Raped teenager

There's a reason why every girl runs away from home. A drunken mother, divorced parents, lack of love, the all-American hang-up -- unwed, unwanted, and pregnant. Hundreds of runaway girls are never missed by parents, by family, by teachers, by society. They're outcasts, broken-hearted girls bred in broken homes, with nothing better to look forward to than some evil more tolerable than the one they left behind.

For the girl in this story, Karen, drunken parents and a father who sexually abused her were reasons enough to leave home. And though the reason is good, will it justify the end? What destiny lies in store for the runaway girl? Karen finds a home with a motorcycle gang, but the price she must pay is humiliation and degradation.

For the Karens in America, there's no rest from their misery, no pleasure in their exile, no cure for the blight caused by a society that shuns the lonely, the despairing, the love lost. A story of a girl running from her love-impoverished past to seek a better future anywhere but home. A lesson for a society that seeks a better future.

Chapter ONE

Karen pulled the blouse tight around her body. Posing in front of the mirror delighted her. She gazed at the trim figure she saw reflected. The impudent tits poking firmly against the thin material clearly allowed the girl's nipples to appear as two tiny mushrooms. The knockers themselves weren't small. They were ample, more than ample if the way the studs in the high school looked at her was any guide.

The tight jeans looked as if they had been painted on her. The denim was stretched to the breaking point, especially around the smooth curve of her flaring ass. Trim legs were sheathed in the material to leave her bare feet poking out beneath.

She turned around a couple times and decided she looked good, damned good. No bragging, just simple fact.

And for the thousandth time, she wished her parents hadn't dragged her along on this silly vacation. They were both lushes and their idea of fun was getting plastered. There was nothing for her to do except sit and watch. There weren't even any boys around where her old man usually stopped the camper for the night.

Karen looked out over the desert. The mountains weren't too far distant. They might as well have been a million miles away. The desert was desolate, lonely and barren.

No boys anywhere.

Her mother was finishing off a bottle of cheap bourbon. Her father had already started on his second of the day. Since both were well on the way to being totally out of it, she decided to just leave and wander around a little bit before going to bed.

Karen didn't even bother to answer when her father drunkenly called out, "Where the fuck you going?"

The tinny door of the camper slammed behind her, cutting off the noise of him arguing with her mother. That went on constantly. She was more interested in the way the cool desert air caressed her body, dried off the sweat and made her feel good again.

Even the sand under her bare feet felt good. Experiencing all the sensations possible was where it was at. This was why she felt so cut off from everything on this silly vacation. No people anywhere. Boring.

A hundred paces down the road she heard the camper door slam open and a drunken voice shouting, "Goddamn, you have to go an' pass out on me? I'm horny, dammit. So fucking Goddamn horny I'd screw a skunk if I could find one."

Her father fell out of the camper to land on the ground. Karen didn't even bother looking back to see if he was hurt. He was so juiced he'd just slide on down to the ground. And with a fifth of booze in him, he was anesthetized within an inch of his life.

It came as a complete shock to her when a rough hand grabbed her by the arm. She spun and faced her father.

"What is it?" she demanded. "I was just going for a walk."

"Wanna drink?" He shoved the half empty bottle at her.

"I wouldn't touch that filthy stuff. Not after what it's done to you and Mom."

"What d'ya mean? Good stuff. Your mother's passed out on me. Horny. Damn horny." His hands clawed at her blouse.

She slapped away the paw and took a step back. This wasn't the way he usually was. She'd never seen him quite so drunk -- or blatantly lustful. Karen wasn't quite sure what she should do.

"Let me help you back to the camper. You can sleep it off." She put her arm under his and supported his bulk. Grunting, she said, "You sure do stink from that rot gut."

She shouldn't have approached the man. He used his weight to push her to the ground. Trapped under his body, she struggled uselessly. His hands lacked coordination but had all his passions backing them. He succeeded in ripping open her blouse. It was instantly apparent she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Goddamn, what a set of knockers."

He slobbered a little and buried his face between the twin mounds of titflesh. Karen struggled, trying to get her father off her. She couldn't. Whether it was instinct or cunning, she couldn't tell, but he effectively held her down.

The girl felt his rough tongue working back and forth in the deep canyon between her jugs. It was a good feeling, no matter whose tongue was there. The rough, wet tongue licked up and down the soft skin several times before starting up one of the snowy white cones. In the light from the rising moon, the trail of saliva glowed. She looked down and could see where the man's tongue had been. The gleam on her tit was as exciting as it was disgusting to her.

"Get off me!" she shouted. The words vanished into the quiet of the desert.

His mouth reached the top of her naked tit. He sucked in the now turgid nipple and began to play with it. His tongue slithered back and forth over the nubbin until the girl was moaning. The pleasure spearing into her body offset her desire to get rid of the smelly old man. It had been a long time since she'd found a good lay.

But she wasn't going to screw her father. That was incest. The thought repulsed her. She could have puked when she took a deep breath, smelled stale liquor and sweat. There was no doubt she had momentarily been swept away by the tonguing of her knockers, but that was gone. She'd come to her senses now.

"Off, damn you!"

His hands fumbled at the front of her jeans. She began fighting him in earnest now but it did no good. He was too strong for her. The girl was almost sobbing by the time he ripped off her jeans and dragged them down her slender legs.

In the full moonlight, her naked skin gleamed like ivory-pale white, lovely, more gorgeous than anything the man had ever seen before. The smooth flesh of her inner thighs beckoned to him. He ripped off the cotton panties with a singe motion.

She cried out again at the pain. A bright red welt appeared at the waistline where the elastic on her panties had been. The agony was just beginning for her. She knew he was going to rape her. She used her fists to pound at him. It did no good. Her father was too strong and could take any punishment she could mete out to him.

The sand under her naked ass began to grind into her tender flesh. The slightest motion sent arrows of agony through her body. She struggled harder to get away.

As long as he held her tit in his mouth, she was scared he would bite the nipple off. His mouth was fastened like an eel's to her tender boobs. And his hands were mauling her constantly. He grabbed for her other tit and clutched at it. No matter how she turned, he was always there, following her, even anticipating her moves.

She told herself to keep her legs tightly closed. Don't give him a chance to get into the goodies. He was hornier than hell and if he saw her pussy, it would drive him absolutely berserk with lust.

The moonlight betrayed her. It was so bright it cast shadows. When her bush moved out of a shadow into the full lunar light, he saw the fleecy covering on her pussy mound.

"Hey, look at that!"

"Stop! Stop it, damn you!" She flailed out with little effect.

"Gonna fuck that little pussy. Gonna fuck it good!"

He opened his fly and let his cock spring out. In the moonlight it was an ugly red bludgeon. In horror, the girl saw the purpled head dancing around like a snake's head looking for a spot to strike. She pulled her legs even closer together.

He leaned forward on her tit, brutally mashing it flat. She yelped in pain as her entire body was flooded with the knife of agony. Unconsciously, she allowed her legs to open up just a little. Just a little; not much. But enough. In a flash, he was between hex legs thrusting forward with his dork.

She screamed again as his cock smashed into the soft flaps of her pussy lips. The meaty battering ram of prick sailed all the way up her dry twat. The torment was incredible. She'd never been fucked before her cunt was nice and juicy. The pain was almost too much to bear.

"You're Goddamn dry, you little bitch," he mumbled. "Gotta fix that up. Right now."

He took the half-consumed bottle of bourbon and began pouring it all over his cock and into her pussy. She shivered as the stinging alcohol burned and gouged at her tender flesh. It didn't seem to bother the man at all. He just laughed when he saw how much it was hurting the girl.

"No kid of mine's gonna be such a sissy!"

He pistoned hard up her cunt again. His fucking lacked finesse. It was simple animal coupling. No love, no emotion except lust. She knew he was ripping her apart. She could feel blood begin to flow where he was cramming his dry cock -- even worse, where the booze penetrated her body.

The astringent property of the liquor set her guts on fire. The girl's sex lips were so tender the lightest touch made her cringe. The grinding of her ass against the desert sand added to her pain. Most of all, the humiliation of being raped by her own father crashed into her brain. There was nothing left for her.

Raped. Degraded. Humiliated.

She was being used like something he would get from a store. Worse, he was taking her for granted -- taking what he wanted and to hell with what she felt.

"Shut up the crying, damn you. This is good!"

He started fucking her dry hole with more force. His cock rammed into a powder-dry cunt. That was bad. It got worse. Grains of sand were trapped by the booze on his cock. They were carried into her cunt.

Inside, they chaffed and cut at her sensitive snatch. Each grain felt like a boulder inside her. The movement of the prick back and forth further tore her pussy up.

Alcohol burned. Sand cut. His cock surged far into her twat. He seemed intent on fucking her no matter what happened.

She remembered the old line: if rape is inevitable, why not lie back and enjoy it?

The teenager wasn't a virgin. She'd had her cherry popped almost a year earlier on a date at the drive-in. That had been scary but in a nice way. Looking back at it, the entire scene was almost comic, the two bodies passionately wrestling in the back seat of the car.

But this wasn't funny. There was nothing but fright in her now. She tried to roll with the screwing, get into the mood and not fight it. There was no way she could do it. In spite of this, she felt a thin trickle of cunt juice begin to flow. This helped grease her sex-slot a little.

In the moonlight, everything looked unreal. The shadows were heavy and her father's body stood out in sharp blacks and indistinct whites. All that was clear was his face. He leered down at her. His body was totally consumed by lust as surely as his brain was fogged over with booze. He had found a tight pussy and he was going to fuck it. No matter what, no matter that it was his own daughter's.

"Good," he groaned. "Startin' to juice over, huh?" His hips became like a machine. He slammed fiercely forward into her belly. His cock was a white hot spike driving far into her guts.

She tried to escape him again. The sand cut and clawed at her back, tore the akin from her ass. She tried hunching up off the desert only to find that this allowed her father to fuck her even deeper.

That was sheer torture. The sand on his cock had worked its way deep into her twat. The alcohol was mostly evaporated by now, but it left its lingering pain behind. It had burned like iodine on an open cut. And for the first time she saw she was bleeding.

The girl didn't know what had ripped her delicate flesh. It could have been the dry humping. The sand could have slashed her pussy lips. Or it might have been the entrance of his too-big cock into her almost virgin-tight cunt.

She was too possessed by pain to figure it out. She only knew he was still ramming his prick far up into her belly. Every time his body slammed into hers, he twisted a little, grinding his crotch into hers.

In a way, this was the most pleasant thing. He was stimulating her clit. But the odd sensations assaulting her mind were so confusing! Pleasure from her go-button, but pain from the entry of his cock into her still dry quim. Pleasure from feeling his hands roughly handling her boobs, but incredible agony from the sand abrading her cunt walls.

"Go, man, go!" he grunted urging himself on. As he continued the fast-paced fucking, he reached for his discarded bottle. Off balance, he tumbled over.

This gave the teenager a chance to push him away and try to scramble free. She didn't get far. His hands clamped firmly on her slender ankle. He pulled her in, a fish on a line.

"You're not going nowhere. Not till I'm finished with you!" He took a deep pull out of the bottle, draining it. "Damn. Empty. But I'm gonna fill you up, girl. Wait and see!"

He stood, his cock lewdly dancing and jerking in front of his body. As if hypnotized, the girl couldn't take her eyes off it. Yanking hard, he spread her legs once more. He dropped to the desert floor and pulled her twat nearer to his prick. The fight made it appear to be ten times larger than it was. A cold shudder passed through the terrified girl's body.

"Why are you doing this to me? I'm your daughter, your daughter! Damn you, damn you!"

"No daughter of mine swears like that. Just a tight little cunt, that's what you are!"

His cock speared into her tender quim again. She screamed in pain. He ignored her and fucked faster. He was getting into the tempo of his crude lovemaking. His cock was beginning to glow white-hot. He felt good as the heat seethed all around his length.

The girl's cunt gripped and pulled at the skin of his dork. It crinkled up his foreskin and exposed die most sensitive part of his cock. He liked the way the friction built up every time he drove mercilessly into her tight hole.

His balls collapsed into a tiny round sac. The lead-heavy jizz trapped inside began to boil. He was getting off on this a lot. He felt his cock being sucked into the teenager's twat, felt the last of the alcohol stinging his dick. Most of all, the sand grinding into his shaft, trapped between his cock and her pussy walls, really turned him on.

He never thought what it might be doing to the girl.

She was about ready to pass out from the pain. She didn't think she could endure any more. Being raped was bad. Being raped by her own father, her own flesh and blood, was terrible. It was incest.

The very word made her sob in humiliation.

But the pain -- that tore her apart. Her legs were spread wide. The man leaned forward, his hands pressing into the soft flesh of her thighs. He made certain she couldn't close her cunt to him. He kept up excruciating pressure on her crotch. She wasn't going to deity him anything. The girl wished she could transfer just a little of the pain to him. That would give him a taste of his own medicine.

"You're getting tighter, ain't ya?"

"Why?" she pleaded, knowing it would do no good. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"You got pussy and I want a piece of ass."

That answer seemed enough for the man. He continued fucking her. Her cunt juice began to flow. The girl tried to encourage it by thinking sexy thoughts. The effort failed. There was nothing turning her on -- just the reverse.

She felt the creamy load of his jism blasting out into her cunt. For the first time since he poured the booze into her twat, her cunt walls had the proper lubrication. The passage of his cock back and forth in her tunnel of love was eased.

The slickness caused by his cum allowed her to relax, to push away some of the pain she felt. The fucking was almost pleasant then -- almost. The sand still ripped and tore at the flesh on her curvy ass and the man's hands still clawed wildly at her boobs. But the agony of him driving a huge dong in and out of a dry cunt was gone.

She shivered a little and locked her legs around his waist. It took some of the pressure off her.

"So you're getting off on this, huh? Wanton slut!" He mistook her self-protective moves for enjoyment.

She didn't care. As long as he finished with her soon, she would do anything. Sobbing out an incoherent plea for him to stop seemed to drive the man into a frenzy.

"You're enjoying this, is that it? You're actually getting off on this in a big way, huh?"

He continued fucking her. He thought she was having an orgasm. It couldn't have been farther from the truth, but the teenager was in no position to explain. All she wanted in the entire world was for him to stop this degrading act.

Incest. Screwing his own daughter.

She cried openly now. As the sobs racked her body, her cunt muscles contracted a little. She felt his limp dick slip out of her twat. He wouldn't be able to fuck her any more for a while. That was her salvation.

"Damn cunt!" he snarled. He picked up the discarded liquor bottle and began jamming it into her crotch.

She felt the neck of the bottle, cold and hard, against her sex lips. When it actually entered her cunt, she passed out. The blackness washed over her like the waters of the sea engulfing a deserted share.

Chapter TWO

She didn't know how long she had lain there in the desert, unconscious. It might have been hours. The moon was low on the horizon. She didn't know if it was setting or if she'd just blacked out for a few seconds. Whatever the answer, her father was gone and she was alone.

Alone with a bottle jammed into her cunt.

Knowing how dangerous this might be, she carefully worked the bottle loose from her flesh. It hurt terribly. Never in her short life could she remember such agony.

With a wet smucking noise, the bottle came free.

She looked at the neck of the glass for a moment, then shivered. There was enough blood on it to give a full transfusion. She just hoped she wasn't bleeding so badly she might die.

She explored her cunt. Gently, she thrust her middle finger up her manhole until she found the source of the blood. It was a tiny scratch, not too bad she thought. It stung whenever she touched it. She found the reason: a tiny grain of sand.

Karen managed to clean out her quim. It was slow work because she didn't want to push the gains of sand deeper into her belly. At long last, she succeeded in getting all the debris out of her twat. Her box yeas banged up worse than it had ever been.

A tiny river of blood had started again. She picked up her discarded panties and saw they were totally ruined. Brushing off the sand first, she crammed the rag up her cunt to staunch the flow of redness. Her agonies seemed to fade away as soon as she did this crude bandaging job.

"Where did that son of a bitch go?" she asked out loud. Her father was nowhere to be seen. He had drunkenly wandered off. In the distance, she could see the lights burning brightly -- almost cheerfully -- in the small trailer. It was the last place in the world she wanted to go.

She realized her father wouldn't remember what had happened. When he got really boozed up, memories began to fade rapidly in direct proportion to the amount of liquor he consumed.

He'd finished off enough to totally erase his entire brain.

Karen sat on the ground, weak in reaction to what had happened to her. She tried to cry and found the tears refused to come now. There was a hardness inside her that refused to allow such an outpouring of grief. When he had raped and humiliated her, something inside had died.

She hated him worse than she'd ever hated anyone before in her life.

"Damn you, Goddamn your fucking ways!" she moaned out, wincing at the pain as she took a deep breath.

Gently probing, she found only bruised ribs. Nothing serious. Nothing as serious as her savaged cunt.

Standing produced a wave of vertigo. As the dizziness passed, she firmly resolved to never again return to that horrid trailer and her parents. What did they care about her? She was just a tax deduction, nothing more. They didn't show her any love, any compassion. And if her lot was to be raped by her alcohol-drenched father, she was certain she could do a lot better on her own.

How and doing what, she didn't know. But she'd find a way. There had to be something she could do. Waitress, maybe. They made good money. She might even be able to find a job as a secretary. She could type -- sort of -- and it wouldn't be all that hard filing papers.

She'd get by. She had to.

Walking in the direction opposite the trailer carried her into the desert. The sandy road under her feet crunched and tore at her flesh. She cursed her stupidity in not wearing shoes. There just hadn't been any way of telling that she'd be running away now. She wasn't psychic. Far from it. All the signs of her father raping her had been there. Overlooking them had been easier than preparing for the inevitable.

An hour later, she was shivering from the cold. Wishing she'd taken that drink her father had offered her before screwing her, she pulled the tatters of her clothing closer around her lithe body. Gooseflesh rippled up and down her bate arms and legs and her teeth began to chatter. She couldn't believe the desert got so cold so fast after the sun went down.

Overhead the diamond-hard points of the stars seemed to mock her. They were laughing at her, telling her what an asshole she was. She looked around for a place to hole up for the night. Not finding anywhere that looked like a promising sanctuary, Karen kept moving.

Better to be cold and moving than stationary and frozen to death.

As she gritted her teeth to keep them from clacking loudly together, she heard boisterous laughter. It seemed nearby, but the desert air was so still, the sounds could have been coming from miles away.

The only thing she could do was head in the general direction of the voices. In less than ten minutes, she saw a small stand of mesquite on the bank of an arroyo, a cheerful fire and a dozen men sitting around it, joking and swapping lies.

Hesitant, she didn't know if she should go down there. She finally saw the motorcycles parked in the arroyo -- this was a biker gang. There was no telling what they might do to her if they found her. She'd seen too many movies to believe they'd treat her any better than her father had.

The issue was settled for her.

She felt powerful hands circle her waist, lifting her high into the air. A coarse voice, bellowed, "Goddamn, lookit this! Lookit what I found out here! Kin I keep her?"

The others spun, knives glinting in the light of the fire. Karen found herself hypnotized by the dancing light reflected off those weapons. Nasty blades, long enough to rip her guts out, all in obviously capable hands. One man in the group separated himself and began trudging up the slope.

"What you got there, Knuckles?"

"This little chickie was spying on us. Think she's one of them CIA spies?"

The man dressed in a dingy denim jacket with patches hidden in the shadows towered over her. He reached out and put his callused finger under her chin, lifting her face to stare straight into his.

"Hmmmm, not bad-looking. You sure do find some pretty spies, Knuckles. Right pretty, even if I do say so myself."

