The hottest aunt

Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of his nature. Most commonly mentioned are physical needs -- the needs for food and shelter. The need for sex -- the "reproductive drive", as it is often referred to -- is also considered basic to man.

Gloria Burnham is a woman whose drive for sex has long been frustrated. Her pursuit of satisfaction, thus, becomes desperate and those with whom she lives and associates suddenly become targets. A normal, healthy sex drive becomes reckless and those caught in its path are abruptly confronted with a dilemma which can be resolved only through unique solutions.

THE HOTTEST AUNT -- the story of a woman who has to come to terms with her own nature and needs. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.

Chapter ONE

She could feel his eyes on her body.

It was past midnight, and Gloria Burnham knew that once again her nephew was standing out on the veranda sneaking a look at her while she undressed.

She was a guest in her brother's house, and it really wasn't fair. It Walter Burnham knew what his teenaged son was up to, he'd have a fit. Gloria was certain it was young Andy out there. This was the second night in a row she'd heard noises coming from the veranda, and that morning when her eyes had met Andy's, she realized it was him.

She also realized the whole scene was turning her on.

Gloria was thirty-five years old, two years past her divorce, and horny as hell. Having her body ogled by a teenager was certainly not the dullest thing in the world.

She wondered how experienced he was. Were there any teenaged virgins these days? Maybe it was the lure of the older woman. His mother was only thirty-six and a knockout. Maybe she reminded him of his mother.

Whatever it was, her pussy was quivering, and she had to decide what to do about it.

The evening before, she hadn't let him see anything. She'd been more annoyed than intrigued. But tonight was different. She decided she would find out what he had in mind.

And if he had nothing in mind she might very well have a suggestion or two!

Standing before the full-length mirror, she removed her blouse. Every man she'd known had been delighted by her tits. Even covered as they were now by her bra, their beauty was evident. They weren't huge, but they were ripe and heavy and pear-shaped. Her ex-husband had always insisted they made his mouth water. She pulled back her shoulders and turned her body at an angle so that if Andy was looking, which she knew he certainly was, he would get the full effect.

A woman has to know how to turn a man on, she thought. Thank God her body was still something to look at.

She teased him by doing nothing for a full minute. Then she suddenly unsnapped her bra and slipped it off. Her tits appeared, full and free and startlingly white. They were firm, pointed high and slightly to the sides. The reddish-brown nipples were long and hard and excited. When she cupped her hands under her tits and raised them, she heard a definite gasp coming from the open window.

It was then she realized her play-acting was sheer torture for both of them.

"Okay, Andy," she called out. "Climb in through the window, but be quick about it."

There was a long moment of silence. Then the window was pulled up a few inches more, and young Andy Burnham climbed into the room.

Gloria faced him with a wry smile on her face. He was wearing no more than a pair of white jockey shorts, tented in front by an obvious erection.

"You've been spying on me," she said.

He blushed. His eyes fixed on her swaying tits, he spoke in a trembling voice.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Gloria. I couldn't help it."

"It's nasty to spy on people," she said. "I would think a boy your age would be experienced enough not to go crazy over the sight of a woman's body. Haven't you ever seen a woman before? Don't tell me you're a virgin, because if you do, I won't believe it."

He was a cute kid. He had sandy hair falling over his eyes, and a full set of freckles. His arms and chest were nicely muscled, and the equipment hidden by his jockey shorts certainly seemed complete.

"Well?" she said.

"Well what?"

"Are you a virgin?"

A flush came to his cheeks, and he nodded.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she said. "And you've got the hots for your one and only aunt, haven't you? I haven't seen you in five years. You can't tell me you've been lying awake five years dreaming about me. The last time I saw you, you had nothing like that hiding in your pants."

She looked meaningfully at his crotch.

His eyes were still on her tits. He looked almost hypnotized, and a wave of tenderness came over her.

"Now that you're here, what would you like to do?" she asked him. "Or maybe you just want to look."

He hesitated.

He had fair skin, and each time he blushed his face turned cherry-red.

"Can I touch you?"

She walked behind him and pulled down the window shade. Then she faced him, glanced once again at the bulge at his crotch, and waited.

"Go ahead," she said. "But if you ever tell anyone about this, I'll put poison in your corn flakes."

He extended a hand. The first touch of his fingers on the slope of her right breast forced her to close her eyes.

A long time had passed since man or boy had fondled her tits. Juice came oozing out of her cunt to drench the crotch of her panties.

Virgin or not a virgin, he had a marvelous touch. He ran his fingertips over the heaving globe of her tit, and then zeroed in on the swollen nipple to pull it and gently scratch the tip. Then he opened his hand, turned it, dug his fingers under her tit and raised it.

The weight of her breasts lifted from underneath always drove her wild.

"Suck it!" she gasped. "You're driving me crazy!"

When he hesitated, she took hold of his ear and pulled his face forward until his mouth covered the long nipple. As soon as she felt he had a hold on her, she released his ear and used the same hand to lift her tit and push her flesh into his mouth.

She kept her eyes moving from the mouth working on her tit to the hard cock clearly outlined by the thin cotton of his briefs.

She thought about his potency. Back in her home town she'd once had a brief affair with a boy his age -- a neighbor's son -- and as far as the fucking was concerned, she'd never been more satisfied in her life. That boy had been able to go on for hours and hours without losing his hard-on. She remembered the fresh taste of his cock and the firmness of his balls. She wondered if Andy was like that. She was itchy to get a hand on him.

Don't rush it, she thought, take it easy.

Some clever girl had taught him how to suck a tit. He knew how to use his tongue, how to roll the nipple between his tongue and teeth. He showed no signs of tiring. His hungry mouth devoured her tit.

Her breasts had always been sensitive, and now her nipple was tingling and almost to the point of being irritated. She finally pushed his head away and stepped back.

"Do you like my tits?"

"They're something!" he said. "I think about them a lot."

"And then what happens?" she asked him. "Do you jerk off?"

He blushed. "Sometimes."

Gloria smiled. "Don't be bashful about it. Everyone does it. It's the ones who don't who aren't normal. I do it, too."

She sat down on the edge of the bed and positioned him so that he was standing between her knees. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of his jockey shorts, she pulled them down to his thighs. His hard cock sprang out and almost hit her face. She stared at it a long time, and then she smiled up at him.

"Well, you're a man," she said. "You've certainly grown since the last time I saw you!"

Holding the base of his cock with her left hand, she used the fingers of her right hand to peel back the foreskin until his purplish cockhead was completely uncovered. It was unmistakably a young cock, the skin fresh and tight and without wrinkles. She cupped his balls, jiggling them and weighing them on her palm. A lovely drop of clear fluid seeped from the slit to dribble over the fat cockhead.

Squeezing her hand, she thrilled at the hardness of his cock, at the soft silky feeling of the outer skin covering the rigid pole. When she pulled her hand back up to the cockhead, another drop of fluid appeared at the tip. She stroked him slowly, watching the pre-cum dribbling out of the pouting slit.

She loved the warm hard feel of a cock throbbing in her hand.

To come or not to come, she thought with amusement, that is the question.

She kept her eyes glued to the pulsating cockhead and the gleaming fluid that was now smeared on the engorged knob. The smell of his hard prick was exquisite. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips to the head, thrilling to the satin-like texture and the incredible smoothness and warmth of the swollen pulsating bulb. His cockhead surged to an even greater fullness as her lips touched it.

She slipped her tongue over his cock-knob, gently licking until he groaned with pleasure.

The fluid seeping from the slit was slick to the touch. She licked it away, cleaning and polishing the head until it gleamed wet with her saliva.

She had always loved the smooth spongy feel of a cockhead on her tongue. She lapped it thoroughly.

Suddenly she could wait no longer. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked in the entire cockhead.

His thighs trembled.

She closed her lips around the ridge behind his cockhead and stiffened her mouth and tongue. When the head throbbed, swelling to a delicious fullness, she could feel her pussy contract and quiver in response. With an inward sigh, she opened her mouth wide and engulfed him, moving the ring of her lips down until his cockhead was pressed to the back of her throat. She rolled her tongue under the shaft, her lips stretched wide. The warm fleshy feel of his cockmeat in her mouth was marvelous.

Her mouth flooded with saliva, and whenever she swallowed, she had the full delicious taste of it.

Soon she was slurping up and down the entire length of his cock, taking it into her throat as far as possible, thrilling to the feel of his hard prick sliding in and out of her curled, clinging lips. Her tongue swirled and stroked. At intervals she held just the head in her mouth and sucked at it, before swooping down to once again take in his entire shaft.

Over and over again she bobbed her head up and down. His hips lurched and his thighs trembled with pleasure. She knew he couldn't last long.

His hands were tangled in her hair, then moved around to her face to caress her eyes and cheeks and finally her lips, his fingertips moving over the stretched ring to feel the hard bar of his cock gliding in and out of her sucking mouth.

He was moaning now, his body shaking as he began to lose control. She plunged down on his cock with her fingers pressing at the base of the shaft and a hand clutching one of the cheeks of his ass.

Suddenly, his prickhead expanded in her mouth, and she felt the first squirt of jism splattering on her palate. As it washed across her tongue, warm and slippery, another gush of cream erupted from his cockhead, and in a moment her mouth was full of his foaming white juice.

She held him until the end, savoring each trembling spurt, sucking his prick vigorously yet tenderly.

When she finally pulled away, cleaning him off thoroughly with her lips, she had the metallic taste of his cum on her tongue.

I'm a glutton, she thought.

She loved to milk a cock dry with her mouth.

Andy moaned. "I'm sorry," he said. "I couldn't help it."

She looked up at him and smiled. "Of course you couldn't. But it's better this way, darling. You heeded to let go."

"You don't mind... I mean... when I come in your mouth like that?"

She smiled again and fondled his balls. "Of course not. It's exciting to swallow your cum. It's part of you, and that makes it delicious."

Standing up, she slipped off the rest of her clothes. When she faced him again, she saw him staring at her crotch. Moving a hand down, she rubbed her cuntmound and slipped a finger between her cuntlips to massage her clit.

She was amused at the wonder in his eyes. He'd probably never looked at a fully developed woman before.

Taking his arm, she pulled him down beside her on the bed. She was fascinated by his youthful body. He was awkward and gangling and full of stamina.

His cock was hard again.

She held the long shaft in her hand and caressed it with a gentle massage. Finally, she stretched him out on is back and positioned herself on her knees between his legs.

She wanted his sweet young cock in her mouth again, and she decided there was no reason to be coy.

Cupping his tight pink balls in one hand, she grasped his cock in the other and began to slowly masturbate him.

"Jesus!" he said. "I can't take that! You'll make me come!"

"Relax," Gloria said, laughing. "Just relax." Dipping her head down, she began lapping his cock and balls with the flat of her tongue. The fresh odor of his prick, sweet and sharp, wafted into her nostrils and caused her to shiver. She pulled back his tender foreskin so that the swollen head of his cock popped out to aim at the ceiling. Pursing her lips, she sucked the ripe plum into her warm mouth.

If Andy was surprised at her sucking him again, the pleasure of it was obviously something he welcomed.

Gloria wondered how many girls had actually done it to him. After a few moments, she lifted her head free of his cock and pumped it with her fingers.

"Do you like this?" she asked.

"You know I do!" he gasped.

She nuzzled the cockhead, planting a series of kisses on the tip, and continued milking it.

"Have any of your girlfriends ever done this to you?"

"Jesus, no!"

"Sooner or later they will. In the meantime I have you all to myself, don't I?" Then she added.

"But it's getting late. You'll have to go back to your own room soon. Do you want me to suck you off again? You're nice and hard now, and we can't leave you like this, can we? You can come in my mouth again, if you want to."

"I still feel embarrassed about doing something like that," he said. "I guess I'm just not used to the idea."

She continued stroking him. She kept the rhythm slow enough to hold him simmering but prevent his climax.

"You're a precious boy," she said. "Really, honey, there's nothing wrong with it. But I'll just play with you like this for a while, if that's what you want. I know you'd like to do other things, but I'd rather wait until some other time. You don't mind, do you?"

Gloria was more than a little amazed at her own audacity. But she was thirty-five years old, and the pleasure of handling a handsome teenager's cock was too great of a resist. She knew the first time he fucked her it would be nothing special -- nothing except a quick pumping climax for him and probably not even that for her. Playing with his randy cock was at least an interesting diversion.

"How often do you masturbate?" she asked.

He blushed furiously. "Oh, God, Aunt Gloria! Do we have to talk about that?"

She laughed. "Don't be silly! How often?"

"Just about every day."

"You see? It doesn't hurt to talk about it, does it? Everyone knows that boys your age have sex on their minds. These lovely balls keep filling up, and they need to be emptied. There's no reason to be ashamed of it." She tickled his balls with a probing finger. "Your balls are big," she said. "I love a man with big balls."

She swooped down on him. Holding his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, she began kissing the tip, tonguing from the slit the seeping fluid.

She took in his cockhead, and then, slowly, more and more of the shaft, until her nose was pressed to his pubic hair, his cock down her throat to the hilt.

She was proud of the fact she could take him all the way. She knew most women were not able to swallow a cock down to the root.

Andy began to slowly raise and lower his ass, bucking his hips, fucking her mouth as if it were a cunt. The pleasure of feeling her throat-muscles expanding and contracting around his cockhead were soon too much for him. With a deep groan, he let go with salvo after salvo of squirting cum.

Gloria quickly moved a hand to her cunt, and she fingered herself to an orgasm as she drained the last drops of jism from his cock.

Finally, she licked the cum off his softening cockhead, searching out each drop to make sure it wasn't wasted. With a soft moan, she rolled over onto her back. Her hand was pressed to her cunt, and three fingers were plunged into her cunthole.

Chapter TWO

The next morning when Gloria opened her eyes, she found herself with a knot of guilt and frustration. Giving blowjobs to her nephew was not exactly what she'd had in mind when she came out to visit her brother. With a chuckle of sarcasm she told herself that maybe it could be considered a contribution to Andy's education.

As far as the frustration was concerned, the simple fact was that the one small orgasm she'd given herself with her hand while sucking him off was just not enough. In the bathroom, when she faced herself in the mirror, she knew she'd have to begin the day by masturbating, otherwise she'd be tense and restless and miserable. It wouldn't be the most satisfying thing in the world, but she was thankful that at least she'd outgrown her inhibitions about it.

She looked at the upward thrust of her tits and couldn't resist the urge to touch them and fondle them and tease the long nipples into swollen hardness. She loved handling her tits and feeling the swiftly answering agitation in her cunt.

Gazing at the mirror, she watched the swelling of her nipples. She parted her legs and slid her fingers into her thick bush of cunthair and between her meaty cuntlips. She began breathing rapidly with a seething excitement, her fingers probing and tickling the juicy folds of her cunt. When she began the rhythmic massage of the shaft of her clit, it took only moments to bring on the rush of an orgasm.

Venting a series of soft moans, she finally shuddered and pulled her hand away from her cunt.

It was hardly supreme ecstasy, but it was better than nothing.

She stepped into the shower, humming the melody of an old song.

By the time she arrived downstairs for breakfast, Walter and Amy were gone, and she found herself alone with Andy. Munching a combination of dry cereal and milk, her nephew was reading the baseball scores in the newspaper.

"Good morning," she said.

He offered her a sheepish grin. "Good morning, Aunt Gloria."

At least he doesn't look damaged, she thought. If anything, he looked better than the day before.

Did all of that really happen last night? She tried to visualize his cock hanging between his thighs. Then, because an erect cock was always more pleasing to her, she imagined his erect cock pointing at the ceiling. She felt herself getting horny again.

I'm cock-happy, she thought.

She could eat him up. It wouldn't be the first time in her life she'd have cum for breakfast. If there was any better way to start a day, she didn't know about it.

She watched with amusement as his eyes hungrily raked over her body. She was wearing a skimpy halter that did nothing to hide the fullness of her tits.

"You look ready to rape me," she said with a chuckle.

He blushed.

"Your mother and father will be gone most of the day," she said. "How would you like to spend the time?"

His eyes devoured her tits. "I'd like to fuck you," he said.

Her eyes sparkling, she smiled and sat down opposite him at the table. She loved to tease him.

"I thought you'd never ask," she said. "But maybe we ought to wait until after breakfast. Do you have a hard-on now?"

"Yes," he said.

"If you bring it over here, I'd love to have a look at it."

He came around the table to stand in front of her. She unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and shorts. His cock was bone hard. She had an urge to suck him off again, but she decided to restrain herself. She cupped his balls in her palm and raised them against the base of his cock.

