The nurse's hot itch

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, some hidden desire, a whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In a modem society, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of everyday living. Yet sometimes these dark passions do surface, either with the individual's consent or without it.

THE NURSE'S HOT ITCH is a dramatic representation of a woman -- in this case a young nurse -- who dares to let her most base desires and passions come to the fore. She finds it impossible to continue to keep her fantasies under control, and she plays them out to the fullest. And meanwhile, her day-to-day routine continues. But the nagging doubts increase with her growing depravity, and the young woman begins to wonder if she is willing or able to face the consequences of her actions. Her story is a startling insight into the life of a person who dares to "let it all hang out."

Chapter ONE

"There are only two answers to your problem," Dr. Benson said solemnly. "Either you keep up your desperate search, or you learn to live with it. I strongly suggest you learn to live with it because..."

"No!" The girl across from him flushed with anger. "No," she said more calmly. She took a deep shaking breath so that her lush tits rose high beneath her blouse. "I've lived with it for two years and it's been pure hell. I'm entitled to a healthy sex life just like anyone else, dammit." Her lustrous dark eyes blazed on him with anger and fierce determination. "I'll do anything -- give anything to be cured. Understand?"

Benson nodded, outwardly calm. But inside a hot excitement rippled in his blood, causing his long cock to pound eagerly in his pants. Silently, he studied the girl.

Her long shimmering black hair framed a soft, glowing face with wide eyes and full, sensuous lips. She wasn't beautiful, but pretty in a very sexy way, especially her ripe mouth. Just studying the contours of that lush mouth could give a man a fierce hard-on. It had all the promise of a wild, fantastic blowjob, causing Benson to squirm hotly in his seat.

But if her face missed being beautiful, her body sure as hell didn't. She had proud, luscious tits and fully-rounded hips and long, silken legs that she nervously crossed and re-crossed as she sat across his desk.

Benson was only thirty-five, young for a psychologist with such a big practice. Because his practice was in a small town, he knew the intimate details of a great many people's lives, but he'd never run across a problem even faintly like this one. And even though he lavished advice with a heavy hand on his patients, a lot of it sexual, he wasn't without his own problems. The hot-eyed girl smoking nervously in front of him, her eyes smoldering with deep sex-frustration, reminded him only too sharply of his own problem.

Outwardly he had everything, a thriving practice, a beautiful wife and two healthy kids, a prominent standing in the community. Inwardly, he was hopping up and down frantically with the most anxious hard-on in town. The girl he'd been lustfully screwing on the side for the past year, a ripe, passionate secretary who never got enough of anything, much less frenzied fucking, had just gotten married to a tractor salesman and moved out of town. With luck, she'd be faithful to him for a whole week.

Benson was now high and dry, stuck with his own wife, who was as bored as he was with the same old sex-grind. Her cunt, once so hot and tight and exciting, had become loose and uninspired. Her mouth had become dry and lifeless on his long prick, and she'd begun to complain loudly whenever he wanted to ravage her fat-cheeked ass. In turn, his huge rod had become mechanical and impatient in her limp pussy. Thirteen years of marriage and a good deal of screwing around on the side could do that. She was currently fucking a stockbroker and a plumber, Benson knew. You'd think the bitch could at least get some hot tips on the market or have the dripping bathroom faucet fixed free, he thought bitterly.

"Can you help me?" the girl pleaded. Her fingers shook as she stubbed out her cigarette. "Can you?"

"I can try, Carol," he said in his best gentle tone. "You say you've already been to a dozen psychiatrists and a number of specialists, and they failed. But I'll try, yes."

Her eyes bored into his, glowing. "Now? Right now?"

Benson's prick leaped eagerly in his pants. Desperate for a solution, the gorgeous nurse had already told him she'd be willing to trying anything. In fact, the reason she'd just moved to this obscure hick-town was because she'd been fired from her last three jobs in Los Angeles hospitals. For screwing almost every doctor, intern and healthy patient in sight.

"How about it?" Carol panted, licking her lips. "Well?"

The psychologist hesitated, his face flushed. Goddamnit, he'd long ago made it a stem rule never to screw around with his patients. Not out of ethical reasons -- Benson was far too horny to be noble. It was his fear of a malpractice suit, and eagerly passionate women like Carol had stripped bank accounts and licenses from more than one unsuspecting doctor.

But she knew. She was a nurse. "You can trust me," she whispered fervently. "All I want is that one time. Just once. If it happens just once, I could at least die happy. Please?"

Now how in the hell could he refuse a patient in distress? The last of his hesitation crumbled when he saw the tears in her eyes. He stood up.

"Okay," he said hoarsely. He turned around and closed the venetian blinds on his office window. He watched her begin stripping as he pressed the button on his intercom.

"Miss Jenkins, I'll be another thirty minutes. The next patient can either cancel or wait."

"Yessir," the speaker crackled.

The young doctor sucked in his breath as she slipped off her bra. Her creamy tits sprang forth, their dusky nipples fat with desire. He began stripping himself, realizing she wasn't intent on a quickie. Not in her frenzied condition.

She slipped her panties off to reveal her thick dark fringe of cunt-hairs. Her inner thighs were satiny smooth, already moist with her eagerness. When he took off his drawers, she made a low moan of impatience, licking her lips. His huge rod was exciting her to the point where she was panting. Hell, she ought to know a good one when she saw one, Benson thought dryly. She'd seen and screwed enough of them in the past two years, ever since that bizarre...

There was a black chaise lounge in his office and Carol wasted no time in sitting on its edge, her luscious ass-cheeks squirming. Her shining eyes never left his long red prick as he approached her. A tiny drop of cream oozed from his knob.

"Do you want a blowjob first?" she asked eagerly.

"You're a mind-reader," Benson said hoarsely.

The moment he got within arm's reach Carol had grasped his throbbing cock in her fingers, pulling him close. He stood between her widespread thighs and the raven-haired nurse parted her ripe lips and snaked out her wet pink tongue, lapping up the drop of jism. Then with a deep groan she seized as much of his cock as she could get in her mouth and began sucking with slow, lascivious strokes.

"Oh Jesus, that's good," Benson gasped, cupping her head in his hands and swinging his hips in gentle fucking motions. "Oh, shit, that's wild, Carol! Mmmmm, MMMM! I'll get my -- ah -- rocks off too fast if you keep this -- ungh! -- uh, honey!"

Carol slowed down, nibbling gently on his hot meat for a couple of minutes. Her mind whirled with intense curiosity and her dripping cunt began its familiar torment. Would he be the one after all these insanely frustrating years? She'd sucked off so many men by now in so many different places she could only hope frantically. In the linen closets of hospitals, in empty operating rooms, on tables of deserted cafeterias at night, even in dark parking lots she'd whipped her mouth back and forth obscenely, drinking in theft molten jism in great gulps. She'd become a fantastic expert on cocksucking, not because she'd wanted to but because she had to...

"Oh, shit, WILD!" Benson gasped when she suddenly ripped her sharp teeth very gently along the pulsing surface of his big cock. Every time his prick hovered and swelled, ready to spurt its load, she slowed down deliberately. Now she'd slipped his rod out of her hot mouth completely and was lifting it in her fist so she could kiss and suck on his balls, sending sharp tingles of pleasure through his loins.

How many pricks have I sucked off like this, hoping he could be the one? Carol thought with a tinge of despair. She was firing her own lust in the act, until her juicy cunt was throbbing powerfully, aching for his boiling meat. But no. This was a necessary part of the process. She'd learned once they rammed into her tight, fiery pussy even the best of them were ready to shoot off in two or three minutes. She always blew them first to take the edge off their urgency, to prolong her own thrills -- and the nightmare that always followed. Because if they came too quickly, any hope she had of finding the right one would be shattered.

And if Carol didn't find the right one soon, she'd be ready for a straightjacket. She would really go stark raving mad, her mind exploding with torment, her throbbing hot cunt a living nightmare, her sex-frustration so deep she would have to escape the world of reality.

"Ahhhh, Carol, you are -- WOW! -- a FANTASTIC COCKSUCKER! Oh, lady, what a frantic mouth -- JESUS, SUCK IT, SUCK IT!"

Want his hot come now, the panting nurse thought in a frenzy as she jerked his rod in her fist and sucked madly. She'd begun sucking cocks only as a prelude to long fucking sessions, but she'd learned to love it, to crave their boiling cream spurting down her gulping throat. She was getting fiercely hot now, resisting the futile urge to fingerfuck herself. She'd have his load out any second now, any... "AAAAH, HERE IT -- WOW! -- COMES, COMING, CAROL -- HOOOO, SHIT! YOUR LOVING MOUTH, MMMMM!"

Benson fucked her throat savagely as his loins exploded. She was draining his load out of him with electrifying power, sucking so hard he felt like roaring with obscene joy at the top of his lungs. He bit his lip to suppress his lustful excitement. Hell, he had an office full of patients out there, and what would Miss Jenkins, in her sixties and probably still a cherry, think of all this?

"Oh, Christ," he gasped when she'd drained the last drop, "what an incredible blowjob!" He was on the verge of tactlessly asking the lush nurse where she'd learned to thrill a man with all those fantastic tricks. He knew, all right. She'd told him her own blunt words.

She pulled her head back, releasing his limp rod. Her eyes burned on his as she licked her lips with relish. Still her warm fingers grasped his cock, stroking gently, coaxing it up again, her other hand softly squeezing his balls.

"That was... wonderful," Benson said, calming down now. He could feel sharp new tingles as he watched her swollen ripe tits pant. He reached down and hefted them in his fingers, comparing their hot silken firmness to his own wife's sagging tits. She was still beautiful but at that perilous age where she was beginning to sag just a little everywhere. And the older she got, the more action she'd need on the side. She already had two steady fucks, for Chrissake, and in another year or two she'd need three on the side, then soon after that possibly a whole battalion.

But if his wife could simply give him half the blowjob this gorgeous young creature thrilled him with, he'd forgive her even if she fucked everyone in town. It was, in fact, the best Benson had ever had, even surpassing the lust-crazed secretary whose feverish hunger was insatiable.

Still jerking his cock, which was getting rock-hard now, Carol lay back on the lounge and drew up her knees, exposing her wet pink cunt. It throbbed before his eyes, sucking hopefully, oozing her hot juices.

"All right," she whispered, her eyes blazing, "fuck me now. Fuck me as long and as hard as you can, Doctor. Fuck me until my pussy hurts and I'm crying for mercy, but for God's sake, GIVE ME WHAT I NEED!"

Benson hesitated. "Are you sure you want this position, Carol? Whatever you like, of course, but maybe if we tried it dog-style or with you on top..."

She waved her hand impatiently. "Goddammit, Doctor, I've tried every position in existence and made up a few of my own! Now FUCK ME AND QUIT TALKING!"

Remembering she was in agony, he hurried to mount her. She dug her heaving tits into his chest and for a minute simply teased her soaked cunt-lips with his giant knob, whimpers of passion coming from her lips.

"Oh, this feels like it might be the one," she panted, "this could be it, Doctor, oh God I hope so! I'd be so damn grateful I'd suck and fuck you every night for the rest of my life! Mmmmm, slip it in now, yes, yes, yes! ALL OF IT! YESSSS, NOW FUCK ME FAST AND FURIOUS! OOOOH! AAAAH!"

The moment he plunged his rod into her juicy cunt Benson knew she was going to be the greatest lay of his life. Jesus, what a hot, tight pussy! It sucked and squirmed and wriggled obscenely on his meat, currents of power throbbing in her luscious walls, gripping his dick like a slippery velvet fist.

The moaning nurse sank her nails into his back and kissed him torridly on the mouth, slithering her hot tongue deep. This part of it she loved, pleasurable, dreamy sensations rippling up her hot cunt and deep into her loins, spreading outward tingles to every inch of her ripe, silken flesh.

"Oh shit, Carol, that's beautiful, honey, your pussy is so GOOD! WOW, IT'S -- mmmm! -- oh yes, yes, work it, Carol!"

The feverish nurse didn't need any encouragement. She'd already locked her legs around his waist and was gyrating her ass hi wide circles, thrilling herself as well as him as his quivering prick rubbed into every nook of her pussy.

God, she loved to fuck! If she didn't she wouldn't be in this crazy predicament now, dammit. She couldn't even begin to count the times she'd swung her lush hips furiously and clasped her succulent slit on someone's cock over the past two years, praying desperately this was the precious one, the salvation she sought to the point of sheer madness.

"Can't believe it!" Benson gasped as she sent wild thrills tearing through his prick with her hotly sucking cunt. Christ, he had to hang on! He didn't dream a fuck like this existed, a luscious, shuddering, spine-tingling pussy that prickled the hairs on the back of his neck. She rubbed her creamy hot tits deliriously against his chest as she thrashed in perfect rhythm to his strokes, biting him on the lips now with tiny frenzied nips, raking her nails over his hard buttocks to spur him on.

And that was the problem: Benson didn't want to be aroused any more. He was doing all he could to keep from coming now, and he was sincerely trying to help her, knowing the passionate action was a fabulous bonus and nothing more.

But if he could cure her, oh Christ! She'd promised to screw him eternally, a thought that almost made the psychologist shoot his rocks off on the spat. And there were other side-benefits, like writing a paper on it for the forthcoming convention. Shit, her case was so rare and baffling he'd be famous if he somehow managed to solve it! Famous, with the greatest piece of ass he'd ever had profoundly grateful and always available.

