Gang bang salesgirl

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, joins the neighborhood mate-traders.

Julie Case is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

GANG BANG SALESGIRL -- a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

Chapter ONE

"Suck my cock, bitch!" Mr. Smith commanded in a raspy voice. "Suck it, you little whore!"

He wiped his big, meaty cock across the tiny redhead's pretty face, smearing the clear, sticky fuck fluid on her nose and cheeks. He finally squeezed out a big, slippery drop on her eager, red lips.

"Mmmmmph!" Julie moaned as the big man forced his powerful, throbbing cock between her waiting lips with one hand while the other hand roughly held her head immobile by grasping her hair.

"You like this, don't you, baby?" Mr. Smith sneered as he grabbed a handful of red hair and fucked his huge prick in and out of her lovely mouth. "What about it, Julie, baby? You're just as happy as can be with a big cock to chew on, aren't you?"

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked her head up to look her directly in the eye. With one hand he slapped his heavy cock against the sides of her face, leaving streaks of clear fuck juice. First one side, then the other. Julie's head jarred with each slap.

"What about it, baby? You love this, don't you?"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Julie Case answered eagerly. This was her first day on the job as a salesperson with Ace Realty and she knew she would have to play ball with Mr. Smith, the office manager.

Earlier in the day, Julie had reported for work dressed in a tight, clingy knit dress slit high on the sides. It was cut low to show off her large tits, which bulged out provocatively.

Julie was a small girl, barely five-three even in her sexy high heels. Such large tits on such a tiny body were a devastating sight. Especially since Julie delighted in showing off her figure and imagining all the instant hard-ons she caused just by walking down the street.

Mr. Smith had been no exception. He had watched her all morning as she moved about the office, wiggling her gorgeous ass every chance she got. All the other men and even Candy, the secretary, had watched her too. Julie loved the attention.

When everyone else had gone to lunch, Mr. Smith invited her into his office. He sat behind a large, modern desk.

"Close the door," he ordered.

Julie obeyed, noting the sense of authority in his deep voice. She stood in front of him.

"Julie," he began, "In this business, you have to sell yourself before you can sell the project. I'm sure you'll have no trouble, but I think we'd better have a look at what you have to offer."

"What do you mean?" asked Julie, puzzled.

"Stand up straight," Mr. Smith commanded. "And stick out those big tits!"

Julie gasped. Men often looked at her and she knew what they had on their minds, but no one had ever talked to her like this before.

"Mr. Smith, I..." she began.

"Look, Julie," Mr. Smith growled, "I don't have a lot of time to waste today. If you want this job and you want to be successful, you'll do as I say!"

Julie's face flushed and she straightened her back.

"More!" he ordered.

Julie took a deep breath and pushed her chest out as far as she could. She stuck her voluptuous ass out behind her.

"That's better, baby. Now walk around for me."

Julie's heart was pounding. She was being treated like some prize animal, but she felt a strange excitement growing within her. She was afraid of Mr. Smith. He seemed so powerful. She wanted to please him.

Julie walked around in front of the big desk. She swung her ass suggestively and bounced somewhat so that her magnificent tits jiggled with each step. She could feel the big man's eyes roaming up and down her lush body. She felt her nipples harden as they rubbed the dress fabric.

"What size bra do you wear?" horny Mr. Smith asked.

"A 34D, when I wear one," Julie responded huskily and smiled. It was obvious she didn't have one today from the way her enlarged nipples were sticking out.

"That's good," said Mr. Smith. "Julie, you're going to make a lot of money in this business. Your two greatest assets are right under your chin. Don't ever forget that!"

Julie felt hot and her body began to tingle. She decided that she liked this game. She felt brave.

"How about my legs?" she asked as she pulled her dress to her waist, revealing a pair of spectacular limbs and a full, rich ass hidden only by a pair of tiny bikini pants.

"Take off those pants so I can get a good look at that big ass," Smith commanded.

Julie bent over and slowly inched down her pants then raised her skirt again. She had her back turned and looked over her shoulder.

"Slap it," ordered Mr. Smith. "Let's see how your ass jiggles."

Julie was beginning to think that she had let things go a bit too far but did as she was told. Her fleshy ass shook with each blow and she could see Smith nod his approval.

"Take off the dress."

"Mr. Smith, the others may come back from lunch..."

Smith rose from behind the desk and Julie gasped loudly. Hanging out of his pants was the biggest cock she had ever seen. His purple prick-head was slippery wet and a big drop of fluid hung off the end.

"Mr. Smith!" the young redhead began, "this is going much..."

"Take off the dress!" his big voice boomed.

Smith came around the desk and grabbed Julie's hair and shook her forcefully.

With her heart pounding, Julie stripped off her clingy dress and dropped it to the floor. She was dressed in nothing but her jewelry and a pair of high-heel sandals.

"OK, bitch," Mr. Smith rasped as he sat back down behind the desk, "now let's see what you've really got. Give me a show!"

Julie was trembling. She was scared to death of Smith for reasons she didn't understand, but her body was responding to his roughness. She could feel a wetness in her pussy as she pictured that gigantic cock in her mind, Julie had always thought her husband, Mark, was big. But he didn't hold a candle to Mr. Smith.

She pranced around the room so that her spectacular tits bounced up and down and her big, luscious ass shook. She faced Smith and, holding a tit iii each hand, leaned over and shook them in his face. She was enjoying showing herself off and grew more daring. She decided to really give her new boss something to look at.

Julie climbed onto Smith's huge desk and swept it clean of ash trays, pads and pencils. She got on her hands and knees and stretched like a cat, letting her enormous tits hang down and swing.

"Do you want to see my cunt?" she asked teasingly.

Without waiting for an answer, Julie turned around and spread her legs wide. Her tempting pussy and ripe asshole were revealed to Mr. Smith in all their erotic glory.

Julie moistened one finger and lightly stroked her cunt lips. She was ready to explode from the excitement but resisted the temptation to dig in and bring herself off in front of Smith.

"Turn over on your back and spread those legs, Julie. I've got a toy for you to play with." Mr. Smith opened a desk drawer.

"Oh, my God!" Julie exclaimed. "No! I can't do that, Mr. Smith! I've never done anything like that. Please don't make me!" She tried to scramble off the desk.

Smith caught her and forced her onto her back. He pulled her shapely legs apart with his big hands and handed her the huge rubber cock.

"Fuck yourself, baby!" he ordered.

Trembling, Julie rubbed the dildo against her dripping cunt. The head of the fake prick was as big as her fist and the cockshaft the size of her arm.

"Shove it in, bitch! You're gonna like it!" Smith predicted.

Julie pushed the big cock-head into her cunt. It felt like she was jamming a baseball bat up her pussy, but she was so wet and horny that the fake prick slid right in.

"Oooooh," she moaned as inch after inch disappeared between her cunt lips.

When the full twelve inches had been swallowed up, Julie used both hands and began fucking the dildo in and out, faster and faster.

"Ummmmm!" she cried. "Oh, God! This feels so good! Owwwww!"

Julie's pussy was flowing. Cunt juice ran down her thighs and formed a pool on the polished wood of the desk. She humped her luscious ass up and down to meet the thrusts she was giving herself.

Her big, full tits rolled back and forth on he chest. Her nipples were hard as rocks.

Smith was breathing fast. He dropped his pants to the floor and pulled Julie off the desk. She dropped the rubber cock and reached for Mr. Smith's real prick.

Smith slapped her hands away and pushed her down to her knees. He began rubbing his cock on her face.

"I'm gonna fuck you in the mouth, baby," he explained. "But first you can lick my balls!"

Julie stuck out her hot little tongue and squeezed between Mr. Smith's hairy legs. She stroked his huge balls with her tongue until they dripped. She then pushed her pretty face into them and let his huge sac of balls slide back and forth across her nose and mouth.

"Yessss," she whispered to herself. Smith grabbed her hut and jerked her head back. He rubbed his giant cock on her face, squeezing out big blobs of fuck fluid and smearing it around.

Julie's pussy seemed to be on fire. She had never been treated this way before, but she loved it.

Mr. Smith called her a bitch and a whore and slapped her face violently with his heavy cock. This served to arouse her even more. She loved being forced to be submissive.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" she answered when Smith asked her if she liked the treatment he was giving her.

Actually, Julie had gone along with Mr. Smith's orders at first because she wanted the job and knew that her success would depend on a good relationship with the office manager. Smith was in his fifties and, being just in her twenties, Julie hadn't been too turned on at first.

However, she had become more and more excited by Mr. Smith's dominant attitude. He was the boss, and he sure as hell knew it.

The final straw came when she saw the size of his cock. Julie had seen huge cocks before in her husband's porno films, but she had never thought she would have the chance to touch one. The more she thought about Smith's giant prick, the more she realized that she would do anything he wanted.

Now, with Mr. Smith's throbbing cockmeat being shoved into her succulent mouth, Julie was in heaven. Smith stood with his hands on his hips in a confident, masterful manner and watched Julie use her hands and mouth at the same time.

Kneeling submissively with her splendid legs spread wide to show off her little cunt, Julie sucked hard on the pulsing cock-head. She rolled her tongue around the ridge and pumped with both hands.

"Talk to me, baby," Smith ordered. "Talk dirty!"

Julie pulled his big cock out. His prick filled her mouth so full that its exit was accompanied by a loud pop when the suction was released.

Squeezing hard to get some clear juice on her red lips, Julie wiped a long sticky trail up the side of her nose and across her forehead. She then pumped with her hands.

"Oh, baby! I love your cock," she whispered. "It's so big and strong! I want to suck it! Will you let me suck it? Please?"

Julie flicked the underside of his big, purple prick-head with her wet tongue. She then straightened herself up enough to rub Mr. Smith's huge cock on her quivering tits.

"Oh, you have such a big, beautiful cock! I just love it. I love the way it feels on my big tits! Does this feel good to you?"

Julie picked one succulent tit up and squeezed hard to make the nipple pop out. With her other hand she rubbed Smith's monstrous cock-head against her taut nipple.

"Aaaagh!" Smith gasped as he watched her smear a big glob of clear, slippery fuck fluid round and round on her big, stiff nipple.

"Aren't my tits big and juicy?" Julie asked suggestively. "When I was in high school, all the guys who took me out wanted to suck 'em." She licked her lips invitingly. "I let 'em, too!"

She winked wickedly.

"Let me show you how big they are," Julie continued, standing up and stepping back to give Mr. Smith a good view.

The big-titted little redhead then wrapped both hands around one big, delightful tit down at the base and squeezed. She squeezed so hard that it almost seemed as if her tit would explode.

She squeezed it up until the skin was stretched and shiny and her tit had grown to about the size of a cantaloupe... and just as round. The big, brown nipple got rock hard and stuck out like a tiny cock.

"How's that for a pair of tits, baby?"

Julie giggled and repeated the process with her other enormous tit.

"I wish you would lick my pussy, honey baby," Julie whispered hoarsely. "That would feel so good!"

She raised her arms above her head and stretched sexily, showing off all of her luscious assets. She shook ever so slightly to make her dazzling tits jiggle. The bright red polish on her toes and the high-heel sandals enhanced her shapely legs and ravishing ass.

Julie turned around and got down on all fours, spreading her legs until she thought she would split apart at the crotch. She then lowered her shoulders until they rested on the carpet. Her succulent ass rose high in the air like an offering to some mighty Fuck God.

"Lick my pussy, Mr. Boss-Man," Julie teased. "You know how I look. Now see how I taste!"

Mr. Smith wasted no time. He had already gotten out of his clothes and dropped to the floor behind his new saleswoman.

"Tell me again what you want, bitch," Smith teased.

"Lick me," Julie begged. "Lick my little pussy. Make me feel good. Lick me, baby. Lick me! Lick me!"

She wiggled her quivering ass in the air. Droplets of cunt juice glistened on her red pussy hair.

"Yaaaaah!" Julie screamed as Smith gave her what she had begged so unashamedly for.

The office manager plunged his tongue forcefully into her sopping cunt and licked up one side and down the other, flicking her throbbing little clit each time he passed.

Julie squirmed and clutched at the rug with her painted fingernails.

"Oooooh!" she moaned feverishly. "Give me more! Do it again! Lick my pussy! Suck my cunt! Eiiiiigh!" She humped her ass until it looked like she wanted Smith's entire head inside her wet little pussy.

Smith roughly pushed Julie down flat on the office floor and pulled her legs wide apart until she cried out from the pain. Her big tits were mashed against the carpet.

He buried his face between the shimmering cheeks of Julie's spectacular ass and licked. He licked from the front of her steaming pussy up past her asshole, over and over again until her entire ass was soaked and shiny.

Next, Smith rose to his knees over the prostrate girl. He kept her legs spread by pinning them with his. Smith slapped one of the shiny, wet asscheeks. It shook enticingly. He slapped the other asscheek harder. Her flesh shook even more.

"Yessssss!" Julie cried huskily. "Hit me hard! Make it hurt, baby! Make my big ass shake!" She ground her burning cunt into the rug.

Mr. Smith slapped her hard with the palm of his big hand. The quivering flesh of her ass jiggled and shook feverishly. Again and again he slapped her, first one asscheek and then the other. Her white assflesh quivered, not just her big ass, but her soft, warm thighs as well.

"Fuck me!" Julie finally begged. "Fuck me with that big prick! Jam it into me! Tear me apart with your cock!"

Still kneeling, Smith got a good hold on a handful of Julie's flaming red hair with one hand and grasped his big cock with the other. Keeping her under control with his grip on her hair, he fed her just his engorged slimy cockhead, letting his fist rub against her inflamed cunt lips and virgin asshole.

"Eiiiiigh!" Julie wailed as she felt his huge mass of hard prick-meat open her little pussy and begin to fill her cunt.

Smith stirred his big cock around in her cunt, giving Julie more little by little. The big titted redhead went wild, clawing and biting at the carpet like an animal.

"Give me more!" she screamed. "More! Split my pussy apart! Fuck me hard!"

Mr. Smith flattened himself out above Julie's little milky-white body, now grabbing two big handfuls of her red hair. He kept her legs spread wide by crossing one of his ankles over each of hers. He had the little redhead securely pinned to the floor.

The big man pulled back, then fucked forward with one great, powerful thrust. The full ten inches of his mighty cock slammed into Julie's tiny pussy.

"Aaaagh!" she choked in response.

Julie's eyes almost popped out and she shook her head violently from side to side. The monster cock that Smith had rammed into her cunt was unlike anything she had ever felt before. For the first time in her life, she knew what it was like to be really fucked.

Smith locked her in a vise-like grip with his entire body and fucked into her again. Julie's cries made the office shake. His giant prick fucked into her again and again. Her lovely body shook uncontrollably from her intense excitement.

Mr. Smith got up and dragged Julie to her knees. Her entire body was on fire and all she could think of was his huge cock... that big, beautiful cock!

"Suck me off, bitch!" Smith commanded. "And make it good, baby. I'm gonna cum all over your pretty face!"

Julie settled back on her heels with her splendid legs spread as wide as she could spread them and her head tilted back. Her magnificent tits rose and fell as she gasped for breath.

"Suck, bitch!" the man ordered.

Julie submissively put her hands on her knees and opened her mouth. Smith grabbed a handful of hair and stuffed his cock into her waiting mouth with his other hand. He held her by the hair and pushed and pulled her had back and forth. With each thrust the gigantic cock went in farther.

"Mmmmmmph!" Julie gurgled and began to choke. Smith was shoving his big piece of prick-meat down her throat. In and out, back and forth, his powerful cock seemed to take complete control of her. Her delectable tits bounced with each mighty fuck.

She felt his big prick begin to pulsate. With each fuck, his cock swelled up more and more. Finally, with a last thrust, Smith stuffed, the entire length in. All ten inches went down Julie's throat and the first hot blast of cum shot out.

"Aaaaagh!" Smith cried loudly and pulled out. He grasped his cock with one hand and pointed his swollen prick-head at Julie's ruby mouth.

"Open wide, baby!" he shouted. "And stick out your tongue!"

As Julie rolled out her tongue, the second spurt of cum splashed across her forehead and rolled down her nose. She began to giggle as blast after blast of the hot, sticky fuck liquid drenched her pretty face.

"Aaaaagh!" Mr. Smith continued to roar as he pumped his cock, jacking-off on Julie's face.

Several large streams of cum hit her waiting tongue and Julie greedily licked her lips, tasting the salty fuck juice.

"Ummmm!" Julie giggled. "I love this, baby! Wow! You really hosed me good!"

Julie had cum in her red hair and on her big round tits. Her forehead and cheeks had been drenched and cum rolled down her nose and chin. Smith had even shot a load up her nose.

As Julie grinned up at Mr. Smith, she heard the door beside her open. She turned quickly and saw Candy, the nineteen-year-old secretary, smiling into her cum-splattered face.

"There's a call for you on line two, Mr. Smith," the young blonde said.

As Candy closed the door and left, she smiled at Julie and winked, flicking her wet tongue across her ruby-red lips.

Chapter TWO

When Julie returned from her lunch break, everything in the office seemed normal. Mr. Smith was returning phone calls and the two other men, Bob and Rick, were updating files. Candy was busy typing and didn't even look up when Julie walked in.

Bob and Rick were salesmen and had been with Ace Realty for several years each. Julie liked them both. They were in their thirties and both were athletic and good looking. Bob had a keen sense of humor while Rick tended to be more on the serious side.

Julie had noticed them casting admiring glances at her as she moved through the office. She hadn't had a climax with Mr. Smith that morning and was still really hot and horny. She hoped her condition didn't show and, most of all, she hoped that both Candy and Mr. Smith hadn't told Bob and Rick about what had happened.

At lunch, Julie had parked her car in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. As she walked across the parking lot, a truckload of workmen had shouted and whistled at her. Julie noticed that they were still there when she came out.

She detoured four rows over and walked right past their truck, swinging her delectable ass as much as possible. She could feel her huge tits bouncing with each step. She looked down and was pleased to see that her erect nipples could be seen clearly through the soft, clingy fabric of her dress.

"Hey, baby," called a sun-tanned man from the driver's seat, "you're lookin' good today. You sure know how to swing that ass!"

The others hooted and whistled and hung out the windows for a better look.

"Look at those big tits!" called another. "Come on... shake it baby! You won't break 'em!"