"You win," she said. "Let's go to my room and take care of this."

She led him upstairs with a hand patting his adorable ass.

She decided that if she had to choose one or the other, she'd always want an experienced lover. But she had to admit the charming innocence of a teenager was exciting.

In her room she quickly slipped out of her clothes and lay down beside him on the bed. She hugged him and pressed her body to his side.

She moved a hand down to grasp his hard cock. The hot shaft throbbed in her hand. Andy turned to face her, and his cock slipped between her thighs.

The heat of his cock was exquisite.

He opened his mouth and sucked in one of her nipples.

The combination of sensations was suddenly too much to resist, and she rolled over onto her back and pulled him on top of her.

Spreading her legs, she took hold of him again and swabbed his cockhead in her juicy cunt. She held the fat head at the mouth of her cunt.

"Put it in... honey," she said.

When he lowered his ass, she felt the hot swollen crown of his cock spread her wet cuntlips and enter her cunthole.

He groaned hoarsely as he moved into her, his fat cockhead spreading the walls of her slippery fuck-channel. She responded with a moan of pleasure and worked her inner muscles to grip his shaft.

After a while, he instinctively began to move. She threw her legs up over his back and dug her heels into his ass.

"That's good!" she gasped. "That's good."

He stroked in and out of her sopping cunt. She worked her pelvis in rhythm with his movements, pulling back as he withdrew and pushing up to meet his inward stroke. Her cunt was flooded with juice, and the room was filled with the squishy sounds of fucking.

Suddenly, with a warning cry of delight, he plunged and pumped savagely as he started shooting his load of hot jism.

She held him tightly, thrilling to the sweetness of sharing his first fuck.

She hadn't come, but she'd prepared herself for that. She tightened her cunt muscles to milk his shrinking cock as it shriveled and backed out of her cunt with a soft sucking sound.

After a while, she wriggled out from under him and sat up. Shifting her body, she stretched out beside him with her face near his cock. Her hands moved over his belly as she tongued his limp prick, licking his balls and lapping the underside of the soft shaft. He trembled and shivered as she engulfed his entire cock in her warm mouth and sucked it hungrily. She tongued his cock and balls, swirling her tongue around the cockhead, lapping and sucking, her cheeks hollowing as she worked on him.

Finally pulling her mouth away, she stroked the skin of his cock up and down with an expert touch.

"Tell me about your girlfriends," she said. "Or maybe there's a special one. Is she pretty?"

"I guess."

"What do you like best about her? But I suppose I can guess. You're a tit man, aren't you?"

"Yeah," he said.

"Does she ever touch your cock?"


"Does she suck you off?"

"No, she won't do that."

Gloria smiled. She remembered an old saying: Youth is wasted on the young.

His cock was growing hard again. She lowered her mouth to engulf the swelling prick. Her left hand massaged his heavy balls. She grasped him by the root of his cock and sucked in the full length of the shaft.

"Oooo, aaaaahhhhh!" he groaned.

She sucked more rapidly, pulling the skin of his cock up from the base with her teeth, at times nibbling at the cockhead and then running her lips down the sides.

He raised his ass to push his prick into her voracious mouth. Sucking more violently, she reached under his balls and searched out his asshole to probe it with a fingertip.

His hard young cock was now in full form. Gloria's eyes were wild with lust, her cunt sopping wet. Shifting her body, she straddled him.

"This time, I'll do the work," she said.

Edging backward, she raised her pelvis, found the head of his cock with the socket of her cunt, and plunged down in a single smooth motion to capture his cock completely.

They both groaned with pleasure of the deep impalement.

She began churning her hips, rotating the channel of her cunt on his upstanding cock. He fucked into her twisting cunthole, his eyes fixed on her lush tits, hanging over his face like two melons. Lifting his hands, he clutched her jugs with his fingers, jiggling the globes.

She panted and squealed and pumped his cock with her gripping cunt, groaning with each downward thrust of her hips.

"Oh, God, is it good!"

She gradually increased the tempo of her humping, stroking his rigid cock up and down, churning and twisting to get her clit rubbed in the way she needed it. She adored the way he fucked, the way he bucked his cock like a stallion into the channel of her cunt. The noise of their fucking was marvelous, a squishy slurping sound that was music to her ears. Even the mattress wheezed and squeaked in harmony with their movements.

"Oh, God!" she groaned. "Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck me!"

He suddenly jerked and moaned and squirted his load into her hot cunt.

The spurting of his cock triggered her own climax, and her cunt-channel rhythmically clutched at his throbbing meat. The cream poured out of her cunt to dribble over his balls, and with a final gasp, she fell forward on his body and closed her mouth over his in a wet kiss.

When she pulled her face away, she looked down at him, smiled, and patted his cheek.

"That was lovely," she said. "Was it good for you, too?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"You're still hard, you little devil. We'll have to do something about that. Would you like to come again?"


She shifted her body up to his face, her long legs kneeling on either side of his head, her thick bush of cunthair directly over his nose.

"But first, you'll have to do something for me," she said. "I'd like you to kiss my pussy."

Without waiting for an answer, she lowered her cunt onto his nose and rubbed back and forth.

She loved having a man's nose and tongue in her cunt. It occurred to her this might be the first time she had ever done anything like this. She decided if that were so it was time he learned! A woman appreciated a man who sucked her pussy.

When his tongue stiffened and probed her cunt channel, she squirmed on his face to welcome him.

"That's it, lover!" she said. "Suck it! Suck my cunt!"

His tongue danced in and out of her cunthole, tasting the ripe fluids, slurping the juice into his mouth. She could feel her fat cuntlips slobbering over his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" she hissed. "That's good! That's good!"

He continued sucking. It was obvious he was enjoying himself. Using her fingers, she pushed her clit down on his tongue.

"Do my clit!" she cried.

She had a large clitoris. When he closed his lips over it, she took his hands and placed them on her asscheeks.

"Suck me! Keep sucking!"

Bucking her hips, she rubbed her stiff clit over his mouth. His face was now totally smeared with cuntjuice. She looked down and shivered when she saw him swallowing her fluids.

Clutching the cheeks of her ass, he milked the cream out of her cunt, her hot clit smashing again and again onto his firm snake-like tongue.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she cried. "I'm coming! Oh, yes! I'm coming!"

As the last orgasmic spasm contracted her cunt to squeeze her juice out onto his tongue, she twisted her body, fell off his face, and shifted her head down to his crotch...

Finding his erect cock, she slid her mouth over the swollen head. He gave out a rumbling groan of pleasure as he arched up to push more and more of his straining cock into her mouth.

Once again, she had the exquisite sensation of a large throbbing cock moving in and out of the drawing ring of her lips. The cockhead was smooth and rubbery, the pulsating flesh pressing her tongue down as she eased him down her throat. Her mouth watered as she slurped up and down, sucking him off for all she was worth.

She no longer thought of him as her nephew, but only as a male -- a male with a thick cock that throbbed and jerked as she sucked it hungrily.

Her fingers worked frantically between his legs, playing with the heavy swollen spheres of his balls, tickling under the wrinkled sac, spreading his hairy thighs wide apart, pulling up to force more and more of his delicious cock down her quivering throat.

The faster and harder she sucked, the more he thrashed, his cock rooting deeper and deeper into her throat.

Suddenly, he was sucking her cunt again, his tongue slithering in and out, his lips working over her clit. She started climbing to another orgasm, delirious with his delightful sucking and the juicy force of his cock plunging in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth with steady stabbing strokes.

When she felt his balls tighten, she knew his moment was at hand. Mewling with pleasure, she lowered her face over his writhing crotch, taking in as much of the heavy cock as she could as the hot torrents of his cum gushed down her throat.

She nursed his cock, sucking each spurting glob from the tightly filled head, coaxing his throbbing cum from his balls. She loved the soft moans of pleasure escaping from his lips, the uncontrolled trembling of his thighs, the jerking roll of his hips as he heaved the length of his cock into her mouth. As she rolled the last wad of cream over her tongue, bathing the sensitive head of his cock in the warm juice, she shuddered with the onset of her own climax. Moaning gratefully, she swallowed the last dribble of his hot young jism.

"Oh, Jesus!" he moaned.

Smiling, Gloria turned to him and kissed his cheek. "Did you like that?"

"I'm wiped out," he said.

She gave a soft giggle and kissed him again. "Do you still feel funny about coming in my mouth?"

"Not any more."

She flipped his limp cock with a finger. "Poor little thing," she said. "He's completely drained. You don't usually come this much, do you? I mean when you masturbate."

He shivered. "I once did it eight times in one day."

"Oh, my!" she said.

She fingered his balls, now loose in the sac. She wondered how many gallons of jism a man made in a lifetime. She had a sudden fantasy of taking a bath in it, soaking her body in a bathtub full of hot cum. The idea sent a warm tingle up her spine.

"I liked kissing your pussy," he said.

She continued fondling his balls and playfully pinching his cock.

"Some men don't like it, you know. But every woman loves having it done to her. I think you're going to be a marvelous lover. Let's clean up in the bathroom now. We can't lie around like this all day."

They left the bed, holding hands.

Inside the bathroom, she was puzzled because he seemed embarrassed. Then she realized what the trouble was.

"You have to pee, don't you?" she said.

He blushed and nodded.

Gloria laughed. "After the wonderful time we've just had, I don't think it'll matter much if I help you."

In a moment she had her fingers on his dangling cock, holding it to aim the stream at the bowl.

Chapter THREE

"Come on, honey," Walter Burnham said. "Get your clothes off."

Amy Burnham smiled. There was nothing in the world more pleasant than having her husband anxious for a fuck-session. She'd had a lousy day, and only a thorough workout would make ha human again.

As she began unbuttoning her blouse, she couldn't resist teasing him.

"You have anything in mind?"

"You know what I have in mind," he said.

"But we'll have to be careful," Amy said. "Your sister is in the next room, you know."

Walter laughed. "Gloria's no child. She's been married, and she knows we're not in here playing checkers at night."

Amy removed her blouse to reveal her large tits pushed up by her white bra. She had always been proud of her tits, and she was thankful they were still firm and springy. The one thing she'd never had to worry about was having enough cleavage to show at the top of a neckline.

Amy slipped down the zipper at the top of her skirt, opened the top snap, and worked her skirt and half-slip down together. She wore white bikini panties and a frilly blue garterbelt to hold up her stockings. She hated pantyhose -- she liked having the tops of her thighs bare because it made her feel more sexy. At the joining of her thighs, where the panties pulled tight over her pubic mound and back between her legs, the material was thin enough to show the shadow of her cunthair. Her thighs were full, the flesh smooth and firm.

A glance at the front of Walter's shorts told her his cock was already half-hard.

Amy stretched back her arms to open the hooks of her bra. She drew the cups away and let the ribbons drag down her arms. Her full swinging tits quivered as she tossed the bra away. The globes of her breasts were slightly elongated, capped by medium-sized areolas of pale brownish-pink with half-hardened darker pink studs at their centers. Her nipples were set high on her tits, so that they angled upward when aroused.

During her eighteen years of marriage, Amy had had a number of extra-curricular affairs -- some with men and some with women -- and all her lovers had adored her tits. She didn't consider her casual affairs as infidelities. She never became really entangled with her lovers, and Walter more or less knew about them. He at least knew there was an occasional adventure outside their marriage. She suspected he had his own amusements whenever the opportunity presented itself. He did considerable traveling around the state and sometimes he was away for weeks.

Amy hardly ever hungered for feminine love, and she considered an hour or two passed with a lesbian as nothing more than an interesting diversion. There were times when she found herself turned on by another woman, but she was too conservative to jump into the sack with just anyone.

Her current female interest happened to be Walter's sisters Gloria, and Amy was determined to make a try at a seduction. She had no idea whether anything would ever come of it -- Gloria seemed to be very uninhibited and carefree, but Amy knew the shell people wore on the outside was often deceiving.

Now Amy turned to lower her panties and reveal the full plump globes of her ass. She could feel his eyes on the smooth tight skin of her asscheeks, and it brought a flood of warmth to her pussy.

When she turned around, she found Walter had dropped his shorts. She gazed fondly at his long thick cock, rearing up impatiently.

"You certainly look ready!" she said.

Walter smiled. He fisted his cock and waved it at her. "Still gets to you, huh?"

"Of course it does, silly. It's flattering. I usually have to work on you to get a hard-on like that."

Stretching out on the bed, she assumed a fucking position with her knees up and her thighs parted to show the dark brown bush of hair at her crotch. She knew the garterbelt and stockings made a lovely frame for her pussy.

Walter knelt on the bed and gazed at her cunt. He never tired of looking at it. Amy considered it to be the one part of her anatomy which hadn't changed since their marriage. The lips were fatter and slightly less elastic, but essentially it was the same cunt she'd offered him at the age of eighteen -- meaty, juicy, and always hot.

Amy watched him now with heavy lidded eyes. It always excited her when a man looked at her cunt with lust. Snaking a hand down to her crotch, she fingered her pussy and parted her thick cuntlips.

"You're a luscious piece," he said. "Luscious and wet."

"Wet for you, lover," she said.

He gazed at her moist pink cunt. He surged up, covering her body completely with his.

Her hands moved down to help funnel his cock into her wet hole. She encircled him with her fingers, slid his foreskin back, and then he was entering her, sliding into her, filling her with his throbbing meat. She moaned at the first push of the hot cylinder of cockflesh into her body.

"Oh, God, that feels good! Fuck me, honey!"

Her cunt squirmed on his cock.

"Oh, shit!" he hissed. "I'm going to fuck your brains out!"

"Oh, yes, baby!" she cried. "Fuck me! Come in me!"

He pulled back and plunged into her again. He began stroking with a firm rhythm, her thighs rocking at his hips and their bellies slapping. The bed creaked in cadence with his thrusting; her wet cunt pounded up at him; he panted as he looked down at her contorted face.

Her tits quivering like jelly, she cried: "Oh, God! Oh, you beautiful stud!" She arched up to him, her belly quaking.

He rammed her until he hit bottom. Her cunt muscles clutched at his cock as he groaned and shot his load.

"Give it to me, baby!" she crooned. "Give it to me!"

She kept her hands on his asscheeks until he drained his balls.

When he finally rolled off her body, she left the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. Stripping off her stockings and garterbelt, she put one foot on the toilet and watched his jism ooze out and run down her thigh. With a shiver of delight, she wiped her cunt with a Kleenex and tossed the crumpled tissue into the bowl.

Walter would sleep now. Whenever he fucked this late at night, one orgasm was enough to finish him.

Still restless, Amy slipped on a robe and walked out onto the veranda in the warm night air. The stars were out; the crickets were chirping; she felt good to be alive.

Then she heard the moan from Gloria's bedroom window. Amy froze and felt a shiver run down her spine. She knew very well what that kind of a moan was. Stepping carefully on the wooden floor of the veranda, she moved to the edge of Gloria's window and peered inside through the parted curtains.

What she saw made her eyes widen and her heart pound madly. A deep sexual sensation flowed over her belly, and her juices flooded her cunt.

On the bed, their arms curled around each other, their bodies naked, her sister-in-law and her son were fucking.

Amy could see Gloria's swelling pointed tits, the full curves of Gloria's white body, the unrestrained passion on Gloria's face.

She watched the slow roll of Gloria's hips as she pressed them against Andy's. She watched Andy's hands working on Gloria's tits, his fingers pulling on her nipples.

Gloria sagged backward as Andy bucked his pelvis in another forward stroke of his cock.

Amy hadn't seen her son completely naked since he was twelve years old. Her eyes glittering, she stared at his muscular ass as he fucked Gloria. He drew back his hips, and she could see the thick wet shaft of his cock slide out of Gloria's fat-lipped cunt. When he pushed back in to the hilt, another groan of pleasure escaped Gloria's crooning mouth.

A hot flash of sexual need jolted through Amy's body as she watched the scene in the room. Her cunt fluttered and her nipples tingled. She moved a hand under her robe to the tender meat of her swelling cuntlips. Biting her lip, she worked her fingers into the dripping folds.

Gloria rocked on the bed, her asscheeks moving up and down, her thighs spread wide to reveal the dark bush of cunthair surrounding the thick stem of Andy's cock. She lacked her ankles over his back and vigorously pumped away.

Her mouth open, her chest straining to hold back the sounds of her gasps, Amy watched.

Andy groaned, smiled down at Gloria, and worked his hands down her body from her shoulders to her thighs. He massaged her skin, cupping her pointed tits in his palms, gripping her flesh. Then he moved his hands to her swelling asscheeks, his fingers digging in as he clutched the resilient globes. He ran his fingers along the insides of her thighs until she rocked up and down to get more of his cock.

