Hot country wife

Life in the country isn't always as serene as most people imagine it to be. Behind the facade of horses and cows peacefully grazing in lush green pastures, tractors moving slowly along dusty roads, people sometimes feel a compelling desire to search for greener pastures.

When life at home becomes too boring, some country wives may feel the urge to change the dullness of their everyday lives by reaching out for new sexual outlets.

These escapades may seem harmless at first, but things sometimes get out of control, and the new sexual outlets may became a new way of life.

Such is the story of Judy Davis, a bored country wife who looks for excitement outside of her daily existence with a husband who is rarely home to satisfy her inner hungers.

HOT COUNTY WIFE is a fictional story that tells about one woman's many sexual experiences in her never-ending search for happiness. A story of our confusing times.

Chapter ONE

"What's the matter?" Buford Davis asked, casually scratching his balls through his trousers. "You seem so quiet tonight."

Judy Davis shrugged her shoulders as she finished the dishes and hung her dishtowel up to dry. She hadn't felt like talking for some reason. She felt bored and sad and she didn't understand why. That day had been no different from any other day. Her life wasn't all that exciting but it wasn't any worse than many other farmers' wives who lived in the area.

Only minutes earlier, she and her husband had enjoyed a hot after-supper fuck. Buford thought he had given his pretty red-haired wife the best fucking she'd ever had. He'd sucked on her luscious tits until they'd become swollen to almost bursting. The taut erect nipples had tasted so good. He couldn't seem to get enough of Judy's delicious tits in his mouth. The sucking and slurping as he laved and nibbled on his wife's hot tits had caused her cunt to immediately fill with hat juices. She had humped her silken hips high as she writhed to meet his powerful thrusts as he pumped his enormous cock in and out of her seething cunt.

"Is it good, Judy? Am I as good a fucker as I was when we first got married?" Buford always did his best to satisfy his hot little wife. He was sure he had made her come over and over.

But lately Judy had been feeling hot more often than ever. When Buford had finished his passionate fucking, she was still aching for more.

"Yes, honey. You're still the best husband in the world. You made me come over and over. Maybe I'm just a little tired tonight."

"Are you upset about something?" Buford asked.

"No," Judy answered.

Buford seemed to accept her answer. He took out his pipe and lit it. He was a big man and his hands nearly swallowed the small pipe. Judy was a little over half his size. Her hair was a very dark red and she wore it to her shoulders. She kept her lush figure trim by plenty of waking.

"I'm going down to the church tonight," Buford said. "We've still got some work to do on the new classroom."

"All right," Judy said.

"What are you going to do?" he asked.

"I don't know. I suppose I'll watch some television and then go to bed."

Her answer had been honest. That had been exactly what she had planned to do right up to the moment that Buford's truck disappeared down the road. Then she suddenly felt too impatient to watch television. She decided that a walk would do her good.

She put on her shawl and walked down toward the lake. It was a quiet evening and voices carried a long distance. There was no excuse for her picking the trail she did. She had already heard the girl's giggling voice and she knew some couple had parked in the woods.

She knew what she should do. She should turn back and take the route along the lake edge. Somehow she couldn't do that. She kept walking toward the sound of the voices. She didn't know what she was going to find when she got there. She only knew that her heart was pounding loudly with anticipation.

"Don," Judy heard the girl's voice clearly now.

"Don, please don't do that."

Judy kept walking. Her knees felt a little unsteady. She stopped behind some brush as she caught sight of the young boy and girl.

The boy had parked his car behind the trees. The young couple had spread a blanket on the ground and now they were lying close to one another. The girl looked about nineteen. She had red hair just like Judy's, although the girl's hair was a shade lighter. She also had Judy's lush figure. She wore a simple sweater, and a skirt that had ridden up above her shapely knees. The sight made Judy flush.

The boy was tall and dark-haired. He had one hand on the young girl's upper leg. Judy could almost feel his strong fingers gripping her own leg.

His hand slipped higher and the girl put her hand on top of his. Judy could tell that the young girl was torn between fear and excitement. Judy could see the rise and fall of the young girl's big tits beneath the tight-fitting sweater.

"Don't touch me like that," the girl pleaded.

"Ahhhh Lynn," the young man said. "You know you like it when I touch your pussy."

"I like it," Lynn admitted.

"Then let me finger-fuck you," he insisted.

She twisted away from him and sat up. Judy noticed that her round pretty face was flushed and she was gasping for breath. If the young man played his cards right he was going to fuck her.

Judy had never seen anyone so hot for it. Looking at her even made Judy get the hots.

"I think we'd better go home," Lynn said.

"Let's stay just a little while longer," Don said.

"Just a little while then," she agreed.

The girl let him push her back on the blanket once again. He started kissing her mouth and his hand went back to her knee again. Judy could see his fingers working on the creamy flesh of her upper leg and this time the girl didn't try to escape. His caressing fingers grew a little bolder. Judy saw his hand disappear up her skirt. This time the girl moaned.

"Don't," she said.

"I just want to play with your cunt, Lynn," Don said.

This time it was Judy's turn to gasp. She'd never heard that word before except in bathroom humor. For some reason it didn't seem so vulgar at that moment. It sounded exciting.

"Don't be ugly," Lynn said.

"I'm not being ugly," he said. "You know you like me to play with your cunt. You know you like me to put my finger in your panties."

"Don't, Don," she gasped. "Oh please don't!"

"You know you like it."

Don was getting bolder. He kept one hand under her skirt while he moved his other hand up to caress one of her big tits. Judy felt her own tits start to harden and swell against the front of her blouse. Her nipples started to feel itchy.

Don started tugging at the front of the girl's sweater. Judy saw the sweater slip out of the skirt and slowly inch up her white belly. In a moment Don had the sweater up around the redhead's neck and he was slipping his hand under her bra.

"I'm a nice girl," Lynn moaned. "Please don't do that. I'm a nice girl."

"I respect that," Don said. "I know you're a nice girl. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

Judy knew that it was getting out of hand. She knew that she should leave. It was obscene to stand there watching. But she didn't have the strength to leave. Instead she found herself reaching around and undoing her bra hooks through her thin blouse. She breathed a sigh of relief as the cups loosened around her swollen tits.

"Let me undo this," Don said.

"Stop," Lynn said, but the young girl was already too far gone to stop him. His hand slipped beneath her and expertly unhooked her bra. He jerked the bra away from her to reveal two creamy mounds. Judy could see two huge brown nipples that looked rock-hard.

"Ohhhhh," Lynn moaned.

"You're beautiful," Don told her. "You've got a really beautiful pair."

"Please stop," Lynn begged. "You're making me so crazy."

"Your tits are so beautiful."

The young girl was squirming hotly. Judy could close her eyes and she could imagine what the boy's hand was doing underneath her short skirt. It made Judy feel funny inter belly. She was tempted to do something she hadn't done since childhood. She told herself that an adult woman shouldn't have to play with herself. But the young couple made her hot. She couldn't help herself. She slid her hand into the front of her blouse and underneath the loose bra. She found her soft tit with her fingers. She cupped the mound and gave herself a gentle squeeze. She could feel a tingle going all through her body.

"I want to take your skirt off," Don pleaded with Lynn.

Lynn tugged at his hand but she didn't make him stop. He undid the buttons of her skirt and pulled it down her long legs. Judy saw that the girl's panties were already half off. She saw Don slipping his hand inside the flimsy material. Judy could actually see his fingers working.

"Oh dearrrrrrr," Lynn moaned. "Oh stop, please!"

Don took his hand back out of her panties. He gripped the flimsy material and pulled it down her legs. At the last minute she made a weak attempt to catch his hand. It was too late. He got her panties off her legs and her cunt was completely exposed.

"Oh Don," she gasped.

His hand covered her reddish pussy hair. Again Judy could see him slowly working his fingers in and out of the young girl's cunt. Judy had never watched anything like this before. Judy resembled the young girl so closely that she could close her eyes and imagine that it was she, herself, lying on that blanket. She could be the one with her legs spread lewdly and those hot fingers thrusting into her cunt.

"Oh God," Judy gasped softly. She leaned back against a tree while she rubbed her fingers across her nipples. Her nipples were so stiff that they hurt. She could feel a hot wetness between her legs. She had not felt this hot in a long time. Buford could not bring out this kind of animal urge in her.

"You're making me feel so wicked," Lynn moaned. "I'm a nice girl. I don't want to do this. Please don't."

"You know you like it," Don said. "You like having my fingers in your hot cunt. You like this too!"

Lynn moaned as Don lowered his head and started licking at one of her hard brown nipples. Judy could hear the sounds of his lips sucking at the girl's tit Judy couldn't stand it any longer. She took her hand out of her blouse and touched the front of her skirt. She could feel the heat of her pussy through the skirt's material. She was really turned on. She was hotter than she could ever remember being.

Don stopped fingering the redhead's cunt. He took his hand away and Judy saw the swollen pussy lips and the wet pink flesh. Then she turned her eyes to Don. He was taking off his shirt. He wore no undershirt. She saw his muscle's ripple as he unzipped his pants.

"What are you doing?" Lynn asked.

"What does it look like?"

"You can't do that," Lynn said. "I'm not that kind of girl. Don't you dare take off your clothes."

Don wasn't listening to her. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down. He kicked out of them. Judy could see the bulge in front of his shorts. His cock was sticking out like a tent pole. Lynn saw it too. Her eyes widened.

"We're not going to do that," Lynn said.

"Sure we are," Don said.

He stripped off his shorts. Judy was amazed when she saw how thick and blood-red the young man's cock was. It wasn't that much bigger than her husband's, but it had the power of youth. Judy had never kissed a prick in her life but she would have been tempted to kiss the swollen head.

"Spread your legs," Don said. "I've waited long enough. Spread your legs because I'm going to fuck you!"

The note of authority in his voice left no room for hesitation. Judy had the feeling that the young man was past the point of being able to control himself. He was now a wild beast. He would have raped her if she didn't fuck him willingly.

"All right," Lynn said meekly.

Judy was past that point herself. She pulled her skirt up around her waist and slipped her hot hand inside her panties. Her pussy lips felt tender. She gently stroke the opening with her fingertip. She could feel hot shivers going up her spine.

"Be gentle," Lynn said.

The redhead's legs were spread. There was a look of hot passion clouding her face and Judy could see her body trembling as Don rolled over on top of her. Judy could see his stiff prick pushing at the hole between the redhead's legs.

"I'm going to fuck you," Don groaned. "I'm going to have some of your nice pussy!"

"Oh yes," Lynn sighed. "Put it in now!"

Lynn wasn't acting the part of a nice girl any longer. Her entire body was ready for his cock. Judy could see Lynn's fingers stroking Don's muscular back. She could see Don pushing forward slowly and his prick gently entering Lynn's cunt.

"Oh yesssss," Lynn moaned.

"You've got a sweet pussy," Don said. "A fucking sweet pussy. What a fine piece of ass!"

The young redhead didn't seem to mind his degrading words. She had also turned into a wild animal. Her body twisted lewdly beneath the young boy as she physically tried to drive his swollen cock into her a little deeper.

"I love your cock," she moaned. "I love your cock inside me!"

Judy knew it was vulgar but she stabbed two fingers between the lust-swollen lips of her cunt. Her fiery flesh seemed to close around her fingers and she could feel her wetness soaking her panties. She moved her fingers around until she was stroking her clit. She could feel her cunt swelling under her fingers. She gasped for breath. She hadn't finger-fucked herself in a long time, but it felt so good. Right now it felt better than Buford's prick.

"I want to be fucked," Lynn moaned. "I want you to move your hot cock! I need a good fucking!"

Judy could see Don's heavy balls as he began to move. She saw the rise and fall of his muscular ass and she knew that he was driving his prick into the girl's cunt. That was what Judy wanted. She didn't want Buford's cock. She wanted this young man. She wanted to feel his hard cock thrusting between her legs.

"That's the way," Lynn moaned. "That's what I want! Fuck me good like that!"

"My God," Don gasped. "You really go crazy when a guy gets his prick into you!"

The young redhead really was going crazy. She was twisting and moaning wildly under the thrust of Don's cock. She was rubbing her big tits against his chest. Judy could hear the sounds his rigid prick made as he slid it into her hot pussy. It was a wet sound that seemed to touch every nerve in Judy's body.

"Oh God," Judy moaned softly. She couldn't stand up any longer. Her knees were about to give way. Judy sank down on the ground, her fingers working in her cunt. She felt fiery shivers going up her spine as her fingers worked a little faster. Her swollen clitty felt like it was going to burst. She wanted to close her eyes and give into the sweet feelings of pleasure. But even more she wanted to see what was happening between the redhead and the young man.

"Oh baby," Lynn gasped. "I'm getting so close. Your big cock feels so good. I'm getting so close!"

"You like my cock, sugar?"

"Oh yesssss," Lynn moaned. "You know I do. You know I like your big cock."

Judy could see his muscular hips moving a little faster. The loud slap of his balls sounded like rapid fire from a machine-gun. Judy could hear Lynn grunt each time he thrust his prick into the young girl.

"Oh my God," Lynn groaned. "It feels good. I'm going to come and it feels so good! GOOOD!"

Lynn moved across the hard ground as her body exploded into shivers of pleasure. Don never missed a stroke. His big thick cock kept pounding into her. Judy put her free hand inside her blouse and began to stroke her titties again. It wasn't enough. She needed that young man's cock.

"Your cunt feels so good," Don groaned. "I can feel my balls catching on fire."

"Don't come in me," Lynn pleaded. "I want to see you come!"

Don gave her a couple of more hard strokes before he pulled his cock out of her pussy. Judy caught a glimpse of his big prick as he moved around to Lynn's side. His swollen flesh looked like the biggest hunk of meat she'd ever seen. Judy would have loved to get her hands on that hard prick.

"I'm coming!" Don groaned.

Lynn wrapped her fingers around the staff of his cock. One hand moved up and down while her other hand caressed his heavy nut-sacs. Judy could see the pearly drops of white cum already leaking down onto Lynn's stomach. Lynn didn't mind. Her hands just seemed to work faster on his hot cock.

"Come on me, baby," Lynn urged him. "Come on my titties. Shoot your cum all over me!"

Judy couldn't get over how lewdly these two young people talked to one another. They both seemed so shy yet so experienced. Especially the girl. Her fingers seemed to be touching every part of Don's hot cock.

"Oh fuck," Don moaned. "Oh fucking Jesus!"

"Come on my titties!" Lynn cried out. "Please come. I want to feel your hot cum all over me. I want to rub it into my hot skin. Come on me, baby!"

"Oh Christ!" Don cried out savagely. "Christ, this feels good. Christ, you little cunt. Use your Goddamned cunt hands on me! Oh, you sweet cunt! CUNT!"

Nothing could have made Judy take her eyes off that red bloated cock. She was fascinated as she saw the first pearly drops spurt from the end. She would have thought that Lynn would try to escape from the shower of hot cum. Instead she saw that Lynn was rubbing the cum into her skin. Then the thick wad of jism spurted from his swollen knob all over her trembling belly and tits.

"That's what I like," Lynn told him. "Cover me with it!"

Judy kept her fingers working inside her cunt as she watched the young couple. Don rubbed his knob against the girl's belly and then her cunt. Lynn was smiling as she touched his cock gently.

"Did it feel good?" Lynn asked.

"It felt very good," Don groaned.

Immediately the young couple was in a great hurry to leave. In a few minutes they had dressed. Lynn started to look a little guilty as the heat of passion passed. Don gave her no time to start an argument. He hustled her into the car and Judy watched until it had pulled away.

Judy leaned back against the tree and shut her eyes. Her pussy felt so hot as she worked her fingers against her cunt. It wasn't the young man fucking her, but Judy was dreaming that it was.

She was dreaming that the young man was on top of her, ramming his prick into her hungry cunt.

"Oh God," Judy moaned. "God, God, oh GOOOOOD!"

She felt her pussy juices soaking her fingers as her belly tensed up and then exploded in a shiver of pleasure. It was so damned good, but it left her with a feeling of guilt. She had been doing something wicked. She had been playing with her pussy like some kind of juvenile. She had not acted anything like a normal adult woman should be acting.

Judy got up and straightened her clothes. Her knees still felt a little weak. It took her a long time to walk back to the farmhouse. The first thing she did was take a little drink from the whiskey bottle Buford kept hidden in the kitchen cabinet. He called it his medicine bottle. She was glad he wasn't home. She would have hated to explain her shaken condition. She couldn't explain it to herself. She didn't know why she had acted as she had, but she knew that the episode in the woods had been the most exciting thing that had happened to her in a long time.

Judy wondered what was going to happen the next time she got so horny she couldn't control herself.

Chapter TWO

Judy heard the screeching tires and she immediately knew who it was. There was only one person who drove like an idiot on Collins Road. She turned her head long enough to see the fire engine red Ford pulling up beside her. Buddy Wright put his head out the window.

"You want a ride?" he asked.

"No, thank you," she answered.

Buddy Wright had a reputation as a wild young man. Often Judy had caught him looking at her oddly, as if he could see right through her clothes. Judy usually didn't like the feeling. Today his gaze made her feel horny.

She realized why she felt that way. Buddy looked like Don. Buddy had the same powerful shoulders as the boy she'd seen in the woods. She found herself remembering Don's hard cock. It was a crazy way to feel in the middle of the afternoon.

"Are you sure I can't give you a ride?" Buddy asked again.

Judy kept thinking about what had happened in the woods. She started to get hot. She made her decision. When she nodded, she saw the look of surprise on Buddy's face. He had never expected her to accept his offer. She walked around and got into the car.

