Back door neighbors

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conservation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are not different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

BACK DOOR NEIGHBORS -- a shocking story, certainly, but which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.

Chapter ONE

"How about another martini," Charlie Reed said.

Lauren was alone with Charlie in the Reed living room. They had just watched Lauren's husband Jim and Charlie's wife Pat walk out of the living room to go to a bedroom.

And not to play checkers, Lauren thought. Jim and Pat were off to a bedroom to fuck.

This was Lauren and Jim's first try at wife swapping and she was nervous as hell about it.

Now Lauren smiled at Charlie and did her best to pull herself together. "I haven't finished this one yet."

Charlie snickered. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get happy, doll."

Charlie drained his glass and then watched Lauren as she did the same to hers. He picked up the empty glasses and walked over to the bar to get them filled again.

Lauren never liked to drink too much, but she realized she needed the booze tonight. She was very excited about swapping, but she still felt inhibited about it. She could feel the dampness in the crotch of her panties. She could feel her heart beating in her chest and she wished she could calm down and be as casual as Pat about everything.

Lauren rose up now as Charlie approached with her fresh drink.

"I like martinis," Charlie said with a grin. "They put the fire where it belongs."

Lauren blushed. "Yes, I guess."

"You're nervous, aren't you?"

"You bet I am."

Charlie laughed. Lauren smiled at him as his eyes ran over her body. She could feel an electric tingling in her pussy as his eyes boldly undressed her. She had to admit to herself that she was looking forward to getting fucked by him. This would be the first time she'd made it with anyone but Jim since they were married.

You're such a good girl, she thought with sarcasm.

She and Jim hadn't been doing much fucking lately and she was beginning to wonder if she hadn't lost interest in sex.

Charlie continued chatting with her and soon she could feel the gin easing the tensions inside her.

"I guess Jim and Pat have already started," Charlie said.

Lauren nodded. "You're probably right."

Charlie smiled. "I'm hot for you, Lauren. I've been waiting all week to get at you."

A quiver went through her as she blushed. "Me too. I never thought I would be, but I guess I'm ready for anything now."

"Well, drink up and let's go to the bedroom."

Lauren laughed. "You're trying to get me drunk."

"Sure, how'd you guess? Come on, maybe we can catch them together without them knowing about it."

After Lauren drained her glass, Charlie took her hand and led her out of the living room and up the stairs to the second floor of the house. He took her to one of the bedrooms, a dimly lit room with a window open to let in the night air.

But the room was empty. No one was in the room except them and the bed looked unused.

"Where are they?" Lauren whispered.

Charlie grinned. "In the next bedroom, on the other side of that connecting door."

Lauren felt herself shaking slightly. How strange it was to be alone in a bedroom with a man who wasn't her husband. And a man she'd be fucking before long.

She looked around the room and decided it must be a guest room because it didn't look lived in. She supposed Pat had taken Jim to the bedroom Pat shared with Charlie.

Now Lauren trembled as Charlie kissed her for the first time. He pulled her toward him, his tongue probing inside her mouth.

She sucked on his tongue, pressed her body against his to let him know she wasn't resisting him.

She could feel herself trembling with excitement. Her nervousness was fading and in its place she was getting turned on.

As Charlie held the kiss, Lauren suddenly felt his cock pushing against her belly. He had an obvious hard-on and she was thrilled by it. She felt her body respond as his bone-hard cock continued to push against her.

Charlie whispered in her ear. "Christ, I'm dying to fuck you!"

The word excited her. She reached down between their bodies to touch his hard cock through his pants.

She felt wicked doing it. She felt a tingling in her tits as she walked her fingertips over the bulge in the front of his pants.

Charlie grunted as she felt her fingers touching his dick. He whispered again, his lips touching her ear. "Lauren, take your dress off!"

He guided her across the room to a chair near the window. Reaching over to the small lamp, he snapped the light off and the room was in sudden darkness.

Lauren trembled as she reached behind to slide the zipper of her dress all the way down her back.

She lifted the party dress over her head and then draped it over the back of the chair. Then she reached behind her again, unsnapped her bra and pulled it away to expose her tits.

She dropped the bra to the seat of the chair. Her nakedness made her feel so wanton. There was no turning back now. She was naked in a room with Charlie Reed and there was no turning back.

Now she heard Charlie next to her. She could hear the rustling as he took his clothes off.

She told herself she wanted it. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted it as much as he did. She hadn't lied when she'd said she'd, been thinking about it all week.

Then Charlie reached for her in the darkness and his hand touched one of her tits.

Lauren jumped at the sudden contact. "Charlie, I'm not finished undressing. I still have my hose and panties on."

He made a sound in his throat. "Leave the stockings and heels on, will you? I want to look at you later like that. After we've played around a little."

Lauren shuddered with excitement as she peeled her panties off and stepped out of them. In a moment, Charlie reached for her again, his hands running over her body. She stood still, her urns at her sides, trembling as he touched her everywhere.

Then he dropped his head to her tits, cupped her tits in his hands as he sucked one of her nipples.

She groaned and almost fell down as she gently pushed him away. "Charlie, not here. I want to be with the others. I want Jim to hear us."

Charlie snickered. "Whatever you want, doll."

He took her hand and led her to the connecting door and in a moment they were in the other bedroom. This room was just as dark as the first one, but suddenly Lauren could hear them. The sounds were unmistakable. Wet sucking sounds. Was Pat sucking Jim's cock?

Lauren wondered if Charlie expected that from her. She knew she wouldn't refuse him anything. She wondered if he was hard to please in bed.

Then Charlie whispered to her again. "We've got two beds in here and one of them is empty."

"Isn't this where you sleep with Pat?"

"No, that's down the hall. Come on, let's use the empty bed."

He led her to the bed and guided her down onto it. She could just make out the two people on the other bed. Her husband and Pat.

Lauren trembled as she stretched out on the bed. A moment later, she felt Charlie's weight on the bed as he joined her.

Charlie made no attempt to be quiet and Lauren was certain Jim and Pat knew that she and Charlie were in the room with them.

Lauren didn't care. Having Jim know she was there only made it more exciting for her. She expected Charlie would fuck her silly while Jim listened to it.

Charlie grunted as he pressed against her. Now she forgot about Jim and Pat as Charlie began kissing her. She quivered as he nibbled along her shoulder. She slid a hand between their bodies to take hold of his hard cock. She heard Charlie groan in response as she skinned back his prick to uncover his knob.

Charlie whispered in her ear. "I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk!"

Lauren giggled softly. "Then I won't be able to go home."

"You've got a great body, doll."

She quivered with pleasure as she felt herself turning on to him. She wished her husband could be made more aware of how Charlie was responding to her.

"Charlie, I want you to fuck me!"

"Don't worry, I will."

Then he stopped talking as he took one of her tits in his mouth. She deliberately moaned louder so she could be heard by the others.

Suddenly Lauren heard Pat's voice.

"Keep sucking," Pat said. "Lick it, baby, lick it!"

Lauren was stunned as she realized Jim was sucking Pat's cunt.

Then Lauren focussed again on what Charlie was doing to her. He was moving now, moving his mouth from one tit to the other as he sucked her nipples. His hand roamed over her belly and thighs. He kept moving his mouth from one tit to the other, but finally his mouth slid down over her belly and away from her tits.

His cock pulled out of her hand as he shifted down on the bed.

He licked her belly with his wet tongue. Then he moved his face lower down and she felt his teeth nipping her flesh just above her cunt mound.

Lauren moaned as Charlie pushed her legs apart. He crouched between her thighs, and then she gasped as she suddenly felt his fingers pulling her cuntlips apart.

She felt the cool air on her gash, and then a moment later she trembled at the feel of his tongue directly on her clit.

He spread her cuntlips wider apart, dropped his tongue from her clit to her cunthole. She groaned as he pushed his tongue deep inside her cunthole and wriggled it around.

She loved the feel of it. She reached down to tangle her fingers in his hair. She pulled his face hard against her crotch as his tongue reamed out her pussy.

"Oh God, it's good," she said with a groan.

Her tits heaved as she squirmed on the bed. Her legs were wide apart, and now she jackknifed her knees up against her tits to open her cunt as wide as possible.

Charlie used both hands to spread her cuntlips apart as he sucked her cunt. Then he moved down, dropped his tongue down to the puckered ring of her asshole. Lauren shuddered as she felt the tip of his tongue pushing against her shitter, pushing forward until it slipped inside her ass.

She loved it. She wriggled and moaned as he reamed out her asshole with his wet tongue.

Then suddenly his tongue was gone and she felt something else. His finger pushed against her asshole as his mouth returned to her clit. He slowly pushed his finger inside her tight bung as he sucked her cunt once again.

She groaned as his finger pushed in deeper. "Charlie, it hurts! You're hurting me!"

He continued sucking her pussy and soon she became accustomed to the presence of his finger in her ass.

She lay still, gasping with pleasure as he continued licking and sucking her steaming cunt. He twisted the finger in her ass around and around, stretching her asshole, driving her crazy as he reamed it out.

Soon she began pumping her ass back at his finger, skewering her asshole as he continued lapping her clit. He slid his free hand beneath her ass to press her crotch against his face.

Nothing mattered to her now but the hot sensations tipping through her body. She writhed and twisted on the bed. "Suck me, Charlie! Ram your finger up my ass!"

Charlie worked like a demon as she began to come. He lapped his tongue faster and faster, grinding his finger inside her hot ass. Her body squirmed, her thighs opened and closed against his head.

She jerked each time his tongue touched her clit flaw. A steady moaning sound came out of her throat as he sucked her cunt and diddled her asshole.

She didn't care about Jim any more. Now all she cared about was the face between her legs, the mouth on her cunt and the finger in her ass.

Her belly pumped as she made it. Her head tossed from side to side, her hair flying.

Charlie thrust his tongue deeper inside her cunt as her thighs pressed fight against his face. She was coming again now, her tits heaving and dancing an her chest, her fingers twisting in Charlie's hair.

Finally she arched her body and cried out gasping.

His tongue was still thrashing inside her cunt and it drove her crazy. She could feel the juices pouring out of her pussy to wet her asscrack. His finger was still inside her asshole, slowly twisting as it stretched her shitter.

She collapsed on the bed now, her legs dropping down on each side of Charlie's body.

She was exhausted, wiped out by the multiple orgasms, her arms and legs splayed out like the limbs of a rag doll.

She told herself she had never come so hard in her life, never never like that with Jim.

Charlie was lying still also, his head resting on her cunt mound, his breathing heavy.

Then he crawled up over her and kissed her mouth. She could feel the cuntjuice on his face. She thrust her tongue deep inside his mouth, a gesture of thanks for the lovely way he had sucked her off.

When he pulled his mouth away, he snickered. "Rest awhile and then you can do me."

She murmured her agreement as they kissed again. She told herself she owed it to him to suck him off the way he did her. She wanted to repay him for those delicious orgasms he'd given her. She also wanted Charlie to have her mouth as a gesture against her husband. Her damn husband hardly ever made love to her as good as Charlie had just done. Or maybe Jim never had. Maybe her marriage was just a charade. She told herself that what she needed was a man like Charlie, a man who knew how to turn a woman on and then send her to the heights of bliss.

Now Lauren could hear the soft mewlings of Pat on the other bed. Lauren was amused. Jim had a long way to go and a lot to learn if he was going to compete with Charlie.

She had no reluctance about the swapping now. Now she understood how good it was and how important it might be for her.

Charlie lay by her side with one leg thrown over her body and his chin on her shoulder. Lauren heard once again the wet sucking noises of the lovemaking on the other bed. She heard Pat moaning as Jim did things to her.

Go on, do it, Lauren thought. She was excited by the feel of Charlie's hard cock lying across one of her thighs. She turned and whispered to him. "Are you ready, honey?"

Charlie chuckled. "Yeah, you bet I am."

She whispered more softly. "Is there a light switch close by? I want you to promise to turn the lights on just before you come."

Charlie was amused. "There's a wire switch I can hold in my hand."

"Roll over on your back so I can do you." She was surprised at her own boldness. She wanted to punish Jim. She wanted Jim watching another man shoot off in her mouth. The idea of that made her hot as hell. She wanted Charlie's jism in her mouth and she wanted Jim to see it.

She began slowly with Charlie, running her tongue over his neck and down to his chest. She sucked at his nipples, biting them gently. She reached down to grasp his hard cock with her hand.

Then she worked lower down, licking her way down from his chest, licking at his bellybutton. She ran her tongue around it until she felt his belly heave under her face.

He had a hairy body, thick hair on his chest and hair all over his belly. She rubbed her face in it, tickling her cheeks with the hair at the top of his cock bush. Her fingers curled around his prick, pulled his foreskin back and forth in a teasing motion.

Now she changed her position, crawled over him, pushed his legs apart to kneel on all fours between his thighs. Her feet hung over the edge of the bed as her face poised over his crotch.

She continued skinning his cock, her lips just a few inches away from his fat knob. She opened her mouth and breathed against his cockhead.

Charlie groaned. "Suck it, baby!" His words excited her because she knew Jim could hear them. She wished she could see Jim's face at that moment. She wanted to punish Jim for neglecting her.

Her tongue fluttered out now to touch the tip of Charlie's prick.

She circled her tongue around his cockhead as he groaned and twisted his body. She found his pisshole with her tongue-tip and toyed with it. She sucked up the juice leaking out. She could smell his cock and balls and the smell turned her on. Her mouth was watering for his cock but she deliberately held herself back. Her hands dropped to the base of his cockshaft, then one hand moved farther down to cup his balls. She grazed his ball-sac with her fingernails.

Holding his balls with one hand, she used the other hand to grip his cock. Her fingers pulled down at the base of his cockshaft, skinning his prick down until his knob stood out alone and swollen against her lips.

She began kissing his cockhead and cockshaft now, starting at the tip of his prick and working down to his cock bush. Then she kissed her way up again, teasing him by not taking his cock in her mouth just yet.

But Charlie couldn't stand it.

He groaned and reached down with his hands, grabbed her head and thrust his cock against her face with impatience.

She resisted a moment, but then finally she opened her mouth to take his knob.

His cock pushed in like a battering ram.

She could feel the heat of his dick with her tongue. She felt his knob pushing at the back of her throat and she had to pull back a bit to avoid gagging. Saliva filled her mouth and started running out over her chin. His cock stuck out of her mouth like a huge banana. Charlie groaned. "Christ, your mouth feels like hot butter around my cock."

Lauren giggled. Then she quivered as he began a slow fucking of his cock in and out of her mouth. She held her head still and let him do the work for a while.

"Tighten your lips, baby! Tighten your lips and suck harder!"

She did what he wanted. She felt a delicious excitement growing in her body as she sucked his hot prick. She sucked with abandon now, her tongue lashing his cockhead as his prick slid in and out of her lips.

Now she wanted to get him off.

She bobbed her head, pumping her mouth up and down his prick, mewling with pleasure as she worked her lips over his hard fuck pole.

She thought of him coming in her mouth, all that lovely white jism spurting over her tongue and down her throat.

Yes, she wanted it.

And Jim would see everything.

Oh yes, she wanted that so much.

Chapter TWO

A half hour earlier, Jim was feeling happy as Pat led him into the darkened bedroom. He wanted to turn the lights on so he could look at her, but when he mentioned it to Pat she said no. "In the dark, honey. The first time is always more exciting that way."

So he held her in his arms and kissed her in the dark. The kisses were hot and he was sure she could feel his hard cock pressing against her belly.

