Hot pants nurse

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

Janice Roberts, a nurse at Harper General Hospital, makes this discovery, and comes away healthier psychologically. HOT PANTS NURSE is the story of a woman who discovers her sexuality and is no longer ashamed of it.

Chapter ONE

Janice Roberts knew what was coming. She felt a shudder of disgust rush through her when she saw Dr. Clark sauntering down the hall toward her. He walked with the cocky air of a man who thought he could have anything he wanted, and Janice knew that he wanted her.

It wasn't that Janice wasn't interested in men.

Her womanly instincts were as easily aroused as any other thirty-three-year-old woman's. It was just that she had dedicated herself so completely to her nursing profession that there really wasn't any time in her life for men. She spent as much time at Harper General Hospital as she possibly could, long hours of hard work that most of her colleagues would have, shunned. She spent her spare time reading the latest medical journals and keeping abreast of new advances in the profession. She was the most knowledgeable nurse at Harper General, and the most frustrated.

Janice had been frustrated for most of her life, the result of the endless moralizing of her old-fashioned and restrictive parents. Her parents had built a wall around her, a wall that was supposed to protect her from the wickedness of the modem world. Ever since high school, she had been drilled in the wicked ways of men, the ways they had of making young girls compromise their morals. Janice hated to admit it even now, but she had always wanted her morals to be compromised.

Janice realized that her parents had recognized her natural desire to be loose. Faced with such tendencies, they had increased their efforts to isolate her from the world. They had fought against her desire to become a nurse, preferring that she spend the rest of her days in a convent. Only with the greatest of difficulty had she persuaded her parents to let her devote her life to nursing. Her choice of a profession had been accepted, as long as her dedication to it was to be complete.

Janice's parents had died two years earlier in an automobile accident, but the shadow they had cast over her still remained, although she thought she was beginning to see the glimmer of light from time to time. Janice knew that there was nothing now to keep her from living her life the way she wanted to live it, but casting off the shackles of her parents' ridiculous morality wasn't as easy as it seemed.

She wanted to look up and smile at Dr. Clark as he walked down the hall toward her. She wanted to let the sparkle in his blue eyes make her feel warm inside, but something kept her from letting go. She knew that he was interested in her, knew that he would jump at the chance to take her out. But what would she do if she let herself succumb to her desire for masculine warmth. Would he use her cruelly? Would he hurt her in the process of taking her virginity? These were questions she knew she should have asked herself years before, questions, however, that she would never have dared ask until now.

Janice wanted desperately to experience all the things she could have experienced years before, but she was afraid that it was too late. Her image of herself was far from attractive. She couldn't believe that any man could find her attractive. And yet, Dr. Clark wasn't the first man who had flirted with her. She was beginning to open up to the possibility that she really did have what it took to catch and hold a man's attention. She had no idea what she would do with his attention once she had caught it.

Janice had looked down at the floor as soon as she had seen the glimmer in his eye. She tried to return the smile he was flashing at her, but instead raised her head and stared defiantly ahead of her, clutching Mr. Dexter's file tightly and pretending not to have seen him.

Janice felt a shiver of fear pass through her when, instead of passing her by, Dr. Clark stopped and grasped her arm. His touch sent a shock through her body. She thought she would faint on the spot.

"Dr. Clark!" she gasped, her body stiffening.

"I just wanted to feel you to see if you're really flesh and blood under that uniform!" the handsome young doctor said.

"Please, Dr. Clark!" she said, her heart pounding.

"It's hard to believe that someone who feels so soft and warm could be so hard and cold outside!" the doctor said, his hand running down over her arm.

"But... I..." the frightened woman stumbled. "I'm not! Not really..."

"You've fooled me!" Dr. Clark said. "Why don't you look at me, Nurse Roberts? You have beautiful eyes. Blue, aren't they?" he asked softly, putting his hand under her chin and lifting her face toward his.

Janice wanted desperately to tell him she wasn't really cold, that she was aloof only through force of habit. She wanted to tell him that her heart fluttered every time she saw him. She wanted to tell him that she was terribly lonely and needed the warmth that he and many of the other doctors at the hospital seemed eager to give her. She wanted to throw her arms around the bold young man and tell him that she was his for the asking, but something held her tongue.

"A beautiful woman like you shouldn't hide in a hard shell. You should enjoy life, Nurse Roberts! You should let yourself go! Go out! Be a woman for a change instead of some kind of starched nurse doll! You're the mast beautiful woman at Harper General! Let yourself live!" Dr. Clark said with great sincerity.

"But I... I'm not... not beautiful." Janice stumbled, her eyes misting. "I'm... I'm plain."

"Come off it, lady!" the doctor laughed softly, his deep brown eyes glittering as she looked into them for the first time. "You can't fool anybody with this act! You can't hide a face like this by tying your hair back! And you sure can't hide a body like that under this uniform!"

Janice blushed uncontrollably. She had always wanted to hear the things Dr. Clark was telling her, even though he was embarrassing her terribly. Her womanly instincts were coming to life as he held her arm and forced her to recognize her femininity. She felt a strange warmth radiating from him, a warmth that coursed through her and went all the way to her young cunt.

"Please let me go, Doctor," she said weakly, her body shivering with strange excitement, her heart fluttering.

"I'll let you go, Nurse Roberts... Janice isn't it?" he said. "But I'll keep working on you until you agree to go out with me some night! Why not give up and make it tonight?"

"I... I can't... not... not tonight... I... I have an engagement!" Janice gasped.

Janice felt as if another pair of lips were forming her words. She tried to force the right words to escape her lips, the words that would tell her admirer that she was interested in him, but it was no use. She was refusing a man again, and it was tearing her up inside.

"Okay, Janice. Not tonight. But remember that I'm going to keep after you until I loosen you up a little. Think about it. It might be fun to let yourself live for once!" he said, finally releasing her arm and walking away.

It wasn't easy for Janice to get control of herself when Dr. Clark left her. She was shaky for an hour after the confrontation. She tried to get hold of herself by sifting in the nurses' lounge for awhile, but that wasn't good enough. There were too many nurses around and she thought she needed to be alone. It was rather obvious to everybody that Janice had a problem, and more than one of the nurses offered their understanding and help, but she was unable to accept. Finally she sneaked out of the place and leaned back against the wall outside, breathing deeply.

Her heart was still racing, her pussy still warm and tingling from the doctor's masculine touch. He had only touched her arm, and still her entire body felt as if it had come alive after a long sleep. She was at a loss to explain the way she felt. It was terribly confusing for her at first, but she soon came around to the conclusion that he had awakened in her some instincts that she had long denied. She was almost feeling that the experience might just turn out to be a good one when she heard her name mentioned in the nurses' lounge. She moved closer to the door and listened.

"Have you ever seen Janice with a man?" she heard a voice ask.

"Janice wouldn't know a man if one jumped on her, Della!" another voice said in a mocking tone.

"And I don't think that's likely to happen, girls!" another voice laughed.

"Certainly not! Good grief! The way she does her hair!" a voice that sounded a lot like Nurse Wade's laughed.

"And her attitude! She acts like an old lady! Do you know I don't think she's gone out with a man the whole time she's been at General!" another nurse laughed.

"I don't think we should be too hard on the poor dear!" a voice that Janice recognized as her friend Lois said softly. "She's a sweet person! She's just shy with men, that's all!"

"All the same, I think it's awful the way she hides behind that silly hairdo and those cold manners! You'd think she was made of wax!" another voice chided.

Janice had heard enough. She almost staggered away from the lounge, so shattered was she at hearing herself discussed so unkindly. She thought she could escape by walking away, but it was no use. She had to walk by the doctors' lounge, and what she overheard there made her gasp. She was being discussed by the doctors too!

"Hey, Joe, I saw you talking to Janice Roberts! What the hell was that all about?" a voice asked.

"Yea, Joe! Don't you know that Nurse Roberts talks to no man?" another masculine voice called.

"Hell, you guys, it's worth a try! She's a good-looking woman under that uniform and the granny hair!" Dr. Clark said.

"Oh, sure she is!" one of the doctors laughed.

"He's probably right, Ed!" someone else piped up. "She's got a beautiful ass on her!"

"Come to think of it, she does have some nice tits!" another doctor said.

"I asked her out three times, boys. It's like asking a mannequin out! I don't think she even heard me the first time!" Dr. James said, shaking his curly head.

"A woman like that is better left alone!" another doctor said with obvious contempt.

Janice had heard enough. Tears welled up in her eyes. So that was what her colleagues at the hospital thought of her. She knew that she was mousy, but she had no idea that she was talked about by her so-called friends. They laughed at her, considered her less than a woman. She was filled with anger, filled with the sudden desire to strike back.

Janice managed to keep her emotions under control until she left the hospital that evening. She went right home that night and had a good cry. It had been a long time since she had let her frustration out that way, and she felt much better afterwards.

It was strange, but Janice felt that she had discovered something about herself that day. She had reached the end of her rope. She would have to change her lifestyle, or suffer for the rest of her life in her self-imposed isolation. She realized that she had something of the feminine charm that other women had. Her only problem was that she was afraid, terribly afraid, to use it to her own advantage.

She stood before her full-length mirror, wiping the tears from her eyes and staring at herself. Her hair had fallen around her face, framing it. She had long beautiful hair, hair that should have been allowed to fall around her shoulders instead of being tied behind her head. She looked more like an old maid than a young woman. She picked up her brush and smoothed out her hair. She was quite satisfied with the result. But long flowing hair was not enough to change her self-image, she had to assess her other feminine attributes.

Her lips quivering, Janice took off her dress and posed before the mirror. She let her garment fall at her side. Turning, she realized that her body was much more beautiful than she had ever given herself credit for. She unfastened her bra and pulled it away, letting her full firm breasts burst free of their confinement. She lifted her breasts and watched as her nipples stiffened and stood out from her goose-pimpled aureoles. She thrust out her full firm tits and turned in profile. She was feeling more and more sure of herself all the time, more and more certain that she had what it took to attract and hold a man's attention.

She took a deep breath and dared to push her silk slip down over her curvy waist. She stepped out of it and hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties. When she pushed the flimsy garment around her ankles she ran her hands over her naked thighs. They were soft and smooth, thighs that were meant to be felt by a man's hands. She tangled her fingers in the nest of dark brown hair between her legs. If only a man's fingers were playing there. Her pussy was heating up in spite of her efforts to control herself. She had masturbated many times before, but now she found herself longing for a man. She rubbed her furry cunt until she had to sit down. Her legs shook with excitement as she stimulated the dampening mound of her cunt.

She sat down on her vanity chair and spread her long lithe legs, opening her cunt obscenely. She knew that she should be ashamed of herself, but her mind was filled only with thoughts of hot sex. She was certain that she could drive a man wild by opening her legs so lewdly, knew that the sight of her hot wet cunt would drive a man mad with desire for her. She had what it took, and she had to allow herself to use it.

It was high time that she broke out of the shell that had held her prisoner for so long. As she played with the dewy lips of her cunt, she tried to imagine how it would be to have sex with a man. She imagined a man, a man like Dr. Clark on his knees between her spread legs, his tongue racing up and down between her dewy cunt lips.

Janice could almost feel his tongue tickling her little clit, making her hot twat shiver and shudder deep down inside. Sparks flew in her cunt. She felt tension building between her legs as she manipulated her seething pussy lips. Her imagination was filled with the most deliciously exciting images of fucking and sucking.

She felt Dr. Clark push his long eager tongue all the way inside her hot cunt-hole, licking her inner flesh and making her cunt flow with tasty honey. She felt him insert a finger in her twat and begin moving it in and out like a small stiff cock. She felt her cunt grasp the imaginary man's finger and hold it inside her.

"I need cock!" she heard herself moan in the heat of her self-stimulated passion. "Put it in me!"

The hot-assed woman felt Dr. Clark nibbling her hot little clit, actually felt his teeth against her sensitive cunt-flesh even though she was only imagining him there between her legs. She felt his lips pressed hard against her rubbery cuntlips, felt his finger still working inside her as he sucked and licked her hot pussy.

Janice closed her eyes tightly and imagined feeling the hard head of his swollen prick pushing against her naked cunt. She felt his lips pressed hard against her rubbery cuntlips, felt his finger still working inside her as he sucked and licked her hot pussy.

Janice closed her eyes tightly and imagined feeling the hard head of his swollen prick pushing against her naked cunt. She felt the heat of his cock searing into her seething cunt, seeming to melt her. Her cunt tightened as if to keep the imaginary cock out of her, tightened even though she wanted nothing more than to take his jerking rod inside her.

The wild sensations in her hot cunt were so real that she could hardly believe it. Her imagination was going wild with naked desire, desire that had been submerged for so very long. She knew that she would have jumped on any man and forced him to fuck her if one happened into her bedroom. She had never been so hot and horny in her life. She felt alive with a completely new set of feelings, the feelings of lust and feminine passion. If fucking was anything like she imagined, she would enjoy every minute of it.

"Fuck me hard, darling!" she heard herself beg as the imaginary cock pushed farther and farther into her hot cunt. "Move it inside me! I want it! I need it!" she gasped.

Her pussy seethed as Dr. Clark's swollen erection was suddenly thrust all the way into her clutching wet cunt-hole. She felt his smooth skinned cock stroking the red-hot flesh of her inner channel, felt his hairy balls slapping up against her cunt with each hard thrust into her.

The horny and frustrated young nurse reached down to her blazing pussy and began rubbing herself passionately as her imagination seethed with naked desire. She rubbed and pinched her clit until her cunt was on fire with lust. Surges of sexual electricity ran all over her body as her passion increased.

"Oh, fuck me! Screw the piss out of me! I need dick! I need a big hard cock buried in my fucking cunt! Give it to me! Oh, God! I've been so horny for so long!" she whimpered as her cunt grew hotter and hotter and her passions took complete control of her.

Dr. Clark's enormous cock continued to bang in and out of her seething sheath, driving her mad with lust. She saw herself wrapping her long lithe legs around his naked waist, saw herself holding the man to her powerfully as he pounded her cunt.

She looked up and saw other men surrounding her, hauling out their big cocks. There were interns, orderlies, doctors, hospital administrators, all the men who were close to her at the hospital, and all their cocks were as hard as rocks. They gathered around her, their pricks dripping with excitement. She felt herself reaching out to touch the many hard cocks that were presented to her.

Her fingers closed around first one naked cock and then another. She saw herself jerking the men off one by one until many of them had shot sperm all over her face and arms. She felt cocks rubbing against her naked tits, felt them rubbing against her silken thighs, felt them pressing hard against her trembling lips.

She imagined taking cocks into her pretty lips and sucking them until they filled her mouth with thick rich sperm. She imagined herself sucking and sucking until she had coaxed what seemed like gallons of hot cum out of the cocks that were presented to her.

She felt her pussy tighten around Dr. Clark's prick as his balls blew up and filled her cunt with sperm. She felt him pull out of her, felt another horny, hard-cocked doctor push his rampant erection between the lips of her sperm-filled cunt. She felt the cock racing in and out of her seething pussy until she was on the brink of maddening orgasm.

When her pussy flashed off, she almost fainted. She felt gushing sensations deep inside her, felt as if dams had suddenly burst within her. She felt shocks and tingles. She felt flames burst inside her. The sensations inside her grew to an unbearable intensity and then subsided slowly as she whimpered with utter delight.

As her lovely body relaxed, her vision faded. She opened her lovely eyes and realized once again that she was alone in her room, her eagerly working fingers diddling the lips of her luscious cunt. She had worked herself into a frenzy again and had brought herself to a flashing climax. But this time something was different about the experience. This time she didn't feel at all depressed after her act of self-manipulation. This time she felt that a whole new world could open up before her.

She could do all the daring things she had always wanted to try, if only she would cast off her inhibitions and jump headlong into the whirlpool of her lusts. That swirling whirlpool was awfully tempting all of a sudden. She would take the plunge, and she would start that very night. The stores were still open. She would have a lot of shopping to do. She would make herself the most tempting and seductive nurse that Harper General had ever seen.

Chapter TWO

Janice was aware as soon as she pulled her car up in front of the main entrance to Harper General that all eyes were on her. She carried her nurse's uniform in a tote. She would change inside. She couldn't resist the urge to show off the tight dress that clung to her luscious curves like a second skin. She had let her hair down once and for all. It cascaded over her shoulders, bouncing as she strode up the stairs and into the sterile halls of Harper. Sterility was something she had had enough of. She intended to bring a little life to her jab as of today.

She heard a few wolf whistles from the street as she entered the building. It had been a long time since she had felt as high as she did when she heard those whistles. Heads turned one after another as she passed the doctors in the hall. It was rather obvious that they didn't even recognize her.

"Who the hell is that?" she heard one of the men ask another as she passed.

The nurses noticed the beautiful woman who was strutting her curvy ass for all the men to see. The looks of amazement and envy on the faces of her fellow nurses thrilled her. She knew that they would be no competition at all. She would teach them to talk about her behind her back. The mousy Nurse Roberts was gone forever.

Janice changed into her uniform and reported for duty to Miss Weston, the head flume. Miss Weston stared at her for the longest time, trying to place the new nurse who had suddenly shown up for duty. She almost passed out when she realized that the new nurse was Janice Roberts. Janice almost laughed out loud when Miss Weston began stammering her duties for the day.

Janice spent the morning flaunting her newfound sexuality before the other nurses. She heard whispers behind her back occasionally, but now they were in a much different tone and they didn't bother Janice a bit. By the time afternoon rolled along, she was ready to try her newly-blossomed sexuality on a man. Picking the right man was a bit of a problem. She had to go about it carefully. Although she was sure of herself now, there was still the problem of lack of real experience. She would have to play the act of seduction by ear, hoping that she wouldn't make any mistakes in the process.

Janice bided her time until Dr. Clark sauntered up to her in his usual cocky manner and began pouring out his usual masculine charm. Janice positively dripped with sensuality. Her eyes flashed with unbridled passion. Every movement of her body, from the way she blinked her eyes to the way she shifted her weight on her curvy hips, was calculated to excite.

As she talked with him, she looked down at his crotch and saw a long hard bulge sticking down the leg of his pants. She was making his cock as hard as a rock by merely being close to him. Her self-confidence grew by the minute. She was having the desired effect on him, and the things she did to arouse him seemed to come to her naturally. If it was this easy to excite a man, she thought, she would have the time of her life doing it.

Janice let herself stand so close to the young doctor that she could feel the heat radiating from his body. Her perfume wafted past his nostrils and intoxicated him. It was all he could do to keep himself from throwing her to the floor and ramming his cock between her legs. The change that had come over her was amazing. He had always known that there was a beautiful woman biding behind her drab exterior, but he had had no idea that Janice Roberts could be such a crotch-grabbing seductress.

"How about going out tonight, Janice? I've got a nice bottle of old wine at home to celebrate the new you," he said, his hand on Janice's arm.

"I have a nice bottle of old wine at home too, Dr. Clark. Why should I go out of my way to drink yours?" Janice smiled, batting her long lovely eyelashes.

"True," the man said with a twinkle in his eye. "But I've got something else that you don't have at home."