Amy watched her son's fingers moving along Gloria's cunt. When he found her clit, be rolled it back and forth as Gloria shivered in response. His fingers slid over her wet cuntlips to the shaft of his cock and then back up again to Gloria's clit. A moment later, his fingers moved down again, this time to probe between the soft cheeks of Gloria's ass.

Gloria's eyes opened, and an expectant look came into them. She wriggled her cunt more forcefully around the pole of his cock.

Gloria suddenly groaned as Andy bent his wrist and drove a finger into her puckered asshole.

Amy shuddered in sympathy, recalling her own sensations whenever her ass was invaded. She watched the expression of sexual bliss wash over Gloria's face. Gloria's features were contorted and strained.

Andy pistoned his cock into her cunt. At intervals, he pulled back and teased her by holding the knob of his cock at her cuntlips. Amy could see his wrist rotating as he rolled his finger inside Gloria's asshole.

When Andy spread his thighs, Amy could see the tight spheres of his balls hanging between them.

"Oh, God!" Gloria groaned. "I'm going to come soon! I can't take this any more!"

Gloria reached down to tangle her fingers in Andy's crotch. She ran her hands over her belly and then back up to her tits.

Amy was now rhythmically massaging her own cunt, masturbating in a frenzy as she watched the scene on the bed. She was breathless with the anticipation of watching her son shoot his cum into Gloria.

She had more than once wondered about his sex life, more than once had a fleeting image of what his cock and balls might be like now that he was almost full grown. But it was hard to realize the rampant young stallion on the bed was her baby!

Once again, Gloria bucked up from the bed to grasp Andy's cock with her cunt. Amy heard them gasp and watched them tremble with the rushing approach of their orgasms. She felt her own fingers tightening around her swollen dripping cuntlips. She had cuntjuice running on her palm, a river of juice out of the very cunt from which Andy had sprung.

Then Andy drew back for his last thrust, and Amy saw a slight hesitation in the rhythm of his hips. With a vigorous lurch, he plunged once again into Gloria's clinging cunt-channel, his asscheeks tight and full, his dangling balls pulsating as he emptied them with a deep groan of lust.

Their bodies were welded together in the throes of climax.

Amy imagined she could feel her son's cum spurting into her own pussy in white-hot bursts of passion. She squeezed her cuntlips and shuddered at the viciousness of her fantasy.

Gloria was coming. She opened her mouth and cried out. Her belly spasmed up and down, and her long body folded up on itself as she quaked and quivered and crooned.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, God! Oooohhhh!" Fascinated, Amy watched her sister-in-law shuddering in orgasm. She thought the session would end then, but in a moment she realized Gloria was far from satiated. The face of the woman on the bed had turned totally wanton, and it was obvious Gloria was still coming, still in the throes of a climax. She moved through a series of shattering explosions that left her drained and limp.

Incredulous and stunned, Amy watched Gloria's convulsions. She felt, envious. Her own cunt trembled under her pressing hand. Her cuntlips twitched. Her juices oozed endlessly onto her fingers. She suddenly stiffened and closed her eyes as the rush of an orgasm overwhelmed her body.

It was really a small climax, no more than a few fluttering waves of pleasure.

When Amy opened her eyes, she saw Gloria slowly settling her body back on the bed, her asscheeks flattening under her as her cunt descended.

Andy gripped Gloria's hips and slumped down, his long cock slowly pulling out of Gloria's pussy. Gloria's cunt now lay opened like a ravaged flower, and Amy's eyes sparkled at the sight of it. She could see her son's cum oozing out of the pink hole in a viscous glob that soon flowed down to cover Gloria's asshole.

Amy smiled at the way Andy's cock drooped like a weary soldier. He was hung like his father -- heavy and thick and long enough to touch bottom.

With a sigh and a happy giggle, Gloria covered her cunt with her hand to contain the oozing juice.

"You've really flooded me!" Gloria said.

Andy blushed. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be silly," Gloria said. "It's delicious. I love it when there's so much of it. This is the first time for you today, isn't it? I mean you didn't masturbate today... that's why you had so much."

He nodded. "I'm trying to stop that. I'd rather save it for you."

An impish smile came to Gloria's face. "Put your fingers in my pussy. I think I can come again if you do that. It won't take long."

He pushed two fingers into the wet channel.

"Another finger," Gloria said. "It's nice to be stretched... there, that's better! Move them in and out as if you're fucking me... oh, yes, that's nice! Just like that... do you mind doing this?"

"Of course not."

"You can use your thumb up at the top. Oh, God, you're a darling! Do me, honey! I'm going to have a nice one! I can feel it coming now! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooohh!"

Amy watched in amazement as Gloria twisted and churned and bucked under Andy's masturbating hand. The lewdness of Gloria's response was a shock. She had known Gloria as a quiet controlled woman. This was a new Gloria she was seeing now -- a wild female in heat.

With a last crooning cry, Gloria jerked her body and came. She fell back on the pillows with a soft hiss. Her meaty cunt was now more open and wetter than ever.

Reaching out with a happy smile, Andy pulled a tissue out of a box and handed it to her. Gloria balled it between her thighs and dropped her legs from his waist so that he could move back.

Amy shivered at the sight of his slime-covered cock waving in the air. Half-faint with desire and shock, she stepped back from the window. She slipped away to return to her own bedroom.

Amy stretched out on the bed beside Walter. She decided she would say nothing to anyone. Andy was old enough to learn about sex, and Gloria was obviously an excellent teacher!

The most important thing of all was that after seeing Gloria in action, Amy's interest in her sister-in-law was more intense than ever.

I can't sleep like this, she thought. She was much too tense. The small orgasm she'd had while watching Andy and Gloria fucking was not enough. Her cunt was still on fire, her cuntlips swollen with need.

Clenching her teeth with desperation, Amy left the bed and went to the bathroom. She locked the door, sat down on the toilet, and spread her legs to masturbate.

Chapter FOUR

On a downtown street, her high heels clicking on the pavement, Gloria was in a mellow mood. A late morning rain had cooled the air, and she felt happy and full of energy.

She wondered how much of it was due to what was happening with Andy. She had no romantic illusions about it -- what was going on was pure lust. How she loved it! He was learning fast, and the fucking was getting better than ever. The only thing she missed was the finesse of a mature man, a man who knew how to tantalize. She'd had more than one lover like that, and they'd given her something to measure other lovers by. Andy was young and sweet, and his cock stayed hard for hours. He fucked her endlessly and she adored sucking him off.

But their bed sessions lacked a certain spirit of erotic adventure.

She walked along the street, conscious of the eyes of men, of their appreciation of her full, firm tits and curvaceous ass. Their admiration was titillating, and she was amused herself for getting turned on by it.

Veering around a corner, her eyes on the window of a dress shop, she slammed into someone walking in the opposite direction.

"I'm terribly sorry!" a deep voice said.

Gloria found herself in the arms of a distinguished looking man with gray hair and steely blue eyes. Blushing, she stepped back.

"I'm terribly sorry," he repeated. "It was certainly my fault."

"Oh, no," Gloria said. "I ought to look where I'm going."

Then he bent down, and she realized she'd dropped her purse. He retrieved it from the ground and handed it back to her.

"I'd like to make amends," he said. "Will you join me for lunch?"

His good manners and good looks were impossible to refuse. In a few minutes, Gloria found herself being ushered into a quiet expensive restaurant. He was apparently known by the proprietor, and they were seated side by side in a secluded booth.

"My name, is Philip Norton," he said.

Gloria realized she was in a daze. She told him her name. They ordered drinks; they ordered lunch. Halfway through the meal, he had his hand on her knee. By the time they finished dessert, she'd more or less agreed to have a look at his apartment.

There was a risk, of course. She knew that these days you don't go off with any pick-up just for the hell of it. But he was very, good-looking, and he seemed like someone important in town.

Twenty minutes later, he led her into a swank downtown apartment. She stood in the large living room, ogling the beautiful wood paneling and leather furniture.

He took her raincoat from her and hung it in a closet. Then he took her hand, and they toured the place. There were three large bedrooms, a gleaming kitchen, and twin baths.

"It's a nice quiet place to get things done in," he said.

"I'm sure it is," Gloria said.

When he kissed her, she shivered. He opened her blouse, and she stood completely motionless. He began undressing her, and she remained docile and obedient, without a single word of protest.

Her pussy was flooded -- had been flooded from the very beginning -- and was now running like a waterfall.

When he unhooked her bra, he put his hands on her tits, lifting them and playing with the nipples.

"Nice!" he hissed. "I thought they'd be nice, but you can't always tell. Women do things to fool people. Bend forward a bit and let me see how they hang." She did as he asked. Her tits hung down and he played with them as if they were two ringing bells.

When her panties came off, he ran a finger between her cuntlips and smiled when be found her wet. He kissed her, and she squirmed against his hand. Then he stepped back to look at her. She remained motionless, even when he circled her to look at her from the rear. When he came to stand in front of her again, the lust in his eyes thrilled her.

"I like your body," he said. "There's a ripeness about it that is very special." Then he moved closer and extended a hand to pinch her cuntlips. "And this, of course, is the ripest of all, isn't it?"

He took her hand and led her, into the master bedroom. There was a king-size bed in a large decoratively furnished room. Wherever possible the walls were mirrored.

It was obviously a room for lovemaking.

He stood beside her and ran his hand in a smooth caress over her back and down to the cheeks of her ass. Without any warning, his fingers plunged into the crack and a fingertip probed the tight grommet of her asshole.

With a soft moan of acquiescence, Gloria relaxed her muscles and allowed his finger to enter.

Norton chuckled as he probed her deeply. "You've had more than a finger in here, haven't you?"

She blushed furiously but didn't pull away. He finally released her and began undressing. Trembling with excitement, she watched him remove his clothes. When she sat down on the edge of the bed, she had an eerie feeling it was all a dream. There she was, sitting on a strange man's bed, knowing that in a few moments they'd be fucking.

He slipped off his shorts, and his cock bobbed up and down like a heavy club. His balls seemed huge and swollen. When he had all his clothes off, he came to stand in front of her. She looked up at his face and then down again at the thick meat of his cock.

"Take it in your mouth," he said.

When she remained motionless, he sighed and backed off to open a bureau drawer. He brought out a leather strap with a handle that fit his palm.

Gloria shivered. She'd had a feeling from the beginning it was going to be something like this. Her only concern was that he wouldn't really hurt her, that it was no more than a game.

But the look on his face frightened her. There was a chair beside the bed. He reached for her, moving like blurred lightning, and in a moment she was across his lap.

The first time the strap hit her ass, she screamed. Then he hit her again, and her ass came alive with blazing sensations that quickly became sexual.

When she screamed, he laughed.

"Scream all you want," he said. "No one can hear you."

He hit her again and again, and she became more and more excited with each blow. She could feel the gathering warmth in her cunt. Whatever pain there was gradually changed its character, and as the strap continued its rhythmic steady assault of her skin, she could feel her first orgasm beginning. She stopped, screaming, and now her sounds were whimpers and groans -- sounds of intense pleasure. When he stopped hitting her, she cried out in protest.

"No!" she begged. "Don't stop! I'm so close!" She lay limp across his legs, her ass red and swollen. She could see herself in one of the mirrors. She could see him as he bent forward to kiss her quivering asscheeks. Then he hit her again, and she cried out in renewed agony. As he continued hitting her, her cunt contracted and spasmed with each slap.

Deep moans escaping from her throat, her body convulsed in a fierce orgasm.

Using his hand now, he began hitting her with short frenzied slaps until she began coming again with a series of violent shudders, that carried her into a momentary oblivion.

She lost all control, pissing on his lap, but he didn't seem to care. Spilling onto the floor, she rolled her body from side to side in a convulsion of raw sensation, the insides of her thighs drenched with cuntjuice and piss, her face and neck bathed in sweat.

Sliding to the floor, Norton shoved his prick into her clenching cunt.

"Fuck me!" Gloria cried. "Fuck me into the floor!"

She clutched him, sobbing and groaning, and then he was shooting his load and she could tell his abuse of her had turned him on to the point of madness.

When he collapsed on her, the carpet irritated and burned her skin where she'd been whipped. She closed her arms around him and moved her hips against him, enjoying the feel of his cock still inside her cunt.

Then his cock shrunk, and she could feel him withdrawing. As it, finally fell out of her, he groaned and kissed her.

She sat up and looked at him with a shy smile. She wanted to do something about the juices leaking from her cunt. And her ass was tender and sore.

He sensed her need and patted her hip affectionately.

"Relax," he said. "I'll take care of you."

"It hurts," she said.

"Of course it hurts, but you really had yourself a time, didn't you?"

She smiled. "I never thought I'd be able to do anything like this, but I guess there's always a first time."

Tie helped her up and led her to the bathroom. He handed her a douche and watched with a smile on his face.

"You can soak in a hot tub awhile," he said. "Then I'll massage some cold cream into your ass, and you'll be fine again."

"Do all your girlfriends like being paddled?"

He laughed. "Most of them. It turns on most women. Some go a little crazy when it's done to them. Some are wilder than others."

When she sat down in the tub, the hot water felt marvelous. Norton stood next to the tub with his cock dangling near her face. Despite his age, he had the meaty cock of a young stud. The fat purplish head peeping out of the foreskin looked delicious.

After the bath, Gloria returned to the bedroom. Norton made her lie down on the bed on her belly. He began kissing her. He labored over the backs of her thighs, over the smooth resilient flesh of her ass. He took his time, prolonging each caress before moving on. Slobbering on her skin, he left the backs of her thighs to stroke his tongue across her ass.

She murmured and moaned with pleasure.

He continued licking her asscheeks. Then, using both his hands, he gently pried apart the plump globes of her ass.

Gloria shivered at the lewdness of the exposure. He was obviously a man experienced with women, and she wondered what he thought of her. One of her lovers had once told her the fringe of dark hair growing in the crack of her ass turned him on. Was Philip Norton turned on by her ass?

As if reading her mind, he extended his tongue into the crack of her ass and licked it thoroughly. He lingered at the bottom edge of her cunt and noisily slurped up the dripping juice. Then he slid his tongue back up between the cheeks, lapping and tickling and licking the wrinkled puckered grommet of her asshole.

Her sphincter muscles were loose. She felt the tip of his tongue pushing into the narrow hole. Murmuring her approval, she lifted her hips to encourage him.

Soon he was pushing his tongue as far inside her asshole as he possibly could, sliding it in and out with vigorous pistoning motions that forced her to squirm and flex her ass. His fingers pulled her asscheeks even further apart, stretching the sensitive flesh so that her asshole widened to allow an easier passage for his tongue.

Releasing one asscheek, he moved his fingers down to probe the opening of her cunt. She was dripping again. She moaned softly when his fingers plunged inside. Then he searched out her clitoris to strum it back and forth with a stiff finger.

"Yesssss!" she hissed.

She clenched her asshole around his tongue, attempting to hold him fast, but finally his tongue withdrew to be replaced by his finger. With one finger in her ass and the other in her cunt, he worked and massaged the membrane separating them.

Then he popped the finger out of her ass and pushed his tongue in again, this time with a second finger in her cunt, rhythmically fucking her cunthole.

She heaved a deep groan, shattered by the sensations he was producing in her body. She could see him in the mirror. His cock was fully erect, rising from its hairy root, the swollen purplish cockhead free of the foreskin and dripping fluid.

His warm tongue continued to ease in and out of the clutching tube of her asshole.

He finally removed his tongue and shifted the position of her ass. He gripped the base of his cock with one hand and directed the smooth cockhead to her puckered assring.

She groaned once more, and in a moment, he was tunneling into her. Centering his weight on his hips, he pushed vigorously forward.

"Oh, yes, fuck my ass!" she cried.

Holding her asscheeks wide apart, he pulled back and pushed in again, groaning with delight as his prick shaft slid into the hot gripping tunnel. The elastic ring of her asshole was stretched to its fullest to accommodate his cock. Her hips twisted, and mewling sounds came from her throat. Clutching her hips, he began to piston smoothly in and out, his glittering eyes fixed on the sucking grommet.

Gloria rolled up her eyes as he plowed a white hot furrow into the depths of her ass. She gripped him tightly with her sphincter muscles, pulling at him to get everything he had. At the end of each stroke, she could feel his crotch hair scratching the still-tender cheeks, his dangling balls slapping against her cuntlips.

She loved all of it. She loved having the whole length of his cock plunging into her clutching shitter.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

She vented a deep moan of lust and pleasure. "Don't stop!" she cried. "Keep fucking me!"

