Hungry for boys

Life is filled with periods of transition, and it all starts at birth, when a baby is yanked from the warmth and safety of the womb. No less traumatic for most children is the transition from the protective environment of the home to the sometimes frightening school environment. And then comes the time when one must decide -- often involuntarily -- what to do with one's life.

Transitions all of us must make. Indeed, life itself seems to be a never-ending string of transitions.

In this novel, a sexually-liberated woman influences the teenagers around her -- an influence that greatly affects their personal lives as well as their relationship with one another.

Society may condemn them for their actions, may deplore the woman who has liberated them sexually; yet, they would be the first to declare that true happiness is theirs. How many others in society could say the same?

HUNGRY FOR BOYS, a stark novel of a woman who teaches teens what life is all about.

Chapter ONE

I was ready to scratch the itch at my cunt when a voice startled me.

"Shelby, you sure are tall for a girl... aren't you?" Billy Powell squinted up at me. The sun off the water of the lake threw shards of light across his tanned back. I squeezed more lotion from the bottle and dabbed the end of his nose white.

"I guess I am taller than most chicks." I watched him tense under my cool hand. I rubbed the lotion over his shoulders and made circles down his back. Billy, beautiful Billy. His ass rose up impudently from the plane of his narrow back.

"Hey, how old are you?" Billy asked, turning again.

"I'm twenty-eight. How old are you?"

"Eighteen." He put his chin back on his crossed wrists.

I spread the oil, let my fingers ripple over his sides. It was too early for anyone to be down at the pool and I was glad. I'd only come down myself when I'd seen Billy strolling with his towel across the grassy inner courtyard of our apartment complex. I'd been his friend for a couple of months.

"You didn't tell me how tall you are."

"Oh, about five-seven barefooted."

"Five feet and seven inches?" Billy's eyes were big. I nodded. "That's almost as tall as my dad!"

"I don't think I'm going to get any taller," I laughed. "Do you think I should?" Billy laughed. "I don't care."

"Where's your mother?" My voice shook but only I knew why.

Billy scratched behind his neck. "She's gone shopping. I'm not supposed to come down to the pool when she's gone, but since you're here..."

"Have you had lunch?" My hand stroked the backs of his thighs.

"Gonna make a sandwich later." He scratched the itch again. "Mom left a Coke in the refrigerator."

My fingers were straying. There was nothing I could do about it. He was so beautiful, so sunburnished and fresh. I massaged up the inside of one, slender thigh. Billy showed nothing that might tell me he was becoming excited from my rubbing. My cunt tingled with anticipation, enjoyed his own anticipation too. We were playing a little game... or at least I was. I watched the rise and fall of his back. Had his breathing quickened?

"What do you do at home alone all day... now that school's out?"

"Oh, sometimes kids come over. Ron Hanks, he's a friend of mine. Ron brings girls too when their mothers don't know."

"That sounds like fun." I was smiling at my own attempt to sound innocent. "What do you and the girls do?" I held my breath. Asking too much scared me.


"I bet you kiss, don't you? I remember when I was a little girl and boys kissed me." Billy was silent. "Hey, aren't you going to tell me?" I prodded him in the ribs and laughed. His tension broke. He turned half on his side. The tight trunks didn't hide his erection.

"Yeah, we kiss." Billy pushed his brown hair back from his forehead. His eyes traced the curves of my bikini top, dropped shyly away. "Ron does more than that." He rolled back onto his stomach, chin on wrist like before.

I moved my fingers into the warmth of his thighs, up high against the bulge of his balls through the swimming trunks. His breathing went shallow, stopped. Was I really here at the pool doing this or was it a daydream?

"That feels weird..." Billy was blushing.

I pulled my hand back, put the lid on the suntan lotion. Game over. But then Billy looked at me. Those big, soft eyes... I felt myself slipping into them.

"Look, why don't you come up to my apartment. I can make you a sandwich and we'll have a Coke..." What was I saying... doing?

"You mean it?" Eyes bright. He pushed up on his knees.

"Sure, let's go."

A half an hour later Billy wolfed his sandwich. Standing in the doorway of the kitchen, looking around curiously.

"You sure got a nice place."

"Glad you like it." I longed to touch him, to hug his slenderness against my tits... longed to kiss his chapped lips. And I was afraid of my longing. Where had this madness begun? In high school I was just a child myself. In college I had the usual messy affairs. Hurried fucks in music practice rooms, in cars, in an occasional motel.

I went to Bruce's liquor cabinet and poured myself a Scotch. Bruce wouldn't be home for a while. Busy, busy hubby Bruce. I looked at the boy across the room as if I were seeing him for the first time. Billy scratched a peeling shoulder. I trembled, wishing I knew what was happening to me. The afternoon seemed suspended over my head. What did I want to do anyway?

"Would you kiss me, Billy?" I blurted. A long sip from my glass as I watched. I was extending the game.

"Kiss?" He looked at me like I was crazy.

"I'm curious. You told me about kissing girls and I wanted to know how good a kisser you are."

His face reddened. "I don't know."

I sauntered over, put a hand out to touch the side of his head. The feel of his hair made me crazy with want. I smiled, tilted my head. "You scared?"

"I'm not scared!" His eyes met mine bravely. I dropped a hand to his shoulder, matched it on the other side.

His small hands brushed shyly against my hips and stayed there. I closed my eyes, lost in the glory. Between my legs the heat spread and I could feel moisture seeping out from the tingling folds of my cunt. The top of Billy's head came to my nose. He tilted his face back, lips grim.

"You're not very relaxed." My smile broke through his timidity and the corners of his lips turned up.

"I never kissed a... grown woman before." His hand trembled where it sweated against my bare side. Our lips brushed dryly. The kiss was warm but Billy never let me feel his tongue. I was breathing hard and didn't bother to hide it.

"You kiss fine," I lied. He was, of course, terrible. And at the same time exquisite. I patted his ass, dying to pull the damp trunks down. He had relaxed some, snuggled close against my belly. Our bodies warmed where they touched.

I caressed the nape of his neck, tilted his head back again and this time let him feel the tip of my tongue. Billy touched my tongue with his and then hid it in the hot recesses of his mouth. I wanted to shove my own tongue deep but controlled the itch. We hugged again and I could feel the whiskey working.

"Let me show you my bedroom," I said. He took the words with the innocence of a boy who doesn't always assume what bedrooms on quiet afternoons are usually used for. Walking down the hall with my arm around his shoulders didn't cool my fires. The rub of my loins against my skimpy bikini added fuel. By the time we stood at the end of my bed, I was flushed. My breasts were soft feeling, the nipples like hard buttons. I put a hand on his belly, felt out the shallow navel. Taboo, taboo!

"I like you very much, Billy."

"I like you too, Shelby." He nuzzled his lips against my neck, put his slender arms around my body and held me like he thought a man might do. I held him back at arm's length.

"I want to look at you," I said.

Billy cast his eyes down. "You make me feel funny always looking at me..."

I pinched his chin. "And I haven't even seen all of you yet."

He looked towards the door. "I don't know... I think maybe I better be getting home."

My heart was pounding, half with the fear of what I wanted to do and half with panic that I might lose this scrumptious boy after I'd gotten him this far. "I'll take off my think if you'll..."

He reddened again. "I really don't know..."

"Close your eyes," I demanded, making it sound like a game.

Billy closed his eyes. His breathing was shallow and ragged. I took his small hand and pressed it palm down against my belly. I was able to get my bikini top loose with the other. I draped it over his wrist. Billy closed his eyes tighter still. I tossed the skimpy thing on the floor and gently urged his hand higher. His smooth, dry skin made me tingle. Even before he was touching the bottom swell of my tit, my nipple burned. He gasped as his thumb went into the softness. He began to squeeze, testing the way my tit gave. Billy's little finger grazed my nipple and he pulled back, but I made him touch it again.

"I didn't know they'd be so... soft!" He was peeking now.

"You can look if you want..."

I watched the realization spread over his face, the knowledge that he had his fingers and eyes on my naked breasts. Both warm hands touched my tits now, fondling, petting. Billy licked his chapped lips. I rested my fingertips on the waist of his trunks. His half-smile fled, he pulled his hands back.

"Okay, maybe I was rushing things." My laugh was too frenzied. "Why don't you lay on the bed and I'll just no a little strip for you."


"No questions, please." I pushed him backward until his calves bumped the mattress and he plopped down. I could see the bump in his trunks, wanted to see so much more. For a second or two an image flashed through my head, an image of Billy with his wrists tied to the bedposts, his ankles too. And as he struggled, whimpering, I bent over him, took his cock inside my mouth...

"What's wrong?" Billy looked like he was about to bolt from the room.

"Nothing... nothing at all." I wanted to jump him now, to devour his sweet prick. "Watch!"

I did a little dance, a turn, then stopped with my feet apart, hands over my head. Billy had relaxed again. As gracefully as I could, I undid the strings over each hip. The crotchpiece of my bikini loosened from my pubes, I felt the dampness cooling there in my curls. Would my cunt scare him? A soft brown triangle hid the beginning of my cleft and fringed the outer lips of my cunt.

"Would you like to take it off?" I walked around the bed, holding the string up. The loose friction of the bikini against my ass, that state of being almost undressed was devastating to my nerves. I sat on the bed, lay back. The bikini had slipped enough to show the kinky brown hairs underneath. "Come on..."

I took his hand like before, but this time made him grasp the material of my suit. He edged it down. The damp thing peeled away from my pussy and I had to stretch to relieve the tension. As I brought one knee up, my cuntlips parted. Billy was staring at the darkish inner membranes of my cunt. He was excited! I knew he was!

"Oh God," he breathed, so lightly that I hardly heard it. As he looked at my juicy cunt, I touched his arm, his chest. Then I pushed myself up to kiss his cheek.

We rested beside each other, hugging. I wanted to ravage this sweet animal but forced myself to let him think he was using his own initiative. It was tricky. He didn't have much initiative.



"Can I...?" I insinuated a finger under the elastic band of his trunks, began to pry them downwards. Billy said nothing but went on pressing his chest against the softness of my breasts and the hardness of my aroused nipples. My finger dove deeper against the smooth skin of his abdomen, lower... I felt stiff hair, the top of his prick and then the hot, stiff shaft.

I curled my fingers around his cock. The tight-shriveled sac at the base warmed my palm.

Billy grunted deep in his throat and rocked his pelvis. Slyly I pried his trunks on down around his thighs. Slowly I began to jack the skin of his cock up... up against the small, flared crown and fuck again.

The light in the room changed as the sun went behind a cloud. Billy lay fully on his back, arms at his sides. I rose to my knees and inched the trunks down and off over his ankles. He let me part his legs then, part them wide. The more I urged his knees apart, the wilder grew the heat in my pussy. I felt hot juice spill out to moisten my cunt hair. I pushed Billy's knees apart until his crotch yawned at me, his sweet white cock resting to one side. His prick pulsed there, teasing me.


"Yes, honey?"

"I feel funny. Awful funny..."

"That's the way you're supposed to feel. I feel funny too."

"But... what are you going to do?" He looked at me with puppy eyes.

"Make you feel good." I smiled, petted his heaving belly. The slender white prick jumped at his crotch. It wasn't big, not more than five inches anyway and not so thick as a grown man's cock. I scraped my nails up the insides of his spread thighs, lowered my head down until I could smell the fresh musk of his cock and balls. He had hardly any hair at all around his prick and balls. The wrinkled scrotum was pink and appetizing. As I continued to tickle the skin around his crotch, I kissed his belly, kissed down so he would know what I intended.

Billy tensed. I slid my tongue out, touched it to the hot, tight skin at the base of his cock, licked slowly upwards until I'd made a spit-soaked trough for his lovely organ to rest in. Then more gently than ever, I brought my upper lip up, over, sucking his prick and balls inside.

"Ohhhh... G-g-god!"

I shoved my tongue back and forth against the hot underside of his cock, finally letting go of his balls for fear of hurting him. The old male fear of castration and all that. Billy seemed relieved. His breathing deepened and I felt a hand graze against my hair.

I was too excited to concentrate on just one part of Billy's wonderful body. I wanted all of him at once, lips, cock, ass...

"Let's hug some more..." I lowered my body against his, felt his legs circle my thighs and squeeze. I was trying not to press too hard against his balls. He seemed so delicate sometimes, so breakable. He opened his eyes and tried to smile.

"I don't think my mom would like me doing this."

"You probably do a lot of things she doesn't like. Isn't that right?"

He curled his lips. "Yeah, guess so."

"Would you like to fuck me, Billy?" No answer. "It's all right with me, if you want to?" He dropped his eyes, looked up again... too shy to say anything. "Come on, you want to, don't you?"

"I... don't know how. I never did it with any..." His cheeks colored and I kissed each one.

"I'll show you. We have all afternoon." I rolled onto my back and parted my legs. Billy looked at me like I was crazy. "Look down between my thighs... go on!"

He moved down until I could feel his stiff cock against my knee. He was looking at my pubic tangle, avoiding the glistening meat of my open cunt. I opened my pussy some more, felt the petals come unstuck from each other and bloom with blood.

"Haven't you ever touched a girl... here?" I pushed one of his fingers into my hot pussy. He tried a smile.

"Yeah, sure. Once or twice maybe." He was moving by himself now and I could hear the wet sound of my lips as his finger pushed the folds of my cunt apart and gouged deeper.

"Ohhh! Right there... that's my clit! When you touch that in just the right way it makes a girl go nutty." Billy touched, hoping to do it right. "Oooouch, not quite so hard, baby." I was sitting up watching his progress.

Billy tried again, petted very gently over the hooded nubbin of bunched nerve endings and soppy tissue. My hot clit grew hotter, was bathed in a fresh flood of blood from the surrounding meat. I sucked a shuddering lungful of air, closed my thighs slightly until the tickling petals closed around his fingers.

"That's it... up and down... Uuuhhh Billy!" His other fingers had strayed into my cunt. The sliding wet sounds increased and I took his other hand and pressed it down against one of my breasts, made him pinch the nipple. My pelvis had begun to rock against the consuming tickle of his finger-fuck. I could feel the pleasure building in my pussy.

"Oh, I want you to fuck me!" I whispered hotly into his ear, pulling him up, up over me until his cock grazed my open thigh, touched the dewy tendrils of my cunthair. I found his prick with shaking fingers and jacked the cockskin as I opened my cuntlips and pressed the flared tip of his cock against the steamy circle of my clenched hole. I tightened my cuntlips, making the muscles purse around his taut glans. Billy had begun an instinctive pumping motion, awkward in a sweet, childish way. No matter how awkward, it excited me, thrilled me more than my old man Bruce had ever done. I cupped my palms over his hard little buttocks, dug fingers into the white flesh.

"You're going inside!" I gasped. Billy grunted, plunged his hips. "Ohhhh God, you're slipping deeper. I can feel how hot... Ohhhh, Billy!" I wasn't acting any more. The slender shaft of his prick had forced apart the mouth of my cunt and I could feel my soaked tissues wetting Billy's cock.

"It's soft, really soft. I didn't know it would feel like that inside a girl..." His breath puffed hotly against my neck. His small fingers were clenched at my back. I rolled my hips, careful not to break contact as he fucked his hips around in wild abandon. I tried to steady his wildness by clenching his asscheeks but this only stirred him up. He was only a little more than half deep... I curled my fingers against his rectum and pulled him all the way up into me.

"Uuuhhh," he moaned. I felt the taut pucker of his ass under my touch, felt the still lump of his prostate gland a few inches away. He was up to his balls in my pussy and I clamped down hard. The rub of his body against my widened cuntlips, against my clit was making me feverish. I tossed my head sideways on the pillow. My tongue lolled out of my mouth. Billy kissed my cheek. I fucked hard with my hips.

"You're all around my..." Billy choked, caught his breath and fucked his cock roughly through the tight folds of my cunt.

I clenched and sucked at him with the muscles inside my pussy. With each contraction of my buttocks, a new storm raged through my senses. Something whisper-soft caressed the skin around my clit, pulled at it, stretched it. It was the base of Billy's cock that was as wet as my insides now. His cockskin was velvet smooth, sleek with hot juice. I could feel my climax coming, my thighs were throbbing, my asscheeks and my heaving belly were wet with sweat. I cinched arms around Billy's slim back and fucked back at him.

"Kiss... meee!"

Immediately Billy's lips clamped over mine. I pried his teeth apart so I could fill his mouth with my tongue. He sucked gingerly at it, not knowing exactly what I wanted. I held his head and licked his teeth. I was coming!

The large muscles in my ass had hardened, the circle of my pussy clenched around his boy-cock as it fucked in and out of my body. Flame beat along the spasming tendons of my inner thighs. I bit at Billy's spit-slick lips as I turned on the bed and rolled over on top of him. He continued to fuck me from underneath and I rubbed my mound up and down on his prick, until I was a carnal, raging female ravaging the male I'd captured.

Time passes, I don't always know how much of it. Especially when I'm just finished fucking. It was the thought of knowing who lay cuddled beside me that brought me around. I caressed Billy's cool leg, was surprised to find him awake and watching me.

"Did you come, baby?"

"I never have." He closed his eyes away from my gaze.

"What does it feel like when you... try."

He didn't blush as much as I'd thought he would. "Itchy and real nice but nothing comes out." He nuzzled his nose against my shoulder.

"Wait here, Billy." I padded naked down the hall and into the kitchen. There was half a stick of butter in the refrigerator and I dug it out of the wrapper and held it in the palm of my hand. On the way back to the bedroom I hooked a towel out of the linen closet and dabbed at the butter leaking between my hot fingers.

"What ya gonna do?" Billy said, pushing up on elbows.

I had pressed the buttery mess of my hand around his wilted cock before he could protest. His cock thickened immediately, rose through the melting globs as I rubbed the butter into every pore, let it dribble back onto his balls. I felt gloriously free.

"Ohhhh man!" he gasped. "That's really something weird..."

"Like it?"

"Do I ever!"

His prick was thoroughly soaked with the butter now and I started jacking him. I kept my fingers as tight as I could... just loose enough so that his cockhead would slide through. I worked him fast, the hot cock swelling in my buttery hand. I turned so that I could manipulate his prick with a jacking motion. Billy's legs had stiffened and his toes splayed out as he tensed. I could smell the melted butter, smell my own damp cunt as I squatted over his groin and pumped his meat.

I wanted him to come. I wanted him to need me, to come back again to the apartment, my bed. The potential of the summer dawned on me as I excited Billy to a frenzy. We could play every day. I could teach him new and different ways to excite me...

"Oh Christ! It's feeling different than it's ever felt..." His words were mumbled gasps of passion.

His hips jumped upwards from the mattress. I bent to kiss his flat, hard belly, stroking him with smooth, butter-slick movements. With my other hand I fondled his balls, separated them in their sac and tenderly squeezed.

"Uhhh, oh yeah!" The muscles in his ass bunched and he held his back and thighs up from the bed. A tiny dewdrop formed at the orifice of his cock, grew larger. Fascinated, I slowed my hand and watched the transparent droplet turn milky, thick. A spasm deep within him sent a white fountain into the air. The next flood of come flowed down over my knuckles and I jacked him with light strokes.

Had I heard a sound somewhere in the apartment? Of course not. Bruce wasn't due back for hours. Another jet of cream oozed over the glistening glans of Billy's prick, warmed my fingers. He was so beautiful, so...

Then the raw edge of Bruce's voice cut through the room. "What in God's name do you think you're doing?"

He leaned redfaced in the doorway, fists shaking at his sides. His lips were compressed to whiteness. My heart turned to stone. I took my hand away from Billy's cock. Billy was backpedaling in the bed, as if he might push himself through the wall and away from Bruce's glowering look. At that moment I hated Bruce Woodford with all my heart, would hate him always.

"Billy," Bruce said, "I think you'd better run on home."

"Yes sir." Billy grabbed his trunks and padded down the hall. I heard the front door slam. My fists were clenched at my breasts.

"Are you insane?" Bruce wrenched my arm. "I'll bet you're drunk!"

"Bruce, I just don't want to see your face right now."

"Because you were so rudely interrupted, am I right?" He shook his head, let go my arm. "Do you realize what you were just doing in here?"

"He's eighteen." I felt the shame overflowing from Bruce. "I was just making him feel good..."

"Oh Christ!" Bruce laughed. He went on laughing, a dead, caustic laugh. "You dumb bitch!" This with suddenness, as sudden as his hand swung around to hit my face. I staggered back. I looked up through team, holding my cheek, hiding the red mark of his fingers.

I giggled. "You came home early, didn't you?" I giggled again.

"You get the hell out of my apartment. I'm tired of you."

"You couldn't be tired of fucking me," I said. "You haven't done it in three weeks."

"Just get out." He stomped down the hall. "I don't want you here when I get back."

Chapter TWO

And so ended my life with Bruce. Bruce the midnight creeper who came on so romantically when he picked me up on the interstate that afternoon the year before. Sad, serious Bruce. But I made a vow the day I dragged my bags down to my Volkswagen that I wasn't going to let that asshole mess up my summer. It was two days until June.

Jackie, my best friend, let me move in with her the same day. An apartment on the north side of Albuquerque. Jackie was blonde, busty and about three shades more conservative than I was. But she wasn't narrow-minded. Just conservative.

During the month of June I started hitting the antique shops. I found a night job as a cocktail waitress and, since that left my weekdays free, I had time to scour every flea market, every garage sale in town. I was learning a hell of a lot about antiques in a very short time. By July I could smell a piece of furniture, rub my hand over it, and tell if it was worth anything or not.

I worked serving drinks to junior execs and well-heeled cowboys by night and prowled the antique market by day. Evenings found Jackie and I stoned out of our gourds, listening to country music on the phonograph... eating supper in our panties.

The middle of the month, Jackie got a card from her brother in Denver. He would be on his way down to visit her, arriving on a Monday. Scott, a nice name.

Scott had long blond hair, blue eyes like his older sister Jackie. He knew how to use them to advantage and his shyness only heightened the effect. Scott played his guitar in the bathroom and piled his dirty laundry behind the fold-out sofa where Jackie let him sleep. I became a kind of aunt. Aunt Shelby. When Jackie came down too hard on him, I was his defender. I needled him too when I thought he needed it. He needed it most of the time.

Then came a Friday and a bottle of tequila. Jackie's boss at the real-estate office had awarded her the booze as a bonus for her unselfish dedication to the firm. Jackie wasn't dedicated, she was just one damn good secretary. I had the night off from the club, Scott was hanging around as usual and so there we were... a party just itching for an excuse. After an hour things were cooking pretty good.

"Scott honey," Jackie said, "would you mind it if Shelby and I took off our jeans?" Jackie was drunk. She stood up and popped the first button on her Levi's.

Scott looked at me, blushed. Jackie weaved barefooted, giggling as she tried to kick her legs free of her jeans.

"My sister never has been able to hold her booze." Scott nervously swigged a throatful of the Cuervo just to show us, he could drink two silly chicks under the table any night of the week. Scott had charmed me from the first moment we'd met and I found his uneasiness over female flesh all the more charming.

"Maybe I'll peel mine too," I said. "It's hot."


