Easy young piece

High school girls are supposed to be sweet, pure, and innocent. They don't kiss on the flirt date, they hold onto their virginity as if it was sacred, and they avoid older men like the plague. On the surface, Honey Winston is like this. She is pretty, witty, and easy to get along with, and just about everyone she knows likes and respects her. But they don't know the real Honey Winston.

It all starts one night when she accidentally sees her parents making love in their bedroom with the door partially open. She watches, and what she sees changes her entire attitude about life. For the first time she realizes what sex is all about, and from then on nothing is the same. The lustful urgings of her young body, hidden until now, suddenly surface. She practically rapes her high school sweetheart, and then ditches him in favor of what she suddenly realizes she really wants older men. Caught on the whirlwind of her own lust, Honey sinks deeper and deeper into depravity until even her parents aren't safe from her craven passions.

EASY YOUNG PIECE a modern tale of passion and lust a story worth remembering.

Chapter ONE

"Come on, you bastards. Fuck me!"

They looked at each other, mild surprise registering on their faces. "That's a strange way for a little girl to talk," said Jim. He was taller than Dan, and more serious.

"Shit. Put your cock in here and you'll see how much of a 'little girl' I am."

I couldn't believe what was happening; they were just standing there watching me. I was about to cream all over myself and they were just looking!

"Come on, please. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt!" I spread the lips of my pussy apart and plunged two fingers into myself. God, how I wished it were a cock that was in me instead of just my fingers!

Dan licked his lips. Jim just stared at me. "What'd you say your name was?" Jim asked.

"Forget my fucking name."

Jim smiled, and then nodded to Dan. They both began to strip.

Thank God! I was completely naked, lying on my back on the bed with my cunt wide open and facing both of them. The fact that I hardly knew them at all didn't matter. In fact, I didn't really want to know them. All I wanted from them was a good hard fuck, nothing more, nothing less would do.

"All right, baby, I hope your little cunt's ready for us."

I smiled. If they only knew how ready! "Try me."

They descended on the bed, both their cocks completely hard already. I lay back and waited, ready to give them anything they wanted just so long as the whole thing ended up with both their cocks inside me.

Jim straddled me, his big dong hanging down like a sausage between his legs. It was hard and firm, I could tell that much without touching it.

"Suck it."

Smiling, I reached for his cock and began to play with it, running my fingers all over the outside while I drew his whole crotch closer and closer to my upturned face. Finally he was right in front of me, his huge prick almost touching my face. It was beautiful! I had forgotten how beautiful a man's cock could be when it was hard like this.

First I licked it all over, starting at the bottom and working my way to his bulbous cockhead. By the time I was finished it was glistening all over from my saliva, and I knew that both of us were ready for me to take him in my mouth.

At the same time I could feel Dan below, moving his face across my smooth thighs, heading, I was certain, for my dripping cunt. Good. I loved to be eaten out.

"Come on, baby, quit playing with it and suck it."

The words were still coming out of his mouth when I spread my lips and began to descend on his cock. I could sense his eyes upon me as I descended, and I was certain that the sight of my mouth opening to take him all the way into me was one that he'd remember for a long time. I knew I'd remember doing it. I could feel the muscles of my throat straining to accept him, but I never doubted for a moment that I would be able to do it. I could do whatever I wanted to. Finally I reached the bottom. I could feel my lips grinding into the thick, bushy hair at the base of his prick.

"That's it, baby, that's it. Show me what you can do."

First I began to slide up and down, plunging his cock as far into me as it could possibly go, riding up and down on it with enough energy to drive any man crazy. But I was just starting. Below, I could feel Dan's mouth all over my cunt, licking and sucking my own juices with as much enthusiasm as I was using on his cock.

Jim began shoving his cock forward, pumping into my mouth like he was fucking me, jamming my throat with his meat. I let my tongue go to work. First I flicked across the ridge just below his cockhead. I could feel his entire body stiffen as I touched the sensitive nerve there, and by the time I finally released it, he seemed about ready to collapse. But I wasn't going to let him do that. Instead, I started flying up and down his cock again, but this time I added a new twist. With each stroke I swirled my tongue around his cock, letting it snake itself in a spiral that closed tighter and tighter on him until finally I was ready to release him.

"Jesus, baby, you're too much. Too fucking much!"

I pulled my head off his cock and smiled, feeling traces of wetness around the corners of my mouth.

"Let's fuck," I said, knowing that I was ready for the main event.

"Who do you want first?" There was respect in Jim's voice now that I had proven myself on his cock.

"Both of you."

He shrugged. I knew what I wanted it was something I had never done before. In fact, I didn't even know for certain if it was possible. But I was going to try.

"Lie down," I told Jim.

I straddled him, looking down on his long body. This was definitely going to be interesting. Dan watched from the side, obviously wondering just what it was that I was going to want him to do. I took Jim's cock in my hand and guided it toward my cunt. When his head was just touching my dripping lips I paused, looked down at him, and then sat down.

"Ummmmmmm, that's nice," I whispered, wriggling like a cat as his meat slid into me.

It felt so good to have a cock in my cunt, so good. When I reached the bottom, my cunt grinding against his crotch, I paused. It felt so good to have him in me. I wanted to savor the moment, letting my cunt absorb all the sensations that were racing through it. Then I slid back up. Dan was still watching, remembering what I had said about wanting both of them. I gave him a look that let him know I hadn't forgotten him, and then dropped to all four over Jim's body. I could feel my tits brushing against his chest, and I knew that my nipples wore as hard as both their cocks.

"All right, Dan. Give it to me in the ass."

He looked surprised, then a little bit unsure of himself, but finally delighted as he apparently decided that it could be done. Or at least it was worth a try. Jim began to thrust into my cunt while Dan prepared himself. There was a flask of massage oil an the table next to the bed, and though I couldn't see him I was certain that Dan was putting it all over his cock, making it nice and slippery so it would fit into my tight asshole. Then I felt something. At first I thought it was his cock, but after a moment I realized that it was his hand applying some of the oil to the area around my asshole. Then he shoved it inside.

"Uummmmm, ohh yeah, that's nice. Real nice!"

I loved the way his finger felt inside me, forcing the walls of my ass to open wider. It was so crowded in there! Even his finger felt huge.

"Come on, Dan, give me your cock. I want your cock inside me, just like Jim's."

He pulled his hand out and grabbed, his cock with it, then guided it toward the entrance to my hole. At that moment I think I would have given just about anything to be able to see what was happening. I could imagine what it looked like, his long, glistening cock almost touching my white, fleshy ass. Then it was touching my asshole. He shoved it in slowly.

Below, Jim held still, letting Dan slide his cock until it was inside me. "Jesus," Jim groaned. "I can really feel his cock, baby. I can feel it through your pussy."

I grinned. I had done it. And there was no way he was feeling it quite like I was. Nothing had ever been like this!

Both my holes were jammed full of hot, throbbing cock. I had never felt so tight, so turned on in my life. So far nobody had moved, and I was certain that as soon as they did my whole body would explode.

"All right," I whispered, my voice ragged. "Fuck me. Both of you."

I held perfectly still. They began to thrust, slowly at first, almost as if they were afraid of hurting me. They needn't have worried.

"Harder. Come on, fuck me hard!"

They finally quit treating me like a china doll and began to give it to me the way I wanted it.

"Oh yeah," I moaned, my cunt and ass both spinning and undulating like crazy. "That's it, oh yeah, that's it."

I held still, my ass thrust backward, my back arched, my tits hanging down beneath my body. Dan had his hands on my shoulders from above, while below me Jim was feeling my tits while he jammed his cock into my cunt.

A moment later Dan took his hands off my shoulders and grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them apart so that he could get a better view of his cock ramming into my asshole.

"Baby, you're incredible."

I hardly heard him because a familiar tension had begun to build deep inside my cunt. It was like a whirring blade spinning deep within me, trying desperately to get out but unable to.

"Harder," I whispered, concentrating every bit of my body and mind on getting that whirring blade to fly out of my body. It began to rise. "Come on, you guys. Fuck me. God dammit fuck me hard!"

I was breathing in short gasps now, but I knew it was going to happen. Their cocks were pummeling me, smashing into my twin holes, and I was making it even better by jamming back against them with each thrust, driving them as deep into me as they could possibly go.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Ohhhh shit! Fuck, I can't stand it! I'm gonna come! Jesus, I'm gonna come! Ohhh fuck. YESSSSSSS!"

My cunt exploded. Wild spasms shot through me, wracking my whole body, forcing my back to arch like a cat. Just a few seconds after the first wave hit me, Dan pulled his cock out and shot his load all over my back. I could feel the hot, sizzling cum landing on my smooth skin, covering me with jism in a way that only added to the excitement I was feeling.

"Oh yeah, that's nice. Real nice. You're cum, oh yeah!"

But Jim was still in my cunt, ramming away, forcing his cock to go as deeply into me as it could possibly go. I reached back and grabbed his balls, playing with them while he continued to fuck me. After that it was all over. He made about three more thrusts and then it happened. His cock began to quake and shudder until a moment later it overflowed. I could feel his cum inside me.

The first great wave hit firmly against the deepest wall of my cunt. It splattered there, filling me with his juice and setting off a whole new string of explosions inside me. Again and again he rammed into me, milking both our bodies for all they were capable of giving, until finally we both fell to the bed in a heap. I was in heaven. To think that my very first night since leaving home had turned out this well made me happier than I could have imagined. This was where I belonged.

Greenville, where I had been brought up, was one place I had no intention of going back to. It had taken a long time to finally break away, but now that I had done it there was no way I was ever going back. There were too many things to look forward to.

Chapter TWO

My name is Honey Winston. Don't ask me how I got it. It's not a nickname, it's my real name. You can see it on my birth certificate. Honey Delacorte Winston, daughter of Jeremy Whitestone Winston and Elizabeth Renault Winston. I was not the child they wanted me to be. Oh, sure, as a kid I don't guess I was that much trouble to them. But once I got old enough to be interested in the opposite sex, well, things went downhill from there. The problem is this. I really dig older men. I've liked them ever since I can remember. I dig fucking them, sucking them you name it, I'll do it if there's a reasonably good looking older man involved.

Needless to say, in a town like Greenville this created a rather delicate situation. In fact, that was one of the main reasons I finally decided to leave home. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The whole thing started when I was fourteen was then that I first saw my parents fucking. It was during the summer, and I was supposed to be at a baseball game with some friends. But the game had been rained out and I came home.

Usually I called out that I was home whenever I walked through the front door, but for some reason I didn't this time. Don't ask me why I didn't, maybe it was ESP. At any rate, by not letting them know I was in the house, I got a ringside seat to something that changed my whole life. Climbing the stairs I heard the first sounds coming from their bedroom. Again, I almost called out to let them know I was home but something kept me from doing it. I walked down the hallway. Their door was almost closed, but there was about an inch between the frame and the doorway where I could see into the room.

Feeling terribly guilty, but driven on by the strange moans and groans that were coming from the bedroom, I put my eye to the sliver of light and looked in.

What I saw almost made me gasp out loud. They were naked. My father was sitting with his back to the headboard and my mother was sucking him off. Both her hands were on his balls and her lips were spread wide while she humped up and down on his cock.

"That's it, Beth, that's real nice. Real nice. Keep it up, baby, keep sucking that cock."

I couldn't believe it. What was going on? It took my adolescent mind a little while to figure out just what they were doing and why they were doing it. But while I tried to understand I just kept watching. It was quite a show.

My mother was a good looking woman. Her face was pretty in a simple, all American way, while her body was, well, her body was great. She had tits that were the envy of every other woman in the neighborhood and a tight, perfectly formed ass that men were always looking at when they weren't looking at her tits.

But right now it was her mouth that interested me. Her mouth and Daddy's cock. His prick was huge. I had seen it before when I was a kid, but never when it was hard. It seemed like it was as big around as his forearm and just as long. How could she take him in her mouth?

I watched, and as I looked I saw the muscles in her throat spreading incredibly wide to accept his cock. Her neck was creamy and soft, but beneath the skin I could see sharp, rippling muscles that were working on his meat with an expertise that was totally beyond my comprehension. My father began to shove his cock into her, fucking her in the mouth while she continued to gobble down his cock.

"You got it, babe, you got it now. Suck on it hard, Beth, suck hard on that old cock."

She made slurping, gurgling sounds with her mouth as she sucked him, and her eyes were closed most of the time as if she were really enjoying what she was doing. Then finally she took her mouth off his cock.

"Let's fuck," she said, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps.

I could see her tits heaving up and down, and I could tell that she was more excited than I had ever seen her.

"What's the rush, babe?"

She smiled. Climbing to her knees she took a position in front of him. Her tits jutted forward like twin peaks, while below her stomach was flat and smooth, her cunt open and waiting.

"Here's why," she whispered. Then she reached down and jammed two fingers into her naked pussy. When she pulled them out they were covered with glistening juice. She looked at them for a second, and then thrust them forward. My father licked them and then he smiled.

"All right. I guess you're ready, aren't you?"

"You better believe it."

She took his cock in her hand and guided it toward her cunt. She was straddling him now, and his cock was standing up from the rest of his body like a tree. She touched it to her pussy.

"Ready?" she whispered.

He nodded. Slowly, ever so slowly, she slid down. I could see everything from where I was watching. His long, shiny cock slithered into her slit, forcing its way deep inside her. I was beginning to breathe heavily, and I suspected that if my tits had been visible they would have been heaving just like my mother's. Finally she was all the way down. His cock was engulfed by her cunt. Then they went crazy. She began to shove herself up and down on his prick, jamming it all the way into her cunt with each thrust, forcing her pussy to take every inch he had to give her. He reached up and grabbed her tits, playing with them with both hands, and then finally stuffing one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, that's nice, so nice. Keep sucking me, baby, keep sucking me."