Moving his hands under her body, he took hold of her hanging tits and pinched and tugged the long juicy nipples.

"You love it, don't you?"

Yes, I love it! she thought. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she'd asked the boy she was dating to do it to her. The first time had blown her mind. Getting fucked in the ass by a man who knew how never failed to carry her over the top.

Philip Norton obviously knew how.

The grip of his hands on her tits was marvelous. She was sweating and grunting like an animal -- and that was marvelous, too. Fucking, after all, was never meant to be civilized.

"Don't stop!" she cried. "I'm going to come soon! Don't stop!"

She moved a hand to her cunt, her fingers pulling and squeezing the lips, and then pushing inside the juice-filled hole. She could feel his thrusting cock on the other side of the wall separating the two channels.

"You've got a tight hot ass!"

She groaned. She loved it when a man talked to her like that. She visualized how stretched her ass-hole must look as it sucked on his cock. She felt his hairy muscular thighs scratching her skin. She felt his hard belly slap and rub the spread cheeks of her ass. She felt his hairy balls bouncing against the dropping swollen lips of her cunt. His cock danced and twisted inside the hot tube of her shitter. All the stupid trivialities of life vanished -- nothing mattered any more except the deep probing of her body by a meaty cock.

"Oh, shit!" she cried. "Oh, Christ, you're big! Give it to me! Fuck me hard!"

She gasped and whined. She could feel the blood pounding in her head.

Suddenly he groaned and heaved and drove his cock into her ass as deeply as possible. When he started shooting his load, she could feel each spurt of jism as it gushed out of his pulsing cock.

"Oh, God! Oh, God, yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! I'm commmiiiing!"

He drilled and probed and pumped, shooting his hot cream into the waiting hole. At the end of it, squealing and sobbing, her eyes bulging and her tongue hanging loose, she fell over on the bed, completely exhausted.

Chapter FIVE

Gloria's ass hurt for nearly a week. She was annoyed at herself over her stupid innocence in allowing herself to be so easily seduced by Philip Norton. No matter how much she'd enjoyed the fucking, she decided she was not the sort of woman to hop into bed with just any man who dropped his pants.

She avoided Andy. She avoided thinking about sex. But after six days, the heat and sensitivity in her pussy were back to normal. Her ass seemed in working order again, and her sexual needs rose to the surface. On the morning of the seventh day, she walked into the bathroom totally aware of the hyper-sensitivity of her pussy produced by her abstinence.

After adjusting the shower so the spray was at full force, she stepped into its pounding path. She welcomed the spray like a lover. She raised her heavy tits to the water. Steam rising in clouds around her body, she positioned herself to get the full force of the spray directly on her cunt.

The water cascaded over the quivering lips, pushed apart the curling dark hair to splatter the throbbing bean of her clit. She leaned back to bring her cuntmound into prominence, but the penetration was not sufficient. With a sigh of impatience, she lowered herself to the floor of the tub and positioned her crotch to receive the shower.

This time it worked. The warm spray pulverized her cunt, each pellet of water stinging her clit. She pulled her cuntlips up over her pubic bone, tugging at the hood of her clitoris to expose it even more.

Waves of ecstasy began to build in her belly and cunt, and soon she was moaning and whimpering, her fingers stretching her cuntmouth in imitation of a cock. With a final cry, she hunched her hips to an orgasm.

The climax was meager, but she told herself it was better than nothing. Leaving the shower, she wrapped herself in a towel and walked into the bedroom.

Andy was standing near the bed, waiting for her.

"Want me to dry you off?" he asked.

Gloria threw a quick glance at the door and was thankful it was closed.

"You shouldn't be here," she said. "It's too dangerous."

"Nobody's home except us," he said. "They've gone out."

She was aware of the cooling droplets clinging to her skin. "Out for how long?"

Andy shrugged. "I don't know. I suppose a few hours. Let me dry you off."

Smiling at his boldness, she nodded.

He loosened the towel and pulled it away. Breathing heavily, he moved a trembling hand between her tits and down her belly. She moved her legs apart, and he slipped a finger into the warmth of her pussy, twisting the digit and clutching the mound of her cunt with his palm. Squeezing and massaging her fat drooping cuntlips, he wriggled his finger in the sopping wet hole.

"The hell with drying me," she said. "Let's fuck."

With a smile, he pulled his hand away and began unbuttoning his shirt. She watched the emergence of his smooth hairless chest and the play of his youthful hard muscles. She ran her hands over his shoulders and tickled his tiny nipples with her fingernails.

He opened his belt and unzipped his pants. She stepped back to watch him strip. He kicked his shoes off into a corner, and in a moment, his pants were in a heap at his ankles.

She was amused at his almost frantic haste as his pants and shorts joined his shoes on the floor.

She ran her eyes from his chest to the muscles of his belly, and then to the curlier hair at the base of his erect cock. There it was exposed and hard and waiting for her -- his blue-veined throbbing cock, swollen and expectant. The skin of his ballsac was drawn up thick and tight. She extended a hand and lightly ran her fingertips over the wrinkled surface.

"You have a gorgeous body," she said.

She sat down on the bed and turned him so that he faced her. She ran the tips of her fingers along the pulsing underside of his cock. Lowering her head, she moved her mouth to the fat plum shaped cockhead. Her wet tongue snaked out to lick him, swirling saliva over the knob until it gleamed. Then she licked the underside of the shaft, down to his balls. Curling her fingers under the sac, she raised his balls and briefly sucked them, one after the other, into her mouth.

"Oh, Jesus!" he exclaimed. "Let's fuck!"

Gloria laughed and shivered. Young and inexperienced as he was, he knew what he wanted.

"Suck my pussy first," she said.

A grunt of lust escaped his lips. His eyes raked over her body as she lay down on the bed. Her tits were larger than those of any of the girls he knew, but they were firm, and the slight droop even turned him on. The long brown nipples were as large as thumbs. But what really drove him wild was her thick bush of dark cunthair framing her fat drooping cuntlips. Next to her, all the girls he'd known seemed like children.

He fell on the bed beside her, his lips and tongue moving over her tits. He sucked in a large juicy nipple, tonguing and chewing it, then opened his mouth wide to take in her soft yielding flesh.

She wriggled under him and caressed the back of his head with her hand. "Suck my tit!" she crooned. "Suck it, honey! It makes me hot!"

Tonguing his way across the deep valley separating her tits, he moved to the other nipple and sucked it into his mouth with a wet slurping noise. His hand moved down her belly, his fingers probing the swollen lips of her cunt.

She bucked her hips off the bed as his fingertip found her clit. She rose to a quick orgasm, her fingernails raking his shoulders, her ass humping and bucking and rolling. Cuntjuice oozed from her pussy, gobs of it bubbling out with each contraction. When her ass finally dropped back to the bed, she murmured her delight.

"Oh, God, that was wonderful!"

Shifting his body, he kissed his way down her belly to her crotch. He sniffed at her cunt like a puppy-dog. Crawling between her knees, he lay on his stomach and positioned his face close to her crotch.

She raised her knees, drawing the soles of her feet close to her asscheeks to open her fat cunt to his gaze.

"Suck me, honey! Eat my cunt! Suck all my juices out!"

The lewdness of it all drove her wild. There she was, lying on a bed and shoving everything she had in the face of her nephew!

He studied the oozing juice dripping from the ragged hole of her cunt, and then he began lapping it up, rolling it on his tongue, sucking at the tender flesh inside. She moaned as he tongued up and down her warm wet gash. The cunthair lining her meaty lips tickled his cheek and chin. Some of her cuntjuice had dribbled down the crack of her ass. He licked it up, tonguing the brown puckered ring of her asshole, the rim quivering as his tongue touched it.

Her hands worked at his ears, fingers tangled in his hair. She squirmed her ass to press her cunt closer to his face and mouth.

He continued swirling his tongue over her pink wet cuntmeat, kissing and tonguing her clit, then backing off to tease her when she shuddered. He finally dropped his mouth firmly onto her cunt and used his nose to massage her clit.

"Oh, nice!" she crooned. "That's it! Oh, God, that's good!"

He suddenly shifted his body again, and in a moment she felt the hard head of his cock pressing against her cunt.

"Oh, shit, yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Give it to me!"

He held his cockhead poised at her brimming cunthole. She could feel the heat on her cuntlips. She held her breath and then gasped as he slid his cock into her cunt with a single smooth motion. When he had it all in, she gripped the base of his cock with the rim of her cunt, and groaned.

As he ground his prick into her pussy, she could feel the exquisite raking of his crotch-hair against her clit. When he pulled back, the sheath of her cunt clutched him possessively. Then once again the fat knob of his cockhead was reaming her channel as he fucked his way in with a long stroke.

Hard cock in a soft cunt, she thought. That's what makes the world go round.

He began working his hips with a smooth pistonlike motion.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Each time he pulled back, she hunched up, trying to follow his cock to recapture it. His youthful body, strong and aggressive, fucked her with hard clean strokes. He gradually increased the pace, and soon his cock was pounding her cunt like a piledriver.

She knew he would come soon. She controlled her own climax until she felt a new urgency in his movements. He slammed her body again and again and then he began groaning, his breath rasping, his face contorted in a grimace of passion.

"Give it to me!" she hissed. "Shoot it!"

The dike burst, and the first gush of hot cum came spurting out of his bloated cockhead. The image of his white cream shooting out of his cock was enough to carry her along with him. He pumped into her savagely, each stroke sending a high-pressure stream of jism into her cunt.

Locking her ankles over his back, grabbing his ass with her hands, she clutched him fiercely to drain the last of his load. The gripping of her cunt along the length of his cock seemed to urge more and more cum out of his hunching body. She moved into her own climax, hissing and mewling and tossing her head from side to side. In one last frantic motion, she shoved her hips up at him, toward the source of the hot cylinder of meat reaming her body. She moaned and cried out and finally fell back with a soft grunt of satisfaction.

"Oh, God, that was lovely!" she cooed.

She slipped a hand down his belly and laughed when she found his cock was still hard.

"You're a little devil!" she said, "You're still raring to go! It's been a week, hasn't it? Have you been having wet dreams?"

The image of his cock gushing cum in the middle of the night was thrilling.

"No," he said.

"Jerking off?"

"Once or twice."

She fingered his tight young balls, and then slipped her hand further down to probe the rim of his asshole.

"You're delicious!" she said.

She pushed the finger into his ass, and he groaned.

"You like that?"

"It feels funny," he said.

She pushed in deeper, her finger vibrating in the hot sucking hole. He groaned and twisted his hips.

It's a power trip, she thought. No wonder they like fucking us.

Shifting her body, she moved her head to his crotch. She wet her lips and approached the end of his cock, slowing taking in the exposed part of his cockhead and increasing the pressure of her suction. She felt his thighs jump and heard his moan of pleasure. He lifted his ass off the bed and tried to cram more of his cock into her mouth. As she continued to suck, she kept working his foreskin gradually back until the entire cockhead was uncovered.

She lifted her mouth for a moment, to look at the stripped glans -- reddish-purple from her sucking. The tight skin of his cockhead glistened with her saliva. It looked incredibly sensitive. She could smell the mixture of cum and cuntjuice coating his pubic hair. With a sigh of pleasure, she rubbed her cheeks and nose and lips against his rigid cock. She licked the wet pulsating shaft and pushed his thighs further apart to kiss his hairy balls.

He moaned and wriggled his ass.

She lifted his balls tenderly as she kept licking them, then she opened her mouth wide and took one of them inside. She sucked the egg lovingly, released it, and again engulfed the head of his cock. She pulled on it with strong suction, running her tongue into the slit and making a sound of pleasure in her throat.

Andy began to moan and whine, his ass twitching and swiveling.

With one hand at the base of his cock, pressing hard on his pubic bone, she took his balls in her other hand and began massaging them with a rolling motion.

At intervals, his ass reared off the bed as if the suction of her mouth was pulling him up. She held on, continuing the vacuum-like pressure on his throbbing cock.

She ran a hand over his belly and chest to finger his tiny nipples. Her mouth bobbed hungrily up and down the shaft of his cock, sucking and slurping, lingering at the end of each stroke to nibble and chew the pulpy purplish head. She loved the taste and smell, of his crotch and the way he groaned and squirmed under her mouth.

He adores the sucking, she thought. He adores it as much as I do.

Once again she took his cockhead into her mouth and sucked it lightly and then more firmly, working her tongue over the sensitive tip. She had her teeth behind the crown, and sometimes she dug in to let him feel her teeth.

"Oh, Christ!" he hissed.

She pulled back a to allow him to regain control. She sucked more lightly than before, his meaty rigid cock throbbing her mouth. His balls had tightened up, and she held them with her fingers and squeezed gently. She knew there was no way he could hold out much longer.

Again closing her mouth over his cockhead, she began to suck vigorously, using her teeth and tongue to increase his pleasure.

He began grunting and swearing, his body twitching and contorting as the sensation produced by her mouth reached a high peak.

"Oh, shit!" he cried.

Then his jism spewed into her mouth. There was so much of it at the back of her throat, it made her gag, but she fought down the reflex and swallowed the thick ropey globs of his cum as they gushed into her mouth. He kept bucking his cock into her face, shooting his load as if the supply were endless. She managed to swallow it all, and finally, she felt his cock begin to go limp in her mouth.

For a while she continued sucking and licking his limp cockflesh. When his cock was wilted and completely soft, she pulled her mouth away with a sucking noise and wiped him off with a Kleenex.

She walked off to the bathroom to pee.

She wiped her mouth with a towel, checked the lines under her eyes in the mirror, and sat down on the toilet.

Returning to the bedroom, she found him sitting on the edge of the bed, toying with his half-hard cock.

"My God!" she gasped. "I really don't believe it! I suppose you'd like to come again."

He smiled and shrugged.

Giggling with delight, she lay down on her back and told him to straddle her. He climbed on and leaned forward to rest his cock in the warm cleavage between her tits. She lowered her chin, glanced down at the pink crown with a shiver, and pushed her tits together to envelop his prick. He instinctively moved his cock back and forth in the tunnel between her tits, his cockhead popping out at the end of each stroke like a fat purple mushroom.

"Fuck me like this," she said.

Her hands slid over his hips to clutch the cheeks of his ass. She briefly tickled his asshole with a fingertip, and then moved her hands back to cover his cock with her tits. He started fucking, and soon his cock was sliding in and out of the groove with a firm rhythm.

"When you're ready to come, give me the head of your cock in my mouth," she said.

She increased the pressure of her tits on his stroking cock, and soon his eyes closed and his cheeks reddened as he concentrated on his approaching orgasm.

"I'm coming!"

The first salvo splattered her face and almost blinded her. Then he managed to push forward and get his cock into her mouth. She slurped and sucked, milking his meat until his balls were drained. At the end, she pushed a finger into his asshole, probed his prostrate, and helped him squeeze out the last of his load.

When he finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, she rolled her tongue over her teeth and closed her eyes with a sigh.

Chapter SIX

Andy had a new girlfriend named Marylou. She had beautiful eyes, a small uptilted nose, and a luscious mouth. On Saturday night, they were sitting in Andy's car at a drive-in movie.

Marylou was wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse and a summer skirt. Andy had his right arm draped around her shoulders and his hand hanging over her right tit. His fingers caressed the firm globe of her tit through the cloth of her blouse and bra. He could feel the hard nipple pressing into his palm.

He ran his other hand down her belly to cup the mound of her cunt. Through the cloth of her skirt and panties, he could feel the springy bush of hair and the soft lips of her cunt. When he stroked the slit with a fingertip, he imagined he could hear a squishy sound of wetness.

"Please, don't," Marylou said.

Andy paid her no mind. He knew she was as anxious for it as he was. After all the sessions with his Aunt Gloria, he'd learned to recognize a woman in heat.

Marylou was a challenge. She wasn't as experienced as Gloria, and certainly not as sexy. But she was young and sweet and his own age.

The most important thing of all was that she turned him on.

He eased her blouse off her shoulders and kissed the upper slopes of her tits while his fingers worked at the hook of her bra. She was breathing rapidly. Her body against his was warm and yielding. He knew that she was his for the taking, maybe not without some persuasion, but certainly before the evening was over. All he had to do was give her mind a reason it could accept -- her body was already convinced.

"I'm nuts about you," he said. "You know that, don't you?"

His hand stroked the bare inner surfaces of her thighs. Pulling up her bra to expose her tits, he lowered his head and drew a juicy nipple, into his mouth.

She made an involuntary moaning sound.

"Oh, Andy! When you do that, I can't resist!"