"Can I keep her, Big Ed? Huh?"

"We'll see, we'll see. Let's get this poor waif down to the fire. And get something... hot into her."

He laughed, joined by Knuckles. Karen didn't understand what he meant, but it didn't sound pleasant.

"Please, I wasn't spying on you or anything like that. I... I was just passing by. I'll leave you alone. You won't see anything more of me, honest!"

"Oh, little one, we're gonna see a hell of a lot more of you!" Big Ed laughed and motioned Knuckles toward the small campfire. He pushed Karen down the slopes. She lost her balance and went rolling down the sandy hill to land in a heap at the bottom. When she looked up, she was surrounded by a circle of dirty, scab-ridden bodies, all of them leering at her.

Big Ed pulled her toward the fire and motioned to a tin can filled with greasy stew. "Go on, have some food. You look the worse for wear and tear."

"Yeah, and we're gonna wear and tear you some more, hey?"

"Shut up, Scrooge. This is for me to decide. I'm the head honcho in this MC."

"Don't give me any of that bullshit, Big Ed. We..."

The one called Scrooge never finished his sentence. A chain hissed out through the air and wrapped itself around his throat. Clutching at it, the man fell to his knees, trying to breath. Big Ed pulled him along like a dog on a leash.

"I don't want to hear any more out of you tonight. Got that, Scrooge? We can do it the easy way -- you keep that sonovabitchin' mouth of yours shut -- or we can do it my way. I just yank."

The savage jerk he gave the chain caused Karen to wince in pain. The man with the chain around his neck started turning purple from lack of oxygen. Seeing this, Big Ed gave an easy twitch of his wrist and released it. Scrooge fell gasping to the ground.

Big Ed turned back to Karen, saying, "How'd you happen to be up there spying on us?"

"I wasn't spying, honest! I... never mind." She fell into a frightened silence.

"Talk or I'll make you talk. Maybe I'll let Scrooge have you for a while. He's real mad now. No tellin' what he'd do to you. And that would be a real Goddamn shame havin' such a pretty little blonde girl all bashed in."

Karen swallowed hard, pulled her tattered clothes tighter around her body and tried to think as small as she could. They wouldn't go away but maybe they would get tired of her.

"Spyin', that is exactly what you were doing." Big Ed began nervously playing with a tiny gold ring in his right earlobe. Karen noticed the motion and started to say something, then bit it back. That earring didn't look the least effeminate on the man. Without being told, she realized he'd maybe killed people fix saying such a thing.

"No, really I wasn't! I was running away." And with those simple words, she found herself spilling everything to Big Ed. A mistake or not, she didn't know. All that mattered was the nervous release of words. It took the edge off her fear, gave her something to do besides cower in front of these evil men.

"So, nobody knows about where you are. Well, as being good citizens and all that, we're going to have to make sure you don't run off again. Right gang?"

The broken-toothed, grimy bikers all leered and shouted, "Yeah, Big Ed, that's the way to tell her!"

Big Ed moved faster than a man his size should have. Lightning couldn't have moved faster. He was suddenly beside her, his hands holding her slender wrists together. He transferred them to one huge paw while he groped around searching out some rope.

The coarse twine cut into her hands. She struggled, trying to fight him off. It did no good. He was too big, too strong. The trip through the desert had sapped her strength, though that hardly mattered. The muscles rippling under the tanned skin of Big Ed's arms told the story; he was strong enough to make her do anything he wanted, no matter what her condition.

"How do you like having your hands tied up like that, huh?"

"You're an animal!" she spat at him.

He casually slapped her. "Don't say that. In fact, don't say anything but how much you want my cock."

He reached down and pulled out his huge prick. In the firelight, the ugly red erection looked like a mottled stick of raw beef. In spite of herself, she couldn't take her eyes off his prick. Big, thick, it was about the largest she'd ever seen.

It made her father's look like a pencil in comparison. And Big Ed was going to fuck her with it!

He'd tear her apart. His cock would rip her delicate, already damaged pussy flesh. The bleeding had stopped from where her father had cruelly rammed the bottle. But if Big Ed slammed that hunk of fuck stick back into her twat, he'd start her bleeding again.

"Please, my... my pussy is hurt!"

"Well, I got about the best pussy pleaser around!" The others in his gang laughed and started making lewd gestures and suggestions.

"Hey, let's take a bet. Think she's a natural blonde? Ten bucks says it's bleached."

"You're on. Go on, Big Ed, let's see if her snatch patch matches her hair."

A quick tearing motion proved that her pussy mound was the identical color of her hair, now tangled and disheveled from her fights.

"Goddamn, that's about the prettiest chick I seen in a helluva long time." He started stroking his hard, callused hands over her soft, tender body. The slightest touch made her cringe. With her hands tied, she wasn't able to fight him off as she wanted. The more she struggled, the more he seemed to enjoy it.

He and her father were a matched set, she suddenly realized. They both took what they wanted, no matter what anyone else felt. Cruel, infinitely cruel and heartless. She even saw a slight resemblance between the biker and her father.

Shuddering as much from the cold as from what was going to happen to her, she begged, "Don't, please! My pussy's all ripped up!"

"Yeah, look at this joy rag." With a quick yank, he pulled the bloody plug of cloth out from her twat. She cried, a low animal-like noise deep in her throat. The man ignored her.

"Too good to waste" and "Can I fuck her next" and "Get on with it, man, or your cock's gonna freeze off" came from the men.

"Right. Enough of this."

She opened her eyes and saw nothing but the ugly red cock coming toward her, a dirty hand circling it, guiding it toward her snatch. Trying to wiggle away did no good. Hands held her down, pulled her legs wide. Never had she felt more vulnerable. They could do anything they wanted to her. Hands tied, she was helpless. Screaming would only encourage them. She was miles from help. And who would go up against a sex-crazed gang of bikers?

Still she fought. It wasn't much. But it released a little of her pent-up terror.

"How's it feel, baby doll, having a real man's cock here?"

With the last word, he jammed his hips forward. She felt the long rod of prick surge all the way up her quim. There wasn't any fuck fluid to ease its passage. She cried out in pain as the ungreased stick vanished all the way up her twat.

The pain threatened to make her pass out. As blackness was creeping up around the edges of her vision, a sharp, stinging slap brought her around.

"Hey, don't go passin' out on me. I want you to enjoy this, baby doll. Just like I'm enjoying it!"

"You filthy bastard! You cocksucking motherfucker!"

He slapped her again, splitting her lower lip. "Now where'd a nice girl like you learn those words? Gotta show you what it's all about. What this is all about!"

He jerked his hips again, then began twisting his pelvis around. His deeply buried cock started stirring around far inside her twat. The motion wasn't gentle but it still stimulated her. She couldn't explain it. The feel of this beast's cock along her pussy walls made her feel sexy. The very act of raping her was turning her on.

She fought against her body's reaction -- and lost. Her cunt began frothing over with lust juices. At first she was frightened it might be blood, but in the dim light cast by the fire, she saw it was nothing but her own natural lubricants oozing out.

She hated herself for it.

Giving into this animal!

"Hey, I think baby doll's little cunt is beginning to like me. Yeah, I kin feel her. All tight and now it's not dry anymore. Juicy, damned juicy. This chickie's no virgin, guys, but wow, is she blight!"

He pulled out slowly, his cock making an obscene sucking noise. She felt as if he were pulling her guts out using the vacuum created by his huge cock pressed so firmly against her pussy walls. She groaned, but the man ignored her.

He was too busy feeling the surge of power pass through his body. This chick was a hot one. Sexy, she had everything going for her. He loved the way her tits heaved up and down as he stroked into her. As soon as his prick was all the way up her cunt, the way the pussy walls started rippling and massaging his buried length made him even hornier. The sight of that natural blonde bush was a real turn-on for him.

His cock vanishing between her pink pussy lips wasn't so bad either. In fact, it was fine! The heat boiling out of her interior seeped into his cock and warmed him all the way to his tails. He felt the lead-heavy jism begin to quiver and chum in anticipation of spewing out into her eagerly awaiting cunt.

When he pulled back, it was like trying to get out of a glove. The soft folds of her quim gripped and held his cock. Wiggling his hips a little got him out without any problem.

He felt the sweat beginning to trickle down his body inside his heavy denim jacket. The droplets on his forehead gleamed wickedly in the light cast by the fire.

He said, "You really want me, don't you, baby doll. Tell me how much you want more of my cock. Tell me, damn you, tell me!"

"No, ohhhhh, no, no! Not, ummm, yes! Give it to me!"

He'd started moving back and forth, his cock going about an inch into her twat. The rapid stroking was building up the fires of her desire. He knew exactly how to turn a chick on and was doing it. Each and every time he fucked into her box, he made sure a different area was stimulated by the contact with his prick.

The delicately scalloped, pink inner pussy lips got special attention. He dragged the acorn-sized glans of his prick over the flaps of sensitive flesh until the blonde split on either side of his cock was writhing in sheer need for him to fuck her.

That wasn't enough. He drove his cock a little deeper into her cunt. The bucking cock was as big as a stallion's -- and he knew it. He wanted to fuck her hard, try and rip her apart all the way to the chin. But he could do that with any of the women around camp. This teenager was something special.

He could humiliate her.

And he was doing a damned good job. She felt useless, totally abandoned. Confused by the sensations ripping into her body, she wanted to die. There was nothing she wanted more than to let him fuck her, have his cock driving hard and deep all the way up her juicy twat. And that was the very thing she didn't want -- it was a dilemma she couldn't solve.

Ingrained morals told her this was all wrong, he had no right to fuck her like this. But her body was the traitor. It was enjoying the crude lovemaking and ignoring her bound hands. The fact it took three others to hold her legs spread wide for the man's easy entry into her cunt both excited and appalled her.

She was so confused she surrendered to her body's urges.

"Fuck me, please! Fuck me hard! I want you in me!"

"So? See, guys? She does appreciate a real man's cock. Think I should give it to her?"

"Naw, let me give her mine!"

"I want sloppy seconds!"

"Aw, go on and screw the hell out of her. You're keepin' me awake with all the loud screamin' and carryin' on."

"Hear them, baby doll? They think I should go on and fuck you. How about it?"

"Yes, damn you, yesssss!" she shrieked, her body urgent in its needs now. Her morals were totally droned in the sea of her desire. His thick cock plugging her was all she wanted out of life!

When he rammed hard into her again, she almost fainted. The huge girth of his prick split her sex lips wide open to the breaking point. Her inner membranes were stretched and pulled in new and painfully different directions. She'd never taken a man as big as him before.

Even with the bottle crammed up her twat, she hadn't felt this filled. And the bottle had been cold. His cock wasn't only warm, it was hot, burning hot! Jerking and dancing around inside her, she let a shuddery sigh pass through her body. It was painful at first but her body was able to stretch enough to accommodate that mighty prick.

"More, gimme more!" she demanded through lust-thickened lips.

"More, she wants, so I'll give her more!" His entire body was straining now. Sweat poured in rivers off his powerful body as he fucked her. Each stroke was like a piston on a locomotive. It drove forward with all the power of a machine.

He felt his cock clutched and massaged by the softness of her velvety cunt walls. And with the juices flowing wildly from her twat now, he was making lewd smucking noises every time he pulled out of her manhole.

The girl was trembling in reaction. If a red hot poker was being jammed all the way into her belly, the feelings couldn't have been much different. She was seared and torn and humiliated -- and loved it, wanted more!

The cock reaming her out finally set off her orgasm.

"Ungghhhh! Ohhhh!" she groaned.

He felt her cunt walls collapsing like the shaft of a mine after an explosion. Jerking his throbbing cock out, he held it in his hand while the girl's body was racked by her fierce orgasm.

As she relaxed, he stroked up and down his cunt-juice-lubricated prick a couple times, saying, "You don't deserve this. Not you, baby doll. Not you."

A white bullet spurted from the tip of his cock and splattered on her naked pussy mound. The blonde fur was quickly matted by the continuing blast of cum from his erupting dick. Soon she was completely soaked with his creamy cum.

He stood up, shook off the last droplet of his jism and said, his voice harsh, "You're not good enough for the leader of the Maniacs. Not for the leader of this club, baby doll."

Turning, Big Ed motioned to Knuckles. "You been real alert tonight. You caught her. You can use her."

Without another word, Big Ed turned his back and walked off, leaving Karen to state in abject fright up at Knuckles. The broken-toothed grin marring his face sent cold chills throughout her body.

Chapter THREE

"That's right nice of Big Ed, don't you think, blondie?" His body was huge and menacing above her. She'd never felt more frail, more helpless than now.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?"

"Hell, I don't know. Seems like this is still untainted by any of Big Ed's jizz." He crammed a thick finger into her twat.

She cried out as she felt the rough finger surge into her tender pussy and begin wiggling around. A rusty nail up her cunt wouldn't have felt any worse. With her hands tied, she couldn't do much to stop this evil man from doing what he wanted with her. But she tried. Karen had to.

He laughingly slapped her flat onto the ground. The sandy soil pound into her back, her ass, her legs. The roughness threatened to rip her tender body to ribbons.

"You like my finger up your cunt, don't you? Don't you?" He powerfully jammed his hand toward her snatch. The pain rocketed into her body and caused the blackness to creep around the edges of her vision again. How she wanted to pass out!

If she blacked out on them, her body wouldn't betray her like it had with Big Ed. She wouldn't be embarrassed that she actually wanted his cock inside her, fucking her, making her feel small and weak and worthless. Karen couldn't understand that sensation. It was something to fight off until she could think about it more.

All she wanted now was to escape the bikers' camp.

It didn't look hopeful.

"I don't like the looks of them rags you got on, blondie, I think I'll do you a favor and get rid of them for you. You won't even have to put them in a Goodwill box or nothin'."

A meaty paw reached out and seized the cloth at her neck. A mighty tug ripped the cloth away from her body. Again and again he ripped the fabric, until she lay naked on the sand.

Looking up, she saw all the men leering at her. It was obvious they were going to do with her whatever they wanted. And from the bulges in the crotches of their dingy jeans, it was apparent what they wanted.

They were going to gang-rape her after they'd let their leaders get their kicks.

Knuckles said, "How long a train can you pull?"

"Huh?" She didn't understand him. "What do you mean?"

"How long a train? How many guys can you fuck before you dry up here?" He twisted his wrist and drilled his finger even deeper into her cunt to show what he meant.

"Y-you're all going to rape me?"

"Hell no, sweetie pie. You're going to ask us to make kind, gentle passionate love to you. All night long!"

They all laughed and she knew she'd never leave the camp alive. That thought gave her strength. If she were going to die, she could do it on her terms, not theirs. She knew they wanted to frighten her, see her crawl. That would add to their pleasure immensely.

She was terrified. There was no doubt about that. But she wasn't going to let them know it.

"Go on, then. Do what you want. But quit talking about it. Unless that's all you can do? Or do they call you Knuckles because that's all you have to stick into a woman's snatch?"

Knuckles blanched white and yanked his finger out of her twat. He doubled up his fist. To the girl, it looked more like a ham hock, it was so large. She knew one blow from this man and she'd be dead.

That was better than letting them all fuck her. "So I hit it, huh? All you got to use on a woman is your hand."

The way the men who were watching laughed, she knew Knuckles was receiving the ultimate goading she could give him. He'd have to do something. She just hoped it would be quick and put her out of her misery. It wasn't.

He cooled off, keeping his hand clenched. "They call me Knuckles because these -- see 'em, cunt? -- these can knock out any man here. I was gonna fuck you, but not now. Not up your slimy little cesspool where I had my finger. I'm gonna take you up your ass. That's the best place for showin' a wiseass what I think of talk like that!"

For a moment, the words didn't penetrate Karen's numbed brain. Her ass? What did he mean? As he rolled her over and pulled her hips up from the sandy ground, she realized what he meant to do.

He was going to bugger her!

She'd never had a man up her ass before. It had always seemed so repulsive to her. The thought of having a cock racing back and forth, cornholing her, was enough to terrify her anew. Never in her eighteen years had she ever felt this scared.

Hands groped all over her smooth assflesh. Knuckles was exploring the territory where he was going to anally rape her. She didn't mind the way his hands moved; it was sexy. But the thought of what he was ultimately going to do to her was awful.

"That's the way, Knuckles. Don't let her make an ass out of you!" came a voice from the back of the onlookers.

"Yeah. She's a real pain in the ass. Show her what a real pain in the ass is like!"

There were other comments, but Karen didn't hear them. All she heard was Knuckles low, menacing voice in her ear. "Like this? Like the way my hands are fondling those little asscheeks of yours? Like it!"

He gripped a double handful of her ass and twisted. She was certain he would rip her apart then and there. The pain blasting down into her body was more intense than any she could imagine ever feeling. She was getting a lesson in pain this night. First the bottle rammed up her twat. Then came the humiliation of being fucked by a man while others watched and leered and made dirty comments. The worst part was that he didn't want to cum in her cunt; he'd jacked off into her pussy fur.

The meaty finger returned, this time entering her cunt from the rear. With her knees under her, she had to keep her ass up and waggling in the air where the man wanted it. She could barely move as long as he kept her pressed down and her hands tied firmly.

He swirled the finger around in her still juicy twat a few times and pulled it out with a tiny pop! She couldn't see him but she knew he was making obscene gestures with it from the way the men laughed.

"About a quart low," she heard him say.

Then her entire body was racked with pain as he thrust his finger against her tightly clenched anal sphincter. The greedy little muscle wasn't about to let any male invader up her rectum. It was puckered tight and defied entry.

It did no good. The greasy finger -- greased with her very own juices -- and the force with which he shoved it guaranteed the entry all the way up her spine. As the man's finger drilled deep into her guts, she shrieked out, "Ohhhhhh, it huuuurts so baaad!"

"Yeah, baby doll, I bet it does. Just wait till you feel my cock rammed up there. My finger's nothin' in comparison to that!"

The thought of having his cock twisting around up her virgin asshole was too much. She momentarily blacked out. When she came back to the reality of her dilemma, she didn't have any idea how long it had been. From the lewd comments of the men circling them, it wasn't long enough. He still hadn't fucked her ass like he'd promised.

She felt his grip tighten on her assflesh. He seemed determined to twist off chunks of the doughy flesh and knead them. She was certain his fingers were digging huge chunks of flesh from her bottom. Almost crying out in pain and humiliation, she bit down on hei lip and tasted salty blood.

Never had she found herself in a more infuriatingly helpless position. Her rear end was up where the man could do anything he wanted. As she tried to escape, his hands damped down with all the power of a vise closing.

Trying to scurry forward, she found this was futile. He merely followed her, saying, "Go on, run. Try it. It makes me feel good seein' you try to get away!"

No matter what she did, she was only feeding his insane passions. He was going to bugger her no matter what she did. And she didn't dare allow him to do that. His huge cock would destroy her. Her asshole was simply too small to take his telephone-pole thick cock.

"Please don't do this. It won't gain you anything," she pleaded.

"Hell it won't. Anything to get my rocks off is worth it. Ain't it, guys?"

The consensus was that he was right. Many of the bikers actually cheered him on with obscene suggestions.

"Go on and ram your fist up her ass. See if you can get the whole fuckin' thing up there!"

"Hell, that's too small. Why not try and plug her onto the exhaust on your chopper. Then turn it on and watch her blow up like a frigging balloon."

Another: "Come on, mother humper and get on with it. I don't mind sloppy seconds with a chick that good-looking. And a natural blonde, can you dig it! Go on and fuck her good so I can climb aboard for my turn."

