A voyeur mom

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modem everyday life. Yet, sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone's antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

A VOYEUR MOM is a dramatic representation of a family a mother, her son and her daughter who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface. They are people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to be completely honest with themselves and their desires.

Chapter ONE

Mrs. Duncan sure was sexy, Jeff thought.

The voluptuous redhead had answered the door wearing a frilly, semi-transparent nightie. Jeff had been able to see the stiff points of her big tits and the shadowed outline of her bushy cunt-mound though the sheer material. He'd had to hide his rising hard-on behind his toolbox.

Now he wondered if she was kinky, as well. Jeff was a journeyman carpenter and Jenny Duncan had hired him to install a pair of mirrors in her bedroom but it wasn't as simple as that. The mirrors were made of one-way glass, reflective like any mirror on one side but transparent from the other side, so that a person could look through without being seen.

There were three bedrooms in a row in the Duncan house and she was having him place the spying mirrors in the master bedroom, which was in the middle, so that anyone Mrs. Duncan herself, presumably in that center room would be able to observe the bedrooms an either side.

That seemed kinky to Jeff.

At first he wondered if she might be a voyeur, planning to play the peeper on house guests. But after he got the mirrors in place, he could tell that the adjoining rooms must belong to her kids.

One was obviously a girl's room, with pink wallpaper and rock posters and a teddy bear collection. And the other, equally evident, was the room of a teenaged boy, with model airplanes and athletic equipment.

Now, why would a woman want to play Peeping Tom on her own children? wondered Jeff, who was a relatively inexperienced young man and didn't understand such things.

He was just setting the last screw into the frame when Mrs. Duncan came into the bedroom.

"Almost finished?" she asked. "Just a few more minutes," Jeff muttered, slightly abashed to find his cock stiffening again, stimulated by being in a bedroom with a curvaceous, flame-haired divorcee. It seemed quite intimate.

"Well, don't mind me," she said. "I'm just going to get dressed."

And, without the slightest hesitation, the red-haired beauty dropped her nightie and stood naked.

Jeff gulped.

Beads of seat popped out like drops of mercury on his forehead and he could feel a few drops of pre-cum, like mercury, too, dampen his forehead.

His cock was getting really excited now. His prick felt as hard as his screwdriver, and his balls were starting to pump like a blacksmith's bellows.

He gave the screw a final turn and then turned, himself, to gape at her. Jenny was sitting on the edge of the bed, rolling a nylon stocking up her lush thigh to attach it to a sexy black gaiter belt.

She was a real redhead, all right. Her vee was a jungle of curls like a burning bush. Jeff was both embarrassed and fascinated. He couldn't help but stare at those delectable tits, capped by rosy, swollen tips. Then, as she raised her knee to fasten the straps, he was rewarded by a glimpse of her cunt, all open and juicy.

"Ahhhh I'm done," he croaked.

"Oh, good," she said. She got up, wearing just the one stocking and moved toward him.

Her fat tit brushed against Jeff's arm as she looked through the mirror.

"Oh, that's perfect," she said.

"Errr it's none of my business, lady, but I was wondering why you wanted those mirrors?"

She gave him a disarming smile.

"Why, to spy on my kids," she said. "Tommy is quite a young man and Belinda is a budding teenager, and I was interested to see if they've started masturbating yet."

Jeff's Adam's apple ran up his throat like a gong ringing a carnival bell.

"You you want to stop them from practicing self-abuse, huh?" he croaked.

"Why, no, silly man," she giggled. "Frigging off is natural and healthy."

"Errrr then, why..." he stammered. "I want to watch them do it," she said. "Holy shit!" Jeff gasped, staring at her. She held his gaze, smiling. Then her eyes dropped and she looked at his groin. The front of his denim work pants was bulging out as if he'd stuffed a hammer in his fly. She raised her eyebrows, looking both amused and interested.

"Do I turn you on, Jeff?" she whispered. Jeff hesitated. He was basically shy. But he figured that it was silly to be delicate with a woman who had just admitted that she wanted to spy on her frigging kids and who was standing there naked, to boot.

He started to reply. His lips moved but no sound came out but a hoarse croak. His vocal cords seemed to be as stiff as his prick.

"You'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you?" she purred.

Jeff felt faint. So much blood had rushed into his cock that he felt, lightheaded.

"Jeez I hope you ain't a cock-teaser Mrs. Duncan," he mumbled pitifully.

Jenny Duncan laughed.

"Oh, no," she said. "I may be lots of things and all of them naughty but I'm no cock teaser."

His prick boomed. The young carpenter had to throw his head and shoulders back to counterbalance the massive weight in his groin and in the process, he was thrusting his loins out toward the lewd redhead.

His pants stuck out like a denim tent.

"Why don't you get more comfortable, Jeff?" she asked. "There doesn't seem to be enough room in your pants for your lovely big hard-on."

That hard-on, in fact, was threatening to rip its own way through the denim or maybe just burn a hole through, like a welder's torch.

Jeff reached back for his belt and Jenny took a step back, her eyes riveted to his loins. They were green eyes, the color of jade, and now they were smoldering.

Mrs. Duncan was obviously a visual person. Take carpenter unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the waistband of his pants. He began to draw the zipper down slowly. Her eyes gleamed. The zipper rasped down and his fly opened in a wide vee, the flaps folding back.

He was wearing cotton briefs and the outline of his cock and balls was molded within them, stretching the material around the shape of his formidable prick. Where the wedge-shaped knob bulged out, the white cotton had turned sticky, a damp patch of pre-cum spreading out.

"Oooooh!" the wanton woman purred, studying the size of his cotton-clad cock.

Jeff hooked his fingers under the elastic band and drew his shorts out wide of his cock and balls, tugging them down under his balls so his whole rig was revealed.

Jeff was a journeyman, and his cock seemed suited to his professional big, blunt-headed hammer of a cock towering up long and thick from a set of swollen cumbags as if poised to drive a spike.

His piss-hole was parted and the tip of the purple slab was frothy with seepage. A fat vein seamed the underside of his shaft, like electric flex on a pipe. Jenny smiled, pleased by the size of his prick and delighted to know that he had become so hard just by looking at her.

She was a woman who loved to be admired, exhibitionism being the other side of the voyeur coin.

Jeff dropped his pants and briefs and stepped out of them, then removed his faded shirt. He was lean and wiry, the narrowness of his hips emphasizing the size of his cock.

He stepped toward her.

Jenny stepped back. Each time he moved closer to her, she retreated from him. But each backward step was bringing her nearer to the bed.

Jeff had lost his shyness now and he grinned wolfishly as he followed the jutting figurehead of his prick across the room. Jenny came to the side of the bed and sat down, perched on the edge.

He moved up and stood over her, shoving his haunches out and working his cock-muscles, making that formidable weapon pulse and jolt, level with her face.

The redhead licked her lips lasciviously.

"You wanna suck it, lady?" he croaked.

She gave him a quirky sort of smile. Reaching out to the bedside table, she picked up a mirror, holding it angled so that it reflected her lovely face. She obviously liked to see what she was doing when she misbehaved, as if playing the peeper on herself.

His cock-head was smoking hot as he thrust it toward her lust-contorted face. The seepage from his piss-hole had slathered the meat like whipped cream on a fat plum.

Her tongue pushed out, fluttering.

Watching herself in the mirror, she began to lick the head of his prick, tonguing up his precum and slobbering on the cock-meat.

"Ummmm," she sighed, as the flavor of his tasty spunk registered on her tastebuds.

She held the mirror up close, staring at the reflection of her moist, pink tongue as she layed it against the purple slab of his cock-head.

She was panting and his prick was fiery hot. Her saliva steamed from his cock-meat and the glass got cloudy from her heavy breathing, fogging over.

Jeff thrust his cock out, trying to sink his knob into Jenny's sensual lips. But she turned her face, taking it along her cheek and licking at the stalk. She seemed undecided about whether she should blow him. Her mouth was obviously hungry, but her cunt was seething, too.

He humped, driving his cock-shaft across her mouth and along her cheek. She nibbled at the stalk as if she were gently gnawing a meaty bone.

Her lips were streaked with gooey pre-spunk, her tongue running with creamy ribbons. She regarded her mouth in the mirror, her eyes glowing.

But then he she gave his cock-knob a last loving slurp and sank back along the bed, evidently deciding that her pussy took precedence of her mouth.

She drew her knees up and parted her shapely thighs, tilting her pelvis upward. Her cunt was wide open and soaking wet and her taut clit was standing out like a little pink stump in a swamp.

"Fuck me, Jeff," she breathed.

He stood there for a moment, his sex-tackle looming over her loins like a crane. Then he knelt on the bed between her parted thighs. She bridged, hiking up to meet him, her trim ass lifting from the mattress.

Jeff grasped his prick by the hilt and guided the swollen knob into her fuck-slot. Tilting his wrist, he rubbed the fat slab around in her cunt and against her clit, making Jenny squeal and squirm.

Her pliable pussy-lips sucked on his meaty cock-head, pulling him deeper. The wedge-shaped knob sank in, vanishing in her swampy cunt. With his cock-knob buried, his long stalk stood out like a bolt between her cunt and his balls, spanning the gap between them.

"Give it to me shove it all in me," she moaned.

He braced his knees and his lean ass tensed. He slammed in with a lurch, burying all of his thick prick into her with the first thrust.

"Ahhhhh!" she sighed.

Jeff held his cock buried ball-deep, grinding it around in her cunt, savoring the thrill of moving every inch of his hot, hard cock enveloped in wet, clinging cunt-sleeve and letting her wriggle on the full penetration.

Jenny began to move first. She pulled her pussy halfway up his prick, then pushed it back dawn to the root. Her wet tunnel of lust molding itself around the contours of his prick, clinging to every inch.

Jeff, gasping at the sensation, held himself rigid as she frigged her pussy on his prick. Her cunt-muscles were sucking on his cock, the inner rings closing and rippling from his hilt to his cock-head. It felt as if the wanton woman were jerking him off with her pussy.

Then Jeff began to hump, fucking into her. He shoveled his prick in as she shoved her cunt down and his bloated balls swung in and slapped against the curve of her lovely ass.

As he withdrew, Jenny twisted her hips around, winding her cunt-hole around on his iron-hard cock like a juicy nut on a meaty bolt. The twisting movement was driving him wild, adding torque to the in-and-out friction.

Jeff was not very experienced, but he knew damn well that this woman's cunt was a magic box that he was never likely to sink his cock into such a skillful cunt again.

He held her under the firm cheeks of her ass, lifting her loins higher as he drove up her cunt. His steely prick hissed up her fuck-hole and as he drew back out, that soaking cunt-chute sucked hungrily on the retreating cock-rod. Her cunt-lips distended down his stalk so that he seemed to be pulling her pussy inside out.

"Hammer me, Jeff!" she gurgled.

The carpenter pounded in savagely. He was grimacing and gasping with the pleasure of her pussy. He wanted to make this lovely fuck last as long as he could, but he knew that her magic cunt was going to milk him off soon.

She clamped her voluptuous thighs around his flanks, hooking her knees and locking her heels behind his haunches. Her feet drummed on his ass, as if counting the cadence of his thrusts.

Then she threw her legs up, starting to pedal in the air behind his cock-screwing ass as if she were riding a vertical bicycle. Her feet arched out and her splendid thighs rippled with graceful sinew.

"Yeah yeah screw me, Jeff!" she wailed. Then, changing professions in her hast, she cried, "Plumb my pussy, fuck me to jelly!" Jeff was starting to vibrate and shudder all through his lean, lithe body. He humped faster, filling her fuck-box with his hard cock, drilling in to the very core of her smoldering fuck-tunnel.

His cumbags were ballooning, thudding heavily against her upthrust ass. They were so full now that she could hear his jizz sloshing around as they whacked against her on the plunging thrust of his prick.

Her cunt was starting to melt around his cock like a wax candle on a flaming wick.

"Ohooooh shoot in me, Jeff," she babbled. "Slime in my cunt!"

Her loins danced frantically. As her fuck-box creamed, she yearned for his fuck-juice.

Jeff bored up her pussy, ramming in so hard he seemed to be trying to stuff his balls up her, as well. His hard tool was vibrant, throbbing and expanding as he surged toward the crest of his lust.

Jenny's clit went off like a blasting cap, setting off an explosion deep in her cunt-core. Goo flooded into her fuck-hole lavishly. His prick slid through it like a torpedo launched in a swamp.

He threw his head back, his face contorted, the dark veins pulsating in his neck.

"Here it comes, lady!" he gasped.

"Yeah yeah!" Jenny panted eagerly. "Slime me, darling jizz my cunt!"

Jeff's cumbags exploded as he pumped his prick up into her seething cunt-chute. His cock rod jolted as his cum rushed up through the hollow core.

Then his hot, thick spunk was spurting into Jenny's pussy in steaming torrents.

She cried out in ecstasy and her pussy creamed again on his shooting cock-stalk. Jeff's cock hosed her as he plunged in, then shot out a jism jet on the recoil. The foaming slime swirled up her cunt-sleeve and then his cock shoved in behind it, plowing through his own goo, a creamy wave of cum breaking around his cock-knob.

He pumped in faster, squirting off on every stroke and the curvaceous redhead kept on creaming, her clit and cunt going off on each spurt.

At last his nuts were emptied. He kept on slamming in for a few moments, his strokes becoming jerky and erratic, his cock starting to soften.

