More than an aunt

There is something about the new, the unusual, the unexplored that encourages people to venture onto unfamiliar ground. The illicit, the forbidden, seem more attractive and less wicked, somehow. A faithfully mated man will find himself with a strange woman at an out-of-town convention. A young boy will experiment with drugs for the first time when he goes away to college.

MORE THAN AN AUNT is about a normally proper, middle-class woman who finds herself unable to suppress her sexual desires any longer. Visiting her niece and nephews, who are far more experienced than their ages would suggest, she succumbs to temptation and embarks upon a course of wreckless seduction. This is a story about a woman's struggle to free herself from her inhibitions and to take the satisfaction she has sought for so long.

MORE THAN AN AUNT -- the story of a common problem in our society, and one woman's solution to it.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, Christ, Joey -- not here! Don't! Put your cock back in your pants -- somebody might come!"

"Shit, Kathy -- nobody's here but us. All the fuckin' teachers have gone home. Cone on, damn it -- stop cock-teasing! You want me to fuck you or not?"

"Yes... yes! Oh, God! My pussy -- ahhhh! I'm so fucking hot! Oh, lover... lover..."

"I'm damn near creamin' now, you hot bitch! Jesus, let's dolt before I waste my wad!"

"Yes... yes! Do it! Let's do it!"

Nancy Northrup heard the clear young voices coming from the teacher's lounge and sat up, the drying washcloth she had used to cool her aching forehead slipping down over her face. She blinked, rubbing the back of her neck where the ache seemed to have settled, a pretty young woman of twenty-seven. A strand of blonde hair fell against her nostril, puffed away with her breathing.

"Ohhhhhhh, Jesus! Joey! You're hurting me!"

"Christ, it's only my cock!" retorted the boy.

"You're too big! Too big!"

"Yeah?" His tone lightened, became bravado. "You like my eight inches, Kathy?"

"Oh, yes! Let me suck it!"

"Shit! I want to fuck you!"

"I can't take it, Joey! I can't!"

"You ain't even tried, dammit. Come on, Kathy -- open your legs and let me in?"


Nancy swallowed, shrugging off the last vestiges of the sleep that had restored her considerably, and came quietly to her feet, tiptoeing to the door separating the ladies' room from the body of the lounge. It stood ajar, and through the crack she could see old Joey Carson rubbing the shaft of his rampant prick.

Oh, God! Nancy swallowed again at the sight of the flaming pink cock as the boy worked his foreskin back, exposing the plum-shaped glans. He was no more than a dozen feet away, close enough for Nancy to see the slick juice coating his cockhead as he moved closer to the girl on the edge of the leather sofa.

"You ever, see a bigger one, Kathy?" he asked. Kathy Mangan licked her dry lips as she reached up to touch Joey's prick, holding it gingerly, as though afraid it would explode in her face. The boy gasped at her touch, and made his cock jump.

"Did you ever?" he asked again.

"My daddy's bigger, Joey. Lot's bigger -- I heard Mama say to one of her friends he has eleven inches. But he's almost forty."

Joey scowled. "Yeah, and you don't fuck your own father -- do you?"

"No!" She was shocked by the suggestion. "I wouldn't dream of it!"

In the restroom, Nancy suppressed a snicker. The vehemence of the girl's reply told the teacher Kathy had dreamed of just such a situation, probably many times. Nancy knew about dreams...

Oh, God! She pressed her hands to her tits, felt the nipples erecting beneath the fabric of her bra. What was she doing, standing here and watching those two teenagers preparing to fuck? Why wasn't she out there right now, breaking it up?

"I think about my ma's pussy," said lacy, grinning. "And her tits. Jesus, I bet it'd be great to fuck your own mother!"


"Don't act so stuck up, Kathy," said the boy. "Lots of guys think about fuckin' their mother, or their sister -- Ralph Post says he's done it. With both of them."

"That's terrible!"

He grinned. "Not according to Ralphie."

"Well, I don't want to hear any more of such talk, Joey Carson." Kathy tossed her hair over her shoulder. "If you keep it up, I'm going home!"

"Aw, shit! I'm sorry, Kathy -- Jesus, I'm burnin' up, I'm so hot to fuck! C'mon, suck my cock!"

"You might say please," said the girl, looking away.

"Please!" He sighed. "I'm begging you, Kathy!"

Oh, God! Nancy felt the familiar itch beginning deep in her cunt, rubbed the heel of her hand across her thighs although that would not anything to ease the irritation. Only one thing would help... if only she dared!

"Say pretty please," said Kathy.

"Pretty please, with maple syrup on it!"

"Yuck!" Kathy made a face, but she turned back to Joey, reached to take his prick again, sliding her hands along the bottom of the shaft until her lingers poked against his balls. His pubic patch was thick, red curls as wild as those capping his freckled skull.

"Oh, yehhhhhhhh! Yeah -- kiss it!"

Kathy pursed her lips, studying the cockhead and the hole in it as they made his cock jump within her grasp. Her tongue licked out again, and she swallowed -- moving forward to barely brush her lips across the burning male flesh. Joey gasped at the contact and arched his back, his cockhead flying up to bang her nose.

"Oh shit! Shit! Suck me, Kathy! Please!"

The girl breathed in cautiously, studying the male organ as though she had never seen one before. This wasn't true, but it certainly was the largest she had ever experienced at close hand. The nearest she had come to seeing her father's beautiful cock was when she peeked through the bathroom keyhole as he came out of the shower, and then the Goddamn towel covered him up before she got enough of a look to satisfy her curiosity.

Her daddy's cock hung low, nestled against him hairy balls; it was as thick soft as Joey's was hard. Most boys were a lot smaller than this... but still she had never let them stick more than a finger into her cunt. But she has to find out what fucking was really like!

"Suck!" begged the boy. "Suck me!"

She peered up at him, Joey's shirt worked up beneath his armpits, revealing a thin sprinkling of hair up to his belly button, freckled fair skin across his chest.

"What will you do for me in return?" she asked.

"I'm gonna fuck you!"

"If I let you," she said, firmly. "No, I want more than that. I want you to suck my pussy!"

"What?" Joey made a face, disgusted. "C'mon, Kathy -- that's yucky!"

"You think you're too good to suck my pussy, Joey Carson?" said Kathy primly, folding her arms over her tits and sitting back. "You think girls should have to suck your fat old cock, but you don't have to do anything to make us feel good in return? Well, you're wrong! No pussy-sucking, no cock-sucking. And no fucking!"

"But Kathy!" he wailed. "Pussies stink!"

"I wash my cunt!" she said, insulted. Kathy stood, adjusting her skirt. "I'm going home."

"Wait!" Joey struggled with his conscience, at last surrendered, his cock overruling his mental objections. "I... I'll do it. Just don't tell nobody!"

"I don't talk about my sexual experiences," said Kathy, sitting down again. "Unlike some boys probably all boys. I suppose you'll be bragging about this to your dumb buddies tonight."

"Shit, no! I'll keep my mouth shut. I promise!"

Joey fell to his knees before Kathy's opened thighs, reaching to push up her skirt. She raised her ass to let him slip the fabric back, out of the way, and pull the pale wisp of panties down, revealing her dark brown bush -- which didn't match her other coloration, Nancy saw with a satisfied smile. The teacher moved back a bit, in perfect position -- glad the lights were out in the bathroom.

Otherwise Kathy couldn't help seeing her!

"Aw, shit!" said Joey, the boy's nose wrinkling as he stared at Kathy's cunt. He caught her vaginal odor, which was deodorized but still strong. "Kathy..."

"Suck!" warned the girl. "Suck me right -- now, Joey -- or you'll never have another chance!"

"Shit! Goddamn it!"

Joey pushed his cock dawn against the sofa as he leaned into Kathy's crotch, breathing in her stink. The girl sucked in breath as he buried his face against her cunt -- and gasped when his lips pushed through her vulva, his tongue tentatively licking across the slit.

"Oh, yes! Yesssssss! Suck my pussy!"

In the bathroom, Nancy was gasping too, rubbing her hands across first her tits and then across her cunt. She couldn't stand this a moment longer! She moved back, quickly unhooked her garter belt and rolled her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them, tossing them over her head without seeing them land in one of the sinks, and attacked the terrible burning in her cunt with both hands, gasping again as her fingers stabbed through the juicing walls.

"Suck me!" cried Kathy. "SUCK ME! SUCK!" boy tried to keep his stomach from churning as he pushed through her bush, pushed his tongue against the slit itself, tasting the girl's copious spending for the first time. He nearly gagged -- and Kathy's knees slammed against his head, her hands coming down to pull him against her cunt, trying to pull his face completely inside.


There was no escape. Joey swallowed the cunt juice, his throat working as it went down, tasting the bitter female secretions... to find, to his surprise, that it wasn't as bad as he had expected. Shit! It wasn't bad at all! Hard, yes, and strong, but there was something powerful in the taste of Kathy's juices.

"SHIT!" He pulled back long enough to wipe the back of his hand across his mouth -- and dove back in again, burying his nose in the top of the girl's slit.


Kathy forgot where they were, forgot her earlier reluctance to begin the game of sex here in a place of possible danger, and lost in the sensation of Joey's tongue moving back through the sloppy walls of her cunt. She was exploding against his face, coming in ways she had never imagined possible when working herself with her fingers or with candles and bananas. If this was orgasm, she loved it! She fucking loved it!


The boy's hands slid around the soft shape of Kathy's ass, kneading the flesh until she gasped from the paid. His tongue slurped against the entrance to her cunt again, then worked, its writhing way inside, shaped into a trough that scooped up her juices and dragged them out, into his mouth, where they were quickly swallow down. He gasped, blowing air into her cunt, blowing it open like a balloon.

"OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHH!" Kathy cried.

Suddenly his own breath exploded back against his face, made hotter by the burning oven of her aunt. Kathy's knees trembled against the boy, knocking against his shoulders, at last coming up over his shoulders, her legs down his back and drumming against his ass.


Joey was aware of the punishment her heels were giving his buttocks, but he ignored the distraction as he worked his way through her marvelously hot cunt drinking what she threw up against him, trying to push his face all the way inside -- wishing he could push his whole head in there, burying himself completely in the hot clutching walls other cunt.


Kathy moaned.

His tongue banged across the girl's erect clit, pushing the throbbing, burning nub back until Kathy gasped anew at that pain. Joey rotated his face against her cunt, digging his chin into the bottom of the passage, sucking with all of his strength. His tongue came out again, across her clit, and he dragged her fuse between his lips, nipping it gently between his teeth.


Kathy slammed her ass up against the boy, punishing him with her pelvis for the pain he had brought to her. But her clit was throbbing with a life of its own, and suddenly the pain was forgotten -- she wanted him back there, biting down with all of his strength.


He heard the lament from a distance, returned to the earlier target, sucking her cut into his mouth again. His teeth rested gently against the base of it, gathered in some of the soft cuntal tissue around it, and he bit down, gently, sawing his teeth back and forth.


Shit! She was fucking crazy! This was what they meant by fucking crazy! Kathy's fingers dug into Joey's red hair, twisting and puffing as she tried to turn his face against her cunt, tried to direct his tongue movements, the working of his teeth.


He obeyed the order, afraid of what punishment she would do to him if he didn't. His teeth slammed down against her clit, sawing against it, chewing on it as the girl screamed in insane pleasure.


Dear God in heaven! Nancy couldn't believe what was happening before her eyes! The children were going crazy, Joey's head twisting and turning, his long hair flying about his shoulder, Kathy's legs coming up to wrap around his back, squeezing him with all of her strength.

Nancy knew she was jealous of the girl's good fortune. She wanted to be in Kathy's place, wanted Joey to be climbing into her cunt -- climbing over her body with his huge prick. She wanted cock! She had to have cock! God! For eighteen years, as long as Kathy had been alive, Nancy had satisfied herself with her own fingers, with fucking toys -- with everything but the real thing.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she gasped, but the children failed to hear the exclamation. They were intent only on what was happening to themselves, Joey fucking Kathy's cunt with his mouth. And now Nancy watched as they boy came up over the girl, spreading her legs with his knees, guiding his cock.


"Fuck you! Fuck you, Kathy! I'm fuckin' you!"


She tried to beat him off, but the boy refused to lose the prize now that it was safely his. His cockhead was within the outer ring of cuntal muscles, and he pushed up against the girl, twisting his hips to force his cockhead farther.

"Take it, damit you! TAKE IT!"




The cry of pain turned to sudden surprised pleasure as Joey's cock worked into Kathy's young cunt, the yielding walls accepting the male intruder -- sucking it in farther with writhing motions. The boy gasped, half of his cock in, pausing to catch his breath -- and then he lunged forward, thrust deeper, thrust another two inches of cock meat up into the channel of the girl's young and burning curd.

"Jesusssssss! JESUSSSSS!"






Joey rode up into the girl's hole, pushing his cock deep into her body, the head of his cock riding through her soaked cuntal walls and making her gasp with pleasure. He pulled back an inches, until barely half of his prick was still in her -- and thrust again, harder than before. This time he rode up all the way, barely half an inch of throbbing cock still outside.



One final thrust cried Joey's teenage cock all the way into Kathy's body, his balls banging in their tight sac against the flesh separating her cunt from her asshole Kathy gasped against him, drawing her legs about his hips as his pants fell down to his ankles.



"DO... IT! DO... IT!"


The boy pounded into the girl, pushing her back against the sofa, the girl arching her back nod presenting a nearly straight target to his attack. They would have been more comfortable stretched out, but they were beyond thinking of mattes such as that, aware only of the aching void in cunt, and the throbbing desire in cock, the two working together in perfect harmony as the youngsters forgot to breathe in their need for sexual satisfaction.



"FUCK... ME!"

"FUCK... YOU!"


Joey echoed her cries as he pumped his prick deep into Kathy, pushing his cock completely within her body. He was aware of her heat around him, an aura surrounding every exposed part of himself, his skin itching as his balls churned and rolled, her juices beaten to a froth by the pounding of his cock. Her legs were soaked with her own juices, and so were the boy's as he rode into her again and again and again.

"JESUS! JESUS! I'M... COMIN'!" Joey yelled.


But it was too late; Joey erupted before he could pull out, turn away to waste his cum on the floor. His balls throbbed as he spilled deep into Kathy's cunt, collapsing against the girl with a long sigh of exhaustion that carried her sideways against the couch.


The loud cries came from the teacher beyond the door as Nancy dug three fingers deep into her cunt, trying to reach the terrible itching place cries that were heard by the children. Joey looked up, saw the restroom door move.

"What the fuck?" the boy exclaimed.

Chapter TWO

Joey yanked his cock out of Kathy's cunt, the girl gasping and squeezing down against the escaping muscle, trying to hold it prisoner.

"What's the matter..."

"Shhhhh!" He held up his hand in warning, then pulled his trousers up around his hips, not bothering to fasten them. His cock stuck out, still hard and slick with the girl's cunt juices.

They moved quietly toward the ladies' room. The door had stopped moving as Nancy moved back, her ass resting against the cold porcelain of one of the sinks. The boy peered through the opening, saw the teacher, her head thrown back and her mouth wide open to gasp for breath as she stabbed her finger into her cunt.

"Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh!" she cried.

The exclamation came as the boy pushed the door open, banging it against the wall. Nancy straightened, frightened by the sudden intrusion, her fingers slowly pulling back from her cunt. She released her skirt, which she had held tight in her other hand, letting the fabric fall over her exposed cunt.

"Oh! Joey..."

"Miss Northrup! Jesus Christ Almighty!"

"I..." Nancy swallowed, trying to find words to explain her presence. "I'm sorry, Joey... I didn't mean to eavesdrop!"

"You were watchin' us?"

Anger suffused the boy's naturally pink features deepening the red flush. He doubled a fist and made a half step toward the teacher -- and realized she was staring at his exposed cock.

"Jesus!" he said.

"Yes." Nancy managed a small laugh. "I guess it's as big an embarrassment for me as for you, Joey. You caught me, and I caught you."

"What is it, Joey?" cried Kathy. "Who is it?"

He turned back. "Miss Northrup -- playing with herself! Our fucking made her horny!"

"What?" The girl blanched as Joey came away from the door and she saw the teacher just beyond him. "Oh my God! What are we going to do?"

"I guess that's up to her?" said the boy, jerking a thumb toward Nancy.

"I... I won't say anything, Joey," said the teacher. "If you won't..."

"Yeah." Cunning replaced the earlier anger as his eyes fell to the ravaged clothing over the teacher's hips. "Yeah, I guess it would be a lot worse for you, Miss Northrup -- I mean, what the fuck can they do to a couple of kids, just for fuckin'? Tell our parents? Put us on restrictions for a month? But you! It could mean your job!"

"Please..." Nancy shook her head. "Let's just forget any of this happened!"

"Uh-uh!" The boy shook his head, studying the woman. "I don't think so." His grin became evil and his belly hollowed, making his cock jump.

"What..." Nancy swallowed against her dry throat. "What do you mean?"

"If my cock got you all hot'n horny, why the least I can do is give it to you," he said. "You do want me to fuck you, don't you?"

"No! No, Joey!"

"C'mon, Teach! You can't tell me you was playin' with yourself just by coincidence. C'mon outa there, and let's find out if you're as good as Kathy."

