The whore makers

The subject of victim psychology has become an area of great interest in recent times, due mostly, perhaps, to the widely publicized conversion of Patricia Hearst to the radical SLA. Why a victim will turn and become a party to his or her own abduction is a question open to hot debate.

Vivian Long is a young girl who finds herself the pawn in a vicious scheme to wreak vengeance upon her powerful father, a state senator. In the attempt to get at the Senator through his daughter, Vivian is kidnapped in Mexico, framed for smuggling, brutally raped, then thrown into prison, where even more terrible degradation awaits the once innocent girl. And much to Vivian's own horror, she finds herself becoming accustomed to the abuse heaped upon her; indeed, she eventually even aids her captors in their diabolical scheme, finding that she can actually enjoy being victimized.

THE WHORE MAKERS -- a thought-provoking study of one woman's reaction to threatening circumstances. A word of warning to us all.

Chapter ONE

Vivian Long's shapely tits heaved with anticipation as she looked out the window of flight two twenty-seven, bound for Benito Juarez International Airport. She ran her fingers lazily across the smooth sensuous skin of her thigh and found herself thinking about the not-too-distant future when she would be united with her first and only lover, Max North.

The sun reflected off the blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico and Vivian hoped she looked her best; subconsciously she touched her long blonde hair in the way a woman does when she thinks of her appearance.

The flight from Bogota had been pleasant and without incident, yet Vivian felt a pang of apprehension as the plane approached its destination. It wasn't often that she disobeyed her father, and whenever she did, as she was about to, guilt cast its shadow across her mind.

Come on, Vivian, she thought, you're a big girl now. At eighteen you have to start making some decisions for yourself.

For the last year, the girl had been going to school in Bogota, Colombia, studying anthropology and mastering Spanish. Her father, Senator Joseph Long, had sent her there as a direct result of her love affair with Max. He had said she was too young to understand life and that the strictness of a traditional education in South America would do her a world of good. After several violent arguments, she was forced to give in; her father had a way of getting what he wanted. The two young lovers had been separated by thousands of miles, but managed to keep the fire alive with long, passionate letters and small gifts on special occasions. They had weathered the storm of time, and would shortly be united again, in Old Juarez.

Father will never know I left Bogota a few days early so I could see Max, Vivian assured herself. She was in love and wanted to be with the man to whom she had given her cherry.

Looking at the reflecting light from the gulf made Vivian's eyes tired. She sat back in the luxury of her first-class accommodations and reminisced about her lover.

Max was a strong and handsome young man, a bronco rider by profession. They had met in El Paso during Rodeo Week, a time of excitement and adventure for all the young people of the community. She had sat in the stands and watched in awe as the riders performed their stunts of daring to the roar of the crowd. She had been thrilled, like everyone else, by the startling exploits of the National Bronco Champion, Max North, as he was victorious in one event after another. He was a superb specimen of manhood and the favorite of every woman in the stands. Vivian was in love with him even before they met.

During the entire week the city of El Paso was alive with festivity. But the last night of the week was the best; all the events were over, and the riders mingled freely in the bars and dancehalls. It was on this night that the two young lovers met, at the victory party thrown by the mayor for all the contestants in the rodeo.

Vivian had been standing with her cousin Alice when Max approached them. She remembered how shy he seemed off a horse and how at a loss for words he was when Alice introduced them. She knew him from the year before. The conversation was carried on mostly by the girls, with Max just standing and nodding his head in response to their questions, or answering with an occasional "yup". He was the real solemn type, and Vivian fell in love instantly. She found it difficult to restrain her emotions when he asked them if they would like to join him at the table of honor. After that, she followed him around for the rest of the night like a puppy.

The party ended and Vivian and her cousin went home. She never expected to hear from the tall, good-looking cowboy again, and for a few days just moped about trying to recover from her first disappointment with love.

Despair turned to pleasure three days later. A letter from Max; he was in love with her, couldn't live without her, and had to see her. Vivian found it like a dream come true, her Romeo was ready to swoop her up in his arms and carry her off into the night. They arranged a meeting and spent a pleasant day together and an even more enjoyable night.

Max was staying at one of the better hotels in the downtown section of the city, and it was there that she first felt the warmth of his breath as it passed from his nose and bathed her cheeks. It was there that she first felt his lips pressing on her eyes and lips. He had kissed her hungrily, and used his hands to build the fire in her, making the fluid in her young pussy trickle freely. He made her tits swell and her proud nipples harder than she thought possible. He had gently undressed her, soothing her every virginal fear.

He remained constant even after they were in bed together, kissing her tits softly, covering them one after the other with his lips and sucking the hard nipples. His eyes showed nothing but respect as he gazed at her naked thighs, the thin down of her parted pussylips, the moist tender flesh inside that they revealed. He had sat back to view her full naked body and she had been unable to control herself. Her naked thighs and hips twisted and writhed under his gaze. Max had put his hands on her leg and stroked her up and down, over her belly, across her thighs, and over the satiny flesh of her ass. He had made her want to open up to him so that he could see everything. He made her want his stiff, hard cock.

Vivian's pussy was getting wet just thinking of the man she would soon see again. She groaned at the memory of her tongue passing over his lips and into his mouth while he lifted her legs wide open and let them fall to the side. Her cunt had leaked onto her inner thighs and stained the sheet under them. She was on fire and couldn't stand it; she wanted to scream "FUCK ME", but hadn't. Instead she reached for his cock. She had felt it, strong and hard, in his pants and wildly tried to expose the stiff tool. He had only chuckled and undressed himself, quickly rejoining her on the bed.

He was near her and she had felt his cock slide along her inner thigh to the lips of her pussy. She took her arms and wrapped them around her lover's neck while she pushed the hot oily meat of her cunt up against his cock. In an instant his cock had burst past her cherry and lodged in her quivering twat. She had gasped loudly, but the pain was less than she had expected, and soon turned into ecstasy as her lover thrust his rigid prick in and out of her slick hot hole, rubbing along her swollen clit. His hand had traveled under her ass and spread the cheeks, making her open wider than she had ever thought possible.

Vivian's body had reacted like a bomb! One explosion after another had made her whimper and cry out while her cunt seemed to be sucking on Max's cock with a mind of its own. Wantonly she bucked up against him as his prick slammed repeatedly to the depths of her pussy, making the bliss of her first orgasm rush over her. She humped and cried out wildly.

Then, just as suddenly, she had heard him cry out, bucking hard and fast. His prick thudded against the back of her cunt, shooting his hot load into her, mixing their slippery sex juices in her cunt. She had spent the whole night in heaven.

For a time they were able to keep their lives apart, meeting once or twice a week to ease the love and passion they felt for one another. But soon they were seeing more and more of each other, so much that her father had insisted on her going to school in Bogota.

"Flight two twenty-seven will be landing in Juarez in about twenty minutes," the voice of the captain announced over the intercom, interrupting Vivian's thoughts. "Will all passengers please resume their seats and fasten the landing belts. Thank you."

"Twenty minutes and I can see Max," she murmured, hooking up her belt, elated at the prospects of feeling his hard cock thrust lovingly into her tight tender snatch. She fidgeted slightly at the thought and could feel the moistness that was already slowly trickling out of her aching cunt.

Vivian reached down on the floor by her seat and picked up her purse. Opening it, she took out her compact, flipped it open, and checked the make-up around her lovely green eyes. It was perfect. She wanted everything to be perfect for this reunion; after all, they had a year of loving to make up for!

Chapter TWO

Raul Hernandez sipped his coffee slowly and rested his weight on the glass candy counter of the main souvenir stand in Benito Juarez International Airport, standing with one foot against the sturdy structure and leaning backwards. He was a familiar sight at the airport; his lean well-trimmed body and pleasant smile along with his casual dress helped hide the fact that he was really a member of the Federal Judicial Police, more commonly referred to as Federales.

The reasons for standing on this spot were twofold. The first was its central location; Raul could see everything he felt was important to a special narcotics officer: the baggage area for incoming flights and the Mexican Customs Inspection Area for incoming tourists. The second was a reward linked with the first: he could see all the glamorous women from all over the world as they descended on his city, Juarez.

Raul checked his watch. It was two-thirty; only ten more minutes and the flight he was waiting for should taxi up and unload its passengers. Only ten more minutes and he could earn forty thousand pesos from old Juan Maximillian as well as produce another gringo for the prison system. Today the game of Mordida -- "scratching itchy palms" -- would pay a double dividend, truly a rare occurrence.

As a member of the Federales Raul held a position of power and respect. It had always been the custom of those in power in Mexico to procure extra money by selling the influence they possessed. After all, how else could they be expected to live in the standards their responsibilities demanded? Surely it wasn't possible on the salary the government paid. The system was as old as time, and worked well, so there were no feelings of guilt when someone took money when it was offered.

If I can do a few more big favors this year, I'll have enough to buy the title of Capitan sooner than I thought! The prospect of so much money for so little work was making Raul impatient. He wanted the flight to arrive so he could at rest the girl Juan was paying him to arrest and go about the more pleasurable duties of his job. Like sampling some of the young cunt at the local cantinas where he sold his protection from any local hassles about the pot and cocaine the owners offered freely to customers who purchased the favors of one or more of the lovely ladies who worked for them.

The girl's name was Vivian Long, and Raul knew her father was a United States Senator. But it didn't matter to him; the man's power and influence was across the border, and he would be hard-pressed to prove that his daughter had been set up for a narcotics bust. After all, old Juan was very smart; the cocaine had already been planted in Bogota by the same source who had found out the girl was going to land at Juarez. All he had to do was to open Vivian's overnight bag and open a can of dental powder to find her "stash". The girl could protest to God Himself and it would do no good. She was now guilty of a crime against the government of Mexico and would be punished according to the law.

Raul was just finishing his coffee as flight two twenty-seven taxied into view. He set the empty cup down and made his way to the customs station where he was immediately approached by a heavy-set uniformed guard. It was Pedro Polma, a man of about forty who, like himself, was a federal official.

"Hello, Raul!" the older man bellowed, extending his meaty hand. "What brings you to my lowly station today?"

"Hello, Pedro," Raul said, returning the greeting and accepting the hand. "I have information that a young woman is going to try to smuggle some contraband past your inspection area." The two men had worked together well in the past and for that reason Raul was very respectful of his station. He knew Pedro would play the Mordida game with him and would give way to the special search he wanted to conduct.

"Well, if that is true, I'll find her," Pedro answered, knowing that it was Raul who wanted the credit for the arrest.

"I knew you could do the job by yourself," Raul's voice was thick as he tried to make his flattery sound sincere. "But let me show you something." He reached into his back pocket and produced a large official identification which he opened. Inside were his photo and badge along with two large fifty-peso notes.

"Oh, yes... I see. Surely you will help me in finding this woman who would so flagrantly violate our laws!" Pedro's words were soft as he removed the bills and stuffed them into his pocket, handing the identification back to his benefactor.

The tourists were beginning to trickle into the Mexican Customs Inspection Area with their baggage. Raul tensed his large brown eyes, scanning each person as they entered the door. He had been shown two recent photos of the girl, with her long blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. He was sure she was lovelier than her pictures.

Suddenly he saw her. She was outside the glass door, waiting in line, her bright-blue miniskirt showing off the softness of her lovely legs. She stood unsuspecting of any of the drama that was about to descend into her life.

"That's her, the one in the blue!" Raul said to Pedro as he put his identification back in to his rear pocket.

"She's some looker, Raul," Pedro answered as the two men walked over to the long brown table where luggage was checked along with the passports and customs declarations. "I hope you let me do some of the interrogating." He chuckled as they arrived.

"It just might be arranged," Raul smiled, watching as the girl entered the room, sealing her fate.

There were five other customs agents working feverishly to process the tourists. They were stamping passports, opening bags for the quick look, and asking if anyone had anything to declare. The operation was quick and smooth.

Pedro opened a new spot just as Vivian's turn was about to come. The short heavy man smiled as the girl produced her passport and two bags. He was stamping her papers and asking all the necessary questions as Raul looked through her bags. Vivian answered the questions and hardly noticed when Raul produced a can of tooth powder from her overnight bag. After only a sniff of the contents, he bent and whispered into the older man's ear. With a perfect piece of acting, Pedro shook his head in disbelief.

"Not one so lovely as this!" he said with a look of amazement on his face for the benefit of the tourists and other customs agents.

"Young lady, will you please step on this side of the counter," Pedro requested in his most authoritative voice.

Vivian responded by doing as she was told. She had no reason to be suspicious in the least of the men. All she wanted was to get out of the customs department and find Max in the main lobby of the airport. Her pussy was still hot from the thoughts she had had on the plane and she wanted her lover to soothe the need.

She followed the two men as they led her to the back of the large room and through a door into a section of smaller offices. A slight tingle of apprehension was building up inside of her, a secret sense was trying to tell her something. During the entire walk neither of them said anything to her and she asked them nothing. Father could have found out about my leaving Bogota a few days early and asked the Mexican government to shepherd me to Washington, she thought to herself, dismissing the instant of fear with a shrug.

The three stopped in front of a small, sparsely furnished office.

"Would you kindly have a seat," Raul said, motioning to the inside of the room.

Again Vivian did as she was told without any real thought about the circumstances she found herself involved in. She was too used to the security of her father's power to worry about being afoul of the law anywhere. She crossed the room and took the seat on the visitor's side of the desk and began to look about. There were no pictures on the walls, and no rugs on the floor. The only furnishings were the desk and two chairs.

The only thing Vivian was certain about was that she was very horny. All she really wanted to feel was Max's cock slamming deep into her wet warm cunt. She squirmed in the seat as her panties rubbed against the tender lips of her pussy, sending a shiver of desire sweeping across her body. Oh! Please hurry, she found herself wishing as the seconds ticked by.

Pedro shifted his weight and looked into Raul's eyes as they stood outside the office. It was obvious that there was something on his mind that was not strictly official business and he was quick to make his point.

"That girl is so young and lovely it would be a shame to send her to those swine at the Procuraduria so soon," he said, rubbing his hands together in a slightly nervous fashion.

"And just what do you have in mind?" Raul asked his chunky associate, knowing just how depraved the man could be; he had been told things at the cantina. Normally he would have ignored Pedro's reference to the Procuraduria and taken the girl for interrogation, but she was very lovely and he was eager to hear what the older man had to suggest.

"You know as well as I what is going to happen once she is passed into the hands of those bastards. They will rape her until her cunt is big enough for a donkey." Pedro was hoping he could get to fuck the girl before she was spirited away from the airport.

"That is none of your affair. Whatever the Federal Judicial Police do is official government business." Raul wanted to extract a debt of gratitude from the older man. He knew what he was going to suggest and felt the need for a fuck himself.

"Raul, I want to help you. I could have one of the men type up a confession for smuggling three ounces of cocaine and we could convince her to sign it. Just think how much more fun the boys down at the Procuraduria could have if the work were done for them. It would make you very popular with them and me." Pedro had just committed himself to doing Raul a favor, but he didn't care. All this talk had made him horny to sink his prick into the gringo's warm soft pussy.

"Okay, Pedro. Have one of your men type up a confession and well see what we can do with the little honey," Raul said with a smile. He was very happy with himself; in just one day he had made a lot of money, arrested a gringo girl with a very important father, made Pedro owe him a debt of gratitude, and now was going to get laid by the same lovely girl he had just arrested.

"I'll be back with the confession as quickly as my old legs will let me travel," the older man promised as he started down the hall towards the door by which the three had entered. "Save some for me!" he shouted over his shoulder as he hurried off.

Raul just smiled and opened the door to where the girl was waiting. He avoided looking at her as he entered the room and sat down behind the desk. He knew the girl was from a very wealthy family and that she wasn't used to any kind of abuse or mistreatment.

I wonder how long it will take to get her to sign the confession? he thought as he lit up a cigarette and casually rested his feet on top of the desk. For the first time he looked at her face and saw just how sensuous the girl really was and found himself hoping she would struggle hard. He liked women with spirit.

Vivian felt herself cringe under the gaze of the evil-looking Mexican. His large brown eyes pierced to the very depths of her soul. All sorts of questions rushed through her mind as she watched her guard blow smoke rings and leer. Her pussy was still hot. She wanted to be with Max.

Raul was the first to break the silence. He stood and stretched to his full height, flexing his muscles as he spoke in an extremely gruff tone.

"Do you know why you're here, little girl?"

"No." Vivian's voice was on the verge of quaking. For the first time since she had entered the room she felt threatened. This man was as big as her own Max and not very friendly and the way he had called her a "little girl" was very strange in itself.

Raul felt a surge of power as he paced the floor in front of the girl, inhaling deeply on his cigarette. The tone of her voice was enough to insure that he was in total command of the situation. She was helplessly lost in her new surroundings. Vivian Long would do whatever he desired by the time he was ready to transfer her to the Procuraduria. Of this he was certain.

"You're being held for investigation by the Federal Judicial Police. The charge is smuggling three ounces of cocaine!" Raul stopped directly in front of his prey, his voice expressing total authority and the ever-increasing power he felt surging over him.

Vivian was shocked at the accusation. She had never used drugs or been connected with anyone who had. She was certain there was some mistake, and that her father would be able to set things straight immediately.

"Sir," she began, her voice surer now than before she had known what the problem was, "I've never used drugs of any sort or tried to smuggle anything. My father is a United States Senator, and if you'll call him, he'll help you straighten things out."

Raul only laughed and reached out, touching her long straight blonde hair, feeling the strands between his fingers.

"I'm a proper young lady!" she said, her voice stronger than it had ever been. This strange man's actions were so quick that she hadn't had time to be scared. Instinctively she pushed his hand away and stood.

Raul stopped laughing and backhanded the girl, knocking her off her feet. He looked at the soft whiteness of her thighs as she lay, puzzled over the abrupt violence. He could see the clean whiteness of her panties; her miniskirt had risen high up her legs. He flicked his cigarette on the floor and crushed it menacingly under his foot.

Vivian was dazed by the blow. No one had ever struck her in her entire life, not even her father! She was afraid to move as she watched this man, whose name she didn't even know, move forward and tower over her.

Raul reached down and jerked Vivian up by the hair until she was on her knees in front of him and smacked her again across the mouth. He was surprised at the enjoyment he was deriving from making her cower with fear.

Vivian's head jerked from the blow, but was restrained by quick tugging of her hair. She had never experienced anything like this before, and could only react with fear and tears. The room was spinning and she was completely confused.

"You are in the custody of the Federal Judicial Police and will do what is commanded of you. You are a smuggler and a whore and your father can do nothing to help you," Raul said as he reached down and touched the helpless girl's tits, pushing hard against her jugs with one massive hand, still keeping her hair firmly grasped with the other. He was sexually excited by the sheer dominance he held over the girl.

"Please... you're hurting me!" Vivian sobbed. Her head was still spinning and the new advances of her tormentor added tremendously to her fear. She was trembling, scared to resist any further because of his overwhelming strength.

Raul felt Vivian's nipples growing hard under his grinding caress. Her body was responding against its will.

"You little tramp," he hissed at her and spat in her face. "You're going to sign a confession of your crime and do whatever I tell you!"

Vivian found the spray of spit and the continued pawing of her tits completely humiliating. She was sure that this man was insane and that for her own safety it was best to do everything he said. All she could do was nod her head in consent and hope she would meet some official who was in complete command of his faculties.

"Good," Raul whispered, his voice husky with desire. The fact that he was master of the moment added to his excitement. Without warning he stopped touching her tits and pulled down the zipper of his pants, revealing an erect prick.

"Oh, my God!" Vivian gasped at the sight of his pulsing hard-on. She had never seen a cock so big; it was at least eight inches of throbbing meat with a massive purple head. She flinched and for the first time tried desperately to struggle.

"Suck, you bitch!" he ordered, increasing the pressure on her hair and smacking her again. Power was sending Raul to new heights of desire, and he wanted to humiliate her even further by forcing her to give him a blow job.

Vivian shrieked as he pushed his erect cock against her soft cheeks, and she was immediately sent reeling under another slapping blow. Tears of shame and humiliation were running down her face as the futility of her struggle became clear. She had no choice. She would have to suck this Mexican's cock, a thing she hadn't even done with Max.

Raul pulled Vivian's hair as hard as he could, forcing her head back until her mouth opened wide. With his free hand he rubbed his cock over her lips and forced the head into her mouth. His legs shivered as he pushed his prick deeper into her mouth, pushing until he touched the back of her throat.

Vivian gagged; she wanted to bite the intruding dick, but didn't out of fear.

Raul gyrated his hips and caressed the girl's firm young tits as the power he felt increased. Vivian was subject to his will and desires.

"Use your tongue and suck," he commanded in a menacing manner.

The thought of the perversity in the act she was committing almost made Vivian sick. She did as she was told, boldly lashing the large purple head of the cock in her mouth with her tongue as she sucked with all her might, wanting to draw the sperm from his balls as quickly as possible. She was willing to do anything to end the trauma that was causing her so much anguish.

"That's much better," Raul moaned, driving his cock deeper, as deep as it would go, making the girl open her throat wide. He let go of her hair and grabbed her head in both hands, using her ears to hold on while he fucked her mouth.

Oh, please come... Vivian thought as she continued to lap at the slamming cock. All she wanted was for the ordeal to end. Her ears were huffing from pressure and tugging. Her mouth was stuffed with a pounding prick and she didn't understand why. She had never done anything in her life close to smuggling.

Raul thrust his hips harder, forcing his cock farther down the girl's throat, making her lips sink lower along his shaft. He sucked in his breath every time she used her tongue on the head of his cock, pleasing him more and more.

"Keep sucking, you dirty little tramp!" he bellowed as his desire increased. He had never been so excited.

Vivian sucked more furiously than ever; fear drove her on. She used her tongue on his cockhead like a whip, making Raul moan with lust. She felt his hips on her face and smelled the acidic odor of his crotch as he slammed into her face. She gagged as his cock nudged the back of her throat again and again, deeper with each thrust, slipping part of the way in with each lunge, making him groan with pleasure. Despite herself, Vivian was getting caught up in the sex she was being forced to participate in and for a moment forgot herself and almost enjoyed sucking the Mexican's cock.

