Slut girl

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Sheri Jackson's story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. Breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. Indeed, Sheri makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that Sheri is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

SLUT GIRL -- the story of a girl's struggle to find herself, and the shattering experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.

Chapter ONE

As far back as I could remember, we'd always been poor. I can still recall the Christmas that I got an orange and a toothbrush for presents -- that was all, just an orange and a toothbrush. I was six, in first grade, anti when school was back in session after New Year's again, I made up a fantastic list of imaginary presents to brag about to my schoolmates, rather than admit that I got nothing worth mentioning. Then I had to lie and tell them that the presents were so expensive that my mother wouldn't let me bring them out of the house to play with, which (I hoped) would explain why they were unable to see my new treasures.

This was the pattern of my first few early years. My father never came back from Korea. He wasn't killed there, I found out later -- he just never came back home. Deserted by him, my mother had a steady stream of men coming, staying, and departing. Looking back, I can see that Mom was a born loser in life, and her succession of lovers were natural total losers, too.

By the time I was ten my brother Rodney, who was five years older than I, had been sent to reform school for joy-riding in a stolen car, and I had resigned myself to the fact that Mom looked on me only as a burden, a nuisance, and a useless expense. She constantly admonished me to knock before even entering our own front door, lest I catch her and her current lover fucking in the daytime in the living room. This had happened a few times, so I soon got in the habit of whistling or singing as I came home from school and walked slowly toward the house, to give them ample warning. Usually, rather than hurry home to get the verbal abuse that she heaped on me constantly and unfairly, I'd stay at a friend's house and play until almost dark.

I began to live in a fantasy world, trying to compensate for the empty, love-starved existence that I had at home. At home -- that's a real laugh. I had no home, not one worthy of the name. I guess that's why, when Paul Sorenson came to see Mom the first time, and gently and politely sat down and talked to me for a few minutes while she got ready to go out with him, my heart flew out to him. He conversed with me as if he really liked me, was interested in my schoolwork, and treated me like a grownup. This was a completely strange and different behavior compared to most of Mom's drunken boyfriends, and when they left the house, I waltzed around, smiling and happy that someone cared, someone noticed me, someone, finally, took an interest in me.

A couple of days later, Mom told me that Paul was going to move in with us, and I was to address him as "Uncle Paul," and when he brought his luggage in, he handed me a little box, wrapped in pretty paper, and said, "Here, Sheri, for you. It matches your pretty blue eyes," I unwrapped the box, and it contained a beautiful nylon blouse and a blue hair ribbon. I was so tickled and happy that I threw my arms around him and almost cried as I thanked him.

"O.K., knock it off." My mother's voice brought me back to reality. "Get your hands off her, Paul."

I took my gift and hurried to my room, determined not to let my crabby mom spoil this delightful, treasured moment. I put the blouse and hair ribbon on and preened and admired myself in the mirror, posing sideways and throwing back my head and shoulders to accent the buds that were just starting to develop on my chest. I practiced my haughty smile, with my eyes half-closed, imitating the femme fatale look of the movie stars I admired so avidly. Movies had been one of my major refuges and fantasylands, giving me through the early years of my life the escape and dreams that my heart craved.

And now I had received my first gift from a man. My mind took flight and soared at the intimacy of handsome Paul giving me the present, and I even secretly reveled in the thought of my mom being angry at him for showing me the attention.

In the next few days, I tried to show Paul in a million little ways that I liked him. I shined his shoes, served him double desserts, washed his car -- all the little favors that I could extend to him without Mom either noticing or caring about. His flashing smile, his murmured "Thanks a lot, my little angel" -- these were reward enough for my hungry inner soul, and at night I lay for hours dreaming while still awake, of the passionate love affair that we would someday consummate.

All I knew of love was from the movies and a few novels that I'd read. The tenderness, the favors and gifts, the devotion and happiness that naturally followed -- these, I was convinced, were love, and love was what I wanted, needed, had to have. My mental fictions, the impossible situations and unrealistic ideas I had, all contributed to make me a willing and eager partner in what happened next. Little did I know.

It started when Mom had to go to Des Moines to see her sister in the hospital there. It was almost two hundred miles each way, and I knew she'd be gone all day Saturday and get back home Sunday evening. Mom drove away in Paul's car early, about six-thirty Saturday morning, and the minute I heard the car leave, I threw on my robe and hurried to the kitchen. The pot was full of fresh coffee that Mom had made before leaving, and I made toast and buttered it while I scrambled a couple of eggs, then poured a glass of orange juice and set the whole breakfast on a tray and went into Mom and Paul's bedroom. I balanced the tray on my left arm and knocked, then opened the door.

"Hey, what's this?" Paul asked as he sat sleepily up in bed. "Why you little angel -- breakfast in bed. I haven't had that done for me in twenty years." He was smiling at me as he rubbed his hands through his shock of blond hair and smoothed it down, then sat up against the pillow and pulled the covers taut across his lap so I could set the tray there. I looked overly long at his naked torso that loomed before me, I guess, because he laughed and said, "Gotta leave the covers pulled up, Sheri. I sleep naked, y'know." I didn't know, or hadn't dared to think about it, but I nodded mutely and stood there, watching him gulp the juice, wolf down the toast and eggs, and then give a big sigh, pat his flat tummy, and sip the coffee.

"That was beautiful, baby doll," he smiled, "and you are beautiful, too. Beautiful for doing it for me, and beautiful-looking, both. Whattaya think of that?"

"Oh, I was glad to do it, Uncle Paul," I said. "You're always so good and kind to me, I just want to do things to please you... because I love YOU," I added.

"And I love you, too, Sheri. Really I do. If you were older, a grown-up woman, you'd be perfect for some man. Honest. You're cute as hell, end know how to be nice to a guy." His hand reached out and took mine, and I felt him tug gently, so I edged closer to the side of the bed, and felt him pull my body around, and I just naturally sat on the bedside. His hand went up behind my head and drew my face closer and closer to his, and I shut my eyes and let it all happen. I felt as if I had had it happen often before, I'd thought and dreamed and hoped for so long.

My first kiss was a soft, tender, warm, gentle moment of happiness. After a few moments, his lips left mine, but I kept my eyes closed and just laid my head on his shoulder and sort of let my body slump against his hard chest as his arms were around me, pulling me gently up against him. In a minute I felt his big hand cup my chin and lift my face up for another kiss, and this time I felt the lips part, and his warm wet tongue came against my lips, so I opened mine, too, and his big hot tongue crept inside my mouth, and it felt as if our two bodies and souls were melting together, and I liked it -- I loved it, to be more accurate and honest.

His strong arms swung my body onto the bed so that I lay full, length alongside him, and as his arm encircled my shoulders and drew me closer and firmer against him, his left hand slowly and softly crept inside my robe, and then I felt the warm gentle touch of his big hand cupping my little hard breast. The loving tenderness of his hot hand there, and the thrill that shot through me as his fingers stroked and rubbed my little pink nipple, melted any resistance that might have started forming in my mind, and the gentle waves of love that he set in motion soon drenched my mind and entire being, and I gave myself over to the sensual touches that he spread over my virginal body.

I didn't protest as he parted my robe, and when he suggested that I shed my nightgown and crawl under the covers with him, I readily agreed to his proposition. My brain was in a whirl at the thought of this gentle man sharing love with me, and as I knew nothing of the ultimate fulfilling of physical love, the thoughts and fantasies of my past dreams and hopes and ideals overcame any fear that I should have had.

I did as Paul asked, sliding from my clothing quickly and bashfully, grateful that he looked the other way and fiddled with the breakfast fray that now lay on the floor on the other side of the bed. As he felt my body slide beneath the covers and touch his huge, strong muscles, he turned back to me and kissed me once again, half turning over me as I lay beside him.

"Oh, Sheri, baby, you're so beautiful, little darlin'," he murmured as his hand, cupped once more the breast that I pushed toward him. "I'll be so good to you, baby doll, honest. I won't hurt you, honey," he whispered.

"I know, Paul. Oooooh, that tickles!" I laughed as he thumbed my nipple and his left hand reached around my waist and I felt his hand cup my little round asscheek.

I felt the warmth of his loving touch spread all through my hungry body, and it was as if all my daydreams had come true. The soft firmness, the hard gentleness, the attention that was now all for me -- these sensations flared throughout my mind and loins and the hunger for more, ever more love, filled my being and multiplied into an avid, demanding insistence on further, higher, deeper touches and exploration.

I pressed myself tighter and harder against his manly muscular body, starving for the warmth and love that I now felt being satisfied for the first time in my entire life, and as my arms encircled his heaving chest, I could feel the thrumming pound of his heart against my little breasts. The scrape of the hair on his chest stimulated my pink nipples, and I thrilled inwardly at the womanly waves of passion that coursed through me like electric current.

Paul half rolled away from me, and his left hand crept down between our bodies till it reached my crotch. As his fingers stroked softly in the peach fuzz that barely covered my virginal pussy, I felt the rigidity of his cock as it poked and pressed against my thighs. I reached down to take it in my hand, and was amazed that my little fingers wouldn't even go clear around it. I glanced down along our bodies, and gasped at the sight of his tool as it stood in total rampaging tumescence. I had seen a couple of boys private parts before; you know, "you show me yours and I'll show you mine", I guess. But they had been pencil-thin, and about three inches long. Paul's enormous cock seemed a foot long or more, and as thick around as a softball bat. I gasped.

"Don't worry, honey, we're not gonna try to get it in. I just want to pet you a little, my baby," he said as his hands massaged my asscheeks and gently rubbed my pubic hairs. "And I want you to pet me, too," he added. "Will you?"

"Sure," I said, "I want to pet you and love you, Paul. I do love you," I told him, and I meant it.

"Good," he said. "Just grip it as tight as you can and move your hand up and down on it. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Oh, God, Sheri, that feels so good! So Goddam good, yeah, oh Lord, keep it up, honey, mmmmm, hmmmmmm, oooooh, honey, you learn fast." He pushed back away from me a little. "We better slow down, lover -- I'm about to blow my nuts, and I want the action to last a little longer. Hell, a lot longer, really. Now, I'm gonna do something I've wanted to do ever since the first day I saw you, baby doll. I'm gonna eat you up, little sugar-plum. Whattaya think of that?" He was grinning and sliding down in the bed as he spoke, and before I could ask what he meant, I found out.

I felt his hands seize firmly beneath my knees and lift gently, and as I was lifted almost onto my shoulders and neck, Paul's head bobbed down between my thighs and I felt the hot wet touch of his tongue as it raced rapidly up and down along my pink crack. I was astounded.

"Paul!" I yelled. "That's dirty!"

"Relax, angel. It is not dirty. There's nothing dirty about you, and there's nothing dirty about a man loving his girl any way he wants to." His voice was soft and muffled, but reassuring, and the emotions that surged through me made me want to surrender, so I did.

As he resumed his tonguing and licking of my virgin pussy, the tickling warmth spread upward throughout my crotch, my belly, and into my brain, and I began squirming at the excruciatingly pleasurable sensations that created over me.

I sensed a change as his head slowed its bobbing and I could feel the difference as his tongue concentrated at the top of my crack, and then the world exploded in a fantasy of riotous colors and feelings and my mind nearly went over the brink into oblivion as his wet hard tongue tip settled on my clitoris. I didn't even know then that I had a clit, or what it was, or was for. All I knew was that I was being turned inside out, burned, shocked, twisted out of all sanity, and I loved it, craved more of it, and I felt my body writhing and twisting beneath Paul's thrilling touches and kisses. I had to quit or go crazy, I knew that instinctively, and if I quit, I'd go crazy -- I had to have more of whatever it was he was doing to me, for me, with me.

Paul's hands crept up over my flat tummy and firmly fastened onto my titties. The gentle enveloping warmth of his big digits surrounding my pink nipples brought them erect, and as his hot wet tongue slavered at my pussy, I felt the total heat of his tender lovemaking surge through my body, my brain, my loins.

Wave after wave of thrills shot throughout my body, and I knew that this was love, real, total love, just like I had seen and read about in movies and books. Paul was my entire world, and I loved him. Then I felt his face leave my crotch, and as I glanced down at him, he grinned up at me.

"Turnabouts fair play, isn't it, Sheri? Now about returnin' the favor, honey? Huh? You like what I did to you, didn't you? Didn't that tickle and feel real good, baby?"

"Oh, yes, Paul, it felt so wonderful, to have you loving me and petting me like that," I admitted smilingly. "What do you want me to do? I'll do anything for you, Paul, 'cause I love you, really love you," I told him.

"Swell," he said, and he jockeyed his body around until he was lying alongside me, then he arched one hairy leg up over my head so that his knees were alongside my head. "Now, baby doll, just suck on it like a lollipop," he told me, and I knew he meant the huge purple-headed cock that loomed so frighteningly near my mouth. "Go ahead," he continued. "It won't bite you if you don't bite it first!" he laughed. "Just kiss it and put it in your mouth and suck it like a popsicle," he said, and then he lowered his hips slowly down toward my face and I reached up and grabbed his monstrous tool with both hands. I needed both hands to capture it and guide it toward my mouth, for my little fingers wouldn't go clear around its throbbing width.

I opened my mouth wide and reached for the one-eyed head that filled my vision. My tongue reached out and licked the tip of it, and I felt him jerk an inch as my hot tongue first touched the sensitive point of his cock. I licked it again, wondering how I could, ever get the massive shaft inside my baby mouth, and then I saw a trickle of transparent fluid seep from the slotted eye. I lapped the "water" off the end, and it was warm and sweetish, but I found that as quickly as I dried the tip off, another drop or two would seep out, and I could feel the immensity of his throbbing, vein-striped prick as it pulsed against the grip of my hands.

Then the whiskery roughness of his cheeks were scraping gently against my smooth thighs, and I felt again the exquisite tingling of his tongue as it crept and slithered over and along my virgin pussy. The sensuous warmth of his kissing touches increased my desire, and I yawned widely and began to try to capture his huge cock with my mouth as he had asked me to do. Just as the flared head touched my lips, Paul thrust his hips downward sharply, and the rigid enormity of his stiff cock slid halfway into my hot mouth.

The jaw-breaking diameter of his prick completely filled my mouth, and I felt completely engulfed, even to the point of strangling, and could feel the hot throbbing flesh of his virility touching my inner cheeks, the back of my throat, flattening my tongue. I was facially filled with his cock, and I gulped and almost strangled with the immensity of its stiffness, but as I found I could breathe through my nose, the discomfort lessened, and soon I could accommodate the up and down motion of his hips that drew his cock out till just the huge flared head remained inside my mouth, and then, as he plunged downward, driving the length of his hot prick into my drooling mouth, I felt filled with his love and affection, his warm sharing, and I grew rapidly to like the throbbing heat that blistered my brain.

I gradually became aware of his ministrations to my virginal cunt, and could feel the juices creeping and trickling down between the cheeks of my ass across my rosebud asshole. His tongue lingered on my clit, fluttering me into ecstasy as his finger massaged ray fluids into and around the crack of my pussy. I felt the first knuckle of his huge finger enter slowly inside the snug lips that had never before been penetrated, but the togetherness, the loving warmth, the satisfaction of his physical caresses, and my concentration on his cock, to keep from being choked, all tended to divert me from noticing his true and ultimate goal.

Then suddenly I was shattered with reality as he paired up two fingers, lubricated them liberally, and, holding my torso pinned beneath his massive body, savagely rammed bath his fingers home, stretching and tearing my maidenhead in one swift and ripping motion. Unable to cry out, as he lay prone along my body, jamming his cock in my mouth to the hilt, I could only gurgle and sob and moan as the white blinding flashes of pain ripped screamingly, shatteringly throughout my cunt, my crotch, my belly, and exploded in a dreadful hurt in my brain. Paul's arms pinned my legs back, and his knees kept my shoulders in their original position, so I could only sob helplessly and not move a bit to escape the terrible onslaught that my cunt was receiving.

After a moment, I got the additional sensation that I was drowning, and I gulped and swallowed as I felt Paul's huge cock erupting into my mouth. Warm, sweet, and slightly salty, I had to down it as fast as it surged forth into my mouth, for there was no release, no escape from the relentless throbbing jet of his cum as it poured into my mouth. It distracted me momentarily from the surge and ache of my loins, and then the original pain returned as he manipulated his fingers in and out of my newly-ravaged cunt.

After perhaps a minute of this double-barreled assault, Paul half rolled off me, and his half-limp soggy cock plopped from my slimy mouth, and his fingers left my numb and torn pussy. I looked down and saw his fingers with blood on them, and felt little rivulets of cum and spit trickle from my stretched jaws. God, I was tired. I hurt all over, and then gradually doubts about Paul began to creep through my mind. I didn't think that people that loved each other ever hurt each other. What was this? God, it hurt to move my legs or mouth. And I could feel each separate pulse of my veins as the blood throbbed achingly inside my crotch. Then Paul spoke.

"There, there, little baby, just relax. It always hurts the first time. But your cherry's busted now, so it won't hurt from now on, no matter what we do. Relax, Sheri. You know I love you, baby, I really do. And what you did for me just then was wonderful."

I slumped against his muscular chest and gradually got my mind and body under control. As the memory of the electric thrills I had just experienced flooded my mind, the pain and shock of the moment melted deliciously away. The tide of love and affection and the... the... what was it? The total nearness and oneness of the ecstasy and sheer bliss -- these waves of emotion washed away the flecks of gritty sands of pain that had, briefly, littered the beach of my mind.

"I know, Paul," I told him softly. "I know you won't hurt me. Just love me, Paul, just love me. Ooooooh, I need you and want you so much. I need your love," I repeated.

"Sure, honey, you know I love you." His reassurance was warming, and I snuggled closer.

"You and I both know that we shouldn't be doin' this -- your mom will raise hell with both of us if she ever finds out, y'know -- so it'll have to be our own private, special secret, Sheri. Right?" He smiled down at me tenderly as she said it.

"Sure, Paul. I'LL never, ever tell anyone," I agreed, so hungry for my new-found love that I'd have died before I would ever mention it and destroy the only affection that I had ever experienced.

I was so thrilled at the warm feeling of love that Paul gave me that all my earlier teachings, all the hurt and pain that he had momentarily caused me, did not deter me from wanting more and more expressions of his love and devotion. Mom, heaven knows, had no love for me, and I had no really close friends among the schoolmates my age. So Paul was fulfilling the roles of both a father and a lover. I gave myself over to him -- body, soul, heart and mind. He owned me completely. I was his worshiping love slave.

Paul and I left the bedroom and went to the kitchen, and as he had a cup of coffee and a cigarette, I sat on his lap and felt the warmth of his body and the heat of his hands as he gently caressed and petted me all over, smiling and murmuring protestations of love and undying devotion as he played with my tender body. His kisses and pawing soon had me ready and willing to let him explore my body more fully, so we returned to the bedroom.

As long as Paul loved me, truly shared the depth of feeling that I gave so willingly, so eagerly, I would belong to him, and he could do whatever he would to me and with me. I felt happy and free, for the first time in my life. My search for love and warmth and protection in life had finally brought me success, and I was delirious with the emotional wildness that accompanied it.

"Just lie down now, Sheri, and let me love you," Paul said tenderly. I did as he said, and closed my eyes dreamily as I felt his hands rove softly over my little hard breasts and down my flat tummy to my wet crotch. He put his arms around me and pulled me close and kissed me deeply, wetly, hotly. I responded to this stimulus like a cat to catnip.

I felt his huge hands reach behind me and cup my round little asscheeks and haul ire up tightly against his hard body. I could feel the heat of his extended massive cock as it lay upward, sandwiched between our abdomens, and the pulsing throb of its enormous size heated my loins till my responsive mind succumbed to the lure of his passion.

I only knew that this was love, and that I had to have him, his body, everything, in every way, as soon as possible, as often as possible, and as long as I could. I pressed closer and tighter to him, and a soft moan escaped my throat as if the ecstasy and desire and lust that filled me was seeking relief.

"Hot damn, baby doll!" I looked up into his smiling face as he said it. "You ARE hot and ready, ain't ya? Well, brace yourself, honey, 'cause old Paul's the same way. What the hell, they might as well hang me for a sheep as a lamb, so let's get with it, huh?" And with that, he rolled away from me a bit, then I felt his large hand rubbing my tender snatch, and I spread my thighs apart to let his insistent finger slip within the pink lips of my cunt.

My pussy was already slippery and wet from our earlier action and his current petting, and I felt the heat of his finger as it delved gently up inside me. When it reached the torn place where my maidenhead. I had so recently been ruptured, I winced, and Paul hesitated.

"Go ahead, darling," I told him with a smile. Oh, I did so want him, all of him, in every way. Whatever he wanted to do to me, for me, with me, was fine with me, as long as this moment of love, this hot sensation he gave me, would never end.

"Hell, you're juicy enough now, angel," he replied, and I felt his hand prying my thighs further apart as he rose up on his knees and loomed over me. "Just raise your knees up, that's right, honey, and just relax. It might hurt just a little bit, Sheri, but I love you and will be very careful and gentle, honey, so don't worry." I felt the hot touch of his cockhead against the pink lips of my virgin pussy, and the thrill of the moment flashed upward to my brain and destroyed any natural fear that I might have felt at the moment.

As Paul centered the enormous flared head of his cock at my cunt and leaned forward a few inches, I could feel the huge stuffing of my pussy mouth with his hot meat. The massive tool's entrance into my slimy, eager crevice forced a widening of my opening that was slightly uncomfortable, but I at first felt no pain. All I knew was that Paul was giving me the ultimate in love, and my sheltered mind craved it and needed it so much that I lost sight of the physical fact that you can't put five pounds of meat in a one-pound box. Paul kept up a reassuring murmur as he jabbed gently for a few seconds, and as the warmth of his huge cock spread throughout my loins, and I looked up into his smiling face, I encouraged him.

"Please, Paul, give it to me. Give me your love, darling, I need it, I need you," I told him, and with a muttered "Brace yourself", he lunged.

My muscles stretched, my thighs widened to the breaking point, my belly was crammed with hot meat, and still his body weight was descending. Would it never end? I could feel the rampaging meat that ripped and tore into me, far, far up inside my body, and I knew, just knew, that his telephone pole had pushed all my guts out of my belly and up into my chest. Then as a dull ache spread through my cunt and up into my bowels, I heard a voice, and it took a minute to realize that it was my own.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGHH!!! Oh Christ Paul. Oh God it hurts no more Paul no more oh God I can't take it you're tearin' me oh Christ you're kiln' me Paul take it out take it out I'll suck you or anything but I can't take it oooooohh..." and my voice trailed off to a moan.

Paul stopped, stiffly, and I vaguely felt the invading cockhead touching the mouth of my womb, pressing its warmth tightly against my innermost cavern. He lay perfectly still, his stiff lance jammed in me to the hilt, and then gradually, as the sharp waves of pain ebbed to a throbbing dull ache all through my belly and loins, I was aware of the contracting and spasming as my unused, untried muscles strove valiantly to reject the massive invader that had just assaulted my inner lining. I tried to relax, as Paul kept telling me to do, but the straining, stretched muscles protested their hot intruder, and it felt as if I were split in two, so relaxing wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do at that moment. Slowly, as a numbness crept through my guts, I became aware of the puking rhythm of his throbbing cock, and nature took over from me. The gentle, insistent heat of his tool that filled me, and the soft expansion of each pulse of the veins that lined his cock were soothing and warming, and as I did manage to relax my tense crotch and belly a bit, I became aware of the oneness, the mutual love we shared, and my pussy began to respond.

Almost of its own volition, with no command from me, I felt the squeezing and loosening of my inner vaginal muscles as they answered the jetting throbs of Paul's huge cock that lay motionless within me, a part of my body and my heart and my mind. We were one person, the ultimate in love, and I never wanted the moment of total ecstasy to end.

The pain, the ache, the hurt -- these were all forgotten in the soul-drenching warmth of his expression of love, the sharing of this final bliss, the introduction to sex and sensual sharing that we now had. Just never leave me, Paul, I thought as I bravely smiled up at him through the tears that crept from my adoring eyes. I didn't express my fears aloud, for really I had no fears; in my naivete, I presumed that our love was real and would go on forever, as in the fairy tales that constituted my entire knowledge of love and life and men.

"There, that's right, Sheri, see? It doesn't hurt now, does it, since you're getting used to it and relaxing?" Paul's voice was soft and smooth and reassuring. "Now we can gradually work it up and down and in and out, and you'll love it, baby, I know you will. I love you, honey, and I'll teach you to love loving, too. Ready?"

My smile and nod encouraged him, and I could feel the taut clinging sensation as the walls of my snug cunt gripped and clung to his monstrous shaft as he slowly withdrew the shaft its entire length, until only the huge purple head remained sheltered within the tight grip of my pussy lips. Then his body descended over mine once again, and I felt the smooth rigid firmness of his gigantic cock as it slid juicily into my innermost depths again. Just as the pain was about to become unbearable, I felt the drum of his meat against the rubbery resistance of my cervix, and then the joyful contractions as my muscles rippled closingly over the retreating pole as he withdrew again.

With each stroke, the fullness of his colossal cock was eagerly absorbed with more ease, and the hot vibration of his sensuous meat as it was crammed into my willing cunt brought waves of lust and passion surging all over me, and I thought my brain would either melt or explode with the voluptuous sensations that penetrated my mind.

Almost as if I were an outside, objective observer, I saw my hips leap and buck and thrust, and as Paul felt my innate responses, the speed of his thrusts became faster, hotter and the scraping of the length of his cock against my clitoris as it, too, jammed and pushed against with each and every thrust, all combined to a white heat in my mind, and I thought that I was going to hurt, or die, and then I was afraid that I wouldn't, and I knew I had to die or quit, this exquisite pain-pleasure torture that rampaged throughout my entire being, my soul, my delirious mind. Then it blew.

