Willing stepdaughter

Every society is marked by an adolescent state, a growing-up period. It is time when each young member of society feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time he snuck out back for a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to drag race in his fathers car. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Sandra Parker's story is that of a young girl growing up in her in own special way. She breaks the moral ode and more importantly, her peer's code. She learns to flaunt her body and give in to the passions she feels running so deep and hot in her blood. Instead, Sandra makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that Sandra is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

WILLING STEPDAUGHTER -- the story of a girl's struggle to find herself. And the shattering experience that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.

Chapter ONE

"You're really looking good tonight, honey," Will Thompson told his stepdaughter.

Sandra Parker was finding it hard to keep from trembling as she prepared the evening meal. She was very aware of her stepfather's eyes following her every move. She wished she had worn something a little less revealing than her halter-top and tight white shorts.

But then Sandra hadn't known that she was going to be left alone with Will this evening Sandra's mother was a registered nurse and she had been called to work a second, shift that evening because of an emergency.

Sandra kept telling herself that there was nothing to worry about but she wished her stepfather wouldn't keep undressing her with his eyes. Sometimes he made her feel completely naked.

"You don't like me very much, do you?" Will asked her.

"I never said that," she answered.

"But you're always trying to avoid me," Will pointed out.

"That's not true," she lied.

She really did try to avoid her stepfather. She didn't like to have him around. She didn't like him even if he was married to her mother. Not that he was a bad-looking man. He was tall and well built and he did have a certain kind of charm. But he was not the kind of man who appealed to her.

"You shouldn't stay away from me like the plague," Will said. "After all, I like redheads. And you're even a better looking redhead than your mother."

Sandra shivered as she felt his eyes caressing her body again. She thought she should be used to him staring at her by now. Lots of people stared at her. She was taller than her mother and she had long, thick red hair. She was still in her teens but her body had already reached a luscious maturity. Most men couldn't keep their eyes off her perfectly shaped titties. They were as big as melons and it was difficult to keep her nipples from always being hard.

"I'm not better looking than my mother," Sandra said.

"Sure you are, baby. You're a beautiful piece!"

"You shouldn't be talking like this," Sandra said.

Sandra brought the food to the table. They sat down and ate their meal in silence. Sandra kept feeling his eyes wandering over her body. She was glad when the meal was over.

"I'm going upstairs now," she said. "I have some homework to do. I'll save the dishes for later."

She was suddenly in a terrible hurry to be out of the kitchen and away from her stepfather. She nearly ran up the stairs to her bedroom. Everything seemed to have changed in her life lately. She didn't even feel comfortable in her own house.

Sandra stretched out on her bed and started doing her homework. She didn't know how long she'd been working when she heard footsteps on the stairs. She rolled over and saw her stepfather leaning against her open door.

"I got lonely down there," he said. "This is the first time your mother's been away since we were married."

"You'd better get used to it," she said.

"Come on, honey," he said. "Don't be so hard on me. I'm a pretty nice fellow once you get to know."

He had been drinking. She could smell it on his breath as he walked into the room. He had taken off his shirt downstairs and she could see the mass of black hairs on his chest and it made her feel funny.

"How about having a drink with me?" Will asked.

For the first time she noticed that he had brought an extra beer. She shook her head but he was already sitting down on the bed and handing her the can.

"I don't drink," she protested.

"Just having a beer with your stepfather won't hurt anything," he said. "Just to show we're friends."

Sandra sighed. She didn't think she was going to get rid of Will unless she had a beer with him. She didn't really like beer but it was the only way. She reached out and took a can.

"That's better," he said.

She felt a strange tingling sensation as his fingertips brushed across hers as she got the beer. Again, she couldn't deny that her stepfather was a very sexy man.

She sipped the beer slowly and she felt the alcohol spreading through her. She had to admit that it was kind of nice being here with her stepfather. She sipped again and she was beginning to feel good about it. Maybe she could get to be friends with Will.

"How did you meet my mother?" Sandra asked. "You've never told me that."

"At a bar one night." Will answered. "She was with another fellow but he was a real nothing. She dropped him and went out with me. We went straight to a motel and fucked all night long."

She looked at Will in shock. She wasn't sure that she had heard what he said. But there was no mistaking the lewd gleam in his eyes.

"I think you'd better go now," she said.

"What's the matter, sugar?" he asked. "Don't you like hearing about me and your mother fucking? We do it all the time. Your mother loves to spread her legs. She'll do it anytime and in any position."

"Stop talking like that," she said.

"I bet you're just like her," Will said. "I bet you just can't wait to get your panties down."

"I'm leaving," she said.

Sandra tried to get up but Will grabbed her and pulled her back on the bed. At that moment she saw something in his eyes that she didn't like. She had the feeling that she knew what was going to happen next.

"You should be a lot friendlier to me," Will complained. "I'm friendly with you."

"I'm friendly," she replied.

"Not friendly enough," he said. "Why don't you show me just how friendly you can really be?"

"My mother will kill you."

"Your mother's not going to do anything," Will said. "She's too hot for my cock to do anything."

It was scary the way he was looking at her and she had the sudden feeling that he was telling the truth. Her mother looked on her stepfather as if he was some kind of gad. She would not object to anything he wanted to do.

She tried to escape him again but he would not let her go. He wrapped his brawny arms around her waist and jerked her close to him. She was close enough to smell the beer on his breath.

"Please don't do this," she said.

He only laughed at her. His lips felt hot and hard. He pushed his tongue against her mouth but she refused to open her lips. He kept rubbing his tongue against her mouth but she kept her mouth shut tight.

"You little bitch," he said. "I'm going to teach you to keep your mouth shut, I'm going to teach you to play games with me."

He shoved her back on the bed and he slapped her face. She gasped in sudden pain and surprise. He put his hand around her throat and squeezed until she was gasping for breath.

"You'd better be good to me, bitch," he said.

She nodded. She was really scared of him now. She didn't try to escape when he released her.

"Don't fight it so hard, sugar," he said. "You're going to love it!"

He kissed her and she opened her mouth. His tongue seemed long and slimy as it pushed to the back of her throat. She wiggled her tongue against his as he drew it back. She didn't enjoy the taste of his tongue but now she wanted to please him.

"That's better, baby," he said. "I'm sure you're going to learn real fast!"

He kissed her again and this time his thick tongue explored the inside of her mouth. His hand moved up and cupped one luscious titty. Nobody had ever touched her there before and Sandra was surprised how hot and achy both her titties suddenly seemed. Her nipples stiffened against the material of her halter top.

"That's a lot better, baby," sill said. "Hard little titties. I've got them all hard and hot. I knew you were going to be as hot blooded as your mother."

Both of his hands stroked her titties. She tried to fight it but there was a rush of hot excitement such as she'd never known before. Her entire body seemed to be tingling. She closed her thighs together tightly but that didn't stop the feeling. Suddenly, she felt both his hands stroking her tits.

"If you only knew how long I've wanted to hold these, baby," he told her. "So fucking long."

He cupped her tits tightly and brushed his thumbs across her stiff nipples. She kept trying to keep from calling out but he was doing something to her that she didn't understand. She found herself pushing her tits against his hot hands. "Oh yeah, baby," he said. "You're enjoying it now. Well, I'm really going to make you love it before this night is over!"

He reached behind her back and unhooked her halter top. She tried to struggle but it was no use. He pulled the halter top away from her and her creamy tits popped free. Even his eyes felt hot against the flesh of her titties.

"Beautiful," he said, "fucking beautiful!"

He bent his head and ran his tongue across one stiff nipple. His mouth opened slightly and he sucked the hard bud inside his mouth. He clamped his teeth down on it and held it there for a few moments. It was the most exciting thing she'd ever felt in her life.

"You shouldn't do that," Sandra moaned. "Oh, you shouldn't!"

At that moment she was lying only to herself. She didn't really want him to stop and he knew it. He opened his mouth and sucked her nipple a little deeper into his mouth. His hungry mouth sucked at her titty-flesh and his teeth bit gently. She was trembling as she put her hands in his hair.

"Oh shit," she moaned. "I've never felt anything like that. I've never felt anything so good!"

He was laughing at her again as his hot lips moved from one tit to the other. He kept licking and sucking until she thought her tits were going to burst from being so swollen. Finally she managed to raise his head. He moved back up her trembling body and started kissing her mouth again.

This time it was his turn to be surprised as the little redhead crammed her tongue into his mouth. She pushed her tongue in as deep as she could and kept stroking the back of his head. She didn't know what was wrong with her but she knew she'd never felt like this before.

"You feel so fucking good," she moaned.

She didn't protest when her stepfather's hands moved to her ass. He grabbed two handfuls of her luscious ass and squeezed until she kit the juices flowing from her pussy. His fingers found the zipper of her shorts and he pulled them down. She liked the feeling of freedom as she kicked them off. His hands immediately slipped down her back and into her panties. His fingers pulled apart the crack of her ass and she felt his thumb probing her asshole. It was a strange feeling but it only added to the excitement she already felt.

"Your panties are wet, baby," he said. "You must already be excited as hell."

"You know I am, you bastard," she said.

"Just like your mother," he said, laughing.

He pulled her panties off. Sandra was completely naked on the bed and she didn't give a damn. She spread her legs for him as he stared into her pink cuntlips. He grinned lewdly.

"A natural redheaded cunt," he said. "Shit, I just love redheaded cunts."

She couldn't say or do anything before his head moved down between her legs. His tongue thrust up between her cuntlips and into her pink pussy. She couldn't believe how good it felt. She grabbed hold of the back of his head and started pushing her cunt against his tongue.

"Oh shit!" she cried. "Nothing's ever felt so good to me before."

His tongue moved all around the inside of her cunt. A couple of times he brushed his tongue against her clitty and sent hot waves of desire through her.

She knew he was tasting her juices but he didn't mean to care. That only made him fuck harder at her pussy. She lifted her ass and pushed her cunt against his face. There was already a sweet fire in her belly.

She didn't want him to stop but he did. He suddenly raised his head and moved away from the bed. He watched her with hungry eyes as he undressed himself. She let her eyes fall to where his stiff cock pushed against his shorts. It looked so damn big.

"I'm going to let you take my shorts off," he told her.

Her muscular, hairy stepfather approached the bed. She'd had dreamt like this before but she had never expected it to really happen. She was afraid of win but she was also very attracted to him. She couldn't understand herself.

"Take off my shorts," he told her.

She knew she couldn't refuse. She knelt on the floor and put her hands in the sides of his shorts. Carefully, she pulled his shorts down his legs, trying not to look at the purplish-looking prick she uncovered.

Her stepfather only laughed and grabbed her by the hair. He forced her face closer to his cock. She could see every inch of his huge, meaty looking prick. It looked big enough to break her in half.

"Take a good look at it, baby," he said.

"You're going to learn to love everything about it. You're going to learn to love it and suck it. You're going to hate doing without it, bitch!"

He picked her up by her hair and dropped her on the bed. He looked angry as he slid on the bed beside her. He took her hand and pressed it against his swollen cock. His cock felt slimy with his own juice but she didn't dare draw her hand away. Instead, she circled his cock with her fingers and stroked it up and down. She saw a little drop of cum dotting the tip.

"You sweet bitch," he said. "You really are going to love my fucking cock!"

More of his cum dripped from the tip and it made her hand sticky. She could feel the pulsating power of his cock as she moved her hand up and down. She squeezed her thighs together as she thought about how good that power would feel inside her.

"You hot-assed little bitch," Will said. "I'm going to give you some cock, baby. I'm going to give you what you need so fucking bad. You're just a cunt like your mother."

She tried to shake her head to deny what he was saying about her, but perhaps it was true. Perhaps she was a cunt. It was true that she could feel her pussy vibrating right now and she couldn't take her eyes off his big cock.

Her stepfather rolled between her thighs. He pushed her legs apart easily and moved up until his swollen cockhead was pushing at her cunt entrance. He started moving his prick up and down until she knew her pussy hairs were getting sticky with his cum. She could feel that hot excitement going through her again. It didn't matter that this man was her stepfather. He was making her feel funny.

"Just relax, baby," he told her. "I'm going to make you feel better than any woman ever had a right to feel!"

He was almost laughing at her as he gently pushed forward. His cockhead popped into her and she gasped as she felt how much it stretched her pussy walls apart. It felt like he was pushing into her cunt with an oak log. She tried to move away but there was no way she could get away from him.

"I told you to relax, bitch," Will said. "There's no way you're going to keep from getting fucked. I want some of your sweet pussy and I'm going to fucking get it!"

Sandra moaned in pleasure and pain as he pushed his cock into her tight pussy. His prick head finally slipped into her until his cockhead pressed against her virgin walls. He gave a laugh and pushed one last time. She gasped as his prickhead seemed to tear through her virgin walls and plunge deep inside her. He stretched her cunt more than she would have thought possible. It was like a red-hot firebrand pushed inside her.

"Get it out of me," she moaned. "You're killing me. Please take it out."

"I'm surprised that you're a virgin," he said, "but that doesn't matter. From now on you'll fuck anything in pants. I know your type, baby!"

He reached beneath her and clutched her asscheek, moving his cock in and out of her tight pussy. She told herself that she was getting raped and she hated having his cock inside her. But she couldn't control the movements of her body. She was already moving her pussy back against his thrusting cock. She could almost feel his cock going into her belly.

"That's better, sweetheart," Will said. "That's the way to move your little cunt. You're going to learn to fuck as good as your mother!"

He was fucking her in quick deep strokes and she could feel the edge of his cockhead rub her clitty. She lifted her ass for each stroke. She knew she was slowly getting out of control but she didn't care. She was starting not to care about anything but his cock.

"Fuck me a little faster," she whispered.

"Hot damn!" Will said.

Will started rounding her pussy as she wanted it made her crazy. Sandra lifted her ass as high as she could and squeezed her thighs together. She could already feel his cum leaking inside her cunt and she knew he wouldn't last long.

"Fuck me even harder," she whispered. "Your hot cock feels so damn good. Fuck me harder!"

His prick slammed into her tight cunt as hard as he could. The first shiverish vibration, went through her body and she gasped for breath. She hadn't realized that anything could feel this good. Her fingers had never excited her this much before.

"I'm coming," she moaned. "Your big cock is mating me feel so fucking good. I'm fucking coming. Oh shit, baby! Oh skit, it feels so damn fucking good! OH FUUUUUUUCK!"

He fucked her even harder as the wild shudders wont through her body. Her body shivered again and again and her juices flooded his stiff cock. He rammed his thick prick into her and his balls slapped even louder against her asscheeks.

"It feels good, baby," he said. "Your fucking pussy feels so damn good!"

She moved her hand down between his legs. Her fingers found his heavy balls and she began stroking them. His prick seemed to get a little bigger and she felt his hot juices leaking inside her.

"Fill me with your cum," Sandra gasped. "Fill me with your fucking cum. Shoot your fucking cum inside me, baby!"

"You're going to fucking get it," Will groaned. "You're going to fucking get all my cum. You little bitch. You fucking little hot-assed bitch. You fucking bitch!"

He stabbed into her deep and his prick exploded inside her. His thick cum seemed to fill her cunt by the gallon. She moved her ass on the bed until she was sure she had drained his cock completely dry. Finally, she felt his prick slipping out of her.

"You're going to be as hot as your mother," he said. "That red hair really means something in your case. It means that your pussy can't get enough!"

Chapter TWO

"That's her," Glenn Norbitt said. "That little redhead."

Mike Payne twisted his head to study the small, well-stacked redhead who was getting a cup of coffee from the vending machine. He could see the way her well-rounded ass pushed at her starched uniform and it made his cock feel achy.

"Are you sure about this?" Mike asked. "I understand she just got married."

"You let me worry about that," Glenn said. "I don't think marriage is going to stop up any holes with this broad. She may put up a little fight but I hear she's a regular nympho. She puts out for anybody."

"I don't know," Mike said.

"You can't back out now, buddy," Glenn said. Glenn was already getting out of his chair and walking toward the redhead. She had her cup of coffee and she looked as if she was thinking about something. Glenn was very close before she raised her head.

"Hi, sugar," Glenn said. "I've been thinking about you lately."

"I don't know you," she said sharply.

She had turned to leave but Mike Payne blocked her path. She suddenly realized that they were alone in the break room and that Mike was locking the door.

"I don't know what you two are up to," she said, "but I'm a happily married woman."

"We know you just got married," Glenn said. "But we've heard alot about you and we don't think that one man could keep you satisfied for long. We've come to offer our services."

"You'd better leave me alone," she warned. Gail had put her coffee cup down on the table but now she thought about picking it up and flinging it at them. Glenn noticed her look and he moved between her and the table.

