Neighbors are for loving

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then.

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill -- going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their desperation is reflected in the rising rate of divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, and at times is frighteningly released through violent and seemingly unmotivated crime.

The fictional characters in this story are desperate people, like their real-life counterparts. Bored, frustrated, unhappy, they seize the first opportunity for release. In their need, they cast aside morals and scruples, determined to live only for the moment, to grab at pleasure before it is taken away.

NEIGHBORS ARE FOR LOVING is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Chapter ONE

Darn Harry anyway, Cindy thought. He was always on the road. They'd only been married for two years -- barely more than newlyweds -- and some months he was gone more than he was at home. It wasn't that they'd had enough time together to get tired of each other, or that they had grown too old and worn to enjoy some good, hard sex. In fact, that was one of the stickiest problems that this crazy salesman job of his created -- leaving her at home with a horny cunt and an itch in her clit that she hadn't found a way to completely scratch for herself.

Not that she didn't try, she giggled to herself, wiggling on the blanket as the warm sun bathed her naked skin. If she hadn't had her little friend, George the dildo, to keep her at least halfway busy when her husband was gone, she didn't know what she would do.

She rubbed the thick, bulky head of the phony prick into her pussy-slit, rubbing its hardness from her tingling clit clear down to the mouth of her cunt-hole. She thought briefly of shoving the hefty shaft into her asshole, but decided against it because ass-fucking drove her completely out of her mind. She wanted to keep at least a bit of her wits about her so she could make sure that nobody found her out here naked in the yard.

It was something she had done only once or twice before, and never with the dildo. Her backyard was completely walled and there were no houses behind her own, the lot butting against the edge of the woods, and the walls separated her yard from those on both sides.

Cindy loved the late-spring sunlight on her naked tits and ass, and it was the only way to get an overall tan and erase the faint tan sucks that still hung around from last summer. Besides, when she lay on her back and spread her legs, the warmth of the sun made her pussy get warm.

Which was why she had brought her dildo along. That much she hadn't done before. But she was so damn horny after a week without sex that she needed to do whatever she could about that itch. Besides, the thought of fucking herself with the dildo right out there in the backyard as she tanned herself was so exciting that her pussy-lips were wet even before she got out of the door.

One pillow was under her head and another was under her ass, bracing her hips to push her pussy-slit up. Slowly, she rubbed the phony cock-head against the mouth of her cunt-hole, then pressed the first three inches of the long dildo inside.

"Oooohhh!" she moaned as the rubber cock forced open her fuck channel.

The thick prick pressed tightly against the flesh of her cunt, forcing the meat apart as the long dildo drove inside. Her fingers wrapped around the base of the dildo, squeezing the artificial balls. She pulled with her hands as she humped up with her pussy, forcing the phony cock all the way into her fuck-hole.

"Wow, that feels good!" she exclaimed, bumping the cockhead against her womb.

But, as good as it felt, she still wished the dildo were a real cock -- hot and hard, throbbing and pumping -- pumping into her instead. There was nothing she liked more than being fucked as long as it was a real flesh cock that was stretching her fuck-holes. She'd had Harry's prick in her mouth, her cunt and her asshole, and her only regret was that she didn't have a few more fuck-holes to go around.

Cindy was a pretty woman, perhaps not a beautiful one, but certainly attractive enough both of face and body to make most men look around when she strutted by in tight short-shorts and a T-shirt. Take that clothing off and look at her when she was naked and her slender little twenty-two-year-old body was more than enough to disturb most of the pacemakers around town. She'd even had women give her the once-over down at the dressing room of the swimming pool, but she'd had no experience with that sort of sex at all, so she had thought, usually erroneously, that it had been just jealousy that had caused the women to look.

Her face was almost delicate. Her features were small -- slightly painted chin, lips a bit thin, and a nose that was almost like a button. Her eyes were a light blue and her hair was a soft straw blonde that was cropped to the bottoms of her ears. Her legs and haunches were tight with long muscles, and her abdomen was so flat that it appeared concave from the front.

Cindy groaned, fucking the phony cock into her cunt-hole. She pushed it inside slowly so she could feel each inch of her pussy-pit open to accept the thick, penetrating shaft. When the cock-head was completely buried, she cased the artificial fuck-pole back out. Her cunt-hole closed behind the retreating dildo, and the action inside her pussy caused her whole body to become hotter.

Her hands shook until she couldn't stand it. The slow pumping had felt good with all of its crazy sensations, but what she really needed was a hard cock hammering her cunt. She tightened her fingers even more around the phony balls and the base of the dildo, then fucked it firmly into her pussy.

"Aaahhh!" she exclaimed.

Her hands pumped, jerked and twisted. No longer was she playing. Now she was into some serious fucking of her cunt. The inside walls of her pussy no longer collapsed behind the retreating fuck-pole as they tightened and trembled in anticipation of the thundering prick. Cunt-juices slickened her fuck-hole, greasing the way for the thick, bulging shaft. The sun warmed her, trapping heat inside her body, which made her hands pump the cock even harder.

Her head rolled from side to side. Beneath her, the pillow helped to hike her cunt into the air. She fucked herself unmercifully, knowing that the dildo wouldn't cure the horny itch in her pussy but hoping that using the phony prick two or three times a day would calm that lusty itch enough for her to endue it until Harry finally got home.

"Shit! Fuck! Goddamn it!" she squealed in frustration.

How had the other women in the neighborhood gotten so damn lucky as to have husbands who brought their hard cocks home every night? The dildo was causing her cunt to get ready to explode, but it was doing absolutely nothing for her lust. Even though the sparks were flying in her pussy, and her climax was just a few strokes away, she knew that the dildo fucking her was going to leave her horny again.

Still, if an ass-shaking cum was all that she was going to get, she wanted it to be one of her best. Lying out here naked in the sunlight of her own yard fucking herself with the dildo had turned her on. The thrill of doing something deliciously wicked increased her pleasure and made her cunt-juice flow. And now it ignited the explosion of her cum.

"Aaarrgh!" she growled as the organ hit her.

Her hands jammed the dildo all the way against the back end of her pussy and held the rubbery cock-head there as the walls of her cat grasped at the thick, penetrating shaft. Her pussy pulsed around the dildo, milking it desperately as if it had cum to spurt into her fuck-hole. Then, slightly dizzy and totally worn out, her body collapsed with the dildo still caught in her cunt. Her legs sagged over the pillow, pressing the cushion down with her naked ass, and she exhaled loudly now that her solitary sex party was over. Sweat ran down between her tits and collected in her navel. Her pussy juices ran down into the crack of her ass and onto the warm insides of her thighs.

She closed her eyes. Maybe if she just stayed still for a minute she'd find the energy to get up and go back inside the house.

The dream she had was a marvelous one. Somehow the dildo had to life on its own. Its throbbing length was fucking into her pussy just exactly as she liked it.

She'd dreamed about sex before, even about actually fucking, but never had her dozing mind come up with anything this good. It was as if her unconscious mind had a direct link with her pussy and was making it hump and fuck on the imaginary cock.

She could feel a hairy chest rub against the nipples of her tits as the weight of the dreamed fucker settled down over the length of her body. The next thing Cindy knew she'd be opening her eyes for real and then she'd see nothing -- absolutely nothing! Just blue skies staring down at her horny, naked cunt. Gone would be the imagined cock fucking in her pussy, the rubbing against her nipples and the feel of warm breath on her neck.

The breath on her skin was what aroused her, along with the sound of someone groaning as a cock-head burrowed once again into her light, clutching pussy.

Cindy's eyes flew open. Then she was completely disoriented because she couldn't see the blue sky she had been expecting. Instead, she was looking into an ear!

"What the..." she cried.

There was firm pressure on her tits, but the weight kept shifting back and forth along her body. The cock was throbbing as it pistoned inside her well-lubricated cunt-hole, and realization dawned on her that she was being fucked for real.

Had Harry come home early? she wondered. Than her eyes caught sight of blue sky as the head above her shifted, and she knew that she was still outside naked on the blanket in her own yard. But Harry had brown hair! It was somebody else busy fucking his cock into her cunt-hole!

"Hey!" she squealed, unable to move because of the weight of his body on top of hers. "What are you doing?"

He shifted back onto his toes and hands, leaving his hard cock wedged far into her pussy.

"If you don't know what I'm doing by now, it's about time that you learned," he said. "Just hump your pussy to meet my prick and you'll get a lesson you'll never forget."

It was Bob, Glenda Jackson's husband! The man who was fucking his cock into her cunt was her very own next-door neighbor!

"What are you doing here?" Cindy cried, wiggling her ass.

The pillow under her hips kept her feet from being able to push her out from under his body. She could feel the long, hard length of the dildo under her right thigh.

"I thought we had already determined what I was doing," he said, his heavy lips parted and showing teeth. "I'm fucking your cunt. And a Goddamn tight pussy it is."

"You're not supposed to be doing that!" Cindy screeched.

"What the hell else am I supposed to be doing?" Bob gasped. He bumped his cock-head into her womb to emphasize the word. "You're out here bare-ass naked just waiting for some hard cock to come along. The Goddamn dildo was still in your cunt. I had to pull it out to get a real prick in there to take its place."

"But I'm in my yard!" she exclaimed.

"You were advertising your cunt like soda pop, making sure that some man would come over and feed it some cock. You know that wall is too tall for most women to see over, but that a man can manage it by just walking by. You were looking for prick, neighbor, and that's exactly what you are getting!"

Cindy was shocked, not only by what was happening but by the realization that she might have been doing just exactly what he had said.

Then she was stunned by a third thing. She was, indeed, humping her cunt up to meet the cock-strokes of her neighbor. He was fucking her, but she was also fucking him!

"That's the way!" Bob hissed. "Make that pussy work!"

And she did, thrusting hard up to meet his prick, throbbing cock as it came ramming in her cunt was awash with lubricating juices as her body, if not her mind, was getting involved in the fucking.

"That's good!" she cried, trying to choke back the words.

But her enthusiasm was quickly over whelming her as his prick fucked her cunt. The lightning bolts skipping through her body now were of pure fucking pleasure.

"That cunt's strangling my prick!" Bob growled. "I don't think I've ever fucked a tighter pussy!"

The compliment drove Cindy wild. It was just what she had been aching to hear. She squeezed down with her cunt muscles even more, almost welding them to his thundering prick. She felt the skin of the shaft cling and stretch in spite of the copious cunt-juices, and she cried to herself when Bob howled.

"Goddamn!" he shouted when Cindy finally relaxed her pussy. "You can squeeze that damn cunt tighter than a fist. Leave it loose enough for me to at lest fuck, then tighten down like that again when I start to cum!"

It was what Harry enjoyed as well. Cindy could make her husband scream out his cum when she really bore down. Doing so made the cock in her cunt-hole feel as big as a telephone pole. When Bob started coming, she was going to put her gripping pussy to work.

But, for now, the cock fucked in and out of her cunt, although the unstretched muscles of her pussy mouth felt like a ring slipping up and down on his prick. She could feel the bulging apple of his cock-head plumb her depths, scraping the inner walls of her cunt-hole both going in and coming out. His cock-hair and pubic bone bounced hard against her clit.

His hands lifted her legs upward and straight, then pried them apart to make plenty of room for his hard, pounding strokes. She could hear the slush-slush of his prick riding on her pussyjuices, pushing them out of her cunt-hole to run down the crack of her ass. Her mind swirled with sensations, until her whole body began to spark toward a shattering cum. She knew it would be a good one, could feel it burning in her guts. The bottom of her spine was on fire and her asshole felt like it was fluttering open and closed.

His cock kept getting bigger and bigger, her cunt smaller and tighter. The fuck friction was almost unbelievable and her clit felt like it was about to erupt. A series of small cums started shooting through her body, building up with each one.

"Goddamn!" Bob hissed.

"Fuck me!" Cindy gasped. "Ram hard cock into my cunt! Make me cum so much that I'll scream."

His neighbor's dirty words spun Bob out of control. He'd been fighting off his cum for several minutes now, his cock and balls aching to blast spunk far up Cindy's glorious cunt. He marveled that he had let Cindy live next door for almost two years without once filling her pussy with hard prick. But now that oversight was being corrected, even if it was happening out in her backyard with the sun shining on his naked ass.

"Here it comes!" he growled. "I'm going to fill you up with my spunk!"

"Fuck me!" she shrieked. "Shoot cum into my cunt."

His cock swelled as the jism rushed out.

The gasping Cindy felt the first pulse of spunk. Her cunt muscles snapped tight, strangling down on his prick.

Bob's cock was trapped far up her cunt. Her cunt walls rippled, milking his cock as if it were a long tit.

"Goddamn!" bob howled.

Cum splattered again and again into her cunthole. As the neighbor fuckers tossed on the blanket in the backyard, they yelled and shrieked loud enough to be heard at least two houses away.

Chapter TWO

Each time Cindy landed on the couch in front of the television -- about her only entertainment when Harry was on the road -- it was only a couple of minutes until she was back on her feet and pacing naked through the house once more. She'd never really known guilt before and wasn't completely sure that was what she felt now. But, every time her mind strayed the least little bit, it always ended up with the image of her naked legs thrown straight up in the air while her neighbor Bob Jackson fucked his hard prick into her pussy.

She knew she shouldn't have done it, shouldn't have allowed it to happen, but what in the world could she have done to stop it? After all, she'd been asleep when Bob had crawled on top of her, and by the time she had woken up, his thick, throbbing cock had already been fucking her cunt.

She scolded herself again. She couldn't have prevented the whole thing from getting started, but she'd certainly done nothing to bring the backyard fucking to an end. She'd howled and screamed loud enough far the whole neighborhood to hear. Anybody who had been home must have known that somebody was fucking in some yard, and she could only hope that they didn't find out where.

Instead of screaming for him to stop and crying rape, she'd actually taken his hard cock right into her cunt and loved every stroke, humping her ass hard then squeezing her cunt muscles down deliciously when his thick, throbbing fuck-meat began to cum inside her.

She yanked her unruly thoughts back again.

She had to do something. She couldn't get the memory of the backyard fucking out of her mind. Her pussy was leaking like a hot faucet and it felt like there was a runaway reactor in her cunt-hole, getting closer and closer to meltdown if she didn't hurry up and get it under control.

She thought about catching Bob away from his house put sneaking over and talking the situation out with Glenda. She had to talk to someone about what had happened or she would wear out the soles of her shoes pacing the floor.