Andy smiled inwardly -- the game was won.

He tugged down the waistband of her skirt. Their mouths met and fused in a hot wet kiss. This time, he felt her tongue tentatively pushing into his mouth to convey her passion. He moved his hand back to her lap and resumed his caressing of her satiny thighs. Then he moved the hand around her body to fondle a resilient asscheek, kneading it through the thin fabric of her panties until she rolled onto her side to give him more freedom.

Bending his head to her tits again, he found them warm and alive under his lips. He moved his mouth hungrily over the firm sweet flesh. She moaned and leaned back, shuddering as he paused a moment to gently bite one of her nipples.

He ran the flat of his hand up and down her thigh, and then moved it deeper into her crotch until he could feel, the first tendrils of cunthair. He sucked one nipple and then the other, while his fingers played with the elastic edge of her panties.

"Oh, God!" she groaned. "There's no way to stop you, is there?"

"Don't you want to go on?"

She hesitated, and then hissed: "Yes!"

Locking his lips to hers again, he stroked his tongue deep into her mouth. The hand on her tits fondled and squeezed and pinched the nipples into rigid points. The fingers of his other hand ran lightly over the barrier of cloth covering her cunt. The crotch of her panties was soaked with cuntjuice. The aroma of her pussy filled his nostrils.

Opening his belt buckle and unzipping his fly, he pushed his jeans and shorts down to his knees. His throbbing cock reared up hard and long.

Marylou moaned and rolled her body against his, bringing her pussy into contact with his rigid cockshaft. The heat of her cunt through the cloth of her panties brought a grunt of passion to his lips.

His fingers found her cunt again, and this time he pushed them under the cloth to get at the hairy mouth. He pried open her cuntlips and pushed his fingers inside.

She made an animal sound deep in her throat as he began to skillfully manipulate her slippery cunt and finger the erect little bean of her clit. Breathing heavily, she moaned and rolled her hips.

He pulled down her nylon panties and tugged them off her ankles. Slipping between her legs, he pushed them apart and pressed the throbbing length of his cock to her fuffy bush of cunthair.

He ran his cockhead up and down her juicy hot cunt. Her pussy was hardly as meaty as that of his Aunt Gloria, but she was wet enough and obviously eager to fuck.

"Fuck me!" she hissed, her hand moving down to touch his swollen cock. Her fingers trembled as she explored the length and thickness of the shaft.

Falling forward against her body, he whispered into her ear: "Do you like that? Do you want it inside?"

"Yes!" she panted. "Do it! Do it!"

"Do what?"

"Damn you, Andy!" she gasped. "Fuck me!"

Supporting himself on his hands, he slowly pushed his cock into the hot bush of her cunt. The plum-shaped cockhead slipped between her pink slippery lips.

"Fuck me!" she moaned.

He kissed her trembling lips and damp forehead, the white pulsating skin of her throat, and finally the pink little points of her tits. His pelvis rocked as he stroked the knob of his cock up and down the juice-filled gulch of her pussy. He deliberately teased her; he wanted her to beg for it.

"Does it feel good?" he asked.

His head swam with the thought that he was actually fucking her, and even more with the reality of the sweet wet cunt opening to him.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Put it in!"

He pushed forward and sank about half of his bone-hard cock into her cunt.

"Oh, Christ, you're tight!" he said.

"Is that good?"

"It's the greatest!" he moaned.

Using his fingers, he separated the upper folds of her cuntlips so that her clit was exposed and touching the shaft of his cock as it pistoned in and out of her channel. Marylou had been fucked only once before, and she'd complained to him that the boy had been clumsy and she'd had no pleasure from it. Andy was determined that with him, things would be different. He was thankful to his aunt for teaching him what to do with a woman's body.

Marylou whimpered and surged against him as her throbbing clit swelled and became hard under the friction of his cock. Clutching him with her thighs and cunt as if fearful he would vanish, she began gyrating her ass. By the time he had the full length of his rigid cock buried in her hot elastic channel, she was bucking against him to an instinctive rhythm.

He was in to the hilt, the tip of his cock pummeling her cervix. He moaned and squirmed.

"Oh, God!" he said.

He began fucking her with long steady strokes. Her cunt was so slick with cuntjuice, the friction caused wet sucking sounds as her tight pussy gripped his reaming cock. She kept her feet hooked over his ankles to give her hips leverage. Rotating her pelvis, she moved the hot velvet tube of her cunt in circular motions around his stabbing fuckmeat.

"Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!" she wailed.

Pulling herself tighter to him, she writhed and humped, grinding her cunt at the base of his cock. She wanted hard fucking; she wanted the dominance and aggressiveness of the male. Realizing her needs, he pounded his cock into her cunt without mercy.

She fucked him back, and together they hammered each other in a frenzy, his cock battering her channel, his hairy balls slapping the lower fringes of her tufted cunt. When she realized it was his ball-sac that was tickling her, the animality of the image brought a new wildness to her movements. The hard fucking turned her on, and she gasped and moaned as she met each pile-driving thrust. Her belly and ass seemed to be joined to her body by springs.

Riding her, as if she were a wild horse, Andy timed his strokes to make the most of her delirious movements.

Quivering, shaking, she wrapped her arms around his head and bit his lips.

"More!" she cried. "More! More! Harder! Harder!"

She pulled her legs back to raise her cunt as much as possible, to lift up the saddle of her crotch to receive his pounding cock. Each time he pulled out and plunged in again, she ground her pelvis against him.

The grip of her cunt was a marvel. At no time during his fucking of his aunt had Gloria ever gripped him like this. Andy was fast reaching the point of no return, his balls vibrating, his cock pulsating, his jism welling up and ready to erupt under high pressure.

It occurred to him that this was only the second woman he had ever fucked. He let out a frenzied groan as be felt the tightness in his balls that signaled his coming orgasm, and he stroked the hot sopping cunt with a flurry of short strokes.

Marylou gasped as his vigorous pumping touched off a spasm deep inside her cunt. Her voracious hole sucked at his jerking cock as if trying to swallow it.

Suddenly, roaring like a bull, Andy started coming, his cum shooting out like hot lava into Marylou's waiting cunt.

The mix of cum and cuntjuice turned her cunt into a hot suctioning tube. He gushed out four massive spurts of jism and slumped.

Marylou rolled up her eyes and went limp beneath him.

Andy nuzzled her neck and held her in his arms. He found himself with a feeling of warmth and contentment he had never known before.

Marylou finally turned her head to kiss his temple. "Oh, Andy," she said. "That was wonderful!"


"But we really shouldn't he here stark naked. Someone might see us."

"It's too dark," he said. "Anyway, everyone around here is doing the same thing."

They kissed, their tongues squirming against each other's. He lowered his head to suck one of her nipples again, his lips tugging at it until it came out erect.

"I'd like to suck your pussy," he said. "I've been dying to get a mouthful of your cunt ever since the first day I saw you!"

"Oh, Andy!" she gasped. Her ass wriggled in anticipation, as his lips moved down across her belly to the tops of her thighs.

He paused with his face so close to her cunt, he could feel the heat of it on his lips. Her pink cuntlips were flaring and splayed wide open from their fucking.

"Don't tease!" she groaned.

"DO you want me to do it?"

"I don't know what I want. I think it's nasty, but maybe, that's why the idea turns me on. Have you ever done it to anyone else?"

"Sure," he said.

"I'm not clean, you know. I've got all your stuff inside me."

"I'll suck it all out."

"Oh, God, you're impossible!" she giggled. "Go ahead, then. Suck it, if you want. Do it!"

Lowering his head, he placed his open mouth against the wet hair covering her cunt. A musky smell of perfume, cuntjuice, and jism filled his nostrils. He began to suck at her lovely pink cuntlips. He licked and worked over every fold of her steaming cunt, the exciting smell of it driving him wild.

Marylou moaned and writhed, obviously approaching another feverish peak of arousal. Her fingers pulled and tangled his hair; her thighs opened and closed around his face. The flow of cuntjuice was increasing again as he curled his tongue between the meaty lips and ran it up to find her clitoris.

The red little bean quivered at the first touch. He lapped it with a mixture of his saliva and her own cuntjuice. Swelling and hardening, the sensitive bud responded at once. He tried to pull it out with his lips, but it was too small to hold. When he began sucking it, Marylou purred like a cat and tugged at his hair.

Her clit vibrated against his lips as he continued to suck. At intervals, he whipped it with his tongue. Her thighs rubbed the sides of his face, smearing his cheeks with her sweat.

He moved his tongue down to the gaping mouth of her cunt. Her cuntjuice oozed out in a continuous stream to covet his tongue as it entered the elastic channel.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" she moaned.

He slid his hands under her thighs, pushing them apart so he could bury his head in her crotch. He held her asscheeks, tolling them in his palms. He licked and sucked and chewed with total abandon, lost in the swampy paradise of Marylou's cunt.

He decided he'd be willing to be strangled like that -- choked by her thighs while sucking the juices out of her pussy.

As his tongue probed and caressed the oozing gulch of her cunt, Marylou was rapidly approaching an orgasm. When Andy realized it, he increased the pace of his sucking. He was as turned on as he'd ever been in his life. His swollen cock throbbed and jumped and the sac that held his balls tightened as it always did before he shot off.

Rapidly vibrating his tongue in the deep well of her cunt, he used his upper lip to titillate the protruding tip of her clitoris. This triggered her orgasm, and she thrashed and bucked as the shattering climax overwhelmed her.

His delight in making her come was dimmed slightly by the pulsating impatience of his cock. The pleasure of sucking her had stimulated him almost to the point of coming, but he hadn't made it, yet.

"That was wonderful!" she said. Her legs relaxed from around his head.

"Yeah, great!" he grunted.

She looked down and caught a glimpse of his erect cock. "It looks like you need help," she said.

She rearranged herself to face him on her hands and knees. Her eyes glittering, she stared at his engorged cock.

"It's beautiful!" she said. "I've never sucked a cock before, but I'm going to do it now."

Her luscious lips hovered close to his swollen cockhead. As he held his breath, she extended her tongue to touch the pulsing plum. He groaned as she began licking his prick-knob. She licked and lapped as though savoring the taste of a strange new dish.

Then her wet mouth closed over his prick and slid downward.

"That's it!" he moaned. "Take it in deep!"

His throbbing cock was engulfed by her hot mouth, and the first tentative sucking began. She was new at it, but it was obvious the act turned her on. In a minute, she was slurping and slobbering, her saliva dripping out of her mouth to coat his cock and balls. Andy caressed the soft skin of her neck and shoulders as her head continued to bob up and down on his hard meat.

Her mouth was like a loving suction cup, her tongue in constant motion over the sensitive head of his cock.

"Oh, shit, yeah!" he said. "That's great!"

The only sound from Marylou was a wet gurgle as her lips crawled and sucked up and down the turgid pole. She moved a hand to cup and squeeze his heavy balls, rolling the eggs and jiggling them on her palm.

Now her mouth moved up and down in long sweeping strokes. Her eyes were closed, and for the first time, Andy noticed the expression of rapture on her face. It was the same, expression he'd seen on Gloria's face whenever she'd sucked him.

He could feel Marylou's tongue on his cockhead, and sometimes her teeth scraping the shaft. His fingers tangled in her silky hair. He gasped as she began sucking faster -- she seemed to know instinctively that all he needed was a bit of extra stimulation. The long swooping strokes of her sweet hot mouth finally brought him over the edge.

An electric spasm surged out of his balls and into his cock. His hands gripped her head to hold her mouth against him as he started coming. Then, holding her ears like handles, he bucked his hips and began convulsively shooting his hot load into her throat.

Marylou opened her eyes at the first gush of jism. She tried to pull away, but he held her head in place, pushing his cock into her throat as he continued to spurt his cum.

Finally, succumbing with a mewling sound of lust, she began squeezing his balls to help him.

Chapter SEVEN

While Andy was out fucking Marylou, his mother and aunt were having a chat in the living room. Gloria sat on the sofa in a state of shock. Amy had revealed she was aware of what was going on between Gloria and Andy.

Gloria was completely pale and on the verge of tears. Finally, her eyes closed and her cheeks flushed, she gathered enough courage to speak.

"I'm sorry," she said.

Amy moved over to sit beside her sister-in-law.

She slid an arm around Gloria's shoulders and tried to comfort her.

"If you want to know the truth," Amy said, "I'm not really upset about it."

Gloria gave her a surprised look. "What do you mean?"

Amy smiled. "He has to learn bout these things somewhere, doesn't he? An experienced woman certainly makes the best teacher! I'd rather it be you than some tramp downtown."

"God, it's embarrassing!" Gloria said. "My own nephew!"

Amy laughed and rubbed Gloria's shoulder affectionately. "Relax, honey. I don't think the fact that you're his aunt means anything."

"I just couldn't help it," Gloria said.

"I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes find it hard to resist him, myself. Oh, don't look so surprised. I bet every woman with a son his age has at one time or another thought about jumping into bed with him. They don't do it, of course, at least most of them, but the thoughts are there, aren't they?"

"He's adorable," Gloria agreed.

Amy hugged her and kissed her cheek. "He certainly is."

With a sigh, Gloria turned her body, stretched out on the sofa, and put her head in Amy's lap. She needed reassurance, and she was thankful for Amy's warmth and kindness.

They remained silent a few minutes, each lost in her own thoughts. Amy's fingertips affectionately stroked Gloria's forehead. Finally, her voice sultry, Amy spoke.

"Tell me about it," she said. "Is he going to be a good lover?"

"He's going to be a marvelous lover!"

"I'm really glad it's you," Amy said. "I've always been fond of you, you know."

One hand still caressing Gloria's forehead, Amy moved the other hand down to rest lightly on one of Gloria's firm, melon-sized tits.

Gloria caught her breath. She had two layers of clothing between her tits and Amy's hand, but Amy's touch was electric. When Gloria turned up her face, Amy lowered hers, and they kissed.

Encouraged, Amy ran her fingertips over the contours of Gloria's boob, testing its firmness and finally, playfully, pinching the nipple.

Gloria blushed and closed her eyes. "I don't know about this," she said. "Maybe you'd better stop that."

"Haven't you ever..."

"Yes," Gloria said, "but it's been a long time."

"I don't want to force anything on you that you don't want," Amy said.

Gloria sighed.

Amy was blatantly fondling her tits.

"I don't know what I want," Gloria said.

"I'm not a lesbian," Amy said. "You know that. I like men. But I've been with a woman a few times, and I enjoyed it. I'd like to make love to you. I think I'd like that very much."

Gloria hesitated a long moment. Then she said.

"Why not? I'm sure it's going to be wonderful." They rose and walked out of the room holding hands.

In the bedroom, they undressed to bras and panties and stretched out on the wide bed, facing each other, Gloria was filled with uncertainty. She'd hoped there would be more of a seduction -- Amy undressing her and slowly turning her on. But her sister-in-law was evidently too impatient. Maybe it was better this way. Gloria could feel her own panties thoroughly soaked with cuntjuice.

She was certainly no model of patience, herself!

But no matter how uncertain she was, the feeling passed as soon as Amy made the first move. Amy slipped down one of Gloria's bra straps, then pulled the bra cup forward to expose a full milk-white tit.

Her eyes lidded, Amy gazed at the melon tit with its turgid brown nipple.

"Lovely!" Amy said. "I've always thought your tits were sensational. Let me see the other one. God, my fingers are shaking! Oh, yes, look at that! I'm jealous, Gloria!"

Gloria's bra was unhooked, pulled away, and thrown to the floor. With a sigh, she arched forward to move her naked tit closer to Amy's face.

Amy wasn't about to resist the invitation. She slowly inclined her head, gazing at the perfect nipple on its wide pebbly cap. Then her hand moved up, her fingertips crawling over the warm pliant breast and squeezing it gently to force the nipple out toward her parted lips. She finally lowered her mouth and closed it over the rubbery tit.

Gloria moaned softly at the first wet contact.

Amy passed her tongue back and forth across the swollen nipple to bend it in various directions. Then she clamped down hard and sucked. She squeezed the tit more firmly as she kept sucking and tongue-lashing the nipple.

Moaning again, Gloria rolled her lush full tit against Amy's face, then flattened out on her back so that Amy could get at the other one.

Amy immediately closed a hand over the other jug, rubbing it as she continued sucking the first ones. Then she abruptly switched her mouth to the second tit, gobbling up the nipple while fingering the one she had abandoned.

"It's wonderful!" Gloria moaned.