Oh, my God! she thought, snapping herself back to the truth. She was being forced to give a man she didn't even know a blowjob! How could she find even the slightest pleasure in it?

Raul felt Vivian giving in to his brutal assault on her mouth; this added to the fire that burned in his balls. He fucked harder and harder into her mouth wanting to drive his cock as deep as it would go. He wanted to drown the girl in his cum, making her drink every drop of his fuck juice.

Vivian was surprised at the speed with which she had adapted to the pounding cock in her mouth as it pushed to the depths of her throat. She had stopped choking with each deep driving thrust and had learned quickly how to relax the muscles in order to accept the entire length of his prick. She was shocked and humiliated at the way she was acting. What's the matter with me? she thought as the cock slammed in and out of her mouth. She wanted to resist, but submission was the easiest path to follow.

"Oh! Ohhhhh! AHHHHH!" Raul was beside himself as the first uncontrollable rush of his climax hit him, pushing his sperm from his balls as he slammed his cock as deeply into her sucking mouth as he could. Jet after jet spurted from his prick as he grabbed the girl's ears harder than ever. His cream splashed against her throat and ran the full length down to her stomach as he groaned with pleasure. He had conquered the girl quickly, and this pleased him almost as much as the orgasm.

The heavy, salty sperm filled Vivian's mouth quickly and she was forced to swallow every drop. The taste seemed foul at first, but soon changed as more and more of the hot sticky jizz filled her. Again for an instant she forgot what was happening and allowed the taste to excite her as it trickled down to her belly.

Raul allowed his cock to slide from the kneeling girl's mouth while he released her ears and used his free hands to rub the softening rod over her entire face. His climax had been long and satisfying, one of the best he had ever had.

Vivian sighed with relief as her tormentor stepped back from her and put his immense prick back in his pants. Her knees hurt, her hair was ruffled badly, her face still stung from the brutal slaps, and the cum she had swallowed did nothing to ease the dryness she was feeling in her throat. She had never had anything like this happen before, and she wasn't sure what to say or how to act. If what this man had said to her were true, about the smuggling, the future could be very bleak.

"Well, you little slut, how did you like the taste of my cum?" he asked her, still looming over the girl. Raul had had what he wanted, and didn't want her to have time to organize her thoughts. He knew that the longer he humiliated her, the easier it would be to get her to sign a confession.

"Could I please have some water?" Vivian asked. The tone of her voice begged for relief. "Please, sir, just a little water."

Raul looked down at the once-proud girl and laughed loudly. He turned and walked to the desk, where he opened one of the drawers and produced a bottle of clear white liquid. He broke the seal and took a long drink.

Vivian watched, licking her parched lips, hoping she would get a drink. She couldn't remember ever having been so thirsty. She needed to wash away the stale salty taste of the sperm she had been forced to swallow. She didn't know what was going to happen or when she would ever get free of this man who had abused her so. Her thoughts were too scrambled to try to make any sense out of what had just taken place. All she was certain of was that she needed a drink.

Raul had finished drinking from the bottle and walked back around the desk to where the girl was still kneeling, her head cast down out of fear.

"So, you want a drink," he said in the kindest tone he had used so far with the girl. He wanted to lull the girl into an unsuspecting state for the cruel joke he was about to play on her. He was trying to break her mind and spirit at the same time.

"Oh... please, just a little sip of water," Vivian was on the brink of becoming hysterical. In all of her life she had never wanted for anything. Up until a short time ago she could have had the best of whatever her desires happened to be, and now she found herself begging a man she didn't even know for some water. The circumstances of the moment were about to drive her insane.

Raul grasped the girl's long blonde hair and pulled her head back, again forcing her to open her mouth wide. For a cruel instant he waved the bottle of clear liquid in front of her face, teasing her.

"If you spill a drop, you'll pay dearly for it," he warned as he tilted the bottle to her lips and poured the liquid slowly down her throat.

Vivian coughed and gagged, but the liquid continued to pour. She was helpless to do anything but drink the burning fluid that came out of the bottle. She was afraid not to. Her mouth and throat were on fire, and her stomach threatened to push the liquid back up if the steady stream didn't stop. She had been tricked; the bottle was filled with cheap Mexican tequila. Tears welled up in her eyes as she swallowed.

Raul continued to laugh as he took the bottle away from her mouth. He had managed to pour about a half-pint down the helpless girl's throat while she coughed and gagged. Soon she would be drunk enough to sign anything.

Vivian sighed with relief as the door to the office opened and the shorter, stouter man came into the room. She was certain he would help her; had he not been kind out in the customs area? He would make this madman stop hurting her.

Chapter THREE

Pablo quickly realized what had happened. The open bottle of tequila in Raul's hand combined with the fact that Vivian was still on her knees and that her hair was ruffled left little to the imagination. His intuition told him that Raul had already fucked the girl in the mouth.

"I have the confession," he said, displaying the large manila envelope while he moved closer to the girl. His kindly smile turned to a lecherous grin as his desires for the lovely gringo girl began to build. She had been on his mind the whole time he was out of the office.

"Oh, please help me!" Vivian cried, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. She was still on her knees and more scared than ever. It was obvious that her would-be hero was as evil as the madman who had just made her suck him off. She cringed as her eyes caught sight of his swollen crotch.

"You need more than help," Raul laughed as he moved next to the girl. "You need a miracle," he finished, his hands again pressing against Vivian's firm young tits, making the nipples respond against her will.

"Please stop!" Vivian screamed, fighting the hands that roughly grasped her tender jugs. All she wanted was to see her lover, Max. Why was all this happening to her?

Raul again smacked the struggling girl across the face, stunning her into submission.

"She is one hot little mamma," Pablo moaned as he joined Raul next to the girl, dropping the manila envelope on the floor, freeing his hands. He wanted to touch the girl and ram his cock into her mouth, but still had to wait for Raul to invite him to take the pleasures that were setting him on fire.

Vivian trembled with fear, the combination of abuse and alcohol totally new to her. The reality of her dilemma was almost too much to comprehend. All of her life she had been pampered and given the best that the world had to offer; the sudden change in the circumstance of her existence was more than frightening -- it was exciting. Much to her horror, Vivian found that the tequila, the lack of sex for over a year, and the humiliation at the hands of a perfect stranger were all combining to arouse her.

"Do you want to have your cock sucked?" Raul asked Pablo as he ripped Vivian's dress from her chest, revealing her tender upturned tits to view.

"I want to shove my cock as deep as it will go down her lovely throat," Pablo chimed, reaching out and caressing the exposed tits, making the nipples taut. His cock was straining against his pants, showing just how excited he was.

"Oh, please stop!" Vivian cried, clutching at her boobs, trying to ward off the probing hands of both men. She wanted desperately to hide the effect on her of their assault.

"Did you hear that, Pablo? She said to please stop!" Raul laughed.

Vivian opened her mouth and breathed as deeply as she could and then screamed. Both men laughed and continued with their assault, leaving the girl totally aware of her helpless state. Hands mauled her body, and she heard her dress rip again. She was determined to struggle. She screamed and kicked, trying to fight both men and the tequila as well. She was forced onto her back while her dress was completely ripped from her. She fought back, but to little effect; her clean white panties were wrenched to shreds, leaving her totally naked. Four hands at a time were roving up and down her body, touching, pinching, mauling, and defiling.

Vivian suddenly grew too weak to struggle. Her mind raced back to the tender love she had had with Max. It had been so different than this!

Pablo pried her legs open and rammed two of his short stubby fingers into her cunt. He was so hot that he had begun to drool. It had been a long time since he had been next to a girl so young and lovely. A drop of pre-cum pushed to the tip of his swollen prick.

Raul found himself becoming excited again. The sight of Vivian's naked body set him on fire. He wanted to shove his hard cock into her soft, satiny cunt. He watched as Pablo's fingers worked in and out of her lovely pussy, making the girl suck in her breath and squirm wantonly.

"Jesus, is she tight!" Pablo groaned. "My fingers can hardly fit into her hot little snatch."

"Well, don't stretch it too far, I'd like to fuck something tight myself," Raul moaned as he continued to abuse the girl's tender tits.

Vivian sobbed, unable to do anything else about the assault her body was undergoing. Foul-tasting lips crushed against her own and made her want to puke. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see whose tongue was forcing its way into her mouth. She was suddenly thankful for the tequila Raul had forced down her throat. She was becoming drunk enough to lessen the humiliation of her rape.

"You fuck her in the mouth while I get some of this hot pussy," Raul said to Pablo as he unzipped his fly, exposing his hard prick.

"Okay," Pablo sighed, pulling his fingers from the girl's trembling cunt with a plop.

The two men positioned themselves over the naked girl. Raul was between her legs and Pablo over her face. They were both burning with lust.

"Open that pussy, baby, here comes a hot hard prick," Raul grunted as he pushed against the yielding flesh of Vivian's lovely cunt.

"Oh, God help me!" Vivian screamed as the invading cock pushed into her box. Her cuntlips opened to the reaming cock that spread open her hole. For a moment she was sure it was Max, and responded by clutching at the body that pressed against her soft flesh. Just as quickly she tried to push the body off. She was totally confused by her drunken state.

Pablo knelt over the girl's face and unzipped his fly, letting his bulbous cock jump out. He used his hands to rub the tool over her lips and cheeks. The softness of her skin added to the desire that was already burning in his groin. He wanted to push his cock into her warm wet mouth and shoot his load down her throat.

The feeling of the hard cock pushing to the depths of her pussy made Vivian buck up to meet the invader. Her pussy was slick and smooth and took the entire length of the cock without pain. She shuddered as the pounding prick pushed up against her swelling clit. A sob of despair escaped her lips as she tried to remember she was being raped. The arousal she was feeling did more to humiliate her than anything the men could do.

Raul's hands swept under her ass while Pablo ran his dripping cock over her lips, stabbing it into her face while he jacked it.

"Please, dear God..." Vivian groaned as her body trembled on the verge of a climax. She wanted to deny the response her body was about to experience.

Pablo used his hands to pry open the girl's jaws and inserted his prick between her lips. The warmth of her mouth almost made him come immediately. He strained, trembling to keep his orgasm from coming so quickly. He wanted to linger on in her mouth for a while and enjoy the blow job for as long as possible.

Raul's clutching hands pulled apart the cheeks of the girl's ass and plunged a long hard finger into her puckering asshole, making her wiggle and squirm under him.

Oh, my God! Why am I on fire? Vivian asked herself as her pussy pushed up to meet the pounding prick that filled her while her asshole clutched at the piercing finger and she sucked at the cock in her mouth.

"She likes it, Pablo!" Raul groaned, feeling the girl respond to his expert fucking. Her pussy was gripping his cock, manipulating it with a mind of its own, sending shivering sensations sweeping across his body. He continued to push his finger in and out of her asshole in tempo with his rapidly pounding cock, adding to his pleasure.

"She's a regular slut!" Pablo bellowed in response, his hard cock pushing against the back of the girl's throat, amazed at the way it opened to him.

Vivian was shocked at the responses of her body. It was trembling on the verge of an orgasm; her pussy was clutching madly at the stiff cock, while her throat opened willingly to another prick as she could suck the entire length into her mouth. She was drunk with tequila and mad with lust, all the time hating the way her clit throbbed, and shuddering as her pussy began to spasm with a climax.

"Oh! AHHH!" she screamed as the pleasure of an orgasm coupled with the pain and shock and alcohol. The utter truth that she was capable of experiencing a climax under such conditions left her with a sick feeling.

Raul knew the girl was coming and continued to wriggle his finger around in her tight asshole while his prick ran in and out of her slick hot cunt. He used his free finger to stroke her hard clit and sent her reeling into the bliss of a multiple climax.

Vivian began to pant heavily, sucking the cock in her mouth as deeply as she could. The image of Max flashed into her mind, and, for a moment, she thought it was his prick that left the salty taste and odor in her mouth and nostrils. She was beside herself; there was nothing she could do about the responses of her body.

"I'm coming!" Pablo shrieked as his bulbous cockhead slammed against the back of the willing throat that received the river of sperm that pushed from his balls while the rest of his shaft was caressed tenderly by the girl's mouth and tongue.

Vivian willingly accepted the hot jism as it poured into her throat and instantly compared the taste with the first she had sampled just a short time ago.

Raul continued to push and pound with his cock in the girl's tender hot hole. He could feel his own climax build and brutally shoved a second finger into her tight asshole, making her squirm with renewed passion and adding to the friction his cock was feeling.

Pablo pulled his cock from the sucking girl's mouth with puckering noises. He wiped the head across her face and squeezed a few more drops of cum from his drained cock. He wiped them over her entire face and laughed.

Vivian shuddered with disgust at her reaction to what was happening to her. She didn't understand why the pain and humiliation were turning her on, but there was no disguising the fact that her body was alive with both desire and passion.

"I'm going to bust my rocks!" Raul howled with pleasure as he erupted with a violent climax, shooting his hot, sticky fuck juice into the panting girl while he rammed his fingers into her ass as deeply as possible.

Pablo zipped up his fly as he looked at the humping couple on the floor. The girl's mouth was warm and wet and he knew from the frantic fucking of Raul that her pussy was hot and tight. It was a shame that they didn't have enough time to fuck her some more before they transferred her to the Procuraduria. She was so nice and young that it seemed a shame to send her to such a brutal place.

Raul slowly pushed himself from the girl's burning twat and stood looming over her. He pushed his cock into his pants and zipped up his fly.

"This little bitch must sign the confession!" he bellowed in his most menacing voice as he reached down and pulled the still panting girl to her feet. She was naked and helpless against the men.

"What do you want of me?" Vivian finally sobbed. All this talk about smuggling and a confession was spinning in her head just like everything else. The tequila and the rape had left her drained, both mentally and physically. She found the humiliation of her enjoyment of the perverse sex acts more confusing than anything else.

"I want you to sign this confession!" Raul said as she accepted the large manila envelope Pablo picked up off the floor.

"B-But..." Vivian stuttered. She had done nothing wrong and was at a loss as to why she was being treated the way she was. After all, she was the daughter of a United States Senator and a good Christian; she was drunk and deep in turmoil.

Raul backhanded the girl, knocking her to the floor before she could say anything. He was determined that she be submissive to his every command.

"Pablo," he said, turning to the older man, "get the tequila."

Pablo did as he was told and fetched the bottle from the desk where Raul had set it earlier. He was still excited by the naked girl and was hoping to fuck her again before Raul was finished.

Vivian lay stunned on the floor. The room was spinning and the fear she was experiencing was racing now to new heights. She was still uncertain as to why she was being detained, or why she had been so ruthlessly raped. The only thing she was sure of was that it was useless to resist the two men and that it would be best if she did as she was told, if for no other reason than to avoid further violence. Her father would find out what had happened and do something -- that was her only hope.

Raul took the bottle of tequila from Pablo's hand as the older man moved next to him again.

"Stand up, you fucking little slut!" he commanded of the naked and startled girl.

Vivian did as she was told without a second's hesitation. She was naked and alone with two men who would do anything to get what they wanted.

Raul handed the trembling girl the battle while he clasped her long blonde hair in his free hand and gave it a vicious tug. "I want you to drink this until I tell you to stop," he commanded, his voice filled with rage.

Pablo watched as the girl took the bottle to her lips and drank the tequila one gulp at a time. He was amazed at the amount she consumed so quickly.

"Now, sign this!" Raul demanded, pulling the bottle away from the girl's mouth and producing the manila envelope which he opened and set on the desk.

Vivian did as she was told without reading or thinking. The fresh injection of tequila added to the fear that already had her in its grip; it was more than she could handle. She gladly accepted the pen that Raul offered and signed the blurred piece of paper set before her. She no longer cared about anything except getting away from the two men who had raped her and humiliated her beyond her wildest belief.

Pablo watched as the girl signed the confession. She had just admitted to smuggling three ounces of cocaine and would soon be taken to a Mexican prison where she would be at the total mercy of the women who were housed there. It seemed a shame to waste such good pussy on a women's prison, or so he thought.

"Pablo," Raul said as the girl finished signing the document, "go make arrangements for your lovely young guest to travel to the Procuraduria. I think she is going to pass out."

Chapter FOUR

It took Vivian Long a while to focus on the total darkness of her new environment. Her head was spinning and her stomach seemed to be doing flips, but she was conscious once again. A thousand thoughts seemed to leap into her mind at one time while she tried to sort out the confusion of where she was and what had led to her present condition.

She groaned as her small delicate fingers caressed her throbbing temples and untangled her long blonde hair. She was lying on a cold, damp concrete floor without any clothes, trying to piece together the fragments. She was shocked at the way she felt and her naked state. With great effort she suppressed the desire to cry as the vivid memory of her brutal rape sprang into her mind. The truth caused her to cringe as she remembered the way she had responded to the pounding pricks of her two attackers.

"Pull yourself together," she said, the sound of her own voice softening the darkness somewhat and making her feel braver. She was alone, and that was better than being with those beasts who had abused her just a short while ago. Taking to heart the fact that she had a certain amount of privacy, she proceeded to inspect her body and was relieved to find that she had no open cuts or broken bones. Her pussy and asshole hurt, but, other than that, there seemed to be no damage.

Things could be worse, she reasoned, rising to inspect the dark place of her confinement. Slowly she made her way around the room. The walls were the same rough concrete as the floor. She discovered this as she moved hand after hand along the wall, coming to a corner and moving along again in the same fashion, her bare feet keeping pace on the same cold stone until she came to yet another corner and more wall... then a sudden gap and cold steel, thick and heavy.

Nothing but concrete and steel, Vivian thought and sighed in relief. If this was a prison, then she was safe from further abuse. She would see someone soon who would be able to tell her father, and she would be freed. Things definitely looked brighter.

"All I need is to sit down and wait," she said to herself with renewed faith. And that's what she did, pulling her knees tightly to her still swollen tits and letting her soft round ass settle against the cold stone of her cell.

Sitting naked on her cell floor, her head heavy with a hangover, her body hurting and her personal humiliation at having reached an orgasm during her rape, Vivian felt humbled. It was the first time she had ever been exposed to violence, fear, or perversion, and she felt sorry for all those who lived in it every day. For the first time she understood what it was like to be deprived of all the God-given rights a human being grows used to without realizing what they are about. Never before had she understood what it was to be held in absolute domination by another human being. She trembled at the thought of a life of total submission.

"Father will help me," she whispered, dismissing the fear that was trying to creep back into her recently attained composure. Without thinking she let her hands move slowly, down her body, lingering on her tits and nipples, soothing the hurt from the pinching and mauling they had so recently suffered. Max's image appeared in her mind as her fingers tapered lower down from the taut nipples across her flat belly and along her soft white thighs. Max, her lover, would help her; he would do anything for her.

Vivian allowed herself to drift off in the dream state of escape, forgetting the harshness of the moment. Her fingers mingled with the soft blondeness of her twat hairs as she summoned a mental image of the man she wanted to be next to. A soft murmur escaped her lips as she imagined that her own fingers were Max's as she tenderly caressed the lips of her swollen cunt and clit.

The touch of her own fingers, and the thought of her loved one settled Vivian's nerves and gave her the calmness she needed to think about her needs. Slowly she took her fingers away from her pussy and touched them to her dry lips. The need for a drink of water had become her most pressing desire.

Her earlier exploration had shown her that there was nothing in the cell, no bed, and no water faucet; not even a crack around the door allowed a trickle of light to enter.

With an effort Vivian tried to take her mind off her need for a drink. She was getting ready to make a strong resolution to resist any further assaults on her body when a two-hundred-watt bulb flooded the cell with light.

Vivian covered her eyes instantly, blinded by the intensity and aware that the large steel gate was opening. But she couldn't see how many were entering the small cell. She was shocked when she was able to squint and see the silhouettes of four men. Instinctively she drew herself together to cover as much of her body as she could.

The coarse laughing of the men filled the cell.

"Could I have some water... please?" she asked, bravely trying to take some sort of initiative. Slowly her focus returned and she looked into the eyes of each man as they stood over her; she was still seated against the wall, ass on the floor.

"Get the wench some water," one of the men said.

The strong, husky voice belonged to Tony Coin, a man mad with the passion of revenge. He hadn't seen his wife in two years, and it was Vivian's father who was to blame.

At least these men aren't insane! Vivian thought as she watched one of the men scurry from the cell. Her eyes focused on the obvious leader of the group, surprised that he wasn't a Mexican. His strong rugged image and skin texture indicated he was American.

"Are you from the Consulate?" Vivian asked, a surge of hope and expectation swelling in her.

The three men laughed. Not the soft laugh of friends, but the insidious laugh of wolves moving in for the kill.

It was halfway through the barbarous interruption that Vivian's gaze fell upon the electric cattle prod in the American's hand. She covered up as tightly as possible, a chill fear of the unknown sweeping over her. She had seen the cattle prods used in El Paso at the rodeos. Vivian knew that one could make a three-thousand-pound bull obey a rodeo clown after it had tried to buck its rider to death. The memory of her rape flashed before her.

The three men were still laughing when the fourth returned with a large tin can gilled with water.

"What have I missed? Has our lovely little friend from Washington offered to give everyone some head?" he asked, making the other men add more gusto to their already frightening display of humor.

"Well, amigos, I'm sure our little Miss Vivian will do whatever we desire," Tony bellowed to the other three men; each was dressed in the uniform of an officer of high rank in the Federal Judicial Police.

Slowly, the initial shock of the light and the quick entrance of the men gave way to the terror of reality. Vivian trembled at the words she had just heard. There were four men in a cell with her, one of whom had a cattle prod and all of whom seemed ready to rape her for the second time in less than a day.

"Oh, my God!" she screamed, forgetting her thirst even as it gnawed away at her throat. "Are all the men in Mexico sexist and fascist?"

"The men of Mexico are men of passion and action," Tony replied, moving ominously close to the cowering girl, holding the prod over her. "Your father has put my wife in prison for ten years far a crime she never committed," he continued, lowering the prod closer to Vivian's soft tender thighs as the other men formed a semicircle around her.