"Love it, LOVE HOT COCK!" Carol moaned feverishly, clamping her juicy cunt in a wanton spasm on his plunging prick. "OH GOD IT'S GOOD! SOOOOOO GOOD! EVERY HOT INCH, NNNNNGH!"

His hopes soaring wildly, Benson fucked her with savage thrusts of his throbbing meat as Carol turned into a frantic clawing animal. She swung her ripe ass in furious lunges now, lifting him easily off the lounge, feverish moans coming from her throat. She thrashed and jerked and sucked fiercely with her cunt.

And to his horror Benson knew he was going to come and he clenched his teeth, willing his Goddamn jism back into a tight knot in his loins, cursing his own eagerness. Too late! Too fucking... But Carol knew too the very instant when his prick swelled to a flaming rock-hardness in her shuddering pussy. And at once she darted her hand down and gripped the base of his cock close to his bush. She squeezed so hard he thought he'd faint. But it worked at once, an old trick that instantly desensitized his prick.

Perspiration covered her body in a sheen as the lust-inspired nurse writhed her drenched cunt on his big cock. Moaning deliriously, she fucked him to a desperate rhythm, raising her legs and digging her heels into his ass and swinging her hips in a frenzy.

"Love -- nunnng! -- to fuck!" she groaned in his ear.


Even with her fierce grip on the base of his prick Benson feared he would come momentarily. Her juicy cunt sent vibrant ripples of excitement shooting in his meat and tingling in his loins. Now both their naked heaving bodies were soaked in lustful sweat and her frantic lips and teeth were biting him everywhere, on his lips and shoulder and chest while her nails ripped across his back and buttocks.

In spite of her squeezing thumb and forefinger on his rod, Benson felt his load beginning to boil up. Distraction! he remembered. To his male patients who came too quickly -- and there were plenty of them who admitted to premature ejaculation after their wives dragged them in forcibly -- the young psychologist advised them to concentrate on anything but the pussy whipping eagerly on their rod. Do simple arithmetic in their minds, he said, think of the pile of bills at home, the mortgage on the house, anything that would bring them down. Even the worst, most revolting piece of ass they'd ever had.

And trying to ignore the passionate silken flesh of the feverish nurse beneath him, Benson tried desperately to recall the worst pussy he'd ever had. Certainly not his wife, who was a wildcat when he'd first married her and wanted to do nothing but fuck, day and night. That was the innocence and passion of young love, he thought dryly. Then he remembered.

A rich bitch in his college days, good-looking actually. All she'd done was lie there like a lamb being slaughtered, her dry cunt like a bucket of sand. Later she was caught blowing a girl in the college dorm, and this, it turned out, was her secret love. She'd gone down on practically every girl in the dorm and propositioned half of them on the campus. But for some strange reason she still sullenly allowed men to screw her. Maybe she felt she was missing out on something, or did it to keep boys dating her. And this sparked an idea in Benson's mind, a possibility for Carol.

"Can't -- ooof! -- can't hold it back any more, Carol! GONNA COME, DAMMIT! PUSSY TOO HOT AND JUICY! GONNA SHOOT!"

"No!" she cried, shaking her head in panic. But he'd already begun spurting his hot jism deep into her silken cunt, bursting in great gushes of come. While it flooded her eager slit, Carol began to cry softly. He wasn't the one, dammit! After all these years of frustrating torture, maybe no one was.

"Christ, I'm sorry," Benson gasped. Sorry for himself, actually, because she might not screw him again.

Her ripe naked flesh still jerking and twitching, Carol said, "That's all right, Doctor. It's an old story by now."

Benson was about to say he was more than eager to try again in a minute -- hell, he'd have no trouble getting a hard-on five or six times in rapid succession with her -- but his schedule was running much too late. After all, he had a whole office full of frustrated, fucked-up people out there who also needed help. Although none of them had her luscious curves or wild pussy.

He climbed off her and wiped his limp dick with a Kleenex, handing her some so she could dab at her dripping slit. "The door again, huh?" he asked.

"Yes," she sighed, trembling with anger. "The Goddamned door again!" Tears filled her lustrous black eyes as she gazed up at him. "If I don't find the answer soon, I'll end up in an insane asylum -- I really will!"

He said soothing things to her while they dressed, but she wasn't fooled. She'd heard reassurances countless times before and she was more tormented than ever.

Normally, he scheduled his patients for once-a-week visits, but he told her to come back in four days. And to call him if she felt the pressure was unbearable. He started to prescribe strong tranquilizers for her, but she shook her head firmly.

"I've tried that. That's no solution, Doctor. All it does is turn me into a vegetable, and I still screw only it's not even slightly pleasurable. I feel right now that..."

She shook her head speechlessly, her eyes blazing. How could she explain the horrible frustration building up in her loins now, the furiously hot desire for an explosive orgasm, the desperate need for release. And each time she got madly aroused with sex, she got hotter and hotter, and suffered more and more afterward.

Because while the lush nurse could get aroused to frenzied heights of lust and maddening excitement, she couldn't come. She hadn't had a climax in two years, and her sex-tension was boiling up and threatening to shatter her mind, destroy her precarious sanity completely. She'd tried literally hundreds of men in the past two years, sucked and fucked so many different cocks she couldn't begin to remember them all. Some of the pricks were short and stubby, some were enormous and thick, some long and lean, some gentle, some savage, some staying with her frantic pussy for a solid hour and longer, others erupting in a minute or two.

But no one could make Carol come.

Nor could she fingerfucking herself. Or using a humming vibrator, stroking it deep into her hot cunt for two long hours and more. The effect was always the same. She got deliriously excited, madly aroused, and the more inflamed her lust the more she agonized afterward. Because her desire was furiously building up and if she didn't get release soon...

And it all began two years ago, on one bizarre night. Up to then she'd had a very healthy sex life, coming with her lucky partner in great boiling gushes, radiating with a glow of deep contentment afterward. Nor did she screw everything in pants then, either. Just men she liked. She was only twenty-three now and she faced a lifetime of frustrated horror.

Every time she was on the verge of blissful release, every single time her profound desire and lust boiled into a tremendous fire of excitement, it stopped all at once. A door closed in her mind, an eerie, shadowy door that slammed shut with frightening finality. And the door blocked out the memory of that night, and made it impossible for her to come.

All she remembered of that night was being at a wild party in Los Angeles. There were interns and other nurses and a lot of strangers, some of them natty Hollywood types, some of them hippies smoking weed. She recalled someone asking her if she'd like to attend a really wild party, and high on liquor and grass, she nodded eagerly.

From that moment on the entire night was a complete blank in her mind. She couldn't even remember who asked her to the private party. He was a shadowy figure in her mind, and ominous voice talking persuasively to her, whispering.

The ravishing nurse remembered waking in her apartment the next morning, feeling terrible. Her skin felt crawly and a secret shame burned in her, but she didn't know why because she couldn't remember. She assumed at the time she must have been drunk, but she didn't have more than two or three drinks. And you didn't get memory blackouts from grass, she knew.

And shortly after that the horror began. Two nights later she went to bed with someone she liked, and as usual got feverishly aroused. Only this time she couldn't come. That damned door slammed shut in her mind the very moment she usually started having a fierce orgasm. He tried again and again, but it didn't help. He went down on her, eating her luscious cunt for a whole hour but that only made things worse.

Ever since that night, she became a walking time-bomb of raw desire. Her sexual fuse was burning and burning and burning and Carol knew with terrified certainty she would explode any day now if she didn't get the release she needed so feverishly.

Thinking at first it was her partner, she tried screwing other men with the same result. And each time her frustrating tension became deeper and more agonizing, until she seethed with torturous passion, until she became a raving nympho.

And still she couldn't come.

Then she began going to psychiatrists. The first one listened solemnly, suggested he could make her come and tried strenuously in vain. He sent her, reluctantly, to another shrink who specialized in hypnosis.

The second one was too old and tired to try personally, but he told her she suffered from involuntary amnesia, that her mind had deliberately blocked out whatever happened that night because she felt it was so revolting and horrifying she couldn't face it.

He hypnotized her. He brought her back to that night, to the laughing and drunken clink of glasses and smell of strong grass in the air. He returned her to the shadowy, frightening voice that asked her to come to another, wilder party. And even under hypnosis she couldn't remember a single thing. The door slammed soundly shut on her memory.

Terrified at the psychiatrist's helplessness, Carol tried going to another one. And in the meantime her desperation drove her to pick up men in bars every night, to go to bed with almost anything in pants, as long as even the faint possibility existed that someone could make her come. Because her pent-up lust was beginning to drive her mad...

Then she began losing jobs at a frightening rate because she couldn't control her desperation any more. Every time she looked at a man she began wondering furiously whether he could make her come. The hospital staffs, used to a certain amount of lustful screwing on the premises, were shocked at her mad, wanton behavior. The word got around very quickly. Doctors' wives and interns' girlfriends and patients' families indignantly raised hell about her. And although the need for competent nurses -- and Carol was still a very competent nurse -- was critical almost everywhere, she got tired again and again.

And now she'd just arrived in this small, peaceful town a hundred miles north of Los Angeles, determined to make a fresh start somehow. The fresh start, she told herself bitterly, was to screw practically the first man she talked to, Dr. Benson.

Fully dressed and sitting in front of his desk now, Carol smoked in rapid, nervous puffs as she listened to him.

"One important fact, Carol," he said gravely, feeling his cock irresistibly rise again as he watched her sultry lips and lush breasts. "If you're going to work at the local hospital, for Chrissake, don't fool around with anyone there, staff or patients. This is a small, narrow-minded town and you won't last five minutes here if you start in on that action. Just stick to business there, okay?"

She nodded. "I figured that out for myself," she said dryly. "Don't worry, Doctor, I'll keep all the action on the side. I promise."

"Good. Of course, you'll keep me in mind if you get too aroused, won't you?" She nodded, but he knew he had his chance and blew it. She'd probably still let him screw her but only out of hope that he could eventually help her. Somehow.

He stared at the pages of scrawled notes he'd made when she first talked to him. He frowned.

"You say you've tried everything, right?" Wearily, she nodded. He leaned, back in his swivel chair.

"Well, you haven't. Yours is a desperate case and it might take very drastic measures."

Carol leaned forward, her excited breathing making her ripe tits part.

She stood up, smiling with hope and shining eyed. "A thousand percent, you mean -- a million percent! Thanks so much, Doctor."

Then her face turned dark, as though a storm were passing in her mind. "God, what if none of this works?"

"Something will, Carol. A beautiful girl like you," he grinned, "can't miss."

"But I have missed for two straight years," she said bitterly and walked to the door. She turned, her eyes blazing with mad determination.

"Someone out there can make me come," she whispered. "Someone has to! Or I'll go crazy..."

She closed the door behind her. Christ, thought Benson, what a Goddamned shame. A gorgeous, fantastic fuck like Carol Parsons couldn't even have an orgasm while millions of plain girls and women around the world were screwing and coming at this very moment. He scanned the pages of notes he'd made rapidly. Somewhere here, in what she'd first told him, there had to be a clue. There had to be a clue, Goddammit, because a case like this could make him rich, possibly famous internationally.

The case fascinated him, made him feel like Sherlock Holmes. He stuffed the notes in his briefcase, getting ready for the next patient. He would take them home tonight and pore over them, relentlessly searching.

Mrs. Fairweather came into his office, overfed and rich and bored at fifty. Shit! After a passionate knockout like the nurse, Mrs. Fairweather looked like a living hangover.

"Oh, Doctor, so thrilled to see you!" She sat her fat ass on the chair and wriggled it coyly. "I-I almost did it, this time," she breathed excitedly. "I almost took my clothes off in public! It was the most horrible urge, Doctor, oh Lord, someday I just know I'll do it and I'll be ruined forever!"

Benson put his grave expression on his face. Mrs. Fairweather suffered from the irresistible urge to strip in public. If she ever succumbed to it, and they both knew damn well she wouldn't, she would be the comic sensation of the year with her rolls of blubber nakedly quivering before a revolted townspeople. She might turn some impressionable boys off to the female sex permanently with her blowsy, sagging flesh. Shit, she ought to be classified a public hazard.

"Tell me all the details," Benson said, nodding. "Every one, Mrs. Fairweather."

While she prattled on, Benson smiled to himself. Her so-called irresistible urge to strip in public was nothing more than a raw desire to make her disgusting body available to anyone and everyone. In a word, she needed a healthy, savage fuck. But he wasn't about to tell the silly bitch the truth. After all, she was paying him forty dollars for fifty minutes every single week, and he would be Goddamned if he'd toss that kind of easy money away. He might never tell her. She'd confided to him that her own husband hadn't screwed her in five years, and it was easy to see why. Instead of stuffing her mouth with rich garbage, all she had to do was lose fifty pounds, take off that nauseating, garishly made up face and keep her silly mouth shut, and she'd get laid in ten minutes.

Well, maybe a week or two, anyway.

Benson continued to nod like a puppet while she babbled on, his mind on Carol Parsons. What in the hell could have possibly happened to her in that missing night? Why did a sultry, radiant girl like that suffer from such a bizarre condition? How in the hell was he going to cure her, find that hidden clue? Because it was there. Benson could feel his sharp instincts quivering. He knew it was there in his mass of notes, just a remark or a comment possibly, but it was there.

He was already becoming obsessed with the gorgeous nurse, his fingers itching to seize those notes now and reread them, pore over every tiny obscene detail, searching, probing, examining, hunting in dead earnest.

