Spread, auntie, spread

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modern everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

SPREAD, AUNTIE, SPREAD is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore. Father and daughter, mother and son, aunt and nephew are all swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

SPREAD, AUNTIE, SPREAD -- the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.

Chapter ONE

Lori Holmes was very excited.

It had been a surprise when her sister had called her just the day before, asking if she could leave her son and daughter with her for a week. The notice had been short, but Lori was quick to agree.

This is a dream came true, Lori thought.

She had allowed the young boy and his sister to stay with her last summer, and those few days together still caused her cunt to twitch with pleasure even though they had not fucked then.

Lori was in her mid-twenties, unmarried, but had enjoyed the company of a man two years older than her. She had no desire for marriage but craved sex. She liked Marty well enough, but she wasn't in love with him and no way would she marry the man. He was tall, good looking, and had a beautiful cock -- a nice, thick, very long cock. That was all that was important to Lori, his cock... or any cock. Marty knew this and accepted it. Lori was a fantastic fuck, uninhibited, and more than willing to do anything to feed that burning desire within her tall, slender body.

Lori was a beautiful young woman. She attracted men more than the average woman. Yet she didn't really enjoy that much of a variety. She was selective in her men, very selective. In the past ten years, she probably had not fucked more than ten men. But one thing she knew, those ten men had enjoyed the time of their lives while with her. All of them had gone away happy, well-satisfied, knowing they would search for a long time before finding another girl with such hungry sexual desire.

With her chestnut hair and blazing blue eyes, her thin, small nose and wide mouth with moist lips, with her slender neck and straining tits, tits that were almost, but not quite, pointed, she was a true classic beauty.

At the moment she had just come out of the bathroom, her gorgeous body wrapped in a huge, soft towel. Marty was still on the bed, smoking, almost exhausted from the wild, frenzied fucking she had just given him. He sprawled with his head on a pillow, looking at her.

Lori gave him a wicked wink as she stood before the mirror, shaking out her long hair with her fingers. The reflection of her was in his view, and he watched her shapely tits rise with her hands. The towel, short enough to begin with, lifted just past the sweet curves of her swelling ass. Lori stood with hr legs slightly apart, and Marty saw the long curls of her cunt between them.

Lori's thighs and legs were long, very long, smooth as they could be, creamy in color and texture. Her hips were not large, but fit her body perfectly. Her waist, he knew, could be spanned by his two hands.

Looking at her ass, he remembered how, just a few minutes ago, she had been twirling it wildly, sending thrill after thrill throughout his overheated body. His cock tingled from the tight heat of her gripping cunt, and there was a small pleasant ache in his balls. He grinned to himself and ran a hand down to caress his balls gently.

She saw him in the mirror, flashing a lewd smile as she saw him cradle his balls tenderly. The nipples of her tits were still firm, very long and a dark-pink color. Lori knew what his balls felt like. She was very much aware of her skills, of the ability her cunt had of nibbling and sucking on a cock that was fucking deeply.

Teasingly, she allowed the towel to slip from her body, the cheeks of her delightful ass bunching for his pleasure. In the mirror, she saw the stirring of his cock, and she licked a pink, wet tongue over her full lips.

Leaning over the dresser, she arched her ass out in his direction, her asscheeks parting slightly. The fuzz of her pussy became more pronounced and his eyes showed renewed interest. Lori was pleased by his reaction. It always pleased her when she could make a man's cock hard so soon after fucking him wildly. She made her ass shake invitingly as she watched his cock in the mirror. She licked her lips again as his prick swelled into throbbing hardness. Then she turned to face Marty.

She leaned on the dresser, her shoulders back and her flawlessly shaped tits thrusting out and up, the nipples hard. She smiled wantonly at him as she spread her feet and arched her hips in his direction. Her thick triangle of dint hair almost, but not quite, concealed the moist pinkness of her pussy lips. Lori slowly twisted her hips in a tight circle as she gazed body at him.

"See anything you like?" she murmured in a low, throaty voice.

"I like everything," he groaned as his cock throbbed in his fist.

Lori's eyes smoldered with her bubbling inner heat as she gazed hungrily at his unusually long thick prick. "I wish we had more time, Marty," she said, her voice not changing. "Oh God... I'd love to fuck that hard-on again, but my niece and nephew will be here in half an hour. We just don't have time."

She turned back to the mirror, applying a faint coat of lipstick to her moist lips. Marty watched as she pursed her lips, and remembered how they could devour a hard cock greedily. The remembrance caused his prick to throb powerfully, dripping from the piss hole. He lowered his eyes to her enticing ass, looking at her creamy smooth asscheeks, her inviting thighs.

He swung his legs over the edge of her bed and stood up, his cock thrusting outward from the mass of dark hair at the base. Lori looked at his prick in the mirror, jutting her beautiful ass back again in a teasing manner.

Marty came to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his cock between her thighs. Lori felt his prick between them, and she squeezed her thighs together. She loved the way his cock throbbed against the burning lips of her cunt, the hardness of his prick, the strange way his cock looked as the swollen prickhead poked past the luxurious growth of her cunt hair, giving her the appearance of having a short cock growing there.

"Oh, God!" she mewled as Marty began to fuck his cock back and forth, sliding the hardness of his prick between her hotly pressing thighs, rubbing his cock along her twitching cunt. "Ohhhh, you know I love it, Marty! Damn you, you know I can't resist that cock!"

Lori shoved her ass back and braced herself with her elbows on the dresser, gazing into the mirror at him. Her tits, although dangling, still maintained their firm shape.

"Put it in me, Marty!" she screamed in a thick voice. "Fuck me! Fuck me fast!"

Marty drew his cock from between her thighs, and looking down, ran his swollen prickhead about her asscheeks. Lori felt the burning moisture on her flesh and shoved her ass against him. "Fuck me, damn you! We don't have much time! Stop playing around, Marty! Stick that cock in my cunt and fuck me -- now!"

Her body was still damp from the shower, and the beads of water on her flesh increased his excitement. He placed the head of his swollen cock against the pulsating wetness of her pussy and shoved.

"Ooooo!" Lori moaned with pleasure as his cock went into her cunt. "Ooooo, yes, Marty!"

She felt his prick go deep, stretching her sensitive cunt lips deliciously. She loved the deep throbbing of his cock, the way that enormous prickhead seemed to stuff every bit of her pussy. Her eyes became glassy with passion as his fingers dug into her hips, his cock fucking in and out of her clinging cunt. As soon as his prick had entered her cunt, Lori began to feel an orgasm swelling inside the pit of her stomach. It was always that way... Lori usually came as soon as a cock penetrated her cunt, then she would build up slowly to a powerful explosive orgasm when the man gushed his come juice into her. Lori seldom failed to come at least twice when she was fucked.

"Ohhhh, ram that cock to me!" she moaned in a thick voice, shaking her naked ass, twisting as he fucked in and out. "Oh, God! Oh, God... I can't get enough of that hard cock! Fuck me, Marty! Oooo, fuck me!"

Her eyes, glazed with the pleasure rumbling through her body, tried to see his expression in the mirror, but her vision was blurred. She was turned just far enough so she could see her hips dancing lewdly as his cock fucked in and out of her blazing cunt. She loved the feel of his lower stomach slapping upon her naked asscheeks as Marty fucked relentlessly into her quivering cunt. Her shapely tits jiggled with the power of his thrusts, her nipples brushing the surface of the dresser. Her pussy tightened around his cock as he pulled back and seemed to relax as his prick went in deep.

This was something her cunt did of its own volition, something that Lori had nothing consciously to do with. She was aware of this ability, and she accepted it because it created such intense pleasure for not only her, but whatever cock was fucking her. Some man, somewhere, sometime, had said her cunt was a mouth-sucking cunt, that it felt like he was getting a blow job at the same time he fucked her.

"Harder, Marty!" she whimpered as her ass twisted furiously. "Ohhh, please, fuck me... harder!"

His fingers gripped her writhing hips and he banged furiously against her asscheeks, his cock going all the way into her burning, wet cunt. He grit his teeth as the pleasure burned through his body, centered at his cock and balls like a roaring fire.

Lori was gurgling hotly, her eyes half closed, savoring the deliciousness of his cock fucking into her tight, wet cunt. The way his prick throbbed between her stretched cunt lips sent her mind reeling with the erotic sensations she loved so much. Her cunt was so sensitive that she could feel each groove and ridge of his hard prick, feel when his cock throbbed. Her clit had become a swollen, hard knot of tingling pleasure as he fucked her. Her tits and nipples ached, and her ass shivered with delicious goose bumps that flowed about her creamy flesh. The nerves of her succulent body were tingling with so much pleasure that Lori could hardly stand it. Fucking was always that way, and she loved it.

She felt him speed up the thrusting of his cock, and she writhed her upturned ass tightly. Her orgasm was on the surface now, threatening to blow apart. The heat inside her cunt was becoming unbearable, and the only cure was a mind-shattering orgasm.

"Oooo, hurry!" she screamed at him. "Hurry and come in my cunt! I'm about to... about to... ohhh, there! I'm coming, Marty! Oh, God... I'm coming!"

Lori's cunt convulsed in ecstasy. Her pussy squeezed in reflexive waves at his fucking cock, drawing at his prick with hot velvety walls. Her naked body shuddered as though she were having a seizure of some kind. A loud wail of ecstasy came out of her throat as she threw her head back, eyes tightly closed, her mouth wide open.

She felt his cock as it began to spurt. Again she screamed, feeling thick come, juice gush into her pussy, splashing about the hot walls of her cunt. Her pussy closed about his prick, sucking and nibbling as they both came.

Marty withdrew his cock tiredly from her gripping cunt, slumping down on the floor, sitting on his heels as he gasped heavily. Lori remained where she had been, leaning on the dresser, still glowing from the power of her orgasm. She panted, her tits jiggling.

She felt Marty's lips against her asscheek, and sighed happily. She loved it when her ass was kissed and licked. She loved it when a moist, eager tongue lapped up and down her thighs. Lori loved to use her tongue on a man, too, licking and tasting his legs, his ass, his cock and balls. She was very oral and loved to have a hard, throbbing cock between her lips.

"Mmmmm," she murmured lazily as Marty kissed the cheeks of her ass. "Lovely, Marty. I love to have my ass kissed. Oooo, you're wonderful!"

Marty's tongue raced about the swell of one asscheek, then down the back of one trembling thigh. Lori arched her ass back, twisting and trying to get his tongue between her thighs. She gave a soft squeal of delight as his tongue scraped over the sensitive lips of her cunt. Then she jerked her ass away from him.

"Oh, my God! Look at the time!" she yelped. "They'll be here in five minutes! Damn you, Marty!"

He chuckled as he stood up. "Why damn me, baby? You wanted to fuck as much as I did."

She turned and smiled at him. "I know," she said, caressing his cheek. "I'm just nervous, that's all. I haven't seen Stevie and Janice for over six months. You know how much I care for them."

"I wish they weren't going to be here so damn long," Marty complained. "I can't do without a piece of your hot ass for a fucking week, Lori."

"We'll be careful," she said, kissing him quickly. "They won't be any trouble, don't worry."

Promptly at three o'clock, the doorbell rang. Lori silently cursed her sister for always being so prompt. She drew a loose robe on and, looking to make sure Marty was dressed, left her bedroom with him to answer the door.

"I'm sorry about the last-minute notice," her sister said when Lori ushered them into the living room. "But Bob has to fly out this evening. Are you sure these kids won't be any trouble for a week, Lori?"

"Of course not," Lori said. "I love to have them with me. You go and enjoy yourself and don't worry about these two monkeys. I have a nice big paddle if they get out of hand."

Stevie and Janice giggled, knowing their Aunt Lori was teasing. They loved her and loved being with her. Lori was almost a kid herself, being ten years younger than her sister. She didn't treat them like little kids. She let them drink coffee and stay up late. She was fun to be with.

Lori saw her sister looking at Marty. "Oh, this is Marty Horn. We were talking about his new play he just finished."

"Are you in the theater, Mr. Horn?" Lori's sister asked.

"Not yet." Marty smiled. "I'm still trying, that's all. Lori is a big help with her suggestions."

"He was just leaving," Lori said, knowing her sister could be a suspicious bitch. "I'll look your script over more carefully, Marty, and give you a call."

"You do that," he said, then left.

Stevie and Janice had already gone into the kitchen, searching for the goodies that Lori always seemed to have at her house.

Her sister quickly left, trying to give instructions about her children's bedtime and other silly things. "I know all that," Lori said. "Go on and have fun. We'll get along just fine."

She closed the door after her sister had gone, leaning against it. My sister can be a pain sometimes, she thought. So prim and moralistic, always giving advice no one wanted or took. She was forever forcing her moral attitudes on others.

Going toward the kitchen, Lori smiled to herself, pleased to have Stevie and Janice with her for a whole week. She didn't like the attitudes their mother was drilling in those young minds, making them ashamed of their bodies and sex. She wished she could teach them the real joy and happiness of living.

She stepped into the kitchen, then stopped, eyes wide.

Stevie was in the refrigerator, concealed by the door, seeking out the goodies. But it was Janice that Lori had seen.

The beautiful little girl was on her hands and knees, her head inside the cupboards. Her short skirt had hiked up in back, and Lori found herself gazing at the sweet thighs and tightly pantied ass of her niece. The view sent a sudden, unexpected thrill racing through her veins, and her cunt began to pulsate with that feeling of hunger again.

Janice was wearing pink panties, and they were very tight. The unusual thing about her panties was the sheerness of them. Lori could not recall ever seeing Janice wearing any kind of panties but little-girl cotton ones. Now she could easily see the crack between Janice's small asscheeks.

Lori wondered about this. She was certain her sister, Karen, would not allow Janice to wear such revealing panties.

Janice pulled her head from the cupboard and twisted to look over her shoulder. She saw her aunt looking at her, and she giggled.

The sound, to Lori, of that giggle, was almost lewd. Janice's eyes were gleaming in a strange way, and Lori felt a sexuality radiate from the pretty little girl. Her cunt throbbed, and she wondered why she felt so drawn toward Janice, drawn toward her lovely little body. Girls had never turned her on, but at this moment she was feeling a wild, almost irresistible desire to feel her niece up.

Chapter TWO

All through the remainder of the afternoon Lori felt this attraction toward her niece. She became aware that Janice was a little tease, something she had not noticed before. Janice had lovely dark eyes and dark hair, and her eyes flashed impishly, flirtingly. She used her young body in such a way that caused Lori to find it difficult to keep her eyes off the pretty girl.

At six that evening, she took them to a fast food diner, and allowed them to order whatever junk food they wanted. She sat with them in a corner booth, chatting with them about school, their summer vacation, everything that came to their minds. She could still feel, or sense, the sexual radiation coming from Janice, and she turned her attention to her nephew.

She found that Stevie glanced at her frequently, looking at her in a way that was much different than six months ago. His eyes, similar to his sister's, showed a knowledge beyond his tender years. Lori sensed that her nephew was sexually attracted to her.

She couldn't understand it because Karen was so strict in her moral teachings of the children. Perhaps they were rebelling. Maybe they were feeling things between their legs that overruled what their mother tried to teach them. Maybe Stevie had discovered his cock, the fun he could have with his prick. Maybe he was jacking off, coming in wild pleasure. Perhaps her niece, Janice, had found that her little cunt was something she could use besides to pee with. Maybe Janice, too, played with her sugary cunt.

The thoughts gave Lori a warm tingling sensation between her thighs. She wondered what Stevie's cock would look like, if he had hair on his balls. He even wondered if it was possible for his little prick to come like a man. She tried to visualize his strong young body naked, his cock sweetly hard, with his young balls dangling below.

She imagined what Janice would look like naked, her burgeoning tits succulently shaped and so pretty, with pink little nipples that begged to be licked and sucked. She tried to imagine what Janice's little pussy would look like, if she had hair, and the sweet swell of her young, shapely ass.

Lori knew she had been the black sheep between her and Karen. When she had been as young as her niece, she had slipped into her sister's bed and tried to feel her up. It had not been desire to play with another girl; it had been a childish curiosity. But the fact had become known to their parents, and Karen from then on, had little to do with her.

Then her wild, wanton sexual desire became more pronounced and she had been caught many times with boys in the garage, in their cars, everywhere. Karen had gotten married and quickly had Stevie and Janice. Then five years ago their parents were killed in an automobile crash and Karen and Lori were the only surviving members of the family.

At that time Karen finally began seeing and talking to Lori again. She began allowing her to babysit with Stevie and Janice. Her husband, Bob, had always been friendly with Lori, and Lori felt that Karen hated that.

"I want some more ice cream, Aunt Lori," Stevie said, breaking into Lori's thoughts.

"Sure, honey." Lori smiled at him. "You get whatever you want. Janice, you want any more?"

"No." Janice shook her head, her curls fanning the air. "I'm full."

After Stevie finished his second ice cream, they walked the short distance back to her house. She walked between them, holding their hands, listening to their chatter.

"I think I need a shower," Lori said once they were in the house. "You two watch television for, a while, okay?"

They sprawled on the floor side by side, and Lori gazed for a moment at them. Janice's dress was up almost to her ass, and again Lori felt that deep throbbing of pleasure inside her cunt.

She was stepping from the shower when she saw Janice in the bathroom. "What are you in here for, Janice?" she asked, stepping back behind the curtain and peering out at her niece. "Why don't you use the hall bathroom?"