"My jeans. You know."

Scott shrugged, brushed fingers through his long hair.

Jackie was up and spinning around the room. My flash of courage faded. Why be nervous about getting down to panties? I was aware of maleness in the room. And Scott was a fabulous-looking male when you really looked. I was looking. I was stoned out of my head. I giggled.

Scott couldn't look at me. "Want some more tequila," he offered finally, swinging the bottle to me.

"Sure." I raised it and glugged.

Scott looked at the ceiling, scratched his arm, coughed. Jackie twirled by, her ass jiggling sweetly behind pale yellow panties. She was shorter than me but with more ass, more tits, more meat shaking on her bones. A pretty, compact blonde. Her brother stole glances and studied his cuticles.

"I'm gonna get another beer," he said, getting up.

"Bring me one too," I waved.

Jackie staggered to a stop near the phonograph and held onto a bookcase to steady herself. "I've been dying to hear some Willie Nelson." We were both wearing T-shirts and Jackie's hung down low enough to cover her tummy. My T-shirt was the shrunken variety. When I stood, it lifted like a curtain to expose my navel. I decided to stand and take a look at my navel.

"Hello, navel. Nice navel." I stuck a finger in my navel.

Jackie dropped the needle in the groove and teetered back across to her chair. "Shelby Jean, I think you're drunk." She collapsed in the deep cushions, kicking over an empty beer can.

I took a deep breath and started working the buttons of my jeans. I was just stepping out of the second leg when Scott came back in with the two beers.

"Jesus," he said, lips quirked in mock disgust. "Do you two do this often?"

"Do what?" Jackie asked. "Get drunk or take off our pants?"

Scott handed me a beer. "Both, I guess." I saw his eyes scan my shape.

Jackie slugged from the quart. "Show him your tattoo, Shelby! Come on..."

"Aw hell..." I put down my beer. "I gotta piss."

Inside the bathroom I turned before the mirror. My heart was pounding. What in hell was going on? Scott, just sweet innocent Scott. Black memories swept in, memories of that day in Bruce's apartment when Billy and I... I shook my head and the image of Scott wiped away all that. His tan torso, his hairless chest beginning to muscle out a little. The way he wore his faded denims, low on his waist. I looked at my own grey eyes in the mirror.

"You are just one big Ultimate Fuck Off," I said aloud, blinking. I pulled the T-shirt down tight over my tits, half-turned. Nice. The purple smudge of my scorpion tattoo caught my eye. I still don't know why I had done it. How many other chicks have a scorpion tattoo on their upper thigh. The scorpion looked like a terrifying beast. What the hell, if Scott didn't like it, it was just too fucking bad. He was only Jackie's brother, her little brother. I wet my lips, smiled and went back in the other room. Jackie was stretched out on the sofa, eyes closed.

"I think she's about to leave the party," Scott said, pointing at his older sister with a beer.

I sat down on the floor, letting my thigh do its thing. I forgot about Scott and the tattoo and everything else except the cool bubbles of the beer and the sweet country sound coming through the speakers. When I opened my eyes again, Scott was staring straight at the scorpion. He didn't notice I was watching him right away and then knowing I'd caught him peeping, he reddened and took a ragged breath.

"Well, Jesus. Sure is a nice Friday night." He got up again, sat down, sipped from his beer. "My sister is something else. Always the life of the party for about five minutes. Then she passes out." He laughed, chanced a look back at me.

"It's a scorpion," I said, putting my finger on my thigh. "Just like Jackie said."

Scott nodded hugely. "Nice. Must have hurt." He was as tight as an overcranked guitar string. Still very stoned, I tried to imagine what a boy might think about a tattooed girl. Not morally or anything like that. Nowadays girls got tattoos. Rock stars, crazies... Ultimate Fuck Offs like me. But I tried to see myself through his eyes. I knew I was confronting him with something out of the ordinary. Not many men got tattoos after all. I didn't even think one would look good on Scott's smooth skin.

"You want to look at it closer?" Sure, that was it. Get him used to it. Why was I trying to get him used to it? What in hell was I doing? I took a monster gulp of beer and choked. My panty-crotch was damp with my cuntjuices. Knot in my belly.

Shyly, eyes veiled, Scott crawled across the rug on hands and knees. He leaned politely near. I could smell his armpits, fresh boy-musk.

"Really a good job. Did it cost much?"

"No, not very much." I could see back into the past week easier now, could see the little gestures I'd made when Scott had been around. Things I'd done with my eyes and not believed. It was here and now. With Scott kneeling so close, with my cunt sending up musky little whiffs of enticement.

Scott started to move away and I reached out my hand to his hair. I had to choose which road to take. One way passed through the cold shadows of Bruce's world... a disapproving world. The other road was crazy and free and had something to do with my scorpion and getting high and sucking... Scott.

"I like your hair," I told him.

Scott swallowed, tried to look at me, failed. My nostrils flared. Slowly I lifted my other hand to his head. He smiled, met my eyes... closed them again as our lips met. I gave him a tiny lick. He acted surprised but gave me back a tongue-tip in exchange. He hardly touched me with his hands, fingers grazing my shoulders as if I might break... or disappear the next moment. I tensed the muscles in my thighs, held my breath, felt my poor starved pussy run over with honey.

"Scott... ohhh, Scott..." I pulled him gently up over me. He seemed to hold back, stiffening in my embrace.

"I don't know... my..." He glanced over at Jackie. She was obviously dead to the world, but I could understand his hesitation. I was coming unglued by now, but I didn't want to botch the evening either. I giggled, let Scott help me up. Then sneaked an arm around him.

"Let's go in my bedroom. She'll be passed out all night."

"Oh God," he mumbled. His voice was strung out. I felt him trembling. He looked at me, quickly shutting his eyes. "What if you get..." Scott swallowed for the hundredth time, started again. "What if..."

I wanted to fuck Scott, that was all. I wanted to fuck myself crazy and then fuck some more. Christ he was a beautiful animal, so smooth and hard... I took his hand.

"Come on."

Scott followed me into the bedroom. I closed and locked the door. There was a light on by the dresser and I hung my T-shirt over it. I turned to face him.

Scott looked at me with huge eyes. Then it came like a flood, like he'd been bottling his emotions, his words.

"That was the prettiest thing I've ever seen in my life," he said, "the way you took off your top. I don't think I ever saw anyone take anything off so pretty. Your tits just kind of bounced down and I could see your back all of a sudden and..."

I touched my ears. "Yeah. If I was a boy I think I'd look kinda funny."

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life." Adoration shown in his eyes.

"You're sweet to say so, Scott, but I'm not really that perfect. My teeth stick out a little in front and my ears on the side. I can't see very well without my glasses." I stopped and smiled at him. "But I can see you. You're beautiful too." I made myself stand there a room apart from the young Adonis. Really I wanted to jump on him like a dog on a hot bitch. I wanted to...


"Yes, Scott?"

"I think I'm in love with you."

Now it was my turn to swallow. I came quickly over to him. We pressed together and he found my mouth with a hurried, not very good, kiss. I hugged and hugged, pushing my pelvis forward, finding the lump of cock with my mound. He let his hands slide down my back, stopped suddenly at the elastic waistband of my pale blue panties.

"Why don't you take them off," I whispered.

"Oh God..."

"Go ahead. I love your hands."

Somehow Scott managed to get the panties down as hr as my knees. When I moved, they puddled at my ankles. Scott was in a trance, staring at the triangle of my brown hair. I felt so strange. Seeing him on his knees like that. He was like a child, a child I could control. The power, the strength of my conquest welled up inside. It was a hot, good feeling.

I dug my fingers deep into his long hair and pulled his head back, teasing him with my roughness. He gasped out a breath. His mouth hung open. The grass, the tequila... I felt crazy good. I dug at his head again, twisting his head first in one direction, then the other.

It came from deep in Scott's throat. He had sunk back on his haunches now, his head thrown back. I widened my thighs and guided myself over him. His chin was on my tight curls, pressing gloriously upwards. I doubted that he had ever given head to a girl and seconds before I would not have even considered embarrassing him with a suggestion. I pressed Scott's ear against the tattoo.

I rose on the balls of my feet and brought my sopping cunt over his mouth. I sensed a shy kiss, tentative, exploring. He sniffed in the musk of my burning cunt. His tongue grew bolder, slipped between the swollen outer lips and slicked accidentally over the hood of my clit. I rocked his head back and forth with my hands, loving the slick, sucking sounds his lips made as they rubbed over and around the hot meat of my pussy. His front teeth found my clit, and I lowered myself further, rocking, tilting, rubbing. Scott wasn't very good at this, but then I hadn't expected him to be.

My excitement came from his position. On his knees between my trembling thighs, me over him, holding him. My juices frothed out, wetting his chin, cheeks, trickling down to his neck.

"Put your tongue in my pussy, Scott." My voice sounded too steady, too sure. "Yes, that's it... Ohhhh, deeper!" The friction was subtle but very hot. I felt his tongue spear up into my cunt as far as he could reach. His strong arms hugged my legs. I put my palms on his shoulders.

A change in my breathing. I pulled Scott up, I guided him backwards in the dim room, back to the bed where he let me push him down on his back. He laughed. A short, tense laugh. I laughed back, tugged at the buttons of his Levi's.

I skinned him naked, starting to tremble again when his cock bobbed up out of the tight underwear. It was a beautiful cock, neatly circumcised and tinged dark purple around the crown. It wasn't a giant as cocks go, but thick and heavy... around six inches. Even in the smothered light I could see the scar where his foreskin had been cut away. His balls lay loosely in their sac at the base of the shaft. I scooted between his legs on my belly and touched a finger to the tip. It jumped, swelling with blood and his balls rose in the wrinkly sac.

I breathed hotness against his taut cock, massaging the underside of the veined cock. It pulsed steadily now, bumping my palm. The head of his prick had enlarged in the seconds I'd spent probing it with my thumbnail. I hovered close enough for my lips to brush the tiny wetness at the orifice. My tongue fell heavily from my mouth and I guided the curved glans against it, licking slowly. The underside bulged, grew even more turgid.

Scott groaned and rocked his hips. I saw tendons tighten in his thighs. His fists pressed down against the mattress and clenched the wadded sheet. It was exquisite to watch his excitement.

His movements were unpracticed, blatantly erotic. A helpless, urgent sexuality which he had not learned to disguise yet. The tip of his cock rested between my lips now and I kissed it, kissed it again, slipped my tongue underneath along the ridged tube that stretched his white skin. Scott arched his back slightly. He was panting now, gasping, ragged breaths... his head tossed.

With soft, sucking movements I wet his shaft another inch and let the crown ride to the back of my tongue. My cunt ran over with more musky honey, tingling to be played with, to be fucked. I raised and lowered my head a dozen times, pulling hard at his lovely cock, tickling the tip with my tongue until the suction popped at the corners of my mouth. Scott had gone rigid, but I had not sensed just how much my mouth had excited him.

I was breathless myself as I slipped up over him, pressed my breasts against his chest and found his mouth. My head swirled with the sensation of being over him, of crushing him. I took his wrists and held his arms out from his sides as if I were raping him. Raping. The word sounded wonderful. I wanted even more to say it.

"How do you like being raped," I whispered against his ear.

Scott moaned. His hips rocked under me. I could feel his spit-soaked cock pressing up into my belly fat. Holding his arms out, pinning them against the mattress, I found his mouth again and speared deep into it with my tongue.

Scott writhed under my breasts. He took my tongue deep and sucked it with the sides of his cheeks as I rocked my body against his prick. When the first hot lick of come streaked up my body, I knew I'd rushed things as always. It seemed to be a fault of mine, a lifetime fault. Grabbing, devouring, hurrying at the wrong time.

"Scott," I breathed, letting go his wrists, smoothing the softness of his hair. He gurgled in his throat, pumping his ass wildly as his seed frothed between us. I felt a steaming droplet slide down my waist and wet the bed. His cock throbbed in even, strong jumps. Damn it... damn it... damn it! Why was I such a fuck up? Ultimate Fuck Off, good old Shelby Jean.

We lay together on the bed. I let his come dry on my stomach, wishing that I had only been able to hold him off a minute or so more. I knew I would have gotten off good if only...

"Hey, you're a quick corner," I kidded. He put an arm out, took my hand.

"It was what you did with your mouth." Scott sighed. "I never had a girl do that to me before."

"I hope I didn't shock you or anything."

Scott yawned and flopped down on a pillow.

"You're not gonna pass out on me, are you?" I jabbed a finger in his ribs. I could see his drooped penis, and the milky droplet hanging from the tip. A buzz went up my back. Really crazy how the tequila and Scott were getting to me. I had gone down on guys before, but never finished them that way. The feel of a cock in my mouth was nice. I loved the heat of it, the throbbing aliveness. I guess I loved the danger too, because I really didn't relish having my mouth full of semen. But now, for the first time in my life I had actually thought that it might not be so bad to have Scott's slick stuff spurting against my tongue.

I leaned forward. The sharp, sour smell of his wet cock stopped me, but I forced myself down again, snaked out my tongue and dabbed the seed from his cocktip. Scott moaned and pulled back from the friction. His wrinkled cock shrank back into his body.

"I feel like I'll never be able to do it again," Scott said.

I smiled, tasting his come. It had a flat taste. Not really anything outrageous. Just flat and maybe a tiny bit salty.

Scott had begun to snore softly. I ran my fingers up the line of his thigh, the place where his pelvis jutted out, traced his ribcage. My cunt raged. I could smell the musky wetness and, when I moved, the inner lips moved against themselves, pressing teasingly against my engorged clitoris. I rocked my hips a few times, not able to stop really, wanting some kind of relief.

Scott's sleep had deepened. His half-empty beer sat on the dresser and I got up and drifted across the room to it. Flat. Like the Goddamned evening. But no, how could I ever believe that. Something crazy had happened to my body, my mind. When I had been standing in the room with Scott's bent-back head pressed up into my cunt... and on the bed, me over him, breasts flattened against his chest, my nails digging into his wrists as I held him pinioned, I'd been close to coming right then. Rubbing my pubes up and down against the base of his cock had almost done it. That's why I felt so damned flat now... I'd been so close.

I felt like laughing through my gloom. I turned before the mirror. The jizz had dried in damp blobs on my belly and I rubbed a hand in what was still wet, spreading it around over my skin. I touched another stringy bunch to the splotch of my tattoo. Heat crawled into the swollen petals of my pussy. I smelled the come on my fingers, licked it. I looked in the mirror and licked it again, excited by the reflection of my lips shiny with Scott's jizz. Some of it dried quickly, making my mouth sticky at the corners. I licked them wet again and swallowed the odd, flat taste.

Legs spread, I lowered my hands to my fluffy triangle and dug the cuntlips apart. My breathing went ragged and my shoulders shook uncontrollably. It was like I was chilled. I ran my fingers back and forth over the puffy membranes that framed my aching cunt. There was a hairbrush on the dresser with a curving plastic handle. I picked it up and guided the smoothness into my pussy. It slipped past the ring of muscles with a wet little sound and, when I pulled it back again, my soaked cunt sucked around it... and the sound was as exciting as the touch.

There I was, Shelby Jean in the mirror, legs spread wider now, bent slightly at the knees. My shoulders drooped so I could get my hands under my body. The hairbrush handle glistened slickly. My fingers were wet to the knuckles. Oh God, it felt so good! To have my cunt filled with something. I probed deeper, my eyes fluttering weakly shut and opening again.

I touched the sensitive sides of my pussy, gouging out with the brush to stretch them. I rocked my ass. My toes spread wide on the rug, cramping. With a fingertip I ravaged the button on my clit. I was awash with cuntjuice and my small, hardened clit slipped away as I gouged after it. The muscles at the backs of my legs were as hard as rock, my breath shallow and rapid. Ohhh, so good... so damned good! It was beginning to build along the nerve endings that lined my cuntlips.

My next movement came almost before I thought of it. I let the brush fall to the floor, staggered towards Scott's slumbering form. Trembling, I lowered myself as gently as I could. His chest was cool with sweat and I ground my aching cunt against his soft cock. He woke a little, tried to smile through the irritation of being disturbed without warning.


"I'm horny," I gasped, pretending amusement for the two of us, licking his dried lips. He didn't want to kiss me, but I buried my mouth in his neck and rocked my pelvis. The lips of my cunt had flowered open around his cock. I could feel the blood moving back into it, though Scott seemed to be still half asleep. I was close... seconds away. Frantically I found his cock and pumped the skin up and down against the ridged head. His cock straightened and thickened some. Scott took a breath.

"Jesus... you surprised me..." His hands touched my hips, shyly again. "What are you..."

I had pressed the head of his cock into my gushing pussy and bore back upon it with twisting, hunching movements. His erection was weak, but my cunt was hot and slippery and I fucked him with rapid little jerks.

"Ohhhhh... Scott..." His cock slipped in as I supported it with my fingers around the base and tossed my ass to impale myself better. I was coming! The friction of his pubic hair against my naked clit was glorious.

"Scott... kiss me, damn it!" I tongued deep into his mouth, raked at his teeth. He seemed shocked, coming awake completely now. My ass bucked against him. I couldn't think of stopping now. His cock had thickened more, lengthened within me, and I clasped it with my pussy and tongued his mouth savagely. I sensed he was struggling and at the same time trying to cover it up. He was shocked, I knew it. I didn't give a damn. The bunts of itching madness were all over me. My cunt throbbed with something near pain, a wondrously insane kind of hurt that made me want more of his prick. Scott jerked under me, moaning with pain. I tasted salty blood on my lips.

"You're biting the hell out of me..." he grunted.

"I'm sorry... Oh, Christ, I'm sorry, I..."

I put my face into his neck and probed the tendons and muscles with my tongue. Scott's cock had gotten no harder, but I ground against what I could feel as the urgent jabs of pleasure jerked through my loins. I was intensely aware of the boy beneath me. I floundered on him, shoved my knees against the insides of his legs, opening him almost as if I was the one with the cock. My spasms were dying away but still the mild rubbing of his half-hard cock teased me... drew the lusty throbs out until I let go my tenseness, relaxed. I lay like that for a few minutes, drooling happily against the pillowcase... and Scott's neck.

He moved me gently onto my side. I heard the door open and close. In a little bit he came back with a fresh beer and sat on the edge of the mattress.

"Jackie's still dead to the world."

I saw him dab at the red place on his lip where my teeth had nipped. "I'm sorry I bit you, Scott. Really... I didn't know what I was doing I guess." He seemed shy again, retreating into his own mind. I had the feeling that he was a little ashamed of what had happened.



"Are you all right? Is there something you want to say?" He looked at me, almost began to say something, then looked back at his beer. I clasped my hands over my belly. "I guess I kind of got crazy. But... well, you just excite me, that's all."

"I do? I mean, I did?"

"You're so..." He cringed at this. "Look, why can't we just admit it. I'm almost ten years older than you are. I don't expect you to come on like Joe Cocksman... I'm glad you didn't really."

Scott was blushing. I felt it more than saw it. "It was kind of funny... with you on top like that."

I felt like telling him how wild it had actually been for me but stopped, afraid. A shard of memory flashed back... I could see him on his knees, head pulled back... my soaked pussy pressing down against his mouth.

I sat up, scooted close to him. "Hey, why so moody?"

"I'm not moody." He took a gulp of his beer. "Just thinking." I wondered if he thought he hadn't performed well.

"You're moody all right. I know moody when I see it." I tickled his leg, squeezed it.

"I really do love you, Shelby. It just got me... you sitting in there with Jackie tonight and you kissing me like that."

"Look, I was horny." I made him look at me. "I told you that. I was hornier than I guess I've ever been and you looked so damned... sweet."

Scott stared hotly at me. His strong jaw jutted as if he might be working up his arrogance, searching for some primal instinct that separated the sexes. Only then did I glance between his thighs. His cock stabbed out from his blond pubic hair, bobbing slightly. I laughed and pressed my breasts against his arm. It was hard to keep my hands off of him and so I didn't. Reaching in under his ass, I cupped his hairy scrotum and gently squeezed his nuts.

"I want to. I want to do it to you," he managed to get out. I nodded my face against his chest, kissed his nipple. He moved like he didn't want me to. I rolled his balls in my palm. We drifted towards the bed and Scott pushed me roughly down. A little too roughly. He mounted me with almost no grace, dropped the weight of his chest against my tits. I closed my eyes, curled fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. He kissed me. His lips were dry. I felt his cock as he guided it between my cuntlips. My pussy was dry and the tenderness of my own body made me squeeze my eyes with pain. But Scott fucked me quickly, without mercy. He was mad, taking it out on me. Shelby. The Ultimate Fuck Off, the rapist of boys. I laughed too loudly and Scott looked at me.

"What's so funny?" For a moment I thought he might hit me.

"Nothing. Still drunk I guess." I winced as he drove his prick up and under, skewering my pussy. It felt pretty nice, but that was all. Just nice. "If you're angry, we don't have to fuck right now." I looked directly into his blue eyes. He gave me a big-bad-dude glower. His arms held my body as if it were a sack of potatoes.

"I can get it in you deeper with me on top." He drove viciously to prove his point.

"Usually when a guy makes love to a girl he kisses her breasts and her neck and tells her how he feels." I couldn't help being a little cruel. Scott needed it. He kissed one of my tits. I held his face down on it, but he only passed a tongue near one nipple before twisting away. Inside I yearned to roll him over and ravage him again. I closed my eyes with the yearning... so strange this sudden new lust of mine. I hadn't minded the bottom position before. Had Bruce's fucking bored me, or just Bruce? I wasn't sure.

Scott's fingers had sneaked down to my ass, kneading me.

"You're so soft."

"You're so hard," I said, trying to give him something to build on. I was getting excited again. His cock was wet with my cuntjuice now, and the friction wasn't so painful. I began to move my ass in slow circles, tilting it to make his glans plow against the inner lining of my pussy. Why did I want so badly to be on top? I even caught myself pushing a leg down against the bed, tilting us for a moment.

Scott braced against me, pinned me with his weight. He fucked mechanically without much variation. In and out, fuck, fuck, fuck... as if each fucking blow was a punishment against my having him under me before. My excitement reached a long, flat plateau and hung there.

I tried to make Scott kiss my tits more, something I'd always loved, but he was grimly resolute to fuck me under his own terms. With his chin against my collarbone he grunted like a pig and increased his tedious, hard strokes until I felt really fucked... fucked into oblivion. I felt a little ball of nausea in my guts. Oh Christ, hurry up! Get your rocks and get the hell off!

I touched his scrotum, fondled his balls. He grunted in my ear again and I felt the muscles in his ass harden. My finger rested against the base of his cock and I felt the jolts of semen jet through his cockshaft and out into my pussy. I rolled and tickled his balls as he plunged. The sound of our fucking grew stickier, wetter. I felt hot froth with my fingers and, as Scott collapsed heavily against me, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked. Then I closed my eyes.

At last Scott budged and lifted himself away. He strutted unashamedly before the dresser mirror as I mopped the mess from between my legs with the edge of the sheet. It was his turn to look down upon me, his turn to dominate. I didn't like his childishness now. It had turned shallow and ugly. He stood at the end of the bed with arms crossed. I looked up at him, smiled.