Christ, if he didn't help her come soon he'd be ready for a straitjacket.

Chapter TWO

As soon as Carol left Dr. Benson's office, she went to the local hospital and applied for a job. She'd be accepted, she knew, for two solid reasons.

First, the shortage of registered nurses around the country was critical. A nurse could go literally anywhere there was a hospital and get a job. Second, under "Reasons for leaving last employment," she always put the same thing. "Personality conflict." There was always a lot of personality conflict in the constant pressure of a hospital so no one could argue about that. Nor would her last hospital say anything about her wanton behavior. As long as her infractions weren't medical they would protect her. Doctors and nurses always protected each other as much as possible, since it took years of arduous training to get a license.

And if every doctor and nurse who'd been caught playing around at some lustful moment in a hospital lost their licenses, most sick people would be ready for the morgue. Or so they reasoned.

Carol was immediately interviewed by a handsome staff doctor who could barely keep his eyes off her proud tits. And even though a hot throbbing began in her tormented pussy, Carol firmly told herself no. Not this time. There was plenty of action walking around out there, and the thought that she could now choose from both sexes started a soaring excitement in her blood.

He told her he'd recommend her to Chief of Personnel and then quickly asked her for a dinner date. Carol smiled at herself, knowing he probably had a fierce hard-on beneath his desk. For one thing he was married, which didn't mean anything in most hospitals. A great many nurses swung with married doctors, even though they might be married themselves.

And she politely told him no. Even though she could screw him in her newly-rented apartment, she would then have the problem of fending him off at the hospital. And Carol knew she was a fantastic piece, without feeling conceited about it. She'd been told that so many times by so many men she just took it for granted now.

And she knew why, too. It wasn't just because she had a stunning body and a hot, juicy cunt, or that she gave a wildly thrilling blowjob which left most men dazed and panting for more. It was her sheer desperation. Every time the ripely curved nurse got fucked, she put her mind, body and soul into it as though her life depended on it. And because her sanity depended on her having an orgasm, in a way her life was in the balance.

Thus the combination of her skill, hunger, strikingly sexy looks and desperate passion made her an incredible lay, an unforgettable fuck, a torrid, lusciously eager and fiery-hot partner in bed.

When she said no the doctor looked like he might burst into tears for a minute. Like Benson, he probably had wife problems, Carol sensed. He would just damn well have to find another piece on the side.

And so would she -- and plenty of it, an inexhaustible supply in fact.

He told her she'd be called in the next few days and made no effort to hide his fierce hard on when he stood up. For a moment Carol was tempted to give him a quick blowjob out of sheer pity -- she'd done it before, too softhearted for her own good -- but then he'd become a terrible pest around the hospital.

She went straight back to her apartment, noting it was four in the afternoon. She would have to find a lay for tonight, she had to find a lay every night these days, as well as frequent mornings and afternoons, she realized with a sigh. And each time it had to be someone different.

Only now she could choose boys and girls and women as well as men. And the prospect turned the constant ache in her hot pussy into a sharp urgent desire, a fierce throbbing that couldn't be ignored.

Carol's problem had turned her from a normally healthy sex-driven girl into a frenzied, lust-crazed nymphomaniac. And if she was lucky enough to somehow be cured of her pent-up urgency, if she actually had an orgasm and the tremendous release she needed, what would happen to her maniacal sex-drive? Would it gradually return to normal or would she still crave raw, blistering sex day and night, her maddening hunger with her always?

She just didn't know and it added to her agonized frustration until she didn't feel she could cling to her shaking sanity for another day.

In her living room, she stripped and tossed aside her clothes, padding into the bathroom and turning the bathtub faucet on. Her large apartment was one of four in a remodeled Victorian house, decorated in quiet taste. She hadn't met any of her neighbors yet, since the apartment was shown to her by an agent. But he'd mentioned that two of them were couples and the third a full-blown family. Carol smiled to herself, wondering if that meant what she thought it meant.

She took a long hot bath, and it helped a little to ease up the smoldering knot of lust in her loins. Afterward, she slipped on a snug cotton dress with nothing underneath and went outside, to sit on the wide front porch and let the late afternoon sun dry her hair.

And to watch the neighbors for prospects.

She didn't have long to wait. People were coming home from work and latecomers from school. And that's when she met the girl next door...

The tawny blonde wheeled up on a bicycle to the front lawn next door. She had the most with luscious young tits, high-standing in her thin T-shirt, their fat little nipples curved upward as if begging in prayer to be kissed and fondled. Beneath a narrow waist her hips budded out sensuously and her jeans hugged her plump ass for dear life.

She waved at Carol cheerfully. "Hi! You new here?"

"Yes. My name is Carol. Yours?"

The girl sauntered over to the porch and sat beside Carol on the wide swing. "I'm Cindy." She shot Carol a dazzling smile, her shining blue eyes warm and friendly. She reeked with innocence, with the purity of blossoming youth. She was utterly clean and wholesome and radiant, and she sparked a blazing flame in Carol, an eerie wild excitement the nurse had never felt before in her life.

Carol began to tremble as the girl's hip brushed hers.

The blonde began to snoop but she did it so openly Carol had to laugh at her questions. Yes, Carol was new in town, she was a nurse, she'd never been married, she wasn't going with anyone, yes many doctors had proposed to her and a lot more probably would.

"I'll bet," sighed Cindy. "You're beautiful. Sexy, I mean, the kind of girl who knocks guys of their feet. Gosh, I was thinking of becoming a nurse when I get out of school. There's a million questions I want to ask you, Carol. Will you teach me how to wear makeup?"

God, she's sweet! Carol thought, the boiling excitement in her loins beginning to seep hotly in her cunt.

"Tonight if you're not busy," Carol said in a husky voice. "Say about eight?"

"You're on!" Cindy said excitedly. "Gotta run now."

The feverish nurse watched her bounce exuberantly away, her lush little ass-cheeks rippling in her jeans, her tits bobbing, her entire curved young body flowing with grace.

I want to eat her pussy! Carol suddenly realized. She'd never even given girls a thought until Dr.

Benson mentioned it this afternoon. In a bizarre sense, she felt as if she'd been given a hunting license for beautiful boys and girls, and sweet young Cindy fascinated her, aroused her deepest curiosity.

What would it be like to hug and kiss and suck off a luscious young girl like the blonde? Suppose she turned Cindy on so furiously the girl agreed to eat her pussy! Suppose her first passionate adventure with an innocent, lovely young girl gave her the orgasm she so frantically needed? She would be cured!

Before Carol could arouse herself any more desperately, she met some of her apartment neighbors. One was a handsome couple in their mid-twenties. The husband drank in Carol's ripely curved tits and silken legs with very hungry eyes. He was massively hung, too, Carol noticed in a quick glance, his big cock coiled in his Levi's like a bulging grapefruit.

His wife was vaguely pretty, slender with small but well-formed tits and a taut, compact ass. She had strange eyes, Carol saw, grey and deep with some secret, huge and lustrous in her pale face. An odd woman with her enormous staring eyes and long flowing dark hair. She was small but sensuous, her thick lips covered with blood-red lipstick like a vampire, Carol thought with amusement, a hot, sexy little vampire...

The second couple was a little older, but very square, formally dressed even in summer weather.

Not bad looking, but with timid faces, the kind who screwed cautiously but gratefully. They'd be saving for a house and kids, no doubt. In her frantic condition, Carol envied them.

She went back in her apartment, ate lightly and wondered whether to dress sexy or casual for Cindy, who'd be coming over in a couple of hours. Standing in front of the mirror, Carol decided to wear what she had on. For one thing, she was naked underneath and if and when it came down to the hot action, she could strip in seconds. For another, the thin dress emphasized her lush, rounded tits with their large jutting nipples, her narrow waist and ripe ass and stunning legs.

But how, Carol wondered nervously, did you go about seducing a lovely young girl? She poured a glass of wine and sipped it, thinking deeply. She decided with her experience as a nurse it shouldn't be too hard. As for the actual sex, arousing her to a feverish pitch and then fingerfucking and eating her sounded like a very good start. But the risk was something else.

Hell, Carol thought as she started gulping her wine, there was a calculated risk in everything you did, even crossing the street. Cindy was naive and very impressionable. The more the frustrated nurse thought about the luscious blonde, the more inflamed she got until her cunt was oozing honey onto her thighs, and her fingers trembled on the wine glass.

At seven there was a knock on her door and she leaped up, startled. It was too early for Cindy. She opened the door and saw the slender, strange-eyed wife she'd met earlier. She wondered whether Carol would like to join them for dinner. Her sultry expression and tone of voice suggested the ravishing nurse just might turn out to be dessert, and Carol had a powerful hunch they were swingers, but strange ones, not the open, flaunting, laughing kind she'd met so often in L.A.

Carol politely declined but took a rain-check. For a few long moments the wife stood in her doorway, licking her blood-red lips and breathing rapidly as her eyes gleamed on Carol's stunning curves. Then she left.

"Jesus," Carol laughed, shutting the door. The wild-eyed wife was weird, but intriguing as hell. She'd looked at Carol as though she wanted to leap on her and suck out her honey in ferocious gulps. Carol had seen that hungry stare so often in L.A. she recognized it at once. Certainly the couple didn't look like they came from this neck of the woods.

In fact, they looked as though they were running away from something. But the husband was good-looking and hung like a bull. They'd be worth a shot later on, of course.

Anyone who had even the faintest possibility of making Carol finally come was worth one try.

Even the sensual nurse, with all her wanton experience, was in for a bizarre shock. She would remember her one-try logic with trembling horror only when it was too late...

Cindy showed up early, her wide-eyed face glowing with eagerness. She was eighteen, it turned out, an age of wild crushes and turbulent emotions and it was obvious she was awed by Carol's sleek sexiness and the fact that she was a nurse from The Big City. The only concession Carol made in her appearance was to put on makeup, mascara and eyeshadow and gloss-lipstick. She'd also, shivering with fierce anticipation, dabbed perfume liberally on her lush tits, the cheeks of her creamy ass and on her silken pussy-hairs. Just as she would have for an exciting date. When Cindy begged her to make her face up, Carol quickly agreed.

Sitting close to Cindy on the sofa and facing her, the madly aroused nurse began with mascara, her eyes smoldering on the blonde's lovely ripe mouth, straying down to her budding tits filling out her T-shirt. And Carol cleverly turned the talk around to sex, knowing at eighteen Cindy would have a barrage of questions.

"What's it like, having your first orgasm, I mean?" Cindy gushed eagerly. "Really wild?"

Carol was about to quip she hadn't had one in so long she couldn't remember, but instead she told the blonde it was a fantastic experience, although a boy could easily turn her off to sex with clumsiness.

"I know what you mean," Cindy sighed. "My boyfriend spends all his time trying to get in my pants."

"You mean you're a virgin?" Carol asked with hot excitement.

"Oh sure. I mean, I smoke grass and drink beer just like all the kids in this town, but damned if I'm gonna let Jimmy get my cherry that easy!"

It just so happened that Cindy had a joint of very good Columbian with her. They paused for a while to sip wine and smoke the grass, Carol's lust soaring to dangerous heights. Funny, she thought with a giggle, the common notion of seedy dealers peddling dope to teenagers had abruptly reversed itself all over the nation. Now it was the seemingly innocent kids who had the grass and the adults who had to get it from them!

The marijuana and wine shattered the last of Carol's caution. She was dying to suck on Cindy's plump tits and kiss and nibble every inch of her satiny young flesh, to rape her cherry with her stroking fingers and tingling mouth, to greedily savor her cunt-honey. Driven by an overpowering curiosity and feeling like a virgin herself -- after all, she'd never had sex with a girl, especially a luscious little jewel like Cindy -- Carol tried to use some finesse in spite of her fierce urgency.

"You've got lovely breasts, honey," she told the shining-eyed blonde, caressing one casually. "Do you know how to make them ripen overnight?"

"Like yours, you mean? Wow! How, Carol?" she asked eagerly.

"Take off your T-shirt and I'll show you," the nurse said.

Cindy stripped it off and tossed it aside and Carol sucked in her breath. Christ, what loving, hot little tits! Each blossoming mound was tipped with a fat, perfectly centered pink nipple and huge rosy coronas.

"Oh, they're beautiful," Carol whispered hoarsely, gently clutching a warm tit in each hand, trembling at their velvety heat. "You massage them every night, like this, honey," the feverish nurse told her. She began loving Cindy's luscious mounds with slow, lewd caresses, stroking the swollen nipples lasciviously until the blonde was beginning to pant.

"Oh wow, Carol, that feels -- that feels good. Mmmmmm, not the way Jimmy paws me, ooooooh that's nice!"

Carol glanced at her innocent face. Easy, she thought with rising lust, this is going to be so Goddamned easy. She doesn't suspect a thing yet! Along with her frenzied excitement, the passionate nurse felt a delicious stab of guilt. There was something diabolically sweet in corrupting innocence like Cindy's, knowing she'd be the first to get her juicy little cherry, that Cindy would never forget her as long as she lived. Never.

"Oh Carol that's -- I'm getting hot!" she said, her wide eyes burning on Carol's. The grass and the wine left her wide open for what was coming.

"Sit on my lap, honey," Carol urged. "I'll explain something to you, a secret."

"A secret!" the blonde echoed. Her face flushed and her tawny tits heaving, Cindy squirmed her ass on Carol's lap.

