ass, puffing that golden, pissing cunt into her mouth. Closing her lips about the expanse of Pamie's sweet cunt, she sucked the piss, swallowing eagerly.

Chapter TEN

Susan missed her daughter and sons. They had to go to school. She could not allow them to miss much. But, during the day, she felt lonely and miserable. She had become accustomed to having them with her twenty-four hours a day. She had become accustomed to have those young cocks available for her insatiable cunt, her hungry mouth, and now her sensitive asshole. She missed sucking and licking her daughter's hot pussy.

Pamie had, after watching Susan fuck the boys with her cunt and asshole, tried it. She had gotten on her hands and knees, with Bob ramming his cock up her ass, while Billy, below, had fucked his cock into her cunt. Susan smiled as she remembered. She was sitting outside near the hot tub, wearing her bikini.

The past week had been almost hectic, she thought. There was always plenty of fucking going on, plenty of sucking. Pamie, after getting her first taste of come juice, seemed to want a cock in her mouth more than anyplace else. It was a phase she was going through, Susan understood it was different, something new and exciting. She still fucked her brothers of course, but now, when they were ready to come, she would twist about in a frantic attempt to get their cocks into her mouth before they came. She especially enjoyed sucking at Susan's hairy cunt after her pussy had been filled with creamy come juice.

Standing up with a sigh, she stretched, not wanting to dress and go down into the village. But she had promised to get a variety of things they had requested.

She drove off, her mind continuing to dwell on the things they had been doing with each other. She was delighted that Pamie showed enjoyment at pissing, too. At first she had been hesitant. So far she would not let anyone piss in her face, but she seemed to come every time her brothers pissed on her cunt. It would be only a matter of time before Pamie wanted piss in her face as much as Susan did. Just the night before, Pamie had finally become brave enough to lick a drop of piss from Bob's cock. Soon, her daughter would be drinking the hot piss from not only her brother's cocks, but from her cunt, too.

None of them had gone visiting their private place to hold their orgies in the past week. They stayed home every day after school and had their own orgies with Susan. It had been a long time since Susan had been fucking kids, and she almost forgot how horny they could be. Bob and Billy's cock were seldom soft, always hard and eager for whatever she and Pamie wanted them for.

After she finished with her shopping, she entered a small coffee shop. She sat alone in a corner with her thoughts. It amused her, sitting there, sipping coffee, without anyone knowing her cunt was wet and throbbing, soaking the crotch of her panties. The insane idea came to her how shocked people would be if she suddenly dropped her panties and spread herself over the table, inviting everyone, men and women to fuck her and eat her cunt.

As delicious as the thought was, Susan knew she would never do such a thing.

She saw the time, and quickly hurried to the car. She had been so deep in thought, time had been forgotten. By now, Pamie and her brothers would be home, wondering where she was. She drove swiftly and carefully, one hand between her thighs, under her dress. She was anticipating being with them, her cunt pulsing with a fiery heat.

Parking the car, taking the packages with her, she entered the house. With a grin, she stood there undressing, wanting to surprise them by being ready. She waked naked to the bedrooms, trying to find them, any one of them.

"Pamie! Bob! Billy!" she called. "Where in the hell are you?"

She was greeted with silence. Maybe they had finally gone to that small glen in the woods. The thought depressed her.

"Goddamn it, you fucking kids! Where the fuck are you?" she yelled loudly. "My cunt is hot and ready, damn it! Come on, stop hiding. I want to fuck!"

They were nowhere in the house.

Taking a huge towel from the linen closet, she set out for the patio. She was disappointed and a bit angry. She had been looking forward to a wild, brutal fucking, and they weren't home. She stepped out onto the patio.

And came to sudden halt.

They were there, but so were two other boys and two very pretty girls. Susan stood, shocked, forgetting she was totally naked, the towel draped over her arm.

They were all in the hot tub, the water swirling about their necks, and they were all staring right at her.

Susan wanted to turn and run, to hide her nakedness from the two boys and girls she had never seen in her life. But she was frozen where she stood, unable to move, looking at them in horror.