"And what might that be?" Janice purred sidling up to him and letting the back of her hand brush accidentally against his swollen crotch.

"Just this," Dr. Clark said, moving toward her and making the back of her hand press against the long hard shaft of his hard cock.

"Ummmmmm," she purred. "That is nice!"

"How 'bout it, baby? Tonight at eight?" Dr. Clark asked, sure that he had captured her attention with the throbbing shaft of his prick.

"Why don't we just find an empty room here and take a little nap together?" she smiled. "That is if you're only interested in my little body," she smiled, backing away from him a bit.

Dr. Clark laughed and Janice giggled slightly. It wasn't such a bad idea, however. There were a few empty rooms at Harper General and any one of them would be just the place for a fuck. It was daring, but Janice had made up her mind to be daring from now on.

"I'm interested in your body all right, Janice!" Dr. Clark grinned. "I'd really like to give you a free check-up, Janice. If you're not feeling well I think I can make you feel a lot better!"

"I'll give it some thought, Doctor. I have had a burning sensation between my legs lately. I'm sure you could cure me," she purred, turning her back on the man and wiggling her lovely ass down the hall.

Janice left Dr. Clark staring after her, his cock jerking in his pants. She had titillated him just enough to make him itch to sink his cock into her hot cunt. She felt that she had scored her first triumph as the new Janice Roberts. She was ready now for something more daring. She was ready now to go all the way with her next sexual onslaught.

Janice checked a patient's blood pressure, and dispensed a few pills. Then she was on the prowl again. It didn't take her long to happen upon the perfect victim, Terry Stokes, a young orderly. Terry was known for his shyness. Janice suspected that Terry hadn't had any more experience with women than she had with men. She could test her seductive powers on him without running the risk of making a wrong move.

Terry was pushing a cart full of surgical instruments into an elevator when Janice approached him. He looked up at her and froze for a second or two. When he looked away from her, she knew that her effect on him was the desired one.

"Will you hold that for me, Terry?" she called just as the elevator door was about to close.

Janice stepped into the elevator and stood as close to the young orderly as she could, even though no one was riding it except the two of them. As Janice moved closer, the boy inched away. When he was in the corner and unable to escape, she smiled at him with a sultriness that made his balls sweat.

"And where are you off to, Terry?" she asked sweetly.

"Me... me? I... I'm delivering these to emergency," he stammered, unable to believe that the beautiful woman was rubbing up against him so boldly.

"That's too bad, Terry. I had something that I need a bit of help with. But suppose emergencies can't wait. Too bad," she purred, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Janice felt Terry's body stiffen when she touched him. He seemed to be unable to catch his breath all of a sudden. He looked down at his cart and then up into her glittering eyes. He blinked uncontrollably, as if the fire burning in her lovely eyes was too bright for him.

"Will they be needing you long, Terry?" she asked in a voice dripping with sexuality.

"I... I guess not, Nurse... Nurse," the boy choked, never having seen this beautiful new nurse before.

"Nurse Janice Roberts, Terry! You know me, don't you? At least you knew the old me!" she smiled.

"Nurse Roberts? No! Come on! It can't be! I uh... you're not... you... you're not the same," he rasped.

"I'm glad you noticed, Terry!" she purred. "It's nice to be noticed by a handsome young man like you," she smiled. "I'll be in Room 609B. I'll expect you in fifteen minutes."

"Should I bring anything?" Terry asked hoarsely, looking down at the instruments on the cart.

"Only yourself, darling!" she smiled, winking at him and getting off on the sixth floor.

Terry had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. There was something about the way Nurse Roberts acted that made him feel that she needed him for something other than his professional services. Terry had been pushing carts and oxygen tanks around Harper General for a year, and none of the nurses had ever made him feel that way before.

She sure had changed since the last time he had seen her. In fact, Terry had hardly seen Nurse Roberts at all. She wasn't the kind of woman who demanded a second look, at least she hadn't been until today. She hadn't said much to him, but the way she had said it almost made him dizzy with confusion and excitement. He was thinking about her so intently that he almost ran his cart into Dr. Chester on the way into the emergency room.

Janice checked the available room list and found that 609B was still empty. She unlocked the room and checked it out, sitting on the bed and running her silken hand over the crisp white sheet. It wasn't the most comfortable room in the world, but it would do under the circumstances. She drew the shades and flicked on the light. She summoned up all her courage. She thought that she was finally ready for a man.

Janice's cunt tingled and twitched between her legs. Just thinking about the wild thing she was about to do made her cunt warm up. She had no idea how Terry would take what was about to happen to him, but she was set on her plan of seduction and she had no intention of turning back now. She had what it took to turn Terry on. It was just a matter of using her charms on him and being as bold as she could be.

Seething with desire for the handsome young orderly, Janice unbuttoned her uniform. She slipped off her bra and let her beautiful tits burst free of their confinement. She sat on the edge of the bed, her breasts daringly exposed, her dress tucked up past her knees, her cunt blazing with nasty desire. It seemed like forever before she heard a light tap on the door.

"If it's Terry, come in!" she called.

The door opened a crack and Terry peeked his head in. When he saw the beautiful woman sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, he almost passed out. He looked at her with a blank expression, as if the wind had just been knocked out of him. He was looking at Nurse Roberts, but all he could see was leg, lots of leg. He had never seen such legs before, except in his wildest sex fantasies. She was just sitting there, her dress pulled up so far that he could see the crotch of her panties. She was purposefully exposing herself to him, purposefully driving him wild with lust for her. He still couldn't believe what she was doing to him.

"Close the door behind you, darling," she sang. "In fact, Terry, you'd better lock it. We wouldn't want anyone barging in on us, would we?" she said in a honeyed tone.

"What are we gonna do?" the young orderly choked, locking the door behind him just as he was told.

"That all depends on you, Terry," Janice smiled, running her silken hand up her long lithe leg.

"Huh? I... I don't get it," the young man gasped, his eyes flashing from her mysterious eyes to her naked legs and back again.

"I want to do something for you, Terry," she sang.

"Like what?" the kid choked, standing there in a petrified state.

"Well, Terry, you know that we nurses are all angels of mercy. We just can't bear to see suffering. When we see suffering our hearts go out to the sufferer. And you seem to be suffering terribly, Terry," she breathed, her little cunt twitching with excitement.

"S... suffering... uh... gosh, Nurse Roberts uh... how do you mean?" Terry asked in a voice full of tension and confusion.

"You're suffering from a severe case of shyness, darling!" she said, looking him right in the eye and working a mysterious charm on him. "You're painfully shy, Terry. And I simply can't stand to see such pain go unsoothed!" she breathed seductively.

Terry had to admit that she had a point. He was so shy that it really did hurt. He hadn't had any experience at all with women, and women were on his mind day and night. His cock stood up at the mere thought of women. His balls ached for the girls he saw on the street, ached the way they were aching now for Nurse Roberts. But for all his aching, he had never been able to overcome the shyness that kept him from making contact with the women he craved. Nurse Roberts seemed to have a way around his shyness. She was pouring on the heat so heavily that his shyness was melting away.

"Well, darling, are you interested in a little treatment for chronic shyness?" the hot-assed nurse asked in a voice that dripped with sexuality.

"What... uh... what kind of treatment?" the orderly stammered, his cock growing bigger and bigger in his pants.

"Come to me, Terry, and I'll show you!" she sang, beckoning the horny young man toward her.

Terry felt himself moving toward her, as if he were being drawn to her by some power beyond his ability to resist. As if by magic, he suddenly found himself standing close to her, so close that he could feel the heat of her beautiful body, so close that he could reach out and touch her if only he could.

Janice wanted to touch Terry, and she had no trouble at all bringing herself to. She reached out her warm willing hand and let it graze the long bulge that extended several inches down the leg of Terry's crisp white uniform pants. She felt him jerk back involuntarily when he felt the back of her hand on his aching hard-on.

"You're awfully tense, aren't you, Terry, darling?" Janice asked, letting her hand brush against his aching hard-on again.

"I... I guess." Terry rasped, managing not to jump away the next time she touched his cock.

"Perhaps what you need is a nice massage, Terry! We nurses are quite good at that you know!" she smiled.

"Wh... what... what kind of massage?" the orderly choked, feeling the incredible warmth of her hand soaking into his cock through his pants.

"A very special kind, Terry!" she sang, letting her fingers press his hot and turgid flesh. "A kind we reserve for very special patients."

With that Janice attached Terry's pants and reached inside, grabbing his long hard-on and pulling it out through his fly in a jiffy. She stared greedily at the enormous erection that she had uncovered. She heard the kid gasp when she hauled out his prick and wrapped her loving fingers around it.

"What are you doin'?" Terry moaned, his balls tensing between his legs as she gripped his stiff cock.

"I'm just giving you a very special massage, Terry! Don't you like it?" she smiled, knowing perfectly well that the young man was going wild inside with pure pleasure.

"I... I like it all, what if... what if somebody catches us or something? We'll both get fired!" he rasped.

"Don't worry about that, darling! Just let yourself go and enjoy it all! You'll be a completely different man when I'm finished with you!" the lascivious nurse smiled, letting her fingers massage Terry's prick.

"You must be awfully excited, darling! Your cock is just dripping!" she breathed.

Janice ran her thumb over his swollen cockhead and gathered a droplet of crystal clear fluid that oozed from the tip. She couldn't resist transferring the droplet to her lips, taking it into her mouth with her loving tongue and savoring the salty taste. It made her hungry for more.

"Hasn't a girl ever touched you like this before, Terry?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Gosh no! I was always too... uh... too shy... scared kinda!" the kid admitted.

"That's all in the past now! This treatment can't fail to cure what ails you! And it's only beginning! Would you like me to massage your aching cock with my lips and tongue?" she asked.

"Oh, God! You really mean it? Would you do that for me? Would you really give me a blow job?" Terry asked in utter amazement.

"Of course, darling! Nothing is too good for my favorite patient!" the hot-assed woman said, pressing her lips gently against the salty dripping head of his enormous cock.

Terry almost fell over backwards when he felt her mouth against his naked prick. He had dreamed of having his cock sucked by a beautiful woman like Janice, but somehow he had never thought his wild dreams would ever come true. His cock was rock hard against her pretty lips and eager to be taken into her sweet mouth.

"Ummmmmm! Delicious! I really must have more of this!" she said, opening her mouth and taking his cock into it.

Janice sucked the helmet-shaped head of Terry's cock gently at first but with ever-increasing urgency. She was amazed at the ease with which she took to sucking, cock. She loved the taste of his swollen organ in her mouth, loved the masculine scent of him, loved the feeling of urgency that his jerking cock gave her.

The horny vixen ran her loving tongue around his throbbing dickhead, making his juices flow freely as she stimulated his most sensitive place. She flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock, ran it under the super-sensitive knob, ran it as far down the shaft as she could. She could tell by his erratic breathing that she was having the desired effect on him.

Her juices were flowing freely too. Her cunt itched and trembled with anticipation. Her panties were already damp with cunt-honey. A beautiful warmth continued to grow between her legs, growing into a raging fire that she knew could consume both her and her novice young lover. She couldn't resist the temptation to reach between her legs and rub her fingers against the barely concealed mound of her cunt.

Terry was responding powerfully to Janice's expert treatment. His balls felt like two hot coals between his legs. He began to rock back and forth in an almost involuntary motion. His cock began moving in and out of her sucking mouth, going deeper and deeper with each forward thrust. He couldn't fight off the urge to fuck her face. He sure hoped she didn't mind if he did something besides standing there letting her suck him.

Janice reached out with one hand and hauled out Terry's balls, letting them hang down hot and heavy from his fly. With her other hand, she gently stroked her cunt through her panties, making her cuntlips tingle more and more by the second. She felt the same moist warmth in the kids heavy balls as she felt between her legs. It thrilled her to think that they were both basking in the same heat of desire.

It wasn't long before Terry had worked his face-fucking pace into a fast pistoning motion. He jacked back and forth harder and faster, filling the nurse's lovely mouth with his masculine meat. He felt her teeth scraping from time to time against the shaft of his cock. He felt the roof of her mouth against the super-sensitive head of his prick as it plunged in and out of her. Soon he was driving his cock all the way down her throat.

Janice almost choked each time the massive head of Terry's cock banged hard against the back of her throat. Tears came to her eyes as she struggled to catch her breath. Her heart was racing with excitement. She knew that he would soon be shooting a heavy wad of cum down her sucking throat. It would be the first wad he had ever shot into a woman's mouth. The thought of taking it thrilled her beyond belief.

"Oh, God! Damn it! Suck me, Janice! Suck it hard! Please don't stop! This is the greatest! Oh shit! I don't believe this! This is too fuckin' much! Wild! Wild!" Terry rasped as she took his jerking cock all the way to his hot nuts.

Terry's balls slapped hot and hard against her face and chin as he rammed his dripping prick into her. The air was filled with the sounds of slurping and gasping. He heard little moans of pure delight as she ate his cock. He groaned with pleasure as his nuts prepared to shoot a hot wad down the lovely nurse's sucking throat.

"Oh shit! I... I think I'm gonna come! Do you want me to take it out?" the boy rasped.

Janice shook her head, his cock still impaled in her throat.

"You want me to shoot it in your mouth?" he gasped. "Oh, wow! This is the greatest!" Terry moaned.

Janice felt him make one final lunge down her throat. When she felt his juice spraying against the back of her throat, she thought she would strangle on the sheer volume of it. The hot thick sperm ran down her throat in rivers, making her gurgle as she tried to swallow it all. She felt it trickling out of her mouth, running over her lips and chin.

Terry almost fainted from the pure pleasure of his ejaculation. He pumped what felt like gallons of cum down the nurse's throat. He thought he would never stop coming. His balls seethed in their scrotal sac, flashing again and again with each hot spurt into her mouth.

Chapter THREE

Janice pulled away from Terry when she had sucked every last drop of cum from his cock. His dick pulled out of her sucking mouth with an audible slurp. It hung half-hard in front of him. She licked her sweet sperm-covered lips and planted a kiss on the naked head of his cock. She had thoroughly enjoyed sucking the boy off, but she still needed desperately to have his prick deep inside her hot cunt.

"Would you like to proceed with your treatment, darling?" she asked, her lovely eyes flashing.

"You mean there's more?" he rasped.

"Much more! One little blow job won't cure your shyness, Terry! You need much more experience with fucking! You need to explore a woman's body and learn to please her!" she smiled.

Janice stood up and slipped off her white uniform in an easy movement. She turned her back to the orderly and let him unfasten her bra. He fumbled at it nervously, but somehow managed to unfasten it. When she turned facing him again, she pulled her bra away and let her delicious-looking tits free of their confinement. She watched Terry's eyes widen as he stared at her knockers. His eyes glittered with undeniable delight. She knew that it was the first time he had ever laid eyes on a pair of naked tits. She felt a shiver run through her body, a shiver that went right to her responsive cunt.

"Do you like my titties, Terry?" she asked with a warmly playful smile.

"Oh, suit yeah!" Terry gasped, unable to believe even now what was happening to him.

"Would you like to touch them?" she asked, lifting her naked tits in her little hands and offering them to him.

"You really mean it?" the wide-eyed orderly asked in amazement, his hands trembling as he raised them toward her freely offered tits.

"Play with them, Terry. It's excellent physical therapy for a young man in your condition!" she smiled.

The young orderly let his hands fall to her silken breasts, thrilling to their softness. He barely touched her skin at first, letting his fingertips glide over her flesh. Encouraged by her little mewls of delight, he began stroking her tits more urgently, beginning to squeeze her resilient mammaries just a bit.

Janice's nipples were hard and tingling. Her tit-peaks stood out temptingly as he stimulated her erectile flesh. Every now and then his fingers would graze the hard peaks of her nipples, making her body shiver with inutterable delight.

"Feel how stiff my little nipples are, lover?" she breathed, gasping when he dared to press his finger against one of the stiff little berries. "Oh, yes! That feels so good, Terry! Pinch them a bit! Oh, God! Yes! I love it!" she moaned, closing her eyes in the depth of her passion.

Terry pressed her nipple peaks and rubbed his thumbs over the resilient little buds. He was so excited that he could hardly breathe. She was so incredibly beautiful, so free, so alive, so vibrant. And she was giving herself to him on a silver platter. He could do anything with her, he thought, and she would probably love every minute of it.

The more she let him do the more sure of himself he became.

"Can I... uh... can I kiss them?" he asked in a trembling voice.

"Of course, darling! I want you to! I want to feel your lips on my hard little nipples!" she breathed.

Janice sighed when she felt his warm lips closing around her stiff nipple. He kissed her gently at first, but before very long he was sucking at her tits like a baby. His tongue ran around her goose-pimpled aureoles until she tingled deep down inside. Her cunt trembled and seethed with desire when he began licking her breasts, trailing his tongue down the crevice between her breasts and inhaling her perfumed fragrance.

Terry dared to put his strong young arms around her beautiful body. He ran his hands up and down her silken sides until his fingers touched the waistband of her flimsy little panties. Terry was doing his best to control himself, but he was getting out of control. He wanted desperately to see what was under her panties, wanted to see that part of a woman that he had always dreamed of, but he was still afraid to make the move.

Janice knew that his hands wanted to explore her secret places. She didn't want to deny him any of the pleasures of the flesh. With that pleasant thought in mind, she took his hands in hers and guided them down to the hot spot between her lovely legs. It didn't require much coaxing to give Terry her message. His fingers quickly found their way to her dewy cunt. She felt his fingertips gently stroking her pussy through her thin panties. It was a feeling that she had longed to experience as much as he had.

"Oh, Terry! It feels so wonderful! Take my panties off, darling! Don't be afraid, lover!" she cooed.

Terry helped her slip her panties down all the way to her ankles. When she stepped out of them and sat down on the edge of the bed, she spread her long legs, giving him a view of her cunt that he would never forget. She reached between her legs boldly and spread the lips of her hot little cunt, opening herself lewdly to the horny young stud. She felt alive with wanton desire, willing to do anything and everything to satisfy her naked lusts.

"Have you ever seen a woman's cunnie before, darling?" she asked in a honeyed voice.

Terry shook his head. He tried to speak, but his voice failed him. Her effect on him was overpowering. His attention was riveted between her spread legs as she temptingly manipulated her raggedy little cuntlips for him. He wanted to get a closer look, but he was afraid to approach her that closely, afraid that such a bold move on his part might break the magic spell.

"Do you like what you see, Terry, darling?" she asked softly.

The orderly nodded weakly, watching her move her luscious pussy lips with her busy fingers.

"Wouldn't you like a closer look?" she asked sweetly, beckoning him between her legs with her blazing eyes.

"Can I?" he managed to choke out.

"Of course, silly! Do anything you wish, anything at all! It's all part of the treatment for your shyness, lover!" she said in sultry tones, lying back on the bed, giving herself up to him.

Terry fell to his knees in an instant, burying his face between her open legs. The scent of her juicy cunt drove him wild, made him drunk with lust. He rubbed his cheeks and lips against her fragrant twat, making her pussy twitch and tingle. He could tell from the way she began writhing in ecstasy that she loved what he was doing to her.