"Now," Carol whispered in her ear, hugging the eighteen-year-old's silky tits from behind, "when you finally lose your little cherry it's going to hurt something terrible. Boys can be selfish, you know. But I can fix it so it won't hurt at all, honey, not a bit. Not only that, I can tell you things that will turn a boy on so wildly, you can wrap him around your little finger."

"Tell me!" Cindy gushed, wriggling her asscheeks on Carol's lap to make her cunt throb with soaked lust.

"But first," the panting nurse whispered, "I have to fix your cherry so it won't hurt."

She slid her hands down and unsnapped the top button of Cindy's tight jeans. Then she unzipped them and crept one hand inside, down to the blonde's steaming crotch, past a delicate tangle of cunt-hairs, down into the silken wet heat of her plump thighs.

"I'm-I'm so hot I could burn up," Cindy sobbed. She squirmed feverishly. "Oh God, Carol, I-I think -- OOOOOO! OH NO, UNNNNNNG! NO, PLEASE, AAAAAAAH! N-N... YES! OH LORD YESSSSSS! OH CAROL IT FEELS -- MMMMMMMM!"

Carol slid one finger into the eighteen-year-old virgin's juicy slit and began gently stroking, shuddering with her new excitement. Tight and fiery and succulent, writhing passionately on the nurse's finger, Cindy's cherry was so hot and lust-inspiring as it oozed honey on Carol's fingers, the feverish nurse's hopes soared tremendously. If anyone could miraculously make her come, it would be the passionately whimpering angel on her lap.


The madly swinging blonde twisted her head around to fiercely kiss Carol's mouth. She slithered her wet tongue deep, moaning deliriously as Carol's fucking finger shot deeper and harder into her juicy cunt. Her jeans were drenched with her hot pussy-fluids now as a shattering orgasm began to erupt in her tender slit. She bit Carol's lips in a frenzy of joy as her first wild orgasm raced through her tawny flesh.

Eighteen-year-old Cindy had finger fucked herself since she was thirteen but those thrills were furtive and pale compared to the beautiful nurse's loving strokes. From the moment she'd seen Carol a gushing admiration for her sexiness and cool, self-assured poise burst in Cindy's heart. In a way, it was puppy-love on sight, but now that innocent awe was quickly turning into wild, uncontrollable adoration.

Carol had made her feel better in five minutes than anyone had ever made her feel in her whole life. It was that simple.


"Come all over me then," Carol whispered passionately, her own cunt a blazing torment as Cindy's boiling juices poured down her finger and into her hand, dripping everywhere.

The eighteen-year-old cherry flung her arms madly around the nurse's neck and showered tearful kisses on her, as her second climax began to explode.


Can't wait to suck her off! Carol thought in a fever of urgency. Oh God, I had no idea she could be so sweet and passionate, so innocent and sexy and delicious! Cindy would be the one, she had to be the one, because Carol had never been so strangely aroused in her life. The blonde's hot ass was slapping to a frantic rhythm on Carol's crotch, firing her lust to a relentless ache. Her hands and burning mouth and sharp teeth were everywhere it seemed, clawing, biting, kissing, sucking, screaming with her unleashing passion.

And if Carol could possibly have come she would have the very moment Cindy pressed her tear-stained cheek to Carol's and whispered she would die of pure joy if Carol didn't stop right now.

Carol stopped, and the frenzied blonde let out a low prolonged moan of relief. Still she clung to the nurse feverishly and her cunt spasmed, still gushing honey.

"Never dreamed it could be like that," Cindy sobbed. "Oh Carol it was the living end! I'm-I'm crazy about you!"

"But it's not the end," Carol said quickly. "There's more, darling, much more. Let's both strip!"

Eagerly, Cindy scrambled off her lap and pulled down her jeans. Carol's fingers shook on her own dress, her eyes burning hungrily over the blonde's smooth golden flesh, raking over her ripe hips and smooth, plump thighs her silky tangle of cunt-hairs. Jesus Christ! What she'd been missing all these years! But not any more, never again.

"Oh wow," Cindy whispered, her blue eyes growing huge as Carol took off her dress. "You're-you're gorgeous, Carol! Naked too, I mean. Lord, what a figure!"

All the more to suck you off with, my dear Goldilocks, the hotly aroused nurse thought with dry amusement. But she didn't really fell amused at all. She felt ravenously hungry and maddeningly excited, the boiling knot in her loins pounding furiously, demanding impossible satisfaction.

Carol nudged the eighteen-year-old virgin onto her back on the sofa. Trembling, she climbed on top of Cindy. For a few teasing minutes she showered torrid kisses on the blonde, rubbing her moist pussy to Cindy's in lewd circles. The girl jerked her hips eagerly and sobbed as their hot velvety tits rubbed and crushed together, their perspiring flesh fusing with lust.

"Getting so hot again, Carol! Oh Carol I'm burning up again, help me, please! On fire, ooooooh!"

At the age of eighteen and still a cherry, Cindy would explode again and again and again with climaxes, able to go all night long and the following day if she could.

"H-help me," she whimpered, her hands squeezing Carol's lush ass-cheeks. "Masturbate me some more, please!"

"If you think that was something, just wait," the nurse whispered. She inched down on the blonde's burning flesh, lavishing sensuous kisses on the way. She paused at Cindy's panting tits, grasping one eagerly in her mouth and sucking on the hot nipple with greed, feeling it gorge in her mouth. In turn, she gently teased and sucked her other satiny tit, until the virgin was crying in a steady plea and jerking her hips up feverishly.

Now Carol, her heart pounding against her ribs, slid further down her belly. She lingered to teasingly bite and suck on the hot flesh, until the girl was clawing her back and issuing low screams of urgency.

Her curiosity and lust at a fever-pitch, Carol hunched between Cindy's widespread thighs.

Quickly, the blonde drew up her knees and nudged her steaming pussy toward Carol's mouth. Panting, Carol pushed back on the soft flesh of Cindy's belly to fully expose her cherry.

"Beautiful," Carol whispered, her eyes blazing on the glistening pink slit. Like a delicate, rosy mouth, she thought, utterly hot and loving and kissable. The soaked cunt-lips beckoned, sucking at her in a lascivious plea. The sweet fragrance of Cindy's virginity filled her nostrils like a warm summer breeze.


And Cindy quickly crushed her hot thighs to Carol's face, her eyes glazed with disbelief, her naked flesh trembling violently from head to toe. Another girl in school had told Cindy a boy had eaten her pussy once and she'd almost gone crazy with thrills, but the innocent virgin shrugged it off as both dirty and a wild exaggeration.

But not any more. Never again! The most intense thrill she'd ever felt now tore through Cindy's furiously sucking cunt like wildfire. Carol was lapping and sucking and kissing all at once it seemed, whipping her tongue in and out in a frenzy of moaning delight, sparking a blaze in Cindy's virgin pussy that would never die.

Because that first breathtaking, nerve-shattering thrill would alter the blonde's life forever.

For Carol it would have an equally shattering effect, but not in the way she expected. The moment she darted her long tongue into Cindy's boiling cunt, ripples of profound depraved pleasure tingled through her mouth, until it was watering as freely as Cindy's writhing pussy. The girl's cunt-honey was like sheer nectar to the nurse, fiery and delicious and utterly sweet.

Her moans mingled with Cindy's obscenely happy screams as she sucked in a frenzy of hunger, craving a stream of juicy nectar pouring down her throat. But it wasn't just the lovely virgin's hot, succulent pussy that turned her on fiercely. There was more to it than just the thrilling, madly sucking sweet cunt smearing her cheeks. There was the difference.

After years of blowing and fucking countless men, the mere idea of ravenously eating a beautiful young girl like Cindy inflamed her lust dangerously. She'd discovered not just a new hope for her agonizing frustration but a new outlet for her crazed sex-drive. For a few minutes of wanton heaven, the tortured nurse could almost forget the savage throbbing in her own pussy, drowning her lips and tongue in Cindy's thighs. If she couldn't have a climax in her aching cunt, she came deliciously close with her mouth. Her lips and tongue tingled with joy as she sucked on the blonde's fat little clit-bud to make her shudder and wail ferociously at the violent new thrill.

Now Cindy was tugging at Carol's hair and raising her legs high to dig her heels into the nurse's shoulders. Her tawny flesh was drenched with sweat and depraved fire as she began erupting with maddening new sex-thrills. Her swollen clit was a mass of raw ecstasy as Carol sucked ferociously on it, fucking her tongue across its tip. The eighteen-year-old bit her lips to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs and her ass lifted high off the sofa, carrying Carol's greedy mouth with it.


For a minute Carol dipped her tongue down to Cindy's tiny asshole, plunging deep into the crack. Instantly the blonde ceased ranting and let out a long shaking sigh of bliss. Overwhelmed with curiosity and excitement, Carol wriggled deep and hard into Cindy's tender asshole, her nose crushed to the girl's squirming wet cunt, her fingers digging into her hot, satiny ass.

But Cindy's relief was over too soon.

Like an irresistible lover, the blonde's sweet cunt beckoned Carol back and once again she was licking and sucking and lapping in a frenzy, unable to control her new obscene joy. Sobbing for mercy, Cindy tried desperately to wrench her now-tormented pussy away but the sex-crazed nurse held her hips in a viselike grip. The delicious cunt-flesh could make her forget her anguish, give her a feeble echo of ecstasy in her mouth and that was all that mattered to Carol.

And suddenly the blonde's body went completely limp.

So absorbed was Carol in her depraved greed she continued to devour the juicy hot slit. A minute later the fact that Cindy no longer responded struck her, and she jerked her head up, startled. The girl had fainted!

Carol cursed herself as she crawled back up to kiss Cindy tenderly. The eighteen-year-old's eyes fluttered open slowly, dazed as they shone on Carol.

"It's all right," Carol soothed her, stroking her tits. "I'm so sorry, darling. You were so fantastically sweet and yummy, I lost control. Forgive me, please?"

The girl flung her arms around Carol and hugged her fiercely. "It's okay, Carol. I thought I'd die from so much happiness! But I'm a cherry, you know. I guess I'm not used to thrills like this. But I'm not complaining!" she added quickly, kissing Carol.

"Technically, you're not a cherry," Carol chuckled. "I took it, first with my finger and then my mouth, honey."

Cindy giggled. "Actually, I took it a couple of years ago with my finger. I meant I'm a cherry with boys."

Carol stared down at her, awed by her innocence and loveliness. Christ, what millions of men wouldn't give to be in her position right now! And she was suddenly astounded by what she'd done -- and by what she was going to make Cindy do. From the way the sweet blonde was looking at her it was obvious Cindy worshipped her.

She hadn't just fingerfucked and sucked off a beautiful young virgin. She'd deprived some boy -- or man -- of making the first unforgettable sex-impression on her. When Cindy thought of sex from this night on, she would think of Carol's obscenely pumping finger in her tender slit, of Carol's frantic whipping mouth on her crotch, of Carol's ripe tits and soft warm embrace and torrid kisses.

And she looked more innocent, more like a glowing angel than ever. Well, hell, Carol thought, she was an adorable angel, wasn't she? And if some boy or man wasn't smart or ballsy enough to get her first, that was his tough luck.

And as the delicious taste of Cindy's cherry lingered in her mouth, her own urgently pulsating cunt reminded her of her own explosive need.

"Cindy," she said softly, caressing the girl's pussy to make her moan, "I want you to return the favor, darling. I want you to go down on me now. All right?"

She didn't hesitate a second. "Sure, Carol. I-I was hoping you'd ask. I'd do anything for you, anything."

The blonde got up and Carol lay back on the sofa, her creamy tits panting furiously as she raised one leg and rested it along the upper rim of the couch. Her cunt was completely exposed, throbbing and sucking before Cindy's shining eyes.

Slowly, as if approaching a holy shrine, the lush blonde huddled between the nurse's spread thighs. Cindy's heart beat rapidly with guilt and a terribly exciting curiosity. Carol's exquisite pink cunt looked so-so lovable. And at this moment the innocent eighteen-year-old wanted nothing more in the world than to please her every whim.

"Hurry, darling!" Carol gasped, cupping the girl's head in her hands and pulling downward, wild hope soaring like an eagle in her heart. She's the one, Carol thought feverishly, I know she's the one.

Cindy planted her lips squarely against Carol's pussy-lips and sucked gently. It tasted terrifically exciting to her, sort of like a sticky sweet kiss, only much more thrilling than any lips she'd ever tasted.

"Yesssss," Carol crooned, stroking the girl's long hair as she began sucking her cunt with her eager lips and tongue. "Oh yesssss, mmmmm, OH GOOD, DARLING, YES WORK YOUR TONGUE DEEPER, AAAAAAAH, OH BABY, ANGEL, UNNNNNGH! OH SWEETHEART, YOUR HOT LOVING MOUTH, OHHHHH! DEEPER, FASTER, OH LUSCIOUS CUNTSUCKING ANGEL, I -- OH HONEY!"

The familiar molten wave was hovering now, just on the fringe of Carol's thrilled pussy as Cindy rammed her burning tongue deep into the boiling flesh. Moaning low in her throat with her new-found hunger, the eighteen-year-old rubbed her palms passionately over Carol's soft belly and hips as she snaked her tongue into the juicy crack and swirled it around in ravenous laps.

A tremendous excitement was building up in Cindy's blood, an eerie sensation she'd never felt before. She liked eating Carol's pussy, she loved it, was beginning to yearn for more fiery cunt-juice trickling in her mouth. And Carol's lewd praise was spurring her on to suck frantically on her clit, then ram her tongue into Carol's tiny asshole, then back up to lap at her pussy-honey in a frenzied exploration.