Before long he helped her undress. She giggled as they both worked in the dark to get all her clothes off. He fondled her tits as soon as he had a chance. She had big jugs and ever since he and Lauren had agreed to swing with the Reeds, Jim had been thinking about getting his hands on her tits.

After Pat was naked, Jim hurried to get himself undressed while she waited for him on the bed. He lost his balance a few times. He was loaded from the two martinis he'd had on top of the drinks he and Lauren had had in their own house.

But finally he made it. He had all his clothes off and in a moment he crawled onto the bed beside Pat.

"So I've got you at last," he said.

Pat chuckled. She opened her legs wide and pushed his head down toward her belly.

"Yes, you've got me," she said.

Jim never cared much about eating pussy and he'd done it to Lauren only a few times in the five years they'd been married. But he understood Pat wanted it now and he decided to do it.

He pried her cunt open with his thumbs. He sniffed her cunt and he found the smell was a turn-on.

Pat made a sound of pleasure. "Kiss it, baby! Kiss my cunt!" Her hands stroked his head to encourage him to go down on her. He stuck his tongue out finally and he felt her quiver as his tongue touched her pussy for the first time.

He made contact with the slippery meat of her pussy. He licked gently at her clit. Pat began jerking her body in response to what he was doing and it excited him to turn her on like that.

Now he pulled her cunt farther apart with his thumbs, pulling her hairy cuntlips wide apart. He lapped his tongue up and down her pussy gash, aware of her excitement and liking it. He felt a sense of power as he licked her cunt, something he hadn't expected. This woman after all wasn't his wife, but here he was making her shake with excitement.

Pat continued groaning and twisting her body around. Finally Jim pushed his tongue at her cunthole and worked it inside.

Now she went wild. She obviously loved having his tongue in her cunt. She gave out a loud moan, pumping her crotch at his face. She held his head with her hands to keep his face imprisoned between her thighs.

Jim's cock was hard as iron against the mattress. He started pumping his crotch up and down against the mattress as he sucked her cunt, giving himself pleasure by rubbing his cock back and forth on the bed.

His face was filed with her cunt, the wetness and the smell and the taste of it. He any more about leaving Lauren alone downstairs with Charlie. Lauren could look after herself. Maybe Charlie could take care of her. Jim recognized that he and Lauren hadn't been getting along that well lately. Maybe this was what they needed to get the marriage happy again.

In any case, Pat certainly turned him on. She was groaning again, churning her hips as she pumped her crotch at his face.

"Faster, honey. Move your tongue faster!"

He did what she wanted, amused at the way her ass wiggled around with more gusto as he speeded up the movements of his tongue against her clit.

Then she called out again to him. "Put your hands under say ass and lift me." He did that too. He slid his hands down her thighs to grab her asscheeks and pull her crotch up to his face. He could feel how wet her cunt was. He was unhappy the room was dark because he wanted to see her cunt. She was a brunette, not at all like Lauren, and he wouldn't mind having a good look at her pussy.

She squealed with pleasure as he nibbled at her cuntlips. Once again he felt the power he had over her. He worked extra hard to make the sucking good for her, to make her like what he was doing to her cunt.

His tongue whipped and massaged her cunt as she made sounds of pleasure in response. He sucked and licked between her open thighs like a hungry animal.

Then suddenly he heard a noise in the dark room.

He tried to raise his head to look, but Pat's hands held his head down.

He heard the noise again, closer now.

He realized someone was now on the bed next to them. He heard rustling sounds, excited whispering.

He continued sucking Pat's gash. He knew who was on the next bed. It had to be Lauren and Charlie.

Then Jim heard moaning sounds. He stopped sucking Pat to listen. He wondered if he ought to go on with what he was doing while Lauren was there.

Pat pulled at Jim's head with her hands. "Baby, don't stop!"

He heard Lauren moaning again. Were they already fucking? Jim was unsettled now. Why did they have to pick this room to do it? Why didn't Charlie take Lauren somewhere else? Maybe they were too drunk to go anywhere else.

Maybe they didn't know that he and Pat were there on the next bed.

Jim heard Lauren groaning again. Then he heard Charlie's voice. "I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk," Charlie said.

"Oh God, yes!" Lauren gasped.

Jim's tongue was still inside Pat's cunt as he listened to them. He listened to his wife begging to be fucked by another man.

"Honey, keep fucking me," Pat said with a moan.

Her legs jerked over his shoulders, her thighs wrapping around his head to hold him fast.

Jim was suddenly bothered by the knowledge that Lauren must have heard Pat telling him to suck her cunt. Did it bother Lauren too? All he heard were the wet sounds of lovemaking on the other bed. He hoped Lauren wasn't sucking Charlie's cock. Jim didn't like the idea of that at all. But he couldn't pull his head away from Pat's cunt to take a look. He wanted to look at them but he couldn't. Was Lauren lying on top of Charlie? Was she straddling him with her legs wide open? Was she completely naked? Obscene pictures of his wife passed through Jim's mind. He imagined Charlie fucking Lauren, Charlie's cock slamming in and out of Lauren's wide open cunt.

Jim groaned as he sucked Pat's cunt with more fervor. He tried to forget about Lauren and concentrate on Pat.

But he heard Lauren moaning. She never moaned like that when she was with him. She sounded almost as though she was in pain.

Now everything was exciting him. He was turned on by Pat's oozing cunt. He decided Charlie must be sucking Lauren's cunt the way he himself was sucking Pat's pussy. Charlie was certainly driving Lauren crazy with pleasure.

Jim could feel his cock throbbing and aching as he pressed it against the mattress under him. His balls felt swollen. His cock jerked each time he heard Lauren cry out, each time she begged for more from Charlie.

Then Jim heard twisting and turning on the other bed. Lauren groaned without stopping now, a deep groaning out of her chest. Jim wondered what the hell Charlie was doing to her to make her groan like that.

In the meantime Pat was still holding Jim's head, still pulling his face hard against her steaming cunt.

And then suddenly Jim heard Lauren crying out as she came. He knew what she sounded like when she climaxed. He heard the creaking of the bed Lauren was on. He heard Charlie grunting as he ate Lauren's pussy.

Lauren continued crying out until her orgasm. He heard Lauren gasping now, murmuring to Charlie on the other bed. For a moment, there was nothing but silence. Jim listened intently, wondering what they were doing over there now. He'd stopped sucking Pat. He was just lying there with his face against Pat's cunt as he listened to the people on the other bed.

He wondered what Charlie thought about Lauren, if he was really turned on by her. Did he like Lauren's cunt? Once again Jim wondered what Charlie was doing to make Lauren come so hard. For a moment Jim felt like leaping over to the next bed and fucking his wife as she lay there helpless. Yes, he wouldn't mind fucking Lauren now.

Then he heard them moving around again on the next bed. He heard whispering as they rearranged themselves on the bed. Then Jim heard Charlie grunting as Lauren did something to him.

Jim heard a sudden gasp from Charlie's lips.

"Christ, your mouth is like melted butter," Charlie said.

Jim groaned into Pat's cunt as he heard it. He wanted to blot out everything now. He couldn't stand the idea that Lauren was sucking Charlie's cock. He shuddered as he imagined his wife's lips wrapped around Charlie's prick.

Jim felt he'd been had. He was angry at himself now for agreeing to the party. Here he was with his face between Pat's thighs while his own wife was sucking off Pat's husband.

It was too much. It was as if he and Lauren were being taken advantage of by the Reeds.

Now everything was turned around for Jim. At first when he'd found, out their new neighbors were swingers, he'd thought what a wonderful chance that was. Now he hated the whole idea of it.

Then he heard Charlie talking to Lauren.

"Baby, tighten your lips and suck harder," Charlie said.

He peered through the darkness but he couldn't see anything. His imagination ran wild. He imagined he could see Lauren crouching over Charlie's cock as she sucked it. He heard the sounds of sucking and it drove him wild.

Finally Jim couldn't stand it any more. He had a need to fuck Lauren.

Pat cried out as he pulled away from her. "Jim, don't leave me!"

But he twisted away from her, ignored her pleas to stay with her. All he wanted now was to get to Lauren, to fuck her and punish her in some way for giving herself to Charlie. Jim stumbled in the darkness toward the other bed. He stuck his hands out in front of him and suddenly he hit the bed and made contact with a body. Lauren's soft body. Jim heard her gasp. Then he heard something like a laugh coming from her and he realized she'd gone back to fucking Charlie's cock again.

Jim dug his hands into Lauren's body as he held onto her. He found her backbone and understood she was kneeling on the bed. He followed her spine down to her ass, all the way down until his fingers touched her asscrack.

Her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed right in front of him. She had her knees wide apart on the edge of the mattress and her ass swaying in the air in front of him.

He shifted a bit more until he was directly behind her.

He ran his hands over the smooth globes of her asscheeks. He could feel her ass quivering under his fingers as she bobbed her mouth on Charlie's cock.

Jim clenched his teeth as he took Lauren's ass in his two hands and pulled her asscheeks apart with his thumbs.

He ran the middle finger of one hand down the length of her asscrack. She was completely wet there, her asscrack drenched.

He touched her cunt, pushed a finger inside her cunthole. Lauren jerked as he did it and a deep groan came out of her throat. Then she groaned again as he fingerfucked her cunt while she continued sucking Charlie's cock.

Jim realized how hot his wife was. And he was hot too, hot to get his cock in her cunt. He could feel her asscheeks flattening out as he pressed against them. He reached forward, clasped his hands around her waist and held her tightly. A muffled sound came out of her lips, from her mouth stuffed with Charlie's cock. She tried to squirm forward to escape the cock in her cunt. But Jim held her fast, his cock buried to the hilt in her steaming pussy.

Charlie lay beneath Lauren, holding her head trapped between his hands, his legs splayed out on either side of her knees. He pumped his ass, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face.

At the other end of Lauren's body, Jim slammed into her with long strokes of his prick in her cunt-channel. Her ass shook as he fucked her with a steady rhythm.

Then Charlie's fingers suddenly threw the light switch and without warning a lamp came on to light up the room.

Jim swung his head to the side as he rammed his cock inside Lauren's cunt. He had a sudden side view of his wife in a nearby mirror. He groaned in anger as be saw Lauren skewered between himself and Charlie.

Jim could see Charlie's thick cock stuffing Lauren's mouth, stretching her lips so that her mouth looked like the round open mouth of a fish. Her hair flowed down over her head to lie on Charlie's belly. Her tits danced and shook as they hung down from her rib cage.

When Jim looked over at Pat, he saw that she was watching them. Pat's eyes were wide open and sultry with excitement. Her legs were spread loosely apart, her knees drawn up. She had three fingers of one hand deep inside her cunt. The other hand fondled her tits as she fingerfucked herself.

Jim wanted to cry out, to pull Lauren away from Charlie.

But he found it impossible. His cock ached and throbbed inside her clasping cunt. He couldn't bear to pull his prick out of her cunthole.

Instead he watched what was happening in the mirror. He began to follow Charlie's rhythm, fucking Lauren's cunt as Charlie fucked her mouth.

Everyone was groaning now. Lauren's moans were muffled by Charlie's cock in her mouth. She rolled her body between Charlie and Jim. Her tongue swirled around Charlie's prick.

And then it happened.

Charlie made a croaking sound, his hands locking around Lauren's head. He forced her mouth down until her lips were at the base of his cockshaft. He started coming, started shooting in her mouth while he held her head in place.

Jim watched with horrified eyes. He saw Lauren swallowing convulsively as Charlie dumped his load in her mouth. Her throat tightened and relaxed and tightened again as she gulped Charlie's jism.

A great shudder went through Jim as he imagined Charlie's load shooting down his wife's throat. At the same instant he felt her cunt grabbing his own cock, her juices flowing as she came around his sliding prick.

Lauren went off, groaning around Charlie's prick, churning her ass to grind her cunt around Jim's fuckpole.

Jim clenched his teeth as he shot off. His jism squirted out of his cock in long streams of hot pleasure. He spurted his load far up Lauren's cunt channel.

For a moment he hated her. He slammed her again and again as he emptied his balls.

Lauren whimpered now as her climax came to an end. She jerked forward, trying to dislodge Jim's cock from her cunt.

But Jim held on as he finished. He looked down the back of Lauren's head as she suddenly turned her face to the side. He watched Charlie's thick cock slide out of Lauren's mouth.

Jim could see strings of Charlie's jism hanging from Lauren's wet lips. Her breathing was heavy, her mouth and nose completely covered with a sheen of sweat. She groaned as she dropped her head sideways on Charlie's belly. She wiped her face on his cock bush. Her body was limp, held in place against Jim's belly by his hands on her hips.

Jim strained forward now to empty the last of his load in her cunt. Then he released her, removed his hands and pulled his wet cock out of her gaping cunthole.

Lauren slithered forward to lie across Charlie's chest, her legs still wide apart and her cunt leaking Jim's jism.

Jim could see his wife's cunthole gaping like a wide open pink mouth.

Now he fell to the side of the other bed where Pat was still working her fingers in and out of her cunt.

"Do me now!" Pat pleaded. "Jim, do me now!"

Jim could see Lauren on the bed watching them, smiling at him, thin trails of jism still visible around her swollen lips.

He moved his face into Pat's crotch and started sucking her pussy.

Chapter THREE

The next day was Saturday and in the morning Lauren and Jim hardly talked to each other. Lauren spent most of the day shopping downtown, and then late in the afternoon she returned home and she and Jim were alone in the living room.

"Too many people downtown," Lauren said with a shrug. "I hate crowds."

Jim watched her as she puttered around the living room while he sat there watching a ballgame on TV. He told himself she was damn attractive. He kept his eyes on her ass as it bounced around under her fitted silk skin. He told himself any man would be proud to have her for a wife. She was a woman with a tight cunt and firm tits and the way she took care of her body she would probably stay that way until she was sixty.

In the meantime Lauren was aware of the way Jim was looking at her tits and ass. She gave her shoulders a little shake to get her tits moving. She found it amusing to tease him, and now she deliberately remained in the living room rather than go upstairs. She was still feeling the affects of the party last night and now she was thinking of sex again.

Jim felt a tingle in his crotch. He could tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

Lauren looked at him. "Are you okay?"

She stood there with her hands on her hips, her tits standing straight out and her nipples showing through her thin blouse.

Jim shrugged. "Sure I'm okay."

"You look tired out."

Jim's lips curled in a smile. "I'm not too tired for a piece of ass."

Lauren groaned. "I haven't been home all day and I've got things to do!"

"You can do them later."

"We ought to talk about last night."

"Not now. Right now I'm in the mood for something else."

Lauren sighed. "All right. Let me get some ice for the bar."

He watched her ass as she walked into the kitchen to get some ice from the ice machine. He remembered her last night with her ass up in the air as he was fucking her from behind. He felt his cock twitch as he thought about it. Then he thought about her and Charlie Reed and he was irritated again. He was angry at the way she'd responded to Charlie. But he realized maybe it wasn't Lauren's fault. The orgy had been his idea, not Lauren's. Jim thought about how things had changed for them now. After the orgy last night, no one could say the Hansens were that ordinary any more. He wondered how many other neighbors in Parkview Terrace were as wild as the Hansens and Reeds. He thought of Pat Reed again, Pat and her dark-haired pussy.

Now Lauren was back with the ice and she asked him what he was smiling at. "You look like you're having a good time."

She made two highballs at the bar, and then she brought them over and she sat down next to him on the sofa.