Vivian suddenly remembered the case her father had used as the base for his Senate campaign. Maria Coin, the daughter of Juan Maximillian, was the wife of the man with the cattle prod. For the first time since she had been detained, Vivian understood the real danger she was facing.

With a sinking feeling in the pit of her belly, she realized she was helpless, and that to resist would only lead to further hurt and humiliation.

The three Mexican officers were all in their early thirties, and in good physical shape. It was obvious that their interest in Vivian was more than platonic as they closed the circle tighter around her.

"Your father used my wife to promote his own career. He used the woman I love, the mother of my son, as a pimp would use a whore." Tony was shaking with rage as the thought of his wife and family drained the last bit of compassion from him. "Your father's sins will be your fate!" he shrieked as he finally touched the prod to the girl's soft white thigh.

"OHHHHHH! EEEEEEAH!" Vivian screamed as the jolt of electricity traveled through her body. For a moment she thought she was going to pass out.

"I want you to know that if you resist us one bit, whore, I'll shove this prod up your cunt and leave it on until your pussy is roasted!" Tony growled at the girl as soon as she was able to understand.

"When does the fucking begin?" the strongest looking of the three Mexicans asked.

Vivian's mind was on the brink of snapping; the prospect of another rape by four men instead of two was terrifying. At least the first time she had been able to put up a semblance of a struggle, but now her humiliation was total; she had to submit willingly because of the cattle prod. The added information that her father had used an innocent woman did nothing for her morale. In fact, it made it even harder to resist the four men because now what was happening to her made a certain amount of sense. She understood the passion of love in her own relationship with Max, and knew that this passion was driving her tormentors.

"I want to fuck her first!" Tony said.

All the other men nodded with approval and watched as Tony began to undress.

"Can I please have some water?" Vivian asked bravely, fighting back the tears that wanted to burst out from the pain that lingered from the prod.

"Give the whore some water," Tony said as he slipped out of his pants, revealing his erect cock.

The Mexican who went for the water brought the tin can to the girl and allowed her to drink freely.

The taste of the water gave Vivian renewed strength; it was the first she had had to drink since the tequila was poured down her throat. Her eyes met those of the man holding the can for her, and the fire in them told her she was in for some hard and torrid fucking.

I hope I don't come again, she thought, covering her tits once more as the memory of her earlier humiliation came flashing back. It was hard for her to keep any continuity to her thoughts; everything passed in front of her like a surrealistic movie. Just knowing that in a few seconds she would have to perform like a captive slave from a Roman conquest sent shivers sweeping across her smooth white skin. Her whole life had been one of ease and niceties with nothing to prepare her for the ordeal of the moment.

"Okay, I'm ready," Tony said as he stood totally naked. With those words the four men converged on the girl.

Vivian stiffened with fear and instinctively fought back. She was instantly belted in the mouth by the Mexican who had given her the water. Her head thudded so hard against the concrete wall that she thought she was going to faint.

Tony roughly grasped the girl's tits, a look of vengeance sweeping over him as his hands and those of the other men pinched and groped away at the girl.

The three other men backed away slightly as Tony pinned the girl's arms down and forced his way between her lovely legs. One of the Mexicans unzipped his fly, letting a large, limp cock fall into new.

"Oh, please," Vivian moaned, pulling her arms free and wrapping them around her tits in an effort to keep Tony from hurting them. She knew it was useless to resist but her inner being refused to be degraded without a struggle even if it meant being ruined by a cattle prod.

One of the Mexicans took out a joint, lighted it up, and passed it around. While they sucked, the three men laughed as Tony struggled with the girl.

"Do you need a little help?" one of the men joked.

"Yes... Come hold this squirming bitch while I shove my cock into her hot tight box." Tony was surprised at the strength the girl showed and the spirit with which she struggled.

Instantly, all the Mexicans closed tightly around the wiggling couple and began to squeeze and fondle the girl's body. Four and five hands at a time began pinching her tits, holding her arms and spreading her legs. All because her father had sent an innocent woman to prison.

Oh, God, what's the use? Vivian thought as the men began to maul her body. The will to resist left as quickly as she had discovered it.

The Mexican who had taken his cock out of his pants began to rub it over Vivian's face as she lay on the cold concrete floor with her cunt exposed to Tony's rigid, thrusting cock. Her legs were pulled open wider, and she groaned as Tony shoved two fingers into her pussy while he kept his weight on top of her. She responded against her will; warm juices began to flow from her twat.

Why does my body do this to me? she thought, disgusted with herself as his hard, healthy cock filled her satiny cunt in one swift lunge.

Vivian sobbed, tossing her head from side to side, in an effort to avoid the cock that was trying to force its way between her lips. It was to no avail... Tony reached up from her tits and grabbed her face, prying open her mouth so his partner could invade it with his half-hard prick.

The other two Mexicans knelt down next to the girl. Each grabbed a boob and stroked it softly, making the nipples hard; the girl was being fucked, forced to suck a cock, and fondled all at the same time by four different men. Her body had no choice but to respond.

Vivian was shocked by the feelings pulsing through her body. It was contrary to all her religious beliefs and schooling. Her love for Max had been warm and pure, and the sex they had shared had thrilled her and made her body sing with pleasure, but it was nothing compared to the feelings that were overwhelming her now. Her tits and cunt were on fire; her nipples were pulsing under the constant stroking of two different men; her pussy was filled with a pounding vengeful cock, and her clit was hard and throbbing. The excitement left Vivian with an emotionally guilty feeling; her body was ripping the roots of her upbringing from her like an exorcist.

"This is one hot little honey..." the Mexican with his cock in Vivian's mouth crowed as he felt it sucked to the back of her throat, making it become hard instantly. He reached down and grabbed the girl by the hair and pushed his hips forward, lodging his prick firmly in place. His domination over her added to his burning desire to come all over the girl's face.

"Her pussy is as soft as any I've ever had," Tony answered, agreeing with his partner. He was grinding his crotch against Vivian's clit, smashing his cock deeply into the warmth of the girl's tight cunt.

The other two Mexicans started licking her swelling, tender tits, taking the nipples in their mouths, sucking and nipping, making Vivian thrash around wildly.

Oh, my God, I'm going to come! she thought as her body jerked and twisted under the ever-increasing stimuli.

Tony was surprised at the way the girl's tight little cunt pulled on his cock as he continued to fuck her brutally, ramming his tool as deeply and hard into her hole as he could with each stroke, digging his fingernails into the cheeks of her ass as he strained above her.

The Mexican with his cock in Vivian's mouth increased the pace of his thrusting, slamming hard and often against the back of her mouth, pushing the head of his cock into her throat, sending shivers careening back and forth along the entire length of his prick.

Vivian thought she was going to explode as the first waves of a tremendous orgasm hit her. The sucking of her nipples and the cock in her throat all added to the intensity of her climax. Even the pain from Tony tugging on the cheeks of her ass was stimulating.

"She loves it!" Tony groaned, feeling his cock getting ready to explode under the muscular pressure of Vivian's vibrating pussy. Roughly, he shoved one of his fingers up the girl's ass as he slammed hard against the back of her twat, exploding in his own climax, adding a river of cum to the girl's already sopping pussy.

Vivian responded to the hot sperm gushing into her cunt by grasping at Tony's back with her hands, forgetting she was being raped and giving herself over to the hammering cock in her pussy while she feverishly sucked on the cock in her mouth, working her tongue along the entire shaft. Her orgasm was long and rocking.

Tony rammed his finger in and out of the panting girl's ass while one of the other Mexicans got up and started undressing.

Vivian closed her eyes as Tony pulled out of her cunt. She continued to suck on the cock in her mouth, knowing that another man would soon take the place of the first man in her pussy. Her body was alive with the burning desire she was still trying to fight in her mind.

"Your father is the one you need to thank for this!" Tony said with a smirk as he watched one of his Mexican friends take his place in the frantic girl's pussy.

"Your father did this to you!" he bellowed as he made his way over to the cattle prod and picked it up.

Vivian felt the second man's prick enter her well-oiled cunt as Tony's words registered in her mind. My father did this to me, she repeated to herself as she continued to suck and lick the cock that slammed into her mouth.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! She is one tight hot young pussy," the Mexican who was starting to fuck her groaned as his cock slid to the back of her cunt and he began humping away.

The Mexican who was sucking on her tits stopped and started to pinch and pull on the tender buds as he watched her work with both her mouth and pussy.

Vivian opened her eyes from the pain of the pinching and tugging. Her pussy was hot and damp with fizz, so she was taking the cock into her pussy without any trouble. She felt the man fucking her push to the back of her cunt, smashing his crotch against her tender clit. She began to tremble with apprehension -- she was beginning to enjoy being fucked again.

Suddenly the man fucking her mouth began to tremble as he pushed his cock as deeply as he could, splashing his jism down her throat.

Vivian swallowed all the hot sticky cum she could. The slamming cock in her cunt was driving her wild.

The Mexican withdrew from her mouth and wiped his still hard cock over her face. "What a head job!" he said, looking over at Tony.

"The good daughter of Senator Long is just another whore," he answered. "But when she leaves here, she'll be well-trained." He walked over, closer to the fucking couple, the cattle prod firmly gripped in his hand.

"Why me?" Vivian cried, now that her mouth was empty. One of her tits and nipples was still being caressed in a heavy-handed manner while the second Mexican pumped away in her hot and burning pussy.

"I told you to thank your father, you little slut!" Tony hollered as he applied the cattle prod to her free tit. She was enjoying things too much and he wanted her to cringe again.

"Ohhh! What are you doing to me!" Vivian screamed, her tender nipple burning with the flash of electric shock. It took all of her strength to keep from passing out. Everything was spinning faster and faster. For the moment she forgot the pounding cock in her cunt, the taste of cum in her mouth, and the pain and pleasure that swept through her tits. All she would hear were the words of Tony Coin was echoing in her head: "You have your father to thank you have your father to thank."

"You have your father to thank!" Tony spat into Vivian's ear as he leaned down to the startled girl.

"What are you trying to do, electrocute me?" asked the Mexican who was fucking the girl.

"I forgot that you were plugged into that tight little hole," Tony answered as he wiped his half-hard cock across Vivian's mouth, wanting to degrade the girl in the worst possible way.

"My father to thank," Vivian murmured, surprised at the sound coming from her own mouth. The hurt and pleasure of the humiliating rape was making her delirious.

The Mexican continued to hump wildly while the girl cried out. No one paid any attention to her despair. Finally the man began to quiver and shot his load deep into her pussy while he gathered the cheeks of her ass in his hands and squeezed them as hard as he could.

"Hurt the cunt!" Tony said as he watched in approval at the way his friend was clutching the girl's soft round ass.

"Ohhhh..." Vivian moaned as she felt hot sticky jizz filling her pussy. She could not understand her own actions and was even more surprised by the fact she was able to think of her father as the villain of her present dilemma.

A third Mexican replaced the second, who joined the one who had come in Vivian's mouth, and the two of them began to again work the girl's tits and nipples with their fingers and tongues.

The third Mexican didn't even bother to get undressed; he just unzipped his fly and plunged his stiff cock into the girl's burning twat. It was slick and wet, making it easy for him to slide in to the hilt of his long hard shaft.

"This is some cunt," he moaned, his balls bouncing on Vivian's round firm asscheeks.

"Shove your fingers up her ass!" Tony ordered the fucking man as he stood watching the girl twist and pant in total confusion. He was raping her mind as well as her body and took great pleasure in the fact.

The fucking Mexican did as he was ordered and shoved two hard fingers up Vivian's clutching asshole. It was well-lubricated by the jism that had dripped down between the cheeks of her butt.

Vivian bit her lip, but once the fingers were all the way in her hung, she was carried away by the added friction on her clit and the slamming cock that rocked her on the way to yet another orgasm.

The Mexican's breath was hot on Vivian's face. He used his weight to dominate the girl, driving his cock deep into her, pushing up against her pussy, making her hips revolve, massaging her clit again and again with his pounding cock.

He used his hands on the girl's ass and cunt while he fucked her, tickling her mound and parting the lips of her pussy, finding the love button, twisting it again and again until her body churned under his every move as his fingers reamed out her delicate asshole.

He wanted to make her come!

The two men who were caressing her tits were the first to tell Vivian was about to have another climax.

"Fuck this young whore!" the Mexican who had come in her mouth hollered as the girl's pace of breathing increased. Her nipples were so hard they seemed to pulse in his fingers.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh!" Vivian cried, her body in rebellion. She was helpless against the expert fucking of the men. They were just brutal enough to excite her physical being more than she had ever dreamed possible.

"The little cunt is coming again," Tony laughed.

He was ecstatic about the way the girl was reacting. His real desire was to turn her against her father and family so they would feel the pain of love gnawing away at their hearts.

"I'm going to shoot my load into this gringo cunt!" the Mexican bellowed as his hot jizz splashed against the walls of Vivian's sperm-soaked pussy.

Chapter FIVE

Tony felt himself getting aroused again, and it was easily seen by all those present as his cock jerked upward, blood rushing into the organ.

"I want to fuck this bitch in the ass!" he said to the other men as the third Mexican zipped up his fly.

"Oh, no! You can't do that! No one has ever done that before. It's an unnatural act," Vivian said, her voice revealing the tenor that raced through her. Her asshole hurt from all the fingers that had been reaming her out; she was sure that anything the size of a man's cock would rip her open.

Tony was still holding the cattle prod and touched the cowering girl on the thigh, making her jump from the pain. She was under his total domination, and he knew he could shove the prod up her ass if he wanted to.

"Please have mercy!" Vivian begged. For the first time she let the tears that had been building burst out. She was scared for her very life. Six men had fucked her and degraded her, doing things that were different from anything she had ever experienced in her life.

"Your father would be here instead of you if he were half a man," Tony shot back, touching the girl on the other thigh, making her cringe like a dog. He was getting carried away by the power he possessed over the girl.

The three Mexicans grabbed the girl and roughly turned her over on her belly. They met with little resistance; the cattle prod had shocked the girl into submission.

Vivian lay on her belly, tears running down her cheeks as two of the men held her arms and gruffly ground her body into the concrete floor. The third spread the cheeks of her ass while Tony pushed his fingers in and out of her loose bung.

"My cock is going to split you in half!" he laughed, laying the electric cattle prod on the floor and shifting his body so he could begin to fuck the sweet ass exposed before him.

The Mexican men were all swearing at the girl now; she was totally immersed in abuse.

"You have your father to thank." Again the words echoed in her head, and, for the moment, she was more angry at the man who had helped to conceive her than at her rapers. If her father had really sent an innocent person to prison, then the revenge she was suffering was really his fault.

"She has one of the prettiest asses I've ever seen," said the Mexican who was helping Tony by holding apart the cheeks of her ass. He watched as Tony shoved his finger in and out of her shitter, stretching the tight muscle, getting it ready for his reaming prick.

"Please..." Vivian moaned, more confused than ever. She had already had two orgasms while being degraded, and now that she was on the verge of having her asshole fucked, an act that she thought to be the mast perverse thing that had ever happened to her, she was excited again.

Tony guided his cock to the girl's soft tender asshole as he knelt over her gapped cheeks. He slowly forced his stiff cock up her tight asshole while the other men laughed insidiously, grasping her body as roughly as they could.

"Oh! You're hurting me!" Vivian whimpered, tears and pain radiating from her face as she felt the prick piercing her virgin ass. She was completely demeaned and was shocked that she could feel the least bit of excitement from what was happening to her. Still, even though her asshole was throbbing as her tormentor's prick pushed deeper, she was feeling strange, wanting the pain, humiliation and the sensation to rush over her and make her forget she was being raped because her father had sent an innocent woman to prison.

Tony finally lodged his cock all the way up Vivian's ass. It was so tight that he moaned as he pounded his hips against her spread cheeks, making her asshole open wider, lessening the pain and increasing the pleasure. He wanted to make the girl come while he fucked her ass and talked about her father.

The two Mexicans who were holding Vivian by the arms watched as her facial expression changed from hurt and despair to lust and excitement.

"She likes getting fucked in the ass!" one of the Mexicans hooted. "This woman is a nymphomaniac!"

Maybe I realty am a nymphomaniac, Vivian thought as the pounding prick in her ass made her final resistance collapse. She no longer thought about the evil of what was happening and gave herself over to the feeling of the plunging cock that was making her come again.

"Her asshole's so slick and tight I'm almost ready to come," Tony replied, feeling the girl pushing back on his slamming prick.

Vivian was shocked at herself. She was trying to lunge her inflamed ass back on the shaft that only a few moments ago seemed to be ripping her open. She wanted to feel the slippery hot rush of his jism as it splashed into the depths of her bowels.

"It is your father who is raping you!" Tony screamed as he shot his load deep into the girl's guts.

"My father is raping me..." Vivian murmured as her own climax overcame her.

The four men laughed at the girl and her words. They knew that she was on the verge of a breakdown. Tony was certain tat he would eventually be able to make the girl renounce her father and family, making his revenge complete.

What's becoming of me? Vivian asked herself as she felt the hard cock in her ass soften and then withdraw. Why am I turned on by the brutality of these men? Why am I willing to blame my father for my humiliation?

Tony stood and looked down at the girl's cum-filled asshole. He wanted to make her beg for more cock and condemn her father. He was willing to settle for nothing less than total domination of the girl.

"What are we going to do now?" asked the Mexican who was spreading her buttcheeks. The tone of his voice expressed his desire to continue with the fucking.

"I think we should beat her for a while," Tony answered as he walked over to his pants and pulled the thick leather belt from the loops.

"Please don't beat me!" Vivian sobbed as she watched her chief tormentor fold the belt in half and crack it loudly against his palm. During the entire course of her life, no one had dared beat her, not even her father. The very idea made her cringe; she had no desire to feel the hard sting of leather on her soft creamy flesh.

"Our little prima donna seems scared of the belt," Tony said gruffly as he walked behind the girl still being held by two of the Mexicans.

"Please, I'll do anything you ask!" Vivian cried, trying to avoid the taste of the belt. She was beside herself; the pain and shame of her rape had turned into pleasure and she had been unable to hide it from her tormentors. She had willingly doubted the honesty of her father and had said it so the men could hear her. If the taste of the leather on her soft flesh became stimulating, she was certain she would be totally lost to whatever the men had planned for her. She trembled at the thought; her body still ached from the three times the cattle prod had touched her legs and tits.

"You'll do whatever we tell you to and like it!" Tony roared. The fact that Vivian was beginning to beg for mercy added to his desire to break her completely.

"Look at her wiggle that ass!" one Mexican said with a grin as he watched Vivian thrash about struggling against the firm grip of his two confederates.

"It makes a good target," Tony quipped, his eyes focused on the round firm flesh as it twisted and struggled, helpless to escape the fate of stinging leather.

"Please have mercy on me! I've never done anything to anyone in my life!" the girl cried.

"Here's your mercy!" Tony bellowed as he violently swung the belt over his head, landing a direct blow on Vivian's perfect round ass. A surge of power rushed over him as he watched a red welt rise on her skin.

"Stop... please..." Vivian moaned, the slapping leather bringing tears to her eyes. Still, the stinging blow was stimulating, and she was terrified that even a spanking was capable of producing sexual arousal.

"She's fighting harder than ever. She's a bucking bitch," one Mexican said as he increased his grip on her arms, trying to make the girl wince more than ever.

"Let me hit her, too! I want to beat her gringo ass and cunt with your belt," the Mexican who had fucked her in the mouth and spread her asscheeks demanded.

"You can beat her, too..." Tony said as he swung the belt as hard as he could, smacking her again and again across her quivering ass. He turned and handed the belt to his comrade and then picked up the cattle prod, stepping to the far wall to watch.

The second blow made Vivian bite into her lip; she was determined not to cry or plead with the men any more. She knew that that was what they wanted. The stinging blow hurt, but had been pleasant at the same time.

"Are you ready for my strong arm, slut?" the Mexican with the belt spat as he unlooped it and let it dangle at its full length.

"Beat the bitch good," another man said as he twisted the girl's arm, making her revolve her hips faster in an effort to avoid the full brunt of the oncoming blows.

"Beat the little American's ass until she learns to love it!" the other Mexican said, wanting to see how much she could take.

Without warning the belt whistled through the air, cracking Vivian along the back and ass. A second blow quickly followed the first, striking her across the pussy and belly. A third lashing blow struck the girl before she had recovered from either of the others, making the back of her thighs show red welts. All three of the Mexican's biting strokes had been perfectly placed and he stood back to watch the result they had had on the girl.

Vivian had done everything she could not to scream when the leather snapped at her flesh and she had succeeded in keeping her groaning to a minimum, but she had been unable to do anything about the tears that flowed freely down her face. The second blow that had landed on her cunt had hurt, but at the same time had made the blood rush to her already bloated pussylips, the pain and pleasure intermixed, confusing her more then ever about the way her body reacted to what she believed to be depraved behavior.

The Mexican with the belt felt his prick begin to stir as his dominance over the girl became clearer. He could do anything he wanted; all of his wildest fantasies flashed before him. He had always wanted to piss on a woman and promised himself he would before he left the cell.

"Beat her some more and then fuck her," Tony said to his friend. He could see the excitement the beating was creating and was pleased that the girl would get some more vengeful cock.

"My sentiments exactly!" the Mexican with the belt said as it whirled through the air, landing on the girl's ass and pussy with a resounding crack. He aimed twice more, both times hitting the squirming target on the ass and hot, dripping pussy.

"You're driving me out of my mind!" Vivian shrieked at the first blow, her already swollen cunt and well-fucked ass tingling in pain that created pleasure.

"Please stop!" she begged as the second lashing stroke landed over the same area as the first, nipping into her clit and sending a spasm rocketing over her body. The pain was bringing her pleasure and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Ohhh... ahhh... ohhh..." Vivian moaned, unable to hide the truth from her beater any longer. The last hard lash across her cunt and ass had sparked a fire that she would never forget. She thought her pussy would burst from the blood that rushed and pounded into the lips.

