Eager hot wife

In many cases today's marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill seeking -- and often deviant -- purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

EAGER HOT WIFE is the story of one middle-aged wife, outwardly normal, who discovers an eagerness to satisfy her lustful cravings in the arms of other men and women. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.

Chapter ONE

Joanne Benson hurried from the kitchen and headed for the den to kiss her husband good-bye. She reached the foyer when the phone rang. Habit made her pick it up. Before she could speak, she heard her husband's familiar voice say hello.

"Hello, Mr. Benson," a voice she didn't recognize said. She held on for a moment, her curiosity piqued.

"I'm leaving in a few minutes, Darin," Brad Benson said. "You'll be ready?"

"I'm in place, Mr. Benson. I'm outside your house."

"Good," Brad said, feeling better.

"Your wife will have me on her tail for the rest of the week. There won't be a thing she'll do that I won't know about."

"I'll expect it all in your report when I come back from New York. Who she talks to, where she goes, everything."

"That's what you're paying me for," the strange voice said.

"Have the report in my office on Monday, a week today, with your bill. Don't send it to the house."

"I'm discreet, Mr. Benson." The man sounded annoyed, his professional pride questioned.

Joanne stood aghast, holding the phone stiffly in her hand, her mouth open in shock. Her husband's suspicions and devious ways angered her. The phone clicked dead and she gently laid the receiver back in its cradle.

"You dirty bastard," she muttered under her breath. She forced a smile and opened the door to the den.

"Joanne," Brad said, a broad smile on his handsome features. "I was just coming out to get you. I'm ready to leave."

"I see," she said, seething inside from his distrust. She latched her arm through his and walked him to the front door where his luggage was waiting.

"I'm going to miss you," he said, taking Joanne into his arms and kissing her, his cock rubbing into her belly.

"I'll miss you too," she purred, feeling his boner. "You sure there isn't time for a fast fuck? You're hard and I'm dripping."

"Christ, Joanne. You're always ready." His statement was half joke and half truth and the main reason he had decided to have a detective watch her. It was his first time away for a week since they were married three years ago. The way she loved fucking, he wanted to be sure he could trust her to be faithful.

"I'm always ready for you," she mewed, rocking her hips, and making his cock throb as it rubbed against her. "Always."

He looked at her with a twinge of guilt nagging him for not trusting her, but... he had to know for sure. He picked up his two bags as Joanne opened the door.

"You be good while you're gone," she teased as he tossed the bags in the trunk of the car. "Don't let your cock lead you astray."

"You keep your hot pussy in check too," he said, trying to be carefree about it, but unable to pull it off. He climbed in the car and started the motor.

"If I get too hot, honey," she winked. "I'll use my fingers." She bent down and kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth. "Mmmmmmm. I think I'll go up and get myself off now. Your kiss has me all achy inside my pussy."

Brad frowned. "I'll see you Friday night." He backed out of the driveway.

"Call me." She waved and waited until he reached the corner and turned. Dropping her false smile, she scanned the street, spotting the unfamiliar car halfway down the block. "Okay, you bastards," she said. "You'll both get what you want." She went back in the house, determined to give the detective plenty of opportunity to fill his book with her infidelities.

"If that's what you expect, dear Brad," she muttered to her reflection in the bedroom mirror, "then that is what you'll get!" She pulled her sweater and jeans off, anxious to begin her interesting week of follow the leader! She tore at her bra and panties, standing naked in front of the mirror.

She rubbed her ivory skin, her hands caressing the soft flesh and cupping her large creamy tits. "You're going to get plenty of action this week." She squeezed them and moaned.

With a hot and sexy smile on her lips, she sprayed her naked body with an erotic scent and walked to the closet, picking out a slinky dress that clung to her body like a magnet. She slipped it over her head and admired herself in the mirror, then brushed her lustrous, dark red hair as it rested on her, soft shoulders.

She giggled nervously, thrilled with the way she looked in the green silky dress that accentuated every hot curve of her luscious figure. It reflected her green eyes, making them sparkle like jade. Her tits pressed against the thin material, the nipples like rubber erasers.

She turned and hurried from the room, the hem of the dress licking her bare knees. In a way she was glad about Brad's rotten plan. It gave her a chance to satisfy all her hidden fantasies and show her husband what a bastard he was at the same time.

Outside, she heaved a deep sigh, her heart beating wildly in her breast. "I'm ready to leave, you fucking private dick," she cursed, climbing into her car and backing it out of the driveway. She pointed in his direction and slowly coasted down the street, catching a glimpse of him as she passed. She giggled at his obvious attempt to hide his face. She was tempted to wave, but she didn't want the bastard to know she was onto their dirty little game.

Joanne drove out of town, looking for someone, anyone to break the ice. Ideally, she was looking for someone she could fuck so the detective would have no doubt in his mind what she was doing. She wanted to make it as easy as possible for him. She glanced in the rear view mirror, seeing him behind her. She was excited and having a ball.

She sped down the highway, her body tingling with anticipation, her mind whirling over the possibilities of her first adulterous week. It was going to be like an erotic-dream. She eased up on the gas and pumped the brake, slowing as she approached a car on the side of the road, its hood up.

A man lifted his head out from under the hood and Joanne slammed on the brake, screeching to a stop about twenty feet in front of the disabled car. She grinned, seeing the detective slow, then pass. "Better keep your eyes open," she said, backing up. "The party is about to begin." Already, a plan was forming in her hot fertile mind.

She shut off the motor and leaned out the window. "Can I be of help?" she called.

The man walked to her car and peered in, ogling Joanne's beautifully chiseled, ivory complected face with a slash of red on her full mouth, breaking the soft sensuous pattern. "I'm waiting for the tow truck."

Joanne melted under his appreciative stare. "Maybe I can give you lift to the garage. I don't mind waiting, if you don't mind a little company." She stared at his crotch, wondering what his prick would be like.

"I'd love it," he said, opening the door for her and offering his hand.

Joanne climbed out, taking his masculine hand, his grip full of assurance. She leaned against his car, letting him take in all of her beauty as she posed. She spotted the detective's car driving by on the other side of the road and she giggled.

"Something funny?" the stranger asked, coming closer to her, his body almost touching hers.

"No." She enjoyed his closeness. She tilted her head, her mouth inches from his. "You're a very handsome man."

"You're very beautiful," he complimented, leaning against her, applying just the right amount of pressure to add stimulation to the contact.

"Forward too," she purred, feeling just a hint of his cock against her belly. It was exciting and already her pussy was beginning to moisten with the warm juices of her cunt.

"You don't seem to mind," he said, pushing his cock harder into her soft belly. He rested his hands on her full curvaceous hips. "You have got to be the sexiest thing I've come across in months."

"Thank you for the compliment." She was overjoyed by his boldness. It was making things easier for her. She glanced down the highway, spotting the detective driving back along the crowded highway, a tow truck a few car lengths behind him. She placed her arms around the stranger's neck, wanting to give the detective a sample of things to come. "I think the tow truck is here."

The stranger glanced around. "I can use that ride now."

"Anytime and anywhere," she crooned, walked to her car, her ass swinging promiscuously.

She waited in her car, lifting her dress, exposing her milky thighs. She swallowed her heart back in place as he opened the door and climbed in beside her.

"Let's go," he said, not missing her attempt to flash her shapely legs. "I'm yours for the rest of the day, if you like. I can pick up my car around dinner time."

Joanne started the motor and pulled back into the flow of traffic, enjoying his dark eyes ogling her legs. She passed by the parked car of the detective, wanting to blow the horn. "I'd like that very much," she purred, her voice like velvet. "I know just the place we can spend the morning." She gunned the motor, roaring down the highway, Darin Jenkins, her husband's detective, right behind her.

"I'm looking forward to it," he said, placing his hand on her bare knee. "I hope it's quiet and not too crowded."

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed, overjoyed at his caressing hand on her knee. "It's quiet and there's no one else around for miles." Except, she thought to herself, a very inquisitive private eye.

She pulled off the highway, using her signals, not wanting to chance losing her tail. She drove, keeping her eyes alert for the dirt road that led to the quiet spot she first discovered by accident a few months ago when she had made a wrong turn.

The man slid his hand higher on her thigh, kneading the silky flesh of her leg, inching almost imperceptibly toward her pussy.

For a moment, Joanne didn't notice, being intent on finding the dirt road. She blinked. "Don't touch," she sighed, placing her hand over his, her palm sweaty with excitement. "I might crack up the car." She kept her hand on his, making sure he didn't move.

She spotted the dirt road and turned off, praying the detective wasn't stupid and would be able to follow. She drove for about a mile and pulled off into a small clearing. She took his hand off her leg.

"There it is." She climbed out of the car and quickly ran to the top of the knoll, looking down at the small stream flowing lazily down below.

He came up behind her, encircling her lush body with his arms and rubbing his cock into her soft ass. "You are a delicious hunk of female flesh."

Joanne pushed back against him, shivering with delight at his passion and the hard cock pressing against her soft bottom. "Mmmmmmm. You don't waste any time."

"With a woman like you, there shouldn't be any time wasted," he said, his hands coming up from around her wispy waist to cup her large pliant tits.

Joanne stood shaking at his bold exploring hands. "I don't even know your name."

"It's Grant Miles." His hand slipped inside her silky dress, cupping a bare tit, the nipple burning into his palm. "What's yours?"

"It's Joanne," she moaned, her legs growing weak from the hot erotic fondling of her tits and his throbbing cock against her ass. She turned into his arms, crushing her body into his. "Kiss me, Grant."

His lips covered hers in an instant, his tongue exploring the eager wetness of her gently sucking mouth. His hands roved over her back, down to her soft tender ass. He cupped the firm ass cheeks and kneaded the flesh, his cock aching in his pants.

"Oh, Grant," she sighed, coming out of his arms. "You're getting me all hot and mushy inside." Her tits heaved, one hanging out from Grant's playing. Her eyes darted around, trying to spot any signs of the detective. She caught a glimpse of something moving behind a tree some distance away and caught the reflection of, what she assumed to be, the glare of a telephoto camera lens. Get all the pictures you want, honey, she sighed to herself.

Grant leered at the beautiful housewife that just walked into his life. He gulped, ogling her exposed tit and defiant stance as she stood a few feet away, the sun at her back, her long red hair framing her exquisitely featured face.

"Want me to strip?" she cooed, rocking on her heels, the passion bubbling in her loins.

"Whatever you want," Grant said, not believing this passionate woman would actually strip out in the open.

"You don't believe me, do you?" she asked, seeing the doubt in his dark penetrating eyes. She didn't wait for an answer. Her hands smoothed down over her hips and she used her palms, bringing the dress slowly and erotically up her legs, exposing her thighs inch by tantalizing inch.

Joanne felt Grant's eyes on her and the eyes of the camera turning her on, making her body tremble. She stopped the hem of her sexy dress at the beginning of her pussy. "Do you believe me now?" she asked, her voice quaking.

"I'll believe it when it's off," he said, dying to see the lush white skin of her naked body.

Joanne sucked in her breath and slipped the dress over her hips and up over her tits, pulling it off and standing naked on the grassy mound, her hot creamy body exposed to both men -- Grant whom she was planning on devouring and the sneaky detective with his snooping camera.

"Do I please you?" she asked, her large tits jutting from her chest with no hint of sag, her slim waist flaring put into full curved-out hips, then tapering down to a pair, of long slender legs.

"You'd please even the most picky admirer." He took a step toward her, but she held up her hand to stop him.

"Let me come to you." She turned briefly, wanting the detective with his camera to have a good clear shot of her facing him. In her mind, she could hear the quick rapid clicking of the shutter as the man snapped picture after picture with his motor-driven Pentax. She turned to Grant, walking seductively toward him, the warm summer breeze sending hot chills up and down her naked body.

She stopped in front of him, her eyes green emeralds, glistening with passion. "Touch my pussy, Grant. Feel how hot and juicy it is."

Grant reached down between her parted legs, stroking his fingers through the wetness of her cunt slit, hot sticky juice clinging to his fingers. He pulled out his hand and saw the filmy white cream.

"I told you," she purred, like a kitten. "My pussy is soaked and aching for your hard cock." She reached down and grabbed his prick in her delicate hand. "I'll bet it's a giant cock too."

Joanne had Grant reeling. He grabbed her, his hands groping and squeezing her body in frantic grabs on her tits, hips, arms and legs. He couldn't get enough.

"Don't hurt me," she sighed breathlessly, getting hotter by the second. She took her hand away from his pants and stepped back. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes," he rasped, needing to fuck this hot bitch before he lost his mind. He grabbed his pants, tugging, wanting to free his prick.

"No," she moaned, placing her sweaty hand on his. "Let me do it." She dropped to her knees in the grass, her tits jiggling as she crawled the short distance to his bulging groin. She was eye level with his crotch, her mouth only inches away.

Grant couldn't believe his good fortune. What started out as a pain-in-the-ass day with his car breaking down, looked like one of the better days of his life. He watched her pull the zipper down with her long delicate fingers, her nails bright with red fiery polish.

"I'm so nervous, Grant," she purred, his zipper down. "I can't wait to see how gorgeous your prick is." She groped inside his pants, latching onto his thick veiny shaft. "Oh, Christ! I found it!"

"Take it out," he groaned, his cock twitching in her sweaty grip. "Take the God damn thing out!"

"I am! I am!" she moaned, tormenting herself for a moment longer while fondling his dick inside his pants. "Don't be so impatient!"

Unable to deny herself the sight of his prick any longer, she yanked it out and gasped. "OOOOAAAAHHH! It's SOOO big and beautiful!" She looked up at him, her face flushed with excitement. "I'll bet it'll fit nice and tight in my pussy."

He nodded numbly. She was a dream come true, a hot bitch who wasn't bashful and who pressed how she felt and said what she wanted. "You got it for a long as you want."

"Today will be fine," she purred, stroking his lengthy rod, feeling the surging strength. She licked her lips. "I always suck first," she whispered in a voice reminiscent of a child. "I like eating before fucking."

"Be my guest." He was still awed by her openness.

"I shall." She parted her red glistening lips and eased them over Grant's cock, the first cock she had touched since marrying Brad three years ago. "Mmmmmmmm."

The humming of her voice on his cock tingled through his balls. He groaned, reaching down and running his hands through her long, flowing, red mane. "Suck it! Suck it!"

Joanne obliged. She sucked greedily on his prick head, her tongue swirling around, teasing and prodding the pisshole in an attempt to fuck it. She fumbled with his pants, hating the feel of clothing, eager to feel just flesh.

"Unnnnnnn, you're splitting my cock!" He squirmed, trying to pull his prick away from her insistent tongue.

She clamped her teeth down, letting him know not to move. She tugged his pants and shorts down, baring his ass. She almost giggled, knowing the detective would be able to photograph Grant's ass. She pulled her mouth off. "Don't take your cock away," she sighed, a pout on her full lower lip. "I'm hungry."

He gulped. "You were trying to rip my head open with your tongue," he protested. "It hun."

"Sorry," she mewed. "I'll be a good girl and just lick and suck it."

His passion made him tight and he forced a smile. "Whatever you want, baby," he groaned, not wanting to louse up this fantastic day because of a little pain. "Whatever you want."

She smiled, stroking his long prick. She opened her mouth again and slipped his prick between her lips. She sucked, taking half his shaft into her mouth, the head of his cock brushing against the roof of her mouth and sinking into the opening of her gullet.

"Unnnnnn," he groaned, her tight mouth like a virgin pussy. He humped her face, driving his prick into her gullet. "Unnnn! Unnnngggg!" Again and again, he humped his prick into her throat fucking her face with slow easy stabs.

Joanne wallowed in the strength and power of his shaft and cockhead as it stretched her throat. She loved sucking dick and having it buried in her throat. She smoothed her hands around his hairy thighs and palmed his tight ass, pulling his body to her, driving the rest of his hulking prick down her throat.

"Ugggghhhh!" Grant growled, his prick swallowed up by her fervent wet mouth. He clenched her hair, holding her face steady as he slammed at her, fucking her mouth in hard successive jabs.

Joanne accepted the lunges, reveling in his prick, her mouth slurping on it. She took the brunt of his jabbing attack with joy, never wavering for a second as she thrilled to his cock sinking repeatedly into her throat.

She felt his prick swell in her mouth, his heavy balls slapping her chin. She knew he was going to cum any second. This wasn't what she wanted. She sunk her teeth into the base of his prick.

"OOWWWWWW!" Grant shouted, his hip action stopping, her teeth clamped into his dick. "You're biting the fucking thing off!" He let go of her hair and froze, afraid she was going to chomp it off.

Her face red with excitement, Joanne slid her mouth off his cock. "I didn't want you to cum," she gasped, catching her breath. "I don't want your cum wasted in my mouth. I want it in my pussy."

He nodded, realizing he had almost gone off the deep end. This hot bitch was something to contend with. She was right. He most definitely wanted to fuck her. "We got all day. I'll be hard again," he said, getting himself together.

"I know," she panted. "I can't wait any longer. My pussy is boiling for you cock." She looked at his prick, seeing her spit clinging to the shaft. It was exciting! She looked up, her eyes green fire, burning into his. "Fuck me!"

She fell back on the grass and spread her legs, hoping the detective would get a shot of her parted legs and her wet red cunt before Grant, fell on top of her and fucked her blind.

"Hurry, Grant, I'm out of my fucking mind!" She squirmed on the ground, thrilling to the coolness of each blade of grass as it caressed her asscheeks. She writhed for him, leering hotly up at Grant and his huge spitsoaked cock. "Fuck me!"

For a minute, Grant just stood there, devouring the hot and sensuous housewife with his eyes as she writhed in the grass like a bitch in heat. He ogled her tits, swaying with a life of their own as she seethed and squirmed. His eyes feasted on her pussy, red and swollen, glistening with her hot milky juices as they oozed from inside her wet juice-laden pussy.

"Jesus Christ!" she whimpered, twisting on the ground as she waited for him, her body a mass of tight jangling nerves that were ready to ignite. "Fuck me! I need your cock!"

The detective no longer concerned her -- her only interest being the long dick swaying between Grant's thick muscular thighs. "Stick the fucking thing in me! I'm going nuts!"

Grant dropped to the ground between her outstretched legs, his vision filled with the sight of her beautiful pussy. He fell forward, his prickhead jabbing at her body. With his arms propped up straight and stiff, he glared down into her hot and excited face, his prick poised at the entrance to her snatch.