The words made her cringe. She knew what was in store for her the rest of the evening. They wouldn't let her go until all of them had their chance. They'd gang bang her and then cast her aside just as her father had. But with these studs, it wasn't a matter of drunkenness. It was simply the way they saw life -- women were replaceable parts, expendable if necessary, a commodity to be used and nothing more.


Used and then discarded when they no longer lusted after her.

"Shut your filthy mouths, you guys. I'm going to let her have it in my own sweet time... and up her sweet little ass!"

She cried piteously when he began fingerfucking her asshole. The thick roundness of his finger rammed in and out of her tightest passage with flesh-searing speed. The lubricants he'd piled onto his finger from her frothy cunt helped ease some of the pain of his brutal action -- but not very much.

"Yeah, you're opening up to me, aren't you?" A hard, stinging slap on her upturned backside sent electric tremors arching into her body. In a strange way, the spanking was turning her on, making her body came alive, letting her ignore the other horrid things he was doing to her.

The biker began mining down a series of sharp, smarting swats on her ass. The pain brought tears to her eyes and something entirely different to her body. The warmth of her well-spanked ass radiated through her body and set the embers of lust in her belly afire again. The needs she'd felt when the other biker had wanted to fuck her were rekindled. She was turning into a sex maniac.

Humiliated, in the most embarrassing position imaginable, with her hands tied and her ass wiggling in the air, she was getting hot for the guy. She no longer wanted that finger up her ass. She wanted -- needed -- something more substantial.

She wanted his cock.

"Go on, damn you, go oft and get it done! Stuff it in and fuck my ass if you're going to!"

"So you want it now. Talk about blowing hot and cold!"

"Hell and damnation, shit head, she's not giving you a blow job. Just get on with it. I'm horny just watching you. And my pecker's getting cold while I'm jacking off I want it in some hot female flesh."

"Shut up," Knuckles snarled but quickly positioned himself behind the tightly puckered target of the girl's anus. With a forward shove of his hips, his glans pressed firmly against her asshole. Slow, steady pressure drove him into her guts.

She shrieked at the lightning bolts of pain burning through her body. If a railroad spike had been driven into her ass, she couldn't have felt more pain. Not only was the man long, he had one of the thickest cocks she could imagine. It spread her tender asshole until she was certain it would tear. The bleeding would surely kill her.

But her body was young and resilient. She quickly relaxed to the point where he could relax a little himself. And that tightness around him was like fucking into a surgeon's glove filled with burning-hot lava. He couldn't have found a tighter hole to fuck if he'd spent the rest of his life searching for it.

"God-fucking-damn, I don't believe this!" he gasped. "You're so fucking hot you're gonna burn it off!"

A few laughs came from the circle of men plus a couple appreciative cheers. They could hardly wait for their turn.

She felt her guts entirely filled with the man's presence. His cock was jerking and dancing around inside her, as eager as a racehorse in the starting gate. The man's cock stiffened as she moved slightly. She hadn't thought it was possible for him to get any stiffer, any longer.

She reached the point where she was enjoying the feel of his cock resting in the channel of her shit chute. The big blue vein on the top of his prick pulsed and twitched every time his heart beat an impassioned beat. And from the way his arrowheaded glans expanded, she knew it wasn't long before he'd blast out his wad and cream her guts with his jism.

A thought worked its way into the back of her mind. If she could get him off fast, he'd have to leave her alone. It didn't matter about the others. She'd worry about them when the time came. Right now, she would just try to get this guy off as quick as she could.

He'd not bother her again.

Squeezing down with her strong stomach muscles, she caressed and massaged the entire length of his buried prick. The gasp that came from his lips told her all she had to know. She was getting to him.

Buried as he was in her tightest passage, he had to be feeling the full effects of this butt fucking.

And he was. The heat blasting into his meat threatened to get him off far too soon. He enjoyed the feel of the hot flesh all around his cock. That was the idea of screwing her up the ass. He wanted this very feeling, plus the dominance over a relatively naive blonde teenager. The two gave him a big sexual thrill -- the idea that she had a virgin ass was an even bigger turn-on for the man.

His hips began moving back and forth. It was hard at first slipping his prick out of that clutching interior. Her asshole was like a noose around his prick. He was held in with all the strength of her young, lithe body. But the power locked in his hips overcame anything she could do to him.

His cock pulled back until only the thick purpled tip of his fuck stick remained inside her anus. The feel of the fleshy mounds of asscheek on either side of his prick made him feel lusty, a real macho stud who could fuck with the best of them.

Having a hot chick like this wrapped around his cock did that.

He fucked back into her.

The re-entry caused both of them to shudder in reaction. He felt the very tip of his cock begin to burn as if he'd shoved it into a jar of acid. The nerves were searing with carnal delight. He pulled back, generating as much friction between her rectum and the sides of his prick as he could. This was where it was at. This was his big thrill. This was where he'd blow his wad.

The heat built up by his fucking began working its sexual magic on the girl. No longer did her asshole ache from the stretching his huge cock forced on it. She was able to relax and enjoy the feel of his mighty battering ram of prick thrusting all the way into her belly.

"Yes, oh yesssss, that's itttt!" she moaned. Wiggling her hips, she strived to pull him even deeper into her guts. There was nothing more important to her in the world than to have him greeking her with all the power locked in his body.

He slammed forward into her so hard he almost knocked her flat on the pound. His dirty jeans ground into her naked ass as he twisted and moved to corkscrew his cock even deeper up her back door. He rattled her teeth with every hard thrust. His cock was beginning to flare with need. The heat worked its way back along his length until his balls were set to boiling and lurching in their tiny prison of flesh. The jism locked up there wasn't to be denied. His cock jerked mightily and then spewed forth gallons of hot cum into her asshole.

The lightest touch of the fuming load of cum set off the girl's orgasm. It degraded her, made her feel less than human. This beast was using her and she was enjoying it!

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she let the tides of orgasm wash through her until the fierce grip relaxed. As she relaxed she realized that Knuckles' cock was no longer stuffed into her asshole. All she could feel was a thick trickle of his cum down the inside of her leg.

Looking back, she could see the firelight dancing off the river of his jism on her leg. It had a funny glowing quality to it. She knew she should have been reduced to a quivering blob of humanity but she had to admit having her ass fucked for the first time was something of a sexual thrill for her.

Admitting that to herself was as degrading as anything else ever could have been. She'd been fucked like a bitch in heat and loved it!

"Wh-what are you going to do with me? Are you going to let me go? I'm not good for anything to you now."

"Hey, no, Knuckles! I didn't have my chance at her!"

"Me, either!"

"Nor me, dammit!"

The chorus of deep voices demanding a piece of her ass both scared and amused her. She had never thought of herself as having a large following of male admirers -- not that these animals were exactly admirers. But they certainly wanted her and that appealed to her vanity.

It appealed to a darker side of her, too, a side she hadn't realized existed. She actually enjoyed being degraded. For some reason she couldn't pin down, it had increased the sexual thrill of the fucking. Hands tied, put into a position only a bitch should assume, she'd been fucked.

And she loved the hell out of it.

Karen was almost afraid they would let her go.

Chapter FOUR

"Get your ass outta the way, Knuckles," snarled one of the bikers hidden in a shadow. "It's my turn to have a go at her."

"You couldn't screw a knothole, prick. Now shut up."

"What's that? What'd you say? I can wipe the floor with you any time I want."

"You never want to because you're a spineless..."

He never got any farther. A loud bellow cut him short. All the gathered bikers turned and looked at Big Ed, now standing with his arms folded across his chest.

"You bastards are always making such a fucking big noise you annoy the. You know you shouldn't annoy me."

The sudden silence told Karen that no one annoyed Big Ed and got away with it for long. This was really the first chance she had to study the big man, the leader of this lawless group of renegades.

There was no denying the fact he was big, powerful, virile. And she knew from intimate experience that the "Big" part of his nickname fitted parts of his anatomy now hidden by his grimy jeans. This was one well-hung stud. His cock felt like a firehose when he fucked her. Just the thought of his hot, long cock in her cunt made her sigh a little. It would have been so good if she could have really had him making love to her instead of raping her.

She thought she could have really gotten off on it. A shudder earthquaked through her slender body and she had to toss her head to get a vagrant strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. It was so perverse liking what he'd done to her.

Karen couldn't understand her feelings. This was beyond her experience. She'd never been more ashamed of anything in her eighteen years but... but it was also a big turn-on.

All these studs fighting over her, wanting her sexually. That was something she both loathed and wanted. It was all so confusing. She didn't want to be used by these men, then tossed aside.

And yet she did, too.

Big Ed moved closer and was outlined by the light from the feebly struggling campfire. His forearms were thick as cables on a suspension bridge and his biceps bulged. There was no hidden strength here -- it was all out in the open. The dirty denim jacket was open in the front, showing a hairy chest, a chest thick as a barrel.

Karen began wondering what it would be like, wrapped in those arms, having that mighty chest crushing down on her while his mighty cock drove hard, fast and long into her steamy cunt. This was a man who could really make love to her.

Her first impression that he looked like a younger version of her father was reinforced by the way he stood, the line of his nose and cheeks. And in his eyes gleamed that certain madness she had come to associate with her old man. This likeness repelled her just as the man's obvious physical prowess appealed to her on an elemental level.

Confused, she didn't know what to do or say.

"You boys just don't think right on these things. I had my jollies with her. So did Knuckles. How was she, Knuckles?"

"Tight, Big Ed, Goddamn tight for a damn fine assfucking."

"See, he liked her. But none of you really want sloppy seconds on her. Except you, Ivan. You'll take anything you can get."

The men laughed at one of their number. Karen shivered and it wasn't from the cold when she saw the object of their disdain. This one was even worse than the rest. If they hadn't taken baths in a month, he probably didn't know the meaning of the word. His hair was greasy, slicked straight back, and his clothes were plastered to his body with grime. His broken fingernails were black with dirt. To have him even touch her would be a sure case of infection from body lice or crabs -- if they would stand to infest such a poor example of humanity.

"Aw, Big Ed, you know how horny I get."

And it was apparent how horny he was. His cock was already rising from his opened fly to reflect the dull light from the fire. His pole was a ugly, diseased color. Karen shuddered at the thought of having that rammed into either her cunt or up her asshole.

"Now I'm the leader of this fine motorcycle club and what I say for the Maniac MC goes. You'll get her all at once. Line up in two rows facing each other. Now, damn your fuckin' asses, now!" he roared.

They all snapped to mock attention in a double line facing each other.

"Zippers down, now!"

The metallic hissing filled the still night air.

Karen wondered what was going to happen. Whatever it was, she didn't think she was going to enjoy it yew much. There were twelve men standing there, cocks jutting out of their jeans, all looking at her with lust in their bloodshot eyes.

"You, chickie, you! On your knees. Start down the row and suck off each and every one of the club. One at a time. And if they want, when you have gone through the line once, you'll do it again. And again and again. Until they're all too sucked off to stand up."

The mucous laugh told Karen she could be giving them all blow jobs all night long before even one would collapse.

"Wh-what if I manage to make them all give in? W-will you let me go, then?"

Big Ed looked at her and laughed, his laugh ultimate evil. "Hell, baby doll, the best whores around have tired that and haven't done it. Sure, what the hell? If you can get them all to give up, you can go."

Karen swallowed hard as she looked at the dozen cocks all being held out for her sucking. She enjoyed giving head -- usually. She'd never done it like this before. Never on a dozen men all at once, never with spectators who had no compunction against making lewd comments. These biker outlaws were only marginally human. There was no telling what they'd do to her.

Still, it was a chance. A chance to get away that hadn't existed a few minutes before.

"All right, I'll do it if you promise to let me go."

"Hell, baby doll, you're going to do it whether I promise or not. We don't take kindly to cockteasers around here. You might end up getting your cunt roasted in the fire -- or worse -- if you disappoint these poor, sex-hungry guys. Now get to it!"

He kicked her in the direction of the men, lined up and dangling their pricks in front of them. She barely heard their obscene comments as she walked over on her knees, hands still bound behind her back.

All she could see was the man's cock. She pursed her lips, then saw it rocketing toward her face. He was a dead shot. His prick smashed between her lips and bounced off the roof of her mouth. She felt the rubbery, resilient end of his cock bounce and then start down her throat.

She gagged.

She was no Linda Lovelace. She couldn't take an entire prick down her throat without choking. A blow landed on the side of her head, knocking her to the ground.

A cold voice said, "Whatsa matter? Don't you like my prick, cocksuckin' bitch-whore?"

"Hell, man, it don't taste good to her. Try this."

An evil laugh and then, "Get back up and give it another try. You might like it better this time!"

She didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't going to be good. She managed to painfully get her knees under her and raise up. The meaty length of prick still bucked and thrashed around in front of her face. An odor penetrated the fog of her fear. He'd smeared something on his cock.

"No, look, I..."

Hands gripped the back of her head, took handfuls of hair and pulled her face in. He began fucking her face with all the strength in his big arms. She pursed her lips into an "O" and took his length.

And choked again.

He'd covered his prick with something that tasted like Tabasco sauce. The burning sensation in her mouth refused to go away. And she couldn't spit because her mouth was completely filled with the thick, turgid length of his cock.

He began driving her head up and down on his cock. The obscene noises he made told the girl he was getting off on this. She swallowed hard trying to erase the strong chili-pepper taste of his prick. Eventually, she managed to wash it all off but her tongue was virtually numb.

And he was still guiding her head back and forth in strong, rhythmic strokes. She felt his cock split her lips and enter deep into her mouth, then leave again. It occurred to her that the best way of getting this disgusting man's prick out of her mouth was to get his rocks off for him.

She began using her mouth to the best advantage. Normally, she enjoyed giving head. The taste of the spurting cum was delicious. She couldn't get enough of it. In high school, she could drain a dozen boyfriends on twelve consecutive nights. But this was different. These bikers wanted her to do it all on one night -- one after another.

Her tongue swirled out and began teasing the delicate flesh along the bottom of the man's prick. The tiny flap of skin dangling under the cleft head of his glans proved especially sensitive. Every time her rough tongue dragged across it, he gasped.

She kept him as strung out sexually as she could. Then came the geyser she'd been waiting for. The first gob of jizz sailed all the way to the back of her throat. Tongue still burning from the chili-pepper, she let the next ejaculation blast all over her tongue. She smeared the gooey cum all over her tastebuds. The salty, slightly acid-tasting jism erased the hotness she'd been subjected to.

As the man's cock went limp between her lips, another rock-hard prick was shoved between her ruby lips. The next in line had moved over. And it started all over again.

The girl knew the trick this time. And the tasty length of cock being jammed into her mouth wasn't covered with the burning hot sauce, either. All she had to do was get him off -- fast.

Her tongue became a frenzied, wanton instrument of pleasure. She stroked and touched lightly every portion of his cock. She could tell from the way his cock jerked around in her mouth that she was having exactly the effect on him she wanted. His control wasn't all that good.

He came amid a gush of white syrup. She sucked down every drop of his cum and then went on to the next in line.

This time she almost puked her guts out when she saw the diseased cock shoved up to her face. Glancing up she saw Ivan. It figured. If she sucked on this cock, there was no telling what horrible disease she could get. She didn't know if she could get a close merely by giving head but she guessed she could.

That disgustingly leperous cock was mottled with something. She didn't care to go through the penicillin shots curing whatever it was he had to give her.

On sudden impulse, she thought she discovered a way around stuffing that filthy rod into her mouth. She dived underneath and took the hairy sac containing his balls into her mouth. With the cock resting on her cheek, she managed to tongue and lick the man's scrotum.

He moaned in what must have been enjoyment. And he knew better than to move. She could bite his balls off in one convulsive movement.

It was filthy work but she did it. If she went through all twelve of them, Big Ed said they'd let her go. No matter that she'd be naked and a runaway, she'd be free of them. And all for sucking off twelve of them and letting two others have her up the cunt and ass.

A lousy bargain but better than nothing at all.

She sucked harder.

Her tongue roved over the tight skin of the small sphere and felt the man's nuts inside. His jizz was beginning to come to a boil. His balls lurched and tumbled everytime she ran her rough, wet tongue over the delicate skin.

Sucking, licking, twisting her blonde head from side to side to let her lips drag sensuously over the man's balls was all it took to get him off. She felt a wet surge along her cheek. Then another and another. He jetted off into her hair.

But she didn't care. She hadn't had to take that horrid cock into her mouth. She wasn't sure she hadn't contracted some ghastly disease this way, but the odds were better in her favor.

The next man in line laughed. "Hell, she's real cocksucker. And no dumbie, either. She knew better than to stuff Ivan's pecker into her mouth."

"Yeah, that son of a bitch is downright gross. We oughta make him get the cure or he'll pass it along to all of us."

"What the hell? She avoided it. And look at Ivan. The bastard's already asleep."

She looked down and saw it was true. He was sound asleep on the ground. So much the better. She had totally eliminated one of the eleven and sucked off a couple others. That left nine.


She shuddered thinking about the clap and other diseases these horny bastards might have picked up wantonly screwing any cunt that didn't move away fast enough.

"Come on, baby doll. I like the looks of that blonde hair. Even if Ivan did jack off his bloody cum into it."

Her head was pulled into another smelly crotch. Sickened, she knew she had to continue. She had to keep going all night long if necessary until she had worn them all out.

Only once did the thought she might fail enter her head. Then she was too busy sucking and licking and giving head.

The next hour passed in a blur for the teenager. All she remembered was one cock after another, each being shoved into her mouth. She was face-fucked more times than she could remember. But in spite of it, she kept going, she had to exhaust these bikers so they would let her go.

Finally, the last one was asleep on the ground, snoring loudly. She'd swallowed enough of their cum to fill a tanker. And she was as tired as they were.

But a different emotion filled her, too. She was satisfied with a job well done. She was happy to have actually been able to give blow jobs to so many men and still be in control.

"Can I go now?" she asked, looking up at Big Ed. The man had been watching for some time with an amused look on his face.

"Not yet, baby doll, not yet. Our mamas are coming back around dawn. I can't just let you go without them seeing you."

"Your mamas?"

"Yeah. Our chicks. Those bitches are absolutely insatiable when it comes to sex. You and them oughta get along just fine."

"You're not letting me go? After you said I could if I sucked all them off?"

Big Ed just laughed, then turned his back on Karen and walked off.

Chapter FIVE

It was shortly before the greenish tinge signaling dawn's arrival when Karen awoke. She stirred painfully, her arms aching from being tied behind her back all night. The lovely dawn was lost on her. Its beauty was something she could have appreciated better somewhere else -- miles and miles away.

There was a rattling noise of a jeep coming along the arroyo. She hoisted herself up enough to see the battered vehicle come to a screeching halt.

Dust flew everywhere and six women unloaded like rats leaving a sinking ship.

The analogy was good. The women were the dregs of humanity. And they fit the men drunkenly sleeping around the fire. Not a one of them looked like a person Karen wanted to cross. Any of them could have killed her without a second thought.

Big Ed swung up and rose gracefully to his feet. For a man well over six feet tall and weighing better than two-twenty, he carried himself very well. He could have been a dancer, Karen irrelevantly thought as she watched him cross to the jeep.

One of the women -- a tall redhead -- grabbed him around the neck and planted a juicy kiss on his lips. Big Ed didn't seem too enthused.

"What you get, Dottie? You didn't come back empty-handed?"

"Shit, no, Big Ed. You know me better'n that. Look at this."

She pulled a canvas back and showed something to the man. He whistled in appreciation and said, "I knew you were first-class. A real woman."

"What do you think all of that's worth?"