All the workmen broke into laughter as Julie passed by. She smiled at the men and abruptly stopped and turned to face them. She glanced around to see if anyone else was close enough to see what she was going to do. The few other cars were all empty.

"You want to see my tits?" Julie giggled. Without any hesitation she pulled the stretchy material aside with both hands and her magnificent tits popped out.

"All right!" several men shouted as everyone in the truck crowded to the windows to see.

Julie twisted both her nipples between forefinger and thumb to make them stand up even more. Then, as quickly as she had exposed herself, Julie pulled her dress closed and hurried to her car.

Safe in the car, Julie felt her heart pounding and noticed that her pussy had soaked her pants once more. She sped out of the lot and, although the truck followed her, she soon lost the men in traffic.

As she drove, Julie fantasized about the workmen. What would it be like to have a gang like that really fuck her? Julie had never fucked with more than one man at a time. In fact, since she had been married to Mark, she had strayed only two times and one of those was just this morning with Mr. Smith. Julie was a cock-tease and loved it, but she hadn't fooled around much at all.

She imagined that the gang of workmen would have been even more abusive to her than Mr. Smith had been. With so many of them, she wouldn't have had a chance. She would have had to do everything they ordered her to do. Julie dropped her hand to her lap and massaged her swollen cunt lips. With one hand on the wheel, she drove back to Ace Realty.

"Julie and Rick," Mr. Smith was saying, "Bob has listed a house on the West Side that I want you both to see this afternoon. Forget those files for a while and all three of you go se that property."

Julie was excited. This was the first house she had been given the opportunity to inspect. As the three of them pulled into the driveway, she decided that she would be the one to sell it. That would make Mr. Smith happy.

The house was in the best section of town. Modern in design and expensive in price, all the furniture was still in place. The owners were in Europe and would not return for several weeks. It was the kind of house Julie had always dreamed of living in.

As Bob led them through, Julie was in ecstasy. The house was everything she'd ever dreamed of.

"This is the master bedroom," Bob explained. "The waterbed stays since it's too much work to drain, and move it."

Julie pushed on the surface of the bed with one hand. Waves of motion surged across the bedspread.

"I've never been on a waterbed," she murmured. "I wonder what it's like."

"Give it a try," suggested Rick.

Julie kicked off her shoes and sat down. The bed moved with her. She lay down on her back and swung her shapely legs over. The bed matched each curve of her delicious body.

"The best thing about waterbeds," Bob said, "is fucking on 'em. You can't believe the sensation."

"Oh?" responded Julie.

"Sure," said Bob. "Just turn over on your stomach and make believe you're fucking someone. You'll see what I mean."

Julie knew that Bob and Rick just wanted to see her squirm around on the bed. They had been watching her bouncing tits and jiggling ass ever since they entered the house. Her natural inclination to be a tease got the best of her, however. She decided to give them a little performance.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she murmured, "it does feel good!"

Julie rolled slowly over onto her tummy and spread her legs wide apart. Her thin dress rode up her attractive legs and tightened over her ample ass. Julie clawed at the spread and dug her pussy into the bed, humping her luscious ass up in the air.

She squirmed around like a snake, wiggling her ass and rubbing her belly on the bed. Her little dress rose higher and higher.

"She looks like she's having fun," Bob joked to Rick.

"Oh, I am!" Julie responded. "It really feels good. How do I look?"

She reached back and pulled her dress to her waist, showing off her sleek ass, covered only by her tiny bikini pants.

"You look super, baby." Rick answered. "Ace Realty has needed someone like you for a long time!"

Julie rolled over and ran her hands up and down her enticing body, squeezing her exquisite tits so that they swelled up out of her dress. She could see the bulges in the two men's pants. Rick even had a wet spot already on his.

"Does this house have a pool?" asked Julie.

"Sure," answered Bob, "I was going to take you out there next."

"Well," continued Julie, "it's a pretty hot day, and since the owners are away, maybe we should have a short pool party. Mr. Smith will never know!"

"We don't have any swimsuits," cautioned Bob.

"I know," Julie answered suggestively. "Who needs one? Lead on!"

The pool was oval in shape and a privacy fence obscured it from all outside view. Julie walked out on the diving board.

"You guys have to get undressed first!" she announced.

"Says who?" joked Rick.

"Says me, that's who!" Julie laughed. "Besides, if you don't strip, then I won't, and I'm sure you don't want to miss out on that, do you?"

Her point made, Julie watched as Bob and Rick removed their clothes. They both had almost a full hard-on. Each one tried to hide his hard-on from Julie's view. Both men had long, heavy pricks, the kind that Julie craved. But she reminded herself that she only wanted to tease them. She had no intention of having anything else happen with anyone in the office. The episode with Mr. Smith had been enough.

"OK, Julie," Bob called. "We've done our part! It's time to see what you've got!"

Julie smiled and slipped the thin straps of her dress down over her shoulders. She gave a final tug and both dazzling tits bounced free. Bob and Rick clapped, and Julie bounced a little on the board, making her big tits jiggle for them.

"Come on, honey!" Rick cried. "Let's see the rest!"

Julie stripped off the little dress and stepped out of her bikini pants. Dressed in her high heels, she pranced down off the board and came over to where the men stood.

"Like what you see?" she asked, turning all the way around to give them both a good look. She slapped her voluptuous ass hard to make it quiver. Julie giggled mischievously as she saw both big cocks stand up straight.

"Did I do that?" she teased, giving each hunk of prick-meat a gentle stroke with her finger.

"You know," Bob turned to Rick, "I don't think any of us are going to get in this pool today. But we're still going to have a party!"

Rick grinned at Bob and both men turned to look at the naked little redhead. Julie was still posing, standing with her big tits pushed out. Suddenly, she understood what they had in mind.

"Now wait a minute..." she began.

Bob grabbed for one of her ripe tits but Julie quickly turned away and ran for the house. Her curvaceous ass danced as she ran and she had to hold her tits with her hands to keep them from bouncing too much.

Bob and Rick followed but let Julie keep the lead. They were enjoying the chase and liked watching her milky-white flesh shake as she ran. Besides, they knew that she would never escape. Bob had locked the front door when they entered. The front door was the only way out.

Julie was breathing hard, her well-endowed tits rising and falling as she rounded a corner in the living room and headed for the entry foyer. It was hard to run in her high heels but there was no time to stop and take them off. She was determined not to let the men fuck her.

"Damn!" she exploded when she found the door locked. She had been prepared to run right out of the house even though she was totally nude.

"What's the problem, cunt?" sneered Bob as he and Rick caught up to her. "Can't you get out?"

"You bastards!" shouted Julie. She veered off to the left and headed for the stairs.

She was almost to the top when she felt the vise-like grip of Rick's big hand on her ankle. She came crashing down on the landing.

"Damn you!" Julie cried. "Let go of me!" Each man grabbed an ankle and they dragged the screaming redhead into the master bedroom. Bob picked her up and forcefully threw her down on the king-sized water bed.

"Get something to tie her down with," he told Rick.

"No! No!" Julie pleaded. "Don't do this to me, please!"

"Shut up, bitch!" Bob snapped. "You've been acting like a little whore all day and now you're gonna get treated like one!"

They turned Julie on her tummy and lashed her to the bed with nylon stockings. She was fully spread-eagled, her charming legs and silky arms spread wide.

Julie was frightened but she was also beginning to get excited. It was the same kind of excitement that she had felt with Smith that morning.

Rick began feeling her all over. His big, rough hands kneaded and rubbed the soft skin on her back and legs. He squeezed her big asscheeks and then slapped them hard, grunting his approval when he saw how her lusty flesh quivered under his blows.

"We've got a piece of quality meat here, my friend," he commented to Bob. "Grade-A prime!"

Rick grasped one succulent asscheek in his hand and shook. The rich flesh of Julie's thighs, ass and smooth back rippled like the surface of the water bed. He began slapping her big ass again, the blows getting harder and harder.

"Ummmmm!" Julie moaned. They're going to get rough with me, she thought. Her pussy juices dripped on the bed.

Bob knelt on the bed in front of her and jerked her head up by the hair. With his other hand he rubbed his swollen prick all over her face, smearing fuck juice on her nose and mouth.

Julie strained against the four nylon stockings which held her securely to the big bed. Her body twisted and stretched, the muscles in her beautiful ass contorting.

The more she struggled, the more excited she became.

Bob shoved his long cock hard against Julie's soft mouth. Her willing lips parted, and his powerful prick-shaft entered. Julie sucked uncontrollably as he snapped her head back and forth with his big hands.

"Oh, yeah!" Bob cried. "Suck it, baby! Suck that cock, you hot-assed little bitch! Yeah, baby! That feels good! You know how to do it, don't you? Suck, bitch! SUCK! SUCK!"

Julie felt Bob's giant prick-shaft being shoved all the way down her throat. She relaxed her throat muscles and let his cock go on in. Her jaws ached from being forced so wide open. The huge hunk of prick-meat felt fantastic fucking in and out of her lips.

"Mmmmmph!" she gurgled as she sucked harder and harder. Bob now had two handfuls of her curly red hair and was violently jamming her head up and down, up and down. With each down thrust, Julie's hot lips were mashed into the mass of hair at the base of the big man's prick.

Rick continued to abuse Julie's spread-open ass. He shook her milky assflesh to watch her ass jiggle and then slapped hard, leaving bright red marks on her tender skin. Julie winced with each blow, but felt the warmth travel to her little cunt, where the pain changed abruptly to raw desire and lust.

Rick gave her a final powerful slap and grabbed his cock with both hands. He rubbed the mighty cock-head up and down the crack of Julie's tingling ass. He left a trail of juice on the inside of both lush asscheeks and squeezed out a big blob on her tight, pink asshole.

Rick rubbed the pulsing head of his mighty cock against Julie's asshole, smearing the sticky fuck fluid all over. The tight-assed little red head squirmed under him, straining against the nylon stockings which cut into her tender skin.

Rick squeezed out more fuck juice, making her ass-hairs glisten and her little ass-muscle shine. Julie raised her dazzling ass into the air and wiggled her ass against the big, purple, slimy prick-head that Rick was holding hard against her asshole.

"I'm gonna fuck you up the ass, baby!" Rick warned. "But first, I want to hear you beg for it! Pull that cock out of her mouth, Bob. Let the little whore talk for a minute!"

Bob gave Julie's head a final pull toward him and buried her wet lips in his cock hair once more. He roughly jerked her head from side to side just to remind her who was in control and then pulled his prick out with a loud pop.

"OK, bitch, beg for it!" Rick commanded. He pressed his giant cock-head tight against Julie's slippery asshole and waited.

Julie was trembling from fear and desire. She had never been fucked up her ass before and was afraid it would hurt. She knew, however, that Rick was going to fuck her. There was no possibility that she could stop him.

"Ooooooh, baby!" Julie murmured. "Do it to me! Ass-fuck me, lover! Get rough with me! Shove it up my ass, baby! Fuck my ass! Please, baby! Give it to me up the ass! I want you to ass-fuck me! Do it now! Please!"

Julie wiggled her ass submissively, trying to feel more of Rick's big cock on her asshole. She dug her painted nails into the bedspread and waited.

"Eiiiiigh!" came her scream when Rick thrust forward. His huge, swollen prick-head penetrated her virgin ass-muscle, and Julie was impaled on his giant cock-shaft.

"Eiiiiiiiigh!" Julie screamed.

Rick shoved in a few more inches. She had never felt so filled up in her life. Surely Rick was splitting her ass apart with his powerful prick.

Once again Julie felt Bob's strong hands on her head as he stuffed her mouth full of cock. His great prick slipped back down her throat, and Julie choked as Bob began jerking her head back and forth.

"How does this feel, Julie, baby?" Bob teased. "You've been a little cock-tease all day, and now the cocks are teasing you! What about it, baby? How do you like one cock down your throat and another big prick up your asshole?"

Julie couldn't believe what was happening to her. First, it had been Mr. Smith this morning and now Bob and Rick this afternoon. She had never been treated in such an abusive manner in her entire life. The strange thing was that she enjoyed it. As she felt her own climax building around the giant prick being fucked up her ass, Julie realized that she was more excited than she had ever been before with anyone.

"Mmmmmmph!" she choked when Bob increased his speed. Ht now jerked her head up and down on his big cock more rapidly. With each thrust, Julie's full lips met the base of the big man's prick before her helpless head was jerked up again.

Rick had shoved his prick almost all the way up her ass but was still on his knees behind her, slapping her big, soft asscheeks again to watch the captive assflesh shake.

"Let's get together on this little cunt, man!" bog suggest. "Let's fuck her from both ends at the same time!"

Bob paused for a moment with just his big, swollen cock-head in Julie's mouth. Rick lay down on the big-titted redhead and reached under her, roughly grabbing a big tit in each hand.

"OK, now!" Bob cried.

Julie's curvaceous body tensed. Bob fucked his big prick savagely down her throat by holding her by the hair and snapping her head forward.

At the same instant, Rick gripped her big tits tightly and fucked the entire length of his thick cock up her ass.

A weak cry gurgled up out of her throat as the two big men pulled back in unison.

"Ready?" It was Bob's voice. "Again!"

Once more, both giant pricks fucked into her from opposite ends, the men using all the force in their powerful bodies. Julie felt like her helpless body was being compressed in a vise. She felt herself coming.

Bob and Rick had the rhythm now. Pull out slow... then slain back in as hard as possible. The little cunt would remember this workout.

In and out. Back and forth. Over and over. Julie came. Great waves swept through her splendid body as she strained against the nylons. Her back arched, her ass shook. Rick squeezed her big tits and pinched her engorged nipples mercilessly.

Both cocks blasted. Julie choked and gagged as Bob shot his big load down her throat. Rick got a good grip on her enormous tits and gave one last mighty thrust. He fired his cum-load up her delightful ass.

Chapter THREE

When Julie, Bob and Rick returned to the office, Candy was not at her desk by the door. The main office area was empty and the door to Mr. Smith's office was tightly closed.

Julie passed close by the door several times and tried to hear some sound from inside but with no success.

Bob and Rick settled down to work on the files and helped Julie get oriented.

Anyone observing the scene would never have thought that the big-titted redhead in the tight, sexy dress had been fucked by the office manager that morning and then practically gang-raped by Bob and Rick in an empty house during the afternoon.

Soon the door to Mr. Smith's office opened and Candy pranced out. She was, Julie noticed, particularly attractive, and her nineteen years gave her an air of innocence which Julie lacked.

Candy was a little taller than Julie with a good body. She didn't have a set of tits anything like the redhead's, but her ass was full and round and, like Julie, she chose high heels and tight, revealing clothes to show off her lusty figure.

Candy swept her long, blond hair off her shoulder and smiled at Julie. She glanced around to be sure that Bob and Rick weren't watching, moved close to Julie and parted her lips ever so slightly.

Julie gasped. There, oozing out the corner of Candy's sexy little mouth was a trickle of pearly white cum. The young bland let the jism run down her chin before catching it with her fingertip. She stared at Julie for a moment, giggled, and licked the sticky liquid off her finger.

"You're gonna like it here," she told Julie, "especially after you get used to things."

Candy winked and went to her typewriter.

Julie arrived home that evening before Mark. She stripped and ran a bath in they sunken tub. She and Mark still lived in an apartment. They hoped to buy a house soon, but for now the apartment offered them some luxuries which they enjoyed. The sunken tub was one and the pool which served as the social center was another. Maybe, Julie thought, this job will provide enough money to afford a house with some of the same features.

Julie stood iii front of the mirrored closet doors which comprised one wall of their bedroom. She still had on her heels and all her jewelry.

I look pretty damn good, she thought. No wonder Mr. Smith and the guys had forced themselves on her. Who could blame them? With a body like hers, Julie reasoned, it was a wonder she wasn't raped each time she went to the supermarket.

Julie took a deep breath and stuck her delectable tits out. She loved the way her thirty-eight-inch tits jutted away from her body.

My tits really look like they mean business, she thought.

Julie ran one smooth hand from her shoulder down to her red-haired pussy, caressing her silken skin as she went. As her hand passed over her big tit, she could feel her brown nipple stiffen under her touch.

She flattened out her tit and watched her rubbery tit pop back up into position when her hand released it. Her tits were as firm and full as a high-school girl's.

The curvaceous redhead toyed with her cunt with one hand and turned so that she could see her big round ass. She had loved the way all three men had wanted to see her ample assflesh shake. With her free hand, Julie slapped her ass hard.

She enjoyed the sensation as she watched her big asscheeks quiver.

Julie turned back, took one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger, and shook her tit. Her creamy tit-flesh jiggled invitingly, and she felt a warm glow build between her legs.

Kicking off her shoes, Julie entered the bathroom and climbed into the tub. The warm water relaxed her at once, and she closed her eyes. Reviewing the events of the day, Julie kept seeing Mr. Smith's giant cock.

First, his prick was going in and out of a pussy. Hers, Julie supposed. Then Mr. Smith was holding his cock in her face, stroking his great prick-shaft with his big hand. Julie was getting hot.

Next, Candy appeared. Smith's big cock was stuffed into her young mouth and she sucked his prick with obvious delight. Julie dropped both hands to her itching cunt. The thought of pretty little Candy sucking Smith's huge prick was really turning her on.

"Suck it, you little bitch!" Julie whispered. "Suck that big cock and suck it good!"

Julie was stroking her pussy with abandon. She imagined that she had a grip on Candy's blond hair and was holding Mr. Smith's thick cock with the other hand, forcing the sexy secretary to suck his prick.

"Julie! Hey, honey! I'm home!" came Mark's distinctive voice.

"Shit!" exclaimed Julie. She withdrew her hands from her cunt at once and, in her mind, reluctantly let go of Mr. Smith's cock and released her hair-lock on Candy's long tresses.

"I'm in here, lover," she called. Julie and Mark had a pretty good sex life, but it was routine. She certainly wouldn't want him to catch her playing with herself in the tub, Mark reached down and fondled one of Julie's big, firm tits as he bent over to kiss her. He felt her stiff, swollen nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

"Ohhhh," Julie crooned, "that feels good, lover!" She put her hands behind her head and arched her splendid back to thrust her tits up and out.

Mark got on his knees beside the tub and massaged both huge tits. They were slippery with soap and slipped back and forth under his hands. Julie kept her back arched and her well endowed tits expanded to their fullest. She knew that Mark loved to see her show off her best asset.