Spent, he stopped humping and knelt over her, panting like a dog. Jenny kept on fucking her pussy up and down his stalk, working off the last spasms of her cumming on his stationary cock-meat, draining off the last of her cunt-cum.

She smiled up at him, dreamily.

"What a nice fuck," she said.

Jeff grinned and slowly drew his cock out of her fuck-box. The cock-knob stuck in her cunt for a moment, then came popping out like a cork from a bottle.

Her cunt-slot stayed open in a wide oval, retaining the shape of his cock.

That gaping cunt-grotto was foaming with their combined cum, her whole groin lathered. Thick trickles seeped down and soaked into the crack of her ass.

Jeff's cock had gone semi-soft but it was still large and impressive, twitching with the promise of renewed vigor as it swayed before his loins.

He figured that a promiscuous woman like this redhead would want to fuck again.

But Jenny had other things to do.

Jenny leaned down and sucked the carpenter's cock into her mouth, milking and nursing and swallowing the succulent blend of cunt-cum and jizz from the delicious cock-meat. His cock began to swell and stiffen again.

He expected a blow-job now.

But after she had sucked all the cream off his prick, Jenny drew ha lips off him.

"You'll have to leave now," she said.

Jeff groaned.

But he was in no position to argue. He got dressed slowly, hoping she might change her mind and leaving his cock out until the last moment.

But although she was smiling affectionately at him, it was obvious that her mind was elsewhere.

She walked him to the door, still naked except for her garter belt and the one stocking.

"Errrr any time you need any more carpentry done, Mrs. Duncan..." he stammered.

She smiled and kissed him and dismissed him.

It had been a pleasant fucking.

But now Jenny Duncan was waiting to try out her new mirrors when her kids got home from school.

Johnny had baseball practice after school and Belinda arrived home first. That suited Jenny.

She wanted to be able to concentrate on one mirror at a time.

Belinda looked a great deal like her mother, slimmer but nubile and bouncy. Her hair was a shade lighter, but her eyes were the same jade green, her mouth the same wide, sensual slash.

Jenny was as eager to see her little girl through the looking glass as she was her son.

At first, Belinda showed no signs of going up to her room. Her mom waited for a while but then, wanting to see if the girl might perform for her secret attentions before Tommy got home and forced her to divide her concentration, she casually mentioned that she had had a new mirror installed in Belinda's bedroom not, of course, informing the girl that it was a one-way mirror and that the other side of the glass was in her own bedroom.

Belinda went upstairs to check it out.

Jenny waited for a minute, then tiptoed on up and went into her own room. She looked through the spy glass, feeling deliciously naughty about peeping on her daughter and fervently hoping there would be something interesting on which she could do that peeping.

And there was.

Belinda stood right in front of the full-length mirror, smiling, obviously pleased by it. Jenny stood just as close on the other side. She was already breathing hard in hopeful anticipation, panting against the glass.

Then Belinda began to undress. Admiring herself in the mirror, the nubile teenager stripped her school clothing off and stood naked. Her tits were plump and firm and the tips were rosy peaks, so delectable looking that they made her morn's mouth water.

Her cunt-mound was a golden vee spreading out of her groin, delightfully rounded on her slender belly. Jenny licked her lips, salivating like a Pavlovian dog.

Jenny wasn't a lesbian, obviously. But that didn't mean that she wasn't a cunt lapper and the sight of her daughter's cunt made her whimper. She knew it was wrong to have such feelings about her own little girl but that only made it more exciting.

Naked now, Belinda posed before the glass.

She cupped her tits in her hands, lifting the mounds and deepening the smooth cleavage. Her thumbs rubbed against the peaky pink tips.

Jenny's lips worked just as if she were nursing on one of those taut nipples. She had gotten dressed after Jeff had gone, but now, staring through the mirror, she began to take her clothing off again. She enjoyed playing the peeper more when she was naked, herself, all of her body available to the caress of her hands.

Belinda turned and, looking back over her shoulder, admired the reflection of her trim, heart-shaped ass. She rubbed her flanks, shooting her hips out provocatively, grinning in enjoyment. She knew that she was sexy and that all the boys at school were hot for her. And it turned the teenager on to imagine all the horny young men who must have beaten their meat over fantasies about her.

Then she bent over as if she were going to touch her toes. Her tits swung saucily under her, like ripe fruit ready to be plucked from the vine.

Her feet were widespread on the floor, her thighs apart. Her cunt-cream was streaming down her crotch.

The girl gazed at her cunt-gash in the mirror. And her mother gazed at that delectable looking cunt through the mirror!

Belinda cupped her hands on the firm cheeks of her ass and drew them apart, opening the cleft and revealing the tiny puckered bud of her shit-hole.

She slid one hand down and ran the tips of her fingers lightly along her unfurled cunt-lips, then strummed them against her stiff clit.

Jenny moaned. Her own seething clit began to throb, as if in sympathetic vibration. She wasn't touching herself yet, but her pussy was turning juicy, tuned to that teenaged pussy she was so hungrily gazing at.

Belinda's smile was dissolving, her pretty face becoming a mask of passion. She was obviously no novice at self-caress. She nudged a fingertip into her asshole, wriggling it about as she pumped her haunches. She finger-fucked slowly up into her cunt-hole with one hand as she gently probed into her shit-chute with the other.

Then she turned and faced the looking glass again, moving right up close to it. Her stiff titties brushed against the flat surface. She squirmed and panted. She fondled her tits and pulled at the tips. Then she lifted the firm mounds in her hands and tilted her face down.

Belinda began to lick her own nipples.

Her mother's tongue was lashing about. The one-way mirror had been a wonderful idea, she knew but the lascivious woman was wishing there were no pane of glass between her lips and her daughter's tit-tips.

Belinda tongued her nipples and slurped at her cleavage for a few moments. Then she straightened up and shoved her loins out, pressing her belly right up against the mirror as if making love to her reflection.

Jenny moaned, lances of lust flashing through her seething loins. The sight was making her so fucking hot that she thought her eyeballs might melt.

She sank down onto her knees, bringing her face on a level with her daughter's crotch. Belinda was wiping her cunt up against the mirror. Cunt juice smeared the glass and pearly ribbons ran down the insides of her slender, shapely thighs. Her open cunt-slot was foaming.

Jenny shaved her tongue out and began to lap the looking glass, as if she were licking her little girl's gooey cunt-gash. Only the thin mirror separated her hungry, drooling tongue from Belinda's delectable-looking cunt.

Belinda began to work on her cunt with both hands. Bunching her fingers together in a cock shaped bundle, she finger-fucked in and out of her cunt-hole with one hand while the other hand rubbed her swollen clit.

Jt was driving her mother crazy. Jenny dipped a hand into her own smoldering cunt, rubbing herself. Then she brought that hand up to her mouth and licked her own seepage from her fingers and palm, pretending that it was her daughter's cunt-juice -- that the creamy stuff was seeping right through the mirror.

And it seemed that mother and daughter shared the same inclinations. Belinda brought her hand up to her face, her fingers all drenched from her fuck-box. She licked at them, then pushed them into the oval collar of her lips and sucked as if she had a mouthful of cock a cock that had just come dripping out of a juicy cunt.

Belinda watched herself in the mirror.

And on the opposite side of that glass, her mother was emulating the girl's actions, as if she were a reflection, herself but in three dimensions.

Belinda's ass and hips jerked in a fucking motion. She was rising toward a crest, moving spasmodically. Her fingers sank into her cunt sleeve soaking with saliva, then pushed into her mouth gooey with cunt-juice.

Her cunt was like a smoldering fuse, ready to ignite her explosive cumming. Her mother sucked her own fingers and wished they were her daughter's stiff cunt. The woman's nimble tongue was steaming, ha mouth drooling, her fevered imagination running amok.

Belinda inserted two stiff fingers into her cunt-slot and swirled them around as she worked on her cunt with her other hand. She was opening her cunt-gash wide. Her mother could look right up inside the girl's fuck-tunnel, where the darker inner lips were streaked with cream.

Belinda shuddered. The waves of bliss were rushing across her slim belly and shooting like electric current up her trembling thighs. Her cunt rippled. The waves came faster and higher, each racing after the one before and starting to merge into one tidal crest.

Her mouth opened, lips moist and slack, as her green eyes narrowed to lustful slits. She moaned. The flow from her pussy was getting hotter and thicker and creamier as her cunt-juice turned to girl cum.

It would be getting tastier and more fragrant, as well, her mother knew if only the glass were not between them, yielding her a perfect view but depriving her of the aroma of pussy perfume and the tantalizing flavor of the sweet goo. Her tongue darted against the mirror.

Belinda jerked her creaming cunt against the looking glass, mopping the surface. Cunt-cum smeared the glass. Jenny pressed her flattened tongue against the opposite side of the glass, slurping hungrily. She was panting and slobbering. In her heated frenzy she almost imagined that she could taste her little-girl's goo through the mirror, as if the surface were leaking and the juice was soaking through.

Her head turned from side to side and her nostrils flared as she inhaled, wanting to detect the scent of a cumming cunt. The mirror was a boon to her eyes but it was proving a hindrance to her tongue.

Belinda's thighs rippled as she slid up and down, wiping her pussy on the glass. She held her cunt-lips open wide as she rubbed het loins up and down. She slowed down, then jerked as another spasm hit her.

Then, finished creaming, she stepped back. Her lovely face was radiant with the pleasure of cumming. Overflowing juice ran down her thighs and the mirror was slathered with a milky film of cunt-spunk.

Belinda sank down onto her knees.

She pushed her face out and, to her mother's delight, began to tongue her own cunt-cum up from the surface of the smeared looking glass.

Mother and daughter were both kneeling in the exact same position on either side of the wall, both lapping away at the glass on each side. They seemed to be a reflection of one another, locked in a fevered French kiss.

But Jenny was licking only the glass.

And her sexy teenaged daughter was lapping up her own pussy-nectar from the other side of the mirror!

Watching her daughter so avidly tasting her own cream, Jenny was going crazy with lust. She thought that her tongue was so hot it might melt the mirror.

Belinda obviously relished the taste of cunt goo, just as her mother did and it was certainly giving the woman plenty of lustful ideas.

Belinda licked the looking glass clean, then got up and moved away. Her mother stayed where she was, hoping the girl might frig off again.

Then she heard her son come home.

Chapter THREE

"Anybody home?" Tommy called, from downstairs.

Jenny didn't answer, for obvious reasons and neither did Belinda, for reasons of her own. After a minute, Jenny heard Tommy come upstairs. She hated to stop gazing at her nubile, naked little gri but she was eager to get a look at her son, as well.

She knew that Tommy frequently gave himself a hand-job as soon as he got home from school. She had never had a chance to see him pulling his prick, but she had often listened at his bedroom door and heard the bed squeaking and then heard his labored, panting breath and the soft whimpering as he shot his wad off.

Jenny got up on shaky legs and crossed the bedroom, taking her place at the other one-way mirror just as Tommy stepped into his room.

He was a tall, athletic young man, wearing tight jeans. He closed the door behind him and the moment he turned around, Jenny knew she had struck it lucky again.

His fly was packed solid with a hard-on.

He moved toward the bed, then paused, noticing the new fixture for the first time. He walked over and looked into the mirror and into his mother's face, as well, although he had no way of knowing that.

Then he began to grin devilishly at his image in the full-length looking glass. Like his sister and just the way their mother had calculated Tommy evidently liked to watch himself in a mirror as he played with his prick.

He removed his shin. His torso was lean and smooth, his belly hard and flat. Then he unfastened his jeans and tugged them down, stepping from them. Naked, he turned to face the mirror again. His huge cock came swinging around like the boom of a sailing ship aimed right at his mother's face.

Stepped up close to the full-length mirror, he began to hump his hips in a fucking motion, not yet touching his cock. His prick thrust up and down, towering from the solid sacs of his swollen balls.

Jenny whimpered at the sight.

Her son's cock was gigantic and well formed! The knob was a big, mushroom-shaped slab of flushed meat and the underside of his stalk was seamed by a thick, dark ventral vein, pulsing with his racing bloodstream.

Jenny's tongue tingled, her hands itched and her pussy steamed as she gazed at that splendid cock looming up so tantalizingly close to her face so close and yet so far, beyond her reach. The one-way mirrors were proving a voyeur's treat, bul a terrible frustration, too.

His back arched and he flipped his cock out. His meaty cock-knob bounced off the glass as his mother's tongue hit the other side of that surface.

Tommy stopped humping and stood, hands on hips, studying his cock and balls in the mirror. His knob was glowing like a lightbulb and, at the other end of the long, thick shaft, his cumbags were big as apples, inflating more every moment as his cum-load increased.

He cupped his balls in his left hand and wrapped his right hand around his cock-stalk. Aiming his cock-head at the looking glass, he gave his prick a slow stroke.

Jenny had her open mouth right up against the mirror, eager for him to spray it with his fuck-juice.

She was hoping that maybe she would get a chance to lick up his spunk after he had slimed on the looking glass and left his room. She felt pretty sure that Tommy would not be as neat as his sister, who'd licked her own mirror clean.

Tommy frigged up and down on his cock shaft, his grip light, his palm just skimming on the tube. His balls lay heavy in his other upright palm. But despite the huge load he had built up, the youth seemed in no desperate hurry to drain it off. Jenny supposed that her son was a young man who enjoyed his hand-jobs and liked to linger over them.