Delighted by Gloria's approval, Amy sucked more vigorously, rubbing and sucking, switching nipples to rub and suck again. One of her hands rested on Gloria's tits. The other hand moved across the elastic waistband of Gloria's nylon panties. She rubbed the brunette's belly, rotating her hand over the pliant flesh. Then she moved her hand again and finally reached the plump mound of Gloria's cunt. She pressed down on the nylon covered bush of pubic hair.

"Oh, honey!" Amy gasped. "You're completely wet!"

Gloria spread her legs, and Amy's hand moved into her wet crotch, her fingers tracing the folds of Gloria's cunt through the thin material of her panties. In a moment, Amy's hand was under the panties and directly on Gloria's pussy. Sucking noisily on a nipple, Amy rubbed the soft slick cuntlips back and forth until they were dripping with Gloria's juices. She toyed with the lips, pinching them and puffing them to test their elasticity.

When her fingertips at last found Gloria's clit, she strummed it vigorously.

Moaning and sobbing, Gloria bucked her cunt at Amy's caressing hand. She no longer cared whether what she was doing was right or wrong. It felt good, and she wanted more of it.

She wanted everything!

Now it was Amy who moaned. Her face flushed, her mouth wet and slack, her eyes glassy, she pulled herself away and sat up. Grasping the top of Gloria's panties, she pulled them down, turning them inside out as she peeled them away from Gloria's belly and ass. She pulled them off Gloria's ankles and tossed them away. Then, kneeling between Gloria's feet, she folded the brunette's legs and splayed them open to reveal all of her crotch.

Framed by a thick bush of dark cunthair, Gloria's cuntlips dropped to each side, swollen and wet.

Amy feasted her eyes on the lush wet pussy. She extended a hand and pushed two slender fingers into the gaping hole.

"Oh, God!" Gloria groaned. "Oh, sweet Jesus, that feels good! Oh, yes! Fuck me with your hand!"

Her eyes sparkling and the corners of her mouth turned up in a quiet smile, Amy began pistoning her fingers in and out of Gloria's cunt. When she pushed a third finger into Gloria's cunthole, the brunette vented a deep moan. When she rolled her thumb on Gloria's clit, Gloria moaned again. When she pushed her pinky into Gloria's asshole, Gloria bucked up her hips and immediately came.

After the last spasm, Gloria opened her eyes and found Amy smiling at her.

"Are you always so quick?" Amy said.

When Gloria nodded, Amy laughed.

"I always thought you were so quiet and dignified," Amy said. "Now it turns out that under those clothes there's a luscious dripping cunt with a short fuse! How wonderful!"

Gloria blushed. "I'm embarrassed!"

Amy laughed again. "Don't be silly, darling. Open it up and let me look at it."


"Open your pussy, honey. Let's have a look at the real Gloria Burnham!"

Biting her lip, her heart pounding at the thrill of exposing herself to Amy so intimately, Gloria slipped a hand down and pried open her cuntlips.

"Delicious!" Amy crooned. "Andy's a lucky boy! Does he suck your pussy?"

Gloria smiled and nodded. She looked at the joining of the other woman's thighs. Amy's frilly blue panties were wet enough to make the material at the crotch transparent. The deep split of Amy's blonde cunt was clearly revealed. Still holding open her cuntlips, Gloria now used the fingers of her other hand to pull back the hood of her clit.

Amy's eyes glittered. "Oh, that's lovely! You're bigger than I am. I suppose that's why you come so quickly."

With a groan of lust, she swooped down, gripped Gloria's lusty thighs from underneath, lifted them and spread them wider. Her face moved between them, and she mashed her mouth to Gloria's succulent savory cunt, parting the folds of flesh and digging in with her tongue.

Hissing and moaning, Gloria bucked her cunt at Amy's face.

Amy tongued and sucked in a frenzy, and soon Gloria's cuntjuice coated her face. As Gloria's legs clamped hard around her head, Amy burrowed in deeper, her tongue spearing into her cunthole, her nose rubbing her swollen clitoris. Once again, Amy used her hand. This time she pushed her thumb into Gloria's cunthole and her middle finger into the wrinkled brown grommet of Gloria's asshole.

The double penetration caused Gloria to heave up with a loud cry.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned. "Eat my cunt! Don't stop! Eat me!"

Amy sucked and slurped and slobbered, grinding her face into sister-in-law's luscious wet pussy. In a moment Gloria was coming again, her guttural cries punctuating each spasm of her cunt.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Ooohh! Ooohh!" Amy went off to the bathroom and returned with a towel. She gently dried Gloria's crotch.

"You need a full-time man," Amy said. "I don't know how you can stand living alone. Not with a pussy like this!"

"I'm not always alone," Gloria said demurely.

Amy tossed her hair off her face and waved her hand in disagreement. "It's not the same, honey. You've been married, and you know it's not the same."

"I suppose that's true."

"Of course it's true. You need a husband."

"Oh, Amy! Decent husbands aren't that easy to find, you know. In any case, I'm not sexually frustrated. I manage to get by."

Sitting up and leaning forward, Gloria placed her hands at Amy's sides and slipped them up to Amy's back. She unhooked the other woman's bra and drew it away.

Amy's pink-nippled tits quivered and swayed. Smiling, Gloria closed her hand over a fruity tit and squeezed. Amy leaned her head back to savor the sensation. Her nipple swelled under Gloria's palm, and Gloria moved her fingertips to the nipple to twirl and pinch it. Amy's mouth fell open to vent a low moan of approval.

Massaging both tits, Gloria tweaked the nipple and bent her head to close her mouth over a succulent pink bud. A long time had passed since she had made love to a woman, but now she was caught up in the magic of it.

She moved from one tit to the other, sucking and tonguing and nibbling. Her hands fondled and squeezed the heavy globes. Amy's tits were larger than Gloria's, but they were a bit pendulous and not as firm. Gloria thought the droop was charming. It gave Amy a certain kind of maternal look which Gloria found very sexy, and toying with the blonde's tits was exciting.

"Take my pants off!" Amy hissed.

With a soft chuckle, Gloria moved her hands to Amy's hips, gripped her panties and pulled them down to expose Amy's dripping cunt. When Amy parted her legs, Gloria caressed the blonde's thighs with the palms of her hands and gazed with sultry eyes at her hair-fringed pussy, brimming with cuntjuice.

It occurred to Gloria that she had never in her life had a close look at a blonde pussy. The few women she'd had sex with had been brunettes.

Amy laughed when she saw Gloria's interest. "Go ahead, honey, I don't mind. It turns me on." Falling back on the bed, she hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled them back to fully expose her cunt.

Gloria's pulse quickened at the sight of Amy's cunt and asshole. Leaning forward, she pried open the pink petals and studied the juicy gash. The sweet warm smell of Amy's cunt was delicious. Her clitoris -- at least the knob of it -- was indeed smaller than Gloria's, but the shaft was just as long.

"Suck me, honey!" Amy moaned. "Eat my pussy!"

With a mewl of lust, Gloria lowered her face. Holding open Amy's cuntlips with her thumbs, she pressed her wet mouth to the steaming gulch to suck up and drink Amy's cuntjuice. Her tongue probed into Amy's cunthole to scoop out the warm syrup.

Amy shuddered and bucked up her hips to intensify the contact of her cunt with Gloria's mouth.

Gloria dug deeper into the juicy flesh, twisting her head between Amy's firm asscheeks. She lapped and sucked and gurgled. She licked up across Amy's clit and down again to her cunthole. She swirled her tongue at the rim and moved up again to grasp the red bean of the blonde's clit between her lips. The frustration produced by the incessant movement drove Amy wild.

"Oh, yes!" Amy moaned. "Oh, shit, yes! Oh, that's marvelous! Suck me, honey! Suck me out!"

Gloria found herself turned on by the abundance of cuntjuice. She scooped globs of it out of Amy's brimming cunthole. She rolled the juice on her tongue and smeared it over her teeth. After extracting the full taste of it, she finally swallowed it.

As far as she was concerned, the pleasure of sucking a juicy pussy was almost as great as that of sucking a juicy cock. With women, she'd known she'd always been the aggressor, and now she was sucking her sister-in-law! She wondered how often her brother sucked his wife's cunt. She wondered how many women Amy had been to bed with. She'd certainly never had any idea that Amy liked pussy.

After biting and chewing Amy's cuntlips, she wet her thumb in her dripping cunthole and moved down to push it into Amy's asshole.

With a hoarse grunt of lust, Amy jerked her hips upward.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Do my ass! I love it!"

Gloria did Amy's ass. First her thumb, wriggling and probing. Then her forefinger and middle finger together, stretching the sphincter, pistoning in and out like a cock.

Whimpering and squealing like a wild animal, Amy blasted into orbit.

"Oh, Jesus! Oh, sweet Jesus! I'm coming! I can feel it! I'm coming so fucking good! I love it!"

Gloria drove her tongue as deep as possible into the hot channel of Amy's cunt. She curled her tongue and sucked in a frenzy, determined to get every drop of Amy's cream. Then she abruptly pulled her head away, drilled her fingers more viciously into Amy's asshole, and hissed: "Come, honey! Come for me! Give it to me!"

Her eyes sparkling and her lips pulled back over her teeth in a grimace, Gloria watched as Amy shuddered into oblivion. Unable to hold back, she crawled up over Amy's face, pried open her own cuntlips, and plastered her throbbing cunt down on Amy's face.

Chapter EIGHT

Gloria was delighted that her relationship with Amy had moved to a new level. As the days passed, their friendship came to have that special intimacy of two people who have shared physical love. Although they decided to avoid extended sessions of lovemaking, they were drawn together too much to completely refrain from physical contact. They stole secret moments whenever they had the opportunity.

Amy was the more daring one. She was fond of running her hands over Gloria's tits and ass whenever she had the chance. When Gloria had an urge for contact, she was usually more thorough. Walter almost caught them one time in the bathroom. For five whole minutes, Amy was standing up with the upper half of her body, bent over the bathroom sink and Gloria kneeling behind her with her face in Amy's ass. It was only later that they discovered they'd forgotten to lock the door.

Andy was now very much involved with his new girlfriend, Marylou, and Gloria saw very little of him. He sometimes slipped into her room late at night, but she never did more than use her mouth to drain his balls. After that, she would make him return to his room. She would lie on her bed with his cum coating her teeth and masturbate until she was tired enough to sleep.

When Gloria told Amy about Philip Norton, Amy was intrigued.

"He sounds delicious!" Amy said. "Does he have a big cock?"

Gloria laughed. "He's big enough. Would you like to meet him?"

"I'd love it!" Amy said. "But only if we do it together. He sounds a little freaky, and I'm not taking any chances."

Gloria telephoned Norton and arranged to meet him in his apartment the next day. She told him nothing about Amy; she decided it would be better to surprise him.

Early the next afternoon, excited and jittery, the two women dressed for what they both knew would be an orgy.

They played games with their lingerie. They enticed each other with seductive poses, until finally Gloria came up behind Amy and pressed herself to the blonde's back. She entwined her long legs with Amy's, and pushed her tits into Amy's shoulder blades.

"You smell so nice and sexy," Gloria said. She moved her hands around to hold Amy's swaying tits, catching the nipples between her fingers and squeezing them gently.

"That feels wonderful!" Amy said. "Make them hard!"

Gloria twisted Amy's nipples until they became as hard as her own. She pressed her lips in a wet kiss to Amy's neck. Then her lips moved down, following the curve of Amy's spine to the plump white cheeks of Amy's ass.

Amy was wearing a frilly red garterbelt and dark stockings -- an ensemble that deliciously framed the full globes of her asscheeks. Kneeling down, Gloria ran a trail of kisses over the tight resilient skin. She pulled open the cheeks and probed her tongue into the damp crack.

Amy hissed. "Give me your tongue, honey! Tongue it!"

Gloria's tongue found the pouting rim of Amy's asshole. She licked around it, wetting the wrinkled grommet with her saliva, and then drilled her tongue inside.

"Oh, Christ, that's good!" Amy gasped. "I love it when you do that! Walter never pays enough attention to my asshole."

"Doesn't he ever fuck you there?"

"Not very often. But sometimes when I get real hungry for it, I ask him to do it. I love it!"

Gloria chuckled. "My friend, Philip Norton, is going to fuck your sweet ass into the ground, honey."

Amy shivered with delight. Gloria pressed her face deeper into her ass, twisting and churning her tongue in the blonde's hot shitter.

Moaning with pleasure, Amy bent her body forward to expose her asshole more completely to Gloria's tongue. Amy had two delicious orgasms before Gloria released her.

The two women faced each other, pressing their bellies and tits together. Amy pushed a knee between Gloria's legs.

"You're wet," Amy teased. "I think sucking my ass turns you on."

Gloria blushed. "Everything about you turns me on." She slipped her hands around to cup Amy's quivering ass.

Amy raised her knee and prodded Gloria's wet cunt, then she lowered her head to briefly suck Gloria's juicy nipples, tickling them with her stiff tongue and then biting them with her teeth. She gently pushed Gloria down on the bed and began running kisses along her body, wet kisses that left a trail of saliva from Gloria's tits down to her bush of dark cunthair. At the end of the trail, Amy pressed her mouth to. Gloria's heavy-lipped cunt and whipped her tongue up and down the dripping gulch.

Gloria moaned and locked her legs around Amy's neck.

"Oh, yes!" Gloria said. "Yes... right there! No, just a little bit lower... ahhh! Yesss! I'm coming! I'm commmiiinnng!"

Amy wiped her mouth and giggled. "Now I have to do my makeup over," she said. "If we don't cut this out, we'll never get to see your friend!"

They laughed gaily and finished dressing.

As Gloria expected, when they arrived at Norton's apartment, he was astonished by Amy's presence. He looked at her a long time, and then he pulled his lips back in a glittering smile.

"I think today is one of my lucky days!" he said. He mixed three daiquiris, and they stood at one of the tall windows and admired the view. After a few minutes of casual chit-chat, Norton narrowed his eyes and studied Amy's tits. She was wearing a silk blouse, and the material seductively molded her large, firm tits.

"Are you wearing anything under that?" he said.

Amy blushed. "Yes," she said. "I'm wearing a bra."

"Take the blouse off," Norton said.

Amy hesitated. She looked at Gloria and then at Norton again. Finally she put her drink down and began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled the blouse out of the waistband of her skin, slipped it off and draped it over a chair. Her pink lace trimmed bra bulged with her heavy tits.

Norton gazed at her tits with admiring eyes. Then he raised a hand and ran a fingertip over one of the cups, tracing out the lace pattern.

"I think we can do without the bra."

Blushing again, a delicate shiver running up her spine in response to his commanding tone, Amy unhooked her bra and slipped it off.

The heavy melons of her tits quivered as she pulled her shoulders back.

"Nice!" Norton said.

Gloria felt her pussy flutter. Having Amy exposed like this, while she and Norton were still completely dressed, was incredibly thrilling.

Norton handed Amy's drink back to her and turned to Gloria. "I think your shade of lipstick is darker," he said. "Put some on her nipples."

Her eyes lidded, Gloria smiled at Amy. She found the tube of lipstick in her purse, pulled off the cap, screwed up the tip, and went to work.

Curling her fingers under the droop of one of Amy's tits, she lifted the breast and dabbed the nipple until she had it painted a fiery red. Then she did the other one and stepped back to look at the effect. Amy's tits now seemed even more gorgeous than before. When her eyes met Amy's, Gloria turned up a teasing smile.

"Lean forward, honey," Gloria said. "Show him how they hang."

Amy's embarrassment was obvious, but she hunched her shoulders forward and bent from the waist so that her tits hung like two large bells. Gloria extended her hands and lightly palmed each nipple. She turned to Norton with a sarcastic smile.

"Do they pass?"

Norton laughed. "You like getting a handful of those jugs, don't you?" When Gloria blushed, he laughed again. "Relax, baby, it's a treat! You're friend has great tits. If I like them, why shouldn't you?"

"She's not my friend, she's my sister-in-law."

"That's even better! What does sister-in-law Amy have on under her skirt?"

"She can show us," Gloria smiled. She took Amy's drink from her hand. "Raise it, honey," she said.

Her cheeks flushed, her eyes avoiding theirs, Amy pulled her skirt up to her hips. When Norton saw she was without panties, he whistled and laughed.

"Delicious!" he said. "She's a real blonde, isn't she?"

When he made a motion with his hand, Amy immediately turned to show them her ass. The garterbelt and stockings made a lewd frame for the plump milk-white cheeks. When she tuned to face them again, Norton looked at her pussy and smiled.

"Play with it," he said.

Amy blanched. "What?"

"Play with it. Make yourself come. You know how to come, don't you?"

