Hot for daddy

As our modem society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

A good case in point is Charles Manson, a person who never learned about good and bad, a person who never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in high political office today offers another example.

Carrie Fuller is a child of the present. Living the life of the existential hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today, and the pleasure it brings. For sex is merely something to be enjoyed.

And so, Carrie goes from day to day, from lover to lover, never worrying about societal taboos or what results her search for new pleasure and new thrills may bring.

Carrie Fuller a young girl who embodies the life style of many in our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. HOT FOR DADDY is a story which holds a valuable lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

"How do you want it, honey," the girl said, "suck or fuck?"

Ted Fuller paused with his thumbs in his shorts. God, he thought, why did they always have to be so crude? But, what the hell, if you go to a massage parlor to fuck a whore, Ted surmised, then my whore should act like a whore.

"Well?" the girl said.

"Doesn't the massage come first?"

"Jeez, you mean you really want to go through all that shit first?"

"I want to get my money's worth," Ted smiled.

"Okay, what the hell. Strip down and get on the table." Ted pulled his shorts down and kicked them off. "Wow, mister, this trick might be fun! How do you get all that in your pants?"

Ted looked down at the hose-like cock hanging between his legs and chuckled. It was true. Even limp, his dick was nine inches long. And hard, it expanded to a thick, even foot. Often, even fucking a seasoned prostitute, which he did often, they would go wild over his meat.

"You're not so bad yourself," he said, crawling up on the table and stretching out.

And she wasn't. She had called herself Natalie when he had picked her from the four girls standing around the waiting room. She had looked the youngest and the least callous of the lot. She was tall, with loose, thick chestnut hair, wet with perspiration where it tumbled around her wide, athletic shoulders. The tanned, fleshy swells of her tits were almost spilling out of the deeply plunging halter top. Between her thighs the curly abundance of her pubic hair protruded around the tight shorts covering her cunt. The shorts were so tight on her that some of the material had crawled up into her pussy crease.

"How old are you, Natalie?"

"You a cop or are you writin' a book?"

"Just wondering, that's all."

"You really wanna know?"

"Young," she murmured as she began to knead and stroke the sleek, hard muscles of his lower back.

Ted winced. Jesus, he thought, she's only two years older than my daughter, Carrie.

Fucking her would be almost like fucking my own kid! But he quickly pushed that thought from his mind. He had thought of it before much too often. Each time he saw Carrie running around the house in just her bra and panties lately, his mind had started wandering and his cock had started swelling.

Natalie gently ran her hands over the cheeks of his ass and giggled as they twitched. Her fingers deftly explored his asshole and glided on down to fondle his balls. Then one hand dived between his legs and grasped his cock.

"Shit," she cried, "you ain't even half hard yet!"

"You haven't got me worked up enough yet."

"Well, honey, I'll just take care of that. Turn over!"

Ted rolled over onto his back as she backed away a few steps from the table and started removing her clothing. Slipping off her halter, she let it slide off her arms.

"Beautiful tits," Ted said, his eyes fixed on the enormous white globes that bounced like two heavy, fleshy melons on the girl's chest.

"They're big enough to swallow up that telephone pole cock, of yours!" she laughed, and undid the clasp on her tight-fitting shorts. She pulled the zipper down a quarter of an inch, teasing him. The shorts were molded to her body like a second skin, accentuating the sensually rounded bulge of her cunt and her ripely formed buttocks.

"Wanna see more?"

"You want my meat hard, don't you?"

She glanced at the enormity of his swelling cock as it crawled up his belly toward his navel. "Jeez, I don't know if it gets any bigger... jeez!"

She removed her shorts and panties. Her pubic fur was thick and richly hued, like the hair on her head. It was so thick, Ted could barely make out the puffy lips in the center. His cock kept growing.

The girl then uncorked a bottle of oil and poured the sticky liquid in her palms. Bending down slightly, she rubbed the oil on his chest in a smooth, circular motion, kneading his hard pectoral muscles and spreading the liquid down over his rib cage, swirling it against his stomach.

"Mmmm, you really know how to do it," he rasped.

As the girl continued her expert massage, she looked down at his thickly bulging cock. God, she thought, it was big all right! It was going to be fun teasing him until he couldn't stand it any more, until it swelled and jerked with desire!

Her hands began massaging his hips, reaching over to the hollows of his buttocks, kneading and squeezing the strong white flesh.

Ted's eyes were riveted on her luscious breasts as they swayed delightfully above him. If she kept this up he was going to come before he even had a chance to get inside her.

She was moving toward the foot of the table, spreading the sticky oil all over his thighs. "I think you're ready," she cooed.

There was almost an expression of relief on her face as she obediently crawled up onto the table and crouched between his thighs. His monstrous dick was at its full length now. It bobbed in her hand a full foot above his hairy groin. She would much rather suck that big thing than take it in her pussy. At least if she sucked it, she had some control over how much he could force her to take!

Or at least she thought so.

She began stroking the rigid pole of flesh with one hand. She lowered the other and began to massage her own belly lightly with her fingertips, teasing the softness of her pubic mound, then trailing lower between her legs. Her finger rubbed in a slow, even tempo, teasing her cunt and her moist cuntal slit.

Unlike her sisters in the business, Natalie actually enjoyed fucking different men all the time. And she liked coming with them. She could never get enough comes in one day to satisfy her hot pussy. That was one reason she had gone into the whoring business.

Watching the young girl finger her own clit made Ted even hotter. He swallowed hard at the sight of her manipulating her cunt, darting her middle finger in and out of her soft, hair-lined pussy. She eased herself up onto the table between his legs, still finger-fucking herself, and seized his cock again, stroking it expertly. She pressed her body against his, forcing him back onto the table.

"You gonna fuck it or not?"

"You better believe it, lover," she hissed. "But don't you want a little lovin' along with it?"

She began to trail her soft, moist lips along the side of his neck, into the hollow of his throat, down along his chest. She nuzzled the rigid buds of his nipples, rolling her tongue back and forth across one and then the other. Then her mouth trailed down across the girth of his well-muscled belly. He groaned at the sensations her lips were sending through his body and thrust his hips down hard against the padded table top. Her fingernails scratched lightly over his throbbing cock, over his balls, reaching under his body to probe the puckered ring of his asshole, then retracing the path back to his aching prick.

"Jesus, hurry -- suck it!"

She kneeled on all fours now, poised between his widespread thighs, her head lowered almost to the tip of his upthrust cock. She tickled the blood-engorged flesh lightly with first one hand, then the other, then both.

Suddenly, Ted realized what the little bitch intended. She was going to get him off without fucking him or sucking him either one!

"Hey, what the fuck... if I wanted a hand job, I wouldn't have come here!"

"Just relax, lover," the girl smiled, stroking his meat harder. "I'm just getting you ready."

"Bullshit!" he roared. "I'm ready!"

He tugged at her waist and flipped her over onto her belly before she could wriggle away from him.

"Hey, wait a minute," she said fearfully. "Let me suck you off!"

"Wait, shit!" he gasped his face a mask of anger.

He forced her into a kneeling position, pushing her head down into the table pad. Her buttocks were waving wildly in the air, naked and exposed to his lustful cock.

Oh God, she thought, he'll cut me clear in half with that fucking thing! "Honey, wait! I wanna fuck you, honey -- honest," she wailed.

"Okay, you wanna fuck, here's your chance!" Ted moved between her trembling thighs. He used his knees to force her to spread her legs out wider and wider, until he had total access to her nakedly quivering cunt.

Ted's eyes blazed with lust as he looked down at her trembling ass. Jesus, he thought, she is one fine-looking cunt! Her fully rounded white buttocks looked more enticing than ever. She was bent helplessly naked before him and the slope of her smooth white back looked like a ski jump with a tiny indentation running down the middle. Her long hair was spilling all around her head, hiding her face. He ran his hands down over her back, then under her ribs to her ripely swaying breasts, tweaking the nipples roughly, then caressing the billowing softness.

Moving his hands down to her quivering asscheeks, he placed his thumbs into the tight, sloping curve of the dividing crevice, spreading the lush white mounds wide apart. He could see the tiny rosebud-like anus, all puckered and pink. The sight of her defenseless curt excited him so that he thrust his hotly throbbing cock between her inner thighs, unable to wait another minute.

"Put it in! Take my cock and put it in your cunt." He spat the words at her, loving the feeling of power over this kneeling girl.

She wanted to scream out her protest. Still, though, the feel of his throbbing meat made her naked flesh crawl with excitement. The mixture of fear, anger and passion made the young girl react immediately to his command.

She reached back under her heavily straining tits and groped until she found the hard, pulsing shaft of his prick. Shivering, she closed her fingers around its rigid heat. It was pumping blood though his entire body, and the tip was slightly moistened from his secretion of hot pre-cum. She tried hard to blank put her mind, to forget the subservient position she was in, but the feel of his hard, pulsing cock made her belly ripple with arousal. She was sure she had never seen, let alone fucked, a cock so big before. For a moment she hesitated, not sure she would be able to take such a monster inside her cunt. Then she felt his hands squeezing painfully on her asscheeks.

"Do it, dammit! Put my cock in now!" he bellowed. He was having a hard time keeping from coming all over her luscious white asscheeks, and he fought the impulse to ram his jerking prick deep up into her tightly puckering little anus.

Her fingers tightened around his aching shaft as he pulled his hips back, readying to lunge in a mighty thrust deep into her bowels.

"Come on, dammit! Come on!" He squeezed her soft, pliant buttocks until red marks appeared on her tender flesh. She wanted to cry and moan at the same time, her frustration magnified by both wanting to hit back at him and have his pulsing cock fucking up inside her hot cunt.

Wiggling her ass and shifting her position slightly, she placed the rubbery, hardened tip against her quivering cunt lips. She used his lust-swollen cockhead like a lever to pry apart the juicy folds. When she had the thick head positioned at the mouth of her tight, hungry pussy, she took a deep breath. "Okay, Goddammit!" she cried. "Go ahead and fuck!"

Instead of plunging the raging head of his cock into her cunt immediately, he teased her by running the blood-engorged tip around and around the juicing lips of her pussy. The more he did it, the more the girl wanted it. She started begging him to fuck her. She even spread the cheeks of her ass and invited him to puncture her asshole. Curiosity about how such a big hunk of meat would feel had gotten to her.

At last, Ted pulled the cheeks of her ass as far apart as they would go and aimed the huge head of his tool at her asshole. He pressed against her slowly, until the head popped through.

"OH SHIT!" the girl screamed, and clamped the muscles of her ass around his cockhead. "No more... NO MORE!"

But he knew she didn't mean it. Even as she said it, she was driving her asshole backwards, forcing his hard shaft up her rectum clear to her belly. When it was finally buried, Ted put his hands on her hips and shoved with a vengeance.

"OHHHH GOD, GOD, IT'S SO BIG!" she cried. "Your dick is huge... OH SHIT, YES, YESSSSS, FUCK MEEEEEE!"

"Jesus, what an ass!" Ted gasped. "Damn, that feels good!"

"All the way!" she urged. "Stick it in all the way!"

He began hunching and pumping his shaft. She helped by swirling her ass around in a circle. She looked back between her legs and could see his balls swinging back and forth as he pumped his big tool into her ass.

"Swing it, baby... swing it high! God, your ass is so fucking tight! Beautiful!"

The girl undulated her hips faster, moving around on his massive dick as it plunged deep into her bowels. He bent over her and took a big tit in each hand, squeezing the huge breasts as he pounded her asshole with his rigid prick.

"Oh shit, you got me so fucking hot, I'm gonna come already!"

"DO IT! Cream my asshole! Harder, fuck it harder!" she shouted, her eyes still glued to the blur of his frantically swinging balls.


"Yes, yes, conic! COME!"

"Take it, you fucking whore!"

She felt his warm fluid surge into her anal channel. He stopped his wild lunges to let his cum spurt out while he gasped over her back. Stream after stream of sticky jism jetted into her, flooding her ass and running back out to trickle down her legs and onto his emptying balls. Then, abruptly, he leaned back and pulled his cock out, his juice dripping onto the mat from her asshole as he withdrew it.

"More... I want more!" Natalie cried, her face contorted into a mask of lust as she rolled to her back on the table. "I want a lot more!" She threw her legs high in the air and spread her thighs wide apart.

Ted's meat was still rock hard. It always took two or three comes before he was really satisfied.

He grabbed her roughly by the legs, holding them on each side of him as he pulled her to the edge. When her red gash was just hanging over, she wrapped her legs around his waist and smiled up at him.

"Cram it into me, you fucker," she hissed. "Stick that big prick in me and fuck my cunt till I scream!"

He moved to balance himself, then reached down to guide his thick shaft into her hole. When he had the tip in, he reached out to take a tit in each hand. Then he lunged forward, thrusting his enormous tool into her belly until his balls hit against her ass.

"OH YEAH... YEAH, BABY!" she screamed. "Give it to me... I want it all! Throw your fucking balls into me, too!"

He lifted her ass higher and drove his prick into her with all the force in his legs. "Take it, cunt -- take it all!" He was grunting loudly as he pounded his massive dick home. His back arched and his hands kneaded her huge tits roughly.

"Fuck me!" she chanted. "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEE!"

He hunched faster, throwing his hips at her pelvis as he slammed his meat to her. The slurping and sucking sound of fucking filled the room as they gasped and groaned together.

"Oh shit, I'm there! Ohh... Ohhhhhhhh, yessss," she hissed, using her heels on his ass to pull him harder into her. "I'm coming, lover -- I'm coming like a fucking dam!"

"Me, too! Come, cunt, and I'll blow with you!" His juice slammed into her as she jerked and writhed, he orgasm in complete control of her body. The tendons stood out in his neck as he felt his sperm gush the length of his jerking shaft and out from the end of his cock.

It felt like a fountain or a waterfall pouring into her cunt. Only it wasn't cold; it was warm, hot. He kept pumping and shooting until she felt her pussy contract with yet another orgasm.

She came down slowly, letting her legs relax and slide from his body. Then, reluctantly, she pulled herself to a sitting position. "Jesus, lover, you can come back any time," she smiled. "Next time's on the house."

"Maybe," Ted said, pulling on his clothes and keeping his eyes averted from her. "But I rarely fuck the same whore twice."

His words stung her, but she bit her lip and remained silent until the door closed behind him. Then she jumped from the table and knelt on the floor. She looked back and forth over the thick carpet until her fingers found the business card that had slipped from his pocket.

Smiling, she held the card up to the light and read the name, address and phone number printed on the small white rectangle.

"We'll see, Mr. Ted Fuller," she said. "We'll see. I'm not about to forget a fuck or a cock like that."

Chapter TWO

At the very moment that her father was pouring a load of hot cum into the whore's ass, Carrie Fuller was fantasizing that her dad would someday do the same for her. She had harbored the same dreams about her father ever since her mother had run off with an insurance salesman during Carrie's thirteenth year.

Carrie had taken over the household duties in every way. She did her father's laundry, cooked his meals, and became his confidant and his companion in every way but one: in his bed. And now her incestuous desire had reached unbearable proportions. But she didn't know what to do about it. She didn't know how to seduce her handsome father and put out the fires of lust that burned hotter every day in her young body.

So, while her father was out somewhere stilling his own desire, Carrie was settling for one of her boyfriends from school.