"Oh, fuck me!" she sobbed, becoming hysterical about not having her pussy plugged with his delicious dick. "Don't torment me like this." She arched up, angling to take his cock into her pussy on her own, but he jerked back, denying her his meaty cock.

"When you're still," he said, wanting to exert influence over their fuck, taking command. "Then, I'll fuck you to death." He waited, his cock inches from her pussy, a distance that seemed endless to the broiling body beneath him.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she gasped, regaining her composure so Grant would fuck her. She calmed herself temporarily, the inferno in her pussy raging out of control. She stilled the burning in her loins and sucked in her breath, lying immobile on the ground, her insides trembling.

"Now," she rasped. "NOW!"

"Yes, my hot little bitch! Now!" With himself in control, he slammed his prick into her vulnerable body, sinking his cockhead past the lips of her swollen pussy. His cockhead led the way, his thick blood-gorged shaft following until his entire prick was buried inside the hot boiling body beneath him.

"Ughhhhh!" she groaned, her voice rough, her mouth gaping open as her body filled up with his thick meaty cock. She arched up, unable to remain still anymore. She slammed her pussy at him, driving her clit into his hard hairy groin. The sensation tore the lid off her checked emotions and she went insane.

"OHHHHH. Onnnggghhh!" she gurgled as she thrashed and bucked on the grass, her body pinned to the ground by Grant's muscular frame. She humped up at him, lashing at him with her pussy, grinding her clit into his groin. Her nails clawed his arms as he continued to keep his upper body poised above her, his glassy eyes devouring her lust-ridden face.

The stinging pain from her digging nails brought a snarl to his mouth and he stabbed viciously into her pussy, returning the pain with some of his own. He hissed through clenched teeth as her cunt accepted the pain. He pulled out to the tip, seeing the desperate look in her flowing eyes.

"Noooo," she wailed, driving her body up at him, gulping on his cock with her swallowing cunt. She screwed her hips in frantic circles, working her pussy into a lather as she fucked him in a mindless, half-crazed state.

Grant, his prick swelling, aching painfully to be rid of the cum that was filling it to the bursting point, slammed back down.

"YESSSSSS!" she shrieked, her pussy gobbling on his prick in an attempt to suck out the cum filling his balls and cock shaft. "Yesssss!"

Grant slammed into her pussy, one violent jab after another, bringing the hot housewife beneath him swiftly to the edge of her orgasm. He racked his hips, scraping his prick inside her spastic pussy, his cockhead whacking at her pulsing wet walls.

Joanne lunged her pussy into his frame, her clit taking a beating against his hairy groin. Her legs encircled his body, drawing his cock deeper with each plunge of his hips. She matched his hard short jabs with powerful lunges of her own, her mind teetering at the edge of insanity, her pussy and body hanging at the edge of her orgasm. She was ready to cum at any given moment!

"Fuck me, you bastard! You fucking bastard!" she screamed, for all the world to hear. "FUCK MEEEEE!" she became an animal, jerking and tossing beneath his drilling cock as her cunt swelled, ready to explode.

"Bitch!" he snarled, his cock getting tight in her gripping, overstuffed cunt. His prick grew thicker as it filled with jism. He whacked her with his prick, slamming her back into the grass. His balls tightened, then erupted, sending a jet stream of white hot jism through his prick and into her sporadic pussy, drenching it with gob after gob of his gooey cum.

The splattering of his jism in her pussy triggered her orgasm. She was catapulted over the edge, jerking and churning her pussy as her climax took control and ravaged her.

"I'M COMINGGG!" she shouted, her loud voice piercing the morning air. "Jesus fucking Christ!" she became wild, uncontrollable, twisting and convulsing under his erupting dick, her cunt gushing out the hot cream, greasing his pounding cock in her hot oily juice.

"Uhhhnnnn!" Grant growled, falling on top of her, crushing her bouncing tits beneath his chest. Her cunt was like a pulsing sponge, sucking on and around his cock, sucking up the cum as fast as it spurted out from his piss slot.

Joanne wrapped her arms around his broad back as he came down on top of her and scraped her tender tits against his shirt. The roughness of the material sent a myriad of erotic sensations to her fuzzy over stimulated brain.

"Unnnnn! Harder! Harder!" she ranted, urging him to bury her in the grassy knoll. "Harder!" She drove her pussy up at him, her powerful hip swiveling action taking them both a step closer to the end and its misty world of gray numbness.

He plunged his squirting cock into her, ramming harder with each jab. She was like a machine, taking everything he had. Every muscle in his body coiled tight for the final assault on her hot trembling body.

"Bitch! Bitch!" he growled, with each jab of his cock.

"Yes! Yes! Like that!" she answered with an upward thrust of her own. She began shaking uncontrollably, her ass coming off the ground, her hips gyrating in a almost unbelievable positions.

"AGGGNNNNHHHH!" she shrieked then dropped back on the grass and began twitching as her climax released her, allowing her to drift into the warm afterglow of her first adulterous fuck.

Grant stabbed her one last time, his prick finally empty. He collapsed on top of her, both gasping, for air.

"Jesus Christ," he groaned, rolling off her sweaty fucked-out body. "You're a wildcat."

With her senses returning to normal, Joanne remembered the detective. A shivery sigh escaped her parted lips. "You're not so bad yourself." It would certainly make for some interesting discussions with her husband. She could just see his face as he looked through what she hoped were good clear pictures.

Although she enjoyed this immensely, the main idea of this adulterous deed was to pay Brad back for not trusting her. She stood up and retrieved her dress, always mindful of the detective and his camera.

"I'm starved," Grant said, standing up and fixing his pants. "Fucking you, gave me a helleva appetite."

Joanne laughed. "Me too. I'm famished." She slipped the dress over her head and adjusted the clinging material to her sated body. "Suppose we eat, then go to your place for the rest of the day?" She took his arm and they walked down the small hill together, heading for her car.

"I couldn't have said it better." He squeezed her arms. "This is certainly going to be a day to remember."

"It certainly is," Joanne said, slipping into the driver's seat. "It certainly is!"

Chapter TWO

Joanne rolled lazily over on her back and stretched, knocking the silk sheets off her tits. She blinked, enjoying the warm rays of the sun streaming in through the side windows of the bedroom, warming her tittie flesh. Throwing back the pink sheets, she climbed out of the bed, remembering yesterday and the exquisite pleasure she had enjoyed with Grant and his perpetual hard-on. She shivered, the memory of the detective and her despicable husband still fresh in her mind.

She padded barefoot to the front window, moved the drapes aside, and peered out. She spotted him down the opposite end of the street this time. She grinned, wondering who he fucked last night. Any man who had watched the things she had done to Grant's cock would have had a sleepless night without a pussy to quiet his passion.

"Who did you fuck?" she said aloud, enjoying her one-way conversation, her interest slightly more than casual. "Was she good?"

She blew the detective a kiss and giggled. As she went into the bathroom and ran the shower, her only thought was, who will I fuck today? She stepped inside the shower stall, letting the warm water rinse away the last traces of sleep.

Thirty minutes later, she stepped out of the bathroom, refreshed, dried, and ready to go. Still naked, she stood by the window to see if her newly acquired shadow was still parked. He was, only now his car was almost directly across the street. She could see him peering up at her window and she decided to give him a show.

Pulling back the drapes of the front window overlooking the street, she stood, for a full minute, allowing the detective an unabashed view of her naked body. "Enjoy it," she said, then stepped away, not wanting to turn on the entire neighborhood.

She pulled on a pair of short purple jogging trunks made out of soft terry. They fit snug, her ass cheeks peeking deliciously out and the crotch tight against her pussy lips, the indentation between her lips a hot welcome sight at the end of her long legs.

She pulled a matching terry top over her head, the material clinging to her overripe tits. She nodded to herself in the mirror, satisfied with her appearance. Her green eyes danced and her make-up was done just right, highlighting all of her sensuous features. It was going to be a hot day and she was prepared for it!

After coffee and toast, Joanne walked outside into the warm morning air and climbed into her car. "Let's see what we can do for you today, Mr. Detective." She slammed the door and started the motor, anxious to begin a new day of adventure and adultery.

Toying with the detective, she burned rubber backing out of the driveway as if she were going to pull away in a blur. Instead, she laughed and eased it into drive and coasted past the detective's car while looking in. She got a good look before he turn his head. "Maybe I'll fuck you," she mouthed, giving the car some gas as she reached the corner and turned. "Then, what will you tell my husband?" she laughed and headed down the empty street, wondering where she would find her mystery cock for the day.

She looked at the gauge, seeing the gas tank was almost empty. Up ahead was the service station that she and Brad always used. A smile brightened her face. Earl, the mechanic, is always giving me the eye. Why not?

Tingling with excitement, remembering Earl's rugged appearance, Joanne gunned the motor, speeding, then hitting the brake, she screeched into the empty garage, her tires squealing in protest. She skidded to a stop, climbed out of her car, and looked around. "Anybody here?" she called.

She walked to the opened garage door and peered outside, making sure the detective didn't miss her and to see if Earl was around or anyone else for that matter. She saw the now-familiar car of the detective across the wide street, the private eye waiting, his motor running. It warmed her heart to know she was going to have an audience again, an audience she enjoyed playing to. She turned, just as Earl came up behind her. "Ooooh, you startled me."

"Sorry, Mrs. Benson," Earl said, ogling the beautiful housewife. "What can I do for you today?" He knew what he wanted to do, but he didn't want any flak from his boss about playing around with the customers.

"Some gas, Earl," she sighed, seeing the strong rugged mechanic in a new and different light. "Would you check the oil too." She batted her eyes at the handsome mechanic, her hips jutting out, her hand resting on it. "Do you want me to pull it outside to the pump?"

"Na. I'll use the one in here." He leered at her sexy outfit, wishing he could get her back to his small room and on his bed.

"I appreciate that, Earl," she mewled, using his name like it was breakable china. "You're always so nice to me."

"It's easy being nice to you," he said. He hopped in her car and expertly eased it next to the pump inside the garage, then climbed out.

Slowly, Joanne moved away from the garage door, wondering how the detective was going to get this all on his damn camera. She smiled wickedly. "He'll earn his money today," she muttered, walking over to Earl as he held the nozzle in the opening of her gas tank.

"Did you say something to me?" Earl asked, drooling as he stared at her crotch, the material only covering her pussy, not hiding any of its gorgeous features.

"No, Earl. Just talking to myself." She smiled and glanced at Earl's crotch, seeing the familiar bulge.

She leaned against the front fender, her palms on the hood, her well proportioned tits jutting out invitingly. "You the only one here this morning, Earl?" she asked, scanning the place to see where they could fool around so the detective could watch.

"For now," Earl said, pulling the nozzle out of the tank. "Hank's out picking up a car at a customer's house." He hooked the gas nozzle back in place and reached in and pulled the lever underneath the dashboard, releasing the hood lock.

Joanne watched his every move. He was strong, sure of himself, the sight of his bare muscular arms sending goose bumps down her spine. She leered at him, knowing she was in the way and he couldn't get the hood up until she moved.

"Excuse me," Earl said, her perfume filling his mind with fantasies and desires. "I gotta get under the hood."

Joanne shivered with their closeness. She looked directly into his eyes. They were blue and she saw what he wanted in them. It thrilled her. She moved, allowing her tit to brush against his arm. "Can I watch?"

"Sure," he said, lifting the hood and pulling the dip stick from the motor.

Teasing the mechanic, she leaned against him, pretending it was the only way she could see what was going on. "Interesting."

Earl felt her hot sensuous body up against his. His cock ached as he wiped the dip stick and put it back inside the motor.

"How did you find the hole?" she purred as he pulled it out again and checked it.

"Practice," Earl said, his voice becoming strained. "Your oil is fine." I-I put it back, fully aware of her body pressing against him.

"I'll bet you get a lot of practice finding the hole in the dark," she teased, stepping back a few inches and allowing him to close the hood to her car.

He turned, the sound of the hood dropping into place echoing in the garage. "I get my share," he said, seeing her game and deciding to play along. Mrs. Benson was beautiful and maybe... just maybe... he might get a chance to fuck her, although the idea was only a remote inkling in his mind. Besides, it was a quiet morning and a little sexy talk with one of the customers was a good way to pass the time. He could always take out his frustrations on his girl tonight, if he got too horny from this luscious housewife.

"I'll bet you do get your share," she mewled. "Do you have a soda machine around?" She kept her voice sultry, full of passion and a hint of what might be.

"What kind ya want?" Earl asked. "I'll get it for you."

"Coke will be fine." She walked with him to the back of the garage. It was cooler back here and dimmer. She felt turned on.

Earl handed her the cold sweaty bottle. "My treat."

"Why thank you, kind sir," she purred, faking a southern accent. "I've never been back here. Would you like to show me around?"

"I'd like nothing better," Earl said, the idea of fucking this ravishing housewife growing stronger in his mind.

"This is, I guess you could call it, my room," Earl said as he ended the small tour. He opened a door to a small room with a table, chair, and an unmade bed in it. "I sack out here sometimes."

"I'll bet you do more than that in here," Joanne sighed, stepping into the room. She spotted a window and smiled, knowing that the detective would have his view. "I'll bet that bed could tell some fascinating stories."

Earl grinned rakishly and automatically closed the door behind them. "A few maybe," he said, not wanting to sound like a braggart, but also not wanting her to think he didn't get laid at all. There were many a night he sacked out here with a broad, fucking until dawn then getting up for work.

Joanne sat on the chair, moving it so she could see out the window without appearing to. She didn't want to get into any of the heavy stuff before the detective was in place. There was no sense wasting a good fuck and suck session.

Earl sat on the bed, openly admiring her long slender legs. He was going to make a pass, but didn't want her running off mad, screaming to his boss.

"What are you thinking, Earl?" she asked, knowing full well the hot thoughts racing through his mind. She could feel his eyes burning through the material of her top.

"You might not like what I'm thinking," Earl warned.

"Oh, I don't know," she smiled, taking a deep breath. "I might find it very interesting."

"I was thinking about you."


What the hell, he thought before he spoke. "How you'd look without that sexy outfit on."

"You're making me blush," Joanne cooed, enjoying their sexy conversation. "You shouldn't be thinking things like that." She kept her hot smile on her face, letting him know she wasn't mad. "I'm married."

"It's kinda hard not to, seeing the way you walk and the way you look," he said, his mouth getting parched.

"I thank you for the compliment." She stared him right in the eyes. "Do you have a girl friend?"

"Yeah," he said aloud, knowing that tonight he was going to fuck the hell out of her and pretend she was Mrs. Joanne Benson.

She held his eyes, her nipples swelling. "You ever fuck her on that bed you're sitting on?"

He was startled by her, brash manner, but hid it. He didn't want her to know he could be shocked by anything a woman said. "Yeah." He swallowed, thinking about how nice it would be to fuck her.

"Is your girl friend, a good fuck, Earl?" Joanne said hotly, the conversation turning her into a boiling mass of nerves. She loved talking this way, using the language of the street.

"As good as any." He held her hot sparkling eyes with his own. "How about you? Your husband think you're a good fuck?"

"What do you think, Earl?" she asked, her voice caressing him as she leaned back in the chair, her tits heaving under her tight skimpy top.

"I think... you'd be about the best piece of ass around." He saw her cheeks flush red.

"My husband thinks so," she said. "Have you ever fucked any of your customers?"

"One or two," Earl said, remembering the times.

"Did you fuck them in here?" She was really getting off and her pussy felt as if it were on fire and would burn a hole in her crotch any second.

"Right here," he said, patting the mattress. "They keep coming back for more too," he added, figuring a little bragging now might be just the thing to get this hot bitch into his bed.

Joanne's breathing was coming in shallow gasps. She lowered her eyes to his crotch, then back up to his handsome face. "Do you have a nice cock?" she asked brazenly, attempting to shock him out of his smugness.

"I've never had any complaints. You got a nice pussy?" he asked, giving her a dose of her medicine.

"No complaints," she answered, liking him more because of his obvious confidence in his masculinity. "Although, I don't think I'm as experienced as you." She caught a glimpse of some movement outside the window and hoped it was the detective getting into position.

"You look like you'd be a fantastic fuck, Mrs. Benson," Earl said, his throat dry.

"I appreciate the vote of confidence, Earl," she answered, wanting to see and touch this handsome mechanic's prick. "Would you take your dick out and give me a look?"

Earl leaned back on the bed, willing to go as far as Joanne wanted, his passion for the woman increasing. With his eyes fixed on hers, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out into the open, holding the long enormous prick in his fist.

"Oaaah, Earl. It's a magnificent prick," she cooed, devouring his beautiful thick cock with her eyes. "Jesus Christ!"

"How about letting me see some of you?"

"What about the garage? Aren't you afraid of someone robbing you?" she teased. "What if someone wants gas?"

"Hell with him," he said, his cock throbbing in his grasp. "I'd rather be back here with you. Now, how about letting me see a little of your body?"

"Do you think you can handle it?" she purred.

"I can handle anything you can dish out."

"I'll bet you can." She licked her lips and with as much eroticism as possible, she lifted her top, revealing her large opulent tits. She flipped it off and laid it on the table. "Like them?"

His eyes scrutinized her, drinking in her lush milky white tits. "They're gorgeous!" His voice sounded rough, scratchy like sandpaper. "Fantastic tits."

"As nice or as big as your girl friend's?" she asked, hefting them in her sweaty hands.

"Yours are bigger and prettier."

She squeezed them in her hands, gloating over his towering cock as he held it. "You like sucking tits?" she moaned, her body in a hot turmoil.

He licked his lips. "Bring them over, Mrs. Benson."

Joanne stood up, modeling in her tight-fitting shorts and flashing her tits. She ran her hands up through her long red hair, her mouth open. "I like sucking cock, Earl."

He gulped, his mind swimming in lust for this fantastically sensual housewife who seemed to want nothing more than to be fucked. "You can suck me anytime."

She stood between his legs, pushing him down on the bed, fixing the positions so the detective could get some very hot and candid shots. She leaned over him, her huge globes of flesh hanging in his face. "Suck them, Earl. Suck out all the milk." She propped her arms out, balancing herself over Earl's ruggedly handsome face.

Earl stared up into her face, seeing the excitement dancing in her green eyes. He grabbed her tits, squeezing and massaging the warm pliant flesh. He pinched the nipples, his fingers digging into the softness, leaving the white flesh red from his rough work hands.