A month ago and Gail wouldn't have minded what these two men had in mind. It was true that she had always loved to fuck and she didn't care where or with whom. But now she was married and Will was keeping her happy. She didn't want to have this kind of thing happen any more.

"Please," Gail begged. "There's money in my purse. Take my money, take anything, but please, leave me alone."

"Knock off the sweet and innocent act," Glenn said. "We know you've been giving it to every man in the hospital. Don't pretend that you don't like it. Be nice, sugar!"

Glenn lunged at her arms. She managed to claw his face and he screamed in pain and rage.

"You're going to pay for that, cunt," he growled.

He started to hit her and he might have hurt her if Mike hadn't caught his arms and pulled him away. Gail was sobbing and begging them to let her go. Mike might have let her out, but there was no way that Glenn was going to release her.

"You want some more of my fists, bitch?" Glenn shouted. "You want me to mark up your face so that your own husband wouldn't spit in your eye?"

"No," she gasped.

"Then you'd better be nice, sugar. You'd better be real, fucking nice."

"I'll be nice," she whispered.

She saw them relax. At the same time Gail could feel a shiver of pleasure running down her spine. She hated what it told her about herself. She knew she was going to enjoy what these two men were going to do to her. It should have made her sick but she couldn't help herself. She had enjoyed fucking since she'd been a very little girl.

"All right, cunt," Glenn said. "Strip it off."

"Everything?" she asked. "Right here?"

"Strip down to your bare ass," he told her. She licked her lips nervously as she started undoing the buttons of her nurse's uniform. She was scared of Glenn. There was something violent about him. It might have been nice with Mike but she had the feeling it was going to be rough with Glenn.

"Hurry up, bitch," Glenn said.

She peeled off the uniform and dropped it to the floor. Standing in nothing but her bra and panties, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She closed her eyes as she dropped it away from her proud tits!

"Damn!" Glenn said. "What a fucking pair of tits for such a tiny woman. I told you that they would be something, Mike."

"You sure did," Mike agreed, trembling as if he'd sever seen a naked woman before.

Gail wished that she were alone with Mike. She was, getting hot just looking at the tall, good-looking man. She knew she should have been sick at what she was doing but she didn't care. She was being raped. She couldn't help what happened.

She put her hands in her panties and slipped them down her legs. Both the two men looked directly at her auburn pussy. Mike stepped forward and put his hand on top of her furry bush.

"I don't think I've ever seen a woman who wan natural redhead all over before," Mike said.

She was trembling as much as he was. He moved his fingers around the outside of her cunt, causing her pussy to flutter. She closed her thighs together and she felt the wet juices her pussy had already begun dripping.

"Open your legs, baby," Mike said.

She was still standing but she spread her legs a little wider apart. Mike's fingers crept in between her legs and started stroking her cuntlips. Again she could feel those fluttery sensations going through her body and she opened her lop a little wider. She felt one finger gently stroking her cunt opening. Finally his finger slipped inside her pussy.

"You like that, bitch?" Mike asked.

"Oh yes," she moaned.

"You were right about her, Glenn," Mike said. "She's nothing but a nympho. She's hot and wet already and all I'm doing is touching her cunt!"

His finger started working in and out of her pussy. She didn't want to humiliate herself in front of these two men but she couldn't help herself. She found her pussy pushing back at Mike's finger. Mike moved closer and she started rubbing her tits against his chest.

"This little cunt is hotter than hell," Mike said.

"You bastard," Gail snarled. "You cocksucking bastards!"

Mike only laughed and kept moving his finger around inside her tight pussy. He knew what he was doing to her and he showed no intention of stopping. He jammed another finger up into her cunt and started working it all around. She pushed herself against his fingers. It felt so good, so damn good.

"That's the way, bitch," he told her. "Just keep moving that hot little ass!"

Mike had her right where he wanted her. Suddenly he took his fingers out of her cunt. Gail thought she was going to die! Her entire body was trembling with desire. Another few moments and she would have been coming all over his fingers.

"Why did you stop?" she asked. "Oh shit, why did you stop? It felt so good."

"I want you to down on your hands and knees and I want you to beg Glenn's forgiveness for scratching his face," Mike hissed. "Then I want you to tell us all the things you're willing to do for us to earn that forgiveness."

She looked at Mike with pure hatred and wondered how she could have thought he was the gentle one. She knew she was going to have to do as he wanted. She couldn't help it, her pussy was already burning up.

She went down to her hands and knees and grabbed Glenn around the knees. She begged him for forgiveness. Glenn laughed at her and she begged harder.

"Tell me what you're willing to do," Glenn coaxed.

"I'm willing to do anything," she moaned. "Anything you want. I'm so hot."

"Will you lick my prick and my ass, baby?" he asked.

"Anything," she moaned. "Oh shit, I'll do anything!"

"I think I'll make you prove that, baby," Glenn laughed.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled his trouseers down to his knees. He wasn't wearing shorts and she got a good smell of his already creamy cock.

His cock was half hard as he went over to a table and leaned over it.

"Come over here and lick my ass, bitch," Glenn demanded. "Stay on your hands and knees like the bitch you are!"

She felt sick at being humiliated this way and yet it was also something that she needed. Will humiliated her sometimes and those were the most exciting times. Now she felt her heart pounding as she crawled across to the man on the table.

Gail brushed her hair back from her face as she raised her head. She licked all around his ass until he groaned with pleasure. Her tongue kept moving up and down and she felt his body tense. He turned around suddenly and hopped up on the table, reaching for her head, and she didn't pull back.

"Now show me what you can do for my cock, bitch," he told her.

She moved her head forward and her tongue touched the cum-covered tip of his prick. He grabbed her harder and jerked her head forward. She had no alternative but to open her mouth and let his swollen prick slide inside. She held his prick gingerly with her lips and tasted his salty cum.

"Deeper, baby," he whispered. "Suck it deeper!"

She opened her mouth wider and sucked his fat prick all the way into the back of her throat. She felt his throbbing cockhead deep inside her mouth and tasted more of his salty jism. She closed her teeth around his cockhead as she pulled her head back, her teeth skimming his prickmeat. She heard him groan in pleasure.

"Oh yeah," he groaned. "You sweet bitch. You are something else, baby. You're really something else!"

His hands moved down her body to caress her tits. Just his fingers stroking her hot flesh was enough to make her shiver in pleasure. She pushed her titties at his hands as he slowly brushed his fingers back and forth across her rigid nipples.

"On your back, baby," he said.

She wished there was something besides just the hard floor but then she didn't care because his hand was moving down her body. She opened her legs wide as his fingers started stroking her cuntlips. She groaned when a finger slid in and out of her pussy teasingly.

"Don't treat me this way," she groaned. "Please don't. I like it. Don't tease me!"

He laughed as he put his mouth against one of her swollen nipples. He sucked her nipple into his mouth while his hand played between her legs. A finger thrust in and out of her pussy again.

"Don't hog all that hot little body to yourself," Mike said.

She looked up and saw Mike undressing. Gail shivered a little. She really had fucked quite a few men in the hospital but she had never fucked them more than one at a time. This would be the first time in her life she'd ever had more than one man at the same time. She could feel her pussy lips fluttering again just at the thought.

Mike had a good body and his cock was hard when he slid off his shorts. He moved closer and she couldn't help reaching up and wrapping her fingers around, his cock. She slowly ran her fingers up and down his prick and he shuddered.

"You are a hot bitch," Mike said. "Everybody was right about you. You love cock more than you love to eat!"

It was true and there was nothing she could say. She moved her fingers down to his nuts and stroked his cock and balls. She could feel his prick getting even bigger inside her fingers. Finally he dropped to his knees and moved up to her head. She didn't mind kissing his cock. She moved her face forward and started lavishly kissing the tip of his cock, using her tongue against the tiny hole. In a few moments she could taste cum and opened her mouth wider and let his hot cock slide across her tongue and into her mouth.

"Would you look at this bitch?" Mike said in amazement. "She can't get enough of sucking cock!"

Gail's body was burning up as she bobbed her head over Mike's stiff cock. She letter teeth close around his massive cockflesh each time she moved her head. She used her tongue until his stiff prick was glistening with her saliva.

"This little redhead's enjoying herself," Mike groaned. "It feels like I've got my cock in a suction machine!"

His fingers wrapped around her silky head and he pushed his fat cock even deeper into her mouth. His cum tipped thick drops down the back of her throat and his balls touched her chin with each stroke.

"You're making we feel so fucking good," Mike groaned. "I've got all my cock in your mouth and you're sucking for more. Shit, you make me feel good!"

She knew something was going on behind her back but she didn't know what. Then Glenn made his move. She felt his head slide down her belly and his tongue began licking at her cuntlips. She groaned in pleasure.

Glenn crammed his entire face up between her thighs and started licking hungrily at the lips of her cunt. She spread her legs wider and grabbed his had. She could already feel the boiling passion in her belly. She held onto his legs tightly and she pushed her cunt up against his face. At the same time she sucked even harder on Mike's cock.

"You're tearing her up now, buddy," Mike groaned, "you're tearing her fucking up. She's really sucking my prick!"

She really wasn't having to do too much sucking. Mike had gripped the back of her head like he wasn't going to let her go and he crammed his cock in her mouth as deep as he could.

"Shit," Mike groaned. "It feels so fucking good. You know, I've never come in a woman's mouth before. I've never shot my wad in a woman's mouth!"

"Shoot it in the bitch's mouth," Glenn said, raising his head. "Make the hot-ass bitch swallow it!"

Glenn knew that this was exactly what he was going to do. Mike was going to shoot his wad right into her mouth and there wasn't anything she could do about it. And suddenly she didn't want to stop it because the thought excited her. She had never really liked swallowing cum before but she knew she was going to enjoy swallowing it this time.

"Right in your fucking mouth!" Mike screamed. "Right up your fucking throat, I'm going to shoot my wad, bitch. I'm going to shoot my fucking wad! Oh shit, you bitch, BIIIIItch!"

Mike crammed his wet prick as deep into her mouth as he could. Gail could feel his cock fucking deep into throat, growing even bigger inside her mouth and then she felt his body tense. Suddenly his hot cum exploded off the roof of her mouth and down the back of her throat. His cum was thick and salty cum almost made her gag. She tried swallowing as quickly as she could but the knew that part of his jism was leaking out of the corners of her mouth.

"Suck it all out," Glenn yelled. "Suck every fucking drop, bitch!"

Glenn seemed to be watching her closer than Mike as she sucked Mike's cock until she felt it go limp. She kept her mouth firmly glued to his slimy prick until she made sure she had licked all his cum away.

Finally, she lifted her head. She felt sticky. Some of Mike's cum had leaked all the way down to her tits and wet them.

"Turn over, baby," Glenn said. "On your hands and knees, bitch. I'm going to give it to you dogie style!"

She was willing to do anything to get his stiff cock inside her. Her pussy was a hot and burning hole. She quickly flipped around on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder to watch him. Glenn had already taken off his trousers and shorts but he kept his shirt on. His cock looked fiery as he approached her from behind.

"I'm going to stick it so far up your cunt that it's going to come out your mouth, bitch," Glenn said.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Stick it in me. My pussy's so hot."

"I told you she was a hot bitch," Glenn told Mike.

Glenn moved close behind her and pressed his massive cockhead against, her already wet pussy. She moaned as his big cock slipped easily into her wet cunt. He reached around and grabbed her titties. He held onto them tightly as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Oh yes," she groaned. "That's what I want. That's what I fucking want!"

She forgot all about her new husband as Glenn began to fuck her hard. His balls slapped against her each time he thrust and she liked the sensation of his hot cock knob going so deep into her. She started shaking her ass slightly.

"Move it, bitch," Glenn said, "Move that hot ass. You know you want to move it so move it, bitch!"

She felt the hot passion boiling inside her. She lost control of herself and started pushing her ass back against his swollen cock. She could already feel some of his cum leaking inside her. She groaned as his fingers tightened on her titties until it was almost painful.

"Fuck me faster," she groaned. "Give it to me hard. Your big cock feels so fucking good."

It was Glenn's turn to lose control a he hammered away at her tight cunt. She pushed beck against him as hard as she could and her pussy walls tightened around his big cock. She felt the first quick shiver of pleasure going through her body.

"Oh yes!" she screamed. "I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come. Oh yes, it feels so fucking good! Keep fucking me like that. Keep fucking me with your big, hard cock!"

Her body was rocked by hot spasms of pleasure. She almost tore his cock off as she moved convulsively. But he kept with her and his big prick never mined a thrust into her hot, wet pussy.

"I'm going to flood your cunt," he groaned. "I'm going to fucking fill you up. Get ready, you bitch. Get fucking ready for my cum! Take it bitch. FUCKING TAKE IT!"

He slammed into her deep and his cum shot into her with thick wads. She felt him pulling his cock out of her and pressing it between the cracks of her ass. She felt another ho spurt of his cum flowing down her back and all over her ass.

"You sweet bitch," Glenn said. "You sweet fucking bitch!"

She felt sticky with cum and they were suddenly both in a big hurry to be away from her. They jumped up and started dressing. Gail was so exhausted that it was a few moments before she could get up and wearily put back on her uniform.

This had turned into some fucking break.

Chapter THREE

Sandra knew that she should have felt ashamed of what had happened between her and her stepfather. The problem was that she had enjoyed it so much. She would have tried it again except that her mother was trying even harder to wear win out in the bedroom.

But Sandra needed a man.

She didn't know how she was going to go about picking a man up. She'd never done anything like that before. But she knew she was going to have to learn fast or she would be crawling into her stepfather's bed in the middle of the night, no matter what her mother thought.

She was thinking about how horny she was as she drove her mother to the hospital the next morning. She would have gone home to Will but Will was also working that morning.

"Me you all right?" Gail asked. "You look sort of pale this morning. Are you worried about something?"

"I'm not worried," Sandra answered.

"I know you've been sulking about Will lately," Gail said. "I really wish you'd try and get along with him."

Sandra almost laughed out loud. If only her mother knew how well she had been getting along with Will.

Sandra parked the car and her mother got out. She waved as the redhead walked across the parking lot. Sandra thought she was alone but she heard someone clearing his throat. She turned her head and saw a young man in an orderly's uniform standing near the window.

"You must be Sandra," he said.

"Yes," she said.

"I'm Todd Williams," he said. "I've always wanted to meet Gail's daughter. You look a lot like her."

Sandra searched her memory but she could not remember her mother talking about anyone named Todd. She was sure her mother would have noticed him because he was a tall, good-looking young man. He leaned against the window and smiled at her. She shivered as his eyes went up and down her body.

"You're as good looking as your mother," he said.

She blushed a little. A month ago she would have driven the car immediately out of the parking lot but not any more, not since Will had gotten into her panties. Now she could feel a little tingling itch all over her body.

"I'm just getting off shift," he said. "Would you care to go for a cup of coffee or something?"

"Skip school?" she asked. "I couldn't do that."

"Sure you could," he smiled. "You'd love to have a cup with me."

She knew he was telling the truth and she knew she was going to skip school and leave with this young man. Finally Sandra nodded her head and he walked around and got into the passenger side of the car.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"We'll go to my apartment," Todd told her. "It's just down the block. I make great coffee."

She knew she shouldn't do this, but she couldn't help herself. She wanted to go with him. It wasn't so hard picking up a man after all. And she knew what he was after just from the way he was looking at her. There was something hot in his eyes.

She was dressed in a simple skirt and blouse but she hadn't bothered to wear a bra. She felt his eyes on her titties and they started feeling hot and heavy.

"You can park there," he said.

He took her arm as they walked up the stairs to his apartment. She was surprised at how nice looking his apartment was. It was a man's apartment with thick furniture and comfortable rugs. There were a couple of pictures on the wall of lewd looking women. They were both very revealing with their legs spread and Sandra blushed as she found herself looking, between their pussy lips.

"You like my pictures?" he asked.

"They are very naked," she replied.

"I painted them myself," he said. "With live models. Maybe you'd like to pose for me sometimes."

"I don't know."

"I'll make the coffee. There are some more paintings in the bedroom if you'd care to look."

She had never been with a man like Todd before. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and she felt like she was in over her head.

She went into the bedroom. He was right about there being more pictures there and these were really dirty. She felt her heart beating wildly as she looked around. The walls were covered with paintings of couples together. There was every sort of lewd position that could be thought of. A couple Sandra had never heard of before.

She felt her body trembling a little. Todd brought the coffee into the bedroom and they sat on the edge of the bed and sipped it. She could taste whiskey in hers and she gave him a look that told him that she understood.

"You finish your coffee, sugar," he said. "I'm going to get cleaned up."

Her eyes followed him as he walked to the shower. He was already stripping off his shirt as he walked into the bathroom. As he peeled off his trousers she could see that he had a lean, muscular body that made her heart beat a little faster.

