The babysitter's hot panties

It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in our Western society, that individual human beings could be and are now being treated like mere chattels and worse.

Yet there are examples to be found all around us. Migrant workers labor for a pittance and are beaten or thrown out of their jobs if they protest against meager wages. Sharecroppers are forced to turn over as much as 30 percent of their produce to large landowners to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they will never see.

And then there is young Tara Bishop, an uninhibited college coed whose life is suddenly turned into a tortured nightmare as she becomes the unwitting victim of a gang of sex-starved men. Hour after hour, this young girl, who had only known kindness and luxury, is exposed to unimaginable filth and degradation until her sanity teeters on the brink.

THE BABYSITTER'S HOT PANTIES -- a novel of warped, sadistic men and one girl who must suffer to give them pleasure. A message for today's society.

Chapter ONE

Tara Bishop's heart was pounding fast as she walked the two blocks from her house to the Adderlys. It wasn't that she was afraid of the walk. What she was afraid of was taking another babysitting job.

She hadn't agreed to baby-sit for anyone since the incident with Mr. Longworth.

Lots of her old customers kept calling her, Tara was one of the best babysitters in the community, and one of the prettiest. Tara had honey colored hair, deep blue eyes, and an innocent-looking mouth that drove the boys crazy. And quite a few of the men.

Also, Tara was well aware that her figure was better than a lot of college girls. Her breasts were already as big as melons, her stomach flat, and her ass had been described as bouncy although Tara wasn't quite sure what that meant.

But Tara was well aware that she was gorgeous and she wasn't above a little harmless flirtation with the men of the homes where she did her babysitting.

Until that scary night with Mr. Longworth! The Longworth's no longer lived in the community. They had moved out right after the incident. Perhaps Mr. Longworth had been afraid that Tara would tell, but he was wrong. Tara would never be able to tell anyone what had happened that night.

She still remembered it vividly. It had been raining that night and Mr. Longworth had offered to drive her home. She was a little nervous because Mr. Longworth had been drinking. His face was a funny red color and she could smell the whiskey on his breath. But Tara didn't want her hair to get messed up from the rain, and she agreed to let him drive her.

About halfway home Mr. Longworth had pulled the car over to the curb. It was a dark corner of the street and nobody could see them. There was a strange look on his face.

"What are you doing, Mr. Longworth?" she had asked.

"You're so pretty," he told her. "So pretty. I've never seen anyone as pretty as you."

She started fighting him when he grabbed her around her waist and tried to put his hand under her skirt. She fought so hard that he finally had to give up. He was so drunk that he got out of breath quickly.

She quickly tried to open the door but his strong hand clamped around her arm.

"Let me go," she pleaded. She was scared to death. She had never been in a situation like this before.

"I'll let you go, baby," he promised her. "But you got to do something for me. You got to help me out."

He forced her hand down to his lap. He had somehow unzipped himself. For the first time her fingers touched a man's cock. She knew what it was called. She had seen it written on bathroom walls often enough. Yet, she had never expected to touch one so soon. She was a good girl.

Despite her disgust, she felt a lewd kind of fascination with Mr. Longworth's cock. He made her do everything, but she could feel the funny feeling in her belly that sometimes happened when she touched herself. A kind of quivery feeling.

"Wrap your fingers around it, little honey," Mr. Longworth moaned. "Wrap your fingers around it tight. That's right, sugar. Now move your hand up and down. Yeah, just like that."

His hand moved to clutch at her wrist as she kept moving her fingers up and down on his swollen cock. The heat of his prick grew against the circle of her fingers. He made her move her hand faster.

"Yeah," Mr. Longworth yelled. He humped his ass off the car seat as she jerked him off. "Yeah, yeah, shit yeah!"

He gave a groan and his prick suddenly shot out a thick wad of sticky cream all over her fingers and hand. It was crazy but she kept moving her hand even after he had shot his wad. Finally he had to pull her hand away.

Now she could feel his anger.

"Can I get out now?" she had asked.

"Yeah," he answered. "Get out, bitch! Get the fuck out!"

She hadn't told anyone about what had happened. She had gone home and taken a long shower and slipped into bed. It wasn't so terrible beating him off. She had heard about girls doing it for the boys at school, but what had been bad was the way her body had responded. All that night she had twisted and turned and her body had ached with a desire she had never known before. She had used her finger on herself three times, but nothing seemed to do any good. She had finally dropped off into a restless sleep.

That was the real reason that Tara had refused all babysitting jobs for so long.

Tara wanted to take no chances that she could ever get into a situation like that again. She wasn't sure she could control the new feelings of desire she had discovered in her body. But that evening Dave Adderly had called and he had been insistent that she come over. He was willing to pay double. Tara had noticed her mother staring at her strangely as she started to turn Dave down. Tara didn't want to go into any explanations of why she was acting funny. Then, against her better judgement and took the job.

She walked up the steps to the Adderlys' home and Dave Adderly and his wife appeared immediately at the door. Tara breathed a sigh of relief. She should have known that she had nothing to fear about Dave Adderly. He was such a nice man.

"I'm so glad you decided to help us out," Dave said. "Young Billy's, already in bed so he won't give you any trouble. There's plenty in the fridge."

"I'll be all right," she assured him.

Dave Adderly took his wife's hand and they started down the steps. But then he remembered something else. "Oh yes. My brother Jack's spending a few days with us. He should be in later. Don't worry about him. He usually goes up to his room and straight to bed."

"All right," she said, but Tara's heart had started pounding again. The last thing she wanted was to be alone with a man. Any man. She started to back out of the babysitting job, but the Adderlys were already walking to the car. She couldn't think of anything to say.

The Adderlys left and Tara went inside the house. The first thing she did was check on Billy. He was asleep in his crib. She pulled the covers up round his neck and went back downstairs. She hadn't eaten supper, and she was feeling hungry. She went to the kitchen and fixed herself a sandwich. She was just pouring some milk when Jack Adderly walked in.

One look and Tara knew she was in trouble.

Jack Adderly was nothing like his brother. Jack was in his twenties, tall and muscular. He had black, wavy hair and brown eyes that seemed to look right through the light blue summer dress she had on. She had the sudden feeling that he could see the color of her bra and panties.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Tara Bishop," she answered. Her voice trembled. "I'm watching Billy tonight."

"Working girl, huh?" he said. "Well, how about fixing me a sandwich?"

She started to tell him that she wasn't a servant, but there was something about this young man that demanded to be obeyed. She fixed him his sandwich. He ate it quickly and asked for another. She fixed him two more before he was satisfied.

"You eat a lot," she said, nibbling at her own sandwich.

"I'm a growing boy," he said. "I need to keep up my strength. The pros are going to be looking at me this yen. I'm one of the best linemen in college."

"Lineman," she asked.

"Football, baby. Where have you been?"

She was a cheerleader at her school, but she really didn't know that much about sports. She didn't know why but just being near him was confusing.

"Do you dance?" he asked suddenly.

"Dance?" she asked.

"Come on, honey. I know a pretty thing like you must dance. Dave's got some great records. Let's play a few."

She knew that this was probably the time to stop. She was frightened, just as frightened as she'd been with Mr. Longworth. Yet, somehow she found herself getting up and following Jack into the den. She expected a fast dance. Instead Jack put on a slow tune and immediately pulled her into his arms.

"You're going to like this record," he said. She only dimly heard the music. She was aware that every inch of his body was pressed against hers. His body felt lean and hard. The arms around her waist felt muscular. He took her breath away. Her knees started feeling weak.

"I should go check on Billy," she said.

"We're just getting started," he said.

That was what Tara was afraid of. She pushed against his body but that only made him hold her tighter. He was no Mr. Longworth. He was strong enough to do what he wanted with her. Tara closed her eyes. She tried to fight the sudden feelings inside her. She couldn't. She kept remembering how hot and sweaty Mr. Longworth's hard cock had been. She kept remembering the sticky cum running over her fingers. And she kept remembering the hot way her pussy had felt. The way it was feeling now.

She didn't realize she was pushing her body against his until she felt his hands sliding down her back and clutching her ass. The sudden move took her by surprise but she didn't try to fight it. Instead she only pressed her cunt closer and she could feel the hard lines of his cock trying to break out of his trousers.

"Hey, baby," Jack said. "I didn't realize you were a wild one."

Jack's voice sounded surprised but his hands took advantage. He gripped her ass cheeks as hard as he could and pushed his cock against her. It was like he was grinding his prick into her belly and cunt.

"I'm not a wild one," she whispered. "Oh, you're going to have to stop."

"Sure, baby," Jack said. "You just holler loud when you want me to stop."

Jack didn't act like he had any intention of stopping. Maybe she didn't holler loud enough. He pushed her over to the couch and made her sit down. He sat down beside her and put his arm around her.

"Such a pretty mouth," he said. "I've been thinking about kissing that mouth since I first walked in and saw you in the kitchen!"

He kissed her, gently at first. Then his tongue started pushing at her mouth. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but she couldn't. His tongue slid between her lips and deep into her throat. She had never felt a man's rough tongue before. It felt so strange. She put her hand on his head to pull him away. Instead she found herself running her fingers through his thick hair.

He kissed her for what seemed like hours. His tongue kept probing the inside of her mouth until she finally started pushing her tongue back against his.

His free hand had been resting against her belly. Now she felt his fingers moving up until he was touching her tit. This time she did try to pull away but he held her easily. He might have been holding a child.

His hand moved up, completely covering her left tit.

"What a fucking tit," Jack moaned softly. "Shit, I've gone out with a lot of women and I haven't ever felt a tit that felt so good. Big and hot!"

His hand kept caressing her tit and even stranger things were happening all over her body. Her tits felt hot and hard as rock. She could feel her nipples pressed against the fabric of her bra. They ached with desire. She knew her skirt had slid indecently up above her knees but she couldn't find the strength to pull it back down.

She knew it was going to happen so she wasn't surprised when he took her hand and pressed it between his legs. What did surprise her was the long length of his cock. It was a lot bigger than Mr. Longworth's cock. It felt huge. She felt her entire body quivering as she ran her fingertips up and down the length of it.

"It's so big," she whispered.

"Wait until you set it out, baby," he said, "You're really going to know how big it is when I get it into that sweet pussy of yours."

That was when Tara really knew that there was no going back. She was going to get fucked. This brawny young man was actually going to stick his hard prick inside her cunt and fuck her!

"Please don't fuck me," she whispered. "I'll take it out. I'll play with it until you come, but please don't fuck me. I'm a virgin."

"I don't need a fucking hand-job, baby," Jack said. "What I need is some pussy. And you're not going to be a virgin long."

She knew that nothing was going to stop him. He reached around and found the zipper on her light summer dress. She struggled but he pulled it down easily. He raised up long enough to pull the dress completely off her.

She was left in only her bra and panties.

"Hot damn," Jack said as his eyes looked her up and down. She really looked delicious. What made her even more delicious was that Jack really believed she was a virgin. Those big, hot looking tits had never been sucked by anyone. A man had never had his cock in her sweet pussy. Jack was going to enjoy this.

"Take your bra off," he told her. "Show me those big fine tits."

She was so scared that she couldn't help crying. Tears streamed down her innocent looking face as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She hesitated. She didn't want to take the bra completely off. Jack didn't like waiting. He reached down and tore the bra off her shoulders. Tara's creamy tits jutted up proud and firm for his eyes.

"Oh shit," Jack said. "You're fucking unbelievable, baby. You're a fucking dream come true. I've never seen a pair like that in my life."

Jack got off the couch. He pulled his turtleneck shirt off and she saw that he was naked underneath. He had a gold chain around his neck. The chain touched the curly black hairs on his powerful-looking chest. He saw her looking and he smiled.

"You like that, baby?" he asked. "You're going to like what else I've got even better."

Tara wanted to turn her head. She didn't want to show him that she was fascinated. Somehow she couldn't. Her eyes remained riveted to him. He pulled down his trousers and kicked tahem off. His stiff prick seemed to fill his jockey shorts. Jack moved closer to the couch.

"All right, honey," he said. "You take them off!"

She looked up in shock, but she saw he meant it. He was grinning lewdly. She sat up straight and she took a deep breath. She couldn't stop her body from trembling. She put her hands on his sides and slowly moved them down until her fingers went underneath his shorts.

"Hurry up, baby," he said. "We don't have all night!"

She was scared, but she was also feeling the same thing she had felt with with Mr. Longworth. She wanted to put her hand between her own legs and rub herself. Her pussy felt all tingly and wet. She knew that her panties were damp from her juice.

She slid the jockey shorts all the way down his legs. She tried not to look at the naked cock that stood straight out only inches from her face. It was hard not to look. She found her eyes drawn to the thick, sweaty cock-meat.

"Take it in your hand, baby," he told her. "Feel it!"

She reached up and wrapped her fingers around his sweaty cooks and it was just like it had been with Mr. Longworth. She lost control. Her hand started moving up and down and she could feel some of his lubricating cream running over her fingers.

She wasn't ready when he put his hands behind her head and pulled her face down to his crotch.

"Lick it, bitch," he told her. "Clean it with your tongue!"

She touched her lips to his sweaty cock and something almost like pain went through her body. She drew her head back in surprise.

He jerked her head back. "Lick it, bitch!" he yelled.

She did, and this time it wasn't like pain at all. She felt her body rocking with her first spasm of pleasure as she pushed her tongue up and down his salty dick. She had never dreamed it could be like this.

It was Jack's turn to be surprised.

"Shit," he said, "I've never met a bitch like you. You're getting hot just sucking cock. Shit, I'd like to come in your mouth. I'd like to fuck that beautiful face, but now I've got to have some of that sweet cunt."

She knew she was acting crazy but she didn't want to give up licking his cock. She tried to put her head back when he forced her away. He had to slap her backwards.

He forced her onto her back and he savagely ripped her panties down her legs. He put his hand between her legs. She felt his rough fingers part the puffy lips of her cunt. He thrust two fingers inside her cunt, and it hurt.

"Don't do that," she pleaded. "Oh, that hurts. Let me lick it some more. Lick your dick."

He forced her back and he spread her legs with one hand. He kept ramming his fingers in and out of her pussy. She felt invaded, at first. Then she began to feel juicy again and she found her ass moving in response to his probing fingers.

He took his fingers out of her cunt and dropped his lean body down onto hers.

"You're going to get fucked this time, baby," he told her. "This time you're going to get your ass fucked off!"

He held her legs apart as he moved his body until his cock was pressing against her cunt lips. He gave slight push and she felt his cock head pop into her pussy. He pulled back a little and then stabbed a little deeper into her cunt.

"Shit," he mooned. "You really are a virgin. Well, I'm going to get rid of that pretty soon!"

Tara moaned as the felt him shove again. This time his prick head pressed against her virgin walls. It only lasted a second and he gave another hard shove. His prick head ripped her cherry away and his cock head went deep into her sizzling pussy.

"What a fucking piece of ass," Jack said.

"Shit, I knew you'd you'd be good. What a fucking piece of ass!"

Jack slid one hand between them to play with her titties. She felt him rubbing her nipples and clutching at her tit as hard as he could.

"Move that hot ass, baby," he told her. "Move that sweet, hot ass!"

He started fucking her in slow, deep strokes. She thought she had been excited when she had held Mr. Longworth's cock in her hand and felt his squirting cum all over her fingers. But that had been nothing compared to this. It had hurt only a little. Now all she could feel was pleasure.

Jack took his hand away from her tits and put both hands underneath her ass. He clutched her ass cheeks tightly and lifted her up. His strokes got faster.

"Shit, you're tight," he moaned. "Shit, you're sweet. I haven't had a piece of ass like yours in a long time!"

He kept talking to her as he fucked her. Some of the words she had never heard before. It seemed to start new fires within her. Her pussy was dripping juice and his cock had started making loud, sloppy sounds as he fucked her. Suddenly her eyes popped open. She bit her bottom lip as she felt the pleasure spasm start. She had never dreamed that she could feel so good. She didn't want it to stop. It seemed like a tingle started at her toes and worked its way all over her body.

"I'm coming," she cried. "Oh God, I've never come like this before. Never! Your cock feels good! It feels so good! Oh, it's killing me. It's ripping me apart. Oh God, fuck me! Fuuuuuck!"

Her pussy juices flooded his prick. Her body nearly bounced off the couch as the wild spasms rocked her. She thought her heart was going to stop for a moment. It was fantastic.

She started to come back down to earth again. Immediately his fingers started digging into her ass cheeks.

"Don't stop moving, baby," he told her. "Don't stop shaking that big ass. I'm almost there. I'm almost fucking there."

He started fucking her like a wild man. She knew her body was going to feel sore the next day. Now she didn't care. She only wanted to feel his hot cum shooting into her like a soothing balm.

"Shoot it in me, honey," she whispered. "I want to feel that hot cum in my pussy. Shoot it in me!"

