Overeager orgy wife

Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages.

While Americans today are leading "the good life", enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people may still find themselves in an emotional turmoil, reinforced by the increasing alienation of our lifestyle.

Barbara Reynolds is a typical suburban housewife. She is surrounded by material comforts. Yet her boredom and her husband's increasing neglect lead her into acts which she never dreamed she was capable of. With each day she finds herself set more irretrievably upon a path from which there is no turning back.

OVEREAGER ORGY WIFE is a novel about this woman. A novel about the problems that may confront any woman when she makes the fateful decision to ignore society's prohibitions.

Chapter ONE

Barbara Reynolds stared unhappily into the rear view mirror as she backed out of her parking space at Shoretown Mall. More interested in an imaginary wrinkle than what was going on behind her, she didn't notice the other car going by. The sound of crunching metal startled her. She slammed on the brake, jerked the car into park, and cursed under her breath.

"Damn it," she murmured, her fingers curled tightly around the steering wheel. "Dammit all!"

After three deep breaths, she cut the motor and composed herself before climbing oat. She opened the door and eased her long slender legs out, her skirt gliding up her thighs. In one fluid motion, she was on her feet and walking to the rear of her car to survey the damage.

The angry man had climbed out of his car and was looking at his dented fender. He looked up, his face red with rate. "What the hell do you think..." He stopped hollering; she was beautiful and looked upset. His tone changed as he came around and took her arm. "Are you all right?"

Barbara forced a smile. "I am, but your fender doesn't look too good."

"It can be fixed," he said. "You didn't hurt yourself, did you?"

Holding her arm, he felt an attraction to her. She was gorgeous and built, with thick deep-red hair and flashing green eyes. He forgot about his car completely when his eyes settled on Barbara's huge creamy tits straining against her sweater that, to him, sadistically hid her tits from view. His only thought was to see her unencumbered by clothes.

Barbara smiled at him. "I'm insured." She felt the strength in his grip. It calmed her down a little. She suddenly realized it wasn't the end of the world; she had only dented his fender and broken a taillight on her own car. "I'll get the information out of my purse for you." She started for her car.

"Forget it," he smiled. "You can give me everything while we're having a drink." He escorted her to her car. "I'll park it for you."

He climbed in and started the motor, then eased the car forward, cut off the motor, and locked the car door after climbing out.

"You stand right here and don't move," he told her. "I'll park my car and we can have that drink."

Barbara stood next to her parked car, forbidden thoughts going through her head. He was good looking, tall, and muscular, with strong hands. She blushed, her cheeks burning. Her thoughts drifted to her husband, Carl, and she moaned to herself; he would have a fit when he found out. She shook her husband from her mind and decided to concentrate on the handsome stranger. There would be plenty of time for annoying thoughts later. Right now, that drink would be nice. Some attention would be nice, too.

"You ready?" he asked, his deep pleasant voice confident, sure. He took her arm. "There's a nice quiet little place in the mall. Most people don't even know about it." He escorted her through the parking lot, into the crowded mail, and into the lounge on the upper level.

Barbara settled into the leather, booth and accepted a martini. She felt exhilarated, almost like a kid. An eager light came into her emerald eyes as she gazed at the handsome stranger.

"I don't even know your name," she said as he eased in beside her.

"Jeff, Jeff Childs." He pressed his leg against hers, happy she didn't move away. Things were looking up. "What does your husband call you?" He touched the wedding ring on her slender finger.

"When he has the time, he calls me Babs," She looked uncomfortable at the mention of her husband.

"Busy man, I take it."

"Too busy." She drank her drink in silence, enjoying the pressure of his leg against her thigh. In a sudden rush of candor brought on by the tension of the accident and the settling effect of the quiet lounge and her martini, she turned to Jeff, her expression serious. "He thinks I'm getting too old."

"I find that hard to believe." His eyes followed the contour of her long graceful neck. "Christ, you can't be out of your twenties."

"I'm thirty-five and you're bull shitting me." She polished off her drink. "Can I have a refill?"

"You can have anything you want," Jeff said. He signaled the bartender. "But I'm not bull shitting."

With her next drink in her hand, she turned to Jeff. "I enjoyed your compliment," she purred. "I'm also enjoying the way your leg is touching mine." Her voice was provocative like her smile.

He gazed deeply into her sparkling eyes. His hand dropped below the table and gently squeezed her thigh.

"Ever since I saw you, I've been dying to feel your tits. They're driving me crazy." He held her gaze with his steady blue eyes, his hand slowly moving her skirt in the pretense of tickling her knee.

"Whewwww," she sighed, then took a gulp of her drink. "You don't beat around the bush, do you?"

"Not when I meet someone as gorgeous and sexy as you." His hand slipped beneath her skirt and he began to feel the silky flesh of her thigh.

Barbara wavered; she was undecided. He was certainly handsome, confident in his manner, and made her feel wonderful and young.

Lately, all she thought about was growing older due to Carl's constant reminders.

"I... I can't," she finally said. "I'm married... I couldn't..." She swallowed forcibly. His hand on her thigh was turning her insides to mush.

"You want to," he said. "I can see it in your lovely green eyes." His hand moved farther up her thigh, his eyes burning into hers.

Barbara gasped and clamped her hand onto his, over her skirt. She felt his strong fingers underneath her skirt massaging her flesh.

"No higher," she gulped. "No more." She pushed his hand out from under her skirt and turned away from his intense stare. She took another sizable gulp of her drink, wanting, needing someone like Jeff now, when she felt old and used, with a husband who seemed not to care, who always seemed to be joking about her getting old.

"No," she said again, with an air of finality. Inwardly, she affirmed her decision.

"We could have a great time together," he said, his hand still on her knee. "A fantastic time."

She was about to say something to him, but the words were lodged in her throat as her mouth suddenly dropped in stunned surprise. Carl, her husband, was coming into the lounge with Dorrie, his young secretary.

Barbara began to shake. Jealous anger raged inside her. She quelled it. It could be as innocent as her being here with Jeff, though it did get out of hand for a brief moment. She waited, biding her time, watching Carl as he and Dorrie were led to a small intimate booth on the far side of the dimly lit lounge.

Barbara could see it was far from innocent from the way they talked to each other and the way he was holding her hands Barbara gasped when she saw her husband kiss Dorrie before ushering her into the booth.

Determined, she abruptly turned to Jeff. "I've changed my mind. Let's get out of here."

Jeff grinned, not knowing why she changed her mind, but glad that she had. He wasn't going to let her change her mind again. He slid out of the booth and took her hand.

"We'll use my car."


Barbara shivered nervously as Jeff led her into the motel room. She glanced around the room, feeling tawdry. An image of her husband with that little bitch kept her angry and vengeful. She turned, moving into Jeff's welcoming arms.

"I'm nervous," she sighed, pressing her body against him, the memory of his hand on her thigh still fresh in her mind. "I've never done this before."

"I can tell," Jeff said, holding her dynamite body.

He felt the pressure of her soft belly against his cock and the gentle crush of her tits against his chest. His mouth locked onto hers, his hands sliding down over her full hips to her rounded ass.

Barbara swirled in a sea of mixed emotions. Jeff's tongue in her mouth was exciting her, and she pressed harder into his muscular frame. She felt the hardness of his cock against her belly and swooned, gobbling on his tongue, entwining it with her own.

"Ooooo, God," she gasped, breaking the kiss. "I feel like a virgin, and the bed over there is making me cream and shake at the same time."

Jeff smiled warmly. His fingers deftly ran the buttoned the front of her soft cashmere sweater, gradually exposing the creamy white flesh of her dynamite body.

"Relax, Babs," he soothed with his deep sensual voice.

He kissed her neck on both sides as he opened the last button. Expertly, he eased the sweater off her shoulders and down her arms, acting casual, taking care not to rush and alarm her. He carefully laid her sweater on the back of a chair and took the trembling woman into his arms again.

"Ooooo, Jeff," she whimpered excitedly and uneasily at the same time. She felt his fingers unhooking her bra in the back. "Oooo, God, I'm burning up."

"You're gorgeous," he said, eyeing her bare tits, his throat raspy and hoarse from the passion that surged through him. His hands spanned the magnificent twin globes of tit flesh, his fingers sinking into the pliant tit meat. He moaned. Hot hard nipples seared the palms of his hands. "Sweet Babs... sweet, sweet tits."

Barbara thrilled to his hot sizzling stare. She tingled under his powerful hands milking her swollen tits.

"Ooooo, Jeff." She stepped back away from his kneading fingers, shaking, her throat tight. Self-consciously, she held her tits.

"They're not too big." She turned, giving him a side view of her huge tits. "I'm not a kid anymore. I'm getting older, you know."

She scanned his devouring blue eyes, searching for a look, anything that would prove she was right. There was only lust in his eyes pure animal lust. It made her heart skip a beat.

"You're no kid," he said, taking her wrist and pulling her back into his arms, "but you're not getting old. Your tits... your body... you're perfect."

Jeff opened her skirt button, his cock thumping. The skirt fell to her feet, and he cupped the cheeks of her panty clad ass with the palms of his hands. "I'm glad you're not disappointed." She clung to him, her fear of getting old keeping her from flaunting her exquisite-looking body.

Jeff stepped back to marvel at her tits and placed her hand on his crotch. "If you were old, sagging, and turning to flab, would, my cock be throbbing like this?"

Barbara swooned, her hand clutching his bulging hard-on through his pants. She wanted to believe him. She nodded, dropping to her knees, fumbling with his zipper, keeping his view of her body to a minimum. She possessed a nagging fear that if he had good look at her, his prick would turn soft.

She hauled his long thick prick out of his pants and gasped when she saw it.

Barbara had been a virgin bride at twenty-four and had always been faithful to Carl during her cloven years of marriage... Until now. She felt self-conscious, nervous.

Her head reeled. She held his cock tightly, her insides churning. For a second, she almost stopped herself before going any further, but the image of her husband with that little tramp kept her going.

Jeff leered at her, amazed at her innocence and lack of confidence. She was a fantastic looking woman, built like a brick shit house and twice as gorgeous.

"Lick it, Babs." It was almost like taking a virgin, and he hadn't done that in years, not since high school.

Barbara looked up at him, her eyes filmy with desire. The hurt of seeing Carl with someone else was behind that desire. She trembled and bit her lip in a bashful manner.

In that one unguarded moment, Jeff saw into Barbara's soul. "If you want to stop, we can leave."

She shook her tend, her hand slipping up and down the length of his prick. "No," she whispered, meaning it, not just for revenge, but because Jeff made her feel like a woman again. She wanted him; her cunt ached for him. "I want to, Jeff. I want to do everything with you."

"Then lick my cock and relax." He worked his belt open and dropped his pants and shorts to give Barbara room to feast on his hard cock.

She giggled like a schoolgirl and pushed him back on the bed. She quickly skimmed off his pants and shorts. "If you want me to lick you, you'll have to be stripped."

She worked his socks and shoes off as Jeff took his suit coat, shirt and tie off. He threw them across the room, where they landed on the floor. She saw his clothes, crumpled in a heap. Hesitantly, she stood in full view of his horny gaze. She was shy about him seeing her half naked, but she wanted to overcome her fear of being old.

"You can't leave your clothes all over the floor like that," she said, giving him an innocent wink. Her checks blushed as she walked across the room, swinging her ass wrapped in tight orange bikini panties, her high heels giving her long sexy legs added length.

"You look fabulous, Babs, fabulous!" he groaned. His cock was throbbing incessantly for her. "Fab... u... lous!"

Barbara blushed, a hint of her old confidence returning. She bent over to pick up his clothes, feeling his burning eyes on her. She hold the erotic pose for a second, then straightened up and arranged his dailies neatly over a chair.

She turned toward Jeff, still blushing. "NOW for your cock," she whispered, strutting back to him, her tits swaying, her hips rocking. The classy lilt was returning to her walk.

She looked at his groin. Her mouth watered for his prick. It was a meaty cock towering above the thick curly mass of his groin hair. She started to drop to her knees.

"No," he gasped. "Let me feast my eyes on you for a minute." He leered openly, licking his lips, enjoying her ravishing beauty. His eyes hungrily traveled over her sinuous body, up and down the curves, following the curves of her gorgeous figure. Her trim wispy waist gave her hips added dimension. He watched her tits with avid interest, seeing those bloated globes of milky white tit flesh rise and fall with each breath she took.

"I can't wait until I suck those great tits," he groaned, looking directly at her fabulous tits.

She quivered delightfully under his appreciative gaze. "Then let me suck your cock first. You have me creaming my panties!"

"Take them off, so I can see your pussy."

Impishly, she shook her head, her thick wavy red hair giving her a look of innocence. "No, not yet..." She looked at his formidable prick. "Can I suck you now?"

She blew hot air on his thighs, his prick, and his balls. Jeff's murmuring responses made her feel good. She licked the head of his prick with the wet tip of her tongue. The first contact was earthshaking. Art exciting tremor rocketed through her pulsing pussy and exploded behind her eyes like a firecracker.

"Unnnn," Jeff groaned as her tongue lapped around his prickhead making him delirious. "In your mouth, Babs. Suck it!"

Barbara eased the bulbous head of his cock between her soft wet lips and clamped her mouth closed around the deep ridge. She held his prickhead a happy prisoner, her tongue whipping around and around, soaking his cock in warm drooling spit. Drawing in her cheeks, she sucked, eliciting deep moaning sounds from Jeff. She did it again, hearing Jeff's sonorous groans again encouraged her.

Jeff humped up, his ass coming off the bed, the head of his cock scraping along the roof of her mouth and jabbing the entrance of her tight throat. He jabbed again, feeling her teeth sinking into his rigid cock shaft.

"Take it all! All, Babs. Take all of my cock!" Her wet sucking mouth was a furnace of heat.

Barbara forgot about her husband, his secretary, her age and insecurities as her mind and body became totally absorbed in Jeff, his cock, and pleasing him to the utmost. She swirled her wet tongue around the underside of his prick, making him twitch. She used her teeth, easing the long thick cock down her tight clenching throat, his cockhead stretching her throat.

"AGHHHH!" Jeff lunged up, fucking his raging hard-on deep into Barbara's gullet. His mind spun.

Barbara's nails scratched his tight groin. She brought her red-painted talons down over his squirming body, stretching her arms, going down his chest and muscular stomach, blending the teasing pain of her nails with the hot warm urgent sucking of her mouth.

"UNNNNGGHHH!" she gurgled dreamily, his cock fucking her gulping throat as he strenuously humped up from the bed.