"Oh, God! Lick me, Terry, darling! Lick my cunt! I want to feel your tongue on my cunt! Oh, Terry!"

Janice gyrated her pelvis and ground her juicy cunt against Terry's handsome face. Her clit blazed with passion, a hot little bud of flesh that was dying to feel the tip of Terry's tongue.

"Here, Terry!" she cried. "Lick me here! Oh, yes! Yesssssss!" she hissed when she felt his tongue-tip flicking over the turgid little button of flesh between her cuntlips.

Terry licked the place where she had pressed her finger. With every flick of his tongue her body jerked. Her cunt flowed freely with musky juice, juice that covered Terry's lips and tongue. He sucked her juices into his mouth with eagerness, savoring her taste. He had never enjoyed anything as much as licking her pussy. It was an experience he wouldn't soon forget.

"Put your tongue way up inside me, Terry! Stiffen it a bit! Oh, yes! I love it! Tongue-fuck me, stud! Hurry! Oh, Jesus! It's so beautiful! I can feel your tongue licking deep inside me! You're making me so hot, so fucking hot! Oh, lover!" she cried.

Terry moved his tongue in a cock screw motion as far into her cunt as he could. He felt the silken walls of her cunt grasping at his tongue, as if trying to hold it inside her. He loved to hear her little cries of delight as he ate her out. He nibbled at her cunt-flesh as he sucked and licked her. She shivered with pleasure, wrapping her long honey-tanned legs around his shoulders and holding him tightly against her cunt.

It wasn't long before Janice was so hot that she couldn't stand another minute without taking Terry's cock up her juicy cunt. She had needed a cock for a long time. Now that she had one she was going to make good use of it. Her cunt was dying for his jerking tool, dying for the long hard plug of male prick that still stuck out from his fly.

"Are you ready for something new, Terry?" she asked in a honeyed voice.

"Shit, yeah!" the young orderly rasped, his cock at full erection again and throbbing with blood.

"Would you like to fuck me in the cunt with that big hard cock of yours?" the horny nurse asked.

"God, yes!" the kid said in a throaty voice, standing up and tearing off his clothes.

The handsome young man boldly jumped into bed with his hot-assed sex teacher, covering her naked body with his. He bucked his ass nervously, poking his naked cock blindly against her thighs. The feel of her silken body against his drove him wild with lust. Her hard little nipples scraped against his strong young chest. Her breasts were like soft silken pillows crushing up against him. He pressed his lips against hers, sneaking his tongue inside her mouth and down her throat, kissing her deeply as he ground his cock against her.

Janice reached between Terry's legs and grabbed his throbbing cock. She had to hold the thing tightly to keep it from jerking out of her hand. It kicked like a wild stallion between his legs. She managed somehow to guide the arching thing to her honey-covered cunt, rubbing the dripping head of it against the raggedy lips of her twat.

"Put it in me, Terry! Fuck me with that monstrous cock! Oh, Terry, I want to feel it all the way inside me! I want to feel it throbbing in my cunt! Hurry, lover! Fuck me!" the horny woman cried, her cunt dripping for his massive rock-hard erection.

Terry felt his cock shoving into her sucking pussy when he bucked his lean young ass. He felt the helmet-shaped head of his mighty cock spreading her rubbery cuntlips widely and pushing into her sucking cunt. He buried his rod in her cunt in one hard thrust, filling her suddenly with jerking male meat. She cried out in pleasure and pain.

"Oh, God! It's so big!" she moaned when his big prick rammed into her.

Janice felt a searing pain when her unfucked pussy was suddenly torn into by a hard cock. Her entire body was convulsed with pain for a moment or two, but it wasn't long before the pain was replaced by the most delicious sensations she had ever experienced. She felt the heat of his cock filling her with desire. She felt his prick jerking inside her, throbbing with hot masculinity. She gave herself up completely to the feelings that passed over her, gave herself up to her naked lusts.

For Terry, the feeling of his cock suddenly surrounded by a clutching sheath of feminine flesh was unbelievable. Her cunt squeezed and tugged at his hard cock, sucking at it, working at it like a hundred hands and moist lips inside her. It was better than his wildest dreams, better than the wet dreams he had experienced as a young boy, better than his most ball-melting masturbation fantasies.

"Fuck me now, lover! Move it inside me! I want to feel your cock rubbing against my little clit! I want to feel it ramming in and out of me! Be gentle with me first, Terry! I... I've never had such a huge thing inside me before!" she gasped.

"Is it really that big?" Terry asked, feeling a surge of pride now that he knew that he had what it took to make even a lascivious and sex-loving woman like Janice moan with delight.

"It's huge, Terry! It feels like an arm inside me!" she moaned, her cunt clutching his impaled cock.

The young orderly began moving his swollen dick in and out of her tight juicy cunt, slowly at first but with ever-increasing speed and urgency. He felt his balls tensing each time his prick pushed into her cunt. He pulled it out so far that the thing jerked out of her slot three or four times. He wasted no time reaching down and sticking it back in.

"Harder now, lover!" Janice breathed when she thought she was ready to let him go at his own natural pace, which, she supposed, was considerably faster and harder than he was fucking her now.

She closed her lovely eyes and almost saw stars as his cock began racing in and out of her hole. Each stroke of his swollen cock against the tingling bud of her little clit made the most delicious sensations course through her body. She didn't think that she would ever get enough of fucking. She had started a good thing by seducing Terry, and she knew that her life would be filled with wild experiences like this one from now on.

"Oh, fuck! This is the greatest! Take it! Take it, Janice! Take that fuckin' dick!" Terry rasped as he drove his cock home.

He buried his prick in her all the way to his balls with each inward thrust, making his heavy sperm filled nuts slap up against her cunt. Her pussy made wet slurping sounds as he plunged his prick in and out of her. The air was filled with the sounds and scents of hot fucking.

"Screw me, Terry! Fuck me hard! I love it! I love every hard inch of you!" Janice cried in the depths of her passion.

"I... I think I'm gonna shoot it!" the horny kid growled. "You want it in your cunt?"

"Oh, yes! Yesssssss!" she hissed. "I want it inside me! Fill me with it! Fill me with hot thick sperm!" she cried, her cunt clutching, seething, twitching.

Terry's virgin balls felt like bombs ready to blow up between his strong young legs. He felt them tensing, getting tight like a clenched fist as his ejaculation stiffened his entire body. He thrust mightily against the luscious nurse's dripping cunt, impaling her all the way to his hairy nuts. His cock snapped up deep inside her, stiffening until it felt like iron both to him and to her.

"I'm coming! Oh, fuck! I'm shootin' my wad up a woman's cunt!" Terry gasped as she shot his rocks off.

Janice felt his hot thick own spraying deep in her sucking channel, shooting against the walls of her tingling cunt. She felt what seemed like rivers running inside her, rivers of sperm and her own free-flowing pussy juice. She felt his cum dripping from the lips of her cunt, felt it trickling down her legs as he pumped gallons of the stuff into her.

"Oh, God! I can feel it pouring inside me, Terry! It's so beautiful! I've waited so long for this!" she cried. "Keep fucking me, lover! Keep driving that big fat cock in and out of me! I need it so! I need it jerking and kicking inside me!" she moaned, gyrating her pelvis and grinding her cunt against the kid's swollen dick.

Terry was still hard enough to punch in and out of her cunt until she came in a shudder of pure delight. It took only a few lunges into her tight wet hole to bring her to the pinnacle of sexual excitement and push her off the peak. She felt his stiff prick rubbing up hard and fast against her tingling clit, making surges of sexual sensation rush through her with each stroke in and out of her wet cunt. It wasn't long before the rush of her orgasm tore through her like a tornado of sensation.

The horny lady felt her body tingle in every fiber as her sexual electricity flashed like lightning. Her cunt shuddered. Her body shook. Her nipples stiffened. She felt a deep warmth spreading over her, from her throat to her belly and back again. Her cunt felt as if it were gushing musky moisture, moisture that mingled with Terry's cum and trickled down her legs.

"Oh, Terry! I... I'm coming! Oh, God! It's so perfect! I'm cummmiiinnggg!" she cried, her voice trailing off into a shrill cry of absolute ecstasy as she flashed deep in her cunt.

Terry's balls were just beginning to loosen up when he heard her cry. He watched her body stiffen, felt her back arch up off the bed, felt her cunt grab his cock more tightly than it had before. He watched her close her lovely eyes tightly and give herself up to the maddening sensations that her orgasm brought her.

When it was over, Terry let himself fall on her, wrapping his long strong arms around her naked body and holding her gently. It was the most beautiful feeling either of them had had. Janice wanted to tell the boy that she had never taken a cock up her cunt before, but somehow she couldn't bring herself to break the news, not after she had so successfully put on such a ball-busting display for his benefit.

"Can we do this again later?" Terry asked as he pulled up his pants.

"Not today, darling! My God! Don't you ever get enough?" she asked in a teasing voice.

"Not enough of you! You liked it, didn't you?" the kid asked, his eyes searching hers.

"I loved it, Terry! Why don't we just set up an appointment for tomorrow at this same time if we can get away from our duties long enough. This room may not be empty tomorrow, but I'm sure we can find some place to continue our little therapy sessions!" Janice smiled, planting a kiss on his lips.

Janice reached down and rubbed Terry's cock through his pants and was amazed to find that it was hard again. He had already gotten his cookies twice in a relatively short time, and already he wanted more. It made her all warm inside to know that she had so powerful and long lasting an effect on the handsome young stud.

"We really shouldn't leave together, darling," she said, straightening her dress. "Why don't you stay a few minutes after I leave and tidy up the bed just a bit?" she suggested.

"Anything you say, Janice!" he said, his eyes roving over her beautiful body.

Janice knew that Terry was undressing her with his eyes, undressing her the way the other men at Harper General had been undressing her all day. She was almost afraid to venture out into the halls of Harper for fear of being set upon by a band of horny doctors and orderlies. She paused a moment before the door and decided that such an attack wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. In fact, she thought, she might do some attacking herself.

With that tempting thought in mind, the beautifully transformed Janice Roberts threw open the door, blowing a little kiss in Terry's direction, and glided down the disinfected halls in search of some good dirty fun. She glanced down at her watch and suddenly realized that it was time to check on a new patient in Room 639. She shuffled through the papers on her clipboard and found that the patient was one Alan Marks, who had managed somehow to break a leg while playing football. The thought of attending to a football player made her pussy shiver just a bit. It might have possibilities.

Chapter FOUR

Janice glided into her patient's roam. She was all smiles and sweetness, especially when she saw how big and strong her patient was. His eyes were closed until she tiptoed up to his bed and laid her warm hand on his muscular shoulder. She could feel his big well-developed muscles beneath her hand. She wondered if the rest of this tall giant was as well-developed as his shoulders. She had every intention of finding out.

When Alan opened his eyes and flashed the beautiful nurse a wide grin, she melted inside. He was used to seeing women melt when he grinned at them, but none of the nurses at Harper General had melted quite the way this one had. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. She didn't seem at all bothered by the smile he flashed at her, even though there was no denying that his smile was born of lustful thoughts. The other nurses, none of whom had been able to hold a candle to her, had looked away when he had looked at them with lust in his eyes, but not this one. She stared right back at him, her eyes smoldering with an inner light that made his balls ache immediately. He wondered why he hadn't broken his leg earlier.

"Sleeping?" she asked softly, her tongue in her cheek, shifting her weight and thrusting out her curvy hip just a bit for effect.

"Taking a nap, lovely lady. Not much else to do around here," he said with a self-assured drawl.

"Are you feeling better, Mr. Marks?" she asked.

"Alan, honey. Yeah, I'm feelin' okay, that is since you came to take care of me," the football player grinned.

"Take care of you? What exactly did you have in mind?" she asked with a peculiar little smile.

"Bad choice of words?" he asked, raising his eyebrows and looking at her with glittering eyes.

"Not necessarily, Alan," she cooed. "That depends on exactly what kind of care you're expecting."

"Well, baby, I do have a problem, right about here," the horny stud drawled, reaching down between his legs and patting his cock and balls.

Janice looked down at the tent Alan's dick was making in his gown. The tent grew higher and higher the more he patted his cock. Janice was already beginning to feel a warmth spreading over her, a warmth that radiated from her responsive little cunt and traveled all over her. She knew that Alan Marks was far from the shy young man that Terry was. She knew that the brawny football player knew exactly what to do with the equipment he had. It would be quite an experience for her, she knew, her first experience with a man who obviously knew what he was doing.

"How does your leg feel today, Alan?" she asked.

"Which one? This one's fine, honey, but this one could use some attention," the horny stud grinned, reaching down and grasping his cock-shaft through the thin white material of his hospital gown.

"Would you like me to take a look at it, darling?" she asked, moving closer to the man's bed.

"Sounds mighty fine with me, little lady!" he said, dropping his hands to his sides and spreading his legs comfortably.

Janice sat down on the edge of the bed and ran her warm silken hands over the brawny man's hairy leg. Her hands moved up under his garment, squeezing the thick muscles of his upper leg, moving closer and closer to his cock that the hot-assed vixen longed to feel. She could feel the horny man's animal heat soaking into her little hands as they traveled closer and closer to his cock and balls. It wasn't long before she was tangling her fingers in the thick nest of hair between her patient's legs.

Alan opened his legs more widely, swinging the leg with the cast out and letting it hang over the edge of the bed. His cock was hard as a rock, but considerably more sensitive. The rubbing of his hospital gown against the naked head of his cock made his nuts ache. He reached down boldly and raised his garment all the way up to his muscular chest, exposing himself and the work his luscious and lascivious nurse was doing on him.

"Goddamn, baby! I'm gonna have to break this leg more often!" he rasped, his heart beating harder and faster as his excitement grew.

"Just as long as you don't break this one, darling!" she breathed, letting her long silky fingers wrap around the enormous post of hard cock-flesh that stuck up boldly from the man's groin.

"Ummmmm! Fuck! That feels mighty good, little lady!" the horny stud growled, arching his back and raising his ass up off the bed a bit.

Alan's cock seemed much longer and harder when he thrust out his pelvis and stretched it to its full length in her loving hand. A drop of cum oozed from the bulging purple head of his cock. Janice couldn't resist bending down and flicking her tongue over the head of his tool, taking the clear droplet into her mouth and tasting it.

"Shit, girl! You're really hot for it, aren't you?" Alan rasped, thrusting his prick against her sexy lips.

"I just love hard cocks, Alan!" she said in a voice dripping with honey. "And you know what I like to do with them to make them feel better?" she asked in a playful voice.

"Got a pretty good idea, baby! You go ahead and do any damn thing you want to do!" Alan said in a throaty voice.

"Does your little dickie hurt?" she asked.

"It sure does, Nurse!" the man grinned.

"I'll kiss it and make it all better!" she smiled, pursing her sweet and willing lips and planting a warm wet kiss on the throbbing head of the man's cock.

Janice let her lips rove over the head and shaft of his dick. She sucked at the naked shaft of his hard prick, nibbling his jerking cock, running her hot tongue all over. The cock-hungry woman let her tongue travel down the shaft of his dick all the way to the base. She thrust out her tongue and poked it into his balls, moving his huge, nuts with the tip of her tongue.

"Suck those balls, baby!" Alan rasped, as her tongue tickled his sensitive balls. "Suck them fuckers real good! Oh, yeah! Yeah, baby! Suck 'em into that little mouth of yours!"

Janice did as he suggested, opening her little mouth and sucking his nuts into her mouth one at a time. She moved them around gently inside her mouth, tugging at the cum-filled organs ever so gently until the man moaned with pleasure. She wrapped her silken fingers around his tool and began jerking him off while she sucked his hot nuts.

"Oh, shit! That's great, little lady! Work on that dick!" he rasped, his cock throbbing with excitement.

Janice's expert hands slid up and down the arching shaft of his meat, making his nuts tense in their hairy scrotal sac. When she thought it was just the right time, the hot-assed nurse opened her pretty mouth as widely as she could and took the bulging head of his rampant erection into her. She pressed her lips around his hard cockhead, sucking at it hard, flicking her eager tongue around over it. His prick was so thick that she had a great deal of difficulty in taking it all into her mouth.

She felt her pretty cheeks bulging as his dickhead pushed into her mouth. She felt his heavy hands on her cheeks, holding her head in place over his lollipop of flesh. She went farther and farther down the long thick stalk, went so far down on him that she could feel his throbbing cockhead pressing against the back of her throat.

The pretty little nurse almost choked when he bucked his ass and rammed his cock down her throat. She protested weakly, but his hands were too strong. They held her in place while he violently rammed his prick in and out of her mouth and throat. She gasped for air, choking and coughing as he punched his tool deep into her sucking clutching throat.

"Suck that fuckin' cock, baby! Take it all the way down there! Suck it hard! Keep it up, little lady! I like face fuckin' real rough! Now work on it! Suck it! Suck the fuckin' piss out of that dick!" the hard-cocked stud growled in the heat of his fuck-lust.

Janice pushed against his jerking legs in a useless effort to pull away from his impaled cock. She struggled desperately until she realized that it was no use. Finally she learned how to accommodate his enormous thrusting cock, but not before tears streamed from her eyes.

"Now that's more like it, Nurse! You're gettin' it real good! Just keep on bobbin' up and down on that fucker! You're startin' to like it, aren't you, little lady?" he growled deep in his throat.

Janice hated to admit it, but she really was starting to turn on to the rough treatment he was giving her. With young Terry, she had been in complete control at all times, but not with this rough-fucking stud. He had her in his grip, and she knew that he would do with her any damn thing he pleased.

"I wanna fuck you now, baby! Hear that? I wanna ram this Goddamn cock all the way up to your throat!" the horny football player grunted, still thrusting his dick in and out of her lovely young mouth.

Just when he was about to fill her face with cum the man let her pull her head off his impaled cock. She gasped for breath when his swollen dickhead pulled from her face with a loud slurping sound. She wiped the tears from her eyes and panted until she had regained some control. Her cunt was steaming in spite of her discomfort. There was something about being treated so roughly that made her melt inside. She somehow knew that the rough fucker wouldn't actually hurt her. He just enjoyed making her know who was the boss in their sexual relationship. She thought she had gotten the message clearly.

"I wanna get this cock up that little cunt of yours, baby, but that's gonna be kinda hard with this cast on!" he said, stroking her cheek with the back of one hand and slowly stroking his rock-hard and dripping cock with the other. "How 'bout it, honey? You want this fucker up your little cunt-hole?" he asked with a dirty grin.

"I... I want it," she said weakly, her responsive cunt twitching and tingling with desire.

"Glad to hear it, baby, 'cause you're gonna get it up there whether you want it or not!" Alan laughed. "You made your bed, little nurse, and now you're gonna have to lie in it!"

"But... how... how can we do it if your leg is so stiff?" she asked, looking down at the cast that covered him all the way to his upper leg.

"Maybe you oughta just get up here and sit on it, baby!" the horny fucker said, patting his groin. "You just ease that little pussy down on this here cock and jump up and down on it! I'm a sick man after all, baby! I shouldn't be exertin' myself too much! So you get up here on it and do all the work while I lay back and relax!" he grinned.