His hands seemed to lift her ass off the couch as he rammed his stiff dick deep into her pussy hole. She felt his prick getting fatter inside her, and she knew he was going to give her what she craved.

"Yes," she whispered. "Now, now, now!"

"Oh fuck, you bitch," he groaned. "I'm ready to shoot. I'm ready to shoot my load! Shit, it's nice! Shit. It's so fucking nice!"

It was like dying and going to heaven as his prick started exploding inside her. His hot cum splattered against her cunt walls and dripped out of her hole to wet her thighs. He had plenty of cum to give her. She put her hand between their bodies and found his heavy balls. She started fingering them, somehow knowing that this was the way to coax every drop out of his hard cock.

"Shit," he groaned finally. "Shit, I've never been fucked so good!"

For the first time Tara could hear the baby crying. She didn't know how long he had been crying before she realized it. Quickly she got up and pulled her clothes back on.

"I've got to take care of the baby," she said.

"Sure, baby, but hurry back," Jack winked lewdly. "We've got plenty of time before my brother gets home."

Chapter TWO

Tara ignored the whistles from the boys waiting just outside the door of the school. They had been waiting all afternoon for the cheerleaders to come. Some of the girls joined the boys, but Tara kept walking. A friend of hers joined her. A thin girl named Diane who hadn't been on the squad but a few months. Tara had the feeling that Diane wouldn't have gotten on the cheerleading squad at all except that her parents had money and influence in the community.

"I can't stand the way those boys are always chasing the cheerleaders," Diane said.

Tara knew that Diane really meant that she couldn't stand for the boys to keep ignoring her.

"It's just the uniforms," Tara said. "These new outfits are really pretty and the boys haven't gotten used to them yet. It'll get old after awhile."

"I hope so," Diane said.

Tara didn't speak, but she was hoping just the opposite. She liked being whistled at. The new uniforms were the same blue and gold colors but the material fitted a lot snugger. It gave Tara a real chance to show off her figure.

"I hear that Bill Williams wanted you to sit for his little one this week and you turned him down," Diane said.

"That's right," Tara said.

"I just didn't want to do it."

"But you used to do it so often and the money's really good. Is there something bothering you, Tara?"

Tara knew that she could never tell this innocent young girl what was troubling her. Not ever. Diane would have been shocked if Tara had told her that she was no longer a virgin. The innocent-looking Tara had been fucked on the Adderlys' couch. It was disgusting even to think about.

"Hey," Diane said suddenly. "That looks like Mr. Adderly. He must want to talk to you."

Tara was surprised to see Dave Adderly's car parked at the curb. He was the last one she wanted to see. She turned her head away and pretended she didn't see him.

"He's waving at you," Diane said.

Dave Adderly had gotten out of his car and he was walking toward the two girls.

"Can I talk to you, Tara?" he questioned. "It's important."

"I'll see you later," Diane said.

Tara wanted Diane to stay, but it was too late. Diane was walking away and Dave had taken her arm.

"I'll drive you home. We can talk on the way."

Tara remembered what had happened the last time she had gotten into a car with a man. But then Dave was such a nice man. Nothing like Jack.

Tara still trembled at the thought of Jack. It had been lucky for her that Billy had been cutting teeth. He stayed awake crying for most of the night so Jack never got another chance at her. Now Jack was away at college again, but she still could feel the hardness of his muscles. And sometimes she could almost feel his dick inside her.

Tara got into the car. Dave was being the perfect gentleman. He closed the door for her and walked around. He got in and started the car up and started the wrong way.

"My house is the other way," she said. "I thought we'd ride around for a while," Dave said.

She didn't like the sound of his voice. He sounded funny. He was also looking at her funny. Tara was beginning to feel like she'd made another mistake.

"What did you want to talk about?" Tara asked.

"About you and my brother Jack," Dave answered.

Now Tara knew she was really in trouble. She knew that Dave knew everything.

And she had a feeling she knew what Dave was going to want from her.

"Take me home, please," she said. "You sure had me fooled, honey," Dave said. "I always thought you were the quiet type. Jack told me you almost went out of your mind when you started sucking his cock."

"Oh, please let me go home," Tara said. Dave was so different from Jack. Dave didn't turn her on. He was short and squat and he reminded her of Mr. Longworth. Yet Tara remembered her excitement with Mr. Longworth. She knew she couldn't control the desires of her body.

"I thought we'd stop a while first," Dave said. "I know a nice, quiet little place."

She kept begging him to take her home but he wasn't listening to her. He turned off the highway and drove a half mile before turning again onto a dirt road. He drove up the dirt road for another mile and they reached what looked like some sort of hunting lodge.

"This belongs to my company," Dave said. "They let a borrow the key for today."

"You can't make me go in there," she said. Dave's face went hard. "You little whore. You think you can fuck my brother in my house and I'm just supposed to pretend it didn't happen. Shit, no, baby. Now you can make it hard or easy on yourself. I don't give a damn. You can ask my wife. Sometimes I enjoy knocking women around."

Tara looked at is face and knew he meant it. And she had no intention of letting him beat her up. She wouldn't like trying to explain that to her parents. She would then have to explain what had happened with Jack, and probably even with Mr. Longworth. It would be terrible.

"Are you coming easy?" Dave asked.

"All right," she said.

She had always thought Dave was such a nice man. She was about to find out how wrong she was. Dave opened the door and let her walk into the dark lodge ahead of him.

"Shit, you look sweet," Dave said as he let the door swing shut behind them.

Dave put his arms around her from behind. He pulled her back until her ass was against his crotch. She felt his hands cupping her titties and squeezing until she was hurting.

"Please stop," she moaned.

He didn't stop. Instead he pushed at her ass with his crotch. She felt his prick. He was already as hard as a rock. She thought that she might get it over with quickly, and she wouldn't have to go all crazy in front of him.

"The bedroom's upstairs," Dave said.

She walked ahead of him up the stairs to the musty smelling bedroom. Dave pulled back the bedspread. He sat down on the edge of the bed.

"How many cocks have you sucked, cunt?" Dave asked.

"I haven't sucked any," she said. "I only kissed your brother's a little."

"You lying cunt," he screamed. He hit her in the stomach.

She thought she was going to be sick. She folded over and dropped to her knees.

He put his hands on her blonde hair and jerked ha head back. "Now I'm going to ask you again, bitch. How many cocks have you sucked?"

"Hundreds." Tara lied.

"You like sucking cock, don't you, cunt? You like having men shoot off in your mouth. You like feeling their hot cum running down your face. I bet you even like licking assholes cunt!"

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh yes. Please don't hit me again."

"As long as you keep behaving like a good girl," he said. "Now you take off your clothes and you get up on the bed. I'm going outside for a moment and you better have your ass stripped by the time I get back."

Tara was sick and scared. She quickly pulled off her skimpy cheerleader's uniform, her bra, and her panties. She sat down on the bed. She waited about ten minutes before Dave returned. He had a movie camera.

"What are you going to do?" she cried.

"Just shut the fuck up," he said. "Get up on the bed on your hands and knees, bitch. Shake your beautiful ass at the camera."

Tara had never felt so humiliated. She climbed up onto the bed and got into the position. She looked back over, her shoulder and saw him taking pictures of her ass.

"Keep shaking it, baby," he said. "Keep shaking it like you're about to get ten inches of cock in your fuck hole!"

She cried softly as she kept shaking her ass for his lewd camera. She looked back once again and she saw that he had stripped his trousers and shorts off. He was fondling his hard prick.

It was Mr. Longworth all over again. Just one look at that cock and she could feel the lewd shivers going through her body. She started remembering how good Jack's cock had felt sliding in and out of her pussy.

"That's right, baby," Dave said. "Now you're really shaking that ass like you're getting fucked!"

She was starting to feel like she was getting fucked. Her pretend lover had just stuck his big prick in to her hungry pussy. She could feel him pounding her cunt. It was sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

"Now turn around," Dave commanded. "Stretch out on your back and spread your legs."

She just wouldn't look at him or his camera as she turned around. She spread her legs and she knew he was getting a perfect shot of her pink pussy lips.

"Now play with your titties," Dave said. "Go ahead, bitch. Play with them or do you want me to beat the hell out of you?"

She slid her hands up her side and covered her own titties. She had to admit that it felt good. Her nipples sprang out hard against her palms. She started fondling a little harder. She could feel a tingling warmth between her legs.

"Now play with your pussy," he commanded. She knew it was coming and she didn't hesitate. She moved her hand down her creamy body until her hand was touching her pussy. She felt quivering excitement all over her body as her fingertips touched her cunt lips. She couldn't look at Dave but she could hear his heavy breathing, and she knew he was really close.

"That's the way, sweet bitch," he moaned. "Play with that hot cunt! Play with it. Shove your whole fucking hand in your pussy!"

She moaned as she slid two fingers into her wet pussy. She started moving her fingers in and out just like she was being finger-fucked. She couldn't help her feverish desire. She shoved another finger up her excited cunt. Her fingers were ready covered with juice.

"Oh," she moaned. "Oh, that feels good!" Her ass was coming up off the bed to meet the hard thrusting of her fingers. She could feel the growing warmth in her belly and she knew there was no use even trying to control herself.

"I'm going to come," Tara moaned. "Oh shit, I'm going to come! It feels so good! Oh fuuuuuck!"

Tara knew that the camera was recording everything that happened. But she couldn't stop the lewd movements of her body as the sweet spasms of pleasure washed over her. Her fingers were covered with her wet juices and she kept savagely cramming her fingers into her pussy until the last spasm rocked her body.

"Shit," Dave said, as he finally put the camera down. "You're something else, baby. You really get going when you get worked up."

Dave lay, down on the bed. Then he moved on top of her and she felt the hard muscles against her feverish body. Tara didn't know what to expect as he started rubbing his cock against her. She could feel drops of cum wetting her body. He moved around to the side of the bed and started rubbing his cock head against fret nipples. Her nipples had never felt so hard.

She was expecting it when his prick touched her mouth.

"Let's see what you learned sucking all those cocks," Dave said. "Let's see you practice on my prick, baby!"

His rigid prick brushed against her lips and left a smear of cum. She licked it off. His cum tasted salty. She opened her mouth. She was ready when his throbbing cock head touched her hot tongue.

Her tongue flicked over his cock as he pushed forward. His prick head slowly moved over her tongue and into her throat. Suddenly there was an excitement burning in her that she'd never known before. Her entire body rocked with pleasure. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked harder on his prick.

"Oh shit, you're sucking it good," he groaned. "You're sucking it fucking good? God, I've never felt my prick getting sucked like this before!"

He grabbed her head as he began to ram his thick prick in and out of her mouth. Her saliva dripped out of the corners of her mouth. She closed her mouth tighter around his lust-swollen prick. She couldn't understand her own excitement. She never wanted to release his stiff prick.

She felt his hands gripping her blonde hair. He held two big handfuls and he directed her movement. She didn't mind. Tara had never believed that she could enjoy sucking cock so much. She had learned to relax quickly so that his fat cock head was sliding deep into her throat. She could feel more of his cum dripping down the beck of her throat.

He kept one hand in her hair but his other hand slid down to caress her tits.

She felt his rough fingers brushing against her nipples and then his hand cupping her tit. It made her suck harder. The bobbing of her head was getting faster and faster even though she didn't realize it. The only thing she could think of was how good his rigid cock felt in her mouth.

Suddenly he pushed her away. He took a couple of pictures of her and she knew her lips had dripping cum on them. She didn't care. She found herself begging to taste his hot cock again.

"Sure, baby," he said. "I'm going to let you taste it but some other time. Right now I want you to turn back over onto your hands and, knees. I'm going to have some of that sweet pussy."

It was crazy, but Tara was feeling just as hot as he was, even though she had already come once. She looked hotly at his rock-hard prick, and she felt her pussy throb with desire.

"Oh yes," Tara moaned. "I want you to fuck me. My pussy's so hot. I need it so bad!"

Tara was already rolling over onto her stomach. She raised herself up and started shaking her ass at him just as she had done for the camera.

Dave couldn't stand it. He attacked her like a madman. He kneeled on the back of the bed and started pressing his cock against her thighs. She felt his cum leaking on her hot skin.

"Beg for it, baby," Dave commanded. "Let me hear you beg like a whore!"

She would have done anything to have that fat cock inside her. "Stick it in me," she cried. "Stick your hot, fat cock inside me. I want it! Please fuck me! Please fuck me good! I want it so bad, baby!"

Dave moved forward and his rigid prick touched her cunt lips. She was really going out of her mind. She started pushing her ass back against him. She felt his prick nudge apart her cunt lips. She started squirming like crazy.

"Now," she moaned. "Please put your cook in me now!"

Dave rammed his cock into her with one savage stroke. His cock went into her so deep that it rocked her body. He was still for a moment. He gave her time to get used to his throbbing prick.

"You like it, baby?" he questioned. "You like my big cock, you innocent baby bitch!"

"Oh yes," she cried. "Yes, I love it!"

He began to fuck her in hard deep strokes. Each thrust of his cock made her shiver with delight. He was getting his prick into her cunt all the way to his balls. They were fat and heavy. She knew they were filled with cum for her. The thought made her work her ass faster. He reached around and grabbed her tits. She felt his hands clutching them tightly. He was ramming in as hard as he could.

"Oh fuck," she cried. "Oh fuck, it feels good!"

"You're fantastic, Tara," Dave said. "You're so fucking fantastic. I'm going to shoot my wad, baby. I'm going to shoot my fucking wad! I'm going to fucking drown your cunt in cum! Oh fuuuuuuuck!"

He rammed her deep, and she felt the hard explosion of cum filling her pussy. She went crazy as she kept feeling his sticky cum filling her insides. She started ramming back against his prick as hard as she could. She pressed her titties down into his hands. She was making soft, gasping sounds.

"Oh, it feels good," she moaned. "I'm coming. Your big cock is making me come. Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby!"

For the second time that evening Tara's body was rocked with wicked spasms of pleasure. She felt her juices soaking Dave's still-hard cock. He somehow kept his cock hard until the last shiver of pleasure went through her.

He even gave her a few more strokes before his prick went soft and slipped out of her.

"Lordy," Dave Adderly said. "That was the best piece of ass I've ever had. Jack was sure right about you once you get stared. You're a wild piece of ass!"

Dave started putting up his camera equipment. He then stared to get dressed.

Tara was starting to feel scared as she looked at all that expensive equipment and remembered some of the poses she'd been in when he'd taken the pictures. How could she have done all that?

"You'd better get dressed," Dave said. "The fun's over for the day. I'll take you back."

"What are you going to do with those pictures?" Tara asked.

Dave came over to the bed. He had every thing on but his shirt. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"You don't have to worry darling. All you have to do is be nice to me whenever I want you and nobody will ever see those pictures but me. Do you understand?" he said.

She understood. Dave wouldn't be satisfied with just one afternoon fuck. She was going to be his whenever he wanted her. And there was no way she could holler rape. Not with those pictures hanging over her.

"Hurry up, babe," Dave said, grinning. "Hurry up. My wife will be waiting."

Tara hurriedly got dressed.

Chapter THREE

Tara was in no hurry to go back into the bedroom.

She had taken her time with her hot shower and dressing in her pale blue gown and robe and combing her thick blonde hair until both her hands felt tired.

The truth was that she was bored.

She hadn't been all that enthusiastic about spending the night with her friend Diane. Diane was a nice enough girl, but she was so damned boring. It wouldn't have been so bad if a couple of other girls had come along, but all the other girls turned Diane down. Tara just didn't have the heart to do that, but now she wished she had.

Finally Tara knew she had been in the bathroom long enough. She prepared herself for more talk about Diane's romantic books and Diane's opinions about other kids at school.

Tara was surprised to find that Diane had showered and put on her robe. She was lying on the bed reading a book.

"Back again?" Diane asked. "I was beginning to worry. I thought you'd fallen in or something."

"Nothing like that," Tara said, smiling.

"I used the other bathroom," Diane said. "Well, we're all alone now. I thought we might go down to the den and watch some movies. We've got one of those television attachments that show movies. Dad's got quite a collection."

"He won't mind?" Tara asked.

"Of course not," Diane said. "Besides, he's gone for the entire evening. It's Mother's night out. The house is all ours."

Tara had to admit that a movie sounded a lot better than some more of Diane's boring conversation. The two girls went down to the den. Diane had already fixed some popcorn.

"The movie's ready," Diane said. "All you have to do is hit this button."

Diane hit the button and they settled back to watch the movie. It was one of the newer ones. Tara had already seen it, but it was interesting enough to watch again. Tara still felt herself breathing hard when the hero was trying to rescue his girlfriend from the top of a burning building. Finally the movie was over and Diane turned off the machine.

"How about another?" Diane asked.

"If there's good one," Tara said.

Tara wasn't really interested in watching anymore movies, but anything was better than listening to Diane chatter. She knelt down beside Diane on the floor and they began going through the collection of movies.