"I don't like this," Amy said.

"Play with your pussy, honey," Gloria said. "Do it for me."

Amy closed her eyes. Holding up her skirt with her left hand, she spread her legs and slid her right hand down to finger her cunt. Gloria shivered when she saw glistening cuntjuice on the insides of Amy's thighs.

"That's the way!" Norton said. He moved closer to Amy and slipped a hand behind her to fondle her ass.

The touch of his hand caused a groan to escape from Amy's throat, and in a few moments she was shuddering and massaging her cunt in a frenzy as she came.

Norton's eyes glittered. "Wash your pussy, honey. You've got cuntjuice all over yourself. Come on, we'll help you."

They led her to the bathroom. Once inside, Amy turned and whimpered: "Are you really going to watch?"

"Of course," Gloria said.

"Well, I have to go first," Amy pleaded.

"Go where?"

"Damn it!" Amy said. "I have to pee!"

Gloria chuckled. "Go ahead, darling. Don't mind us."

Blushing furiously, Amy sat down to pee. After she finished, she wiped herself with a tissue and flushed the toilet.

"Now you wash," Gloria said. Her eyes raked Amy's luscious tits and widespread thighs. I can use a wash, myself, she thought, I'm soaking my pants.

"You wash it for her," Norton said to Gloria. "I'm sure Amy would like that."

Gloria smiled. "I think she might."

She lathered up her hands with soap and proceeded to thoroughly wash Amy's cunt. When she drilled two fingers into the blonde's slippery cunthole, Amy groaned.

"She's dripping again," Gloria announced. Norton leaned forward, covered Gloria's hand with his own and added two more fingers to Amy's cunthole. The wild sensation of being penetrated by two different hands immediately sent Amy bucking into an orgasm.

She's blowing her mind, Gloria thought; she loves every minute of this!

After Gloria rinsed and dried Amy's pussy, they brought her out again to the living room and made her slip off her skirt.

"Kneel on the rug," Norton said. "Show us your ass."

Amy obediently knelt on the rug with her head and shoulders down and her ass in the air; Gloria and Norton sat down on the sofa behind the blonde to enjoy the view.

Gloria was turned on to the point of trembling. She put her hand on the prominent bulge in Norton's lap. She traced the outline of his hard cock with her fingertips, then pulled his zipper down and brought his cock and balls into the open. She fisted his thick, heavily veined cock and began to pump it slowly.

Looking at Amy, she crooned: "Play with your pussy, honey."

Amy moaned in protest, but she did as she was told. Her hand slipped back under her belly to finger her cunt.

"You can do better than that," Gloria said. "Put a finger inside."

Her eyes feasting on the luscious exposure of Amy's cunt and ass, Gloria watched as Amy hesitantly pushed a finger into her cunthole. It was obvious to Gloria that Amy adored the humiliation. Her cunt was wet again, her pink cuntlips swollen and drooping, her wrinkled brown asshole winking lewdly.

Amy slowly slid her finger in and out of her cunt with a fucking motion, the churning of her cuntjuice making a squishy sound.

"Your asshole, too," Gloria said.

"Oh, God!" Amy said. "This is too much!"

But she pushed a finger into the tight grommet of her asshole. She began fucking both holes together, rotating her wrist to fuck herself with her hand.

Gloria pumped Norton's cock to the tempo of Amy's finger-fucking.

"I like her ass," Norton said.

He was fondling Gloria's tits, and the touch of his fingers on her nipples brought them out, long and hard.

Releasing his cock a moment, Gloria pulled back her dress, raised her hips, and slipped off her panties. She doubled up her legs, pulling up her knees to rest her feet on the sofa. With her thighs open and her cunt exposed, she kept her eyes fixed on Amy's ass and began to masturbate. Her cunt was drenched with juice, and as she churned her fingers in and out of her cunthole, they made a gurgling sound.

I'm like a bitch in heat, Gloria thought. Her own cunt-smell wafted up to her nostrils, and she shivered.

His eyes sparkling as he watched the two women masturbate, Norton rose and slipped off his pants and shorts. When he approached Gloria, she eagerly took his balls and pulled his thick meaty cock into her mouth. She sucked and slurped on the fat cockhead, until he moaned in protest and pulled away.

"Easy!" he said. "Let's keep it loaded awhile."

"Fuck Amy in her ass," Gloria said.

"Is that what she wants?"

Gloria prodded Amy with her foot. "Is that what you want, honey?" When there was no answer, Gloria reached down, pulled Amy's hand away from her cunt and squeezed three fingers into the blonde's cunthole. "Is that what you want?" she repeated.

"Yes!" Amy hissed.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I want him to fuck my ass! Oh, God, I don't know what I'm doing any more!"

Norton produced a tube of Vaseline, and Gloria carefully coated his cock with the grease.

The prospect of watching Norton's fat cock ravage her sister-in-law's asshole caused Gloria to tremble. Norton looked very distinguished with his clothes on, but naked, like this, he reminded Gloria of an animal. His greased cock was a delicious hunk of fuck-meat, and his hairy balls were large and swollen. She knew that watching him shoot his load of hot jism into Amy's shithole would be thrilling.

When Gloria thumbed some Vaseline on Amy's asshole, Amy shuddered.

"I don't know if I ought to go through with this," Amy said.

"Don't be silly," Gloria said. "He's going to ream your ass until you think you're in paradise!"

Now Gloria positioned Norton's cock at the ring of Amy's asshole. Gloria had never seen another woman get ass-fucked before, and it seemed impossible that Norton's huge cock would actually get in there.

"Relax and open it up," Gloria said. "Push out!"

Gloria hissed with excitement when Amy's asshole opened like a tiny fish-mouth. Norton pushed forward, his cockhead pressing into the grommet, and suddenly, he popped in.

"Oh, Christ!" Amy cried. "He's too big!"

Gloria took hold of the sac that held Norton's balls, and pulled him forward to drive his cock deep into Amy's asshole.

A deep groan of animal lust erupted from Amy's throat, and she began bucking her ass like a wild horse.

"Oh, God, yes! Fuck my ass, you bastard! Oh, sweet Jesus! Fuck me! Drive it in! Oh, shit, he's fucking my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The fat tube of Norton's cock pistoned in and out of Amy's brown sucking asshole. With a final hoarse cry of ecstasy, Amy fainted.

Chapter NINE

At the moment Amy was enjoying a hard hot cock deep in her ass, her husband, Walter, had his face buried between the meaty thighs of his boss' wife.

Her name was Helen Grant. She had dark hair and dark eyes, and she reminded Walter of his sister, Gloria. That was one reason for what he was doing. He'd always had a secret hunger to fuck his sister, and Helen Grant's resemblance to Gloria turned him on. The other reason was that his job wasn't that secure, and when Helen had invited him to visit her at home while her husband was out of town, he saw no way he could refuse.

Helen was a big woman with what looked like a big, fleshy body. But so far, Walter hadn't seen anything of it except her cunt -- and now his face was pressed too far into her pussy to even see that.

They were both still dressed. He had no idea where Helen's panties were; maybe she never wore any. She had on nylons and a garterbelt, and he could feel the warm bare skin of her thighs pressing his cheeks.

"Slow down," she said. "I like it when it lasts. You'll wear your tongue out if you keep that up."

She had a fat juicy cunt with long meaty cuntlips and a large clit. She was also very hairy. His sister had once intimated to him that she was hairy between her legs, and that made Helen's thick dark bush even more exciting.

Helen was sitting in an easy-chair with her legs draped over the arms, and the chair creaked as she squirmed her crotch against his face.

"A little more pressure," she said. "But keep it slow... don't be impatient."

Walter was anxious to please. He pressed his face into the hairy mound and breathed deeply, savoring the aroma of sweat, perfume, piss, and cuntjuice. She was dripping wet, and more and more juice seemed to keep coming in an endless flow.

He'd never been too keen on eating cunt, particularly with women he hardly knew, but Helen could easily get him fired, so he decided he had no choice.

He kept rubbing his face in the thick patch of hair, his tongue continually moving and probing, his nose pushing between her cuntlips to find the red bean of her clit. He burrowed and probed like an animal trying to find shelter, then he opened his mouth and sucked in tufts of cunthair, chewing and tugging after he had a mouthful. There were moments when he felt as if his whole head were covered by her cunt. He threw himself into his work with total and complete abandon.

Helen's cunthair was soon matted down with his saliva, her bush sticky and wet. When he stiffened his tongue and raked it up and down her wide-open cunt, Helen screamed.

"That's it!" she said. "That's how I like it! Lap it up, honey! But do my clit... don't forget my clit!"

He moved his mouth to her clit and closed his lips over it. He held it a moment, sucking and squeezing, then rolled his tongue over it. He could feel her clit quiver and throb as he worked on it. He sucked and nibbled it as if it were a juicy nipple.

After massaging her clit with his nose and mouth, he returned his tongue to her drooping cuntlips and to her wide-open cunthole, brimming with cuntjuice. When he sucked out her juice with a noisy, slurping sound, Helen giggled and patted his head.

"Lovely!" she said. "That's lovely!"

Then she pulled her legs back and raised her pelvis. Walter knew what she wanted. He hesitated only a moment, and then moved his tongue below her cunt, searching out the puckered ring of her asshole. Helen vented a low moan, and he knew he was on the right track. He flicked his tongue up and down and around the tight ring, then he went back to wetting down the entire crack of her ass. He lapped her with the flat of his tongue from asshole to cunt and back again. Helen moved her hands down along her thighs, grabbed her asscheeks, and pulled them open for him.

"Do it!" she commanded. "Don't be bashful!"

Compelled now to finish what he'd started, Walter put his tongue on her asshole again. This time he pushed, and suddenly his tongue was squirming inside the ring muscle.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Helen screamed. "I love that!"

He probed in and out, tongue-fucking her with a firm rhythm. She began moaning and heaving her fat ass, and then she locked her legs around his head and shuddered through an orgasm.

"Oh, shit!" she cried. "Oh, shit, that's good! Oh, God! Oooohhh! Oh! Oh, yes!"

When it was over, she pushed him away, and he found himself sitting on the floor.

"Delicious!" she said. "I haven't had a man do that to me in years and years!"

She slipped a hand down to her cunt and massaged herself to squeeze out the last remnants of her climax. Then, putting her legs down, she covered her knees with her dress and looked at him with half-lidded eyes. She watched him wipe his face with the back of his hand, and she smiled.

He looked subdued; she liked the power she had over him. She liked being the wife of his boss. She liked being able to get what she wanted. When their eyes met, she looked at him with arrogance.

"Did you like doing that?"

Walter shrugged. "Do we have to talk about it?"

"Why not? I know you've done that before. I can tell, honey. I can always tell."

"I've never done that much."

She laughed. "Then there's always a first time, isn't there? Did it do anything for you? My husband won't do anything like that... he thinks it's nasty. He doesn't mind having my tongue up his ass, but his own tongue is too precious. Well, this is the way I get even, isn't it? It all evens out in the end, if you'll pardon the pun. Why don't you take off your pants and get comfortable?"

Walter recognized her words as more of a command than a question. Rising to his feet, he slipped off his pants and draped them over a chair. When Helen saw his boxer shorts, she laughed.

"I figured you for jockey shorts," she said. "But I guess I was wrong. Anyway, take them off. There's no sense hiding anything now, is there? In fact, take everything off. Your body's not bad for a man your age. You must get lots of exercise."

"I work out in a gym, sometimes," he said. He stripped off the rest of his clothes and piled them on top of his pants.

His cock was drooping, and he wasn't too happy about it.

"Bring it over here," she said.

He stood between her knees with his cock dangling only inches from her face.

"I bet you never thought you'd ever be doing anything like this," she said.


She laughed. "But I did. I liked you the first time I saw you, when you first came to work for my husband. I knew that sooner or later you'd be over here bare-assed. I usually get what I want. You're cute and I like cute men, so I got you. You didn't mind sucking me, did you?"


"Tell me you liked it."

"I liked it."

"Good," she said. She sat back and gazed at his limp cock. "You're not hard," she said. "Play with it."


"Put your hand on your cock and play with it, honey. Make yourself hard. I'd like to suck you, but I don't like to suck a soft cock. Play with it and show me a nice big hard-on."

"Christ, you're something!" he said. He took hold of his cock and began jerking off in front of her nose. Her eyes sparkled as she watched him.

"That's the way," she said. "I love to watch a man do that. It's so sexy!"

His fist closed around the shaft of his cock, and he pumped himself up to a full erection.

Helen kept her eyes fixed on the swollen plum of his cockhead. She finally pulled his hand away and ran her fingers up and down the shaft, tracing the veins with her fingertips and running her thumb over the slit to spread his juice.

"It's a good-looking cock," she said. "I love sucking good-looking cocks."

She moved her head forward and opened her mouth. He felt the warmth of her tongue as it rolled over the tight skin of his cockhead. Closing her eyes, she sucked in his knob.

Walter grunted when she took him in deep. He knew he'd never forget this crazy afternoon with his boss' wife. She had one hand on his balls now, the other hand squeezing the muscles of his ass.

Helen's wet lips slid loosely up and down his cockshaft. She jiggled his balls, probed them with her fingers and rolled them around in her hand. Then she suddenly pulled her mouth away and sat back.

"Finish it," she said.

"What the hell does that, mean?"

"Jerk off," she said. "I'd like to watch you come."

"Jesus Christ! Let's fuck!"

Her eyes became hard. "Jerk off, honey. I'll let you fuck me later... if I feel like it, that is. Right now, I'd like to watch you shoot your load. You don't mind, do you? Stand a little to the side so you don't get any on my dress."

With an inward curse at his own stupidity for being there in the first place, he began pumping his cock. He was already rock-hard, and it wasn't long before he started felling the first signs of a come.

Just before he began coming, Helen reached out to tickle his balls with her fingernails. The added stimulation quickly pushed him over the top, and his cockhead began spurting out long jets of white-hot jism.

Helen hissed and crooned as he gushed out his cum. Towards the end, she squeezed his balls until he winced. The craziest thing of all was that she seemed not to care about having his load splattered all over the shag carpet. When he mentioned it, she pinched his cock and giggled.

"Don't worry about it," she said. "The rug's due for a shampoo. How about sucking me some more?"

Once again she pulled back her dress and draped her legs over the arms of the chair. This time, he took a good look at her hairy crotch. He could see the juice oozing from her cunt and down to her ass.

"Come on!" she urged. "Eat me! Get your face in it and suck!"

He got down on his knees and slowly pulled open her fat cuntlips. He looked at the glistening pink flesh in the gulch of her cunt. He realized that she was using him, that she hardly gave a damn about his pleasure, but for some crazy reason he liked it. Anyway, there was nothing he could do about it one way or the other.

He remembered certain men at the plant where he worked who had suddenly been fired for no reason at all. He now realize they'd probably crossed Helen Grant. There were other guys who'd been promoted over his head. If sucking Helen Grant's pussy was a way to move up, it was certainly better than some other ways!

Leaning forward, he pressed his mouth to the dripping gash, sinking his tongue into the wetness, pushing his nose between her cuntlips. He tasted her juices and began sucking them out of her, slurping and slobbering, deliberately making a lot of noise.

Her stiff swollen clit protruded at the top of her slit. He ran his tongue over it and was rewarded with a moan of approval.

"Eat me!" she cried. "Suck me out!"

Taking her throbbing clit in his mouth, he pushed her up to the edge. She squirmed her cunt on his face, her cuntjuice smearing his nose and cheeks. He ran his tongue from her cunt to her asshole, until she suddenly stiffened and gasped and climaxed.

I'll strangle her if she wants me to do it again, he thought. He sat back to watch the writhing of her body. When she finally opened her eyes, she looked at him and smiled.

"You're good at it," she said. "Most men are lousy at sucking pussy." She squirmed luxuriously in the chair and lowered her legs. "You can take off my clothes now."

Happy that at last he'd be getting a look at her body, he slipped off her shoes, unsnapped her garters and rolled down her stockings. She rose and helped him pull the dress off over her head. Then she turned, and he unhooked her bra and slipped it off her shoulders.

She had full heavy tits and wide pink nipples. Her ass was large and meaty, the skin milky-white, the deep crack between the cheeks dark and inviting. She was a fleshy woman, and he was surprised how much this turned him on. The fact that she was the wife of his boss made it even more thrilling.

Holding up her tits like two melons, she pointed the large nipples at him.

"I think I'm your type," she said. "Do I look like your wife?"

"No," he said.

"Do I remind you of someone?"

"You look like my sister."

She laughed. "You're not the first man I know to have the hots for his sister. I bet you'd like to fuck her brains out."