Nancy shook her head, her ears burning with embarrassment. But at the same time she came forward, Joey twisting sideways -- to rub his cock against her skirt-covered hip when she tried to move past. Nancy stopped dead, gasping again.

"Please Joey!"

"Yeah, I do please, Miss Northrup!"

He grabbed Nancy's skirt, yanking it up -- then puffing it down over her hips. The cloth tangled about her ankles, leaving her exposed to the stare of the teenagers, Kathy as interested as lacy. The boy put his hand against the swell of Nancy's ass, rubbing across her buttocks and hooking his thumb beneath the disconnected garter belt.

"Shit, Miss Northrup! You got a nice ass -- nice legs! Why the fuck you always hiding them in those ugly clothes you wear?"

"Please!" she moaned softly, biting down against her lip at the touch of his hand. "Please, Joey! Don't do this to me!"

"But I WANT to do it to you," said the boy, dropping his trousers again and rubbing his hands up beneath her blouse. He met the barrier of her bra, and cursed.

"Shit! I swear, you wear more Goddamn armor than one of them old time knights!"

Joey spun Nancy around, unbuttoning her blouse and peeling it down from her shoulders. The fabric hung on her lower arms while the boy unhooked the bra -- letting her tits fall free. Nancy gasped at the first breath of open air against her nakedness, and let the boy turn her around again, exposing her completely to the eyes of the girl as Kathy came closer.

"Step outa that skirt!" ordered the boy. "And get rid of that stupid whatever-the-fuck you call it!"

Kathy laughed. "Jesus, you're stupid, Joey! Don't you know a Goddamn garter belt when you see it?"

"No, and I don't wanna know one. Hurry up, damn it!"

The last was directed to Nancy as the teacher stepped out of her skirt and slid the belt down over her hips. She kicked off her shoes, rolling her stockings down -- to have them knocked from her hands when she tried to straighten them out.

"Goddamn, Kathy! Look at those tits!"

Nancy straightened as the boy lifted her breasts, balancing them in his hands. They were perfectly shaped, the size of cantaloupes, the areolas dusky brown and the size of silver dollars. The nipples were as big as thimbles, erect when he brushed his thumbs across them.

Nancy gasped again at the fiery contact. "Ohhhhhhh!"

"Jesus!" said the boy. "Not bad!"

"For an old woman," said Kathy critically, conscious of her own small tits. She caught them beneath her blouse, her thighs sticky with cunt juice as she closed them together before the teacher's stare.

Nancy flushed at the comment. "I'm twenty-seven!" she said in defense of herself.

"Yeah? How come you dress like sixty? Jesus, Joey -- look at her hair! My grandma wore it like that twenty-five years ago!"

There was no defense to the shot. Nancy closed her eyes as Joey rubbed his thumbs across her nipples trying not to gasp again as the sexual sensation stabbed through her guts. She arched her back, bringing her tits into better prominence -- and nearly stumbled back when Joey sucked in one nipple.

"Oh! Oh, don't!"

"Shit!" He rubbed his mouth. "Nice! Suck one, Kathy -- see how nice her titty is!"

"I don't suck tits!" said the girl, offended. "What the hell you think I am, a Goddamn dyke?"

"Dumb cunt!" Joey bit gently against one nipple, sucking it in, then raised his head again. "Shit, Kathy, sometimes I think you were born stupid!"

"Just like you, huh? Asshole!"

But Joey ignored her, returning to Nancy's tits, biting down harder against the yielding flesh. The teacher gasped, caught the back of the boy's head, and brought up both hands to pull him against her flesh.

"Oh! Oh, yes -- suck it, Joey! Suck my nipple!"

Joey's mouth opened, dragging in more of the flesh, capturing all of the areola. He chewed on the woman-softness, his tongue stabbing repeatedly against the spongy nubbin while Nancy began to twist her ass back and forth.

"Ohhhhhhh, God! God!"

She fell against the doorjamb, eyes closed and mouth gaping open, her throat working and her tongue sliding over dry lips as the boy continued to work against her flesh. This was infinitely better than punishing herself, using only her own fingers on her tits! Oh why, why in the name of God had she waited so long to experience this again? It had been fucking years since she had been fucked -- since the gang of teens toughs captured her late at night, forcing her behind the school bleachers.

"Hey, guys! It's Miss Shit-Nose!"

"You better leave me alone, Rolf Cowan! You touch me and I'll have you arrested!"

"Yeah? Goddamn bitch -- grab her, guys!"

Rolf was eighteen, Nancy's age, and the leader of the pack. There were seven others, the oldest nineteen. To Nancy's horror they stripped her naked, thrust her down onto the cold grass, the boys pulling their pants down to their ankles and brandishing their hard cocks. Eight of them! Oh, God!

God... yes! Her hands grabbed Joey Carson, sliding over the boy's ribs, his hips... sliding around to touch and run away from his rampant fuck. His big prick! Rolf's cock was almost that big, even though he was so young -- he had the biggest one in the gang. And he was the first one to fuck her, dropping against Nancy and tearing through her hymen at the first stroke.

"Shit! She's cherry! I got her fuckin' cherry!"

Dear God! Night after night Nancy relived those moments, remembering every cock, every push of boy-muscle into her body, every eruption of young cum. Her aunt worked now against Rolf's never-to-be-forgotten prick, wishing he was here...

"Oh! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, Joey!"

"Jesus!" The boy looked up at Kathy, who shrugged.

"Go ahead, Joey -- drill her."

He laughed. "Slut! Why not?"

He caught Nancy, pushed her out into the lounge, aiming her naked body toward the sofa where he had fucked Kathy -- and nearly fell over the tangle of his trousers. Cursing, the boy pulled up his pants long enough to kick off his shoes, then peeled them over his nakedness, his briefs coming down with them.

Nancy gasped in breath, staring at the yellowed stain in the boy's crotch as the shorts were rolled up and kicked aside with the jeans. Then he straightened again, caught her, his cock banging against her hip and then her ass as he pushed her toward the sofa.

"Move it, damn you!"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... yes! She wanted to cry out as she moved to the boy's direction, to the sofa, sinking down in the puddle of cum left by the earlier fucking of the young pair. Nancy fell back onto the cushions, her legs opening to him, willing Joey to come down.

"Oh, yes! Fuck me!"

"First you gotta suck my cock!"


Nancy stared at the prick before her, key throbbing with desire. He wanted her hips against him even more than he wanted to penetrate her cunt -- just as he had really wanted Kathy to suck him. Shit! He waved his prick up and down at Nancy.

"Suck it, damn you!"

This had never happened before! The night Rolf and his gang fucked her they had been satisfied to leave the young girl gasping and sobbing on the ground, hurrying away when the last of them spilled his seed and tucked his cock back into his pants.

The seed that had grown into a boy child the shame had driven Nancy from her own home town to live with her older sister until the baby was born. Her parents had talked of abortion, but Nancy refused; the child was the only thing she had to reminder her of that wonderful night. True, she hadn't dared take another cock in all the years since, remembering the pain and suffering of the pregnancy.

But a boy was born after those nine months, a boy taken in by her sister to be raised with her own twins, a boy and a girl a year old at the time. None of the children knew Nancy as anything but their aunt, but she visited them every chance she had, showering her love on all of them, but especially on Billy... her own wonderful son!

Now cock was being forced on her... the marvelous cock she had dreamed of all those years. Nancy had known many suitors, for she was very pretty, beneath her dull clothes and ugly hairstyles. But she never permitted herself the luxury of going all the way... no matter how much she wanted it. The bastards! Why didn't they have the sense to do what she wanted -- to rape her!

As Joey was raping her now, forcing his cock against her lips, into her mouth.

"Suck!" he demanded. "Damn you ass, suck my cock!"

Oh, yes! Oh, God! Joey filled Nancy's heart as she moved forward, opening her mouth to accept the boy's hard shaft against her tongue. Joey caught the back of her head, yanking her down suddenly, thrusting against the baffler. Nancy choked, tried to fight free.

"You're hurting me!"

"I'll fuckin' kill ya! Shut up and suck! Bitch!" Oh, yes! She had to do it; there was nothing she could do to prevent the boy from raping her in the mouth and in the cunt. She was helpless...


Joey caught the woman's ears, slamming Nancy down until her teeth banged against the throbbing head of his cock. She moaned at the force of the blow, and opened her jaws to accept him in. The cock slammed back into her throat.


She choked, unable to breathe as the boy held her face against his groin, Joey gasping with pleasure at the sensations throbbing though his cock shaft. Nancy began to sink beneath a red haze, her fists no longer beating at his hips, her hands falling away...

"Jesus, Joey! JOEY! You're killing her!"

The boy heard Kathy's scream and came back to awareness, realized what he was doing. Nancy sagged against him as he released her ears, then fell away, flat across the sofa. Her breasts rose and fell as her breath escaped in ragged gasps.

"Jesus, Joey! What were you trying to do?"

"I don't know," he answered. "God, Kathy -- it felt good, slamming my prick all the way into her throat. I thought I was in heaven!"

"Your ass will be in Goddamn trouble if you don't take it easy! Cunt-fuck her, for Christ's sake!"

Joey knelt on the edge of the cushion, his cock still standing hard as Nancy opened her eyes. The teacher blinked... and remembered what was happening.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! OH! Joey!"

His prick was pointing straight at her tits -- and her hand came up of its own volition, reaching for his hot flesh, her fingers wrapping around the burning cock. She felt his heart beat as the blood rushed through the vein along the bottom of the shaft, clear juice oozing out of the hole as she squeezed the flesh, milking it out.

"You still want it?" asked the boy, worried because of what he had done. "You want me to fuck you?"

"Oh, yes! YES!" Nancy's head fell against the cushion, her legs moving apart. "Please!"

Joey shook his head in wonder, but he moved over her, planting his feet against the arm of the sofa as he came up between her legs, presenting the head of his cock to her opening. Nancy drew her legs farther apart, her hands catching the boy's sides, moving over his ribs and up beneath his shirt.

"Do it, Joey! Fuck me!"

"Yeahhhhhh! Yeah!"

He pressed the head of his cock against her -- and Nancy slammed her ass down against the boy's cock, impaling herself on the rampant staff. Joey gasped in surprise as the teacher worked her ass beneath his body, sucking and gobbling his cock up into her cunt. She squeezed against the rim of the glans with the ring of cuntal muscles, the boy gasping again.

"Oh! Wow! Jesusssssss!"

"Do it, damn you! DO it!"

"Shit! You're fuckin' crazy! Crazy!"

But he moved against her, thrusting as she tried to shove her cunt down farther against his cock, pushing with him. The eight-inch shaft moved through the writhing, soaked cuntal walls, the head riding across the top of the passage as Nancy cried out in delirium.


"I ain't God -- but I'm fuckin' you! Yeahhhhhhh!"

Joey held himself above the woman on stiffened arms, staring down at her bouncing tits as she writhed beneath him, staring down the straight length of his own body to see his cock disappearing into the greedy maw of her cunt. Less than an inch was outside now, his red curly pubic hair brushing the swollen, bruised mound. He worked his ass again, and was completely inside, his balls pushing tight against her ass again, and was completely inside, his balls pushing tight against her ass. "YEAHHHHHHHHH! OH FUCK!"

"FUCK!" echoed the woman. "OHHHHHH, FUCK! ...ME!"


He pushed up, Nancy's slippery ass sliding across the plastic cushion, sliding up until her head banged against the other arm. Joey followed her, thrusting deep, his ass quivering as their bellies slapped together, making loud and wet noises that had Kathy continually glancing around, afraid of discovery.

"OH, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Joey chanted.

"FUCK ME!" screamed Nancy. "FUCK ME... OH, ROLF! OHHHHH, ROOOOLF!"

Joey heard her scream the name but it passed over his awareness as his cock pounded up into her body. His throbbing prick was already on the point of exploding, even though he had come in Kathy not ten minutes ago. Nancy was blasting through an unending series of orgasms beneath him, her ass rising to slam against the boy each time he rode down, fell into her hungry cavity.

"OH, SHIT!" he cried. "COMIN'... COMIN'!"


Chapter THREE

Joey collapsed across the teacher, Nancy sighing as the boy's cock softened within her cunt. Her face turned sideways against his cheek, his breath hot against her ear, the boy rising and falling with her breathing as her hands roamed lightly across his sides and the swell of his asscheeks. The buttons of his shirt dug into her nipples, the sharp pain ignored as she flexed her cunt against his weakening cock, trying to bring it back to life.

"Oh!" Joey gasped against her manipulations. "Jeez! Don't do that!"

"But it feels good!" she said softly against his ear so only he could hear. "I like to feel you inside me, Joey -- hard inside me."

"Jeezus!" Joey raised his head to stare into her eyes. "You're nuts! You know that?"

"I'm horny!" protested Nancy, catching her nipple and pinching it until pain stabbed through her breast. "Oh, Joey -- fuck me!"

"Again? Christ, my balls feel like they're meltin' now! Have a heart!"

"No, I want a hard-on -- your hard-on!"

Joey worked his cock tentatively within the woman's cunt, wincing at the stab of pain. He shook his head, pulling out, the limp tube falling wetly between her thighs, to be grabbed as she tightened her legs against him, fearful of the loss.

"I can't! Not now!"

"Damn!" Nancy swore.

"Owwww! You're hurting me!"

Nancy released him, gasping. "Oh, Joey -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean it..."

He climbed off her body, sitting on the edge of the sofa to cup his balls, staring at the slick tube of his cock as it hung over the edge of his hand. Nancy scrambled around behind him, got her own feet on the floor, and reached around to take the cock from his fingers.

"Don't squeeze!" said the boy.

"I won't," she promised. Nancy worked the foreskin back to completely expose the inflamed cockhead, turning it in her fingers to study the triangle of flesh at the base of the glans. She had seen pictures of cocks -- had a great many photographic magazines of naked men locked in a special drawer at home. But this was the first time she had ever had the opportunity to study a real cock so close. The night with Rolf and his gang she had been too frightened to really look at their cocks.

It was not at all the way she had imagined it would be. Photographs, even in color, were somehow cold. This was living flesh, still hot from his sexual excitement. The boy looked at the girl, shaking his head and twirling his finger near his temple.

"Oh! Wow!" he gasped as Nancy suddenly took the soft cock into her mouth, sucking it all the way back. She pressed her tongue against the bottom of the shaft, molding it to the roof of her mouth, swallowing the remnants of fuck juice that still clung to his flesh. The boy started to grab her head, intending to push her away, and then gasped again as the schoolteacher sucked the head of his cock past his uvula, swallowing it into her throat.

"Jessssssss!" Joey gasped.


Nancy moaned around the soft shape of the boy's cock, holding it completely within her now. His erection had hurt, but this was wonderful! She turned her face against his groin, Joey's balls scratching against her chin as she tried to run her tongue over every bit of the beautiful, burning male flesh.

"Ohhhhhh, Jesus! Jesus! Kathy!"

The girl stared in disbelief as the woman serviced the boy, Kathy shaking her head. Her fingers were sliding across her thighs, working the fabric of her skirt up until she could feel her own naked flesh, sticky with the cum from Joey's fucking. Hardly I blinking until her eyes burned from lack of moisture, Kathy rubbed a finger across her mound, through her bush, stabbed it in to the first joint, gasping, and leaning forward as she finger-fucked herself.

"Oh, shit!" The boy's stomach hollowed as the teacher continued to lave the surface of his yielding cock flesh. "Shit! Jesus Christ Almighty! I can't stand it, I can't fucking stand it!"

His face was contorted with pain as his burning flesh was pressed by Nancy's tongue, but the boy made no effort to withdraw, his head falling back against the sofa and his eyes closing. He sighed, a long exhalation of breath that emptied his lungs and hollowed his belly, stroking the schoolteacher's hair as Nancy continued to service him.

"Ohhhhhh -- owww! Owwwww!"

The cry of pain came as his cock started to stand out again, pushing against the back of Nancy's mouth. She could no longer hold it all the way in without puffing back to breathe. Her lips squeezed the thickening shaft while it was still soft, her fingers sliding up between hi legs to rub against the velvety skin between his balls and his asshole -- then came back to caress the shape of Joey's testicles.

"Oh, Jesusssssssss!"

Joey thrust his ass up against the greedy mouth of the sucking schoolteacher, his cock again hard between Nancy's teeth. He gasped again as she nipped the flesh, her teeth raking along it, squeezing the vein on the bottom as she traced its path with her tongue, then came up to just barely hold the cockhead within her teeth. She pressed gently, and stabbed her tongue into the opening, tasting the boy's bitter secretions.

"OHHHHHHH, CHRIST!" Joey pumped up at the woman. "JESUSSSS! SUCK... ME! SUCK MY COCK!"

Nancy forgot her earlier thrill and the subsequent pain at being mouth-raped by this wonderful young cock, sucking with all her strength, shifting around and dropping to the floor between his legs. Her hands caught Joey's ass, dragging him closer to the edge of the couch, her chin pushing his balls down against the rim of the cushion. He gasped again at the pressure.