"She likes it," Tony chimed as the girl's moaning gave away the last of her self-respect. It was more than he had dared hope for. The girl had an incredible capacity for sex, a reservoir that had lain dormant until today, waiting for someone to release it. Tony knew that his plan would work. He was certain that he could convince Vivian that it was her father's fault that she was being abused, and finally get her to renounce her love for him in the worst possible way.

The Mexican who was beating Vivian stopped. He dropped the belt to the floor and pounced on the girl, ramming his cock into her cunt from behind, sinking to the depths of her slippery pussy instantly. He was amazed at the tightness and fire; this was one cunt that would be a pleasure to fuck.

Vivian's pussy sucked at the intruding cock. Her body was already burning from the beating and fucking she had just endured. It was impossible for her to even try to hide the enjoyment she was deriving from all the abuse that was being heaped upon her. It was as if all her life she had been waiting for someone to burst the dam of pent-up desire that lay below the surface of her normal self.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped.

She shuddered all over and felt the saliva drip from her mouth. She was in a sexual daze; everything that she had ever been taught about love and sex were quickly forgotten under the succession of fucking and reaming cocks. She felt his hands grasp and weave her asscheeks, making her asshole pucker while sensation swept from her pussy across her flexing spine.

"Fuck me back!" the Mexican demanded as he lunged deeply, his cock churning into the girl's steaming cunt. He manipulated her ass up and down, making it spread around as he humped wildly away on her. The front of his legs bumped repeatedly against the back of her thighs as his cock wedged deeply into the crevice of her swollen twat. His hands pinched the flesh of her ass again and again, adding pain and pleasure to the stimulation the girl was feeling.

The Mexicans holding the girl watched as her head bobbed up and down from the doggy-style fucking. The constant beating against her ass had her moving in a passionate rhythm.

Vivian yelled. She just had to, there was nothing she could do to stop the show of emotion. The sensation was devastating. The first waves of a convulsive orgasm swept over her like a wave and consumed her in its rush. She wanted to collapse, but the two men continued to hold her up. The cock firmly locked in her cunt pounded away, prolonging the pleasure.

She let her mouth fall open as her breath rushed in and out. She felt crushed by the weight on her back and wondered how much more her body could endure.

The Mexican was still beating against her ass, frantically trying to reach his own climax. The whipping and the fact that the girl was responding to his cock had excited him beyond belief. She was a demon, a natural whore raised with a silver spoon in her mouth instead of a dildo in her cunt.

"Fuck me... Fuck me!" Vivian cried, surprised even as the words came from her mouth. She no longer cared what the men who were raping her thought; all she craved was the gratification of the pounding cock in her cunt.

Tony used the girl's total immersion in her sexuality as his cue to continue with the belittling of her father.

"Your father's the one who's turning you into a tramp," he said, moving in front of the girl. He looked into her eyes as the quivering girl writhed under the pounding cock. "Your father's the one responsible for the things that have happened to you. He used an innocent woman to build his career in politics and that's why you will suffer for his sins."

"My father's fault..." she murmured as the pounding cock and the voice blended into one. Her head was spinning from all the abuse and her body was tired from the series of explosive orgasms that she had just experienced. Her lover Max was forgotten as she grew less able to fight the desires of her flesh.

The Mexican fucked faster and faster, rocking the girl with his need to hurry to an orgasm. His finger still pulled and pinched at the flesh of her ass as he watched her butthole open and close in time to his hard ramming pace.

"Ohhh... I'm coming," he moaned as he felt his hot sperm burst from the depth of his balls and spray the searing walls of the girl's cunt.

The two men who were holding Vivian let go of her; they laughed as she sprawled forward, flat and hard on the floor.

"Have mercy on me, please," she moaned as she fought desperately, trying to rise to her knees. Her exhaustion was total, leaving her on the verge of passing out.

"Let's dress and get out of here... This slut bores me," the Mexican who had just finished fucking Vivian said, wiping the last of his dripping sperm on the red trembling cheeks of her ass.

"Okay," Tony replied, wanting Vivian to relax so that the last shock that dwelt in his mind for the girl's present humiliation would leave her marked with a memory that would last the rest of her life.

Tony began to dress, placing the cattle prod on the floor, watching the others, certain that he could win the girl's mind after seeing the way Vivian had reacted to the rape.

At first Vivian thought she had been hearing things, but it seemed true enough; the men were dressing! An instant surge of relief swept over her, making the hurt ease slightly so she could think clearly.

I've been raped twice in one day by six men for a crime I didn't commit! What type of men live in Mexico? she asked herself, wondering if the cattle prod would leave bruises on her skin.

You have your father to thank. This echoed in her mind as she allowed herself to fall flat on the floor again. She was too weak to make the effort to roll up into a protective ball. You have your father to thank. This supplied the answer to her question. If her father had really put an innocent woman in prison, then he shared a lot in common with the men she had met so far in Mexico, except he was really somewhat worse. Revenge was easier to understand than greed, or so it seemed to Vivian.

"Well, you little slut..." Tony said as he stood over her prone body, completely dressed, the cattle prod once again firmly in his grasp. "You are in the Procuraduria, a place where common criminals like yourself are interrogated..." He used the toe of his boot to stir interest in the girl as he talked. "You have signed a confession to the crime of smuggling. You will be transferred to the Carcel Preventiva, a place full of lesbians and thieves, where you will wait for a trial for about eight months. The judge will sentence you to nine years in prison. Remember... you have only your father to thank."

The words and constant tapping of the toe of her tormentor's boot made Vivian cry hysterically. She was stunned at the prospect of spending nine years with lesbians, thieves, and vile fascists who would take advantage of her any time they wanted. What is going to happen to me? she thought, the memory of how wantonly she had responded to all the awful things that had happened to her so far making her tremble. The words, "you have only your father to thank," added their surrealistic ring to her confusion.

"I want to piss on the gringo whore," the Mexican who had fucked her last said as he finished dressing and stood next to Tony.

"So do it." Tony replied. "I want this little cunt to remember the day she paid for her father's life of luxury with her flesh."

The other two Mexicans finished dressing and stood over the girl.

Vivian cringed as she heard them speak, yet the idea stimulated her imagination and she found herself waiting to see what it would really be like. If they piss on me, they won't fuck me any more, she rationalized. Tony and the Mexican next to him unzipped their pants and began to urinate all over the girl's back and hair.

Vivian shrieked as the warm piss splashed against her skin and ran down from her hair onto her face, stinging her eyes. She should have been shocked and angry, but instead she felt thrilled; her whole life had been a sheltered affair where everything had been planned and approved; even her love life.

Now, suddenly, after a shattering series of orgasms during a rape, she was being pissed on; a baptism for the masochistic personality that had been waiting in her subconscious mind for the exact moment to rush out and consume her totally. How else could she explain the fact that she, a well-educated woman from a good family with a good lover, was enjoying the piss of two men who had been part of her humiliating rape?

"It's a shame to give this young bitch to the lesbians in the Carcel Preventiva," Tony said as he shook the last drops of his piss onto the girl's back.

"Yes, there's no telling what will happen to her there," the other pissing man replied as he drained his bladder into the girl's hair.

The two men finished and zipped up their flies; they were almost done with the girl for now.

All of this talk about lesbians, thieves, and prison, combined with Vivian's doubts about her father, and the guilt she felt about enjoying all of the perverted things that had happened to her. There was no way she could deny the orgasms that had rocked her body, or the strange sensation the tingling pee had produced. She was so consumed in her thoughts that she failed to notice Tony as he moved around behind her, the cattle prod still held firmly in his hand. The noise of the laughing men distracted her from being wary.

Tony looked down at the sprawled-out girl; the cheeks of her ass were still parted. Without mercy or warning he plunged the prod at Vivian's bung, lodging the tip firmly in place, shocking the girl unconscious.

"You have only your father to thank." Tony laughed.

Chapter SIX

The stirring odor of smelling salts snapped Vivian back to the conscious world. She was still naked and in the same small cell with its glaring light. She was in a state of shock from the ordeal she had been through, and gasped as two strong tall Mexican men lifted her from the cold concrete floor and dressed her in a white hospital jacket and placed shower thongs on her feet.

Have mercy on me, was her only thought as she felt their hands on her flesh. "Please don't fuck me any more. My body hurts so much."

She was amazed when the two men picked her up and put her on a stretcher and began carrying her out of the cell and down the long straight halls of the Procuraduria.

She realized that she was being moved out of the cell and to a new location. Her focus began to return and she was able to determine that they were leaving the building by the number of gates and guards that they passed.

Oh, my God! Vivian thought. They must be taking me to the women's prison. She remembered the way the men during both of her rapes had talked about the lesbians and thieves that would be her new peers. Her whole life had changed drastically, quicker than she had ever dreamed possible.

It wasn't until they had passed out of the military-like Procuraduria into the gray-pink of the morning sunrise that Vivian fully regained her capacity to think, see, and feel. She knew her body hurt and that she was being placed in an ambulance-type vehicle. She began to tremble as the gravity of her problems struck her with full force.

The two Mexicans who were carrying Vivian climbed into the back of the police van with her and signaled the driver; then the door was locked and they were seated, one on each side of her.

I've signed a confession that I smuggled cocaine from Bogota, was her first thought as the engine of the truck started to purr and the two Mexicans chatted idly about, money and women. The stunning truth of her position made her tremble.

Is my father really the reason why I'm here? she asked herself, remembering the words of her American tormentor. Was Maria Coin really innocent and not part of an international smuggling ring like my father claimed? Vivian found herself entertaining the idea that her father and his greed for power were at the root of her dire situation.

The police van lurched forward and so did everyone in the back. "Watch your driving!" yelled one of the Mexicans as he bumped his head on the roof.

For the first time since she had started through customs the day before, Vivian had something to chuckle about. Her laugh drew stern looks from her two guards, but she didn't care. She had been raped and beaten and pissed on and was sure there was nothing the two men could do to her that would compare with the ordeal she had just been through.

The back of the van became quiet again and Vivian lapsed into thinking about her lover, Max. She was more comfortable than she had been since her flight as she lay in the stretcher; this made her memories even more vivid and warm.

Max was always tender and kind, treating her like a woman, giving her every consideration, always trying hard to please her when they made love.

The cold realization of the orgasms she had experienced during her rapes broke into her battered thoughts. She had never equaled the intensity of those climaxes with her lover. Her body had never yielded the way it had under the brutal caresses of the four men in the bleak cell.

Am I a masochist or nymphomaniac? she asked herself, wondering about her ability to derive pleasure from such abusive sources.

The van continued through the light morning traffic of Juarez, the sunrise signaling the prelude to another day of work and play for those who were free.

I wonder how long they're going to keep me in prison? she asked herself, remembering that one of her tormentors had said that she would be sentenced nine years. She shuddered. Nine years seemed like life, a lifetime of confinement for something she hadn't done.

Father will help me, she tried to reassure herself as she looked at her menacing guards. The nagging doubts about her father's morality made it harder than ever to believe that he would do anything at all. In fact, Vivian had trouble dismissing the notion that he might even disown her if it would salvage his integrity and power. After all, it wasn't good publicity for a United States Senator to have his only daughter busted in Mexico for drug smuggling.

The van made a hard turn off the paved road and bumped along over a very rough strip, jostling the occupants of the back around quite a bit.

"I hate this road to the women's prison," one of the guards complained as he held onto the roof, bracing himself from any further jolts.

The guard's comment about the women's prison told Vivian that her fears were well founded.

What kind of life will I lead at a women's prison? she asked herself. All of her education and upbringing did little to ease the tension she was feeling. What mercy could she hope for at the hands of criminals and sex fiends? Would she be able to stand the strain and anguish of a daily life behind bars? Would the women in the prison be kind to her because she was so young, or would they take advantage of her lack of experience? All of these questions left their own unanswered anxieties.

The van braked to a quick screeching stop, and the guards instantly flung the doors open and jumped out. It took them only a few seconds to unload the girl on the stretcher and move her past a gate made of hurricane fence and topped with barbed wire. They quickly spirited her along a short path and into a large menacing brick building with barred windows.

What an ugly gray fortress, she thought as she entered her new home. It was hard to miss the towers that surrounded the complex. The machine guns in the top of the towers left in plain view of the prisoners served as an obvious psychological deterrent to those that lived inside the cold gray walls.

Vivian was amazed at the dirty run-down conditions that existed on the inside. From where she lay on her stretcher, she could see that the floors were brick and the smell told her that cleaning was not the order of the day. The dark and musty odor frightened the girl more than the memory of her rapes at the hands of the Federal Judicial Police.

The guards at the gate and the door had let the stretcher and its escort pass without more than an idle hello. Vivian was amazed at the number of female guards she saw as they passed through another series of barred gates and hallways, past doors that obviously served as office entrances and into the main receiving point for prisoners, where she was deposited, stretcher and all, in a holding cell. The sound of the metal gate slamming behind her and the turning of the key in the lock was a more than adequate reminder that her position hadn't changed. She was still a prisoner, and subject to the whims of her captors.

For the first time since she had been placed on the stretcher, Vivian sat up and looked carefully about her. Her body ached, in particular her asshole where the electric jolt of the cattle prod had been applied when she passed out. She bravely ignored the pain and looked about the cell in which she was confined. Its zoo-like quality made her want to cry.

Take it easy, she whispered to herself. Now is no time to show weakness.

The cell was about nine feet long and five feet wide, with three solid brick walls and thick iron bars and a hinged, barred gate as the front. The only light came through the bars from the electric bulb that hung over a desk directly in front of the cell.

Vivian watched her two male guards as they joked and talked with the heavy-set female behind the desk. She felt totally helpless as she watched the large woman sign some papers presented by one of the guards. She knew she was being committed to the Mexican prison system, where life meant a little to some, and nothing to most.

Vivian watched with a certain amount of relief as the two Mexican guards departed from her view. They were the first men since she had been arrested that hadn't fucked her or made her commit some other kind of depraved act. At least for now she didn't have to worry about spewing cocks and the sticky cum adhering to her hair and face.

Someone will help me, Vivian thought as she watched the matron rise and walk around the large wooden counter and cross towards her cell.

The matron was a large robust woman with long dark hair which she kept neatly combed and tied in a ponytail. She was the type of woman who filled her uniform well and reminded Vivian a little of her own mother. If anyone would help her, it would be her; it had to be this kind-looking woman.

The matron took a large ring of keys and unlocked the steel door on Vivian's cell, sliding it open with ease. She crossed the threshold and loomed over the girl; her eyes roved the entire length of her charge.

"Get off that stretcher, you smuggling little American slut!" she bellowed. "Else I'll make you wish you were back in the Procuraduria!"

Vivian jumped at the command and was quickly on her feet, the white hospital jacket flopping open, momentarily revealing her firm tits and blonde pussy hair.

"It looks like the girls in C block are going to get some fresh meat," the matron leered as she watched Vivian hurriedly try to cover up.

Vivian shuddered at the thought of having to do whatever some lesbian told her to. She knew nothing of what women did to each other except what she had heard in whispered stories at the university.

"Follow me," the matron commanded as she led the way from the cell.

Vivian did as she was told, following the woman across the hard natural brick floor, past the large wooden desk and back to the section of the building where the offices were. She watched as her guard unlocked the door and turned on a harsh overhead light, revealing a stockroom.

"Take off your hospital jacket," the matron commanded as she led the girl across the room. "I want to search you and then give you some clothing and get you put in a cell so I don't have to be bothered with your stinking ass any more."

"Search me?" Vivian questioned. "I'm already naked underneath." She clutched the jacket tightly to her body. She was afraid that the matron wanted to rape her.

"Didn't you hear me?" The matron's voice showed the anger she felt at not being obeyed instantly. "When I tell you to do something, you do it!" She hissed through her teeth as she moved closer to the girl, clenching her fist.

Vivian responded instantly, dropping the jacket from her body. She hurt already, and she knew that she would only lose if she antagonized her guard. She wanted to hide her charms, her creamy young boobs, from the woman, sensing the pleasure she took in ravishing Vivian's body with her eyes.

"That's better," the matron said. "You're going to be in Mexican prisons a long time, so you might as well make up your mind that you have to do as you're told."

Vivian shuddered. A long time could be years and years. What kind of life could she live in a prison? Would Max wait for her? Would her father help her? So far, being the daughter of a United States Senator had been only a liability.

The matron stood directly in front of the girl and quickly ran her fingers through the girl's hair, lingering in its long, blonde tresses, almost in a caress. Next, she ran her fingers along the girl's skin, up her arm to her armpits.

"Turn around, kick off your thongs, and pick up your feet one at a time," she commanded as she stepped slightly away from the girl.

Vivian did as she was told, convinced that the matron was just doing her job. So far, she had found the search degrading, but nothing like the humiliation she had been subjected to at the hands of the men.

"Now bend over and spread the cheeks of your ass," the matron ordered when the girl was finished. Of all the jobs this woman did at the prison, this was her favorite.

Vivian wanted desperately to resist this insanity. She was innocent of any crime, and a woman of standing in her country; why did she have to be searched in such a perverse manner?

"Don't question my authority," the matron spat as she pushed the girl with a heavy-handedness that warned of the true strength she possessed.

Vivian's response was to instantly do as she was commanded. She had experienced enough violence in the course of the last day to know that she wanted to avoid it at all possible costs. Her body wasn't built for the endurance of pain; she was sleek and delicate. Her long fingers grasped the cheeks of her own ass and spread them to the view of another woman.

It was all the matron could do to keep from gasping as the girl exposed the full beauty of her sore pussy and asshole. It was obvious from the swelling and dripping from her crotch, that she had been well fucked recently, but this did little to impede the natural beauty of her cuntlips and the way the skin flowed so smoothly from her twat to form her perfect ass. The matron was looking forward to dipping her fingers as deeply as she could into the girl's soft wet hole, and probing about until her own curiosity was satisfied as to whether or not the girl was worth putting the make on.

What's going to happen to me now? Vivian thought to herself as she felt the hands of the matron touch the top of her ass and slowly trickle across the skin, inching downward across her asshole and lingering on the tight, sensitive area between it and her pussy. Somehow, even this woman's touch made her skin tingle.

The softness of the girl's skin excited the matron. The girl was young and beautiful, everything she had always wished for herself, but had never been able to do anything about. The excitement turned to anger as she thought of this girl being able to get whatever she wanted just because she was so lovely, when for all of her own life she had been forced to work for everything. She increased the pressure of her fingers as she moved closer to the girl's pussy, lingering on her lips, giving them a sharp pinch before she savagely shoved two of her fingers into the hot hole.

"OUCH!" Vivian screamed as she leaned forward in an instinctive response, trying to avoid the fingers that were stimulating her. Why am I turned on by such repulsive sex acts? she asked herself in despair as the finger finally pushed into the mouth of her cunt and began to probe deeply.

The matron bent over, down behind the girl, and watched as her fingers moved in and out of the dripping pussy. The vibrant pinkness of the inner skin, combined with the sticky warmth, added to her brewing fury.

Vivian was shocked at the way she had to fight her hips to keep them from revolving as the matron's finger probed deeper and spread the lips of her pussy.

"There's nothing in there except a lot of cum!" the matron hissed as she removed her fingers from the dripping hole. She wanted to hurt the American girl. The men from the Procuraduria had told her she was the daughter of a United States Senator who had framed an innocent Mexican woman for a crime she hadn't committed. This girl was the symbol of everything she had never been able to have, and her jealousy was rising quickly to the surface in the form of vengeful infliction of pain. Without warning she rammed her fingers into the girl's extremely tender asshole.

"Oh, please stop!" Vivian begged as two of the woman's probing fingers pushed as deeply as they could into her ass. The tender, hurting muscle gave way to the brutal assault, reminding her of the penetrating cock that had made her climax as it reamed away before it shot a load of sperm deep into her bowels.

The matron cruelly thrust a third finger into the girl's finger-filled asshole, turned on by her total dominance over the blonde.

Vivian fought the urge to shove back against the piercing fingers. It was embarrassing enough to have to submit to such a degrading search, let alone have the woman know she was becoming aroused by the depraved act.

"There's nothing in there but more cum," the matron sighed as she withdrew her fingers from the girl's ass. She was sure that the prisoner was hurt and humiliated. She wanted to make the girl turn around and eat her pussy until she came, but knew that there wasn't enough time at the moment. In a short while she had to get the girl admitted and get back to the main desk for the changing of the guard.

Vivian sighed with relief as she stood up: she was happy that she had been able to hide her sexual response from the matron. Still, she was alarmed at the way her physical desires were able to make her feel things she didn't really want to feel.

"All right, you little bitch," the matron said as she moved over to the bins and pulled down a set of prison clothing for the girl, "you are now in the custody of the women's section of the Carcel Preventiva. Put these clothes on and do as you are told." She finished by throwing the clothing at the girl.

Vivian hurriedly picked up the clothing from the floor where it had landed, and dressed. The worn jeans and coarse shirt were ill-fitting. Both were too big, but at least they covered her body. The memory of the fine clothing in her closets at home and in the school at Bogota shot into her mind. There were many things she would treasure now that she had once spumed and worn only once at most.

The matron watched as the girl finished putting on her thongs. Even though the clothing she had given Vivian was too big, she could still see the girl's raw beauty and charm. There was nothing she could do to the girl that would ever change that.

Vivian followed the matron as she led her out of the room down the corridor and past the main desk where some other female guards were gathering. She felt the eyes of every woman they passed upon her in her rag-tag outfit. Still, she had little time to think or look around her as the matron continued to lead the way through a part of the prison that housed the other women inmates. On each side of the long hall were longer and wider corridors, each covered with a cold steel gate. They stopped in front of one that had a large O painted on the concrete wall. She watched as the guard took her large ring of brass keys from her belt and unlocked the heavy door, sliding it back with ease. She followed the woman and stood in front of a cell while it was unlocked. She entered without being told and listened to the lonely sound of being locked into place. She was in her new home.

The matron departed without a word.

Vivian looked about the small cell with its two bunks on the wall. It was dingy and depressing. The top bunk was made, so Vivian climbed into the lower one and allowed herself to fall off into the restful sleep of exhaustion.