"Some of these aren't marked," Tara said. "Oh, yes," Diane said. "Those are some of Dad's private films. The one's I'm not supposed to watch."

"Why not?" Tara asked.

"He says they're business films but I know what they are. They're dirty films."

Tara suddenly felt her heart pounding faster. It had been a month since Dave Adderly had fucked her, but she hadn't forgotten the excitement caused by his making a dirty film of her. Tara's hands started feeling sweaty.

"How do you know that for sure?" Tara asked.

"I just do," Diane said. Her face was suddenly red and she was trying not look at Tara.

"I bet you peeked at one," Tara said.

Diane shrugged her shoulders. "Just one," she said. "It was pretty wild."

"Let's look at one," Tara said. "I've never seen one before."

"Are you sure?" Diane asked.

"Of course I am," Tara answered.

Tara settled back onto the couch again while Diane put the film in the holder. She pressed the button and came back over to sit beside Tara.

The film was dark for a long time then it lit up with the first scene. A young woman was sunbathing by poolside. She wore a bikini that was as small as any bathing suit Tara had ever seen.

Tara took pride in the fact that the woman's body wasn't as good as her own.

Still, she was built nice and the man who walked by obviously thought so. There was no sound to this movie. The man knelt beside the golden-haired girl and they talked for a while. He took her hand. They left the pool and the screen went dark for a few seconds.

The screen lit up again in a bedroom. The young man and woman were kissing. The young man was taking off the top of the woman's bikini. He dropped the top to the floor and her luscious looking tits sprang free.

"My goodness," Diane said softly.

Tara couldn't say anything. Her throat felt dry. She could almost feel that young man touching her own tit the way he was touching that girl's tit. Tara had never thought a dirty movie could make her feel this way.

Tara watched the man bending his head down. She saw his tongue lick at the ripe pink nipple. He opened his mouth a little wider and the nipple popped into his mouth. His hands moved down the pretty girl's back and started caressing the cheeks of her ass.

"I think I should turn this stuff off." Diane said. Diane started to get up but Tara put a hand, on her arm. "Don't turn it off yet. I want to see it. I've never seen anything like this before."

Down deep Tara knew that Diane was right. This movie should be tuned off. But Tara could feel a churning excitement in her belly as she watched the screen. She couldn't bear for it to stop now. She wanted to see what else happend.

The young woman on the screen pushed the young man away. She was smiling as she went down on her knees in front of him. She unzipped his trousers and put her hand inside the opening. Tara could hear Diane breathing hard as the young woman pulled a long, thick cock out of the young man's trousers.

"We shouldn't be watching this," Diane said, but this time she made no attempt to get up.

Tara heard Diane gasp as the young woman started kissing the man's cock. Tara had known all along what was going to happen. She was excited by the thought. She remembered how good Dave Adderly's cock had tasted. She remembered how badly she had wanted to suck all his cum out. Tara closed her thighs tightly together as a shiver of desire went through her.

The young man put both hands behind the girl's neck. He started pressing her head up and down. Her red lips slid up and down the young ma's cock. Tara could already see some of the man's cum leaking from the corners of the girl's mouth.

"Oh Lordy," Diane said softly.

"What's the matter?" Tara asked.

"This makes me feel so funny," Diane whispered.

The movie kept playing but someone else had been added. A fully dressed older woman walked into the apartment. At first her face registered shock. Then she began to smile. She started to undress. Her body was a lot fuller than the young girl's. Her tits were bigger but there wasn't any sag to them. She looked like a movie star.

She went over, to the two people on the floor. She gently pulled the young girl's head away from the young man's cock. She helped the girl to her feet. Tara was shocked by what happened next. This was one thing she hadn't expected.

The older woman started kissing the young girl on the mouth.

The kiss looked hot enough to start a fire. The older woman pressed so close that her tits rubbed the young girl's. At the same timer her experienced hands moved down the girl's back and grabbed her ass-cheeks. The older woman lifted her hands and slid them into the girl's swimsuit. The girl moved closer.

"They're rubbing against each other," Diane whispered. "They're doing it to each other."

The younger girl was being pushed dawn to her knees again. This time she wasn't going to suck a cock. This time her face was pushed into the cunt-hair of the older woman. The camera moved in close so that the young girl's tongue could be seen easily. The young girl was stabbing it into the older woman's pussy. "I just don't believe it," Diane said.

Tara wished she'd just shut up and watch the film. Tara's body was burning with desire. Her tits had swollen up and her aching nipples rubbed her nightgown. She wished she could take them out and play with them. But the robe was too much. She stood up and unbuttoned it.

"It's just so hot in here," Tara said.

At that moment Tara felt Diane looking all over her body. It made her feel strange. It also gave her a sense of power. She knew that Diane practically worshiped her. She could make the younger girl do anything she desired.

Tara settled back on the couch again and looked at the screen. The three people had moved to the bed. The young man was busy pulling off the bottoms of the young girl. The older woman sat against the edge of the bed with her legs spread. The young girl was down on her knee with her face between the older woman's legs.

The young man had not taken off his clothes but his cook was still rock-hard. He moved in behind the girl and placed his cock against the hot pussy hole of the girl. He slammed it into her.

"Oh God," Diane moaned. "He's put it in her. He's actually fucking her."

"He sure is," Tara agreed.

Diane moved closer and Tara kept noticing the way that Diane was staring at her. Tara knew her blue nightgown was thin and almost transparent, and she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Would you like to do that to me?" Tara asked.

"Do what?" Diane asked.

"What that girl's doing to the woman up there. She's eating her pussy. Would you like to eat my pussy?"

"Are you crazy?" Diane asked.

Diane was pale and shaking. Tara knew that Diane was also confused about her feelings. Tara wasn't confused. She knew she wanted to try it.

She looked back at the screen. The young man was really slamming his thick cock into the young girl. The older woman was moving all over the bed as her orgasm started. The young girl didn't look like she would ever raise her head. Finally the older woman seemed to jump right off the bed, and she grabbed the young blonde by the back of her head. The woman held on tightly for a few moments and then her body relaxed.

Tara could tell that the young man was getting ready to come. Suddenly he was pulling his rigid cock out of the young girl's pussy. He pressed it between her ass-cheeks at his cum shot out of the head of his cock and seemed to spray the young girl's ass and back. The young man kept moving until the last drop of cum had shot out of his prick.

Then the screen went dark.

"Oh God," Diane said softly. "I just peeked for a few seconds. I thought all they did was get naked and kiss each other. I never thought they'd do anything like that."

"You've never fucked a boy, have you?" Tara asked.

"Of course not," Diane answered. She looked at Tara suspiciously. "Have you?"

"Oh no," Tara lied. "But I've let them play with my titties. I've got a pretty nice pair, or at least they tell me I do."

"You let them play with you like that?" Diane asked huskily.

It was strange but Tara suddenly felt a lot more experienced than the other girl was. She was enjoying this game. She knew her words made Diane squirm with desire. Diane might put down boys all the time, but what she really wanted was a boyfriend.

"Sure I've let them play with my tits," Tara said. "I've even let a few boys taste them. It makes me feel all squirmy to have them sucked on. Wouldn't you like to do that for me?"

Tara was sounding braver than she felt. The only experience she'd had with sex had been with Jack and Dave Adderly. She didn't even know if she'd like it with Diane, but she only knew that she was burning with desire and she needed something. There weren't any cocks.

There was just poor little mousy Diane. She would have to do.

"You're just kidding," Diane said. "Girls don't do that to each other."

"But you want to do it to me," Tara said. "I know you do. Don't be afraid."

Tara was in command of this situation as she slowly pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it onto the floor. She saw Diane's eyes drawn like magnets to her creamy tits and her hard pink nipples. She saw Diane licking her lips nervously.

"Get over here now," Tara said. "Don't act like a shit all the time. Do it for me!"

Her language and her commanding tone left no room for doubt. Diane moved across the couch until she was pressing against Tara. Tara stretched out on the couch and pulled Diane's head down to her hot titties.

"Now suck on them," Tara said. "You know you want to taste than. Suck on them, honey!"

Tara almost screamed at the first gentle touch of Diane's lips. It was obvious that Diane was afraid but it was also obvious that Diane wanted to do this. Her entire body trembled with excitement.

Tara stroked the dark-haired girl's neck as Diane's mouth opened and she took one of Tara's nipples into her mouth. She made a soft sucking noise as she began to take more of Tara's titty into her hot, wet mouth.

"There," Tara said softly. "You like that, don't you? You suck good!"

Diane didn't say anything but she seemed to want as much of Tara's titty in her mouth as she could get. Tara had never been sucked so hard before. She felt like she was being sucked all the way into Diane's sweet mouth.

She felt Diane's teeth nipping at her tender titty as Diane drew her head back. Diane began using her tongue all around the stiff nipple. Tara could feel her tits getting even hotter. Her tits started throbbing in a way they never had before.

Tara thought it would be nice to have Jack Adderly there at that moment. It would be nice to have his cock in her mouth while Diane sucked her titties.

Diane moved her mouth to Tara's other titty. Her hand slid up Tara's body and started stroking the other hard nipple.

"You're taking me hot," Tara whispered. "Oh, that feels so good!"

Diane's other hand was stroking Tara's thighs. Tara felt that hand slipping closer and closer to her moist pussy-hole. Finally Tara could stand it no longer and she slid down until Diane's hand was between her legs. Diane's fingers rested against Tara's blond pussy.

"Play with me there," Tara moaned. "Play with my pussy."

"I'll do anything you want," Diane said, moaning.

Diane was inexperienced but her fingers immediately started rubbing up and down Tara's pussy-hole. Tara reached down and showed Diane how to slide two fingers up into her pussy-hole. Tara moaned as she felt those two fingers probing the inside of her pussy.

Diane started to finger-fuck Tara while sucking her tits. Tara could feel the fantastic shivers of pleasure going through her body. Her pussy seemed to throb deep in her hole.

"Oh that's sweet," Tara moaned, "Suck me like that. Oh, you really know how!"

Tara could feel the excitement growing in her body and she knew she would soon come this way. She wasn't ready. She reluctantly pushed Diane away.

"You know what I want?" Tara asked.

"I think so," Diane said.

Tara smiled as she pushed Diane off the couch and down to her knees. Tara swung her legs off the couch and placed them on both sides of Diane. She settled back on the couch and opened her legs wide enough for Diane's head.

"Suck me, Diane," Tara said. "Just like the woman in the movie. Suck my hot pussy!"

Diane didn't hesitate. Her face went between Tara's legs. Her tongue touched Tara's cunt. Tara could feel her body trembling as Diane's tongue spread her pussy-lips apart.

Tara grabbed the back of Diane's head with both hands.

"Come on, eat me," Tara gasped. "Come on and eat me. It feels so good. So good!"

Diane started thrusting her tongue in and out of Tara's pussy. Tara had never felt anything like this. A sweet fire went through her body. She grabbed Diane's head a little tighter and she started lifting her ass to meet Diane's thrusting tongue.

"It feels good," Tara gasped. "Oh, that feels so fine!"

Diane slid a hand up to fondle Tara's titties. Diane seemed to get more experienced by the moment. Her fingers started brushing against Tara's hard nipples. Tara settled back on the couch, and she shut her eyes. She had fantasies of thousands of cocks. She was looking at them, touching them, tasting them. She had cocks in her mouth and in her pussy.

Diane's thrusting tongue found Tara's clitty and a quick flash of heat made Tara tremble.

"Right there," Tara screamed. "Lick right there, baby. Lick my pussy there."

Diane took the hint. She started licking and sucking at Tara's hard clitty. It felt so good that Tara knew she couldn't have stopped if Diane's dad had walked trough the door.

"I'm going to come," Tara screamed. "I'm going to come. You make it so good, Diane. I'm going to come! Oh shit, it feels so fucking good!"

Tara's body started shaking with pleasure. Again and again she felt the sweet spasms shaking her. Her pussy flooded Diane's mouth with sticky juice. Diane didn't seem to mind. The younger girl started swallowing every drop of the tangy juice. Finally Tara's body quit trembling and Diane raised her head.

"Did I do all right?" Diane asked. Tara laughed. "You did just fine, sugar. Just fine!"

Chapter FOUR

"I don't want to kiss you," Tara said. Billy Roberts was trying to put his arm around Tara and kiss her at the same time. They were sitting in Billy's car in front of Tara's house.

"Just a little kiss," Billy said.

"No," Tara said.

"Boy, Tara," Billy grumbled. "You sure don't do much for a guy!"

"You didn't have to take me home, Billy," Tara said sweetly. "You asked, remember? I can always find someone to take me home."

Tara almost laughed at Billy's hurt look. She had pity on him and she leaned over and kissed him quickly on the mouth. She had a moment of weakness as his kiss sent shivers of pleasure down the backs of her legs. She got out of the car quickly.

"You're something else, Tara," Billy said. "You're the best looking girl in school. I wish you could date."

"My mom says next year," Tara said. "But you can have the first date."

Billy looked pleased as he drove away. He was thinking what a nice, good looking girl Tara was. He thought he was in love with her. Billy was a romantic. He liked thinking of Tara as the innocent bride he would someday have.

He would have been shocked at Tara's thoughts at that moment.

Tara was walking up the driveway to her front door and she was thinking about Billy's cock. Lately it seemed like every time she saw a boy she thought about his cock. She didn't know why except that Jack Adderly had awakened desires inside her that she didn't know she had.

At that moment Tara was feeling all warm and tingly from his kiss.

She was shocked when someone called her name softly. She was even more shocked when she noticed a man standing at the corner of her house. She recognized him immediately although it had been a few months since she had seen him.

She would never forget him.

"Mr. Longworth," Tara said.

"I have to talk to you, Tara."

"We can go inside," Tara said. "My dad and mom haven't come home yet. They won't be home for a couple of hours."

"Hurry up and open the door then," he said. "I don't want anyone to see me."

Tara knew she shouldn't. She unlocked the door and let him in, but all of her common sense told her she was making a mistake. But she did want to see what he wanted.

"We can sit in the living room," Tara said.

He followed her into the living room where she put her schoolbooks on top of the piano and then sat down on the couch. He sat down close beside her.

She could smell his after-shave. She remembered a lot of things about him, especially the way his cock had felt in her fingers. It made her nervous.

"What did you want?" she asked.

"I've been worried ever since I left," he said. "I had to talk to you about what happened. I had to explain."

"There's nothing to explain," she said.

"There is a lot of things to explain," he told her. "I don't know what came over me that night. I'd been drinking, but that's no excuse. But I had to find out where I stood."

"You mean you want to know if I went to the police?" Tara asked.

"Yes," he answered.

"I didn't," Tara said. "I didn't tell anyone about what happened."

"Not even your family?" he asked.

"Nobody," she answered.

Al Longworth sat back on the couch and smiled. Tara hadn't told anyone at all what had happened. That made the situation a little different. It could mean that she was too scared to say anything. He didn't think so. She didn't look scared here beside him.

Al thought he had the answer and he leaned over and put his hand on her bare knee.

"You didn't tell anyone. Maybe I was a little quick leaving town the way I did. Maybe you enjoyed what happened. Maybe we could become even better friends."

"I think you'd better leave now," Tara said. Tara didn't wish to feel anything as his chubby hand fondled her knee. But there was something about Mr. Longworth that turned her on. Perhaps it was just because his was the first cock she had ever touched. Whatever the reason, she could feel those tingles up the insides of her thighs once again.

"You'd better stop that," Tara warned.

"I saw you kiss that young fellow in the car outside." Al told her. "Maybe you saved a couple of those kisses for me."

Al Longworth leaned over and kissed her and it was nothing like it had been with Billy. Tara had enjoyed Billy's kiss but she had managed to keep control of herself. One kiss from Mr. Longworth and Tara could feel the blood rushing to her head. She felt dizzy.

"Don't do that again," she warned him, "or I will tell."

It didn't make any difference to Al. It was just like before. This luscious young girl made him go wild. He just couldn't stand being near her without putting his hands on her.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Tara," Mr. Longworth promised.

He kissed her again. This time he stabbed his fat tongue into her mouth. She tried to fight the sudden rush of pleasure. She couldn't. She started rubbing her tongue back against his.

Mr. Longworth raised his head in surprise. "Boy, you sure are a hot little piece."

They rolled off the couch onto the softly carpeted floor. Al blew his hot breath against her neck. He licked the side of her face and pushed his tongue into her ear. Tara could feel tingling sensations on the backs of her thighs. Her pointy nipples felt suddenly hard.

Mr. Longworth wasn't going to give her any time to catch her breath. He moved his hand up her front and started playing with her titties. She could feel the heat of his fingers right through the material of her blouse.

"What a fucking pair for such a young girl," Mr. Longworth moaned. "You've got tits like fucking cantaloupes."

Now he had both hands on her titties, squeezing and rubbing. It was making her crazy. Her clothes had started to feel so cramped and uncomfortable. She didn't mind when he started undoing the buttons of her blouse.