Jim picked up his drink, sipped it and grunted. "If you really want to know, was thinking of Pat's pussy."

Lauren groaned. "I guess I asked for that."

"My pleasure."

"If you're trying to make me jealous, you're doing a good job of it."

Jim sneered at her. "And what about you and Charlie? You sure had a good time when he was going down on you. Christ, I bet they could hear you a block away."

Lauren shivered. "He's good at that."

"And I'm not, huh?"

"You don't like it much. It's no good for a woman if the man doesn't like doing it. Anyway, the party last night was your idea, so stop laying it on me."

"As long as you had a good time."

"I had a marvelous time."

Her thigh pressing against Jim's leg, she talked about how much she'd enjoyed the party last night.

Jim sipped his drink and mused about bow strange it was about Lauren. First he had trouble persuading her to swing, and now she seemed so happy with it.

Lauren looked at him again. "Me you sure you're feeling all right?"

"I'm fine."

"You hardly talked to me this morning before I left the house."

"I'm okay. Maybe I've been working too hard at the office."

He refused to admit to her how irritated he was about her and Charlie. He wouldn't let her know that he was jealous. He felt hostile toward her because she seemed to like what had happened last night more than he did. Once again he mused how ironic it was. He was the one who had pushed her into the whole thing.

Lauren sensed that Jim was in a bad mood. She sipped her drink and decided she wouldn't mind getting high now. She liked the reined feeling she got from alcohol.

Then suddenly she felt guilty about what she had done with Charlie last night. She'd been so wanton with him. And with Pat right there on the next bed.

But then Lauren was amused at herself for being a fool. Pat certainly didn't feel guilty about anything. Lauren reminded herself how exciting it was to have Pat and Jim watching her and Charlie when Charlie turned the lights on.

Jim was looking at Lauren now, looking at her wet lips and thinking about how she'd sucked Charlie's cock. Her face was so pretty, so fresh and clean-looking. Once again he realized how beautiful she was. He gazed at her heaving tits. He could see her nipples pressing against the thin silk of her blouse. She was wearing a short skirt and the way she had it pulled up he could see most of her thighs. He wondered what color panties she was wearing under the skirt. He was getting turned on as he thought about the fucking that had gone on last night.

Now Jim put his drink on the coffee table and he reached down to unzip his fly and get his cock out.

Lauren giggled. "I see a banana."

He took one of her hands and pulled it over to press it against his cock. "That's your favorite fruit, isn't it?"

Lauren quivered. She could feel the heat of his cock under her fingers as she curled her hand around his cockshaft. "Mmmmm, that's nice!"

Jim leaned against her and kissed her cheek. "Say hello to it."

She did what he wanted. She liked handling his cock. Or any cock for that matter. She always liked it when she was a girl in high school. In those days she was too afraid to do much, but she always liked to play with a bay's cock and jerk him off if he would let her.

Lauren's hand gripped Jim's hard prick now. She squeezed and stroked it with her fingers. Fondling a cock always turned her on. She liked to look at crotches of men to guess what they had. She liked to look at them and imagine she had the man's cock in her hand or mouth.

She pulled Jim's cock farther out of his pants. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand. His cockhead was so fat and beautiful. Her mouth watered as she ran her fingers up and down his cockshaft, teasing his prick, tugging his foreskin down and then pulling it up to cover his knob again.

Then finally she bent her head to his lap. She fluttered her tongue over his cockhead, around the rim and then down his cockshaft and then up to his pisshole again.

Jim watched as her head began to bob up and down. She had his balls out now. She squeezed his balls as she played with his foreskin.

Then she closed her lips over his knob and started sucking it. He groaned as he felt the heat of her mouth wrap around his cockhead.

For a tune he did nothing. He was content to have her suck his cock. He thought about letting her suck him off to a finish. He wished now that he'd made Pat suck him off and take his load. Pat had such a sexy mouth. Then he remembered what Lauren looked like with Charlie's cock in her mouth. He became irritated again.

Leaning over Lauren now, he slipped one arm around her shoulders. He cupped her right tit and began massaging her nipple until he felt it get hard. Then he dropped his other hand into her lap, slipped it under her short skirt to find her pussy.

He massaged her cunt through her pantyhose. She squirmed around, spreading her legs to give his hand more room. He found her clit and rubbed it with a fingertip.

Lauren groaned around his cock. She ran her hand up and down his prick as she teased his pisshole with her tongue.

Jim was amused. She was always hot when she had a cock in her mouth. He remembered all the times he'd made her come with his fingers while she had his cock in her mouth. He wanted her to come now. He had something working in his mind and he wanted her to come first.

Lauren moaned again around his cock as Jim put more pressure on her clit. Then she pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him. "You could go down on me."

Jim snickered. "Oh yeah?"

"Please, honey."

She scrambled to get her pantyhose off while she was still lying there with her head in his lap. She made him stretch out on his back on the sofa. She wanted to get her pussy over his face. She wanted a sixty-nine right there in the living room.

Jim was amused. He didn't mind the idea of sucking her pussy now. He remembered how much he'd liked doing it to Pat last night. He grabbed Lauren's asscheeks with his hands, pulled her cunt down until he had her sitting on his face. He nuzzled her hot cunt, moving his nose back and forth in her wet gash. Her pussy was gamey after a long day downtown, the smell a mix of cuntjuice and sweat and a hint of piss. He found her clit with his tongue and started lapping it.

Lauren swayed her body, her hot mouth attacking his cock. She felt herself coming as he sucked her cunt. Being over him like this excited her. She was sure her pussy was dripping on his face and thinking about that turned her on.

Jim was turned on too. He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. He remembered the way Charlie had done it last night when she was bent over him. Jim slurped up the warm cuntjuice flowing out of Lauren's pussy. He burrowed his nose deeper inside her cunt.

Jim was amused because they hadn't sucked each other like this in a long time. Maybe the orgy with the Reeds would turn out to be good for them after all.

Now he gripped Lauren's clit between his teeth and nibbled at it. He dipped his fingers inside her cunthole to get them wet. Then he put his plan in motion. He moved his fingers slowly up and down her asscrack until he found her asshole.

He wet her shitter with the tip of one of his fingers, rubbing her asshole gently until it was moist and open.

Then he moved his mouth from her gash to her asscrack. He dipped his tongue inside the tight elastic ring of her asshole.

He wondered if Lauren was surprised at what he was doing. He'd never done this to her before. The idea had come to him this morning when he woke up and started thinking about how he'd sucked Pat's cunt last night.

He was enjoying it now, enjoying the way she squirmed as he drilled his tongue in her ass.

Lauren had come while he'd sucked her clit and she was still feeling the climax. Far a moment she didn't understand where Jim's tongue was, only that it was gone from her clit. She tried to get his mouth back to her cunt by squirming around, but he held her in place and kept his tongue in her ass.

Then Lauren finally understood what she was feeling and she groaned in response.

She loved it. She was surprised because he'd never done it before and she didn't think he had it in him. She was also a little afraid that he might want to put his cock where his tongue was. She certainly didn't want his cock up her ass.

She tried to pull away again, but Jim held onto her. He slithered his tongue in and out of her ass. He told himself she could struggle all day, he was going to get what he wanted from her.

He dipped his fingers in her cunt again, brought them out dripping wet with her cuntjuice. Then he carefully pushed his fingers one after the other inside her asshole and twisted them around.

Lauren squirmed as she tried to free herself. But Jim kept holding her tightly, holding her a prisoner with his arms.

Then suddenly he let her go and she pulled herself to her knees.

This was what he wanted. He slipped out from under her and quickly maneuvered himself behind her ass. His hands reached out to grab her waist. Her position was perfect for what he wanted. The sight of her bent over like that made his pulse race. She looked so beautiful with her skirt tucked up around her waist and the white moons of her ass completely exposed. She had her blouse and bra pulled up to her neck and her tits hung down heavy and firm looking, her nipples erect.

The checks of her ass seemed to call to him. He pulled her asscheeks apart to get a better look at her asshole. He shifted forward, poised his dripping cock on her shitter. His cock was drenched with her saliva and expected no trouble going in. His balls surged with anticipation.

As she suddenly felt Jim's cock touching her asshole, it dawned on Lauren what was about to happen to her.

Panic raced through her. She tried to pull away, but his hands dug into her waist as he tightened his grip on her body.

She cried out. "Jim let me go! You know I won't do it!"

"Shut up," Jim said with a growl.

He pushed his cock against her tight asshole.

"Jim, stop it!"

Her pleading only increased his excitement and anticipation. He chuckled as he looked down at her puckered asshole. Then he pushed forward, lodged his cock against her shitter and forced it inside her ass.

Her asshole held for a moment, but then it popped open as his swollen cock rammed inside.

Lauren screamed.

The pain was unbelievable. Every nerve in her body seemed tortured. Her ass felt like it was being ravaged by an electric iron. Her asshole seemed to be splitting apart as his cock forced its way up her shitter. For a brief moment, she thought she was going to faint.

Jim felt as if the knob of his cock was caught in a vise. He leaned forward, jabbing with his hips to sink his cock even farther inside her hot ass.

With each thrust, he sank another inch farther up her ass.

Her resistance only increased his excitement. Lauren groaned. The pain raged out of control throughout her entire body. Her asshole burned as his cockshaft plunged up her shit tube. She tried to free herself again, dropping down on the sofa, but Jim followed her and kept her impaled by his cock.

Jim jabbed and thrust at her ass. Then he managed to get one of the small sofa pillows under her belly to raise her ass a bit.

Now he had her ass in perfect position.

Lauren felt his final thrust push the full length of his cock inside her ass.

She felt his cock bush scraping against her asscheeks.

She felt his heavy balls bouncing against her cunt.

She moaned and bit her lips as he continued fucking her.

Jim gazed down at the base of his cock pressing against her stretched asshole. He had all of his cock inside her ass now and he felt her shitter begin to open up. Her ass was still tight, like a hot glove around his cock. But he could move in and out with more freedom and his pleasure was intense.

He told himself it was a good lesson for her. He gripped her waist with his hands and began fucking her ass in earnest.

He felt his balls rub against her wet cunt at the end of each thrust. He grunted as he fucked her ass. He craned his neck to watch his cockshaft sliding in and out of her gaping asshole. He could see traces of blood and streaks of brown on his cockshaft and it made him wild with lust.

Now Lauren was surprised as the pain suddenly vanished. At the moment she was certain she couldn't bear any more, the pain was suddenly gone.

Now it was the humiliation that made her desperate. Being fucked like a dog, fucked up the ass like a helpless dog.

How could Jim do this to her? How could he treat her like a dog?

But something was happening to her body now. At first it was just a tingling sensation. Then it grew. Her cunt itched and her nipples popped out. A fire began in her crotch. She was getting hot from the assfucking.

She didn't understand it. She was beginning to enjoy what Jim was doing to her. Did she really like being fucked in the ass?

Then she screamed out in protest. "No, I don't want it!"

She refused to go on with it. She could feel her cunt responding but she didn't want it. She hung there on the verge of a climax, and then finally she went over and she made it. A wild overwhelming orgasm. Even her nipples seemed to explode. Her asshole rhythmically contracted around Jim's sliding cock. She felt as though her body was coming apart.

Jim could feel her ass gripping his cock and he understood she might be having an orgasm. The idea excited him. Then her ass began milking his cock and now he was sure she was making it.

His balls ached, and in a moment he groaned and began shooting off.

Lauren gasped when she felt his hot jism spurting inside her ass. She had another climax and she hated herself for it.

Jim speared her ass with his prick. He was relaxed on top of her now. He couldn't remember ever coming so hard. He felt completely drained.

Lauren moved and managed to pull herself out from under his. His cock slid out of her ass with an audible slurping sound. She shuddered as the noise reminded her of what he'd done to her.

"Oh, you bastard," she said.

He grabbed her arm and yanked her to a sitting position on the floor beside the sofa.

"We're not through yet," he said.

"Let me go!"

He jerked her around to get her face in his crotch. "Eat my cock!"

"Go to hell!"

But he made her do it. She finally started sucking his cock to get it clean.

Jim watched her. He was pleased. He thought she always looked so lovely with a cock in her mouth.

Lauren sucked and slurped over his spent prick, and soon she was moaning around it as she realized with dismay she was getting turned on again.

I hate him, she thought. I really do hate him.

Chapter FOUR

"You poor honey," Pat said.

Lauren and Pat were in Pat's living room and Lauren was complaining about her problems with Jim.

"It's awful," Lauren said. "I mean, he raped me."

Pat chuckled. "Well, not quite, darling."

"He did something hateful to me."

"Like what?"

Lauren blushed. "I'd rather not talk about it."

Pat chuckled again. "All right, I can guess. Darling, I do know what men are like."

Pat was sympathetic. She went to Lauren now and sat beside her on the sofa. She slipped an arm around Lauren's shoulders and tried to console her.

Lauren trembled. "Anyway, it was awful!"

"Men don't learn."

"First he twists my arm to get me to swing with him and then he gets angry when he sees me enjoying myself."

Pat laughed. "You did have fun with Charlie, didn't you?"

Lauren blushed. "Well..."

"Come on baby, let's be frank with each other. I don't mind it that you enjoyed fucking Charlie. I certainly enjoyed what I did with Jim."

"It's not easy to talk about it."

"We weren't so bashful the other night."

Pat mused about Lauren being so inhibited. She wondered what Lauren would think about the two of them fucking each other. Would Lauren go for it? Pat liked swinging because there were times when she adored making it with another woman. Swapping provided the opportunities.

Now Pat began questioning Lauren about her marriage. "What about when you're not fighting with Jim? Is the sex good?"

Lauren shrugged. "It's not what it used to be."

Pat smiled. "The honeymoon is over, right?"


"But do you still like fucking him?" Lauren seemed embarrassed, but she talked.

"Yes I do. When he's not mean, I do like it."

"And how did you like the orgy the other night? I mean all four of us in the same room."

"I liked it, all right."

Pat's eyes were bright. "I had a great time with Jim. I mean he was really munching down there. Sometimes I like having my pussy sucked better than fucking."

"He hardly ever does it to me."

Pat was amused. "I'm something new and he got turned on."

"I liked it when Charlie did it to me."

"He's good, isn't he? But I've had better, honey. Charlie knows how to suck a pussy, but I've had men that are fabulous at it. I mean they get a hot tongue wiggling like a vibrator down there and it drives me up the wall."

Lauren was getting turned on by their conversation. She squirmed on the sofa, wandering if she ought to stop it.

Now Pat was talking about other parties. "Charlie and I have some friends we'd like you to meet sometime. Do you think you'd like that?"

"I don't know."

Pat wondered if Lauren would accept a pitch right now. She found herself turned on by the pretty blonde, already imagining what it would be like to ball her.

Pat began talking about the understanding women have of other women. "Girls understand each other. And they can turn each other on too. I get turned on every time I look at the girls in a fashion magazine."

Lauren frowned. "I don't know if I'm like that."

Pat smiled. "Not ever?"

Lauren hesitated, and then she nodded. "Maybe sometimes."

Pat continued talking about it, and about Lauren's problems, and soon Lauren had to admit she felt so comfortable with Pat. This was the first time Lauren had ever talked to another woman like this and she liked it.

Yes, I do like it, Lauren thought. She liked it enough to want more.

Pat, in the meantime, was beginning to see that she'd be successful with Lauren. She leaned over now and kissed Lauren's mouth. Lauren resisted a moment, but then she responded.

