Daughter's hot orgy

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modern everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

DAUGHTER'S HOT ORGY is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore, all swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

DAUGHTER'S HOT ORGY -- the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.

Chapter ONE

Bill Robinson came out of the door of his luxury apartment, looking rather sheepish because he had a gigantic hard on sticking out in the front of his trousers. It was far too large and obvious to hide and he looked both ways down the corridor to make sure that no other tenants were in a position to take note of his horniness -- except one tenant, the redhead across the hall, whom he was going to visit.

Bill was thirty-seven years old. He was a good-looking man with crisp black hair and an easy white-toothed smile. His shoulders were broad and his waist was trim and he was fit from moderate exercise and from exercising moderation. He stood just under six feet tall but looked slightly taller, because of his tapering torso.

Women adored him.

They loved his crisp hair and his trim build, and they were charmed by his smile and his relaxed attitude.

But mainly they loved his prick.

Bill was gifted with a cock that drove girls wild with lust, made their cunts cream and their mouths water. It was ten inches long and was thick in proportion to its length. The shaft was seamed with dark, pulsing veins and the head flared out in a great mushroom-shaped knob. His balls were big and full of spunk. Along with -- and complementing -- the huge size of his prick, he was also gifted with stamina and potency and, lucky fellow, he could shoot three, or four loads in a row without losing an erection.

It was no wonder that women lusted for him.

And all the women who knew him, were amazed that his wife had run off and left him...

Rebecca Starr, who lived across the hall, was as amazed as anyone -- but she was also delighted.

Because she was so readily available, without even leaving the apartment building, Rebecca was the obvious and logical woman to take the place of his runaway wife in taking care of Bill's sexual needs. That was a task that Rebecca welcomed with open arms -- and open mouth and legs, as well. She considered herself a lucky girl.

But it was not one-sided.

Rebecca, as a woman, was every bit as desirable as Bill was as a man. She was twenty-seven years old. She had a thick mane of rusty red hair and that hair framed a lovely, sensual face. Her eyes were green, slightly tilted, almost feline. Her mouth was wide and her lips were full. Her cheekbones were high, her chin was firm.

Her body, if anything, was even better.

Rebecca had big, firm, thrusting tits, the full globes capped by stiff nipples that -- because she never wore a brassiere -- pushed out in twin peaks outlined against the tight sweaters she usually wore, giving visual evidence of her constant readiness to have those nuggets fondled and mouthed. She stood and walked with her back arched, pushing those delightful tits out before her, well aware of the effect that she had on any man who looked at her -- and certain women, as well.

She was tall.

Her legs were long and shapely, smooth and unblemished and were designed to spread and to fold themselves around a man's flanks. Her torso was slim and willowy, her belly slightly rounded and her hips flared out into a platform of love. Below that smooth belly and between those sleek thighs, her pussy was hot and juicy. Her pubic hair was as fiery as that of her head, a triangle of glowing, curly coils like a burning bush surrounding her crotch. Her cunt was creamy, big and hot and wet -- but gifted with skilled muscles so that she could tighten her hole around even the thinnest prick and pull and suck just as if she had a secret mouth inside her loins, dragging the jism from a man's cock and balls by the suction. Her clitoris was large and vibrant, like a little cock almost as it pushed out, stiffening, ready to be rubbed and sucked.

Rebecca was divorced.

She was as horny as Bill.

It was a handy arrangement.

It was not strictly true that Rebecca, who lived across the hall, was the nearest girl to Bill. Not strictly. When Bill's wife ran off, she left their daughter with him.

Debby was a teenager.

In her lithe, nubile way, Debby was every bit as sexy a piece of female flesh as was Rebecca. She was still a virgin, however, very much unlike the older woman, who had started screwing when she was younger than Debby. But despite being cherry, Debby was a randy little thing -- a trait inherited, no doubt, from her mother and father, a dominant trait passed on from both of her parents, who fucked like crazy.

Debby did not intend to remain a virgin for long.

She was simply waiting for the right moment in the right place with the right boy.

So, in truth, Debby -- not Rebecca -- was the closest available cunt to abandoned Bill.

But Bill had no incestuous intentions.

Not yet.

Bill's affair with Rebecca had begun the same day that his wife, Peggy, had run off.

He had come home from work to find a note on the desk and Peggy gone. She had taken only one suitcase. Did that mean she intended to return? Bill had been puzzled, hurt and confused. The note had been apologetic. Her leaving was a total surprise, for as far as Bill knew they had been getting along very well and had a happy marriage. They seldom fought or argued and they fucked a lot. But Peggy had become the victim of that monstrous modern curse -- women's liberation.

She felt -- or so she wrote in the note -- that she simply had to find out "who she was". That was a total mystery to Bill, who knew just exactly who she was. She was his wife. She had been a virgin when they married and, as far as he knew, she had never been unfaithful to him. Why should she? Bill's cock was as big as anyone could want and he fed it to her with great regularity. Why would she want anyone else? But the thing was that she had never had anyone else. She felt that she must have some experience, that she must discover if she was as desirable to other men as she was to her husband, if her personality and character had become dulled by the years of monogamy. She just had to know.

Bill had read her note several times.

He scratched his head, trying to puzzle it out.

He realized -- although she had not specifically stated it -- that she had gone off to sleep with other men, and that knowledge caused him to suffer pangs of jealousy.

It also gave him a hard on.

He hated the idea of his wife screwing anyone else and yet, at the same time, he found the idea very exciting.

He imagined, in graphic detail, how it would be, how it would look and how it would sound. Peggy was a loud fuck. She whimpered and wailed and when she came she cried out aloud. He imagined her crying out as her pussy creamed around another man's prick. He thought about a strange man's jism spurting into her cunt. She loved to blow him. Would she blow other men with such relish? Would she milk their pricks dry and swallow all that hot cum?

Those thoughts drove him wild.

His cock swelled to massive proportions.

Then, as fate would have it, Rebecca Starr had rung the doorbell, seeking a cup of sugar...

Bill could not stand up without revealing his thundering hard on. He called out that the door was open. Rebecca came in. They knew one another casually. Rebecca and Peggy were friends in a neighborly fashion. Bill told her to help herself to whatever she wanted. Then, thinking that Rebecca might have some idea, provide some clue, as to why his wife had left him, he asked her directly.

Rebecca hadn't known Peggy was gone. She was surprised.

"Why, how awful for you," she said. "I can't figure it out."

"Surely she'll come home soon." Bill shrugged.

"Will you take her back?" Rebecca asked. He considered it.

"I suppose so," he said.

Rebecca, cup of sugar in hand, came and stand beside Bill where he sat slumped and dejected in a chair.

She eyed him speculatively.

Rebecca had not had a date -- and therefore had not been fucked -- for several days at the moment. She flicked her pink tongue across her lower lip and her eyes gleamed.

She said, "I think that Peggy is a fool to leave a lovely man like you, Bill."

Bill looked up at her.

"She won't find anyone more... attractive," she said.

"Well, thanks," he said. He managed a grin, despite his despondency. "But the thing is, she is going to have other men. Whether they're better than I or not doesn't really matter. I hate the thought of Peggy putting her pussy around town."

"And what about you?" she asked. "What do you mean?"

"While your wife is out screwing other men, what are you going to do for love, Bill?"

They gazed at each other.

"I hadn't thought of that yet," he said. Rebecca grinned.

"But you've got a great big hard on," she said.

Bill blushed -- but not deeply. "So I have," he agreed.

Rebecca put the cup down on the end table. She stood, facing him. She was smiling with her lips but the look in those jade green eyes was far from amused. She licked her lips.

Bill's head was tilted back as he gazed up at her. His cock stretched his trousers up like a tent.

"Shall I?" Rebecca asked, her voice husky. "What?" he croaked.

"Shall I empty it for you, Bill?"

Bill groaned softly. He nodded.

"I'd like that," he said. Rebecca was still grinning.

"What are good neighbors for?" she said. Bill had been stunned by his wife's departure and now he was doubly stunned by Rebecca's offer, unexpected as it had been. He just sat there, staring at her, his prick pounding away like a jack hammer in his pants. Rebecca understood that it was up to her to take the initiative this first time. That was no hardship at all. She knelt before him and began to rub his cock through his trousers. When she felt that surging coil of hot meat, she gasped in delight. It had looked huge. In her hands, it felt even bigger.

She began to unbuckle his belt. "Oh, I'm going to love this," she said. Her hands moved slowly, teasingly -- teasing herself as much as she was teasing Bill, prolonging the baring of that massive prick for which she was lusting, savoring the pleasure of the anticipation.

His belt slid free.

She began tugging at the clasp of his zipper, inching it down millimeter by millimeter.

"I want to empty your balls, Bill," she whispered.

His cock lurched mightily, threatening to tear right through the fabric of his fly.

"I'll take it in my mouth, darling," she whispered. "The first time. I'll let you shoot in my mouth and I'll swallow all that hot, thick, delicious cum -- I'll milk you dry and drink it all, Bill! Oh! I want to! I want to suck you off! My mouth is watering for your prick, darling -- I'm starving for your jism!"

Her erotic words were every bit as exciting as the feel of her caressing hands. Bill's prick began to throb and pound violently. He felt light headed, as if so much blood had rushed into his cock that his brain was starved for oxygen -- as starved as this delicious redhead was for his hot load of cum. He squirmed around in the chair. She bowed her head over him, her fiery tresses brushing over his crotch. He placed one hand against her cheek, stroking gently.

Rebecca drew the zipper down all the way. His cock charged out, naked and thundering.

It had felt bigger than it looked when it was encased in his trousers, but now Rebecca gave a little squeal of joy as she saw how truly massive that prick was. She drew back slightly, so that she could gaze at it as she anticipated the pleasure before her. The head of his cock was flaring out from the stalk, flushed purple, throbbing. The cleft was parted and a dribble of preliminary spunk glistened on the hot meat. Bill arched his back, pushing his prick towards her face.

She blew her heated breath on the knob.

Bill moaned.

Rebecca reached into his fly and hauled his balls out, wanting his whole meat rack bared before her. She had never before encountered such a tasty-looking cock. Her mouth was drooling for it. Her tongue was tingling like a clitoris and her lips trembled like cunt lips. She felt as if her mouth had magically turned into a cunt. Still she delayed, thrilled by the prospect, prolonging the pleasure. Her green eyes almost crossed as they turned in, gazing hungrily at the swollen head of his cock, and her whole body began to vibrate with desire.

"Suck it," he croaked.

His hand, on her cheek, urged her down.

"Ummm," she sighed.

She cupped his bloated balls in one hand, squeezing gently, feeling the huge load of cream that was stored up inside that swollen sac of hairy flesh.

She folded the other hand around the root of his shaft, holding it in her fist like a club. But she did not move her hand up and down. She didn't want to jerk him off, she didn't want to do the job with her hand, she wanted to do it all with her hot mouth. She merely held him, stalk and balls, steady for her tongue and lips. Bill squirmed. He was panting now, his broad chest rising and falling. His prick seemed to be panting, too. The huge, purple knob flared in and out like a lung pumping air into his loins.

Rebecca bobbed her head down.

Her tongue pushed out and lapped lightly at the tip of his swollen cockhead, licking up the sticky, coating of cum that had already moistened the hot meat.

"Ummm-yummy," she sighed.

Bill groaned again. He was desperate to plunge his seething prick into her mouth, but he fought against the impulse, knowing that this sexy redhead was an artist and that he must allow her to perform her art in her own time -- and that he would enjoy it all the more for allowing her to weave her oral magic as she wished.

She tongued all around his cockhead, slurping and lapping, pausing from time to time as she savored the succulent flavor on her tingling tastebuds.

Going down lower, she licked his balls, lifting them with her hand so that she could cup her tongue around underneath the laden sac. She began to run her tongue up his shaft, long-lapping from balls to knob, then altered the strokes, criss-crossing back and forth along the trail of the fat, dark, trembling vein. She flutter kissed him at the electric spot where his shaft expanded into his knob. Bill was squirming, abandoned to wild lust. Jism seeped from his cleft in a steady flow, running sluggishly down his fat knob and onto his shaft. Rebecca lapped the sticky joyjuice up as it poured down. It worked like an appetizer. The taste made her hungry for the full load to come.

She placed her lips against the tip of his cock.

"Don't come too soon," she whispered, speaking with her lips against him so that he felt her words run down his prick at the same time that he heard them with his ears.

Bill wasn't so sure that he could comply with that request, for his cock and balls were ready to explode.

"Not too soon," she said again. "I want to drink your cum but I want to suck on your meat for a long time, first..." she whimpered. Her own words, expressing her passion, made her even hornier. "I love a mouthful of big, hot cock."

She kissed the tip of his cock.

She let her lips part as she kissed him and her head slowly pushed down. She took the head of his prick into her lips, sucking on it, then took it farther back into her mouth. She paused there, with only the knob in her mouth and the fat stalk bare between them, like a fleshy bolt connecting his balls to her lips. Her tongue curled around it and flashed back and forth against the underside of his cockhead while her lips pulled hungrily on the delicious mouthful. Her eyes narrowed. Her expression was one of rapture, of ecstasy, filled with the bliss of having her mouth full of hard prick.

Then she began to bob her head up and down.