"A yard, maybe two. Twenty CBs are worth something. Gotta see the fixer and find what he'll give for them. At least two hundred. Shit, he oughta make it three for all the business we're bringin' him."

Karen realized then that Big Ed had sent the women out to strip cars. They'd worked all night stealing CB radios. This wasn't a very nice group of people she'd fallen in with.

More than ever, she wanted to leave. But hadn't Big Ed said she was going to be turned over to these women for a little fun? The thought was so perverted, Karen couldn't even begin to understand what was going to happen to her.

"Hey, who's the broad? That blonde bitch over there?" demanded Dottie.

"Knuckles found her spying on us. We, uh, we been having a little fun with her until y'all could get back."

"Hey, girls, take a look at what we got!"

They huddled around Karen. This was worse than having the men look at her like she was a piece of beef. That she could understand. Sex was sex, no matter how crude or brutal. But these women were looking at her in the exact same way.

They wanted her sexually.

Karen suppressed a shudder. Holding back tears, she asked Big Ed, "When you going to let me go like you promised? You're not going to lie to me, are you?"

Dottie slapped her across the mouth with the back of her hand. "No one says my old man's a liar. Not some little blonde hussy just wandering in and looking for some cheap thrills."

"I... I never meant to spy on you. I was running away."

"Sure. Hmmm, a runaway. Ought to be good for a little while. How long before the cops start looking for her, do you think?"

Big Ed shrugged.

"I figure," Dottie said, "at least another day. They might never get around to it out here. This desert can swallow up people awful fast. The vultures -- have you seen 'em, honey? -- they're all the time looking for lost people. To eat. Carrion eaters, they are, yeah."

She smiled. The yellowed teeth made Karen shiver but she managed to get her courage up enough to say, "They can't be too good, those vultures. They've left you alone. Or maybe you're too smelly for them!"

She was rewarded with another slap across the face.

"You gonna let us have her, Big Ed? Please?" begged one of the women. Karen took one look at this one and almost passed out, dressed all in black leather, she had a chain she was lightly flicking across one of her opened palms. It was obvious what she wanted to do. Karen knew she would never escape unscarred from the leather freak's idea of lovemaking.

Karen's eyes looked pleadingly at Big Ed. He was the only one who could rescue her. And from the sudden leer on his lips, she knew he wasn't going to even try.

He pointed at the blonde teenager and said, "Have fun, chicks. Knuckles and me'll be back as soon as we've fenced the radios."

He vaulted over the door of the jeep and keyed it to an unsteady life. Karen felt as if her only pillar of strength was abandoning her. She hated the man, hated him with all the power of her being, but he was the only hope she had of escaping from the bikers' camp.

Dottie said, "So you got a taste of what the Maniacs are like, huh?" She laughed harshly at her crude joke.

"Let's see what you can do with some of their mamas. Lynn, Nesh, show'er what you can do."

Karen could only watch in mute horror as the two women advanced on her. She had no idea what they were going to do, but it probably wasn't going to be pretty. At least the black leather-clad woman was just standing and idly swinging her chain against a limb of a mesquite shrub. The way it ripped the bark off the limb told her what it could do to her if swung around her arms or legs.

Lynn and Nesh quickly stripped off their clothes. It could have been a sexy disrobing. It wasn't. Karen watched the two women get naked with all the finesse of a rapist tearing clothes off a victim. But then, that was probably the way they got their kicks. They were probably raped more often than having a man make love to them.

Animals didn't know any better.

"See how the blonde bitch is shaking? You don't think she's cold, do you, Nesh?"

The washed-out blonde answered, "Let's warm her up, Lynn. Let's make sure she has nothing to gripe about."

One of them -- Karen couldn't figure out which one -- crouched over her face, snatch shoved brutally down. A distant command came: "Eat!"

She had no choice but to obey. Barely able to breathe, she was trapped between the woman's thighs. Her ears were pressed firmly into the soft flesh of inner legs, her eyes not able to see past the blush filling her field of vision.

"Suck, damn you! Fat me out! Good, make it good!"

She hesitantly stuck her tongue out. Never having any, experience making love to a woman before, she had to rely on what it was like when one of her boyfriends ate her out.

Her tongue began licking up and down the sex lips, trying to slurp up all the fuck fluids leaking out of the woman's cunt. She found the taste strangely exciting. Not like male cum, but different, tasty. She licked faster, harder.

Her tongue roughly caressed the turgid, pink sex lips guarding the woman's cunt. The manhole was oozing out a steady stream of juice now. That spurred the teenager on. This wasn't so bad, after all.

She was actually enjoying it!

Lesbian lovemaking had never really appealed to her. The thought of making it with another chick had been slightly repulsive. It wasn't that way at all!

She stuffed her tongue all the way up the woman's twat. Once inside the tight little passage, she felt the velvety walls now dripping with lubricants. Her tongue twisted and spun around like a tiny tornado. It felt good stroking back and forth into her cunt. She was actually tongue fucking the woman!

"Atta girl!" came encouragement. "You're doing it good. Keep going! Lemme have all your tongue!"

Her entire mouth was suddenly filled with snatch. The woman was letting her entire weight descend on her face. The girl valiantly tried to give as much pleasure as she could. This was exciting her as much as the woman who was getting the full benefit of the teenager's tongue.

She licked from one end of the sex slit to the other. Making sure she touched each and every part of the delicate sex lips, she moved inside the rigid flaps to the delicately fluttering, scalloped inner labia. These she gave special attention to.

Remembering how it made her all weak and quivery inside when a boy ran his tongue along them, she gave them the best licking she could.

Then she rammed her tongue back into the cunt opened up for her. Her tongue raced in and out in a mock fucking. She thought it would have been better if the woman had a cock fucking her, but the girl wasn't in any position to complain.

Suddenly, the woman squatting over her face shrieked and began thrashing around. The teenager could barely keep her tongue in the flowing cunt. Then the softness and warmth and wetness was gone from her face. All that was left was a thin trickle of cunt juice dribbling down one of her cheeks.

"Damn, you got some tongue, girl."

"Go on, Lynn, do your thing now. I got off."

The other woman straddled the blonde's waist, then moved up until her cunt was directly over one of the girl's tits. Lowering her body, she stuffed her twat down firmly over the tip of one of Karen's boobs.

Karen watched in fascination -- repelled fascination -- as Lynn opened her pussy lips enough to take in the entire end of one of the boobs. She seemed to have great control over her labia. She began working them lewdly all over the tip of Karen's tit.

The sensations working their way into the teenager's body were all confused and contradictory. It was pleasant having the moist lips smoothly working over her aroused nipple. But this was so kinky, so perverted, she didn't see how she could possibly be getting excited.

She was, however.

That made her feel she was really doing something evil, sinful. But the pussy fur stroking all over her tender tits alleviated that somewhat. She watched in fascination as the pink pussy lips lewdly kissed and stroked all over the tips of her boobs. The light brown bush seemed to open hungry lips and take in its meal.

The electric excitement she felt was nothing compared to what Lynn was experiencing.

The woman cried out, "God! I don't believe it! I got her fuckin' tit halfway up my twat. And I can feel it throbbing! I can actually feel it throbbing like she was enjoying this! Damn!"

Karen was breathing harder, her tits rising and falling with the action. She was unconsciously ramming her boob all the way up into the woman's quim. It wasn't something she'd planned; it just happened that way. And she was actually enjoying this, too.

The feel of the soft pussy lips all over the delicate nipple of her left tit sent electric tingles into her chest. She felt her cunt begin to water and leak out its juices. Turned on by this bizarre lovemaking, she was both excited and humiliated.

She shouldn't be turned on by this. Not something this depraved and immoral!

But she was.

The girl had no choice but to come to grips with the fact she was enjoying this almost as much as sucking off all twelve of the bikers earlier that night. And having Big Ed and Knuckles do their thing with her brought up sexy memories. She called out, "Go on, damn you! Fuck yourself on my little tittie! It... it's good! It's so damn good I can hardly stand it!"

Lynn was lost in the paradise of orgasm. She'd finally brought herself off by stuffing that knocker into her cunt. The flesh-on-flesh contact had been enough for her.

When she stood, Karen's tits were completely drenched with fuck fluids. In the dim morning light, they seemed to glow with their own inner illumination. She looked down and got even hotter seeing the sight of twin mounds of titflesh gleaming like that.

"You two get your kicks out of her?" demanded Dottie.

"Yeah! Sure thing! Damned hot one!" came the answers.

"Good. Now I'll give her something she'll never forget." Karen didn't miss the looks passing between Lynn and Nesh. They had slightly horrified expressions on their faces -- yet they were obviously anxious to see what would happen.

"Look, uh, Dottie, Big Ed said I could go. He said..."

"I don't give a fuck what he said, you little cunt. Hey, yeah. How little is your cunt? Small enough for you to take this?"

Karen screamed when she saw what the woman picked up. It was a gas can with a flexible nozzle on it. The woman obviously intended cramming that goose necked nozzle all the way up her quim.

"No, you can't! Please, no, I beg you! I'll do anything! I'll eat you out! I'll suck on your tits! Anything! Just tell me what you want and I'll do it!"

"Shut your lip."

And then the teenager really screamed. Hands tied behind her back, she couldn't do anything to prevent the insertion of the gas can nozzle up her cunt.

The cold metal seemed to suck the heat out of her. She shivered with both cold and intense, biting pain. The rings of the nozzle bit and pinched the soft folds of her cunt. It did mold itself well to her inner chamber but this was small consolation.

The pain was just too great for her. She began thrashing around in a futile attempt to get the spout out of her.

It was too far up her twat.

"Like that, huh?" taunted Dottie. "Want it farther up so you can really get off on it?"

She grabbed one of the girl's kicking legs and pulled her closer. One hand on the spout, the other firmly clasping a trim ankle, she began grinding the spout into the teenager's blonde pussy.

"Nooo! It hurts baaad!"

"Good," came the cold response.

The woman started driving the metal cock in and out of the girl's tender, already tortured cunt. The pain shot all the way up her spine and smashed hard into her brain. The faster she was masturbated with the nozzle, the less control she had over her body.

Soon the blonde was a seething mass of pain. There wasn't a singe muscle in her body that didn't hurt. Her shoulders were stiff and aching from having her hands bound all night long. Her wrists were puffy from the cords where they cut off circulation. Her back and rear were painfully abraded by die sand.

Now her cunt was being ripped and torn. The bottle her father had jammed into her had hurt; it had hurt bad. She'd bled a lot from it, but the pain hadn't been anything like this. Dottie was twisting the metal snake around as she drove it in and out of the tender, violated cunt like a piston.

"You dig this, huh?"

The words were distant. Karen couldn't hear them very well. Her temples were filled with the sound of her blood pounding fiercely. But most of all, she could feel the trickle of blood beginning to ooze from her twat once more.

The metal tube wasn't that big around but it had sharp edges on it. It was designed to fit into a gas tank, not a woman's quim.

She could feel the coldness of it inching upward toward her belly. Her pussy walls were bleeding, weeping in pain from this misuse.

A cock, sure, that she loved having rammed up her cunt. Even Big Ed's raping her hadn't been all that bad. Embarrassing, humiliating, yes, but a cock was what was meant to be shoved back and forth in a woman's cunt. That was the way Nature intended things to be.

Cocks fuck cunts. A law of Nature which she'd never violated.

Until now.

Now she was being crammed full of icy metal spigot. The blood helped ease the passage in and out of her body but not by much. The pain spread like a pool of molten lead through her body, first starting in her quim and them igniting her loins to a fierce pain. From there, her upper legs and chest began to ache.

The ache became sheer agony.

Her whole body exploded with the outrage being perpetrated on her defenseless cunt.

She passed out. There was simply no way she could possibly put up with any more pain or degradation. The teenager had reached the limits her body could endure.

Dottie looked down at her and snarled, "She's no fun. She went away too soon."

"You didn't snuff her, did you, Dottie?"

"What's it to you if I did?"

"Hell, nothing. She was just good at eating me out. Been a waste if you did off her like that."

Nesh said under her breath, "What a Goddamn horrible way to go. Having a fucking gas spout stuffed up you."

Their comments were cut off by the sound of the jeep returning. They turned and saw Knuckles and Big Ed returning.

Ed jumped out waving a sheaf of bills. He cried, "Got the three hundred I promised. Good stuff, Dottie."

"Yeah, lover boy. Real good. Gimme my share."

"The hell you say. Earn it. On your back and spread 'em. I got real horny bouncing all the way over that desert."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I did, too," she said, sinking to the ground next to the unconscious Karen. Her legs drifted open for her man's cock.

Chapter SIX

After Big Ed had finished with Dottie, he let her up. She pulled up her discarded jeans, muttering, "Damn but that sand cuts up my butt something fierce."

He laughed at her. "You shoulda seen what we did to her." He pointed at the moaning teenager. Karen's blonde hair was dirty and disheveled, a wild disarray floating around her head as she lay back on the ground in a semi-conscious state.

"You should have seen what I did to her," Dottie bragged.

"What was it?"

"See that gas can? And the spout with the blood on it. Her blood. I rammed it up her cunt and masturbated her with it. I think she sort of got off on having Lynn and Nesh work her over. They're such sissies when it comes to the good stuff."

"What'd they do to her?" he asked, his eyes studying the prone form of the girl. The way her ass jutted up so invitingly was making him hard in the crotch again. His cock was stirring in spite of just finishing with Dottie a few minutes earlier. There was something about this blonde teenager that turned him on.

He couldn't pinpoint it. There was an odd quality of naivete and sophistication about her. It was the innocence he loved to insult. It made fucking her all the more exciting. She was no virgin, but he could frighten her just like a virgin getting her cherry popped.

That made him feel good, a lot better than when he screwed Dottie. Fucking her was like balling some animal. She had a cunt as big as a sewer pipe -- and about as much had gone into it. Rut she was tough and could take what he dished out. When he got tired of her, he'd take one of the other broads for his mama.

Maybe he could keep the blonde. That would be a real kick, he thought. This naive teen and him. He'd really show her what it was like to have a man making love to her.

Fucking her, giving her everything and anything until they bath dropped from exhaustion.

"Well, damnit. What did Lynn and Nesh do to her?"

"Usual stuff. One fucked herself on the chick's tits. And the other made blondie there eat her out."

"Did they get off on it?"

"Yeah, in a big way. But they could fuck themselves on a telephone pole and brag about how good the splinters felt in their cunt."

"I wonder what the little girl's idea of fun is?" he mused. "Maybe I should experiment around and find out."

"Hey, you're not dropping me for her, are you? Look, Big Ed, we been together..."

"We been together maybe too long if you start talking like you own me. Knuckles!" He yelled. "Come over here. Got a present for you."

The big man lumbered up. "What is it?"

"Dottie. Go fuck her a few times. And when you get tired, let Ivan work on her. See if you can't get him to break that clap-ridden prick of his off in her. She needs to be taught a lesson."

"Big Ed! Goddammit, now listen!"

"Do it. NOW!" he roared. Laughing, he watched Dottie's struggles against Knuckles. The man was simply too strong for the woman to escape. And like a little puppy dog -- with a syphilitic brain -- Ivan trotted after them waiting for his sloppy seconds.

Ed dropped down beside Karen and began running his hand over her ass. The flesh was warm, alive. It made him feel good to find a chick without a butt tight and tough-skinned. After riding on a chopper for long hours, everyone got an ass like a brick, hard and rough. Not this one, not this blonde sexpot.

Karen stirred under his soft caress. She turned over and looked up, her green eyes pleading. "You told me you'd let me go. And then you gave me to at... to that bitch!"

The words sounded harsh and unusual coming from such perfectly formed lips. It pleased Big Ed.

"So what? You're gonna have to grow up, little girl. I look at it that I'm just doing my part. You're learning the facts of life."

"Such as?"

"Such as the Golden Rule. Them that's got the gold rules. And I got the gold, so to speak. You don't have any say so around here. I'm the boss of this rat pack."

"It fits. You're a slimy bastard." She spat in his face, her aim accurate.

Infuriated, he slapped her hard across the face. "Nobody does that to Big Ed and gets by with it. You'll wish you were never born before I get done with you. You'll be pleading and begging me to let you go -- or maybe kill you."

Karen saw what she'd done. The man had been reasonable before she challenged his macho image. Now that he had to prove himself, he'd do anything. Even kill her if that was what it took to get his self-esteem back.

Wisely, she knew that no matter what she said, it would be the wrong thing. She'd just have to take what he dished out. Maybe not like it, but certainly take it.

"Dottie said you'd already had a taste of this. Just wait and I'll give you a real taste!"

Karen watched in mute horror as Big Ed filled the can partially with gasoline, then hot water from a pot over the fire. He sloshed them together and then screwed on the nozzle. The gas can gurgled as he advanced on her. Lying face down, she couldn't possibly escape him.

The wild thought ran though her head: he's going to stuff that down my throat and make me swallow it!

"That fine ass of yours is just begging for a little enema, you know?"

The thought of having all that hot liquid forced into her bowels scared Karen as much as the idea of drowning in it.

"No, no! You can't. This isn't human! You're not the kind..."

"The hell I'm not the kind." He reached out and gripped one of her soft, white asscheeks. With a savage jerk, he opened the humid canyon between the slabs of meat to expose her anus.

He pressed the warm spout against her asshole until it finally gave way and opened.

The insertion of the gas nozzle all the way up her rectum made the blonde cry out in tenor. It didn't hurt -- not exactly -- but the thought of what he was doing to her heightened her fear.

When the warm liquid began sloshing into her rectum, she thought she was going to be burned alive. She cried openly, not caring if he saw or not. The pain and humiliation was almost too much for her. She wished she could have died then and there.

But that wasn't in the cards for her. She felt her bowels bloating. The gasoline-water mixture was slowly filling her, giving her a vile, hideous enema. She tried to clamp down with her anus, to shutoff the noxious fluid. She found her asshole collapsing on the metal hose. He had rammed it so far up into her guts she had no choice but to let him pour the gallon of hot fluid into her.

"It burns! It's burning me up!"

"Shut up, you stupid bitch. If it'd been cold, it would have killed you."

"It hurts!"

"Damn it, shut up! And I want you to keep all that inside you. All of it. Every Goddamn last drop. If you don't..." His voice trailed off, more threatening than if he'd voiced what he would do to her if she let any of the enema escape from her bowels.

So much had entered her body, she felt like vomiting. It was pressing all the way up into her intestines, bloating her belly, trying to enter her stomach.

When the nozzle plopped free from her ass, she tried to obey him. She was filled with the hot, burning, searing liquid. It was tearing at her innards as if he'd filled her with some laboratory acid instead of gasoline and water.

"Why are you doing this to me? It hurts, oh Christ, it hurts so Goddamn bad!"

Big Ed just laughed. He was enjoying the play of pain across the girl's face. He reminded her, "Hold it in. All of it. You'll wish to hell you obeyed me if you let one singe drop out of that sweet little tight ass of yours!"

He pulled her to her feet. She wobbled slightly trying to keep from fainting. The liquid inside her bowels was a heavy weight. It threatened to weigh her down, make her fall to her knees. She needed the strong arm around her to keep from collapsing.

"Okay. You can let it out now."

With a sigh of relief, the now brown fluid came pouring out of her asshole and down her legs. She didn't care. The gasoline-water mixture was no longer inside, tormenting her, making her feel like puking her guts out.

"Not bad. How do you like the feel of this?"

A cold metallic tube entered her cunt. The stark contrast between the hot liquid enema and the freezing metal in her cunt made her shiver. And it wasn't strictly from the coldness when she saw what it was the man was stuffing so eagerly up her twat.