Then she thought about Joanie, her next-door neighbor on the other side. Wednesday was Ralph Adams' early bowling night. If she hurried, Cindy could get over there and she and Joanie would have an hour to talk before Ralph came home. Joanie would have time to give her some advice, and she'd still have time to be out of there before Ralph showed up and wondered what was going on.

Now that she had decided what to do, Cindy didn't give herself time to back out. She wiggled her way into a T-shirt and a pair of short-shorts, then locked the door behind her, carrying only her set of keys.

Joanie was a librarian, and anyone looking at her would know it. She wore brown-framed glasses with heavy lenses and had coarse, black hair that flowed straight down to the center of her back without the hint of a curl. She was slightly shorter than Cindy, but her weight was in her tits and her hips, and she had the full rounded curves of a woman even though she was only twenty-four.

When she opened the door, Joanie was wearing a baggy pair of slacks and a man's shirt. She looked about as sexless as a suitcase.

"Hi, Cindy," Joanie said. "What brings you over tonight?"

"I need to talk," Cindy said urgently. "I don't know who else I can turn to."

Joanie invited her in, leading her to the den. Before the two women sat down, Joanie said, "Why don't you just blurt it out, Cindy? I can tell something's bothering you. There's only an hour before Ralph gets home, and you'll probably want to discuss whatever it is between just us two girls."

"Bob fucked me."

"Bob Jackson?"

Cindy nodded. "And I fucked him back."

"When and where did this happen?" Joanie asked, a strange hint of interest showing in her eyes.

"This afternoon," Cindy admitted. "In my backyard. I was sunbathing naked, playing with myself with a dildo, then I went to sleep."

"And Bob came over and fucked you?"

"He saw the dildo in my pussy and pulled it out. Then he crawled on top of me and began fucking while I was asleep."

"And what did you think of that?"

"I was surprised when I woke up," Cindy said. "I guess when I woke up, I humped him back as hard as he was fucking me. Now I don't know whether to feel guilty, confess to Glenda, or just disappear! I know I ought to feel bad about it, but it gets me tuned on every time I think about it. I'm so confused I don't know what to do!"

Joanie's eyes were definitely wider now. There was a curious glint as she glanced up and down Cindy's body, pausing for long seconds to stare at the bumps her nipples made in the T-shirt.

"Let me think about it for a few minutes," Joanie said. "All this has come in such a rush and I don't want to hurry what I say. Tell you what. I was just going through my closet, sorting out some gowns. Why don't we go on into my bedroom and you can help me with that while I think about what you've told me."

Cindy nodded and followed Joanie out of the room and down a short hallway. After Joanie opened the door to the bedroom, the black haired woman walked straight to her closet and pulled out a couple of dresses.

"I don't know why I enjoy doing this so much," Joanie said, holding up a gown. "I guess it's just the feminine feel of the clothing. It just excites me to feel the softness of the gowns next to my skin. You don't mind if I keep on, do you?"

"Not at all," Cindy said, wondering why her permission was needed. Within a couple of seconds she understood, because Joanie had quickly unbuttoned and shrugged out of her shirt.

"I like the way your nipples poke bumps into your T-shirt, and I wish mine would do the same," Joanie said, reaching up with both hands to twist Cindy's nipples with her fingers.

Cindy gulped. The compliment had made her nipples even harder.

"Oh, well," Joanie said, then unclasped the waistband of her pants. Quickly, she shoved them to the floor and stepped out of them, also leaving her shoes behind.

Cindy feasted her eyes on the woman. She couldn't help herself. The young woman's skin was much darker than her own, having almost a natural tan. Her hair was a black drape down to the center of her smooth back, and her ass flared out in well-rounded curves.

Joanie pulled a long gown from the closet and dropped it over her head. The cloth whispered down onto her body, touching the nipples, draping across the curves of her hips. As she turned, Cindy could see how the thin cloth caressed Joanie's ass, then how little the gown did to hide the bronzed paints of her nipples. Even her pussy-hair showed through the lightly colored material, and Cindy found herself captivated by the sight. She couldn't take her eyes off the woman's lusty body.

"Why don't you try on one too?" Joanie said, pulling out a small set of baby dolls. She took the two pieces from the hanger and held them out to Cindy.

Cindy walked over as if in a daze. She felt that things were rapidly getting out of control, but there was no way she could refuse to try on the little sleeper without making Joanie feel self-conscious about having stripped herself naked. So Cindy turned her back to the woman and wiggled out of the jeans and T-shirt, knowing that Joanie could clearly see her bare ass. The realization sent delicious shivers up her spine.

The pajamas were too big. The bottoms were loose, the material wrinkled, and the bra engulfed her tits. She glanced down. At least the material was dark enough that it didn't show her nipples and cunt-muff. She turned around so Joanie could see how the garment looked.

"The bottoms are wrinkled," Joanie said softly after looking Cindy over closely. "Maybe I can help you smooth them out."

Quickly, before Cindy could protest, Joanie was standing beside her, one hand calmly smoothing the thin, soft material against the firm flesh of Cindy's an. Cindy felt the fingers touch her through the cloth, fingertips lingering in the crack of her ass.

"Oh!" she gasped when Joanie's other hand rubbed across her abdomen and ran down between her legs.

Certainly the fingers were smoothing out the cloth, but the wrinkles they were really paying attention to were the folds of her pussy-lips. Her feet shuffled apart to spread her warm thighs. Now Joanie's hand had plenty of room to rub her pussy, and Cindy groaned at the hasty pleasure that was coming from the touch.

"You want me to show you the outfit I really sleep in?" ionic whispered into Cindy's ear.

Cindy nodded.

Joanie lifted the gown off her body.

"There," Joanie said when Cindy was bare assed naked again. "That's how I sleep -- in the silkiest gown of them all!"

Cindy was amazed that she actually stood there and let Joanie strip the bra and bottoms from her body. And ionic had already been rubbing Cindy's pussy, which was hot and threatening to get out of control. But, as strange as the situation was, Cindy just didn't want it to end.

"Let's get on the bed where there's plenty of room," Joanie said, and Cindy allowed herself to be led over.

The woman pushed Cindy down flat on her back across the mattress, then straddled her stomach.

"Look at my tits," Joanie said, shaking her shoulders to make her huge tits jiggle on her chest. "Reach up here and squeeze them. They're different from your little tits. You night as well find out how somebody else's tits feel now that you've got the chance."

It all sounded so reasonable that Cindy almost giggled to herself. Touching Joanie's tits was exactly what she had been thinking just a minute before. Now they were bouncing right here in front of her, and Joanie was asking for them to be touched! Cindy had tweaked her own nipples and fondled her own tits many times, but she had no idea what fingering somebody else's would be like. Her hands came up, feeling the firm, dark nipples first, then slowly sliding down to cup the woman's tits.

"They're so big!" Cindy gasped. "They feel like they weigh ten pounds each! They're not a bit like my own!"

"You've got nice tits, too," Joanie said, reaching to pluck at the tiny, pink nipples on Cindy's chest.

Cindy groaned.

"Squeeze them." Joanie said, and when Cindy's fingers bit in the tit-flesh, Joanie's black-furred pussy began rubbing along the line of her body.

Joanie's cunt left a streak of pussy-juice from the top of Cindy's little cunt-muff to the bottom of her ribs. Then Joanie's hips went back down before beginning to pump forward again. She moved so the cunt-juices would spread. Soon Cindy's entire abdomen glistened with hot pussy-cream. Satisfied with what she had done, Joanie dragged her wet pussy up onto Cindy's lower ribs.

Cindy couldn't believe it. A hot pussy was being stroked over her body. The skin of her abdomen and stomach was soaked with cunt juice and she wiggled herself down to meet it when she felt the slippery fuck-slit begin to slide up onto her chest.

Cindy massaged Joanie's magnificent tits, squeezing and puffing on the fleshy globes. What in the world would Harry think if he could only see her now, squeezing her neighbor's tits while being soaked with the juices of a horny wet cunt? She forced that worry out of her mind, however. She hadn't asked for the pussy bath that she was receiving, and she couldn't deny that it felt wonderful and that her own pussy was purring, sending cunt-juices of its own down into the crack of her ass. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became.

"You've got wonderfully smooth skin," Joanie said, lifting her hands from Cindy's tits and placing them on her neighbor's face.

"And you've got a hot, wet cunt!" Cindy gasped as she felt the woman's slick pussy began to rub against the bottom of her left tit.

The whole mound of her tit throbbed in anticipation. It didn't have to wait long for its pleasure as Joanie's back straightened and her hips thrust forward, rubbing the moist heat of her fuck-gash all the way to the nipple.

"Wow!" Cindy exclaimed as her nipple was covered by wet heat.

Slowly, Joanie's ass moved, smearing the cunt-cream round. Cindy could smell the heady odor of horny pussy, and she wondered how much of that scent was her own. Joanie's cunt was almost up to her face, but Cindy's own steaming fuck-hole was gushing like a fountain, wetting her crotch and ass. She knew that a large wet spot was growing under her hips.

Joanie's hot cunt slid across the valley between her tits, and then the right tit was quickly pussy-bathed as well. Then Joanie crawled back down the horny woman, pulling her tits away from Cindy's fingers until she could lift one of her knees and part her lovely, warm thighs. Cindy spread her legs immediately.

Joanie's heart leaped into her throat. She hadn't had much of a chance to look real close at Cindy's pussy when she had been trying to get both of them naked, but now she could feast her eyes as much as she wanted. It was a glorious cunt, one that was so tiny and fuckable that it made her tongue go hard in her mouth. Joanie liked good, hard cock whenever and wherever she could get it, but she also liked to lick and tongue-fuck a juicy cunt. She'd never understood women who wouldn't try it.

Cindy was so horny that she was about to explode. Even Joanie's eyes -- darker than chestnuts -- staring at her cunt made Cindy want to scream with pleasure. She'd never been naked with another woman, and she hadn't realized how exciting it could be. Men always looked at her because they wanted some convenient fuckhole for their cocks, but with a woman that wasn't true. When Joanie peered down into Cindy's pussy, it was with lusty anticipation, and that made Cindy wonder what the woman was going to do.

She squealed in pleasure when she found out. Joanie dipped her head and pressed her face right into Cindy's pussy-slit.

"Oh, God!" Cindy gasped, feeling the nose almost nuzzle into her cunt-hole.

Joanie's cheekbones pushed Cindy's outer cunt-lips open until the pink flesh of the inner pussy-gash was exposed. Quickly, Cindy's hands leaped to her crotch and her fingers tugged hard, spreading her pussy even more.

Then, as Cindy panted, Joanie washed her face in the dripping heat of her cunt. When Joanie lifted her head and smiled at her young neighbor, Cindy could see Joanie's entire face glisten from the hot wetness. The woman's tongue snaked out of her mouth and whisked around her lips, and Cindy groaned at seeing her own cunt juices being swallowed down.

"I haven't done this before," Cindy said. "I don't know what you want me to do."

"Just lie there like that for a little while." Joanie smiled, using a long, slender finger to bring more of the cunt-juices to her lips.

"What are you going to do?"

"Eat your little pussy until you cum in my face."

"Oh, yes!" Cindy gasped.

Her fingers tightened and pulled her cunt-lips open until the pressure hurt. Her ass thrust up from the bed, driving her pussy toward Joanie's face. The young woman chuckled softly, then her head lowered.

It was wild -- crazy, wonderful wild! She'd come over here to ask Joanie what to do about fucking one of the neighborhood men and here she was with her cunt open for Joanie's long tongue. The darker woman's lips sealed onto the slick meat inside Cindy's cunt-gash while her tongue wiggled its way far up Cindy's cunt-hole, licking around the fleshy inner walls. A spurt of pussy-juice splashed into Joanie's mouth and Cindy moaned.

"Aaarrgh!" Cindy growled when one of Joanie's hands curled back over her abdomen and slipped into the top of her pussy-gash.

The tip of the finger found the throbbing nub of Cindy's clit and stroked it furiously as the tongue continued to fuck furiously up Cindy's cunt. Joanie hadn't thought that Cindy would be so hot and horny that it would only take a few cunt-licks and clit-strokes to make her cum.

"I can't stand it!" Cindy howled, losing control of her naked, humping body. "Tongue-fuck my pussy until I cum!"

Here erupting pussy pressed against Joanie's face. Joanie sucked it as furiously as she could.

"Aaeeii!" Cindy screamed, as her cunt spumed.

Joanie's tongue kept licking as her finger whipped back and forth across Cindy's tiny clit.

Chapter THREE

"There," Joanie said, holding her pussy-lips open with her fingers. "Lick it right there on my clit. Make that little bump hum and sing against your tongue."

She was on her knees, one on either side of Cindy's head as her pussy descended onto her young neighbor's face. The young blonde had told Joanie a bit earlier that she'd never even thought about having another woman's tongue up her pussy, but by the time Joanie was through, the young blonde would know more about cunt-holes than she had ever believed possible.

"God, it looks so silly!" Cindy giggled, then bit at her lower lip to keep her laughter in. "I don't mean your pussy is actually silly, it's just that pussy looks so -- so different!"

"And it's delicious, too," Joanie said, and Cindy hoped it was true.

Cindy enjoyed sucking cock, almost to the point of cumming herself just by doing it, but she'd never thought of a cock being pretty like this cunt was. Joanie's fingers spread the slick gash widely.

Cindy could see Joanie's wrinkled little shitter as it peeked out between her clenched asscheeks. Cindy wanted to make Joanie shift her weight and relax her asscheeks so her asshole would be easier to see, but she knew the darker woman wanted her pussy licked, and Cindy was happy to oblige. Maybe later, when the cunt-eating was through, there would be a chance to look at the finger her neighbor's shit-hole.

The pussy came to her mouth and Cindy's tongue flicked out, fucking all the way up the woman's gaping cunt.

"Ahhh!" Joanie sighed and bucked her ass, sliding her cunt back and forth on Cindy's tongue.

Cindy was surprised that the taste wasn't strong at all. The juices were so smooth they flowed right down her throat. And within five minutes, Joanie was cumming hard in her face. The fuck-juices came more furiously then, changing the taste slightly, and Cindy drank every bit of them, until her stomach felt warm and full.

The darker woman sighed when she was finished cumming, then slid onto her side and off Cindy's face. They both stretched. The bed was soaked, but neither of them cared. Finally, after ten minutes or so, Joanie got up and told Cindy to stay where she was, then walked out of the room for a couple of minutes. When she came back, she was carrying a pink dildo and a halter-like contraption in her hands.