"Ohhhhh, Earl," she moaned, her pussy contracting on a wet empty canal. "Suck my titties. Suck them!"

Earl lifted his head, taking one of the delicious pink cherry nipples into her eager mouth. He sucked avidly. She moaned in return. His teeth chewed on the rubbery tips while he kneaded her jiggling tittie meat. He worked his mouth all over each tit, sucking, licking, and biting the hot little flesh she was offering him. He slobbered, then dropped his head back on the pillow.

"Christ, you taste good," he groaned.

"I'll bet you taste good too," she panted, standing up again, striking an erotic pose, her thoughts now on the detective who was probably peering in the window. "Take off your pants and I'll suck that hunk of cockmeat."

Earl needed no second invitation. He quickly pulled off his shorts and work pants. He rubbed his boner and ogled the delectable Mrs. Benson. "You are certainly a hot bitch."

"Yes," she purred. "Hot for cock." She leered down at his prick and dropped to the floor, gazing at his meaty dick as if it were a thing of worship. She placed both hands on it and felt the power flowing through his shaft. "I'll bet your girl friend loves your cock."

"She does," Earl said, her hands on his prick making his mind whirl. "She'd fight an army to get to my dick."

"I can see why." She climbed on the bed between his legs, rubbing her tits against the tip of his prick.

"Suck it!" he moaned, the spit on her tits getting his cock wet. "Suck it!" He squirmed, wanting it in her lush open mouth.

"I will," she said. She lowered her head and kissed the red tip. "Mmmmmmmm." She encircled the glistening head with her wet mouth and sucked, making Earl moan as he arched up, driving his prick into her beautiful face.

She slid her mouth off, glancing quickly at the window and seeing the detective pull back. She smiled impishly. Licking her lips, she ran her tongue along the length of Earl's cock until it was spit soaked. She lapped on his balls, her hands stroking and manipulating his prick shaft. She slapped his balls with her tongue, then nibbled on the sensitive meat of his thighs and crotch.

"Uhhhnnnn," her moaned, rocking his hips as Joanne made his hard body feel like putty and his prick like steel beneath her mouth. "Unnnn!" He grabbed her hair, trying to push her mouth onto his prick, needing a hole to bury his aching dick.

Joanne tossed her head back and laughed. "Don't be impatient, Earl." Her tits were heaving and her green eyes were glimmering. "Let me enjoy your cock for awhile."

"Whatever you want, baby," he groaned as her hand clamped tightly around it in a hot viselike grip. "Whatever you want!"

"I'm glad you see it my way," she moaned, lowering her head again to his wet veiny cock. She chewed with abandonment on the tender underside of his prick, making him twitch and jerk above her. Her tongue flashed like lightning all over every inch of his shaft until Earl was a mass of jangled nerves looking for a place to explode.

She came off his dick and stood up on wobbly legs. "Now we're going to fuck, Earl," she said, turning herself on as well. "Earl, honey, I'm going to ride you." She winked and pulled down her shorts, baring her pussy to his lustful stare. "Like?"

He nodded, watching her step out of her shorts, his eyes poring over her naked body. His prick felt as if it were going to burst and he rubbed it, taking away some of the passion/pain she brought to his cock with her blow job.

"Don't you touch it," Joanne pouted. "It's my job." She ran her fingers through her cunt, greasing them with the filmy cream oozing from her hole. "Aaaaaaaaah!" The action brought a hot sensuous moan from deep within her throat. She watched him as she sucked the juice off her fingers. "I taste as good as you do." Her eyes danced wickedly. "Maybe I ought to have you suck me first."

"Later," he groaned. "Later!"

She smiled, knowing the horny mechanic with the steel cock didn't intend to suck her. It didn't matter. She stored the thought in her mind for later, knowing she needed someone she could control like a puppet, a puppet whose strings she could pull at will and make them do her bidding.

"It's not important," she crooned, climbing back on the bed. "I'd rather fuck. My pussy is destroying me. If I don't get your cock soon, I'll die."

"Stop your God damn talking and fuck!" he snarled.

She straddled Earl's cock, placing her hot dripping snatch on him while greasing the shaft with her velvety pussy lips, his cock flat against his groin. "It looks as if I have a cock," she giggled hotly, seeing his prickhead poking out from between her legs.

Earl growled, grabbing her hips, trying to get his prick inside her pussy as he angled his hips. It was useless. She was using all of her strength to keep his prick pinned against his groin.

She jabbed her hips back and forth, scratching his prick with her nails as it reappeared between her legs. She lifted her ass, his prick springing up, hitting her pussy. She reached under and grasped the sticky shaft, putting the head between her cuntlips.

Earl groaned, arched up to ram his hulking meat deep in her snatch, but she lifted higher, denying him the hot wet delights of her cunt. "CHRIST!" He grabbed her body. "FUCK ME!"

"Yes, Earl," she moaned, her voice syrupy around his shaft, holding his dick prisoner within her body. "Aaaaahhh! Ohhhhh!" His throbbing cock inside her pussy was driving her wild and she had to use all of her will power to keep from fucking him to death.

"AGGGGHHH!" Earl groaned, the heat from her pussy igniting the already flaming furnace in his loins. "Aggghhhh!" He drove his cock at her, grinding his hips in a half circle, screwing the tip of his dick into the spongy walls of her snatch. "You're soooo fucking tight! So fucking tight!"

"Yessss, Earl," she groaned, taking his cock and milking the shaft. "Tight like a sweet baby virgin!" She rotated her hips, humping back and forth slowly, driving them both insane.

With her back to the window, Joanne posed, giving the detective an opportunity for erotic shots of her pussy, ass, and Earl's buried cock.

"Let's go slow," she sighed, leaning forward, her tits dangling in his face. "Nice and easy."

"Anything you want," he groaned, pulling on her tittie flesh with his rough callused hands.

Joanne lifted her pussy off Earl's cock. An image of what it looked like from behind her shiver. She leaned over, crushing Earl with her tits and spread her ass cheeks with her hands, giving the detective the best shots possible for her husband.

She slammed back down, ready for Earl. "We're going to fuck now." She rocked on his cock, slobber drooling from her mouth as she allowed her mind to become absorbed in the passion of her body. She sucked in her breath, her tits jiggling, her body tingling.

For a moment, she closed her eyes, wallowing in the exquisite depravity of Earl's dick throbbing inside her tight pulsating pussy. "Ohhhhh, Earl! Ohhhhh!" She began to fuck him, slamming her ass and pussy down on his hard loins, taking his cock deep with each downward plunge of her body.

"Uhhhhh!" Earl howled, pulling on her tits, kneading her hips, his hands all over her, touching, probing, never getting enough of her hot soft yielding body. He arched up, stabbing her boiling twat with his cock, matching her vigor with his own.

Racing toward the summit, Joanne threw back her head, her red hair lashing across her back, her eyes rolling in their sockets. She caught a glimpse of the detective in the window. It made her blood boil. She was seething in lust. She leaned back further, a precarious position on the narrow bed. The action caused Earl's cock to bend, the head of his dick jabbing into her pussy walls.

"OHHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHH!" she cried, humping like a maniac on his steely cock, her tits bouncing with each erotic gyration she made with her body. "Oh, my fucking Christ!" The torment of his dick against her pussy walls drove her to the brink of insanity. She sat up, her tits flopping, her face a deep red, like her hair. She fell forward, giving Earl the necessary room to pound her pussy and bring them both into heavenly bliss.

"Yeaaaaa, babeeeeee!" he groaned, grabbing her and holding her steady as he slammed his prick up into her tight pulsing pussy hole. "I'm... almost... there..." he moaned, between ragged breaths.

"Meeeee toooo!" she wailed, letting him take the rein. "Fuck me! Fuck me, Earl!" She swayed her hips in circular motions, adding to the pleasure of his drumming cock.

"OH, CHRIST!" he shouted, his hands digging into her hips as he felt the cum fill his cock. "I'm... coming!" He jerked and bolted, his prickhead exploding in a torrential rain of jism. It spurted up into her hole like a geyser spitting its jets of water and steam.


"Eeeeeeiiiaaaahhh!" She shrieked as the hot jism of his dick filled her belly and her orgasm erupted inside her, deep within her pussy, like an exploding volcano. "I... I... I'm coming!" She thrashed precariously on his cock, her body turning to lava as she became embroiled in her own orgasm. She bucked and rode him, her head snapping back, her eyes disappearing inside her head.

Earl drove his prick into her pussy with short powerful jabs, his cock spewing its load of thick cum with each stab. His legs stiffened, his back bowed, and his hips became pistons, driving his cock home with each hard lunging stab.

"More! More!" Joanne screamed as she weathered the storm of her orgasm, sitting astride the bucking bronco beneath her. She jerked and twisted about, her movement limited by Earl's grasping hands as they clutched her hips, holding her as he lunged up into her pussy.

Wave after wave of tremendous orgasms swept over Joanne's body, bombarding her with sublime sensations, a kaleidoscope of impressions that attacked her senses. They blended in a collage of joy that turned her into a glob of jello on his spurting cock.

Unable to keep herself up, she fell forward, whimpering and sobbing as her orgasm washed over her, leaving her tingling atop Earl's buried dick.

Earl lashed up at her pulsating pussy one last time, the last of his cum filling her wet pussy. He held her, catching his breath as his ass bumped uncontrollably against the bed. "Oh, baby," he groaned, his prick shrinking inside her milking cunt. "Unnnnn! Babe..."

Her body spent and her mind numb, Joanne rolled off his cock and stood up. "You sure know how to fuck, Earl," she panted, catching her own breath as she rocked back and forth on her heels.

"You're one of a kind," Earl moaned, sitting up. "One of a kind." Even with his passion spent, the sight of Joanne's lust figure made his loins tighten into a knot.

"As good as your girl friend?" she asked, needing to know. If she was going to flaunt her adulterous actions in front of her husband, she was going to have to be a helleva fuck to keep him from throwing her out of the house on her ass.

"The best I've ever had," he said. "The very best." He stood up and crushed her against him, kissing her hard on the mouth. His wet sticky cock rubbed into her belly.

She came out of his arms, breathless. She looked down at her sticky belly, seeing his red hand prints on her tits and some grease stains. "I better get home. My whole body aches."

Earl grinned, seeing his handiwork imprinted in her flesh. "I better get outside and check to see if the garage is still there." He laughed, leaving Joanne alone to dress.

Ten minutes later, Joanne stepped out of the small room and walked to her car. "I can't thank you enough, Earl. I had a marvelous time this morning." She climbed in her car. "Put the gas on my husband's bill." She winked and started the motor.

"Come back anytime, Mrs. Benson," Earl called back, watching her turn and drive out of sight.

Joanne glanced in the rear view mirror, seeing the car take up its position behind her. "I hope you enjoyed yourself, Mr. Private Dick, because you're going to get yours real soon."

She gunned the motor, wanting to take him on a fast and furious ride before going home and washing the mushy cum from her pussy and planning her next adulterous act.

Laughing, the sound of the radio blasting in the closed air-conditioned car, Joanne sped down the road, heading for the open highway and a morning joy ride with Darin Jenkins, her husband's snooping detective, right behind her.

Chapter THREE

Yesterday's fuck with the mechanic, Earl, had taken its toll. After driving around for over an hour, she had arrived home, showered, then slept until dark. She ate a light supper, then back to sleep again.

She glanced up at the ceiling, contemplating her next act of defiance. There was no reason to look out the window. The bastard would be outside somewhere, waiting for her to make her move. She giggled and rolled over on her belly.

Burying her head in the soft fluffy pillows, she ran her hands under her body. She closed her eyes, imagining the detective writing out his report and her husband's face when he read it. She thought about Friday when Brad would come home. The idea of telling him herself appealed to her and the more she thought about it, the more she liked it. Having it out together was a lot better than him sitting in his office looking at the pictures and reading the scorching report.

She rocked on her hands, her pussy getting turned on by the silk sheets as she pulled the skin back from her clit, freeing the tiny button to rub against the smooth shiny material. "Oh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!" she whimpered, turning herself on.

"Damn!" she cursed, rolling out of bed. She patted to the window and smiled when she saw his car parked across the street.

"Maybe I'll fuck you today, Mr. Detective," she said aloud. Grabbing a short robe, she wrapped it around her naked body and hurried downstairs, an impish sparkle in her emerald green eyes.

She strutted to the door for one quick flash to the detective, then coffee and the morning paper. She opened the front door, pretending not to see the car across the street. She bent down for the paper and stood up, the robe falling away from her body for an instant, exposing her creamy white flesh to the detective. As quickly as the robe opened, she folded it closed again and stepped back inside, knowing that the detective had seen her. It thrilled her to know that she was, at least hoped she was, turning him on.

She was about to shut the door when she spotted Denny cutting across her lawn. "Oh, shit!" she muttered. "He saw me." She was positive. The boy looked like a statue, frozen to the ground, his mouth agape and his eyes staring. She waved nonchalantly, an erotic idea forming in her dirty mind. Denny seemed like the ideal candidate. Here was a person she could control and manipulate like a puppet. She waved again, bringing the boy out of his spell.

"Hi, Denny," she called to him.

He walked toward her, his eyes glued to her robe as if he didn't believe what he saw, yet not willing to take the chance of missing it, if it happened again. "Hi, Mrs. Benson."

"How would you like to join me for some hot chocolate? I could use the company." She smiled warmly at the teen-age boy standing at the foot of her steps.

"I... I... don't know," he stammered, glancing at her long slender legs in the short robe.

"Don't be shy, Denny," she mewed, holding the door open for him. "C'mon."

Denny walked up the stairs, almost stumbling as he tried to keep his eyes on her legs.

He blushed and walked quickly by her, the clean sensuous scent of her body making the shy boy's head spin.

Joanne grinned smugly across the street at the parked car. "Get your eyeful of this, Mr. Snoop," she mumbled under her breath. "Maybe I'll call the police on you and say I saw a prowler." She giggled to herself and shut the door.

"Were you talking to me?" Denny asked, waiting nervously in the foyer.

"No, Denny. I was just reminding myself to do a few things later today." Appearing casual, she took his hand. "Now, let's have that hot chocolate."

Having her hand in his made Denny's heart skip. He allowed her to lead him to the kitchen where the windows looked out at the large wooded backyard. He sat down at the table and watched her as she turned on the water. He swallowed hard, imagining her rounded ass under the short robe. His cock was hard, bent into his pant leg. With her back to him, he adjusted his cock. "Whew," he sighed heavily, the pain gone, leaving only a dull ache brought on by his desire for his neighbor, a desire he had been carrying since he had reached puberty.

Joanne carried Denny's hot chocolate and her coffee to the table. She placed his cup in front of him and sat down, making sure her robe was closed and her legs modestly under the table. She saw the disappointment on his clean smooth young face. It warmed her.

Glancing at her, trying to appear at ease, Denny sipped the hot drink. "Mmmmm. Tastes good."

"I'm glad you like it, Denny," she purred. She leaned forward on the table, her green eyes boring into his. She saw his cheeks tinge pink. "What have you been doing with yourself? I haven't seen you around lately."

"Oh, nothing," he murmured, avoiding her open stare. "I got a job for the summer." He took another sip. "Takes up most of my time."

"Your nights too?" she asked, her voice soft with a gentle lilt as she tried to keep him calm and at the same time, gain his confidence. "I'm sure you don't work night and day."

"Oh, no," he said quickly. "I just work during the day. Today's my day off."

"You have a girl friend to keep you company at night?" she asked, keeping her voice casual and dying to know if he was a virgin.

"I have a girl friend," he said. "I usually go over to her house or we go down to Mario's Sub Shop and hang out." He shrugged.

"Nothing very exciting."

"I'll bet it gets pretty exciting when you're at her house and her parents are out, huh?" She smiled disarmingly and winked.

Denny blushed, almost spilling his hot chocolate. "Oh, we don't do anything," he protested.

"I think you're hiding something," she teased. "Who's your girl friend?"

"It's Karen Fisher, over on Elm."

"I know Karen," Joanne said, picturing the young girl in her mind. "She's very pretty."

Joanne studied the good-looking boy, an image of him on top of the pretty Karen racing through her mind. It reminded her of when she was a teen-ager and sex was always on her brain. She smiled knowingly. If Karen was anything like herself, Denny would have at least gotten his hand on her pussy. "Karen really like you a lot?" she asked, attempting to wheedle the information from the bashful young boy.

"A lot," he bragged. "We've been going together since school let out for the summer."

"You've been going together for over a month," she said. "You mean to tell me you haven't done anything with Karen?"

"Oh, no! She's a nice girl."

"I'm a nice girl too," Joanne pouted. "If I was your girl, I'd let you touch me."

Denny was stunned at what Mrs. Benson said. His mouth dropped open. He swallowed hard, his heart caught in his throat. The idea of Mrs. Benson being his girl friend and him touching her was overwhelming.

Joanne saw, what her revelation did to him. She put her hand over his. "Don't be so shocked, Denny. Sex is natural." She didn't bother to press the question, feeling she had revealed enough. She waited for his response, staring hotly at him, occasionally running her pink tipped tongue over her full mouth.

Denny melted into the chair. Mrs. Benson was too beautiful to ignore. He felt compelled to talk, not wanting her to think he was a baby. "We've done few things."

"What?" she asked, anxious to hear all the details. She felt fabulous! Denny belonged to her now and she was going to use him to satisfy all of her desires. "Tell me, Denny."

He was embarrassed but didn't show it. Having a crush on Mrs. Benson and being in her house for the first time, he intended to say anything to stay around for awhile. "I played with her..." he gulped, "breasts."

"Ohhhh!" Joanne said, getting a warm feeling in her pussy. "She has big tits too. I remember."

Denny was surprised. He never expected her to talk like that.

"Have you ever touched her pussy?" Joanne pressed, wanting to know everything and anything about the shy boy's sex life.

"Whew!" Denny said, shaking his head. "I never thought you talked like that."

"You mean... pussy?" She giggled. "What do you call it?"

"Pussy," he whispered.

"Well, so do I." She was enjoying herself. "Tell me. Did you touch her pussy?"

"Last night," he admitted, his head reeling from this erotic conversation.

Joanne pulled her chair around next to Denny, her thigh against his. "Was she all wet between her legs?" The conversation was getting her hotter than she had expected. It was great!

He nodded, not believing his ears.