The long barreled revolver was loaded. She could see the blunt copper noses of the bullets in their chambers. And the hammer was back on the gun. The lightest pressure would send a hunk of lead blasting through the entire length of her body.

"Why?" she begged him. "Why! Why are you doing all this to me? I'll do anything you want. You don't have to... to..." and she broke down, sobbing. She could no longer take what he was doing to her.

Her ass burned with the fierceness of napalm. Her guts were still in a turmoil over the enema he'd given her. It had been brutal. She could barely think about it without going crazy.

But this.

This was simply too much. The revolver barrel up her quim tore and twisted at her already tortured membrane. She began bleeding again. In a wild, totally insane thought, she hoped the blood would clog his gun. If he pulled the trigger, maybe it would blow up in his hand.

She winced as the gun barrel was yanked out of her cunt. The gun sight had cut her pussy lip a little, causing a tiny flow of blood to start. With the heavier flood from inside her cunt, she was sure she'd bleed to death.

"Hey, don't get me wrong, baby doll. I'm not so cruel, you know? I just want you to know who's the boss around here. All the guys know it. So do those fat-assed broads." He pointed with the gun toward the jeep where many of the women had gathered to watch the show.

"Why? Why?" she moaned over and over.

"Because I am the head honcho of this club, that's why. I don't want you forgetting it -- not now, never. Now, baby doll, how about licking off the barrel of my gun? You got it all bloody."

He held the pistol up for her to lick. She started to cringe backwards away from it. His hand flashed out and laced through a blonde lock of her hair. He pulled her face toward his gun.

"Lick it clean. Now!"

Sobbing, she thrust out her, tongue and began licking her own cunt's blood off the weapon. With the salty tang of the blood came gun oil and a bitter metallic flavor that made her want to gag. She held back the reflex motion. Puking all over his gun wouldn't make the man any nicer.

She knew he wasn't going to let her go. He was going to keep on doing crueler and crueler things to her. But she'd get free. He couldn't watch her all the time. There had to come a time when he ignored her for a few seconds -- and she'd be gone.

The only problem she could see was: would he kill her before she could get away?

In a way she didn't understand, she got off on all the hideous things he was doing to her. He looked so commanding, so much like her father, she wanted to obey -- and then he ordered her to do something terrible and disgusting like licking her own pussy blood off his gun after he'd stuffed it all the way up her injured cunt.

She hated him -- and more. It was that extra... something... she didn't quite understand.

"Good job. Clean as a whistle. You're a real good addition to the camp, don't y'all think so?" he said to the gathered members of the club.

A few mumbles and then one of the women called out, "Yeah, but what about Dottie? What's yer old lady gonna think of this new piece of ass?"

"I don't give a shit what she thinks. I'm going to induct baby doll into our club. Wanna be a member of the Maniacs Motorcycle Club?"

Her green eyes looked at him. This time there was no pleading in them. Only a numbness showed through, a dead quality. He laughed.

"She wants to join!"

"Hey, you going to induct her with Knuckles and Ivan still banging your old lady out back?"

"Hell, yes. If Dottie's so sex-hungry she'll let Ivan stick his mutated member up her quivering quim, that's her tough luck. Me and baby doll here are going for a little ride. Get my chopper warm, Blackstone."

One of the gang walked over to a ponderous Harley, straddled it and jumped on the kick starter. He revved it a couple times, then clambered off, obviously uncomfortable being on his leader's machine.

"Okay, baby doll, all you got to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Think you can handle that?"

Karen knew there was, more to it than that. There had to be. This sadistic beast wasn't capable of merely taking her for a ride on his cycle. Still, she nodded, then asked, "Are you going to take the ropes off my hands? My fingers are getting cold. I think all the blood's been cut off."

He spun her around and looked at her hands. Then he told her, "Naw, they're just now starting to get a little puffy. You can get them cut off when you get back your ropes, that is!" He laughed when she'd started at the thought of having her hands sliced off.

With a quick rip, he removed the tattered rags still clinging to her body. He licked his lips at the succulent sight of her teenaged body, so tender and inviting. He kissed her, but there was no passion in it.

"Okay, baby doll, you and me are going for a little ride. But what a Goddamn ride it'll be!"

He scooped her up under one arm and carried her to his chopper. With a quick jerk, he ran down the zipper of his fly and let his erect cock snap out into the air.

"It's cold. I think I want some warm female flesh surrounding me. All you got to do is hang on the best you can. And if you don't, you're a goner. Got it, baby doll?"

He climbed into the saddle of his motorcycle, got up on the pegs and leaned back. His cock was rigid and pointing directly up at the sky. Karen tried to take her eyes off that red pillar of prick and found she couldn't. There was something absolutely hypnotic about it.

Before she understood what was happening, hands lifted her up and dropped her over that upright cock. She felt it drive up into her tormented cunt, then a warmth flooded her insides. Naked, she faced the leader of the gang, his cock throbbing with virile life in her twat.

He reached up on each side of her and gunned the bike a couple times. Satisfied, he said to her, "Lean back against the handlebars and put your legs around my waist. If you don't, you'll be chopped up into hamburger in nothing flat."

She did as she was told, finding this slid the cock back and forth in a sensuous way. It wasn't like a powerful fucking, but her cunt couldn't take very much of that right at the moment. Just sitting there, the cock resting quietly in her pussy, the bike vibrating with power, she was almost contented. The vibrations were passed along to the cock and that made it feel like a vibrator inside her.

The quivering cock seemed to soothe her manhole, make it relax. She tightened the grip of her legs around his waist and felt the prick sink a little deeper up her twat. It felt like sheer heaven in comparison to the things that had been done to her.

The man looked at the sexy package of female wrapping herself around his waist. He felt his cock tightly held in the cavern of her snatch. The soft folds wrapped around his length like velvet. With her hands tied behind her back, her shoulders went back and her tits were shoved forward. Her knockers weren't small to start with.

He gunned the bike a couple times feeling his cock resonate within her pussy. But the way her boobs bounced around like jello on a plate made him really hot for her. The coppery disks surrounding her nipples got even ruddier as her passion built. He knew then she was getting off on this.

Would she be surprised when the rest of it came!

But at the moment, he wanted to make sure his bike was properly warmed up -- and his cock was properly inserted all the way up her twat. Her flat belly promised strong muscles to grip his prick when the time came. And the soft thighs resting on either side of his waist gave him a momentary desire to throw her off the bike and fuck the hell out of her.

He resisted the temptation. This was going to be more fun. After he got going.

He wiped a grimy hand across his mouth, adjusted his headband to keep his greasy hair out of his eyes and then asked, "Are you ready, baby doll? This is gonna be the experience of your sweet life!"

Without waiting for an answer, he gunned his bike, sending it roaring off down the road.

The sudden pounding as the motorcycle lurched and clung to the road caught the teenager by surprise. She tightened her legs around his waist as she felt a sudden attack of dizziness. Of all the things she was expecting, this was about the last on her list. She hadn't ever thought he would go tearing off across the desert with her precariously hung on the bike, impaled by his cock, her legs wrapped around his waist.

She tried to hold herself up, hands on the gas tank. It worked a little, but she quickly found all she could do was keep her head from banging against the handlebars.

The man's cock bounced up and down, seemingly even harder than the bike as it traveled the dusty road. She realized then what this induction ceremony was.


Each time he'd hit a bump in the road, his cock sailed in and out of her cunt. She felt the vibrations all through her body. In a way it was sexy, sensuous, but in another it was just another degrading performance. Hating him, she decided to try and enjoy the hell out of this. It was a dangerous way to screw but she doubted that was in his mind. It was a big macho trip. She wondered what would happen if she could get him to come, make him lose his precious erection.

Would that end the trip?

She suddenly decided this was the idea. Trying to get him to cum was the name of the game.

Realizing this, she began using her stomach muscles to the best of her ability. It was hard work, being bounced around on the roads like she was, but she concentrated. The feel of his cock in her now well-greased love slot made a lewd smucking noise that could be heard even over the muted roar of the bike.

She relaxed to the feel of his cock fucking her. Each time it left, she relaxed a little more. When the bike and rider came back to earth, his cock rammed hard up her quim. She took it without flinching. And once she had his prick trapped in her hot box, she would squeeze down as hard as she could.

Over and over, they went through this strange ritual. The man realized what the sexy blonde was trying to do. Over the hiss of the wind, he shouted, "Yeah, baby doll, keep doing that! It feels great!"

But his loins were getting the working over of his life. The bouncing of the cycle pulled him out of her cunt and then shoved him back in -- hard. He accepted that. But he loved the feel of the tight pussy all around his prick. There was a tightness about her that none of the others had. They were too well fucked. This was virtually a virgin.

He wanted her more than anything else in the world.

He began driving in hard circles. His cock pressed firmly against the walls of her twat. The heat began seething out of her joy hole and making his balls contract. He felt his scrotum begin to compress to the point where it was actually painful for him to hit the deep chuckholes in the road.

He became more interested in just one hole -- hers. The blonde vee of her bush pointed directly down to where his cock would appear and vanish every time he hit a rock or bump in the road.

"What's a matter, Big Ed? Slowing down?" she shouted over the roar of the cycle and the whine of the wind.

He gritted his teeth. She was taunting him! Him, the undisputed leader of this gang!

As the words came out of her mouth, she clamped down firmly with her stomach muscles. Ankles locked behind his back, she was firmly fastened to his waist. That was the way she wanted it.

The vibrating cycle sent waves of carnal delight all through her body. She wouldn't have believed it possible to be able to get so excited -- and reined -- at the same time. This was a sexual thrill she had never, even in her wildest dreams, imagined.

She began fucking herself on his cock. Not satisfied with the motion of the bike on the road, she began humping up and down. The cock expanded a little in her tiny tunnel. She could feel the broad crown of his prick throbbing with excited blood. There was no way he could deny he was turned on by all this.

She could feel his cock dancing in her sensitive cunt. That was all the inspiration she needed to spur her on to even better things.

Twisting dangerously from side to side, she drove his cock into her twat at new and different angles. Not only was it going directly up her cunt, it was stimulating the sides of her pussy. She was soon gasping in excitement. The entire region of her cunt began to glow white-hot with lust. This was what she'd been looking for all her life and had never known it.

This was being fucked!

She began leaning back and straightening up as much as she could, aided a little by the hot wind slashing at her naked back.

This caused the man's cock to slip in and out of her fevered cunt even faster. She was fucking herself! She was giving him the ride of his life! The feelings rocketing through her body convinced her this was all worth the effort. Never had she felt a man's cock do the things his was doing inside her tight, hot pussy.

"God, you're..." was all she could understand as the expression on his face turned from one of superiority to one of confusion. She was getting to him, getting his rocks off and before he wanted to. That was a big power trip for her, not him.

The blonde teenager continued fucking herself, squeezing down on the trapped cock until she heard the words, "Brace yourself!"

She managed to look over her shoulder and saw a steep hill. He was going straight up it.

Shuddering against the blast of the wind, she squeezed her legs even tighter around his waist and pulled his cock into her body. The sudden thrust up the hill hit her like a sledgehammer. She felt her body pressed back and down around his impaling spike of prick. Never had a man's cock been driven so hard and deep into her belly.

She began crying out, "Aiiieeee!" as the emotions locked up in her body were released by the orgasm that racked her.

She felt -- dimly through the fog of lust -- her cunt walls tightening on the buried cock.

And then she was sailing through the air, weightless.

The bike had crested the hill and had continued upward. There was no easy landing spot. For an eternity, she hung on the slender thread of her climax.

When the bike smashed into the pound, still running and under control, she realized the driver had lost it. She felt the white hot spurts of his cum shooting into her twat. She'd actually brought him off!

All the way back to the camp, they were silent. It was as if Big Ed didn't want to admit defeat. Yet, he had to have a grudging respect for her now, Karen thought. She'd not only taken everything he could dish out, she'd actually managed to milk him of his cum. It had been her cunt which had squeezed and clamped down on his cock; she was the one who'd ridden his spike of pleasure and made him blow his wad.

Still, the man didn't seem like he was going to give in. But Karen realized the tables were slowly turning. And a plan for getting away from this biker gang was forming in her head. Time would tell if it worked out the way it should.

Chapter SEVEN

They cruised into camp, Big Ed's cock obviously dead from the trip. He only smirked as he disentangled her legs and tossed her casually to one of the gang.

"Here, untie her. She did real good. When we hit the Launching Pad, it was, wow, Goddamn but I can't even describe how it was!"

"You actually went off the Launching Pad with her wrapped around you?" The voice was draped in awe. This was obviously something no one else had ever done.

Karen was quick to take advantage of the situation. As her hands started to feel the needles of circulation beginning again, she told them, "Yeah, we did it. When he went off the bill, he was still as rigid as a steel rod inside me. Goddamn but he got off. Just like a rocket. I thought he'd blow my brains out with his cum!"

They all looked at the naked blonde and then back to Big Ed. The man had a funny smile on his face. He knew she didn't have to say anything like that. It was boosting his prestige with the group.

He liked that in a chick.

"Yeah, she's a hot one. A real burning bush, you know? Hey, what about my old lady?"

"Dottie's shit out there with Ivan," said Knuckles. He laughed and it wasn't pleasant. "She's still trying to break off that fuck stick of his, I guess. No way. As it rots, it only begins to bend. Won't break for shit, mark my words."

"Well, tell them to knock it off and I don't mean another piece of ass. My balls hurt and I want her to lick them for me."

Someone snickered lewdly and got the sharp response from Big Ed, "I don't want to hear nothing about this chick. Baby doll here done real good out there and any man who says different has to say it to me. Dig?"

"Uh, sure, Big Ed," came the chorus. It was obvious the man ruled this mangy pack by fear alone. This crystallized Karen's conviction of how to get free of them all.

She said, "How about some clothes? You ripped mine off."

"Give her something. Dottie's got a spare set of jeans, I think. Take those."

"The hell you say!" came the anguished cry. "I'm not givin' nothing to that cunt! Nothing except a slow death!"

Dottie came into the camp, clutching her jeans to her body. Her work shirt was ripped and her panties were in tatters. Ivan hadn't been exactly easy with her.

Karen felt no sympathy whatsoever. This was the woman who'd done her damnedest to humiliate her. She might have been off and away if it hadn't been for Dottie's intervention -- and with that horrid gasoline can spout.

"Do I have to strange the old broad or do I get the clothes?" Karen demanded boldly, her green eyes peering directly at Big Ed.

He imperiously motioned to one of the gang to get the clothes.

"You sonuvabitch!" Dottie screamed. "What're you doing, replacing me with her? That little piece of blonde ass? You like that better than me?"

Big Ed leaned back against his motorcycle saying, "Well, now, that's a bit hard for me to say whether I like you better or not. I just finished fucking her while we went off the Launching Pad. My balls are real sore, after the cum she gave me. Can you match that?"

"Off the Launching Pad?" Dottie mumbled. It was obvious she had no real desire to duplicate the feat.

"SO why don't you close your mouth... around my cock and suck on it a while. I might decide to keep you if you give me some good head."

"Nobody gives head better'n me, Big Ed."

"That's right," came a voice from the back, "nobody can. Anyone, though, that's different!"

Laughing produced a fresh burst of anger from the woman. Big Ed reached out and grabbed a handful of hair. Pulling her down to her knees, he said, "Suck."

She got the message.

Her hands reached out as if touching some religious artifact. She gently lifted his balls and cupped them in her hand, her mouth working closer and closer to his cock. Hot breath gusted trough the tangled forest of his bush. When she actually touched the tip of his cock with her tongue, an electric spark ran through his body.

The galvanic jolt was apparent to all who were watching. A couple cheered. One said, "Go on and stuff it all the way in, Dottie. Your mouth is plenty big!"

The woman turned to say something, but Big Ed's hand on her head prevented it. She went back to his groin, moving closer so that she could take the crown of his cock into her mouth. A rough, wet tongue lanced out and began a slow circuit around his glans.

The saliva glistened in the hot sun, taking on an inner glow of its own. She sucked until her cheeks went hollow, then started eating him one inch at a time.

The first inch took the purpled hood of his cock entirely into her mouth. She used her teeth to give him an added thrill. The hardness of her teeth contrasted delightfully with the soft wetness of her lips. And her tongue was never resting.

Constantly moving, it stroked and caressed the sensitive underside of his prick until he was groaning. She sucked in another inch of his meaty prick and swirled her tongue all the way around it. Once she tried to cram her tongue down the tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his cock. She failed; she knew she would but trying was so much fun!

The man looked down at the brown hair floating all over his crotch in wild disarray. The sight of his cock vanishing between her lips was enough to get him hot and ready to fuck. But the feel of her mouth all over the end of his prick was what really sent the sensual thrills of delight into his body. The way he was growing more and more rigid, he was sure he'd split a seam at any instant.

That was the last thing he wanted to do.

He had to constantly prove he was a better man than any of the others. Losing his position as leader was unthinkable. If he couldn't stand up to a little mouth love, he wasn't fit to lead. Using iron control, he kept back the flood of his cum.

"That's the way, Dottie. Just keep sucking. You're doing good, real good."

"Yeah, she's a first-class cocksucker!" someone roared. A meaty chunk followed and silenced the voice. The next thing Karen heard was the wet, squishy noises of a cunt being fucked. That was this biker gang's way of silencing outcries.

If you couldn't knock their teeth out, fuck'em. Literally.

She was fascinated watching the woman giving head to the leader of the gang. It was one thing to be involved in fellatio as a participant, something else to watch.

It was a big turn-on for the teenager. She found herself getting hot as she watched one inch after another of the man's monstrous cock vanish into the woman's mouth. Her lips parted just enough to take in the cock. And the way her jaws were working, the blonde was certain the woman was using her tongue to good advantage up and down the buried length of cock.

The man had reached down and put his hand on the back of the woman's head. With slow, hard pressure, he was guiding her in the rhythm he preferred.

"Go, baby, go!" he urged her on.

All the woman could do was mumble around a mouthful of hard, virile cock.

"Yeah, that's the way I like it. Use your tongue, ummm, yeah, good, that's it! Goddamn, yeah!"

Karen was getting hotter watching the mouth love. She turned and a couple behind her were fucking their brains out. That was where the obscene squishing noise was coming from. One of the gang had mounted up on his woman and was fucking her like a bitch. Both of them seemed to be working together.

As her hips shot back, he drove forward -- hard -- with his. A huge red cock was vanishing between pinkly scalloped pussy lips with every stroke. They were fucking so hard, they were oblivious to everything around them.

Karen realized this might be the time to get away. And then she quickly revised her plans. Running wouldn't do her any good if they decided to come after her. The choppers could go across the desert and catch up to her in a few minutes. And they wouldn't be around here screwing the rest of the day.

Sooner or later, they would discover her missing.

They might even kill her if they caught her. She'd seen how brutal they could be in the gentler things like lovemaking -- the way they fucked, there was nothing gentle about it.

Something else came into Karen's head. Nothing gentle about the fucking. She was sort of turned on by that thought. She didn't understand it. A thing which should have repulsed her was making her hot and itchy in the cunt.

Maybe the roughness was what she really got off on. There was no doubt she'd enjoyed going off the top of the hill with Big Ed's cock crammed all the way up her cunt. The sudden weightless feeling and his cum were worth everything they'd done to her.

She couldn't run; they'd catch her easily. Even more confusing to the teenager was the vague thought that she wanted to stay. These were crude, obscene, brutal people. They weren't her type at all.

But she wanted Big Ed for her own.