When the kiss broke, Pat started talking about men and marriage again. She wanted to give Lauren a breather. Pat was experienced enough to know how fast she could go with another woman.

Then Pat kissed Lauren again, this time nibbling around Lauren's lips.

"I heard you with Charlie," Pat said. "That really turned me on."

"In the dark or when the lights were on?"

"Both. Before the lights went on he was sucking you."

"That's right."

Pat's hand fondled Lauren's shoulders now. Lauren was getting more and more turned on. She thought about making it with Pat now. She wondered if she could really do it. And did Pat want it?

Pat kissed Lauren's neck.

"Maybe I'm a little drunk," Pat said. "Me too."

"Then we'll be drunk together."

She kissed Lauren's mouth again, pushed her tongue between Lauren's open lips. Lauren accepted Pat's probing tongue. Pat's hands were wandering now and Lauren quivered with excitement.

Then for the first time Lauren felt Pat's hands on her tits. Pat touched her gently, just her fingertips grazing Lauren's tits through her blouse.

Pat was certain she'd succeed now. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation. She fondled Lauren's tits more boldly. Lauren closed her eyes and pulled her shoulders back to offer her tits to Pat's hands.

Lauren trembled as she thought about the two of them naked together. Now she felt Pat's fingers unbuttoning her blouse. Lauren opened her eyes and watched it. In a few moments, Pat had Lauren's blouse unbuttoned and pulled apart.

Pat tenderly squeezed Lauren's bra-covered tits. She stroked them gently, running her fingers aver each globe, rubbing each nipple through the lace cup with a fingertip.

Lauren helped Pat get her blouse off. Soon the blonde was sitting there with only her bra covering her body from the waist up. She shivered as she looked at Pat and smiled. "Pat, this is crazy!"

Pat's eyes were hot as they raked over Lauren's tits. "There's nothing crazy about getting turned on."

"I mean I've never done anything like this before."

"Baby, there's always a first time for everything."

Pat kissed Lauren's mouth again. The kiss was hot and wet and their lips clung together as Pat's fingers worked at the snap that held Lauren's bra in place. Then she had the bra unhooked and pulled off Lauren's shoulders and for the first time Lauren's naked tits tumbled out where they could be seen.

"Beautiful," Pat said.

Lauren giggled, turned on by the way Pat looked at her tits. "Well, you've got everything I've got."

"That makes it interesting, doesn't it?"

Lauren groaned as she felt Pat's hands, on her naked tits.

Pat handled and hefted Lauren's tits, plucked at the pink nipples until they were out like stiff little soldiers.

"When the two guys were fucking you, I wanted to reach over and grab these," Pat said.

"Maybe you should have."

"Did you like Charlie coming in your mouth? Do you like taking a load like that?"

Lauren blushed. "I don't mind it."

Pat laughed. "I don't mind it either. In fact I love it. I once had three men come in my mouth one after the other. I almost drowned."

Lauren giggled. "I don't believe you."

"It's true, darling. Little Pat has been around, you know."

Pat kissed her again. She pushed her hot tongue inside Lauren's open mouth. Lauren's excitement was intense. She couldn't pretend to herself any more that she didn't like what was happening.

"We ought to go to the bedroom," Pat said.

"All right."

They rose up together and Lauren moved ahead of Pat as they left the living room to walk down the hall. Pat was turned on by Lauren's bare tits bobbing heavily as she walked. She thought Lauren's tits were perfect -- big enough to be exciting but still firm enough not to be sloppy.

Nice to suck, Pat thought with a quiver. She loved sucking a pretty pair of tits.

When they were in the bedroom, Lauren lay down on the bed still half-dressed.

"Not another stitch until you get something off," Lauren said.

Pat chuckled. "Now you're spunky."

"Well, I'm here with my tits hanging out and you're still dressed."

Pat wiggled her hips playfully. She stood beside the bed as she undressed herself. She kept her eyes on Lauren, teasing the blonde by taking her time. Pat knew she had her now. She could play a little because now there was no turning back for Lauren.

Lauren felt herself quivering as she watched Pat get naked. She wondered if the whole thing was really happening to her. She hadn't come over here with the idea of fucking Pat. Just to talk. But here they were like a pair of lesbians.

Well, the hell with that, Lauren thought. She liked what was happening.

Pat's tits were free now, her dark nipples sticking out like thumbs. As she bent over to get her stockings off, her tits hung down and swayed from side to side.

Lauren was turned on by Pat's body.

"Nice tits," Lauren said with a smile.

Pat laughed as she peeled her panties down. Now her cunt bush was out in the open and Lauren quivered at her first look at it.

"All right, I've got my clothes off." Pat said. In a moment she was on the bed with Lauren, leaning over to kiss Lauren, her tits hanging down to graze Lauren's arms.

"Me you turned on?" Pat said.


"Say it. Tell me you're turned on."

"I'm hot, all right?"

Pat chuckled. She pulled at Lauren's skirt and slip, pulled everything up to Lauren's waist to get her crotch exposed. She gazed with excitement at the bulge of Lauren's cunt mound. Lauren groaned as she opened her legs. Pat's fingers walked over the insides of Lauren's thighs and then over the bulging crotch of her panties.

"Alright, let's get these off and have a look at it," Pat said with a smile. She peeled the panties off, pulled them down Lauren's legs and off her feet. She tossed them away and then she made Lauren open her legs again to expose her cunt.

Lauren groaned as Pat touched her. Pat ran her middle finger up and down Lauren's gash just to test the water.

"You're dripping," Pat said with a snicker. "Never had it before, have you, baby?"

"Not with a woman."

"I'll teach you."

"Pat, I don't know..."

"Don't worry about it, darling. Just relax and enjoy it."

Then she worked at the zipper of Lauren's skirt. Lauren helped her, and soon they had Lauren's skirt and slip pulled off. Lauren hadn't worn any hose and now she was as naked as Pat.

The brunette made Lauren get her legs up and apart again. She gazed at Lauren's blonde cunt and smiled. "I like looking at pussies."

Lauren blushed, her eyes on Pat's dark cunt bush. "You're more experienced at this than I am."

Pat touched Lauren's pussy again. She gently spread Lauren's cuntlips apart to look at her clit and the inside of her cunt. Pat's mouth watered at the sight of all that lovely cunt-cream welling up at the mouth of Lauren's cunthole. Pat liked sucking a pussy almost as much as she liked getting hers worked over. She liked making a girl squeal under her mouth. She liked the power it gave her.

"Oh God, do something," Lauren said with a groan. "Use your finger in there!"

Pat chuckled. She rubbed around the outside of Lauren's cunthole, then pushed one finger inside and stroked it in and out.

"This what you want?"

A soft moan came out of Lauren's throat. "Oh yes!"

Keeping one finger inside the blonde's hot cunthole, Pat used her thumb to rub the shaft of Lauren's clit.

Perfect, Pat thought. She had her now. From this point on she could do anything she wanted with Lauren. She kept her fingers working, her thumb massaging the blonde's clit, her eyes on Lauren's face to watch Lauren's response.

Lauren was amazed and shocked at how strongly she was reacting to Pat's lovemaking. She pumped her cunt at Pat's hand as Pat continued fingerfucking her. Pat had two fingers inside Lauren's pussy now, the fingers sliding and twisting and stretching Lauren's cunthole just like a cock.

Pat leaned over and kissed Lauren's mouth as she fucked her.

"Play with my tits," Pat said.

Lauren groaned and reached out. She closed her hand over one of Pat's hanging tits, hefted and pulled at the tit and then at the prominent nipple. She did the same to the other tit. She loved the feel of Pat's tits in her hand.

The two women were soon stroking and caressing each other. Lauren slid a hand down to Pat's crotch and touched the brunette's pussy for the first time. She worked her fingers inside Pat's wet cunt, found Pat's cunthole and pushed two fingers inside.

They each had fingers in the other's cunt now. Lauren let herself go, abandoned herself to the frantic lesbian lovemaking. She frigged Pat's clit, excited at the idea that she was giving the brunette as much pleasure as she herself was receiving.

Pat shifted around on the bed so that she could suck Lauren's nipples while having her own tits in Lauren's face. They sucked each other's nipples while their fingers continued fucking their cunts. They murmured together as they began rising to a climax.

Finally Pat pulled away and she started licking and nibbling her way down to Lauren's crotch.

Lauren was on her back, trembling as she waited for it. She pulled her knees up and opened her thighs as Pat's head slipped down over her belly.

Then Pat's mouth finally arrived. Lauren groaned at the first touch of Pat's tongue in her cunt. She humped her pussy at Pat's face, churned her ass wildly as a frenzy of excitement overwhelmed her.

Pat laughed. "Baby, take it easy! Give me a chance at it!"

Lauren cried out. "Oh God, suck it!"

Pat held the blonde's thighs wide apart. Lauren's cunt was drenched with juice, her cunthole gaping like a hungry little mouth.

Hot pussy, Pat thought. There was nothing in the world as nice as a hot pussy.

She leaned forward now to get her face in it. She nibbled at Lauren's cuntlips, pulled at the hairy flaps with her teeth. Then she released Lauren's cuntlips and pushed her mouth between them to start sucking up the hot cuntjuice.

Lauren moaned with delight. She craned her neck, looked down at her crotch. All she could see was Pat's head and part of her forehead. Pat's nose was on her clit. Pat's mouth and tongue working on her cunthole.

Pat moved her face around, using her nose and then her tongue on Lauren's clit. She whipped her tongue across the blonde's clit, then returned her tongue to Lauren's cunthole again to fuck it inside.

Gilt to cunthole and back to clit again. Pat's lips and tongue drove Lauren crazy with lust. No one had ever sucked her cunt as good as this. The fact that it was a woman didn't matter any more. All she cared about was the mouth between her legs, the tongue fucking in and out of her cunthole and lapping at her swollen clit. Lauren churned her ass as she fucked back at Pat's face.

Pat suddenly stopped sucking and pulled back.

Lauren cried out, begging Pat not to stop. "We can do each other at the same time," Pat said.

In a moment, they were on their sides, head to toe, their faces buried in each other's crotch.

Lauren sniffed at Pat's lush cunt. Then she dug in, pushed her nose and mouth against Pat's dripping cunt and for the first time in her life she started eating a pussy.

She loved it. She loved the taste and smell of it, the hot wetness. But above all she loved the idea that she was giving another woman the pleasure she was receiving herself.

The two women continued tongue-fucking each other. Pat came first, groaning as she humped her pussy at Lauren's mouth.

Then it was Lauren's turn. She came hard, crying out, her hands gripping Pat's ass as she filled her mouth with Pat's oozing cuntflesh.

It's good, Lauren thought. She was completely wiped out by how good it was.

Chapter FIVE

A few days later Lauren and Charlie were on a bed together in the Hansen bedroom.

Charlie had pulled her dress and slip up to her waist and he was petting her ass and pussy through the clinging black nylon of her panties.

Lauren groaned. "Oh God, I'm so hot!" Charlie snickered. She didn't have to tell him she was hot. He could feel it with his hands.

"Baby, you're wonderful," he said. "I want you to do everything to me!"

"Don't worry, I will."

He sat up and pulled at the top of her panties. He stripped the panties down, baring her trim belly and her blonde cunt bush. He pulled the panties inside-out on her thighs, pulled them along her stockings, over her knees, down her calves and off her feet. Then he slipped off the high heels she wore and he spread her legs apart.

He gazed at her cunt. He bent down to it, brushing the blonde hairs away from her wet slit. Her clit was out, pink flesh gleaming between her hairy cuntlips. He stroked her cuntlips with his fingertip, pulled them wide apart to expose her cunthole. He snickered as he gazed deep inside her pink cunt-channel.

"Gorgeous pussy."

"Charlie, I can't wait!"

Charlie's mouth watered for her. He bent closer, sniffing at the aroma of her pussy.

Lauren looked down and watched him. She watched his tongue protruding. She sucked in her breath as she anticipated getting his mouth on her cunt.

Then it happened. Charlie's tongue touched her slit, probed between her cuntlips to get at her clit.

Lauren groaned. She clutched his head with her hands. She raised her nylon-clad legs and knotted them around the back of his head.

Charlie hunkered down and began eating her cunt. His mouth sucked at her cuntflesh. He lapped deep inside her cunthole, pulling out the warm cuntjuice and slurping it down as fast as he could get it. His nose sucked in the smell of her pussy and reveled in it.

Now he slid a hand under her bare ass and he squeezed the rubbery cheeks. He continued licking and sucking her snatch as he gripped her asscheeks. Her thighs pressed against the sides of his head as he gobbled her cuntflesh.

Lauren panted and moaned, excited by the tongue-fucking, by Charlie's expert technique. She was amused as she reminded herself she'd had both Reeds suck her cunt now. Charlie was almost as good as Pat. Lauren shuddered as she thought about it.

Now Charlie raised his head and grinned at her with a wet mouth. "Okay?"

"Wonderful," Lauren said.

When he backed off the bed and stood up, she could see the way his cock tented the front of his pants. She quivered as she gazed at it. Jim and Pat were over at the Reed house, but at the moment Lauren didn't give a damn about her husband. All she cared about now was getting fucked by Charlie.

"Why don't you get the rest of your clothes off?" Charlie said.

She quickly stripped off her dress and slip and bra. Charlie's eyes were hot as he gazed at the way her tits bounced. When she reached down to unhook a garter, he stopped her.

"No, leave the stockings on."

Lauren was amused. She'd worn the stockings because she thought they were sexy. Smiling at him, she lay back on the bed and waited for him to get undressed.

When Charlie finally had his clothes off, Lauren had eyes for nothing but his cock. She hadn't had a good look at him the other night and this was the first time she'd seen him like this. She was turned on by the high thrust of his dick. His balls were big and hairy and she felt her pussy quivering as she looked at him. She opened her legs and smiled at him as he approached the bed.

Charlie knelt between her knees. But instead of crawling forward to get his cock in her cunt, he lifted one of her legs and he began licking the smooth flesh of her thigh above the top of her stockings. He licked up and down, and then he lifted the other leg and he did it all over again. His hands slid against her stockings and then off the stockings and onto her bare flesh.

"I like your legs," he said.

She giggled. "Well, I can see that."

"And your tits and ass. Come on, let's do the other side first."

Lauren was surprised as he made her roll over. She lay there quivering, waiting for whatever would happen.

Charlie gazed at her lush ass. He touched her ass with his hands, shaking the globes so he could watch the quivering of her asscheeks. Then he leaned forward and he started kissing her spine. He kissed and licked all the way down her spine until he reached the small of her back. He kissed back and forth as he closed his hands over her asscheeks.

Then his kisses moved down, down inside her asscrack. He held her asscheeks apart, pressed them together and pulled them apart again. He licked and sucked inside her asscrack, moving closer and closer to her asshole.

Lauren was in heaven, Charlie's wet mouth and tongue making her tingle all over.

Now Charlie removed his hands from her ass, let her asscheeks close up as he lapped his tongue between them.

Lauren held her breath as a thrill passed through her.

His tongue went deeper inside her asscrack, deep into the cleft of her ass. In a moment he had his face pressed firmly against her ass, his nose caught at the top of her asscrack, his tongue flickering across her puckered asshole.

Lauren moaned. She felt on the verge of coming.

He kept his mouth working on her asshole awhile, and then he finally pulled away. "Sweet little asshole, Lauren."

A shudder of delight went through her. "I like what you do to me!"