"Ummmmm, baby!" Julie giggled. "Squeeze my tits. Play with my nipples! Oh, yeah! Pinch 'em, sugar! Pinch 'em hard!"

Mark complied, taking a big, stiff nipple with each hand and pinching and pulling on her distended nipples. Julie's nipples grew even larger. The dark skin around them puckered, and the milky skin of Julie's splendid tits tightened. Her tits swelled in size and a fire erupted once more in her pussy.

"Yesssss!" she moaned. "Let me suck you, baby! Pull out your prick and feed it to me! I want to suck your big nasty cock!"

Mark was surprised. Surprised but pleased. Julie had a fantastic body. There was no denying that. And she was good in bed.

Mark had never suggested doing anything that she wasn't willing to try. Bat she normally didn't use language like that or act so forward.

"If your new job has this effect on you," Mark joked as he unzipped his fly, "you have my permission to work overtime!"

Julie smiled. If he only knew, she thought. If he only knew that it really is my new job that has me so turned on! She rose to her knees in the tub.

Mark knelt beside her and pulled out his prick. Julie felt a spasm of disappointment when she saw how puny Mark's cock looked when compared to Mr. Smith's huge prick. Bob and Rick were both considerably bigger, also.

Oh, well, she thought. Everyone says its not the size but how you use it. Bullshit!

Mark held his stiffening cock out to Julie. She came to him quickly and licked long and slow, starting on his hairy balls and working up his cock-shaft to his swollen prick-head. Julie spit on his purple cock-head and rolled the saliva around with her warm lips. When she had the prick-head good and wet, she let his cock slide between her lips and she sucked.

"Aaaagh!" Mark exclaimed. His prick was fully hard now, and the little redhead's mouth felt good to him after a hard day's work.

Why doesn't he grab my hair? thought Julie. Why doesn't he hold my head and stuff his cock in with his hand? Oh, God. I wish he'd rub his prick all over my face!

Julie couldn't get the day's events gut of her mind. The experience of being abused and treated like a common slut had overwhelmed her. She had never felt such intense excitement in her life.

She knew now what she had been missing. She loved being roughed up and given a good working-over. She wanted to be raped. She craved huge, powerful men with big, thick cocks who would simply use her for their own perverse pleasure.

These thoughts excited her. Julie took Mark's cock out and stood up in the tub, stretching to show him her charming figure. She would use Mark right now to enjoy her fantasy.

"Take off your clothes, honey," she suggested. "I want you to fuck me right here on the floor."

Mark was perplexed. In three years of marriage, he had never fucked Julie anywhere but in a bed. She was certainly acting differently this evening, he thought.

Julie lay down on her back. The floor was hard, and the tile was cold. She closed her eyes.

I'm on the cold, dirty floor of a garage, she told herself. It's smeared with oil and grease and there are a lot of men, a dozen or more, just standing around smoking cigarettes and talking. They're drinking beer and gesturing toward me with lustful looks in their eyes.

Mark stripped and got on top of Julie. He fondled her big, sleek tits for a moment and then shoved his prick into her pussy. He was surprised to find her sopping wet and ready.

"Go slow, baby," she cautioned. "Try to make it last."

As Mark gripped her smooth shoulders and began to fuck, Julie's garage scene returned.

She was on her back, stripped naked. Earlier, a truckload of men had caught her in an empty parking lot and forced her into their van. They were the same ones she had so unashamedly flashed her big tits at that afternoon.

They drove her to the garage, their big dirty hands feeling her tits and cunt all during the trip. They pulled up her dress and felt her pussy while other hands tore at her tits, ripping her dress and exposing her giant tits.

The men told her what they would do to her at the garage, in graphic detail. They also told her what would happen if she didn't cooperate. Julie was terrified.

She would do anything they demanded if only they wouldn't do those horrible things to her lovely body. A mixture of terror and excitement ignited her pussy.

"How's this, Julie?" Mark asked. He was fucking long and slow, making himself last.

"Good, baby. Real good."

At the garage, Julie was taken to the center of the floor. There were more men waiting there. They hooted and shouted insults at her, commenting on her spectacular body with its huge tits and big ass.

A giant of a man with dark greasy hair and a cruel face tied her hands together and threw the other end of the rope over a rafter. He pulled hard until Julie was hoisted to her tiptoes and then tied the rope off.

There were whistles and catcalls as the giant faced the big-titted girl and grabbed the front of her torn dress. With one jerk, he ripped the flimsy garment off. He then hooked one finger in Julie's tiny bikini panties and tore them off her curvaceous hips.

"Owwwwww!" Julie moaned. She stretched her arms above her head and pointed her painted toes, trying to imagine how it would feel to be restrained in such a humiliating manner. Mark continued to fuck.

The giant returned to Julie with two lengths of thin, nylon rope. He encircled one succulent tit and pulled the rope tight. Julie winced from the pain and looked down.

The rope squeezed her big tit so hard that her tit appeared full and swollen. The skin was stretched and shiny, and her big tit looked as though it was ready to pop.

The big man pulled the rope even tighter and tied it off. He then repeated the process on her other tit. Julie stared at her poor abused tits. The painfully tight ropes made them stand out from her chest like twin torpedoes. They had been big before. Now they looked gigantic.

"Squeeze my tits!" she pleaded to Mark. "Squeeze 'em really hard, honey. Don't worry about hurting me!"

Mark grabbed both her lusty tits as he continued to fuck her wet pussy. He was aware of how turned on Julie seemed to be and wanted to do everything right for her. Little did he know that she was miles away in a filthy garage about to be gang-raped by a dozen tough men.

The men filed by Julie a few at a time, slapping her big fleshy ass and feeling her juicy cunt with their dirty rough hands.

The driver of the truck from that afternoon came forward, called Julie a whore and clapped her hard across her captive tits. Her swollen tit-flesh shook from his blow, and began to redden. Julie bit her lip to keep from crying.

Two men approached her. Their pants were open and both had giant pricks like Mr. Smith. They insolently stroked their mammoth hard-ons while looking Julie up and down... One man then squeezed her tender bound tits while the other man slapped her creamy ass to make her assflesh shake.

Suddenly, the one behind her grabbed both her ankles and hoisted her off the floor, spreading both legs painfully wide. Julie hung by only her wrists.

The man in front gave her jutting tits a final squeeze and stepped closer. He grasped his cock with one hand and, without warning, shoved the full length up into her burning pussy.

"Eiiiiiigh!" Julie screamed.

Mark stopped fucking her. "Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No! No!" she gasped. "I need more! Don't you dare stop again! No matter what I say, don't stop! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

The second man fucked his huge prick up Julie's asshole and forced his cock in to the hilt! There she was, strung up by her wrists like a side of beef. One man had her shapely legs spread wide and was ass-fucking her with a cock as big as a baseball bat while the other man jammed an equally large prick up her little pussy.

The other men cheered them on. They crowded around and laughed at their big-titted prisoner. Several poured beer on Julie. It soaked her red hair and ran down, dripping from her chin and her stiff-tipped nipples.

A number of dirty men had their cocks out and waiting, obviously relishing the time when they would get their turn with this hot little bitch.

Two men from the crowd took charge of Julie's legs, freeing the hands of the man who was fucking her lovely ass. Each one took an ankle and kept her legs spread wide. They then pulled out their engorged pricks and, removing her sexy shoes, each one rubbed his cock with one of Julie's pretty little feet.

The man with his cock up her ass slapped her fleshy asscheeks until her whole ass quivered. His blows stung like fire.

The man in front slapped her breath-taking tits, watching them jiggle like two bowls of jello. He pulled and tugged on her distended nipples until Julie thought surely he would pull one off. Then he let her big tits snap back like two rubber bands.

"Yaaaaah!" Julie screamed in imagined agony. Mark gave her all he had, fucking his cock into her steaming cunt like a piledriver.

Just when Julie thought the two dirty men would rip her asshole and pussy to shreds, the giant appeared and ordered them off. He got her down and threw her to the filthy floor. Four new men clustered around and held her spread-eagled on her back. Julie twisted and pulled in a futile attempt to free herself. The men watched, getting more excited as her lovely body writhed.

Then the parade began. In her fantasy, each man had a cock fully a foot long and as big around as her forearm. They lined up, licking their lips as the giant tightened the ropes on Julie's big tits. Her big tits looked ready to explode.

Julie's arms were pulled tight at right angles to her abused body. Her legs were spread to the breaking point to give everyone a full view of her little red-haired pussy and tiny asshole.

The giant was first. He split her apart like a wedge, fucking his powerful cock with superhuman force. As he was coming, another man sat on her chest and jacked-off, his cum spurting in great arcs and splashing on her beer-stained face.

One after another they came, each man fucking her hard and fast. Most slapped her swollen tits or jerked her head around by her hair.

Next her captors turned her over and made her get on her hands and knees. Julie felt motor oil being poured on her ass and rubbed into her asshole. Soon a big prick followed, slipping easily in. Her asshole was still tight but had loosened considerably, allowing her captors to fuck easily in and out.

A line of men formed at Julie's head. The first man knelt in front of her and grabbed her hair, stuffing his big slimy cock into her mouth. He fired blast after blast of cum down her throat, choking her, before he was replaced by number two. The second man had Julie suck him off, but preferred to shoot his cum-load in her pretty face, smearing it around with his swollen cock-head.

Julie was forced to suck two cocks at once. The men knelt side by side and told her to open wide. Julie obeyed and, before she knew it, had both pricks stuffed into her mouth simultaneously. Her jaws ached and, from the rear, a new cock split her asshole open again.

Finally, one of the men slid under her and pulled her down to him. Julie let her entire weight rest on his massive body. He shoved his big prick into her cunt and fucked.

Another cock was fucked up her well greased ass and a third was, forced down her throat. All three big men fucked the little redhead with the same rhythm. In and out, in and out.

Julie felt strong hands pull her shoulders up. She supported herself by straightening her arms.

Her body was now at a forty-five-degree angle with her luscious roped and swollen tits flanging free. She continued to take a cock down her throat and the two others up her ass and cunt.

Two more men moved in, one on each side. Each grabbed a tit and his own cock and rubbed his swollen prick-head against Julie's distended nipple. Now her tits were being fucked also.

Finally, strong hands grasped her shoulders and held her in position. Her hands were now free and she felt a gigantic, wet, slippery cock thrust into each of her hands. Julie squeezed and stroked, giving these two pricks handjobs.

"Eiiiiiiigh!" the big-titted redhead cried. "Ohhhhh! Yessss!"

Mark shot his load into Julie. He had never seen her so wild. She was twisting and writhing under him like an animal.

Cocks! Cocks! Cocks! Julie thought. Huge cocks! Foot-long cocks. One prick up her asshole! One cock buried in her cunt! One prick in her mouth and down her throat, spitting cum! Two cocks fucking her tits, shooting creamy fuck juice all over her lovely tits! And one cock in each hand!

She was pumping them all dry. And best of all, it was all against her will. She was being forced. Gang-raped!

Julie seemed to explode. She lost what little control that remained. She tore at Mark's shoulders and bit his neck. Great surges of violent pleasure whipped her body across the floor. She dragged Mark with her, locking her sleek legs around him.

"Baby," Mark said as they shared a cigarette, "I don't know what got into you, but I hope it happens again."

"I was just having a good time, lover," Julie responded. She stretched and admired her big tits in the bathroom mirror.

"Hey, we'd better get some supper," Mark reminded her. "Hal is having a party down by the pool about nine. He wants us to meet his new girl-friend."

"Sounds like fun," murmured Julie.

Chapter FOUR

After supper Julie dressed for the party. The outside temperature was still very high so she decided that there was no reason to even take a wrap to cover her swimsuit.

She stepped into the bottom of the tiny string bikini and pulled the thin gold chains high over her curvaceous hips. The little pussy patch in front was just enough to cover her mound of red cunt-hair and the larger panel in the back allowed a generous portion of each delectable asscheek to be seen.

Julie slipped on her high-heeled rope sandals and examined herself in the big mirror. Her shapely legs were accented by the sexy heels and their provocative flow was uninterrupted except by the gold chain pulled up to waist level.

Julie took a deep breath and arched her sleek back. Her spectacular tits jutted out temptingly, her milky skin contrasting with her dark brown, puckered nipples.

I'd love to go to one of these parties topless, thought Julie. No man there would be able to take his eyes off me! I'd give each of them a big hard-on!

"You ready?" Mark called.

"Coming, hon," Julie answered. She picked up her scanty top and reluctantly covered her breath-taking tits. The two tiny triangles barely concealed her stiff nipples, allowing the top half of each big round tit to show. The tight top also pushed Julie's generous, fleshy tits together, creating a deep valley of impressive cleavage.

As they walked to the drink table, all eyes were on Julie. Even the other women seemed transfixed by her stunning body.

Julie played it for all it was worth, strutting so that her ample ass-meat shook, each perfectly formed cheek jiggling in a faultless circle. The elastic straps of her tiny top caused her huge tits to bounce even more than usual, her revealed tit-flesh quivering seductively.

"Welcome!" greeted Hal as he made ready to fix drinks for the newcomers. "The usual?"

Julie put her hands on her naked hips and stroked them suggestively, twisting her sultry body to display all its alluring curves to the men who had gravitated toward them.

Julie could see the jealous wives and girlfriends staring at her from the edges of the pool. She was used to getting the evil eye from women whose partners left them sitting alone in order to get a good look at her breath-taking figure!

Julie put her arms behind her head and pretended to stretch, expanding her luscious tits to their fullest. She saw the admiring glances from less-fortunate women and the lustful looks on the faces of their men.

Hal was smiling at her, looking directly at her big tits and the deep valley between them. Julie glanced down at her dazzling tits and then back up at Hal to let him know that she knew what he was thinking about. She grinned, flicked her wet tongue across her lips and winked.

"I'm sure glad to see you again, Julie," Hal mumbled, "and Mark, too." He looked around. "I want you to meet a new friend of mine, if I can find her. Hey! There she is. Be right back!"

Julie watched Hal walk away. She had noticed a growing lump form inside his tight swimsuit as they talked and then a dark spot of wet had appeared.

Hal was big and muscular from lifting weights. Julie felt a tingling in her pussy as she imagined how strong he must be.

God, thought Julie, if he ever decided to rape me, I wouldn't have a chance!

Hal returned with his date. Like Julie, the striking blond wore a skimpy, string bikini and a pair of revealing high heels. She swung her full round hips and meaty ass as she walked. Though her tits were small, they were firm and set high. She looked young.

Julie let her gaze begin low and travel up the big-assed blond's shapely calves and firm thighs. The little red string bottom decorated a pair of deeply tanned, hips and a flat, brown tummy. Julie could see the little blond's hardened nipples poking out behind the wafer thin fabric of the swimsuit top.

As her eyes came to rest on the young girl's pretty enticing face, Julie let out a gasp that could be heard all around the party. She couldn't believe her eyes. There, almost naked and looking nearly as good as Julie, stood Candy, Ace Realty's versatile cock-sucking secretary.

Introductions were made and the two spectacular girls appraised one another. They were easily the two best-looking women at the pool and both were determined to show off their assets to all who wanted to see.

Candy's tits were tiny in comparison to Julie's mighty tits, but her ass was bigger than the redhead's. She capitalized on this, letting the rear panel of her swimsuit creep into the crack of her ass, revealing both plump, quivering asscheeks. She played and teased with the younger men, finding excuses to run or jump, causing her succulent flesh to dance and shake.

By midnight, everyone was drunk. It was a weeknight and many wives had already dragged their husbands back to their apartments, especially those whose partners had spent the evening ogling Julie's big bouncy tits and Candy's big swinging ass.

"Hey, Mark, old buddy," Hal slurred, "I've got a new porn film that's absolutely dynamite. Let's get Candy and Julie and take a look at it!"

Mark considered for a minute. "No, Hal. I'll kayo to pass. I've got a heavy morning coming up at work and I'd better get some sleep. I'm gonna head for the apartment now. When you see Julie, tell her I've gone on home."

Hal found both girls at the far end of the pool. A group of guys had persuaded them to dance on top of a picnic table. Someone, had supplied a cassette player for music.

Candy had slid the rear panel of her bikini completely into the crack of her pliant ass. Both huge asscheeks were exposed to the delight of the spectators. Candy gyrated and wiggled to the primitive beat. Her big ass shook tempestuously. From time to time, she pinched her erect nipples, making sure that they stood out through the fabric.

Not to be outdone, Julie danced and writhed right beside the feverish blond. With her legs spread wide, she bumped and ground her delightful ass like she was being fucked. She lifted both big, juicy tits out of the tiny top and shook her shoulders to make them dance. The halter supported them so that they jutted out invitingly and her rock-hard nipples pointed like twin machine-guns at her appreciative audience.

Hal let the girls finish and then hauled them both down with his powerful arms. Julie's big tits were still hanging out of her top, and she pressed them against Hal's bare chest.

Candy giggled excitedly when Hal mentioned the porn film, but Julie was sullen, mad at Mark for having to go to bed. He was always spoiling her fun with that asshole job of his.

"Come on and watch it, anyway," Hal suggested. "Mark won't care and, besides, he's probably asleep already. You could stay out most of the night and he wouldn't know it!"

Julie felt better at once. She would do just as she pleased. She had a job now, and if she wanted to stay out, she damned well would! Hal still had his big arms around both girls and Julie pressed her bare tits against him again.

Candy readjusted her bikini bottom and Julie pulled her top back up as the trio walked past the few people who remained by the pool. Most were too drunk to walk. Hal pulled three people away from the edge so they wouldn't fall in and drown.

"So you both work for Ace Realty?" Hal commented.

"Today was Julie's first day," Candy explained. "Mr. Smith worked with her this morning and our two salesmen taught her a few things this afternoon. They sort of showed her the ropes, so to speak!" Candy reached around Hal's back and playfully pinched Julie's soft ass.

Damn! Julie thought as she remembered herself fled down to the waterbed with four nylon stockings, being raped by Bob and Rick. They've told Candy about what happened. I can't let Mark find out!

"It's a great place to work," Candy continued, giggling. "And Julie learns fast. Why, just this afternoon I was explaining something to Julie and I only needed to open my mouth for a second. She got the message right away!"