"Is your cunt that hot, Mother?" Pamie said unabashedly.

"Want to fuck, Mom?" Bob said.

"Oh!" Susan gasped, her face a bright pink. She managed to draw the towel before her body, staring in shock at them. She still couldn't make her feet move, though.

Billy climbed from the tub, and he was naked, his cock jerking up and down. Susan stared in shame as he approached her, a grin on his face. He took hold of the towel, and Susan clutched it to her body.

"Turn loose, Mother," he said. "You don't need this."

Pamie climbed out of the tub, her naked body glistening wetly. "Pamie!" Susan gasped.


"Naked," her daughter giggled. "So what? Everyone else is, too."

"Oh, my God!" Susan whimpered, feeling Billy pulling at the towel, her fingers too weak to hold on. "Don't, Billy! Please, don't take it from me! They'll see!"

"They already have, Mother," he laughed, pulling the towel away and dropping it. "And they heard you calling out, too."

Pamie slipped close to her mother, pressing her wet body against Susan's naked flesh. When she cupped one of Susan's tits, she said. "We told you about them, Mother, remember? You know, at our private place in the woods?"

"Come on out of the tub, you guys," Billy called. "It's okay."

With her daughter holding her tit, Susan stood naked, watching the others climb from the hot water. It was true. They were all naked. The boys, all about Bob's age, had very hard cocks, and the thought went through Susan's mind that the girls had been playing with them. Each girl was very lovely, with hard little titties and erect nipples. One girl, a dark-haired beauty, seemed to have more hair on her cunt than matched her age.

"Did you get everything, Mother?" Pamie asked, licking her tongue about Susan's swollen nipple as the others gathered around Susan's eyes went from one to the other. The two girls were each holding a cock, one of the pricks belonging to Bob. She nodded her bead, unable to speak. There was a very strong contraction between her thighs, and Susan realized she was in the grip of an unexpected orgasm.

"Take your pick, Mother," Billy said. "Both those guys with hard-ons want to fuck you. Shit, even Judy there," he pointed to the dark-haired girl, "wants to suck your cunt."

Susan gazed at the girl, who gazed boldly back at her. She had her small hand around Bob's cock, slowly jacking back and forth. Susan's eyes moved to the hard titties, noticing they seemed larger than Pamie's or the other girl's. Judy's eyes flashed down at Susan's hairy cunt, her wet tongue moving over her full, pouting lips.

"Wanna suck on my cock?" one of the boys asked.

They're so bold, Susan thought. They're not at all ashamed of being naked in front of me.

"I'm not gonna just stand here," the other little girl, an exquisite creature with blonde hair, said. "I been wanting to be fucked for an hour."

Susan and the others watched as the girl spread herself on the patio, opening her legs and lifting them. She placed her hands on her ass, holding her cunt wide.

With a total lack of inhibitions, the girl began to finger fuck herself. Bob went to her, and Susan watched him slip his cock into her young cunt. The girl went wild, thrashing her ass about, squealing as she met Bob's cock thrust for thrust with her succulent, pink cunt.

Billy grabbed the dark-haired girl and fell to the patio with her, turning so his head was smashing between her thighs, licking hungrily. The other boy pulled Pamie away, and Pamie went to her hands and knees, waggling her cute little ass for the boy.

"Up my asshole!" Pamie gurgled. "Fuck me in my ass, because you've wanted to for so long! Now you can fuck me up my asshole!"

Susan shivered as she watched, her eyes going from one couple to the other. She felt the last boy feeling about her body, stroking her tits, rubbing her ass, moving his fingers about her cunt. She found herself grabbing at his cock, jacking on his prick with a tight fist.

"Come on, lady," he urged. "Let's fuck!"

Susan, her eyes never leaving the three couples, went to her hands and knees, feeling as if she were in a dream. The boy knelt behind her, his hands on the cheeks of her ass, his cock pressing at her hairy, thoroughly wet cunt. "How do you want it, lady?" he asked.