Yes! Nancy was sucking him! She was doing her best to take a satisfying length of the boy's burning erection into her mouth, although she could no longer go all the way down on it! Damn! She wanted every last inch at the throbbing cock-flesh in her mouth! She wanted to feel her lips against his red bush!


Nancy caught the teenagers balls again, caressing them, then came off his cock to dive down and take one of the testicles in her mouth. She rolled the ball over and over; his hot cock sliding across her forehead and making a mess of her carefully arranged hairdo.

Joey screamed as his burning, sensitive glans banged through the teacher's hair, and he thrust up against her, grabbing his cock to cover the glans with his hand.


Nancy heard him bellow, but ignored everything but the sensation of his ball in her mouth, pushing down against him until his other ball was forced back against her cheek. The boy gasped in constant pain from the pressure of her face, and then she released the trapped egg for an instant, gathering the two together with her fingers, sucking them both insides, as her jaw ached with the strain.

"OH MY FUCKIN'... GOD! GOD!" he yelled.

Joey's eyes were wide and staring as the woman sucked both his balls into her mouth, using her teeth to straighten the wrinkled scrotal sac, pushing her tongue between the testicles to separate them and roll them. The boy's cock throbbed between Nancy's forehead and his groin, blood rushing from every part of his body to fill the muscular shaft, swelling the aching flesh like a balloon.


His mouth hung open, scarcely able to gasp in breath deep enough to give his lungs power for his voice. He was burning all over, fevered, sweat pouring out of his body to soak the plastic cushion beneath his ass. His knees pressed against Nancy's shoulders, but he was unable to bring any strength to his legs as she at last released his testicles from the prison of her teeth, rose over the boy to straddle him, pushing her knees back along his hips. She caught Joey's cock, presented the head of it to her hungry cunt -- sat down, burying him completely within her.


"Oh, yes!" she cried happily. "Yes!"

"Please... you're hurting me..."

"No! No, Joey -- I won't hurt you! I want to love you... love you!"

The boy gasped again as Nancy grunted, pushing her cunt down against the base of his cock. He was helpless; he tried to raise his hands to fend her off, push her away, but he couldn't pick them off the upholstery. And know Nancy was finding the position awkward, difficult to control.

"Get over!" she begged, pushing the boy sideways. "Get over, Joey!"

She rose off his prick far enough to let the boy topple over, twisting his shoulders to make him lie flat as her left foot urged his leg up onto the sofa. He moved beneath her, obeying, sighing, transported as she exerted her strength to straighten him out beneath her -- all the while keeping his cock prisoner within her cunt.

"Yes -- farther! Get up, damn it! Up!"

Joey moved again, pushing his feet against the arm of the sofa until his legs straightened completely, then relaxed completely. His face fell sideways as Nancy thrust down against the burning rod of his cock, his eyes closed as he drifted into a never-never land halfway between sleep and heaven.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" His throat worked, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. "YESSSSSSS -- do it! Do it to me, Miss Northrup!"

"I am, Joey," she said softly, lying over the boy until her tits were crushed against his chest. "Oh, God! I... am!"

"Yes... yesssssss... yesssssss..."

A silly smile came over Joey's face as he let the woman control the fucking act, not even shoving his ass upward, not even trying to cooperate. She had impaled herself on the boy's prick, sliding down until his cock hair pushed within her sensitive walls, working him gently with her cuntal muscles, the boy sighing again.

"Ohhhh, beautiful! Beautiful..."

"Yes... you are beautiful," said the schoolteacher. "Your cock is beautiful!"

She rode out until the prick was barely trapped in her outer ring of muscles, squeezing down against the aching cockhead until the boy gasped again -- and had the gasp cut off as Nancy planted her lips against his mouth. She kissed him passionately, tongue pushing against his teeth, stabbing in when Joey stopped resisting. Nancy stopped fucking as she sucked against the boy's tongue, pulling it into her own mouth with sheer sucking force, until he stabbed it against her soft palate, groaning at the aching in its roots.

"Oh, God!" She came up for breath, slamming down against the boy's prick again. "Oh, God!"

"Ohhhhhhhh oh! Oh!"

The last sigh came from Kathy, the girl working her fingers within her cunt, trying to reach all the way back, to the burning need that seemed centered in the hollow of her stomach. Nancy heard the girl gasp, turned her face sideways to see her masturbating.

"Kathy! Come here!"

Kathy didn't hear. Nancy repeated the command, and the girl became aware of what she was doing -- embarrassed to be caught. Her ears flamed brighter than the heat of sexual passion as she moved to obey, coming to standby the edge of the couch.

Nancy sucked in breath, squeezing against Joey's cock as she thrust her hips down against the boy, feeling his hard pelvis cutting into her thighs. Kathy's skirt had fallen back into place; now Nancy grabbed it, nearly pulling the girl off balance.

"Take off your skirt -- sit here! On the edge of the couch!"

The woman kept her face pressed against the boy's as the young girl stared at her in wonder. Nancy tugged at Kathy's skirt again, and at last Kathy released the zipper, let it fall into her ankles, stepped out of it and sat on the edge of the cushion. Her ass pushed against Joey's shoulder as Nancy slid her hand over the girl's naked thigh, through the slick of fucking, and stabbed a finger into her cunt.


"Yes! Yes -- Kathy! Get up here -- kneel over Joey's face! Yes, like that!"

Wondering if the teacher had flipped out, Kathy obeyed Nancy's directions no telling what the crazy woman would do if she didn't! Her knees slid down Joey's cheeks, banged against his shoulders, and Nancy reached to grab Kathy's ass, pulling her forward.

"OH! What are you doing?"

The girl's ass slammed down against the boy's face, lacy groaning and pushing up at Kathy with both hands to free his nose. He turned his face away, managed to keep his mouth open for breathing as Nancy settled the teenager down again, staring into Kathy's cunt. The woman worked back across the wonderful, throbbing cock in her own hot tube, and stabbed her tongue against Kathy's crotch.


Kathy stared in disbelief as the schoolteacher buried her face in her crotch, sucking against the still-juicy cunt with all of her considerable strength. Joey swallowed, his neck aching with the strain of the pressing asscheeks, all of Kathy's weight pushing down against the boy as Nancy worked against her, pressing herself flat against the boy's body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Aggghhhhhhh!"

The boy's moans were muffled as he tried to raise the weight from his face, unsuccessfully. They had him trapped, his wrists bent double. He pushed his hands down, between Kathy's thighs, and managed to work them beneath the woman, her nipples pushing into his palms.


Nancy came up from Kathy's juicy cunt just long enough to gasp out the new command as she felt the boy's finger against her. Her cunt squeezed down even harder against the base of Joey's cock, the muscles sliding back and forth in a sawing motion that threatened to tear the organ from his body.


Nancy didn't even hear him, but Joey managed to work his thumbs against his fingers, rubbing and twisting the throbbing cocks until she gasped in painful pleasure and eased the torture of his cock. She began working down against him again, Joey drawing his knees up and trying to return punishment for punishment. He thrust against her, trying to raise his asscheeks from the sofa, his shirt a tangled cable beneath his shoulder blades.

"OHHHHHHH, YES!" cried Nancy again, turning away from the girl's hot, burning cunt.


"DON'T!" cried Kathy, grabbing the teacher's hair and forcing Nancy's face back to her cunt.



Joey gasped for breath, his cock swelling and throbbing until every tiny muscle and nerve ending burned and ached from the pressure of the clutching cunt as Nancy pushed her ass back down against him. This was impossible -- but at the same time it was wonderful! He kneaded the woman's tits until Nancy screamed into Kathy's cunt, his cries of pain no louder than the teacher's as Kathy ground her ass down against the boy's face, trying to drag Nancy's head inside of her cunt.


Nancy was sucking her, although until this moment her only sexual dreams had been of cocks -- of young cocks, Rolf's cock, the cocks of the boys in Rolf's gang. Frenzied with lust, she stabbed her tongue deep into the girl's passage, dragging out her juices as she stabbed herself again and again with the boy's cock. Her nose pushed through the top of the slit, her tongue slamming across the clit and twisting it back and forth as Kathy continued to scream, the only one who could scream.


Yes! Yes! Nancy wanted to cry out with her, but she wouldn't turn away from this wonderful steaming sexual oven, Kathy's heat combining with her own to raise the temperature of her blood to the boiling point. She was aware of the nearly naked teen beneath her, of key's fingers tweaking and twisting her nipples; she was more aware of his throbbing cock as, teen called on his last reserves of strength and fucked up against her as the teacher fell down against his body; she was most aware of the fevered heat coursing throughout her own body as her organs responded to the stimulation of a real cock -- not a dream, or a dildo, or a vibrator!


Joey thrust against the woman, throwing Nancy into the air as his asscheeks came up from the sofa, to fall again with a loud slap. God! She was teaching him -- she was teaching him things he had never dreamed of! God!

Kathy dug her nails through Nancy's hair, into the woman's scalp, trying to drag her closer against her cunt. She twisted and turned, torturing the teen beneath her as she spilled her juices out over Joey's neck, his shoulders. Nancy was exploding herself, the boy's groin and belly soaked with the stuff beaten out around the shape of his cock. And now he was boiling over, his burning testicles working with his aching prostate to spill one more impossible time, his cock slamming up, his ass staying in the air as his feet came back beneath his knees, making a platform that threw the woman up, threw her forward.

"JESUS!" Kathy was falling back, scrabbling for her hold as Joey twisted and pushed beneath her.


She fell away, Nancy gasping for breath as she lost the girl's cunt, sliding down the slope of Joey's body as the teen screamed.


Chapter FOUR

Three days later Nancy was heading south on the turnpike, a warm glow spreading through her cunt as she thought of the wonderful fucking session with the children. God! Her hand dropped into her lap, rubbing across her crotch... why had she waited so long! For damn sure it wouldn't be another eighteen years before cock was dipping into her pussy!

The sudden blast of an airhorn brought her back to an awareness of where she was. She swung back over the painted line, giving the truck driver the finger as he roared past, his face contorted with shouted but unheard curses. Swallowing sudden fright, Nancy eased off on the accelerator dropped the car's speed to a safe fifty-five.

Her appearance had changed in those three days: gone were the frumpy clothes, the unstylish hairdo, even the armor of her underclothing. Her bank account was substantially lighter, but she had cleaned her closets of the outmoded things of yesterday. She wore a stylish dress, her tits moving free beneath the slippery fabric. She sighed as the cloth caressed her nipples, erecting them, bringing the glow back to her cunt...

No! Pay attention, you stupid cunt! Watch what you're doing, or you'll be on your way to a funeral, instead of on your way to Laraine's to ten glorious days of spring vacation with her son! Not that Billy knew he was hers, but just being with him was enough to make Nancy happy.

And she was happier now knowing she would have the children all to herself for the next ten days! Laraine had called that evening, after the fucking session with Joey and Kathy, to say she had a chance to go with Jim, her husband, to an engineer's convention in San Francisco. With Nancy available that week, would she mind watching all of the kids?

Most certainly not! Nancy was delighted to be of service to her sister. In just about thirty minutes she would reach the old farm that was their home -- in fact, this exit coming up was hers.

She wound the car off the turnpike and paid her toll, then picked her way through the succession of small villages lining the super highway. Jim and Laraine didn't farm their place, although they had over one hundred acres. His office was twenty miles away, in the nearest small city.

As Nancy threaded her way through the country traffic she sang a happy song. This was her first trip to the farm since Christmas vacation -- her first sight of her son in almost four months. Laraine said Billy was growing like a weed, as tall as his cousin, Ben, although the twins were a full year older.

Suitcases were sitting on the porch of the rambling old farmhouse when Nancy pulled into the drive. The door banged open and Bobby came running out, taking the steps in a leap to throw his arms around her before she got her own suitcase out of the car.

"Hi, Aunt Nancy!"

"Hi, yourself!" She laughed. "Here, Tiger -- make yourself useful."


The boy gabbed the suitcase, hurried toward the house, Nancy following. She eyed Bobby's ass, surprised at how attractive the teenager had grown. Or were his good looks always there, but just now apparent to her, after her experience with Joey and Kathy?

Good God! She blushed -- she was wondering how big Bobby's cock was hard! Christ. Nancy decided, studying his rangy frame. All of the males in Jim's line were tall. Before she had a chance to speculate further, the door opened again and the twins, Ben and Bonnie, came out.

"Hi, Aunt Nancy!" they cried.

"Hi, yourselves." Nancy hugged them as she came up onto the porch. "Where's Billy?"

"Oh, he's helping Mom and Dad," said Bonnie, glancing away. There was something strange in the girl's look. Bonnie was as attractive as her brothers were were, small breasts already formed beneath her T-shirt.

"Somebody take our names in vain?"

Jim came down the stain, just in front of his wife. Billy followed with another suitcase. Jim kissed his sister-in-law, and then the sisters embraced.

"You're a dear, Nancy," said Laraine. "God, I hate to say hi and run, but we have to make our plane."

"You know I'm delighted to do it," said Nancy. "Have fun, both of you. And don't worry about a thing -- we can handle everything here."

With that they were gone, in a confusion of goodbye hugs and kisses. Bobby took Nancy's suitcase up to the guestroom, and she hurried through her unpacking, arranging all of the new clothes in the proper places. Laraine hadn't even noticed the change...

"Need help?"

Ben lounged in the doorway. Like his younger brother, he was gangly, rawboned. Billy was more compactly built, although he matched Ben in height. He must have outweighed his cousin by twenty pounds or more.

Seeing him, Nancy's thoughts had flashed back to that night so many years ago when he was planted in her womb. Now he was the image of Rolf... and one of the most beautiful boys she had ever seen. And during these six years of teaching she had seen hundreds, and thousands more pass through the corridors and the playground.

Now Nancy looked at her nephew Ben -- saw the boy's eyes resting on her tits. His stare seemed to burn twin holes into her nipples, outlined against the sheer fabric.

"Uh..." Nancy blushed. "No, thanks. Everything's squared away. Where are the others?"

"Oh, outside," he said nonchalantly. Ben's fist was in his pocket, his fingers working -- and now Nancy saw why as her eyes swept across his crotch. His cock was straining at the fabric of his jeans -- a long, lean cock. The boy was sweating.

"That's sure a pretty dress, Aunt Nancy."

"Thank you, Ben." She smiled, with an effort -- she wanted to grab his cock, pull his pants down! Good God -- what would the boy think of that?

"Well, I'll see ya..." he said.

"See you."

He turned, moved quickly down the ball. Nancy slipped to the door, peered at the boy through the crack. Ben was standing at the top of the stairs, easing his cock within his tight pants.

God! The kid was horny -- probably just as horny as Nancy herself! She sighed, sliding her hand across her groin. A thought that had been lurking in the back of her mind ever since Laraine's call was trying to surface. It popped up, suddenly clear.

Could she fuck her own nephews?

Her own son!

Nancy shivered, and scolded herself for the sheer insanity of the idea. Get sex out of your mind, girl! Dear God, what's the matter with you?

She was horny, that's what was the matter...

But she couldn't have her own flesh and blood!

No matter how much she wanted him...

Somehow Nancy made it through the rest of the morning, fixing lunch for the children, trying not to stare at the boys, at their well-shaped buns every time they turned away from her... at their crotches when they faced her. Ben's hard-on didn't return, at least while he was around his aunt. And what was wrong with a boy's hard cock? It was a natural thing with boys just entering puberty; Nancy had seen many a red-faced youngster trying to hide himself from the eyes of others in her classroom.

It was Bobby's day to do the dishes. After lunch the others disappeared. Nancy followed them twenty minutes later, enjoying the country air, the huge yard around all sides of the house. The barn was a hundred yards away, painted white like the rest of the outbuildings and the house itself. As she came closer Nancy saw the chickens in the hen yard, heard one of the three riding homes whinny to one of its companion. The door to the hayloft stood open, the smell of old fermenting hay strong but pleasant as she passed into the barn, pausing to pat Duchess, one of the horses.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Billy -- don't!"

Bonnie's voice came clear, directly over Nancy's head. She looked up, surprised, frozen in motion.

"Shit, Bonnie! Come on, you've been promising to take my pecker. Now damn it, you got me so horny I can't stand it!"

Bonnie giggled. "Aunt Nancy's the one who got you horny, Billy. My God, that dress! I'm surprised the three of you didn't burn it right off her, the way you were all staring at her titties."

"Yeah." The boy sounded smug. "Jeez, I thought I was gonna cum in my pants! Just like I'm gonna shoot all over your leg if you don't take my cock right now!"

There was sudden silence, and the boy sighed, deeply, with satisfaction.

"Oh, yeahhhhhh! That's nice -- kiss it!"

"You're all cummy!" the girl protested.

"That's not my fault! Come on, Bonnie! Jeezus!"

Billy sighed again as the girl did what he wanted, and there was a sudden ripping as a zipper was pulled down.

"Billy! What are you doing?"

"Just taking down your jeans, dammit. Come on, let's get naked!"

The hay in the loft rustled with the movements of the children -- and Nancy broke from her trance. She licked dry lips, realized her fingers were pinching her tits through her dress. God! Her nipples were erect, and her cunt was juicing!

"Oh, golly! You're a lot bigger, Billy!"

"Yeah -- seven and a half inches!" he said, proudly. "An inch and a half in three months! Now aren't you sorry you played so hard to get all winter?"