She fed his prick into her mouth, more and more each time, her lips sliding far down the shaft and then pulling and dragging back up to the swollen knob. Her fist held him steady as she took him in. Her lips writhed and her tongue flared. She was half-crazed by lust, by hunger, ravenous and voracious. Whimpered gasps escaped from her well-stuffed maw, muted by his meat, muffled around the big mouthful of prick that she was savoring. Sucking him made her just as hot as being sucked was making Bill. Her lips were pushing down almost to the root now, touching against her own steadying hand. She took her hand away, wanting to swallow every inch of his long, fat cock.

His knob lodged in her throat.

Her nose nestled in his pubic hair and her chin brushed against his balls as she fed the whole thing to her hungry mouth.

His cockhead was dribbling steadily. The jism ran onto her tongue and washed about in her cheeks. She let it slide down her throat and she sucked hungrily for more as her lips pulled up and pushed down. She knew he was ready to shoot. She could feel it in his balls and she felt his massive prick expand even more.

She was ready for it.

"Come," she moaned, speaking with her mouth full. "Come for me, darling. Pour that sweet stuff into my mouth, let me drink all that hot jism! Feed me your cum, Bill..."

Bill arched his back spasmodically, as if he had just received a high voltage shock. He pushed his prick up and Rebecca's mouth pushed down, taking it all. He cried out. His balls exploded in her hand and the hot sap rushed up his stalk. Rebecca held his prick deep in her mouth and felt the deluge gush out. The thick scum burst into her throat. It tilled her mouth to the brim. She swallowed quickly, making room for more, but his load was too great. She couldn't take it all. Cum bubbled from her compressed lips and poured down onto his balls. Spurt after spurt hosed her and she kept sucking greedily, unable to get enough of the delicious juice of joy.

"Ummm-ummm-ummm," she purred.

Bill collapsed.

He felt as if she had sucked more than a load of cum out of his cock and balls -- as if she had dragged his blood and bone out through his prick, had sucked the very life force from him.

Rebecca continued to suck.

She was fairly inhaling his prick, desperate to milk every last drop of cum from him. His knob had stopped spurting now, but a few last drops trickled onto her tongue. She slurped them down, then used her nimble tongue to lap up the stray drops that had escaped her lips and run down onto his balls.

She leaned back, smiling up at him with creamy lips, her expression one of great satisfaction.

"That," he sighed, "was wonderful."

"Delicious, too," she said.

It was obvious that she had enjoyed blowing him. Bill, who was strictly heterosexual, had never been able to understand what pleasure a girl took in sucking a prick, but he knew damned well that when a girl enjoyed doing it, she did it best. And he loved to eat pussy, himself -- he supposed it was the same thing. His wife, too, loved to give head but he chose not to think about that at the moment and under the circumstances, because she might at that very moment be sucking some other man off. He gazed down at the kneeling redhead, looking at her over the head of his cock as if it were a gun sight.

His cock was still rampant.

It had diminished slightly and softened a bit, but not much -- and Rebecca had taken note of that, to her delight. She adored sucking a man off but sometimes that led to frustration, for once a fellow had emptied his prick into her mouth, sometimes he could not get it up again to fuck her. She saw that with Bill Robinson that was not going to be a problem. She could suck that succulent prick to her heart's content and drink all the jism she wanted and still have plenty of rigid meat left for her creamy cunt.

She wanted that now.

Bill gave it to her.

They fucked up a storm on the living room floor and then they went into the bedroom and fucked some more.

Rebecca figured that Bill's wife would soon return.

The woman was a fool to leave such a lover. She hoped that Peggy did not come home too soon.

Chapter TWO

Now Peggy had been gone for two weeks.

Bill and Rebecca had made love every day.

Peggy had phoned home once to ask about Debby and to assure Bill that she was all right and that she would probably be coming home soon -- if he still wanted her back. The phone conversation had been cautious. She had said nothing about what she was doing and Bill had not asked any indelicate questions. But he had wondered and when he went over to Rebecca's.

After the phone call, he had been particularly horny. They had screwed three times without pausing. Talking to his errant wife had inspired the man.

Today, as he stepped sheepishly into the hallway, sporting a huge hard on, Bill had been inspired once again.

But not by his wife's promiscuity.

Bill had seen his daughter with her boyfriend.

He stepped across the ball, his cock sticking out like a pointer before him, guiding the way to Rebecca's door. He rang the bell. Rebecca opened the door almost immediately for she had been expecting him to pay her a visit. It was Saturday morning and she had not had to go to work and, therefore, had not yet gotten dressed. She was wearing a semi-transparent black negligee that clung in silken caress to her curves, dropping like a veil from her thrusting tits and sweeping her belly and thighs. The triangular outline of her pubic thicket could be seen, shadowy, through the thin material.

Rebecca smiled.

She noticed his hard on. It would have been hard not to notice it, big as it was.

"Oooooh," she purred.

Bill grinned and stepped past her into the vestibule. Rebecca closed the door. When she turned, Bill swept her into his arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she sucked on it just as if it were a cock. Her own tongue glided against his like two serpents mating in a moist cavern. His big hands cupped her juicy ass and drew her loins tight to his own, and his huge pecker carved an indentation in her soft belly.

She clung to him.

Bill lowered his face. Rebecca, guessing his intentions, opened the front of her negligee and he began to mouth her tits and suck her stiff nipples. She held his head to her breast, loving the attention of his tongue and lips, squirming against him. She didn't know what had brought this desperate passion on, but she loved it all the same. She looked down the hall toward the bedroom, but Bill made no move to go there. His head switched back and forth as he sucked both nipples in turn, then ran his tongue through her deep cleavage.

His hand ran up her thigh.

He cupped her crotch. Her pussy was already wet and open, and he dipped his fingers into the juicy slot and massaged her tingling clit with his thumb.

Rebecca began to tremble against him.

"Darling," she moaned, softly. "Darling..."

But Bill was not in a romantic mood. He was in a horny mood, the need purely physical at the moment. He placed his hands on her wide, smooth hips and, gently turned her around. Rebecca, not sure what he intended -- although game as always for anything -- looked back over her shoulder, her eyebrows raised.

Bill could not even wait to go the short distance down to the bedroom. He was even hotter now that he had been the day his wife left or the day that she telephoned. There was a polished table beside the door, where Rebecca kept the mail that came through the slot until she was ready to deal with it. Bill moved her towards the table, standing behind her, his prick throbbing against her ass.

Rebecca was bemused.

She was thrilled as well. She was a girl who enjoyed and appreciated novelty and variety and if Bill wanted to screw her in the hallway, it was fine with her. Later she might ask him why but at the moment she was eager for his prick.

She leaned on the table with both hands, pushing her hips and ass back towards him.

She heard the rasp of his zipper as he opened his fly and felt the heat of his blazing prick waft over her ass. He lifted her negligee above the waist. She spread her thighs. For a moment he did not move and she knew that he was gazing at her creamy gash from the back. She loved to have him look at her naked body. It made her hot all over, as if his eyes were lasers. She loved to have him gaze at her tits and she liked to feel her nipples stiffen under that gaze and, most of all, she loved to have him stare at her cunt. Knowing that he was staring at her pussy caused the labia to spread out into an oval and caused her slot to fill with cuntjuice and her clitoris to swell and begin to throb.

She hiked her ass higher and spread her thighs farther apart.

Bill wrapped his fist wound the root of his cock and guided the head to Rebecca's cunt. He didn't enter her at once. He began to run his cockhead around in her crotch, caressing her with it. Her cunt lips sucked on it, trying to drag him up her hole. He rubbed his pecker head up and down against her love bud, causing her to vibrate all over. She could hear her pussy squish under that caress. She felt so hot that she thought her cunt might suddenly ignite, bursting into flames, and his cockhead already felt as if it were on fire.

"Oh! Oh!" she gasped. "Oh, darling -- put it up me, put that big prick up my cunt! Fuck me, darling!"

Bill braced his thighs and tightened his ass. He ran the whole huge load up her snatch with the first long, under slung thrust. He filled her cunt to the brim with cockmeat, spreading her hole wide around his massive prong.

He held the full penetration for a few moments, savoring the thrill of having every inch of his prick buried in hot pussy and letting her thrill to the joy of being stuffed chock-a-block full of pecker. She began to work her cunt muscles before he moved. They dragged up his cock in a sequence of contracting rings, as if she were masturbating him with her cunt. Her hole rippled from root to knob. His prick began to pulse in tempo, swelling as her cunt clutched it. He gasped her by the hipbones with both hands, holding her by the handles of love and Rebecca reached back between her widespread thighs and grasped his balls. She pulled, urging him to move.

Then Bill began to fuck her.

Slowly, at first, he fed the meat to her twat. He drew back until only the head was in her slot, paused, then slipped the whole load back up her. Rebecca humped her ass and twisted her hips, screwing her cunt onto his cock like a nut onto a bolt. Bill altered his angle of approach from stroke to stroke. He came in low, dipping at the knees, so that every inch of his fat prick ran across her taut love nugget, then he plowed in from a higher angle, running his stalk down her ass. He pushed in from one side, then the other. She fondled his balls lovingly, devotedly, worshipping the fat bag that contained all that thick joy juice that she so much adored.

His hands slid up from her hips and massaged her tits, his fingers rolled her swollen nipples.

Rebecca was shooting her hips out like pistons now, the cheeks of her ass rising and falling in rotation as she ground her cunt around on his cock. Cunt juice poured from her well stuffed lovebox and ran down into her crotch, coating her clit and pouring in creamy ribbons down the smooth flesh of her inner thighs. The hot juice soaked his balls as he plowed in to the hilt! His cock pulled out glistening with the sweet stuff, then ran back in, hissing in the heat of her hole.

He began moving faster.

Rebecca kept pace with him.

He was fairly pouring the prick to her flow, slamming in savagely. Her ass tilted upwards as his big plunger rammed in. His cock was like a crowbar, prying at her cunt across the fulcrum of her clit. It felt so huge as it filled her that she half expected her hips to spring out of their sockets. She looked down at her belly, thinking she might see the outline of his pecker pressing out in a fat furrow. Her cunt had adjusted perfectly to the huge load, clinging to every inch, molded to the contours of his cock and sucking urgently on the plunging meat.

Rebecca was ready to cream.

"Come," she wailed, wanting him to reach the peak with her, to feel his spunk flood her cunt even as her cunt melted. "Shoot that hot jism up my cunt, darling -- fill me with cum!"

Bill gasped.

His hands left her tits and clamped upon her hipbones again, holding her steady as he thrust in. His cock surged. It expanded, spreading her wider, the huge knob like a ball of molten iron deep within her. She felt his sac well as his orgasm came rushing towards the crest. She squeezed as if to pump the cum out of his balls into her womb.

Bill howled like an animal.

His cock blew a tremendous geyser of thick cream into her pussy just as Rebecca reached her own peak and her cunt melted in a creamy flood. His spurt hosed her with such force that it almost lifted her right off the floor as if she had been standing astride Old Faithful just as it erupted. She could feel the burning lava fill her, blending with her equally hot cunt juice.

His hands tightened on her hips, dragging her back onto his prick, his belly jammed tightly against her ass. He poured a second great wad of jism into her, then a third. Each time she felt his cum gush into her, her cunt responded with another spasm of juicy joy. Cum and cunt juice, intermingled, came bubbling in a frothy torrent from her pussy. It soaked his belly and balls and flooded down her thighs.

"Come... come... come..." she wailed, wanting more, knowing that as long as he kept pouring the stuff into her, her own wonderful orgasm would keep flooding from her along with him.

And Bill kept coming.

Rebecca had never known a man to come with such abundance. She had never had so much spunk poured into her cunt, even on the few occasions when she had been gangbanged by several men, one after the other. He seemed to be an endless fountain of jism, his balls bottomless, his prick a goblet that could never be drained. He hosed her with geyser after geyser. It seemed as if he had already poured a bucketful of the stuff into her, and still it came flooding out.

Then, at last, he was drained.

He collapsed over her, clinging to her for a moment, belly to ass, then staggered back. His prick pulled from her clutching cunt and bobbed up and down before his loins as if undecided whether it should soften or stand firm. He leaned against the wall, panting.

"Jesus," he croaked.

Rebecca slowly turned, her legs unsteady. She was smiling with happy contentment. She looked at her lover. His prick jutted out, still hard despite his tremendous ejaculation, like some big cantilever that was bracing him against the wall. The shaft and knob glistened with cum and cunt juice.

Rebecca moved to him.

Bending down, she took his prick into her mouth and sucked the juice from him. She loved the taste of cum and cunt juice, blended together into a tasty sauce. In fact, naughty girl that she was, Rebecca rather liked the taste of cunt juice on its own, truth be known -- but together, the juices were delicious.

She sucked him clean and then used her tongue to polish his knob until it glowed.

"Want to go to the bedroom now?" she asked.

Bill nodded. He moved unsteadily away from the wall. Rebecca put her arm around his waist and they went down the hallway side by side, both weak in the knees, supporting each other.

Bill stretched out on the bed.

Rebecca curled up beside him, her head on his belly. She began playing with his prick.

She hoped that he could summon up another creamy deluge as big as the first for her mouth.

Before she went down on him, she asked, "What brought that on, darling? I've never known any guy to come that much."

Then, while she sucked his cock, he told her.

Chapter THREE

"I want you to do me a favor, Rebecca," said Bill.

Rebecca's head was on his flat stomach. She was facing down, towards his crotch.