"Guess I'd better get back in the other room," he said.

I nodded. "Jackie's pretty broadminded, but you are her kid brother." It had just slipped out.

Kid. But he was one.

Gamely he pretended not to take offense, bent to pull on his blue jeans. I took a deep breath, let it out. Now with his cock out of me, about to leave... I wanted to fuck again.

"I think I've flipped."

Scott glanced over. "Huh?"

"Flipped. Me. I'm wigged out. I need another drink."

"See ya in the morning." He waved back from the door.

"Night." The door closed. I fell back on my pillow and went the hell to sleep.

Chapter THREE

I was just stepping out of the shower when Jackie popped through the door all bright and unbelievably bushy-tailed after our night before.

"That man is here!" she bubbled, brandishing a bitten piece of toast. "Mr. Lomax!"

"Maurice Lomax?" I asked. Jackie nodded.

Maurice owned two shops in the city. I'd talked to him a lot about the business of buying and selling expensive old things and he knew plenty. I remembered him asking for my address once, but couldn't imagine what he wanted with me now.

"Hurry up and get dressed," Jackie scolded. "I'm making him some coffee." She started out the door, turned. "By the way, what happened last night after I drifted off? Scott acted really weird this morning."

I had my back to her. "Oh?"

"Yeah, weird. He took off early. I think he was brooding." She bit her toast. "And smug, too. You gotta admit, that's acting weird. You two didn't get into one of those arguments again, did you?"

"Maybe I did let him have a few points."

Jackie laughed. "Well hurry up, damn it. Your Mr. Lomax makes me nervous." With a swish of blonde hair Jackie disappeared.

I patted my breasts dry and smoothed the towel over my belly. I was in a quandary. Mr. Lomax. I'd almost forgotten him. I'd been asking questions of a vendor at the flea market and Mr. Lomax had overheard. Relaxed, easy face. Piercing brown eyes.

I dragged the towel through my legs and slipped into a pair of fresh panties. My same jeans, I'd have to make a trip to the laundromat soon. I opened the door a crack and hollered to Jackie.

"Bring me one of your T-shirts, okay?" I sat on the toilet and thought about what in the world Mr. Lomax might want to talk to me about. Jackie opened the door and hit me in the face with a striped, slightly frayed jersey.

"It'll have to do." She made a face. "Hurry up, willya. I think I bore him." The door closed.

A tinge of lipstick, a little eyeshadow and I waltzed out. Mr. Lomax rose as I entered the room. I gave him my hand and he held it very gently, made a slight bow.

Maurice Lomax seemed larger inside the apartment, so close. His grey hair, the diamond ring on his left hand. We sat. Jackie brought in some coffee. Mr. Lomax looked up at me.

"First I'd like to say that I've always been impressed by your knowledge of antiques, Shelby. Usually it takes an antique such as myself to know anything about them at all."

"You don't look so old," Jackie said. Muffled laugh. We all sipped our coffee.

"I try to stay in shape," he said. "Please, I want you both to call me Maurice from now on." It hinted to me of a continuing relationship. His smile was perfect. I found him looking directly at me twice and dropped my eyes modestly. Maybe an oversexed old dude looking at a potential mistress. Or maybe...

"I have a deal to put to you," Maurice said. He smiled, tilted his head. "May as well come right out with it and let you decide. Would you like to run a shop for me? I'm acquiring a new one in Holdenville and it will need looking after." He sat back with his coffee while I came mildly unglued. I opened my mouth three times before any words came out.

"Wow." Fumble with the coffee cup. "You want me to... yes, run this new shop for me. I know you can do it. A man who works for me at present doesn't know half what you do about antiques." His brown eyes smoldered, caressed me from where he sat.

"I guess I should think about it some." I couldn't believe I'd said that. "...but I think I'd like to very much." I looked up at him. Those brown eyes were something else. "Yes, I think I'd love it."

"Wonderful!" Maurice Lomax downed more coffee. "I'd like to drive you up to Holdenville on Friday and show you the place. Really lovely part of the state. And not so far away from the city that you couldn't get back from time to time."

We chatted, sipped from our cups. Maurice was studying me and not trying to hide the fact. Looking for chinks in my character? Or just sizing me up for his bed? I blushed at my own perversity. Not that there was anything really perverse about Maurice digging on a chick in her twenties. In reality he was probably a kind, fatherly type of guy. Anyway I liked him.

"Well, I must be off," he said, getting up. Jackie darted around gathering cups and then left us alone.

"Friday then?" I was beaming, about to jump up and down now that what he'd offered me was at last sinking in. I nodded and said goodbye.

When Jackie came back, she was jumping up and down just like I was doing now that Maurice had left. She wanted to buy a bottle of champagne, plan another party.

"I haven't really said I will for positive yet."

"Oh, you will!" She hugged me up off the floor.

"Yeah, I guess I will."

While Jackie went out to do some shopping, I sat down to make a list of things to get done before I could possibly make the move to Holdenville. I heard Scott come in, smiled a hello and returned to my list.

"Got you something," he said, plopping down on the sofa next to me. Small box, tissue paper, red ribbons. I undid it and held the silk scarf up to the light to see the colors.

"Nice." I looked at him sidewise with one eye. "Any special reason?"

"Pretty girl, pretty scarf."

A big shot now. I knew he was gloating over fucking me, had probably composed the jive he'd tell his friends when he got back to Denver. His conquest, his twenty-eight year old fuck... loose and sexy Shelby Jean.

"Well thank you very kindly, sir." I returned to my list. Scott hung close. After a moment I felt his fingers on my shoulder. I persisted with pad and pencil. Breath on my ear, then a sloppy neck kiss. I wanted it not to excite me, but alas my crotch became sticky even before Scott took his mouth away. And what was I thinking? Of having him on his back, hands tied to the bedposts, feet too. Shame on you, Shelby. I smiled.

"Let's go fuck."

I shook my head. "Huh-uh."

"Come on. You want to." He put the tip of his tongue against my earlobe, made my earrings jingle.

"Just because you want to, you think... come on."

I wrote down some words on my pad. I wrote a paragraph while impudent Scott showed me what a son-of-a-bitch with girls he had become overnight. I dotted the end of a sentence and ripped the page off for him to read. He started it aloud after a cocky look my way. I bit the pencil to contain my glee.

"Poor Scott is not really the lover he thinks he is. He didn't even try to make Shelby come and of course she didn't..." Scott looked at me. His facade was chipping off at the corners but his Adam's apple bobbed and he continued bravely... "He was a much nicer person when he was himself. Shy. Unsure of himself a little like all of us are..." He cleared his throat. I knew he wanted to quit but had to save face and go on with it now that he'd started. "...if Shelby had wanted a he-man fuck, she could have called up an old boyfriend..." The muscles moved at the side of Scott's head. He pressed his lips together, tossed the sheet in my lap.

"Okay, I can dig it." He got up. I looked at his slim hips, his shirt tail hanging out. Such a sweet little piece when he acted his age. He turned, glared at me. "You think I'm an asshole. Well, maybe I am."

"You're not an asshole." I put the pad and pencil aside. "I think you're beautiful. I wouldn't say it unless I meant it." Sudden hope lit his face. He was very tan, sunstreaked, scrumptious-looking. The crotch of his Levi's was bulging fight.

"I guess things did get kinda funny last night..."

"Oh?" I would let him unwind the tangle.

"You with that tattoo and all and then being..."

"It was fun," I said frankly. "I didn't know I liked being on top that much."

"Did you like me being on top?" His eyes were expectant, afraid. I closed mine, sucked the pencil, finally looked up again.

"Not particularly." I shrugged. "Maybe I was in a conquering mood last night."

Scott paced. His fists were clenched at his sides. "I knew I could never understand women..."

I giggled to deflate his slender philosophy. "You still have a long time to learn." He shrugged, dropped onto the sofa beside me. I could sense a change in tactics.

"Let's go fuck," he whispered into my ear. His hand warmed my thigh. I wished that my scorpion could sting through my jeans.

"Jackie will be back in a little bit. And besides, I'm not so sure I'm in the mood." I was. Scott was not going to find that out. I could tell Scott didn't like the idea of being discovered by his sister. Maybe Scott had thought about fucking Jackie and nee versa for her.

"Let's go take a walk. We could get some booze."

I picked up the pencil and pad again. "Where do you want to go?"

"You could drive us up to the hills. I'll buy gas..."

"My Volks isn't feeling too well lately." I was enjoying holding him at bay. Perverse little Ultimate Fuck Off me. Scott had his hand on my leg again. My pussy felt deliciously wet. "Okay, maybe that would be fun." I scribbled again on a fresh sheet of the pad. "I'll leave a note for Jackie."

We put the sunroof down and I stopped by a liquor store to get Scott some beer. Teenagers were all beerahollcs nowadays and Scott was worse than most. We drove out of the city and into the hills. Maybe I wasn't any good for Scott. Emasculating influence. Pinching off his buds too early in the season. But after I finished one of the beers, I was having too much fun to think about it. Scott stripped his shirt and rode along with his arm out the window. I nursed my poor Volksy along, keeping an ear cocked for any strange noises from the engine compartment.

"Hey stop! A trail!" Scott was bouncing in the seat. I swung around. We parked in the shade and pulled the sunroof closed.

We walked about a mile into the pines and scrub oak, rested and walked same more. Soon we could no longer hear the traffic from the highway, no voices of picnickers, nothing but the buzzing of the woods and the wind.

It was getting hot. At the edge of a small meadow I stopped and sat in the tall grass. Scott put the rest of the beer in a small brook and came to sit down beside me. I knew what he was going to start, but I had made up my mind to have things my way. We talked a little about my moving to Holdenville, about how he would come visit me when he got his driver's license.

"All the way from Denver?"

"Sure," Scott said. "I'm gonna go everywhere when I get a car. Just camp out on the side of the road. Sleep in jails." He smiled boyishly. "You can do that in the south, you know. These little towns will let you spend the night in a jail if you can't find anyplace else."

"You're so fun to have around, they might want to keep you." Hand on my thigh again. Scott kissed me. Such a lousy kisser, but lips so sweet and curvy soft.

"Lay on your back," I told him.

"Here we go again."

"I promise you'll like this. My special for high-school boys..."

"Aw, Shelby, you can lay off of the..."

"Sorry..." I nipped his nose, then hovering over him, kissed his cheeks, his chin, finally teasing his chapped lips with my tongue. "I'm going to teach you to kiss."

"What's wrong with the way I..."

"You're terrible." I shrugged to let him know there was nothing repugnant about it. "Like most guys your age." Scott shut up and let me tickle his lips some more with my tongue. I wet him until his cheeks glistened with spit. Then I let my mouth only just touch his.

"Open up, Scott. I'm not the dentist."

He laughed, parted his lips. I parted mine to match and let the sensitive surfaces rub together, pushing down, teasing back again. When he tongued, I took mine away.

"Patience..." I let him feel just the tip and took it away again. "You'll have more of it in a little bit." As slyly as possible, I'd edged a leg over one of his. My hands were trembling as I undid his belt, but I managed to cover pretty well. With Scott's fly loose, I spread my fingers against his flat belly and slid them under the elastic band of his shorts. His crinkly hair was warm, damp from our hike up the trail. I hooked his cock upwards from the binding underwear and petted it.

"Jesus Christ...!" Scott licked his lips and I caught his tongue between my teeth and worked it playfully. He made motions of rolling over, of grabbing me. I quelled them by beginning a kissing journey down his neck and chest. He shivered when I sucked his nipples.

With my right hand I gently pumped the skin of his cock. Again that feeling of having control. I knew enough about my head to see that I was completely satisfied with my own femininity. No cock envy for Shelby Jean. I was a chick, a nice-looking one. I loved that squiggly, velvet hole between my legs, loved to have it filled with cock. Even loved to play with it myself. I was a girl. I dug men. Did it really matter... all that stuff about bottom or top? Come on Shelby, shuck those guilt feelings. I nuzzled in Scott's navel, tongued its depths.

"Uhhhh, Shelby..." Scott took my shoulders as if he might want to urge me down beside him, but I disobeyed, continued my licking explorations. I let him feel my lips on his glans. He was coming apart, but trying bravely to keep things under control.

"What a pretty cock!" I slurped his prick, lapped it, ended by taking the length suddenly to the very back of my throat. The surprise of hot spit and suckling cheek brought Scott up off the ground.


I pressed him down again, laughing. "Come on, let's see if you learned your first lesson about kissing." I tickled my way back to his mouth and gave him my parted lips. He did a pretty good job of touch and go. I wet the corners of his mouth to let him see how many fun places there were.

"Men are really pretty single-minded when it comes to loving. They think about a girl's cunt and sometimes their tits. I went with a guy once who finally quit kissing me at all. Said it compromised him."

Scott wasn't listening. His neck had gone splotchy where I'd been kissing it and, when I glanced down the shadowed lines of his body, I noticed the changed coloring of his cock. In the outdoor light it seemed bigger than the night before and the crown was dark, dark purple. When I moved my hand upwards, the flared ridge of his prick swelled like a fleshy barb. Quietly, I undid my jeans. Scott stirred, opened his eyes.

"Just stay cool, big fella." I thumped his chest with a fist. "Trust Shelby Jean." He let out breath.

"Okay... teacher."

I had my jeans off now, rolled back against him. "Is it so bad being a student?" I stroked his cock, passed my tongue under the lobe of his ear. Scott had to smile. I knew how good I was making his prick feel.

"Can I at least touch you... you know..."

I grabbed his wrist and guided it down between my thighs. His fingers froze there at first, as if he was afraid he might get me on my high horse again. I put my lips close to his ear.

"You may touch my pussy, slave." Joking and not joking. Just saying the words made me shiver excitedly.

Scott touched my cunt. He was learning. His fingers just grazed the honey-damp meat. I could feel my swollen cuntlips parting. He pushed harder and the sheer material of my panties pushed up into my pussy. His fingers were wet now, searching for the edge of the crotchband. Scott found a place to get under and then I had to close my eyes.

My hand lay still against his cock and I reminded myself to keep jacking him off. A slishy, fucky sound as he dug softly in the hot depths of my cunt. My turn to groan... I opened my mouth wide and sucked his mouth ravenously.

"I love you, Shelby," he said through the kiss.

"You always say that when you're hot to fuck."

"Maybe you made me see something. The other night when..."

"Shut up and give me your tongue." Scott licked out and I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth, stroking him again with my hand. The sun in his hair smelled good. I twisted against him. My cunt was really flooding now. I always had been the gushy type, but what the hell, fucking was better wet than dry.

Scott pulled my panties down around my thighs and went on fingering my pussy. Much improvement. I snaked a leg over Scott's thigh. Gently, cleverly I edged my weight up. Half on him now, still massaging his rigid cock. My pussy soaked his knuckles. The slippery sound of it was almost as good as the feel.

Scott put his hands on my back, hugged me down upon him. I rose to put a breast in the vicinity of his mouth and he picked up on that hint right off.

"Owww... not so hard, baby." I smoothed his hair out of his face, watched my nipple disappear in his mouth, pop out and disappear again. I was straddling Scott's body, knees bent at his sides. Reaching between our bellies, I steadied his prick as I backed up on it. The constricting ring of muscles at the opening of my cunt rode softly around his glans and I stopped there. I tightened my pussylips down on his cockhead as hard as I could. He looked at me with obvious surprise.

"I never... felt anything like that before."

I moved my pussylips again, rocking my hips. The velvet folds of my cunt sucked around his tip. My turn to be smug. I smiled, gave him a dramatically wanton kiss.

"How do you do that... I mean..."

"See, it isn't so bad being the student, now is it?"

We kissed again. Scott was hot and I could tell my lessons had done some good. He fucked slower, was more considerate of my tender places. I fucked down on him and reveled in the feeling of his cockshaft sliding into my pussy. My pussylips burned against his rigid cockflesh as he pushed upwards with short pumping motions. An inch, two, three. Who cared how deep. I was enough for him and he was enough for me.

The lighted meadow flickered around us. Sun dappled Scott's arm and I kissed its soft hollow and licked again over his nipples. With my knees bent up alongside his body I could raise and lower my cunt on his cock with little exertion. When I sat straight up on him, his cock gouged wonderfully inside my cunt. His prick was deep now, very deep. As deep as I'd ever been fucked anyway. Since no man had ever gotten to the furthest reaches of my pussy.

"Why don't you take off your glasses," Scott said. It was so crash barn out of the blue that I laughed as I peeled them off.

"Not sexy enough for you?" I brought my lips teasingly close to his.

"No, it's not that. I just was afraid we might break them."

"When you get rough?"

"Come on... I'm the student, remember?"

We kissed, the glasses forgotten. We kissed again and our pulses quickened together. My spit leaked into his mouth, down his chin. I twisted my teeth hard against his lips. We were caught up in our fucking now. I rolled my ass down hard against him and when I raked my boiling cunt up off of his hard cock, I clinched the ringed muscle like before, stripping his prick.

Scott grunted with pleasure and hugged my back. He felt my asscheeks, almost touched the tan knot of my asshole. The passing tickle of his fingers made me gasp for his lips again. I loved to kiss him now that he was taking time to kiss.

Scott raised his knees, dropped them flat again. I knew he wanted to turn over, but I was braced, I was in my fuck rhythm. I could almost time my come, could feel it way off at the end of a long tunnel, rushing headlong.

"My... nipples... Scott, please... suck my tits."

Scott sucked a nipple between his teeth and nibbled until I winced happily. His hips moved up from the ground and I fucked him, fucked the stiff cockshaft that fucked away the softness inside of my pussy. Framing Scott's face with my hands, I dug deep into his mouth with my tongue, fucking him with it, straining to reach his throat as the slick sounds of our fucking grew more frantic.

I couldn't seem to fuck fast enough. The rub of his lovely thick cock against my clit was fire on fire. Scott's fingers moved over my back, along the sides of my tits and under the soft droop of my belly to where my pussy was fucking his cock. I felt his touch there, shy again as he discovered the miracle of how we were fitted together, the wondrous wet stabbing of his prick as it fucked me over and over. I was coming! A quick, onrushing little tickle. Then close behind came the real come... the glory of what we'd been doing for the past half hour.

"Oh God, hold me tight, Scott honey! Oh Jesus!" I babbled, fucking my cunt viciously against the shelf of his pubic bone.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh... Sssscottt!"

It killed me slowly, torturously. The harder I tried to find that insane itch and put it out, the more intensely it raked my senses. The final burst of goodness left me tremblingly weak. I gasped for air against sweet Scott. I was so damned pleased with him, pleased with myself. It had been the best fuck I'd had in over a year. I tried to focus on Scott's eyes.

"You come, honey?"

"Naw. It's okay." He grinned. "I will."

I rested for a while in his arms, a little annoyed that he couldn't get off like I had. The old top and bottom hangup? So it seemed. Maybe I was being too idealistic. Dumbass romantic ideas of coming together. Oh well. Scott was making movements under me like he wanted to be top dog for a while. Though I shouldn't have been irritated, I was a little. I smiled through it, let him roll me over.

"Let me rest for a second, okay?" I flopped down on my stomach. Scott kissed my back, stroked my bottom. The sun felt good, my body felt good. I closed my eyes and thought of getting my sex life straightened out. Or was it straightened out... my sex life that is? There was a nagging fear that Scott would turn out to be trouble before it was all over. I felt guilty for having taken him this far down the yellow brick road. Shelby, the wicked witch of the East. I could only hope he didn't get crazy with this love thing. But I had enjoyed him.

I let myself remember his smooth, uncontrived expression as I had burst into the throes of my come. Shelby had fucked herself a boy. Maybe not ultimate, but still a nice fuck. Scott's hand had strayed over my sunwarmed ass and was playing in the moist meat of my cunt.

"Mmmmm," I protested, "it's tender."

He parted my knees, knelt behind me. My tits were flattened against the warm grass. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable now that my senses were returning to normal. But Scott had his own come on his mind. He hooked fingers under my pelvis and lifted me until he could match the angle of my cunt to his cock. Well, well. The boy wonder was really striking out into new territory.

He was going to fuck me dog-style.

"Your cock still won't fit," I said, holding my laugh. "You have to get me higher."

"Well help a little, why don't you." Mad. The boy wonder had his balls full of hot come and he was mad. I scooted my knees forward in the grass, felt him probing my cunt with the tip of his cock. He found the slit of my cunt and his prick entered. I made sure his cock was good and deep and then eased back down on my belly. The damp grass was cool, tickled my navel. He fucked slowly, grasping my hips with fresh savagery. But I was exaggerating things... Scott was not the savage type. He was just fucking my cunt like he thought he should be kicking it.

"I never... I never fucked like this before..." His breath warmed my back. He moved my hair aside and kissed the nape of my neck.

"Like it?"

"It's tight. Your cunt's real tight oohhh..."

Hearing his pleasure made me ashamed. Come on Shelby, let the kid have a good come. You got yours after all. I arched my back, moved my pussy for him. His cock gouged the sensitive surfaces of my pussy, but I gritted my teeth and tried to make it good. Only a minute or so could have passed when Scott's hands clawed suddenly at the jutting hardness of my pelvic bones. He lifted me up onto my knees and crawled forward, dog-like to fuck me.

Scott was no taller than I was and I was surprised with the strong lunges of his fuck strokes. But I wasn't excited. I felt like crawling away from him, leaving the finish to his own imagination. Cruel, cruel Shelby Jean. How did I get so detached about things, so perverse? It was strange because at the same moment I was loving his fucking. The swing of his balls as he brought his ass under, up and in. Inside, yes in my pussy! The angle made his prick stretch my cunt, and I could feel a new tingling around the muscles of my sphincter where his cock pressed each time he shoved deep.

Scott growled sharply and pressed a hot cheek against my back. I was trying to hold his weight, but my arms had begun to tremble. His cock hardened, swelled deep in the folds of my pussy. The sensation was terribly exciting, and for a second I wondered if I might be able to catch him, come at the same time as he did.

He pulled his prick out slowly, then just as slowly shoved my cunt full again. I gasped. It was damn good fucking. He fucked me slow again, tantalizing me with that huge purple tip that by now seemed as if it were going to burst against my dripping cuntlips. But this time, when he put his prick in deep, I felt his ass muscles buck. He fucked in short, sharp jabs. I thought I felt the slick cockshaft pulsing against my cuntwalls as it unloaded hot cream.

"Ahhh... uhh," Scott groaned.

His hands were hurting my hips, but I remained silent. In a few more seconds I sensed the wilting of his prick inside me. His arms went slack. His head drooped even more heavily against my back. I let myself slide forward again into the wild grass and closed my eyes.

Scott pulled his prick free from the clinging suction of my pussy and knelt between my spread knees. A slimy droplet hit the back of my thigh and immediately cooled there. My own excitement was now suspended. I would have liked it better if we'd gone off together... this second fuck had me teased out of my mind.

I ground my teeth together and made a fucking motion with my mound down against the grassy earth. Scott was humming something... a bubblegum rock tune he'd been trying to work out on his guitar.