"What's that?" Cindy asked.

"It's my cock." Joanie smiled. "I'm going to fuck you."

"I thought you already bad!" Cindy laughed.

"This time it's going to be hard and straight up your cunt."

"Do we have time?"

"All the time in the world," Joanie said.

Joanie fitted the long, cock-like dildo into its holder, then buckled the contraption around her hips. Cindy held her arms up for the other woman to come down and fuck the dildo up her cunt.

"Aaaahh!" she moaned as the shaft of the phony cock fucked all the way into her cunt.

Joanie was over in the missionary position, which caused the nipples of their tits to rub together. The friction in Cindy's tits and pussy caused her cunt to throb again. She'd climaxed so hard just a little while before that she had thought she would have been slower to arouse. But the fucking Joanie was introducing her to was new and exciting, and the itch in Cindy's clit and cunt-hole began again.

"Well, well," a man said from the direction of the open doorway.

Frantically, Cindy glanced from side to side, but was unable to see the door.

"Shit, I would have stayed home if I had known that you would be doing this!" The man laughed. "I like bowling but I love new pussy a hell of a lot more! Just who does that cunt you're fucking belong to, my dear?"

Oh, God! It was Ralph! Apparently Joanie hadn't known when he would be coming home at all. Now he had walked in and found the two of them naked, with a long, phony cock shoved deep into Cindy's hot cunt!

"Joanie!" Cindy squealed.

The darker woman didn't seem to notice. She kept fucking the dildo into Cindy's pussy.

"Stop, Joanie!" Cindy shrieked. "Your husband has come in! He sees what we're doing!"

Joanie's ass kept humping as her tits rubbed at Cindy's hot nipples. The young woman cried in panic, but there was no chance of getting away from the dildo that pinned her solidly to the bed.

"You can't quit now," Ralph said. "That wouldn't be fair at all. If you're in a hurry, I won't even take a shower, as long as you don't mind a little bowling sweat."

Cindy was stunned. Ralph didn't sound bothered at all about finding two naked women fucking when he got home. In fact, when Cindy turned to the side, she could see him. He was stark naked, coming straight toward her, climbing quickly up onto the bed.

"Hi, neighbor," he said when he could see who was under his wife. "I've been wondering about your hot little pussy ever since you moved in, but my wife made me leave you newlyweds alone. I guess what she really wanted was first shot at your cunt with her tongue and her fake prick."

Joanie lifted her face dreamily. The fuckstrokes never stopped. The dildo had a built-in attachment that rubbed against her clit with each fuck-thrust she put out.

"Hi, dear!" she moaned. "You want a kiss?"

"Mmmm!" Ralph groaned as his lips met hers. "The sweet taste of pussy!" He laughed as he licked around his wife's mouth. "Seems like you two are well ahead in this game." He leaned over and kissed Cindy's lips too. "Just as I thought, you've got pussy-breath too! If I don't want to be left out, I better get to catching."

Ralph placed his black, horn-rimmed glasses down on the nightstand beside his wife's, then crawled across the mattress toward Cindy's head. He was lean, not muscular at all, and there was almost no hair at all on his body, except the patch that surrounded his balls and the base of his cock.

It was there -- in his fuck-pole -- that the image of being a bookish guy was completely destroyed. The prick throbbed, jutting up high, the cock-head reaching past his navel. The bulging end of the cock was purple with lust. It was the longest cock Cindy had ever seen, and she had trouble believing its magnificent length. She knew all of it would never be able to fit inside her cunt.

"Ever seen one like that?" Joanie asked excitedly, stroking hard with the dildo. She'd seen her blonde neighbor staring at her husband's big prick. "Believe it when I tell you, Cindy, Ralph can fuck his prick into places that a cock has never been."

Cindy didn't answer. She was too captivated by what she was seeing. His huge prick was coming toward her face. She knew her mouth was about to be fucked.

Ralph straddled her naked tit. Even then his cock-head ran up onto the ridge of her nose. There was pre-cum leaking from the piss-slit, and he used his hand to wipe the cock-head around on her face until the juice was smeared on her skin.

Cindy wiggled her ass, feeling the dildo fuck around in her pussy. Her tongue slipped through her lips and she licked the underside of the cock in her face. She traced as far as she could reach along the ridge of heavy meat on the underside of the prick. She groaned when her tongue couldn't get to the cock-head, which she wanted to suck deeply into her mouth.

"You ready to eat some cock, neighbor?" Ralph laughed, noticing her anxious reaching for the end of his prick. "First, suck on my balls, then I'll give your mouth all the cock it can handle."

He rose on his knees and leaned forward, catching his weight with his hand on the wall. His other fingers held the prick-shaft straight up, which brought his balls up to Cindy's mouth. Cindy tucked her chin a bit and sucked one of the heavy nuggets into her mouth. The hair on the sac tickled her lips and gums. She sucked, dragging the ball to the back of her mouth, then her lips stretched even wider and she captured the second ball in her oral grasp.

"Suck on them!" Ralph growled. "Wet down my balls with your mouth!"

Behind him, the thick dildo fucked into Cindy's tight little cunt-hole. The young blonde feel the mouth of her pussy gape as the phony cock pried it open and scraped the walls of her cunt. The pussy-juices were thick in her fuck-pit so the artificial prick glided deliciously against her flesh. The rubber cock-head pounded again and again into her womb, causing bolts of pleasure to shoot up into her guts.

"Time for some cock for your tonsils," Ralph said, and dragged his balls out of her mouth. The wet sac drooped down and wetted the skin of her neck.

Ralph moved back, laying a wide path of moisture all the way to her tits. Then he readied down and bent the end of his foot-long prick until his cock-head bumped against Cindy's lips. But when she opened her mouth and tried to suck it in, his fingers pulled the end of his prick away.

"You want it?" he asked, slapping his fucked shaft against her cheek. "You want my prick in your mouth?"

"Please!" she moaned, turning her lips toward the cock-head.

This time he twisted his cock upward. Then, when her face followed, he snapped his heavy fuck-pole down sharply against her nose.

"You have to beg for it if you want it," he said. "You have to tell me what you want in words that I understand."

"I want to suck it!" Cindy gasped, her chin lifting as her mouth chased the elusive cock.

"It!" he laughed. "I don't have an it!"

"Fuck your cock into my mouth!" Cindy cried desperately. "Please! Rape my cocksucking tonsils with your prick!"

Satisfied now, Ralph levered his cock-head to her lips and allowed his young blonde neighbor to suck the thick cockhead onto her tongue. Wet heat closed around the end of his cock, and the pressure was almost immediate as her mouth closed down.

A small burst of cunt-juice gushed through Cindy's cunt. Sucking the cock into her mouth had suddenly relieved an intense frustration which, when coupled with the strong dildo fucking Joanie was providing, caused her pussy to erupt. The blast began in the base of her spine, exploded into her pussy and then into the depths of her ass. Her cunt-hole sucked down on the fake cock, while her tight asshole fluttered as if it too, was searching for some hard, throbbing prick.

"Uunngh!" she grunted when she felt the climax erupt. Quickly, another one started to build up.

"How about this, neighbor?" Ralph laughed as he drove his cock-head hard against her tonsils her lips grip down on his prick as she orgasmed, and he knew this woman was hotter and hornier than he had ever dared to hope.

Ralph had had his eye on Cindy for some time, watching her tight little hips wiggle in the short-shorts that clutched at her pussy-lips and the crack of her ass. He had particularly been pleased by the bumps of her nipples in the T-shirts that she wore, knowing that the hard nipples indicated that her body was eager for sex. He just hadn't known how much the young blonde thirsted for prick -- and juicy pussy, too, if the cunt-juices dried on her face were any indication.

Joanie could feel Cindy's body tighten and shudder through one small cum after another. She also knew from long experience what her husband, Ralph, would do in just a few minutes, and Joanie wanted her own cum to coincide with both his and Cindy's. Joanie sped up the strokes of the cunt-fucking dildo, causing the attachment to ravage her own clit. She gasped the first small wave of a climax throbbed through her.

Cindy could feel the strokes of the dildo quicken. Already she had crashed through ten or twelve small cums, each one building just a bit higher, and she knew that a tidal wave was waiting back there somewhere to come flooding in and explode in her guts.

A hard prick was reaming out her mouth with rapid, firm strokes. Each time the cock-head hit the back of her mouth, it pushed almost into her throat. Her tonsils were taking a cock beating and Cindy loved it.

Cautiously, Ralph edged forward on his knees, although he kept his ass back to make sure that his cock didn't fuck too hard before he was ready. His hands reached down and cupped the young blonde's ears. Cindy's face was thrusting forward to meet the end of his prick on each stroke now, and her body was in continual motion. Her muscles gripped, released, then gripped again. He knew she was cumming, and she was jamming the back of her mouth so hard against his cock-head that he knew her instinct to gag had been completely overcome.

"It's time for you to know what a long cock can do!" he growled as his fingers slipped between the pillow and the back of her head. Suddenly, he pulled, forcing her face even farther onto his prick. His ass drove forward, ramming his cock-head into the opening of her throat.

Cindy tried to scream in surprise when she felt the bulging head of the prick shove past her tonsils and into her throat. But there was no sound -- it was trapped inside her by his cock. She'd never believed that her throat would expand enough to let anything so large inside. She'd never swallowed Harry's cock before -- had never even heard of doing such a thing -- so that throat-fucking came as a total surprise.

Two more inches of the long cock slipped into the tight grasp of her throat, shoving her gullet open even wider. Another inch or so of the hard prick followed and the muscles of her neck bulged. By the time Cindy's nose bumped into Ralph's cock-hair and her chin pressed into the top of his ball-sac, the head of his long prick was pushed all the way into the top of her chest.

"Shit, her throat is like a vise!" Ralph groaned as he felt his prick being squeezed by the intense pressure.

He began to fuck in and out, running the head of his fuck-pole back and forth along the entire length of the inside of his neighbor's lovely, cock-sucking throat.

"I'm cumming!" Joanie squealed as the attachment on the dildo pushed her over the edge. Her insides were on fire and blasting lightening bolts out of her cunt and asshole.

"Now!" Ralph growled as his cock pulsed, spurting spunk deep into Cindy's tight throat.

The young blonde fucker was cumming, too, but there was no way she could make a sound. Her pussy thrust up and down, savaging her cunt on the thick dildo as a cum ripped through her guts. Her neck muscles gripped down, squeezing the fucking cock even harder and milking the spunk down into her stomach.

Chapter FOUR

Cindy glanced right and then left as she stood at the edge of the street in front of her home. So many houses. So many neighbors. She knew they all couldn't be the same as Ralph and Joanie Adams, and that probably none of them were, except for Bob Jackson, who had fucked Cindy's pussy-hole when he had found her asleep naked in her own backyard.

She hadn't gotten home until almost midnight the night before, lingering in bed with Joanie and her husband as the sex had gotten milder and they had all become exhausted. There'd been another pussy-eating session before Ralph had fucked his long cock up her cunt-hole. As she had surmised, only the first half of it had fit, and she understood why he liked to fuck it down a throat. That way his entire prick could get into the action. She had stayed around to watch Ralph also fuck his wife's cunt, then Joanie had swallowed the long prick down her throat and Cindy had been amazed at how her neighbor's neck muscles had bulged.

In fact, all those images of hot sex were what had bothered her last night after she had got back home to toss naked and frustrated in her own bed. Finally, knowing she wasn't going to get to sleep without further relief, she'd gotten up to retrieve her dildo and had fucked it into her aching pussy far into the night. But, in spite of her solitary fucking session, her pussy still ached and her clit was itching.

The house of Tom and Rita Miller, an older couple in their thirties, was directly across the street, but that wasn't the one Cindy really had on her mind. Just to her left was the house of George and Wanda Smart, a couple who were even older than the Millers. The Smarts had a teenaged son who was home from school because of spring break, and if Cindy's luck held, both of his parents would be at work. That didn't mean the boy would be alone. The talk around the neighborhood was that he often had his girlfriends over for a swim and hot sex in the pool in the backyard.

There was a wail between the Millers' and the Smarts' yards, but Cindy hoped that she could find something to stand on so she could see over it and get a good look at what was going on. On the Millers' side of the fence was a row of high bushes and small trees that she was counting on for cover if either of the Millers happened to be home.

The tight short-shorts were one of Cindy's smallest pairs, and she had worn them because she knew that the material of the crotch folded into her pussy-slit and massaged ha hot clit with each step. She also wore a plain white T-shirt that she had pulled out of Harry's drawer knowing that it would cover part of her naked if the got excited about what she was seeing and stripped the shafts off to get at her cunt. She knew that she was taking a lot of chances, but her only option was another frustrating round with the unsatisfying dildo back home.

She held her breath to keep from squealing in excitement as she dashed between the thick row of bushes and the wall in the Millers' front yard. Then she stood for a minute, concealed, before she began tip-toeing along the wall. The only time she left the cover was to slip through the gate into the Millers' backyard.

The sounds of splashing and giggling came over the fence to her. She gritted her teeth because she couldn't see. She bounced on her toes, but still couldn't get high enough to look down at the pool. Slowly, she crept along between wall and bushes until it sounded as if she was directly across from the pool, then she slipped to her knees and held some branches back so she could look out over the lawn.

There were several pieces of irregular concrete, each about two inches thick. They had been broken out of one corner of the patio, which Tom Miller was apparently reconstructing, and if she carried four or five over and piled them on top of each other, Cindy figured she'd be able to stand high enough to we the pool in the other yard.

She looked carefully around the Millers' yard, then at the windows of the house. She saw no one, so she skittered across the ten feet of pass, grabbed one of the concrete pieces and brought it back. Within a few minutes, she had five of the irregular pieces piled up, and she cautiously stepped up on top. The concrete stack rocked dangerously and she reached out and braced her hands against the wall. Then she leaned forward and peered across the top.

They were in the pool, the boy and a young girl. Cindy's cunt leaked hotly when she saw that the girl didn't have on the top of her bikini. Firm teenaged tits bounced on her chat as she splashed water on George and Wanda Smart's son. The two kids were laughing, joking and playing in the water.

"Oh!" Cindy moaned as her hand slipped to her crotch. Her fingers rubbed the lips of her pussy through the material. The cloth was already soaked beneath her cunt hole.

The boy was tall, sandy-haired and muscular.

