Wet dream wife

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time in his youth when he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race in his father's car. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Marni Ross' story is that of a young girl growing up in a very special way. Breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. But all along what she is really seeking is love. And when she doesn't find it, sex and love become confused in her tortured mind, leading her into one shattering experience after another.

WET DREAM WIFE -- the story of a girl's struggle to find happiness. A timely story for today. A stow which answers many questions, but leaves many others still unanswered.

Chapter ONE

To say that Homer fell short of her dreams would be an understatement. She had married him to get away: away from her parents, away from the sleepless nights with the pangs of passion burning like the fires of hell inside her youthful pussy.

Marni Ross' parents, especially her mother, insisted on strict hours: home by ten, in bed by ten-thirty. The strictness her mother imposed included her friends, both male and female. It seemed that all her fun had to end just when everyone else's was beginning.

She first met Homer Lyles in the drugstore where she worked. And the meeting didn't mean very much to her. She was eighteen, he was twenty-one, and already established with his own delivery business. The fact that he was little more than a truck driver who was a messenger boy didn't bother her when she met him.

Between Marni's eighteenth and nineteenth year she made friends with Lottie Henderson. Lottie was an open girl who made friends easily. Especially male friends.

Marni soon found out why.

Lottie, even though she was a year younger than Marni, had already let boys fuck her. The most recent was a boy named Carl Fields. He had quit school and gone to work as a mechanic in a garage. According to Lottie, Carl had been with a lot of older women who had taught him just how to satisfy a girl.

When Lottie related how he had so skillfully fucked her, and how the come he had given her had been so much better with his cock and his mouth that it had ever been with just her fingers, it drove Marni wild with desire to do the same herself with a boy -- any boy.

She wanted to experience the delights of a cock, the wild rapture she was sure she could find in the pure joy of sex with a man. She was also sure that a cock would still the fires forever that burned in her cunt and mind. The fires that, at times, threatened to destroy her sanity.

Carl had a friend -- Homer Lyles.

At the drugstore Homer had been strange to her. He had seemed shy and barely spoke to her. But he was totally different when she met him at Lottie's.

For some strange reason, the minute Marni saw his big, lumbering form she was sure he was the boy she had lain awake thinking about, the boy she had dreamed would give her the sex she so desperately needed and the freedom she so desperately wanted.

After the first meeting it was the total topic of Marni's conversation with Lottie. When could they all get together and do more than just fondle and kiss? When could they get together and fuck?

The opportunity finally arose when Lottie's parents attended a party at a friend's home in a nearby town. They wouldn't return until the wee hours of the morning. It was perfect. Marni was to stay overnight with Lottie to keep her company.

At first it was awkward because neither of the boys knew Marni that well. Also, Lottie hadn't told them what to expect. Marni felt a little better when both the boys made it very clear that they liked Lottie's big-titted friend very much.

Breaking the ice between them was slow. Carl and Lottie had no such problem. While they were watching television, Lottie made a point of pressing her tits against his shoulder and, now and then, passing her hand over the swiftly rising bulge in the front of his pants.

When they were both so hot that they couldn't stand it any mote, Lottie boldly took his arm and led him upstairs to the bedroom.

All the lights except the television were off in the living room. Homer was standing by the couch facing Marni, the front of her body and part of his face in shadow. She moved to him, knowing full well that anything he wanted to do with her would be all right.

She stopped a few inches from him and felt his arms go around her. His hands cupped her taut asscheeks through the thin material of her dress and squeezed. His touch sent chills up her spine and downward to stab desire in the already wet slot between her quivering thighs.

He kissed her on the cheek and then moved his lips up and down her neck. Marni had sensed he was about to do just that, but it still sent even more shivers through her anxious body.

She was just about to urge him to take her clothes off when he spoke. "Don't worry," he assured her. "I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to."

Marni could feel her whole body responding to him. Silly, she thought. She wanted him to do everything to her. Rape her, even, if he wanted to. And all he could do was reassure her that he wasn't going to do anything she didn't want him to do!

He kissed her on the lips, and when he pressed his body against hers, she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tighter. Both their lips were moist and warm, and as they kissed, he ran his hand lightly over her face, adding to the excitement of the moment.

Then he moved his head back a bit so that their lips were just barely touching, and then ran the tip of his wet tongue over her upper lip and then over the lower. At first Marni didn't know what he was doing, but she liked it. He pressed his open mouth against hen and poked his tongue inside her mouth until it touched hers.

He held heir even tighter and, shoving his tongue even farther back into her mouth, he rubbed it back and forth across her hot tongue.

She enjoyed what he was doing. It was so intimate and exciting that she felt paralyzed. She could have easily just closed her mouth, but instead she languished in the feelings he was producing with his mouth and tongue. Her pulse was beating faster and her own tongue moved against his, together performing a little dance.

As their tongues caressed, their bodies pressed closer. Marni could feel his erect prick pressing against her belly. He made no pretense of not having a hard-on. Instead he deliberately and slowly rubbed against her, poking it against her body from her navel to her thigh.

She was sure he would be a great lover. He was awkward, and he was clumsy, and he was at times a little rough. But nevertheless she was sure. She had never been this aroused by a boy, by anyone or anything, so it must be so.

It was hard for her to distinguish her own breathing because he was breathing so hard too. The sounds seemed to blend into one. There was something very exciting about being so helpless in Homer's arms, his tongue exploring her mouth and his cock rubbing against her.

He pulled her down onto the sofa and lay on top of her. She instinctively spread her legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they continued their long kiss while he pumped his hips, pressing against her in a slow, sensuous movement.

She kept feeling the full length of his prick as it moved again and again against her. Each time he pressed forward, he uttered a little groan of pleasure and tongued her tongue harder with his own.

One of his hands slipped down to her shoulder and then rested on her tit. He began massaging it through her blouse, moving his hand back and forth ever the firm mound. She had never felt a boy's hand on her breast before, and it made her tense at first. But as he continued to rub her tit, it felt better and better. It seemed to her as though her breast were getting bigger and more sensitive to his touch as time went on. And the more he did it, the more that voluptuous feeling spread through her body. Her whole being was aroused, but the center of her pleasure was still the tit he was fondling.

Her head swirled with drugged delight. At last, at last! she thought. She pushed her breast toward Homer to make it even more accessible to his touch, and pressed her thighs upward to meet his pumping hips and thick, anxious cock.

He kissed and sucked her neck, while both of their bodies moved together rhythmically. He nibbled at her ear and breathed into it.

She could feel the perspiration on his forehead and neck. They moved to press their lips together and then their tongues went into a frenzy. His body kept up its jerking motion, but faster, and his hand was still caressing and squeezing her tit, but harder, with almost a painful pleasure.

Suddenly, with a low groan, his movements became quick and straight, as though he were driving his cock right into her. She could feel the length of it squirming along her leg and then against her pubic mound.

His fingers poked at her gooey slit through her panties. And then he pulled them down until he had direct contact with the dark, wet slit between her pumping thighs.

"I love the feel of your fingers against my skin," she moaned.

"You mean against your cunt," he said.

He moved his fingers up and down her cuntal lips, tickling and squeezing them. She felt herself shaking with excitement, but she tried to remain still and enjoy the sensations he was producing in her pussy. Her fingers moved slowly and gently, sometimes moving below her cuntal slot to the sensitive area around her puckered asshole.

It was beautiful, and Marni spread her legs further to take in as much of the pleasure as he could give her. "Good, good," she said.

He kissed her again on the neck, breathed warmly into her ear, and spread her slit with his fingers. Then he started a gentle probing. He moved them along the inside of the cuntlips and up near her swelling clitoris. She moaned louder as he stopped just before his fingers found the throbbing bud.

"Jesus, Marni," he said. "You are really ready -- you're wet as hell."

He dipped his finger further into her cunt and pulled it back to spread the moisture along the outside and up near her clitoris. This time he didn't stop, but smeared her hot juice over the sensitive spot. She lumped from the intensely exciting feelings it gave her.

From then on his finger moved continuously from her asshole up to her clitoris and then back down again. She moved her hips whenever he touched her clitoris so she could get a stronger, more exciting contact.

He seized the way she reacted and moved and started concentrating his attention on the little blood-engorged love button at the top of her sopping cunt.

She spread her legs even further to give Homer complete access to her dripping cuntal valley. She felt his finger probing deeper and rubbing more deliberately on her clitoris. It was a wild sensation, which was both satisfying and frustrating at the same time. The better it felt, the more she wanted. It was a sensation she had never experienced at such a high, intensified pitch.

"Now it's time for me too," he said, smiling. He unzipped his pants and reached inside his fly.

Marni knew what he was going to do, and she could hardly wait. Her heart seemed to just stop beating for a moment as she waited for his cock to appear.

And then it was there, erect, hard, throbbing.

She looked closely as he pulled it out and displayed it for her. It was just as Lottie had said it would be. There were the veins and the ridges. She wondered about his balls. She wanted to see as much of him as she could. She wanted to see and experience everything she could.

"What about your... I mean," she stammered.

"My balls? Here!"

He pulled them out of his pants. He cupped them and then realized that it was difficult for her to see. He stood up in front of her so that his balls were at the same level as her eyes.

She looked at them and studied them with great fascination. One hung a little lower than the other.

"Go ahead," he said, sensing her desire to touch and fondle his cock. "Touch it. Take it in your hand and feel it."

She hesitated, but not for long. It was spongy and warm. As she clasped the head in her hand it seemed to grow even larger. It became harder and even more erect until it seemed to have a life of its own in the palm of her hand.

She was even more fascinated.

The swollen head seemed to be pulsating and the veins bulged. She cupped his balls in her other hand and then made a ring with her thumb and forefinger. She used the ring to move slowly up and down the turgid shaft.

"Nice... oh, shit that's nice, Marni!" he gasped, and let his body move forward toward her.

"This isn't enough," Marni said at last. "I want all of it. I want you."

"Yeah," he said, puffing and tugging at his clothes. "Let's get naked."

As they undressed, Marni's mind whirled in turmoil. By the time they were completely naked and again lying on the sofa, she had taken command of the situation. She did indeed want everything. She wanted to feel, to experience everything. She wanted it all. And if she could do it all in one night, her first night, and then that would be so much the better.

She nudged him until he rolled over. She held his rigid cock up so she could admire it in the light from the television. A tiny bead of semen had oozed from the hole in the tip of his cockhead.

Her eyes were wide as she watched it throb and jump in her hand. She held it closer to her face and ran the hard shaft over her cheek, her chin, and then down across her throat. She had heard vague stories from other girls, even from her mother in unguarded moments, about how a woman couldn't and shouldn't openly look at a naked man, especially when he was in an erect state. For some reason, which Marni couldn't understand, they said it just wasn't ladylike.

Marni didn't agree at all. She loved to look at Homer's cock. Studying it intently, she could imagine and anticipate what it would feel like plunging into her body, up her cunt, and into her belly.

"Do you want to taste it?" he asked, a yearning in his eyes.


"Taste it? Put it in your mouth? Suck it? Do you want to suck my cock?"

Marni smiled. Yes, she thought, taste his cock, suck it. She did as he said, running her tongue around the head of his prick until its tip drew the tiny glob of cum into her mouth. She swirled it around on her tongue, savoring its salty taste and then swallowing it.

At the same time, he put his arms around her, running his hands down the smooth flawless skin of hex back to cup her fleshy buttocks. He tongued her belly, the insides of her thighs, the wet, hairy covering over her cuntal mound. When he found the cuntal folds with his tongue he parted them and entered.

The muscles of her belly contracted, creating a vacuum that opened her hole and seemed to literally pull and suck his tongue inside. He eagerly sucked and lapped with his tongue, savoring the juices he found there.

She gave herself completely to him. The love he was giving her was physical release and that was exactly what she needed and wanted. In that moment it was all embodied in the boy whose head was gently bobbing between her legs. She ran her fingers through his hair and gently forced him to stronger contact with her cunt by gyrating and thrusting harder with her hips.

When he sensed that her passion was aroused to a peak, he shifted his body until his cock was directly against her lips. His motion urged her to complete the action that she had so recently started on his cock with her tongue.

Her tongue flicked lightly against the tip of his cock as her hand molded and caressed the slick shaft. The sexual tension in his body was so great that his cock twitched and leapt in her hand with each touch of her sensuous tongue.

"Oh shit, shit, shit, fuck shit, that feels so fucking good, so fucking sucking good," he mumbled, his mouth full of her cunt.

"Suck on my pussy! Eat my cunt!" she said, thrilling at the words he said and longing to speak them herself. "Suck on my juicy cunt and pound your hard cock into my mouth!"

Gently, he guided his cock between her lips until the hardness pressed into the depths of her throat. She nearly gagged, but the thrill of having his hard hunk of meat in her mouth stifled it.

By sheer instinct she withdrew her head from his prick, and plunged it forward again and again, thrilling to the pulsing intensity of his cock as it stuffed her willing throat.

Even if he had tried he couldn't hold back after that. He began pummeling the pink cuntal meat between her thighs with his tongue and his face. His hips hardened into corded muscles as he thrust his blood-filled cock with longer and harder strokes into her sucking, waiting face.

She didn't deny him, her cheeks hollowing in a sucking motion each time he withdrew. Suddenly his chin was grinding with an incessant fury against her clitoris as his tongue reamed, serpent-like, in and out of her cunt hole. Her body was on fire. She locked her thighs around his head, her feet entwined, and her heels beat a tattoo on the sofa cushions. She was coming, coming like she'd never come before. Lottie was right. Coming on his tongue was far better than coming with her fingers.

Even his nose was helping her come as she pulled it against her struggling asshole. She felt a contraction and a sudden, violent throbbing on the underside of his cock as she reached the peak of her own orgasm.

Suddenly his hips lurched backward, leaving his cock in midair directly above her face. She fisted it, continuing the pumping action with her hand that she had performed with her mouth.

Wave after wave of sweet release surged through her body. It centered in her cunt and flowed upward to her tits and down to her thighs. From the sudden pressure of his tongue on her cunt, the groans rattling in his throat, and the quivering in his legs, she could tell that he, too, was coming.

Great, thick globs of creamy white fluid shot from the end of his cock. They arched in the air and, like heavy raindrops, fell to splatter on her tits.

It was beautiful, wonderful, she thought, watching her first man come. Faster and faster she pumped his cock as she became more and more hypnotized by the never-ending fountain of his prick. Again and again his cock would jump in her hand to send another stream of jism into the air, to land on her face, her belly and her heaving tits.

At last it settled to a thin stream that she kept going by milking the shaft with her hand. It ran across the head of his cock and down to clot in her fingers and over his foreskin.

She barely noticed when his body moved away from her and slid to the floor. Her upright, thrusting breasts and flat, smooth stomach occupied all her attention. They were slick and slimy with his cum, the first cum she had ever seen.

It had been the most exciting thing she had ever seen. What power as it had shot from the head of his cock!

She ran her fingers through the cum. She spread it all over the fleshy fullness of her tits. As she did that she could imagine, almost feel, his big cock spurting all that juice into her cunt.

"I'm sorry I got you so messed up. I didn't want to come in your mouth."

She looked at him, kneeling beside her on the floor. "Why not?" she asked.

"Well..." He just returned her look, his brows furrowing in a quizzical stare. "I didn't think you'd like it. Most girls don't want you to come in their mouth."

"You do?" He moved up to sit beside her. He was hardly able to take his eyes from her body as he spoke again. "I guess you ain't nothin' like most girls."

"Oh Homer! Jesus, it was so exciting! I liked it, shit, I loved it! Now fuck me! Fuck me in the cunt!"

"I will," he said. "In a little bit."

"No. Now!" She reached for his cock. "What's the matter with it?"

"Nothing's the matter with it, dammit," he said. "I just come. It'll take a few minutes before it's ready again."

"But I just come," she said, smiling, "and I'm ready to fuck now."

"Shut up, Goddammit! I told ya, it's not ready. What the hell do ya want from a guy for Christ sakes?"

Her eyes narrowed as she studied his face. He seemed like a petulant little boy in his anger and her ignorance. Marni didn't know it then, but what she was seeing in Homer at that time was what Homer was.

"We'll wait," she said.

But it didn't get ready again, at least not that night. And eventually Carl trotted downstairs, with a wide smile on his face, to leave.

It was later, lying in the bed opposite Lottie, the other girl snoring heavily, that Marni realized.

"My God!" she whispered to the darkened room. "I'm still a virgin!"

Chapter TWO

It was two weeks before they were able to get together again and settle what Marni had come to think of as the "problem of her virginity".

Since her parents were still as strict as ever, Marni had to sneak away on a Sunday afternoon. They drove, in Homer's truck, far out of town to his uncle's farm. A river went through the property and Homer said he knew a grassy spot on its bank that no one could find, even if they were right beside it.

The truck had hardly come to stop before Marni pulled the blanket from the cab and trotted to the little clearing.

"Jesus... you're ready, ain't ya?" Homer said, laughing.

Marni wasn't amused. She was hot.

"I've been ready for two weeks... ever since the last time when you..." She didn't finish what she had started to say for fear he would be hurt or, worse, angry, and the afternoon would be ruined.

She spread the blanket on the ground and turned to face him with her hands on her hips. She knew what she looked like and, from the look in Homer's eyes, she knew he did too.

She wore a pair of tight slacks that fit like a second skin over the blossoming checks of her ass and her long, shapely legs. Her breasts rose to two thrusting conical peaks beneath an equally tight sweater. They quivered invitingly as she moved. It was as if they were calling his attention to their need to be kissed and sucked.

"Don't just stand there staring," Marni said. "We came out here to have a little party. Well, now it's party time!"

Homer didn't bother with a verbal response. He swept her into his arms and pressed his lips down hard on hers. Marni's tongue darted out, entwining with his and hunted for the heated, hidden crevices in his mouth.

When their lips parted at last, Homer softly kissed her eyes, her nose, her chin, then placed a series of tiny bites on her graceful, slender neck.