Judy noticed that Buddy had a six pack of beer on the floorboard. She licked her lips. It had been a long time since she had tasted beer. Buford refused to have it in the house. Her husband thought that it wasn't right for a church member to have beer around the house. He considered beer a redneck drink.

Judy could remember the taste she'd loved as a teenager. She was tempted to ask Buddy for a can, but she didn't want to act too free with him. The young boy had enough wrong ideas. It wouldn't do to give him any more.

"How do you like my car?" Buddy asked.

Buddy was a very fast driver. She leaned back in her seat as Buddy shifted gears. She could hear the tires screeching each time he changed a gear. He was taking the corners too fast. It was frightening. It made her a little tingly.

"You drive it too fast," Judy said.

"Yeah," Buddy said. "But most people like to go fast."

There was a lot of suggestion in his words. He drove right past Judy's house but Judy didn't say anything. She was waiting to see what he would do. He turned off on the road that led to the area where the teenagers had parked the night before. One thing about Buddy. He had a lot of nerve.

"What are you doing?" Judy asked.

"I thought we might stop and have a beer."

"You're crazy," she said.

"Don't you like beer?" he asked.

"Of course I like beer."

"Then have one with me," Buddy insisted. "They're ice cold. I just bought them."

It was pure foolishness. Judy was a married woman and anyone could have seen them drive into the woods. Her house was just around the bend. It was within walking distance. She should walk away right now. But she couldn't resist. She found herself reaching for the beer that he popped open for her.

"Ummmm," she said, as she sipped at the liquid. She felt the warmth of the alcohol spreading through her. It was a nice feeling. She stretched her legs out in front of her. The end of her skirt slid up past her thighs. She felt Buddy's eyes on her but she didn't give a damn.

"Do you like it?" Buddy asked.

"Oh yes," she said. "I haven't had a beer in a long time. It's really good."

Buddy moved closer to her in the seat. She knew he was about to put his arm around her. She wondered how she was going to react. Buddy was a young man and he couldn't have had a lot of experience with girls. He would be hesitant about trying anything with an older woman.

Judy was very wrong. Immediately Buddy slipped his arm around her shoulder. She felt his strong fingers caressing her skin. She started getting hot.

"What are you doing now?" Judy asked.

"I thought we could be more comfortable," Buddy said.

"Take your arm from around me. I agreed to have a beer with you. That doesn't mean you can start pawing me. I'm a happily married woman."

The tone of her voice made Buddy back off. She saw that she had bruised his ego. He sipped on his beer and stared out the window. She suddenly realized that he really thought he stood a chance with her. He had already mentally stripped her naked.

Judy thought about the lean young man of the night before. She remembered the powerful hardness of his big cock. She remembered how her fingers had felt as she had massaged her tender, swollen cunt. She had been really excited.

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but I am a married woman."

"You don't look so married," Buddy said. "You look better than a lot of girls I go to school with."

"That's not true," Judy said. "I've seen you with some really pretty girls."

"They're just children," Buddy said. This time it was Judy who moved closer to Buddy. She put her hand on his knee. She could feel the heat of his body right through the material of his tight bluejeans. She had the feeling that things could start getting out of hand. But somehow she didn't want it to stop. She wanted to see how wild things could get.

"I'd like to kiss you," Buddy said.

"All right," Judy agreed quickly. "But only one kiss. I owe you one for the beer."

Judy leaned over and touched her full lips against his. She should have known he wouldn't settle for just one quick kiss. His arms snaked quickly around her waist. He jerked her tightly against his chest and his mouth completely covered hers. She felt his tongue pushing at her lips and she couldn't refuse. She opened her, lips and rubbed her tongue against his.

She felt his hand on her knees. It was time to stop. She broke away from him. His hand never left her knee. She sipped again at her beer and tried to catch her breath. She wondered why Buddy was getting her hot so quickly. Maybe she was ready to be turned on after watching the couple the night before. Maybe it was just that she was ready for something new in her life.

"That was some kiss," she whispered.

"I like kissing you," he said. His hand slipped a little higher on her leg. His fingers touched the creamy smoothness of her thigh. She didn't have the will to resist. At that moment she knew she was going to let him fuck her. Up to that moment she had been fooling herself. She was only going after a beer and a few minutes conversation. Now she admitted that she wanted more than that.

She wondered what Buford would think if he found out. He thought she was the perfect wife. Sweet and innocent and in love with her husband. He could have never pictured her in the front seat of a fire-engine red Ford making out with a teenage boy.

"Kiss me again," Judy said.

His mouth crushed hers. His tongue stabbed in and out of her mouth and against her tongue. She liked the feeling. She felt his hand creeping up her inner thigh. She finally felt his fingertips touching her panties. She opened her legs a little wider and his hand covered her pussy. He was surprised. She could sense that. He had never dreamed he would get this far, even if he had hoped.

"You feel so good," he moaned. "So good."

Judy felt a little frightened. She was starting to show her inexperience. She had never been in the front seat of a car with a boy. She had never felt any cock but her husband's. She wasn't sure that she would make the young man happy.

His hand cupped one of her big soft titties. She could immediately feel her nipples starting to stiffen. Her nipples were so sensitive. It was hard for her to resist a man who put his hands on her titties.

"Let me feel you," he gasped.

"You're feeling me," he said.

"No," he moaned. "That's not what I want. I want to feel your tits. I want to feel them naked."

She was at the point of no return and she couldn't resist. She pulled away long enough to unbutton her blouse and strip it from her white shoulders. Buddy was impatient. He reached quickly behind her back, unhooked the bra, and let it fall away from her big tits.

"Christ," Buddy groaned. "You are so beautiful."

"Do you really like them?" Judy asked.

"God, you know it. I've never seen a pair of tits like yours before. They're beautiful."

He rubbed her pussy mound and she could feel her hot juices soaking the material of her panties God, why couldn't Buford ever make her this hot?

Buford was so dull, even in his fucking. This young man had more style than Buford. Buddy's hands set her on fire.

"Kiss them," Judy moaned. "Please kiss them."

Judy stretched out in the car seat. Buddy put his mouth against one of her hot brown nipples. Judy moaned as she felt shivers of joy going through her body. His tongue licked at her and it nearly drove her out of her mind. She put her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face closer to her round tit.

"Take it in your mouth," she moaned. "Oooooh, I like to be kissed like that, I like to be sucked!"

Judy felt freer than she had ever felt. She had never been able to really think of herself as an animal before. Now she wasn't thinking about love. She was only thinking about fucking this young man and letting him fuck her.

She felt his hot mouth gobbling her titty-flesh. His tongue kept working and her nipple grew stiffer. She couldn't see how he got so much of her flesh into his mouth. He was sucking nearly her entire titty. He knew how to use his mouth.

He released her tit and moved his lips down her belly. He kissed the strip of bare skin just above her skirt. She felt his tongue tracing a path back up her belly again. His tongue touched underneath her creamy tit.

"Oh, your mouth feels so good," she moaned. "I love the way you suck my tit."

She felt his hands on the zipper of her skirt. She didn't resist as he pulled the zipper down and then tugged the dress down over her long legs. She sighed in pleasure as he dropped her skirt to the floor.

"Pretty blue panties. I like to see a woman in pretty blue panties."

"I'm glad you like them," Judy said. "Now why don't you take them off?"

Buddy laughed as he stripped her panties down her legs. She spread her legs for him as he put his hand back on her cunt. She felt his rough fingers probing her cunt hole. She reached down and took his hand. She helped him part the rosy petals of her cunt.

"That's the way," she said. "Put your fingers inside my cunt while you suck on my tits. That makes me so hot!"

She knew she should be feeling guilty. It was wrong to let this young boy play with her cunt. But it felt so damned good. His rough fingers sent shivers up and down her spine. She spread her legs even wider and another hot finger slipped into her hungry box.

"That feels so good," she whispered. "It makes me feel so hot, all over."

She protested as she felt his hand slipping out of her cunt. He quit sucking on her tits and sat up on the seat. She tried to tug him back down but Buddy had his own mess. He started tearing at the buttons on his shirt.

"Don't be so impatient," Judy said. "Let me help you with your shirt."

Judy felt impatient herself. It was hard to control her trembling fingers as she undid his shirt. He wasn't wearing an undershirt. His chest was matted with pale blond hair. Judy couldn't resist running her fingers through it.

"Oh baby," Buddy groaned.

Judy leaned over and touched her lips against his hard nipple. She sucked the tiny bud into her mouth and bit it gently. She could tell she was making him hot as hell. She felt him stroking her hair as she let her tongue travel down his belly.

"Take my trousers off," he groaned. "My cock's hard as hell. Take it out before it breaks."

Judy's cunt was churning with excitement. She kept remembering the boy's cock of the night before. It had looked really beautiful. She had wanted to touch it so badly. Now she was going to have her chance to do as she wanted with a young exciting cock.

She quickly unzipped his fly and tugged his belt apart. She pulled his trousers down to his knees and left them there. She was looking at the thick bulge in his shorts. It looked so big. It couldn't be that big. She quickly reached for his shorts and blissfully peeled them over the awesome cock.

It was huge, and the crown was blood-red and pulsating with excitement. She put her fingers against the tip and felt the heat. It almost burned her fingers. She wrapped her fingers around the crown, just under the sensitive edge.

"It's beautiful," she said.

"A man's cock isn't beautiful," Buddy said.

"Yours is beautiful," she insisted. "It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time."

He looked at her strangely but she didn't care. She wanted to get her fill of touching his huge prick. She closed both hands around the thick cock and moved her fingers up and down. She felt the first of his dripping cum running over her fingers. She felt so hot. She felt like doing so many things she'd never felt like doing with Buford. Mostly she felt like fucking.

"God," Buddy groaned. "You keep doing that and you're going to make me blow my wad."

Judy slipped her hand down his cock to cup his heavy balls. With one hand moving up and down the length of his throbbing cock, she was able to coax more of the white jism out of the bloated tip. It was crazy but she couldn't get enough of touching his hard cock.

"You've got to stop that," Buddy groaned. "I've got to have some of your hot cunt before I blow my wad!"

Judy released his cock. She took another longing look at it before she leaned back in the seat. She felt lewd as she rested her back against the door and raised her knees to expose her pink cunt. She remembered how the young girl had looked the night before. She remembered how the girl had spread her legs wide so that there was nothing of her pink cunt that wasn't exposed.

"GO ahead," Judy urged him. "Stick your cock in me. Stick your hot cock in my pussy!"

She could tell he was surprised by her crude language. But she wanted to be crude. She wanted to feel like a hot whore who lived for nothing but sex.

Buddy moved over her. She was cramped and uncomfortable but she wanted his big cock inside her. She had a momentary pang of guilt as she mentally saw Buford's face. It was quickly forgotten as she felt the first pressure of his big knob at the lips of her cunt. Buddy was excited but he didn't drive his cock right into her hot box. Instead he began to slowly move the bloated head up and down. She could feel his cock getting slippery as her juices mixed with his hot cum-cream.

She reached for his cock. Her fingers wrapped around the middle of his cock and she tried to pull it into her. Instead Buddy backed up and there was a teasing grin on his face. He had never had any female this hot for him before. He wanted to enjoy it.

"What do you want?" Buddy asked.

"I want you to fuck me. I want your cock."

"Then beg me," Buddy said. "Beg me. For a long time I've watched you walk around with your nose up in the air without even a wiggle in your ass. You wouldn't even look at me."

"I'm sorry." Judy moaned.

"That's not good enough. I want to hear you beg me. I want to hear you say please. Say, please, Buddy!"

She knew she had lost the upper hand. She couldn't direct the action any more. She was so damned hot. She tightened her fingers around his cock and humped up to meet it. She managed to get his thick cock-head just inside the plump lips of her hot cunt.

"Oh God," she moaned. "I can't help it. I'm so hot. Please put your cock in me, Buddy. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me. I need your cock so bad!"

Buddy had waited long enough. He pushed forward and she felt her cunt walls stretching to admit his huge cock. She closed her eyes at the sweet pressure. His hot cock filled her cunt up. She felt his rod rubbing against her cunt. It sent new shivers through her. She fucked back at him harder. She felt her cunt sucking his cock all the way into her belly. It felt so delicious.

"Oh, that feels nice!" she cried out savagely. "It feels so damned good!"

"It feels good, all right," Buddy moaned. "It feels so damned good. Your cunt feels so hot."

Judy managed to wrap her legs round his and she started sliding back and forth in the seat. The hot seat burned her ass but she didn't care. She could shut ha eyes and let the sweet pleasure of his hard cock take her mind off all pain.

"Fuck me," she groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

Buddy's balls slapped against her as he began to drive his cock in and out of her hot pussy. Her juices wet his cock a little more. She could squeeze her cunt walls together and feel her hard clitty rubbing his cock. She felt some of his cum-cream leaking on the inside of her thighs. It felt so damned good!

"Fuck me faster," she moaned. "Fuck me a lot harder!"

"You want me to fuck you like a whore?" Buddy asked.

"Oh yesssss," she answered. "Yesssss. I want to be fucked like a whore! Fuck me like a whore! Fuck me like a Goddamn whore!"

She felt his hands underneath her as he began to drive his cock into her even faster. It felt like he was trying to push her out of the car door. She felt his bloated knob sliding deep into her cunt. She fucked him in a frenzy because she could already feel the fluttery feelings in her cunt.

"You're inking me come!" she cried out. "You're making me come. God, it feels good! Your hot cock feels so good. IT FEELS SO DAMNED GOOD!"

She went crazy as her juices soaked his cock. Immediately shy could feel the hot swelling of his prick and she knew he was ready to come. She slipped her hand between his legs and found his balls. She began caressing the heavy sacs as he drove his cock into her.

"Come in my cunt," she moaned. "Come in me. Come!"

"I'm coming, baby," he grunted. "God, I'm coming. I'm coming! You cunt, I'm coming, COMING!"

His thick jism spurted out of her hot cunt. She kept moving beneath him until she had drained his cock completely dry. She kept moving until his cock had gone limp and slowly slipped out of her.

"Ummmm," she moaned. "God, baby. That was nice!"

She knew she was supposed to feel guilty, but she felt no guilt. She was stark naked with a young boy who had just finished fucking her. It was against everything she had ever been taught. Yet, all she felt was a warm pleasant feeling. Kind of a nice glow.

A very nice glow.

Chapter THREE

"Are you serious?" Gail Martin asked. "I sure am," Buddy answered. "I can't believe it. She's a grown woman and her husband is a big church member and everything."

"They may be big church goers," Buddy said. "But his wife sure isn't religious."

Gail Martin had long blonde hair and serious big blue eyes. She had a pretty face but she worried about the rest of her body. She thought she was too skinny. She knew that most boys went for girls a little more developed. She badly wanted to attract boys. Especially Buddy.

Tonight they were sitting on her front porch drinking Cokes. Her father was just a few feet away inside the living room watching television. Nothing much could happen between Buddy and herself. Her father could see them clearly.

But he couldn't hear them. And Gail had been shocked by what she had just heard. It was hard to believe that about a woman like Mrs. Davis. She had always seemed so cool and so very proper. It was impossible to imagine her in the front seat of Buddy's car, although Gail wouldn't have minded being there herself.

"And she really let you go all the way?" Gail asked.

"Hell yes," Buddy answered. "And she's really something else. I get hot just thinking about it. I mean, she had tits way out too here. And that beautiful cunt."

It always made Gail nervous when Buddy talked dirty. She was especially nervous tonight because she could tell that Buddy was really getting hot thinking about Mrs. Davis. Buddy moved closer to her. Gail realized it wasn't her body he was thinking about.

"I guess she really liked you," Gail said.

"Yeah," Buddy said.

"I really like you too," Gail whispered.

"Yeah, but your father is always around. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother coming over here."

His attitude made Gail feel miserable. She didn't want Buddy to stop coming around. But she couldn't do anything to keep him coming. She could do little more than kiss him with her father sitting so close. And she knew Buddy wouldn't be satisfied with just a kiss. Not with a woman like Judy Davis waiting a few doors down.

"Where did you go?" Gail asked. "Where did you take her when you did it?"

"Out into the woods," Buddy answered. "I gave her a beer, and whammo, she was crawling over me. My Goddamn car still smells of beer. I think she just dropped it on the floor when the fucking started."

Gail felt a warm, flush. She leaned back on the porch swing and shut her eyes. In her mind she could picture Buddy without his clothes. She still couldn't picture Judy Davis with him. She was a virgin, but she would fuck Buddy if she could find a way.

Gail heard her father turning off the television. She knew he would be coming out on the porch in another minute. He would tell them it was time for Buddy to go home. And this time Gail wasn't sure that Buddy would come around anymore. He didn't need her. He had that sexy Mrs. Davis who was willing to do anything with him.

"Buddy," Gail said. "I'm going in now."

"I know," Buddy said.

"But you go down to the edge of the woods and wait for me. I'll be there as quick as I can."

"What?" Buddy asked.

"Go down and wait for me. Fm going to sneak out and come down to meet you."

Buddy looked as if he couldn't believe it. Gail leaned over and touched her lips gently to his. She rubbed his knee. She heard her father and quickly moved away. Buddy's face was red and flushed and he was breathing heavily. She knew that he would wait all night if he thought she was really coming.

"Wait for me."

"I'll be waiting," Buddy promised.