The young girl had the body of a bawdy pub servant, the baby fat that remained serving to flesh out her new curves. She bounced, causing the tight-fleshed tits to jiggle on her chest.

As Cindy watched, the couple began to laugh and fight in the pool, but she could see that most of the pawing and shoving the boy was doing was aimed straight at the girl's beautiful tits. Finally he had one of the fleshy globes in each of his hands and the girl no longer wanted to fight. She giggled, going up onto her toes as her hands pulled the boy's face down to her chest. Cindy moaned as she saw the boy's lips part and suck half of one tit into his mouth.

Cindy wanted to paw her own tits under her T-shirt, but she was afraid to take her other hand from the wall. The stack of concrete pieces wobbled each time she moved, and her free hand was working furiously on her crotch. Her fingers had spread pussy-juice across the material and the shorts were now dripping from the bottom other belly clear round to her ass. She wanted to get a bare finger into her cunthole, but the shorts were in the way.

The kids were getting out of the pool, and Cindy strained to see if there were bathing suits on the two teenaged asses. She was disappointed, because brightly colored cloth covered the hot flesh she wanted to see. The boy held one of the girl's hands and led her toward the edge of the pool, where several chairs and a chaise lounge rested near the water. Cindy bit at her bottom lip, praying that neither of them looked up to where she was peeking over the wall.

The girl sank to her knees in front of the boy. Her fingers rose along the sides of his legs, her thumbs finally jamming into the top of his bathing suit. Her hands plunged, dragging the suit down to the boy's feet.

Cindy gasped, then grimaced, hoping they hadn't heard her.

The boy's cock looked like the raging prick of a young stallion. It was thick and long, sticking out from his balls like a club. The flesh looked as hard as the concrete beneath Cindy's feet and the cock-head was purple and swollen. It was the hardest, most brutal prick Cindy had ever seen, and she was instantly jealous of the young girl, who was now leaning over and sucking the marvelous cock into her mouth.

Cindy groaned and ripped her hand from her cunt. Those terrible shorts were just going to have to get out of the way! She stepped off the concrete, knocking the top two pieces off the pile. Quickly, Cindy unsnapped her shorts and pushed them to the ground. The cool morning air caressed her bare ass and hot cunt.

She bent over and carefully piled the concrete sections back up, then stepped onto the stack, balancing herself with a hand on the wall. She turned the top piece of concrete with her feet, trying for a more stable position, then leaned against the wall.

The girl sucked furiously on the boy's hard cock. The pair was close enough that Cindy could see the shine of her saliva all over the prick when it pulled out of her mouth. The boy's hands gripped the young girl's ears, pulling her face forward with each stroke.

Again, Cindy was jealous, and her own mouth was open and curved into a circle. One of her hands went to her pussy, running two fingers along the cunt-slit. Then the two fingers fucked into her cunt-hole, causing it to gush fuck-juices into the palm of her hand. The concrete stack wobbled under her, but she didn't miss a stroke of finger-fucking her cunt.

The boy released the young girl's ears and the heel of one hand pushed her forehead away. His cock-head popped loudly from her tight lips, the whole prick glistening with her spit. He pulled her to her feet and quickly stripped the bathing suit from her ass.

Cindy's fingers pulled from her cunt-hole to stroke rapidly at her tingling clit. Her pussy was on fire with a blaze that only a hard cum could put out.

The boy was bringing the young female even closer to the wall, forcing the naked girl down on her hands and knees atop one of the chaise lounges, her bare hips thrust back at an angle toward where Cindy peeked over the wail. When the boy's hands spread the girl's asscheeks, Cindy could see the girl's delicious young pussy flower open, could even see the fuck-juices that glistened at the mouth of her cunt-hole.

The boy's right hand pried his thick prick down from his belly and pushed the cock-head into her flowering, juicy cunt-lips. Cindy groaned deeply in her belly as she watched the bulging head of the prick pry the girl's cunthole open and force its way in.

It was almost too much to believe. Cindy watched the magnificent prick fuck in. Cindy could almost imagine that she heard the cunt juices squirt around that hard prick-flesh. She wished that she could lick them, suck on them both, while they fucked and she imagined her tongue licking along his slippery prick until it touched the girl's cunt. Three of her fingers went back to work on her own pussy-hole and plunged inside. After three or four quick strokes, her hand was back at her clit again. It was so terribly, terribly frustrating to have to finger-fuck herself into a fury while ten feet away, some undeserving little teenaged pussy was being fed the hard cock that Cindy wanted so desperately.

Then her dream seemed to come true. Large hands had shoved beneath the hem of her T-shirt, riding up her naked ass to grab onto her hips. Her legs were parted as much as possible atop the stack of concrete pieces to make room for her finger-fucking hand, and a bulging cock-head was probing at the mouth of her cunt hole.

"What are they doing?" a male voice asked as the large cock fucked all the way in. Its thickness stretched her pussy much wider than Ralph's had the previous night.

"Be quiet!" Cindy whispered.

"Don't worry," the man behind her said softly. "They know we're here. I watch them fuck all the time. Sometimes when the splashing begins, I don't come out here right away just to see how loud they'll get to make sure someone watches. That's how I knew something was wrong. When all the squealing and splashing died down before I was here, I knew someone else had to be watching."

"Tom Miller?" Cindy gasped, suddenly figuring out who the man must be.

"In the flesh!" he laughed. "With a bunch of it poked up your cunt! You can go back to watching, neighbor, just tell me what they're doing."

Cindy was amazed. In less than twenty-four hours, she'd managed to get three of the neighborhood cocks up her pussy.

Cindy braced a hand against the wall and leaned over. The boy was still fucking his hard cock into the young girl's pussy. His thumbs pried her firm asscheeks apart, and Cindy could watch each sliding inch of his cock thrust in and out of the girl's teenaged cunt. And, all the time, Tom Miller, her neighbor, was fucking his prick into Cindy's pussy, as well.

"Tell me!" Tom growled, hammering an extra-firm stroke into Cindy's gripping cunt-hole.

"He's fucking her pussy!" Cindy hissed, cumming on Tom's cock.

"More!" Tom whispered. "Tell me more!"

"He's got a thick cock!" Cindy gasped. "That wonderful fuck-pole is stretching her pussy-hole so tightly that it looks like it's about to tear!"

Cindy could have sworn that Tom's prick had swelled even larger inside her, until her own cunt-hole was as stretched as the girl's. It was as if she were watching her own pussy being fucked.

The young girl was moaning and trembling. "Fuck me, Billy!" the girl screamed as the boy's prick fucked into her.

Her ass worked back to meet each one of the lusty thrusts, causing Cindy to mimic the motion on Tom's hard-fucking prick.

"Tell me!" Tom gasped.

"I can see her pussy!" Cindy cried, cumming hard again. "She pumps with her ass just like I'm doing, fucking her cunt onto his hard prick! And now, he's -- he's -- oh, God!"

"Say it!" Tom growled.

"He's going to fuck her ass!" Cindy trembled as her pussy spasmed.

The boy's wet cock-head was pressed up against the young girl's shitter. Cindy could see the dripping pussy beneath. As he pushed, the girl leaned back until three inches of the boy's prick was fucked into her shitter.

"I can't believe it!" Cindy squealed, no longer concerned with whether the boy or girl or anybody else in the world -- could hear.

She felt Tom's cock withdraw from her own gushing pussy, then the slippery cock-head pushed against her puckered asshole. His hands now pried open her asscheeks, giving him perfect aim at her shit-hole. The concrete slabs wobbled beneath Cindy's feet, but she no longer cared. She felt the prick begin to push and she suddenly lowered herself, sitting down hard on the man's cock-head. Every inch of Tom's cock fucked into her shitter, and Cindy screamed at the pain. Then, quickly, all the agony was gone and the pleasure began.

Tom began to fuck her violently, pounding his prick in and out of Cindy's shitter. Her orgasms were almost continual and her whole body shook.

"Tell me!"

"He's fucking her asshole!" Cindy gasped. "Her pussy is on fire! I can see it gushing juices all down onto her legs! He's going to cum! He's holding her hips real tight now and fucking his cock savagely into her ass."

Tom matched each of the actions. Cindy could feel his cock swell inside her shitter. Then his cum erupted and shot far up into her guts.

Cindy's cunt-hole spumed one final time. Her thrashing feet kicked the concrete slabs out from under her and she collapsed completely down on the ass-fucking prick. All in the world that mattered to her now was the cock that was slowly deflating in her ass.

Chapter FIVE

Cindy had managed to get through the rest of Thursday after being fucked by Tom Miller by keeping herself locked inside her house with the television blaring rather than venturing out where all the crazy stuff had been happening. She knew she had to get herself back under control before Harry got home on Friday evening, so she'd barricaded herself against the world. It had worked except for the one time she'd finger-fucked herself yesterday afternoon and a late session with the dildo to get to sleep last night.

She'd kept both her fingers and her dildo away from her pussy until noon this morning, but the control was coming at a terrible price. The itch inside her cunt-hole was furiously distracting now, and she ached for a good hard fuck. If she could only manage to get through to this evening when Harry got home, she could ride out her frustrations on his cock. But that meant she had several errands that she had to run to get ready for Harry's arrival.

Sam Carter, who lived on the other side of the Millers from the Smarts, worked at the supermarket, but he was usually in his office. Rita, the wife of Tom Miller, worked, at the bank, so Cindy decided to use the outside automated teller to make a withdrawal rather than face the possibility of ending up at Rita's teller window. There was absolutely no way to avoid one of the Jacksons at the cleaners since they owned and operated the place. But Bob should be back -- he might even be at home, she suddenly thought -- and Glenda worked, at the counter in front. Thank God that at least the one female neighbor she would encounter would be the one who knew nothing about the neighbor-fucking in which Cindy had been involved.

Cindy pushed the basket carefully around the supermarket, pausing at the intersections of the aisles until she could peck to see that Sam was nowhere around.

After a few minutes, Cindy was sure she had made it. All of the items had been collected into the basket except for a package of meat for dinner, and Cindy warned that meal to be special. Dinner would be the first meal that Harry would get to eat at home in more than a week, and she wanted to show him what he had been missing. She also wanted him well-fed so he'd have plenty of strength for the wild fucking Cindy was planning.

Then her luck broke.

"The pork chops are nice and the steaks are fresh," a man said from behind her. She recognized the voice immediately as Sam's. "You can't go wrong with the porterhouse. It's one of the juiciest and tenders around."

"Hi, Sam," she muttered as she turned slightly to the side so she could see him. "I just couldn't make up my mind."

He was a tall man, bulky and muscular. She had watched him on occasion from the swing on her porch as he had worked in his front yard. She'd only been this close to him once or twice since she had been in the neighborhood, and she had been glad that he had kept his distance. There was something about his power and the way that he moved that made Cindy's mind reel.

"It depends on what you really want," he said.

"I guess I want something good," she finally said.

"Almost all the meat you put in your mouth is good," Sam said. "Some is so tender that you could say that it's soft, but there are other kinds of meat that really give your teeth something to sink into. Maybe what you need is a little of both. Come on back here in the butcher's section and I'll see if I can't rind something special for you."

She started to protest, but he had already turned. Still trying to tell him that she was in a hurry, she followed him through a swinging door. The size of the room, along with the wooden tables and the hanging sides of beef, took her breath away.

"Over here," Sam said as he walked to a table that held a metal pan full of meat which had already been cut.

He took five large pieces out of the container and wrapped them in white paper, then marked the price at one dollar.

"Here's your soft meat," he said, handing the package to Cindy. "It's some of the best veal that you will ever eat. We keep it for the employees and our special customers. It's too expensive to put out in the cases."

"Well, thanks," Cindy muttered, unable to avoid the lusty look in his eyes.

"No problem," he smiled. "And now I've got some hard meat that you're going to love to eat."

He leaned back against the butcher's block and unclasped his belt. He pulled his apron to the side and his fingers opened his fly. A tremendous prick, already raging hard, jutted out from his crotch. Cindy gasped at what he was doing, then at the sight of his throbbing cock. She glanced around the room and saw no one else, then she whirled back to her neighbor.

"What are you doing?" she squealed, her fingers going to her mouth. "What makes you think I would be interested in that?"

He laughed as he slowly moved his fist back and forth on his prick.

"I talked to Tom Miller last night and he told me about yesterday when you slipped over to watch the kids fucking at the pool. Tom said he entertained your fuck holes while your tongue was hanging out of your mouth from watching teenagers."

Cindy groaned.

"I wouldn't mind a little of the same," Sam said, jerking his cock. A drop of pre-cum showed on his cock-head. "But I don't have time right now to really get into a good fuck. Tom said your pussy and asshole were good fuck-holes, so I know about those, and I do have time to check out your mouth. So, why don't you give me some good cocksucking and then I can get back to work?"

Cindy's heart leaped. She realized that she had been watching Sam hand-fuck his cock, and the long, hard fucker looked like it would be delicious.

"I-I don't know," she said. Her cunt was hot inside her shorts. Her nipples kit so hard that she thought they might scratch their way through her shirt.

"You know you want it," Sam said, raising his prick and pointing it at her face.

"Yes!" she whispered, then she walked over and got down on her bare knees on the cold tile. She grabbed his prick and stuffed half of its length inside her mouth. Her lips formed a tight circle and she sucked in her cheeks to make her face-pussy as tight as the one that was dripping in the shorts between her legs.

She hurried the cocksucking action, not really worrying about whether it stirred up her cunt. Even though she ignored it, her pussy poured out its wet heat from the excitement of having a prick in her mouth. For long minutes, Cindy knelt there in front of her neighbor in the supermarket and raped his cock with her mouth. When the fuck-shaft bulged and erupted, she caught all of his spunk on her tongue and swallowed it in gulps down her throat. Her pussy didn't quite cum, but the excitement of what was happening had its own special thrill.

"Let me get you a tip," Cindy said to the bag boy and leaned across the front seat. She'd put her purse by her seatbelt, then had walked back around to help the youth load the groceries into the back seat of the car. When she went for her purse, she'd opened the passenger door to the front and leaned over to reach.

"Don't bother with the money, lady," the boy said. "I can see exactly what I want."

Cindy felt a hand touch her ass. Fingers rubbed her flesh through her shorts.

"What the fuck are you doing!" she gasped, looking back over her shoulder.

The youth was standing too close to her legs for Cindy to be able to stand up. She was infuriated that the boy would rub her ass right out here in the parking lot, even though much of the sight was blocked by the sides of other cars.