His handsome face was twisted into a grimace, eyes squinting, lips drawn back from his square white teeth. He was concentrating on the task at hand, rather like a diamond cutter about to strike a valuable stone.

As her fist brushed up and down, he humped, his ass pumping in and out so that he was fucking through his hand. His balls swung out below his cock-stalk when he released them.

He pulled up to his cock-head and, squeezing the shaft, rubbed the edge of his thumb against the sensitive point where his fat knob flared out from his prick.

When he tightened his grip and began to frig himself more vigorously but still restraining himself and keeping to the slow, steady rhythm that would make it last.

As his hand drew up his cock-stalk, his foreskin rolled over the ledge of his cock-head like a fleshy carpet and as he pumped back toward his balls, he skinned that meaty slab out, unsheathed and throbbing.

His cock-head was pulsing in and out.

Jenny was squirming with unbridled desire as she stared through the spy glass, yearning for that hard, hot teenaged cock-meat. Her mind was an incestuous inferno and her imagination was working overtime.

It would be too embarrassing to simply approach him for he was, after all, her son.

The depraved woman was searching for ways to satisfy he taboo passions in some secret fashion, forming schemes for the seduction of her son devious designs that would fulfill her frenzied longing without revealing her identity. She toyed with the idea of a disguise and played with plans of a heated encounter in total darkness.

Jenny knew that incest was naughty.

That only made the promiscuous woman long for her son's prick all the more.

And her daughter had inherited her inclinations.

Like Jenny, Belinda had often listened at Tommy's bedroom door, hearing the sounds of his frenzied frigging and wishing that she could see him pumping away on his prick. She had never dared to approach him in the past. But today the little vixen was feeling really randy. Her finger-fucking had only served to make the girl hornier. She had creamed very nicely, but a hand-job was, after all, only a hand-job.

She was feeling bold and brazen and naughty and most deliciously depraved.

When she heard Tommy call from downstairs, and heard no response from her mother, she figured that the woman must have gone out shopping and that the kids had the house to themselves. She listened carefully and heard her brother come upstairs and go into his bedroom.

Grinning wickedly, Belinda drew a light dressing gown over her nubile body and tiptoed from her room. Passing the master bedroom, she moved clown to Tommy's door and placed her ear to the panels.

She could hear him panting and she thought, too, that she heard the hiss of his hot cock-meat as his fist skimmed up and down on the stalk.

She hesitated, her hand on the doorknob.

Then she turned the knob and very quietly opened the door enough to look into the room.

The sexy little numphette had to stifle a gasp when she saw her brother standing naked before the full-length looking glass, industriously pulling his prick.

She trembled violently. Her nipples shot out like high caliber bullets and her cunt echoed that swelling, tingling in her swampy cunt. Her green eyes were glued on her brother's magnificent cock.

It was quite the largest that the girl had ever seen and despite the fact that it was her brother's cock or maybe because of it she was seething with desire.

She lingered in the doorway, determined to watch his fuck-juice spray out, enjoying the sight every bit as much as her mother from whom she had inherited her voyeuristic instincts, her peeper's passion.

Belinda wanted to look at least...

Holy shit, Jenny thought.

Tommy was unaware that his kid sister was looking in his door but from her vantage point behind the one-way mirror, their mother had seen the girl's excited and radiant face peering around the door frame.

Knowing that she was sharing the pleasure of watching Tommy work with his sibling made Jenny hornier than ever. She began to rub her cunt furiously yet tried to hold back, at the same time, wanting to delay her creaming until the instant when her son sprayed the glass with his spunk so that they would share a simultaneous cumming.

Tommy's eyes were lowered and hooded as he stared at the reflection of his cock and balls in the mirror. But then his gaze flickered up and he saw his sister's face appeared behind him in the glass.

He blushed and his head snapped around. "Jeez, Sis what in hell are you doing?" he gasped.

Finding herself discovered, Belinda blushed, too.

She started to back away. But then she paused. Why should she be ashamed when it was her brother who was playing with his prick? Instead of retreating, the naughty girl stepped into the room and closed the door behind her...

Chapter FOUR

All squirming inside her dressing gown, Belinda walked boldly up to her naked brother.

Tommy looked dismayed and distraught. But Belinda was smiling provocatively. "Exercising your muscle, Tommy?" she asked, feigning a sort of demure innocence. But there was nothing innocent about the look in her smoldering eyes.

Tommy didn't now what to say or where to turn. He spun away from the girl but she could still see his cock in the looking glass. His cock was still hard as a stone, despite the youth's discomfort at being caught.

It was far too big to hide it behind his hands. "You shouldn't just walk in the a guy's room, Sis," he mumbled in feeble protest.

"I wanna watch," she replied.

Tommy gulped, shocked. But then he began to grin. Tommy had often thought about his nubile kid sister when he was beating his meat and if the girl was naughty enough to want to watch him, why should he object?

Jacking off would be a whole lot more exciting with his sister looking on, he figured.

He turned back toward her and they exchanged a heated glance, like conspirators plotting a crime. Then she dropped her gaze onto his groin again. Tommy moaned. His cock-meat rippled as if her eyes were caressing him.

"Sure, Sis you can watch me," he croaked. "But you gotta show me your tits while I do it."

Belinda giggled and opened her dressing gown, revealing her tits and her cunt-bush, to boot. She arched her back, thrusting her tits out toward him. Her slender, shapely hips moved sensually.

"You can shoot on my tits, if you wanna," she rasped, her voice husky with desire.

"Yeah!" Tommy enthused. His prick was pounding at the prospect.

Kneeling behind the mirror, their mother was staring at the naughty siblings in fascination, looking at them as they looked at each other.

But there was no glass between them. Jenny knew that she should nip their incestuous game in the bud, stopping it before things got out of hand.

Belinda sank down onto her knees, bringing her tits level with her brother's loins.

Tommy shifted closer to her, trembling violently. His cock was angled up like a howitzer, ready to discharge a creamy volley into her face and onto her tits.

He began to push-pull on his stalk again, groaning. His cock was so taut by this time that it was humming like a tuning fork in his fist.

Belinda's face tilted, following the movement of his cock-meat like a cobra swaying to a snake charmer's flute. Her green eyes were glowing, her lips moist and parted, the pink tip of her tongue showing.

She could feel the heat of his cock waft into her face and her cute little nose flared as she breathed in, inhaling the musky aroma of his seething cock-meat.

"Hold my balls, Sis," he rasped.

Belinda complied without hesitation, whatever inhibitions she might have had melted away in the raging inferno of her proscribed passion.

She reached out and cupped her brother's heavy cumbags, lifting them in her palm as if she were weighing their load on scales.

"Ooooh you're so full of spunk!" she moaned.

She squeezed the cumbags gently, feeling his creamy load sloshing around within.

Tommy tilted his wrist, holding his cock by the hilt and levering it down. It was too stiff to bend and his ass hiked up on the far end of his hard-on.

He tapped his cock-head against his sister's nipples, shifting from one to the other. She thrust her tits up, inviting the contact, and her glowing face tipped down as she stared at his prick.

His piss-hole was starting to bubble. Pre-cum seeped out and ran sluggishly down the slope of his cock-head, onto his throbbing shaft. Her eyes crossed as she gazed in at his slimy knob and her tongue glided slowly back and forth across her parted lips.

Belinda was panting over her brother's prick, her breath wafting over the bulging, dribbling knob as he rubbed it against her tits and nipples.

Tommy nudged his cock into her cleavage. "Oooohhh you wanna fuck my tits?" she moaned.

She released his cumbags and cupped her plump tits in her hands, lifting the mounds and deepening the smooth cleft around his cock. As she pressed her meaty tits around his cock, she rubbed her thumbs against her peaky nipples.

Tommy began to hump through her cleavage. His balls dragged up her flat stomach as his hot cock-meat hissed through her tit-tunnel. His cock-head came squeezing out and ran up her neck, nudging into the fluttering hollow of his sister's throat.

Pre-spunk was oozing out steadily from his parted piss-hole now, laying a slimy trail out of her cleavage and on up to her slender throat.

His preliminary juice was so hot that Belinda thought it might blister her tit-meat. She stared down, watching his knob emerge. Now the tantalizing fragrance of his cock-meat was embellished by the gamey aroma of spunk as she breathed in deeply over his smoking-hot cock.

Tommy shagged up sharply and drew back down slowly. He placed his hands on his sister's shoulders as she held her tits pressed together and he frigged his prick between them, his ass corkscrewing on the thrusts.

His balls were so bloated now that they seemed almost as big as the tits they were bumping against.

"Cum, Tommy cum!" Belinda gurgled, bending her head, her face only inches above the crown of his cock as it slid from her cleavage.

"It's cummin', Sis it's cumming!" he wailed.

"Yeah yeah!" she gasped.

So did her mother, lurking behind the looking glass. The horny woman was as eager to see her son's spunk spurt into her daughter's face as that lewd little mini was to have her brother spray her with slime.

He hammered his prick up through her titcleft. His balls wedged against the lower curve of her tits and exploded as his cock-head pushed out above.

Belinda gasped, feeling his iron-hard cock stalk ripple in her tit-tunnel as his fuck-juice sped up the tube. A thick jet of jism shot from his knob and sloshed against her parted lips. Her jerked back down and another spurt sprayed from his cock-knob on the recoil, skimming along her cheek.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" she whimpered. Her brother's fuck-juice felt as hot and as thick as melted lead as it hosed out of her cleavage and into hex face.

Tommy kept on shooting. His balls seemed bottomless, his spunk an endless stream. He shot as he thrust up and shot again on the backstroke. Jizz foamed in her cleavage and his prick plowed through that creamy tide and rocketed more of the sweet slime into her face.

Belinda was so coated with his fuck-juice that her face looked like a glazed donut.

Slimy strands of spunk streaked her parted lips and gooey globs slid onto her tongue. A pearly pool had formed in the hollow of her throat and her tit-cleft was awash with a frothy tide as it washed down.

Belinda loved that bubbling bath.

"More more don't stop!" she panted as her brother began to falter in his strokes.

A final geyser erupted from his cock-head and squirted into her open mouth. Her throat pulsed as she swallowed. Tommy was staggering, his legs shaky, feeling as if he had shot out his blood and bones. His whole body had gone limp except for his cock, which was still rock hard as he continued to jerk it erratically between her tits.

Belinda released her tits and grasped Tommy's cumbags, squeezing as if she wanted to pump them dry. The last of his goo oozed from his piss-hole in a trickle, running down his knob instead of spurting out.

She slid her hand up and folded it around his cock-shaft, frigging up and down a few times. Then she tightened her grip and pulled her fist very slowly up the length of his stalk as if she were squeezing the last drops of paste out of an empty toothpaste tube.

She sat back on her heels, her creamy lips turning up in a smile. Her face was filmed with spunk and her tongue slid across her drenched lips.

"Yummy," she purred.

Tommy stared at her, thrilled to see his kid sister licking his spunk from her lips.

And their mother stared through the glass, licking her open lips in envious emulation.

What would those naughty kids do next? she wondered.

Whatever it was, she was going to watch it.

Tommy's balls were hanging slack now, but his prick was still angled up, stiff and swollen and spunky. His sister was cycling his cock as she licked her lips.

"Jeez, Sis do you blow?" he croaked. "Well only if I really like a guy," she replied modestly. Then, with an impish grin, she added, "I like you, Tommy I like your big prick!"

That prick responded with a lurch. His potent young balls were already beginning to fill up again, inflating like hairy balloons below his rampant prick.

Belinda pushed her tongue out, showing Tommy that the pink tongue meat was laced with cum streaks. The naughty little temptress licked her lips again.

"I I never had a blow-job, Sis," Tommy rasped.

"Shall I suck your cock?" Belinda whispered I really shouldn't allow this, their mother told herself, but the woman knew damned well that watching a sibling sucking session would be a real treat.

"Want me to take your prick in my mouth, Tommy? Hmmmm? Shall I milk you off and swallow all of your hot, thick cum?"

The minx knew that her words were exciting her brother almost as much as the prospect of getting plated.

He shuffled closer to her, thrusting his cock out toward her eager face. She turned away playfully, teasing him by pretending that she had changed her mind. But they both knew it was only a pretense as did their mother as she looked on in fascinated envy.

"Suck it, Sis suck my cock!" Tommy pleaded.

He worked his prick-sinew, making that swollen cock throb and jerk. The congealing spunk from his previous cumming sizzled on the purple slab.

Belinda was panting hungrily. Knowing how delicious her brother's jizz was from the tit fucking, she was longing for a full load to swallow.

But although the very best part of giving head was the thrilling moment when a cock exploded in her mouth, Belinda was in no hurry for a creamy climax. She liked to linger over the preliminaries and to savor the meat course before she drank the dessert.

Leaning in, she began to lick his balls.

Tommy groaned and Belinda whimpered happily as the gamey flavor of ball-meat sparked her tastebuds. Those big bags were bloated again, the cum running around inside them as she laved them thoroughly.

Then she began to lick up his cock-shaft, slurping along the ridge of the pulsating ventral vein. Her flattened tongue drew slowly upward, then fluttered at the sensitive spot where his knob bulged out from his cock-stalk.

Tommy was trembling on the end of his prick as if he had been speared through the loins by his hard-on. It felt as if that throbbing prick was rooted in his asshole.