She pressed hard with her mouth, taking his prick deep. Sucking and chewing with forbidden enjoyment, she flared her nostrils. His cock hair tickled her lips as she took the last delicious gulp, devouring the entire length of his meaty cock shaft.


His cock was buried inside her throat. He felt the gripping tightness of her gullet and dropped back on the bed, twitching in blissful pleasure. The scorching heat of her mouth ignited the passionate lust in his heavy cumfilled balls.

With Jeff groaning beneath her hungry mouth, Barbara bobbed her head in a frantic motion up and down his hard cock, bringing Jeff closer and closer to the point of explosion.

In one quick move, she pulled her mouth off his cock and gasped for air.

"Christ, I thought I was gonna cream," he groaned, his balls tingling.

"Oooo, nooo," she panted, her exquisitely delicate features red with lust. "Get back on the bed."

Her meekness, her shyness were gone, replaced with passion. She rotated her hips in a lewd fashion and massaging her massive tits, squeezing the pliant tit flesh with her nimble fingers.

"I want your cock in me."

She smoothed her hands down her trembling passion-racked body to her bikini panties. Latching her fingers in the elastic band, she slipped them down her full hips and stopped, baring her neat patch of trimmed dark-red pussy hair. Her breath came in short ragged little gasps. Jeff's eyes told her the truth: she was gorgeous.

Jeff drew in his breath sharply and delighted in the lascivious sight of her standing there waiting for his approval, her overripe tits billowing voluptuously, the orange panties still clinging to her thighs.

"Get 'em off," he rasped.

Barbara giggled hotly and jiggled her legs. Her fleshy tits bounced with her movement, and the panties dropped to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked off her shoes.

As she swivelled to give him a look at the creamy bare flesh of her ass, a tremor swept over her. She imagined sagging ass checks greeting him when she turned. Hearing his breath quicken alleviated her doubt.

"Fantastic ass," he groaned, her back still facing him. His prick throbbed; his blood pressure rocketed; his passion soared. She completed the turn, appearing like a naked Goddess at the foot of the bed. "Fantastic!"

"Fm ready for your cock now," she whimpered hotly, yearningly. "Right in here, where I'm all wet and juicy." She stroked her fingers through her steamy cunt and whimpered.

Jeff ached with fuck-lust. He scooted back on the bed, watching her. She was fantastic, even better than he had imagined. He wondered what kind of fool husband would think she was old and over the hill.

"C'mon, sweet Barbara," he groaned. "Come down here and let me play with your tits. I'm dying to touch your magnificent tits."

Her smile was mischievous, and her emerald-green eyes were glittering with devilment, but her pussy was hot. She climbed between his outstretched legs, sat up and straightened her back, blatantly showing off her body to him.

"I haven't felt this wonderful in ages. I feel like a kid." She straddled one of Jeff's legs, dragging her oozing cunt up over his knee, soaking him in warm sudsy cunt-cream. "Feel the juice? God, this is... oooooooh, mmmmmznmmnn."

Jeff was restraining himself from dragging her over him and fucking his cock in her pussy. Her cunt was squishing against his thigh and knee he could hear the cunt-juice. She was an uninhibited package of volatile dynamite.

"My cock! Climb on my cock!" He reached for her, his hands groping for her jiggling tits.

Barbara giggled. It was a dirty little giggle that turned him on more.

"You can't fuck me yet. Not until you're soaked in my cunt-juice. I can hear my pussy squishing."

She passed her pink tongue along her lips. A fierce mask of lust had taken the place of her innocent look. Her eyes sparkled and glimmered like jade; her mouth was pouting; her swiveling hips were in constant motion. It was a magnificent transformation.

She straddled his other leg, and her dripping wet pussy immediately bathed him in warm oozing pussy-cream. She shook her shoulders, making her massive tits jiggle and bounce in agitation.

Jeff reached for her tits again, determined to get her. This time, his fingers caught the jiggling meat of her tits, and he held onto them. "On my cock, sweet Barbara. Now!" He was out of his skull. She had driven him to it. "It's time to cream my cock."

"Oooo, yessss," she swooned. "Your cock!"

She squirmed against his hands that were milking the bare sensitive flesh of her tits and climbed over his towering cockmeat. Her hips jerked back and forth, banging the head of his prick into her squishy pussy lips and her exposed hard cunt.

Without using her hands, she caught his cockhead in her cunt gash. "I got it," she rasped, glaring into his smoldering blue eyes. "Feel it go in."

She eased his prick slowly and gradually into her tight wet pulsing pussy, until his cock was buried to the root. His prick hair meshed with her patch of red pussy silk. She squiggled her hips and was rewarded with a loud groan from Jeff.

His hands pawed the soft meat of her tits. He lunged up, grunting, his fingers sinking into each succulent tit globe. "Uhnnnnn! Oh God, you're pussy's hotter than your mouth!"

Barbara's head jerked back, her red hair cascading about her face and creamy shoulders. "Jeff! Ooooo, Jeff?" She ground her pussy down, gulping the thick throbbing shaft with her spongy cunt muscles. "Oooo, God, it feels... oooh sooo wonderful!" She was thrilled, thrilled with Jeff and his pussy stuffing cock. In this one glorious moment, she realized how much she missed being fucked, how much she missed the pleasures of a man, and the joy her own body could give if properly appreciated. "Ooooo, God, I'm in heaven!"

"And you're heaven," he added, fucking upward, making her squeal in bliss. "Your pussy is heaven."

"Your cock..." She couldn't think of what to say. Her thoughts were muddled from his jabbing prick fucking into her hungry pussy. She tried to think of something cute or appropriate, but she couldn't. "Mmmmmmnnnn!" It was all that escaped her sensuous pouting mouth.

He released her tits and skimmed his hands down her squirming hot body to her rocking hips. He kneaded her soft yielding body, his fingers working back up to her tits. They were like giant magnets attracting his hands to their soft meat.

He feasted his eyes on those twin mountains and the dark valley between them. He squeezed her large tits together, making them appear even bigger, more abundant and exotic. He brought them to his cager mouth and washed one reddish-brown nipple with his drool. Even her nipples were large -- perfectly shaped nipples capping each tit.

"Ooooo, yes, Jeff." She liked his mouth on her tits, and she reveled in it. "Suck my tits. Get them wet with your spit. Soak my tits like I soaked your cock."

She remained sitting on his rigid prick, her hips gently moving in a slow rhythm. Her pussy muscles did all the work, beating a stronger rhythm around his hard cock, feeding the heat in his balls.

"Suck my tits!" She threw her head back. "SUCK MEEEE!"

Jeff growled like an animal, sucking, licking and nipping the warm flesh of her meaty tits. While pawing her tits, he lavished his tongue and mouth on one tit at a time. His tongue slapped across the nipple, then sucked it into his mouth. He was greeted with a whimpering sigh of pleasure. He chewed, the delicious hard nipple.

"Yessss! Yessss!" she wailed, wriggling her ass in sensual delight. "Ooooo, Jeff! OH, GOD! UNNNNNN!"

Jeff worked the magic of his insatiable mouth over to the other tit. He caught it as it swayed in front of his face. He sucked her tit and squeezed it with his hands. His hips jerked, his mouth full of tit. The beat inside her cunt was burning into his cock and stoking the fire in his balls. With his mouth stuffed with tit meat, he began to fuck his cock into Barbara's squishy wet pussy hard fast jabs that had his cock burning.

"Ohhhh, JEFF!" Barbara went insane. His sucking mouth and fucking cock had her wild. She jerked and racked, meeting his skewering prick with downward fuck-plunges, jamming the head of his cock deep inside her oozing hot pussy.

They fucked each other in the heat of passion. Jeff's upward fuck-thrusts whacked his groin into Barbara's soft body. She plunged down to meet him. Grunts and whining cries added to the turbulent passion that surrounded the naked couple. Jeff's cock was ready to explode; Barbara's pussy was ready to cream. They clawed to the top, each adding to the other's lust.

Barbara found paradise first. With her tits practically bursting while Jeff mauled and sucked them, her cunt fucked harder against the jamming cock inside her. Hot cock bathing cum flowed from the beating walls of her pussy. She snapped her head back, her green eyes dilated in joyous rapture.

"I'M CUMMINGGG!" The magic of those two words hurled her into ecstasy. "Ooooo, fuck meeee! FUCK MEEEE!" She pounded her cunt down, rotating her hips in violent jerks. Exquisite ecstasy seized her. "JEFF! FUCK ME!"

Jeff was caught in the stormy current of her whirlwind orgasm. He was brought to the pinnacle as his balls churned in readiness and his prick swelled to spit out the burdensome cumload. He fucked at her with all his force and was suddenly thrust into heavenly bliss. His cum-spitting prick drenched Barbara's gulping pussy with a deluge of thick viscous cum.

He released her tits, his hands gouging down her gyrating body. He latched onto her jerky hips and followed her into paradise. "I'M CREAMING YOUUUU!" His deep voice caressed her tingling body. "Feel it! UNNN!"

"I DOOOO!" she screamed back. She took his squirting cock deep and rode the crest of her orgasm into oblivion. "CREAM! CUMMMMMMM!"

She jerked on his cock, her face red, her mouth parted, her green eyes open wide. She fucked Jeff with fervid enthusiasm, her petty insecurities allayed temporarily. She fucked him with only one thought in mind his wonderful, wonderful cock.

Jeff, immersed in the splendor of his orgasm, was still able to see Barbara's exquisitely beautiful face through a filmy haze. He watched her changing expressions as she creamed all over his fucking cock. He flooded the clenching canal of her exploding pussy.

Jeff fucked up into her quivering body. It was those final fuck-jabs that emptied his balls of their heavy cum totally and completely. He was drained and could still feel her pussy muscles working overtime.

Her arms buckled. She blanketed him with her body.

Jeff held her in this moment of silence, caressing her smooth back. His orgasm left him sated and contented. He listened to her heavy breathing, his cock still buried in her cunt.

"Babs," he whispered, lifting her head aid kissing her gently. He decided to hold the kiss, his tongue licking inside her checks and along the roof of her open mouth.

"Unnnn," she moaned. Reality brought back her shyness and curiosity. She rolled off him, hating to lose his cock. She snuggled to his muscular frame, trying to hide her body. "It was so wouderful," she said. "So wonderful." Frustration and a need for love and begun to build inside her again, and she wondered if she would again cheat on Carl to satisfy her desires.

Chapter TWO

Barbara gulped down the drink in front of her, the dulling sensation beginning to take effect. Cheating began to seem like a good idea.

Frank Harris came over to their table. "Would you like to dance, Barbara?"

Barbara looked up, surprised. Her glance shifted to Carl. She would rather dance with her husband, and her look told him so. She wanted him to ask her.

Carl winked at his wife. "You better take it, kid. You're not getting any younger sitting there." He took a long pull on his drink and settled back in the chair, his eyes drifting to a young girl, still obviously in her teens, walking by their table swinging her young ass as she clutched her pimply-faced boyfriend.

"I'd love to, Frank," Barbara said, accepting his hand as she stood. She moved gracefully to the dance floor with him, going into his arms as the country-club band played an old number.

"Don't get fresh, Frank," she giggled, moving his hand back to her waist. "Keep your hands where they belong!" She enjoyed his advances, but didn't want the whole place to know it.

"C'mon, Babs. I've had the hots for you for ages." He glanced over at Carl sitting at the table. "Carl doesn't give a shit. He's all hung upon kids." Frank's prick ached for Babs. "I hear he's even playing round with that baby secretary of his." He chuckled slightly.

Barbara looked angrily at Frank, easing out of his arms. "You should keep your damn mouth shut, Frank."

The mention of Dorrie rankled her a reminder of when she had seen him with her at the lounge. Yet, she felt a tremor in her cunt; the memory was so closely associated with Jeff, the man who, for a short time, had helped her to forges she was getting old and who had satisfied her every desire.

"Just dance, Frank, or I'll go and tell Shirley on you." Barbara went easily back into his arms, allowing him to feel the heat of her body pressing into him.

Frank settled for it. She would come around in time, once she got tired of ol' Carl fucking everything under twenty-one. Frank luxuriated in the soft feel of her body and the arousing scent of her perfume and finished the dance in silence.

When the old standard was over, Barbara came out of Frank's arms. "I'm going out and have a breath of fresh air. Tell Carl, will you?"

"Want company?" Frank was always pitching.

"Maybe some other time, Frank," she said, smiling warmly, half meaning the vague promise. "For now, I'd like to be alone."

"I'm sorry about what I said on the dance floor." He felt lousy. "I got a big mouth."

"Forget it, Frank. I already knew."

She blew him a friendly kiss and turned. She threaded her way through the milling crowd around the dance floor and stepped out onto the terrace. She took deep sighing breath. The night air and the fragrance of flowers invigorated her.

She strolled out into the garden, the music fading in the distance. She felt shitty again. Eleven years of marriage. She felt old.

Another one of Carl's frequent remarks about her age came to mind: her dress being too young-looking for her. It depressed her more. Carl came home from work, she had stared at him, searching for some sign, anything that would tell her he had been fucking around again. There were none. He had covered his tracks well. She shrugged. So had she. A slight smile played at the upturned corners of her mouth. "Two can play at that game," she said to herself.

"What game is that?" a young man asked, appearing from out of the darkness.

She spun around, startled, frightened for a spilt second, then smiled at the young man. "Nothing. Just an old woman talking to herself."

"Old woman my ass," he said, grinning. He took a deep drag on the cigarette he was holding. "You might not be a kid, but you're far from being old."

Barbara sat down on one of the benches in the garden and crossed her legs. Her dress climbed up her thigh. "Maybe you ought to go in there and tell my husband that."

"Is that the one who couldn't keep his hands off your ass?" He grinned again, smoke drifting lazily from his nostrils.

Barbara laughed. "Hell no, that was Frank. My husband hasn't been interested in my ass lately." She patted the space beside her. "Sit down. Keep an old woman company."

He came over and sat down, leaning back. "You got some kind of problem," he said. He couldn't help but notice her tits spilling out through the slit in the front of her dress. "You look terrific in that dress."

Barbara shivered under his devouring gaze. "My husband thinks this dress is too young looking for me." She stood up, striking a suitable pose. "What do you think?"

"I think you look like dynamite, and I've been looking at you all night. I'm one of the drummers in the band. From where I was sitting, you were the best-looking woman in the world place."