Susan's ass trembled. What she was seeing created a mindless lust within her. Seeing so many young couples fucking, sucking cunt and cock, was beyond her wildest dreams. She had never been involved in group fucking, but she had imagined what it would be like. Now she knew.

"You can fuck me anyplace you want," she groaned, arching her ass high. "Cunt, mouth, asshole... you put that hard cock any fucking place you want it!"

She gurgled as she felt his young prick fuck hard into her cunt. She began coining immediately. After all her erotic thoughts during the day, finding this little orgy going on, was too much.

Her cunt exploded as she rammed her ass back at the boy, fucking him before he could get moving.

With the boy fucking her, Susan darted her hot eyes from one couple to another moaning with erotic ecstasy. She could hear the groans, the gurgles, the wet slapping of cock into cunt, the hungry sit ups as a tongue lapped at a boiling pussy, the gurgling of mouths sucking greedily on a hard cock.

Sighs and sobs of ecstasy floated from the hill. The sun burned upon naked bodies, and no one cared if they became burned.

"Oooo, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Susan cried out loudly. "Fuck me... fuck each other! Ooooo, God! Go to it, all of you! Fuck and suck piss and swallow!"

Words of encouragement came from eight mouths, wards that inflamed the steaming hungers. Taking the boy's cock fast and hard into her bubbling cunt, Susan knew why her own kids had not visited the place in the woods. They had planned this and said nothing to her. But she wasn't angry, not by any means. They understood her better than she understood herself.

Suddenly she jerked her cunt from the boy's cock.

"Up my asshole!" she screamed. "Fuck me in the hot tight ass!"

The boy plunged his cock forward, and it banged into Susan's gripping asshole easily. She lifted her head and screamed with sheer ecstasy, twisting her ass fast. The boy plunged his cock powerfully up Susan's asshole, and she waved it and churned it, screaming in utmost ecstasy.

Someone, she didn't know who, was trying to shove a hard, wet cock into her mouth. With a growl, Susan pulled the prick deep, tasting cunt. She didn't know which girl's cunt the cock had been fucking, nor did she care. She sucked wildly, her tongue racing. She felt hands on her body, digging into her dangling tits, squeezing them. Someone had plunged fingers into her slippery cunt, fucking her as the cock fucked deep and hard into her asshole.

All the words they were saying made no sense to her. They were garbled. Her body was exploding with whirling orgasms, and she hunched her naked ass with the pounding cock. Hands seemed everywhere on her naked body. When someone pulled fingers out of her convulsing cunt, someone else ran his fingers back in. The boy who was fucking her mouth seemed to try and ram his prick down her throat. Susan took it all, feeling his balls beating at her chin.

She was only vaguely aware when the cock up her ass spewed, she was so involved in her own ecstasy. But she was aware when the cock fucking her mouth came. She gulped wetly, trying to swallow every sweet drop of the hot, creamy come juice, but it dripped from her sucking lips just the same.

No sooner had the cocks pulled from her, than Susan was turned onto her back, with different cocks plunging into her cunt and mouth. She thrashed about in wild ecstasy, taking the hard cock down her throat, loving the way those balls rested on her forehead. Her hands were pulled into wet cunts, her fingers gripped by the tight, hot pussy lips. She felt wet cocks rubbing at her trembling flesh, her ass lifted so her cunt could be fucked deep.

Before she realized what was happening, the cocks were cawing, sending spurts of come juice into her cunt and into her mouth. She was shivering with so much ecstasy, she screamed as cocks exploded on her tits and stomach, young cunts now gripping her fingers with orgasm.

A few minutes later, Susan opened her eyes. She was surrounded by the kids. She didn't look at their happy faces, but at their cocks and balls, at their wet, sweet cunts.

She began to giggle insanely.

"Piss on me!" she begged, throwing her legs wide open. "Piss all over me! All of you, at the same time, piss on my cunt, my legs, my tits, my face!"

They circled her, and hot streams of piss came from cocks and cunts. Susan writhed and twisted, her face in a grimace of agonized ecstasy, her cunt exploding.

She screamed as she came, time and again.


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