Belinda tilted her head and fitted her parted lips to the underside of his cock-shaft. She pulled her mouth up and down as if she were playing a flute.

His hard prick was humming like a vibrator as her moist lips slid up and down. The knob pulsed, flaring out like the head of a hooded cobra.

Belinda was happy that he had already emptied his balls on a tit-fuck, knowing that he would last longer the second time and longing for a lovely long suck.

Turning her face down, she began to lick the head of his cock. Her tongue swept all over the swollen purple slab and dipped into his pisshole. She tongued up the thick film of cum greedily, whetting her appetite for the steaming load ahead of her.

Tommy held her face between his open hands, humping his cock against her mouth. "Suck it, Sis!" he wheezed.

"Ummmm fuck my mouth, Tommy," she purred. "Use my mouth like a cunt!"

Her lips parted slowly and slipped down over the head of her brother's prick. He gasped at the sensation as her hot mouth enveloped his throbbing cock-meat.

Belinda began to nurse on his knob voraciously. Her cheeks hollowed inward as she sucked and her lips turned outward, collaring his stalk below the crown. His balls rested on her tits and his long cock-rod stood between them like a pipeline connecting his cumbags to her mouth.

Belinda turned her face, screwing her mouth around on the head of his prick. Her tongue was bathing the underside of the flaring cock-meat wedge. Tommy had no frame of reference, but he could tell that his sister was a talented cocksucker. If it was true that she only gave head to guys that she liked, she must have liked a lot of guys.

He began to fuck into her face, shoving more of his stalk through the oval of her lips.

Her head jumped down to meet his cock as he humped it up into her greedy mouth. Her lips distended, pulling on his stalk as he withdrew. Her saliva streamed down his prick as she nursed on the head.

He jolted ball-deep into her maw.

"Unghhh!" she grunted, as his smoking-hot cock-head pumped into her throat and his cumbags ballooned against her chin. Then she drew back up, sucking through every thick inch and sighed, "Ummmmm!"

She drew her mouth off him and licked his knob some more, then fed it back into her lips.

Pre-cum was starting to seep from his pisshole now. It was even more delicious now that she was getting it straight out of his cock. He was so hot that she thought his prick might blister her tongue.

She whimpered down his prick, lips moving like a torch singer caressing a meaty microphone.

"Cum in my mouth, Tommy slime on my tongue. Ooooh -- I'm hungry for your jizz, brother!"

She dove down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel, gorging on his delicious cock.

She was frigging her pussy frantically, licking her cunt-juice from her fingers and palms, pretending that it was her son's spunk and her daughter's, too.

She was still trying to conceive up some plan whereby she could suck off her kids without embarrassment.

And a clever plan was forming in her fevered mind as her fuck-hole foamed on her hands.

Tommy was pumping his prick in on the cum strokes now, jolting his sister's head up and down.

"Shoot shoot off!" she wailed.

Her magic mouth slid down and pulled up in a steady tempo, matching his pace as he fed the meat to her facial fuck-hole in a rising frenzy.

Tommy's balls erupted violently and his thick lava came rushing up his cock-stalk.

"Drink it, Sis!" he gasped.

"Ummmmummmm!" Belinda panted, feeling his hard shaft ripple around the rising geyser.

His first spurt shot straight down her throat so that she felt the hot slime hose her without tasting it. She pulled her mouth up to his cock-knob and his second creamy squirt skimmed over her flashing tongue.

Tommy kept cumming, shooting as he plunged in and shooting again on the recoil. His sister's mouth was full of jism. The gooey cock spume sloshed in her cheeks and swirled over her teeth. Her tongue was floating in the stuff like a pliable pink raft in a swamp.

Belinda was swallowing his spunk hungrily, but his massive load was too much for her. Cum overflowed from her lips and ran down both sides of her chin. Heavy gobs splattered on her thrusting tits.

At last Tommy began to falter. A last spurt hit the arched roof of her mouth. She kept sucking, milking out the final dregs from his pisshole.

Then, folding her fist around his rampant cock shaft, she frigged up and down a she nursed on his knob, pumping out a few last drops by hand.

She held his cock in her mouth for a while, keeping it hard and hot. Then she drew her lips off him and used her tongue to gather up the errant drops that had escaped her mouth and run down his cock-rod.

"God, Sis you're a great cock-sucker!" Tommy gasped. "You could suck the batteries out of a flashlight."

She smiled at such a nice compliment.

"I love sucking your prick, Tommy," she whispered. "Your cock is delicious and your cum is so yummy I'll blow you all the time, from now on."

She took his cock-head back into her lips and mouthed him lovingly, delighted to find his formidable prick was still stiff and ready for more action. It had softened and diminished only slightly and she easily sacked it up to another booming erection. His youthful cumbags were recharging steadily.

"Wanna cum again?" she purred, lapping at his piss-hole as if it were a melting ice-cream cone.

"Yeah!" he enthused.

"Let's do something else now," she suggested.

Tommy stared down at her. He had already fucked her between the tits and in the mouth and the thought of fucking her cunt was making him tremble.

Jenny was trembling, as well.

Again she knew that she should interrupt them and prevent an act of ultimate incest.

But the prospect of watching her son screw his sister was driving her crazy with lust. How could she stop something that she longed to watch so much?

If they were going to fuck, Jenny was not about to stop the naughty kids.

But Belinda had something else in mind.

Chapter SIX

"You you wanna fuck, Sis?" Tommy croaked.

"Sure, I wanna," she replied. "Only I guess maybe we shouldn't go all the way together being as we're brother and sister and all!"

Then she gave him a saucy smile. "But you can fuck me up the ass," she said. Tommy looked shocked at his kid sister's depravity but not at all reluctant. And her point was valid. Ass-fucking wasn't like cunt fucking, he reasoned. It was really the same thing as a blow-job except he would be squirting his jizz in to her digestive tract from the other end.

"Wanna?" she chirped.

"Yeah!" Tommy enthused.

The nubile girl dropped down on all fours, her head lowered almost to the floor and her trim, curvaceous little ass hiked up to the highest point of her posture.

Tommy knelt behind her ass.

Placing his open hands an her ass-cheeks, he pulled the smooth globes open, exposing the puckered brown bud of her tight little shit-hole.

His cock was already oiled and lubricated by her saliva and he bent down and began to lick out her asshole, getting that tiny slot ready for his reamer.

Belinda squirmed happily, shoving her ass back, enjoying having her brother rim out her shit-slot. He slobbered and slurped in her tight ring for a few minutes, juicing her up for his plundering prick.

As she watched them through the one-way mirror, Jenny was fingering her own asshole, wishing it was her son's cock buggering her. Then she licked her finger, pretending it was still Tommy's cock and that it had just come to her mouth out of her daughter's asshole.

Her cunt was creaming time and again, but she just couldn't get satisfied on her own hands, her voyeur's lust making her insatiable in her cunt and ravenous in her mouth.

Tommy gave his sister's asshole a last slurp, then rose up and moved in closer. His cock angled up, pressing into the crack of her ass as his flat belly rested against the curve of her cheeks.

He humped, stabbing his cock up and down through her ass-cleft just as he previously had pumped it through her smooth tit-cleavage.

His cock-knob loomed out over the small of her slender back and his balls dragged through her creamy crotch. She shoved her ass back, grinding against his loins.

Tommy frigged his cock-meat through the crack for a few moments, then he drew slightly back and biked his own ass up so that his cock was no longer angled upward but was pointed directly at her tiny little asshole.

"Ummm," she sighed, in anticipation of an assful of her brother's shapely cock.

Tommy stared down, opening her cheeks in his hands. His fat purple cock-head was flaring in her shit-slot and the youth looked rather dubious. He wasn't at all sure that his bulging knob was going to fit up that, narrow crack.

But Belinda had no such doubts.

"C'mon stuff it up me!" she whined.

He began to push steadily as she wriggled back against his smoking-hot slab. Her asshole rippled and parted to accept his thick wedge. The slimy tip of his cock-head wedged into her asshole, stretching the pliable bud.

With a soft suction sound, Tommy's throbbing cock-knob vanished in his sister's asshole. He paused, thinking that he might be hurting her, or worse, in danger of skinning his cock in that tight tunnel.

But Belinda squirmed back, screwing her ass against his rock-hard cock. It did hurt just a little, but the faint tingle of pain only enhanced the pleasure, adding another dimension to the thrill.

"Shove the fucker in," she moaned impatiently.

Holding her by the handles of her hipbones, her brother pulled her haunches back and began to cram his thick cock-shaft up into her shit-chute.

His knob was the widest part of his prick and as it slid deeper, it was opening her asshole, blazing a trail for his stalk to follow.

Inch by inch, his cock-meat sank into her guts. With a sudden lurch, he plunged in to the hilt, burying his prick balls-deep up her ass. He grunted, then moaned with the sensation as her shit-chute began to work on him, pulling and dragging as if she were trying to digest him in reverse.

Her whole was swallowing on his stalk just as her mouth had done earlier, the inner rings clamping and clinging to the contours of his cock. Both ends of Belinda's alimentary canal seemed interchangeable as fuck-holes.

Belinda wriggled happily on his hot spike, loving the satisfying sensation of being stuffed full. His cock-head was smoking deep in her bowels and his iron-hard cock-shaft was levering up her shit tract.

His cock was in so deep that Belinda thought that the knob must have reached her belly that it was sizzling away in a pool of the spunk she had swallowed from the other end.

She began to move first. As Tommy held his cock-meat jammed up to her, Belinda started to hump under him, pulling her shit-chute up and down on an inch or two of cock.

Then he fell into the rhythm with her, slamming his loins out as her ass corkscrewed back. The tit was tight but her guts were adjusting to accommodate his bulk. His cock began to slide in and out steadily.

His lean belly slapped against her curved ass and his bloated balls swung heavily into her crotch, splashing in her sodden cunt-slot.

He fed her a long, underslung stroke that hiked her ass up. She bounced off her knees. Then he plunged in from above, forcing her haunches down. His prick wedged and pried as it quested up her back passage, plowing in so deep that Belinda almost expected it to come out of her mouth.

She swayed, tits swinging under her, ass churning from side to side. She reached back between her slim thighs and fondled his swinging cumbags, squeezing and caressing. Then she rubbed his balls into her cunt.

Her asshole sucked and swallowed as her brother slammed his cock in frantically, filling her to the brim. He threw his head and shoulders back, bridging her torso out from the apex of his prick.

The friction was making Tommy gasp. Belinda jerked her ass around, weaving sinuously, shifting her trim cheeks through gyrations that added torque to the straight in-and-out thrust.

His piss-hole began to weep, dribbling hot slime into Belinda's guts. The film of spunk on her tongue liquefied again. Tasting the succulent stuff, she had the fanciful thought that his precum was running right through her digestive tract and into her mouth.

She began to cream on his balls as she rubbed those swollen bags into her open cunt-slot. His cumbags were bloated with cum on the inside and soaking with cunt-cream on the surface as her cunt-gash juiced him heavily.

"Shoot up my ass, Tommy goo my guts!" she wailed.

She stuffed three fingers up into her cunt-hole, frigging herself as the spasms rushed through her. She could feel her brother's prick running in and out of her twin tunnels, through the narrow membrane dividing her own cunt sleeve from her shit-chute. She finger-fucked up her cunt as Tommy plunged furiously up her asshole, pacing himself on the vinegar strokes.

Belinda whipped her thumb against her clit like a windshield wiper as she stuffed her fingers up her cunt-slot. She grabbed his balls again and mopped them with her cunt. Cunt-cum soaked his groin and pearly ribbons of pussy-juice trickled down her trembling thighs.

Her pussy melted again and again as her horny brother kept on packing the fudge in her ass, buggering her bowels vigorously.

He howled like a dog.

"Yeah yeah!" she gulped, knowing that he was about to cream in her hot ass-guts.

His cumbags exploded in her cunt-slot and his prick pulsed violently. His hot brotherly love sped up his stalk and flooded her bowels like boiling oil.

Her cunt dissolved again as she felt his steaming enema pour into her ass. Cumming together, now, brother and sister jolted and jerked, draining off simultaneously. Tommy emptied his cock and balls and Belinda creamed steadily, gurgling with the joy of getting off.

Her head sank down to the floor, panting. Tommy shagged into her shit-chute for a while, making sure that he had pumped out every slimy drop. Then he slumped over her shaking haunches, gasping in the aftermath.

They stayed coupled for a while, then he began to pull his prick out as it had gone in, inch by inch. His fat knob stuck in her tight asshole for an instant. Then it popped out and his prick swung around like a rubber hose.

Her vacated asshole stayed open and pearly globs of spunk bubbled out, running down through the crack of her ass and blending with her cunt-cream.

Belinda reached behind her ass and dipped a finger into her shit-slot, wriggling it around. Then she brought it to her face and licked it, tasting her brother's spunk all richly spiced and flavored from her ass.

She twisted around to face Tommy. His cock had softened at last, but it was still impressive, looping out from his loins in a meaty parabola. Belinda rubbed her nose against his knob, snuffling and sniffing.

Then she sucked it into her greedy mouth and began to polish the soiled meat, relishing the succulence of cock-meat soaked in shit-chute.

But he was truly drained now and despite the ministrations of her magic mouth, his cock-meat didn't stiffen again. She nursed for a while, then used her nimble tongue to slurp up the spunky overflow from his cock and balls.