And she had to stand and watch Dottie sucking on his cock, the man obviously enjoying it.

He was leaning back against his bike, legs spread so the woman could get her face down on his prick. From the sighs of pleasure he was making, there couldn't be any chance he wasn't getting off in a big way on having her mouth all over his cock.

A full five inches of his cock was in her mouth now. The woman was having a harder time keeping her tongue in place. She cradled his cock as it entered her face. He hadn't gotten to the point yet where he wanted to really fuck her face -- when he did, she would have to watch out. She didn't want to choke on that long, hard cock of his.

The musky taste of his prick turned her inside out with desire. Her cunt was beginning to drool in spite of the number of times Ivan and Knuckles had screwed her.

The cock in her mouth was tastier than anyone else's in the gang. And she appreciated it more than anyone else could.

As her tongue was laying the underside of the cock and her fingers were gently pinching the tightly held sac containing his balls, she was suddenly knocked sprawling.

Dottie came up, not knowing what had happened. She hadn't hurt Big Ed. She knew what she could expect if she did that. Someone had actually shoved her away from her man's prick. She didn't like that -- not at all.

Green eyes glared down at the fallen woman. Karen told her in a voice as cold as a glacier, "Stay away from him. I got his cock this afternoon and I want it all the time. And no two-bit cunt like you is going to screw me out of it."

"Wh-what? You?" Dottie would have laughed except for the rising surge of anger she felt. "I'll rip you apart with my bare hands. Big Ed's my exclusive property!"

Karen had never been in a fight before. She used to watch wrestling on the television but she quickly found this wasn't like that at all. Dottie was all over her in a flash.

Hands ripping, tearing at her eyes, pulling her hair, Karen was fighting for her life.

"I'll rip those green eyes out of your head!" raged Dottie.

Karen brought her knee up sharply and caught Dottie in the stomach. A dull whoosh of air signaled the breath momentarily leaving her lungs. The teenager didn't know exactly what to do. Everything became a blur as she let instinct carry her on the proper path.

Hands grabbed a shoulder and pulled the woman's body down as a knee was coming up. A sick crunch and Dottie fell, the knee connecting soundly with her chin.

"Hey, baby doll, you're a mean mother," admired Big Ed.

"Yeah," she said, breathing hard, more from emotion that exertion. "All for you."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to suck you off. Don't I at least get the chance since we went off the Launching Pad together?"

Big Ed smirked a little and looked at the small band of gathered bikers. He nodded slowly, reaching down and holding his cock out for her.

"Yeah, I agree. Suck on it."

And she did.

Taking the man's prick, she began giving head. The very tip of his cock entered her perfect lips and she sipped sweetly at the fleshy rod. Just the glans slid into her mouth past her teeth. She scored the sides of his cock to let him know that there was firmness behind the softly yielding lips.

The sudden feel of teeth on his prick made him come alive. Every nerve in his body was primed and ready. His entire groin tingled with the excitement of this oral love. He preferred fucking his women but having them sucking on his cock was okay, too. He didn't mind it at all as long as they were halfway good.

The blonde wasn't halfway good -- she was completely expert!

The teeth on the sides of his heavy cock sent ripples of delight surging into his balls. Then wet, soft lips soothed the hurt. The contrast in sensations made him both hot and cold at the same time. The electric charge volting into his balls more than made up for the momentary break when he changed women.

The teenager was reveling in her control over the biker leader. As long as she controlled him by sucking on his cock, he was all hers. He would do anything she wanted. He was her sex captive, her slave to command.

To keep her slave properly under control, though, she would have to make sure he couldn't get any better head from the other women. She'd have to suck like she'd never sucked before in her short eighteen-year life.

The purple glans of his cock throbbed with life as she pressed her tongue firmly against it. Her rough, pink tongue rolled all around the rim until he was moaning with delight. This was only one way she gauged how turned on he was getting.

His pulse caused his cock to buck around like a stallion wanting to run. As his heart beat faster and faster, she knew it instantly. Her tongue stroked along the underside and felt the tremors of excitement ripple through his loins.

Moving lower, she could press her tongue against the sac containing his balls. The lead-heavy jism inside was boiling and lurching with ill-concealed passion.

Passion for her.

She was giving him the best blow job he'd ever gotten -- and they both knew it!

When she captured most of his cock in her mouth, she shifted it to one side and let it rest against her cheek. In this position, she was better able to stimulate and caress with her tongue. Also, she could gently bite and gnaw on the rubbery length throbbing merrily in her mouth.

The bitter little drop of pre-seminal fluid beading at the tip was just another indication of how close to blasting his scrumptious cum into her mouth he was. She doubled her efforts to get him off. She was getting to be a greedy bitch. Just sucking on a man's cock was no longer good enough -- there had to be more, much more.

Cum by the gallons was part of it. The musky, heavy male taste of an aroused cock was another. Burrowing her nose into his pubic hair and smelling the maleness was yet another thing sure to make her cunt begin to feel all weak and empty and watery.

Most of all, the telephone-pole thick cock was the turn on. She loved it. Nothing in the world could be finer than when she pushed him to the brink of human endurance and he started fucking her face.

His hips jerked back and forth, spastically moving. He wasn't controlling them; he was just coasting and enjoying the feelings building in his body. The wetness all along his cock was nice. The feel of her tongue laying his prick sent needle-sharp jabs of delight into his loins.

When she started gnawing on the rubbery tip of his cock, that almost made him lose it. With iron control, he fought back the hot, rising tide of his jism.

"Damn, baby doll, that's some mouth you got. Just like a fuckin' vacuum cleaner."

"Ummmm," was the answer he got. With her mouth totally plugged with his cock, she couldn't answer. And neither of them really wanted her to let his prick slip out so she could reply. It was enough that they both knew what the other was experiencing.

"Yeah, a Goddamn milking machine. Just like the time I plugged myself into a milking machine and thought it was, oh shit that's nice, thought it was going to pull my pecker off!"

He looked down and all he could see was a sea of blonde hair covering his groin. He pushed back a few strands so he could watch his cock going between the ruby red lips. That added to his thrill. Seeing the lips puckered up into an "O" taking his meaty length, then giving it up before sucking him in again was fine -- damned fine.

His hips had begun twitching in response to the sucking. She was so good at giving head he barely noticed his iron control was slipping.

As he jammed his hips forward a bit he realized he was losing control again. His hips begged to slam forward with all the force locked up in his pelvis and fuck her face.

He wasn't ready for that -- not yet.

But soon, very soon, he would be.

She was so busy licking and kissing his prick, she didn't notice the stiffening of his already steely cock, a sure sign his control was almost ready to break. She continued working her way back to his balls.

Her tongue flashed out and lightly caressed the tight, hard sphere containing his nuts. The pressure cooker dangling under his cock was all set to blow and there was only one safety valve. The end of his cock provided the way out for the super-heated jism locked up in the boiler.

The teenager was oblivious to what was going on around her. All she felt was the hand on the back of her head urging her to take more and more of his cock down her throat.

"Go, baby, go! I want it all in! I want you to suck harder, damn you, harder!"

She sucked harder.

Her tongue spiraled and tumbled all around the rim of his acorn-like glans until he was no longer able to talk coherently. All that mattered to him was getting off.

As his cock sank down her throat, she took him full length without choking. She'd learned much in her short stay in the biker camp. While no sword swallower, she was able to take his fleshy dagger without much trouble.

And as she let it slip down her throat, he came. The first white, creamy geyser she took without even having to swallow. It shot down her throat. She backed off enough to smear the second spurt all over her tongue. That's where her tastebuds were and she was hungry for the taste of cum. Nothing less would satisfy the burning desires in her body. She sucked hard to get every precious droplet of his pearly jism.

She succeeded.

Happy, she leaned back on her haunches, his limp cock drooping and slipping out of her mouth.

"Damn, but that was good! You're just about the best cocksucker around. Let's hear it for baby doll, the champion cocksucker of the Maniacs!"

A few scattered cheers went up. The others were too busy fucking to even notice the main attraction was at aa end.

"Come on up here, baby, and give me a great big kiss!"

He pulled her to her feet and crushed her cum-drenched lips against his. His tongue invaded her mouth and began searching out every drop of his own cum she hadn't swallowed.

Helping him along, she stroked her jizz-smeared tongue across his. The two of them were locked together at the mouth, exchanging their kiss for long minutes. The world might not have existed. All that mattered to the girl was the powerful embrace locking around her supple body.

She was getting off on this more than she would have believed possible. Not trying to think it through, she just rode with the winds of change blowing through her brain. She was top-dog now. As long as she kept Big Ed happy, he'd do anything she wanted.

Karen realized she had to do a hell of a lot to keep this sex-hungry animal content, but she was willing to pay the price. It was so simple. Just let him do whatever he wanted. She could do that because the return was so big.


It was a complete power trip. She controlled the one running the gang. She was the power behind the throne. And she was getting sexual kicks out of it, too.

And if she got bored with Big Ed, there was always someone else around. Somehow, when she thought of the power she was building up, even the diseased Ivan didn't seem so bad. The picture of sucking his mottled cock made her a little sick at the stomach, but not like it once did. Not if she could keep the power she was building up that way.


Power through sex. She was becoming an expert at it. It wouldn't be long before they'd all be afraid of her. Look at what she'd done to Dottie. The woman was still unconscious on the ground. None of the others would try attacking her again -- especially if Big Ed was there to back her up.

"Hey, baby doll, my cock's beginning to twitch again. You got any ideas how I can solve that problem?" Big Ed held his cock, now flaccid, in one hand. But she could see the stirrings of lust moving it again. The very tip was beginning to turn red, indicating a return to a full-fledged fucking tool and not merely a dangling penis.

"Well, Big Ed, we might have the same problem."

"How's that?"

"I've got this hungry cunt just itching to be filled with nice, hard, long cock. Like yours." She looked up into his eyes, her green ones as convincingly honest as she could make them. Really, she had reached the point where she couldn't have cared less whose cock it was plugging her pussy. As long as they could fuck her and fuck her well, that was all that really mattered.

But Big Ed was the power -- and she was the power behind the power. She'd let him screw her. This time.

Chapter EIGHT

The night was one long orgy. She fucked Big Ed, then she let half a dozen others screw her. No longer could Karen call it making love. That wasn't what they did. And she was simply cementing her relationship with the club by letting them have any available orifice not already taken. At one point, she was jerking off two of the gang while sucking on another's cock and being buggered.

It had been an interesting night.

And one which confirmed her suspicions. Dottie had kept out of her way. Not only had she broken one of the woman's teeth, she had sprained her jaw. Dottie was barely able to talk. The redhead was also just a little bit afraid of approaching her.

That fear was something Karen tried her damndest to feed. The more afraid Dottie was, the better chance she had of holding the others in line.

The men in the motorcycle club presented no problem. Karen was sure she could get anything she wanted out of any of them simply by putting out. It was whoring, maybe, but she didn't think of it that way.

She was simply playing the same game so many others did. How was she any different than the Washington secretary who couldn't type, who was only useful flat on her back and with her legs spread wide for her boss? That chick got lots of money for her talents, but she had power, too.

Karen was getting the power, if not the money. She was no different. It was merely a matter of ambition. Right now she was learning how to manipulate this club. The Maniacs were easily pleased and were perpetually sex-hungry maniacs, hence the name.

The same principle applied to other groups, of this Karen was sure.

If that secretary kept her job simply by fucking, this meant other such jobs were open. Karen looked at the motorcycle club as a training ground for bigger and better things. She was young. Eighteen and damned good-looking, she could go far.

As far as she wanted.

The first thing she had to do was get the hell away from this part of the country. Her old man would call the cops out for sure. If they caught her with the Maniacs, they might all end up in the slammer. She didn't like the prospect of that one bit.

The cops might not be so open to the kind of bribery she did best. They were probably more used to just taking it than being offered sex.

"When we moving on, Big Ed?" she asked, lazily rolling over to swing a naked leg on top of his hairy one.

"A couple days, maybe. Why? You don't like this fine outdoor livin'? Real healthy, so they tell me."

"I don't like the desert. Damned sand everywhere and the scorpions!"

"Hell, didn't we mash them rollin' around last night? We're going to have to be a little more energetic in our fuckin' if we didn't mash all those buggers flat."

She shuddered at the thought of the hideous little insects being smashed under their passion locked bodies, then passed it off as another, one of Big Ed's attempts at humor. He didn't joke much. Maybe she should take this as an indication he was feeling good.

"I want to split. Dottie and the others weren't too cool about ripping off those radios. The heat is going to be coming down hard on all of us if we don't move it out fast."

"You think the radio business is done to death, huh? Maybe Knuckles and me could boost a car or two. We know the ropes and this close to the border, the cars would be in Tijuana before sundown."

"That's not what I mean, Big Ed," she said, trailing her fingers through the tanged mat of the hair on his chest. The stiff strands prickled the skin of her fingers. Idly thinking back to the previous night, she remembered how those very same strands of hair had felt against her bare tits. They would stick and prickle her nipples, especially when she was really hot. It all seemed so sordid -- and fun!

"So what the hell do you mean?" His own hand began wandering all over her naked body. When he found one of her tits, he clamped down hard. The feel of the flesh oozing between his fingers made his cock hard. He couldn't forget the way her nipples turned into rock-hard points. He was certain they would poke holes in his chest -- they hadn't.

He tried rearranging the titflesh to suit himself. Not that he didn't like the cone of boob, it was just a thing he wanted to try. The resilient young flesh sprang back into shape the instant he released the pressure on it.

"Wait around one spot too long and the cops'll come down hard on you. Maybe not for the radios or anything like that. You know, they'll hassle us just for being here."

"Hmmmm," he said, lost in the game he was playing with her boobs. The pink nipples were slowly reddening as they became more and more aroused. As the blood pounded into them, they became pointy little fingers. He took one between thumb and forefinger and started rolling it around. When the blonde moaned gently, he decided this was enough.

"All right. We split. Right now." He stood, naked, the sunlight gleaming off his bared flesh. Karen looked up at him and thought she was looking at some Greek God.

"Goddamn it, you motherfuckers!" he roared. "Get your asses in gear. We're moving out of here. Right now!"

She smiled up at him when he seemed to look at her for support. She was more than willing to give it to him. Karen wanted nothing more than to be away from here. She wasn't certain where her parents would be camped but it wasn't far.

And if they'd run out of booze, they might actually have missed her by now. If so, the state police might have a bulletin to look for a runaway. She wanted to get across the state line before they could find her and return her to those alkies.

The camp sluggishly began to move, naked limbs slowly becoming clothed. The lingering smell of marijuana hung in the air. This was one thing Karen couldn't quite get into. The odor made her sick to her stomach, but no worse than the harsh whiskey and cheap wine passed around.

"Get your ass covered if you're coming. It was your idea that we get the hell out of here," Big Ed reminded her. She hastily dressed in Dottie's cast-off clothing.

In less than an hour, they were revving their cycles and ready to hit the pavement. Then came the confrontation Karen had been worrying about.

Dottie came over and swung a leg up behind Big Ed, saying, "Let's go. Forget about blondie there."

Big Ed said nothing. Karen read it in his eyes that this was between the two women and he wouldn't intervene. Karen knew she'd have to make it good or there would be trouble from now on.

She went up to Dottie and, in a pleading voice, said, "Look, Dottie, I don't want any trouble..." and swung and hit the woman as hard as she could. No windup, she swung flat-footed. The fist hit Dottie square on the cheek and knocked her off the cycle. She shook her head, dazed. That was all it took for Karen to press her advantage.

She kicked her in the kidneys.

There was a sick thud and Dottie collapsed to the pavement, vomiting on the asphalt.

"I guess that decides who rides with you, doesn't it, Big Ed?" she said in an innocent void.

"Climb on, baby doll." Before Karen could get firmly down on the bike, the man was gunning it and pulling away at the head of the column.

Karen's heart pounded wildly but she'd come through the second -- and maybe last -- crisis with Dottie. The way the gang took off, she wondered if anyone would even let her ride along. Probably not. This was a jungle and they were all animals. Survival of the fittest.

And she'd just proven she was fit.

The heavy cycles droned away the miles until they stopped beside the road in a pull-off. There was a patch of grass to lie on and running water for her to wash her dirt-streaked face. Riding on a chopper without a windshield had its disadvantages. Bugs in the teeth was just one of them.

"Hey, baby doll," said Knuckles, coming up behind her. "I liked the way you took care of Dottie. You got a mean right. How's about you and me gettin' it on? While we're resting here?"

"I, uh, I don't know Knuckles." She was a little frightened of the big man. She knew first-hand how strong he was. And he was Big Ed's right-hand man.

"Hell, me and Big Ed share everything. You know what I mean? Everything."

"If it's okay with him..." She let her sentence dangle. She doubted Big Ed would be willing to share her with any of the others. Not yet at any rate. She was still too new, a novelty. And Karen vowed to try and keep it that way. Therein lay her power over this gang to get the things she wanted.

"Hey, Big Ed, how about a little tumble with your hot bush here? She says it's okay with her if it's okay with you."

Big Ed walked up and said, "Of course she did."

"What I say goes. Sure, Knuckles. You and me's buddies. Share and share alike, that's the way it's always been."

Knuckles leered at her. Karen got his meaning. Just thinking about screwing the man was getting her hot. A tiny silver-dollar sized patch of wetness appeared at her crotch.

Big Ed saw it and said, "Hell, she's already hot for you. And you a back-door man, too. Pity."

"Both at once? Share and share alike you said."

"Why the fuck not?"

Karen didn't understand what they meant. When they grabbed her and yanked down her jeans, she suddenly realized they were intending to both fuck her at the same time!

Big Ed was going to take her pussy while Knuckles fucked her up the ass. Back-door man, that's what he was called. He must get off on just anal sex. And Big Ed wasn't one to waste a hot pussy.

They were intending to fuck her up the cunt and asshole!

A shiver of delight racked her body. It was so perverse, so damned kinky, she liked it!

She stood, legs spread wide, her blonde pussy mound gleaming like gold in the noonday sun. Arms outstretched for her man, she said, "Come on and get going. I'm not going to wait all day, you know."

"Don't worry. Before we're finished with you, you're going to be sore and hurting in both cunt and ass."

"Yeah," she whispered. "You're both so damned big!"

The man's cock seemed to do a flip flop as he opened his fly. Prick jutting proudly, he moved closer to her. His hands stroked along the soft flesh of her ass, then moved to her hips. One callused hand roughly spread her legs a little farther apart, lingering on the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

"Nice," he muttered. "Real nice." His hand moved slowly upward until his thumb pressed against her pussy lips. She sighed and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

Hotly, she whispered in his ear, "Go on, now! Fuck me with that big cock of yours!"

He bent, wiggled into position and straightened his legs. As he came rocketing up, his prick hit dead center of her cunt. She arched her back and cried out as he drilled far up her twat. She was already juicy but his sudden entry took her breath away.

Filled to overflowing with cock, she could only weakly hang around the man's neck. Robbed of all strength, she reveled in the feel of the prick throbbing inside her belly. With a little convulsive ripple, she gripped down on his cock. A wet, lewd squishing noise told her that cunt juices were leaking out around the cock plugging her pussy.

She began twisting from side to side to get the full effect of his prick. The broad arrowheaded crown of his cock spread her cunt walls and threatened to tear her apart. Membranes stretched and she began to really enjoy his length.

Lightning blasted up into her belly, his cock an electrode transmitting the sexual electricity. She could have hung there, arms around his neck, impaled on his spike of prick all day long.

She wasn't allowed to.

"Go on, man. Get in. Hot, damned hot and tight!"