His name was Michael Johnson. He was a handsome, athletic boy, just a few months older than Carrie. He had the same youthful sexual desires as the girl, but, unlike Carrie, he as yet didn't have the guts to do anything about them.

Carrie was an angelic-looking teenager, with long blonde hair and beautiful tits that gleamed like pink cherries through the thin material of her blouse. She was like a doll, like a fragile work of art. But the tight shorts outlined a cunt that was ample, and obviously already wet from the anticipation of getting fucked.

Just the sight of her braless tits under the blouse had given young Mike a glorious hard-on, which didn't escape the girl's curious eyes.

Up until then they had just been kissing on the living room sofa, but when Carrie saw the boy gazing lovingly at her breasts, she decided to go further than that.



"Do you like my breasts?"

"Yeah, oh jeez, yeah!"

"You can touch them if you want."

The boy wasted no time. He placed his trembling hand over first one, then the other firm globe, kneading the pliant flesh hungrily.

"Ohhhh, Mike, that feels good!"

"Yeah, it feels good to me, too!"

"But, you know what?"


"It would feel better if I was naked and you could feel real skin!"

"Jeez, Carrie, are you sure you...?"

But she never gave him a further chance to protest. The young blonde had been waiting a long time for a cock, and she had decided that Mike's would be the one.

Mike was staring at the floor, not knowing exactly what to do next, when he heard the unmistakable rustling of clothing being removed.

Slowly, his head raised up and her bare feet and legs came into view. She was moving slowly, looking straight at him, removing her shorts. Her brown limbs and hips were silky soft and lean, like those of a young colt. Mike gasped sharply when he realized that she had been wearing no panties. She stood before him now, completely naked.

Mike's cock jerked in his pants as he stared at her youthful beauty. Her high-set breasts quivered slightly with excitement, her tiny waist tapering down to the voluptuous curve of her hips. Her belly had a fine line of blonde hair down the center, and this line continued on down to touch the wispy triangle of her cunt.

Mike felt another jerk in his pants, and his cock began to ache.

Carrie turned from him for a second, and bent over to pick up her clothes. The full-rounded moons of her buttocks gleamed in the dim light, driving the boy crazy with the unimpeded view of the narrow, hair-lined furrow up between her legs.

He held his breath as she walked away from him back to the sofa. The cheeks of her luscious ass jiggled ever so slightly with each step she took.

Mike was awed by the fact that she seemed so much more mature and worldly than he.

He had never made love to a girl, really. Once a girl had let him put it in her, but had pushed him back out and scrambled quickly away when she felt he was going to come inside of her.

The erection in his pants had risen to its peak by now, and the tight material of his jeans and underwear hurt as he pushed down, trying to find a more comfortable position. But it only helped for a moment.

Carrie was standing at the sofa now, gazing dreamily across the room at him, and when she spoke, the softness of her voice sent chills down his spine.

"Don't you want to make love to me, Mike?" she whispered.

"Jeez, Carrie, do... do you really think we should?"

"Come here... over here." God, she thought, what a baby he was! And, for the hundredth time she wished it were her father instead of this immature boy standing there and gazing at her naked body.

Rushed with excitement, Mike started across the room. No thoughts of resisting her were in his mind, but his own inexperience slowed his steps and made him slightly hesitant.

As Carrie pulled him close to her, he bent down over her, still fully dressed. He suddenly felt a self-confidence that he had never experienced before. His emotions seemed to be on a see-saw, up one moment and down the next, but right now they were definitely up -- up like his painfully swollen cock. The taste of her lips was sweet. He felt himself grow dizzy as the hungry kiss continued, and he felt Carrie's arms clinging around his neck, pulling him down on the sofa beside her. Her sun-bronzed body squirmed against him, and he could feel her nakedness even through his clothes.

"Let's get you naked, too," she said softly, at last pulling her lips from his.

Mike frantically struggled out of his clothing. Then, turning back to her, he saw the thin, hair-lined lips of her pussy clearly visible between her slightly parted legs. She raised her arms in invitation to him, and he awkwardly stretched his body out beside hers op the sofa.

The large full mounds of her breasts stared up at him wetly, as though they had been oiled, and her ripe nipples glistened and throbbed as she ran her own fingers slowly over them.

Mike had never seen anything so erotic as the way the twin peaks responded to her touch. They perked and grew hard and stiff. He longed to touch them himself.

"Jeez, Carrie, you're beautiful," he stammered, staring down at her nakedness.

"You're beautiful, too," she replied, smiling up at him. She lay quietly on her back, confident of her beauty and her power over this young boy. "You're something special, Mike. Have you been with many girls?" Her voice was husky and low.

"Not enough; not nearly enough," he choked, gazing hungrily at every inch of Carrie's luscious body, his eyes feasting on the soft swollen mounds of her tits, roaming down along the gently heaving rib cage to her tiny waist, then to the inviting V between her tanned thighs.

Carrie reached up and curled her arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of her. She felt light as a feather beneath him, supple and soft. Her body was glued to his as though it belonged there. She rubbed her thigh up against his cock as he began to grind his lips harshly onto hers, bringing his throbbing cock to an almost unbearable hardness.

He could feel the wetness of his seminal fluid seeping from the throbbing tip, wetting the soft mass of her pubic fur. Carrie continued to massage him, using her entire body with a motion that threatened to make him come right there. He could feel the pressure budding dangerously in his balls. His mouth pressed harder on hers, his tongue snaking out and flicking between her teeth to find it's mate. She sucked hungrily on his stabbing tongue, nibbling with tiny sharp nips of her teeth.

Then she drew her face away from his. "Oh, Mike, make love to me. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me with it! I've waited so long for it!"

Her words jolted him. He pulled back and looked with awe down at her, lust-contorted face. "Jeez, Carrie, you mean this is your first time?"

"Yes -- but I want it!"


"What?" Her eyes snapped open and she bolted upright on the sofa. "What the hell do you mean..."

"I can't, Carrie."

"The hell you can't! You're hard as a rock!"

"Oh, don't get me wrong," the boy whined. "You're beautiful and I want to... but, damn, Carrie... a virgin. I can't..."

"SHIT!" the young girl howled, and spread her legs wide, pointing the gaping pink furrow of her cunt directly at his face. "I want to come!"

"We can come," he gasped. "I mean, without fucking."

"I want to fuck, you idiot!" the half-crazed girl cried.

"No. I got a better idea. You bring yourself off, and I'll beat my meat. That way we can watch each other come!"

It wasn't really what the young blonde wanted, but it was better than nothing. Then she saw his hand begin to work itself up and down on his throbbing shaft and the lewdness of the act and his suggestion became more and more exciting to her.

"C'mon, Carrie, it's kicks... you'll see!"

Suddenly, just the idea of it aroused Carrie to wild heights of passion. The boy's innocence, combined with the beauty of his youthful cock, made her readily agree.

"All right," she gasped. "We'll do it that way."

"Start with your tits," he said, gripping his cock and pumping frantically up and down.

Carrie cupped the bottoms of her heavy globes and squeezed them into conical peaks. She rolled them around and around on her chest, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples and tickling them with her nails until they were hard and erect.

Mike kept running his hand up and down his cock as his eyes darted from the magnificent shape of her tits to the pink, flowing gash of her pussy. "Does it feel good?" he asked.

"Yes," she whispered, her eyes fascinated at watching him stroking his dick. "Yes, it feels good to play with my tits."

"Spread your legs wider so I can see more of your pussy!"

Carrie spread her legs wide apart. The lips of her cunt opened wide and she watched the boy's reaction. His mouth opened slightly and his tongue flicked across his lips.

"Play with it, Carrie. Play with your pussy," he urged, his voice squeaky.

She put her hand between her thighs and stroked the downy growth of cunt hair. Her fingers outlined the lips and stroked up and down the length of the slit. Clear, sticky juice began to ooze from the hole, and she massaged it all over the lips with her fingers. She stuck her finger in and stirred round and round, making a squishy sound. She heard Mike sigh and settle back, his hand a blur as it flashed up and down the length of his dick. She let her finger play on her clit and massage it until it was hard and throbbing. She moaned softly and wiggled under the motions of her finger.

"Tell me how it feels," Mike moaned.

"Mmmmm, it feels good," she sighed. "It's getting all hot and sticky and... now I'm adding... another... finger... mmmmm!"

She pushed the two fingers rapidly in and out of her dripping cunt. He watched the gaping hole close and squeeze around her fingers. "Ohhhih, Mike, I-I'm about ready to come!" she cried. "It's getting better and better. So hot, ohhh, so hot!"

She thought of her father and wished he were there, pushing his hard cock in and out of her cunt until she exploded. She pushed her fingers faster in circular motions and in and out. Juice dripped from her pubic hair and ran down her thighs. The slurpy sounds of her finger-fucking and the boy's heavy panting filled the room.

"OHHHH, MIKE... I'M COMINGGGGGGG!" she suddenly shrieked.

The boy leaned forward, his eyes intent on her pussy. His hand pumped wildly on his cock as he watched her cunt swallow her hand time and time again. "Wow!" he gasped as he saw her body writhe in volcanic fits of self-inflicted passion.

"It's good, huh? It must be really good!" he panted.

Carrie lay back on the sofa and drew her legs up and stroked faster, her head thrashing from side to side. "Aaaaah, aaahhh! Yes, it's soooo goooood!" Her hips bounced, pushing her cunt up to meet the thrusts of her fingers. Her climax broke, making her body shudder with pleasure. She moaned and writhed wildly as she came, her fingers probing and pushing deep into the slick hole.

Slowly, slowly, her orgasm ended and she lay still, panting and sighing.

"Did you come, too, Mike?" she finally breathed, knowing full well he had. His cum was all over his belly and thighs as well as soaking his hand where it still continued to pound up and down on his cock.

"I-I shot once," the boy chocked, "but it's still hard and it still hurts!"

Carrie was amazed. The boy had gushed and gushed his youthful sperm, and yet his cock looked harder than ever. Her mind darted back to her own desire for a hard cock in her cunt. Mike had come, but his meat still ached with desire.

Should she attempt to tease him into fucking her? What I need is a good hard cock that can fuck me good and come, and fuck some more. But no, she thought, not this boy.

She reached out and replaced his hand on the rigid young pole with her own. "Here, Mike, let me do that for you."

"You still want me to fuck you, Carrie?"

"No, not now," she said. "Maybe some other time."

Chapter THREE

Ted Fuller wandered around for an hour. Fucking the whore, Natalie, had been good, much better than most, but he still felt empty. He wanted warmth and compassion along with sex. Underneath it all, he wanted his own daughter and the thought nearly gagged him. But just thinking of her alluring, nubile young body was giving him another hard-on. He had to do something, and do it quickly, or he was going to go crazy.

He looked up and found himself in front of a dimly lit movie theater, with lurid X-rated posters all around the entrance. The girl in the ticket booth was young and attractive, and it seemed that her smile was something more than the casually impersonal attitude toward a customer. Ted thought of trying to proposition her after she got off work. Then he realized that she wasn't much older than Carrie.

He hurriedly shoved some money through the window and walked through the swinging doors.

The music was a throbbing, erotic beat in the darkness, and there was a rhythmic flashing of naked skin on the screen. Ted blinked and opened his eyes wide, trying to see in the darkness.

There was a dark shape just beside him. He felt a tug on his sleeve. It was another whore, aging and tawdry. "Want a good time?" she wheezed.

"All I want is to see the movie. Leave me alone."

"I'll make it a lot better for you, honey. I'll play with your dick and balls while you watch it, then when you want me to I'll give you a good blow job."

"I don't want a whore. Get away from me and stay away!"

"Looking for a good-time girl? They don't know how to do shit, man."

Ted jerked his arm away from her grasp and walked down the aisle, moving slowly in the darkness. His eyes were more accustomed to the dark now and he could see the shadows of other people in the theater. They seemed to be scattered far apart in singles and couples.

He sat down and looked at the screen. It was an action scene of a man fucking a woman who was crouching in front of him on her hands and knees. But it was something less than convincing; they were uttering groans and their faces were twisted, but he could see the man's cock swinging loosely between his thighs when the camera swung too far back.

A muffled noise from two or three rows in front of him caught his attention. A man was sitting with a woman on his lap, and she was moving slowly up and down as he sprawled back in his seat, moaning.

The woman was wildly fucking her partner right there in the theater. The real thing held more fascination for Ted than the scene up on the screen. He watched them, as the woman continued her motion for several minutes, gradually moving up and down with a more rapid pace as he put his hands under her arms, guiding her movements. Finally he held her still, her hips a few inches from his lap, and he moved with a rapid, lurching movement, driving his cock into her. He reached a climax with a fluffy of motion, then he collapsed in the seat with a gasping moan. The woman relaxed on top of him, lying back on him and putting her head on his shoulder as she turned her face toward his. They kissed and murmured to each other in quiet whispers.

The whole thing unnerved Ted and he felt his cock begin to swell in his pants. Then he felt movement in the seat beside him. The fragrant odor of an expensive perfume filled his nostrils.

The collar of her fur coat was up around her face, partially concealing it, but he could see part of her features as she looked toward the screen. She wasn't young, perhaps thirty, and completely out of place in the cheap adult movie theater. The coat was expensive, and the meticulous arrangement of her short hair was obviously the work of a beautician. Everything about her seemed affluent. Ted didn't move, waiting to see what the woman was going to do.

Her arm slowly slid onto the armrest between their seats, and her hand brushed against his.

Ted lightly laid his hand on top of hers, and she responded by curling her fingers around his, squeezing tightly. Her face was still neutral in expression and turned toward the screen.

Ted pulled her hand toward his lap. It came freely, without resistance, and she squeezed his cock and balls. It seemed as though her hand had a life of its own, massaging his cock and balls through the fabric of his trousers, then moved upward to fumble for the zipper.

Oh, my God, Ted thought, she's really going to do it! But not here, in a cheap, dirty theater. It wouldn't be much better than the whore!

But a thrill of anticipation raced through him as he pushed her hand to the side and pulled his zipper down. Her hand slid into the front of his pants and found his cock. His dick jumped to life and tiny chills quivered through his thighs.

She wrapped her fingers around his meat and pulled it out through the opening. Ted gasped faintly and put his arm around her as she kneaded and caressed his dick.

"Help me," she whispered as she took her hand from his prick and started shrugging from her coat.

He held the shoulders for her as she pulled her arms from it, then she pushed it back into to the seat and rested against him, feeling for his cock. Her fingers poisoned around it, stroking up and down its swollen shaft.

Ted put his arm around the strange woman, feeling her soft, warm flesh through the clinging dress she wore. "Would you like to go somewhere?" he said, putting his lips close to her ear. "We could get a room."

She didn't look up as she slowly shook her head.

"Have to get back home... husband will be in, find I'm gone... can't stay long."

"But there's not much we can do here, like this."

She turned her face and smiled at him. She was indeed beautiful, with smooth features enhanced to perfection by her makeup. But more than that, Ted saw the lust in her eyes. They shone like deep pools with the joy of what she was doing and the anticipation of what she was going to do.

Her hands moved to the back of her dress, and she pulled the zipper down to her waist and fumbled with the hook on her bra. The flimsy garment came loose, and she pulled her dress away from her as she lifted one of his hands and slid it down the front of her dress, pressing it to one of her naked tits.

Ted cupped her breast in his hand, squeezing and feeling it, and a warm cloud of mounting sensual excitement spread over him as she leaned forward.