Charlie snickered. "And I like doing it."

He straightened up on his knees, gripped her at the hips and boosted her ass higher. She pulled her knees forward for support. He moved her thighs farther apart, and then he pressed against the small of her back to curve her ass up.

She did what he wanted. Her blonde cunt turned up and pushed back at him.

He grabbed his prick, worked his knob inside her juicy cunt. He pushed forward, sinking his cock inch by inch inside her snug cunt-channel.

He fucked her like that, pumping and twisting, slamming his belly against her upraised ass. Lauren moaned, writhing and pressing backwards against his thrusts. His cock felt so wonderful as it pumped inside her steaming cunt.

Charlie continued fucking her, grunting as he slammed his belly against her ass. His fingers gripped her asscheeks as he gazed down at her winking asshole.

"Like it, Lauren?"

"Oh God, I love it!"

"Let's do the other side."

When he pulled out, she rolled aver on her back. Her legs immediately wrapped around him and pulled him down on top of her. His cock speared her foaming pussy, sinking deeper than before, his balls slamming against her asshole.

"Now fuck me hard," she said.

Charlie groaned. "You got it, baby."

They churned and tossed together, making the bed creak as it bounced beneath them. His cock battered her cunt, rubbing her clit constantly and driving her crazy with pleasure. She loved the bounce of his heavy balls against her crotch.

Charlie was having the time of his life as he fucked his cock in and out of her tight cunt. She was all sex, as wild and as hot as any of them. He knew all about Pat making it with Lauren and he hoped to get to watch it soon. He wondered what Jim and Pat were doing at that moment. He thought Jim ought to be happy to have a wife as nice as Lauren.

Lauren worked her cunt harder as Charlie increased the tempo of his fucking.

"Baby, you're good," he said.

"Keep going! Give me all you've got!"

She arched her cunt upwards, pumping and grinding her crotch at his thrusting cock. Her tits bounced as he rode her with all the energy he had.

They fucked faster and harder.

Suddenly Lauren cried out, her cunt spasming.

Charlie rammed in, his balls erupting as the jism shot out of his cock.

Lauren whimpered as she felt it. It's the best, she thought. So much better than what she had with Jim.

"Christ, I like you," Jim said. He poked at Pat's mouth with his cock.

She smiled at him as they lay there on the bed half-dressed. "Hey, take it easy."

But then he groaned as her lips wrapped around his knob. He grabbed her head. He held her tightly as he shoved his hips upwards. His cock slipped past her wet lips and suddenly he lost control. He thrust his hips wildly up and down, gripping her head and forcing harder, driving his cock deep inside her throat. As his hot cum gushed out of his prick, he held her head and rammed into her mouth.

Pat gulped and stayed with it. She took his load, swallowing his thick spunk as fast as it squirted out of his pisshole.

What a hot little honey, she thought. A quiver of delight went through her as she gulped his thick fuck-slime down her throat. She continued sucking on his cock, her tongue rolling over his knob, her lips pulling at his prick.

When she felt his cock beginning to get soft, she eased her lips off his slippery knob and swallowed what was left of his jism.

She held his balls in one hand, the base of his cock with the other hand. She sucked on his cockhead, drawing the last of his spunk out of his cock.

Finally, she pulled her mouth away and let his prick drop against his belly.

She smiled at him. "You were really ready, weren't you?"

"I've been thinking about you for days." Pat was amused. "Kiss me!"

He pulled her face to his and his wet mouth covered her lips. He kept his hands busy with her tits, kneading and fondling them while his tongue probed her mouth.

After that Pat rose up to get the rest of her clothes off.

Jim watched her, his eyes moving over her lush body. Saliva collected at the corners of his mouth as he gazed at her ripe tits and dark cunt bush. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue over his lower lip.

Pat smiled. She looked down at his cock, still half-hard and recovering even as she watched it. He had his legs apart and his hairy ball-bag rested on the white sheet.

"That's a nice cock," she said.

Jim grinned. "It does the job!"

He wrapped his fingers around his cock and waved it at her.

She came to the bed now, standing there for a moment as she looked down at him. Then she crawled over him and lay down beside him. "All right, let's have a party," she said.

Jim chuckled, leaned towards her and couched her ear with his lips. "Roll over, baby."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Just roll over and you'll find out."

Like a cat, Pat rolled to her side and then over on her belly. She rested with her face against the pillow and smiled at him. She reached out to put a hand on his check, then slid the hand around to the back of his neck and pulled gently at it.

"Come on, do me," she said.

"Do what?"

"Anything you want."

"Okay, get your ass up in the air."

She raised her ass and moved her legs apart. She reached back with her hands and held her asscheeks open, exposing the tight pucker of her asshole to his eyes.

"There's some lube in the bathroom," she said.

Jim snickered as he moved off the bed and backed away with his eyes on her upraised ass. He found the door to the bathroom and walked inside to get the lubricant out of the medicine cabinet. Then he hurried back to the bed and stood there gazing down at her luscious ass. "You're a sexy woman, Pat!"

"Are you going to fuck my ass?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes, I like it there!" She raised her ass even more now, bunching herself up on her elbows. She moved her legs further apart so that the cheeks of her ass were spread for him.

"Is this all right?"

He chuckled. "That's fine, baby."

"The lady likes it slow and easy."

"The lady's asshole turns me on." He squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers, then slid his fingers between her asscheeks. He rubbed the lubricant over her asshole, then returned to the tube to get some more of it for his cock.

"Finger first."

Pat shivered. "Hurry up, lover!" As his finger pushed inside her tight asshole, Pat dropped to the bed and squeezed her asscheeks together. She closed her eyes and quivered with excitement as she thought of his cock sliding up her ass. In the meantime, his finger was delicious, pushing in all the way and making her groan.

Then finally his finger came out and she trembled as she waited for his cock. The trembling was the result of excitement and not fear. She had no fear of him, no fear of a cock in her ass. She could take a cock in there without any lubricant if it was necessary.

Now his cock touched her asscrack. He rubbed it up and down a bit, then centered his prick on her shitter.

"Beautiful," he said.

"Honey, fuck me! Don't tease me any more!"

At last she felt the heat of his knob pushing inside her asshole. She felt the big plum of his cockhead pushing against her shit-tube. She heard him snorting and hissing as he slowly pushed his cock up her ass.

She raised herself further. Now she felt his hands gripping her hips as his hot cock probed her tight shithole. She winced as the first pangs of pain shot through her ass. She tensed for a moment as her asshole adjusted to his cock and then relaxed.

"Christ, you're tight!"

"Fuck me, baby, fuck my ass!"

He went into her ass more easily now, his cock pushing forward with a smooth sliding motion. She could feel her ass expanding to accommodate his thick cockshaft. The pain was all gone. Nothing but pleasure and unbridled sex now. She loved getting her ass fucked and she thought any woman who didn't was crazy.

When he had his entire cockshaft buried inside her ass, he slid his hands off her ass and under her belly. He took hold of her tits. He fucked her slowly, a gentle fucking in and out of her ass that made it wonderful for her. She was surprised at how gentle he was.

As she waited for him to squirt his spunk up her ass, she was thrilled at his excitement. She could feel his hot breath over her back. He had his mouth between her shoulders now, licking back and forth between her shoulder blades.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her asshole. He stared at her plump asscheeks as he moved his hands over them. Then he went down on her, dropped his face and pushed his mouth against her gaping cunt. He swabbed her cunthole, pulled his tongue out and did the same to the still-gaping mouth of her asshole.

She loved it. She churned her ass against his face as she begged for more. He moved from one hole to the other, driving her crazy with his tongue.

Then finally she felt his cock pushing at her asshole again, and she knew this time he would finish there.

"Fuck me!" Pat cried. "Fuck me and shoot it up my ass!"

Later, when it was finished, she curled against him in his arms and giggled with contentment. Hot flashing in the butt, she thought. She had it now and she adored it.

Chapter SIX

"Something's going on there," Helen Miller said.

The Miller house was no more than a few dozen yards down the road from the Hansen and Reed houses. It was early morning now, and Helen was lying in bed looking up at her husband as he prepared to leave for work.

Ben grunted, his eyes still sleepy. "What are you talking about?"

"The Reeds and Hansens. I think they're wife-swapping."

Ben chuckled. "You're kidding."

"No, I mean it. I've been keeping an eye on them and I think that's what's going on."

"Maybe you're wrong."

"Charlie, I'm not wrong!"

"The hell with it, I've got to get to work."

"Don't go yet," Helen said. "You've got some unfinished business."

She reached out to grab at his cock through his shorts.

Ben chuckled. "If that's what you want."

"Yes, that's what I want!"

She pulled him down on the bed and sprawled on top of him. She giggled as he squeezed her ass through her nightgown.

Helen was worried about the change that had been taking place in her marriage during the past few years. It seemed that Ben's interest in sex was waning. The fire that had fueled the marriage for the past eighteen years seemed to be going out. It was true they were a settled couple with a teenage daughter, but that didn't mean they had to be zombies.

Now Helen ran her hands up Charlie's body to his chest. She rolled completely on top of him, pushing her belly down on the bulge of his cock. She liked feeling his prick there, feeling that he was ready for her. She'd been so frustrated the last couple of weeks. Ben was always begging off at the last minute whenever she wanted it. She wiggled against him now as she planted her hot lips over his.

"Fuck me," she said.

Ben grunted. "Yeah, sure!"

She rolled her hips, sliding his thick cock into a more comfortable position. She could feel it pressing against the top edge of her pussy, sliding with each movement of her body, pressing deliciously against her clit.

"God, I love it!"

Ben snickered. "I love it too, baby."

"You're not tired of me?"

"Hell, you know I'm not!"

He began moving his hips, his heavy cock pushing more firmly against the soft flesh of her belly. His hands slid down around her legs and then slowly traveled up her bare thighs. He stripped her nightgown upwards until her ass was naked to the cool air of the bedroom.

Helen shivered. The combination of the cool air and his hot hands on her ass made her wild. His fingers were now searching between her thighs to find her pussy. She groaned. "Oh yes, do that!"

She squirmed and spread her thighs as his strong hands cupped her asscheeks. She felt the friction of his hairy chest against her nipples as she moved on his body. His hard cock sprang free as she moved her body away.

She peeled her nightgown off, then helped Ben get rid of his shorts. Her eyes danced with pleasure at the sight of his thick cock waiting for her. In a moment she was on top of him again, her legs spread wide as she sought to get his cock inside her fuck-hole.

Ben grunted as he guided his swollen cock inside her cunt. She quivered as she felt the big knob in her cunt-mouth. His hands holding her hips, he lurched upwards to get his cock inside her cunt-channel. They both groaned as he rammed his cock inside her pussy.

The feeling was so delicious, Helen felt dizzy for a moment. And then she started rolling her hips, squirming to fill her insides with his hard prick. She wanted to make every second count. Each twitch of her hips sent a wild thrill through her body. She half raised herself on her elbows to control her movements better.

Ben's mouth engulfed one of her tits. He rammed his cock in and out of her cunt. They were bucking wildly now, his hands clenching her asscheeks, his fingers digging into her creamy flesh. Her asshole tingled as he pulled her asscheeks apart. She was coming now. Her cunt tightened around his hard prick as the spasms started in her cunt-channel. She felt her insides dissolve in a flood of hot pleasure.

Finally it was over and Ben started pushing at her.

"Christ, I've got to get to work," Ben said.

Helen moaned. "All right."

She rolled off him and sprawled on the bed. She cupped her cunt mound with one hand, her fingers holding her cuntlips tightly closed to prevent their love juices from leaking on the bedspread.

Ben leaned over and kissed her, his lips warm against her cheek, and then he stood up and left the room.

Helen lay there in a dream-like state, happy as she listened to the sounds of the toilet flushing in the bathroom. She dozed off a few minutes, and when she opened her eyes again Ben was dressed and saying goodbye to her.

"I'll be home at five," he said.

Helen smiled. "I'll be at my sister's tonight."

"Yeah, that's right, I forgot."

"Cindy said she'd make dinner for you." Ben chuckled. "Okay, if that's what she wants."

Then he was gone. Helen thought about their teenage daughter Cindy. She was a good girl and Helen was sure she'd make a nice dinner for Ben.

Then Helen looked at the clock and groaned. It was time to get up whether she liked it or not. Once again she thought about the Reeds and the Hansens. Was it really true or was she just imagining things? Still keeping her hand tightly pressed to her freshly fucked snatch, she hurried into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet.

Swapping, she thought. People didn't really do those things, did they?

Ben arrived home later than five that evening. He peeled his jacket off, walked into the kitchen and nudged up behind his daughter. "Making something good?"

Cindy giggled. "Daddy, be careful."

His hands slipped around her waist and then moved up to cup her tits through her blouse.

She giggled again, tried to push his hands away and then finally relaxed. "You'll make me spill the soup."

"Christ, I don't want any soup!"

"Daddy, this soup is delicious." He could feel his hot cock lengthening in his pants. Keeping his hands on her tits, he pulled her body towards him. "I've been missing you."

"I have to fix dinner."

"Fuck dinner!"

The girl snickered. "Wouldn't you rather fuck me?"

"You're, damn right I would. Talking about fucking, your mother says the Hansens and the Reeds are swingers."


"They swap wives or something." Cindy giggled. "That's crazy!"

"People do it, baby."

"Well, I know that. I just never thought about it right down the street."

He pulled her closer to him, grinding his cock against her pert ass. Her ass fit right below his crotch where his heated tool was throbbing halfway down his leg.

She leaned forward a bit now, backing against him as he pulled at her. "You're going to ruin my soup."

"You're a tease," Ben said. He slid his hands under her loose blouse and grabbed her bra covered tits. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers. He pressed against her again, his fingers gripping her tits as he pushed his cock at her asscrack.

Cindy reached behind her now and closed her fingers over his cock. She giggled as she squeezed his hard cock through his pants. "Daddy, you've got a hard-on!"

"I've always got a hard-on for you, angel."

"Let me finish making the soup."

"The hell with the soup, let's go to the bedroom."

"Two minutes?"

"Not two seconds."

She giggled as he pulled her out of the kitchen.

When they were inside the bedroom, he began fondling her again, pulling at her ripe tits through her blouse and running his hands over her ass.

She smiled as she pulled away from him. "Let me undress first."

He knew what was coming. She was a terrible tease, never letting him undress her. She liked to get naked slowly while she watched his reaction to her.

He watched now as her blouse came off. She was a beauty, all right, a blonde little sexpot with well-formed tits and a found little ass. He watched her hands move behind her back to unsnap her white bra. Then her shoulders thrust forward, emphasizing her tits, and he could barely restrain himself from reaching out to grab her tits. Instead, he started undressing himself while he watched her get the rest of her clothes off.

When Cindy's tits cleared the bra, Ben gazed with lust at her pink nipples. He dropped his pants around his ankles and reached for her, his cock sticking out of his boxer shorts like a long thick sausage.

When he looked at her he saw that she was obviously affected by his prick. She was naked now, and in a moment she lay down on the bed with a coy smile on her face.

"Daddy, are you going to fuck me or not?"

"I lust wanted to look."

"Look at what?"

"Look at you, you little minx!"

He slipped his shorts off and walked towards her. His cock bobbed in front of him, his knob swollen and his pisshole already dripping lube juice.

He curled his fingers around his dick and smiled at her. "Horny, baby?"

"Daddy, I'm always horny!"