Sitting back, she smiled bewitchingly at him. "Gee, I'm so glad we started fooling around, Tommy," she whispered. "I can hardly wait for school to get out tomorrow, so we can be naughty again."

Tommy grinned in eager anticipation, foreseeing a wonderful future of sibling sex.

But their mother had some idea of her own on that subject as she gazed through the glass and frantically frigged yet another cumming from her seething cunt.

Her kids were already depraved.

Nothing she might do could corrupt them further.

And Jenny had some very interesting ideas for extending their incestuous affair.

Chapter SEVEN

As soon as the kids had left for school the next morning, Jenny went shopping, bursting with enthusiasm, eager to see if she could pull off her planned deception.

Jenny was going to become Wanda, a vagabond cousin come for a visit a nonexistent cousin, to be sure, but Tommy and Belinda wouldn't know that.

She bought a fashion wig of raven-dark hair arranged in ringlets and coils, in complete contrast with her own natural, flame-colored tresses. As soon as she tried the wig on, she was encouraged by how much it changed her appearance.

She next had a pair of contact lenses fitted, changing her jade-green eyes to a soulful brown.

She purchased a set of cosmetics at a theatrical supply store, of a different hue than she normally used, darkening her fair complexion dramatically.

She completed her disguise with false eyelashes and long red fingernails, along with large, bangle earrings that made it seem as if her ears were pierced and lipstick that changed her mouth to a scarlet slash.

She bought a peasant blouse and a gypsy skirt and, as soon as she got home, carefully applied her disguise and studied herself in the mirror.

She was satisfied.

Wanda the vagabond had been created and the fact that she was a distant cousin would account for whatever family resemblance remained. Jenny was confident that she could carry her sordid deception off.

She waited eagerly for school to get out, expecting her nubile daughter to get home first, as usual.

But Tommy was first to arrive today.

Tommy skipped baseball practice, pleading a fever and feeling as hot as if he did have a fever, as well. How could the horny boy play baseball when his cock was as hard as the bat? He was desperate to get home for sibling sex with his delectable kid sister in what he believed was the privacy of his bedroom.

But, not knowing that her brother had gone directly home after the last class, Belinda didn't hurry home, herself. Her final period of the day had been gym class and after the bell rang she lingered in the showers. Like Tommy, Belinda was feverishly hot and the cool spray felt pleasant on her naked, smoldering flesh.

She stayed on and soon enough she was the only girl left in the showers.

Then the gym teacher came in.

Belinda had heard rumors about Miss Jenkins and, although she wasn't sure if they were true, the angular, athletic woman certainly looked dykish.

Her hair was cropped manishly short and she never wore any make up, although her features were pretty enough. She was flat chested and slim hipped in her sweatshirt.

She stood, hands on hips, staring at Belinda.

Because Belinda was horny as could be, anticipating another incestuous session with her brother, the girl was feeling a bit bold and devilish.

She stepped out from under the spray and began to dry herself, squirming sensually. The gleam in Miss Jenkins' eyes seemed very significant and promising.

Belinda raised one knee and placed her foot on a bench, beginning to dry her shapely leg and making sure that her thighs wore well apart.

Miss Jenkins stared at Belinda's juicy cunt.

When Belinda glanced at her, smiling, the gym teacher looked away quickly. But as soon as the girl stopped watching her, the woman's gaze was drawn back to her groin compulsively.

Miss Jenkins was blushing, obviously embarrassed but she was licking her lips automatically, her pink tongue flickering across her mouth as if she were getting it limbered up for some acrobatic exercise.

Belinda felt certain of the woman's inclinations now and that certainly made her confident.

"How come you're staring at me, Miss Jenkins?" the girl asked, wide eyed and innocent.

"Errrr -- ahhhh -- I wasn't!"

"Yes you were. You were staring at my cunt."

Miss Jenkins gasped, shocked at hearing such language from the teenaged pupil.

Belinda cocked her head and grinned.

"Miss Jenkins have you got a crush on me?" she asked. "Do you have the hots for my body?"

The gym teacher seemed mesmerized. She took a step toward the naked teenager, then stepped back again. Her discretion was obviously struggling with her desire.

"I don't mind, you know," Belinda whispered huskily. "If you like me..."

"Belinda Duncan! You-you're a very naughty little girl," Miss Jenkins moaned. "In would never -- never..." but her voice grew feeble and stammered off and her eyes were still glued on Belinda's nubile loins.

Belinda giggled and tilted her groin up invitingly. Her pussy was wet and open, the pink folds unfurled and her clit standing out stiff and swollen.

"Oh, well maybe I had the wrong idea," she said. "I thought you wanted to lick my cunt. I'm hot, you know but I guess I'll just have to play with myself."

Staring challengingly at the tormented teacher, Belinda ran her fingertips up the inside of her uplifted thigh, then brushed them against her cunt.

Her cunt-slot welled up with creamy nectar.

"I'll just have to frig myself," she sighed.

It was too much for Miss Jenkins. The sight of the sexy little seductress stroking her sweet cunt overwhelmed the woman's better judgement. Her tongue felt as stiff as an erect cock and her mouth was watering heavily. She sort of drifted forward, as if her sinewy legs had a mind of their own or were obeying the commands of her eyes and her tongue. Belinda drew her hand out of her crotch, standing with one foot on the bench and her legs wide apart. She was grinning wickedly at the cunt-hungry gym teacher, in full command of the situation.

Miss Jenkins sank slowly to her knees on the damp tiles, as if worshiping before a fertility symbol. Belinda jerked her pussy out invitingly. The woman stared at it like a gourmet presented with some delicate pink shellfish in a cream sauce, served on a hairy platter.

Her nostrils twitched as she inhaled the tantalizing perfume of steaming hot pussy. Her tongue fluttered out, so hot that her saliva was sizzling.

"I-I mustn't!" Miss Jenkins sobbed. But they both knew better than that. "Eat my pussy, Miss Jenkins," Belinda whispered. "I wanna cream your fucking tongue."

"Oooh yes!" the woman moaned, shuddering spasmodically and drooling with desire.

She held Belinda by the hips and slowly lowered her face between those shapely thighs.

Belinda tilted her cunt up eagerly. Miss Jenkins tongue was darting wildly about even before she had made contact with the succulent snack and her lips were writhing.

Then her tongue flicked against Belinda's cunt. "Ooooh!" the teenager squealed, as her hot clit sparked on that nimble tongue. She reached down and held the woman's face between her hands, cradling her head into her gooey groin enthusiastically.

Miss Jenkins began to lap away hungrily, slurping into Belinda's open cunt-slot, then tongue-fucking up into her smoldering fuck tunnel.

Belinda swayed, grinding her cunt-gash in the cunt-lapper's face, soaking her with seepage.

Miss Jenkins used only her tongue to begin with, laying Belinda's cunt-lips and slot and clit. Then she clamped her lips on the girl's creamy grotto and began to suck with relish. Belinda's cit exploded in her lips as she nursed on it like a nipple.

"Ummmm eat me out suck rue off!" the teenager moaned. "Milk me, Miss Jenkins."

She was surging toward a crest almost immediately, as that acrobatic tongue exercised nimbly in her cunt, churning and stirring and spooning out the goo.

Miss Jenkins' mouth filled up with cunt cream. She gulped it down greedily and slurped more out of the teenager's swampy fuck-slot. The woman was in a feeding frenzy, her lips plastered on Belinda's cunt and her tongue darting in and out like a hummingbird seeking nectar in a blossom.

"Cum, Belinda cream me!" she gasped, the words muffled on the girl's cunt.

Belinda mopped her pussy against that eager face and Miss Jenkins plated passionately away, adoring the snack and desperate for the creamy climax, longing for the teenager's fuck-box to melt in her mouth.

Belinda began to hump her ass and hips in a fucking motion, pumping rhythmically as she soared to the peak.

Belinda jerked and juiced and Miss Jenkins gulped and gobbled as the goo spilled lavishly out. Cunt-cum ran down her chin, overflowing her lips. She took Belinda's swollen clit in her lip and sucked, then opened her mouth wider and slurped on her cunt, turning her head from side to side like a terrier shaking a juicy rat.

The waves built up, then slowly passed. Belinda stuffed her hands around behind the gym-teacher's head, locking her fingers together. Holding Miss Jenkins' face steady, she whipped her cunt in the woman's face as she worked off the last hot spasms.

Miss Jenkins continued to suck, then used her tongue to ladle out the last sweet drops. When Belinda finally released her head, she kept her face glued in the girl's groin, as if pasted there by pussy-juice and saliva.

Finally she leaned back, pulling her mouth off the teenager's cunt with a slurp. She looked very satisfied and yet a bit troubled, perhaps worried about Belinda's reactions now that it was over.

But Belinda smiled down at the kneeling woman. With her pussy well sucked off, Belinda had found that her own tongue was eager for some exercise now had discovered the fact that cunt-lapping was a mutual sort of arrangement.

"Shall I suck you now, Miss Jenkins?" she offered.

But Miss Jenkins looked scandalized. True to bet nature she was tongue oriented, wanting to reciprocal cunt-lapping from the more normal girl.

Belinda was a healthy, heterosexual girl who just happened to want to eat out a pussy and Miss Jenkins was one-dimensional, dedicated to dyking.

"You naughty little girl!" Miss Jenkins cried. And she got up and marched right on out of the shower room, deeply offended by the very idea that she might let a teenaged student plate her pussy.

Belinda was disappointed.

Getting her cunt lapped had been a real treat but she had really been looking forward to the other half of the oral sexual encounter. She was only half satisfied, her cunt contented but her mouth hungry.

She dipped her hand into her crotch and rubbed it around, then brought it up to her chin. Cunt-juice and saliva had pooled in her palm and she began to lap it up like a kitten with a bowl of hot milk.

It was delicious, but hardly satisfactory, being only the dregs of her own cumming, no different than when she licked her hands while frigging off.

Belinda was yearning to get her sexy mouth clamped on a cunt and suck it to a foaming climax. But she wasn't sure which of her girlfriends might be willing to let her dive on their cunts and it was the sort of suggestion that had to be made in a subtle and delicate manner.

Besides, she had some sibling cock-meat to look forward to at the moment. She got dressed and headed for home, eager to fool around with Tommy but determined that she was going to tongue-fuck a cunt the first chance she got.

Belinda would have been surprised at how soon she got that chance and astounded had she known to whom that creamy cunt was going to belong.

Chapter EIGHT

"Gee I never knew we had gypsy cousins," Tommy said, obviously impressed by the fact and also by the sultry, exotic woman who had introduced herself as his cousin Wanda. She had been at the house when he got home from school and explained that she was just passing through town in her nomadic fashion and had stopped for a visit but that his mother had had to go out for the rest of the afternoon.

"Oh, we're certainly related," she said.

Her voice was very low and husky, almost as if she were disguising the normal timbre and she gazed at Tommy in a sort of questioning way.

But Tommy was not suspicious at all.

"Yeah I can see a family resemblance," he agreed. "You look kind of like my mom."

Tommy was wondering if the unexpected presence of their cousin would prevent him from fooling round with Belinda. But Wanda was so sexy that the horny young man didn't really mind the intrusion.

Seeing that her son had not penetrated her disguise, Jenny, in her role as Wanda the vagabond, smiled. She did a swirling dance step, as if to verify her gypsy heritage. She clicked her red-nailed fingers above her head, spinning around. Her fat tits swung heavily in her low cunt peasant blouse and her loose skirt twirled high up her lush thighs. It was an erotic sight, intriguing the lad.

"I'm the black sheep of the family," she volunteered. "They don't talk about me because I'm a very naughty sort of lady," she added, swirling again. Her loose cotton skirt spun around her voluptuous hips.

Holy shit, Tommy thought.

Was that a flash of cunt-hair I saw? Ain't she wearing any panties?

A part of his mind registered the fact that if it really was pubic hair, it wasn't nearly as dark as her raven mane. It had seemed almost reddish blonde, in fact. But what did Tommy know about gypsy coloration?

He began to get a hard-on.

Embarrassed by the prominent bulge in his pants, he sat down to conceal it. Jenny or Wanda, as it were swirled around sensually again. She had not failed to notice the effect her performance was having on Tommy. It pleased her greatly to see his groin engorge.

She sat down beside him on the couch, making sure that her skirt was well up her thighs. The scooped neck of her peasant blouse swooped low, revealing a lot of deep, smooth cleavage almost to her stiff nipples.

She had previously placed a bottle of red wine next to the couch and now she took it up, drinking straight out of the bottle. It was a full-bodied Hungarian wine, in keeping with her role. Her tongue flicked out and her ruby red lips caressed the rim of the bottle.

Tommy stared at that passionate peasant mouth as she slugged on the wine bottle. It naturally made him speculate as to what her sensual lips could do on a cock.

"You'reerrr naughty, huh?" he croaked. "Um-hum. I drink a lot and..." she broke off, giving him a lewd wink.

A trickle of wine ran down her chin and splattered onto the upper slopes of her tits, red as blood on the smooth, creamy flesh.

She laughed and lowered her head, arching her back. Her tongue slid out and she licked up the spilled wine from the slopes of her tits.

"Waste not, want not," she murmured.

Tommy was gaping at her, his head spinning. She gave him a really saucy glance.

"Want some, Tommy?" she whispered. Without waiting for him to reply, the wanton woman tilted the bottle up and dribbled some more wine onto her tits and into her cleavage.