Finally they began to thrash so wildly that I could hardly keep track of what was happening. They fell and rolled so that he was on top of her, and then she lifted up her knees and pulled them to her chin.

"Aaaggghhh! Ohhh God, you're gonna drill a hole in me, Jeremy. A hole!"

She began to writhe and twist beneath him, her long, smooth body undulating wildly. I could hardly believe that I was watching my parents do this, and yet half my fascination with it was for that very reason. That same cunt he was fucking was the one I had come out of when I was born. It was staggering.

"Oh God, Jeremy, finish me off! Ohhh I can feel it! God I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come all over you. Ohhh yeah! OOOOHHHHHHH!"

Suddenly she acted like someone had shot her with a rifle or something. Her back arched, and every muscle in her body seemed to go tense.


My father lowered his head and plowed on, his hard prick jamming into her cunt with so much force that it really did seem possible that he might drill a hole through her. Then he did almost the same thing she had done a few minutes earlier. His back arched, his muscles tensed, and he froze. I could tell from the look on his face that something was happening, but I wasn't sure what. Then I looked back at my mother's cunt. For a long time it seemed about the same down there, but after a while I saw something that gave me a hint at least about what was happening. Sticky fluid began to drip out of her cunt, forcing its way past his cock and dripping through her ass crack to the sheet beneath them.

"That was fantastic!" he breathed.

She nodded. "Best fuck we've had in years. At least the best one we've had since Honey was born."

"Yeah. Maybe she should go to baseball games more often."

They both laughed. For almost a year the scene that I witnessed was right in the front of my mind. I wasn't completely sure about everything that I had seen, but I knew enough to be certain at least about the basics of what was going on.

And that was enough. I tried to forget about the things they had said about me. It made me feel bad to think that they hadn't had a good fuck like that since I was born, but what could. I do about it? Not, of course, unless I wanted to run away. But that was something I wasn't prepared to do yet.

By the time I was fifteen and a half, I was no longer thinking that much about what had happened. But then something happened to change all that. I had a dream. It was an incredible dream, and for a long time I was ashamed to think that I had ever even imagined it.

There were only two people in the dream -- myself and my father. He was doing exactly the same things to me that he had done to my mother while I watched from the hallway. My cunt was on fire. He kept crashing into me, filling me up with his cock while I thrashed back up to meet him. Then I was on top, his cock still inside me, my cunt grinding down on his prick. The sensations were vague, but the idea of making it with my father was not.

I could see his face clearly, looking up at me from below with a smile much like the one he had worn while fucking my mother. Then he came, shooting his hot load into my cunt, filling me with his cum. I continued to writhe and struggle on his cock, but it shrank before anything could really happen inside me.

I woke up and for a long, frozen moment I lay still, trying to regain my composure. It was impossible. Finally I climbed out of bed and turned on the light. In the mirror I could see myself, my body totally naked. I was beautiful. It was the first time I had ever really looked at myself as a woman and not as a little girl. My schoolgirl type clothes usually made me look young, but now it was different.

My tits were well formed and hard, and it was evident that they were still growing. Beneath them my stomach was perfectly flat and smooth. I looked at my cunt. There was a dark brown triangle where my cunt hair covered my crotch. It was smooth as velvet when I touched it. A shiver ran through my body. Suddenly I was aware of my nipples, hard and taut, straining forward toward the image in the mirror.

My cunt was the same way. My entire body was incredibly, electrically alive. I knew something was going to happen tonight. Turning the light out I got back in bed. I didn't touch my body at first. It was something that I was convinced nice girls didn't do. Then my cunt took over and I couldn't fight it.

The sheets were cool and they seemed to cling to my body in a way that only heightened the excitement I was feeling. My tits were on fire and my cunt was absolutely tingling with excitement. I reached up and touched my breast. The nipple, taut and straining, jumped in my hand. I captured it again, this time pushing down on it hard enough to make my entire soul flutter. I did the same to my other tit.

For a long time I contented myself with playing with both my tits, but after a few minutes I realized that this was only making the situation worse. I was more turned on than ever and there was no end in sight. At first I was horrified that I had even thought such a thing, but as the seconds passed and my cunt continued to cry out for attention I knew that my mind was fighting a losing battle. My cunt was going to win. Slowly, hesitantly, I freed my right hand from my tit and began to move it down. I could feel every tiny pulse in my skin along the way as my fingers swam down toward the focus of all the sensations that were controlling my body. My cunt was ready.

When I reached the velvety hairs of my crotch I slowed down, allowing my fingers to play with the silky hair. It seemed as if my whole body was alive in a new way tonight that was totally different from anything I had ever experienced before. I touched the lips of my pussy.

Immediately I could feel how wet I was, and the realization triggered a memory of what my mother had done as she knelt in front of my father. I did the same thing. Dipping two fingers inside my cunt, I made certain that they were covered with my own juice. Then I pulled them out. Holding them just beyond the reach of my tongue I was able to detect my own fragrance. It was heavy, musky, and very human. I licked them. It tasted incredibly good, so warm and sticky that I almost sent my fingers back into my cunt for more.

I knew that the next time I sent my fingers into my cunt it would not be to gather hot cream for me to taste, it would be to make my cunt explode. I hesitated. In reality I hardly knew what "coming" was all about. I had heard my mother and father both use the word, but beyond that it was only something vague and uncertain that I didn't really understand. Now was the time to find out. Gently I slipped my fingers back into my cunt, pushing them past the entrance and into the wet, hot chamber beyond.

"Ohhhhhh," I moaned.

My whole cunt seemed to be positively melting from the excitement I was feeling. When both fingers were all the way into my tight chamber I paused. What next? Slowly I began to rotate them, letting my fingertips ream out the inside of my pussy. I could feel every inch of my pussy with a certainty that was truly amazing. It was as if all my nerves were totally bare, waiting for any kind of stimulation.

"God I wish it were a cock. A big, juicy cock." My voice was a tiny whisper, and somehow it added to the excitement that was flashing through me. "Come on, make me come."

My finger began to move in and out, probing deeply into my cunt with each thrust, and then pulling almost all the way out at the other end. I could feel the tension inside my cunt growing stronger and more distinct, and yet I still didn't really know what I was looking for or what I was trying to accomplish. None of that lessened my enjoyment, however. I kept shoving my finger in and out, and soon I knew that something was indeed going to happen. But what? I could feel my clit now, ripe and swollen near the entrance to my cunt. I flicked a finger across it, casually at first, but then with growing care as I realized how good it felt to touch my firm button.

"That's nice, real nice," I moaned to myself, feeling that somehow my clit was going to play a large part in achieving the release I was looking for.

I began to writhe and twists, shoving my clit up into the air, letting my ass leave the bed entirely as I sought to get as much pleasure as possible on my cunt. Up and down, in and out. Each time my ass left the sheets a new bolt of lightning would shoot through my cunt. Then I felt it. Deep within my cunt a tiny spot of fire was gathering. It felt like a burning coal, and it was growing stronger with each second that passed. I fought to make it hotter, shoving and squirming with all the agility my body possessed, trying desperately to get my finger to go ever deeper into my dripping twat.

"Come on. Ohhh please. Make me come, you bastard, make me come!"

I didn't know whether I was talking to my hand or to some imaginary partner who was fucking me. Nothing mattered right now except the immediate task before me. I was going to free that burning ember or else totally wipe myself out trying. I jammed another finger into my crowded pussy, trying to create even more friction, more sensation within me. It worked. The presence within me began to grow stronger, and I could feel all kinds of strange things beginning to happen to my cunt.

"Ohhh God, come on. Make me come. I want to come!"

I twisted and turned, until suddenly I felt something rushing toward the surface. It was a churning, foaming presence that raged through me like a storm until finally my cunt overflowed. It was as if a dam within me had burst. Hot sizzling cream came flying out onto my hand as my whole body was wracked with spasms. Again and again it happened, and waves of released cum shot through me with so much force that I was finally left gasping on the bed. So that was what it was all about!

Chapter THREE

That was the beginning. Still, I managed to content myself with just my finger for a long time. Almost six months passed, during which time I became an expert at taking care of my cunt with my fingers. But I wanted a cock. Then two things happened. First of all, my father had to go away on business for a long time. When he left he didn't know when he would be coming back, but the earliest it could possibly be would be two months.

The other thing was that the boy I was dating at the time I was a junior in high school by then seemed to be getting interested in doing something more than just kissing. I hadn't encouraged him too much, because I was a little afraid of getting a reputation around school as being an easy lay. There were several girls like that, and I didn't want to be one of them. But by this time Steve and I had been dating for at least three months, so there was no way it could look like I had been easy. I decided it was time for us to fuck.

The next Saturday we went on a picnic to Laurel Canyon. There was a stream running through it, with rocks and trees all around. I was ready. While Steve was laying out the food I stood up and, very casually, took off all my clothes. He didn't see what I was doing, so I stood waiting just behind him, savoring the surprise that was about to happen. He turned around.


I'll never forget the expression on his face in that first moment of recognition. His eyes got wide and his mouth dropped open. Then he tried desperately not to stare at my tits or cunt, but I knew it was going to be a losing battle for him.

"What's wrong with getting a little sun?" I asked innocently.

He didn't seem to be persuaded, but I could tell that I was gaining an edge. As I continued to talk I could see his eyes creeping down the front of my body, taking in everything that he had never seen before. Finally I convinced him to take off his clothes as well. It was a bright, sunny day and besides, I told him, nobody would come upon us here. His cock wasn't as large as my father's. I was a little disappointed at that but tried not to let it show. After all, I told myself, it would probably be better to start off with a smaller cock. My pussy might be too tight for a big one.

We lay on a rock. I couldn't take my eyes off his young prick. It was limp at first, but as we lay there it began to stiffen slightly as he looked at my body.

"Uh oh," I said, half giggling. "Look what's happening."

"What do you expect?" he asked, trying to hide his embarrassment behind a show of indignation.

I reached out and touched his cock. Immediately it sprang to attention. I could tell that he didn't know how to react, so I decided to give him a clue.

"Steve," I said, turning to him and licking my lips.


"How would you like me to put your cock in my mouth?"

He was stunned. His mouth opened once, then closed, then opened again. Still, no sound came out. Finally he just nodded.

I bent forward until my lips were just a few inches from his cock. It was huge by now, much larger than I had ever thought it would become. I began to have doubts about being able to get it in my mouth. At least I'd give it a damn good try. First I blew on it, letting my breath softly fan it. Then I licked from one end of his meat to the other, covering it with a sweet, shiny coat of my juices. Taking a deep breath I spread my lips apart and took him in my mouth. At first I almost gagged, but then I got the knack of breathing through my nose. At the same time I also learned to fold my lips over my teeth so I wouldn't bite him. It wasn't bad. In fact, by the time I finally had his entire cock stuffed into my mouth I was convinced that this was going to be a lot of fun for both of us. Above me I could feel Steve's frenzied eyes on my face. He must have been going crazy.

For months he'd been trying hard enough to get me to just kiss him, and then suddenly I was sucking him off. I didn't care. He loved it, that much was certain. And I did too. I began to slide up and down, clumsily trying to get the hang of what my mother had been doing to my father. I could still see her jamming her face up and down on his long meat, and as I sucked Steve I tried to mimic her. My hand played with his balls, gently rolling them back and forth while my other hand guided his cock.

"Wow, Honey, where'd you learn that?" Steve asked.

I didn't answer him. If I told him the truth, he would never believe it.

I let my tongue do whatever it wanted to do, and before long it was wrapping and swirling around his cock like I had done this a hundred times. Suddenly I felt something. Deep in his cock there was a tiny tremor. Then another, this one stronger than the first.

"Ohhhh God, I'm gonna come."

Steve sounded helpless. I had to make a decision, and it wasn't an easy one at this point. Should I pull my mouth off his cock and keep him from coming, or should I go ahead and take his cum in my mouth. My cunt said one thing, and my mouth said another. Finally my mouth won out. I wanted to taste him, to see what a man's cum tasted like. I went to work. Up and down, wilder than ever, I shoved my hands and mouth along his prick. I could feel the tremors getting stronger, and I was suddenly desperate to get his cock to explode in my mouth.


Then it happened. The little tremors became full-fledged shudders, and a moment later his cock shot off in my mouth. I practically gagged again, but I was so intent on swallowing his cum perfectly that I managed to take it all without losing control of myself.


Again and again he spewed into me. His cum was warm, slimy and salty. I loved it. In some ways it was like my own cream, but in others it was entirely different. All I really knew about it was that I liked it, and that this was going to be the first of many times I would taste a man's jism. I was definitely on my way.

Later that afternoon we made love and I lost my virginity. So did Steve, for that matter. I was sitting across from him on one of the rocks near the stream, still totally naked. We had eaten and were just talking, but I could tell that his mind was paying much more attention to my body than it was to what we were saying. While Steve was still talking to me I reached down and let my hand rest on my thigh just a few inches away from my cunt. He kept talking. I began to move my hand toward my cunt, sliding it across the creamy skin of my inner thigh, spreading my legs to give him a better view.

"Jesus, Honey."

I just grinned and kept moving my hand toward my cunt. Then, just as I was about to reach my cunt, the significance of my name suddenly hit home for the first time and I laughed out loud.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing."

But I couldn't stop giggling, and I could tell that Steve thought I might be laughing at him. I slipped a finger inside my cunt. Almost immediately I could feel my whole crotch beginning to churn. When I pulled the finger out again it was bright and shiny, covered with my hot cream.

My honey.

"Know what that is?" I asked Steve, holding my finger up in front of me so that the light shimmered on it.

"What do you mean?"

"It's my honey. Honey's honey." Then I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it until it was clean. "Want some?"

He just shook his head as if he thought I was insane, but I could tell that he was intrigued. Come on over here.

He got up and crossed to my big, flat rock and started to sit down next to me.