The softly screaming nurse was shuddering from head to toe, maddeningly delightful ripples of bliss beginning to spark in her knotted loins. She was close! She was closer to that elusive release than she'd ever been!


In his den at home, Dr. Benson poised over his notes with intense concentration. He'd gone over every scrawl, every jot of his pen, every seemingly idle comment he'd made when he first talked to Carol. And the hairs prickling on the back of his neck told him he'd found something, like a bloodhound sniffing a fresh trail. The door to his den opened without knocking.

His wife peered in with a look of distaste, as though she were eyeing a chicken coop.

"I'm going over to see Dorothy Sims," she said coldly. "She has some fresh gossip she wants to share with me."

Benson didn't look up. "Tell Dorothy to fix the bathroom faucet, will you? Or else get me a hot tip on the stock market, dammit."

"Fuck you," she said sharply and slammed the door. Benson sighed. Goddammit, divorces could be so expensive these days. If he just had someone like Carol waiting for him...

Now where in the hell was he? There was something in the mess of notes that stirred an alarm in the back of his mind. Where the hell was it?

Frantically, Benson began to scatter, then claw at the pages on his desk. It was there, dammit, it had to be there!

"Oh God," Carol sobbed. "Oh Jesus Christ. So close, SO FUCKING CLOSE!"

Cindy pressed her naked flesh to Carol's as though she'd done something terrible. She didn't understand, she'd done the best she could, she'd eaten the moaning nurse until she was totally exhausted.

"It's my fault," Cindy sniffed, hugging her face to Carol's desire-swollen tits. "I didn't try hard enough."

"Oh don't be dumb," Carol sighed, stroking the blonde's head. "You would have made anyone else come a dozen times, Cindy. It's just that I-I have this funny problem."

The blonde raised her head eagerly. "I'll try again, Carol, right now if you want me to!"

"No, baby, that's all right. Maybe I was trying too hard. I think you'd better go now, angel. It's getting late."

"I wish I could stay all night," the girl blurted out.

"So do I, honey, but forget it. I'm a stranger to your parents and they'll get suspicious as hell."

Reluctantly, Cindy began dressing, her plump curves bringing a tingle to Carol's lips. "Tomorrow night?" Cindy asked eagerly. "Same time, same station, same fun?"

"We'll see, darling."

"Isn't there anything I can do for you?" Cindy begged.

"I'll think about it," Carol replied, a faint idea stirring in the back of her mind. After a long, passionate goodbye kiss, Cindy's sexy figure went through the doorway. And Carol closed it with a deep sigh. Still naked, she sat at the kitchen table with a half-gallon of wine. She drank in rapid gulps, smoldering savagely, tears of rage in her eyes.

She was so damned sure Cindy was the one! Sweet yes, deliciously exciting, a thrilling conquest she'd never forget. But the adorable blonde still couldn't make her come.

And now how did she get rid of a sexy little eighteen-year-old who wanted to cling to her desperately? It served her right for turning her cherry on. Risky, very risky playing around with anyone that age, much less a girl in a small town. Suppose Cindy started following her around, like a puppy? Or began acting weird in front of her parents? Or a hundred alarming possibilities began whirling in Carol's half-drunk mind, frightening her.

And all the while the boiling knot of frustration in her pounding loins churned and twisted and seethed, demanding its long overdue climax, its violent release.

Carol refilled her glass with shaking fingers. Her mind was starting to teeter perilously under the hot, relentless inner pressure. She felt as if she were clinging to the edge of a cliff by her fingernails, slipping, sliding, frantically trying to dig in for just a little longer.

Her mind could go any day now. She knew it, felt it in every jarred nerve of her sleek, naked flesh, sensed her shattering control was hanging on by a last, desperate thread.

Any day now, any hour now, any moment now...

Chapter THREE

The hospital called Carol the next morning, telling her she could start working the day-shift the following day. Cindy came by three times that day, but Carol managed to shoo her away without, she hoped, hurting her feelings too much. She told her she still had unpacked bags to put away and a thousand things to do, which was true.

The sultry nurse was powerfully tempted by the passionate plea in the eighteen-year-old's smoldering blue eyes. After all, she'd had a wild, feverish time with the luscious creature, and Carol deliberately hadn't brushed her teeth this morning so the taste of the blonde's pussy-honey still lingered in her mouth, remind her of every hot detail. But Carol had to be cool and practical. Starting a frenzied affair with Cindy would not only increase the danger of somehow having it come out -- it was a small town and an even smaller, sharp-eyed neighborhood -- but would put a cramp in the nurse's time.

Every hour was precious to her now, every passing minute. Each new piece of action was a soaring new hope, and Cindy had her chance. That afternoon, here was a timid knock on her door and Carol went to it wearily, cursing herself for the fiftieth time for ever eating Cindy's hot little pussy. She was framing another excuse for the blonde when she opened the door. Her eyes widened on a handsome, clean-cut boy of eighteen or so.

"Yes?" Automatically Carol glanced at his crotch. There was a big bulge in his tight Levi's. Yes!

"I'm, uh, my name is Jimmy. I'm Cindy's boyfriend, Miss Parsons. Can I, uh, talk to your for a minute?"

Oh shit! Carol thought furiously. Now she's gone and done it, probably spilled everything to him. Carol hid her alarm, smiling warmly. "Sure, Jimmy, come on in."

He stepped in her living room awkwardly, while Carol settled on the sofa and patted the seat beside her. To hell with the preliminaries, she decided. Time was running out and desperation had a funny way of putting things in perspective. He sat beside her, facing her, black-haired and brown-eyed with a serious, intelligent face. Just another nice, small-town kid like Cindy, Carol thought, the kind who got married at eighteen and lived here forever. The idea sounded so peaceful to her tormented mind and flesh. But now Carol knew instinctively Cindy would never marry him. She'd changed all that with her greedy fingers and mouth.

"Loosen up," Carol suggested, squirming her ass on the sofa as if to settle it, but actually riding her dress up so her lush, creamy thighs were obvious. "It can't be all that bad, Jimmy."

He grinned. "Yeah, I guess I'm uptight about Cindy. She's-she's acting weird, Miss Parsons." He frowned, searching for words. "I mean, she burst into tears while I talked to her on the phone. Then when I came to see her, all she talked about was you, nothing but you."

"Oh?" Carol lit a cigarette with trembling fingers. "What did she say about me?"

He shrugged. "She said you were beautiful and wonderful, she'd never met anyone like you. And that I was a dummy and she didn't want to see me again. She slammed the door in my face. I thought maybe you could help me figure out what's going on. I mean, Cindy is so different since yesterday." Carol let out her breath. So she hadn't talked!

Yet. She'd have to tackle the girl with a whole new strategy before she let the whole fucking town know what had happened. If she hadn't already...

"I think I can help you, Jimmy," the nurse said soothingly, putting a hand on his thigh and squeezing. His cock would be huge and eager hard, his jism thick and creamy and gushing in massive torrents. He could be the one! In Carol's desperate mind, anyone from the mailman to a passing stranger could deliver her from her throbbing torture.

"First," she began smoothly, watching his eyes dart to her ripe tits and exposed silky thighs, "Cindy is at a very impressionable age. Her emotions are in a tempest right now. You can discard whatever she says or does for the next few days or weeks. She'll come to her senses."

He sighed with relief. "You think so, really?"

Carol nodded solemnly. Now for the pitch.

"But she did tell me a few things about you, Jimmy, upsetting things, frankly. About your behavior."

He looked stunned. "Christ, I haven't done anything to her, Miss Parsons, honest."

"You don't really understand the female mind." Her hand slid up his thigh gently, closer to his big bulge. Easy now. "Cindy loves you, of course, but you've been pushing her too hard sexually. A girl doesn't like to be pawed or wrestled with, she's not a football player, you know. A girl wants to be seduced, by someone who knows what it's all about. Especially if she's a virgin, like Cindy. She wants someone who will treat her gently, someone with experience. Now be honest with me, Jimmy, how experienced are you?"

His face reddened. Her fingers were creeping to within an inch of his bulging prick, and the throbbing in her hot cunt was becoming fierce again. Easy!

"I -- well, I've had a couple girls to be honest," he said. He licked his lips, his eyes burning on her softly panting tits, on the milk-white cleavage above the V-neck of her thin dress. Her nipples were gorged with passion, jutting out ripely.

"That's not the sort of experience I mean," Carol said huskily. "You've got to know how to arouse a girl, Jimmy, how to lift her to fantastic heights of excitement, how to give her the most unforgettable time of her life. Would you like to know how?"

His face was almost crimson now and his cock was quivering in his tight pants. "Yes, hell yes!"

Leaning close to him, she put her hand on his bulge and squeezed, trembling at the heat and size. "I can't tell you but I can show you, Jimmy. It'll be our secret so Cindy will never know. All right?"

He nodded eagerly, his breathing rapid. Carol flicked her tongue in his ear and he shivered. "Take off your pants," she whispered. "Take off everything, Jimmy."

Standing up, Carol slipped her dress off in seconds. The sight of her hot naked flesh would spur him on. It not only spurred the eighteen-year-old boy on, he almost shot off in his pants.

He stood tip slowly, gaping at her statuesque body. Jeeez-us! What tits! She was like one of those dreamy pin-ups in Playboy, her big, luscious tits heaving with urgent desire. Her lushly curved hips framed a moist nest of cunt-hairs and Jimmy could see her inner thighs were already soaked with her eager juices. Compared to the two clumsy schoolgirls he'd had in the back seat of his car at the local drive-in movie she was a giant-breasted, long-legged, fantastically stacked Goddess.

"Hurry," she panted, "come on, Jimmy, let's see your beautiful prick, darling!"

He finished stripping and Carol moaned softly when she saw his huge cock. Curving sharply upward above his swollen fuzzy balls, it throbbed massively, long and thick and crowned with a fiery knob which now oozed an impatient heavy drop of sperm. She had to take the edge off his excitement, fast.

"Sit down," she urged.

When he did, Carol quickly dropped to her knees between his legs. Eyes blazing, she gripped his rod at the base and held it up toward her wet mouth, like a lust-gorged lollipop. Her long tongue flicked out, lapping up the oozing cream, making the boy gasp. He'd probably never had a blowjob before, Carol knew. And while she could have made him come in ten seconds or less with one fiercely passionate suck, she decided to give him the works.

Using her thumb and forefinger to form a tight ring around the trunk of his quivering prick, Carol began giving Cindy's boyfriend the thrill of his eighteen-year-old life. Using her hot lips and tongue with electrifying power, she clutched his gorged meat in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it to start Jimmy groaning with pleasure, using long slow sucks at first, then switching to rapid obscene strokes of her greedy mouth.


Carol was lavishing one of her fantastic oral specials on the eighteen-year-old out of sheer pride. Any schoolgirl could suck his come out of him in ten seconds. Why not give the kid something to remember, a job that would shame other girls and women for years to come? She was nibbling on his big knob now, lashing it with her tongue while her other hand tickled and squeezed and fondled his balls. And as long as she held his load back with her fierce grip he couldn't come.

Carol was wrong about one thing, though. Jimmy had had a blowjob once, a clumsy affair by a girl in the back seat of his car. She'd averted her mouth with horror at the last minute and he'd spattered his jism all over the seat, cursing when he had to clean it up himself. What the lush naked nurse on her knees before him was doing to his hotly thrilled prick now was enough to make him roar with lust.


Slipping her mouth off his rod for a minute Carol ran her burning tongue along the underside of his meat down to his balls, which she tongued lovingly. Then she sucked on them, jerking his throbbing prick in her fist meanwhile to keep up the pressure. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, said the Bible, and remembering, Carol jerked harder.

She ran her tongue back up his cock where the glowing knob oozed more cream, which she licked up ravenously. Each new rod she stroked and sucked was the dawn of new hope to the madly frustrated nurse and she kissed and tongued this virile young meat with desperate hope. And between her thighs the incessant hot rhythm, the endless aching throb, the explosive need grew hotter and more urgent.


Carol released her savage grip on his prick and prepared her mouth to receive his molten fury.

Just outside Carol's apartment door, tears streamed from Cindy's eyes as she kept her ear pressed to the door. She knew this would happen. The minute she slammed the door in Jimmy's face, she'd watched him come over here through her window and she knew it would happen.

She felt miserable and torn at his obscene cries reached her ears now. She didn't care if Jimmy got sucked off by every Goddamned girl in school. He wasn't the problem, not any more. It was Carol. The bloodcurdling thought flashed in her mind that Carol might like him so much she'd never talk to Cindy again. The eighteen-year-old blonde huddled and cried miserably as her boyfriend erupted in her lover's eager mouth.

She had to vent her seething jealousy somehow. She whirled on her heel and ran home, sobbing blindly. She raced upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door and got her diary from her bottom dresser drawer, hidden beneath her old jeans and panties.

Crouching on her bed with the diary, Cindy began to write furiously. Every singe detail of Carol's lustful seduction of her was recorded in the diary. Every stark, depraved detail...

"... never arouses me first," Mrs. Conklin said indignantly, while Dr. Benson tried frantically to keep from yawning and then lapsing into a comatose sleep. He blinked his eyes and tried to listen.

Goddamn savage is what he is, really, Doctor! Hop on, hop off, like a beast. For fifteen years he's done this. And not once, not once has he ever said thank you, oh thank you for such delightful sex. With that animal! An animal and a monster is what he is...