"You really think so? My tits aren't too big?" she asked brazenly, basking in the younger man's compliments. "The dress isn't too tight around my ass?" She turned, presenting him with her ass. The green silk of her dress, was neatly wrapped around her full hips and rounded ass and made an erotic package.

"You look fabulous, baby," he said. His throat constricted as he leered at Barbara's sensuous long legs and gorgeous ass. The guy with the roaming hands thought so too.

She turned around to face her admirer.

"Frank likes anything that item," she told him, "and my husband likes anything that doesn't remind him of his age... which excludes me."

He crushed his cigarette out on the ground with his foot. "Are those tits real?"

"They're real, but don't you think I'm a little too old for you?" She had lost the small amount of confidence Jeff had given her. She needed another boost. "I'm thirty-five."

"I'm twenty-seven. Who gives a shit?" He stood, taking Barbara into his arms. "Your husband must be driving you nuts."

She enjoyed the power surging through his body. "He is. Lately, all I do is look in the mirror for wrinkles, check for gray hairs, and see if my tits and ass have sagged yet." She heaved a sigh. "He has me thinking I'm an old hag."

"What you need is a cock. A good hard cock that will make you forget about your age and everyone else's."

"You've got what I need, I suppose," she challenged with a smile.

He grinned. "Don't you feel it?" He pulled her tightly to him, his hands spanning her hips, his cock digging into her belly.

"Mmmmm, I feel it all right." She caressed his smooth face, her lips parting for his mouth, her head tilting up invitingly.

For a second, he stared into her beautiful face bathed in the moonlight. "Baby." He covered her lips with hi own.

Barbara sucked greedily on the young man's invading tongue, her hands slowly gliding up and down his broad back. She rubbed her belly into his hard-on, her knees weakening as she anticipated the hard piece of cock meat inside her pussy filling her to capacity.

She broke the kiss, but didn't move. Her eyes were bright, her cheeks flushed. "I don't even know your name."

"It's Steve, and I already know yours. It's Barbara, but your friends call you Babs." He winked.

"You've done your homework." She was impressed and thrilled that someone would be interested enough to have asked about her. She took his hands from her hips and brought them to her bulging tits. "Squeeze..."

Steve complied; she moaned, swaying on her feet.

"You married?" she asked breathlessly, her head in the clouds from his hands massaging her tits through her silk dress.

He shook his head in answer to her question. His fingers were at the little clasp that held the dress together at the neck. He opened the tiny clasp and parted the dress, baring her voluptuous tits, the nipples hidden from his horny gaze.

"Not any more," he said, his throat tight as he spoke. "Split about a year ago."

His eyes never wavered from her tits. He exposed her tits to the light of the full moon, easing them out of the gleaming silk. Her nipples were swollen, round and big, capping the creamy white tit mounds that they adorned.

"Beautiful tits."

Barbara melted under his adoring eyes. "I told you they were real." She pressed against his strong hands that clasped her tits.

Steve's cock bulged and strained against his pants. "Christ, you're fantastic looking."

"You're not just saying that?" The nagging insecurity had crept back into her mind again.

Steve snarled and mauled the soft creamy flesh of her bloated tits. "Cunt the shit." He squeezed hard, telling her he was serious. "You mention anything like that again, and I'll march your ass back in there and show the whole damn place your tits, and we'll take a vote."

Barbara shivered at the idea of being put on exhibition like that thrilled and frightened at the same moment. "Ohhhhh, God."

"You'd win hands down, baby," he groaned. "You got the best-looking tits and you're the best-looking piece in the whole fuckin' place."

"Ummmmmmm," she purred. Her pussy was dripping, soaking, the crotch of her lace panties. She grabbed his cock-bulge and felt the rock-hard boner in his pants. "Ohhhh, God, where can we go? I want it in me." She was trembling.

"Right here, baby. Right out here with nature, the way it should be." He laughed. "You chicken..."

"No," she whimpered, her cunt aching for his prick. She tugged on his hard cock-bulge.

Sieve leered down at the top of her red head, glancing to the left and right to see if anyone was coming down the path. The gardens were deserted. The faint sounds of the band playing drifted out to them, blending with the exotic perfumed scent of Barbara and the abundance of flowers blanketing the area. The place was perfect... his zipper down with one tug and groped inside his pants. Her fingers latched onto his hard meaty prick, and she lugged it out in the open. She gazed hotly at his cock longingly, the moon giving her enough light to enjoy the hulking sight of his big fucker.

Her slender fingers curled hungrily around the shaft of Steve's bloated cock, and she stroked the skin up and down. She could feel the exuding strength surging through his rigid cock shaft.

"You got great hands, baby," Steve groaned. He was standing in front of her, his feet spread apart, his aching prick hardening under her plying fingers. "Great hands." He stroked her face with the back of his hand. "Is your mouth as good?"

"Better," she mewed, brimming with confidence, pride. "I'll show you."

With her neck bent slightly, she swirled her tongue around his bloated cockhead. She was creaming her panties. Fragmented thoughts bombarded her senses. Doing this outside... her husband so near... the chance of being seen. She swooned lightheadedly as she slurped loudly on Steve's prickhead.

"Ohhhh, yeah," he groaned. Her hot mouth and tongue made him shudder. "Suck my cock, baby." His voice was low, strained with his rising passion. "Suck me!"

Barbara devoted all her attention to the prick in her mouth. She slid her tongue around the bulky cock, her fingers feeling and grasping. Each time she sucked deeply, she heard Steve moan, and her mouth grew hungrier and more urgent. She chewed his throbbing prickmeat and took his cockhead down her throat, her lips working toward his groin, where his pants concealed his cock hair and balls.

"Unnnnnnnn," Steve groaned, his balls bubbling his cum like an active volcano about to erupt. "Unnnnnnnn, I'm ready... keep it up... Christ!"

His entire body tightened, tensed, and strained. He clamped his jaw shut to keep from howling his pleasure. He didn't want anyone ruining his chance to blast his cum load in this hungry bitch's mouth. She was something else gulping his cock down her throat, chewing his prickmeat, her hands drifting up and down his long cock shaft. Her lips and hands worked in unison to bring him expertly to the peak.

In her lust-fogged brain, Barbara realized what she was doing.

"I'll send my buddy out to fuck you." He gave her a lewd grin and winked. "Make tonight something you won't forget for a long time two guys... a double whammy on your husband." He was fishing, searching for the right bait, hoping, aching. He glanced quickly at his watch again. Time was running out.

What he said intrigued her two men one after the other. A hot grin swept over her face. She took the bait. "I like the idea," she purred. "I've never done anything like that."

"Suck my cock, baby." He brought her head back to his aching cock. "I'm going crazy."

Feeling like a tramp suddenly appealed to her in her quest for revenge against an uncaring husband. She gobbled his prick back into her hot damp mouth and sucked. She whipped her tongue around his cock as she bobbed her head. Her nose and face smashed into his pants each time she dove to his groin; her mouth full of his cockmeat.

Steve fucked his prick, between her clinging wet lips. His cock swelled as her mouth swooped down, gulping every hard inch. "Baby... baby..." he groaned. "Hold still... I'm... Christ... here it comessss! Hold still!"

Barbara suddenly stopped moving her head. Her head was motionless, but her mouth over whelmed him.

Steve suddenly fucked forward with all his might, his palms clamped like suction cups against the sides of her face as he jammed her mouth with his jizz-spewing prick. His body went into spasms, jerking, recklessly fucking her mouth. His hips jerked; his ass humped; his cock spewed. His back arched and his eyes rolled.

"Baaaaaa... byyyyyy!"

His lunging groin slowed; he twitched in a final spasm. As he came down from the dizzy heights of his climax, he could, feel her mouth sucking his balls dry and her tongue licking his limp prick clean. Barbara swallowed the cum that was sloshing in her mouth. Gradually, she dragged her teeth along the soft meat of his prick and pulled her lips off his cock. She leaned back, quivering on the inside, smiling on the outside. She needed a cock so badly her head was spinning, but to Steve, she seemed a calm efficient bitch.

"I hope you'll be able to play the drums now."

"All night," he groaned. "You're great, baby. As soon as I get inside and behind those drums, I'll send Fred out here to you?" He stuffed his cock back in his pants and gave her a quick kiss. "See ya, baby. Keep it hot." He turned and hurried back along the path to the noisy club.

Chapter THREE

She looked down the garden path. It was quiet with Steve gone. His moans of pleasure, when she had sucked him dry, were lost in the night. She bit her lip. She felt uneasy, fidgety, dirty she decided to go back inside.

She stood tap, smoothed her dress down, and headed for the club, the music growing increasingly louder. As she approached, she could hear the drums in the background, and her flesh tingled.

She weakened for a second, wanting to run, but her need to be wanted and satisfied overwhelmed her sense of decency. Besides, she had discarded decency when she went to the motel with Jeff and had buried it completely when she sucked off Steve. There was no sense in putting up a false front. This man had what she wanted: a cock.

Barbara's provocative voice was low and dripping with lust, a slight hint of nervousness around the edges. "Yes, I'm Barbara." Her breathing was shallow, and her throat was dry. "Are you Fred?" He stared into her exquisite face. She was a beauty she had a radiant face that showed refinement, with brilliant green eyes, and she had a superb body.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting," he said. She gulped back her decency for the last time. "Not at all," she purred, melting under his burning gaze. "I hope I'm not a disappointment." She began to tremble; his eyes were going slowly over her body.

"Baby, you're more than I hoped you'd be." He pulled her into his arms and attacked her mouth with his own. There was no need for small talk; from what Steve said, she was primed and waiting for cock.

Barbara was caught by surprise, but quickly recovered. She melted into his strong embrace, feasting on his plunging tongue, sucking the invading snake while grinding her body into his.

"God," she gasped, after they had kissed a long time. "You're even faster than Steve." Fred watched her green eyes dance with desire. She was ready, all right. He grinned. "Steve said you had a hunger." His eyes were on the dark crease between her magnificent tits as they pressed defiantly against the green silk that kept them prisoner.

Blatant and playing her role of tramp to the hilt, she slid her tongue across her glistening wet lips and took his hand in hers. "I've got a hunger for cock." She swallowed hard. "Feel. I'm burning up inside." She pressed his hand against her pussy mound.

"C'mon with me," he said hoarsely, leading her into the wooded area, away from the prying eyes of unexpected strollers. "I've got everything you'll need right here." He rubbed her hand against his stiff cock as they walked deeper into the grove of trees.

They stopped at a secluded spot away from the path, the moonlight blacked by the thick leaved branches.

"God, your cock's hard," she moaned, leaning against a tree. "Lift my dress." She was still trembling. In the limited light, she watched him as he put his hands on her thighs and raised her dress. He was older than Steve, she noticed, around her age, with dark brooding eyes and a hard mouth. "I'm shaking like a kid."

"You're not built like a kid," Fred groaned when he saw her long legs and panty-clad crotch. His hand dipped between her thighs, gouging into her crotch, feeling her wet panties. "You're ready, baby."

"God, yes!" she hissed, humping her cunt at his hand. "I told you I'm hungry for cock." She wriggled her hips. "Let me get these damn things off."

Fred stepped back, watching her peel her panties down. "God, honey, you got a great looking pair of legs." He stepped toward her, his hand going between her thighs, touching the puffy folds of her velvety moist pussy.

Her panties floated to the ground. Holding onto the tree, she kicked her panties into the underbrush. She humped her cunt against Fred's exploring fingers and spread her legs.

"Finger-fuck me, Fred. Finger-fuck me!" Her fingers went to the tiny clasp in the front, and she unhooked it, bringing her mammoth tit globes out for Fred's pleasure. "Big, huh?"

"Best-looking pair of tits I've ever seen," he groaned, his eyes topping. I owe Steve one, he said to himself. This hot sexy lady is overwhelming. He put one hand behind her and massaged het ass while fucking three fingers into her steamy wet pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh," Barbara sighed, her knees bending, turning to rubber. She had to use the tree for support. "God, it feels good having something in my pussy."

She worked her hips in time to his digging fingers in her cunt, loving the way he was fingering her pussy and groping around her and at the same time.

"Jesus, I wish we were in bed..." She was reeling, jerking and moaning, yearning to have her tits sucked and her pussy fucked.

Fred lowered his head to one of her giant tits, his tongue sliding wetly over the silky smooth skin as he fucked his fingers into her squishy pussy and kneaded the flesh of her ass. His back began to ache in the strained position; he came up, stepped back, and placed his juice-stained fingers to her mouth.

Delirious, Barbara ate the cunt-cream off his fingers, sucking them, slurping on them as if they were a big fat prick.

"You must be hungry," Fred groaned, watching with avid interest as the horny woman went crazy on his fingers. "You ready for my cock?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes!" she answered in a burst of emotion. "Yes, I'm ready for you." She was leaning against the tree, her dress hiked up, her pussy exposed to Fred's hungry leer, her bloated tits in full view.

Fred marveled at her. He hauled his prick out and rubbed his cock shaft against her belly. "You want my prick inside your pussy?" he rasped, his aroused tone adding to her past passionate state.

"Yesssss!" she hissed. "Fred, please fuck me. I need fucking so bad." She grabbed his prick and jabbed it between her legs, her mind in a whirl.

"Bend over, honey. I can fuck my cock in nice and easy that way." He was caught up in her fiery passion; his own fuck-lust had been ignited by hers. "Hold onto the tree and I'll take away your misery."

Barbara stumbled as she turned around. The tree gave her balance when she bent over and circled its narrow trunk with her arms. "Do it, Fred. Fuck me good. Let me feel your cock inside my pussy!"

"If you keep your voice down." He glanced quickly around to see if anyone was nearby. "You're getting too loud."

She moaned, doing her best to keep from screaming for his cock. "Fuck me, damn it, and I won't scream!" She shook her hips from side to side, her long legs parted and stiff. She prepared herself for the initial plunge. "Fuck me!"

Fred grinned at her wriggling ass and hips and moved closer, his cock at the cheeks other ass. "Hold still, honey. I got it right here." He dragged his prick through her seeping wet cunt greasing his cock with her creamy pussy froth. "Right here." He lunged sinking his cock deep with one forward fuck-thrust.

"Ahhhhh!" she growled, trying to keep her voice down.

She hugged the tree, her face smack up against the bark. She was getting fucked outdoors while hugging a tree; it seemed bizarre. Her pussy was adjusting to the throbbing hunk of cockmeat, and she swooned in utter delight.

She was incapable of completing a thought. His fucking cock was robbing her of her sanity.