Then she thrust her tits out toward him. Tommy thought that he must be dreaming. He stared at her and she grinned and nodded. He lowered his head, a lock of hair falling over his forehead, his face twisted by lust. He began to lap the wine from her tit-cleft.

"Nice?" she purred.

Tommy croaked wordlessly, slurping his tongue up through her deep tit-cleavage. The red wine tasted sweet, served on her hot tit-meat.

She pulled her blouse down and her big tits loomed out naked from the scooped neckline. Her nipples stood out hard and swollen. She poured a little wine on those rosy peaks and Tommy dove on them compulsively. Switching from tip to tip, he nursed the wine from her nipples.

Now Tommy was hoping that his kid sister wouldn't get home for a while.

After all, he could fool around with Belinda every day but this was only a passing visit from his exotic vagabond cousin with her invaginate ways.

He slurped greedily on her tit-tips, suckling up the wine like mother's milk. She poured more into her cleavage and as he delved in to lick it up, she closed her valve-like tit-tips again.

"Ummmmm that's lovely, Tommy," she sighed.

Then she yanked her skirt up above her waist, lifting one foot onto the edge of the couch and opening her shapely thighs wide apart. Sucking on her heavy tits, Tommy stared down into her crotch.

His first glimpse had been correct she wore no panties and her cunt-bush was red as the wine. Her pussy was open, the silt widened into an oval slot and that slot was flowing like a heated honeypot.

"Would you like some more wine, honey?" she rasped.

She lowered the bottle and tipped it over her groin. Wine bubbled into her cunt-slot, ruby red trickles flowing through her creamy cunt-juice.

Tommy was no wine expert but he damned well knew that no fine vintage had ever been served in a sweeter carafe. He slid down from her tits and knelt on the floor, his head hovering over her soaking cunt.

"Drink it, Tommy drink me," the vagabond visitor purred, tilting her cunt up.

Tommy plunged tongue-first into her pussy. His tongue curled in her fuck-slot, spooning out Hungarian wine from her hairy goblet. She poured more onto the plump shelf of her cunt mound and it trickled on down into her gram. Tommy lapped it up like a thirsty wino.

Tommy was cherishing his cousin's creamy cunt.

But it was his mother who was being tantalized by his questing, delving tongue. Jenny stared down, watching her son's face grind into her groin. The dark charm of deception thrilled her and the depravity of incest embellished the hot sensations of his hungry mouth.

She clamped her smooth thighs around his head, holding him in a velvet vise. Then she parted her legs wide again, giving him free rein to wallow as he would. Tommy was not an experienced cunt-lapper, but what the lad lacked in training he more than made up for by enthusiasm.

She ground against him sensually, her fuck box beginning to flood. The wine bottle was nearly empty now and she spilled the last drops into her cunt hoping that he didn't get too drunk ta maintain his hard-on.

His lips glued to her cunt-gash and Tommy sucked the juice out of her, soaking it up like a sponge. He swallowed the last of the wine but kept on mouthing merrily away, drinking unadulterated cunt-juice voraciously.

The flow out of her cunt-juice was getting hotter and creamier as she surged toward the crest. Tommy seemed to be trying to shove his whole face up her fuck-hole as he sucked on her cunt-slot and swallowed her cunt-cum.

"Juice me, cousin Wanda?" he gurgled.

She whipped her cunt into his eager face, whimpering as the waves of ecstasy came pouring across her loins and her cum-cream gushed out lavishly.

He sucked and swallowed, gurgled and gulped, draining her off voraciously. Convinced that he was consuming his cousin's cunt-cum, he mouthed up his mother's pussy-milk.

Jenny shuddered at the peak, holding there and flooding out frantically. Then, with a sigh of contentment, she sank back along the couch.

Tommy kept on plating her pussy to make sure that he had sucked out every sweet drop.

When at last he lifted his head out of her groin, his jaws were dripping. She reached languidly down and stroked his cheek lovingly.

Tommy raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"Yes, you lovely boy," she purred, understanding the query in his look. "I'll suck you off now and then you can fuck my cunt to jelly!"

Tommy groaned at the prospect of putting his prick in his nomadic cousin's mouth and cunt.

And his mother whimpered at the thought of swallowing her son's spunk and having her fuck box stuffed full of his throbbing teenaged cockmeat.

Neither of them wanted any interruptions now.

But where was Belinda?

"Maybe we'd better go up to your bedroom, Tommy in case your sister gets home," she suggested.

And they did.

And, soon enough, Belinda did get home...

Chapter NINE

As soon as they were in Tommy's bedroom, with the door closed, they both removed all of their clothing and stood, facing each other in mutual admiration.

Jenny was longing for her son's youthful prick and hot, thick fuck-juice.

And Tommy wondered, vaguely, why his cousin's curvaceous body was so lighter in tone than her painted face. But he suspected nothing and figured that a gypsy woman probably avoided the sunlight on her body, but couldn't avoid exposing her face to the darkening rays.

They moved to the bed and lay down, embracing. Her red lips ground to his and she moaned, tasting her own wine-flavored cunt cum on his tongue.

She licked his lips, demonstrating the nimble action that her tongue would soon be making on his cock, making the youth shudder in anticipation.

Then Jenny began to lick down his stomach. She flicked at his belly button. Her pink tongue rustled through his pubic thicket. He thrust his cock up but she avoided it for the moment, moving on down and licking slowly up the insides of his thighs.

"Suck my prick, cousin Wanda!" he moaned.

"Oh, yes I'll suck your sweet young prick, Tommy I'm hungry for your jizz," she purred. "But I like to take my time over a blowjob."

Jenny was determined to give Tommy a spectacular sucking. She had been an avid audience the day before, watching Belinda blow him so enthusiastically and, with a strange sort of family competitive instinct, Jenny was determined to plate him even better than his sister had.

Taking him by the hips, she gently rolled him over. Tommy sprawled out face-down on the bed. His cock was so stiff that it was wedging into the mattress and levering his lean ass up into the air.

Jenny spread his cheeks apart and began to run her lapper up through the crack of his ass.

Her tongue riveted into his asshole.

Tommy jerked spasmodically, gasping into the bed as she rimmed and reamed in his asshole. She slobbered and sucked, pleasuring his shit-slot and tantalizing her tongue in that tight, tangy ring.

Sliding lower, she lapped at his swollen cumbags, shoving her face in under his upthrust ass. His haunches were bouncing up and down off the throbbing pole of his prick. Jenny was enjoying the slow build up but now the boy was trembling so violently that she was afraid he might get his rocks off before his cock was in her mouth.

She turned him onto his back again, his cock rising up like a lighthouse from his loins.

Her ruby red lips slid over his knob, smearing him with greasy lipstick. Her tongue danced skillfully up and down the length of his cock stalk.

Tommy gasped at the caress of his cousin's mouth as his mother panted on his prick, thrilled to the core by her own incestuous depravity.

Then, kneeling over his body, she opened her lascivious lips wide and dropped her mouth onto his prick, taking it in to the root.

Moving slowly, wanting to prolong the banquet, she pushed her head down, then pulled it back up to his flaring cock-head, deep throating him with gusto.

Tommy heaved up, screwing into her mouth as her lovely, heavily painted face slid down. His thick cock-stalk came out of the red collar of her lips, glistening with saliva, the fat vein pounding.

She sucked on his flaring knob for a few minutes, then swallowed down to the hilt again. She was fondling his balls, feeling them balloon with his inflating load of fuck-juice. She reached under his bridged body and nudged a finger gently into his asshole.

His hard-on seemed to stretch right back to his ass, as if her finger in his shit-chute were an extension of his iron-hard cock-shaft.

What a great cock-sucker cousin Wanda is, Tommy marveled, as he face-fucked into his mom's mouth.

She gives head even better than Belinda. And, speaking of Belinda.

Belinda came into the house, hoping that Tommy would already be home. But there was no one downstairs and because Jenny was mouthing his cock-meat so slowly to make it last, the girl didn't hear the gentle rocking of the bed above.

She supposed Tommy was still at baseball practice and she sat down to wait, noticing the empty wine bottle but thinking nothing of it.

While she waited, she played with her pussy. She wasn't trying to frig herself off, just stroking to keep her cunt simmering and ready for her brother. But her mouth was hornier than her cunt at the moment, since Miss Jenkins had creamed her off very satisfactorily.

What the naughty teenager really wanted to do was to eat out a pussy. But there wasn't a girl available and she figured she would have to settle for Tommy's prick.

She thought that she would let him shove it up her cunt, first, then suck his cock-meat after it was all slathered with her cunt-juice, getting a taste, at least.

It wouldn't be as exciting as drinking the foam right out of a cumming cunt, but it would be tasty in its own right, a blend of cock-meat and cunt-juice followed by the steaming load of her brother's jizz.

She was getting hotter by the moment and starting to become impatient. She wondered what to do while she waited, how to keep herself horny without creaming her hand.

Then the naughty nymphet wondered if her mother might happen to have a dildo or a vibrator. It seemed likely, since she was divorced and didn't have a steady boyfriend for sex.

Belinda decided to search her mother's bedroom and see if she could find, a fuck-tool to amuse herself with. If nothing else, she could always take a pair of her mom's panties out of the dirty clothing hamper and lick the crotchband. The idea turned her on in a kinky way.

It was really wicked to fantasize about licking her mother's pussy, she knew.

It was deliciously depraved.

Little did she know yet that her voluptuous mother had the same naughty ideas.

But she soon would.

Belinda went upstairs and into the master bedroom. She snooped about in the dresser drawers and looked in the closet, but she didn't find any sex toys.

Disappointed, she went to the clothing hamper and rummaged about, finding a pair of tiny bikini panties. There was a film of milky pussy-juice coating the crotchband, to her delight. She sniffed at the redolent aroma of her mom's cunt, then began to lap up the congealed juice.

She sucked and chewed on the crotchband, relishing the lingering flavor and fragrance.

Then, because she really was a horny little minx, Belinda walked over to the looking glass, thinking it would be a kick to watch her tongue lapping up her mom's seepage out of the soiled bikini panties.

Holding the panties up to her mouth, she pushed her tongue out and looked into the mirror and discovered that it wasn't a mirror, at all! She was looking straight through the glass, into her own empty bedroom. What did it mean? Why did her mother have those spying glasses in her room?

Suddenly a terrible thought stuck the girl. She spun around and saw that there was an identical looking glass on the other side of the room. If that, too, was one-way glass, it meant that her mom could also peep into Tommy's room and oh, jeez had their mother been watching the day before, when Belinda and her brother had been sucking and ass-fucking?

Surely, if she'd witnessed their incestuous games, she would have stopped them, Belinda reasoned.

Yet a horrible doubt filled her.

Forgetting all about the damp panties in her hand, she moved across the room and looked through the mirror on the opposite side and got another shock.

Her brother was sprawled out naked on his bed and a curvy, dark-haired woman was going down on his cock!

Belinda felt a twinge of jealousy, but it quickly passed, replaced by looker's lust. Belinda shared a peeper's passion with her mother. She stared intently at Tommy's towering prick as the mysterious stranger jumped her raven-dark head up and down on it, enveloping the smoking-hot cock in the ruby red oval of her mouth.

Then Belinda ran her fevered gaze over the woman's naked, voluptuous body, turning on to the sight every bit as much as to Tommy's cock and balls.

Whoever that lustful lady was, Tommy was just going to have to share her with his sister, she determined, pressing her nose right up to the glass and licking her lips as she admired the stranger's big, stiff-capped tits and her cunt mound the tresses of which were strangely lighter than her ebony hair.

Belinda was tempted to join them at once. But she was thrilled to play the spy and, besides, if she waited until Tommy had emptied his cumbags into that ravenous red mouth, she figured that the dark-haired lady would be more ready to get sucked, in turn.

She knew she hadn't long to wait. Tommy was heaving up urgently from the bed and the woman's sexy mouth was pumping furiously on his prick. Pre-spunk was dribbling from his cock-knob. As her lips drew up his prick, saliva streaked with cock-goo washed down his stalk.

They were nearing the creamy conclusions. Eager to see her brother's cum spurt out, Belinda watched, trembling, excited by observing and getting really desperate for his act to end as it would be time for audience participation. Tommy's mouth opened and she knew he was groaning. He arched deeply, burying his hot cock up into the unidentified woman's slobbering maw.

She panted down his cock-shaft as she nursed on the knob, then her lips fluttered and fluted as she pushed her mouth down to his balls, swallowing his cock to the hilt. Her red lipstick streaked his stalk with greasy smears and his preliminary jizz frothed on her painted lips.

Whoever that woman was, she sure knew bow to suck a prick, Belinda acknowledged, grudgingly.

Belinda's own lips and tongue were working, echoing the actions of the dark-haired bricklayer. But Belinda was not going to deny the woman a load of her brother's fuck-juice as long as she got to munch her cunt, afterwards.

Tommy gasped, hovering just below the heights, his cock vibrating in her mouth. His piss-hole was spilling the pre-spunk out in creamy clouds, drenching her tongue.

Jenny knew he was going to shoot off at any moment and she yearned for that load out of her son's cock and balls and yet she was so greatly savoring, that mouthful of cock-meat that she wanted to prolong the ending a bit longer.

She slowed her class blow-job motion and loosened the collar of her lips as they skimmed on his shaft.