Someone drew a white-hot electric barbed wire from my cunt to my brain and back, and then sawed it rapidly up and down all through me, and my screams mingled with the panting and heaving that Paul expelled as his cock burst forth with a jet of hot lava that I felt pouring up into my overfull belly. Dimly, I remember the warm trickle of his river of love as the excess was tamped from my crowded cunt, and the last few spasmodic lunge of my lover drained the last semblance of sanity from me.

A little later -- time had ceased for me by now. I was lying, crying, dying on the bed, my brain, my tender body writhing with the vestigial traces of my first love affair. As my eyes began to focus again, Paul's smiling face hovered over me, and I saw him relax and grin, he saw me begin to come around.

"Goddam, Sheri, you had me scared there for a minute, baby. Kee-rist! You sure come big! And when you did, I couldn't have held off another second. You really drained me, honey. That was without a doubt the greatest piece of ass any man ever had. Jeeeeee-SUSS!! That was heaven! Did you like it, darlin'? And don't lie to me -- I saw your face."

The heavenly rapture that Paul had given my very soul and entire body had brought a warm, rich flush all over my body, and I would never have lied to him in any case, so I admitted it -- that it had been the greatest, the wildest, the most wonderful feeling that I had ever known or experienced.

Paul lay back on the bed, grinning with self-satisfaction, lighted a cigarette, and patiently began to explain the facts of life -- as he lived it -- to me.

"Look, Sheri, honey, if you were old enough to get married, we'd head out tonight for a justice of the peace. But you ain't. Not by a damn site. So what we've got to do is play it cool -- real cool. Or else we'll both be in more damn trouble than I want to think about. Remember," and he looked sternly fierce as he admonished me, "if anyone -- just one person -- ever finds out what we did, what we're doin', you will be sent to reform school till you're eighteen, and I'll go to prison for a long time. That means almost six years in a reform school for you. Too damn long, isn't it, angel?"

I heartily agreed, and said so.

"And if your fool mother ever finds out, she'll be the first to blow the whistle. Now, let's face it, lover," Paul went on, "I'm gonna have to sleep with her, and maybe even once in a while make love to her, just to keep shacked up in this house. But it'll be worth it, to both of us, because if I ever have to move out, there's just no possible way for the two of us to be together and make love. You can see and understand that, can't you, baby doll?" he asked.

I agreed and understood, and told him that I wouldn't ever let one syllable slip about what we had done. In my innocence, I didn't realize that Paul had set himself up in the best of all possible worlds for a male. I didn't come to know that until later, much later.

We spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday making love. When we weren't actually fucking, we took turns eating each other up, and in between sessions we lay languorously on the bed petting and playing and napping. I cooked a couple of meals for us and did the dishes while he slept, and then Sunday afternoon before Mom was due home, I took some homework that I had to complete and went over to a friend's house. That way, when Paul greeted Mom on her homecoming, he could tell her that I'd been gone most of the time. I found out later that Mom insisted on making love and "catching up for missing two days", and Paul told me that the only way he had been capable of satisfying her was to close his eyes and think of me as he fucked my mother.

The roof caved in on Mom, sort of, a few days later. The welfare, worker checked up on gossip she'd heard, and found it to be true, about a man living in the house, so they cut off her welfare check. Two days later, Paul came home with his hand in a splint and said he broke three small bones and would be off work for at least two months -- couldn't drive a truck with a busted hand. So Mom got a job clerking down at the drugstore, from noon till nine at night.

That left Paul and me alone from four o'clock when I got home from school until nine. That first session was extra wonderful, because I hadn't had any loving for almost a week, coming right after a marathon introduction to the glories of sex, and I was getting nervous and fidgety. Paul had purposely been avoiding me in the house during that time, too, to be sure that we didn't give Mom the slightest hint of our current relationship.

The moment we were alone together, Paul stripped off the bandages and splints, admitted that he had made up the entire story of the accident, and we got caught up real quick. Oh, I was so happy to know that he loved me enough to want to be with me all the time! Our daily sessions would continue from four o'clock until about eight-thirty, when Paul would take a bath, rebandage his hand, dress, and walk to the drugstore to accompany Mom home. He was the picture of a devoted lover to her, but I knew that his heart and mind belonged to just me, even as I had become his love slave. I flew through the next couple of months on the wings of delight.

My breasts filled out rapidly, and I felt more and more of a woman with each passing day. I kept to myself, away from the other girls, except for an occasional Coke or chat with one once in a while, as their gossip about boys, dates, kissing, and so forth was so idiotically juvenile that it bored me to tears and a couple times almost to laughter and a confession that would have really stunned them. I held my tongue, however, and gave them no inkling of the knowledge that I carried within my brain and crotch. My entire world was wrapped up in the love that Paul and I so happily shared.

Then the bomb dropped. I came home from school as usual at four o'clock one day and before I could open the front door and enter the house, I could hear voices raised in angry argument.

"Goddam you, you goldbrickin' son of a bitch!" my mother was shrieking at Paul. "I bust my ass all day and night at that damned drugstore to buy you groceries and keep you in cigarettes and liquor and all you do is sit on your ass here and live the life of Reilly with that fake broken hand! I oughta kill you, you rotten bastard!"

"Aw, calm down, for Chrissake! What the hell does it hurt you to work once in a while. God knows you spent my paychecks as fast as I brought them in here to you. I just wanted a little vacation. And you've mooched off the taxpayers all your Goddam life, gettin' them welfare checks to feed you and the brat, so quit bitchin' and tryin' to be so Goddamn pure, you stupid cunt!" Paul's voice was loud enough to interrupt Mom's tirade.

I was shocked. Paul -- my Paul -- who had always been so soft-spoken, so courteous, so gentle; now so loud, profane, uncouth. And brat! Was that what he really thought of me? I hovered just inside the front door and listened to the screaming dialogue that continued to mount in the kitchen between the pair of adults.

"You stupid bitch, you're nothin' but a born loser -- always was and always will be. If you think you're such a hot cunt at your age, ya better take another good, long look in the mirror, because you're over the hill, baby. Way over the hill."

"Loser, am I?" Mom's voice lowered threateningly, as it always did when she got the maddest. "Yeah, I've been a loser ever since I took you in. But I can cure that, and Goddamn fast, you son of a bitch. You're the loser, Paul, and you always will be. You have exactly one minute, six seconds, to get your crap and get the hell outa here and outa my life. If I ever see you again, you lazy cocksucker, I'll shoot you! And don't you ever forget it, you no-good low-down moochin' bastard! You're the loser! Best setup you'll ever see again in your life, and you blew it! Get goin'!" she said to him, and I heard him go up the stairs to his bedroom. I saw her cross the kitchen to get her whiskey bottle, and I scooted silently up the stairs.

Paul was angrily flinging shorts and shirts into bin battered cardboard suitcase when I entered the room. "Paul," I said softly, and he turned, his rage apparent upon his face. "Take me with you, Paul, honey. Please!" I begged.

"You crazy? Hey, look, stupid, I've got enough trouble with that dumb cunt of a mother of yours, without dragging a piece of jailbait along to draw the heat, too. Get the fuck away from me, you adolescent whore!" He slammed the suitcase lid shut. "And you'd better keep your mouth shut about what all we did, or you'll get your ass slammed into reform school so quick you won't believe it. And I'll be five states away by this time tomorrow, you can bet on that. No one's ever find me, so don't anyone try." I nearly fainted from the verbal blows he rained on my loving, unsuspecting head, and then came the final blow. "And my right name's not even Paul, so just forget me forever, dummy. You're a loser just like your old lady. All you'll ever be good, for is a quick lay for whoever sticks a cock into ya. Get the fuck outa my way, bitch!"

He dashed by me, down the stairs, slammed the front door, and I heard the car peel rubber as he left the curb. I went to my room, threw myself face down on the bed, and then, numb with the shock and disbelief of the entire situation, I sobbed and cried as I relived each and every word he had speared into my brain. That was the first time I ever cried over a man to whom I'd given myself in a vain search for love. It was not to be the last. Not by a damned site.

Chapter TWO

Life was pretty hectic for a few days after Paul's departure. Mom was overly irritable, and aside from a question or two about "did the son of a bitch ever touch you, or ask you to do anything naughty with him?" which I answered with wide-eyed innocent lies, she mostly just sulked and drank. After about a week of that, she met a fellow at Jimmy's Bar and brought him home with her for the weekend. I could tell by his raised eyebrows and whistled exclamation of approval when he entered the house that he had never been inside one as nice, although God knows it was just another frame three bedroom, lower middle-class average.

But the bum she picked up was apparently more used to rescue missions and flophouses, and Paul's words stuck in my mind. Mom was a loser! A born loser, and she drew other born losers as birds of a feather flock together. I determined then and there that I wouldn't be a loser all my life, and end up as Mom had done -- picking up winos and bums just to get a man who would say "I love you" for a few drinks, meals, and pieces of ass. But who could I turn to, look up to, for advice, for help, for guidance? My dreams were shattered, my hero gone, my lover lost for all time. Boy, did I hit a new low in my emotional life!

The only redeeming feature from my experiences with Paul was a new-found awareness of myself, my body, and love. I was, and as torn apart by the resultant climax to my first torrid love affair, I could appreciate and enjoy and reminisce about the thrilling ecstasies that had been unfolded for my view, the new widened horizons that afforded a delightful vista of what life and love could be.

I immersed myself in my schoolwork, and my grades improved noticeably. Even with the morose thoughts that still filled my head when I remembered Paul's phony love and his final epithets, I could still feel the flashing warmth of his touches, his kisses and his caresses. I even awoke a few times at night from dreaming of the intensely hot penetration of his huge cock up, up, up inside me, filling me, almost teasing me, but satiating my sensuous heart and train with his enormous masculine invasion.

At times like that, all I could do was masturbate, and I became very adept at it, beginning with clitoral stimulation, then, as my excitement plateau was reached, the insertion, at first, of a finger or two, then later on the ramming and cramming in of everything from carrots and cucumbers that I'd stolen from the refrigerator to a three-cell flashlight that I damn near fell in love with, its fluted rim was so thrillingly satisfying. This served to sate my body's lust, but my emotional starvation and mental deprivation of love could not be stemmed by just physical completion. I became more and more withdrawn into myself, introverted is the word, I guess I'd cotton to them easily, and having made it with a man, it was hard to let a boy slobber and paw over me, so I struggled along, doing without.

Then came the Easter play. My grades had shot up so much that I had come to the attention of all my teachers, and my introversion was so definitely inset that my courtesy and behavior were in marked contrast to most of the rowdy kids in my class. So I was asked to play the lead in the Easter drama. I said "Yes" mostly because I couldn't think of a good reason to say "No", and Charlene DuBois and I were called in to the principal's office one afternoon to be introduced to Larry Purcell, who would direct the play presentation.

Larry, or Mr. Purcell as it started out, was about five feet ten, medium build, about thirty years old, and handsome as hell. He had been hired just that year as the dramatics coach at City College, a two-year junior college across town. I only knew a few of the high school teachers by sight, and none of the college profs, so it was our first meeting. I swear, the second I laid eyes on him, I thought he was perfect. His smile, so wide and white, and the soft way he shook my hand and treated me as an adult, and the polite way he acted toward me and Charlene -- well, he made us feel like grown-up ladies. I know, because the next day Charlene told me frankly that she was in love with him.

Charlene had been selected to be the student coordinator, meaning that she was in charge of the costumes, props, sets, and so forth, under the supervision of a teacher, of course. Mr. Purcell went over a long list of things with Charlene, and then dismissed her and turned to me.

"Sorry to have made you wait so long, Sheri. I generally talk to the lead first, get that out of the way, and then I can spend a long time with the prop and set business."

"Hey! That's wonderful," he exclaimed, and I didn't have any idea of what he meant until later. And then it was too late. "Have you done any acting before?" Again I shook my head, and he went right on. "Well, that's all right. I'm sure your teachers knew you could handle it all right, or they wouldn't have selected you for the lead. And you look perfect to me. In every way. You understand, we may have to be here at school lots of evenings getting your part down letter perfect -- will your folks have any objections to that? And can you keep your schoolwork up that way?"

I explained that only my Mom was at home, and she didn't much care where I was, or what I was doing, nor who I was with. As far as my grades went, they'd be no problem.

As we got ready to leave, after a half-hour of discussion of the general trend of the pageant, he helped me on with my coat, and I felt his strong arm encircle my shoulder and pull me close.

"We're going to get along wonderfully, Sheri, dear, I just know it. Right, honey?"

"Yes, sir," was all I could say.

"And don't call me 'sir'," he laughed. "You make me feel too old. Tell you what, honey -- when others are around, I'll be Mr. Purcell, but when we're alone, I want you to call me Larry. O.K.?" And then that flashing smile melted my knees.

"Oooooh, yes. Larry." I tried it on for size. Both his hands caught my shoulders.

"This is to seal it, love," he said softly, and pulled me to him. As his head bent down over me, I closed my eyes and felt the soft heat of his lips on my mouth. I opened my lips and teeth, and his wet, hot tongue darted in and met mine. "Jesus, Sheri, where'd you learn to kiss like that?" he asked, still crushing my breasts against his heaving chest.

With the cocky confidence of trusting love, I laughed up at him and said, teasingly, "I'll never tell."

"Fair enough," he replied. "I don't like a girl that'll kiss and tell."

"Oh, I won't tell on us, either, Larry. I promise."

"Good, Sheri. I can see we're going to get along just wonderfully. I like you an awful lot, little angel, or I wouldn't have done what we just did. I like girls, and you're the sweetest by far that I've ever met. Keep that under your hat, but remember it."

We parted smiling at the front of the school, and I walked on cloud nine all the way home, eager for the next -- the first official -- play practice.

Mom just shrugged when I told her that I had the lead in the play and would be practicing and rehearsing every night for the next several weeks. I knew that she was glad to have me out of the house and not underfoot, and as long as it was a school function, she figured she'd know where I was. In a sense, she took the same care of me that a person gives a cat -- feed it, shelter it, comply with the humane laws, and let it do what it wants. I had come to expect nothing more from her.

Mr. Purcell had scheduled play practice from six-thirty until nine, Monday through Friday, so the next evening after supper I went to the school at six-thirty sharp and went directly to the auditorium, where the lights were already on. Larry was there alone, and greeted me with a big smile. He told me to toss my coat on a seat in the front row, and we went up on the stage. It was my first time ever up on a stage, and the vastness of the big auditorium was awesome. I was worried if I'd ever be able to make the people in the back of the room hear and understand me. Stage fright, I guess.

Larry took my arm and led me across the stage to the side and we went between the curtain and the set that was propped there. Just as I was about to ask him where we were going, he stopped and turned me around and pulled me up close to him and hugged me tightly. I lifted my face toward his, closed my eyes, and he kissed me, gently at first, then more and more passionately and deeply and hotly. My arms went around his neck and my tongue darted and probed into his lust-filled mouth, our tongues battling and intertwining. I could feel my body melting in his embrace, and the thought of his warm love filled my mind and increased my desire for him.

"Whew!" he exclaimed as we broke away to get our breath. "Damn, you sure know how to kiss, Sheri!"

I smiled at the compliment and snuggled close once again, pushing and straining to get my hard breasts pressed tightly against his muscular chest.

"You're only the second man I've ever kissed," I told him truthfully. "And I like it. A lot," I added shyly.

"Boy, the first one sure must have been a good teacher," Larry said. "Did he teach you anything else?"

"He might have." I felt silly after I said it, because a girl shouldn't play coy, but ought to be honest with a man she loves.

"Are you a virgin, Sheri? C'mon, level with me, honey." His hand raised my chin up so I had to face him squarely.

"No, Larry. I was till a couple of months ago, and then, well... then."

"Now don't be embarrassed, love. I didn't really mean to pry. It's just that... well, you and I both know where all this is leading, don't we? I think I love you, little one -- it just hit me right off the bat. Boom! Just like that. And you're so sweet and adorable. And you sure as hell look and act an awful lot more mature than most of my college students. You aren't giggly and flighty like they all seem to be."

"Thank you. I think I love you, too, Larry," I said softly. "You're so handsome and, well, everything. I'm not real good with words like you are, but I'll show you how much I love you. And yes," I continued, "I think I know what we both want to do. Make love. Right?"

"Right, little angel. You and I are the only ones in the whole school building tonight. The janitors left just before you got here, and I told them I'd lock up when I left. And I am not going to have the full cast start practicing for another week yet. Tonight is just for us. Do you mind?"

I smiled up at him, happy to know that he loved and wanted me just as I did him, we would belong to each other solely for at least a week. The thought of it warmed me, and I stretched up and kissed him again. That was the best sort of answer for his question, I thought.

I loved the gentle way his hands cupped my asscheeks as we pressed and probed with our tongues, and the grinding pressure of his body on my breasts and tummy made me almost swoon with the heated desire to share my love with him, to have him get inside me and express his love for me in the fullest and richest and most exciting and complete way. I had to have his love.

Larry led me to a corner backstage where the furniture props were stored, and we sat on a huge sofa there. As he slowly unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra, I could feel my nipples stiffening at the arousing thoughts that went all through my mind.

Then Larry was kneeling before me, his hands cupping the undersides of my tits and bouncing them lightly. As I watched, happy in the warm touch, his mouth encircled one of my nipples, and an electric charge shot through me as his hot wet tongue laved it. His grip became firmer and more masterful as his tongue fluttered rapidly across the pink tip, and waves of heat filled my belly and I pulled his head tighter and harder against my quivering tit as I tried to cram more and more of it into his hungry mouth.

He had to lean back and come up for air soon, and as he sat back on his haunches, gasping and smiling, he said softly, "I'm going to eat you up, Sheri. You know that, don't you? All of you. Oh, God, baby, you are so sweet. So Goddam luscious. Mmmmmmm, I'll never get enough of you, darling. Here, let me help you off with those clothes."

I stood up and unzipped my skirt, and Larry slid it down over my thighs. Then he hooked his fingers in my panties and peeled them off rapidly. As I stood there in front of where he knelt, I wasn't ashamed of my nudity.

He knelt there with his hands on my thighs and gazed at me up and down for a full minute, then pulled me close and buried his face in my muff, moaning and crooning. I put my hands on the back of his head and clung fiercely to him, the heat of his breath and the warm thrill of his touch making me all soft and liquid inside. I could feel a few drops of juice trickling down the crack of my pussy and knew that I loved Larry and wanted and needed his love. Right now.

Larry pushed me back onto the edge of the sofa and stood up and shed his clothes rapidly. He had a beautiful trim body, slim waisted and tall, not very much hair on his chest and legs, and although his cock wasn't quite as big as Paul's had been, I couldn't see very much difference. I sure didn't need one bigger, that was for sure!

His erection stood out in front of him like a warrior's lance as he came to me on the sofa. He knelt down again in front of me, grabbed my hips and slid me forward until I just barely perched on the front edge of the sofa cushion. A gentle push reclined me, and I felt him lift my knees high up and far apart. I clasped my hands behind my knees and pulled them all the way against my chest, mashing my breasts into jiggly blobs. I could look down the length of my body and see his happy smile as he nestled his face into my bush.

At first I wasn't certain whether he was touching my cunt lips or whether I was dreaming he did, he was so soft and gentle. Then I felt a slightly firmer pressure from his tongue as it raced up and down my hairline crack, and I could feel my fluids seeping out and knew that he was lapping them up and craving more. Then his fingers tenderly spread apart my lips and his hot stiff tongue darted inside to the eagerly receptive lining that begged for his loving oral caresses. I couldn't keep from rocking my hips up and down, backward and forward, in time to his penetrating tongue, and then I felt his mouth settle hotly on my pussy and his tongue sought and found and flayed my clit. The screaming waves of ecstasy that surged through me at his whipping, stinging tongue bath soon got me to a peak, and I let the waves of love ride over me as I came -- a blinding, searing thrill of ecstasy from which I was unable to keep silent.

"AAAAARRRJRRGGGHH!! Oh Larry oh God yes yes YEEESSSS! So good so Goddam good oh eat me up darling eat me oh yes more more MOOOORRRRE!! Don't stop don't ever stop oh God I'm commmmmniing oh God there it is again OOOOOOHHHH!!!" and I released my hold on my knees and slumped, exhausted and faint with the pain-pleasure of the exquisite thrill. I could feel my body writhing and turning under Larry's hands, almost of its own volition, for I had no control of myself, my mind, my body, nothing. I was saturated with love and ecstasy and the sensuousness of the moment.

Larry stood up, wiping his cum-flecked lips and grinning broadly. "Goddam! You do me good! Jesus! You get so hot it makes me hotter than ever. Oooooh, lover, it's wonderful, the way you're so responsive. And quick. I'll bet I could make you come twenty times in a row, in about five minutes. We'll have to try to set some sort of record one of these nights. But right now, while you're still hot and juicy and ready, I've got to fuck you. I can't wait any longer!"

And with that flat statement, he knelt directly before me, and I could gaze along my belly and see the slow, inexorable advance of his cockhead as he neared my palpitating cunt lips that so begged for its invasion. His right hand held the shaft of his tool as he deftly separated my slimy pussy lips to facilitate its entrance. I felt the searing heat of his cock as the huge purple flared head touched the enhance of my cunt, and it was all I could do to remain silent and still as the thrill of this new lover rose higher and hotter in my body, my brain.

Then the smooth warmth of his filling cock penetrated into the snug red lining of my cunt, and my lust and desire rose in direct proportion to the length of the steaming cock that he slid up into my waiting, eager snatch.

As my muscles yielded protestingly but happily at the monstrous invasion, nature took a hand, and I could feel the seepage of my cunt juices as the natural flow of my fluids enveloped his cock and lubricated our union even more thoroughly than ever before. The snug gripping of my tight cunt walls along his stiff, throbbing rod gave me a filling sensation of ecstasy that craved more and more of the same. I tried to relax to let him enter further and quicker, but an overwhelming reflex of possession made my crotch tighten a bit firmer, and the frictional reply of my cunt to his masculine assault communicated itself to his fevered desire, and I felt a tightening of his arm and body muscles as the increase in lust and eagerness in his brain took over from the gentle approach with which he first began.

Larry lunged, and I felt as if my legs were being torn apart and I thought for a moment that he had split me in two, and then, when the rigid end of his cock bumped fiercely against the rubbery mouth of my little womb, I knew that he had it all in, and it felt so good, so filling, so fulfilling, so rapturous, that I knew I was in heaven, and never wanted it to end. I could keep still no longer.

"Ooooooohhhh, Larry, my love, that's so good, so wonderful, oh yes do it to me darling yes yes yes like that -- out to the tip so slow and back in so hard and fierce and fast and out and in and again Larry oh Larry I love you Daddy do it to me cram it in me all of it I have to have all of it all of you oh God oh God it's good keep it up I'm coming Larry Jesus Christ ram it in me up in me jam it and ram it and cram it up in me darling I love it I love you! WAIT LARRY WAIT KEEP IT RIGHT THERE DON'T MOVE OH DON'T STOP KEEP PUMPING I'M COMMMMMMMMMINNNGGH! Oh God give me all of it Larry darling fuck me lover fuck me to death oh God stuff me full of cock Larry I've got to have it more darling MMOOOOOORE! Never quit more cock my lover forever ooooooooooohhhhhhh gooooodd-d-d..." and I nearly passed out from the ecstasy that blinded and thrilled me so completely.

Just as my voice failed me, and I lay inert, gasping for breath and rocking with the waves of lust that surged through my entire soul and body, I felt the hot steamy surge of his jetting cock as he rammed it tight up against my womb mouth and poured forth his creamy seed inside my raw wet cunt. He so filled my passage with his pulsing cock that I felt his sperm running out past the shaft, matting my sparse cunt hairs and running down the crack of my ass, and drenching my thighs.

Larry had lunged forward to impale me at the moment of his ejaculation, and I put my arms around his muscular back and felt the small spasmodic jerks of his hips against mine as he twitched with each throbbing pulse of cum that jetted from his magnificent cock up inside the heated sheath of my cunt. I truly felt as one with him, and hoped that this moment of love and lust would never end.

"Oh, Larry, that's so wonderful, feeling you up inside me and having you drown me with your scorching steamy love," I told him, and gently rubbed his shoulders and pulled him lots tighter and closer as he slumped along my body and gasped with the exertion and draining enervation we had gone through.

"Wheeeeew!" He smiled at me. "That was the most perfect, the most total come I've ever had! Goddam, Sheri, you have the sweetest and tightest cunt I've ever been in. You're ideal, my darling, my little angel. Just let me rest a second and I'll be O.K. Jee-suss! You drained my balls like they've never been drained. Generally, I've got good control -- I can fuck for an hour or more and hold off coming, but shit! You took it away from me that time, baby. I couldn't stop myself, it was so snug and hot and wonderful. That's O.K., though, the next one will just last that much longer." He laughed. "That is, if I ever get my strength back. Kee-rist! You pulled my balls and brains and heart right out the end of my cock, I swear you did. Oooooooh, I love you, Sheri, I love what you do to me, I love your response -- hell, I thought you were gonna pass out, you came so violently. And that response of yours just drove me over the brink, honest it did. I couldn't have held off another second if my life depended on it."

He reared his head back and fastened his mouth yawningly over one of my blood-engorged pink nipples, and as his hand crept up to cuddle and fondle and jiggle my tit, I could feel the soft waves of after-come surging gently up into my sopping hot cunt, and even though his cock had shrunk to half its erect size after spitting me full of love, my cunt had matched its contractions, and I felt as if my very heart were wrapped around its soft-firm length where it still lay grippingly surrounded by my velvet cunt lining.