Julie couldn't help but laugh. She liked Candy more and more as she got to know her. She had a good sense of humor and was the only girl Julie knew who was as much of an exhibitionist as she was. There was another attraction as well. Julie had felt it when she fantasized about feeding the sexy blond Mr. Smith's huge cock. And now, remembering the cum trickling down Candy's chin, Julie felt a warmth grow in her pussy.

Julie settled down on Hal's big bed while Candy fixed more drinks. The film was on video-tape and Hal had, his TV in the bedroom. Julie knew that Mark would be upset if he knew she was on Hal's bed dressed in only a bikini.

Fuck him! she thought and took the fresh Bloody Mary from Candy. He could have come if he'd wanted!

The little blond fixed drinks for Hal and herself and sat down beside Julie. They pulled big fluffy pillows up behind them and lay back. Candy suggestively rubbed Julie's leg with her soft toes. It felt so good Julie didn't stop her.

The TV glowed pale white and then flickered. Colors emerged and took form. Soon a big-titted young girl with a cute face and freckles was being held from behind by a big muscular man while his partner punched the girl's protruding tits and slapped her face. She cursed and spat at them.

"You little whore," one of the men on the screen said. "You double-crossed us once too often and now you're gonna pay!"

The action got heavier as the girl's clothes were torn off and the men both pulled out their cocks. Each man was heavy-hung, and they assaulted the girl in every possible way, slapping her around when she didn't obey.

Julie felt herself getting hot and looked over at Candy. The blond was writhing about, squeezing her small, firm tits and digging at her cunt. Her bikini bottom was soaked from her flowing fuck juices.

Hal was on her other side. His cock was fully erect and stuck far up out of his swimsuit.

My God! thought Julie. His prick is as big and muscular as the rest of him! Hal was easily as big as Mr. Smith, close to a foot long and as thick as Julie's arm. The swollen head of his cock was wet and slippery with prick-juice.

"Ohhhhhhhh, I've got to get out of this!" Candy suddenly cried. She jumped up and with Julie and Hal eagerly watching, stripped off her sticky wet string bottom and pulled the tiny top over her head.

Candy leaped back on the bed and turned to Julie. The little blond secretary placed one of Julie's hands on her left tit and whispered in the redhead's ear.

"Play with my tits, Julie! Let's get it on, baby. I want to fuck you and I know you want to fuck me! I could tell by your face the minute I let you see that cum roll out of my mouth!"

Candy's small tit felt firm and resilient in Julie's hand. She had never, touched another woman before and wanted to stop. But it was impossible. Her cunt began to burn from the forbidden pleasure. She slid her hand across to Candy's other tit and pinched her nipple.

"Owwwww!" Candy exclaimed. "Do it to me, baby! Do it!" Both her little nipples had stiffened under Julie's caresses and her tits felt hot and flushed.

Julie paused and, in one smooth motion, pulled her own bikini top over her head. Her dazzling tits jumped free and Candy grabbed for them. She kneaded the supple tit-flesh, pulling and twisting Julie's engorged nipples.

"Ohhhhh, Julie," she crooned. "You're so big! Ohhhh, I wish I had a set of tits like these. Ohhhh, I love 'em!"

Hal sat up and pulled Julie's little string bottom all the way down and threw it on the floor. By now the man on TV had the big titted girl strung up by her wrists and were fucking a beer bottle up her cunt. Hal spread Julie's legs wide.

"Climb on her, Candy!" Hal directed. He pulled off his own swimsuit while the delightful blond lowered herself onto Julie's writhing body.

Julie's hands went instinctively to Candy's long hair. She grabbed two handfuls and forced the blond's mouth down to her quivering tits.

"Suck 'em, bitch!" Julie heard herself say. "Suck my big tits, you little cunt! Suck 'em, baby! Suck 'em!"

Candy grasped one of Julie's giant tits with both hands and squeezed at the base. Her big tit stood up straight and her skin seemed to glow. Candy felt her mouth being pulled down onto the huge mound of tit-flesh. She opened her warm lips and rolled Julie's rock-hard nipple with her tongue.

Julie couldn't get enough. She jerked the blonde around by her hair first to one rubbery tit, then to the other. Candy was wild. She sucked Julie's succulent tits wantonly, stuffing as much in her little mouth as she possibly could. She pushed the huge mounds of shimmering tit-flesh together and buried her pretty face between them.

Candy lay flat between Julie's shapely legs. Candy's young tits rested on the little redhead's bushy mound. Julie responded to the pressure and humped her pussy up and down. Candy continued to give her big tits a work-out and pressed her tits down hard to meet Julie's feverish thrusts.

Hal was enjoying the show. He had spread Julie's lovely legs when Candy climbed on top. Now he did the same to the blond. Grasping an ankle in each hand, Hal pulled the big-assed girl's limbs wide apart and felt her soft flesh. He ran his hands up her well-shaped calves and across her silken thighs to her giant ass.

Candy was fucking her flaming pussy into the bed as hard as she could. Hal slapped her big ass. Her fleshy ass-meat shook lustily, sending ripples down her legs and up her back. Hal slapped harder, watching her quivering flesh dance.

"Eat her cunt, Candy!" Hal ordered. He grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and handful of ass-flesh with the other and dragged the little blond toward the foot of the bed, forcing her face roughly into Julie's dripping red-haired pussy.

"Eiiiiiigh!" Julie howled as she felt the girl's mouth and nose being rubbed in her cunt.

Hal controlled Candy's head with his powerful hands. He maintained a hair-lock with his left hand and gripped the back of her neck with the other. In this way he could rub her face into Julie's pussy as hard as he wished.

"Suck her, bitch!" Hal laughed. "Suck her cunt! Eat her out good, baby! Lick that pussy, cunt! Lick that pussy!"

Hal gave Candy's head one last hard push and smeared pussy juice all over her face. She was drenched from forehead to chin and began to giggle as she licked the insides of Julie's thighs.

Julie grabbed Candy's hair and again pushed her little cunt into the blond's dripping face. Hal slapped Candy's ass more as she lapped at Julie's pussy.

Julie watched the TV screen as Candy submissively ate her lovely cunt. The two musclemen still were working over the young, freckle faced girl with the huge tits. She was now tied to a wall, spread-eagle fashion, hanging by her wrists. A dark-haired woman with an incredible body and dressed in garter-belt and nylons was approaching her with a whip.

The dark-haired beauty licked the whip with her sexy tongue and walked up to the captive girl. Hal had turned the sound down, and Julie couldn't hear what was being said but she saw the dark-haired girl begin to rub her body against the other girl's. The brunette and her prisoner both had tits to equal Julie's and the sight of those huge tits being mashed against one another made Julie tremble!

Hal watched also as the brunette then jammed the whip handle up the girl's cunt and savagely fucked it in and out. Finally she stepped back and snapped the whip over her shoulder. The tip flew out and caught the freckle-faced girl across her big tits, leaving a red welt.

Julie watched in utter fascination. This was heavy stuff, but she found herself getting more and more excited. She imagined that the big titted captive was little Candy.

The whip bit again and kissed the girl's tender brown nipple. She cried out in pain only to have her other sensitive nipple lashed. Finally the tough brunette directed the whip at the young girl's cunt mound, and Julie could stand it no longer. She grabbed Candy by her long blond hair and jerked her head up.

"I'm gonna fuck you, cunt!" she exploded. "I'm gonna fuck you till your pussy is raw! You won't be able to walk for a week after I finish with you!"

Julie wrestled the horny little blond over on her back and climbed on top. Hal settled down to watch, stroking his immense cock.

Julie spread-eagled the blond, pinning both her arms with her hands and spreading her shapely legs wide with her own. She hung her enormous tits in Candy's pussy-stained face and swung them back and forth, just out of the big-assed girl's reach.

"Suck 'em, bitch!" Julie taunted. "Suck 'em, if you can!" Julie laughed as Candy tried to reach Julie's magnificent tits with her mouth and tongue.

Every now and then, Julie would let one big stiff nipple brush Candy's face, but when the blond tried to lick it, she would pull it back up just out of reach. Candy struggled to pull her hands free but the older girl had a vise-like grip on her wrists.

"What's the matter, little pussy-eater!" Julie mocked. "Can't the little cunt-licker reach my big, beautiful tits? Don't you wish you had tits like these, bitch? Don't you wish you had big tits like mine?"

The wild little redhead swung her big tits forcefully and let them smack into Candy's lovely face. The blonde's head snapped to one side from the force of the blow only to be met by Julie's giant tits coming back. Over and over, Julie slapped Candy's face with her splendid tits, jarring the big-assed blond's head each time.

"Do you want me to suck your tits, baby?" Julie asked in a hoarse whisper. "Do you want me to lick your little nipples with my big, wet tongue?"

"Yes! Ohhhhh, yes!" Candy gasped.

"Then beg me, cunt!" was Julie's reply. "Beg me for it!"

"Please, honey! Please, baby!" Candy whimpered. "I need you so bad! Suck my little tits! Please, baby, suck my tits! Use your mouth and lick my little nipples! Make 'em big and hard like yours!"

Candy strained against Julie's mighty grip, trying to thrust her young, firm tits up high to Julie's delicious mouth.

"I'm gonna let you go," Julie cautioned, "but you keep your legs spread wide and your arms stretched out like I have you. You, pretend that you're staked out with ropes. If you move, you'll be very, very sorry!"

Julie released her grip on. Candy's wrists and slid down to her heaving tits. Candy obeyed Julie's orders and remained spread-eagled, arching her back to push up her splendid little tits with their tight, brown nipples.

The big-titted girl took one of Candy's firm upturned tits in her mouth and sucked lustily.

Cindy moaned and squirmed, and Julie felt the tiny nipple stiffen against her tongue. Julie moved to the other side and sucked that juicy tit hard also.

When she had both little stiff nipples standing at attention, Julie grasped each one between a thumb and forefinger and twisted hard. She rolled each one around and pinched. Candy winced in pain as Julie pulled one puckered nipple put until it looked as though it would tear off.

"Does that hurt, bitch?" Julie taunted as she let Candy's stretched tit snap back in position.

Julie slowly, teasingly, slid back up Candy's voluptuous body. When they were belly to belly, she raised her shoulders up by straightening her arms and pushed her little red cunt bush up tight against the blond's. Their pussy hairs mingled as Candy raised to meet her.

"It's pussy to pussy now, bitch!" Julie commented as Candy rocked her hips. "How does my pussy feel on your little cunt?" Julie swung her stiff-tipped tits in Candy's sensuous face.

The little blond wrapped her arms around Julie's neck and tried to pull her down.

"Bitch!" spat Julie as she slapped her away. The redhead grabbed one small tit and dug her long nails in savagely. "I told you not to move, bitch! Now you're gonna be sorry!"

Chapter FIVE

Julie grabbed the sexy little blond by her long silken hair and pulled her off the bed. Candy, still wearing her high heels, tripped and fell to the floor.

"Get up, bitch!" Julie snapped. She, too, was dressed in only a pair of high-heeled sandals. Julie spread her well-shaped legs aggressively and put her hands on her charming hips.

Candy rose to her feet. "Please don't hurt me," she begged.

Julie pulled back and punched the young secretary hard in her tan naked stomach. The big-assed girl doubled over but stayed on her feet. She held her belly with both hands and looked up submissively at Julie.

"You didn't listen to me!" Julie growled. "Now you're gonna pay! Hal and I are gonna give you the working-over of your life!"

Hal grinned and stepped behind the cringing blond. He hadn't counted on anything as good as this happening when he brought the girls home! His eleven-inch cock rubbed against Candy's smooth suntanned back.

"Let me hold her for you," Hal offered.

He grasped the little blond's wrists and twisted both arms behind her back.

"Spread your legs, cunt!" he ordered.

Candy obeyed. She slid both sandaled feet out until she thought her pussy would split open. She had given her pretty toes a fresh coat of hot-red polish before coming to the party, and Julie noticed how sexy Candy's little feet looked.

With her arms pinioned securely behind her by Hal's powerful grip, Candy was forced to arch her back and thrust out her firm young tits. There was no sag to her lovely tits at all. The skin was stretched taut and was creamy white up to her tan line. Candy's little nipples were tiny brown buds, puckered and stiff, begging for attention.

Julie stepped close and took a handful of Candy's hair in her left hand. She brought her knee up and shoved it between the captured girl's outspread legs. Julie rubbed her leg roughly against the sexy secretary's soft cunt lips.

"You're ours, bitch!" she whispered menacingly. "Your pussy belongs to us now!"

Julie stepped back and opened her palm. She brought her hand back and slapped hard against one of Candy's exposed tits. Despite its young firmness, her tight tit-flesh quivered.

Hal took a handful of hair and snapped Candy's neck back to thrust out her delectable young tits even more. Her tits seemed to swell even fuller.

As Hal gripped the captive girl, he pushed his huge prick into her sleek back. His wet, slippery cock-head left a trail of fuck juice, and droplets rolled down Candy's tan back and disappeared between the twin cheeks of her magnificent ass.

Julie slapped the blond's tits again, raking Candy's sensitive nipples with her long red nails! Candy's body tensed, in pain with each fresh blow. Her firm tits were red and stinging when Julie had finished.

"Give me her swimsuit top," Hal ordered, gesturing to the wisp of red fabric which lay on the floor. "Pull the strings out first."

Hal used the red strings to tie Candy's hands tightly behind her back. "Get her face down on the bed!" he told Julie.

The big-titted redhead reached out for one of Candy's poor abused tits. She pinched the swollen nipple between two fingers and led the captive girl to the bed.

Candy was breathing hard. Her face was almost as flushed as her stinging tits. Her pussy was soaked and dripping. Despite the pain and humiliation, she loved the treatment.

Hal stood by the bed and pulled Candy's face over to the edge. He motioned to Julie. "Feed her my cock!" he directed.

Julie lay flat on top of Candy. She pressed her luscious cunt into the blond's splendid ass, draping one smooth leg on each side of the big assed girl. From this position she could reach Candy's head and Hal's giant prick with equal ease.

Hal put his hands on his hips and waited. Julie took a handful of Candy's long hair and raised her head. With her other hand, Julie lifted Hal's big cock. His prick was heavy. She could barely get her little hand around his cock-shaft enough to get a good grip.

"Here's something for you, baby," Julie teased as she squeezed out a big glob of fuck juice. Hal's monstrous cock-head was already smeared with sticky fuck liquid, and the fresh drop just hung on the tip, threatening to descend all the way to the floor.

"Open your eyes, cunt!" Julie ordered, "and take a look!"

Candy looked. Her eyes got huge when she saw the size of the colossal prick that Julie was holding in her face. Julie tightened her hair lock on the tightly tied girl and rubbed Hal's big, slimy cock-head all over Candy's cute, upturned nose.

The thick fluid made her nose glisten. Julie squeezed out more fuck juice and it ran down to Candy's moist lips. Julie pushed the swollen cock-head into Candy's nostrils, filling them with big drops of clear, sticky fuck fluid.

"Suck it, bitch!" ordered Julie. "Wrap your little lips around this big, nasty cock and suck! Suck, bitch! Suck!"

Julie was living her bathtub fantasy. Here she was with big-assed Candy completely under her control. The hot, little blond had her hands bound behind her, back and Julie was riding her luscious ass, grinding her steamy, red-haired cunt into Candy's soft ass. She would now force the little whore to suck an enormous, throbbing prick.

Candy's full lips parted as Julie rubbed the big slab of cock-meat across them. The redhead greased her captive's balls with prickjuice until they were wet and slippery. She then stuffed the meaty head of Hal's eleven-inch cock into the blonde's waiting mouth.

"Mmmmmmmph!" Candy moaned as her jaws were stretched to admit his thick, slippery prick-head.

Julie strengthened her hair-lock and got a better grip on Hal's powerful cock-shaft. She stirred his swollen prick-head around, contorting the shape of Candy's obedient mouth first to one side, then the other!

"Suck!" she repeated. "You're nothing but a common little cock-sucker, bitch! Suck that cock! Suck it!"

Julie stuffed about four more inches into Candy's tiny mouth and pulled her head back and forth by her blond hair, fucking Hal's long prick through her pliant lips. Candy made loud slurping sounds each time the big cockhead came out, breaking her suction.

Julie felt wild. She thrust her little pussy deep into the crack between the blond's charming asscheeks. Candy humped her luscious ass high to meet each thrust.

Julie's huge tits were pressed tightly against the other girl's smooth back, the taut nipples digging into her tan skin.

Hal suddenly grabbed a handful of Julie's red hair and pulled her face up to meet his gaze. "Let me do this now, baby!" he ordered. "You get down there and work on her big ass!"

Julie slid back and pulled Candy's shapely legs wide apart. The blond hair around Candy's asshole and cunt were soaked from Julie's dripping pussy juice. Julie sat back on her heels and, with one hand locked on each ankle, spread the blond secretary's legs even wider, Julie arched her back and shook her glorious tits when she saw Hal looking at her. Hal grinned.

The big, muscular man took over the hair lock that Julie had released on the captive girl's blond hair. With his free hand, he fed Candy his engorged cock-head. The willing girl sucked hard as he stuffed more prick into her mouth.

"Aaaaagh!" Hal exclaimed.

He roughly jerked Candy's head back and forth on his huge prick. He stood masterfully, with one hand resting on his hip while the other gripped the blond's hair.

Julie watched in utter fascination as Hal got a second hair-lock with his free hand and began fucking his cock more forcefully. Finally, he pulled out all but his pulsating prickhead, paused, and fucked his spectacular cock all the way down Candy's throat, burying her wet lips in the curly hair at the base of his prick.

"Mmmmmmph!" the little blonde gurgled as all eleven inches of hard cock-meat disappeared into her tiny mouth.

Hal held her head immobile and fucked from his pelvis. He gave powerful fucks which pulled the entire length out and then savagely fucked the giant cock down her throat again!

"Ohhhhhh," Julie cried, "fuck her in the mouth, baby! Fuck that bitch in her mouth!"

Julie slapped Candy's lush ass hard. Her rubbery asscheeks danced under her blows. Ripples of motion spread across the little blond's succulent ass. Her soft, white asscheeks reddened as Julie's slaps got harder.

Julie slid down and positioned herself between Candy's wide-spread legs. The hot little redhead licked the insides of Candy's thighs and worked her way up to the girl's voluptuous ass.