Janice stared at the hard cock that jerked as it lay back against his hairy belly. The thing was huge, as thick as a child's wrist and almost as long as a baseball bat. She wondered how she could ever take such a huge cock up her tight little cunt, but she thought she would manage somehow. After all, she had managed to take it all the way down her throat without choking to death.

"Why don't you take off that uniform, baby, and let me see what you look like under all that white?" he said, undressing her with his roving eyes.

Janice slipped out of her clothes and stood wearing only her panties, panties that were already damp with musky dew. She rolled her panties down and stepped out of them, moving closer to the man and offering herself to him. He told her to hand him her flimsy garment. She obeyed, bending down and picking it off the polished floor, her beautiful tits jiggling slightly with the motion. He took the panties and pressed them to his ruggedly handsome face.

The scent of the woman's musky dew drove the man wild. He inhaled her rich feminine fragrance deep into his lungs, feeling as if he had inhaled some magic fragrance with the power to make his balls ache and his cock stay hard forever.

"Oh, shit, baby! I gotta eat that pussy before you take it up there! Crawl up here and sit on my face, little lady!" he ordered.

Janice did as she was told, and did it eagerly. She got into bed with the man and straddled his chest, moving her cunt closer and closer to his face. He reached out and put his hands on her ass, squeezing her resilient flesh and pulling her cunt toward him.

"Oh, baby, you got it all right! You got it all right there between those legs!" he rasped, pressing his lips passionately against the lips of her juicy cunt. "I'm gonna eat you out like you've never been eaten out before! I'm gonna make this little thing drip, baby!" he said throatily, his lips up against her rosy cunt-flesh.

Alan kissed and licked her cuntlips wildly, sucking the little folds of flesh into his mouth, nibbling at them, tugging gently at her resilient flesh with his teeth until she was wild with lust. He felt her cunt seething against his lips, felt it moving with a life of its own. Her pussy juices flowed more and more freely by the second, as if in an effort to quench the fires that his lips and tongue had kindled inside her.

"Oh, Alan! Alan! Lick it! Oh, Jesus! It's so beautiful, so beautiful!" she cried as his tongue raced up and down the juicy crack between her lovely young legs.

Janice gyrated her pelvis, grinding her pussy against his face, forcing her flesh up against him. She shuddered with delight when the man stiffened his tongue and thrust it way up inside her seething cunt. He flicked his tongue around inside her clutching cunt, tickling the warm walls of her pussy until she could hardly stand it any more. She made her cunt squeeze his tongue, holding it inside her, sucking it deeper and deeper into the recesses of her hot channel.

"Oh, yeah! That's the way to move that cunt, baby!" he rasped when he finally managed to remove his eager face from the hot spot between her shivering legs. "If that pussy feels this good workin' on my tongue, I can just bet it'll feel a whole hell of a lot better workin' on my cock! How 'bout it, lover? You like a tongue up there! Just wait'll you feel this bangin' away!" he said as he grabbed his stiff cock and gave it a few shakes.

"God, yes! Yessssssssss!" she cried. "I'm so hot! I'm ready for it now, Alan! Give me that beautiful dick! Shove it up my cunt! Fuck me hard with it, lover! Stretch my little pussy! I want to feel it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she cried.

The wild beauty raised herself up off the man's muscular body and poised her pelvic area over his jerking cock. He reached down between his legs and pushed his cock straight up, pointing it at the juicy slot between her silken legs. She lowered herself onto his prick, sighing when she felt the hard knob at the end of it spreading open the lips of her tight wet cunt.

"Take it all, baby! Sit on it!" the man growled, arching his back and making his long tool push deep into her cunt.

The man's cock was so thick and hard that he hurt her a bit when he thrust it into her. She whimpered softly until she had managed to get used to the stretching, pounding, throbbing dick. When her cunt accommodated itself to his great size, she began moving slowly on it, moving up and down and making both her and her stud tremble with delight. She pushed away from his hard body with her crouching legs, half standing back up on the bed over him. She pulled away so far that the head of his cock was about to pull free from the tight little lips of her cunt. When his rigid cock was about to snap out of her hole, she sat down again, taking him all the way up the slippery channel inside her. His throbbing cock hurt and felt incredibly good at the same time. The more she bounced up and down on it the less pain and the more cunt-melting pleasure she felt.

"That's the way, honey! Jump up and down on it for me! Yeah! Great! You really know your stuff, little lady! You're a fuckin' mink!" he growled deep in his throat as he bucked his ass in rhythm with the hot-assed nurse's bouncing movements.

"Oh, God! Alan, I love it! You're so huge inside me!" she moaned as he stretched her insides with his thick meat stick. "Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard! Make me come!" she cried.

The small hospital bed creaked as the two horny fuckers went at it with wild abandon. Alan's swollen cock made wet sucking sounds as it banged in and out of her dripping cunt. She moaned and cried softly as she jumped harder and harder up and down on his cock. She felt his nuts slapping against her pussy with each hard downward plunge. She wondered how he could stand the feeling of his sensitive balls flying around so wildly between his legs, especially since they slapped against his cast occasionally. The football player grunted and groaned with passion as he fucked Janice with all his might.

Janice was alive with sensation, every fiber of her body tingling with sexual delight. As if she were not overpowered enough with sexual feeling, Alan suddenly did something completely new to her. He reached behind her while she was jumping up and down on his cock and pressed his stiffened fingers against her asshole. He kept pressing until Janice could actually feel the tip of his middle finger pushing into her asshole. She cried out in pain when his finger finally entered her.

He twisted his fingers inside her butthole, making it go deeper and deeper up her ass. She shuddered with pain mingled with pleasure as he began poking his finger in and out of her butt. The combination of sensations in her ass and her responsive cunt was enough to drive her wild inside. She redoubled her bouncing speed, making the mar's cock race in and out of her with maddening force and urgency.

"Do it, baby! Up and down on it! Oh, yeah! That's the stuff, honey! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Harder!" the man rasped, lying on his back and still getting the hot fucking of his life.

"Oh, Alan! Your finger! Your cock in my cunt! I... I can't stand it any more! I'm going to... to..." she cried, closing her eyes and abandoning herself to the delicious sensations that were about to rush through her when she climaxed. "I'm gonna shoot the stuff too, baby! You get ready for this now! Harder! Yeah! Oh, shit! Shit, baby! Here it comes!" the man growled as his heavy nuts exploded between his striving legs.

Alan felt as if two bombs had just exploded between his legs. His wad shot hard and fast deep into the sucking recesses of her cunt channel. He felt one mighty blast after another as she squeezed his cock inside her with her talented cunt. He thought he was never going to stop shooting his cum into her. It filled her and ran in thick rivulets out of her cunt and down the rigid shaft of his cock.

"Oh, God! I'm coming, coming!" Janice whimpered as the most beautiful sexual sensations rushed through her.

She felt his cum shooting up inside her just as her orgasm tore through her lovely naked body. She flashed deep inside, a warmth spreading over her from head to toe. Her cunt clutched his cock hard as she climaxed, squeezing his rod, milking the cum right out of him. Her body stiffened and then relaxed. She fell against his strong heaving chest and breathed softly in the peace of their shared orgasm.

"Oh, baby! Baby! That was great! You like it rough?" he asked in a surprisingly gentle voice now that he had gotten his rocks off in the manner to which he was accustomed.

"I loved it, Alan! Such a strong man! These muscles!" Janice cooed, running her hands over his shoulders and chest.

"Can you come back tomorrow, little lady? A guy gets awful horny lyin' here all day!" he said, his eyes glittering.

"You're scheduled to leave tomorrow!" she said when she had gotten back into her uniform, looking at his chart.

"I think I can fake somethin'!" he said with a mischievous grin.

"Mr. Marks! I'm ashamed of you! I don't think that would be at all right! These beds are needed by the sick you know!" she said in a mock serious tone. "Of course, I could give you my phone number!" she smiled sweetly, jotting down her number and handing it to him.

"How 'bout writin' it on my cast so I won't lose it?" he said.

Janice did as he suggested, patting his cast and smiling as she turned and left the room. Glancing up at the clock in the hall, she realized that her day at the hospital was almost finished. It had been the most eventful day in her years at Harper General, perhaps even the most eventful day of her life. She had managed in one wild day to cast all her fears of men away. She had abandoned herself to the drives that had welled up inside her for years. She felt like a completely new woman. A new world awaited her, and she had every intention of taking advantage of that world.

Chapter FIVE

Janice was ready and eager to attend to her duties the next morning. In fact, she was hoping to render service above and beyond the call of duty. Her first call was in Room 358, a room shared by two brothers who had saved an old man from a fire in an apartment building and had inhaled a great deal of smoke in the process. They had been in the hospital for two weeks, and were fully recovered and scheduled to be released later that afternoon. Jeff and Todd Trask were eighteen and twenty-two respectively. She wanted to do something to make their last day at Harper General a day to remember. They were brave young men, after all, and deserved to be richly rewarded.

The two young men were sitting up in their beds when Janice glided into their room without knocking. She smiled at them with a smile that could melt lead. Both young men blinked when they saw her, as if unable to believe that Harper General had such a beautiful nurse. They let their eyes rove over her from head to toe, drinking in her feminine perfection.

"And how are you two heroes feeling this morning? Well, I hope!" she smiled.

"Uh... yeah... we're feelin' great!" the younger man said, glancing over at his big brother.

"Nothing hurts?" she asked, her mouth twisted into a cute little pout, as if she were a bit disappointed at their perfect health.

"Feel great!" Todd said, stretching his long arms over his head.

"That's a shame! I hoped I could do something to make you feel better! I'm really very proud of you both!" she smiled, her lovely eyes twinkling, her mind filled with all sorts of nasty and stimulating ideas for her and the two brothers.

Jeff and Todd both thought that there was something unusual about the way she was looking at them, something in the tone of her voice and even in the way she stood there that seemed to indicate that she had something in mind other than just checking in on them before they were released from the hospital. Both Jeff and Todd had had plenty of experience with girls, more than enough experience to recognize the look of desire in a woman's eyes. True, neither Jeff nor his older brother had ever seen that look on a nurse's face, but then this was no ordinary nurse.

"Is there anything you darlings have missed since you've been here?" she asked in a tempting voice.

The brothers looked at each other and then at the lovely vision of feminine perfection that had just glided into their room.

"I guess there's one thing we've been missing!" Todd said with a grin. "But I don't guess you could do anything about that!" he said, a dirty twinkle in his eyes.

"How long have you been here?" she asked, shuffling through the papers on her clipboard, knowing perfectly well how long they had been there. "Two weeks! My goodness! Two virile young men penned up in a hospital for two whole weeks! You must be just itching to get out!" she said, her eyes glittering with nasty delight.

"It's been kinda hard!" Jeff said.

"What has?" Janice asked teasingly.

"Yeah... well... that's been kinda hard too!" the eighteen-year-old said, glancing over at his brother for a split second.

"And have you found it hard too, Todd?" she asked, letting her gaze slip down over his body to the crotch of his pajamas.

Janice was thrilled to find something swelling down the leg of his loose-fitting pajamas. It seemed to grow longer the more she looked at it. She was glad to see that she was getting to the eighteen-year-old. Somehow, she didn't think he was at all embarrassed about his condition. He simply stretched his legs and let her have a good long look at his growing hard-on. She could tell that she was in for a morning of great fun.

Todd had a sheet up around his waist. When she looked over at him, he threw the sheet down and exposed himself lewdly. His big hairy cock was as hard as a fence post and sticking out of the fly of his pajamas. The horny young kid grinned up at his sexy nurse, letting her feast her eyes on his naked rampant erection.

Not to be outdone, Jeff reached down and unfastened his pajamas, spreading them open and letting his own hard dick spring forth. He wrapped his fingers around it and jerked himself off slowly until a drop of pre-cum oozed from the lips of his dickhead. The sparkling droplet caught the cock-hungry nurse's eye and held her attention while the kid manipulated his big sperm-filled balls with his other hand.

"My God!" she gasped, her eyes flashing between the two huge exposed cocks. "Have you boys been like this for two weeks?"

"Ever since we came to!" Todd said, looking down at his thick cock.

"And have you done anything to relieve your discomfort?" she asked. "I just hate to be so personal, darlings, but I really need to know these things in order to evaluate your physical condition!" she laughed.

"I started to jack off but every time I got goin' one of the nurses would drop in and fuck everything up! I just gave up on that after awhile!" Jeff said.

"Me too, Nurse!" Todd added. "I've been ready to shoot my rocks off for about a week, but every fuckin' time I get the fucker whipped up that nurse... what's her name... Nurse Bender I think... anyway she'd come in and I'd have to hide the damn thing under a sheet!"

"That must have been awfully difficult, darling! You couldn't hide that great big thing under ten sheets!" Janice cooed.

"Yeah? I guess it is kinda on the big side!" Todd grinned, rubbing his palm over his hard cock.

"Nurse Bender! My goodness! And you say she was always interrupting you when you tried to relieve yourself!" Janice said thoughtfully. "And did she leave after she caught you in the act?"

"Hell, no! That's the bad part! She would just stand there and stare at us, you know, down there!" Jeff said. "It bothered the shit out of us!" he said.

"I've been looking at you, darling, and you don't seem to be too bothered!" Janice said, her eyes twinkling.

"That's different! I mean... uh... you wanna do more than just stare... you know," Jeff said.

"Oh, really?" she said in mock shock. "And what makes you think I'm such a loose woman?" she said, her hands on her hips defiantly.

"I didn't mean that! Uh... well... you know what I mean," the kid said, looking down at his cock.

"I'm amazed to hear that Helen Bender has an interest in hard cocks. It's really not vent nice for a nurse to have such an interest in her patients. I really must speak to her about this," Janice said. "And in the meantime I feel obligated to do something to alleviate the suffering Nurse Bender has caused," she smiled. "Are you boys quite certain that you're both up to it?" she asked, tossing her hair behind her.

"We're up as far as we can get!" Todd said in throaty voice thick with lust.

"I can see that, darlings!" she smiled. "Why didn't you darling brothers come here and help me off with my uniform. There are some treatments that are better performed in the nude."

Jeff and Todd were quick to leap out of their beds and attack Janice's uniform. Both young men had had plenty of experience in denuding women. It took them only a moment or two to help her strip down to her panties. She was eager to cooperate in the unveiling.

Janice was thrilled at the way they surrounded her, thrilled at their mastery of the situation, at the expertise with which their hands and bodies moved so close to her. They were gentle with her, not at all like her football player patient. They moved together as if they had shared a woman before.

"Have you darlings ever done this sort of thing before?" she asked.

"How do you mean?" Todd asked.

"Have you ever shared?" she smiled, butterflies flitting around inside her responsive little cunt.

"Sure. We do that all the time. Really turns us on," Todd said, running his hand over one of her silken breasts while his kid brother had his hand on the other beautiful globe.

"Turns the girls on too. They like to take two dicks at once, at least some of 'em do. The other ones we just forget about. Shit, there's plenty of chicks around who like to take us both on," Jeff said.

"How exciting!" Janice breathed, a little shiver of pure pleasure running up and down her spine. "And how long have you young studs been doing this sort of thing?" she asked, her belly fluttering in anticipation of the hot fucking soon to come.

"We've been doin' it that way since I was eighteen and Jeff was fifteen. See, I was fuckin' this chick in my apartment when he came in without knockin'. I was gonna beat the shit out of him, but the chick was real horny and as open-minded as hell. She invited him in and started sexin' him up, you know. One thing, followed another and pretty soon we were both in bed with her. We've been double fuckin' every chance we get ever since. You ever do anything like this before?" Todd asked.

"Wouldn't you just love to know?" she smiled mysteriously, not thinking that it would be a good idea to let on that she was as inexperienced as she really was.

Of course, Janice had never taken on two men at once, but she thought she would enjoy it if they were gentle with her. They had treated her very gently so far. Their hands were roving over her breasts and belly even as they talked to her, stimulating her wildly. Her skin tingled wherever their fingertips touched her. Her cunt was heating up steadily.

"Ummmmmmm! I think I'm just going to love you darlings!" she breathed, closing her eyes and abandoning herself to the sensations that washed over her like a tide.

Both young men fell to their knees before her, their hands running expertly up and down her silken legs. She shivered when she felt their fingertips tickling her crotch, stimulating her moistening cunt through her flimsy black lace panties. She felt Jeff hook his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties, rolling the garment down all the way to her ankles. She raised her foot and stepped out of them, letting the boy take her panties in his hand and bring them to his handsome young face.

"Great!" Jeff said after inhaling deeply her feminine fragrance.

The boy handed her dewy panties to his older brother and let him have a sniff of her intoxicating honey. His dick jerking in front of him, Todd reached up and let his fingers play over the juicy lips of his nurse's tingling little cunt. With his free hand he rubbed her silky panties over his cock, pressing it up flat against his stomach and stroking the silken garment up and down until his rock-hard cock was slippery with juice.

The feeling of the horny boy's fingers against her cunt-flesh was incredibly affecting. She almost lost her balance in her excitement. She felt a tinge pass over her cunt each time he let his finger stroke her little cunt.

"Oh, my God! You're making me so hot!" she whimpered. "Lick my pussy for me, darling!"

Jeff was eager to obey the nurse's request. He fell to his knees between her legs and ducked his face between them, flicking out his tongue and tickling her cunt while his brother's fingers still worked busily between her legs. He quickly found the hot little bud of her clit and began licking at it passionately. She shivered and trembled from head to toe when his tongue lapped up and down the crack between her spread legs.

Jeff kept licking her juicy gash until his older brother decided that he wanted to eat her too. He took Jeff's position between her silky legs and inserted his eager tongue between the dewy little folds of pussy between her legs. He forced his tongue as far up as possible into her tightly clutching cunt. He twisted his tongue inside her, laving her inner flesh, tickling her so much that she could hardly take another second of it.

"Oh, Jeff! Todd! It's so beautiful! I... I have to sit down!" she moaned, her legs trembling beneath her.

Jeff and his older brother helped her to Todd's bed. She sat on the edge of the bed while the bays each took a leg and spread them apart gently. She watched while both boys buried their grinning young faces between her legs and started licking her cunt all over. Their tongues raced up and down her juicy crack and tangled with each other as they slurped up her hot free-flowing honey.

Janice couldn't quite believe that two young studs were actually eating her out. It was much more exciting than she had expected it to be, almost overpoweringly so. She was glad that they were gentle with her.

Janice reached down between her legs and put her hands lovingly on their handsome faces, caressing them while they licked her hot cunt. They licked more and more wildly all the time, as if the taste and scent of her fragrant twat were driving them mad with lust for her. The glow of sex-heat in her cunt grew hotter and hotter all the while. She was ready now for anything and everything two young studs might want to do to her.

"Oh, boys! Let me suck you! Let me wrap my lips around those beautiful young cocks and suck you hard!" she cried, tasting her dirty words on her sweet moist lips.