There was the usual small talk when her father came to the door. Finally Gail was able to get her father back into the house. She told her father that. She didn't feel well and that she was going straight to bed. Gail kissed her mother goodnight. There was a suspicious gleam in her mother's eyes. Gail realized that her mother might have some idea what she was planning to do. Maybe Gail's mother had slipped out a couple of times, or maybe she was just a little smatter than Gail gave her credit for being.

Gail went up to her room. She didn't undress. She lay down outer bed and waited until the noises had stopped below. She waited until she was sure that her parents had gone to bed. Then she slipped out of her room and down the stairs.

Gail had a wild sense of freedom as she left the house. For the first time in her life she was free of the watchful eyes of her father. And she was going to meet Buddy. She knew what Buddy would want when she reached the woods. She was prepared for it. She was willing to give up her virginity for Buddy.

He was waiting near the edge of the woods. He grinned lewdly when he saw her coming. She felt his eyes going over her body with a new intensity.

"I wasn't sure you'd come."

"I told you I would," she said.

Buddy leaned over and kissed her mouth softly. His hands rested on her shoulders and she could feel the heat of his fingers. She shivered. She wanted to make Buddy happy but she was frightened. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do.

"What do you want me to do first?" she asked him softly.

"Let me play with your titties."

"But they're small," she said. "They're not as big as Mrs. Davis. You won't enjoy them as much."

"I'll enjoy them."

She felt his fingers at the buttons of her blouse and she didn't try to stop him. She shivered as the cool air touched the flesh at the top of her bra. He unbuttoned her blouse all the way down and slipped it from her shoulders. He reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She breathed a sigh as his fingers touched her tits.

"They're not so small," Buddy said.

She could feel little shivers of excitement going through her at his words. Buddy liked her tits. He didn't think they were too small. She felt them harden as his fingers caressed them. She felt her nipples growing into brown little rocks.

"That's nice," Buddy said. "I can tell that you're getting a little bit excited."

"Yes," she whispered.

"I like your tits. Sure, they're not as big as Mrs. Davis' but they're very nice."

He made her sit down on the ground. She didn't realize what he was doing until she felt his lips against one of her nipples. She cried out as he sucked the hard little bud between his teeth. She felt his hot tongue caressing her bud while his teeth nibbled gently at her aroused tit.

"Oh my God," she moaned softly. "That makes me feel so funny."

She stretched out on her back on the cool ground as Buddy continued to nibble at her sensitive tits. He moved his lips from one swollen tit to the other. His lips and tongue really made her hat. She could feel wetness between her legs. She had never felt that hot so quickly before. Not even when she finger-fucked herself.

She felt Buddy's hand on her knee. She didn't move away as his fingers walked up under her skirt and touched her inner thigh. She knew what was going to happen next. In seconds his fingers would touch the place where nobody's hand but hers had ever been.

"Oh, Buddy," she groaned softly.

"I've always wanted to do this," Buddy said. "I think about you all the time. I even think about you when I jerk off. The thought of your body makes me hot!"

It excited her to think of Buddy beating his meat over her. She had never thought of herself as the type a boy would dream about, especially a boy like Buddy. She put her hands on the back of Buddy's head and stroked his hair as he kissed her tits.

"Oh, God," she moaned. "Kiss my tits. I like that, Buddy. I like for you to kiss my tits."

His wet tongue moved all over her flesh. She should have been cold as the night air touched her wet tits. Instead she shivered with hot excitement. Her cunt was really getting hot. She finally felt his fingers touching just below her swollen mound.

"Oh God," she moaned. "You're making me so hot. Play with my cunt. I want you to play with my cunt."

Her dress was up over her thighs and she felt his hand cupping her pussy mound. This time she could feel a hot spasm of pleasure in her cunt. His fingers really excited her. Gail was so hot that she would have allowed him to do anything he desired. She was no longer jealous of Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis might have been a lot better developed than Gail, but Gail had discovered that she could also excite a boy.

"Feel my cock," Buddy groaned. "It's so hard! I want you to feel my hot cock!"

Far the first time Gail was really scared. She'd seen pictures of boys before. She knew what a boy's cock was supposed to look like. But it frightened her to think of actually holding a thick cock in her fingers.

"Grab my cock," Buddy insisted, and she knew she couldn't refuse.

Buddy took his hand away from her cunt, but only long enough to unbutton his jeans. Gail's trembling fingers worked at his belt until she had it undone. She pulled his zipper down and slipped her hand into the opening.

"That's it, baby," Buddy groaned. "Reach for my cock!"

Buddy played with Gail's cunt. Her panties felt wet. She knew she wasn't going to be able to stop him from fucking her even if she'd wanted to. And she really didn't want to.

She felt his massive cock inside his cotton briefs. She could feel it pulsating at the pleasure of her touch. She couldn't believe that his cock could be so thick and long. His undershorts felt sticky as she pulled them away from his hard cock.

She gasped. His cock couldn't be normal. It was long and thick, and it pulsated with a fire that crowned his thick cock-head in a reddish glow. It looked like it weighed ten pounds. It frightened her but it also made her blood run hot. She could hardly wait to squeeze his hot cock.

"God," she moaned. "You're so big!"

"It made Mrs. Davis happy," Buddy said proudly. "And now it's going to make you happy!"

Gail was curious about the big cock. She took it in one hand and looked at it closely. It was so hot and swollen. The thick cock-head looked big enough to rip her in half. It made her flush with pride to think that her first cock was going to be a whopper like Buddy's.

"Play with it," Buddy groaned. "Rub it. Rub it hard. Make my cum show."

Gail could feel Buddy's fingers working into the fabric of her panties. She shivered as he touched her cunt. He made her cunt hot as he played with it. She had finger-fucked herself, but it had never been like this. Buddy's rough fingers made her feel so damned hot.

"Rub it," Buddy groaned. "Come on, Gail, Goddamn it! Play with my cock like I'm playing with your cunt!"

She jerked as one of Buddy's fingers probed inside her hot cunt. She found it hard to control herself. Her hips began to move around the young boy's thrusting finger. She knew she was covering his finger with her hot cunt juices, but Buddy didn't seem to care about that. He thrust another finger into her cunt.

She began to squeeze and fondle the hard cock. She rubbed her fingers over the sensitive crown and she felt it spitting thick cock-cream at her. Her fingers felt sticky as she rubbed the smooth hot cock-cream into his flesh.

"That's it," Buddy groaned. "Now you're doing it. Keep playing with my cock like that!"

Another of his fingers thrust into Gail's cunt and she knew she really had Buddy hot.

She put her free hand underneath his heavy sacs as she began caressing his big cock gently. She could actually feel his cock, swelling under the gentle manipulations of her hands. Buddy was quite a man. No wonder Mrs. Davis had gone for him.

"I want to fuck you," Buddy said. "I want some of your sweet hot cunt!"

"Oh yes," Gail moaned.

Gail slipped out from under Buddy. She was determined to go through with it. There was no use being a virgin when all boys wanted was to fuck. And lots of girls would fuck Buddy. The only thing Gail had going for her was that she was determined to be the best fuck that Buddy had ever gotten.

He might continue to fuck women like Mrs. Davis, but she wanted him to always come back to her. She knew it would be painful. She had been told enough about sex. She knew how it was done. She also knew that girls could get bad reputations for fucking a boy. Gail didn't care about any of those things. She only cared about Buddy.

Gail very quickly stripped out of her skirt and panties. She felt ashamed, as she stood naked before Buddy. She wasn't ashamed of being naked. She would have shown Buddy her naked body anytime. What she was ashamed of was that she didn't have enough to show him.

"Do you still want to fuck me?" she asked him. "I know I'm just a skinny girl."

"You're beautiful," Buddy said.

She didn't believe him, but his words still made her flush with pleasure. It was Buddy's turn to undress. She helped him slide his jeans and shorts down his hairy legs. He didn't take his shirt off. She swallowed nervously as she looked at his immense cock and his heavy balls hanging underneath. Again she realized how big and thick his cock was. He was capable of tearing her virgin body in half with such a weapon. She suddenly wanted to hear Buddy say that he wasn't going to fuck her. One look at his face told her he'd never say anything like that.

"Are you scared?" Buddy asked.

"Yes," she admitted.

"Don't be," Buddy assured her. "I know you're a virgin. I'll take it easy with you."

Gail wasn't so sure of that, but she wasn't going to stop now. She was hot and ready for any pain that he might cause her. She lay down on the ground and spread her legs. She knew she was offering him a good view of the wet pink insides of her cunt.

"Baby," he groaned. "Baby, you're the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I want a little bit of your sweet cunt. I've got to fuck you!"

"Yes," she whispered. "I'm yours. I'll do anything that you want. I'll show you that I'm better than Mrs. Davis!"

Gail's stomach felt fluttery as Buddy stretched out beside her. He put his hand underneath one of her shapely titties and caressed her flesh. In minutes he had her moaning with pleasure.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "Come on and fuck me. Put your big cock in my cunt!"

Buddy rolled over on top of her. She felt his bloated knob against the tender entrance to her cunt. She spread her, legs wider. She shut her thoughts away from the pain she was sure would come. She began to inch forward as she felt his cock pushing at her. Her tender cunt lips opened and she felt his cock inside her cunt.

"Yes," she moaned. "Put it in deep! Put your cock deep inside me. Fuck me good!"

Buddy was really excited, now. He pushed forward hard and she felt his prick stretching her tender, virgin cunt. She felt his bloated knob against her cherry. He shoved again and his cock speared her tender cunt brutally. Her cherry was torn apart and his cock went deep into her hot tight cunt.

"Shit," Buddy moaned. "You feel so good. Your hot cunt feels so fucking good."

There wasn't as much pain as Gail had been afraid there would be. Instead she felt a pounding sensation in her cunt. She began to move her ass on the hard ground. Her cunt walls rubbed against Buddy's excited cock.

"You cunt," he moaned. "You cunt, you're making me crazy. I want to fuck you good!"

"Fuck me good," she whispered. "Give it to me hard. Make me cry with pleasure!"

Buddy started driving his cock brutally into her cunt. Gail was no longer afraid of his hot cock. In a few seconds she had become a woman and she loved the feel of his cock filling her cunt.

"You're so tight," Buddy screamed. "You're so fucking tight!"

He slipped his hands underneath her to caress her shapely ass. Lifting her higher caused his cock to slam deeper into her aching cunt. This was how Gail had dreamed fucking could be. Maybe it was even better than her dreams. His big cock felt so good driving into her cunt. It was a hell of a lot better than her fingers had ever felt. It was making her hotter than hell. The hot throbbing warmth made her want to die from pleasure.

"That's right," she sobbed. "Give it to me. Give me your big hot cock!"

She was really feeling crazy as Buddy thrust his big cock into her cunt. She could feel tiny fingers of desire crawling down her spine. Her cunt was sopping wet. She knew her cunt juices were making it easier for him to thrust into her.

"I like your cock," she moaned. "Oh God, I like your cock!"

She knew that she would never be the same little girl virgin that she'd been only minutes before. She found that she liked cock too much. There was little of the pain that her mother had warned her about. Instead there was only sweet warmth as his prick kept moving in and out of her.

"I love it," she moaned. "I love your cock! It's making me come! It's going to make me come! OH GOD, I LOVE IT!"

She had never really come before. Not like this time. Her fingers had brought her off a hundred times, but she'd never fell the explosion of pleasure that she felt at that moment. She flooded his cock with her juices and she nearly bucked him off.

"You crazy bitch," he moaned. "You wild bitch!"

She felt like a wild woman and she kept it up even after she had come down to earth again. She wanted Buddy to enjoy this fuck as much as she had. In fact, she tried to move around a little more than she'd been moving.

"Oh fuck," Buddy groaned. "Fuck, you're going to make me come! Oh fuck, you feel so good. YOU FEEL SO GOOD!"

Gail screamed as she felt his hot cum spurting into her cunt. She felt wicked as she moved her ass back and forth on the ground, her tight cunt squeezing every drop of cum from the end of his lust-bloated prick. She kept moving until Buddy relaxed and his hot cock started to slip out of her cunt.

"Fucking Jesus!" Buddy groaned. "You're something else."

"Was I better than Mrs. Davis?" Gail asked.

"Maybe not as experienced," Buddy said. "But you will be. You've got a natural talent for fucking!"

His words pleased her and she wished she could stay with her boyfriend all night. But she knew that her parents might be checking on her before long. Quickly she got up and put her skirt and blouse back on. She let Buddy keep her panties. He wanted them to remember her by.

That pleased her even more as she hurried back to the house.

Chapter FOUR

Judy was soaking up some sun in her back yard. She was startled when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned over without thinking. She had forgotten that she had her top unhooked and her big, beautiful tits were plainly revealed. She remembered her naked tits as soon as she saw the look of astonishment on the white-haired man's face. She very quickly pulled her twin peaks back into the halter top, but not before the Reverend Ronald Whitehead had gotten good look.

"Why, Reverend Whitehead," Judy said, blushing pink. "I didn't expect anyone back here."

"That's uh, obvious," Reverend Whitehead said. "I didn't mean to catch you by surprise. I was looking for Buford."

"He's not here," Judy said. "He went by the church this morning. He said he had some more work to do."

"That's what I wanted to talk with him about," the Reverend said. "I guess he's still there."

"I guess he is," Judy said.

Judy expected the Reverend to leave. Instead he remained where he was. She wondered what he was thinking until she noticed the bulge at the front of his trousers. The horny old bastard was getting turned on looking at her. Perhaps it was the shock value of seeing her naked tits so closely. It made him forgot all about his religious training. At tat moment he was only another stud in heat.

Ordinarily a man like Reverend Whitehead wouldn't have interested Judy. He was not young enough. Yet, there was something exciting about turning on a man of the cloth.

"Would you like a Coke or something?" Judy teased. She deliberately took a deep breath to show off her big tits once again. She could see the beads of sweat on his forehead. He was trying to look anywhere except at her body.

"A Coke would be nice," he said. "It might help me to cool off."

"Yes," Judy said. "You look awfully hot."

Judy was smiling as she led him into the house. She didn't bother putting anything over the tiny bikini she had on. She liked the way he kept trying not to look at her. She opened the Cokes and told him to sit down at the kitchen table. She crossed her long shapely legs as she sat. She felt his eyes caressing her legs almost like his impatient fingers would have if he'd had the nerve.

"Drink your Coke," Judy said.

Reverend Whitehead's hands trembled as he lifted the Coke to his lips. He sipped at it. She moved her chair closer to him and watched his forehead break out with new drops of sweat.

"Why did you really come out here?" Judy asked him.

"I came out here to see Buford," he said.

"Are you sure you didn't come out here to see me?" Judy asked.

"No," he answered.

"Don't you like me?" Judy teased. She put her hand on his knee.

"Of course I like you. I like you very much. I think you're a good woman."

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

"Yes," he stammered. "Yes, I think you're very attractive."

"Do you like my bikini?"

His face had turned a bright red and his breath was coming a little too quickly. Judy had only been teasing, but suddenly she knew she was going to fuck this man. She already had him wrapped around her little finger. All she had to do was ask for it.

"I like your bikini," he said. "I think it's pretty."

Judy didn't want to wait any longer. She leaned over and let her silky hair fall around his face. He gasped. She kissed his mouth lightly and suddenly he was putting his arms around her. He pulled her against him with a violence she hadn't known he was capable of.

"Wait just a minute," Judy said, breaking away. "Let's go upstairs where we'll be more comfortable."

"Oh God," he said in a pained tone, but the Reverend Whitehead hurried up the stairs behind her. He knew what he was doing was wrong but he couldn't control himself. All he wanted was to get his hands on this delicious woman.

"Why don't you get naked?" Judy asked.

"Oh, God, yes," he groaned. He very quickly started tearing off his clothes. He had a very attractive body for a man his age. He was not saggy as a lot of men his age was. His cock was hard and pointing at her like a gun about to go off.

"Now you," he groaned.

She was laughing as she tore out of her bikini top and bottom. He blinked as he stared at her big ripe tits again. His cock pounded with excitement as he let his eyes stray down to her bushy cunt.

"Oh, my God," he moaned again.

"It's not God who's giving this to you," Judy said.

She came to him and let him take her in his arms once again. She felt Reverend Whitehead's nervous, probing hands move up and down her back, finally stopping at the silken globes of her asscheeks. He pushed his mouth against hers and her mouth was stuffed full of his exciting tongue. She sucked at it like she was hungry.

She could feel the Reverend Whitehead's cock really jumping. She moved closer and she could feel the hot knob caught against the silken skin of her belly. She felt his wet cock-cream leaking against her skin.

He moved his hands up her back again and then pushed her away. He pressed his hands underneath the big luscious titties that had so turned him on a few moments before. She felt the hot excitement going through her body as he played with her titties. She felt her big nipples swelling up against his palms and she caught her breath.

God, he was doing nice things to her. She sucked harder on his fat red tongue. She thought of all the times she'd seen this man preaching so religiously, and that turned her on even more.

"Let's get on the bed," she whispered.

She pulled him over to the bed she shared with her husband. She laughed as she had a fleeting glimpse of what Buford would look like if he could see her now. He would really be shocked.

"Suck on my titties," Judy told him. "I like to have my tits sucked on!"

He looked surprised at her language, but it didn't seem to turn him off. She shivered as he applied his slippery tongue to her big hot tits. He swirled his tongue all around her ample breasts, leaving her skin wet with his hot saliva. Judy could feel a burning fire inside her cunt. He took her big tits in both his hands and began to lick the hot nipples. She felt his cock growing harder and thicker and more of his hot cock-cream leaked onto her.