"No, sit there," I said, gesturing to a place a little bit below me. From where I was pointing he would have a perfect view into my cunt. "Now, why don't you try some?"

Without waiting for an answer, I jammed my finger into my cunt again, spreading the lips wide so that Steve would be certain to see deep into my pink honey pot. Then I pulled my finger out. Steve looked at it for a second, evidently trying to decide what to do. I helped him out by extending my hand so that the aroma from my fingers couldn't help but carry to him. He grabbed it and licked it hungrily.

"That's a good boy, Stevie. Now let's get down to some serious fooling around."

He just stared at me as if I were a stranger, but I could tell that he didn't have any real complaints about the way this stranger was acting. No complaints at all. I lay back on the warm, sun baked rock and spread my legs. Then, using both my hands, I spread my cunt lips wide open and waited for him to do something. He just sat there.

"Well, come on. Don't you want to eat me?"

He looked confused.

"Eat my cunt, Steve. Come on, I can't wait forever."

Looking slightly troubled, but definitely aroused, he leaned forward. His lips were just a few inches away from my steaming slit when he stopped. I could see his eyes staring into me, and it occurred to me that he had probably never seen a cunt up close like this before.

"Do you like it, Steve?"

A second later he mashed his face into my dripping cunt, shoving his tongue inside my pussy while his lips and jaws went to work on the outside of my slit.

"Yeah, Steve, that's nice, baby, real nice. Go for my clit, Steve. My cunt."

He didn't know what my clit was. I could feel it beginning to swell, getting more and more tender with each passing second. At first I didn't say anything else, not wanting to embarrass him anymore than was absolutely necessary. But after a full minute of this, I couldn't stand it any more. I had to have some stimulation on my clit.

"There!" I said, reaching down and spreading my cuntlips wide again and pulling the skin back from my clit.

"Suck it, Steve, suck my clit!"

He sucked it all right. He sucked it so hard I practically jumped off the rock.

"Ooowwwwww! Easy, for Christ sake, it's tender."

He slowed down and after that it was nice. He held onto it gently with his tongue and lips, alternating between sucking it softly and letting his tongue flick across it.

"That's nice, Steve, real nice. Just suck on me, baby, that's all. Ohhhhh, you can do that too, Steve, it's all right."

I began to twist and shove my cunt against him, getting as much friction as possible to build up inside me. Finally I grabbed his head and tried to shove it all the way into my cunt. Even though I knew it was a physical impossibility, it was fun to try, and the increased pressure was enough to start an entire new wave of excitement raging through me. I had to get fucked. "All right, Steve, let's do it."

"Do what?"

I couldn't believe what he was saying, and yet I should have known. When you're in high school, one thing doesn't necessarily lead to another. Lots of girls will do just about anything but actually fuck, wanting to save their precious virginity for Prince Charming. That was a crock of shit as far as I was concerned. Every day I didn't fuck was just one more day wasted and I'd already wasted far too many.

"Let's fuck."

"You really want to do that?" he asked, looking uncertain.

"Dunn right."

He hesitated.

"God damn it Steve, just cause you got your rocks off a while ago doesn't mean I've got to be satisfied with just this 'heavy petting' bullshit. I want a cock. Right here." I gestured to my cunt.

He was still hesitating, but I knew that he would come around. His cock was too hard for anything else to happen. He moved forward.

"That's it, Steve. Now be careful. I'm a virgin."

Now he really hesitated.

"If you're a virgin, how come you're so anxious to do this?"

"Christ, did anybody ever tell you, you were dumb?"

He shook his head.

"It's precisely because I'm still a virgin that I want to get fucked. Understand?"

He shook his head again.

"Don't worry about it. Just fuck me."

He took his cock in his hand and guided it toward my cunt. I held still, trying to relax, opening up all my sensations to what was about to happen so that I would be able to feel everything that was happening to me.

"That's it, Steve," I said.

I could feel the tight head of his cock as it touched my cuntlips. They were totally wet by now, bath from my own honey and Steve's juices he had left there earlier. He pushed.

"Ohhhhh yeah, easy now, ohhhh."

It was fantastic. Especially the first shove. His cock slid into my tight young cunt like a snake slithering into its hole. Near the end he paused. It felt to me like there was no place else for him to go inside me, but I knew better than to believe that.

"Go on, Steve," I whispered. "Be careful."

He pushed once, twice. Suddenly he was through. There was a moment of sharp pain, but I hardly noticed it. I wasn't a virgin any more!

"Good, Steve, that's it. You did it!"

Now he began to slam into me, forgetting to be gentle. But it didn't really matter, I was already for anything he could give me now. No matter how hard he pushed into me I pushed a little harder back at him.

"Steve, it's fantastic! Ohhh God, I love it! Keep fucking me, Steve, don't ever stop! Ohh God, don't ever stop!"

I really wanted it to go on forever. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have a cock inside me. It seemed like his meat was ten times larger than my fingers, and each thrust was like a new adventure.

"God Steve, make me come, you can do it. You can do it, Steve, you can do it."

He tried. But he fell short. I was just beginning to feel something growing inside my cunt when he suddenly began to pulse and shudder. Then he jerked his cock out of me.

Helplessly I watched as his cock came flying out of my cunt and into the air. Then he grabbed it in his hand and jerked on it.


A huge wad of jism came flying out of the end of his prick, landing on my left tit like hot wax. Then another came shooting out. And another. Finally I was covered in cum, but my cunt was empty.

Chapter FOUR

When I got home, my cunt was still on fire and I was totally frustrated. All I could think about was locking myself in my room and fingering myself until I came in a flood all over my hands. I'd had it with Steve. Oh, he was a nice enough guy, and I didn't mind the idea of going out with him from time to time.

But no more sex, that was for sure. That not only went for Steve, but for all the other guys in school as well. I'd had it with boys I wanted a man or nothing at all. My mother wasn't home when I got in, but there was a note on the kitchen table saying that she had gone to a movie with Mrs. Bangston.

Good. Now at least I could have some fun by myself. God knows I deserved it. First I went into the bathroom and turned on the water in the tub. While it was getting warm I took off all my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror.

Not bad. One thing I hadn't thought about, though, was the effect my nude sunbathing would have on the parts of my body that were usually covered by my bikini. They were usually white, but now they were pink. So what? Who was going to see me, anyway? I turned the shower on and climbed in, letting the stinging needles of water pummel my entire body. My nipples were incredibly sensitive, and I found myself writhing and squirming under the onslaught of the water as if I were really getting fucked. And my cunt hadn't been touched yet.

When I was finally so heated up that everything in the room was beginning to spin, I turned off the shower and let the warm water come out of the bath nozzle below. Then I sat down. At first I wasn't certain what I was going to do, but my body had plenty of ideas, even if my mind didn't. Lying on my back I slid down, lifting my legs in the air and spreading them so that my bare pussy was facing the water, but still was a few inches away from it. I slid down further. Now my legs were crawling up the wall and my cunt was wide open just below the water faucet. Another inch or two and I would be there.

"Wow," I groaned, as suddenly the entire stream of water was playing on my grooved clit.

I just lay still for a minute, absorbing the sensations that were running through my body, letting the water play warmly on my clit. I spread my lips wider. Now it seemed like my entire cunt was getting fucked by the powerful stream of water. It pulsed and throbbed inside me like a strange cock, filling me up and yet not filling me up.


I began to rotate my crotch, letting the water hit it from different angles, feeling it play on my clit for a few seconds, then on my asshole, then back on my clit. I could feel a deep, frothy sensation far in my cunt, and I knew that I was about to begin a last long push toward the release that had been denied I me all day. I was ready for it.

Squirming and writhing, I tried to bring the elusive orgasm out of my cunt. For a while I thought it was going to happen, but then I realized that the water alone wasn't enough. I got out of the tub. My entire body was on fire now, and I could feel my cunt practically melting from all the heat that was inside me. Shit! The idea of just sticking my little fingers up my cunt seemed terribly bland after all I had been through today. There had to be something else. There had to be!

I went into my room, still naked, and cast my eyes about looking for something to put in my cunt that might approximate a cock, nothing. I went into my closet, rummaging through the stuff on the floor, not knowing what I was looking for but frantically wanting to find something. Then I found it. On one corner, almost forgotten in the back of the closet, was my baton. Perfect. I picked it up and looked at it, feeling both the large and small ends with my fingers.

It had been at least two years since I'd even thought about my baton, and I'd certainly never thought about it in this way before. But why not? In the bathroom I washed it thoroughly, making certain that it was as clean as my cunt was. When I was finished I felt both ends with my fingers, rubbing the hard rubber knobs, wondering whether or not I would be able to get the big end into my cunt. Sitting on the end of my bed, looking at my naked twat in the mirror, I put the small end of the baton next to my slit and I pushed. "Mmmmmmm, ohhh yeah."

It worked. Slowly, wedging it gently between my cuntlips, I pushed it into me. The head was still warm from the water in the bathroom, and it made its way into me easily. Finally the knob was past the entrance. I hesitated, not sure exactly what I wanted to do. What the hell, I pushed it as far into me as it would go, gently shoving at least nine inches of it into my hungry cunt. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror again. It was incredible; at least half of the baton had disappeared up my cunt. My breath was coming in quick, short gasps, causing my tits to heave up and down on my chest.

"All right, little Miss Hot Cunt," I said to myself with a grin. "Let's see what you can do."

I began to move it in and out, feeling the small knob as it reamed out the inside of my cunt, probing every corner inside my pussy. It felt so good that I began to shove my cunt down hard against it, grinding on the shaft so that the metal rod rubbed against my clit while the rubber head took care of my hole.

"God, I wish it were a cock!" I groaned, but I wasn't really all that frustrated because I knew that I still hadn't used the big end of the baton.

Carefully I pulled the little end out of my pussy and turned the rod around. The other end was at least twice as large, and the rubber knob was about the size of a horse's cockhead. Gently pushed, but it quickly became evident that gentleness wasn't going to work here.

I needed to be forceful: "Come on, cunt, open up."

I pushed hard. The lips parted and the knob began to force its way in. I held my breath, trying to relax my cunt muscles as much as possible. It moved a half inch. Then an inch. I couldn't believe how big it was. My cunt was working hard, but it still seemed almost impossible for the rubber knob to make it all the way into me. I shouldn't have doubted myself, though. Or at least I shouldn't have doubted my cunt. I gave it one more shove and suddenly it was in me.

"Ohhhhh God!"

It was fantastic. I felt like my whole crotch was about to split open, so intense was the pressure that the baton had created. I pushed it back. "Aaaahhhhhhh!"

I couldn't help myself. Everything that I did with the baton produced a groan that escaped from my throat without me even being aware of it.

The only thing I could think about was how wonderful this thing felt inside my cunt. If I began to shove it in and out, and with each stroke I had to gasp out loud. Then I twisted it from side to side, and the sensations were even more exciting. I knew I was going to come. There was nothing that could stop me now, I was on my way.

Deep inside my cunt my juices were churning again, rolling and spewing like a pot about to boil over. As I shoved down on the baton, I could feel the cream growing hotter and hotter, fighting to get to the surface where it could escape. I lay back and forced myself to relax completely.

The results were phenomenal. My cunt positively overflowed. Hot sizzling cream came flying out onto the baton, covering it with my cum, making me realize how powerful my cunt really was. Again and again I exploded, molten juice swarming out of my slit, spasms of release rushing through my body with enough force to make me practically faint. Knowing that I had a special tool now, I carefully took the baton and cleaned it, then put it back into the closet. It was nice to know that, while I might not always have a cock available, my baton would always be there.

Later my mother came home, and I could tell immediately that she wasn't alone. At first I assumed that the person with her was Mrs. Bangston, but then I realized it was a man. I lay perfectly still. There were low voices and I seemed to recognize his, but I couldn't place it. They went upstairs after that, and I could no longer hear them from my room downstairs. What was going on? Suddenly I remembered that my father was away on business. Was my mother fooling around with someone on the side? It certainly seemed that way. Then I heard my mother coming down the stairs. A moment later she tiptoed into my room and called out my name.


I pretended to be asleep.


I still didn't respond. She came over and kissed me on the cheek, then went out of the room. After she was gone, I could still detect a faint aroma of liquor and perfume.

This was interesting. I waited for about ten minutes, then carefully got out of bed and put on my robe. As I walked up the stairs, being careful not to make any noise at all, I wondered what I would find.

Images of my mother fucking some strange man were flying across my mind, and I was almost ashamed to admit to myself that, rather than being horrified, I was turned on by the idea. But I wasn't prepared for what I saw. Outside the door to the bedroom I paused. Unlike before, when I had seen my mother and father making it, the door was closed. But was it locked?

Carefully I twisted the knob, the door opened slightly. I pushed it just a little bit farther, then put my eye to the slit and looked into the bedroom. My mother was naked on the bed, her face down in a pillow, her arms and legs tied to the bedposts. She was on her knees and her white, full ass was dangling in the air. Behind her there was a naked man who was on his knees at the end of the bed, his eyes looking directly into my mother's bare cunt.

"You like it, don't you?" he asked.

Then I recognized him. He was Jason Kirkwood, the principal of my high school. Holy shit! My mother didn't answer him, but just squirmed, shaking her ass cheeks dance invitingly in front of him. He slapped her.

"Ohhhhh, yeah," she moaned.

Then I noticed that her ass was already pink in other places from where he had been slapping her. What was going on? I really didn't understand it, but one thing was for certain. I wasn't about to leave my ringside seat until this was over, whatever it was.

"Come on, bitch, tell me about it."

"Ohhhh Jason, it feels so good, so goooood!"

He grinned and slammed his open palm into her ass once again. Each time he hit her I winced, but it was evident from the way that she was reacting that she liked it, even if it did hurt her. Then Jason reached down and grabbed something from a table next to the end of the bed. At first I wasn't certain what it was, but I didn't have to wait long to find out. It was a plastic tool, about eight inches long, and shaped like a cock. He flicked the base and it began to pulse and vibrate, making a low, humming sound that could be heard throughout the room.