Hearing her request for hard cock, the two young fuckers stood up and presented her with the two hardest and biggest dicks she had ever seen or imagined. She reached out and unfastened their pajamas, pulling them down for the boys and exposing their bodies. They stepped out of their pajamas and kicked them away, standing before her stark naked and ready for action. She wrapped her fingers around Todd's long thick cock and began jerking him off very slowly. The more she played with him the closer he moved toward her sweet face. She reached out and took Jeff's dick in her hand too, squeezing it and running her thumb up and down the underside of it, making droplet after droplet of juice ooze from the tip of it.

"Juicy dick, ain't it?" Jeff rasped, flexing the muscles of his young ass and making his cock even harder in her warm hand.

"May I taste it, darling?" she asked.

"You taste it all you want, Nurse!" the horny eighteen-year-old said in a voice smoldering with heat.

"And when you get done tasting his, you can have a taste of this one," Todd said, feeling her fingers working up and down the rock-hard post of male flesh between his taut young legs.

With that, the hot-assed nurse went down on the eighteen-year-old stud's cock, sucking the head of it slowly until she managed to take the hard tool all the way to the back of her sucking throat. She felt the silken head of it rubbing against her oral channel. He was careful not to move his swollen cock in her throat too hard, careful not to cause her the slightest bit of discomfort. It was a far cry from the roughness she had experienced the day before with Alan Marks or the inexperienced reaction she had with young Terry. Jeff knew how to make cocksucking a pleasant experience for her.

When she was quite ready, the hard-cocked kid began slowly, delicately, stroking his dripping dick in and out of the pretty nurse's mouth. She licked it while he fucked her in the face, tickling his slippery cock with her tonguetip until it oozed rivers of pre-seminal fluid. She reached up and felt his hot balls tightening in their scrotal sac.

"Okay, baby!" Jeff said with a grunt, pulling his cock out of her mouth and letting it snap up against his hard naked stomach. "You better give big brother some for a while. You do that so great I might shoot my wad if I don't take a breather. I want to keep this fucker hard so it can go right up that hot little pussy of yours," Jeff rasped.

"I think my pussy would just love that!" she breathed.

Janice reached out and grabbed Todd's cock, opening her lips and sucking his lollipop into her mouth. She began bobbing up and down on him, taking him into her all the way to the hair an his groin. She played with his balls while she sucked him into a fuck frenzy. His balls seethed in her hands, seethed with masculine power. She longed to feel that masculine power unleashed deep inside her juicy cunt.

"I need it up my cunt, Todd! Give it to me!" she moaned, letting his cock pull from her sucking mouth.

"Who do you want first?" Todd asked. "We're both pretty fuckin' horny!" he said, stroking his dick.

Janice looked at both hot cocks and couldn't decide which she wanted first.

"I wish you could both fuck me at the same time!" she said, her cunt seething with excitement.

"I think we could manage that," Todd said.

"But how?" she asked.

"I can fuck you up the cunt and Jeff could give it to you in the ass," Todd suggested.

"But how could we do that?" Janice asked in true amazement.

"We'll show you, honey!" Jeff said. "It's not too hard. You're gonna love it too!"

"Won't it hurt me to take two big hard cocks that way? They're so big and long," she said, her cunt itching to try.

"We've never hurt a girl yet," Todd said. "We know how to do it real nice and gentle. Trust us."

Janice did trust them, and she agreed to put herself in their hands.

"I'll stick mine up your ass, baby. See, mine's not as thick as Todd's and it won't hurt as much," Jeff said.

"But you said it wouldn't hurt at all," Janice said.

"It'll hurt a little bit, just at first. If you want me to take it out I will right away. Honest," Jeff promised.

"Well... all right... but don't hurt me," she said.

Jeff sat on the cold tile floor, his dick sticking straight up from his lap. He held his cock in his fist, squeezing it and making the slippery juice ooze freely from the head of it. Todd stood by stroking his rod in anticipation of his part in the three-way fuck.

"Okay, baby, now you just sit on that thing," Jeff said, motioning for her to sit on his lap.

Janice crouched over his erect tool, lowering herself closer and closer to the pulsating head of it. Her little cunt twitched and tingled in anticipation of the new and exciting experience. Nothing had ever been in her little butthole before, nothing except a fever thermometer when she was a girl. Somehow she thought his prick would feel considerably different.

The hot-assed nurse gasped when she felt the burning head of his cock against the little ring of her asshole. The warmth of his cockhead spread over her, melting her asshole, making it tremble inside. She tried to imagine what his rod would feel like when it pushed into her ass, but there was really nothing in her experience to give her any clue to the sensations she was about to feel.

"Better spit on it, man," Todd said, watching her sit on his younger brother's pulsating cock. "She's gonna be mighty tight."

Jeff followed his brother's suggestion, transferring a big wad of spit from his fingers to the blood-engorged head of his cock. He rubbed his saliva all over his dickhead until it mingled with his slippery pre-seminal fluid. He ran his fingers up and down the shaft of his tool to keep it as hard as steel, rigid and ready for his entry into her tight hole.

"That oughta do it, baby," Jeff said, putting his hands on her hips and gently drawing her down toward his rod.

Janice felt the kid's prick push against her tight asshole, harder and harder. She almost bent his cock double by sitting on it, but still it wouldn't go in.

"You gotta relax, baby," Todd said. "Try to relax your asshole. Really. Nobody's gonna hurt you," he said, coming over to her and rubbing his dripping dick against her silken cheek.

Janice was encouraged by Todd's soft voice and made extremely horny by the stiff dick against her cheek. She did as she was told, and soon enough her ass really did loosen up a bit. As soon as Jeff felt her anal sphincter relaxing he took advantage of his opportunity.

His balls aching with desire, the young stud bucked his ass just a bit and buried his cockhead into her. He felt her tight asshole closing around the naked head of his organ, felt it clutching his meat, making it throb with passion. He pushed on, forcing the slippery cock deeper and deeper into her tight asshole. He heard her moan with passion as the pain that had filled her slowly turned to pleasure.

Janice had gasped in pain when his cock had punched its way into her ass. The searing pain in her ass made her shudder from head to toe. She felt her ass involuntarily tightening around Jeff's long hard meat, as if trying to keep his throbbing organ out of her. She thought the pain would never cease, but as if by magic it did. In fact, the more he stroked in and out of her the less painful the sensation became and the more maddeningly exciting.

"Oh, Jeff! I... I love it! Fuck me, darling! Fuck me in the ass with that beautiful dick! Harder! Oh, please do it harder!" she cried as her asshole began to tingle and twitch with the same maddening sensations that surged through her blazing cunt.

"Take it, baby! Take that hot fucker!" Jeff rasped, bucking his ass and pistoning her tightly clenched asshole with his long cock.

Jeff's heavy balls slapped against the cold tile floor as he fucked her hot and hard. Her tits shook as she jumped up and down on his cock. Her belly fluttered with excitement. She needed desperately to take Todd's cock up her cunt, needed desperately to feel the long shaft of it rubbing hard against her blazing little clit.

"Please fuck me, Todd! Oh, God! I want a cock in my cunt! Please put it in me, darling stud! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!" she moaned, her cunt flashing with the most delicious sensations imaginable.

Todd didn't need a second invitation. He got on his knees in front of the horny young nurse, moving close to her naked cunt. He pushed his dick down until the glistening head of it pressed between the dewy lips of her seething cunt. He gyrated his pelvis and moved closer and closer to her, inching his cock slowly into her cunt until it was buried all the way to his groin, throbbing deep inside her silken channel.

Janice couldn't believe how beautiful the two jerking cocks felt slipping and sliding around inside her. She thought she could feel them rubbing together inside her, kindling a fire that seemed to be melting her insides. Her cunt clutched at Todd's cock while her asshole held his brother's organ in a viselike grip. The young studs bucked harder and harder. She rocked back and forth in rhythm with the two fuckers, bringing all of them closer and closer to a wild orgasm.

"She's great, ain't she, mm!" Jeff rasped as he fucked her butt.

"The fuckin' greatest!" Todd groaned as he shoved his pecker in and out of her cunt-hole.

The boys felt their hot nuts slapping together as they fucked the horny nurse. Their cocks were getting hotter and hotter, harder and harder, longer and longer the more they screwed her. Their balls were gathering between their legs in knots, swelling with cum, threatening to explode at any minute and fill her little cunt and her sweet asshole with sperm.

"I... I love this! Fuck me! Fill me with cum, darling! I need you both! I need you jerking inside me! I love you both!" she cried, abandoning herself to the maddening sensations that surged inside her.

"I'm gonna fuckin' shoot it!" Todd rasped. "Hang on a minute, Todd," Jeff growled, thrusting harder and faster as his ejaculation approached rapidly. "I wanna come at the same time! Let's all three come at once!"

"You ready, baby?" Todd rasped, his prick snapping up inside her sucking cunt.

"Oh, yes! Yes! I'm... I'm coming... I'm flashing!" she cried, her orgasm tearing though her with a wildness that almost made her faint.

"Oh, fuck! I'm shootin' in your ass, baby!" Jeff grunted as he thrust his fuck-stick deep into her ass and filled her asshole with thick white cum.

"Take it, baby! Take this fuckin' wad all the way up that pussy!" Todd growled as his own cock exploded deep in her sucking sheath.

Chapter SIX

Janice was overcome with emotion and sensation as her cunt flashed. The two young heroes were overcome too. In fact, the three were so wrapped up in their shared orgasm that they were completely unaware of the fact that they had a visitor, and a pretty one at that.

Nurse Helen Bender, who just loved to tease her male patients, and who particularly loved to tease Todd and Jeff, had decided to pay one last visit to see if she could cause the young men a bit of uncomfortable embarrassment. She had found in the two weeks they had been in the hospital that whenever she burst in on them unannounced they were busily masturbating, an act that she just loved to watch.

With the thought of catching them at it again, Nurse Bender threw open the door. What Nurse Bender saw was enough to make her freeze in her tracks. She stood in the doorway for the longest time, staring wild-eyed at the goings on. It didn't occur to her at first that the naked woman who was bouncing up and down on Jeff's lap was Janice. All she knew was that the two brothers had some beautiful woman in their room and were fucking her royally. When Janice looked up after her wild orgasm and shook her hair out of her eyes, Helen Bender realized who had been getting it in the ass and cunt. She was so amazed that she almost fell over backwards.

Janice was just a bit shocked too when she looked up and saw Helen standing there staring. She couldn't control the shudder of fear that ran up her spine, couldn't stifle the little cry that escaped her pretty lips.

Todd and Jeff heard the little shriek. She had just finished coming so it couldn't be a little shriek of delight. There was something more serious about it. When the boys looked over where she was staring, they realized just how serious the situation was. They both jumped up and tried desperately to pull their pajamas on. Janice gasped when Jeff pulled his still hard cock out of her sensitive little asshole.

Janice didn't know what to do, but then it was apparent that Helen didn't know what to do either. Something told Janice that her only hope was to take complete control of the situation. She had been caught in the act of taking liberties with her patients, a situation that she knew could cost her her job at Harper, unless of course Helen could be dragged into the whirlpool with her. After all, Janice thought, Helen wasn't entirely innocent herself. She had been teasing Todd and Jeff quite mercilessly lately, taking great delight in interrupting their attempts at self-relief. There was the possibility that Helen might be more than willing to join them in their fun and games. Janice would have to be firm.

"Shut the door, Helen! Do you want everybody in this place to see?" she said, her hands on her hips, her stance defiant.

Helen did as she was told, closing the door behind her and still staring with her mouth open as the two young studs tucked their long swollen cocks into their pajamas. Janice didn't seem at all embarrassed. In fact, she didn't even bother to put her clothes back on. She stood there as naked as the day she was born, looking her right in the eye. "Well, Helen, did you want something?" Janice asked.

"No... not... not really," Nurse Bender said falteringly.

"And were you scheduled to check on these patients this morning?" Janice asked in the harsh and businesslike tone she had always used before she had become the new Janice.

"Well... no... not exactly," Helen said, still unable to take her eyes off the young studs who had been fucking Janice.

"I think I know exactly what you wanted with Todd and Jeff, dear Helen," Janice said, a wicked smile on her lovely face.

"You do?" Helen gasped.

"Todd and Jeff told me, Helen. They told me how you like to tease them. They told me how you like to catch them jacking off. Shame on you, Helen! These poor frustrated young men have been in the hospital for two weeks and you haven't even let them finish masturbating once. What torture! What a terrible and thoughtless way to treat your patients!" Janice said, barely able to control the nasty smile that kept trying to creep over her face.

Janice glanced over at Jeff and Todd, trying to communicate her thoughts of getting Helen involved with them. She knew that the young men had gotten her message when they both reached into their pajamas and hauled out their cocks.

They held them in their hands and let Helen have a good long look at their equipment. Her eyes widened and glittered with delight.

"What are you doing?" Helen asked, her interest apparent in her quavering voice.

"They're letting you see their cocks, silly. What else? You've always enjoyed seeing them before, darling. Are you so shocked now?" she asked, walking over to the boys and reaching out with both hands to fondle their exposed pricks.

"But why are you doing this?" Helen asked.

"I'm doing this because I wanted to reward the darlings for their bravery. After all, Helen, they did save an old man's life. And all they got for their trouble was a case of smoke inhalation and a medal from the mayor. I thought that this little token of my appreciation might satisfy them more fully," she said, reaching between her long lithe legs and rubbing the furry mound of her little cunt.

"That's the best thing anybody ever gave us," Todd said, patting Janice on the ass.

"We sure didn't expect to get anything like that at a hospital," Jeff said, his dick standing straight up again.

"You see, Helen? They appreciate the little things I've done for them. You should follow my example, Helen. I'm sure you're interested in new ways to be a better nurse," Janice smiled.

"And exactly what do you have in mind, Janice?" Helen asked, her cunt fluttering.

"I'm suggesting that you lock the door securely and join the three of us in a good long fuck," Janice said, her lips wet with desire.

"But... I... I don't know... it's so... so strange... here in the hospital!" Helen protested, getting hotter and hotter with every word she said.

"You like these clicks?" Todd asked, shaking his cock at the pretty blonde nurse.

Helen had to nod her head. Actually she loved the two cocks the young studs were presenting for her inspection. She longed to take both of them up her seething cunt.

"If you like 'em so much, why don't you come over here and suck on 'em for a while?" Jeff asked, holding his rod out in front of him, just waiting to feel her pretty lips pressing against his sensitive flesh.

Helen knew that she should leave the room, knew that if she stayed another minute she would be as heavily involved as Janice was. She tried to turn away, but something took control of her. She felt her self-control melting away in the heat of her lust. Before she knew it, she was on her knees in front of the two horny young studs, her mouth open, ready for anything they might give her to satisfy her craving for hard cock.

The two young men stood close together, pressing their cocks together, letting the pretty blonde lick and kiss their hard pricks. Janice stood by and watched for awhile. She was amazed that Helen Bender had joined them so willingly, amazed that she had put up so little resistance. She was beginning to wonder if all of the nurses at Harper General were harboring secret desires to have sex with the patients.

"You really like to suck dick, don't you, Nurse Bender?" Jeff said with a horny grin.

"Oh, God, yes!" she muttered, her lips and tongue busily working over the two pricks.

"I don't blame you at all for loving it, darling," Janice said, feeling the urge to blow the boys too. "They're such darlings!"

"Why don't you work on us too, baby?" Todd suggested, squeezing his sperm-filled young balls.

"You needn't ask twice," Janice said in a sultry voice. "I'm always eager to satisfy my patients' desires."

With that Janice fell to her knees and began licking and sucking the hard shafts the two young studs held together for the two nurses. Her tongue tangled with Helen's, licking at the same places. Their lips touched as they stimulated the two swollen cocks. Janice was amazed to find that she enjoyed the sensations involved in sucking the two cocks with Helen. She had to admit that she liked feeling her tongue touching Helen's tongue, had to admit that she felt a shiver of pleasure when their hot lips touched on the heads of the boys' cocks.

"Oh, my God, Janice! What... what are we doing?" Helen gasped, when she realized that her lips were pressed against Janice's instead of the boys' hard cocks.

"I don't know what we're doing, or why, but I see no reason to stop! Do you, Helen?" Janice asked, her twat itching.

"I... I've never felt like this before!" Helen said, a warmth spreading inside her.

"Are you two gonna get it on?" Jeff asked. "Are we, Janice?" Helen asked breathlessly. "Oh, yes! Yesssssss!" the horny nurse hissed, her cunt dripping with excitement.

"We gonna get to watch?" Jeff asked.

"I don't see why not, darling. Do you?" Janice asked, thrilling to the thought of engaging in such a depraved act in front of the two horny young men.

"Let them watch, Janice. It might be fun." Helen said, her cunt seething between her beautiful legs, legs that were exposed well past her knees.

"I had no idea that you were such a swinger, Helen Bender," Janice said amazedly.

"Likewise," Helen replied.

"We must keep this a dark secret you know," Janice said.

"Of course, darling. It wouldn't do to let such a story float around the hospital, would it?" Helen replied.

"My goodness, Helen, if the directors found out about Todd and Jeff we might be expected to service the whole hospital," Helen giggled.

The two horny nurses wrapped their arms around each other and fell into Jeff's bed. Between the two of them, they managed easily to remove Helen's uniform. Jeff unfastened her bra while Todd eagerly slipped her panties down over her pretty legs. The two horny studs stood over the two beautiful naked nurses, their eyes roving over their silken bodies.

Helen's tits were larger than Janice's, huge double handfuls of light golden flesh that seemed to glow with beauty. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her fine shoulders, surrounding her beautiful globes. Todd reached out and brushed her hair away from her beautiful tits, staring at them and going wild inside. Jeff's eyes were riveted between her legs where a downy patch of blonde hair nestled around her cunt. Jeff was just waiting for the opportunity to put his finger, and then his dick, into that nice little cunt-hole.

Helen and Janice began fondling each, other lovingly. It was the first time that either woman had done anything so strangely exciting. Both women felt as they had never felt before, and both were thoroughly enjoying themselves, even though two young men were watching greedily as they explored each other. Rather than turning them off, the presence of the boys made the experience all the more exciting for them. I heightened the sense of taboo in the act, and the taboo thrilled them deep inside.

The hot-assed nurses kissed each other deeply, their tongues intertwined inside each other's mouths, their lips pressing hotly. Janice felt Helen's warm silken breasts crushing up against hers as they held each other tightly. Their nipples stiffened immediately, rubbing together and making tingles race around inside their tits with each stroke of flesh against flesh. It wasn't long before their kisses moved from their warm willing lips to their beautiful globes of tit-flesh.

Janice fastened her sweet lips around one of Helen's tingling hard nipples. She sucked and nibbled eagerly, going wild inside with dizzying excitement. Her hands were all over Helen's golden body, her fingers stroking her secret places. She ran her hand up between Helen's legs and let it close over the shivering mound that Janice had longed to touch. Helen clamped her lovely curvy legs around Janice's exploring hand, holding it tightly against her seething hot cunt.

"Oh, Janice! Tickle my pussy! My God! Your fingers feel so good there!" Helen moaned, writhing with passion.

When Janice parted her own legs slightly, Helen slipped her hand between them and did what Janice was doing so eagerly for her. Janice felt Helen's silky fingers stroking her blazing cunt-flesh with such delicacy that the actual sensation of stroking was hardly noticeable. What she felt was a slow building of barely perceptible sensations deep inside her, sensations that she knew would soon become maddeningly powerful.