Judy had an idea. This was something that Buford had never done for her. Judy was feeling wicked. She wanted to make the preacher do things he'd never done before. She knew she could control him. She took his hand and pressed his palm against her swollen pussy mound. She began to move against his fingers.

"Do you like Judy's cunt?"

"Yes," he answered. "Yes, I like your cunt!"

"Then kiss my cunt. Show me how much you like my hot cunt."

Up until that moment she hadn't really known what she was going to ask him to do. Now she knew she was really turned on by the thought of having the preacher lewdly sucking her cunt. She might never get such a chance again.

"What do you want?" Reverend Whitehead asked nervously. She noticed that his voice no longer sounded so distinguished. He sounded like a little boy.

"I want you to eat me," Judy said. "Haven't you ever eaten a cunt before?"

"No," he said.

"Then there's a first time for everything," she said.

Judy grabbed him by the back of his head and began to push it down. She felt his tongue stab her navel and then his mouth pressed against the curling pussy hairs at the top of her cunt. He spit out one of her pussy hairs as she pressed him closer.

She was tingling with excitement. Her cunt was wet. She spread her legs wider and pressed his face between her creamy thighs. She felt his tongue licking at the pink lips of her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus," she moaned, softly. "Stick your tongue in me. Stick your tongue in my cunt!"

She hadn't thought it would feel so good. She felt his tongue slipping between the lips of her cunt and it nearly drove her out of her mind. It wasn't like having a cock in her cunt. It was something entirely different, and a very strange feeling. His tongue stabbed deeper into the pink folds of her cunt and she humped up at him.

"God," she moaned. "That feels so good. That's nice."

She began to moan and move from side to side as his hot tongue worked in her cunt. He was making her wet slit a little wetter. She opened her legs wider. Suddenly his tongue found her hard clitty and she yelled. God, nothing had ever felt like that.

He sucked her clitty between his lips and began chewing on it. For a novice he was doing a good job on her cunt. She couldn't stand it any longer. She wanted to feel that hot cock inside her cunt. She wanted to have his pulsating cock deep inside her wet cunt. She wanted to fuck the bastard's brains out.

"On your back," she told him.

The Reverend had a shocked look on his face as she pushed him over on his back. She gently touched his rigid cock, feeling the sticky coating of his pre-cum. She tightened her fingers around his thick cock and began moving her hand up and down. She felt more of his cum leaking onto her fingers.

"Your cock feels so stiff and hot," Judy said. "You feel like you haven't fucked in a long time."

"I haven't," the Reverend gasped.

Judy put her other hand beneath his balls. She gently caressed the heavy sacs as she stroked his hot flesh. Her cunt tingled at the thought of having this hot thick cock sliding into it. Lately it seemed like she couldn't get enough of hard cock.

"I want to fuck you," Reverend Whitehead groaned. "I want to put my cock in your cunt."

"Oh yesssss," Judy said.

She still wouldn't let the Reverend off his back. Instead she slid up his body until she was poised above him. She pointed his bloated cock-head at her wet cunt and slowly lowered herself.

"What are you doing?" Reverend Whitehead asked. "I've never done it this way before."

"It's time you did," Judy said.

Judy didn't tell him that she hadn't done it this way either, but she was in the mood to try different things. Once she had read in a book about this kind of fucking, and she'd always wanted to try it. Now she had the chance.

Judy felt the bloated tip against the hot furrow of her cunt. She lowered herself a little more and felt her swollen cuntlips being pushed apart. His cockhead slipped into her and stretched her cuntlips and then the tight walls of her cunt. His burning cock felt so good sliding up into her. She sat down on his cock completely. She had never felt a cock so deep before. It felt like his hot cockhead was in her belly.

"Oooooooh," she moaned softly. "That feels good!"

"Oh shit, yeah," Reverend Whitehead groaned. "Great, it feels so damn great!"

She felt Reverend Whitehead lifting off the bed to drive his slimy cock into her cunt. He was losing his inhibitions. He was no longer a hell-preaching preacher. He was a man with a hot cock who was fucking a luscious woman.

"Fuck me with it!"

"I'll fuck you with it. Your cunt's so fucking tight. I'll give you a good fucking with my hot cock."

His thick cock was sending waves of pleasure through Judy's body. He was in deeper than he'd been a few minutes before. She could feel the snug pressure of his balls. He moved gently, and she could hear the steady slap of his balls against her asscheeks. But that wasn't what Judy wanted. She didn't want him to be gentle. She wanted him to really fuck her.

"Give it to me hard," she screamed. "Give it to me really hard. I want it hard!"

"Oh yesssss, you fucking bitch!" Reverend Whitehead groaned.

There was something about fucking the Reverend that was more exciting than anything she had ever done. She felt lewdly delicious as his cock moved in and out of her cunt. He plunged into her hot hole a little faster. She felt so good.

"You sweet bastard," Judy moaned. "That's the way to fuck me. I love it hard!"

Reverend Whitehead began banging her cunt as hard as it was humanly possible. She shivered as she felt the heavy pressure of his balls and realized how much cum they would contain. He would fill her cunt completely. He was a lot more man than she had given him credit for.

"God, I love it," she whispered frantically.

"Give it to me like that. I love it!"

Judy felt the first fire shooting up through her body and she gasped for breath. Already her wet juices flooded his penetrating cock. She writhed a little faster as the pleasure spasms took control of her body.

"I'm coming," she screamed. "God, I'm coming. I love your cock! I love your big cock! I LOVE IT!"

Her orgasm was sweet delight, and she could feel his cock growing as she came. She could feel the hot throbbing, and she knew it wouldn't be long before he was shooting his hot milky white cum into her cunt. She looked forward to it.

"Give it to me," she whispered. "God, give it to me. I want your hot cock-cream!"

"Your cunt's so good," he groaned. "Your sweet cunt's so good. It feels so tight!"

She tried to give it back to him as hard as he was giving it to her. That was impossible. He was trying to beat her to death with his hot cock. The Reverend knew what to do with his cock once he got it in the right place.

"I love it," she moaned. "I love it. It feels so good! So fucking good!"

She was afraid he was going to have a heart attack as she heard him gasping for breath. Then she felt the wet thickness of his cum leaking into her.

"Oh, Judy," he moaned. "I'm going to come! I'm going to flood your cunt! I'm coming! I'm going to shoot my cum in your cunt! Ohhhhh, I'm coming, coming. Ohhhhhhh, I'M COMING!"

He started to jerk as his hot cock began to spew his cum into her cunt. She started squeezing her cunt walls together as she sucked his hot cum into her cunt. He felt like he had gallons, like he'd been saving it for her for many years. She kept moving until she was sure she'd squeezed every drop from his throbbing cock.

Finally, with a soft groan, he fell on top of her with such a force that it almost broke her legs. She could feel his cock losing its throbbing intensity and slowly going limp. She frowned when his cock slipped out of her.

"Oh, Reverend, you fuck a lot better than you ever preached."

Judy probably shouldn't have said anything, because a funny look crossed his face. He sat up on the edge of the bed and put his face in his hands. She thought she heard a sob.

"Oh damn. Damn, what have I done?"

"Don't feel bad," Judy said. "I did it too."

"But I'm supposed to be a man of God."

"Don't be a silly ass. Can't men of God get horny too? Besides I'm the one who was out there showing off my tits. You couldn't help it if you went for them. Most men do."

There was nothing she could say that would convince him that they had done nothing wrong.

Finally Judy quit trying. She really didn't give much of a damn. She felt good. She had enjoyed the good fucking.

"Are you sure you have to leave so soon?" Judy asked him as he finished dressing.

"What kind of woman are you?" Reverend Whitehead asked. "Don't you feel guilty?"

"No," Judy said. "And you won't remember the guilt the next time you get hot. You'll be coming back around."

"Never," the Reverend said firmly.

"Shit," Judy said. "You'll be back!"

Chapter FIVE

Judy was only half-asleep when she heard her bedroom door open. She thought it was Buford. He had been working at the church again that evening. She didn't open her eyes when she felt the pressure on her bed. She did open her eyes when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

It wasn't Buford.

"My God," Judy said softly. "Buddy. What are you doing here? Don't you know my husband might be home at any minute?"

"I know," Buddy said, "but I couldn't help myself. I started to think about your big tits."

"Are you nuts?" Judy asked. Buddy was trying to pull the blanket down from her neck, but she quickly pushed his hand away. She could feel herself getting hot. She had to admit that it excited her to think Buddy would sneak into her house and into her bedroom. But she had to control her excitement. She couldn't let her husband come borne and find them this way.

"You've got to go home. I mean it. You've got to go home right now."

"I can't go home. I keep thinking about you. I can't go home."

She could smell beer on his breath. She knew the beer would be making him crazy. She wouldn't be able to reason with him. She felt panicky. What if Buford came home now?

"Please leave, Buddy," Judy begged.

"No. I've got to have some fun. I can't leave until I have some fucking fun."

Buddy was pulling at the blanket again. This time she let him pull it down. She was dressed in a revealing blue nightgown. She saw Buddy's gaze going from the top of her head down her luscious body. It stopped at the triangle above her creamy thighs.

She knew she wasn't strong enough to make Buddy leave. She would have to use her brain. The only chance she had was to get him out of the house as quickly as she could. And she knew how to do that.

"All right," Judy told him. "You can fuck me. But make it quick. Get finished before my husband gets home."

Buddy didn't take off his clothes. Instead, he unzipped his fly and took her hand. She didn't resist. She let him push her hand inside the opening of his trousers. He was wearing no shorts. She immediately felt the fatness of his naked cock.

She didn't want to get hot, but the feel of Buddy's big cock made her hot. She slowly pulled the long hot cock out of Buddy's trousers. She could feel her heart pounding as she explored its slimy thickness. She moved her hand down to his balls and lifted them with her fingers. His balls felt so wonderfully heavy. She forgot that she wanted to get Buddy out of her bedroom as quickly as she could.

"Suck it. I've never had a woman suck my cock before. Not all the way."

"All the way?" Judy looked at him in surprise.

"Yes. I want to come in your mouth. I want to make you swallow my cum!"

Something caught in Judy's throat. She had never thought of doing that before. She had kissed a man's cock. Buford's cock. That was all right. But she had never given any thought to taking a man's cock in her mouth and actually sucking it until that hot creamy jism spurted into her throat.

"I don't think I could do that," Judy said.

"I'll make you. I'll make you suck my cock. I want you to swallow my cum!"

Judy didn't know how he could make her. She found out quickly Buddy was drunk enough to do anything. Suddenly he was on top of her and he was ripping her nightgown away. He cupped her big tits and began squeezing roughly. "Stop that! Stop! It hurts!"

"You'll pack my cock, bitch. You'll suck it and swallow my cum. You'll suck it or I'll still be playing with your tits when your husband comes home."

Judy knew Buddy was crazy enough to do exactly as he said. She could well imagine what would happen if Buford walked in on them. He might kill Buddy, but he would do worse to Judy. Then the truth would come out. That damned idiot preacher might even come forward to tell everyone what had happened. Judy knew she had no choice.

"AU right," Judy moaned. "I'll suck you. I'll do what you want me to do!"

Buddy got off her. She was naked except for her panties, but Buddy still had his clothes on. Now he unbuckled his belt and slipped his trousers down to his knees.

"I'd like sit on the bed," Buddy said. "You get on me."

Judy nodded. She moved off the bed and dropped on her knees before him. He spread his legs open wide and she crawled between them. She had never seen his cock this close up. She felt another hot tingle of excitement and a wetness in her cunt.

His cock looked so huge close up and it suddenly looked very appealing to her. She wanted to put her hands and her mouth on that hot cock. She wanted to lick it more than she had ever wanted to do anything in her life. It was a crazy feeling. She had never thought she would want to suck a man's cock.

And she also knew she wanted to taste his cum. She wanted Buddy to shoot his cock-cream down her throat and make her swallow every hot drop.

"Go ahead, cunt. Suck my cock. Take it in your hot mouth and suck it!"

Judy couldn't control the hot churning of her cunt juices as she stroked his fat cock. She could sense Buddy's fierce excitement. It wasn't just the alcohol that was making him crazy. He was crazy because he could feel her hot breath against the head of his swollen cock. He wanted to cram his meaty cock into her mouth as far as he could.

"Suck it," Buddy said again.

Buddy's cock may not have been that big, but Judy couldn't remember seeing one that looked so huge. She probably never would see another cock that would look as big. It was almost like she was a virgin again. In a way she was. She was about to get her mouth's cherry popped.

She still kept looking at his rigid cock. It was so fat. She encircled the bloated head with her thumb and forefinger. She could feel the veins around the bloated head. She moved her fingers up and down the hot cock and felt his cum leaking onto her slender fingers.

"Goddamn it," Buddy groaned. "Take it in your mouth. I want you to take the fucking thing in your mouth and suck it good. Make me come, Judy! Gad, make me come!"

Judy didn't need to hear anything else. She could feel how powerfully his cock was throbbing. He was as hot as any man had ever been with her. She could see the burning red color of his swollen cock-head. She could also see the little drops of cum that appeared at the tiny slit.

She was drooling. She put her finger against the tip and spread the thick juice over the top of his cock. She was driving him wild. She finally lowered her head and licked the flared head of his hot cock. He began to moan as she licked at his swollen cock. For the first dine she tasted jism. It wasn't bad. The salty thickness remained on her tongue. She opened her mouth wider and took the swollen cock-head between her lips. Buddy tried to buck more of his hot cock into her mouth.

"All right," Buddy agreed.

She smiled as she lowered her head back to his engorged cock. She licked the reddened cock-head until she had covered it with her glistening saliva. She was letting her silky hair brush against his skin and she knew she was making him even hotter.

"God, Judy," Buddy moaned softly. "Suck my cock good! Please suck it now!"

She sucked the blood-bloated cock-head between her lips and kept using her tongue on his flesh. She opened her mouth wider and sucked more of his throbbing cock into her mouth. She sensed that he was growing more and more excited. She could feel his swollen cock growing larger against the roof of her mouth.

"Christ," Buddy gasped. "You don't know what you're doing to me! Christ, you make me feel crazy!"

Judy knew exactly what she was doing as she sucked his swollen cock deeper into her mouth. She felt natural sucking cock even though she'd never done it before. His cock had leaked enough so that the inside of her mouth was coated with his slimy cum. She didn't mind. The taste made her even hotter.

Judy began to bob her head like a child bobbing for apples. Her full lips slipped all the way down his thick cock to his heavy, lust-swollen balls. In a few moments she had his cock covered with her spit making Buddy even hotter. She felt his heavy hands on the back of her head holding her as if he expected her to try to escape.

She was really hot and she wanted to take her time savoring this boy's hard throbbing cock. She wanted to enjoy it when he shot his hot milky cum nto her mouth. She had never swallowed cum before, but she was going to enjoy this first time.

But first she wanted to get him so hot that he couldn't stand it. She released his cock and began licking around the bloated crown once again. She slowly moved her tongue down the underside of his hot cock until she reached his balls. His balls, were so big and heavy that she wondered if she could get one into her mouth. She licked around one cumfilled sac and gently nipped it with her teeth.

"Christ!" Buddy moaned. "Christ, what are you doing to me?"

She sucked one of the soft sacs into her mouth. She began to roll it beneath her tongue. She spit it out and caught the second sac between her teeth. She sucked it into her mouth and repeated the slow lavish tongue lapping.

"Jesus," Buddy groaned. "Jesus, you're going to make me blow my wad in your face!"

Judy didn't want that. She released his balls and moved her lips back up to the reddish tip of his cock. This time she knew she was going to suck him all the way. She caught the bloated tip between her teeth and let her teeth scrape against its sensitive ridge.

"God, you're making me crazy!" Buddy moaned. "You're making me so fucking crazy!"

This time she took his stiff cock all the way into her throat until she almost gagged, slipped the cock halfway out and then sucked it back up again. She kept her head underneath his heavy balls and kept massaging him as she began to bob her head. She could feel the tension in his leg muscles at she sucked his cock. He was getting ready to shoot his thick wad down bet throat. She could feel her cunt churning with excitement at the thought of having her first mouthful of hot jism. She sucked him faster.

"I'm coming!" Buddy groaned. "I'm going to come! Oh, you sweet, fucking cocksucker. You cocksucking bitch! I'm cuming! I'm fucking coming! CHRIST!"

She was surprised by the violent burst of his jism into her mouth. She backed off a little, but she didn't allow the purplish cockhead to escape her mouth. She could foci the hot creamy jism spurting against the roof of her mouth. She gagged and some of his jism drooled from the edges of her mouth. She could foci little drops falling again her big tits.

"Swallow it, bitch," Buddy groaned. "Swallow my cum. Swallow my fucking cum!"

At that moment she began to swallow. She drank down the thick goo that flooded her throat. It tasted a little bitter, but she didn't mind. She swallowed a little faster.

There would have been no way to escape even if she'd wanted to. Buddy held her firmly until the last drops had exploded from the end of his massive cock. He only released her when the last drops had been licked away and his cock had started going limp.

"Ummmmm," Buddy groaned softly. "Now lick me clean, Mrs. Davis. Lick my cock clean!"

Judy had little time to lick his cock clean. She lifted it and began to lick on it. They were both stunned by the sound of the door opening. At first Judy thought it was the door to the bedroom. She jerked her head up a little too quickly. Buddy groaned in pain and fear.

"It's not the bedroom," Judy said. "It's downstairs. Quickly, she ran to the window."