"Ohhhhh God, Jason," my mother groaned, in a voice that seemed to be halfway between dread and anticipation.

He took the throbbing prod and touched it to her tender ass. She sequined, thrusting back towards him and moaning at the same time. "Be patient, Beth."

"I can't. Jesus, I'm about to cream all over myself."

"Just relax."

He touched her again with it. This time, evidently exercising all the will power she possessed, she held still. That's it. He began to move it around her pink ass, coming closer and closer to her asshole but not quite touching it.

"Come on, Jason. Jesus, my ass, Jason. My asshole!"

He spread her ass cheeks apart and touched the pointed head to her dark brown hole.

"Aaaggghhhh!" She tried to hold still, but she was trembling like a horse about to bolt. Jason reached down out of sight and came back up with something wet and slippery in his hand which he rubbed onto the vibrator and then onto my mother's asshole.


She nodded. He touched the pointed tip of the pulsating dildo to her tight sphincter. She jerked and quivered but remained still. Then he pushed.

"Ohhhhh, easy, baby, easy on me."

Slowly, smoothly, he pushed the rod into her asshole. I watched, dumbfounded, as her ass muscles slid apart and made room for the huge shaft. Finally it was all the way in her.

"Like it, baby?" Jason asked, rotating it around so that it reamed out the inside of her ass.


"How'd you like a cock, too?"


He grabbed his meat and placed it at the entrance to her cunt, while with his other hand he still played with the throbbing tool in her ass. He shoved his cock in and my mother went crazy. It was as if she had suddenly became a wild animal or something. Everything she did was violent, sudden, and quick. She squirmed, shaking her head and tits like a cat, grinding her whole crotch back against him with all the force she possessed.

"God, Jason, its good! Ohhh it's so fucking good!"

Now he was pumping hard into her cunt, at the same time shoving the dildo into her ass, making her moan and writhe as if the world were coming to an end. "Harder, Jason, fuck me harder. Harder!"

He did just that. In and out, faster and faster he slammed his cock.

"Ohhh God Jason, I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come all over everything!"

"Go ahead."

I couldn't believe how cool he was about the whole thing. He seemed to be enjoying my mother, watching her squirm and twist, but his own face was calm.


My mother's body jerked like she had been shot. Her back arched, her legs slammed forward, and she held completely still for a moment. Then she fell forward on the bed. Jason pulled the vibrator out of her ass and then let his cock slide out of her cunt. He was still rigid. Obviously she was the only one who had come.

"Hey, baby, we're not finished."

Chapter FIVE

For a moment I was afraid that they were going to discover me, but I needn't have worried. First of all, they were too drunk to notice me, and secondly they were just too absorbed in what they were doing to pay any attention to anything.

He untied her, then knelt over her, his rigid cock sticking out from his body like a telephone pole. God, he was huge! This was the first really good view I had been able to get of his cock, and when I saw it I suddenly understood why my mother had chosen Jason Kirkwood to be her partner.

"Okay, baby, I gave you what you wanted, right? Now it's your turn."

She nodded. At first, upon turning around after he untied her, she looked tired. But as soon as she looked at his cock, she seemed to come back to life. That cock could bring a statue to life!

"What do you want?" she said her voice low and soft, her hands sliding up and down his hairy thighs. He hesitated, obviously enjoying his position as he decided what he wanted her to do.

"My balls, baby. Let's start out by having you suck my balls."

My mother smiled. Then she stretched out on her back and waited for him to move over her face so she could do as he had asked. Looking at my mother I couldn't help but think about how beautiful she was. Her body was absolutely incredible, especially her tits. They were the only tits I had ever seen that actually made me jealous, but I had a feeling that by the time I finally matured completely, mine would be just as good as hers. Jason straddled her with his balls dangling down toward her mouth and she kissed them.

"That's not good enough, Beth. I said suck my balls, not kiss 'em."

"Shut up or I might bite them."

He grinned. Then suddenly his face became intense as my mother gently opened her mouth and allowed one tender egg to find its way into her. At the same time she ran her hands all over his cock, sliding her fingers on his smooth, hard skin.

"That's nice, baby, real nice. Keep sucking, that's it. Keep on sucking."

Occasionally I could catch a glimpse of his red, wet scrotum as her mouth opened slightly, but for the most part she simply kept his ball within her, sucking and licking it with an expertise that made it clear to me that this was definitely not the first time she had ever done such a thing.

"All right, now the other one."

She did as he asked her. Or as he told her. I had the feeling that he wouldn't put up with any insubordination on her part. She let his ball slide out of her mouth, and then quickly, before he could become impatient, she slipped the other one inside.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred, obviously loving what she was doing.

Only half realizing what I was doing, I slipped my hand beneath my robe and began to finger myself. Watching what they were doing was incredibly exciting, and even though I had just come a little earlier in the evening, it didn't matter. I was turned on again.

"All right, baby, now sit up. You know what's coming next, don't you?"

"Come on, baby, you know my favorite." She looked up at him, and then smiled.

"My tits?" He nodded. Then he shoved his crotch forward until his cock came to rest in the white, milky valley between her tits.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice," my mother said as she looked down at the sight of his huge red cock nestled between her tits.

"You know what to do, baby. Now do it."

She smiled, then put both her hands on the outside of her big tits and pushed in. His cock disappeared. I was shocked. It was amazing to see something as big as his cock just disappear all of a sudden. But then it reappeared. Slowly at first, savoring every second of what was happening, he began to shove his cock in and out of the snug valley she had created. On each thrust he would make his cock completely disappear, only to reappear a moment later. Again and again they repeated the cycle, and as he became more excited so did my mother. She started pushing and shoving her entire torso against his cock, letting it move farther and farther along her chest.

"You gonna come, baby?" she groaned, obviously waiting for the moment when it would happen.

"Damn right I am. When I'm ready."

"Ohhhhh Jason, let me feel it. I want your hot cum all over me, all over my chest, Jason, won't that be nice?"

My cunt was creaming all over the place just from fingering myself and watching them. They were absolutely incredible together. They could move their bodies in ways that I had never even thought of before.

"Come on, baby, come on. I can't stand to wait any more, Jason, let me feel it, let me feel you're cum!"

He just smiled. It was evident that he was totally in control and could come whenever he wanted to. But then my mother did something that changed all that. While I looked on incredulously she raised her foot and jammed her big toe into his asshole, shoving it past the tight muscles before he had a chance to figure out what happened.


After that it was all over quickly. He shoved three more times and suddenly his cock exploded, shooting hot cum all over my mother's face and neck. She grabbed his cock with both hands and milked every drop of sizzling cum from it, squeezing and pulling on it until her tits and neck were completely covered. Then she stuck his shrinking meat into her mouth and licked and sucked it until the last traces of cum were gone. Still not satisfied, she reached up to her tits and began to spread his cum around, rubbing some of it into her creamy skin, taking the rest and leaving it on her fingers so she could eat it. At last she was finished.

Very quietly I closed the door and tiptoed down the ball to the stairs. In my bedroom I closed the door and turned off the light, then climbed naked beneath the sheets. I had a lot to think about. I'm not sure exactly when I made my decision about what to do. In fact, I'm not sure that it was really a decision at all, but just a growing realization of what I was going to do. I was going to fuck Mr. Kirkwood. It was as simple as that. There had to be some way, I reasoned, to be able to use the knowledge I had to my own advantage. I would figure it out.

In the end what I did was simple and a little bit foolish, but it worked. I simply went over to Mr. Kirkwood's house and knocked on the door one night when I had told my mother that I was going to study at the library. He wasn't married, so I wasn't worried about problems with another woman, but I still didn't know exactly how he would react to seeing me there.

Fortunately it wasn't too bad. He let me in without asking a lot of questions. I sat across from him, crossing my legs carefully. Later, if it seemed right, I would spread them slightly and let him get a glimpse of my thighs, but not now.

"Mr. Kirkwood, I've got a problem."

"Is it something I can help you with?"

"I think so."

"Well, go ahead."

I hesitated, knowing that I was getting to the tricky part now. A lot depended on how I handled the next minute or so. I plunged in. "Well, here's the problem. My mother is having an affair with another man besides my father."

"How do you know that?" he asked his face in a frown.

"I'll get to that in a minute. Do you think I should be upset, though?"

"If it's true, yes."

"Well that's the problem. I know it's true and I'm not upset."

"I don't understand."

"Well," I said, taking a deep breath and knowing that this was the big moment. "The reason I know its true is because I saw them making it one night last week. Ever since then all I've been able to think about is the man's cock."

He stared at me.

"Your cock, Mr. Kirkwood."

He took me into the bedroom and made me take off all my clothes. Not that I minded, of course, but I would have liked it better if he had taken them off for me. When I stood naked in front of him I could see that the sight of my strong young body turned him on, and the realization gave me more confidence. He touched my tits with his fingertips.

"You're your mother's daughter all right."

I reached down and began to take off his clothes. It didn't take long and a minute or so later I was rewarded by feeling his cock in my hand. Or rather, his cock was in both my bands. One was not enough.

"What do you want to do, Honey?"

I hesitated and then suddenly I knew. "I want to suck your cock."

He laughed. "You can try if you want to, but don't feel bad if you can't."

Then it was my turn to smile. Somehow I knew, just knew, that I would be able to do it. Bending down I let my tongue run lightly over the length of his meat, licking and tickling him, getting his prick ready for the moment when I would try to get it all in my mouth. God, it was huge! Still, I was confident I could do it.

"Don't feel bad if you can't," he said again, evidently mistaking the way I was lingering on the foreplay for hesitation on my part.

"I think you better get ready for a surprise," I told him.

"We'll see."

First I spread my lips as wide as I possibly could, and then I tried to get his cockhead into my mouth. It wasn't easy, but I managed.

The only problem was that I already felt like I was filled up and I still had about eight inches to go. I began to have some doubts for the first time all night. Slowly, working hard so that my muscles in my throat could expand enough to take him, I did it.

Everything became kind of hazy as I pushed my mouth down to the bottom of his cock, but I knew I had done it when I felt my lips brush against the wiry hair at the base of his cock. I would have shouted for joy if my mouth hadn't been, to say the least, full.

"I'll be damned."

There was respect in his voice. I knew from the way he said it that not many women had ever been able to do what I just did to him. He began shoving his cock in and out of my mouth with a passion that only served to underscore how rare an occasion it was for him to find someone who could fit his whole cock into her mouth. Up and down I flew, jamming his cock deep into my throat on the down stroke, then pulling my lips almost entirely off it when I came up.

"That's good, Honey. Damn, you're fantastic. How old are you?"

"Eighteen," I mumbled.


I had his balls in my hands, fingering them lightly so that he couldn't help but go half crazy from what I was doing to him. Then, when I decided I'd given him enough this way, I pulled my mouth off his cock and slid down until my lips were surrounded by the wrinkled skin of his scrotum. I sucked one of his balls. At first he stiffened, as if he was afraid I was going to try to double cross him or something and bite his balls. He needn't have worried. I was much too far gone by now to think about anything except getting as much out of this experience as I possibly could.

"Jesus, girl, anything you can't do?"

I pulled my face away from his crotch, looked up at him and smiled.

"Let's fuck."

I got on all fours in front of him like my mother had done. As I was waiting for him to enter me, I could hear and feel my heart pounding inside my, chest, but it was nothing compared to what was going on deep inside my pussy. He guided his cock to my silt and waited, his cockhead touching the lips of my cunt. I was bending forward, my ass high off the bed, my tits brushing on the pillow below me.

"Ready?" he asked solicitously.

"Fuck me, Mr. Kirkwood. My cunt's on fire. Don't just talk to me."

He jammed his cock into me.

"Ohhhhh! God damn!"

His cock seemed like it was going to split me wide open. I could have sworn he had stuck his entire arm up my cunt if I didn't know better.

"How do you like it?" he grunted, shoving his meat in and out of me with a firm, bucking stroke.

"I love it!" I managed to gasp. It was hard enough to breathe, and talking was almost out of the question for me. But evidently not for him.

"You got a great little cunt, Honey. A great cunt. All tight and slippery. I bet you haven't been fucked very much, have you?"

I shook my head. My cunt was jumping and squirming like it was about to die. I could feel fresh loads of hot cream shooting out of me with each passing second, and I could imagine what his cock must look like as it slammed into me, long, thick and slimy. Then he did something that absolutely knocked me on my face. He jammed a finger into my asshole.


"Love it, don't you? Just like your mother."

I felt like my whole body was going to just take off, hot cum shooting out of my cunt like a jet engine.

"Well, don't you?"

He jammed his finger deeper into my asshole.


He laughed. Then it happened. My cunt seemed to slam completely shut as a huge, wrenching spasm of release shot through my whole body. "AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!"

I couldn't believe how intense it was. Wave after wave shot through me, driving my body over the top and into a spinning, dizzy climax. Finally I was finished, my cunt a quivering mass of destroyed flesh. Then I noticed something I might be finished, but he wasn't.

Chapter SIX

I started to put him in my mouth to finish him off but he stopped me.

"No. Not that way."

I looked at him quizzically. Obviously he had something specific in mind, but I didn't know what it was. Did he want me to do the same thing that my mother had done to him? I wasn't certain my tits were big enough for that.

"Lie down," he whispered to me.

I did as I was told. He moved forward on my body, straddling me so his cock and balls dangled above my upper body. Then he paused. "Go ahead. Take it in your hands."

I reached up and slipped his fingers around his cock. At my first touch it jumped in my hands, throbbing and trembling as if he were about to come any second. Obviously he was in complete control, and he wasn't about to come until he was ready to.

"Now stroke it."

I moved both my hands along the length of his prick, sliding the skin back and forth, watching it fold over his cockhead and then pull back tight along the rest of his cock.