"Fucking is exactly what I'm going to do."

"Get away from my ass!" Cindy snarled.

"Would you rather have me fuck your tonsils like Mr. Carter did beck in the butcher's shop?" the boy asked. "If that's what you'd rather have, little lady, turn on around here and open your mouth. I haven't had a good blow-job in a week. And from what I saw, you're willing to swallow all the cum down your throat."

"Shit!" Cindy squealed and pounded one of her fists down onto the seat. She just knew somebody would see her eating cock in the supermarket, and now she was going to have to pay for it.

She didn't protest any further when the youth quickly stripped her shorts off her ass and down to her feet. She lifted the left foot from them to free her legs as she heard the boy's fly unzip. His prick was already hard and throbbing and he shoved it up her tight pussy in one glorious stroke. Hot cunt-juices stirred up by the cocksucking session had slickened her cunt-hole, so she as able to fuck right away.

The boy was in a hurry, which was all right with Cindy. His cock felt marvelous in her pussy and reached the itch that had been bothering her all day. Cindy was quickly cumming on the boy's raging cock.

The sex session lasted only a few minutes before the boy's cock spumed and filled her cunt with jism, but Cindy loved every second of the fuck. It was only after the boy warn gone and the car was started that Cindy realized that the danger of being discovered with her naked cunt being fucked in public had been part of the excitement that had caused her pussy to erupt.

The teller machine was out of service. Damn, Cindy groaned. Why did it always have to happen? Now she'd have to go into the bank and face Rita.

Then she got a reprieve. The screen of the computerized teller started blinking and, as she watched, the main menu flicked into view. Across the top was a message that said the machine was back in service.

The automated teller was built into the outside wall of a closet-sized building located across from the drive-thru window. She walked up and shoved her card into the small slot, feeling it go in but not take hold. The menu still blinked at her without asking for a password, and she knew that it hadn't connected. She pressed the button to release her card but nothing happened.

"Shit!" she growled, and hit the side of her fist against the front of the machine.

The metal hurt her hand and she brought her pinky to her mouth. She was standing there wondering what in the world to do when the door to the small building opened and Rita Miller walked out.

"Why, hi, Cindy!" the tall red-haired woman exclaimed.

Rita was a big woman with large tits and heavy curves. Her eyes were bright blue, and Cindy knew that Rita drew the stares of some of the teenaged boys even though she was well into her thirties. More than any other woman Cindy had ever seen, Rita reminded her of an animal in heat.

"I was trying to make a withdrawal when the damn thing ate my card," Cindy said, both happy and frustrated that Rita had showed up.

She was exactly who Cindy had been trying to avoid, but Rita could get the card quickly without Cindy having to waste a lot of time trying to find someone to help.

"That's no problem." Rita laughed. "I picas I didn't do such a good fucking job."

She unlocked the door to the small building and waved Cindy on inside. Cindy started to tell Rita that she would wait outside, but Rita's stare made her keep quiet. There was something fiery and demanding in the other woman's eyes, and Cindy didn't want any further complications.

"Just sit up there," Rita said, patting a counter after the door was closed behind them. "This won't take more than a couple of minutes."

Cindy sat while Rita worked. The back of the machine dropped down and Rita worked the card out of the mechanism. She adjusted some of the buttons, then glanced over at Cindy.

"You just want to make a withdrawal?" she asked, and Cindy nodded.

Rita ran the card back into the slot. This time the plastic flowed in smoothly, making all the proper connections. Rita punched the default password and asked Cindy for the amount. "A couple of hundred," Cindy said.

The machine spewed ten bills, then the card. Rita handed the plastic card over. She shut the teller and put the mechanism on-line, finishing with the work. She stepped over in front of where Cindy sat on the table.

"You going to give me my money?" Cindy laughed, looking down at the stack of twenty-dollar bills in Rita's left hand.

"Sure," Rita said, "but not until I get a look at your little pussy."


"Your cunt, bitch!" Rita snapped. "The one you fucked my husband with yesterday! You know, it's right down there by your asshole, which you fucked onto Tom's prick!"

"Oh, no! Rita, I'm sorry," Cindy moaned, feeling the other woman's fingers working at the buttons of her shorts.

"Stop whining," Rita said. "I'm not interested in your apologies. What I want is your cunt."


Cindy's shorts were jerked from her hips and legs as she lifted her ass. Her shoes also tumbled to the floor. She was left with a naked ass plopped down atop the table.

"Your pussy." Rita laughed as she spread Cindy's thighs. "Stop being so stupid. I want to see the cunt my husband fucked, then lick a little of that pussy for myself."

Cindy groaned and slumped with her back against the wall. She lifted her legs up over Rita's shoulders so the large redhead could look right into the pit of her cunt. It had only been scant minutes since the bag boy had fucked her, so the mouth of her cunt-hole still gaped a bit. Rita glanced up from between Cindy's naked legs, then dipped her face down to the juicy fuck-slit.

"Mmmmm, just what I thought," Rita said after licking and sucking for a minute. "Cum is mixed with your pussy-juice and the taste of it is fresh. You haven't been back over at my house this morning, have you?"

"No!" Cindy squealed.

"Good," Rita said flatly. "I don't mind drinking Tom's jism, but it's always nice to suck a strange man's spunk from a cunt-hole."

Chapter SIX

Cindy thought about skipping the cleaners, perhaps sending Harry down in the morning, but there would be too many questions from him about why she didn't pick up his extra suits when she'd had the time. So, convincing herself of the necessity, she pulled the car into one of the parking slots directly in front of the cleaners.

Cindy could see Glenda, her next-door neighbor, through the window. She looked closely to watch the other woman leave the counter and walk back among the racks. In less than a minute, Glenda was back going through a stack of white papers. Nowhere did Cindy see Bob Jackson, so she breathed a sigh of relief.

When Glenda spotted Cindy coming through the door, the brunette first appeared excited, then her eyes went as smooth as satin.

"Hi, Cindy," Glenda said, her dark brown eyes like liquid velvet. She tossed the paper she held to the side. "I was wondering whether you were going to come in today to pick up Harry's suits. I was hoping you would. You been shopping around?"

"Well, yes, I guess so," Cindy said.

"I'm kind of the last stop, huh?" Glenda asked.

Cindy nodded, wishing she could pay for her cleaning and go.

"Then I can't let you go home empty-handed, can I?" Glenda smiled strangely as her eyes drifted down onto the front of Cindy's T-shirt.

Cindy gritted her teeth, hoping her tension didn't show. Her damn little nipples were hard almost all the time now, and the hard sex of the last hour had left the bumps in the front of the shirt bigger than they'd ever been. If she didn't stop playing with neighborhood cocks and pussies so much, she was going to have to find a bulky sweater and wear it through the long hot summer.

"Wait here for a minute," Glenda said, and disappeared into the racks of clothing.

Cindy could hear Glenda rustling around, but she couldn't see where. She tapped the toe of her loafer on the tile floor, hoping that the other woman would hurry. So far she had managed to get through this last stop without running into Bob, which would be terribly embarrassing in front of his wife, and she wanted to finish up and get home.

"Darn!" Glenda shouted. "Cindy, give me some help! I've got something back here that I can't take care of by myself!"

Cindy groaned. Things were going from bad to worse. And the only way she could hurry them up now was to go back there and give Glenda a hand. She stepped around the counter and weaved through the finished cleaning until she came to where Glenda was waiting.

Cindy jerked to a stop. Her mouth flew open.

Glenda had thrown a thick blanket over one end of a long table for folding clothes, and she sat bare-ass naked on the edge. She leaned back on her elbows with her feet drawn up onto the table and pushed to the side to cause her pussy to gape. A chair had been drawn up by the table so it sat right in front of the brunette's juicy cunt. Cindy knew that if she sat down in that chair, she'd have her face right in the woman's pussy-slit.

"The Jacksons stick together," Glenda said calmly. "If you're going to please my husband's cock, you're going to have to please my cunthole as well."

"Glenda, I'm..."

"Going to eat pussy," the woman said. "Now get your clothes off and get down here. I want to see if you're as good at sex as my husband thinks."

Cindy didn't know whether to laugh or fail moaning to the floor. All she had wanted to do this afternoon was rim some errands, and her day had been a parade of pussies and cocks.

Glenda was a tall woman, her body lean, but had all the right curves. She was in her late twenties and had deep brown eyes that were the same color as her hair. Cindy feasted her eyes on the tits on Glenda's chest and saw full brown nipples that stood erect. Around her gaping cunt was a fine pelt of soft hair that seemed to invite Cindy to snuggle up close.

Without even really being aware of what she was doing, Cindy stripped her T-shirt over her head and the shorts to the floor. When she stepped out of her shoes, she was just as naked as the woman who waited on the table. It was only a couple more steps to the chair, and she took them, then sat her naked ass down on the seat. Immediately, Cindy smelled the hot odor of cunt, and it caused her pussy to throb. Her mouth quickly covered those last few inches, and quickly her face nestled into the dripping pussy-crack.

"Yes!" Glenda hissed, wrapping her hands around the back of Cindy's head. Her fingers pulled so hard on Cindy's scalp that she wondered whether her whole head was going to be forced into Glenda's smothering cunt.

The taste of pussy filled Cindy's mouth. It was a flavor she knew she could learn to love.

So different from the savory jism that men shot into her mouth. Pussy-juice had a sweetness to it that the spicy flavor of cum didn't match. It wasn't a question of one being better than the other. Cindy found that she was really excited by both.

The fingers on the back of her head relaxed and Cindy's face retreated slightly so her mouth and tongue could get to work. Her tongue slipped out from between her lips and she licked the entire length of the gaping pussy-slit. Then, shrugging her shoulders slightly, Cindy decided that she might as well try the rest. Her tongue continued across the small bridge of flesh beneath the woman's cunt and licked directly to the center of Glenda's puckered little whole. The woman groaned and reached under her own legs to spread the asscheeks wide so Cindy would have no trouble reaching her shitter.

When she saw how much Glenda liked the ass-tonguing, Cindy knew she had found an exciting new trick. She bathed the woman's shithole with her spit, spreading the moisture around. With her tongue curled, she was able to penetrate the tight, puckered whole about an inch before the strength in her tongue gave out.

"Get up here with me!" Glenda gasped when Cindy's tongue pulled from her shit-hole. "I want to lick the pussy that my husband fucked. We can tongue-fuck and lick on each other's clit!"

Cindy scampered up onto the table. Her neighbor rolled to her back so Cindy crawled on hands and knees on top. She spread her knees wide, causing her pussy to sink onto Glenda's face, then dipped her lips into Glenda's hot cunt-slit.

"Yes!" Glenda hissed. "Lick my clit! Ram your tongue all the way up my cunt-hole!"

Cindy's pleasure increased. Now, while she was eating juicy pussy, she was having her own cunt-gash licked as well. The sensations seemed to be bouncing back and forth. She groaned deep inside her chest and burrowed her face into gaping pussy, taking gushes of cunt-juice against her nose, and immediately her own cunt bathed Glenda's face as well.

"God, this is good!" Cindy squealed as she lifted her face from Glenda's cunt.

"Mmmmm!" Glenda moaned. "Your cunt juices are good! Make your cunt squirt some more in my mouth!"

Cindy pushed her pussy back down on Glenda's lips. She felt the brunette's tongue fuck up into her cunt. The tongue swirled, licking all around the inside of her pussy-hole, then that wonderful licker seemed to stretch even more. Cindy felt its satiny caress begin to bathe the walls inside her cunt, and that answered Glenda's lusty request because Cindy's juices stepped up their flow.

"What in the world do we have here?"

Cindy lifted her head. A crazy feeling boiled inside her that she had been in this situation before. When she turned around and spotted Bob coming through the racks of clothing, the feeling grew even worse. Once again Cindy had been discovered while she was involved in a pussy-party with a woman.

"Oh, no!" Cindy groaned, closing her eyes and grimacing.

"What the hell's the matter?"

"Your husband just came in!"

"Well, I'm not going to stop eating pussy," Glenda said. "If he's going to get involved, he's just going to have to fuck his cock into some place that it will fit."

"Who's watching the front?" Bob asked.

"You are, if you're worried about it," Glenda said as her hands wrapped up to Cindy's naked ass and tried to pull her beautiful, tight pussy back onto her face.

"Hell, the customers can just come back. This hard-on isn't going to go away until I fuck it into some tight hole," Bob said as he began to get out of his clothes. "You two just keep on doing what you're doing and I'll find some convenient fuck-hole to use."

That sounded good to Cindy. She wouldn't mind getting some more of her neighbor's hard cock.

"Holy shit, you pussy-eating women sure look fine!" Bob exclaimed as he crawled up on the table. "There's just so much naked tit and ass that I don't know for sure where to stand!"

"How about my asshole?" Glenda gasped into Cindy's pussy. "You haven't ass-fucked me for a week."

"Sounds good to me," her husband said, and pivoted around atop the table.

He laid his hands on her upraised knees. He pushed them outward, then crawled between her legs.

"You're going to have to help me," Bob said to Cindy, who was still tongue-fucking his wife.

"How?" Cindy asked, lifting her head. Her face, from her eyebrows down, glistened with pussy-juice.

"First you wet my cock down with your lips," he said. "Cock-suck me a little bit."

Cindy opened her mouth and the hard, throbbing cock pushed in alongside her tongue. She closed her lips tightly, then sucked in with her cheeks. When her mouth closed down, she had formed a fuck-hole with her face as tight as the one in her crotch.

"Ah," he said, fucking his prick clear to the opening of her throat.

He thought about fucking her tonsils for a few minutes, then ramming his cockhead all the way into her throat, but he'd already promised his wife that he'd fuck her in the ass, so he decided the throat-fucking could wait. His prick was wet and slippery enough so he pulled its throbbing length from his neighbor's mouth. Cindy whined when she felt it go, then she thrust her face back into Glenda's pussy. If she couldn't suck the husband's prick, she'd just eat his wife's glorious cunt.

"One more thing," Bob said, lifting his wife's legs and positioning her ass. "Reach around and hold the cheeks of her ass. That way I can have a clear shot at her shit-hole while you keep eating her pussy."

Her fingers grasped Glenda's naked hips and pried apart the crack of her ass. One of Cindy's fingers went farther and found her tiny shithole, and she whined in lusty pleasure as she fucked a finger into her neighbor's guts.