Her head was against his belly and Ted could feel her hot breath on the head of his cock. She took his throbbing meat in both hands and began stroking it up and down. His huge shaft swelled immediately to it's full, incredible size.

"My God," the woman whispered, "this is the biggest cock I've ever felt!"

He leaned down to her ear. "It would feel fantastic in your pussy."

"Can't," she mumbled, "even though I'd love to!"

She dug back in his pants for his balls. Ted unfastened his belt and slid his pants down to his knees. She eagerly cupped his balls in one hand and squeezed them firmly as she stroked his huge cock with her other hand.

Ted moved his hand to her other tit, loving the velvet feel of the mound of flesh in his palm. His breath came in quick gasps, her playing with his cock and balls gradually working him toward a state of frenzied sexual excitement. He could feel her lips touch his cock.

He became absolutely motionless in the seat, holding his breath as every muscle in his body tensed with anticipation. Then her full, soft lips were kissing the bulbous head of his prick. The sensation was fantastic, and his breath came in hoarse gasps as he raised his hips off the seat, pushing his cock toward her mouth.

He could feel the dampness of the tip of her tongue against the head, then the warm pressure of her lips were against it again, kissing it. Her hands continued to massage his balls and the thick, throbbing shaft of his cock as she kissed the head of it. Ted could hardly bear the anticipation of feeling his cock in her hot, damp mouth.

Then he could wait no longer. He wriggled his hand out of the front of her dress and took her head between his hands. Carefully, he curled his fingers in her hair and forced her head down, down over his bloated prick.

"Suck it, baby, suck it," he whispered hoarsely. Every muscle in his body quivered with tension as his cock slid easily between her soft lips and into the liquid warmth of her mouth.

"Owwww, yes, yes," he hissed, "take more, more! Take the whole fucking joint down your throat!"

He pressed her head down harder and lifted his hips from the cushion as the thick shaft of his cockmeat was at the back of her throat. She gagged, her mouth stuffed with the swollen shaft.

She remained passive and unmoving as he slid his cock into her, then when the head of it touched the back of her throat she squeezed his balls with a pressure that was just short of painful. She tightened her mouth around his cock, pressing it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Ted took his hands away from her face and put one arm around her slender back, feeling the soft skin, then easing his other hand down the front of her dress again to feel her tits. He glanced briefly up at the movie screen, but what was happening to him was far more bizarre and erotic, and he quickly returned his attention, to the strange woman in his lap.

She held the base of his cock with one hand and continued squeezing his balls firmly with the other as she moved her head slightly from side to side, sucking hungrily on his big dick. Then she slowly pulled her head back up, letting his meat slide from her mouth a fraction of an inch at a time. She wrapped her tongue around the head and lapped at it damply as it slid from her mouth.

She stiffened her tongue and drove the tip of it into tile tiny slit at the tip. Then she stuck her tongue far out and wrapped it wound the head of his cock again, laying it wanly with her saliva. His prick was quivering and jerking wildly; she kissed around the head, then opened her mouth wide again, taking it between her lips. Then she pushed her head down until it was once more at the back of her throat.

Ted could feel the edges of her teeth and the contours inside her mouth as she began moving her head up and down in a slow rhythm, sucking his huge cock eagerly and building the sensations racing through him toward a climax.

The warm, numbing haze of coming gripped him as her hot, damp mouth enveloped his dick. He bent over her, kissing the satiny skin on her smooth back and feeling her firm tits with both hands.

"God, that's good!" he gasped. "But I need to come in your pussy!"

She raised her head, cupping the head of his cock in her hand and fondling it as she looked up at him. Her chin was damp and shiny with saliva that had run from the corners of her mouth. "Can't, can't let you do that, but you can come in my mouth... come in my mouth, and I'll swallow it."

"You don't mind?"

She smiled, shaking her head. "That's what I want. I want you to come in my mouth so I can drink it."

The sight of her beautiful face looking up at him and the feel of her hands on his cock and balls made the passions within him swell, hot and fiery. He pushed her head down toward his cock again. The sensations roared through him, making his breath come in quick gasps and making his muscles tremble as he felt her warm breath of his throbbing prick. Then her lips were round it again and his cock was gliding into her hot, damp mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down as she fucked herself in the mouth and throat with his cock, sucking at it and rolling her tongue lovingly around it. She pushed her hand deep between his legs, touching the edge of his asshole with her fingertips, then dragging her hand back up to cup his aching balls.

Ted tried to relax in the seat, looking down at her head bobbing up and down as he fondled and kneaded her breasts. She edged his trousers farther down and dragged the tips of her fingers back and forth along his thighs, making the muscles quiver in response to her caresses.

The cum began gathering inside him, gradually forming into a pressure which ached to escape.

Her head moved up and down with a gradually increasing pace, and the saliva running from her mouth trickled down his cock, dampening the hair around the base of it. Damp, moist sucking sounds escaped from her throat, and she whimpered softly as she greedily bobbed up and down on the massive shaft.

Then, suddenly, the pressure of the cum in his balls was overwhelming. Ted ground his teeth together, every muscle in his body straining to hold it back. The woman sensed the struggle taking place within him and her head began moving rapidly up and down as she pressed his cock tightly in her mouth, sucking to draw the precious cum out of it. The dark theater seemed to swim around him as the pressure became intense, a swelling that seemed to be tearing him apart. Then it broke loose.

Ted bit his lip to keep from screaming as the cum erupted from the end of his cock. He could hear her gulping and feel the muscles in her throat convulsing as the hot, thick streams of his cum poured into her mouth.

Then, at last, it was over, and Ted sagged back against the seat. The woman kept sucking, determined to get every last drop of his salty jism. She rolled his prick back and forth in her mouth until the head of it ached.

"God," he cried, leaning close to her ear, "I'd like to suck you like that! I'd like to suck your tits light out through your cunt!"

She kissed her way up his belly until she was looking into his eyes in the dim light from the screen. "I wish you could, darling. And I would really love to have that beautiful thing rammed up me! But I just don't have time!"

"How much time do you have?" Ted urged. "I live close to here."

She seemed to be wavering.

"I'll do anything you want to," he continued.

"Are you married?"

"Separated. My wife took off."

"And left this? She was crazy!"

"She liked variety. I have a daughter, but she sleeps like a log. Just an hour... what do you say?"

"Well... maybe, just for an hour."

"I'm Ted."


"Let's go!"

Chapter FOUR

Carrie was dreaming. In her dream a hard, thick cock was skewering her cunt. She couldn't see who the cock belonged to, but it felt so good that she knew it must be her father's. The dream was so real that she could hear herself screaming, "Suck it, yesssss, oh God, yes... SUCK MY CUNT!"

But wait. She was getting fucked, not sucked.

Then Carrie heard the voice again and she came awake with a start, her nightie sticking to her naked, sweat-soaked skin.

Again the screaming voice: "Suck me, suck me, baby... suck my CUNT!"

It wasn't a dream. It was real, and it was coming from her father's room. Carrie jumped to her knees on the bed and pressed her ear against the thin wall. What she heard was like a dark memory coming back to her. Often she had heard her mother and father fucking through that very same wall.

"Oh, Ted, darling, like that! Yessss, like that! Stick your tongue way up my cunt like that."

It was a strange woman's voice, a voice Carrie had never heard before. And then came sounds of bodies squirming on the bed and the soft creaking of the springs.

"Oh God, Ted, I'm SO glad I said yes! Suck me! SUCK MY CUNT! Oh shit, I can hardly stand it, it's so fucking good!"

Carrie squeezed her eyes tightly shut, as though she could block out the images rioting in her mind. The picture of a strange woman nakedly thrusting her hips upward, pushing her straining cunt higher and higher against the lapping, sucking, wet mouth of her father.

Tears came now, streaking down Carrie's soft cheeks.

"I have to fuck you now... I can't wait any longer! Jesus, your pussy tastes so good!"

"Then do it, darling, fuck me! Slip that beautiful hunk of meat inside my pussy and fuck me!"

There was a loud bang directly against the wall, and Carrie jumped back. A loud wail of ecstasy came through the wall, and Carrie slid down on the bed, her eyes open, staring sightiessly into the dark room.

Me, me! Carrie cried soundlessly. It should be me! I should be in there loving him! Who is this woman? How dare she come into our house and take my place!

There was a steady knocking and banging against the wall now, and the strain was getting to be too much. Carrie sat despondently on the bed, feeling a desperation welling up within her. She wanted to be held tightly, protectively in his arms, to feel his muscular body pressed against hers, to know that he would always belong to her. She felt sad and angry at the same time, and it was the most terrible feeling she had ever known.

She cupped her hands under her breasts, flushing and perspiring there in the darkness. Her ears filled with the obscene sounds coming from the next room. She felt a surging thrill mounting in each fill breast as she reached beneath her short nightgown and touched her nipples, beginning to twist their berry shapes until erotic sensations raced through them, spreading to every part of her body.

"Ohhhh, I need it," she whimpered softly, "I need it so bad!" She was embarrassed by the sound of her own voice, and she stopped her moving fingers on her tensed, swollen breasts only for a moment. Then she started again.

The bumping and scraping against the wall had momentarily stopped, and Carrie visualized them in there, naked bodies pressed tightly and hotly together, the woman's thighs spread wide as her father lay between them.

Carrie lay back on the pillows, pulling her gown all the way up so that it formed a ring above her heaving breasts. Beat seemed to permeate her body as the cool smooth sheets of the bed touched her naked buttocks and back. She lifted her legs a little, bending her knees and keeping just her feet planted on the bed. A coolness rushed down between her quivering thighs, and she shuddered.

Wave after wave of sensuality began a path through the core of her pussy, and she twisted and turned, moaning softly in the grasp of the desire mounting within her belly. She wasn't touching herself at all now, her arms flat against her sides, her fingers clenching and unclenching against her palms. She was beginning to imagine her father's lust-hardened prick heaving up into her, parting the softness of her pussy.

"Oooohhh!" she moaned as one hand moved to her rapidly moistening pussy. Her other hand went to her tits, massaging with a sure, steady motion. The young girl's fingers parted the soft wet curls of pussy hair and slipped into the shallow crevice that housed her tiny clitoris.

Suddenly the slamming and banging from the next room started up again. The bedsprings on her father's bed squeaked horribly.

"Like this? And this? Or do you like it like this?"

"Aaaaahhh, ohhh shit, yessss, like that!"

Carrie moaned, listening with all her soul to the agonizing sounds. "Oh, Daddy, I wish... oh, how I wish..." Her hands became her father's groping hands, as she tickled and caressed her swelling pink clitoris, making it rise like a tiny cock, reddened and ready to explode.

Her back was arched as the heat flooded her streaming cunt. Her head rolled from side to side, her face contorted with the strength of her emotion. Her eyes tightly clenched shut, it was her father making love to her, his weight pressing on her, his surging cock filling her, stretching the walls of her cunt wide apart.

Then the sounds stopped in the other room. But the fire didn't stop in her own belly. Fearing that they might hear her, as she had heard them, Carrie jumped from her bed and ran into the bathroom.

Finding her clit and flicking the tip of her finger back and forth over it, she soon had her cunt hot again. Leaning against the shower door, oblivious to everything except the sensations she was setting off in her pussy, she allowed her fingers to move faster and faster.

"Oh shit," she moaned, "come, come, come, COME!"

Faster and faster she moved her fingers, and suddenly she felt the blinding explosions bursting inside her head. Eyes tightly shut, breathing labored, she almost fell to the floor. She grabbed the seat of the john with her free hand to steady herself.

Then it was over, and for a moment Carrie was sure she was depraved. Breathing hard, she stumbled back to her own bed.

Just as she was pulling the covers up over her naked body, she heard the front door slam and her father's feet padding back up the stairs.

As he passed her door, Carrie couldn't resist calling out to him. "Daddy, are you up?"

His head popped through the door. "I was just hungry, baby," he lied. "Oh, I thought I beard someone else."

"No, honey, go on back to sleep. Tomorrow's Saturday. We'll go to the beach, okay?"


"You all right?"

"Yes, Daddy, I'm fine," Carrie said, and added under her breath, "now!"

The sun was blazing across the sand and Ted had to shield his eyes from the glare in order to see Carrie and her friend, Beth, romping through the shallow water in their skimpy bikinis.

Ted had really wanted to be alone with Carrie that afternoon, out of guilt, he supposed, for bringing that woman home with him. But, when Beth had called and suggested they come to her folks' beach house to swim, Ted had agreed.

Beth's parents were away for the weekend and she had told Carrie she was lonesome and would welcome the company. Now, as Ted watched the two youthful girls romp in the water, he felt even guiltier about his previous night's indiscretion.

But, as always, he felt his cock quiver in his tight trunks as he watched Carrie's petite, yet full-figured, body bounce as she ran.

Beth, two years older than Carrie, was much more womanly than Ted's daughter. Watching her move began to make his cock swell.

Then the two girls were rushing up the beach toward him, their tits bouncing delightfully in the skimpy halters. Beth was a tall, voluptuous brunette. She seemed to have a gift for projecting her warm personality, which was contagious when she laughed or smiled. Her figure was perfectly proportioned, with the height and slenderness of a fashion model, but with full breasts and soft, flowing hips. Beneath the skimpy bikini her tits swayed provocatively with each movement of her body.

"We're going up to the house for a drink, Daddy. Want to come?"

"I'll be up in a minute, honey," Ted replied, keeping his eyes averted as much as possible from all the beautiful young flesh.

"Okay, Mr. Fuller," Beth said, her voice as mature as her body. "But please feel free in the house!"

"Sure, Beth. You two run along."

The girls moved away.

"Damn, Carrie, your old man is handsome as hell, you know that?"

"Oh, I know it, all right," Carrie replied. "I wish he weren't my father!"

"You mean that?"

"Yes, I mean it. I almost fucked Mike the other night, but he's such a boy, I thought it would be a waste of time!"

"Yeah, I know," the tall girl said. "I've just about given up on boys my own age. Older men are much better."

"C'mon, let's hurry," Carrie giggled. "We can take a shower together and play with each other's tits!"

Ted stayed another hour on the beach, checking out the passing parade of female flesh. Some of the women gave him longing stares, but none of them could compare to his daughter or her friend.

At last he folded everything into a beach towel and headed for the house. "Kids!" he called as entered the living room.

Beth's voice came to him from somewhere at the top of the stairs. "Carrie went to the store for some sandwich stuff, Mr. Fuller. Do you want to take a shower?"

"That would be great," Ted said, bounding up the stain.

"In here."

Ted followed the sound of the girl's voice. "A shower will feel great after all that sun," he said, entering a bedroom.

Beth was wearing a flowered sundress that reached halfway down her suntanned thighs. She was lounging on the bed in such a way that Ted could see all the way to her dark crotch at the vee of her brown thighs.

"You can use my bath," she purred, spreading her legs just the slightest bit more so that she was sure that Ted would be able to see high up beneath her loose-fitting dress. She smiled to herself as she watched him stare for a long time, his face turning beet red.

He was finally able to pull his eyes away and trip into the shower. The water took away the heat in his cock so that he actually forgot Beth was in the bedroom. He emerged from the bath with just a towel draped around his muscular body.

She was still lounging on the bed. The sundress had drifted clear up to her waist, completely exposing the rich brown fur of her pussy. From the way she looked at the bulge under his towel, there was no doubt what was on her mind.