Benson sat up as though charged with electricity. Animal! That's what it was in that mass of notes -- something to do with an animal, or animals... He tuned out Mrs. Conklin's outraged recital and thought furiously. What was it Carol had mentioned about animals, so idly? Sonofabitch, he'd left the notes in his den at home!

"What do you think I should do, Doctor?" She waited while he continued to frown distantly. "I said," she repeated with exasperation, "what do you think I should do, Doctor?"

"Personally, Mrs. Conklin, I think you should go f..." He was about to tell her to go fuck herself, then remembered what she was paying.

"Think you should go find a lover," he said just in time. That started her on another fifteen-minute tirade. Benson wrote down the word "Animal" on his pad and continued to stare at it for a long, long time.

Carol took her time draining Jimmy's long cock, relishing every boiling drop. His sperm was thick and sweet with youth, but she knew it would grow salty over the years and thinner and less urgent. She was, after all, an expert on the subject.

"Jeez, Miss Parsons," he panted, "that was something else. I mean, I think you spoiled me forever. Whew!"

That was precisely what the lust-crazed nurse wanted to do, leave her lewd mark on him for life. Still kneeling between his legs, she hefted his prick expertly in her fingers, coaxing, caressing, jerking until it was rising fast once more.

She gave it a final suck to make sure it was hard enough and then quickly rose. He started to get up too, but she told him to stay put.

"I'll ride you, honey, like Calamity Jane, okay? You just sit there and let me do the work, Jimmy."

She sat on his naked lap with her back to him, grasping his rod and teasing her cunt-lips with it, low moans of fierce anticipation coming from her throat. This clean, eager young prick could be the one. Certainly it was big and hot enough, surging with power in her list.

She slid down an inch and her gasp of delight fused with his grunt of happy surprise. She began fucking him slowly, probing her silken cunt with his swollen dick-head, crooning sounds issuing from her lips.

"That's -- Wow! -- that's hot and juicy, Miss Parsons! That's-THAT'S TERRIFIC PUSSY, UMMMMMF! SHIT, THIS IS -- WHEWWWWWW! -- THIS IS BETTER'N ANYTHING!"

Jimmy squeezed her ripe naked tits in his fingers as she began dazzling him with a variety of pussy-tricks. She gorged her slit with his meat, then gripping it firmly in her luscious crack, she wiggled her ass in wide circles. Abruptly she shifted to a rapid back-and-forth jerking, then a side-to-side shimmying, growing more frantically aroused by the minute.

"Oh this is wonderful!" Carol exclaimed, twisting her head around to bite his lips. "Oh this is GOOD! THIS IS A -- NNNNNNG! -- BEAUTIFUL YOUNG PRICK, JIMMY! OH HOT LOVING POWER, YES, YESSSSS, EVERY BIG INCH I LOVVVVVE IT!"

Her blood soared with fierce excitement as her inflamed cunt began thrilling to his pounding rod. This is going to be it! Carol told herself feverishly, eyes gleaming with triumph. Her ass was slapping against his bushy crotch with loud obscene smacks as she rode his long young prick. Her swollen tits heaved furiously in his finger and she stroked her own fat clit while she fucked him.

And he was staying with her, the darling boy! He was hanging on to his load while Carol tearfully swung her plump, sweating ass to a savage rhythm and cried softly and felt her nerves quiver for the coming explosion, the magnificent release, the sole purpose for her living now.


Her huge hot tits bounced madly in his fingers, streaming sweat, while her tight blazing slit sent savage thrills through his quivering rod. Jimmy knew he had to hang on because she was terrifically excited and she hadn't come yet, and he didn't want to disappoint her, not after that fantastic blowjob. He clenched his teeth and clung to his knot of fire seething in his loins, gasping and groaning beneath the frenzy of her wet luscious cunt. What an incredible fuck! It was the kind of memory you took to your grave with you, you never forgot it for a single day of your life. The lush moaning nurse was an insane mass of hot flesh and clawing fingers and electrifying cunt, her naked body shuddering with intense passion.

"YES, YES, YESSSSSS!" she screamed, her face contorted with bliss, "OH IT'S-IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN -- OOOOOO! -- AT LAST IT'S-IT'S -- I -- OH GOD No! NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!"

And on the very verge of violent desperate release at last, so close she could feel it hovering a hairsbreadth away like a shimmering, blinding vision of ecstasy -- the door closed.

The Goddamn door! It always closed, blocking out that night, shutting off her fierce release with brutal finality, driving her mad, mad, mad!


His prick grew rock-hard in her frenzied slit and then gushed out his flood of hot jism in great bursts. Dimly, Carol could feel her pussy flooding, but only her mechanical movements responded. She still sucked her pussy and spasmed and trembled but there was no hope behind it.

She'd lost again. Sobbing softly, Carol climbed off his lap. She padded to the kitchen, her creamy bouncing ass starting a fresh tingle in Jimmy's limp rod, and returned with a towel. After wiping her dripping pussy, she handed it to him silently.

Jimmy thought he'd made her come and that's why she was crying. How could he have failed? Hell, he'd stayed with her for at least fifteen minutes, through the most spine-tingling, nerve racking fuck in existence, he told himself.

"I'll be ready again in a minute or two, Miss Parsons," he said proudly. "Okay?"

She stared at him solemnly. "I think that's enough, Jimmy. You were very, very good. You're a man, remember that. But I've got a lot of things to do..."

"Sure, I understand," he said quickly. He damn sure wasn't going to be pushy with her. Not as long as a faint chance existed he could come back. As he put his clothes on, he had the funny sensation he'd been very, very lucky because it would never happen again, not with her. Something in her sad expression, her desperate eyes, even her sexy ripe curves told him it was a one-shot stand.

Still, he tried. "I-I didn't do anything wrong, did I, Miss Parsons? Be honest, I wasn't lousy, was I?"

She touched his cheek tenderly. "Sweet Jimmy, you were wonderful, believe me. Any girl who can't appreciate what you've got should become a nun. Run along now, honey."

"I'll-I'll call you, okay, Miss Parsons?"

Her eyes told him no. "If you want."

At the door, he turned. "You never told me what it was that turns a girl on, Miss Parsons. You did all the turning on."

She smiled weakly. "Just be yourself, Jimmy, that's all. And keep it stiff as long as possible. Goodbye now."

"Bye, Miss Parsons."

When the door closed, Carol slumped naked on the sofa. She lit a cigarette and brooded. It would take an hour for the painful hammering in her loins to subside to a steady pulsing ache. But she had to face the truth, no matter how bitter.

Hundreds of men over the past two years couldn't make her come. A lovely eighteen-year-old virgin with the sweetest pussy and mouth, gushing love and passion, couldn't make her come. Her eighteen-year-old boyfriend, a handsome, beautifully hung boy couldn't make her come.

She would never come. There were advantages, she thought as she puffed on her cigarette, absently stroking her soaked pussy. For one thing, she couldn't go to hell for corrupting an angel like Cindy and a nice kid like Jimmy, because she was already in hell, a living, flaming hell of maddening frustration and torture.

She could literally fuck herself to death now and it wouldn't make any difference any more. Her mind was slipping rapidly, her nerves were already shot, so what was left?

She would fuck herself to death.

It would be a very unusual form of suicide, she decided. She would screw anything and everything in sight, day and night, until her shattered nerves and shaky sanity gave way completely, unless she died of exhaustion first. As a nurse she knew this was almost impossible, but still it could be suicide. Once you were that crazy; you might as well not be alive anyway.

She would proposition anyone and everyone, hospital staff included. Maybe in her last insane fling someone out there would actually make her come, give her the violent release her tortured flesh screamed for. There was still the faintest ray of hope, barely a glimmer...

A loud knock on her door jerked her out of her brooding reverie. Lazily she got up, went into her bedroom and slipped on her robe. Apparently she wouldn't have to run out to proposition everyone. They seemed, to be rushing to her in droves. She opened the door to see Vivian, the strange-eyed vampire-type from upstairs.

The girl smiled, licking her ruby lips, and Carol wondered if she drank type O, her blood-type.

"HI, there," Vivian said. "We just wondered if you'd be free to come to dinner tonight. We'd love to have you, Carol. Really we would."

There was no doubt in Carol's mind they'd love to have her -- every inch of her. From the way Vivian was staring at her, the nurse had the uneasy feeling she'd be the dinner. Talk about naked hunger!

Carol sighed. What the hell, she might as well go and get it over with. Apparently they were going to pester her to death until she accepted. Besides, the weird couple intrigued her. The husband seemed ordinary enough, but how could anyone ordinary live with someone like Vivian?

But hell, what did Carol have to lose in her condition? She'd never tried a threesome and was curious about having both a big cock and an eager pussy at the same time. Who knows, an orgy might even cheer her up.

"Okay," Carol finally said. "I'll be there."

Vivian's tongue darted out and licked her lips in a mad little frenzy. "Oh wonderful! Seven will be fine. I'll run and tell Steve." She paused and her tone became low. "You won't be sorry," she added.

"Why should I be sorry?" Carol asked, baffled, but Vivian had already vanished. Christ, Carol thought as she closed her door, maybe she is a vampire. Or maybe instead of sucking blood she had to suck pussy to live, which was more probable.

Carol drew a hot bath and lay back in it with a sigh. Maybe this was the answer. She'd heard a lot about threesomes in L.A. and countless couples had tried to talk her into their bed but women didn't turn her on. That was before Cindy's sweet boiling cunt, though. She only hoped it wouldn't turn out to be what they called a "cheesy threesie" in the trade.

A cheesy threesie occurred, she'd been told, when the husband and wife were so jaded from swinging they went through the motions of passion with weary, mechanical movements, like burned out robots, usually leaving their guest disgusted and completely turned off.

Carol needn't have worried.

Not only would eerie Vivian and her husband thrill, ravage and shock her far beyond anything she'd ever gone through, they would open her eyes to a whole new world of nerve-shattering sex.

At twenty-three, even a frenzied nymphomaniac like the stunning nurse had a priceless lesson in store.

Chapter FOUR

For dinner with Al and Vivian, Carol decided to go all out and dress her sexiest. She felt her time was so limited before something exploded -- her mind or her madly aching pussy -- she took a very reckless attitude.

And when Vivian opened her door and gaped at the wild, sensuous transformation Carol feared she would be raped on the spot. As things turned out, Carol should have been, more cautious. The last thing Vivian needed was a spur to her fierce, depraved urges.

Carol wore a sheer, clinging black dress that hugged and advertised every luscious curve of her ripe creamy tits and plump ass. Her sexy black bra and lacy panties were plainly visible beneath the dress, causing Vivian to lick her crimson lips in a crazed little dance of lust. With misty black nylons and five-inch spike heels, Carol was a walking bombshell, her gorgeous breasts and buttocks bouncing and weaving provocatively as she entered their apartment.

The seductive outfit was usually reserved for cock-hunting in bars when Carol felt a sudden desperate urge, but it was even more effective with couples, she discovered.

"Beautiful," Vivian purred, barely able to keep her hands off the ravishing nurse over drinks, "you look just fabulous, Carol. Doesn't she, Steve?"

His handsome face nodded quietly, but his eyes burned on her tits and legs with eagerness. It was easy to see Vivian ran the show, probably pimping girls and other women for both of them. Or did she? His quietness unnerved her. People who didn't talk usually thought a lot. What the hell was he thinking about, if not raw sex? Certainly he was hung enough, according to the huge bulge in his pants.

A very weird couple for a small town like this.

Maybe they were so weird they'd been run out of L.A. or San Francisco, a thought that stirred a sharp uneasiness in Carol's blood. There were moments during dinner, when both of them were ravenously eating her with their eyes instead of the overcooked veal, when Carol was tempted to make up an excuse to run like hell when the course was over.

She came to one solid conclusion: Vivian might have been a great fuck, but she couldn't cook worth a damn. Both of them pecked at their food, barely eating either. Maybe they had a couple fresh quarts of blood in the refrigerator, she thought dryly, but more likely they were saving their appetite for her.

She didn't run after dinner, fighting off the sharp temptation, curious as to how they'd proposition her. She didn't have long to wait.

Over drinks in the living room, with the stereo going softly, Vivian nestled close to Carol on the sofa while Steve watched with his burning eyes from a chair.

"The trouble with living in a small town like this," Vivian sighed in a phony manner, brushing her thigh to Carol's plump one, "is that they're so damn narrow-minded. Women are so jealous in this town. I'm not the slightest bit jealous of Steve, am I, darling?"

Before he could reply, the slender, sexy wife rushed on: "In fact, Carol, I encourage Steve to find other women. Variety is the spice of a healthy sex-life, wouldn't you say?"

Carol agreed, sipping her drink. Here it comes, she thought.

Vivian leaned closer, her warm tit brushing Carol's arm, her eyes smoldering hugely. "Steve thinks you're the sexiest thing he's ever seen, Carol. I'm not jealous at all. In fact, if you're the slightest bit interested, I wouldn't mind at all if you two... got together, know what I mean?"

Carol grinned at her. "Apparently Steve is a mute and can't proposition me himself, right, Vivian? And all you'd want to do is watch. And then you'd slip into the action, all hot and hungry, and then you'd both suck me and fuck me until the paint blistered and peeled off the walls and we were all coming all over each other. Right, Vivian?"

Steve chuckled, finally speaking. "I told you she'd be onto us right away. Viv's been around, believe me, she knows the score. Don't you, Carol?"