The women's hot pussies ran with moisture as they played with each other's cunts. Both women longed to taste pussy, but actually doing it was another matter. It was so taboo, so depraved. Todd and Jeff knew that they wanted to eat each other out, and they really wanted to watch.

"You gonna suck each other's cunts?" Jeff asked, staring between their legs at their blazing cunts and the long silken fingers that worked between the lips.

"Yeah, babies, go ahead. We gotta see it," Todd gasped, stroking his hot cock.

"You're makin' us awful fuckin' horny!" Jeff said, his cock dripping with love juice, jerking in his hand and longing to be shoved into their tight wet cunts.

"Should we?" Helen asked.

"I want it, Helen!" Janice breathed.

"So do I, Janice! I... I've never done anything like this before. It's so new and exciting. I fell... all funny inside. It's so beautiful!" she cried, her cunt steaming.

The two horny nurses slipped into a sixty-nine position, their faces buried between each other's legs. Janice was thrilled at the scent of Helen's womanly treasure. She flicked out her tongue and let it tickle the little lips of her cunt. After her first taste of hot pussy, there was no stopping her. She began licking wildly at the dripping gash between Helen's silky legs, drinking up her free-flowing cunt-juice and going wild with depraved desire for her.

When Helen began nibbling and sucking her cunt, Janice began moaning and gasping. Her entire body was alive with wild sensations, from delicate little tingles to powerful surges that almost made her faint with pleasure. She felt Helen's tongue pushing inside her cunt, tickling the blazing bud of flesh between the lips of her pussy.

Jeff and Todd watched until they had to get into the act again. Their cocks were swollen to the bursting point as they stroked themselves and watched the two beautiful naked nurses eating each other out. As hot as the two beautiful women were now, the boys knew, they would have no objection at all to having their cunts stuffed with stiff male meat.

"Hey, man, let's move that bed over here. We gotta have plenty of room for all four of us," Todd said.

The young men moved the other bed alongside the one in which the two naked and horny beauties writhed in pleasure. They stood over them, jerking off slowly until Janice looked up and caught sight of their dripping cocks. She had been so immersed in the wild new sensations that raced through her that she had all but forgotten about Todd and Jeff.

"You ready for us yet?" Jeff asked with a grin.

"God, yes!" Janice moaned.

"Give me a cock! Put it right up my fucking cunt!" Helen breathed, getting to her knees and exposing her naked pussy from behind.

"Fill me with it, Todd! I'm so hot! Fuck me hard, darling!" Janice cried, her cunt burning with desire.

Janice raised her legs and spread them, opening her seething cunt obscenely for the kid's benefit. She put her fingers between her raised legs and spread the little lips of her cunt, giving Todd a view of her inner channel that made his balls ache. She soon felt the kid's body against hers as he crawled into bed with her and pressed his dripping prick against the open flesh of her pussy.

"Oh, Todd! Screw the fucking piss out of me with that huge dick! Don't be afraid of hurting me! I want it hard! Fill me with it! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!" the hot-assed nurse cried at the top of her lungs.

Jeff crawled into bed too and slipped his dick between Helen's lovely legs, fucking her dog style. He buried his prick deep inside her and began rocking back and forth against her, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her with each backward motion and burying it all the way to his sperm-filled balls with each forward lunge. Her tits shook as he banged in and out of her lovely pussy.

Todd filled Janice's juicy cunt with his thickly swollen cock, burying it in her all the way to his hairy groin. He ground his pelvis against her, corkscrewing his dick around inside her sucking channel, stroking the inner walls of her eagerly working pussy. Her cunt-honey trickled down the impaled shaft of his rod, wetting his nuts, mingling with his own pre-cum and slickening her cunt until his prick slid in and out effortlessly.

The friction of Todd's cock against her blazing clit made Janice shiver and shake all over. The presence of Jeff and Helen so close to her made her hotter than ever. She could feel the electricity in the air, could hear the sounds of hot wet fucking surrounding her with naked sensuality.

"Fuck me, Todd! Fuck me hard!" Janice cried, wrapping her loving arms around the kid's waist, holding him to her.

The bed creaked as the four horny fuckers bounced up and down on it. They were all terribly close to a wild climax. The boys' cocks were as hard as iron and ready to explode. The girls' cunts were ready to flash with electricity and sex-heat.

"Hey, you guys, let's do a daisy chain," Jeff suddenly suggested, stopping his reaming of Helen's cunt for a moment.

"Hey, man, that sound's real good. How 'bout it?" Todd asked, pulling his dick out of Janice's cunt.

"But I... I've never done that before," Janice said.

"Neither have I," Helen said, her cunt tingling with anticipation.

"Then you're gonna love it. We're all gonna love it. This is the greatest," Todd rasped.

"You suck me, Janice," Jeff said. "Then Todd can eat you out and Helen can suck Todd off and I can lick Helen's cunt."

"My God! It sounds just delicious. A true feast," Janice said.

The four young fuckers got on the floor, scattering sheets and pillows over the cold tile to make things more comfortable. As soon as they had gotten into position for their wild romp, they began licking and sucking to beat hell. The women's lips were firmly fastened around the men's jerking cocks, their tongues racing around the dripping heads of their organs. The men's tongues were working furiously in and out and around their wet cunts. It was the wildest and most stimulating thing any of them had ever done, and they were doing it in the sterile atmosphere of Harper General. None of the participants could quite believe what was happening to them, but they were having one hell of a time at it.

The sounds of the moaning and groaning and the slurping and sucking made everyone hotter and hotter. Everyone knew that they would soon share an orgasm that none of them could ever forget.

"I'm gonna shoot it, Janice," Jeff said, his face plastered up against her sucking cunt.

"Me too, Helen!" Todd rasped. "Oh, fuck! Suck that dick! Eat that fucker! Take it all the way down your throat! Oh, fuck! I'm gonna shoot a wad down your throat in a minute! In a fuckin' minute!" Todd growled, his balls preparing to shoot their stored-up wad into her.

"You're gonna drown in my cum, baby!" Jeff grunted. "Here it comes! Take it! Drink it all up!" he rasped as his balls pumped blast after blast of thick white cum down her sweet throat.

The girls too were on the brink of flashing orgasm. The sensation of taking cum down their throats and the urgency of the hard cocks in their mouths pushed them over the brink. While the two long wet tongues worked ceaselessly between their legs they both felt their orgasms building inside them. When they flashed, both women cried with delight, their bodies shaking. Rovers of sensation flowed inside them, carrying their tensions away in a flood of pure sexual bliss.

Chapter SEVEN

Janice had been making things jump, especially the patients' cocks, at Harper General for more than three months before she finally agreed to a date with the notorious Dr. Joe Clark. Janice had thoroughly enjoyed teasing him mercilessly ever since she had decided to shed her pristine veil and be the vivacious and sex-loving woman she had always wanted to be. He had approached her dozens of times, each time with a more desperate approach.

Joe Clark had a reputation at Harper General as a man who always got what he wanted, and he wanted a lot. Most of the nurses at Harper had eventually succumbed to his masculine charm, but not Janice. She had been developing a reputation at Harper too, lately, a reputation that made the other nurses envious and all the men horny as hell. She had tried to keep her activities within the sterile halls of Harper as quiet as possible, but eventually a few little stories began to leak out.

The patients she visited, the patients on whom she worked her healing magic, were the last to tell. Unfortunately, an occasional lapse in secrecy was inevitable. Once, while being fucked up against the wall in a broom closet by a young janitor, the door had flown open and they had been face to face with a shocked and frightened chambermaid. The woman had spread the story around, a story which was a bit hard to believe of course. The story was so hard to believe, in fact, that the whole thing was dismissed. Still, such incidents left doubts in people's minds and the suspicion that something unusual and exciting was going on at Harper, and that Nurse Janice Roberts had something to do with it all.

Janice enjoyed her new reputation. When she walked through the halls of Harper General, the nurses cast sidelong glances that dripped with envy. The doctors eyed her too, eyed her with horny looks that made her tinge with desire. She may have tingled with desire, but she had forced herself to refrain from any sexual activities with the doctors. She had only succumbed to Dr. Clark on a whim. She sat next to him now in his sports car on their way to his place in the country.

"Your place in the country must be awfully secluded. Are you sure your place in the country is in this country?" she said, wondering if they would ever stop winding through the countryside.

"I like to get away from it all, Janice," Joe said, grinning at the lovely nurse he had finally gotten to give in to him. "There's nothing like the country to relax a man... and a woman."

"I don't know whether you've noticed or not, Joe, but I'm quite relaxed even without a weekend in the country," she smiled.

"You sure have changed, Janice. I like that. It's about time you let yourself live a little," he said. "You were just wasting your life. But now you're starting to enjoy it. Right?" the man said, letting his hand fall to her pretty knee.

"Dr. Clark! I think you just want to stick your cock in my cunt," she smiled, watching a blush come over the cocky doctor's handsome face.

"You really have changed!" he said, laughing a nervous laugh, not taking his warm hand off her knee.

"You think I'm a tease don't you Joe?" she sang softly, putting her hand on his very lightly.

"Oh, I don't know... I guess you might say that," Joe replied, glancing at the beautiful woman with glittering eyes.

"I'm a terrible cocktease, aren't I?" she giggled.

"You've got the men at Harper pretty horny all right," Joe said.

"I just love teasing," she said.

"I'll just bet you do too. Better watch out though," he said under his breath.

"Watch out for what, darling?" she asked. "Oh... nothing... it's just that all that teasing might come back on you some day," the doctor said, his hand moving farther up her silken leg.

There was something odd in the tone of his voice that made her slightly uneasy for a moment.

"There's the road," Joe said, breaking the silence.

The road he turned up was nothing more than a winding path through dense woods. They drove quite a distance before Janice caught sight of his little place in the country.

"It's huge! My God, Joe! How could you afford to build this on your salary at Harper?" she asked in amazement as the ultramodern retreat came into view. "It must have cost a fortune."

"It cost a fortune all right. Fortunately, my father left me a small fortune. That is, he left it to me under the condition that I become a doctor. Actually I'd rather be an international playboy! I guess you can't have everything." Joe chuckled, pulling the car into the driveway and helping Janice out.

After a long tour of the place, Janice was led into a room that made her dizzy with nasty excitement. The room contained, among other instruments of pleasure, an enormous bed, the biggest bed she had ever seen or even imagined. The walls and ceiling were covered with mirrors that reflected at every angle. At the flick of a switch the room was filled with soft music.

"Joe Clark, you're awful. This is positively wicked," she said, strolling round the room.

"Glad you like it," he grinned.

"Such a big bed! Do you ever fill it to capacity?" she asked in a sultry voice.

"Occasionally. Not often enough. It's a nice soft bed, baby. Care to try it out?" he asked.

When Janice sat on the bed, he flicked a switch and a panel in the wall opened and bar rolled out. He fixed her a drink and sat on the bed with her, looking her over with lust in his eyes. The warmth of her drink went straight to her cunt, not that she needed alcohol to warm that part of her fine body.

"Care to get more comfortable, Janice, baby?" Joe asked, his cock already stiffening in his pants.

"That sounds nice," she smiled.

He helped her out of her dress and stood up to remove his own clothes. He couldn't take his eyes off her well-stacked young body. Everything he had always thought about her was true. She really was the most beautiful woman he had laid eyes on. And now, since her mysterious change of attitude, she seemed more than willing to make use of the beauty she had concealed for so long. Unfortunately, she had been making use of it to tease the doctors at Harper, and he and some of his fellow healers had decided that it was time she learned a lesson.

Janice reached out and ran her hand over the long hard shaft that stuck several inches down the leg of Joe's pants. She squeezed the end of the bulge with her practiced fingers, making his cock jerk in his pants. When he pulled off his pants and let his rod snap up, she was seized with the uncontrollable urge to devour his cock. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around his swollen prick, pulling him to her by his cock and giggling playfully.

Joe let her pull him into bed with her. He fell on his back and patted his stomach, beckoning her to come to him and suck his cock. She resisted the invitation for a moment or two, preferring instead to run her finger up the shaft of his cock until it dripped with pre-cum. She ran her thumb over the underside of the man's swollen cockhead, making his balls ache. She was driving him crazy, and she knew it.

"Would you really like me to suck that big hard cock for you, Dr. Clark?" she asked teasingly.

"Damn right I would!" he said in a thick voice. "I don't know whether I will or not, darling," she said, letting her fingers travel down to his hairy balls, moving them around playfully in their scrotal sac, squeezing them gently.

"You really like teasing, don't you, Janice, baby?" Joe said.

"I'm just terrible, aren't I?" she smiled, moving her pretty face close to his dripping cock and letting her practiced tongue trail up and down it for a second or two.

"Wouldn't be so terrible if you got down on that thing for me," he said, his balls seething in their sac.

"I might give it just a little kiss," she smiled cutely.

Janice pressed her sweet lips against the shaft of the man's dripping cock, letting them move from the root of his meat all the way to the hot head of it. She could have opened her mouth at that point and plunged down on his prick, but somehow she just couldn't bring herself to. She was enjoying teasing him too much. It wasn't that she didn't want to suck his dick. It was just that there was something about his cockiness and his attitude that made her want to make him suffer. In fact, all the doctors at Harper exhibited that same cockiness, and all of them had inspired her to tease them mercilessly. They all seemed to think that they could get anything, and anybody, they wanted. They all wanted Janice, but she was not about to come that easily. The patients and some of the male help at Harper were quite another matter. She could give herself freely to them when she felt the urge. Perhaps it was the hard-hearted things she had heard the doctors saying about her behind her back on the day when she had decided to make the big change in her life that had turned her sour against them.

"There. I gave it several kisses. Are you satisfied now, darling?" she asked with a faraway smile.

"You know better than that, Janice. Give it a good suck for me," Dr. Clark said, pulling her head down toward his jerking cock.

"No, no, no!" she said, slipping out of his grasp and sitting up on the edge of the huge bed. "You're really much too pushy, Joe Clark," she said.

The horny man reached out and grabbed her delicate shoulder, gripping her tightly and pulling her onto the bed. He was on top of her in a flash, poking his cock against the wet flesh of her naked cunt until it found her slot. He bucked his hard ass and drove his prick all the way up her hot cunt with one lunge.

"What are you doing?" she cried. "Stop it this minute! You... you can't do this to me! You can't!"

"It looks to me like I'm doin' it all right. It feels to me like I'm doin' it too. I guess I must be doin' it," he grunted, burying his cock in her tight pussy as far as it would go.

Janice was suddenly filled with terror. He was so heavy against her, so strong, so wild. His cock was as hard as steel inside her, jerking and thrusting all the way up her cunt. He punched his hard hot cock in and out of her cunt with a wildness that frightened her. He couldn't really be doing this to her, she thought. He couldn't really be taking her against her will. She could have abandoned herself to the situation and let him have what he wanted, but she would have none of that.

It wasn't that Janice wasn't horny enough to thoroughly enjoy a good hot fuck. She was as hot inside as a blast furnace. Her fluids were flowing freely in the heat of her excitement. She could have joined him in his wild writhings and hall the time of her life, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. His roughness, his attitude of possessing her against her will made her shudder with disgust.

Janice tightened her cunt around his bulging shaft, trying to force it out of her cunt. Unfortunately, the sensation of tight flesh around the man's cock made him hornier. The frightened nurse reached out and began hitting him on the shoulders as hard as she could. He seemed to enjoy it. She knew that she could never hurt anyone as big and strong as Joe, but she kept beating him for all she was worth, and he kept beating into her seething cunt for all he was worth.

Realizing that she could hit him all day without dampening his desires, she decided to try scratching. She dug her long fingernails into his back as hard as she could, but all she received for her efforts was a slap in the face, not a hard slap, but one that let her know that there would be no more scratching. The hard-cocked man held her down hard, his hands on her shoulders, his chest heaving against her beautiful naked tits. His prick banged in and out of her unwilling cunt, his nuts slapping up against her steaming crotch.

"If you don't stop this, I'm going to scream!" she cried, trying desperately to escape his grasp.

"Go ahead, little bitch! Scream your pretty little head off. No one's going to hear you. Remember? You're out in the middle of nowhere. This house is soundproof anyway, baby," the rough-fucking doctor told his her.

"But why? Why are you doing this to me? I... I don't understand?" she sobbed, her cunt shivering with a mingling of disgust and desire.

"Maybe I'm just getting even for those months of teasing, baby. You know you give me a hard-on every time you look at me with those little eyes of yours. A man can only take so much!" he rasped, bucking his ass harder and harder and working his cock into a hot frenzy inside her pussy.

The sensations the man inspired in her continued to build until she could fight him off no longer. She felt herself melting, felt her body beginning to respond to him in spite of herself. The friction of his hot cock against her tingling little clit was too much for her. She began feeling the little flutterings of pleasure that almost made her faint. She began writhing, moving her silken body in rhythm with his fucking movements.

"That's more like it, bitch!" he spat. "I knew you'd like it! You're one hot little pussy, you know that?" he rasped.

"Please don't talk to me like that," she pleaded.

"Bullshit! You are a bitch! You're a bitch and a cocktease and you know it damn well!" he growled. "You've been shaking that pretty little ass up and down the halls of Harper and torturing the shit out of every man in the place. You know what makes me so fucking mad?" he growled. "You give that little pussy to the patients and the orderlies, even the fuckin' janitors, but you won't give any to the doctors. We've had stiff dicks for too long. Now you're gonna get this stiff dick until you hurt," he grunted, grinding his cock around inside her sucking cunt.

The horny doctor held the woman tightly as he banged in and out of her. He ran his cock so deep inside her that she could almost feel it in her belly, feel it jerking and kicking wildly. He began rubbing his chest back and forth against her naked tits, his wiry chest hair brushing against her hard and sensitive little nipple peaks. His impaled cock-shaft strained against her little gash as he rubbed up against her. She felt his stiff cock prying at her insides with each movement against her.

Janice's heart raced. She could hardly breathe in her fear and excitement. She had thought that Alan at the hospital had treated her roughly, but compared to the way Joe Clark was treating her that had been nothing at all. She still tried to fight him off, but her efforts were much less strenuous now. She hated to admit it, but she was enjoying the rough treatment in a strange way. He wasn't actually hurting her, at least not yet.

Janice gasped when Dr. Clark suddenly pulled his deeply imbedded dick out of her tight cunt with one quick motion. He put his hands under her and rolled her over on her stomach. He put his hands on the fine cheeks of her silken ass and spread them slightly, revealing the little ring of her asshole. He pressed his stiffened finger against the spot, pressed it and wiggled it harder and harder until it finally pushed beyond the tight little barrier. Janice gasped in pain when his finger pushed all the way into her asshole. He didn't seem to care whether it hurt her or not. In fact, he seemed to enjoy hurting her.

Joe buried his finger in her all the way to his knuckles, twisting it inside her tight asshole and stroking her inner channel with his fingertip. Janice tightened her asshole in a useless effort to keep him out of her. She wanted him to take his finger out of her, but at the same time knew that the longer he kept stroking in and out of her hot little butthole the more she would get used to the feeling, and the sooner she would begin to long for something bigger in her ass.