Chapter SEVEN

Vivian awoke to the soft caress of another woman's hand on her face. The soft touch felt good, so different from the brutal handling she had experienced so far. She opened her eyes and looked into the burning brown eyes of a lovely Mexican woman. It was all she could do to keep from gasping with surprise.

"Oh, baby, did they hurt you?" the other woman asked, her voice husky with emotion as she continued to run her fingers lightly over the girl's lovely features.

"Who are you?" Vivian asked the glamorous woman sitting next to her. Her long raven hair flowed like a river to her waist and her skin was coppery and alive with energy. The touch of her light caressing fingers soothed some of the hurt she was feeling.

"I am Rosita... a murderess and your cellmate," the girl answered as she continued with the delicate massage.

A murderess... Up until now Vivian had lived with only the finest types of people, but now she was forced to live with a murderess! Since her arrival in Mexico, she had been through more changes than in her entire previous life.

"And who are you?" Rosita asked as her fingers traveled lightly down the waking girl's neck and across her shoulders. She was a lesbian, and was in jail for killing a man over a lover, a lover who was not as good-looking as the girl in her cell.

"I'm V-Vivian Long," she stammered in response, now fully awake. Her body was stirring under the delicate fingers that touched her skin. She was surprised at the way they seemed to soothe the hurt she felt from her rapes.

"They raped you, didn't they?" Rosita smiled. "The pigs rape any woman they get their hands on," she continued as she boldly let her fingers start to unbutton Vivian's blouse.

"Yes, they did," the girl replied, blushing. She was getting excited by the other woman's hands. They were so soft and soothing, nothing like the rough pinching grip of the men, or the hard hands of the matron. For a moment she thought she was being touched gently by her lover Max.

"Please... don't," she finally murmured, trying to resist the first tenderness anyone had shown her in Mexico. She had the need to feel loved, but the moral question of letting another woman be her lover gnawed at her, if only for a moment.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you," Rosita smiled softly. "I'm not like those brutes. They're animals. I'm a woman. I understand."

"Oh, Rosita," Vivian finally moaned, stirring under the delicate fingers of this woman she hardly knew, "come lay by me and help me to forget the way I was fucked."

Rosita responded to her cellmate's request, quickly removing the rest of her clothing and then lying next to her in the shadows of the lower bunk. The warmth of Vivian's body penetrated her clothing and teased her already tingling desires.

"Why did they arrest you?" she questioned softly.

"They say I'm a smuggler, but I'm not," Vivian sobbed. "I've never done anything illegal. I'm the daughter of a United States Senator." She began to cry and turned away from the woman who was treating her so tenderly.

Rosita ran her soft hands across the flesh of the crying girl, trying to soothe the hurt she knew the girl was feeling. The two women were strangers, but Rosita was certain instinctively that her cellmate was telling her the truth.

Rosita squeezed the girl tightly to her, pressing her tits against her back. She felt the girl's pain. She, too, had been raped by the pigs of the Federal Judicial Police. She, too, had been humiliated and tortured. She, however, was guilty of a crime and it was possible that this girl wasn't.

Vivian turned around; she bit her lip in an effort to hold back the tears that were flowing from her eyes. She was excited and confused, ashamed of the feelings that were sweeping over her.

Rosita leaned over the girl's face and gingerly lowered her lips to hers and kissed the girl long and passionately, winding her tongue into the soft wet lips.

"Oh, Rosita," Vivian cooed softly into the woman's ear, feeling their bodies come together. She was afraid of the feeling that were beginning to build in her as she returned the kiss and felt her own succulent and lovely flesh tinge.

"Oh, you lovely darling..." Rosita purred as she began to remove her own clothing. She hadn't been this hot in a long time, and she was certain that the girl would become a willing lover once she had been allowed to lock her knowing lips over the other woman's pussy.

As Vivian stirred under Rosita's loving touch, she felt a thrumming inside her body as their tits pressed together. She wanted to tell this woman everything about her arrest, but knew it would be hard to ever tell anyone about the cattle prod and the way it had been shoved into her ass.

Rosita's hands moved gently over Vivian's body, lingering in the places they shouldn't have. For the first time since her own arrest she was feeling a woman worthy of her own sensuous flesh and desire.

Her nipples are becoming hard against mine! Vivian thought as she felt Rosita's hands, move gingerly down her back, molding the firmness of her ass and hips.

"Ohhhh... Rosita," Vivian moaned, with more passion than she had ever known before. Her rape had been degrading. The four men had stuck their large, greasy cocks into every orifice, mouth, pussy and asshole while they had used her for their own pleasure and to soothe a man's revenge against her father. At one point they had even pissed on her! It was no wonder that her body was now responding to the tender caresses of another woman. Her need to feel love was overwhelming. The orgasms she had experienced during the rapes had left her hungry for affection.

The tone of Vivian's voice sent a shudder sweeping across Rosita's flesh. It was obvious to her, a lesbian of great experience, that she was turning the girl on.

"Vivian, I need you! You've got to understand that I'm not going to rape you." Rosita's fingers moved through the girl's gash and brushed over her clit. She didn't have the will to resist the naked flesh next to her. Vivian's needs blended with her own horny desires, making it easy to continue with the seduction of the girl.

Vivian closed her eyes and smiled, allowing her hands to move over her own tipped tits, teasing the firmness, tracing the curves while Rosita's fingers caressed her cunt. Without hesitation she opened herself to the probing hands, letting them do whatever they wanted to her aching pussy.

"Does that feel good, Vivian?"

"Ohhh... yes!"

"As good as any man?"

"Better than any man, Rosita. I don't have to worry about being abused by you."

Rosita looked into her cellmate's deep green eyes. She knew that she had the girl and that there was no way for her to turn back now. She knew that the nearness of her body was making the other girl dizzy and that soon she would be the latest girl to be lost in the ecstasy of her own type of love.

"We belong together," she cooed into Vivian's ear hotly.

"Rosita, you're so sweet and warm. I want you."

Vivian's words shed the last veil of restraint. The two women's lips came together and their tongues met in an instant of warm lesbian love. Their bodies melted into one.

Vivian closed her eyes again; the cell was spinning, the bunk tumbling as she daringly broke the kiss and allowed her lips to nibble at the other woman's neck. She was on fire as the passion of her first real sexual encounter with another woman began to overwhelm her.

Rosita returned the girl's efforts with her own renewed passion. She used her mouth to stimulate Vivian's hips, waist and tits.

Vivian moaned again and again. Rosita's hands were so gentle after the brutal assaults she had suffered; even the way the small fingers molded her boobs was different. She squirmed under the lingering lips that sucked on her nipples ever so lightly. Her pussy was steaming and swollen.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she cried suddenly.

She opened her eyes and sucked air into her lungs. Lust! Fire! Delightful sensation! She looked down the valley of her tits across the flatness of her belly and saw the lovely Mexican woman mouthing her flaming cunt. She felt the tongue, warm and sensuous, parting her pussylips and probing the depths of her searing hole. Wantonly she used her own hands to ripple over her clit, making her hips buck upward against Rosita's pressing lips. Her whole body trembled as it dawned on her that she was making love with a lesbian!

Rosita was consumed by the act she was committing. The sweaty odor of the girl's cunt filled her flaring nostrils. The taste of sperm added to her fire. She loved women more than any man ever could, and she used her mouth to prove it. She swirled her cunt-loving tongue in and out of the burning twat, plucking at the fiery clit, and washed her lips in the warm juices that flowed so freely.

"Oh... Rosita!" Vivian gasped, "Ahhh, God! I want it!"

"What do you want, Vivian?" Rosita groaned. She heaved up and down, bucking her hips and feeling the cool mattress against her hot ass and arching back.

Rosita's mouth went back to Vivian's cunt, sucking at the stiff clit, squeezing, making her moan again and again. Suddenly, the bunk moved and she could feel Vivian as she tried to return the tenderness she was receiving by moving her body around. She felt tits against the softness of her belly, the nipples stiff and hard.

Rosita felt Vivian's lips on her thighs, moist and warm, setting her on fire. She felt fingers spreading the lips of her own pussy. Vivian was about to make love back to her. All the shameful things that had happened to her were driving the girl to lick Rosita's tender twat; she needed to return the love she was receiving.

Vivian gasped as she looked at the naked beauty of her lover's cunt. All the things she had heard in jokes at parties and in school about what she was starting to do came flashing back to her in an instant of startling reality: queer, dyke, butch, lesbian. Her mind was full of images that had lived in the back of her subconscious; all of them had been evil and slimy. She looked into the mouth of Rosita's naked cunt and saw it twitching with need. She was amazed at the size of the woman's clit as it throbbed in front of her eyes. She saw the curve of her belly, the oily pinkness of her inner pussy as the older woman lifted enough to allow Vivian to get comfortable.

Vivian saw it all; the woman was showing her love after her ordeal at the hands of the rapists. Thinking about her arrest made her cry out, and she flung her arms around the flaring hips and taut asscheeks that were over her face. She buried her mouth against them just like Rosita was doing for her.

She kissed wildly at the soft flesh and tender cuntlips. She enjoyed the soft moistness against her face. She shot her tongue in and out of the warm gash and nibbled with her mouth, forgetting all the images of fear and dirt that her education and life-style had so deliberately left her with. She didn't know if this made her a lesbian or not and she didn't care; to her it had become just an expression of her need for love.

Emotion pushed harder at Vivian and made it impossible to think or reason. Her mind and body merged into one, making it difficult to distinguish between love and sex. Her body was on fire and a woman was in her arms, softly soothing the hurt she felt. This was all that mattered for the moment. The rest of the world could judge her when it was over. Right now Rosita was sucking lightly on her clit and that was reason enough to be excited.

Tender hot thighs wrapped around Vivian's neck. Hot pussy juice trickled on her cheeks. The soft down of Rosita's twat brushed back and forth across her mouth. She couldn't keep her tongue from darting in and out of the moist gash.

Rosita's mouth was working hotly on Vivian, her tongue working in and out of her tight little cunt. Oh, my God! she thought. They even fucked her in the ass. She let her tongue wander down the crack of Vivian's sweet firm ass and tenderly lick the puckered butthole.

Vivian shuddered under the soft licking tongue as it probed in and out of her sore hung.

Rosita again thrust her mouth over the girl's steamy cunt in search of the tingling flavor she had tasted before. She wanted to give more than she was receiving. She continued to lick and suck Vivian's pussy and clit. She found she couldn't control the wiggling of her own ass as it twisted and turned, heaving her hips under the probing and parting of her puffy cuntlips by the girl's fingers and tongue.

She groaned deep in her throat as she found herself grinding her firm tits into Vivian's flat belly. She pushed her mouth flat against the girl's gushing slit and waggled her tongue in and out of the slippery hole. She felt the cunt muscles tighten and release as Vivian's pussy began to flutter and release hot sticky juice.

"Rosita... I'm coming... I'm coming!" Vivian screamed as she exploded in a violent climax.

"So am I... Ohhh... Ahhh..." Rosita whimpered as her own orgasm rushed over her body.

A moan rushed from Vivian, muffled in the dampness of her cellmate's cunt. Her hands gripped Rosita's ass tightly as the waves of her orgasm became more intense. Her body trembled violently, and she moaned again and again, turning her head to the side and letting the room tumble about her.

Rosita felt the girl's mouth move back to her own pussy and suck and squeeze at the tenderness of her swollen clit. She squeezed her thighs tighter around Vivian's neck and mashed her warm snatch against her lips again and again. She felt the tongue sliding in and out of the warm soft slit and moaned with pleasure as her own climax made her body tremble and her pussy drip.

Both women lay still for a moment and enjoyed the afterglow of their long, passionate release. Each for an instant forgot the gloomy reality of the prison.

Rosita was the first to stir, rolling off the girl and standing, her lovely naked body grateful for the release.

Vivian watched as the woman dressed, feeling guilt and shame. The act she had just completed of her own volition had been one of perverted love and she had liked it. She knew that something was amiss about the reality of life and the way she had been raised. She needed to talk to someone about it, and maybe Rosita was that person.

Rosita wiggled her pert ass as she finished fucking in her blouse and looked over at the naked girl.

"You're one hot little whore," she said as she walked to the toilet near the bunk and sat down.

Maybe I am a whore, Vivian thought as she pulled her long legs up to her tits and sat looking at the woman whose pussy she had just sucked. Maybe that's my true calling. The way my body responds to sex makes me really wonder.

"You had better get dressed, honey. This is a jail and the matrons get up-tight easy." Rosita's words were meant as a sincere warning; she didn't want to get separated from her newly acquired lover too quickly. After all, Vivian was a valuable possession.

Vivian still remained silent as she stood and dressed. She was uncertain of what to do or what to think; what would Rosita expect from her now? Her fear had subsided only for an instant and now she was paranoid again.

Rosita watched as the girl pulled her baggy pants over her lean, firm body, and buttoned the shirt that was too large to show off her lovely tits. She was horny for the girl already and they had just finished sucking each other's cunts to tremendous orgasms.

"You were talking up a storm before our little fuck," she said, trying to get Vivian to talk to her.

"I'm scared. I'm scared..." Vivian said as she broke into tears. She was tormented by all the things that had happened to her and the doubts she had about her father's willingness to help her.

"You can talk to me," Rosita said softly to the girl. The more she knew about her, the easier it would be to use her. Rosita had learned early in her life of crime and sex that to have someone's confidence was often more valuable than having a gun when you wanted something from that person.

Vivian rejoiced at the sound of Rosita's words. Maybe this woman would befriend her. She was totally unaware of any preplanned scheme on the part of her cellmate.

"I'm so confused," she began. "The first thing that happened to me when I got off the plane was my arrest. These two men accused me of smuggling cocaine in the customs office, then took me to a back room."

Rosita listened to Vivian's story as she took a cigarette from a pack in her pocket and offered one to the girl, all without interrupting her words.

"They fucked me and made me drink tequila until I signed a confession!" Vivian blurted out, accepting the cigarette even though she didn't smoke. This was the first gesture of kindness she had received from anyone and she didn't want to turn it down.

"After that I must have passed out." Vivian paused, taking a light from Rosita. The cigarette smoke tasted strange, but was still pleasant. Just the fact that someone was listening to her was pleasant. She needed a friend desperately.

"I woke up in a dark cell, naked. A light suddenly came on and four men entered." Vivian shuddered as she forced herself to recall exactly what had happened. "One of them was holding a cattle prod." She began to sob.

"It's all right," Rosita whispered as she moved onto the bed next to the girl. She ran her free hand softly over the girl's hair and neck. "It will do you good to tell me... Talking to someone always helps."

"They raped me and tortured me with the cattle prod," Vivian said as soon as she had the sobbing under control. She liked the soft touch of Rosita's hand on her skin; it made it easier to tell.

"One of the men, an American, told me my father had put his wife in prison for a crime she never committed." Vivian took a long drag on her cigarette and tried to keep from thinking of her father. What kind of man would put an innocent woman in prison to feed his own political ambitions?

"Your father is really a United States Senator?" Rosita asked, trying to keep calm. If it were true that this girl was from a rich family, she had in all probability never made love to another woman before.

"Yes, my father is Joseph Long, Senator from the great State of Texas." The words sounded alien to Vivian as she spoke them. The doubts she felt about her father were gnawing at her love and respect for the way of life she had been raised to live.

"Have you ever made love to a woman before?" Rosita asked. She wanted to know if she were really the first.

"No," Vivian whispered, blushing.

Rosita's hands grew bolder as she dropped her cigarette to the floor. She gently cupped the girl's firm jugs and teased the nipples.

Vivian trembled under the light caress. Her nipples were responding against her will. She was disgusted with her body's reactions to all the sex imposed upon her, and equally upset with her own lack of nerve and bravery in not rejecting the things that her morals told her were wrong.

"Stop that," she said, and pushed Rosita's hand away.

Rosita was quick to respond and was on the girl instantly, lunging and pinning her to the bed. She backhanded the girl and gritted her teeth.

"I'm the honcho of cellblock C and don't you ever forget it again," she hissed at the startled girl.

"I w-won't," Vivian stuttered. She was astounded at the strength of her cellmate. It was at this point that she discovered that it was useless for her to try to resist any physical assaults on her person. She was just too weak to fight. The truth that other human beings would do anything to get what they wanted, even if it was against another person's will, left her at odds with the world, confused. Even her father was willing to destroy innocent lives for the sake of a position of power.

Rosita again touched Vivian's tits, but this time she pinched the nipples through the shirt. She was excited by the fact that the girl was new to the ways of lesbian love. She was almost sure that two of the other women in cellblock C could be persuaded to pay highly to have Vivian suck their pussies.

"We're going to dinner in a few minutes. We'll continue this after that." Rosita's words were clear and expressed her dominance. As she backed away and stood, she reflected; she was prison-wise and knew what a good thing it would be to have this hot little mama to pimp.

Food, Vivian thought, remembering that she hadn't eaten in over twenty-four hours.

Vivian lay in her bottom bunk digesting the dinner of cold beans and rice she had just finished. It was degrading the way they were fed: a large pot of food and bowls were left inside the gate, and then all the cells were opened at once by a master switch. Rosita had led her to the pot and she was allowed to fill one of the bowls. She had felt the eyes of all the other inmates upon her as she walked back to the cell with her cellmate. She was certain that each of them knew that she had been made by the strong little Mexican woman.

Rosita had left Vivian alone in the cell while she ate. She was used to the prison system and knew that the cells would be left open for a couple of hours after which the matrons would return and all the prisoners would be locked up again in their fetid dungeons. She knew she could use this time to pimp the girl.

So many things have happened to me so quickly, Vivian thought as she tried to piece together some sort of philosophy to get her through these troubled times. What disturbed her more than the rapes, the torture, or even the lesbian affair in which she was now involved was what she had found out about her father. His abuse of another human, especially a woman, left her whole world without any form of justice. She had come to respect her father more than anyone else in the world. He was her moral advisor and the protecting force of her life. His actions left her completely disillusioned about everything. If what he did was solely for his own power, then he's the cause of my suffering.

The thought was enough to twist Vivian's love for her father and change it to bate.

The silhouette of two women standing in the cell door interrupted Vivian's thoughts. She sat up and squinted her eyes to see who they were. They were other prisoners! One was a big, good-looking blonde with baby-blue eyes and big tits, obviously an American. The other was a young Mexican girl whose body vibrated from an excess of energy.

"What do you want?" Vivian asked, startled, as they entered the cell.

"We want you!" the big blonde answered as the two women moved closer to the bunk.

"I don't understand," Vivian said, trembling. She was certain that they wanted her body and that Rosita had sent them. Still, she had to try to resist for her own mental well-being. She knew her body would respond to whatever they did to her and she was ashamed.

"Maybe what Rosita told us is true," the slight Mexican said, smiling at her friend and sitting down next to the girl.

"Well, if it is, I'm sure we can teach her to do what we want," the big, lush blonde said as she assumed a seat on the other side of Vivian.

"Please don't hurt me!" Vivian begged as the two women began to touch her tits and face. She would do whatever they wanted; she had been through enough pain because of her resistance already. She knew it was useless to struggle.

"Just take off your clothes and suck us off," the foxy little Mexican said, her big brawn eyes sparkling as she wriggled from her tight prison jeans. "We paid five dollars for this. Rosita promised you'd be real cooperative."

"Yeah, sweetheart..." the big blonde cooed, licking her lips as she undressed, revealing her firm and lush body. "We're going to teach you how to suck pussy."

Vivian found herself becoming excited as she watched the two women undress. Since her arrest she had had so many sexual encounters, each of which had brought her to orgasm, each temporarily letting her forget the disgusting truth of her plight. This might not be so bad, she thought as she began to remove her own clothing. At least I won't have any hard cocks jabbing away at my body.

"You've got some lovely little tits," the big blonde whispered as she looked at the girl's completely nude figure. She felt a surge of anticipation sweep across her own naked skin. She wanted to feel the lips of Vivian's pussy pushed tight against her own.

"Oh, to hell with all this! Let's get down to the fucking and sucking," the slight Mexican said, her own tits revealing her excitement; the nipples were swollen and flushed from the rushing blood.

The three women climbed into the bunk, the big blonde at the edge of the mattress near the open cell door, with Vivian and the sexy little Mexican dish snuggled up close on the other side.

"I think I'll just watch for a while," the lush blonde sighed as she leered at her friend pushing Vivian's head down towards her pulsing pussy.

The sleazy little Mexican woman lifted one of her legs and rested it on the wall, making her thighs part wide, revealing a slick oily gash and bald pussylips. Juice seemed to leak onto the flesh of her ass as she rocked to and fro, wiggling her pelvis with anticipated pleasure.

I've never seen a bald pussy before, Vivian thought as her face drew nearer the hot cunt. Her tongue crossed her lips in a reflex, smelling the aroma of the woman's snatch and anticipating the taste.

There was a chance that if she sucked the two girls off, she might be spared the humiliation of her own orgasm. She was still trying to fight the conflict between her actions and the morality of her early life which still had such a grasp on her conscious mind. She groaned inwardly and allowed her lips to touch the other woman's hot gash. "Ahhhhhh!" the Mexican woman keened lowly, thrusting her cunt up to Vivian's lips. "Use your tongue and suck... Lick my clit! Ohhh!" She was vibrating as she wiggled her hot twat against the girl's mouth.

Vivian gave it all she was worth and used her mouth and tongue on the pressing pussy, darting in and out and sliding over the clit while she sucked.

"Use your fingers," the squirming woman commanded as she pressed her cunt harder against Vivian's head, feeling the lips hot on her horny flesh.

Vivian responded and snaked her hands along the woman's thighs, over her firm, soft belly, and grasped her tender boobs, squeezing the nipples softly. She was disgusted at the ease with which the act she was committing had ignited her lust and desire. Her internal conflict concerning her sexuality was reaching the bursting point.

The big blonde shivered as her own anticipation made her reach out and touch Vivian's naked flesh, caressing her back and thighs, letting her hands linger on her solid ass.

"You're the best-looking prison whore I've ever seen," she sighed as her hands brushed over Vivian's twat.