"Nice, baby, that's real nice. You've got good hands, real good hands."

As I increased the tempo he began to thrust into the pocket formed by my hands, jabbing forward as I tried to take care of him. He was so big! Somehow I felt like I was lying beneath a horse. His cock was so long and so thick that I couldn't help but feel lost beneath him.

"Harder now, come on, that's it, harder."

As I jerked on his cock, he reached down and grabbed my tits, squeezing them in his hands and rolling them around on my chest.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice," I groaned, being swept away by what he was doing to me.

My tits had never felt so sensitive in my life, but of course I had never had anybody do this sort of thing to them right after I'd been fucked, either. Surging back and forth, his prick in both my hands, we continued. A rhythm built up between us, a fluid sense of compatibility that made it possible for us to anticipate what the other person wanted.

I reached down and began to fondle his balls, while I still jerked him off with my other hand. At the same time he slipped one of his hands down to my cunt and began to lightly toy with my clit, flicking his fingertips across the sensitive button that seemed to protrude a full inch from the rest of my cunt.

"Are you gonna come?" I asked at one point, primarily because my arm was getting tired.

"You ready?"

I nodded. I was ready for anything. He dropped back on his haunches, his ass and feet coming together just above my waist.

I jerked harder on his cock, pulling up and down and watching him as he prepared to release his load onto my body. A moment later I felt his cock begin to tremble in my hands. At first it was just a tiny tremor coming from deep inside him, but after a few seconds the shaking and shuddering became much stronger.

"Come on, Jason, come! Come all over me!"

I was really getting hot and excited now. The thought of being able to see his cock explode was really getting to me.

"Hold on, baby, hold on tight!"

Then it happened. Instead of shuddering, his cock simply jerked in my hand as a wild spasm shot through him.


The first wad was a huge one. I saw it come flying out of the end of his prick as if everything was happening in slow motion. It was white, creamy, and hot. It came flying across the space between his cock and my body, twisting and spinning in the air, only to land with a resounding splatter directly between my tits.

I remembered my mother. The same kind of thing had happened to her at the moment he exploded, and I suddenly felt a strange kind of bond with my mother. In a crazy way we had both shared essentially the same experience with the same man.

Another wad came flying through the air -- and another. In the end I felt like I was taking a bath in his hot cum. It covered my neck, my tits, and my face. I spread it around with my fingers just like my mother had done, licking some of it from my body and rubbing the rest into my skin.

We lay still, our eyes locked on each other's bodies. I could tell that he was satisfied with what had passed between us, and I knew that he would like it to happen again sometime. That was just the way I wanted it.

When I got home, my father's car was in the driveway. Evidently he was home from his trip. I didn't know how to react. It was good to have him home, of course, but things had been developing rather interestingly while he was gone. I hoped that part of it wouldn't change. As soon as I stepped through the doorway, I could tell that something was going on upstairs. The door to their bedroom was closed, but their voices were still loud enough to be heard, if not understood.

I hesitated. Should I just go on down to my bedroom, or should I go upstairs and let them know I was here? I went upstairs. All the way up I kept telling myself that the only reason I was going up toward their room was to tell them I was home, but deep down I knew that was bullshit.

I wanted to peek through the doorway and see what they were doing. In the hallway outside I paused. Now I could hear their voices. It was evident that they were angry with each other about something. I touched the doorknob. It wasn't locked, so I turned it slowly and silently, then pushed the door open a crack. Then I watched and listened. My father was standing at the end of the bed, dressed only in his under shorts, while my mother was already in bed beneath the covers.

"What do you mean don't expect much?" my father was asking her, a trace of belligerence in his voice.

"Nothing. It's just that it's my period."

"So what the fuck difference does that make. Christ, I've been gone for two months and you're acting like that's a big deal."

"It is for me," she replied.

I could feel a real fight coming on. They didn't usually act this petty around each other. Something was obviously bothering both of them, and this was only serving as an excuse. What was it? My father climbed into bed. For a moment I was afraid that they would turn out all the lights, but they left one on. Still, they were under the covers and I couldn't see much.

"Jeremy!" my mother said in a scolding tone of voice.



"Jesus Christ. Would you feel my cock? I'm horny as a three-balled tomcat and you want me to just forget about it and go to sleep? What the fuck's the matter with you anyway?"

"I told you."

"Don't give me that shit."

She was silent. I could see his hands working on her tits through the sheets, squeezing them and massaging them like there was no tomorrow.



"I know what's the matter with you."


"You've been fucking around, haven't you?"


"That's it, isn't it? You've been fucking around and you feel guilty about it and you feel pissed off at me because I'm the one making you feel guilty, right?"

She just stared at him, I'm not sure she followed what he had said, and I doubted he could have repeated it if she'd asked him to. But she didn't ask him. Instead, she just continued to stare at him, but I could tell that his words had hit home with her.

"I'm right, aren't I?"

Still she didn't say anything.

"You fucking slut. Who was it?"

"Jeremy, I'm going to sleep now."

"Fuck you. You're not doing anything unless I tell you to. Is that clear?"

"You're a bastard."

"You're the one that's been fucking around. God damn it, I'm gonna teach you a fucking lesson. Roll over."


"Shut up and roll your ass over before I do it for you."

She did as she was told. He reared up behind her, throwing the sheets and covers off of both of them. Suddenly I could see both their naked bodies as he prepared to do whatever he was doing to do to her. First he slapped her. Then he grabbed her ass and lifted it up in the air so that it offered a tempting target directly in front of him.

"Now hold still."


"And shut up."

My mother was obviously so angry she didn't know what to do. He was manhandling her in a way that was totally different from anything I had ever seen between them.

"What are you gonna do?" she asked, a slight touch of fear in her voice.

"I'm gonna butt fuck the shit out of you."


"Is that all you can say? Jesus Christ."

He grabbed his cock and placed its head at the entrance to my mother's asshole. It was tight and dark there. And dry! He began to shove.

"Owwwww! That hurts!"


For a long time her asshole wouldn't budge, but at last the tight sphincter began to give way. His cockhead was going in. Very slowly, inch by inch, he pierced her. She seemed to be resisting him all the way, but he was too powerful for her. Finally it was halfway in.

"How do you like that, you fucking slut!"

"Don't talk to me like that."

"You never told me who it was. Did he fuck you in the ass like this, or did he just wear out your pussy?"

My mother rebelled, and as a result she made a mistake. Up until now she had never said anything which openly admitted that she had indeed been fucking around while my father was gone. Even though my father had been acting, up until now, as if he was sure that she had been unfaithful to him, the truth was that he was far from sure about it. That made my mother's reply that much worse.

"No, he didn't ass fuck me. Just my cunt, Jeremy. And his cock was bigger than yours."

My father went crazy.

"Bitch!" he shouted, and with a single motion he jammed his cock all the way into her tight asshole.


"Shut up. So you really did do it this time, huh? You fucking slut." He began to pummel her, fucking his cock up into her asshole, shoving as hard as he could. Obviously he wanted to hurt her and he was doing a good job of it.

My mother was squirming and wriggling on the end of his prick like an impaled animal. There was a thin, glistening sheen of sweat all over her body as she accepted, reluctantly, the thrashing he was giving her.

"I'm gonna teach you a lesson you won't forget."

"Fuck you."

My father stopped, waiting for a second with his cock just barely in her ass. Then he charged forward. My mother groaned and wiggled, but it was no use. His cock was firmly in her ass and nothing was going to change the situation.

"Now you hold still," my father said, his voice grating like two rocks being rubbed together. He slammed into her once, twice, three more times. Then he came. I couldn't see very much, but from the way his ass tensed up and the way my mother reacted it must have been quite a jolt that he sent into her asshole.

"UUUUUHHHHH! OH MY GOD!" For a long time he remained in the same position, his back arched and his hand firmly grasping her ass cheeks. Finally he pulled his cock out of her. For another long moment he stayed where he was, staring at the figure of my mother beneath him. Then he got up and walked away from the bed. I closed the door quickly and quietly, and then raced down to my bedroom. I felt terrible, but I couldn't exactly say why. Obviously no one likes to see their parents fight, but it was beyond that. Or at least I thought I was. For several years I hadn't let myself be bothered by anything that happened between them. They always seemed to be able to work it out in the end. This time I wasn't so sure.

Chapter SEVEN

After that, things calmed down for a while. My mother and father quit fighting and I kept seeing Mr. Kirkwood. Or Jason, as I ended up calling him.

I would go over to his house one night a week and we'd fuck until we could hardly move. Then we'd fuck some more.

His cock was absolutely incredible. He could do more things with it than I had ever imagined were possible, and after a while I began to feel like my cunt was perfectly molded to fit him. I was happy with this arrangement.

Then something happened that changed everything about our relationship. In fact, as I look back on it now, it seems likely that what happened at this point was the first in a series of events that led eventually to my decision to leave home.

What happened was my mother walked in on us while we were fucking. One day when I left home to go to Jason's house, I told my parents that I was going to the library. My mother said something about having to go out later herself, but that she'd probably be home before I got back. I guess a warning bell should have flashed in my mind then, but it didn't. I was too excited about the prospects for the evening ahead to be paying much attention to what my mother was saying.

At any rate, when I got to Jason's we had a drink, and then went upstairs. Lately we had been doing the same kind of thing he had been doing that night with mother -- him tying me up and fucking me that way. I wasn't really crazy about it, but sometimes I could get into it.

Tonight, however, I came up with a twist.

"Why don't you let me tie you up?" I asked him.


"You heard me."

"I don't think so."

"Come on, Jason, it's only fair. How many times have I let you do it to me?"

He looked uncertain, and I think for the first time I realized how important it was in his own mind for him to be the one in control. Finally, however, he gave in.

Five minutes later he was naked on the bed, each of his hands and feet carefully bound to the four bedposts. He looked uncomfortable and his cock was limp.

I loved it. Standing at the end of the bed I stripped for him, occasionally, reaching out with a light finger to touch his cock. It didn't stay limp for very long. When I was completely naked, I just stood there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being in control. I could feel his eyes on my body, and I made sure to stand so that he could get a fantastic view of my firm tits and my hungry cunt.

"Come on," he urged, wanting to get started.

"Not yet."

I was going to give him a kind of treatment he'd never gotten before, at least not from me. He deserved it, and besides, it would be fun. There was a bottle of baby oil in the bathroom, and without giving him any explanation I went out to get it. When I came back a few seconds later, his cock was limp again.

"Ohhhh, poor baby. What's the matter with your soft little cock?"

He failed to appreciate my humor. "I don't like this."

"Aw, come on, Jason. Just relax and enjoy it."

With that I reached down and took some of the oil in my hands. While he watched me, I rubbed it into my skin, making certain to cover my smooth, milky tits with it. As I rubbed them around I could feel my nipples getting hard, and I knew that Jason was enjoying it because his cock got hard again. I kept rubbing oil into my body, working it into every square inch that I could reach. When I got to my crotch, I by passed my pussy and went to work on my legs, making sure that my thighs became as shiny as the rest of my body. Then I went back to my cunt.

"You like this?" I asked him, knowing that he did. His cock was totally rigid.

He only nodded.

"Good. Now how about this?"

I took another handful of the oil and began to rub it into my cunt hair. After just a few seconds it glistened wetly, and when I touched it I could feel how incredibly smooth and slippery it was. I think that by this time he was finally relaxed and had forgotten about the bonds that held him in place.

At any rate, I knew that he wasn't feeling anything but excitement about what was happening in front of him and anticipation about what was going to happen in just a few minutes. I spread my pussy lips apart and rubbed some oil between my legs. It mixed with the pearly drops of cream that were already there, making my cunt a completely messy quagmire that was just waiting for a cock.

Now I climbed onto the bed with him. I could feel his eyes hungrily eating up my body, and I was aware that the oil was making me feel sexier than I ever had in my life. I looked at his cock. It was huge, rising up from his body like a tree. I touched it. As my slippery fingers closed around it, his entire body seemed to shudder slightly. Then I started stroking it, sliding my slippery hands all over his prick. There was enough oil left on them to make it possible for me to make his cock as wet and shiny as my entire body was. It also made it nice and slimy.

By the time I was finished with him I could tell that he was absolutely dying to stick his cock up into my wet cunt, but I wasn't ready for that yet. I wanted to make him wait. I ran my hands all over his body, starting with his face and ending up with his toes.

"Come on, Honey, you're driving me crazy."

"Ohhh, poor baby." Then I knew it was time to go ahead and give him what he wanted.

"All right, Jason. Tell me what you want."

"You know good and fucking well what I want."

"Tell me."


I didn't move. He knew then that if he really wanted to fuck me he would have to go along with whatever little games I wanted to play.

"All right. I want your cunt. There. Are you satisfied?"

"I suppose."

I moved forward, straddling him. I could see his eyes peering up into my parted slit, and I could imagine what he was seeing. It made my cunt even more excited just to think about it. Finally I stopped above his cock. My legs were parted, my thighs straining. Taking his hard cock in my hands I guided it to the entrance of my pussy. There I could feel his bulbous head pushing on my slippery lips, and I knew it wouldn't take much effort to slide his prick into my cunt.

I sat down.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice," I moaned.

I could feel his rigid prick all the way up to my stomach. He began to thrust into me almost immediately. It was as if he had been waiting entirely too long for this moment to arrive, and now that it was here he wasn't going to waste any precious time.

"Do you like it, Jason?" I purred, squirming and writhing on his cock as he jammed it in and out of my pussy. "Isn't it nice and slippery in there?"

He just groaned, but I knew that the oil was having the same effect on him that it was having on me. I could feel his cock better than I ever had before, it was almost as if my cunt was more sensitive. He tried to reach up and grab my tits, but his hands were tied too tightly to allow for anything like that. I laughed and bent over, letting one of my tits brush down against his mouth. When he tried to suck it, I pulled it back. Then when he relaxed I let it drop back down in his face again.