She held her arms out to him and he slid onto the bed and over her body. He felt her warm skin under his hairy chest as he pushed her tits flat. He could feel her nipples like two hard little berries pushing at him.

Cindy reached down the length of his body to his cock. She made sounds of pleasure as she ran her fingers over his hard cock. He loved feeling her tight little fist around his cockshaft.

He could feel the beating of her heart under him, and now he moved a hand down to cup one of her tits. He loved her boobs, her firm young tits that always seemed so alive in his hands. Her nipples were stiff now, and so was his cock. He pinched one nipple between a thumb and forefinger, squeezing it and puffing it outward. She groaned in response, her fingers closing more tightly around his throbbing cock.

He thought about fucking her differently this time, maybe dog-style, or maybe even fucking her ass. He'd suggested fucking her ass before, but she wouldn't let him do it. Sometimes he thought she refused just in order to have power over him. Well, she had that anyway. He was too nuts about her not to do anything she wanted. And she knew it, all right. The little sexpot knew everything.

He started sucking her tits now. His cock was between her legs and he could feel her working her thighs back and forth on the hot length of it. He sucked her nipples, lapping them with his tongue as she massaged his cock with her thighs and knees.

He humped into her legs, his lube-juice getting her legs wet enough to make the going smooth. It was something she knew about. In fact the first time they'd had sex he'd fucked her between her thighs without touching her pussy, shot off like that while he fucked his cock in and out from the back. She knew how to damp her thighs just right to make it delicious for him.

Then he pulled away from her. "Come on, get your legs up so I can fuck you!"

She giggled at him. "I thought you'd never ask."

He mounted her. He slid his knob down the length of her pink slit, spreading her cuntlips and then pushing his dick inside her cunt mouth.

She groaned as he went in. She raised her legs up high and draped them over his shoulders.

"Daddy, you're so good!"

"You too, baby! You're the best!"

"Better than Mommy?"

Ben chuckled. "Sure, baby. Even better than Mommy."

A few days later Cindy had a chance to confirm what her father had told her about the Hansens and the Reeds. She was walking her bike behind the Hansen house when she heard giggling on the other side of the fence. Yielding to an urge to snoop, Cindy rested the bike against a tree and then she hurried over to a place where she knew there was a crack in the Hansen fence.

Lauren Hansen was on the back lawn with Charlie Reed. Cindy quivered as she peered through the crack in the fence. Lauren Hansen was wearing a bikini and Charlie Reed had on a pair of tight running shorts that clearly showed the bulge of his cock and balls. The teenage girl's heart thumped as she realized something was about to happen.

On the other side of the fence, Lauren was smiling at Charlie and feeling the heat between her legs. They both knew they wanted to fuck and they had no reason to be coy about it. Lauren could smell the male need radiating from him, and that was enough to get her juices flowing.

Charlie reached out to her now and pulled her against him. Then he bent his head and his lips met hers. She responded instantly, her tongue hungry against his teeth and then surging into his mouth. Their tongues tangled as they pressed against each other.

His hands moved over her back, over the jutting cheeks of her ass. He fondled and kneaded her lush ass. When their lips parted, they were both breathing heavily.

"How much time do we have?" Charlie said.

"Jim won't be back for a few hours."

"Come on, let's make it!"

"We can stay out here." Charlie snickered. "Sure, whatever you want, doll."

Lauren stepped back from him and reached behind her to the clasp holding her top in place. In a moment, she had the bikini top dropping off her proud tits. Her tits popped out, her nipples erect and tingling.

Charlie grinned at the sight of her tits. "Yeah, let them swing around, baby!"

Lauren watched his face, pleased at the way he responded to her. She slid her hands over her hips and under the waistband of her bikini bottom. Then she pushed the bottom down and stepped out of it.

Charlie's thick cock was fully aroused now, hard and throbbing in his shorts. He dropped a hand to cup the massive bulge between his legs, then he used both hands to push his trunks down to his ankles.

His cock surged upwards, bursting free and swaying over his big balls like a thick baton. His foreskin had slipped back to expose his cherry colored knob. His stiff prick glistened in the sunlight as it quivered in readiness.

"Mmmm, what a lovely prick," Lauren said. She sat down on one of the gliders and opened her legs to his eyes.

Droplets of moisture had gathered in Lauren's cunt bush. Her outer cuntlips were swollen, gaping enough to show the lighter pink cuntflesh inside.

Charlie dropped to his knees in front of her and cupped the cheeks of her ass in his palms.

He burrowed his head between her slightly spread thighs and pulled her cunt close to his face. His tongue came out and he started licking her wet gash.

Lauren moaned, her hands on the back of his head as she pulled his mouth tight against her open cunt. She arched her back as she humped against his face.

His tongue wiggled inside her warm cunthole. She went wild against him, moaning loudly as he sucked and licked her gash. Charlie worked on her drooling pussy, eating her cunt with gusto, sucking up the cunt-honey as fast as it oozed out of her slit. Then his tongue found her clit and he started whipping it in a way that made her crazy.

Lauren twisted her cunt against his mouth as the hot spasms convulsed her pussy.

Charlie held her cunt mashed against his face, his nose rubbing her clit, his tongue and lips sucking at her cunthole as she finished her climax.

"You're the best," Lauren said with a shudder.

"I like the way you pop off."

"Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck me on the ground!" He pulled her down on the grass beside him and in a moment he was on top of her, reaching for his cock and guiding his fat knob inside her gaping cunt.

She moaned as she felt his cock sliding in. Her hands moved over his shoulders and then down to cup his ass. Then she lurched up, sucking his cock inside her cunt, meeting him as he drove forward to bury his prick in her cunt-channel.

His heavy balls slapped against her asscheeks. The hot juice pouring out of her cunt had drenched her asscrack. She moaned, as she churned her ass under him, grinding her cunt against his crotch. Her cuntlips sucked at his sliding prick, her cunt bush tangling with the wiry hair at the base of his thick cock.

Charlie fucked her slowly at first, but then he increased the pace and started slamming her. Lauren loved it. She clawed at him, her legs rocking over his back, a whimper coming out of her throat each time he rammed his cock home inside her sopping cunt.

It wasn't long before he groaned and started coming.

She felt his cock jerk as the jism squirted out. That was all she needed to push her over the top for the second time. She moaned as she made it, crying out as she felt another hot gush of searing fuckjuice in her pussy.

They clung together until his balls were empty, and then they rolled apart and lay there sweating in the hot sun.

On the other side of the fence Cindy trembled, her pussy drenched and aching for attention. Not here, she thought. She pulled away from the fence, grabbed her bike and hurried back to her own house.

Her parents were out. Inside her room, the girl fell down on her bed with her fingers already inside her sopping cunt.

Chapter SEVEN

It wasn't long before the Millers became more friendly with the Reeds and the Hansens. Cindy had told Ben about what she'd seen and Ben had hinted to Helen that her suspicions were accurate.

"If they're swinging, I want a piece of it," Ben said.

Helen wasn't so sure. "Ben, we've never done anything like that."

"We'll do it now. I think, it's just what we need."

She wouldn't argue with him. She didn't mind becoming more friendly with the Reeds and the Hansens. They were nice people and certainly attractive. It was fun to have friends who were also neighbors living right down the road.

Ben waited for his chance, and then one day he wandered over to the Reed house when he knew Pat was alone.

"Thought you might have a drink for me," he said.

Pat smiled. They were in the kitchen, and now she wiped her hands and reached for the bottle of Vodka. "Is that all you want?"

Ben chuckled. "I want it all."

"That's what I figured."

He kissed her. She poured Vodka into two glasses and they smiled at each other as they sipped their drinks. Then he kissed her again and this time he put his hands on her tits.

When she pulled away from him, she smiled. "You work fast."

"Come on, Pat, you know you've been asking for it. You ask for it every time we get together."

"I hope I'm not making a mistake about you."

"Try me and find out."

She put her drink down. She opened her blouse and pulled it off. She unsnapped and dropped her bra, letting her big tits spill out. She shook her shoulders, making her tits bounce and wobble and swing. "What about these, tiger?"

Ben grinned. "Oh yeah, that's what I like!" His hand stroked her tits, warming them, stinging her nipples with pinches and an occasional tugging. Instead of protesting, she reached for his shirt to help him get it off. She worked at his pants, unzipping them and pulling them down. She was on her knees as she worked his shorts down, smiling when she saw his hard-on. She tugged at his shorts to stretch it around the stiffness of his cock.

"So far you pass the grade," she said.

"Get the shorts off."

"Well, that's what I'm doing."

When she had his shorts off, she smiled as she gazed at his cock and balls. "Nice, tiger! I like what I see."

Ben shuffled closer as his cock touched her cheeks. Pat turned and kissed his swollen cock. Then she ran her tongue around it, barely touching it, tickling him until she had him quivering with pleasure.

He crouched down now. He sat beside her on the cool floor and bent his mouth to her tits. He grabbed one tit, engulfing as much of it as he could in his mouth, biting her nipple until she moaned in response. Then he released her tit and kissed her lips hard.

"You're rough," she said. "Yeah, and you like it."

She giggled as she lay across his lap. "I won't tell you if I do."

He laughed as he started slapping her body, gently slapping her swaying tits and then down over her hips. He pulled the rest of her clothes off and slapped her ass. She giggled again as he made her skin tingle. He slapped her ass for a minute or two and then he rolled her over on the kitchen floor.

Kneeling astride her, he sat back on her tits and held up her head. She opened her mouth and caught his prick in it. She clamped down with her lips as he slowly eased back. He began a slow fucking of her mouth, sliding his cock in and out of her ovaled lips. She closed her eyes and moaned around his thick cockshaft.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her mouth and he scooted back to fuck her. He jammed her knees up and spread them, opened her dark haired cunt until it was gaping. He rammed in, hitting her cunt dead center with his cock and slamming his prick inside until he had it in up to the hilt.

"Oh God, you're a bull," she said.

"Fuck my cock, honey! Roll your ass around and fuck my cock!"

He rammed into her as hard as he could ten times, and then he lay against her, crushing her tits as he let his cock soak in her steaming cunt.

Then it was back to fucking, his hands gripping her knees as he slammed his dick in and out of her wide-open cunt.

When he was sure he couldn't hold out any more, he pulled his cock out of her cunt and rolled her over.

"What are you doing?" she said.

"Guess and you'll be right."

A shudder went through her.

He spread her asscheeks with his hands, scooped some juice out of her cunthole and smeared it over her shitter. She groaned as she relaxed her ass to let the finger inside.

"Easy," she said.

"You're a hot-ass!"

"Yes, I'm a hot-ass, but you've got to go easy."

He snickered as he worked a second finger inside her elastic bunghole. He continued stretching her asshole, getting it soft and relaxed, his eyes hot as he watched his fingers working.

Then it was time. Time to get his cock in her asshole.

He held her asscheeks pulled apart as he drilled his knob inside her asshole. She wailed at him, begged him to go slower. He edged in, pushing inside inch by inch, getting four inches in before she stopped him.

"Ben, go easy!"

"That's what I'm doing."

"No, you're too big! It's better for me if you go easy!"

"Can I start moving now?"

"Just go easy!"

Pat groaned at every thrust, her ass churning as she started fucking back at him. He cursed as he felt himself coming to a peak before he wanted to. But there was no stopping it now. He clenched his teeth as the hot cum shot out of his cock to drench her shitter.

"Christ, you're a lovely fuck," he said.

Pat cried out, wincing at the pain as he eased his knob out of her asshole. She twisted around and blushed when she saw the brown streaks on his cock.

"You're too rough," she said.

Ben grinned. "And you're a hot fuck!"

"Finger me off, lover!"

It was bold of her to ask, but she hadn't come and she wouldn't let him just walk out on her.

He smiled as he reached down to get his fingers in her cunt. He touched her clit, rubbed the shaft gently and then applied more pressure and speed until she started writhing with pleasure.

"Come on, baby, make it," he said.

"Oh God, I like you!"

Her voice trailed off as her body shook with pleasure. She started a long moaning cry that ended with a sudden yelp as she went limp on the kitchen floor.

Ben snickered at her. "Jesus, you sure come hard, don't you?"

Charlie Reed smiled at Helen. "It's true, Helen. I thought Ben told you. I'm not pushing anything on you, but Pat said you know all about it."

Helen nodded. "Yes, I do know about it."

"Do you want me to leave?"

"I don't know."

Helen walked to the sofa and sat down. When she crossed her legs, her skirt fell back to expose her thighs.

Charlie looked at her legs and grinned, and then he moved to sit down beside her. He put a hand on one of her knees and slipped the other arm around her shoulders.

"You're a beautiful woman," he said. "Charlie, this is new to me."

"I know, baby. We'll just go slow and have a good time. Christ, I'm hot for you!"

She gasped as his hand moved up her leg, pushing her skirt back along her thighs, his fingers stroking the nylon of her pantyhose.

Now his hand came away from her shoulder and dropped down over her tits. He rubbed her tits back and forth, then he bent his head and kissed her lips.

She wanted to fight, but in a moment his tongue slipped between her lips and she knew she was lost. His hand was inside her blouse now, sliding inside her bra and puffing it down.

Helen relaxed. Let it happen, she thought.

Loosen up a little and let it happen.

When their lips parted, she smiled at him and dropped her hand to cover the bulge in his crotch.

"You sure know how to turn a woman on," she said.

Charlie chuckled. "What do you like?"

"I think I like everything."

She turned and lay down on the sofa. Charlie chuckled as be lifted her feet and moved around them before he crawled on top of her.

Her hand worked at his fly while he pulled the blouse up and slid it over her head. He kissed her again, pressing his weight against her from head to toe. As he raised his body again, she pulled his zipper down and slid her hand inside his fly.

She was amused when she discovered he wore no shorts. Convenient, she thought. She grabbed his cock with her hand and squeezed it hard.

Charlie found the snap at the back of her bra and lifted the half-cups away from her tits. He kissed her again, a long hot kiss, his tongue driving deep inside her mouth.

Then he moved down, kissing her neck and shoulders, working slowly around her tits and then at last sucking at one of her nipples.

Oh my God, Helen thought. She moaned as she felt the surge of excitement in her body.

Charlie pulled her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Now he had his mouth filled with her lush tit. He nibbled with his teeth at her tender tit flesh. He used his teeth to tug her nipple out, holding onto it until it popped free. He bit the nipple harder and she moaned again.

He gently sat her up and lay down with his head in her lap. He grabbed her tits, nibbled at them, teased them, pushed his face between them.

"Perfect tits," he said.

She bent down and kissed his lips as her hand caught his prick. Then she sat up beside him. She slowly unbuttoned his shin, and then she knelt and pulled his pants down. She still wore her skirt and pantyhose. She knelt in front of Charlie and leaned against his knees. She gazed at his cock, then moved closer to it and quickly kissed it.

Her lips moved over his throbbing cock. She held it with both hands, turned on by his huge knob. Her tongue came out to touch it. She trailed her tongue around his cockhead, down around the underside of his knob and back again. Charlie made a sound of pleasure as he humped his ass against the couch.

Now Helen leaned forward, her tits resting on his legs as she wrapped her lips around his knob. Charlie pumped his hips to get more cock in her mouth, but she pulled her face away and giggled at him. She rose up and hurried to peel off her skirt and pantyhose.

"Well, you've got me hot," she said. "You've really got me hot."

"Shake the tits around."

"This way?"

"Yeah, that's nice!"