Am I a whore? Vivian asked herself as the stroking hands sent shivers sweeping across her body. The sweaty, sticky odor of the other woman's pussy filled her nostrils while she sucked hard and tried to push the thought from her mind. She moved one of her hands down from the raven-haired Mexican's tits and ran her finger in and out of her cunt while she sucked harder on her clit.

"Eat me..." the woman moaned as she bucked and twisted, bumping her head on the top bunk as she squirmed to open the pussy wider.

Vivian used her fingers and mouth on the pussy in front of her while her own body was being caressed and fondled from the rear by the sexy blonde. She felt the woman's fingers as they lightly peeled apart the tender lips of her pussy and sunk lightly into the bright coral pink of her open snatch.

Vivian stirred as she felt the probing finger withdraw from her quaking pussy. She continued to lick and suck on the Mexican woman's clit. Her own sensuality was deeply aroused now and she was aware of the pleasure she was giving. For the first time in her life she was cognizant of her own sexual ability as a woman, understanding that giving in sex was as important as taking. She understood her new role in life; her deeply hidden inner person was breaking through to the surface.

She was a giver.

The voluptuous blonde slowly drew her fingers over Vivian's searing cunt. It was wet and slippery to her touch. She traced the soft skin from the end of the lips to the crack of her ass and gingerly trailed the tips to the puckering, quivering mouth of the girl's asshole. She pushed inside, slipping two fingers as deeply as she could, making Vivian wriggle and moan.

Vivian worked her mouth harder against the Mexican woman's crotch, lapping with her tongue all around and inside, pumping with her fingers as she allowed herself to enjoy the pumping fingers in her ass.

The saucy Mexican gripped the back of Vivian's head and groaned as she twisted her pussy harder into the girl's mouth. She was heaving heavily, on the verge of a climactic explosion.

"Oh, what a beautiful sucking whore you are!" the Mexican tart yelled. "What a magnificent tongue you have..." she crooned as she rushed toward her peak.

The statuesque blonde continued to ream her fingers in and out of Vivian's asshole while she rubbed her clit with her other hand. She enjoyed watching the girl's hips chum rhythmically as she struggled to reach a climax. The way her soft flesh yielded to her hands was exciting.

Vivian began to tremble as she buried her face as deeply as she could into the other woman's crotch. She found a drastic difference in the soft hands and bellies of women and the ramming cocks of men. Even her lover, Max, had often just rammed away at her pussy without thinking of her own needs. She blew her breath hotly into the gaping pussy she was mouthing as the explosive suddenness of a climax rocked her whole body.

The little Mexican murmured under the panting flow of breath as the waves of her orgasm consumed her. She locked her fingers in Vivian's long blonde hair, lifting her cunt to the burning lips.

"Ohhh, my little whore... You fuck so good!" she gasped.

Yes, I am a whore, Vivian thought as she allowed herself to be fully satisfied by the climax. I'm a whore because of my father! All the men of the world seemed evil, out to increase their power over others. Her father, her lover, and the men who had raped her only had one thing on their minds, and that was their own climax.

"What about me?" the lush blonde asked, looking at the two panting women. "Don't I get a chance to come? I paid my money for this, you young jailhouse whore!"

Vivian turned without another word and kissed and licked on the blonde woman's pussy until she came on her mouth while the catty Mexican woman sucked her from behind. This time her morals were cast totally aside and she reveled in the hot bathing liquid that seeped onto her face. I've really become a whore, Vivian thought, and I like it.

Chapter EIGHT

Vivian sat on the edge of her bunk, dressed in the ill-fitting clothing that she had received from the matron upon her commitment to the Carcel Preventiva. She was alone once again; breakfast was over and the other prisoners were allowed to go about the daily routine of the institution while she was locked in her cell. Rosita had told her that she would be taken to the doctor's for an examination and then be assigned a job.

The results of her experiences with the three women the previous evening was still the cause of some personal bewilderment. The length and quality of her orgasms left her wondering if she really wasn't a whore or a lesbian.

The memory of her pleasant life with her family and Max was now clouded by the salient truth of her own father's lack of moral principles. The men and women who had abused and degraded her weren't her enemies because of anything she had done, but were her father's adversaries and the products of a system that men like her father promoted for their own selfish gains. She was the victim of circumstances beyond her control, making it easy to direct her anger and frustration at the man whom she had so recently held in such high esteem. Joseph Long, her father, was a greedy pig and someday he would suffer for the things he had done to innocent people and the disgrace he had caused his only daughter.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to love Max again? she asked herself. The thought of his warm tender approach to love stimulated Vivian; her pussy began to twitch as she remembered the way he had fondled and stroked her whenever they were in bed together. But now, the results of her sexual encounters with so many people in such a short length of time added a new dimension to the relationship. She had found out that her body was able to produce a level of response that she had never experienced with Max. The stimulation she derived from some of the things she had always thought to be perverse left her gasping in the clutches of sexual bliss.

Will Max understand the changes I've been through? she thought, frightened by the prospect of losing him because of her rape and her newly discovered sexuality. The idea that she would ever be able to make love to a woman had never crossed her mind, yet when it had happened, she had been able to respond and had reached several climaxes. The more she thought about what had happened to her and what the results had been, the more confused she became. Things were happening to her so quickly that she had little time to digest them fully.

Vivian lay down and stretched her body the full length of the bunk. She closed her eyes and tried to sort the jumble of her thoughts. She needed to concentrate on her present problems and push all the speculation aside.

The most important thing was to find some way out of this prison and the charges of smuggling. The prospect of spending nine years in a dreary, drafty concrete fortress was more frightening than all the abuse she had been made to endure. The idea of eating the bad food and having her life regulated down to the finest points was more than depressing -- it was terrifying.

Vivian felt the tears of self-pity building and fought to hold them back. She knew she was going to have to learn to be strong if she were to survive. Without thinking, she slowly let her hands caress the softness of her own tits, making the nipples taut as her fingers pinched and pulled on the sensitive tips.

"Oh!" she gasped, feeling her womanly wants as they surged through her tender jugs. All the pent-up frustrations of her predicament were begging for a release, and her subconscious was allowing her to ease them. Her hands were the instruments!

Stop this! she begged herself with what was left of the innocent young girl of yesterday. All the formal education and hours spent on culture plus her deep religious training were suffering, but doing nothing to ease the hurt her mind and body were undergoing. Compared to the gentle touch of her own fingers as they lingered, lightly stroking away the humiliation, her early training didn't stand a chance.

Vivian remembered the way the first two men had degraded her, making her suck their cocks, coming all over her face. She remembered the four men with the electric cattle prod and how they had used every part of her body -- mouth, pussy and asshole. She remembered the jolt of the prod on her sperm-splattered butthole and trembled; all the time she continued to lightly manipulate her tits, growing more and more excited as her body tried to strain to the same explosive heights it had reached when those pounding cocks had slammed into her.

What would my Max think if he could see me now? she thought, comparing his own innocent sex life to her current base experiences. She was suddenly certain that she would never be able to gain satisfaction from Max again.

Vivian allowed her hands to trail down her body, feeling the fingers through the coarseness of her shirt and jeans as they drew nearer her burning crotch.

I've turned into a wanton little slut, she thought as she completely dismissed the last vestige of resistance from her conscious mind and let her hands cup the tender flesh of her cuntlips through the fabric of her jeans.

"Ahhhhh..." she moaned as her palm made contact with her clit and pressed hard against it. She remembered the hot cunt that Rosita had mashed into her face. She remembered the taste and the smell. She remembered the shock she had felt at her feelings when her response to the other woman's love overwhelmed her, breaking her resistance and letting loose her passion.

Vivian opened the top of her pants and allowed her fingers to dip into them, brushing over her cunt hair and lingering on her clit. She was ready to dip her fingers into the pouting lips of her pussy when she looked up and saw the image of a sinewy matron looking at her through the bars of the cell. She blushed, not knowing what else to do.

"Not only are you a smuggler, but a sex fiend as well," the woman said in an accusing manner as she opened the heavy sliding bars.

Vivian didn't say a word. She wanted to continue to finger-fuck herself, but knew that the matron would become angry if she didn't get up and do as she was instructed.

"Put your clothing in order, you little lesbian bitch and follow me!" commanded the matron as she stood back from the cell door.

Vivian did as she was told and fastened her pants, then slipped on her shower thongs and crossed the cell into the corridor.

Vivian followed the dark-haired, big-hipped woman down the hall of the cellblock and into the main corridor. They turned out past the large wooden admission desk and into the section with the offices where she had been searched in such a brutal manner. During the whole walk, Vivian thought of only one thing.

Am I a lesbian? The words of the matron had not only interrupted her thoughts, but keyed off an inner debate about her new status as a person. Was it really so evil to be a sex fiend or a lesbian? Wasn't it men like her father who were the judges of what was right and wrong? How could such hypocritical assholes be the Solomons of society?

The real meaning of her existence struck Vivian as the matron opened the door to one of the offices and entered.

I'm no more than a hot-blooded bitch! she realized as she followed the matron. My body's on fire and I want to come so badly. My pussy's ready to explode from all the fingering it had in the cell. Face it, Vivian Long, you're no more than a fucking bitch in heat and from now on all the pomp and glory of the Queen of England won't be able to change your need for cocks and pussies and assholes and titillating orgasms that leave you drained and fulfilled.

The office was lined with white closets, all of which were padlocked. A large padded table stood in the center of the room and was surrounded by smaller tables of the type found in hospitals to hold a doctor's instruments. The room obviously served as the dispensary for the prison.

"Take off all your clothing, wrap this around you and sit on the table," the matron ordered as she handed Vivian a clean white jacket like the one she had worn from the Procuraduria.

Vivian unbuttoned the large blouse, feeling the tips of her fingers lightly brush her naked skin as she peeled it off. The same sensation swept over her as she snaked from her jeans and stood totally nude. She felt the hard cold eyes of the matron and instantly knew her jealousy; the other woman's body could never have the effect on a man that her own could. Vivian finished sliding into her jacket and assumed a seat on the table.

The matron fidgeted and looked away from the girl. It was obvious that she wanted to leave, but had to stay until the doctor arrived. She walked across the room to what served as the doctor's desk and picked up a magazine and looked through it.

Vivian restrained herself; she wanted to dip her fingers into her burning pussy and ease away the need she was feeling, but she also was certain that the matron would freak out. Maybe the doctor will fuck me, she thought, lying down on the padded table, raising her knees up and opening her thighs wide, hoping the air would cool her cunt off.

"Good morning, ladies," a strong masculine voice said, filling the room. Both women looked up instantly to see the doctor. He was young and vibrant, over six feet tall with large gray eyes that were never the same color twice.

Vivian almost groaned as she saw him peer straight at her gaping crotch, wishing her pussy was shaved and clean like the little Mexican's had been. She wanted him to see all of her lovely well-oiled young cunt.

The matron coughed, trying to get the doctor's attention as he stood looking at the brazen hussy lying on his table. He had heard about her on his arrival, but had never expected to be greeted by her gaping pussy.

"Yes," he said, turning to the matron as casually as he could.

"This one is a regular pervert as well as a smuggler! I caught her masturbating this morning. So be careful, doctor," the matron said. "You can reach me at the desk when the examination is over," she said as she crossed the room, shutting the door on her way out.

The doctor waited a moment and then locked the door behind the matron. He was young, and felt his cock stir as he looked back at the girl lying so boldly on his table. He walked closer. When he got to the edge of the table, he reached up and turned on the overhead light, making his view of the girl's hot twat even better. The fullness of the lips were tempting him and he liked it.

Vivian didn't say a word as she slowly allowed her hands to unbutton the jacket and pull it away, revealing her firm throbbing tits, peaked with swollen, suckable nipples.

"You're a beauty, a real fucking doll," he said huskily. "To hell with the examination. I've got something better than that in mind for you."

"And what could that be, doctor?" She smiled wanting to feel the smooth skin of the young man and have him satisfy her need for a fuck.

He walked around to the side of the table next to the girl, took her hand and placed it at his crotch. Vivian felt the length of his hardening prick, and it made her tremble. It was the largest cock she had ever felt and it wasn't fully hard yet. She felt her cunt squirm as the fire inside it climbed to new heights, making her want to feel it pounding away as the blood rushed into her clit and pussylips.

The doctor began to tear at his own clothing with great haste. His eyes never left the girl as he removed each article; they roved over her pert tits and crotch, lingering on her lovely pouting pussylips.

"A lovely piece of ass," he whispered, his cock jerking against the fabric of his pants. He undid them quickly, stepping out of them and slipping off his shoes, leaving all his clothes in a pile on the floor. "I've never seen such a lovely cunt! It really turns me on, baby."

Vivian gasped as he climbed up on the table with her. His hands reached out and pulled at the already hard nipples of her swollen tits. He maneuvered his body between her parted thighs, his prick jerking as it drew closer to her pussylips. She groaned as he pulled her flat stomach against his own firm belly.

"You're hot," he said rather sharply.

"Didn't you hear the matron? I'm a sex fiend." Vivian smiled.

"Well, then, you're in for one good fucking."

"You really think you can handle a wanton whore like me?"

"Of all the men you'll ever meet in Mexico, I'm the best. Just because I'm a doctor, you think I'll come in a minute and lose this magnificent hard-on. Well, you're wrong! I'm not a one-shot bastard. I can fuck all day. Most women can't keep up with me. I hope you can!"

Vivian felt the sudden urge to cover up. Even though she was on fire, her moral judgment was trying once again to make her reject the need her body was feeling. His mouth pushed against hers and his tongue slipped between her lips while his hands touched her tits again and again. His long coppery thighs rubbed over hers, and his stiff prick poked over her smooth belly down to the mouth of her pussy as it leaked the juices of her own impatient desire.

I'm nothing but a raving nymphomaniac! she thought as she pushed up to meet the pounding prick.

The doctor was wild and fierce as he tried to find her hot dripping hole with his hard cock. He pulled her tightly against himself, crushing her tits under his hard chest. His cock moved over and wound the lips of her pussy, slipping this way and that down the well-oiled slit, under her pussy, brushing her asshole and then lodging in her hot cunt.

As Vivian lay on the table, her cunt filled with the doctor's long pounding cock, her thoughts turned to her situation. It was unparalleled, undreamable that she, Vivian Long, the daughter of a United States Senator and a debutante and scholar, if you please, of all things social and literary, should be giving herself willingly to a doctor in a Mexican prison. Surely the victims of Rome were treated better by Attila the Hun.

The doctor plunged into her snatch with the full length of his cock, ramming deeply into her belly. He moaned at the feeling of the wet slick hole as he slid in and out. The heat of the girl's pussy and the gyration of her hips were quickly working him toward the point of a climax. He began to lunge wildly about, pounding against her body in an effort to shoot his load into her clutching twat. He reached down and pulled her legs over his back and grasped her hand, making her press a finger against his asshole.

"Shove it up my ass, sweetheart!" he commanded, panting as the girl pushed with her finger.

Vivian moaned; the pounding cock was rubbing over her clit and sinking into her cunt while the spasm ran up and down her finger from the doctor's pulsing bung. He came violently, pushing to the depths of her pussy as he shot his hot sticky sperm into her.

Vivian gasped at the feeling of the splashing jizz. The doctor was a much better fucker than any of the other men had been. He was well-hung and had a natural drive that made his cock brush against her clit the entire time he humped away. She felt his prick stretch in the back of her pussy as he strained to drain the last drops of cum from his cock. His crotch hair intertwined with hers as he pushed and mashed against the lips of her cunt, spreading them wide, slapping his balls against the cheeks of her ass as the sperm started to trickle onto her thigh.

The doctor gasped and groaned as be pulled the girl tightly to him, trying to squeeze the breath from her. He moaned again and again while kissing the side of her face and neck tenderly.

The truth was out of hiding once more; it was happening again. Vivian was getting off on a strange man under bizarre circumstances. She was certain now that she was both a whore and a lesbian, and that there was nothing she would ever be able to do that would change her back to the girl she had been before her arrest. She was no longer crushed by the shame or disgrace the way she had been during the first rapes or part of the trick she had turned in the cell the previous night. Now she was enjoying herself and hoped the doctor was a man of his word and would fuck her all day.

She was certain she had excited him tremendously. She knew by the wild way he had fucked her that he was emotionally stimulated by the touch of her burning pussy. He had scarcely penetrated her cunt when he had started to shoot his load.

"Ohhhhh..." she cooed into his ear. She thought, I hope he can fuck me four or five times more. I really want to come.

Vivian smiled inwardly; she no longer cared about anything but her own climax...

Chapter NINE

"You didn't come," the doctor said as he lifted his weight from the girl. His prick was still twitching in her pussy.

"You'll just have to try harder," she laughed, her sexuality controlling her whole being.

"Ohhh... you little young piece of ass, you. Will I fuck you this time," he grinned.

"I hope so," she purred.

The doctor's cock throbbed inside her horny cunt; his hands still caressed her tits. It was just the kind of answer needed to start him off again, only this time he was going to do something to reach her.

"I think I can turn you on," he said, his breath hot on her face.

Slowly he pulled the length of his still-hard cock from her dripping cunt. He slid his cock over her leg, trailing cum on her creamy white thighs. He moved down across her body, stopping to nibble at her hard nipples and tits, keeping her thighs open wide with his hands.

"Ahhh... Oh..." Vivian whimpered as her taut nipples swelled more than she thought possible.

He moved lower, until he was directly in front of her sopping pussy. He licked his lips and blew a stream of breath against her open gash.

First he used his finger to fuck her pussy, pushing in as deeply as he could and twisting it about as he flicked her swollen clit with his thumb.

Vivian looked on as the doctor finger-fucked her. It felt good and she didn't even think about repressing the smile on her face. She heard the sucking sound of her own flesh and knew that her pussy was dripping his hot sperm back on his hand.

Maybe he'll suck my cunt, she thought as she remembered the gentle lips of the women last night as they tongue-fucked her to a climax. The thought of the doctor licking out his own salty sperm excited her more than all the fucking had so far. "Ohhh... please suck my cunt," she moaned, pushing her pussy up towards his face. "Please suck me off."

The doctor did it. He lowered his face to her steaming crotch and licked at the drenched slit. He moved his lips about, drooling all over her crotch as he sucked.

A spasm of pleasure made her gasp and suck her breath in. Her hips bucked up as his thumb continued to roll over her clit. She shuddered as his tongue probed into her asshole. She was shivering under his educated lips; he knew what he was doing!

The waves of pleasure increased, and Vivian was consumed by them as she surged toward her climax. She wanted to feel the release of all the tension and anxiety that had built up within her during the last few frustrating days. She was bucking about wildly and moaning as an explosive orgasm began to rush over her.

The doctor kept at it, licking and sucking up the jizz as it slowly oozed from the girl's cunt into his mouth. The girl's moans drove him on as her gyrating hips pushed harder against his face. With one fast movement, Vivian grasped the back of the doctor's head and smashed her pussy against his face, moaning all the time as she peaked into a shattering orgasm. She felt her tits swelling and her cunt squirm as his tongue and mouth continued to work on her. She was surprised at the way her pussy opened up and allowed her hot climax to pout out into his sucking throat.

"You're one of the hottest women I've ever met!" he said as he looked up and licked his lips. He was glad the girl had come; it always made him feel good when he got a woman off.

Vivian looked at the doctor's hard cock and wanted to feel it filling her cunt again, but decided she should suck him off instead. After all, she wanted to satisfy the doctor as much as he had satisfied her.

"I want to fuck you some more," he said as she moved her body around so she could suck him off.

She chuckled and blew on his cock. "You're not the only one who can give good head." She smiled as she ran her tongue over the swelling head of his prick. "I'm going to give you a blow job." Her words excited her. She was being as blatant as she could and was getting off on being a slut. She wanted to taste his hot fuck juice as it splashed into her mouth. She needed sex to forget.

Vivian ran her soft little tongue over her lips and felt her pussy pucker as her excitement increased. She was going to suck on the doctor's throbbing cock and lick the large swelling head until he came on her face.

"Ohhh... Please... I can hardly wait," the doctor moaned as he grabbed the girl behind the ears and pulled her to his cock. "I want to feel your soft tongue circling the head of my prick. I want to feel your sucking mouth as I drive the entire length of my shaft into your throat. I want to feel your mouth as it fills with my hot cum and you suck it down."

"Yes, I want to do all of those things for you..." Vivian groaned, momentarily shocked by her own wanton desires. Still, the need to forget was greater than any moral code the girl had ever been taught. She looked up at the doctor, her big green eyes aflame, and turned on her most innocent smile. She was determined to make him want it as badly as she herself did.

In a fit of uncontrollable passion, the doctor pulled the girl's face to his crotch and pushed his pulsing cock against her lips. He roughly shook her head and sighed. "You little fucking tramp. Suck my cock!"

"You really want it, don't you?" she whispered, blowing softly on his hard cock.

"You think I'm shoving my cock against your face because I don't want to feel the soft warm wetness of your mouth?" he asked, jerking his cock over her face, running the head over her hot yielding lips.

Her whole body was burning and she let her fingers drop to her pussylips and clit and masturbated herself as the end of his prick nudged hard at her lips and spread a few drops of juice there. The salty taste and odor leaped to her nose and into her mouth, making her groan. Vivian opened her lips and let her tongue dart out to lick at the throbbing shaft. She enjoyed the feeling of his balls as they bounced on her chin. Her tongue crawled along the underside of his cock and more sperm dripped into her mouth.

"Yes, suck and lick my prick," the doctor moaned. His body was shivering from the soft touch of the girl's tongue and mouth.

Vivian slid the cock from her mouth and jerked it lightly with her fingers. She again looked up and teased him with her soft green eyes. She wanted him to be as hot as she was. Her pussy continued to pulse under her own probing fingers.

"Ahhh..." the doctor whimpered as the girl's hand caressed his swollen dong. His own hands pushed harder against the back of Vivian's head as he tried to lodge his prick back into her sucking mouth.

Vivian held his cock firmly in her hand and thought about how innocent she had been only a few days ago. She quickly used her tongue again and sucked, wanting desperately to forget everything that had happened. She was using sex as an escape from her problems.