Marni responded as if they had been lovers forever. She pushed her body into him. Her tits were heavy and full as they crushed against his chest while her knee probed his crotch and rubbed against his rising cock.

Soon their body heat mingled and they were both breathing heavily with lust.

Homer's hands pulled her sweater from the belt of her slacks and then found their way underneath the material. Up, up, up his hands went until they were filled with the globes of her bra-encased tits.

They were soft, pillowy cushions, their firmness yielding only when he squeezed them hard with his fingers.

"Ummmm," she moaned, "feels good... it feels real good, Homer. Your hands on my tits."

Her nipples were hard and thrusting through the material of the bra. They burned hotly against his palms. He captured them between his fingers and tugged and squeezed on them until she started to writhe.

"I'll take my sweater off," she whispered. "Then you can really play with my tits."

Homer stepped back as Marni tore her sweater up over her head and flung it aside. Quickly she reached behind her and removed her bra. It slipped away to reveal her large succulent tits in all their ivory glory. Homer gasped. They were even more beautiful than he remembered. The heavy, dark-tipped mounds rose and fell on her chest with her irregular breathing.

"Don't s-stop there," he stammered. "Take it all off!"

Marni smiled and unfastened the buttons at the side of her pants. While she was rolling them down her legs he joined her in disrobing. They both worked fast and soon they were standing nude, quivering in anticipation before one another.

Marni moved to where he stood and grasped his cock. She stroked it. He squirmed and moaned as she moved her hand on the head, rubbing and fondling it.

Then she concentrated her attention on the swelling cockhead. Marni could feel it becoming even larger.

She found that the faster she did it, the more excited he became. At times she stopped stroking and moved her fingers only along the ridge of the bulging head. Eventually, she noticed a small drop of liquid appearing at the hole.

"Are you... going to come? Something's starting to come out," she said.

"No. Not yet. It always gets a little moist while I'm getting jacked-off. Keep doing it. It's real good. Touch my balls, too, and do my cock with longer strokes. Yeah... that's it... that's real good. Oh shit, Marni, your hands feel good. They're so nice and warm."

His legs were starting to shake, and she could see that he was starting to sweat.

It was much like the evening on the sofa at Lottie's house. Except this time she wanted him to come in her cunt. She wanted to feel all that hot, white goo surging up her hole and heating her insides.

It was better in the daylight, in the open. She could see him better. She could even see that his pubic hair was as blond as the rest of his hair. It was surprising for her to find that there was hair on his balls, too, since she had always thought that men's balls were smooth.

As these thoughts went through her head, she heard his breathing go out of control. He put his hand over hers on his cock to stop her.

"I'm going to come," he was finally able to say. "Let's do it together."

He lay on the blanket and faced her, his prick pointing up out of his groin. Then he guided her so she was facing him. He moved closer so he could kiss her, his tongue exploring her mouth while his hand returned to probe her cunt. It had become even more wet with lust and excitement while she had been playing with his cock.

Marni felt that wonderful feeling again, first on her clitoris and then, as it expanded, throughout her entire body. His fingertips moved roughly but expertly, lifting her to great heights of pleasure. She found herself sucking on his tongue and gently nibbling it while his fingers moved up and down her juicy slit, driving her to neater heights of sexual wildness.

With his other hand, Homer took hold of hers and guided it to his hot cock. She could feel it still throbbing from her previous ministrations.

She began stroking it once again. They both moaned in ecstasy. They stroked each other slowly as their tongues pressed together and took turns sliding into each other's mouths.

As they grew more excited, the emotional tempo of their stroking increased, and they could both hear the other's desperate breathing. Their kiss became even more passionate, and Marni's moaning was turning into screams as the intense pleasure racked her body.

Suddenly she felt herself exploding. Every nerve seemed to be feeling the sensations that were exploding in her cunt. She wished it would last forever, but slowly, very slowly, it subsided.

As the pleasure waned, she remembered to continue stroking his cock. And, as she started those deliberate, sensual strokes once again, he threw his head back and made a kind of gurgling sound in his throat. Marni knew what it meant and stroked faster. His body shook, his prick bulged even thicker in her hand.

"That's it. Oh shit fire, Marni, keep doing it, just like that!"

Suddenly she realized what she was doing. "No," she whispered, and then louder, "NO! I don't want the same thing to happen again. I want you to fuck me... put your cock inside my pussy!"

"Okay... all right," he said, pulling away from her.

"Where... where you goin'?"

"To get a rubber from my pants."

"What for?"

"So I won't knock you up."

At that moment Marni didn't care. She wanted his cock. She wanted to feel it inside her and she didn't want anything between the skin of his prick and the hot walls of her burning, aching pussy.

"No!" she cried. "Now! I want it now! Come to me, Homer! Come into me!"

"Oh, baby."


"I want your cunt, Marni... I really do."

"Then hurry..."


"Hurry! Homer... fuck me!"

Again his body covered hers.

As his mouth worked on her tits, his hand moved along her undulating belly, tracing circles on it. He pressed his finger lightly into her hot navel, and then descended into her pubic hair. As he moved through her bush, Marni spread her legs, silently asking him to give her the pleasure she craved and needed.

He spread her cuntal lips and moved his fingertips up and down them, spreading her love juices along her heated slit. Soon it was very wet and slippery, and his fingers moved up to her clitoris. As he massaged her love button her whole body responded at once. Her hips began a light bucking. She could hardly catch her breath, and she worked more frantically on his hard cock, rubbing it faster and harder.

Homer kept kissing her tits, first one and then the other. Marni was arching her back, asking, and begging for everything he could give her in the way of sexual stimulation and pleasure.

When he probed deep into her cunt with his finger he could tell that she was more than ready for his prick. He got on top of her, between her widely spread legs.

The feel of his body against hers quickened the flow of juices in her cunt. She moved harder against him and encircled his cock with her hand, pulling him on top of her. Spreading her ample thighs under his hips, she guided his cock to the furry mat that partially covered her cuntal slit.

She sighed at the size of the shaft and cockhead. Carefully, she nuzzled his cockhead between her cuntal lips, stopping at her clitoris. She spread her legs further and gyrated his cockhead around and around on the tiny bud.

"Oh shit that's good," she groaned, her mind on fire with the anticipation of his cock.

"Damn, that feels good," he replied. "Let me put it in the hole, honey. Let's fuck."

"Yes, yes," she mumbled, her voice low, throaty, the words barely understandable. She moved the cockhead down until it was directly in line with the entrance to her hole. She wriggled her ass from side to side, lifting her hips slightly, until his huge cockhead split the lips of her cunt. She groaned with joy at the suddenly different sensation his cock gave her pussy.

"Now," she said, her voice again barely more than a groan in her throat.

Marni could feel his cockhead pressing against the moisture-laden lips of her cuntal slit. She no longer wondered how such a big thing could be pushed inside her. She wanted every bit of it and she moved her body upward to get it sooner.

As they moved closer together she could feel her opening widening under the pressure of his throbbing cock. It was stretching further than she had ever thought it could.

Homer suddenly gave a harder, faster shove, and Marni could feel that the bulbous head was inside her cuntlips. She spread her legs as far as she could as he slowly pressed forward, impaling her further with his pleasure-giving meat. She could feel it sliding into her like a hot poker. It hurt, but she liked it. It was a pain so entwined with pleasure that the pain seemed to intensify the joy.

"Good... oh, honey, it's good in my pussy!" she moaned. "I love it!"

"I love your cunt, baby," he replied, gasping with the exertion. "It's nice and smooth and juicy wet. Fantastic fuck!"

He began slowly pulling his cock out and then pressing it back in, shaking all over as he fucked. They both enjoyed each movement. Marni loved the careful, sensuous sliding reeling. She thought how stupid she had been for not having fucked before this. It was sheer bliss. Pure heaven.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed as their bodies kept up the careful, wonderful rhythm of their fuck. He pulled away just enough so that his hand could continue feeling her tit.

Having her breasts fondled at the same time as having her cunt full of hard cock made the girl shiver with joy.

The rhythm picked up. Their bodies were moving faster and faster as the pleasure built. Marni could feel sweat forming all over both of their bodies. It seemed to lubricate and heighten the movement of their bodies as they pressed together.

Marni felt her climax coming first. At first she fought it because it frightened her to come before him. But then she gave herself up entirely to it, experiencing an unbelievable explosion. For a few moments she even lost consciousness.

When she recovered, she could tell that Homer was just about to come too. His face was buried in the side of her neck, his tongue licking her wildly, and his body bucking and pumping into her in a wild, steady release of lust. Again and again his prick moved in and out of her cunt until he began making animal sounds that increased until he was almost screaming. Then his whole body relaxed and he collapsed heavily on top of her, his heavy breathing slowly subsiding.

They lay quietly, almost not breathing. Marni was sure that nothing would ever be as wonderful as her first fuck by a cock.

After a while Homer rolled over onto his back and said, "You're a damn good cunt, honey. That was one hell of a first fuck."

Marni winced at his words. Suddenly she didn't want him to be so crude about what had been such a beautiful thing between them.

"You have a good come?" he asked.

She nodded, unable to form words. "Do... do you have to call it that... now, I mean?" she said.

"Call it what?"

"You know... fucking."

"What the hell else is it? We both just fucked and got fucked. Okay?"

It was true, she thought, so why worry about it? At least for right now.

She lay back, his softening prick crammed up against the inside of her belly. Slowly it diminished and slipped from her. In its wake streams of her juice mixed with his cum slid from her gaping hole. She felt it with her hands and spread the gooey mixture over the insides of her thighs.

Marni had been fucked and she had loved it.

That night she told Lottie everything and they compared notes.

"Did you eat each other again?" Lottie asked, caressing her own tits as she begged Marni to tell her each and every detail.

"Yes... and I even swallowed some of his cum. It tasted funny but I liked it."

"Jeez, even Carl and I've never done that. How's it feel to have somebody's tongue in your cunt?"

"Strange, but good," Marni replied. "Real good."

"And then he fucked you with his cock?"


"Has he got a big one?"

"I guess so," Marni giggled. "I've never seen one except his."

"Did it hurt when he got your cherry? Mine hurt like hell," Lottie said. "And I bled like a damn stuck pig. Shit, it scared hell out of both of us. I thought I was gonna bleed to death."

"It was... well it was just good, real good," Marni replied, rubbing her thighs together at the memory of Homer's cock in her cunt. "I love cock and fucking, Lottie. I really do. I never had any idea a cock could feel so damn good inside my pussy. Shit, I love it and I want it all the time."

"You guys can use our house whenever you want to," Lottie said. "My folks are hardly ever home any more."

"Thanks, Lottie," Marni said, thinking about her own parents and what would happen if they ever found out what she was doing. Lottie's parents must know, Marni thought, or at least suspect. But if they did know what went on at their house when they were gone then they didn't seem to mind. Lottie could do just about anything she wanted and they didn't mind or seem to care. Marni wished her parents were more like them, but she knew that would never be.

"You'd better go to the doctor," Lottie said.

"What for?"

"Pills, you sample. You don't want to get pregnant, do you?"

"No," Marni replied, suddenly realizing the chance she was taking.

"I'd give you same of mine but I steal 'em from my mother and if I took any more she might hot ice it, sure as hell. Here's the name of a cool doctor. No questions asked, I hear."

Marni took the doctor's name and got all the way to his office with an appointment under a false name. But, at the last minute, she backed out. She was scared. It was too much of a chance to take. She was afraid her mother might find out, or find the pills in her room.

Marni didn't realize how big the chance was that she was taking.

Chapter THREE

More weekends followed, and also there were nights whenever she could get away from the house and when Lottie's parents had to go away for the evening.

It went on that way for over a month. Then Carl left town. Marni felt bad for Lottie, and also guilty because she was having so much fun with Homer, and Lottie had no one. She was surprised when Lottie didn't seem to mind, and even more surprised when Lottie told her that she was in no hurry to find anyone else.

Her sexual demands on Homer became greater and greater. She was even surprised at herself. She knew she loved sex but now it almost scared her that she needed it so much.

Homer remained basic and crude about it but there was still something very exciting about his animal approach to her body that stimulated her beyond her wildest dreams.

Then those dreams were shattered quite abruptly. Lottie's parents were gone for the whole weekend. She was to meet Homer in the afternoon. When she got there he and Lottie were in the living room. The girls exchanged small talk and Homer seemed in no hurry to go up to the bedroom with her.

At last, Marni could take it no longer. She stood and pulled Homer along by the hand, excusing herself to Lottie.

But it was a wasted effort. NC matter what she did to him, she couldn't give him a hard-on. It was as though he had masturbated just before she had gotten there.

He said how sorry he was and Marni said it was all right, even though it really wasn't. She returned home a mass of frustration after agreeing to meet him the following afternoon.

She ran up to her room determined to at least have her hand and her fingers do the job that Homer had not been able to do. She stood in front of the mirror with her skirt pulled high, her fingers at her cunt. She soon worked herself to such a high degree of passion she couldn't take her hand away even for a moment.

Unable to stand it any longer, she removed her clothes as she sat on the edge of her bed. When her panties came down, she felt how warm and moist her crotch had already become.

"Damn him," Marni said, stretching out on the bed and pulling her hair brush from the bedside stand. She had used the hair brush many times before she had met Homer. When she had started fucking his real cock she thought she would never have use for it again.

The handle of the brush was a fairly good likeness of a male cock... a male cock of exceptional size.

Withdrawing her hand from her cuntlips she grabbed the brush by the bristle end. Passing the hard handle over her cuntal lips and her clitoris, her cunt soon started secreting even more juices.

As her passion got higher and higher Marni pushed the wooden cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her body reacted violently to the penetrating brush handle.

Her body was eagerly anticipating the come as her head wiled violently from side to side on the pillow. With each passing moment she came closer and closer to her come.

In and out the phony cock lunged, and Marni's mind was already in the fantasy of her new love.

"Oh Homer, Homer... your cock in my cunt is so good! I want to drain your cock so much! Oh, keep up that rubbing, it's beginning to drive me wild! Yes, that's it, yes!"

As one hand kept pushing the brush deeper and deeper into her cunt, the other fingered her clitoris.

"There... there! Fuck... FUCK!"

As Marni's cunt began to shake with orgasm, she removed the brush and shoved the juice-soaked handle into her mouth. The cream from her pussy was warm and sweet-tasting. She eagerly licked and swallowed every drop of her pussy juices from the brush handle.

"Oh shit," she moaned. "I can't... I just can't last until tomorrow."

That night her parents got an emergency call from her married sister, Beth, from the other side of town. Her husband was away at a sales convention and Beth's baby had chosen this time to arrive.

As soon as they were gone she dialed Homer's apartment. There was no answer. She decided to go on over to Lottie's and call again from there.

The front door, was unlocked. Marni walked in and searched the lower floor for Lottie. She wasn't there. Marni was about to leave when she heard sounds, and then voices coming from one of the upstairs rooms.

The voices were those of a man and a woman. At first she thought Carl had returned. Not wanting to interrupt, Marni retreated to the front door.

Then the agonizing wail of a male voice at the height of sexual bliss filled the whole house and reached a peak in Marni's head.

It ached in her ears, making her head swim.

It wasn't Carl upstairs with Lottie. She knew that howl. She had heard it many times. She had caused it many times.

It was Homer.

She raced up the stairs and down the hall toward the room with the voices. The door stood wide open.

Directly in front of her on the bed, her boy friend was fucking her best girl friend. Homer had pinned Lottie's legs up over her shoulders so her ass and her cunt were nearly straight up in the air beneath his ramming cock.

Marni could see every twitch, every movement of both Homer's big cock and Lottie's furry, blonde cunt as the cock penetrated, withdrew, and was shoved home again. She could see the skin being drawn back and forth on the glistening shaft. She could also see the inner walls of Lottie's tight cunt being pulled outward and responding to his thick cock.

Her cock, Marni thought. She was getting Marni's cock, and it wasn't the first time. That was why Homer couldn't get a hard-on that afternoon; Lottie had already fucked him out. And now she was doing it again.

She wanted to scream at them and run. But the sight fascinated her.

Marni could hear the slurping sounds as Lottie's cunt accepted again and again the pounding drive of Homer's rigid prick. Her eyes narrowed on the ridges of skin and the wet lips of Lottie's cunt as they elastically sucked in and then stretched out to mold around the plunging shaft.

"Oh it... oh shit, Homer honey, you fuck good!" Lottie cried.

"Move your ass, Lottie. Grind it, baby! Twist your fuckin' ass and do things to my cock!"

Marni felt strange. The sight of seeing a cock driving in and out of a cunt fascinated her. When Lottie came, the gushes of pussy juice that flooded Homer's cock, his pubic hair, and the insides of both their thighs, drove Marni into a frenzy.

But she found herself looking not at Homer's cock, but at Lottie's cunt. Marni had a sudden desire to walk into the room and touch Lottie's pussy. Then she had a second desire to suck on the girl's cunt.

Marni's eyes drifted up and down the blonde's body. Lottie's tits were ample but barely half the size of her own. However, they were unique in that almost all of the tit was areola and nipple. The more she heard the gushing noises of cock going in and out of cunt and the more she looked at the firm, thrusting breasts, the more she wanted to put her mouth over them and suck.

"Oh fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Lottie growled, her chest heaving, her arms wide, and her fingers clawing at the sheets beneath her.

Homer lowered his head and sucked Lottie's right tit into his mouth as if he had read Marni's thoughts.

Lottie's response was immediate. "Yes, oh God, yes! Suck my tits! Oh Homer, suck my fucking tits and fuck my fucking cunt!"

Marni found herself wishing that it was her mouth on Lottie's tits. Suddenly the idea frightened her. It frightened her so much that she screamed.

Homer and Lottie turned to see her at the same time.

"Oh, Jesus Christ," Lottie said.

Homer jumped from the bed, his cock slipping with a slurping sound from Lottie's wet cunt. "Marni... Marni, honey... let me explain."

Marni ran from the house, slamming the door behind her. She ran all the way home and up to her room.