Janice stood near the sink, looking at her aunt with huge innocent eyes. But those eyes sparkled with innocent wickedness. Lori waited for an answer, but what she got instead was something of a shock.

Janice lifted her dress to her waist and Lori gasped.

Janice had taken her panties off.

Lori stared at the girl, seeing her slim thighs and hips. There was dark fuzz on Janice's cunt, not very thick but dark and inviting. She looked with hot eyes at the pink lips of her niece's cunt when Janice parted her legs and arched her cunt forward.

"Do you think I'm pretty, Aunt Lori?" Janice asked in a low, strange voice.

Lori moaned low in her throat as she looked at her niece. Janice was so desirable, standing there with her dress up to her waist, her sweet, honeyed cunt revealed.

"I wanna see you, Aunt Lori," Janice said in that unusually sensuous voice. "Let me see what you look like."

Feeling a compulsion come over her, Lori stepped from the shower curtain and onto the carpeted floor of the bathroom. Janice gazed at her nakedness, seeing her shapely, pointed tits. Then she dropped her gaze downward, fixing her eyes on the thick curls of Lori's pussy.

Without further words, Lori found herself dropping to her knees before her niece. Her hands reached out and she ran her fingers lightly over the smooth thighs of Janice. Her eyes burned hotly as she gazed at the sugary lips of Janice's cunt, seeing the tip of her cunt peeking from those succulent, moist fields. Lori ran her hands behind the girl and felt her swelling little ass, then caressed up the insides of Janice's thighs. She made a soft gurgling sound as her hand cupped the tender young cunt, feeling the moist heat of her pussy against her palm.

"Oooo, that's nice, Aunt Lori," Janice crooned. "I like to be felt up this way."

Lori ran her hand back and forth, rubbing the slightly quivering cunt of her niece. She could feel moisture smearing her palm, and then she stroked the tiny clit gently.

"Wanna kiss it, Aunt Lori?" Janice mewled softly. "Do you wanna kiss my pussy?"

"Oh, baby!" Lori groaned. "I'd love to kiss your pussy!"

With lewd giggles, Janice propped herself up on the sink, spreading her slim legs wide, the cheeks of her ass barely hanging over the rim of the sink. She looked down with hot, excited eyes at her aunt.

Lori gazed at the cunt of her niece, licking her lips hungrily. Hers was such a sweet-looking little cunt, with cunt hair along each lip, thicker just above her cunt. She could, see Janice's clit pulsating, see the moisture glistening there. Lori leaned forward and kissed the inner thigh of her niece, feeling the heat and sweetness of her flesh. Janice giggled, squirming on the sink as she gazed with excited eyes down at her kneeling aunt.

Lori began to lick along the creamy thigh, working her way slowly into that steamy crotch of Janice. The desire to taste that pretty cunt was overwhelming, and her own pussy was throbbing as if on fire. She cupped Janice's small asscheeks in both her hands, and pressed her lips to her hot cunt. Lori kissed Janice's cunt moistly, her open lips pursed. She tasted the moisture of the girl's cute pussy and found the taste sweet to her tongue.

"Oooo, baby!" Lori whimpered in a thick voice. "Oh, you're so sweet! So sweet!"

"Lick me, Aunt Lori!" Janice urged in a thick whisper. "Lick me between the legs! I love it when I get licked!"

"I'll lick it, honey!" Lori hissed. "I'll lick you good! Ohhh, I can't help it, Janice! I've got to lick your little pussy!"

She ran her tongue up and down the fine slit, wiggling it over Janice's tiny, hard clit, bringing mewls of delight from Janice. Lori held her small asscheeks tightly as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue from the bottom of Janice's cunt to her throbbing clit. Then, unable to hold back any longer, Lori stabbed her tongue into Janice's tight, hot pussy, fucking it back and forth like a hard cock.

Janice squealed and giggled with pleasure, twisting her crotch into Lori's face. Lori closed her eyes as she tongue-fucked Janice. It was the first time she had actually tasted a cunt, and she found Janice's pussy delicious. Her tongue, very long, fucked deep into the clinging heat of Janice's cunt, fucking back and forth as her chin pressed against that pretty ass, her upper lip smashing the hardness of her niece's clit.

She withdrew her tongue and licked up and down each cunt lip, thrilling Janice until she was gurgling with ecstasy. The more Lori licked, the more moisture that seeped from Janice's cunt. Lori found her face becoming smeared, coated, and she had to swallow often as her mouth filled. The scent of her niece's cunt was fresh and sweet.

Her tongue fucked in and out. Lori was thrilled at they way the young girl's cunt, clung to her tongue, tight and hot and slippery. Lori's fingers dug into the girl's firm, shapely little asscheeks as she buried her face into Janice's sugary cunt. She lapped and licked and sucked and tongue-fucked the girl's steaming cunt furiously, her own pussy boiling like never before.

The bathroom was still filled with steam, and she felt her niece's slippery thighs as they closed about her face tightly. Janice was squealing in delight now, her sounds becoming louder, and Lori became afraid that Stevie might hear and find them. But at the moment she couldn't have cared less. The taste of Janice's sweet young cunt was all that mattered to her, and the sensations that were flowing through her naked body, the way her own cunt was throbbing, dripping until the insides of her thighs were slippery.

Lori's tongue probed deep, and she felt the squeezing on it by Janice's slippery, almost hairless cunt. She flicked her tongue back and forth, knowing her niece was very close to coming. She began to fuck her tongue in and out furiously now, whimpering softly as her own pleasure seemed to swell between her thighs.

"Oooo, Aunt Lori!" Janice squealed. "You're gonna make me come! Ooooo, golly, I love it! Lick my pussy faster, Aunt Lori! Oohhh, I'm gonna come!"

Lori's tongue flicked in a frenzy, as deep as she could make it go. She felt the tightening of Janice's young cunt around her tongue, the flexing waves of heat.

When Lori felt Janice's cunt convulse about her tongue and heard her long, drawn-out wail of ecstasy, her own pussy exploded. Her naked ass clenched up as she experienced a powerful orgasm. Her tongue fucked in and out wildly as Janice came, and the girl, was grinding her cunt into Lori's face, holding the back of her head tightly, her thighs scissoring about Lori's face.

When Lori felt her niece relax, she withdrew her tongue and licked almost daintily at her still-throbbing cunt lips.

After a few moments, Janice slipped from the sink and, as Lori stood up, wrapped her arms about her aunt's waist, hugging her tightly. As she hugged Lori, her mouth closed over one of Lori's long, hard nipples. Lori ran her hands up and down her niece's back. Janice slipped a small hand between the two of them, ran her fingers through Lori's cunt hair, and began to rub her aunt's clit.

"I loved that, Aunt Lori," Janice whispered around the nipple. "I loved it so very much. You kissed and sucked my pussy good. You'll lick me again, won't you?"

For a moment Lori felt a shudder go through her. Then she heard herself reply, "Oh, yes! God, baby, that was good! I've never kissed a girl that way before, either... and I loved kissing your pussy!"

Janice giggled as she pulled away. She pulled her hand from between Lori's thighs, lifted it to her face, and began to lick at her fingers. Lori looked at her niece, the top of Janice's head coming only to her chin. Her eyes widened as she saw Janice lick her fingers, then she smiled. "Why, you little... you're a little hot-ass, aren't you?"

"I guess so," Janice giggled. "I know I love being kissed on my pussy. If that makes me a hot-ass, then I guess I am."

Lori hugged her niece tightly against her naked body. "You're sweet!" she said.

Janice squirmed in her aunt's arms, her lips again sucking at her nipple. "We're gonna be here a whole week, Aunt Lori," she said. "That means you can lick my pussy every day."

"Oh?" Lori shoved her niece away gently. "And what am I supposed to do? God, it made me so hot, licking you!" Janice giggled.

Then she walked from the bathroom.

Janice entered the bedroom naked, going to the dresser and brushing her hair. Somehow, she was not surprised by what had happened. She had sensed the sexuality of her niece from that afternoon when she had seen her on her hands and knees. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

She turned and started for the bed and almost walked into her nephew.

"Stevie!" she gasped, trying to cover her tits with one arm and cupping her cunt with the other.

Her nephew grinned at her, but he was looking over her shoulder. Lori looked behind her and saw he was looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her naked ass was exposed to his eyes.

Chapter THREE

"Stevie!" she yelped.

Lori made a dash for the bed, jumping into it and drawing the sheet up to her neck. She peered at her nephew with wide eyes. She was not frightened, only startled.

"I just wanted to say goodnight, Aunt Lori," he said softly.

"You should knock, Stevie," Lori replied in a shaky voice. "I just got out of the shower."

The expression on his face changed, showing not only amusement at her frantic actions but interest as well. "So I noticed."

Lori noticed something too, the front of his pants was bulging out. She found she was unable to remove her gaze from that lump. Her mouth was open and she was having problems breathing. Excitement was flowing through her again, and she thought how insane this was.

Not insane because she desired Stevie; she did very much. Part of her excitement at having them with her had been the knowledge that she was planning to fuck her nephew. The insane part was that what had happened in the bathroom had happened so easily, then this following immediately. It was just too much of a coincidence to be believable.

Stevie made no attempt to conceal his hard-on. On the contrary, he seemed quite proud of his prick. The expression on his face showed that, along with the interest he had in his aunt's body. He came to stand close to her bed, seeing her nipples strain against the sheet she held there. Lori knew he was looking at them, and a shiver of anticipation rippled through her. She drew in a deep breath.

She reached out a hand and took Stevie's, pulling him close to her. "Goodnight," she whispered, then pursed her lips. Stevie kissed her, but he didn't pull away and leave. Instead Lori felt one of his small hands darting forth to grab her tit.

"Oh, what are you doing?" she asked, her voice showing her desire. "Stevie, you shouldn't do that."

"You have nice tits, Aunt Lori," Stevie replied as his hand moved about a full, firm tit-mound.

Lori gasped as his fingers dug into her springy flesh, her nipple throbbing as it burned into his palm. Her cunt was twitching with the first feelings of her horny desire for her nephew's cock. She stared into his eyes as he felt her tit, her body shivering.

Then her hand moved, and she cupped his prick and balls. His prick was very hard, throbbing against his pants. She rubbed at his cock, making her nephew grunt with pleasure. The sheet fell from her neck and Lori sat there on her bed, naked to the waist. Her tits strained out, nipples hard, and Stevie made a strangling sound in his throat. He sat on the side of her bed, facing her, and Lori placed her hand on the back of his head, drawing his face to one jutting tit.

Stevie immediately sucked a nipple into his mouth and licked with his tongue. Lori moaned with pleasure and held his mouth to her tit. "Ooooo, honey," she crooned softly. "I like it when my nipples are sucked! Suck Aunt Lori's nipples, Stevie! Suck my tit, baby!"

As he sucked on her nipple, Stevie's hands were busy. He shoved the sheet away from her body and ran a hot hand up and down her thigh. Lori wondered, at his knowledge, but her curiosity was fleeting. The sensations his wet lips and tongue produced on her tit was setting her on fire. Her ass squirmed on the bed and she moaned low in her throat. Pulling his mouth tight against her tingling tit, she ran her other hand down his chest, past his stomach, and again cupped his cock and balls.

But that wasn't enough for her. She began to fumble with his pants and somehow managed to get them open. Her fingers shook as she reached inside and felt his cock. She pulled his prick from his pants and quickly wrapped her fingers around his cock squeezing hard. His prick was not as big as Marty's, of course, but he showed promise. The size of her nephew's prick didn't matter to Lori, because all that mattered to her was that his cock was nice and hard and that he wanted to fuck her.

She jacked up and down on his cock with her tight, hot fist as he sucked on her nipple. His hand slipped higher along the smooth inner surface of her thigh. Then his fingers were brushing the thick curls of her cunt. Lori moaned again and lay back on the bed. Stevie's face coming down with her, still sucking hungrily at her tit. Lori spread her thighs wide, and Stevie rubbed his hand up and down the hot, wet lips of her cunt, making Lori twist and wiggle her ass. She felt one of his fingers sliding into her slippery pussy and her hips shot upward.

"Ooaoo!" she mewled, gripping his cock hard. "Oh, Stevie! Oh, my God! Stevie... oh, baby!"

His finger fucked in and out of her hairy cunt, fingerfucking her as she twisted her hips with growing pleasure.

Excitement gripped her until she sat up again, her hands working at his clothing. She was anxious to have her nephew naked, wanting to look at his smooth young body. Stevie helped her, and he soon sat on the bed naked. His cock jutted up from his crotch proudly, his prickhead sweetly swollen and dripping. His balls were still small but were the right size for his age. There was hair at the base of his cock, but, as with his sister, it was sparse.

"Ohhh, it's beautiful!" Lori crooned as she reached down and cradled his balls tenderly in her hand. She ran the tips of her fingers along his cock, feeling his prick throb, smearing the seeping fuck fluids of his piss hole about his smooth, swollen cockhead. "Oh, Stevie, it's a beautiful cock!"

Stevie lay back, his arms behind his head, his prick arching into the air. Lori sat at his hip, gazing with hot, hungry eyes at his prick. She fondled and stroked his cock, jacking up and down with one hand and holding his balls with the other. He spread his legs, gurgling with pleasure.

"I'd love to have this inside me," Lori said in a thick whisper. "I'd just love to have this sweet cock inside me!"

Stevie lay there, waiting, letting her do what she wanted with his cock and balls. His eyes glinted with burning desire, a smile on his face. Lori leaned over and placed her hot, wet lips against the flesh of his quivering stomach, kissing him. She raised her head and looked at him, hunger showing on her beautiful face.

Without saying a word, she straddled her nephew, a knee on each side of his hips. She held his cock in her hand, lowered her bushy cunt and rubbed his swollen prickhead up and down the wet, steamy lips of her pussy. She crooned softly, feeling the deliciousness of his cockhead brushing at her cunt. She smashed his prick against her hard clit, cooing and mewling.

Unable to wait any longer, she fit the head of her nephew's cock to the wet, burning lips of her cunt and slowly sank down. She felt his prick enter her pussy, and a hissing sound bubbled up from her constricted throat. She lowered her cunt slowly, savoring the penetration. Lower and lower she went, her eyes slitted as she gazed at his face.

Stevie's expression indicated his excited pleasure as he stared down his body, watching his aunt's cunt sinking onto his hard cock.

Lori flaw had every inch of his prick inside her pussy, her asscheeks resting upon his crotch. She sat there, her cunt writhing around his cock, and reached behind herself. She took his balls in her hand and pressed them against the hot checks of her ass. Slowly, she began moving on him, arching her hips back and forth. Her clit scraped and pressed at the shaft of his cock, making her whimper with pleasure.

"Ohhh, Stevie," she gurgled, "it's in me! Oh, God, I've got your cock in me!"

Stevie arched his hips up and Lori started fucking him. She sat astride his crotch, her knees along his sides. The muscles of her thighs rippled as she lifted and lowered her ass.

She would bring her cunt almost off his cock, then go down again, her eyes still slitted and burning, her mouth open as she hissed her pleasure. She leaned forward, her tits dangling as she braced herself with her hands near his shoulders. She started pumping her naked ass faster. Her cunt seared the flesh of his hard cock until Stevie could not remain still. He started fucking his prick in and out, timing his movements with hers. He gripped her thighs with his hands, feeling her muscles ripple beneath his fingers. His cock was throbbing powerfully inside his aunt's cunt, and he could feel rippling waves as her pussy sucked and nibbled.

Lori gasped land heaved as she fucked her nephew. This was something she had been wanting to do for at least a year, and now she was fucking him. She was burning with excitement, thrilling to the hardness of his prick as her pussy fucked up and down. She felt the throbbing of his cock with the sensitive walls of her velvety pussy. She was gurgling deep in her throat, her cunt exploding with soft waves of orgasms, orgasms that had begun soft and weak, but which were growing in intensity. Usually Lori came once when a cock slipped into her cunt, then she came again later in a power explosion. She was coming immediately now, but the spasms didn't stop. They continued, growing tighter, hotter. Wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her naked body, making her tits swell, her nipples tight. Her naked ass shivered as she fucked up and down, her cunt gripping his cock in wet, heated tightness.

"Oooo, Stevie, Stevie!" Lori crooned in a tight voice. "Oh God, it's good! It's so good, Stevie. I love it! Love it so much!"

Stevie grunted as his fingers dug into her smooth, thighs. "You're wet, Aunt Lori! Oh, you're pussy is so hot!"

"Hot for you, honey!" she moaned. "My pussy is hot for you... for your cock! Oh, baby, I love your hard cock! It feels so good in me! I'm coming, Stevie! Can you feel my pussy coming?"

"Yeah, Aunt Lori!" he grunted. "I feel it!"

"Ooo, fuck me, baby!" Lori wailed as her orgasms increased in power. "Ohhhh, fuck me, Stevie! My pussy... my cunt... is coming!"

Lori fucked her crotch up and down on his cock, her ass writhing. Her cunt was gripping his prick like a tight, hot, wet glove.

"Stevie! God, Stevie! I'm going to explode, baby! Oooohhh. I can't stop coming and my cunt is going to explode!"

Her naked ass churned furiously as her cunt boiled toward that last and most powerful orgasm. She was desperate to have his cock gushing into her cunt when she exploded, and her ass moved in a frenzy of speed, her cunt gripping his throbbing cock tightly.