When I heard him go into the woods to piss, I wiped off his come with my panties and slipped bare-assed into my Levi's. I felt spaced walking back down to the car.

Driving back to town, Scott kept taking my hand, squeezing it, giving me love-dog looks. I would have felt more at ease if he'd sucked a finger, run his tongue against my palm. I couldn't figure him out.

"I'm not going back to Denver," he said. "I'm going to get a job down here so I can be around you."

"I won't be around this summer, Scott." I told him about Maurice Lomax and the probability of me working out of town.

"Then I'll come up there to Holdenville."

"No, you won't. I'll be busy." He looked morose as hell. I felt like pulling off the road and digging his cock out of his jeans right there on the edge of the freeway. Shape up Shelby. How could I convince even my most lustful self that I could find Scott fascinating company? After all people didn't fuck all day. There were times you just had to talk, eat, goof off together. Scott would turn out to be a grand bore. A terrific kid, but a bore to have to live with. My sensible self won out for the time being.

I glanced at his smooth chest. The air streaming in from the vent tossed his hair back from his shoulders. Yeah, he could turn out to be a huge bore. Even when I was fucking him I sometimes got a little strung out. (And a minute later wanted to fuck him all over again!) But he was sexy! I was seeing this part of Scott more all the time.

I returned my attention to driving.

Chapter FOUR

I started Friday out with a pair of blue-velvet hiphuggers, my new cowboy boots and a top Jackie had sewed for me herself. Sunglasses. Hair shiny-washed and windblown.

By ten o'clock we were cruising softly up into the hills in his beige Eldorado, Maurice and his wife in the front seat, me and his son in back. And I was flashing on this scene.

Maurice's wife looked only a few years older than I was... maybe five. His son was at least seventeen. He was talking to me about motorcycles, trailbikes, motocross. Todd Lomax. Every bit as beautiful as Scott but two years older. Poor Shelby. I bit my lip and smiled politely not giving a damn about motorcycle jumping.

Todd was at least six feet tall and close to one-sixty. Big for his age. He continually wiped black hair from his eyes and smiled at me crookedly. It seemed to be his only smile. Probably practiced it in front of the minor for effect. Remembering Scott's blond hair above and below, I wondered if Todd would be as dark down there as he was on top.

Maurice's wife, Catherine was a toned-down redhead. Hair in a cultured bun. I could see her at the symphony or attending some art exhibit, Maurice grey and stately by her side. She seemed to be showing him off to me. Catherine Lomax was very polite to me, but I had the impression she held back and wanted me to know it. One didn't talk in the same manner to a social inferior.

Maurice either did not notice or pretended he didn't. He joked and carried on about a wonderful bargain he'd managed a month earlier on a houseful of old furniture. His warmth warmed me. And I couldn't help but wonder if he had always been so well off.

Holdenville was off the highway three or four miles. A couple of bars, a dusty museum, a gas station and some business establishments down the main street. I loved it right off. And the shop was as cozy as the town. Jammed with tasteful antiques, chairs hanging from the ceiling, glass cases of precious items from the past. I bubbled over with joy and let Maurice know it. He was pleased. His wife glanced at me warily, wondering perhaps if I was a dope-smoking crazy. The leader of a female motorcycle gang? Son Todd hung close by, brushing my breast accidentally on one occasion and sending chills to the back of my brain. I swore silently to keep my mind on business. Lately I had a way of attracting the cocks.

"Well then, I assume you'll take the job?" Maurice folded his arms.

"You got yourself a girl!" I clapped my hands and beamed.

Todd bumped my breast again. Accidentally? "You haven't even seen the house. It's at the back of the shop."

We went back through a kitchen and a small glassed-in porch that overlooked a stream. Flowers everywhere. Shading pines. Two bedrooms, the biggest I chose for my own.

"Oh God, what can I say?"

Maurice took out a notebook and jotted something. "I'll go over the books with you on Monday, show you how to keep records of sales." He looked at me. "You'll be driving your own car up?"

I thought of poor Volksy and the blue smoke he left behind but nodded. "I guess so."

"Then it's settled." We shook hands, Catherine hovering with an air of... what? I couldn't pinpoint it. A vague disapproval. I wondered if she might talk about me later to Maurice. Who gave a damn? I had the job.

On the way back to Albuquerque Todd talked about the fishing around Holdenville. He seemed so sure of himself, not shy at all like Scott. But Scott was younger.

"I come up and take a trailbike out to the boonies. There's a couple of good ponds up higher with rainbow." He looked blatantly at the cleavage of my tits. I liked men to notice my tits, but with Maurice there in the front seat I was edgy. Just because Scott had happened into my life I wasn't out to make a raid on the junior-high and high-school crowd. Or was I?

"Do you come up to Holdenville in the summer?" Just making conversation.

"Yeah, I was kinda glad you didn't take the small room. That's the one I use when I come fishing." I swallowed. So Todd came up fishing. Slept in the small bedroom just off the kitchen. Innocent. I dug my nails against my palm. There was the oddest little tingle down around the place where the silken band of my panties cut up into my cunt. I found myself staring at Todd's lap, wondering how big his cock was.

Catherine turned, put her elbow on the back of her seat. Her smile was affecting kindness but condescending as hell.

"Do you have a boy friend, Shelby?"

"Not at the moment." I smiled condescendingly back, letting her imagine the fun I have fucking all kinds of guys.

"Been married?"

"I don't think I'm the marrying type."

"Oh you'll find someone. Marriage can give you things you just can't find any other way."

Not three blocks from the apartment, Todd Lomax gave me a come-on look. There was nothing ambiguous about it at all. His eyes said, baby I want to fuck you. I managed to keep my expression neutral.

When Maurice stopped the car, Todd insisted on running around the car to open my door. As I leaned back into the Eldorado to thank Mr. Lomax, his son touched my ass. It wasn't a pat, just a passing brush of palm on the tight blue velvet.

"Seeya," Todd said as I stepped to the sidewalk.

I could have given him a warning look, a frown of mild disapproval. After all I was working for his father, I was quite a bit older than my employer's son. But I smiled instead. Not much really, just a quick goodbye pleasantry. And that was, of course, too much. Shelby the Ultimate Fuck Off. I hurried upstairs to the apartment, thankful when I found it empty. I stripped off my hot things and started a bath. Then, sitting naked on the sofa waiting for the tub to fill my hands fell to my lap, my fingers combed the brown tangle that hid my pubes.

"Cool it, Shelby," I said to the walls. But my cunt was already damp with expectation. Too easily a finger slipped into my cunthole. My clit jumped, and I rubbed it in a shameless way, pretending that in a moment or two I would go and check the water. Before I could think that far ahead, I was panting. I could see Todd and Scott fighting over me in some mountain meadow as I waited in silken gown for the winner to fuck me forever.

I parted my thighs shamelessly and stroked the slick folds of my pussy. The meat of my thighs trembled as I extended my toes and held them just off the rug. The finger-fuck was starting to feel good... really good.

The sound of the key in the door shamed me into running for the bathroom. I locked myself in and scalded my feet getting into the tub.

"You home, Shelb?" It was Jackie, rattling a paper sack.

"Yeah," I managed to get out. I was not in good shape. I turned on the shampoo spray and directed cold water against my pussy. It shocked me breathless, but I held it there until I felt cooled down some. Then I turned it warm and wet my face and tits. What the hell had happened to my high-flung plans of getting my head together?

My Volkswagen made the mountainous ascent to Holdenville without too much trouble. I was so relieved that I treated the hot little bugger to a fresh quart of oil and put him away underneath a big cottonwood at the side of the store. I let myself into the shop with the key Maurice had given me and tossed my purse on the glass-topped sundries case.

"Shelby! I'm glad you're here." I jumped. Mr. Lomax rose from behind a mahogany chest of drawers. He had a rag in his hands. "I was just puttering. Dusting a bit here and there."

"I didn't see your car."

"Todd and Warren have it. They had some things to pick up at the mercantile." He smiled apologetically. "The boys were adamant that I bring them up with me for some fishing. Especially Todd." He gestured with his head towards the back rooms. "Todd stays in the small room usually, but I told the boys that Warren should have it this time. Todd can sleep in the bunk in the shed." He smiled broadly. "And this is only if you approve of putting up with them, of course."

"Warren? You have two sons?"

"Oh, how stupid of me." He wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. "I just forgot to mention it, that's all. Yes, Warren is Todd's half brother. Catherine is Warren's mother."

I was still at a loss. "How old is Warren?" I felt like biting my tongue off.

"Eighteen two months ago." He saw me doing some mental calculation. "I married Catherine when she was twenty-two. She became pregnant light away."

I was still figuring, came up with thirty-six give or take.

"She looks very young for her age," I said, knowing I wouldn't look that good when I got to thirty-six.

"Yes, she's a very beautiful woman." Maurice had said it matter-of-fact. He glanced around the shop, walked to an old desk.

"Have you decided about the boys?" he asked. "It really won't be for more than a week. They'll be tired of fishing by then."

"Oh," I said, remembering, "I don't mind, really I don't."

"Like I said, I've made it clear to Todd that he sleep in the bunk in the shed." Easy laugh again. "He's the noisy one. I know that Warren in the spare room won't intrude much. He's a quiet boy."

"Todd is your son by your first wife?" Again I wanted to bite my tongue, but I had grown more and more curious of Maurice Lomax's background.

"Yes. She had Mexican blood. Todd is very light in spite of that." He looked at the ceiling as if he might be glancing back into the past.

Outside the Eldorado pulled up in a cloud of dust.

"Well, the boys are back. I must be getting back to the city." He hugged my shoulders. "If any problems come up, please contact me at the number on my card. Your sales ledger is in the drawer behind the counter. There's nothing to running an antique shop really except reading what people might be looking for." He laughed.

I was watching Todd and Warren pull their gear out of the trunk of Maurice's car. Packs, canteens. Some fishing gear. As soon as their father said goodbye and drove away, they straggled into the shop. Todd introduced me to Warren. He was a slight, reddish-blond boy with his mother's wide mouth and delicate features. He glanced shyly up at me. The look was reminiscent of Jackie's brother Scott.

"Glad you don't mind us staying," Todd said. He looked as if he were on the verge of winking at me. Impudent shithead. I knew I'd been nutty to smile at him after that asspat a week before. Warren came nowhere near his half-brother's six feet, but he did come within an inch or two of my five-seven. Slender, untanned arms. His shirt was unbuttoned down the front like his Todd's. When the boys dragged their gear back towards the rear, I caught the unmistakable odor of marijuana on Todd's clothes.

I grabbed a Coke, sneaking looks at Warren in the small bedroom that opened off the kitchen. His expression was very serious, like he might be going off to fight a battle the following morn.

"You fish a lot?" Innocent enough question, I thought.

"It's okay." Warren didn't look up from whatever he was doing. "Mostly I like to be in the woods. Todd is the one who's crazy about fishing."

He looked covertly at me and went ahead shoving fresh clothes in a drawer.

I went back to the front of the store, took my place behind the counter and started going through the inventory list. I felt good inside, really good.

Before noon I had two customers. Six more came in the afternoon. At four-thirty I decided that things wouldn't pick up any more that day and closed. The sales amounted to one not-very expensive teacup and a pewter ashtray. Not much, but I felt like I was a part of things, part of the antique business. The boys weren't around so I fixed myself a sandwich and a bowl of soup and unloaded my bags from the Volks. Then I wandered down into Holdenville to look things over.

It wasn't much, even less than first met the eye. Many of the storefronts were boarded up or hung with homemade signs... closed. I got a bag of necessities at the market and talked with the nice, elderly storekeeper. I thought of how he was probably about the same age as Maurice Lomax and yet looked infinitely more frail.

On the way back to the shop, I stopped at the Blacksmith Bar and picked up a half-pint of tequila and a six-pack. It was smoky and cool inside. A couple of Chicano boys looked at my legs (tan below cut-off jeans... jeans just long enough to hide my scorpion) and looked back to their pool game.

One rangy cowboy gave me a whiskey wink and tapped his cigarette lighter against the bar. When I didn't acknowledge his attention, he winked again. He was awfully good-looking... and probably just as dumb as his home. I paid and hurried back down the empty, broken sidewalk to the shop.

It grew cool as the sun dipped below the surrounding peaks. A shot of tequila and a lemon made me sleepy, the can of beer knocked me out.

Still no sign of the boys, but then I wasn't supposed to be their nursemaid. I shucked everything but my panties and climbed in bed.

The noise in the kitchen woke me up. Laughter, a girl's high-pitched giggle. Refrigerator door banging. More laughs. I flicked on my bedlight and took a look at the time. Eleven.

With a blanket around my shoulders, I shuffled barefoot down the hall towards the light. Everybody shut up when I stopped in the doorway. Todd, Warren and a girl. Her hair was stringy and tangled long over her shoulders. She had a fat joint poised in her fingers and her eyes had that slap-happy flat look of being stoned.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Lorrie." Todd appeared somewhat sheepish, waved at me with an equally stony expression. Warren got up and pushed his chair under the table.

"I'm going to bed," he told no one in particular.

"Yeah, why don't you go to bed, Warren." Todd yukked it up until Lorrie quieted him with a look. Todd's eyes scanned my bare legs, the curtained edge of the blanket. "Want to get high, Shelby?" I noticed that his hand rested on Lorrie's thigh.

"I was asleep." Not mad or overjoyed. I didn't know how to be really. Warren glanced at me, quickly averted his eyes. I smiled at the group. "Guess I'm awake now."

"Dad never opens his shops before ten." Todd thought this was particularly funny. He took the joint from Lorrie. "So you don't have to worry about getting up early, right?"

"Your father told me ten-thirty." I smiled back into his impudent face. I wondered where he'd found Lorrie, how she was managing this night out. She didn't look much older than Warren.

"Hey, Warren," Todd said, "Lorrie and I are going to use your room. That cot in the shed isn't very wide." He glanced at me to see how I was taking it, then he held the roach out to me. I shook my head, turned to go back to my room.

"Sure you don't want to join the party?" Todd's voice had a note of antagonism in it.

"Sounds like the party is going to get private pretty soon." I snugged the blanket under my chin. Warren went to the door that led out back to the shed where Todd was supposed to be sleeping. To hell with it. I wasn't going to be warden for Lomax's kids. Let them fight it out. And yet, as Warren's blond head disappeared into the darkness outside, I felt a pang. Desire maybe? Okay, sure. I knew I wasn't a saint. Not many saints even liked to fuck, or so I've heard. I went back to my room, closed the door and flicked the light.

Sounds of conversation filtered to me down the hall, but I must have drifted off. The next thing I was conscious of was the rain. Rain and wind. Sheets of wetness tore against my small window, rocked the trees outside. Door opening. Sleepy, so damned sleepy.

I concentrated on letting the other half of the house go its merry way, thought of darkness and the warm, deep bed that cradled me. But there was more movement in the kitchen. The mountains, the newness of everything brought me to wakefulness again. I wrapped my blanket close and went down the hall.

Warren was sitting in a chair with a blanket of his own. His clothes were draped over the back of another chair, dripping puddles onto the linoleum. His hair was matted wetly to his head. He looked up as I came in.

"That damned shed. Todd was supposed to put the window in last summer and never did." He rubbed his hair, flicked drops of water onto the floor. "We'll have to dry out the cot tomorrow."

He looked pitiful there in the cold kitchen. Outside it was pitch black and the wind was streaking rain hard across the windows. I glanced at the door to Warren's room. No light underneath. Todd had pulled off a neat trick all fight, very neat. Warren saw the direction of my look and pressed his lips together, nodding in silent agreement.

"Hey, come on back to my room."

"You can dry off." My eyes glimpsed one bare, white shoulder. "You'll catch a cold sitting in here for the rest of the night."

He followed me shyly, dragging the corner of his blanket on the floor. I closed my door and, keeping my blanket snug around my neck, I found a towel, tossed it to him. He caught it, almost let go the blanket. I caught the faint blur of cock and balls, the shine of sparse blond curls.

"My dry clothes are all in my room," he said grimly. "I couldn't go in there..." I sensed the fear he felt, there were rules between his half-brother and him. Spoken or unspoken, he was bound to them... frightened of reprisal.

"Don't worry about it." I reached for the lamp. "It's a big bed. I won't kick you if you don't kick me."

He grinned, rubbed his wet hair with the towel. The blanket hung crooked enough so that I saw his upper thigh just before the light dimmed and the room went black. The springs seesawed as I got in. I felt Warren's weight, his feet digging under the sheet.

I was wide awake. Lying on my back. Thinking of the male animal only a few inches away. I imagined the lines of his thigh, and before long I could see his uncircumcised cock. Yes, it was uncircumcised, I'd noticed the soft droop of white flesh that completely covered the tip. And what did Warren's cock look like with the foreskin pulled back? Men differed quite a bit. I remembered Scott's not very big prick. Not big, but nice. His cock had felt good inside my cunt, in my hand.

I smiled in the darkness. Funny how I'd never savored the idea of taking a man's cock into my mouth if only because of what might come out of it. And, even after tasting some of Scott's jizz on my fingers, I wasn't sure I could go the whole route of a head jab. But the idea of licking Warren's cock was sending me into trembling spasms of excitement. Because he was younger than Scott? Blonder? Because his cock looked so white and... clean?

I had been so caught up in my own swirling night thoughts that I hadn't noticed Warren's shivering. His teeth were chattering and when I put my hand out and touched his shoulder, I knew he was freezing to death.

"Guess I got chilled out there." He tried to laugh.

"You're going to be sick unless you get warm, come on... just cuddle your back over." There had to be other possibilities, other ways to solve the problem, but it was dark and there was a boy in my bed. At twenty-eight I figured I could handle things okay. But I couldn't.

As soon as Warren's back nestled into the inward curve of my belly and thighs, I was dying to put my hands on him. So I did. To warm him of course.

"God, that feels better." He was still shivering. "You're really warm."

I was also slipping over the line of what some people might call decency. Another shitty word. My hands were on his stomach and chest, and when I hugged him, nuzzled my nose in his still-damp hair, he moved back against me. We fit, Warren somewhat shorter but with the right angles and curves.

"Feel good?" Why did I feel so drunk when I was really sober?

"God, yes."

He showed no special distaste at the way I kept nuzzling in the hair at the nape of his neck. It smelled boyishly funky. Funky damp. I nuzzled more and found skin. There fight before my lips, teasing me. I breathed deep, wondering if I should shut down the generators, hold back on the reins.

Warren's hard little ass was pressed against my cuntmound. I moved my hips ever so slightly. Warren was careful not to move back. He had stopped shivering, was warming to my skin now. Pretending I was checking the heat of his body, I smoothed a palm up his chest, grazed over his nipples.

"You are getting warmer."

"I'll move back over if you want."

"Only if you want to." I touched my nose to the skin at the nape of his neck. "I think I was a little chilly too. You're warming me now."

My hands took off again, brushing his sides, rib bumps, pelvis. He was suddenly very still, like something was happening to him that was a little frightening. I waited until he let out his breath before I pressed my dry lips against his neck. He froze again.

"You smell good." I tried to make it sound innocent, but it wasn't a very innocent thing to say. Smell went with sex like ducks to water. From Warren, silence.

I put my lips close again. No reaction. Warren was more boyish than Scott, his muscles less developed. I let my hand slip further down his belly, pretending again to be simply taking care that he was snug enough. A crisp curl of pubic hair sprang back against my pinky. I held my hand still, feeling the inner rhythm of his body.

I wet my lips and this time pressed them harder onto his neck. My nuzzling had turned into a kiss. I kissed for a long while, letting him realize that there had been no mistake, that Shelby was kissing him on the back of his pretty neck. Yeah, I was way over the line now. I could think only of having Warren under me, of kissing him everywhere...

Again I smiled at my own conflicting desires. Yes, I did want to hold his cock in my mouth. Not when he came, but before. I wanted to suck his prick to excitement and make him cry my name and shoot his come.


"Yes, Warren?"

"I think maybe I'd better go back in the kitchen."

Chapter FIVE

Fear tread across my belly. I cinched arms tighter as if to keep him from fleeing.


"Uhh. I don't..." He bit off the words, let out a pent-up breath. "Yeah. Maybe I am a little. I feel weird."

There was no turning back now. I'd either freak him out or fuck him. I laughed out loud at my sudden philosophy. I kissed him blatantly, wetly on his neck, kissed again further down and once more for good measure.

"I think I'd be scared if you left." A white lie. All was fair in love... "I really feel better with you here." An appeal to his gentlemanly side. Every boy had it, especially the shy ones.

Warren was still in my arms. I let my pinky slip downwards about an inch. Though I couldn't feel it, I knew the base of his cock was close at hand. Blond, tight pubic curls cinched around my fingers. Warren resisted me slightly with his elbows and I knew he must have an erection. Shy about it, even ashamed!

"Would you like to hug me for a while?"

"I guess not."

I was sure of it now. He couldn't cope with the idea of pushing his hard cock against my asscheeks. It would give him away. Sweet little fool, didn't he know I knew what was happening? I had to fight the desire to fuck him right there and then.

There was more light in the room than before. The window was not the black squares of midnight, but had taken on the faint greyness of coming morning. It didn't matter. There were hours left to us. The house was quiet. I dared to let my fingertips find the place where Warren's white cock grew from his body. He jerked as I circled a finger around his prick, circled two.

"You're big!" Another white lie. His prick wasn't small though. A slender, hot cock. And very hard! I swallowed excitedly. My cuntlips seemed to melt. As I moved my thighs slightly, my cuntjuice welled out from the slit, soaking my panty crotch.

For a full minute I simply held Warren's cock in my palm. Then I gave his prick a tender squeeze and gingerly, very gingerly moved the foreskin back. His neck muscles were taut. I tried to kiss them loose again. I slipped my free hand under the side of his face against the pillow and turned him, turned his mouth upwards. I was up on an elbow, wetting the side of his cheek. He was panting like a puppy, letting me handle his cock. My tongue tickled at the corner of his mouth, clipped just inside. Exquisite lips, wet already from his own tongue. He was letting me do what I wanted. Afraid to do anything else?

"Warren, if you want to you can... touch me too, touch me between the legs," I tried to sound as shy as he was. To touch me, he'd have to turn. I smiled at my own cleverness. I moved back to urge him, and he dropped a shoulder, let a hand brush against my side.

When the softness of my tit sank under his fingers, he jerked back as if he was afraid of hurting me.

"It's all right! Feel my breast. It feels good..." I moved my torso, offering him my tit again. He touched my nipple lightly, not knowing what to do next.

"I... I'm not good at this. I just haven't dated..."

For the first time I kissed him on the mouth. A short, not very intense kiss... a kiss that would let him think it was half his idea.

"Todd's the one who makes it with the girls," he went on. "Todd..."

"I really don't want to talk about Todd."

This time I let the kiss linger. I teased him with my tongue... a touch on each lip and then gone. My fingers tightened on his hot cockskin and jacked his prick slowly, gently. A faraway sound from deep in his chest. He turned onto his back and an arm closed around my back. I edged a knee between his. My right fit against his chest, Warren half under me as I licked the hollows of his neck.