In a few seconds he got her blouse unbuttoned all the way down the front. He pulled the two folds apart and raised up to look at her tits. She was wearing a scanty blue bra and her tits threatened to spill out the top at the first opportunity.

"Oh fuck," Al said. "You fucking beautiful bitch!"

His hands slipped under her bra. She raised up to give him room to fumble with the hooks of her bra. He finally get them undone. She raised her arms and let him pull the bra off of her.

"Fucking shit," Al said. "I can't believe it. What a juicy-looking set! Fucking shit!"

He lowered his head to her tits. Tara moaned as she felt his hot, rough tongue licking her nipples. He was a lot more experienced than anyone he had been with this far!

He licked all around her pink nipple and then took it into his mouth. He sucked her nipple deep into his throat. She hadn't realized his mouth could hold so much titty-flesh.

His free hand started pulling up her skirt. She knew this time he wasn't going to be satisfied with just her playing with his cock until he came. This time he was going to want the real thing. Tara closed her eyes and thought about his thick cock and how it felt. She found that she didn't mind the thought of his fucking her. It was what she needed.

His hungry mouth moved to her other tit. This time she felt him sucking her titty-flesh into his mouth and then letting his teeth skim it as he drew back his head. He also bit lightly on her nipple before he would let the tit fall out of his mouth.

Those gently biting teeth were a new experience for Tara. It sent pleasure sensations down her body. She could feel her panties getting wet from her pussy juices. She closed her thighs closer together but that didn't help. It only made her pussy itch even more.

"Oh baby," she whispered softly. "Oh, Mr. Longworth!"

She could hear him laughing as he moved his lips to her other tit. He seemed determined to make them as hard as he could. She could do nothing but shiver and stroke the back of his head. He moved one hand up so that he could play with one tit while he sucked on the other. She found herself moving all over the floor. She had never felt anything so delicious. Mr. Longworth really knew how to use his lips.

"You're making me so hot," she whispered. "You're making me so crazy all over!"

She felt his tongue licking wetly down her belly to the top of her skirt. She shivered as his tongue started sliding between her belly and her skirt. He pulled her skirt down lower so that his tongue was actually touching her pussy hair.

"Let's take this damn thing off," Mr. Longworth said.

The young girl in Al's arms had no protest as Al pulled down the zipper of her skirt and started pushing it down her legs. He knew that he could get into a lot of trouble far what he was doing, but nothing seemed to matter but the luscious young girl in his arms.

Al wanted to fuck her so bad that he was afraid his herd cock was going to poke a hole through his trousers. He had never desired his wife or any woman as much as he desired this big tittied young girl.

She kicked the shirt of and Al slid his hands up between her legs. He started stroking her pussy lips, and he could feel her shivering. She clasped her thighs around his hand and her ass started a fucking motion.

"God," he groaned. "How'd you ever learn to get so hot, baby. You're hotter than a Mexican whore!"

He kept rubbing her pussy until the sweet young thing was going crazy. She was twisting and turning as if her body was on fire, and she was making soft moaning noises.

Al decided it was time to go that last step.

"Your panties, baby," Al whispered. "Take your panties off. Here, let me help."

Her panties were her last defense and she didn't want to give them up easily. Instead she found herself lifting her ass and allowing him to slide the flimsy panties down in her legs. She felt his hand back between her legs. His fingers stroked the sensitive lips of her cunt, making her lift her ass again. She groaned as one of his hot fingers slid into her.

"Yeah," Al Longworth said. "You like that, don't you? You like having my fingers inside you?"

"Oh, yes," she whispered. "I like that. I like it!"

He was laughing again he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy. She felt one of his fingers rubbing her clitty. It sent electric sparks through her. She tried to move her ass away but those hot fingers followed. Tara was feeling wild and wicked. Another second and she knew she would be completely in Al Longworth's command.

"No," she whispered. "Please don't do that, Mr. Longworth. I'll tell this time. I'll really tell!"

She knew what he said was true as she felt another of his fingers sliding into ecr pussy. He began to work them in and out like he was fucking her. In a few seconds she knew she wouldn't have stopped moving if her dad had walked through the door.

"That's right, sugar," Al said. "Just let that sweet pussy eat my fingers. Eat my fingers, baby. I'm going to give you something better than fingers in just a few minutes!"

He bent down and started sucking on her tits again while he finger-fucked her. A couple of times she almost came, but he knew how to move his fingers so that she never quite went over the edge.

"Oh please," she whispered. "You don't know what you're doing to me. You don't know!"

"I know what I'm doing all right." Longworth said. "I'm getting you all primed for action."

Al took her hand and placed it against his cock. She felt the hot swelling inside his trouser. It felt so big. Bigger than she remembered. Perhaps it was the thought of having it shoved into her cunt that made her so aware of how big it was.

"Feel it, baby," he said. "Play with it. You know that's what you like to do. You like to play with my cock!"

It was like her fingers were stuck to his cock. She couldn't seem to pull them away. She started rubbing her fingers up and down the length of it. She could still remember how it had jumped in her hand and how his white cum had shot over her fingers in sticky globs. And she remembered how many times she had dreamed about his cock.

Her fingers found the zipper.

"That's right, baby," Mr. Longworth said. "Take it out and play with it. You know you want to. You want to feel my cock in your hand and in your pussy. Go ahead, bitch. Take it out." She couldn't seem to resist. She pulled the zipper down and slipped her hand inside his trousers. She found that he wasn't wearing any shorts. Her fingers immediately touched his fat, throbbing cock. She already felt some of his cum leaking onto her fingers. She tightened her fingers around his throbbing cock and she pulled it out of his trousers.

She felt his hand on her back of her neck. She hardly thought about what she was doing as he leaned beck against the couch and she got up to her hands and knees. She brushed back her silky blond hair with one hand as she held his cock up with her other hand.

"You know what I want, baby," he said. "Go ahead and do me. Use that sweet looking mouth on me. You look so Goddamned innocent. I want to see an innocent bitch suck my cock!"

She bent her head and felt that sudden excitement pounding her body. It was exactly as it had been when she had been sucking Dave Adderly's cock. The smell of his cock, the way the tiny hole was tipped with cum, the way the blue veins ran through the head, all of those things excited her. She bent her head down a little more and started licking the bulbous head.

"There you go, baby," he said. "Oh shit, you were born to suck cock. Shit, that's fine. You were fucking made to suck cock!"

She knew that anybody who saw her would be ashamed. She looked like a lewd whore with her ass high in the air and her mouth making lewd sounds as she licked him.

She didn't give a damn if anyone thought she was a whore. She was loving it.

"Come on, you cock-sucking bitch," Al Longworth said. "Let's see you suck it. Let's see you swallow my fucking load!"

This time she knew it was going to happen. Al Longworth was going to come in her mouth. She could hardly keep her body from shaking at the thought. She turned her body around so that she was lying flat on her stomach between his legs. She quickly undid his belt and pulled his trousers down to his knees. His cock looked as fat and rigid as she remembered it. His heavy balls looked like they were filled with cum for her.

"Now, I'm going to eat you," Tara whispered. "I'm going to eat you all the way!"

She saw his eye get wide as Tara dropped her head to his crotch. She opened her mouth wide and hollowed her cheeks. She felt his prick sliding between her lips. She clamped down her teeth just beyond the crown. For a moment she kept his cock right there. She slowly got used to the heavy smell and the tangy taste of his cum dripping on her tongue. She could feel her pussy throbbing as she started moving her head forward and his cock started sliding deeper into her throat.

"Oh shit," he groaned. "You know how to give a fucking blow-job. Shit, baby!"

She took his prick into her mouth all the way to his balls. Her nose was clogged with the smell of his cock. She could hardly catch her breath, but somehow she didn't want to let his cock go. She had such a sense of being completely a woman when she held his cock inside her mouth.

She closed her lips tightly around his cock and pulled her head back up. She let her teeth skin his cock. She pulled her head back until she was just sucking on his crown once again. She started moving her hand up and down his prick. Immediately her hand felt sticky and sweaty. She knew he was leaking out of the corners of her mouth. She closed her lips tighter. Her head bobbed up and down and her fingers jerked at the base of his cock and fondled his heavy balls.

"Shit, you're going to make me blow my wad that way," he told her. "You're going to make me blow my wad that way!"

She didn't know why but sucking his cock was making her almost as excited as getting fucked. She could feel those same ripples of pleasure going up and down her body. Her titties felt as hard as if he'd been playing with them.

She felt both his hands in her hair. He stared twisting her hair around his fingers.

"I'm going to fuck your face, baby," he groaned. "I'm fucking that innocent face. Shit, I'd never believed it. I've watched your ass bouncing on the football field often enough. I've dreamed of this. Shit, suck it, bitch! Suck it!"

His ass was coming up off the floor and she could no longer control how deep his cock was getting into her throat. She could feel his hard knob bouncing against the deepest part of her throat.

"I'm going to blow it, baby," he groaned. "I'm going to blow my fucking wad. I'm going to fucking blow it! Shit, baby, shit, shit!"

It happened so quickly that she almost wasn't ready for it. She felt the way his cock grew and then suddenly he was exploding into her mouth with rivers of hot cum. She gagged and spit some out. She started swallowing as fast as she could. She felt the red hot cum going down her throat and into her stomach.

She kept swallowing until she felt his cock stop trembling. She slowly pulled her head away and licked her lips like a satisfied kitten just finishing a bowl of milk. She could feel her pussy beating with a hot rhythm. She sat back and closed her eyes. She could hardly wait for Mr. Longworth to get hard again and fuck her.

Instead she heard a rustling noise and she opened her eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked, in alarm. "I've got to get out of here, baby," he groaned. "How could I have been so damned stupid. I've got to get out of here before your people get home."

"But I did you," Tara moaned. "And I'm so hot you've got to do something for me!"

"Sorry," Mr. Longworth said as he finished dressing. "But this is the last time you'll see me. I'm getting the fuck out of this state. I don't want any police coming down on me for fucking minors."

"You didn't fuck me," Tara said.

"Sorry about that," Mr. Longworth said. "But you did me real good, baby. You're a great cock-sucker. If there was a blue ribbon for cock-sucking, you'd get it."

Tara couldn't believe it, but Mr. Longworth walked out of the house leaving her horny as hell!

Diane was surprised to find Tara on her doorstep a few minutes later. She didn't like the flushed look on Tara's face. She didn't like the way Tara grabbed her arm so tightly.

"Are your parents home?" Tara asked.

"Mother's in the kitchen," Diane said. "I was helping her fix supper."

"That can wait," Tara said. "Let's go up to your bedroom."

"What for?" Diane asked suspiciously.

"Don't ask any stupid questions," Tara said. "I haven't got time for them. Just come with me."

Diane followed the girl that she admired most in the world up the stairs to her bedroom. Diane didn't understand what Tara wanted that was so secret. Tara usually went out to talk with Diane's mother when Tara came over.

"Lock the door," Tara commanded.

"Lock the door," Diane said. "I don't understand."

"Lock the damn door," Tara said.

Diane locked the door. Diane was in for the shock of her life. Tara went over to the bed and stretched out on it. She raised her knees slightly and pulled up her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pink pussy was glistening with juice.

"Come here and eat me," Tara said. "I need a cock, but today you'll have to do."

Diane felt like crying. There were tears in her eyes. "But we talked about what happened last time. You told me it wasn't ever going to happen anymore. You promised. I was so ashamed."

"You got your rocks off eating my pussy," Tara said. "I haven't got time for this. Get your ass over here!"

Diane felt like screaming. She was being used. She had been sick over what she had done the last time. She had cried herself to sleep for a week. Now here was Tara commanding her to do the same thing again.

"I can't," Diane said. "Please don't make me!"

"I'm probably the only friend you have," Tara said. "I'm the reason that the girls don't snub you at cheerleading practice. Do you want me to put the word out around school that you're even more peculiar than people think you are?"

Diane was sobbing now but she didn't leave. Instead she went over to the bed and kneeled on the bed. She put her face between Tara's legs. Tara closed her thighs around Diane's dark hair. Tara knew she should have felt bad about what she was doing, but she couldn't. She was just too damned horny. Diane had been the first person she could think of.

"Now eat me, baby," Tara said. "Eat me good and swallow all my juice. Eat me, cunt!"

Tara grabbed the back of Diane's head and held on tightly. She started grinding her pussy into Diane's face. She felt Diane's tongue doing the job. Her probing tongue started ramming in and out of Tara's cunt like a big cock.

"That's the way, Diane, baby," Tara moaned. "Eat me good!"

Tara closed her eyes and thought about how wonderful it had been to suck Mr. Longworth's cock. She could feel his cum shooting into her mouth and running down her chin.

"Oh shit, that feels good," Tara moaned. "Now suck on my clitty. Suck on it hard!"

Tara wouldn't have cared if both Diane's parents had come walking in at that moment. Nothing mattered except her own pleasure.

She felt Diane taking her clitty between her lips and sucking on it, just as Tara had demanded. Tara felt the first ripple of pleasure shooting up from her thighs.

"Oh shit," Tara moaned. "Shit, I'm coming. I'm going to fucking come. Oh shit, that feels so good!"

She would have thought that the entire house would have heard her as the pleasure vibrated throughout her body. Her pussy shot hot juices into Diane's mouth. Diane started to move her head but Tara had a firm grip.

"Now you just suck up those juices," Tara moaned. "They're good for you. You just suck them up!"

She could hear Diane making swallowing sounds. It seemed like a long time before the last trembling pleasure went through her body. She relaxed. It was a lot more fantastic than she had believed it would be. At least it satisfied her for a while.

She allowed Diane to raise her head and she patted the dark-haired girl's cheek. "Now we'll go down and help your mother!" Tara said.

Chapter FIVE

Tara's parents had consented for Tara to go to a movie with Billy on the first day of the summer holidays. Billy had picked out an R-rated movie at the drive-in. It wasn't all that exciting but Billy had started trying to kiss and fondle her almost at once.

"Stop that, Billy," she said.

"Come on, Tara," Billy said. "We're at the movie now. Be good to me."

"I've been as good to you as I'm going to get." Tara said.

Tara didn't know why she wouldn't do with Billy what she had already done. Perhaps it was just because she wanted to keep up her innocent act with her classmates. So far Diane was the only one who knew about Tara.

Suddenly Tara thought about Diane.

"Billy," she said. "I know you're hungry for a girl. But does it have to be me? Can't I help you out in another way?"

"What do you mean?" Billy asked.

"I mean, what if I could get you a girl that would take care of your baser urges. Then you and I could just have fun together and I wouldn't have to worry about fighting you off all the time."

"I still don't understand," Billy said.

"You're being stupid. We're going steady now, right."


"Well I don't want to let you in my panties. I'm a good girl. But what if I could find you a girl who would. You'd still be going steady with me but this girl would go all the way with you."

"Goddamn, you're crazy," Billy said.

"No, I'm not. I think it's a good idea. I like to kiss but I don't like you fondling me all the time. Maybe we could bring another girl along. I do all the kissing and then you can crawl in the back seat with her."

"Goddamn, you're crazy," Billy said again.

"All right, if you're not interested," Tara said.

Billy was quiet for a moment. "Who's the girl?" he finally asked.


"That skinny broad."

"I'm sure she can do anything you need," Tara said. "But you're not interested."

"I didn't say that," Billy said. "What makes you think she'd go along with a deal like that?"

"I just know she would," Tara said. Tara could sense Billy's excitement. She was a little excited herself. This was the most kinky thing she'd ever thought of. She didn't even know why she was suggesting it. She wasn't really concerned about Billy's problem with sex. But something inside her wanted to see Diane humiliated some more. Something about seeing Diane degraded really excited Tara. A fleeting thought went through Tara's mind that perhaps it was herself that she really wanted to see degraded. Tara quickly banished that thought.

No, it was Diane who needed to be degraded.

Tara wiggled in her seat as she thought of giving her boyfriend to Diane. This would be one present that Billy would never forget.

"What if Diane doesn't want to do it?" Billy asked.

Tara knew that she had him hooked. "She'll do it."

Tara was sure of Diane. The poor girl had no willpower left after that afternoon in her room.

"All right," Billy said.

"Then let's get out of here," Tara said. "You've been horny all night long. I want to get the edge off before we go home. I don't want to think about you dropping me off and then going out to chase some other girl."

Billy started the car. He was trembling at the thought of getting his first piece of ass. Billy was a virgin although he would have never admitted that to Tara or any of his male friends. He was supposed to be a macho stud.

But this was really crazy. The most innocent girl in school was actually offering him a friend to fuck -- a girl who wouldn't be shy about it.

Billy could feel his prick getting stiff as he drove toward Diane's house. He parked in front and shifted his position to ease the aching of his cock.

"Stay here," Tara said. "I'll be right back."

Billy was sure it wouldn't happen. Tara couldn't make Diane do anything she didn't want to do. Yet, Tara and Diane returned only a few seconds later. Diane had not been intending to go out. She was dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a halter-top. Her tits didn't look as nice as Tara's but they were big enough. Billy felt his cock get harder.