Buddy jerked on his trousers and grabbed his shirt. He was hurriedly climbing out the bedroom window just as they heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. Judy closed the bedroom curtains and slipped back into bed. She remembered the cum stains on her mouth. She wiped her mouth on the blanket just as Buford walked into the room.

"Hello, darling," Judy said huskily.

Buford looked at her suspiciously. She didn't usually greet him this way. "I didn't think you'd be [missing text]."

"I've been waiting for you," Judy said.

Judy had started talking to give Buddy time to climb down from the bedroom window. Now she could feel a hot stirring in her cunt and she remembered how hot she'd gotten sucking Buddy's cock. Now she looked at Buford in a hungry way.

"I told you I'd be late."

"Ummmm," Judy said, "but I'm in the mood."

Judy pulled down the blanket to reveal her tits. She saw the shocked surprised look on Buford's face. She also knew that he was getting hot. It had been a while since they had fucked. Buford had spent so much time in church. The thought of church made Judy giggle. She wondered what Buford would think if he had any idea that she'd been fucking Reverend Whitehead.

"Why don't you hurry up and get undressed?" Judy asked him.

Her husband very quickly pulled off all his sweaty clothes. He started walking toward the bathroom and Judy called him again. He looked at her in surprise.

"I'm kind of dirty," he said.

"I don't care," Judy said. "I just want you!"

He looked as happy as a boy on Christmas morning as he walked to the bed. She spread her legs and pulled him down on top of her. Her cunt was aching and she needed no time to get ready. She reached between them and found his big cock. Her fingers tightened around the hot flesh and she felt his cock rowing. In seconds his cock was long and stiff and ready to fuck.

"Ummmm," Judy said. "What a big one!"

She spread her legs wider and pulled his cock against her hungry cunt. She was writhing in pleasure as she let him plunge his hard cock all the way into her cunt.

"Ummmmm," Judy moaned. "That's what I want. Ummmmm, I love that! I love it!"

She could tell her husband was shocked at the lewd behavior of his wife. She could also tell that he liked it. His cock felt harder than it had felt in a long time. Judy began moving a little faster as he drove his cock into her cunt.

"I love it," she whispered. "I love your big cock!"

Judy could already feel the hot pleasure in her cunt. Sucking Buddy's cock had really excited her. She felt the first hot spasm of pleasure. She had been trying to control herself but she could no longer hold back.

"Fuck me," she screamed. "Oh fuck me. Your hard cock feels so good! It's making me come! I want to be filled with your cum-juice. Oh fuck me! God, I can feel it! I can feel your cum juice. OH FUCK MEEEEE!"

Her wicked language had driven Buford insane. She felt him driving his cock into her cunt as far as it could go. She felt the wet cunt-juice mingling with her own hot juices.

He had evidently been saving it up for her. He was pumping it into her by the gallons. She could feel his body tensing as he tried to drive his hot cock into her deeper and deeper.

"Oh Jesus," Buford said, at last.

It had all been so shocking and sudden that Judy knew Buford didn't understand. He kept looking at her strangely as he left the bed. Judy didn't care. She felt good, so very, very good!

She would think of some good explanation to make about her lewd behavior in the morning.

Chapter SIX

Buford was a little angry when he left for work the next morning. Judy wasn't worried. She knew she would have little trouble handling Buford. Judy was worried about herself. She seemed to be getting more and more sex crazed. In the harsh light of morning she couldn't believe that she'd let. Buddy into her bedroom. And to do what she did. It was something a nice woman wouldn't do.

Judy sipped on her morning coffee and had a long look at herself. Things were getting out of hand. First Buddy and then Reverend Whitehead. She was no young girl who would have trouble keeping her panties on. It was time Judy made a change in her life.

Judy made up her mind. Things were going to change. She was going to start being a good wife. There was going to be no more of that nonsense about fucking around behind Buford's back. She was going to settle down and make Buford the kind of wife that she'd been before.

Judy was like a whirlwind once she'd made up her mind. She spent the morning cleaning the house. She had it cleaner than it had ever been. She knew that Buford would notice and that he would be proud of her. Buford had never liked her house cleaning before.

She had spent the morning being a good girl, and she decided that a walk in the woods wouldn't hurt her. She took a long shower and then dressed in a skirt and loose blouse. She made sure she wore a bra. She was determined to be a good wife, and she knew that Buford wouldn't like her walking around without a bra the way she'd been doing lately.

She walked toward the same little clearing in the woods where so many things had happened to her. First she had watched the young girl and boy. Then Buddy had taken her there and fucked the shit out of her. So many unusual things had happened in such a short time.

And it was time for another unusual thing to happen!

Judy realized what was happening as she heard the low moans coming from the clearing. She couldn't see anything yet but she knew what had to be going on behind the trees. She remembered her vow to be a good, wife, but she could also feel a churning excitement in her body. She was torn between doing what she wanted and what she thought Buford would want her to do.

She couldn't resist just taking a peek. She crept closer and her breath caught in her throat. It was the same young man and the redheaded girl that she had seen the first time. This time the girl was on the blanket and the boy had already taken her blouse and bra off. He was playing with her perfectly formed creamy tits. He was making the young girl writhe with pleasure.

"Oh God, Don," the young girl said. "We shouldn't be doing this. We shouldn't be skipping school to fuck."

"It's all right, baby," Don said. "You know you like it."

"Oh yes," she moaned. "I like it. But we shouldn't be doing it!"

Judy could feel all her good intentions being stripped away. This time she knew she couldn't stand and watch the young couple. She had to join them. They were the most beautiful pair she had ever seen, and she had to touch and feel them.

Judy hardly thought about what she was doing as she walked out into the clearing. The young girl saw her first. She gasped in fear as she saw Judy. She pushed Don away and frantically tried to cover herself. Don turned his head and blinked a couple of times.

"Who are you?" Don asked.

"I live over there," Judy said. "My name is Judy Davis."

"Oh, my God!" Lynn moaned. "Oh, my God! We've been caught! Now what are we going to do? What are we going to do?"

"I like what you were doing," Judy said. "I've watched you before."

It took a moment for her words to register them. Don grinned first. He rubbed the front of his trousers and Judy could see the bulge forming there.

"Jesus Christ," Don said. "You mean you want to join us?"

"Yes," Judy answered.

Lynn looked shocked. The redhead seemed to be trembling as she looked at the older redheaded woman. She still didn't seem to understand what Judy had in mind. Judy wasn't sure if she understood it herself. She only knew that she thought the young couple was beautiful and she wanted to join their fucking.

"She wants to fuck with us."

"That's disgusting," Lynn said.

"Yeah," Don said. "Maybe you'd like it better if she told everybody what we've been doing."

Judy could tell that Lynn was confused. She gave the young girl no time to change her mind. She walked toward the young couple. She knelt on the blanket beside them. She gently pulled the blouse away from Lynn's tits.

"You shouldn't hide them," Judy said. "You have very beautiful tits."

She kept her eyes on Lynn's creamy tits as she felt Don's cautious hands on her bare knee. Don wasn't wasting any time. She felt his fingers slipping higher under her skirt.

"You feel real good," Don said.

Judy was feeling hot. She'd certainly never been attracted to a woman before but there was something very appealing about Lynn. The young girl looked frightened and Judy was drawn to her.

"Oh, shit," Don said, as Judy put her hand underneath one of Lynn's tits. "I've never looked at two women together. I've seen pictures of it, but I've never been this close to the real thing."

"Oh, God," Lynn said, as Judy's fingers gently caressed Lynn's big round tit. Judy ran her fingers over the bright red nipple and felt it stiffen. The little girl wasn't quite as turned off as she tried to pretend. Judy had the sudden feeling that young Lynn might know about being with other women, even more than Judy had ever known. All Judy knew was talk. Judy had the feeling that Lynn might have had some experience.

"Why don't you undress, too?" Don asked.

"You undress me," Judy told him. "I'm busy."

Judy pushed young Lynn down on her back. Lynn was no longer protesting as Judy ran her hands all over the younger girl's creamy tits. Lynn's nipples were stiff. Judy bent her head and let her red hair fall over Lynn's skin. She felt Lynn shiver as she licked at one of the big nipples.

Judy felt Don's hands on her. He easily unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her bra off. She felt his hands slipping around her and cupping her big tits. His fingers squeezed her flesh gently and she felt her nipples respond.

"Rub your tits together," Don told the girls. "I've never seen anything like that."

That was exactly what Judy had in mind. Don moved his hands and she rested her weight on the young girl. She felt the strange hot sensation of the young girl's tits pressed against her own. She felt Don's hands underneath her skirt and rubbing her thighs.

"Yeah," Don said. "That really turns me on. I like watching that. It makes my cock hard as hell."

Judy tested his statement by reaching behind her. She found his swollen cock pressing against the front of his bluejeans. He certainly hadn't been lying. His ramrod-hard cock felt like he was going to rip a hole in his trousers.

"Ummmmm," Judy said. "You're telling the truth. You are as hard as rock."

Judy moved down on the young girl. She let her lips touch the rosy red nipples. Then she slowly opened her mouth and sucked in some of the creamy flesh. She had never had titty in her mouth before. It was a sweet taste. She understood why men liked sucking on a woman's titty so much. There was something damned exciting about it.

Judy moved her lips to the other rosy nipple. She sucked it too. This time she bit gently into the warm vibrant flesh and that really made Lynn hot. She released it and caught the hard nipple between her teeth. She bit it gently.

"Oh, God," Lynn moaned. "God, I'm not supposed to feel like this. Not with another woman. I'm not supposed to get so hot."

"Just relax and enjoy it, baby," Don told her.

Judy didn't believe the redheaded girl. She still had the feeling that Lynn was partially putting on an act. This was no innocent redhead. Lynn knew enough about fucking, maybe even more than Judy knew.

Judy felt Don's hands on her skirt. He was unzipping it and pulling it down. She felt the cool air on the backs of her thighs. She felt his hand between her legs again. Her cunt juice had already soaked her thin panties. She was glad when she felt him pulling the flimsy material down her long legs.

"Beautiful," Don moaned softly. "Beautiful redheaded cunt. Just like Lynn's. I've got two beautiful redheaded cunts."

Judy felt his hand pushing into her cunt-hole. She felt two of his rough fingers parting the lips of her cunt and sliding inside her juicy cunt. Judy groaned and pushed back against his thrusting fingers. It was crazy to think that a few moments before she had been thinking about being a wonderful wife to her husband. A beautiful wife. Now all she could think about was the thrusting fingers in her cunt and the hot young girl underneath her.

"I've got to make you naked too," Judy said.

"Oh, yes," Lynn moaned.

The young girl was making no attempt to disguise how hot she was. She had forgotten that she was supposed to be an innocent young girl. Now she was getting as hot as the other two.

For the first time Judy felt Lynn's hands cupping her titties. Lynn had good hands. They were cool on her feverish flesh. She felt her nipples rubbing against Lynn's palm sending jolts of fire through her body.

Lynn was moving around so that Judy could unbutton her skirt. In seconds Judy was pulling the young redhead's skirt down her legs. The young girl's panties soon followed and the writhing red redheads crushed their bodies together. Judy had a sense of pride as she thought about what she looked like next to the younger girl. Don must really be getting his eyes full.

Judy knew her body was lush and good. There was no fat on her. She could be a slightly older sister of Lynn's instead of a grown woman.

"God," Don said, as if he could read her thoughts. "You two look like you could be kin. God, I've never seen two such good-looking women. Never!"

"Are you going to get naked?" Judy asked. "Are you going to join the action?"

"Oh, hell, yes, I'm joining you!" Don moaned. Judy had to stop for a few minutes. She wanted to watch the lean young man get undressed. She remembered how hot she had gotten from looking at him the first time. He was a nice-looking boy. He looked even nicer as he stripped off his clothes except for his shorts. Judy stopped him before he tore off his shorts.

"Let us do that," Judy insisted.

"Shit, yeah," Don said.

Don stretched out on the ground as Judy and Lynn knelt over him. Slowly the two women peeled his shorts down his hairy thighs. His cock sprung out like a rocket about to go off. Its thick purplish head almost knocked Lynn in the eye.

"You're so hard," Judy said.

"I'm hot as hell," Don said. "I feel like I could fuck all night long."

"Ummmmmm," Judy said, as she slowly wrapped her fingers around his gigantic cock. "You do feel like that. Maybe I'd better have a taste of that just to see if it tastes as good as it looks."

Judy glanced at Lynn. She could see that she had really taken the young girl by surprise. This was something that Lynn had never tried before. Don even seemed to be a little unsure about what Judy had offered to do. Judy decided to prove herself.

She bent her head. She held her thick red hair back with one hand while she licked the purplish head. Don moaned as Judy drew back her head.

"It's your turn," Judy told Lynn.

"I've never licked a cock before," Lynn said.

"Then it's time you learned," Judy said.

Lynn nodded. The young girl bent her head and licked at the tip of Don's cock just as Judy had done. Then it was Judy's turn again. This time Judy took the purplish head between her lips and rubbed her tongue over it. Don was groaning and moving around like his cock was on fire.

Lynn tried to outdo Judy. Lynn took almost all of Don's thick cock into her mouth. Lynn had a smug smile on her face when she raised her head. Judy wasn't to be outdone. She swallowed all of Don's cock, all the way down to his heavy balls. Lynn gasped as she saw that long thick cock going into Judy's mouth. "Christ," Don moaned. "You two are driving me crazy. You are driving me fucking crazy." Judy was hot as hell. Her cunt-juices were churning and she knew she needed help. Don was the one to give it to her. Slowly she rotated herself until she was poised above Don's hard cock. Lynn held it straight up as Judy sank down on the steaming shaft.

"Ummmm," Judy groaned. "Ahhhhh, nice, I like that. Put it in me deep! Oh, it feels big! I remember how hot I got watching you that first time! I had to finger-fuck myself. I want my pussy filled with cockmeat!"

"You've got it now, baby," Don groaned. "You've got my big cock."

Poor Lynn was left out of it, but not for long. She stretched out beside Don and started kissing his mouth. She widened her legs as Don's hand slipped into her fiery red cunt. Judy could tell when Don's long fingers slipped into the hot cunt of the young girl.

"Shit, your pussy's tight," Don moaned. "You've got a fucking hot cunt!"

Don began to thrust up off the ground and his cock went deep into Judy's cunt. She could feel her own cunt-juices covering his cock as he fucked her. She liked the slow way his cock slid up into her. She especially loved the way his hard cockmeat rubbed her rigid clitty. It sent shivers of excitement all through her.

"I want his cock in my cunt too," Lynn protested.

Judy reluctantly slipped off the beautiful cock.

Lynn took her place. Judy wrapped her fingers around the hot cock as she guided it up into Lynn's cunt. There was something really exciting about putting a cock into another woman's cunt. Especially when that cock had been in her own cunt just seconds before.

"Fuck her good," Judy told Don. "Fuck her really good!"

Don began to slam up off the ground violently. Judy could see his long thick cock going in and out of Lynn's pink-lipped cunt. She was close enough to see the glistening juices on the hot, quivering flesh.

Judy put her face closer. She was somehow able to get her long tongue in between the two of them. She tried to lick the curly pubic hairs of Lynn and Don as they fucked one another.

"Oh, God," Judy finally moaned. "We need two cocks. My cunt's so hot."

"I know how to do it," Don said. He made Lynn slip off his rigid cock. He instructed them both to get on their hands and knees, their pretty pink asses very close together. Don stood behind them. Judy gasped as she felt Don's long cock slide into her cunt all the way to her belly. She had never been fucked from behind before.

Immediately she felt Lynn gasp beside her and she knew that Don had pulled his big cock out of Judy's cunt and slammed it into Lynn's cunt. Immediately his big cock came plunging back into Judy again. Judy shivered as she felt that slippery knob going so far into her cunt. It felt so nice, but it didn't last long enough. Immediately he was pulling his cock back out and slamming it into Lynn once again.

He began to establish a rhythm with the movement of his thick cock, fucking first one and then the other. It was almost like having two big cocks between them.

"I've never fucked like this before," Don said. "I've never had two cunts at once. It feels so good. Your damn cunt feel so good!"

"Your fuckin cock feels great," Judy said. "What a hot stiff cock!"

Judy didn't know how long it lasted with both of them on their knees and Don alternating between them. She knew she felt like his cock must have stabbed her two dozen times. Still, it wasn't enough. His cock could only bring her to the brink of coming. Then his cock would slip out of her again. Judy needed more.

Lynn knew what Judy needed. Judy was suddenly surprised when Lynn twisted away from them. Before Judy knew what was happening, Lynn had pushed her down on her back. Judy felt Lynn's mouth sucking at one of her big nipples.

"Ummmmmm," Judy moaned. "That's nice!" She felt Lynn's tongue slipping down from her heavy tits to her soft belly. She felt Lynn's tongue sticking into her navel and then lower to the curly pubic hair.


Judy could feel Lynn swallowing her cunt juices. This was one of the most exciting times she'd ever had. She could feel Lynn moving faster as Don thrust into her.

"Come on both of us," Judy suddenly said. "Just like the time you came on her. Shoot your jism on both of us!"

Don pulled his cock out of Lynn's cunt once more. Lynn and Judy turned toward him and got up on their hands and knees. Don stood over them. His thick purplish cock looked like some kind of monster weapon.

"Ahhhh, shit," Don groaned. "Shit!"

Lynn reached for his cock. Her fingers wrapped around his thick cock and she began jerking him off. Judy felt the first few drops of cum against her skin. She looked directly at his cock.

"AHHHHHH GOD," Don yelled.