When Lori screamed, her orgasm clutched her body and caused her to shudder violently. She slammed her cunt down tightly on his cock, grinding mindlessly as she felt, through the heavy fog of her orgasm, the gushing of his prick into her cunt. His come juice spurted into the rippling depths of her pussy and sent Lori into squeals of ecstasy. She held her cunt tight against the base of his cock as he spewed his come juice into her greedy, devouring cunt.

It was a long time before Lori stopped shuddering, but when she did, sprawled atop her nephew, smearing his face with wet, eager kisses. "Oh, Stevie, Stevie! That was so good!"

His hands moved up and down her back, caressing her smooth flesh as he brought his breathing under control. Then Lori rolled from him, sprawling with her long legs wide, her cunt still pulsating from the hot glow of her orgasm.

Five or ten minutes later she was sitting up next to him again. Janice had been forgotten now, and she began to fondle her nephew's cock gently and lovingly. It was all so damned easy, she thought. She had not seduced either of them; they had seduced her!

As Lori fondled his cock and balls, Stevie told her how much he had wanted to fuck her, that he had been wanting her for over a year. He told her that he would jack off thinking about her, wanting to fuck her. Lori thought that was cute and questioned him about what he thought of while jacking off. She was eighteen when he told her it was her cunt and he saw in his mind, that he pretended his fist was in her cunt.

Listening to her nephew talk, Lori leaned over him and kissed at his stomach, darting her tongue out to lick his flesh. She caressed his balls and cock as she ran her tongue down his body, flicking the tip of her tongue at his thighs, then back up to run her tongue about his tiny nipples. She nipped at his nipples with her white teeth, then sucked at them.

Her lips and tongue ran everywhere on his hairless body, sliding down to his thighs again and going to his knees. Stevie continued to talk to her about jacking off with keeping her in mind. Hearing him made her passions flare again. His cock was swelling into a beautiful hardness once more, and his prickshaft was still slippery from having been inside her cunt.

She ran her tongue along the inside of his thigh, probing at his balls with the tip of her tongue. Stevie widened his legs and Lori began to lap tenderly at his balls, thrilled to finally have her face there.

Her wet, hot tongue licked all over his balls, then, while holding his cock, she sucked both balls into her mouth. As Lori sucked on his balls, she jacked his slippery cock slowly, her eyes wide and hot as she looked up at Stevie's burning eyes. Lori's eyes sparkled with the steaming desire she felt, with the love she had for her nephew. Her mouth was filled with his balls and her tongue moved slowly but relentlessly on them.

After a few minutes of sucking his balls, she pulled her lips away. "Stevie," she said in a thick, low voice, "I want to suck you. I'd love to take your cock in my mouth and suck it! Would you like for me to suck your cock off, baby!"

"You suck cock, Aunt Lori?" he asked, his voice high-pitched, excited. "You really like to suck cock?"

"I love it!" she laughed.

"Can I come in your mouth, Aunt Lori?" he asked.

"Baby," she gurgled happily, pressing his slippery cock against her cheek lovingly, "you can come anyplace you want! You can come in my pussy, or on my tits, and YOU better believe if you want to come in my mouth! I'd love to have your cock squirting that sweet come juice in my mouth!"

"Suck me, Aunt Lori! Suck my cock and let me come in your mouth!"

Lori ran her hot lips up the side of his cock, placing them on his now dripping prickhead. She kissed his piss hole, then ran her lips down the other side of his prick. She felt his throbbing hardness against her lips and the contact sent tingles of steaming pleasure through her naked body. She nuzzled his balls again, then slipped her tongue out and licked at his slippery cockshaft with the tip of her tongue.

Stevie's eyes were wide with delight as she licked up and down his cock. She gazed up at him with burning, hungry eyes as her tongue lapped over his swollen prickhead, tasting the seeping fuck juices coming from his piss hole. Then she opened her lips and placed them about the head of his cock. She loved the hot feel of his prick between her lips, and she slowly began to suck more of his prickshaft into her mouth. She made soft mewling sounds as she went farther on his cock, until her lips were at the base, his prickhead probing her throat. Lori held his cock deep in her mouth, savoring the exquisite pleasure of having him there. She sprawled out on the bed, lying on her stomach between his thighs, holding herself up with her elbows.

She sucked up on his throbbing cock, her lips wet and tight. She used her tongue as she sucked up, then stopped when she held just his swollen prickhead with her lips. She raced the tip of her tongue about his dripping piss hole, pleased to hear the excited grunts coming from her nephew. Size sucked his prick as she had never, sucked a cock before tenderly, lovingly. Her naked ass writhed and she began to grind her cunt into the mattress, feeling herself becoming wet and hot between her thighs.

Stevie twisted beneath her face, staring in pleasure at the way his aunt's mouth sucked up and down his cock. "You have a hot mouth, Aunt Lori!" he grunted. "Your mouth is hot and wet and so tight! Oh, I like the way you suck my cock, Aunt Lori!"

His words urged her on, and she bobbed her face up and down faster, her chestnut hair fanning out and waving as her excitement took control. She wasn't sucking him slowly anymore, but furiously, hungry for his come juice.

Soft moist sounds came from her glistening lips as she sucked up and down. The sounds were a sign of the ecstasy she felt by having her nephew's cock deep inside her mouth. She twisted her head about, like a puppy playing with a bone, her tongue racing as she sucked powerfully up and down his cock. She gripped his hips tightly as her hot lips moved up and down his throbbing prick, hungry to have his come juice spurting into her threat. Lori had never wanted a cock spurting into her mouth as badly as she wanted Stevie's, and her frantic sucking efforts told her nephew of her hunger.

"Suck it, Aunt Lori!" Stevie cried, arching his hips up, fucking his cock into her mouth. "Ohhh, suck my cock, Aunt Lori! Ohhh, your mouth is so fucking hot and wet! Suck my cock... suck my cock... suck my cock!"

Lori held her face up and still, letting her nephew fuck into her mouth as fast and hard as he wanted, knowing the pleasure he was feeling. She closed her lips tighter she fucked up and down, his balls brushing at her chin, her lips pressing into the scant curls at the base. His cock was throbbing more powerfully, and she knew he was close to discharge.

Her tongue raced about as he fucked in and out of her clinging lips. She was squealing softly, her ass twisting as she ground her bushy cunt into the bed. She knew that she, too, would come. Her orgasm was already swelling inside the pit of her stomach, growing hot and spreading toward her quivering cunt.

"I'm gonna do it, Aunt Lori!" Stevie cried, fucking his cock in a frenzy now. "Oh, I'm gonna come, Aunt Lori! Ohhhh, I gotta come... now!"

Lori felt his cock swell inside her mouth, then her tongue was coated with his thick, slippery come juice. Her eyes glazed over with ecstasy as he filled her mouth with his sweet, delicious, come juice. Her cunt rippled and convulsed into orgasm, and she mewled with hot excitement. Her throat worked and swallowed as his cock gushed, flooding her mouth with the thick sweetness. Her throat burned as his come juice ran down, burned with a desperate hunger to take it all. Her lips clutched at his cock as he came, her tongue flying about his flaring piss hole. Stevie grunted in a tight voice, fucking his gushing cock in and out of her tight lips, fucking his aunt's mouth as he came.

Lori felt his cock dribble to a stop, and her tongue lapped about his sensitive piss hole. Then she lifted her face, grinning up at him. She cradled his empty balls tenderly in one hand, caressing her cheek with his moist cock.

"Was it good, baby?" she asked. "Did you enjoy that blow job?"

"Oh, Aunt Lori!" he gurgled tiredly. "You're one hell of a cocksucker! That was fantastic!"

She scooted up on the bed and lay beside him, one arm over his chest and one warm thigh over his cock and balls. She nuzzled at his neck, kissing him.

She was very sleepy now.

It had been quite a day for Lori. She thought of the wild and furious fucking she had done that afternoon with Marty, then how she had licked her niece's sweet young cunt in the bathroom... and now she had fucked her nephew and sucked his cock off. She had come more this one day than she had ever come any other day in her entire life. There was something bothering her, though, something she couldn't put her finger on. It had been so easy with her niece and nephew.

She had thought she would have had to move slowly, take her time with them. But that wasn't how it happened at all. It had been too easy, much too easy.

"You better go to your own bed," she whispered to Stevie. "I'm getting sleepy."

"I wanna sleep with you, Aunt Lori," he said, hugging her.

"Oh, no you don't!" she replied. "You get your little ass out of here!" She poked him in the ribs, tickling him. "I want to sleep, not fuck!"

He stuck his tongue out at her as he left and Lori curled up, still puzzled by how easy it had been.

Chapter FOUR

It was late when Lori woke up.

The first thing that came to her was the smell of breakfast and perking coffee. She grinned and stretched, her body feeling good. She thought of her niece and nephew preparing breakfast for her. They are such sweet little darlings, she thought as she threw her feet over the bed and stood up.

She pulled a robe on and went to the kitchen. Janice and Stevie were just placing breakfast on the table. She stood and looked at them, smiling. Janice was wearing a pair of tight shorts, and her sweet little ass was cute and saucy. Her asscheeks were boldly exposed by the tightness of the shorts, and Lori wondered how she had managed to wear something as revealing as that around her mother and father.

Stevie was dressed in pants and shirt, sneakers on his feet. She looked at the front of his pants and was disappointed because they weren't tight enough to mold his cock. She pulled her robe tighter and belted it at her waist. Even though it was belted, the top was loose and the creamy swells of her tits were exposed almost to her nipples.

Janice and Stevie grinned knowingly at her as she sat down at the table. Lori saw the grins passed between them, and somehow she realized they had been talking. She was sure Janice had told her brother about how Lori had licked her cunt and that Stevie had told his sister about fucking her and how she had sucked his cock off. She was surprised to find it did not embarrass her at all. On the contrary, she was pleased that they had talked about it.

She finished breakfast and sipped her coffee. She watched Janice and Stevie closely, knowing that all she had to do now was wait for them to start making passes at her again. As she helped Janice with the dishes, she that Marty was supposed to fuck her this evening. That would have to be called off now. He could still visit but there could not be any fucking, not with her niece and nephew there. If he knew what she had done with them, there was no telling what he would say.

Marty loved nothing more than fucking, she knew. In fact, it had been their mutual desire for fucking that brought them together. They enjoyed each other's body, but there was no intention on either part of becoming serious.

Finishing in the kitchen, Lori and Janice entered the living room where Stevie had gone. He was lying on the floor on his back, staring at the ceiling. Lori knew she should get dressed, but again she hut it off.

She sat on the couch, crossing her legs. The robe parted and her creamy thighs were exposed almost to her hips. Stevie glanced at them, grinning widely. Janice, too, grinned. There was no conversation as Lori grinned back at them.

These two are up to something, she thought, feeling anticipation building inside her body. She knew they were up to something when she saw Stevie's cock swelling inside his pants. And he was making no effort to conceal his hard-on from his sister.

"All right, you two," she said. "What's going on here?"

"Nothing, Aunt Lori," Stevie replied. "Nothing at all."

"Bull shit," Lori snorted, drawing the robe over her thighs. "I can tell by those, impish expressions."

With a giggle, Janice dropped to the floor next to her brother. Lori's eyes widened when she saw Janice make a grab for his cock.

"Hey!" she gasped. "We can't have that going on here. You two kids better be careful."

But Janice and Stevie paid no attention to her. Janice, still giggling, opened her brother's pants and pulled his prick out. Lori gazed at them, feeling heat starting to bubble between her thighs. Janice stroked her brother's cock, then lifted her eyes and looked at her aunt.

"I like to play with Stevie's cock, Aunt Lori. It gets so hard!"

"How long has this been going on?" Lori asked, smiling with excitement.

They didn't answer her. Janice stroked her fist up and down her brother's cock, her eyes shining brightly as she sat there, her knees up, spread wide. Lori saw the outline of her sweet little cunt through the tightness of her shorts.

"Wanna watch me fuck Stevie?" Janice asked in an excited voice. "Aunt Lori, do you wanna see me fuck my brother?"

Lori's heart was hammering with excitement. This was much more than she had expected. She had not expected to have both at the same time, and here was the opportunity being handed to her, and she had made no effort to bring it about at all.

It was as thought Janice and Stevie had known what she wanted from them from the beginning. She had no idea they were so erotic, so enthusiastic about fucking. They had not shown any interest in sex before, not when they were with her. Again she had the strange feeling that something was going on that she was unaware of.

Janice turned loose of her brother's cock and stood up, stripping her tight shorts down with a lot of wiggling of her curvy little ass. She dropped her shorts on the floor, still wearing the blouse. She stood there in her half-naked beauty, rubbing her sparsely-haired cunt as Stevie slipped his pants off.

Lori could hardly believe what she was seeing. Janice lay down on the floor, her slim legs spread wide as her brother slipped between them. His cock was throbbingly hard, and Lori watched with hot eyes as he slipped his swollen prick heed into his sister's cunt.

Janice made a soft squeal of pleasure as Stevie's cock entered her pussy, and she lifted her naked little ass for him. Stevie stayed on his knees so Lori could watch his cock go all the way into his sister's almost-hairless pussy. Then he lay on top of her, his naked ass pounding up and down. Janice gurgled with pleasure as she twisted and writhed her saucy ass beneath him.

Lori's cunt trembled with lust as she watched her niece and nephew fuck. Her tits swelled and her sensitive nipples pressed at her robe. She could not stand the tension and pulled the top of her robe away, revealing her creamy pointed tits.

Lori drew her feet to the cushions, of the couch and spread her knees, opening the belt of the robe. She sat there naked, watching the two kids fucking. Her hairy cunt was fully exposed to their hot eyes, and she could not resist fingering her pussy. She rubbed and pinched at her swollen clit as she stared at brother fucking sister.

As he fucked his cock into his sister's tender pussy, Stevie watched his aunt fingering her hairy cunt, his eyes bright with excitement. Janice, too, turned her head to watch Lori.

Janice was gasping with the pleasure her brother's cock was giving her. She ran her hands down and clawed at Stevie's ass, her own hips churning furiously.

"Ohhhhh, I love it when Stevie fucks me, Aunt Lori," she mewled. "I love his cock in my cunt, fucking me!"

Lori groaned with desire and thrust a finger deep into her cunt as she watched them. It was a beautiful sight to her, seeing those two, half-naked, young bodies squirming and fucking frantically.

"Janice has a tight cunt, Aunt Lori!" Stevie grunted as he fucked into his sister's pussy. "Her cunt is tight and hot and wet... just like yours!"

Lori began to fuck her finger into her boiling cunt faster, her eyes glazed as she watched them fuck. She gazed at Stevie's naked ass bouncing up and down and could not back off any longer. She slipped from the couch, letting her robe fall away. Nakedly she knelt on the floor next to them, her hands running over her nephew's clenching asscheeks. She slipped a hand beneath Janice's twisting ass.

"Ohhh, Stevie," she hissed hotly. "Fuck her, baby! Fuck your sister's hot little cunt! Ohhh yes, Stevie! Fuck her tight little pussy!"

Lori lowered her face to his ass and began to kiss hotly at his bouncing ass cheeks. Her tongue, snaked out and licked his asscheeks as he fucked his cock into his sister's cunt. Lori's tongue licked down the back of his thighs, her hand gripping one asscheek. She squeezed at the small tight asscheek of her niece, her tongue furiously licking Stevie's flesh.

Lori felt Janice reaching between her thighs for her cunt and spread her knees. "Ohhh, yes, Janice! Feel me! Feel my cunt... fuck Stevie and feeling up my aunt, Janice. Fingerfuck my cunt!"

Janice fucked her finger into her aunt's steaming pussy, fucking it in and out. Lori spread her legs wider and twisted her ass, her lips and tongue running frantically about her nephew's bouncing, naked ass. From her position, Lori saw, with glassy eyes, her nephew's balls banging against Janice's upturned ass, his throbbing cock fucking her.

Lori was so excited she could hardly keep her mouth on Stevie's wiggling ass. She lifted her face, standing on her knees, her own ass grinding as Janice finger-fucked her furiously. Lori's eyes, although glazed by passion, watched her nephew's cock fucking in and out of his sister's cunt. Janice's delicate pink pussy lips clung to Stevie's cock tightly and hotly.

"Oooooh, Stevie," she hissed thickly, "fuck her! Oh, God, baby, fuck your sister's hot little cunt! Feed her hungry hot cunt that hard cock, Stevie! Oooooh, that's beautiful! Fuck her, fuck her good!"

Lori grabbed her own swollen tits, hot fingers digging into the sensitive flesh. She looked down her body and churned her hips on her niece's fucking finger. She had never felt so aroused, so damned hot, in a long time. Her pussy was closing about the fucking finger, clamping it tightly as Janice gurgled in pleasure.

"I think I'm gonna come!" Stevie yelled, fucking faster into his sister's cunt. "Ohhhh, Janice! I'm gonna come! Oh... ohhhh!"

"Okay!" Janice squealed, her ass churning in a frenzy as her brother fucked his cock deep, then held it there. "Do it, Stevie! Come in me! Oooooh, come inside my cunt!"

Stevie grunted and his body shook, spewing come juice into his sister's gripping pussy. Janice was no longer fucking her finger into her aunt's cunt but was holding it still. That didn't matter, because Lori was coming in waves of pleasure, her pussy sucking at the still-buried finger.

Janice uttered a long wail, and her small body shivered. She gurgled incoherently as she came, her ass twitching. Then she slumped to the floor, her hand pulling away from Lori's crotch. Stevie slipped his cock from his sister's cunt and sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, breathing raggedly.