Tara made Diane slip into the front seat between them. She sat by the window and shut the door.

"Drive out to River Road, Billy," Tara said. "You two know each other, don't you?"

"Yes," Diane said softly. "I know Billy."

Diane was trembling a little, and she sounded scared. Billy could almost feel sorry for her except for the hard dick in his trousers that needed relief. He drove out to River Road a little faster than he should have.

River Road was a dirt road off the highway. It was sort of a lover's lane. Billy was happy to find that the road was almost deserted this evening. He found a parking place beneath some trees and he turned off the ignition.

"Well, here we are," Tara said.

"Yeah," Bill said.

Billy shrugged his shoulders. He knew what he was there for. He put his arm around Diane. He made her turn her head and he kissed her softly on the mouth. Diane drew back and looked at him with a shocked expression.

So Diane didn't know what she had been brought there for. Billy felt his cock get harder. He kissed her again. This time he made his lips hard and he tried to get his tongue down her throat. Diane pushed him away.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Let's get out of the car," Tara said. "Don't you have a blanket in the back, Billy?"

"Yes," Billy answered.

"Get it out. We'll go down by the river."

Billy saw Tara and Diane talking as he got out of the car and opened the trunk. He took his blanket out and walked down by the river. He heard the door slam and the two girls followed. He heard Diane talking loudly.

"No," Diane said. "No, you can't make me."

Tara's voice was softer and Billy couldn't hear what was being said. Finally there was the sound of a slap. Diane was crying softly. Billy put the blanket onto the ground but he thought it was a lost cause. He sat down as the two girls walked up to him.

"Here she is, Billy," Tara said. "She understands everything now."

Diane was crying a little louder but Billy just couldn't feel sorry for her. Not when his cock was so hard. He patted the blanket beside him but Diane didn't get the hint. He reached up and pulled her down against him.

Billy kissed her again. Her lips still felt cold. Billy didn't mind that. He knew he was going to fuck her and he could take his time. He would have this sweet little broad begging for it before he was done with her.

Tara sat down on the other side of them. Billy was surprised at that. He would have expected Tara to go for a walk or something. But she was doing just what she said she was going to do. She was going to sit there and watch.

Billy pressed Diane down onto the blanket and he started running his hands up and down her legs. She felt stiff as a log. He kept running his hands over her and kissing her mouth. It took him about fifteen minutes but he finally felt her mouth relax. He took advantage and stabbed his tongue between her lips. She gave a startled gasp but it was too late to do anything about it.

"Yeah," Tara said softly. "Kiss her like that. She likes it that way."

Tara could feel her body shivering as she watched Billy and Diane. She had known she was going to be excited but already she could feel her pussy throbbing. She hadn't expected it to happen this quickly. She moved closer.

She put her hand on the back of Billy's head and she began to stroke his hair.

Billy was rally ramming his tongue deep into Diane's throat. Diane's tongue had finally started to rub back against Billy's. Billy moved his hands up to one small tit and he felt her body tighten.

"Don't worry, baby," Billy said. "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm going to make you feel good!"

He kept his hand on her tit. He was going to take it easy with Diane. He could sense how scared she was. Again he wondered what kind of hold Tara had on her. Then he forgot to wonder as he felt her lifting her back to press her titty into his hand.

He drove his tongue even deeper into her throat and he started to undo her halter-top. She made a few sounds of protesting but she didn't fight him. The halter-top came off easily and he raised his head to looks her naked tits.

They were smaller than he'd hoped for but they were nicely shaped and creamy. And she had big red nipples that were already as hard as rock.

"Suck on them, Billy," Tara urged. "Suck her hot titties. She'll really ge worked up!"

Billy lowered his head and he kissed one nipple and then the other. Then he sucked more of her titty into his mouth and kept biting gently. He could feel her squirming with delight.

"She likes that," Tara whispered. "She really likes that."

Billy was moving his mouth from one tit to the other. Tara could hardly stand to watch. It was making her so itchy all over. Tara had thought she could control herself, but her body was getting hotter by the second. She moved her hands up to caress her big, hot tits. She could feel them swelling up inside her bra. She almost wished she could take them out even if Billy was watching!

Billy raised his head. He looked over at Tara. He wondered at the flushed look on her face. It looked like Tara was getting hot too. He would have given his left nut for a chance at Tara. But she was too innocent. It would never happen. He would settle for Diane.

"Come on, baby," Billy said. "Help me take off your jeans. I want to play with that pussy!"

"Please don't," Diane whispered. "Please!"

Billy had no pity on her. He found the zipper on her jeans and pulled it down. He got her jeans down to her legs and then Tara started helping him. They pulled the jeans off her and Billy put his hand between her legs.

"Oh, no," Diane whispered.

"Don't worry about it, honey," Billy said. "Don't worry. I'm going to make you feel really good."

Diane was sobbing again. But this time her crying had a different sound. Billy was sure that Diane didn't want him to stop. She was also starting to enjoy what was happening.

Billy put his fingertips underneath Diane's flimsy panties. For the first time in his life Billy felt a girl's pussy hair. He pulled at it and felt Diane shudder. He moved his fingers a little more and he touched her pussy.

"He's got your pussy now," Tara said. "He's playing with you cunt. Don't you like that, Diane? Don't you love it!"

Diane wasn't saying anything, but she was softly moaning. Billy kept running his fingertips up and down her pussy lips. Finally he got courage enough to push one finger into her wet cunt.

"Oh my God," Diane moaned softly.

Billy pushed another finger into her pussy. He started moving his fingers in and out of her cunt. He could feel her pussy walls squeezing his fingers. He had never done this before but he knew how it was done. He had heard about it often enough.

"Play with her clitty," Tara moaned, her voice excited. "Find her clitty and play with it. That'll really make her move her ass."

Billy moved his fingers round until he felt her tremble with a sudden pleasure. He knew he had found the right spot. He started moving his fingers against the tiny clit. He felt it getting hard and her ass moved against his fingers.

"Yes," Diane moaned. "Yes, that's good!"

He did it for a few seconds longer and then he pulled his fingers out of her pussy. He grabbed her panties and peeled them down her long legs. He had her completely naked. He bent over and started kissing her everywhere. He ran his tongue down her belly to her pussy and licked at her pussy. Diane was really going crazy. She was moaning and her body was twisting from side to side.

"Fuck her," Tara moaned. "Fuck her now. Take your clothes off and fuck her."

Billy couldn't get over the way Tara was acting. He looked at her face and there was a wild look in her eyes. She didn't seem to realize that she had unbuttoned her blouse a little and her hand was inside playing with her tit. What was a waste! Billy would have loved to put his hand inside with those hot tits.

Billy got off the blanket and he hurriedly undressed. He felt a little shy about being undressed in front of the two girls, but he didn't feel shy about his hard cock. He was proud of his cock. It was bigger than most of the boys on the football team. He had noticed in the showers. And he could tell that Tara thought so too!

"You like it?" Billy asked.

"It's big," Tara said, nodding her head.

Again Billy wished it was Tara be was fucking, but right at that moment he needed a piece of ass and Diane was ready. He dropped down onto the blanket and pushed his cock up against her hairy snatch. He pushed a little.

"Oh, that hurts," Diane moaned.

"It won't hurt for long," Billy promised. "I won't hurt you."

Billy started rubbing his cock head up and down her snatch. In a few minutes he could feel her juices wetting his cock head. He gave another little push and he felt his cock head popping into her cunt.

"Oh shit," Billy moaned. "Oh fucking shit. It feels good. It feels so fucking good. I'm going to put it all the way in. I'm going to shove it all the way into your pussy!"

Diane made one sound before Billy rammed his cock into her all the way to his balls. Diane started crying in pain but even Billy was smart enough not to move right away. Instead he left his cock deep within her and gave her time to get used to it.

Billy heard another sound. Tara had moved up close to them. Billy's eyes widened as he saw that Tara had taken off her blouse and bra. Her firm tits almost stuck him in the face.

"Oh fuck," Billy said. "What a fucking pair. I've never seen anything like your tits, baby!"

"Don't you get any ideas," Tara said. "Our deal still holds. I just got kind of hot and I know a way to take care of it."

Tara moved to Diane's head. She stretched out on her belly so that her tits brushed against Diane's face. Tara made Diane turn her head.

"Suck me while he's fucking you," Tara said. "Hold my nipples in your mouth and suck them!"

Billy was shocked. Diane turned her head and her mouth opened and she began to suck on Tara's tits just as she'd been doing it for a long time. Billy thought that something like that should look sick, but it didn't. It was the most exciting thing he'd ever seen. Billy couldn't hold still any longer. He began to ram his cock into Diane's hot pussy.

"I'm fucking you," Billy moaned. "I'm really fucking you. Oh shit, it feels good. I'm fucking you!"

Billy slipped his hands underneath her and grabbed her ass cheeks. He held onto her tightly and he began to slam his fat cock into her pussy as hard as he could. He had a feeling that she was a virgin but that didn't matter. She was so damned tight and hot. Fucking was everything he'd always dreamed about.

He held onto her ass a little tighter as he fucked her. He could feel his cock going deep into her belly. He loved it when she raised her legs and locked them around his beck. He could feel her bucking up to meet his cock.

"You like it, don't you?" he said. "You like having a big cock in your cunt!"

"Oh yes," she cried. "Oh yes, I love it!"

She had to stop sucking on Tara to speak. Tara moved away. Her hands moved up to caress her big tits once again. She could feel the hot shivers going through her body. Her pussy was hot. She looked up to see Billy staring at her.

"Let me see you naked," Billy whispered. "Come on, Tara. Just let me see you naked."

Tara knew she had lost control. She couldn't help it. She stood up and stripped off the rest of her clothes. She could feel Billy's hot eyes devouring her body. Billy took one hand out from under Diane's ass.

"Let me feel your titties, Tara," Billy said. "Please, baby. Just bend over and let me feel those big titties!"

It was crazy, but she couldn't help herself. She moved closer and she felt Billy's hand on her tit. He grasped one titty like he could never get enough of holding her tit.

"Oh shit," Billy said. "Shit, I've never felt a pair like yours. Oh shit, Tara. Oh shit, this feels good!" He kept caressing her big tit as he fucked Diane. Tara could see the flush of pleasure on Diane's face. She could see the way the young girl was moving in joy. She knew it wouldn't be long for Diane.

"She's going to come pretty won," Tara said. "You're going to make her come with your big cock. Fuck her harder now. Fuck her really hard. She'll make you happy!"

"Oh God yes," Diane groaned. "I'm coming, I'm going to fucking come. Oh shit, it feels so good. I've never come like this before. Fuck me with that big cock, Billy. Fuck me good!"

Billy rammed her as hard as he could. His cock made wet sounds as he savagely pumped her pussy. Diane's young body twisted all over the blanket. She seemed to be sucking at Billy's cock with her pussy. After a few more moments she seemed to relax.

"Keep moving that sweet ass, bitch," Billy moaned. "Don't fucking stop now. Keep moving that ass!"

Diane seemed to get her second breath. She started lifting her ass off the ground to meet Billy's hard thrusts. Tara could hear her gasping for breath with each movement.

"I'm there," Billy shouted. "I'm fucking there. I'm going to fucking come! I'm going to shoot my fucking cum in your pussy! Oh shit, baby! Oh shit, I'm there!"

Billy's fingers really clamped down on Tara's titties. It almost hurt. But Tara didn't mind as she saw the wild expression on Billy's face and the way he shoved his prick as far into Diane's pussy as he could manage. She heard Billy gasp softly and she knew he was shooting his cum into her pussy. He made another movement with his hips and he pulled his cock out of her.

Tara took a long look at his cock, still dripping with cum, and she squeezed her thighs together. Almost immediately she felt a delicious spasm shake her body. Then another! She had never come without something touching her before. But Billy had even let go of her tits as he relaxed.

"Oh shit," Tara moaned softly as the last tingle went through her body.

She realized she had her eyes closed and she opened them again. Billy was staring at her tits. She quickly put back on her bra and blouse. She really didn't want Billy to get a lot of ideas about fucking her.

She wanted to keep her reputation even though it was going to be a little harder after tonight!

Chapter SIX

Stacy Bishop was a beautiful woman and she was never more beautiful than she was at that moment. Dave Adderly could hardly take his eyes off her. She had blond hair and a fuller figure than her daughter, Tara. She also had that sense of cool that Dave admired in a woman.

Dave had lusted after her a long time. They had been friends in school and Dave had attended her wedding. He had kept up with her all these years. He had even used her daughter to sit for him because her daughter was the younger image of her mother.

Dave had never dreamed he had a chance with Stacy. He knew Stacy didn't mess around at all. Dave wasn't even sure she liked sex with her husband. Stacy's face and lush figure seemed to be always appearing in the newspaper for some charity work or other. Always the woman beyond his reach!

Until now!

"Are you sure you wouldn't like a drink?" Dave asked.

"I'm sure. I'm on my lunch hour. You know that." Stacy crossed her long, silken legs and tugged at the hem of her knee-length skirt. "I don't know what you have to say that could be so important that I have to come out to your house. I don't like this."

"I understand," Dave said. "But I promised you that it would be worth your trouble."

"It better be," Stacy said.

Dave knew he had her worried. He had told her that it was about her daughter. Tara was Stacy's one big weak spot. She loved her daughter more than anything. Even more than her husband! And Stacy wanted the best for he husband. Dave was counting on that.

"I don't understand what my daughter has to do with you."

"I recognized her in a film," Dave said.

"A film? What kind of film."

"I'm going to let you see that for yourself. I couldn't describe it to you. Let me turn off the lights."

She sure didn't like what was going on. She had an ugly look on her face as he turned off the lights and turned on his projector. He could barely see her face in the dark.

The movie didn't come out as well as he would have liked, but it was pretty obvious who it was. Tara was on the screen. She had her plump legs spread and she was fingering her pussy. He heard Stacy make a small gasping sound.

Her eyes stayed glued tar the screen until he finally turned the projector off.

"Oh my God," Stacy said softly.

Dave waited. He turned back on the lights. He turned to look at her face again. She didn't look so cool anymore. Her face was pale and her lips were parted. Dave could feel a hardening bulge in his trousers just looking at her.

"Where did you get that film?" she asked.

"A man sold it to me. Don't worry, that's the only one. I understand that her boyfriend made the film and there was only that copy. It was a big investment for me. But I didn't think you wanted this film going around town."

"No," Stacy said softly.

She was stunned. He could see it in her eyes. She didn't know what to do. For the first time in her life she was in a situation she couldn't handle.

"I thought that I should show this to your husband."

"Oh no," she said.

"Then what would you have me to do with the film?"

"Destroy it," she said.

"I couldn't do that," he said. "It was an awfully big investment. I wouldn't want to be out of all that money."

"I'll pay you for the film. Money's no object."

Dave leaned back in his chair. He grinned. He knew he had her. She was a big fish and he had hooked her. Now all that remained was for him to reel her in. He could already feel those big, hot tits in his hands.

"I don't think I'm going to sell it," Dave said. "But I might be talked into letting you have it."

"What do you want?"

"You," Dave Adderly answered. "I want you. For one time in your life I want you to behave like a cock-loving bitch. Right now! And you can walk out of here with that film."

"You're disgusting," she said.

She got up to leave. Dave didn't try to stop her.

He waited until she got to the door before he reached down and flicked on the projector again. Tara's image filled the screen again.

"Look at her, Stacy. Look at your daughter play with her cunt. She's loving it! Just think about all those men who are going to watch this film. Every man in town! They'll all know what a sweet ass your daughter has."

Stacy didn't open the door. She was trembling. She took a deep breath and then turned around to face him again.

"You're a bastard," she said.

"Yeah," he agreed.

"My husband would kill you if he knew about this. He would murder you."

"Maybe he could. But he'll never find out. You're much too proud, baby! You want too much. You wouldn't do like to have the Bishop name smeared with filth. You'd do anything to keep your image."

"You're still a bastard," she said, "But you're right."

"I've wanted you for a long time," be said. Stacy shrugged her shoulders. She walked back to the couch and sat down. "I'd like that drink now."

Dave kept grinning lewdly as he fixed her a drink and brought it over to the couch. He kept thinking about what he was going to do to her. She looked away from him and he settled down beside her.

"Cheer up. It's not the end of the world."

He was impatient, but he waited until she finished her drink. She drank slowly. He put his arm around her. She felt stiff. He put his hand in her hair and jerked her head around.

"I want you to be very nice to me," he said. "You'd better be if you don't want your daughter's ass spread all over town."

"You sick bastard," she said.

But she relaxed a little. He kissed her. Her mouth felt as hot and soft as he had always thought it would. He pushed his tongue against her lips and her lips opened willingly. His tongue slid into her hot mouth. She kept her tongues still, but he enjoyed rubbing his tongue against hers.