"Ohhh..." the doctor moaned as he felt his cock sliding back into the girl's warm wet mouth.

Vivian sucked harder as the moan increased her own desires. She was now flat on her back with the handsome doctor sitting flat on her tits, his ass pressed against them as he rocked forward, slowly fucking the girl's mouth. Her own fingers were working the soft lips of her pussy and rubbing over her tender clit. His balls smacked against her chin as he ran the entire length of his cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

"Ohhh. Suck my cock, you little slut!" the doctor cooed as his own passions drove him to the point of a climax. The girl's sucking mouth was giving him no rest.

Vivian continued to use her hand to massage her pussy. The smell and taste of the cock made her twat quiver around her own probing fingers. She rocked her hips forward and lay her thighs open so the fingers could reach a deeper depth in her hot slippery box. Her love knob throbbed under her hand and the sucking of her pussy increased the desire to finger-fuck herself to a violent orgasm.

The doctor roughly grabbed at Vivian's hair and pulled her face flat against his crotch. She felt the cockhead jerk as it penetrated the back of her throat. He was on the verge of his climax.

The moment her own pussy began to twitch with the first waves of an orgasm, the doctor's cock began to spew hot jets of jism into her throat. She cried out harshly and sucked at the hot explosion in her mouth.

"I'm shooting my load!" the doctor groaned as his cock spat and flooded the inside of Vivian's mouth with his warm fuck juice. It made her whole mouth feel soft and silky. It went down her throat and trickled from the corners of her mouth. He yelled again and pushed hard on her face. He was locked in her mouth and there was no way for her to get his cock out.

Vivian came hard as the hot sperm splashed in her mouth. She opened up her pussy as wide as it would go and enjoyed her climax to the fullest.

The doctor slid his still-hard cock from the girl's mouth and turned her over so her soft belly pushed hard against the padded table. He vigorously clasped Vivian by the back of the neck while he used his free hand to mold and part the cheeks of her tender ass.

Vivian continued to finger-fuck her box. She was excited to new levels of sexual arousal by the rough treatment she was receiving. She shivered as she felt her asshole stretch as his strong hands parted the cheeks and found the mark. She spread her legs as wide as she could, enticed by the friction of the fingers in her asshole and pussy.

The doctor moved as close as he could and rammed his cock into her sopping twat. She barely had a chance to remove her fingers from the burning hole. She was ready to come again; a surge of sexual energy was getting ready to rush over her skin. The pounding cock in her pussy and the probing finger in her asshole were sending her spinning.

Vivian moved her hips frantically as she tried to jerk another blast of hot jism into her cunt. His cock was moving in and out of her slippery pussy as he fucked away between her legs. She wanted to laugh at the way she had abstained from sex for so long. The quality of her once near-stoic existence meant little to her mind or body as she rocked on her way to yet another climax.

The doctor groaned and his lunges became more frantic as he pursued the pleasure the girl's thrusting hips promised. He pushed as deeply as he could and smashed against the back wall of her pussy while he splashed his third load into her soft twat. The friction of his finger in the girl's tight asshole added to his spasms.

"Oh, fuck me!" Vivian cried as the hot sperm bathed her steaming cunt. The splashing jism keyed her own prolonged orgasm, making her shudder as she never had before. Her asshole clutched at the finger in it as her whole body rolled along on the crest of the mighty wave of pleasure that washed over her.

The doctor felt his drained cock go limp and slide from Vivian's pussy. He hadn't come three times in a row since he had been a teenager. The girl was a natural animal capable of almost any sexual feat.

Vivian cried as the cock withdrew from her juicy cunt. The orgasm had drained her and left her with no defense against the thoughts that ran through her mind.

I must be a nymphomaniac, she said to herself.

How else could I have enjoyed this fucking from a total stranger? How else can I explain the fact that I reveled in the taste of his cum?

"That was some examination," the doctor said as he dressed. "I'll have to have you back next week." He smiled as he pulled his pants up and tucked in his shirt. "Maybe I can bring you something... for your services."

Yes, that'd be nice, Vivian thought as she watched the doctor finish dressing. If you bring me something, I'll be just like a professional whore.

"You'd better get dressed," the doctor whispered as he picked up the telephone on his desk and began to dial. "I'm calling the front desk, and a matron will be by to return you to your cell."

Vivian did as she was told, sliding from the table and beginning to dress in her ill-fitting clothing. She was still enjoying the aftermath of the orgasm as she listened to the doctor over the phone.

"Yes, the examination is over and the prisoner is ready to return to her cell," he said as he watched the girl pull up her jeans over her lovely young body.

"Do you think you could bring me some candy?" she asked as the doctor hung up the phone. When she had been free, she ate at least one sweet chocolate bar a day. The freedom to go to a store and buy such things was no longer hers, and now she was willing to fuck and suck and eat other women's pussies for just small amounts of the things she had always taken for granted.

"I'll bring you a box of chocolate if you'll promise to be as submissive next time." The doctor smiled as he walked to the door and unfastened the special lock.

Just as he finished, there was a hard knocking on the door.

"I'm here to pick up the prisoner," the heavy voice of one of the matrons said.

Vivian moved off the table and slipped her feet into her shower thongs. She looked deeply into the doctor's eyes as she passed by.

"Remember my candy," she whispered softly as she exited into the hall and followed the same woman who had led her from the cellblock earlier.

The bliss of Vivian's sexual release was on the wane as the two women walked past the same dreary sights that the girl had become so quickly accustomed to. The long hall and all of its doom, housing the functions of the prison, the main desk where prisoners were received and released, and the area that housed the cellblocks were all drab and uninteresting as they passed them on their way back to C block.

I'm horny again already, Vivian taught as the matron used her large brass keys to open the gate and let the girl move into the cellblock. She could feel her pussy as it dripped sticky jism down onto her soft white thighs. She walked directly to her cell and stood in front as she waited for the matron to open the last gate so she could enter her private hell.

The matron didn't say a word to the girl as she opened the gate and locked it behind her. It was obvious she held all of the women in the Carcel to be guilty of whatever their charges were. It was obvious she felt they were all the scum of the earth and deserved a worse fate than they received in the prison.

Vivian was surprised to see Rosita asleep on her own bunk. She boldly crossed over to the bunks and climbed up to the top one and lay next to the woman who had turned her on to the ways of lesbian love. Her mind was once again filled with the problem of the moment. She was consumed by the burden of her fear. She wanted and needed sex to hide from the anxiety that was churning within her.

Rosita stirred as the girl lay next to her. The soft touch of her body was enough to wake her from the light sleep she had been enjoying.

"Oh, it's only you." She smiled as she looked into Vivian's eyes. She reached out and hugged the girl to her, running her fingers along the entire length of her silky blonde hair.

"Yes, it's only me," Vivian murmured as she responded to the Mexican woman's touch. She was ready and willing to suck on Rosita's pussy and hoped the woman was ready to do the same for her.

The two women kissed and then undressed quickly. It wasn't necessary for either of them to speak. They both had the same need. They could hide from the reality of the cold hard prison by using each other for sex.

Vivian lay back on the bunk and waited for Rosita. She didn't have to wait long; it was only a matter of moments before a soft warm pussy washed gently around her face. It was so different from the long hard cock of the doctor. She liked the way the damp naked cunt smashed and twisted over her mouth. She found it impossible to keep from shooting her tongue in and out of the well-oiled gash. The flavor was different from the salty taste of the doctor's pulsing prick. It was heady and made her dizzy with lust.

I'm certain that I'm a nymphomaniac, Vivian said to herself as she continued to tongue the other woman's pussy. She had just finished fucking a man three times and was horny again already.

Rosita moaned as her hips rolled and tossed under the probing tongue. She started to return the favors she was receiving by darting her own tongue in and out of Vivian's sperm-soaked pussy. She felt the quaking of the girl's cunt muscles and was jealous of the doctor's cock that had just fucked the girl. She hated men and hoped she would never feel another hard cock ramming away at her tender twat.

Vivian lay on her back and compared the soft tongue that licked at her clit to the pounding cock of the doctor. The cock had pushed and spread and forced its way into her cunt and made her fight back. The tongue was different as it licked and rolled over clit and pussylips. Rosita's mouth and hands made her gasp with passion. She simply couldn't control the way her hips forced themselves up and bucked and heaved. She felt her pussy flutter for the licking woman on top of her.

The two women licked and sucked on each other's twats until they were both drained of all the excess energy that built up so easily in the do-nothing environment of the prison. Each gasped as the other used her mouth to bring about the sexual satisfaction both were seeking.

Vivian shrieked loudly as the love-making ended. She was exhausted and ready to pass out as Rosita shifted her position and lay down next to her. She shut her eyes and sleep took her as the other woman's comforting arms wrapped around her and covered her with a protective softness.

Chapter TEN

"Vivian Long, you have a visitor."

The words woke Vivian from a light slumber. It was her fourth day in the Carcel Preventiva, and already she was used to the do-nothing passing of each moment. There had been no word from the Embassy or her father, and she found herself using orgasms and sleep the way a drug addict uses dope. She was convinced that her father would hold her predicament as ignominious to his political image and future and abandon her. Still, a visitor, she thought as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sprang from her bunk. Could it be help?

"Move your little ass!" boomed a burly matron as she unlocked the sliding bars. "If you want this visit, you'll be quick."

Vivian didn't take another second to think. She instantly slipped on her thongs and crossed into the cellblock. She didn't want to miss a visit with anyone.

She followed the matron out of the cellblock and down the corridors to the main desk and across to the section of offices where she had been searched upon her arrival and later fucked by the doctor.

She stood behind the matron as she bent and opened the door to the visiting room with her ring of keys. She passed into the room as the burly woman pushed open the door, and stood alone as the door was shut and locked behind her.

The room was the nicest of any she had seen so far in the prison. It was long and wide and admitted daylight through an open skylight. The only furnishings were a long table and four chairs that fit around it. The walls were painted a bright white, and there were several mounted photos of lovely Mexican scenery hanging from them. At the far end of the room was a barred window, the only reminder that the room was part of a prison.

Vivian walked over to the window and gazed out. It was the first window she had seen in almost a week. She was amazed at the brilliance of the day and the balmy weather. Tears began to well in her big green eyes as the longing to be free became stronger than ever.

She walked back to the table and assumed a seat. She found herself hopeful that it was someone from the Embassy who would be sane enough to believe her story.

The soft cushion of the seat was the most luxurious comfort that Vivian had experienced since her arrival in Mexico. She was aware that she was horny again. Not even the prospects of a visit were enough to ease the constant itch in her twat. Sex had become her total panacea when she was awake. There was never a problem in the cellblock finding someone to ease her need. It seemed almost all of the women were into lesbian love on one level or another.

I wonder how I look? she suddenly thought. She was still dressed in the same shabby outfit she had been given on her arrival, and it had been two days since her last shower. The fastidiousness of her past life was nothing more than a bitter memory of closets full of new clothing, hot baths, good food, and enough money to break the boredom of school whenever she felt the need to do so. Still, it was her father who provided these things for her and now she was no longer willing to accept anything from the man. Her own treatment was enough to show her that the altruistic gospel that her father preached for his constituents and his family was a lie. He would willingly use and abuse anyone to maintain his rank and privilege.

Vivian's thoughts about her lover Max were much the same. She was sure that if his love for her were true, he would have gone to her father before she left for Bogota and asked to marry her. Her multiple experiences with sex since her arrest had also left her with the feeling that the austere relationship with her big cowboy would never be enough to satisfy her newly awakened sexuality.

Vivian's mind returned to Rosita, her cellmate. The darling Mexican woman was her teacher and lover, keeping her out of trouble with the other prisoners and the matrons. The thought of the woman with her pert tits and pouting pussy made the girl shiver. Her own cunt was on fire.

"Ohhh..." she moaned as she allowed her hands to trail down the rough fibers of her clothing and fondle her pussy through the fabric of her jeans. Her own wantonness was more demanding than anything had ever been during her entire life. She was at the point of an orgasm constantly, and the fact that she was in the visiting room did little to relieve the demands her body was making.

Vivian rocked back and forth in the chair, her hands hidden from view under the table as she caressed her swollen cuntlips. For the moment her sexual drive allowed her to forget everything.

The touch of her fingers was so consuming that Vivian didn't even notice when the door to the room opened and a tall, good-looking Mexican entered. The man was dressed in a very expensive suit and stood over six feet tall. He stayed quietly in the doorway and watched the girl as she slowly twisted her way toward a climax, her eyes closed as she moved rhythmically in her seat, her pussy pressing against the flat of her hands.

Vivian gasped as she opened her eyes and saw the man in the doorway.

"How long have you been spying on me?" she asked reluctantly, removing her hands from her burning crotch.

"Only long enough to see the real temperature of your desires," he answered as he shifted his weight and jingled the change in his pockets.

"Who are you and why have you come to visit me?" Vivian asked, hoping the man with the piercing brown eyes was from the Embassy and had come to help her.

"My name is Jose and I'm a lawyer," he said as he walked over to the table and sat in one of the empty seats close to the girl. "You might say we have a mutual friend who told me about your problem."

A lawyer! Vivian thought, forgetting for a moment that she was horny. "Who is our friend?" she asked jubilantly, hoping that maybe Max or one of her friends in El Paso had found out about her problem.

"Tony Coin," Jose answered as he took a very expensive cigar from the inside pocket of his jacket and lit it.

The sound of the name "Coin" sent a tremble sweeping across Vivian's skin. She knew Maria Coin was the woman her father had jailed to advance his own political future. She also understood that Juan Maximillian was the girl's father, leaving Tony Coin to be her husband. She was certain he had been the one with the cattle prod during her rape at the Procuraduria.

"What else could that man want of me?" she asked after a long pause. "Hasn't he caused me enough suffering and humiliation already?"

The tall handsome lawyer just smiled at the girl's questions. He looked into her deep green eyes with his own piercing brown ones. He knew the effect of not speaking was often greater than all the epigrams in the world.

Vivian cringed under the man's constant gaze as the quiet grew repressive. She felt as though he were dissecting her thoughts, and it scared her.

"You might say that Mr. Coin has taken a certain amount of mercy upon you," Jose finally said, his voice rich with kindness. "After all, it is your father he really wanted to hurt and undo. It is your father who had brought grief to his proud Mexican family and put his wife behind bars."

"Yes, I k-know that," Vivian stammered. Her own newly acquired dislike for Joseph Long, her father, burned more than ever as she listened to the lawyer. She was certain that it was her father's fault that she was in a Mexican prison.

There was another long pause as the two human animals sat and looked at one another. The lawyer wondered what was the best route for the proposition he wanted to make to the girl, a direct approach to the very delicate subject, or a round-about suggestive attack. Vivian was at a total loss as to what reaction she should have to the lawyer. He represented Tony Coin, the man who had had her arrested, and instinctively she wanted to be insulting and rebellious, but he seemed to be offering her something.

"Would you like to be free?" Jose finally said, breaking the awkward silence. He had decided the direct approach was best.

"That's a silly question," Vivian replied. "Of course I want to be free. Do you think I like it here in your prison? I'm a lady of social standing and letters, a woman who values her freedom highly." Vivian felt the blood surge through her body at the mention of freedom. It was all she could do to keep from yelling the words she had just spoken. Freedom was the key to living, and she desired it more than anything in her entire life.

"Are you willing to work for your freedom?" Jose asked, knowing the girl would answer in the affirmative. Still, he had to play the game out fully. He was the owner of the largest cantina in Juarez, and wanted women of class and stature in his employ. If he could get them by helping Tony Coin with his diabolical scheme to strip a United States Senator of his office and power, he would do it.

"Of course. I'll work at anything to get my freedom!" Vivian responded instantly. She was facing up to nine years in prison and the day-to-day boredom was already having its effect on her. She was having a problem maintaining her emotions as she listened and answered this man who seemed to hold the course of her future in his hands. It could be months before her trial.

"Are you willing to work for me in my cantina?" he asked the excited girl. Tony Coin had told him of her brutal rape at the airport and the Procuraduria; the matrons at the Carcel had told him about her lesbian affairs. He was certain that she would be willing to serve him for a year as one of his whores in exchange for her freedom. Still, he had to take his time, for his desires weren't the only ones at stake. Tony Coin was counting on his persuasive abilities to complete his own plan.

"Your cantina?" Vivian said. She was confused; there was a chance for her to win her freedom, but she wasn't sure what it was that Jose was driving at.

"I own the largest cantina in all of Juarez," Jose answered proudly. "I'm in constant need of young and beautiful women with education to please the gentlemen of social standing who frequent my establishment."

For a moment, Vivian was stunned. She was being asked to become a professional whore in order to obtain her freedom. All of the experiences of the last week flashed before her mind's eye: she thought of the rape at the airport, with the two men abusing her until she willingly signed a confession to a crime she hadn't committed; the shattering effect of the orgasms she reached during the brutal assault made her body shiver. The memory of the rape by the four men at the Procuraduria and the climaxes she struggled against made her pussy drip warm love juice. Her search upon arrival at the Carcel had even turned her on. Her asshole puckered as she remembered the probing finger of the matron reaming out her cunt and asshole.

It was all Vivian could do to keep her hands still. She wanted to drop them into her lap and push her throbbing pussy hard against the flat of her palm and ease the burning she felt deep inside.

This man wants me to become a whore for him, she thought as she looked deep into his piercing brown eyes. She thought of Rosita and for a moment was consumed by the passion and love the two had shared when she first entered the cell. She wanted to cry out as the remembrance of the woman's soft, yielding lips shook her whole body.

Jose was becoming nervous as he looked at the silent woman. Did I start too fast? he asked himself as he tapped the ashes from his cigar into the ashtray on the table. He was impressed with the looks of the girl even though she was dressed in the shabby clothes of the prison and in need of a shower and coiffeur. He was certain she would be an asset to his business, and Tony Coin would owe him a large favor if he could persuade the girl to work for him of her own volition.

I've learned to enjoy sex, Vivian thought as the silence continued. Why shouldn't I use it to obtain my own freedom? That way I'll be able to earn my own way and get back at my father at the same time.

"Do you want or need more time to think about my offer?" Jose asked. "I'm a very busy man and I must leave soon."

"No, I don't need any more time," Vivian answered. She was glad the silence was broken. "I'll come to work for you. How long will it be until you obtain my release from this rat hole?"

"I'll post your bond this afternoon, and take care of all the legal problems," Jose said with a smile. He was certain that the girl would be an asset and that Tony Coin would be able to complete his revenge by getting all the photos he wanted while she sucked and fucked her way to freedom. He was glad that the girl was coming to work for him because of his own selfish motives. The shape of her mouth excited him, and he was certain that she would learn to give the best blow jobs in all of Mexico.

Vivian breathed a sigh of relief; her problems would soon be over. She could tell from the way Jose talked and acted that he was a pimp of the highest order, and that she would be treated well for as long as she was in his employ. The prospect of spending between two and nine years in a Mexican prison, with its bad food and vicious inmates made working for the man sitting across from her seem like heaven. Besides, she would be guaranteed enough cocks to ease the constant fire that was burning in her pussy now that she knew that hedonism was indeed her destiny.

Chapter ELEVEN

Jose stood and walked over to the girl. He reached out and gently stroked her long golden hair, lightly caressing the soft skin behind her ears and neck.

"Now that you're one of my whores," Jose whispered as he felt the girl stir under his hand, "you can give me some head."

"I thought you'd never ask," Vivian moaned as she boldly touched Jose's thigh and ran her fingers up to his groin and grasped his swelling prick.

Jose groaned and unzipped his fly, letting Vivian's fingers enter his pants and touch the hardening shaft he wanted to thrust into her wet mouth. He was certain that the girl would work to his complete advantage: she was young, horny and educated.

Vivian boldly moved from her chair, dropping to her knees in front of her new employer. She used her probing fingers to pull Jose's cock into view. She wanted to suck and fuck in order to forget her father and all the evil he was responsible for bringing into her life.

"My cock is so hard," Jose moaned as the girl continued to caress it with eager hands.

"That's the way I like it!" she gasped, sliding her hands down to his balls and cupping them. She used her long blonde hair to tease his belly and cock as she lightly brushed it across his coppery flesh and twisted it over his swelling tool. She closed her eyes half-drowsily as she moved her face closer to the man's cock, her little tongue shooting from between parted lips to lick at the throbbing head.

Jose strained under the teasing licks of the girl, fighting to keep his balance under the light lashing of her tongue.

Vivian opened her eyes and looked up at Jose. She was certain that he was enjoying her mouth. She wanted to tantalize him into making her his number-one whore. She wanted to be a woman of the night and get paid for sucking and fucking and doing the things that her newly acquired sexuality demanded.

"Why, you hot little bitch!" Jose moaned as the head of his cock passed into the girl's perfect mouth. This was the daughter of a very powerful man who had imprisoned an innocent Mexican woman, and that made the girl's sucking lips all the more exciting.

Suddenly a huge throbbing made Jose's body shudder; he looked down into her smiling eyes as her mouth released his cock and slid to its base, sucking on both balls. He wanted to moan and could feel the sound growing in his throat. And those eyes: she loved what she was doing. He searched his mind to try to remember the look of innocence he saw in their reflection, but couldn't.

This is my first cock since the doctor, Vivian thought as she used her tongue on the smooth surface of Jose's balls. Pussies and assholes -- that's all I've seen lately. She wanted to groan as she savored the flavor of a real man. It wasn't easy to suppress the desire to feel the large, healthy, throbbing cock pounding away at her burning cunt, but she managed to. Jose wanted a blow job, and she was determined to give him one he would never forget. She was going to be the best whore that ever lived!

Jose tightened his thighs as it became harder to stand. He thought the girl was trying to suck his whole body into her mouth as she covered both his balls with her burning lips.

Vivian felt Jose's body straining and used her momentary power to guide him slowly, with her mouth, to the table where he could sit on the edge and enjoy her to the fullest. She continued to kiss and lick around the base of his cock as she lowered his pants down over his thighs. She was becoming totally consumed by the aroma and taste of the man, making her clutch at the cheeks of his ass with her small soft hands.