"Want this dick up there, baby?" he asked in a thick voice.

"No! Please don't! I'm not ready for that yet! If you have to do that, at least wait a while!" she cried.

"Wait hell, little cocktease! I think you're ready right now! Take this dick right now, baby!" he said, giving his finger one last wiggle inside her and pulling out of her.

"You can't! It's too big! You'll hurt me!" she cried, feeling a strange tingle of excitement in spite of her fear.

"You'll get over it, bitch!" he growled, raising her to her knees and pushing her head down until her lovely face touched the silk sheets. "Now you get that ass up and keep it up, bitch! I'm gonna sink this fucker into that little asshole when I count three, so you'd better get ready!" he rasped, rubbing his slippery cock against her asshole.

"You can't! I can't take that thing up my ass! I promise never to tease you again! Never!" she whimpered.

"You won't tease me again anyway, bitch!" he said, pushing his hard-on against her hole.

"Oh, God, no! No!" she cried.

"Two..." he went on, obviously enjoying her fear of being entered cruelly by his big hard cock.

Janice closed her eyes and prepared for the inevitable, hoping only that he would get it over with quickly.

"Three!" the hard-cocked doctor rasped, lunging into her and shoving his huge erect cock deep into her tightly clenched asshole.

Janice cried out as the searing pain of his entry tore through her. She felt his thick meat spreading her asshole open, felt his long prick filling her insides with heat. He banged in and out of her hot and hard, his balls slapping up against her pussy. Her body rocked back and forth as he fucked her butt, her tits swaying beneath her.

Joe reached under her and stuck his finger into her luscious cunt, twisting it against her hot clit. He inserted another finger and another and another until he had forced his whole hand up inside her cunt. He made a fist inside her and twisted his hand, rubbing his big knuckles against the inner walls of her tight little pussy. The free-flowing juice from her twat trickled in little rivulets down his arm.

When he had pushed his hand all the way inside her, Joe began driving his hand and arm in and out of her tight cunt, all the while jabbing at her asshole with his hard dick. She was alive with sensation, tingling in every fiber of her luscious body. His hand in her cunt was driving her wild, hurting her and making her feel wonderful at the same time. She felt the hair on his arm rubbing against the lips of her cunt and her hot little clit with each fast stroke in and out of her. Her body shivered and shook as he rammed into her.

"Oh, God! I can't stand it!" she cried.

"You're just gonna have to, baby!" he growled. The rough-fucking doctor banged into her with his hand and dick for several more minutes before he suddenly pulled out of her. His cock pulled out of her so fast that the pain was almost as bad as his entry into her. He pulled his hand out of her twat too, making her gasp with pleasure-pain. Without warning, he jumped out of bed and pulled her out with him.

"Get up against the wall!" he ordered, pushing her when she hesitated.

"What are you going to do to me?" she whimpered.

Without answering, the man pushed his cock down until it rubbed against the juicy lips of her cunt. He rubbed it against her clit until she flowed with honey again, until she began to enjoy the sensation in spite of herself. She tried to push him away at first, but soon her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she held him to her instead. He shoved his prick into her and began fucking her with a passion, pushing her up against the cold mirrored wall and burying his cock into her all the way to his balls.

He then wrapped his strong arms around her and lifted her up, holding her with the sheer strength of his impaled cock. She bounced up and down on his meat stick, her tits rubbing against his chest, her nipples stiff and tingling with maddening sensation. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held herself up while he bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. She wanted to cry for help, wanted to tell him that she hated what he was doing to her, but when she opened her mouth something entirely different came out.

"F... fuck me, Joe! Fuck me!" she moaned in the heat of her passion.

"I'm gonna fuck you all right!" the man rasped. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard you're never gonna forget it!"

Janice moaned and whimpered as her passion increased. She felt the charge of her feminine orgasm building inside her, felt the tingling all over her body that signaled the approach of her wildly flashing climax.

Joe Clark felt himself teetering on the brink. His cock suddenly swelled to great proportions inside her. His nuts gathered tightly between his legs. His balls felt like fists clenched tightly. When his rocks shot off into her, he grunted and drove his prick even deeper into her clutching young cunt. His cum shot hard and fast into her gash, blasting and blasting until he felt weak in his legs. Janice's pussy flashed as if a lightning storm were raging inside her. She felt torrents of sensation coursing through her. Her cunt tightened around the shaft of the man's impaled cock. She felt his jism shooting hot and hard inside her belly. She fluttered inside, shivering as she shared an orgasm with a man who had taken her against her will.

"You like that, Nurse Roberts?" the man asked with a dirty grin, letting his dripping cock slip out of her.

Janice said nothing, hoping that he would let her leave now he had gotten what he had wanted for so long.

"You came, didn't you?" he asked.

She looked down at the floor and still said nothing.

"Answer me, bitch! You came, didn't you?" he repeated, this time putting his hand on her jaw and lifting her beautiful face so that she had to look him in the eye.

"Yes! Yes, damn it! I came!" she said.

"Then you really liked what I did to you, didn't you?" he rasped.

"I... I suppose I did!" she muttered.

"Speak up! I wanna hear it!" the angry doctor rasped.

"I enjoyed it! I loved it! There. I loved the way you fucked me. Now are you satisfied?" she asked.

"Sure I'm satisfied. But how about some of the other doctors at Harper? Are they satisfied?" he asked.

"I don't care whether they are or not," she said, a defiant look in her pretty eyes.

"Tell them that!" he said, turning with her toward the door.

What Janice saw when she looked over at the door to the mirrored room made her dizzy with fear and excitement.

Chapter EIGHT

"Oh, my God! No! I must be dreaming! This can't be happening! It can't! It just can't!" she cried, her eyes widening with disbelief when she looked over at the door and saw four of the doctors she had teased at Harper General.

The four doctors walked in single file and lined up against the wall, looking at the frightened nurse with eyes sparkling with depraved delight. It didn't take Janice long to notice that all four men were horny. Her eyes flashed from one man to another, and each man had a hard-on jerking in his pants.

Janice couldn't believe that her teasing had come to this, couldn't believe that she had been driving the doctors at Harper so wild with desire that they would do such a depraved thing to her. Dr. Peterson, burly man with a heavy black beard, reached down and unzipped his pants when he saw her staring at the bulge of his long hard cock. He reached inside and hauled out his prick, displaying it for her obscenely.

"Get over there and suck Mike's cock!" Dr. Clark said in a voice that let her know he meant business.

Janice hated to admit it, but there was something about the situation that turned her on. She felt herself moving toward the man as if drawn by a power beyond her control. Before she knew it, she was on her knees in front of him, staring at his cock and feeling the hunger for sex that had driven her to seek satisfaction in the most depraved possible ways lately.

The man held his cock in his hand, stroking the purplish swollen thing and making it bigger and bigger by the second. Dr. Stahley, a man she would never have thought would join with the others in doing such a nasty thing to her, walked over and dropped his pants, pulling out his cock too and rubbing it against her silken cheek. He pressed his rod against her cheek and rubbed until her cheek was covered with his free-flowing juices. Before very long, she felt the hot head of his cock against her sweet lips.

"Open up wide and suck us both!" Dr. Stahley ordered.

"But they're so big! I... I don't know if I can!" she whimpered, although she was willing deep down inside to give the impossible task a try.

"We think you can do it, Nurse!" Dr. Peterson said in a husky voice.

"We know you like all the cock you can get, baby!" Dr. Clark said, standing by and watching the depraved goings on, his own cock hardening already.

"How about some of this too, Janice?" Dr. White said throatily, getting behind her and rubbing up against the back of her pretty head.

She felt Dr. White's hard-on rubbing against her hair through his pants, felt his animal heat saturating her, felt his urgency making her horny too. She managed to turn around and rubbed her face against the man's crotch. She opened her pretty mouth and closed it around the shaft of his cock, nibbling at the hard thick thing through his pants leg.

Dr. Steve Tanner observed her eagerness to nibble at his fellow doctor's hard cock and decided to get in on the act. He stepped out of his pants and hauled out an enormous cock, joining his buddies in pushing up against her face with it.

When Janice caught sight of Dr. Tanner's cock she gasped in shock and pleasure. Steve had the biggest prick she had ever laid eyes on, at least twelve hard inches of cock. She tried to imagine what he could do to her with such a huge piece of meat. Her cunt tightened between her lovely legs when she thought of taking his monstrous rod into her. She could almost feel it throbbing and kicking inside her, could almost feel the shaft of it stretching her widely. All her revulsion at being so cruelly treated was melting in the heat of her uncontrollable passion.

"Like that fucker, Janice?" Steve Tanner asked, letting her have a good long look at his cock and balls.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Yesssssss! I love it! I want it! I want all of you!"

"Hey, men, this is going to be one hell of a lot easier than we thought," Joe Clark said, walking over and joining the fun.

Seething with excitement and desire, the hot-assed little nurse reached out with both hands and grabbed two of the hard cocks that the men had so boldly presented to her. She squeezed them tightly with her silken fingers, moving her hands up and down the rigid shafts from the swollen purplish heads to the very roots. Both cocks began dripping crystal clear pre-cum as she stimulated them expertly.

"Suck it!" the doctor with the beard grunted. "Suck it good!"

Janice guided Dr. Peterson's big bulging cock to her glistening lips, opening her pretty mouth and sucking the head into it. The man's hard meat filled her mouth completely, the head of it bulging her cheeks, the animal heat of it soaking into her, going straight to her head. She was almost dizzy with excitement, willing to do anything the five horny men wanted of her. She longed to be fucked by the five horny studs, longed to be completely possessed by them. She felt that for the first time in her life she was surrounded by enough men tp satisfy her desires.

She sucked Dr. Peterson's jerking dick until she almost choked. He rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, driving his cock in and out of her mouth, making the head of his bulging tool bang against the back of her throat with each rough thrust into her. His swollen balls slapped up against her chin. His wiry pubic hair rubbed against her forehead when he pushed up against her and ground his cock into her throat.

"Give me some of that too, baby!" Dr. White gasped.

Janice managed somehow to pull her head off the impaling shaft of the man's cock. It snapped up against his stomach when her lips pulled free of it. His prick was immediately replaced by Dr. White's, and when she had sucked him for a while another rigid cock was forced into her pretty mouth. One after another all five men shoved their rigid pricks all the way down her throat, punching in and out of her until they had had their cocks sucked and licked into mammoth erections.

For any other woman, the experience might have been a horrifying ordeal, and even Janice had thought it might be at first. But now that she was getting deeper and deeper into the action with the five horny doctors, she realized that she was having the ball of her life. They were treating her roughly, but they certainly weren't hurting her. She found that their boldness and roughness inspired her to the heights of lasciviousness.

"I want to lick all your cocks at once!" she hissed.

"Now you're talking, Janice, baby!" Dr. Tanner rasped, his twelve-inch cock jerking out in front of him.

"Give me those delicious dicks! Oh, God! I love this! I'm so hot! I'm so hungry for you darling men! I'm so glad you got me here, Joe!" she breathed, her cunt seething between her legs.

The five doctors did as she asked, standing in a semicircle around her and trying to keep their cocks close together. She pushed into the crowd of hot jerking clicks and began licking at the naked tools, reaching out and holding as many of them as she could wrap her fingers around. She ran her tongue over them from the heads to the roots and back again, tickling them until they were horny beyond belief. They rubbed their dicks together as she licked and sucked them into a hot frenzy.

"I'd better get out of this, you guys. I'm going to shoot my wad in a minute. She really sucks a great dick. I want to keep this fucker hard for a couple of hours," Dr. Tanner said, stepping out of the semicircle of doctors.

Janice reached out to pull him back to her by the shaft of his twelve-inch tool, but he escaped her grasp.

"Maybe we should do something for Nurse Roberts now," Dr. White said.

"I think you're right, Jack. She's been rather cooperative I would say." Dr. Peterson grinned, rubbing his bearded chin, looking down at the beautiful nurse with lust in his eyes.

Dr. Clark helped her to her feet and walked her over to the bed, where he laid her down and spread her legs wide. The four other men walked over and stared at her exposed cunt.

"So that's what you've been keeping from us all these months," Dr. Stahley said, eyeing her rosy pussy.

"Not any longer, darling," Janice said. "My pussy is all yours now. I think you've waited long enough."

Dr. Stahley got on his knees between her spread legs and put his tongue against the blazing bud of her clit. He flicked his tongue over her little finger of sex-flesh, making her shiver inside, making tingles of desire race through her cunt.

"In my years of practice, this is without a doubt the healthiest little cunt I've ever examined." Dr. Stahley grinned, licking the nurse's cunt-honey from his lips.

"But I have such a tingling sensation between my legs, Doctor! Isn't there something you can do to make it feel better?" she asked in a little girl voice, reaching between her legs and rubbing her cunt.

"Let me see what I can do, my child," the doctor laughed, reaching between her legs and spreading the lips of her cunt with his two fingers. "Ah, yes. I believe you need a tongue up your cunt. This won't hurt a bit, little girl," he said, stiffening his tongue and poking it between the rosy lips of her hot little pussy.

Janice felt her responsive cunt closing around the man's tongue when he buried it deep in her tasty pussy. Her cunt blazed as he twisted his tongue in her honeyed channel. He sucked at her rosy quim at the same time, pusing at her flesh with his lower lip, sucking up her tasty love-juice, nibbling her naked cunt too. His tongue worked faster and faster inside her cunt, driving her wild with pleasure.

"Oh, Doctor! Lick it! It makes me so hot, so fucking hot! Suck my pussy! Lick it for me! Shove your tongue all the way inside me!" she cried as her cunt heated up like a blast furnace.

Janice gasped when she felt another tongue on her juicy cunt. She looked down and saw burly Dr. Peterson, his heavy beard pressed against her sensitive cunt. His beard tickled her clit and the raggedy little lips of her cunt. His mustache drove her wild when he pressed his hot lips against the even hotter lips of her twat.

The two pussy-hungry men licked her naked cunt harder and faster, their eager tongues flying over her juicy flesh. As if two tongues and two pairs of lips were not enough, Dr. White decided to join the act. He began licking her silken belly, trailing his tongue down to her navel, pushing it inside her belly-button and tickling her there until she got goose bumps. His tongue moved slowly down over her belly until it reached the downy hair of her pussy. He tangled his tongue and fingers in the down on her cunt, twisting her pussy hair into little peaks. The tickling sensation drove her mad with pleasure.

Dr. Tanner pressed his lips against the stiff peaks of the woman's luscious tits, biting at them, licking the goose-pimpled aureoles, caressing them with his eager tongue and lips. He ran his warm hands around her silken globes, kneading her flesh with his fingers.

Janice was in heaven. There were men all around her, stimulating her in so many wonderful ways, raising her to the pinnacle of pleasure. Their hands were all over her. They were strong hands, hands that had treated her roughly at first, but hands that were capable of being gentle with her too.

"I want to suck a cock," Janice breathed.

It didn't take long for Dr. Clark to oblige her. He straddled the luscious woman's body and sat over her, his long hard cock sticking straight up from his groin. She reached out and pulled his rigid stick down until it pointed at her mouth. She pursed her lips and kissed his bulging prick, slowly taking it all the way into her mouth and sucking wildly at it when it had filled her mouth.

Dr. Clark closed his eyes and enjoyed the ball-melting things she was doing to him. He felt her tongue laying his swollen meat inside her face. He felt her slippery saliva flowing over his rock-hard prick, soothing it. He felt the naked head of his cock stroking her inner cheeks, felt his cock-shaft scraping against her pearly teeth.

"Yeah! That's the way, Janice! Suck that dick! Move your tongue! That's the way! That's beautiful! Move your head up and down now, baby! Bob it up and down!"

"You ready for a hot cock up that little pussy, baby?" Dr. Steve Tanner asked, his foot-long organ bulging with excitement.

Janice gurgled deep in her throat, Dr. Clark's cock still buried in her sucking oral channel.

"Clear a path, man! I'm going to stuff her pussy with this little dickie!" the horny doctor rasped.

The men who were busily working between Janice's legs got out of Dr. Tanner's way and began kissing and licking her tits, her thighs, her belly, and her silky legs. Dr. Tanner got into position between her spread legs and pushed his thickly swollen cock between the lips of her cunt. She felt his helmet-shaped cock-head spreading the lips of her pussy, opening her completely. His hot throbbing cock filled her hole with meat, stretching her, making the most delicious sensations course through her. She worked her juicy cunt against the man's impaled cock, driving him wild.

Dr. Tanner felt her cunt squeezing his tool. Her channel was hot and wet, moving against his naked dick, squeezing, sucking, tugging at his cock. She made his nuts ache with pleasure. He moved his cock in and out of her, slowly at first but with ever-increasing speed and urgency. Her cunt made hot wet sucking sounds as his cock punched in and out of her. His balls banged up against her steaming cunt as he socked it to her.

The woman writhed in ecstasy as her men stimulated her naked body in a multitude of ways. She had never been so hot in her life. It was as if every fiber of her being had been charged with sexual electricity. Her body tingled all over. Her cunt twitched. Her tits surged with warmth.

"I'm going to fuck you between the tits now, baby," Dr. Clark said, easing his cock out of Janice's pretty mouth.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed. "Fuck me! All of you, fuck me!" she cried as Dr. Clark eased his cock into position between her silken globes of warm tit-flesh.

Joe Clark put his hands on her naked tits and held them together around his jerking dick. He felt the warmth of her beautiful knockers soaking into his cock, going straight to his balls. His cock quickly slickened her breasts, making it easy to slide his rod up and down between them. His hairy balls brushed against her as he tit-fucked her with ever-increasing speed and force.

The man between her legs was grunting with masculine pleasure, ramming his oversized cock in and out of her tightly clenched cunt with such speed and urgency that she thought her pussy would catch fire. She reached out and grabbed Dr. Stahley's cock with one hand and Dr. Peterson's with the other, squeezing their staffs tightly and jerking the men off. They crowded closer and closer to her, finally kneeling on the bed. Dr. White managed to crowd in and stick his dripping cock under one of her arms, fucking her in the armpit while she jerked one of his buddies off with the same arm.

The sounds and scents of hot wet fucking filled the air of Dr. Clark's sex room. Janice opened her glittering eyes and looked around her to see the hot fucking reflected in the mirrors that covered the walls and ceiling. She was dizzy with excitement. Her cunt was at the flash point. She knew that another stroke or two of Dr. Tanner's foot-long cock would push her over the brink.

All the men were ready to shoot their rocks off. Their balls were swollen to the bursting point with sperm. They fucked the beautiful nurse in every available hole, working themselves into a frenzy and knowing that she was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

"Oh, God! Keep fucking me! I can't get enough of you studs! I... I'm... I'm coming! Oh, Christ! This is so delicious! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!" the horny nurse cried as her pussy flashed.

Fireworks went off in her cunt when she came. She saw stars when her body stiffened and her cunt flashed in ecstasy. She came again and again as wave after wave of sensation washed over her.