Ted couldn't resist. She was just too young and too beautiful.

He approached the bed, knowing that what they were doing was wrong, but not caring at that point.

Beth smiled up at him, her intent showing in her eyes. "I dig older men, you khow."

"How much?" Ted asked, trying to still the shaking in his knees.

"I'll show you," Beth answered, reaching up and gently parting the towel that covered his hairy groin. "My God, you're hung!" she gasped when his massive cock popped into view. "But, ya know, for some reason I was sure you would be." She reached out and stroked the naked, jerking rod. She handled his meat with an ease that Ted could only assume had come from long practice.

He looked down at her his mouth gaping from shock as she expertly manipulated the hardening length of his prick.

"May I suck your cock?" she purred, her fingers clasping around the massive tool and drawing it toward her warm lips. "I love to suck cock!"

Ted's rising prick gave an excited lurch in the young girl's hand, and he watched her bend aver, her head moving lower and lower as her tongue moved out to lick wetly at his flesh. He could feel crazy sensations racing through his body as the girl grasped his throbbing cock between her fingers, drawing back the foreskin. She continued the gentle skinning back and forth over his hardening cock.

"Feel good?" she gurgled, licking up and down the glistening shaft. She pushed inward with her arms and spread his legs still wider as he stood before her. She opened her lips and breathed softly over the bulbous cockhead, blowing warm air into the tiny slit at the tip. "Well?" she cooed. "Don't you want me to suck your dick?"

"Yes, yes, dammit!"

Just as he spoke, the tip of the young girl's tongue circled the smooth, rubbery head of his cock. He groaned as she placed her other hand at the thick base of his prick where it speared upward from his groin. He reached down and tangled, his hands in the girl's thick hair. He thrust his cock inward with the strength of a bull. The thick spongy head rammed inside, crushing though her hot lips and between her teeth. It ran the full length of her tongue and embedded itself at the entrance of her throat.

When he had first entered the room, seen Beth's cunt, and sized up the situation, Ted had thought briefly about Carrie. What if she should return and find them?

But now, with the beautiful young girl's mouth around his meat, all thoughts of his daughter passed from his mind. He could only concentrate on the intense sensation of Beth's lips as they moved hotly all around his big prick.

"Jesus, you're good," he hissed suddenly. "Suck harder, Beth, suck my prick harder!"

His voice was coarse and thick with passion as he began to command the young girl, instructing her as to just how he wanted it. Beth sucked like a demon, swishing her tongue with a vengeance around and around the throbbing head, sliding it in and out of her tight lips.

She was like a wild woman, her head bobbing and bouncing up and down as she heard the hoarse sounds of release that were coming from his throat. He bucked wildly against her, and then suddenly he released his cum between her hungrily sucking lips, pumping it out until it ran from the edges of her lips in sticky white trails that dribbled obscenely over her chin.

When it was over, Beth wiped her lips and looked happily up at him. "Like it?" she asked.

"Does the sun come up every morning?" he replied.

"You want some more?"

"Carrie might come back," he said.

"She never left," Beth said, inclining her head toward the open bedroom door.

Chapter FIVE

Two weeks of near silence went by between Ted and his beautiful young daughter. During that time their mutual desires and frustrations built to the breaking point.

It all came to a head in a strange yet simple way.

Ted called home and told Carrie that he would be home late. He had some extra work at the office, he said. What he really meant to do was return to the whore, Natalie.

But he couldn't do it. So he got drunk instead. But Carrie was primed for him when he got home. She was determined that she would seduce him. Ever since she had watched her friend, Beth, suck his huge, beautiful cock, Carrie had thought of nothing else but getting him to fuck her with it.

But again she was disappointed. Her father stumbled into the house, right past her, and went immediately to his own bedroom.

Half in anger and half in frustration, the young blonde ran to the refrigerator and selected a huge cucumber.

Back in her bedroom, she threw herself across the bed in determination. One way or an other, she was going to end her virgin state.

She concentrated on the feel of the object in her right hand and gasped as she let it hover above her widespread cuntal lips. Slowly she brought it to her quivering pussy, where the cold, hard tip sent a chill of shock through her. Its blunt end caressed the lips or her feverish cunt, and her shock rapidly turned into a thrill at what she was doing. She grunted and pushed the hard vegetable inward.

The gown she was wearing fell midway across her jiggling breasts in a crumpled mass as the blunt end of the cucumber became moistened by her cuntal juices. With her left hand, Carrie reached awkwardly between her widespread legs and parted the tiny petal-like pussy lips wider still. Then the cucumber slid a little way in and stopped.

"OH MY GOD!" she cried.

The fake cock lay hard just inside her cuntlips. She could feel its blunt tip against her cherry.

Now, do it now! her mind screamed.

She jammed hard with the heel of her hand and arched her back with the pain.

But still it wouldn't enter her far enough. She tried to relax the tight circular ring of muscles inside her straining pussy and opened her thighs to accommodate the girth of the cucumber.

And then, suddenly, her maidenhead popped with a searing burst of pain that cracked her whole body. She bit her lip and cried out. Tears stained her cheeks, and her tits shook with effort.

But it was in. She was fucking herself!

Slowly, she moved her hand back and forth. The cucumber began to slide inside her greasy cuntal walls. Quickly the pain diminished and turned to pleasure. It created the strangest, but most pleasure-filled sensation of friction that Carrie had ever known. It moved along the sides of her young cunt as she pushed steadily upwards, letting the enormous fake cock slide to the very end of her stretched cunt. She lifted her trembling buttocks up from the bed and felt the huge cucumber touching the very end, pressing hard and no longer cold, pushing against the entrance to her womb.

It felt wonderful, better than anything she had imagined. And it would have been completely satisfying if it had been real, but it wasn't. She was very aware of the fact that she was only making love to her self because her father wouldn't.

She began to respond more and more to the fantastic feeling of the firm vegetable buried deep inside her trembling, hot pussy. Her clutching fingers pushed it in with all the strength she could muster and she gave a loud grunt at the impact and began to rotate her hips upward, screwing herself to meet her own thrusts with the make-believe cock. She bucked and jumped wildly around on the bed, crooning to herself as her hands worked feverishly, pushing the rock-hard vegetable farther and farther in.

Carrie thought as though she were losing her mind, unaware that she was hurting herself, only wanting to feel more and more of it, to attain the release of orgasm she had been denied for so long. Loud grunts and groans escaped from her twisted lips and her teeth bit softly down on her tongue. Deep in her writhing belly, she could feel a curious mixture of pain and stimulation combined with a feeling of guilt that was rapidly being replaced by a satisfaction with her own inventiveness. Her own wantonness.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!" she began to chant in a wild voice.

Her mind reeled. She fantasized that the huge cudgel reaming her tender cunt was her father's long, thick cock.

She imagined his body rubbing lewdly against hers as he rammed his cock in and out of her hot pussy. She began to make short, jerky motions, murmuring incoherently and gasping, choking out her father's name as tears spurted from her eyes at the excruciating pleasure coming from the battering that her sex-starved little pussy was receiving far up between its tautly stretched lips.

The tormented young girl half hoped that her father would come into the room, and find her so lewdly spread-eagled on the bed. That he would come in and take the cucumber from between her legs and climb on top of her and place his hard cock into her desperate pussy.

Her naked breasts heaved and bounced, her hair tangling in long blonde swirls around her head and shoulders. A great pressure was building hr her cunt, and she could think of nothing but the agonizing fury of pleasure bursting inside of her.

"DADDY... DADDY... DADDY!" she screamed, unable to contain herself any longer. "FUCK ME! Ohhhh, fuck me harder, faster! OH, FUCK ME GOOD!"

The rigid thing between her legs seemed to be bigger and harder with each long thrust she gave it. She was babbling loudly now, her body trembling all over from the emotion and the effort of bet nervous hands on the plunging instrument.

"MORE! NOW... NOW... NOW!" she babbled as the knobby cucumber dug into her pussy flesh. It seemed to fill the whole of her belly with its presence.

Then, as if someone had ignited a spark high up inside her hotly pulsating cunt, every inch of her writhing body was afire. She felt the heat consuming her. It raged on out of control, spreading and creating a bright flame of ecstasy. Blood was rushing from her head to her convulsing cunt, leaving her dizzy and giddy with fulfillment.

It was building and building, almost overwhelming. Then it was all pure bliss, and she felt herself soaring.


And, in the adjacent bedroom, Ted stumbled groggily from his bed. He couldn't decipher the ravings from his daughter. He thought that she was calling to him for help. Without even donning a robe, he lurched into her room and gasped at what he saw.

Carrie could feel the heated wetness seeping from within her and streaming down the huge artificial cock. It trickled slowly down the soft outer crevice of her wildly clenching buttocks.

She looked up between her legs to see her naked father standing in the doorway. His long, hose-like cock was already starting to swell at the sight of his daughter's naked body.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm sorry!" Carrie cried. "But I needed it so bad. I needed to be fucked so bad!"

"Carrie, baby," Ted said. And, as if her dream were coming true, he moved to the bed and gently pulled the cucumber from her cunt. "I'll take care of you, baby."

"Will you, Daddy? Please, will you? Will you fuck me?"

By the time Ted moved in beside her on the bed, his cock was raging, fully hard. It waved like a huge spear in the hair above his hairy groin.

Carrie gasped at it in awe, a frightening thrill of lustful fascination shuddering through her body. The bulbous, purple head protruding from its heavy foreskin, the veins pulsing along the massive shaft, fascinated Carrie. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Her eyes feasted greedily on the bloated sac of his balls hanging between his thighs.

"Are you sure, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy, oh yes, I'm sure! Do you want me to suck it like Beth did?"

He reached for her and she bolted into his arms, hot and smelling of aroused cunt. It struck him that his own daughter was one of those women who, as soon as a man touched her seemed to melt into a package of voluptuous passion, trembling and whimpering with sensual excitement. He felt her soft young body quivering against him, her lips murmuring against his hairy chest. He felt her naked breasts with their pointed little nipples digging hard into his flesh.

"Oh, oh, oh," she gurgled as his exploring hands coursed in a long, quick caress over her back, tracing his fingertips up her spine and moving them around to feel her lushly thrusting breasts yield beneath the cupping of his eager hands. He squeezed them and not too gently, then massaged their pebble-hard tips with almost sadistic pinching harshness.

"Oh, Daddy!" Carrie gasped, trembling against him. She squirmed until her soft belly had snuggled against his throbbing cock. Then she undulated her hips hard against his swollen hunk of meat. "Don't be gentle with me, Daddy. Fuck me hard! Fuck me like I heard you fuck that woman in your bedroom the other night!"

"Then you were awake?"

"Yes. I heard everything. I heard her beg you to eat her pussy and then beg for you to fuck her with your big cock! I wanted to come in there and jump in bed with both of you... I wanted to watch you fuck her!"

"Jesus!" Ted gasped, amazed at her words.

His breathing harsh and wheezy, he cupped the supple mounds of her asscheeks, reveling in their softness as he raised them up his body until he could move his fingers between her thighs from behind into the sensitive flesh of her steaming cunt.

"Oh God! Oh, Daddy!" Carrie gasped up at him, pulling his face down to crush her fevered lips against his. Her tongue raced into his mouth, tiny whimpers coming from her as she writhed wildly against him.

And then she was winding the smooth firmness of her strong young legs around him while his fingers played in the hot crevice, splitting the sensitive flesh of her down-covered cunt.

Her hand worked down between them to his iron-hard cock. She tried to encircle her small hand all the way around the throbbing shaft, but it was too thick and long. She began to stroke it gently, then harder, her panting breath like fire in his mouth as she squeezed his rigid prick until her half-circling hand was tightly throttling its blood-filled hardness.

Jesus, his own daughter was a lust-crazed little savage! Ted thought, feeling the flow of warm cuntal moisture dribbling down over his fingers from between her hotly splayed pussy lips. He raised her body higher up while she clung to his aching cock with both hands, and he drew his middle finger enticingly back through the damp furrow separating her widespread asscheeks to the tiny pulsing anus.

"Oh, that feels so good, Daddy, so dirty! I want to be dirty with you! I want to fuck you, to suck you! I want to do everything with you!"

Suddenly, Carrie placed the tip of his prick against the nibbling wet mouth of her squirming cunt. Groaning, she wriggled her hips downward to capture his thick shaft so that it inched up into the slippery walls of her tight cuntal sheath.

"OH YESSSSS! Oh, Daddy, your cock is so big and so hard! It feels so good in my little pussy! It fills me up so fucking good!"

Ted swore as her cunt flesh molded like a vise around his huge prick. "You want cock, baby, I'll give you cock," he rasped, flicking his hips to spear a few more inches of long, thick meat up into her cunt's clutching heat.

Carrie winced and gritted her teeth while her nails dug into the hard flesh of his muscular arms and shoulders; then they clutched handfuls of the body hair which covered every inch of his enormous frame.

"Oh, oh, oh... slow, Daddy! Oh, my God, I love it... I love your cock!" She waved her saturated cunt frantically to widen her tight passage greedily around his invading prick; there was still more and she wanted it. She had to have all of its burning meat plundering the depths of her inflamed pussy. "Hold still just a minute," she gasped, raising her hips and buttocks upward in spasmodic jerks, skewering his cock bit by bit up into her stretching pussy hole.

But Ted couldn't hold still even for a second. His hips and pelvis did a lurching dance of their own in accompaniment to hers, a grinding that wedged his cock shaft deeper up into the seething flesh that seemed to be pulling at his cum-laden balls.

Carrie's body never stopped its twitching and writhing. Her neck strained as her nostrils flared. A film of light perspiration oozed onto her forehead underneath the tangled fringe of her blonde hair.

She let out a sigh when she felt his balls finally brush against the spread globes of her creamy asscheeks.

"Oh, Daddy, have I got it all? Do I have all your cock in my pussy?"

"Yes, baby, you've got it all. Every inch of cock I can give you."

"Beautiful," she sighed. "Now, fuck me! FUCK THE HELL OUT OF MEEEEEE!"

Chapter SIX

And just one fuck that night wasn't enough for Carrie. Once her cunt had tasted her father's huge, meaty cock, it wanted more -- and in more ways.

When Ted finally came, Carrie bounded from the bed and into the shower. "I want more, Daddy. I want to do it all! My pussy is all nice and washed now. Will you eat me like you ate that woman?"

He laughed. "You're a minx, you know that?"

"What's a minx?"

"Minx love to fuck."

"Then I'm a minx! Eat my pussy... please?"

He started with her tits. He reached forward and fondled the luscious melons. They were thrusting and round and firm. He tweaked at the pink nipples and felt them hardening under his fingers. Bending low, he began sucking his daughter's tits.

"Oh, good, Daddy, good! Your mouth feels so good on my titties!"

He fondled them, cupping first one tit and then the other. He drew them into his ravenous mouth, sucking hard at the swollen nipples. What was happening between them was wrong, and Ted knew it. But he also knew he wouldn't be able to stop it.

Carrie moaned and stroked his hair as he nuzzled her breasts. She offered her young tits to him eagerly, and thrills of passion coursed through her body with each lick of his tongue and nip of his teeth. She also knew that what they were doing was wrong. But she, too, was powerless to stop it.