"How about it?" Vivian whispered eagerly in her ear. Her small round tits panted feverishly. "We'd give you a terrific time, Carol, make you come until you faint with happiness, honest. God, I'd love to eat your cunt!"

Carol watched her, fascinated, her pussy throbbing urgently as Vivian's eyes glowed fiercely, her lips spitting out the words like bullets.

"Suck your juicy crack until you're screaming, honey, and then Steve will shove his beautiful big prick so far up your luscious cunt your titties will catch on fire! Come on, Carol, please? We'll give you the time of your life! C'mon!"

Jesus, the hot little vixen really had her aroused now! With her huge gleaming eyes and lewd bright lips she was terrifically sexy, in a strange obscene way. Her husband, who watched them intensely, had an enormous hard-on jutting out from his crotch. Carol felt hypnotized by the two of them, as if she were being lured into a whirlpool of lust. She felt oddly like an overexcited boy going to a whorehouse for the first time, her heart pounding, her skin flushed feverishly.

"Okay," she said, her pussy soaking her panties with eagerness. "Okay." She gulped down the rest of her drink. "Let's go beddy-bye, folks. I am curious as hell..."

Even their bedroom had a strange, undefined atmosphere, as if indescribable orgies had happened there, although the only odd thing Carol noticed was a candle on each side of the bed. Like a shrine of depravity, she thought with dry amusement.

In his den at home, Dr. Benson pored feverishly over his notes. When he found it, he almost shouted with joy.

She didn't like animals. They made her nervous.

What kind of animals?

Oh, cats, dogs. Dogs especially made her very nervous. Funny, she remarked, but she had a dog when she was a child and she loved it. It was a cocker spaniel. Of all dogs, she feared and hated Dobermans the most.

A strange comment, Benson reflected, buried in a mass of insignificant detail. He wondered...

Her heart trip-hammering against her cheek, Cindy knocked again and again on Carol's door. She'd bought some makeup that afternoon and now she was stunningly dressed in a sheer blouse and miniskirt, all bathed and perfumed and hotter than a fizzling firecracker, all for beautiful Carol...

After ten minutes, tears stung the eighteen-year-old blonde's eyes. She liked sex with Jimmy better than her! Either that or she just didn't give a damn about Cindy at all. Her skin flushed and trembling, her heart wrenched with anguish, Cindy raced next door into her own house, tears coming in a downpour.

Hurrying past her startled parents, Cindy rushed upstairs and slammed and locked the door of her bedroom. Unable to tell anyone or find a sympathetic ear for her violent, gushing emotions, the lush blonde virgin once more got her diary from her drawer and began pouring her heart out it rapid-scrawls. She relived once more her madly exciting seduction by the voluptuous nurse, going into even greater depraved and lewd detail, every wild, breathless thrill, the supreme delight of having her pussy devoured by Carol's expert lips and tongue, the wanton joy of having her tender asshole licked and sucked, the furious hunger in her own mouth at the honeyed fragrance of Carol's sweet hot cunt...

Cindy's father had quietly followed her upstairs. He knew his daughter had had a fight with Jimmy and it unnerved him to see his usually cheerful girl so wildly upset. Softly, he tried the doorknob, finding it locked.

He knelt and peered in the keyhole, seeing her writing on the bed. Hell, she would be okay. She'd mentioned her diary to her parents a number of times over the past few months, her secret treasure, she called it.

Her father went back downstairs, feeling ashamed of himself for snooping. He reassured his wife Cindy was okay, but he didn't tell her about his intentions. She wouldn't screw him for a month if he did, and if little Cindy found out, he'd really be up the creek with both of them.

The trouble was, women were fierce about their privacy. But Cindy was at that crazy age where everything was a tragedy. She wouldn't say a thing about her problem, clamming up tighter than a rusty bolt. But if he knew what the problem was, he could help his darling baby.

First chance he got he would take a peek at her diary. Then he would drop some paternal advice on her, casually, of course. But the diary would open his eyes.

Until they almost bulged out of his head.

"Let me undress you," Vivian panted when Carol reached behind to unzip her dress. Steve's slender, feverishly hot wife stood behind the nurse, unzipped her and slipped her dress off with trembling fingers. She unsnapped Carol's bra and took that oft immediately hugging the ripe breasted nurse from behind, clutching her naked, velvety tits in her eager fingers, stroking the creamy flesh with lewd moans.

"Lovely tits," Vivian panted, grinding her boiling crotch to Carol's big warm ass. "I could come all night just from sucking on your tits, oh I LOVE big tits, mmmmm!"

Carol's eyelids fluttered and the throbbing in her cunt became relentless. Weird or not, Vivian sure as hell knew how to arouse her. She'd knelt behind Carol now and was sliding her panties down, her hot tongue tracing lustful circles on her ass, then trailing wet fire up the crack to make Carol shiver from head to toe.

Steve slowly undressed as he watched his wife obscenely prime the beautiful nurse. He had the most urgent hard-on he'd risen in years. Jesus, what a stacked piece of ass! he thought eagerly. So she thought he didn't have the balls to proposition her himself, eh? He smiled, his eyes diabolical on Carol as Vivian lustfully licked the flesh of her shapely legs. Vivian was going to have a feast with this one, suck her and fuck her until she was totally exhausted. Which was a rarity for his sex-crazy wife.

He hoped they wouldn't have to gag this gorgeous piece.

Because once his insatiable wife got started with the whip and the giant dildo, she was a holy terror. Not to mention his own bizarre games.

Stark naked with his massive prick bristling red and quivering with lust, Steve watched his wife strip. Vivian made a production out of it as she stood in front of the lush naked nurse, never taking her eyes off Carol's silken wet cunt-nest, lasciviously teasing and stroking her own tits and belly and pussy as she undressed with slow, obscene motions.

Steve grinned, knowing what was coming. The reason he always let his wife do the propositioning instead of himself was because she got her kicks that way. Vivian loved to give a sales job on cunt-eating and tit-sucking, always making such lavish promises they'd never had a rejection yet. Of course, once they got their way it was a different stow. Too bad they had to leave Frisco, damnit, but crazy Vivian had started picking up country girls at the bus station and bringing them home. And with the whip and the rope and the ten-inch dildo, even that was too much for Steve. They'd gotten out of town just as the cops were breathing down their necks.

Well, hell, Steve thought philosophically, his slender fuck-obsessed wife might be a sex maniac, but at least he never had a dull moment.

With a deep moan, Vivian now wrapped her arms around the naked nurse and rammed her mouth to hers, pulling her down on the bed in one urgent movement. Rolling over so Carol was beneath, the feverish swinger made passionate fucking movements with her hips, her soaked pussy rubbing on Carol's cunt-lips to create a delicious friction.

Slit, Steve thought with a stab of resentment, his games always had to wait for Vivian to feast like a ravenous wolf. She had to drain every new pussy that came along as though she were dying of thirst and it was the only fountain left. His moaning wife was working her way down the nurse's creamy lush body now, sucking on one of her swollen tits while she clutched it in her lustful fingers. But Vivian didn't just suck -- she tongued and nibbled and applied furious suction with her frantic mouth, always working them up to a delirious pitch, goading them to scream for more.

Before the both of them tormented and nearly fucked them half to death, Vivian was hunched on her knees between Carol's moist thighs now. She wrapped her arms lightly around Carol's sleek thighs as though she might try to escape her stinging mouth. With her palm, she pushed back the nurse's soft belly to fully expose her pink sucking cunt.

"Oh it's gonna be a goodie!" Vivian whispered, sniffing deeply, her eyes blazing like coals on Carol's slit. "Oh that honey drives me crazy, love that pussy, LOVE THAT CUNT!"

Beneath her Carol panted anxiously, primed to a maddening eagerness by Vivian's fervent kisses and tit-sucking. The knot of frustration in her boiling loins was more tightly coiled than ever. The couple would do it! she told herself desperately. She stared at Steve's huge distended prick, hope soaring wildly along with her fiery lust. They'd do it!


Carol's shuddering body raised high off the mattress and she dug her heels into Vivian's soft back. Good God, what a pussy-eater! There was an electric fury to Vivian's crazed lips and tongue, an insane hunger that was trying to burrow into the very depths of her thrilled cunt.

Vivian was on fire with lust, unable to get enough of Carol's delicious hot flesh and pussy-juice. She tongued deep and furiously, lapping with low moans of greed, ramming her nose into Carol's slit as she licked her asshole, deliberately crushing her cheeks and forehead and chin to the squirming flesh, smearing her face with cunt-honey.

Steve watched the spectacle with a grin. He was almost tempted to rape his wife's tight little ass while she gloried in her new conquest, but he could get that any time. The gasping nurse was clawing Vivian's back now, shaking her head as if she couldn't believe the shuttering thrills, fucking his wife's mouth with frenzied jerks.

"HARDER, DEEPER, FASTER!" Carol screamed, again on the very rim of that volcanic release. But it wasn't possible for Vivian to suck and lap and kiss her aching pussy any faster or any more ravenously. The slender moaning swinger was already burrowing into her writhing slit like a crazed beaver, probing with violent lashes of her tongue, sucking Carol's fleshy clit, ramming her asshole with thrills.

And the door closed on Carol once more. It was a horrible sensation, like being shut off forever from that missing night -- and the subsequent torture.

Carol's thrashing slowly subsided but Vivian continued to suck her off, animal groans coming from her throat. She was oblivious to everything but the hotly squirming cunt-flesh tingling her mouth. Then she noticed the nurse was no longer responding. She drew her mouth away from her soaked treasure and said angrily, "Want more cunt-honey!"

"Give the girl a rest," Steve spoke up, coming over to the bed. In other words, his tone said harshly, don't blow this one too -- you've already blown her pussy, selfish bitch, now don't blow it for me.

With a sigh of regret, Vivian sat up, her long tongue licking at the cunt-juice on her cheeks. A fine sheen of sweat drenched her pale tits, their nipples and coronas enormous against the small, girlish mounds. But even Vivian's petite tits and ass radiated hot, relentless lust. She gave the impression of being all eyes and mouth and pointed breasts and pale silken ass, a sensuous viper ready to leap at its victim and bite and suck it dry.

Only, she shot her husband a venomous look, she wasn't able to suck this juicy victim dry -- yet. Once Carol was helplessly bound...

"Are you okay?" Steve asked Carol. Sobbing, she nodded, but the molten fist in her loins coiled tighter, hammering for escape. Her creamy nakedness shuddered on the mattress.

He eyed her sharply. "But you didn't come though, did you?"

"No one can make me come," Carol said miserably. "No one!"

"The hell I can't," Vivian said furiously. "I would have, if Big Stud here hadn't stopped me, damnit."

"I think I know the answer to that one," Steve said softly. Jaded, huh? They had the cure for that, too. "If you do exactly what I say and don't argue, we'll make you come, Carol," he told her, caressing her hot swollen tits in his fingers.

"Can you, really?" She looked at him with desperate, blazing eyes. "I'll do anything, any Goddamned thing if you can do that for me... Try-TRY!"

Well, Jesus Christ, Steve thought. They had a willing victim for a rare change. A few drops of eager cream oozed out of his crimson knob at the thought.

"Lie on your belly with your arms and legs outspread," he ordered Carol. She rolled over and positioned herself, ignoring the uneasy alarm in her blood. In her present condition she would have jumped off a bridge if she thought it would bring her an explosive climax.

She started to open her mouth to protest when they began lashing her wrists and ankles down to the bedposts, but she bit her lips shut. She was driven as much by curiosity as desperation. So they'd tease and spank her a little -- did they actually expect that sort of silly, stuff to make her come?

When she was securely bound, Vivian brought some articles out of the closet. She brought them over to Carol, who stared at them with slow, dawning panic.

"Hey now wait a minute!" she whispered. "I don't mind a little teasing, but..."

Vivian brought the whip-lashes down so fast and viciously she was a blur. They raked across Carol's naked, helpless ass like searing trails of fire, bringing a shocked scream from her lips.

"A little teasing?" Vivian mocked her. "Listen, you gorgeous bitch, by the time we get done with your luscious ass it'll look like raw hamburger. Now that was teasing. A real spanking goes like this!"

Her pointed tits heaving furiously, Vivian brought the black whip down like lightning across Carol's lush ass until her screams of agony became breathless gasps and her ass-cheeks were glowing neon-red. Then the bizarre games began in earnest.

In a violent shift of emotion, the swinger suddenly tossed the whip aside and hunched between Carol's thighs. She began kissing and licking the tortured flesh of her trembling ass, wallowing in the burning velvety taste. It was the color, the sudden change from creamy lushness to blazing crimson that turned Vivian on. A beautiful ass like Carol's couldn't get any hotter than it was now, or any sexier.

"Come on," Steve told his wife impatiently. "That's my territory now. Let her eat your pussy for a while."

Glaring at her husband, Vivian gave Carol's ripe naked ass one final lewd kiss and bite and scrambled up to the head of the bed. She placed her back against the headboard and dug her heels into the mattress on each side of Carol's ribs. She placed her hands tenderly on Carol's cheeks and lifted her head up, her wet sucking cunt only inches from Carol's lips.

"That little spanking wasn't so bad now, was it, honey?" she puffed mockingly. "Wanna eat Vivian's yummy pussy now? Make her come all over your hot mouth? Lap up her honey in big greedy gulps? Hmmmmm?"

Carol stared at her through tear-filled eyes. Jesus, she was crazy! Her strange eyes were blazing with a mad light of bottomless sex-hunger, of too many shattering thrills and not enough orgasms, of an endless craving for more and more excitement. Would she end up like Vivian, weird and cruel and so jaded she had to resort to torture to get aroused?