Julie buried her face between Candy's mammoth asscheeks and licked again. Her tongue slid across Candy's wet cuntlips and lightly brushed the blond's asshole. Julie then licked all over the younger girl's delectable ass until both huge asscheeks glistened with her saliva!

Julie spread Candy's big asscheeks so that all between them was exposed. Then, slowly and deliberately, the little redhead licked round and round Candy's tight asshole. The blond responded at once, rotating her hips suggestively. Julie could see the little ass muscles trying to open.

Hal pulled his powerful cock back and paused. This time, when he fucked it back down Candy's throat, Julie thrust also. She forced her stiff, wet tongue directly into Candy's hot, little asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmmmph!" the captive blond moaned. She writhed and twisted, but Hal had her by the hair and Julie held her legs immobile, spread wide.

Julie worked her tongue up and down, making Candy's little ass opening wider and wider. She then stiffened her tongue and stuck it in farther. Julie could feel her own cunt dripping fuck juices all over Hal's bed.

She couldn't believe that she actually had her tongue up another girl's asshole. Especially a big-assed tease like Candy.

Hal pulled out of Candy's mouth and dragged the little secretary by her long hair to the bedroom floor. He made her kneel, still with her lovely arms tied securely behind him. Candy's dazzling young tits jutted out invitingly.

"Get your pussy eaten," he suggested to Julie.

The sexy redhead pranced over to the kneeling blond and straddled her head. Julie tilted Candy's pretty face upwards and pushed her sopping cunt toward her.

The blond licked feverishly as Julie wiggled her rich hips round and round. She rubbed her burning cunt against Candy's pretty face, grinding the soft, wet flesh against the other girl's mouth and nose.

"Suck my cunt!" Julie wailed. "Ohhhhhh, suck my pussy, baby! Do it! Do it! Ahhhhh!"

Julie lowered herself to the floor and pulled Candy down with her. She lay on her back and spread her magnificent legs wide apart, positioning the captive blond on her belly between them.

"Eat me, Candy!" she commanded.

The trussed-up blond flattened herself out submissively and spread her sexy legs. Julie pushed her cunt into Candy's face and ground her hips. The little secretary went to work, and Julie lay back with her arms behind her lovely head.

Hal knelt between Candy's inviting legs and massaged her still-glistening ass. He spread her asscheeks and rubbed the slippery head of his enormous prick around her asshole. He got closer and closer, finally pushing his engorged prick-head into her little ass opening!

"Eiiiiiiigh!" Candy squealed as she felt her asshole being fucked. "Aaaaaaagh! Ooooooh, it's so big! Don't fuck my asshole! Please don't ram that big cock up my ass! Please!"

Hal laughed as he stuffed more in. Julie grabbed Candy's hair and stifled her cries by mashing her face into her wet cunt.

Hal held his powerful prick with one hand and pushed. Candy's ripe asshole gave way and his giant cock-shaped moved in farther, impaling her splendid ass. Hal gripped her big ass with both hands and slid her back and forth on his cock!

His giant prick fucked in and out of Candy's asshole as easily as his cock had in her lovely mouth. Hal fucked her delectable ass, lifting her effortlessly with his mighty arms. He fucked his cock in to the hilt, mixing his cock hair with Candy's ass-hair with each strong thrust. The little blond, her hands tied behind her back, submitted and sucked Julie's red-haired pussy.

Hal untied Candy's hands and lifted her up. The blond was still impaled on his big cock, his massive prick jammed all the way up her tight ass. He stood up straight, holding her arms to balance her. Candy was hung on his monstrous cock by her asshole.

"Open that top drawer, Julie," Hal directed. "And turn off the TV." The tape had run out long ago and the screen was a dull gray.

Julie's hands trembled as she reached for the whip. It was coiled and about six feet long. The whip looked just like the one on the TV film. The handle was shaped like a huge cock with a swollen head.

Hal stood in the center of the room with the well-fucked blond hung by her abused asshole on his mighty prick. He pulled her arms up above her head and held them there.

In an attempt to take some of the pressure off her sensitive asshole, Candy hooked her feet behind Hal's legs, an act which spread her own legs wide apart. It was just what Hal wanted her to do.

"She's all yours, baby!" Hal grinned at Julie.

The lusty redhead, still wearing her sexy high heels, licked her red lips as she looked into Candy's eyes. The blond looked so vulnerable and delicious as she hung there on Hal's cock by her asshole. Her arms were stretched high to show off her firm young tits and her legs were spread wide, revealing a mound of pretty blond cunt-hair.

Julie slapped the cock-handle of the whip in the palm of her hand and smiled at Candy. The little blond watched Julie's every move, knowing that sooner or later Julie would use the whip on her soft, tender flesh.

Julie walked closer and rubbed Candy's stiff, brown nipples with the whip handle. She leaned in and sucked each one with her succulent mouth, then spit on them and rubbed the saliva over the entire surface of Candy's upturned tit.

Julie stepped away and looked back at the younger girl's glistening tits. She snapped the whip back and lashed out. The whip tip caught Candy's right tit just below the nipple and left a red welt.

"Eiiiiiiigh!" the blond screamed in pain. Hal bounced her on his cock, forcing his prick farther up her ass, and she screamed louder.

Julie snapped the whip again and it whistled through the air. This time it caught Candy's left tit dead center, slicing right across her sensitive nipple.

"Aaaaaagh!" the little secretary cried, her abused asshole still hooked onto Hal's big cock.

Julie lashed out twice more, slicing Candy's right nipple once and leaving a red welt across her tanned stomach the second time.

Julie approached the little blond and held the cock-shaped whip handle up to her mouth.

"Suck!" she ordered.

Candy opened her sultry mouth and wrapped her lips around the hard rubber. She sucked hard, bobbing her pretty head up and down as though she had a real prick in her mouth.

Julie withdrew the whip handle and slowly slid it down Candy's gorgeous body. She traced an imaginary line between the captive's girl whipped tits, across her tanned belly and into her lush, blond cunt bush.

Without warning, Julie jammed the whip handle up Candy's little wet cunt! She rammed it the full length of the handle, which was close to a foot.

"Eiiiiiigh!" the tempestuous blond wailed again, this time from pure pleasure. "Eiiiigh!"

Julie fucked the huge cock-handle in and out.

Candy writhed and ground her luscious hips. The feel of Hal's fantastic cock all the way up her ass combined with being pussy fucked by big-titted Julie's whip was driving her wild. Julie had hurt her when she whipped her tits, but the sensation of being so powerfully dominated had really turned the young blond on.

"Fuck me!" Candy pleaded with Hal. "Please fuck me! I'm sooooooo hot! I need to be fucked in my cunt!"

Hal lifted Candy's poor abused asshole off his massive cock and lay the girl down on the floor. He grabbed one of her sleek ankles and dragged her to a point midway between his bed and a chest of drawers.

"Look in that same drawer," the told Julie, "and you'll find some nylon rope."

Hal used four short lengths of rope to tie Candy down. He spread both legs wide and tied her ankles to opposite legs of the bed. Then, stretching her sleek arms over her head, Hal tied them to the feet of his chest of drawers.

Julie brought a chair over beside Candy and sat down on it. She removed one of her shoes and arched her shapely ankles, pointing her pretty, painted toes at Candy's face.

"Lick my toes, baby!" Julie commanded, Hal grinned and massaged his big prick as the horny little secretary licked Julie's delicate toes. The alluring redhead made Candy stick her tongue all the way out and then gracefully pointed her sleek foot and wiped her lovely toes across the blond's waiting tongue.

Julie then dropped her foot and rubbed it roughly across Candy's beautiful face. Soon the enticing little blond had several of. Julie's painted toes in her mouth, sucking passionately on them.

Hal dropped between Candy's imprisoned legs. He positioned himself over her and guided his massive cock to her waiting pussy. His huge, swollen prick-head brushed her cunt lips and Hal took one of Candy's inflamed nipples between his finger and thumb.

As he twisted her tiny brown nipple, he pushed his prick into her pussy. The little blond's cunt was filled by the thick mass of his hard cock-meat!

"Aaaaaaagh!" Candy wailed as she felt his full eleven inches of cock split her pussy apart. Her cunt was filled to overflowing as Hal quickened his pace. Candy sucked harder on Julie's toes.

"Sit on her face!" Hal ordered Julie.

The sexy, little redhead squatted over the tied-down blond and lowered her pussy. When she felt Candy's tongue slide into her pussy, she began rocking back and forth.

Hal fucked away, pulling his giant prick all the way out and fucking his prick back in so hard that Candy's soft flesh shook.

"Eiiiiiigh!" Candy shouted. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me hard!"

Candy's little body pitched and heaved, almost throwing Julie off her face. Julie sat down hard, mashing the girl's face into her pussy. Candy strained against her bonds, her body responded to the huge cock and she climaxed.

"Oooooh! Owwwww! Yesssss!" she cried.

When Candy's lovely body had stopped twitching, Hal looked up at Julie, who still was rocking back and forth on the blond's face.

"Now it's your turn, bitch!" he told her as he got up and untied Candy. He pulled Julie to her feet.

"Candy," Hal began, "Julie and I worked you over pretty good tonight. Why don't you just sit there and watch Julie get worked over, now?"

Julie felt her heart begin to pound. What did Hal intend to do?

"Get on your hands and knees!" he ordered. "And spread wide, baby. I'm gonna fuck your ass."

Trembling, Julie got into position. She had been ass-fucked only once before, that afternoon by Rick. But Rick's cock wasn't nearly the size of Hal's! Only in her fantasies had she ever had anything that big shoved up her asshole.

Hal got a squeeze bottle of lotion and roughly rammed the spout up Julie's ass. He squeezed about a third of the contents into her and tossed the bottle aside.

Julie felt his huge prick-head being rubbed on her asshole. She saw Candy watching her and laughing.

Julie gritted her teeth as Hal shoved his big swollen cock-head past the opening of her asshole. He then grasped her curvaceous hips and stuffed in about six inches of hard prickmeat!

"Eiiiiiiigh!" the redhead cried out.

Hal gripped her hips tighter and shoved hard! Julie took all eleven inches in to the hilt!

"Aaaaaaaaaaagh!" she groaned. Julie was certain that her ass had been ripped in two. It felt as though Hal had rammed a two-foot length of fence-post up her asshole.

Hal fucked in and out, withdrawing slowly but slamming back in. The lotion soon had Julie's chute greased so much that his big cock fucked easily in and out.

Snap! Julie heard a pop and a searing pain ripped through her shoulders. She looked up and saw that Candy had the whip. She was drawing it back again.

"Wait!" she heard Hal say. "I've got a better way!"

Hal rolled them both over so that he lay on his back and Julie lay spread-eagled on top of him. He twisted her arms down so that her huge tits pointed straight up.

Hal's cock was still shoved up her ass and he had her legs spread wide.

"No! No!" Julie screamed as Candy snapped the whip.

Hal fucked his brutal prick in and out of the little redhead's asshole. The whip whistled through the air and sliced across the creamy underside of Julie's huge right tit.

"Eiiiiiiigh!" she cried as Candy took aim again. Despite the pain, Julie felt her orgasm build.

Hal grasped Julie's big left tit with both hands and squeezed at the base. The giant mass of white tit-flesh stood up, round and full. Hal pinched her big brown nipple until it stood at attention.

"There's your target!" he laughed.

Candy let the whip fly. The cruel tip caught Julie's succulent tit right on her big stiff nipple, and the little redhead howled.


Again and again Candy sent the whip slicing across Julie's huge tits. With each cruel blow, the redhead's passion built higher.

"Eiiiiiiigh!" she finally screamed in orgasm as Hal pumped a massive load of cum into her asshole. Julie's lovely body writhed and twisted, and her face contorted as waves of pleasure swept over her.

"Eiiiiiiiigh!" Julie wailed once more and fell silent.

Chapter SIX

The next morning Julie dressed in a pair of tight white slacks and her highest heels. The sexy pants were a size too small and hugged every delicious curve of her succulent ass and full, round hips. Before putting an a blouse, she stood topless in front of the mirrored closet doors and examined her big luscious tits.

Not a mark could be seen. Though the whip had burned like fire and raised red welts across her large brown nipples and milky-white tit flesh, the abrasions hadn't lasted. The little redhead took a big tit in each hand, squeezing and massaging. No pain, either!

Happily, Julie selected one of her D-cup bras and fitted it around both lovely tits. The bra had push-up pads and only covered the lower half of each big tit. Julie's large stiff nipples were exposed, and the bra molded her tits so that they jutted out invitingly from her impressive chest!

"Good morning," Mark called as he opened the bathroom door. He had been sound asleep when she returned about three o'clock and had no idea that Julie hadn't gotten to bed shortly after he had.

Julie kissed him quickly as she pulled on a tight bright-yellow top. The thin material showed the full form of her lovely stiff nipples and the scooped front displayed a generous portion of Julie's terrific cleavage.

When Julie entered the Ace Realty office, Candy rose to greet her. The big office was otherwise empty. Bob and Rick were working in the inner office, and Mr. Smith hadn't come in yet.

Candy squeezed one of Julie's big nipples through the sexy yellow top. The wild little blond had on a clingy dress which revealed every enticing curve of her big intoxicating ass. She rubbed her crotch against the redhead's lush hip.

"I had a good time last night, baby," Candy whispered. "You and I are alike. We like big cocks and big, rough men!"

Julie felt her legs go weak as Candy twirled her stiffening nipple between her skilled fingers. At the blond's mention of big cocks, Julie had thought about Hal and his giant hunk of cock-meat. Her pussy juiced as she pictured little Candy hung by her asshole from that mighty prick as she, Julie, used the whip on her tiny nipples and small firm tits!

"Me, too, honey," Julie answered, grasping a big handful of Candy's ass through the thin, soft dress.

"Hey, watch that!" Bob teased as he entered the main office. "If you two get anything going out here, let Rick and me know! We'd like to get in on the action!"

Julie's face reddened as she stepped away from the tempting secretary. It was bad enough that she had managed to make it with every person in her new office in just one day. Now it seemed that everyone knew about everything that had happened.

Well, today would be different, she vowed. No fucking at all! She would tend to nothing but business for the entire day.

Candy smiled at Julie as she walked past the little redhead. The sexy blond reached out and smacked Julie's ass hard, making the rich assflesh under her tight pants quiver.

"Julie," Mr. Smith called as he entered Ace Realty, "come right in my office. I need to send you out today."

Julie followed him in. Mr. Smith had a house which was to be open for inspection all day. Julie was assigned the task of keeping it open and showing it to prospective customers.

Excited, Julie drove out of the office parking lot with the top down and her car's radio blaring. This was great! It was a beautiful day, and the house was located in a rather remote area about a half-hour away. But, best of all, Julie had the chance to make a sale.

The sexy redhead parked her car in the driveway and unlocked the door. The owners were gone for the week and the nearest house was some distance away, but Mr. Smith had carefully placed signs to direct people to the house.

The house was old but well cared for. Julie opened all the windows to let the breeze in and to bring in light. While she was looking the house over, a car pulled into the drive.

The couple was young, no older than Julie. The man paid immediate attention to Julie, much to his wife's obvious distress. He stared at her large tits, which swelled up attractively out of the low-cut top. When Julie turned to lead them through the house, he watched nothing but her big ass as it danced in circles under her tight pants!

The wife, who was terribly flat-chested and wore baggy jeans, barely concealed her disdain for Julie. She was clearly jealous of the attention her husband was paying to the curvaceous redhead and couldn't wait to get him out of the house.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Two other couples arrived, but the house was priced out of their reach. Shortly after noon Julie prepared to lock up and get some lunch.

As she was coming out the front door, a beat-up station wagon pulled up and stopped. Four tall young men, got out and slowly sauntered over.

"Hi!" called Julie, smiling. She expanded her chest and stuck out her big tits when she saw that the men were looking her over.

"We'd like to see the house," the driver drawled. "We got a friend who's looking to buy something." He looked back at his friends and they all laughed.

All were dressed in jeans and somewhat dirty T-shirts. They appeared to be workmen and had muscular builds with powerful arms and broad shoulders.

They don't seem like normal house buyers, Julie thought.

"Well," she began, "maybe you could bring your friend back with you." Julie started to close the door.

The driver put his hand in the door jamb and stopped her. The other three gathered around and looked Julie up and down. Their eyes glowed with raw lust as they examined the little redhead's spectacular body. Julie's breathing quickened and her huge tits rose and fell enticingly.

Besides the driver, there was a burly man with short blond hair who stepped behind Julie and stared at her dazzling ass under, her thin pants. The other two licked their lips as they gazed at her tits. One had dark, greasy hair which was too long and the other a neatly trimmed brown beard.

"We'll look at it now and tell him about it," the driver said firmly, holding the door open for Julie.

"You all alone here?" asked the bearded man as all five, walked into the living room.

"Yes," Julie began, "I mean... no, the two guys who work with me are bringing some lunch back. They should be here any minute. One of them's an off-duty policeman!"

"Then how come you seemed to be on your way out when we got here?" the dark-haired man asked.

Julie opened her luscious mouth and paused, trying to think of a good answer. All four men started to laugh at her. They knew that she was alone.

"Come on, baby," teased the driver. "Show us the house."

Frightened and excited, Julie led them through the living room and into the kitchen. One of them opened the refrigerator and found several packs of beer. He pulled out five and passed them around.

"No, thank you," Julie muttered.

"Drink the beer," the blond man said menacingly.

"You've got a nice ass, honey," the driver commented as Julie struggled with the twist off cap. "Here, let me help you with that."

The big man approached the little redhead from the rear and reached around her with both huge arms. He opened her beer and rubbed his crotch against her big, soft ass. Julie could feel the hardness of his stiffening prick.

"Thank you," the girl said and stepped away. All four men laughed again.

"You know, sugar," the dark-haired man began, "if you're gonna sell this house, you have to class up your act a little. I mean, you have to offer something a little different. Something extra!"

"Such as?" Julie asked coolly.

"Show us the house topless!"

Julie started to run, for the front door, but the driver caught her by her arm.

"Strip to the waist!" he ordered.

With trembling hands, the sexy redhead pulled her tight yellow top up and over her head and laid it on the kitchen counter. All four men's eyes bulged at the sight of her succulent tits and the little wisp of a bra which molded her tits so that they jutted out from her chest.