Ted crawled to the foot of the bed, his huge prick, already swollen again, bouncing between his baby legs. His mouth opened, his tongue flicked out, and he began licking his way upward, starting at her ankles. He kissed his way along her calves, then licked and felt his way up to her pink, creamy thighs.

He swabbed his tongue all around the tender flesh, then, ever so slowly, he worked his face upward. Gently, he eased his tongue toward the adorable, tiny crack that nestled in the midst of her blonde fur.

Then his face was against her pussy and his tongue was wildly reaming the juicy lips. He tongue-fucked her pussy with all the strength in his jaws as she writhed and hunched her cunt up to his mouth.

"Ohhhhh, yes, oh yes, Daddy! I love it, I love it like that! Now kiss me! Lick my pussy hard! Ohlihhh!"

"Juicy, juicy, hot pussy," Ted sighed as he scooped the seething juices from her hot hole into his mouth.

"You like fucking me, don't you, Daddy?"

"Oh yes, God, I like it. I love it! Your pussy is sweet, baby, so fucking sweet!"

"Turn around, Daddy; I want to taste your cock while you suck me."

Ted willingly whirled around on the bed. Carrie reached out and dragged her father's massive pole to her lips. He lunged as he felt the warmth of her mouth surround the head of his dick. At the same time, he again jammed his head down to the juice-flowing slit of his daughter's beautiful cunt.

Her father's cock felt even bigger in her mouth than it had in her pussy. Wider and wider she placed her mouth around the lunging prick as the room filled with the sound of his sucking, slurping mouth on her climaxing pussy.

She loved the masculine, tangy taste of his pre-cum juice mingling with her own lubricating juices. She moved her warm, wet tongue all over the throbbing staff, brushing along its base and wide underside to its ridge, sticky and protruding from the thick foreskin. Then she washed and played with it with caressing, lapping strokes.

Her head rested on his inner leg as she teased her tongue into the tiny slit in his smooth, bloated cockhead. Then she returned to its base and the hair-covered sac of his balls, the wiry hairs tickling her chin and lips as her saliva dribbled down his testicles.

She took hold of the massive cock with one hand and stroked it hard up and down up and down as she coated his balls with sweeps of her tongue. Ted groaned and raised his leg, enabling her to bend over him more fully, her legs on either side of him, her widespread cunt mashed into his face. Her hand continued to squeeze and jerk at his prick, the beat making him squirm and lift his legs, exposing his puckered asshole.

Lust coursed through Carrie as she looked at his asshole. She painted his inner thighs with hot saliva, then stiffened her tongue and rammed it into the quivering sphincter of his rectum.

Her pussy was on fire with the stabbing lashes of his tongue on her clit. She was wild with frenzy, the sensations churning her belly and loins, driving her headlong to a crashing climax.

God, she had to come with his giant cock in her mouth, with her cheeks bloating with his tangy cum, to suck him dry. Quickly, she trailed her tongue back over his churning testicles and along his heavy, purplish shaft to its pulsating head. Then she slipped her lips down over his cockhead.

Ted drove into her cunt with his thrusting tongue, giving himself up completely to the wantonness of this beautiful child. All thoughts of the sinfulness of their situation were blotted from his mind. She was the best fuck he had ever had, and that's all that mattered to him...

And Carrie was showing neither remorse nor the slightest hesitation. Now he knew why she had moved around the house nearly naked so often, with her tits jiggling proudly, enticing him.

She had wanted them to fuck together for a long, long time!

Ted could feel his swollen cock flowing along the roof of her mouth. A moan began to build deep within his chest. He breathed hard and blew into her, the cheeks of her ass clenching, then relaxing in front of his face. He spread her cunt wider, pushing his mouth hard against the wetness of her vaginal slit. He drew her over him, so that her pulsing, soft pussy was sunk deep around his nose and lips. Holding her tight around the buttocks, he thrust his thick tongue between the fleshy folds. He heard her gasp and felt her renew her sucking on his jerking cock.

She jerked forward with his hot contact, screwing herself down on him harder. Her cunt contracted, opening and closing around his tongue until he had a hard time breathing. Then he spread her still wider with his palms and began to curl and flick his tongue at her creamy ass. He sucked and licked while she wildly gyrated her ass over his face, almost out of control.

Her cunt flowered open even wider, her juices cascading down her legs and his chin as he sucked hungrily on her stretched cunt hole. He could feel her muscles contract around his head and cheeks as he sucked, his tongue making wet sluicing sounds as it burrowed deeper and deeper into her cunt with each frenzied thrust. His nostrils were filled with the erotic scent of her juices.

He lifted his slashing tongue from her slick pussy and moved to the pink ring of her asshole, rimming the crinkled edge and darting inside her anal passage with stabbing thrusts. Then he returned, licking the softly throbbing cuntlips, plunging into the pulpy flesh to tease her erect little clitoris. He sucked and nibbled at it with a fury, his teeth biting hard, his tongue reaming the little button of love while she churned and writhed above him.

She was almost ready to come. He could feel it.

He rammed his tongue deep around her writhing hole, suctioning his mouth over the seething opening. Her soft warm thighs clenched around his head. She snaked her heels against his shoulders and frantically rubbed her clit against his face. Her muscles stood out all along her body and she pulled savagely on his cock, threatening to yank his aching balls right out through his prick-head.

Then suddenly she stiffened. "AAAAGGGHHHH! I'm... I'm going to... AAAARRGGGHHH!"

Her whole being seemed to explode over him, and he could no longer hold back his own climax. My God, he thought crazily as the rush of sperm began to burst through the tube, it's never been this good before!

"Daddy... DADDY, I'M COMING!" Carrie screamed. "Please... shoot yours in my mouth at the same time!"

She was like a bucking horse as she strained to climax. She began to twist and wrench herself wantonly, her teeth biting his cock like a dog chewing a bone. The juices of her cunt flowed, and she arched her back and bucked wildly, her body trembling uncontrollably. Torrents of cunt juice spread their sticky warmth over his face and down his cheeks, until she grunted the last of her orgasm, her muscles still heaving spasmodically. He could still feel her in-and-out movements as she suddenly thrust her mouth over his cock, taking it to its hilt as his molten cum shot into her throat.

Her head bobbed furiously over his shaft as she sucked the hot jets of his jismn hungrily, her mouth salivating as though his cum were the very essence of life. She felt him jerk and groan beneath her as he rammed his prick yet deeper in her throat. His cock continued the pulsating jerks of his come, his searing jism filling her belly.

She groaned as she sucked, and she clasped her lips in a tight ring around the jumping prick so as not to lose one precious drop of cum. She twirled her tongue around the throbbing head to make room for the seemingly endless torrent until she thought his balls were bottomless wells.

His groans of pleasure incited her to greater effort, and then, with one final spewing, his cock began to slowly deflate in her mouth. She waited a moment, hoping for more, then lifted her head, his prick sliding from her glistening lips with a wet sucking sound. She turned and smiled at him. He grinned contentedly in return. A trail of semen dribbled down her lips and chin, dropping like a thick white spider web to his belly.

"How soon can we do it again, Daddy? I want it in my pussy again."

Through the weeks that remained of the summer, it seemed that Ted Fuller had a constant hard-on and his daughter's cunt was constantly flowering open to receive it.

Each night on the drive home from the office, Carrie was on his mind every minute. Driving along, he could picture her wanton eyes, her long blonde hair, her hungry cunt.

Carrie started wearing nothing around the house but a cocktail apron. She would meet Ted in the front hall with a wide smile, and bouncing, bare titss.

In the flick of an eye, she would have his iron-hard cock in the open and jammed up against the apron. He kept one arm around her shoulder and used the other hand to knead her rounded asscheeks. His hand dipped down to spread her cuntlips.

They were always hot and ready.

"Want a drink first, Daddy? Or a fuck first?"

Off to the bedroom.

Carrie loved to watch her father take his clothes off, and he always obliged with a good show. She sat on the bed hugging her milk-white tits while he removed his shirt and tie. Then he let his pants drop to the floor. By the time Ted rid himself of his shorts, Carrie was on her back with her legs spread high in the air.

"Now, Daddy, now! Fuck my pussy with your big cock!"

He jumped on the bed between her legs as she guided his throbbing meat to her willing cunt. He jabbed until his balls thudded against her asscheeks.

Her hips began to grind. "Give it to me, Daddy! Do it! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Grabbing a handful of heaving tit, Ted began to fuck her. He pulled nearly out, felt her muscles tighten, begging for it. Then he jabbed it in to the hilt and started a barrage of thrusts. Halfway through, she screamed once, twitched, then lay back, thoroughly exhausted. She'd come.

Then dinner, a little TV, and off to bed for a little more sucking and fucking. It was a perfect life, and they both loved it.

Then one Friday night, just after dinner, the doorbell rang.

"Who can that be?" Ted asked.

"A little surprise for you, Daddy," Carrie purred, pecking him on the cheek. "See, I realize that all men like a little variety, so I decided to invite Beth over for the weekend."

Sure enough, a minute later, Carrie ushered the tall, voluptuous brunette into the living room, suitcase in hand.

"No need to be embarrassed, Mr. Fuller," the young beauty said. "Carrie's told me everything. Let's fuck."

Chapter SEVEN

"You two fuck first," Beth said. "I want to watch you and then I'll join in."

The brunette's suggestion was more than all right with Carrie. Secretly, she hoped that Beth's "joining in" would mean a little female, pussy-to-pussy fucking. She and Beth had made love to each other often, and she loved it.

As for Ted, he was amazed. Fucking his own daughter in private had been one thing, but doing it in front of another beautiful teenager was something else. But the idea was giving him a massive hard-on.

Quickly, the two of them stripped down before Beth's lustful eyes.

"Oh, Daddy, you're already hard! Hurry, put your beautiful cock in my pussy."

"Christ, you're beautiful, baby," Ted rasped, crawling into the bed beside his daughter after a quick glance at Beth.

He slid his hand down over her flat belly and cupped the scalding lips of her juicy little pussy.

"Jesus, you're hot," he breathed.

"Like a furnace," she cooed, leaning forward and grinding the damp slit of her pussy up and down his fingers. She could feel the length of his rigid dick folded up along the soft flesh of her belly.

She spread her legs wide as his hands rubbed frantically over her cunt, her ass, and the backs of her thighs. Her entire lower body was saturated with sticky juices. Over her father's shoulder Carrie could see Beth's eyes on them. The idea of fucking her father in front of her best friend drove Carrie wild.

They rotated their chests as her tits ground into him. He licked her mouth, her neck, and tongued a trail to her ear. She jerked spasmodically, chills racing down her spine.

"Put it in me," she pleaded. "Fuck me... fuck me good, Daddy, like you've never fucked me before!"

Ted rolled over until he was on top, of her. Slowly, he slid his hips down between her splayed thighs. The bulbous head of his massive cock was bobbing up and down, now and then coming to rest against the downy fur that covered her cunt.

He used his hands to excite her even more by kneading the backs of her thighs, her gleaming asscheeks, and the oozing cuntlips.

He guided his cock to her slit and eased just the tip of the head between her lips. Up and down he maneuvered his cockhead, smearing the juice from her pussy clear to her ass crease.

"Now," he teased.

"Now! Oh shit, Daddy, don't tease my pussy... fuck it!"

"Yes, yes," Beth urged from behind them, her hand beneath her panties, probing at the slit of her own burning cunt. "Hurry and fuck her! It's so exciting, I can hardly stand it!"

Ted separated his daughter's asscheeks and guided his cock between the quivering pussy lips. Just then, Beth lurched forward behind him.

"In, in, put it in her pussy!" the brunette screamed, and shoved him forward until his cock was buried to the hilt in Carrie's willing cunt.

"Oh, Daddy, you've never felt so big!" Carrie grunted at the first penetration.

Ted backed off a little and slid his hands beneath her. Gripping her ass, he lifted her slightly for a better angle. Then, with a groan of lust, he pulled her towards him. At the same time, he eased his hips forward slowly, sending his cock into the sticky cavern of her cunt.

The ecstasy of the moment caught them both. Her cunt closed around his prick like a vise. He could feel the skin on his cock stretch and roll back as he severed her tight cuntal walls.

"Oh damn, you're tight -- nice and tight!"

"Is it good for you?"

"Beautiful," he gasped, and made a final lunge forward until the hair on his groin met her erect clitoris.

They both made noises like wild animals, the inner muscles of Carrie's cunt giving way to her father's plunging cock. He began pumping slowly as she moaned with each stroke.

Lifting himself slightly, he pulled her legs to the sides, spreading them as wide as possible. He placed his hands on either side of his pumping prick, cupping a cheek in each palm, squeezing as he stroked in and out.

Carrie began arching her ass to meet his thrusts, the juice from her hole now pouring in streams.

"Daddy! I... I'm coming!" she shrieked, still arching frantically and rotating her hips.


"Yes, but don't stop! It's so good! Your cock is so good in my pussy! AAARRRGHHHH!"

The swollen lips of her cunt engulfed his cock in torrid heat. Slurping, sloshing sounds came up from between their bodies as he jabbed her cunt hole with all the power in his ass. He went up on his toes to fuck her harder. His hands still held her asscheeks. The cheeks were spread wide in invitation. Ha took it and found her asshole with an index finger.

"Yes, yes!" she cried. "Jab me there, too! Finger-fuck my asshole while your big cock brings my pussy off!"

Over her father's shoulder, Carrie could see that Beth had removed all her clothes. "Daddy, Daddy... wait!"

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Look!" Ted looked to the side Beth, now stark naked, was lying beside them on the bed. Her hands were wildly clawing at her own pussy. "Shouldn't we let Beth in on the fun?"

Ted smiled and pulled his cock from Carrie's body. He moved over until his head was poised between Beth's thighs, just above her cunt.

"I want to taste you, Beth."

"Do it! Please, lick my pussy if you want to!" the young brunette cried.

Ted lifted her straight up to his face. Her cunt scraped across his chest in passing, leaving a smeared trail of pussy juice on his flesh. The musk of her pussy drove him wild.

She arched her back slightly and he rested on his elbows. He lanced out at her upraised pussy with his hot tongue. Beth yelped as he began eating her hungrily. He licked and ate savagely, his tongue probing deeply and hotly into her velvet cavern, touching her inner walls. He fucked from asshole to cunt and back again as Beth writhed out her passion.

Carrie stared at the two of them in fascination.

Her father was literally chewing on Beth's pussy, and the girl was going crazy.

"Fuck her now, Daddy! Pour your prick up her cunt like you did to me!"

Ted leaned forward, his chest pushing against Beth's ass. He crawled on top of her and rammed his cock up her hole. He held her and rolled to his side, remaining coupled, grabbing a big breast and squeezing. Beth turned her head and kissed him passionately, trying to eat his tongue.

Holding Beth by the waist, Ted rolled onto his back and took a tit in each hand, his legs spread around hers, holding her in a locking embrace as he continued driving his rigid prick into her seething cunt. He moved his head slightly, taking a rigid nipple into his mouth, allowing his hand to explore her steaming cunt.

"Come in her, Daddy, come in her!" Carrie was screaming down at him.

The slick, throbbing walls of Beth's cunt closed tightly around his stiff meat. She sighed, ecstatic at having such a huge, beautiful cock filling her cunt to the bursting point.

"I... I think I'm going to blow my wad soon!" Ted suddenly groaned, pushing his pumping cock into the depths of her throbbing cunt.