Quickly she undressed, climbed into bed, and covered her head as if to blot the last hour out of her mind, and out of her life.

She cried herself to sleep.

And once asleep she had the first dream.

She was back in the room watching Homer fuck Lottie. But instead of Homer sucking the blonde's tits, she herself had dropped her head to Lottie's breasts and sucked.

Marni was naked, and as she sucked on Lottie's tits someone else was behind her, filling her cunt with a cock, dog fashion.

She didn't look to see who it was. She didn't care. She was coming.

Whoever it was had soaked his finger in the juices of her cunt and inserted it far into her asshole. The combination of his cock battering her cunt and his finger in her ass caused her to explode in a new and different way. It was like fireworks were going off in her belly and in her head at the same time.

At the same time Homer pulled his cock out of Lottie's pussy and smilingly moved over to where Marni was perched above the blonde.

Lottie started whimpering and then screaming. "No, no. Oh shit, piss no!" Lottie shouted. "I haven't come yet! I want to come! I have to come! Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Homer moved across the bed and began rubbing his cock across Marni's face. She took it into her mouth. Marni sucked it, making it grow even harder. She was enjoying the sensation of his cock swelling inside her mouth. At the same time her pussy again started to flow with the juices of lust.

As the cock behind her rammed her cunt, Marni took Homer's big prick deep into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks and sucking at the root until it hardened to its fullest proportions.

"I'm gonna come now, Marni," he said. "I'm gonna boil it right into ya!"

Marni nodded her head wildly, urging him to pour his spunk into her throat. Homer's cum shot in great waves into her mouth. It came so fast and in such quantity that she was unable to swallow it all. It oozed out around his still-pumping shaft and down across her chin to fall in a steady stream over her tits and onto the bed. The man behind her, the one she didn't know, came almost at the same time, filling her cunt with his creamy sperm.

Then he was gone, and Homer's cock was being pulled from her mouth.

Homer smiled. "I got her good and ready for ya, Marni," he said, nodding at Lottie. "Thanks," Marni said.

"Bye," he said.

"Bye," Marni replied, and heard him leave the room.

When she turned back to the bed, Lottie was on her back, her eyes tightly shut, her body thrashing, her hands clawing at her pussy, trying to bring herself to orgasm.

Marni moved to the foot of the bed, still kneading her own cunt in anticipation. What she saw stimulated her almost as much as the sight of a hard cock.

Lottie's legs were thrown wide. Her cuntlips were stretched and the hole gaped open. The combination of her pussy juice and Homer's cum had matted the hairs around the slit. The lips gleamed, and between them the darker pinkness of the hole stood out, its center filled with the whiteness of her own pussy cream and gobs of semen.

With a groan and a shout of pure lust, Marni dove between the other girl's legs. Lottie opened her eyes. She tried to close her thighs but it was already too late. Marni had buried her face there already, burrowing with her hot tongue into the gooey mass.

"No," Lottie moaned. "Don't! Don't do that! It isn't right for you to do that with my cunt, Marni, please don't suck... suck... SUCK..."

"Let me, baby. Let me, Lottie," Marni moaned around her mouthful of wet pussy. "You'll like it, believe me, you'll love it!"

"No... no!" Lottie screamed. "It's not right!"

She tried to push Marni's head away. It was to no avail. Marni had tightly grasped the girl's hips and thighs with her arms, pinning the hot pussy against her face.

Lottie's mind was saying no but her body proved to be a traitor. The more Marni licked with her tongue the more Lottie's rejection became acceptance until finally, mewling and groaning, her legs again opened wide. Forgetting all but the intense joy in her cunt she bucked with her hips, sending her pussy hard against Marni's sucking mouth.

Marni responded by grinding her chin into the hole and lapping the heated clitoris with long, intense strokes. Realizing Lottie's acceptance, Marni snaked her hands upward until she could grasp and fondle Lottie's tits as she increased the pressure of her tongue on the girl's cunt. Up and down she worked, sending her tongue the length of the slit, then all the way from clit to asshole.

Lottie couldn't help but respond to such treatment. She curled her fingers in Marni's hair and pulled her head violently into her pussy. Great, rasping sounds came from her throat as she felt the tongue's hard tip lave the inner walls of her cunt and then the knob of her clitoris, which seemed about to explode.

"I'm coming! Oh stilt, I'm coming!" Lottie screamed, her thighs and buttocks shaking with the tension.

Marni ground her own thighs together as she tongued, sucked and swallowed great mouthfuls of Homer's cum mixed with Lottie's honeyed juices.

And then they were both quiet.

"Oh, Jesus," Lottie whimpered.

"Now you eat me!" Marni urged, crawling upward on the bed and preparing to throw her thighs over what she assumed was Lottie's waiting face.

"No... NO!" Lottie shouted, crying and writhing off the bed.

"Lottie... LOTTIE! What the hell is the matter?" Marni cried, reaching for the other girl.

"I'm ashamed. Oh God, I'm so ashamed!" Lottie cried, and ran out of the room. She slammed the bathroom door and Marni could hear the lock snap on the other side.

Marni awakened at that point, her whole body trembling and shaking. She was soaked with perspiration and she had balled her hand into a fist and shoved it halfway up her equally soaked cunt. With an anguished cry she jumped from the bed and ran into the bathroom. Under the cold blast of the shower she thought about the dream and started sobbing quietly.

"What's the matter with me? Oh Lord, what's the matter with me? Never... never again," she mumbled to herself. "I'll never allow myself to dream a dream like that again."

"Marni... Marni."

It was her mother at the door.

"Yes, Mom?"

"Are you all right, dear?"

"Yes," she replied, "I... yes, I'm fine. I just forgot to shower before I went to bed... and and I woke up and remembered that I had to have my hair washed for tomorrow."

"Me you sure?"

"Yes, Mother... everything's fine."

After her shower she returned to bed and sleeplessness.

During the following two weeks she went to school and did all the normal things expected of her. But the lack of sex was starting to take its toll.

Lottie called several times but Marni wouldn't talk to her. Her mother thought it odd that Marni never spent any more lime at Lottie's. But Marni managed to make several excuses that satisfied the older woman's curiosity and stopped the inquiries.

Weeks passed and Marni became more and more frustrated. She had gotten to the point that she had lived for the weekends at Lottie's. Without them her body ached and her mind wouldn't function.

Homer called several times but she wouldn't talk to him either.

Then one day he was waiting for her outside of school. Lottie was with him. They practically forced her to get into the bar. They said if she didn't they were going to go and tell her parents the whole thing.

Lottie drove while Homer sat with her in the back seat.

"Look... I'm sorry it happened and so is Lottie," he said. "It won't happen again. I swear it won't. I love you, Marni, honest to God I do. And I want you... hell, now I want you more than ever."

It was then that she realized what a big, dumb lumbering ox Homer really was. She found herself looking from him to the front seat and thinking about the dream, thinking about Lottie. She pulled her mind back to Homer.

She also realized that she didn't care if he had fucked Lottie or not. She didn't really care who he fucked as long as he fucked her, too.

In fact, she thought as he leaned over and kissed her, it was probably better that way; it would give her an excuse to go out and fuck other boys.

They had driven far out into the country. It was warm in the car and Marni had slipped out of her thin coat. The dress she had worn that morning was fairly tight and, thinking about finding a replacement for Homer that afternoon, she had shunned wearing any underwear underneath it.

Her huge tits were molded by the material, their fullness accented by fleshy curves, the nipples clearly defined where they thrust against the material.

"God, you're beautiful, Marni," Homer said, running his hand up the inside of her thigh under the dress and gasping when he found the soft curls of her cunt exposed to his touch.

What the hell, Marni thought, admitting the need in her body to herself. She smiled at him and grasped the front of his pants. She could feel his hardening cock. It stiffened in her grasp. She undid his pants and he groaned as she brought his cock into the open. It stood straight and hard in her grasp. She wanted it.

"Lottie," Marni called. "Just keep driving, and if you get embarrassed, find a secluded spot to pull off and park."

"Jesus!" Homer said, watching her hand curve around his cock. "It's been so long I could eat you right now!"

"Yes," she said.


"Right now!" she gasped, and without waiting for an answer she pulled her dress up to her hips.

She smiled down across the swell of her tits at him and reached to her cunt. She parted the folds and thrilled when he gasped at the readiness of her cuntal lips.

He started to mount her but she stopped him.

"No. Someone's liable to pass us and see in. Eat me and if we still haven't found a place to park after I come I'll suck you off that way we can stay lower in the car."

The erotic sight of her half-naked body sprawled in the back seat gave him no alternative. He dipped his head between the tanned smoothness of her fleshy thighs and separated the lips of her cunt with his probing tongue.

He lapped at her pussy until two thrilling orgasms had racked her body.

Then they changed positions and she undid the top of her dress so he could knead and fondle her tits while she sucked his cock.

This time, when he was about to come, she wouldn't let him remove his cock from her mouth. When she felt the familiar throb in his sperm tube on the underside of his cock, she shoved her head down hard on the knob. She felt the hot hardness of it pulse against the back of her throat and came again herself when his cum spurted in great gobs into her mouth and flowed down her throat and into her belly.

It was good and it tasted just like it had tasted in her dream. She milked and sucked every ounce of sperm she could get from his cock and swallowed each drop.

"Oh slit, honey, that was so fuckin' good," he said, when at last she let his dying cock slip from her mouth.

A week later Marni fainted in the school cafeteria.

After the doctor examined her, he called her mother before telling Marni that she was pregnant.

Chapter FOUR

The first three months after they were married, Homer was kind, gentle and sex was an every-night thrill. Marni thought that she might even be falling in love with him. They sucked and fucked everywhere; in the bathtub, on the bedroom floor, and even at a drive-in movie in the back of the car.

At first she was reluctant to suggest new ideas about sex and things to do but she soon found out that Homer, for all his dumbness, did like to fuck several different ways.

She was in a sort of sexual heaven for a while. And only now and then would she think about her dreams or look at someone on the street and quickly wonder what it would be like to fuck him. Only once, or maybe twice, in all that time did she ever look at a woman and wonder.

Then things started changing, slowly at first, and then almost daily. The nightly sex dwindled off to barely anything. And when they did fuck it was always a quick stick it in, come, and pull it out to go immediately to sleep.

Homer started getting home later and later from work. A few nights he didn't come home at all. When they were first married Lottie used to call now and then. As soon as Homer started coming home later, Lottie stopped calling. It wasn't hard for Marni to figure out why.

He started drinking. He always had, but it got much worse. And along with the drinking started the physical abuse. He beat her several times and once her sister had to come over and take her to the hospital.

The worse it got, the more Marni realized that his attitude toward her was directly coinciding with the rise of her belly. And looking at herself in a mirror she could see why... At eighteen she was fat, old and downright ugly.

But she was still in desperate need of sex. Once again Homer had come home late. And he had been drinking.

Marni was already in bed.

"Roll over," he said, crawling in beside her.


"I said, roll over!"

"What for?"

"'Cause I wanna fuck," he said, his speech heavy with drink.

"What's the matter?" Marni replied, staying on her side of the bed. "All your other girl friends busy tonight?"

He slapped the side of her head.

"You son-of-a-bitch," she growled. "You make me puke. Touch me again and I'll kill you. So help me, I'll kill you."

He came around to her side of the bed and stood over her. His breathing flared in short sounds of lusting expectation. She felt his fingertips graze up the side of her arm and reach for her damp breast.

"Well?" he said.

She folded her arms across her tits and lay still. Let him suffer for once, she thought, let him squirm a little.

"Come on, you cunt. You're always hot. That's all you want to do all your life is fuck, and I know it, so let's fuck."

He lay down beside her, forcing her body over to make room for his. Her armpits began to sweat. His knee started to rub along her thigh. His weight crept against her.

"Open up," he whispered thickly.

Her fingers moved to the robe and flung it wide. Her heavy, milk-laden breasts spilled outward and slid into her armpits. She could watch her reflection in the smoky mirror that hung the length of the wall across from the bed. Jesus, she thought, she was like a cow, just like a fucking milk cow.

"Go on," he urged hoarsely, "spread 'em!" One leg kicked impatiently against her.

With a hard, even stare, she watched his face. It was flushed and there seemed to be a furrow of dark red in his forehead. The sparse blond hairs that lay across his scalp glistened moistly with sweat.

She almost laughed but managed to keep still. He'd be bald by the time he was twenty-five, she thought.

"Goddammit," he said, rubbing the rubbery end of his half-hard cock against her thigh.

Marni shrugged her shoulders. The dressing gown fell the rest of the way from her body. She stretched. Her nipples hardened, seemed to be reaching, expanding across the ends of her huge tits. But not reaching for that fucking slob Homer, she thought.

He put his hand on her flat belly. The soft cushion of his palm moved in a circular motion. Then his hand moved away and his lips replaced it.

She felt his kisses pressing into her belly and, against her will, her pussy started secreting juices.

"You feel good, baby," he said. "Even if you are as fat as a hog."

"I love you too, prick."

His hand pushed her thighs wide.

Her mind wandered. Again she remembered the first dream and the dark-haired man who had fucked her dog fashion while she sucked Lottie's tits. The hand that touched her now felt larger, rougher, and more natural to her flesh.

And she resented it. She wished it were the hand of the dark-haired man. She wished it were anybody's hand but Homer's.

A quiver of a sigh trickled from her lips. Her legs bent and spread. Her arms reached up.

"Do it," she muttered. "Hurry."

With a roaring of thunder in her ears, the world seemed to split apart. Her spine arched in a painful tremor. Her cunt reached, reached upward toward something that was only emptiness.

He grasped her ass as he entered her parted cuntlips. He held her tightly to him and forced her to open her legs wider as his cock pounded into her.

Marni thought he would tear her apart with the force of his mad humping.

He was gurgling and she felt his drool on her shoulder. Inside her cunt, against her will, she could feel her juices warming over his searing cock. Again she tried to keep herself turned off, but it was no use. Her body was demanding action and there was no way she could prevent her cunt from delivering.

The cock slapped all the way into her cunt and at once it began to pump in and out, its rhythm speeding up as each second passed. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, trying to freeze her body, trying to turn it into an iceberg. But no iceberg could survive for long surrounded by such intense heat.

"Admit you love it, baby," Homer hissed into her face, spraying her with fine spittle as he plunged his cock in and out of her swollen cunt.

"Fuck me, get it done!" she said.

"I'll fuck you, you cock-lovin' cunt!" he rasped. He lifted her legs and jammed himself with even more pressure into her body.

Marni cried out then. Suddenly she realized just how much he was hurting her. She was afraid that things inside her body would be torn by his rampaging prick.

Then he began to come. She felt his final ballooning of pleasure before a thick wad of his hot sperm splattered against the wall of her full womb. She felt its wet flush fill her canal and try to force itself into the tight place between his cock and the walls of her cunt.

She wondered for an insane second if her intestines would burst as another wad forced its way up toward her belly.

Finally the dripping cock inside her cunt was pulled out and it dripped its final gob of sperm down her thigh in a thick, milky mass.

He had come.

She hadn't come.

He rolled away from her and soon he was snoring loudly.

Marni's body hurt but it also ached with frustration. For a long time she lay, looking at the ceiling. Then mercifully, she fell into a deep sleep and dreamed about the dark-haired man.

In her dream she wasn't pregnant. She was thin, and well dressed and beautiful. And she was sitting in a cocktail lounge watching all the men in the room watch her. She found one she liked. He was very tall, with dark, wavy hair and a wide shouldered athletic build.

From clear across the room she could see the prominent, curving bulge of his cock through the material of his trousers.

She nodded and he walked lightly across the room. He slid into the booth with her. "I'm gad you chose me, Marni. I've wanted to fuck you ever since that afternoon at Lottie's house. My name's Jeff. You're very beautiful, and I love your tight cunt."

His voice was low and flowed like warm honey over her mind and her body.

He made no pretense of hiding the fact that he was staring at the round crowns of her tits where they bulged above the top of the low-cut dress. She pulled the top of her dress down so he, and the others in the room, could see the full beauty of her large, firm tits.

Marni could hear the voices. Everyone in her dreams spoke quite openly and plainly about sex.

"Look at Marni's tits. They are truly the most beautiful tits I have ever seen."

"They say that she can make her cunt take any size cock and make it feel like a big one. She has wonderful control over her cunt."

"Yes, I've heard that. Of course that's why she's the best fuck there is. Everybody wants to fuck and suck Marni."

"I wish she had chosen me tonight. I'd love to chew on her asshole if she would just let me fuck my cock between those beautiful tits."

The waitress came by with their drinks. "You have such beautiful tits, Marni. May I kiss a nipple?"

"Of course," Marni said, smiling up at the girl like a queen. "Here."

Marni squeezed one of her tits into a conical cone and thrust it up toward the girl's face. The waitress kissed and sucked on the nipple, at the same time reaching up under her own dress and shoving her fingers up her cunt.

She twisted her ass and then groaned aloud. She lifted her head from Marni's tit. "Oh thank you, Marni. Just that made me come beautifully."

"You're welcome," Marni said, putting her tits back inside her dress.

"Shall we go to my place?" Jeff said.

Marni nodded and floated on his arm to the car. She felt his arm rub the side of her breast on the way. By the time they entered his apartment her cunt was dripping juices.

He turned and took her in his arms. She had to crane her head far back and raise her body on tiptoe in order to kiss him.

It was a long kiss, full of warmth and gently subdued passion. She squeezed the twin, dark pillows of her breasts against his chest. The nipples seem to thrust through the dark satin material and burn his skin through his own clothing.

He responded by placing one huge hand in the small of her back and the other directly over the cleavage of her fleshy buttocks, and he pressed her even tighter against his body.

"It will be wonderful to fuck you again," he sighed.

"Yes... yes, I want to fuck you so much," Marni replied.

She pushed her belly and the mound of her cunt against his groin as he opened his mouth and accepted her tongue. Their lips ground against each other, not hard, but gently insistent, with just enough pressure to transmit the desire they both felt in their bodies.