But, on the point of pumping his fuck-juice out, Tommy was desperate to reach the peak.

He reached down and grasped her shoulders, hauling her up and down, urging her to keep to the steady cum-stroking pace.

His hands slid up behind her head and he pulled her face down on his prick.

His hands clenched spasmodically and his fingers entwined in her glossy black hair.

Holding her firmly by her hair, he shoved her mouth down on his cock as he humped up, guiding her rhythm and controlling the tempo.

His balls rolled up against her red lips and he yanked on her dark tresses frantically and as her face fell on his cock, her wig came off in Tommy's hands.

Chapter TEN

Jenny's flaming red tresses tumbled free as Tommy snatched her black wig off. Her hair fell like tongues of fire over his cock and balls as she gulped on his cock-meat. Jenny didn't realize that her disguise had been penetrated for a moment. She took a few more slugs on her son's cock before she noticed her own hair lashing his loins.

Then she gasped and glanced tap at Tommy's face to see how he was reacting to the sudden revelation that it was his own mother munching his cock-meat.

But Tommy hadn't realized it.

His eyes were closed and his head thrown back as his ass and hips jerked on the cum strokes.

He was whipping the black wig up and down above Jenny's head, not yet realizing that those raven tresses were no longer attached to her.

She pounded her mouth up and down, in rhythm with his hands, maintaining the deception. She calculated that as long as she kept swallowing on his prick she could still keep him from realizing who she was.

But it was a temporary reprieve.

Once the youth had shot his wad off he was going to look down at her, wanting to see his fuck-juice dribbling from her lips and as soon as the youth did that he was certain to see that they were his mother's lips.

She slowed the pace, prolonging the embarrassing moment of discovery. But as soon as her head started to rise and fall at a slower rate than his hands, Tommy groaned, shaking the wig violently, thinking that he was urging her to keep up the tempo that would bring him off. She bobbed faster again. Preliminary goo was gushing down her gullet and Jenny knew that she had only seconds before her son slimed her mouth and sub sequently found out that she was not cousin Wanda, after all.

Then a desperate maneuver occurred to her. Holding his prick buried in her maw, she began to rotate her lush body, slowly revolving around the pivot of his cock-stalk and shifting into the position of inverted love. Wriggling on her knees, her ass jerking, she spun through a half circle and threw one leg across his torso.

She shoved her cunt back into his face.

Tommy began to lick and suck immediately as that wet cunt clamped against his mouth.

Now the boy was blinded and muffled in her groin and even should he open his eyes, he would be able to see nothing but her ass and cunt.

With her masquerade secure once more, Jenny began to suck hungrily toward the conclusions on her son's cock and Tommy lapped her cunt and prepared to blow his fuck-juice into what he still believed to be his cousin Wanda's mouth.

But, as Tommy sixty-nined away in blissful ignorance, his sister had no such delusions.

Belinda gasped in shock when the wig came off and that flaming hair tumbled free.

The contact lenses and the cosmetics, without the raven wig, provided no disguise at all.

"Holy shit!" Belinda cried as she realized that the mysterious stranger was no stranger at all that it was Mom sucking on Tommy's cock.

But her shock faded instantly, replaced by flaming lances of raging lust.

Watching Mom blow Tommy was even more exciting than seeing a supposed stranger sucking his prick. And, too, she had the added thrill of seeing Tommy lapping Mom's muff. Belinda was seething, jealous of both ends of that reversed lovemaking hungry for her brother's cock and jizz and equally hot for her mother's cunt-cum.

And now, under the circumstances, just about anything seemed possible.

Belinda knew that her brother was game for incest and now it was undeniably evident that their mother shared their tastes for the taboo.

Belinda was burning with the desire to join in the family frolics and share the forbidden fruit but for the moment her eyes held her captive.

Jenny squirmed on her son's face and jumped her head on his cock. Her face was a mask of passion, false eyelashes fluttering, bangle earrings bouncing, ruby red lips working lustfully on his cock-meat.

Suddenly her mouth was full of cum.

Tommy's first squirt came abruptly, catching her without warning. She gasped as hot spunk hosed her throat, then gulped it down greedily to make room for more.

Her lips pulled up to his knob as another jism sped from his pisshole, foaming over her tongue in a creamy cascade. Then she bobbed down again, taking him ball-deep into her maw as he spurted down her gorge.

Her son's cum was hot and thick and scrumptious and Jenny swallowed joyfully, pumping more out by ducking her head up and down and sucking steadily.

She slammed her face down to the base of his cock-rod and took a foaming geyser down her throat, then drew back up and took another dose on her tongue.

As she milked on his cock-head, jizz and saliva poured down his shaft, drenching the exterior as more came rushing up the inside of the meaty hose. Then she ducked down and sucked it back from his prick.

No cock had ever creamed her so sweetly, nor with such lavish abundance. Even while Tommy was still shooting off, filling her belly, Jenny was looking forward to blowing the boy again and again.

Cousin Wanda might have to stay for an extended visit, she figured and maybe Jenny Duncan might have to take a trip out of town for a week or two so that a mother's presence didn't hinder things.

She hoped that her daughter would be equally willing to have oral sex with a vagabond aunt.

But, of course, Belinda knew better and, knowing the truth, was even more.

Tony's cumming began to wind down.

His prick was still spurting out spume, but now he was no longer shooting on every stroke of her head. He squirted on every second stroke, then every third, as the pressure in his balls diminished.

At last he stopped heaving up from the bed, although he continued to suck her cunt industriously, drinking her pussy-nectar ravenously as if his cumming had parched his loins and he was replenishing his fluids out of her foaming fuck-hole, replacing through his mouth what he had spent out of his cock and cumbags.

His prick still towered up, hard and swollen. Jenny kept on sliding her mouth up and down his cock-stalk, coaxing out a few last drops. Then she collared his cock-head in her lips and milked out the meager dregs.

She licked his deflated balls and was delighted to find that they were already recharging, slowly expanding with another load of fuck juice.

She was yearning for a cuntful now.

But what about her disguise?

Then Tommy solved that dilemma. Still totally unaware that he had scalped her of a wig in his face-fucking frenzy, Tommy released the silken tresses. The wig fluttered down to the bed beside his loins.

His hands slid up her curvy flanks and cupped her by the wide, firm cheeks of her ass.

He drew her groin down onto his upturned face as he drank from her cunt-gash.

Jenny suckled on his prick a bit longer, nursing the knob and staring down the stalk as she watched, with great satisfaction, his balls balloon anew.

Then she pulled her mouth off him and straightened up, still on his face but kneeling upright now. She squirmed around, groin grinding and big tits swinging. Then she grabbed the wig and replaced it on her head.

She turned toward the mirror for it was a real mirror on that side of the wall. Gazing at her reflection, she carefully adjusted the raven dark wig, making sure that all of her flaming hair was concealed.

She was staring right into her daughter's eyes through the one-way glass, as well, but Jenny didn't realize that her spy mirror was being used. Belinda gazed back through the glass, thrilled to see Tommy's creamy cum-juice streaking their mom's painted mouth. The bright red lipstick was smeared with milky ribbons of spunk.

Then the girl's eyes shifted and she watched Jenny's wet cunt mop Tommy's face. She licked her lips. Her hot mouth was so full of saliva that it felt as if a cock had just shot off into her maw.

Belinda was longing for another load of brotherly love and yearning for her first load of mother's milk, not knowing which she hungered for most.

She was clawing at her cunt, but that caress was only incidental. Belinda's mouth was a lot hornier than her pussy, at the moment.

She lingered at the glass, waiting to see what developed next and which creamy feast would become available to her, when she joined them.

Cum and cunt-juice were equally welcome to the girl.

And, as it turned out, the lucky little minx got to drink them both at once...

Chapter ELEVEN

Satisfied that her wig was in place and her identity once again disguised, Jenny squirmed on her son's face for a few more happy moments. But then she shifted away. His lapper was working her up toward a cumming and she didn't want to cream in his mouth again, lovely as it was. Jenny wanted a cunt ful now.

She pulled her pussy off his mouth with a slurp and dismounted from his head.

Twisting around, she leaned down and kissed him on the ups, feeding him her tongue and tasting her own cunt-cream in his mouth.

The flavor blended wonderfully with the taste of his jizz, combining into a succulent sauce the same sort of sauce that lucky little Belinda was soon going to get.

Jenny threw one knee across his hips and mounted Tommy's heavily hung loins. She poised over him, just the tip of his rampant prick nudging into her gooey cunt-gash.

Tommy stroked her flanks and massaged her heaving tits. She bent down, tits swinging over his face and Tommy sucked on her stiff nipples, nursing with far more enthusiasm than he had ever sucked as a hungry infant.

Her ass writhed as she worked her cunt-slot around on his bulging cock-head. Her pink pussy-lips pulled on the purple slab and cunt cream trickled down his stalk, dripping onto his cumbags like melted pearls.

How yummy her mother's cunt-juice looked as it streamed down her brother's long shaft, Belinda thought, desperate to rush in and join them and yet still captivated by her voyeur's pleasure peeping just a bit longer.

Jenny squatted atop his cock like a flagpole sitter, balanced on the flaring knob.

"Sit on my cock, cousin Wanda!" he gasped, stabbing his cock up urgently.

Her lush thighs rippled with sleek sinew and Jenny began to lower her cunt onto his prick. Inch by precious inch, she took him up into her fuck-box.

Then she dropped down to the hilt. Her ass brushed against his balls and her cunt lips spread out like suction cups on the root of his cock as she took his cock-head up into the core of her cunt.

She whimpered in pure rapture. Jenny might have been stuffed so full of prick before, but she couldn't remember when and no cock-meat had ever filled her with such frenzied joy as her teenaged son's massive cock. She could imagine nothing better than being filled to the brim with his cock yet knew it could only get better, as they moved through the fucking friction and then he flooded her fuck-box with his slime.

Turned on psychologically as well as physically, Jenny moaned and her cunt began to juice at once. But it wasn't premature. The lewd lady knew that she was going to just keep right on creaming as long as she had her cunt stuffed full of her son's throbbing cock-meat.

Her fuck-tunnel clamped around him, clinging and sucking like a hungry mouth. She squirmed on the full penetration, then began to ride up and down, adding hot friction to the sensation of being gorged.

Tommy jerked up to meet her as she descended, fucking straight up into her loins. Her hips rolled as she screwed her cunt down his cock.

Belinda had a perfect vista.

The girl could see her brother's heavily veined cock-shaft sink in and slide out and his cumbags swell at the root of that soaking stalk.

She could see her mom's cunt-lips flutter and flute on Tommy's thick prick as she squatted down on him, her clit flaring out and, as the cheeks of her ass spread apart, the delicate and delicious looking ring of the woman's tight little shit-hole.

But there was glass between them.

Belinda couldn't bear tony at that removed distance any longer. She stripped off the few garments that she was still encumbered with, took a last lustful look through the one-way mirror and went to join them.

When Belinda, naked and nubile and radiant with lust, walked into Tommy's bedroom, Jenny looked over her shoulder and held her breath, wondering if the disguise that had so easily fooled her son would also deceive her daughter.

Tommy craned his neck up, looking flustered. "Errrr this is Wanda, our gypsy cousin," he said.

"Hi, Wanda," chirped Belinda, feigning innocent belief. "Looks like you're having fun!"

Jenny, relieved, exhaled and grinned.

"Your brother is lovely and..." she eyed Belinda speculatively and wantonly, "and you look yummy, too!"

"Can I join you?" Belinda asked.

Without waiting for a reply, the little vixen curled up at the foot of the bed taking a ringside seat just behind Jenny's ass.

"We can have lots of fun together as long as our mom doesn't catch us at it," the girl said, continuing her saucy pretense of innocence.

"Ahhhhh I don't think that your mother will be home for quite a while," Jenny said.

"That's good," Belinda replied. "I don't suppose that she would approve cousin Wanda."

There was a suspiciously impish look in the girl's eyes and an undertone in her voice and, for an instant, Jenny wondered if the girl had guessed at her identity.

But, regardless, she was not about to stop now.

Jenny began to ride up and down on Tommy's prick again and Belinda moved closer to the coupling, as if drawn by the magnetic attraction of cunt and cock. Her nose flared as she breathed in the succulent fragrance of hot cock-meat and creaming cunt.

Then, tongue-first, Belinda joined in.

She spread the cheeks of Jenny's ass open and started to work on her asshole.

Jenny jerked convulsively as the pleasure of a rimming tongue was added to the ecstasy of a cunt ful of thundering cock-meat. The fact that it happened to be her little girl's tongue could only enhance the thrill.

Belinda reamed into her mother's tight ring, whetting her appetite, using that shit-slot as a hors d'oeuvre before she moved on to the main course.

The gri's frothy slobber ran down through the cleft of Jenny's ass and washed into her crotch, blending with the cunt-cum creamily oozing out around Tommy's prick, then bathing on down to his balls.

"Oooooh, cousin Wanda your asshole is yummy," Belinda purred, stabbing into that tasty bud. "I can't wait to eat out your cunt."

Jenny shuddered. It was her own little teenaged daughter saying those things. The thrill of it was almost making the woman faint with rapture.

Then Belinda slid down, lapping her way through Jenny's ass-crack, slurping and slobbering. Her radiant face turned down and she began to mouth her brother's cumbags, sucking and licking as they ballooned against her lips.