Lori sat down, a huge smile of satisfaction on her beautiful face. "Oh, you kids!" she murmured.

Later, after a long bubble bath, Lori dressed for her date with Marty. She had told Janice and Stevie that she was expecting a visitor and that they should be on their best behavior, not to be pests, and under no circumstances were they to show any sexual interest, either toward each other, her or Marty.

There was still a little over an hour to go before Marty was to arrive, so Lori spent a little longer fussing with her silky hair. She had put on a full skirt and blouse, nylons with a garter belt.

She was standing in the bedroom, her foot up on the bed, straightening her nylons. Her skirt was pulled back to expose her creamy thigh. She was not aware that Stevie was watching her from the doorway. When she noticed his presence, she yelped in surprise.

Stevie had stood in the doorway watching his aunt, becoming excited by the exposure of her thigh. Finally he sneaked in behind her and dropped to his knees before she knew he was there. He quickly lifted her dress from behind and shoved his face upwards, directly into her cunt, kissing it.

"Why, you little shit!" she said, but not in anger.

"Don't move, Aunt Lori," he said, running his hands up and down her nyloned thighs. He loved the creamy flesh above the tops of them, and he loved her smooth ass, naked beneath her full dress. "I wanna kiss you!"

Lori, with one foot propped on her bed, felt his hot, wet mouth kissing at the swells of her asscheeks. His tongue was licking and the trail of moisture it left on her flesh sent thrills racing through her. Her cunt began to pulsate hotly, and, as she stood on one foot, trembling, she wondered if she would ever get enough sex. All it took was a touch, a caress, a kiss... and her cunt was wet and ready.

Stevie's hands were on her thighs, his lips on her ass cheeks. Lori mewled softly. "Ohhhh, baby! I love that! Oh, your lips are so hot... so wet! Mmmmmm, kiss it, Stevie! Oh, God, kiss my ass!"

Lori wiggled her ass as his tongue licked along the flesh of her thighs above the nylons, the tip tracing the crease where her thighs met her asscheeks. The flesh of her ass was moist now from his licking tongue, and she arched backwards into his face.

Stevie's tongue slipped along her thickly haired cunt lips, licking each puffy pussy lip in turn. Lori crooned as she felt his tongue moving around her crotch. She felt it lap about her swollen clit, then Stevie fucked his tongue into her pussy. Lori shuddered as sudden ecstasy rippled through her, her eyes closing as the pleasure flowed like liquid honey through her veins.

Stevie fucked his tongue in and out of his aunt's cunt swiftly, then licked at her sensitive pussy lips again. He moved his hands between her thighs and, using his fingers, pulled her cunt lips apart. Then his tongue shot deep into her pussy.

Lori was not balanced very well, but she thrust her ass back, grinding her cunt into his fucking mouth, whimpering with pleasure. The hot breath fanning about her ass sent chills flashing through her. She pulled her skirt high, leaning over and peering between her thighs, watching his chin as he tongue-fucked her pussy. She could see the lump of his cock inside his pants, and wished she could get her hot hands on his prick. But as this desire was going through her, her cunt was boiling towards orgasm.

"Oooooh, Stevie!" she whimpered. "Oh, God! I'm going to come, Stevie! Oh, lick me... lick my cunt, baby! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! I'm going to come! Fuck it... lick it... eat me!"

When she came, Lori shook so much she was afraid she would fall. His tongue fucked in and out of her turn aster pussy convulsed, clinging to it. One of his hands was on the cheek of her ass, the other gripping her hip. Lori had to lean over and brace herself on the bed with her hands, a movement that caused her ass to arch into the air even more than it already was.

Stevie pulled his tongue out of his aunt's cunt and raced it about the shivering cheeks of her ass, making Lori whimper in the glow of orgasm. He pushed harder.

She sprawled face down on the bed, her fingers clawing at the sheets, her ass writhing. Stevie shoved her skirt past her waist, and Lori felt his cock probing her cunt from behind.

"Oh, yes!" she mewled as she felt the swollen head of his cock fucking into her pussy. "Stick your cock in me, baby! Ohhh, fuck me, Stevie! Fuck me... I'm so hot now! I want that cock fucking my cunt!"

Lori arched her ass so he could get into her pussy easier. When his cock was deep inside, she began to pump her hips, fucking his cock with her, clinging cunt, listening to him grunt with pleasure.

He must have shoved his pants down, she thought. She could feel his hairless balls brushing at her clit. She arched her naked ass higher, writhing it as he fucked his cock faster and faster. She could feel his prick throbbing between the lips of her clutching cunt, feel his swollen cockhead going deep.

"Oh, my God!" she groaned. "Ohhh, I'm coming again! Ohhh, baby, baby! Fuck it! Fuck it! Ooooh, you're making me come again! Fuck me, Stevie! Fuck my hot, wet, hairy cunt! Oh, I love your hard cock fucking my cunt! I'm coming, coming!"

Stevie fucked hard into his aunt's convulsing pussy, his prick going deep. Lori felt his cock lurching inside her and then felt the sudden gush of his thick come juice. She wailed in pleasure as his cock spurted, his come juice splashing into her greedy cunt time and again.

She ground her ass back against him as he came, her pussy holding him tightly. She allowed her hips to fall to the bed when she knew he had finished, and he lay on top of her, heaving and gasping. Finally she moved.

"Get off me, Stevie," she said in a lazy voice. "I've got to repair the damage you've done to me before Marty gets here. Come on, get off."

Stevie reluctantly pulled his prick from her cunt. Lori turned onto her back, watching him as he pulled his pants up, his cock glistening from the juices of her pussy. She smiled lazily at him, running her tongue over her full, moist lips.

"You are one horny little shit, you know that, baby?"

He laughed at her, then leaned over and kissed her thigh above the nylon. "I know, Aunt Lori," he said. "And you're a hot-ass."

"You better fucking well believe it!" she laughed with him. "Now, get our little ass out of here so I can clean up. If you stay here, I might drag you back on this bed with me."

After he had gone, Lori undressed again and took a quick shower. She didn't have much time now, and she rushed through her shower.

She was wondering about her niece and nephew as she dressed again. They had certainly been a surprise for her since yesterday. Both Janice and Stevie were hot little kids. They felt no guilt about fucking each other and her. They felt no guilt about fucking each other and her. That pleased Lori. She didn't want them to feel ashamed. Perhaps it was better that she did not have to seduce them. If she had had to do that, she might have frightened them off, sent them running to her sister and brother-in-law.

She hummed happily as she brushed her hair. She had a full week to be with them, and she was going to make the most of it. She had been hot for her nephew for some time now, and she was going to take advantage of the situation even if she had to tell Marty to stay away.

Janice had been a surprise to her. Janice had never seemed like a girl with a hot little ass, certainly not a girl who would lick a aunt, let alone enjoy it. But it seemed that was the kind of girl Janice was.

Lori placed the brush back on the dresser. She wondered how long her niece and nephew had been fucking each other. From what Stevie had told her, he had been jacking that sweet cock off for some time thinking of her.

She was thinking about talking to the kids later that night when she heard the doorbell.

Chapter FIVE

By the time Lori arrived in the living room, Marty had been invited in by the two kids. He was sitting on the couch, her niece and nephew nearby, chattering up a storm.

Lori frowned at them, but they paid no attention to her. "Would you like a drink, Marty?" she asked.

"Fine," he replied, grinning at her. "You know I like these two."

"They're little pests, that's what they are," she said, going to the kitchen to mix him a drink. "If they bother you, swat them on the behind!"

When Lori brought the drink to him, she found Janice sitting on his lap. "Janice," she said in a warning tone, "remember what I said? You get off Marty."

Janice was straddling his lap, facing him. She pouted up at her aunt and started to move, but Marty said, "No, stay where you are, Janice. Hey, I don't mind, really. They're cute kids."

Lori sat across from them on the floor near her feet. She thought, but wasn't sure, that Janice was wiggling her little ass against Marty's laps. She frowned. She was not the least bit jealous, tut she wasn't sure how Marty would take this. He had already made known his displeasure about Lori keeping them. At the moment, Marty did seem to be enjoying them, or at least enjoying Janice sitting on his lap. But if Janice was too forward, he might not enjoy that.

Marty was a horny man, she knew, but Janice was a young girl. It would not bother her if Marty fucked her niece, but it would bother her if something happened to the girl and Karen found out. They had been placed in her keeping, and Lori had to make sure they were okay.

Lori had lived alone for so many years that she sometimes slipped deep into thought when alone. She was deep in thought now, thinking about her niece and nephew, and was not aware that she had slumped in the chair, her knees somewhat apart. Nor was she aware that her nephew was peeking under her skirt, between her nyloned thighs, that Marty, too, could peek up her dress. Neither was she aware that Marty knew Stevie was peeking at her. When she did become aware of it, she blushed, clamping her knees together quickly.

Marty looked at Lori, a grin on his face. Stevie laughed.

"What's so damned funny?" Lori said, somewhat angrily. Her blush had deepened.

Lori primly smoothed her skirt over her thighs, mentally cursing herself for not wearing panties. But it didn't seem to bother Marty, she noticed. Janice was still straddling his lap, and this time she saw, without a doubt, her niece wiggle her little ass against him.

"Okay, you two," she said, sternly, "I think it's time for bed."

"Aw, Aunt Lori," Stevie complained. "You never make us go to bed this early."

"I'm sorry," she replied. "I told you two not to be pests, and you're bothering Marty. Scoot... off to bed, both of you."

Janice swung her legs from Marty, her skirt high on her slim thighs. She giggled, and Lori knew damn well she had lifted her leg that high on purpose. Marty had gotten a glimpse of her tight little panties.

Stevie and Janice kissed their aunt, then went off to bed, still pouting.

"I didn't mind, really, Lori," Marty said when they were alone. "You didn't have to be so rough on them."

Lori glanced at the front of his pants, and, just as she suspected, saw that his cock was quite hard. His prick was outlined there, showing that her niece had excited him. She raised her eyes knowingly at him.

"So what?" Marty said, understanding her expression. "Janice is a cute little thing, and if she's feeling a little sexy, that's natural, isn't it?"

"And I suppose it's natural for you to love it?" she said. "Sitting there with your fucking cock so hard and pressing, into her cunt!"

Marty grinned at Lori. "She started it."

"Oh, my God," Lori groaned. "You sound just like a kid. 'She started it.'"

"Does this look like a kid?" Marty said, opening his pants and removing his cock.

Lori stared, feeling immediate desire well up inside her. It was that way every time she saw a cock she would quickly steam up, her cunt pulsating wetly. She licked her lips with anticipation.

Getting to her feet, she went to Marty. She stood there for a moment looking down at his prick, then slowly sank to her knees before him. She reached out with an eager hand and closed her fingers around his cock. The powerful throb of his prick filled her fist as she slowly caressed up and down his cockshaft. Her hot eyes gazed at his swollen, smooth prickhead, the way the come juice dripped from his piss hole.

Holding his cock very tight, she pressed her fist hard into his groin. His cock seemed to become thicker and longer, and she mewled softly with bubbling desire. Leaning down, Lori kissed his dripping piss hole tenderly. When she lifted her face and smiled up at him, her lips glistened with the slippery fuck juice. Her tongue came out, licking slowly over them, tasting his come juice.

She moaned hungrily.

Lori dipped her head, her open mouth covering his swollen cock. Her lips closed hotly about his prick and her tongue raced about his piss hole. Her body shook with pleasure as she moved her lips down, taking his throbbing cock deeper and deeper.

Marty leaned back on the couch, his eyes wide, watching Lori's lips stretch around his cock. He placed his hands on her shoulders, scooting his ass to the edge of the cushions.

Lori sucked his cock fully into her mouth, his swollen prickhead slipping easily into her throat. Her mouth was totally stuffed with his hard cock, and her mind was reeling with the ecstasy she felt. She loved the hotness of a cock between her lips, the way a prick throbbed and filled her throat.

Lori was a born cocksucker and she knew it. She was not uncomfortable with her desire to suck cocks -- she loved it and accepted it. The sensation of a throbbing cock between her lips was much different than inside her toiling cunt, and she often wasn't certain where she wanted the cock. Most of the time she allowed the man to put his cock where he wanted to, her steamy, hairy cunt or in her wet, hungry mouth. Sometimes, though, she would initiate where she wanted to be fucked. And right now she wanted to suck him off.

Gliding her lips up and down his cock now, she made gurgling noises that were becoming louder and louder. She was only concerned with her ecstasy. Her eyes remained wide open and gazing hotly up at him as she sucked. But her eyes weren't seeing much. Even her mind was almost blank. She was filled completely with the pleasure of sucking his cock.

As she sucked up and down his prick slowly, savoring the deliciousness of his cock, she opened his pants and, when Marty lifted his ass, tugged them to his feet. She never turned his cock loose once. Now she brought one hand up beneath his ass, clutching one muscled asscheek tightly, her fingers moving into his asscrack. With her other hand she cradled his hairy balls, gently massaging them. Her hot lips moved a bit faster on his cock, sucking a bit stronger. She felt Marty trembling beneath her and that thrilled her.

She worked a fingertip into the crack of his ass and began to rub at his asshole. Marty loved that, she knew, and she wanted him to love everything she was doing for him at this moment.

She pulled her lips from his cock and looked up at him, her eyes still somewhat glassy. "Mmmm, I love it, Marty!" she whispered thickly. "Oh, God, I love to suck your cock! It's so hard, Marty! So fucking hard!"

And then she was sucking his cock again.

She turned her head about az she sucked, her lips sweetly stretched, her tongue moving every chance it had. Lori sucked up until she held only his smooth prickhead, her tongue lapping across his dripping piss hole, then down she went, until the head of his cock was again inside her throat. Holding his prick there, she worked on his cock with her cheeks and throat, moaning softly, loving the way his prick throbbed in he mouth.

Rubbing at his asshole, Lori hungrily devoured Marty's cock, her mouth racing up and down his prick swiftly now. She became anxious for his cock to squirt down her throat. Her hot, wet mouth hungered for his come juice.

Marty was squirming on the couch, grunting. Lori sucked much harder, knowing he was close to coming. She mewled about his prick as she sucked hard, almost in a frenzy, her ecstasy building.

His cock swelled even more, stretching her lips wider, throbbing powerfully as his prick began to jerk deep in her mouth.

Then Marty came.

Lori squealed as the thick, slippery come juice spurted into her mouth. She squealed again as he spewed more come juice. She quickly pulled her lips up until she held just his cockhead, her tongue licking furiously across his spurting piss hole. The come juice splashed into hers mouth, filling it.

She swallowed eagerly and kept her tongue flying. Her cunt convulsed and her ass shook. The slightest taste of come juice was enough to send her cunt into a clutching orgasm.

Lori sucked the head of his cock until his prick stopped gushing, then she ran her tongue over his cockhead lovingly before pulling away. She caressed his cock and balls as she looked up at him.

"Maybe Janice gave you the hard-on, Marty," she murmured wickedly, "but it took me to handle it."

"Lori," he said, exhausted, "you can suck a cock off better than any girl I know. I've been sucked off by a few so-called experts, but I'll be damned if you don't run circles around them."

"That's why you come around so often?" she said. "Because I'm a good cocksucker and love to suck your prick off? Is that the only reason, Marty?"

"No," he said slowly, "not the only reason, Lori. I have a special feeling for you."

"Sure you do," she sneered as she got to her feet. "And it's all in your fucking balls and cock. Marty, I think you better just clear your ass out." She looked down at him, at his still exposed cock and balls. "At least for the night."

He laughed as he pulled his pants up. "I knew it, Lori," he teased. "It isn't me you like... it's just my cock."

At the door he grabbed her and kissed her hard, his hands squeezing at her swelling asscheeks. "I'll see you tomorrow, baby," he said, then he was gone.

Lori leaned against the door, her eyes closed. The taste of his cock was still in her mouth and she ran her tongue over her white teeth.

He was probably right, she thought. It is just his fucking cock I like, not him.

She went to her bedroom and showered again, thinking that she was taking a lot of showers these past few days. But then, she smiled to herself, before she had not been getting as much cock as she had been... and pussy.

Thinking of pussy sent horniness and lust rising inside her body again. As the water cascaded over her slender, curvy figure, she thought of Janice. Such a sweet girl, so pretty and so fucking horny. As soon as Marty had arrived, Janice had sat her little ass on his lap, twisting her sugary cunt against his cock.

Forward little shit, Lori thought. Not at all bashful. That damn Marty loved it, too, the bastard!

Out of the shower, she toweled her body until it glowed pinkly. She looked into the mirror at her reflection, still thinking of Janice. And wondered what her sister, Karen, would say if she knew her daughter was such a hot little sex kitten.

Knowing Karen as she did, Lori felt her sister would scream to high heaven. Her brother-in-law she wasn't sure about. She knew hardly anything about Bob. He had always been friendly toward her, but somewhat aloof, even though they had fucked.

With her mind filled with such thoughts, Lori was in the hallway before she realized it. She was still naked and headed for the bedroom door of her niece. She felt the wet pulsating of her own cunt. She paused at the door of Janice's room, looking in. The nightlight was on, and the sweet little girl was visible.

Janice was sprawled on her stomach, breathing softly in sleep. She was naked, and the sweetness of her ass cheeks curved up from her waist and creamy thighs. Lori's cunt quivered with desire as she looked at her niece and then she was standing next to the bed, looking down at her succulent, naked body.