Cindy pulled her finger out, of Glenda's asshole as the thick, throbbing cock-head approached. Cindy scooted forward along her neighbor's naked body, bumping her head into Bob's stomach, until she could see right into the crack of Glenda's ass. The cock-head was rammed against the woman's shitter. The cockhead looked like a small fist and the shitter as small as a dime. There was no way that so much hard cock was going to ram into that tiny hole.

"Lick it as it goes in!" Bob growled, and fucked his cock-head into his wife's ass.

Cindy moaned as she watched the cock penetrate her neighbor's asshole. Then she dipped her head farther down and stuck out her tongue. As his cock fucked into the shit-hole her tongue furiously licked its length. Finally his body was too close, which forced her head away, so she lifted herself on her hands and stared down at the spearing cock.

"God, it's fucked right up her ass!" Cindy gasped. "Her shit-hole is stretched so far it looks like it will tear!"

"Lick my pussy while he fucks my asshole!" Glenda cried. The action was so wild that the woman was almost out of her mind with excitement.

Cindy licked and Bob fucked while Glenda trembled and climaxed. Cindy was careful not to completely ignore Bob's prick, so she occasionally licked it as well.

Once, Bob stopped with just his cock-head fucked into his wife's shitter while Cindy smothered his prick with kisses. Then it was back to lapping and tongue-fucking the woman's pussy until Glenda screamed that she'd had enough.

"Now, it's your turn," Bob said to Cindy as he pulled his cock out of his wife's shit-hole. He'd carefully conserved his cum so he could blast it into the young girl's asshole.

"Oh, yes!" Cindy exclaimed as he crawled around her.

Glenda had heard what her husband had said. This time it was her fingers which reached around and held open a naked female asscrack for a cock. Glenda wanted to suck on her husband's balls while he fucked Cindy's ass. First she'd get Bob going good, then she'd use her tongue to cause Cindy's pussy to spasm.

"Aaargh!" Cindy growled as Bob's thick cock fucked halfway into her asshole.

Pain speared into her guts, and she knew it would continue until he had fucked his prick all the way up her ass.

"Rain it in!" she exclaimed. "Fuck that cock up my ass! Hurry up and fuck your prick into my guts!"

He shoved and the cock fucked into her asshole clear to his balls. His wife trapped his hanging balls in her mouth.

"Shit, that feels good!" he panted, feeling his cock swell in his neighbor's ass.

Thankfully for Cindy, the pain died and left her with the feeling of her ass being pleasantly stuffed. There was something about being ass fucked that made her excited and stirred her pussy into a cum.

The cock pulled out of her shit-hole and pressed back through the tight ring again. Her muscles gripped the cock tightly, squeezing with a pressure tha neither he nor she could believe.

"My pussy!" Cindy shrieked. "Eat my pussy!"

Glenda knew it was time. She released her husband's balls from her lips and got a mouthful of pussy-flesh in her teeth. There was enough room to get her tongue out, so she began lashing Cindy's clit.

"Aaaaeeeiii!" Cindy screamed as her pussy and asshole spasmed. Every muscle and bone in her body was shaking.

Chapter SEVEN

"Oh, Harry, I love your great big cock!" Cindy exclaimed, fucking her cunt up and down on her husband's prick.

He was flat on his back atop the mattress of their bed with his hands tucked behind his head. He'd been dreaming of watching her tits bounce around her chest and her ass. Swallowing his prick for more than a week, and he was excited to be back home. The women he was always able to pick up on the road were exciting, but the truly liked his wife's cunt-hole the best. Cindy was naked, straddling her husband's hips. She hadn't needed any preparation to get her cunt slick this time, so she'd just crawled up and started to fuck. She'd held his hard prick-shaft straight up and used her weight to drive the thick fuck-pole into her cunt. Now she wanted to fuck it, to stir her pussy and his balls up.

His prick felt so dog gone familiar in her pussy, as if his fuck-pole was an old friend. She hadn't realized before that a woman could use her pussy to tell the difference between pricks, but she understood now that it was true. The past few days had given her plenty of experience and enough cocks for comparison. Harry's cock-head was unusually large and that made it feel like she was fucking on a small fist. She could close her eyes and imagine a baby's fist beating into her pussy and the thought made her pussy-flow. She fucked up and down, the cheeks of her ass slapping his thighs.

"Three times!" she hissed down at her husband. "I want you to fill all of my fuck-holes with cum!"

He laughed and nodded.

Earlier that afternoon Cindy had finally made it back borne, staggering a bit from the car to the porch. She'd never had so much sex in so little time, and she'd managed to fuck and suck her way through five people.

Harry had loved the veal at dinner, but he had loved her naked pussy even more when they had dashed to the bedroom without even washing the dishes. Cindy hadn't waited for him to do anything to turn her on, she'd just gotten both of them naked, then crawled up onto his cock.

"That prick feels so good in my pussy," Cindy said without missing a beat.

Her ass pumped, driving her cunt-hole up and down on her husband's thick cock. The bulging cock-head fucked far into her pussy. When the swollen prick-head rammed against the deep end of her pussy-hole, she felt like she was completely filled up.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Cindy groaned as she hammered with her cunt even harder.

His fist-like cock-head was beating into the end of her pussy, making the muscles go almost numb. But the savage stimulation was working on her husband as she had hoped, and she could feel his cock swell even more in her cunt. Her pussy was about to get creamed with his jism, and then there would be only two more fuckholes to go.

"Blast my pussy!" Cindy yelled. "Cumin my cunt-hole! Spray my insides with jism!"

Then, suddenly, her pussy muscles clenched, trapping his cock in her cunt. Still her ass pumped and the skin of his fuck-shaft stretched because of her movement. Her cunt grasped his prick like a vise, then suddenly released it, only to grasp again. Her pussy was milking the cum from his balls and cock, and the jism splattered in and bathed her cunt-hole from end to end.

"Jesus Christ, Cindy!" Harry exclaimed. "Some day you're going to skin my prick! When you do that with your pussy, you almost suck my balls up through my cock!"

"Just keep it hard!" she squealed, quickly tumbling to the side.

His prick hadn't had time to go completely soft, and it popped loudly out of her cunt. She whirled up onto her hands and knees as soon as she hit the mattress. Her hands and knees burrowed between his thighs ant calves, throwing his legs open arid giving her a pathway to his cock.

Harry's prick was slippery from her pussyjuices and his cum, and the shaft had softened slightly. Her right index finger and thumb curled around the base of the heavy fuck-pole and squeezed, trapping the blood inside its length. At the same time, she opened her mouth and drove her lips down around his swollen cockhead, vacuuming the first three inches of the shaft into her oral gasp. Her lips formed a tight ring and she sucked in her cheeks. When the tight fit was completely formed, she began fucking up and down with her mouth.

"Holy shit!" Harry yelped. "Go easy on that Goddamn thing! A cock is as tender as hell for the first few seconds after it's shot off. Just give it a little tender loving for a minute then you can suck hard cock all you want!"

She loosened the grip of her mouth. Her tongue swirled all around the cock-shaft, licking her cunt-juices and his cum from its length. She wished that she could reach her own cunt with her mouth so she could drink the same mixture from her pussy.

Harry knew that something was turning his wife on. The pressure of her mouth was building again. He didn't give a shit now how hard she sucked, and he even liked it when she occasionally used her teeth.

Visions of cocks and pussies swirled in Cindy's mind. She could see every prick and cunt she had fucked or sucked during the past few days. She wished she could somehow bring them all together right there in bed with her and her husband so she and Harry would be surrounded by pussies and cocks.

"Wow!" Harry cried as he felt his prick fuck into her gullet.

Her neck muscles and tight throat squeezed down on his prick. Two inches of the fuck-shaft followed the cock-head into the narrow tunnel and still she was trying to go farther. Harry lifted his ass and thrust upward to provide some of the needed force. Suddenly her nose bumped hard into his pubic bone and her chin pressed into the top of the sac of his balls. Every bit of his prick was now shoved past her lips, with a major part of it buried in her throat.

"You're deep-throating my prick!" he growled, wrapping his fingers into her hair at the back of her head. He pulled her head toward his crotch, but there was no more prick for her to swallow. "Fuck my cock with your neck muscles! Stroke my prick up and down in your throat!"

Cindy's cunt was about to explode. Her hand moved down between her legs. Three fingers fucked into her cunt-hole while the palm of her hand massaged her clit. Small waves of pleasure began to roll through her guts, and she wanted desperately to send herself blasting through the roof. But she forced her hand to slow on her pussy, because after Harry climaxed in her throat she still had one more fuck-hole to go.

"Damn!" Harry howled.

His prick was gripped more savagely than it ever had been before. When she plunged her nose clear to his pubic bone and sucked all of his prick through her lips, he could feel his huge cock-head jammed all the way to the bottom of her neck and maybe into the beginning of her chest. His balls were on fire in spite of his earlier cum and he knew he was about to shoot a big load of spunk.

"Get ready!" he shouted, grabbing the back of her head again. Then he thrust with his hips, fucking his cock back and forth.

Cindy knew it was coming, could feel his cum pulsing down the length of his cock. Her throat was pressed so tightly around the thick prickshaft that she could feel every slight change. When the cum splattered far down her gullet, there was no taste because it bypassed her mouth. Blast after blast of sticky jism poured into her. She kept her head positioned for his throat-fucking thrusts until he gasped and collapsed onto the mattress.

Harry's whole body seemed to relax, and Cindy was afraid that the cock wouldn't be far behind. Carefully, she slipped his long cock back out of her throat and caught the cock-head inside her mouth. When she finally let go completely with her lips, she looked up the length of his naked body.

"One more!" she whispered. "You've still got to fuck my asshole!"

"Shit, Cindy!" he groaned. "I don't know whether I'll be able to do it! You're cocksucking just about knocked me for a loop!"

"I'll do the work," she said softly. "You just keep that prick hard for me and I'll fuck it up my ass."

"Suck my balls and stroke my cock with your hand," Harry said wearily. "Maybe that will keep the fucker up."

She giggled, then blew warm air onto his wet cock-head. She scooted down the bed slightly and dipped her head, then pushed a bit with her feet. When she opened her mouth, both of his heavy balls were at her lips. She nuzzled them, then sucked both of them in over her tongue. When she closed her lips around them, her mouth was completely full.

"That feels good!" he moaned as she sucked his balls. "Now use your hand to stroke my cock real slow!"

Cindy nudged herself downward on the bed, carrying his balls in her mouth and her fingers lifted his mighty fuck-shaft from her face. Her hand wrapped around his prick and began to jack it back and forth. She kept the finger pressure slight, knowing his cock-flesh would be overly sensitive until it was hard and raging once more.

"Shit, I think you're going to do it!" Harry growled as he ground his naked ass against the mattress of the bed.

Cindy seemed to know just how hard to suck balls and lick cock to get the juices stirred up again.

Her hand left his prick, and he wondered what she was going to do. Then her hand lifted his knees until they pointed toward the ceiling.

"Spread your knees and hold them up against your chat," she said as her mouth left his balk.

He warn still undecided about what was coming next, but his wife was so horny and turned on that he was sure he would enjoy whatever it was. He pulled his knees upward and used his arms to pin them in place. His hips lifted from the bed.

Her hand found his cock again and began a nice easy stroke. Her tongue washed all around his ball-sac, then slipped farther to the rear. A bolt of pleasure shot through Harry as she licked the firm ridge of flesh immediately behind his balls. Then her tongue was crossing the island of flesh between his balls and his asshole. Finally her wet tongue found the puckered brown bud of his shitter and bathed it with her spit.

"Yes!" he hissed, feeling the tip of her tongue wiggle hard at the opening to his asshole. The little bitch wife of his was trying to tongue-fuck his asshole!

Cindy felt herself riding high on the brink of a tremendous cum. Her pussy was on fire and pumping fuck-juices and her tits tingled like they'd been jammed into an electrical socket. The itch far up her asshole was begging for hard cock, knowing that some good ass-fucking action was just a minute or two away.

Her tongue curled and rammed into his shithole. It shoved an inch up into the musky hole before the pressure became insurmountable.

Harry's cock hardened almost instantly once his shitter was being reamed by her tongue. The strokes of her hand sped up and began thrashing on the rigid fuck-pole. Harry was moaning now, and his balls felt hot where they lay against Cindy's forehead.

"Ready for some ass-fucking?" she asked excitedly as she pulled her tongue from his shitter and lifted her head. "I'm going to fuck that hot cock clear into my pats!"

"Crawl up on top!" Harry gasped. "Fuck that prick up your ass!"

That was just what Cindy intended to do. But fir at she gathered saliva in her mouth and bent toward his prick. When her mouth was totally wet, she parted her lips and sucked his cock up into her maw. Her mouth coated the long prick with saliva so it could fuck up her ass.

Quickly, she scrambled up and straddled Harry's hips. She was hunkered down with her ass poised right above his cock. Her right hand reached down between her legs and grabbed Harry's raging cock. She held it up, then lowered herself until the throbbing cock-head pressed tightly against her shit-hole.

"Fuck it!" Harry growled. "Fuck your ass!" Cindy was too far gone toward her final, crashing cum to bother about taking it slow and easy. She gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut, then rocked down hard with her ass. She tilted her weight back onto her heels to add the power of her body to the thrust. Two-thirds of Harry's hefty prick fucked straight up her asshole.

"Aaeeiii!" she screamed at the splitting pain. "Goddamn!" her husband howled at the sudden, gripping pressure.

Cindy's ass lifted an inch and came down with all the weight of her body. The spearing prick fucked all the way up her shit-hole, disappearing into the tiny opening. She could feel every inch of that piercing prick as it fucked up her ass.

"Your asshole is squeezing the shit out of my cock!" Harry moaned, and reached up and grabbed Cindy's tits. His hands bit in as he pulled and tugged, feeling the hard nipples scraping against the palms of his hands.

Cindy's ass bucked up and down in short, steady strokes. The movement tortured the mouth of her shit-hole until finally the ass-ring adjusted to being forced open. In the space of a second or two, all of the pain disappeared and left the ass-fucking pleasure in command.

Cindy edged her feet back and regained her balance. She would need to be stable so her ass could pump up and down on Harry's lusty cock. She could feel her ass-ring trying to strangle the thick fuck-pole.

"Fuck it hard!" Harry shouted as his hands continued to maul Cindy's tits. "My balls are already beginning to erupt!"

Cindy could feel his prick swelling in her ass. Her right hand whipped down to her pussy and began thrashing against her clit. She jammed two fingers far up her cunt-hole and could feel the ass-fucking cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and shitter.