"You're bigger than Ben!"

"Yeah, but he's thicker," the boy admitted. "Come on, Bonnie -- suck my cock like you used to, before I could shoot my wad!"

Another sigh escaped the boy as Nancy moved quickly to the ladder leading to the loft. The woman glanced around to make sure no one could observe her, then climbed the ladder with quick, nervous steps. Her head rose through the loft floor; she could hear the noise of the teenagers as Bonnie sucked Billy's cock into her mouth with wet, sloppy noises, but she couldn't see them.

"Oh, yeahhhhhh! Suck it in, Bonnie -- suck it all in!"

Nancy felt a wetness across her thighs as she stood up in the loft, and she squeezed her legs together. Most of the hay was gone, used during the winter, but a single stack was still humped high, the children on the other side of it. The stack shifted as Billy changed position, failing flat on his back, Bonnie moving over him.


"Ow! Damn you, Billy! Be careful!"

"Oh, Christ -- I'm sorry! See, my hands are over my head. Suck me, please!"

Nancy clearly heard the gurgling as Bonnie dove down onto Billy's cock again -- the cock Bonnie thought belonged to a brother. The woman tiptoed closer, then bent to slip her shoes off, placing them silently to one side. Barefoot, she crept closer, until she could peer over the top of the little haystack.

Billy was on the slope just below her, the boy's arms flung wide, and his legs apart to let the naked Bonnie come up between his thighs. The girl had part of his cock within her mouth, but now she came back, holding the shaft in her fingertips when she came off the end of it to work her jaws against the strain of sucking.

"You like my cock, Bonnie?" asked the boy eagerly, looking down the length of his naked body. "You really like it?"

"It's okay," said Bonnie noncommittally. "I guess."

"You guess?" cried the insulted boy. "Jesus, if it's so Goddamn ugly, why are you sucking on me?"

Bonnie tossed her hair over her shoulders, shrugging. But she was unable to keep a straight face. A giggle broke from her lips, and she dove down onto the boy again, sucking almost five inches of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh, yeahhhhhhhh!" said Billy, sighing happily. He let his head fall back, his eyes closing in bliss. "Yeahhhhhh! Like that, Bonnie!"

She gurgled against him, bobbing her head up and down, her small tits flopping with the motion. Bonnie was on one knee, her hand resting on her thigh as she serviced the boy, sucking eagerly.

"Take more!" begged Billy. "Take it all -- like you used to!"

"Jesus, Billy!" She came off him again. "That was before you started to get big! I can't take all that!"

"Shit! Try... please try!"

Dubious, Bonnie studied the knobby shaft in her fingers, her saliva drying against the burning heat of the glans. She worked over the cockhead with her thumb, a droplet of fluid oozing out, and she massaged it in. Billy sighed, and made his balls jump.

"Come on, Bonnie!" he begged again. "Try!"

Obediently the girl returned to the task appointed by the youngster, taking his slippery cockhead between her lips and her teeth. She stabbed down. But she could gain no more ground than before. Choking, she pulled back, shaking her head as tears started in her eyes.

"I can't! You're too big!"

"Shit!" Billy sighed again. "Okay, do the best you can. Suck!"

Bonnie bent over Billy again, while Nancy thought she was going to go out of her mind. Her brief panties were down from her crotch, hobbling her knees as she dug against her cunt. God! If Bonnie wasn't woman enough to take all Billy had to offer, she was! She wanted it... she needed it!

Her breath darted in and out noisily, but the children didn't hear, lost in their own sensations. Bonnie came up on both feet now, squatting between Billy's legs, her young cunt and her asshole flexing open. She caught the boy's hip with one hand, the other down between her legs to play with herself as she sucked against him, taking no more than four inches of Billy's cock into her mouth now.

"Oh, God! Yeah! Suck!"

Bonnie ignored his plea for greater effort, concentrating on what she could take easily. If Billy wanted more he could Goddamn well suck himself! Her eyes stared unfocussed at the boy's groin, his muscles trembling and rippling as he willed the girl to come down farther, but not daring shove it in without invitation.

"Suck me, Bonnie! Suck me!"

Nancy was itching as perspiration poured out of her body. She moved away from the haystack, back almost to the ladder, stripped out of her dress. She had to be naked! She wanted to be the children were now. Her new clothes fell scattered about her, her throat working and working against the imagined shape of her son's cock.

How did he taste? Was he powerful, like Joey? Or would he be sweeter, because of his younger age? And did he now know what to do when he shoved his cock inside a cunt -- had he ever been in a cunt?

Rubbing her body all over, pinching her nipples until the sensation had her on the edge of madness, Nancy moved back to her original vantage point.

She looked over the top of the haystack saw Billy thrusting up against Bonnie's face, trying to fuck her in the mouth. But each time his groin stabbed up the young girl retreated, taking no more of him than she had before.

Billy groaned. "Oh, Jesus! JESUS! SUCK! SUCK IT, BONNIE! ALL OF IT!"

Again Bonnie came off his cock, Billy gasping as it bobbed in the air. She shook her head once, angry.

"You don't like the way I'm doing it, Billy? Try sucking it yourself!"

"Oh, Christ! I'm sorry, Bonnie -- please! Take it!"

"You gonna shut up about taking it all the way?"

"Yes! Oh, GOD! YES!"

The girl came down again, Nancy wondering why her son didn't demand his rights as a male -- why didn't he slam his cock into her? She'd damn well take it then!

For that matter, why wasn't Billy fucking her? Bonnie's cunt was juicing, her spending soaking her ass as she scratched at her itch, just as her aunt was scratching at another, greater burning deep in her adult cunt. God! She couldn't reach it! Only a cock could reach it!

Frustrated, she shook her head to clear her vision -- saw that her son was equally frustrated. Billy dug his nail into his palms, biting his lip as Bonnie returned to servicing him. Sweat poured out of the boy's forehead, soaked his chest as he held himself back from fucking into the girl's mouth with all of his strength.


Bonnie's head began to bob faster, flashing up and down, tossing her hair, her asshole flexing as her buttocks slammed down against her heels with the force of her sucking. She stopped playing with herself, caught Billy's hips with both hands to hold her balance as he increased the speed of sucking him. Billy gasped repeatedly as her teeth grated against the flesh of his cock.


The boy's balls were aching in their tight-drawn scrotal sac, but now he felt the soothing sensation spread across his gut, signaling impending explosion.


Bonnie heard his wanting and pulled back from his cock just as the first blast of boy-cum slammed up through the tube of his prick. The girl gasped as it splattered against her chest, followed quickly by a second and a third white bullet. His cock bobbed in the air as one final oozing ejaculation rose, not strong enough to do more than fall back against the shaft, running down toward his balls...


The teenagers heard the woman's voice coming from the far side of the haystack. Staring at each other in shock, they leaped to their feet, looking over the hay at Nancy as she fell flat on her ass, her knees drawing up against her tits, three fingers of each hand digging deep into her aching cunt...

Chapter FIVE

"Aunt Nancy!"

The cry came from Bonnie, Billy too stunned to do more than stare at the sopping woman-hole open before his burning eyes. Nancy heard the girl's cry from a great distance, settled back through the sexual fog to a realization of what she was doing.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Oh my God!"

She blinked through tears of sexual hunger, staring at the teen -- at Billy's cock, which stood out straight and strong despite its just completed ejaculation. Slowly she lowered her knees, her fingers coming out of her cunt to slide up over her belly, trailing her cunt juices. Her feet fell to the floor...

"Oh, God! Billy..."

"You were spying on us!" accused the teen, angry.

"Oh no -- I... I couldn't help it! I couldn't! I heard you downstairs..."

Nancy swallowed against her dry throat, sitting up to hug her arms across her tits. Her knees were drawn up, pushed apart, her cunt still open to the stare of the children. And both of them were taking advantage of the opportunity, eyes burning into Nancy's hole.

Billy licked his lips and swallowed, managing to tear his eyes away from the beautiful woman-cunt to look at the girl beside him. Bonnie was rubbing her tit, the moving wrist banging up beneath her small tits and making them bounce.

"Jesus, what are we gonna do?"

Bonnie shrugged. "I guess that's up to Aunt Nancy."

Nancy closed her eyes, burning with embarrassment. God! What was the matter with her? She really must have slipped into madness, to be exposed like this to these two children -- to her own son! She was embarrassed... but there was no guilt! She was shameless!


He looked at her as she rubbed her throat with thumb and forefinger, waiting for her to continue. Nancy tossed her head, staring straight at the bobbing head of the boy's cock. She hadn't wanted this to happen, but now that it had, she wasn't going to waste the opportunity! Son or not, she was going to have Billy's cock! She was going to fuck him!

"Billy..." She tried again. "I... I want your cock!"

"Huh?" He stared, fell back a pace, shaking his head. "Uh-uh!"

"Yes! Billy, I need you! Baby, I need you in me! God, I'm only human -- and humans have to be fucked! Please, I'm begging you -- fuck me!"

"Jesus! Na!"

"You have to, Billy! Please!" Frightened by her vehemence, the boy moved back another step, rubbing his cock and holding his balls, as if afraid she would try to tear them from his body. He banged into Bonnie, nearly knocking the girl off balance.

"I'm begging, Billy!" cried Nancy. "Jesus, I can't! Please, don't make me!"

"You wanted Bonnie -- you wanted to fuck her!"

"Yeah, but..." Words failed him. "You can have me! Take me! Take my cunt!" Nancy jumped to her feet, cupping her tits and holding them out to the boy. She thrust her groin toward him, exposing her cunt, her thumbs and forefingers pinching her nipples into greater prominence.

"I'll do anything you want!" cried the woman. "I'll do anything! For both of you!"

The teens saw the madness shining in her eyes, moved back another pace together, tangling ankles and falling into the hay. Bonnie was on top; she rolled over on Billy, bending his cock down until the teen gasped at the pain. He pushed her away.

"Jesus!" he yelped. "Take it easy, Bonnie!"

"Oh, God!" Nancy moved toward her son, to help him, but her hands were reaching for his throbbing erection, fingers wrapping tight around his shaft. She fell to her knees beside the boy and sucked his cock all the way dawn into her throat.

"Ohhhhhhh, shit! Shit!"

The boy stared in amazement at the woman's head as Nancy shifted her position to one between his legs, her hands wrapping tight about his hips. She sucked him with all of her strength, the shaft throbbing and bobbing against her tongue as she laved him and caressed him.

"Christ! Bonnie, she's doin' it!"

"Yeah!" said the girl, amazed. Bonnie picked herself up, knelt where she could stare at the woman's mouth as Nancy's lips gobbled at the line of hair around the base of her son's sweet cock. "Jesus, Billy! She's got it all!"

"Yeah! Yeahhhhhhhh!"

Billy fell back, sighing happily as he realized what was happening, at the sensation coursing through his groin. Nancy worked her shoulders beneath the boy's thighs, until his legs fell down the slope of her back, her hands coming up from beneath him to wrap tightly about his hips, yanking the boy down as though that would give her more of his burning erection.


Billy yelled happily as Nancy sucked his cock completely within her body, locking his ankles together, his heels pressing down against her back. The boy planted his hands flat against the hay, pushed up against the hot, sucking woman-mouth.


Sighing, Nancy's hot breath blasted out of her nostrils, against the boy's groin, rippling through his soaked pubic bush. She could feel his balls against her chin -- wanted to suck them in with his cock. But the task was impossible; she had to content herself with working hit cock within her hungry throat, teeth chewing against the base of the boy's hard shaft.


Yes! She had him!


I've got Billy's cock! Nancy thought.


He's mine! He's mine! He's all mine!

Nancy continued to suck greedily against her son's erection, Billy's cock seeming to grow even larger within her hot, clutching throat. Her fingers dug into his hips, over the bone, as the boy squeezed his legs even tighter about her head. The pressure hurt, but she ignored it in the wonderful sensation of tender teenage cock slammed all the way back in her throat.


Christ! Christ, she was! She was sucking him!


Nancy understood her son's lament, at last swallowed one final time against the thrilling shape of his throbbing cockhead, and pulled back until the rim of his glans was barely locked between her teeth. The teen let out a long, low sigh, his tension relaxing, as the woman pressed no more than her lips about him. His eyes closed, Billy reached down to stroke her hair, gently.

"Oh, God! God!"

"Is it good?" asked Bonnie, entranced.

"Oh, yes! It's... heaven!"


The girl dug her fingers into her cunt, jealous of Billy's good fortune. She tried to stab herself, impale herself on her own hand, but she couldn't reach the itching sensation that was driving her wild. Maybe she should let Billy shove his big cock all the way inside... even though she hadn't taken her brothers once her period started. She didn't want to risk an idiot baby, as much as she loved them -- and loved their cocks!

The toy pushed his prick up against Nancy's mouth, tying to enter her again. She swallowed a final time, and accepted his stroking -- opening her throat to take it all the way down once more, swallowing again against his groin. She held there a few seconds, feeling the trembling tension through the youngster's body, then came back up, until once more only the glans was bold prisoner.

"Oh, yesssss! Yes! SUCK!"

Nancy obeyed, bobbing her head up and down, taking him all the way in on each bottom stroke, her throat working, her cheeks hollowing as she withdrew. The sucking sensation, the vacuum around his cock, made the boy sob with eager trembling as his hands pushed her head down.


The movements became faster, head working quickly, Nancy's teeth locking against the bottom of the glans to keep the marvelously hot young cock shaft from popping free on the back stroke, using her teeth as a governor. She rode down onto the teenager, came back up again, Billy trembling and trying to fuck into her face.

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" Suddenly the boy could stand it no longer. He pushed up against Nancy as she came down, trapping her head -- and then himself over to one side. Nancy lost her balance, fell with him, her head trapped between his clutching knees. She felt hay stab against her back, scratching, as the boy continued to rise over her, his ass pushing down against her tits as he arranged himself comfortably.

Oh, God! What was he doing?

Billy answered the question for her, stabbing his cock deep into her throat, then pulling back out again until it popped into the air. Nancy gasped, reaching for the escaped prick with her teeth.

"Oh, no -- give it back! Give it to me!"

"Yeah! YEAH! TAKE IT! TAKE... IT!"

The boy stabbed his cock into her again, thrusting deep, until his belly covered her face and cut off Nancy's breathing. She fought him, until he came up again, and twisted sideways, the cockhead tearing painfully as it popped from her cheek.


"Yeahhhhhh! YEAH!"

The boy stabbed into her again, but more gently this time, keeping his body above Nancy as he fucked into her throat, letting her breathe. He slammed down, his pelvis cracking sharply against her chin, and rode out again instantly as she sucked with all of her strength, trying to hold him prisoner.

"YEAH!" cried the boy. "YEAH! SUCK ME! SUCK ME! I'M... I'M FUCKING... YOU!"

He was; he was fucking her in the mouth, not the cunt, but Billy's cock worked rapidly, entering her completely, filling her throat as Nancy's nails raked against his ass, raising welts.


The curses, the cries, fell from his lips, Billy spitting and drooling as he pumped his cum down against the woman's eager, hungry mouth. Nancy felt his asshole flexing open against her tits when he pulled back -- dug her fingers into the cleft between his buttocks, and poked one nail against his tender sphincter. He yelped again.

"Owwwwwwwww! JESUS, DON'T! DON'T!" But he didn't slow his fucking pace, continuing to force himself down against the woman as an entranced Bonnie rubbed her sweet young cunt, rubbed through the remnants of Billy's ejaculation to massage his semen into her flesh. The girl rowed with pleasure as she watched the boy fucking into the woman. Jesus! Who would believe it!


Suddenly Nancy could stand it no longer. She pushed up against the boy with all of her strength as he rode back -- his cock slamming hard against his belly when it came out of her mouth.

"Jesusss!" he cried. "What... what are you doing!"

"Fuck me! Fuck me right in the cunt!"

"Huh?" Billy wiped the back of his hand across his stunned mouth, his chin slick with drool. "Shit! I am fucking you!"

"In the cunt!" she said again, insisting. "Come on, baby -- do it the right way!"

Billy shook his head, his hair thrown back from his face, and slid dawn the woman's body, his ass crushing her tits and then her belly. She raised her thighs behind him, forcing the boy to come up on all fours over her, his weight delicious as his hands crushed her tits. Then he moved his callused feet between her legs, the hard soles scraping her tender flesh, and settled flat against her, his cock trapped between their bellies.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Jesus!" Billy sighed against the woman, his face flat against her tit.

Nancy's hand stroked the back of his head, his sweaty back as the boy's cock burned against her belly. Then she used her hands to move him down until his cockhead slid down through her sopping entrance.

"Put it in me, Billy!"

Oblivious to what was happening, aware only of the sensation clutching at the head of his cock, the boy moved his ass obediently, his cock sliding deep into the woman's cunt. Nancy sighed as he worked himself there, quivering and shivering.

"Oh, yes! Yessss!"

She stroked his face, caught her tit and bounched it against his mouth. Billy resisted for a moment, then he sucked it in, biting gently at the nipple. She sighed again as his cheeks hollowed, sucking nipple to a greater erection.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes! YES! Suck my titty!"