"Have you fucked her yet?" Her pussy was oozing for a taste of the young boy's cock.

"She's a virgin," Denny admitted, wishing Karen had let him stick his cock in her last night.

"Are you a virgin too?" Joanne asked, hoping he was and dying to show, him all the excitement of sex.

He blushed and nodded. "Yes," he mumbled, the pressure of her thigh against him making him woozy.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Denny," she said. "We're all virgins at one time in our life." She rested her hand on his thigh. "Karen turn you down?"

"Yea." He frowned, tensing from her hand as it kneaded his leg, inching toward his crotch.

"What would you do if you had the chance to fuck someone?" she asked, her breathing becoming shallow.

"Hell," he said, his chest swelling. "I'd jump at the chance. Most of my friends have lost their virginity."

"I'll bet they all lost it to the same girl, huh?"

Denny looked surprised. "How did you know?" he asked incredulously.

"There's always one girl around who usually puts out for all the boys. When I was a kid, it was Marsha Gibb." She winked. "Who's your little hot-pantied whore?"

"Patti Towers," Denny said, thinking about all the times he had a chance to fuck her, but chickened out.

"How come you haven't fucked her yet?" she asked, rubbing his thigh, but keeping her fingers from the obvious bulge in his pants.

Denny decided to be truthful. "I chickened out at first. Now she won't let me."

Joanne was beside herself with joy. Denny was the perfect choice, shy, good looking with a strong desire to lose his cursed virginity. "Would you fuck her now, if you had the chance?"

"Shit, yeah," Denny said. "I tried, but God damn it, she just laughed. All she did was get me hot, then left."

"What if you had the chance to do it with someone else?"

"There isn't anyone else," he said. "Karen will let me feel her titties, and once in awhile go into her jeans, but Christ, she'll never let me fuck her."

Joanne picked his hand off the table and laid it on her thigh. "What about me?" she purred, his hand stiffening as it came in contact with her leg.

"You? But... but..." He couldn't express his thoughts. The idea was too fantastic for his young innocent mind to comprehend.

"Don't you think I'm pretty enough?" she teased. She held his trembling hand on her leg.

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Benson. I... didn't mean..."

"Then, what do you mean, Denny?" she sighed, moving his hand under her robe, his hot palm touching the cool flesh of her thigh. "Am I too old?" She was having a ball and his hand was sending shivers up her spine.

"No," he protested. "You're perfect, but..."

"No buts about it," Joanne said. "I think you're a handsome young man and I'd bye making it with you."

He gazed at her, his hand on her leg. He didn't notice, from his nervousness, that he was massaging her flesh. "You teasing me like Patti did?" he asked suspiciously.

"I would never lead you on. I'll give you everything I have. I might tease you for a minute, but..." She winked. "You'll never be frustrated or disappointed."

She spread her slender legs and leaned back in the chair. "Touch my pussy and see how wet I am," she sighed.

Denny slipped his hand over her hot flesh, and his hand hesitated when he touched the hair of her cunt.

"Go on," she urged, shaking inside for him to finger her pussy. "Touch my cunt, Denny. Touch it."

Denny was entranced with the older woman's sexuality. His burning desire to touch her overwhelmed him and he put his hand on her cunt, feeling the heat exuding from her gash and the warm juice on his fingers. It was more thrilling than with Karen.

"Am I wetter than Karen?" Joanne asked, squirming her ass on the chair as she creamed his hand cupping her twat.

"Oh, yes," he gasped, afraid to move his hand. His eyes filled with passion and desire for this gorgeous woman.

"Finger-fuck me, Denny. Finger-fuck me." She placed her hand between her legs, the robe opening, exposing her flesh for his stare. She pushed his hand against her pussy, pushing his fingers to get him to bury one inside the aching void of her cunt. "Pleasssse, finger-fuck me."

Denny was crazed by the older woman's passion. Karen had never acted like this. It was always a big deal, a favor. Christ! Mrs. Benson really wanted him to touch her!

He pushed his finger into the heated wetness of her exposed pussy, gazing in awe at her bare thighs, her furry patch of pussy hair and her raw cunt meat, his finger hidden inside.

"Use all your fingers," Joanne moaned, rocking her hips against his hand and buried finger. "Use them all!"

Denny, not believing it possible, tried pushing the rest of his fingers into her hot eager snatch. To his surprise and delight, his fingers were swallowed up by her cunt. He pumped them in and out, captivated by the pulsing of her cunt against his squiggling fingers. "Jeez!" he groaned, using his fingertips against the soft walls of her wet oozing cunt.

Joanne moaned, trying to keep her wits about her. There were many things she wanted to do with this boy before giving into her passion and having his cock deep inside her pussy. She pulled at her robe, opening it completely and exposing her body to his wide-eyed stare. "Squeeze my tits," she moaned. "Squeeze my tits."

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed, gaping at her abundantly large tits. Karen's were nice, but, Christ, Mrs. Benson's tits were mountains! He grabbed one of her tits with his free hand, not giving up her cunt. He massaged the soft jiggling flesh as she squirmed under his manipulations.

"Let me stand up," she moaned.

Denny pulled his hand out of her pussy, his fingers coated with warm sticky pussy juice. He stared at them, blinking.

Joanne saw his wonder. "It's the juice that greases your prick when you're fucking me. Makes it easy. You can wipe it off on my robe."

The strong tangy aroma from her cunt juice filled his head. He wanted to lick it, taste it, but was afraid she would disapprove at this crucial moment and change her mind.

Joanne stood and stepped beside him, shaking as she pressed his head to her flat warm belly. "Oh, Denny! You're getting me all hot and horny." She ran her hand through his curly brown hair. "Finger me again, Denny. My pussy is aching for you."

"Yes, Mrs. Benson," he groaned, his prick throbbing for her. His fingers slipped easily into her hot juice-laden cunt. The odor from her pussy, so close to his face, was driving him wild.

"You getting hot?" Joanne asked as she screwed her pussy down on his persistent fingers.

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Benson," he groaned. "My cock is killing me." He squirmed uncomfortably in the chair, his dick driving him mad to put it inside Mrs. Benson's body.

"I'll take care of it real soon, Denny," she promised as she humped his penetrating fingers. "Real soon."

He held her tight, his other hand around her waist, drawing her closer, her womanly scent making his mind whirl in delirium. "Oh, Mrs. Benson," he cried, unable to hold himself back and remain passive. "Please let me fuck you! Please!"

Joanne stepped back, his fingers coming out of her hot gripping cunt. She glared at him, her own passion mounting to the boiling point. She bit her lips, getting control of herself. She wanted his cock, but she denied herself the luxury, wanting it to last and wanting to torment the boy and herself at the same time.

"You can fuck me later, Denny," she sighed, fighting the urge to drop to the floor and let the boy ravage her body. "I want to play around first. You do as I say and I promise, it won't be long. Okay?"

He nodded, leering longingly at her naked figure. Christ! I almost blew it! he thought. "I'll do anything you say, Mrs. Benson," he said. "Honest."

She came back into his open arms. "I believe you, Denny. Now, finger-fuck me again and put your other finger in my ass."

Surprise caught him again. She told him to finger her ass! His mind was fogged as he obeyed the experienced woman who pulled all his strings. Fingering her ass seemed strange, but his cock throbbed at the idea. He caressed her ass cheek, sweeping his way to her crack.

"Grease them in my pussy first," she groaned, loving the idea of having a sex slave for the morning.

"Yes," he moaned, his voice hollow as if he were in a hypnotic trance. He slipped his hand between her legs, greasing his fingers in the hot juices that flowed from her cunt. He slipped his fingers up to her crack and plunged two fingers into her asshole.

"IIIEEEEEE!" she wailed, squiggling and jerking on Denny's fingers as he finger-fucked her hot bubbling pussy and tight asshole. "I love it, Denny! Go faster! Faster!"

Denny obeyed as if he were possessed. He plunged and jammed his fingers into her body, his head pressed against her belly. He began licking her skin, kissing and sucking the soft flesh as if he had lost his mind. He slobbered, his spittle running down her belly. "Un! Un! Un!" he grunted, like a crazed animal.

"Ohhh, Denny!" Joanne cried out in joy. "You're driving me wild." Her mouth opened and her eyes rolled. As she swayed her head from side to side, she saw a movement in her backyard and knew the detective was there. It added spice to her body being invaded by the boy's jabbing fingers.

"Stop! Stop!" she sobbed, squirming away from his hands. She gasped ragged sighs, her eyes fluttering. "I want to go upstairs." She offered the hypnotized boy her hand and led him out of the kitchen. She giggled to herself, wondering how the snoopy detective was going to get pictures of her on the second floor. She shrugged. He had enough pictures of her.

In her room, she closed the door and strolled to the bed. "Take off your clothes, Denny. I want to see your cock." She lay down on the bed and spread her legs, waiting for the anxious boy to strip. Her heart was pounding and she prayed she had the will power to hold off from fucking him until he had satisfied her every whim.

Denny tore at his clothes, his mind spinning with the beauty of his neighbor lying on the bed naked, her pussy waiting for him to fill it with his cock. Once he stripped, he started for the bed.

"Wait," she said, holding up her hand. "Let me look at you first." She gulped. His cock was man-size and hard. She heaved a shivery sigh, craving his prick.

"Turn around," she said, denying herself the boy and his long virgin prick. "I want to see every inch of you."

Shaking as he stood there, but too hot to be shy or embarrassed, Denny turned slowly, letting Mrs. Benson leer at his ass and cock.

"Can I fuck you now?" he asked, after making a complete turn.

"Don't you want to lick my pussy first?" she asked coyly, hoping she wouldn't have to order him to suck out her twat.

"You don't mind?" He was out of his mind with joy.

"I'm looking forward to it. I want you to suck me until I cum all over your face."

Denny, in his innocence, wasn't sure what that entailed. He was willing to do it just for the sake of tasting the hot inviting cunt between her lush creamy thighs. "I'll suck you until you tell me to stop," he said, then climbed on the bed between her lush thighs.

"Oooowww, you're such a good boy." She put her hand down on her cunt, parting the puffy drooling lips, exhibiting her pussy to his curious eyes. "I want you to lick all inside too," she added. "The same way you did it with your fingers."

Denny's eyes filmed with lust as he gazed with adoration at her beautiful snatch. "When?"

"Now, Denny! Now!"

Denny was already between her outstretched thighs, his tongue slapping on her sticky thighs. He accustomed himself to the tangy taste and heady aroma, working up her thigh to her red glistening pussy lips.

"Oh, God, Denny," Joanne moaned, squirming on the bed, her passion raging in her pussy, her mind losing the battle to her passion. "Suck me! Suck meeee!" She was sobbing, humping her cunt at the inexperienced boy.

Dizzy with lust, the erotic scent turning his mind to mush, Denny parted his lips and clamped his mouth on her pussy, sucking the loose velvety cuntlips into his mouth. He sucked as her whimpering cries added to his desire. Juice gushed into his mouth from her gaping hale. He gulped down the delicious liquid, his tongue fluttering and sweeping into her pussy.

"Tongue-fuck me!" she wailed, delirious with passion. "Tongue my hot wet pussy!"

Mrs. Benson's street talk fired the flames in his balls. His cock throbbed and his body was two strokes away from creaming all over the bedspread. He wallowed in her oozing pussy, drinking and slurping her pussy juice.

"Ummmmmm," Joanne moaned, her head lolling from side to side. Her tits swayed on her chest as she thrashed beneath his sucking mouth. "SUCK!" She bucked on his face, mashing her clit into his teeth. "Finger my asshole!"

Denny, his face drenched in pussy juice, slipped his hands underneath her squiggling ass and searched for her crack while his tongue reamed out her oozing gash. Kneading her warm supple ass flesh, he worked over her cheeks and teased her tight butt hole.

"Fingerrrrr meeee!" she sobbed, bucking and humping on the bed. She clawed the bedspread, needing his fingers in her ass when she creamed his face with her orgasmic juices. "Fingerrrr meeee!"

Her screams brought his blood to the boiling point. He plugged his fingers into her dry tight ass, scraping the clinging walls as he slurped and licked her seeping twat.

"Yessssss!" she shrieked as his fingers dug into the sensitive ass canal. She humped his face, screwing her pussy into his mouth, her body being caught up in the passion she had held in check. With her ass filled with fingers and his mouth on her pussy, she gave herself free rein, welcoming her rapidly approaching climax.

"I'm going to CUM!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Oh, my fuckin' Christ!" She felt it take hold deep in her cunt, a fireball of passion that swept through her body.

Denny heard her words and didn't believe it. She was actually going to cum! The idea of her cuming on his face blew the young boy's mind. He held his mouth against her snatch, ready for anything that might happen, his tongue snaking into her contracting pussy, his fingers imbedded in her ass.

"I'm coming!" Joanne screamed, not believing the tremendous power being released from her body. "Ohhhhhh! Holy shit!" She bucked on his face, banging her clit into his teeth. The friction of her bare clit mashing into the hard surface of his teeth sent jolts of excruciating pleasure through her pussy.

Denny was in ecstasy as the frothy cum gushed from her pussy, over his clinging lips, and down his chin. He almost drowned in the river of juice as it flowed freely from her pussy. Though gagging and gasping for air, be didn't quit. He held his mouth in position, taking the punishment of her humping pussy with pleasure.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she grunted. She worked her clit against his teeth, rocking and wriggling on the bed as her orgasm refused to release her. His fingers in her ass was tormenting her and the boy's tongue was keeping her cuming, but with not enough force to take her over the crest.

She became a crazed animal, banging and slamming her body at him in reckless abandonment, attempting to take that one last step into heavenly bliss. Harder and harder, she tried, sobbing hysterically at her wasted effort.

Denny sensed the beautiful woman's dilemma. As if by a sixth sense, he sucked her clit between his lips and began chewing on it. It was what the hysterical housewife needed.

"OOOHHH! OOOOO!" Her voice reached a high pitch, capable of shattering the windows as her orgasm exploded, sending her on a wild turbulent ride into limbo. She convulsed on his face, almost smothering him with her pussy as he chewed delicately on her elk, moving his head at a pace that drove her to the brink of insanity.

Denny seemed to know what he did was right. His chest swelled with pride, his own passion abated for the moment as he pleased the woman of his dreams. He flashed his tongue across the throbbing clit, sending Joanne off on another wild orgasmic ride.

"Aaaayyyiieee!" she screamed, bouncing op and down on the bed, her tits jiggling, her urns slapping crazily, and her legs gripping Denny's neck. She came in a rapid flutter. It knew no limit or bounds as it seized her in its thunderous grip. She arched up off the bed and let out a moan as her climax wreaked havoc on her body.

She fell back, her orgasm dissipated, her body suspended between two worlds -- the world of the living and hot frantic world she just left.

Catching her breath, she lay there, the insistent sucking and chewing on her clit not allowing her to return to normalcy. "Stop," she sobbed, her lower body in constant spasm. "Stop!"

Denny released her clit, his face soaked, pussy cum all over his lips. He pulled his fingers from her ass and rested his head on her soft warm thigh, embarrassed for her to see him. His cock was throbbing now, her satisfaction delivered, his pending. He lay there, afraid to speak, afraid that with her passion gone, her promise of letting him fuck her would also vanish.

Chapter FOUR

"Oooooh, Denny," she moaned, at last able to speak. "I don't know when I've ever been sucked as good. You were terrific."

Denny lifted his head, his face filling with pride. "Really?"

"I wouldn't have said it, if it wasn't true." She ran her long fingers through his hair. "You were magnificent."

With the way she was complimenting him, Denny decided to ask. His cock was bursting at the seams and if that was all, he wanted to get the hell home and jerk off. "Can we fuck now?" he asked, figuring he knew the answer, prepared to leave as soon as she said no.

"You are an impatient young man," she teased. "We'll fuck as soon as I have the chance to explore your body with my mouth."

Denny didn't believe his ears. "Is this a trick?" he asked.

She tugged on his arm and he came up beside her. "I wouldn't kid you," she said sincerely, taking him in her arms and kissing him hard, her tongue darting between his surprised, parted lips. She wormed her tongue inside his mouth, rubbing her tits into his smooth muscular chest. Her hands kneaded the muscles in his back and down to his tight ass.

"Ummmmmm," she purred. "You're so strong."

"I lift weights," he groaned, his cock throbbing against her soft warm body.

Joanne reached down between them and gripped his prick. "It's soooo hard. I can't wait until I feel it inside my pussy." She saw the quiet look of desperation in his eyes and immediately dropped his prick. "We don't want your cum wasted in my hand."

She slithered out of his arms, seeing the gratitude in his eyes. Joanne knew with two strokes in her pussy, it would be all over. She wanted to enjoy his body leisurely and not worry about him coming off. A fast fuck would stem the boy's desires and she could then take pleasure in his body and work him up again. With his edge gone, the fuck would last.

Joanne licked his neck, her tongue blazing a path down to his broad chest and small nipples. She sucked them and licked them, nibbling on the tiny tips as Denny groaned his delight.

"Ohhh, Mrs. Benson," Denny murmured, stroking her long, dark-red hair with loving care. "I'm so hot. I can't hold out! Do something to me, please!" He was delirious. He had to cum and he had to cum now! His sanity was at stake.

"I'll take care of you," she purred, like the cat with the canary. "I'll take real good care of you."

She scooted down the bed, to his long inflamed dick. It was a magnificent piece of cock and her mouth watered as she thought about sucking and drinking his cum.

"What? What? What are... you going... to do?"

"Suck you, my handsome young stud. I'm going to suck your cock." She showed him her open mouth, her tongue fluttering around inside. "You can fuck my mouth, like I fucked your face. I want to drink all your cum."

"Ohhhh, Mrs. Benson!" The idea of having the beautiful woman with, his cock in her mouth was stupendous! Even Patti didn't suck cock! He rolled on his back, still not entirely convinced.

Joanne held his prick in her hand, squeezing it at the base, checking any premature orgasm. She held him tight, enchanted with his young man-size cock. "You're a giant, Denny. Show it to Patti and she'll beg you to fuck her."

"You... kidding?" he groaned, the pressure of her hand on his cock making his eyes bulge.

"I wouldn't kid someone with a cock this big," she sighed. She nibbled on his legs, chewing and tormenting him until he was moaning incoherently. She licked enticingly close to his balls and prick, never quite touching them with the tip of her tongue. It was turning her on and already her pussy was beginning to come alive again.