"Oh, yes," she said, smiling.

She started to go down on his prick. That big joystick was semi-hard at the moment, looping up from his loins in a big bow, the knob swaying up and down and showing every sight that it was ready to be returned to a full degree of hardness.

"Not that," he said.

Rebecca's mouth was already wide open as she prepared to gobble his huge pecker. She paused in surprise and her eyes opened as wide as her mouth, eyebrows lifting. Bill had never before turned down a blow job. What on earth did he want? Rebecca's mind was always geared to sex first and foremost and, with a giant cock only inches away from her lips, she could not imagine anything else. A favor? Her imagination sparked. Did he want to fuck her up the asshole, perhaps? He never had -- but other men had and she didn't mind it at all. It was a nice variation on fucking -- and on taking a shit as well. That was a favor she would willingly grant. Or was it something else?

Maybe he wanted her to rim his asshole out with her tongue. Well, that was no hardship. Or was it something more perverted? Rebecca was intrigued. The very concept of perversion caused her to ripple with passion. The naughtier -- the dirtier -- an act was, the more thrilling and exciting and attractive it was to this oversexed and uninhibited redhead bombshell.

Did he want, maybe, to watch her fuck another man? Or three or four men, one right after the other while he looked on, waiting his turn?

All these concepts were pleasing to Rebecca, sex-oriented girl that she was. They darted through her mind in a rapid parade of perversion. Maybe he wanted to watch her make love with another woman, she thought. Well, that was fine with Rebecca. She was no lesbian, surely, but she had let a few women suck her off and she had done a bit of cunt sucking, herself, and she figured it would be even better if Bill was right there, staring over her shoulder, his face all contorted with lust as he watched her nimble tongue slurp and stab up a creamy pussy.

She was seething, fired by her fantasies.

Would he like to watch her fuck a dog? Oh, yes! A lovely big horny dog with a great big prick! Bestiality held no terrors for Rebecca. She would gladly screw a dog for Bill -- and for herself, too. She had, in fact, given a blow job to a German shepherd once, when she was younger and she'd loved it, too. She'd loved the way the big, shaggy brute had whined and whimpered just before he filled her mouth with all the hot canine cum from his hairy balls. She'd swallowed it all, too.

These ideas made her so horny that she simply had to push her tongue out and gave the head of his big prick a lick. "Not this?" she asked.

His cock had snapped into an upright position, coming to attention for her oral pleasure.

"Well, that -- sure. I mean..." Bill hesitated.

"Anything," she purred.

She ran her tongue up his stalk.

"Something I want you to do later," he said.

"Tell me, darling."

"I want you to tell my daughter about... well, about the birds and the bees, so to speak."

Rebecca was startled.

"What? Well, of course -- but I don't understand."

"It's time that she knew about those things," Bill said. "Now that her mother isn't with us -- well, I can't really explain things to her, the way a woman can."

Rebecca rose up and looked at Bill's face. He seemed disturbed. Her plump titties swayed over his belly like ripe fruit hanging from the vine, really to be plucked and eaten. As they swayed, her nipples brushed across the head of his cock.

The contact sent a tremble running down his shaft to his balls and a thrill spread out from her taut nipple, through her tits and on down into her hot crotch. Her clit tensed and tingled.

"But why are you asking me this right now, darling?" she wanted to know. "I mean, I'll be glad to do it for you -- but it seems a strange time to bring the subject up, when we're both horny and in bed and your prick is hard and I'm hungry for it."

Bill looked sheepish.

"To tell you the truth, that's why I was so terrible horny this morning, Rebecca," he said.

Rebecca was intrigued.

"Tell me," she urged.

"Well, I saw -- I saw Debby with her boyfriend," he said.

"Oh?" Rebecca said, still more interested. Debby was a very sexy little bit of fluff, no doubt of that. Rebecca thought it might be sort of exciting to explain the facts of life to a sexy teenage girl. She doubted that Debby was as innocent as Bill might think however. The girl dressed in a way that excited boys or men, and this was, after all, a permissive age. But what Rebecca found truly exciting was the knowledge that Bill had been horny because of something he had seen his daughter doing. The implication was thrilling, with overtones of incestuous desire, one of those perversions that always turned Rebecca on. Rebecca had always wanted to suck her father's cock actually. She never had, but she had wanted to and it had been one of her most common fantasies when she finger fucked herself as a teenager. Often she had stuck her fingers in her mouth, bunched together to phallic dimensions, and pretended they were her daddy's prick, sucking on them while she clawed at her crotch with her other hand. She had wondered what it would be like to suck her mother's cunt, as well -- that was the sort of naughty teenager that Rebecca had been and she hadn't changed.

"Tell me about it," she said.

Bill hesitated. He was obviously a bit ashamed of his own reactions to what he'd seen.

"Tell me," she said, her green eyes glowing. "Tell me about it, while I suck your prick!"

Bill told her.

"This morning," he said.

Rebecca curled onto her flank and began to gently tongue the head of his rampant cock, watching his face as she did so and as he spoke. Her hot, wet tongue glided around his knob and wildly exciting thoughts glided around her cunt.

"Debby didn't know that I was home," he said. His eyes were closed. He was obviously remembering the details. "I'd gone out to buy cigarettes and when I came home she was in her room. She didn't hear me come in, I guess. Well, the doorbell rang and I was going to answer it but just as I got to the hallway, Debby come out from her bedroom and went to the door. She didn't see me. She was wearing those really short cut-off jeans of hers and a tight sweater. I noticed how -- well, how grown-up she looked. Her body, you know? I hadn't really noticed that she was so filled out before. She looked a lot like her mother -- like Peggy -- a younger version of Peggy, like Peggy looked when I first met her."

He was admitting that his own daughter had turned him on, Rebecca thought, delighted by the idea.

"It was her boyfriend," Bill went on.

Rebecca's tongue ran all the way up his cock, from his balls to the flaring crown. She was drooling down his prick, her saliva running down the shaft.

"Tommy, his name is. He's a year or two older, I think. Anyway, Debby asked him to come in. She told him -- she made a point of telling him -- that she was home alone. Something in her tone when she said that -- and in the way his face brightened -- made me suspicious."

And horny, thought Rebecca, although she figured she better not say it aloud.

"They went into the living room," Bill said. Rebecca closed the tight collar of her lips over the bulging head of his cock and began to suck rhythmically while her tongue slipped back and forth against the underside of the big mouthful. She was in no hurry. She was sucking leisurely.

"I sneaked around to the back so that I could look into the room," he said. "I felt sort of guilty, spying on her, but I figured that I had better see what was going on. They were sitting on the couch, close together. They just talked for a few minutes and I started to think that my suspicious were unfounded. I was glad of that. And yet -- well, I felt almost disappointed, in a strange way. Almost as if I wanted to see Debby misbehave."

"Ummm," sighed Rebecca as she pulled her lips up the fat wedge of his peckerhead.

"Then they started to neck," he said. "They were kissing. I could see Debby's lips part and the boy was pushing his tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it. Then she slipped her own tongue into his mouth. They were both panting, swapping tongues. It made me -- I'm ashamed to admit it, but it made me so horny! Seeing my little girl -- well, I hoped that they wouldn't do anything more than just kiss and yet in a way, I really wanted them to do more."

Bill's prick, inspired by his recollections as much as by Rebecca's talented lips, was swelling within her mouth. She purred happily, slurping merrily away on the tasty meat.

He had stopped speaking.

Rebecca drew her mouth away from his cock.

"Go on," she urged. "Please go on." She mouthed his cockhead again.

Bill groaned.

"He began to feel her up," he rasped. "She didn't stop him. It was obvious that he'd felt her up before. He felt her titties through her sweater, at first. Then she took her sweater off. He didn't coax her to do that -- it was her own idea. She pulled it over her head and arched her back, thrusting her tits out to his hands. He rubbed her nipples and they got big and stiff. She has lovely little tits. She was panting and whimpering while he fondled her. And I -- damn it, I got a big hard on. I was half intended to stop them, to walk in and send the boy home and give Debby hell and yet it was so fucking exciting that I didn't want to interrupt. I guess I would have if they'd started to go too far -- to fuck, say -- but as long as they were just petting, I couldn't bring myself to interrupt. I tried to justify it by thinking that it would embarrass Debby terribly and by convincing myself that there was no harm in some heavy petting, at her age I was just fooling myself. The awful truth is that I wanted to watch!"

"I don't blame you," Rebecca whispered.

A shudder ran through Bill's body.

"Then she began rubbing his prick," he said.

Rebecca began to bob her head up and down on his cock, as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel. She took his knit back into he gullet and her lips pulled lovingly as her hand rose again. She knew that he was thinking about his daughter, not about her, but she didn't give a damn.

His voice hoarse, Bill said, "And then she said that she wasn't sure when I'd be home, so that they had better not wait. She opened his fly and reached in and hauled his cock out. He had a big cock -- for a boy. She'd done it before, that was evident. She wrapped her fist around his prick and began to jack him off. He was feeling her tits and she was leaning over him, watching his cock swell as she stroked it. She looked so excited. I could tell that she loved to do it. And the boy was rolling his eyes and grinding his teeth. He looked like he was going out of his mind."

He took a deep breath. "I could see that she was going to give him a handjob. That was all. That was a relief, really. I mean, she wasn't going to let him fuck her and a handjob wasn't so terrible. But I was -- I have to admit it -- I was disappointed, too. I was so horny by then that I really wanted to see her spread her legs for him. Isn't that terrible?"

"No," Rebecca whispered.

Rebecca wished that she had been there with Bill -- that she could have given Bill a handjob while they both watched Debby and the boy.

"She was leaning right over his cock," Bill said. "Her face was only a few inches from his cockhead. I thought she was going to take him into her mouth! And I wanted her to! I wanted so much to see my little girl suck his cock, to see him shoot in her mouth! My own cock was thundering away. I was almost tempted to jerk myself off while I watched, but I saved it for you."

Rebecca was very glad that he had.

"She didn't, though," he said, half-relieved and half-sorry. "She pulled away on his prick and he began to jerk and heave. She asked him to come. She said, 'Come for me, Tommy -- shoot for me.' And she began pumping him faster."

Rebecca was sucking faster, hungry for cum, herself.

"Then he blew his wad. The way young fellows do -- it came out like a skyrocket! Debby whimpered and gasped and kept pulling his prick and he shot all over her tits! She milked him to the bone. Jism was dripping off her nipples and running down her cleavage and some of it skimmed over her chin. God! She drained him. I -- damn me! -- I was hoping that she would go down and lap the stuff off him with her tongue. I wouldn't have stopped her, I couldn't have. But she didn't. She finished the job with her hand and then she mopped him up with his handkerchief and wiped the stuff off her titties. Afterwards, they both giggled, just as if it was just a naughty little prank."

Bill placed his hand behind Rebecca's head. "So Debby is really sort of innocent, I guess," he concluded. "I suppose she's still a virgin and all, that's why I want you to tell her the facts of life, before she gets in trouble."

"I'll be glad to," said Rebecca. Rebecca had ideas of her own. But that was in the future and, at the moment, she had a mouthful of prick to empty.

Chapter FOUR

Usually when she sucked a man off, Rebecca liked to take his cock deep into her mouth as he came, but she was not a one-dimensional cocksucker and she varied her technique from time to time. Sometimes she would take just the head in her mouth and jerk the man off. Other times she would use only her tongue, lapping at the underside of his crown until he shot, or just her lips, skimming up and down his stalk as if she were playing the flute. Now, inspired by Bill's tale, she decided to do it in a different manner.

Bill had quite obviously been intrigued by the sight of the boys jism shooting out from the head of his prick. If he came in Rebecca's mouth, he would not get to see the joy juice spurt from his prick and Rebecca knew that, in his present mood, that was a sight that the man would relish.

She slowly drew her lips from his knob.

Bill humped up from the bed, his prick hard as a rock and humming like a tuning fork. The head was smoking. He opened his eyes, returning from his recollections to the present, wondering why she had stopped sucking on his cock.

Rebecca looked up at him.

"Watch," she said.

Bill was watching, no doubt of that. His face was twisted by passion. Rebecca's face, too, reflected her dark desires. Her eyes were narrowed, her lips moist and parted. They were both panting heavily. She looked into Bill's face for along, meaningful moment. She smiled slightly. Her eyes gleamed wickedly.

She began to jerk him off.

Like Debby had done.

Bill moaned.

Rebecca held his balls in one hand and stroked up and down his shaft with the other, skimming lightly over the fiery flesh at first, then tightening her grip. Bill began to hump, fucking up through her fist as it rose and fell.

Was he pretending that she was Debby?

Rebecca didn't care where his thoughts were, as long as his prick was in her hand.

She said, "Watch!"

She leaned over him, her face just above the raging head of his huge cock. But she didn't go down on him. She opened her mouth wide and pushed her tongue out, folding it over her lower lip. Then, not touching him with her mouth but poised a few inches above him, she pumped his prick up and down and waited to be fed.

Bill stared, fascinated.

He thought about Debby. He saw Rebecca. The two, woman and girl, lover and daughter, blended into one in his mind. He stopped humping and held himself rigid, his back arched so that his gigantic prick loomed far above his loins. His chin rested on his breastbone as he looked down, waiting to see his jism spurt out.

Rebecca's tongue slid across her lower lip. "Come," she said -- as Debby had.