She finished her coffee. She knew she couldn't sit there on the bed forever. She was hot and so was Todd and there was no use pretending to be some innocent virgin.

She got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. It was very steamy but she could see his muscular out line through the shower curtain. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and pulled back the curtain and stepped into the shower.

"Well, well, well," Todd said. "This is a nice surprise."

"Do you need someone to wash you?" she asked.

"You bet, baby," he told her.

She took the wash rag and soap and started soaping his body. He was in even better shape than she thought he would be. There was no fat on him. She let her soapy rag run across his belly and then lower to his rigid prick.

"You'd better watch that, baby," he said. "It might go off!"

She only laughed as her fingers soaped his belly and moved down to his cock again. She dropped her hand lower and soaped between his thighs.

Then her fingers crawled back up and she stroked his cum-filled balls for a few moments. She dropped the rag and wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock.

"You're not exactly washing me now," he said gently.

"I think you'll like what I'm doing better," she whispered.

Her fingers circled his cock tightly and she moved her soapy hand up and down. Her other hand slipped up the inside of his thigh to play with his balls. His balls felt heavy as hell and she heard him groan.

"Damn, baby!"

Her fingers kept moving up and down his soapy cock, playing with his balls each time. He groaned as she carefully wiped the soap off. Her fingers moved up his thick belly and she licked her lips.

"Oh shit," Todd moaned softly. "Let's get out of here. I want to put my prick in that sweet pussy of yours."

He turned off the water and they got out of the shower. They dried each other off and Sandra moaned as his hands moved over her body. Finally she was dry and he picked her up and cried her into the bedroom.

"I've been thinking about this ever since I saw that picture of you in your mother's purse. It gets me excited as hell to think about fucking mother and daughter both."

"You fucked my mother?" she asked.

"You're damn right, baby," he said. "I got hold of your sweet mother's ass and nearly wiped her out."

He put her down on the bed, his hands moving down from her shoulders to her tits. She moaned as his rough fingers squeezed her tits hard. His fingers pulled at her nipples until they were stiff and sore. He moved his hands down her body and underneath her ass. Again she felt his hands squeezing and pinching her. She closed her thighs together but that didn't help. There was a hot itch between her legs.

"You're just like your mother," he said. "You like getting a big cock. You're just like your cunt mother!"

She kept wondering why her mother was being talked about like she was. She wondered if she took after her mother. Maybe her mother was a hot bitch and Sandra was the same way. Sandra knew that she could not control the heat of her body.

His head dropped and his tongue rubbed against her nipple. She groaned with pleasure and grabbed the back of his head. Ted let himself be pulled closer to her sweet tits and his mouth opened and she felt him sucking her titty into his mouth.

"Oh baby," he groaned. "That's so fucking good. You taste so fucking good."

He opened his mouth wide and sucked her titty deep into his mouth, his teeth biting down gently on her titty-flesh. He pulled his head back and started licking at her pink nipple again. His mouth moved from one titty to the other, covering her titties with his saliva. He pulled his mouth back and laughed at her excitement.

"You really do get hot, bitch. I can feel the heat going through your body."

His mouth went down on her titties again and it seemed like he was trying to suck all of her tit into his mouth. His teeth bit down gently as he spit her titty out. She couldn't believe how much of her titty was going into his mouth.

"Oh yes, baby," she moaned. "I am hot. Your hot mouth is making me so fucking hot!"

Todd really knew how to suck titties. He knew what he was doing to her body. She knew he could feel the wild vibrations going through her. Then she felt his mouth moving down from her titties. His mouth brushed down her body to her belly where his tongue played around her navel.

She could almost feel his hot breath on her cunt. She put her hands on the top of his head and started pushing him down. His wet tongue moved down to her furry pussy.

"Oh yes, suck me," she moaned. "I want you to suck me. Oh suck me, baby!"

His mouth started tugging at her furry pussy. He took her cunthairs into his mouth and rolled them under his tongue until they were wet with his spit. He opened his mouth a little wider and sucked at the pink flesh of her pussy.

"Stick your tongue in me," she groaned. "I want to feel your tongue in my pussy!"

Her ass pushed her cunt up against his face. She had never felt so hot before! She spread her legs wider and his face finally pressed into her moist cunthole. She grabbed his head hard as he started licking up and down her cuntlips.

"That's what I want!" she screamed. "Oh, fuck yes. That's what I fucking want!" His tongue started thrusting gently in and out of her pussy, making her squirm with pleasure. His tongue seemed to be jetting even deeper into her cunt than her stepfather's cock had gotten. She could feel him moving his tongue around the inside of her pussy.

She thought she was going to go crazy when she felt his tongue brush against her clitty. He licked it with his tongue and pulled the hot little bud between his lips. He sucked on her clitty gently and new shivers of desire went through her.

"Suck me good, baby!" she cried out. "Oh shit, I love that. Suck me fucking good!"

She didn't care what she had to do or say to keep his hot tongue thrusting into her cunt. At that moment she would have let her mother watch and it wouldn't have bothered her. It just felt so damn good! She couldn't stop her body from trembling and she knew she was almost there. He knew it also because he pulled his lace away from her moist cunt.

"Don't stop," she moaned. "Oh shit, don't stop. Don't stop now. I'm so close!"

"You're going to love my cock," Todd said.

"But first you're going to do something for me."

She knew what he wanted as he moved his body up on the bed. She could see his hard cock dripping juice and she swallowed nervously.

"I've never done anything like that before," she said. "I might not be any good at it."

"You're going to be good at it," he told her. "I promise you that. You'll be good at it."

He put his hands in her red hair and he pulled her face down to his lap. She could smell his strong cock odor and she shivered. She couldn't take her eyes away from that purplish head. She swallowed nervously again.

"Come on, baby. Kiss it. Kiss my big cock."

She bent her head and kissed the purplish tip, tasting his cum on her lips. She opened her mouth a little wider as his rubbery cockhead slid over her tongue. She closed her teeth around his cock for a few moments and she felt him shudder.

"That's right, bitch," he groaned. "Suck my hot cock. You're going to be a great cocksucker!"

Her mouth opened a little wider and she let his cock slide over her tongue deeper into her throat. She was beginning to like the thought of having his cock in her mouth. She closed her teeth around his cockflesh and drew her head back, letting her teeth pull at the swollen head of his hard cock.

"That's the way, baby," he said. "Suck it good. And play with my fucking balls!"

She held his cock with one hand and stroked his heavy balls with her other. She could feel the thickness in his cock as he tried to cram it deeper into her mouth. She had never felt anything like this before. She felt like she was going to choke and yet it was almost a nice sensation.

His hands moved down to play with her titties. She felt the heat growing inside her again as his fingers pulled at her hard nipples. She groaned in pleasure and pressed against his hands. His cock went deeper into her mouth and she could taste his salty cum dripping down the back of her throat.

"That's enough, baby," he said. "That's fucking enough. Now I'm going to fuck your hot ass off!"

Sandra moaned with pleasure as Todd pushed her back and spread her less open wide. He moved up between her thighs and she felt bus, cock brushing against her cunt mound. She ran her fingers down his muscular back and moved her ass around in a circle. She was trying to get him to stick his cock into her. "You want it bad, baby?"

"Oh, yes," she moaned. "Bad. I want your cock bad!"

Todd thrust forward and his rigid cock fucked all the way home inside her pussy. His heavy balls rested against her asscheeks and she felt every inch of his throbbing cock inside her. She squeezed her cunt walls together and he shuddered.

"You fucking little bitch," he groaned. "Now I am going to fuck you hard. I'm going to give it to you really hard!"

He started thrusting into her as hard as he could. She felt like her pussy was being ripped apart by his fat cock. She didn't think she'd ever felt cock so deep inside her before. Already she could feel the quick ripples of pleasure going through her body.

"Fuck me good," she whispered. "I love that. Give it to me good!"

His hands slipped underneath her and he grabbed her asscheeks. Todd gripped her asscheeks hard and his fingers started playing with her hot asshole. He pushed one finger up inside her asshole and started moving his finger in and out of her asshole with the same rhythm he was using to fuck her pussy.

"So good," she moaned. "That feels so fucking good!"

There was a hot fire in her belly that was fast getting out of control. She kept lifting her ass as high as the could and squeezing her cunt walls together. She could almost feel his prickhead getting thicker inside her.

"I'm going to come!" she screamed. "I'm going to fucking come! I'm fucking coming! I AM FUCKING COMING!"

The spasms of pleasure shot through her body again and again. She felt the wet juices leaking out of her pussy and soaking his cock. She heard his cock making wet sounds as he kept thrusting into her, his finger seemed to somehow get deeper inside her asshole.

"That's the way to fuck me, baby," she moaned. "That's what I love. Now shoot your hot cum in my pussy. I want to feel it in my pussy. Shoot it in me, baby!"

"I'm going to give it to you, cunt," he whispered. "I'm going to fill your cunt full of cum. I'm going to fucking flood your ass. You bitch! You hot-assed bitch!"

He kept screaming as he thrust his prick deep inside her pussy. She felt his cock getting bigger and suddenly his hot cum shot inside her. His cum felt thick and sticky as it leaked out of her pussy. It was like a soothing balm he kept squirting inside her cunt.

"Move your ass, baby," he groaned. "Take it all. Take every drop of my cum. Move your ass and take it all!"

"Damn," she moaned. "Oh, damn, I want it all. I want it!"

She kept squirming in pleasure and squeezing her cunt walls together until she got every drop of his cum out. Finally his prick slid out of her. She groaned as she felt him rub his prickhead against her cunt.

"Get up on your knees, baby," he said. "Suck me clean."

She got to her knees and obediently sucked his prick into her mouth and carefully sucked him clean. She let her tongue swirl all around his cockhead until he reluctantly pushed her away.

"That's enough, baby," he said. "I've got to get you out of here. I wouldn't want anyone to miss you and accuse me of messing around with babies."

"Babies don't have tits like these," she said, grinning.

Chapter FOUR

Sandra was stretched out on her bed in just her bra and panties. She was reading a dirty magazine that a boy had given her in school. It had just been a joke for him. He had no idea that Sandra would actually go home and read it. But Sandra was feeling good as she read the erotic words and looked at the few simple pictures. The pictures weren't very explicit but they were enough to excite her.

She hadn't realized she'd left the door open until she felt that there was someone in the room with her.

"What are you reading, honey?" her stepfather asked.

It was stupid to be embarrassed after all that had happened between them, but she tried to close the book without him seeing. Will was having none of that. He crossed the room quickly and he grabbed the magazine out of her hand. He started looking through it.

"Shit," Will said. "I thought you really had something. This is really tame stuff. Would you like to see some real porno?"

Sandra felt a tightness in her chest. She didn't like the thought of looking at dirty books with her stepfather because she knew what might happen. She almost knew that the thought of it was exciting her more than anything in her life. She wanted to look at those magazines.

"Do you have some?" she asked.

"I sure do, baby," her stepfather said.

Her stepfather took her hand and pulled her off the bed. She thought about protesting the fact that she wasn't wearing very much but then she thought that she didn't have much to hide from him. He had already seen everything.

"I've got them in my bedroom," he said.

She walked behind him into the big bedroom used by her mother and stepfather. She sat down on the bed while her stepfather pulled some scrapbooks out from under the bed.

"You're going to like these," he said. "Your mother really likes them. It makes her hotter than hell!" She nodded as her stepfather handed her one scrapbook. Suddenly she could feel her body trembling. She had thought that the magazine was pretty bad. There was no telling what her stepfather would have in this scrapbook.

She opened the scrapbook and immediately gasped. It was a picture of her mother. She had never even seen her mother naked before and now she was looking at a picture of her gorgeous redheaded mother sitting on the bed with her legs spread.

Almost every detail of her mother's pink pussy could easily be seen.

"You like that one, baby?" her stepfather asked. "I can see you do. Just keep turning the pages and you'll find some great shots!"

She turned the page and gasped again. It was another picture of her mother and this time the tiny redhead was down on her knees lustily licking at someone's cock. The man's face was out of the picture but it was obvious that it wasn't Will. Her mother had her eyes closed as she kissed the purple cockhead.

"I had that one done on our honeymoon. A good looking young kid in a bar started coming on to your mother. I made your mother take him basic and fuck while I bid in the closet and took pictures. Keep turning, pussy!"

She turned to the next page. This time the young man was very much in the picture. Gail had turned around on her hands and knees and the boy stood behind her with his fingers wrapped around his stiff cock. It was obvious that he was about to stuff his fat cock up her mother's fuck-hole.

Sandra kept turning the pages and her breath started coming in quick gasps as the pictures got more exciting. She saw her mother being fucked by the young man in every position that could be imagined. Her mother wasn't pretending. She was loving it and she looked like she was screaming for joy in some of the photos.

She finished the scrapbook and she could feel a tingly excitement going through her body. She had convinced herself that she wasn't going to get excited this time. This time she was going to convince Will that what had happened could never happen again.

"Take a look at the other scrapbook," win suggested.

The scrapbook with her mother had been bad but this was disgusting. It showed women getting fucked in every way and some of them were getting fucked by two men at a time.

Sandra told herself that this was sick and yet she felt that excitement crawling over her. Her stepfather put his hand on her knee and she loved it. She felt an itch go from her knee to her pussy. She didn't mind when his hand moved slowly up her thighs.

"Someday I'm going to take a few pictures of you," Will said. "Oh no. I couldn't allow that."

"Oh, I'll do it. Your mother said she wouldn't allow it either but now she'll do it anytime or anywhere. You're just like your mother, Sandra."

"I'm not," she protested.

But there was a part about her that she didn't understand. A part that was responding to this hotblooded man. She had the feeling she would get excited if he started taking her pictures. Maybe she was a little bit too much like her mother.

Will's hand moved higher up her knee and stroked her thighs. For a moment she kept her legs tightly together but it was just too much to bear. She couldn't do it anymore. She spread her legs and felt his hand stroking her pussy through her panties. Her panties weren't thick enough to keep out the hot sensations of his fingers.

Her thighs clamped together around his hand and she stated moaning, rubbing her ass back and forth across the bed.

She knew her pussy had already started dripping juice.

"You're not so hard to figure, baby. You're just a cunt waiting for it to happen. It doesn't take much to light your fuse."

She wouldn't tell him it wasn't true because it was. She was hot and his strong fingers seemed determined to make her hotter. She spread her legs a little wider and she loved the feeling of his finger sliding into the edge of her panties.

She jumped with pleasure as his finger found the entrance to her pussy. He slowly pushed his finger inside her and started moving it around. She wondered why it was that if a man just touched her pussy she couldn't control herself anymore. She squeezed her cunt walls together around his finger as he started working it in and out.

"That's the way," she moaned. "Oh shit, you sure do bow what you're fucking doing!"

His hand slid out of her panties and she protested. But he was already reaching behind her and undoing her bra. She lifted up so that he could pull it off. He sighed with pleasure as his hot eye moved over her tits.

"I'll never get enough of looking at those, baby," he said. "You are so fucking beautiful!" He slid his hands up her body and started gently rubbing her tits. She felt hot shivers all over her body when his fingers brushed against her hard nipples. She was already excited as he lowered his head and started licking her titties. His wet tongue moved from one swollen nipple to the other and her body vibrated in pleasure.

"Do that to me, Will, she moaned. Suck my tits. I like that so much!"

His tongue moved down her body to her belly button and then back up again. It seemed like she was trembling all over. She put her hands on his head as his tongue started moving down her body again.

His tongue licked at the top of her panties and she clamped her fingers down on his head. His tongue slipped into her panties and licked at her cunthairs. He took some of her cunthairs into his mouth and chewed on them.

"Let's take your panties off, baby," he said.

She was already lifting up as he pulled her panties down her long legs. His face went between her thighs and she thought that she loved this most of all. There was nothing like having a wet tongue in her pussy! And he really knew how to use his tongue, letting it thrust deep into her cunt and then move around in a delicious circle.

"Oh yes!" she cried. "Eat me, Will. That feels so fucking good. Will, baby, eat my pussy."

Will's tongue kept thrusting into her cunt. And then started sucking her clitty, clamping down hard on ft and sending more vibrations through her body.

She knew she was going to go out of her mind as Will's tongue somehow slipped deeper into her pussy while his hands moved under her ass. He gripped her ass hard, nearly lifting her off the bed as his tongue probed deep into her hot pussy. He moved his tongue around again and she knew she was dripping wet juice into his mouth. He didn't mind. In fact, she could hear him swallowing her juice.

"Oh shit, that feels good," she moaned.

His hands moved up her body and started caressing her tits. They were already hot and hard but his fingertips seemed to set them on fire. She pushed them against his hands and nearly passed out as he started rubbing her nipples again.