"Oooooohhh, Mrs. Benson," he moaned, humping her hand, desperate to cum.

Joanne got off on the way he called her name. "I'm going to put your dick in my mouth now," she said, wanting him to watch. With her hand still clamping his prick, she lifted her head over the tall cock jutting out from her fist.

Denny lifted his head, his eyes bulging, his mouth open and spittle drooling. He stared, the muscles in his body taut, his insides quaking as he realized she wasn't kidding.

"MMMMMMM!" She slopped her lips over his prick, taking only the head of his cock into her mouth. "MMMMMM!" she hummed, the vibrations felt all the way down to his balls.

"Aghhhhhh!" Danny howled, lurching up, trying to cum in her mouth.

Joanne pulled her mouth off the hot youth. "I'm taking your cock down my throat, Denny," she said. "Then, you can cum."

Denny nodded, relief in sight. He balled his fists and gritted his teeth. Every muscle, every fiber in his body was coiled, for the release of his orgasm.

Joanne slowly lowered her head to his prick. The red, sensitive tip scraped against her palate as her teeth scraped along the underside of his cock. It hit the back of her throat, filling the entrance to her tight gullet.

Breathing raggedly from her flared nostrils, she eased the bulky cock until her lips reached her fist at the base of his aching dick. She knew what would happen the moment she let go. He would become like the wild horses, at the rodeo with the chute opened. He would go crazy, not trying to throw her, but to drown her in his load of cum. She took three quick breaths, preparing for the assault.

"PLEEEAAASEE!" he begged, his entire being wound tight, each muscle honed to a fine edge. "PLEASSSE!"

Joanne released his prick. It was like opening the flood gates of a dam. Danny went mad, his prick blasting her mouth and throat with a river of cum. It gushed from his piss-slot as he slammed into her face, his cock buried to the short hair of his cock.

"I'm comingggg!" he screamed out, for the first time in his life. "I'm comingggg!" He shouted his joy, his hips a blurring motion of greased lightning as he pounded Mrs. Benson's face with his dick.

Joanne held her head steady, letting him fuck her mouth as if it were a pussy. She swirled her tongue around his dick, adding hot exciting sensations to the boy's new experience. She sucked as he withdrew and gulped when he pushed, matching his stroking cock with her own exuberance. It was exhilarating to suck a virgin cock, a cock that knew no other before, only his hand.

"Ughhhhh!" Denny grunted, arching off the bed, his squirting prick imbedded in her throat, his cum shooting into her gullet and down into her belly. Harder and harder, he forced his prick into her mouth, the cum never ending. He pounded his fists on the bed, his body exploding all at once.

Joanne gurgled deep. The jism was coming out faster than she could swallow it. It gushed from her clinging lips and out her nose, over his slamming groin. She held his hips, marveling at his strength. She sensed him going over and begin the soft ride back. She sucked, wanting every drop of his cum. She lifted her mouth until only the head was between her lips. Using her hands, she jerked the shaft of his dick, frantically sucking with all of her strength, craving every drop of his youthful jism.

"Unnnnn," Denny grunted, twitching sporadically. "I'm done! I'm done!"

Joanne, lost in the world of sucking dick, didn't hear the boy. She lapped on his shrinking prick, taking the pearl drops of his cum. "Mmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmm," she moaned as the teen-ager twitched beneath her greedy mouth.

"Ahhhhhh," Denny whimpered, squirming away from her mouth. "No more! No more!"

Joanne lifted her head and stared dreamily at the boy, droplets of his cum clinging to her lips. "How did you like your first blow job?"

"Oh, God, Mrs. Benson," he gasped. "I never knew coming could be so great."

"I'm glad you liked it," she mewed, licking her lips like a cat. "I loved sucking your cock."

He saw his cum on her lips and on his groin. It shamed him. He had ruined his only chance to get fucked. "I'm sorry I came in your mouth."

"Why, Denny?" she asked, puzzled.

He frowned, his cheeks reddening. "Now, I can't get fucked." He avoided her eyes and stared up at the ceiling, wondering if he would ever lose his virginity.

"We have all the time in the world to get you hard again. I know a lot of tricks." She licked his limp prick, slurping up the stringy strands of jism on his shaft. She sucked the globs of cum off his groin and balls, cleaning him up as if she were a cat cleaning its mate.

"Ummmmmm," Denny moaned, her ministrations making him feel warm all over again. "I like that." He suppressed his over whelming joy about going to fuck her and become a man. There was no reason to act like a kid, even though he was one. He allowed Mrs. Benson to tend to his needs.

Joanne lapped gently on his balls and thighs. Her mouth became like a hot furnace, working feverishly on the teen-ager, rekindling the fire she had just extinguished. She nibbled on his thighs and wormed under his hanging balls, licking the thick skin that held his weighty sacs.

Her hands floated actively on his cock, stroking, kneading and squeezing as she used her tongue like an expert on his dick, balls, and all the tender flesh around them. She smoothed her hands up over his taut stomach, to his chest, reveling in the boy's firm muscles. She pinched his nipples, making Denny twitch.

"Oh, Mrs. Benson," he moaned, his body becoming aroused by her roaming hands and mouth. "I'm getting hot all over again."

She lifted her head from between his legs. "I told you," she sighed. "You got a lot of cum in you and we're going to get it all out before you go home." She dropped her head to his cock and sunk her teeth into the soft flesh.

"Owwwwwww!" he wailed, tortured by her teeth as she chewed hungrily on his cock. "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Joanne feasted on his dick, marveling in his youth. She felt like a kid again. It excited her and she wallowed in the exotic idea as she soaked and sucked on his cock, pretending she was on her first date.

She rubbed her bare tits against his legs, making the nipples sore. She angled her body, trying to get her pussy against his foot, wanting to feel his toes on her gash. She twisted on the bed, a hot horny housewife with only sex on her mind, getting a teen-ager hard again so he could fuck her.

Denny's moans and deep ragged gasps were music to her ears as she labored over the boy, her goal -- his stiff dick. Her own body was beginning to broil in anticipation for his dick. She slurped hungrily, sensing a hot tremor sweeping through his loins.

"Oh, Denny," she sighed, breathlessly, coming up from between his legs. "Roll over and let me suck your ass cheeks."

Denny felt as if he were in heaven. She was going to lick his ass! It was astounding! He rolled quickly onto his stomach, anxious for her to begin. He rested his head on the pillow and waited, shaking with excitement.

Joanne admired the tight firm ass of the boy. She licked her lips, drooling over the flesh of his ass. She caressed his cheeks with her hands, kneading him gently, not caring how long it took. Her nails, red talons, scratched the flesh of his ass, leaving in their wake thin red passion lines.

"Unnnnnn," Denny panted, squirming on his cock as she drove him crazy with her nails. "Unnnnnn."

"Relax, Denny," she sighed, lowering her mouth to his cheeks. "I'm going to chew you up." She began nibbling on his ass, her tongue slapping on his flesh and on the soft cheeks, sloshing her spit down between his spread legs and onto his balls.

She parted his ass cheeks and leered at his butt crack, reveling in it. Her mouth was inches away and she was drawn to his crack like a magnet. She licked his crack with long wet strokes, soaking him with her warm saliva. "Ohhhhhh, Mrs. Benson," Denny moaned each time her tongue traveled the length of his crack. "Ohhhhhhh!" He squirmed on his cock, feeling his passion returning, his prick beginning to grow.

Joanne soaked his crack completely, using her thumbs to keep his cheeks apart. She jammed her tongue through his crack and into his asshole, lapping at the tight teen-ager's ass canal. She reamed him with her wiggling tongue as he squirmed. Her body became embroiled in her actions. Her cunt began to pulse, oozing the juices that would soon grease his long manly prick.

"Unnnnnn," Denny groaned as her tongue sent him into seventh heaven. She licked and teased his asshole. He pushed back, trying to capture all of her tongue. It was exquisite! A fascinating experience he never thought he would ever experience. He groaned with each tantalizing swipe of her tongue.

Joanne clawed his humping hips, her tongue buried to the root inside his quivering ass. Her head was reeling. She was in her glory! The boy was hers to use as she pleased. She moved her head from side to side, her tongue dancing in his butt-hole.

"Un! Un! Un!" he grunted. She drove him mad with her tongue.

Shaking, her tits swollen, the nipples aching, Joanne pulled her tongue out of his tight crack and sat up. "I liked licking your ass, Denny," she purred, watching him squirm on his belly, his face flushed with renewed passion.

"Yesssss, Mrs. Benson," he moaned, his mind becoming fuzzy again as his body steadily grew in strength. "I'm getting hard again."

Joanne reached under his humping hips and grasped his long meaty rod. "Ooooooh," she cooed, squeezing his semi-hard cock. "It is! It is getting hard again!" She was overjoyed, loving every second of her seduction of the virgin teen-age boy.

The heat of her hand wrapped around his cock, sent a hot rippling tremor up his back. "Ahhhh, Mrs. Benson. I wanna fuck! I wanna fuck!"

"You will, Denny," she moaned, growing hotter as he humped her hand. "I want your cock in me too." She licked her finger, soaking it with her spit. "You keep your ass up and we'll have you hard in a few seconds."

Denny obeyed like a slave. He propped his ass up, her hand the whip that enslaved him. "What... are... you going to do?" He gasped out the words between ragged breaths.

Like a vulture, she surveyed his vulnerable asshole. It was soaked with her spit. She placed her wet finger at the crack. "Hold still," she said, applying pressure with her finger, not wanting to jab it in too quickly and make him tense.

Trembling inside, Denny fought the desire to hump her fist. He held still.

Joanne pushed the tip of her finger into his ass. The spit lubricated his crack and she slipped the rest of her finger into the boy's unsuspecting body.

"Agggggh," he groaned, her finger setting off an explosion in the back of his eyes. "What..."

"Shhhhh," she said, not moving her finger, allowing his body to adjust to the invasion.

Denny, willing to endure anything for Mrs. Benson, held steady for her, the probing finger feeling bizarre, far different than her exciting tongue.

She used her nail against the tight sensitive wall of his asshole, prodding and pushing, hitting the exact spot. She smiled, a hot knowing smile. His prick grew rapidly in her hand, throbbing now with a life of its own. She jabbed his ass, fingering him with pleasure as he began humping her hand again, the expertise of her stabbing finger driving him berserk.

"Agh! Agh!" he growled, humping and jerking his cock into her hand and screwing his ass back at her finger. "I'm hard! I'm hard!"

"I know," she purred like a panther. "I know." She pulled her finger from his ass and released his prick. "Roll on your back."

Denny obeyed her command and rolled, his prick towering above his body. He looked adoringly at her, his eyes glowing.

She saw the question in his eyes and on his lips. "Yes, Denny. We're going to fuck."

His head spun as she said the magic word. "Fuck the hell out of me!" he groaned, reaching up for her as he sat up, anxious to climb on top of her luscious body.

Joanne raked his taut muscle rippled stomach. "I'm going to be on you first." She pushed him back on the bed and straddled his lean youthful strong, body. "I'm going to grease it with my pussy. Get it all wet."

He looked at her gorgeous body, not believing what was happening to him. He lay there, trembling as she eased her pussy down on his cock. He reached up, milking her huge jiggling tits as he squirmed beneath her. Her hot juices soaked him and he moaned.

Joanne slid her pussy along his lengthy shaft, soaking it in her warm sticky juice, still denying them both the fruits of their desire. She looked down at his prick as it appeared through her cuntlips, shivering and knowing that in a matter of seconds, he would be plowing her body with it. She rolled off, unable to take the strain any longer. She fell limply on her back, spreading her legs, offering her pussy to him at last.

"Fuck me, Denny! Fuck me!"

The words he had prayed for rung in his brain. He scrambled atop the beautiful woman, aiming his long throbbing boner at her cunt, ready to break away from his virginity. He slammed his prick into the heated depths of her pussy. "Agggghhhhh!" he groaned as her cunt swallowed him up and held his prick tight. "Ohhhhh!"

"Denny!" she wailed, her legs encircling his back, holding his precious cock deep inside her body, not allowing him to pump. "Keep still! Don't move!"

Denny, using all of his strength, remained quiet, his cock swelling to greater proportions in her hot cunt. He felt as if it were going to burst. Her cunt held him, contracting against his thick shaft. It was the most fabulous feeling of his life!

Joanne felt his cock fill the aching void and she wallowed in his youth, along with his long meaty dick. She brought him down on top of her, his chest scorching her swollen nipples. "Go easy, Denny," she sighed raggedly. "Make it last."

Denny, out of his mind, wanted to please her. He wanted to give her a fuck she would remember. He eased his cock out gradually, then eased it back again. The action made lights flicker in the back of his eyes. He did it again and again, fighting the urge to slam into her pussy and cum.

"Oooooooh, yesssss," she hissed, through clenched, teeth as she enjoyed the slow gratifying fuck she had suggested. She rocked her hips slowly, in rhythm to his slow deliberate pace. "Denny! Denny! You're wonderful!" she held him with her arms and legs, her body tingling, her pussy burning as he tormented her with his long steady pumps.

"Unnnnn," Denny groaned, the pace too slow, his passion too great. He began slamming his prick into her cunt, hard powerful jabs that brought him to the brink of his orgasm. He growled, his mouth against her neck.

"Oh! Eewww! Ahhhhh!" Joanne gasped, his strong forceful jabs driving her madly berserk. She lifted her pussy to meet his cock, taking him deep with each lunge of his hips. She raked his back with her nails, cutting the smooth skin like a razor. Her legs encircled his hips, drawing him closer, her heels digging into his sinewy muscles.

Denny slammed into her cunt in a mindless fury that had been denied him since being invited into the house. He fucked her with a vengeance, pounding her soft supple body back into the mattress. He was no longer her slave. He was her equal now, matching her passion with his own. He matched her humping with his own powerful plunges.

"OHHHHH! Dennneeeee!" She shrieked, allowing the boy who became a man to take control. She accepted his domination and his swollen piercing cock as it stretched her pussy. "Faster! Faster!" she chanted, caught up in the roaring whirlwind of his youthful passion. Her pussy was pulsing at an alarming rate, her blood boiling through her veins. Her cult was being destroyed by the cock that was no longer attached to a child, but a determined man.

Denny felt the pressure building in his cock. He fought the instinct to cum, wanting his first fuck to last until he couldn't stand it. He smacked his hips at her, whacking his cock through her grease-lined pussy, like a knife cutting through butter.

He drowned in his own lust. Her pussy was clutching his prick, making it impossible for him to hold back. "I'm going to cummmm!" he growled in her neck. "Ohhhhhh! Fuck!"

"Yesssss, Denny," she cried, driving her pussy at him, her own climax approaching. "Cum! Cum! CUM!"

Denny's dick swelled, then exploded. A jet stream of his youthful cum splattered against the hot pulsing walls of her cunt. "AGHHH!" he growled like an animal. His entire body exploded, his hips moving by instinct, his mind lost, his dick the only reality.

The hot cum filled Joanne's pussy and she let herself go, her climax only a second behind Denny's. Her pussy erupted. Cum gushed from her pulsating pussy walls, drenching his drilling prick and mixing with his squirting jism, making a hot creamy soup inside her pussy.

"I'm comingggg!" she screamed hysterically, humping wildly beneath the teen-age boy and his powerful cock. "I'm cominggg!"

Her screams propelled the boy to the summit again and he slammed into her with ferocious thrusts, his climax taking him on an adventurous ride. Harder and harder, he plunged his squirting dick into Joanne's lush trembling body.

They slammed at each other, the woman no longer his teacher, but an equal. Their hot wet bodies slapped at each other as they were catapulted over the peak and into the world of hot wet sensations.

Joanne's body hurled into timelessness, thrashing beneath the teen-ager, her hips gyrating, her cunt filling with his dick and its cum. Her screams bounced off the walls of the bedroom and she stiffened, her pussy in convulsions. She dropped back on the bed, Denny still spewing a never-ending stream of his youthful cum into her cunt.

"Denny! Denny!" she gasped, taking everything the boy offered and more. "Aaaaggghhhh! Ahhhhh!"

Denny collapsed on top of her, his cock twitching inside her pussy. He panted, his body tingling in the aftermath of his first fuck.

Unable to breathe, Joanne rolled him off her exhausted body. "You were magnificent, Denny."

Denny stared at the ceiling, knowing he had been fucked better than any guy at school. He felt like a man and knew he would never again blush when teased by that slut, Patti. He sat up, resting on an arm. "Was I really good, Mrs. Benson?"

"Yes, my handsome man. You were great." She leaned over and kissed him. "Let Karen see your cock. You'll have her drooling and begging you to break her cherry. She'll crawl. I promise you."

His eyes lit up and he couldn't wait to test his newly discovered masculinity and put it to action. "I don't now how to thank you," he said, getting out of bed.

"Getting fucked by you was all the thanks I needed." She watched him dress, feeling fantastic about helping the boy find his manhood. "Keep in touch once in awhile." She blew him a kiss. "Lock the front door when you leave. I'm going to take a nap. You fucked me out."

Denny's chest swelled with self-esteem. "I will." He hurried downstairs and out the door into the late morning sun. It all seemed like a dream out here. He looked back at the house one last time before heading home.

Joanne heard the downstairs door close and shut her eyes, allowing a well-deserved nap to envelope her.

Chapter FIVE

The downstairs bell woke Joanne from sleep. She looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was two in the afternoon. She stretched, feeling content and refreshed from her two hour nap. She climbed out of bed, the bell still ringing throughout the house.

"Jesus Christ," she muttered, grabbing a long silk robe. "Who the hell can that be?" she left the bedroom and strode to the door, ready to give whoever it was a piece of her mind for disturbing her sleep.

Angered, she threw open the door. "What..." It was Denny's father, Herb. "Herb... come on in." She calmed down, her anger vanished, curious about his visit in the middle of the day. "How come you're not working?"

Herb leered openly at her. "Vacation, Joanne," he said, going straight into the living room and making himself comfortable on the couch.

Puzzled, Joanne followed. "Why don't you make yourself at home, Herb," she joked. She sat across from him, her robe slipping open as she crossed her legs, baring an ample amount of smooth silky flesh. "What can I do for you on this glorious summer day?" She felt terrific. Denny's virgin cock had done wonders for her.

"I thought maybe the two of us could have a drink together," he said, enjoying the view of her long, sculptured leg.

Joanne's eyebrows lifted and a smile curled her full mouth. "What about your wife, Amy?"