The thought came to Lori that Stevie should be in here, sleeping with his sister. There was no reason not to, not after what she had seen them doing in the living room, joined in with them.

Lori leaned over and caressed her niece's asscheeks. She could feel the warmth of her smooth ass, hotter than normal. But it wasn't a temperature associated with an illness -- it was a temperature of intense horniness.

Janice stirred but did not wake up. Lori moved her hands over the sleeping girl's naked little ass lightly and gently. There was no reason to conceal her presence, she knew, but there was a nagging doubt in the back of her mind that she could not pin down.

Leaving her sleeping niece's room, she paused at the room where Stevie was sleeping, looking in at him. Stevie was on his back, his chest moving up and down rhythmically. Her gaze went to his cock and balls, and she smiled to herself when she saw his prick was standing up hard.

He must be having a beautiful dream, she thought as she turned from his room and started for her own.

She had wanted to go in and wake her nephew, play with his cock, fuck him or suck him off. But the thought of how easy all this had been had come back to bother her again.

Lori lay on her bed in the darkness, stating up at the ceiling. Her body was still tingling, her cunt moist and warm. She began to rub gently at her clit as she thought about the things which were bothering her.

As far as she knew, she was the only one in her family with such a hot ass. Karen had never seemed to have much of interest an sex. Where Lori had been fucking her dates almost from the start, Karen had, as far as. Lori knew, married as a virgin.

Then she thought of Stevie and Janice. They were just like their aunt, not their mother.

Karen was so moral and proper, but she had two young kids who were so hot they'd fuck anything. It just didn't make any sense to Lori. Karen was a beautiful woman, too. It was a shame that all Karen's beauty should be wrapped up in that cool, foolish attitude about sex. Deep down, Lori suspected, her sister could be a hot piece of ass if she would just let herself go.

Lori laughed quietly to herself. Marty would be good for Karen, she thought. With that big cock of his, he'd show her how to really enjoy a fuck.

She thought of her brother-in-law, Bob. He was good looking enough, but was such a cool person. Lori wandered how they ever managed to get up enough passion to have Janice and Stevie.

Shoving such thoughts from her mind, she turned onto her side and curled up, a hand underneath her cheek. She drew one knee to her tits, closing her eyes. The wetness of her niece's creamy naked ass was in her mind as was the delicious hard-on of her nephew.

Chapter SIX

There was really no place for Janice and Stevie to play at Lori's house. It was a small place, with hardly a back yard to speak of. She would not allow them in front because of the heavy traffic.

That left only the inside of the house for them.

But they didn't mind that.

It was noon, and Janice and Stevie were eating a sandwich and drinking milk while sitting on the floor of the living room. They were drawing on sketch pads Lori had bought them the evening they went out to eat.

Peering over their shoulders, Lori smiled to see Janice had drawn a man with an impossibly enormous cock. She had drawn in little bubbles to indicate the man was coming. Stevie's picture was of a woman, her legs wide, and a surprisingly realistic cunt was revealed, with curly hair and even the clit.

The two fitted the pictures together so it looked as if the male figure was coming on the woman's cunt.

"You two keep drawing," Lori said. She remembered she had promised them ice cream, but there was none in the house. "I'm going to run down to the market and buy ice cream, okay?"

"Sure, Aunt Lori," Janice said, starting on another drawing.

Lori went out into the warm sunlight, her tight shorts revealing her creamy thighs. She wore a shirt, tied in a knot beneath her tits. Her asscheeks writhed enticingly as she walked the few blocks to the market. She was surprised to find the market crowded. She selected the ice cream they wanted and then stood for some time in the check-out line.

By the time she was outside the market, she had become very nervous. There was something urging her to get home, some vague feeling that she could not explain.

By the time she was half a block away, she was walking fast.

When Lori entered her house, she stopped, gasping, almost dropping the ice cream.

Marty was there and sitting on his lap was Janice, Marty's pants were discarded on the floor, and Janice had thrown her clothing over the arm of the chair they were sitting in. Janice was straddling Marty, facing him with her hands on his shoulders, and her naked little ass was bouncing happily up and down.

Lori stared in shock at Janice's little ass. She could see Marty's huge cock enter that small cunt as Janice bounced. At Marty's feet sat Stevie, his cock in his hand as he watched his sister's ass bouncing up and down.

Lori started to yell at them, but the sudden twitch between her thighs cut her off. She leaned against the door, her eyes blazing, her hand pressed hard into her pussy.

Lori was coming!

This is insane, she thought with a burning, numb mind. I'm watching my niece fuck Marty, and I'm standing here coming!

She became aware of Marty's gaze on her, and he was grinning. His hands now held the small cheeks of Janice's ass while the little girl fucked up and down. Lori saw how Janice's fine, sweet cunt was stretched about his thick cock. Another orgasm started boiling inside her pussy.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered. "Oh, God!"

Stevie turned to see his aunt as she slowly slid to the floor, her hand pressed tightly between her thighs. He stopped jacking his cock, but gripped his prick hard.

Janice was twisting her naked little ass in a frenzy, gurgling that she was coming. Lori saw, through a heavy erotic fog, her niece's small body as she shuddered in orgasm. Lori sat on the floor, her knees up and wide apart, her hand pressing hard into her cunt. Dark curls of her pussy hair stood out of the tight crotch on each side.

"What's... what's going on here," Lori finally asked, her voice trembling. Surprisingly, she was not angry.

Lori watched her niece lift her gripping little cunt from Marty's still-hard cock. Janice stood at his side, a giggle coming from her. "I just fucked Uncle Marty, Aunt Lori," she said.

"He isn't your uncle," Lori said. "He isn't even..."

"That's what they call me," Marty said. "To them, I'm Uncle Marty."

Lori struggled to her feet, the ice cream forgotten as it melted on the carpet. She looked from one person to another, and when they gazed back at her with wide eyes filled with excitement, she suddenly laughed.

"I should have known it would happen," she said. "After last night, I should have known you'd fuck Janice."

Marty laughed. "Are you kidding, Lori? Hell, I wasn't here two minutes before she had her panties off and was on my cock! Don't blame me, baby."

Lori glared at him, then stomped down the hallway to her bedroom. She slammed the door in anger. But the door was quickly opened and she whirled to face her nephew.

"Don't be mad, Aunt Lori," he said. "It wasn't Uncle Marty's fault."

"Stevie," she said evenly. "There could be a lot of trouble about this."

He came to his aunt and put his arms around her, burying his face into her tits. She hugged him tightly against her body. She didn't blame Stevie or Janice, they were young. It was Marty she blamed. He should have better control over his Goddamn cock.

She felt her nephew's hands drop lower on her back and then he was cupping her asscheeks. She could not resist pressing her tits into his face. She reached up with one hand and pulled the knot, causing her shirt to open. As soon as her tits were naked, Stevie began sucking her nipples, going from one to the other. She could feel his hard-on pressing against her thigh, and her pussy was throbbing again.

Forgetting about Janice and Marty in the living room as her passion increased, she stepped from her nephew and quickly stripped her tight shorts away. Stevie shoved his opened pants down, and she drew him to the bed, sprawling back onto it. She turned to her nephew, grabbing his hard-on and pumping his prick with a tight, hot fist. Her tongue slithered into his mouth as she jacked his cock, his hands running up her thigh to feel her hairy, wet cunt.

"Ohhh, Stevie," she moaned thickly. "Oh, God, baby! I need your cock! I want you to fuck me, Stevie! Oh, please, honey, fuck me! Fuck your Aunt Lori's hot cunt -- now!"

Lori turned about swiftly, bringing her knees underneath her body and presenting her naked ass in the air. "This way, baby!" she urged, waggling her creamy ass. "Fuck me this way!"

Stevie climbed to his knees behind his aunt's writhing ass and pressed the head of his swollen cock to the hairy lips of her burning cunt. Lori reached between her thighs quickly and grabbed his prick, bringing his cock to her pussy and then mewling as his prick slipped into her cunt.

"Oooo, do it, do it!" she groaned, arching her ass against him. "Fuck that cunt, Stevie! Ohhh, please, fuck that hot cunt!"

Mindlessly, Lori twirled her ass as Stevie began fucking in and out, driving his cock deep. He gripped her hips tightly, gasping in his efforts. He gazed down between the creamy crack of her ass, watching her tight, hairy cunt pull at his cock.

Excited mewls bubbled from Lori as she shook her naked ass, thrilled to have Stevie's cock fucking so deliciously into her boiling pussy. She placed her head on the bed, reaching between her thighs for his swinging balls. She cupped them and pressed them against her hard, throbbing clit. Her burning cunt sucked mid nibbled at Stevie's cock as he fucked in and out, his stomach bouncing against her creamy, hot asscheeks.

Lori's mind tumbled with erotic, ecstatic thoughts as she shoved her ass back and forth fucking him as much as he was fucking her. Her nipples brushed at the sheets of the bed, tingling as her tits swelled.

Squealing and whimpering with delight, Lori banged her ass back against her nephew's fucking cock. She could feel, as always, an explosive orgasm boiling deep inside her stomach. She churned her ass in the air, whimpering unashamedly.

"Ohhh, God! I'm going to come, baby!" she yelped in a tight voice. "Fuck it... fuck that hot cunt! Oh, Stevie, fuck that sweet cock up Aunt Lori's cunt! Oooo, you're going to make my pussy come, baby!"

Stevie fucked harder and faster, digging his fingers into his aunt's creamy hips, grunting as his own orgasm boiled inside his balls.

Lori's cunt squeezed at his fucking cock as she gurgled loudly, her naked upturned ass a blur of speed. Her orgasm exploded.

She felt her nephew draw his cock from the clutch of her pussy but was too weak to lower her ass. She continued to rest there on the bed, her beautifully shaped ass naked and inviting, lifted high. Her eyes were closed, and she was enjoying the warmth of pleasure glowing in her body.

What she didn't know was that her niece and Marty had been standing in the doorway. They had stood there and watched it all. Marty's cock was out of his pants, and Janice was holding his prick happily.

Marty and Janice entered the room and were near the bed before Lori became aware of them.

"Oh!" she gasped in surprise, turning quickly and grabbing for the sheet to cover herself. Her face was red, showing her embarrassment. Marty, Janice, and Stevie laughed.

"A little late for embarrassment, isn't it, Lori?" Marty laughed, tugging at the sheet as she held it tightly over her thrusting tits. "Come on, stop hiding behind the sheet..."

"Marty, you... I... oh, damn you!" Lori snapped.

"Oh, knock off the innocent shit," Marty said, not at all in anger. "It's time to stop this bull-shit game playing, Lori."

"Game playing, what are you talking about?" He sat on the edge of the bed, letting her keep the sheet tight about her neck. He pulled, a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, looking at her. His cock was visible, and Lori lowered her gaze to his prick. She saw her niece sit beside Marty, and her small egger hand reached out and gripped his thick cock. Lori lifted her eyes to Janice and saw the hungry smile on her young face. She turned to Marty again.

"What the hell are you talking about, Marty?" she demanded.

"You don't know, do you?"

"If you don't tell me right now, I'll..."

Stevie and Janice giggled, and Marty sat looking at Lori, blowing smoke. Stevie sat next to his aunt, and, when she felt his hand creep up and mold about her tits, she shoved his hand away.

"No, Stevie," she said sharply. "I want to know what the hell is going on, and I want to know damned quick!"

"That isn't up to me," Marty said.

"What isn't up to you?"

"You'll have to talk to..." he paused and thought better of what he was saying. "I'm sorry, Lori. I can't say anything."

"Goddamn you, Marty!" Lori spat. She forgot, in her anger, to cling to the sheet. It fell from her tits, and she sat there shaking in anger, her creamy tits jiggling. "I think you better go, Marty."

"Oh, Aunt Lori!" Janice squealed, holding Marty's cock tightly, possessively. "Let Uncle Marty stay!"

"I said go, Marty!" she said, ignoring her niece.

He got to his feet, stuffed his cock into his pants, looked at her for a long moment, then left. As soon as she heard the front door close, Lori broke into sudden tears.

Both Janice and Stevie began to caress her, trying to soothe her with soft words and strokes of their hands. Lori felt their small hands going over her back, at her sides, fondling the softness of her thighs, then at her tits. She lay back, and, as soon as she did, Janice leaned over and started running her tongue over the creamy swell of one tit, her brother doing the same thing to Lori's other tit.

Soon she stopped crying and was writhing underneath those hot, wet mouths and tongues, pleasure streaming through her again.

Both Janice and Stevie were on their hands and knees, and Lori slipped her hands along their flesh until she was holding her nephew's cock in one hand and rubbing her niece's cunt with the other. Those hungry little mouths were sucking and licking at her sensitive nipples harshly but eagerly. Ripples of ecstasy flowed through Lori's body, making her shiver. She jacked Stevie's cock and slipped a finger into her niece's cunt. Her ass writhed on the bed, her long, smooth legs wide.

"Oooo, babies, babies!" she gurgled, arching her ass up and twisting. Her cunt began to quiver and itch and burn, once more very wet. "Oh, suck on my tits! I love it... suck my fucking tits!"

Her hand pumped faster on Stevie's cock, and the finger of her other hand fucked quicker into Janice's tight, sweet, slippery pussy.

As they sucked her tits, both brother and sister moved their hands up and down their aunt's shivering stomach. Lori felt fingers tracing the curls of her thick cunt hair, then the fingers were gently feeling the puffy lips of her pussy. She raised her ass higher and twisted her crotch against those fingers.

"Ohhh, both of you," Lori gurgled. "Both of you, stick your fingers up my cunt! Please, Stevie... Janice, I want both fingers inside my hot cunt! Fingerfuck my hairy pussy, both of you... at the same time!"

Lori felt their fingers slip into her cunt and as one fucked in, the other came out. The fingers alternated this way, making Lori tremble with the sensation. Her cunt was flexing on their fingers, and Lori could feel an orgasm boiling away inside her again.

"Ooo, yes, yes!" she yelped. Her hips twisted furiously as they finger-fucked her, and their hot mouths sucked greedily at her sensitive tits. "Oh, God! You two are making me... making me... come! Ohhh, there! I'm coming, damn it! Ohh, I'm coming! Harder... fuck my cunt harder!"

Those two fingers fucked in a blur of speed as Lori came, her pussy tightening and relaxing around their fingers. Lori was so wrapped up in her own orgasm that she plunged her finger deep into her niece's cunt and held it there, no longer fingerfucking her. She squeezed hard at her nephew's cock, no longer jacking on it.

When her orgasm receded, she lowered her still-trembling ass to the bed, their fingers pulling from her pussy with a soft sucking sound.

With a squeal of delight, Lori quickly shoved her nephew onto the bed and knelt over his upstanding cock. She grabbed his prick in her fist and began to race her tongue about his dripping piss hole, licking his swollen cockhead. Janice stared with hot eyes, watching Lori's tongue move on her brother's cock, then she swung her legs over and pressed her sweet, hairless cunt into his face.

"Eat me, Stevie!" Janice yelped in a hot voice. "Eat my cunt! Tonguefuck me up my cunt, Stevie!"

Lori, hearing her niece, peered up his body. She saw Janice's sweet, round ass twisting as it lowered into Stevie's mouth. Lori watched his tongue slip out and lap up and down the crack of his sister's pussy. Seeing Janice grinding her succulent cunt into her brother's mouth. Lori opened her own mouth and sucked her nephew's prick deep. The few hairs at the base of his cock tickled her lips and chin, and she began to suck up and down furiously, hungrily, sucking sounds coming from her tight, hot, wet lips.

"Ooooo, ohhhh!" Janice was whimpering as she twisted and pressed her pussy against her brother's sucking, licking mouth. "Oh, Stevie, lick my cunt! Tongue my pussy... eat me! Mouth fuck my hot, wet cunt!"

Lori gobbled furiously at his throbbing cock, her eyes burning on her niece's creamy little ass as she twisted in mindless excitement. She wanted her nephew to spurt his thick, delicious come juice into her mouth with a burning desire. Her tongue raced around his prick as she sucked up and down with her hot, slippery lips.

The throbbing hardness of his cock thrilled Lori. She loved the way his prick felt as her lips clung to his cock, her mouth stuffed. Her lips tingled in ecstasy, and she was grinding her bubbling pussy against the bed as she sucked him in a frenzy.

Stevie, his hands now cupping the shaking cheeks of his sister's ass, began to fuck his cock up and down into his aunt's devouring mouth. Lori gazed hotly as he squeezed at his sister's asscheeks, and closed her lips tighter yet around his throbbing prick.

"Ohhh, I'm about to come, Stevie!" she heard Janice cry. "I'm gonna come, Stevie! I'm gonna come in your cunt-sucking mouth! Lick it faster! Fuck your tongue deeper! Oooo, I'm coming now! Oh, Stevie, feel my cunt coming! Taste it, Stevie! Taste my cunt... I'm coming!"

Lori began to suck furiously on her nephew's cock as she stared with blurred vision at her niece's ass, that creamy, naked ass shuddering as Janice came against Stevie's greedy mouth.

Her eyes became glassy as she tasted the first squirt of her nephew's cock. The thick, creamy come juice bubbled from his flaring piss hole and coated her licking tongue, and Lori banged her cunt down hard against the mattress, her turn convulsing as her mouth was filled time and again by his come juice. She gurgled and swallowed hungrily, her lips racing up and down his gushing prick.