"Your tongue's in me so deep!" she cried. "Your fucking tongue is in my pussy so good!"

She had the feeling he was laughing at her because of the way she had lost control. She had always been so cool around him. Now she was acting like a whore but she couldn't help it.

"Oh fuck," she moaned softly. "I'm almost there, Will. I'm almost fucking there."

She thought he would stop eating her and put his cock inside her. Instead he seemed determined to make her come. His tongue thrust into her like a small cock. She couldn't believe how deep his tongue was getting into her pussy.

"Oh shit, I'm coming," she moaned savagely. "I'm going to fucking come. You know how good you make me feel, baby! You make me feel so fucking good!"

The hot flashes of fire went through her again and again. It was almost like she was having convulsions. She lifted her ass high off the bed. Her pussy juices started flooding his mouth and again she heard him swallowing.

"That's just what I needed, baby," Sandra moaned. "I've never felt anything so good."

He didn't take his mouth away until the last shudder had gone through her body. Only then did he lift his face from between her legs. He got off the bed and started stripping. She watched him and again she appreciated the muscular lines of his body and his big, throbbing cock.

"Me you going to fuck me?" she asked.

"Not this time," Will told her. "This time you're going to return the favor."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Sure you do baby. You're going to suck my fucking cock. You're going to suck it until I come in your pretty mouth!"

She felt her heart pounding fast. She had sucked a cock but she wasn't sure she could handle this. She wasn't sure she wanted a man's cum in her mouth and she was sure she would be sick. But one look at his face and she knew she couldn't refuse.

He got back onto the bed and took her hand and pressed it down against his hot cockflesh. She wrapped her fingers around it and felt how violently he was throbbing. She moved her fingers up to the ridge of his cock.

"I might not be any good at sucking your cock," she warned.

"Then you'll learn fast, baby," he told her.

He put his hands in her hair and pulled her lips down to his sweaty cockflesh. She was close enough to see the tiny eye dripping cum. She swallowed nervously. He had a strong cock odor but that wasn't enough to bother her. She actually liked the smell.

"Now lick it, baby. Lick it all over!"

She nodded as she bent her head closer. She let the pink tip of her tongue touch his cock and he shuddered. She started moving her tongue around his cockhead and she felt him shudder again. She felt his hands tighten in her hair as she opened her mouth wider.

"Suck it, baby. Lick aid suck my cock!"

She had his cockhead inside her mouth and she allowed it to run over her tongue and into the back of her throat. She could feel her heart pounding a little faster as she licked his salty tasting cockmeat. She spit his cock out and started licking down the thick underside. She licked all the way to his balls and made him shudder.

"That's the way, baby. Take one of my fucking balls in your mouth. Do it, bitch!"

She licked back up to the thick head of his cock and opened her mouth a little wider to take in the swollen head. She held it on her tongue for a moment before she sucked it into her throat.

"Yeah, bitch," he groaned. "I can't believe this is your first time. You must have been getting practice from somewhere."

She held her hair back with, one hand as she bobbed her head over his cock. She was taking his prick deep into her throat and she could feel his pulsating cockhead dripping cum with each movement.

"Play with my balls, baby."

She slipped her hands up between his thighs and started stroking his balls. They felt heavy with cum and she knew he'd soon be shooting that cum into her mouth. She knew he wanted to do it all the way and wouldn't have any pity on her.

She remembered how sick she used to get at those girls who told about doing something like this, actually giving a young boy a blowjob. She told herself she would never be that sick but here she was doing it and going further than any of the girls ever did. She wasn't going to spit it out. She was going to swallow it!

"Suck me good, baby," he groaned. "You sweet bitch. You really know how to suck a fucking good. Do a good job on my cock, baby! Do a good fucking job!"

She didn't hurry. She was starting to enjoy it and she didn't want it to be over with too soon. She let her teeth clamp around his prick as she drew her head back up. She nibbled at his cockhead each time she moved her head.

She knew he was getting to the point of no return because she felt the tension in his body. She squeezed his balls a little more and already felt her chin and lips getting sticky from his dripping cum.

"Show me how much you love me, baby," he moaned. "Swallow my cum. Swallow all of it!"

Will gripped her hair as tightly as he could. She felt his cock getting thicker inside her mouth, his fat cockhead deep inside her throat. She tasted the cum leaking down the back of her throat. She kept stroking his balls with her fingertips.

"I'm getting there, baby. I'm getting close. I'm going to shoot my cun in your fucking mouth!" She was no longer in control of the situation. He gripped her head and was fucking her mouth, driving his prick in and out of her mouth as if it were her cunt. She was careful to let her teeth scrape only gently on his bare cockflesh. Now and then she felt the ridge of his cockhead pulling at her lips.

"Oh fuck, baby," he yelled. "Oh fucking shit. I'm fucking there. I'm fucking there. Swallow it, baby. Swallow my fucking cum. Swallow every drop, you hot little bitch. SWALLOW IT!"

He held her tightly as his cum exploded into her mouth. She swallowed the first slimy wad but then she felt him coming again and again and she couldn't swallow it all. She moved her head back and let some of his cum leak out of the sides of her mouth and drip to her tits.

"Rub it on your tits, baby!" she heard him scream. "I want to see you rub my cum on your big tits!"

She dipped her fingers in his cum and rubbed it all over her swollen tits. She kept his cock lodged deep inside her mouth and sucked until his prick was limp. She felt him pull his prick out of her mouth with a soft plop. She wasn't surprised when he grabbed strands of her hair and carefully wiped his prick dry. She was being treated like some kind of whore and she liked it. It excited the hell out of her! She didn't know why, but she enjoyed being abused like this. She needed it -- just like her mother.

Chapter FIVE

Will was working the next Saturday when Sandra's mother came home early. Sandra noticed her mother seemed unhappy. She wondered if it anything to do with Will. Sandra followed her mother up the stairs and into the master bedroom. "Aren't you feeling well, Mother?" Sandra asked.

Gail had kicked off her shoes and had stretched out on the bed. Sandra noticed that her eyes looked a little teary. Her mother wasn't the type to get upset about little things and Sandra wondered what could be troubling her.

"I'm feeling all right," Gail said.

"But you look kind of unhappy this evening."

"I'm all right," Gail sighed.

There was a hard sound in Gail's voice that Sandra had never beard before. She was sure that there was something serious troubling her mother and she was also sure that her mother didn't want to talk about it. Sandra was wondering bow she could comfort her mother when the doorbell rang. Sandra was startled by the sound before she realized what it was.

"I'll get that," Sandra said quickly. "You just rest for a while."

Sandra wondered who it could be as she hurried down the stairs. Sometimes Will forgot his key but it was too early in the day for him to be home. She wondered if she could call Will and tell him about Gail. She really did look miserable.

Sandra opened the door without looking through the peep hole. She really didn't think about anything bad happening in the middle of a hot Saturday afternoon.

She was surprised when she found two men standing outside the door. They were both tall and well built and they were both grinning lewdly. She was immediately aware of the tiny bikini she had on. She'd been sunning herself in the back yard just before her mother had come home.

"Yes?" she asked.

"You must be Sandra," one of the men said.

"You look just like your mother except you're a hell of a lot taller."

"What do you want?"

"Your mother, baby," the man said. "We came to talk to your mother. We understand she came home early today."

Sandra didn't know but suddenly she didn't trust these two men. They looked wicked to her. She closed the door a little but one of the men had his foot against it.

"My mother won't be home for hours," she said.

"That's a lie, bitch," one man said. "We know your mother very well and she invited us over. My name's Glenn and this is Mike. We saw your mother leave the hospital."

"She's not feeling well," Sandra said. "She doesn't want to see anyone."

"We'll make her feel better," the other man laughed.

Again she tried to close the door but this time it was Mike who, moved suddenly and the door seemed to jerk from her grasp. She backed away as the two men crowded into the hallway.

"You get out of here," she threatened. "Get out of here or I'll call the police."

"Where's your mother?" Mike asked, ignoring her.

"I told you both to get out of here," she yelled. "Right now! I'm going to call the police."

Mike grabbed her by the arm and jerked her around to him. He pressed her against the wall with his body and she could smell liquor on his breath as his face moved close to hers.

"Now you cut out all the bullshit," Glenn said. "And tell us where your mother is. Or Mike might just get mad and break something."

"I wouldn't break anything of hers," Mike said, letting his fingertips stroke her soft shoulder. "I wouldn't dream of breaking anything this nice!"

There was something in Mike's eyes that frightened her and she pointed up the stairs.

"You're coming with us," Mike growled. He grabbed her arm roughly and twisted it up behind her. She walked ahead of them up the stairs and into her mother's bedroom. Gail had her eyes closed but she opened them quickly when she heard voices. She looked at them with shocked face.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "We thought you'd been avoiding us lately," Mike said sweetly. "So we thought we'd come to see you."

"You can't come into my house," Gail said angrily.

"We just did," said Mike. "Now are you going to be nice or do we have to take our fun with your daughter?"

"You fucking bastards," Gail shouted.

Sandra felt like screaming and kicking but she could do nothing. Mike put his arm on her shoulder and let his fingers slide down until he was I inches away from the front of her bathing suit. She saw her mother shrug her shoulders.

"You bastards," Gail said flatly. "All right. Don't do anything to her. I'll do what you want. I just send her away."

"Now we couldn't send her away," Glenn smiled. "She can just sit over there and watch."

"Please don't leave her here," Gail begged.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch," Glenn warned. "This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't avoided us."

Mike pushed Sandra over to one of the chairs and made her sit. Sandra could feel her heart beating quickly as she thought about what was going to happen. She didn't like it, but she was also excited about it. These men were going to fuck her mother!

"Now you strip," Glenn said. "Hurry up, baby. My cock's as hard as rock!"

Gail took one last look at Sandra and started undoing the buttons of the nurse's uniform. In a few moments she had stripped dawn to her bra and panties. Sandra could see the two men licking their fat lips.

"Everything, baby," Glenn said. "I've been dreaming about your little pink pussy ever since I had it last."

Mike was still standing near Sandra and he let his hand fall casually to her knee, squeezing it gently. Gail saw his hand and hurriedly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Sandra was surprised at herself as she compared her mother's tits with her own. Her mother's tits had a darker color but Sandra felt like her tits were bigger and juicier looking.

"Lay down on your back, bitch," Glenn ordered. "I want to see that pussy. Spread those legs and show me your cunt!"

"You really are a bastard," she hissed.

"I know it, baby."

Sandra could feel her own heart pounding wildly as she watched her mother stretch out on her back and spread her legs. She used her fingers to pull apart the pink lips of her pussy and Sandra swallowed nervously as she looked right up into her mother's cunt.

"Now play with yourself," Glenn demanded.

"Not in front of my daughter," Gail protested.

"I said play with your cunt, bitch," Glenn shouted.

There was something ugly in Glenn's voice and Gail realized she didn't have a choice. She moved her fingers down her body and started playing at her pussy hairs. Sandra could see a shiver going I through her mother's body as she played with her I cunthairs.

"That's not good enough," Glenn said. "Stick your fucking fingers in your pussy and play with I your cunt."

Gail actually blushed but she did as she was told. She put her fingers up inside her pussy and started jerking herself off with two fingers while the men laughed. She was pushing her fingers deep inside herself and they kept laughing. It was obvious that I Gail was starting to like what was happening to her. Her ass moved in a slow rhythm.

Sandra could feel herself getting excited as she watched her mother stroke her cunt. Two, of Gail's fingers started working in and out of her pussy and she shuddered as her fingers worked inside her.

"That's enough," Glenn said suddenly. "Now I'm going to have some of that sweet pussy. I can't get enough of your hot cunt!"

Mike kept stroking Sandra's knee but Sandra wasn't paying any attention. Her eyes were fixed on Glenn as he stripped down to his rigid prick. She licked her lips as she looked at his swollen cockpole. It looked bigger than any she'd seen. And he looked like he knew what to do with it.

Sandra looked back at her mother. Gail didn't look scared anymore. Instead, she was staring with a hungry fascination at Glenn's swollen cock, licking her lips and spreading her legs.

"The little bitch wants it," Glenn said. "She's practically drooling right now. I'm going to stuff her hot box full of cock."

"Oh yes," Gail moaned.

There was nothing shy or unhappy about Gail now. Maybe she didn't like the idea of fucking these two men, but it was obvious that she couldn't control the hungers of her body. She reached for Glenn as be dropped down on top of her. Her long arms wrapped around his body and she lifted her plump thighs for his cock.

"Put it in me," she whispered. "I want to be fucked so bad. Put your big cock in my pussy!"

Glenn stabbed her cunt with one hard thrust and stopped like that, his cock deep inside Gail's pussy. Sandra leaned forward in her chair. She had never seen anyone fuck before and she wanted to see it now. She felt like her heart was in her mouth as she watched.

"Fuck me," Gail moaned. "Fuck me hard. Give me your big, hot cock!"

Glenn did fuck her with hard, deep strokes and she sighed each time his cock was thrust home. Sandra could hear the sounds of his balls slapping her mother's plump asscheek.

Sandra closed her eyes and imagined how good her mother felt. Then she felt Mike's hand slipping higher on her thighs and she parted her legs. She wasn't surprised when his fingers started stroking her crotch.

"You like the show, baby!" Mike asked.

"Oh yes," she whispered.

"Shit," Mike said. "You're just like your mother. I bet your hot little pussy is already dripping with juice. I guess there's only one way to find that out for sure!"

Mike's fingers slid inside her bikini bottoms. She could not keep her eyes off the bed and she didn't have the energy to stop Mike. His hand cupped her pussy mound and his fingers tightened around her cuntlips.

"Oh shit," she moaned.

"Take off your bottoms, baby," he whispered. "I can get to your pussy better that way."

"I can't."

"Take them off, baby. Wouldn't you like to feel my fingers in your cimnt while you watch? Wouldn't you like that, baby?"

"Oh, damn," Sandra said.

She couldn't control herself. She was already sliding her bikini bottoms down her legs. She kicked them off and opened her legs wide to his fingers. But he didn't start right away. Instead, he reached behind her and unhooked her top. She didn't mind as he pulled her top away from her aching tits.

"Fucking beautiful," Mike gasped.

His fingers cupped her titties and she felt vibrations of pleasure going through her. Her mother must have been feeling it too because now her shapely ass came off the bed. She made little panting sounds as Glenn stabbed her cunt.

"You big bastard," Gail moaned. "You fucking bastard. You're going to make me come. You're going to make me fucking cum, you bastard. Oh fuuuuuck you!"

Her mother was going crazy. She twisted all over the bed as the wild shivers of pleasure went through her. She lifted her ass and pushed her small titties at Glenn. Glenn kept stabbing his stiff prick deep into her pussy.

"You don't know what you're doing to me!" she screamed. "Oh shit, you don't know what you're doing to me. You're making me so fucking crazy with your big cock. How can I ever face my husband again?"

"Don't you worry about your husband," Glenn said. "You just keep shaking that sweet little ass like you're doing!"

Sandra could see the wild shivers going through Glenn's body and she knew it wouldn't be long before Glenn came. Mike had moved his hands back up between her legs and had started playing with her cunthole again. Sandra was already moving her ass in response to his hot fingers.

"You fucking bitch," Glenn groaned. "You fucking bitch. I'm going to shoot my wad in your cunt. I'm going to shoot my fucking wad, you bitch. YOU BITCH!"

Glenn stabbed deep into her pussy and his cum started spurting. He pulled his cock out suddenly and his cum seemed to spurt in an arc and come down on Gail's trembling body.

"Rub it all over you," Glenn shouted. "Rub my cum on you, bitch!"

Gail put her fingers in the sticky mess and rubbed it over her belly and up over her tits. Sandra didn't understand how something could look so exciting to her. She watched as Gail moved her fingers down to her pussy. Sandra could see little drops of pearly-white cum clinging to the pussy hair.

Gail seemed to look and see Sandra with Mike for the first time. She shook with anger.

"You bastards," she screamed. "You promised you wouldn't hurt her. Aren't I good enough for you? Do you have to go fucking around with a little girl?"

"Don't worry about it," Glenn said. "It looks like she's going to enjoy it. She's already glassy eyed just thinking about my cock. Why don't you just let her have her fun?"

Gail screamed and tried to jump out of bed. Glenn knocked her back with a casual swipe of his arm. Glenn was so strong that Gail didn't attempt to get back up.

"Come on, baby," Mike said, as he unzipped his trousers. "Let's show your mother that you're not a novice at this. Go ahead and take my cock out and suck it for a while!"

"You bastards," Gail hissed again.