"She's at her mother's today." He studied her, admiring her lush figure barely covered by the silky material of her robe.

"When the cat's away, the mice will play, huh?" She winked and leaned back comfortably in the chair, the top of the robe parting, her full creamy tits spilling out, only the nipples remained hidden from his lustful gaze.

"You might say that," Herb said confidently. "How about that drink?"

"You seem pretty sure of yourself, Herb." She loved the way he was ogling her and she didn't bother to cover her body, deciding a look couldn't hurt.

"I saw you this morning when you came out for your paper and flashed your body."

"So?" Joanne's eyebrows arched. "Did you like it?"

"Best-looking body in town," he said. "Denny thought so too, huh?" His mouth turned into a smile. "What did you do, tease him for awhile and send him, home to jerk off?"

A sultry expression coveted her face. "Maybe," she teased. "Maybe not. You spying on your kid?"

"Come on, Joanne."

Joanne was getting off on the conversation. "You know what they say about kids nowadays." She squirmed in the chair, feeling Denny's cum squish inside her pussy.

"You trying to tell me you did more than let my kid catch a few peeks at your body, like you're doing to me right now?"

"I'm not trying to tell you anything, Herb," she said, wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue. "I'm just saying that kids today are more grown [missing text]."

"If you showed him anymore than what I'm looking at," Herb said, staring at her tits and long tapered legs, "He'd cum in his pants."

"I think, Herb you might be surprised about your son. He's quite a man."

"Cut the bullshit, Joanne. He's a shy kid. I know for a fact he's a virgin. Couldn't even screw that hot little bitch, Patti Towers, and she puts out to every God damn boy in town."

"Did you fuck her too, Herb?" Joanne asked.

"Nah. I don't go for kids. I like my women older, like you, with experience and technique."

"Ohhhhh," she purred. "Like father like son. Denny likes his women older too."

Herb screwed up his face, not believing a word she said. "C'mon. What did you do, let him touch you?"

"Maybe," she teased.

Herb was surprised and intensely curious. "Your tits?" He was getting hot. The idea of his son ogling Joanne's tits and maybe touching them was getting him aroused.

"Maybe," she replied, not admitting to anything. She was enjoying the cat and mouse game. She moved in the chair, her robe coming completely away from her tits, her large, rounded nipples exposed. She smiled. "I do have nice tits."

"I'll bet Denny liked them," Herb rasped, his eyes burning into her flesh.

Joanne stood up and walked over to the bar. "I think you need that drink now, Herb. You're getting overexcited." She poured him a double.

Herb was off the couch like a cougar, coming up behind her. "What I need, my hot little prick-teaser, is you." He wrapped his arms around her waist, rubbing his boner into her back.

"Mmmmmmm. You're hot, Herb. I can feel your cock."

"How would you like to feel it somewhere else?"

"No thanks, Herb. I've had enough for today." She giggled. Turning in his arms, she handed him his drink her tits pressing against his chest, his cock pushing against her belly. "Drink up, Herb. Calm yourself."

Herb took the drink, but didn't move. He tossed the warm scotch down in one gulp and dropped the glass to the floor. "You want me to believe my kid threw a fuck into you?"

"I don't want you to believe anything, Herb." She stepped out of his way.

Herb grabbed her slim waist, stopping her in her tracks as she tried walking away. The robe slipped off her shoulders and dropped to the floor.

"Now look what you've done," she said, enjoying his dominating attitude. She bent down, giving him a great view of her ass and wrinkled butt hole. She picked up her robe and the empty glass.

Herb's forehead glistened with perspiration. She was stunning! A real hot bitch! Knowing his son had been here all morning gnawed at his mind. He leered at her.

Joanne felt the juices in her pussy begin to seep. Standing naked in front of her neighbor was a real turn-on. The idea of maybe fucking him, the father of the boy whose cum mushed inside her cunt, was something she could look forward to.

"You look as if you've never seen a naked woman before, Herb." She strolled casually over to the chair and sat down, not bothering with the robe.

Herb followed her every move. "Did Denny see you like this?" he asked, needing to know about his young son.

"You have an unhealthy curiosity about your boy, Herb," she teased, sitting in the chair as if she were fully dressed. "What do you want me to tell you?"

"Everything," he said, his voice rough. "I want to know what you did to my kid."

"Not a thing," she purred, deciding to keep him suspense. "Not a thing. We had hot chocolate. He got a few peeks at my tits and he left."

Herb glared at her. His blood was boiling and his mind was on fire with lust. The smug look in her eyes and her taunting innuendo about Denny still burned in his head. He had to know for sure!

"What are you thinking, Herb?" she asked, admiring the bulge in his pants and speculating on the size.

"About you and my son," he said, his tone deep and gravelly. He took the three steps that brought him directly in front of her. He leered down at her naked body. "I want to know the truth."

Joanne sensed the truth might really turn him on. She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling. "General or specific?" She continued to torment him.

He grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her to her feet, her milk-white tits bouncing from the violent action. "Just tell me." His mouth was inches from hers, and her natural scent attacked his brain.

Joanne shook his hand from her wrist and put her arms around his neck. Telling about his son was a real kinky idea and it appealed to her. She rubbed her body against him, enjoying the pressure of his boner digging into her belly. "He wanted to fuck me, Herb. Do you?"

"Yesssss," he snarled, his eyes on fire.

"I was hoping you'd say that." She moaned, rubbing her tits against, his shin, the nipples tingling from the rough contact.

"Did he fuck you?"

"Yes, Herb. We did a lot of other things too." Her head was whirling from the erotic conversation. It was more than kinky, it was erotic as hell!

Herb's body was taut. Holding the woman who just fucked his son was a mind-blower. "What else?"

"He sucked my cunt, Herb." She placed his hand between her legs. "He sucked me right there." She squished his finger around inside her juice-laden pussy.

"Unnnnnnn," Herb groaned. His cock was throbbing, and he wanted to rape this hot bitch who had fucked his son.

"I came all over his mouth," she added, throwing more fuel to his passion.

Herb crushed her in his arms, his hands digging into her flesh as he inched down her hips and kneaded the soft pliant flesh of her ass with his huge brutish hands.

"You're hurting my ass," Joanne moaned. He ignored her. "What else did you do?"

"I sucked him off and he came in my mouth." Talking about it was more of a turn on than she thought. "He has a big cock, Herb. Does he inherit it from you?"

A grin broke across his lust-crazed face.

"I can't wait until I see it." She grabbed his cock and squeezed it through his pants. "It feels like a monster."

"It is," he groaned, her hand tightening his groin into a knot.

"Let me take it out and look at it, Herb," she sighed, dying to see the cock that spawned Denny's large dick.

"Go ahead," Herb said proudly. He released her from his rough grip and she fell back in the chair, her tits flopping.

"Aaaaah," she moaned in surprise. She sat up straight, her throat constricting as she anticipated opening his pants and gazing at the monster-like cook hidden from sight. She pulled on his zipper, anxious to release his prick from the confines of his pants.

He watched as she groped inside his pants. He stared at the top of her red hair, moving down her white smooth back, to her flared hips with a hint of her ass crack peeking from behind as she bent over.

Joanne's hand grasped the steel beam. "Oooooh!" she exclaimed, hauling it out to feast her eyes on it. "Holy shit! It's a fucking skyscraper! My God damn hand won't even go around the fucking thing! Jeez."

"I'm glad you like it," Herb groaned as her hot hand fondled his gargantuan prick.

Joanne swooned over the long trunk of his cock. "I can see why Amy always has a smile on her lips and a dreamy look in her eyes. With a cock like this, it's a wonder she can walk at all."

She used both hands on his slab of dickmeat as she stroked it, drooling over each vein, each ridge, and each bump of his towering shaft. She flashed out her tongue. "Can I suck it?"

"Why not? You sucked off my kid." Herb loved the attention she was devoting to his prick, caressing and adoring it.

Joanne slurped her wet lips up and down his monstrous dick, soaking it with her spit. Her hands caressed it and she forgot all about the detective and whether he would be watching. It didn't matter now.

She fumbled with his pants, wanting his body unencumbered. His pants finally dropped to the floor and she was agog at the size of his balls. "Jesus! They're like baseballs!" She weighed them in her hand, shivering with joy.

"Get on the floor, Herb. I want to be comfortable when I eat your cock."

Herb obliged and Joanne attacked him the moment he sprawled out on the floor, shoving him back on the carpet and slapping his body with her eager tongue. She followed the same route as she did with his son, eventually winding up at his cock.

She looked up from between his legs. "Does Amy take the whole fuckin' thing down her throat?"

Herb nodded. "She's been doing it since I married her." He lay back and waited, wondering if Joanne would be able to swallow his huge meaty cock.

Joanne saw his gigantic prick as a challenge, a challenge she was dying to accept. She squirmed between his hairy legs, bringing her body into position, her mouth looming above the long towering cock. Her eyes were watering from excitement. It looked formidable, but she had to have it.

She nervously licked her lips and lowered her head, her mouth open to the limit. The red bulbous head of his dick touched her mouth and her stomach flipped cartwheels. Pushing her head down, she forced the red, glistening tip into her heated, damp mouth. She sucked in her breath, breathing rapidly through her nose as she adjusted herself to the mammoth dick filling her mouth. She swirled her tongue around like a snake, teasing his piss-slot. Acquainting herself with his cockhead, she bobbed her head a few times, banging the ridge of his bell-shaped tip against her teeth.

"Aghhhhh!" Herb blurted, reveling in his neighbor's greed to swallow his majestic prick.

"Suck it! Take it all!" He tried arching up, but Joanne was prepared. Her hands flat against his groin, held him firmly on the rug.

Joanne gulped back her fear of having her throat ripped open by his cock and relaxed again, ready to begin the enormous task of taking the entire length of his prick into her throat.

Hissing, she prepared her mind and body for the task. Slowly, she pushed her head at the towering cock, his dick hair appearing to be miles away as she gazed at his groin. The head of his cock hit the back of her throat, the first formidable obstacle in her path to devour Herb's steel prick had been overcome.

"Unnnnnn," Herb groaned, the tightness of her mouth like a virgin cunt. "Do it! Do it!"

Joanne needed no prodding. She had every intention of taking Herb's giant cock all the way. It was a matter of pride. She swallowed and pushed, easing the head into the depths of her throat. It was unbelievable! It stretched her throat beyond anything she thought possible. She pushed it farther, his cockhead leading the way in its search of her gullet and its final destination -- her belly.

"Ummn, yeaaaaaa!" Herb groaned, the tightness of her throat making his head spin in lust. He squirmed, trying to fuck her face the way he does with Amy. It was no use.

Joanne, afraid that if he humped he would rip out her throat, sunk her teeth into the base of his cock, forcing him to remain still. With effort, she lifted her head, the cock rubbing against the lining of her gullet and the roof of her mouth. She stopped when only the giant reddish head was between her lips. She sucked in her breath, her cheeks closing around his cockhead.

"Uhhhhh," Herb groaned, the suction almost pulling his balls up through his cock. He rocked his hips, his freedom to move restored as she lifted her hands from his groin.

For a second, she allowed Herb full rein, taking his cock as he slammed up into her face. It was thrilling beyond her imagination! As his power became more demanding, she pulled her mouth off his cock. "Ohh, noooo," she crooned. "You ain't coming in my mouth. My pussy is for you. You ain't leaving until I get fucked." She rolled over on the floor, spreading her legs, inviting Herb to fill her cunt with his magnificent prick.

Herb leered at her, another idea coming to his lust-soaked mind. He grabbed her ankle, pulling her to him.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"You'll see," he snarled. He stroked his menacing dick.

"Fuck me, Herb! Fuck me with that giant prick!" She parted her pussy lips, Denny's white creamy jism oozing from the red slash of her cunt. "Fuck me here, Herb. Like your son did."

"No, bitch. In your ass."

Joanne's passion-filled face turned to fear. "Ohhhh, nooooo," she cried, afraid of his monstrosity. "Not in my ass. In my pussy, like Denny." She was whimpering, his pincer-like grip on her ankle becoming painful. "Please!"

"You ass." He swiped his fingers through her vulnerable pussy. "You still got my kid's cum in you."

"I'll wash it! I'll wash it!" she sobbed, frightened at what he was planning. "Christ! Let me clean it!"

"Forget it, baby. It's your ass I want. Hasn't Amy ever told you? It's my favorite hole." He sneered sadistically. "Especially the first time. It makes a lasting impression."

She writhed on the floor, a frightened woman, his cock looming up from between his legs. She had to get away! She forced herself to relax, hoping for an opportunity to catch him off guard and escape.

"Ready to accept it, huh?" he snarled, releasing his grip on her ankle, his hand imprinted in her flesh. He pulled his pints off along with his shoes.

Joanne lay there, her heart thumping in her throat. She waited until his pants were caught at his feet and then made her break. She pulled herself to her feet, scrambling away, her eyes glued to the stairs for her freedom.

Herb laughed, his evil snickers filling the room. He rolled like a tiger, his hand like a giant paw, clenching brutally on her trim ankle. He pulled her sobbing naked body to the floor. "You can't get away, bitch. For now, you belong to me." He intended to show this hot bitch who flaunted herself a thing or two about fucking. He wasn't a kid like Denny, who could be sent home on a whim. He was a man! He pulled his clothes off and rested his knee in the soft nook of her belly. "You'll be begging me as soon as you get it in your ass. You'll love it."

Joanne shuddered. The tables were turned. Only a short time ago, his son was her slave and now, she was the slave of his father. Only this time, it was dangerous. "Please don't, Herb," she pleaded. "You'll tear me apart!"

"Naaaaah," he said. He used his brute strength to roll her over on her belly, twisting her ankle. He glared down at her ripe virgin ass, for now the tiny butt hole hidden beyond the crack.

Forced to lay on her belly, Joanne quaked, her body a shambles as she knew she was going to be violated. "I'll do anything, Herb," she begged. "Only don't fuck my asshole."

"Stop crying, bitch." He whacked her hard across the ass, leaving his hand print in the jiggling white flesh. "Get on your knees!" He smacked her again and laughed. "You're going to like this a lot more than seducing some punk kid."

"He was your kid," she snapped, sobbing, her spunk not yet gone. She decided not to fight it, crawling up to her hands and knees. The sooner it was over, the better.

"Now, that's a good little doggie bitch," he growled, coming up behind her, his lumber sized cock swaying. He gripped his prick and stroked it through her wet jism-filled snatch. The scalding heat of her cunt burned his cockhead. "You're a ready bitch."

"My pussy, Herb. Fuck my pussy." She was whimpering softly. His prickhead was stroking between her cuntlips, giving her hope. "My pussy! Fuck it! It's tight and juicy!" Her voice was ladened with sugary syrup, tempting him away from her asshole.

Herb knew what her game was. He tormented her, purposely ramming his cock to the hilt inside her drenched cunt, filling her pussy like no one before and greasing his cock in preparation for the invasion of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh! God!" she wailed, thankful for not being ripped apart in her ass and thrilling to the longest, thickest dick that had ever filled hr pussy. She squirmed back, wallowing in the strength of his prick as it throbbed inside her stretched-out cunt. "Yesssss! Fuck meeeee!"

Herb viciously grinned, knowing she thought she had won. He dug his fingers into her ass, spreading the cheeks and exposing the vulnerable wrinkled ring of her butt. He drooled at it, knowing his dick would slice right through the tiny hole.

"You got a great cunt, baby," he groaned, lulling her into a false state of security. "One luscious pussy. I'll bet Denny went nuts."

"He did! He did!" she wailed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" She trembled, praying he had forgotten his original intention.

Holding her in his huge bear-like hands, Herb pulled his prick from her clinging pussy and rammed into her unsuspecting asshole with one swift powerful thrust.

"AAAYYYIIIEEEEE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as the searing pain from his ass-splitting cock ripped through her body and attacked her brain cells, making everything a blur, a hot blur of agony and excruciating pain.

"How's that, bitch?" he mumbled, keeping his long lethal prick buried to his balls inside Joanne's tight ass.

"NOOOOOO!" she screamed, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. She thrashed like a mountain lion, trying to dislodge the vicious prick that was tearing her body to shreds.

Herb rode her like a man possessed, taking her bucking and jerking with ease. He slapped her hip, making her buck more. The sound of his palm whacking her flesh rang throughout the room.

Sobbing, the pain in her ass unbearable, Joanne fell forward on her face. With her ass propped up by the enormous prick inside it, Joanne took the brunt of Herb's passion. He withdrew his cock and began to slam it into her tiny wrinkled hole in quick furious jabs.

"AGGGGHHHHH!" she howled, the pain growing in her ass as his prick ripped into her again and again and again.

Herb sucked in his breath, watching his cock ream out her asshole with each powerful stab of his lunging hips. He drove his prick into her with a rapid flurry, bringing him quickly to the pinnacle. "I'm ready!" he shouted. "I'm gonna blast your tiny asshole!"

Joanne's mind began to clear, the pain and torment ebbing slowly. In its place, a kind of warmth, a new sensation filled her loins. She responded to it, humping back to meet his cock, using her muscles to cling to it, relish it, experiment on it.

"Ohhhh," she whimpered, rolling her hips seductively as he plowed his cock in and out of her ass. "CUM! CUM! CUM!" She was dying to be squirted with his jism. Dying to have both her holes filled, the cum of father and son within her.

She reached under herself and grasped her cut with her fingers, pulling crazily on it, craving to cum at the same time as Herb. "Fill my ass with your jism! Give me a fuckin' enema!"

"You bet, bitch!" he growled, pounding her with his prick, his passion raging. He reached the peak, ready to cream her asshole with his gooey cum.

Pulling frantically at her clit she felt Herb's cock swell inside her ass, stretching it beyond endurance. She braced herself, her body prepared to weather the storm of his orgasm. "CUMMMM! You fucking bastard!"

"I ammmmmmmmmmm!" he shouted as his cock exploded, drenching her dry asshole with a thick deluge of white gooey cream. "I AMMMMMMM, bitch!"

"UNNNNN!" Joanne grunted, feeling the first jet stream of jism shoot up her ass like a hot enema, squirting into her body. "Ohhhh, you bastard, Herb!" Her own orgasm, brought on by her frantic fingers erupted in her empty pussy. Hot sticky gooey cream seeped from her pulsing pussy walls, drenching her empty cunt and gushing out over her fingers. She banged her ass back at him, taking his hardest and best jab with equal pleasure.