"Unnnnn, you're dynamite, Barbara." His cock was being eaten alive by her gabbing pussy. He eased her dress up higher, feasting his eyes on her flared hips. He began fucking her juicy tender pussy with long hard jabbing fuck-strokes. "Unnnnnnnnn, honey, whatta pussy..."

Barbara held onto the tree for dear life. Her hips pushed and met his demanding fuck thrusts, her ass cheeks cushioning each blow. "Harder, Fred, harder! God Almighty! Fuck me harder!" She needed fucking; she had waited too long; the pleasure from Jeff's cock had long since worn off. "Harder! Fuck me harder!"

"You got it," Fred growled.

He fucked with brute force, his prick slicing into her soft cushiony pussy. He made Barbara moan with each long stabbing fuck-lunge. He gripped her hips, spanning the curve, his fingertips sinking into her. In the limited light, he could see her jiggling ass meat. His thumbs spread the cheeks, of her ass, and he watched his cock fuck through her cunt lips and into her gulping pussy.

Shaking, Barbara lifted her head, her tits swaying, aching painfully from the passion scorching her body. One of her tits rubbed and scraped against the rough bark of the tree, irritating the smooth sensitive skin. She whimpered, the pleasure inside her pussy overwhelming her.

Her knees buckled as a lightning spasm ripped through her cunt. She quickly recovered, her mind soaring. In the deep recesses of her passion-dulled brain, she was trying to figure out how to keep from crashing to the ground when she climaxed. She couldn't think straight.

"Ohhhhh, God!" she squealed, her mind and body working together to explode.

Fred groaned; his cock swelled. With every fuck plunge, his spearing prick was greeted by a hot bubbling vat of pussy juice and greedy pulsating pussy muscles.

Barbara was into her orgasm. She almost collapsed from the fierce sensations, but she held, on. She felt like a fiery ball swimming in space, growing hotter and hotter, spinning faster and faster.

"I'M CUMMING... CUMMING... CUMMINGGGGG!" She was shrieking. She had forgotten where she was; her passion had been too overpowering and intense for her mind to reason. "I'M CRRREAMINGGGG You!"

In the midst of her horrendous orgasm, she clutched the tree, her body jerking, her ass lunging back, her tits crushed by the tree was if they were soft pillows. Her pussy continued to explode in a myriad of sensations was Fred's squirting cum filled her cunt.

Fred held onto her pounding hips, riding her storm, feeding her orgasm with his boiling cum. He fucked hard and forced his prick to fuck through the soft velvety folds of her pussy, his cockhead spearing the way.

"Jessssssssus!" he hissed through tightly clenched teeth, trying not to shout like the hot screaming bitch he was fucking.

He fucked her hard, his cock bathed in pussy cum was he squished inside the caldron of her exploding cunt. His knees weakened first, then his entire body; her pussy was draining him, drinking his cum and gulping his cock.

Barbara moaned back. She leaning against the man who had given her the only satisfaction she'd had in a week. "If you play drums like you fuck, you've got to be the greatest drummer around."

She tried her legs to see if they could support her, flexing them, then standing up straight for the first time without the aid of Fred or the tree. She trembled for a minute, the surging blood returning to her legs.

"God," she moaned, "I was screaming my damn head off, and the worst part of it was I couldn't stop myself." She fixed her dress and smoothed it down her body.

"I think we might have drawn a crowd. I was pretty loud myself." He squinted to see if anyone was around.

"I doubt it," Barbara said. "I must have been louder than you. Besides, with the music blasting inside, they couldn't hear us out here." She rubbed her tits and fucked them back in the green silk dress, hooking the little clasp. "Maybe you ought to go and relieve Steve?"

"You want me to send him back out here?" He shoved his cummy prick back in his pants.

"No, I've had it for tonight. You go ahead. I'll be all right."

Fred gave her a kiss. "If you're gonna be here tomorrow night, the band's playing again. Maybe the three of us can make it together, huh?"

"Tonight was my only excursion into this kind of shit," she said, and she gave Fred a serious look. "You might not believe this, but I'm really not like this at all."

"I believe it. You're a classy woman, and I'm glad I happened to be around when you decided to fuck." He winked. "Maybe I'll see you again." He left.

Chapter FOUR

Barbara stayed in the wooded area to think. For a few minutes, she collected her thoughts, breathing in the fresh night air, smoothing her hair back in place, and idly picking a few pieces of bark off the tree. She took a final deep breath and headed for the club and her husband, a smile on her lips.

"I was looking for you," Carl said when Barbara returned. "Where have you been hiding?"

"Just taking a walk," she said smugly. "Why were you looking for me? Can't you find any young girls to dance with?" She glanced up at the bandstand, seeing Steve grinning down at her and Fred behind him, puffing on a cigarette.

"C'mon, Babs, don't be an old stilt." His eyes wandered to a young girl strolling by.

"I'm tired of your remarks," she said in annoyance, following her husband's line of vision to the pretty young girl. "Ask her to dance. I'm tired. I'm too old to be dancing this late at night." Angrily, she brushed by him swinging her ass at him, her large tits bouncing under her dress. "I'm going to get drunk."

Carl looked quizzically at his wife. She had been acting strange all week... and now this. He shrugged it off and started for the pretty girl who was standing alone. Hell, maybe I can get her outside and give her a quick fuck. She looks eager.

Barbara stood with a drink in her hand, watching her husband putting the make on the young girl. "Go ahead," she muttered under her breath. "I've already been outside and had mine." Tears filled her eyes as she spoke, and she turned her head away, taking a greedy gulp of the potent liquor.

She battled her feelings of decency, steeling herself to the things she had to do to get some attention and affection while Carl gave all he had to others. Maybe tomorrow, she thought darkly and wistfully... maybe things will change tomorrow...

"C'mon back for a while. It's still early." Carl disappeared back into the bathroom. "Gonna take a ride over to the ball field and watch the kids practice."

Barbara frowned. She didn't believe him. She pushed the covers off her body and slipped her flimsy nightgown up over her head, spreading her legs widely. Her naked body was on display. She wanted her husband to fuck her and to make passionate love to her.

Thinking of last night made her shudder. She didn't want to wind up like that, taking on all comers. She needed her husband now more than ever, needed the love they had once shared.

Carl came back into the bedroom wearing his gray sweatsuit. "You better cover up, Babs. I don't want you catching cold."

She tensed with anger, it shook it, her face softening. "We can have a lot of fun this morning, if you come back to bed," she purred in her most seductive voice her ass gently rock. Her hands went to her pussy mound, her fingers beginning to play, "I'll suck your cock like I used to." She flicked her tongue out suggestively and swiped it lewdly over her lips. Her pink tongue lingered at the corner of her mouth.

For a second, Carl hesitated. "Get your beauty sleep, Babs. We'll fuck tonight."

She walked by the full length mirror, stopping, her green eyes critically scanning her full sensuous figure. She swivelled on her toes, carefully checking each inch of her skin for wrinkles, sags, or any visible sign of aging. Her hands slid down her hips, and she splayed her fingers across her belly. Her mood changed as she scrutinized herself in the mirror. Her stomach was taut and firm like her ass, and her voluptuous tits billowed out from her tight rib cage, jutting out proud and full. She looked the same as when she was eighteen even better!

"It's you, Carl! It's YOU! YOU! YOU!" she said suddenly. Tears streamed down, her face. "It's not me at all."

She stepped closer to the mirror to examine her face, making sure. There were no wrinkles, no bags or crow's feet. She stood back naked and proud. She wasn't eighteen, but she wasn't what Carl thought she was: an aging, unattractive, sexless woman. The memory of. Jeff's, Steve's and Fred's appreciative eyes and compliments reaffirmed her feeling.

"You can have your little girls, Carl," she mocked derisively, hefting her tits with her cupped hands. "I'll find men who can appreciate a woman." She stormed out of the bedroom a determined woman.

She stopped short as she reached the sliding glass doors leading to the patio outside and the pool beyond. Her swimsuit was upstairs. She started to go back for it, but stopped, a smile curling her lips.

"Who needs one? It's private enough." She stepped out onto the patio.

The sun was warm and felt good against her face. She walked over to the edge of the pool and looked in, bending slightly. She saw her reflection and smiled. With her heart beating wildly, she glanced quickly around.

In one swift fluid motion, she had her robe off and was in the water, hugging the side, not yet ready to venture out into the middle of the pool naked.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed, the swishing water enveloping her.

She became bolder, taking her hands off the lip of the pool and drifting out toward the center. She let herself sink to the bottom. Then, using her legs, she shoved off against the tiled floor and came shooting up into the air, her tits wet and bouncing, glistening in the sunlight.

She splashed around, giggling, her eyes darting, checking to see if anyone could see her from their windows. It was possible, and that made it even more thrilling.

She dove head first to the bottom, flashing her ass to the air, coming up on the other side feeling young again and better than she had felt in months, especially since she began to let Carl's remarks eat away at her.

Her thoughts took a dramatic turn to Jeff the turning point in her life. Those few hours they had shared in the motel room had helped her ego immensely. Both drummers, Steve and Fred, had helped too. And fucking last night in the gardens of the country club had been exciting and daring, but not something she would want to repeat.

She closed her eyes to the sun and drifted out into the center of the pool, her tits bobbing in the sparkling clean water like floating buoys. If only it had been Carl instead of Fred and Steve last night. Then, it would have been perfect. It wasn't, and it made her unhappy, posing a question in her mind: why did other men see her as beautiful and desirable while Carl only saw her as growing bid? It angered her and made her open her eyes.

"FRANK!" she sputtered, wildly floundering in the water at the sight of her neighbor standing there looking and grinning at her. She was treading water, seeking the safety of the side of the pool. "What... I didn't hear you come into the yard. How long have you been standing there?"

"A few minutes," he laughed, enjoying her response. "You looked so relaxed, I didn't want to disturb you."

"I'll bet," she said. She was shaken, feeling like a kid caught misbehaving. "I hope you got an eyeful."

"Enough for both eyes." He knelt down by the edge of the pool. "You're gorgeous. Even more gorgeous than I imagined."

"What about Shirley?" Barbara asked. "I don't think she'd understand you being here while I'm naked."

"Forget about Shirley and come out of the pool. We'll go inside and I'll make us a batch of martinis, then we'll make love all day."

"You're forgetting Carl."

"I'm not forgetting Carl. I saw him leaving a while ago." He winked. "C'mon, sexy, it's just you and me now. Shirley went to her sister's for the day, and my kid is at the field playing ball."

He didn't mention where he thought Carl was there was no sense in rubbing salt in the wound, as he had done last night.

He offered Barbara his hand. "C'mon."

"What makes you think I'll go to bed with you, Frank?"

He grinned. "I don't know. Come out of the pool and give me a chance."

"No," she teased. She pushed out from the wall with her feet, floating into the center of the pool on her back.

Frank watched her gorgeous body rippling beneath the clear water, his eyes on her tits floating on the surface. She came off her back and was on her feet in giggling mischievously, pushing her tits below the surface. "I'll never drown with these."

Frank's leer was hungry, his eyes devouring her fantastic body weaving in the water. He was going crazy. "C'mon, Babs, don't torment me. You know I want you. I have for a long time."

She gave him an impish smile. She felt playful. "I don't want to come out of the pool Frank." She let her tits bob on the rippling surface, noticing and enjoying the ravenous lust in her neighbor's eyes.

"I'll come in and get you," he warned, his voice tight.

Her eyes glimmered devilishly. "I don't think so." She floated on her back again, flaunting her big tits. "You're not going to jump in with your clothes on." She rolled and swam a little. She gave him her ass to look at as she dove to the bottom. She came up, whipping her thick red hair away from he face. "Did you like that?"

"Fantastic," he groaned. He roughly pulled his shirt buttons and tugged his belt open. He grinned, seeing the surprised expression on her face as he took off his clothes and became as naked as she was. "Didn't think I'd do it, huh?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"I'm coming in to get you."

Barbara was startled, watching him poise himself at the edge of the pool and cut the water with a clean dive. She stared in stunned surprise, seeing him shoot through the clear blue water, his body, like a torpedo, aimed straight for her.

She giggled and swam in the opposite direction, trying to elude her neighbor. She enjoyed this game of sex play. She squealed when he grabbed her ankle and pulled her under.

He opened his eyes underwater and pulled her squirming body close to him, seeing her naked flesh waver in front of him. They both came sputtering to the surface, laughing.

"You're one sexy female," he said, cornering her against the side of the pool. "You ain't going anywhere until I get a kiss."

"I have no intention of going anywhere," she giggled. She offered him her wet open mouth, her tongue flicking.

Frank crushed her into him bringing her up against the side, plastering his lips against hers. He explored her mouth with his tongue and explored her body with his hands. His tongue sought out hers, his hands sought the flesh of her ass. He tried kissing and keeping afloat at the same time. It was an impossible task. With their mouths locked to one another's, their bodies fused together, they sank to the bottom.

Their mouths stayed locked until they couldn't stay underwater any longer. Together, they rose to the surface, faces red, gasping for air. Laughing, they inched their way to the shallow area, the water now rippling below Barbara's mammoth tits.

Frank's hands grabbed her tits. "You're the sexiest bitch in the neighborhood, Babs." His fingers enjoyed the slippery wetness of her tit globes as they sank in the yielding flesh. "Best-looking pair of tits, too."

Barbara felt fantastic. She watched his hands pressing and handling her tit meat. "One of the oldest bitches in the neighborhood, too," she added.

"Shit, Babs," Frank growled. "Don't pull that stupid shit on me." He gently tilted her head up, gazing into her hurt eyes. "Don't let Carl's obsession with growing older ruin your life. You're gorgeous."

Barbara immediately went into his arms. "Hold me, Frank. Hold me."

Her tits were crushed into his chest as he held her, cradled her, his arms engulfing her. She shivered, feeling his hard-on digging into her belly. His comforting hold on her felt good, and her insecurity passed.

She pushed herself out of his arms, smiling, quickly changing the mood and floating on her back. "You ever eat pussy in a pool?"

"Not until now." Frank came after her floating body. He grabbed her ankles before she drifted out into deeper water and pulled her to him. He wrapped her slender legs around him, bringing her pussy up against his chest. "I've always had a yen to tongue-fuck you."

"Then satisfy your crazy desire."

Frank slipped down into the water, bringing his mouth to her half-submerged pussy. He lifted her ass a bit and clamped his mouth to her cunt lips and sucked. He ignited her passion with his tongue, darting the tip into her spongy cunt slot.