This was what she had been robbed of, years ago! She had wanted to nurse her baby, but her parents had taken Billy away from her had even tried to stop her from naming him. Laraine convinced them to ease up on her, stop treating her as though she were a pariah, an outcast from decent society.


Billy worked against her, his cock pumping gently within her clutching cunt, Nancy stroking him over and over, her hand circling around it as it moved down his naked back to slide across the swell of his asscheeks. God! This was her son doing this! Her son!


She had wanted to name the baby Rolf, after the boy she hoped was the father -- the boy she was now sure was the father, seeing Billy's maturing futures. But that would have been too dangerous; she would have been forced to tell her parents that Rolf was responsible for the rape. Nancy had claimed she didn't know any of the boys...


The teen responded to his mothers cries of pleasure, pushing his prick deeper into her hot, yielding cunt. Nancy squeezed her cuntal muscles against the throbbing shape of his burning erection, and the boy gasped repeatedly against her tit, around her nipple. But he made no attempt to escape as she hugged him as tightly as her sex-drained strength permitted.


"Yeahhhhhhhh!" The sigh came out against her tit, almost a burble as he blew air through his own spit. "Yeahhhhh! Ohhhhhhh, Mama!"

Nancy heard his words, but paid no heed to them as he worked his cock deep within her cunt, then stroked backward, his ass rising above her to drop back with what force was left to him. The boy felt drained by the fucking energies expended, although he had come only once so far. He was near exhaustion, but Nancy forced him to keep working, the fucking gentle, the motion rubbing his cockhead across the juicing walls of her cunt.


Nancy cried.

"Yeahhhhhhh!" He was too tired to yell. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"


"I'm fuckin' you..."

"OH, GOD! HARD! HARD!" she screamed. "Hard... ohhhhhhhh!"


The cries of lust exploded through the hayloft, stunning the listening girl as Nancy wrapped her legs around the boy's hips, locking her ankles against him in a futile effort to drag Billy deeper into her body.



Billy heard her, his blood rising to a boil again, his cock aching until he could no longer stand the pain. He couldn't pull out; she had him prisoner. Only fucking her the way she wanted would ease the pressure, let him get the rest he needed.

"YEAHHHHHHHH!" cried the boy, summoning the last reserve of his strength. "YEAHHHHHHHH!"

He rose over the woman on stiffened arms, hair dragging down against Nancy's face, Billy's tongue riding out of the corner of his mouth. He stared at his trapped cock, pulled back against her suction, his cockhead riding out only because Nancy's cunt was filled with its own juices. Her vulva worked against the withdrawing cock shaft, almost turned inside out when the rim of his cockhead yanked back against the muscle ring.


Billy threw himself back down against Nancy, their bellies slapping loudly, his pelvis slamming against her. He felt pain stab through him, but he was riding out again, suspended above the woman for an instant as blood drained down from his ass and the center of his body to engorge his cock flesh.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" he screamed with all of his strength as he dropped back into Nancy's clutching cunt.

Another stroke carried him back, threw him down... and six more carried him to the finish, to eruption, his balls blowing apart with one mighty blast as they emptied deep into her willing body. Billy slammed down one final time, his face pressed tight against her tits.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mama!" he groaned. "I fucked my mama!"

Chapter SIX

Nancy sighed, her cunt clutched tight around the teens softening cock... and then the meaning of his words sank in. She tensed, blinking...

I fucked my Mama.

Na! He couldn't know the truth! She rejected the idea as the boy stirred on top of her, pressing his cock upward a bit. The glans seemed larger than the shaft now as it rode through her wet channel.


"Uh-huh." He sighed as he spoke, his eyes remaining closed and his hand resting on the side of her tit.

"What did you say, Billy... about your mama?"

His eyes opened. Billy swallowed, staring at Bonnie, the girl kneeling with her ass on her heels, her hands folded between her streaked thighs.

"Billy?" Nancy said.

"What did I say?"

She repeated his words, and he shivered. "What did you mean, Billy?"

The boy looked up at her, his chin digging into the flesh of her tit. "Isn't it so? You are my mother, aren't you? Not my aunt?"

"Where did you get such an idea?"

"Bonnie found our birth, certificates," he explained. "Mine said you were my mother. Bonnie and Ben and Bobby are my cousins."

"Did you say anything to... Laraine?"

"Uh-uh." He shook his head. "I figured I better not. Are you my mother?"

"Yes, baby." Sighing, Nancy patted his shoulder. "I am your mother."

"Why? I mean, why does Aunt Laraine pretend I'm hers -- why aren't I living with you?"

Nancy had thought about this moment for years, never imagining it would come in such a circumstance. She had known the day would come when Billy, and the other children, must be told the truth about the situation. Well, they certainly were old enough now to understand.

She told the two the story, quickly and without embellishments -- not adding that she had enjoyed the moment of rape, that she was glad it had happened for the simple reason it gave her a son now, at the moment when he was most capable to give her what she needed.

Billy wiggled his toes against his mother's legs when Nancy finished the story, sighing again.

"We figured it was something like that. You were awful young, weren't you?"

"You were born on my eighteen birthday."

"Gee, that means you were just my age now when those guys jumped you."

"Exactly your age," she said, laughing. "But I think you know a lot more about sex than I did at the time -- you all know more."

The last was shot at Bonnie, who blushed, looking down. Billy grinned, wriggling his cock inside his mother's cunt.

"Yeah! I guess we do. But I'm glad you're my mother -- I like Aunt Laraine, but I love you!"

He hugged her as he said it, and Nancy's eyes brimmed with tears.

"I love you, too, babe," she said softly, brushing his forehead with her lips.

The boy sighed, bringing his hand up to work against his mother's tits, milking them. He kissed one and sucked in the nipple, his mouth hollowing against it. Then he released it with a pop and looked up at her.

"Did I suck your titties when I was a baby?"

"No, Billy." She shook her head. "They took you away from me too soon."

"Oh! Darn. I wish I had."

"You can suck them now all you want."

"But you haven't got any milk in them now."

"No." She managed to smile. "I'd have to have another baby to have milk again."

"Will you? Some day, I mean?"

"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it."

"Well, if you do, I want you to save some of your milk for me. After the baby has what he needs."

"I promise, I'll save some," she said.

Now the boy moved around to her other nipple, sucking strongly against it, nipping it between his teeth and working as though he were trying to make up for lost years. His cock throbbed within his mother's cunt; Nancy could feel his pulse through the big vein.

"Oh, Billy! Ohhhhhhhh!"

He popped up again, licking his lips. "You like having your titties sucked, Mama?"

"Oh, yes! Yesss!"

"Would you like me to suck your pussy?"

Nancy froze at the question -- remembering what she and Joey had done for Kathy the other afternoon. Did Billy really want to service her in the same way?

"Do you?" he insisted. "Huh?"

"If..." She swallowed. "If you want, baby."

"Oh, yeah! I want to!"

Conscious of Bonnie's staring eyes, Nancy watched her son scoot down the length of her body, his cock puffing out of her cunt with an audible plop. Billy paused to stab his tongue at her belly button, then moved even farther, his hands sliding through the sweat coating her belly until he was staring into the raw gash of her cunt.

"Jeez! It's awful big, Mama!"

"You... don't have to do it, Billy. If you don't want to..."

"But I do want to," he said again, and to prove his point he buried his face in her cunt. His tongue moved through her pubic patch, dove into the slash, dragged across her cuntlips.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God!"

Chills crossed Nancy's back, shivered up her spine as Billy moved deeper into the opening of her body, his fingers spreading the lips as wide as he could force them. His mother felt pain there, stabbing quickly -- and as quickly forgot it against the sensation of his cool tongue. Then he captured her clit, and fire stabbed anew.


The boy mumbled against his mother, not even coming up for breath, grinding his face around in the opening to her cunt. He spread her cuntlips again, buring himself from chin to forehead in the long gash, his nose pressing through the inner ring.


He was doing his best to obey -- Jesus, any further, and his whole head would be back inside! He was trying to crawl back into her womb, reversing the natural forces that had ejected him years ago. He drew his face back out and rubbed the top of his head against the copiously drooling slash into his mother's body.


"Yeah, Mama! YEAH! I'm sucking my mama!"

Again the teen boy's tongue reached out, stabbed deep, rubbing across the nubby end of her clit. Nancy was trembling, shivering with the fires that seemed to be blasting against every nerve ending in her body. She was coming, almost in a steady stream, the boy drinking in her juices as they spilled down against his mouth.



The boy turned his face sideways just long enough to cry out the joyful response, and then he buried himself against her again, his hands sliding across the top of his mother's legs to grasp at the swell of her hips. Nancy pushed her groin up against her son's face as Billy continued to suck, bringing to the action a power greater than his fucking ride.

Nancy's head was rolling from side to side, her eyes staring as she pinched and twisted her nipples.

Through a haze she saw Bonnie, the girl transfixed at Billy's insane activity between his mother's leg. One of Bonnie's hands was pressed tight against her own cunt.

"Bonnie! Come here!"

The girl heard her aunt's summons, looked at Nancy's face, her eyes wide in fear. She shook her head slowly, edging away.

"Come here! Damn it, I want to suck your cunt!"

"Huh?" She stared, astonished.

"Give me your cunt!" insisted Nancy. "Come on, Bonnie -- please give it to me!"

Billy heard his mother's begging and raised his face from her delicious cunt long enough to turn to his cousin. He laughed.

"Give it to her, Bonnie! Let Mama suck you!" Sure the whole world had gone insane, Bonnie came to her feet, came slowly to her aunt, and tumbled over her when Nancy grabbed her ankle and twisted her down. One of Bonnie's hands slammed against the woman's tit, and she gasped.

"Please, Aunt Nancy -- don't!"

"You've had your pussy sucked!" said Billy. "But not by a woman!" wailed the girl.

"Pussy suckin' is pussy suckin'," insisted the boy. "Come on, Bonnie! Let Mama do it to you!"

The word mama seemed strange to Billy's ears, after so many years of using it for another woman.

But he watched as Bonnie -- not his sister! -- let Nancy direct her legs over her face, squatting down directly over her aunt's mouth. The girl gasped as Nancy's tongue stabbed in, and Billy gave his mother the same service as soon as he could dive back into her cunt.

Nancy's hand grabbed the girl's hips, twisting Bonnie around as her tongue stabbed deep into the hot young channel. The woman's cheeks were quickly coated with the teens spendings, sucking them down greedily, her throat bobbing as she swallowed.

"OH, GOD! OH, GOD!" Bonnie cried.

Bonnie bounced against the woman's face, bruising Nancy's nose and chin. But she ignored the pain, intent on the marvelous sensations coursing through her own body, sucking with all of her strength against the youngster as Billy continued to draw down against her clit. Her knees banged her son's head as Billy came up for breath, stunning him and knocking him back down. One quick draw of the hot soup in her cunt was enough to restore the boy, make him forget the momentary banging.


Nancy wanted to cry out with the girl as Billy's tongue stabbed deep, as the boy sucked against her clit again, drawing her into full erection. She wanted to press the fuse in her cunt against the boy's body, ram it in his asshole, ram it into the tender young cunt above her. Why not! It was cock-shaped, wasn't it? Why couldn't she use it like a cock, fuck the children with it? Yes! Yesss!

Wild fantasies poured across Nancy's mind as the two children continued to work against her, Billy running his tongue down through the crevice licking away spendings that threatened to escape his greedy mouth by coursing down across her whole. Nancy raised her ass as the boy slid his hands beneath hers bent her knees back until they slammed against her tits, giving the teen a chance to lick out what was coursing around her puckered asshole.

His tongue stabbed through, and she pushed Bonnie off her face, crying out: "BILLY! BILLY! NO, BABY!"

"Yeah!" he gasped greedily, pushing his face closer to his mother's ass cheeks. "YEAH, MAMA! I WANT IT!"

"No! DON'T!"

But he ignored her, twisting his tongue around and around, pushing against her sphincter, popping it open as she gave up the battle and accepted him there in her most private place. Nancy moaned as her son sucked against her asshole... and Bonnie twisted against her hands, trying to grind her cunt back down against her aunt's mouth.



Still moaning, Nancy lowered the girl, the juices running out of Bonnie's cunt to drip across her face, one trickle running down and into her ear. She licked away the stuff around her mouth, and licked again at Bonnie's pouting cunt lips.

"OH, YES!" moaned the girl. "YES! SUCK ME, AUNT NANCY! SUCK MY PUSSY!"

Suddenly Bonnie farted, the hot air blasting down against the top of Nancy's tits. The woman felt the eruption and farted herself, in reflex, straight into Billy's mouth. The boy gulped, surprised, and came up between her legs.

"Jeez, Mama!"

Nancy began to laugh, last control of herself, pushing against Bonnie until the girl toppled sideways, fell into the hay. She was rolling from side to side now, her tits bouncing and flopping as her hands rubbed against her soaked belly.

"I'm... sorry, baby! Sorry! Oh, God! God!"

Billy managed a grin, bashful, and sat up on his knees. His cock was pointing straight in to the air again, burning hard, rubbed almost raw from being trapped between the boy's belly and the hay-littered floor. He rubbed, himself, brushing some of the hay away.

"Jeez," he said again. "You look silly!"

"Not as silly as you!" said his mother, stabbing her finger toward his sweat-soaked and hay-covered belly. "Look at yourself, Billy!"

The boy glanced down, did some more cleaning, and began to gently stroke his burning cock, rubbing the head against his plain. It was a flaming red now, and he gasped as his fingers cupped the head, bringing pain.

"Ow! Jeez, my cock hurts!"

Nancy was instantly sympathetic. She held out her arms to the boy.

"Come up here, baby, and I'll kiss it for you."

"Uh-uh -- you want to suck it!"

"Well? What's wrong with that? Sucking better than a kiss, isn't it?"

Now Billy was the one to laugh first; Bonnie joined in a moment later. The two youngsters moved up against the woman, Nancy squeezing them against her sides. Each caught one of her tits, rubbing it and stabbing a finger against the nipple.

"Oh, suck my titties, babies! Please -- both of you suck my titties!"

They obeyed, and she let her head fall back, sighing as the two teenagers sucked together against her breasts. She was burning with fever, itching and scratchy from the hay against her nakedness, but at this moment Nancy couldn't imagine being happier.

"Oh, yes! Yesssss! Suck!"

The teens did as she asked, Billy reaching down to rub his hand through his mother's cunt juice and across Bonnie's ass. The girl gasped at the contact, raised her face.

"Oh, God -- fuck me, Billy!"

The boy looked at his mother and Nancy nodded eagerly.

"Yes, fuck her! Stick your cock in her cunt -- right there, while she's on top of me!"

"Huh? How?"

"Get up here, Bonnie!" Nancy pushed Billy away until the boy fell onto his ass with a thump. He watched as his mother directed the girl to turn around, Bonnie burying her face in Nancy's cunt without question. Her ass was curved over the woman's tits, raised just far enough to expose her slit.

"Take her, Billy -- put your cock in her cunt!"

Still dubious, the boy mounted the pair of females, and Nancy grunted as his weight was added to the girl's. He nearly slipped off her sweaty shoulders as he kneeled there, presenting his cock to Bonnie's asshole. The girl felt it stab toward the sphincter, and gasped.

"No, Billy -- not there! In my cunt, damn you!"

"Raise your ass then," he said. "Get it up, Bonnie!"

She obeyed, drawing her knees across Nancy's tits until they were beneath her. Now the boy had a clear view of her twin openings, stabbed his finger into the bottom one before trying to mount her again.

This time his cock slid in easily, and Nancy stabbed a finger against his rectum, shoving it through.

"Owwwww! Don't, Mama!"

"Yes! Now fuck Bonnie while I finger-fuck you!"

Reluctantly the boy obeyed his mother's command, concentrating on keeping his precarious position on top of their slippery bodies. Bonnie returned to Nancy's cunt, while the woman stabbed her finger through the teens sphincter until the first joint was trapped. She curved it within him, twisting around.


Billy gasped against the contact, and began to fuck Bonnie's cunt. His mother's finger continued to hurt, but with the pain was a delicious sensation, one that made his rectum seem alive. His balls trembled and tightened as he drove down into cousin, his cock expanding and swelling as he drove himself back against his mother's finger.

"JESUSSSS! GOD! Help... MEEEEEE!" he screamed.

God! Twenty strokes and he was coming again!

Chapter SEVEN

Billy screwed as his mother slammed her finger deep into his ass, twisting again. But he was already erupting, damming down against Bonnie's ass his cock working against the girl's cunt. She gased as she felt his hot fluid run through her cunt, mixing with her own spending, beaten by the trembling touch that was his burning flesh.


"OHHHHHHH!" Bonnie groaned, turning her face from Nancy's cunt to gasp for breath. She stared unseeing as Billy's cock trembled a final time within her body, and then the boy fell out, sliding down across it mother's face to collapse again into the hey.

"Jesussss! Mat!"

"Oh God! Oh, Aunt Nancy!"

"Ohhhh!" A silly grin sagged Nancy's mouth, left her tongue protruding. She licked her lips, wiping the finger that had been in Billy's asshole against her hip. It still felt slick, but she was afraid to examine the fingernail... sure of what she would find.

"Somebody stinks!" Bonnie said.