She felt a wet wad strike her face and she looked over at Lynn. Lynn had one finger buried in her cunt and she was getting off on the hot cum drops hitting her in the face. She started screaming and licking her lips as some of the cum fell against her mouth. Judy thought that she looked like some kind of savage animal.

Don finally moaned and fell away from them. Judy followed him. She took his limp cock in her mouth and licked it dry. She knew she would no longer try to make a good wife of herself. She had to face up to it. She liked fucking too much. She was a savage animal and would always be. She would keep taking cock as long as someone offered it.

Chapter SEVEN

Judy was up early the next morning. She got Buford off to work quickly. She gave him a chaste kiss at the door, but Judy wasn't thinking about being chaste. She thought she would find an excuse to visit the church that afternoon. It made her hot to think of visiting Reverend Whitehead in his study. Fucking him in the church office would be exciting as hell.

She knew that Reverend Whitehead wouldn't be too happy with the idea. She knew she would have to convince him. She dressed in the sexiest outfit she had. She had a short red dress that was cut almost high enough to reveal her red panties. She wore a tight-fitting sweater and no bra underneath.

She no longer tried to be a good wife. She thought only of the fun she could have and Reverend Whitehead would be part of that fun. He hadn't returned to her as she had thought he would. That meant he wasn't as easy as Judy thought he was.

Judy called a cab to take her to church. She noticed the way the cab driver kept staring at her. She decided to give him a thrill. She let the hem of her skirt slide all the way up to her panties. The sight nearly knocked his eyes out. It made her feel wicked to make him hot.

He stopped in the gravel driveway of the church and took a long look at her.

"Are you sure you want to stop here?" he asked.

"I'm sure," Judy said.

"Couldn't I interest you in maybe going uptown for a couple of drinks?" he asked. "I think you'd enjoy that a lot more."

"Maybe some other time," Judy said.

"You don't know what you're missing."

Judy leaned over and let him get the full effect of her big tits. She knew he could see the points of her nipples pressing snugly against the sweater. She watched him lick his lips. She wasn't trying to be cruel. It was making her hot to tease the man.

"Like I said," Judy promised him. "Some other time."

"I'll be counting on it," the cab driver said.

Judy paid her fare and watched him drive out of the yard. She really did mean it. She was going to call the little cab driver one of these days. Right now she had another man in mind. She wanted to give the preacher such a fucking this time that he would never be able to stay away from her.

Reverend Whitehead was all alone. He was, sitting in his study reading a thick book. He looked up in surprise when she walked through the door. He turned pale when he saw the way she was dressed. Again he was having trouble keeping his eyes off her big tits.

"Mrs. Davis!" Reverend Whitehead said.

"You didn't call me Mrs. Davis last time we met. I thought we were going to see each other again."

"Mrs. Davis," Reverend Whitehead said slowly. "I think you have the wrong idea about me."

"I don't think I do," Judy said.

"I think it would be best to forget what happened the last time we were together," he said.

"I don't think so," Judy said. "I've been thinking about it for a couple of days. I liked it."

"It was wrong."

"Wrong?" Judy asked incredulously. "What's so wrong about fucking? It felt good! Fucking is nice!"

"Please," Reverend Whitehead said in a pained tone. "We are in a church!"

"SO what, Preacher? Are you trying to tell me you can't get hot in church? I think you'd be lying. I think you're hat right now. You can't keep from looking at my tits!"

"You're a married woman."

"I was married when you fucked me before," she said. "That didn't seem to stop you then."

Judy walked to his desk and sat down on the edge. She let her skirt slide up above her thighs. She saw his eyes straying down her long slender legs and then back up to where her skirt barely covered her. He licked his lips just as the cab driver licked his a few minutes before. The good reverend wasn't so much different than the cab driver. They were both horny men.

Judy moved closer and let her bare leg brush against Reverend Whitehead. He blushed a bright red and started trembling. He could no longer fight keeping his hands off her. She felt his strong fingers gripping her thigh. She shivered as he caressed her. She felt good. She knew she had won. There was no way that Reverend Whitehead was going to control himself.

"Do you like my leg?" Judy questioned.

"Oh yes," he groaned. "Very much!"

"Why don't you do something?" Judy questioned. "You know how to do more than play with my legs."

"This is wrong."

"You sound like a broken record," she said. "Why don't you quit fighting it?"

Judy slipped off the desk and into his lap. She could feel his hard cock underneath her asscheeks. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his mouth gently. She rubbed her big tits against his chest. She knew he was really hot as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She sucked at it just as if it were another tiny little cock.

"This is wrong," the reverend said again, but his hands strayed down the front of her blouse and closed on her big round tits. She let her head fall back as he caressed her swollen tits. This was how she had known it was going to be. The reverend was too hot-blooded to resist her for long.

"Let me kiss your cock. Wouldn't you like that? Don't you think you'd like me sucking your cock?"

"You wicked woman," Reverend Whitehead groaned.

Judy only laughed. She didn't mind being called wicked. She liked it. She liked the delicious sensation of feeling wicked. She could already feel her cunt juicing up as she sank down on her knees between Reverend Whitehead's legs.

"Have you ever had a woman suck your cock before?" Judy asked.

"Good," she said. "I like the thought of being the first one. It's kind of like you're a virgin."

She lowered her head and pressed her full lips against the rock-hard bulge in his trousers. She felt the heat of his cock right through the material. She caressed the long length of it. He moaned as she gently touched the bloated knob.

"Take it out," he begged.

"What do you want me to do?" Judy asked. "Did you ask me to take it out?"

"Jesus, yes."

"Then you don't think it's wrong any more?" she asked.

"It's still wrong," he groaned, "but I can't fight it any more, I don't want to fight it! I can't fight it!"

She laughed again as she found the zipper on his trousers and pulled it down. She slipped her hand inside. His hard cock was bunched in his shorts, but it took her only seconds to free it. The reddened flesh popped out of the trouser opening.

"Ummmmm," Judy said. "It's even nicer than I remembered."

Judy lowered her head once again. This time she kissed the purplish tip and tasted a smear of cumcream on her tongue. She sighed with pleasure as she took the rubbery cock into her mouth. She kept the knob between her lips and licked it. She bit down gently as she felt him trembling in pleasure. She liked the feeling of power she held. There was something so damned exciting about sucking a man's hard cock. She wondered why she had waited so long to take one into her mouth.

"Oh, Jesus," Reverend Whitehead groaned. "Jesus!"

She took more of his rubbery cock into her mouth. She could feel his cock-head pulsating with excitement against the tap of her mouth. She licked a little harder as she sucked his cock all the way down into the back of her throat. She felt like she had never gotten cock this far into her mouth before.

"So nice," he groaned. "I've never felt anything like this before. Never. So nice!"

She could feel his balls pressing against her chin. His cockmeat was delicious. She never wanted to let it go. She moved her red head back and forth like a dog tearing at a bone. She felt some of his salty cum-juice filling the back of her throat. She quickly swallowed, but not quickly enough to keep from gagging. She released his hard, wet cock and looked down at it.

"Ummmmm," she said. "It looks like some kind of monster. It really makes me hot sucking it!"

"Let me play with your tits," Reverend Whitehead said. "I like your big tits."

It was a suggestion that went along with what Judy had in mind. She backed away from him and quickly pulled her sweater over her head. Reverend Whitehead gasped as he saw her big naked tits swinging like ripe melons before his eyes. He quickly grabbed them and squeezed them like he was trying to tear them off. She groaned in pain and pleasure and pulled away from him again.

"Be gentle," she moaned. "Don't be so rough with me."

"All right."

She let him squeeze her big tits once more. This time he wasn't so rough. This time his gentle stroking fingers sent shivers of fire through her body. She lowered her head to his hard cock once again. She took half of his hard cock into her mouth and used her tongue all around its hot bulbous tip.

She felt his hands move from her tits to the back of her head. She could feel his hips trying to push his cock deeper into her mouth. She raised her head again. He was going crazy. His face was flushed and he was panting.

"Take down your trousers," she told him. "I'll really give you a blow-job you won't forget."

Frantically he tore at his belt. He was too nervous to get the buckle undone. She finally had to do it for him. She slid his trousers down to his bony knees and his shorts followed. She wrapped her fingers around the thick throbbing cock.

His cock was really delicious. That was one of the reasons she had wanted to fuck him again. The challenge of fucking the reverend again made her hotter than hell.

She slid her mouth down his cock all the way to his balls. This time she was ready for the creamy cum that slid down her throat. She swallowed quickly and kept his knob deep in her throat.

She pulled her head back slowly and let her teeth scrape his rigid cock. He tried to drive his cock into her mouth but she quickly raised her head all the way. She held his cock and licked down the long thickness of its underside. She found his balls with her licking tongue.

"Jesus," he groaned. "Jesus, you make me so crazy!"

She put her tongue underneath his balls. She slipped it into the crack of hip ass and he moaned. He slid up in his chair and allowed her to slip her tongue deeper into his ass crack. Her tongue found his tiny puckered asshole. She had changed a lot. The month before and she would have turned away with disgust. Now she stabbed her tongue into his puckered asshole hungrily.

"God, that makes me crazy," he groaned. "What are you doing to me?"

She could feel his hard cock brushing her cheek as she tongued his asshole. She felt his cum-juice running down the sides of her face and against her lips. She didn't mind that. She was hungry for more of the taste of his hot cunt. She moved tier head back up his thick cock.

"Ummmmm," she moaned. "I like to suck cock! I like to suck your big cock!"

She slipped the hot knob back into her mouth again. Slowly she sucked his cock into her throat and released it again. She moved her hand up to finger his balls. She pressed the soft sacs between her thumb and forefinger and started bobbing her head up and down his cock with a slow, delicious rhythm.

"God," he groaned. "God. If you don't stop I'm going to come in your mouth! I'll come in your mouth!"

Judy felt his hands pulling at her head. She raised up and looked at him. She was puzzled for a moment. Then she understood. He had never thought of having his cock explode into a woman's mouth. The thought made him hotter than hell.

"What's wrong?" Judy teased.

"I'm going to come," he said.

"Did I ask you to stop?"

She always seemed to shock him. This time she took his breath away. He tried to say something but he couldn't get the words out. Judy put he mouth back on his rigid cock once more. This time she began to bob her head as fast as she could. She moved her hand up to the base of his hard cock and began working her fingers up and down. She could feel the first hard swelling in her mouth and she knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

"God," he moaned. "Suck on my cock! It feels so good. It feels so fucking good. GOD!"

He jumped off the chair as he drove his cock into her mouth. She felt his salty jism explode against the roof of her mouth. She began to swallow the sticky cum like it was some kind of sweet juice. She could feel the sticky cunt all the way down her throat.

"Oh Jesus," he moaned. "Jesus, I've never felt anything like that."

His cock began to go limp and he tried to pull her head away. Judy wouldn't move. She wasn't finished with him yet. She wanted the preacher to remember this for a long time. Besides, her cunt was hot and churning and she wanted his cock stiff enough to fill it.

"What are you doing to me?" he groaned.

She didn't answer. She kept working on his cock with her tongue and lips. She knew that he would be able to get hard again. The reverend had been too well sheltered in his life. Judy was about to take him to some places he'd never been before.

She could feel the hard swelling and she wasn't surprised. She began to work on his cock a little harder, using her lips, tongue and teeth until she had his prick rock-hard again. Reverend Whitehead was looking down at her in amazement. It was easy to see that he had never thought his cock would get hard again.

"My God," he said softly. "You're going to kill me."

"Ummmmmm," Judy said. "No man ever died from this."

Judy released his cock. She began clearing the things off his big oak desk. Reverend Whitehead watched her. He was numb with shock. He had never dreamed that any woman in his church would act as wild as Judy was acting.

"There," Judy said. "It's all cleared away. Now we can get down to some serious fucking."

"Oh God," Reverend Whitehead said. "You're crazy. We can't fuck here. Not on top of the desk."

"Sure we can," Judy said.

"But what if someone should come in?"

"They'll get an eyeful," Judy said. "Come on, sugar. Quit being such a pussy. I'm the only pussy around here. And I'm ready for you to fuck me."

Judy unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She was hiding nothing with her flimsy red panties. He could plainly see the outline of her pussy mound and curling pussy hairs peeking from the sides. He licked his lips again and Judy could see that she wasn't going to have any trouble keeping his cock hard. Looking at her cunt seemed to make his cock grow another three inches. Already Judy could see the blood pounding at the head of his massive cock.

"Ummmmm," Judy moaned. "You look ready to fuck me."

"Oh yes," he said.

"Do you want to take my panties off?" she asked.

"Yes," he groaned. "Yes."

She moved closer and he slipped her red panties down her long legs. She felt his hands come back up to grip her asscheeks. She allowed him to pull her red cunt against his face. She felt his mouth pressing her cunt. She opened her legs wider.

"Stick your tongue up in me," she whispered. "Put your big tongue in my cunt."

Reverend Whitehead wasn't a very experienced cunt-sucker. His tongue moved in and out of her cunt and she knew she was dripping her juices on his face. She was squirming with excitement but she knew he wasn't good enough to make her come with his tongue. She wanted her cunt filled. It was time to get her cunt filled with good cock-meat.

Judy climbed upon the desk and spread her legs. She knew her pink cunt was lewdly exposed and she delighted in the look of shock and hunger in his eyes. He acted like he wanted to change his mind but couldn't tear himself away. Finally he climbed up on the desk between her legs.

"That's right, honey," Judy moaned. "Come on and fuck me. Come on and stuff me full of your good cock-meat!"

Judy reached down for his thick cock. She wrapped her fingers tightly around his swollen cock and guided the purplish tip against her hungry cunt. She rubbed the big knob against the entrance to her cunt and felt hot shivers of delight going through her.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. She hunched forward and took his long thick cock very easily into her wet cunt. She groaned as she felt his knob go deep into her cunt.

"Ummmmm," she moaned. "That's nice. Nice!"

She tightened her legs as he began to fuck her. She had to admit one thing about the reverend. He had a good rhythm. He could use that big cock once she got him started.

"You sweet cunt," he groaned. "Sweet cunt, that feels so good. That feels good!"

She felt his big cock spreading her cunt walls each time he stabbed into her. She rubbed her big tits a little harder against his chest and it excited him a little more. She felt the powerful blows of his balls against her cunt as he drove into her.

"Sweet cunt," he groaned. "God, I love your cunt. I love your sweet cunt!"

"You don't think it's wrong any more?" Judy gasped.

"God, no," he groaned. "God, no, it feels too good to be wrong. It couldn't be wrong!"

His cock made wet sounds as he fucked her. The sounds drove Judy crazy. She wanted to wait longer, but she could feel the hungry fire in her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck me good and hard!"

She tried to buck him off the desk as the first pleasure spasm shook her body.

"I'm coming!" she screamed. "Coming! Your hard cock feels so good. So good! I'm coming. COMING!"

She writhed like a wild woman as she soaked his cock with her juices. Almost immediately she could feel his cock swelling up, filling the insides of her cunt, then the first drops of his jism spurting into her.

"You bitch!" he cried. "You wild and wicked bitch! You whore! You've made me come! You make me crazy. YOU BITCH!"

She wrapped her legs a little higher around his back as he began to explode into her cunt. She liked the hot feeling of his cum-juice filling her. She kept moving underneath him until she had drained him completely dry. She had a smile of satisfaction on her face when he finally pulled his cock out of her cunt. This time the reverend wouldn't be able to explain things away. He had loved her cunt and her mouth. He was hers. Any time she wanted him! And she was getting to the point where she needed cock all the time.

Chapter EIGHT

Pretty blonde Gail Martin came to church to find Buddy. She hadn't seen him in a couple of days and she was beginning to worry. She had thought he would be coming back like a dog with his tongue hanging out. She had believed he had enjoyed fucking her. Instead she hadn't seen him since the night he had ripped open her cherry cunt.

She was worried and she'd asked about him that day at school. One of her friends had told her that some of the boys were working after school at the church. They had been working for Mr. Davis trying to get the new building finished, and to pick up some extra spending money. Gail thought that this was the perfect chance to get Buddy alone and talk to him.

She had slipped out after supper. It was late by the time she reached the church. The parking lot was empty. She thought the place was deserted and turned to leave. Then she heard the soft sounds coming from inside the new building. She crept closer and she recognized the sounds.

Someone was crying. It sounded like a man. She stepped into the new building and saw Buford Davis sitting in a chair. He had his head buried in his hands and he was crying like a little child. Gail walked a little closer and he looked up.

"What's the matter, Mr. Davis?" Gail asked.

"Nothing," he said. "Nothing. What are you doing here?"

"I just came by," she said. "I heard you crying. I thought that I could help."

"No," he said. "Nobody could help."

He buried his face in his hands again. This time he wasn't crying but he was strangely quiet. Gail walked close enough to touch his shoulder. It hurt her to see this big handsome man acting this way. She had admired him from the time she was a little girl. In fact, he was a lot like Buddy. Buddy might have grown up to be a man like Buford, except that Buddy would never have the character.

Buford looked up at her. She knew he was noticing the way her sweater and skirt hugged her round curves a little too tightly. She knew he could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her small firm breasts pushed obviously at the front of her sweater. For some reason Gail felt her nipples growing hard and she knew he could see that also.

"You could talk to me," Gail said. "Maybe I already know part of what's bothering you."

"How could you know?" he asked.

Gail did know, but she didn't know how she could talk about it. How could she tell him that she knew his wife was fucking around, or that she'd found it out from her boyfriend?