"Look at the tits on that bitch!" the blond-haired man shouted. The others whistled and hooted, punching each other and laughing.

Shaking, Julie reached behind her sleek back and unhooked the D-cup bra, letting it fall forward off her shoulders. Her delectable tits bounced free as she carefully folded the bra and placed it on the counter also.

"Shake 'em for us, baby!" The dark-haired man drooled as he stared at her magnificent tits.

"Yeah, shake those big tits, bitch!" the driver echoed. "Let's see those beauties bounce!"

Standing in her tight pants and high heels, but naked to the waist, Julie straightened her bare back and shook her sensual shoulders. The little redhead's charming tits danced back and forth and her big dark nipples drew circles in the air.

"All right!" the blond-haired man shouted as he rubbed the growing bulge in his jeans.

"Come on, baby!" the driver growled. "You can do better than that! Shake those tits!"

Julie felt her little cunt start to moisten. She spread her long legs suggestively and shook her shoulders harder. Her milky-white tits bounced back and forth, her soft tit-flesh jiggling, all to the men's delight.

"Suck one, cunt!" the dark-haired man ordered. "Let's see you suck one of those big tits!"

Excited, Julie arched her back and stretched her sleek arms high over her head. Her stupendous tits stuck straight out and both large nipples tightened. The sexy redhead then lowered her arms and ran both hands across her shoulders and down to her spectacular tits. She mashed each big tit against her chest and then released them. Both rubbery tits sprang back into position.

Julie smiled seductively at the men and picked up one huge tit with both hands. She squeezed at the base, and the giant tit swelled up magnificently. Her skin was stretched tight as the little redhead pulled the succulent, brown nipple to her mouth.

Wantonly, Julie licked her big nipple with her wet tongue until it glistened. She then raised her giant tit even farther and her delicious puckered nipple disappeared into her lusty mouth. Julie sucked hard. She could feel her tit pulsate from the attention as her big nipple tightened even more. She flicked the knob-like end of her nipple with the tip of her tongue.

The men hooted and laughed as Julie spread her legs wider and reached for her other tit. She repeated her performance with that one, squeezing it up even bigger!

"Let's see the bedrooms, honey!" the bearded man suggested. "You still need to give us a tour. And don't forget that what we're watching is you!"

Julie led all four men down the hallway to the master bedroom with its king-sized bed. She kept her big tits thrust forward and wiggled her luscious ass as she pranced along. The hot, little redhead was fully turned on now. Being forced to display herself to the aggressive men had started her cunt juices flowing.

Once in the bedroom, the men quickly stripped and ordered Julie to her knees. The dark-haired man had carried her half-cup bra from the kitchen. He used it to tie her hands behind her back as she knelt and sat back on her heels.

Julie felt her pussy throb. Here she was, on her knees with her lovely legs spread and her hands bound securely behind her. Dressed in extraordinarily tight, thin slacks and sexy high heels, she had been stripped to the waist. And four handsome, naked men surrounded her. All four men had especially long pricks with wet, swollen heads and thick, powerful shafts!

"OK, Miss Big Tits, suck!"

The driver stepped in front of Julie and stuffed his massive cock into her small mouth. She felt his wet, slippery prick-head separate her warm lips and the man's hand on the back of her head. He grasped her red hair and shoved his thick cock-shaft down her throat.

"Mnunmmmmmph!" Julie moaned. The man's cock felt good in her willing mouth.

The blond-haired man kneeled behind her and squeezed her magnificent tits. He took one in each hand and bounced them up and down as she sucked.

"Suck that big prick, bitch!" he whispered hoarsely in her ear. "Suck that cock, baby! Wrap your lips around it and suck it off! Suck out that cum, bitch!"

Julie loved the feel of his powerful hands on her voluptuous tits, bouncing them up and down for all to see. She opened her eyes and looked at the other two men. They both had gigantic hard-ons and were eagerly watching her suck the driver's big cock. The dark-haired man paid particular attention to her jiggling tits.

"Aaaaaaaaaaagh!" the driver shouted and pulled his throbbing prick out of Julie's eager mouth. His big cock spat cum into the little redhead's face.

Huge spurts hit her nose and eyes and arced across her forehead and into her red hair. Julie kept her little mouth open, and the big man directed the gushing fuck juice across her lips and tongue.

As soon as the driver was finished, Julie felt a fresh cock being forced into her still-open mouth. She looked up to see the bearded man gazing into her cum-stained face. His wet, stiff cock was enormous. His prick stretched her small mouth to the limit, and Julie thought her jaw would break.

He held her by the hair and pulled her head back and forth. Julie felt the elastic bra straps cutting into her bound wrists as the bearded man stuffed his cock-meat down her throat.

"Watch, bitch!" he commanded as he pulled his mighty prick out. "Keep your eyes open and watch!"

Julie opened her eyes. The big man held his huge cock inches from her pretty face and pumped his prick with one powerful hand. With his other hand, he held her head immobile with a strong hair-lock.

My God! thought Julie. He's jacking-off right in my face and making me watch.

The horny little redhead felt her luscious pussy drip as she watched him pump his giant prick. She drooled with lust.

His huge purple cock-head swelled and pulsed as the bearded man pulled on his massive prick-shaft. Julie watched as the first big spurt of white, sticky fuck juice fired out and rolled down her nose.

"Aaaaagh!" he growled as he drenched the little redhead's face. Huge globs of cum mixed with the driver's and rolled down Julie's chin and dripped onto her charming tits.

"Let's see if she can suck two at a time!" called the blond-haired man as he released her big tits from his grasp and untied her hands.

He and the dark-haired man stood in front of her. The blond man grabbed a big handful of flaming-red hair, and they both rubbed their swollen pricks in the big-titted girl's face. Julie took a cock in each small hand and pumped.

She took turns sucking, first on one huge prick and then the other. The cock she wasn't sucking, she rubbed against her face, smearing around the cum squirted there by the first two men.

Julie put the two big cocks side by side and opened her mouth wide. Bath powerful men got a firm hair-lock on the horny girl and pulled her hard, Julie's jaws ached, but both huge pricks slid in without problems.

Julie slid both hands down to her crotch and dug in feverishly. Her tight white pants were soaked and dripping. She unzipped them and stuck both little hands into her horny red-haired cunt. The two men pulled her head back and forth on their throbbing pricks, fucking her face.

Julie was in heaven. The feeling of having two huge cocks in her mouth at once was delicious. She felt them pulsate as both men began to come.

"Ahhhhhh!" the two cried in unison.

They pulled Julie by her hair and fucked their big pricks in as far as they could without dislocating her jaw. Both big cocks fired their loads in Julie's pretty, willing mouth.

Great gobs of cum trickled out the corners of her mouth as the sexy redhead swallowed as much of the slippery fluid as she was able to. She loved the taste of their mingled fuck juices.

"Get up, baby!" the driver called, "and strip all the way. Let's see what else you've got besides big tits!"

Julie rose and stretched, showing off her fabulous body. Her face was smeared with cum and much jism had dripped onto her jutting tits. Julie felt like an absolute whore and loved the feeling.

She looked at her cum-stained face in the dresser mirror and felt her cunt tighten. She knew the men would want her to leave things just as they were. The sight of all that cockjuice dripping from her face and tits would turn them on, too.

Julie danced dirty for them, bumping her hips and grinding her cunt as she spread her legs and peeled down the already-unzipped pants. She pulled her panties down at the same time, exposing her big luscious ass.

The little redhead then lay back on the big bed and kicked the slacks and panties off over her pretty feet. She kept on her high heels.

Fully nude, Julie got back up and wiggled around the room. She spread her shapely legs and bumped her round, full ass from side to side, slapping her soft assflesh to make her ass jiggle. She bounced on her toes to make her big tits jump up and down and her ass and hips quiver.

Finally, the sexy redhead got on her hands and knees on the bed and spread her legs to show off her cunt and asshole. She wet one finger and fucked herself, first in her pussy and then up her little asshole.

"Hold still, bitch!" the driver ordered as he approached her from the rear, massaging his stiffening cock.

The big man quickly fucked his huge prick up Julie's exposed pussy, fucking in to the hilt!

"Eiiiiiiiiiiigh!" Julie screamed, feeling her passion build.

The driver gripped both succulent hips with his big hands and fucked her violently. Julie cried out as each mighty fuck shook her fleshy ass.

"Ohhhh!" she squealed as the blond-haired man and the bearded man each took one of her arms and lifted her shoulders up. Julie's knees were still on the bed and the driver's cock was still fucking in and out of her hot little cunt. She was tilted at an angle to the bed. The blond-haired man grabbed a fistful of her red hair, snapping her head back savagely, causing her sleek back to arch, making her big, rubbery tits jut straight out.

The dark-haired man knelt on the bed in front of the well-restrained girl. His huge cock was fully erect as he looked lustily at Julie's vulnerable tits. The redhead was impaled on the driver's cock and both arms were pinned. The blond-haired man held her lovely head immobile with a powerful hair-lock.

The dark-haired man grinned menacingly and reached out for one of the redhead's big nipples. He twisted her nipple between his fingers and jerked back and forth savagely, making the soft white flesh of Julie's huge tit shake. He gripped the other brown nipple and soon had both dazzling tits dancing for him.

The big man let go and opened his hand, pulling his arm back. He swung hard and slapped the little redhead across her jiggling tits. Her big tit-mounds quivered and reddened, and the men laughed.

The driver slammed hard into Julie's cunt as the dark-haired man slapped her tits again. Julie started to climax.

"Punch 'em!" she pleaded. "Make a fist and punch my tits. Punch 'em hard, baby! Hurt me! Punch me in my tits!"

The dark-haired man made a fist and pulled back. He had seen women do this before. As soon as they had gotten a taste of being roughed-up, they wanted more. Being careful not to do any lasting damage, the big man punched Julie's big left tit. Her spongy titflesh flattened under his blow and sprang back into shape.

"Eiiiiiigh!" shouted the redhead. "Again!" The dark-haired man punched Julie's voluptuous right tight, watching her battered titflesh quiver and shake. He punched again and again, going from one side to the other. Julie's entire body shook from the force of his blows.

"Aaaaaaagh!" the horny redhead wailed as she trembled in orgasm. The driver shot her sopping pussy full of cum as waves of passion racked her glorious body.

The other three men took turns with Julie. The bearded man fucked her in her cunt while she lay face down on the big bed. Julie rolled her ass as he came, giving him the ride of his life.

The blond-haired man and the dark-haired man made a flesh, sandwich out of the little redhead, fucking her simultaneously in her flaming cunt and up her little tight asshole.

When they had finished, they left her naked and worked-over on the big bed. The four men took the rest of the beer and drove off in their battered station wagon.

Chapter SEVEN

Julie dressed then she straightened up the bedroom. She put her bra in her purse since her tits were slightly swollen and somewhat sore from the punches.

She had to admit that the dark-haired man had known what he had been doing. He had made it hurt without leaving any marks.

She was relieved to see that the men hadn't taken anything but the beer, and it appeared that none of the furnishings had been dam aged. At least she wouldn't get in trouble with Mr. Smith.

No one else came to see the house that afternoon. Julie took a late lunch, came back, and left about four o'clock. She checked in at the office then returned home.

The next morning, Mr. Smith was waiting in the office for her. He had an important client with him, a Mr. Jenkins. Jenkins was an older man, very distinguished looking and the owner of much property.

"Julie," Mr. Smith said, "Mr. Jenkins has a ranch out in the canyon which he plans to sell. We have some details to work out, but today I want you to look at it with him and we'll get your opinion about the property. You'd better plan on spending the whole day out there."

When Jenkins excused himself to visit the men's room, Mr. Smith pulled Julie aside. "Be very nice to Mr. Jenkins, Julie," he cautioned. "He's a very important client and needs to be entertained. Be sure you do anything he wants. Understand?"

The sexy redhead promised that she would bring Mr. Jenkins back happy and winked at Mr. Smith. Smith patted her voluptuous ass and retired to his private office with Candy. The little secretary grinned at Julie and flicked her wet tongue across her red lips as she closed the door.

On the way to the canyon, Mr. Jenkins told Julie about his struggle to the top. He had been one of seven children of a penniless family. Through sheer cunning and determination he had been able to build a small empire in the manufacturing business. Now, nearing retirement, he was selling several properties, one of which they were going to see today.

"You see, Julie," he explained, "I am wealthy enough to have anything I want, in whatever way I want it. The people who work with me often become rich, also, because I help them. But the successful ones know that their fortune results from keeping me happy. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Julie assured him that she did and hiked her skirt up several inches, pretending that she was too warm. They were in her car and, as she drove, Jenkins feasted his eyes on her full, firm tits and shapely legs.

Julie's big tits were still swollen from the previous afternoon's activities, but they were no longer tender. Their increase in size was considerable, however, and since even her largest D-cup bra hadn't been big enough that morning Julie had decided to go braless.

She was glad that she had. The swelling caused her huge tits to be even firmer than usual and they jutted out from her exquisite chest in a most suggestive way. Her large brown nipples showed clearly through the thin white T-shirt she had chosen to go with her short clingy skirt and spike heels.

Julie took a deep breath and her spectacular tits swelled sensuously. She smiled invitingly at Mr. Jenkins as he admired her tits.

The drive to the canyon took over two hours. They stopped for lunch at an expensive restaurant where the head waiter knew Mr. Jenkins on sight. Their table was in a secluded corner and Jenkins insisted that Julie order anything she wanted, regardless of price.

"I have a charge account here," he joked.

They both feasted on broiled lobster and Julie managed to down three vodka martinis before the food came. She was giggly during the meal and ordered another drink after.

"Pull up your shirt and show me your tits!" Mr. Jenkins suddenly ordered.

"Mr. Jenkins!" Julie squealed. "We're in the middle of a restaurant!"

"Look around you," he urged. "No one can see."

The little redhead looked to each side. True, no one was in a position where her horny actions could be seen.

"Come on, honey!" Jenkins whispered. "I want to see what you've got under that T-shirt!"

Giggling, Julie pulled her tight T-shirt out of the waist-band of her skirt. She looked around once more and lifted the garment up to her chin, exposing both alluring tits. She shook her shoulders slightly and arched her back. Her swollen tits swayed from side to side.

Jenkins whistled. "Those are real beauties!" he gasped from across the table.

Julie felt wicked. She took another sip of her martini and, leaving the tight shirt pulled up, kicked off one of her sexy heels. Looking around once more, the inventive redhead rested her dainty foot in Mr. Jenkins' lap. She found his hardening cock and massaged his prick through his clothes with her soft toes.

"You're everything Smith said you would be." Mr. Jenkins smiled, gazing at Julie's brazenly exposed tits.

The little redhead sighed and rested her elbows on the table, capturing her jutting tits between her arms and pressing them together, pin-up style. Her tiny painted toes slid up and down the older man's erect prick.

Following Jenkins' directions, Julie turned off the hard road onto a county-maintained dirt road. After about ten miles on this, a turn to the west put them on the private trail leading to Mr. Jenkins' ranch. The road was pitted and washed in places, more suited to a four-wheel drive than to Julie's convertible.

At the ranch, they were met by Joe, Mr. Jenkins' caretaker. Joe lived at the ranch by himself, looking after the property. He was lean and muscular, a tanned giant of a man. He looked Julie up and down and grinned.

"That little filly's got more curves than a dozen sidewinders," he joked to Mr. Jenkins, licking his lips.

Julie faked a laugh and stuck out her tits. Joe had a pretty good body, but she could do without his humor.

They spent about an hour looking over the house and barns. Before taking a look at the surrounding land, Jenkins said he wanted to show her one more building. Joe accompanied them.

Nestled in a grove of trees, bidden from the main house, was a small squat structure about forty feet long.

"This we call the playhouse," Mr. Jenkins explained to the attentive girl.

He opened the door and flipped a switch.

The previously dark room was bathed in light. "What is it?" Julie gasped.

The room they entered was windowless. In the center was a small stage with light bars hung overhead. The stage contained only one object -- a king-sized bed. Around the stage were several rows of theater-type seats.

"Do you have performances here?" she asked innocently.

"You might say that," Mr. Jenkins replied as Joe chuckled to himself. "In fact, there's going to be one this afternoon!"

Mr. Jenkins led Julie past the stage and down a dim hallway. He opened a door to the right and motioned her m.

"You dressing room, my dear," he said politely. "You clothes have been laid out."

Mr. Jenkins exited and closed the door.

The little redhead was perplexed. She didn't fully understand what was going to happen or what was expected of her.

She examined the clothes on the dresser. There were only three items -- a pair of black nylon stockings, a sexy lace garter belt and a pair of black shoes with spike heels and tiny straps across the top.

Julie remembered Mr. Smith's orders -- be sure you do anything he wants.

OK, thought the redhead, what the hell?

Julie unbuckled her short skirt and let it fall to the floor. She kicked off her heels and peeled down her tiny bikini pants. Finally, the spectacular girl removed her tight T-shirt.

Julie admired herself in the full-length mirror as she prepared to dress. Her swollen tits looked great. The redhead liked the extra size and the way they tended to stick straight out like twin cannons. Maybe she could get them to stay this size if she had somebody punch-out on her tits every couple of days.

The big-titted girl fastened the lacy garter belt and slid a chair over to the mirror. She watched herself as she pulled the smooth, black nylons up her shapely legs. When she had fitted the spike heels to her tiny feet, Julie stood to look herself over.

Dynamite! Julie couldn't believe how good she looked! She had never had the chance to wear a garter belt and nylons. She belonged to the panty-hose generation and, although she had seen girls in porno films and magazines with them on, she had never considered them for herself.

The redhead strutted back and forth in front of the mirror. She was getting hot and excited just looking at herself. Mr. Jenkins had some good ideas after all.

"Julie, please report to the stage," Mr. Jenkins' voice crackled over the intercom.

The sexy redhead, naked except for the exotic outfit, walked alone up the unlighted valley. She could feel her huge swollen tits bounce as she walked. The bare flesh of her succulent ass and full round hips jiggled invitingly.

Julie squinted when she entered the stage are. Hot, bright floodlights were turned on, illuminating the big bed. Mr. Jenkins stood by the stage with an expensive-looking TV camera.