"Yes... yes -- now!" he gasped.

He came.

The creamy jism blossomed from the head of his prick like a great pearly flower. It spurted straight up, skimming over her curled tongue and hosing her mouth. Rebecca whimpered with joy and kept beating him up and down, pulling spurt after spurt of cum out of him and taking it all in her mouth. Bill saw the thick sap rush across the inch between them, saw his spunk as it shot into her mouth. He saw streamers of the stuff running over her tongue and frothy ribbons coating her lips. He saw her gulp and swallow -- and poured more into her.

Rebecca milked him dry.

She turned her face towards him, her mouth still open, so that he could see his cum on her tongue and in her cheeks. The thick stuff dripped from her chin and washed about her gums. A creamy strand hung from her palate like a stalactite.

Still facing him, her mouth still wide open, Rebecca threw her head back and let him watch his jism run down her gullet.

"Ummm," she purred. "Yummy."

Then she turned her face down, took his prick into her mouth and slurped up the dregs of his lust. She used her tongue to gather up the stray drops that had run onto his balls. She sucked and lapped his cock until it glistened.

She stretched out beside him. Bill kissed her deeply, lovingly.

They rested for a few moments, both knowing that very soon they would be ready for more.

And Rebecca was thinking.

"Why don't you send Debby over soon, darling?" she suggested. "Why not this afternoon?"

"All right," he agreed. "I'll be pleased to talk to her." He nodded.

He was frowning slightly.

He said, "I feel pretty damned ashamed of myself -- getting horny over my own daughter."

"Well, she is sexy."

"But still..."

Rebecca was smiling in a strange fashion. "And spying on her, as well," he said. "I'm glad that you did, darling," said Rebecca. "I don't care what made you so horny -- as long as I was the one to get that lovely cuntful and that delicious mouthful."

Bill grinned.

"There's more where that came from," he said.

And, sure enough, there was.

Chapter FIVE

Bill was ashamed at having spied on Debby. But he would have been horrified had he known that Debby had also spied on him.

The effect had been much the same. Debby, despite her passionate nature, was really not a very experienced girl. A good many of her classmates had already lost their virginity and Debby was most interested to talk to them about it -- what it felt like to get fucked or to have a prick in the mouth. But mainly through lack of the proper opportunity, Debby had not yet gone all the way with a boy. She wanted to and intended to, but the time had to be right. If, for instance, she had been sure that her father would not come home that morning, she might well have let Tommy screw her. But she sure didn't want to get caught on the job. She was almost old-fashioned in her attitude towards sex. In an age and of a generation that considered sex a girl's right, Debby still thought that it was naughty -- and was all the more interested in it because of that. She figured -- rightly -- that sex must have been a lot more fun back in the old days when only naughty girls put out and there was that twinge of guilt and shame to spice the act.

Debby had discovered the joy of masturbation when she was younger and finger fucked herself with regularity.

She had given her first handjob just before her birthday and, since then, had jacked off three or four boys and had let a couple finger fuck her to a climax. But that was the extent of her experience to date. She had a good reputation. Quite a few boys could have gotten a handjob off her had they taken the initiative, but they figured that she was prim and proper and would not consider it -- and the chance was lost. It was as much a loss to Debby as to these unknowing lads, for she truly loved to jerk a guy off and see the spunk gush out of his cock and feel the female power that could make young men squirm and whimper. She loved to get finger fucked, as well. She loved to come. And she could just imagine what it would be like to come with a prick up her cunt! If a finger could feel so wonderful, how much better must a fat prick make a girl feel! Or a hot tongue!

Oh, yes -- Debby was ready for it.

Every night, alone in bed, both hands cupped over her hot little crotch, she thought about fucking and sucking while she rubbed her pussy to a froth, wondering when she would finally get the real thing.

And from whom?

She never would have guessed.

Tommy had left shortly after Debby had jacked him off.

They figured it was best that he did so he wouldn't be there when her father got home, but his departure had left Debby unsatisfied. She wished that she had gotten him to finger fuck her before she gave him a handjob. But it was difficult to get those things in the right order, she knew. If a boy finger fucked her to an orgasm first, then she no longer felt like jerking him off. She would, certainly -- but she took less pleasure in it. The ideal way was to do each other at the same time, but it wasn't always possible to come simultaneously and one or the other was left with a duty, rather than a delight.

Now Tommy was gone and Debby had a hot pussy.

She decided to give herself a handjob.

She went into her bedroom, closed the door and lay down on the bed. She didn't start right away. She liked to enjoy a little fantasizing before she stroked herself. She remembered how the jism had spurted put of Tommy's prick, smiling dreamily at the pleasant recollection. It would have spurted deep into her cunt if she'd fucked him, she knew. It would have filled her mouth if she had sucked him.

Her cunt began to steam.

She wished that she hadn't wiped his spunk off her tits with his handkerchief. It would have been awfully exciting to bend her head down and lap the boy's jism off her tits. She decided that the next time she jerked a guy off, she was going to lick her fingers. She might even let him watch. She knew that would drive him wild although it might not do her reputation much good. What did jism taste like? Some of her friends said that it was delicious but some just sucked to please a guy and didn't care for the taste. It tasted like starch, one of her friends had told her.

She licked the palm of her hand.

But there was none of the stuff left to taste.

She was ready to start working on her twat.

Then she heard the front door open and close.

She supposed that it was her father coming home and she delayed her handjob, in case he happened to come to her room for some reason. In fact, Bill had opened and closed the door from within, pretending that he had been out, so that Debby would not realize that he had been there while she jacked Tommy's prick. He was thoughtful that way. He didn't want to embarrass his daughter.

Debby felt very sorry for her father.

How could mom have run off and left us? she wondered.

And why?

She wondered if her father had a girlfriend now or if he had to jerk himself off, alone in the bed that Peggy had abandoned? It excited her to think of her father jerking off. She knew that he had a huge prick. She had seen it a few times. She had never seen it hard, of course, but even soft it had looked like a log. My mother was very silly to run off and leave such a lovely cock, thought the randy little teenager. She knew that her parents had fucked a lot. She had often heard their bed groaning under them, and not just at night. They fucked in the mornings and the afternoons, as well. It certainly couldn't have been because of any failure in their sex life that her mother had left, she knew that. She was getting really hot and creamy now. She wondered if she might peek into her father's bedroom sometime and see him pulling his prick? Oooooh! She would have loved to see that.

Or do it for him!

Debby had shocked herself by that sudden and unexpected thought. She blushed, ashamed of herself. Yet the idea was thrilling. Not that she would ever do such a wicked thing, but just thinking about it wasn't really a sin, was it?

She thought, about it.

She imagined herself sneaking into his room some night when he was sound asleep and taking his soft cock in her hand and fondling it while it got bigger and harder and then jacking him off while he slept -- doing it gently so he didn't wake up, so that he would think it was a wet dream and would never for a moment realize that his daughter had given him a handjob. The girl was getting carried away. Her pussy was ready to ignite and cunt juice was running down her crotch and seeping into the crack of her taut little ass.

But it was all just a harmless fantasy, of course.

She thought about coming out of the bathroom, naked, pretending that she didn't realize her father was in the next room -- letting him see her tits and her crotch as if by accident. Would it make him horny? She had no idea -- but she knew damned well that parading naked in front of him would make her as randy as could be.

And she was as randy as could be. Right now.

She decided to make sure that her father did not want her for any reason, so that she could masturbate in peace.

She went to the door and just as she opened it, Bill came down the hall on his way to Rebecca's.

Looking out, Debby saw her father in profile.

She gasped.

His prick was jutting out in the front of his trousers. Debby stared at it. He hadn't seen her. He moved on to the front door. But where was he going? Surely he couldn't go out in public with that massive lump in his pants?

He went into the corridor.

Intrigued, Debby followed.

She opened the door a crack and peeked out. She saw Bill move across the hall and stop at the door to Rebecca Starr's apartment. He rang the bell. His hard on was on display. Debby watched, wide eyed. Was her father fucking around with that sexy redhead? Debby was excited by the thought. She hoped so, too. She hated to think that her daddy was not getting any pussy, that his huge prick was going to waste. And it would serve her mother right, as well.

Rebecca opened the door.

Debby saw the way she smiled at Bill. It was evident that she had expected him and was pleased to see him. She held the door open and Bill went into the apartment.

On a sudden impulse, Debby stepped across the corridor and put her ear to the door. She was hoping that they might say something before they were out of earshot -- something revealing.

She heard Rebecca moan.

"Oooooh," Debby mouthed, echoing the sound she heard.

She heard Rebecca say, "Darling..."

Thrilled, Debby pressed closer to the door. Her eyes widened and through those wide eyes, she noticed the keyhole!

She shot a quick glance both ways down the hall, then sank to her knees and placed her eye to the keyhole. She gasped. She could see exactly what was happening just inside the door and the sight thrilled her to the very core.

Rebecca was leaning over a table and Bill was standing behind her, pouring the prick to her cunt with gusto. Debby could see her father's big, bloated balls swing in and out as he thrust. She could see his cock, too, appearing and then vanishing up the redhead's drenched hole. It was huge! The great, surging pole spread Rebecca's pussy wide and dragged her cuntlips inwards as he plowed home, then pulled them almost inside out as he withdrew. Debby stared at that wonderful hunk of meat in awe. She envied Rebecca. Her daddy's prick made Tommy's average-sized dong look like a toothpick. Oh, how Debby wished that she could get that gigantic cock in her hand -- at least her hand. But it was up Rebecca's twat and Rebecca was loving it. Her juicy ass flew wildly about as she ground against Bill's belly, on his cock. She was moaning and panting and gurgling with joy. Bill was grunting as he pounded fiercely into her steaming gash. Debby could hear the sound of that coupling as well. She heard her father's cock hiss as it ran up the chute and heard Rebecca's pussy squish juicily and suck slurpingly on his meat.

Debby slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and began to massage her pussy, forgetting where she was, that she was right there in the corridor, visible to anyone who night come out from one of the apartments at any time.

She rubbed her clit and her cunt lips and pushed two fingers in and out of her foaming hole. Her own cunt began to squish and suck as much as Rebecca's cunt only it were filled with the same wonderful load! She began rubbing her crotch with both hands and squirming as she worked her pussy around on those hands.

Debby creamed.

Frothy cuntjuice poured into her palms and ran down her fingers. Quick silvery ribbons of the stuff tricked out from the legs of her shorts and ran down her slim thighs. The crotch of her denim shorts darkened with the fluid.

Debbie didn't even pause.

She was so hot that a solitary orgasm was not enough. She kept right on rubbing and fingering.

Then Bill blew his wad.

Debby gasped as she saw cum and cunt juice gush out of Rebecca's pussy, pumped out by Bill's huge plunger. She kept playing with her own quim. Bill staggered away, his cock swaying and, after a moment, Rebecca moved to him and took it in her mouth. Debby watched her lips peel back around the big mouthful as she slurped the mingled juices of love off of Bill's mighty pecker.

It made Debby drool.

But then Bill and Rebecca moved away, toward the bedroom.

Debby sighed. She wished that she could see what they did in bed. She even tried the door, thinking that she might tiptoe down the hall and peek in, but the door was locked.

Debby decided to go back to her own room and give her pussy a long and lovely handjob.

While thinking of her daddy's cock.

Chapter SIX

Debby locked her bedroom door. Standing in front of her full-length mirror, she gazed at her reflection as she pulled her sweater off. Her firm titties bounced. The nipples were standing out like little rockets ready to blast off into space. She wished there were someone there to suck them. She wished that her tits were big enough so that she could suck them, herself. But she couldn't manage that. She knew. She'd tried before. She cupped her tits together, deepening the cleavage, while she ran her thumbs back and forth across the taut tips. The thrill spread from her nipples through her breasts, then flowed down to meet the greater thrill that rushed up from her cunt.

She pivoted and swayed, switching her hips, eyes narrowed, her lips moist and parted. Bunching her fingers together, she pushed them into her mouth, pretending that they were a prick. Her father's prick. She could taste the cunt juice on her fingers and she made believe that it was her father's jism. It tasted nice. Debby wondered whet cunt juice would taste like, all hot and bubbling, right out of a cunt? She had never had any lesbian inclinations before and yet the idea was exciting. She thought of Rebecca's juicy twat. She didn't suppose that she would ever really eat out a cunt, certainly -- but she didn't mind thinking about it. She was too hot to mind anything at the moment. It was the same as thinking about her father. She never for a moment supposed that they would ever commit incest, but she simply had to think about it. She imagined herself sneaking into his bedroom when the room was dark so that he wouldn't know who she was -- pretending she was Rebecca perhaps -- and sucking his prick until he filled her mouth with spunk or sitting on it, riding up and down on his towering pole until they both came together.

She opened her shorts and squirmed out of them.

She pushed her panties down.

Naked, she posed before the mirror, legs apart, back arched, looking at herself and wishing that she could somehow stand naked in front of her father, feeling his eyes burn into her flesh.

She pushed three fingers up her cunt, twisting and turning them about inside her. Then she brought them to her mouth and sucked her cunt juice from them.

She turned her back to the mirror and bent over, spreading the cheeks of her ass apart and looking over her shoulder, seeing her cunt from that new perspective -- the same position in which Rebecca had stood as Bill poured the prick to her.