"You sweet bitch," he said. "You sweet-assed bitch. I've been dreaming about this for years!"

He kept kissing her until he could finally feel her tongue rubbing his. She might hate his guts but she was starting to like the kissing. Dave started to wonder if maybe Stacy didn't have as hot an ass as her daughter.

"Let's go up to the bedroom," he said.

She followed him meekly up the stairs. Dave stretched out on the king-size bed and put his hands behind his head.

"Strip," he commanded her.

She didn't hesitate. Stacy had already made up her mind that she was going to do whatever he wanted. It wasn't just her pride. Certainly she didn't want the town finding out what her daughter had been doing, but it was a lot more than that. Stacy had never been in a situation like this but she was a hot-blooded woman and she'd often thought about it. It was sexual blackmail and she could tell herself that it wasn't really her fault.

Her fingers trembled a little but she managed to unbutton her blouse all the way down the front. She shrugged it off her shoulders and heard Dave gasp. She was wearing a tiny black bra that hardly contained the creamy texture of her tits. The bra was cut down almost to her pink nipples. She saw Dave licking his lips.

"Talk dirty to me, baby," Dave said. "I like you to talk dirty while you're stripping."

"I can't do that," she said, but her voice sounded weak.

"You'll do anything I fucking tell you, bitch," Dave said. "Or walk out the fucking doer. Make up your mind."

She nodded. She had never been asked to talk dirty even for her husband. She reached down and unzipped her skirt as she tried to get courage enough to do what he wanted.

"Say fuck, baby," Dave said. "Tell me how much you want to fuck me and suck my cock. Tell me, you fucking cunt!"

She stepped out of the skirt. She saw his eyes widen at the sight of her black garter belt and black panties. It was an outfit she had worn to turn her husband on. She had wanted some good fucking that evening, but this wasn't exactly how she had wanted it.

"I want you to fuck me," she said softly. "I want to lick your cock and feel your cock inside me. I want to feel your hard cock in my cunt!"

Dave suddenly felt horny as hell. He realized that he was losing control of the situation. Stacy was a lot of woman and she knew how to make a man horny. He watched closely as she kept talking dirty and running her hands over her silken-looking body.

"Christ," Dave said.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her black bra. The cups fell away from her creamy tits. Dave swallowed hard. He had never seen a better looking pair of tits. Not even Tara's looked bigger. And Stacy's hot pink nipples looked bigger than silver dollars.

"Play with those tits," Dave said. "Make your nipples big and hard!"

She didn't look away from him as she moved her hands up her body and started caressing her firm tits. Dave could actually see her pink nipples rowing hard. He could feel his prick about to break out of his trousers.

"God," he groaned. "Come over here."

She went to the bed. Stacy didn't even hesitate anymore. She was starting to feel the hungry excitement in her body. She couldn't help herself. Her husband hadn't looked at her in this way in along time. Dave looked like be could eat her alive.

She moaned softly as he put his hands on her tits. He pinched her nipples gently and she moaned again. She bent closer to the bed. She wasn't surprised when she felt his tongue licking one of her hard nipples. She pressed her tits closer to his face. It was beginning not to make a damn that he was blackmailing her.

He put his arms around her and pulled her down onto the bed with him. He kept her tight against him and he could feel the shivers going through her body. His hands moved down her body and he gripped her ass cheeks. Her ass squirmed as his fingers dug into her ass cheeks.

"You feel good to me, baby," he told her.

"You do too," she said. "Oh God, you feel so good!"

He kissed her mouth. This time her tongue started rubbing against his. He moved his hands up and between her tits. He couldn't seem to get enough of feeling those big tits.

He rolled her over onto her back. At first he hadn't been going to do this, but he changed his mind. She was just so willing that he couldn't help himself. Besides, he wanted to taste that honey cunt. He moved his tongue down her body until he was between her legs. He started licking the insides of her thighs. He could tell she was surprised by this. She started to get tense but then she relaxed.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked.

"You know what I'm going to do, baby," he said. "I'll bet it's something you've always wanted." He slipped off her panties.

He moved his face up closer to her pussy and started licking at her pussy lips. He parted her pussy with his tongue and he felt her body jerk with pleasure.

"Yeah, baby," he said. "You're going to like this!"

He kissed her pussy and then stabbed his tongue deep inside her cunt. Her cunt tasted sweet. He started rolling his tongue all around the inside of her pussy. He could feel her body trembling with new pleasure.

"Oh," she moaned. "Nobody's ever done this to me before. I've never felt anything like this!"

Her legs clamped around his face. Her hips started bucking. He could feel her tangy juices filling his mouth. He had never thought the cool Mrs. Bishop would get so crazy.

"Oh, that's nice," she groaned. "That's so nice!"

He kept rolling his tongue inside her pussy until her pussy was deliciously wet. He was enjoying himself. He had never thought he would have Mrs. Cool Ass Bitch shaking her cool ass for him. But she had lost control of herself. He drove his tongue deeper and felt her shudder.

His searching tongue found her clitty. He only brushed against it and he thought that Stacy was going to go out of her mind. He sucked it between his lips and began chewing on it. Her ass started jerking from side to side.

"Oh, Christ," Stacy moaned. "Eat me good, baby. Eat me good. Eat up my pussy!"

He hadn't been sure that he was going to make her come but he started getting sure. He knew he wanted to feel her come with his tongue inside her. He released her clitty and he started ramming his tongue into her cunt as fast as he could.

"You're going to make me come," she screamed. "You're going to make me come! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her lush body nearly came off the bed. He could feel her body shaking with the wild spasms of pleasure. More of her hot juices flooded his mouth. He was forced to keep swallowing until the last shiver of pleasure went through her.

"God," he said, pulling away from her soaking pussy. "I never thought you'd go that crazy."

"I never did either," Stacy admitted. "But nobody's ever done that to me before."

Dave couldn't believe it. Nobody had ever eaten her luscious pussy before. It was a damned waste. Dave shook his head. He was going to make sure her pussy never went long without a tougue from now on. He was sure that Stacy would come back for more.

"Keep the garter belt and high heels on," Dave commanded. "And undress me. I'm feeling lazy. It's time you did a little work."

"You're still a bastard," she said, "but you know something? I'm beginning to like you."

Dave grinned. He stretched out onto his back and put his hands behind his head. The luscious blond leaned over him and started undressing his. It didn't take her long to strip off everything but his shorts. He saw her looking at the big bulge in his shorts.

"I guess I really do excite you," she said.

"You'd better fucking believe it," he told her.

Stacy pulled the shorts down carefully. She freed his massive prick and then sat back on her legs to look at it. It was huge and stiff as a log.

She could see the little white drops of cum on the red tip.

"It looks beautiful," she said softly.

"Why don't you find out what it tastes like," he said.

Stacy didn't say anything but it was what she wanted. She leaned forward and licked the tip. She could feel it throbbing underneath her tongue. She opened her mouth and let the cock head slide inside her lips. She closed her eyes. She had never had a cock inside her mouth. It was exciting. It was degrading, but that only added to the excitement.

"Yeah, baby," Dave said. "Put that practiced mouth to work. Suck on it, baby!"

She pushed back her blond hair with one hand. She bobbed her head and took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. She felt his fat cock head at her throat. She raised her head and let his cock head rub against her mouth. She could taste the smear of cum his cock head left.

"Sweet bitch," Dave moaned. "You sweet fucking bitch!"

Her head started bobbing a little faster. She was taking the entire cock into her mouth and using her tongue on his red-hot prick. Finally Dave could stand it no longer. He wanted to feel his cock inside that sweet pussy.

"Move your head, baby," he said. "I want to stick it up your pussy. I warn you on your hands and knees with your ass in the air. I want to stick it nine inches up your cunt!"

Stacy was still trembling, but this time it wasn't fear but excitement. She turned over and raised herself to her hands and knees. She knew she was lewdly exposed to him but she didn't care. She could already feel a churning in her body. She was setting excited again. It had been along time since she had been excited this way.

"Fuck me!" she moaned, wiggling her ass at him. "Fuck my pussy. I want it so bad."

He stood behind her and he pushed his cock against her pussy hole. He eased his fat cock head inside her. He felt her moving her ass back against him as she tried to take all his swollen cock inside her. He wouldn't give her all she wanted. He gently eased his prick half into her.

"Oh God, give it to me," she cried. "Give me your prick. Give it to me hard!"

He waited until he could feel her body shaking with need. Only then did he ram his prick all the way into her pussy. He kept it inside her without moving. She was moving her ass against him hard. He pulled back and then rammed it back into her again.

"You sweet bitch," he said. "You sweet fucking bitch!"

He wanted to fuck her slow, to enjoy every minute of sweet pleasure, but that was impossible. Her pussy felt too Goddamned good. He started ramming her as hard as he could. He felt the hot pressure building up in his balls.

"I could fuck you all night long," she moaned savagely. "It feels good. It feels so fucking good!"

She was really getting crazy. He reached around and grabbed her tits so that he could hold on tighter. He knew he didn't have much time left. He could already feel the liquid fire starting to shoot up from his balls.

"I'm close, baby," he groaned. "Oh shit, you'd better hurry up. I'm so fucking close!"

"Don't worry about me!" Stacy screamed. "I'm there. I'm already fucking there. I'm coming! I'm fucking coming! Oh Jesus, it feels so good! So good!"

Her body started shaking with pleasure. At the same time Dave could feel his cum starting to squirt into her pussy. He gave her one last stroke.

"Shit, baby," he groaned. "Feel that! Feel that, baby! Feel that! I'm shooting my cum! I'm shooting my fucking cum!"

Dave felt his prick jerking inside the tight hold of her cunt. He could feel his cum making her pussy wet. He relaxed and his stiff prick slipped out of her.

"You fuck pretty good for a lady getting blackmailed," Dave said.

"It started out as blackmail." Stacy said. "It turned into more than that."

Dave grinned because he knew that Stacy was going to come back for more.

Chapter SEVEN

Tara was feeling pretty good. She was a little high on her father's wine. Both her parents were away at a party somewhere. They had told her where, but she had forgotten. Now she didn't care. She was content to sit and sip wine and feel good.

She had taken a hot shower earlier and she was dressed in a filmy black nightgown. She only wore her panties underneath the gown. She didn't bother putting op a robe. After all, there was nobody there to see her.

Tara heard the doorbell ring, but it seemed far away. She wasn't going to answer. She just sat on the couch only half interested in the television program.

She was suddenly aware that there was someone in the room with her.

She sat up straight and looked around the room. Billy was standing in the door watching her. There was someone else standing behind him but she couldn't tell who it was.

"Billy," she said. "What are you doing here?"

"I started thinking about our deal," Billy said. "I decided I didn't like it. I want to change it."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I don't want to fuck that skinny bitch. She's pretty good, I'll admit. I've been back a couple of times and she lets me have it easy. But I don't want her that much. I want you."

"But I'm a good girl, Billy," she said.

"Bullshit," Billy said. "You're a cunt. Just like Diane. Just like every other girl."

Billy walked into the room. The boy behind him followed. He was almost as big as the living room door and she felt something stick in her throat. She recognized Harry Wales. Everybody knew Harry. He had graduated a year before and he was going to college now.

He was one of the biggest players on the football team. And. Tara knew that he was also mean as a snake.

"What's are you doing here?" Tara asked.

"He's a friend. Friends share things."

Suddenly Tara started to get the idea. She saw him looking at how her tits pressed against the clinging nightgown. She realized that the two boys could see nearly everything she had. She put her hands over her tits.

"Get out of here," she said.

"Relax, baby," Harry said. "We're not going to hurt you. We wouldn't hurt a pretty girl like you."

Harry walked over to the couch and sat down beside her. He seemed to make four of her tiny body. She started to move away from him. He quickly put an arm around her. He hugged her easily against his body. She couldn't breathe. His arm grew tighter and she found herself gasping.

He released her. He had just been showing her how mean he could be.

"Now you just relax," Harry said. "I've been hearing a lot about you lately. I've even seen a couple of films about you."

"Films?" she asked.

"Sure, baby. Dave Adderly likes football. He traded me a free view of your sweet pussy for a couple of tickets. I got the better part of the deal."

Suddenly she started realizing what had happened. Dave had shown the picture to Harry. Harry had told Billy. Billy was mad because she was fucking others and she wouldn't fuck him. He had brought Harry because he wanted revenge on her.

"Please, Billy," she said. "Send him away. We'll talk."

"Shut up, cunt," Billy said. "We're through talking."

Harry pulled her against him and he kissed her mouth. She felt like a helpless little doll in Harry's arms. Nobody had ever made her feel so helpless before. She knew it would do no good to struggle against Harry. He was so big and strong.

"Kiss me, cunt," Harry said. "Don't keep your lips hard. I want to feel you enjoy it."

Billy had sat down on the other side of her. She tried to speak to him again but Harry was kissing her again. This time she made her lips soft. His fat tongue stabbed into her mouth. She almost choked on it. He kept rubbing his tongue inside her mouth until she had no choice. She started touching her tongue against his. At the same time she felt his hand move up her side and slip between her tits. His rough hand cupped one titty.

"You got real nice set of tits," Harry said.

"I've gone out with some classy college girls who didn't have tits as big as you got."

His fingers kept massaging her tit. She finally felt a nipple starting to get stiff. She tried to pull away but there was no way he was going to let her do that. His hand clamped down on her titty and he started rubbing his fingers across her nipple. She could feel her nipple rubbing against the silky material of her gown. She couldn't help it. It got hard as rock.

"It's getting big, baby," Harry said.

"Yeah, you're a hot one, all right. You're a hot piece of ass!"

His other hand grabbed her free tit. He was roughly massaging both of them. It hurt a little, but the pain added to her excitement. She could feel both her tits swelling up with lust.

"You're a sweet bitch," Billy said. "Me and Harry are going to make you cry with joy."

Harry picked her up and put her down on to the floor. He peeled her nightgown up over her head. He sat back so that he could ogle her big, hot tits.

"What a fucking pair," he said. "Jesus, what a pair of tits!"

She couldn't stop him from doing as he wanted. He got down on the floor with her. He placed his knees between her legs and bent over. He started licking her tits. She felt his tongue moving underneath her tits and then up to her nipple. She felt him sucking the stiff nipple into his mouth.

"Don't do this to me," she whispered. "Please!"

"Just shut up and enjoy yourself," Harry said.

He started biting her tits. His teeth bit gently but it made her shiver. She pushed her titty into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider and sucked harder. She groaned softly.

"Oh please don't," she moaned. "Don't do this to me!"

He kept moving his wet mouth from one luscious tit to the other. His teeth bit at her savagely and then she could feel his tongue brushing over the bite. She put her hands in his hair and ran her fingers through the thickness. She might have been able to stop this if it hadn't been for the wine. The wine was making her feel so good. And this hot mouth was making her feel even better.

He opened his mouth wider and somehow he seemed to be getting all of her creamy tit into his mouth. He kept biting at her tingly flesh. He pulled his head back and his tongue licked at her fat nipple. He raised his head and looked at her face.

"Shit, you're loving it, bitch," he said. "You don't want me to stop. You love having your tits sucked."

His hands went underneath her body. He moved his hands underneath her gown and cupped her ass cheeks. Even through her panties she could feel the heat of his fingers.

Suddenly she didn't want him to stop anymore. She found herself pressing her ass against his strong fingers. She was lifting her back and pressing her sweet tits into his mouth. She was suddenly aware that Billy was on the floor beside them. Billy started running his hands up and down her body. She felt his fingers playing between her legs. She was really getting hot down there.

"You can't do this to me," she moaned. "You're making me crazy. You can't do this to me!"

They weren't listening. Billy pushed Harry over and he put his lips to one of her tits. Both boys started sucking and playing with her tits. In a few moments she could feel the tingling warmth spreading all over her body. She knew her pussy was dripping juice because she could feel the wetness of her panties.

Billy's hand was between her legs. He rubbed his fingers up and down the entrance to her cunt. She found herself pushing her pussy back at his fingers.

"Shit yeah," Billy said. "She loves it. Let's take these off."

She had already given up hope. She raised her ass and allowed Billy to slide her panties down her long legs. She felt his hand cupping her pussy mound. Two of his fingers slid easily into her wet snatch. She moaned and wiggled her ass in pleasure. She tried to tighten her cunt around his fingers.

"Give her a good finger-fuck, Billy," Harry said. "Make the little bitch work her ass for you!"

Billy started ramming his fingers in and out of her cunt as fast as he could. She didn't like behaving like some whore in front of the boys, but it just felt so damn good.

"Oh God," she moaned softly. "God, it feels good."

Billy worked his fingers all around the inside of her steaming cunt. Perhaps it was the wine but something was making her turn on even faster than normal. She could feel the fires building up in her belly.

"Look at her face," Harry said. "She's really digging it. Take your fingers out of her now."