But Sandra wasn't thinking about cock anymore. The only thing she could think about was getting fucked. She reached down and grabbed Mike's big cock. She wrapped her fingers around his prick as she went down on her knees in front of him. She could hear her mother's startled gasp as she took Mike's cock into her mouth. She started moving her head back and forth and letting her teeth slide against his cockflesh.

"That's not the first time you've ever sucked cock," Gail said.

"Shit no," Glenn said. "The bitch likes it!"

Sandra moved her head faster. She could feel her pussy really getting wet from sucking his cock and she could all ready taste same of his cum.

"Oh shit, baby," Mike groaned. "That's enough. Now turn around on your hands and knees. Let me stick it up your pussy from behind!"

Willingly, she turned around. His prick rubbed across her inner thighs and touched her wet cunt. He moved forward a little and she felt his cackhead just inside her. His throbbing cockhead felt so good! She moved back against him and took his stiff prick all the way inside her pussy.

"She's no virgin," Mike groaned. "She's tight as fucking hell but she's no fucking virgin!"

Mike reached around and, grabbed her hanging tits. He held onto them tightly as he started thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy from behind. Sandra loved it and she groaned with pleasure each time his fat balls slapped her.

"Just like her fucking mother," Glenn laughed. "She loves getting fucked just like her mother!"

There was no sense in trying to deny it. She did love it. Her entire body shook with pleasure as his big cock slammed inside her. He had to hold onto her big tits to keep her from shaking his prick out of her.

"Fuck me hard," she moaned. "I'm hot already. Fuck me good and hard. Stick it to me, baby!"

"You little bitch," Mike moaned. "Shit, you love it."

Mike fucked her as hard as she wanted. He acted like he was trying to ram his big cock all the way through her. His wet cum was already dripping inside her. She knew she was looking lewd to her mother and Glenn but she couldn't help herself.

"It feels so good!" Sandra cried. "It feels so fucking good. I've never been fucked so good before."

His fingers tried to twist her titties off, constantly running across her swollen nipples. She felt her body shake each time his prick rammed into her.

"I'm coming!" she screamed. "I'm going to fucking come. It feels so fucking good. I'm burning up. I'm fucking burning up. I am fucking going to come!"

Her ass shook with pleasure as his cock drove deep inside her. His heavy balls slapped her again and again and she tried to grasp his prick as it slipped into her. She couldh't and she felt him slamming into her harder again.

"It feels good when you fuck me like that," she moaned. "It feels so fucking good."

He kept fucking his cock into her and his prick was already leaking cum. She felt like he was slamming deep into her belly, deeper than she had ever felt before. She moved her ass back against him. His fat cock filled her completely and she felt him leaking a little more.

"Come in me!" she screamed. "Conic in me, please. Shoot your cumin my cunt!"

"I'm going to fill your cunt, bitch," he groaned. "I'm going to fill your fucking cunt!"

He slammed into her again and his stiff cock shot cum deep into her cunt. She felt him shaking again and again as he shot his wad inside her. He gave an exhausted groan and he let his prickhead slip out of her.

"Mother and daughter are fucking fantastic," Glenn said with a satisfied smile.

"You got it," Mike agreed.

Chapter SIX

"Are you all right, Mother?" Sandra asked. Gail was stretched out on her bed sobbing. She hadn't bothered to put her clothes back on and neither had Sandra. Sandra could still feel the wet, sticky cum inside her pussy. She knew that her mother was feeling it too.

"It's all my fault," Gail cried. "I should never have let this happen. It's terrible. I can't just keep my panties up and every man seems to know it."

"It's all right," Sandra said softly.

"No, it's not all right. Look at what I've done. My own daughter, my innocent daughter, has been brutally fucked and it's all my fault. Everything's my fault."

"Don't worry about it."

"I can't help but worry."

"I'm not so innocent. I've never been as innocent as you seem to think."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I wasn't a virgin."

Her mother looked at her like she didn't quite believe her. For a few moments Sandra was tempted to blurt out everything that had happened, but she held her tongue. She didn't think her mother was ready for the fact that her stepfather had fucked her.

Sandra looked at her mother closely. She had seen her being fucked but she had been busy herself and she hadn't really had very much time to study the lush quality of her mother's good looks. Her mother was built as well as Sandra, even though she was a little smaller. Her tits were almost as big and they were very darn shapely.

"Stop crying," she told her mother. "It's going to be all right. There's no problem with my getting fucked. I enjoyed it, Mother. I really did."

She was bent over her mother and had, the impulse to kiss her mother on the cheek. She didn't know how it happened but she suddenly felt her own mother's soft lips pressing against her own. They could have broken the kiss quickly but somehow the kiss lingered. Sandra felt a little breathless when she finally drew away.

"Ummmmm," her mother sighed. "That was kind of nice."

It felt so good that Sandra bent her head and kissed her mother's hot lips again and this time their tongues met in a long caress. She drew her head back and then they both heard the soft cough at the door.

They jumped apart quickly. Will was standing in the doorway! They both blushed and Sandra knew that what they had been doing looked kind of funny.

"How long have you been standing there?" Sandra asked.

"Long enough," Will answered. "You two look pretty good together."

Gail was frantically trying to cover her daughter's naked body. Sandra kept pushing the blanket away. It was time that her mother understood the truth. After all, Will had already seen them together.

"Don't try to cover her up," Will said. "I've seen everything she has plenty of times."

"You've seen her?"

Gail looked from her daughter to her husband and she started to understand. She looked pale for a moment but then she laughed. "I guess I should have known. You always did like redheads with big tits. That's how you got me. I guess I should have known that it wouldn't be long before you got into my daughter's panties."

Will walked over to the bed and grinned lewdly as he sat down beside them. He put his hand on Gail's knee and squeezed gently. Then he leaned over and kissed Sandra en the mouth. Gail looked like she was going to protest but only for a moment. She simply shrugged her shoulders and moved closer to them.

"You two kiss some more," Will said. "I enjoyed watching you. Go ahead and kiss!"

"It's not right," Gail protested.

"Do it!" Will commanded.

This time Gail didn't refuse. She leaned over and kissed Sandra on the mouth. Sandra enjoyed it even more than she had the first time. Knowing that her stepfather was watching seemed to excite her even more. Sandra didn't keep her mouth closed tightly when she felt her mother's probing tongue. She opened her mouth wide and tasted the hot tongue deep inside her mouth. She could feel a few wild vibrations going through her body.

"Yeah," Will said! "That looks good. You two seemed to enjoy that. Why don't you play with each other's titties? It makes me hard watching you two."

It made Sandra a little nervous to think about playing with Gail's titties, but there was already something hot burning inside her. She wasn't sure what it was. It wasn't like being with a man. There was something different about kissing a woman, but it was also something very exciting.

Sandra pushed her tongue into her mother's mouth again and again. And it was Sandra who got the nerve to move her fingers gently up her mother's side and touched the slope of one of her mother's firm tits.

"Oh, Sandra," Gail moaned.

Sandra's hand cupped Gail's titty and she brushed her fingers lightly across the rigid nipples. She pinched them gently and then started to squeeze the titty-flesh. Gail moaned and pushed her titty against Sandra's fingers.

"Play with your daughter," Will urged. "Shit, this looks better than a porno movie."

Gail did as she was told, moving her fingers up to caress Sandra's titties. Sandra had never felt such electricity in fingers before. Her titties were getting hot and achy and her nipples felt like hard rocks.

She didn't know why she did it but it just seemed like the thing to do. She moved her head down to touch her lips to her mother's luscious titties. She could feel her mother squirming with desire as her lips pulled at the hot nipple. Spndra opened her mouth a little wider and her mother's titty-flesh tasted fresh and clean.

Sandra rubbed her tongue across the rigid nipple and then she opened her mouth wider and sucked hard at the creamy titty. She bit down gently on the swollen nipple. She pulled her head back and brushed her tongue across the nipple.

"That's the way, damn it!" Will cheered. "Suck her titty. Suck her fucking titty!"

Sandra moved her head from one side to the other, her mouth sucking gently and her teeth biting down. Her mother was really squirming with pleasure. She felt her mother's hands in her hair, jerking her closer to her titty-flesh.

"That feels so good," Gail moaned. "That feels so fucking good. It's not right but suck me, baby. Suck my titties!"

In a few moments Sandra had those luscious titties covered with her saliva. Sandra was enjoying herself! She was enjoying the sense of power she was getting from sucking her mother's tits. Her mother seemed to be going crazy at the hot pressure of her lips.

"Kiss me harder, baby," Gail moaned. "Bite me!"

Sandra's mouth grew rough. Her teeth bit at the creamy titty-flesh. She seemed to be trying to suck all of her mother's titty into her mouth. She was aware of what her stepfather was doing. He had stood up and he was slowly undressing himself. She turned her head so that she could see the strong lines of his body. She never got tired of looking at him.

"Oh shit, Will," Gail said. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to join you two hot, little pieces," he answered. "I've always wanted the chance to be with two redheads at once."

In a few seconds he was naked and his swollen cock stood up as rigid as she'd ever seen one. He moved closer to the bed and Gail reached out for it. Her fingers closed around Will's stiff cock the same moment that Sandra started sucking on her mother's tits again.

Sandra used her tongue and lips on her mother's titty. She didn't know why, but she wanted her mother to enjoy it in a way that she had never enjoyed anything before. She kept trying to suck all of the creamy titties into her mouth.

Gail's fingers ran through Sandra's hair and down her back. Sandra moaned when Gail's fingers slipped around and started caressing her swollen titties, pinching the nipples.

"Oh, baby," Gail moaned. "Let me suck you for a while!"

Sandra agreed immediately. She stretched out on her back and her mother quickly bent her head over her. Gail's tongue felt hot and exciting as she ran it lightly over Sandra's titty.

Gail looked beautiful as she bent over Sandra's body. Will was enjoying the scene and he moved closer so that his stiff cock could rub against their bodies. He was dripping and Sandra could feel his hot cum against her skin.

"I've never seen anything like you two," Will moaned softly. "You two look so damn good!"

Will started fondling their bodies even as Gail sucked harder on Sandra's titties. Sandra wasn't surprised when Gail's pink tongue started down her body. She gasped with pleasure as Gail's tongue brushed across her nipple and she arched her back and tried to push in one of her hot titty into Gail's mouth.

Gail stopped sucking titty and went lower. Her pink tongue trailed across Sandra's trembling belly. Her tongue brushed at the furry cunthairs then her mouth opened and Sandra could feel her lips pulling at her pussy. It almost felt like Gail was trying to suck Sandra's pussy up into her mouth!

"Oh, shit yes!" Sandra cried. "Oh, yes, do that to me. That feels so fucking good. Do that to me!" Sweet fire was shooting through her as Gail's tongue finally thrust between the lips of Sandra's cunt. Gail moved her tongue around as if she wanted to explore all of the insides of her daughter's pink cunt. Sandra could feel her pussy dripping juice to Gail's mouth as she felt Will's hand moving over her titties, making them even hotter.

"Oh yeah," Will groaned. "Eat her pussy. Eat her up good!"

Gail's hands slipped beneath Sandra's pretty ass. She lifted her off the ground and her tongue seemed to slide deeper into Sandra's pussy. Sandra had never felt anything so deep before. Gail was no novice at sucking pussy. It was easy to see that her mother had had experience.

Gail's tongue moved around until it found Sandra's clitty. Gail sucked the hard bud between her teeth and began to chew on it. Sandra felt like screaming but she couldn't do anything because Will's mouth was suddenly pressed down on hers and she felt his tongue thrusting deep into her mouth.

Gail released Sandra's clitty and sent her tongue deep into Sandra's pussy again. Sandra could hear her swallowing and she wondered if Gail was tasting cum from her earlier fuck. She wondered what Will would think if he knew. Knowing Will, it would probably have made him more excited.

Will moved his mouth down to her titties and started sucking as Gail was sucking her pussy. Sandra knew she couldn't last long this way. There were already sweet vibrations of pleasure going through her body. She was already lifting her ass up to meet Gail's tongue thrusts.

"EAT ME GOOD!" Sandra screamed. "Eat me fucking good! It feels so good. Eat me, baby!"

The ripples of pleasure started to grow in her body. She knew her pussy was getting juicier but Gail didn't seem to mind. She only swallowed more of Sandra's flowing juices. Sandra could feel the hot vibrations growing in her uqtil they were more than she could control. Her ass was lifting high off the bed as she slammed her pussy into Gail's face.

"Eat me, Mother!" she screamed. "Eat my pussy. Eat my cunt. Oh fuck, it feels so good. It feels so fucking good!"

Her body was rocked again and again by the quick vibrations of pleasure. Her pussy juices really flowed into her mother's mouth and her mother swallowed again and again.

Sandra shuddered one last time as the last pleasant ripple went through her. Her mother's lips kept sucking a few moments longer and then she raised her head.

"Oh shit!" Will was groaning. "That was the most exciting thing I've ever seen. My cock is hard as shit. I've never wanted to fuck so bad before."

Gail was shivering with pleasure as she raised her head. Sandra had been well satisfied but now she was excited by the thought of seeing her mother getting fucked again. She blinked her eyes at the sight of her stepfather's fat cock. It looked as big as she'd ever seen it!

"You know what I want, Gail?" Will asked.

"Do you have to do that? It makes me so uncomfortable."

"You like it after I get started. Now you just get up on your hands and knees, baby, and let me show your daughter some new tricks."

"You bastard," Gail said.

Gail still looked unhappy but she got up on her hands and knees and showed her beautifully shaped ass to her husband's hungry eyes. Sandra still couldn't understand what her stepfather was going to do. But she started to understand when win walked over to the bed and rubbed his cock up and down the crack of Gail's ass.

"I love it when I've got you like this, baby," he said. "I love it when I can stick it up your hot, little whole!"

Sandra gasped. She couldn't believe that her stepfather intended to do that! His cock looked as if it would tear her mother in half if he tried to put it up her tight asshole. He moved over to Sandra and took a handful of her thick hair.

"Stick it in your mouth, baby," he ordered. "Wet it with your spit so I can shove it up your mother's asshole."

"All right," she answered him.

She moved forward and started licking the swollen head of his cock. She opened her mouth slightly and took his thick cockhead inside. She let it slide all the way into the back of her throat. His thick cockknob pulsated against her throat. She closed her teeth around his prick as she pulled her head back. She could taste some of his salty cum on the back of her tongue.

"Wet it all over, baby," Will said! "Make it nice and wet because I'm going to fuck your mother's ass off with my cock!"

She started bobbing her head, each time sucking his thick prick a little deeper into her throat until she had covered his entire prick with her spit. Will slowly drew it out of her mouth. It dripped a little cum on her chin and she licked it away.

"Now you're going to get it up your hot ass," Will groaned.

Will stood behind Gail and pressed his swollen cockhead against the crack of her ass. Sandra watched her mother squirm as Will started pushing against her tiny asshole. Sandra was sure he'd never get his prick inside her asshole. It was just too little.

"Oh stilt, Will," Gail moaned. "Oh shit, you know that you're so damn big."

"You like it that way, baby," Will gasped.

Will pushed forward with all of his might and his swollen prick seemed to slide easily into her asshole. Will stood there a few moments with his cock lodged deep inside her asshole. Then he started pulling back and slamming back in to her again.

"You know I can make you love this, baby," he panted. "You know that I can make you love my big cock."

"You're a bastard, Will," she moaned.

Will only laughed as he began to push his cock in and out of her tight little ass. He reached around and played with her tits as he fucked her. Sandra could see her mother's body starting to respond. Gail was getting hotter as Will played with her. One of his hands moved down her body and he started to play with her pussy. Sandra could see his fingers sliding into her mother's cunt. Gail seemed to go crazy. Suddenly she was pushing back against him as hard as she could. Her head was shaking from side to side.

"You bastard," Gail moaned. "You fucking bastard!"

"I told you I could make you love it," Will said. "You know that I can always make you love it."

It was obvious that Will was making Gail love it now. He was practically driving, bet crazy. Sandra shivered as she wondered what it would be like to have Will's fat cock up her own asshole. She knew it would hurt but, she also knew that Will could make her love it just as much as he made her mother love it.

"Fuck me harder," Gail gasped. "You sweet bastard. Really give it to me!"

"You hot little bitch," Will moaned! "I'm going to fuck you to death. I'm going to fuck your ass raw."

He was slamming his prick into her as hard as he could and his balls slapped against her like gunshots. Will had an animal expression on his face as he fucked Sandra's mother. Sandra knew he wasn't concerned with anything except his animal lust. He wouldn't have cared if he'd been killing Gail at that moment.

"Oh shit!" Gail screamed. "I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come. Oh shit, it feels good. It feels so fucking good. Give it to me, baby! OH SHITIIIT!"