She felt hairy thighs grinding against her naked ass. Hands clenched her asscheeks and pulled them apart. For a moment, the pain was enough to make her certain she was being ripped in two. Then a meaty finger began exploring the humid canyon between her buttocks. It moved slowly, sensuously, until she was a quivering mass of flesh, no longer able to control her emotions.

She felt a thick finger rammed into her asshole. She tensed as it went in, felt the tight muscle clamp firmly on the man's finger. He started rubbing his thighs against her smooth ass and stirring the cock already far up in her cunt.

"Damn you, get in!" she begged. "I want both your cocks! Both of your fucking cocks!"

"Sure thing, blondie, sure thing," came the deep voice.

And then the finger popped out of her asshole. Before she could complain, a thicker finger pressed between the slabs of her assflesh. Drilling through to her anus, it found the puckered muscle and never slowed down. The man's prick bored past the guardian of her back door and went sailing all the way up her shit chute.

Filled both in cunt and asshole, she was in heaven. Nothing could have been more divine.

"Great, huh?" one of the men said. She couldn't tell which. All that mattered to her was the dual rods of throbbingly alive cockflesh inside her cunt and asshole.

With one man supporting her, the other gripped her around the waist and began stroking in and out of her rectum. The feel of that butt fucking sent hot flashes all the way into her belly. She was sure someone was shooting flaming arrows up her ass.

The hands gripped firmly down on her soft flesh. He used this to pull himself in and push his cock out of her clutching asshole. The muscle of her anus tried to hold him in. He was too smart to be trapped as easily as that.

He fucked her ass faster. And faster. And still faster until she was crying openly, "Fuck, fuck me, fuck meeee!"

His breath was coming like a steam engine's exhaust. His cock pistoned back and forth into her tailpipe, reaming her out.

"Love that tight ass of yours!" he mumbled, his hands clutching fiercely at her butt.

She felt the fingers digging into her soft flesh. The very brutality of it sparked hidden desires, in her body she hadn't even known existed. She wanted more!

"Give it to me, good, oh Chriiist, yeeeessss!"

"Time for me to I can feel your fuckin' cock through her guts, man. Lemme have a go at her. My cock's about greased up proper by now."

He dropped down and let his cock slip from her cunt. Then he rammed directly up into her twat once more. Spreading her pussy lips with his thick cock, he sailed all the way up into her belly. Through the thin inner tissues, he could feel the other man's cock fucking her up the ass.

Their cocks smashed together, separated only by a thin membrane. The undersides rubbed firmly against one another, a kind of masturbation.

But it was more. The teenager would tell anyone that. If she could have spoken coherently. Words were crumpled to death in her throat by the intense emotions racking her body.

The cock searing its way up her back passage would have been enough to get her off. But the added cock fucking her up the snatch was simply too much to bear.

She came. Hard. Her entire body tensed and she went rigid, shrieking out her joy. As she drifted down from the seemingly endless orgasm, she found the cocks still hard and long in her body. And they were both fucking the hell out of her cunt and asshole.

She began twisting from side to side in an attempt to get the maximum pleasure. The cock entering her pussy slithered all the way into her, well-greased by her overflowing pussy. The juices frothed out around the cock plugging her and ran in a thin stream down the inside of her leg. It tickled.

The girl hardly noticed it. The cock was giving her such intense plea sure she wouldn't have noticed anything less than an atomic bomb going off.

And that's what happened up her asshole. The sudden gushing of an ejaculating cock filled her bowels with pearly-white cum. He fucked her ass harder, faster, deeper and continued spurting out his jism for what seemed an eternity.

She rode the winds of another orgasm ignited in her bowels.

When she settled back down to the reality of the prick up her ass, she felt it slowly deflating. He had shot his wad. Now he was trying to get the last possible stroke into her butt before going entirely limp.

Before she knew it, his cock slithered out of her anus amid a flow of cum. That would have disappointed her, but another prick was still actively reaming her out. Her cunt felt like it was filled with a million fire ants, all gnawing away at her flesh. She tingled. Her pussy screamed for more cock.

She got it.

Like a tireless machine, the cock kept returning, faster, harder, deeper. She couldn't fault the way he was fucking her. Every single fold of her gripping twat received its stimulation. Her insides burned with a never-ending fire. She was soon consumed by another climax. Clutching wildly at his back, she left bloody tracks, cutting through his heavy denim jacket.

Neither noticed. They were too engrossed in their fucking. She lifted one leg and wrapped it around the man's waist. This let him drive his cock even deeper into her body. The glow became a tiny flame. The flame leaped and totally ravaged her body.

She came again.

And this time, the crushing walls of her quim squeezed so tightly on his driving cock, it milked him of his cum. He fountained out gallon upon gooey gallon of jism. He whitewashed the walls of her twat until they were both exhausted and covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

Collapsing to the soft grass, they lay locked in each other's arms.

Finally, green eyes boring into the man's, Karen said, "You're one hell of a cocksman, Big Ed."

A voice from behind said, "So what the fuck about me? You were getting two for the price of one," complained Knuckles.

"You're not so bad, either, Knuckles," she admitted. "But nothing like Big Ed."

Before the man could say anything further, Big Ed spoke, saying, "She oughta know, Knuckles. She likes me better. So why don't you fetch off for a while and let me and my old lady just soak up a little sun."

"Uh, yeah, sure thing, Big Ed."

Karen heard footsteps going away. She didn't bother looking up. She was already opening Big Ed's denim jacket and sucking on his nipples. The hair on his chest provided an inviting target for her tongue. She spun the hair around in wet little circles until she was able to raise spires of damp chest hair.

And then she went down on him. His cock was still limp but it was tasty with cum and her own cunt juices. By the time he was rigid again, she knew she was the one in control, not Big Ed.

Chapter NINE

His cock quivered in anticipation in her mouth. She used her tongue to tease his prick. She let it rest lightly against his rough, cradling tongue as she hotly breathed on his balls.

The heat further sensitized his already primed balls. He moaned and tried to grab her hair and force her face down around his prick. He wanted to face-fuck her again.

She didn't let him.

That would have been too easy -- and his way. She was the one calling the shots now. The teenager was going to keep him as strung out sexually as she could. In that lay her chance for getting away from her parents and maintaining a little dignity in this band of savages. She had no misconceptions about the Maniacs.

They were animals. They used what they wanted, then discarded it. If what they wanted happened to be a person, it made no difference. People were simply more items to be used and then cast away.

Karen vowed not to be the one cast away. When she split with the biker gang, it would be on her terms, not theirs.

"Damn you, cocksuckin' bitch, either do it right or lemme stick it back in somewhere nice and warm!" Big Ed complained.

She fucked his cock, standing rigidly at attention, and watched it bounce around. She bent down a little and planted a wet, juicy kiss on the very tip.

"What's the matter, Big Ed? Don't you like the way I'm treating you? What do you want?"

She knew perfectly well what he wanted -- it was the same thing she so fervently desired. But this was her game with her rules. He would have to beg her, not the other way around. It might have been different before she'd gotten the guts to face Dottie. Now she could stand up to any of them.

Even Big Ed.

Karen knew she'd have to be careful. He had a fiery temper, barely kept under control at the best of times. But she thought she could keep him happy with her mouth and cunt and asshole. She could use sex as a weapon as well as a reward for the things she wanted done.

She wasn't above using her body as inducement for him to do what she desired, either.

"Go on and suck my cock if you're going to. Or let Lynn do it!"

Karen glanced up and the other woman was standing, watching with rapt attention. The sudden look of fear crossing her face told Karen all she needed to know. Her position with Big Ed was secure. Lynn would do anything Big Ed wanted, but not of her own accord. She wasn't going to cross Karen, not after what she'd done to Dottie.

"So what the hell, let me have your blonde bitch, then," came a hoarse voice from behind Lynn.

Karen craned her neck and saw Scrooge. She didn't like the man. He not only smelled bad but she'd heard the other women talking about getting the crabs from him. He was as filthy as Ivan, though he didn't seem to have the grossly diseased cock that man did.

Big Ed's temper suddenly flared. He pushed Karen away and was on his feet facing Scrooge in a flash.

A huge paw reached out and gripped a denim jacket. The slight tearing sound as he lifted Scrooge all the way off the ground told of the strength Big Ed was exerting. Karen could barely see his biceps tensing. She knew then exactly how strong Big Ed was.

He made it look simple lifting a two hundred pound man off the ground.

"She's mine. She stays that way. Dig?"

"Sure, uh, Big Ed." Scrooge was slowly strangling. The grip on the front of his jacket was constricting his throat.

"Good. Remember it, pea brain. If you don't, I'll slice your balls off and play ping pong with them. Bout all they're good for."

Scrooge made a weak attempt to smile before Lynn rescued him. "Hey, come on, Scrooge. Let's you and me have a little fun, huh?"

The man didn't bother looking back. But he was rubbing his throat where Big Ed's fist had crushed his Adam's apple.

Karen waited for Big Ed to slip back down to the ground. Then she stroked across his chest, whispering in his ear, "You're a real man. I wouldn't want any of the others. Not when I can have you. And this!"

She gripped his rigid cock and began stroking up and down its turgid length. Bucking and jerking in passion, it was ready to go again. A hard fucking tool, she knew of only one place where it truly belonged. She'd gotten her fill of mouth love.

It was her cunt which cried out for fulfillment. She was going to fuck herself on his prick.

She shucked off the blue work shirt she still wore and cast it aside. In the noonday sun, her white body gleamed like new ivory. The man was almost literally drooling when he saw her naked tits bouncing lightly, unfettered and awaiting his eager grip.

She straddled his waist, reaching down between her legs to find his fuck stick. She guided it directly to her manhole, then poised above the very tip for a moment. Building up his sexual tension was part of the game she played. It was a dangerous -- and fun -- game. One slip and she could end up in a ditch.

But she wasn't worried about that. Not at the moment. She let her body down just a fraction of an inch. The tip of his purple crown brushed against her pussy lips. An electric tinge jangled her nerves, made her legs feel weak and watery.

Running the end of his cock back and forth along her sex gash, she soon had it drenched with her inner oils. The cock was a glistening pole completely greased with her fuck fluids. She didn't want any more dry humping. It was all or nothing from now on.

And with her calling the shots, it would be everything.

"Go on, damn your eyes, get around it!" he bellowed.

"Patience, jackass, patience. Let me have my kicks, too."

She lowered her body a little more, still teasing his prick. This time she let the end of his glans spread her labia just enough to reveal the pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips. She dipped down a little and gave him a taste of what was in store.

Not much, but enough. His cockhead vanished between her sex lips. He gasped with the sudden heat boiling out of her belly. The purpled glans felt like it was on fire. Liquid napalm dribbled onto it from the inside of her seething cunt. She waited until her juices had run down the length of his prick and tickled the hairs on his balls.

He was wiggling under her now. She still controlled him totally. As long as his cock was firmly held in her hand, he wasn't going anywhere -- including up into her twat.

That was going to be done when she wanted. She was the one who was showing the mighty biker stud who was the boss.

He wanted her twat so badly he thrust hi hips up off the ground to try and spear himself deep into her cunt. He missed. She agilely moved and kept just the acorn-sized head of his prick between her sex lips. Wiggling from side to side, she twisted the head of his cock until he was moaning in obvious arousal.

She decided it was time for a little more.

She let gravity pull her down another inch. She gasped as the thick cock split her apart and began burrowing into her tunnel of love. Everytime she let him fuck her she was amazed at how thick he was. Long and thick, almost three inches across. It was really a battering ram of flesh. Enough to rip a woman apart and make her love every second of it.

"Keep cool," she told him. "Keep cool."

"How the fuck can I when you're making me so Goddamn hot?"

"Good point. Maybe I should let you have just a teensy bit more."

Another inch of his cock vanished between her sex lips. She felt a shuddery sigh pass through her body. Her cunt was beginning to get excited now, really excited. She was abandoning her body to her emotions. Letting them run wild would give them both one hell of a fine fucking. But that wasn't her true aim.

If she got off on the screwing, well and good. But this was her power trip. This was where she made sure he knew who was really in control. She'd gotten through enough to him to make him run the other bikers off. He considered her his private property.

With this bunch, that was a major breakthrough.

Now she had to show him she could really put out -- for him and him alone. She had to stake her claim and make it stick.

The three inches up in her belly felt good. The way the thick broad head bounced around, stirring like a spoon in a bowl, was almost enough to make her release her hold and wildly, wantonly, fuck herself on his upright prick. Almost enough.

Not quite, though.

She let another inch, then another, up into her belly. When she finally lowered herself all the way and ground her groin into his, his cock was going berserk. It jerked and pulsed so violently she thought he might cum at any instant.

The look on his face defied description. It was a mask of pure pleasure. Almost in a daze of sheer lust, he reached out and found her naked tits. Hands squeezing down on them added a new dimension to the screwing.

The girl liked the way his hands kneaded her firm boobs. He took her knockers and began twisting them in circles. One he rotated in a counter-clockwise direction. The right tit was turned in the opposite direction. She was certain he was going to pull her tits off her chest.

The knife-edges of delight stabbing into her chest caused her breath to come in hot, heavy pants. She was unable to keep any real control over her body now. The heavy hands on her firm tits were working her into a sexual frenzy.

Wiggling her hips from side to side, all the time keeping his cock planted far up her cunt, she came.

The universe shattered around her. The gripping hands on her boobs helped push her over the brink of orgasm. The cock stirring her guts around helped. And the thought she was the one on top, she was the one who was leading him through the fucking, set her off.

As she drifted down from her climax, she found nothing much had changed. His lingers had found the tiny spires of her nipples. The little mushrooms were now hard pebbles begging for attention.

He gave it to them.

Forefinger and thumb rotated the nubbins around and around until she was sure he'd rip them off her boobs. He didn't. The next move was to crush them down into the marshmallow underpinning until she moaned in constant delight. The sensations filling her body were totally wanton. She'd never felt more sinful in her eighteen years.

"Like that, huh? So how about giving me a little fucking?" He arched his back and lifted her body entirely off the ground. Dropping suddenly left her with only the tip of his cock in her twat.

She got the idea.

"Okay, Big Ed. And I do mean big!"

She cork screwed herself down onto his shaft of pleasure. His cock was even larger round than she remembered it. It filled her and pulled her inner tissues in new and wonderfully different directions. He threatened to slice her apart all the way to the chin with his fleshy sword of hard cock.

It was time for her to give him a little of the enjoyment she was getting from him. Bouncing up and down wouldn't do it. That would build the friction of the fucking too fast. She wanted something else, something more erotic, something nice and easy to start which would blow the top of his head off when she finished.

She lowered her body around his cock. Their pubic hair wetly intertwined before she started to let it slip out of her cunt. But she wasn't letting his prick escape easily. With her stomach muscles, she clamped down as hard as she could.

He grunted. That was a sign she was doing exactly the right thing to pleasure him.

Each inch of his prick slipping out of her well-oiled insides was a struggle. She clutched at him with the velvety walls of her pussy as hard as she could. Her youthful muscles were well trained. She knew exactly how best to grip and hold his prick. The broad purple glans was hard-pressed to elude her soft folds.

When only the head of his cock remained inside her pussy lips, she just relaxed. Letting gravity do all the work, she took him hard and fast up her cunt.

It jolted both of them when their crotches wetly smashed together. She was prepared for it. Still it made her teeth click together. And the blast of carnal energy radiating from her cunt set off another orgasm. She whined and thrashed around the rigid spike inside her twat.

As the climax abated slightly, she rose up again, then repeated the fucking. Up and down she slid on his pole like a berserk fireman. She began fucking herself with all the wild passion pent up in her body. Refusing to let go of his cock, she gripped fiercely all the way up. Then she came hurtling down on his prick like a meteorite falling from outer space.

When their crotches met, she'd twist from side to side grinding them together -- hard.

He could barely stand the pressure on his cock as she squirted it out of her twat. But the fucking as she came smashing down on his groin caused enough friction between the head of his cock and the walls of her twat to burn him to a charred nubbin.

The fuse was lit. Slowly, it burned back along the length of his cock. His entire length was ablaze like a forest fire. When it reached his balls, he groaned aloud. He was going to blow his wad so soon!

Reaching out, he squeezed down on her boobs. He could guide her in the motion he desired most by those convenient handles. Gripping her tits hard, he forced her up and down on his cock.

In and out it flew from her twat. And then he was blasting off. His cock erupted like a volcano spewing out lava. His white-hot cum gushed into her avidly awaiting cunt.

Like some vacuum cleaner, that twat sucked it all up and then pulled hard at his cock for more. He knew she was going to drag his guts out through the end of his cock!

Never had he experienced a cum like that one!

Sweating, panting, exhausted, he looked up at the girl and said, "You sure know how to pleasure a man."

"I save it for real men," she solemnly assured him.

She kept bouncing up and down until his cock became so limp it would no longer stay inside her.

She might have been satisfied with that. Most of the chicks in the motorcycle gang would have been. But Karen wanted to cement her position with Big Ed. She wanted to make sure he didn't even look at another chick without first thinking about her.

She said, "That cock, even when it's a limp worm, it's so yummy looking I could just eat it up!"

Dropping from her straddle position, she began licking across Big Ed's chest. The hairs tickled and turned her on as much as anything else she'd done. Working her way down, she stopped for a moment and kissed each of his nipples.

Green eyes looking up, she asked, "How come you got nipples? They're as useless as tits on a bull."

He shrugged saying, "They break up the blankness. How the hell should I know? Just keep that mouth working. And I don't mean talking. You know, like you were doing before the stupid questions started."

"Yes, lord and master."

She felt him puff up a little with pride when she said it. That made her fuck even better. The girl had him pegged.

And soon she had his cock in her mouth. It was limp but it was all gooey and covered with her cunt slime and his cum.

The combination was so tasty she didn't want to let his penis out of her mouth. She started licking, running her tongue all through the bush surrounding his balls and cock. From there, she began working on the now-depleted scrotum. The hairy little pouch containing his balls hung limp and drained of its cum.

As she sucked it into her mouth, her tongue started working all over its surface. When he moaned in joy, she began to really give his balls a tongue-lashing. She found she could push them around inside the fleshy sac without any trouble at all. Her oral ministrations slowly bloated the bag and she knew his jism supply was being replenished.

Not content with that, she started giving him a cat bath. All the way up the shriveled length of his once-proud cock, she licked and slurped up the juices of their spent passions.

Salty, musky, tangy, she savored all the flavors as if she were a wine connoisseur sampling the finest vintages. The thick white cream that had so recently spouted from the tip of his cock and creamed the inside of her cunt was now caking as it dried.

Her saliva moistened it and she was able to suck it off his cock. His hips hunched up a little when she really got into it.

"Love the way your mouth moves all over me," he said, his voice husky from sex.

"Just wait, Big Ed. Just wait," she cryptically promised.

She pulled the side of his cock into her mouth and began licking it with fervor. The taste stimulated her. Nostrils flaring, she began really eating the limp organ.

It wasn't a cock. A cock was long and hard and a real fucking tool. This was a sleeping snake, a dead worm, nothing as it lay there. But she knew she could bring it back to life. She could make it rise up and proudly pulse with virility again.

Her mouth would see to that.

She worked all along the underside of his prick until his cock was completely cleansed. She didn't miss a single speck of the gourmet sampling of cunt juice and dried cum.

"What are you doing?" he demanded. "I'm not going to get it up again so soon."

"What you want to bet? Another fucking?"

"Hell, yes!"

"Good. Now let me..."