"Aaaaahhh!" she gasped in delight, attempting to stay afloat as Frank fucked his tongue into her wet pussy. "Oooo, Frank?" She began to moan, precariously trying not to drown and at the same time jamming her pussy against Frank's face. "God, if I cum, I'll drown." She thrashed in and out of the water, her passion overtaking her.

Frank dined on the sweet meat of her delectable pussy. His tongue darted inside, then he sucked on her velvety pussy lips puffy and reddened with passionate lust. He sputtered, his own fuck-lust making him forget where he was. He had sucked a lot of pool water into his mouth before he took his mouth from her pussy.

Barbara straightened up and cuddled close. Her hands went underwater and cupped the shaft of his hard cock. She squiggled her wet tits into his arm, their wet bodies squeaking as she rubbed against him.

"Your hands feel great down there," he moaned. He stroked her pussy gash, where seconds ago he had been sucking. His fingers worked into her cunt juice flowed over his knuckles her pussy was ready for cock. "Let's get the hell out of here, Babs. Your pussy is ready and so is my cock."

"I know. I can feel it." She rotated her hips around and around as her cunt hole devoured his exploring fingers. She squiggled out of his grasp on an impulse. After a quick deep breath of air, she sank down into the water, her eyes open.

Frank leered into the water. His groin was hard, like his cock. Babs, as he had always suspected, was dynamite. He groaned, feeling her hot urgent mouth engulf his hard-on. He jerked, his cock deeply embedded in her throat.

Barbara held onto his hips to keep from rising to the surface. She chewed on his hunk of cockmeat as long as she could. Then, with reluctance, she relinquished his prick and popped up out of the water.

"You like that?" she gasped.

He grabbed her, his prick jabbing her soft belly. "C'mon, let's get inside where we can make love without having to worry about drowning."

Barbara grabbed his prick with both hands. "No, Frank, I want your cock here... in the pool." Her hands pulled his prick as she bobbed. She sank beneath the water again, still holding his hard-on and biting his cock with playful nips of her teeth before surging to the surface again. "Please?"

Frank groaned. He would have fucked her on the front lawn. He nodded as she continued to play with his cock. "I just hope we don't drown in the process." A groaning laugh escaped his mouth as she twisted his stiff prick.

Barbara snaked her legs around his waist, lifting her buoyant weight up easily, her pillowy tits smothering his face. She felt the head of his steel-hard prick jabbing the folds of her oozing pussy as she bobbed slightly in the water.

"I'm gonna cream all over your cock, Frank..."

Frank jerked in the water, the head of his throbbing prick stabbing at her. He split the entrance to her cunt when his jamming cockhead found the mark; her puffy cunt lips closed in around his aching prick. "Ohhhhh, Babs!"

Barbara squirmed. "I feel your cock in me, Frank... hold me!" She wriggled down, gulping his hard inches into her seething cunt hole. She drenched his cock with her buttery pussy ooze. "Ooooo I'm stuffed. I feel your cock! Christ, it's marvelous! Ahhhhhh!" She wriggled, adjusting her body as she held onto Frank. Her pussy feasted on his thick meaty prick, her muscles clamped around the hard cock. "Oooooo, yeahhhh, Frank! Oooooo!" Frank held her, his cock in a vat of pussy cream, the rest of his body in the cool soothing water. It was a dramatic contrast. He shook his face against her firm and pulpy tits, enjoying the soft and tender tit flesh. He nipped the wet skin and licked between her tits. His hands spanned the cheeks of her ass, holding her steady.

"Baby," he groaned. "Sweet, sexy baby." His words were partially muffled, but Barbara heard and began bobbing up and down, using the war to her advantage.

"Frank! Frank! I feel like a kid." Her bloated cunt jerked with buoyancy; her ass slapped the water; her pussy fucked down on his cock again and again. "Ooooo, God, Frank! This is fabulous!"

Frank was also in ecstasy. Having desired Barbara for so long and finally fucking her was the ultimate. It wasn't that he didn't love Shirley; it was just that Barbara was sex personified. Tall; big beautiful tits; flowing thick red hair that framed the face of a Goddess.

He jabbed, lunged, and fucked his cock into her squishy hot pussy. Carl must be crazy neglecting her... a real jerk, he thought, his fingers digging into the pliable flesh of her twisting squirming ass. Carl's loss was his gain and probably a few others too, if his hunch was right about last night. Those two drummers had seemed too satisfied and Barbara had looked a little frayed around the edges when she had returned from her so called walk.

Barbara released her grip from around his neck, tilting back. "Ooooooo, Frank!" she squealed blissfully. "OOOOOO, Frank."

Her voice, filled with joy an passion, roused him quickly from his random thoughts.

He gaped at her fabulous bouncing wet breasts glinting in the sun, her swollen rosy nipples turning into ripe cherries. He jerked her up and down on his spearing cock. The sensation of her squishy cunt fucking down on him churned his cum. "Christ, Babs, you'll never know how good you look from here."

Half floating, her legs still clamped around his back, her cunt still stuffed with his prick, Barbara stared up at the clear blue sky. She tingled in joy. "I'm learning, Frank," she gasped, he hips thrusting, her body slashing in and out of water a little waves splashed around her exquisite body. "I'm learning."

With her fingers clutching his arms and his cock piercing the cushiony walls of her hot, bubbling pussy, she groaned. The angle was treacherous. In her passion, she could easily slip down into the churning water. "Ohhhhhh, Frank, I'm in heaven with your cock in meeee!"

"You're breaking my cock," he groaned, trying to pull her back up, but failing. He growled and fucked. His hands held her hips, keeping her impaled on his unnaturally bent cock as she floated back on the clear water. Barbara soared to the top first. She spiraled up into her orgasm, her body in spasm. It started deep inside her spastic cunt, where Frank's cockhead fucked maniacally, and spread outward, encompassing every inch of her.

"I'M CUMMING!" she screamed.

She thrashed in the water, squealing her joyous pleasure as wave after wave of exquisite orgasms washed over her body. Her hips jerked and twisted under Frank's pulling hands. She swooned, feeling his cock fucking into the hot depths of her pussy.

"Fuck me harder, Frank! HARDER!"

Seeing Barbara in the throes of orgasm catapulted Frank into a blissful climax. His prick finally burst a bolt of thick white cum deep into Barbara's boiling pussy.

"Sweet Babs!" he roared in the midst of his climax. In his rage he fucked her again and again on his cum-spouting prick. "I'm with youuuu!"

"Christ, it feels good! FUCK ME! Cream my pussy!"

She plunged her exploding pussy against his cum-spurting cock. The water swished around them as if a typhoon had hit, spraying up between them with each pull of Frank's power.

Frank groaned: "It was better than I ever dreamed it could be!" He held her by the ass as she clung to him with her arms and legs.

Barbara eased up, sliding clown his body, sinking underneath the water, where she sucked his limp cock and tasted the warm juices of her gooey cunt. She came up and slithered back into his arms.

"You make me feel like a woman, Frank," she purred contentedly. "A real woman."

Frank held her tenderly. "Carl will come round. You'll see." He looked into those deep green eyes. "He's having a problem with his age. He'll realize what a fantastic wife he has. He's not permanently stupid."

"What about you, Frank. You having problems with Shirley?"

"Couldn't be better. I saw you were in trouble and, having the hots for you, I came to the rescue."

"You saved me, too," she purred, kissing him affectionately on his cheek.

"You want nit to save you again?" he laughed, the smoldering embers in his balls beginning to heat up again.

"Yesssss, but not here. In the house in bed where I can show you how much I appreciate your good-neighbor policy." Together, they laughed and swam to the shallow end of the pool.

Chapter FIVE

She stepped outside, closing the sliding glass doors behind her still wanting the swim Frank had interrupted. When she turned, she was startled. Jimmy, Frank's son, was seated on a lounge chair, a nervous grin on his boyish face. He was wearing his baseball uniform.

"Hello," Jimmy whispered, ogling her.

She sighed, glad she had put on a swim suit. Even thought it didn't coyer much, it concealed the essentials. "Hi, Jimmy. I thought you had a game on."

"I was, but the coach didn't show and the game was canceled." He gawked at her with youthful hunger and timidness.

Barbara studied the boy for a minute. He had something on his mind, she could tell.

She wondered if the boy had seen her fucking his father in the pool. "You want to use the pool?" she kept her voice calm. "I was just going to have a dip myself."

Jimmy took a deep breath. "I saw you before," he said softly, his eyes burning, his lips parched. The memory of her naked body with his father was permanently etched in his mind. Reached with the memory; he had dreamed of fucking Mrs. Reynolds.

"I don't know what you mean." Barbara was beginning to worry. Jimmy was a teenager impressionable.

"I saw you in the pool with my dad." Jimmy got to his feet. He was almost as tall as his father and was as tall as Barbara. The cock-bulge in his pants swelled. He took a step toward her, blinded by passion and his schoolboy crush. Barbara's heart sank; he had seen than fucking. "Jimmy," she began to explain, "it... isn't what you think."

"I'm not going to say anything. I'm not going to tell." His eyes met hers. He yearned to touch her mammoth tits, feel her beautiful body. Fucking her was all he ever thought about.

Barbara was still nervous. "I'm glad, Jimmy. It would only hurt your mother. What your father and I did was wrong, and it won't happen again. I promise."

"I'm not a kid," he told her. "Dad has the hots for you; I knew that. I've seen him staring at you," Jimmy took another deep nervous breath. "I do too..."

"You what!"

"I... I love you and want you," he blurted out, his face red with embarrassment.

Barbara noticed the cock-bulge in his pants. "It wouldn't be right, Jimmy. You're a boy. I'm old enough to be your mother." The compliment he had paid her was appreciated. Her ego was bolstered once again.

"You're not old and you're not my mother. You're a beautiful woman and I love you." Jimmy grabbed her and kissed her frantic kisses, inexperienced kisses.

"Oooooooooo, Jimmy, you shouldn't... shouldn't..." She didn't flinch or move, but stood there allowing the boy to kiss her. When his outburst had run its course, she took his hand. "I'm honored that you feel this way, but what you want is out of the question."

She saw the hurt in his eyes and knew he was her own. It thrilled her to know this boy desired her. Her mind spun. She couldn't think straight. She was embroiled in conflicting thoughts and emotions.

"Let me go," she said gently, not quite sure of what she wanted. "I'm too old for you. You should be with someone your own age."

The sweet fragrance of her perfume reached his nostrils, flaring them, making him dizzy. "NO. No. You're perfect. You're everything I want." The softness of her body as he held her was driving him wild and making his cock ache. He was in agony. "Just let me kiss you, touch you, see you."

"Ohhhh, God," she gasped, coming put of his arms. She took his hand and led him into the house. "It isn't right," she said, bringing him into the living room. "I shouldn't be doing this." She looked at him; he looked like a lost puppy. "I think I'm as crazy as you."

"Please, Barbara." He felt self-conscious using her first name. "Please, I'll never say a word or bother you again. I swear." He was leering, trying to see through her robe.

"Sit down," she sighed, pointing to a chair. She wanted the boy's affection and adoration as much as he wanted her body. She opened her robe, letting it fall to her feet. She stepped back, turning slowly, giving the boy a long look at her body in the scanty bikini. His adoration was astounding. She could see from the way the boy was staring that she had a slave. It was a heady thought, but she buried it. She would enjoy his puppy love, but not abuse it. She stepped closer to him, caught up in fuck lust. She made a complete turn, every bare inch of her body on display for the boy's private enjoyment.

"Would you like to touch me?" she mewed with wanton lust.

Struck with an inability to speak, he nodded, his hands exploring her curves and soft yielding body. The scent of her cunt, inches from his face, excited him. His hands moved to her parted legs and her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, Christ!" he finally groaned, when his inexperienced fingers slipped through her cunt gash and were soaked in buttery pussy cream. "Oooooo, God, you're all wet."

Barbara trembled, bringing her hands down to his, holding them against her cunt. "Wet for you, Jimmy," she purred. "I'm wet and hot for you." It wasn't the exact truth, but close enough.

She pushed his fingers into her mushy cunt. "Feel me inside, Jimmy. Feel what it's like inside a pussy."

Jimmy plunged in with eagerness, finger-fucking her cunt hole with his exploring fingers, feeling the cushiony wetness of her pulsing cunt walls. One gasp erupted from his mouth and then he clamped his lips to her cunt. He was in ecstasy.

So was Barbara. She went wild with Jimmy's mouth against her drooling pussy. She writhed uncontrollably, her tits jiggling with each liquid twist of her naked body. "Ooooo, Jimmy! Jimmy! I love it! Ooooo, I love it! You're terrific!"

Hearing her praise encouraged him. He drew the velvety wet lips of her cunt into his greedy mouth and sucked. Warm foamy pussy-juice washed over his face. He sucked again, darting his tongue over her puffy wet cunt lips.

"Ooooooooooo, Jimmy. Use your tongue inside... tongue-fuck meeeeee!"

In the next instant, Jimmy fucked his tongue into her gaping cunt, exploring the steamy wetness. He snaked his tongue around inside, cunt-juice flowing over his prodding tongue and over his open sucking mouth. His hands became active, seeking her humping ass. He kneaded the flesh of her jerking ass and sucked the insides of her flowing pussy.

"Jimmy! JIMMY!" She thrashed and bucked on the floor, her eyes rolling. Her hands clawed her own naked flesh, as she creamed his mouth. "Suck! Suck! I'M CUMMINGGGG!" She was panting, her body tingling with the sweet aftermath of her glorious climax. "Oooooo stop! Stop!" Jimmy roused himself out of his horny stupor and raised his head from between her juice-stained thighs. Pussy cream covered his face. "Did you like it?" he asked shyly.

She opened her arms to him. "I loved it, Jimmy. You were fantastic! C'mere."

Jimmy swelled with pride. He came to her, his body overheating in his baseball uniform. He felt as if his heart would burst. She was going to kiss him!

Barbara held the boy close, his uniform scraping against her naked flesh. She kissed him on the lips, her own cunt juices tasting sweet as she cleaned his face with her tongue.

"I want you to take off your clothes and let me see you?"

He was deliriously happy, and when she released him, he tore off his clothes, dying to feel his naked body up against her gorgeous flesh. Leaving his uniform carelessly strewn about the floor, he went naked into Barbara's arms. The sensational contact blew his mind, and he shuddered, his young throbbing cock seeping the juices of his overfilled balls.

"Ohhhh, God, you feel so won... wonderful," he said.