"You're a fucking nasty bitch," he growled.

"I know."

Then we both laughed.

"I'm gonna make you come," he declared.

He did, and I did. First he started shoving harder and harder with his cock, driving it so deep into me that I had to gasp to keep from losing my breath. Then he added a circular motion that made his cockhead move all through my cunt.

"Ohhhhh Jason, I can feel it, you're gonna make it happen. Ohhh!"

After that it was only a matter of seconds before the churning, foaming presence inside my pussy began to rise out from deep within me and I exploded.


Wave after wave wracked through me, causing me to arch my back and strain every muscle in my body. It was just about then that I heard my mother's voice in the background.

"Well well well. How do you like that?"

I couldn't believe it. The room began to reel, everything in it spinning at crazy angles. I pulled myself off Jason's cock and turned to look at her.



We stared at each other for a long time. I couldn't tell exactly what it was that she was feeling. If it was anger, she was at least keeping it restrained. I noticed that her eyes were running up and down my body, and that she was looking very closely at my heaving tits. Glancing at Jason I saw that his cock was completely limp. He looked like he had just seen a ghost.

"Mother, why don't we have a talk?"

She nodded, and I walked out of the room just ahead of her. My mind was racing. I had to find a way to salvage something out of the situation. In the living room I wrapped a robe around my body and turned to face her.

"Well?" she said.

"I guess we don't have any secrets from each other, do we?"

"What do you mean?"


"I still don't understand."

"I mean you walked in on us and I did just about the same thing to the two of you."


"While Dad was away. That night, remember? I was watching from the hallway."

Her face became crimson, and I knew I had her. At least she couldn't lay any preaching on me she was as bad as I was in that regard.

"Mother, why don't you have a drink?"

She nodded. I could tell that she needed one. As she gulped it down I watched her, and I decided then that I could go ahead with the suggestion that had been forming in my mind. It might be crazy, and it might never work, but there was always a chance. I got her drunk. It only took about ten minutes. She gulped down three glasses of sherry while I had one. By the time she finished she wasn't sloppy drunk, but I could tell that the edge had definitely been taken off her anger.

"Jason's still upstairs."

"Fuck him."

I giggled at her answer to my observation; she looked at me for a moment, and then almost giggled herself.

"What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking."

"You were thinking what?"

"Well, that's an excellent idea. I think you ought to do it."

She looked confused. Then suddenly she understood and this time she did giggle.

"You mean fuck Jason?"

He was still tied to the bed when we walked in. I could tell from the look on his face that he was nearly hysterical from worrying over what was going on between us downstairs. I think he had visions of us calling the school board and telling them to come over to Mr. Kirkwood's house to see what he did in his spare time. He was glad to see it was only us. My mother stood at the end of the bed staring at him. I could tell that she was angry again, but she was also intrigued by the possibilities that his position on the bed presented her.

"My my, looks like my daughter managed to get you in quite a compromising position, Jason."

"Come on, Beth. Untie me for Christ's sake."

Nope. She took a long sip from her fourth glass of sherry, then reached out and took his cock in her hand. It jumped to life almost immediately.

"Well well well, looks like the same old Jason, doesn't it?"

We giggled hysterically. I don't know why it seemed so funny, but it did. I guess we were just on the same wave length. I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched.

I wasn't certain what she was going to do, but I was certain that it was going to be interesting.

She absolutely tortured him for the next hour. It was beautiful to watch. Believe me, there's no woman in the world who can handle a man's cock like my mother can. She's amazing.

First she just played with him, letting her fingers run up and down over the smooth skin, pulling it over the head of his cock, and then jerking back down on it. Jason remained silent.

I could tell that he was desperately trying to ignore her, but it was no use. After all, he'd been hard for quite some time earlier in the evening when the two of us had been fucking, and at the end he hadn't gotten a chance to come. His cock must have been about to explode.

Once or twice during the first few minutes I thought I detected a slight shudder along the length of his cock, but each time my mother let her hands drop off of it for just a few seconds. She was going to drive him crazy.

The third time that he almost came, she let go, then stood at the end of the bed and took off her clothes. I could tell that she was getting hot herself, but I was pretty certain that taking her clothes off was designed primarily to make Jason even more frustrated and I was right.

"Want another drink?" I asked my mother as she sat back down on the bed.

"Sure," she replied, smiling and handing her glass up to me. Then she got on her knees in front of Jason.

"See you in a minute."

When I came back she was sitting on the bed at the opposite end away from Jason. Her legs were spread apart and her hands were in her cunt, spreading the lips apart and fingering her pussy.

"Keep your eyes open, Jason," she warned. I looked at him, his eyes were closed.

She reached out with one of her hands and began to tickle the sole of his foot. At first he thought it was funny, but after about thirty seconds I think he realized that, potentially at least, this was an exquisite form of torture. He kept his eyes open from then on. My mother went back to her cunt, letting her fingers play along the entrance for a while, and then finally slipping two of them inside her silt.

I tried not to stare, but it was no use. She ran both fingers in and out, guiding them expertly to the deep wetness beyond the entrance to her snatch. I felt my cunt becoming wet and drippy after I watched her for just a few seconds. I looked at Jason. His cock was absolutely rigid, jutting up from his body like a flagpole. He tried to remain still, but his crotch seemed to have a will of its own. He began to grind up against the air, a look of total frustration on his face.

"Ohhhh, poor little Jason," Mother cooed.

"Look, Jason. Don't you like what you see? How's my clit tonight? Nice and big, isn't it?"

He was going crazy. So was I, for that matter. My cunt was positively on fire. I could feel my own clit jumping around inside my pussy like it was alive. Then she took his cock in her mouth. With absolutely no effort at all she slid down the length of his meat, her lips parting smoothly and her throat muscles expanding easily.

Jason went wild. Almost before she had him completely inside her mouth, he began to jab madly into her. It was obvious that he was determined to explode as quickly as possible, but it was equally obvious that she had no intention of letting him do that. Again, just before he was about to shoot his load, she jerked free of him and left his cock suspended in the air.


My mother laughed. "What's the matter, Jason?" she asked sweetly.

"You fucking bitch."

"Thank you. I try hard."

"My fucking balls."

"Yes? You were saying something about your balls?"

"Fuck you."

"Now now, Jason. Mustn't talk that way. It isn't nice. What's the matter with your balls?"

"You know good and fucking well what's the matter with them. You're giving me the biggest fucking case of blue balls in the Goddamn fucking world."

"Such language."

I had to hide a snicker. My mother was keeping such a straight face through all this, and making Jason look like a complete idiot.

"Would you like me to finish you off, Jason!"

"Just untie me and get the fuck out of here."

"Now Jason."

"Listen, this shit's gone far enough. Let me get the fuck up."

"Look's like you're already up to me," she replied, gesturing towards his cock.

Jason clammed up. It was obvious that my mother was in complete control, and he knew it. She was going to do exactly what she wanted to do, and nothing that he could say was going to change it.

"All right Jason, I guess it's time to finish your poor little cock off. It's getting late."

The idea of calling his cock "little" almost sent me into another bout of hysterics, but I controlled myself. She took both hands and wrapped them around his cock, then waited. He didn't do anything at first, obviously not trusting her.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well what?"

"Go on. I'm not gonna do it for you."

He hesitated, waiting for another trap, but finally he began to thrust up into the firm pocket that she had formed with her hands. It didn't take long. After about six strokes his face began to get red and I could tell that he was about to explode.

"Ohhhh Jesus! Ohhhhh! UUUGGGHHH!"

I had never seen anything like it at the time, and I've never seen anything like it since. His cock must have been storing up cum for a year, or at least it seemed that way. He shot his load into the air.

The first glob was so huge that when it landed on his chest it covered an area the size of a small pancake. And it was only the first. For what seemed like an eternity, he kept shooting his jism into the air. It came out in great, long gobs that were white and milky.

They shot high into the air, and then fell slowly back down to his body. For a while it seemed like he was never going to finish, but at last he stopped shoving his cock into the air and my mother let go of him. His entire upper body was positively covered with cum. I would have loved to climb on top of him and rub my face and tits all in it, but I knew that my mother wouldn't appreciate me doing such a thing.

"All right, Honey. Let's go."

She got dressed. I wondered if she was just going to leave him like this. It would be a cruel thing to do, but she just might do it. Fortunately for Jason, she didn't. Just before we left she reached over and unfastened the bonds that held one of his hands in place.

"There. It might take a little while but I'm sure you can reach the other ones and get them off. Have a pleasant sleep."

Then we left before he had a chance to say anything else. I thought my mother's performance had been excellent.

Chapter EIGHT

I don't know what I expected to happen between my mother and myself after that night, but the truth of the matter was that she never mentioned it. We got in the car, drove home in silence, and went to bed. The next day it was as if nothing had happened.

Then Maria came to visit. Maria was my cousin, two years older than me, who lived in Calder City about a hundred miles from Greenville. Or at least she used to live in Calder City; when she came to visit us; it was because she was thinking about moving to Greenville and wanted to see what it was like before she made any decisions.

I hadn't seen her in about five years when she drove up in the driveway, but I didn't have any trouble recognizing her because her car had a license plate with her name on it. Maria had class. She got out of the car and I almost gasped out loud. When I had last seen her she had been fifteen and attractive in a schoolgirl way, now she was a woman. Her hair was long and blonde, her body a deep tan color, and her face was positively alive with what? Anticipation? Amusement? I couldn't be certain.

"Well, well, well. If it ain't my little cousin all grown up," she purred, giving me a hug and kissing me on the cheek.

I caught a whiff of a delicate, musky fragrance that clung to her body and practically made me cream all over myself.

"This is a surprise," was all I could think of to say.

"Ain't it though?"

She looked at me while I looked at her. She was wearing a short summer skirt and a halter top that didn't do much to hide the fact that she bad just about the nicest pair of tits anyone could ask for. I had a feeling something was going to happen. That night I couldn't sleep. Something about Maria made it impossible for me to calm down. It wasn't that I was exactly turned on by her, although I couldn't deny that she did make me excited in a way no other woman ever had. But she just seemed to have a way about her, something carefree and easy that made me want to be with her.

Finally I got up and put on my robe. She was staying in the guest room at the end of the hall in the downstairs part of the house where my bedroom was. Maybe she was asleep already, but I doubted it. When I knocked on the door her low voice answered immediately.

"Come on in. I've been waiting for you."

Surprised, I pushed open the door and stepped inside. The room was dimly lit, and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. When they did, my jaw fell open. Maria was completely naked. I tried not to stare at her body but it was no use. She was squatting like an Indian, her legs crossed, her breasts jutting out in front of her chest with a milky whiteness that just begged to be licked and sucked.

"Ahhh, hi, Maria."

She looked at me, her eyes alive with amusement. I felt foolish and silly and young, but I didn't want to leave.

"Why don't you sit down?"

Then she began to talk. I listened mostly, adding an occasional word or two, while she went on and on about all kinds of things. I didn't really listen that carefully, since the majority of my attention was focused on her body -- especially her cunt. It was stretched halfway open so that I could see the pearly drops guarding her slit. The muscles of her thighs were pulled tight beneath her smooth skin. I could feel my cunt creaming. Suddenly I realized that Maria had stopped talking, and she was looking at me with a strange expression on her face.

"Why don't we do it?"

"Do what?"

"Come on, Honey. I know what you're looking at. I'm not stupid."

I was speechless.

"Take off your clothes." I hesitated, but then I stood up and did as she asked me to.

A few moments later I was as naked as she was. I could feel a dampness between my legs that I was sure she could see, but it didn't bother me. If anything, it made me feel more sure of myself. Somehow I fell into her arms and we kissed each other. Her hot tongue came shooting out into my mouth almost before I knew what was happening. I just held on tight and kissed her back, shoving my tits against her tits and grinding my cunt against her crotch. Finally we came up for air.

"Wow," I groaned, thoroughly on fire now, amazed at how much she turned me on.

"You ain't the little girl I remember," she drawled, her lips wet and glistening just a few inches away from mine. Then she took my head and pulled it to her chest.

A moment later I felt her nipple in my mouth, hard and firm and alive. I cupped her tit, squeezing it gently while my lips and tongue went to work on her nipple. I felt like I was burying myself in a soft, billowy warmth that was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

"That's nice, Honey, real nice. Suck it good, baby, suck it good." She thrust it harder and harder into my mouth, and I opened wider and wider so that as much of her lush tit as possible could find its way into my eager throat.

"Mmmmm, yeah. Ohhhh yeah," she purred, her voice reminding me of a cat. While I sucked her tits she ran her fingers all over my body, lightly touching my skin for a while, then rubbing and massaging me all the way from my ass to my shoulders. Finally she got impatient.

"Come on, Honey, don't forget your cousin's cunt. Don't you want to eat me?"

It was a foolish question. Of course I wanted to eat her cunt. There was nothing in all the world that I wanted to do more. She lay on her back. I began to work my way down, letting my tongue lick a wet pathway down from her white tits across her brown stomach toward her waiting cunt. As soon as my tongue crossed into the milky white area that had been covered by her bikini I could feel a slight flutter beneath her skin. She was ready for me. I slowed down, forcing myself to tease her just a little bit so she wouldn't think I was a complete beginner at this sort of thing, even though I was. Almost, anyway.

"Come on, Honey, I can't hang on forever. My cunt's on fire!"

I kissed her soft golden crotch hair. My lips felt like they were lost in a bed of pure silk as I licked and tickled her.

"Jesus, Honey!"

I moved down a little bit more. All of a sudden I could detect the sweet aroma of her pussy, and I knew there was no way I could hold back any longer. Suddenly her hair was wet in my mouth, and a moment later I could feel and see the wet pinkness of her naked slit. I drove my tongue inside.