After Stevie stopped coming, Lori held his cock in her hand, running her tongue over his prick gently. She watched her niece pull, from his face and sit on the bed, leaning against the headboard, her knees up and legs wide apart. She could see Janice's tender, sugary cunt still pulsate and twitch.

"Beautiful, baby," she said, and shoved her face into Janice's cunt, kissing the still-wet, still-quivering pussy of her niece. "God, you two are the most beautiful kids in the whole fucking world!"

They giggled as she sprawled out on the bed. Both Stevie and Janice snuggled up next to her, Lori held them in her arms, feeling their warm breath against her firm tits.

As she became drowsy, she realized her anger against Marty was not justified. She still felt he had no business fucking Janice, but never once had she considered her own involvement with them.

She felt something else, too. It was a feeling she had not associated with Marty, a feeling of affection that was much different than sexual desire.

Chapter SEVEN

There were only a few more days left before her, sister and brother-in-law returned to pick up Janice and Stevie. Lori had not heard from Marty for a day and a half.

She found herself missing him.

She had received one call from Karen, asking how she was doing with the kids. The call had been a strange one. It was unlike her sister to mention some of the things she had. For one thing, her sister had told her that if Janice and Stevie got out of hand, to "spank their little asses".

Karen, as far as Lori knew, never used the word ass or any other word like it. Too, she had heard strange background noises.

Confused by the telephone call, missing the presence of Marty, Lori became depressed. Janice and Stevie felt her mood and tried to get her out of it. They would hug and kiss her, feel her tits and ass, lift her dress and caress her bushy cunt. Once, as she was in the kitchen, the two kids came in behind her, lifted her dress, pulled her tight panties down, and began to kiss and lick the swelling cheeks of her creamy ass.

That evening, after dinner, Janice and Stevie began wrestling with her, and her mood lifted as she thrashed about the floor with them. There was a lot of cunt and cock feeling, and, before long, they were all undressed, wrestling about nakedly.

She found herself beneath her niece, and Janice was licking into the curls of her cunt. Lori closed her hot thighs against the young face and arched her crotch up, bringing Janice's knees on each side of her head. She buried her face into Janice's cunt and tongue-fucked her succulent pussy with delight.

As she and her niece sucked each other, Stevie knelt at their side, and Lori watched him kiss and lick his sister's creamy little ass. As Lori tongue-fucked Janice, Stevie ran his tongue about his sister's ass, sucking on her flesh. Then he probed his tongue at the delicate pucker of her asshole.

Seeing his tongue only an inch above her eyes, Lori became intensely excited. She shoved her tongue as deep as she could into her niece's gripping, tasty cunt and watched as Stevie licked Janice's dainty asshole.

Lifting her crotch into Janice's face, grinding her pussy as ecstasy boiled inside her, Lori cupped the small cheeks of her niece's ass and drew her sweet cunt tight to her mouth, at the same time pulling Janice's asscheeks wide apart, watching Stevie's tongue lick and twirl at his sister's asshole.

Janice drew her aunt's clitoris between her hot lips and was sucking at it, her tongue fluttering across the sensitive tip, then Janice pressed hard against Lori's asshole. Lori gave a muffled squeal of pleasure when she felt Janice's finger sliding up her ass. The finger, now fucking back and forth in her asshole, and the sucking lips and tongue on her clit, sent Lori into a frenzy of erotic ecstasy.

She tongued the sugary cunt of her niece furiously, clawing at the round, hot cheeks of Janice's ass, watching the way Stevie's tongue raced about the puckered asshole of his sister.

Her cunt was steaming against Janice's sucking mouth, and her asshole was flexing on the fucking finger. Lori trembled with the intensity of ecstasy. She felt nothing except that tongue, those hot lips, and that finger plunging into her asshole. She felt nothing except the succulent, wet and slippery young cunt grinding into her own mouth. She saw nothing except Stevie's tongue as it lapped about his sister's asshole.

She had no thoughts of Marty, none of her sister, Karen, or of her brother-in-law, Bob. Nothing mattered to Lori at this moment except the pleasure of what she was feeling, of the pleasure she was giving.

Her tongue went deep into her niece's cunt, wiggling about, licking at her wet, velvety pussy walls and then sucking on her hard clit. Her mouth was wide, covering every inch of Janice's young, sweet cunt. Janice's pussy seeped fuck juice into her mouth, and Lori's throat worked to swallow often, but her tongue kept up a furious thrusting, licking motion.

Her eyes burned as she watched Stevie licking his sister's asshole, and she arched her crotch harder against Janice's greedy young mouth. She felt her niece trembling atop her, felt the shivering of those saucy little asscheeks in her palms. She listened to the muffled mewls of pleasure that came from between her squeezing thighs. Lori made her own gurgles of muffled ecstasy into the cunt of her niece.

She felt, through the steamy fog of her ecstasy, the tightening of her niece's slightly haired pussy around her fucking tongue. She felt the shudders that went through Janice's young body. Lori knew Janice was on the brink of coming, and her tongue went wild now. She fucked her tongue deep and fast, seeing her nephew's tongue racing faster now. She smashed her cunt against Janice's sucking mouth, feeling her pussy boiling with impending orgasm.

Lori closed her lips tightly around Janice's slippery young cunt as her tongue fucked in and out of her niece's flexing pussy lips. The finger up Lori's ass began to fuck in a frenzy as her niece mewled excitedly, her tongue racing in and out of Lori's dripping, slippery cunt.

Lori felt her niece's cunt go into convulsions, gripping at her tongue hotly. The convulsions were so strong that Lori found it difficult to keep her tongue fucking in and out. She arched her own hairy pussy higher and harder, grinding into Janice's face as she exploded. Janice's finger, deep inside Lori's asshole, was unable to fuck in and out. Lori's asshole clenched tightly on it, and her cunt went into strong spasms.

Her orgasm was so strong that Lori's eyes glazed over and she could no longer see Stevie's tongue racing about the puckering asshole of his sister. Her naked body shuddered and shook.

Janice pulled her cunt away from Lori's smeared face. She saw her brother's cock still standing hard and quickly fell to her back, opening her thighs wide and lifting her crotch up.

"Fuck me, Stevie!" Lori heard her niece cry. "Fuck my cunt! I want that hard cock up my fucking cunt now! Come on, fuck my pussy!"

Turning her head sideways, Lori watched as Stevie moved between his sister's spread thighs, his cock dripping as he fucked quickly into her almost-hairless, boiling pussy.

Janice lifted her legs into the air, then wrapped them about her brother's bouncing, naked ass tightly. She squirmed and moved her naked little ass up and down, mewling as his cock fucked furiously in and out of her steaming, clinging cunt.

From her position, Lori could see his cock as he fucked in and out of his sister's cunt. She could see the puffy pussy lips gripping his throbbing hard-on, watch Janice's cunt hold and suck at her brother's prick.

Lori reached out and shoved her hand underneath his bouncing body, taking his balls in her palm. She caressed and fondled her nephew's balls as he fucked his sister's tight, sweet cunt.

"Oh, Janice!" Stevie grunted. "Your cunt is too fucking hot! Fm gonna come already!"

"Oooo, do it, do it!" Janice gurgled, rocking and churning her ass in time to his fucking cock. "Come, Stevie! I wanna feel your hard cock squirting up my fucking cunt! Come in my hot pussy, Stevie! Oooo, I want your cock spurting into my hot cunt!"

Lori saw her nephew bang down hard, then hold his prick deep inside his sister's gripping cunt. He grunted and she felt his balls grow tight in her palm.

The telephone began to ring, and, for a moment, Lori considered letting it go. But, thinking it might be Marty, she turned loose of her nephew's balls and reached out for it.

"Hello," she said, her eyes watching as Stevie pulled his dripping cock from his sister's twat.

"How are those kids of ours?" she heard her brother-in-law asking.

"They're fine," she answered, wondering why Bob was calling since Karen had just called. "Don't worry about them, Bob."

Stevie looked at Lori when he heard his father's name, and, with a grin, shoved his wet cock toward his aunt's face. Lori tried to shove him away, a frown on her beautiful face, but Stevie giggled and wiped his cunt-wet cock over, her lips.

"We're home now," she heard Bob say. "We can pick them up tonight, if you like."

Lori felt an unexpected panic. "Oh, no! Let them stay, Bob! It's late, and they can sleep here tonight."

Stevie was giggling as he wiped his cock over her lips, and Lori was having trouble taking. She frowned at Stevie and tried to shove him away.

Covering the mouthpiece, she hissed, "Stop that, Stevie! This is your father I'm talking to."

But Stevie wouldn't stop.

"I guess we can do that, Lori," Bob said. "Do I hear one of them giggling?"

"Stevie is cutting up," she said, and then found her mouth filled with her nephew's cock. "Mmmmfff!"

"What was that, Lori?" Bob asked.

Jerking her mouth off Stevie's cock, Lori hissed at him, not thinking to cover the mouthpiece, "Stop it, Stevie! Let Janice play with your cock... I'm talking to your father!"

"What was that, Lori?" she heard Bob ask. "Uh... nothing, Bob," Lori replied, wondering if he had heard. "I was telling Stevie to behave himself."

"Okay," he said. "Listen, why don't we let the kids stay tomorrow night, too? And I'd like to have lunch with you tomorrow, Lori."

"What about Karen?" she asked quickly. If she remembered, Karen could be a jealous bitch, and Lori did not want to cause trouble.

"Don't worry about Karen," he said. "I'll meet you about one." He named a restaurant. Then, before Lori could agree, he hung up.

Lori replaced the receiver and turned to Stevie. "Damn you," she said, laughing. "Stuffing that cock in my mouth when I'm trying to talk to your father!"

She grabbed at him, wrestling him about, laughing.

Janice sat up onto the couch and watched them, her legs wide, playing with her little cunt. Lori wrestled her laughing nephew to the floor, pinning him on his back. She felt his cock pressing at her crotch, his prick once more standing up deliciously hard. She wiggled her hairy cunt against him, holding his arms above his head, her tits jiggling enticingly.

"When I'm on the phone, you little fucker," she said happily, "you don't stuff that cock in my fucking mouth, you hear me?"

"How about stuffing it in your cocksucking mouth, then?" he laughed in reply, shoving his cock toward her wet pussy.

"Is there a difference between a fucking mouth and a cocksucking mouth?" Lori asked, laughing lewdly and swinging her cunt out of the way of his arching cock.

"Sure there is, Aunt Lori," Janice replied. "A cocksucking mouth sucks a cock, and a fucking mouth gets fucked by a cock."

"Smart little shits, huh?" Lori laughed.

Janice slipped from the couch and dropped to her knees behind her aunt's naked ass. She took hold of her brother's cock and, when Lori wiggled her ass forward to playfully prevent him from fucking his prick into her cunt, Lori felt Janice pressing Stevie's cock at her asshole.

"What the fuck!" she yelped.

She arched her ass, and suddenly felt the head of Stevie's cock slip into her asshole. Janice giggled as she leaned over, watching her aunt's asshole close about the head of her brother's cock.

Lori felt Stevie's cock slip up her ass, and her eyes went wide, her mouth farming an oval. "Oooo, hey! That isn't my cunt, you horny little shits! That's my fucking asshole!"

Lori felt his cock fucking deeper into her tight asshole. The feeling was so good that her cunt quivered. She closed her asshole around her nephew's cock, and as he lay still, began to lift and lower her ass on him. She felt her niece's hands against her asscheeks, and, as she sucked the full length of Stevie's cock into her asshole, she smashed down and writhed.

"Oooo, that's wonderful!" she hissed in a tight voice. "I've got it all in my ass! Ohhh, I'm going to fuck you, Stevie! I'm going to fuck your hard cock with my asshole!"

Lori began to bounce her naked ass up and down, sliding her tight, hot asshole on his throbbing cock. She was not pinning his arms now, and Stevie was squeezing both her round, spongy tits. Janice, still behind her aunt's now churning ass, watched with hot eyes as Lori's asshole moved up and down her brother's stiff prick.

"Mmmm, wonderful!" Lori murmured hotly as she slipped her gripping asshole up and down his cock. "Oh, I love it, Stevie! I love the way your hard cock feels inside my ass! Is it tight? Is my asshole tight on your sweet cock? I'm going to fuck your cock with my tight, hot asshole, Stevie!"

Lori churned her ass to and fro, twisting and bouncing up and down. Her nephew's cock stuffed her completely, burning at her ass. Her mind reeled with the filling sensation, with the delicious way his prick throbbed, with the tightness of her asshole. She fucked her ass up and down, feeling her seeping cunt rubbing on his lower stomach. His hands digging into her sensitive tits sent thrills racing throughout her naked body, making her tremble with ecstasy.

"Oooo! Mmmmm!" she gurgled, her ass riding up and down the hardness of his cock. "I'm fucking your cock, Stevie! I'm fucking your hard cock with my hot asshole! Ohhh, fantastic! I love it! Oh God, I love it up my tight asshole!"

Janice sprawled on the floor, her face very close to her aunt's fucking ass, watching Lori's asshole flex around her brother's cock. She gripped Stevie's balls as she watched Lori fucking him with her asshole, mewling in pleasure.

"Hot asshole!" Lori heard her niece mewling. "Hot fucking asshole! Fuck his cock, Aunt Lori! Fuck my brother's cock with your tight, hot asshole! I see your asshole sucking his cock, Aunt Lori! Fuck my brother's cock with your tight, hot asshole! I see your asshole sucking his cock, Aunt Lori!"

Lori shivered with the ecstasy flowing through her naked body, most of it centered in and around her asshole. Her asshole felt stretched to the limits. But Stevie's cock was not as big as Marty's, and she knew very well that she could handle Marty's cock up her ass.

Stevie continued to dig his fingers into his aunt's springy tits, squeezing them and watching her long nipples as they stuck out. He lay still, letting his aunt pump her ass up and down, fucking him with her asshole.

Lori was shaking with pleasure as her ass slid up and down her nephew's cock. The way his prick throbbed against the stretched tightness of her asshole made her gurgle in delight. Her naked ass moved in circles, then churned to and fro, all the time going up and down. She could feel that bubbling, burning, swelling sensation inside her stomach that she knew so well.

The ecstasy increased until she was almost mindless to everything except the hardness of his throbbing cock stretching her asshole. She fucked him, grinding her ass about in a frenzy. Net asshole felt as if it were on fire.

"Ohhh, God!" she whimpered, her head thrown back and hair fanning about as she whipped her ass up and down. "I'm about to come! I'm about to explode... fucking your hard cock this way, Stevie! Fucking your cock with my asshole! Ooohhh, I'm going to come!"

Sudden convulsions rumbled through her naked body. Her cunt and asshole both spasmed. Lori screamed in pleasure when she felt her nephew's cock suddenly spew thick come juice into her asshole.

She slammed her ass down hard on him, grinding his cock into her asshole as they came, her cunt spasming also, his cock squirting copiously, drenching her burning asshole with come juice.

When it was over, Lori slumped from him, his cock pulling from the tight suction of her asshole with a small plop. She sprawled on the floor, her naked tits heaving as she gasped happily.

"God, was that ever good!" she panted. "What other tricks do you two know?"

Chapter EIGHT

Lori was a bit nervous about meeting her brother-in-law. It wasn't Bob she was nervous about, but her sister, Karen.

Lori knew that if Karen found out that she had this lunch date with Bob, she would try to make something out of it. As far as she knew. Karen and Bob were always together, everywhere. She even went on his business trips with him. Another thing that bothered her was that Marty had called to say he could not visit that afternoon, but would be there that evening.

And Bob had told her the kids could remain a few more days with her, even though they had returned from their trip. That had never happened before.

Lori dressed for her lunch date carefully. She was always fresh, clean, and well dressed, but she found herself paying extra attention to her dress this time. She chose a becoming white linen blouse with short sleeves that buttoned down the front. She wore a lacy bra, sheer. On her hips were her prettiest bikini panties, and after some thought, she pulled a pair of pantyhose over her legs. Her skirt was tight, but not too tight. It molded her swelling ass perfectly, outlined her thighs when she walked, but was not too erotic.

Her dark hair gleamed with sparkling highlights, and her makeup was light.

"Now you two behave yourselves while I'm gone," she cautioned Janice and Stevie. "I should be back in an hour."

Lori had not told them she was meeting their father, not wanting them to know. She paused at the door, looking at her niece and nephew. Janice was already rubbing at her brother's cock, an eager, lewd expression on her pretty face.

"We'll find something to do." Janice grinned. "You take your time, Aunt Lori."

Lori climbed into her small car and drove to the restaurant Bob had mentioned. She spotted his car and parked near it. As she entered the restaurant, she saw her brother-in-law waving at her from a corner booth.

Sliding into the booth, she blushed slightly as her knees contacted his underneath. "What did you want to talk about, Bob?" she asked after they had ordered.

"Nothing important," he said, smiling at her.

Lori felt the power of his gaze and shivered. She had been attracted to this man, sexually attracted, almost from the first. There was something about him that drew her, made her cunt quiver, become moist. His knees were touching hers under the table, and no matter where she moved them, they still touched her they ate the light lunch in silence.

Over coffee, she asked again. "You sounded mysterious on the phone, Bob. What is it?"

He tossed some bills on the table and stood up. "Come with me," he said, and, without waiting for her to protest, he took her arm and helped her from the restaurant. He didn't ask her, but opened the door of his car, and, before she could say anything, Lori found her sitting next to him.