Jose watched, mesmerized, as the girl's mouth moved back to the head of his cock and drew it between her parted lips. The sensation made him moan with lust.

"Oh, shit!" he bellowed. "You're one sweet cocksucker!"

The words of encouragement drove Vivian on, making her suck harder as her mouth lowered along the quivering shaft. She didn't want to make Jose come too quickly, and she knew intuitively that if she sucked his dick to the back of her throat, he would explode. She still had things she wanted to do to this man, her pimp, her guiding light in a sea of sex. She was determined to become his number-one woman, knowing that it would not be easy. However, she would manage it if it were at all humanly possible.

Jose felt his body giving itself over to the girl's lips as he lay back on the table. Her mouth was making his cock tingle and swell while her eyes, which he could no longer see, burned a hole in his mind. He could never remember seeing the twinkle of fire that burned so brightly in the softness of her lovely green eyes. Eyes... eyes... What innocence! She'll be worth four thousand pesos a fuck by the time I'm finished with her.

Vivian raised her sucking mouth and blew a soft stream of air up the crack of Jose's ass. "Hold them back, lover... Hold your legs up," she whispered softly as her tongue shot out and licked along each thigh.

Jose sensed the moist mouth as it moved slowly down his thighs, gently kissing his balls and then sweeping over them to the firm flesh of his asscheeks. The crack of his ass was next as he felt her hands lightly pry the cheeks open, bathing them with her saliva as she moved closer to his puckering asshole. Boldly trying to tease Jose to higher points of ecstasy, she ran her tongue along the inner asscheeks about half an inch from her intended mark.

"Lick my asshole, you teasing little bitch!" he demanded, his whole body trembling and shuddering as the girl's tongue slipped across his skin. The way she gave a rim job made Jose forget the look of an angel that he saw in her eyes.

Vivian parted Jose's buns as far as she could and salaciously dipped her tongue into the pouting bung, pushing as deeply as she could, grinding her face against the softness of his ass while she tried to impress him with her willingness to please.

"Jesus, what a mouth," Jose moaned as he squirmed under the licking girl's lips as they pressed flat against his ass. For a moment he thought he was going to lose his mind if she didn't stop.

Vivian was sure Jose's impression of her would be favorable as she licked slowly up from his asshole, across his buttcheeks, and back to his strong thighs. It was becoming more and more difficult to contain her own desires. Her pussy was on fire and she felt the moisture as it dripped from her burning slit, but she was determined to ignore her own lust.

Vivian trailed her clutching fingers up to the throbbing cock that loomed directly in front of her face. She was proud that she had fought off the desire to ease her own need with her hands. I'm going to team to be the instrument of other people's pleasures and derive my own satisfaction from that. That's the only way I'll ever become number one with Jose.

Jose's brain was tumbling under a type of lust that consumed his whole being. His body trembled as the girl's soft warm lips worked themselves to his hard cock. The wetness of her mouth made his dick swell more than he had ever thought possible. It jerked as the head passed into her mouth and her tongue went to work on the slit in the knob.

"This is the best blow job I've had in months!" he cried as he sat up and pulled the girl's face down on his prick.

Vivian almost gagged as the pushing cock plunged into her mouth. She liked the feel of Jose's tight fingers on the back of her head as she sucked and used her own hands to gently squeeze the bloated balls. She knew that whenever he came, he would literally drown her in his sticky fuck juice.

The girl's dexterity was amazing. If he hadn't been told the full story by Tony Coin himself, he would have been sure that she had been sucking cocks since she was twelve. She had all the finesse of an older, more experienced woman, plus the added advantage of her young age. She's going to make it as one of my finest whores, he thought as his cock moved deeper into her mouth.

Vivian opened her throat and allowed the head of the pulsing cock to slip inside. She found it exciting to try to consume the whole dong as she slowly pushed her mouth lower down the shaft. Her mouth was stuffed full of the man's hot meat and she was glad. She was convinced that the stoic morals of her past would never trouble her again. Sex was the only thing that was important. Nothing else mattered. Sex was the only thing that allowed her to wash away the memory of her father and all of his lies. Sex was the only thing that allowed her to forget the wishy-washy lover she had once claimed. Sex was the only reason for living.

Jose groaned as he felt the girl's nose brush against his crotch hair. She was a good cocksucker, and he was determined to make her work for the load she was trying to suck from him. He wanted the girl to use every ounce of her strength to drain his balls.

Vivian's lips closed against the base of Jose's cock as she took the entire length into her mouth and throat. She used her tongue and squeezed the head of his cock by tightening the muscles and keeping the throbbing rod in place while she sucked wildly away on it. She moved one of her hands away from his balls, dropped it down to his ass and snaked a finger into the crack while probing at the still moist asshole she had only moments ago licked and kissed with such pagan fever.

Jose grabbed Vivian by the ears and pulled her face flat against his stomach, shoving his cock as deep as it would go into her receiving mouth while her finger pushed into his asshole.

Almost rhythmically, Vivian responded to the roughness of Jose's grasp. Her lips were at the base of his cock, one touching his balls, the other immersed in the coarseness of his crotch hair. His prick was completely locked in her mouth when she began to work slowly back and forth, letting the head slip out and throb under the kissing of her lips and the licking of her tongue before she pushed down on it again, making his loins jerk as she worked it back to the deepest point of penetration.

The head of Jose's prick pulsed and jerked insanely with the nerve-tingling lick of her tongue caressing the head and then the sides as she began to work the cock back into her throat. Lust consumed him totally as she worked her head up and down gently, and the pink inner flesh of her mouth yielded to his thrusts and grunting, grinding passion. She was clinging to his cock and sucking it voraciously. His mind was feverish as he wallowed in the carnality of the act. All the time he felt the pushing and pulling of her finger as it reamed in and out of his asshole, adding the pleasure of friction to his already burning desire.

"Don't stop!" Jose commanded as he strained to keep his climax in his balls.

Vivian's own ecstasy increased as she felt her pimp strain to keep his load in the balls she was so tenderly caressing. She knew Jose was enjoying her mouth and this was enough for her own desires. Her whole mouth was aflame from the first salty taste of cum that dripped from the cock. She wanted the whole load to drench her mouth with the sticky, flavorful sperm he was fighting to hold back.

"Fuck it! It's time -- there is nothing I can do about it. I'm going to blow my nuts!" Noises of pleasure worked their way from his throat. He strained with every ounce of strength in his body to hold out for a moment more.

Vivian pushed her mouth as hard as she could to the base of Jose's prick and rammed her finger as deeply as she could into his ass. She wanted his cock to explode in her mouth. She wanted to swallow his fuck juice and feel it as it ran down her throat. It was her revenge against her father -- and she would be the best whore the world had ever known if it would help him see the evil he had perpetrated on others with his never-ending quest for raw power.

"Now! Motherfucker! Vivian, I'm going to shoot my load into your hot mouth! Shove your finger in and out of my ass and suck as hard as you can, you little bitch! IT'S CCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG!"

He pushed his hips and wiggled his ass furiously, watching her lovely face work, remembering her innocent eyes as her lips sucked and her finger reamed and his cock spurted blast after blast after blast of hot white cum into her waiting mouth.

The first blast of hot jizz set Vivian soaring, and she vaguely understood that he was groaning and giving her encouragement. She sucked feverishly while his cock continued to gush forth thick hot streams of the pungent sperm, filling her mouth and throat, making her lovely young cheeks balloon and contract as she swallowed the warm river in hungry gulps, sucking harder and harder, fastening her lips around the spasming prick while the massive load continued to spray her mouth and his hands pulled her face tightly to his crotch.

Jose lay back on the table, releasing the girl's ears as the last drops of his cum drained into her throat. He was spent. He relaxed totally as the girl pulled her finger from his asshole. He felt her reluctantly give up his softening cock as it slid from her lovely lips.

Vivian stayed on her knees. She wanted to impress Jose with her obedience. She was proud of the way she had kept using her hand to bring about his climax instead of her own. She licked at the only trickle of jism that had escaped her mouth and reveled in the taste.

Jose propped himself up on one elbow and looked at the girl. He was amazed at the natural talent she possessed and was more than happy with his end of the bargain with Tony Coin.

"Look at me!" Jose commanded as he watched her tongue circle softly over her perfect teeth.

Vivian lifted her head and looked directly into Jose's eyes. She was totally under his control. She smiled as she felt a trickle of juice from her own pussy drip onto her thigh. She enjoyed the horny feeling she had that was making her crotch tingle.

Jose gazed into the deep green pools that the girl turned upward upon his command. He found the glimmer in them intriguing and knew that other men would, too.

"Well, my little whore," he whispered, "your eyes are going to make me a lot of money."

Chapter TWELVE

"This is heaven," Vivian thought as she lowered her body into the luxury of a sunken marble bath, filled with piping hot water, rich oils, scented soaps, and fragrant perfumes. She was relaxed and happy to be out of the Carcel Preventiva and in Jose's exotic cantina. For the first time in a week she didn't fear for her life or safety.

Everything seemed like a dream after she had given Jose the blow job. Now, for the first time, she had a moment to appreciate all the things she had always taken for granted during her life. She remembered the surge of energy that swept over her as she stepped from the prison gate out into the world and the setting sun. She was sure that nature had painted the evening sky just for her, with all of its blends of bright orange and pink clashing and the light filtering through billowy clouds as she stepped into the waiting Rolls-Royce. The chauffeur had opened the door and let her in the back seat where she remembered feeling so out of place in the ill-fitting prison clothing she had worn so long. The drive from the prison was much nicer than the one to it, and this time she got to see the true old Spanish beauty she remembered about the city. It was then, as the car sped along into the city, and the setting desert sun, that she vowed never to go home to her family; the truth of her father's deliberate misuse of human life to increase his own personal power and wealth left her phlegmatic toward society as she had known it.

Vivian let her hands roam over her own soft flesh as she remembered how hot she had become in the back of the car. After her vow about her family, Vivian's mind wandered back to its favorite current subject: sex. She let her hands linger on the firm curve of her tits while she remembered the way her pussy had dripped as she thought about all the long hard cocks she would get to suck and fuck during the course of a year. She had visualized rooms full of cocks for her to do with whatever she wanted from morning until night. It was the most erotic thing she had ever conceived of, and the thought excited her again as her fingers worked on her swelling boobs while she lingered in the depths of her hot bath.

She looked over at the lovely clothing she had been given upon her arrival at the cantina as her hands slid down across her belly and mingled with her soft blonde down. She could hardly wait to try on the black silk pantsuit that fit her so tightly and revealed all of her lovely curves and features. Her fingers continued to stroke away at the lips of her pussy, and she remembered her orders from the woman who had greeted her that she was to keep her entire body clean-shaven, including her pussy. She looked around the elegant tub until her eyes located a shaving kit.

She reached across the length of the tub and picked up the shaving set and then assumed a seat out of the hot bath while she used the special shampoo in the kit to lather her soft downy pussy hair. It didn't take long for her to shave away the hair and rinse away the excess soap.

"Oh! My cunt is beautiful!" she thought as she pulled apart the lips and dipped two of her own fingers into the moist pink gash. A shudder swept over her as she manipulated her clit with the free finger, using a rotating and plunging motion to beat a rhythm for her own sexual release.

Vivian stopped abruptly and slid back into the warmth of her bath as she remembered the promise she had made herself as she had given Jose his superb head job. She reluctantly picked up the soap and washed her body with a renewed effort to play nothing more than the tool for other people's pleasure, and if she found any gratification in the satisfaction she brought to others, it would be of a greater pleasure to herself.

Then she stepped from the bath and toweled herself dry. Her experience over the past week had left an open wound that she felt would never heal. She felt that her father was the one to blame for her own misfortune as well as that of the innocent woman who was in jail in Texas. Her father and all the other people like him who ran the world and controlled the money lived by abusing and stealing; it was a saturnalia of greed.

If the child inherits the father's crime, it is my duty to try to right those of my father, she thought as she began to dress and looked at herself and her lovely body in a full-length mirror as she stepped into each piece of the sexy clothing.

Jose and Tony Coin sat in lazy contentment on an outside balcony. Lit with the soft light of large candles protected from the soft breeze by ornate glass holders. They sipped tequila from tall glasses and rested them on the Spanish-style cast-iron table topped with marble that stood before them.

Everything about the two-story Spanish-style cantina related to the luxury and wealth of which the two men were very much a part.

"When do you think we can get the first photos of the girl?" Tony asked as he stood and paced back and forth across the broad balcony. He was normally a calm man, but the closer he drew to his revenge, the more impatient he became. The sooner he got pictures of the girl sucking and fucking and doing whatever perverted things Jose commanded of her, the sooner he could blackmail Senator Joseph Long from the great State of Texas into bringing the proper pressure to bear in freeing his wife, after which he could cause enough scandal to ruin the man he hated so much.

"Tonight," Jose answered. "Just half an hour ago, two businessmen called and made an appointment. They were anxious to meet our little Miss Innocence."

Both men laughed.

"How will we get the pictures?" Tony asked, happy to find out that Jose was right on top of the job he had taken.

"I'll just put them in the room with the two-way mirrors," Jose smiled, "and we'll snap them with enough photos to open a porno shop."

"The sooner this is all over, the better," Tony sighed, and resumed his seat. "All I want right now is my wife's freedom."

"And to ruin Joseph Long!" Jose reminded him.

"Yes, and to ruin the motherfucker who unjustly jailed my wife," Tony said as he raised his glass to sip some of the good-tasting drink.

"After tonight I have still another idea, one that could not fail to bring about Senator Long's total disgrace as well as his political undoing."

A soft knock on the bathroom door interrupted Vivian's thoughts as she gazed at her own beauty in the full-length mirror. She was fully dressed in her expensive new outfit and marveled at the way the soft silk clung to her body, due to the tight fit which revealed all of her curves in such a sensuous manner. She turned and tried out a new set of high platform shoes for the first time as she carefully navigated across the room to the door.

"Vivian, my name is Carol," said a tall statuesque woman with long, flowing blonde hair, bright blue eyes and creamy skin as she stood back from the door. "I'm the madam of the cantina and I've come to introduce myself," she said as she stepped across the open portal.

Vivian didn't say anything as she stood back and watched the beautiful woman enter, gazing at her every movement with curiosity, wondering what she would be like. She was impressed by the long rushing lines of her clothing and the firmness of her big tits.

"Did you find everything in order?" Carol asked in a very sincere and motherly voice as she stood next to the girl and gently stroked her long blonde hair.

"Yes, everything was perfect, even the clothing," Vivian answered. She blushed slightly, not out of shame or fear, but because she believed the tender caress was being done out of concern for her.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that," Carol answered, hedging with her voice as she looked into Vivian's deep green eyes.

"Are you an American?" Vivian asked the woman as she broke off the contact between their eyes. She was getting horny again, and she wasn't sure what was going to happen. Carol's eyes seemed so romantic and she felt so good now that she was clean and dressed in some decent clothing, it was little wonder that she felt the desire to be fucked and sucked.

"Yes, dear," Carol answered in her same sexy voice, "but we won't have time to talk about that right now. I know this is your first night here, but I'm afraid you're going to have to work. We normally give a girl a couple of days to get used to the place, but we're so busy tonight that I just have to put you to work. You understand, I hope?"

"Oh, yes, I understand," Vivian said, trying to hide her excitement. She was glad to get an opportunity to ease her own need to give of herself. "What type of work is it?" she asked instantly.

"We can talk about that on the way to the room you're to use," Carol said as she lightly took Vivian by the arm and led her into the dimly lit hall. "It's always nice to have someone so eager to work. You could go a long way in this business if you're careful."

Vivian was impressed by the sheer splendor of her new home. Even in the dim light she could see the fine old oil paintings and ornate objects that lined the hallway as they walked down it over the thick red wall-to-wall carpeting. She was happy to know that she had made a good impression on Carol, but was dying to know what type of sex she would be required to perform for her waiting customers.

"Tonight you'll be in the Mirror Room with two Mexican businessmen," Carol finally explained, her hand grasping Vivian's arm slightly tighter. "Just do your best to satisfy their demands and we'll all be happy."

Vivian didn't say anything in response. She just accepted the statement as it was. She was horny and filled with the need to do penance for her father's crimes. She was glad to have the chance to fuck two men at the same time.

"That is the room," Carol said, pointing to the only double doors to be seen. "The two men are waiting for you inside." She bent and kissed the girl on her lovely puckered lips and pressed her own hot body against hers, rubbing their tits together until the nipples were taut. "Have fun!" she whispered with a wink as she stepped back from her charge and walked quickly ahead of her until she disappeared into the door of a nearby room.

Vivian's body trembled with desire as she tried to recover from the sudden kiss. She looked down the hall at the double doors and felt only the passion of her own desire to please others. Slowly, one step at a time, she made her way to the doors and paused. I hope I'm good enough to get both of these men off, she thought.

Carol saw both Tony and Jose sitting on the large overstuffed leather couch, waiting patiently as they watched through the two-way mirrors for Vivian to enter the room. The two Mexican businessmen sat fidgeting, fully in view. "She'll be in any second," she said, letting the men know about her presence.

"Thank you, Carol," Jose said, rising and walking over to the light control on the wall and turning the dimmer up to its full brightness.

Tony moved over to the thirty-five-millimeter camera and checked the settings one more time.

Carol sat in the middle of the comfortable couch and looked at the two men in the next room as they sipped on their drinks and talked. She was always amazed at the view the two-way mirrors offered. She could see everything as clearly as if she were sitting with them on the large brass bed. She watched the door open and young Vivian enter.

"Here she comes, boys," Carol cooed softly to the men.

Jose made his way back to the couch and sat next to Carol. She was his oldest employee. They had been together since his first days as a lawyer and a pimp. She was always there when he needed something special.

Tony looked up just in time to see the two middle-aged businessmen react to the lovely young girl. He tested the zoom lens one more time centering their faces as they approached the girl. Soon I'll be focusing on their pounding cocks and Vivian's vibrant body, he thought as he watched the two men paw away at the girl. At first Vivian was startled at the suddenness with which the two men attacked her body. She hadn't even had time to get a good look at them, or adjust to the different setting of the room she had entered. She felt the men's hands as they caressed her tits and ass through the light silk fabric of her revealing outfit. She was amazed at the room she found herself in as the two men grabbed her and swept her over to the large brass bed. She didn't resist or help, but allowed her body to flow under their guiding hands as she marveled at the mirrors that covered the entire room, even the ceiling.

"Ah, my little flower," the heaviest of the two men said as he laid her on the bed, "you've made us wait so long that my dick is already hard." He took the girl's small hand and placed it on his throbbing cock while he used his free hand to open the front of her outfit and paw her exposed tits.

"Ohhh!" Vivian moaned wantonly as the other man pushed his hand against her burning crotch. She pushed back as hard as she could while she continued to fondle the first man's cock. She let her body squirm and wiggle under their probing hands. She was ready to please for the sake of pleasing and wouldn't have acted differently even if she had known that Tony, Jose, and Carol were in the next room watching and photographing.

"Let's undress and fuck this sweet little honey," the man with his hand pressed tightly to Vivian's crotch suggested as the three of them rolled about on the bed. He was turned on by the girl's youth and firm body, plus the burning desire to compete vigorously in the group sex.

Both men stood and undressed as Vivian squirmed from her tight-fitting outfit. She could see the desire in their eyes as they gazed at all of her womanly charms. She purposely thrashed about, trying to stir them to higher levels of lust as she looked at their already stiff cocks. She wanted to feel them as they fucked her and made her do whatever they wanted done.

"I want to fuck her in the mouth," the heavier man said as he moved over her face as he stood at the edge of the bed. Slowly, he pushed his cock down to her lips and stroked them over the yielding flesh, making his whole body tremble.

"I want to fuck her in the ass!" the second man shouted as he moved around to the other side of the bed and knelt into the softness of the down mattress. He used his strong hands to grab Vivian by the ankles and flip her onto her stomach. His hard cock jerked at the sight of her firm, well-rounded ass.

"Yes, I want to suck you and get fucked in the ass all at the same time," Vivian moaned as she boldly grabbed the cock in front of her face and sucked the head into her mouth while she thrust her ass high, making a good target for the man behind her. She felt the man behind her spread the cheeks of her ass and insert one of his fingers in her bung while he twisted it about as though he were trying to screw it into her ass forever.

"Oh, Jesus..." the heavy man groaned as he felt the entire length of his swollen shaft being sucked into the girl's submissive mouth. He shuddered as her tongue licked at the sides of his cock while the head slipped into her throat. He was being consumed by a combination of the girl's lust and his own.

"It's so tight," the second man moaned as he slipped his cock into her gaping asshole. He pushed hard and sank his pounding prick to the root, filling her asshole with hard hot cock.

Vivian's groan was muffled against the cock that filled her mouth. She continued to suck as she thrust her ass back to meet the pounding prick that reamed her so well. Her own body was on fire, making her respond to the cocks that filled her body. She was determined to please the men even if it meant foregoing her own orgasm. Pleasing others was her only purpose in life now that the truth about her father was known.

"Ohhhh, shit! I'm coming!" the man with his cock in the girl's mouth moaned as he pulled it from her lips and shot a spray of hot sperm over her face. His cock jerked in violent spasms as he used his hands to drain the last drops onto her extended tongue.

"So am I!" the man who was fucking her in the ass bellowed as he slipped his prick from her tight butthole and shot a stream of cum across her tight, pure white asscheeks.

Vivian licked the sticky jism from her face and pushed her ass back against the hard cock that was still spurting sperm into the crack of her ass. She felt relieved even though she was denied her own gratification. Maybe if I suck them both off at once, one of them will be nice enough to fuck my pussy, she thought, sitting up and pulling both cocks to her face. She had the two pricks stuffed in her mouth and was sucking furiously, not knowing or caring about the three people in the other room taking pictures of her wallowing in lust.

Maybe I can make them fuck all night, she thought as she felt the men's limp cocks begin to stir.

Tony looked at the pictures of Vivian and her Mexican customers. "You've allowed me to have my revenge," Tony whispered to himself. "Mexican style."


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