Billy wrinkled his nose, staring at his mother. "Geez, talk about cunt-stink!"

"You're no Goddamn flower garden yourself," said Bonnie hotly.

"We all stink," said Nancy, making peace. "I say we all need a bath -- right now."

She forced herself to get up, groaning at the ache in her back. A haystack wasn't the romantic place to fuck she had imagined! Bed must be better... although the closest she had come to such a conventional setting was the other afternoon, on the sofa in the teacher's lounge.

"Come on, get up!"

Groaning in protest, Billy sat up, easing the strain in his butt and his back. But Bonnie stated at her aunt without moving.

"Aunt Nancy? Are we gonna tell Ben and Bobby... what we did?"

Nancy hadn't considered the thought before. She cocked her head, studying the children.

"What do you think we should do?"

Bonnie shrugged. "I'd tell them. But I won't say a word if you want me to keep it a secret!"


The boy shrugged as well. "Tell them. We don't have any secrets from each other, Mama. If it was them, they'd tell us."

"Well then... let's break it to them. Billy, you gather up our clothes and make a bundle of them."

"Huh? What do you mean? Are we gonna go into the house naked?"

He seemed shocked by the idea, but Nancy grinned. "Why not? What better way is there of telling the boys what we've been up to?"

Bonnie laughed. "Yeah, Billy! Ben'll split a gut when he sees us!"

Billy surrendered. "Okay. But I'm gonna feel awful funny, walkin' naked from the barn to the house. What if somebody drives in?"

"Then they'll get a cheap thrill," said his mother firmly, her mind made up. "But a good one," she added, staring first at her son's cock, which drooped but hung straight over his balls, and then at Bonnie's sopping cunt and her firm young tits. "A very good one," she added.

Billy gathered the clothes as she directed, and Nancy led the procession down the ladder, through the barn, where the horses tossed their heads as the three naked people passed by, and into the yard.

"Ouch! Goddamn chickens!" Billy yelped as he stepped on chicken feed, then they were on the lawn and moving toward the house. The boy's cock bobbed up and down as he followed his mother, Nancy heading for the front of the house, where the other boys would be sure to see them.

Ben and Bobby were in the living room, slumped before the TV, when they clattered into the house. The older boy didn't look up, but Bobby turned around -- and gasped with astonishment.

"Jeez! Aunt Nancy!"

"Hi," she said breezily. "Good show?"

"Uh... uh-uh!" He shook his head, his eyes neatly popping. "It's a stinker!"

"Well, come on with us, then. We're all going to take a bath. Together," she added.

"Uh... huh?"

The youngster shook his head again, unable to believe his eyes. Bonnie and Billy naked was nothing new, but the woman seemed completely unashamed as she stood before them, her arms down at her sides, her legs parted just enough for him to see the gash between them.

"You must like the show, Ben," said Nancy.

"Nah!" The boy waved a hand in disgust and turned around... and did a double-take. "Jesus! Jesus H. Keyrist! Aunt Nancy!"

"Would you like to join us in the shower, Ben?"

"Jesus!" His head bobbed, unable to say anything more. "Uh... yeah!"

"Well, come on! Billy, put those things in by the washing machine -- I'll do them later. You two boys shuck down and add what you're wearing to the wash."

"Huh?" said the older teen. "You mean... take our clothes off? Right here?"

The last came out as an excited yip, hut Bobby was already scrambling to his feet, fumbling with his buttons. The boy tugged at his sneakers, frustrated for a moment by a knot. He brought a penknife from his pocket and slashed through the obstacle, then peeled his jeans down from his hips and pulled his shirt over his head. His shots came down next, his hard cock popping straight up from an almost invisible patch of brownish curls.

Nancy swallowed at her first sight of the teens cock. Bobby was not much competition for Billy in the cock department with only five inches growing out of his crotch. But what he had was enthusiastic, bobbing up and down, and thick enough to make a handful.

"I'm not as big as Ben and Billy," he said apologetically.

"But very nice," said Nancy. "Very nice. How about you, Ben?"

The older boy was transfixed, unable to tear his eyes from the woman's nakedness. His cock was hard, pushing against the leg of his pants as he slowly rose from his seat, his fingers moving to work his buttons. His chest popped free, well-muscled even through he was gangly, like his brother. Nancy guessed again that Billy outweighed the older boy by at least twenty pounds.

Time seemed suspended for the teen boy as he bent to tug his shoes from his feet, peeling down his socks, conscious of the other eyes watching his every move. Billy and Bonnie, even Bobby, were in the background, caught in the corner of his vision as he peeled his pants down over his hips, his cock thrusting up against his white briefs. He dropped his shirt, stood naked except for the underpants, which heightened their awareness of his hiding cock and balls.

Ben breathed softly as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, began to work them down. The elastic caught against the top of his cock, pushed up and away from his belly to give the woman a glimpse of his thick pubic bush as he worked the back of the shorts down over his ass. His cock bent down as the cotton fabric moved down his legs, until Nancy could see the bottom of his shaft.

"I... don't think we should be doing this," the boy said, shaking his head.

"Then why are you?" asked his sister. "Come on, Ben -- stop stalling!"

Billy giggled. "He's doin' a striptease!"

Ben's face burned with embarrassment, but his eyes never left his aunt's features. Nancy smiled gently to show she approved of him, and what he was doing, and the boy pushed his shorts down until his cock popped free, slammed against his belly.

As Billy had said in the barn, Ben was thicker, half again as thick as his cousin. But he was a full inch shorter than Billy. Still, the great globe of his cockhead made up for the shortcoming as he kicked his shorts over his feet and tossed them blindly aside.

Now that he was naked, the boy breathed out, hollowing his stomach and drawing his testicles up in their sac. A cold breeze seemed to move across his back as he stood completely exposed to the woman. A drop of clear liquid welled in the large hole in the head of his cock, winking at Nancy across the room. She swallowed, moved to drop to her knees before the boy, licking the fluid away from his glans.

"Jeez!" cried Bobby as his aunt sucked his brother's cock into her mouth.

Ben closed his eyes to her ministrations, his head falling back as he sighed again.

"She's suckin' you, Ben!" said Bobby, cupping his own balls, pressing his wrist against his throbbing cock shaft. "Jeepers!"

"Yes!" breathed the teen softly. "Yessss!"

His eyes remained closed as he pushed his groin forward against his aunt's eager mouth. Nancy sucked him in, her jaw aching as it stretched to take his greater thickness, her teeth raking across the swollen flesh as she impaled her throat against the youthful erection. He gasped as he felt her lips gobble down around his burning meat -- gobble him in all the way.

"Oh, God! GOD!"

The teen opened his eyes at last, staring down at his aunt's face. Nancy's lips were buried in his thick cock hair, the woman moaning in her throat as her tongue roamed around the boy's burning erection.

"Holy jeepers!" cried Bobby, watching his brother's cock disappear into his aunt's throat. He moved back -- brushed against Bonnie; his sister's arm came around him, and she reached down to stroke the youngster's cock, her eyes burning as they stared at Ben and Nancy.

"Oh!" Bobby gasped. "Jeepers, Bonnie!"

"Shut up, Bobby!" she said, dropping to her knees and turning his ass sideways so that she could still see what Nancy was doing as she gobbled his cock into her throat.


Bobby had been sucked before, and by his sister, but he had never been aroused to such a fever pitch by the actions of someone else. His cock stabbed quickly against the back of Bonnie's throat. She was able to suck him in all the way, her eyes put of focus they watched his bare white skin only an inch away. The boy's balls drew up against her chin, and he pumped against his sister, his hands grabbing the sides of her head.

"Little shit!" Bonnie said.

He yanked his hands away, but Bonnie slammed back onto his cock after cursing him, and bit him, punishing him for his behavior.

"JESUS, Bonnie!" Bobby cried.

Nancy was aware of the distraction, but she surrendered no part of her attention, concentrating on the wonderful boy cock in her mouth. Well, not as wonderful as Billy's, but Billy was her son, Ben only her nephew. For sure, he was a very nice large-cocked nephew, but the bloodline was thinner, the ties not quite as strong.

"Ohhhhhhh, God! God! YES!" Ben exclaimed. The boy pumped against his aunt's eager mouth, holding her head, his eye still closed. His cock slammed back, broke through the barrier, punishing her and bruising the soft tissues of mouth and throat. But Nancy made no effort to escape. Her hands moved around Ben's ass, digging in, her nails crossing his sphincter. The boy gasped at the first sharp contact, and thrust his cock against her throat again, trying to escape the annoyance at his asshole.


But Nancy remembered the thrilling way Billy had responded to her finger in his asshole, and worked around until she was again prodding at Ben's shit-exit. The teen gasped again, clutching at the invading finger with both trembling buttocks.

"Please, Aunt Nancy! PLEASE! DONT!"

She refused to be put off, but it was impossible to work through his defenses from this angle. She drew her hand around his hip, capturing his balls and rolling them over in her fingers while she sucked against his cock again, taking it all the way down. The boy gasped repeatedly, trying to fuck into her mouth.


Nancy was sucking, bringing all of the natural experience of her horny nature, and the tricks she had learned from sucking Billy today and Joey the other afternoon. This was only the third cock she had sucked...! Bobby would be the fourth. She would have Bobby, just as Bonnie was sucking him now. She would have them all, again and again... ten days of them!

She worked down against the boy again, and brought her hand between his legs, sliding her palm across his sweating, hairy thigh. He was hairy, much more so than Billy -- but he had a year's head start on his cousin, Nancy didn't mind -- she rather liked it.

Ben's asshole worked, his buttocks sliding against each other as Nancy's fingers worked through the velvet patch separating his balls, from his rectum. The boy gasped again, suspecting what she was planning, and clutched tight against her finger when she stabbed it at his asshole.


But Nancy was in control. His cock was completely within her mouth, her face turned sideways as she stabbed her finger against his ass. She pushed between Ben's resisting asscheeks, her finger slippery from his sweat. She worked her fingertip against his asshole.

"NO! PLEASE! PLEASE!" the boy cried again.

Heated to a fever pitch by the cock in her mouth, Nancy ignored his pleading. Her finger was in position now and she stabbed it against his asshole, pushing up with all her strength.

"OWWWWWWWW!" Ben sobbed. "OH, GOD! GOD!"

Her finger was in! Nancy wiggled her hand against the boy's ass, her tongue stabbing against the hole in the head of his cock. The boy's belly tensed, and she felt a trickle of piss move out of the head of his cock and onto her tongue.


Recognizing what Ben was trying to do, Nancy clamped her teeth down against the base of his cock and stabbed against his resisting asshole. Her finger moved in to the first joist. She wiggled around, her fingernail tearing across the sensitive lining, and the trickle of piss into her mouth was cut off.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Jesus!"

The boy sobbed against the pain in his cock, and Nancy relented. Her teeth stopped grinding. But her finger continued to stab, working around the lining of his asshole, joint locked within the ring of muscle. Ben tightened down against her, dragging her finger up and in.


Billy and Bobby looked at the older boy, Billy's cock bobbing up and down as he stroked it gently with his fingertips, Bobby's cock buried in his sister's face. They saw Ben's look of pain transformed into pleasure, his hands grabbing Nancy's head as he slammed his cock up into her mouth, then slammed his ass back against the wonderful penetration of her finger.

"Oh, YESSSSSS! YES! YESSSSS! DO IT! DO... IT!" Ben yelled.

Bobby long enough to stare at Ben as the came pumped wildly against the woman's face.

Bonnie heard her brother's screams. His head was rocking back and forth, his hair tossing, his lip bitten between his teeth as he fucked her with all of his strength, gasping against the sensation throbbing through his asshole.


"Jesus!" said the girl, unable to see the finger in her brother's ass. "What's she doing to him?"

Billy laughed. "The same thing she did to me!"


The oldest boy pounded his cock deep into his aunt's throat, rocking back and forth against her, almost knocking Nancy off balance. Her finger almost fell from his rectum, was barely stabbed back, and then popped free as he slammed an even harder blow against her face.

Nancy's ass hit the floor. But she couldn't escape Ben's cock, the boy riding back with her, falling over her face, fucking down into her throat. The delightful sensation was gone from his ass, but his balls were boiling, exploding...


Chapter EIGHT

Ben came with a long sighing explosion of the air in his lungs, his cock doing its best to break the back of Nancy's head open. She gasped, her nose crushed beneath his groin, and tried to push him away, the boy a dead weight. At last he slid forward, his saliva-slick cock tailing over her now and eyes and forehead, to fall against the floor.

Bonnie came off Bobby's smaller cock, and the youngster cried out.

"No, Bonnie -- don't stop! I'm almost cumming!"

The girl looked at her aunt, and then back at Bobby's crotch, and slammed the teen cock into her mouth again, sucking with all of her strength. He gasped against her, thrust as far as his slender rod would reach into her hot mouth, and collapsed against her with a sigh as his strong yet sweet own exploded against her taste buds.

"Oh, geez! Jeepers!" Bobby exclaimed.

Bonnie sucked Bobby's cum into her throat, swallowing it down.

"All right!" Nancy sat up gingerly, feeling for broken bones in her back, then she climbed to her feet. "Everybody! Up! Showers!"

Bobby sagged away from Bonnie, would have fallen like Ben if the sofa wasn't handy to catch him. He rested against the arm, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as Ben rolled over and struggled to his feet, prodded by Nancy's toes.

"Come on, lover -- up you go!"

"Jesus, Aunt Nancy! Ain't you never heard of pity?"

But the boy struggled erect, sighing, his cock still throbbing, still hard. His aunt caught his arm, directed him toward the stairs.

"Let's see -- your parents room has the biggest bath."

"But our shower is bigger," said Ben. "I don't know if there's room for five of us, though..."

"We'll soon find out," said Nancy.

The boys' shower was a large square, the floor rough surfaced, easily big enough to take all three of them at the same time. Adding the females made very little extra crowding, although bodies slid against each other as they were soaped and wrestled to be under the spray. For a few minutes nothing happened but passing of the cake of soap they luxuriated under the stinging hot spray. Then Billy moved to his mother with the soap, rubbed it down across her pussy.

"Oh, yes! Baby! Wash me out good!"

Billy's face pushed against her wet tit as he obliged, reaching beneath his mother to work the soap all the way into her cunt. Nancy sighed, and thrust with her muscles, pushing the soap back into her hand. The boy then took a wash cloth and scrubbed out her pussy passage, while Bobby did the same for Bonnie.

"Oh, yes!" Nancy sighed, and caught Billy, bringing his face to her tit. "Suck me, baby! Suck Mama!"

For the first time Bobby realized the change in relationship between Billy and the woman. He looked at Ben, who shrugged, and then at Bonnie. She explained what had happened.

"You mean Billy ain't our brother?" said the amazed youngster.

"Dope! I told you that when I found the birth certificates!" Bonnie said.

"Yeah, but I didn't really believe it. Geez."

"You haven't lost a brother," said Ben punching him affectionately. "You've gained an aunt to fuck!"

"Yeah!" said the boy happily. "Geez!"

Nancy heard Bobby's words and reached out to pull the boy against her rubbing her wet hair as she pressed his face to her other tit. The two teen boys sucked down at the same time, and she sighed.

"Oh, yes, suck! Suck my titties!"

The boys ignored the water pounding against their backs as they sucked against the great globes in their faces. The two hard cocks butted against her thighs, Nancy rubbing her hands across their backs, pulling them closer, pushing them down until her tits yielded to the pressure.

"Suck! Bite them! Yeahhhhhh, bite!"

Billy obeyed instantly, Bobby not until he looked sideways and saw Billy's teeth sawing against the yielding female mountains. Nancy yelped, and sighed again as the pleasurable pain stabbed through her.


Billy continued to work at the flesh of the mound, dragging as much between his jaws as he could. The teen licked his tongue over the nipple only, biting down gently. He worked his face sideways until the nipple poked through the corner of his mouth, and he ground it between his molars.


Nancy screamed at the sudden explosion of pure pain, slamming her fist down against Bobby's shoulder.

The boy slipped, fell on his ass, stunned. He gasped as water slammed into his face, his aunt sagging against the wall to moan, her fingers sliding across her damaged nipple. Bobby felt teats stinging the corner of his eyes.

"I'm sorry!" he cried. "Aunt Nancy, I'm sorry I hurt you!"

"Oh... oh Jesus!" It was the woman's turn to sob, gasping in air. She lifted her tit, saw the marks of the boy's teeth in the spongy flesh. "Jesus! It's not your fault, baby!"

She let her tit drop, and reached down to pull Bobby to his feet, burying his face between her tits. She patted him gently, then began to stroke his back as his throbbing erection worked against the side of her leg.

"I shouldn't have hit you, baby!" She managed a small laugh through her tears. "Jesus! Next time somebody asks you to bite them, you'll know they really don't want to have you bite it off -- even if they ask for it!"

"You can bite me if you want," said the child, turning his face up to his aunt. "You can bite my tit just as hard as I bit yours."

Nancy laughed, reached down to stroke the teens ass as Bobby's cock slid between her legs. The top of his erection was barely at the entrance to her cunt, although the boy strained up on his toes in a futile effort to enter her.

"You want to fuck me, baby?"