Still silent, he drove to a small, clean motel. Lori now became nervous. She looked at him closely as he parked before one of the rooms. She still sat there as he got out, opened the door to the room, and then crooked his finger, indicating she was to enter with him. Taking a deep breath, Lori got out of the car and went inside. It was cool, small, and comfortable. No furnishings except one chair, a secured television set, and a huge bed.

As she watched in surprise, Bob undressed. She sat in the single chair, watching him with big eyes, shaking with a growing excitement. She no longer had any thoughts of her sister, Karen. The only thought she now had was about Bob's long, thick cock and deliciously hairy balls. He stood naked before her now, and she gazed hotly at his balls and prick.

Bob stepped to her side, his cock now arching stiffly toward her, his prickhead swollen and smooth, dripping from its large pisshole. He ran a hand along her cheek, traced her chin, and then with both hands on her head, pulled her mouth toward his cock.

"Suck my cock, Lori," he said in a low voice. "Wrap your hot lips about my cock and suck it!"

Without a word, Lori opened her mouth and found it filled with hot, hard cock. Bob held her cheeks in his hands, not letting her move her lips back and forth on his cock. He started fucking her mouth slowly, fucking more and more of his thick cock into her mouth. Lori's lips stretched around his prick, and then his cock was in her throat.

The wiry hairs at the base of his prick tickled her lips, and his balls brushed her chin. She lifted one hand and placed it on his naked asscheek as he fucked in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

She didn't know why he was doing this, didn't understand at all. But she wasn't going to protest. His cock was delicious! His prick was very thick, stretching her lips to the limits, filling her eager mouth fully. His cock was very long and penetrated her hungry throat. Her fingers squeezed at his naked asscheek as he fucked into her sucking mouth.

She closed her eyes and let the erotic pleasures flow through her slim body, her cunt pulsating wetly now, going through a series of small orgasms as she wiggled her ass in the chair.

There was a mirror on the wall near where she sat, and when she opened her eyes, she could see herself with a mouthful of hard, thick cock. The sight sent tremors of delight coursing through her, and her fingers squeezed harder into his muscled asscheek. Bob still held her head still as he fucked her mouth, but she didn't mind at all. She loved it, loved being fucked in her mouth by his hard cock.

Bob's cock throbbed powerfully between her wet, hot lips, thrilling Lori. Her cheeks held his prick tightly as he fucked back and forth, her tongue scraping over the bottom, pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth. She lifted her other hand to his balls, taking them in her palm. She gently tugged and twisted them as he mouth-fucked her. She began to mewl and gurgle with ecstasy as her cunt twitched, soaking her bikini panties and panty hose. She pressed her thighs tightly together, pressuring them upon her boiling cunt, making her clit tingle.

Bob fucked her mouth, not saying a word. Lori sat there, squirming her ass into the chair and held her hot, hungry lips about his thick cock. Her eyes open and shining, she watched herself in the mirror, excited to see him fucking her mouth. She squeezed tenderly at his hairy balls, her fingers digging into the crack of his asscheeks. She was devouring his cock without moving her head. Steaming sensations filled her veins and her nerves tingled.

She had wondered what it would be like to suck her brother-in-law's cock, wondered if her prissy sister ever sucked him off. Now she had his prick inside her greedy mouth and found his cock extremely delicious. His piss hole continued to drip as he fucked her, and Lori swallowed the sweetness of his fuck juice often, gurgling with delight.

Lori felt Bob's cock jerking between her lips, and his prick seemed to become even harder, thicker. She knew he was about to come, and she pressed her tongue harder against his cock as he fucked. Bob began to fuck his sister-in-law faster, now, his cock fucking between her clinging hot lips eagerly. Lori was making muffled whimpering sounds of pleasure, letting him know she was more than hungry for his come juice -- she was desperate.

Lori closed her eyes now as the sweetness of his jerking cock stretched her lips more. She felt his swollen prickhead slide into her throat, the wiry hairs pressing at her lips, his balls on her chin. Lori pressed his balls against her chin and began to rub a fingertip around his tightly puckered asshole. She felt her brother-in-law's body tremble and heard him grunt loudly. His cock moved deep into her mouth, and her throat closed about his smooth prickhead.

Bob held himself there, and Lori felt the spasms of his cock as his prick began to gush. His come juice ran down her throat, and, since his cock was so deep, she was unable to taste it. She was disappointed because she loved to taste come juice, to feel it splashing into her mouth, coating her tongue. She loved the sweetness of come juice as he spewed, filling her mouth before she swallowed.

Her finger rubbed fast and hard at his asshole, feeling it flex as he came. His balls, pressing at her chin, against her hand, seemed to move as he came.

Then he was finished.

As he dragged his cock from her mouth, Lori managed to run her tongue over the tip, getting the last spurt of his come juice. She mewled as she tasted it, and her cunt exploded. She squealed as his cock slipped from her lips, and her eyes were glassy as she looked at him.

"Take your clothes off, Lori," he said, lying back on the bed. His cock stood up powerfully as he spread his legs. "Get naked, Lori, because you're going to climb on me and fuck me."

Lori was not going to question this behavior at all. She peeled her clothing off swiftly, thinking it had been a waste of time to dress so carefully. Bob lay on the bed, watching her as she wiggled out of her panty hose and panties, then she stood next to the bed, naked.

"You're beautiful, Lori," he said. "And I bet that cunt is hot! Come on, climb on me and start fucking!"

Lori started to straddle him, but he twisted her about so she was facing his feet. She spread her feet on each side of his hips, and reached between and underneath her body, taking hold of his throbbing cock. She aimed his swollen prickhead toward her hairy cunt and sank down on it. She hissed loudly in pleasure as her brother-in-law's cock slipped into her steamy cunt.

"Ooooo, God!" she moaned as his prick filled her pussy, stretching the cunt lips wide. "Oh, God! I love it, Bob! Oh, I love your cock!"

Bob gazed down his body, seeing his cock enter Lori's hair-lined cunt. The creamy swells of her asscheeks parted, and the pucker of her dainty asshole could be seen. He ran his hands about her thighs and hips as she squatted there, bracing herself with her hands near his knees.

"Fuck me, Lori," he grunted. "Fuck my cock with your hairy hot cunt! Come on, bounce your sweet ass up and down! Fuck me, damn you! Fuck me!"

"Oh, yes!" Lori squealed, moving her ass now, her boiling, slippery cunt sliding up and down his throbbing cock. "I'll fuck you! Oh, I'll fuck you good, Bob! My hairy hot cunt is going to burn your fucking cock right off!"

Lori's ass churned up and down as she watched her. Her smooth ass twirled and shook, sending sparks of ecstasy shooting through them both. Lori was unable to keep quiet. The ecstasy was fantastic, and his cock was so hard and thick and long. Her naked ass bounced furiously, the tight lips of her cunt drawing on his prick, closing tightly, sucking, nibbling.

His hands moved over her spreading asscheeks, feeling and caressing as she fucked up and down his cock. She felt his fingers probe delicately at the sensitive pucker of her asshole, and the feeling was so good that she began to come in another series of convulsive orgasms, each one more powerful than the last. Her orgasms caused her already-tight cunt to flex about his hard cock, sending wave after wave of pleasure through Bob.

"Oooo, what a cock!" she gurgled, her head thrown back from the intense pleasure. "God, what a fucking cock! I love it, Bob! I love that big cock inside my cunt! Ohhhh, it's so fucking big, so fucking hard! I'm going to fuck it, Bob! I am fucking it!"

Lori was so delirious with pleasure she hardly knew what she was saying. Her creamy ass rolled and twisted and whirled as she bounced her cunt up and down his prick. Her tits swelled, her nipples burning with hardness. She was clasping his knees tightly in her hands, sitting atop his cock and fucking mindlessly.

"I'm coming, Bob!" she yelled loudly. "I'm coming! Ohhh, my cunt is... is coming!"

"Fuck me, Lori!" she heard him grunt. Her crotch banged up and down on his prick in a frenzy as her orgasms increased in power. The moist sounds of her cunt sucking on his prick filled the small room with their yelps and grunts of ecstasy.

Lori's body trembled when she felt his cock squirt thick come juice into her greedy cunt. It sent her into a final spasm of delight.

Lori pulled her cunt from his prick and lay down next to him, gasping from exertion.

"You still haven't said why you wanted to take me to lunch, Bob," she murmured after awhile.

"If you don't know why flow," he laughed, "then you're one hell of a stupid girl, Lori."

"You mean you wanted to fuck me?" she asked. "Is that why?"

"You got it, baby."

"But, Bob," she said, sitting up and looking at his face. "You didn't have to go through all this. If you wanted my ass, all you had to do was ask."

He fondled one of her thrusting tits. "I wasn't sure before," he said. "Now I am."

"Sure about what?"

"If you'd fuck me," he grinned.

She laughed, reaching for his cock and fondling his prick, making his cock deliciously hard again. "Now that you've got it, Bob, you're going to have to fuck it again."

"Anytime, you hot-assed bitch!" he growled, reaching for her pussy and thrusting his finger into her cunt. Lori squealed and rose to her knees, spreading her legs wide.

"I don't want a fingerfuck," she said. "I can do that myself."

"How about an ass fuck?" he laughed, reaching under her crotch and probing a finger at her asshole. "I like a hot, tight asshole."

"Any place you want to fuck me," she laughed lewdly. "You can put that big cock any place you want. My mouth, my cunt, and, you damn right, up my fucking asshole!"

Lori twisted about and presented her creamy, shapely ass to him. "There it is, Bob! There's my ass! Fuck it, fuck it all you want!"

Bob got to his knees behind his sister-in-law. He fondled her creamy asscheeks, probed at the tightness of her asshole. "I've been wanting my cock in your hot ass ever since you were a fucking kid, Lori! I just knew you'd have a hot asshole."

"Stick it up there, Bob!" she replied in a husky, excited voice. "Shove that big cock in my ass! If it don't rip me a new one, you can fuck it as hard and long as you want! I love ass fucking! I love a hard cock fucking me in my asshole!"

He laughed lewdly. "And in the cunt and your hot, cocksucking mouth, top!"

"You better believe it!" she shouted as she felt the head of his cock, pressing at her clenched asshole.

Lori shoved her ass back, as he pressed forward, and, as the head of his cock slipped into her asshole, she gave a yelp. It was a yelp of pleasure, not pain. Bob's cock was very thick and long, and as his prick stretched her asshole, Lori began to come again. He had not gotten his cock halfway up her ass and she was already coming.

"Oooo, good!" she shouted, twisting her ass as he thrust more of his cock into her asshole. "Oh, God, Bob! More! I want more of your hard cock up my fucking ass! Stretch my asshole, Bob! Fuck me up my hot fucking ass!"

Bob gripped his sister-in-law's hips with his hands and fucked the full length of his cock deep into her asshole. His balls slammed against her pulsating cunt, and Lori began to make soft mewling and yipping sounds as he started fucking her ass.

She placed her head on the bed, her arms outstretched and fingers clawing at the sheets. There was a burning sensation in her asshole, a turning sensation of erotic ecstasy. She drew her knees up, spreading them on the bed, her ass lewdly uplifted as he fucked in and out of her tight, hot asshole. Her tits banged and scraped against the sheets, her nipples rubbery hard.

Lori could feel every ridge and groove of his cock as he fucked into her ass. She could feel his prick throb and jerk, and his cock went so deep that she became mindless with pleasure.

Her naked ass twisted and whirled as he fucked his prick in and out. She cooed and whimpered with unashamed delight.

"Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!" Lori yelped as her body trembled with the intensity of her pleasure. "Fuck that ass, Bob! Ohhh, fuck that hot asshole! I love it, love it! Ram that big cock up my hot ass! Fuck me... fuck me up the Goddamn asshole!"

Bob held her twisting hips as he fucked into her asshole, grunting with his pleasure. His balls slapped at the moist, pulsating lips of her hairy cunt, making Lori shiver with rippling delight. Her asshole was clenching about his cock, flexing on his prick the way her hand would do if she were jacking him off. The slapping sounds of his lower stomach against her creamy, upturned asscheeks filled the room.

"Ohhh, Bob! Shoot it up my asshole!" Lori screamed in a tight voice. "Come up my ass! I want you to come in my fucking hot asshole!"

He ground his hips forward, his cock deep inside the tight heat of her asshole. Lori felt his prick swell and lurch, then her ass was flooded with thick come juice as it spurted from his cock. She yelped in ecstasy as her cunt convulsed again, her orgasm shaking her naked body violently.

Lori became very weak and was unable to hold her ass in the air, slowly letting it fall to the bed. She felt her brother-in-law's cock slip from her tight asshole, she murmured with disappointment. She had wanted him to lie atop her, his cock still buried up her ass, fuck her again perhaps.

After awhile she sat up, watching him as he lit a cigarette, then handed it to her. "You know, Lori," he said, "I had no idea you were such a hot piece of ass."

"Disappointed?" she asked, a small smile on her face.

"Shit, no! I'm glad you are." He lit a cigarette for himself.

"You didn't even kiss me," she accused. "You're the first man I went out with, like this, that didn't kiss me first?"

"Point to the place and I'll kiss it," he teased, leaning over and pressing his lips to hers. "I'd be happy to kiss your whole beautiful body, but we can't stay any longer."

"Work?" she asked. "I thought you still had a day or two after that trip."

"Not work," he said, reaching for his clothing. He didn't explain as he dressed. Lori pulled her clothing on and, seeing him sitting there on the bed, smoking, she sat back in the chair, wondering what was going on.

She had a strange feeling, but nothing she could define. Bob, she noticed, looked at his watch frequently. Finally he crushed out his cigarette, got to his feet, and said, "Now we can leave."

She stepped outside the room, turning toward him as he closed the door. Then, as she turned to go to his car, she stopped, her eyes snapping wide.

The door of the next room opened, and she found herself looking directly at her sister, Karen, and Marty.

Chapter NINE


Lori's sister smiled at her, and Lori saw her reach behind and take Marty's hand. "Hello, Lori," Karen said, not seeming to be shocked to find Lori coming out of a motel room with her husband. "Did you and my husband enjoy yourselves?"

Lori looked from her sister to her brother-in-law. She was confused and a little afraid. What surprised her most was the total lack of shame on either of their faces. Then she looked at Marty, who was standing next to Karen, a big grin on his face.

"Why don't you come in our room, Lori?" Karen said, reaching out and taking her sister's hand. "Come in here and let's talk about this."

Woodenly, not understanding, Lori allowed herself to be pulled into the room. Bob and Marty followed, and Lori found herself sitting on the bed next to her sister. This room was a bit larger than the one she and Bob had been in and had two chairs. Karen continued to hold Lori's hand, looking into the wide, still shocked eyes of her sister.

"You've always thought I was a prissy, moralistic, cold kind of bitch, Lori," Karen said. "But you're wrong. I don't have a cold bone in my body. In fact, I'm probably hotter than you are."

"But I don't..." Lori started in a shaky voice.

"I know you don't understand," Karen said. "There isn't any need to understand, not really. What matters, honestly speaking, is that you've been wrong about me all this time. It's been a face I had to put on, because I was not as courageous as you. I've got ten years on you, honey, and that's a big difference when it comes to the times of our day, you know. But that don't mean I'm not as hot as you are, Lori. I've had to keep it concealed, hidden, you might say. But the truth of the matter is, Bob and I have been fucking ourselves silly with anyone willing. We've been doing it for years, ever since we were married. Why do you think I always go on his trips with him? Because we meet others and fuck and suck until we're exhausted. No, I'm not jealous of Bob. I go with him for those reasons only, otherwise he would go by himself."

"But all these years, Karen," Lori asked, "you never once told me, said anything, to make me understand."

"I wasn't certain about you, Lori," Karen said, holding her sister's hand tightly. "Bob wanted to fuck your little cunt from the beginning, but I was the one that made him wait."

"But surely you knew about me, Karen."

"I knew, but still wasn't positive," Karen smiled at Lori. "I knew it from the time you tried to sneak into my bed and play around. It was too bad her parents found out. I would have let you sleep with me every night, but you know how they are. So, I had to keep you away from me so they wouldn't be suspicious. It wasn't because I didn't want you to touch me, play with me. I did, and I would have loved to play with you then, too."

Lori was no longer confused and shocked. She squeezed her sister's hand tightly. "But you and... Marty?" she asked. "I mean, how did..."

Karen laughed. "Bob and I knew Marty before you did, honey. In fact, I fucked him long before you got your hot little hands on him. If you want the truth about it, Bob and I was the one that told him about you, and Marty took it from there."

"And today?"

"We decided, after talking to Marty," Karen said, "that it was time you knew about me and Bob."

"You could have told me," Lori laughed. "I almost shit when I saw you standing out there."

"I know, and I guess we could have handled it differently, but we didn't."

"Now what?" Lori asked.

Karen stood up and began to undress. "Now I'm going to play with you. I've wanted to taste that hot cunt of yours for quite a while, honey. It's about time I had my face in it, don't you think?"

Lori shot a look at Marty and Bob, who were sitting there watching, pleasure showing in their eyes. She looked up at her sister, seeing her flawlessly shaped tits now naked. She ran her tongue over her lips as Karen began to wiggle from her skin. Then her sister was standing naked before her. Lori gazed at Karen's thrusting, full tits, at the rubbery hard nipples. She dropped her gaze and stared at a pussy as hairy as her own, and she felt a deep throbbing starting inside her own cunt.