Gail kept screaming as the wicked vibrations made her body shudder. Finally she gave one last twitch and her body was still. But Will kept on driving his prick into her asshole as hard as he could. He moved one hand up from her cunt to start playing with her tits again.

"I'm going to shoot my wad!" Will screamed. "I'm getting ready to shoot my fucking wad! Get ready for it, baby. Get fucking ready for my cum! YOU HOT-ASSED BITCH!"

He drove his prick into her and it exploded deep inside her asshole. Sandra moved closer to the bed. She put her hand on her stepfather's ass. She slowly moved her fingers around to caress his big balls. He started moaning and he seemed to be trying to shoot more of his cum into her mother's ass.

"You sweet bitch," he groaned. "You sweet bitch. Both of you really know how to make me feel fucking good!"

Chapter SEVEN

Will and Gail had left early that morning for a day away from it all. Sandra had wanted to go but Gail had wanted to be alone with Will that day. Sandra stayed in bed until ten o'clock and woke up thinking about what Gail and Will would probably be doing at that very moment -- fucking. She started feeling horny as hell.

Summer vacation was almost over and Sandra had to admit that it had been one of the most interesting summers she'd ever spent. She wasn't looking forward to a dull school term. What she especially wasn't looking forward to was being away from Gail and Will. Her life had changed so much since they had both started letting her sleep with them.

"Damn them," Sandra said softly. "They should have let me go with them!"

Sandra got out of bed and took a cold shower. She felt refreshed afterward and decided to put on her skimpy black bikini and go into the back yard for some sun. She had forgotten about the pool man until she walked out the back door. David Tanner was a lean young man who did odd jobs while he was going through school. She had spoken to him a few times and he seemed like a very nice young man.

David was standing out near the pool with a long pole that he was pushing through the water. David had his shin off and she could see his hard muscles rippling with exertion.

She licked her suddenly dry lips. She had never really looked at David before, at least not like this. She felt like he was one of the most attractive men she'd ever seen.

She carried her towel and radio over to a corner of the yard. She felt his eyes on her as she straightened out her towel and stretched out on her back. She wasn't surprised when he walked over to her almost immediately. "It's a good thing you've got a high fence around this yard," he told her.


She propped herself up on her elbows and looked him over again. He was so damn good looking it almost took her breath away. She licked her lips again.

"It's a real good thing that you've got a high fence."

"You keep saying that."

"A lot of men would jump over this damn fence if they knew that there was someone like you waiting over here. That black bikini doesn't leave much to the imagination."

"It's a good thing that nobody could see me like this," she said.

"I can see you," he said.

She felt bolder than she had ever felt. There was something so very exciting about lying here in the hot sun and feeling a young stranger's eyes going all over her body.

"Aren't you supposed to be cleaning the pool?" she asked.

"I'm taking my break," he told her.

"How long does one of your breaks usually last?" she asked.

"Long enough," he answered.

He sat down beside her. She had known he was going to do it but now she could feel her heart pounding with new excitement. He put one arm around her and hugged her close.

"You're about the best looking thing I've seen in a long time," he told her.

He kissed her gently on the cheek. She felt the touch of his tongue moving around her cheek until he was licking her lips. He licked her like some kind of animal but she wasn't turned off by it. Her face turned toward him and their lips pressed together.

She had never been with anyone like David. Even her stepfather couldn't make her feel like this. David was closer to her own age but he had the confidence of a man much older. There was kind of an animal quality about him.

"This is crazy," she said. "My parents could come home."

"Your parents won't be home for hours yet," he said.

He pushed her back on the towel. For the first time she struggled against him. Things were happening too fast. She wasn't going to be treated like this, no matter how much she was attracted to this man.

But be was already kissing her mouth and driving his tongue deep into her throat. She tried to close her lips together but it was so exciting to have him Frenching her! She had been so damn horny to begin with.

She still tried, to push him away but his body was too strong. He pinned her easily and kept smashing his mouth against hers. She felt her struggles getting weaker and weaker until she was no longer struggling but clinging to him hungrily.

"That's better, baby," he told her. "I know what a hot bitch needs. I know what you need, baby."

His hard mouth moved down to the soft white of her throat. His teeth bit her hard enough to hurt but she didn't care. Her body churned with excitement as his mouth started moving down it. He kissed the top of her swollen titties. Her tits were almost spilling out of the cups of the small, black bra.

"You shouldn't be doing this," she panted. "You shouldn't."

"You're going to love it, baby," he said.

She couldn't fight anything he wanted to do to her. He reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and pulled it off to reveal her creamy titties.

"Big and beautiful, baby," he said. "That's what I like!"

He bent his head and his tongue slithered around one rigid nipple. Sandra gasped for breath. His hot mouth opened and he sucked at her tit gently.

More of her creamy titty went into his mouth. He clamped his teeth around her sensitive titty-flesh and pulled his head back. She gasped as his teeth pulled at her swollen nipple.

"Oh, that does feel good," she whispered. "There's nothing I like better than having my tits sucked on!"

"Well you're going to get sucked on this time, baby," he said.

His mouth opened wide and her titty slipped deep into his mouth. He sucked on her titty hard and his teeth kept nipping gently at her aching tittyflesh. His tongue brushed across her nipple as he pulled his head back.

David knew how to suck tit. His mouth was almost alive as it bit and sucked at her hot titty. His mouth had almost all of her titty inside and he was sucking for more.

"Oh shit, baby," she moaned. "You're making me crazy. You're making me so fucking crazy!"

He moved his hungry lips back and forth across her titties, biting at her tender titty-flesh, making her pussy ache with sweet desire. She could feel her pussy juices soaking her panties. She closed her legs together but that didn't help. She opened her legs and his knee pressed against her cunt.

He rubbed his knee back and forth against her pussy. She felt wet vibrations of pleasure rocking her body. She knew she wasn't acting like a decent girl as she raised her ass to push her cunt against his knee.

His hands moved underneath her to grab her luscious ass. He squeezed her hard and vibrations of pleasure went through her pussy. She lifted her ass a little higher. Her pussy juice had already soaked through her bathing suit bottoms.

"Let me take this off, baby," he whispered. "Let me slide your bathing suit down so I can feel your naked ass!"

"All right, baby," she moaned.

He pulled her bathing suit down to her knees and she kicked it off. His hard knee moved between her legs again and she felt it against her furry bush. Her pussy juices were leaking down her legs and wetting the insides of her thighs.

He slipped his hands beneath her again. He gripped her asscheeks hard and lifted her off the ground. His fingers played with her asscheek. She felt one finger probing at her tight asshole and she shivered as his finger drove into her asshole up to his knuckle.

"Feel my cock, baby," he told her. "It's fucking hard. Feel my fucking cock!"

She moved her hand down his side and she touched his cock. She stroked the long length of his prick and felt him shudder. David's prick felt thick and big and she had the feeling that he also knew how to use it very well.

"Take it out, baby. Take my cock out!"

Her fingers moved down and found his zipper. She tugged it down and slid her hand inside, discovering he wasn't wearing shorts. Her fingers moved up and down his swollen cock and she felt him shudder.

She closed her fingers around his thick cock and eased it out of his pants. She closed her fingers a little tighter around his prick and moved her hand up and down.

"Oh shit yeah, baby," he told her. "You sure know what a fucking cock is for, baby!"

Her finger slipped up his hot cock. She moved her fingers over the purplish cockhead and pushed against the tiny eye. Her finger got wet with cum and she smeared it all over the thick head. She moved her hand down the length of his cock again.

"It's so big!"

"You're damn right it is, baby."

David pulled away from her. She watched him peel his clothes off and her eyes widened at the first real sight of his thick cockhead and heavy balls. She had never seen a prick so big before.

"You like it, baby?"

"Oh shit yes!"

"I'm going to give it to you, bitch," David said.

"I'm going to ram every inch of my cock up your tight pussy. But first you've got to prove how much you love it!"

She had never felt as hot and horny as she did at that moment. She didn't even protest when he reached down and grabbed her by her hair.

"Suck me, bitch! Show me how much you like to suck a fat cock."

She got to her knees and felt his hand twisting in her hair as he jerked her face against his crotch. She hadn't even realized how much she really did want to suck his cock until that moment. She was hungry for it.

She opened her mouth and felt his cum-covered cock against her. She widened her lips slightly and felt his cock sliding over her silky tongue. She closed her teeth around his cock and held his prick firmly lodged for a moment. She felt hot excitement moving through her as she tasted his pulsating cock.

"Deeper, bitch. Suck it deeper!"

She wanted to suck it as deep as she could. She sucked on it gently and she almost gagged because his cock went so deep. But she kept from gagging and continued sucking lightly on his cock. Finally she felt his swollen cock at the back of her throat. It stretched her throat muscles but she couldn't pull her head back. She wanted to make him happy.

"Oh shit, baby," he panted. "You really know what you're doing. You really know how to suck cock. Your're a natural!"

He released the pressure on her head a little and she began to bob her head as fast as she could. She slid her fingers up his thighs and started playing with his hot balls. She was really driving him crazy. She knew how lewd she must have looked as he looked down at her. Her red lips surrounding his cock were dripping with cum and spit. She moved her lips up and down his prick slowly and she felt him tense his body each time.

"Damn!" he breathed. "I've never had a redhead suck my cock before. I've never felt a redhead's mouth but it feels as good as hell. I'd almost blow my wad in your mouth if I didn't want to feel your cunt so bad."

She didn't want him to stop. She bobbed her head faster and tried to get all of his cock into her throat. She wanted to taste and feel every drop. She used her tongue each time she moved her head.

"Damn, you bitch," he groaned. "Damn. Your mouth feels so fucking good!"

His hands moved to her titties and started squeezing them as hard as be could. It hurt a little but Sandra didn't try to move away. Instead she moved her head faster and could taste the thick drops of cum against her tongue.

She felt his cock growing inside her mouth as he put his hands in her hair and pulled her head away. She tried to keep his cock inside her mouth but she couldn't. He pushed her down on her back once again.

"I'm going to have some of that hot pushy, sweet baby. I'm going to fuck you crazy!"

He put his hand on her titties as he forced her to the ground. He pressed his lips against hers and started thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. His hands moved underneath her and grabbed her asscheek. He moved forward and she felt the touch of his cock against her inner thighs.

"Sweet bitch. Sweet bitch! I'm really going to shove my prick into you!"

He moved forward and his stiff cockhead rested against her pussy hole. She expected him to shove it into her right away but instead, he reached down and grasped his prick and started rubbing his cockhead up and down her pussy hole.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm going to make you beg for it, bitch. I'm going to make you really beg for it. Beg for my fucking cock."

"Just fuck me, you bastard," she moaned.

"Beg me, bitch. I want to hear how you beg me. I want to hear you begging me and calling yourself names!"

She knew what he was trying to do to her. He was trying to take away every bit of her self respect. She tried to fight the boiling passion in her body but she knew she couldn't. She moved her ass against him, letting her pussy try to suck his fat cock inside her.

"Put it in me," she moaned, willing to beg or do anything to get his hot cock. "I want your cock, baby. I need your cock so bad. I'm so fucking horny. Please give me your cock!"

"I'm going to give you just what you need, cunt," David said.

David gave no warning as he suddenly rammed his big cock brutally between her legs. His swollen prick went all the way inside her and she gasped for breath. It felt like his prick was inside her stomach. He left it there far a few moments as he gave her time to get used to the size of his prick.

"Have you ever felt one so big, bitch?"

"Oh no," she answered. "Your cock is the biggest one I've ever felt."

He laughed at her and finally began to fuck her. His thrusts were short and brutal. She had never been fucked so hard before. She felt like his balls were going to leave bruises on her.

She lifted her long legs and wrapped them around his back. She tightened her legs around him as she moved her ass back and forth along the bed, taking his prick a little deeper inside her with each hard thrust.

"Oh shit yeah," he groaned. "Now I'm really going to fuck you hard. Now I'm going to slam it into you."

She didn't see how he could fuck her any harder. His prick was ramming into her so brutally that she thought she was about to be torn apart. She felt him fucking her a little quicker and some of his cum leaking inside her.

"I'm going to come!" she screamed. "I'm going to fucking come. I'm fucking coming! Oh shit, I'm coming. I'm going to fucking come! I'm FUCKING COMING!"

Her ass shook from side to side as the sweet explosions of pleasure went through her. She felt her hot juices pouring out on his cock as he thrust harder and harder. His big cock started to leak a little. She tightened her legs around him even more and moved her ass a little faster. The last sweet spasm of pleasure went through her and she almost relaxed.

"Don't stop moving your ass, baby," he warned. "Don't stop moving. I want to feel your cunt tighten around me!"

She moved her ass as wildly as she could. She lifted her back and rubbed her titties against his massive chest. She felt another hot tingle going down her spine. She could feel him trying to drive his cock deep into her.

"Oh shit, baby," he groaned. "Oh shit, I'm going to fucking come. I'm going to fucking shoot my wad. You're going to get it, baby. You're going to fucking get it this time! OH FUUUUCK!"

David drove his prick deep inside her and his cum squirted up into her wet pussy. It felt like he had a gallon of cum and her pussy felt sticky with it. She felt his cum leaking out of the corners of her pussy and wetting her thighs. She moved her ass as she tried to coax every drop of cum out of his cock.

Finally, David's body shuddered one last time and he fell on top of her. She could have fucked him forever but she knew it was getting late and he was going to have to get back to cleaning the pool.

"Damn," she said quietly. "It seems like I never get enough."

Chapter EIGHT

Sandra didn't know how long she'd been sleeping but she felt hot and achy when she woke up. She found that she was lying on her back with her fingers touching the inner part of one thigh. Her panties felt a little damp.

Sandra got out of bed, slipped off her clothes and into the shower. She showered for what seemed like hours but she still felt edgy as she dried herself off. She knew what was wrong with her. It had been a week since she had been fucked. She didn't know why it seemed like lately she couldn't go an hour without needing to be fucked.

She ran her hands up to her swollen titties. Her fingers brushed against her hard and achy nipples and she felt a sigh of pleasure going through her. She wished she had a cock right then. She needed a firm prick going up between her legs and shooting a fiery wad of cum into her.

"Oh shit," she moaned. "I don't know what's wrong with me but I've got to do something about it."

She dressed slowly but she didn't put on very much. She went to her bedroom and stretched out on her back. Her fingers stroked her hot body but it didn't help. She thought about her stepfather. She knew he would be downstairs but lately he hadn't been looking at her like he should. It was almost like he wasn't interested in her anymore.

She knew that this was one of the nights Gail had to work so she knew she and Will would be left alone. She wasn't shocked at how much she had changed since Will had first fucked her. She no longer gave Will any trouble when he wanted to take her panties off. The trouble was he didn't want to take them off often enough.

Wearing an almost transparent gown, she walked into the living room downstairs. Will sat on the couch drinking a beer, watching television.

"How do you feel this evening?" she asked.

"I'm feeling pretty good, baby," he answered.

"Would you like me to get you another beer?"

"Yeah, baby," he replied. "That would be nice!"

He barely glanced at her and that hurt. It seemed like he just wasn't interested in her body anymore. It wasn't fair! He had taught her to love cock and now he seemed to be cutting her off cold turkey. She needed the bastard's cock. She was just as hot for his big prick as she'd always been.

She brought him his beer and snuggled close to him on the couch. He put his hand on her knee as she gave him his beer. He sipped his beer but he was watching television. He didn't seem interested in her.

"Aren't you feeling sexy tonight?" she asked him.

"Not really," he answered.

She slipped her hand up his leg and to the inside of his thigh. She brushed her fingers across his half-hard prick. He pushed her hand away. She couldn't believe this was happening. She was being treated as if she didn't exist.

"I'm feeling hot and ready," she said.

"Come on, baby. I'm watching this program." She kept rubbing herself against him. She didn't know what was making her act this way except that she had to have his cock and she had to have it right away. She didn't want to wait. She slipped her hand up the insides of his thighs and rubbed across his cock again.

"Damn it, bitch!"

Will jumped up and practically knocked her off the couch. He spilled his beer a little but he didn't seem to care. He put his hand on her shoulder and she felt his fingers gripping her tightly.

"I told you what I want to watch the television program but you wouldn't let me. Well, if you want to get fucked so bad, bitch, I think I can arrange it."

Will was already taking his clothes off and Sandra beamed with smug satisfaction. He might be rough with her but at least she was going to get what she wanted.

"Strip off that fucking gown," he told her. She reached up and peeled the gown off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. She wasn't ready for the violent way he suddenly grabbed her and forced her down into the floor. He pushed her face against the carpet so that her ass was high in the air. She felt him kneeling behind her and pressing his stiff cock against her puckered asshole.

"Oh no," she asked, trembling. "What are you going to do?"

"You want it bad, baby," he said. "And I'm going to give it to you just like I give it to your mother sometimes."