"Oooohhhhh!" she squealed, and I knew that she felt like it had been worth the wait I had forced upon her.

I knew it was for me. My tongue was having the time of its life. Nothing had ever tasted as sweet as her cunt did. Again and again I licked and laved deep within her, gathering as much of her moisture as possible onto my tongue and gobbling it down.

"Mmmmmmm," I cooed, loving every second of what was happening between us.

"Taste good?"


She laughed, then thrust her cunt even harder into my face, forcing my tongue so far inside her that I was certain I would be able to feel the deepest walls of her cunt. But I couldn't. Now she began to rotate her cunt all over my face, rubbing my lips, my tongue, my jaw, and even my nose with her sweet, dripping muff.

"Come on, Honey, eat me. Eat me good. Real goooood."

I did my best. I jabbed my tongue in and out like it was a cock, sharping and licking along the way. After a while I could feel her clit getting thick and tight in my mouth.

"Suck it, Honey, suck my clit. God it feels good, so fucking good."

I really got off on knowing that she liked what I was doing to her. It made me feel more like a woman than a little girl, which was just what I wanted. I curled my lips around her clit, holding it gently between my teeth and tongue, sucking and licking with all the enthusiasm I felt. Suddenly her entire body stiffened, her thighs straining even tighter than they had been, and her cunt seemed to open wider in my mouth.

"Come on, Honey, you can do it. You can make me come," she whispered, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps.

I knew I was going to do it. In and out my tongue flew, while I grabbed her firm white ass and squeezed as hard as I could.

"God yessss, ohhhhh yesssss!"

It wouldn't be long now. I braced myself for the onslaught of her cum which I knew was on the way.


She went crazy. Her entire body surged up in my grasp, fighting to claw and scratch all the way offs the bed. I could feel the muscles of her cunt slamming together with a force that was little short of incredible.


She was totally out of control. Again and again her cunt slammed shut, only to open a moment later and allow a fresh spurt of warm cream to shoot out into my waiting mouth. I kept sucking her, laying out the inside of her cunt with a tongue that was tired but happier than ever. Again and again she spurted cum onto my face, and each time my tongue was equal to the task. Finally she was finished. I didn't move. My face was right where I wanted it firmly locked onto her cunt. Gently now, because I knew she must be tender, I licked the remaining cum from between her cunt lips. I could feel. Her cunt contracting gently at regular intervals, and. I knew that the climax she had experienced had. Been a strong one.

For a long time we lay still without moving. She had her eyes closed, but I kept mine open, looking up from where my face was buried in her cunt. I could see through the forest of cunt hair and across her stomach to the gently swelling mounds of flesh that were her tits. Finally she opened her eyes.

"Mmmmmmmm," she cooed.

"Mmmmmmm what?"

"Mmmmmmmm that was nice."

I smiled. It made me feel good to know that I had made her happy, but I was beginning to wander if she was ever going to take care of my clit. I needn't have worried.

"I guess you're a little, ah, a little horny, aren't you Honey?" she asked, her eyes twinkling again.

"Funny you should say that."

"Well, I've got a surprise for you."


"A BIG surprise."

She emphasized the word "big". I didn't know what she had in mind, but whatever it was I was certain I wouldn't be disappointed. Of course I was right. Gently disengaging her cunt from my mouth she got up and walked across the room to her suitcase. I watched, enjoying the way her tits bounced on her chest. Finally she got up from her suitcase and came toward me carrying a large leather pouch.

"I never travel without Clarence."

At first I didn't understand, but when she held the pouch out in front of her I caught on to the fact that Clarence was whatever was in the pouch. I opened it.

"My goodness," I breathed when I saw what was inside.

It was a dildo, and it was at least nine inches long.

"This is Clarence?"

She nodded. I reached in and took it in my hand. My fingers were too short to reach all the way around it, and I have long fingers.

"Here. Let me show you."

I handed it to her. The long, cock shaped tool was white with hundreds of tiny ribs in the plastic that it was made out of. Already I was dying to find out what it would feel like inside my cunt.

Then she flicked the base and it came to life. A low hum began to issue from it and I suddenly realized that it was more than just a dildo -- it was a vibrator.

"Ready?" she whispered.

I nodded.

"Good. Now you just lie back. That's it."

I stretched out on my back and looked down. She was bending over between my legs, spreading them apart to make room for Clarence. I could hardly wait. My cunt was absolutely shuddering with eagerness and she hadn't even touched me there yet.

"Come on," I whispered, feeling flushed and feverish from all the excitement.

She touched the head of the vibrating tool to the lips of my cunt.

"Ohhhhh God."

It was as if my cunt were actually melting. I could feel hot, creamy butter dripping out of me in sticky rivulets that were incredibly wet and juicy.

"You've got a nice, cunt, Honey, a real nice cunt," she crooned.

I could see her looking down on my slit, and I could imagine what she was seeing. It turned me on even more. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to force the dildo between the shuddering lips of my cunt. I was so wet that there was no question about it fitting into me, at least as far as the width was concerned. The length might be another matter.

"Come on, Maria, I can't wait forever. Shove it into me."

"Be patient. Half the fun's in getting Clarence in. Just relax."

I groaned in frustration, then tried to relax. It really wasn't any use in fighting her, she obviously knew what she was doing. She had it halfway in now. I could feel my cunt starting to tremble even more noticeably, and it suddenly occurred to me that I might come all over myself before she even got Clarence all the way in.

No! I wouldn't let that happen. Clamping down on the raging, churning presence inside my pussy I forced myself to wait just a little longer. She was pushing it in all the time, and after only a few more seconds it was all the way in.


I could feel it inside me with every nerve ending in my cunt. It was pulsing, throbbing, vibrating in ways that I thought were going to cause my cunt to positively disintegrate.

"You love it, don't you, Honey? Just lay back and relax, let me take care of you. Let old Clarence take care of you."

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My cunt was a swimming, frothing mass of cum that was on the verge of exploding. Finally it happened.


I felt like a volcano. My cunt began to squirt and shudder so wildly that I completely lost track of everything. Wave after wave raced through me, until finally my body was left limp when Maria pulled the dildo from my cunt. I lay there, unable to move while she buried her head between my legs and began to lick all the juice that had been bottled up inside me and was only now beginning to flow all the way out of my cunt.

I closed my eyes and let her do whatever she wanted. Nothing could bother me right now. Nothing at all.

Chapter NINE

Maria taught me more about my body in a few short days than I'd learned in all the rest of my life put together. She was incredible! I don't think that there was a moment when the two of us were alone that we weren't doing something to each other. Then she got bored. I guess that was just the way she always was, and there was nothing I could really do about it. Someone as lively as she was bound to get restless, I told myself, and besides, she would always have plenty left over for me. Of course, she stayed in Greenville. Right now it was just beginning to look like she might not.

"There just aren't any men around here that turn me on," she moaned once while I was lying with my head between her legs, licking the wetness from her cunt in the afterglow of another one of our encounters.

"Who needs men?" I said with feeling.

Right now I was perfectly happy with her and men were just an unnecessary complication. As I waited for her to reply, I nipped her clit with my teeth. She squirmed, but it was obvious that her mind was elsewhere.

"I don't need men all that much. But I sure need a cock. A real one, not Clarence."

"What's wrong with Clarence?" I asked, looking at the dildo that was lying next to us.

"Nothing. I just need the real thing."

"And nobody around here's good enough for you?"

"I didn't say that."

"Well? Isn't there anybody around here you'd like to fuck."



Uncle Jeremy. I looked at her. She wanted to fuck my father? At first I couldn't believe she was serious, but after staring at her for a few seconds I saw that she was.

"That's interesting."

"I know."

I thought for a minute, trying to figure out how I felt about it. Finally I decided I didn't really care, and that I was for anything that would keep Maria in Greenville.

"So why don't you fuck him?"

She stared at me.

"You mean that?"

"Sure I mean it."

My father was a pushover. He'd been trying to sneak glances down the front of everything Maria had been wearing ever since she got here, so there was no way he was going to be able to resist her advances. The problem was in making the opportunity.

It finally happened on a Tuesday night when my mother went out to play bridge and my father stayed in. Maria, my father and I were all watching television for a while, but then I excused myself and went to my bedroom, giving Maria an encouraging glance as I went down the stairs. In my bedroom I didn't know how I felt. Mostly lonely, I guess. I didn't like the idea of Maria fooling around with someone else and not at least letting me in on the action. But that was impossible now. After a few minutes I heard the television go off.

Maria evidently didn't waste any time. I tried to go to sleep but there was no way I could relax enough to even shut my eyes. My entire body was wide awake, all I could think about was what it would look like when my father's big cock started jamming in and out of Maria's sweet snatch. Finally I got up. As I had done before on two occasions, I climbed the stairs and padded silently down the hallway outside the door. It was closed but not locked. I listened. From within I could hear voices, sounds, but nothing definite. Then suddenly I heard Maria's voice clearly.

"Ohhhhh yeah, baby, that's nice. That's the best."

I opened the door slightly. What I saw made my cunt start churning before I'd even had a chance to settle down and figure out exactly what they were doing. Maria was completely naked. My father was sitting on the edge of the bed with his pants down around his ankles. Evidently Maria had just pulled them down. His cock was hard as a rock, jutting out from his body in a way that left no doubt that he was ready for Maria.

"What do you want me to do to it, Uncle Jeremy?" she asked, pretending to be a lot more innocent than she really was.

"Anything you want, sugar, anything you want."

My father was going crazy. I don't know how long it had been since he'd fucked Mother, but judging from the way he was behaving now it must have been a long time. Maria smiled and leaned forward, shoving her chest out so that her white, tits brushed against his red prick. She looked at them, guiding them so that the nipples rubbed against him and became as hard as his cock.

"How's that?"

"All right, sugar, all right!" he began to thrust his cock out toward her, and a moment later he grabbed for one of her tits.

She laughed and let him do what he wanted with her flesh mound, and a moment later she grabbed his cock with both her hands.

"Ohhhh yeah," he groaned, watching her slim, tan fingers as they wrapped around his shaft.

"You like me to hold it?"

"I'd like it better if you sucked it."

"Uncle Jeremy!"

Her indignation wasn't real, and I think even he knew it. But still, it evidently made him feel delightfully wicked.

"Now if you can't do it I'll understand."

Maria didn't say anything, but her eyes were positively on fire as she looked at him, then let her gaze run down across his shirt to his naked cock. Then she stuck it in her mouth. My father's jaw dropped open when he saw how smoothly and easily she took his meat into her mouth. She didn't even hesitate, but simply slammed it quickly all the way in. She didn't suck him for long, just enough to prove to him that she could do it. Then she let his cock slip out of her mouth and she stood up.

"Now take off your clothes, Uncle Jeremy."

He did as he was told. I don't think he even noticed that suddenly it was she who was in control, and not him. I don't think he cared, either. A moment or two later he was lying naked on the bed. She climbed on top of him and straddled his body. His eyes were as big as saucers as he watched her tits dangling beneath her body. She was absolutely beautiful, even I knew that. Her lips were wet with anticipation.

"You want my tit, Uncle Jeremy?"

He just nodded.

She bent down, thrusting her tit completely into his mouth. Immediately he began to suck on it, letting his tongue run wetly all over the red bud, then pulling on it with his lips and teeth.

"Ohhhh, hey, go easy," she cautioned, but I knew that she was getting off on it as much as he was.

She lifted up her body and gave him a fresh nipple to suck on, and while he took care of it she reached down behind her ass and began to fondle his cock with her deft fingers. Finally she raised up again and towered over him, her white tits slick and gleaming now. For a long time she didn't say anything or move, but then finally she let her lips settle into a smile. Taking my father's hand she guided it to her cunt. I could see streaks of cream already trickling down the insides of her thighs, so I knew her cunt was as wet as any cunt could be. She guided his hand inside.

"How's that, Uncle Jeremy? You like it in there?"

"Shit, babe, you're something else."

"I know."

He worked his finger inside her pussy, thrusting and jamming it into her, then rolling it around in different directions.

"Why don't you take your finger out and taste it, Uncle Jeremy. I bet you'll like it."

"Whew, you are a wild one, aren't you Maria?"

"I'm just getting warmed up."

He pulled his finger out and brought it to his lips. Before putting the glistening digit into his mouth he smelled it, and it was obvious that he liked her aroma. Then he licked it clean.

"All right, sugar, when are we gonna fuck?"

She smiled.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Marla moved backwards, still straddling him, until her cunt was poised over the top of his cock. Then she guided his shaft until it was just touching the lips of her cunt.


"You bet."

She began to slide down. She went slowly, savoring every inch of his thick, long cock, obviously wanting him to get the maximum effect of her wonderful cunt as well. Finally she reached the bottom and stopped. For a long time she didn't move I could see just the base of his cock where it was imbedded in her cunt, and at the same time I could see that her cunt was beginning to pulsate a little bit.

"Come on, baby, you're driving me crazy."

"Just relax and enjoy it, Uncle Jeremy."

"That's easy for you to say."

"Just think about how good it feels. Can you feel my cunt squeezing your cock?"

"God yes. That's why I'm going crazy."

Maria smiled. She could tell by now that there was no way he was going to be very patient. She would have to be firm if she wanted to get the kind of fuck she obviously wanted. Slowly she slid back up. When his cock came back out into the light it was completely covered with her juicy honey. With just his cockhead still inside her, she stopped.

"Jesus, baby," he moaned, shoving his cock up so that it started to slide back into her.

"Don't be impatient."

My father was exasperated, but he finally gave in to her will.

"That's better."

She still stayed poised at the top of his cock, but now she reached down with her fingers and touched his balls lightly. My father stiffened visibly but held on and didn't do anything.

"Why don't you feel my tits, Uncle Jeremy?"

He silently reached up and grabbed both her juicy melons, making Maria close her eyes so that she could enjoy the sensations to the fullest.