When at last he lifted his mouth from hers he smiled again.

"I'll bet you're good," she sighed.

"I'll bet you're better," he said, and turned her toward the bedroom.

Marni undressed in the bathroom and returned to find him waiting for her. He gathered her into his muscular arms and kissed her even more fervently than before.

Marni strained against him with desire and longing. She returned the kiss by nipping on his ear and plunging her tongue into it with all the pent-up passion in her body.

"Oh Jeff," she murmured, "hold me, kiss me. Play with my body."

"We'll make an eternity out of tonight," he said.

His lips lingered and teased around her neck, softly nipping the tender skin as his hands caressed her breasts. He gently squeezed and cupped them. He thumbed the nipples taut and then let his hands trail down to her flat belly. He fingered her navel, bringing a squeal of delight from her.

"Now my ass," she said.

His hands then moved around to her buttocks. They were palpitating, squirming, grinding to pound his hard throbbing cock closer against her cuntal mound.

"Jeff... Jeff, baby, oh baby," Marni gasped weakly. "Of all the hundreds of cocks that have fucked me I know that you're going to be the best."

"That's because you have the best cunt," he replied. "You have the best cunt in the world."

"I'm on fire," she said. "Crush me and rape me! Rip my body apart with your cock! Tear my pussy up with your fuckstick! Fuck me, Jeff, fuck me... fuck me... FUCK ME NOOOOOW!"

Jeff maddeningly prolonged the action of his searching hands on her waist, her back, her ass, and then her heavy, swaying tits.

"Marni... honey... your tits belong to a Goddess. Ummm, I love to suck them... bite the nipples like this." He tongued and sucked the nipples into hard red tips as his hands wandered down to her fluffy cunt.

As his finger jammed up into her cunt hole she came apart. With a passionate moan she dug her fingernails into his back and ripped his shirt to shreds. Quickly she unzipped his pants and ripped open his shorts to grab his massive prick. It was hard as a rock and grew even more in her hot hand.

"Fuck me!" she wailed, jumping up and straddling his waist with her thighs.

With her hand she steadied the head of his palpitating cock at the wet, soggy entrance of her cunt hole. When she was sure he was ready she drove herself down on him, impaling herself on his cock. She threw her legs around his ass and locked them in a vise-like grip.

All the time he fucked, his cock seemed to be growing in her, quivering and touching the sensitive walls of her pussy and sending her to the heights of total sexual ecstasy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he chanted in her ear.

Her senses were becoming numbed. She raked her fingernails brutally across his back and implanted them in his neck. Their mouths sought and fought each other, demanding more and more.

Soon their lips were bipody and the taste of blood incensed their passions even more as they continued to fuck and suck and bite. Their faces were smeared with blood and spit and their thighs were soaked with cum and pussy juice.

And yet their fucking continued to higher planes of pure passion.

Marni's cunt juices became a continual flow, lubricating Jeff's cock as he pounded it in and out, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder.

"I knew it could be like this!" Marni screamed. "I knew it... I knew it!"

Then Jeff was whispering in her ear: "Marni, my darling, Marni... I'm there. Let's make it together. Are you there too? Can you come with me? Please come with me and let me feel your cunt gush its cum over my cock."

"Yes... YES!" she screamed. "Suck, fuck, cunt, cock, fuck meee... fuck me faster, harder with your big cock! Give it to me! Give me all of it! Now... NOW! Come... come with me! COME!"

With a final convulsive drive of her cunt and his prick they both came and fell together in a heap onto the bed. They lay gasping, panting and shivering from the exertion of their fuck.

The dream had been beautiful.

The awakening was a nightmare.

Her stomach was knotted in great, swelling bulges of pain. She could hardly breathe and every time she tried to move even one muscle in her pain-racked body the pain became worse.

She could hear Homer snoring beside her. She rolled her head around until she could barely make out the time on the bedside clock; it was five-thirty in the morning. Outside it was still dark. She tried again to move her body. Pain filled her mind and she screamed.

"Homer... HOMER!"

There was no answer.

She managed to lift her arm and drop it on his face. The snoring stopped.

"Wha... wha's... wha's a matter?"

"Something's wrong," she said. "The baby [missing text]."

They lifted her carefully from the car and placed her on a table that rolled. Then there were hot lights in her face. She heard a voice close to her face. It was somehow familiar.

She opened her eyes and looked up. He was leaning over her in a white coat. He was telling her that she was going to be all right. He was telling her that she had lost the baby but she was going to be all right.

She smiled up at him. "Hello, Jeff," she said.

Chapter FIVE

Marni was half asleep and groggy for three days. Nurses came and went as did interns -- and him. The similarity between the dark young doctor and the Jeff of her dream was spooky and uncanny. Often, during his visits she tried to speak to him but the sedation was too strong. She would barely mumble a few words before drifting back into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Homer came too, every day during visiting hours. All Marni could remember from his vague visits was the fact that he was obviously elated that there would be no kid to take care of.

On the afternoon of the third day she came totally back to reality. She jabbered with the nurses and ate the first meal since she had arrived.

Then about five o'clock he came in to examine her. A nurse stood at his side while he pulled open her gown and started gently probing with his fingers.

Marni looked down at her naked body. It almost amazed her that she was flat again; flat and beautiful and appealing.

But appealing to whom? Homer? Oh God, heaven forbid, she thought.

But who else?

His fingers were doing wonderful things to her body. Her nipples stood on end like hard raisins when he touched her breasts. Marni hoped the nurse wouldn't notice. Then she found herself wishing the nurse would leave.

Then the examination was over. The nurse had left and he was standing at the foot of the bed looking over her charts.

"You're going to be fine, Mrs. Lyles," he said.

"Good," Marni replied, the tone in her voice flat while she stared straight at him, hoping he would look up and catch her eyes.

"You should be out of here in another day or so since there are no complications," he continued.

"And then back home," she said.

This time he did look up. "You don't sound very happy about it," he said, sporting the first smile she had seen from him.

She met his eyes. "I'm not."

We replaced the chart and moved to her side. "According to your chart you're only eighteen years old."

"That's right."

"You married very young."

She looked directly into his eyes now, willing him with all her mental powers to stay with her, touch her again. She wondered, absently, if she would let him fuck her if he tried.

"The baby would have been born a bastard, created by a bastard," she said.

"Oh... I see." He paused, seemed to reflect for a few moments and then said, "How did you know my name, my first name, Jeff, that night?"

"That night?"

"The night they brought you in? We had never met before."

"I..." she started to tell him, then changed her mind. He would think she was crazy, and maybe she was. "I don't know... you, maybe you look like a Jeff I knew somewhere once... sometime. What's your last name?"


"Dr. Jeff Haynes."

He laughed. "Get some sleep," he said, and left.

As the door closed behind him, Marni murmured, "Mrs. Jeff Haynes."

And then she slept. And she dreamed.

In her dream Marni was the nurse and Jeff was the patient. He, not she, was about to be released from the hospital, and during her nightly rounds she had decided to give him a farewell gift -- her body.

Jeff was about to go to sleep when the nurse entered his room. He came completely awake immediately. It was Marni, the sexy redhead who had been flirting with him the whole week he had been confined to bed.

"How are you feeling, Mr. Haynes?" Marni asked.

Jeff propped himself on one elbow and surveyed her white-uniformed body. Large, jutting breasts, a narrow waist and long, lithe legs met his eyes as he looked her up and down.

"Much better now that you're here."

Marni smiled and, to his surprise, locked the door behind her. "Or. Grayson said you'd be going home tomorrow," she explained. "I thought I'd give you a little something to remember me by. And when I do, I wouldn't want any of the other nurses to know just what it is."

Jeff experienced a mild tingling in his thighs. She could see them move under the covers and it also showed on his face.

"I hope you're completely cured," she said, starting to unbutton her uniform. "I'd feel awfully guilty if I caused a relapse."

"Have no fear of that," Jeff assured her. "Except for a slight ache now and then I'm fit as any fiddle. I'm in great shape for... anything."

"I hope so," Marni said. She peeled off her uniform and flung it onto the floor. "A patient once had a heart attack when I did this."

"I can understand why," Jeff sighed.

She giggled, her green eyes sparkling mischievously. Her young body was tantalizingly displayed in a matching set of black bra and panties. It was actually a half-bra, and her huge, creamy tits were crammed into it. There was more tit than there was bra. The large globes spilled over the tops of the cups and jiggled invitingly with each movement she made.

Marni reached around behind her back and unhooked the bra strap. The flimsy covering fluttered downward and her breasts sprang free. They swayed loosely in their heavy, sensual fullness.

"Do you like them?"

"They're gorgeous."

"Not too big?" Marni said, squeezing them together with her hands and lifting them until they nearly touched her chin.

"Never too big," Jeff replied, running the tip of his tongue around his lower lip as she studied the long, dark nipples.

Marni approached the bed, her tits bouncing delightfully with each step. The nipples, long and sweet, captured and held his attention even more as she moved. He wanted them in his mouth. He wanted to suck on them.

Marni stopped near the foot of the bed. She wigged out of her panties, and his gaze descended, coming to rest at the juncture of her thighs where her real glory lay.

Through the heavy tangle of her dark pubic hair, he could clearly see her pink-lipped cunt peeking out at him. The cuntal lips were just a little puffy in the center of the slit, adding to the fullness of it.

"Take off your pajamas," Marni said. "It'll be a lot more fun to fuck naked, don't you think?"

Jeff grunted in agreement and, throwing back the covers, sat with his legs dangling over the edge of the bed and shed the hospital gown that had covered his body.

His cock was already granite hard, leaping from his groin in throbbing readiness. Marni stared at it and, noting its extraordinary length and breadth, registered delight and surprise in her eyes.

Then she sat down beside him and removed her shoes and her little white cap.

Then, when they were both completely nude, she examined his lean, muscular frame from his head to his toes. She liked what she found.

"Oh my, yes," she said throatily. "You've got a fine body. Now lie down and let the nurse administer the best medicine you'll ever have."

Jeff did as he was told. He stretched out on the bed, his prick shooting straight up from his crotch.

Marni stood next to the bed, looking down at his towering erection. "Nice... you've got the kind of cock I really enjoy."

Dropping onto the bed, he crawled up the space between his hairy legs and paused momentarily with her mouth hovering inches above his swollen prick. Then she lowered her head and placed a series of hot, sizzling kisses on the sensitive knob.

"Feel good?" she said, smiling up at him from between his legs.

"You know it feels good. I love a mouth on my cock... especially when it belongs to a beautiful female like you."

"I love to suck a big cock," she replied.

"Then suck it," he said. "Put it in your lovely mouth and suck it good."

Marni obeyed instantly. Her full, red lips parted, and a goodly expanse of his pulsing shaft was drawn into her warm, wet mouth.

She started sucking. Her tongue seemed to wrap around the thick barrel of his cock and lave it from his hairy balls to its cum-seeping tip. Her mouth then, climbed back over the rubbery cocktip and her head bobbed furiously up and down as she pumped thrill after thrill into both his cock and her cunt.

Her mouth labored with astonishing speed and enthusiasm. Tiny animal sounds escaped her lips, and now and then she stuffed more of his prick into her head than she could comfortably take. She almost gagged at these times when his thrusting knob would ram hard against the back of her throat.

"Oh Jesus, can you suck! Oh, suck it... SUCK. MY FUCKIN' COCK!" he hissed as his hips writhed and raised from the bed to thrust his prong into her slobbering lips and lust-contorted face.

Jeff raised his head and, glassy-eyed, gazed with wonder and appreciation as the pretty redhead took nearly half of his gigantic cock in her skilled mouth.

"Suck, sweetheart, suck! You're doing just what the doctor ordered!"

Marni gurgled as she continued to suck, leaving his shaft now and she could lick and nibble the entire length of the barrel.

Pleasure hummed in waves through his body and his cock. She could sense and feel it in her mouth. Jeff clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, expecting the explosion to arrive at any second. Marni was able to sense it also. She knew that he was rushing headlong toward his climax. Abruptly she retreated from his thoroughly aroused cock.

"My cunt feels neglected. It's beginning to think that your cock doesn't want it."

"In other words," he said, smiling down at her. "You want to be fucked!"

"You could say that," Marni replied, grinning. "Look, you just keep lying there. I'll do all the work. Okay?"

Jeff nodded as Marni kissed a torrid path up the front of his body. She stopped briefly to poke a playful tongue into his navel.

She was stretched on top of him when she reached her destination, his mouth. Their lips met for a hard, demanding kiss, and their tongues played.

Marni's heavy breasts bore down on his wide chest. The hot nipples seemed to burn tiny holes in his flesh.

When their lips parted, the nurse pulled herself up into a sitting position, straddling his thighs just below his colossal erection.

Her hips rose in the air and, clutching his cock in one hand, she guided the tip to the threshold of her cunt.

Then she descended, using her hand to insert his prick in her hungry cunt. Inch by inch it was devoured, slithering smoothly up her pussy, heating and massaging her cuntal walls.

When Marni finished her erotic descent and had his throbbing prick totally encased in her tight cuntal channel, she bent forward as far as she could without pulling his cock from her cunt. She took her tits in her hand, squeezed them together, and offered them to his sucking mouth.

"Jeff, darling, suck! Suck my big tits to your heart's desire!"

Jeff craned his neck and trapped a rubbery, brown bud between his teeth. He started sucking immediately. The nipple in his mouth stiffened and quivered uncontrollably.

Marni then began to fuck him, gliding up and down on his huge prick while he sucked her enormous breast and its hard, hot nipple.

Without disrupting her steady in-and-out rhythm, she easily switched breasts in Jeff's mouth, giving him the opportunity to make the other nipple stiffen and tremble like its already aroused and trembling sister on the opposite tit.

He sucked and moaned and sucked.

Marni stepped up her pace, riding him faster and faster, her furious pounding igniting more and more lust in his loins.

Her cunt was loving it, loving his cock, and greedy for the thrills it could give her. It was like a bottomless pit -- the more she fed it, the more cock it wanted.

Soon she was pumping his cock so hard and so fast that he couldn't maintain his hold on her tit, and it bounced from his mouth.

"Fuck me. Yes! Yes! Fuck me, you cunt, fuck me!" he yelled.

Marni's long auburn hair was jumping crazily on her slim white shoulders and down her spine. Her tits were also jumping, creating a loud smacking sound each time they rose into the air and then flopped back onto her heaving chest.

Jeff was scaling the peak. In a moment he'd reach the summit and start the long ride down to his come.

His hands shot out and grabbed her breasts. As the volcano in his balls erupted, he dug his fingers deeply into her fleshy tits and squeezed and kneaded them like jelly.

Jeff's sperm gushed in great gobs and filled Marni's cunt to overflowing.

"Good, good, sooooo gooooood," she cooed.

She rolled off his body and moved her head down over his deflating cock. She took it deep, almost all the way, into her sucking mouth, and cleaned the juices from her pussy and his own cum from it with loving care.

When his cock was not only clean but aching from her constant and powerful sucking, she lifted her head and smiled at him. He took her in his arms and pulled her up beside him on the bed.

"I'd like to fuck you forever," she cooed in his ear.

"That goes two ways," he said, turning his head and giving her a light peck on the nose.

"What will you do when you leave the hospital?" she asked, thinking of the future and of his cock in her cunt again.

"Go back to my wife, I suppose," he said.

"Mrs. Lyles... Mrs. Lyles!"

The nurse was shaking her awake. "Yes?"

"Mrs. Lyles, it's time to wake up. You get to go home this morning."

She met him in the hall fully dressed. "Well, good-bye, Mrs. Lyles."

"Good-bye, Doctor... oh, by the way... could I ask you something?"

"Sure... what is it?"

"Are you married?"

"Very much so," he said. Six years. I have three children.

"Good-bye, Doctor Haynes."

"Good-bye, Marni." That night Homer couldn't wait. Even though the doctor had told her it would be at least a month, he had to have it, and right then.

When Marni became a tearing, scratching, screaming wildcat and wouldn't open her legs no matter how much he begged, he started beating her.

Marni escaped him and ran into the bathroom.

"You animal!" she screamed from the other side of the door. "That's all you are, Homer, a fucking animal!"

He kicked the door clear off the hinges. "Fuck you," he said, lunging toward her. He ripped her blouse to shreds and tore the bra off her tits. He jerked her skirt down over her hips. Her panties went with the skirt. The next thing Marni knew, Homer was whirling her around and bending her over the edge of the sink.

Marni was bent at nearly a right angle. Her creamy asscheeks were clearly presented to his eyes and pressing partially against his erect cock.

That's when he got the idea. "Don't wanna take my cock up your pussy, huh?"

Her face was up against the bottom of the mirror so she could look into it and see him leering from behind her. "Homer... for God's sake Homer, no... No! Don't do that to me!"

"Shut up," he grumbled as he unzipped his fly. "You give me any shit, I'll put ya back in the fucking hospital."

He was shoving her shoulders down and again she was bent far over the sink, her toes barely touching the floor. She was helpless, off balance and, with him hard against her backside, she was totally at his mercy.

She sobbed and a tear rolled down her cheek. This was good. She knew that it was. It meant no matter what he did to her or what happened, or was going to happen, she still had her own feelings, she could still cry.

"You bastard," she said, letting the words hiss through her lips.

Marni could hear the rustle of his pants as they dropped to his ankles. Then the hardness of his prick was pressing into her left asscheek.

"Feel that?" he wanted to know. "That's my cock... the cock you used to marry me with."

"Fuck you."

"Don't get snotty and superior with me, baby. You're gonna really feel something in a minute. Wiggle your ass against it so I can get it even a little harder for you."

She bit her lips and cursed him under her breath, but she decided to just get it over with as fast as possible. She started to move her hips to and fro, slowly and deliberately.

"Faster," he said.

She stepped up the pace and soon she felt the cock get harder and hotter. Then it was raking across her fleshy buttocks like a poker. He leaned forward, watching her face in the mirror. He touched the hard knob of his cock against her asshole.

She winced.