Turning again, she pushed her belly right up against the mirror, grinding against her image, pretending that her reflection was another girl and that they were making love.

Then she moved to the bed.

She lay on her back, legs spread open. Steam drifted up from her crotch. Her cunt felt like a lump of glowing charcoal between her smooth thighs. The labia were spread wide open and the slot was flooded with burning cream. Her clit was tingling as if with an electric charge. She knew that, if she waited, she was going to have an orgasm without even touching herself. But she didn't want to wait. She began to pet and stroke her cunt erotically, sensually, wanting to make it last as long as possible -- but not worried about it, knowing that she was going to be able to cream more than once. Even at normal times, she usually came twice when she masturbated -- once right away, then a second time in a more leisurely fashion. Inspired now by the sight of her father fucking Rebecca, she figured that she could come half a dozen times.

Yet she had only her own hands.

Debby wished that she had a vibrator or a dildo.

Lots of her friends had them. But Debby had never had the nerve to go into a sex shop and buy one. It would be too embarrassing. And she didn't dare order one by mail in case her mother or father had opened the package. She had wondered if one of her friends might let her borrow a big rubber prick, but again she was too embarrassed to ask them and wasn't at all sure if they might not feel a certain possessiveness, if not actual jealousy, about their rubber lovers.

She wished, too, that she was able to go down on herself.

What a treat it would be, to be able to suck herself off whenever she felt like it! Debby had never had her pussy sucked or licked but she knew that it would be wonderful, maybe as good as fucking, even. She had tried to eat herself out once. She had lain on her back and had thrown her legs up over her head, stretching her neck, but she had been unable to get her tongue beyond the fringe of her pubic hair.

It had been tremendously frustrating, getting so near and yet so far.

One of her girlfriends had told her how lovely it was to have a boy go down on her. She had eyed Debby in a speculative manner as she described the delights of being sucked off and then she had asked Debby if she, too, liked it. Debby had a idea that, were she to suggest it, her friend would have been more than willing to eat her out in return for Debby eating her -- not a lesbian affair, just a return of a favor -- but Debby had not dared suggest it.

Now she wished that she had.

Maybe she would bring the conversation around to that delicate topic the next time she was having a chat with the girl, Debby thought. If she mentioned how much she wanted to get gobbled, how she would do just about anything for a friend who did it for her -- well, maybe.

But now she was alone with her hands.

She began working on her cunt, paying careful attention to detail and concentrating on the job at hand. She ran her fingertips along her cuntlips and stroked her vibrant clit. She spread her cunt wide open with one hand and finger fucked herself with the other. Her pussy sucked on her fingers. She began to squirm. Her head tossed from side to side on the pillow, her hair cascading. Her nipples swelled as if about to burst.

Visions of her father's prick danced through her head. She wanted to run her hot tongue up that fat stalk and to take the huge knob into her knob into her mouth and suck the cum from his balls. She wanted to drink it. She made up her mind that the next time she was giving Tommy -- or some other boy, it didn't matter -- a handjob, she was going to go down on him and let him shoot in her mouth. She knew it would shock the boy but she didn't care, not now. But Tommy's cock was a poor substitute for her daddy's massive tool. Oh, lucky Rebecca! What were they doing at this moment in Rebecca's bedroom?

She would have been startled, had she known that they were talking about her.

Her climax was coming.

She coiled, drawing her knees up, arching, thrashing about in the grip of lust. She pushed three fingers in and out of her hole and rubbed her clitoris with the other hand. Cunt juice flooded out, soaking the sheet under her ass.

She cried out.

"Oh!" she wailed. "Ooooooh!"

Her pussy melted around her fingers like a wax candle around a hard, fiery wick. Spasm after spasm racked her loins. The waves of joy came coursing through her belly and running up her thighs, wave after wave, peak after peak, the crests drawing closer together with each passing ripple until they had merged into one long, sustained thrill of ultimate ecstasy.

She lay still then, panting, smiling contentedly.

With her passion momentarily stilled, Debby felt a little bit ashamed of her incestuous thoughts.

But not too much.

It was, after all, only make believe.

She began to get hot again.

And to make believe some more.

Debby was just starting to fondle her pussy again when her father rapped on the bedroom door.

She had a wild, wonderful impulse to open the door naked. She almost did. He was, after all, her father. There was no need to act modest. But her nipples were stiff and her thighs were slick with cunt juice and she lost her nerve. She put on a dressing gown.

"I was just changing my clothes," she said. Bill avoided her eyes. He looked embarrassed.

"Debby, honey -- Rebecca Starr would like to talk to you," he said.

Debby was surprised. She hardly knew the woman.

"What about?" she asked. "She'll explain."


"Right now -- if it's convenient."

Well, it isn't really convenient, Debby thought. I want to give myself another handjob right now. But she couldn't very well tell her father that.

She nodded and said, "Okay." She was curious as to what this could be all about. Why did her daddy look so embarrassed?

She went back into the room and put her clothes on. She wondered for a moment if she should finish rubbing herself off before she went but decided to save it for later when she could take her time and linger over the pleasure.

So Debby was still feeling randy as she prepared to call on Rebecca.

The crotch of her panties was still sodden and her shorts were moist, but she didn't bother to change.

Rebecca was not likely to notice her crotch Debby thought.

Chapter SEVEN

Debby rang Rebecca's doorbell.

She was a bit annoyed at having her hand job interrupted, but also curious to find out what on earth Rebecca could wish to talk to her about. The only thing she could imagine was that her mother had sent her a message through the neighbor -- but if that was the case, it must have been meant to remain a secret from her father and since he was the one who'd sent over well, Debby decided that she would just have to wait and see. She hoped it would not take very long, though. Her pussy was simmering merrily away, badly in need of some attention from her skilled hands and fingers.

Rebecca opened the door.

She was still wearing the same semitransparent negligee that she had worn to greet Bill. She had considered a variety of dresses appropriate to this conversation with Debby but, in the end, she figured that the negligee would do as well as any. It was, for one thing, very sexy. It was also easy to -- by accident, as it were -- let the garment fall open, revealing her charms and, if things worked out the way that Rebecca hoped they would, it was easy to take off as well.

Oh, yes, Rebecca intended to talk to Debby about the birds and the bees, but not quite in the manner that Bill had supposed she would. She hoped that with demonstrations, the talk would turn into a sort of field course in orgasms, as it were, instructions in detail.

She smiled at the girl and her green eyes ran over her young, nubile body. It was easy to see why Debby's father had become horny while looking at her. Her sweater fit like a coat of paint and it was evident that she wore no bra, for her stiff nipples thrust out in twin peaks against the taut material. She had a way of pushing those tits out, too, a sort of gently sway backed stance so that she came at a person tit first. The tight sweater was tucked into those cut off jeans that were every bit as tight, themselves. They were molded to the contours of her loins and hips so snugly that the crotch was drawn into a tight vee and the crack of her ass showed.

For a moment, Rebecca just looked at her, smiling in a strange fashion, half amused and half speculative.

Debby stared back, rather surprised to discover that she could see Rebecca's naked body through the flimsy negligee. She could see the outline of her dark areolas where her nipples -- as stiff as Debby's own -- poked the black material out and, lower down, she could discern the wedge of the redhead's pubic thatch.

Debby spoke first.

"Daddy said you wanted to see me," she said.

The words, as she spoke them, seemed to cast a new light on the situation. See was the operative word, for Rebecca was staring at her in a manner that made Debby feel like squirming.

"Well, he asked me to," Rebecca said.

"Oh? Why?"

"You'd better come in, honey."

Debby entered the hallway -- that hallway in which her father had poured the prick up Rebecca while Debby peered through the keyhole. Rebecca led the way to the living room. Debby, following, saw how mobile and shapely the woman's ass was, swaying under the black silk. It occurred to her that, if Rebecca was lucky to be getting Bill's huge prick, Bill was equally lucky to be screwing that luscious redhead. It made Debby feel very unlucky in tier virginity.

Rebecca motioned her to the couch.

Debby sat down and Rebecca sat in a chair opposite, not far away. She crossed her long, sleek legs, revealing an expanse of smooth thigh, the negligee riding up almost to her crotch. She leaned slightly towards Debby. Her big tits fell into the folds of the negligee and her deep cleavage was exposed.

They stared at one another again.

"What is it all about, then?" Debby asked.

"Your father asked me to tell you about... sex."

"Oh, gee whiz!" Debby cried, embarrassed.

"He thinks that you are innocent and that it's time someone explained these things to you. Since your mother isn't here..."

"Gee, we have sex education in school," Debby said.

"Yes, but still..."

"This is awful," Debby said. "Golly, I'm a teenager. You don't have to tell me about sex."

"But I am twenty-seven -- and there are a great many things that I could tell you, Debby. Many things."

Debby started to reply, then paused, her mouth open.

"Are you a virgin, Debby?"

Debby nodded, then said, "Yes."

"Do you intend to remain a virgin?"

"I-I don't know. Maybe."

"But you like boys, don't you?" There seemed to be a secret meaning in Rebecca's words.

"Well, sure," she said.

"You see, your father was home this morning."

"What do you mean?" Debby gasped. "He saw you give your boyfriend a handjob."

"Oh, my God!" Debby cried.

She flushed deeply. She was mortified.

"Oh, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, Debby. Bill isn't angry. It's quite natural for a girl of your age to do things like that. As long as you know what you're doing and how far you want to go."

Debby, in her embarrassment, decided to take the offensive. She said, "Anyhow, I saw Daddy and you this morning, too -- I saw what you did in the hallway! So there!"

It did not have the effect that Debby had expected. Rebecca was not upset in the least. If anything, she seemed to be amused. She even smiled.

"Did you indeed?" she said.

Debby was more embarrassed than before. She suddenly realized that she had just confessed to being a voyeur, to sneaking around peering around keyholes. That seemed far worse than doing what she'd seen Rebecca and Bill do. She lowered her eyes demurely.

"Is that as far as you've ever gone?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes," Debby said in a small voice.

"And what about yourself?"

"Well, I've let boys feel me up and finger fuck me a few times -- that's all, though," Debby admitted.

"That's not much, is it?" Rebecca said. "I should think you'd want more than that."

Debby was surprised by that. She looked up. Rebecca's eyebrows were raised in query.

"Well, gee -- sure," the girl confessed.

"You like to come, don't you, Debby?"

The conversation was not what the girl had anticipated, not at all. It was not like sex education at school. Her embarrassment was fading away quickly now as she realized that, with this redhead, there was little cause for modesty.

"I love it," she said, smiling faintly.

"Do you masturbate a lot?"

"Urn-hum," the girl said. "I get so hot that I have to."

"So do I," Rebecca said.

"You?" Debby said, amazed. "I thought that girls stopped doing that, once they started fucking."

"Oh, no. It's always nice. Of course, some ways are nicer than others. Ways you might not know about." Rebecca paused, considering how to continue. Debby gazed at her with genuine interest. "If you really want to keep your cherry, it would be handy for you to know about these things -- ways to get your rocks off without screwing. Alone or with someone else."

The redhead crossed her legs the other way. Debby caught a glimpse of her pubic hair as she did so. A sense of unreality had come over the teenage girl. This scene seemed to have a dreamlike quality, as make-believe as her fantasies.

"Let's start with a simple handjob," said Rebecca. "Why don't you show me how you masturbate, Debby?"

"Oh, gee -- I'd be too ashamed."

"Don't be silly, honey."

"I couldn't do it in front of you!" Debby wailed.

"Oh, don't be so modest," said Rebecca. "I'll tell you what -- I'll show you how I do it, first, then you shouldn't have any qualms about showing me, okay?"

Debby was deeply shocked. But the thought of watching Rebecca masturbate was intriguing, compelling. She nodded slowly. "I guess," she said. "If you want to. Okay."

Rebecca smiled, her green eyes cat-like and bright. She opened the front of her negligee, and sitting back in the chair, parted her lush thighs. Debby gazed at her hairy, juicy cunt. The woman's clit was stiff and her slot was already flooded with thick juice. Debby couldn't take her eyes off that hot pussy. It seemed to draw her vision with some mysterious, carnal magnetism.

Rebecca began to stroke her cunt.

She used both hands, moving slowly, squirming in the chair as she fondled herself lovingly.

"Is this how you do it, Debby?" she whispered.

"Yes," Debby whimpered.

"Show me!"

Debby hesitated. But she could hardly be embarrassed now, not after Rebecca had done it first -- and her twat was burning. The thought of rubbing her cunt was pleasant and the thought of letting Rebecca watch her do it was fascinating. Debby stood up. She stared at Rebecca almost challengingly as she unfastened her shorts. She pushed them down, then her panties, kicking one foot free. She sat down again and spread her smooth, slim thighs wide apart, letting the older woman look directly at her cunt. She could feel those green eyes burning into her flesh. It dawned on the girl that Rebecca was showing a great deal more interest than was warranted by simple instruction, but she didn't care. The face that what they were doing was sort of naughty only served to make it more exciting. She didn't touch herself right away. She let Rebecca look at her crotch, unshielded by her hands.

Rebecca stopped rubbing herself.

She said, "I'll come if I do that much longer. And I don't want to come -- yet."

Her words thrilled Debby, the admission that her self caressing was more than an example, that the sexy redhead was horny, too.

Debby began to play with her pussy. She ran her fingertips up her burning cunt lips and stroked them across her clit. She purred with the sensation. Spreading herself open, she slowly pushed three fingers up her hole, squirming on them.