Full of devilment, I forced my inside muscles to grab and relax, concentrating on this wringing-out motion until I could gradually feel his meat hardening again, pushing against my straining pussy walls and throbbing with the new engorgement.

Larry pushed away from me, keeping his cock inside me all the time, until he was once again kneeling on the floor before the sofa, where I was sprawled on the edge, my slippery pubic hairs matted and twined with his as he was resting there before me. My eyes brimmed with tears at the memory of the excitement he had caused me, the satisfaction he had given me, the tender warmth with which he had filled me. I was in love. He owned me, all of me, always, all ways. I'd be his love slave, forever.

"Now, slowly, Sheri, sit up and throw your leg over me and, whoops, just about lost it -- take it easy honey -- yeah, that's it," he said as I turned and was lying half on my side. "Mmmm-hmmm, that's right, clear on over," he said softly, and helped me to turn over on the sofa till my upper body was on the divan and I was kneeling before him, my hard little asscheeks facing him.

I could feel the new touching sensation of this different angle as he prepared to fuck me dog-style, from the rear, and the variety of the feel of it, as new areas were massaged by his slow, long strokes -- well, it felt wonderful, let me tell you. This way, I could feel the hot huge head of his massive cock stroke velvetly and hotly along the upper canal wall, frictioning me in a delightful new way, and then, just as his belly would bump my ass globes, I could feel the gentle tickling rub of his cockhead against my womb mouth, and knew that both of us would get satisfied this way, we fit so perfectly.

My pussy walls clung to his shaft with each withdrawal stroke, and I could feel my slimy pink lips being drawn outward with each reverse movement. Then the slippery tucking in of my pink lips as he relentlessly bored within me to stuff and fill my happily yielding cunt with each downstroke. The freedom of movement that this position gave me was wonderful, and I began racking back on my knees to meet his every forward thrust, then leaned forward as he pulled his beautiful cock out till just the flared head was impaled in my slippery pussy, and back and forth, back and forth it went. The rigidity and heat of his cock melted my insides, and I could feel the juices running out of my over rammed snatch and slopping down the insides of my thighs.

Then I felt his left hand slide forward between my chest and the sofa, and I raised up just a bit to let him grab my tit and knead it as his other hand snaked past the angle of my thigh and belly and fastened gently upon my clitoris that poked out so invitingly and available in this position. He pinched it delicately between thumb and forefinger, and then, his digits slimy with our fluids, slid rapidly but tenderly over and around and across it, and waves of electricity coursed through me as the pain-pleasure of my clit's exquisite thrills mingled with the pressing, tearing fulfillment of my cunt walls.

"Oh God Larry that's good. Front and back and all up inside and oh yes yes YESSSSS!!! Honey do it to me oh lover fuck me and pet me and give me everything you've got Larry. Oh Christ that's wonderful but -- I -- ooooooohhh!" I sobbed as I felt the first wave of another come building up to a fantastic peak. I bobbed and writhed under his double-barreled ministrations as I climbed higher and closer to the mountaintop of bliss that he was generating in my loins and my brain. I felt his left hand slide out from under my tit, and the rough material of the sofa scraped harshly against my tender, nipple, and the new sensation of tickle-hurt made me press myself harder on the seat cushions to assuage it and get more and more of every feeling and sensation that I could from this moment of joy.

Then I felt his left hand cup and fondle my hard round asscheek and his forefinger crept down the crack of my ass till I felt the tickling rub of it against my pink rosebud asshole. His soft warm touch was delightful, and I thrust backward harder to get a firmer feeling of it against my asshole.

My entire being seemed saturated with lustful feelings; my tits were mashed and scraped with the upholstery, my clitoris was being tantalized beyond belief by his right hand, my cunt was rammed and stuffed full of long, hot, pulsing cock, and my virginal asshole was getting its first soothing tickle. I was in absolute heaven -- I never knew there were so many damn ways and places and things that felt so good. I gave myself over to the bliss of the moment, and just let it happen, as I talked to Larry while he worked me over so thoroughly.

"Yes yes oh do it to me right there mmmmmmm oh Larry Daddy lover that's heaven more and more and MOOOOOORE!! Fill me honey oh fuck me Larry oh God ohhhh Christ luck me fuck fuck FUUUUUCKKK MMEEEEEEE!!!" I screamed as every nerve ending, every fiber of my body was shot through with piercing flames of lust and set my brain awhirl and I collapsed forward on the sofa, numb and delirious with the ecstasy of that instant. As in a dream, I could feel Larry savagely pounding his enormous cock into me from the rear, and the rhythmic assault in my cunt kept my come at its peak for God knows how long, and then I could feel the tidal surge of his ejaculation as it romped and rampaged up inside my tightly stretched pussy, and the warm laying of his emission bathed me with comfort and satisfaction as I took every drop of his penetrating cock's spewing stream.

Larry sprawled atop me and we lay there a few minutes to get cur breath, our total exhaustion and satisfaction combining with the heat of our sweaty bodies, for the exertion of the past hour had overcome the chill of the drafty, cavernous auditorium in which we so avidly fucked each other. Then he arose, sat down beside me, and gently turned me over and pulled my little body next to his hard manly frame.

"Sheri, darling," he said softly as he cupped my chin and raised my head till our eyes met, "there's one thing that we have to get understood and agreed on right now, for all time."

"Sure, lover," I smiled up at him. "What's that?"

"We've got to get married, baby doll." He saw my funny look, I guess. "I mean it. Right away. Oh, not to just 'make an honest girl' out of you, but for the simple reason that you are exactly the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and because you are the epitome of perfection when it comes to loving."

"How did you marry her so young?" I asked. I wasn't the least jealous of his first wife -- that had all happened before he and I met. I was just glad he liked young girls, and I was it.

"That was easy, Sheri. I have some money; I'm not rich, not by a damn site, but I had a small inheritance and I gave her dad -- he was a taxi driver, and they had eight kids altogether -- five thousand to swear that she was sixteen, and with parents' consent you can get married in this state at sixteen. Would your mom go for that? Does she need the money? How does she feel about you, honey? I'll treat you like a princess, always, she can count on that, because I think of you as a real live princess." He smiled down, at me and brushed me with a soft kiss.

"She doesn't care a lot about me -- doesn't love me, she doesn't hate me. I'm just an expensive nuisance to her, Larry. She'd just as soon I was gone and no more worry or responsibility, I think. And she could use the money, that's for sure. We've been on and off relief all my life."

"Good! I'll up the ante to ten thousand -- I can afford that, my stocks have gone up quite a lot the last five years, and I'll tell her that she needn't report it, so it'll be tax free, and she can do whatever she wants with it. I'll get the cash tomorrow from the bank, and then this weekend I'll sell her on the idea, and we can get married next Monday and we'll move to Florida on Tuesday. I have a job waiting in Miami -- they've been after me for some time -- as director of a community playhouse there, and I'd been stalling them along. But now I'm ready. We're ready, I mean. Right?" and his dazzling smile and confident self-assurance swept me into the land of dreams. Mrs. Larry Purcell, for ever and ever -- I trembled with the happy thought.

Every night through the rest of the week we met in the school auditorium, in the prop room backstage and made love. We both liked variety, and we would take turns eating each other up, then fuck till we nearly went blind. Larry taught me how best to suck cock -- all the little nuances and touches that he preferred and made him hottest and horniest, like holding warm water in my mouth, then putting just the huge head inside my cheeks, and while it was getting a warm wet bath, to run the tip of my tongue around and around the rim, then into the hole in the tip of his tool, and so forth, and then when I'd take big, long, slow strokes with my mouth, to flash my tongue rapidly up and across and around the underside of his cock where it was the most sensitive. And to cuddle and gently massage his balls and the skin of his bag, and to run my fingers up and down his ass while I was blowing him. He showed me a million little things to enhance each and every motion, and by the end of the week, he said that I was probably the nearest thing to a perfect cocksucker that there was on the face of the earth. Oh, I tried so hard to do anything and everything to please him. And I know I did, for a soft, warm, loving look would come into his eyes when he was happy -- and he had that look just about all the time.

And he'd spend maybe an hour on my tits -- cuddling, jiggling, bouncing them, tweaking the nipples and aureoles till they pulsed with blood and passion and stood erect like little pink pencil erasers, and his tongue would bathe one while he would gently scrape his fingernail over and around and across the other. The chills and tremors ran clear through my body, and I'd just shudder at the sensuous vibrations he caused me.

And he bought me a little "traveling douche" in a plastic bag that I hid under my mattress, and I took a douche each day as soon as I got home from school, to be all clean and sweet and ready for his hungry loving each night at school. And as his tongue probed and stroked and rubbed the outside lips, and then parted the flesh doors and wandered in, all tickly and hot and wet, I just melted with passion, and I never wanted it to end. And when he'd fasten his mouth on my cunt and get my tender clitoris between his teeth -- oh, ever so gently -- and flick his tongue back and forth over it, I'd almost scream with the shock waves that ran through me.

He liked to have me talk to him while we made love, to let him know what I liked best, and where it felt especially good, and I was naive, I know, but I couldn't stop from talking anyway, so it worked out real well, and he could tell from the tone and volume of my voice just where things were going extra good, and when I was coming, and everything. We were so deliriously, so deliciously in love, and so satisfied with each other, that I just knew that it had to go well with Mom when he approached her about us getting married. And then Saturday was here, and at ten that morning he came up the walk.

I had told Mom Friday that Mr. Purcell, the drama coach, wanted to talk to her, and I got a kind of disinterested lecture on not getting her involved in schoolwork, she'd finished school, and don't get a silly crush on a teacher, and she admitted that it was nice for me to be at play practice every night, that way she knew where I was, and on and on, and I didn't get to tell her really how nice and handsome Larry was, but I hoped for the best.

Mom had put on her good dress, anyway, and combed her hair, which was something, but about nine o'clock she started slugging down the bourbon, and by the time Larry showed up promptly at ten, she was getting a bit scraggly and sloppy. I opened the door for him, gave him a quick kiss, and led him to the kitchen.

"Mom, this is Larry Purcell. Larry, my mother." As I introduced them, she rose and smiled at the good-looking man before her.

"Well, I'm certainly glad to meet you. You're a handsome one, that's for sure. What was it ya wanted to see me about, Mr. -- uh, Mr. -- what was it again?"

"Purcell. Why don't you just call me Larry?"

"Hey, fair enough. Want a shot? Or a highball? I hate to drink alone," Mom said, grinning at him seductively.

"Why, that's fine," he said, smiling, although he had told me he hated bourbon; only drank Scotch and sometimes vodka. But he was going along with Mom all the way, I could see. "Bourbon and tap water will be fine," he added.

Mom slopped some bourbon in a water glass and filled it up at the sink and Larry thanked her very politely and took a sip.

"What I wanted to talk to you about, ma'am, is Sheri," Larry said.

"Well, I figgered that," Mom nodded. "But we shouldn't discuss her in front of her, so," and here she turned to me, "why don't you run upstairs and straighten up your room so me and Larry can talk, Sheri? That's a good girl."

I didn't have much choice but to obey, but when I got upstairs I bent over the heating air duct that came up from the kitchen ceiling, and I could see through the louvers and hear every word. I crouched and settled down to eavesdrop.

"To get straight to the point, I'd like to marry Sheri," I heard Larry say. I could see Mom rear back and stiffen like a snake had jumped up in her lap.

"I'll just lay my cards on the table right now, ma'am. Sheri is not a virgin. Your last shack-up job, Paul whatever his name was, took care of that, and since that was statutory rape, and you were responsible, both directly and indirectly, you're guilty, too. And another thing, I can prove that most of the time that you've been on welfare it has been fraudulently and I'll file a citizen's complaint on that. But let's not do or say anything nasty, shall we? I'll get right to the sweet part of the deal. I'll give you ten thousand dollars cash to swear that. We can get married legal and proper. Doesn't that show my heart and mind are in the right channel?" He leaned back to await her reply.

Knowing Mom, I could sense the shifting gears whirling around in her whiskey-fogged skull. If he had that kind of cash available, why shouldn't she capture him for herself? And, yep, sure enough, she came up with it.

"Well, now, Larry, that is a proper and sensible approach, but have you ever thought what a baby she'd be for a grown-up man? And so handsome -- I'll say this, she sure got a crush on a good looker. You are handsome, Larry. I could go for you myself." I saw her lean across the table to let her boobs show better and she still had a nice pair of tits, I'll say that for Mom. "Why don't you and I get together, and you could maybe move in here with us, save ya some rent and all, and we could discuss it later on, in a coupla three four years. Like that, huh? How about it? I'll betcha we could get along first rate, and I could take care o' ya a helluva lot better'n a snot-nosed brat that doesn't know her ass from first base. Whattaya say, boy?" She tried to put on a sexy smile, but it sorta sloped off into a drunken leer.

I thought at the time that Mom took my loss of virginity to Paul pretty smoothly, but I guess she just wasn't enough interested in my welfare to give a good Goddamn. She could only concentrate on one thing at a time, and now it was centered on getting Larry into bed and her into his bankroll, I could see that pretty plainly. And so could Larry.

"You must have misunderstood me. I want to marry Sheri. I'm not just hunting for a shackup or a piece of ass, to be very blunt about it. She and I really love each other, and I'm certain that you could use ten grand very nicely, now couldn't you?" He sure had the right ace in the hole, I could tell.

"Gash?" Mom raised her eyebrows and voice.

"Cash." He opened his briefcase. "Here. All in twenties and fifties, so you won't have any questions asked as you spend it, and no record of anything. Fair enough?"

"Well, hell, she'd probably just get herself knocked up any day now by some damn fool punk kid, and then I'd have to -- hmmmm, it would be better if she was mated to a real nice gentleman like you, and then I wouldn't be always worryin' over her." As if she ever did, I thought. "But I don't know," Mom continued, "You might hurt her. If I knew more about you -- how you make love, and if you're nice -- well, you know, all the things that go to make up a good husband, sure you don't want to tie up with me for a bit, Larry? Guarantee you I'd really take care of all your needs, boy." She got up and went around the table and unzipped her dress. "Here. Look at that. Not bad for a gal twenty-nine, is it?" and as Larry gazed at the big jiggling tit she shoved two inches from his face, I thought, she's thirty-one and already fudging a couple years on her age.

Larry reached out and gently cupped her tit and bounced it a bit. "Hmmmmm, very very beautiful. But no thanks. Oh, I'll give you a good fuck if that's what you want, but just in order to get your O.K. for the marriage. And then you'll only get nine thousand bucks. So what do you say -- you want to pay a thousand dollars for one stud fee?"

He laughed. "Take it or leave it."

"Why, you sonuvabitch." She zipped up quickly and sat down again. "Ten thousand... half now and half when you say 'I do'? Fair enough?"

"No way, baby," Larry smiled. "I'll give you a hundred now, right now," and he flipped her two 50's, "so you can get a dress and your hair done, and the rest when we say 'I do'. No way you're gonna get five grand, get drunk, blab it all over, draw the heat and then back out. No way. So... deal?"

"Hell, why not?" she grinned as she grabbed the money and stuffed it into her dress pocket. "Best offer I've had in I don't know how long. Where you two gonna live? Got a place?"

Larry shook his head and smiled. "Hunh-uh. But we'll find a place. And we may not even tell anyone till after the honeymoon is over. Or maybe never. I don't care a lot for relatives and in-laws hanging around. Nothing personal, you understand."

"Hell, you kids can live on the moon for all I give a good Goddam. Be kinda nice not to have the brat underfoot."

I left my hiding place and went back downstairs, making a warning clomping on the steps as I did. Mom greeted me in the kitchen.

"Sheri, baby, I think this Larry is a real fine gent, and even though you are pretty, I think he'll take real good care of you. You really love him, baby?" she asked.

"Yes, Mom, very, very much. Everything's O.K., then?" I asked Larry.

"Sure is, Princess," he smiled and put his arm around my waist as I stood beside him. "We'll get married Monday over in Clarksville," he said, naming the adjacent county seat. "Then we'll go away for a short honeymoon." He squeezed my side and I saw a silencing look of caution cross his face, so I didn't say anything about Florida -- we'd agreed no one was to know.

"Well, hell, kids, let's drink to a happy marriage." Mom was getting maudlin and friendly. "And you kids can stay here over the weekend if ya want to," she added generously. "You're as good as husband and wife now, so what the hell." She leered across at Larry. "I'd sure like to see what you've got, lover, that's so damn good. Sure you don't want a little sample of the rest of the family?"

"No way, dear," he said. "I'm Sheri's only. Forever."

It thrilled me through and through to hear him state it so emphatically, and I was happy and proud in my love for him.

Chapter THREE

Larry stayed the weekend at our house and aside from one incident, the two days went by deliriously happily. That one time came when we were making love.

Mom had gone downtown to get a new dress and shoes, and then get her hair done, so we decided to have a matinee. I was in the shower when she left the house, and before she got out of sight up the street, Larry had stripped and entered the bathroom.

"Got room for a close friend in there with you?" he asked, and slid the shower door open. "Boy, if you don't look just like a Nereid, angel. I've always said that makeup ruins a truly beautiful girl. A female is at her prettiest when she steps out of a shower -- and then you can kiss every drop dry and go on from there."

"What's a Nere -- a Net -- whatever that was?" I asked.

"A sea nymph -- and boy, a sculptor should see you now," he said, and by then his hands were roving tenderly over my body and I quit paying attention to his words, his actions were so delightful.

I felt his big hard-on pressing upward along the crack of my ass as he stood behind me, cupping one breast and gently and slowly rubbing my mound and cunt hairs. The huge rigid cock's heat pressed toward my brain, and my body began to melt with the thought of sex and satisfaction. I pressed my body harder and closer and tighter against my lover's and slowly began to writhe under his caresses. I knew that he'd get the message, and sure enough, he turned me around carefully in the shower, the water beating down merrily on our heads and bodies all the while.

As soon as I faced him, he knelt before me, and I went into a crouch, which spread my knees apart, and then as I reached for the chrome handrail to hold on to, I felt his hot wet tongue brush against my clitoris, and small sparks of lust and passion shot through my loins. One of Larry's thumbs pressed inward and upward at the top of my pink pussy crack, which brought my aroused clit into full view so that he could fasten his suctioning lips on it tightly and bring me to an orgasm quicker, and the other hand snaked in under my hard little round asscheeks and I felt his warm finger run up and down my soapy asscrack. It tickled, and I liked it, and told him so.

"Ooooooohhh, that's smooth and good, Larry, oh yes, my love, my lover, keep it up. Jesus! I can't hold off very long if you don't let up, honey! Hey! You're tickling my asshole! Oh it feels good, keep it up, oh Larry Larry Larry I love you and I love it and don't ever stop oh honey let me have some cock darling don't be so selfish give me that good hard meat Larry let me feel that big hot throbbing rod of yours honey oh please I've gotta have it Larry in my mouth yes yes let me suck you and suck you clear off and swallow all your cum and feel that hot river shoot me full of your love and I want to swallow it and feel it all soft and creamy in my mouth and throat and belly and GODDAM IT I MEAN NOW!!!"

I was on the brink of coming and I knew we'd never stop or even try to stop once it got that good, and I did so want him, all of him, in every way.

So we clambered out of the shower and shut it off and grabbed a couple of towels and raced into my bedroom. We'd just gotten about one-third dry when we reached the bed, and we didn't wait. Larry lay back on the bed, his pecker standing rigidly upright, and it looked massive and long and so beautiful, waiting for my love there like a ready soldier. I swung one smooth thigh across his face and slid backward a few inches so that my cunt was right over his mouth, and then bent down and forward to kiss the one-eyed tip of his monstrous cock. As I rested on my elbows and seized it with both hands, I marveled again at the pulsing life within its stiff shaft as it bucked and throbbed with his passion. My girlish hands couldn't completely surround it, but as I pumped the skin rapidly up and down while lowering my mouth to engulf it, I felt his wet tongue dart up inside my tender cunt lips.

I could tell that his fingers had pried apart the pink lips of my baby cunt, and then the lashing of his hot tongue up inside the raw red meat of my snatch drove me to hotter and hornier desires, and I swooped down on the colossal flared head of his cock that loomed immediately before me. At the first touch of my wet mouth on his sensitive glans, I felt Larry buck beneath me, and the electric charge communicated itself to me, and I plunged downward on his shaft, my cheek linings scraping on its massive diameter, my teeth lightly raking the length of it as I strove to yawn wider in order to take as much of it as I could. I felt the head of his cock bump against the back roof of my mouth, and nearly strangled as its enormity pressed my tongue flat in my mouth.

Larry's hands held me imprisoned by my asscheeks and his mouth doubled its efforts on my cunt lining and on my clit, and I felt as if my entire torso were on fire. Well, I had the hose to put out the fire, and as my head bobbed rapidly and rhythmically up and down its full length, my tongue swishing and flashing from side to side to stimulate each and every inch of his magnificent weapon, I could feel the rigidity and contractions of his muscles as I drew the sperm from his balls and magnetically sucked it along the full length of his cock to where it would soon spurt warmly and satisfyingly into my avid hungry mouth. I could tell by his tenseness that he was coming closer to a blow, and then I began to realize that my heat, too, had increased to where I felt as if I were melting. I redoubled my efforts so we could come together.

Just as all sanity was torn from me, and my entire world was concentrated in the exquisite pain-pleasure of being rent apart and fused in total love with Larry, somewhere in the deep recesses of consciousness that I had flown from, there came the sound of doors opening, a voice, an outside intrusion. Then as I slid slowly down the peak of intense thrills to the mundane lower earth of sanity and reality, I heard Mom's shrill voice and swung my head drunkenly to look at her as she loomed in the bedroom doorway.

"Goddamn, you kids don't slow down for anything, do you? I been here five minutes yakin' at ya, and you never came up for a breath or anything in all that time. Wheee -- ewww! That sure musta been a good one. Mind if I join ya?" and she was shedding her clothes as she talked. As she walked toward the bed, I couldn't help but admit that she'd taken pretty good care of herself over the years, although she was only thirty-one, and a long way from being an old woman. Her tits, heavy and round, but not yet pendulous, swung ponderously as she swayed seductively across the room, and the almost-professional way she sashayed her hips in a sensuous, undulating movement betrayed her pride in her voluptuous and eager body. I glanced at Larry as he lay on his side, watching the sexy parade that Mom put on. He smiled and turned to me.

"O.K. to give her a quick thrill, Sheri? Just this once? And I'll be thinking of you all the time -- that's the only way I could get a hard-on, darling. You just rest up a minute. I'm not depriving us or anything -- just doin' her a favor. O.K.?"

I nodded my acceptance, and when Mom reached Larry's side of the bed, she knelt before him and took his flaccid cock in her hand and gently began to stroke and manipulate it. Her other hand softly caressed and cuddled his manly bag of balls and she laid her cheek on his belly and let her tongue wander idly across the hairy surface. Larry lay back and shut his eyes dreamily. When he opened them once and winked at me behind her view, I sat back and relaxed, and then when he again closed his eyes and gave himself over to Mom's sensual caresses, I got up softly and went over and leaned down to him. I placed the nipple of my left tit lightly against his beautiful soft lips, and they opened readily and his hot wet tongue flashed forth to lave my aureole. I leaned further down upon him, and his hand came up and grasped my breast firmly but tenderly and as he kneaded with his hand, his suctioning mouth vacuumed and pulled my baby pink nipple erect.

Mom murmured something happily as she felt his cock gradually growing in her grasp, and then she lowered her hungry mouth, gaping wide to get the erect organ inside her face. She was grinning hugely at the sensually ripe feeling of his wonderfully hot cock, and her anticipation of being satisfied and fucked by such a handsome stud. And it didn't bother me, for I knew that we were just doing her a favor, that Larry truly loved only me, and was playing with and thinking of me even as he let my mother have his physical manifestation of lust.

She kept backing up and backward until her steamy cunt was in plain view for me. Larry, of course, couldn't see it, because his face was happily smothered by my chest as I continued to press my tit into his gently, chewing mouth. I saw the dripping of her pussy juices as she got hotter and hotter under her gnawing on Larry's cock, and from being digitally manipulated by his invading finger. Then as he withdrew his digit, I saw that on his next stroke he used two fingers to stab up Mom's cunt, and in a few seconds he was using three!

I could see the tendons of his wrist and the back of his hand flex and wriggle as he violently waved his fingers separately and furiously within the confines of Mom's cunt, and her hips responded to the multiple sensations of having her clitoris and her cunt walls stimulated at the same moment. Fluids trickled down his forearm as she involuntarily released lubricating liquids from her overeager snatch.

Then I saw Larry's left hand raise up to her bounteous asscheeks, spread them apart, and let his hand wander idly up and down her pink asscrack. Soon he dipped his fingers into the slick runoff from her cunt and returned to concentrate on Mom's puckered asshole that loomed up like a full moon on my horizon. As he centered his attentions on the red sphincter of her asshole, she whimpered and redoubled her attentions on his cock, and I knew that the triple-action arousal of mouth on cock, hand in cunt, and tickling asshole was really getting to Mom. And it was fun to watch. I knew Mom enjoyed her fucking, but I'd had no idea that she could get this hot. But she acted as if she'd never had such a good and thorough lover, either, which was probably the truth, considering some of those bums she dragged home.