"Me, too!" Beth cried. "Any time now -- ohhhh, EEOOOWWW!"

Ted felt the whole sheath of Beth's cunt grip and pull at his pounding cock, manipulating it like a hungry, sucking mouth. His balls tingled as the head of his meat throbbed and swelled with his hot cum.

"Now! NOW!" he shouted. His cum blasted out of his prick. It spurted out the end and splattered deep into Beth's coming cunt. Their bodies were a blur of motion while they abandoned themselves completely to the ecstasy of their mutual climaxes.

Their cum blended together, flooding her cunt, washing over his cock like a hot shower. He continued hunching until his climax subsided, while her pussy kept squeezing, milking all the jism from his balls.

The rest of the summer was spent in ecstasy. During the week it was just Ted and Carrie. And then Beth would join them on the weekends.

But eventually it had to end. Beth went back to school in the fall. She promised to visit them every holiday, but it wouldn't be enough, and both Carrie and Ted knew it.

Their wanton desires had expanded to a third party, and they both knew Beth would be sorely missed.

Then something happened to change their lives forever. Ted came home from the office one afternoon to find a huge moving van parked in front of the house next door.

"Guess what, Daddy?"

"Someone's moving into the house next door?"

"Yes, but guess who they are?"

"I haven't the slightest," he said, not really caring. Carrie was dressed in a short skirt and a tight sweater, and his only interest was getting her naked and up to the bedroom.

"It's a widow and her son," Carrie blurted, "and she's just beautiful... perfect for you!"


"Sure," Carrie went on, "and her son is just a year older than I am and he's handsome, as anything!"

The full reality of his daughter's words hit Ted like a ton of bricks. It had to happen someday. Carrie was bound to get interested in boys her own age. But where did that leave him?

He was soon to find out.

"We're going over there for dinner tonight. They've limited us!"

Ted knew, just from the look in Carrie's eyes, what she had planned for the evening.

Chapter EIGHT

Pauline Malloy turned out to be an appealing, beautiful woman. She was tall and well developed, and her clinging dress outlined a perfect body as she served dinner.

Ted was uncomfortable as he watched her firm, neatly curved asscheeks move under the tightly stretched fabric. He had already made up his mind that he wasn't going to like Pauline Malloy, or her son, Harley.

But, as the dinner progressed, Ted found a warm, glowing feeling spread over him. By the time the meal was over, he found himself chatting openly with the woman about several topics that he hadn't discussed in months, topics that didn't interest Carrie in the least.

He found himself devouring her ripe, mature body with his eyes. He became so engrossed that he hardly noticed Carrie and Pauline's son leave the room.

"Did Carrie tell you that I'm an artist, Ted?"

"Um, yes... yes, she did."

"Commercial layout, mostly. I work at home. Would you like to see my studio? We, can have coffee up there."

"Love to," Ted said, rising and moving after her.

He followed her up some stairs, watching the graceful movements of her hips. Her clothes fit her so tightly that he could see the slight line of her panties through the clinging fabric.

Even though they had just moved in, there was already an air of warmth and femininity about the room that made Ted's pulse quicken.

"This is nice, Pauline."

"I like it," the woman said. "I hope I'll be able to get something done up here." She followed her words with a direct stare at his crotch, as if she had meant more than painting. She poured them coffee. "What do you like in it?"

"Just the coffee."

She handed him a cup and carried hers to the couch. He sat down beside her and sipped from the cup, trying to keep his eyes from the pendulous swell of her breasts in the tight dress.

"It's nice being with someone other than Harley," she said out of the blue, mirroring his own thoughts. "I mean, someone my own age. It's been very difficult." She set her coffee cup down and suddenly she was whimpering.

Instinctively, Ted moved closer to her and put his arms around her shaking body. She wheeled toward him, putting her hands to her face and leaning against his chest.

"Hey, it's not that bad."

"It is," she whimpered. "I wish I could tell you how bad it is. I wish I could tell you what I've done."

Her perfume filled his nostrils. He became very aware that one of her jutting breasts was softly stabbing his chest.

His mind aced, trying to piece together the meaning of her words. Had Pauline been implying an unsatisfied physical need? The thought of fucking this beautiful and desirable woman made the blood pound in Ted's cock. She was the kind of woman he had looked at and daydreamed about in the past. Carrie had been very satisfying for him, but the possibility of loving this warm, mature woman thrilled him.

She raised her head and looked at him, her eyes round and liquid, her cheeks flushed, her full lips trembling. There was something in her eyes, an invitation that was almost a plea.

Ted wasn't conscious of moving, but his lips were suddenly on hers.

It startled her, then she responded, opening her mouth wide and sliding her tongue between his teeth. She slid around in his arms and put her arms around his neck as she turned her head, sucking and tugging at his lips with hers. Their tongues entwined in a damp, passionate battle.

She hungrily sucked at his tongue as one of his hands slid tip her body and covered a breast. Her hand was suddenly on top of his, pressing it harder against her full tit.

"Squeeze, darling," she murmured, her soft lips jutted straight out from her chest.

"Oh, that's wonderful, darling, that's so good... feels so good! Harder, darling, suck it harder... that's it, like that, darling... obhhh, feels so good!"

She cradled his head in her arms and combed her fingers through his hair as he sucked and fondled her breasts, moving from one succulent globe to the other. Her nipples stiffened and protruded between his lips as he flicked his tongue back and forth across them. She gradually slipped farther down on the couch, pulling him with her as she held his head.

He put one hand on her knee, then slid it up the inside of her thigh, feeling the soft, silky skin. She squeezed his head tighter in her arms and murmured wordlessly, sighing and moaning deep in her throat. He slid his hand higher until the tips of his fingers were against the thin fabric of her panties. Her thighs parted. He stroked his fingertips back and forth along her soft cunt, feeling it through her panties.

Her moans became louder and she started trembling. Ted moved his hand farther up under her dress to slide it under the waistband of her panties. Waves of fiery passion rolled over him as he felt the silky skin on her stomach and the edges of the crisp triangle of hair between her thighs. Her legs moved farther apart, and he slid his hand deep into her panties, cupping and feeling her pussy.

"I want to kiss it," Ted moaned. "I want to kiss and taste your pussy!"

She nodded and removed her clothes. Then she sat nude on the edge of the couch and parted her thighs to expose the dripping gash of her hot cunt.

Ted dropped to his knees in front of her and felt her body tremble as he kissed a breast and then moved his lips down her luscious body. Her stomach tightened as his tongue wiled over it and teased the fluffy curls covering her pussy.

"Ohh, Ted, Ted, darling, you don't know how good that feels. It would be so wonderful if you would -- ohhhhhh!"

She burnt into a ragged cry as he drove the tip of his tongue through the slit of her cunt. Her body lurched in violent spasms. A choked groan came from her throat as he hungrily sucked and tongued her pussy. The warm, musky taste of her filled his mouth. She suddenly sat up and brushed his hand from her breast, and held her thighs wide apart as she took his head between her hands, guiding his tongue.

"Ohhhh, it's wonderful! Now go it just a little more... a bit more... yes, darling, that's it, right there! Now harder... harder!"

She lay back again, holding her thighs wide apart. Her clitoris was a hard, tight nub under the tip of his tongue as he flicked it rapidly back and forth. He slowly dragged the tips of his fingers up and down the insides of her thighs, and she sighed and moaned as she undulated her hips, driving her pussy up at his greedy mouth.

"Take your clothes off, darling! Take your clothes off and get on the sofa with me! Please hurry! Please, darling!"

Ted tore at his clothes. When he was naked, she gently pulled him down by his throbbing cock. Ted was amazed and overjoyed when he found his lips again on her cunt and felt her warm, wet tongue swirling around the head of his cock.

He concentrated on her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth across it. Then every muscle in his body was suddenly hard and trembling from the sensation of her hot, damp mouth closing over his prick. She pressed it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth as she forced her head down on the massive girth, taking the swollen shaft between her lips until the head of it was pressing against the back of her throat. Then she pulled her head back and let it slide from her mouth.

Ted groaned and twitched as the ecstatic sensations racked him, and every nerve in his body came alive. She cupped his balls firmly in one hand and took the base of his huge prick in her other hand, pressing, her mouth down on it again. It inched into her mouth until it was gorging her, then she started moving her head back and forth with sure, steady strokes, fucking herself in the mouth with his cock.

They sucked and sucked at each other until it could only be a matter of seconds before they both exploded. A low, steady moan came from Pauline's throat as she swallowed his enormous prick time and again while thrusting her juicing cunt up to his face.

Then, with a shriek, she let his meat slip from between her lips and sat up on the sofa. "Put it in me, darling, put it in me! I'm going to come, and I want to come with you in me! I want to come with this beautiful cock all the way in my belly! Now, darling, please... put it in me now!"

Ted raised himself and turned to her as she spread her legs to accept him. The saliva of wanton passion was streaming from the corners of her mouth as she continued to chant and beg him to fuck her. Her features were contorted with desire as she panted and pulled at him, eager to get his meat inside her hungry pussy.

He crouched on his knees between her creamy thighs. She threw her feet into the air and used her fingers to pry open her cunt for his entrance.

"Take it, baby," Ted growled as the head of his dick slipped between the oozing lips of her cunt.

She seized the shaft of his meat and thrust, driving her cunt over half the stalk.

Ted gasped. Every nerve in his body seemed to tingle with the electric sensation of entering her steaming hole. She placed her feet behind his ass, wriggling and thrusting herself up and over his prick.

"Drive it into me, darling. Make me come now! Fuck me, baby... make me come!"

Her voice died away to a wordless murmur as he took her full thighs in his hands and held them wide apart, driving his massive cock into her. She threw back her head and closed her eyes as her mouth sagged loosely open in ecstasy. "Fuck me back, Pauline!"

He needn't have urged her. She fucked him back like a bitch in heat, thrusting her pussy up at him with driving lunges until his cock was balls deep in her belly.

Ted was in heaven. His cock was fucking the hell out of a warm, mature cunt and he was loving every second of it. He looked down at her and savored the sensation of his meat sluicing in and out of her tight pussy, watching the thick, swollen shaft entering the body. He slid one hand down to her pussy, feeling for her clitoris with the tip of his finger. He touched the erect, blood-filled knob and she immediately exploded into a climax.

"AAARRRGHH! Oh, darling, yes, yes! I'm there, I'm coming... FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER! AAAGGGGHHHH!"

She thrashed violently from side to side in convulsive spasms. He held her thighs together and leaned forward over her to hold her down. Her head tossed wildly and scream after scream erupted from her throat as the orgasm seized and wrung her. Then her movements became more languid and she began going limp.

Ted slid his hands under her and raised her buttocks slightly, still ramming his throbbing prick into her as rapidly as he could.

"Wait, wait, lover!"


"Do you mind coming in my mouth the first time?" she said. "I want to swallow your first load! It's always the biggest!"

Jesus, Ted thought, pulling his cock from her cunt and rolling over on his back, what a woman this is!

As he felt her mouth clamp over his meat, he thought absently of Carrie and how he was going to explain all this to her.

Chapter NINE

Young Harley lay on the bed in his own room. He was naked and his cock was pointing straight at the ceiling.

Jeez, he thought, is she gonna come back? Or was she just teasing him? God, Carrie had let him put two fingers up her pussy while they were necking. She had gotten him hotter than hell, and then jumped up and ran from the room.

"I'll be back," she called to him. "You're my first 'other man', and I want it to be just right!"

What had she meant, "other man"?

Harley didn't really give a shit what she meant, just as long as she did come back.

Damn, where the hell was she? If she didn't hurry up he'd be forced to end the ache in his balls with his hand!

Then the door opened and she was padding toward the bed. Now he knew what she had meant. She had changed into a black negligee that barely stretched across the mounds of her tits. Even in the semi-darkened bedroom, he could tell that she wore nothing under it.

"See? I told you I'd be back. I just wanted to be sexy for you!"

"You... you mean you're really gonna let me?"

"Harley," Carrie smiled, "we're gonna do everything together." And she almost added, "just like your mother and my father are doing up in the studio." But she didn't. Instead she said, "We're gonna fuck up a storm!"

Astonishment and joy mingled in the boy's body as Carrie hovered over him, her beautiful features framed by the blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. Lying on his back, he looked up at her, already entranced by her nearness. Her scantily clad body seemed all that mattered in the world as her warm lips touched his.

She was letting herself down slowly beside him on the bed, but the upper half of her body was pressing hard against him. The warm, soft breasts covered his naked chest. Her tongue reached far back into his mouth and his own tongue rose up to hers, mingling inside in a long, slow, lust-filled struggle.

His searching hands roamed beneath the soft folds of her gown. They moved to her young breasts. Her kiss was devouring him as he sucked wildly on her tongue, hearing the wet sounds filling the room.

"I know you want to, Harley," she whispered in his ear. "And I want to, too!"

His hands were touching the naked, silky skin of her tits. They were voluptuously molded and responded quiveringly to his touch. He toyed with the hardening tips, rolling them in his fingers until she began to croon and squirm on top of him. His cock was standing rock hard and stiff from his groin, aching to plow between the soft, sweet folds of her pussy.

Suddenly, Harley thought of his mother. What would she say if she caught them? Would she understand? Would she be jealous?

He didn't care. He had to have this young, beautiful girl.

His hands slipped down to Carrie's slender waist, drawing her close to him until she lay directly next to him on the bed. She pulled at the sheet until it covered both their bodies, and beneath it their naked legs intertwined. He bent his head and inhaled the fragrance of her breasts. He wanted to suck them, to feel their, softness with his mouth and tongue.

"Go ahead, Harley," Carrie purred. "It's all it... suck 'em! Go ahead!"

The boy eagerly wriggled down, pushing the full warmth of the soft globes up into his face. Their smoothness made his cheeks glow with desire. He thought he might pass out from the fantastic sensation of her tits almost smothering him, and now her taut little nipples poking up into his open mouth. His lips closed gently around the succulent flesh and he began to suck with all his might.

Carrie began to move her legs slowly up and down his. He caught one between his, and forced his thigh between her legs, thrusting his pulsating young cock up against her trembling belly, feeling her moist, hair-lined pussy jerk hungrily up against his meat.

"Ooohhhhh... mmmm," Carrie murmured hotly, turning her thinly clad body against his hot flesh.

"Now, do it now, Harley," she sighed. "Put your cock in my pussy now!"

He pulled her over until she was writhing nakedly on top of him. His mouth sought hers again, and Carrie began to move her belly against his, feeling the hardness of his swollen cock against her.

Then he took her by the waist and positioned her moist young cunt over his cock. The blunt, glistening head of his prick touched the soft wet folds of her pussy, touching upward into the pink lips, spreading them wide and thrusting against them. Up, up, he surged, feeling the girl respond to the almost unbelievable sensations his rigid cock was creating in her willing pussy.

"Oh, Harley, Harley," she whimpered over and over. "Ohhbhhh!" It was better than anything she had ever felt with her father, better than anything she could have created by herself. She felt her cunt molding to his cock, sucking on it, milking it.

On and on they fucked, totally engrossed in the passion of their lovemaking. Harley alternated between a steady, rhythmic fucking his hips sharply upward against the lustfully groaning young girl's buttocks.

Carrie was a mass of melting flesh, soft and giving and clinging helplessly to him as he gave her more and more pleasure. The girl's unresisting cuntal passage throbbed and contracted wildly against her young lover's cock. The moist pink mouth of her pussy spread wide before the onslaught of his skewering prick as it drove nakedly upward between her trembling legs.