"Oh wow, that's..."

"Good?" I licked again.

"Yeah. It tickles." I smiled, lapped a long wet streak up the underside of his chin, teased him with short pecks and then gave him my tongue. Warren didn't know what to do with it, so I pressed it wetly between his teeth.

"Now give me your tongue," I whispered.

"You sure can kiss," he said. "No girls I ever went out with..." It sounded as if he was afraid of offending me, afraid of implying that I might be less than a "good" girl.

We kissed again, and this time Warren let me suck his tongue. I took my hand away from his cock and guided his wrist until his fingers were spread out against the silken surface of my panties. I let him touch my pantied pussy, urging him lower finally until he discovered how wet I was between the legs. The sensation of his finger pressed tight to the clinging satin sent fever through my loins. My breath grew shallower.

I guided his hand again, this time inside the elastic band of my panties. He pulled back from the furry heat at first, but I pressed him on until I felt his finger rub against my hot and wet cuntlips.

"GO ahead," I gasped, "touch my pussy inside...!"

Warren did. There was a soft, squishy sound as my cuntlips parted and then closed back around his soaked fingers. He didn't know where to excite me, but it was excitement enough to experience his tender explorations. He was so afraid of hurting me! So gentle.

"Yes... you can stick your finger deeper there... ohhh, Warren!"

I caught his ear and nibbled it hungrily. The stimulation added fire to his hand and he probed against the velvet membranes of my cunt... two knuckles deep, three. Then as far as he could go. We panted into each other's mouths.

I held his face with both hands and kissed him. Kissed and devoured his lips, his teeth. Our tongues enticed the loving. My tits felt blistered and swollen. I ribbed my nipples across his hairless, white chest, shoved my pussy up and down against his digging fingers.

I sat up in the bed, stripped off my drenched panties. Warren had sat up too, was watching me in the growing grey light from outside. I could see the shadowed planes of his face, the straight nose and lovely wide mouth. He looked so serious! He noticed that I was looking at his cock, and he moved his hips as if embarrassed.

"Your cock looks so sexy," I said, my voice husky with want.

I put my fingers against the inside of his thigh. His slender cock pulsed, pointing towards the ceiling. The foreskin had stretched back some with his excitement, and I could see the darker tip of his glans. It was bluish purple, glistening with its own oily juice.

"I want to look at your prick."

Warren dropped his eyes, fell back against the pillows. I straddled one of his legs and pressed my soaking cuntlips down against his knee. He raised it slightly and I rocked my pussy against the bluntness, my hands resting on his sharp hipbones. Then I let my head fall forward, dropped my tits until they swung above his thighs.

I was close enough to smell Warren's cock odor. The excitement of our touchings had heightened my senses. I smoothed his panting belly, touched his cock again. The ballsac was clenched firmly under the base of his huge prick. I was shaking. Cock in my mouth, an old hang-up... but now I wanted to experience that very thing. Maybe just a taste of jizz.

With thumb and finger I pulled his foreskin back on the cockshaft. The mushroomed glans was bare now and I adored the graceful curve of it, the knot of flesh and the tiny orifice at the very tip.

Hot cuntjuice rushed from my pussy. I was pleasantly surprised at the way Warren was letting me fuck his knee. He pressed up as I moved, and the squishy rubbing of my cuntlips together shot pleasure through my thigh muscles and up my tummy.

I pulled the foreskin back even harder, pulled it until the cocktip was bent downward at the very end. Warren grunted, moved his hips in that natural way of fucking that everyone in the world knows without practice. There was an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I pushed my face closer, blew my warm breath against the underside of his cock. Then I let my tongue flick out, testing the way it might feel. Skin. Warm skin, no it was hot! Warren tossed his head on the pillow. His fists were clenched beside him. His cock twitched in my hand.

I felt his balls. The smallish eggs moved aside in their slick bag. I probed more, found the secret tube that coursed out of the depths of his body and up the underside of his cockshaft. My hair formed a curtain as I brought my mouth down again. My lips touched that knob of hot, hard flesh at the top of his glans. His prick was shiny in the ever-growing light. I jacked the skin slowly, watched the crown pump fuller with blood.

"Shelby... I'm..."

Warren's words seemed to burst in my ears as I licked my lips before kissing the end of his cock. I kissed harder, letting my tongue scrape the tender engorged surface of his cock. I could feel his prick swelling in my hand. His sac loosened from our combined heat, his balls were heavier against my fingers. I played with the tender ovals, squeezed one tenderly and brought my lips down to caress it through the skin of his hairy scrotum.

"Ohhhh, God..."

His hips tried to plunge, stopped when I brought my tongue slowly up his length. His cock wasn't more than five inches long, but heavy as it bobbed against my cheek. I captured it and for the first time rounded my lips into a tight O and slipped them down around the hot head of his prick.

The new sensation dizzied me. For a moment I had to let my mouth rest there, the ridged crown of his cock just inside the sharp line of my teeth. I caught my breath, quieted my thundering heart. I extended my trembling tongue against the puffed glans and brought it quickly back. The next time I licked, I had the courage to push my mouth down further. Two inches of Warren's cock was now in my mouth. I swallowed my frothy spit, licked, lowered my head more. Dizzy again.

I was panting as fast as poor Warren! His fingers tangled clumsily in my hair, fell weakly away.

I licked forward and back, catching a rhythm from his contracting ass muscles and giving it back to him. As I moved my tongue back into my mouth each time a suction formed, his cock swelled in time to my movements. I brushed his glans again and felt the bulging vein of his cometube. Spit drooled from the corners of my mouth.

I could hardly believe how much I was enjoying the fullness, the slender hardness of Warren's cock in my mouth. I felt like a novice cocksucker. Bruce had wanted me to go down on him and I had always refused. Now I was ecstatic in having found this new pleasure. I wanted to try variations, learn what made Warren the more excited.

Slick juice dripped from my cunt, but I was too intent on sucking that sweet prick to bother with my own pleasure right now. I tried bobbing my head up and down. It was hard to do gracefully at first, but I quickly learned how to keep the angle of my mouth so it would match the jut of Warren's cock.

My spit trickled down onto his balls and I squished it around with my fingers. His balls jiggled inside the sac. Yes, he would come if I kept sucking his cock like I was. Did I want to fuck him first? Did I want him inside my pussy? The burning realization increased my fires. I tensed the muscles in my ass, felt my cunt contract, wanting to be filled with hot cock. Without thinking about it, I fluttered my tongue tip over the tumid edge of his glans.

The soury, slightly flat taste that came into my mouth shocked me. I had tasted Scott's come on my fingers, but now the aroma of jizz assaulted my senses. As I pulled back, a jet of Warren's semen shot against my tongue. His hips thrust up to find my mouth again, but I couldn't make myself suck his jizz, swallow it. I felt wrong inside for not being able to finish what I'd started, but I couldn't.

I circled my fingers around his taut cock instead and moved the foreskin up and down around the swelled, turgid head. Hat shots of come arced onto Warren's flat belly. Some come dribbled thickly down my fingers, down his thigh, spotting the bed. Then only tiny eruptions came. His cock glistened slickly and the aroma of semen came sharply to my nose. I didn't know whether I liked it or not. But I did know that it excited me.

"Guess I kind of goofed," I said, resting my body against his.

He was smiling faintly, still breathing hard. "God that was like nothing I've ever felt before." His shyness was tempered with the excitement I'd brought to his body. "I should have said something. I guess... I mean, I didn't really want to... do it in your..." Shyness won out. He swallowed, tried to wet dry lips.

"Hey, it's okay. Maybe next time it won't matter."

He looked at me. The light in the room was that of early morning and Warren seemed dazed. As if he'd been dreaming and expected to wake up at any moment.

"I don't believe this. I swear to Jesus, I don't." I hugged him. "When you rest a little, you might..." I was catching his shyness, "...touch me on my... cunt."

Warren's hands went to my pussy eagerly. He fumbled between the soaked folds of my cuntlips, fumbling... not quite in the right place.

"More to the front, honey... more. That's better!" I could feel him frown against my tit as he concentrated. "Feel that little bump?"


"Ohhh, wow! Yes!" I clenched his shoulder, sunk my fingernails into the white plane of his chest. "You're a fast learner," I gasped.

We lay side by side as Warren stroked my clit with his finger. I was already close, the cocksucking had done that much. And now I felt myself moving quickly, maybe too quickly, towards my orgasm.

"Warren... stop far a second..." I gasped for breath. "I want to enjoy this."

"You feel so good next to me... I just didn't know how soft a girl could be..." He shut up, afraid that he was sounding stupid.

"You feel good next to me too!" I kissed him sloppily on the mouth.

"I don't believe this..." he mumbled, fingers swimming through my slick cunt again.

My clit pulsed against his touch. Damn it, things were coming fast again, but I couldn't keep making him stop. He wanted so much to please me. I held tight to his shoulders, then began to inch my body up over his. Warren let me, not acknowledging that there was anything funny about it.

I acted like I was out of my head with passion... it was very easy to do since every rub of his fingertip sent furious storms of joy through my body. My feverish pussy was flooded with juice. I could hear the wet sounds as he fingered my cunt. I was on top of Warren's slender body now, pumping my cuntmound up and down against his hand. I could feel his cock too, still limp and damp with dried spit and come. My tits were flattened against him, I rocked and wiggled as the ecstasy overtook me.

"Ohhhh no! Oh Goddamn!"

My cunt felt terribly swollen, wonderfully abused. I clutched Warren's back. My mouth opened over his and I drove my tongue almost into his throat.

Warren clutched one cheek of my ass. The warmth of his hand was all I needed. As he fingered my cunt, I jerked from the first ravishing thrill, cried out as the second shiver spiked through my body. My ass writhed in a convulsive, wild way. I tried not to bite Warren's lips, bit them anyway and quickly tried to kiss away the hurt, babbling like a crazy the whole time.

"Ohhhh, Warren... sweet, strong baby... keep fingering my cunt!"

Warren was obviously over his head. I knew he had never had a girl who came on like I did... I just knew. I tasted blood, truly hoped that it was mine. My hips continued to fuck against his hand until I had rubbed every bit of goodness from my body. Then I collapsed my weight upon slender, Warren. I felt truly fucked, dazed, wonderfully weak. And some day... the next time I wanted his cock in my pussy! That pretty prick I had almost had courage to suck the come out of.

I slipped to Warren's warm side and we slept. Once I was conscious of him hugging my back, aware of the rigid bulge of his cock. But I drifted off again, dreaming misty dreams of our night together.

Chapter SIX

The sun was hot through the window when my eyes blinked open. Todd's voice from the kitchen almost panicked me. I pushed up on elbows, swung my feet to the floor, Warren was gone. Thank God, no one had caught him in bed with me... or had they?

Laughter from down the hall. It was an idiotic fear, but I couldn't help wonder if my shy lover was telling all to his half brother.

"You are really wired, Shelby!" I said to the minor as I quickly brushed my hair. I found my gasses, wiped them clean and took another look around the room. A white smear of dried come spotted the sheet. I pulled a blanket over it, my blanket. Warren had taken his. That made me feel better too.

I found them in the kitchen. Warren had put on his damp jeans and shirt. He was trying to cook an egg in an unseasoned skillet.

"Hey, why don't you let me do that." I stepped by Todd, afraid to meet his eyes. I gave Warren a questioning look, wishing he had mental telepathy to let me know how much Todd had found out. His eyes said Todd didn't know a damn thing. Todd came around the table.

"You know what this dumb brother of mine did last night? He slept in here in the kitchen in a damned chair." Todd poked Warren in the ribs. "You should have hollered and I woulda at least thrown you some dry clothes."

"But you wouldn't have let him have his bed back..." I put the needle in.

"Hell no. I had company." Todd said this with too much lewdness. He cut an orange in halves and sucked noisily, walking to the window as he dripped spots of juice.

"What happened to... Lorrie?"

"Yeah, Lorrie. She had to cut out this morning." Todd shook his head. "We came in and found this goof sitting in the chair with that blanket around him." He sucked the orange. "Well, you're my half brother. Guess you're only half as smart."

Warren bristled slightly at this but covered it with a smile. He watched me turn over his eggs, chanced a look into my eyes. I wanted to put an arm around him, to kiss the split place on his bottom lip. The place where my teeth had bitten him too hard.

"How do you like them?"

Warren shrugged. "Over easy is all right."

"I'm not going to cook for you two every morning," I said.

"We're going up to fish today, so you won't have to." This from Todd. Warren eyed me, looked down at his hands.

"Why don't you go on up," he said to Todd, "and I'll come tomorrow." Todd gave him a slitted look.

"There's something I have to do in town."

Todd stopped sucking the orange. He planted his feet apart. "What? What's so damned important?"

"My business." Warren had his back to his half brother. He glanced my way, almost smiled.

"Well I just might take Lorrie up the trail. She can use your gear." Todd tossed the orange into the trash. "Whadda you say to that?"

"It's okay, I guess."

Todd wasn't going to let it ride. "You came up here to get into the hills, so what the hell's got into you?"

"I was up all night," Warren snapped. "I got soaked in that damned leaky shed you were supposed to fix last summer!" He was trembling. "I don't feel like hiking. Tomorrow maybe. Okay?"

Todd opened the back door. "Hell, I don't care." He squinted suspiciously at me, holding my gaze a little too long for comfort. But then I was probably reading things into it. I reminded myself of Todd's age, that I was old enough to give him some shit right back... plenty old enough. And Maurice had assured me that around the shop I was to be boss.

Warren watched his half brother go up the path and turn towards the downtown part of Holdenville. When he turned, his forehead was even with my lips and so I kissed him there. His arms circled me. He was still shaking from the run in with his brother.

"I didn't want to go. I really didn't."

I tickled him. "You want to stay and try to get me into bed." My smile didn't break his serious, downturned expression. I could see that he still didn't know what to do with last night's experience. There was too much of it, too many new sensations. Underneath, I wasn't certain I knew how to take it either. Warren didn't look a day older than eighteen. His egg started to burn. I turned down the gas, cussed.

"I'll eat it just like that... I don't care."

"You know, I'm going to be busy today. Your father left me some things to do. I have to inventory that back room..."

Warren put his hands on my hips, hands that were more confident than before but still very light against my body. Again he looked at me as if I were some kind of strange animal he'd discovered. I shifted uneasily under his scrutiny... though he had to look up slightly.

"You're pretty."

"I've got a crooked front tooth, see? And these glasses don't help. Have you noticed the way my ears stick out through my hair?" He moved as if he wanted to touch them and I took his wrists and guided his palms up. I closed my eyes as he pressed the sides of my head.

"You're pretty... you are."

Our mouths came slowly together, lips brushed. I put my hands around his neck and turned to grate his teeth against mine. My clean panties became soppy before I let him kiss me for the third time.

"Okay... okay!" I pushed his shoulders away. "You eat and let me go open up the shop. I want you around, but you've got to promise to be good."

"Promise," Warren said. The first smile of the morning from his lovely, wide mouth.

Two customers came in before noon. One wanted to talk about rail-top desks, a man who had a habit of scratching his nose every time he mentioned money.

Warren hung in the background like a crow looking for a meal. I tried to avoid his eyes, but once he took my arm as the customer and I went into another room and I had to warn him away. My first week on the job with the owner's son trying to fuck me! Cool, cool Shelby was wired tighter than a new fence. Had I really fucked around with Warren Lomax last night? Yeah, I sure as hell had. And as I said goodbye to the pleasant man who had a thing about old desks, Warren pressed his tight jeans against my ass. I could feel his breath on my neck.

"You're not as shy as last night." When I turned, he was blushing.

"I feel funny," he said. "I never did anything with a girl like we did last night. I wrote a poem about it once, but I..." He looked like he'd blown his own best secret.

"A poet? I didn't know you wrote..."

"Kind of. When I feel like it."

"What kind of poems?"

"Oh, about the woods." He bit his bottom lip. "I want to write one about you too." His eyes gazed at my tits. I'd put on a jersey knit top with short sleeves and my nipples made little bumps in the material. Warren liked the bumps. I liked him liking them. The big grandfather clock near the front of the shop began to chime twelve noon. I took his fingers, brought them to my mouth to kiss.

"I'm going to close up for lunch and then maybe we can..." My breath had done a trick in my throat that made it hard to talk.

"...lie down together for a little bit."

"Oh wow, Shelby..." I put a finger over his lips.

"But you've got to promise not to bother me this afternoon. I really should start on that inventory."

"I promise."

The house was ours. The sun on the roof made the shingles creak and a breeze wafted through the bedroom window. Todd was up in the hills, a closed sign hung on the front door of the shop... nothing to be afraid of. But I was. Some unturned fear that the boy might begin to notice how old I was? Twenty-eight was really not ancient. I had a few wrinkles around my eyes, I wasn't quite as slim as I'd been in high school, but I knew I'd kept myself from going completely to hell.

"Why don't you undress me," I said, turning to stand by the bed.

Awkwardly Warren tugged the buttons loose, pushed my bell-bottoms down. I was enjoying it so much I'd forgotten all about the tattoo. Warren was staring.

"Uh, that's my tattoo." Dumb giggle from me. Warren met my eyes but I couldn't read his thoughts. "Why don't we just forget it for now... I don't like standing around with my pants half off." He smiled. I knew what Warren wanted. We hadn't fucked the night before, he hadn't done it like he knew in his mind, had heard, had read. And I would let him fuck me.

He was a boy, a virgin I was sure, and wanting to really fuck a chick. Fuck her for good, shoot his stuff inside and all that kind of thing. As fate would have it though, it was the dangerous time of the month. I'd already decided to bring out my secret stash of rubbers.

Warren had peeled his tennis shoes and jeans and sat nervously on the edge of the bed, his Jockey shorts pushed up like a tent. I dropped my jersey top in a chair, peeled off my panties. We didn't really have time to draw the thing out and I didn't think Warren wanted to now that we were so close to the nitty gritty. He stared wide-eyed at my dark triangle of pubic hair until I dropped the tinfoil-wrapped rubber into his lap.

"Sorry, but I think you better use this." He picked it up, discovered how to tear the package open.

"Oh sure."

His casualness was a little shaky. And sure enough, when he skinned his own underwear and sat back on the bed, I knew he didn't know a damned thing about rubbers.

"Sweetheart, you don't unroll it first." I smothered his embarrassment against my tits, kissed his blond hair.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," he mumbled. I couldn't get him to look at me.

"Come on... I don't give a damn whether you know how to put a rubber on or not... look."

I returned the rubber to its doughnut shape and put the lubricated membrane over the tip of his cock. The dark blue color of his glans came through a slightly lighter shade. "Now you just roll it down..." The rubber snugged tight behind the blood-filled crown and I smoothed it down his cockshaft. "See?"

Warren watched me roll the rubber down on his cock. The oily membrane clasped his hot meat, made another flood of juice from my cunt bathe the sheet. He touched the rubber, finally dared to look up at me.

We kissed and I lay back on the bed. Warren wrestled himself between my legs and started to push his cock against my pussy. I wanted to stop him, to make him kiss my tits, to hug a little bit first, but I decided it was not the time to teach foreplay. The hang-up with the rubber was bad enough. He was a virgin, after all. I didn't want to wilt his cock completely.

"Warren honey... no, your prick's still too high." He was reddening again, but I was gentle with my guidance. "Don't hurry so much, you'll find my cunt... Ohhh, see, I knew you would!" He rested his slender body over me. As we kissed, as I drew his tongue between my teeth, Warren began to fuck.

"You're so hot outside... I didn't know a woman's thing would be so hot..."

I closed my eyes. Warren had put his cock in my cunt with one hurried shove, but even with the rush, the slap-slap of his belly on mine, I could feel the friction. The mouth of the rubber where it fit against the hilt of his cock was grinding against my clitoris. I opened my thighs, bent my knees up slowly... tilting my cuntmound to heighten the rubbing pressure.

He had a death lock around my middle with both arms, biting his lip like he had a habit of doing when his concentration was at its highest. I tried to get him to kiss me, but he was preoccupied with what was happening to his cock. My wet pussy drenched the rubber and Warren's balls. I patted his back, loved the hard smooth rounds of his narrow shoulders... let my palms ride the up and down of his hunching ass.

In spite of everything I felt the familiar sparkle around my loins. The ecstasy grew with each passing second, grew more focused, more thrilling. I began to rock my hips gently.

Warren had not varied his fuck rhythm, but I found that when I countered his thrusts, more juice seeped from the sleek velvet flesh of my cunt. Now I was wet enough to make our ticking noisy. Warren ticked faster. He panted hoarsely against my neck and shoulders. I dabbed sweat from his forehead with my lips, pushed my fingers harder against his hot ass until at last he stopped and I forced him up and under... deep as his cock could possibly reach. His body arched from the effort.

"Just stop like that," I breathed to him, surprised at my own excitement. How many times had I had a come with Bruce on top? Two? Maybe three? Wren's very innocence, his inexperience ruled out any comparison. I pressed my hands harder, cupping under the meat of his buttocks, closing down my pussy around his slender cock.

"I can feel you doing that!" Warren looked surprised. "How..."

I kissed him for an answer. He was fucking me again, a little slower now because I had captured some of his concentration with my tongue.

"I love the taste of your spit," I babbled. "Kiss me some more."

My knees were bent tightly now and I put a foot against his thigh and petted him. He was trying to fuck and kiss at the same time and getting the hang of it. I urged the rhythm slower with my pelvis, circling, drawing away from him... then shoving upwards to take him deep into my pussy and at the same time closing down the muscles of my cunt. The feverish tube of my pussy sucked at his sheathed cock that fucked me. I rolled my body against his movements and felt the tickle of my turgid nipples on his skin.

My legs had crossed behind his slender torso and I locked him against me, writhing under his slight weight. I hugged Warren to me, licked his face with a quivering tongue. It was there, that tingle that was becoming a dazzling ache. I rolled my hips against the ache. Swollen nubbins of my flesh squirmed slickly against his jabbing cock. I was dying to throw Warren over on the bed and mount him cruelly. To bite and press my weight down on him until his breath came out with a sigh of surrender.

But I held his face against my neck instead and clenched tight with my thighs. The sensation of his thin body bouncing and plunging between the softness of my limbs made me breathe his name. His back was rigid except where he moved to fuck me... the steady hunch against my cunt mound. Was I going to come? I gritted my teeth, catching the keen bite of pleasure at my crotch and squirming more life into it.

"Yes... oh yes!"

It was raging through my blood now.

"Shelby... Oh Jesus...!"

He jerked, stopped his in-and-out movement. He was a rock in my arms, not moving nor breathing. Then with a gasp he plunged his cock deep, again... fucking me hard. He moaned soft words -- my name, my prettiness, all babbled and mixed up in the hotness of his mouth near mine.

He fucked frantically. His narrow ass trembling as he shoved his cock deep into my cunt. I slid hands around the backs of his thighs, between them, found his hot balls in their sac and pressed a fingertip against the convulsing lump of his prostate. I wanted to be a part of his joy, to let his joy catch mine and take me with him. But our rhythms had fallen out of sync. I cried out a broken word.