As Larry's finger tickled her asshole, Mom kept up her tuneless crooning, and as I saw Larry's finger disappear up to the second knuckle in her tight anus, I saw her body begin to tremble and vibrate. Then I could tell from the angle and position of his hands and fingers that he was literally shaking hands with himself inside Mom's most intimate caverns. His hands stopped their penetration, and when he inserted a second finger up her ass, and had all four fingers in her slimy cunt, I could see the twisting motion that meant that he was rubbing his digits together inside of her, through the thin membrane that separated her cunt and asshole. That membrane, I've found, is drenched with highly sensitive nerve endings, and I could see that she was going out of her mind, for Larry shrugged me off his face, and I backed away and watched as Mom's head turned and twisted, and she was actually growling a deep-throated snarl as she worried Larry's cock like a dog does with a bone or a shoe. She was gnawing and gumming and tearing at his enormous prick like she was really going to chew it off, grind it up, and swallow it.

Larry suddenly jerked his hands from inside Mom, sat up quickly, and pulled his cock from her mouth. She followed it around with her head, but by now Larry was up on his hands and knees behind her on the bed.

"Wanta fuck, don't ya?" he asked hoarsely, and Mom's head bobbed rapidly and mutely in affirmation.

"O.K., up on your hands and knees, baby. I'm ready," he said, and as she grinned and placed herself before him, with her head turned sideways on the bed and her arms out before her, awaiting his entrance hungrily, I saw him rub his massive purple cockhead up and down her dripping cunt crack a few times till the flared knob was shiny and slippery with her cunt juices.

"Oh, boy, I love it doggy-style," Mom murmured. "Shove it to me, Larry. Goddam, I want it!"

"My way? Ya want to do it my way, honey?" Larry asked.

"Oh, Christ, yes! Any way -- just do it!" Mom pleaded.

"Fine! Brace yourself, honey, 'cause here it is!" Larry told Mom, and then I saw his palms placed on the huge rounded half-moons of her asscheeks, then they spread her cheeks wide apart, and he grabbed his cock with one hand and lunged -- right up Mom's ass!


As she screamed and cursed and moaned, she fell flat on her chest and belly, writhing to evade the colossal cock that impaled her virgin asshole. Larry, of course, fell forward with her, his monstrous weapon still halfway inside her anus. He lay still, neither trying to shove further inside, nor making any attempt to withdraw the rigid meat that so tortured Mom.

"Take it out, Larry oh please oh God I can't take all of that big cock up the ass I've never had it in the back door before oh God you're killin' me you're tearin' me I'll suck you or fuck you or do anything else you ask, but don't fuck me in the asshole, Larry, honest, you're killin' me!"

"Just relax, honey. You've had the worst. You just lost your cherry -- your ass cherry. I'll bet you didn't give up as easily when you got fucked the first time, did you? And it won't hurt any more, I promise you. The diameter is all you have to get used to, and the head's in, and that's the biggest part of a cock, so the worst is over. You can take a yard of cock up inside you, once you get used to the diameter, honey, so all you have to do is just calm down and relax. You liked it when I was fingering you, didn't you?"

Mom nodded her head and emitted a soft "Mmmmm-hmmm", and I saw tears had run down her cheeks from the pain of the initial penetration. But the squint left her eyes, and I could see her torso muscles soften as she relaxed under Larry's tender and gentle encouragement, and then as he began to rock forward and backward a few inches, not pushing it in, just slowly moving his body about, I could see a smile begin to form at the corners of her mouth, and after a couple of minutes of play, she spoke again.

"Help me back up on my knees, Larry. I think I'm ready now for some more. But Jesus Christ, boy, take it easy. I'd forgotten what pain was till you jabbed that telephone pole up my ass. If I say stop, you stop, y'hear?" As she lifted and backed, Larry got his hands under her belly and hoisted firmly till her weight was settled once more upon her knees and chest. He then got a handful of spit and massaged the base half of his shaft that was still sticking out of Mom. Telling her to relax and promising to be gentle, he pulled a couple inches backward, and I could see the clinging, clutching walls of Mom's insides coming out. It looked as if he was going to turn her wrong side out right through her asshole, but it slipped a little, and then he shoved.

"UUUUUUGGGGHHH!!! Kee-rist! Wait a second! O.K., but go slow, boy, wheee-eww! Feels like I've got all the cock in the world, up me now!" She reached one hand back under her, and I saw her grab the trunk of Larry's prick.

"Goddam! Is there that much more left? I love cock, but you can get yourself too much of a good thing sometimes. Go ahead, big boy, keep it up, but slow like I said. It's feelin' better already. I just gotta remember to relax." She released his cock and sprawled forward, her ass waist high, and Larry prepared to continue her initiation to cornholing.

I watched, entranced, as he withdrew his cock until just the flared head was captured at the rim by her tight sphincter ring, then he lubricated the trunk again and slowly slid the full ten inches up inside her, and the way her head was turned on the bed, facing me, I could see her eyes widen and her jaw drop at the enormous length, the apparent never-ending pole that he stuffed up inside her. Then a smile spread over her face, and she closed her eyes dreamily and murmured and sighed and wheezed as Larry alternately deprived her of her ass-filling meat and then crammed her bowels full again with long hard easy strokes.

"Oh, that's good, Larry," she whispered, "just keep it up! Oh so good yes slow and easy like that oh don't take it out." But he stopped with the head still just inside the distended and tightly stretched hole of her anus. "Ahhhhhh, yes, more, oh God is there more I can feel it clear up in my gut, my throat oh stop ah yes just leave it clear in for a minute ft feels so hot and wonderful and filling up in me that way!" And she went on and on.

I could see a few drops of blood that had trickled out from where Larry actually had torn her puckering string, but the numbness of continued abrasion had helped the new sensation of sexual thrills to drown the hurt, and Mom was totally unaware of the rip in her asshole.

Larry rested and alternately tightened and relaxed his thigh muscles to make his cock throb inside her channel, and I knew what that felt like, because he used to do that to me inside my cunt when we'd rest a minute to keep from coming too soon. It felt the same as when a cock throbs while it's coming, spurt after spurt. And it tickles to beat hell. Then after a moment, he began fucking Mom's asshole again, and now he went faster and faster, and he had the range to where he'd pull it all out but that last inch of head, and then cram it in to the hilt with a mighty slam, and Mom was alternately going "ooooohh" and sucking her breath in as he withdrew, and then I'd hear her grunt "UUUGGHHH!" as he slammed the breath out of her when he impaled her full length with his pounding, rampaging meat. But the grin stayed on her face all the time, and her whimpers of joy kept slipping out.

Then just as Larry was about to come, and I could tell by the tenseness of his muscles, and the expression on his handsome face, he pulled his cock out, slapped and shoved Mom on the side of her ass so that she lay face up, sprawled out on the bed, and then he leaped forward and sat on her tits, squashing them flat as he hunkered over her and shoved his gigantic cock into her mouth that was now open with surprise. I saw one jet of cum as it spurted clear past her head and off over the end of the bed. Then he had rammed his cock into her mouth.

"There, baby, suck me off!" he snarled, and his hips began pumping and pistoning as his rich creamy load was dumped spittingly into Mom's jaws. "Take it, and swallow it and have a good lunch, baby, yes that's it lick it and clean it and keep it coming yes this load's all yours Momma I'll blow your tonsils out baby suck it suck, SUUUUUCCKKK!!!" And then, exhausted, he slumped alongside Mom's head, and she just turned her head and kept tugging and pulling at his meat with her lips and tongue and jaws, and her face was so full of his tool that even though she gulped rapidly, little rivulets of creamy jism seeped from her lips and dripped onto the sheet.

As Larry lay there, exhausted and panting from the exercise of fucking Mom in her ass, and blowing a gallon of cum into her face, Mom sat up on the side of the bed, one hand idly rubbing her drippy, sticky cunt hairs. Then she shifted over onto one cheek of her ass as she felt the tenderness from the pressure of sitting, and was made aware once again of the soreness of her recently raped ass.

"Goddam, Sheri, you've sure got one helluva joker there, that's for sure," she smiled at me. "But you'd better not try to let him go in your back door, honey -- it'll kill ya. You kids were sixtyninin' when I walked in. Has he ever fucked ya, baby doll?" When I nodded yes, she went on. "I don't know how he ever got all that meat up in ya, I swear. Son of a bitch's hung like a horse. 'Course, you're gettin' to be a big girl, you've blossomed out and developed an awful lot these last few months, but Jesus, that's a lotta meat far a woman, much less a girl. Does he hurt ya, baby?"

"Oh, no, Mom, he's very slow and gentle, and plays with me -- his hands and fingers and mouth, all over, till I get so hot and melty inside that I've got enough juice to float the Queen Mary, and then he slides it in so careful and kind. He's never hurt me," I fibbed just a little.

It was true. Larry was always considerate and patient and good with me and to me. I'd never seen him vicious and brutal like he'd been with Mom, but I figured that he knew what he was doing, and I think he was trying mostly to discourage her. If so, it didn't work too well, because she followed him all over the house the rest of the weekend, hinting, pleading, and finally begging him to fuck her, but he said no, very emphatically and finally said if she mentioned it again he'd clobber her. So she shut up and sulked and got drunk.

We made love half a dozen more times that weekend, and then Monday morning we all piled into Larry's car and drove to Clarksville. Mom bumped into a couple of men she knew in the courthouse, and convinced them that their memories were a bit off -- that I'd been born four years earlier than they recalled, and when the judge asked what grade I was in school, I told him next to last year, a junior, and told him what subjects I was taking, and remembered what Larry had told me to say, and we got by with it without having to produce a birth certificate.

In twenty minutes it was all over, the judge threw in a two-minute lecture on the sanctity of marriage, and I was a starry-eyed bride, madly, thoroughly in passionate love with a handsome, wonderful husband. Mrs. Larry Purcell. I ran the sound of it over in my mind, and it was beautiful -- truly perfect. I vowed that from that moment on, nothing, absolutely nothing, could ever destroy my happy dreams and rich, marvelous life.

We dropped Mom off at her house, and Larry counted the money out to her and made her count it over again. By now she was stoned, and grandly waved us off onto our honeymoon, saying that she'd finish counting it later. We piled into the car and drove about a hundred miles across the state to where Larry had, a reservation at a motel for four days.

After we'd checked in and eaten dinner at a next door cafe, we entered the room, and Larry shut and chained the door and turned to me.

"Sheri Purcell, Mrs. Sheri Purcell, darling, you've made me the happiest man in the world today. And now, we're going to start life all over again, little angel. Tonight you are a virgin, and I'm just a boy on his first date, and this is going to be the Garden of Eden all over again. Can you understand what I mean, what I feel, Sheri? The whole world was born again as of this moment, and all happiness is ours for the claiming. We'll just be Adam and Eve. Ready?"

I'd been getting undressed while he was talking, and as he shed his clothes, I threw all the covers off the bed and lay on my side watching him. He approached the bed slowly.

"Who you be, young lady?" he smiled.

"My name's Eve, sir," I smiled back. "And you..."

"I'm Adam. And what is this?" His finger gently drew a circular outline around one of my tits.

"That is a breast, Adam."

"And pray tell, Eve, what are they for?"

"They're awfully good to eat, I've heard, sir. Although I cannot reach it myself, so I cannot vouch for that."

"Then I'll have to check for myself." And as he fastened his hungry mouth on my achingly eager tit, I thought, this has to be the greatest game since... well, since the original Garden of Eden.

His other hand had wandered downstairs, and I felt the warm pressure at the hairline crack of my cunt as one of his fingers sought admittance. "And what have we there?" His words were muffled by the mouthful of tit he sucked so assiduously.

"Hush! Don't talk with your mouth full," I admonished, giggling.

"Then I'd never get to say anything," he laughed as he sat up. "Jee-suss!! You are so sweet and beautiful."

"Omigod, if ever a man owned Heaven on Earth, it's me at this moment."

"And for you I'll always stay, Larry," I said. "I'll never grow up and get old -- I'll always, forever, be your bride. I promise, darling, because I love you I love you I love you!" I was melting with the emotion that surged through me for my man.

"Oh, baby Sheri, I know it's kinky, but damnit, I do try to do it legitimately, and all I ask is to be left alone and let me love that cunt of yours till you die of happiness -- about a hundred years from now, preferably."

"But that's too soon, darling. I want to fuck you for at least two hundred years, nonstop! I want to feel that huge hot long wonderful cock of yours slide up smooth and hard and big inside me, stretching my cunt and filling me with your love, Larry. I just never want it to end. You give me everything in the world to make me happy, and I want you NOW!"

I reached and got his magnificent tool in both hands and stroked it softly, then grabbed it with both hands very tightly and pretended to choke it. "Give it to me now, or I'll strangle you to death, you sweet wonderful dirty old man!" I laughed.

"Oh, little girl, it's all yours. Help yourself," Larry said, and I pushed on his chest to make him lie back on the bed, and then, his rampant cock sticking straight up in the air, I hoisted myself up and stood over it. As I bent my knees to approach the tumescent purple head that reared up eagerly toward my pink cunt, I spread and bent my legs so as to hover directly over the huge glans that already had a few drops of inspirational fluid seeping from its eye-hole.

Larry lay patiently, grinning and savoring the immediate future when my snug little pussy would be forced to swallow and absorb his rigid weapon, and I pried apart the hairline entrance to my hot red snatch. I could feel the slickness of the juices that leaked from my cuntlips, my whole body ached and longed for the satisfaction of a good fuck.

My snatch spasmed and throbbed with the heat that spread through my crotch and belly, and at the first touch of his hot lance to the opening, it was all that I could do to keep from plunging down onto it full length. But I wanted the anticipation to linger a while longer -- no hurry now, no impetuous movements -- we had a lifetime, we were husband and wife.

Larry began to pant strenuously, and the warm slick touch of my nearly hairless cuntlips to his avid cock made his hips tremble, and his passion communicated itself to me, and as I sank another inch down, I felt the burning heat of his cockhead as it was forced relentlessly into the hole of my baby cunt. The stretching, tearing fullness of it set my brain awhirl, and the desire for his hot savage loving became the focal point of my entire universe. The searing pain of his bulbous cock impaling me set my mind afire, and I lowered myself another couple inches to feel the straining of my cunt walls, the hot slimy friction, the velvety abrasion as his rigid, pulsing meat was rammed up inside my tender pussy.

Halfway in, my hands still clutching the base of his massive shaft, it felt as if my thighs had been forced a foot apart, and even though my body begged and cried for more, for all of his lovely cock, I knew that I'd better take it a bit easy right here at first -- I'd found out that over enthusiasm at the beginning eventually left me stiff and sore and tender. And I wanted nothing, but nothing, to ever impede our lovemaking at any time in any way. So I just hovered and hunkered there with half his enormous lovely tool up in me, savoring the moment of having him fill my stretched cunt.

"Oh, God, Sheri," Larry groaned, "that feels so good and hot and tight. Your baby pussy makes me feel like I'm a king, or God or something -- like I own the whole world. It is so sweet and wet and warm. Feels like you're a virgin all over again, and that's so good. I like to have your baby cunt stretch and strangle on my big cock. I don't want to hurt you, but I just want to know that I fill you, that my prick can stuff you and satisfy you. Be a virgin all your life, just for me, and we'll be the happiest couple in the world. Put a little more in for me now, will you, lover?"

As my cunt had gradually relaxed to accommodate the massive cock, more juicy slime had flowed forth, and the hot, lubricant that trickled down along his vein-covered cock trunk let me settle down upon another three inches and I stopped again just as I felt his hard-rubber glans bump against my cervix. By holding my breath, drawing up my abdomen and my diaphragm, I could just barely contain all of his throbbing cock without too much discomfort. And it felt wonderful, a warm, rich filling sensation, to have that cock all crammed up inside my intimate cave. I rocked back and forward a few inches, and felt the smooth scrape of his peckerhead against the mouth of my womb, and the tremor that vibrated his torso at this new touch made me happy. Oh, I did so want to do everything I could to please and thrill and satisfy my darling husband.

Larry's hands came up and seized my tits where they jiggled enticingly before him, and as he kneaded their fullness and tweaked and pinched my nipples and aureoles, I felt new waves of delight course downward to meet the impulses of lust that spread upward from my stuffed cunt. I was beginning to melt and go blind with passion and desire and need for a good total fuck, and I knew that when it got started at that level that I was helpless in the sea of love. But I didn't care -- Larry always took care of me so gently and thoroughly and sensually, so I'd just ride with the storm and let my body rule my brain. I'd learned that inhibition is the only sin in love.

"Oh, Larry, that's so big so good so hot up in me Jesus Christ it feels like you've stuffed it clear up in my throat it's so big Larry you're such a big wonderful man and all that hot cock is mine, isn't it, for always, lover and I never will get enough it's so good and now I'm gonna fuck you to death dear husband you know that and I'll never quit I have to have you all of you inside me and tear me all up if we have to but I want you to crawl clear up inside me and fuck me and love me and break it off in me and kill me with you love!" And as I talked I began to fuck faster and faster on his huge pole that I was impaled upon, and then I lifted up a bit and slammed my hips down as hard as I could, and I screamed just a little when the full ten inches pierced my hot cunt and I felt that immense cockhead of Larry's bump my womb mouth and I could even feel the bending of his cock as my weight forced my body to accept the last few inches, and it felt for a moment as if I had bent, or even broken his shaft off up in me, and I saw the facial contortions of my husband as the pain-pleasure of the instant wiped his grin away. And then I began bucking and rearing, raising myself up until only the flared rim of his knob remained within my vacuuming tight cunt, until only his huge corona kept the meat from plopping out, and then, feeling every millimeter stretching protestingly and yielding hotly and slickly but reluctantly at the new invasion, I sat down upon its full length again until the brutal ram thumped again on my cervix, when I'd grind, around and back and forth an his sensitive tip. Then up, then down.

We gathered speed and rhythm rapidly, and at the last instant of each of my downstrokes, he'd jab his hips upward briefly to savagely pound his meat harder and harder on my cervix, and fiery thrills shot through me as I knew that every last ounce of my lover's cock had found its way home. And damned if I could ever keep quiet when it was this good.

"Oh Larry fuck me darling fuck me FUUUUCKK MEEE!! Let me cram it up in there lover I have to have it oh yes oh yes more and more and more give me that cock Larry yes that's it oh honey I'm coming darling, I'm commmming!" And I collapsed forward onto his chest, feeling even in my blind heat of passion the bending of his tumescent cock up in me, afraid for a second it would break off, but too weak and helpless to move a muscle. I could only lie there and let the voluptuous explosions of my pentup sex shoot themselves out.

As I lay atop my new husband, I felt his hands caress my back and flanks, and could feel the pulsing throb of his cock far, far up inside my belly. His hands cupped my asscheeks and rocked me back and forth gently, and his hips pistoned under me, forcing his cock half out and then clear back up in me, and the tender slowness of it kept my inner fires raging and flaring. God, I thought, don't let this moment ever end!

"Goddam, Sheri, we've got to rest, or I won't be able to hold off a minute longer," Larry said as he came to rest and we lay entwined as one person. "And I always prided myself on my self-control. But you ruin a man's good intentions, that's for damn sure. Your little aunt is so damned snug and hot and fight, it drives me up the wall just thinking about it. You are the hottest and sweetest and most satisfying girl a man ever fucked, that's for sure!"

He rolled me half off him, and we lay on our sides facing each other, kissing and petting and fondling for a few minutes. Larry's rigid meat lay between us, and I could feel the heat of its engorged veins as they pulsed gently through the blood-filled muscles of its length. It was a tender touch, a satisfying, quietly filling feeling of belonging, of knowing that that was all mine, whenever, however I wanted it. And at the thought, I wanted it again.

"Larry..." I mused.

"Mmmmm...?" His finger idly traced around my breast.

"When you... well, you... fucked Mom in the ass the other day... well, do you like to do that? I mean extra-special?"

"Yeah. I like variety -- you know that. Why?" He was making my nipples hard again, and it was getting hard to concentrate on the thread of the conversation I'd started.

"Do you want to fuck me that way? 'In the back door', as Mom called it?" I was curious, even a little scared.

"Maybe... sometime. Y'see, with older women, a lot of 'em have their pussies all stretched out of shape and size, y'know, from fucking and havin' babies, and it's a lot tighter up the ass, so it's good for a man. And I've never known a broad that took it up the mud road a few times that didn't learn to love it. But there's no hurry," he smiled, "you're tight as hell now, and a long, long way from gettin' sloppy loose, so don't worry about it."

"You think I'll like it when we do it that way, Larry?"

"Sure, angel -- I'll be gentle and make it real good for you. And I can finger-fuck you at the same time with one hand and tickle your clit with the other, and that's a real triple-barreled thrill, I promise you."



"Let's try it. Now. Please. I want you, darling, need you, need your cock, your loving, in every way, honest. I'll try it even if it hurts, I love you so. I just want to please you in every way a woman can please a man... darling husband."

"You sure, angel? Christ, I can't imagine anything more snug and tight and gripping hot than your baby cunt, and it'd be like trying to thread a telephone pole through a pinhole." He laughed. "Hell, we might get stuck, it'd be so damned tight. Then we'd never get loose, and we'd have to go through life with me following you around with my cock up your ass. And you couldn't shit, and it'd go on and on until you died of backed-up shit and constipation, and then they'd have to bury us together." We both got to laughing at the thought, and then I saw his cock had gotten limp with our laughing, and I turned around and bent my face down to it and began to blow him.

I put it in my mouth about halfway, so I could still breathe, and gently began to gnaw on it. I was careful not to scrape my teeth on the tender surface, but just to clamp it firmly, and then I'd flick and flash my tongue along the underside of his glans, and I could feel the veins swelling with the excited inflow of blood that would soon bring it to full tumescence. Larry tugged gently at my hips, and I obligingly swung up and over his face and then settled down to where I knew my baby cunt was in line with and close over his mouth. I felt his hands gently kneading my buttocks and then the electric touch of his tongue raced up and down my juicy silt.

In a moment, I felt his head rise between my thighs and I thought he was just coming up for air until I sensed the new tickling sensation of his wet hot tongue creeping up along the crack of my ass. Just as his tongue touched the red puckered rosebud of my asshole, I felt the shock, and could tell that contractions had set in as my asshole spasmed of its own accord at the new hot thrill he gave me. His hands pulled gently on my outer thighs, and I settled back down onto his face as he signaled.

I felt the smooth liquid touch of his drooling mouth as it centered on the opening in my asscrack, and then relaxed as his tongue darted stiffly against my rubbery opening. He slickly inserted his tongue into my virginal anus about an inch, and the hot reaming was delightful. I pushed harder against his face, and felt his tongue dart in and out. Then in a moment, he returned his lips and mouth to my cunt and settled firmly on my clitoris. As I began to respond and writhe beneath his sensual kisses and sucking, I felt his finger rove up between my asscheeks and his fingernail was raked, oh, ever so gently, across my opening. It puckered and shrank at the touch-tickle, and then, I guess he'd lubed it in my pussy juice, because the tip pushed and probed and sneaked inside the rubbery ring of muscle that guarded my back door. He rested there a moment. I kept chewing and sucking on his magnificent cock, and the thrills that came at me from each end were meeting and melting in my gut and I was getting hotter and hornier.

I felt a gentle shove, and knew that his finger was in my anus to the last knuckle, and then he began to wave it around inside my bowel. It felt funny at first, but then as all the different inner nerve endings there got stimulated, I began to like it. He withdrew slowly, and then I felt a bigger, wider invader, and guessed, correctly, that he had a pair of fingers going in my asshole. It hurt just a bit for a second, and he paused when I tightened up on his digits, but then I remembered to relax, and his invasion proceeded.

When both of his fingers got clear in to where his palm was flat on my ass, he quit lapping my aunt and let go of my clit with his left hand, and said, "Wait a second, darling," and slid deftly out from under my working jaws. I remained motionless, to see what was next, with my head down on the bed and my ass raised in the air. He kept his hand motionless, with the two digits buried up my butt to the bit, and then I felt his left hand slide underneath me, between my spread thighs, and as he inserted two fingers up in my slick cunt, his thumb fastened onto the pink knob of my extended clit and I began to vibrate with the tingling that pervaded my body.

I soon forgot my cunt though, for Larry began to wave the two fingers in my anus with a scissoring motion that touched all my nerve endings at once, it seemed, and the novel sensations it induced presented me with a new way of sex that was simply delightful. Soon I felt his fingers in my curt meeting and rubbing and twining with the fingers up my ass, and the thin membrane that separated my two caverns seemed to disappear, and I was all one big receptacle of love inside as he kneaded and rubbed, stroked and plunged at will. I gave myself over entirely to the excitement of this new combination, and could begin to realize how erotic and responsive a girl's ass could be under the proper manipulation.

"Oh God that's good Larry keep it up darling it just feels like I'm on fire all inside and so hot and tingly and wonderful angel do it to me lover oh Godddd-dammmm! More, more, MOOORRRE!!!" And just as my shouts reached a peak and I knew I'd be coming any second, the motel door was broken down with a loud crash! Three men rushed into the room, shouting and waving, two of them brandishing guns. My heart almost stopped.

Chapter FOUR

The next four weeks were pure hell. After a hectic two hours at the motel, Larry and I ended up in jail cells -- separate, of course -- and he was charged with statutory rape, sodomy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to induce involuntary servitude and slavery, and was held on a charge of juvenile delinquency. Hell of a note.

Mom, good old Mom, had gotten stone drunk and shot her mouth off in a bar, and a couple of people that knew her and didn't like her had tipped off the cops, and they'd busted her, so she copped out all over us and agreed to turn state's witness if they wouldn't prosecute her. She even told them about Larry fucking her in the ass, so he got a sodomy charge along with everything else. She said that he got her drunk and she didn't know what she was doing. Boy, that was a laugh... except I didn't feel like laughing. And now my dream, my idyllic future was shot to hell. The only good, clean, decent, honest, legitimate thing that'd happened to me, the only chance I'd ever had to live and act and be like other people, and she blew it for us. Her and her loud alcoholic mouth!