Jimmy's entire body was drenched in a feverish sweat. Her pussy was drenching his hard cock in hot cunt-juice. Her hot body sizzled against his bare flesh. Ht felt her nipples burning into his chest. He wanted to cum. His balls were screaming in agony, and his prick was about to erupt.

"Go slow," she whispered in his ear. "Go slow." She took her arms from around him, giving him more mobility.

Jimmy immediately propped himself up and stared down into her beautiful face. "Ok, Barbara," bemoaned, his hips moving under their own power, but constrained, by her legs from going wild. "I can't think!" He was delirious. "God, I'm so fucking hot!"

"So am I, Jimmy," she sighed. She caressed his smooth face with her fingers and eased up on the viselike grip of her legs, keeping her heels in the small of his back. "Take it slow. Fuck me nice and slow for as long as you can."

The urge to please her was a natural restraint on the teenager. He nodded and began to pump his prick with long agonizing fuck-strokes. His head throbbed and every muscle in his body screamed for relief. He fought it. His desire to do as Barbara asked was a more powerful force than his own.

He looked dawn into her face. Never in his life had he envisioned anything so beautiful. Her face was flushed, her eyes dilated and her full sensuous mouth open, her junk tongue flicking at her glistening lips, her lustrous dark-red hair fanned out over the carpet.

It hit him like a ton of bricks... the full reality of what he was doing crashed down upon him in that one instant. He was fucking the woman of his dreams a woman his father had fucked a woman he loved. It was too much for him, and he lost, the thread of willpower that had kept him in control all this time.

"AGGGGHHHHHH!" the boy gasped.

Barbara saw his face through a haze of mist. She saw he had gone over the top; she went with him into bliss. Her body exploded with a host of tiny orgasms as their bodies clashed. She gouged her cunt against his plunging prick as her overpowering orgasm seized her: "I'M CUMMING, JIMMY!"

In his passion-dulled mind, he heard the woman of his dreams call out his name, and his balls erupted. He was absorbed in his own private world of passion and fucked brutally, driving her back into the carpet, his prick spurting the load of cum that had surged inside his balls since he saw his father fucking her in the pool.

"AGGGHHHHHHH!" he growled loudly his body pounding, whacking, hammering. His fast-paced fucking drilled his cum-spouting prick in and out of her tight cunt.


Barbara creamed with him, her cunt in spasm, her hips churning in sync with the boy's steady fucking. She dug her heels into his back and fucked up to meet each and every fantastic stab of his cock.

Her cunt filled quickly with his cum and blended with her own hot gooey pussy cream. A froth of a creamy white jism oozed out of her overflowing cunt with each wild jab of Jimmy's cock. Thrashing beneath his driving body, she pounded her fists into the carpet. The thudding sounds mingled with their screams.

"JIMMY! JIMMY! Oooooo... MORE!" She was floating in heaven, desired and wanted. It hurled her into another level of joy, a higher plateau, then she plunged headlong into bliss.

Jimmy, wanting to please her more than anything in the world, gave her exactly what she craved, needed. Never in his life had he cum this much. He fucked harder and faster finding himself climaxing again, his balls never seeming to empty. His anus gave way as her sucking pussy sapped him of his strength. He hugged her to his lean youthful body and rode the fury of his second orgasm along with Barbara's hot squirming body.

Barbara clutched him tightly, their sweaty flesh inciting together, trembling in orgasms cum gushing out of her pussy and streaming down her thighs. "JIMMMYYYYYY!" She arched up with the last of her waning strength, then shuddered in ecstasy on the floor.

Jimmy grunted and lunged one last time; he was drained as never before. Groaning, he rolled off her hot sweaty body, reveling in what had just happened to him.

With his passion spent, he reverted to his normal self: the shy, innocent boy with a crush on Barbara. He stood up, glancing down at her naked body. "I'll never bother you again." He snatched up his clothes and dressed.

"You didn't bother me," she assured him. "You were absolutely wonderful, but it would be better if we didn't do this again. You should be fucking with girls your own age."

"Are you going to fuck with my dad again?"

"No, Jimmy... never. The things that happened today will never happen again."

She remained on the floor, watching him walk out the door, deep in thought. It was time to try to pull her marriage back together.

Chapter SIX

Barbara pulled on a pair of faded denim shorts that clung tenaciously to her full hips and softly rounded ass. The seam in the crotch cut into the gash of her cunt and her puffy cunt lips lapped over the stitching.

She padded barefoot to her dresser and rummaged through the drawer for a top. She found one purple halter that failed to hide the flesh of her melon-shaped tits. The sexy material did manage to hide her cherry nipples.

She slipped into a pair of sandals and studied herself in the mirror. Combing her long fingers through her silky thick red hair she turned and strode confidently out of the bedroom. She approved what she saw.

Frank had finally made her realize she was a desirable woman. To make things even better, fucking his son, Jimmy, had shown her that even to a kid she was desirable. It was only Carl who disagreed with everyone. She knew this wasn't the kind of life she wanted. It would be a long time before she could forget about the way she had acted at the club: sucking Steve, then waiting like a tramp for his drummer friend to come out and fuck her.

She bounded down the stairs. Carl would be home soon, and a long long talk was warranted. They couldn't go on living like this: him tearing her down emotionally; her seeking satisfaction in other men; him searching for the fountain of youth in younger girls. It had to end.

She poured herself a drink, flipped on the stereo, and plopped down on the long sofa. The soft strands of a romantic song filled the room is she slowly sipped the liquor. She counted the times she and Carl had fucked on the living-room floor while the music played on and on too many to count.

She tried to crush his foot in the doorway. "Yes, my husband's home. You want to speak to him?" Her mouth was drawn tight in determination.

"I think she's lying," Steve winked. "What do you think, Fred?" He still kept his eyes on the luscious Barbara.

"I think maybe we ought to check."

"Right," Steve grinned, and pushed open the door, knocking Barbara off balance. Steve stepped inside and grabbed her wrist, turning to his friend. "C'mon, Fred. Sweet friendly Babs has invited us in for a drink." He released her delicate wrist. "Let's go, baby." As Fred closed the front door, his dark brooding eyes settled on Barbara's frightened face. She was more beautiful, than he remembered her to be in the murky darkness of night. In the light of day, she was deliciously sweet -- a sumptuous beauty. His groin knotted, a reminder of how great a fuck she had been, and that had been a quick piece. He salivated as he thought how much better she would be now in daylight.

"Don't be so upset," Fred said gently. "We just stopped by for a few minutes."

"Yeahhh, a few minutes of conversation," Steve said, nudging Barbara toward the living room.

She looked at Steve. His smile was disarming. She simmered down, thinking of a way out. A few minutes... it would be easier to go along with them... for a few minutes. Barbara accepted the offered glass. "Okay, but only a minute. My husband is on his way home, and I don't want him finding you two here." She forced a smile and sipped. "Christ, it's straight gin."

Fred laughed lightly. "Nah, it's a dry martini." He polished his drink off with two long gulps. "Damn good one, too."

Steve sank his lean frame into a soft comfortable chair and lit a cigarette. He stared intently at Barbara standing self-consciously in the middle of the room. He let the swirls of smoke drift lazily out of his mouth and gazed at Barbara's fantastic body through the blue haze floating past his eyes.

"Fred and I have been talking all day about how great you were last night." Steve took a gulp of his drink and followed it with a deep drag on the cigarette. "Talked ourselves hoarse."

The subject of the conversation didn't appeal to her. Last night was something she wanted to forget. Barbara noticed them staring. "We were good enough for you last night. Now, we're trash, when you're not horny." He hurled her to the couch.

She shook her head vehemently. "No... no... not that at all," she stammered. "I don't think that... it's just that... my husband... I don't..." Fear kept her from finding the right words.

"Bull shit, baby," Steve snarled. "You got plenty of time to play around with us." Steve darted a look at his friend who was sitting on one of the bar stools. "Right, good buddy?"

Fred's grin was wide. "You don't have to worry about your husband. We saw him at the club before we left. He was sniffing around some chick who was enjoying his attention."

"Yeah," Steve added, "and we figured you might want to get even with him. Maybe a repeat performance of last nights." Steve's laugh was lewd, and he stood over her cowering figure rubbing his hard-on. "We know how horny you can get, and your hubby won't be in any shape to fuck you when he comes home."

Barbara's stomach tightened into a solid knot. "You're lying." She didn't want to believe them, yet she knew it was probably true.

"We didn't wanna tell you, but you're so damn snotty," Fred said. Steve swiftly came back with a slap of his own, leaving the red imprint of his hand on her cheek. It knocked her back to the couch. "Shut up, whore. We came to get a little more of what you were giving out last night so freely. We ain't leavin' until we do. Understand?" His hand rubbed his hard cock-bulge.

Her eyes darted from Steve to Fred. "Fred," she sobbed, hoping to get some sympathy from him. "Last night... you said I had class... now you want to rape me?" Her green eyes welled with tears, and her bottom lip was quivering.

"We don't wanna rape you, Barbara," Fred said soothingly. His deep voice was strained; he tried to keep the emotion he felt out of it. "Just want a little of what we shared last night, that's all. We figured you'd be happy as hell."

"Well, I'm not." She tried blinking away the tears. "I'm scared and I don't want to do anything. I had I told you last night I would never do it again."

Steve broke in, "Shit, baby. Don't play so hard to get." He sat don beside her and forced her arms, apart, her tits jiggling as they struggled. "You came on to us both like a nympho, and now you tell us you're gonna be nice and proper? Don't make us laugh." Steve grabbed one of her wrists and twisted. "C'mon, a quick show and Fred and I will cut out and leave you alone. It can't hurt."

She clutched at the hope Steve was holding out to her. She wanted to believe him desperately wanted to.

"Okay," she conceded weakly. A small part of her inwardly and secretly wanted them to desire her to ogle her. "Only for, a minute."

She brought herself to her feet, sheepishly exhibiting her mountainous tits for them. She swallowed hard, feeling their eyes burn into her flesh, and made a complete turn, pausing as she faced Fred, then stopped when she saw Steve.

Her breathing was quick and shallow. Showing her tits like this, under duress, and to two horny men who leered appreciatively, aroused her. She fought it, but she was weakening. Her craving to be wanted, appreciated, contorted her basic decency and confused her mind.

She blushed as she stood under their stares, her eyes downcast, "Can I put something on now?" she asked meekly. "I did what you asked." She looked down; she didn't want them to notice she was getting hot.

"Your tits are fantastic," Steve groaned, his prick stiff and pulsing. "Much better in the light of day, and God, your nipples... whewwwww!" He passed his tongue over his lips. "Makes me hungry just looking at those big tits. What about you, Fred?"

"Gave me an instant hard-on."

Barbara's cheeks were burning. "Can I go now?" She looked up from the floor. "You promised."

Fred thought he noticed something in her voice. He silently looked on, patiently waiting to see what would develop.

Steve was squeezing his cock through his pants. "Shit, Barbara. How can you be so selfish and deprive us of a chance to admire your body? Hell, baby, we're leaving town. Give us something to remember."

"I did what you asked," she whined, her arms ineffectually covering her mammoth cunt.

"How about taking off your shorts?" Steve suggested. "Fred was telling me how great your ass looked when you were bent over and taking his cock in your pussy."

Barbara shook. She felt like a whore on display, and that casual reminder of last night eradicated the passion she was beginning to feel. "No. Please, let me go. I did what you asked. Now please leave."

"C'mon, Barbara," Fred said. "I dreamed about your gorgeous ass all night, and Steve thinks I'm bull shitting him about how great a tush you got."

"Yeah," Steve said, "your ass can't be as fantastic as Fred says." He laughed lightly. "What's a little peek at your ass before we go?"

The subtle hint that it would be all they wanted relaxed Barbara. She looked at them both. They wouldn't rape her she was in her own home.

"Then will you go?" she asked them.

"Hell yeah," Steve replied. She looked at Fred across the room, her green eyes questioning him in silent desperation. He nodded in agreement, and she fumbled with the snap on her hip-hugging shorts. Her trembling fingers grasped the zipper and peeled it down, her eyes closed. The tightfitting shorts opened, and she had to push them down to get them off her hips; they slipped easily to the floor with a gentle nudge. She heard the men's groans as she stepped out of her shorts, her eyes still shut. Their passion filled, moans bombarded her ears and, secretly, she enjoyed it.

"Best-looking bitch I've ever seen," Steve said, his eyes going all over her. "Got a fantastic mouth to go with it, too. Sucked me dry as hell." He laughed. "Sucked so damn hard, I thought she was gonna pull my balls up through my cock."

Barbara shuddered, attempting to block out his crude remark about he sating his prick last night. A tear spilled from one eye and down her red blushing check.

"Her mouth can't be as great as her pussy!" Fred said to his buddy. His eyes swept to Barbara's statuesque naked figure. "Her pussy is wet and hot, and was throbbing around my cock. I blasted my balls off like crazy in them fuckin' woods. She loved every second of it, too. Didn'tcha, Barbara?"

She was crying, listening to them with her eyes closed. She felt like a slut and knew that last night she had been a slut. "Pleasssssse," she sobbed tearfully. "Let me get dressed. I've done everything you've asked."

Steve ignored her and continued to talk to his buddy. "Shit, Fred, I'll bet she sucks cock better than she fucks."

"No way in hell buddy!" Fred said. "She's gotta be better to fuck. Her screams alone make it better. She can't beg for cock when she's got her mouth stuffed with one."

Barbara sank to the floor a sobbing naked heap of panicky nerves defenseless. Her loud sobbing mixed in with their lewd conversation. She didn't know what to do how to get rid of them. She was helpless, vulnerable, hiding her head, her thick red hair falling about her knees as she sat there sobbing, her back bent forward, the weight of her spine ending at the crack of her ass.

Steve looked at her with indifference as she cried softly to herself. "Hey, babe, you gonna help us out?" He got up and went to her. "C'mon, stop the crying. You know you want our cocks as bad as we wanna give 'em to you." He bent over and grabbed a fistful of dark-red hair, yanking her head upward. "Right?" His snarling face leered menacingly.

Through her tears, she looked at him, frightened out of her wits. "You said... you promised... I could..."

"Don't be stupid," Fred said, going over to her and wiping the tears from her cheeks as Steve's grip kept her head turned up. "You didn't honestly think we just wanted a look, did you?"

"Ye... yesssssssssss," she heaved between convulsive breaths, not really sure. She was too scared and confused to know anything, except that she was at their mercy. "Pleeease, let me go." Being in her own home made it that much more bizarre.