"Nice!" he laughed. "I love to watch your expression while I'm pounding my meat to you. No wonder people put mirrors around their beds."

He pushed harder and she could feel the insistent prick drive aside the muscles of her anus and begin to enter her body. She felt the thing push on until his thighs were against the backs of her legs and his crotch was heavy on her asscheeks.

"There... there it is, baby!" he gasped. "What?"

"My cock."

"Oh?" she said.

"All the way," he breathed. "How is it?"

"Not so hot," she said over her shoulder. Then she stared into the minor at his image. "Come on, put the rest of it in."

"It's all in, Goddamn you," he snarled.

"Sorry, but I can hardly feel it," she said. "You cunt!"

Her strategy had been to tease him into impotency, but he only became more enraged and more aggressive. He began to pound his hips hard against her and the slapping of their flesh filled the tiny room.

He was grunting with every lunge and before long the final swelling of his cock filled her ass. She could feel her organs being shoved to and fro as he whipped her with his prick.

"I'm coming!" he said.

"I'm not," she replied, but she was lying. She had been made hot by his treatment and it was all she could do to keep from reaching back to fondle his balls and increase the load of cum he would slowly shoot into her asshole.

To hell with him, she thought, and concentrated on her own body.

Soon she felt his surge and a warmth filled her belly. She could feel her orgasm being washed with some playful, yet powerful, force. And then the gooey substance was running down the insides of her thighs.

Then the pain returned.

Her belly was tearing itself apart as she tried to finish the fuck and get his ripping, tearing hunk of cock out of her burning asshole.

Then it just became too much for her body and her brain to take.

With a gigantic sigh she collapsed over the sink.

"Now you know you been fucked, you cunt," he said as his cock softened and slowly slipped from her bruised asshole.

The oozing from her rectum sickened her as her own passion was quickly replaced by pain.

He left her and her body slipped to he floor. She heard him go into the bedroom and soon after slip into the bed. She lay there on the floor, silently sobbing with both the pain and the frustration of the experience.

Finally she raised her head and felt the haze clear.

She had to escape from this monster before she became lost forever. She had to find some way to make her dreams of love and sex a reality.

Chapter SIX

It was unending. It seemed that, now, when she was flat and beautiful again, Homer gave up his girl friends to concentrate his insatiable lust on her. It was just what she didn't want. She wanted what she had in her dreams -- love, adoration and sex at her command, not at his [missing text].

She took it for six weeks and then, after an especially harrowing night, when he had nearly choked her to death by roughly shoving his whole dick down her throat and not allowing her to breathe until she swallowed all of his cum, she tailed her sister.


"Yeah, honey, how are you? I'm sorry we didn't get up to the hospital more often. Tim has..."

"It's all right, Beth. Listen... How are things?"

"That's what I'm calling you about... terrible."

"Homer again?" Beth said.

"Yeah... I've had it."

"Jeez, I'm really sorry, kid," Beth said.

"I want to leave him and get a job somewhere... can I stay with you for a while?"

There was a long silence on the other end of the line.

"Beth... are you there?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, honey. Yeah, I'm still here."

There was another pause, even longer than the first.

"Marni, I'll tell you... we've got a bunch of friends at the house for a week. I'd really like [missing text]."

"Beth," Marni said, adding a note of despair to her voice. "This is really sad... I mean, really. I've got to get out of here. I swear, if all of this keeps up one of us will probably kill the other one."

She arrived by cab, bag in hand, that afternoon. Tim met her at the door. She didn't know her brother-in-law very well but when he pulled her into his arms and then guided her upstairs to a room all her own, he was the most welcome sight she had ever seen.

"Listen, kid, don't worry about a thing. We were able to put our friends up next door at Grace and Tom's place. You don't know them but they're a great couple."

"Thanks, Tim," Marni said. "Thanks, more than you'll ever know."

"Pretty rough, huh?" he said, his blue eyes twinkling as they gazed directly into hers.

"Yeah," Marni nodded. "The roughest."

"Well, don't worry about a thing. Everything's cool around here and you've got the run of the house. Hey, you really look beat."

"I am."

"Why don't you grab a bath and some sleep this afternoon."

"I could use it," Marni replied.

"Better yet... did I tell you about my walk-in sauna in our bedroom?"

"You'll love it," he said, grabbing her hand. "C'mon, I'll show you."

He took her down the hall and into the bedroom. In the bath he opened a side door and there it was, complete with benches along the side and a massage table in the center. It was steamy and warm. She could almost feel its heat surging through her body when she saw the room through the tiny glass in the door.

"Isn't it a beauty? I had it modeled after the one at my club. It's almost as big and the same in every detail."

"I'll love it," Marni said. "I can almost feel it already."

"Tim... TIM?"

It was Beth from downstairs.

"I'll be right down, honey," he called, and turned back to Marni. "You help yourself, kid. Towels are here... turn the heat on here, and you can sleep like a baby."


"I'll wake you up for dinner."

"Tim, you're a doll," Marni said, raising up to her toes and kissing him on the cheek.

"You'd be surprised how much of a doll I can be," he said, smiling and giving her ass a playful pat. "Oh... by the way." He stopped at the doorway and turned back to her. "We're supposed to go next door for a little party tonight. Since you're here anyway there's no sense calling a babysitter. You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not," Marni replied.

"Coming," he replied to Beth. "See you later," When he was gone Marni undressed quickly and wrapped herself in towels. She adjusted the heat in the sauna, entered, and crawled up onto the table. As she stretched out and felt the steamy heat seep through her body she thought how lucky Beth was to have a husband like Tim.

The warm solitude soon took its toll and she drifted off to sleep.

Soon came the dream.

Marni sat at a desk in a starched white uniform.

She was running the sauna at the country club.

Tim had gotten her the job. Now she had independence from not only her parents but Homer as well.

The tiny bell on the door chimed. Marni looked up as it opened to see Tim.

"Hi," Marni said.

"Hi," Tim replied. "My dear, I am in a state of total exhaustion. Anybody in the sauna?"

"It's empty. Will you be wanting a rub?"

"Yes," Tim said.

"Go on back," she said.

Tim started stripping off his clothes halfway to the door of the sauna. By the time he got there she could see the white, bouncing cheeks of his ass as they disappeared into the steam.

She gave him about twenty minutes and then called the answering service. "Hold all calls for about an hour."

Then she stood and moved to the front door. She locked it, punched the "out to lunch" button, and moved on down the hall to the sauna.

He lay naked on the table, his meaty, soft cock resting between his legs. It was long and thick, the way Marni liked a cock. Even in its soft state it hung over his balls, nearly hiding them, and the tip touched the table in front of his asshole.

"Feeling better?" Marni asked.

Tim lifted his head and looked toward the voice. He blinked the hot sweat from his eyes. "Oh... it's you, Marni," he said, partially covering himself with a handy towel. "Yeah, much better. What are you doing in here?"

Marni approached the table. In no time the overwhelming heat had taken its effect on her makeup. Her auburn hair was plastered to her forehead in sticky tendrils and slight bubbles of perspiration bubbled off her chin.

"I work here."

"I know, but where's Brenda... the female wrestler? She usually gives me the massage."

"She's off today," Marni said, leaning over him, letting her tits nearly brush his face through the uniform.

"Well... who's going to work me over, then?"

"Who do you think?" Marni said, a wide smile creasing her face.

"Now wait a minute," he said as Marni whisked the towel from his groin. She was pleased to notice that there was already a little life in his previously limp cock.

He started to rise but Marni gently pushed him back to the table. Her fingers kneaded his chest and upper arms. Slowly he pulled the towel back over his groin as she worked. She removed it just as slowly.

"Oh, c'mon, Tim. Yours isn't the first cock I've ever seen."

He smiled thinly. "And probably not the last," he said.

"I hope not," Marni replied. "You're getting heavy. Too much booze, too much rich food, and not enough exercise."

"What kind of exercise would you recommend?"

"Fucking, of course," Marni replied.

Her tingly fingers were well below his rib cage now, and seemed to be heading directly for his cock. He could feel her breath on his face and the press of her thighs against his body.

What was bound to happen, happened.

"Well, well," Marni said, and giggled. "Will you look at that. Talk about something rising to the occasion!"

She fondled his rising cock. Her fingers wrapped securely around the thick meat.

"You really shouldn't be doing that," Tim said, arching his back and grimacing as she jerked upward on his cock, putting a rhythm into the strokes.

Tim groaned and bounded up from the table to push her away. One hand went under her chin, the other clutched at her arm.

"On no," she said, pivoting and, at the same time, throwing her head back. His palm slid from her soaking chin to land directly on a full tit.

He eased back to the table with her in his hand. As she jerked him off he massaged her heavy tit. He felt the nipple thicken and start to protrude into his palm. Then he worked on the other tit and finally his fingers went at the opening of her dress.

She released his cock to allow him more freedom of movement with his hands and arms.

Marni wore no bra and that made it easier to pull her tremendous tits into view.

"Bigger than Beth's?"

"About the same size. But yours are firmer."

"Want me to take the rest of my clothes off?"

"Of course."

In no time she was naked. She leaned over his cock and kissed the tip. Then she climbed atop him, spreading her thighs over his body.

"I'm gonna fuck you," he said.

"I know," she replied. "I've been waiting a long time for your cock."

The gap in her cuntal slit widened, and the curling hairs around the entrance glistened with her juices. He placed the cock between her lips and pushed. The head entered. He wormed his way up into her, directing the shaft of his cock surely and firmly into her seeping, heated cunt.

Marni howled in joy. The tip of his prick was probing deeply. She answered his exertions by moving her ass around and around in a circular motion. Then she howled again and gave her ass a downward thrust that buried him to his balls in her belly.

A weird, sobbing series of moans erupted from her anguished throat. Her hands gripped his hard shoulders. The fingernails were embedded in his flesh and she thrust herself up and down, riding his prick. The muscles in her thighs and buttocks hardened and pounded with more power on each stroke.

Tim filled her cunt thrust for thrust and then he began to feel an unusual sensation around his swollen shaft. There were muscles in her ass and in her cunt hole that she used like an expert to milk his cock. It was good. He gripped her big, fleshy asscheeks in a ferocious way and pumped up into her with even more fury.

Marni climaxed. She came good.

Her face was contorted and she raised up, snorting, and then toppled forward, smothering him in her huge tits.

Tim remained still, his cock even harder than before, soaking in her juicy hole. Then, slowly, gently, he withdrew.

"Don't go away yet," she moaned. "I love your big cock. I want to fuck some more."

"We will," he said.

He rolled her over onto her back and climbed between her splayed thighs.

"Now?" she said, smiling up at him.

"Now!" he said, and plowed his big cock back into her fuck hole.

"That's more like it," she cooed.

"Yes... yeah," he agreed. "Now we fuck."

He was sunk deeply into her. His cock was buried to the very hilt. He was withdrawing and lunging in smooth long strokes. Marni came alive again and wrapped her strong legs around his waist. Together they set a swift rhythm of fucking and maintained it.

Soon, Tim could feel her climbing to the coming point. Her body became very hot and her legs were thrashing about his back, her heels beating a tattoo of lust on his ass.

"Again?" he said.

"Yes!" she cried. "You've got the perfect cock to make me come a hundred times."

Tim gritted his teeth and pounded. Marni shouted and cried and screamed as she achieved another release in her filled cunt. This time, however, she went up but never came dawn.

Suddenly she was a mad, lusting animal, panting with a fire in her brain; a fire that consumed her with need and desire.

"More, more, more, oh God, don't stop! Give me more cock! All your cock!"

"I... I'm almost there myself!" Tim cried.

"No... no not yet," she said. She worked her buttocks back and forth. "We can go... we can go soon together."

Tim felt peculiar movements around his cock. It seemed as though feathers, wet soggy feathers, were being drawn across and around his cockhead. The sensation was driving him crazy. Again, he lunged and probed the boiling cave of her cunt with his equally boiling prick.

He arched, held the position, and then came down, ramming the full length of meat into her belly. She shuddered and rotated her ass faster, screaming when he rode it into her again even harder.

His hairy groin was now flush with hers, his pubic bone against hers, pressing directly against her clitoris.

There was a wetness of a strange sort within her.

It was thick, clogging, a fluid that his fiery cock plunged into and made into a sticky, syrupy mass that massaged his shaft. Marni locked with him, jerking fiendishly, her ass rising as he bore down.

"Oh shit, Marni, I never guessed you were such a fuck, such a good fuck."

"I'm coming!" she cried. "Oh shit, I'm coming so good! Come too!"

Tim gripped her pliable, muscled ass with his hands and rammed her cunt with all the force and strength in his body. And he came.

His eyes bulged, his stiff prick worked like a piston even as it spat the liquid flame. The fiery fluid charged into every crevice of her cunt just as she herself came.

The juice from her cunt bunt forth to mingle with his cum and seep from her pussy onto their thighs.

Marni awoke with a start.

But she thought she was still dreaming.

Her hot, sweating body was covered by another body.

Oh God! she thought. It was Tim! He'd sneaked away from Beth and came up to the sauna to fuck her!

No... NO! she thought. She couldn't do this to Beth.

Then she realized that the hunching, humping, groaning body between her legs couldn't be Tim's. She could feel tits, as big and pillowy as hers, mashing against her chest and spreading out over her own tits.

And though her cunt was being inflamed with friction it wasn't the friction of a cock. It was being massaged by another soggy cunt.

And the groaning voice above her was that of a female.

Oh God! Marni's mind screamed. She was being fucked by a woman!

Marni struggled against the mounting sexual tension being aroused in her body by the rubbing cunt and managed to speak. "Who... who are..."

"Never mind," the body answered. "It doesn't matter. You're hotter'n hell and so am I... let's just both fuck each other and enjoy it. Lift your ass a little so I can get closer to your clit with mine!"

No, Marni thought, it wasn't Beth. The voice was too low, harsh and sexy. But then who was it?

Suddenly repulsed by it all, Marni sought to arch her back and buck the offending female off her. Instead she only served to heighten the sexual sensations in her cunt by jamming it even harder against the other woman's.

It was too good. It felt too good. She was coming. She couldn't stop.

She came.

"Oh Jesus... oh sweet Jesus," growled the other woman. "You're coming aren't you? I can feel it."

"Yes... yes... I am... I'm coining!"

"So am I. Oh how I wish I had a cock right now so I could really fill up that sweet cunt for you. I'll bet you can really come on a cock when you're fucking a good man, can't you?"

Then the woman shrieked with orgasm and slumped her heavy body down over Marni's.

It seemed like an hour but it was only minutes until the other woman slid off the table and away from Marni's body.

Then Marni felt her legs being spread. A tongue worked its way far up her cuntal slit and spooned her juices from her cunt into a greedy, waiting mouth. She could hear the other woman swallowing hungrily.

Then she was gone.

Light gleamed momentarily through the door when it opened. Marni craned her neck around to try and see who it was.

The door closed and she lay back down on the table. Her mind was a mass of confusion.

Well, now she'd done it, she thought. She'd not only broken away from Homer but she'd really been fucked by someone else. And not in a dream either. And on top of that, it had been by a woman.

"Oh shit," Marni said, suddenly sitting bolt upright on the table. "She knows who I am... but I don't know who she is!"

Chapter SEVEN

Marni came down to dinner and received the shock of her life. There, sitting side by side at the table, were two gorgeous, dark-haired women, twins.

"Marni," Beth said, "I want you to meet our house... Velma and Thelma. And don't try to tell them apart unless they have those chokers around their necks. They're identical twins."

Both girls said hello and Marni's last hope of finding out which one of them had been her lover in the sauna passed. They both had low, husky voices, and they both spoke on an identical plane of pitch.

Both girls were tall, statuesque, with long black hair that was pulled back severely from their faces and hung in one long braid down their backs.

Conversation during dinner consisted mostly of little comments about the coming party that evening. Only once did one of the girls direct a comment to Marni.

"I understand you're married," Thelma said.

"Not any longer than I can help it," Marni answered.

"What's the matter?" Velma said, "Doesn't he give you enough?"

Beth's glass slammed down on the table. She glared at the girl. "I told you about that, Velma."

"Okay... okay, all right, I'm sorry," the girl said, and turned to Marni. "I apologize."

"It's all right," Marni said, biting her lip. "It was quite the opposite. He gave me too much... he was animal."

"Owwww... I kind of like animals," Thelma said.

Beth coughed and again centered a scathing look on both the twins.

All conversation stopped for the rest of the meal.

As soon as the table was cleared and little Tim was put to bed they all left. Marni got into her robe and curled up in front of the television. But she couldn't keep her mind on the programs. It kept going back upstairs to the sauna and what had happened there.

She also thought a great deal about the twins. They seemed so young to be close friends of Beth and Tim. Marni guessed that they weren't over three years older than she was. And they seemed hardly the type for house guests.

The screen got fuzzy before her eyes. Her head nodded. She slumped in the chair. When his voice came through her consciousness she raised her head.

"Hello there," he said.

"Hi," Marni replied.

"I'm Tom... from next door? I just came over for some more ice."

That was strange, she thought. They were having a party and he was wearing a robe. Why would he wear a robe to a cocktail party?

"You must be the sister?" Tom said.

"Yes... I'm Marni."

He was very handsome. He was staring at her strangely. She was sure she could see his cock standing in the front of his robe like a flagpole.

That meant, she thought, that she was in the midst of another dream.

It must be a dream. People don't go to parties with their robes on.

But it was a strange dream. The strangest she had ever had. She felt woozy, sleepy, and in all her dreams she was always wide awake.

"You've sure got two beautiful tits," he said.

"What?" she replied, jerking her mind back to the present situation.

"You've got nice cakes," he said.

No one in her dreams was ever that crude, Marni thought. Only in life would someone, someone like Homer, call her breasts "cakes". It was certainly a strange dream.

He had moved until he stood directly in front of her and over her. His eyes were not looking at her tits even though his hands were still fondling them.

Marni looked down. Her robe was open. She was leaning languidly back in the chair with her nude body clearly exposed to this man she had never met before, and he was playing with her tits.