Herb's fingers dug into her flesh as he drove his cock at her with a fury that shook the room. Wad after wad splashing inside her tight ass, squishing out as he slammed into her. Faster and faster, he whacked her vulnerable ass, his heavy balls swinging, slapping against her cunt as she pulled on her clit.

The pain and pleasure of her sore ass and his ass-ripping dick was too much for her to endure. She shrieked and went into convulsions, thrashing about on the floor like a stuck pig, crying and whimpering from the cock that was invading her body.

Herb's jaw tightened, the muscles in his neck taut and he exploded again, the last gob of cum shooting up into her ass. He growled like a wounded animal and slumped over to the carpet, his spent dick popping from her asshole.

"Unnnggg!" Joanne sobbed, her body twitching spastically as she slowly recuperated from the brutal destruction of her ass.

She saw Herb stand up, his semihard cock still a menacing sight. It seemed impossible that she had taken that giant dick in her ass and had enjoyed it.

Herb dressed. "Now, you've been fucked proper." He winked and strode to the doorway. "If you want jt up your pussy sometime, you got my number. Maybe Denny and I can share you for an afternoon."

"I'll think about it," she moaned. "It all depends on what happens between Brad and me." She waved and lay back on the floor, cum oozing from both her holes.

"Yes," she muttered to herself, after Herb left. "I'll need a lot of you and others, if I lose Brad." What appeared as a good idea in the beginning was turning sour. She shrugged. In for a penny, in for a pound. She got to her feet, aching from the violent fuck she just received.

"I hope you got that one with your camera, Mr. Detective." She headed for the stairs and a warm shower. "Tomorrow will be your turn." She climbed the stairs on weary legs. Two more days and Brad would be home and their future would be decided by a report and some highly erotic photos.

Chapter SIX

Joanne rolled out of bed and moaned. The ache in her asshole was still there. She peeked out the window at the street below. "Today is your day, Mr. Snoopy Bastard."

She stepped away from the window in a huff, grabbed her robe and headed downstairs. She made a pot of coffee in the kitchen before dialing the number of the hotel where her husband was staying.

"Room 312 please," she said to the operator. She listened to the rings, hoping she would catch Brad before he left for one of his meetings. She was about to give up when Brad answered.


His soft familiar voice made the past few days seem like a horrible dream. "It's me, Brad. Joanne."

"Hi, hon," he said. "I never thought you were going to call. You busy?"

His implication angered her and brought what he did rushing back to the surface. "Very busy," she purred. "Ask your detective friend. I think he has enough pictures to make a very interesting album." She paused, quelling her anger. "By the time you get home, I'll have him too." She slammed the phone down and shook.

She glared hatefully at the phone jangling off the hook as Brad tried calling back. She calmed herself, not interested in answering. She walked to the door, a hot sultry expression on her ivory complected face, the phone constantly ringing in her ears long after it stopped. "Here I come, Mr. Dick."

She left the door open and walked elegantly down the steps, swinging her hips like a hooker trying to pick up a john. She crossed her lawn and stopped at the curb. She smiled at him across the street, sitting in his car, a puzzled look screwing up his face.

Darin Jenkins looked the other way, appearing as if he were looking for an address. "Shit. This broad's a fuckin' nut," he mumbled under his breath, catching a glimpse of her.

"I hope you got a big cock," she said, looking both ways before crossing the street. She strutted around to the passenger side, opened the door, and slipped in beside him. She smiled a wide hot smile, her green eyes dancing with devilment. "Hi!"

"I don't know who you are, lady," Darin said, "but you better get the hell out of my car. I'm waiting for my wife."

"Cut the bullshit, Mr. Dick Prick." She giggled, enjoying the detective's obvious embarrassment and worry.

"You crazy?"

"You are, if you think I'm going to buy that dumb fucking story about waiting for your wife." She winked and slid over to him. "Today's Thursday and you've been waiting here since Monday for your wife. I call you a very patient man."

"Get out of the car, lady," he said, knowing that somehow he had blown his cover and the hot bitch knew. He started the motor, hoping that would get her out.

"I'm not going anywhere without you," she purred.

"How does the police station sound?" he said, hoping to scare her.

"Good idea." She opened the robe, showing her tits to him. "We can tell them how you tried to rape me." She leaned back on the seat, comfortable and happy. She had the bastard by the balls and by the expression on his face, he knew it!

He cut the motor, knowing he was beaten. "What do you want, Mrs. Benson."

She smiled innocently at him. "Why don't you come inside and we can talk about what I want." She blew him a kiss, closed her robe, and climbed out of the car. "Oh, by the way, bring all the pictures you took. I'm curious."

Darin sat dumfounded, shaking his head. He watched the luscious Mrs. Benson as she returned to her house. He gathered up the packets of photos, then climbed out of the car with them. He didn't know what was going to happen, but he was definitely interested. With what he had been seeing since his assignment began, Mrs. Benson was quite the hot little housewife. He hurried across the street and up her steps. Knocking on the door, he waited.

"I'm glad you could make it," Joanne purred, opening the door. She winked. "Come in, I have coffee brewing for us." She didn't move, making him brush against her as he entered.

"Follow me, handsome." Her ass rocked provocatively, knowing his gray eyes were glued to the liquid movement beneath her robe.

"It's Darin, isn't it?" she asked as he sat down.

He smiled, liking her moxie. "Yes. How did you know?"

"I've known since the very beginning. I picked the phone up by mistake Monday morning when Brad was talking to you and heard the whole thing."

His brow furrowed. "I'm surprised you still fooled around, Mrs. Benson, knowing I was watching."

"Call me, Joanne. You were the only reason I fooled around in the first place."

"Come on. You mean to tell me that Monday was the first time you got laid outside your marriage?"

"You got it." After pouring the coffee, she sat down beside him. "Knowing what Brad did infuriated me so damn much, I figured that if he thought I was going to fuck around, I shouldn't disappoint him." She purposely pressed her leg against his.

"You certainly didn't disappoint him." He grinned sheepishly, looking at her out of the corner of his eye as he sipped the steaming black coffee.

"I hope you enjoyed the assignment," she sighed. Her stomach churned as she thought about him watching her fuck every guy she met. "Did it turn you on."

"It's my job," he said, his throat constricting when he remembered how horny she had made him and the extra fucking he had given his girl friend and how much she had appreciated it.

"Awwww, c'mon, Darin," she mewled. "You mean to tell me that watching me fuck and suck all those cocks didn't get you burning hot?"

He looked at her with his brooding gray eyes, the passion in his groin shining through. "You drove me nuts, Joanne."

"Whew! For a second, I thought you were made out of stone."

"You'd turn stone to sand with your body and the way you enjoy sex." He shook his head.

She laid her hand on his thigh and squeezed it. "Let's get a look at those pictures. I'm dying to see them myself."

He laid the packets of pictures on the table. "Look all you want. I've been staring at them all week." He leaned back in his chair and sipped coffee, his cock throbbing.

She grabbed a packet and dumped the photos on the table and gasped. They were absolutely fantastic! She studied each one, the memory of the fuck coming back in a dizzy rush. She ogled the pictures taken on the grassy knoll, her naked body glistening in the sun as she sucked Grant's cock. "Christ! You got some terrific lens on that camera. I can see my pussy hair in some of these."

"Glad you like them," he said, his tone wavering as he glanced over at the pictures.

She gazed at the ones with Earl in his small room in the back of the garage. She was getting hotter and hotter by the second. She sucked in her breath, seeing her and Denny. "You even came around to the backyard, I see."

"Only for a few," he explained. "I figured I had enough photos of you fucking already. I didn't see any sense in someone calling the cops, thinking I was a prowler."

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured, skimming all the photos again, remembering each incident as if it just happened. Her pussy ached and she knew when she stood up, there would be a dark cunt juice stain on her robe and a wet spot on the chair. "I do take a good picture, don't I?"

"The best." He leered at them, his eyes covered with a thin film of passion. He could remember each one as if they were branded in his brain. "You really surprised me when you took on the kid and then his old man too."

"You don't have any photos of Herb. How do you know we did anything?"

"I saw the happy contented look on his face when he came outside and walked home."

Joanne stood up and walked behind him, kneading his shoulders and running her fingers through his sandy blond hair. "How would you like to walk out of the house with that same smile on your lips?"

"I'd like that very much," he said, her hands lulling him into a soft state of euphoria. "I don't think it'll happen though."

"Why is that?" she asked, yearning for the detective's cock to be buried in her pussy. "Don't you want to fuck me?"

"I'd love to fuck you, Joanne," he moaned, his cock aching for her pussy. "I think you'll want too much from me, though."

"Like what?" She ran her cool fingers down inside his shirt as she rubbed her tits against the back of his head.

"I figure you'll want the pictures and my report burned and I can't do that." He leaned back in the soft pillowy flesh of her tits.

"All I want from you, Darin, is your cock." She stepped back and dropped her robe. "Look at me, Darin."

Darin turned, knowing what to expect. He felt his facial muscles tighten. Staring at her all week and photographing her while she fucked and sucked and then committing each picture to memory was nothing compared to seeing her so close, her hot, white, creamy body memorized and branded in his brain.

"Touch me, Darin. Feel my pussy. It's wet for your cock."

He shook his head, knowing that once he touched her there would be no turning back and she would have him where she wanted him. "I can't," he groaned, the pain in his groin excruciating. "I work for your husband. I can't fuck you."

She straddled his leg, a long tapered leg on each side of his thigh. She squeezed her legs together. "Give me your hand, Darin," she said, her voice velvety.

Hypnotized by her sexuality and his own passion for the beautiful housewife, he gave Joanne his hand. He could smell the raw pungent aroma of her heated cunt, luring him gently into her web.

"See how bad I want you?" she crooned, running his hand through her thighs, soaking him with the juices that oozed from her dripping hot gash. "I want your cock. I don't want your reports. I don't want your photos. I don't want you to lie to my husband. All I want is for you to fuck the hell out of me." She brought his hand out from her pussy and licked her creamy cunt juice off his hand.

He was incapable of fighting her sensual promises, her fervent luscious body at his pleasure. He nodded.

"I'm so glad," she sighed. "Where?"


She took his hand and hurried him up the stairs to the bedroom. Once inside, she was on him like a nympho, clawing at his clothes as she fell to her knees in front of him, anxious to see his cock. "I'm going to suck you like you saw me do to the others."

She pulled his pants down and gobbled his cock into her mouth, her hands soothing frantically over his ass as she drew him deep into her throat. She sucked avidly, knowing he would be the last until her marriage was settled. Sucking and fucking the man Brad hired to spy on her was her ultimate triumph.

He grabbed her by the hair, holding her steady as he rammed his prick into her face. His cock filled her throat and his legs shook. Her mouth was as hot and greedy as he had imagined. Better! He pulled out, sucking air through his teeth as he held back his orgasm. He looked down into her flushed and excited face.

"Get on the God damn bed." His tongue was heavy. The passion and the emotion of the week had taken its toll.

"Ohhhh, yesssss," she hissed, crawling to the bed and climbing on. "I've been thinking about your cock all week."

He tore off his clothes, committed to take this hot bitch who for three days had drove him to the brink of insanity with her lustful flagrant sexual appetite. "I'm going to fuck you blind," he groaned. "I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop."

"I can't wait," she moaned, wriggling on the bed, her legs spread for him, her cunt red and swollen, dripping its warm oily juice. "I can't wait!"

Darin threw himself on top of her, crushing an exuberant Joanne in his arms, their hot naked bodies sparking from the electricity of passion that arced between them.

"Ooooooo," she moaned, wiggling and twisting in his arms. "You're so strong." She pressed her belly against his hard-on and rubbed, her hips rocking. "Stick it in me! Stick it in me!"

He gazed down into her hot flushed and excited face. Her tits were burning into his broad chest like hot rivets. He pulled his ass back, his cock slipping between her parted legs, her cunt oozing its welcome, propping his upper body on his forearms.

She gazed hotly up into his. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Darin clamped his jaw firm. His muscles rippled and he eased forward, sinking his prick slowly into Joanne's waiting pussy. He saw the hot expression on her face turn to joy as each inch of his cock eased between her puffy red pussy lips. He was trembling inside, seeing her exquisite expression as her pussy contracted on his dick until he had the entire length stuffed inside her twat.

"OHHHHHH!" she wailed, clawing his back. "Ohhhh, Darin!" She wriggled her ass, sending them both on a quick sample ride of what would happen as soon as Darin decided to fuck in earnest.

Slowly and methodically, Darin eased his cock in and out of Joanne's clinging wet pussy, seeing the brightness in her eyes when he filled her body full with his cock and the panic when he eased it out to the bulbous tip.

He covered her mouth with his and kissed her urgently, crushing her tits against him. He snaked his tongue into her mouth and felt the gentle sucking pressure on his tongue, the same sucking pressure her cunt muscles were using on his greased dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned out loud, raking his back and keeping her hips still as she rejoiced in this slow tormenting fuck. It was making her head spin and her body quake. She used her cunt muscles on him, making it more difficult with each gentle push of his cock for him to keep up this destructive pace that was beginning to render them both insane.

Gasping for air, Joanne broke the kiss, the fire in her loins being stroked by his torturous prick. "Faster," she begged, her hips moving under their own power. "Ohhhh, for Christ's sake, fuck me faster!"

"No," he snarled. To drive her further into the realm of insanity, he eased his cock out to the tip and watched her eyes fill with terror at being denied his cunt-filling prick. He slammed it back with a powerful thrust, seeing her expression change to ecstasy. Instead of repeating the thrust, he remained buried deep inside her twat, grinding and churning his hips that made his cock scrape and torment her cunt walls.

"AGGHHHHH!" she gurgled, the hard hitting jab of his dick and its movements driving her mad. Her entire body was keyed up for what she hoped came next -- a fast and furious fuck. It didn't come and sue remained strung out, her nerves frayed from this sadistic torment. "FUCK MEEEEEE!"

He ground his hips, his cock throbbing in the wet pulsating world of her hot snatch. Harder and harder, he ground his body into hers, her clit mashing into his groin. He rocked from side to side, his prick swelling inside her pussy, his balls tightening as they prepared to explode when he picked up the pace.

"Ohhhh, Lord, Darin! Don't do this to me!" She was sobbing hysterically, her mind drowning in the whirlpool of lust. She arched up in a frenzied attack on his cock, banging her body relentlessly into his. It was no use! He was too strong, too powerful. He kept her pinned to the mattress, the little action she generated only adding to his sadistic fuck style.

Sobbing outwardly and whimpering for him to take her to climax, she arched her back once more. She swung her legs around him, her entire body becoming a wiggling snake, writhing and twisting beneath him. She was crazed with desire. Whimpering cries escaped from her throat as he continued to feed the flames that engulfed her.

"You're torturing me!" she ranted, her nails breaking the skin of his back. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

His own passion was growing and he knew he couldn't keep this torture up much longer. He eased his prick, out and slammed it back in again, reveling in the glow of her eyes. He did it over and over, a slow easy pull back, followed by a hard violent slam forward. His cock ached so much he thought it would burst. Tiny explosions erupted behind his eyes, each time he whacked her body with his cock.

"Unnggggg!" she growled, thrashing at him when he pulled back, her only moment of free movement. She tried with all of her strength to start the ride that would bring her out of this cruel subjection. It was no use. She was defeated, her mind spinning, seeing insanity only moments away.

Darin saw the pained frantic expression on her face. He gave her three hard fast jabs in rapid succession, making her believe there was hope of satisfaction.

"Yesssss!" she wailed. "Yesssss!" She humped like a machine until he stopped, his prick buried to the hilt, his hips driving her clit into his groin.

Joanne's mind teetered on the edge, then snapped. She went berserk, like a wild woman. She fought him, her body drawing on her passion for strength. She bucked, trying to get his cock to go in and out of her cunt to give her some friction. Sobbing and whimpering, she churned and twisted, clawed and humped, her goal -- to get off, climax, pop her pent-up load.

Darin eased up slightly, allowing her space to carry out her wild gyrations. He rode her, relishing the pressure and pleasure she was squeezing on his cock. He felt his control diminishing. He slammed into her, knocking the hot bitch back on the bed.

"Now we'll fuck," he snarled.

"OH, YES!" she squealed. "Fuck! Fuck!" She was hysterical.

Darin eased his cock out to the tip, tormenting her for a second longer. With one swift lunge, he sliced it back into her cunt. Instead of stopping, he repeated his plunges, picking up speed with each hard furious stab of his cock.

"Agghhh!" Joanne screamed. "YESSSS!" She lashed back at him, matching stroke for stroke, passion for passion, and power for power. She lifted her legs high in the air, her cunt angled for maximum depth.

Darin utilized her position, jamming his cock deeper, ripping into her in a mindless barrage of repetitious slams.

"Baby! Baby!" he growled like a bear. No longer concerned with her gorgeous face or how she looked when he stabbed her, he fell on top of her, crunching her tits against him and pinning her to the bed. His hands raked down her sides to her ass. In a swift motion, he brought his hands under her humping quivering ass and grabbed her fleshy cheeks.

"Unnnnnhhhh," Joanne choked. The passion in her body became almost unendurable. "Finger meeeeee! You fucking P.I."

In his fogged clouded mind, Darin heard her scream. Slamming his prick into her, he inched along her jiggling ass and sought out her crack. Faster and faster, he pounded her, his hands parting her ass, his fingers finding the tiny butt crack.

"NOW!" she screamed, ready to feel his finger plugging her ass as he tortured her pussy with his magnificent dick.

He jammed his finger inside, plunging it to the knuckle. Her asshole clamped around his finger and he squiggled it, feeling his own cock through the thin membrane as he fucked her and himself to their orgasm.

"I love it! Rip me open! Fuck me!" She was out of her mind. She banged up at his cock, then pushed back at his scraping finger in her ass and ground her clit into his hairy hard groin.

He screwed his finger into her quivering jerking ass with vicious stabs, matched only by the power of his thrusting cock. His head was reeling and he knew that he was ready to burst his wad.

Joanne was caught between his driving dick and his plunging fingers and loving it. She was delirious, riding the crest of her passion as she raced toward her climax.

Darin smashed his groin at her twisting jerking body, forcing his cock into the depths of her gulping pussy with the pent-up fury of watching her with the other men.

"Fuck me, Darin. Fuck me!"