"Hell, baby," Steve snarled, his grip tightening in her hair. "You should be happy we both think you're the best at fucking. Your husband doesn't think so." He yanked her head toward his bulging crotch.

She hated what they were saying, but she knew it was the truth. They wanted to fuck her, and Carl didn't. "Let me go," she pleaded. "I don't want to be treated like this. I'm a lady."

"C'mon," Steve said, laughing. "You might be a lady, but you're also cock-crazy, and we're gonna help you out. Right, Fred?"

"Yeaahhhhhhh," Fred groaned, getting undressed. "We're gonna find out once and for all, before Steve and I leave town, whether you're a better fuck or suck." He waved his cock in Barbara's face. "Look at it, Barbara. You couldn't see my prick too well last night, but I'll bet you remember how great it felt inside your hot pussy."

Barbara shuddered and jerked back. She refused to look at the cock she had begged for only last night.

Steve, not to be outdone, stripped quickly. "We're ready for you, baby." He stepped close to her, presenting her with his long cock. "Give us a suck and maybe we'll leave." He laughed viciously.

"You're lying," she sobbed. She tried to get to her feet, but Steve brought his foot up and pushed against her bare ass. She went sprawling to the floor.

Steve was down next to her, rubbing her rounded ass, his fingers teasing her ass crack, before she had the chance to respond. "You got a fabulous ass, baby." He grinned up at his buddy. "C'mon and feel her soft her ass is."

Fred joined them on the floor, his hand going to her ass. He delighted in her soft, silky yielding ass flesh.

"Great ass. I told ya, Steve, her ass was nice. I could have popped my nuts the minute she bent over and begged me to fuck her." His hand explored her deep ass crack, inching down between her tightly clenched thighs.

Steve kept kneading her sass roughly. "Shit, man, I didn't have time for anything but gettin' my cock sucked. Had to relieve you."

"We got all the time we need now," Fred said, "and we don't have to worry about her screaming how much she likes it, either."

Barbara suffered the degradation of their sordid remarks and their vile hands groping around her body. It was as if they were talking about some slut off the street. It didn't seem real. She tried squirming away, but the mauling of her ass and legs became rougher, and she stopped, defeated.

"Roll over, baby," Steve said, his gouging fingers trying to pry her legs apart. "Roll over and let me and Fred look at your tits." He squeezed harder when she didn't comply, letting her know he wasn't kidding around. "You want your asshole fucked?"

She immediately rolled, trembling, panting.

He forced his blunt fingers between the lips of her cunt and delved inside the moist opening. "Hey Fred, she's warming up real nice."

A sizzling grin spread over Fred's face. "Let me feel." He squeezed Barbara's tit roughly, hurting her. "Open your legs. Wide."

"Don't hurt me," she whined, wincing. "I'll do whatever you want." She agreed not sure whether it was to avoid pain, or because she wanted to. Maybe, she thought, as she spread her legs, it was a little of both.

"Glad you decided to cooperate." Fred's groping hand dragged though her pussy gash. He felt the oozing moistness of her cunt betraying her. "Getting nice and wet... just like last night."

Barbara whimpered as his hand slipped easily through her pussy and harshly over her clit. She twitched from the exciting contact of his hand, surrendering completely, unable to comprehend why conflicting emotions warped her troubled mind: anger; fear; jealousy.

"Don't be so rough," she purred, spreading her legs wider, giving both men room to revel in the hidden delights of her hot wet pussy. "You don't want to damage the goods before you've enjoyed it, do you?" She was heating now that her defenses had been dropped.

Barbara raised her head and swiped her wet tongue over his prickhead. "Stand up. I'll suck you both." She eyed their big cocks swinging stiffly from their hairy groins as they got up off the floor. "God, I'm hungry for cock!"

"You got enough cock here to keep you happy for a while," Fred said, standing next to Steve.

Barbara shivered with rippling excitement. The thought of last night made her tingle, and thinking of what she was going to do with them in her own living room, thrilled her even more.

She was on her knees, grabbing their bloated pricks again, stroking one cock in each hand. "God, this is going to be a day to remember." She was lost to her passion completely at the mercy of the fuck-lust that raged in her pussy.

She sucked Steve's prick into her wet hungry mouth and slurped drooling spit all over the giant cock shaft, gobbling the large cockhead into her throat.

"Bab... yyyy!" he groaned loudly, his hips jabbing violently, skewering her gullet with a hard fuck-thrust. "Unnnnnn!"

Barbara slid her mouth off his prick, gurgling spit. She turned her head to Fred's groin and sucked her clinging lips up and down the length of his prick, then licked down over his hanging balls, coming back up to chew eagerly on his throbbing cock.

"Christ!" Fred groaned. "Whatta fuckin' mouth!" He looked down, seeing Barbara's head jerking wildly as she feasted on his cock.

"I told you she had a fantastic mouth," Steve groaned while watching Barbara devour his buddy's prick. "She could make a fortune just using her mouth and lips." He rubbed his spit-soaked cock against her cheek and pressed the bloated cockhead into her ear. "Wanna some cum in here, baby?"

Barbara was too far gone to care what they did. She had accepted the role of tramp and was throwing herself wholeheartedly into it and loving it. She licked over Fred's balls, then snapped her head around, catching Steve's jutting prick with her lips. She bit his cock shaft with playful nips, biting down along the entire length. His growls of pleasure rang in her ears.

Pulling her head beck to look at the men, she stroked each wet cock with her hands. Her green eyes, glassy orbs of pure unadulterated lust, shifted from one to the other. "How do I suck?" she asked, her eyes settling on Fred, her fingers tightly squeezing his throbbing boner. "Bettor than I fuck?"

Fred leered back. "You do everything great."

"Hey, I ain't fucked you yet," Steve interrupted.

She winked at Steve. "Then why don't you?" Letting go of both pricks, she lay back on the floor. Her hands skimmed over her tits, stopping for a moment to knead the supple tit flesh, then down to her pussy, where she spread her cunt lips for Steve.

"I'm all wet and mushy inside." She turned to Fred. "Right, Fred?"

Fred nodded, enjoying her lush body as she writhed about on the carpet like a wriggling snake. "Like a fucking oven," he groaned.

She liked the stares she was getting. "C'mon, Steve, fuck me. See which is better. My hot tight pussy, or my wet suckin' mouth." Her fingers were dragging through her sopping wet pussy.

Steve saw the glistening juices of her oozing pussy and dropped to the floor between her legs. His cock was already aimed for the red cunt gash, and he inched closer, his cockhead coming in contact with her hot cunt lips. He groaned deliriously.

Barbara stretched her arms to grab his hulking prick and guided his thick cockmeat into her pussy. She went into convulsive spasms when his cockhead sank easily between the puffy folds.

"Oooooo, shove it! Shove your fucking cock in!" She drummed her fists against the carpeted floor and humped her ass wildly.

Steve gathered his strength and fucked his cock in to the balls. His head snapped back; the muscles of his back rippled and tensed; his entire body tightened.

Barbara's body twisted in wild gyrations as her pussy stretched with cock. She groaned, her voice like an animal, and humped up, smashing her cunt into his groin and fucking herself wildly on his buried cock, her tits flopping from side to side, her face a red mask of passion. "PUMP! GET ME TO CUMMMM!"

"Roll her over!" Fred hollered. "Get her on top. I want her ass!" He stroked his long cock, craving a sample of Barbara's sweet gorgeous ass.

Steve grinned into her face. "Hold on, baby. Here we go." He came down on top of her and corralled her into his arms, rolling with her, his prick still fucked inside her tight clenching pussy.

Barbara squealed in joy as Steve rolled her over. She squiggled on top of Steve's body, getting in a good position, straddling him, his prick buried in her cunt her knees clutching his sides.

Glaring down into Steve's face, she shook her tits at him. "You like being on the bottom?" she asked.

Steve reached up and grabbed her magnificent globes of tit flesh and pulled, hauling her down, her face inches from his. "You're gonna watch you while Fred fills your asshole with his cock."

Barbara swooned. She wanted the final debasement as much as they wanted to dominate her. She turned her head, her eyes rolling, focusing on Fred behind her. "C'mon, Fred." She wriggled her ass. "Fuck my ass nice and easy." A tremor swept through her when Fred held onto her hips. "Don't hurt me."

"I wouldn't think of it, Barbara."

Fred's eyes were fastened on the twin checks of her ass and the wrinkled asshole that beckoned him. He took his prick in his fist and pressed his cockhead against the tiny pinkish brown opening. He moved forward, his prick splitting the tight ass ring as his cockhead entered her ass.

His prickhead slipped inside her ass, out of sight, his hands keeping her ass cheeks apart. A hot flash tore through his groin as he pushed, fucking his hard cock into the tight dry channel of her ass.

"AGGOGGHHHLLL!" Barbara groaned. Pain and joy surged through her as she became impaled on Fred's ass-stuffing cock.

He jabbed her pussy again a mindless volley of violent fuck-stabs.

Fred matched his buddy's speed with his own and fucked his solid cock through the narrow channel of her ass like a jackhammer pounding into butter. His splayed fingers held onto her hips, sinking into her silky smooth skin. Fred leered from his position behind Barbara, eyeing her slender back, wispy waist, flared hips, and jiggling ass as he relentlessly slammed into her ass. Her whimpering soft cries drifted up to him, and he shuddered. It wouldn't be long now the knot in his balls and the throbbing of his cock warned him.

Barbara feasted on the brutal assault by two cocks. She gurgled with pleasure and whimpered in bliss as they fucked their pricks into her fuck-holes. Her soft ass cushioned Fred's stormy fuck-thrusts, his body lurching and crashing into hers. Her clit absorbed Steve's lunging prick from below. She began to move, grinding her clit into Steve's cock and shoving back onto Fred's ass-spearing prick. Both men were fucking her into the breath taking heights of bliss two slamming cocks and animal passion. "Make me fly! Make me cream all over youuuuuuuuuu!" She felt their pawing hands grabbing her hips, ass, and tits. "Make me creeeeeam!" she ranted, "Make it happen!"

A piercing scream floated out through the room and drowned the two deep howling voices. "I'M CRRRR... EEEAMING!" Barbara shrieked noisily. Her body became a fuck machine. Her body drank their spewing jism with an unquenchable thirst. She rocked and twisted, her upper body wrenching, her tits clamped in Steve's viselike fingers.

She battled back, ground down and back, catching a rhythm that had her on a flight to ecstasy a journey through a fuzzy world of overwhelming orgasms.

Her climax spread outward from the spastic depths of her pussy, the intensity mounting within her. She felt their ravaging cocks fucking harder as they climaxed it sent her higher. She became a piece of exploding flesh, no mind, just an embodiment of tingling sensations reacting to the fucking she was receiving.

Her cunt and ass took every drop of their cum, gulping in sync to their cocks' pulsing squirts. Her body needed every drop of their cum to drown the raging fire inside her overstuffed pussy and ass. She was greedy.

Fred, the first to cum, began to slow, his squirting jizz diminished, his cock drained by her ass muscles that had squeezed all the cum out of him. His cock was now shrinking inside her hot gripping asshole, and he groaned.

Her pussy was still stuffed with Steve's fucking cock. She squealed and devoted the last of her soaring orgasm to him, riding his cock hard ad fast, her hips churning in constant modes, her body in constant orgasm. Her clit was a tiny piece of raw meat being mashed by Steve's slamming prick. Cum gushed from her pussy, bathing the skewering cock in hot cunt cream. Her hot slick pussy juice mingled with Steve's stringy drools of cum.

Steve's ass whacked the carpet, up and down, his cock flooding her pussy with his thick cum-load. He saw her exquisite features change from one lustful expression to another, his fingers sinking into her fleshy tits. His hips slowed, his orgasm subsided, and his cock stopped spouting cum. Barbara's floundering body atm held his prick captive.

"I'M CREEEE... NNNINGGGG!" She skittered lightly in the last throes of her orgasm. The intensity, so staggering for so long, abated, and she floated back through the clouds. "Ooooo, God!" She went into a series of convulsions that sent her into unconsciousness. She twitched and fell forward on Steve.

Steve held her quivering body for a moment, them eased her off. As he stood, he gazed down at her motionless body. She had fucked herself into a stupor.

"Let's get the hell out of here," he said to Fred.

In minutes, they were gone, leaving Barbara with her ass and pussy stuffed with their cum.

Chapter SEVEN

Barbara, silent and remorseful, staggered upstairs to shower. But the horrible things she had done could not be washed away. They would haunt her forever. She dressed sullenly, the tears long since gone, her mind now hardened. She glanced around the room. She would miss the place. She began packing, slowly and methodically filling up her luggage with her clothes. Carl wouldn't miss her; he was too wrapped up in making it with with every young girl he could find. Frank had been wrong; Carl wouldn't change.

She couldn't go on like this anymore. She couldn't take another orgy like the one she'd had with Steve and Fred. She had to get away, search within herself, find out what she wanted in life. A sad smile crossed her lips. She knew what she wanted: Carl.

She strained herself picking up the heavy suitcases that were bulging with clothes. She forced back her tears as she left the bedroom she had shared with Carl for eleven wonderful years. The time for crying was over.

Step by step, she carried the suitcases downstairs. When she reached the bottom, she heard the click of a key in the door. She stood and watched the knob turn, it would be Carl, and she didn't want to see him.

"Damn it," she muttered to herself. "Babs!" he said, a smile on his face. His eyes lowered to the suitcases on the floor. "What... where are you going?"

She sniffled. "I'm leaving you, Carl." She was trembling, but she couldn't stop. She refused to look into his eyes. She kept her stare level with his shoulder, afraid that if she looked into his eyes she would cry.

"I said I'm leaving you." Her knees bent as she picked up the suitcases, one in each hand. "Would you move away from the door please."

"You're crazy! You're not going anywhere." His smile had vanished. He moved, but not for her benefit. He blocked the doorway and kicked the door closed. "I think we better talk."

"We have nothing to talk about," she told him plainly, taking a step around him. "Nothing at all."

He grabbed her by the arm, forcing her to drop one of the suitcases. "Yes we do." His mouth grew hard.

She jerked her arm away. "Go to hell!" She reached for the suitcase and grabbed it again. "I'm leaving you, and you're not going to stop me!"

"Like hell, I'm not!" he snarled. He grabbed the suitcase and flung it across the foyer. It thudded against the wall. He reached for the other suitcase in her hand. "Give me that!"