"Oh, yes! Can I... Please?"

"Oh, yes! Can I... please?"

"Yes, baby! You can fuck me just as often as you want -- all of you can fuck me!"

"Not me!" said Bonnie. "I haven't got a cock!"

"No, but you have something just as nice," said her aunt, reaching over to finger the girl's slippery young pussy. "I can't take three boys at once, Bonnie -- you'll have to help me with them."

"All right. Can we go to bed now?"

"Not wet, dope!" said Ben. "We gotta get out of the shower, first!"

But Nancy wasn't quite ready to leave the warm water. Her back hit the tile wall, her feet sagging down to catch on the rough surface of the floor. Her knees were bent just enough to bring her ass down to the level of Bobby, and now she dragged the teen between her legs.

"Fuck me, Bobby!" he said. "Fuck me now!"

He moved closer, between her legs, bending his curved cock shaft down until the head slid through her water-soaked bush, and let it spring up again. Nancy gasped as his cock moved up through the top of her passage.

"Oh! Oh, yes! God! Fuck me, Bobby -- fuck me!"

The boy pushed his cock up against his aunt's cunt holding her hips to support himself in the awkward position. Nancy felt herself sagging, called out to the other bays.

"Billy -- Ben! Help me! Hold me up!"

The boys caught her arms, their hands beneath her armpits as Bobby thrust again. His cock slid all the way up flaw, the curved shaft trying to pull the head back through the top of her cuntal passage. Nancy gasped at the sensation.

"OHHHHHHHH, YES!" The littlest boy grunted as he thrust against her, pushing up into her, once again forced to rise on tiptoes to penetrate the woman completely. His cock was throbbing now as he worked against her, discovering this wonderful new, sensation. Shit! Jesus! Bonnie hadn't let him fuck her since she started her periods. Christ, this was beautiful!



Her head banged the tile wall sharply, but Nancy ignored the pain in the wonderful sensation spreading through her body, flooding out from her cunt. Even the damage to her tit was forgotten as the teen boy pushed up into her cunt, thrilling her in an entirely new way. Her fingers twitched as the other boys supported her arms to keep her from falling flat on the floor... but it wasn't enough! Her ass was dropping down the wall, pushing Bobby down with it, the boy gasping and repositioning his knees as he tried futilely to stay within her cunt.


They obeyed, and she collapsed onto the floor of the shower, Bobby's cock twisted out when the boy was pushed away. But he wasn't ready to surrender so easily, didn't want to lose the marvelous feeling. He dropped on top of her, between her legs, slamming his cock back into his aunt's cunt as the needle spray thundered down against his back, against his ass, against his asshole.



"I'm fucking you, Aunt Nancy! I'M FUCKING YOU!"


The constant stream of hot water was a stimulus to the boy's sexual arousal as it thundered against his balls, into his opening asshole. He squeezed his sphincter shut, felt the water slosh around inside as he continued to pound up into his aunt's cunt.

"God!" Ben wiped his hand across his mouth. "Jesus, my cock's killing me!"

He turned to his sister, pushing his prick into her hand. Bonnie gasped at the contact, attention completely on her little brother on the floor as he fucked into their aunt. She started to push Ben away, then turned to her brother, wrapping her arms around him.

"Oh, Jesus! Ben -- fuck me! FUCK ME!"

"Yeahhhhhh! YEAHHHHHHH!"

He pushed her down onto the floor alongside Nancy and Bobby, the space too limited to let them stretch out elsewhere. The two females rubbed hips, pressed arms together as Bonnie drew her knees back over her belly, accepting her brother's cock between her legs.

"FUCK... MEEEEEE!" she screamed.


Ben presented his cockhead to his sister's cunt, the water making it squeak across the lips. But Bonnie flexed her vaginal passage as wide as she could, and it worked through, lubricated by her juices within. Sighing, Ben slid all of the way into her, his hands out to keep his head from slamming into the hard wall.



He thrust deep as Nancy sighed against little Bobby, the teen falling between her tits, burying his face in her valley. He tasted the water as it thundered across their bodies, carrying away their sweat but doing nothing to cool down their sexual fever. Ben and Bobby thrust together, their cocks riding into the slurping cunts of the two females, their gasps of pleasure almost drowned out by the tattoo of the water against the naked flesh, against the rough floor.


"FUCK ME, BOBBY!" begged Nancy, sobbing at the sensations stabbing through her cunt.



"OHHHHHHHHH, AUNT NANCY! AUNT NANCY!" Bobby rubbed his face against the woman's tits. "I'M FUCKING YOU, AUNT NANCY! I'M FUCKING YOU!"

"FUCK!" cried Ben.

"FUCK ME!" begged Nancy.

"FUCK ME HARD!" yelled Bonnie.

"OH FUCK!" sobbed Bobby. "FUCK! FUCK!" Billy stood back, his back against the tile door, sobbing as he worked his cock in his fingers, staring at the fucking pairs on the floor. Damn them! She was his mother! He should be fucking her!

Suddenly the boy stepped over Bobby's back, forced his foot down between Nancy and Bonnie, kneeled against his mother's face. His cock banged against her nose, and Nancy sucked it in greedily, then let it out to gasp out her lust to her son.


At the same time she thrust her groin up against Bobby, almost bucking the boy into the air, almost dislodging him. He dug his hands into her slippery hips, held on for dear life as she tried to take over the fucking role, her own hands dragging Billy's ass down against her face. Her son's cock stabbed through the back of her mouth, filling her throat, almost cutting off her breath.


"All! AHAHAHHHH!" Bobby gasped, managed to hold an, almost losing his position. "AUNT NANCY! HOLD STILL! I... I CAN... FUCK... YOU... LIKE THIS!"

His voice trembled as she tossed him into the air, ignoring his begging, his pleadings, concerned only with these two wonderful cocks! What could be more wonderful! Cock in her cunt, cock in her throat! This must be what heaven was like!

Bobby gasped, his balls aching, erupting, and he thrust down again, spilling his cur deep within the lusting body of his aunt. He pumped again, several times, painting the inside of her cunt, the stuff oozing down and out, around his balls. Then he fell away, between Nancy's legs.

He continued to bounce between her knees as Nancy worked against Billy's prick, but the throbbing in her lower body gradually eased as she realized she had lost one of the cocks. The disappearance of the youngest boy brought a momentary twinge of regret, then she concentrated her full attention on Billy, sucking him deep, her throat working in an effort to turn his balls inside out, pull them out through the tube in his cock.


"SHIT!" Ben slammed deep into Bonnie. "SHIT! SHIT... TAKE IT!"

"YES!" gasped the girl. "GIVE IT. TO ME! DAMN YOU, GIVE IT TO ME! I WANT IT... WANT IT!"


"YAGGGGHHHI!" Bonnie cried.

Bonnie's nails raked against her brother's back, down his arms, the pain ignored as the boy drove on to his explosion, his balls boiling again.

Nancy's feet moved around Bobby's sides, resting between the boy's thighs, his softening prick caressed between them as she sucked Billy, drawing him to the point of explosion.

"GOD! GOD! BON-NIEEEEE!" Ben yelled.

Then the boys screamed together: "COMINNGGGGGGG!"

Chapter NINE

"Oh, God!" Nancy gasped. "Yeah Ma!"

"Jesus!" Ben rubbed his face against Bonnie, then worked his cock out of his sister's cunt. "Jesus!"

"I'm drowning!" said the girl, "Get off me!" Nancy's feet pressed tight against the soft shaft of Bobby's cock, and now the youngster pressed his thighs as tight against her heels as he could. Her feet came up, closer to his crotch, still holding his cock, and now the water began to fill around him, soon making a small lake.

"Hey!" Billy climbed off his mother's tits. "The water's getting cold!"

"Everybody rinse off!" said Nancy, pulling herself up with a grunt by grabbing Billy's hand. "Quickly."

The spray was icy by the time they pushed through the glass door, the last of their juices rinsed from their bodies. Ben shivered, grabbing the stack of towels and passing them around. They rubbed a healthy glow into their bodies, and then Nancy took over, rubbing the boys' cocks until they were standing hard again.

"Geez!" said Bobby, wincing. "My cock hurts!"

"You've been fuckin' too much," said Ben, proud of the way his own staff stood tall and strong.

"Yeah," said Billy, his own erection aching, although he wouldn't admit it. "You gotta grow up some more, Bobby, before you can keep up with Ma."

Bobby wrinkled his nose. "It still sounds funny, you bein' our cousin and not our brother."

Nancy turned her attention to Bonnie, rubbing the rough towel through the girl's slit. The girl winced as the cloth caught a bit of her open cunt, and then sighed as the woman's hands rubbed over her groin.

"Oh, yesssssss! Yesssssss! Oh, God -- I want to be fucked!"

"Again?" said Bobby, astonished.

"Again and again and again!"

"Me next then!" said the youngest boy. He moved to his sister, started to slide his arms around her, and Nancy caught him, pulling the youngster away.

"Let's finish the damage before we start making new waves," she said, laughing. "I want to comb my hair. Then we can all go to bed together."

"Where?" asked Bobby, backing out of the bathroom and into the bedroom he shared with the other boys. "We can't all go to bed in one bunk!"

"No, but your mother and father have a nice big king-size bed," said Nancy. "I'm sure we can all fit in there, if we really try -- even if somebody has to get on top of somebody else."

"That sounds like fun!" said Bonnie. "Let's go!" They moved to their parents' room, Nancy sitting at Laraine's vanity table, the boys crowding around her back. Their hard cocks slid across her back muscles and against her ribs. Sighing, she closed her arms around Ben and Billy, bringing pressure that made the boys gasp.

"Oh, yeah, Mama! Let's go to bed now!"

"Yes, please!" begged Bobby, his cock throbbing and aching. "I got an awful hard-on, Aunt Nancy!"

She turned to draw the teen into her arms, caressing Bobby's balls. Her lips brushed his cheek, tongue darting out to stab against his eyes. Bobby sighed as her hand dropped down to stroke his buttocks.

"Ohhhhh, yes! You make me feel so good, Aunt Nancy!"

"You all make me feel good," she said softly, closing her eyes for a moment of reflective pleasure. She smelled the clean soapy smell of the teens skin, felt the heat rising from the older boy's cocks... heard Bonnie sigh as the girl rubbed at the swollen, tender lips of her own cunt. "My babies!" said Nancy happily. "My four beautiful babies -- baby Billy, baby Ben, baby Bonnie and baby Bobby! I love you all!"

Ben laughed. "When Pop's mad at us he calls us his four B's -- three bastards and a bitch!"

"Oh, no! You're not! You're wonderful children -- I wish I could keep you like this forever!"

"I'm a bastard, aren't I?" asked Billy shyly. "I mean, you don't know which one of those guys was my father, and you never married him..."

"You're not a bastard! You're my son, and you're going to live with me from now on!"

"Gee!" said Bobby. "You mean you're gonna take Billy away from us?"

The boy was crestfallen; Nancy took pity on him, hugged him tight again. She bent down to suck his throbbing cock into her mouth, the curved shaft sliding sideways against her cheek, popping it out.

"Oh, I wish I could have all of you with me! I tell you what -- I'm going to buy a house, move out of that stupid apart ment. I'll get with lots of room, and then your mother and father will let you come visit Billy and me as often as you want. I'll ask them to let you come for a whole month this summer!"

"Yeah, but it won't be the same without Billy," Bobby said.

"It will be better, Bobby -- you'll see!"

Nancy kissed him on the mouth, the teen gasping as her full round lips crushed against his. He threw his arms around her neck, squeezing, and his tongue battered against her teeth, demanding entrance. She accepted him, swallowing, her eyes swimming, and the boy began an invasion that let him explore every corner of her warm oral cavity, tracing every tooth, rubbing back and forth against the rough surface of her tongue.

"Oh, God!" she cried when she broke for breath. "Bobby, I love you! I love you all!"

"Will you suck me?" asked the teen shyly. "I'll suck your pussy..."

In answer, Nancy fell to her knees, doubling her ass back against her heels as she bent low enough to suck the little boy's cock all of the way into her mouth. The center of the curve pushed hard against her tongue while the cockhead rubbed against her soft palate, sending shivers down his aunt's spine.

Nancy came up for breath, pressing her face against the teen's naked belly. His cock poked hard against her throat.

"Oh, baby! Baby -- come in my mouth! I want to drink your cum, Bobby!"

"Stick your finger in his asshole, Mama," said Billy. "Like you did to Ben and me that'll make him come a lot quicker."

"Yes!" said the excited teen, wiggling his ass and pocking his cock into the hollow of her throat. "Finger-fuck me, Aunt Nancy!"

Smiling with joy, Nancy turned her face to the youngster's belly, rubbing him with her nose. Her tongue stabbed into his belly button, drawing it out until she could nibble on it gently. Bobby gasped, his hands holding the sides of her head.

"Oh, yes! Yes -- suck me! Suck my cock!"

She intended to do just that, but first Nancy ran her tongue out against the boy, licking him as though he were a giant ice cream cone -- the most delicious flavor of ice cream ever invented! Her tongue licked up his body in long slurping strokes, covering him completely. The children stared in amazement as she covered every square inch of the little boy's skin, turning him to lick beneath his arms and then down the limbs until she could suck his fingers, nearly his whole hand, into her mouth.

"Jesus!" said Ben, rubbing his cock. "Christ, what's she doing to him?"

"I think that's what they call an 'around-the-world'!" said Billy. "Geez, I never thought I'd see one!"

"Yeah? Well, I hope she goes around my world, too!" Ben said.

Nancy had slurped her way across Bobby's neck, turning the boy around and around to catch every corner of his throat; now she moved up to do the same to his face, tracing his ears and digging her tongue deep into the convolutions.

"That tickles!" he gasped.

The woman came away long enough to laugh at him, and squeeze him in her arms. Then she worked down the other arm, came back up to do his back, making big swooping swirls with her tongue as she covered every exposed inch of hide down to his asscheeks.

"Oh!" Bobby gasped as Nancy opened her mouth to its widest, chewing against the swell of his buttocks. "Oh, don't! Not there!"

But she ignored him, chewing her way down and across one whole asscheek, then did the same to the other, coming at last to the place between them. Bobby tightened his muscles, trying to keep her out, but Nancy remembered what her son had done for her. She wanted to give this little fellow the same unexpected pleasure.

She forced her thumbs between his buttocks, prying them open. The sphincter was still tight, the boy's face screwed up in fear as she pushed her nose against it. She stabbed her tongue across the brown circle.


The tongue wiggled against Bobby's tight, asshole, pushing against him. The boy's lungs were aching with held breath. He expelled it in a rush, and relaxed for an instant, Aunt Nancy penetrated the barricades, her tongue stabbing straight into his asshole.


Bobby tried to yank away from her invasion, but she held his hips and forced him back against her face. He doubled over holding his belly as she worked her tongue within his asshole, which squeezed as tight against her as the boy could force it go, until Nancy felt pain in the tip of her tasting organ.


The cry for mercy turned to a sigh of sudden pleasure. Bobby's eyes popped open, staring straight at Bonnie's cunt. He tried to straighten, but Nancy caught his back, forced him to remain in that stooped position, his rectum now wide open to the attack of her stabbing tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh! OHHHH!"

The teen continued to gasp, his back aching from the position, but a delicious sensation was deeper, Nancy shaping it into a thick rod and turning her head around and back again to corkscrew it within the teenagers hot hole.


Nancy's tongue was aching, her neck sore with the strain of forcing herself against the youngster. She dropped away, still holding him down with his ass presented to her, his balls pushing back through his thighs. She blinked rapidly to clear her vision, then smiled at the sight of the small scrotal sac.


The new gasp came as she caught his balls, squeezing them between her teeth. Then she pulled the boy backward, against her face, falling flat to the floor and dragging Bobby down until his cock slipped again into her mouth. He sighed once more, his tears wetting her belly as he wiggled against her mouth, the woman sucking down on him with all her strength. But now his tears were of happiness.

"Oh, yesssssss! YESSSSSS! SUCK! SUCK ME!" Nancy pulled the little follow down against her, but there was little she could do in this position except stab her tongue along the top of it of her throat, and he stabbed downward tentatively into his aunt's mouth, moving gently at first but increasing the pace of the fucking as Nancy gasped around the small prick.

Bobby heard her moaning, felt the churning of her saliva as his prick beat her mouth juices to a white froth, slopping them out against her cheeks and her chin each time he pulled out, slamming them back into her throat when he let his belly fall again. The teens bony pelvis crashed cruelly against her nose and her chin, Nancy seeing stars as the pain exploded through the barely protected layers of flesh over her face.


His hands were pushing down against Nancy's hips, flat and splayed as the boy pushed his chest up, his belly squeezing and releasing her tits repeatedly. He was moving rapidly, gasping for breath, his knees beside her head, his toes bent painfully as he slammed his cock again and again against her throat. The woman's dangling vulva was battered repeatedly, bruised until it ached with the strain of the youngster's fucking. Bobby's cock was like an iron rod as it slammed across the woman's tongue, pressuring and prodding with a strength greater than its size would or should permit.