Janice felt Dr. Tanner's gigantic cock spurting deep inside her sucking channel, felt his cock filling her with cum. She heard him grunting as his rocks shot off inside her. She squeezed the two cocks that jerked in her hands more and more tightly as her orgasm rushed over her.

"Take that cum, baby! Take it all the way! Oh, fuck! I'm gonna fill you up with cum, Janice! Feel it? Feel it shooting in there?" Dr. Tanner rasped as he poured what seemed like gallons of thick white cum into her sucking little pussy.

"Jack us off! Come on now! Move those hands! Oh, yeah! That's the way! Harder! Harder! Faster! Make us come!" Dr. Peterson growled as she beat him off with amazing speed.

Janice's silken hands flew over the two stiff and dripping dicks. Their cocks made wet slurping sounds as she masturbated the horny men. In a few seconds, both cocks erupted in her hands. She stopped beating them off and watched their cum spurt out and fly all over her arms and shoulders.

Dr. Clark rocked back and forth on her, tit-fucking her hard and fast until his cock too spurted again and again. His cum splattered against her pretty little chin and dribbled in little rivulets down her throat and cheeks. He fell on her and rubbed his slowly softening cock against her shoulders, spreading his cum all over her skin.

Dr. White fucked her armpit furiously. She let go of one of the cocks she had been jerking off and put more pressure on Dr. White's cock. It wasn't long until a thick stream of sperm shot out of his rod, flying into the air and landing on her side.

"Oh, my God! It's too beautiful to be true!" she gasped.

"It's true all right, baby!" Dr. Clark said. "And there's more fun to come if you want it!"

She wanted it.

Chapter NINE

"May I ask how this little get-together was organized?" Janice asked as she and the five doctors walked out to the swimming pool.

"I got the idea during a poker game a few weeks ago, Janice," Dr. Clark said, his arm around her waist.

"We were talking about hot little numbers around the shop and your name came up," Dr. Peterson grinned.

"That's just disgusting!" she said. "Imagine you men talking about a nice girl like me behind my back."

"We discovered that you had been giving us all a hard time, teasing us," Dr. Stahley said. "Of course you know all about that."

"Well... I must admit that I had a bit of fun with you. I just couldn't help myself. I was such a fool for so many years, denying my womanly instincts when I should have been enjoying myself," Janice explained.

"So you just decided to let yourself go. Is that it?" Dr. Clark asked.

"Something like that, darling I suppose I went a little too far. Do you think that's so terrible?" she asked.

"Hell, no! You're enjoying yourself more now, aren't you?" Dr. White asked, looking into her glittering eyes.

"Immeasurably!" she smiled.

"Just exactly why did you pour it on every chance you got and never go out with any of us? You know we were so hot for you that we decided to gang up on you whenever we got the chance and take what we wanted. You slipped up when you agreed to come out here with Joe and we took advantage of the situation," Dr. Tanner said.

"I didn't like the things I heard you and your friends saying about me behind my back," she said. "Well, baby, after today anything we say about you will be nothing but complimentary," Dr. Stahley grinned.

"Like the pool?" Joe asked, running his hand over Janice's naked ass and letting his finger sneak down to the tufted treasure between her legs, fingering her cunt from behind for a moment.

"It's just beautiful! It looks wonderfully refreshing. After all that fucking, I think we could all use a little refreshment. On the other hand, Joe, perhaps I could stay out of the pool right now," she said, her finger to her lips.

"What the hell for, baby? You just said it looked inviting," Dr. Clark said, standing with the other naked doctors and looking at her expectantly, their balls warming under the influence of her naked beauty.

"It does look inviting, darling. The problem is that swimming always makes me all horny! It makes my little pussy tingle even when I'm wearing a swimsuit. I've never gone swimming in the nude like this in my life. I just can't imagine what swimming all naked like this might do to me. I've already given you men quite a workout. I wouldn't want to get all horny and give you boys more than you can handle. You might all end up in the hospital, as exhausted patients instead of doctors," she smiled, batting her pretty eyelids.

"I think we can take a chance on that! Don't you, men?" Joe asked, winking at his horny buddies.

"You won't take advantage of me in the water, will you?" she asked.

"If at all possible," Dr. Tanner laughed.

"In that case you'll just have to catch me first!" the playful beauty smiled, diving headlong into the cool clear water of Dr. Clark's huge swimming pool.

The feeling of cool water on her naked body made her shiver with pure delight. The water rushed over her naked tits, washing them with coolness, making them tingle with pleasure. Her beautiful nipples stiffened until they were little points of hard erectile flesh surrounded by shaded little goose-pimpled aureoles that any man would give anything to lick and suck. The water coursed over her back and the naked cheeks of her pretty ass, rushing over her cunt too. Little eddies ran between her buttocks and tickled her warm little pussy from behind.

Shortly after she hit the water she heard five more splashes. She tried to out swim them, but of course there was nowhere to go. They jumped in from all around the pool and converged upon her at the middle. She saw hands reaching out for her and dived playfully beneath them, swimming around near the bottom of the pool and successfully evading them for a few minutes.

When she surfaced and her beautiful head broke the water the men had her at last. She felt hands roving over her silken breasts, felt fingers squeezing and stroking her tits, running between them, running all the way down her warm belly and tangling in the sea-moss hair between her legs. Mother man put his hands on her naked legs, running them up and down until they touched the hot spot between her legs.

She loved the attention the men were giving her, loved being the center of attention, being the focus of all their energies and passions. It more than made up for her years of sexlessness, more than made up for her long years of suffering and self-denial. She intended to give her all to these men who had given her the wildest experience of her life. She had hated them at first, but now she loved them all.

Janice reached out and tried to stroke as many hard dicks as she could while still keeping herself in position in the water. The men were close enough to enable her to give each rock-hard cock a good long feel and then pass on to the next. Dr. Tanner floated up near her face and let her have a lick at his cock. Holding her breath and diving she took his twelve-inch whang into her pretty mouth and sucked at it hard and eagerly.

Dr. Tamer's enormous cock filled her mouth with throbbing male meat. It got harder and harder, longer and longer, thicker and thicker. She sucked until she had to take a breath and then surfaced just long enough to take in enough air to resume her pleasant task. She worked on the horny man until his rod exploded, shooting a stream of rich thick cum all the way down her throat. Janice thought the good doctor would drown when he ejaculated, his physical contortions were so intense.

The other doctors were hard and eager too. They presented their stiff dicks one by one the way Doctor Tanner had. She sucked them all, but was careful not to make anyone else come. She needed their hard cocks to satisfy the blazing desire that burned between her legs.

"Eat my cunt now!" she breathed when they all surfaced for air.

Dr. Tanner dived between her legs and nibbled at her hot cunt, licking and sucking at her wet pussy until his cock was hard again and her pussy was tingling with naked passion. He took a breath of air at the surface and dived between her long lithe legs, blowing a stream of bubbles over the rosy gash of her little twat. The air bubbles tickled her clit and the raggedy lips of her pussy. The man even pursed his lips and shoved them between the lips of her gash, blowing air into her cunt.

One by one the other men did what Dr. Tanner had done, stimulating her so much that she thought she might faint in her excitement. When they weren't licking and sucking her twat, they were rubbing their wet bodies up against hers, making their cocks slip and slide over her silken flesh. Their strength and urgency thrilled her, made her cunt melt with desire.

"I need a cock! Stick it in me!" she cried.

"You're gonna get all the cock you can handle, Janice!" Dr. Peterson said, splashing around playfully with her and his buddies.

Dr. Peterson dived and tried to insert his big fat cock into her cunt, but it was too difficult to accomplish. He surfaced and suggested that she swim over to the ladder and hang onto it to keep herself in one place. She did as she was told, and the men followed her, their stiff dicks cutting the water as they swam.

Dr. Peterson tried again to fill her cunt with his hot meat, and this time he was successful. He stuffed her cunt with hard cock, thrusting it all the way up her belly. He managed with some difficulty to work himself into a chuffing motion beneath the water, punching his rod in and out of her cunt in a standing position. The combination of sensations drove her mad with passion. The friction of his wet prick against her clit and the water rushing against her naked body was incredibly affecting.

"Feel good?" Dr. Stahley asked, rubbing his dick against her silken ass-cheeks.

"Oh, God, yes! It feels so wonderful! There aren't words to describe it! You men! You horny handsome men! I love you all! Fuck me, all of you! I need you inside me!" she cried.

"How about taking this up your ass?" Dr. White asked, taking her hand and drawing it down into the water and to his cock and balls.

"I'll try anything, lover! Go ahead! Fuck me in the ass with that great big dick!" she breathed, her hot cunt itching as Dr. Peterson reamed her with his mammoth tool.

"This might hurt a little, baby," Dr. White said, wrapping his arms around her and sawing his cock up and down between her curvy asscheeks.

"I'm sure I'll love it! Shove it in my ass and fuck me hard!" she moaned as her passion continued to build.

Dr. White pressed his cockhead against her little asshole and bucked his lean ass until his rod pushed into her. He buried his dick in her ass all the way to the balls, twisting it inside her, rotating his pelvis and grinding his cock around inside her sensitive butt. She moaned and groaned in the heat of her passion, thrilling to the feeling of two jerking cocks buried in her naked body. She could feel them rubbing against each other inside her, swelling with masculine power.

The two horny doctors banged into her with ever-increasing speed, making waves all around her body. Her asshole was stretched painfully, but the pleasure mingled with the pain made it endurable. She felt the surges inside her that she knew signaled the approach of her flashing orgasm.

"Oh, God! Screw me! I'm coming! I'm cuuummmiiinnngg!" she cried as her cunt exploded with pleasure.

She felt the two cocks suddenly stiffening even more inside her when her cunt clutched Dr. Peterson's big cock and her asshole tightened around Dr. White's impaled rod. Both men shot off inside her at the same time. She felt their rods spurting deep inside her willing young body, spraying cum into her cunt and ass in seemingly never-ending streams. The hot thick stuff trickled out of her hot cunt and her tight ass.

The horny woman reached out and grabbed Dr. Clark's cock with one hand and Dr. Tanner's with the other, beating them off under the water until their pricks shot off, shooting white streams of cum into the water. The men seemed to lose their balance when they shot off their excitement was so intense. They wrapped their arms around her and held her tightly, breathing heavily against her cheeks and covering her with passionate kisses.

"Your tits put my wife's to shame, baby!" Dr. White said later as they all sunbathed in the nude beside the pool.

Janice lay in a lounge chair, her golden body exposed to the warm tingling rays of the summer sun. She had always wanted to feel the sun on her naked breasts and thighs, but her prudish mother had taught her that nudity was wrong. She intended now to make up for lost time. In fact, she thought she might spend her summer vacation frolicking in the nude somewhere.

"Your wife Alice is a beautiful woman, Jack." Dr. Stahley said.

"That's true, but she's not nearly as passionate as Janice! Janice, baby, you're the most responsive woman I've ever fucked," he said, stroking her naked breasts gently.

"I am? I don't really see how a woman can avoid being responsive," she smiled. "I was always responsive, even before I decided to live my life to the fullest. I just didn't want anyone to see me as responsive," she said, her nipples stiffening beneath Dr. White's stroking fingers.

"Alice just seems to have gotten cold lately, Janice. It takes me all night to turn her on. You'd be surprised what I've done to warm her up. Just about the only thing that works is an electric dildo," he said, his hand trailing down over her belly.

"An electric dildo? Hmmmmmm. I don't doubt a tit that an electric dildo would do the trick," she laughed. "It gives me a tinge just thinking about it."

"It'll give you more than a tingle, baby. If I used that thing on a woman as hot as you, you'd probably go wild!" Jack said, his fingers playing in the hair between her slightly parted legs.

"I just love to go wild!" she breathed, opening her legs even more and letting the good doctor examine the lips of her honeyed cunt with his fingers.

"Just so happens that I have the little object under discussion, or at least a copy thereof," Dr. Clark said with a dirty grin.

"Should he run and get it, Janice?" Dr. White asked, moving his eager fingers gently against the rubbery lips of her juicy cunt.

"By all means!" she said, winking at the doctor whose fingers worked expertly against her juicy cunt-flesh.

Dr. Clark left for awhile. During his brief absence, Dr. White played with Janice's responsive little pussy until it was as hot as a steaming jungle. He rubbed his thumb against her little clit, making her legs stiffen with tension, making her belly flutter with delight.

"Have you ever had a big vibrating dildo between your legs, baby?" Jack asked in a thick voice full of lust.

"Not really, darling, but it sounds just delicious!" Janice smiled.

"You're gonna love it. You'll feel that big plastic dick humming away between your legs. Alice tells me it's the greatest feeling a woman can get. I always wait until she's hotter than hell and then I shove the old cock up there and finish her off with a few well-timed strokes!" Dr. White said, still working his fingers in her cunt.

"My God! It sounds wonderful! I can hardly wait!" Janice breathed. "It won't hurt me will it?"

"Not a bit," Dr. White said.

"Try this on for size, baby." Dr. Clark ginned, holding something behind his back for a moment and then holding it before her eyes with a flourish.

"Oh, my God! It's even bigger than Steve's cock!" she said, staring at the enormous length of plastic that the man held out to her.

"Are you beginning to have second thoughts, Janice?" Dr. White asked, taking the dildo from Dr. Clark and flicking on the switch.

"Well, yes! It's so huge! I don't think that thing will fit inside me. It must be fifteen inches long. It's almost as thick as my wrist," she said, her cunt tingling in anticipation.

"I think you'll be able to take it, baby. It's just a matter of wanting to," Dr. Clark said, getting between her legs and burying his handsome face in her hot little snatch while Dr. White ran the humming dildo over her tits and nipples.

Dr. Clark ran his tongue up her juicy cunt and sucked eagerly, nibbling ever-so-gently at her tasty cunt. He licked the inner walls of her sucking channel, inhaling her feminine fragrance and slurping up her free-flowing cunt honey. While he ate her snatch, he ran his strong hands up and down her long lovely legs, caressing her gently and driving her mad with ecstasy.

The vibrating head of the big plastic cock ran over her nipples, making them tingle as they never had before. The man ran the thing down between her tits and over her silken stomach, getting closer and closer with it to the nest of her seething cunt. When Dr. White was ready to give his expert treatment, Dr. Clark got out of his way and moved his licking and sucking activities to her naked tits. The other doctors kneeled around her and jerked themselves off slowly while they watched.

Janice gasped when she felt the head of the electric cock run over her trembling love-mound and touch her hot little finger of flesh. The humming thing felt like a hundred eager fingers running over her blazing clit, stimulating her more and more deeply by the second. The man knew exactly what he was doing with the dildo, knew exactly how to move it between the lips of her cunt to drive her wild with sex-heat.

"Oh, Jack! Put it in me! Fuck me with it, darling! I want it all the way up my fucking cunt! Make me hot!" she cried in the heat of her pussy-melting desire.

"You like that, baby? I thought you would," the man said, twisting the hard plastic cock against the flesh of her juicy pussy.

Janice writhed in ecstasy when he began inserting the plastic fuck-stick into her eager pussy. The thing moved deeper and deeper into her cunt, filling her more and more completely with each inch. The thing vibrated against the inner walls of her cunt, making her belly flutter with pleasure, making her honey flow freely.

"In and out! Oh, please! Move it in and out! Fuck me with it! Harder!" she cried.

The man obeyed eagerly, driving his vibrating dildo in and out of her with ever-increasing speed and urgency. His own flesh and blood cock was aching between his kneeling legs, aching to be thrust into her, aching to feel the tight flesh of her pussy working on the shaft of his meat.

"It's so good! It's so beautiful! I... I can't stand it, Jack! Oh, Jack! Jack!" she moaned, her writhing body surging with sensation.

"I've got to get my dick in there, baby!" Jack rasped, his prick throbbing and pounding between his legs.

The hard-cocked doctor pulled the impaled dildo out of her sucking cunt and replaced it with his own hard machine. He stuffed his meat into her and began immediately banging away at her. For Dr. White the feeling of cunt-flesh sucking and tugging at his hard cock was incredibly stimulating. Janice missed the vibrating plastic cock, but the feeling of hot cock pounding with blood was one that she loved more than anything.

"You can't get too much of a good thing, baby!" Dr. Stahley said, picking up the discarded dildo and rubbing it against the lips of her stretched cunt-hole while Dr. White fucked her.

Dr. Stahley stroked her cunt and Dr. White's impaled dick as it banged in and out of her. The humming head of the thing drove both of them wilder and wilder. It wasn't long before Dr. Stahley was trying to push the plastic machine into her cunt along side of Dr. White's cock.

"Oh, God, no!" she cried when she realized what was happening between her striving legs. "I can't take both of them! They're much too big and thick! Don't do it! Please!" she pleaded, knowing perfectly well that she really wanted exactly what he was doing to her.

Dr. Stahley knew perfectly well that she was protesting only half-heartedly, and he continued trying to insert the plastic sex-device into her tightly stretched cunt-hole. It was an incredibly tight fit, but with patience and determination the doctor somehow managed to twist the fat humming thing all the way into her. Instead of moving the thing, he simply let go of it and let it hum busily away deep inside her cunt.

The feeling of a big plastic cock vibrating away right next to the head of his dick made Dr. White's balls tense unbearably between his legs. He had stopped fucking her hard and fast when he had felt the plastic machine sinking into her cunt. Now he just made his dick arch up inside her, keeping it buried deep in her hot seething hole while the vibrating dildo did his work for him.

Janice couldn't believe that she could be made to feel so hot and horny by a piece of plastic. Her cunt was stretched so far that she knew she should have felt pain. Her pleasure was so intense that any pain she might have felt was lost in it. She got hotter and hotter by the second, and Dr. White wasn't even moving his cock inside her any more.

"I'm coming, Jack! Oh, Christ! I'm flashing!" she cried.

"Oh, fuck! Goddamn! Move that cunt! I'm gonna shoot it, baby! Oh, fuck! That fuckin' dildo's making me shoot off!" the horny doctor rasped as his nuts blew up between his tense legs.

Dr. White's hot wad blasted into the woman's sucking cunt, filling her with cum. He began banging into her pussy when the explosion between his legs began. He fucked her so hard and fast the electric dick worked its way out of her cunt and fell on the floor.

"Hold me!" Janice cried as her cunt sparked and flashed with desire.

The doctor did as he was told, wrapping his strong arms around her and raising her up off the lounge chair, his dick still firmly imbedded in her hot and juicy cunt. He raised her out of the chair in that position and carried her around for a moment or two. Then he let his cock slip out of her and gave her to Dr. Clark, who carried her back into the house. They were followed by the other men who were just waiting for a chance to sink their hot hard dicks into her silken cunt.

The day was one hot fuck after another for Janice and the five sex-hungry young doctors. It was an experience she was not likely to forget, an experience that she was eager to repeat again and again. As she lay with the five men resting after a long day of fucking and sucking, she thought back over her life of self-denial and vowed that she would continue living life to the fullest, letting her undeniable sexual passions carry her on to wilder and wilder experiences. The shame she had felt most of her life had melted away and been replaced by pure bliss. At last she knew who the real Janice Roberts was, a vibrant and fun-loving young woman unafraid of the pleasures of the flesh, a woman capable of giving and receiving joy.


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