"Ever made a porno film before, Julie?" he asked, licking his lips.

"So that's what all this is for!" the redhead gasped. She was about to protest but then remembered Mr. Smith's directions to make Jenkins happy.

"It's for my private collection, honey," the older man reassured her. "No one you know will ever see it."

Julie climbed to the stage. Her long, shapely legs were delightfully displayed by the black stockings and high heels. The soft hair of her red cunt was framed by the black lace of the garter belt. Her stupendous tits looked extraordinary under the bright lights.

Julie heard a rustle behind her and Joe appeared. He was dressed in just jeans, his tanned, muscular chest and arms exposed. The little redhead felt her legs go weak. She could tell by looking that he would not be gentle.

"Go ahead, Joe," Mr. Jenkins called. "You know the routine!" He moved closer and raised the camera.

"Come here, bitch!" Joe snarled and grasped a big handful of Julie's red hair. He jerked her roughly around in front of him so that the small girl faced into the camera.

"Spread wide and shake those big tits!" he ordered.

As the muscular man held her in a powerful hair-lock, Julie stretched her lovely, nylon clad legs wide apart and shook her shoulders. Both huge, dazzling tits danced for the camera.

"Tie 'em, Joe." Jenkins called. "I want 'em bigger!"

The tanned giant pulled two short lengths of nylon rope from his back pocket. Releasing the redhead's hair, he spun her toward him. Julie watched as he encircled each big swollen tit with rope.

"Owwwwwww!" she cried in pain as he tightened each one. Both tits swelled up beautifully, the milky skin tightly stretched and shiny. Joe gave each big nipple a hard pinch and the brown knobs stood up at attention.

Joe got Julie in another hair-lock and faced her back toward the camera. Jenkins filmed as the little redhead with the trussed-up tits spread wide and displayed her cunt. She shook so that her soft tit-flesh jiggled enticingly under the bright lights.

Joe stood masterfully beside her and gripped her hair tighter each time she slowed down her performance.

"Show off everything you've got, cunt!" he growled. "Show the man your little pussy!"

Julie ran her tiny hands across her sleek stomach. She dipped her fingers into her red pussy bush and stroked her wet cunt lips with her painted nails. Excited by the huge man who controlled her, the redhead inserted two fingers and rubbed hard.

"Lick 'em, baby!" Joe ordered as he pulled on her hair. Julie obediently put both dripping fingers to her lips and licked the cunt juice off with her wet tongue.

Joe pushed her down on all fours, and Julie spread her lovely legs as wide as she could. On her hands and knees, she displayed her lush pussy and inviting asshole to Mr. Jenkins. Joe sneered at her as he unbuckled his pants.

Nude, Joe grabbed Julie by the hair and hauled her over to the big bed. The big man had a cock to match his size and build. Julie drooled as she feasted her eyes on his colossal prick. His cock was long and incredibly thick with a monstrous, purple prick-head!

Joe forced the girl to her hands and knees on the bed and pulled her to the edge. He stuffed his big, throbbing prick-head into her mouth and, reaching over her lovely little body, slapped her hard on her big soft ass. Her succulent ass shook delightfully as Julie sucked on his giant prick.

"Aaaaaah, baby, that's the way to do it!" exclaimed Joe. "Suck my big prick! Suck it hard!" He slapped her big ass again with one hand and squeezed a huge tit with the other.

Julie felt her cunt moisten as his engorged cock-head pulsated against her hot little tongue. She felt Joe's massive hands kneading her fabulous tits as they hung down from her lovely chest and swayed back and forth.

The big man took his huge prick in one hand and grabbed Julie roughly by her red hair. He withdrew his thick slab of cock-meat and lifted her head up. He looked into her face.

"You're getting hot, aren't you, bitch?" he teased.

"Yes," answered the little redhead, her voice quivering.

Joe snapped her head back and whipped her across the face with his heavy cock. His mighty hunk of prick-meat stung her soft cheek and jarred her head.

"You ever been cock-whipped, baby?" he taunted.

Joe slapped her again, this time harder. Julie's head snapped to the side. She felt pussy juice running down the inside of her warm, soft thighs.

Wham! Barn! His powerful cock hit her again and again across her pretty face, leaving trails of prick-juice to roll toward her chin. Mr. Jenkins was on stage with them, getting the best camera angles.

Joe once again forced his huge cock into Julie's little mouth. Her willing lips wrapped around his prick at once and she sucked. The big ranch hand got a firm grip on her red hair and shoved hard.

"Ugggggggh!" Julie gurgled as his thick prick-shaft slid all the way down her throat. She felt Joe's curly cock hair against her ruby lips as the mighty prick fucked her mouth savagely. Joe roughly jerked her head up and down on his giant prick.

"Tie her down!" Mr. Jenkins ordered.

Joe flipped the little redhead onto her back and lashed both hands and feet with rawhide strips. Her arms and legs were spread wide and Joe shoved a big pillow under her back to make her luscious body arch suggestively. Every inch of Julie's creamy skin was exposed and vulnerable. The black nylons and garter belt contrasted with her milk-white skin.

Joe got over her on all fours and rubbed his stiff prick against the silky insides of the redhead's thighs.

"Oooooh," she moaned.

He slid up and rubbed his huge cock across her soft belly, letting his hard prick-meat sink into Julie's pliant flesh. His big cock spit fuck juice onto her captive flesh. Joe rubbed his cock in it, greasing her entire stomach!

Joe stopped momentarily and checked the nylon ropes which bound Julie's big tits. He tightened each one and her spectacular tits looked ready to burst. The taut ropes caused the redhead's tits to swell up like big balloons. Her brown nipples puckered.

The big man moved up and slid his immense prick across one of her huge nipples, depositing a big glob of thick, slippery fluid.

"Aaaaaagh!" Julie reacted, straining at the rawhide bonds.

Joe fucked her tits, rubbing his monstrous cock against the tightly tied mounds of titflesh. He greased them up with prick-juice until they glistened with the clear fuck juice.

Next, the man moved to Julie's pretty face. He held his cock in one, hand and rubbed his prick against her lovely cheeks and across her nose. He made the redhead keep her eyes open and watch. Soon her entire face was slippery and wet with juice. Joe got back on all fours and fucked hard against her nose and mouth, letting his big hairy balls rub her lips and mash against her little nose.

"Turn her over!" Jenkins ordered.

Julie breathed heavily and her steaming little pussy dripped as Joe's big hands untied her bonds and easily flipped her over. Her gigantic, bound-up tits mashed into the bed and Joe shoved the pillow, now doubled over, under her sleek, wide hips. Julie's delectable ass rose temptingly in the air.

Joe retied her hands and feet with the rawhide, so that the redhead was spread eagled again. He took a big handful of assflesh and shook her violently. Mr. Jenkins filmed as Julie's entire ass quivered and the soft meat of her thighs and back rippled.

"Work that big ass over now!" Jenkins cried.

Joe withdrew a length of heavier nylon rope from under the bed. It was knotted every six or eight inches and was about four feet long.

"No!" Julie cried when she saw what was about to happen. "No! No! Please!"

Joe grinned and snapped the rope over his head. The free end whipped through the air and landed across Julie's big soft ass.

"Eiiiiigh!" she wailed as a bright-red welt developed on her fleshy left asscheek.

Joe snapped the rape again. Julie screamed in pain as the sharp line lashed across her beautiful ass once more. Another welt blossomed.

Mr. Jenkins repositioned his camera as Joe stepped around to the end of the bed. He was now standing at Julie's nylon covered feet looking straight up between her sleek, wide-spread legs.

The tightly bound girl whimpered, anticipating what was coming next. Her cunt was soaked.

Joe looked hungrily at her fully exposed pussy and tight asshole. Both were made even more vulnerable by the folded pillow which raised the redhead's pretty ass high into the air.

Joe took aim on Julie's sensitive asshole and began to draw the knotted rope back. Just as he did, there was a tremendous crash at he main door and the sound of roaring engines.

Ram! The door was smashed inward. Pieces of wood flew everywhere. Joe dropped the rope and ran for the hallway. Jenkins followed but tripped and fell.

Into the room streamed motorcycles. The sound of their engines was deafening as more and more roared in. The black-jacketed riders wielded clubs and knives and shouted wildly.

Several of the invaders jumped off and chased down Joe and Mr. Jenkins.

Chapter EIGHT

"Go up to the house and see if you can find some beer," the big biker ordered. "Bring whatever they've got. We're gonna have us a party!" He walked over to Julie and let his eyes roam up and down her fantastic body. "Yeah, we're gonna have us one hell of a party!"

The biker was called Duke. He wore dirty jeans and big heavy cycle boots. His denim jacket was open down the front, revealing a massive, hairy chest. Duke was almost six and a half feet tall and weighed nearly three hundred pounds, all of it solid muscle. He was the undisputed leader of the gang. No one challenged his authority.

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire," Julie whispered softly to herself as the huge man walked around her.

She felt particularly vulnerable now with over a dozen powerful men gathered around her. The rawhide bonds cut into her wrists and ankles. Her legs were spread to the breaking point and she knew that the bikers were looking right up between them to her fully exposed little cunt and tiny asshole.

Soon the beer was brought down and passed around. The bikers guzzled it down and began breaking the empty bottles against the walls. They made lewd comments about the little, trussed-up redhead as they examined her under the bright studio lights.

"Look at how that little cunt's dressed," one called. "She was just asking to get herself fucked! No wonder those dudes had her tied down!"

"That bitch has one hell of an ass on her!" exclaimed another. "We're gonna have a good time with her!"

The bikers ran their rough dirty hands all over Julie's captive body. They kneaded the soft flesh of her full round ass and reached under to her bound tits, squeezing her swollen tit-flesh and pinching her big nipples.

One jammed the long neck of a beer bottle roughly up the redhead's still-wet pussy while another kneeled at her pretty head, lifted her by her hair, and rubbed his stiffening prick across Julie's soft lips.

"Suck me off, cunt!" he roared.

The others cheered as the captive girl willingly opened her small mouth and the big biker quickly stuffed nine inches of stiff cock down her throat. Julie choked and gagged, but the biker continued to fuck her mouth. The powerful man savagely fucked his big prick in and out as Julie sucked hard.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!" the biker yelled as he fired blast after blast of hot cum into the little redhead's mouth. Julie swallowed most, but the overflow ran back and trickled out the corners of her lips and ran down her chin.

Julie felt the beer bottle being rammed deeper into her pussy as another biker spit on her asshole. He then inserted a second bottleneck up her ass and fucked it in and out!

"Ooooooh!" Julie cried, more than passion than the pain. That familiar filled-up feeling was making her cunt juices start to flow.

Julie opened her eyes and saw one of her new captors pull his big cock out of a pair of dirty jeans. His prick was gigantic and dripped with clear, sticky fuck fluid. He knelt down and got a firm grasp on her red hair, feeding her just the engorged cock-head and pumping the long prick-shaft himself.

"Aaaaaaagh!" he shouted.

Julie's small mouth filled with the hot, salty fuck juice. The biker pulled the big cock-head out and drenched the little redhead's pretty face. Giant spurts of cum splashed across her forehead and ran down her nose. The other bikers roared with laughter.

"Everybody back!" Duke ordered. The others cleared away at once.

The head biker advanced toward Julie with a beer in his hand. He looked at the two empty bottles sticking out of the redhead's luscious ass and pussy and grinned. He reached out and stuffed the one up her asshole in deeper.

"Eiiiiiiiiigh!" Julie squealed, wiggling her delightful ass. Her soft assflesh shook invitingly.

Duke lifted his beer and poured the full bottle up and down the redhead's back, from her shoulders to her big, full ass. Her flesh glistened.

The big man bent down and picked up the knotted rope that Joe had dropped. He stepped back and snapped the rope over his head. It whistled through the air and came down across Julie's naked shoulders.

"Eiiiiigh!" the redhead screamed.

Duke lashed out again and the rope mapped into the soft flesh of the captive girls exposed ass. It left a red mark just above the two beer bottles.

"Eiiiiigh!" she squealed again.

Again and again, the big gang leader whipped Julie's naked skin. The rope hissed through the air and kissed a new spot each time. Duke concentrated on the redhead's spectacular ass. He enjoyed watching her jiggly assflesh dance as the rope cut into the girl's sensitive skin.

Throwing the rope aside, Duke climbed on the bed and got between Julie's wide-spread legs. He roughly pulled both beer bottles out of her and broke them against a nearby wall.

"Wiggle your ass, baby!" he commanded. Julie obediently did as she was told, humping her voluptuous ass up even higher than the folded pillow forced her and swinging her succulent assflesh from side to side. Duke slapped her ass hard and watched the ripples move across her pliant ass-meat. His huge cock was powerfully erect and dripping with prick-juice.

Julie was fully aroused. The lashing that Duke had given her had been painful, but it had only served to make her pussy juices flow even more. The two bottle-necks rammed savagely up her little cunt and asshole had vibrated with each lash of the rope, and Julie had almost climaxed when Duke whipped her beer-soaked ass.

Duke rubbed his monstrous prick against the redhead's already-fucked tight asshole. His wet, slimy cock-head-greased her little asshole and, with one hard push, the big biker fucked his swollen, purple prick-head into her ass.

"Oooooooooooh!" Julie cried in ecstasy, humping her charming ass to try and get more.

Duke played with her, fucking his mighty prick in and out at will and slapping her big, soft asscheeks to make them dance. He grasped his big cock with one hand and stirred his powerful prick round and round in her asshole.

"Talk to me, baby!" he commanded.

"Oooooh, lover," the redhead crooned, "you've got such a big, nasty prick! I just love it! I want you to stuff it up my little asshole, baby! Please, sugar! Ass-fuck me, baby! Fuck me up the ass with that big cock! Do it, baby! Ass-fuck me!"

Duke motioned two of the bikers over. They both dropped their pants and got on the bed at Julie's head. One man got her in a strong hair lock, and they both rubbed their big wet cocks in her cum-stained face. Julie hungrily opened her mouth and a huge prick was stuffed in.

The other man continued to rub his stiff prick against her cheek and nose. He left fresh trails of fuck juice all over her face.

Julie took turns sucking the cocks of the two big men. She submissively sucked first one prick and then the other, dropping her head from time to time to lick their hairy balls. Her pretty features were wet and glistening from the prick-juice the two bikers squeezed out on her lovely little face.

Duke got a good grip on Julie's big, round hips and shoved his great cock farther up her tight ass. Julie gasped as she felt her little passageway being stretched to its limit. Soon she could feel Duke's cockhair rubbing into the crack between her fleshy asscheeks, and she knew that his entire prick-shaft was up her tight ass chute.

"Aaaaaaagh," she moaned as she ground her hips, pushing her asshole hard into the big biker. Her juicy little cunt was soaking the bed under her.

As the little redhead humped her luscious ass to meet Duke's mighty fucks, the two other bikers each got a strong grip on Julie's red hair and, with one powerful push, forced both big cocks into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmph!" the captive girl gurgled as the two huge slabs of stiff prick-meat stretched her warm mouth wide open.

Julie thought her jaw would surely break. Both men fucked in and out together, moving farther down her abused throat with each stroke. They made the sexy little redhead keep her eyes open and look directly at them as they laughed and savagely fucked her pretty face.

Duke settled himself down on Julie for some serious ass-fucking. He grinned as he watched the two men's huge pricks sliding in and out of the redhead's hot lips as they held her in two powerful hair-locks. The big man dropped his full weight on Julie's raised ass and reached under her magnificent chest, grasping a tightly bound, swollen tit in each big hand.

"Mmmmmmph!" Julie moaned as both huge pricks slid all the way down her throat and she felt each man's cock-hair against her open lips.

Duke pulled his huge cock back until only his swollen, engorged cock-head remained in the little redhead's asshole. Tightening his grip on her bound-up tits, the big biker suddenly fucked his powerful prick up her ass as hard as he possibly could. He fucked in so hard that when he hit bottom, Julie's ass-meat shook like jello.

"Eiiiiiigh!" she wailed loudly. "Eiiiiiigh!" The curious mixture of pain and pleasure almost caused her to faint.

"All right, bitch," Duke growled, "you begged to get your big ass fucked, and I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna rip your little asshole to pieces, baby! You won't walk for a week!"

Again the big man pulled back and fucked his mighty prick up the little redhead's ass. His stiff cock tore at her sensitive ass passage and bottomed-out with his cock hair rubbing the red hair around Julie's abused asshole.

Over and over, Duke fucked away at the little redhead. Julie was delirious with passion as all three gigantic cocks fucked her. She sucked hard on the two pricks thrust down her throat and shook violently each time Duke fucked his savage cock into her asshole.

"Aaaaaaagh!" Duke shouted as his mighty prick began to buck and jerk. He fired buckets of hot, sticky cum deep into the helpless girl. Julie wiggled wildly to sink him even deeper into her hot ass.

The horny redhead felt a powerful orgasm building deep in her loins as Duke's huge prick filled her asshole with fuck juice. His sticky fuck fluid bubbled out of her ass and ran down to her flaming cunt.

Julie sucked passionately on the giant cocks as both men fucked in and out. She felt both huge pricks pulsate and then begin to jerk. Each man savagely rammed his prick all the way in so that the redhead's lips were mashed into his cock-hair.

"Aaaaaaagh!" both bikers cried as they shot their loads into Julie's mouth.

Julie, choked from the fuck juice blasted down her throat, swallowed greedily, trying to drink each last drop of cum. She wasn't fast enough and huge amounts of slippery fuck fluid rolled out the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

Duke rolled off her big ass and opened another beer. He returned with a knife and cut the redhead's bonds, freeing her wrists and ankles. He left the rawhide strips tied to her four limbs to remind her that she was still their captive.

"Why don't the rest of you get busy and really work this little cunt over?" Duke grinned at the rest of the gang. "She needs to see who's boss!"

Four bikers pulled Julie to her feet and made her stand up straight, sticking her big tits out. One of them tightened the nylon cords which made the little redhead's fabulous tits stand out from her chest like torpedoes. The horny girl teetered on the brink of a body racking climax as the bikers manhandled her.

Julie looked terrific in her lacy garter belt and black nylons. The spike heels made her shapely legs look even longer than they were. The men ran their rough hands up and down her fabulous, naked body, feeling every delectable curve, kneading and fondling her soft flesh. They slapped her big ass and tightly bound tits, watching her creamy-white tit-meat dance and jiggle.