Yes, she thought, it was a dream. It must be a dream.

She got into the spirit of it. Marni leaned forward and pulled his robe open. "You've got a nice cock," she said.

"Whoopie," he replied. "That bastard, Tim. Hidin' you all this time. Probably savin' you all for himself and Beth. Maybe just for himself, if I know him. He should have brought you to the party."

"The party?"

"Yeah. He said you weren't a swinger and you hated men."

"Oh no," Marni replied. "I dream about men all the time and I dream about their cocks. I love cock. I suppose I've had over a hundred cocks. I fucked my doctor in the hospital you know?"

"Oh yeah?"

"Sure. And I just fucked Tim in the sauna upstairs this afternoon."


"No... I'm sorry. It was in the club. Yes, I guess I'm confused because this seems to be different than my usual dream."

"What dream?"

"The one we're... I mean, the one I'm having now," Marni said, shaking her head.

"Baby, I think you must have had too much wine for dinner."

"Yes... yes, that's probably it," she said.

"But," he said, "who am I to say what the hell it s... you wanna dream... let's dream."

He reached down and pulled her up from the chair. Marni came against him willingly. Her soft pubic hair came in direct contact with his cock. It slid between her legs and the hard ridge raced back and forth against the heated folds of her cunt.

"That feels good," she moaned.

"Oh shit, you are really all woman," he said, groping for her cunt with his hand. "Nice high tits, good ass, and wide hips."

"I'm a real good fuck," Marni said. "All my lovers say that."

"I can hardly wait to find out," he said as she ran her hand down and wrapped it around his cock.

He jammed three fingers up her pussy.

She jumped. It hurt her. She thought that was strange also. She could usually do anything in her dreams and it never hurt her. Why would just shoving three of his fingers up her cunt hurt so much?

He noticed. "Hurt?"

"Yes," she replied. "I don't know why. It's not supposed to."

"Well, a... look," he said, suddenly afraid that he had gone too far too fast. "If you don't want me to fuck you, it's okay. I'd love to eat some of that pussy of yours."

"No, that's okay," Marni said. "I like your cock. It's big. And besides, I'm sure it will all be all right."

His breathing was coming heavier as he slowly moved his hips back and forth, fucking her between her thighs. "Mmmmm, gonna be good," he moaned. "Real fucking good."

She found his lips with hers; they were moist and welcomingly parted. Her tongue glided effortlessly through his lips, prying, opening, until it found his tongue. Quick, darting movements, thrust of a tongue against a tongue heightened the passion already alive in their bodies.

Then Marni slowed her tongue. With it she struck up a deliberate tempo, in and out of his mouth. Her tongue became a cock, fucking his mouth, hotly suggestive of what she wanted him to do with the real thing.

His body shuddered with anticipation. He dropped his hand to her knee and moved it upward, between her smooth, silky thighs until it came to rest at the top of her hairy slit. His fingers found their way between the wiry hair and oozing lips.

Marni shivered visibly at his touch. She felt the bud of her clitoris stiffening under his massaging thumb while a longer finger ran along the moist warm slit. This time he didn't shove his fingers into her cunt. He wormed them in smoothly and more gently.

Better, she thought. It was more like the dream should be. She could feel her legs shaking with the anticipation of his cock skewering her pussy. She reached between her legs and traced the long, hard fine of his throbbing cock with the softness of her fingers.

They moved together and fell down on the soft sofa. "Let me see you," she said, turning him toward the light from the television. "I want to see your cock."

Her voice was husky with need and desire. She held his cock in the light. Her fingers slowly massaged the folds of foreskin back and forth over the bulging head. She could feel the blood throbbing vigorously under her hand in the shaft of his cock. Tiny drops of clear fluid began to seep from the eye in the cockhead. They smeared wetly against her fingers.

She moved closer to him on the sofa. They kissed again, a lingering, tongue-sloshing kiss that said what their bodies were repeating. They were flesh against flesh and their tongues were speaking in the language of sex.

Yes, Marni mused as she ground her naked body against his, the dream was getting more and more as it should be.

"You're hard... so hard," she moaned.

"I'm hard for you," he breathed.

"I want you!" she gasped. "I want to feel all of this pounding inside me, ripping and tearing me apart!" She moaned again, squeezing his cock hard in her hand.

"Good... oh God, that feels good," he hissed as he cupped and kneaded her fleshy tits.

She spoke. She talked of love and sex. Her words became a jumble as her head moved down his body. It hesitated at his crotch. He stiffened, then relaxed in the sudden surrounding of her warm, tender lips, and her darting tongue.

The skin on his cock seemed to tighten. She opened his legs and stared as his prick pointed directly up at her face. She felt his hands on the back of her head.

"I think I'm gonna come... come right now in your mouth!" he gasped.

She let his cock slip from her mouth. "No," she said. "I almost wanted you to... I mean, shoot right there in my mouth. But I want it my cunt too much. I want you there, right there in my cunt. Feel it? See how wet and ready I am?"

His hand went to her cunt. He felt its moist warmth and the see between the hairy lips. "Yeah," was all he could say.

"Give me pleasure. I want it so much," Marni sighed. "Suck it some first. Kneel down and suck my cunt. Yes, your tongue there. Now scrape it across my clitoris. Oh shit, it's good! Your fucking tongue is good! My pussy is running over with juices!"

With his fingers, he moved the clitoris up and down, mashing, pinching the button between his thumb and index finger. His tongue was driving inside her gooey cuntal lips with all the force he could muster.

Marni's legs trembled. She put her hands on his shoulders. Her fingernails dug into the hard muscle and flesh they found there. It seemed to spur him on to tongue-fuck her even harder. Her breasts rubbed against each other as she squeezed them together with her arms. "More, give me more give me all of it!"

His hands pushed at the tender inner part of her thighs, spreading her legs even wider apart. He mashed his face into the vee they formed. With his tongue he savored her musk and sucked the juices into his throat that seeped from her lips.

Marni's belly rotated at the rhythm of his tongue. With her fingers placed just above the hairy slit, she stretched her cuntlips, showing him the glistening flesh of her inner cunt.

He groaned in response and ran his sharp tongue over the moist folds. He loved it and the hard tip of his cock-like tongue told her so. She cried out in sheer ecstasy. Her thighs did a wild dance, up and down, slamming, spreading. Her whole body convulsed in passion as the cheeks of her ass bounced in his hands.

"I want it... I want your cock now! Give it to me!"

"You take it, any way you want it!"

She flipped her body to her knees before him and savagely pushed him back on the sofa. His cock stood like a huge pole above his hairy groin.

She moved over him and then slowly down, her wet thighs and hips just above his trembling cock. Lower and lower she went, slowly down. Then she touched his body. Then she rested on him, twisting so that her buttocks rubbed hotly against his raised thighs. The hot juices from her cunt spread over his cock, his balls, and his upper thighs.

"It's ready for you... I'm ready for you," he sighed, breathing in great gasps.

"And I'll take it," she said, her eyes watching his huge cock hover just beneath her cuntlips. She gently caressed the interior of her slit with the thick cockhead. Then her hips came down, guiding her gushing crevice until she slid over his cock. Her cunt clutched his throbbing prick inside her.

"You... you're takin' the whole fucking thing in one go!" he gasped. "Oh shit... it's Goddam good!"

"Yes, yes!" she gasped back. "It's good! God, your big cockhead is tearing me up inside! It's beautiful! Hunch up with your hips. Drive it clear up into my fucking belly! Harder... harder, you fucker! Fuck me!"

His hands gripped the soft flesh of her hips and pulled her back and forth against him. His cock was buried to his balls inside her. His balls slapped upward in rhythm against her asshole as he hunched up into her cunt with all the lust and power in his body.

"It's the best!" Marni gasped, hardly able to breathe the words. "It's almost as if it were real."

"Well, honey," he panted, "if this ain't real, I don't know what the fuck is!"

Then his giant cockhead seemed to swell inside her. It threw her into fits of passion. She was beside herself. She couldn't control her thrashing, squirming body. She almost rolled off him twice. Her breathing was labored and shallow as she drove her cunt with ever-increasing force over his cock.

"My cunt's on fire... oh Jesus, it's never been so good!"

"Let me... let me on top!" he gasped. "So I can pound it into you! I love to do that!"

"All right," Marni said, and raised her cunt with a slurping sound from his cock. He raised his body, rolling at the same, and came above her.

She slipped beneath him and encircled his slick, throbbing prick with her hand. It burned like a hot poker in her fist in anticipation of re-entering her equally inflamed cunt. Tightly grasping the hard cock she threw her legs wide and thrust the huge head against her gaping cuntal entrance.

"Wonderful... wonderful! Fill me with it!"

He lunged forward and his mammoth cockhead bored into her juicy hole. It served to push her even closer to the brink of sexual madness.

He paused for a second as if he were about to come. She snaked her legs up and around his back.

She shoved her heels into his buttocks with such a force that his cock drove even further up into her belly.

Their bodies, totally locked now, slapped together. As he lunged, she thrust her cunt and hips sharply upward.

"Oh, ohhh, whoever you are... how good it is! How good it feels! Stab me with it! Stab me with your cock! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Damn you, damn your cock, fuck me all the way with it!"

"You're gettin' it!" he rasped. "Shut up and take it!"

"Fuck me, you Goddam bastard! Give me more... more cock! Harder, harder, oh shit you son-of-a-bitch, feed me your cock!"

She was driving him out of his mind. He fucked her harder, faster, almost until his balls hurt from the tremendous pounding they were giving her asshole. And still she demanded more as his prick lashed in and out of her like a battering ram. He was bucking now like a maddened stud hone, trying to satisfy her demands.

He could feel her heat and knew he was searing her cunt with his cock, tearing it as they both wildly, wantonly strived for a release.

"More... more... more... fuck me!" she kept chanting.

"All right, you cunt," he said, sweat dripping off his chin onto her huge tits. "You want more... take this!"

He rammed two fingers up her asshole while he continued to pound everything but his balls into her cunt.

"Yes... yes!" she gasped. "That's better that's good... fill me, fill every hole!"

"C'mon, you cunt... fuck me, fuck me back! Give your pussy to me! Give me that cunt, you whore bitch! Fuck my cock, fuck it... FUCK IT!"

Now his mind was as inflamed and as crazy as hers. He gabbed her by the hair with both hands and, with every forward thrust of his cock, banged her head into the sofa.

And then, as if in answer to some pagan prayer, their juices bubbled, boiled over, and they came. Their come racked their senses. Their thrashing, quivering, sweating bodies locked in a last gasp as their organs pumped juices from their bodies and he slumped across her.

Marni closed her eyes and panted, going still faster, gaining on her own come as she continued to fuck up against his inert body. At last she screamed through the final spasm of her come. His deflating cock shot a final spurt of cum into her while the last, violent wave of release shook her from head to toe.

"Well, well, well. I wondered where the hell you went off to."

"Oh... hi, honey. Whew, can this little cunt fuck. I've had it!" Tom said.

Marni looked up to see a tall blonde woman with a drink in her hand. "Who are you?" she said.

"I'm this asshole's wife. I missed him next door and came over to see what he'd gotten into. Now that I see, I'm glad I did. You are Marni, aren't you? You are Beth's little sister? The one that doesn't like to fuck?"

"Yes... I'm Beth's sister," Marni said.

"But obviously you like to fuck," the woman said, laughing.

"You must be Grace," Marni said, narrowing her eyes, suddenly knowing that there was something definitely wrong with her dream.

"You do fuck beautifully, Marni. I wish he'd fuck me like that," Grace said. "But, in the meantime, I'll be ever so happy with just a little bit of you."

"NO!" came a strident voice from the doorway.

They all looked up. Grace was the first to speak.

"Hi, Beth. How come you didn't tell me your sister was a swinger?"

"Because she isn't," Beth said.

"What are you doing in my dream, Beth? Go away, get out of my dream. I can't fuck with you in it," Marni said.

Tom started laughing and turned back to where Marni lay on the sofa. "Who are you kiddin', kid? This ain't no dream. I just fucked you about the realist fuck I ever had in my whole damn life!"

Chapter EIGHT

Beth fed her a tumbler of brandy and took her up to her own room. Marni was in a state of shock. She wasn't ashamed. It was just the opposite. Her dream world was now reality, a fact that she wouldn't have to hide any more.

Beth sat with her on the bed and spoke quietly to her, telling her how sorry she was about the whole thing and how terrible she felt that Marni had been dragged into it like she had.

"No. No," Marni insisted.


"No... it isn't like that at all, Beth. I mean it. I've been dreaming about this for a long time. I even dreamed that I fucked Tim this afternoon."


"Yes. It's really the opposite. I want to be a part of it. I really do. I want to fuck and suck all of them. It's what I've dreamed about and now it's real. I can do it!"

"I don't think you mean that," Beth said. "I don't think you know what you're talking about."

"I do. I really do. Evidently we're the same. Sexually, I mean. We want and need the same things, you and I. Only you've admitted it and done something about it. I never did."

"And now you want to do the same things?" Beth asked, cocking an eyebrow to her little sister.


"Are you sure?"

"As sure as I'll ever be about anything."

A strange light came into Beth's eyes. She looked deeply into her little sister's eyes. "Then prove it," Beth said.


"Make love to me!"

"To you?" Marni said, her eyes growing to saucer like proportions.

"If you can do it with me you really are a swinger, Marni," Beth said. "You see, with us, there's love and there's sex... I just don't want to see you get fouled up and confuse the two."

"But... with you?"

"Just imagine," the older sister continued as she rose from the bed and methodically turned off each light in the room. "If you were in a cup... as we often are, and it was a dark room, even a pitch-black room, like this room is right now, with a great many bodies all entwined around each other. All these bodies are on the bed or the floor and they are all rolling around, flesh to flesh."

"Yes," Marni said, her eyes following her sister's lithe body as it moved from limp to wall switch, to another lamp. She had never realized just how sexy her sister was.

Or had she?

She tried to remember. There was something... and then it was gone.

Beth's robe was tight across her hips and ass. The flesh beneath the material moved sensuously with each movement of the woman's body.

Marni studied her sister as she had never studied her before. The younger girl found it suddenly impossible to look at her sister and not think about sex. Her body reeked with sex. Her slightest movement suggested sex. When she spoke her voice was as sexy as her body. Marni realized that Beth had it all, body and looks. Even her hair, the way it fell over her shoulders when she turned her head, suggested sex.

"If that were to happen," Beth continued, snapping off the last light and moving almost soundlessly back toward the bed and Marni, "then you might very well find your face between your sister's legs. Would my pussy be so different from anyone else's? I mean, could you tell it was your own sister's cunt if it were in the middle of so many bodies? And if you could, Marni, would it make any difference just because it was your sister's? Do you love sex enough that you would go ahead and suck my pussy? Would you suck it because you love sex, Marni?"

It was the strangest sensation Marni had ever encountered and, like the wild session with Tom downstairs, much better than any dream.

It was pitch dark in the room. She could hear but not see Beth's body moving toward her. Then her sister's hands were entwined in her hair. Soft pubic hair tickled her nose, her cheeks, and then her chin. She could smell the sweet musk rising from Beth's cunt. It filled her with awakening desire and Marni could feel her own pussy cascading juices from between her already slick thighs.

"Would you, Marni?" said Beth.

"Would you eat my pussy in the dark even if you knew that it was my pussy?"

"Yes... yes," Marni said.

"Well then..."

Marni slid off the bed to her knees on the floor. She could feel the sensuous body moving above her and she raised her face. The tangy smell got stronger in her inflamed nostrils. She raised her face and felt Beth's cuntal lips being mashed into her lips. The silky thighs spread above her and strong hands pulled her head up until all she could breathe and taste was pussy.

Marni experimented with her tongue. She touched the seething cuntal folds, licked the juice-dripping hair, and nuzzled her nose into the very top of the slit.

"Good... very good, Marni," Beth sighed above her and pulled harder upward with her hands.

Marni's tongue drifted between the hot cuntal lips, savoring both the smell and the tangy flavor. "Pussy," Marni moaned, "pussy or cock or tongue or fucking. All of it I want it all. I must... I must."

Beth was almost shocked at her younger sister's willingness.

Then she was amazed.

Then she was pleased.

"You're not... you must be right," Marni said. "I've known it all along. My dreams were real. What I really wanted was this."

They both fell back onto the bed.

The pounding in Marni's ears was trapped by Beth's squeezing thighs. She drove her tongue into her sister's hole, loving the slick skin-on-skin feeling. Her own thighs were being spread and a finger was inserted into her cunt. Then another, and a third. At the same time her clitoris was being massaged by Beth's expert tongue.

"Oh God, Beth!" she cried. "I love it... I love it... I know I do!"

"So do I, darling," Beth sighed. "Eat me suck my pussy juices!"

Marni's thoughts chased in dizzy circles as she ran her hands over her sister's buttocks and her tongue between the gooey cuntlips. She imagined in the darkness Beth's tanned nakedness around her. She felt the flesh against her, the smooth breasts rocking against her belly while the hungry mouth devoured her seeping pussy.

Little firecrackers of color exploded before her eyes as Beth's tongue did magic things between her thighs.

Fascinated by her own reaction, Marni's mind zoomed outside itself. She seemed to be looking down at the two writhing, sex-inflamed forms churning together on the wide bed. She wondered why revulsion didn't set into her thoughts as she buried her head between her own sister's wet, yielding thighs.

And then she knew.

It was because she was her mother's daughter, and her sister's sister. She remembered sharing a room with Beth when they were children. She remembered seeing her beautiful older sister undressing and admiring herself in the mirror. Her flowering tits and the sprinkling of pubic hair over her pussy had been just enough of a mystery to Marni that the younger girl loved her instead of envying her.

She and Beth had always loved each other. They had always given each other the love they didn't seem to get from anyone else. But then Beth had gotten married and left her. But now she was back, Beth was back and Marni was loving her... and Beth was loving Marni.