"Never!" she cried. "Oh, Christ, it's never been this good before! Not even with Daddy has it ever been this good!"

Pauline was sucking his cock. It was beautiful, wonderful. But Ted suddenly sat bolt upright on the sofa and pushed her, head away from his crotch.

"What was that?"

"What?" the woman said, her eyes still glazed and her mind seared with lust. "I didn't hear anything."

"There it is again," Ted said, and rolled off the couch. He stood like a dog sniffing a scent his ears tuned to the screams coming from below them.

"It's nothing, Ted, nothing," Pauline said. "Come back to me... fuck me some more, please!"

"No, that voice. It's Carrie..."

"It is Carrie, and she's in trouble! If your son..." But he didn't finish. Instead he ran from the room.

"Damn," Pauline cursed. "I told Harley not to try and fuck that young girl the first night. Now he's probably gone and spoiled everything!"

She slid off the sofa and followed Ted down the stairs.

"Kiss my pussy, Harley!" Carrie asked him.

Harley felt the heat of his passion rising uncontrollably as this exciting girl begged him to do it again. He parted her hair-lined cuntilips with his thumbs and found his nostrils suddenly flaring from the musky odor that arose from her exposed pussy.

He flicked his tongue out and felt Carrie jerk and quiver as it came into contact with the smooth moist flesh of her cunt. He licked gently at the hardening little bud of her clit snuggled just above the stretched entrance to her steaming hole. It gave him a sudden sense of power as it brought more jerks from her milk-white body and louder groans from her parted lips.

Young Harley pressed his thumbs farther apart, pulling open the glistening wet edges of the tender pink slit. His tongue traced a path up and down the full tantalizing length of it, searching out all the hidden crevices up between her legs.

Carrie's breath became more and more labored. She mewled and cried impatiently above him as he teased and thrust his warm tongue with greater and greater expertise. The young girl's twisting and groaning increased until he pressed his head farther forward and thrust his tongue into the deep wet opening of her pussy. She gave a long, mournful cry and began to rotate her soft thighs and love-hungry cunt hard against his face.

His cock hardened even more as he thrust it against the covers of the bed. The jolting sensations rose deep in his belly as he drove his face into the warm fleshy cunt that ground upward against him. He slid his hands down from between Carrie's thighs and cupped them under the smoothly rounded surfaces of her buttocks, then began to nip gently with his teeth into the soft fleshy folds that surrounded the widening hole of her down-covered cunt.

The realization that he could give this beautiful girl such pleasure was incredibly exciting to him. His tongue slavered on and on in the seething moistness of her pussy, increasing little by little its speed and depth.

"Oh, Harley, you're wonderful! Oh God, you suck pussy so good... I love it... I LOVE IT!" Carrie cried.

Then Carrie heard an animal-like growl. She looked up, directly into the anger-contorted face of her father.

Chapter TEN

Carrie was awed and almost frightened. Her father was blustering and ranting like a bull in the small room. Evidently Harley couldn't hear Ted's wild roars because his ears were stopped up by Carrie's trembling, pressing thighs.

There was no doubt about her father's insane anger. When he had entered the room, he had seen nothing at first except the girl's nakedly writhing legs on the bed. Then, as his eyes became accustomed to the dimness, he saw the boy's lewdly bobbing head between those lovely thighs.

Ted thought he would go mad with jealousy.

But, in spite of himself, the sight of the young boy sucking on his daughter's pussy made his recently deflated cock spring back to life.

He moved toward them, his fist raised to strike the boy. Carrie moved swiftly to protect her new lover. She tugged at Harley's shoulders and pulled him up beside her. Then she placed her naked body before him like a shield. Her tits bounced proudly in front of her, her hair falling loosely around her shoulders.

She faced her father. Ted was screaming obscenities, coming at them with murder in his heart. But Carrie, realizing the extent of her father's jealousy, faced him bravely, ignoring her lover's efforts to intervene.

"Daddy... Daddy, what's wrong? Why are you behaving like this?" she shouted, stopping him in his tracks.

"I'll kill the little bastard!" Ted roared.

"But, Daddy, it's my fault! Do you hear me?"

He stood poised just at the edge of the bed, glaring fiercely at his naked daughter kneeling there.

"Please, Daddy, I don't understand why you're doing this!" Carrie blurted on. "Just because you're jealous? What about you and Pauline? Shouldn't I be jealous?"

"But... but, Carrie..." he stammered.

"I like it, Daddy. I like it! Don't be angry, join in! Fuck me, Daddy... fuck me up the ass!"


"It's all right, really. I like it. I want both of you! FUCK ME... Fuck ME GOOD, DADDY!"

Ted stared, flabbergasted, as Carrie turned around on the bed, and waved her flushed pink buttocks in front of him. He paused for a second, cursing as he tried to figure out just what to do under these strange circumstances.

But the sight of her beautiful ass turned up toward him, her cunt and asshole so willingly to his stiff cock, made lust overcome anger.

"Jeez, Carrie," the boy beneath her said, "are you sure? I mean, you want him to do that? Your own father?"

"I'm sure, Harley," Carrie said. "We've been fucking each other for a long time."

"Wild," Harley said, a wide grin splitting his handsome young face. "Mom and I have, too!"

Carrie whooped for joy and, behind her, Ted looked with a questioning glance at Pauline, who now stood naked at his side.

"It's true, Ted," the woman said, "and I suspected about you and Carrie. But I wanted to be sure before I told you about us."

"You really want us both?" Harley said, looking up at Carrie's beautiful face and the twin beauties of her swaying tits.

In answer, Carrie kissed him fiercely on the lips. She clung to the young boy, still presenting her shining asscheeks to her father.

Ted could resist no longer. His heavily veined cock stood at attention, pointing directly at Carrie's upthrust ass. He lunged forward against her, and directed his blood-engorged prick up between the soft fleshy cheeks. He let his lust-hardened cock slide against the puckered little opening that lay between the tightly clenched crevice and grunted with pleasure as he felt his cockhead slipping wetly into her rectum.


"OHHHHH, MY GODDDDD!" Carrie screamed as her father's gigantic prick split her asshole. She kept kissing Harley as Ted rammed up through her rectal channel.

Then Carrie's lust knew no bounds. She had said that she wanted both of them. Now, in a loud voice, she told Harley how much.


Harley was only too happy, to oblige her. Never had his young ears heard a more perverse cry, and his head whirled with joy. Quickly, he slid down beneath Carrie's kneeling body, feeling her being smashed against him with each forceful blow of her father's cock into her asshole. He put his arms up and around her, feeling the trembling that the fierce ass-fucking was causing her, and hearing her groans of desire. Energetically, he pulled as hard as he could, catching her kneeling father slightly off balance so that he fell over and Carrie lay positioned on her side next to Ted.

Ted gasped. His big prick had momentarily slipped from Carrie's hot, clutching asshole.

"Oh shit, put it back in, Daddy! I love it, I love it!"

With a bone-jarring lunge, Ted reentered her ass as Harley maneuvered around to her front, and his cock slithered swiftly up into her waiting, pulsating cunt. He clasped her around the waist and his mouth sought hers. Carrie cried out from the pure joy of his prick filling her aching cunt.

"AAAOOOHHHH MY GODDDD!" she screamed.

She could feel the bittersweet sensations swirling around inside of her. She felt as if she had been split in two. She writhed in the boy's arms at one moment, and at the next bucked back against the hotly advancing pole of her father's relentless cock.

Ted groaned, his desire mounting with each second. He saw his pretty young daughter in the boy's arms and enjoying his caresses while be, Ted, reamed her luscious asshole.

It was all too much to be believed. But it was happening, and Ted was beginning to love it.

Carrie moaned with joy. She held onto Harley's neck for dear life. She had never felt anything remotely resembling this incredible dual fucking she was getting. She was totally and obscenely impaled from both sides, and she was loving it. She could feel her father's loins pressing into her from behind as he strained himself forward, hooking his rock-hard cock ever forward and upward between her trembling asscheeks, while in front, the hairy base of her boy-lover's cock spread her cuntlips to their widest as he pressed persistently against the wide-open slit of her pussy.

Both of her openings were being filled, and it occurred to her, through the haze of her lust, that she had never been so wanted, so desired, than at this very moment. Two men wanted her, were struggling for her, and she was receiving their throbbing cocks.

Her throbbing clitoris rubbed against the wiry pubic hairs of the strong young boy in front of her, and gigantic waves of joy vibrated through every nerve of her body as she felt her father's thick, rubbery staff grind deeper and deeper into her ass.

"JESUS!" Ted suddenly groaned behind her. "I'M GONNA COME! FUCK BACK, BABY... FUCK BACK!"

Furiously, Carrie caught onto her teenaged lover's hair, as deep in her pussy a searing fire began to rage out of control. Her head flung back, her long hair covering Ted's straining features behind her, mouth open and gaping, eyes rolling back in their sockets, she began to come against the two of them as she felt their combined flood of cum began to fill her holes.

"OOOHHHH YESSSS!" she screamed.


The final orgasmic convulsions of the fucking trio were being closely watched by Pauline as she stood silently and unnoticed beside the bed. She had seen a lot in her years, she realized, but nothing to quite rival the wild fucking scene that was taking place right there on the bed.

Watching her wonderful son fuck this adorable girl in the cunt while her father fucked his massive staff into her ass, filled Pauline with new lust. She felt, deep down, that this union was going to go on for a long, long time.

Pauline's hands roamed down between her thighs as she felt the signals from her pussy.

"Ohhhh, I love you, you little bitch!" Ted cried, at last sagging against his daughter's back, the last of his cum spreading far up inside her burning rectum.

The father's hairy balls smacked hard against the underside of her cheeks and, with a last jerking spasm, he pressed tight against her. Exhausted and dazed, he let himself fall away from her.

He gasped hungrily for air, his lungs aching from the strain of his fucking.

But a voice behind him said, "You're not getting away that easy, sweetie!" and he turned to see Pauline climbing up onto the bed, a spark of desire in her eyes as she reached for his spent cock.

Carrie sighed as she felt the relief that spread through her used and worn asshole as her father's cock slipped out. Yet something about its exit made her cunt cling all the more to the teenager's cock, which lay in a half-erect state high within its moistly throbbing depths. She ground her hips forward and jiggled the boy's naked body and felt herself coming again.

Suddenly the two young lovers felt the bed shaking and trembling beneath them. They looked up to see Pauline and Ted at the end of the bed, totally immersed in such a contorted-position that it seemed a crowbar would be needed to pry them apart.

Her father's mouth was locked against Pauline's steaming pussy. At the same time, Harley's mother's mouth was feverishly sucking Ted's cock back to an erect state.

They lay curled on the bed, completely oblivious to anything but each other's crotches. It was an exciting show for Carrie as she watched her father and the woman writhe nakedly against each other. It seemed to increase her appetite for the slender teenaged boy on the bed beside her. They smiled as the duo before them changed positions and Ted began a wild fucking into the heated depths of Pauline's willing pussy. The woman's long legs locked tight around Ted's back as she cried lewdly out to him.


"Beautiful," Harley said from beside Carrie. "My mother is a beautiful fuck."

Then he rolled over and stuffed his cock in his mother's mouth as Carrie leaned against the headboard to watch.

Chapter ELEVEN

They fucked and fucked, and then they fucked some more. Then Ted volunteered to cook something. He went down to the kitchen and Harley went into his mother's room to take a shower.

Carrie's body felt drained, satiated, and totally satisfied. She didn't think she could move a muscle.

She was soon to find out how wrong she was. "You know what we both need, honey?"

Pauline said, rolling off the bed. "Huh?"

"A hot bath. Come on."

Carrie followed the woman into the bathroom and gaped with surprise. It was huge, with a sunken Roman-type tub big enough for four or five people.

"I had all the baths redone before we moved in," Pauline explained. "I like cozy comfort in my bathrooms."

"I can see that," Carrie laughed.

Pauline filled the tub and added liquid from a bottle until the water was layered with a thick blanket of soft bubbles.

"Hop in!"

Carrie gilded with pleasure as she lowered her body into the warm, foaming water.

Guiltily she remembered Pauline. "Aren't you going to have a bath now?" she asked.

"Oh, I'll have mine when you're done, honey." Carrie smiled dreamily, feeling the heat seep into her and soften her muscles. "Why don't you come in with me? There's plenty of room."

"If you don't mind sharing a tub."

Carrie shook her head and slid over on the seat.

The girl couldn't remember when she'd felt so at peace before. She seemed to be floating in a gentle cloud of soap bubbles. Through the curtain of steam she watched Pauline slide, down into the tub in front of her. She hadn't really paid much attention to the woman's body during the wild orgy they had just gone through together. Now she studied it carefully.

Looking at the woman's delightful cunt and titss had a strange effect on Carrie. Suddenly she found her pussy juicing with new excitement.

"Want me to soap you down, Carrie?" The girl hesitated only for a second. "Yes, that would feel good."

Pauline produced a big sponge and began rubbing it gently over the young blonde's body Carrie sighed and stretched in the water, making her tits dance in the bubbles. After a while, the tender washing of her body started aglow that engulfed her completely.

Gently, she reached out and took the sponge from Pauline.

The woman sat in the water between Carrie's thighs, and lovingly the girl began scrubbing her back. It was warm and cozy in the tub. Pauline sighed and leaned against Carrie, half asleep.

Without moving, the girl held her in her anus and continued washing her body. Pauline was asleep. Carrie listened to her soft breathing. Quietly, she dropped the sponge in the water and then lay back, with Pauline held gently in her arms.

She began to caress the sleeping woman, starting with her palms on her shoulders and gently massaging the soap-slick body down over the rounded breasts and the smooth, flat stomach. She was surprised to feel the pointed tits stir to life, even though Pauline was asleep. Gently, she began to tweak the nipples.

Pauline moaned and began to thrash around in Carrie's arms. Hurriedly, Carrie dropped her hands to hold her around the waist. The sponge drifted by and she picked it up and returned to washing the ripe, mature body. She stretched, reaching as far as she could along Pauline's leg, and then drew it back slowly.

Playfully, she rubbed the soft sponge between the woman's legs under the soap bubbles. Pauline moaned again and wiggled tighter against her. She drove her ass against Carrie's crotch.

The girl gasped at the delicious sensation. Without thinking about it, she let go of the sponge and clung to Pauline's crotch in a firm grip.

Pauline stirred and Carrie's fingers were driven into her slack cunt. Pauline snapped her eyes open and murmured, "Oh!" Then she began moving her hips against Carrie's hand.

It was so wonderful, Pauline could barely keep her eyes open as the tingle from the young girl's hand went through her. She just wanted to lie there, forever and let Carrie feel her body while she drifted in and out of sleep.

Off in the distance somewhere, she heard somebody gasping, "Oh, oh, oh!" Pauline was startled to realize that she was the one making the noise.

Then she was wide awake, loving the warm, soapy water and Carrie's loving hand filling her cunt. And then she was coming. It was warm and gentle and it swept over, her in a wave of feeling that she couldn't stop. She clamped her thighs tightly around Carrie's hand and held it there as her body convulsed.

"Did you come, Pauline? Did you? Did I make you come?"

"Yes, darling, and it was wonderful," the woman crooned. She turned and kissed Carrie on the lips. "Thank you. I wasn't sure you'd like doing it with another girl or not."