She kept moving her ass for a few moments before she realized that Billy had taken his fingers out of her cunt. She couldn't believe it. She opened her legs wider and lifted her ass off the floor in a lewd attempt to get him to put his fingers back.

"I need it," she moaned. "Oh, please put your fingers back. Don't tease me. Don't stop now!"

"You hot assed little cunt," Harry said. "I'm going to give you something you'll like a lot better than a couple of fingers!"

Harry was standing up. He undressed slowly and he was aware that she couldn't take her eyes off his muscular, hairy body. He was down to his jockey shorts before he stopped.

"On your knees, cunt," he said. "You take my fucking shorts off. Hurry up, Goddamn it. Don't waste any more fucking time!"

She didn't move fast enough to suit him. He grabbed her by her thick hair and jerked her up to her knees. It hurt like hell. He moved forward and pushed his crotch into her face. For a few minutes he held her head still and rubbed his fat cock against her face. She could feel how wet his shorts were and she knew that he'd already been dripping cum.

"Now take them off, bitch," he said. "Take off my fucking shorts!"

She carefully took the edges of his jockey shorts and slipped them over his cock and down his hairy legs. He stepped out of them. He pulled her face back against his cock. This time she could feel his naked cock rubbing her in the face. His cock was sweaty and tasted like salt. He made her rub his cock against her face and in her hair. She could feel some of his lubricating cum dripping down her face and staining her lips.

"Yeah, you bitch," Harry said. "You know what to do with a fucking cock, don't you? You know how to kiss cock and suck it. Well, show me, bitch. Show me how!"

He drew back and held his cock out to her. She put one hand underneath his massive cock. She held it against her lips and started licking the massive cock head. She tasted his salty cum. She licked at the tiny hole and tasted more of his cum. She was aware that Billy was standing at her shoulder and watching every move she made. She felt Billy's hand on her tit, caressing her creamy titty and pinching her nipple.

He put his hands in her hair and held on tight. She felt him start to push his cock against her lips. She had to open her mouth and she felt his slimy cock going into her mouth. She felt his cock head on her tongue. She hollowed her cheeks to take even more of his prick into her mouth.

"Oh shit yeah," Harry moaned. "I knew you'd know how to suck a cock. Shit yeah!"

Harry's fingers tangled in her blonde hair. He started bucking his hips. She no longer had to move. He was driving his rigid prick into her mouth. She knew she had never taken such a big cock into her mouth. Somehow she managed. She could feel his cock head slamming against the back of her throat. She could feel his thick cum dripping down her throat.

"Take off your clothes, Billy," Harry said. "Come on, boy. You got to stick your cock into her mouth. It's like sticking your prick into a burning ember."

Billy took his hand off her tit. He quickly started getting undressed. In a few seconds she felt another cock rubbing against her cheek and in her hair. She couldn't turn her face but she knew it was Billy's cock.

"Feel this, bitch," Billy said. "You've been so fucking virginal the past few years. Now you're going to make it up to me. I'm going to stick my prick anywhere I want."

Billy proved it by sticking his prick into her ear. She felt the inside of her ear getting smeared with cum. He took it out of her ear and started rubbing it in her hair. She knew that her hair was also getting wet with cum.

"Let me put it in her mouth," Billy said. "Let me have her mouth."

Harry laughed as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. She heard Billy laugh also as he turned her head toward him. His cock brushed her lips. She opened her mouth and Billy's small cock slid into her mouth. This was crazy. She couldn't believe that she was sucking two cocks. She felt her heart hammering. It was happening to her again. Every time she took a prick into her mouth she went crazy. Her pussy was almost vibrating with pleasure. She found herself sucking harder at Billy's cock. She was taking his thick prick all the way into her throat and she was skimming his prick with her teeth. She lifted her hand and started playing with his balls.

"Shit, she's loving it," Harry said. "I'd never have believed it. We've found one who loves sucking cock!"

She knew what she was acting like. A whore! She couldn't help it. She loved sucking cock. She wanted more and more of his prick. She found herself bobbing her head as fast as she could. Every time she pulled her head back she let her teeth skim his prick head. She could hear him moaning with each movement.

"Come on, boy," Harry said. "Don't keep her to yourself. Let me have some more of that!"

She turned her head back to Harry. At the same time she could feel Billy pushing her over so that she was on her hands and knees. Harry pushed his cock at her mouth and she willingly took his prick between her lips. Once again she started sucking at it hard. She could feel it growing inside her mouth and she knew Harry wouldn't be able to last a lot longer.

"Now I'm going to give you what you fucking need," Billy said. "I'm going to give your pussy a real working out."

She felt Billy's cock head rubbing between her ass cheeks and then to the plump lips of her cunt. Her cunt felt like it was a sucking mouth trying to take his prick inside. She wiggled her ass back against him. She felt his cock head pop into her pussy.

"She's tight," Billy groaned. "She's so fucking tight. Shit, she feels good."

"Fuck her pussy," Harry said. "Fuck her pussy while I fuck her mouth. Give it to her, boy!"

Billy rammed his cock into her cunt the rest of the way. She could only make moaning noises because it felt so good. She started bobbing her head again.

"I'm fucking her," Billy moaned. "I'm really fucking her!"

Billy began to ram his cock in and out of her pussy with the same rhythm that Harry used to mouth-fuck her. She could taste more of Harry's cum filling her mouth. She let her teeth close around his cock again. It felt good to her. She was made to suck cock. It didn't matter what people would think of her.

"Play with my balls, bitch," Harry said. "Play with mine like you were playing with Billy's."

It was hard to keep her balance with just one hand on the floor, but she still moved her other hand to his balls. They felt wrinkled but heavy with his cum. She stared using her fingertips to stroke them. A sudden wad of cum struck the roof of her mouth.

"Oh shit," Harry cried. "I'm going to come. I'm coming. I'm going to shoot it all! I'm going to shoot it right down this fucking bitch's throat! Oh, fuck! Oh fuuuuuck!"

She felt more of his cum shooting into her mouth. He gave a convulsive shudder and the last hot spurts shoot into her mouth. She had to swallow to keep from choking. The taste of his cum somehow made her pussy hotter. She swallowed again and started sucking for more. Finally she felt his cock getting soft and slipping out of her cunt. She felt his prick rubbing against her chin and leaving a little trail of cum.

"She can fucking suck my cock anytime," Harry said.

Harry sat down on the couch. He was worn out and content to watch as Billy fucked the luscious little cunt from behind. Billy was really enjoying himself. He was giving it to her pussy as hard as he could. The only sound in the room was the slap of Billy's balls against her cunt.

"You fucking cunt," Billy moaned. "Shake your ass at me. Shake that wild ass!"

Billy was ramming her deep. She could almost feel his cock head in her belly. She was raising herself up and slamming backwards so she could take the entire length of his prick. She could feel the warm tingles on the insides of her thighs.

Billy took his cock out of her.

"Oh no," she cried. "Don't stop. I need your cock. I don't want you to stop!"

"I'm not stopping, bitch," Billy said. "Roll over, I want your titties rubbing against my chest while I fuck you!"

She rolled over onto her back. Billy pounced on her. She felt his cock sliding into her. His chest crushed her titties. His mouth covered hers and he started stabbing his tongue into her mouth with the same rhythm as his stabbing cock.

Tara raised her legs and locked them around his back.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me hard. It feels so good. Fuck me really hard!"

Billy was really getting inside her deep. She could feel his prick getting fatter inside her. She started shaking her body against him as she felt those hot shivers again. She knew it was happening as she felt the fires in her belly.

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes, fuck me rough, Billy. This is how I want it. I love it, Billy. Fuck me hard! You're making me come. You're going to make me come! Oh God, Billy!"

Her body shook with pleasure. She could feel a flood of her juices soaking Billy's cock. She felt like she was getting torn apart. She kept raising her ass and taking him deep inside as the last sweet pleasure spasm went through her body.

"You sweet bitch," Billy moaned. "Your pussy feels so tight. I'm going to blow my wad! I'm going to blow my fucking wad! Oh shit, you bitch! You sweet bitch!"

Billy rammed her one last time and she felt the hot spurting of his cum inside her. She squeezed her thighs together as she felt his cum leaking out the sides of her hole. She kept squeezing her thighs together and coaxing every last drop of cum from his dick. Finally she could feel his prick starting to go soft.

He pulled his prick out of her. He wasn't satisfied. He wanted to humiliate her some more. She had treated him like a young kid, making him practically beg for her kisses. It made him angry just to think about.

Billy moved up her body and grabbed her head again.

"Turn your head, cunt," he said. "Lick it clean. Lick my fucking cock clean. Lick it, cunt!"

She could sense Billy's anger. She could hear Harry laughing again as she quickly turned her head and started licking his cock clean. She licked all over his prick and balls until she was sure she had every drop of his juice and hers licked up. She raised up her head.

"You did fine, bitch," Harry said. "But now get your clothes an. You're coming with us."

"Where are we going?" Tara asked, afraid.

"The party's just getting started, baby. We're going to take you out and introduce you to some friends of ours."

Tara knew she didn't like the look on their faces.

Chapter EIGHT

Tara didn't have to ask where she was being taken. She recognized the place immediately. It was the hunting lodge that Dave Adderly had brought her to.

"What are we doing here?" Tara asked.

"We're going to have a party," Harry said. "Don't worry, honey. You're going to love it."

Tara felt a little nervous as she got out of the car and started walking toward the lodge. Part of her nervousness was because of the clothes she was wearing. Harry and Billy had picked her outfit out for her. She was wearing an old fashioned mini-skirt that barely covered the tops of her thighs. She had on high black boots. She was wearing a white blouse that was clinging to her figure like a second skin. They hadn't let her wear a bra.

She felt almost naked.

She opened the door and walked into the lodge. The first person she saw almost made her drop dead in shock.


She wondered what Diane was doing here. She noticed that there were others in the room. All the rest were boys and she recognized them. They were boys in her class at school. Some of them she had even dated. She didn't bother to count them all. She started feeling a little sick.

"I'm not going to stay here," she said.

She started to turn around but Harry caught her arm. He gave her an ugly look. She tried to break away but his strong fingers dug into her arm so tightly that it hurt.

"Don't try to run off," Harry told her.

"But I don't want to stay here," she said, turning to Harry and using her nicest smile. "Please, Harry. Don't make me stay here. I'll do anything you want. Just take me home."

Harry laughed. He pushed her into the room. She found herself standing near Diane. Diane looked pale and trembling. Diane was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a halter-top.

"What are you doing here?" Tara asked.

"They didn't tell me," Diane answered.

Tara started to tremble also as she thought of how wicked she had been. She had treated Diane so badly. She had not been able to control her lewd hungers. And this was where it had brought her.

"What are you going to do to us?" Tara asked Billy.

Billy didn't answer. All the boys had been drinking. She could see empty beer cans stacked on the table. A couple of boys went up the stairs and brought down a large mattress. They put it in the center of the room. Tara was getting more and worried every moment.

"Please tell me what you're going to do?" Tara begged.

This time Harry answered. "Don't get nervous, honey. I mean, you already know what's going to happen. We're all going to fuck you."

"Oh my God," Tara moaned.

"But that's not all, babe. You see, everybody in the room has got reason to be pissed at you. You treated your gorgeous ass like it was made of gold. Well, it's not, bitch!"

"I never hurt anyone," she said.

"You hurt us all. Every one of us, including Diane."

"What did I do to Diane?"

Harry's face grew ugly. "You are a cunt. She was a nice, innocent girl until you got hold of her and made her suck your cunt and made her fuck Billy."

"That's not true," Tara groaned.

"Oh, it's true, baby. We got Diane to tell us every word. You couldn't wait to make Diane go down on you. You couldn't wait to make her suck your pussy."

"I don't want to listen to this anymore," Tara said. "I'm leaving. If you don't leave me alone I'll call the police."

Harry hit her in the stomach. She never saw him swing. She only felt the breath go out of her in a whoosh and she felt like she was going to be sick. She bent forward clutching her stomach. She saw Harry swinging at her again. She couldn't believe it was happening until she felt his palm slapping against the side of her head. Harry was so strong that just his palm slapping her face sent her backwards. She sprawled over the table. She felt like her she had been broken open.

"Get up, bitch," Harry said. "And stop talking about going home. Tonight you belong to us."

She looked around. It was true. There was nothing she could do but go along with the boys. Every boy in the room had tried to get into her panties at one time or another. She had turned them all down. Now, they were all out to get their revenge.

Harry reached over and put his arm around Diane. His big hand moved up until he was cupping her small tit. His fingers slipped into the halter-top and caressed her naked titty flesh.

"Diane's got a nice set, but they're sure not as nice as yours," Harry said. Harry pulled the halter-top away from Diane's small, creamy tits. He pushed against the red nipple and Tara saw it get hard.

The other boys crowded around to watch. Harry kept running his hand from one tit to the other. He was making them swollen. Tara could see Diane's eyes looking wild. She was wishing that she had never gotten her friend into this kind of trouble.

"Now you," Harry told Tara. "Show us your tits."

"No," Tara protested.

"You want me to hit you again?" Harry asked.

Tara knew he'd do it. She swallowed her pride and started undoing her blouse. She shrugged it off her shoulders and she heard the boys gasp for breath. A pair of hands snaked around her body and grabbed both tits. She pulled away but not before the boy had managed to brush his fingers across her nipples.

"Oh, God," Tara moaned. "Leave me alone. Please leave me alone."

"Like you left poor Diane alone," Harry said. "I think you should pay back Diane for all her trouble. I think you should. Right now!"

"What do you mean?"

"On the mattress," Harry said. "Strip the rest of your clothes off. Hurry up, Goddamn it!"

Harry was through fooling around. Hurriedly she kicked out of her dress and panties. She pulled her boots back on when Harry told her to. She was aware of every boy in the place looking at her as if they could rape her a thousand times.

She went over and sat down. She watched as Harry undressed Diane all the way down. Harry took her hand and walked over beside Tara. He made her stretch out on her back and spread her legs. Diane was confused. She didn't know what was going on. Not until Harry grabbed Tara's hand and forced her fingers between Diane's legs.

"Make her happy. She made you happy enough. Now make her happy!"

"I can't," Tara moaned.

"Do as I fucking tell you or I'll break your fucking neck!"

Tara put her hand between Diane's legs. Tara was scared of Harry. Scared enough to do as he told her. She started playing with Diane's fuzzy pussy hair. Her fingers gently brushed against Diane's pussy and the girl shivered.

"See there," Harry said, "She likes it. Now put your finger inside her cunt."

Tara closed her eyes. This time she didn't hesitate. She slid one finger inside Diane's hot cunt. She felt Diane moving her ass slowly in response to her wiggling finger. Tara did another finger into Diane's cunt. She found Diane's clitty and made her shiver a little more.

Harry leaned over and he started sucking on Diane's titty. Tara raised her head only long enough to see the expression of delight on Diane's face. This time it was Diane who was getting the pleasure. Tara kept moving her fingers around Diane's pussy. She could sense that the other boys had moved close enough to touch them. In fact, Tara felt a couple of hands stroking her back and ass cheeks. She even felt one stiff finger prodding her asshole.

Billy got down on the mattress with than. She suddenly felt Billy's hands sliding underneath her to stroke her titties. She felt his hand in her hair. He started forcing her head down to Diane's cunt.

"Now I want you to eat her good," Billy said. "I want you to give us a show. Eat her good. Eat her fucking pussy up. Show us what a fucking cunt eater you are!"

Tara felt a tingling in her body as she went down between Diane's legs. She didn't think she would really enjoy eating out another girl, but there was something about having the boys watch that made it exciting.

She felt Billy's hand pressing her face closer against the wet pussy. She tasted Diane's tangy juices as she put out her tongue.

Diane suddenly bucked up and Tara found her face covered with her pussy. She pushed her tongue between the plump cunt lips. She wiggled her tongue around just as she'd been doing her fingers a few seconds earlier. She felt Diane's juices filling her mouth.

She felt hands stroking her back and her ass cheeks. She felt fingers underneath her and playing with her pussy. She moaned deep in her throat as a couple of fingers stabbed into her pussy. She felt a cock brushing against her thighs. She tried to lift her head but Billy's hand still held her firm. She felt another cock rubbing against her ass cheeks. Her ass felt wet and she knew the cock was leaving a wet trail of cum.

Diane was getting into the rhythm of Tara's thrusting tongue. Diane's ass was coming off the mattress slowly and Tara's tongue was going deep inside. Tara moved her tongue around until she found the younger girl's clitty. She sucked the hard bud into her mouth.

"Oh Jesus," Diane screamed. "Oh, that feels good. You're doing something crazy to me!"

Tara kept sucking on the hard bud. She felt hands underneath her, forcing her up to her hands and knees. She wasn't surprised when she felt a hard cock rubbing against her wet pussy lips. She wouldn't have minded if only she could have turned her head. She wanted to see who was fucking her.

"Take this, bitch," she heard someone say. She couldn't recognize the voice. "Take my fucking prick!"