"I told you," Gail said. "I'm older than I look. A man doesn't cry unless someone's hurt him very badly. I think the only one who could hurt you that badly would be your wife."

Gail saw his surprised look. He looted at her a little more closely. This time his eyes lingered on the points of her breasts pushing at her sweater. Gail felt a shiver go up her spine. She had liked what Buddy had done to her and she suddenly wondered what it would be like fucking a man. A real man like Buford.

She wondered if she could take his big cock. If his cock was bigger than Buddy's she might get torn in half. It would be interesting to see it.

"Tell me about it," Gail insisted.

"You're right," Buford said. "I don't know why I'm telling you, but I've got to talk to someone. It's my wife. I found out she's been playing around."

"Really?" Gail asked.

"Yes," Buford answered. "I was told this evening. The man she's been fucking told me. It was breaking his heart. He said she seduced him, I didn't believe him. I think I broke his nose."

"Who was it?" Gail asked.

"Reverend Whitehead," Buford answered.

Gail felt a wicked thrill. Reverend Whitehead! God, Mrs. Davis got around. She seemed to pick on young and old. First Buddy and then old Reverend Whitehead. Gail wondered how Mrs. Davis had managed to get him into bed. He had always looked so proud and stuffy when he was preaching his sermons. Gail had always thought that the man would have died if he'd seen a naked tit. But Mrs. Davis had fucked him. He'd actually put his cock in her cunt. Gail shut her eyes. She felt suddenly weak as she imagined Reverend Whitehead and Mrs. Davis together.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," Buford said.

"Maybe you should pay them beck," she suggested.


"Maybe you should fuck around too," Gail said.

Gail was feeling bold as she made the suggestion to Buford. She was realizing how much she had always liked this attractive man. It hadn't been sex before. She had just liked hit personality and the way he could make things with his hands. Now she felt a raw animal urge toward him. She wanted him on top of her. She wanted to feel his cock in her cunt.

"Ha! Who'd want to fuck around with an old man like me?"

"You're not so old. And you're a very attractive man. I think lots of women would like to fuck around with you. All you have to do is ask."

"Who would I ask? Who would you suggest?"

"You could ask me," Gail said.

Buford looked up at the innocent-looking young girl. He wasn't shocked. Noting could shock him any more. He could feel a heaviness in his balls as he looked at her lush body. Yes, he could ask her. A girl like Gail would make him feel young again.

"You look so young," Buford said. "I don't think you could know much about fucking."

"I'm not that young."

Gail could feel her heart pounding as she moved even closer to Buford. She let her big breasts press snugly against his shoulders. She felt him tense up and she knew she was making him hot. She rubbed her fingers along his cheek.

"You are a nice-looking man."

Gail expected the big hand that slipped up the backs of her thighs and caressed her youthful asscheeks. She liked the feeling of his strong fingers. She had the feeling that fucking Buford was going to be more fun than fucking Buddy.

"Is there some place we can go?" Gail asked. "I mean, this is kind of open."

"Do you really want to go some place?"

"Of course."

"We can go into the rear of the church," he said. "Where they keep the babies on Sunday. There's a room there with a lot of soft carpeting on the floor."

He sounded frightened. Gail took his hand and led him through the dark parking lot into the back of the church building. Buford turned on the overhead light as they walked into a small room with rose-colored walls.

Gail turned quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down and kissed his lips hungrily. She sucked his big tongue into her mouth and savored the taste. She knew she was shocking him, but she didn't want to take the chance of his changing his mind. She wanted to get him so hot that he wouldn't calm down until it was too late.

She rubbed her hot titties against his chest until she felt him pushing his cock at her. She felt the huge bulge. She felt brave enough to reach between his legs. She could feel the tingling heat of his hard cock.

"You're ready to fuck. Ummmmm."

"Oh, you sweet little girl. I've never had such a sweet little girl in my arms."

Buford's hands were behind her back again. She felt his big hands cupping her asscheeks, pulling her even tighter against him. She loved the feel of his hard cock jumping in his trousers. That big cock was going to split her in half, but she knew she would love every minute of it.

"Let me undress you," Buford said.

Gail didn't protest. She felt his experienced fingers on her sweater. In a moment he was pulling it over her head, freeing her perfectly shaped titties. He moaned as he lifted them and caressed the rosy nipples.

"You little blonde cunt. I've never seen anything as beautiful as you."

He lowered his head and kissed her nipple. She shivered as his hot lips touched her tit. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face closer to her vibrant titties.

"Suck them good," she moaned. "Oh, bite them. Suck them good."

He was able to suck most of her hot titty into his mouth. She felt his teeth nipping at her gently, his tongue rolling over her erect nipple. She couldn't stand up any more. She dropped to the floor and stretched out on her back. He followed and she felt his crushing weight. She didn't have time to think about how heavy he was because immediately he was back at her tits. He gobbled her creamy flesh like he was hungry. She kept feeling his teeth nipping gently at her nipples. She wanted to push her tit deeper and deeper into his mouth. She could feel her hot wet cunt-juices already soaking her panties.

"Ohhhhh. You're making me hot. You're making me so hot!"

She stroked the back of his head as he kissed her titties. Finally he moved his mouth away. He held her creamy tits together and pushed his tongue into the crevice between them. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. But it was nothing like the feeling when he drew both her nipples into his mouth at the same time. She thought she was going to go out of her mind.

"You're making me so hot! God, that's nice!" She was grabbing at his hard cock, again. He didn't ask how a young girl knew so much about fucking. He was through asking questions. Now he was intent on enjoying her body. She felt his hand between her legs slipping under her skirt. In seconds his fingers probed at the hot cunt between her thighs.

"Oh, God," she moaned.

He lifted up for a moment. She felt his hand on the zipper of her skirt. She didn't protest as he pulled the zipper down and then jerked her skirt after it. She was left in only her panties. He didn't leave them on for long, tie gripped them, and the flimsy material ripped away.

"Oh God," she moaned again.

"All you cunts are alike," Buford said. "All of you are just alike. You can't wait to fuck. Well, I can't wait to fuck you!"

She was surprised and a little worried over how violent Buford seemed to be getting. She knew it was too late to stop him. His wet tongue moved down the front of her body until it was touching the blonde hair at her cunt. This time she was really shocked as she felt his tongue going between her thighs. His wet tongue moved down the front of her body until it was touching the blonde hair at her cunt. This time she was really shocked as she felt his tongue going between her thighs. His tongue jabbed between her pink cunt-lips and caused her to jump with excitement.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm going to eat you," Buford said. "This is what bitches like. They like to get their cunts eaten. This is what Judy liked."

Gail moaned and spread her legs a little wider. He cried out as his tongue stabbed deeper into her firm juicy cunt. She felt his tongue rubbing her hard clitty. He made her nearly jump out of her skin. She grabbed the back of his head and held his face closer.

"You're sucking me," Gail moaned. "You really have your tongue in my cunt. It feels so good."

His big hands slipped underneath her and he cupped her ass. He lifted her up and his tongue went crazy in her juicy cunt. He began to drive his hot tongue into her cunt as rapidly as he could. She could feel his tongue touching every inch of her cunt walls.

Gail didn't realize how hot she was. She gasped as the first hot spasm made her clutch at her stomach. It was very quick and very fierce. It left her panting for breath. She hadn't known it could happen that quickly.

"Ummmmm," Gail moaned. "That was something else."

He raised his head. His mouth was smeared with her cunt-juices. Gail thought it was the most exciting thing she'd ever looked at. She could already feel herself getting hot again.

Buford stood up. There was a wild look in his eyes as he began tearing at his clothes. Gail couldn't take her eyes off him. He looked like a wild animal. His chest was big and broad, covered with thick black hair. His cock looked like a tree sticking out from a clump of black grass.

He was so different from Buddy. Buford really frightened her. She realized she was fucking a morn this time. This was no young boy. This was a man who had a cock and knew how to fuck.

He would tear her in half. She knew that. Yet, she couldn't mow away. She wanted him to crush her, abuse her, fill her with his thick cockmeat. She wanted to feel his cock in her cunt.

"Get up on your knees," Buford said. "I'm going to teach you how to worship."


"Sure. You're in a church. You ought to worship. Tonight you're going to worship my cock!"

His command left no room for argument. Gail climbed up on her hands and knees. He reached down and took her head and lifted her up to a higher kneeling position. Her face came directly in contact with his huge meaty cock.

"Kiss it," Buford said. "Take it in your hand and kiss the head of it."

She trembled nervously, but she did as she was told. She wrapped her fingers around his gigantic cock and lowered her head. She kissed the purplish tip. She jerked her head away. The cock tasted so salty.

"Kiss it again," Buford said. "Take it in your mouth."

"I couldn't do that."

"Yes," he said. "Do it. Do it now. You wanted to play grown up. Now play."

She had no choice. She kissed his hot cock once spin. This time he put his hands on the back of her head. He wouldn't let her pull away. In a minute she tasted some of his leaking cock-cream. She tried to twist away but he wouldn't let her.

"Open your mouth."

This wasn't what she expected to happen. He was just going to fuck her. He wasn't going to degrade her this way. Again she tried to twist away but he wouldn't release his fierce grip on her neck. He reached down and patted the top of her head.

"Take it in your mouth," he said. "Take it in your mouth or I'll get rough."

She couldn't understand what had happened to the nice man who had been crying a few minutes before. He had turned into some kind of sex-crazed monster. She obediently opened her mouth and took the thick cock-head between her lips. The taste almost gagged her. He didn't give her time to stop. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth until she could feel his thick cock going down her throat. She could get no more into her mouth.

"That's it, sweet cunt," he groaned. "Now you know what it feels like. Now you know."

He pulled his spit-covered cock out of her mouth. It looked so huge dangling in front of her face. She felt her heart pounding a little faster as she admired it. A sudden hot feeling came over her. Suddenly she didn't mind the taste and smell of it so much. He started to move away but she didn't let him. She grabbed his thick cock, her fingers wrapping around it in a vise-like grip. She pulled his cock back to her hungry lips. She licked the tip and then she sucked it into her mouth. This time she was determined to show him that she was an adult. She could give a blow-job as good as anyone.

"Let me kiss it some more," she said.

She was reluctant to release his lust-swollen cock, but she also wanted to be fucked. She wanted to feel that big cock pumping into her. She was no longer so afraid of it. She had worshipped it just as he had wanted, and now she loved it.

Gail leaned back and spread her logs. She had never felt so completely vulnerable before. She shivered as she saw him rubbing his massive cock. "I'm going to slam my big cock in your cunt!" he said. "I'm going to make you hot as hell and then I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. I'm going to fuck hell out of your sweet cunt."

That was what she was afraid of. He dropped down on top of her and began licking at her tits. She felt his teeth scraping bet sensitive flesh. His fingers probed between her legs. It was different from the gentle probing of his tongue. His fingers were huge and rough and they hurt her a little. She groaned as one of them stabbed into her. Then another. It was getting to be painful until her juices started flowing.

Then his fingers started sliding into her cunt a little easier.

"You like that," he whispered. "Now you're getting into it. Your honey-box is flowing with hot juice. I'm going to be able to stick my cock in deep!"

He took his fingers out of her cunt and moved up her body. She felt the big cock against her hot cunt. His hands moved underneath her and gripped her asscheeks. She felt his fingers gripping her really tightly.

"I'm going to put it in," he said. "I'm going to put my cock in and spread you apart. I'm going to fuck you good."

Gail felt his huge cock-head slip past the lips of her cunt. His engorged cock began to stretch the walls of her cunt until she thought it was impossible to stretch it any more. He brought his cock out halfway and then slammed it back into her. She was suddenly stuffed with his thick cock-meat.

"There," he said. "Doesn't that feel good, baby? Doesn't that feel fine? Doesn't my cock stretch you good?"

It had been slightly uncomfortable when he had made that first wild thrust. Now she could feet the heat of his cock and she was beginning to like it.

"Oh, yes," she whispered. "Oh, yes, I like that!"

Her hot cunt began to move along with the rhythm of his plunging cock. It started to feel really good. Her juices had mixed with his cumcream to ease the pressure enough so that there was nothing uncomfortable about it any more.

"Oh yesssss," she sobbed. "Fuck me, Buford. Really give it to me. Fuck me with that big hot cock!"

His balls banged against her upraised ass as he pushed his cock in and out of her. He was fucking her as quickly as he could. She felt the hair of his chest rubbing against her titties. She loved everything about Buford -- everything.

His cock felt so hot and wet as it slid into her cunt. She lifted her legs and locked them around his asscheeks. His hot cock was sliding deeper into her cunt. She knew he was going to tear her in half but she didn't give a damn. She loved fucking him.

"Give it to me," she gasped. "Oh yes, I like that. Really give it to me."

He was starting to punish her. She knew that. He was taking out his anger with his wife on her. He was trying to pound her ass into the soft carpet. She didn't mind that. She loved it rough. She loved the thick length of his big cock slamming into her cunt.

"Little bitch," he groaned. "Little bitch, I bye to fuck you! I love fucking you!"

She knew she couldn't last for long. It just felt too good. She gave in to the sweet spasms of pleasure rocking her body. She screamed as the sweet sensations of pleasure shot through her. She scratched at Buford's back. She knew she was nearly fucking his cock off.

"Oh, fuck," Buford groaned. "Fuck! I'm going to come! I'm going to blow your cunt off, little girl! I'm going to blow your fucking cunt off. OH, FUCK!"

She loved the feeling of his milky white juice squirting into her hot cunt. To hell with Buddy! She was glad she hadn't found him. Buford was a lot better fuck, and she had the feeling she was going to fuck him a few more times before the evening was over.

Who needed Buddy when she had a man?

Chapter NINE

It was getting late and Judy was wondering where Buford was. She had taken a long shower and was dressed in her nightgown and robe. Now she was feeling hot. She would have liked to have had a long easy fuck with her husband. Her husband wasn't such a bad fuck. He was boring, but he wasn't bad when a woman needed something between her legs. And Judy was starting to need something again.

Judy wondered what in the hell was wrong with her. All of a sudden she had turned into same sex crazed beast. Perhaps it was just a phase some women went through. Judy wondered if it would ever end. She wasn't sure she wanted it to.

She was enjoying herself more than any time in her life. All this fucking was making her look younger and fresher. Fucking the young boys was making her feel more attractive.

"Where the hell is he?" Judy asked herself.

Judy hadn't finger-fucked herself in a long time, but tonight she needed something. Anything, Buford didn't seem to be coming. She needed relief.

It was at the moment that Judy made up her mind that she heard the sound of motors in her front yard. She wrapped her robe a little more snugly around herself and walked to the front door. She peered out and saw three cars parked outside. She recognized one of them immediately. It was Buddy's. She didn't recognize the other two until the boys had stepped out. She knew the redheaded boy was a son of one of her former school friends. She had always thought he was a nasty young man.

"What are you doing here?" Judy asked. "What do you want?"

Buddy got out of his car. He had another boy with him. She counted five young men in all. Judy got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. These boys were grinning lewdly at her as if they could see her naked. Suddenly Judy realized that Buddy must have bragged about her. He had bragged about fucking her. Now he had brought his friends to sample the merchandise.

"We thought we might have a party," Todd Michaels, the redheaded boy said. "We hear that you like parties."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Judy said.

"Buddy says that you like parties," Todd said. "He told us all about them. We thought that you might like a little more company on your next party."

"You'd better get out of here," Judy warned.

"We're not leaving," Todd said. "We're going to have a party. It doesn't matter if you want to or not. You won't tell on us. Not when we all know about you."

Judy started to feel afraid. There was an animal intensity about these young boys. She knew what they said was right. She couldn't do too much protesting.

Quickly Judy tried to latch the screen door. Todd was faster than she was. He kicked the door open and forced her back in to the kitchen. The other four boys, including Buddy, crowded in behind him. A couple of them looked nervous, but Todd was running the show. He knew exactly what he wanted to do.

"Get out of here," Judy told him.

"I told you," he said. "We're not leaving until we have our little party. Now why don't you show us what you've got? Buddy's been telling us that you're real nice, Mrs. Davis. Show us that Buddy's not a liar."

She glanced at the faces around her, but there was no mercy on anyone's face. They were all hot young men and they knew they had a damn good chance of fucking her. Nothing was going to stop them.

"You're crazy," Judy said.

"Strip," Todd commanded. "Strip down or I'm going to take them off for you."

"I'll scream rape!"

"No, you won't scream," Todd said. "You scream and the whole county will know about your sucking Buddy's cock last night. Your big churchgoing husband won't like that!"

Judy had to get away. Todd reached out for her robe but she twisted away from him. She ran into the living room but the boys followed. They surrounded her and there was no place she could turn to.

"Don't play games, Mrs. Davis," Todd said. "We're gong to fuck you. All of us are going to fuck you. So don't play games with us. Show us what you've got!"

Judy rushed at one of the boys in a last feeble attempt to escape. This young man was a lot stronger than she was. He easily turned her around and caught her around the wrist. She could feel the pressure of his half-hard cock against the cleft of her asscheeks.

"Let me go!"

"Give it up, baby," one boy said.

She stopped struggling. She knew it was going to be no use. These boys were going to do exactly as they wanted with her. She wasn't strong enough to fight them and there wasn't any way to escape.

"You bastards," she said softly.

"Be cool," Todd said.

Todd moved closer and took the top of her robe in his strong fingers. He casually ripped the front of her robe away. He freed her big round tits.

"My God, would you look at those tits! They're as big as grapefruits."

"I told you," Buddy said.