"Oh no," she pleaded again.

But this time her stepfather wasn't playing around. He reached around and grabbed her titties as he pressed his stiff prick harder against her hot asshole. She struggled but she couldn't get away from him. She screamed in pain as his cockhead popped into the tight hole of her ass.

"This is where a fuck-bitch like you should get it now and then," Will said. "It'll teach you fucking manners!"

Will pushed hard as she screamed again as she felt his stiff prick ripping up into her asshole. He was only half way inside her asshole but she already felt as if her entire body was being ripped apart. He held onto her tits tightly, giving one last shove. His prick went all the way into her asshole up to his heavy balls.

"You bastard!" she screamed. "Oh shit, that hurts, you bastard. That hurts so fucking bad!"

"You deserve it, bitch," he growled.

He didn't start fucking her hard right away. Instead, he waited a little so that she would have time to get used to his stiff cock inside her ass. It took her a long time to relax. Finally, she felt him moving his cock inside her again.

He was fucking her asshole slowly and gently and she felt the hard slap of his balls against her asscheeks. His fingers relaxed the grip on her titties and he started pushing his fingers back and forth across her nipples. She shuddered.

"Just relax, baby," he told her. "You're going to love taking a big cock in the ass before I'm done with you!"

He kept one hand rubbing on her nipples while his other hand moved down her body. She felt his fingers rubbing against the outside of her pussy lips. She gasped as one finger slid up into her cunt.

"Oh damn," she panted. "You are making me like it!"

He moved his finger in and out of her cunt for a few seconds until her cunt started getting wet with juice. It seemed like his cock went deeper inside her, somehow.

He pushed another finger up into her cunt and moved both fingers all around the inside of her. She felt the same quick shudders going through her as she felt him fucking her a little harder. She didn't mind the heavy pressure of his balls against her asscheeks so much anymore. She knew she was starting to like it.

"Just like your mother, bitch," Will said. "You're just fucking like your mother. You're starting to like a bat prick up your asshole!"

"You bastard," she said softly.

But she didn't sound angry anymore. Instead, she pushed her ass back against his swollen cock. She groaned softly when another finger slipped up into her cunt. Then he started thrusting them into her like he was fucking her with them. She could feel her juices coating his fingers and making them slimy. He only pushed his fingers deeper.

"You're fucking me with your fingers," she moaned. "Oh shit, you're giving it to me with your fingers!"

He started working his fingers in and out of her pussy with the same rhythm he was using to fuck her asshole. It was almost like having two cocks at once! She licked her lips as the hot flood built up inside her.

She groaned as his fingers rubbed her clitty. His cock grew bigger inside her asshole as he started ramming her harder. He made her crazy with his stiff cock. She knew he was making her feel like a whore but she didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered but his big cock.

"You don't know what you do to me with that big thing," she moaned softly. "Your cock makes me feel so good!"

"You hot-assed bitch," he groaned. "You fucking hot-assed bitch."

He started giving it to her harder. He gave it to her like she'd never had it before. His balls slapped her hard enough to cause bruises and his prick seemed to be making mush out of her insides. He pressed his fingers against the rim of her pussy while he kept them inside her and her body started to tremble.

"Oh shit!" she cried. "I think I'm going to come. I think I'm going to fucking come. Oh fuck, your cock feels so good. Give it to me hard, baby! GIVE IT TO ME HARD!"

Her body shook with hot pleasure and her juices flooded his thrusting fingers. She couldn't seem to get enough of his cock inside her as she pushed back against him. She felt her body shudder a few times and then she almost passed out. Finally, the last wave of pleasure washed over her and she felt completely drained.

She expected her stepfather to shoot his wad in her ass. Instead he took his prick out of her and seemed to fall backwards on the floor.

"Don't you want to come?" she whispered.

"I sure do, baby," he told her. "You run up to your bathroom and get a rag and soap and all the trimmings. Come on down here and wash me up good, baby, because I'm going to blow a load in your mouth."

"In my mouth?"

"That's right, sweetie. You're going to swallow every fucking drop of your stepfather's cum."

She nodded her head and hurried up the stairs. She came back with a wet washrag and plenty of soap and water in a basin. She kneeled down and lovingly washed his prick clean and then tenderly dried it off. She even dusted it with a little powder and then sat back to admire it.

She didn't know what had happened to her but she was beginning to love cock. She didn't care who had the cock, as long as it was nice and thick and the swollen head leaked cum. She knew she had passed over some kind of mark by taking a cock in her ass. She was no longer a nice girl and she knew she could never consider herself that again. She found herself trembling with hungry excitement as she stared at his cock.

He put his hands behind bet head and tugged her face down to his cock. "Come on, sugar. You've sucked cock before. Take it in your mouth and suck me until I come."

She could smell his strong male odor as her face dropped down to his prick. She pressed her lips against the massive cockhead and tasted cum. Her lips moved all around his cockhead before she opened her mouth and captured his cockhead. She slowly sucked his prick until half of it was in her mouth.

"That's the way," he groaned. "That's the way to treat your stepfather. Suck on it hard!"

She opend her mouth wider and sucked his swollen cock deeper into her mouth. She held his cockhead on her tongue for a few moments and then closed her teeth around it. She pulled her head back until her lips pulled at his thick prickhead.

"Chew on it, bitch!" he yelled. "Oh shit, that's what I like. Chew on the fucking thing!"

She felt his hands on her hair, pulling it back from her face so he could watch her suck him. His eyes filled with hunger as he saw her sweet lips riding up and down on his big cock.

"You sure enough can suck good cock, baby," he groaned. "I've never had my cock sucked so good!"

Her fingers moved up to the inside of his thighs and she began stroking his heavy balls. She could feel him driving his prick a little deeper into her mouth. She almost choked on his thick cock a couple of times but somehow managed to keep breathing around it. She could feel his thick cum dripping down the back of her throat as she bobbed her head. Her fingers kept caressing his heavy balls.

"I'm going to blow my wad in your mouth, bitch," he told her. "I'm going to blow my fucking wad in your mouth!"

Will had a good hold on the back of her head and he kept cramming his fat cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She kept swallowing as his cum dripped down her throat.

"Here it comes, bitch," he groaned. "Here it fucking comes! Get fucking ready for my load! You bitch! YOU HOT LITTLE BITCH!"

He fucked his prick deep into her mouth and his cock seemed to shudder. She felt the gobs of his cum exploding against the roof of her mouth again and again. She swallowed the salty cum as fast as she could but it still wasn't fast enough. His thick cum dripped out of the sides of her mouth and wet her chin. She kept bobbing her head and sucking until she had swallowed it all.

She finally felt him shudder one last time and she tasted the rest of his cum in her mouth. She pulled her head back and looked at his still hard prick. She put her mouth against the salty tip and began licking the rest of his thick cum off. In a few moments she had his softening prick clean and wet with her spit.

"You really know how to give a blowjob, baby," he told her. "You are something fucking else. I don't think I've ever had my cock sucked that good before."

Sandra felt her heart pounding with excitement as she looked up at him. She knew she had a satisfied smile on her face. She was turning into some kind of whore! Perhaps it was true that her mother was a nymphomaniac. If that was true then it was probably true that she was turning into the same kind of whore her mother was. Neither of them could seem to get enough cock.

Chapter NINE

Will drank so much beer that evening that he passed out on the couch and it was left up to Sandra to pick her mother up at the hospital. Gail wasn't waiting for her outside as she usually did so Sandra parked the car in the visitors' parking lot and went to find her.

"Have you seen my mother?" Sandra asked one of the attractive dark-headed nurses at her mother's station.

"She said that she was going to see Dr. Mitchell a little while ago," the nurse answered.

Sandra thanked her and went back to the elevator. She thought she heard some of the nurses giggling as she walked away and she wondered why. There was nothing funny about her mother going to see the chief administrator of the hospital. Her mother often went to see Frank Mitchell about things.

She rode up to the top floor in the elevator. There were only two offices on the top floor and Frank Mitchell's was the biggest one. The other office was already closed up for the evening. Sandra heard voices as soon as she started walking down the hallway. The door to Frank's office was half open and Sandra stopped before opening it.

"Rut I still don't understand, Dr. Mitchell," Gail was sayings. "Haven't I been doing a good job?"

"Of course you have," Frank Mitchell said.

"Then why are you talking about letting me go? A good nurse is hard to find today. I could get a good job somewhere else, but I like this hospital."

"I know you do."

"Then why?"

"It's because of your reputation."

"My reputation? I don't understand that."

"Don't you know what your reputation is, Gail? Don't you know what is being said about you?"


"Everyone in this hospital says that you'll pull your uniform up for any man who asks. They say you've got hot panties, Gail. That you've been fucking while you were supposedly on duty."

"Oh no," Gail said softly.

Sandra didn't open the door. She moved closer so that she could see what was going on inside the office. Gail sat on the couch while Frank sat behind his desk. Frank was an attractive man in his late thirties. He was the kind of man who gave a young girl like Sandra tingles just looking at him.

"You know what really hurts me?" Frank said.


"You didn't come up here and offer me any of that," he said. "All the men in the hospital were getting it and you wouldn't offer me any."

"I could give you anything you wanted right now," Gail said.

"That's an idea," Frank said. "Maybe you could show me what you've got to offer and we could make some kind of deal."

Sandra knew that this was what Frank Mitchell had been after all along. Her mother was giving away pussy and he wanted some of it. He just wanted a piece of Gail's ass. All that talk about firing her was just a bunch of bull.

Gail stood up and unbuttoned the few buttons on her nurse's uniform. She skimmed out of it and stood there in only bra and panties. Frank licked his lips. At that moment Sandra pushed opened the door and stepped into the room.

"Oh shit," Frank said.

"Don't worry about me," Sandra said. "I thought I'd join the party."

"What do you mean?"

Sandra took hold of the bottom of her sweater and peeled it over her head. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her big tits stood out proudly and she heard him gasp.

"Mother and daughter," he said finally. "Shit, I love it!"

Sandra went over to her mother and unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor. She kissed her mother's mouth gently and made sure that Frank could see their big tits rubbing together. She released her mother and turned back to Frank again. She knew he was looking straight at her hard, pink nipples. She ran her hands up her body and underneath her already lust-swollen tits.

"Do you like them?" she asked.

"Oh, shit yeah!" he answered.

Her mother was sliding out of her panties and Sandra did the same. In a few moments they were both naked and Frank's hungry eyes went from one to the other.

"Shit," Frank said. "I've had dreams like this but I never thought I'd actually have it happen to me."

"Come on over to the touch," Sandra said.

Sandra watched him get up. She saw the hard bulge in his trouser and she licked her lips. He walked over to the couch and Sandra and Gail sat down on both sides of him. Sandra leaned over and kissed his mouth. She wasn't surprised when she felt his hands move up to caress her big tits.

"Nice," Frank said. "They're so fucking nice!" Frank pushed her back on the couch. His tongue slithered down her face to her cheek and then to her neck. His hands kept squeezing her hot titties and she put her hands in his hair.

"Go on down," she moaned. "Suck on my tits. I love it when a man sucks on my tits!"

"Oh, yeah, baby," he said.

His hot tongue moved down to her tits and his tongue slithered over one of her aching nipples. She gripped his head harder and she tried to pull his face tighter against her tits. His mouth opened and her creamy titty-flesh grew wet with his spit.

"Suck on them, baby," she moaned.

He opened his mouth wider and sucked her creamy titty-flesh into his mouth. He bit down hard but she didn't mind that, not when his tongue was sending such hot shivers all through her body.

She could see her mother bending over and running her hands all over Frank Mitchell's body. There was a glazed look in her mother's eyes.

"Let him suck on mine," Gail pleaded.

Sandra hated to give him up but she let her mother pull Frank away from her tits. Frank immediately went down on Gail's tits. His mouth made wild sucking sounds as he captured Gail's titty.

"Oh shit," Gail moaned. "Oh fuck. Oh, that makes me feel so fucking good!"

Sandra bent down and started tugging at Frank's belt. She had seen that hard bulge in his trousers and now she wanted to feel it. Her hands trembled as she tugged his belt off and his zipper open. He groaned and sucked harder on Gail's creamy titties as Sandra slipped her hand into his shorts.

"What a big one," Sandra moaned, as her fingers circled his thick cockpole. She moved her fingers up and down his swollen prick. He was already slippery with sweat and leaking cum. Her fingers moved down the length of his cock to his heavy balls. When she gently ran her fingertips around his cum-filled balls, she felt his body tense.

"Let me take my fucking clothes off," he groaned.

He didn't have a chance to take his own clothes off. Sandra and Gail practically tore them off. The three, of them all ended up on the softly carpeted floor while Gail and Sandra stroked his cock and balls with their fingertips.

"He does have a big one," Gail moaned.

Sandra bent her head and licked some of the slimy looking cum off the tip of his cock. She felt his body tense and she knew he liked it. She opened her mouth and captured his cockhead against his tongue. She moved her tongue around his cockhead as she held him just inside her lips.

"Damn, baby," Frank groaned. "You know how to do that. You know how to suck a cock!"

Gail bent her head down to his balls. Her tongue moved all over his heavy balls and the base of his cock until she had it glistening with her spit. Her mouth opened and she started sucking his balls into her lips and running her tongue over them.

"Both of you," Frank moaned. "I've never had my cock sucked by two women before!"

Gail moved her tongue up to the ridge of his cock just as Sandra released him. Gail pounced on his cock like she was hungry for it. Sandra pulled back her mother's red hair from her face so that Frank could watch her suck his cock.

"Damn," Frank said softly. "I've never seen anything like that before. You redheaded bitch. Suck my fucking prick!"

Gail began deep throating his prick. She was sucking his prick into the back of her throat and everything was going into her red lips except his balls. A couple of times Sandra thought that his balls would go into her mouth, too.

Sandra stretched out beside Frank. She kissed him on the mouth and then she moved up so that one red nipple pressed against his lips. He opened his mouth and started sucking tenderly at her nipple.

"Ummmmm," Sandra moaned. "You do that so nice. So fucking nice!"

His mouth got a little less tender as Gail continued to bob her head. She was letting his leaking cum and her saliva run down the sides of his cock and it was really a turn on for Frank. He moved his hands down to the back of Gail's head.

"That's the fucking way, baby!" he cried out. "Suck me. That feels so mother-fucking good. Suck my cock!"

Gail sensed that he was getting close to the point of no return and she lifted her head. He wanted her to suck longer but Gail wanted something else. She moved her body over his and lifted up. She was straddling his cock and she reached down to wrap her fingers around his swollen pole.

"Now you just relax," Gail said. "You let me do all the work!"

Gail settled down slowly on his fat cockhead.

She squirmed with delight as she forced his cockhead up inside her. She moved her ass around in a sexy circle as she settled down on him a little more.

"Come on, baby," he groaned. "Sit on my cock. I want to feel it. Sit down on my fucking cock!"

She gasped with pleasure as she settled down all the way on his cock. Sandra could see that same glazed look in her mother's eyes. It still shocked her to know how much her mother loved to fuck.

A good cock was all her mother needed. "It's a big one, Sandra," Gail gasped. "It fills me up so good. It feels so fucking good."

Gail began to bounce up and down slowly on his thick cock. Sandra leaned over again to press her nipple against Frank's mouth. This time he not only sucked her nipple into his mouth but he sucked almost half her titty. He sucked and nibbled on it and then spit it out. She moved her body to let him have a taste of the other one.

"Your cock's filling me up so good!" Gail screamed. "Oh shit, it feels so fine. It feels so fine, fine."

Sandra decided to give her mother an extra thrill. She could feel Frank's eyes on her as she brought her fingers up her mother's body and started playing with one titty. Frank may have been a little shocked but it also turned him on. He lifted his hips a little higher as he fucked his cock into her.

"Would you like to see me suck my mother's tit?" Sandra asked.

"Oh yeah, baby," he answered.

Sandra leaned forward and captured one rigid red nipple between her lips. She started sucking hard and Gail put her hands behind Sandra, head. Sandra knew that Frank was really getting turned on because his body was tensing and he was slamming his hips off the floor. Sandra squeezed her tingling thighs together. She kept thinking of what her mother was feeling as she got that big cock up her pussy.

Sandra opened her mouth wider and sucked in as much of her mother's titty as she could manage. She kept sucking hard on the tingling titty-flesh and her teeth bit down gently. Her tongue slithered around the big tit and she felt her mother's fingers rubbing all around in her hair.

"Oh yes, Sandra," Gail whispered. "Suck my tit like that. I feel so hot all over!"

Sandra moved her wet lips from one of her mother's nipples to the another. She used her teeth gently around the rigid nipples. She could feel her mother's body shivering each time her lips touched her flesh.