His cock jumped as the seed frothed and spurted into the stretched end of the rubber. I felt the hot semen coursing up through his cock and I fucked him hard as he grunted pleasure and let my lips suck his. Warren melted down into me, relaxed, moved slower. I pushed my disappointment away. He needed to fuck me like this. Next time... I kissed his ear.

"Did you like it?"

"Oh God. God, God, God!" He gouged his chin against my neck, made contented noises in his throat.

In a minute or two Warren was snoring softly, pillowed by my body. Gently I moved him off beside me. He'd been up most of the night before and I wanted him to rest. But as I looked at his graceful body, my own fever hung there to taunt me. My breath was still shallow, still feathery in my lungs.

I looked at Warren's cock, still shrinking against his thigh, the rubber wrinkling in folds now.

As I shifted on the bed, my cunt rubbed against itself, rubbed against my turgid clitoris. I couldn't get up and get dressed... just like that. I was really strung out now, dizzy with wanting what I hadn't quite found.

I touched the drying surface of the rubber, weighed the curved snake of Warren's cock in my palm. He slept soundly on. A new desire shook me. Something I'd never done before in my life. With hot fingers I managed to slip the wet rubber off his cock. It bagged heavily with the teaspoon or so of semen inside. I raised it to my nose, sniffed, pulled back, then sniffed again. Warren continued sleeping.

Following no particular plan, I lay down on the bed beside my lover and dangled the come-heavy rubber in front of my eyes. I was hot as hell. Every time I moved my thighs, a jolt of excitement made me suck air. I wondered what kind of baby Warren's come might make in my womb.

Maybe it was the risk a girl took whenever she let a man fuck her, his balls so dangerously close to her uterus. And what was in those balls only a hair-trigger away from spurting into her? I could imagine the swimmy little sperms fighting their way to the ovum. I'd seen some in a microscope once in a college biology class and remembered how their movements had affected me. After the class I'd gone to the girls' lavatory, locked myself in a stall and finger-fucked myself to happiness in less than five minutes.

I let the rubber touch my lips, my cheeks. Warren slept soundly as I looked at the milky strings of his come through the wet texture of the rubber. Ideas streaked through my mind... crazy ideas. Still clenching the mouth of the condom closed, I began to rub my cunt. A finger against the outer lips at first, teasing my cuntlips until they became puffier. The hot blood rushed to the sensitive membranes, and I could sense my increasing heat.

I'd already been hot, very hot when Warren was fucking me, but he hadn't been able to hang on quite long enough. My fingers quickly brushed the old fire up from ashes. I surrounded my steamy clit on both sides and gouged gently up and down... the sides of my knuckles petting the super-sensitive flesh.

I groaned under my breath and snaked my long body on the bed. I parted my legs, drew knees up against my tits and them stretched them back away from each other until my pussy was completely open to my hands. The slippery honey dribbled wetly as I probed into my cunt with my two middle fingers. I had long fingers and I could reach far enough in to almost make it feel like a cock. Gasping, I tossed my ass up and down, petted my clit, finger-fucked my hole as the juices rolled hotly down the tingling skin of my ass, dampening my asshole.

The rubber dangled dangerously near, still pinched between thumb and first finger of one hand. I felt its baggy fullness as it brushed against my inner thigh. With my pussy forced so wide, a little semen spill might mean disaster. Especially since I knew this was the hottest three or four days in my cycle.

But I wasn't going to spill it. I had other plans. And it was about time to push myself over that sensuous line of crazy madness where nothing matters but the scratching of the itch in my cunt.

I brought the rubber up over my belly, letting it drag against my skin. With my other hand, I kept fingering my slick pussylips and, as I tickled a fingertip over the engorged tip of my clit, I upended the full rubber over my tits and belly.

Warren's come plopped out in still-warm drops and spread. My ruffled pussy thrilled suddenly. The smell, the slippery feel of Warren's jizz as I rubbed it into my skin with a trembling palm. Deep inside, my pussy spasmed in contraction. The finger that was halfway into my cunt was clenched by strong muscles and I felt a tiny sucking pressure.

I tossed my head back and forth on the pillow. The semen was drying cool on my breasts, but there was enough left for me to cover my belly... the sharp jutting bones of my pelvis. I gasped as the throes of orgasm overtook my body. Some of the thick drops of come glistened in the curls of my cuntmound. I was rolling around like crazy, thrusting viciously with my hips.

I felt my hand stray lower, slickened with what was left of the come. Before I could stop, I was rubbing the milky stuff against my clit. I came with a sharp cry. The sensations were sharp and frenzied. My ass raged on the mattress, my heels pawed the air. But I had sense enough to keep from plunging my come-stained hands up into my cunt... thank Jesus, I had stopped...

With the blistering itch still raking my senses, I rolled against Warren and clamped a thigh over one of his. Pumping the last tingles of joy out against his flesh gave me an unexpected warmth. I kissed his shoulder as he frowned and mumbled. I rested for a while, head swimming with the effects of my dying thrill... finally I was strong enough to go to the bathroom and wash up.

Chapter SEVEN

Carefully I washed the come from the folds around my clitoris and patted dry with a towel. More juice rushed in to bathe the tortured parts. I brushed my hair.

"Okay Shelby, now what?" My words echoed against the tiled walls. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to have an ordinary, civilized date. Civilized! Hah, that was another one of those shitty words. Overused. It didn't mean a damn. Wasn't being happy, being civilized? And being happy meant having those people around you happy too, right? But I was too caught up in things, too close to my bodily pleasures to think objectively about it anymore. I only knew I had stumbled into some lovely garden... a big rock candy mountain of pleasures. And I didn't want to find the exit... not yet.

I slipped into fresh panties, a pair of hiphuggers and a loose blouse. Then I got a beer from the refrigerator to calm my nerves. I unlocked the shop for what customers the afternoon might bring.

I drank the beer, got another. I didn't give quite so much of a damn now. I was thinking of Warren again, and oddly enough, of Scott. What might he be doing back in Albuquerque... thinking of me? He'd been so hot, so eager. And so clumsy too. But I had learned to be excited by that clumsiness in boys... excited by it far more than I'd ever thought possible. Even with Warren's hurried fuck I had almost made it with him, almost come. The memory of his jizz falling thickly onto me from the rubber made a chill go up my legs.

When the cowbell above the door rattled, it scared me.

"Hi, Shelby. You met me last night, remember?"

It was Lorrie's tan face. She had her hands in the pockets of her cut-off jeans and was barefoot. Her hair looked just as stringy as it had the day before.

"Oh, sure. I thought you were going camping with Todd."

"Yeah, he wanted me to, but my dad's coming home tonight and I'm supposed to be there for supper." She sat on the edge of a scarred campaign chest and glanced around the shop. "I don't like to hang around home much so I thought I'd come down here."

"What does your father do?" I studied her grey eyes.

"Nothing." She looked like she didn't give a damn about this part of her life. "He says he buys and sells things. He bartends sometimes." She shrugged again. "Most of the time though he's gone. That's fine with me." She rubbed a hand under her loose shirt. I saw that her belly was as tan as her face.

"How long have you known Todd?"

"Couple of years I guess." She tilted her head. "Just when he comes up during the summer though. Maurice, his dad, is real nice."

She seemed so unconcerned about anything but what she could see or touch at any given moment. It was none of my damn business. But I had fired up my curiosity now.

Her eyes bored into mine until I blinked. Hard little bitch. And I liked her already.

"That's cool. I was getting fucked when I was your age too." Lorrie seemed surprised by this little secret. She brushed her stringy hair back with both hands, considered me. Then a smile broke at the corners of her mouth and spread.

"Hey, I know something else about you too."

"Oh?" Fighting a little twinge of fear in my gut. I never liked surprises much.

"Last night..." Lorrie licked her upper lip, smile turned sly now, "...Warren wasn't in the kitchen all the time."

I swallowed, tried to hide my shock with a drink of beer but found my can empty. "What makes you think that?" I always felt dumb trying to lie out of a situation, but I didn't know Lorrie well enough to trust her.

"Oh, don't worry." She got up and walked around to where the antique plates were arrayed on a shelf. "I think it's kind of neat myself." My hands were trembling a little. Cool Shelby having a hard time being cool. I laughed at my own image as it tarnished before my very eyes.

"Does he fuck good?" Lorrie's eyes again, point blank. She had me dead to rights. I forgot my lies, laughed again.

"I guess I should say that's a personal matter." My smile let her know I wouldn't keep playing games. "He was okay... I mean we had a good..." I shook my head. It was hard to out cool this little slut.

Lorrie sat down on the trunk again. She scratched at her thigh, looked up at me finally.

"Todd isn't so hot. I wish he liked to just play around more, you know. Hug. Kiss. Kind of play with..." It was her turn to backtrack a foot or two, "...just play around."

The conversation was getting me a little hot, and I dug being hot. "I know what you mean. I like a guy to touch me too, make it last a long time."

"You do?"


"It makes it lots better when they stick..."

For the first time Lorrie blushed. So she did have a soft side.

"Go ahead, say it."

"...when they stick you with a cock." She closed her eyes, ran a hand down her belly, down the fly of her cut-off jeans. She looked at me again, a trusting look. "Sometimes when I'm warmed up nice and slow... you know, like maybe I'm in a car with this guy, and we're parked, and he's feeling me up pretty good, and my pants are really wet... sometimes I just come right away when he puts his prick inside me. I mean, it's the truth!"

"Hey, you want a beer?"

Lorrie grinned broadly. "Sure!"

I came back with two sweating cans and handed one across the counter to my newfound female friend. She popped it expertly.

"I could go to jail for giving beer to a minor."

Lorrie swigged. "I'm not telling." She wiped foam from her lip, swigged again.

We were quiet for a while, Lorrie glancing my way whenever she thought she might catch me thinking of something she hadn't already found out. Finally her questions surfaced again. "So what did Warren do?"


"I mean, what did he do when you seduced him?"

"What makes you think I seduced him?" It was my third beer and I was starting to feel pleasantly high.

"Listen, I know Warren. He always comes up here when Todd does. Sometimes the three of us share a tent when we camp out." She nodded at my show of interest. "And he just lays there when Todd and I are fucking around, you know. He never has come on with me or anything." She glanced obliquely away, remembering. "Once I even gave him a chance. Todd was gone looking for a spring so we could fill the canteens, and Warren was hanging around. I skinned off my shirt and pretended like I was washing." She took a breath, a sip of beer. "So I soaped my titties real good and then took off my panties and soaped my pussy. It was warm and it felt good. We had one bucket left for washing and I didn't want to waste it so I asked Warren to pour it over me." She grinned that sly, blank-eyed grin. "So I could get all the soap off with one try. But Warren didn't even want to. He kept telling me to do it myself. Well, finally I got him to do it. And he was shaking when he poured it, but I turned around and around wiping the suds away and squeezing my tits and everything. He was watching hard too."

"Sounds like he was enjoying it to me."

"Maybe. But he sure didn't let me know. I made him dry my back and, while he was drying, I turned around real quick so that he touched my tit," Lorrie frowned. "He just dropped the towel in the mud. Boy, did that piss me off!"

"But boys just don't come along so fast when it comes to sex." I trace my beer can with a thumbnail. "He probably wanted to do something but was too shy."

Lorrie considered this. She made a petulant face and got up to flaunt her trim ass around the store. A brown-haired teen came running up to the front of the shop, burst excitedly through the door.

"Lorrie, guess what?"

She turned towards him. I could see the familiar, blunt lines of the boy's profile, the light-brown thatch of his hair. He might have been Lorrie's twin except for the difference in age.

"I don't want to guess," Lorrie said. "Tell me."

"Dad won't be home for another week. He called Mom and told her."

"Oh shit!" Lorrie paced, raised the beer can for another drink but thought of more to say first. "I could have gone with Todd."

"Mom's working tables down at the Blacksmith tonight," Lorrie's brother continued. "Guess you have to fix supper."

Lorrie plunked down on the campaign trunk and finished the beer. She was shameless and I couldn't help but dig her. And I was digging her brother too. Not even as tall as Warren but stronger-looking somehow. Maybe it was the tan, the smear of mud across one forearm. His hair was long like his sister's and just as stringy.

"You're Lorrie's brother?"

He nodded. "Keith." Hands in his pocket, sound of a bare foot on the hardwood floor.

"I'm Shelby. I'm new here. I'm running the shop for Mr. Lomax."

"Yeah, I know. Lorrie told me." He looked at me in the same manner Lorrie had when she'd first come in. It was a kind of shyness but only on the surface. A country manner that hid an unashamed frankness. The way Keith was looking at me I figured the frankness was already surfacing.

"Look, why don't you two eat down here tonight. I can fix some hamburgers or something."

"Wow, that'd be swell." Keith was definitely not the shy type.

"Far out," Lorrie echoed. "You sure you don't mind?"

When Keith bounced out of the store and fled up the dusty side street, Lorrie surprised me.

"It'll be cool. Keith smokes grass too."

Lorrie was up and walking around again, touching a crock, planing her hand across a chest of drawers.

"Sounds like some kind of brother."

"I dig him a lot." She smiled. "And that's something. Most sisters can't stand their brothers."

Maybe it was the brew, but I found myself wondering just how much Lorrie really did dig her brother. Enough to maybe fuck him? Jesus, I was getting really strung out on sex. Scott first and then Warren and now making up pictures of Lorrie fucking her brother. The images had me all loose and giggly and wet in the panties. A laugh from Lorrie snapped me out of my time warp.

"Last year Keith caught hell from this one girl's parents," she said. "He got called in to the principal's office and everything."

"Oh yeah?" Pretended indifference. Really I was getting my kicks hearing all this small-town scandal.

Lorrie set her empty beer can on the floor. "He was fooling around with Shirley McCaffrey. After school. Her folks had this old shed out back and they caught her without any clothes on." Lorrie giggled, clamped a hand to her mouth. "Not one singe stitch. And Keith didn't either. He was painting her like he'd seen in this magazine. I guess some kids still do that in California sometimes. Anyway, her old man raised hell. If Keith hadn't been making such good grades, they might've kicked him out of school."

"But she wasn't pregnant or anything?" Lorrie's looseness had loosened me up. I really didn't think she cared a damn what I asked.

"Naw. I don't think he really fucked her." Lorrie shook her head, still chuckling. Again I thought of the possibility of brother and sister fucking each other. With these two it seemed natural. And I almost could find the nerve to ask.



"You and Keith..." I licked my lips, tried to come up with the right way to put it, " you ever... I mean have you ever..."

Lorrie smiled that sly smile again. I could see she'd been taken a little by surprise. "Sure. I asked him to fuck me one time, and after an hour we figured out how."

My mind had just been truly and completely blown. "Wow," I said. The shock effect of her words gave her the itch to tell me more.

"A year ago it was. Nobody at home, you know, and I was just finishing a bath and feeling kind of... like fooling around."

I would have dug on hearing every last detail, but I didn't want to be so uncool as to ask. "How do you feel... about Keith now?"

"Oh, I dig him. He's my brother."

"But..." I was after romance. An incestual love tryst. A burning, sinful lust that took them to the depths of passion and shame.

"What do you mean, but?"

"Is he your lover!" I blurted. "I mean do you two fuck around all the time and..." Lorrie was looking at me like the tilt sign had just flashed on.

"He's my brother." She smiled again, picking up what I'd been trying to get at. "We fuck when we're bored." She got up, swung her ass as she went towards the door. "I guess Warren will be here when we have supper tonight, right?"

"Yeah, he'll be here."

"Good." She waved. "See ya in an hour." Gone. Watching her drift up the sidewalk and out of sight, I realized just how weird the afternoon had been. Lorrie was one out-of-sight little chick.

Chapter EIGHT

I knew where the party was going before Warren finished his second hamburger for dinner. Lorrie had been giving him the eye and not being very coy about it either. I was tickled seeing him so confused. I guessed that he really wanted to be with me. Lorrie had made sure she was hanging close to him though. She laughed at everything he did and said, took every opportunity to touch him even if it was in a kidding way.

I wanted Warren too, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Keith. Shorter, tanner and with that stringy bunch of long hair... he seemed exotic after hearing what Lorrie had told me about his adventures.

We drank some beer. Keith didn't want any and opened a bottle of pop instead. I was starting to get nervous about smoking any grass... I couldn't swear that everybody was cool about it just because they seemed cool. But borne brought out a joint and lit up. Keith had two hits and passed. I was piggy and wiped myself out. But the buzzy high did what I wanted it to. It broke down my sense of propriety, I wasn't the oldest at the table anymore, nor the person who was supposed to mind the shop at all times.

Then Keith put his hand on my knee under the table. What a cocky little dude, he was! I looked at him in mock challenge, but his fingers only squeezed harder. His hand was hot and small and smeared with dust from the street.

I sneaked my own hand under and squeezed his fingers in mine. The effect on my cunt was devastating. Half in confusion, half in fear, I got up from the table and put the dirty dishes in the sink.

Lorrie had at last captured Warren's attention. She had worn a net top and he was starting to try and find her nipple on the other side of the almost transparent material. She had donned a dress for the occasion, too, but she acted as if she were still in jeans. She scratched high up on her thigh, didn't bother pulling down the hem when she squatted or sat. In a moment or two they disappeared into the shop "to look at an old minor."

I was rinsing off the last dish when Keith came up behind me and nuzzled against my back. I turned, pressed a hand against his cowboy shirt. He had worn boots, too, and our eyes met almost at the same level. He kissed me roughly. I was so surprised that I felt like someone his own age, a shy little schoolgirl.

"Hey, don't you even give a girl a warning?"

He seemed a little off balance. I could see that his base of experience wasn't as broad as he pretended. He kissed me again and this time we hugged each other tightly. I could feel the heat from his chest, the hardness of his buckle against my belly.

Holding his face still, I kissed him like I wanted to be kissed. Slowly, lots of tongue, lots of brushing tickles... not quite touching.

"See, you touch with your mouth... I can feel it."

He blushed. "That does feel nice, I guess." He had the high cheekbones, the raw Western look of a young cowhand.

"Are you tan like this all over?"

"Maybe not everywhere." This time there was no shyness. He watched my eyes. I felt naughty and seductive. I was dying to uncover this stud who'd fucked his sister.

"Let's go in here," I said, leading him towards my bedroom. "I want to see just how far this tan goes."

He let me unsnap his shirt and yank the tail out. His chest was hairless like Warren's and I smoothed my palms over it, licked a nipple until he winced and twisted away.

"That gets me." He undid his belt, sat on the edge of the bed. "Do girls like to do that to boys as much as boys like to do it to girls?"

"Depends on the girl, I guess." I pulled off his boots, peeled his socks, yanked at the tight Levi's until they came off all at once. I almost staggered against the wall.

He was skinny-limbed, white around the crotch where a pair of swim trunks had been. His cock was rigid, bobbing from a sparse tangle of brownish curls... hardly any hair at all. That pretty cock was white too. But everywhere else the smooth tan extended, even to the tops of his feet.

"You must swim a lot."

"There's an old hole up behind our place." He seemed completely at ease sitting there buck naked while I was still dressed. I broke out of my hazy, high trance and began to take off my own things. When I got down to my panties, I stopped.

"Maybe you'd like to take these off."

Keith stood behind me and edged the elastic down over my pelvis. When the crotch band came away from my pussy, it made a wet sound and I realized that the silk had been folded up inside my cunt. The friction of it being pulled away from my clit made me gasp.

"You got nice hips," Keith said.

His manner kept taking me by surprise. He wasn't seductive, or even very sexy with the way he touched, kissed, undressed. But the fact that he knew about fucking came through loud and strong.

We collapsed on the bed, wrapped in each other's embrace. I smoothed his matted, dusty hair and kissed his cheeks. He kissed back, no expert, but no dummy either. When we worked our mouths together finally, he tried to kiss like I'd showed him a moment before. I gave him my tongue as a reward. It started happening.

Keith went for my tongue hard, sucking at it, panting through his nose like crazy. My fingers touched the small of his back, searched for other happy spots... and found another. He liked me to touch the crack of his ass. Not deep, just lightly where the two muscled halves came together. He grunted like a greedy little pig.

With one hand tickling his ass and the other at the nape of his neck, I fed him more tongue, letting him suck until it hurt. He finally had to stop and breathe in huge lungfuls.

"Christ... you're lots different than other girls."

"I guess I'm not really a girl any more." Licked his nose. "Kind of wish I was." I was thinking of Lorrie's compact little body, her fresh, peach smooth face.

Keith nuzzled my neck. My skin dampened with his breath and I found his own neck with my tongue, then his chest and nipples. He writhed under the tickling friction and his ass moved spasmodically. It was like sensing his most basic instincts to feel that movement, that upward hunch which tightened the muscles in his back and thighs and buttocks. Those same contractions probably stimulated his prostate, I figured, and added tension to the nerves at the base of his cock.

He seemed to want to kiss my breasts, and happily I squirmed onto my back and pressed his mouth down. He'd done it before... I knew that. But he was a little afraid of hurting me. The texture of my nipples and the circle of softness surrounding my tit. I watched his tongue rub the tip of one nipple until I was holding my breath from wanting him to rub more.

"It won't hurt me," I whispered. "Bite my tit a little."

Keith nibbled. The sharp line of his teeth grasped my nipple, cut it tenderly with feeling. A rush of lust made me clutch his shoulders.

"Ohhhh Keith, that feels so sweet!"

He moved to the other breast and applied what he'd just learned. The nipple rose quickly out of its fleshy bed and he sucked it deep. I sensed hot blood rushing to my pussy.

A wild thought plunged me into feverish wiggling. My pussy needed eating so bad. Since Warren had made a half-assed attempt at it I'd been obsessed with the idea. And now I could easily imagine how fine Keith's full-lipped mouth would feel on my cunt. It was worth a try.

Gingerly I scooted upwards, pressing his head down at the same time. He kissed my tits, my belly... not very passionately, but good enough to make me thrill. I was anticipating more.

When Keith's chin brushed my pubic tangle, he cast grey eyes up at me. At that angle I realized just how much he really did look like his sister Lorrie. There was the trace of a smile on his lips, a smile that said he wanted to kiss me more, kiss me lower. I smiled back, widened my thighs. Almost as if I'd felt it, I knew he had seen my scorpion. Keith and I had been side by side. He hadn't really explored my body very thoroughly and the tattoo stayed pretty well hidden until I threw my knees wide and squatted. I thought often of how it lived there a few inches from one cuntlip, directly beneath my warm mound.

Keith's fingers dug into the fleshy part of my ass. He was looking at the fierce creature, its stinger curled towards the damp well of my body.

"It won't bite." I laughed, ruffled his hair. I told him about my little pet before he asked a lot of dumb questions. Keith was still staring at it when I guided him down, made his lips wet the insides of my thighs.

I lay my head back, dropped arms to my sides. It was up to Keith now. My thighs were parted, my tender cunt exposed completely. A muscle in my calf twitched and sent a shiver up my thigh. I strained to part my pussy more. A surge of hot juice flooded out from deep within my pussy.