She tuned Carrie from the tub and wrapped them both in huge towels. Then, motioning for the girl to follow her, Pauline padded back into the bedroom and the huge bed.

"Lie down."


"Lie down, darling. This old lady is gonna show you a real turn-on!"

Carrie shed her towel and stretched out on her belly across the huge bed. "Oh shit," she groaned as she felt Pauline's warm tongue make instant contact with her skin.

Pauline layed her neck and over her back, using her tongue like a delicate paint brush on Carrie's velvety asscheeks. She paused to slide her fingers between the girl's parted thighs and find her soft, wet outer lips, then gently explored her flew moist cunt, making Carrie gasp and clamp tightly on Pauline's fingers.

For a moment, the woman stared lovingly down at the girl's plump, satiny buttocks. Then, suddenly, she probed, with her tongue and a soft cry of delight and surprise escaped Carrie's lips. Using her fingers to tease and manipulate the young blonde's burning, eager cunt, she explored the sensitive area of her buttocks at the same time with her fiery tongue, until Carrie was crying loudly with bliss and writhing frantically.

As soon as Carrie shuddered in the blazing climax that followed, Pauline nudged her over onto her back and began covering her neck and young breasts with warm kisses.

"Yes, yes, oh God, yes!" Carrie cried. "Again, Pauline, make me come like that again! Eat me! EAT MY CUNT!"

Pauline bent forward and flattened her tongue against Carrie's sweet cuntal lips. Juice poured into her mouth. She swallowed greedily and went after Carrie's cunt flesh with gusto.

"Ohbhh, Pauline, that feels sooo gooood! Yes, yessss, please, suck it! Open your mouth and swallow my whole cunt, Pauline! SUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!"

The woman was diving at her gash, her mouth wide open and her tongue darting in and out of Carrie's slick cunthole, rimming its tender sides, then sliding up to her throbbing clit.

While she devoured the beautiful young blonde's pussy, Pauline was hunching her own pussy with her fingers. Her ass bobbed and weaved as she fingered her pussy until her fist had completely entered her steaming hole.

"Mmmmmmm, oh eat me, Pauline darling! Ohhhh, please, yes, that feels sooo GOOD! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!"

Soft gurgling sounds came from the woman's throat as she buried her face far up between the folds of Carrie's sweet cunt. The young pussy was delicious. The musky aroma of the oozing juices filled her nostrils and drove her to redouble her efforts. She was swallowing the cream oozing from the cunt as fast as it came out, savoring every drop.

"Oh God, Pauline, Pauline, you're making me come again already!" Carrie gasped.

"Come, my darling," Pauline rasped. "COME IN MY MOUTH!"

Carrie screamed and lurched on the bed, pulling the woman with her. She lay with her tits rocking back and forth on her chest in time with her flailing head as she pulled Pauline's face hard into the juicy mess between her thighs.

"Oh, you're good... you're good, Pauline! Eat me... SUCK MY CUNT!"

The young blonde lifted her legs and clamped them over the woman's back. She dug her heels in, pulling her face harder against her pussy. Carrie's eyes were riveted on Pauline's face as she twisted and bucked her soaking pussy, rubbing it all over the woman's nose, mouth and chin.


She grabbed Pauline's head with both hands and crammed her face into her cunt. She was writhing so much she almost fell off the bed as she exploded in orgasm, shuddering with the ecstasy of it.

As Pauline's frantically plunging tongue brought an explosion rocketing through the spasming walls of her pussy, Carrie's voice lifted into a shriek that could be heard all over the house.

In the kitchen, the man and the boy exchanged knowing glances. "Is that what I think it is?" Harley asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Ted smiled, "but I'd say yes."

"Should we go up?"

"Let's give them a little more time."

They stepped into the room an hour later to find both girls sound asleep. Ted turned on the light and Pauline stirred. She sat up, rubbing her eyes, her breasts jiggling invitingly.

She noticed the eyes of the two men and grinned. "You two really are horny bastards, aren't you?" she said tenderly. Without trying to cover herself, she moved between them and let a hand rest on a muscular thigh on either side of her. Teasingly, her hands crept under their bathrobe. And then both Ted and Harley pounced.

Suddenly, Pauline's game was out of hand. Deftly, she manipulated their pricks and Ted moved against her, breathing deeply. He began nuzzling her neck and it sent chills coming through her.

Harley remained frozen, transfixed by the pleasure her hand was causing him.

Ted leaned close to her ear and whispered, "I'd love to fuck you again."

Pauline yanked on his prick and he winced. Then she laughed. "Oh, darling, I do love you!" she said tenderly. "But I want you both?" She kissed tugged lovingly at his prick. "I want you to both fuck me at the same time, the way you fucked Carrie before."

She pushed Ted onto his back and crawled on top of him. She giggled. She was gripped in a passion she couldn't control. "Both," she whispered in his ear as she wiggled backwards, guiding his massive prick in with her hand.

Then she had her son by the prick and was urging him on top of her. She could feel Ted's cock stirring in her, swelling to fill her.

Hungrily, she reached back and brushed Harley's hands away as they tried to guide his prick into her ass.

The boy leaned forward, thrilled by the touch of her fingers, and used his hips to drive his cock toward her waiting asshole. As he drove in, she pointed his throbbing prick. And then she was screaming with ecstasy as she felt it jolt into her, tearing her wide open as it joined Ted's massive cock in her cunt.

She was being driven by both of them. She could feel their huge shafts rubbing against each other. She could feel the weight of all that male meat filling her cunt and ass to bunting, and she thrilled to the rhythm of their motion.

Ted was driving upward with all his strength, impaling her brutally, Harley rode strongly, plunging in long, slamming strokes that jolted Pauline to the core.

Pauline was in heaven. The pricks swelled and swelled and swelled within her. She groaned and suddenly both cocks were mingling their hot semen in her body, convulsing her with the shocks as it bit the delicate membranes of her two holes.

She moaned and cried weakly as the last motion jarred her incredibly tender bowels, and then she rolled free of them and lay quietly, savoring the experience and the occasional twinge in her belly.

She reached out and tenderly stroked Carrie's creamy breast. Carrie leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Her own sexual passions were on fire again from watching the dual fucking the woman had received and, stroking Pauline's face, she made up her mind.

Looking at the two men lying prostrate on the bed, she said softly but distinctly, "Me, too."

In silent approval, Pauline reached up and patted the girl's cheek before Carrie moved across the bed and started sucking each cock greedily in turn.

Beautiful, Pauline thought, it's just going to be absolutely beautiful from now on!

Chapter TWELVE

It was morning. A beautiful morning filled with sunshine and bliss.

Ted was kissed awake by a beaming, satisfied woman. He gazed at his wife, smiling back, then threw back the covers and padded naked to the bathroom. Pauline followed and played teasing games with him as he took his shower. Her fingers were everywhere as water cascaded down their nude forms. She soaped and scrubbed his back and front and hairy legs with loving care, taking special time with his cock and dangling balls, putting his rapidly rising prick in her nibbling mouth and sucking him until he could hardly stand still.

His hands roamed down her luscious body and came to rest at the lips of her pussy. "Your pussy is soaking wet," he said.

"I know," Pauline laughed, "and it's not from the shower! Stick your dick in me!"

Ted curled his fingers in her hair and pulled her to him. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. As their tongues dueled hotly in their mouths, he put his hand to a bulging breast and began to massage it roughly.

He coaxed her nipple to erection as she coaxed his cock to throbbing stiffness. He hungrily kissed her face and over the smooth, warm skin of her neck, slowly finding his way to the slope of her breast until he captured the blood-filled nipple in his mouth.

As he sucked and nibbled on the succulent flesh, she pulled firmly on his shaft and fondled his hairy balls.

"Ohhhh, Ted, darling, fuck me," she sighed softly.

His hand slid over his wife's sensuous body, exploring every curve and feminine inch of flesh. She lifted her ass so he could easily get at her pussy. When his hand snuggled into the warmth of her crotch, she squealed in ecstasy and spread her legs far apart so he could fully enjoy her mature, ready-to-fuck cunt.

Pauline experienced their first night together all over again. She writhed erotically as he parted her moistened cuntlips and deftly fingered the steaming slit, his fingers pressuring and massaging her vaginal walls. Her hand squeezed and pulled excitedly on her husband's massive tool, urging a few drops of clear liquid to appear at the tip. She used her thumb to spread the slippery lubricant all over his flaring cockhead.

"Ohhhh, Ted, make love to me," she pleaded, her voice shaking with emotion. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Ted pulled her from the shower. Without bothering to towel off, he led her to the bedroom and gently laid her down on the big bed. He eagerly moved between her legs, supporting his weight on his arms and knees. His massive cock poked at her pussy lips, trying unsuccessfully to punch through the succulent meat.

Pauline reached down and grabbed his heavy, throbbing shaft behind its head, and using her free hand, she pried her cuntlips apart. Slowly, she guided the pulsing head between her cuntlips, lodging it solidly in the heat of her pussy. She pulled her hands away, and her flesh enveloped his thick rod like molten wax. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass as she pulled her legs back and draped them over his shoulders.

She was hot, gaping and ready for his monstrous prick, and he didn't keep her waiting. He growled and rammed his raging shaft into her depths. The bloated head burrowed through her vaginal lips, pushing the sensitive walls apart as it penetrated. Pauline screeched her ecstasy as his cock buried itself fully in her seething cunt.

Ted grabbed her luscious tits and began kneading them forcefully as he slowly pistoned his cock into her belly.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she purred, urging him on. She used his shoulders for leverage and humped her ass up to him, meeting his long thrusts with savage thrusts of her own. She used her strong cunt muscles to squeeze and hold and pull on his cock, making him feel as though a thousand hands were gripping his cock.

"Oh, God, it's good... it gets better and better every time!"

"I'm coming, honey. Oh shit, you've got me so fucldng hot, I'm coming already!"

"Don't, not yet darling!" she cried. "I want it to last a little longer! Please pull out!"

He pulled his cock from her hairy, wet cunt and moved up her body until the pussy-juice-soaked log flopped between her gigantic tits. She used both her hands to squeeze her tits over his prick.

She rubbed her breasts against his crotch, letting his prick sink between the two ripe mounds. She fucked the head of his cock as it popped up between her breasts, then, disappeared within the lubricated flesh.

Then her hands moved along his sides, squeezing at his ass and massaging down the length of his thighs to his knees. Ted bent his head forward and he breathed heavily on her tits, allowing his tongue to flick across the smooth surface. His throbbing meat was filled with tingling urgency, and he squeezed her nipples hard while his palms worked on the soft flesh of her melon-like breasts.

Pauline began writhing frantically under his caresses.

He released her tits and held her head firmly between his hands, pushing it down to meet head-on with his waiting cock. She again clasped the shaft with her hands, squeezing and fondling as his hands maneuvered her head up and down, from side to side.

He uncoupled her head from his cock and reached down, grabbing her underneath the arms, pulling her on top of him as he let himself fail back on the bed.

He kissed her like a savage animal, his hands kneading deeply into the flesh of her back and ass.

"What do you want, honey?" he rasped.

"Suck," she hissed passionately. "I want to suck your beautiful dick!"

Ted rolled on top of her, straddling her chest. He grabbed his cock in his hand and placed it at her hungry lips. As her mouth opened to greet the throbbing tube, he leaned forward, letting it slide down her tongue and jerk on the roof of her mouth. He hunched back and forth, rotating his hips, as his hot meat stroked in and out of her wet, hungry lips.

Pauline gazed up at him glassy-eyed as he moved forward slightly, getting a good grip on either side of her head. He began moving in slow, steady strokes. The circular motions of his ass pressing against her breasts sent chills of joy through her body, and she responded by kneading the flesh of his ass while he continued on his way towards his orgasm.

His thrusts became more rapid and demanding and Ted groaned as he hunched wildly into her face. Pauline inserted a finger in his asshole and he let out a loud groan, shoving his prick all the way to his balls in her face. She felt his cock ride to the back of her throat and she thought she was going to gag.

Ted pumped like a madman, holding her head steady.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" he suddenly bellowed, and she felt a spurt of hot juice collide with the back of her throat.

He pulled his jerking cock from her lips and spun himself around until his face was directly over her hairy cunt. His hands rubbed the length of her body as he buried his mouth deep within her thighs.

Pauline pulled his hips towards her, grasping his cock and shoving it back in her mouth. They were both on fire as they lay there, sucking and eating one another.

They worked like a sexual see-saw, the motion in rhythm with each other, then in opposite rhythm. They worked at a feverish tempo, she working hard on his hot prick, he chewing, licking, and devouring her cunt. Their hands massaged juice and saliva into the other's flesh, their bodies in constant motion.

Ted was working himself into a double climax. Pauline was moaning loudly as her cunt poured a constant stream of hot cream.

Their bodies tensed almost simultaneously as they neared their mutual release.

"AAAHHH, OHHHHH, AAAHHH!" Pauline screamed out, gripping and scratching at his ass. "Eat it all! Oh, darling, suck me dry!" She squeezed his blood-engorged cock as she met his deep thrusts with a wanton lust.

Ted rammed his prick into her face as his cum gushed forth like a stream of water from a fire hose. The hot cum in her throat brought on Pauline's own come instantly. It bathed her husband's face with syrupy nectar from her gushing pussy.

They milked each other in a slow, rhythmic motion, their bodies overcome with the trembling feeling of orgasm.

Lying in the afterglow, they kissed and caressed, their tongues cleaning and lapping at the sticky juices which had saturated both of them.

Pauline bit his ass gently and breathed, "Oh, Ted, darling, that was fantastic!"

"I know, baby. You're still the best fuck and the best suck in the world!"

"As good as Carrie?" Pauline laughed.

"Am I as good as Harley?" he countered. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Ted said. "Happy anniversary."

"Happy four years."

They showered again and skipped downstairs to breakfast like two young lovers.

As they were eating, the telephone rang.

Pauline answered it and handed it to Ted with a smile. "It's your hot-pants little daughter!"

"Hi," Ted said into the mouthpiece.

"Happy fourth anniversary, Daddy!"

"Happy first anniversary to you and Harley," Ted replied.

"Is the party still on tonight?"

"Of course it is," Ted said. "Are Beth and her new boyfriend coming over?"

"Sure! They're here right now, in bed with Harley and me!"


"It's been weeks since we all had a good fuck together, Daddy."

"I know, honey," Ted laughed. "Well make up for it tonight, okay?"

"Tell Pauline that she'll love Beth's new boyfriend's cock. It's short, but it's as thick as a milk bottle! And he can fuck forever!"

"I'll tell her," Ted said. "See you tonight." He replaced the receiver.

"Are they still coming over?"

"Yeah," Ted said, turning to face her. "And she says you'll love the new boy's cock... it's as thick as a milk bottle!"

"Not as much as I love yours, darling."

"I've got another hard-on," Ted chuckled.

"Then let's go upstairs!"

"I can't wait," Ted said, lifting her and placing her gently on the table. "I'll just have you for dessert!"

Pauline came for the fourth time that morning, the second his thick cock split her pussy. And, as he fucked into her, she closed her eyes and thought about the coming evening. Then she came again as she thought about three cocks in her at once.

Thick as a milk bottle, huh?

That one she would have to take up her ass!

She could already feel it throbbing inside her.


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