"Take your clothes off, honey," Karen urged in a thick, throaty voice. "I want you naked so I can lick and kiss you everywhere! I want to taste that creamy flesh and sweet ass and deliciously wet, hot cunt!"

Lori looked at Marty and Bob, who had taken their cocks out. Her eyes were hot as she looked at their hard pricks. And then she was quickly getting out of her own clothing.

By the time Lori was undressed, her cunt was boiling like never before. As she looked at her naked sister, seeing her fantastic tits and hairy cunt, her long, creamy thighs, her swelling, delicious ass, Lori understood with startling clarity that she had wanted this for many years.

Her mouth began to water as she spread out on the bed, her long legs sprawled wide, bushy cunt revealed. She found it intensely exciting to be gloriously naked on that bed, with Marty and her brother-in-law looking hotly at her, their cocks throbbing, dripping. It was even more exciting to have her sister, Karen, with desire upon her beauty.

Karen placed a foot on the edge of the bed, her knee swung wide. As Karen framed her cunt with the fingers of both hands, looking down at Lori, licking her lips, Lori gazed passionately at her sister's wet pussy. Her cunt lips, framed by curly hair, were pink and succulent, and the tip of her clit glistened.

Karen rubbed her cunt for a moment, squeezing her clit delicately between two fingers. "Lori, you've wanted to kiss my cunt for a long time, just as I've been waiting for you. Well, we don't have to wait any longer."

Karen lay atop her sister, her tits smashing into Lori's. Lori's arms went around her sister, holding her tightly, her hips squirming. The curly hairs of their cunts mingled, and Lori felt the heat of Karen's cunt on hers. Lori ran her hands down to her sister's swelling ass, clutching her asscheeks with her fingers. She squeezed and caressed Karen's creamy asscheeks, grinding her cunt up.

Lori did not really think of Marty and Bob now. She was thinking only of her sister, that she was soon going to have her face against that sweet, hairy cunt. The men were there, of course, watching them, and that served to intensify Lori's desire.

Karen scooped Lori's naked body into her arms as her lips opened, then pressed down onto Lori's mouth. When Karen slipped her eager tongue into Lori's mouth, Lori mewled and began to suck furiously, grinding her ass on the bed, feeling her sister's cunt rubbing and pressing against hers.

Lori opened her thighs lifted them high in the air, then wrapped them around her sister's naked hips, locking her heels on the cheeks of her ass. Both girls whimpered and mewled and gurgled as they twisted and squirmed in passion.

Lori felt waves of pleasure building inside her pussy. Her cunt, as always, was going through a series of orgasms, each one swelling and growing and ballooning, stronger than the last.

The sisters scissored their legs about each other, so each boiling cunt rubbed and pressed against the other. Lori squeezed one, of Karen's tits, her other hand clutching a springy asscheeks. They ground their cunts together, rubbing and banging in gasping delight.

"Good!" Karen hissed. "So fucking good, Lori! Oh, God... does your cunt feel hot against mine! We're fucking, Lori! We're cunt fucking! Your pussy is so hot... burning my cunt! I love cunt fucking!"

Neither one of them were aware of Bob and Marty, who had removed their clothing and were now on each side of the bed, watching the two overheated girls rubbing their cunts together.

"Karen! Oh, Karen!" Lori mewled. "Fuck my cunt, Karen! Oooo, fuck my cunt with your cunt! I love it, Karen! Fuck... fuck!"

Their naked bodies began to tremble, their eyes squeezed shut, mouths partly open. They banged their cunts together hard.

With a yelp of ecstasy, both Karen and Lori came at the same time. They pressed their cunts together harder as their naked bodies shook, tits swelling, asscheeks flexing.

When they pulled apart, gasping from the thrill of cunt fucking, they saw the two men standing at each side of the bed, cocks throbbingly hard, dripping fuck juice from flaring piss holes.

Lori and Karen looked at each other, then giggled. Karen pulled at Marty's cock, bringing him onto the bed. Lori grabbed her brother-in-law's cock, and the two men lay side-by-side, their cocks straining up from their wiry hair and full balls. Squirming down and getting between their legs, both Lori and Karen bent their faces to the cocks.

They turned their eyes, gazing at each other. Lori began to suck up and down on the thick cock of her brother-in-law, and watched her sister sucking on Marty's prick. Their eyes sparkled with pleasure, their lips stretched as they raced their mouths up and down the hard-on's.

Karen reached out and took hold of her husband's balls, tugging and squeezing them gently as Lori sucked his cock. Lori did the same to Marty's, and the two sisters gurgled with the pleasure of having hard cocks filling their hungry mouths.

As though in a contest, both Lori and Karen sucked their throbbing cocks desperately.

Lori felt Bob's cock jerking inside her mouth and she gave a squeal as her lips tightened around his prick. This time she was not going to have his cock so deep in her throat when he came.

She wanted her tongue lapping at his piss hole when his sweet come juice gushed. Holding the head of his swollen prick between her lips, she tasted the first squirt of her brother-in-law's come juice as it spewed over her tongue. She squealed again as it filled her mouth, then she had to swallow.

Karen, too, was getting her mouth filled with the come juice of Marty. Lori saw some of the thick white come juice escape the tightness of Karen's lips, and run dawn the side of his throbbing cock. She saw her sister's throat working and knew the pleasure Karen was getting, because she was getting the same pleasure.

When they sat up, Karen and Lori looked at each other, then giggled lewdly. "Yes," Karen said, "I'm a cocksucker, too! We're both cocksuckers, it seems."

They fell into each other's arms, hugging and kissing.

"Oh, Karen," Lori whimpered. "I want to kiss your cunt! I want to lick my tongue deep into your pussy... suck it! I want to tonguefuck you and make you come in my mouth! Oh, Karen, I've wanted to eat your cunt for so damned long!"

"Turn around, Lori," Karen said, then she and her sister were head-to-foot.

Lori peered down at her sister's cunt, her face inches from Karen's pussy. She shoved her lips to the wetness, kissing eagerly and wildly, her tongue fluttering over Karen's sensitive cuntlips and throbbing little clit.

She spread her legs over her sister's face, and felt Karen holding the cheeks of her naked ass, bringing her cunt down. Then Karen's tongue was working deeply into Lori's seeping pussy, licking and fucking in and out.

Lori's hands scooted underneath her sister's squirming ass, clutching at the creamy swells, drawing Karen's steamy cunt hard against her mouth. Her tongue slipped between Karen's hairy pussylips, and, as it went deep, she felt her sister's cunt sucking at her tongue.

Moist sucking sounds filled the room. Their tongues and lips worked, sucking and licking hungrily. They twisted about on the bed in a frenzy of ecstasy, rolling around until first one, then the other, was on top.

Bob and Marty were again sitting in the chairs, watching the two women as they ate each other in a frenzy of erotic pleasure.

Lori's tongue was deep inside the bubbling cunt of her sister, just as Karen's tongue was far up Lori's pussy. Lori felt her sister's cunt begin to flex about her tongue, and she tongue-fucked with renewed frenzy, as her sister's pussy exploded. Her own cunt was convulsing powerfully as Karen fucked her tongue in and out.

Their hands gripped the cheeks of each other's ass tightly, the whimpering sounds of ecstasy coming muffled from between squirming, hot thighs.

Finally, Lori and Karen sprawled on the bed, gasping loudly. Their naked tits heaved up and down, and their beautiful faces were smeared with the fuck fluids of each other's cunt.

"Oh!" Lori said, sitting up. "The kids! I've been gone too long. I've got to get back to them."

Karen laughed. "Don't worry about those two. They'll find something to occupy their time..."

"I told them I wouldn't be gone long," Lori said, reaching for her clothing. "They might get worried. I better go."

"Marty," Bob said, "why don't you take Karen to get her car? Lori, drive the kids home, will you?"

"Why don't we pick them up?" Karen asked her husband.

"Because," he said, grinning at her, a gleam in his eyes, "after seeing you and Lori suck cunts that way, I want to get a piece of my wife's hot ass, that's why."

Karen spread her thighs as Marty and Lori finished dressing. "Come on, big boy," she said. "My cunt is hot and ready."

Chapter TEN

Lori sat close to Marty as he drove her to the restaurant where she had left her car. He drove with one hand, the other slipped between her thighs. Lori idly fondled his cock.

"So," she said, smiling at him, "you've been fucking my sister for sorne time, huh? Before you met me, even."

"Does it make you mad?"

"Are you kidding?" She pressed down on his cock. "You saw what Karen and I did. Why should I be mad? My God, Marty, it's a dream come true!"

He squeezed her thigh, high up, near her bushy cunt.

As she got into her own car at the restaurant, she turned to wave at him, but he was driving out of the lot already. Lori drove home, feeling very good. Her only disappointment was that Karen and Bob had not told her all about this before. But everything has worked out so far, she thought as she parked.

Entering the house, she found Janice and Stevie watching television. She had been gone almost two and a half hours. She smiled when she saw them naked.

"Okay, you two," she said happily, "what's been going on here?"

They came to her, hugging her tightly. "We've just been fucking, Aunt Lori," Janice said. Then she wrinkled her nose, sniffing. "So have you."

"Have I!" Lori laughed. "I need a shower. Listen, while I take a shower, you two pack up your suitcases. I've got to take you home this afternoon."

"Maybe we'll just live here with you," Stevie said, pinching her ass. "Would that be okay?"

"It sure would, baby." Lori shook her ass at him. "But I don't think your mother and father would like it. Come on, I've got to clean up then take you two home."

By the time Lori had showered and changed her clothing, she found Janice and Stevie ready. Wearing a pair of tight shorts that exposed the lower curves of her ass, Lori was surprised to see that Janice, too, had on a pair that showed her saucy ass off.

"I don't think I can take you home wearing that," she said to Janice.

"Why not?" Janice questioned, looking at her aunt's ass. "You're showing your ass, too."

"But everyone knows me," Lori said. "Your mother and father know what a sexy person I am. That's the difference, honey."

"I'm gonna wear them anyway," Janice pouted. "I won't change."

"You want me to get in trouble with my sister?" Lori asked. "And your father?"

"Aw, they won't say anything to you, Aunt Lori," Stevie said. "Come on, if we have to go home, let's get it over with."

By the time they arrived at Bob and Karen's house, Janice and Stevie had settled down. Lori knew they did not really want to stay with her all the time. But then again, the past week had changed everyone's life.

Perhaps Janice and Stevie would miss fucking her enough to visit more often, like three or four times a week. Karen surely would not keep them away from her now.

She noticed that Marty's car was parked at the curb, and wondered why he was there.

Her first shock came when they entered the house.

Janice gave a running leap into her father's arms, wrapping her slim legs about his waist as Bob clutched the small ass of his daughter, kissing her on her mouth as though she were a grown woman.

Her second shock was when she saw her sister wrap her arms about Stevie, and the boy shoved his face into Karen's thrusting tits.

Her third shock came when she saw Bob's cock bulging in his pants and Janice squirming her tight little crotch against his hard-on.

Her fourth shock was to see Stevie lift his mother's dress in back and fondle her naked asscheeks.

Then she was no longer shocked -- she laughed.

"I'll be damned!" Lori laughed.

"Wouldn't you much rather be fucked than damned?" Karen smiled at her sister. "That's what we do most of the time around this house fuck."

Marty came behind Lori, wrapping his arms about her and holding her firm, straining tits in his hands, nuzzling at her neck. She arched her ass back against him, finding his cock hard in his pants.

Bob brought drinks for them, and Janice and Stevie sprawled on the floor, watching the three with gleaming, interested eyes.

Lori found out, to her surprised pleasure, that her sister and brother-in-law had not only been fucking with different people on his business trips, but they had been fucking many years with Janice and Stevie.

"And when they became, old enough," Karen said, "we pulled them into bed with us. We don't discriminate in this house. A hard cock can fuck any hot pussy available... and me and my daughter always have hot cunts!"

Lori sat next to Marty, who had draped an arm over her shoulder and was playing with her tit. She had been so absorbed in listening to Karen and Bob that she did not realize he had removed her tit from her blouse. When she became aware of it, she giggled and cupped his hand tighter around her tit.

Stevie now sat next to his mother, and Janice was on her father's lap. Lori watched with growing excitement as Karen opened her son's pants and pulled his hard cock out.

Glancing at Janice and her father, Lori saw that Bob's cock was out and that Janice had his prick gripped tightly between her hot, smooth thighs, rubbing his cock slowly along her pussy.

Lori pulled Marty's prick free and slowly jacked on his cock as she saw Karen lower her face to her son's lap, licking her tongue up and down his throbbing prick. Janice was thrusting her tongue into her father's mouth as he cupped one of her writhing asscheeks, his cock sliding up and down between her thighs.

Clothing began to be removed, and Lori sat with excitement, watching, her hand holding Marty's cock tightly. She saw her sister undress Stevie, then remove her own clothing. She watched as Bob stripped his eager little daughter, then removed his own clothing.

"We have a rule," Karen said as she moved her mouth toward her son's dripping cock, "that anyone who stays overnight in this house has to go naked."

"Am I staying overnight?" Lori asked happily.

"Only if you're naked," Bob said, pulling his daughter onto his lap. His cock was long and hard, and Lori began removing her clothing as she watched his big prick slip easily into his daughter's cunt.

By the time she was naked, so was Marty.

Lori moved to her knees, leaning over the coffee table so she could watch Janice bounce her sweet little ass up and down on her father's throbbing cock... so she could see Karen sucking vigorously on her son's cock.

She felt Marty probing at her pussy with his hard-on, and reached behind her and took hold of his prick, guiding his cock to where she wanted to be fucked.

"In my ass, Marty!" she gurgled, twisting her naked ass about. "Fuck me up the ass!"

Her eyes bulged with delight as she watched her sister sucking on Stevie's prick, watched Bob fucking his daughter's tight, young cunt. Karen's ass was turned toward Bob, and he was working a finger not only into his wife's hairy cunt but had one fucking in and out of her asshole, too.

Lori felt Marty's cock slip into her asshole, and she squealed with the deliciousness of it. Her asshole clenched around his cock as he began to fuck in and out, gripping her writhing, twisting hips with his hands.

"Oooo, up the ass!" she shouted, her eyes blazing as she watched Karen suck her son's cock. "Fuck me up my hot ass, Marty! Give it to me hard! Ram that big cock up my fucking, hot, tight asshole!"

She gazed with steamy eyes at the way her niece's hairless cunt sucked at the huge cock of her father. She stared with excitement at the hairy balls as Bob hunched his hips up and down. Janice was not actually sitting on her father's lap, but squatting, and the cheeks of her ass parted, exposing the dainty pucker of her asshole.

Lori reached out and caressed a fingertip about her niece's asshole, feeling the slippery shaft of her brother-in-law's cock as he fucked in and out of Janice's tight, bubbling cunt.

Lori watched as her sister sucked on Stevie's cock hungrily, making soft crooning sounds. She felt Marty's cock fucking in and out of her clenching asshole faster, hearing him grunt with effort.

There was no conversation, no talk of any sort. The only sounds in the living room were the sounds of delighted fucking and sucking.

Lori wiggled her naked ass to and fro as Marty fucked his prick deep into her asshole. Lori could not take her eyes off her sister, who was gurgling with the ecstasy of sucking her [missing text].

She could not take her eyes from the huge thickness of Bob's cock as Janice twisted and churned her sweet little ass up and down.

Lori's hairy cunt was bubbling with wave after wave of orgasm. She felt as if a cock were fucking her cunt as well as her asshole. Her tits were crushed against the coffee table as she continued to rub and fondle the tightly puckered asshole of her niece.

Being fucked in the ass, being able to watch her sister sucking on Stevie's cock, seeing Bob fucking his daughter's tight, hairless cunt, sent Lori's mind into a reeling, exploding orgasm. It seemed to her as though she were coming from every pore of her beautiful, curvy body.

Every nerve was tingling in orgasmic ecstasy. Her asshole squeezed Marty's cock, and the sensation caused his hairy balls to draw up tight. Then he gushed thick come juice up Lori's ass. She screamed with the intensity of her orgasm, but her eyes never lost sight of what was happening before her contorted face.

She saw Janice plunge her, little ass down hard and tight on her father's cock, and she saw his cock ripple as he gushed come juice into Janice's tightly gripping pussy. She saw the tiny asshole of Janice as it flexed, showing that Janice, too, was coming. Janice was squealing loudly with the pleasure, grinding her small ass about her father's spurting cock.

Then Stevie arched up, his cock going deep into the hungry mouth of his mother. He grunted as he came, flooding his mother's hungry mouth with thick come juice.

Karen gulped hotly, her tongue licking her son's spurting cock, swallowing in a frenzied attempt to get it all. Karen's ass and cunt erased upon the fingers of her husband as she came, her naked body shaking with delight.

After Marty had pulled his cock from her asshole, Lori sat on the floor, her legs crossed, her tits and cunt tingling. She looked at them all, a smile of delight on her face.

"I hope this means I don't have to leave at midnight," she said.

"Why midnight, Aunt Lori?" Janice asked.

"You know about Cinderella, don't you?" Lori laughed. "At midnight, the party ended. I just hope I don't wake up in bed and find it has all been one hell of a fantastic dream."

"You won't," Karen laughed. "When you wake up, you'll find it was real. The only thing I can't promise you is who will be sticking his cock or tongue up your hairy cunt. Around here, you never know."

"That's fine with me," Lori said, leaning back against Marty, nuzzling at his cock and balls. "I don't mind who wakes me up with a hard cock or hungry tongue."


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