Things were sure dull just lying around in my jail cell all day, wondering what was going to happen to me. No one would tell me anything. The deputy that brought me my food and checked the cell every hour to see that I was alive and well kept leering at me. They didn't have but one woman deputy matron, and I guess she worked all the time in the outer office -- I never saw her except when they searched me before locking me up.

I asked the deputy once if he'd take a note to Larry for me, and he agreed to "if the price is right", but I thought that he'd probably just fuck me quick and then not deliver the note after all, or worse yet, tell Larry, or worse yet, spread the word around and get me into deeper trouble, so I thanked him sarcastically and said, "No, thanks". The deputy was kinda cute, and pretty well built, but romance wasn't exactly the prime thing on my mind -- getting out was.

Well, I finally got out. There was a hearing, a long, drawn-out session of name-calling and threats because I refused to testify against Larry, and they eventually said what the hell, they had enough evidence to wrap him up for a good long time anyway, and it came out that he'd purchased his first wife, too, and it was an unholy mess. He did send word through his attorney that he loved me and thanked me for the happiest moments of his life and so on, and not to wait for him, as he knew that he'd be in for a hell of a long time.

So the upshot of it was that after it was determined that I wasn't pregnant, I was placed on probation and sent to a foster home. Even though Mom wasn't prosecuted, since she was the star witness to convict Larry, they all, the authorities, that is, had contempt and insults for her as a mother and as a citizen and welfare recipient, so I couldn't go back to her.

And it was a funny thing -- it was probably the first time in our lives that Mom, and I could ever talk honestly and openly, after it came out that I was now a grown woman and was no longer a nuisance of a brat. We could understand some of each other's feelings and needs and wants and cravings. But it was too late. We parted with just a beginning dawn of liking, but not love, not really, and neither of us was too shook up over the fact that she was to stay away from me from now on. She shrugged and headed out of my life to another bar, I guess. I never saw her again.

My probation wasn't anything to get excited about -- once a month my probation officer would stop by the house on a Saturday morning and talk to me for five minutes: Did I have any problems to discuss? Was I getting along O.K. with my foster family? Did I need any spending money? I was really a sucker on that last question. I always said "No" as I did not want anything to do with welfare handouts again, and then I found out later the probation officer would pocket the fifteen dollars a month I was allotted, and was doing that with nearly all of the eighty kids under his supervision. He was skimming off a thousand a month that way, in addition to his salary. And these were the hypocritical bastards that were calling us bad kids! Some justice.

I was beginning to learn about life in general and the seamy sides of it in particular. Or so I thought. Hell, the main events hadn't even begun yet, but I didn't know that then. But I'm getting ahead of my story.

Mr. Kuykendahl, the father of the foster family that I lived with, was pretty nice to me, gentle and patient, and they had two kids, ten and seven, and she was pregnant with another, big as a barn and due about any time. He never made any passes at me, nor any funny remarks about my past, and tried to treat me like one of his own kids, I'll say that for him. The county gave him a hundred and ten a month for my keep, and he got me a watch -- just a cheap Timex, but it was pretty -- because they had given both their kids watches the Christmas before. I thought that was darned nice of hint.

Mrs. Kuykendahl was a good cook, and about a week before she had to go to the hospital and have the baby, her brother George showed up. He was a traveling salesman from Denver, a real sharp dresser and a big spender. He took us three kids out to dinner a couple of times while Mrs. Kuykendahl was in the hospital, and once, when Mr. Kuykendahl had gone bowling for the evening, asked me if I'd like to go to a movie with him. It had been months and months since I'd seen a picture, so I said sure.

We went to a drive-in, and the main feature was just beginning when we got there. He gave me a five-dollar bill and said to get us each a hamburger and Coke, and when I came back to the car, he told me to keep the change and spend it on myself. We ate and drank and dropped the trash on the floor in back like he said to, and ten it started.

"Look, Sheri, can I slide ever just an inch toward you? The steering wheel's blacking the lower part of the screen," he said, and slid over without waiting for my answer.

We sat there for a few minutes and he smoked a cigarette, and when he flipped it out the window, he reached over, without looking away from the screen, and took my hand. His big hand was soft and smooth and warm, and I suddenly realized how long it had been since a man had touched me. I guess I had sublimated all desires or something, but I just hadn't wanted a man or a man's touch.

Till then. The nearness, the masculine smell of his after shave lotion, the knowledge that inches away was a hunk of male muscle -- these thoughts reawakened in my brain and belly the itch, the urge, the desire, the insane melting craving I knew so well, liked so much, and wanted so hungrily. I gave his hand a squeeze, and he smiled and released my hand so he could drape his arm around my shoulder. As he did, I snuggled closer to him and looked up at him and smiled. As he gazed down at me, I raised just a teensy bit toward him, and he got the message and bent and kissed me.

I shut my eyes as I felt his mouth touch mine, and when my lips parted at his tongue's urging, a blinding flash of desire surged through me, and I pressed my body closer into his embrace and our tongues battled wetly as we probed each other's mouths. In a minute we sat back panting, and his hand crept down from my shoulder to my right breast, and I breathed in deeply and arched my back to fill his grasping paw tightly with my tit.

"Goddam, Sheri, you're a winner all right. Do you want to watch the rest of this silly movie? I sure don't. Let's go somewhere and get better acquainted. O.K.?"

"Oh, yes, George, let's. I like you... a lot," I told him, and I meant it.

George slid back under the wheel while I disconnected the speaker and put it in its stand, and then he was backing out and rapidly driving out of the drive-in. He headed out Highway 6 a couple of miles and swung in at the first motel with a "vacancy" sign lit up. I waited in the car while he registered, and then he returned with a key and drove to the last unit of the motel and we got out and went in. He flipped on the light, locked the door, and turned to me and clutched me fiercely, mashing my breasts up against his strong chest. George was about thirty-five, and in good, real good shape. He ground his pelvis against mine through our clothing for a few seconds, and I could feel his hard-on growing as he broke away and spoke.

"Race ya to see who gets undressed first, baby. And one thing, Sheri, and level with me on this -- you haven't got a disease, have ya? Not takin' shots for anything, are ya? I don't care if ya are, I just wanta know, so I can wear a rubber. Hell, I'm gonna fuck you if you've got fourth-state syphilis and leprosy to boot. I just wanta know, baby."

I reassured him that I'd never had any kind of a disease, ever, and after he turned around and hung his pants over the back of a chair and faced me again, I was nude, standing there in all my naked glory under the overhead light. A whistle escaped his lips, and his face crinkled up all smiling and happy.

"Jeeeee-susssss!! You are beautiful, kid! Positively beautiful! Awful little -- you're not even five feet tall without shoes, are you?" I told him four-eleven. "But whatta build -- such perfect tits, not little for a gal your size, just right in fact for a mouthful and handful, and anything over that's wasted, they say. Just let me look at you for a minute, Sheri. This is fantastic."

"Don't worry about that, George. I've been married, and in this state a woman attains her majority the day she gets married. I know the law on that!" I just didn't bother to tell him the marriage had been annulled and I was once again a delinquent girl. With extremely hot pants.

I gazed down at his cock as he stepped toward me, and saw that it wasn't as big as Paul's and Larry's had been, but he was still a full-grown male, and seven inches was enough for little old Sheri to handle for a while. God, how I needed a good fucking, and I was determined to have it -- again and again. I squirmed at the thought, and as he saw my writhing hips and panting and the jiggling of my tits, he got aroused beyond all my high hopes, and pushed me back over onto the bed and scrambled atop me.

I reached down and seized his cock with one hand and pried apart the lips of my cunt with the other, feeling at that moment the slick ooze of my juices that poured out. I was ready, all right, and I wanted him to fuck me fast and hard and blow his nuts quick. Then the second time would be slower and longer and better and we'd have better control. He didn't know that, but I was planning it all out in my head. All he knew was that he had a nympho on his hands and was going to take complete advantage of the opportunity.

As George felt the steamy wet lips of my pink cunt meet the head of his cock, he lunged, and my vagina walls grabbed and clung fiercely to the shaft of his cock as he clove and rammed it in me till our pubic hairs tangled. The sigh that escaped him at the gripping slick velvety warmth of my pussy sounded like a dirigible deflating, and he lay sprawled atop me for a moment, and then began an insistent pounding in and out, in and out. The penetration and heavy onslaught of his filling cock up inside me, and the bumping of our pubes, which stimulated my clit so hotly, soon brought both of us to a climax, and as he stopped, his cock now limp but staying inside and getting milked for all it was worth by my contractions and wriggles, he pushed up on his elbows and gazed fondly down at my smiling face.

"Wheee-eew! That has got to be the fastest one I've ever had, darling. I just couldn't hold off any longer -- you took it away from me, honey child," he grinned. "That was so Goddam tight, so smooth and snug and hot and wet and... well, just perfect, Sheri. You get a good one, honey?"

"Oh, yes, George -- I came just as you did, and feeling all that cum shooting up inside and filling me with love and warmth was so good. God, it's been too long, I see that now."

"Where's your old man -- in the service, or in jail? How come anyone in their right mind lets you rim around loose?" George asked, puzzled.

"We're separated. Have been for several months. I'll never see him again, I know that," I told him.

"Boy, I'd hafta be dead before I'd never see you again!" George laughed. "You are a perfect little doll."

"You mean that, George?" I asked seriously, a new thought forming in my mind.

"Hell, yes. If you weren't in school, I'd take you along with me when I go back to Denver, and then as quick as we could get you a divorce, I'd marry you." I could see him turning that over in his mind a few seconds. "I mean that, Sheri -- how's that sound to you?"

"What about the Kuykendahls? Think they'd approve?" I asked.

"Uh... well... I, uh, oh shit -- I might as well level with you baby. I'm married. I was planning on leaving her anyway, we got no kids, and she's got a good job. That's what I'm doin' here from Denver now, on this trip. Figured I'd look over the job situation in this town and move here." I saw the light across his features. "Hell, why not? You and I can go somewhere elsa -- I got a couple of friends in Phoenix -- and I can get a job there, we'll get the divorces, get married, and start all over fresh and honest and open. How about it, kid?"

"I'd love it, George. And since we're bein' honest with each other, you might as well know now -- I'm on probation for bein' a juvenile delinquent. It was a mess, it's all O.K. now, but I don't want to stay here on probation till I'm twenty-one. So take me with you, won't you? You won't be sorry, I promise."

"Hell, kid, if you just 'run away', they won't hunt you too much. They just wait for you to catch yourself, sort of. That is, if you keep gettin' into mischief, you'll eventually get caught -- the law of averages guarantees that; and if you don't get into trouble, you must be behavin', and that's all they want you to do anyway. You aren't really politically important, or dangerous, so they won't hurt you." He smiled and continued. "I'll give you enough dough to get out of town -- I'll buy a bus ticket to Phoenix for you, that way they won't find out about a girl buyin' a bus ticket, and I'll stick it out around here a couple of days more, so no one can say we left together. I'll give you enough cash to get a motel room and eat for a few days till I drive to Phoenix. Sound good?"

"Oh, that's wonderful, George," I said, relieved to be out from under probationary supervision for the next eight years. "And now, I'm gonna show you just how appreciative and how talented I am. I want you to know you're gonna get your money's worth, lover," I grinned impishly at him. "Lie down and let an expert show you something," I bragged.

"Help yourself, angel puss. This I gotta see," George said, and sprawled back on the bed.

I lay alongside him and leaned over and kissed him, hotly, wetly, deeply, and as I did, my hand crept down to his crotch. At my first touch, while our tongues were fighting wetly in our open mouths, I felt it leap into my little hand, and I reveled in the long smooth hardness and firm resiliency of his cock. As I broke away from our kiss, his hand seized my tit that jiggled enticingly before him, and then I turned my body around and ran my tongue down the flat plane of his tummy as he lay supine beneath my caresses.

As my head neared his crotch closer and closer, my hand clutched the blood-engorged muscle that angled up so lustfully, and I speeded up my jerking motion, then, as my face was next to his aroused cock, I held it still so that I was able to get my lips around the purplish head.

I flicked my tongue around the rim of his glans several times as my lips pursed and sucked on the tip of his knob. I felt his body muscles tense and tighten as the steamy touch of my wet mouth on his most sensitive part was relayed all through his body. I thrilled to know that my loving oral caresses could so inspire a man. In other words, I got as much pleasure and satisfaction from it as he did, and my only problem was that I wanted a cock inside me, rampaging up into my hot cunt at the same time. I was torn between wanting the full creamy throat bath that a good cocksucking would furnish me, and the equal thrill of having him pound his huge cock up into me and scald my snug pussy walls with the same flow of lava.

As these thoughts raced through my mind, my mouth and hands were busy, and then I felt his groping paws shifting my body around and over him, and I helped him to find the position that would best furnish ready access to my cunt for his hungry mouth. His fingers parted the slippery crack of my cunt and then as his lips sucked eagerly at my pink clit that stood up proudly for his nursing, I felt his finger dip into the hot slick crevice of my drenched slit. He shoved violently with his digit, and my vagina walls gripped and clung to the invader, and then his finger crooked and waved and plunged inside me, and all the sensitive nerve endings were charged with his rapid ministrations.

I knew that we couldn't keep this up too long without having him lose his load again, and I didn't know how long it might take George to get another hard-on, so I decided not to take a chance on his early rejuvenation until I knew his capabilities better. Besides, I figured, I could blow him to completion a couple of times a day while I was having my periods and we couldn't very well fuck, so that way I was guaranteed plenty to eat and drink from his lovely tool in the near future.

I released his cock from my mouth and drew away, but it looked so delicious standing proudly at attention that I bent back down again and gave it a nip with my teeth and one last auctioning kiss with my juicy lips, and then heaped beck off him and spun around and put my knees beside his hips, drew myself up high until my snatch just cleared the erect, missile that stood ready for firing, and parted my cuntlips with one hand, I guided his beautiful shaft to the opening of my dripping pussy that so craved to be stabbed to a heavenly death by my lover's pulsing dick.

"Oh, God, Sheri, you're wonderful," George smiled up at me at the first penetration as I hovered with just the head of his hard cock fucked inside the clutching lips of my slippery cunt. "You love it, don't you? Really love it? Huh? I like to hear you say it, baby doll. My damned wife never lets me know how it is. She just grunts if it hurts, but no damn syllable does she utter if it's good, or what she likes best. Drives me nuts. So tell me, angel -- you love it?"

"Oh, George, you've got the loveliest cock, it's just a perfect one, and I love it and need it and want it, and I need you and love you and want you, too. I want you up in me, real big and hard and often, darling," I told him, "honest I do. There," I said with a grunt as I sat down hard along the full length of his shaft and felt the rigid tip of his eager cock bump gently against my cunt, filling my tight little cunt to capacity, "isn't that the tightest and hottest pussy you ever had? You like that?" I asked as I remained perfectly still on the outside with his cock fully up inside me, and then rhythmically began to twitch my inner muscles, letting my vagina relax, as much as it could the way it was crammed full, and then bearing down and contracting my pussy walls. I felt as if I were truly strangling the lifeblood from his invading weapon. Then I began climbing and dropping, raising up till just the flared head of his cock was captured in the constricting velvet prison of my cuntlips, and then ramming it back up inside me, the slick pink walls yielding reluctantly to his thick shaft, the friction of my tightness scraping deliriously upon the tender glans as it drove through my protesting cunt.

"Oooooooh, God, I love it!" I exclaimed as I felt a come building up inside me, for with every impaling downstroke onto his lance, my clit was fucked inside by the friction of his rigid cock, and the abrasion was so exquisite that I was reaching my peak rapidly. "There... right there... oh God, it's good, George, oh fill me with that hot meat lover do it to me more harder jam it up in me there... there... YEEEESSSS!!! OH GOD I'M COMING LOVE AAAIIIGGHH..." And just as someone drew a streak of lightning across my brain and my body was plunged into searing flames, I felt the jetting surge of his honey scald my cunt, then as I slumped forward across his chest, hot rivulets of his cum streamed from my overcrowded, totally stuffed cunt, and I remember vaguely wishing that I had strength enough to turn around and lap it up, but I lay there, panting and gasping and heaving as I felt the small spasmodic twitches of his cock in response to the grinding, wringing-out clutches of my cunt muscles, and we lay still for a full five minutes before either of us had the energy or inclination to move.

"Wheeeee-eeew! That was beautiful, darling, positively perfect! No, don't move. Just leave it in, even if it is limp and drained. It feels so good in there, just to be part of you, and you're so damned tight that it feels like you're choking it now. Jesus! I never knew pussy could be so heavenly, though I've always loved it, of course. But you're somethin' else, angel, really you are." He struggled slowly to sit up. "But I just thought of something, baby -- we'd better be gettin' back home -- the movie would be just about out by now, and we don't want to make any waves of suspicion."

As we got dressed and combed, George handed me ten twenty-dollar bills and I tucked them in my bra. That would provide very nicely for me on the road and for a few days in Phoenix till he got there. He told me a motel on Van Buren St. to go to, with a coffee shop, and to lay low as much as possible, eat right there, buy magazines and read, and just loaf. The bus trip would take almost two full days, and he'd leave as soon as I reached Phoenix, and he'd drive straight through. I could buy some cheap clothes, so I'd just leave in my school clothes tomorrow morning, and no one would even miss me 'til five p.m.

George was going to tell his sister that he was going to New York City -- he had an old Army buddy there that would receive and forward any mail for him, so no one would be looking for either of us in Phoenix. He stopped by the all-night cafe that was the bus stop and bought a ticket for Dallas, and gave me another fifty and the Dallas ticket and said to get a ticket for Phoenix when I got to Dallas. He'd changed the plan just a bit, but thought it was safer that way. He cautioned me to avoid other passengers, gossip, and so forth as much as possible on the way, and I promised to do so.

Things went smoothly the next day. I always took my purse to school -- cosmetics, lunch money and so on in it -- and I just waited till the bus was ready to pull out, then stepped on, gave my ticket and slumped down out of sight. The trip was dull and boring and uncomfortable, but the dream of getting away and being someone, having something finally, sustained me, and I awaited the new life with anticipation.

Chapter FIVE

I checked into the Caravan Motel as Mrs. George Collins, as George had instructed me to, got a ten-hour sleep after the long bus trip, then ate and picked up a couple of outfits at a dress shop in the motel arcade. They were sort of high-priced, I thought, but they were real classy, and new clothes were still a big treat for me, so I loved them. I got the local paper and read the want ads clear through for apartments, and saw that the nicest ones were northeast, and that there were plenty of them. It was the end of May, and everyone in their right mind leaves Phoenix in the summer. I could see why -- it was ninety-six degrees now, and they said it gets really hot in August and September! But George had warned me of this, saying it was to our advantage, as he had experience selling refrigeration and air-conditioning, and there would be plenty of places for rent. He was right, I could see that from the ads.

The next afternoon I got bored and bought the cheapest bikini in the dress shop and headed for the pool. That was great -- the sun cooking down and the clean bright water to clip into when I started sweating, and they had a small bar set up outside by the pool, and served me, this was living! And as I looked around the pool I could see that my figure was one to be proud of, and also I could tell by the glances and occasional whispered comments of some of the people sprawled around the area that I was definitely the belle of the ball. Did me good, I've got to admit.

I was lying there sunbathing, just about to doze off, the heat was so relaxing and hypnotic, when I happened to glance up and saw him come through the big glass doors to the pool patio. I jumped up and ran, oblivious of my bouncing tits and wobbling ass and the jerking of necks and heads as people followed my movements.

"George! Oh, darling, I'm so glad to see you!" The reassuring warmth and familiarity of his presence, the solidity of someone I knew and wanted -- he was a welcome sight.

Encircling my waist with his arm, we headed for my room. As he shed his clothes rapidly, he told me, "You just leave that bikini on for a minute, angel and I'll show you something," and as he stripped his shorts off and stood before me, already with half a hard-on at the thought and expectation of possessing me again, he then knelt down before me and, with his hands held behind his back, he reached up and seized the bow knot of my bikini cord in his teeth and then tugged. As the cloth string untied and the constricting material expanded, it loosened slowly and fell gradually down from my hips.

I looked down, and as the gentle rounded curve of my mons came into view, and then the wispy pubic hairs of my cunt made their appearance in the wake of the falling garment, he told me to kneel, and when I did, his teeth grabbed my bra tie card. The fragment of cloth confining my globular tits dropped like magic, and with that, his hands grasped my jiggling, swaying mounds, and as George massaged them roughly, I could feel my nipples respond with their minuscule erection in invitation of his erection that now stood magnificently forth in all its tumescent bounty.

I laughed as I sprang from George's embrace and raced to the bed, where I sat down on the edge of the mattress and extended my feet wide apart, welcoming him to my innermost soft cave. As he gazed fixedly at the juicy slit that peeped through the sparse cunt hairs that lay silkily around my treasure, I could see the veins in his enormous cock, and it seemed full to bursting with the lust and passion that communicated itself to me in our mutual heat.

George's hands reached up and fastened themselves firmly on my tits and lowered his head to my match, and the heat of his panting breath, and the hot wet touch of his drooling lips as they met my cuntlips almost made me faint with the exquisite love I felt mingling with my need and desire.

I lay back and grabbed my legs behind the knees, pulling them as far apart and backward as I could to give my darling lover the maximum target and optimum freedom to devour me. His tongue raced up and down my slit like flashes of lightning and then settled at the top edge of my labia where my eager clitoris had poked forth at his stimulating caress. IL could feel some of my cunt juices oozing out and trickling down the crack of my pink ass, and then his mouth covered my entire little pussy, and his sucking lips began vacuuming out my crotch. The laying warmth he gave me was exceeded only by the fiery touch of his tongue as it now probed inside and then retreated to flick over my screamingly sensitive clit, then back in and up and down to bathe my inner and outer lips with the flame of passion.

I felt my body begin to rock slightly in response and rhythmic timing with his crotch kissing, and as the warmth and lust and tenderness filled my body and my brain, I was unable to hold off much longer. Oh, I had wanted this, I'd needed, craved, lusted after just this moment for so long! A whole new world had opened up for me -- free of a miserable mother, an introduction to sex and its delights, ridding myself of that nuisance of probation -- no longer was I going to be a loser in life. The world was beautiful and everything was coming up roses for little baby Sheri. I was in perfect heaven. My body demanded that my thoughts return to it and its feelings, and I could contain myself, my response, my voice no longer.

"Ooooooohh George," I heard my moan as from a distance, "that's so wonderful, yes yes yes darling eat me up all of me just chew it all up inside and outside and swallow me and let me be a part of you and faster and harder love my love oh God that's good yes yes there right there HARDER OH GOD YEEEESSS!! SUCK IT GEORGE EAT ME EAT ME CHRIST. I'M COMING LOVER HARDER THERE BITE ME MAN OH MAN BITE ME SWALLOW ME AAAAIIIIRRGGHH!!"

And just as I came, wave after screaming wave of delight that burned my brain and seared my eyeballs and melted my cunt and belly into a flaming mass of ecstasy, George pushed one of his fingers up inside the slippery tight hole that gaped and gasped and twitched before him, and the friction of his digit as he rammed it up and in and down and out was the icing on the thrilling cake of my big come.

"Goddam, you do come big and good and exciting, Sheri," he said as he pulled his dripping face back from my drenched cunt and removed his stimulating finger from my palpitating silt. "You get me hotter just making you satisfied than I ever got by fucking some other broad. But now I'm gonna fuck you till your ass falls off. And this is only the beginning, baby. It'll get bigger and better and wilder and hotter the more we know about each other, so we can both start looking forward to a lifetime of perfect and delirious satisfaction, starting this second. Spread 'em, you nympho, I'm gonna fuck us both half to death -- we'll do the other half tomorrow. Ready?"

"Oh, Daddy, you know it!" I enthused as I eyed the poker-stiff purple-tipped shaft of muscle that throbbed before me. "Put it in me, lover, I've just GOT to have it, all of it! But take it easy at first -- it's so enormous! Oh, George, that's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, and I want it up in me, way up in me, pounding and rubbing and filling and scraping my cunt! God, I can feel it hurting and tearing away inside me, so for Christ's sake hurry up!" and I lay back and spread my thighs as far apart as they'd go, hauling back on my legs till they mashed my its flat against my chest.

George climbed up on the bed and I could look down along my thin little body and see his advancing tool as the huge flared head neared my hairline crack. It didn't seem possible that that colossal rod would be able to enter a body as mine without literally splitting me in two, but I'd found that nature has provided for stretching a mile before tearing an inch, and the way my baby cunt was seeping and dripping juices, and with my relaxing help and burning need for it, I was sure as hell going to get myself totally fucked right now or die trying -- and what a way to die, if I had to go.

Letting his cock stand by itself, projecting stiffly in all its rampaging splendor, he tenderly opened my cuntlips with the fingers of both hands, and I felt the steaming trickle of my fluids as they escaped the pink trap and ran softly down the crack of my ass. Then as he pried the opening farther apart and the throbbing head of his prick centered itself on the minuscule opening, I could feel the tremendous heat and fierce rigidity of its initial penetration.