"Here!" she shouted, swinging the suitcase and hitting him in the ribs with it. "Let me out of this fuckin' house!" At she swung the heavy suitcase again, he deftly avoided it, and it flew out of her grasp. It went crashing to the opposite wall, the contents spilling out over the floor.

"You bastard!" she yelled, pushing him away, going to the opened suitcase. She knelt down in front of it, angrily stuffing the contents back inside, tears spilling from her eyes. "Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!" She was shoving her clothes back in...

Carl watched her. "What is the matter with you? I thought you loved me."

She tried closing the suitcase, but couldn't. Her angry eyes looked up at him, cold and hard. "I thought you loved me!" Her hands were trembling, pushing down on the lid. Clothes sticking out on all sides of the suitcase kept her from shutting it.

"I do, baby. Christ, I've always loved you."

"You're full of shit, Carl," she said, finally locking the suitcase. "I'm too old... I'm over the hill... I'm not a kid any more. Does that sound familiar? You don't love me." She retrieved the other piece of luggage. "Just let me leave. I'm tired, and I don't want to argue."

"You're not going anywhere until we talk." He kicked the other piece of luggage away when she reached for it. "We're going to talk, Barbara."

"I'm done talking." She was going to get by him, even if she had to do it without the other suitcase.

He grabbed her shoulders with both hands. "Christ, I was only kidding when I said those things. I mean... shit... we're both growing older."

"Everyone does," she said coldly. "I'm not over the hill. I'm still desirable and even sexy." She looked him in the eyes this time, unafraid of crying.

"I know that, Babs."

"Then why don't you make love to me any more?" She was holding her face for last. She was going to let him hang himself with his lies.

"I'm busy... my job... Christ... we're not kids. I got responsibilities..."

She laughed richly. "You're full of more shit than I thought." She stared hard. "I saw you with Dorrie at that lounge." She fed it to him a piece at a time. She saw the shock on his face before he had a chance to recover.

"You're not too busy to fuck her." She started for the door again.

He grabbed her again and spun her around. "Then it was you I saw in the lounge. Who was that man?" He was indignant with rage.

She stared at him incredulously. "You've got to be kidding! Where do you get off asking me that! For months you've been fucking Dorrie and anything else you can find under twenty-one and you've got the gall to ask me who that man was!" Her bitter laughter transformed into hysterics.

Carl shook her, "Who was he?" He knew she was telling the truth, but the thought of her doing the same as he outraged him. "Who was he?" He was blinded with jealousy.

"He was the man I backed the car into," she told him, calming down. "We went into the lounge for a drink, and he made a pass. I turned him down... then I saw you with Dorrie... and I went to a motel with him, and he fucked me just like you fuck Dorrie." She tried breaking free of his grasp, but failed. "Let me go, you bastard!"

"You whore!" He slapped her, his jealousy robbing him of reason.

She blinked, seeing the jealous hurt in his eyes. "He's not the only one," she added, going for the jugular. "Last night at the club, while you were eyeing all the young pussy, I was outside fucking one of the drummers and sucking the other one."

In his shock, he released her. She went for the door.

Carl went into a rage and wheeled her around. "You fuckin' tramp!"

"You're right, Carl. I am a tramp. I like fucking, and I like to be desired and wanted." She purposely omitted Frank and, his son. "While you were at the club today," she continued, "fucking some young cunt, the drummers and I had an orgy and I took them both on again. It was fabulous!" She found she was screaming. "They appreciate me! You don't! GO FUCK YOUR YOUNG GIRLS!"

Carl was floored. He felt as if he had been hit by a tank. She was right. For months, he had fucked his secretary and anyone else under twenty-five who was available.

His jealousy shattered like cheap glass. He saw her face, saw the face of the bride he had married eleven years ago, and realized his fear of growing old had ruined their marriage. His obsession with youth had destroyed them.

He dropped his arms in defeat. "Go on. I won't stop you... I don't deserve your love."

Free at last, she picked up her luggage and walked to the doer. She turned, looked at him the man she had cherished and loved for so long. The only man she had ever loved. "I love you, Carl. I always will."

He looked up, his eyes brimming with tears. "I love you, Babs." He heaved a deep breath of remorse. His face changed. "I... I was afraid... afraid of getting old. I guess I was trying to be a kid again." He paused. "I don't want to be a kid I don't want to fuck those empty-headed girls." He paused again. "I want you."

"I used to be one, of those empty-headed girls you fucked, when we first got married," she reminded him. A smile cracked her sad face.

"Never, you were never empty-headed. I guess I was searching for our youth."

"It will always be with us, if you don't worry about the years." She dropped the suitcases.

"Do you want to try again?" he asked gently, his mind screaming for another chance.

She nodded, taking a step toward him. "It'll take time. The things I've done, I'm ashamed of. It'll take time for me to forget what I could have become."

"Thu could never be a tramp. I neglected you. Spending my time in the sack with dumb pussy. We have to put these things behind us. Think of the future and not the past." He was speaking for himself, then he added, "I drove you to do those things."

"We'll help each other to forget," she sobbed, going into his arms. "We'll wipe away my shame."

"There is no shame," he told her, holding her, showering her with kisses. "I'm the one who ought to be ashamed." He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the stairs. "I made an ass out of myself and forgot how beautiful and sexy my wife really is... I can't have forgotten. You're the sexiest woman on earth." He carded her upstairs to their room, Barbara snuggling close to him.

As they approached the bedroom down the hall, Barbara clutched him tighter. "How do I make it up to you... the men... what I've done?"

"We start fresh. There are things we both have to forget, things we've both done wrong. Once we cross over into the bedroom, there is no past, nothing to make up there is only the future ahead of us."

"Ohhhh, my darling," she cried as he carried her into the bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. "Carl, take me. Fuck me! Fuck me blind like you used to."

Carl was naked in a blink of an eye, his hard-muscled body aching to be in his wife's arms again. His cock throbbed as he climbed on the bed and grabbed her clothes, ripping them off her until she lay beside him naked and hot, ready to begin their life together again.

She rolled into his strong embrace and kissed him, her, tongue invading his mouth. She gurgled dreamily in her husband's arms as he sucked her tongue and caressed her quivering hot body, kneading her silky-smooth skin, his cock burning into her belly.

"I've prayed for this moment." She kissed him back with fervid enthusiasm, frantically kissing him all over his face, down his neck where she became more urgent, her kisses turning to nips, tiny love bites that had Carl moaning pleasurably.

"I've been so stupid, so wrong," Carl moaned, hating himself.

Her head came up from his chest. "No more talk of the past. Only the future." She swooped down and attacked his hard stomach with her nipping teeth, her bites more demanding, harder as she worked closer and closer to his cock...

"Babs," he groaned deliriously, his hands seeking her tits. "Babs!" His hands found the fleshy tit globes and squeezed. He squirmed, holding his wife's its, reveling her avid mouth. He was content, the need to prove himself gone, the need to be young again evaporating under Barbara's hot energetic mouth. "Ohhhhh... I love you, Babs."

She planted a kiss on the tip of his hard cock and scrambled between his legs. His prick was towering above his groin. She licked her lips and brought her race back to his prick.

"OAAAHHH!" he groaned as her mouth turned into a rageing hot furnace and enveloped his cock. "Jesus Christ!" He jabbed up, feeling his cockhead sink into her throat.

Barbara wallowed in his moans of pleasure. It was like old times. He was enjoying her, and her heart felt as if it would burst with happiness. She sucked his prick into her throat, her hands skimming under his body and clamping onto his ass cheeks. Her nails sank into his ass flesh as she dined ravenously on his prick, covering his cock with sucks, bites, and chewing nips.

"Aghhhhhh!" Carl groaned, fucking into her face, her mouth reminding him of just how fantastic she really was. "Baby! Baby!" He lunged up, fucking his prick to the balls, his groin grinding into her lips and nose.

With ecstatic joy, Barbara accepted his cock, gobbling voraciously. His cock hair tickled her nose when he slammed into her. Her nails dug into him like spurs, raking his ass while he fucked and stabbed his prick into her throat. She was in heaven he was back!

Drawing her cheeks in, she sucked greedily and dragged her head back; he battled to keep his prick inside her tight gullet. Her teeth grazed along his prickshaft and stopped below his bell-shaped cockhead. With only his prickhead in her mouth, while he jabbed and humped, she sucked and whipped her tongue over his cock, slapping it like a wet leather strap.

Carl went insane with his prick trapped between her teeth. He thrashed wildly on the bed, his prick throbbing painfully, his balls aching to be emptied. "BABY! BABY! CHRIST!" He lunged up and growled, her teeth gnawing his rigid prickshaft and her tongue slashing across his cockhead. Her cocksucking transformed him into a madman.

Barbara had him where she wanted him. She pulled her mouth off his cock. He gasped as he dropped back onto the bed, twitching mindlessly. She clawed her nails out from under him and over his balls, then up his spit soaked cock.

"Now I want your cock in my pussy."

Carl was raging as Barbara straddled him. "Baby, I'm gonna fuck you blind!"

She leered at him, her eyes intense, her cheeks flaring, and her mouth. Contorting lewdly, her tongue flicking in and out. "I hope so, darling."

With her eyes burning into Carl's flushed and tight face, she reached down and grabbed his big cock. She gouged his prick through her wet steaming cunt gash. The shuddering contact almost made her faint. She studdied herself and eased the bloated cockhead between her cuntlips. She came slamming down, her cunt gulping his cock in one delicious swallow. "Unnnngggg," she groaned, her pussy stuffed with her husband's cock. It sent her reeling, and she swayed precariously, her eyes dilating, her the heaving as she tried to breathe. Carl stiffened, his back arching, his arms going for Barbara's magnificent tits. He pawed her tits, his fingers sinking in and out of the resilient cunt flesh, his prick burning in the boiling fuck-juices that steeped his cock in the buttery warmth of her pussy. He was greased for the onslaught ahead.

He leered up into her beautiful face. "Babs! Babs! You're gorgeous... so fantastically gorgeous!" He released her tits, wanting to admire her tits as he had done the first time he had seen them. He looked at the plump mounds of tit flesh soft, sweet, and juicy. Her tits were even more beautiful now.

She was drunk with passion and love for her husband. His compliments filled her with joy. "They're yours forever, my darling husband. Forever!" She leaned forward, slapping her bloated tits over his face.

Like bobbing for apples, Carl sank his teeth into a swollen red nipple. He sucked her tit and hanged with his cock. He fucked her pussy with fury while sucking her firm and pulpy tits. His hands mauled her soft body, then moved down her hips where he held her. He sucked and fucked alternating, lunged and sucked as if it were his mouth that drew his cock into her pussy.

Barbara luxuriated in the happiness she felt. Her head lolled, her hair falling into his face as he sucked on her tits. She watched him eat her tits and used her cunt muscles to milk his fucking cock.

Pulling her tit from his mouth, she sat up, jutting her tits out, truly proud of them. She rocked her hips and fucked forward, watching her husband's handsome face. She fucked again and again, spiraling upward with each delicious second. Her orgasm was building.

Carl, insane with passion and love for his wife, grabbed her and rolled, a fluid move that had him on top, her on the bottom, and his cock in command. "Now we fuck, my darling wife. Game time is over!"

She squealed in happiness, wanting him in control, wanting him to back her into insensibility. "Yessss! FUCK ME!"

With long hard demanding fuck-strokes, he pounded her cunt. His groin slammed hard against her pussy mound, mashing her clit. His prick sliced deep into each fuck-thrust, then he eased back, leaving a pulsing oozing wet void that he quickly filled again with another hardhitting thrust. He repeated this slow torturous process until his skull was a screaming echo writhing beneath him.

"Ohhhhhh, GOD! AGHHHHHHH!" she screamed, her hips lunging, her pussy grabbing his cock, adding to the pleasure of his slow deliberate fucking. She writhed in bliss, her tits rolling, her head jerking from side to side, whimpering moans escaping her spittle drooling mouth.

"Un! Un! Un!" she panted, arching up with each fuck-thrust of his cunt-splitting cock. "Harder! Faster! Take me all the waaaaay!" She became a beast, a writhing fucking beast, clawing and battling his pounding body with love and adoration.

Carl heeded his wife's insane screams and shortened his fuck-strokes. He began the fast roller-coaster ride to the summit.

"Yesssss!" she hissed as she increased her fuck-lunges to match his. "All the waaaaay!" Her legs shot out, then slammed back, her heels sinking into his sinewy muscles. Her nails clawed his arms, shoulders, chest as she raced headlong into bliss. Carl saw it in her eyes before it happened.

Her nails and humping hips carried him with her. He saw her face as her climax enveloped her, then felt the contracting storm in her pussy as her cunt muscles constricted. He rode her fury, rode her current to his own approaching climax. He gained the crest as he banged her back into the mattress.

"I'M CUMMING, DARLING!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. The impetus of his violent fucking carried her swiftly to her orgasm. "OHHHHHHHHHH, CARL! I'M CUMMING!" She was swept up in fuck-lust, her arms going around him, pulling his body to her, her hips never missing a fuck-stroke as she matched his fucking tempo.

Carl, his body and mind working together, went skyrocketing over the summit into joyous ecstasy. His prick exploded a thick gush of cock jizz. His piss-slot opened wide with countless wads of spewing cum, splattering his wife's convulsing pussy. He roared, his deep voice blending with Barbara's high-pitched squeals. "I'M CUMMINGGGG TOO!"

"I know," she wailed, rejoicing in the hot cum he fucked into her pussy. "I'm drowning in it!" She went wild, a crazed woman, jerking and fucking up onto her husband's prick, her arms and legs wound around him like the gripping limbs of an octopus. She creamed this cock, her hot bubbling pussy cum flooding over his prickshaft.

Carl fucked her with steady powerful thrusts. Each time she lunged, he drove her back. His head twisted, the muscles in his neck straining. His back arched, her hips became pistons. Growling howls came out of his throat as his prick spewed a torrent of whitewashing cum.

They fucked each other with love, trying to give more than they were receiving both triumphant. They went higher into their chaotic bliss, their bodies caught up in the catastrophic storm of their mutual climax. Hard violent fuck-thrusts met with upward fuck-lunges. Muscle battered soft flesh. Soft flesh cushioned hard muscle. Whimpering cries of pleasure blended with deep moaning groans.

They hovered at the top, drifting aimlessly in the heights, their bodies experiencing bliss together. They floated back as one, their fears real or imagined lost forever.

Clinging to one another, they fell asleep. A new life was ahead of them when they awoke.


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