"Here it is!" her husband howled. "Here's cum up your ass!"

Sticky jism splashed into her guts as her own pussy spumed. She fucked the hard cock again and again into her asshole and was rewarded by even more steamy blasts of cum. Never before had she been able to get herself fucked in all three holes during a single sex session, but this time the new Cindy had been up to the challenge.

Chapter EIGHT

"No, I didn't remember it," Cindy said with a frown. She'd been hungry enough to eat everything in the kitchen until Harry had reminded her about the pool party planned for that Saturday afternoon. Somehow she'd managed to let the event slip her mind during all the hot sex that had been going on during the past few days.

"We promised that we'd be there," Harry said firmly, dropping his fork back onto his plate. He'd had no trouble at all finishing his breakfast while sitting there in his robe, so apparently he didn't have any worries facing his neighbors.

"I don't know," she said cautiously, avoiding his eyes. "Maybe it's not such a good idea. All of our neighbors are older than us, and I'm not sure we'll fit in."

"Bullshit!" Harry laughed. "You don't have to worry about them wanting you there. I've seen tile looks all the men give you around this neighborhood. They're going to enjoy seeing you in that skimpy little bathing suit I bought you last month, and they're probably going to wish they could get to know you even better."

"Don't say that!" she said. "Besides, even if we do go, I can't wear that! There's nothing to it. It leaves me almost naked! I thought you bought it so I could wear it in the bedroom for you. I'd be embarrassed to wear it anywhere else."

"Why not give them a thrill?" he asked, cautious to keep his excitement concealed.

The thought of the other men looking at his wife's nearly naked body made his cock get hard under the table. Besides, it might work out that the other couples were swingers, and they could help him convince Cindy to get involved in some group sex. He'd like to watch a hot, hard cock side into his wife's cunt-hole while he was fucking another pussy.

"I don't know," she said.

"Well, it's decided," Harry said sternly. "We've promised to go to George and Wanda's pool party this afternoon and we're going. And you are going to wear that bathing suit. I want everybody to know what a hot, little, wife I have."

"Okay," she said. She pushed her plate to the side. Harry eyed her plate, then looked back up and smiled.

"If you're not hungry for eggs, I have something else you can eat," he said, reaching down to untie the sash of his robe as he scooted his ass closer to the front of the chair.

When she slid down, she saw that his prick was already raging hard, and she briefly wondered why. Anticipation of what might happen at the pool party was making her pussy hot, but she didn't know what was exciting Harry.

Cindy was almost embarrassed to take off the robe that she had worn when they had walked across the street to George and Wanda Smart's house. There were an even dozen people scattered about. No one seemed to be talking to his or her own spouse except Cindy and Harry, and he was telling her to get her robe off and let everyone see her suit. Cindy glanced around at the other women and found that all of them were in bikinis, none of them wasting any material, but no other woman had a bathing suit quite as tiny as her own.

Finally Tom Miller walked up, noticing that Harry and Cindy were staying by themselves. He carried a drink in one hand, and Cindy couldn't help glancing toward his crotch, which was covered by a tight bathing suit that clutched at his balls and cock.

"What the hell you two doing over here alone?" he asked. "Get into the fun. Cindy, get that robe off and get wet, or at least get some sun."

"She's embarrassed that her suit's too tiny," Harry said.

"Ain't nobody here who would care." Tom laughed. "Another drink and Joanie, Ralph's wife, will have her top off and her tits flopping anyway. It happens every time. And when Joanie's top goes, the rest of the tops are quick to follow."

Harry had heard enough. He reached out and grabbed Cindy's robe.

"Come on," he said. "You're making more of a spectacle of yourself by keeping that thing around you than if you walked out here stark naked."

"Some have been known to do that, too!" Tom laughed, then turned and walked back to where a couple of the men stood talking.

Cindy realized that Harry was right. She was calling more attention to herself by wearing the robe. After all, some of the bikinis around the pool were actually small -- not tiny like her own, however -- but they showed plenty of tits and asses.

So Cindy gulped and took off the robe, then folded it and laid it atop a table.

The suit she wore hadn't come from a department store, and Cindy knew it had never been meant for the beach. Harry had bought it, and the only time she'd ever worn it was in their bedroom with the doors closed. It was pink, almost the same color as her skin, and the material seemed to disappear when the person who was looking at her was only a few feet away.

She glanced around, surprised that Harry had drifted away. Glenda and Joanie were watching her, and they waved her over. She turned and walked toward them, knowing that her naked asscheeks were exposed for everyone to see.

"Wow," Joanie said as Cindy walked up. "That's really some suit. When you were standing over there, it looked like you were naked."

"She is!" Glenda laughed. She eyed Cindy, staring lustily at her neighbor's nipples. "Did you have to shave?"

Cindy nodded her head.

"Completely?" Joanie asked, her brows going up.

Cindy nodded again.

"I'll have to check that out later," Joanie said softly, reaching down and running a finger behind the material at Cindy's crotch. The tip of the finger entered Cindy's pussy-slit and glided from her cunt-hole vicar up to her clit. Then Joanie pulled back and brought the hand to her mouth. Her eyes never left Cindy's face as she sucked the cunt-juices from her finger.

Cindy froze. Chills ran through her body. What if Harry or one of the other men had seen?

Quickly, she glanced around, but she failed to spot Harry. She shook her head and looked around again. There were only ten people around the pool now. Harry was missing, as was Betty Carter.

And George Smart was beckoning her over. George and his wife Wanda were in their late thirties, perhaps even in their forties, but time had treated them well. He was a large man, perhaps a bit thicker in the middle than he had been when he was a youth, but the thickness was all muscle. His hair was sandy and he had blue eyes that seemed to melt her resolve.

"Have you seen Harry?" Cindy asked. She was aware of his eyes caressing her body. Seeing the appreciation in his face made her feel excited, however, rather than making her uncomfortable.

"He went into the house." George said, reaching out to take one of her hands.

"And Betty?"

"She did too." George smiled. "I think they had something to discuss."

"Oh." Cindy felt slightly put out. It wasn't jealousy, she told herself. She just liked to know what was going on.

"We can go see, if you want," George said. "No," Cindy sighed. "I don't want him to think I'm checking on what he's doing."

"They don't have to know."


"I know where she was leading him," George said confidently. "And the room right next door to that one has a special mirror. We go in there and we can see and hear what they're doing and they don't even know that we're there. You wouldn't be checking on him -- not really. You'd just be satisfying your curiosity."

Cindy smiled.

"Well?" George asked, squeezing on her hand.

"Maybe just for a minute," she said weakly. "Just to see if they're okay."

But it wasn't for that, and she knew it the first second she walked into that dim room. There was no furniture at all, but the floor was as soft as a mattress and covered by some material that felt like silk. Cushions were scattered all around and the only light in the room came through a large plate of glass mounted in the far wall. The window was more than five feet high and ran the whole length of the wail. The room next door was completely lit and, in many ways, was similar to the one Cindy was in. Right in the center of that other room lay Harry, naked and flat on his back, his legs spread, as naked Betty Carter moved her mouth up and down on his hard cock.

"Oh God! He can see us!" Cindy cried when she noticed that Harry was looking directly at her. She turned and tried to get back to the door, but George blocked her way.

"No," George said, easing her back into the center of the dimly lit room. "What he sees is the mirror. He's watching Betty suck on his cock."

Cindy dropped to her knees and crawled toward the glass. In the other room, mirrors ran all around the three walls she could see. She listened and could actually hear the slurping of Betty's lips on her husband's cock.

"And they can't hear us?" she asked George, looking back over her shoulder. "I can sure hear those juicy lips work."

"You hear it through embedded speakers from the special microphones in the other room," George said, sinking to his knees about three feet from Cindy's ass.

Cindy crawled closer, until her nose was almost pressed to the glass. She was amazed -- and more than a little bit excited -- that she could see them and they couldn't see her. She was sure that if Harry had known that his wife was only ten feet away, his cock would have shriveled up right in Betty Carter's mouth. She giggled at the thought, wiggling her own nearly naked ass. Now that she knew that she wouldn't be discovered, her pussy felt like it had heated fifteen degrees and would soon be wetting down her crotch. As she wiggled, the cloth rubbed smoothly across her cunt mound. She could feel the itch in her pussy and her asshole began to burn again, and her clit was stiffening. Each time she watched Betty Carter's lips plunge down on Harry's raging cock, she wished she also had a prick at her disposal.

Almost without effort, Cindy wiggled herself out of the skimpy bathing suit and was now as naked as the people in the other room.

Betty Carter was a pert little blonde with tits like overturned teacups of flesh. When she pulled Harry's throbbing cock from her mouth and glanced up at him, she giggled like a kid.

"If I take your load in my mouth, can you keep it hard to fuck my cunt?" she asked.

Cindy's husband nodded and Betty Carter dipped her head again, then savagely began to suck his cock.

George knew it was coming. He slipped his bathing suit off and crawled forward, his cock pointing toward Cindy's delicious ass. But he stopped three inches behind her soaked cunt, waiting for just the right time.

Cindy groaned when she saw all of Harry's cock disappear past Betty's lips, and Cindy watched the woman's neck muscles bulge as his hard prick fucked all the way down her throat. Cindy's hand lashed at her pussy, rubbing it through a cum. She waited, expecting Harry to shoot his spunk down into the other woman's belly, but she was surprised at what happened when his balls actually spanned.

Betty ripped the prick from her throat and mouth. As his cock pulsed, Betty aimed the cock-head right at the center of her face. The first big glob of spunk spurted from Harry's piss-hole and splattered all over Betty's nose.

"Oh God!" Cindy cried as her pussy spumed.

Suddenly, George's thick, hard cock was fucking all the way up her cunt-hole. The sudden fucking caused her pussy to clench, the cum explosion ripping through her guts and making her asshole spasm.

The cock pumped and pounded, fucking her hard. Her cums were so marvelous that all she could do was scream for more.

"Fuck me! Rape my Goddamn pussy! Shoot cum into my cunt-hole while I watch my husband blast spunk into our neighbor's face!" George knew this was no time to delay. He'd played this game before. He allowed his cum to erupt from his prick, shooting deep into his neighbor's pussy-hole.

Cindy screamed as her whole lower body throbbed. "I can't stand it! What are they doing?" Cindy groaned as Betty fell to her back within a couple of inches of the glass.

"Betty's brought him over on purpose," George said, fucking his hard cock into Cindy's well-lubricated cunt. He was using the mixture of her pussy juices and his cum to slicken his stiff prick-shaft and cock-head until it was sufficiently lubed.

"She's done this before," George said, slowly pulling his prick from Cindy's cunt. Her ass was still biked high into the air. "Betty knows that we're right on the other side of the glass. She's going to give you a good look at your husband's prick fucking her cunt."

"Oh God!" Cindy sighed as she watched Betty pull Harry down onto her naked body. Betty led him down by his prick, finally ending up with his cock-head nuzzled into her cunt. She kept the leg that was close to the glass solidly against the floor while lifting the other, slightly turning her body toward the mirror. That way Cindy got a perfect view of Harry shard cock slowly fucking into Betty Carter's cunt.

At the same time, a strong, male hand pressed against Cindy's hips. She allowed her ass to be levered down, leaving her whole open to attack. Then the hard, hot flesh of a cock-head bumped against her tiny brown shitter and she felt a cock being fucked into her ass.

"Ungh!" Cindy grunted as six inches of thick fuck-meat fucked through her ass-ring and into her shitter.

Just inches away, her husband's cock was now fitting her neighbor's tight pussy, growing wetter and hotter and thicker ant fucked juicy, slippery, squeezing cunt-meat that Cindy wished so desperately she could lick.

Chapter NINE

When George and Cindy returned to the pool, she found out that what Tom Miller had said was true. She couldn't be sure that Joanie Adams had been the first to whip the top of her bathing suit from her tits, but it was obvious that something had happened, since every tit in sight was naked. Not only that, Rita also had stripped her bottoms from her ass. And when Harry and his recent sex partner rejoined the party a few minutes later, Betty Carter became the second totally naked female.

"Let's see that shaved cunt!" Joanie giggled when Cindy walked up to join her near the diving board.

Cindy gulped and glanced around to see who was watching. She saw Harry talking to Tom such man cupped the cheeks of Betty's ass.

"C'mon," Joanie said, then stripped out of the bottoms of her suit. The woman was now completely naked, and the sight of her soft cunt hair made Cindy's knees go weak.

"Everybody will see!" Cindy whispered urgently. "Maybe if we go inside. George showed me a place."

"I know all about it." Joanie laughed as she tickled her clit with the tip of a finger. "I've been in both rooms, and there's an even better place than you will probably see before the party is over. Stop worrying, nobody gives a shit about me eating your pussy out here. Look over there at Ralph."

Cindy looked. Rita Miller was bent over one of the large lawn chairs, her massive tits jiggling, while Ralph fucked his tremendous cock into her juicy pussy from the rear. At the other end of the pool, Wanda Smart was on her knees in the grass as she sucked Bob Jackson's hard cock clear down her throat.

"Oh!" Cindy gasped as Joanie took her hand.

Cindy allowed herself to be led over to the diving board, where Joanie stripped off Cindy's tiny bikini.

Joanie pushed Cindy back on the board. Cindy's legs draped off both sides of the long plank, and her thighs were parted for her neighbor's face. Joanie began by licking at Cindy's navel, then swirling her tongue all over her hairless cunt mound. Finally, the woman concentrated on her cunt-slit, and Cindy moaned as she stared up at the sky.

"There's still cum in there," Joanie said excitedly as she lifted her face for a second. "God, I just love to eat pussy that's full of spunk!"

Cindy turned her head from side to side. Everywhere she looked there was sucking and fucking going on. Rita was howling at her impending cum as Ralph pounded his hard cock into her cunt. Bob was filling up Wanda Smart's throat with his throbbing prick.

Glenda was straddling Harry's cock and fucking herself with fury. George Smart was on his knees between Betty Carter's legs, eating her hot little pussy. Sam Carter had come up onto the diving board behind Joanie and was fucking his hard cock into her shitter. Tom Miller was walking around, stopping at each fucking couple to take a look at the pussies and cocks.

Joanie's tongue was driving Cindy wild, and it seemed like her pussy being hairless made the flesh in her cunt-slit even more sensitive than before. When Joanie's tongue licked outside her pussy-gash, the shaved skin felt alive.