There was a gobbling noise as she took his entire cock back into her mouth. His penis was limp enough to curl up in her mouth. But she wasn't content with just that. Her tongue flashed out and lightly touched the filling sac and bounced his balls around a little more.

He sucked in his breath in surprise. And she felt a tremor pass through his cock. There was still more to come.

She let the cock slip from her mouth and began digging up under his balls. Finding his asshole, she drove her tongue up his rectum. His prostate gland was buried up there someplace. She didn't know where or exactly what it was supposed to do. All the girl remembered hearing was that it gave men their sexual prowess.

She figured Big Ed must have one hell of a big one the way he fucked. It didn't work that way, but what she did to him turned him on just the same.

The wet, wiggling tongue teased its way up into his rear until he was weak and shaking in reaction. Never had a chick ever done anything to him that made him feel this way before. The rough wet tongue up his ass gave his balls a new reason to stir.

Slowly, as if rising from the dead, his cock stirred. The more her tongue drove back and forth fucking his butt, the more his prick stiffened. Soon, very soon, his cock was entirely rigid and ready for action.

Karen straightened and looked at the half-staff cock. It vanished into her mouth and a few quick sucks and licks and kisses later, it was throbbing with life in her mouth.

"There," she said. "I was right. You owe me a good screwing."

Chapter TEN

"Hell, I don't believe it. I saw it -- Goddamn, I felt it! -- and still it doesn't seem possible to me. You're the foxiest chick I ever did find."

"No, Big Ed," she said, "you're the biggest stud. It was in you all the time. Just a matter of convincing this."

She gave his hard cock a little squeeze to make sure he didn't mistake her meaning.

"So, all right. You want it again, you can have it!" he reached out to pull her down on top of him.

She agilely avoided his bear hug. This wasn't the way she wanted it. She was the one calling the shots. Sex was her weapon to use as she saw fit.

The way she wanted to have that big, long, ultra-thick cock fucking her again was so positively kinky she could barely put it into words. She wanted it, sure. Karen didn't know exactly how to tell the man exactly how she wanted him to ball her.

"Well, Big Ed, it's like this."

"Don't give me any of that shit. Out with it."

Karen wanted to keep the dominant hand but this had been too easy. She was amazed at how she could wrap Big Ed around her little finger without even trying. The first time he'd used her had been different. A sexual thrill had coursed through her body.

It was a completely different sensation from anything else she'd ever experienced.

The hands tied behind her back, a dominant man having his will with her, that was the way she wanted him again.

She was so confused she could barely speak. Making him do what she wanted was too easy. He'd do anything she asked as long as he could fuck her -- and yet here she was wanting him to make love to her while she was completely helpless.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact he looked a little like her father and that her father had raped her. Deep down, she might have really gotten off on that and refused to admit it. She couldn't keep all this straight in her head.

She wanted to keep Big Ed on the string. She had to keep him sexually submissive to her desires. Otherwise, she would never be able to leave this gang of animals when the time was right.

Yet... yet, she wanted to be used, humiliated, made less than a bitch and fucked.

It made her head spin.

Finally, she got it all straight. This was her sexual trip. Her own personal thrill. No one else's. So why shouldn't she use the power she wielded to make Big Ed do what she wanted?

No reason at all!

"I... I want you to tie me up and then fuck me. Just like that night you found me. It was so... so sexy I could barely stand. Just thinking about it makes me all wet in the pussy."

That much was obvious. Drops of cunt juice were visible in the bright sunlight. They gleamed like silver among the golden strands of her bush. The man looked up at her, licked his lips, then said, "Whatever you want, baby doll, whatever you want is fine with me."

"So fuck me. Like you did before."

"Hell, no. That'd be going back over territory we've been through. I am gonna do it entirely different this time!"

His words sent an illicit thrill into the very core of her being. He was going to use her again, but in a different way. Before she could ask how, he'd grabbed both her slender wrists in one of his hairy paws. He easily imprisoned her and dragged her along the ground.

Without a word, he took her to a tree with a low, over-hanging limb. He pulled a couple times on the branch above his head and then shouted, "Knuckles! Knuckles, Goddammit! Get your ass over here!"

There was a mumbled cry from the bushes and Big Ed shouted, "So forget her and bring me a couple pieces of rope."

Knuckles came out of the underbrush pulling up his jeans. He went to his chopper, rummaged around for a second and came back with two pieces of heavy nylon tow rope.

Big Ed took them without a word, tied one of Karen's wrists until she felt the circulation dying. With the other piece, he repeated the knot tying around her other wrist.

"Pick her up," he ordered Knuckles.

The man easily lifted Karen's lithe form. Big Ed tossed the long rope over the branch and caught the end as it came down. He gave it a yank that left Karen's wrist a few inches under the limb, then tied the loose end around her ankle. He repeated the action with the other rope.

"Drop her."

She hung, ankle tied to wrist, the rope over the tree limb. No matter how she struggled, she couldn't help but end up almost parallel with the ground, her legs swinging wide open.

A little thrill of pleasure ran through her in spite of the pain caused by the rope cutting into her flesh and the unnatural position putting her shoulders and legs under great strain.

He was going to fuck her like this!

"See how her cunt just sort of opens up when you swing her back and forth, Knuckles?" Big Ed gave her a swing to demonstrate. "Get the others. I want to show them how I operate."

The teenager couldn't keep her legs tightly together, no matter how much she tried. She was in such a position that the man could do anything he wanted to her -- and would!

A thrill ran through her entire body. To be helpless, totally at the mercy of a dominant man, this was her big sexual thrill. She had to ask the man to do it, but that only added to her power trip. This was something she wanted, not him. She was actually making him be the aggressor.

The pain was becoming worse. But this was part of it. The pain gave her something to compare to the pleasure of his cock fucking her. The pain was offset by the pleasure and when the two mixed -- sheer delight.

It was all confused in her head. She couldn't really understand it and finally decided she didn't want to. All that mattered now was enjoying the lunging cock he so tauntingly promised her.

"Get the entire gang together. I want 'em to watch what the old pro can do to this cunt, here," said Big Ed.

His words thrilled the girl. Not only was he going to fuck her, he was getting the others to watch!

Gooseflesh rippled up and down her spine at the thought.

"See how her legs are drifting apart. That means she really wants me. But I'm not going to fuck her. Not yet. Gimme that wrench, Knuckles. This is going into her first. Dig it?"

"No, wait, I..." she started, then moaned as the handle of the icy-cold wrench was shoved into her cunt. The wrench didn't hurt her; it was the sudden intrusion that took her breath away.

"She likes my tool. Let's see if another tool fits into her hot little oven as easy."

He began swinging her back and forth. The pain seared her joints, threatened to pull her apart at the arms and legs. But when she was swinging fast enough, he pulled his cock out and stood, feet braced. Her legs went on either side of his body. And the impact of her body with his took her breath away again.

He didn't spear her with his prick. He didn't even come close. All he did do was stop her wild swaying to and fro. But he stuffed his cock into her steamy, tight cunt. The suddenness of his hot, dancing prick when compared with the polar cold of the wrench sent new shivers earthquaking through her body.

"How you like it?"

"Yes, yes! Fuck me with your cock! Your lovely, hot tool!"

"She likes my tool," he said, almost offhandedly to the crowd, now making obscene remarks.

Those were the last things the teenager remembered hearing. She was so totally engrossed in the bizarre fucking, she couldn't think of anything else.

He began swinging her in a small arc again. Not enough to take her entirely off his cock but enough for most of it to slip out of her fevered twat.

Each swing took the prick away from her. It was a damned shame. She wanted it, all, of it all the time. But the movement was one which slowly warmed her twat walls. Her pussy was already juicing up enough to ease the friction. And the feel of his virile cock tugging at her pussy was enough to get her really excited.

The pain was increasing, but she tried to ignore that. He was making lewd, horrible statements about her, about anyone who would let themselves be used. He was saying that only a dog should fuck her. That he should piss on her face and leave her hanging.

She wanted him worse than ever!

The swinging motion carried her away -- off his cock -- enough so that she couldn't really use her stomach muscles to trap his prick. She tried, oh how she tried! But it was useless. The man could use all the force of his brawny arms and all she had were the weaker muscles of her cunt.

It wasn't any match.

He was able to do whatever he wanted to her. And he wanted to fuck her with the most pain possible. Each time his cock slammed into her widespread cunt, the jolt jarred her teeth. It wasn't a gentle fucking. He was making it as brutal as he possibly could.

And she loved every second of it.

"More, oh, unnngh!" She came. Her entire body arched in the crude harness in which he'd slung her. The feel of his cock working in and out of her sensitive twat, fucking her, making her feel like a complete woman, was enough to bring her off.

He continued to rock back and forth. He was beginning to enjoy this. She was totally at his mercy. Helpless, he could do anything to her he wanted. He reached over and began playing with her tits. They bounced around like jello on a plate, jello topped with twin red cherries. The nipples were aroused red fingers pointing straight up into the sky.

He reached across her body, momentarily touching her bush, before taking a double handful of her tits. Using these, he began moving her back and forth on his cock. She was a human pendulum. He swung her so that her cunt fit nicely around his rigid, steely hard cock.

He was beginning to really get off on this. She couldn't do a damned thing. He was the only one able to control the pace, the fucking, when -- if -- he wanted to stuff his prick all the way up her cunt.

"How you likin' this, cunt! You like being made to like some sort of mechanical beast?"

"Yes, oh yessss!"

"See if this is to your liking, then!"

He abandoned his post on her firm tits and moved his hand to her pussy mound. He laced his fingers through the cornsilk fine fibers and grabbed. A lance of pain shot through her entire cunt. The pulling of her pubic hair was an unexpected addition to the agony she was already feeling.

Using the handful of pussy fur, he began swinging her back and forth on his cock. The pain knifing into her twat was almost too much to bear. In the distance she could hear the voices of the rest of the gang. They were all saying terrible things about her, degrading things. But that didn't count.

All that was real was pain.

Pain and the cock surging in and out of her quim every time he swung her. But the handle he was using! The fleece of her bush would pull loose! She couldn't have her entire body going back and forth, solely using that as a handle.

But she endured it. She endured it for the joy given her when his cock sank all the way up her juicy twat. The feel of his cock, virile and all-male, was worth it. Anything was worth it to get the full measure of a man's cock.

He reached up with his free hand and began pulling on one of the ropes holding her over the tree limb. As he tugged at it, her right leg started upwards. His grip on her bush didn't lessen; he didn't stop swinging her like a human pendulum back and forth along the steely guide of his prick.

But the new motion threatened to upend her. She felt her cunt being tightened about his prick. It was a giddy sensation, one laden with fear and pain.

Pain and the joy of his cock fucking an even tighter twat. That was where it was at. He cared. A thrill of joy went through her body as she realized he was doing all this for her, because she told him she wanted it all.

"Like this, whore? Like it a lot?" he demanded.

"Ummm, ohhhh, ohhhh Chriiist!" she moaned. The words barely formed. The pain choked them off in her throat. But the feeling in her cunt made it all worthwhile. She was being fucked by the man's cock; that was what mattered, not that she was being twisted apart by the ropes.

He began slamming his body against hers. The tugging at the ropes reversed her path. Her leg wept down while a wrist was pulled up. She found herself going almost straight down on his cock. It entered her twat at a completely different angle.

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought screwing could be this exciting!

"Yeah, go after her, man!" came a cry. "I'm about ready to jerk off!"

The scene spun crazily around the teenager's head. Pulled up and down, swung back and forth, she couldn't focus on anything. She saw a big, red, ugly cock and a hand around it. The hand was stroking fast. And then there was a spurt of white splattering all over her face.

She tried licking it off. The way she was swung back and forth by the man who was driving his cock in and out of her prevented it. The more she wanted to sample that cum, the more he did to keep her from it.

"Go on, the rest of you. Jack off on her face. See if the bitch likes that."

She did.

Her tongue worked avidly to trap each and every drop of the shower of pearly jism cascading down on her. All the members of the gang were beating their meat while they watched their leader fucking her.

She was the main attraction. All of them were seeing her degraded, used, made a complete and total fool. She was nothing but a convenient hole to fuck.

She loved it.

He kept swinging her faster and faster. His cock became a searing poker ramming into her guts. She felt her body responding to all he was doing to her. Degraded and loving it. Humiliated and wanting more. Made a public spectacle and demanding more cum splattered onto her face. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him.

He was a man and he was fucking her.

When she felt the torrential outpouring of his jism, she came again. He kept her swaying back and forth as he pumped wildly into her twat. His body made lewd little smacking noises as he screwed himself as far into her yielding twat as he could.

Then his cock limply fell out of her manhole.

The excitement in her body refused to abate. She cried out, "Again! I want it all again!"

A voice said, "Yeah, lemme do it!"

A chorus cheered him on. "Go, Ivan, break that dork of yours off inside her. It's the only way you'll ever get it off!"

And Ivan fucked her the same way Big Ed had.

The others took their turn. Her anus was dead. Her legs felt like wooden sticks. But her cunt was alive, more alive than she could have imagined.

Each climax was bigger than the last. She was getting what she wanted.

In the distance, a voice said, "Hey, it's the man. Let's split!"

And in a second, she was alone. Dangling from the tree limb, her face and hair caked with cum, the blonde teenager slowly came to her senses. The flush of sex was draining and all that was left was pain. Red pain, pain fogging her senses until she could barely see.

A man in black came striding up to her. In a slurred voice, she begged, "Please, I, oh Chriiist, please."

She wanted more but couldn't say it.

"Shit, I never seen anything like this. Hey, Charlie, get the knife, will you? Let's cut her down."

A second figure in black came up. His voice said, "I don't believe it. Those bikers aren't animals. No animal would ever do this. They're just fucking perverted!"

"Hang on to her. Yeah, there. Take it easy and we'll get you down."

Karen managed to focus her eyes and saw the uniforms of two state troopers. They'd found her.

"Okay, take it easy, just stay calm," he kept repeating over and over. "You're going to be all right. We'll get you back to your folks. They'll take real good care of you." And in a lower voice to his partner, he added, "I'd give my right arm for five minutes with the guy who thought this up."

"You'd be up on charges so fast your head'd swim, man. And I'd want to be there helping you," his partner said. "Perverts, all of 'em, stinking Goddamn perverts."

They put Karen in the back seat of the black-and-white cruiser and drove her in to the hospital.

The next few days were lost in a blur of tranquilizers.

Chapter ELEVEN

"It's so good to have you home again, Karen. I just don't know why you went off like that. Look what happened to you."

The teenager sat, her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. Listening to her mother was more of a drag than she remembered. But at least, the woman was sober.

Her father wasn't.

He was staggering drunk when she got into the house. He breathed a forty-horsepower breath into her face, saying, "Good to have you back, sweetie. Really missed you. And I heard what those freaks done to you. A fuckin' crime, it was. Cops'll get 'em, don't you worry none."

"Really," snapped Karen's mother, "you shouldn't use words like that. Not after all she's been through."

"Will you two stop reminding me of what I've been through, as you so nicely put it?" Karen glared at them. It wasn't going to be any different. As soon as her mother found the bottle her father was working on, they would both be drunk.

Her prediction was as accurate as if she'd possessed a crystal ball. But then, living in this household, she hardly needed one to tell when they would both go on a binge.

The celebration of getting their daughter back was an occasion. If it mined, that was an occasion. If it didn't rain, that, too, was an occasion. They really didn't need an excuse.

Karen spent the rest of the week barely talking to them. She listened to the radio. For a few days, she was a minor celebrity. That gave her a little glow of being recognized, then that faded as other news items came in. Her name wasn't mentioned ten and the search for the biker gang was dropped. There were just too many of them to ever really pinpoint which group it was.

And they all looked alike, anyway.

Karen lay back on her bed, listening to her parents drunkenly arguing in the next room. Soon, they'd make up and start screwing. Their balling would be as loud as their arguing -- and probably as satisfying for both of them.

The teenager knew this wasn't going to work. She had gotten everything she'd asked for when she was with Big Ed. She had been the top chick. The only mama he had. Some measure of respect went with that. If she went back, all of them would surely respect her. Not a one of them would have let Big Ed do all that to them.

She'd be a celebrity again with the Maniacs.

Suddenly deliberation set her in motion. Her father was just getting to the point where he told her mother how lovely she was, how much like a lotus blossom and all that shit. Karen didn't think she could stomach any more of it.

She hurriedly packed a few things in a knapsack and walked out the front door. At the sidewalk, she turned and looked back at the house. There was no feeling of leaving home. Not now, not knowing what her parents really were like.

They wouldn't change their ways. She was just another fixture to them and one barely noticed unless something went wrong. The stint in the hospital had been a brief diversion. Karen knew her parents would scream bloody murder when the bills started coming in.

She didn't want to be around then.

That left only one place for her to go. The only place where she was something, where she was some one, a person respected and even admired for what she could do.

Karen found the Maniacs more than two hundred miles from where they'd left her dangling from the tree. She boldly walked into their camp, cleverly avoiding the drunk Scrooge who was supposed to be standing guard.

As before, knife blades snicked open. But this time there wasn't the outcry. There was only the sound of the fire crackling merrily, burning dried wood scavenged in the desert.

"Baby doll? That really you?" said Big Ed, his voice a little trembly.

"Sure, man, who'd you, think it was? Those geeks aren't going to keep me around like a lap dog. Not when I'm a member of the Maniacs MC. I still am a member, aren't I? Or do I have to prove myself again?"


"Hell, you folks take a lot of convincing." She went to Big Ed and saw the man's hand was shaking just a little. He probably thought she'd brought halt the cops in the state with her. She reached out and took the knife from his hand, closed the blade and tossed it away.

Reaching down, she started stroking over the bulge in his jeans. It grew under her deft handling. Soon, when she was sure he had a real hard-on, she ran his zipper down with a metallic hiss that could be heard over the blazing fire.

Cock jumping out, she took it firmly in hand and started stroking up and down.

"That feels good, doesn't it, Big Ed? Want me to stick it in my mouth? You remember what I can do with my mouth wrapped all around your big, tasty cock?"

She dropped to her knees and sucked in his length. It was just as she remembered it. A stiff length of tasty manmeat. Her tongue slithered back and forth until he started to groan.

"You do like it, don't you?"

"Yeah, baby doll, you can suck cock like nobody else."

"Then there's no one else, Big Ed? You haven't got another mama? One I'd have to put in her place?"

"Nobody else. You're it, baby doll. Long as you can suck and fuck, you're mine!"

That was what she wanted to hear. The work she'd done before wasn't wasted. She was back where she could command a little respect. As long as Big Ed stayed on the top of this pack of vultures, she was going to be able to keep him pussy-whipped. He might not realize it, but she would be the one calling the shots.

To hell with her boozing parents. She had all that any woman could want right here!

She had sex, sex with any of the twelve men gathered around. And the cock on Big Ed was enough to give any chick the hots. If she wanted a little lezzie action, she could have that, too.

Most important, she had power. Real power.

She gave a loving kiss to the man's jerking cock, then released it. She stood and looked up into his eyes. Quietly, she told him, "I think I'd like you to eat me out. Now. Here."

Her fingers quickly released the snap on her jeans. She pushed the tight jeans down over the bulge of her ass, kicked free of her panties and stood, her golden vee of bush gleaming in the firelight.

"Go on, Big Ed. Lick my pussy. Start eating me out. I want it. I want you to do it."

And he did.

With the man's face buried between her legs, Karen idly thought this was the life. Sex -- and power. Then she simply let the sensation of a rough, wet tongue surging up her cunt wash through her body. That was enough for the moment.

For the moment.


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