"Ummmm," she sighed.

Rebecca was leaning forward in her chair, fascinated.

"Well, it's obvious that I don't have to show you how to give yourself a lovely handjob," the redhead said.

Debby continued to finger fuck her cunt. "Wait," whispered Rebecca. "No -- I want to come," Debby said. "Of course -- but not yet." Debby's hands slowed. As much as she wanted to bring herself to a climax, she also wanted to see what Rebecca had in mind. She held her pussy cupped in her hand but did not stroke now. Rebecca stood up and took one step towards Debby. Debby trembled, waiting. Was the woman going to touch her? Was that it? Did Rebecca want to give her a handjob, to mutually masturbate each other? Debby was willing. It wasn't as if they were nasty old lesbians or anything. Having seen Rebecca fucking Bill, Debby knew full well that the woman was heterosexual so it would merely be a case of doing each other a favor, wouldn't it? She looked directly, meaningfully, into those glowing green eyes and she drew her hand away, leaving her cunt naked to Rebecca's gaze and, if the woman wanted, to her touch.

But then Rebecca moved away, turning. "I'll be right back," she said. She went into the bedroom. Debby, confused by the departure, wondering what was going on, cupped her pussy again, as if to hold the fiery lust contained within her loins.

Rebecca returned a moment later. She had something in her hand. Debby gasped.

"Oh, wow!" she said. "Interested?" Rebecca asked. "I sure am!"

Rebecca was holding a huge rubber prick.

Chapter EIGHT

"Have you ever used a dildo?" Rebecca asked.

"No. But some of my friends at school have -- and I'd like to," Debby said, gazing at the massive tool. It was long and thick and molded very realistically, complete with a big, mushroom-shaped knob and prominent veins. At the root was attached a leather harness. Debby giggled. Her daddy would have been most surprised had he realized the sort of instruction that Rebecca was giving Debby, she thought. This was obviously not quite what he'd had in mind.

Rebecca sat beside the girl on the couch.

"Shall I show you how?" she asked.

Debby didn't think that such a demonstration was necessary, for it was pretty obvious what the dildo was for and how it was used, but she loved the idea of watching Rebecca fuck herself with it.

She nodded with enthusiasm.

Rebecca held the rubber dick to her mouth. She licked it, just as if it was a real cock. The leather harness dangled down over her big tits. Debby knew what that harness was for. She knew it was so that one woman could strap it on and fuck another one, just as if she really had a cock, as if she were a man. She didn't suppose that she and Rebecca would do that, of course, both being heterosexual. She watched the redhead's tongue glide over the big knob, lubricating it. When the rubber tool was slathered with saliva, Rebecca lowered it into her crotch.

"Look at me -- my cunt," she whispered.

Debby had no intention of looking anywhere else.

Rebecca began to work the fat knob around in her sodden slot and rub it against her tingling love bud. Cunt juice flowed down her crotch and waked the dildo, blending with her saliva. Then she tilted her wrist and began to feed the thick prick up her hole. She pushed it up inch by inch. Her cunt lips sucked on it.

"Oh, that looks good," Debby sighed.

"It feels lovely," said the woman.

She began to fuck herself slowly, pulling the tool out until only the fat knob was in her cunt, then pushing the whole length up. Her hips slowly rotated as she ground herself onto the dildo. Her gently rounded belly heaved and her thighs tightened, spreading, clamping, then spreading wide again. Debby leaned right over her crotch, staring in fascination, watching the stalk appear and vanish just as, earlier, she had watched her father's prick do the same.

The sight was making Debby's cunt smolder fiercely, all ready to get stuffed full of fat rubber dick. It was also, for some reason, making the girl's mouth water, as well. Her tongue was tingling almost as much as her clit. She wondered about that, but she didn't worry about it. She was far too hot to care.

Rachel kept pushing the dong up her twat with the same slow, wrist-tilting movement.

The leather harness dragged over her parted thighs. Debby ticked up one end of that leather harness and began to nibble on the strap. It was a strangely erotic gesture. Rebecca stared at the girl's face, intrigued. Rebecca had not been absolutely sure how far Debby would be willing to go, before. Now she realized that there would be no limitations on their fun and games.

Rebecca drew the dildo from her snatch.

The fat knob popped out like a cork from a bottle. Her pussy slurped, not caring to be vacated, the very nature of her oversexed loins abhorring a vacuum.

"Want to try it?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," Debby said enthusiastically.

"You can stop by and use it anytime you like, honey," said Rebecca. "It's not as good as a real cock, I know -- but it's better than a finger. You can take it home with you, too -- you might like to sleep with it stuck right up your cunt all night. I do."

She held the rubber prick out.

Debby reached for it.

A wicked gleam flashed in Rebecca's eyes.

"You'd better lick it, first," she said. "The way that I did -- to get it slippery."

Debby looked back and forth between Rebecca and the dildo. She saw the excitement in the redhead's eyes, the longing and the lust. And she saw that the dildo certainly needed no saliva for it was as slippery as it could possibly get, lathered and coated with Rebecca's cunt juice. But it had been no miscalculation of Rebecca's part, Debby knew. The woman wanted Debby to lap up her love juices.

And Debby wanted to.

Rebecca, holding the rubber prick by the hilt, held the fat knob out to Debby's lips. Debby kissed the tip, lightly, then began to lick it. Her tongue glided around the knob, then flared down the stalk. She purred like a cat at a bowl of cream. Rebecca's cunt juice was delicious, even when tasted second hand. She just knew it would be the most succulent thing in the world if she were to drink it right out of the woman's fiery cunt. Except maybe for a man's cum. She wished that the dildo were a real, flesh and blood and jism prick -- that she was lapping Rebecca's cunt juice off a real cock and that the cock would soon add a huge dose of cum to the feast. She took the knob into her lips and sucked lovingly upon it. Her cheeks hollowed in and her lips turned outwards as she concentrated on sucking. Rebecca was thrilled by the sight. She, too, wished that they had a real cock to share between them. She would love to watch this teenage nymph milk a big prick and swallow a load of cum.

Rebecca drew the rubber dick from Debby's mouth.

Debby, understanding, lay back along the couch. She lifted one knee. The other leg was extended, foot on the floor. She arched her slender back and pushed her crotch up like a platform. Rebecca fitted the head of the cock into Debby's gaping, soaking slot.

She began to work it in.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Debby wailed, in rapture.

Inch by inch, Rebecca fed the fat prick to her virginal hole. She began to move it in and out, only an inch or two on the initial strokes, then push-pulling the whole length in and out. She angled the thrust so that the shaft ran over Debby's burning love bud. Then, with her free hand, she began to finger that vibrant nugget, adding manual stimulation to the act. Debby had never known such a wondrous sensation before. She stared down through misty eyes, looking along the arched slope of her body, seeing Rebecca poised just over her crotch, above her belly, framed by her upthrust tits. She saw that Rebecca's face was contorted by lust. The sexy redhead looked hungry.

Suddenly, to Debby's dismay, Rebecca pulled the prick out.

"Oh! Don't stop," Debby wailed.

Rebecca had shifted away. She stood up. She held the dildo in front of her loins and drew the straps around her hips, fastening the harness so that the dildo sprouted from her belly just as if she had had a cock transplanted to her, or as if she were a man with tits. Debby stared at this strange male-female figure in awe. She had never seen anything as wildly sensual and erotic, the best of both worlds, cock and cunt combined, fat tits and soft lips, the sensuousness of the soft female body equipped with a rock hard pecker.

"Fuck me!" Debby cried.

She spread her legs wide.

Rebecca mounted her. She didn't place the prick in Debby's crotch, at first. Straddling the girl's slim hips, she offered the rubber cock to her face. Debby bowed her head down, took the knob in her mouth and began to suck on it. It was just as if a man were fucking her in the mouth, she thought. If only the dildo could shoot! If that rubber cock could only come! But Rebecca, mistress of that prick, could come. Cunt juice was dripping from her parted gash and splattering down on Debby's belly, so hot it burned her flesh. Debby sucked merrily away. Rebecca's lush hips rotated. She pushed her belly in and out, fucking into the girl's face, feeding the prick to her. She held Debby's face in both hands and fucked her in the mouth. Her thighs tightened and relaxed with the motion and her ass brushed back and forth over Debby's tits. Both girls were totally abandoned to passion now. Debby realized that she was fingering Rebecca's cunt as it writhed above her. She hadn't even thought about doing it, her hand had just moved there of its own initiative. She continued to push her fingers up the steaming slot and roll her thumb around on the woman's clit.

Rebecca pulled out of Debby's mouth and moved down.

Debby brought her hand to her lips and began to lap the redhead's cunt juice from her fingers.

Rebecca fitted the dildo to Debby's cunt and pushed it in. She began fucking her furiously. Her big, firm, flaring ass rolled and humped. Her smooth belly slapped against Debby's. Debby threw her legs up and, clamped her thighs around Rebecca's hips, moving with her, pushing her cunt down as Rebecca drove the dick up.

I'm getting fucked! Debby thought.

It was her first ever fuck -- and she didn't give a damn that it happened to be a woman on the other end of that lovely prick!

Rebecca cupped her hands under Debby's ass, lifting her crotch higher as she plowed in. Her fat tits swayed above Debby. Debby reached up to fondle them with both hands. The nipples were like sticks of dynamite in her palms. She arched, lifting, so that she could take those stiff tit tips into her lips and suck on them, head switching back and forth as she mouthed each, in turn.

The thrill exploded in Debby's belly.

She fell back, arching deeply.

"Come! Come, baby!" Rebecca urged.

"I'm coming!" Debby wailed.

Her cunt creamed on the huge, thrusting joystick.

Wave after wave of joy coursed through her as she shuddered and squirmed and thrashed about on the couch. Rebecca kept feeding the dick to her steadily, working off the girl's orgasm to the end, pumping out every spasm and every drop.

Debby smiled dreamily.

"Oh, that was so nice," she said.

Rebecca drew the dildo out and looked speculatively down at the happy virgin, wondering if, now that she had come, Debby might suffer misgivings and doubts about what they'd done.

She needn't have worried.

"Let me fuck you, now," said Debby.

Debby strapped the dildo on.

Her cunt was satisfied for the moment, and yet she felt as horny as she had been before she creamed. It was passion of the imagination, lust that went beyond the physical, a psychological need to satisfy her lover in turn. Debby did, in fact, think that what they were doing was wicked but she loved it all the more because of that.

She looked down at her belly, watching the dildo bounce before her, thrilled at being fitted with a prick.

"I want to fuck you like Daddy did," she said.

Rebecca grinned. She stood up and placed her hands on the back on the couch. Debby stepped in behind her. She fingered her twat for a moment, but that fiery hole needed no preliminary loveplay. It could not get any hotter or wetter or more wide open. Debby placed the head of the dildo into Rebecca's pussy and ran the whole thing up the redhead with the first long stroke.

Rebecca's juicy ass began to revolve.

Debby held her by the hips, then reached up to grip her tits as they swayed beneath her. She stroked her flanks and her ass. She fingered her clit. Her hands moved all over the woman, while her hips kept pouring the rubber dong in and pulling it out.

Rebecca, incandescent from the start, came in a minute.

Her cunt juice flooded down her thighs and soaked Debby's belly as it poured in rivers down the dildo.

Rebecca sank face down onto the couch.

When she turned a few moments later, she saw that Debby had removed the dildo from her hips and was licking the sticky knob. Her pink tongue coiled. Rebecca could see her cunt juice on Debby's tongue and the sight fired her anew. One orgasm, in a situation like this, was only the beginning. She motioned and Debby sat beside her.

They kissed, swapping tongues juicily.

They fondled each other's tits. Debby's head went, down and she sucked Rebecca's nipples and ran her tongue up her deep cleavage. Then she threw her head and shoulders back, lifting her own tits, while Rebecca sucked and tongued her nipples.

The dildo, abandoned, lay on the floor. That rubber device had served its purpose, and well, but now it was time for the girls to get together in a more intimate fashion.

Chapter NINE

Across the corridor, in his own apartment, Bill Robinson had a big hard on again. He was always a potent, horny fellow and, for some reason, he was inspired by the knowledge that his sexy daughter was, at the moment, talking about sex with his mistress. He wondered what they were saying? He wondered if Rebecca was going into details or just speaking in general terms? He wished that he could overhear the talk. He also wished that they would finish soon so that he could call upon Rebecca and get his cock and balls emptied once more. He fought the urge to jerk off. That seemed like a terrible waste of a hard-on and a load of cum when, shortly, he would have Rebecca's cunt or mouth in which to empty his passion.

But they seemed to be taking a long time over there. What on earth was taking so long?

Bill would have been surprised, had he known.

Rebecca was licking Debby's throat, tonguing her ear, moving across to her lips.

"I want..." she whispered.


"I want to..."

"Yes?" Debby sighed. They were kissing now, open mouthed, panting into each other's mouths.

"I want to suck your cunt," Rebecca said.

"I know," whispered Debby. "I want you to. And I want to suck you, too, Rebecca. I'm hungry for your pussy."

She was. Debby felt an actual, physical hunger for Rebecca's hot cunt. It had been building up ever since she had licked the first drop of the woman's cunt juice from the dildo. Whenever, in the past, Debby had thought about having oral sex with another girl, she had thought about being on the receiving end. She would have been willing to give some head in return, but she had considered it as simply returning a favor, not something to enjoy but a payment for the enjoyment she had had. But that had been make believe, mere fantasy.