Joanie's body bucked and rocked in response to the fucking cock in her ass. Sam's prick was stuffing her shitter full and churning up the inside of her guts. All of the hot, horny assfucking made Joanie even more excited about eating her neighbor's hairless pussy. She licked, sucked and tongue-fucked as furiously as she could, causing Cindy to scream and begin cumming. Finally the sensations retreated. Joanie had lifted her body up onto hands and knees and was grunting out her pleasure as Sam's ass-fucking cock pounded into her shitter. Cindy groaned and rolled over, smashing her naked tits down on the diving board. The rough surface scratched at her nipples and she looked back over her shoulder to where Joanie was screaming her way through a cum. Cindy looked over and saw Bob Jackson shooting cum into Wanda Smart's face. The cum ran down over her lips and dripped from her chin. Some of it splashed onto her tits, while the rest of it landed in the grass.

Cindy searched for her husband, trying to remember which thrashing sets of bodies he had been a part of. When she finally spotted him, he was behind Glenda Jackson, and he was fucking his hard cock up her ass. She watched her husband's prick disappear into her neighbor's shitter, then rolled once again and splashed down into the cool water of the pool.

Her head broke from the water. She gasped. Her head whipped water from her hair. Her eyes were clouded from the chlorine in the pool, so she pushed her head back under, then rolled. Then, with her lungs burning again, she pivoted and drove her feet down hard on the concrete.

Her body shot upward, slicing through the water, and she broke from the water with her body rising above surface almost as far as her navel.

Long minutes later and after many laps, Cindy walked up the small steps at the shallow end of the pool. Her bathing suit was back there somewhere near the diving board, but she really didn't care. Right now she didn't want to ever put clothes back on her sexy, naked body.

She glanced around. The fucking and sucking were apparently through. There were only six or seven people, all naked, all around the pool now, and the sun had gone down. Rita Miller stood playing with her husband's cock as she talked to Joanie. That was all of the sex that was going on, and Cindy wondered whether the party was breaking up.

"Hey, Cindy," Glenda Jackson said as she ran over, her naked tits bouncing around on her chest. "I didn't know you could swim so well. You looked like an athlete out there in the pool."

"I'm not that good." Cindy laughed. "No skill, just a lot of enthusiasm."

"You looked good to me," Glenda said, allowing her eyes to drift down Cindy's bare body. "That little hairless cunt looks like something that belongs on a kid."

"You've licked my pussy before," Cindy said.

Then she felt the color in her cheeks go as she gained confidence in herself. After what she had seen -- and what she had done -- right here by the pool in the broad daylight, there was certainly nothing to be ashamed about in speaking her mind. She glanced down Glenda's body, then lifted her chin and smiled.

"And maybe we'll get a chance to tonguefuck each other again," she said. "If we don't today, there's always tomorrow."

"Right on!" Glenda laughed and walked off toward George Smart's house.

Cindy watched her go, keeping her eyes on Glenda's wiggling ass.

All of the other party-goers were already inside or on the way inside, and most of them were around a large, sprawling table in the dining room. Each person was loading his or her own plate from a banquet-sized feast. When the main courses were over, several types of desserts were brought out.

"All right, gang," George said when the last plate was laid aside, "it's time for the party room. Last one there has to suck everybody's cock!"

The men jumped up and ran down the hall, skipping past the women, whom they left in their wake.

"What's all that about?" Cindy asked. "It's the same thing every time," Wanda Smart said, taking her arm and leading Cindy down the hallway. "George makes his announcement and the men all take off in a race. None of the men want to be the last one into the room with the threat of having to suck cock hanging over their heads."

Cindy glanced over her shoulder. A couple of the other neighborhood women were behind and didn't seem concerned about catching up. Cindy looked back at Wanda.

"Does the last one of us really have to suck all the cocks?" Cindy asked.

"What difference does it make?" Wanda laughed, running her fingers down Cindy's arm and onto her naked ass. She squeezed Cindy's firm, sexy ass-flesh. "I can't imagine me ever going in there without sucking every prick in the room. I have to admit that hairless little pussy really turns me on, too!"

The party room was beyond the one in which Cindy had been earlier and, when the door was opened, it looked like she was walking into a gym. The room was more than thirty feet wide and perhaps forty feet long, and the expanse of the floor was covered with a carpeting that was almost too thick to believe. There were several backless couches here and there, and some funny-looking chairs. A couple of cabinets were pushed against the walls. Mirrors decorated almost all of the wall space, and everywhere she looked there was something new and different to catch her eyes.

Almost everyone had gravitated toward the center of the room and stretched out on the floor. When she walked over, still being led by Wanda, Cindy noticed that part of the carpet had been replaced by well-cushioned silk.

"Hey, baby doll," Harry said from where he sat with naked Joanie Adams. "Everybody's been on my back to get you to show us your pouting little pussy now that it doesn't have any hair. Grab one of those little couches and get down here in front of us so you can give us a show."

Her husband's suggestion would have stunned her just a couple of days before. It might have even surprised her a little if it had happened this morning before they had come to the party. But after all of the open fucking and sacking she had seen and done in the past couple of hours, the suggestion didn't bother her now. She looked around for a couch, but Tom had reacted quickly and was dragging one over.

Cindy sat near the end of the couch. She lifted her feet up, then scooted down until her cunt was at the edge. Her knees drooped to the side as she got onto her back, then her hands reached down and parted the hairless lips of her cunt. She knew that hot, pink pussy-flesh was flared open for them, and the juices in her cunt-hole began to stir from the attention the crowded party-goers were giving her. One of her fingertips brushed down the inside of the spread pussy-lips, touching at the mouth of her cunthole and at the tiny bud of her clit.

"Damn, that's the prettiest pussy-slit I've ever seen!" Sam Carter hissed. "It's just made for a good, hard cock!"

"Or a soft feminine tongue," Betty said.

"Who gets her first?" Tom Miller asked.

"I think it ought to be the men," Rita said. "That way the women can bring her down tenderly and make her finish her cum."

"That's fine by me," Sam said excitedly, rising. "And, if no one objects, I'm going to get me some of that baby-looking cunt!"

He came over to the couch, his cock sticking out in front of his body.

Sam pulled Cindy off the couch. When she stood, he lay down atop the bench on his back. Then he pulled her back over him, causing her to straddle the couch and position her cunt over his throbbing cock. Cindy reached back through her legs and grabbed hold of his hot prick. She rubbed the cock-head several times up and down her pussy-slit, until she had the head of his fuck pole completely wet. Then she nuzzled the cockhead against the mouth of her cunt-hole and lowered herself. Her pussy swallowed the length of his prick and her ass slapped against his thighs.

"Jesus!" Sam moaned. "That cunt is so tight it's torturing my prick!"

Cindy smiled and began fucking her pussy up and down on his prick. She realized that the people behind her couldn't see too well so she brought her knees up onto the couch alongside his legs. The new position threw her ass into the air and gave the rest of the party a good view of her wet cunt. Fuck-juices poured from her, wetting down his prick.

Bob decided to get into the action. He rose and walked around near Cindy's face. He straddled the couch and shoved his cock against her lips. Cindy opened her mouth and sucked the thick cock clear to her tonsils. Bob held her head and began thrusting.

But there was still one of Cindy's fuck-holes that was left unoccupied, and the group of neighborhood swingers seldom let anything go to waste. It was Ralph, with his tremendous, foot-long prick, who decided to teach the cute little bitch neighbor just what ass-fucking was all about. He reached down, wrapping his hand around Cindy's pussy and the cock that was fucking it until his hand was coated with cunt juices. He rubbed the moisture onto his cockhead and the shaft of his prick, then he pried open the crack of Cindy's ass. He pushed the cock-head against her shitter and began slowly fucking his massive cock inside.

"Oh, shit!" Cindy screamed as her face pulled off Bob's spit-covered prick. "What the fuck are you trying to shove up my ass?"

"My cock, neighbor!" Ralph laughed. "And when you take all mine in your shitter, it's going to almost touch Bob's cock-head in your throat!"

"Stop talking and fuck it in!" Cindy howled as her shit-hole began to give way. "Rape my ass!"

Her whole insides felt shoved pout of place. When his cock was fucked all the way up her asshole, she had trouble catching her breath. Cunt juices were pouring down the insides of her thighs and her spine was tingling. Her urge to gag was whisked away with her first small climax and she pushed hard with her face, forcing Bob's prick down into her throat. "Holy shit!" Bob exclaimed. "Her throat is pulling the cum out of my balls!"

"Let's cream her together!" Ralph yelled.

"Right now!" Sam shouted.

Cindy felt the cocks attack, one in her cunt, one in her throat, and one in her asshole.

Chapter TEN

There were times Cindy just had to take a break from sex in spite of it being so enjoyable. How long the party had been going on she just didn't know.

A grandfather's clock in the living room read twelve o'clock. She smiled to herself, thinking of all the hard sex that had occurred in only the span of a few hours. And her life with Harry had turned around in the same time. For the past few days she'd been fucking neighbors on the sly, but now all that sex was open, with Harry also having some fun. Things would never be the same around the old neighborhood again, and Cindy knew she'd be able to get as much hard cock and juicy pussy as she wanted.

The pool seemed to call to her, the memory of the cleansing plunge that afternoon pushing her now to do the same. Sweat covered her skin, and there were spots of cum and pussy-juice at various places on her naked body.

Cindy walked around to the deep end and climbed up onto the diving board. She measured her steps and jumped, bouncing and arching high into the air before curling down and slicing cleanly into the water. Her lungs began to burn for air and she drifted upward, finally breaking through the surface with her head. She gulped in several breaths, then began to swim, turning laps of the pool again and again. When her muscles ached and her skin felt squeaky clean. She drifted to the small stairs at the shallow cud of the pool, then stood and climbed out. Water dripped from her tits, her hairless pussy and the tight flesh of her ass. She turned toward the chairs, hoping someone had forgotten to take their towel inside, then jolted to a stop.

She wasn't alone! Naked people filled two of the chairs.

"We were wondering whether you were going to see us," a woman said.

"And if you hadn't, I would have had to say something to you," the man said.

At first Cindy thought two of the swingers had followed her outside. She took a couple of steps closer, drawn by her curiosity of who might be out there at the pool. Then she stumbled to a stop again when she realized just who it was.

It was Billy, George and Wanda's son! The same boy she had watched the other day. She looked at his companion again and saw that it was the same girl who had taken the boy's cock in her pussy and asshole.

"Meet Carla," the boy said. "Although I think you'll recognize her. You watched me fuck her the other day. You must be Cindy, at least that's what my dad told me when I asked him who you were."

"You told him that I watched you?" Cindy squealed.

"Of course." He laughed. "Carla is an exhibitionist. She liked other people to watch her fuck. When nobody else is around, Mom and Dad will sit back and watch me and Carla fuck and suck, and sometimes even join in."

"They fuck with you?" Cindy asked, surprised.

"That's another thing I need to tell you about Carla," he said seriously. "She thinks fucking is only good if a number of people join in."

Cindy laughed aloud. Things just kept getting better and better. The heat in her pussy leaped twenty degrees from just thinking about fucking with the young couple. As she watched, the two of them got out of their chairs and walked toward her. They held their hands out to grab some of Cindy's naked flesh, and Cindy stepped forward with her own hands out for something to hold. The fingers of her right hand wrapped around the boy's hard cock and her left hand nuzzled into the peach-fuzzed cunt of the girl.

One of her tits was in the boys hand and the other firm mound was held by Carla's fingers. The young couple almost joined hands at her pussy, and one finger from each hand fucked into Cindy's cunt-hole.

"I don't think I can stand it!" Cindy gasped, her knees wobbling and her legs threatening to collapse.

"Then I guess you better come over here and sit on my face," the girl said, dragging Cindy toward one of the lounge chairs.

The delicious young thing got on her back, pulling Cindy's cunt down onto her face.

Cindy's hands ran all over the girl's precious body, grabbing handfuls of the baby fat which still fleshed out the curves. She racked forward, rubbing her pussy against Carla's lips, and she felt her tongue go far up her cunt-hole and begin fucking in and out.

Cindy was reluctant to touch the girl's pussy. She knew that it would be hot. Her fingers crept down from Carla's navel, drawing ever closer to the pink fuck-slit. Finally her fingers dipped into moisture, then moved up over her hard little clit.

"Oh God!" Cindy cried, feeling her pussy gush cunt-juices into Carla's face. She quickly ran her tongue down the girl's stomach and into her pussy-gash. The taste of Carla's cunt made her pussy spasm. Again and again she poured cunt-juices into the girl's mouth.

"Tip her ass up a little more," the boy said, and Carla's hands pulled down on the small of her back.

Cindy's was levered slightly upward. Then she felt a thick, solid prick between her own body and the young girl's face. First the cockhead fucked into Carla's mouth, but on the back stroke it fucked deep into Cindy's hot pussy.

Cindy's face lifted. The night air tickled across her naked skin, the night was brightly lit by stars.

The cock now plowing her cunt-hole was as hard as an hon pole. She'd never felt such a hard prick before, and she could almost believe it never went down. The girl's lips were lashing against Cindy's clit causing her climax to begin.

"My ass!" Cindy whispered. "Fuck my ass like you fucked hers the other day!"

The cock pulled out of her cunt. Then its bulbous head was pushing at her whole. Carla's lips were now sucking up a whole mouthful of Cindy's pussy-flesh, trapping her clit maid the mouth and lashing it with the tongue.

"Aaarrgh!" Cindy growled as the throbbing cock fucked into her asshole. She threw her weight back, driving her ass toward the boy and forcing half of his prick into her guts. Another lunge met with a thrust by the boy was enough to fuck all of his long cock into her shitter.

Cindy's arms went over Carla's legs and lifted them, pulling her ass up off the lounge chair. The girl thrust her pussy high. Cindy licked the girl's pussy furiously, then tongue-fucked far into her cunt. When the cock in her ass began to throb, Cindy moved her tongue up onto Carla's puckered shitter.

"Yes!" the girl screamed.

Cindy's tongue snaked hard into Carla's assring, fucking its way inside. She fucked the girl's ass with her tongue for a minute, then licked all over her hips. Then she was back to sucking and licking on her asshole as Carla climaxed.

All of Cindy's sexual fantasies had now been fulfilled, and she was going to have to stop and think up some more. She was sure that, with all of the new things she now knew, she could put her mind to work devising some marvelous things.

And, at least in Cindy's neighborhood, a sexual fantasy was always a few minutes from coming true.


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