I sucked my breath in at the first widening impalement, and George paused there and looked up at me. "No, no, darling, don't stop. It's just so damn big, so damn wonderful big, but you didn't hurt me I just felt the muscles being pushed apart but I want it George I want it and I mean NOW and I mean ALL OF IT LOVER y'hear me ram it up in there and fill me stretch my cunt and tear me up but GIVE IT TO ME!!! Oh God I've gotta have it George all of it YEEESSS..." I hissed as he slowly but nonstop slid every last inch of it up my heated cunt, and I felt like the earth must when a telephone pole is driven into it -- yielding, protesting, a hot slick gripping and clutching at the mammoth intruder that pressed so relentlessly at my begging to reach the uppermost reaches of my cunt. I had pleaded for it, God knows, and I craved it with a lustful desire that knew no limit, but the monstrous widening of my cunt and belly and thigh muscles was straining to the killing point by the time I felt the hard, rubbery tip of his cockhead bump against the mouth of my womb. I lay gasping as I felt his pubic bone bump against my clitoris, and I asked him to rest just a second and leave it all in there to the hilt to let me adjust and relax and get accommodated to the vast slab of meat that stuffed me so hotly.

I got my muscles relaxed enough to relieve the tearing stretched feeling I'd had, and then I smiled at him as I clamped my pussy muscles harder and tried, to choke his cock as it lay within my velvet sheath. After the second or third rhythmic contraction, his eyes lighted up and he was enjoying the milking motion, that was for damn sure!

"Hey! Goddam, where'd you learn to be a snapping pussy at your age? That's wonderful! Kee-rist! We can just lie here and you can snap me off, the rate you're goin'. You make me feel as if I've got the biggest cock in the world, and I know it's just because you're so small and snug. You feel like a virgin every time I ram this up in your cunt, baby doll! Yeeeeeeah! Hey, listen, if we're gonna fuck, we better get with it, 'cause I can't hold out very much longer, it's so hot and tight and wonderful this way. So hang on!"

And with that, George drew his long, massive cock slowly out, and I could feel my cunt linings being pulled out with his tool as it retreated. He filled me so vastly that it felt as if I were being turned wrong side out as he dragged what seemed like foot after foot of his prick out of my clinging, gripping snatch. Finally I could feel the wide bulge of his coronal rim as the enormous head was at my tender pink lips, and just before it slipped out, he shoved in again, oh so tantalizingly slow, so hotly, slickly smooth. The stuffed sensation overcame me again, and in the background of my mind was the shrill exquisite electric touch on my clit as it was sucked in with the huge invader and was raked across its responsive surface by the full pulsing length of his cock trunk as it proceeded inexorably on its way up my clutching pussy channel.

"Ooooooooh," I heard myself moan, "that's it, George, oh God yes, do it to me lover I've got to have it but don't be a tease darling faster and faster and harder and HARDER!!! RAM IT IN ME DADDY OH RAM AND JAM IT UP THERE YES YES YESSS!!! OH CHRIST FILL ME AND TEAR ME AND KILL ME AND FUCK ME GEORGE FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKKMEEEEEE!" and as my pleading and my screaming aroused and maddened his already inflamed brain, I could feel the pounding and cramming of his horrendous tool as its rampaging onslaught ripped and tore and savaged my tender cunt, and the hot filling of my crevice burned new waves of painful joy and delight across my mind, and the total love of his fierce fucking drove me to higher and wilder heights and I could feel the greatest orgasm of all time rapidly building up in the maelstrom of my cock-hungry mind.


And the scalding jet of his rich white creamy sperm as it shot up inside my sore red-raw cunt made me whirl off the tippy-top of the mountain we'd climbed together. George told me later -- about ten minutes, he said -- when I came to, that he was afraid for a second that he had killed me, but he soon saw from the way I was gasping and panting and heaving that I had only fainted from ecstasy, and that I was sure as hell alive -- only unconscious. And he said that my cunt gripped and clutched and spasmed on his cock till every drop had been milked from his overloaded balls. Even when it got limp, he said that he'd had a hell of a hard time getting it out, I clenched it so tight with my ever-hungry cuntwalls. Only the slippery cum with which my snatch was filled had enabled him to slide out finally and examine his flaccid tool. It had been rubbed raw from the abrasion of my tight little pussy, but he said that was a wound he'd always be glad to get in the battle of the sexes.

The bed was a drenched, steamy mass of soggy sheets, and as we showered together -- and I found that if I hold my breath real good I can blow a man under water -- the maid came in and changed linens since George had phoned the desk and requested that. We lay around on the bed after that for an hour, just petting and cuddling and promising each other a lifetime of happiness and total satisfaction.

The next day after a morning quickie for inspiration, George went out and came back in less than two hours with a new job that would start the following Monday. We spent the afternoon driving around looking for an apartment or a small house, and finally located an air-conditioned one-bedroom guest house that set way back from the main house, and rented it, agreeing that we needed privacy and soundproofing, the way we went about making love so enthusiastically. He told the landlord we were on our honeymoon, and the man replied we'd have all the privacy in the world for the next four months as he and his wife were going to Canada for the summer and we'd be the only ones or the premises. Talk about an idyllic setup!

We settled down. That is, up and down. And in and out. And so the summer went. He got me a beautiful charm bracelet with TFYO on it, instead of my initials. I asked what that meant, and he said. Life was perfect, and I was finally a winner.

Chapter SIX

"Ha-a-a-ppy birthday, Princess!" George shouted as he came out of the bathroom. He always got up about eight, showered, shaved, and then woke me. He pampered me and let me sleep "to keep my strength up for long sexy nights" was the way he phrased it.

"Goddam, you do look radiant. Sheri, even when you wake up first thing in the morning. And that is the acid test for a woman. Most of 'em don't look worth a shit without three hours at a makeup table. C'mon, get up, get up. We gotta go get your birthday present. I told 'em at the office I was takin' the day off for your birthday."

As I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom, I could hear George fixing our morning coffee, and I thought how happy I'd been the past two years, four months and three days that we'd been together. He had worked hard at his job of selling, and even harder at his job as "my husband", and I felt as if I were sitting on top of the world. He had promised me an extra -- specially nice present for my birthday, although I told him his love was all the present I wanted. He'd been real swell about buying me all the clothes and jewelry I needed, and we were actually in pretty good shape. He handled all the money, and I never wanted for a thing. My old life was behind me and I'd never be a loser again. Life was beautiful.

And I had a surprise for him. Today was going to be a day for both of us to remember, I could see that. As soon as I'd showered and dressed and got to the kitchen, George announced my birthday present.

"A brand-new bright-yellow Stingray convertible, baby! How does that sound? And I've got the cash to pay for it in full right here. And it'll go in your name -- your very own car, lover. Does that show you I love you?" He was happy as a six-year-old with his first electric train. He was always happy when he gave me things.

"Oooooooh, George! That's perfect, darling!" I yelled, and kissed him extra hard. He'd taught me to drive about five months ago, and I just loved sports cars and convertibles, so this was a dream come true. And I had news for him.

"I've got something for you, too, lover," I said, excited at my good news.

"What's that, hon?" he asked, sipping his coffee.

"We're going to have a baby, George! Won't that be..."

I broke off, for he had spluttered his coffee all over the table and he slammed his cup down.

"You're WHAT!!!" he shrieked. "No fuckin' way, baby!"

"But George..." I started to protest.

"BULLSHIT!! No cunt's gonna trap me with another brat, I've told you and told you. You dumb bitch, did you think I was kiddin'?" I'd never seen such a fierce look in George's eyes before, nor heard that menacing tone. "What the fuck happened -- the pill didn't work? I thought it was a hundred percent."

"I... I... well, I, uh, yeah, it's supposed to be, but they gave me those headaches and I was always throwin' up, George, so I thought..."

"Jesus Kee-rist! Who told you to think, cunt? Goddamm it to hell, kid, you ain't got no brains, none at all, except in that fight little box of yours. All your thinkin' should be done with your hot snatch -- there, you're a genius. Anywhere else, you're an idiot and a loser. Aww-w-w-w, shit! This blows it!" He mashed his cigarette out fiercely and stood up, dumping over his chair in his anger. "I'll be back when I cool off. See ya!" and he stomped out of the house.

When we'd first started living together, he had told me how having four kids in three years had wrecked his first marriage -- he just didn't like kids -- and his last wife had had four abortions -- actually three, and one miscarriage -- and had been un-fuckable, as he phrased it, half the time, and had kept him broke with doctor bills the other half, and he blamed it all on pregnancies. So we'd gotten on the pill right away, but the side effects bothered me a lot. I knew he didn't want to hear me griping and complaining all the time, so he of course didn't realize how I felt. But I had thought that by now he'd really like to have a small family, so I'd been proud of the fact that I was going to make a father of him. The subject of kids hadn't been discussed since that very first time when we first got together. Ah, shit! I thought as I sat morosely at the kitchen table.

I sat and waited, sat and waited, even cried a little a couple of times. Everything was going so damn well, and now this. Oh, hell. Then about noon Jack Larson, a salesman buddy of George's knocked. When I let him in, telling him that George wasn't here, he told me.

"Yeah, I know. He looked me up, gave me this note, and sent me over for his stuff. I'll pack it. He told me what to bring." He headed for the bedroom as I opened the note and read it.

"Sheri," it said. "I told you there was only one no-no in our relationship: kids. O.K., you thought you'd trap me with a brat, but you guessed wrong, baby. You are the most perfect sex partner I've ever known or ever will find, probably, but you still got a lot to learn about men. Good luck wherever you go. Here's a hundred bucks to get started on. That's it, baby. I refuse to be a pigeon for any broad." As I finished rereading it and it penetrated to my numbed mind, Jack left the house with two suitcases and I just sat there sobbing. My perfect day had turned to a mountain of shit. Happy birthday, Loser!

I won't bore you with the mess that the next six months turned into. I had never worked, knew no trade, couldn't type or file, so I ended up slinging hash in a crummy dump on McDowell St. My "husband" was in the Army, I told everyone, and even though I pinched pennies and cut corners, I could see that my baby'd be born in County General. Then Gladys, an older, sorta hard cookie that worked with me told me, because I'd confided to her that I didn't want the baby, and that my "husband" had written from overseas that he was not coming back to me, well, she told me about this adoption thing. If they accepted you, they'd pay your living expenses the last couple of months, cover your doctor and hospital bills, and take care of you for a couple months after the baby was born, to let you get on your feet.

Gladys knew of a friend of a friend who'd gone that route, and came out of it pretty well, signing over the baby to a nice responsible couple. She put me in touch with a lawyer on North Central who handled it, and when I went to see him, he accepted me. He referred me to a doctor who examined me, and then scheduled me for what he said was a detailed diagnosis. When I showed up for that, his nurse put me under sodium pentothal, he examined me, and a week later the attorney wrote me and asked me to come to his office for some final details.

When. I entered his office, he met me at the door and as I walked in, he shut and locked the door. He motioned me to a chair in front of his desk and came and stood in front of me, lounged back against his desk, and unzipped his trousers and tugged out his cock.

"Suck it!" he commanded sharply, and I guess I just sat there with my mouth open. "C'mon, Sheri, I want a blow job! NOW!" He leaned forward toward my face, which was just at his crotch level, and put his long, limp cock in my hands while I tried to think what to do. What the hell was going on here? What did he think I was? He answered that.

"C'mon, c'mon," he urged. "You aren't Mrs. Collins, or even close to it -- you're Sheri Jackson and you're a runaway from probation. Now you can either cooperate or by God you get sent back. And you'll go to reform school for three or four years if you go back to Iowa. So quit stallin', baby. You're no Goddam cherry, so quit playin' hard to get." His smooth attorney's veneer was gone, and he was just another dirty old man.

"I... how did... you find out?" I stammered.

"Shit! Simple. Like you, dummy. That sodium pentothal examination is a deal I have with the doc. He probes with truth serum, and passes on the goodies, all the information, to me. We work together. C'mon now, get with it -- you ain't losin' a damn thing but a few minutes' time, hon."

I didn't like the circumstances at all, but as I had sat there talking and holding his cock, my warm hands had apparently communicated my feminine touch to him, and his meat had hardened perceptibly. I had been without any sex for a couple of months, and nature took over. My brain began to pound and my gut ached as I fondled his long slim cock tenderly. It was a funny-looking pecker, different from any that I'd experienced. It was about eight inches long -- limp -- and no bigger around than my thumb, and he wasn't circumcised. As I petted it and got ready to kiss it and suck it, I could feel the blood rushing through and into it, and it stiffened up rapidly. But it didn't get any bigger! It was still an eight-inch skinny cock! It ended up looking like a big expensive cigar -- long and maybe only an inch in diameter, with this fold of skin over the tip.

I smiled up at him -- to be frank, I damn near laughed at the sight of his cock -- and he took that for encouragement. Well, hell yes, I was going to blow him. I was blackmailed into not being able to say no, plus the simple fact that I did want some sex. Christ, pregnant or not, I just couldn't go too long without it.

As I bent my head to get at his tool, he settled his hips against the desk firmly, and my little hands grasped his weapon like a kind of skinny ball bat. I let my hands slide backwards along his shaft, and the skin was rolled back to display a shiny pointed glans that glistened before my face. I had always seen brownish-purple heads on pricks, and this new shiny pink one intrigued me, and I wondered if it'd taste different. I'd soon find out.

The instant I touched the head with my hot wet tongue, he tensed, and I pulled back, licked my lips liberally, and encircled the pink head with my lips. I suctioned on the thin, hard lollipop, bobbing my head very briefly to let it enter my mouth, and then my tongue took over, and I flashed and fucked it hotly back and forth along the underside of his glans. Then, as I let go with my hands to get a better grip, I felt the roll of skin that I had peeled back earlier come sliding forward. My tongue was trapped and surrounded by the warm silken fold of cock skin as his tool returned to its enveloped style. I liked the sensation, and let his cock alone with my hands so that I could delve farther back and cuddle his balls. His bag hung down six inches or more, and his nuts were simply enormous -- they felt like tennis balls, only a lot heavier.

By now I was getting hotter and hotter, and I wanted as much of his pencil-slim rod in me as I could get, although it was pretty damned long. I quit jouncing his balls and grabbed the base of his cock again and yawned widely and leaned forward. As more and more of his tool slipped into my hungry mouth, I kept bathing the rigid length of it with a rapidly swishing tongue, bobbing my head fiercely as I withdrew, then took more than the last stroke, withdrew, inhaled farther yet, and thus kept absorbing more and more of its length until I felt his bristly hairs hitting my forehead and eyes. By now his long rod was bending at the head when it hit the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth, and just as I'd start to feel a gagging sensation I'd raise my head, catch my breath, and then as I got the rhythm that any good cocksucker eventually develops, I would breathe in through my mouth as I withdrew, and exhale through my nose as I gulped his stiff meat into my cheeks and mouth.

I felt his loins tighten up, and knew that I was making it so good for him that he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer, so I braced myself and got ready to take his load of come into my mouth. I'd never yet swallowed any that wasn't delicious and warm and rich and creamy, and I'd gotten so addicted to it that I never thought of pulling out and jacking a man off to finish the job. Hell, it was just like warm, melted vanilla ice cream, I always thought.

Then he came, and I felt his hands entangle themselves in my hair and rudely haul me up tight to his gut to ram every millimeter down my throat. I felt the rubbery-rigid bending of his cock as it hit the top of my throat and penetrated downward a couple of inches. It was all I could do to keep breathing as I felt a scalding stream of sperm shoot across my tonsils and into my stomach. It was one long hot jet, not in spurts like I was used to, and it felt as if a thin hard firehose had blasted off. Then, instantly, his cock went limp in my mouth, and although the head of it was still crammed deep into my gulping throat, I had not really had to swallow any of his jism, for it was shot clear down into my stomach at the first heated blast, and now that his meat was limp again, it felt like a soft long rope in my mouth. I gnawed gently and contentedly on the shaft as I ran my tongue along it and then sucked my cheeks in and out rapidly to massage it to total drainage I hadn't even tasted his cum, it had been spat so far past my taste buds when it ejected.

I pulled my head away from his dangling cock, and took it with my thumb and forefinger clear back at the base of the shaft and waved it slowly back and forth. It intrigued the hell out of me -- I'd never seen one just like that before, and I enjoyed playing with it. He patted my head.

"Sheri, my doll, that was just wonderful. You are a marvelous little cocksucker, and we're going to get along just great in the coming months -- and I mean coming months."

"As you get bigger and bigger during your pregnancy, fucking won't be so good, but I prefer a fine blow job anyway, so it'll work out real well. As far as taking care of you, the doctor loves to screw cunt, so he'll take care of you while you're taking care of him and me both. Not a bad arrangement, is it? And a couple months after the baby's born and adopted we'll set you up and take care of you real well. How does that sound?"

I nodded. What the hell else could I do but agree? I sure didn't want to get sent back to reform school, and I'd need some sex, and I sure as hell wasn't gonna try to make a living all my life slinging hash -- I'd found that out the hard way already, so... I figured if I had a doctor and an attorney keeping me for a mistress, I'd be doing a lot better than out on my own. I was beginning to realize how dumb it was in a lot of things. Only one thing I was halfway smart at, and the men all thought I was a genius there, so why not capitalize on it?

The attorney explained what my setup would be -- I would have a weekly doctor's appointment, and Doc could fuck me in his office then, and a weekly appointment with him, the lawyer, and I'd blow him in his office. It worked out real well, and the Doc was good and slow and gentle with me. I was only five months along, but my belly was pretty big, or at least it seemed so to me, who'd always been and slim. But the doc showed me the best ways -- from the rear, so only half of the cock goes in, and lying on my side, so his weight isn't on my belly, and so forth. We had a ball.

The last month of my pregnancy we cut out the fucking, although Doc did scrub me up a couple of times and ate my cunt so that I'd have some fun and some release from the tremendous tension that any girl would naturally experience when she's having her first kid, all alone, miles from home -- if you could call what I'd had a home -- and knowing she'll have to go through all the pain and agony of childbirth just to give it away to some strangers. Well, no use feeling sorry for myself -- I got into the mess and had to make the best of it somehow. So that's what I did.

I signed the adoption papers the day before I went to St. Joseph's Hospital. Yeah, I got the best medical care. They filled out the papers with everything except the date and the sex of the baby -- that'd be done as soon as he was born.

I just saw the baby -- it was a girl -- for an instant when Doc held her up just after she came out. I was about half out of it, and couldn't see or care much, and then they took her away and put her in a special nursery for the new adoptive parents, and I went into kind of a depressed mood for the four days I was in the hospital.

When I got out and went back to Doc for a checkup on the tenth day, he told me to see the attorney. I did, and found out they'd rented me a small, but quite nice apartment, and he gave me a hundred dollars to buy groceries and necessities. He patted my ass gently and said he and Doc were both looking forward to "getting back in the saddle" as he called it. I smiled and said I guessed I was, too. He said we'd get together in about a month, and I wouldn't regret it, not for a minute.

Four weeks later the lawyer stopped by my apartment, asked me how I felt, and when I told him fine, he said that he and Doc would be over to see me the next evening and get things definitely arranged for my future.

The next afternoon I took a leisurely bath, set my hair, and dressed up real nice for them. They showed up promptly at eight o'clock, took me out to dinner at a real fancy restaurant -- I guess the meal and drinks and tip came to almost eighty bucks -- and then about ten we headed back to my apartment.

Harold, the lawyer, bolted the door shut and turned to me immediately. "Get undressed, honey. Let's see if you're still as snug and tight as Doc said you were." I could see Doc already shedding his clothes, and we all went into the bedroom. I'd never had a threesome before, and I wondered which one wanted to go first. Doc told me.

"All Harold's had so far is blow jobs from you, and all I did was fuck you, so we thought we'd trade it tonight, and give both of us some variety, and you can service us both at the same time. O.K., little girl?" By now we were all three nude and sprawled on the bed. I thought, what the hell -- the jokers are paying the freight, why not keep them happy?

"Sure, lover," I answered enthusiastically. "There's enough for everyone. And I think it'll be tight enough for either one of you -- I can hardly get a tampax in without really shovin' hard. So come on, one and all!" I laughed, and lay back on the bed.

Dec knelt at the top, with his knees on either side of my head, and I saw his magnificent cock looming above my face, its brown shaft and veined underside almost filling my horizon, already erect and anticipating. As he leaned forward over me, it aimed his massive weapon directly down at my wet mouth, and I reached up and pulled the head to my lips. I could feel Harold between my thighs, and spread them wide apart to give him easy entrance.

As I licked the glans that tested on my lips and clutched the throbbing shaft behind it, I felt Harold's fingers parting my hairline crack, and it felt so good to have a gentle loving man down there once more. Then came the first tentative touch of his tongue as he ran it up and down my slit, and I could feel waves of heat surge downward through my belly to end at my cunt, and then I heard his slurping as he lapped up the drops of cunt juice that I could feel oozing out of my hot snatch.

As Harold warmed me down below, I just had to have some cock, so I seized Doc's enormous trunk with both hands, yawned wide with my spit-covered lips, and tugged the heated tool into my baby mouth. I could feel the vast slab of hot meat touching both cheeks, the roof of my mouth, and pressing my tongue flat in my face. Goddam, it was a heavy prick, but that's what I loved most, and I got to drooling from the sensation of having my face fucked by such a lovely pecker, and the flow of saliva allowed me to accept even more of his huge prick back into my mouth. As I gulped and gnawed tenderly on the huge length of it, massaging his head vigorously with my mouth and throat muscles, he began to raise and lower himself slowly over my face, withdrawing until the flared rim of his cock was literally caught behind my teeth, then renewing his insertion of the long mass of gristle down my avid oral canal till he felt the tip bump at the back of my throat, then out, back in, my tongue lashing and bathing the underside of his lance with each stroke in each direction. I could hear him panting above me, even as I was doing while sucking his beautiful cock.

Down below, my cunt hairs were slick and soggy from the spit and fluids that drenched them. Harold had been busy indeed, and I had felt little tremors and flutters of comes shiver through me as if gentle warm winds had shaken my branches. Now, as we all settled down to some pretty steady and serious applications of sex, I knew that before long I was going to be torn emotionally by several big comes.

I felt Harold remove his muzzle from my cunt and then he clambered aboard, and his long skinny rod was placed at the dripping pink entrance to my cunt, and then he launched. Even as thin as his cock was, the linings of my tender cunt clung ferociously to its tremendous length as he pushed inch after inch of it into my willing but snugly yielding cave. He bumped the end of the tunnel of love, and I felt his lean cock bend back upon itself as he kept ramming and jabbing the long tool up inside me.

Just as I felt the good warm filling penetration of a cock up inside my pussy, I became aware of the special tautness of Doc's loins and muscles that warmed me that he was nearing his orgasm, and I just had time to inhale a deep breath and swallow once when he yelled and dove into my face to the hilt. His cock wasn't as long as Harold's, but it was at least two and one half inches in diameter, and my mouth was crammed to capacity with its massive load of gristle, so when he came in thick, slow, surging, I had to gulp and swallow as fast as I could to keep from choking.

It went down harder than usual, Doc's cum was so thick, but it tasted deliciously sweet. God, it was good, and the gulping and straining I was doing to contain and keep it in me was flexing all my oral muscles to the utmost, which kept Doc's huge cock pumping more and more into my baby face.

I heard Doc moan and then sag away from me, and his cock went "plop" as it was jerked from my avid working mouth and he slumped, panting and exhausted, beside where Harold and I lay fucking on the bed. I turned and smiled at him as our motions gradually increased.

Now that I could concentrate on fucking Harold without the delicious extra chore of blowing Doc, I could feel the intensity of my heat rising, and I knew that it would be a minute at most before I had my first orgasm in three months.

"Fuck me, Harold, keep that long skinny rod rammed way up in me Daddy oh yes harder Daddy fuck fuck fuck FUUUUCK MEEEE THEEEERRRE!!!" and just as I blew my ninety-day savings out my snatch and felt the waves of delight blind and singe my brain, I got an added tickle from the thrusting stream of cum that poured up inside my clinging, grasping cunt lining. We lay there for a moment, and it felt as if a snake had crawled up inside me and was waving its head. I remember wondering idly exactly how it would feel if a girl had a tame snake that she could train to crawl up in her cunt and wave its head around for half an hour.

We took turns in the bathroom cleaning up, and then after the men had a cigarette and got their breath and rested a bit, we decided to swap around and try something else.

"First, though, Sheri, I might as well be frank with you right now. You're going to be doing this for the rest of your life. Or at least as long as we want you to because I know you don't want to go to jail, and we don't want to leave you. Your know that, don't you? And you'll live an awful lot better than you ever have before. You won't wait for anything, or need anything, ever. We'll take care of you like you never dared to dream of. Right, Doc? All you have to do is just to do what we tell you. Deal?" Harold asked.

"Sure," I agreed. "No sense denyin' how well I like to fuck and everything, and you're both nice guys, and gentle with me, and I could never afford this place, and live good and eat good. If I was supportin' myself, so I'd be a fool not to agree, wouldn't I?"

"Tell her the rest, Harold," Doc spoke up.

"Well, honey, we have friends from time to time that also like tight pussy. If we have someone over, and tell you to ball them, you'll have to do that, too. Oh, don't worry, Sheri, there won't ever be over two a night. But it's necessary, sometimes, to show a client or a friend or a business associate a good time. Now, to be perfectly frank, they'll be payin' for those favors, but they'll arrange it through us entirely, and we'll give you half the money. We'll keep the other half for our expenses here and the arranging. Is that fair enough?" He smiled at me.

"What do you charge 'em?" I asked.

"Oh, probably ten or fifteen dollars, honey. Just to have a little money coming in to help cover your costs. We will have to share most of your bills, but you'll be livin' like a queen all the time -- to the tune of about seven or eight hundred a month, and you couldn't earn that, could you?"

"God, no!" I thought a moment. "Sounds O.K. to me, men."

"Good, then that's settled," Doc said with a smile. "How about us knockin' off one more for tonight, and tomorrow we start getting down to business?"

I had been thinking of something ever since I gave Harold his first blow job in his office six months before. I figured that this was as good a time to mention it as any.