Again Marni remembered all those things about her sister's naked body and realized that even then she had wanted to do just exactly what she was doing right now.

"Faster... faster," Beth urged from somewhere at the foot of the bed.

Marni felt a ripple of joy go through Beth's body as she returned her tongue between her sister's cuntal walls. Her tongue found Beth's clitoris. She teased and worried it with both her teeth and her tongue, taking her cue from what Beth's tongue was now doing to her own pussy.

The more Marni tongued and sucked the more Beth's body went into spasms. The older girl clawed and babbled until Marni knew she was on the verge of orgasm. Her hips began to undulate, then rock back and forth. They seemed to be pleading in their desire.

Marni found her breasts and kneaded them. They felt as good in her hands as did pressing her tongue into Beth's furry cuntal slot. With a driving singleness of purpose Marni rammed her tongue deep, probing with the fiery tip. At the same time she writhed her own hips as she felt her sister match the insistence of Marni's tongue with her own in the younger girl's pounding pussy.

"Now... now... now! Oh sweet Jesus, NOW!" Beth cried.

Marni forgot her own need, the fire Beth had built between her own thighs, in the quest to satisfy her beautiful sister.

She parted Beth's thighs wider and clutched her buttocks as the ache in her throat for the other's juices became so intense that she thought she could stand it no longer.

Marni closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Beth's body tensed as if she could sense and feel the approach of the final onslaught.

Then Marni plunged.

Her tongue went deep, deep, and then deeper into the cuntal cavity as her nose prodded the asshole and her chin pounded against Beth's clitoris.

"Yes... oh God yes, Marni!" Beth cried. "I'm coming, my little baby!"

A low scream came to Beth's throat as she raced to her climax. Marni's tongue kept exploring with pent-up fury.

Beth came but still Marni labored, grinding her own thighs together.

The older girl tried to jerk away. Marni clung ferociously, like an animal in heat. Beth cried out in protest but Marni's ignored her. She was totally immersed now in her own pleasure.

At last fulfillment welled up in Marni and, with a shuddering sigh, she released her sister.

"Are you all right, darling?" Beth asked her.


"What's wrong? Marni... Marni?"

Marni said nothing. Then as if the tidal wave of her emotions had overflowed her brain she started to sob, quietly at first and then louder, until her body started to shake.

"You were wonderful, fantastic," Beth whispered, stroking Marni's damp, silken thighs, trying to calm her. "You were everything my pussy wanted. Your mouth was honey and fire all at the same time. I loved it, Marni. And you loved it. I could tell."

Suddenly Marni was pushing away from her. "No... no, no, no. It won't work. I was wrong."

"What won't work?" Beth said.

"You're my sister and you're married. How can we be lovers?"

"Marni," Beth responded, "we just were."

"But I want to love you."

"You just did," Beth said, exasperation creeping into her voice.

"No... I mean there will always be Tim. He's your husband."

"Of course he is. I love him, but I love sex too. We just had sex and I loved it. And I love you like a sister, Marni, but not as a lover. We're swingers, honey. We have sex but it really has nothing to do with love."

Then they both realized what each other meant.

Beth suddenly knew that Marni had only dreamed of sex because she wanted love. The girl had possession all mixed up with love in her real life, so to enjoy sex and love she escaped into her dreams.

And Marni realized the same thing about herself. Her dreams had started when she had found Homer with Lottie. Then she really hadn't wanted Homer any more.

She wanted to love and she wanted to own. Beth was right. Marni was no swinger. A swinger couldn't get involved. They must take and give.

Marni could only take.

The following morning she moved out of the house and found a furnished room. Then she found a job in a bar waiting on customers while the customers watched topless girls bounce their tits up and down on a tiny stage to the pounding beat of a juke box.

But the dreams came back.

She started sleeping in stages, for only short times, to avoid the dreams. She knew they weren't real any more and she wanted reality. The dreams scared her.

Working until three in the morning helped. The dreams didn't seem to be so strong if she slept in the daytime.

She started walking at night, after work. The loneliness of her room was depressing. She didn't admit it to herself but she was looking for company.

And then when she found it she didn't want it. It was always crude, demanding, and not at all like her dreams when men asked her for dates or even became more open and asked her point black to go to bed with them. In her dreams she was always loved and adored and the master of the situations.

Reality was hard to take but she was determined.

Homer found her. She moved and found another job in another bar on another side of town.

More walks. There were men who propositioned her from cars, on street corners, even in the all-night diner she started sitting in, drinking coffee until the sun was high in the sky and she could return to her room and sleep for a few dreamless hours.

She started running out of places to hide at night. Then she discovered all-night movies. They were a haven for the lonely and the homeless.

"You here again?" said the pimply-faced young man behind the box-office window. "Jesus, you've seen this thing twice already this week."

"I like it," Marni said.

"Look, honey... if you ain't got no place to go I'll tell you what... [missing text]."

"My husband works nights."

Marni paid him a dollar and entered the dark theater. Usually she stayed on the lower level but this night she decided to go up to the balcony. She had seen people sleeping up there in the darkness. Perhaps she could sleep. The flickering screen and the sound from the film would keep her dreams away.

She took a seat in the center section near the end of the row and glanced about in the semidarkness. Half a dozen heads made dark blots against the screen and the shadows bouncing on the walls. Around her she could hear throaty snores and an occasional cough.

She concentrated on the screen. The movie was an ancient pot-boiler that was impossible to get interested in even if she hadn't already seen it three times. The more she watched, the more the flickering images merged and became nothing more than a blur. She started to nod off and fell forward in her seat. She caught herself just in time and sat bolt upright with her eyes wide.

There was movement beside her, across the aisle. She turned her head. She could barely make out a man's face. It seemed to be smiling at her. She turned back toward the screen.

She heard more movement. The man across the aisle left his seat and slid into the one beside her.

She glanced at him curiously, forgetting for the moment that she had started coming to the movies to get away from the propositions she had gotten from the men on the street and in the diner.

It was dark in the theater. It would be more like her dreams... only real.

Her eyes at last pierced the darkness, helped by a lighter scene from the screen. He seemed to be well dressed even though she couldn't see too clearly. She noticed that he was wearing a tie and he had a good smell hovering around him.

He didn't seem to be paying any attention to her. He was studying the screen intently, his hands folded in his lap.

She returned her own face to the screen. It was darker as night fell and the creatures started to come out of the lagoon or wherever the creatures lived in the movie.

She felt a hand on her knee. It didn't move. It just rested there as though it had fallen from the sky by accident.

She started to draw her leg away.

The screen glazed. The figures merged. It started to happen and suddenly it was all right.

She smiled and sat very still. Slowly, experimentally, the hand began to circle her knee. Then the palm flattened out and started moving upward, inching along the inside of her thighs.

She glanced about to make sure they were unobserved. Then she spread her legs, allowing him freedom to touch her as he wanted to. Up, up, up the hand crawled, gently caressing her smooth inner thigh as it went.

The screen got even more fuzzy. Marni smiled wider. She held her breath for a long time and then let it out in a hissing sound as she moved her hand from the arm of the seat and placed it on his leg.

The man took her wrist with his free hand and placed her hand on his rigid cock. It was big and it was rock hard, running from his groin clear up his fly almost to his belt.

"Go ahead," he whispered out of the side of his mouth. "Take it out!"

Marni unzipped his pants and reached inside. She found the throbbing prick and wrestled it from its den. She pulled it straight up until she could just see the tip from the glare of the screen's light. It was red and very big and already had a drop of fluid oozing from its tiny eye.

"Nice cock," she whispered from the side of her mouth. "It's exactly like my doctor's. I fucked him in the hospital right after I had my baby."

The man's hand stopped. He looked sideways at her, his brows furrowing into a quizzical expression. "Oh? Is that so?"

"Yes," Marni said. "Do you like this?"

He didn't answer with words. He just started to moan. He moved his hips upward as Marni played with his rigid cock and then with his balls. She felt him grow hotter and harder in her palm.

"Do you... do you have any place to go?" he asked.

Marni thought of her one-room apartment. Should she? "No... no," she said, looking at him. "I don't have any place."

"Do you?" she asked.

"No," he replied. "Jesus, I'd like to fuck you, but it would be harder than hell to do it in here."

Again Marni looked around to make sure they were not being watched. Her eyes were met with bobbing heads and the snoring seemed to have gotten louder and more even.

When she was sure it was all right she slipped down to the floor between his knees.

He saw immediately what she was going to do and leaned forward, placing his elbows on the seat in front of him to shield her body from view with his own.

She dropped her head into his lap and ran the seeping tip of his hot cock back and forth across her lips. She opened her mouth hnd wrapped her lips around the bulbous head.

She heard him moan and felt him squirm in the seat as she pulled his thick hunk of meat into her mouth.

It felt good in her mouth. It tasted good on her tongue. It was real.

It was the kind of dream she liked.

She lathered his cock with her saliva and widened her jaws. Slowly the full length of his thick shaft slid down her throat.

"Good... Jesus, honey, you're the fucking answer to a guy's prayers. Oh my God, where'd you learn to suck a cock like that?"

Half of his thick prick was in her head. She bobbed up and down on it, letting more saliva trickle from the corners of her mouth and slither down the pulsing shaft. Then she closed her eyes and took another deep breath. Down, down, down went her head. She took all of his cock into her throat and felt her upper lip in his pubic hair and her lower lip against his hairy sac.

Again he groaned and moved his hips upward, grinding his pubic bone against her nose. She extended her tongue and licked his balls while his cock was still far down her throat.

Then he bucked his cock up into her face and came. Huge wads of thick cum shot into the back of her throat. She swallowed them as fast as he shot. She moaned as she felt the thick streams slide down her throat and into her belly.

Then, before she could sit back in her seat so he could bring her off with his fingers, he heaved himself up out of the seat and left her there on the floor. He moved up the aisle to the exit without looking back.

She crawled back up into the seat and sat, rigidly, staring at the screen.

The screen was clear and bright. The images were distinct.

The dream was over.

Chapter NINE

That night Marni slept. It was a deep, dreamless sleep. The following night she didn't go to a movie nor did she walk.

But she couldn't escape from the dreams, and two nights later she returned to the all-night movie.

He was younger than the first one and more sure of himself. Marni had barely sat down when he was beside her. He said nothing to her nor did she say anything beyond a look to him. The screen had barely started to blur before he had his arm around her shoulder and his hand on her tit.

Marni moved her hand and found his lap. There were buttons on his fly instead of a zipper. It took both hands but she finally got it open and extracted his cock.

"Wow... you don't fuck around do you?" he said, leaning over and whispering in her ear.

"Don't you think I'm beautiful?" Marni said.

"I don't know how beautiful you are, baby... but you sure got a sweet, sweet set of jugs."

He reached into the front of her dress and pushed her bra down so her naked tits could come fully into his palms. His cock jumped to instant life in her hand when her elongated nipples filled with blood and bulged into his sweaty palms. "Oh shit... nice," he groaned.

"Do you love me?" Marni asked, giving the shaft of his cock a hard squeeze and feeling the head swell above her hand.

"I'm goin' too," he gasped, and returned the squeeze on her tits.

"All my lovers fall in love with me when they fuck me," she said.

He couldn't believe his ears or his extraordinary good luck. He leaned back and rolled his head to the side so he could see her face. Jesus, he thought, she was higher than hell. She must be. The pupils of her eyes had practically rolled back into her head so all he could see were the whites.

That scared him a little. He had picked up a lot of chicks in the movies but never a junkie. And he knew that junkies were usually pros. He really couldn't afford a pro. He only had three dollars. He wondered if she had a pimp around the theater somewhere. If he was there in the darkness he probably had a knife, maybe even a gun.

Shit, he thought, just his luck with someone as good as this. If anything did happen he hoped his two buddies would help out.

She was getting him so hot with her tits and her hands it was going to be rough not to get some from her if she wouldn't swing for just three bucks.

"How much?" he asked.

"How much?"

"Yeah," he continued. "For a blow job?"

"No," Marni said, remembering the bad experience in her last dream when she had sucked the man's cock off without getting anything in return. "No... no blow job. Maybe later, after you fuck me. But I want that first. I'm sure you understand, don't you?"

"Oh yeah... yeah, sure. I understand, honey." Could he be wrong? She didn't sound like a pro. She hadn't said dime one when he asked her what the price would be. "Okay," he whispered, "you got some place to go? Like, baby, we can't fuck here. Somebody would see us sure as hell."

There was that question again. They always needed someplace to go. Her one-room apartment? No, they couldn't go there. It was too dull, too drab. How could they have a night of love, a romantic sex experience in her dull room?

"No... I... no," I Marni said. "I don't have a place to go."

"Oh," he said, and seemed to fall into deep thought. "Well I do know of a place. See, I belong to this club and we got a house a little ways outta town. It's sort of a clubhouse where we meet. We could go there, it ain't too bad."

"Fine," Marni said. "It can be our place... just you and I, our special place."

"Yeah," he said, noting the strange tone in her voice and again checking her eyes. "Our a... a, yeah, special place." And then under his breath, "Geez, what a kook, but damn, those tits!"

"Shall we go?" Marni said, calmly pulling his cock back down into his pants and buttoning all the buttons.

"Yeah... yeah, let's go."

As they stood and started down the steps of the balcony two more boys followed them. They were followed clear to his car.

"Hey, Angie," said one of the boys to Marni's escort. "You got a live one?"

Angie smiled. "Yeah, baby, I think I got me a real live one!"

"Goin' out to the shack?" asked the third boy.

"Yeah," Angie replied.

"Think there's enough to go around?"

"Shit yes," Angie said. "Hop in!"

The smell was somewhat rancid in the old cabin, as if it were only used now and then and left unheated in between.

"I'll cover the window," Angie said. "Reese, you and Beefy light some candles. Take off your coat and get comfortable, honey!"

Marni removed her coat as the room flickered into light from several candles and a rusty old lantern that sat on a wooden table. She looked around and wished that she had taken him to her apartment after all. The nearly bare cabin didn't look very conducive to a night of wonderful love.

The floor was dirty and the walls were covered with pictures of naked men and women. Many of the women were sucking or fucking the men and others were portrayed lying on their backs sticking their fingers and other objects up their assholes and their cunts. Other than the table and a few chairs the only other piece of furniture in the room was a mussed bed.

The boy called Beefy finished with the lantern and moved to where Marni stood. "Damn honey, you are one good-lookin' chick!"

"Thank you," said Marni.

He laughed. "Sombitch, she's a polite one too. Jeez... look at them tits."

She looked down. Her dress was partially unbuttoned and her tits were still out of her bra where Angie had pushed the bra down below them in the movie. The bra forced the huge globes up and together.

Beefy placed a hand on each side of her dress. "I wanna see what the fuck we're gettin' here."

He closed his hands into grappling fists and shredded the buttons and the material from the bodice down to the hem. With another sweep of his hands the remnants of the dress fell to the floor.

The firm, globular cones rose and fell before his eyes in naked loveliness. Both tits bobbed delightfully free with each breath she took.

"My God," the boy called Reese said. "Look at those tits!"

"Hey, Beefy," Angie said from the window. "Cool the rough stuff, shit."

"Why?" Beefy said, drool starting to form at the corners of his mouth as he feasted his popping eyes on Marni's healthy chest.

"'Cause I don't think we're gonna need it, man," Angie said.

"Shit," Beefy replied. "That's half the fuckin' fun of it. Shakin' the cunts up a little before we pork the shit out of 'em."

"Angie," Marni said, turning to him as he left the window and stepped into the light toward her.


"Why are they here? We don't need them. It's our night of love."

"See?" Beefy said.

"All right... all right," Angie said, smiling. "Make the bed!"

Reese and Beefy stepped forward to jerk the whole pile of material from the bed. There was a tattered quilt, two sheets, a pillow, and a torn mattress. It was all deposited on the floor.

"Come on, baby," Angie said, "let's get with it. I got a hard-on you wouldn't believe!"

He grasped her wrist and tried to pull her down to the mattress. This was wrong, Marni told herself she chose her lovers and she showed them what she wanted. It was her dream and it was only right that in her dreams she was the aggressor.

"No," she said, pulling away from him. "Send them away, Angie! This is our night of love."

"What the hell is this 'night of love' shit?" Beefy said from somewhere behind her. "C'mon, dammit let's fuck!"

Marni grunted and tried to catch herself when she was shoved from behind. She flailed at the air as she fell. And then she was sprawling on the mattress beside Angie.

"Play the game," Angie whispered to her. "What the hell is a couple of extra cocks? Play the game and you won't get hurt."

"No," Marni said, trying to roll away from him. An open hand came down hard across her cheek. Marni gasped and started sobbing.

"Yeah, let's get with it."

"It's my dream," Marni said, again trying to struggle. "My dream. You don't do this!"

"Dream shit. Get her fucking underwear off Jesus, she's a fine-lookin' cunt."

Someone grabbed her left ankle and someone else knelt on her right wrist and the third one snapped her panties nearly in half. As he dragged them down over the curve of her asscheeks and across her thighs his nails dug violently into her skin.

She tried to press her thighs together. Tried to get her legs under her. Tried to twist away from their grasp.

A hand fumbled at her hips. She had to clench her teeth. The hand tickled her pubic hair and she had a sudden insane reaction as if she were about to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"What about this?"


"The fuckin' bra?"


His hands were warm and heavy on her back as he seized the bra-strap. She winced as he tugged. It cut into the soft throbbing tits it still partially covered. She heard the click, felt him stretching the strap away from her back, felt the sawing that shook her body. He released the broken strap.

"Turn her over."

Rough hands gripped her. She moaned as they flopped her onto her back. Her bra was yanked the rest of the way from her body. Her breasts flopped completely free. They quivered and rippled, trembling at the sudden chill on their warm undersides.

There was silence as they stared down at her, lying naked before them. Their eyes roamed hungrily over the swells and valleys of her beautiful body.

"Nice... real fucking nice."

"Can I put the finger on the good ones, or can't I?" Angie said.

"Christ, those big tits make me hungry!"