Tara's entire body shuddered as the boy pushed his fat cock between her legs. At first he couldn't get it into her entirely. He kept pushing his prick into her until he had his cock inside her to the hilt. She felt the snug pressure of his balls. He left his cock inside her for a few seconds. She squeezed her cunt muscles around his rigid prick. It was getting hard to concentrate on eating Diane when her pussy was feeling so good.

"Now I'm going to fuck you," he groaned. "Now I'm going to fuck your ass off!"

Tara shuddered at the first hard strokes. His cock was big and hard as rock. He was pulling his prick half out of her and then slamming it back into her again. She could feel his hot knob deep in her belly. Some of his prick cream was already leaking inside her cunt.

She drove her tongue deeper into Diane's cunt. She stared stabbing her tongue into Diane with the same rhythm that she was getting fucked. She could feel other cocks rubbihg against her body. She knew that Harry was telling the truth. She was going to get gang-banged. Somehow she didn't care.

"Oh God," Diane moaned. "Eat me good, baby! Eat me good. Oh shit, I'm going to come! I'm going to fucking come. Oh shit, it feels so good. It feels so fucking good!"

Tara was almost taken by surprise by the amount of juice that Diane suddenly shot into her mouth. Tara started swallowing as quickly as she could, but it wasn't enough. She choked a little and started spitting out the juice. She was finally able to raise her head to take a breath. But she wasn't able to breathe for long. A young boy stepped in front of her quickly. He pushed Diane out of his way and pushed his cock into Tara's face. Tara had almost expected it. She opened her mouth and felt the salty tasting cock easing down her throat. The fat cock went into her mouth all the way to his balls.

"Oh shit yeah," the boy moaned. "There's nothing I like better than fucking a face! Oh shit, it feels good!"

He held onto her head tightly and he began moving his cock in and out of her mouth. She didn't have to do anything. He did all the work as he mouth-fucked her. She could feel that stir of excitement building in her again. She knew it was stupid but there was just something about sucking a cock that she couldn't help but love. She closed her eyes and simply gave into the pure enjoyment of it.

The cock in her pussy was ramming in and out quickly. She still couldn't turn her head to see who it was that fucked her. It no longer mattered. She could feel his cock getting thick and more of his slimy cum spilling into her pussy.

"Oh, Christ," the boy groaned. "Christ, I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come! Oh shit, it feels good!"

She felt his prick cum shooting into her. He had a lot of it. Again she wished she could turn her head to see who was fucking her, but the other boy wasn't going to let go of her head. He was enjoying himself too much.

"You sweet bitch," he groaned. "You know how to use your tongue. Oh shit, it feels good. Shit, you know how to suck cock!"

The boy behind her was pulling his cock out of her. But that didn't matter. Almost as soon as the boy got his cock out, she felt another bigger, fatter cock ramming into her pussy. She felt other cocks rubbing against her and leaving wet trails of cum. She felt one boy taking strands of her hair and rubbing it all over his cock. She had never dreamed anything like this could ever happen to her.

She looked over at Diane. Diane was on her knees sucking Harry's cock. Harry's big prick was going deep into her mouth. Tara could see little drops of cum clinging to her lips.

"Oh shit," the boy whose cock was in her mouth moaned. "Sweet Jesus, I'm going to shoot it in your mouth! Oh shit, it feels good, so fucking good!"

She was forced to pull her head back as his prick started spurting inside her mouth. She started swallowing and she could feel cum going down her throat and into her belly. She kept swallowing until his cock went soft in her mouth. The boy in her pussy slammed her harder and she could already feel his prick getting thicker. She started ramming her ass back against him and she felt the first hot gush of his cum. He was filling her insides with his cum. She could feel it dripping down the backs of her thighs. She kept moving against him until his prick went soft and fell out of her.

"Oh my God," Tara moaned softly. "Oh my God, this can't be happening to me. It can't."

Hands lifted her up and they were pushing her toward the upstairs bedrooms.

"Don't worry, baby," Harry was saying softly. "We're going to take good care of you tonight. Real good care. We're going to fuck your sweet big ass off!"

They took her into a dark room. There were more boys waiting for her. It seemed like hundreds of them but she knew it couldn't be that many. Downstairs she could hear Diane crying softly.

Harry was pulling Tara onto the bed. He grabbed her tits and started rubbing his cock against them. She felt wet streaks of cum against her titties.

"You ready for more, baby?" Harry asked. "We're going to give you plenty more."

Outside thee was the sudden sound of sirens.

"I don't understand," Rick Bishop said, looking at his wife. "Why are we going to have to leave town?"

"Because we can't live here anymore," Stacy said.

"But why?"

"I don't want to tell you that. I will if you insist, but I don't want, to. Just take my word for it. We have to get away. We have to make a new start."

Rick Bishop didn't know what his wife was talking about. He knew only one thing. He was proud of his standing in this town. He had a good job and a chance for a good future. He had a beautiful wife, a beautiful little girt a beautiful home, and everything else that a man could ask for.

And now his beautiful wife was telling him that he had to give it all up.

"No, damn it." Rick said. "I've lived in this town all my life. So have you, I don't want to leave."

Rick walked around and opened the door for his wife. She looked really good in her tight fitting gown. He enjoyed looking at her. He sometimes wondered how ha got so lucky that ho could have a wife like her.

He started walking her to the front doer.

"It's because of Tara," Stacy said.

"Tara? What about Tara?"

"You're not going to like this. I don't want to talk about it. You're not going to like it."

"Tell me, damn it," Rick said.

Stacy sighed. She had known all along it would come to this! She had only been buying time with her body. She had known that copies of that film would be all over town. She was already aware that people were snickering at Rick behind his back. She loved her husband. She couldn't stand for him to be laughed at.

She started to explain things to him, but she stopped. They both saw the police car pulling up to the curb. A young policeman got out and opened the back. Tara got out. Stacy took a deep breath. Tara looked like she'd been crawling in the garbage. Her blond hair was a mess. Her clothes were ripped. And she had on very few clothes. The policeman had given her a faded blue jacket because the evening was getting chilly. Stacy could see she had very little on underneath it.

"What the hell is going on?" Rick asked. "What are you doing with my daughter?"

"It's a long story, Mr. Bishop," the policeman said, looking a little nervous. "She was inside the old hunting lodge. Some of the kids have been messing around in there. It's not legal. We're not going to press any charges this time, but it's best that she stay out of that place."

Stacy was looking at her daughter. Stacy knew that wasn't the entire story. Probably the policeman knew the truth but he wasn't going to talk about it. Stacy wondered how many times her daughter had been fucked this evening. We'll leave her here with you, the policeman said.

He went back to his car and got in. He said something to the partner who hadn't got out. Stacy heard laughter. She turned to her daughter and she was mad as hell. Stacy hit Tara before she even realized what she was doing.

"Stacy," Rick said.

She'd knocked Tara down, Stacy had never sew her daughter look so beaten and disgraced. Stacy's first thought was that it wasn't completely Tara's fault. Stacy should have watched her closer.

"Come on in this house," Stacy said. "You need a bath."

"What the hell is going on here?" Rick said.

"We'll talk later," she said. "Come upstairs, Tara."

Tara meekly let her mother lead her into the house and up the stairs. She took off the rest of her clothes and slid into the hot bath her mother had prepared for her. She had never bathed in her mother's room before. Now all she could think about was how good it felt to slide down into the water.

She shuddered as she thought about what had happened to her. She had been saved in the nick of time. Sure, a few boys had fucked her but not as many as had planned on it. They had dressed her quickly when the policemen came. They had given the boys a good chewing out, but then they had started talking about the football game and what the chances were of winning this year. There was no talk about her being raped and she hadn't mentioned it.

The policeman had known that they were fucking her but they hadn't said anything.

Now she could hear her mother and father's soft voices in the bedroom. She knew they were talking about her. She heard her father's voice raised in anger. Stacy was trying to calm him. It didn't work. She suddenly realized that her father was in the doorway looking at her.

"You little whore," he shouted.

The bubble bath partially covered her but it wasn't enough. She tried to sink back into the suds but it didn't help. But at that moment her father was too angry to notice her body. He reached down into the tub and grabbed her by her hair. He dragged her out of the tub and started hitting her.

"Don't, Rick," Stacy shouted. "Don't do that. Please!"

Rick dragged Tara into the bedroom. He took off his belt and he started whacking it against Tara's shapely ass. For the first time he seemed to notice she was naked. He calmed down a little. His belt kept slapping at her but not as hard as before. And he was staring at her lush young body like he'd never seen it before.

He stopped whipping her. "My God," he said softly.

"See what I mean, Rick," Stacy said. "She's ripe. We just hadn't been watching her close enough. She's developed overnight."

Rick stood there looking at her and breathing hard. Tara was suddenly aware that he wasn't looking at her like a father should. He was looking at her with hungry eyes just like those boys tonight. He licked his lips.

"Let her go back to her bath now," Stacy said.

Rick wouldn't let her go. Every one of them was aware that something had changed in the atmosphere. Rick was no longer angry -- he was feeling something else.

"Please take her back to her bath," Stacy said.

"I can't," Rick said.

"I was afraid of that," Stacy said. "Don't fuck her, Rick. You can have me anyway you want me. You know that. Don't fuck your own daughter."

Tara was looking at her mother in surprise. Her mother had never talked like this before. Her father was moving her across the room toward the bed, and suddenly Tara knew it was going to happen. She also knew she wanted it. Those boys fucking her tonight had only lit the fires within her.

Now her own father was going to quench those fires.

"Don't fight me," her father warned.

"I'm not going to fight," Tara moaned.

Her father pushed her onto her mother's bed. He kissed her mouth and she opened her lips willingly. Her father's tongue felt wet and experienced. She touched her tongue to his. For a few moments she wiggled her tongue against his and then her father moved his lips away. She felt his lips at her neck. He kissed and nibbled at her neck and then moved down to her tits. She had had her tits sucked before but it had never been like this. Her father took each hard nipple inside his mouth and rolled it beneath his tongue.

She grabbed her father by the head and tried to push more of her titty into his mouth.

"Oh yes, Daddy," she moaned. "I like that. Oh yes!"

She wasn't even aware of when her mother left the room. She could only concentrate on the sweet desire his lips gave her. Her father knew how to use his mouth. He moved his lips from one hot tit to the other. She could feel his teeth nibbling at her flesh.

"You're making me crazy," she said.

His hand went between her legs. He started brushing his hand up and down her pussy hole. She moaned when she felt two of her father's fingers sliding into her pussy. He moved them around her pussy hole and then took them out. His mouth sucked harder at her tits.

"Oh God. Daddy," she moaned. "You're making me hot. You're making me so fucking hot!"

His fingers slid back into her again. He started jabbing them in and out of her cunt like he was fucking her. His other hand started running up and down her thighs and up to her tits.

He was sucking at her titties as hard as ho could. After all the fucking of the night she hadn't thought she could get turned on so much, but her father was making her hot. She could feel the hot fires racing through her body.

"Eat me, Daddy," she moaned, "I want to feel your tongue inside me. Eat me, honey!"

She couln't believe it when she felt her father's tongue moving down her body. She felt his tongue at her navel. He was pushing his tongue in and out of her navel. She was bucking up at his mouth. She felt his tongue moving down. He sucked some of her blond pussy hairs into his mouth. She knew her pussy hairs were coated with her juice. She could hear licking it off.

His hands moved underneath her and grabbed her ass cheeks. He held her up and kept cramming his tongue into her pussy hairs. Finally she felt his tongue moving up and down the entrance to her snug fuck hole. His tongue slid into her. She screamed and wiggled her ass.

"Oh God, Daddy," she cried. "That's what I want. Oh God, that makes me feel good!"

His tongue kept sliding deep into her and then around the outside of her cunt. He was licking at her juice and swallowing it. His tongue found her clitty. He started licking at her hot little bud. She nearly went out of her mind. She grabbed her father's head with both hands. She held onto his head tightly. Her pussy started rubbing against his face. She felt his fingers parting her ass cheeks. She felt a couple of his fingers probing her ass cheeks. She felt one finger sliding into her asshole. She moaned. It hurt a little when his finger rammed into her asshole up to his knuckle. She had never felt anything like this before.

"Oh Daddy," she said. "What are you doing?"

"I'm doing what I want to do, baby," he said. "Roll over onto your belly, baby. I'm going to show you something new."

She didn't know what he was going to do. She thought he was going to fuck her from behind. Perhaps he didn't know that she'd already been fucked doggie-style a couple of times.

But she was in for a surprise.

Her father made her get up to her hands and knees. He stood off to one side as he undressed. She turned her head to look at him. Rick looked good to her. He had a muscular body. He dropped his jockey shorts and she saw that he had a beautiful cock.

"Do you know how to suck?" he asked.

She nodded her head. He moved forward and brushed his cock against her lips. She moved her mouth all over his cock head. She opened her mouth and took his cock inside. She could feel it sliding over her silky tongue. She suddenly grabbed him by his ass and pulled his cock deep into her mouth. She started bobbing her head.

"Shit, baby," he said. "You have been sucking cock!"

She was enjoying herself. She was sucking father's cock. Her father's! It tasted unlike anything she had ever experienced. The only thing she could think of was how good his fat meat felt inside her mouth. How good his cock tasted!

Again she felt her father running his hands over her titties and down to her pussy. She felt his fingertips probing her pussy. She bobbed her head faster and faster. She could feel his cum dripping down her throat.

"That's enough, baby," he said. "Now I've got a treat for you."

She still thought he was going to fuck her pussy from behind. But she realized what was happening as he pressed his prick against her tiny asshole. She turned her head frantically.

"Don't do that, Daddy," she said. "That would hurt."

Her father wasn't listening. He reached around and grabbed her hanging titties. He held onto them hard and he started pushing against her asshole. She tried to wiggle away but she realized that she was only turning him on.

She felt his cock head pop into her tight asshole.

"Stop, Daddy," she moaned. "Don't do that. Please stop."

He didn't stop. He pushed harder and she could feel his stiff prick sliding into her asshole. He pushed again and his wet prick went into her asshole all the way. He rested for a moment. He gave her time to get used to his hot dick. In a few minutes she found herself pushing her ass back against him. "Yeah, baby," Rick whispered. "That's the way. That's what I want. Move that sweet ass. Move it!"

His hand moved down to her pussy. She felt his fingers wiggling into her cunt. He started playing with her clitty. It made her move her ass a little faster. She could feel his balls slapping against her each time he moved.

"You've got a tight ass, baby," he said. "You've got a sweet tight ass. I could fuck it all night long."

This was something completely new to her but she decided that she liked it. Her ass started rocking back and forth on his cock. She realized that her father had stopped stroking her. Now she was the one who was moving. Her ass seemed to be puckering around his fat cock. She reached behind her and she found his balls. She started caressing his hairy balls. They felt filled with cum. Cum for her ass.

"Give it to me, Daddy," she screamed. "Give it to me hard!"

He fucked her ass harder and harder. One hand nearly ripped her big titties off. The other hand kept pulling at her clitty. She felt the first delicious spasms rocking her body.

"I'm coming," she screamed. "I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come! Oh shit, I'm coming!"

She kept streaming as the pleasure spasms rocked her body. She almost screamed the house down. She felt her pussy juices soaking her father's fingers. He kept pushing his fingers into her even after the last spasm had gone through her.

"All right, baby," Rick said. "Keep moving your ass. Don't stop now, baby. Keep moving your ass!"

She gave him everything she could. She pounded his prick with her ass. She could feel his knob almost in her belly. She could feel some of his prick jism leaking into her.

"I'm going to ream your ass out, baby," he told her. "I'm going to ream your fucking ass off!"

"Give it to me, Daddy," she screamed. "Please give it to me!"

Again and again his fat cock slammed into her. She felt more of his jism leaking into her asshole. She could feel some of the juices leaking out of her ass. She felt his body shuddering.

"Here I come, baby," he groaned. "Here it fucking comes!"

He rammed her one last time and she felt the sudden hot explosion of his cum into her asshole. She kept rubbing her asshole against him until she felt the last shudder going through his bod. Still she moved her body until she was sure that she had ilked his big cock completely dry.

Finally she felt his prick easing out of her. She slid down on the bed. She heard her father going into the bathroom but she didn't turn her head. It had happened. She had been fucked by her father!

A hand was on her shoulder. Her mother's hand!

"I should have warned you, baby," Stacy said. "Your father gets a little kinky sometimes. Are you hurt?"

"No," she answered.

"Good," Stacy said. "You know this is going to change our life. We're going to have to move and I suppose I'm going to have to share your father until you marry."

"I suppose so," Tara said.

Tara was feeling a little guilty. After all, this was mostly her fault. Her mother must have noticed the look of guilt on Tara's beautiful face.

"It's all right, honey," Stacy said, hugging her. "It's going to be fun."

And Tara was sure that her mother was right. It would be fun.


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