"All right," Maria finally groaned.

Then, without any warning, she slammed her body on top of my father's driving his cock all the way to the hilt in her cunt. Before he had a chance to react she rolled beneath him, keeping his cock inside her all the way so that in the end he was on top of her.

"Now fuck me, Uncle Jeremy, show me what you can do with that big cock of yours."

It was all he had been waiting for. Without the slightest hesitation he began to buck into her cunt, driving his cock forward with surging thrusts that made it sound like he was pummeling her to death. She loved every second of what he was doing to her. Almost before he had finished his first half dozen thrusts she had wrapped her legs around his ass and was pulling him into her cunt with all the force she possessed.

"Come on Uncle Jeremy, fuck me, fuck me hard. Come on, you can do it."

I'd never seen a cock move so fast, he was in and out of her like a rabbit. His slamming cock was nothing more than a blur as he shoved and twisted deep into her dripping muff, both came in no time.

"Ohhh God! Jesus, Uncle Jeremy, my cunt. Ohhhh it's so good!"

"I know, baby, I know. Your uncle really loves you, baby, he really loves you."



Suddenly they banged into each other with so much force that the bed practically broke. Clinching each other they stopped, letting their bodies squid their sticky cum into each other for at least thirty seconds. Then finally they sank to the tied.

Downstairs I stopped and got Clarence. There was no way I was going to be able to go to sleep without letting my cunt get an orgasm, and the vibrator was the best way I knew of given the possibilities I had. Or perhaps I should say the lack of possibilities. At any rate I crawled beneath the covers, taking off my soiled underpants and throwing them into the closet. For a few minutes I lay still, holding the vibrator between my legs so it would get warm and thinking about what I had seen upstairs. I kept seeing my father's cock go slamming into Maria's willing cunt. Then I started wondering what it would look like if Maria's cunt were really my cunt. Then I thought about what it would feel like. Almost without realizing that I did it, I switched on the vibrator and touched it to my cunt. My cunt began to melt.

Slowly, still thinking about what it would be like to get fucked by my own father, I shoved Clarence into my waiting cunt. I could feel the walls of my pussy part to let the thick tool into me, and as I stretched more and more to accept him I became more and more certain that the next time Maria and my father got together I would be there too. Not outside the door. Inside. In the bed with them. I could feel my father's cock slamming into me now, and I had almost forgotten that it was really nothing more than a vibrating piece of plastic that was in my cunt.

"Come on, baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, Daddy, fuck me hard."

Suddenly my cunt began to foam and churn. I could feel myself beginning to boil over, my cunt alive with every sensation I knew.

"Come on, make it happen, Daddy, make it happen."

My cunt finally spilled over, hot cum shooting out from the depths of my pussy onto the quivering shaft inside me. I must have had three or four orgasms. I didn't take the dildo out until I was positively exhausted. My body felt like a pool of quivering jelly and I didn't think I could move. I fell asleep.

Chapter TEN

I should have been happy just fantasizing about my father, but it didn't work out that way. When the opportunity finally came up for me to join in on the fun with him and Maria I couldn't resist it, and the end result was that I had to leave home. Still, it was fun. Maria was the one who first said something about my joining them, even though I'd been thinking about it ever since that first night I watched them. I don't know how regularly they were making it, but after about two weeks Maria, finally just asked me straight out whether or not I'd be interested in making it a threesome.

"I don't know. Maybe."

"Don't give me that 'maybe' bullshit. I know you want to. It's written all over your face."

"All right, so I do want to. So what? That doesn't mean he wants to."

"Me you kidding? He'd jump at the chance. Any father with a daughter that looked like you would love to fuck her."

"I don't know." But it was settled. They were both naked when I walked into the room, but they hadn't started doing anything yet. My father looked completely surprised, everything was going just as we had planned it.

"Hi, Daddy."

"Honey!" We stared at each other. I could tell that my father was totally confused. He didn't know what I was doing here or what my attitude was. Finally I gave him a break.

"I won't tell Mother what you and Maria have been up to under one condition."

"What's that?" he asked cautiously.

"You let me join you."

He stared at me as if he simply couldn't believe what he was hearing. For a moment I lost my confidence. What if Maria had been wrong? Maybe he didn't want me. I needn't have worried. A huge smile spread across his face and he staffed laughing. After a moment Maria joined in. I took off my clothes. My father's eyes were boring right into me as I stripped. I could feel him looking hungrily at my tits and cunt, and I knew then for certain that he really was turned on by me. That was just the way I wanted it.

"All right, Daddy. You better get ready for the royal treatment."

We went to work on him just the way we had planned it. I don't think he ever thought for a moment that it wasn't spontaneous, even though it wasn't. First we put on a little show for him. Maria produced a bottle of massage oil, and we started out by rubbing it carefully into every inch of our bodies. When my father caressed one of my glistening tits Maria slapped his hand away playfully.

"Patience, Jeremy, patience."

He smiled and leaned back on the bed. Maria rubbed the smooth, slippery oil into my skin, taking extra care to see that my tits, ass and cunt were completely covered with the fragrant stuff. Then it was my turn to take care of her. I went over every inch of her body, smoothly rubbing the oil into her, feeling the soft warmth of her tits until both her globes were gleaming in the soft light. I was really getting turned on. Her tits were so nice I just couldn't believe it. Mine aren't bad either, in fact, they're better than just about anybody's I know. When I was finished her entire body was so smooth that when I laid a hand on her neck it just slid down to her cunt with almost no effort at all on my part. I looked at her cunt lips. They were pink and wet, not from the oil but from her own cream. Her crotch hair, as blonde as that on her head, was wet and slippery as well. She stood up and turned to my father, whose cock was completely rigid as a result of watching us take care of each other.

"Now it's your turn," Maria whispered.

"You're gonna put that stuff on me?"

He loved it. Even though he wasn't too excited about it at the beginning, once we got our hands all over his body he began to change his mind.

"Hey, that's pretty nice."

"Of course it is. This is the royal treatment, right Honey?"


When he was as oiled and slippery as we were, we put the liquid away and went to work on his cock. Both of us blew him. It started off with Maria going down on his cock and me licking and sucking his balls. I got below so I could see her at work, and I have to admit that the sight of my father's cock going into her perfect mouth just a few inches away from me practically made my cunt come apart at the seams. His cock was huge long and thick, red with veins popping out all over it.

I kissed his scrotum. At the first touch of my tongue I could feel his wrinkled skin begin to tighten. Then, when I actually took one of his tender eggs into my mouth I could feel his entire crotch begin to shudder. As I gently sucked on his ball my eyes were fixed on the sight of Maria's mouth and throat. She did things to his cock that I'd never even thought about. First she took his cockhead in her mouth and flicked her tongue back and forth across the tiny ridge just below his slit. My father went crazy.

"Hey, Maria, easy, you're gonna make me come right away, baby, right away."

She eased off. Then she plunged her head all the way down to the bottom of his cock once again, and when she came up she somehow managed to wrap her tongue all the way around his cock in a spiral. He went crazy again. This went on for what seemed like a long time. I'm sure my father was close to exploding more than once, but Maria had a delicate touch that let her know what was happening inside his cock in time for her to keep things under control. Finally she pulled her mouth off his cock altogether and stared down at him, her tits brushing against his face.

"Now what?"

"You want to take care of your daughter, don't you?"

He didn't say anything. Maria got out of the way, leaving me alone to do what I wanted to. For the first time I realized that my father was drunk. I'm not certain how I knew, perhaps it was something in the way he looked at me. Probably it was what he said next.

"Sit on my face."


"You heard me, Honey. Sit on my face."

I hesitated, wondering whether he was putting me on or not. After a few seconds I decided he was serious.

"All right."

I disengaged my lips from where they were nibbling at the wrinkled skin surrounding his balls, then straddled his body. Slowly I made my way up across his waist, then his stomach, and finally his chest. He grabbed my tits. A thrill shot through me as I felt my father's hands on my nipples, tweaking and flicking against them as I continued to move forward. Finally my cunt was suspended over his face. I could feel his eyes boring into me, looking deep into the dripping slit just above him.

"Beautiful," he whispered.



I slowly began to lower myself, watching his face as my cunt came closer and closer to it. I could imagine what he was seeing dark hair, pink, wet lips, dark warmth. Then I touched his face. Suddenly his tongue shot out into me, driving powerfully to the deepest corners of my pussy. He began to ream me out almost immediately, sucking the juice from the inside of my cunt so hungrily that it seemed he was totally famished.

"Yeah, Daddy, that's it."

"You like it, Honey?"

"Ohhhh yeah, don't stop Daddy, don't stop."

I was really going crazy now, grinding up and down on his face with enough force to practically drive his jaw all the way into me.

Suddenly I noticed Maria. She was sitting just to the right on a pillow, her legs spread and her forefinger deep inside her cunt. While I continued grinding up and down on my father's face I watched her, and the sight of what she was doing made me get even more turned on than I already had been.

Her tits were flying all over the front of her body, and yet she didn't seem to be aware of them at all. I just loved the way they sloshed and wiggled. And her nipples, they were so big that when she reached up to touch them, it took three fingers to spread all the way across the pink organ. Her cunt was gushing juice, making her fingers glisten just as brightly as the rest of her body. I thought I could detect her familiar fragrance, but it could have just been my imagination.


My father had suddenly slipped one of his free fingers into my asshole. I hadn't been prepared for it, and as a result he had gotten the entire digit into me before I had a chance to react.

"You love it, don't you Honey?"

I couldn't dispute him. Now that I had gotten used to it the finger felt great.

"Yeah, Daddy, I love it. I really do."

He began to shove it in and out while he licked my cunt. I could feel his tongue jetting into my cunt with each stroke of my cunt down on his face, and the feeling gave me an idea.


"Mmmmmmm," he answered, his voice completely muffled by my cunt.

"My ass, Daddy, your tongue, my ass, your tongue."

I assumed that would be enough to give him the idea I had in mind and it did. He grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart. Then he took his finger out and replaced it with his wet, slippery tongue.

"Oh yeah, Daddy, that's it. That's it, I love it!"

He made some sounds which were indistinguishable from the general slurping noises that were coming from his mouth, but I knew that he was happy about the way I was reacting to what he was doing. I rode up and down again and again on his tongue while I felt my own clit with my fingers. It was hard and swollen, so much so that I knew it wouldn't take too much to send me spinning over the top when the time came.

But when would the time come? I looked over at Maria and saw that her eyes were becoming glassy and her finger was flashing in and out of her cunt so quickly that I could hardly tell what was happening. I knew that we were all going to go spinning into separate climaxes if I didn't do something to get us back together.

"Come on, Maria," I whispered. Then I said it again, louder this time.

Her eyes swung back into focus. She smiled. I knew she was about to come, but now she was going to get all three of us together for it. I lifted my crotch up off my father's face and slid back on his chest until my dripping cunt was just over the tip of his cock.


Before my father could say anything else, Maria was on top of his face, her cunt taking the place of mine. The only difference was that she was facing toward my father's feet.

"Let's do it."

"Yeah, baby, let's do it."

I took his cock and put it against the lips of my pussy. I could feel my heart pounding like crazy as I thought about the fact that the cock that was about to slide into my cunt was my father's. Slowly I slid down his shaft, feeling his meat push the walls of my clit apart.

"Ohhhh, it's good, Daddy, it's so good."

He didn't say anything, but I knew he was loving it as much as I was.

Down, down I went until finally his cock was all the way inside me. Then all three of us went crazy. Maria slammed her cunt down on my father's face, grinding against him so strongly that I knew her pussy could only last a few seconds before it exploded. That was fine with me. I felt the same way about my own cunt I'd been through so much already tonight that nothing short of a tornado was going to keep me from creaming all over his cock in the next thirty seconds.

"Ohhhhhh God, Daddy, it's so good! I can't stand it! You're gonna make me come!"

"Me too! Ohhh Uncle Jeremy, you're doing it, baby, you're doing it to me! Your tongue, baby, you're doing it with your tongue!"

Maria came first. I could see it about to happen. Her face went blank and her eyes grew incredibly large. She slammed all over his face and then suddenly screamed.


I could see it happen. I could actually see it. The muscles of her cunt slammed together as a giant spasm shot through her entire body. Then hot cream began to pulse out of her slit onto his upturned face at a rate that looked like it was going to drown. I was next. Just looking at what was happening to Maria sent me over the top. I could feel the storm gathering within my cunt and then it happened.


Wave after wave of release shot through me. I could feel my head spinning and my entire body became rigid as the intensity continued to grow. Maria and I were both frantic to feel my father's cum all over us. Without saying anything to each other, we knew exactly what we each wanted. I pulled my cunt off his cock just as she got hers off his face. Then we both made a dive for his cock and grabbed it in our hands. A moment later we were rubbing up and down on it, keeping our faces as close to his meat as possible so we would be there when the moment finally came. It didn't take much longer. Five strokes. Ten. Fifteen.

"Ohhhh, I can feel it!"

He exploded. I've never felt anything quite like it. His cock seemed to expand to twice its own width as he stiffened all over his entire body. Hot cum came flying out. The first globs were so big that when they landed on our skin it seemed like there was going to be enough to give us both a complete bath in the stuff.

Finally it was over, and Maria and I both sank exhausted to the bed. It was then that I saw my mother. I don't know how long she had been there, but it didn't really matter. What mattered was the fact that she had seen what we were doing. I started to say something but nothing came out when I opened my mouth.

There isn't much more to tell. My parents didn't I tell me I had to leave, but it was obvious to all of us that it would be for the best if I disappeared, at least for a while. But where? To tell the truth it didn't really matter much I then, and it doesn't matter much to me now. The important thing is that I'm out of their house. And away from Greenville.

That, at least, will be a blessing. I don't know what's going to happen to me in the long run, but right now I don't really care. At least I'm free.


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