She sat down on the shag rug and she patted the spot beside her. "Come on, lover! If we're going to fuck, let's get on with it!"

Charlie sat beside her on the rug, rubbing her tits, kissing her eyes and nose and lips, working his tongue inside her mouth.

Helen loved his hands on her. Not Ben's hands. The hands of a strange man, a neighbor. Her blood surged with excitement again. She was so hot now.

She wanted him inside her. She rolled over on the rug, spreading her legs and begging him with her eyes.

In a moment, he was there between her lifted knees. She jumped when his hand massaged her cunt and spread her cuntlips and rubbed her juices around.

Then he leaned over her, his cock angled toward her pussy. She watched it, watched his purple knob slide inside her sopping pussy.

Helen gasped, her arms sliding over his back to hold him tightly. She hadn't fucked any man but Ben in years. She moaned as Charlie's cock rammed straight up her cunt-channel.

My God, he's long, she thought. Such a long prick. Longer than Ben. Her husband had a thick cock but nothing this long. Charlie's dick seemed to be reaching places that had never been touched before. How delicious that was. She felt his belly pressing against hers as he stopped moving. She caught his ass with her hands and pulled him deeper inside her.

He kissed her ear, pulling his cock out to his knob and then slowly sliding it in again. She felt his breath coming hot against her cheek, and then suddenly he was pounding into her with a strong thrusting that drove her wild.

She felt it, felt him come as he shot his load inside her pussy. A great shudder went through her as she felt his hot jism in her cunt. Lovely spunk, she thought. Lovely hot spunk and it wasn't Ben's.

Charlie stayed inside her, his cock softening gradually, getting shorter and thinner and then finally slipping out of her gaping cunthole. His hand found her clit and he started rubbing it. In a minute he had her coming again, crying out as she came, her legs trembling as the spasms hit her pussy.

"I'll fuck you again," he said.

She giggled. "You're kidding."

"No, I'm not kidding. I'm getting hard again. Would you like it doggie-style?"

"Mmmm, I'd love that!"

Cindy was sitting beside Jim Hansen in Jim's car. She'd agreed to drive with him out of the neighborhood to get away from everyone. Now he had the car parked in a lovers lane and he turned to the blonde teenager and smiled at her.

"You'd better not tell anyone about this." Cindy giggled. "Your wife knows."

"That's different."

"I don't think my folks care one way or the other."

He kissed her. Her lips were wet, and as he pressed down they parted and Cindy made a little noise in her throat. She opened her mouth wider. Her left hand was hooked over his shoulder, and now she curled the fingers of her right hand around his neck as she began to kiss him with more passion.

Jim was going wild, delighted by the feel of the teenager's young body under his hands. He pushed his tongue between her lips, his hands roaming up and down her back.

He could smell something now, and it took him a moment to realize what it was. A rush went through him as he realized the car was filled with the lusty aroma of teenage pussy.

His cock was pushing at his pants. He wanted more of this lovely little teenage sexpot. He slid both hands down her back, his fingers trailing over the bumps in her spine. His hands moved over the swell of her asscheeks, cupping her skirt against her warm ass, then dipping under the cotton material. He felt the sudden warmth of flesh-heated nylon against his palms. He kissed her throat and Cindy raised her chin to ask for more. He moved his hands around in circles, massaging her firm little ass.

Only when he pushed a finger against the damp panty-crotch did she jerk a little. But she quickly curled more passionately against him, her fingers clutching at his shoulders as he rubbed the nylon that covered her cunt bush.

He rubbed and stroked and petted, feeling the wetness in her gash. The nylon crotch of her panties was soppy, slippery with her juices. The smell of young pussy was heavy in the air now. He pushed at the nylon to get her cuntlips exposed, and in a moment she moaned as he started fingering her slit.

"What are you going to do?" she said. "What do you want?"

"I don't know. I want you to fuck me!"

He teased her. "You're too young for that."

"No I'm not! I'm not a virgin!"

He laid her back on the wide front seat and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. He pulled at the nylon, pulling her panties down to uncover her blonde cunt bush, pulling them down her thighs and off her legs as she giggled at him.

She opened her thighs herself, and when he looked at her crotch he saw the wetness there, the drenching of her young slit, her gash covered, with her foaming cuntjuice.

"Let's get everything off you," he said.

He gently rolled her up by her arms to get the tight-fitting top off. She smiled at him, a knowing smile. "I like you, Mr. Hansen."

"Jim, baby. My name is Jim."

She giggled. "I like you, Jim!"

"You just sit still while I eat you."

"Oh wow, you bet I will!"

A shiver went through the girl's body as she closed her eyes.

Jim ran his mouth over the top of one tit until he felt her nipple against his lips. He opened his mouth wide and sucked as much of the hot tit in as he could. Cindy arched her back and writhed her ass against the seat. She ran her fingers aver the sides of his face as he tongued and sucked her firm tits.

As he sucked each pretty tit in turn, he held her tiny waist with his hands. He felt her body squirm with excitement. He crouched between her thighs now, amused by the way she responded to him. Hotter than an older woman. Cindy lacked the reserve of a woman twice her age.

Both Cindy's tits were wet with his spit now. He moved his mouth down her chest, down over her heaving belly, down around her bellybutton. As he lapped the little hollow of her navel, she pulled her knees up high on each side of his shoulders and groaned.

He raised her ass, bringing her cunt-mound a good six inches off the seat. She pulled her knees all the way back to her tits and spread her thighs. The smell of cunt was thicker than ever now and it made him wild with lust.

He started kissing the insides of her thighs first, licking and sucking the tender flesh near her pussy and down close to her asscheeks. Some cowboy was singing a song on the car radio, a song about love.

Cindy was hot. She started an easy fucking motion with her hips, churning her crotch under his face. Jim watched it a moment, and then he could stand it no longer and he dived in.

He spread her cuntlips apart with his fingers, opened her flooded gash and plunged his whole mouth against her reeking snatch.

A deep wail came out of her throat.

Her back arched again. She began fucking her ass up and down in a frenzy. He reveled in it, his face covered with her cunt-cream. She growled and tossed on the seat, smearing his face with her juices, bucking her ass against his thighs as she moaned and whimpered.

Nothing like eating cunt, he thought. Nothing like a hot wet cunt under a man's mouth.

She hooked one leg over his shoulders to pull his mouth down against her hot cunt. She strained to reach his head, her fingers tangling in the curls behind his ears.

He fluttered his tongue on her thickening clit, sucking at it and then moving down again to suck at her cunthole. He pushed his tongue at her cunthole, tickled the edges a little, then shoved his tongue as deep as he could inside her pussy.

Her pussy was loaded with cuntjuice. He slurped up the hot cream, scooping it out of her twat with his tongue, rolling it around his mouth before swallowing it down.

Then her clit again. He could feel the tension building in her body now. She was close to coming. He nibbled at her clit, whipped it with his tongue and then used his nose to rub her off.

She went wild, crying out as she came, her body shuddering as she clamped her young thighs around his head to hold his mouth in place.

They fucked after that, a solid fuck with the girl sitting on his lap and bouncing on his cock. He chewed one of her tits as she fucked him. He sucked the girl's sweet nipple and chuckled to himself as he suddenly wondered what her mother was like. He wondered if Helen Miller knew how to bounce on a cock as well as her daughter did.

Chapter EIGHT

Jim had an easy smile on his face as he leaned across the table to pat Helen's hand.

"Everyone in the place is looking at you," Jim said.

Helen laughed as she looked around them at the people in the restaurant. "You're just making me self-conscious."

"You're the most attractive woman in the room."

"Jim, you're exaggerating!"

Things were different for Helen now. She'd reached a decision about her marriage. She intended to tell Ben that she wanted a divorce. She had no doubt she was doing the right thing, the sensible thing. Sensible for both of them.

But in the meantime here she was having dinner with Jim Hansen and the both of them knowing what would happen afterwards. She felt like a young girl again, a young girl filled with excitement on a first date. This was the first time for her and Jim and she was relishing every moment of it. She was aware of a dizziness, a pulsing in her throat that wouldn't go away. She knew what it was -- she was hungry for sex. She quivered each time her eyes met Jim's across the table. She could see he was just as hungry as she was, just as eager for them to be alone together somewhere.

Under the table, she touched his legs with her feet. He returned the caress by brushing her ankle, touching her in a way she couldn't fail to understand. To Helen it seemed as though her life had finally begun only when she and Ben had started swinging with the Hansens and Reeds. Her marriage no longer existed for her. The excitement in her life didn't come from Ben any more.

Then finally the meal was finished. After paying the bill, Jim escorted her outside and helped her into his car. She knew he intended taking her to a motel, and now she was trembling as she realized it wouldn't be long.

They finally arrived at a motor lodge. Jim went inside to register for them, and a few minutes later they were in one of the rooms with the door locked and the drapes pulled closed.

"So now we're finally alone," he said.

She smiled at him, waiting for him to make the first move. "Alone at last."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She could feel his cock pressing solidly against her belly. Big, she thought. Or maybe she was just imagining it because she was so horny. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth and she responded instantly. She could feel his cock rubbing against her belly now. Oh yes, it was big, all right. That was a big lovely tool down there and it was just what she needed.

Jim tongued the roof of her mouth, a hot kiss that made her knees go weak. All she could think of was that big cock pushing against her and his thick tongue in her mouth. He was mauling her ass now, his hands holding her tight against his hard-on.

When the kiss broke, he chuckled. "You're really turned on."

She blushed and glanced down at his crotch. "That looks big."

"Do you like big cocks?"

"Mmmm, what woman doesn't?"

She moved against him again and felt his cock swelling between his legs.

"It's all yours," he said. "Anyway you want it."

"I feel so comfortable with you."

"That's because we're not playing games. Come on, baby, let's get our clothes off and get to know each other."

As she stepped away, he unzipped his pants and started to get out of them. Helen was fascinated as she watched him strip. The first time with a man was always so exciting for her. She felt her face flush as his shorts came away to expose his swollen cock.

How lovely it was. His knob was fat, bloated with his arousal. A mouth-watering fat knob capping a thick cockshaft that would certainly be delicious as it stretched her cunt. Ben had a thick cock and she was used to being stretched.

Jim's cock swayed as he moved around. "What about you?"

Her skin broke out in goose pimples as she began slipping out of her dress. She undressed quickly, and in a moment Jim's eyes were hot as he appraised her tits.

"Nice tits," he said.

Helen blushed. "I'm not a girl any more. They're starting to droop."

He laughed. "Hell, that's the way I like them. I like tits that look womanly and yours are like that. Sexy nipples, Helen. There's nothing as sexy as fat nipples on a lovely pair of tits."

She blushed as she continued undressing. "And you've got a sexy cock."

He waited for her, waited until she had all her clothes off, his eyes on her swinging tits and her lush ass as she hung her things in the closet. She thought maybe she ought to have worn some sexy lingerie, maybe a garter belt and stockings if he liked that sort of thing. Then she told herself she would do that next time. She still had to find out what he was like in bed.

They stood there naked, their eyes on each other, and then she moved toward him and she wrapped her fingers around his thick cock.

"I need this!"

"Jack me a little," he said.

"This way?"

"That's good!"

She moved his foreskin back and forth a few times, her eyes on his fat knob as she covered and uncovered the curved rim. His pisshole was leaking, a drop of clear juice gathering at the tip of his prick now and dropping off.

"Oh, you are big!"

"Bigger than Ben?"

"Yes, I think so. It's lovely. The head really turns me on!"

He grunted, slid his hand between her thighs to find her cunt. He rubbed her clit with a stiff finger.

"Christ, you're soaked," he said with a chuckle.

She knew she was. Before she had time to say anything, he pressed her back against the bed and tried to get his cock in her cunt. His cockhead pushed against her cuntlips and she went weak inside. But she humped at him, dying to have his prick inside her as quickly as possible.

He laughed, gripping her thighs as he drove his cock inside her cunt-channel.

She cried out, shuddering with pleasure as his thick prick stretched the insides of her cunt channel. How glorious it was to be stuffed with cock. So deliciously stuffed. Such a big juicy cock he had. She loved the way his rod churned inside her, his red-hot fuck pole reaming out her pussy.

She came, straining against him, the fireworks going off in her cunt and belly. Gripping his arms with her hands, she clamped down on his cock with her cunt muscles as she went off again.

Jim pulled his cock out, hoisting her legs up against her chest. Then he dipped down and shoved his dick back in her cunt again. Now he had her wide open far a pounding. Helen moaned as he slammed her, as he twisted his cock around in her cunt. He pumped in and out quickly and then he teased her by stopping again.

She begged for it, pulling at his arms until he started fucking her once more. Jim laughed as his fat knob rammed up her cunthole. He thrust rapidly against her clit, driving her wild with each stroke. She humped up at him, fucking her pussy back at his sliding cock.

Now she felt his thick cock swell and stretch her cunt-channel even further. The next vigorous thrust brought a grunt out of his throat, and in a moment, she felt his hot cum squirting deep inside her. He continued coming, an endless spurting of jism in her cunt-channel. But then finally it was over and he moved more gently, his cock sliding in the slippery flood of his jism.

"Oh, Jim!"

"Like it, baby?"

"I love it!"

"You've got a tight little pussy! Hot juicy cunt! I'll get another hard-on and fuck your brains out!"

"You mix a good martini," Ben said to Lauren. "But there's just a shade too much vermouth."

She smiled at him. They were standing in the Hansen living room, the two of them alone, and now she had her fingers walking over the front of his pants.

"You're cute," she said. "And I bet this is like a telephone pole."

"Big enough to take care of you."

"Are you glad we're finally together?"

"You know it, baby."

She smiled at him as she unbuttoned his shirt. She undid all the buttons and then she slid her hands over his hairy chest. "Mmmm, I like hairy men!"

He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants now. Lauren's hands quickly moved to the waistband of his shorts to get them off his ass before he sat down. With his pants and shorts bunched at his ankles, he kicked his shoes off and removed his socks. Then his pants and shorts followed. He sat there completely naked and smiling at her.

Her eyes were bright as she gazed at his thick cock, at his broad red knob.

She sat down beside him and tuned her back to him. "Unbutton me, lover!"

His fingers worked at the buttons of her blouse, and then when he had the blouse off he unhooked her bra. His hands came around to fondle her jutting tits.

"Gorgeous tits," he said.

Lauren chuckled as she rose up. Ben stood up behind her, his hands still holding her tits as he bent to kiss her neck. She reached behind her, put one hand on his ass and used the other hand to grab his cock. Her fingers wrapped around his cockshaft and squeezed it.

"I like a good fuck," she said.

Ben chuckled. "Well, you'll get it, baby."

"Mmmm, I bet I will! This is such a nice cock! I've never fucked a man your age, you know! No one as old as you!"

"Christ, I'm not that old!"

Lauren giggled. "You're old enough to have a grown daughter."

"And a busted marriage. I think Helen and I are going to split."

"Really? Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Mmmm, your balls are big, aren't they?"

"Come on, let's go to the bedroom."

Her fingers gripping his nuts, Lauren chuckled. "All right, let's."

She held his cock with her hand as they walked to the bedroom. When they were on the bed, their arms encircled each other. Their lips fused in a hot kiss. Lauren ran her fingers back I and forth over his hip. Ben slipped a hand inside her panties to grab her ass. What an ass she had. A meaty hot ass made for fucking.