"Magnificent," a third boy whispered. Judy made no attempt to cover herself. She knew it would be useless. The five boys stared at her naked flesh. She gave an involuntary shiver as she felt the cock of the boy holding her. His cock was growing hard.

"Take the rest of the robe off," Buddy said. "Yeah," Todd said. "Or would you like me to rip it off, too?"

"No. I'll take it off."

Her fingers trembled as she unhooked her robe and let it fall. Site was naked except for her panties. Todd put his hand between her legs.

"Buddy told me you had a hot cunt," Todd said. "Is that right? Do you have a hot cunt, baby?"

"No," Judy answered.

"You lying cunt," Todd said.

Judy gasped as she felt his fingers working against the fabric of her panties. Todd's fingers felt so hot. It brought back the memory of how hot she had felt just moments before. She felt her cuntjuices soaking her panties.

"Take them off," Todd said.

Judy couldn't stop trembling as she slipped her panties down her creamy thighs and off her long legs. Todd's hand went between her legs again. Judy wanted to control herself, but she couldn't help being a hot woman. Her juices began soaking his fingers in and out.

"It's getting to you," Todd said. "I can tell. You've got a hot cunt and it's getting to you. Admit it, bitch. Isn't your cunt hot?"

"Yes," Judy gasped.

She could sense that all the boys were grinning at her. She knew she was acting like a shameless bitch. She couldn't stop. His long probing fingers felt so delicious.

Behind her, it felt like a steel rod was poking her in her asscheeks. She couldn't escape from the boy's rigid cock. She felt his hands slipping up her body to caress her big swollen tits. That was almost too much to take. Sweet pleasure waves went through her body.

He moved against her and she felt his crooked cock pressing the inner part of her creamy thighs.

"I'm going to fuck you, bitch," he said. "I'm going to drive my cock right out your mouth!"

She felt the hot cock-head pressing up against her cunt. He gave her little time to get ready. He drove upward in one powerful thrust and she was immediately filled by his hot cock-meat. His cock had a different feeling to it. It could have been that she had never fucked standing up, or that his cock was crooked. Whatever it was, it felt delicious. She could feel herself responding by pressing her big tits against his shirtfront and rubbing her cunt on the front of his trousers. She felt him drive his cock a little deeper into her cunt. She felt the boy behind her holding her a little tighter and rubbing his steely cockhead against her asscheeks.

"Oh, God," Todd groaned. "She's good. She's really tight."

"I told you," Buddy said proudly. "I told you she felt good as shit!"

Todd's thick cock began thrusting up into her. She began to bounce up and down slowly, feeling his throbbing cock filling her cunt so deliciously. Feeling the second cock rubbing her ass was making her even hotter. She had never felt two cocks at the same time. It was wickedly exciting.

"I need a Goddamn drink," Buddy said. "I wonder where her husband keeps the booze."

"There's some in the kitchen cabinet," Judy gasped.

Buddy and another boy went to the kitchen. A third boy couldn't leave. He was watching Todd fuck Judy as if he had never seen anything like it in his life.

"God," Todd groaned. "Your cunt felt so good. It feels so fucking good."

Judy was starting to feel really hot when Todd pulled his cock out of her cunt. He stepped back and began to tear off his clothes.

He was taking his time about it. His fingers seemed to be working nervously. Finally Judy started helping to strip the clothes off his well built body. She had to run her fingers through the curly hair on his cheat and she could feel his chest muscles quivering. She forgot that she had been pretending not to enjoy it. She could no longer pretend that she didn't like what was happening. Her cunt was empty and wet and she was in a fuckmood. She got his clothes off and stepped back to admire that big cock of his.

"Ummmm," she said. "You sure do have a nice cock!"

"You are a cock-hungry bitch," Todd moaned.

Judy sank back on her living room carpet. She opened her legs to show off the glistening pink lips of her cunt. She saw younger boy looking at her in that strange way once again as if he had never seen a naked woman.

"What's the matter with you, sugar?" Judy asked.

"That's just Donald," Todd said. "Donald's a virgin. He's never seen a real cunt before."

"A virgin," Judy moaned quietly. "God, I can't believe it. A real virgin. I've never met one before."

"Well, Donald is," Todd said. "I don't think he's ever even touched a titty. Not like Fred or me. We've been fucking since we got out of the crib."

Judy looked at the by who had been holding her. Fred was an acne-marked young man. He was really kind of ugly but there was something sexy about him. He looked like he could really be an animal in heat. He interested Judy.

"Yes," Judy said. "I bet you two have."

Buddy and the other boy came back. They had made drinks for everyone, even Judy. Buddy's friend handed Judy hers. His hand brushed her tits. She moaned as she felt his hot fingers stealing a caress. God, these young boys were making her hot. She reached out and touched his crotch, his cock wasn't hard yet but she felt him shudder. It wasn't going to take any of these boys long to get hard. She moved her hand down his strong thighs.

"Ummm," she said. "You've got a big cock."

"Shit, you make me crazy," he said.

"What's your name," Judy asked. "I know everyone else."

"I'm Ron," he said.

"I need a cock in my cunt, Ron," Judy said. Judy could hardly believe that she was saying and doing all these lewd things. Some wild whore had hold of her body. She sipped the booze and felt the alcohol go through her body. It made her even hotter.

Todd finished his drink in a few seconds. He was grinning as he walked over and stretched out beside her. She took her free hand and pressed it against his until she felt all of his cum-juice on her skin.

"Are you ready to finish?" Todd asked. "Are you ready for my hot cock again?"

"Oh yes," she whispered.

"Then you tell me." Todd said. "You beg me to fuck you. Let all my friends hear how a cunt begs for cock. Especially Donald. He hasn't ever had cunt before."

"Please don't make me," Judy begged.

Someone had put on some music. Soft and sweet Todd leaned over and ram his tongue over one of her erect nipples. She grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled his face against her tits. She felt his mouth sucking at her sweet flesh. Clod, he was making her cunt hot. She reached for his other hand and pressed his fingers between her legs. She felt his rough fingers stroking her cuntlips. That wasn't enough. She needed his cock inside her cunt.

"Fuck me," she whispered frantically.

"Then beg me," Todd said. "Show my friends how you get for hot cock!"

She had no choice. Her cunt was burning up. "Fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck my cunt! I'm a whore and I need cock. Your cock."

"Shit, yeah," Todd groaned. "You're going to get all the fucking cock you need. All any bitch would ever need."

Todd made her turn over on her belly. Her soft titties pressed the carpet as she felt his fingers spreading the lips of her cunt. She felt his weight on her. She gasped when he stabbed his cock deep into her cunt.

"God, God, God, Goddamn!" she moaned.

Todd began thrusting his big cock in and out of her wet cunt. Each hard stroke sent shivers through her. She felt his hands slipping underneath her and cupping her tits. He gripped them as he slammed his hot cock into her.

"God, would you look at that," Buddy said. "That's something else. Todd is really fucking the cunt. It's making me hot as shit."

Todd was too excited. She suddenly felt him start to groan and she could feel his cock swelling up in her cunt. She felt the first big chops of his cum splattering her cunt walls.

"Move that sweet ass, cunt," Todd groaned. "Move that big sweet ass of yours, God, I love your cunt! I'm going to flood you with my juice. Bitch, beautiful bitch, BITCH!"

Shaking her ass from side to side was causing her cunt walls to caress every inch of his throbbing cock. She loved being fucked with his thick cock. She could feel the snug pressure of his balls against her asscheeks each time he drove into her. She slipped her hand between them and found his heavy balls. She started fingering the heavy sacs, driving him crazy.

"You little cunt," he moaned. "Cunt. Your fucking cunt feels so fucking good."

She felt the hot spasm in her cunt. She began to move her ass a little faster, humping off the soft carpet and taking his cock a little deeper into her hot cunt.

"Yes, fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me. Your hot cock feels so good. So good! FUCK ME!"

She screamed a little louder as her hot juices flowed around his cock. Her coming was so wild that she nearly shook him off. He never slowed down. He kept up an even thrusting as she came.

"That's right, baby," he said. "Shake your ass for me. Prove what a cunt you are. Shake your ass for Fred!"

There was delicious wickedness in the way he fucked her. He was abusing her with his cock. He really was experienced with his hot cock. He knew a lot more than a boy his age should have known. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his asscheeks and began sliding back and forth on his engorged cock.

"What a cunt!" he groaned. "Jesus, what a fucking cunt. I'm going to come. Christ, I'm going to come! Move that sweet cunt for, me! Move YOUR ASS!"

She felt his entire muscular body jerk as he shot his thick wad of jism into her cunt. She kept riding his cock as he shot again and again. She could feel the wetness on the sides of her thighs as he finally pulled his hot cock out. She looked down at him. He was rubbing his cunt-smeared cock against the insides of her thighs. She looked around and caught Donald's eyes. The young man couldn't take his eyes off what Fred was doing to her. He was rubbing the front of his trousers. She started to believe that he really was a virgin. No young man could put on that kind of act.

"Now I want you to kiss it hard again," Fred said.

Fred moved up her body. He sank down on his knees beside her head. He took her by two thick handfuls of her red hair and turned her face toward his cock. She saw the cum smears all over his hot cock. His cum had mixed with her wet juices and with Todd's cum. She had never seen such a wet cock.

"Kiss it," Fred said. "Show us the kind of blowjob that Buddy said you could give."

She saw the look of shock that crossed Donald's face. She couldn't look at him any more because Fred forced her face against his hot cock. She couldn't do anything else. She opened her mouth and sucked his limp cock. She bit down gently on the reddened cock-head. Almost immediately she could feel the cock-head swelling to new life. God, the man was an animal!

"Jesus," Todd said. "She can sure take it. I've never found a woman who could really suck cock."

"She loves it," Buddy said.

Judy sucked the hot cock deep into her mouth. She could feel the slimy knob pulsating against the back of her throat. She could taste all of his strong juices. Slowly she started sucking him clean. She used her tongue all around his wet cock. In seconds she had him covered with her spit. She finally released his cock and ran her tongue down its soft under shaft. She found his balls. She gently nipped at the heavy sacs with her teeth.

"Jesus," Ron said. "She's making me fucking crazy. I've got to have some of that cunt."

"Go ahead and fuck her," Fred said. "I won't stop you. She can suck and fuck at the same time."

This was getting out of hand. Judy could feel a tingle of alarm but she somehow couldn't pull away. She was able to peer out of the corner of her eyes and see Ron. He had undressed and was pulling on his meaty cock. He walked toward her. She started to protest but she suddenly felt one of Fred's hands around her throat. He meant business. He wasn't asking her. He was demanding that she keep sucking his cock.

Ron was spreading her legs. He pulled her thighs across his hairy legs so that his cock was premed against her twit. Slowly he started working his hot cock into her cunt. She couldn't escape from him. In a few minutes she didn't wait to escape it was making her hotter to have two big cocks at once.

"Shit, she's tight," Ron groaned. "Even after fucking twice she's tight!"

Ron worked his big cock the rest of the way into her cunt. She groaned as she felt him pulling out and then slamming into her again. His balls made a loud slapping sound as he thrust he pulled out and thrust deep into ha again. He began a slow and steady rhythm of fucking her already well fucked cunt.

Fred's cock started getting harder and he established the same in and out motion with her mouth. He was driving his cock deep into he throat, coating her throat walls with his cum. She could feel excitement in her cunt much more. This was insane. She didn't think it was possible to get so hot so quickly. She knew she was going to come again. They were going to kill her.

She could feel the hot swelling of Fred's cock. He was getting ready to shoot another load, this time into her mouth. She could also feel Ron pounding into her cunt a little faster.

"Swallow it. Swallow it like the bitch Buddy said you were!"

Fred rammed his cock savagely into her mouth. He rammed it deeper than it had been before. She choked at the first slimy cream spurting from his cock. She kept choking because he wouldn't let her escape. Tears came to her eyes. She tried to drink all the milky cum down but it was escaping from the edges of her mouth.

"Look at her," Todd said. "Look at her, Donald. Watch her sucking Fred's big cock!"

Fred finally pulled out and let her gasp for breath. She could not remember ever having swallowed so much cum. She could even smell cum. She kept trying to swallow it away as Fred rubbed his spermy cock-head against her soft cheek.

"You're pretty good, bitch," Fred said. "You give a pretty damn good blow-job!"

She turned her attention back to the young man who fucked her cunt. He had a nice style as well as having a nice fat cock. His thick knob spread her cunt-lips wide each time he plunged into her wet cunt. She was surprised when she felt another hand in her hair. Surely Fred couldn't be back for more? She turned her head obediently and she saw that it wasn't Fred. Buddy had taken off his clothes. His eyes were wild and drunken. He pressed his purplish cock against her lips.

"I'm going to mouth-fuck you," Buddy said. "I'm going to mouth-fuck your fucking face."

Buddy was rough this time. He drove his cock savagely into her mouth. He didn't give her a chance to suck his cock. Instead he began driving his cock into her mouth with a rough rhythm. Me gave her little time to breathe. She felt Ron's cock swelling and she could hear him panting. She could feel heat in her cunt.

"Oh, fuck," Ron groaned. "Fuck. Sweet cunt! Sweet Goddamn cunt! SWEET PUSSY!"

A third cock exploded into her wet cunt. She moved beneath him as he spilled the hot cum into her cunt. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. She tightened her legs as he kept thrusting into her, every drop of his cum spurting into her cunt.

"Shit," he groaned. "Ahhhhh, shit!"

He moved off her and Buddy made her turnover in her hands and knees. He made her remain on all fours like an animal while he kept fucking her mouth. She wasn't able to move her head. He held her tightly as he rammed his cock into her mouth.

She felt someone behind her. She felt fingers pushing apart the cheeks of her ass. She was shocked when she realized what that someone was planning to do. She felt a brutal cock-head against her asshole. She tried frantically to twist away but his grip was too tight. He kept slamming his cock into her mouth while she felt the sharp hurting pain in her asshole.

"That's it, Todd," Fred called. "Put it up her fucking asshole. That's a good place to put it!"

She felt his swollen cock-head pushing at her brutally. It wasn't a moment before his purplish cock-head popped into her asshole. Then she felt the long pushing pressure as he shoved his cock a little deeper into her asshole. It hurt, but not as bad as she'd thought. Todd was gentle with his pressure. He gave her time to get used to each inch of his big throbbing cock. Finally she felt the snug pressure of his balls and she knew he could go no farther.

"Ahhhhhh, Jesussss," Todd groaned. "Jesus, this feels so good. So Goddamned good. Her ass is tight as shit!"

Buddy began to move in and out of her tight asshole. She started to enjoy the rhythm of the two cocks. She could taste cum again. This time Buddy didn't come in her mouth. Instead he pulled his cock out of her mouth as he started to come.

"I'm going to come on your fucking face," he groaned. "I'm going to give you a cum-shower. I'm going to give you a fucking cum-shower, you crazy BITCH!"

She felt the hot drops splattering against her face. She licked at the ones that struck her lips. He moved closer and began to rub his cock against her face. Then he took a handful of her red hair and rubbed his cock dry.

Watching that had really made Todd hot. He was a driving into her asshole with an ugly violence.

Judy stretched out on her belly. She could smell and taste cum on every part of her body. She turned her head and saw Donald again. Donald hadn't fucked her. He had sat quietly the entire time. He hadn't even undressed.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "Don't you like cunt?"

"I guess so," he answered.

"You guess so," Judy said. "I guess we'd better find out."

Donald looked frightened as Judy crawled across the carpet to where he was sitting on the couch. She reached up and touched his crotch. His cock wasn't hard. She could hear the rest of the boys laughing at him.

"Don't worry," Judy assured him. "I'll make it hard."

Judy's experienced fingers unzipped his trousers and lifted out his cock. It was small and limp. Judy wrapped her fingers around the soft cock and began moving her hand up and down. Immediately he gasped and she could feel a little stir of excitement. Judy bent her head and kissed the tip. This time there was a definite swelling. This young boy was no pansy. He was just scared. Judy knew how to make him braver. She lowered her head and sucked his cock into her mouth. She let it rest on her tongue for a moment before sucking it deep into her throat. It only took a moment and she felt it swell to rock-hard condition.

"The first one's on me," Judy told him.

The boy's were laughing and clapping their hands as Judy climbed up into his lap. She pressed one of her creamy tits to the young boy's lips. He obediently took the offering. Judy settled herself on top of him. She found his hot cock and slipped it into her cunt easily.

"That's it," she moaned. "Now fuck Judy. Fuck her good!"

She could no longer hear any laughing. This young boy was really hot. He would be better later on. Now he humped off the couch with a violence she hadn't thought be was capable of. She felt his cock-head throbbing excitedly as he stabbed into her.

"That's it, baby," she whispered. "That's the way. Fuck your big girl. Fuck me good!"

"Oh Jesus," he groaned. "Jesus. I can't stand it. I can't wait. I'm coming. I'm going to come. AIEEEE!"

He came in a gusher of thick cum, more than she had felt that night. He kept coming until she thought he was never going to stop. She finally slipped off his cock and took a long look at it. It was only half hard, but she knew it would only be seconds before it was hard again. He was a young man and he'd never known cunt. Judy had given him the first fuck free. He was going to have to work a little harder for the second fuck! Judy looked around at all the young boys. She'd fucked them until they were tired. She knew they'd be ready again in a few moments. That was why it was so exciting with youth. Judy knew she'd been ready, too. Judy hoped that she would never quit being constantly hot and constantly ready to open her legs, mouth, and asshole for any man who asked. Any man!


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