He was. He was fucking for dear life, and doing very well for such a young boy. Before this afternoon his only experience was shoving his immature prick into his sister's immature cunt. Fucking Bonnie when he was only nine or ten seemed great, particularly when the pleasant aching sensation spread out of his little cock and across his baby balls -- but it was nothing at all compared to this! Nothing could compare to slamming hard cock into a woman, into her cunt, into her mouth! This was fucking!

Bobby continued to pound into his aunt's mouth, his chin banging and digging into her belly, punishing her pelvis. Nancy was gasping with pain, the pleasure washed away in the pounding of the teens cock into her mouth, his body against her body. Oh, God! Why wouldn't he come! Come!


Bobby slammed down one final time, erupted his load into Nancy's mouth. She gasped against it, tasting him as the white stuff flooded her throat, coating her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

While his whole body trembled and shivered, she sucked down against him, drawing against his balls with all of her power, trying to suck more out of him. But there was a limit: the cock stopped spurting, stopped oozing, and there was no more.

Not a single drop could follow.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Aunt Nancy!"

The little boy collapsed against her, and she released his hips, stopped sucking against his cock. For a moment longer the crooked tube remained in her mouth, softening, while Nancy licked her tongue over the soft palate, around her teeth and around his cock shaft, seeking out any last remnants of his taste. She would never let him come in her cunt again! This boy was created to drink!

She opened her mouth to gasp against him, and Bobby slipped out, rolling to the floor on his back. His fingers gingerly touched his aching cock shaft, and he winced, sighing.

"Oh, jeepers, Aunt Nancy! Wow!"

Ben laughed at him. "Which was best, Bobby? Her tongue in your asshole, fuckin' her cunt, or fuckin' her mouth?"

"Gee, I don't know -- they, were all great! I thought fucking her in the cunt was the eatest, but now I don't know!"

He screwed up one eye, considering, then turned his head to his aunt.

"Gee, Aunt Nancy, I wish I had two cocks! One for your cunt and one for your mouth!"

Nancy sat up at that, laughing, the other teens joining in. She slouched forward, staring at the other teens and then back at Bobby. Three cocks -- too bad she didn't have three mouths and three cunts! That way she could take them all together... if only they had six pricks between them!

"Bobby, stand up!"

"Huh?" Groaning, the boy obeyed. "What now?"

"All three of you -- come stand before me. Yes, together, like that!"

The teens moved to her, Nancy arranging them in order -- Bobby on her left, Ben in the middle. She grimaced as she came forward onto her knees, then caught the hips of the two outside boys, forcing them to stand closer together. Ben put his arms over the other boys' shoulders, Bobby and Billy moving their hands against the small of his back.

"Now what, Mama?" asked Billy.

"I'm going to suck all three of you!" The boys looked at each other.

"How?" they asked.

"Like this!"

Ben and Billy were hard, Bobby's cock drooping. Nancy moved to the smallest boy first, sucked his cock all the way into her throat. The boy gasped, and she pulled off again, moving quickly to Ben. His thick shaft slammed in, the boy hunching his ass forward -- only to lose her as his brother had lost her as Nancy turned to her son, took the longest prick of the three for the same single sucking grab.

She came off Billy just as quickly, turned back to Bobby, sucking him in again. The youngster's cock was throbbing now as she came off, switched to Ben, sucked down, came off and went back to Billy.

Chapter TEN

Nancy managed a dozen strokes on each cock, even getting Bobby hard again by the time she came off him. But she was laughing, holding her belly. She collapsed to the floor and rolled over.

"Oh, Jesus! Jesussssss!" she moaned.

The teens laughed with her, the boys touching the slick shafts of their cocks.

"Yeah, Mama! You're crazy!" said Billy.

Nancy managed to get control, swallowed the last of her laughter, tears streaming down her face as she sat up.

"All right, enough nonsense let's get to bed for some serious fucking!"

The children scrambled ahead of her, jumping on the big soft bed as soon as Ben and Bonnie stripped down the top covers. Trust Laraine to be compulsively neat about everything, thought Nancy. Her sister had changed the linen this morning, even though it would be ten days before the bed would be used again.

She thought!

Smiling, Nancy moved across the bed, into the middle of the boys. Bonnie came over the top of her, and the women caught the girl, pulling her down into her anus, crushing Bonnie's small tits against her own as she kissed her niece. Her tongue stabbed into the youngster's mouth, and Bonnie returned the vehemence of the kiss, twisting her mouth against her aunt.

"Oh, Bonnie, baby! I love you!"

"We all love you, Aunt Nancy," said the girl, sighing, letting her face rest against her aunt's. Their cunts rubbed together, Bonnie's pussy pushing down against the top of the woman's opening.

"Yes!" said Bobby. "We all love you, Aunt Nancy!"

"We sure do, Mama!"

"Yeahhhh," agreed Ben.

"Aunt Nancy?" The girl raised her head. "I know a way you can take all of the boys together -- at the same time."

Nancy laughed again. "Well, tell me -- don't keep such good news a secret!"

"Well, one boy is in your cunt, and another in your mouth..."

"And the third?" prompted her aunt, when Bonnie hesitated, an uncertain look on her face as she studied her aunt's reactions. "Where do I take the third cock?"

"In your asshole."

"Um!" Nancy considered, stroking Bonnie's sides, taking the girl's small tits into her fingers and tweaking the nipples. "Won't that hurt?"

"Your fingers didn't hurt them -- they loved it when you finger-fucked them."

"Yes, but I'm looking at three cocks that are a lot bigger than my fingers!"

"Try it, Mama!" begged Billy. "Please!"

"Well... all right. But who goes where?"

She closed her eyes a moment, pressing Bonnie down against her body, feeling the girl's hot cunt juices oozing out against her crotch as she thought about the possibilities. She wanted the smallest cock in her throat to avoid the danger of being choked while the other two cocks slammed her from front and rear.

"I'll suck Bobby."

"Gee! I want to fuck you!" said the little boy. "I want to shove my cock in your ass!"

"You will, baby, if I find I enjoy this first session! But your cum is so sweet I just have to taste it again!"

The boy accepted her explanation, not terribly crushed. Which left the problem of the other two cocks. Which should she risk in her asshole?

Thinking about the matter, she pushed her hand beneath Bonnie, reaching down to finger the girl's cunt. Bonnie gasped, and kissed her aunt with all of her strength.

"Oh, suck my pussy, Aunt Nancy! Let's suck each other!"

Nancy was willing. Bonnie turned around, and the woman raised her hips, bent her knees back against the girl's sides while she took Bonnie's sopping pussy against her own mouth. She stabbed her tongue deep inside as Bonnie licked down across her, and she felt the youngster's tongue moving across her slit. Then Bonnie captured her clit, sighing, her hot breath pushing into her aunt's body.

Nancy exploded against the girl's face, caught Bonnie's clit and sucked on it with all of her strength. The two females writhed together, the boys watching in astonishment as they rolled against the bed. Bonnie was spending almost as soon as her aunt's tongue stabbed deep into her cunt, and Nancy was only a minute later in responding.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ Almighty!" said Ben, holding his balls. "Look at them go!"

"Yeah!" said Billy. "Ain't Mama something?"

"She sure is!" said Bobby.

The boys watched, their cocks throbbing in the air as Nancy and Bonnie thrashed around the bed, bouncing the mattress until Bobby was nearly pushed off the edge. The boy caught himself, came back as Nancy dug her claws into Bonnie's hips, sucking with all of her strength while she threw her ass up against the girl's face.

God! Oh, God! Wonderful... wonderful! She wanted to shout it, shout her feelings, but she wouldn't lose this delicious, juicing cunt! The only thing greater than cunt was cock! Teen cock!

Bonnie screwed her face as deep into her aunt's cunt as she could make it go, breathing in the woman-smell, sucking up her juices. Nancy was exploding, and the girl shot back with equal force, jerking her ass cheeks and slamming her hips down against the woman's face. She sucked, drinking, swallowing, wishing she could crawl all the way inside. Wouldn't it be wonderful, to bury your whole head in a cunt -- shit! Your whole Goddamn body! Yes! Crawl up until your shoulders and then your tits and your hips and your ass and your cunt were inside, clutched tight by the hot twitching outer muscles.

Oh, Jesus! She gasped for breath, stopped breathing to suck cunt juice again. Yes! Bonnie wanted to be completely inside her aunt's body, her cunt, her womb. Once in, she would kick and turn around, rubbing her hands and her feet all over those hot clutching walls! Wouldn't Aunt Nancy come then? Jesus! She'd blast bigger than an atomic bomb!

The girls writhed against each other... suddenly collapsed against each other, limbs weak and aching. Bonnie's legs straightened beside Nancy's head, and the woman's hands fell flat to her side, unable to move any more. They rose and fell together with Nancy's breathing, Bonnie sighing through her aunt's legs.

"Oh! Ohhhhhhh, God!"

"Yes! Oh, Bonnie! Let... let me move!"

Bonnie rolled over, fell beside her aunt. Nancy rubbed her body and her tits, wincing at the ache in her arms. Then she turned onto her side, looking at the boys, at their proud, hard cocks. She wanted them, every fucking wonderful one of them! She would never let them go! Cock! Nothing but cock, in her mouth, in her cunt -- yes, even in her ass! What a way to live!

"Billy, you're longer but you're not as thick as Ben -- you fuck me in the ass, Ben, you come into my cunt!"

The boys moved beside her as Nancy welcomed them against her body, Ben in front and Billy in back. Bonnie moved out of the way, giving her cousin room, rolling onto her own side to watch everything that happened.

"You, Ben -- you stick your cock in me first!"

The boy slid down against her, Nancy raising her upper leg to let his cock approach the opening to her cunt, and stabbed through. Her juices made her slick and slippery; the boy moved all the way inside on the first stroke, burying his balls between her legs.

Nancy's leg dropped back, trapping him. Now she caught Billy's hand, moving it up over her hip and squeezing his fingers within her own. The teen sighed against her back, and kissed her there.

"I love you, Mama!"

"I love you, baby -- and I love your cock. Put it in me, Billy! Now!"

She turned against Ben, raising her asscheek slightly and trying to relax as the boy moved against her. She felt Billy's burning cockhead press through the cleft of her buttocks, the boy wriggling down -- until his cock was pointed straight up at the back door. Wincing against the expected pressure, Nancy drew a deep breath, and opened her asshole to her son's first tentative probe.

"Oh, yesssss! In me, Billy! Shove your beautiful big cock in Mama's ass!"

The boy bit his lip, head bent to stare down at his cock as he pushed up against the mother's asscheeks. He couldn't see the target from here, and the first stroke was off-center, slid down to bang against Ben's balls, which were shoved tight against the front door.

"Jesus! Take it easy, Billy!" Ben said.

Billy heard his cousin's gasp of anger and retreated, tried again. This time he was too high. Frustrated, he muttered a low curse.

"Find my asshole with your finger, Billy!" directed his mother. "Reach down, honey!"

Still muttering, Billy did as directed, this time directing his cockhead against the reluctant sphincter. The angle of approach was not quite perfect; he winced as he pushed up, and Nancy pushed down at the same time, again willing her sphincter to relax, opening it as wide as she could.


"Yes! Yesssssss! Oh, baby! Fuck Mama's asshole!"

Ben sighed as he felt Billy's cockhead rub against the membrane separating cunt from rectum, felt his cousin's long slender prick move up against his own. The sensation was totally unexpected, but delicious. The boy wriggled his hips against the body of his aunt, making his cock jump within her cunt.


"Hey!" Bobby was outraged. "What about me? I'm supposed to be in there, too!"

Nancy laughed. "Oh, yes -- come on, baby! Shove your cock in my mouth -- ummmmmmmmmmmmm!"

She gurgled against the delicious young prick as Bobby obeyed orders, scooting up against Ben's back and head to stab into his aunt's hot, hungry mouth. Ben felt his brother's cock slide up his backbone and made a face, moving back as Bobby cracked his knees against the older boy's head. He caught the little fellow's feet, forced them down, between their bodies, Nancy's bottom tit trapped between Bobby's legs, the other one forced up, to where Ben could grab and tweak the nipple, pinching it and rolling it around and around.

Nancy tried to shout against Bobby's cock, but the little fellow stabbed against her throat, plastering his sweaty groin against her face. She wrapped her hands around his hips, squeezing him down even farther, and squeezed her cunt against Ben's throbbing cock, her asshole against Billy.

"OHHHHHHHH!" She came off Bobby's cock long enough to shout out her desires to the others.


"Yeah!" cried Ben. "YEAHHHHHH!"

He stabbed up into his aunt's cunt just as Billy forced his cock all the way into his mother's rectum, the teen boy sobbing with the exquisite sensation that rippled through his shaft as the sphincter squeezed him, milked down against him.


"FUCK!" cried Ben. "FUCK! FUCK... MEEEEEE!"

"FUCK!" echoed Billy. "OH, FUCK! FUCK... MAMA!"

"SUCK!" begged Bobby, wrapping his hands in the woman's wet hair, thrusting his cock as deep into her mouth as he could make it go.






"OH, GOD!"


Nancy heard the boys cry out, wanted to scream with them. Oh, God! This was impossible! Cocks tearing into her from three angles! Hot cocks! Sweet cocks! Young cocks! Cocks from her nephews and from her son! Could anything be more wonderful? She wanted to die, delirious with her joy! God! God!







The three boys yelled together, screamed together, thrust their cocks together, working in the same rhythm, pounding their sweet, hot, glowing, throbbing cock-meat deep into her three orifices. God! Did she have another hole big enough to take a cock! Her ear? Jesus... Jesus!

Nancy sucked down against Bobby, pushed back against Billy, impaled herself on Ben as the boys rode deep into her body, filling her completely with the most wonderful meat in the world! She could live without food, without water, without air -- but she couldn't live without cock! Sweet wonderful hot young tender teenage cock! She wanted it! She wanted all of it! She wanted the boys to never grow up! Yes, keep them forever! Forever!

Eyes closed, Nancy was aware of the sensations pounding through her asshole, cunt, throat, but an idea of astonishing significance was burning through from her lust-driven brain. She was fucked when she was a teen by a teen boy -- and had Billy! She was being fucked again by teenager -- why couldn't she have another son? Yes! Another sweet, wonderful boy! Make him now, and she'd be only twenty-eight when he was born -- forty when he was old enough to fuck her and make another baby! Yes! Yes! Thank you, God! Thank you!

The bed shook wildly, pounding back and forth, the headboard rattling against the wall and scarring the paint with the force of the three-way fucking. Nancy sucked down against Bobby's throbbing young cock with all her power, trying to tear the teens balls out of his body, trying to draw them up through his cock to swallow them down, keep them forever in the middle of her body.


At the same time Nancy squeezed with all of her strength against Ben's thick, throbbing cock, pinching the bottom of the shaft, trying to saw it off and keep it locked within her cunt forever. She wanted it! She needed it! She would have it!


Ben yelled.

She ignored Ben's cry of pain, turned her attention to Billy's cock as it slid all the way up into her asshole, compacting the mass of slit and moving it back, creating a vacuum when he withdrew that sent new throbbing sensations through her cunt. She locked her rectum right against his cockhead when he almost withdrew, keeping him prisoner, and squeezed even harder against the base of the shaft when her son slammed back in.


But even in their pain the boys didn't let up in the fury and the force of their fucking, stroking as hard as they could into her yielding, eager, greedy body. Fucking her as though this were the last cunt, the last asshole, the last mouth in the whole Goddamn world, and when they at last had to pull out there would never be anything more but their fingers to satisfy them.

"OH, YES! YESSSSSS! COMINGGGG!" Bobby gasped out, spilling his load into the back of her throat, Nancy sucking it down eagerly, taking all of his delicious cum.


Ben exploded into her cunt, his cum slamming up to paint her womb, fill her belly, which hollowed against the delicious spill, her cunt squeezing and milking the last of it from his burning cock.


Billy thrust up a final time, blasting his cum deep into her intestines, painting the slit mass white. He pumped against her, died against her... sighing.

Bobby fell out first, dropped away, his head across Bonnie's lap, eyes closed as she softly stroked him, staring at the others. Ben dropped a moment later, puffing wetly from her cunt, his legs painted with her spending, touching himself gingerly as he moved away. And then Billy fell back, pulled away, giving Nancy the chance to fall on her back.

Sighing, she drew up her knees, and turned to drag her exhausted son on top of her.

"Mama! Jesus, let me rest!"

"Oh, Billy! I want you -- I need you! Fuck me, baby!"

Against his will the boy was drawn against her naked body, his cock aching, until it was sucked into her cunt, Nancy pulling him all the way inside.

"Yes, Billy -- fuck Mama! Make a baby in me! Make your baby in me!"

Nine months later little Rolf was born, the image of his brother-father. Nancy suckled him, and Billy as well. Billy stayed with her until Rolf had hair around his balls. He came home from work one night to a delighted mother.

"Billy! Rolf came in me this morning!"

"Oh, Mama!" He hugged her tight. "I'm so happy for you!"

"Oh, God! I'm so happy!"

She took her man-son and her boy-son to bed, fucking them both, dragging their juices deep into her body. But she wanted Rolf's baby -- she was only forty! She wanted another baby so much!

And nine months after that Benjamin Robert William was born, to keep his mother happy for the rest of her life.


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