Keith was silent now that he was entranced with my cunt. Every girl is built differently down between her thighs. Like ears or noses, pussies can be full of curlicues or simply formed. My own cunt had rather small outer lips and larger inner ones. When I was hot, like I was now, the inner lips (which were usually tucked wetly out of sight) swelled enough to hang out of my cunt like glossy tongues. The touch of a finger when they were like that sent me into shivering spasms of pleasure. And with my thighs thrown apart, even more of their tender surfaces were exposed for play. And now Keith was beginning to play.

"Oh God, Keith honey, if you knew what that felt like..."

He was holding apart the blood-filled inner lips with his fingers while he licked wetly trough the entire length of my clit... starting at the bottom with the tip of his tongue and lapping it noisily up, up, until my clit was pushed back into its hood. The third time my clit didn't push back. It stood up against the pressure of his licking. Spit coursed down around it, wet my pubic thatch with dew.

I was afraid to move, afraid I might pull too far away from the lovely torture of his tongue... but my hips were guided by forces I couldn't control. They dipped and then plunged upwards again, wetting Keith's cheeks with the slick juice from my cunt.

Keith's hot and humid breath bathed my pussy. I writhed, knotted my fists against the sheet. I wanted to give him even more cunt to eat!

I grabbed my ankles with shaking hands and, pulling my knees almost straight, stretched back. My legs jabbed high above Keith's bobbing head. He nuzzled deeper into my oozing cunt. The sounds were sloppy, slurping sounds. Greedy little pig! I loved it! My pussy was getting eaten alive! It had been far, far too long since something so nice had happened.

"Baby, baaaby! Keep eating my cunt!" I gasped.

His strong hands were under my ass now as he wiggled his chin deep against the beginning of my hole and sucked. My clit and cuntlips were sucked between his teeth. He nibbled, too carefully really, but I understood his hesitation.

I tightened the pressure of my arms. My toes pointed high into the air, feet held there by my hooked fingers as I rocked gently under Keith's mouth. The grazing caresses of his tongue had already brought me very close. Now it was just a tease, a tease of my clit. Though he didn't know it, it would only take a steady rush of concentrated licking over my tender clit to bring me off. Another few seconds passed... took me closer to that one-way tunnel. I wanted it now! Couldn't wait!

"Honey... Keith... kiss me hard there, lick my pussy... Uhhhh!"

He was lapping my cunt like a dog in heat. The sloppy kissing made my back stiffen, already tense in the forced position I'd been holding. The mattress bounced, and I realized that I was doing it, my ass jumping against his teeth and tongue.

Keith had to know I was coming. I let my ankles go and scissored his head between my thighs. I felt his ears pressing into the warm flesh near my scorpion. My blistered clit burned like an ember against the friction of his sucking tongue.

I felt the tiny bumps that covered Keith's tongue... it felt like soft sandpaper. He raked its surface across my cuntlips again and again, until the jolts of intense pleasure expanded like ripples in a pond, coursing out through every nerve. I squirmed snakelike against the sheet under my back. I scratched nails across my tits, found a nipple and pinched it. The sucking noise of his lips against my pussy made me gasp and press inward with my ass.

I collapsed. Eyes closed, shoulders trembling. Done. Finished. It had been lovely. It had been the most excruciating joy I'd ever experienced from a man eating my cunt.

"You're good..." I tried to focus without my glasses.

Keith was sitting on the edge of the bed, one hand on my hip. I thought he looked a little spaced. He was wiping his cheeks with the tail of his shirt. His cock jutted up from his crotch purply hard at the tip, white and long the rest of the way back. It seemed big for a kid his age. I knew he must be dying to fuck me.

"I never really ate pussy before," he said, voice so low I hardly heard him. He was alternately shy and not-so-shy. He had fallen into shyness now. He grinned at me, turning not-so-shy. "It got me pretty horny."

I ignored my weakness, sat up on the bed. I took his cock.

"Come on... you need to fuck me now, I'll bet."

"Guess I do."

He crawled between my legs. I felt the pressure of his stiff prick push aside the ravished tissues of my pussy, slip upwards past the tight opening and into the warm inner grip of my cunt. Folds of cuntflesh curved around his glans.

He held his weight up off me on his elbows, hands hooked over the backs of my shoulders. Gently he fucked in, pulled his cock back out, fucked in deeper than before. His exhaled breath was gaspy. It came against my neck in hot puffs. And I knew what had happened. Some men got really wired tight when they ate pussy. Especially if it was their first time. Keith was closer than I'd thought to coming. He shoved deep, pulled his cock back again and then started to fuck in quick short jabs.

"Keith honey... Oh, your cock's so big inside!" Whispers against his ear. I felt the effect immediately in his hardened grasp of my body, the more strident grind of his cock fucking my cunt.

"Ohhh Jeez!" he cried, coming.

His mouth floundered against my chin, hunting for a warm wet place to suck. I slithered my tongue between his lips. As he sucked, his ass bunched and spasmed.

I strained to feel the jetting jizz inside me, knew I should have made him put on a rubber. It was all too quick, all too passionate to think straight. Our teeth grated. Keith pulled wetly on my tongue, licking it with his own until he ground out the last squirt of his come and softened in my embrace.

I smoothed his back with my palms. It felt nice having him on me. I'd always hated a man's body crushing me, but now could feel nice things happening. The warm odors of Keith's body, the sweat of my breasts on his chest, his cock nestling cozily in my cunt. I closed my eyes and dozed.

Chapter NINE

It was dark in the room when the sound of the door awakened me. Coming up through spiraling fogs of sleep, I wiped my eyes, tried to focus on the vague, slender shape outlined for a moment in the light from the moon. The door closed and all I could see was shadows.

"Warren?" My hand touched a taut belly, warm from sleep... or from Lorrie. My knee brushed Keith, still sleeping nearby.

"Yeah, it's me," Warren whispered.

He knelt on the mattress, touched my shoulder. My own hand had accidentally slipped to his crotch and, as if nature planned it that way, my fingers curled around his cock. It was hot and hard.

"I can't see you."

"Lorrie got tired." Warren's blond hair brushed my cheek. "...and anyway I kept thinking about you in here."

I hugged him, kissed his shoulder. "Not jealous, are you?"

"I don't know how to feel." He gestured with a sigh at the room, at Keith, at my naked, hot body. Car lights flicked across the ceiling and away.

"You know... I don't know how to feel either." I laughed, put my fingers against his cheek. "I'm glad you came in."

I touched his cock again, pushed the foreskin all the way back. The hunger in my belly was not for food. I could smell the come smears, smell the sexy musk of Lorrie's cunt on Warren's prick. The dark, the dim sensual shadows of the time and place... I knew I was taking chances I'd never taken before. Just sitting naked on a bed with two males was enough to make my skin burn. And the more I fed my desires, the more I wanted.

"I hope Todd doesn't come back..."

"Naw," Warren said. "He stays up by the lake at least two nights when he goes. It's a long walk." He chuckled, as if at what his older brother, half brother, was missing. I wondered if I would be fucking Todd too before the week was out... then immediately I felt ashamed at my fearless appetite.

All the hip, cool things I'd done in my life seemed like folly compared to what I was letting happen now. And I guess I was starting to get a little frightened. Warren touched my belly, curled his fingers under my cuntmound and pressed until I heard the wetness of a finger divide my cuntlips. I rose on the bed, gasped.

"Ohhhh... what do you want me..." My head flopped to one side. Warren kissed me with obvious pleasure at my weak and giddy condition. It was so strange, this change within me... this subtle change I felt as I lost control. Control. I'd always wanted it. But I was losing it now. Or did I really care? I let Warren cradle me back in his arms, wet my face with adolescent kisses.

Keith made sounds of waking but he turned half over and slipped back into shallow sleep. The room, our bodies seemed strange and yet so familiar. Wordlessly he caressed, arranged our bodies against one another until I was on my hands and knees, pulled there I dimly realized. Warren had turned me over, brought me to my knees.

His fingers played against the insides of my thighs, touched my scorpion. The inner lips of my cunt were swollen out. As Warren touched them, they wet his knuckles. I supported myself like a mare waiting to be mounted. Warren's thighs were close to my own, his knees touched the sides of mine. I widened my cunt for him. My pussylips peeled open and I felt the glossy head of his cock fucking into my juicy tissues.

"Uhhh... Warren... maybe you better put on a rubber."

"What," he breathed, kissing, touching, fucking me with the first two inches of his steaming hard prick.

My mouth opened, closed again. Wordless. Rubber, a rubber would keep me from... I sucked a breath, blew it out. The muscles around my cunt expanded back from the streamline shape of his exposed glans. I felt the wrinkled collar of his foreskin where it was forced back. His cock was inside me deeper now, fucking slowly as the cuntjuice seeped slickly from my tender parts.

Pregnant. Didn't want to get... My teeth clicked together. I pinched my bottom lip, let my head droop between my arms as I strained to hold myself up. Come! Hot come! It felt so good knowing that there was nothing to restrain it, nothing to keep his come from jetting inside. Slick and stringy come. I'd had a little in my mouth.

Accident of course. But I realized I'd always had a fear of it. And didn't now. Now I only wanted to learn more about semen. The sticky rub of seed between thumb and finger, the odd flat taste, the starchy way it dried on my thighs. Pregnant. Did I even care? How could I not care?

Warren's cock stabbed deep. I felt the swing of his balls with my fingers, almost crumpled forward and had to catch myself again. No, I didn't care. Keith had put his come into my pussy and now I wanted Warren's.

Keith stirred again, rolled over onto his back. So close. The lovely dark room, our bodies just smears of whiteness. I shifted sideways until my arms formed an arch over Keith's body. It was like being drunk though I had had no alcohol. Drunk with realization. The surprise of seeing how good it was to be one of three naked people on a bed. And though I had never dug orgy scenes, I told myself that this was different. We were all children, playing. I felt as young as Lorrie now, with the refined senses of my twenty-eight years. The best of both worlds.

"Wha's going on?" Keith rubbed a fist against one eye, blinked.

I dropped down over him, dropped onto elbows. "Shhh, I'm going to do something nice to you." Warren muffled a short laugh. He was holding himself still, or frying to. In the dark I thought I saw Keith frown.

"That Warren?"

"Yeah," I kissed his belly. "We're all just playing..."

Keith stirred, tried to sit up. I pushed him down. It was more comfortable now with the weight off my arms. And I could smell my own dried cuntjuices on Keith's limp cock. I cradled the soft prick in my fingers and kissed it.

Keith stopped stirring. He was holding his breath. I didn't know how two boys might feel about what had magically begun to happen. I didn't know how I felt about it. I just liked it so far. Warren's cock left my pussy, all but the tip. Then he smoothly jammed it forward, up, up, up into my cunt. It wasn't a big cock, but it filled me. It made me know I was a woman and that a male was mounted behind. Our juice-slicked parts melded with lovely wet sounds.

"Is Warren...?" It was Keith again. "Is he... fucking you?"

"Shhh," I breathed, touching the tip of my tongue against the underside of his thickening cockshaft. "It's gonna be fun."

Keith grunted, obviously still sleepy. But his cock was erecting under my subtle licks. Wetting his prick heightened the musky aroma of our previous fucking so I wet it some more. In the dim star-glitter from the window I could see the glossy mess I was making. Now even his balls were becoming drenched with my spit.

"Ohhhh wow! Keep sucking on my cock!" Keith gasped.

I held his cock between my thumb and first finger. The tip sagged over to one hide but with each beat of his heart, his cock began to straighten before my eyes. I opened my lips and took it in, shaft, balls and all.

Keith went rigid, then trembled all over. He widened his thighs, an instinctive reaction I thought as I juggled his balls with the tip of my tongue. I held my mouth over his prick and balls until his cock had hardened enough to spear towards my throat. Not wanting to gag, I took my lips away, got a breath and then circled just his swelling crown. My tongue moved, lapping the underside of his sweet cockmeat until it grew rigid and hot. I gently jacked the skin behind the tip as I sucked.

Warren had his hands on my hips now so he could keep my pussy from moving away. He shoved his prick deep, slipped slowly out and shoved deep again. A steady, unhurried fuck rhythm. His cock was very hard. I could feel it gouge the walls of my pussy. My cunt was tightened by my position and, when his prick was as deep as he could go, my pussy became even tighter.

I shifted slightly, and Keith bent his knees up until my mouth worked between the slender walls of his thighs. He put a foot up over my back, then the other. The sensation of being captured against him, my mouth on his cock, was exciting me to madness. I slurped ravenously over the hot meat. It wasn't hard to take his cock very deep into my mouth. I could still almost take him balls and all because his cock wasn't as long as a man's prick would be. But I found that what he liked best was for me to bob my head up and down very fast, then stop and flutter my tongue tip against the sensitive glans.

Keith's cockhead was much larger than the slender shaft of his cock. It flared out like a mushroom, and I could lick underneath the tumid, hot flesh. Lick and suck until his ass lurched from the bed and I had to bob up and down again. Keith crossed his ankles over my back and squeezed his thighs against my ears. He squeezed more, moaning deep in his throat. I was half aware of what my position was, my helplessness. And when his fingers wound themselves deep in my long hair, I knew I was a prisoner.

I guess I knew too that no man in the world could take much more cocksucking... not like I was doing it to Keith. But I went on. My mouth rippled and clung to the tip and shaft of his cock. I teased him with light, nibbling bites. My teeth sank gently into the spongy crown. Holding him like that, I tongued the tiny slit of his cock until he writhed, moaning. But all the while he clenched me ever tighter in the vise of his thighs.

The hard prick inside my pussy, the rhythmic fucking by Warren, had rubbed every nerve into excruciating, tingling life. And what made it better was my mouth around Keith's cock. To be filled and filled again. Pussy and mouth. Both overflowing with cock.

I bathed Keith's cock with hot spit, Warren with love-hot cuntjuice. The smacking sound of my mouth, Keith's musky odor, and the slick slurp of a cock in my cunt was bringing me higher every second.

I'd never done it this way before, never. I'd never even thought of trying it. It seemed like such a difficult thing to arrange, so clinical. People taking certain positions in a strange bedroom. It smacked of blue movies or swingers trying to prove their prowess. But Keith and Warren and I fucked and sucked together with hardly a word, and, as our bodies tensed, I felt a sharing. Each thrilling movement seemed to course through all our bodies as if we were wired magically together.

Warren was fucking me with growing lust. His lunges were vicious, wonderful feeling stabs and I pressed back against his cock when it went deep into my cunt. In seconds I felt the growing itch around my clitoris send fevered throbs through my whole body.

Wet, cock-slurred words bubbled at the corners of my mouth as my back arched with the first trembling rush of my orgasm. Warren heard me, knew I was coming and moaned too.

"...Shelby... love you... Uhh, Shelby!"

The shivering ecstasy of our coming together made me crazy with sucking. My mouth seemed to convulse like my pussy was doing, and I sucked at Keith's rigid prick in a frenzy. He writhed, pumped his hips up so that the cocktip tickled my throat. I wallowed over him. His glans raked my cheek, bulging it but on one side while my tongue raged against the tender undershaft.

My pussy contracted violently around Warren's cock. In his wild fucking, his prick slipped out of me for a second, long enough for a hot jet of semen to spurt across my belly. Steadying his frothing, ejaculating prick, he fucked me full again and I heard him gasp with relief as the next spurt boiled out into the hot folds of my pussy. I bucked my ass as another turbulent thrill racked my senses... coming, I was coming so good! Dying with dazzling shivers, I opened my jaws and took Keith's cock into my throat. A spurt of seed burst hotly, trickled across my tongue.

"Ahhh! Keep sucking, Shelby!"

It was instinct that made me try and pull away, the old fear I'd always had of swallowing a man's semen. Though I'd tasted it, even licked a little from the end of a male cock before taking my mouth away, I still wanted to jerk back. But Keith's thighs made that impossible. He clenched tighter, pulling my hair with both hands to keep me over him.

I was dizzy with what was happening. I was dizzy from the tingles of my own orgasm that still pulsed at my loins, dizzy from the slick jizz that leaked into my cunt hair. And now as my tongue licked around Keith's cock, I felt almost as if I might faint.

The semen boiled thickly from his cocktip. It formed a slickened film between my tongue and his cock that made my sucking friction even more tantalizing. Keith had me firmly in his grasp and as the lust took over his body, he fucked me, fucked my mouth as deep as he could! His lurching, foaming cock flooded hot curds! I resisted swallowing for a while until finally I had to. The semen leaked from my mouth, dribbled down my chin. I counted the pulses, or tried to... six, seven... finally eight spurts and then they died away.

There was no time, no nothing after all that delicious fucking and sucking. I fell to one side, half on Keith. Warren slumped too, head cradled under one of my arms, hand against my come-drenched pussy. I remembered smiling to myself as consciousness began to rise... I'd sucked cock. All the way. Come in my mouth, on my chin, tummy, legs... smeared everywhere! Everything was smeared, the room even smeared against my eyes. I was just as glad I couldn't see perfectly without glasses. It had made everything a lovely, dream. So much better than having to face reality.

Just before I fell asleep, I thought I heard Lorrie in the hall, looking for Warren probably. The bounce of the bed as she climbed in.

And sometime just before dawn I awakened just long enough to hear her whispery demand. "Oh, please fuck me, Warren! It'll feel good... come on... fuck me!" Rustling sounds of sheets. The slick parting of wet pussylips. And finally the contented moan from Lorrie's throat as Warren began to fuck her.

I awoke to the hellish sound of someone beating on the front door of the shop.

"Hey kids!" I shook Lorrie first, punched her brother Keith, who was curled in a ball near the head of the big bed. Warren pushed himself up on his elbows and frowned at me. The banging continued.

"Come on! Everybody dressed. I don't know who the hell this might be!"

Lorrie padded back to Warren's room and Warren went sleepily along behind her while I dove into my jeans and grabbed a T-shirt from my drawer. Keith sat naked, scratching his head.

"Does your mother know where you and Lorrie were last night?"

"We told her we were eating at a friend's place. She doesn't ever seem to care much." He shrugged, went on scratching his head.

As I watched him put a foot in his jeans, I felt as if I was in possession of something taboo.

The banging increased in volume. I weaved down the hall. Someone was trying to break the Goddamn door!


The woman stepped back as I fooled around with the lock, finally got it open.

"I'm Mrs. Tyler..." She smiled, but her eyes were hard. "Did my two kids come down here last night?"

"Oh... Mrs. Tyler." I realized I hadn't even known Lorrie and Keith's last name. I was stalling for time to think. "Well, yes, they did."

"I know Lorrie is sweet on Todd Lomax. I'm not sure I approve, but what can you do when there's no man around the house." She glanced at my bare feet, studied my face. "You the new girl that runs the shop?"

Big smile to round off her sharp corners. "Yes, I'm Shelby Jean Pomeroy..."

"Lorrie mentioned you." Her heavily made-up eyes verged on suspicion and trust. "Said you'd invited her and her brother down for supper. Well, they never showed up at home last night. I work tables at the Blacksmith till they close and a friend asked me out afterwards..." She seemed nervous, tried to get back on more solid footing. It dawned on me that Mrs. Tyler was hung over. "Anyway when they still weren't home this morning, I decided I'd better come lookin'." She glanced over my shoulder as if hinting to be asked inside.

"We all sat around talking," I said, pretending innocence, "and it got late so..." I shrugged. "I didn't want them to have to walk home in the dark and my car isn't running very..."

"Is that Todd here?" Mrs. Tyler interrupted.

"No. He's camping somewhere in the mountains."

"Where'd everybody sleep?"

"Warren and Keith in his room, Lorrie and I in mine." I made myself look her square in the eyes. Honesty, the best policy and all that kind of thing. She hadn't been a bad-looking woman in her time, but her nightlife had cut lines around her eyes and mouth. The make-up only seemed to accentuate her tiredness.

"Warren? Todd's brother?" Mrs. Tyler did not approve. I swallowed sharp fear.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Tyler, Lorrie was with me the whole..."

"I don't like it, I just don't." She peered over my shoulder again, but I wanted to make sure the kids had a chance to get some clothes on.

"If you'd like me to fix you some coffee..."

"I had some coffee." She nodded her head towards the back of the shop. "They in there?"

"Yes, we were just thinking of fixing some breakfast."

"Past ten, little late for breakfast." She came into the shop. "How late did you all sleep, anyway?"

I let that one fly on by. I wanted to kick Mrs. Tyler in the ass, get her out of the shop. But she strode directly to the back and into the kitchen. Lorrie and Keith were standing by the refrigerator, Keith with a glass of orange juice. I felt the tension in my guts break, flow away. Those crazy kids had been so happy-go-lucky about it all that I wasn't ready for their old lady.

"Who said you could spend the night?" Mrs. Tyler demanded. I noticed that the heels were run down on the shoes she wore and her jacket had one frayed sleeve. Keith and Lorrie just looked at her. Blank, dumb-kid looks. I knew the scene.

"I don't see why it matters," Lorrie offered. She took Keith's orange juice and sipped.

"Eating here's one thing, sleeping is something else." Mrs. Tyler wheeled, started back towards the shop. "I want you both home right away..."

Wren emerged from his bedroom and the four of us exchanged conspiratorial looks as the front door jangled its bell. There was some shyness in the looks too, as if our night together had been a little wilder than any of us had planned.

Lorrie walked with a slight gimp and Keith didn't say much, though I caught him looking at me plenty. It was so nutty, the whole far-out night. I felt like a mother protector who'd flipped. The Great Mother who'd been swarmed by her children. And only now was I remembering how much jizz I'd taken into my body.

But the kids were jiving each other, the day was going to sliver in a dozen directions and I let it. When the place emptied, I opened the shop as usual and returned to the inventory check.

A rush of customers in the afternoon buoyed my spirits. I sold a large bureau and a mirror.

Warren had taken a pack and gone off into the woods to look for his brother. I made up my mind not to go hunting for worry until worry came looking for me.

Chapter TEN

Three days, three nights. I spent a lot of that time in shorts, gazing at my wicked little tattoo. The scorpion gave me no hints for guiding my life from that point on. I began to wonder if I'd finally and forever lost my ever-loving mind. There was another way to approach the whole thing. Pretend it never happened. It had been too fantastic a situation to really believe. Would my friend Jackie believe me if I told her that after fucking Scott (almost under her nose).

I could hardly believe it myself. Especially that grand finale where we all ended up fucking and sucking in the same queen-sized bed.

Time tick-tocked away. Customers came and went, some buying, most not. Then on the morning of my fourth day alone in the shop my period started. At least I didn't have that to drive me half nutty anymore. My luck was holding...

I wondered idly about Warren. It was funny how he had to disappear for a while after that last wild night. Probably had a million confusing thoughts in his head, and wanted to commune with nature for a while to see what Mother Nature thought.

After the local preacher stopped by to invite me to join his flock I knew that nothing had leaked. I was still straight in everyone's eyes. And with this out of the way, I could start thinking about sex again. But no one came, no boys that is. I was getting desperate. Even my tampax was starting to look pretty good on Thursday, but there's nothing particularly sexy about putting a tampax into my cunt. Don't know why, there just isn't.