She watched a face come down. It blurred. There was only an image. She felt the warmth of his body over hers. Then there was the wet smoothness of his tongue, licking and probing at her lips. The tongue slipped into her mouth.

She bit down, and got a bone jarring blow to the side of her head. Again the tongue flew into her mouth. This time she accepted it.

Her eyes closed as he rammed his tongue into her mouth and moved it round. She felt the roughness of his shirt on her bare tits, his pants on her naked crotch. Then he was rising from her, breathing hard. She kept her eyes closed. Her thighs were forced well apart.

She heard the zipper and then his pants drop to the floor.

"Hey, man, what the fuck you doin'?"

"What's it look like?"

"Shit on you. I found her... I got her, it's me first!"

"All right... all right. Hurry up. What the fuck you standin' there for?"

More pants dropped to the floor. He dropped to his knees between her thighs. She tried to close them. They were jerked apart. Then he fell forward onto her with a grunt and a sigh.

His hard, erect cock plunged straight up into her cuntal lips. It found and parted them. Then the cockhead was burning into the hot, yielding folds of her pussy.

A scream ripped from her throat as his prick thrust savagely into her, driving clear past the hair-lined lips and into the walls of her cunt. In two thrusts he buried himself far inside her. She felt stuffed. She felt his balls against her asshole.

She flailed her head as he jerked, yanking himself nearly out of her with a wet sucking sound. He hissed through clenched teeth as he plunged his cock back in. His hands squeezed her naked tits as if they were dough. The tender flesh bulged out around his kneading fingers. His tongue was a sudden licking flame over her nipples. They responded instantly. The tiny peaks rose and expanded in his mouth.

"How is she, man?"

"Good... she's good as shit, man. Got a good, tight pussy. Damn good."

"Well, hurry the fuck up!"

"Piss on you, man, I'm enjoying the shit out of this!"

"Damn, I think she's I like's it!"

Brutally, constantly, he thrust the hardness of his cock into her, then whipped it nearly out, only to drive it into her even harder. He hammered her pelvic bone with his groin. Again and again his driving meat lost itself in the fleshy, hot lips of her cunt.

He could feel it. Her body was washing his cock in each thrust with her flowing, sticky juices. She was getting as hot as he was.

Perspiration rolled and dropped from her trembling body. His hairy thighs slapped her smooth ones until they glowed. Her head rose, fell back as he fucked excitedly in and out of her wet cunt in long, jolting thrusts. Her hair streamed loosely, pasted in wet strands to her shiny face. Her chest heaved with her ragged breathing so that her tits swung back and forth across her chest.

She was wide-eyed beneath him, panting and moaning. She was crammed, filled, gorged with his cock as he continued to lunge and ram his pounding meat into her.

Then, prompted by a deep growl that started far back in his throat, his cock erupted. It spewed its warm stickiness from the jerking cockhead to bathe her writhing inner pussy. Each lunge and gasping jerk of his body sent another hot stream of cum into the wet cavity between her thighs. She laid panting and slinging her head back and forth as he poured his spunk into her widely dilated hole.

Then he groaned out his last and raised his body slowly from her. His drooping prick slithered out of her cunt.

"Good fuck... yeah, real good fuck," he said.

Good fuck? Was that all she was? A good fuck?

That was crude. Her dreams were never crude.

They couldn't be crude. She wouldn't let them.

Crude meant Homer, and she wouldn't let Homer into her dreams.

She opened her eyes and saw first his dripping cock above her face and then, beyond it, his leering face.

It was Homer.

How did he get into her dream? Homer was real and she never let crude Homer into her dream.

"Homer," she said. "What are you doing here, Homer?"

"Nah, honey. Angie... name's Angie. An' you do got one nice pussy. Real good fuck."

"You son-of-a-bitch," Marni said, jumping to her feet. "How many times have I told you, you crude bastard, I'm not just a good fuck! I'm a woman, and a loving woman, something you never can understand!"

Her hand leaped out. Her nails left four long, red marks across his cheek.

"You cunt! You dirty fuckin' cunt!" he screeched, and filled her belly with his balled fist.

She doubled over in pain and vomited on the floor beside the mattress.

Chapter TEN

"Shit. Now look what ya done," Beefy said. "I wanted to kiss her a little."

"Forget the damn kissing," Reese said. "Fuck her, hurry up! I want some!"

"The bitch tore the shit out of my face," Angie said.

Beefy mumbled again in anger and pushed Marni back down to the mattress, being careful to avoid the mess she had made.

He positioned his cock and slid it, easily, up into her seeping hole. She was well lubricated, with both her own juices and Angie's cum. He pumped furiously, savagely, sliding his thick cock again and again into the sperm-slick channel of her cunt.

Flames seared through her cunt and up into her already painful belly. Her breasts rolled and jiggled on her heaving chest. Again her head flew back and forth as, against her will; her passion rose up in her body.

Jerking and plunging feverishly he fucked her, wallowing over her body in their mingled sweat. His belly slapped against hers as his cock whipped in and out of her hot hole.

She was getting hot all over again. She could feel the lust and the passion rising up from the head of his cock in her belly to her heaving tits. She opened her eyes. He was just an image, a blur.

Her hips started to move. She found herself fucking him back.

He came, pouring more hot cum into her cunt.

Hadn't this been what she dreamed about? Wasn't this what she wanted? Cock, lots and lots of cock? Didn't she have the cock that she had always dreamed about?

Again she was impaled. The third one fitted his body easily to hers and sent his prick racing up her hole. His body lifted from hers. With his torso held up on his hands and his toes, he jammed himself ruthlessly in and out of her with all his strength.

She started her response. His cock was good. It was bigger than the other two.

His touch, the slaps of his strong body, the deep penetration of his cock fired her. The thrill of lust blazed through her body. Her flesh trembled and twitched beneath him. The length and the power of his frantic strokes were causing her to react. Her thighs tensed, her calves flexed and bunched. Her face contorted. Her hands sprang up to tear at his shoulders.

Then she was there. She was completely lost in the throes of her dream.

She was getting very nicely fucked.

She had a cock in her. A big cock.

She loved it.

Her body seemed to lift from the sweat-wet mattress. Her strong buttocks tightened beneath her. She climbed, climbed to meet the body above hers. She flung her head about, screaming in rage that he wasn't fucking her fast enough, hard enough.

She smelled his man-sweat, smelled the strong aroma of their mingling sexes. Her breath was coming in racing gasps.

"Fuck me!" she said. "Pour your cock into my cunt! Give me all of it! Fuck me like only you can fuck me, my darling!"

"Jesus... I think she's gonna come," he groaned.

Wildly she fucked herself up onto his impaling prick. Savagely she hurled and twisted her body as he skewered her. He drove himself, trying the make his hammering prick stretch and fill the depths of her wildly demanding pussy.

And then she came, convulsed by tentacles of lusting heat. She raised her arms to him again and used her hands to squeeze the madly humping body tighter onto hers.

"Deeper... deeper," she moaned. "Fuck me deeper and higher!"

Her body writhed beneath his, striving to suck the cum from the balls, which rapped against her whirling buttocks.

He whipped in and out, of her, huffing and puffing through his wide-open mouth. She panted and hung on and bucked back at him, racing to achieve her come again.

She moaned. Her sweat-slick flesh crawled with desire, lust and need. She whined for more, whimpered when he slowed down.

Her lungs were gasping for air beneath the heaving mountains of her tits.

Her eyes were bright, unseeing, glaring as they looked straight up at him.

Then he was gasping back at her, low moans that triggered his come. He dropped onto her so that his chest crushed her slippery tits. His cum came jetting out of his cock, filling her already flooded cunt.

She dung desperately to him, hunching, humping, almost there herself. Her body heaved and worked feverishly. Her eyes opened even wider. Her mouth stretched in a smile of delight and satisfaction. She screamed out her orgasm as she lay panting beneath him.

A soft light seemed to flow over her and a warmth filled her body. She sighed as she seemed to float away out of her body.

She had never known such ecstasy. She had never known such fucking. She could tell from somewhere far away from her that she was being fucked again. She was floating, drowning in a sea of cum, the sweet, sticky proof of her ability and sexual power as a woman full of desirability and response.

She was slipping, sliding away forever, lost in the wet oblivion of sex that had always eluded her.

And the dream got deeper and the dream got better.

She was licking the smooth, rubbery head of a hard cock. She licked until her tongue became frenzied.

It was a wonderful cock. It smelled of sex. The skin on the head was velvety soft and sticky with her saliva and his cum.

"Hmmmnimm, it's a good cock," she mumbled as she moved her lips over it in a deep, open-mouthed kiss.

Hands moved through her hair, gripping her head. She felt her head being lifted and then the sweet cock slid into her face. An inch at a time she took it lovingly in her throat.

She swallows the cock. It becomes harder and harder to breathe but still she swallows. She cunts the cock with her mouth, sucking it deeply. She brings to bear all the suction of her mouth of the hard, throbbing cock. Then he starts to move her head. It glides up and down the shaft.

A voice: "Jesus Christ, look at that! She's takin' the whole fucking thing down her throat! Where the fuck is it goin'?"

Another: "Don't you think I know it! Shit, oh shit, it's good! Suck, baby, suck my big cock!"

He groans in delight as she willingly and lovingly masturbates his cock with her face. She's a good fuck and a good cocksucker. Her tongue, her teeth, her lips all press around his cock to bring him off.

Another cock slides up her cunt. It feels good too.

Her tongue entwines the head of the prick sticking in her face. She loves it. She washes it, leaving a trail of warm saliva along the meaty shaft and the cockhead.

He shudders and tightens his buttocks. She groans as he shoves his cock back into her face.

I'm eating him, she dreams. I'm sucking his cock. I'm giving him the best head he's ever had, because I'm the best cocksucker there is.

He fucks her face wetly, making slurping sounds, almost the same sounds the cock in her cunt is creating as it slides in and out, in and out.

She feels her own naked body as she sucks and fucks. She finds her naked, flopping tits and caresses them. They swing from her chest, shiny with sweat and sperm.

"Get some more head around it, baby!"

She hears the command and does as she is told. She sucks and fucks her face on the hot, slippery pole of his cock. It's nice and wet with her saliva. She groans in joy around it, crooning as she sucks the sperm and swallows it greedily. Her mouth sucks and slides on him, tormenting him with a thousand needles of heightened lust and rising passion. In and out and then in again it goes, juicily.

She loves it.

It grows. She feels it expanding. It's getting fatter. It's throbbing. Her jaws hurt because his cock is too big. It's growing some more, the head expanding in her throat.

She doesn't care.

It spurts. Creamy-white cum lathers her tongue. It splashes off the back of her throat, slides down into her belly. She swallows. Again and again his cock jets its come into her face and down her throat.

His hips hump her face. He won't stop humping. He holds her head and thrusts the long, wet, spurting cock into her face until the very last drop of cum has been squeezed and sucked from his rigid cock.

Then he lets go of her head and she falls away from him. She opens her eyes and smiles as she gulps and gasps for breath around the cum that clogs her throat.

Far above her, she heard his moan. It was gratifying, and she smiled to herself. She had done it for him. She, her tongue, her lips, her throat had made him come.

She turned her head. Another cock was stuck in her face. Suck, she told herself. She sucked. She slid her soft mouth down the shining length of the new cock.

New hands tightened in her hair. They pulled, not hard, but steady, so that the full length of his prick filled the hollow of her face.

She pulled her face off the cock. The red tip of her tongue stabbed at the eye in the center of the prick. Then it curled back into her mouth, bringing with it the fluid it had found there.

"Good," she said, "good cock... good cum," she groaned. Her mouth dropped open. Her head surged forward into the hairy nest of his groin above the rampaging pole.

Moaning, she began to suck hard at him with a moist, nibbling pressure. Her tongue licked and curled around his cock as if it were her one great pleasure. She did it with total delight. Above her bobbing head, he sighed with pleasure. His hands came down to cup her face. Her cheekbones pressed tautly against the shining skin of her stretched cheeks. She sucked him deeply into the heat of her mouth, and he urged her on with gentle thrusts. He tightened his buttocks to make the full length of his cock slide in and out of her face, until, at last, he came.

She groaned and shivered as the first thin jet of cum leaped warmly from his jerking cockhead to the carpet of her tongue. Then she sucked and gulped, pulled and swallowed. She sucked his balls dry of cum. It tasted wonderful.

She loved sucking cock.

She sucked harder.

The erect strength of his prick melted. His hands slid from her fucked face. He sighed and drifted away from her.

She sagged and toppled onto the quilt. She was very tired but there was a new, wonderful sensation suddenly happening to her body.

She was on her hands and knees being lifted a little. She felt a cock being rammed up her ass. It went clear inside her. She felt the front of his thighs banging and slapping against the pillows of her asscheeks.

She was tired. She wished she could stay awake and enjoy the cock up her ass, it felt good. But she was just too tired.

She passed out.

Beth and Tim exchanged nervous looks but didn't speak when the doctor came into the room.

"You are the sister and brother-in-law?" the doctor said.

"Yes... yes, we are," Beth replied. "How is she, Doctor?"

"Well," the doctor said, his eyes roaming around the room rather than meeting theirs head on. "I'm afraid it's a rather strange case. As you know, she was found yesterday morning stumbling nude along a highway. The officers who found her naturally assumed that she had been raped."

"You mean... she wasn't raped?" Beth said.

"Well, frankly, at this point we're not sure."

"I don't understand," Beth said.

"She seems to have mixed up some kind of dream with reality. I think the best thing would be for you to observe her for a moment or two. That's the reason, when I found out that there was a sister, I called you rather than her mother. I thought it might be better if you were to see her first."

"Of course," Tim said, rising and taking Beth by the arm.

"A... I think," the doctor said, "it would be better if just your wife went in. It might prove embarrassing otherwise."

"All right sure. Whatever you say, Doctor," Tim replied. "I'll wait in the car, honey."

The doctor led Beth down a hall and into a tiny room with two chairs in front of a drape.

"On the other side of this drape is a mirror. We can see into the room but she can't see us on this side of it."

He opened the drape.

There was a bed, a chair, and a bare nightstand. Marni was naked and walking absently around the room, mumbling to herself.

Then she spotted the mirror and her face lit up. "Hello," she said in a low, breathy voice.

"I thought you said she couldn't see us," Beth said from the other side of the mirror.

"She can't," the doctor replied. "She's talking to the person in the mirror."

Marni smiled at her reflection. It smiled back and she started to talk to it. "Would you like to fuck me? I'll bet that you can fuck good too, like I can."

She tugged and pulled the bed toward the mirror. When it was directly opposite she crawled up on it and stretched out.

"Now watch me and do everything I do and you'll learn how to fuck as good as I can!" she said.

Marni smiled at her reflection again. She pursed her lips and threw a kiss to the mirror. She touched her swaying tits and then massaged the nipples into hardness, lovingly, with quick rotating movements. "You're beautiful. You've got the biggest, most beautiful tits I've ever seen," Marni said, letting her eyes roam around the room. "Everyone in the room is looking at you, watching you play with your lovely tits. Why don't you play with your cunt a little now? You have a nice cunt too."

Marni was clearly loving the adoration of her body. She squeezed the firm heaviness of her breasts. The nipples sprang forth. They quivered and peaked higher as she raised her arms over her head. She pulled her long hair up, then released it to cascade softly over her shoulders and breasts.

"Just wait," she said, "and be quiet until I'm ready and then you can all have me. I'll fuck you all while the rest of you watch."

Suddenly she let out a little scream and turned over on the bed. The dark fur between her thighs and below her puckered asshole shone in the mirror. She lay on her belly, pressing the top of her cunt tightly against the mattress.

Her hands burrowed down between her body and the bed and groped at the mass of her pubic hair and her pink slit. She tolled onto her back. Her legs scissored open, a foot dangled on either side of the bed. She could feel her own moist slit now pulsing against the tips of her fingers, which drew the furry crease open to expose the inner lips of her cunt to the minor.

"Oh sweet cunt, my cunt. Can you see it? Isn't it a beautiful cunt?" Her voice started to rise with lust and passion as she clawed at her pussy. "It's my cunt and I love my cunt! I love to suck and fuck and love my cunt! I wish I could suck my own cunt! Do you want to suck my cunt? I might let you suck it!"

With a deep groan Marni sank her fist deep into the soggy hole of her cunt. Her knees were high in the air and spread above her contorted face. She could look down through her legs and see the hand pounding into the pussy.

She lay still for just a second and then started a wild, writhing rhythm. Her heavy tits bobbed on her chest, sensuously swaying from side to side.

"Look at my beautiful tits. Oh shit, they need sucking. Suck my tits, suck 'em!"

Pleasure raced through her body as she jammed her fist in and out of her cunt. Screaming, she urged her unseen love to fill the void in her belly. She shouted for him to pump her full of his cum.

Her face flushed as she made her whole body tense. Goo and spunk came from her cunt as her whole body shook and vibrated on the bed.

A piercing scream reverberated through the room.

"MORE... OH FUCK MORE! I came... but I must come again... and again! GIVE ME SOME COCK... THAT'S THE THING I NEED... COCK!"

Her body rolled and thrashed on the bed. She tore at the lips of her pussy until blood started seeping through her fingers. Her voice rose higher and higher, in screams of pain and passion.

"You're beautiful!" she said to the minor. "Suck, suck me... SUCK MY CUNT!"

"I had better send the nurses in there. She's liable to hurt herself badly this time," the doctor said.

"It's all right," Beth replied. "I've seen enough."

Neither Beth nor Tim spoke until they had passed through the white pillars and left the hospital drive.

"How was she?" Tim said.

"What? Oh, she a... she was in a dream... a coma."

"Pretty serious then."

"Yeah... it's serious," Beth said, moving over until they were thigh to thigh in the seat.

"When will she get out of there?"

"I don't know," Beth said, moving one hand up under her dress and the other into his lap. "Hurry home, Tim. Drive faster!"

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I want to fuck. Right away... I want your cock. Hurry!"


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