Jenny slid her pussy up and down on her son's towering cock and Belinda flattened her tongue against the base, tonguing up cunt-cream from his stalk as it emerged.

She dragged her tongue up along the ridge of his pulsing ventral vein, panting and drooling as she savored pussy-nectar licked off cockmeat.

At the bottom of the stroke she lapped Tommy's cumbags and as she slurped up to the top, she flickered her tongue against the folds of her mother's fuck-slot.

Then she wedged her tongue right up into Jenny's creamy hole, frigging it in and out alongside Tommy's cock as that meaty wand sank in and pulled out.

Cunt-lapping was even better than Belinda had expected it to be, even sharing it with her brother's prick and she was really looking forward to feasting on her mother's fuck-hole all by herself, once Tommy had finished spunking into that steaming fuck-tunnel.

Jenny pounded her pussy down, dragged it up, slammed it down again, thrilled by the combination of her son's cock and her little-girl's tongue. Her clit was going off steadily and now Tommy was oozing pre-cum into her, as well. A tide streamed from her cunt, her milky cunt cream streaked through with ribbons of spunk.

Belinda delicately flicked her tongue into the slime, licking the threads of cum out of the wash of pussy-nectar, then slurping the girl goo up, as well.

The girl was going truly suck crazy on this foaming family feast. She swooped up for a brief snack on her mother's asshole again, rimming and reaming the trim little ring, then dived down into the woman's groin once more.

Tommy bridged, bouncing his voluptuous mother up and down on his driving cock. Her ass bounced off Belinda's forehead and her tits surged up.

As his fat prick plugged her pussy to the brim, more of their mingled juices seeped out from the hairy socket. Belinda washed her face in the flowing, fragrant goo. She was sticky from brow to chin. Her silken hair was streaked with the stuff and she inhaled some up her nose.

"Cum, Tommy!" she wailed, sobbing with desire, eager to preside over their creaming. "Cum, Mo... ahhhhh..." she caught herself just in time. "Cream, cousin Wanda!" she corrected her form of address.

Belinda was licking all around the edges of their incestuous coupling, lapping the hairy rim of her mother's cunt and slurping on her brother's soaking stalk. With her hungry mouth adding to the thrill and the friction and the sensation, Jenny just kept on spunking off and now Tommy was soaring toward his own magic moment.

He wailed like a banshee.

His balls exploded against his sister's chin and his hot geyser shot straight up into his mother's fuck-box, splashing into her so hard that he almost blew her off the end of his thundering prick.

Jenny bounced on Tommy's cock, shoving her fuck-box down onto the foaming cum geysers that were rocketing from his cock-head.

His jizz filled her tunnel of love and then his cock slid in like a plunger, pumping the creamy spunk back out of her cunt-slot as he stuffed her full of cock-meat.

Belinda lapped up the overflow. Her head was down in their coupled crotches and her trim little ass stuck up. If she'd had a tail, it would have been wagging.

Tommy's balls slowly slackened under his sister's chin as, spurt by spurt, he drained them off into their mother's grinding fuck-hole. She pushed down, shoving her ass back and rubbing her clit down the length of his cock-shaft. That sensitive bud exploded again and more cunt-cum poured out to mingle with her son's spunk.

His prick stopped squirting at last. The dregs of his jism bubbled out as Jenny pushed her cunt all the way down to his balls and squirmed on it, working off the final spasms of her own cumming.

Jenny was in a state of euphoria.

She had fulfilled her wildest fantasies, she had sucked her son off and then fucked herself silly on his prick. Did she have any regrets or misgivings?

Hell, no! Now that insatiable redhead in the black wig was eager to eat out her daughter.

And from the way that the girl was lapping away, she knew it would be a mutual feast.

She slowly drew her cunt up off Tommy's cock and shifted from his loins. Despite his cumming, his big cock was still standing to attention.

Belinda hovered over him, ready to suck the juices from his prick before she dove on Jenny's pussy. But before her mouth was full, the devilish little tart couldn't resist the urge to hint at her knowledge.

"You're a mother-fucker, Tommy," was what she said...

Chapter TWELVE

Tommy blinked, wondering vaguely if his sister was insulting him because she was jealous. The youth still had no idea that the term had been simply descriptive.

Jenny frowned slightly.

Why had Belinda said that? Had she guessed the truth? Yet it didn't really seem to matter because Belinda was obviously ready for incest on any degree.

Jenny sat back, her knees raised up and her thighs wide apart. Her open fuck-slot was spilling out cunt-cum and spunk in creamy streams.

It was an inviting sight to a cunt-hungry teenager and Belinda's eyes glowed as she gazed at that snack. But first she wanted to suck the residue from her brother's succulently sauced cock.

She took his knob into her lips and nursed, then bobbed up and down. Her hot tongue seemed to be absorbing the juice, soaking it from his cock.

She polished his cock to a glossy luster and left it standing, slick with saliva, as she moved over and knelt between Jenny's legs.

Jenny jerked her cunt up.

Belinda gazed at it hungrily. Then she used her fingers to fold that slot open even wider, exposing the darker meat of the inner tunnel.

"I like to see what I'm eating," she whispered.

She gave Jenny a sly look.

"I like to see who I'm eating, too," she added.

Tommy, who had rolled over close to them, excited by the prospect of watching some pussy-eating, looked puzzled at his sister's words. "C'mon, Sis suck cousin Wanda's cunt," he coaxed.

Belinda giggled. Her tongue was flicking out but she hadn't made contact yet. Jenny was staring at her searchingly, not sure if the girl knew who she was or not.

Belinda ran her lapper lightly through the flaming bush of Jenny's curly mound.

"I never knew that gypsies had blonde cunts," she said, nuzzling that silken pelt.

"What's the fucking difference, Sis? Eat the fucker out," Tommy urged her.

Jenny gazed down quizzically at the girl, looking past the thrust of her heaving tits.

"Your cunt-bush is the same color as mine or Mom's," Belinda said, teasingly, licking lightly at the vee. "I guess it must be a family resemblance, huh?"

She looked up front the tops of her eyes, through fluttering lashes, grinning knowingly.

Jenny looked a bit sheepish.

"You know, don't you?" she whispered.

"Know fucking what?" Tommy rasped, in confusion, wondering what on earth they were hinting at?

"I was looking in the mirror in your bedroom, Mom only it ain't really a mirror, is it?"

"Mom?" Tommy croaked.

Jenny shrugged and took her wig off.

"Holy cow!" Tommy gasped. He stared at his mother, then looked down at his prick. He was stunned. But then he began to grin happily. If there had really been a mysterious gypsy cousin it would have been a fleeting affairs but his mother was home every day.

I'm a mother-fucker! he thought.

The term had taken on new meaning.

Belinda licked up Jenny's thighs and around the creases where they joined her pelvis. She got her chin down on the bed and lapped into the crack of the curvaceous woman's ass as Jenny hiked up.

Then she shot her tongue into her mother's cunt-slot with a hungry whimper. She flailed and ladled in that creamy bowl, spooning out cream and cum. Her tongue whisked and slurped, splashing the sodden slot.

Belinda had become a devout cunt-lapper with the very first taste. Eating pussy was even better than she had supposed it would be. No wander Miss Jenkins was the way she was although it was a shame that she was one-dimensional. Belinda would have enjoyed some mutual groin gulping in the gymnasium two or three times a week.

But although she was looking forward to giving head to plenty of girls from now on, she knew that no cunt would ever be as exciting as her mom's juicy fuck-box especially now that it was full of her brother's jizz.

She loved everything about it, the taste and the texture and the heated fragrance and the dark knowledge that it was forbidden fruit.

Belinda stirred her tongue around for a while, then clamped her mouth on her mother's creamy cunt-slot and began to suck like a sump pump.

She needed no practice or experience, she knew instinctively just how to plate a pussy and her efforts were causing Jenny to tremble and shudder.

Sucking on her cunt, Belinda tongue-fucked as deep up her cunt-sleeve as her tongue would reach. She seemed to be trying to lap Tommy's spunk out of Jenny's belly, sucking so hard that Jenny thought her eyeballs might cave in.

Her lips unpeeled. She nursed on her mother's clit as if it were a nipple but she was suckling out a creamer flow than had ever been milked from a tit.

Tommy leaned over them, moaning at the sight, watching his sister's tongue sliding around on their mother's cunt with such hungry enthusiasm. Knowing that Belinda wasn't a lesbian, the naive lad wondered, vaguely, how come she was a cunt-lapper. But he wasn't about to object.

His prick was hammering as he knelt over them, throwing a vibrating shadow on his mother's belly.

With the lower half of her face buried, Belinda gazed up at Jenny's face.

"Can Tommy fuck me, Mom?" she asked, her words muffled on her mother's cunt.

And how could Jenny deny the girl that pleasure, under the bizarre circumstances?

She nodded and they all smiled although Belinda's smite was hidden in a hairy snack.

"Fuck me, Tommy fuck me like a dog," she whined.

Tommy moved behind her squirming ass as Belinda knelt with her head down and her haunches up, wriggling around like a bitch in heat.

He held her by the hips and nudged his cockhead into her foaming fuck-slot. He had ass fucked his sister in this position and the prospect of cunt-fucking her was even more inviting. He wondered if screwing his sister was as naughty as screwing his mom but what did it matter?

He inched his cock-knob in.

Belinda's tight cunt began to suck, dragging his prick in inch by slow inch. He stared down, watching the thick stalk disappear in her coral pink pussy.

His ass jerked and he buried his cock all the way up his sister's fuck-box. She gasped with delight. He held it all stuffed up her, pumping his prick-muscles and making his cock pulse in her tunnel of lust.

Belinda began to slide up and down, puffing her pussy through a few inches of prick. Then Tommy fell into the rhythm with her, humping as she shoved back.

His cock came out until only the flaring knob was lodged in her cunt-slot, then slid back in ball-deep. He was fucking her slowly and steadily, matching the pace that her churning haunches were dictating.

His prick hissed in and came out, steaming, from her hot, suction-cup cunt. Her cunt-sleeve clung and pulled and sucked, milking on his cock like a mouth.

As he pounded into her pussy, he leaned over her shoulder, still savoring the sight of the cunt lapping that was going on in their mom's pussy.

Belinda was in a feeding frenzy, relishing her mother's delicious cunt even more now that she had a cunt ful of her brother's thundering cock.

As Tommy pumped his prick deeply into her fuck-hole, the girl's tongue, shot out into her mother's cunt, as if his giant cock was stuffing her body so full that it was forcing her tongue to emerge.

He was hammering into her to the core. Belinda almost expected her brother's prick to come out of her mouth and slide on up their mother's pussy, as if he were fucking Jenny through the conduit of Belinda's body.

Belinda's cunt was cumming and she was drooling so lavishly that it felt as if her mouth was cumming, too. Her tongue was exploding just like her clit.

Then Jenny began to cum in Belinda's mouth. Her mother's milk came gushing out, rich and creamy, soaking Belinda's tongue and pouring past her parted lips. The girl gulped it down and sucked far more.

"Yeah yeah cream me, Mom!" she wailed.

Jenny cried out, arching and bowing, squirming joyfully against her little-girl's face as the waves of her rapture came flooding across her loins.

"Cumming, cumming!" she gasped. "Suck my cunt-cum out, darling drink Mommy's juice!"

Belinda already knew that Jenny was cumming because her mouth was filling up with creamy tides of nectar but Tommy groaned at the news.

He watched the steaming juice bubble out of their mother's fuck-hole and into his sister's greedy mouth, as thrilled by the sight of that depraved sucking as he was by the sensation of Belinda's fuck-box on his cock.

He rammed in and his cumbags burst.

A great stream of brotherly love shot into Belinda's fuck-hole. She squealed with ecstasy. That hot, thick jizz was jetting into the core of her cunt and she was gulping down her mother's cunt-cum at the same time, adoring one every bit as much as the other.

Her mouth milked voraciously and her cunt sucked ravenously as her body filled from both ends. Tommy's fuck-juice was sloshing around in her loins and her mother's pussy-nectar was bubbling in her belly.

As she slobbered in Jenny's groin, it felt as if she were spitting Tommy's jizz out into their mom's cunt.

Jenny drained off slowly into Belinda's mouth, coming down gradually from the frantic crest. The last of her cunt-cum dribbled out and a final fading spasm shook her. With a sigh, she dropped back on the bed, spread caged, a dreamy smile on her lips.

Belinda kept sucking greedily.

Having her mother cum in her mouth was wonderful and it was a treat that she knew she would be able to enjoy every day from now on.

At the other end, her brother was beginning to slow down. His cock stopped squirting. He kept on pumping it in, oozing out a few last slimy drops.

Then he slumped, panting, over her ass. Belinda wriggled around for a few more moments, savoring the coupling to the end. Jenny's pussy was already beginning to simmer again and Tommy's potent prick was still tense inside her fuck-box.

Soon they were at it again.

Jenny happened to glance in the mirror.

Tommy was fucking into her cunt and Belinda was sitting on her face and Jenny looked past the girl's shin, grinding hip and saw them all reflected in the glass.

It was a good thing that those mirrors were really mirrors on one side, she thought.

Otherwise it would have been a waste of money although she had enjoyed a nice fuck from the carpenter.

Because she knew that there would be little need for the one-way glass from now on.

Or even separate bedrooms.

Watching was fun but it sure as hell couldn't beat, doing the real thing.


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