"Oh shit," Frank moaned. "I know what I want."

It was Frank's turn to take control of the situation. He pushed both Gail and Sandra away from him. His prick was swollen and red and dripping cum. He grabbed Gail by the hair and tugged her toward his big desk.

He stood up and bent her across the desk with her titties pressing flat against the cold wood. He stood behind her. He spread apart her asscheeks with his hands and pressed his swollen cockhead against her tight asshole.

"I've wanted to do this since I saw your hot little ass in a nurse's uniform. I've wanted to stick my fat cock up your asshole!"

"Be gentle, please," Gail whispered.

It was obvious that he had no intention of being gentle, he was too damned excited. He was a wild bull in heat as he pressed his stiff cock tight against her mother's asshole. Sandra felt a little sorry for her mother.

Gail screamed in pain and pleasure as Frank drove his cockhead deep into her asshole. He held himself steady for a moment. Sandra knelt behind Frank and began to lick his ass and asshole. She wouldn't have done anything like this except for the wild excitement that rushed through her body.

Frank started fucking Gail's tight ass and he wasn't gentle. He thrust in and out of her tight asshole like a wild animal. The sound of his balls were loud as they slapped her ass. He reached around and grabbed her tits and held onto them tightly as he pounded her hot, tight asshole.

"You're tight as hell, baby," he said. "You feel so good. It's just like I've dreamed your hot ass would be. Keep licking me like that, baby. Keep licking my ass!"

Sandra moved her tongue up and down the crack of his ass as he fucked her mother. He pounded her a little harder and Gail moved her ass against him. Sandra could hear her mother making little gasps of pleasure as he fucked her.

"I'm riding your sweet ass," he groaned. "I'm riding your sweet hot ass and it feels so fucking good. It feels really fucking good, you hot-assed bitch!"

Sandra found his tight little asshole with her tongue and started rimming it with quick little darts of her tongue. She could sense that Frank was driving his prick a little faster into her mother. At the same time she slipped her hand up inside of his thighs and started playing with his balls.

"Your sweet ass feels so fucking good!" Frank screamed. "It feels so damn good. Your hot little asshole feels so fucking good. I'm going to shoot my load. I'm going to fill your fucking ass with cum! You hot little bitch!"

"Not yet, baby," Gail was moaning. "Please, not yet. Just fuck me a little longer."

Sandra knew it was too, late. She could see Frank's body tense as he began shooting his cum into her mother's asshole. Gail kept shaking her ass, but it wasn't going to do much good. Frank gave one last convulsive shudder and his prick went soft inside her. He let his prick slide out of her mother's asshole.

"Oh shit," Gail moaned. "I'm hot. I'm still so fucking hot!"

Sandra didn't know how it happened but she was suddenly pulling her mother off the desk. She pulled her mother's legs apart and put her face in the creamy softness between her mother's thighs. She started licking up and down her wet cunthole and her mother moaned in pleasure.

"That's right," Frank groaned. "Eat her pussy. Eat her good!"

Sandra pushed her tongue into Gail's pussy. Her tongue slipped deep into her mother's cunt and moved all around the hot inside of her cuntflesh. Her tongue moved around until she found her mother's hard little bud. She sucked it into her mouth and chewed on it softly. She kept sucking it deep into her mouth and chewing on the hard clitty. Gail was screaming with wild pleasure. Her hands came down and grabbed the back of Sandra's head. Her ass came off the floor as she seemed to be trying to smother Sandra with her wet cunt.

"Oh shit, baby," Gail moaned. "Oh fuck, I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come. Oh shit, it feels so good. IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!"

Sandra kept her mouth between her mother's legs as Gail twisted and turned in pleasure. Finally Sandra felt Gail shudder and then her mouth was filled with her mother's juices. She swallowed loudly again and again as she sucked her mother dry.

"Oh shit," Gail moaned. "I can't believe it! My own daughter eating my pussy. I just can't believe it!"

Sandra couldn't believe it had happened either. She had just gotten carried away.

Chapter TEN

It was a warm night and Sandra got up with a blistering thirst. She noticed it was almost midnight by the clock on the bedside table. She wrapped a robe around her shortie nightgown and walked downstairs.

She heard the sounds as soon, as she left her room. Her mother and stepfather were going at it again. She stopped by their room and peeked in. Their bedside light was on and she could see everything. Her mother was on her hands and knees on the bed and her stepfather was fucking his stiff cock into her from behind.

For a few moments Sandra was tempted to join them. She could feel a tingly warmth inside her pussy but she didn't go in. It seemed like she could feel a sort of resentment from Gail lately. Gail didn't really want to share Will.

Sandra understood. It was time she found her own man to keep her content -- at least enough to keep her hands off Will.

Sandra went on downstairs and got a Coke. She sat at the kitchen table and thought about how much her life had changed lately. She was also thinking of how her pussy ached. She knew it was the middle of the night and she was only half dressed but she thought that perhaps some fresh air would cool her off.

She really didn't think anyone would be outside this late at night. She walked outside onto the porch and took a couple of deep breaths. A moment later she realized she wasn't alone. She turned her head and saw the light of the front parch of the house next door. She could see a young man sitting on the steps of the porch. He had turned his head and he watched her.

She took another deep breath. She knew he was looking at her shapely tits pushing at the front of her gown. She knew he would get up and come over and she only had to wait a few moments before he got up.

"Good evening," he said.

He was only a few years older than she was. He was dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans and a knit shirt. He was drinking a beer. He was a very muscular young man and she felt herself shivering as she looked at him.

"How are you?" she asked.

"It's kind of late for you to be out, isn't it?" he asked. "I'm Ted Wilson. We just moved in the other day."

"I know," she said. "I met your parents."

"They told me there was a young girl living next door," Ted said. "I thought they meant a very young girl."

"And now you don't think I'm that young," she said.

"Oh no, baby. You sure don't look young."

"Would you like to come inside for a beer or a Coke or something?"

"That sounds nice."

She knew it was obvious that a young girl wouldn't be inviting a young man into her house in the middle of the night unless she had something kinky in mind. At least she hoped it was obvious. This young man was perfect for her.

"Aren't your parents home?" Ted asked.

"They're home," she said. "But they sleep like the dead. They don't hear anything."

He smiled and she knew what he was thinking. She led him into the kitchen and she got him a beer. He sat watching her and sipped his beer. She sat across from him and crossed her legs. She let the gown slip back from her silky looking legs and she saw his eyes widen. She kind of shook herself and her gown slipped up, almost to her creamy thighs.

"When you finish your beer we can go into the living room," she suggested. "It's cooler in there and we can talk."

He finished his beer in record time and put his arm around her as they walked into the living room. She wasn't surprised to feel his hand sliding down her back and touching the slope of her ass.

"You work pretty fast," she said.

There was no sense in trying to pretend that she was some kind of good girl. She knew who was aware of the musky heat coming off her body. It was obvious that she wanted to be fucked.

They sat down on the couch together. She didn't protest when he put his arm around her and pulled lick tight. He kissed her mouth hard and immediately thrust his tongue into her mouth. She rubbed her tongue back at his and she felt the tension going through his body. Her thighs were trembling with excitement as she felt his hand drop down to her knee.

"Boy," she said softly. "You must be hot and horny."

"It's been a while, baby," he said. "I had a girlfriend in college who would do anything but she left. I've been high and dry since."

"How long has that been?" she asked.

"About six months," he told her.

"Ummmmm," she said. "I'd better do something about that."

She kissed him again and he pushed her back on the couch. One of his hands moved up between her legs and touched her panties. She shivered and spread her legs wider. His fingers brushed up and down between her legs and she moaned with pleasure.

His other hand moved up to caress one of her tits. His fingers brushed across her stiff nipples and made her shiver. He moved his fingers across her nipples until she was aching with desire.

"Did your girlfriend have tits as big as mine?" she asked.

"Shit no, baby," he said. "Your tits are fantastic."

She blushed with his compliment. She pressed her mouth closer to his and thrust her tongue deeper into his wet mouth. His hands moved down her body and underneath her. He was inside her gown, playing with her asscheeks. Finally, he clutched her ass and held onto her tightly. She could feel fiery little shivers going through her pussy.

He pressed his body down tightly on top of her. Her tits felt swollen as his chest pressed down on them. She moved her hands down his broad back and clutched at his hot small ass.

He lifted up and his hot eyes seemed to burn into her body. He reached down and peeled her robe up to her neck and then her gown. Her creamy tits were revealed to his hungry eyes. She saw him licking his lips.

"Shit, what a fucking pair," he moaned.

He bent his head and seemed to be trying to swallow one of her tits whole. His teeth bit down and she felt her titty getting hotter and harder. She put her hands behind his head and pulled his face a little closer.

"Lick my titty," she moaned. "Oh hell, baby. Lick my hot titty. I want to feel you licking me!"

His hungry mouth seemed to clutch at her titty. He pulled his head back and licked at her swollen nipple. He put his face closer and let his lips suck at her ripe nipple.

"That does feel good," she moaned. "You do know how to suck my titty."

His wet mouth moved from one luscious titty to the other. She had never been sucked like this before! He seemed to be trying to suck her titties off. He used his teeth and tongue and it excited her like she'd never been excited before.

His hands moved down underneath her again. He clutched at her asscheeks and pulled her off the couch while his hungry mouth sucked at her sweet titty-flesh.

"Take off my panties," she whispered. "I want to feel your fingers playing with my cunt."

"You got it, baby."

She had to raise up a little more as his hands clutched her skimpy panties. He peeled them down her long legs and she spread her legs for his fingers. He moved his hand back up between her silky thighs. One finger stroked the wet entrance of her pussy.

"Oh shit," he moaned softly. "That feels so fucking good. That feels so cocksucking good."

His girlfriend had really taught him a lot. His finger was gentle as it stroked the lips of her cunt. He moved his finger up and down the tingling lips of her pussy. She could feel her pussy juices dripping down the insides of her thighs. She started moving her ass a little faster and his finger finally slipped into her cunt.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh yes, that feels so damn fucking good!"

He moved his finger around the inside of her cunt until her pussy felt wetter than she had ever known it. She cried out with pleasure as another finger stabbed into her wet cunt.

He moved his fingers around until he brushed against her clitty. She could feel little spasms of fire shooting through her each time he rubbed her cunt. Her clit felt hard and blood-filled. She moved her ass around in response to his thrusting fingers.

"Do it to me," she whispered. "That feels so fucking good. Do it to me!"

His hands kept caressing her. He had another finger inside her cunt and, it caused her body to shiver. She ran her hand down his body and between his legs. She felt his swollen cock trying to break out of his trousers.

"That feels so nice," she said. "Let's take it out. Let me feel it, baby. I want to feel your cock."

"You hot little bitch," Ted groaned.

He was already off the couch undressing. He pulled off his shirt and she let her eyes caress the thickness of his muscular build. She went down on her knees to help him undo his belt. She got it undone and peeled them down his legs. He was like a young stallion. She put her hands on his shorts and peeled them down and gasped as she saw the immense size of his big prick. His prickhead was red like fire and she could see little dribbles of cum running off the thick tip.

She wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and she felt him tremble. Her fingers moved down to his heavy balls and then back up to the swollen head of his cock. Her fingers stroked the cum-coated head.

"Would you kiss it, baby?" he said. "Would you kiss my cock?"

"Oh, yes!"

She felt his hands in her hair. He pulled back her red hair so that he could watch her kiss his prick. She did more than kiss it. She bent her head and the smell of his thick, male prick almost overpowered her. She pressed her lips against the bloated tip and then opened her mouth wide. She caught his cockhead between her lips and sucked it down her throat.

"That's the way, baby," he groaned. "Oh shit, that feels so fucking good. Suck my prick!"

She sucked his prick as deep into her throat as she could. She could feel his cockhead pulsating against the back of her throat. Some of his cum leaked out and she swallowed.

"Shit, baby," he moaned. "You sure do know how to suck cock!"

Her lips locked around his fat cockhead and she started bobbing her head. She sucked his prick deep into her mouth and spit it back out again. She liked the feeling of his swollen cock pulsating inside her mouth.

"Play with my fucking balls," he groaned.

She moved one hand up between his legs and caressed his heavy balls. Her fingertips moved back and forth across his cum-filled sacs and he seemed to tense his body each time. She knew her pussy was wet with excitement. She wanted his fat cock inside her cunt bad.

His hands moved down to her tits and he squeezed them hard while his fingertips brushed her rigid nipples. He was making her crazy. Her body felt like it was on fire. She sucked his cock faster and she could taste some of his salty cum filling her mouth. She let it drip from the corners of her mouth and that seemed to make him crazy.

"You fucking bitch," Ted groaned. "That feels good. I could almost cum in your mouth but I want to fuck you. But first I want to taste your sweet cunt."

The wet fire shot through her again as he spoke. He pushed her back on the floor and spread her legs. He put his hands underneath her to caress her ass again. She shivered as one of his fingers probed her hot asshole. He finally worked a finger into her asshole and started moving it in and out.

She was reaching for his head as he dropped his face between her legs. Her fingers caught in his hair as he pushed his face up against her pussy. His tongue moved up and down her wet pussy.

"Stick your tongue in me, baby!" she cried. "Oh shit, stick your tongue in my cunt. I want to feel it. I want to feel your tongue in my fucking pussy!"

He split her pussy lips apart with his tongue. He drove his tongue deep inside her and moved it around inside her pussy. He seemed to be touching every part of her cunt. She almost passed out from pleasure as his tongue brushed against her clitty.

"Suck on it," she whispered. "You know what to do to a girl. Suck on my fucking clitty."

He sucked and sucked on her clitty. He brushed his tongue back and forth across her clitty while he sucked. His finger seemed to ram deeper inside her asshole.

She put her hands in his hair and held on because she didn't ever want him to stop. She didn't think she'd ever felt so good. Her pussy was burning up. He finally stopped sucking on her clitty and started ramming his tongue deep into her again.

"Oh shit yes!" she cried. "That feels so fucking good. You know exactly how to make me feel good. Oh shit, that feels so fucking fine. Do that to me!"

He used his tongue like a cock. He fucked it in and out of her pussy until her pussy was dripping with juice. He sucked her pussy juice off her cunt hairs and she heard him swallowing. Her ass lifted off the couch as she tried to drive her cunt even harder against his wet face.

"I want you to fuck me," she moaned. "I am so fucking horny. I want to feel that big cock inside me!"

She kept begging me as she reached down for his cock. Her fingers circled his stiff flesh and she knew he would soon lose control. He seemed to go crazy and he lifted his head and moved his body on top of hers. She felt his fat cockhead rubbing against the insides of her thighs and leaving a wet trail of cum.

"I want to be fucked," she moaned. "I want your stiff cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me, baby!"

Ted moved up slowly and she felt her cunt stretching to admit his fat cock. His huge cock slid all the way inside her until his balls pressed against her asscheeks. He held his prick deep inside her for a long time.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me so hard!" Ted pulled half out of her and then began to slam his fat cockmeat inside her again. He moved slowly but she had never felt her cunt stretched so good before, not even by David's cock. His swollen prick seemed to fill her as she had never been filled before. She moved her ass as he fucked her.

"It feels so fucking good," she moaned. "Your big cock feels so fucking good!"

She lifted her legs and locked them around his back as his prick slid deep into her. She moved one hand between his legs and started playing with his balls. Her fingertips moved back and forth across his swollen balls until he moaned with pleasure.

She knew when he lost control because he started ramming his prick into her pussy as hard as he could. His big prick stretched her cunt as she'd never felt it. She moved her ass up and down as she took his prick deep inside her. She couldn't seem to move her ass fast enough as the wild sensations went through her.

"I'm almost there," she whispered. "Oh shit, I am there. I'm going to come. Fuck me, you big bastard. Give it to me hard. Fuck me with your stiff cock. FUCK ME HARD!"

She thought she was going to be torn apart as the sweet sensations of pleasure rocked her body. She lifted her ass higher as the last few spasms went through her. She tightened her legs on his body.

"Fuck me deep," she whispered. "Your big cock is good. Fuck me really deep!"

"You bitch!" he screamed. "I'm going to shoot my wad. I'm going to shoot my fucking wad in you! YOU HOT-ASSED BITCH!"

Ted stabbed deep into her pussy and his prick exploded in wet rivers of thick cum. She didn't understand how he could have so much cum. It felt like she was getting flooded with cum. She could feel it running out of her pussy hole and wetting her thighs.

"It feels good," she moaned. "So good!"

He gave her a couple of hard thrusts and she finally felt his cock getting soft and slipping out of her. She quickly turned around and took his prick into her mouth. She carefully licked his prick dry of all their juices.

"You're fantastic, baby," Ted said.

"And I'm so glad you're living next door," she said.


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