"YEAAAAAAA!" he screamed, his word muffled by her sweaty taut neck. His hips became a hammer, his cock the nail as he drove it into her gaping cunthole.

Her cunt exploded, drenching his shaft with a frothy cream that glazed his pounding shaft and sloshed inside her pussy. Her twat began to pulse a steady staccato of beats, bringing his swelling cock quickly to the long awaited peak.

Darin knew it and soared into bliss as his cock exploded like a spewing volcano, filling and drenching her sucking pussy with a stream of thick white bubbling cum.

"I'm cominggggg!" he screamed in unison with her declaration of joy. "I'm cominggg!"

They slammed at each other, their climaxes turned them into mindless animals bent on satisfying their lustful need. Their sweaty naked bodies slapped noisily at each other, their cum and juice squished inside her cunt with each jab of his dick, and their screams all blended together in an erotic collage of resounding bliss.

The bed seemed ready to collapse as Joanne's soupy pussy gulped his cum and pulsed on his cock, driving him insane as he continued to squirt his cream into her body. "MORE! MORE!" she howled desperately, wanting to suffer for the things she had done. "Hurt me! Hurt me!"

Her screams for abuse were lost to him. His mind was blocked as he pounded her until all of his strength was sapped from his body. He stopped, his dick inside her, his body twitching spastically on top of her gorgeous body.

"Darin," she groaned, jerking at him, the last remnants of her orgasm escaping her pussy as her mind became numb and her body began to ache with the violence it had just encountered. "Ohhhhhh, Darin!"

He rolled off her, his limp cock slipping out of her pussy. Silently, he stood up and looked down at her. "You win. I won't say a word to your husband. Not a word. I'll tell him you were faithful." He began to dress.

"I didn't do it for that reason," she sobbed.

"Why, then?"

"To get even with Brad. I want him to pay for not trusting me."

"Do you love him?"


"Hell, he'll never know and you can start all over again."

"I want him to know!" she shouted. "I want him to know!"

"Then you tell him. I quit!" He finished dressing and went out the door, leaving Joanne sobbing on the bed.

Chapter SEVEN

Joanne checked the clock on the nightstand, the detective's words still ringing in her brain. He wouldn't tell Darin and she could start all over again, pretend nothing had ever happened. She sat in front of her vanity mirror, finishing the last touches of her make-up.

"No!" she said determinedly. "We're going to have it out if it's the last thing I do!" She knew she couldn't live with herself, hiding her adulterous affairs from Brad the rest of her life and she couldn't live with Brad if he couldn't trust her. She had to do this! She had to!

After calling Brad this morning, she figured he should be storming through the front door soon. She was nervous, but she was going to tell Brad everything!

She fixed her mouth, spreading her lipstick on thick, highlighting her ivory skin. The dark eyeshadow added mystery to her face. With her hair in long red curls, she looked like a hooker out of a western saloon.

She pulled the black net stockings up her long slender legs, hooking each stocking with the red lacy garter belt that contrasted with the black crotchless panties she was wearing. She slipped on her bra, a matching black lace half bra that lifted her tits in a shelf of lace, her nipples peeking out invitingly.

She stood up and turned slowly, admiring herself. In a moment of dread, a hot shiver ran down her spine. There was still time to burn all the photos that Darin left behind. She bit her lip, determined to go through with it.

While waiting downstairs, her heart beat wildly and her cunt pulsed, the excitement of seeing her husband gradually arousing her. It was strange and she didn't understand it. She panicked when she reached the foyer and turned into the living room. Suppose he doesn't come home until tomorrow as he had planned? There was no guarantee he would come home after what she told him on the phone this morning. She would wait as long as it took, until Brad came home. No more men, only Brad from now on. She fidgeted in the chair, crossing her legs as she glared at the photos on the coffee table, all spread out, for Brad.

She heard a car pulling into the driveway. Her heart tried leaping out from her throat. It was Brad! She glanced at the photos one last time, seeing herself sucking cocks and being fucked. For a split second, she almost chickened out. Abruptly, she stood up and marched to the doorway, away from the temptation to throw them away. She leaned against the archway like she imagined a hooker doing it while waiting for a customer. Her knees were weak and butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

Brad flung open the front door, a flustered exasperated expression on his face. He saw Joanne standing in the entrance to the living room, leaning against the wall, her hip jutting out enticingly with the most come-hither smile he had ever seen on her face.

"What? What?" he sputtered. "You..."

"Cat got your tongue?" she purred, keeping her voice even, although her body was trembling uncontrollably inside.

He dropped his suitcases on the floor. "Your phone call... what was that all about?"

"You know. I just wanted to tell you that I knew about your little detective friend," she said, finding it difficult to keep calm.

"You're... you're wrong."

"Stop the bullshit, Brad. I know."

"Okay... okay... I was wrong. I'm sorry."

"I think it's going to take a lot more than, I'm sorry," she mocked. "We have a lot to talk about."

"Like what?"

"A lot of things." Her stomach was quivering and a vein throbbed in her slender neck. She was about to speak when he interrupted.

"Why are you dressed like that?" he asked. "You expected a whore and that's what you're getting."

"You're crazy, hon," he said, forgetting his luggage, walking by her and into the front room.

"Somebody else said I was crazy today and they found out I wasn't." She turned, her moment of truth at hand. She gulped, following him and trying to keep her heart from acting like a yoyo going from her stomach to her throat and back again.

Brad went straight for the bar and poured himself a drink. "Let's forget about the detective," he said, sipping his drink, his nerves settling. "I'll make it up to you over the weekend."

"What about the things he discovered?" she taunted.

Brad forced a smile. "He didn't find out anything."

"If you're so lure, why did you hire him?" She sat on the couch, feeling his hot eyes on her flesh. She took a deep breath. "Why don't you come and see the evidence?"

Brad humored her and sat down beside her. "What evidence?"

She pointed to the pictures scattered all over the coffee table. "This evidence." She sucked in her breath and prayed.

Brad leaned over, scanning the photos. His eyes filled with rage. He grabbed a fistful of the photos. "What the fuck?"

"It's the evidence, Brad," she said, frightened out of her skull. "I thought you might want to see them."

He looked at the photos again, this time slowly. When he was through, he dropped them on the floor. He felt as if someone had kicked the shit out of him. He turned to Joanne. "Why?" he asked sullenly.

"You tell me why first," she said.

The fury in him began to rise. His face turned red, his eyes filled with hate. "Because I didn't trust you," he snarled. "The proof of my suspicions are on the floor."

"I only did it," she continued, her eyes filling with tears. "I only did it because you didn't trust me." She held back her tears. "The detective. Where's he?"

"I fucked him this morning," she spat. "You can't trust anyone these days."

"I'm suppose to believe you fucked these men just to prove a point?"

"I love you," she whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I did it for spite. It hurt me terribly when I picked up the phone and heard you talking to the detective. I wanted to get even and the only way I could think of..." She sniffed back more of her tears. "I had to do what you feared most, fuck other men."

She stood up and walked to the center of the large living room. "Look at me, Brad. I'm what you think I am. A whore. I'm dressed like one and I fuck like one." She posed, seeing the lust begin to appear on his face.

She was right. She definitely looked like a whore and the pictures on the floor proved she fucked other men.

"I'm all juicy, Brad," she purred, swaying on her heels. "I'm all juiced up for your cock."

He glared at her, knowing, sensing he had driven her to do the things she did. His mind filled with the images of the men and he wondered if he could ever forget.

Joanne saw the indecision on his face. "I'm sorry I did it, Brad," she said. "It'll never happen again. You have to trust me on that." She turned and walked toward the stairs. "A marriage is based on trust. If you still want me, I'll be in bed." She climbed the stairs, frightened that her marriage was over.

In the bedroom, she flicked on the dim light that cast an erotic shadow on the bed. Keeping her exotic outfit on, she lay down on the bed and spread her legs in the hope that Brad would want to try again.

For the longest while, Brad remained on the couch. He picked up the pictures again and stared at each one, hating her and hating himself. He stood up, the pictures falling. Like a zombie, he walked across the room and climbed the stairs, heading for the bedroom.

He stood in the doorway, gazing down at his gorgeous wife. He didn't, want to lose her. He loved her... but could he forget? Slowly, he undressed, the fire in his groin giving him pain. For a reason he could not fathom, the pictures of her turned him on and at the same instant, disgusted him.

"I want you," Joanne whispered from the bed, her heart swelling with love. "Hurry."

"I want you too," he said softly. The dim light added to the lure of her luscious figure.

"Come to me." She held her arms outstretched for him.

"Take off your clothes," he rasped, his cock sticking out, a beam of hard meaty flesh.

She smiled wickedly and placed her hands between her legs. "Crotchless," she purred. "Fuck me like this."

His cock ached as he eyed the swollen lips of her cunt peeking out from the lace panties. He climbed on the bed, cradling her in his arms. "Baby! Baby!" he groaned, her hot body kindling the flames in his groin.

"Ooooooh, Brad," she crooned, rubbing against him. "I missed you so much. I missed your cock." She reached down between their hot eager bodies and grasped his prick. She slithered out of his arms, working her way down his taut handsome body with her mouth, licking and nibbling his flesh in her trek for his cock.

"Ohhh, Joanne," he groaned as her greedy mouth inflamed him. He squirmed on the bed as she chewed, sinking her teeth into his flesh. "Suck it, baby! Suck me!"

Joanne wanted only to please her husband. She gripped his cock in her fist and slopped her tongue all over every inch of his thick veiny shaft, soaking him, wallowing in his cock -- the only cock she truly wanted. "Oh, Brad," she moaned, kissing his prick and sucking the thin skin that covered the powerful meaty muscle. "I love you so." She stroked his prick with adoration and love, her tongue fluttering all over his groin, balls, cockshaft, and thighs.

"Unnnnn," he groaned under her worshiping manipulations. "Let's fuck! I want your pussy!"

"Soon, my darling. Soon." She licked him lavishly, treating his prick to the best blow job and chewing it had ever received. She was inspired. She rolled him over and reamed out his ass, catering to his every desire. She licked behind his balls and up his dark ass crack. She chewed his soft ass cheeks, her hand underneath his taut muscular body, her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock.

"Jesssssssus!" he groaned, twisting on her hand. He forced her away from his ass and rolled over, his cock towering high in the air. He grabbed her, but she moved away like a cat and smiled hotly.

"We'll fuck soon. I want to enjoy you before you fill my pussy with this." She smacked his prick playfully with her hand, totally relaxed with her husband, a thing she wasn't able to achieve with the others. She slapped his prick again, watching it twitch.

He grabbed for her again, laughing. For the moment, the things she did and what he had instigated were gone from his mind. "You hot little bitch."

She rolled out from his grasp. "You're going to suck it, before you can fuck it, honey," she moaned. She crawled up over him, straddling his body and head.

"Put it here," he said, licking his lips. "I'll suck you till you cry for my cock."

"I know! I know!" she moaned, adjusting herself over his shoulders. As she scooted up his chest, her hot wet pussy left a trail of pussy juice. She angled her pussy over his mouth, trembling with joy.

Brad gripped her full, rounded hips in his hands, kneading the soft ivory flesh. He glared up at her red inviting gash and brought her pussy down to his waiting mouth, jamming his tongue up inside her wet pulsing cunt canal.

"Ahhhhh," Joanne wailed, grinding her pussy down on her husband's face. "Brad! Brad!" She rotated her hips in an endless circle, soaking his face with her creamy flowing juice. She leaned forward, resting against the headboard, her hips jerking spastically as she fucked her husband's face with her squishy cunt.

Brad smoothed his hands around to her ass, teasing her crack with his fingers. He weaved his way through the wet hair of her pussy and slapped her exposed clit with his tongue. He snaked his wiggling tongue up into her pussy again, thrilling to her greedy cunt muscles as they attempted to capture him.

"Suck! Suck!" Joanne cried, deliriously happy that she had her husband back. "Ohhhh, suck me, Brad!"

Brad sucked, eager to please her, wanting to forget the despicable things that had happened. He drew her clit into his mouth and chewed on it, making Joanne writhe on his face. He swiped his tongue across the tip with a sweeping motion, driving her mad with passion.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she whimpered, tiny erratic explosions popping off in her pussy as he sucked and lashed her clit. She humped his face with frantic little jerks while exquisite separate orgasms swirled through her body like ripples in a brook. "Ooooooooohhh!"

His cock was ready and aching for her cunt. He pulled her off his face, knocking her flat on her back, her legs flying out in a wide vee, her red swollen cunt exposed through the wet lace of her open crotch. He scrambled over and mounted her, leering into her face, his eyes covered with a film of lust.

She gazed up at him, her face flooded with a passion of her own. "Fuck me, my darling. Fuck me!" She clung to him, desperate to have his wonderful prick buried inside her pussy. "I want only you."

He grabbed the lace bra, tearing it from her body, freeing her huge globes of milky-white tittie flesh. He pushed his cock at her receptive cunt, feeling the lace as his cock sliced through the crotchless panties and into her dripping snatch.

"Ohhhh, I'm in heaven, Brad!" she cried out joyously. Her legs snaked around his back, holding him captive within her cunt. "I'll never let you go."

"You bitch," he snarled, his passion turning to jealousy. He remembered the photos and her body being used by those strangers. He stabbed his cock viciously into her scalding hot pussy. With each job of his cock, he shouted. "Bitch! Bitch!"

"Yes, my darling," she sobbed, the pleasure of his cock and the pain of what she had done mixing in a fuzzy world of hatred for herself and love for her husband.

She forced the thought from her mind. "You made me," she gasped, slamming her pussy up at him. "I did it to hurt you." She slammed her body at him again. "I did it to repay the hurt of not having your trust." She clawed his back, drawing blood.

Brad howled, the stinging pain burning his mind. He whacked his hard powerful body at her, trying to give her pain in return for her adulterous affairs. His cock throbbed incessantly inside her warm body, her pussy muscles clouding his mind.

"Fuck meeeee!" she screamed, humping her pussy at his prick, stroking her cunt hole along his shaft, driving him crazy as he held his hips still, trying to blot from his mind the photos and what they represented.

She saw the pain in his eyes and began to cry, her passion heightening her emotions. "They never meant a thing to me," she moaned, trying to draw his cock deeper into her pussy. "I want only you."

"Whore!" he spat. He smacked her across the face, the sound echoing.

"Bastard!" she cried back, slapping him back and reddening his cheek. She hated him at this moment, as much as he hated her. "Bastard!" She lunged up at him, digging her heels into his back, hurting him as much as she could.

Brad twisted his cock in her pussy, making her groan in a blend of pain and pleasure. Her net stockings were rubbing against his flesh, her crotchless panties clinging to his wet shaft and her garter belt snaps were digging into his side. All of the petty irritants, that at other times would have added to his passion, now detracted from it. With a viciousness he didn't know he possessed, he pulled his prick out of her pussy.

"Oooohhhh, nooooo!" she screamed, believing he was going to leave her.

"NOOOOO! Don't leave meeeee?"

Brad looked at her, loving her more at this moment than ever before. It was the clothes. They were keeping them apart. With passion fogging his brain, he didn't bother to explain. Instead, he grabbed a fistful of her panties and yanked. The skimpy material came away in his hand.

Joanne screamed, not knowing what he was doing. "Fuck meeee!"

He tore at the garter belt and stockings, ripping them from her body, freeing her soft ivory flesh for his eyes to feast upon and his body to touch. He tore her stockings, throwing everything on the floor.

Horrified and frightened, Joanne looked up timidly, her green eyes like glass, her body completely vulnerable and naked. "What... what are... you going to do?" she cried her sobs racking her lungs.

"Fuck you," he growled, climbing back on top of his beautiful wife, his body no longer irritated by her clothes. "I'm going to fuck you."

"Ohhhhh, my darling," she gasped, ready to accept him, needing his love and his cock. "Do it now!"

He shoved his prick into her gaping pussy, burying it with a hungry fast jab. His arms slipped underneath her body, bringing her to him as he began the long steady climb to the summit of their passion.

Joanne held him tight, her legs and arms engulfing him. She was crying, her hips humping, her entire body moving to the rhythm her husband set with his long even strokes. She kissed and sucked on his neck, caressed his back, and urged him on with the heels of her feet, nudging him in the small of his back.

"Fuck me, my husband," she moaned adoringly, his cock filling her with pleasure and love each time he jabbed it into her. "Fuck me!"

He growled in her neck, his prick swelling to the bursting point. He shortened his strokes, banging her with hard brutal lunges, the new accelerated pace taking them swiftly to the ultimate peak. Faster and faster, he pounded his wife into the bed, her hot whimpering cries soaking his brain. Each hard violent stab of his cock wiped from his mind an imprint of a photo. His pace became a quickening blur, the past fading into obscurity with each slice of his cock into Joanne's waiting hungry twat.

"MORE! MORE!" Joanne screamed, driving her body at him with no thought to her welfare or safety. She only wanted to please, to satisfy the man she loved.

The past was gone, his pounding had erased it from his mind. No longer did he fuck her with vengeance. He was slamming his prick into her with love, the love he had always felt for her. His prick swelled with cum.

"Together!" she howled, matching his pace, their bodies in sync, like always, the passion humming between them like an old song. "Together! We'll cum together!"

Her hot screams took them both to the summit and over the peak. They came together, two bodies lost to their passion, thrashing and churning on the bed in a mindless pursuit of mutual pleasure. Their muffled screams blended as he creamed her pussy with his cum and she soaked his cock with her gushing juices, both in mind-blowing ecstasy.

"I'M COMING, darling!" she shouted, for all the world to hear. "Ohhhhhhh, Brad, my husband! I'm comingggg with you!" She worked her pussy to hump in time with him, adding to his pleasure as he added to hers.

"AGHHHHHH!" Brad growled. His cock spewed wad after wad of burning cum. He thrust into the secret depths of her orgasm as he had always done, giving only to receive pleasure a thousand fold.

The hot, orgasming couple bombarded each other with sublime gratification that took them both to the peak again and headlong over the top for another joyous ride into orgasmic heaven.

Joanne became a bubbling vat of juices, her cunt greasing the cock belonging to the one man she loved. Brad became a machine, a powerful fuck machine that slammed, pounded, and drove his wife to the edge of the world and back again.

They drifted back to reality, their bodies slowing, easing until they lay quiet, only their heavy sated breathing breaking the silence. In this position they slept, the past forgotten, the future bright, their love renewed.


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