"Harold, would you like to go in the back door this time? You know, in my ass?" I asked. "I've seen it done once, and the woman really loved it after she got used to it. And you're cock is thinner than most -- I'm afraid that Doc would tear me in half, but I might be able to take yours up my ass. If you wouldn't mind, that is," I added.

"Jesus, no!" he exclaimed. "In fact, I've done that an awful lot, because generally that's the only way that a grown woman is tight enough to satisfy me. Your cunt is the snuggest I think that I've ever had, so I enjoy that with you, but you're probably right -- you should get broken in gradually, rather than getting torn up from the word go." He turned to Doc. "If you don't mind waiting just a bit, old chum?"

Doc waved grandly. "Be my guest, buddy."

Harold went into the bathroom and returned immediately with a small jar of Vaseline. "We'll have to take it gently and easily and slowly here at first, Sheri, because I want you to like it, and I'm sure you will. Your asshole has the same sort of erotic nerve endings that your tits and cunt have -- in fact, properly excited, almost any portion of your body is erotically responsive. So you can actually have orgasms from ass-fucking, and if I can bring that to you, we'll have had a damned successful night, I think."

I lay down on the bed, with my face cradled in my crossed arms, then hiked my smooth round asscheeks up in the air and spread my knees apart as he instructed. Instead of smearing my pink puckered asshole with Vaseline, he knelt behind me and started running his tongue up and down the crack of my ass. It tickled, and when I felt him finger my cuntlips underneath just as his tongue centered on my crinkled rosebud, little shivers shot through me from the pleasure. I was beginning to get more eager for this initiation since I had such good teachers to take care of me.

I don't know whether he figured that I was getting hot enough, or whether he couldn't wait any longer, but he got up close behind me, with his cock a few inches below my cunt and told me to get a handful of lubricant and massage it into the shaft of his cock, being careful to put plenty up on the glans. I felt his finger dip into the jar alongside mine, and as I seized his rigid tool and began applying it, I could feel him smearing my asscrack with grease. Then he rubbed gently on the tight doorway and told me to relax. When I did, he deftly inserted one finger, and it didn't hurt a bit, just felt slick and smooth and warm as it went past the second knuckle. He jabbed it in and out, getting my asshole and the inside lining all coated with Vaseline, and then suddenly I felt a sharp stretching as he put two fingers at the doorway and shoved. I breathed deep and tried to relax, but my sphincter was stretched further than it ever had been taking a big shit, and it hurt a bit.

Meanwhile, I was rubbing the lube into his cock, and then he pulled away, saying that we'd better get with it or he'd shoot off in my hand. I felt him draw back and place his left hand on my left buttock, pulling it sideways to open up my crack to the widest, and then came the warm touch of his glans against my tight virginal asshole. He must have felt me tense up at the anticipation of his penetration, for he said softly to just relax and let him do the work.

"O.K., Harold, go ahead. But if I holler, you stop, won't you?" I said.

"Sure, honey. I'm not going to tear you up. Won't even hurt you if I can help it, although, it's sorta like losing your cunt cherry, y'know. It might be just a teensy bit painful for just a second. But you let me know, and we'll go slow and easy. I want you to love it, Sheri, same as you love to fuck and suck. I want you to enjoy sex every way. Now, just relax your hips and ass, that's it, and when I say 'push', you push your insides back, same as if you were taking a shit. Then there's nothing to it. Ready?" I nodded, he said "Push!" and he rammed forward.

"OOOOHHH! NOOOOOO! WAIT -- OH GOD -- STOP! OH! STOP!!!" I screamed as I felt the sharp searing pain of my asshole ripped by the invasion of Harold's cock. Thin and skinny as I had thought it was, I wasn't ready for the ungodly pain that ensued as he buried his long cock halfway to the hilt up my ass. He stopped with that first thrust, and held perfectly still as I sobbed and felt the shooting pains spreading out from what I thought must be my torn and bleeding asshole. It seemed like a red-hot flashlight had been forced up there, and I swear it didn't hurt a lot more when I had the baby. The baby hurt longer, but not much sharper.

"Relax, Sheri darling," I heard Harold say. "Your asshole muscles are tighter than your pussy, so naturally they grab quicker and harder and tighter, but if you'll just relax, those same big muscles will stretch open that much easier. I'll lay here and wait, honey, no hurry, but if you will relax, it'll be that much easier for you, and the hard part is already over -- the head's in, and that's the roughest part, usually. You can take a lot of cock up there, lots longer ones than your pussy can hold. It's just the diameter that gets you at first, honey."

I remember that was what Larry Purcell had told my mom that lime he cornholed her, and he had a huge cock, so I could guess what Mom went through that first time when I was watching them. Jesus! Wonder it didn't kill her! Outside of the painful stretching of the ring at the entrance, it felt kind of good and warm up in there, and I did want to explore this way of fucking, so I forced myself to grit my teeth and tell Harold to go on ahead.

Our mutual body heat had by now thinned and melted the lubricants we had so generously applied, and as he withdrew his cock till just the head remained inside my raw red asshole, it gave a smooth, soothing touch to the frictioning of his shaft, and then as he plunged in again, a longer stroke each time, it actually felt velvety and good, and as he pulled it back out on the reverse strokes, I could feel my ring clinging and grabbing and stretching as it felt like he was drawing my guts from my body.

The gentle tingling of his friction gradually stimulated previously unknown nerves in my ass, and I found that I had unconsciously placed one hand under my belly and was fondling my clitoris in rhythm to his in and out stroking. On the times he'd push, it felt as if his long cock was going clear through my belly and up into my throat, but as he had said, the bowels will hold a lot of meat, and there was no stretching or tearing inside like there was with a pussy the first few times.

His rapid seesawing had numbed the sphincter muscle, and with continued rapid thrusts, it had become accustomed to his invasion, and now I was really beginning to enjoy it. I found myself backing up harder and faster, rocking my ass to meet his lunging thrusts, and loving the hot shaft that stuffed me way up high, wanting more and more of this gut-filling way of lust.

"Hey! Just a second. I've got an idea. I don't want to sit here and get so hot I'll hafta jack off," Doc piped up. Harold stopped jabbing at my ass, and I turned my head to look at him and see what he had in mind.

"Sounds fair," Harold conceded. "How'll we do it?"

"Simple," Doc told him. "You lay on your back and leave it up Sheri's ass. She'll sorta be laying back on your lap with her pussy up in the air inticing me, and I'll slip it up her cunt."

"Yeah," I grinned. "That oughta work all right. Boy, will I be stuffed with cock! I've never tried it, but I'm game for anything, I'm gettin' so hot." I looked over my shoulder and smiled at Harold. "And it's gettin' better and better back there, lover. Just keep it clear in and hold real still until Doc manages to get that big son of a bitchin' cock of his started in the front. Then we can all cut loose."

Doc was by now kneeling before my spread legs, his massive tool held rigidly before him as he lowered his body slowly and gently down onto my jiggly tits. I felt him stroking the head of it up and down in my slimy juices to lube the glans, and then his fingers parted my slick pink lips, and he fed the first inch, the huge purple head, between the outer lips of my cunt. Even slick and hot and ready as they were, and spread as far apart as his fingers could get them, I could feel the terrible widening of his monstrously thick cockhead as it gouged and crowded the tender opening. I had not had any fucking except Harold's skinny cock in over three months, and when the muscles contracted after having the baby, they had returned to their former tightly closed layout. So it was with strenuous effort that Doc succeeded in impaling me with that wide tool of his.

I gasped in my breath and felt my eyes widen at the tremendous fierce stretching I took to engulf all of Doc's stumpy prick up in me. It didn't hurt -- just felt all stuffed and strained. The shaft itself went in smooth and slick, following that flared, plowing head.

Harold told Doc to hold it clear in, said he could feel his cock as it came inside me, sliding the full length along his shaft as it lay buried in my rectum. The membrane separating my bowel from my cunt was stretched thin by the huge cocks that crowded my inner caverns, and I, too, could feel them rubbing together. Then Harold told Doc that he would pull out. Then when Harold pushed in, Doc was to pull out, and they'd seesaw that way.

Then it started. As I felt Doc's thin rod withdraw out of my asshole to the tip and then start back in, feeling the long, smooth, slow, hot penetration up my gut, Doc began to pull his thick meat from my clutching, grasping tight cunt, and the crazy mixed-up sensation of one going in and another coming out at the same time was wild. I need to relax my pussy to let Doc in to the hilt at the same time I snugged up my asshole ring to clamp Harold's cock to the utmost and give him tighter thrills, and I tell you my belly was being churned and turned every way in the world.

In two minutes I didn't know whether I was coming or going! Actually, I knew I was coming. I didn't know whether my cunt and asshole would it burned out with the intensity and duration of that orgasm or not, and I couldn't even tell whether it was a clitoral, vaginal, or rectal orgasm -- my whole body was on fire and coming from every direction. I was just melting!

After we'd rested and gotten our breath, and gathered our wits a little bit, the two men agreed that I was probably about the best they'd ever known -- talented, willing to try everything and do anything, and tight and enthusiastic that they'd get fifty bucks a trick, and half of that would be mine. Two tricks a night would net me fifty per day, for twenty-five days a month, with tame out for periods, would give me twelve hundred and fifty dollars a month and all my expenses, and no taxes. And a few months ago I was getting a buck-fifty an hour and a few lousy tips and having to slave nine hours a day on my feet to do it! You've come a long way, baby! I told myself.

They showed me a gold-plated coin about the size of a quarter, with my name on it. Any man that showed up with one of those was to be given whatever he wanted, and I was to collect the coin. They sold them to men they could trust and would pay me twenty-five dollars for each one I collected when I tricked, a john. We'd get together one night a week for a party and a payoff. Starting tomorrow night. I said I was ready, because now that I was in the saddle again, I wanted all the fucking I could get, and variety I really loved. We parted with smiles and high hopes.

Chapter SEVEN

Things went on like this for just over a year.

During that time I guess that I fucked and sucked nearly every doctor, lawyer, businessman, out-of-town buyer, traveling salesman, and judge in Arizona. Harold and Doc had built up a clientele of professional men that was extensive and exclusive, and I soon found an awful lot of repeat business. This was flattering to me, because it indicated I was one of the test, and a girl likes to know that her efforts are appreciated, and that her talent isn't going to waste.

Several of the men asked to become my "sugar daddy", in other words, I would be their exclusive property. They promised me mink coats and Cadillacs and diamonds -- all the usual. But I turned them all down -- I was making too much money, had my independence, and besides, there were so many rice men that I wanted to keep on seeing and bedding, that I wouldn't settle for just any one.

It had gotten to where I was handling an average of four a day. There was always someone who had told his wife that he was on the golf course, and then would come to my place for an afternoon matinee. Then I'd get an early night job, sevenish, and another about nine, and a late trick. Sometimes, if a man showed up with two coins, that meant he had paid double and would stay all night, but they were not to show up at my place fill ten p.m. or later, and phone first so that there'd be no overlapping. The first time Doc told me that, I thought overlapping was getting too much lapping, and I naively told him there was no such thing! Remember, I had only gone to eighth grade, and there was a lot that remained for my education to be complete.

That was one thing I did do -- keep on with my schooling. Doc and Harold insisted that I do that, as I'd need to know more mathematics, business terms, improve my vocabulary, and so on. You see, a lot of the businessmen, bachelors mostly, liked to take me out to a good restaurant or night club, and I enjoyed it. But I had to learn to discuss things intelligently and not be half-witted, so I kept studying.

I remember on the first anniversary of my turning professional, I counted up what I had saved. It came to over twenty thousand, and I had spent a lot on my sports car and my clothing in that year. I resolved to fuck away at least thirty grand during the coming year. If I could do that steadily, I'd have almost two hundred grand saved by the time I was twenty-one. A couple of young stock brokers I served had assured me that I could live the rest of my life just off the interest from that sum if it were properly invested. So now I had a goal to work toward.

I had been cautioned about putting large sums of money in a savings account, as tax snoopers came around and also the vice squad investigated any girls who accumulated too much money without working, so Doc got me a safe deposit box, a rather large one, and I was stuffing my cash in it for the time being.

Then one night came the revolution. I had finished one seven o'clock trick, and a cultured Southern voice phoned and said he'd like an all-night deal, he had his double coins. I didn't recognize the voice, and asked if he was a new "friend". He said he was and that he was just in from L.A. for a week on business. I told him ten o'clock sharp and I'd show him a good time. I was ready and waiting for him.

I answered the door chime and there standing at my door was a huge Negro. He smiled and held up two coins. "I'm the gentleman that phoned earlier," he said softy.

I had never balled a black man before. Had never even known one to speak to, and the subject had never come up with Harold and Doc. I guess that I was somewhat prejudiced and thought that whites fucked whites and blacks fucked blacks. I had just never given it any thought. He must have seen or felt or sensed my hesitation.

"May I come in?"

"Oh, uh, yes. Yes, come in," I said, aware now that we had been staring at each other for about forty long silent seconds. "There," I waved. "Sit down. A drink? What'll it be?" I walked to the wet bar.

"A weak Scotch and water would be fine." I felt his eyes following my hips as I walked, and I knew his gaze was fixed on me as I poured his drink and brought, it to him. "Ah, fine. Thank you." He paused, then looked up at me as I sat nearby sipping my own drink. "I'll bet I'm the first black man... right?"

I felt like a fool blushing as I tried to smile when I nodded agreement.

"If it bothers you terribly, I can leave. Although I have heard so much about you," he said softly, and named a couple of my white customers who were nice men. "And you are as beautiful as they said, or even more so. But you did surprise me a bit, Sheri. It is Sheri, isn't it? Yes, well, they said you were a lot of woman, and on and on, and frankly I expected a tall, statuesque Amazon, I guess. Instead, I find a dainty, petite little princess type. Very luscious, I might add. Cheers!" We lifted our glasses in a toast.

His soft, cultured voice and gentle approach and his offer to retreat if I so desired, all combined to disarm me and forced me to reappraise the situation and my feelings.

"I think we'll have a fine time," I smiled at him, and saw him relax a bit at my acceptance of him.

"In that case, I think I'll have a good strong belt of Scotch and water this time!" he laughed. "I honestly feel like a schoolboy on his first date tonight. Silly, I know, but the instant I saw you in the doorway, I wanted you to like me. Nutty, huh, for a man forty years old?"

"Well, to be honest," I said, and I looked him in the eye as I told him, "I wasn't sure whether I'd ball you or not. I'd never known a colored... er, a Negro..."

"I think we're 'black' this season," he grinned.

"O.K., I'd never known any black people before, and I suppose I had the usual idiot brainwashing about prejudice that everyone gets in a small Midwestern town. Of course, I got over a lot of other silly early concepts, too -- like virginity and prostitution and drinking and fellatio," I laughed. "So you are the final adaptation to uninhibited sophisticated adult, modern living. Welcome aboard, sir."

"I'll drink to that," he said, and set down his drink after sipping it. "May I use your phone a moment and then we can settle down to pleasure. The phone call's business."

He dialed a number and when it answered, he spoke very happily. "Hi! Carl here. Just wanted you to know everything's perfect. Go ahead and spend it. Goodnight." And then he hung up and turned to me. "The bedroom?" he said, then followed. He noted with approval, the king-size bed and other beautiful furnishings.

"Business must be very good, Sheri, from the looks of this layout."

"Yeah -- I average about eighteen or twenty tricks a week, and I get half the fifty they pay Doc and Harold, and all my expenses are paid, so it's not too bad," I replied.

"Half the fifty? You're kiddin', baby!" he exploded.

"What do you mean?" I didn't understand.

"You mean to say you don't know that they're charging from a hundred to a hundred fifty per trick? And only givin' you twenty-five? Holy Christ, child, you've been workin' for peanuts! You made what -- about thirty grand the past years?" As I nodded mutely he went on: "While they were sockin' away over a hundred grand offa your work, honey! I'll be Goddamned! You are kidding, aren't you?"

My mind whirled at the figures he'd given me, and then I began to understand that when a man gave me a fifty or hundred-dollar tip, which was fairly frequent, they were not doubling their expense, they were just leaving a tip. I began to get furious at Doc and Harold at the thought of their screwing me physically once a week and financially twenty times a week. Sonsabitches!

"Hell, Sheri, I know it's true -- I saw their books, and I've talked to half a dozen of their steady customers, although they don't know that yet. C'mere, honey." He motioned me to sit beside him on the edge of the bed. "I've got some news for you. You remember my phone call? It was to Doc. I was with him and Harold from four until nine tonight. We made a deal. I bought you. I gave them two hundred grand to take you over. They were not to spend it -- I sort of left it in 'escrow' with them till I checked you out. But now you're mine. Whattaya think, baby? Like to work for me? The big difference will be that you charge a flat two bills, and you get a C-note per trick. It's four times as good for you and I'm satisfied. I'll net about a hundred grand offa you and in two years I'll have my money back and make money on you for about five years. The day you turn twenty-one, you're free and on your own. I only handle girls. Deal?"

I was numbed, confused, bewildered, and furious! That Doc and Harold had cheated me. That they had "sold" me when I didn't "belong" to them. That, oh hell, I was mad about everything. Did I want this deal? I didn't know. The figures -- one hundred thousand dollars a year -- were beautiful, and the chance to recoup and beat out Doc and Harold was intriguing. And Carl had said that my setup would be about the same -- only the profit would be changed to protect the naive.

"Deal!" I stuck my hand out to him, and he shook it gravely and then held it tenderly. "Fine, that takes care of the business. Now the pleasure, boss," I said, and leaned toward him, put my arms around him, and kissed him. It began softly and gently, and then as I felt his lips part and his jaws widen, I darted my tongue into his mouth and felt the huge wetness of his tongue matching mine. His arms encircled me and held me tightly, and one hand roved down to my hips and softly patted my hard round buttocks. I let a hand drift to his lap, and the enormity of his cock as it was already aroused. We broke the clinching kiss.

"Let me undress you, Princess," he said, and his hands moved rapidly over my garments as he disrobed me very tenderly. When I stood nude before him, he eyed me up and down appraisingly, smiled and nodded, and stood up and slipped out of his clothes hastily. Carl was about six-two, two hundred and ten, and the kinky wool on his head was matched by sparse patches on his chest and crotch. What hung between his legs was something else.

"Jesus Christ, Carl! That's a beauty, all right, but we'll hafta do it like porcupines -- very carefully!" I said.

"Wait'll it's fully hard, honey. Eleven and three-fourths inches long and exactly two and a quarter diameter. Never had one like that? We'll go easy. Best in the West, though and you'll learn to love it. They all do."

"O.K., I love lots of cock. But I never knew there was that much in any one package! Wheee-ew! Let me set the pace, huh, and before it's over, you'll be happy," I promised my new owner.

"Sure... we've got all night. Hell, we've got all year if necessary. One of the advantages of being the boss," he grinned. He lay back on the bed. "Help yourself, little one. But be gentle with me, I'm so delicate." We both laughed.

As I sprawled beside the massive Negro and picked up the hard tree trunk he called his cock, I noticed the huge throbbing veins that stood a full quarter inch up from the shaft. The shaft itself was a shiny black, almost as if it had been polished, and as I lifted it up closer to study it -- it felt as if it weighed ten pounds -- I saw that the pinkish-red coronal rim was topped by a bluish-purple head that was so enormous that I knew I'd never be able to take even a fourth of his eleven-plus inches for the simple reason that the first inch wouldn't be able to penetrate any one of my orifices. My jaws couldn't possibly stretch to accommodate its width, and as for my cunt and even tighter asshole, no way! That much cock would split me in two, tear me apart! Shit! What was I gonna do?

"Best bet would be to work on it like a harmonica or eatin' an ear of corn," I heard Carl's voice interrupt my reverie. "Grab it at each end with a tight fist and go back and forth end to end and nibble on it. Bite it gently with your teeth, and suck it hard with your lips, and bathe it all hot and wet with your tongue. It'll answer, and sit right up for you. But you got such a small mouth, I'm afraid your teeth'll scrape me raw if you try to French me regular. Oh, I do want you to eat me, though, darlin'. Suck 'em!"

I did as was told, and felt the pulsing of his mighty weapon as it responded to my caresses and mouthings, and in no time my hands were able to go only about halfway around his colossal cock, it had grown so. I didn't question his measurement figures -- I could see and feel they were true.

I had heard all kinds of rumors and tales about colored gentlemen, but now I was learning firsthand. And as I went merrily up and down the length of his huge tool, I found myself wondering if I could take him inside of me. I didn't want to get hurt or have him tear me apart, but if only there were some way to have all that glistening black cock crammed up inside me, I'd be in heaven, because I loved cock more than anything in the universe, and here was more cock than I'd ever dreamed of.

My tongue braced hotly over each raised vein that responded poundingly to my wet lickings, and the rigid muscles of his massive prick stiffened even more as my lips suctioned and tugged at the shiny black surface. I let my teeth caress his meat with tender nibbles, and the stimulation of all of these gestures of mine soon had Carl moaning.

I moved up farther in the bed so that I could face his great weapon head on, and it looked from in front like a big cannon, the cock-eye staring at me avidly. The hole was as large as my little fingernail, and I could envision the torrent of jism wildly surging forth from it when I was bringing him to completion. I licked my lips at the thought of the taste of his tide of cum drowning me, and set to work on the glans with renewed enthusiasm.

At the first hot wet touch of my tongue upon the sensitive underside of his huge cockhead, his hips jerked, and the enormous cock leaped and bucked in my two-handed grip, and a happy whimper escaped his lips. His eager response to my Frenching was gratifying, and I set to work on him with the sole mind-searing idea of satisfying him like he had never before known. Somehow, some way, I was going to get all of his black club in me, if it killed me!

I yawned wide and slid my spit-slick lips over the head that reared before me. As I felt my teeth scrape just a bit on the purple skin of his glans, Carl's hands seized the back of my head and tugged me further down onto it. It felt as if the skin would split at the corners of my mouth as he fiercely and savagely thrust his cock into my baby mouth. Then, with a little "plop", the head was inside my mouth, and I could feel the rhythmic pound of his pulse against my cheek linings and the fiery heat of his contact as his cockhead filled my jaws to stretching.

He lay still then, and I rested a moment, trying to catch my breath and get used to having such a mouthful of wonderful big black cock. Actually, I was trapped, for the flare of his rim was so vast that I couldn't have opened my jaws to get his meat out of my face if I'd have tried. But I wasn't trying to get it out -- I was trying to find some way to get my tongue free so I could fuck it and lave his delicious tool to orgasm. The thought of this much cock in me, even if only in my mouth so far, made me drool, and I forced my little red tongue sideways, back and forth, across the exquisitely slick underside of his glans that crammed me to the utmost. I could immediately feel his answering touch as he petted and stroked my head and crooned soft words of happiness as I laved his cock vigorously.

His hips thrust gently and slowly -- not to get more cock into my mouth, but just to rub and sway what was already packed inside my head. "Oh God, that's lovely, little Sheri," I heard him whisper hoarsely. "There's nothin' in life better'n fuckin' little white girls, and you're the best, my darlin', the best ever. Yeaaaah! Oooh, that tongue of yours is so hot, so naughty, so wild! Keep it up baby doll, keep it up. I'm gonna blow your tonsils out in about ten seconds, honey, so hang on yes tight there more and faster yeah, get it love GET IT NOOOOOW!" And then he came -- rich and thick and hot and my head rocked under the impact of his balls unloading the mightiest stream of cum I had ever tasted. It shot forth and blasted the back of my mouth, rocketed down into my throat, and no matter how fast I gulped and swallowed, each wave was followed by another spurt bigger than the last, till I thought I'd either drown in his cum or my belly would overflow and it would back up on me. I chewed with my jaws and teeth, and the abrasion milked another jet from his loins, and then Carl was lying back, panting.

Between the momentary limpening of his cock, and the awesome mouthful of slick and slimy cum that paved my cheeks and lips, he was able, with a mighty tug, to withdraw his glans from my face. I rubbed under my ears where my jaws were aching from their enormous straining and stretching, and licked my lips to get every last molecule of his thick jism. It was different -- sweetish, rather than the acid-salt taste that mast men have. I looked up at my big black lover and asked him about that.

"Do blacks have different cum? That tasted so good and sweet, instead of salty, Carl?"

"No, honey, niggers -- and don't be afraid to say that word -- hell, you can call me anything, as long as you call me when you want sex. Naw, sperm is sperm, black, white, or plaid. But I'm sterile, y'see. I had a vasectomy, and if a guy's sterile, the salty taste goes away. At least, that is what a lot of expert female cocksuckers tell me. I wouldn't know -- I've never sucked any cocks!" he laughed. "But as long as you liked it, who cares? Goddam, you are lovely Sheri. Hope you're not too little. But I brought a little something along that might help, in case we have a lot of difficulty. But no hurry, honey -- we've got all the time in the world, right?"

"Are all blacks built like you, Carl?" I asked naively.

"Hell, no, I'm the king of cocksmen. Leastwise, I've never known one to be better. Lots of your customers'll be blacks from now on, although I've got rich clients in all colors and shapes and sizes. The main thing most of my customers want is a tight cunt. That you've got, I heard, and I'm sure it's true. A tight cunt makes a man feel bigger and stronger, and king for a night, and that inflates the male ego. Me, I don't need any ego-inflation, I know I'm the biggest and best."

"Any gal that wants or needs more cock than yours," I grinned, "would have to marry a horse."