"I wouldn't mind," he said.

"Well, maybe it'll happen, someday. In the meantime, you can fuck me."

She grabbed his cock and led him to a bedroom, where she knelt on the bed with her head down and her ass in the air.

"Do it from behind," she said. "I like it better that way."

He came up behind her and stared at her ass. He could see the brown ring of her asshole and, below that, the hanging lips of her cunt. He wondered if Gloria looked like that -- Helen had hair growing around her asshole; it turned him on.

He took his hard throbbing cock, and pushed his cockhead between her cuntlips. He moved it until he found the socket, and then he showed it in with a long, smooth stroke.

Helen vented a soft moan of pleasure. "Oh, that's good!" she said. "Take your time, lover. I'll tell you when to give it to me hard."

He began fucking her with long strokes and a slow rhythm. He gazed down at her asshole again.

Wetting his thumb with her cuntjuice on the shaft of his cock, he moved it up to the brown grommet of her shithole and squirmed it inside. The muscular ring immediately clamped down tightly on his finger.

"That's it!" she cried. "I love a finger in there! Later you can fuck my ass. I love that, too! Would you like that?"

"Sure," he said.

"Do you do it to your wife?"

"Sometimes," he said.

"I'll tell you a secret," she said. "She probably likes it there better than anywhere else. I've never met a woman who didn't. And if your sister's anything like me, she's probably crazy about it, too."

The idea of fucking his sister in the ass drove Walter wild. He began squirming his thumb, turning it, reaming Helen's asshole. She crooned her approval, pushing her ass back at his hand and cock.

"Now ram it!" she said. "Give it to me hard!" Reaching back under her belly, she grabbed his ball-sac and pulled at it.

He began pile-driving his cock, clutching the flesh of her hips with his hands, ramming his cock into her cunt.

"Good!" she grunted. "That's good! Uuugh! Uuuugghh!"

After a dozen hard strokes, Helen shuddering each time he slammed his belly against her ass, she stopped him.

"There's Vaseline on the night table," she said. "Use it on your cock and put some on my asshole."

He reached over without removing his cock from her cunt. He found the open jar of Vaseline, scooped out some with his fingers and greased up his cock. Then he dabbed her asshole, rubbing the Vaseline into her muscular shit-ring.

"Now, fuck my ass!" she hissed. "Put it in my asshole!"

He planted his cockhead directly on the rim of her asshole, and pushed. There was resistance for only a moment, and then her shithole flared open and it slipped in easily.

He could feel her muscles tightening and contracting on his cock as he pumped back and forth.

Helen reached under her belly to play with her cunt, pushing a finger into her cunthole and rubbing her clit with the heel of her palm.

"That's good!" she said. "Ream me out! Don't be afraid!"

He pumped in a frenzy in and out of the tight, rubbery grip. Soon the jism was rising in the base of his cock, and with a sudden roar, he slammed forward, bent over her back to grab her hanging tits, and emptied his load into her sucking ass.

Chapter TEN

Gloria knew it was only a matter of time before Walter discovered her involvement with his wife and son. But the way it happened was totally unexpected.

One afternoon, following an exhausting session during which Amy had sucked Gloria's pussy for nearly an hour, Amy had a sudden idea.

"How would you like watching Walter and me making it?" she said.

Gloria gasped. "Are you serious?"

"Of course, I'm serious," Amy said. "I mean, he doesn't have to know about it... you could be hiding somewhere and just watching. It would really turn me on. Are you interested?"

Gloria's eyes sparkled. "I'm practically coming, just thinking about it! But I don't see how we can do it."

"You can hide in my closet in the bedroom," Amy said. "He never goes in that closet, and you'll be able to see everything."

They arranged it that evening. Andy was out with Marylou, and shortly after dinner, Gloria was safely hidden in Amy's bedroom closet. She and Amy had never discussed how they were going to get her out of there, but at this point, Gloria was too excited to care.

She could hear their voices. Amy's job was to get Walter turned on and into the bedroom. Were they on the stairs? She heard Amy laughing, and then the bedroom door opened, and Amy and Walter came in.

The closet door was open just enough so that Gloria could see most of the room. She stifled a gasp. Walter was already half-undressed, without his pants and shorts, and the sight of his cock and balls forced Gloria to move a hand between her legs to hold her cunt. After so many years of eyeing that bulge in Walter's pants, she was finally able to see what caused it. Even half-hard, her brother's cock was impressive. When he turned his back, the view of his muscular ass was delicious.

Amy was naked. She looked at the closet where Gloria was hiding, ran her fingers into the blonde curls covering her pussy, and winked.

When Walter finished undressing, Amy sat down at the foot of the bed and he walked over to stand between her legs. The closet in which Gloria was hiding was on the right side of the bed, and she saw them clearly in profile.

Amy cradled Walter's large balls in her palm. His cock dangled so that the fat cockhead rested on her wrist. Turning her head partly to the side to look at Gloria, Amy began licking the knob.

Gloria trembled with excitement, and slowly massaged her cunt. She could see every detail, every vein on the surface of her brother's cock, every wrinkle in the hairy sac that held his balls. She moaned softly when she saw Amy take his cockhead into her mouth.

Walter was hard enough now so that Amy had to open her mouth as wide as possible in order to get him in. Inch by inch, Amy gorged herself on the shaft, Walter's rigid cock slowly disappearing into her face.

Leaving a trail of saliva, Amy pulled her mouth off Walter's cock and held the swollen knob to her cheek. She looked up at him.

"Are you getting tired of me?"

Waiter chuckled. "Do I look it?"

"Don't you ever think about other women?"

"Of course."

"Like who?"

"I have a thing about very old ladies," Walter said.

"No, I'm serious. What about Gloria? Would you like to fuck her? Lots of men think about their sisters that way. Would you like to fuck Gloria?"

"Definitely, yes," Walter said.

Fondling his balls, Amy slowly pumped his cock to keep him hard. She used her thumb to spread the juice seeping out of the slit in his cockhead.

Walter reached down to pull up her heavy tits, his fingers kneading and tugging her nipples.

They separated a moment and rearranged themselves on the side of the bed nearest Gloria. Amy was on her back with her legs on Walter's shoulders; Walter was kneeling on the bed, his ass facing Gloria, his hanging balls clearly visible.

Biting her lip, Gloria churned her fingers inside her cunthole. She watched Walter position his cock at Amy's cunt. She heard Amy's welcoming moan as the head of Walter's cock stretched her opening, and then Amy's grunt as Walter slid his cock into Amy's hot cunt until his balls slapped her ass.

When he started fucking, Gloria had a view of his hard muscular ass, his hairy swinging balls, and his thick cock plunging into Amy's upturned gripping cunt. He reminded Gloria of a wild stallion.

As she watched her brother fucking his wife, an idea came into Gloria's head -- one of those crazy ideas she usually dismissed as an unattainable fantasy. This time, she didn't dismiss it. Opening the door of the closet, she walked out to stand behind Walter's bucking ass and took hold of his bulging, swaying balls.

There was no reaction at first; maybe he thought the hand belonged to Amy. But then something seemed to click in his brain, and he twisted his head around with his eyes widened by amazement.

They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, and then Walter croaked out: "Oh Jesus Christ!"

That was all. He swung his head back and continued fucking Amy.

Gloria had no idea whether or not her presence was accepted, but she assumed it was, and continued to hold his balls. Walter, meanwhile, was fucking Amy in a frenzy.

"Fuck me!" Amy cried. "Give it to me!" She raised her head a moment, and it was then she saw Gloria for the first time. "Oh, shit, yes! Oh, God yes! Fuck me!"

For Gloria, there was no turning back. Clutching Walter's jerking balls, she stared at the puckered, hair rimmed ring of his asshole. She shifted her hand to place the ball of her thumb cm the hole, and without waiting for an invitation, she pushed the digit in to the last knuckle.

Walter vented a surprised grunt.

Gloria lewdly probed his shithole and smiled with satisfaction. She wondered how many women were dying to stand in her place with their own brothers.

"I'm coming!" Amy cried. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!"

Gloria could feel Walter's balls tightening. Amy's orgasm, and the contractions it produced in her cunt, triggered his climax. Gloria crooned at the pulsating in the root of his cock as each salvo of cum blasted out of him. Clenching her teeth in sympathy, she squeezed his balls to drain them.

When Walter rolled off to the side, Amy splayed her thighs. Gloria looked down at Amy's gaping cunt, at Walter's white jism oozing thickly from the pink hole. Unable to resist the impulse, Gloria swooped down and pressed her mouth to the steaming gash. She licked and lapped and slurped, sucking up the warm cum, until Amy began tossing her head from side to side in a tit of uncontrolled lust.

His breath rasping, his eyes feverish with sexual excitement, Walter watched his sister sucking his wife's cunt. He gazed at Gloria's I body, at her heavy fat-nippled tits, at the luscious curve of her ass. Slipping off the bed, he went behind her and looked down. Now her could see her, cunt, hairy and wet, with drooping lips. The sight of it was too much. Extending his hand, he probed between the meaty cuntlips and pushed two fingers into his sister's cunthole.

Gloria mewled and worked her mouth more vigorously on Amy's cunt.

Fingerfucking his sister with one hand, pumping his cock with the other hand, Walter soon had himself hard again. He pulled out his fingers, positioned his cockhead, and drove into his sister's cunt with a lusty grunt.

When Amy realized what was going on, she cried out: "That's it, honey! Fuck her! Give it to her! Fuck her while she sucks me! Oh, God, her mouth feels good! She's sucking up all your cum!"

Walter ran his hands over his sister's body as if to make sure she was real. He grabbed her hanging tits, and pulled and squeezed her flesh until she moaned. He continued pounding her cunt with his cock.

Gloria was the first to come. Her excitement at being fucked by her brother brought on a shattering orgasm. She groaned and sobbed and cried out her pleasure: "Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me! I'm coming! Oh, God, it's good! Oh, God, yes! Fuck me!"

Gloria collapsed on the bed, her mind wiped clean by the oblivion of sexual release, her body shuddering, her mouth hanging loose, her eyes closed.

Minutes passed. When Gloria finally opened her eyes, she saw that Amy was sitting up on the bed, Walter standing in front of her with his cock in Amy's mouth.

Gloria scrambled closer and grabbed Walter's dangling balls.

Pulling her mouth off Walter's cock, Amy smiled at Gloria. "Suck him off," she said. "I want to watch him come in your mouth. Go ahead, do it!"

A shiver of anticipation rushing up her spine, Gloria looked up at Walter.

"Would you like that?"

"Come on," he grunted. "Suck my cock!"

Gloria put her hand on his meaty cock. She squeezed the shaft until his velvet cockhead swelled out like a large, reddish-purple plum. She stroked the loose skin up and down, her eyes on the fluid seeping from the slit. The thought of tasting him, drinking his delicious jism, washed away whatever inhibitions she might have had about it. She extended her tongue to lick the fluid from his cockhead.

Walter's thighs quivered as she polished the head of his cock with her tongue. He groaned when she closed her mouth over his glans and sucked on it lovingly. Her tongue swirled over the throbbing cockhead, rasping the tight skin.

Gloria shuddered with pleasure. His cock felt marvelous in her mouth -- a warm, filling mass of male meat. She could feel the cockjuice leaking out of the tip onto her tongue. She sucked it in until she had the spongy knob pressing at the back of her throat. When she pulled back, she let her saliva dribble down the shaft. She bobbed her head up and down, the ring of her lips stretched over the fleshy pole.

Walter's hips lurched as he gently fucked his sister's face. The view of his cock moving in and out of her mouth was bewitching.

Pulling back so that only the fat, fleshy cockhead remained in her mouth, Gloria grasped his thick slippery cockshaft and began to jerk it. She wanted his cream, she wanted his hot jism spurting into her mouth.

Walter groaned at the feel of her tongue lapping his cockhead while her hand pumped his turgid shaft.

When Gloria felt the first stiffening of the tube on the underside of his cock, she knew he was about to come. Suddenly, there was the first warm gush of his cum into her mouth. Quivering jets poured from his cock, filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. She savored the delicious smell and flavor of it. She swallowed as slowly as possible, rolling his cum with her tongue, sucking stream after stream of it, pulling at his cockshaft and milking his bloated balls.

Her hand pumping and squeezing, she coaxed the last of his cream into her sucking mouth, and then she sat back to lick the sticky remnants of his jizz from her lips.

"Oh, Jesus!" Walter groaned.

Gloria smiled. "I've been dreaming for years about doing that," she said. "We've certainly broken the ice, haven't we, honey."

"It looks like you've broken some ice with Amy, too."

"Do you mind?"

"I'm getting used to it," Walter said. "It sure turns me on to watch you two together!"

"I think we're going to have a party," Amy laughed. "Unless Walter's too tired."

"Go down on Gloria," he said. "I'm not too tired for that."

Amy put her arm around Gloria and kissed her cheek. "You really want me to suck your little sister's pussy?"

"Yeah," Walter said. "That's exactly what I want."

Amy had something special in mind. She whispered in Gloria's ear, and Gloria giggled. The brunette knelt on the bed with her head down and her ass in the air. Pulling over a chair, Amy sat down directly behind Gloria's ass.

"Jesus Christ!" Walter muttered. He sat down to watch, his cock twitching with anticipation of the excitement to come. The view of his sister's exposed cunt and asshole was the most thrilling thing he'd seen in years. And the idea that Amy could be turned on by a woman was totally new to him.

Amy in fact, was as excited as Walter. She pushed her face between Gloria's asscheeks and in a few moments, the presence of Walter no longer mattered. Drilling her tongue deep into Gloria's cunt, she began sucking, searching out the dripping cream brimming in the pink hole. She pulled open Gloria's fat cuntlips with her fingers and pushed her nose and mouth into the sopping wet gulch.

She loved sucking Gloria this way, sucking her from the back so that her tongue could drive deep into her cunt-channel while her nose tickled Gloria's sweet little asshole.

It wasn't long before Gloria was moaning.

Amy continued sucking, then suddenly pulled her face away from Gloria's ass. Her nose and cheeks wet with cuntjuice, she looked at Walter.

"Go ahead," she said. "Suck her. Suck your sister!"

Walter blew out his breath in a long whistle. Why not? he thought. She'd sucked him, why not return the favor?

Favor, hell, he was dying to do it!

He took Amy's place on the chair. Having Gloria's ass spread out like this in front of him was a delicious treat. He ran his palms over the smooth white cheeks. Her cunt gaped open, the lips loose and hanging from Amy's sucking. He studied the dark hairs growing around her asshole.

Christ, she turned him on!

Leaning forward, he slowly ran his tongue up the groove between her cunt and asshole.

Gloria moaned. She knew Walter was behind her, and the image of his face there between the cheeks of her ass was almost too much to bear.

"Do her ass," Amy said. "She likes to have her ass done."

Walter was consumed with lust. He ran the flat of his tongue over Gloria's asshole, thoroughly wetting it. Then he curled and stiffened his tongue and drilled the point into the muscular ring of her ass.

Gloria hissed, relaxed her asshole, and suddenly his tongue was inside.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Amy said. "That's beautiful!" The sight of her husband squirming his long tongue into his sister's asshole was the most exciting thing she'd ever seen. Her eyes fixed on the tongue-fucking, she moved a hand down to her cunt and began masturbating.

"Somebody put something inside my cunt!" Gloria hissed.

Crooning with delight, Amy gnarled up three fingers under Walter's chin and pushed them into Gloria's steaming cunthole.

The fucking of her asshole and cunt by her brother and sister-in-law drove Gloria wild. She began gurgling and moaning, her eyes rolling up and her throat venting hoarse sounds of lust and pleasure.

I'll never be the same again, she thought. I'll be ruined for any man.

Then she decided that was nonsense. A knowledge of the heights of ecstasy never ruined anyone. She was in her prime, her sexuality fully turned on, and she was enjoying every moment of it!

"Amy, let me suck you!" she cried. "Please, come here and let me suck you!"

Amy's fingers were suddenly gone, and in a moment, Gloria had Amy's cunt under her nose. It was a good cunt, the warm juicy cunt of a hot blooded woman. Gloria buried her face in it and slurped and slobbered at its dripping juices. She had the tickling, squirming tongue of her brother deep in her ass and the steaming hot cunt of his wife filling her mouth.

Already halfway to oblivion, none of the three people on the bed could possibly hear the door open. For a long, drawn-out moment, Andy and Marylou stood there on the threshold with their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide with amazement.

Then they looked at each other. They smiled and shrugged.

Entering the room, they began taking off their clothes...


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