Now that she had experienced the delights of a woman's body, she realized that sucking would be every bit as wonderful as being sucked. Her mouth was watering. She pretended that Rebecca's mouth was a cunt, as she pushed her tongue in and licked her lips. Rebecca's lips were cunt lips, her tongue was a fat, throbbing clit, her throat was a womb. Debby moaned and whimpered with animal lust.

But Debby had to wait her turn.

Rebecca was every bit as ravenous.

She gently pushed Debby down on the couch. Debby's legs spread and she smiled in expectation. Her tongue glided across her lips as she thought about where that tongue would soon be, but first she was going to get sucked off for the first time in her life, a pleasure she had longed for for ages.

Rebecca lowered her face to Debby's crotch. Debby gazed down, wanting to see the woman's face as it buried itself between her slim thighs and Rebecca looked up at her, her expression taut with desire. Lust, carried along the path of their vision, flashed between them, mutually acknowledged. Rebecca didn't go down on her right away. She fingered Debby's clit and labia for a moment, looking directly up the girl's creamy gash, anticipating the feast. Her tongue pushed out. Debby felt a tremor, her whole body shook. Then, using only her tongue, at first, Rebecca began working on her pussy.

It was even better than Debby had hoped. Rebecca was an artist. She used her tongue like the paint brush of a master on the oily canvas of Debby's crotch. She tongued gently, tracing the wide-spread lips, then flutter licked her clit. She spread Debby's pussy open with her fingertips and pushed her tongue right up the girl's smoldering hole, tongue-fucking with relish.

"Ooooh," Debby moaned.

"Ummm," sighed Rebecca, as the girl's delicious cunt juice flowed over her tastebuds.

Rebecca began using her whole mouth then. Fitting her lips to Debby's slot, she sucked.

She took the girl's turbulent clit in her lips and pulled lovingly, adoringly on it, sending electric spasms darting through Debby's loins. Her tongue slurped up the slot, her whole face ground around in that sodden glen. Rebecca's face was coated with cunt juice from chin to forehead. Debby closed her thighs around the redhead's face, then opened them wide. She arched her back, then bowed it. She couldn't tell which position felt best. Deep within her loins, a fiery glow began.

"Cream for me, baby," Rebecca panted, speaking the words right up the echo chamber of Debby's cunt.

"Yes -- milk me!" Debby wailed.

Rebecca's tongue flashed and flared. Her lips pulled and dragged. Cunt juice poured over her tongue and into her mouth. She gulped it down greedily and sucked for more, wild with hunger, ravenous and voracious and relentless.

Debby cried out in ecstasy.

Her cunt melted in Rebecca's mouth.

Rebecca kept sucking, draining every drop of lust and working off every last spasm of the girl's joy. When, at last, Debby stopped thrashing, Rebecca raised her face, smiling with creamy lips.

"Nice?" she asked.

"It was lovely," Debby purred.

"It was delicious," said the redhead.

"I'm hungry, too," Debby said, and her tongue slid across her lips in anticipation.

Feed me, Rebecca. Rebecca fed her.

Rebecca moved up and straddled Debby's upturned face. Her dripping cunt was poised a few inches above Debby's mouth and Debby was lapping at the air even before they made contact. Rebecca slowly lowered her crotch onto Debby's face and Debby began lapping and sucking for all she was worth. She had never done this before, of course, but that was no problem. The instant she felt Rebecca's twat against her lips, she realized that cunt sucking did not have to be learned, that it required no experience or practice but was a thing that a girl knew instinctively how to do. She slurped and sucked with gusto. Thick juice poured from Rebecca's cunt and ran into Debby's open mouth.

She swallowed it.

The more she drank, the hungrier she became.

"Come, come, come," she panted.

Her hands cupped Rebecca's ass, lifting the woman's crotch over her face like a goblet from which she was draining the dregs. Her tongue pried and wedged up the hole, her lips pulled desperately on the flaring nugget of electric lust.

Rebecca threw her head and shoulders back. Her face switched from side to side, flaming hair tumbling in wild disarray. She cried out and her whole lush body shuddered.

"Take it! Take my cream!"

Debby opened her mouth wide, clamping her lips over Rebecca's whole cunt like a suction cup as she sucked out the hot cunt juice that gushed forth in Rebecca's climax.

She drank it all and used her tongue to gather up the quick silvery drops that escaped her lips and ran down Rebecca's crotch and thighs. Sucking was every bit as good as being sucked, through Debby.

She was awfully glad that her daddy had asked Rebecca to tell her about the birds and the bees.

Chapter TEN

"There's one problem with making love to another girl, though," Debby said. They were sitting side by side again, stroking and fondling each other as they waited for passion to renew itself.

"Oh?" said Rebecca.

Rebecca saw no problem whatsoever.

"Well, not really a problem," Debby said. "But the thing is -- well, it's like a vicious circle. I mean, when I'm sucking your cunt, I get hot. Then I want to be sucked. And when you do me, you get hot, in turn. So how do we ever end it, get satisfied together?"

Rebecca laughed.

"Why, that's simple," she said. "We come at the same time."

"How?" Debby, innocent girl that she was, asked.

"Why, we sixty-nine."

Debby's eyes lighted up.

"Oh, what a clever idea," she said.

She kissed Rebecca.

"Let's," she said.

And they did -- which was why, when Bill Robinson walked in, a few minutes later, he was confronted by a remarkable sight.

Bill was too impatient to wait any longer, and his prick was throbbing almost painfully. He decided to go across to Rebecca's and see what was taking place. After all, he reasoned, they might have already finished their educational conversation and simply be having a cup of tea or something. Bill paused at the door to the redhead's place.

He had a key. She had given him one so that he could slip over and join her in bed after Debby was safely tucked away. They had managed, so they thought, to keep their love affair secret from the girl. In doing so, it had been necessary for Bill to cross the corridor at unlikely hours. Rebecca, once she got into bed, hated to get up again, even to answer the door, until she'd had at least one orgasm, so giving the man a key was the simplest solution. But now Bill wondered if he should use it.

He certainly didn't want Debby to know that he had a key to Rebecca's apartment.

But the two girls would no doubt be in the front room and wouldn't hear the key in the lock.

And he didn't want to spy on them in case they were still talking about the birds and the bees.

He would have loved to overhear that conversation out of both curiosity and less wholesome motivations.

If he rang the bell, he might well interrupt them at some crucial, salient point in the conversation. That would never do. He might ruin the mood and cause his daughter's sexual education to receive a grievous set back. So it was only logical that he enter silently and, if they were still discussing sex, he could leave again with no harm done. Well, he might linger for a moment, just listen to a few snatches of the talk, he thought -- just to make sure they were on the right track -- and strictly for his daughter's sake, of course.

He unlocked the door and opened it quietly.

He padded softly down the hallway, feeling a mild thrill, like a burglar in an occupied house. As he approached the door to the front room, he could hear muffled sounds. He lifted his eyebrows. The girls seemed to be whispering very softly. He supposed that they must be talking about some rather kinky aspect of sex, some naughty element that Rebecca thought it necessary to mention but felt slightly uncomfortable about. The idea fascinated him.

What on earth could she be telling Debby in that soft voice? Maybe she was explaining about oral sex, thought Bill with a surge of lust. God, he would love to hear that! And Rebecca was certainly qualified, he knew for a fact. Of course, Debby would, probably be blushing furiously as she listened to such talk. But didn't he hear Debby, too, whispering? He paused, listening hard. He couldn't make out any words, at all, just that soft murmuring. It didn't sound exactly like a whisper, either, come to think of it. It was more like a soft moan or heavy breathing or maybe whimpering.

Bill was more intrigued than ever.

He moved up to the door and looked in.

He almost fainted.

It took the amazed fellow a few moments to figure out who was who amidst that cluster of naked flesh on the floor, for the bodies of his daughter and his mistress were intertwined like a tangled knot, but it was easy to see that they were making love. Bill's mind spun wildly about. His eyes bulged out and his lower jaw dropped almost to his breastbone.

Rebecca was on her back.

Debby was astride her in the inverted position.

Debby's head was buried in Rebecca's crotch and Debby's crotch was jammed over Rebecca's face. Both girls were squirming in ecstasy and sucking away with gusto. Bill could hear the slippery sound of two tongues gliding through two wet pussies -- that sound that he had mistaken for whispering -- and he could hear them both panting with passion as they heaved together.

Bill was torn by indecision.

It was just like it had been when he watched his daughter jacking off Tommy. His impulse was to rush in and interrupt them and yet he was so thrilled by the sight that he wanted to watch it as it rose towards the juicy conclusion. But in this case, a third option existed, one that he had not considered when he had watched Debby and Tommy. One which he was ashamed to admit even now.

Bill wanted to rush in there and cut that sex knot with the big sword in his pants!

Confused, bemused and undecided, he stood in the doorway.

Debby tongued merrily away, loving the thrill of sixty-nining. As her hot tongue glided up Rebecca's sodden slot and she felt Rebecca's tongue weaving the same carnal magic on her own cunt, she wondered if anything else could ever feel as good as this? Well, maybe -- but certainly not any better. How could it? What more could a girl want than to be drinking cunt juice at one end and pumping it out at the other? Her tongue felt as hot as her clit. She didn't know which end felt better. And she knew that it was just as wonderful for Rebecca, for her face was being burned by the raging inferno that had been ignited in the redhead's loins.

"Come with me," she panted.

Rebecca gasped a muffled affirmative.

The thrill built up in both girls at the same frenzied pace. It seemed to be the same thrill, passing through both of their linked bodies in a direct electric current, running into Debby's mouth, coursing through the damp fabric of her body and then spilling out from her cunt into Rebecca's mouth, completing the circuit. Then they were both at the peak, simultaneously, and it was the same as it had been with the rising thrill. They seemed to be sharing the same load of hot cunt juice. As Debby drank the delicious cream greedily, an equal flood gushed from her pussy into Rebecca's mouth, so that it was a never-ending supply. They were exchanging their fuck juices without spilling a single drop. Thrashing wildly together, the two oversexed girls milked each other and fed each other and the terrific climax lasted for a long time.

Then, momentarily satisfied, they stilled and lay clasped together, head to crotch.

It was Rebecca who, looking up past the slope of Debby's juicy ass, saw Bill Robinson standing over them.

"Oh-oh," Rebecca said.

Debby, mistaking the meaning of those words and thinking that Rebecca was getting hot again, said, "Ohhhh," echoing the woman, and began to tongue her cunt again.

Rebecca said, "No, I didn't say ohhhhhhh, honey -- I said oh-oh."

"Huh?" Debby said, puzzled.

She raised her face, jaws dripping, from Rebecca's cunt.

She saw her father standing there.

Then Debby said, "Oh-oh."

Debby was so mortified that she hid her head in shame. Like an ostrich she buried her head right back in Rebecca's crotch.

Rebecca, however, was less inhibited and she had, furthermore, noticed the gigantic lump in Bill's trousers. She managed a faint, rather sheepish smile.

"Rebecca! How could you?" Bill groaned. "Well, what did you think sex education was?" Rebecca said.

"I certainly didn't expect you to seduce my daughter," he rasped, glaring at Rebecca but at the same time gazing at his daughter's wet cunt just over Rebecca's face.

"It's your fault, Daddy!" Debby wailed, her face still jammed into the redhead's lovebox, her words muffled.

"My fault?"

"If I hadn't seen you screwing Rebecca this morning, I wouldn't have been so hot," Debby said.

"Good Lord!" Bill gasped.

The man couldn't think clearly at the moment. There was too much blood, too much of his life force and vitality rushing into his prick. His mind was clouded and dazed. He wasn't sure what he should do about this strange situation, but he did know that he wasn't going to be able to think logically until he'd emptied his cock and balls. After that there would be time enough for recriminations or forgiveness and understanding, whichever it might happen to be.

He said, "Debby -- leave the room!"

Debby moved off Rebecca but she didn't go far.

Bill whipped open his fly and hauled his prick out. Debby gave a little gasp and Rebecca smiled wickedly. Bill realized that his daughter was still there but he didn't give a damn in his urgency. Anyhow, Debby had already seen him screwing Rebecca once, so he didn't guess it would be so terrible if she saw him fuck her a second time and, since she was a cuntsucker already, he didn't suppose that the sight would inspire the girl to any further depravity.

He dropped to his knees between Rebecca's spread thighs. The redhead arched lithely. Bill ran his steaming prick up her twat. He began to shovel the meat to her savagely, like a stoker feeding a raging furnace, banging away in a frenzy.

Debby watched her father's big balls swing in and out. The girl's shame had ebbed now. After all, if her father would fuck a woman right in front of her, what did she have to be ashamed about? And the sight was making her horny as could be as well. It occurred to the naughty little virgin that the best, way to assure that there were no recriminations and castigation's, afterwards, was to get her daddy totally involved so that his guilt equaled her own.

She moved behind Bill.

A wicked smile turned up the corners of her mouth. Leaning in, Debby began licking her father's balls.

"My God," Bill gasped, staring down at Rebecca, who was smiling up at him.

"Debby is lapping my balls!" he said in amazement.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" said Rebecca.

And then Bill, too, was smiling.