"Hell, I've got one gal that fucks a horse -- a Shetland pony, really. She gets two hundred a trip. She lays back over a barrel, and we guide the meat up in her. She's had her insides all out for years, and her cunt's been stretched out since she was a teenybopper -- an ordinary man couldn't touch sides or bottom in it. She'd be outa business if it weren't for those exhibitions she puts on. She says I'm the only guy she's met who can do her any good, so naturally I never pay for it -- just stop by every couple of weeks and do the bitch a favor. She says she masturbates with a two-quart thermos bottle, and I believe her. I can stick my fist up in her past my wristwatch, and that is too much. But she brings her money to me -- my half, that is, and she keeps fairly busy, so I can't gripe."

"How many girls working for you, Carl?" I asked.

"I have seven now, including you. I was actually recruiting here in Phoenix when I came here. Combines business and pleasure in one trip. Four of my chicks are in L.A. and the others are here in Phoenix. Where would you rather work, Sheri? I figured keepin' ya here in Phoenix, since you have a pretty steady clientele already built up. O.K.?"

"Sure. Hell, I'll make you plenty in this town. Burns my ass to think how Harold and Doc cheated me for a whole year."

"Forget it. You've been a loser all your life -- I know your whole history." He snorted and laughed. "Funny thing -- most whores figger that when they're fuckin' niggers, they're at the bottom of the line. With you, you're just startin' to get ahead and maize money. For the first time in your silly life you're not a loser." He had gotten up and poured us a couple of drinks. "Well, here's to sex and prosperity."

I gladly drank to that. Then I asked what was on the program for the rest of the night -- what would he like to do?

"I'd love to fuck you right now, nonstop for hours, Sheri, but I got to thinkin' -- if I stretch you all out of shape and maybe tear you up inside, I've blown a two hundred thousand dollar investment. But I'll be damned if I can leave you alone. I think we can combine both -- the fuckin' and the tightness of your baby cunt. C'mere."

I obediently went over to him and he lay me on the bed with my heels hooked on the edge of the mattress and my head centered on the middle of the bed. With my ass on the lip of the bed and my knees hiked up and spread wide, he knelt before me.

"Kee-rist! That has got to be the tiniest and tightest little pink cunt I've ever seen on a gal that loves to fuck like you do, angel!" I felt the drops of juice trickle out of my hairline crack and down the crease of my ass as his soft gentle hands stroked slowly up and down the entrance of my pussy. He flicked my clitoris a couple of times and saw my hips buck and twitch as the exquisite electric thrills began to surge through me. He smiled.

"Just a second, darling. You're gettin' hot, and that's good. I'm always hot. I was gonna eat you up, but I don't think I dare right now. I'd get so Goddam carried away with it that I might bite your cunt right out of your body and chew it up and swallow it. I did that once, and the bitch like to bled to death. Ruined her for fuckin', too." I wondered if he was kidding me, and then he arose and went over to his coat that hung on the back of a chair. He came back immediately with a shiny chrome instrument in his hand, and when I asked what that was for, he said it was a dilator, an instrument used by physicians to enlarge an opening.

"Lotsa girls just use a dozen carrots, graduated in size, and keep ramming and punching away until they can keep takin' bigger and bigger ones, but this is more scientific. Here, I've been holdin' it in my hands, the metal parts are warm, and now I'll just put this little rod inside your sweet pussy. There. See, no pain, you can hardly feel anything, right?" When I nodded agreement, he twisted the handle of the instrument, and I could feel the rod open up and fill my cunt more. He didn't push it farther in, it just expanded in diameter, and it didn't hurt at all. Felt kinda funny and different was all.

Then he pushed gently until about six inches of the metal was up in my, snatch and then twisted the handle again, and I could feel another swelling inside my vagina. It felt like a man had put it in soft, and then it grew hard and big inside me. It felt good, and then as he turned the knob again, I could feel the slow swelling pressure of my cunt walls giving ground to the thick invader. It still didn't hurt -- just felt like I was stuffed and overfull. One more turn, and Carl had my cunt walls so distended that my thigh muscles were being strained, and I asked him to stop.

"Hell, we're halfway there now, so let's rest." He withdrew the instrument, and it felt so wonderful coming out, all that thick hardness stroking my linings and reminding me of a massive fuck, that I looked down at his colossal cock and wished that I could have it in me now!

"There, see, I got it up to an inch and a half before you called it quits. And I'll help you along another way, too, baby." He produced a small vial of fluid from his coat pocket. "This is what's called a topical anesthetic. You just rub it on the skin, and it soaks in and helps hide any pain I might cause. Dentists rub it on your gums before giving you a hypo. It works, and makes it easier the first time. Goddam!" he exclaimed as he saw my hips writhing and twisting seductively and noticed the shiny beads of joy juice that oozed from my avid steamy cunt. "You are ready, ain't ya?"

He poured a bit of the anesthetic over his forefinger and middle finger, and then I lay back and he inserted both of his huge digits at once into my slick and hungry snatch. He crammed them dear up inside me, and it felt so good to have a warm male touch in my cunt that I ground down firmly onto his fingers until I felt his nails scratch against the hard mouth of my little womb at the end of the tunnel. Then his fingers came alive inside me, clawing and massaging the velvet pink lining of my slick cave, and gradually I became aware that it was "going to sleep", getting numb like your foot does if you sit wrong for too long. I could still feel the muscular resistance to his manipulations, but not the surface friction. It felt funny, but nice, real nice.

"Baby, I can't wait," Carl said softly as he stood up and withdrew his dripping fingers from my tight cunt. "You are gonna get fucked like you've never been fucked before. That I can guarantee you." He clambered up on the bed beside me. "Pull your knees back up onto your chest, Sheri, and give me a clear shot at that delicious pussy I need so bad."

I did as he told me, and felt the heat of his enormous knob as it touched the tender outer lips of my slick cunt. A drop of spit on his glans lubricated the cum-covered purple knob, and as his fingers parted my seeping pink lips and he positioned himself directly before his target, I took a deep breath and braced myself for his initial entrance. I shut my eyes and merely hoped that he wouldn't split me in two with his meat.

Then Carl lunged! I felt the bending of his cock at my cunt entrance as the awful resistance of my tight pussy held him up for a brief instant, and then came the savage invasion as yard after yard of his immense cock impaled me. I couldn't help it -- I screamed and fought and cried as the terrible stabbing cock ripped and tore and stretched my insides beyond belief, and I felt the river of blood come pouring from my snatch as the monstrous black weapon surged and seared up in my tender cunt.

"AAAAIIIIEEEE!!! NO NO NO STOP CARL! OH GOD YOU'RE KILLIN' ME AAAARRRRGGGHH!!! OH GOD OH GOD YOU'VE TORN ME ALL UP INSIDE STOP STOP YOU DIRTY NIGGER YOU'RE KILLIN' ME!! TAKE THAT POLE OUTA ME OH CARL OH GOD I CAN'T TAKE IT I CAN'T TAKE IT CARL PLEASE OH CHRIST PLEEEEEASE!" Then, as he launched his second assault and I felt my legs being driven wide apart again by his onslaught, and every muscle in my thighs, my belly, my hips were being ravaged, by his relentless and irresistible power and size, I mercifully blacked out.

Even in my unconsciousness, the screaming pain and endless hurt of his insertion penetrated through the black fog, and every nerve ending was lanced by the fierce piercing hurt that permeated every ounce of my body. He said later, when I came to, that he was afraid for a second that he had really killed me, and since he was that far along, he figured that he might as well give me a good thorough screwing, so he pounded and rammed all of his cock up inside me for a full ten minutes before he let his load go.

When I roused -- he said I was out for twenty minutes -- I looked down at my ravaged little body, and saw the rivulets of his cum mixed with my streams of blood that was smeared all over my hips and thighs and belly. My body was one huge aching mass of bruises, and Carl's teeth marks showed clearly on my left breast where he had nearly bitten the nipple off in his orgasmic excitement as he came. My ass lay in a pink-streaked pool of cum and blood, and the entire bed was an unholy mess.

I turned to get up out of it, and the tiniest movement of my body muscles brought a shrieking spasm of pain. Carl told me to just lie there a minute, and he went to the bathroom and got several towels soaked with hot water, wrung them out, and brought them to me and sat down beside me and started cleaning me up.

"Kee-rist, I'm sorry, Sheri. You wanted it, God knows that, and so did I, and then when we got started I couldn't have stopped if the cops walked in and shot me. I knew it'd hurt, bound to, y'know, but it was so tight and clinging and sweet and snug and I just had to have it all. You went and passed out, from the pain, I guess, but your body kept on twisting and thrusting and pushing up to me for more and more, and I guess I must have pushed your womb clear up into your chest, 'cause I had it in to the hilt on every Goddam stroke, and I could feel it bumpin' hard on your cervix and no fuckin' way I could stop myself. But your body wanted it all, no denyin' that, angel. There, that's right, just relax and slump all over. You're gonna be sore as hell for a couple of days, then you'll be all right. I'll fix you a drink."

After an hour of easy rest and a couple of stiff drinks, I went and lay in the tub and soaked in water as hot as I could stand it. Carl put me to bed about one a.m. and lay down beside me and was snoring in two minutes. I finally drifted off from total exhaustion, and slept fitfully for twelve hours, wakening briefly a dozen times whenever I'd try to move or shift and relieve the tremendous pain that dominated every bit of my mind and body and muscles. Shortly after noon I got up and went to the bathroom, and was reminded with each step and again when I pissed, how sore and tender and raw I was inside.

Then Carl dropped the bomb on me.

"I've been thinkin', darling. I think I'll just keep you exclusively for myself from now on. You'll soon be able to take me, and so instead of puttin' you out on the line, you'll be my woman. I won't fuck no one else, and neither will you. T'hell with that two hundred grand I paid Harold and Doc -- I make twice that in a year with my stable of broads, and so you and I'll just live the life of millionaires -- Europe, diamonds, anything, you just name it, Sheri, and it'll be yours. How does that sound?"

Omigod, I thought. He damn near killed me, he was going to deprive me of making a living, and I was supposed to be thrilled! There went my dream of saving up and getting somewhere, being somebody, getting ahead, instead of being a loser. Now I was going to be the loser of all time! Then his voice broke through my thoughts.

"...and then when you get well and feelin' back to normal, we'll try it anally, honey. You mentioned that you'd had it in the ass before and liked it, so you'll love this huge one up there -- give you thrills you never dreamed of."

Yeah, I thought, it sure will -- after one session of that I wouldn't be able to shit in a washtub, I'd be so torn up. But how was I going to get out of this?

" we'll go over to L.A. for a few days -- you ain't gonna be worth nothin' for at least three or four days, hon, and then we'll go house huntin' and you pick out a nice place to live and we'll get all settled down. I just want to spend every minute of every day of the rest of my life lovin' you and lookin' at you and admirin' you -- you're the prettiest, sweetest little ofay I've ever known, darlin', and I'm so damned proud you're mine. I'll never let you outa my sight."

Shit! What was I going to do? Whatever it was, I had to do it damned fast, because I was bound and determined that that black bastard's cock wasn't going to ruin me for life. And it sure as hell would if he started ramming and reaming me again. There "wouldn't be sides or bottom in it" as he put it, by the time I was a month older. No fucking way! Not for little Sheri, you nigger rapist home-cock son of a bitch! No way! I let him ramble on making what he thought were wonderful permanent plans for the two of us, including all the variety that the sadistic prick wanted to practice an me, and I made my plans. They didn't include a single damn thing he was talking about.

Chapter EIGHT

Carl said we'd leave for L.A. that next night, and he'd show me around all the good spots there, and promised not to touch me "for a few days till ya heal up", which was awfully generous of him, I thought since he'd damned near ruined me for life as it was. But I just kept my own mouth shut and let him ramble on. I asked him to get me some sleeping pills, as I was so damn sore that I couldn't get a good night's rest without some help. He got them for me, and then we packed my clothing and headed out. When he asked me about any money I had, I lied and told him that Doc and Harold had managed it, so I guessed that it was down the drain. He just shrugged and said, "To hell with it -- I'll give ya all ya want," and we drove leisurely to L.A.

Carl owned a fashionable high-rise 62-unit apartment building on Franklin in the Hollywood foothills, and the new and furnishings were superb, but I could only think of my plans for the immediate future. When Carl wanted me to go around with him and check on his stable of girls, I begged off as being too sore and tired from the trip to do anything except soak in a hot tub and sleep the dock around, adding that I wanted to get rested and healed so we could really get caught up on our loving, and that appeased him for the time being, so that he left cheerily, saying he'd let me sleep and not waken me when he came home.

I knew that he wouldn't waken me when he came home. As soon as he went down in the elevator, I took thirty-six of the sleeping pills and sat down at the desk in the living room and began writing. First, the letter to Carl: "Carl: There were just three things that I ever wanted out of life: sex, with everything connected to it, good and often; next, a decent life, with all the necessities, most of the comforts, and a few of the luxuries; and last, love, real love, the kind that brings comfort and laughs and warm companionship and sharing. I can never have any of those with you, and you'll finish ruining a life that I myself had almost completely ruined in my search for those three thinks. I cannot and will not be your slave, so I am taking this way out. And since you are what you are, and who you are, I have sent letters to the Chief of Police, both newspapers, and the FBI naming names and addresses and items that should put a stop to your actions. I could not do this to your face -- I am too cowardly, but it needed doing. Sheri."

I put his letter in an envelope and placed it under the whiskey decanter, for I knew that he never drank before going to bed, it kept him awake, but that he started the day with a double shot even before he brushed his teeth. So he'd find it first thing in the morning, and then, when he came to waken me, I'd have found peace at last. I scribbled the other letters and went down the hall to the mail chute beside the elevator and dropped them in. They'd hit the next day, and then let Carl start running and looking over his shoulder.

I was beginning to get drowsy by this time, so I put on a new pale-blue peignoir, brushed my hair, and lay down on the bed. I know it was silly, but I've always been vain about my looks, and I wanted my last moment to be as pretty as possible. Then I drifted off.

I stared up at the nurse who hovered over me, and then when I started to ask her a question, I felt the immense raw pain in my mouth and throat.

"Shhhh, don't try to talk, honey. Your neck and throat are still pretty sore and tender from the stomach pump. You just lie back and get all the rest you can. The doctor will be along pretty soon and he'll answer any questions you have," the smiling nurse told me. I relaxed and looked around the room. It looked about the same as any hospital room, and I saw the intravenous bottle overhead and watched as drops of something trickled down the plastic tube that was taped to my left arm. Then on the far side, almost in the corner, I saw a man, fiftyish, in a rumpled suit, sitting and quietly reading a newspaper. He looked up and smiled gently as the nurse left the room.

"I'm Sergeant Squires, Miss. Until we catch Carl Watson we're keeping you under twenty-four hour guard. That was a pretty good turn you did us, and we'll protect you. All you have to do right now is get well and rest. No questions -- at least not for a few days. You need anything, just ask."

He went back to reading the paper and I drifted off to a dazed sleep, my mind full of queries but too tired to ask them right now.

When I awoke again, I felt a gentle touch on my wrist, and then I focused on the doctor who was taking my puke. He sensed my movement, looked at my eyes, and smiled.

"Hey! Yon princess awakes. You're almost all right, Sheri. You're going to make it O.K. from here on out. The nurse will take the I.V. tube out in a minute, and then we can move you to a different room." He shook a finger at me waggishly. "It was touch and go there for a few hours, young lady. This afternoon I'll want to see you in my office."

As he left, I noticed his well-cut clothes and smooth manner of talking and walking. When the nurse came in shortly thereafter and removed the I.V., she stayed and brushed my hair and helped me tidy myself up. "You're lucky," she said. "Doctor Larson's the best on the staff. And he took an awful lot of extra time and care on your case -- he was here forty-two straight hours working on you. But that's the way he is, conscientious as hell, in addition to being really good."

I could see that the staff liked him as well as admiring him, and I think half the nurses had crushes on him because of his warm personality and boyish good looks. That afternoon, I was escorted upstairs to his office. The name on the door jarred me: Dr. James D. Larson, Director, Psychiatric Division.

Psychiatric Division? Was I nuts? Was I in an asylum? His secretary smiled and waved when we entered. "Hi, Sheri," she said to my escort nurse, and then into the intercom, "Jim, Sheri Jackson's here." The doctor's metallic "Send her right in, please" came back from the speaker, and I was waved to the inner door.

The doctor strode from behind his desk and pulled a big chair closer for me, and extended his hand. As I took it, he held it softly in both of his, and I was amazed at the gentleness that a six-three hunk of man could display.

"Sit down and relax. I hope you're as glad to make it back safely as we all were, Sheri." He offered a cigarette. "Smoke? No? Good idea, don't ever start," he admonished as he lighted his own. "Stupid, filthy, expensive habit. Like most of the habits we all tend to get into. Well," he said as he exhaled and lounged back in his chair, "you are perfectly free to go now, young lady. Although there are some questions I believe the police want to discuss with you about Carl Watson. I think you're called a material witness, and as such the D.A.'s office will provide you with the necessities of life till the trial if you'll testify."

"So much for the sordid part," he smiled and leaned forward across the desk toward me. His bright white smile was very disarming, I couldn't help thinking. "The part I would like to discus with you, Sheri, and I'll repeat, you're under no obligation to do it, is this: I'd like you to stay here -- you're at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center in Westwood, in case you were wondering -- and let us help you straighten yourself out. I'm sure we can help you; we all want to, and there is sure as hell something wrong when a girl as beautiful as you tries to kill herself." He shook his head.

"I was amazed," he continued. "And I'll be very frank with you. While you were still out, I pumped you full of sodium pentothal and quizzed you. If I hadn't, the police surgeon would have, to try to corroborate your accusations against Carl Watson. But I didn't want anyone else messing with a girl as lovely and fragile as you, so I did it all. The cops had to take my word on everything, but they always do. So your entire life history is mine, and mine alone. All your secrets are locked up in here." He grinned as he tapped his forehead. "Any questions, Sheri?"

I was getting confused. One minute I was dying, and knew it, and wanted it that way; the next thing I knew a lot of nice people were going to a lot of work and expense and time and trouble to keep me from doing that. And he "knew all my secrets" -- good God! What could he think of me, if he was aware of my life these last three years? I was a nymphomaniac, a liar, a whore -- oh, Jesus! I ducked my head and stared at my hands that folded nervously in my lap.

"Oh, come on, hon," I heard his soft voice, "I've run onto hundreds of girls in worse shape than you, believe it or not. And helped a lot of them. And I -- we, that is -- can help you, too. I just hate to see true beauty ruined and lost, there's so little of it in the world nowadays. C'mon, let me help you. Please."

He had come from behind the desk and now stood beside me and when I looked up into his tender eyes, I gradually got some confidence back, and tried to smile up at him.

"There! That's better. I'd like to keep you under my wing as a patient for just a bit longer, Sheri. Several reasons, which we'll go into later. You see, all psychiatrists are M.D.'s, did you know that? Well, we are, and I'll be very open about your case with you. When we got you, you were hemorrhaging badly -- barbiturates sometimes also act as a supplementary anticoagulant -- and I repaired the damage. Your vagina was torn and other details were tidied up, so you had problems other than mental. But that's just between us. Incidentally, Carl, or someone he sent, brought you to our emergency clinic. Apparently he got home in time and found out what was happening, and got scared. He bundled you in here and took off, to give himself a head start. They caught him about five hours ago outside San Diego, heading for Mexico."

"But to hell with him," he said as he lit another cigarette. "Lets talk about you. I know all about you, Sheri -- your needs, your wants, your hopes and ambitions, your past, your ideas and your ideals." He cupped my chin and pulled my face up to meet his gaze. "And I like them. I respect what you want to be. And I am by God going to help you get their. Now, do you want them badly enough to help yourself? That's the only question you have to answer. And I hope it's 'yes'," he said softly.

I shook my head numbly. Things had happened too fast for me to fully comprehend. All I knew was that I had been sinking, deeper and deeper in the quicksand of life, and now, for no reason, lovely strangers were willing -- no, they were wanting -- to help me. God? Providence? Dumb blind luck? Hell, Sheri, I said to myself, what have you got to lose? Suddenly I wanted desperately to live, to be, to grow! And I felt myself nodding, smiling happily up at this man who had become my savior.

"Good. And I'll add one more thing, Sheri. I don't want to change any of the three things that you said were important to you, to your life, to your happiness: a decent life, love, and sex. It's just that we'll help you get them into proper perspective, so that you can spend your life living that happiness, instead of wasting your time just searching for it." His soft voice paused, and I felt his hands under my elbows, lifting me to my feet. "And some day, soon I hope, you'll make some man one hell of a good wife. I'm not sure about becoming a mother -- you were pretty well torn up way up inside, Sheri, to be brutally honest about it. But sometimes family size should only be just a couple."

He pulled me close, gave me a brief hug of reassurance, and mumbled his thanks as I expressed my appreciation. He told me that analysis and therapy would begin day after tomorrow, and I left his office buoyant and optimistic for the first time in I couldn't remember how long.

I guess it happened on the fifth or sixth session. Doctor Jim, as everyone called him, was devoting three hours a day to my treatment -- an hour and a half in the afternoons, and the same from six to seven-thirty evenings. I found that I could talk and say whatever I felt like, and he cast no judgments, no aspersions, accepted my thoughts and past as nonchalantly as if he were merely reading a story about someone he didn't personally know. Then I told him that I thought that I loved him. I just blurted it out.

"Don't be embarrassed, Sheri, that's a very common feeling in patients. It's called transference, and you accept me as a substitute for the father you never had, because you know I'm helping you. However," and he came around the desk and held my hand as he sat on the arm of my chair, "there is one slight difference. I think that I may just be falling a little in love with you. Let's be honest -- we have completely different backgrounds. I'm forty, you're a quarter century younger. But I've been so busy I just never had time to get involved with girls. Oh, I've had flash romances, one-night stands -- hell, I'm not a priest. In fact, I know myself well enough to know I'm quite strongly sexed. If God made anything nicer, he kept it for himself. But I've avoided distractions, involvements, any permanent alliances up till now."

"What I'm getting at, Sheri, is that I'd like to make love to you. Just once. Your goals, even only half-formed and thought out, match mine. I can give you the affection and comfort and niceties of life now, and God knows you're one of the three or four most beautiful girls in the world, and I'd be proud as hell of you. Let's find out if we're sexually compatible. If not, once will have to satisfy up. If we are, once will have to hold us till we get married -- which will be damned quick. Now, are you a gambler? I mean it, angel."

I was trembling, and I felt the salty sting of tears as I leaped up and threw my arms around him. "Oh, Jim," I cried, "yes, yes, YES!! Oh, let me love you, darling! Oh, God, my prayers are answered," I moaned, and then I felt the soft warm touch of his lips on mine, and as he gradually increased his pressure, our lips parted and a gentle wetness probed my avid mouth as he darted and searched gently down into my very soul. He led me to the divan across the room, and we sank slowly onto its softness, our arms still clasped tightly about each other.

"Oh, Sheri, you are so sweet, so beautiful. Let me be gentle and good for you, with you, to you." I thrilled at his murmured endearments. Our fingers bumped as we both tried to unbutton my blouse, and we shared our first loving laugh.

"Here, let me. Please, Princess." I leaned back and watched as he deftly undid my garments, and I hiked my hips up to assist in their removal. He sat back on his haunches and stared for a minute, transfixed as he gazed at my soft white body that lay so willingly poised to become his, his alone.

Then he stood up and slipped out of his clothes rapidly, and I couldn't help but admire, wide-eyed, the manly vision before me. His smooth strength, and the beautiful virile manhood that was exposed so delightfully near me, all aroused within me the familiar old quivering and tremors of my loins, the crushing pressure in my breasts.

"Oh, Jim," I sighed, and couldn't utter another word as joy overwhelmed me at the first touch as he knelt before me on the divan and softly guided my thighs apart. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the bliss of the moment when I felt his warm tongue touch my pink slit and then deftly part my lips and lave the hungry, receptive entrance to my cunt. His hot tongue raced up and down and then fastened on my clit and I felt the seeping trickle of my juices spill forth as his hotness communicated itself to me, and then a gently probing finger slid tenderly up in an accompaniment to his wildly flogging tongue.

"Oh, Jim, do it to me, lover, do it to me whatever you want, darling, oh yes yessssssss!! Oh more Jim give me more I want all of you my love, put it in now oh I have to have it Jim don't tease me fill me up with that wonderful cock oh Jim stuff it up in me now NOW NOW DAMNIT! Oh I've got to have you Jim have your love all of you in every way oh do it to me!" And then as he stood and slipped the sweet head of his cock into the velvet opening that flowed and begged for him, I thought I'd pass out from happiness.

"Say it, Sheri, say it," he told me as I felt the length of his hot meat pushing farther and higher up inside my hot cunt.

"Yes, yes, fuck me Jim I love you I love it I love you oh fuck me FUUUUUCCKK MEEEEE!!!" Then I bit the words off as a touch of sanity returned with my first come. Oh, good God, they'd hear me all over the hospital. But that thought was erased as I felt his sperm climb hotly up within my crevice and then we lay there, entwined as one person while my clinging wild cunt muscles savagely wrung every last drop from his spewing cock.

"No one can hear us, honey. I gave Shirley the afternoon off, hoping this would happen. My God, that was the quickest I've ever shot. But the best. And you are the tightest, most beautiful girl in the world." He pushed back from my chest where he had sprawled from exhaustion and smiled and then bent and tenderly kissed a nipple. "Well, Mrs. James Larson, you have to many me and make an honest shrink out of me. Please?" And my head bobbed so fast, and my grin was so wide, that neither of us was bothered by the deliriously happy tears of joy and ecstasy that coursed down my cheeks and plopped onto my heaving, jiggling breasts.

"That's it, honey, till our wedding night. We're going to do this up right, and kosher, and clean and beautiful," he said, and I nodded in ecstatic agreement.


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