A huge, powerfully built biker stepped in front of the captive redhead and savagely pulled her exposed body against his. His pants and leather jacket were open and his big stiff prick rubbed against Julie's soft belly, leaving a sticky trail. He cupped her asscheeks in both hands and lifted her up, dropping her down and impaling her little pussy on his savage cock.

"Ooooooh!" the redhead moaned as she felt his hard prick fuck deep into her cunt.

The big biker bent his knees and allowed Julie to stand on the floor in her spike heels. He fucked his mighty cock up and down, fucking his stiff prick in and out of her red-haired pussy.

Julie wrapped her arms around his thick neck and ground her luscious hips wantonly. She loved his fucking prick.

"Fuck me, baby!" she begged. "You're gonna make me come! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

A second man grabbed the redhead's hair from the rear and stepped close. He bent his knees and fucked the pulsating head of his big cock into Julie's asshole.

"Eiiiiigh!" she wailed.

With a powerful thrust, the second man pushed harder and his long, thick cock-shaft disappeared into the little redhead's abused ass. Julie was in heaven. She moaned and bumped her round, full hips from side to side as both huge pricks fucked her standing up.

"Aaaaaagh!" the wild little bitch cried as her body shook in violent orgasm.

The man who was fucking her asshole twisted her sleek arms behind her back, and gripped her red hair masterfully. The biker in front, his huge cock fucking her little pussy, punched and slapped her swollen, bound tits.

"Eiiiiiigh!" Julie screamed as waves of pleasure rippled through her luscious flesh.

"Aaaaaagh!" the bikers roared as both men fired their big pricks into the redhead's twin fuck holes. Hot, sticky cum filled Julie to overflowing and gurgled out her hot, little cunt and sensitive asshole...

The white, slippery fuck juice ran down the soft insides of the girl's sleek thighs and soaked the tops of her sexy, black nylon stockings.

Both men pulled their huge cocks out of the redhead and let her drop to the floor. Immediately, two more bikers lifted her up and sandwiched her again, shoving their mammoth pricks up her cunt and asshole. Julie's fuck holes were now well lubricated and both giant cocks fucked in and out easily.

These two men were even rougher than the first two. They lifted the little redhead off the ground with their powerful pricks, letting her hang by her pussy and asshole. They slapped lire big tits and lovely ass as they bounced her up and down on their mighty cocks.

"Ooooooh!" moaned Julie, who had not yet recovered from her orgasm. "Ooooooh! Do it to me! Treat me like a whore! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Two more bikers appeared, one on each side. Julie was forced to take their big, wet cocks in her hands and jerk them off. The little redhead worked hard, and the tiny muscles in her milky-white arms showed as she pumped up and down on the two powerful, throbbing pricks. As she pumped, the other men bounced her savagely, fucking their savage pricks up her cunt and ass as deep as they could.

Turning her pretty head from side to side, Julie watched excitedly as she pumped hard on the two huge cocks! Both pricks were wet and slippery and slid easily in her hands.

Oh, she thought, these giant cocks look so powerful in my tiny hands!

Julie loved the way the throbbing, swollen cock-heads thrust through her little fists, emerging slimy and wet.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh!" the big biker on her left groaned. Julie watched as the huge purple head of his magnificent prick erupted with mammoth spurts of hot white cum. The sticky fuck juice ran down her tiny hand and dripped onto the floor.

The little redhead put her hand to her mouth and licked the cum off, sucking her sticky fingers and smacking her lips as she pumped away on the other stiff cock.

"Jerk him off, baby!" the man who was ass-fucking her growled. "Wrap your hand around that big prick and pump on it! Jerk him off, cunt! Pump on that big thick cock!"

"Owwwwww!" the biker cried as Julie squeezed his giant cock in her little hand. She let his swollen, slippery prick-head slide through her fingers and jerked hard on his thick cock-shaft.

His big prick spurted cum. It shot high into the air and splattered against the redhead's lovely tits. Big droplets of slimy fuck juice rolled down her swollen tits and dripped from the stiff tips of her large brown nipples.

"Eiiiiiiigh!" Julie squealed as the big bikers bounced her savagely up and down.

Their massive pricks tore at her lovely asshole and steaming pussy. Both mighty cocks pulsed and throbbed, spitting his cum into the hot little redhead.

"Aaaaaaaagh!" both men roared as they slammed violently into the captive girl's burning flesh. Huge amounts of prick-juice filled her ass and cunt, mixing with the cum already there.

"Let's go!" called Duke, motioning to his gang. "And bring the little cunt along. I've got plans for her!"

The bikers mounted their fearsome machines, loaded with valuables which they had taken from the main house. Joe and Mr. Jenkins still lay unmoving in pools of their own blood.

Julie, naked except for her heels, nylons and garter belt, was tied onto the back of Duke's big motorcycle. In a cloud of dust and with a deafening roar, almost twenty cycles roared off toward the setting sun!

Chapter NINE

The rawhide thongs trailing from Julie's wrists and ankles flapped in the wind as her luscious naked ass bounced up and down on the padded seat of the big chopper. The gang followed little-used trails through the canyons and across dried-up pasture land as their mighty machines roared onward.

The sun had set and the sky had darkened when the bikers turned up a dry creek bed. Another five hundred yards and the redhead saw the faint twilight outline of an old farm house. Dim light showed through several windows.

Dismounting, Duke untied Julie from his bike and motioned her inside with the gang. She walked, naked and exposed, among the burly men.

"Well, just look at this!" a tough-looking, denim-clad girl taunted when she saw the redhead. She and two other young women were waiting in the big kitchen for their men to return.

"You boys found yourselves a piece of prime pussy, didn't you?" one of the other girls laughed, looking hard at Julie's huge, tied-up tits.

"Here!" called the third girl, lifting her dirty T-shirt to expose two small but firm tit mounds. "Rub those big tits on mine! Maybe it'll make 'em grow!" She walked up to the captive redhead and rubbed her own tiny tits into Julie's swollen tits.

The gang roared with laugher as the small titted girl crushed her tits into the redhead's big, rubbery tits. Both girls' nipples stiffened and the biker girl wrapped her arms around Julie's neck and pressed her denim-clad pussy against the redhead's naked cunt.

"Ooooooh, fuck me, baby!" she teased, wiggling her hips and grinding her pussy into Julie. She laughed and jumped back as the bikers roared again, slapping each other on the back.

"Get some supper made, woman!" Duke ordered and cuffed the girl on the side of her head. "You'll have your fun with this big titted bitch later!"

The three women went about preparing a meal under kerosene lights, as the men broke open several six-packs of cheap beer. Duke locked Julie in a small bedroom.

The window was boarded shut and the room contained nothing but dirty mattresses spread on the floor. Outside, the redhead could hear the sounds of the bikers and their three women partying. The only light in the room filtered in under the door. Julie lay down and rested, removing the rawhide thongs.

About midnight the party got loud and the little redhead heard a noise in the hall. The locked door opened and Duke stumbled into the room. He was drunk. He pulled Julie up by her hair and dragged her out to the kitchen.

The biker girls were nude and dancing for the men. All three had firm, young bodies with round asses and high, stiff tits. None could have been a day over twenty. They wiggled and pranced, showing off their naked pussies by spreading their legs wide and bending over to touch the floor.

"Here!" Duke called drunkenly, throwing Julie into the middle of the floor, "get the garbage off this cunt and untie her tits. I want to see her naked!"

The other three girls, giggling, stripped off the redhead's nylons, shoes and garter belt. The one who had rubbed tits with her earlier untied the nylon cords that wrapped each big tit. In doing so, she squeezed Julie's mammoth tits, stroking each big stiff nipple and licking her lips.

"God, you sure have a set of tits, honey!" she whispered. "I'd give anything to be built like you!"

"All right!" Duke bellowed. "On your knees and in a line! We're gonna have a cocksucking contest!"

The biker girls obviously had done this before. They sat back on their heels and spread their young legs wide apart. Each girl rested her hands on her knees and arched her back to thrust her tits up and out. The three were lined up side by side.

"Down, like this," the small-titted girl urged Julie. "Get beside me!"

The little redhead, now barefoot and totally naked, knelt down like the other girls and spread her shapely legs, exposing her pretty red cunt bush. She thrust her huge tits out and watched the hungry looks on the faces of the drunken bikers.

Four men stepped up to the waiting girls. Each girl submissively tilted her lovely head back, opened her mouth and rolled out her wet tongue. Julie watched and did the same. The big bikers stuffed their stiffening cocks into the girls' mouths.

"Uuuuuumph!" Julie heard the small-titted girl moan beside her.

The redhead had a gigantic prick in her own mouth and was sucking passionately. She looked at the girl beside her and saw that she was doing the same. Julie felt her steamy cunt begin to burn as she watched the sexy girl with the firm, high tits take a monstrous cock all the way down her throat and still seem ready for more.

"OK, shit!" Duke called.

The bikers pulled their dripping cocks out of the girls' mouths and four new men replaced them. This went on and on. Duke would call out about every ten minutes and each girl would get a new cock to suck.

The little redhead was almost delirious from raw passion. She had never had so many big, beautiful cocks to suck in her life. Her little pussy was on fire and, from the passionate sucking sounds she could hear, the other girls were as turned-on as she was.

The drunken bikers roughly grabbed the girls' hair and jerked their lovely heads around as they fucked their powerful cocks down their throats. Soon each girl was being fed two big pricks at once and other bikers were gathering around, feeling the girls' pussies and running their dirty hands all over their young bodies.

Julie was pushed to the floor by a big, tough-looking man who pulled her sleek legs wide apart and savagely fucked his prick into her wet cunt. Another biker sat on her chest and fucked her huge tits with a cock that had to be over a foot long. He shot hot cum on her stiff nipples and rubbed it in with the still pulsing head of his giant prick.

The tough-looking man shot his cum-load deep within her hot little pussy while another stuffed his big cock into her willing mouth. Julie looked to the side and saw the small titted girl getting powerfully fucked up her tiny asshole while two big bikers jerked-off, shooting buckets of cum into her pretty face. Another girl was being held down by four men, on her back, while Duke lashed her firm, young tits with a nasty-looking whip.

The other girl was on her hands and knees, being forced to suck two men at once while another rammed a long-necked wine bottle up her cunt.

Julie felt the wetness of a big, slippery cockhead against her face. She turned and was met by a large blast of cum which rolled down her cute nose and ran in her mouth.

"Cat fight!" Duke suddenly roared. "I want a cat fight! Where's that big-titted bitch? Let's see if she can fight like she can fuck!"

Julie was pulled up and, bare-assed, was led out the door to a grove of trees where the cycles were all parked. One of the other girls was selected and the entire gang assembled outside.

Several bikes were positioned so that their headlights would spotlight the performers. The ring was an area within the grove of trees which was bare of vegetation. The ground was hard-packed sand, stained with oil from the big bikes.

"What is all this?" the redhead, trembling, asked the small-titted girl.

"You're gonna fight Sherry," she explained, nodding to the other young girl. "And, when these guys say fight, that's what they mean! Sherry is tough and you better give it all you've got or she'll hurt you bad!"

Julie was frightened! Suddenly she realized that she might really get hurt. She wished she had never come to work for Ace Realty in the first place. Her wet pussy felt cold and clammy.

Sherry sneered at the big-titted redhead. She was several inches taller than Julie, but weighed about the same. Her tits were fantastic. They were full and firm, perfect cones which stood out straight from her chest. Her nipples were hard and stiff and looked like small, brown weapons ready to slice into her opponent.

Sherry had a muscular build with a large round ass and well-shaped legs. Her stomach was hard and flat and looked like it could take a lot of punishment. She was the girl Julie had seen Duke lashing with the whip. Julie looked closely and saw the whip scars across both her young tits!

"I'm gonna punch-out on those big tits!" Sherry snarled as the bikers turned on their headlights and spotlighted the naked fighters. "You tits are gonna be black and blue, bitch!"

She spat at Julie.

"Kiss my ass, whore!" Julie called back, giving the bigger girl the finger. The bikers roared with excitement.

"All right," said Duke, "there ain't no rules! Just beat the shit out of the other girl anyway you can!" He laughed. "Go to it!"

Sherry snarled and clenched her fists as the two naked girls circled one another, barefoot on the ground. Beyond the bright cycle lights, Julie could see the bikers, drinking beer and waiting for the first girl to make a move.

"Aaaaaagh!" Sherry growled and swung a hard right at the big-titted redhead.

Julie pulled back and the blow glanced off her chin. The redhead saw her opening and landed a hard punch directly into Sherry's left tit.

"Oooooow!" she cried and aimed a kick at the redhead's exposed cunt. Her pretty bare foot landed squarely between Julie's lovely legs and pain seethed through her little pussy.

"Aaaaaaa!" the little redhead gasped and doubled over.

Sherry brushed her blond hair back and punched at Julie's big tits. She landed two punches on each big swollen mound, raking Julie's sensitive brown nipples.

Julie lunged forward and drove her head powerfully into the blond's lower belly. The soft flesh gave way and knocked the breath out of the larger girl. She tumbled back and lay spread-eagled for a moment. The little redhead's huge tits were already swelling from the punches she had taken.

Before Sherry had a chance to get up, Julie kicked her hard between her wide-spread legs. The redhead's bare toes slammed into the taller girl's cunt and she doubled up in pain.

Julie kicked again, hit Sherry had her legs together and rolled out of the way. She scrambled to her feet and the girls circled one another again. The bikers roared their appreciation as they swilled more beer. The big titted girl was a match for the tough Sherry.

Sherry swung and missed.

Julie landed two solid blows on each of the blond's firm tits. She could see them begin to swell and discolor at once.

"Pretty soon you'll have big tits like me!" Julie gasped, teasing the battered blond. "We'll see whose tits are black and blue!"

Sherry swung again and landed several punches firmly on the redhead's big tits. Julie looked down and couldn't believe her eyes. Her tits had swollen to almost twice their normal size. They were bruised and felt heavy on her big chest.

Julie swung back and connected with the taller girl's smaller tits. Hers, too, had doubled in size and were bruised. The girls traded punches evenly, concentrating on each other's tits.

Sherry seized an opportunity and landed another well-placed kick in Julie's little cunt.

The captive girl went down and the blond jumped on top, flattening her naked body against the other girl's. Their bruised and swollen tits pressed together, and Sherry tore at the redhead's lovely face with her nails.

Julie reached up and grabbed the blond by her dirty hair, snapping her head back savagely.

The girls rolled over and over in the dirt, pulling each other's hair and slapping one another's swollen tits.

The little redhead wrestled Sherry onto her back and climbed on too, pinning the blond's arms out to the side. She spit in the young girl's face and rubbed her big tits insolently against the other girl's smaller pair.

"How come your tits are so little?" she taunted the biker girl. "Look at my great big beautiful tits, cunt! Don't you wish you had a pair like me? What's the matter with you? Why didn't your tits grow? You look like a little girl!" Julie spat in her face again and rubbed her tits hard into the blond's to let her feel how big hers were.

Humiliated and furious, Sherry pushed hard and flipped Julie off her. She scrambled to her feet and drew back her shapely leg.

Julie was on her hands and knees and couldn't get out of the way. Sherry's foot slammed into one of the redhead's big tits so hard that the force lifted her and threw her onto her back.

The blond jumped back on top and began pounding on the little redhead's battered and swollen tit-mounds. She sat up on Julie's red-haired cunt and swung again and again, striking each huge tit repeatedly.

"Eiiiiigh!" Julie cried and swung for the blond's unguarded chin with all the power she could muster.

The right cross landed squarely on Sherry's unprotected face and jarred her entire head. She fell off the redhead and lay in the dirt.

Julie rose and picked her up by the hair. The blond was groggy and could hardly stand. Julie backed her up against a tree and worked her over. The angry redhead landed blow after blow on her young tits until they were swollen almost as large as her own.

Julie pounded her fists into the blond's flat stomach and, finally, brought her knee up hard into Sherry's exposed pussy. The tough blond crumpled to the ground.

"Here, you win!" called Duke over the cheers of the bikers. He handed her a large rubber dildo attached to a strap. "The winner fucks the loser!"

Breathing hard and now fully aroused, Julie eyed the helpless girl lying on the ground beneath her. She knew now the feeling men must have when they force a captive girl to submit to them. She quickly strapped on the twelve-inch rubber prick and fondled the thick cock-shaft.

God, she thought, I'd love to have a real cock!

Julie dragged the battered and beaten girl into the center of the fight area. She lowered herself onto the blond and shoved the huge prick into her pussy. The dildo slid right in. The other girl's cunt was soaked.

"Ooooooooooh!" moaned the blond as she looked up at Julie, smiling. "Fuck me, baby! You worked me over good! Fuck me!"

The little redhead fucked away, fucking the big cock up Sherry's steaming cunt and rubbing her own pussy against the blond's soft asshole. Duke climbed on from behind and slid his mammoth prick up Julie's charming asshole.

"Eiiiiiigh!" the redhead squealed as she and the blond climaxed together and big Duke fired another load of hot cum up her ass. The gang cheered.

Later that night, Julie awoke. She was sleeping alone in a room with the biker girls. The men were in another part of the house, deep in drunken slumber. Nude, Julie slipped out the open window.

"You always hitchhike that way?" asked the truck driver as the naked redhead with the enormous tits climbed into the cab of his truck.

Julie told him a hair-raising tale of being kidnapped by outlaw bikers, stripped, raped and beaten. He took her to the local sheriff who called Mark and Mr. Smith.

"Julie," Mark scolded as they lay on the bed in their apartment, "I hope this teaches you a lesson. You're too damned adventuresome! You're damned lucky you didn't get fired from Ace Realty!"

Julie listened attentively as Mark went on about how she needed to devote more time to her job and try to stay out of messes like the one with Mr. Jenkins. She promised that she would turn over a new leaf and straighten out.

"By the way," Mark continued as Julie squeezed his stiff cock, "Hal wants us to come over later and watch some porno films with him and Candy. If we go, do you think that you can behave yourself?"

"Of course, lover!" the redhead promised, expanding her chest and pressing her still swollen tits into Mark. She wrapped her arms around his neck and crossed her fingers!

"I'll be very, very good!" she giggled.


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