He was hot for assfucking these days. He'd fucked Pat Reed's ass and now he wanted Lauren's. He had an idea she would go for it. In his experience, women who had meaty asses usually liked to get the workout in there. Lauren intrigued him because she had such a clean girl-next-door look. Nice All-American girl with a lush ass.

Lauren tickled his cock as he peeled her panties off, he continued fondling her asscheeks. Then his hand slipped around to cover her cunt. He curled his fingers between her thick cuntlips, the tip of his middle finger traveling up and down inside her gash. Her snatch began to quiver and in a moment she groaned and shoved her tits in his face.

One finger in her cunthole now, his finger up to the hilt in her cunt. When she spread her thighs apart, his knuckles jammed against her gash, his finger jerking in and out of her cunthole.

She rolled away from him, rolled over on her back and moaned as she squeezed her tits with her hands. She opened her legs wide to fully expose her meaty cunt. Brew lowered his head to kiss the insides of her thighs. He ran exploring finger up and down her thighs and over her belly. Then his face moved and kissed the blonde fur of her plump pussy.

She hunched her ass off the bed as his tongue lapped at her open cunt. Her thighs spread wider, her ass rising up, her pussy humping at his face as his tongue worked in her pussy.

The tip of his tongue narrowed and entered the slot of her cunthole. Then it was out again, crawling between her cuntlips, then back down again to push inside her cunt-channel.

Finally it was time for him to get started on what he wanted. Clutching her asscheeks with both hands, he ran one fingertip back and forth over the puckered rise of her asshole.

Lauren groaned as his finger pushed in. "Oh yes!"

"Just the tip."

"I don't care, do what you want!"

"You like getting fucked there?"

She groaned again. "You can do it if you're careful."

He made her roll over on her belly, and then he scrambled around to jam his knees between her thighs. He lowered his chest over her back, pressing against her as she lay there with her cheek on the pillow.

He wriggled his hard cock inside her asscrack, holding her shoulders as he breathed on her neck. "What do you like to use? Vaseline?"

"There's some in the nightstand."

Ben snickered. "You get it from Jim, huh?"

"Don't talk about Jim."

"Hell, he's probably giving it to Helen too." He pulled away from her to get the tube of lube out of the nightstand drawer. A twitch of lust went through his belly as he looked over at her. She looked so beautiful like that, bent ever with her tits hanging down and her ass in the air.

"I'd like to see you in a waist-cincher sometime. One of those things that pull a girl's waist in. Bare tits on top and bare ass on the bottom. I bet you'd look great in one of those things."

Lauren was amused. "Come on, lover! Hurry up and fuck me!"

He greased his cock with the lube, and then he moved behind her and dabbed some of the lubricant on her asshole.

She thrust her ass up from the bed. His cock slid down the valley of her asscrack until his knob was poised just under her asshole. He raised up on his knees, balanced his weight on one elbow and used his free hand to aim his prick. She moaned as his cockhead nestled against her asshole, and then he drew her legs up under her so that she had her ass hanging and her legs bent like the legs of a frog.

"That's the way, baby!"

"Fuck me, you bastard! Get your cock in there!"

His knob sank into the hot tunnel of her ass.

He drew back and shoved forward again, sinking another few inches up her burning asshole. Her ass began swinging from side to side, her asshole puffing his cock back and forth. For a moment he watched her ass moving without doing anything, then he started moving again, wiggling his ass, ramming his cock home until his balls pressed against her blonde-fringed cunt.

"How is it?"

She groaned. "Oh God, it's good!"

"Why don't I hold still and you do the moving. Just keep sucking on my cock with your asshole."

She did what he wanted, churning her ass, then pulling and pushing to get her asshole sliding over his cockshaft. He gazed down at it with hot eyes, at the way her asshole seemed stretched a mile wide by his thick cockshaft, at the way her asshole pouted like a hungry mouth each time she pulled forward.

Her ass began to ripple. Her asshole was like a cunt now. He felt his cock stroked by the ripples and spasms in her ass, his cock squeezed and milked by her shit-chute.

He was too hot to hold out much longer. He clenched his teeth and grunted. His ass flew back, then shot forward. Her ass met him, her asshole sucking at his throbbing cock. He skewered her, his hipbones smashing into the cheeks of her ass with each thrust, the thick base of his cock stretching her asshole another fraction of an inch as he ground himself against her body.

No end, he thought. Her ass had no end. If his cock was a foot long he could still use it in there. And she would love it. All that hot cock jammed up her shitter.

"Now," she said.

"Now what?"

"Do it now, you bastard! Shoot it up my ass!"

He roared like a bull as he came. He slammed in, grinding against her ass, crying out as the hot juice poured out of him to flood her shithole.

Christ, what a fuck he thought. Damn Helen and the trouble she was making for him. Here they were having such a good time and Helen had to go spoil it.

Chapter NINE

"Here's to a nice afternoon," Ben said.

He smiled at them. He'd brought his daughter with him to Pat's house. Cindy hadn't been too keen about it and she was still reluctant. But when Ben insisted, she agreed to do it. "Just for you, Daddy."

Pat's eyes were bright. She'd been playing tennis all morning and she still wore her tennis outfit. She smiled at Cindy, her eyes on the thrust of the teenager's young tits, on her blonde peaches-and-cream complexion.

Pat was hungry for the girl. She'd never made it with a girl so young, at least not since her high school days. And in those days of course she'd been too young to know much. Now here was this luscious teenager with that sexy body and a hot look in her eyes. Oh yes, Pat thought. What a lovely dish of ice cream.

They chatted a while, Pat seated beside Cindy with one of Cindy's hands in hers.

Finally Ben said he was glad they were all together.

"We'll have a ball," he said.

Cindy looked coy as she smiled at them. "What are we going to do?"

Ben snickered. "What would you like, honey?"

"Well, it's not up to me, is it?"

"We'll have fun," Pat said, her eyes on the swell of the girl's tits under her blouse. "You like having fun, don't you?"

Ben was amused. He was dying to see them together. Cindy had already admitted to him that she'd had her pussy sucked by a lesbian teacher at school. What he wanted was to see the two women together, Pat and his daughter, two of them sucking each other off. Maybe they would work on him too, but the important thing this first time was to get them together.

Cindy rose up to look at one of the pictures in the room, and when she returned to them Pat took her hand again.

"Let's get some of your clothes off," Pat said, the girl standing before, her as Pat sat on the sofa. Pat smiled as she ran her hands over the girl's back and then down around her pert little ass. "I wish I had your figure."

Cindy giggled. "You don't look so bad."

Pat unbuttoned Cindy's blouse and helped her get it off. The teenager wore a cute white bra, the lace sheer enough to show her pink nipples. Pat was dying to see the girl's tits but she held off. She worked at Cindy's skirt, helped the girl drop the skirt and step out of it. Wearing only her bra and panties now, Cindy blushed as Pat looked her up and down.

"I'm the only one without clothes," Cindy said.

Pat smiled. "We'll get there, honey. Turn around and I'll unhook your bra."

So the unveiling continued, first the girl's luscious tits and then her adorable ass and blonde pussy. Pat was turned on, her pulse racing as she feasted her eyes on the teenager's gorgeous body.

Pat rose up and kissed the girl, her hands roaming over Cindy's back and ass as she pushed her tongue inside Cindy's mouth.

Then Pat pulled away and she began undressing. She smiled at Cindy as she peeled off her tee shirt and dropped her tennis shorts and panties. Her tits bobbed out, her dark nipples stiff with excitement. She moved closer to Cindy and the teenager giggled as their tits touched.

"Put your hands on them," Pat said. "Squeeze my tits!"

The girl's hands were uncertain at first, but soon she grew bolder and she fondled Pat's tits with obvious excitement. Pat kissed her again, the two of them fondling each other's tits as their ups met.

Ben quickly undressed and now the three of them were naked. His cock swinging, Ben walked to the bar to fix himself a drink.

"We've got all afternoon," he said. "Cindy, you want a beer or something?"

Cindy moaned and moved her legs apart to give Pat's fingers more room. Pat smiled as she rubbed the girl's clit. Then Pat's middle finger dipped down into Cindy's cunthole. She added a second finger, twisted the fingers to stretch the mouth of the teenager's pussy.

"You're as wet as can be," Pat said.

Cindy shuddered. "You're making me hot!"

"You're a little sexpot, aren't, you, baby?" The girl's voice was weak. "I don't know!" Her eyes were on Pat's cunt bush, on the lush growth of dark hair that covered Pat's cunt mound.

Pat smiled, two fingers playing with Cindy's cunt and the other hand ruffling her own cunt bush.

"Pussies are nice, aren't they, honey?"

Cindy's eyes were bright. "Can I touch you?" Pat smiled, took hold of the girl's hand and brought it to her crotch. "Of course you can."

Cindy explored, two fingers between Pat's hairy cuntlips, a finger stroking Pat's clit and then dipping down to probe Pat's cunthole.

"You're hot," Cindy said.

"Mmmm, you bet I am!"

They kissed again, fingers in each other's cunt now.

"Want to come, baby?"

Cindy groaned. "I don't know!"

"Come on, make it, honey. Come on my fingers. Come for me!"

The teenager went off, her legs trembling and her mouth hanging loose as Pat's fingers brought her to a climax.

They went to the sofa after that, and in a moment Pat bent her head to suck at the girl's tits. She rolled her tongue around Cindy's nipples, puffing at the pink buds with her lips and teeth.

His hand slowly stroking his aching cock, Ben watched Pat's mouth run over his daughter's tits.

Two luscious pieces, Ben thought. Blonde and brunette. What a treat to be able to watch it.

"Come on over here," Pat said to Ben.

"What for? You're doing fine."

But he walked over to them, his cock wagging back and forth as he moved across the carpet. When he was close enough, Pat grabbed his balls, and hefted them on her fingers. She turned her head to smile at Cindy. "Why don't you suck him a little, honey? We don't want your father feeling too lonely."

Cindy giggled. "If Daddy wants it."

Ben grunted. "Yeah, Daddy wants it!"

When the teenager leaned forward to suck on his knob, Pat kept her hand on his balls. The older woman held his balls while Cindy bobbed her head a few times.

Beautiful, Pat thought, her eyes on the girl's stretched lips as they worked back and forth along Ben's thick cockshaft. How beautiful it was to watch a girl suck her own father's cock. Pat suddenly regretted never having the opportunity to do it to her own father.

Cindy finally pulled her mouth off Ben's cock. Her face flushed and her lips wet, the girl looked at Pat. "You want some?"

Now it was Pat's turn. Gripping Ben's balls with one hand, she used the other hand to guide his fat knob between her lips. She slurped over his cockhead, tasting Cindy's saliva all along the length of his prick. She pushed forward to get his knob in her throat, her lips all the way forward until her nose was in his cock bush. She heard Cindy giggling as she slowly pulled back again to the tip of his cock.

When Pat at last stopped sucking Ben's prick, his cock hung there, throbbing and swollen. Pat tuned to Cindy. "Now let me do you."

Cindy blushed. "Me?"

"I'll suck your pussy," Pat said with a smile. "Come on, baby, just sit back and open your legs."

The teenager did it. She sat back and pulled her legs up and opened them. Pat immediately swooped down on the girl. Cindy groaned as she felt Pat's hair tickling the insides of her thighs. Pat sniffed at the girl's blonde pussy. She used her fingers to peel Cindy's cunt lips apart. Her tongue out like a pink snake, she lapped up and down the girl's sopping gash.

Sweet, Pat thought. What a sweet little pussy this was. She was thrilled as she felt the girl quiver in response to her mouth.

Pat continued sucking Cindy's cunt until Cindy came. The teenager moaned as she heaved her pussy at Pat's face. Pat sucked at the girl's young pussy, slurping up the flowing juice as fast as she could get it. When it was over, Cindy lurched forward to kiss Pat's mouth.

"I love you," Cindy said.

Pat cradled Cindy's head in her arms as the girl sucked her tits. Cindy looked so baby-like as her lips pulled at Pat's nipples. The teenager's face was flushed, her eyes closed as she made love to Pat's tits. Pat fingered Cindy's cunt and was amused at the way the girl's clit quivered under her fingertips. She'll give head, Pat thought. She was sure now she could get Cindy to go down on her.

"Want to eat me, baby?"

Cindy pulled her mouth off Pat's tit and looked at her father. "Daddy, you go out."

His hand stroking his cock, Ben grunted. "The hell I will! I'm staying right here!"

Cindy finally agreed. She went down on her knees in front of Pat and gazed with hot eyes at Pat's lush pussy.

Pat held her cunt open with her fingers. "Go on, darling. You want to, don't you?"

The girl's eyes gleamed. Then she finally leaned forward to lick tentatively at Pat's cuntlips. Pat curled her fingers around the teenager's neck and pulled her face closer. "All the way, baby. Get in there and suck me out!"

Pat kept Cindy sucking at her cunt until she had a climax. Toward the end she was certain Cindy was loving it.

Possibilities, Pat thought. How nice it would be to have this pretty thing available whenever she wanted her.

"Now you," Pat said to Cindy. "Kneel up, honey. Get your little ass in the air."

Cindy perched on the sofa, her head and shoulders hanging over the back edge and her body arched to raise her ass. Pat moved behind the girl to fondle her asscheeks.

"She's a honey," Pat said to Ben.

Ben chuckled. "Enjoying yourself?"

Pat didn't bother to answer. She bent her head to Cindy's ass, tongued the girl's cunt from the rear and then raised her mouth to suck the teenager's pink asshole. She kept her face pressed against Cindy's asscrack, her hands squeezing Cindy's asscheeks as the girl moaned in response to the tongue in her ass.

Finally Pat called Ben over. "Get it in." Ben chuckled. "So glad I get a chance."

"In her pussy," Pat said, her hand guiding Ben's cock to Cindy's gaping cunt-mouth.

Ben grunted as his cock went in. Cindy's cunt was wide open from Pat's sucking and he slipped his prick inside without any trouble.

Pat held his balls as he started fucking. She watched his thick cock spearing the girl's blonde pussy. Father and daughter, Pat thought. She found it more beautiful than ever.

Ben was hot. Having Pat watching him and Cindy was exciting as hell. He reached over to grab one of Pat's tits as he continued fucking his daughter's upturned cunt. He could tell how turned on Pat was. The brunette's eyes glittered as she gazed at his sliding cock.

"What about you?" Ben said to Pat. She looked at him. "Me?"

"Don't you want to get fucked?"

"Well, sure."

"I'll fuck your ass!"

Pat chuckled. "You're a dirty old man."

"How'd you guess?"

"Let me get Cindy off first."

When Ben pulled his cock out of Cindy's cunt, the older woman kissed the girl and urged her to turn over.

Cindy rolled over on her back, her eyes glazed as Pat raised her knees and spread them apart. Pat swooped down on the girl's cunt, sucking at the oozing pink pussy, her own ass wiggling at Ben who was now behind her.

Ben fingered Pat's asshole. He was too lazy to get some Vaseline. He'd fucked her ass before without anything but cuntjuice, and now he scooped some juice out of her pussy and smeared it over her shitter.

Her mouth against Cindy's cunt, Pat groaned as Ben's cock pushed slowly inside her ass.

Ben watched his cock go in, watched the spreading of Pat's asshole until it looked like a big round mouth sucking at his cock.

Well, fuck Helen, Ben thought. He had what he wanted. Cindy had already told him that if he and Helen split she'd stay with him. He'd have Cindy and the parties with the Reeds and Hansens.

What a man needs is good neighbors, Ben thought. If a man has good neighbors, he's got everything.


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