It was getting to be afternoon when Lorrie came in, looked both ways and ducked through the door.


"Everything cool?" I asked.

"Sure. My mom gets fits of trying to act like a mother. It wasn't anything much." She sat down and kicked off her sandals. "It's really getting to be summer. Hot as shit!"

I got a couple of Cokes from the kitchen. We sipped and talked about nothing much for a minute or two. Then Lorrie looked at me seriously.

"You know the other night when you were letting Keith and Warren fuck me?"

"Yeah." She sipped her Coke. "Didn't you worry about getting knocked up?" My cool didn't out cool my red face.

"I messed that one up. But I was lucky." Big smile. "I started today."

"Wow, I'm glad." There was a moment of silence, a knowing girl look between us. "I thought you were probably on the pill."

"So do most boys." I rubbed the back of my hand against my mouth. I began to think of fucking again. "I can't take the pill."

"I've just been lucky myself. When a guy has a rubber, well that's better." She puckered her mouth to the Coke.

"You've been fucking a year now?"

"Off and on." We both laughed.

Lorrie chewed the corner of her nail. "I remember when I went out one time with this guy I was crazy to fuck. He didn't have a rubber and wouldn't drive to Carsbury to buy one. So I went in Wilson's market and bought a baggie." She shrugged, laughed. "He said it wasn't worth a damn, but I think I musta come three times that night."

"Not on the same baggie..."

Lorrie giggled, almost spilled her Coke.

The quiet of the store fell around us. I was eyeing her, she looking at me. Lorrie rubbed her tan nose.

"You ever fuck during your period?"

I hesitated to answer, embarrassed by the prejudice I'd picked up from my Victorian mother. "I never have, but I'm starting to get pretty horny these past days." Lorrie laughed. "Do you?"

"I don't care one way or the other. Sometimes it really excites a guy to fuck me during my period, so then I dig it like he does." Lorrie finished her Coke.

"You have the right idea. That's really the cool way to look at things." Lorrie took the compliment grandly.

"There was this guy I used to go with, Wendel Purdy. He liked to watch me change my tampax, stuff like that. He would write me dirty notes in class saying how bad he wanted to fuck me and I'd get so damn hot I'd have to take care of myself... right in class."

I was curious, and Lorrie's conversation had warmed my loins. With no boys around, it was cheap entertainment.

"That sounds hard to do."

"Easy!" Lorrie raised her eyebrows, tilted her head. "I got a way of crossing my legs and jigging them with the corner of a book jammed down against my cunt." She showed me by patting the center of her cuntmound. "Works every time. One time the teacher asked me to get up and recite though, and I'd just had my come. That was a little scary. I couldn't talk very good and my knees weren't too strong."

Lorrie got up and walked lazily to the door. "I guess I'd better be going. Oh yeah, Keith has been dying to come up and see you, but he's still scared somebody might think..." She tilted her head cutely, " and him."

I chuckled. "I think we could walk down the main street holding hands and no one would even turn. I was weirded out at first, but not anymore. I mean, I'm old enough to..."

" be his mother," Lorrie finished. She wrinkled her nose in an impudent way. "Some mother!" And she trotted down the steps, sandals flung over one shoulder.

On Friday, business was nothing. I stayed open until three and then locked up and sauntered downtown to do some shopping. I strung it out as long as I could, knowing that when I got back, there'd only be that empty shop, the kitchen and a bedroom or two to rattle around in. I even thought of walking up to the end of town where the Tylers' house was, but I thought better of it. I'd been lucky as hell the first time. No sense in making anything obvious. Let the good times come to you... and all that sort of thing.

When I returned to the shop, the front door was open. I suspected Warren, but found Todd, his feet up on the kitchen table, pack leaned against the wall.

"Hey, you got some beer!"

"What happened to Warren?"

"Left him up the mountain. I think he's lovesick."

I popped my beer, listened to him dig another out of the carton. The old guessing game. And how much did Todd know?

"Didn't you hear me," he needled. "I said he was lovesick."

"Oh?" I gulped beer without appearing to gulp it. It wasn't easy to look someone in the eyes and play dumb.

"What happened down here anyway while I was up on the mountain?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary." I was afraid I'd made it sound too ordinary. Todd looked ready to jump at anything.

"You know what I think?" Todd seemed smug. It made me nervous. So I looked at him blankly, as if I was only being polite to listen. "I think he wanted to fuck you and you wouldn't go along with that, so now he's up in the woods brooding." He examined a fingernail with measured cool. "Warren's a funny kid. Quiet, but underneath..."

Todd clapped his hands. "See, he daydreams a lot. He must have daydreamed about you until he thought he was really fucking you. Then you shut off his water." Big smile.

"How do you think up things like that?" I was peering over the top of my beer can. "I mean it's really far out come on. I'm fight, aren't I?" He looked at his beer, at me. By the tone of his voice, I knew he wasn't positive. Just a ballsy guesser, that was Todd.

"You're wrong." I opened the refrigerator to put away my groceries.

Todd stewed. "Whadaya mean, I'm wrong?" His chair grated. I sensed him standing behind me. Uppity young stud. Know-it-all bastard. All I could think of was slapping Todd Lomax in the face with a wet towel. But I had something better.

"You're wrong about Warren just wanting to fuck me." I thought I actually heard him swallow. And it wasn't beer. "Hey, you sound dry." I closed the refrigerator, turned. "Better have some more beer." Todd's mouth was open.

"That little bastard didn't get in your pants... I know he didn't." He pushed his long black hair out of his eyes. I heard the beer can crinkle. Todd gulped from it, almost choked on foam.

"No, he didn't get in my pants." I finished my beer, pried another from the carton. "I took them off first." Todd's face crumbled like a condemned building getting the ax. He was having one hell of a time keeping up his macho cocksman facade.

"I... don't believe..." This time he spilled his beer down the front of his shirt. He wiped awkwardly. "Naw... not that little fuckin' fart."

I took my beer and headed out the back door. Todd hurried out behind me. I went to an old canvas lawn chair and fell into it. Todd strutted nervously before me.

"You're kidding, huh?" His smile was very, very thin.

"Look, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. It's a free country."

Todd stalked back and forth along the crumbling brick walk.

"You won't find any wild asparagus here."

"What?" His look said I was crazy.

"You're stalking. I thought you might be looking for a wild asparagus." I smothered my laugher with the beer. Didn't want to rile him too much.

"You're really funny. You just tear me up." Pissed off.

I watched him disappear through the back gate and trudge away towards town. After a while I went back in the house and washed up the dishes. It started to get dark, a storm moving over the mountains around Holdenville. I stayed outside until the rain started, then went in to fix some supper.

I was in bed with a book when I heard Todd come in. He fooled around the kitchen, opened another bear. He wanted to make sure I knew he was available. I giggled to myself, rolled over and turned off the light so I could listen to the rain on the roof.

I wondered about Warren, somewhere in a tent. A tent that didn't leak, I hoped. Warren was sweet. Todd had pegged him right when he'd said he was shy, but there was that wildness underneath. Not like Keith who was a crazy cowboy on the make.

I wondered what the boys thought about fucking me together that night. I moved my hips, rocked them. The reverie was getting to me. I tilted my cuntmound up, brushed my fingers over the silk of my panty-crotch. Wow.

The rain was steady and sometimes a gust would blow hard against the window.

Knock, knock on my door. "Yes?"

"It's Todd. I wondered if you wanted to talk?"

"Not tonight, Todd. Goodnight." I buried my laugh in a pillow. In a moment his steps sounded back down the hall.

I listened to the rain until I was sleepy. Just before I drifted off I remembered how horny I was, thought of the sweet, young bodies that had satisfied me the past week. But I was proud of my will power. It did you good to go without cocks or fingers sometimes. I didn't fuck when I was on the rag anyway, but it would have been so easy to play games with myself. Nice little finger games. I yawned and dozed away to a streamlined dreamland.

It must have been after one in the morning when I woke up having to piss. That damned beer. It wasn't raining anymore and the clouds had parted for the moon. I scrambled around for my glasses, found them and started down the hall. No need to turn on the lights. Just going to piss. I slipped on a T-shirt.

Todd caught me as I was coming out of the john. I hollered plenty loud since I had no idea who it was.

"Jesus, you want to see me have a heart attack?"

His arms brushed mine, fingers against the outward swell of my hips. I wished I'd put my robe on.

"I was thinking about you. Couldn't sleep." He smiled in the darkness. I could just make out the lust on his face.

"Go back to bed."

"I want to talk."

"You don't want to talk, you want to fuck." I pushed his hands away. "I'm on the rag. Even if I did want to fuck, I wouldn't want to." He touched me again, stronger this time. "Todd, would you move out of the way!"

I took my time going down the hall. His footsteps were close behind, but I didn't want to let him see me running. Aroused the old hunter instinct. Those who flee are pursued... something like that. I had a latch on my door. If I could close it... Todd put his foot in.

"Todd, I'm going to bed..." The door was forced open, and I staggered back, catching my heel on the legal the bed. "...damn you!"

"You're so fine." Hands on my shoulders.

I could see his black hair swinging forward off his shoulders. I was falling backwards, slumped onto the bed. Todd was over me, heavy, pressing down. My tits were flattened by his hands. His hand dug at my panties, inched the elastic down. I laughed out loud. Todd stopped, looked at me in the gloom.

"What's so funny?"

"If you think you're going to rape me..." I laughed again.

"Maybe I should."

"Rape isn't any fun." I shoved my hand down his belly, plunged under his shorts and circled the weight of his cock with my fingers. Its size shocked me a little, but I held on, moving the skin up and down slowly. I figured I could fight fire with fire this time. I knew Todd was a pushover, not half as much the cocksman as he pretended. I'd work his prick so I had him in the palm of my hand... like I did now. Both hands. Then I'd tell him I had to go get rid of my tampax and... zip, into the other bedroom, lock the door and back to sleep.

"Jesus, that feels..." I smiled, nodded.

"Like it?"

"I knew you really wanted to..." He slid over, let me sit up. I massaged the skin around his balls until they hung loose in their sac. Todd was hairier than his half-brother, hairier than Warren and Keith put together. A kinky, thick pubic thatch that tickled my hand when I jacked his cock. His foreskin was heavier, longer too. Even now the shiny-wet crown was not fully exposed. If I could get away with it, I could milk his prick dry with my hand and then run him back to bed. Through the dregs of my grass high, through my sleepiness I felt a tingle in the hot pit of my cunt. But I didn't let it do anything else but tinge. I tried hard to think of antique chairs, stoves, picture frames.

"Hey... that's enough."

"Ssshhhh." I cupped his big balls in my other hand and increased the tempo of my jacking movement. His cock throbbed. The come tube on the undershaft bulged as it swelled open to accept the hot stuff which would soon shoot through. Todd's muscled chest heaved. I could still see the child in him. The fierce, rough-edged emotions not yet quite civilized, the artless way he moved his body on the bed. A wanton, pleasure seeking animal. But there was the man there too. He was stronger, strong enough to make me afraid. I knew that if he wanted, Todd might indeed be able to take me... rape me. I trembled. His cock jumped in my hand.

"You're gonna... ohhh..." He pulled his hips back, grabbed my shoulders and started to pull me down beside him. I licked my lips and kissed him wetly. A little pretend to get me out of his reach for a minute. That's all I'd need to get to the other room.

"Hey, kiss me again..." I did. The kiss was good. Todd's tongue became more educated, more eager. I felt my breath falter, break. I was panting as I jerked my lips away from the nibbling sharpness of his biting.

"Let me run down the hall and get rid of my tampax." I kissed his nose, stood up. He looked at me in the darkness. I wasn't sure of his expression but I went quickly out the door. The floor was cold on my bare feet. I rounded the corner of the hall... just a few more steps. Through the kitchen. Feet coming behind me. Hurry... I had to hurry! He knew what I was doing, maybe read it in my voice. I would never make it all the way across the kitchen and into the other bedroom. Todd would be to the door before I had a chance to get the latch across.

"Damn!" My foot had grazed a chair leg, my shoulder bumped the refrigerator. The gaping darkness of the doorway to the shop! I ducked through, crouched behind a large bookshelf and choked off my panting breath.

"Shelby?" Todd walked by me, stopped near a cast-iron stove. "I'll leave you alone if that's what you want."

Like hell he would. I held my breath, hands curled around ankles until he moved out of sight. I heard him near the counter. Being careful not to step on a creaky board, I tiptoed behind two chests and then crawled on hands and knees towards the front door.

Todd was making enough noise looking for me to cover my small sounds. Once he came very near, but I was in the shadow of a huge old chest of drawers and he passed on by. I waited until he went into a side room where he kept old chairs and tables. I was out the front door without him even knowing. I guess Todd realized how I'd tricked him when he heard my Volkswagen start up. He was looking through the glassed front as I pulled around the shop and turned down Main Street. I waved back.

Driving through the sleepy village, I was mad and laughing all at the same time. I wasn't used to being pushed around, and hadn't been since I'd gotten away from Bruce. But though I was ten years older than Todd, he'd won really. Oh, he hadn't gotten his hot piece of ass, but he had run me out. If only there was a way to tell his father... And blow the whole thing. My summer in an antique shop, my pretty boys, everything. Maybe it would be down the drain anyway.

At two in the morning there's not many places you can go in a town like Holdenville. I had on my T-shirt, a pair of pale blue panties and that was it. Now that the heater was working I wasn't so uncomfortable, but I couldn't get out or stop the engine. Another funky fact occurred to me. The needle of my gas gauge was maybe one cockhair away from empty.

I drove out to the west side of town, heading as if by a magnet towards the Tyler place. My lights flicked past a big mail box. Tyler. I turned and went down a long, rutted drive. There was no car out front. I shut off the engine and sat, wondering what to do next. I still couldn't know for sure whether Keith and Lorrie's old lady was home or not. Just walk up in my panties and knock.

A light went on in the house. I reached for the key. It might be trouble. But then I recognized Lorrie's broad, tan face peering out a window. When she recognized the car, she opened the door and thumped down the steps, her nightgown flowing behind.

"What are you doing here?" Her eyes scanned my bare legs. "Hey, is something wrong?"

"Just Todd I guess." She looked so sweet, so sleepy-headed.

"I was afraid something weird was going on," Lorrie said. "Warren came over here this afternoon to see if he could stay the night. He told Keith that his brother wouldn't let him come back to the shop." She frowned, wrinkled her nose. "Todd can get funny all right. Did he try anything?" I didn't feel like going into it.

"So Warren came over here?"

"...and since my mom called from a honky tank and said she wouldn't be home tonight, I figured it'd be all right. He said he'd cut out in the morning and go on down to the antique shop." A half-smile glimmered on her sunkissed lips, disappeared. I wondered if the kids had been up to any fun and games.

"Maybe if I could get some rest..."


"...then I could drive Warren down to the shop in the morning."

I followed Lorrie up the steps to the house. Inside things were pretty messy. Dust on the tables, dirty dishes on the table. Mrs. Tyler wasn't much of a housekeeper, nor was Lorrie.

"Come on. You can sleep in my room." Lorrie pulled me after her. The room was even messier than the rest of the house, but I fell across the bed and pulled a sheet up. I was feeling burned out from everything. I wished I had a glass of wine to knock off the rough edges in my head. Lorrie watched me skin my T-shirt.

"Hope I have nice tits like that some day."

"Yours are nice just the way they are."

She cast her eyes down, examined a blemish on the back of her hand. "But guys like bigger nipples. I think they dig to suck on them."

"Yours'll get bigger," I said sleepily, closed my eyes.

With the lights out, my mind began to swim wound the edges of my fatigue. I couldn't force out the thoughts, couldn't bring myself to forget how much of an asshole Todd had been. Maybe I wasn't cut out to run that damned antique shop. I sighed. Finally my thoughts were far too thick to deal with, too muddied with maybes and ifs. I closed my eyes and slept.

Chapter ELEVEN

"Shelby?" Someone shaking my shoulder. Lorrie. What was she doing here? Where? Where was I? "Shelby, I think you'd better go. I mean, it's almost six-thirty." The smell of sleeping bodies, my hair matted against my face. I opened my eyes and sat up with a cry.

"It's okay," Lorrie soothed. "My mom isn't home yet, but I don't know when she might come either." She looked sleep-swollen and soft. I smiled back at her, touched the side of her face.

"We really had a party, didn't we?"

Lorrie nodded. "It was fun." She started to shake Warren.

I knew it would take some doing to get Warren going, but Lorrie stayed with it while I washed up and got into my panties and T-shirt. Thank Jesus it was still early. I only hoped that my yolks wouldn't stall in the middle of town.

Finally Warren started pulling on his jeans, dragged his pack down the hall. Lorrie waved from the porch. Keith had never budged from where he'd fallen asleep the night before and, as I turned around in the yard and drove out to the highway, I smiled at his last-minute humping, his strong little cock doing just what I'd wanted it to do. My shoulders shivered. I looked over at Warren. He smiled limply back.

"Well, it's been good while it's lasted," I said.

"Whadaya mean by that?"

"Your brother, I mean your half brother isn't too happy with me." I told him about Todd's pursuit of me, the cat-and-mouse game and finally my escape to the Tyler place.

Warren bit his lip. "Todd can get mean sometimes," he said. "Especially if he thinks someone's made a fool of him."

"I didn't mean to make a fool of him. He asked for it." I slowed as he passed through town. "Do you think he might tell your father?"

"Don't know." He rubbed his cheek, looked more worried than ever. "I just don't know."

I should have felt great about our clever little night at the Tylers' and getting away without Lorrie and Keith's old lady finding us tangled naked in that one, big bed. But now I had Todd hanging over my head.

He was asleep when we came in. Warren slumped into a kitchen chair while I started some oil heating in the frying pan and went to change my clothes. The day was clear and cool and pretty. If only I could enjoy it.

It must have been the bacon that woke Todd up. He grumped through the kitchen, staring daggers at me. To hell with him. I didn't want to have my summer fouled up, and I wasn't going to go around acting like he was the Almighty and I should kiss his ass. After all, he'd been the one who'd taken out after me. Of course, I knew that that wouldn't cut much mustard with Mr. Lomax. All he'd need to know was that some skin games had been taking place in his antique shop. Between his son and good old Shelby, his trusted employee.

While I served up the eggs and thought of all this, Todd glowered at Warren, then at me.

"My father's coming up today." He had a cruel smile on his face.

"How do you know?" I asked, turning an egg.

"He comes up on weekends lots of times and besides he's supposed to pick up Warren and me."

"You could always call him," I blurted, "and tell him you decided to stay another week." Todd wheeled, stared hotly at me.

"Are you crazy? I think there are a few things he would like to know."

I put Warren's breakfast before him. He stared down at the tablecloth like a beaten dog. I looked directly into Todd's face. The superstud, the swaggering spoiled brat.

"You know you wouldn't be such a bad guy if you grew up a little. You're good-looking, sexy..." My best wistful look, a sigh. "Might have been fun." He stared, amazed at my smile, my unworried brow. Then I turned and cracked another egg into the skillet. Todd stalked out of the room.

Sure enough, Maurice Lomax pulled up in front of the shop just past noon. He came in all smiles, his pretty wife Catherine frowning behind him. I had the impression that she was sniffing around to find some fault with how I'd been running things. Maybe Maurice was too.

We smiled and shook hands, Maurice bowing slightly towards my hand. Catherine said something to break the tableau of his eyes searching mine.

Maurice brushed a hand back through his grey hair. "I hope you found things interesting in Holdenville." He chuckled to let me know it was a joke.

"I like it... I like running the shop." He was going over my receipts. Catherine moved regally around the shop, wiping dust here, rearranging a plate there.

"Hmmm," from Maurice. He nodded, lifted bushy brows. "Not bad for two weeks."

"Really!" I gulped, dried my sweaty palms on my jeans. "I thought maybe I wasn't selling enough..."

"The antique business requires much patience. You just can't expect a twelve-hundred-dollar dresser to be gobbled up by the first customer who happens in." He closed the ledger and clapped his hands together.

"Well, boys, are you ready to return to the city?"

Warren was standing back by the door looking hangdog. Todd bounced on the balls of his feet like he was a bomb about to go off. The lightning flash of an idea streaked in my brain. I didn't wait to consider yes or no. I saw that Todd, for some reason, was caught in the tangles of his night in pursuit of me. Maybe he was questioning himself, maybe not. I wasn't sure. But I knew I couldn't lose anything by giving him a chance.

"The boys have decided to stay another week," I blurted. "Maybe two."

Maurice looked at me a fraction too long. "Oh?" He turned to Warren who had brightened immediately, guessing what I was up to. "Is that right, Warren?"

"Yeah, Shelby said she didn't mind. And the fishing is terrific up at the pond..."

Todd scuffed his feet, looked about to say something. His father turned.

"I thought you had plans for this week in the city, Todd?"



Todd opened his mouth, shut it again. "I think I would rather stay up here for a while more. The fishing is pretty good."

Somehow I kept myself from sighing relief. Catherine had picked up the strange vibes and was trying to stare some kind of truth out of me. I just smiled politely.

"Well then," Maurice said, "we must be on our way. I promised Catherine I'd take her to lunch somewhere besides a roadside diner. We have a few miles to go yet."

I stood on the front steps with Maurice talking about the shop, about some new things he would be bringing up the following month. Catherine leaned out of the window of the Eldorado.

"Maurice, let's go on please."

He took my hand again, didn't release it until I looked up at him. "Take care with the boys," he said, hanging a more subtle meaning on his words by a squeeze of my fingers. "They're young and not used to a real woman."

"Mr. Lomax," I began, red-faced from his insinuation.

"Don't you think I have enough experience with life to know when something is going on? Why Warren looked as if he was teetering on the brink of heaven and hell." He laughed easily, squeezed my fingers again. "I think you'll be good for them. But don't spoil them either. You have a good heart, too good sometimes."

I blushed, dropped my eyes.

"Please don't feel ashamed because I know your little secret. I might be many things, but I am not a prude." He touched his lips to my fingertips and let go my hand. I managed a shaky smile and blinked up at him.

Catherine honked, tapped on the inside of the window.

"Goodbye." He looked back once more before he drove away.

My legs were shaking as I went back inside. Todd stood by the refrigerator all ready to be angry again but, when he saw my smile, a grin broke through. I decided then to keep my secret... that his father knew anyway. And didn't care. I went brashly over, hands on hips.

"So I guess now you think you deserve a little reward for being so big about everything." Todd swallowed, looked as hangdog as Warren had only minutes before.

"Okay, I'm sorry about last night." Swallowing again. A little pride perhaps? Warren went out the back door and sat in the chair under the big cottonwood.

I took Todd's fingers, laced them tightly through my own.

"Come on." I took a step towards my bedroom.

"Where we going?"

"You want that reward, don't you?"

By the time I'd dragged Todd down the short hall and closed my bedroom door behind us, his jeans were tight through the crotch. He fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, gazing at me as if in a trance.

"You're really something, Shelby Jean. Did you know that?"

"Yep," I grinned back and pressed my face against his muscled chest.


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