"It sure does!" he cried and he began to plow his prick up Rebecca's pussy with vigor.

Seeing that her daddy was not going to stop her from joining in, Debby squirmed closer. She began to tongue the shaft of his cock as it came pulling out of Rebecca's cunt, all slathered with cunt juice. She tilted her head and fitted her lips to the stalk, so that he was fucking through her mouth as he slid in and out of Rebecca's pussy. The double stimulation of mouth and cunt, along with the inspiration of having seen his daughter sucking cunt and the thrill of oral incest, drove Bill straight to the crest of his passion. Howling like a beast in torment, he blew a huge dose of cum into Rebecca's pussy. He came with such force that he almost blew her right off his prick. The man had been so horny that it all came out in that one mighty torrent, his balls emptying completely in the one tremendous spurt.

He pulled out.

Debby gave the head of his prick a lick as it passed her face. Cum and cunt juice were flooding out of Rebecca's vacated cunt, and Debby clamped her mouth to that streaming fount and sucked the cream up hungrily. Bill rolled onto his back beside them, panting.

Above his loins, his cock stood like a tower.

Chapter ELEVEN

Debby slurped all that succulent juice out of Rebecca's twat, then lifted her head and gazed at the woman's face. She saw that Rebecca was looking at Bill. Debby turned and stared at her father. He was stretched out on his back, his chest heaving, obviously exhausted by the frantic energy with which he'd fucked Rebecca, but his cock was far from exhausted. That magnificent hunk of meat stood over his belly like a lighthouse, the knob glowing like a beacon, warning of the rocky reef below.

Debby gave a little whimper and licked her lips.

Rebecca winked at Debby. Rebecca rolled onto her belly and crawled over to Bill. He watched her with baleful eyes. She bobbed her head down and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

Debby moved close, watching, fascinated. She saw Rebecca's red lips turn outwards as they collared that big, purple crown. She saw her cheeks hollow in as she sucked. Debby wailed and began to drool.

Rebecca drew her lips away.

"Want a taste?" she asked.

"Oooooh, yes!"

Rebecca turned towards Bill.

"Debby wants to suck your cock, darling," she whispered. "Your daughter wants to suck your big prick..."

"No!" Bill croaked. "It's wrong!"

But he didn't move.

"Of course it's wrong," said the wicked redhead. "That's what makes it so nice."

She folded her fist around the root of his prick and held it steady for Debby. Debby squirmed closer. She hesitated for a moment, anticipating the pleasure of that hot mouthful.

She began to tongue the knob.

Bill groaned in agony and ecstasy. But he made no effort to stop her. As her tongue coiled around his cockhead, a thin trickle of jism seeped out. Debby gave a little cry of hunger and gathered the hot stuff up with her tongue. She let it slide around on her tastebuds for a moment, savoring it, then she began tonguing him again. Rebecca looked on approvingly.

"Why don't you take him in your mouth, Debby?" Rebecca asked. "Why don't you suck him off and drink his cum?"

Bill had stopped protesting.

His face was mangled by lust and his pecker was banging away like an overheated jackhammer.

"Shall I?" the little nymph said, smiling, knowing what the answer was going to be.

"Yes," Rebecca sighed.

Bill took a deep breath.

"Oh, Christ," he gasped. "Suck me off, Debby!"

Debby took his cock into her mouth and began to suck. It was just like it had been when she sucked Rebecca's cunt for the first time, she realized. Although she had never sucked a prick before, she knew instinctively how to do it, as if her mouth had been created for the specific purpose of sucking cocks. The huge knob seemed designed to fit perfectly into her mouth. Her lips and cheeks molded themselves to the configuration and her nimble tongue began to sweep back and forth against the underside of the hot head. She adored it. She loved the taste and the texture and the fiery heat. She began to bob up and down, taking him deeper into her mouth. Rebecca was still holding the root of his prick and now she began to slowly frig him up and down, helping Debby bring him to the peak.

Rebecca was just as anxious to see Bill come in his daughter's mouth as Debby was to have him feed her his jism. Rebecca's fist rose to meet Debby's lips as the girl bobbed down, then drew back, causing Bill's cockhead to flare within his daughter's mouth.

Bill humped up from the floor, driving his mighty cock upwards as Debby lowered her face onto it, fucking her in the mouth through the collar of Rebecca's fist.

His prick swelled, filling both of Debby's cheeks at the same time, the tip lodging in her gullet.

The cum was flowing steadily from his cleft knob now, soaking her tongue and cheeks, and the taste was making the girl ravenous for the full feast to follow. She sucked for all she was worth and her head rose and fell faster and faster.

Cocksucking was wonderful! There are going to be an awful lot of lucky young men in town from now on, she thought. It might not do her reputation much good, but she no longer cared about that. Even before she'd finished blowing her daddy, Debby was planning to suck off half the boys in school -- and some of the girls, as well. But she also hoped that this wouldn't be the only time she would get to suck her father's prick. Debby wanted to blow her daddy every day. She worked away with relish, her eyes crossing as she stared down at the fat stalk that was bolting her mouth to his balls.

She saw his balls expand like balloons.

"Come, darling," Rebecca urged, her voice whimpering. "Shoot in your daughter's sweet mouth, Bill!"

"Umpfff," Debby said, unable to vocalize with that huge mouthful of steaming meat.

Bill wailed.

His prick went off like a rocket. He hosed Debby's gullet with a thick spurt of scum and the cum-starved girl gulped it down greedily, making room for his second steaming flood. The thick cream overflowed her lips and bubbled down his shaft and she bobbed her had down and gathered it back into her mouth, wanting to drink every single drop, growing hungrier even as she fed.

She drained him bone dry. "Nice?" Rebecca asked.

Debby was licking her lips. "Yummy," she sighed.

Debby kissed Rebecca in gratitude. Rebecca had been very generous to let Debby drink all that sweet spunk when she was no doubt hungry for it herself. Debby figured that she really ought to suck Rebecca off again to show her appreciation.

But Bill's prick was still standing, as big and as hard and as hot as ever it had been.

Bill's eyes were closed.

This was wicked, he thought. I shouldn't let my daughter suck my cock and drink my cum. He felt a soft thigh brush against his heated flank, a belly glide over his.

He felt a cunt glide into place on his prick.

It must be Rebecca, he told himself.

It's bad enough letting Debby blow me but I would never fuck my own daughter! Yes, it certainly must be Rebecca! he thought.

He kept his eyes closed.

The soft, wet cunt slowly pushed over his cockhead and ran down his stalk. He felt hot cunt lips spread out over his root like a suction cup, clamping them together.

Rebecca's cunt was much, much tighter than it had ever been before, Bill realized. How very strange. But he kept his eyes closed as he wondered why the redhead's pussy had tightened so wonderfully. It was almost as if Rebecca had become a virgin again.

The cunt began to ride his cock, gliding up and down slowly, working on him with suction, wringing his prick. He heard the girl moan with joy. He opened his eyes.

Debby was astride him, fucking herself on his prick.

Bill groaned.

Then, unable to do otherwise, he began to hump off the floor, into his daughter's sweet pussy.

Rebecca looked on with pride. She had taught the girl well, she knew. Debby's plump titties were bouncing merrily as the girl rose and fell on Bill's towering cock. The huge rod seemed to be too wide for that sweet little cunt, but it was going in all the way, burying itself to the hilt as Debby pushed down onto it.

Rebecca move in, lapping at Bill's balls, then lifted up to run her tongue up the crack of Debby's churning ass. She spread the girl's cheeks apart and pushed her tongue right up Debby's taut little asshole, rimming her juicily. Going down again, she traced along Debby's cunt lips with her tongue, then shoved that tongue right up her hole alongside Bill's cock.

Debby creamed.

Cunt juice poured down Bill's stalk.

Her pussy sank down onto the slippery meat and Rebecca lapped away, tonguing cock and cunt at the same time.

Bill felt his daughter's pussy cream on his prick. His whole body went rigid. His balls blew savagely and the hot sap rushed up his cock and hosed Debby's cunt with a powerful jet of jism. He dosed her with a second spurt, then a third, as the girl thrilled to the sensation of feeling hot cum fill her cunt for the first time. She continued to ride him until she had milked out every drop of his spunk and worked off every last spasm of her own orgasm.

Debby dismounted.

Rebecca lapped Bill's prick until it glistened, then sucked the mingled juices out of Debby's twat.

Bill's prick finally began to soften.

But not for long -- and they had all day. Bill had already come in his daughter's mouth and in her cunt, and he figured that the sin would not be any the worse for repetition. And Rebecca deserved some attention as well because she had been so kind to tell Debby all about the birds and the bees. It was a long afternoon.

Chapter TWELVE

Peggy Robinson, that errant wife, came home at midnight.

Peggy was a beautiful woman. She looked very much like her daughter, soft and curvaceous and sexy. A lot of lucky men had discovered how sexy she was during the last two weeks. Peggy, in her quest to discover who she was, had been a very naughty woman. But now she had tired of her promiscuity. She missed her husband and she had come home.

She felt guilty and ashamed of herself and she entered the apartment quietly. She didn't want to awaken Debby. She wanted to have a chance to talk things over with Bill, to confess her sins and to see if he wanted her back. She felt foolish, too, for although she'd screwed dozens of men, none of them could hold a candle -- let alone a cock -- to her husband.

She was terrified that Bill might no longer want her. She couldn't blame him. She had been awfully silly.

The apartment was dark.

She figured that Bill was asleep. It gave her an idea. She decided to take her clothing off and slip into bed with him. She figured that he must be terribly horny by this time and if she were naked beside him he would be more inclined to be forgiving -- even if only to get a piece of ass. And once they had made love, his mood would probably be better.

Peggy stripped naked.

She went into the dark bedroom silently. She could just make out the outline of her husband in bed and she drew the covers back and slipped in beside him. She thought that she might go down on him while he was still asleep. If he woke up with his prick in her mouth, he would certainly be inclined to be loving.

But then he stirred.

"Who?" he muttered.

He reached out. His hand touched her tit.

"It's me, darling -- I've come home," Peggy whispered.

"Peggy? Oh, Christ," he said.

Peggy winced. He didn't seem happy to see her at all. There was something else in his tone as well. It was hard to say what it was. He sounded almost embarrassed or guilty, she thought. But that was silly. He had no reason to feel that way. It was she who was to blame. She snuggled against him. He stiffened.

"Will you take me back, Bill?" she asked.

"I suppose."

"Bill, I've been awfully bad," she told him. She felt that she had to confess, to be completely honest with him -- that she could not come back under false pretenses.

"It's all right," he said, still sounding strange.

"Bill, I have to tell you -- I've slept with a lot of men. I took a room in a hotel downtown and made a point of getting picked up in the bar. The first time -- the night I left -- I was shy about it. But then I let a man come up to my room and I blew him, Bill. Then he fucked me. After that, it was easy. It was one right after the other, every day. I blew some of them. They all fucked me."

"All right," Bill said.

"You don't hate me?"

"No," he said.

"I did another bad thing, too," she said.

"What was that?" His voice was distant, his body stiff.

"Last night. There was a woman at the bar, alone. A very sexy woman. She kept looking at me and I started talking to her. Bill, she was a lesbian. She came right out and told me so and I wanted her, Bill. I invited her up to my room and we made love."

"How?" Bill asked, and his voice had changed now.

"She ate my cunt, darling, and I ate her, too."

Amazingly enough, Bill chuckled.

"And then we picked up a man, both of us, we brought this man back to the room and let him watch while we sucked each other off, then we both sucked him and sucked him and..."

Bill was laughing aloud now.

Peggy couldn't understand it at all. Why on earth should he think that was funny?

"Why are you laughing, Bill?" she asked, puzzled.

"You've just solved a big problem, honey," he said. "I'm glad you told me about that -- about the woman and sharing the guy."

Peggy wondered what on earth he was talking about.

She was snuggled up against him and now she ran her hand down his flat belly, intending to start fondling his prick as a prelude to making love. But she couldn't fondle his prick.

His prick was buried in a mouth. Peggy's fingers traced around the lips that were clamped over the head of her husband's cock and she gave a little gasp.

"Bill -- you have a woman in bed!"

"A girl," he said.

Peggy hesitated for a moment. Then she said, "I don't blame you, darling -- I did run off and leave you so I don't mind you having a girl but what about Debby? Does she know?"

"She sure does," said Bill, chuckling again. "Oh, dear -- well, I suppose that she's old enough to understand."

"Yeah, Peggy, she's old enough."

The mouth on Bill's prick had begun to suck, the head rising and falling rhythmically. It made Peggy envious, if not jealous.

"Are you going to come in her mouth?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"I hope you'll have some left for me, darling. I've missed your big prick so much."

Suddenly the mystery girl at the foot of the bed shifted. Peggy gave a little gasp. The girl had started to tongue her cunt!

"Bill! She's bi-sexual!" Peggy gasped.

"Isn't that convenient?" said Bill.

Peggy clung to Bill, kissing him passionately.

Her pussy creamed in that unknown, talented mouth.

The girl returned to Bill's prick to finish that delayed job.

Peggy heard his cum bubble out.

The three of them clustered together. It wasn't until some time later that, wondering what the girl looked like, Peggy turned on the light. When she saw that it was Debby, she cried out in astonishment. But her shock didn't last. It was far better to cry out in passion.

In the morning, Rebecca joined them.


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