"Suck it good, sweetie," Vivian panted, nudging her steaming pink cunt closer to Carol's lips. She undulated the wet slit in an obscene dance of invitation, inching the hot flesh closer and closer to the nurse's tingling mouth.

Meanwhile Steve mounted Carol from behind, teasing her pussy-lips with the burning head of his big dick. His hands groped underneath to seize her swollen tits, massaging and squeezing and rubbing their silky heat. He eased his knob into her juicy cunt with a sharp hissing sound. Shit, this was going to be a wild one! From the feel of Carol's lush squirming ass he decided on a fifty-fifty stroke.

"Hey, lady," he groaned, slipping his long rod in almost to the hilt, "that's a juicy one! Shit, you've got a HOT one here! MMMMMMM! Christ, Vivian, if only you had a prick so you could -- UNNNNNF! -- really dig this one, YEAH!"

Vivian ignored her husband's acid comments. With or without a victim, they kept up a running verbal battle, even while they fucked each other. Steve kept implying his swinging wife had a penis-envy complex because she loved to rape girls with her giant dildo until they either screamed themselves hoarse or fainted from sheer agony and exhaustion. Vivian told him he was jealous because she always turned women on so fiercely, getting them hotter than he ever could.

Right now Vivian couldn't care less about arguing. Twining her fingers in Carol's long hair she pulled her close, crushing her throbbing slit to the nurse's lips, smearing her pussy to them with deep excited moans.


Carol tugged at her bonds painfully, only to remind herself she was utterly helpless and had to obey and listen to abuse. The obedience was no problem since she felt tingles of wild lust ripple through her mouth as she kissed and licked Vivian's gushing cunt. Like the rest of the obscene swinger, it oozed a depraved excitement, a sense of urgent lust, an ominous and wildly arousing hint of the darker side of sex.

While Vivian fucked her mouth in passionate jerks, Steve stroked his burning meat in slow powerful drives, deep into her pulsing cunt. God, he had a big hot cock! Whimpering in her throat, the helpless nurse squirmed and clasped her gorged pussy on his rod. And the coiled knot in her loins wound even tighter. Adding to her torment was the flaming pain still racing through her ass from her savage whipping. The pain was mingling with her excitement and frustration now, arousing her to a frenzy of helpless urgency.

She had to come! The more they excited her the more agony she would feel later, the more dangerously her tortured mind and flesh would gnaw at her trembling sanity.

Moaning fiercely, Carol started sucking Vivian's boiling cunt in a fury of frustration, thrashing her pussy on Steve's inflamed rod with equal feverishness. If she got delirious enough, aroused to the point of no return, either she would lose her mind once and for all under the terrible pressure or she'd have that one blissful, heavenly climax she craved with all her burning soul and flesh.

"WOOOOOOO!" Vivian wailed, tugging at Carol's hair and swinging her thrilled cunt savagely.


Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty! Steve counted, groaning as the hot nurse whipped and sucked and writhed her blazing slit on his cock. Quickly, he jerked it out and her throat screamed a protest. Steve nudged his long dick down an inch and found her tiny asshole. He plunged in deep and Carol's naked body shuddered madly as her bowels got rammed by his huge prick.

Tugging helplessly at her bonds, Carol felt as if her tender ass had been ripped in two by a red-hot poker. She'd been fucked in the ass before but she'd always been braced for it in advance, and never had her tiny tunnel been impaled by such a huge rod. And she knew the harder she struggled against the mass of quivering meat in her bowels the more agonizing it would become.

But her own frantic excitement gave her no choice.

"MMMMMM! THAT'S HOT -- UNNNNNF! -- LUSCIOUS ASS! WHEWWW! WORK IT, BABY, WORRRRRK IT!" Steve gasped, plunging brutally deep with his long prick. Her seething bowels churned with fiery wetness on his rod, triggering sharp thrills as he counted methodically to fifty. His system for enjoying the best of both her juicy cunt and slippery tight asshole was fifty stokes in each, pulling out and switching thrills just when her frenzied crack, anal or vagina, threatened to make him come. His system also forced him to concentrate so he couldn't come too quickly. But Steve did this for his own lustful pleasure, not giving a damn about his partner's.

"C-CRAZY FUCKING MOUTH!" Vivian moaned as she came again and again to Carol's feverish lips and tongue. She dug her bare heels into Carol's back and crushed her exploding pussy to her mad mouth with machine-gun jerks, hugging the nurse's head so fiercely to her thighs Carol thought she'd suffocate. "EAT IT -- AAAAAAARGH! -- EAT C-CUNT B-BEAU-BEAUTIFUL CAROL -- HOOOOOOO SHITTTT! MORE YESSSSSSS!"

Carol was totally caught up in their whirlpool of lust, electrified by their contagious excitement. Even the burning thick mass fucking her savagely in the ass, sending hot bolts of pain ripping through her, was inflaming her wanton fever.

She knew she would only suffer more later but she didn't give a damn any more. Maybe if she could get them both to come at the same time she'd somehow manage to uncoil her own blazing knot of frustration. Anything!

Pumping brutally into her boiling asshole, Steve had to grit his teeth to keep from spurting his load. She was wriggling her luscious crack furiously in an attempt to coax his load, squeezing and squirming and hugging his rock-hard prick deliriously in her anal slit. Hell with her! he swore. He'd come when he was Goddamn good and readdy and not one stroke before. Forty-six, forty-seven -- shit, her juicy asshole was too much! Fantastic ass, ball breaking, wildly sucking slit, Jesus! -- forty-eight -- HOLY SHIT, SUCKING IT RIGHT OUT OF HIS BALLS, DAMN HER! -- forty-forty-n-n... "H-HERE IT COMES, GODDAMMIT!" he roared, his balls slapping violently against her thighs, his rod piercing her asshole to the very hilt.


Now, now, now! Carol urged herself with all her might. Steve's hot jism was spurting in thick torrents in her bowels while Vivian's delicious cunt-juice was streaming hotly in her mouth. Carol concentrated with all her might, willing, pleading, praying, sobbing furiously for her throbbing loins to finally erupt.

And the shadowy door in her mind clamped firmly shut.

"Oooooooh!" Steve groaned, slipping his limp dick out of her anal crack. "Best ass ever! Grade A, honey." But in a way he was angry too. He'd never lost control before, and he felt cheated somehow by the ravishing brunette. He looked at his wife, whose sweating slender nakedness panted in wild shudders of ecstasy as she slammed her dripping cunt in staccato jerks to Carol's trapped mouth.

Finally even Vivian was sated -- for the moment. She'd come so much beneath Carol's ravenous mouth she feared she'd run out of steam before the real fun began.

With an effort of will -- and for the sex-mad swinger it took a supreme effort of will -- Vivian tore her drenched spasming pussy away from the nurse's greedy mouth. Great rivulets of sweat dripped off her pale heaving tits. She collapsed on top of Carol's trembling nakedness in reverse, hugging her face to her creamy ass-cheeks. Always in action, even when she was resting, the gasping swinger ran her tonguetip along the crack of Carol's buttocks, darting her tongue into her anal slit to lick up her husband's hot come.

With the lewd distractions of Vivian's frantic cunt and Steve's gorged prick out of the way, Carol's nightmare quickly returned. Even Vivian's lascivious wet tongue up her raw asshole didn't help.

"I-I still didn't come!" she told them in tears. "You two Goddamn clumsy amateurs couldn't make a schoolgirl come, do you hear me? YOU'RE LOUSY, BOTH OF YOU!"

Vivian stopped licking her anal slot and looked at her with shock and indignation. Steve frowned, which slowly turned into a grin. He knew what she was doing. Trying to goad them into giving her an orgasm. Christ, she really had a problem if she hadn't climaxed by now.

"I love a challenge," Steve said softly. "How about you, Viv? Think we can make the lady come?"

"When I get done with her gorgeous cunt she won't stop coming, by God!"

"My turn first," he told his wife. "You rest your pussy up a minute, huh? If that's humanly possible, that is. Gimme the whip."

Carol trembled fiercely and braced herself. Her wrists and ankles chafed where the ropes bound her, but that was a very minor discomfort compared to the stinging fury of the lash. She dreaded it and yet she craved it, too, because the savage jolts of pain enabled her to forget the seething madness in her coiled loins. For a few moments, anyway.

Steve, the whip trailing in one hand, sat at the head of the bed where his wife had been. He nuzzled his semi-limp cock close to Carol's wet lips.

"Get it up," he ordered her. "Fast."

"Untie me!" the frightened nurse pleaded. "Untie my hands and it'll be easier..."

The whip came down and Carol shuddered and screamed. It left bright red welts on her white buttocks.

"It's not supposed to be easy, silly," he told her with a mocking grin. "Now get it up."

Quickly Carol grasped his long, thick prick in her mouth and sucked hard, whirling her tongue around the huge knob, gagging on the size. Every inch of her ripe flesh was braced for the dreaded whip, but he swelled and stiffened in seconds in her hot eager mouth, his massive meat rippling with power.

"Good," he told her, caressing her trembling ass with the whip-thongs. "Now I will give you exactly three minutes to make me come. If your blowjob displeases me, you get one of these." The whip tore down and Carol shrieked, tears stinging her eyes, her breath pushed out of her.

"If you fail to make me come in exactly three minutes, then every ten seconds thereafter, you get one of those."

Carol shut hat eyes and clenched her teeth, every nerve in her shattered flesh quivering.

"...those," he finally said, grinning at his wife. Vivian was busy strapping on the harness, the colossal ten-inch dildo dangling grotesquely. Her eyes blazed on Carol's helpless pink cunt and then drank in her puckered little asshole. Stevie Junior would make her come, by Christ, or kill her in the process. Vivian called the monstrous, curved cock Stevie Junior because, as she explained to her husband sweetly, it was almost as big a prick as he was.

He glanced at his wristwatch, "Ready?"

"Yes," Carol whispered. "Please, don't hurt me too much, I can't stand pain..."

"Bullshit," he said dryly. "You like it and you'll learn to love it. One other thing. No one, my hot crazy little wife included, has ever made me come in three minutes. With that final word of encouragement, you may begin. Go!"

Taking a deep breath, the sobbing nurse clutched his pounding prick in her mouth and began to whip her lips and tongue back and forth on it feverishly. She used every trick she'd learned over the years with countless blowjobs. She battered her throat as she sucked his meat with whimpers of fright and excitement, using her teeth cautiously along the surface of his prick, swirling her tongue lustfully around the boiling knob, using twenty precious seconds to slip his rod out of her mouth and burrow down to tongue and suck on his hard balls.

"Oh, very good," he groaned, his free hand crushing her head down tighter, tingles of delight sparking in his balls. "Excellent, honey, but your time is running out. You now have one minute and fifty-seven seconds. One minute annnnnd fifty seconds. One minute annnnnd..."

The whip raced down and Carol wailed a loud shriek. She was about to argue that she hadn't done anything to displease him but she knew he'd done it deliberately, the bastard. He wanted her to stop and use up precious time arguing.

Vivian had the mammoth dildo firmly strapped on now. She wished she could join the fun but she'd be damned if she'd get in the way of that whip. Steve would love that. Jesus, what a sexy, luscious hunk the nurse was though! Watching her rosy-hued ass tremble with fear and her tight slit throb, Vivian could barely control her depraved excitement, her wild desire to fuck Carol with the massive rubber prick until she shrieked for mercy. Love that pussy!

She watched her panting husband ram his prick hard into Carol's helpless mouth, raising the black whip high. "Thirty-seven, thirty-six, thirty-five," he chanted in a countdown, making Carol sob with agonizing suspense as she stroked her lips to a frantic rhythm on his meat. Vivian grinned, and hoisted the ten-inch cock in her hand. Steve always counted down the last few seconds on purpose, terror-tactics. Hearing the bastard chant like the voice of impending doom was calculated to freeze their victim's blood and instill such panic they could barely move their lips, much less make him come.

But Carol whipped her burning mouth on his rod relentlessly, sucking with all her might, her ass still flaming from the last vicious lash. Her throat hurt from the violent rape but she felt him growing rock-hard in her mouth, that fierce, final quivering that signaled his ejaculation, and she worked her lips still faster and harder.

She's gonna make it! Vivian thought with glee. Steve hated to lose, but she reveled in his fury. The eager swinger dipped two fingers into her slippery cunt and began rubbing her lavish juices over the cock-head of her dildo. She always felt a phantom tingle when she did this, as though it really was her monstrous prick. Hell, she thought with a shrug, maybe she did have a penis-envy complex -- so what? She had a cunt-envy complex too for that matter, wishing Carol's juicy hot slit were her own. For that matter, she had a cock-cunt-titty-ass-mouth complex, wishing in her mad bottomless passion she could have them all at once, be a fiery, savage sex-machine that never stopped thrilling and torturing and coming at the same depraved moment.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven..."

Hurry! Vivian urged Carol mentally, beat the bastard at his own game! She was actually jerking the giant rubber prick in her fist now she was so hotly aroused, as if she could get it bigger and hotter this way. She'd always been hung up on sex ever since she could remember, ever since she started blowing boys and girls in the bushes when she was seven. She'd started sucking her brother off when she was nine, her father when she was ten and her own mother when she was thirteen. Vivian had lost her cherry to her father, which her brother never forgave her for. He wanted it for himself, damnit.

In the back of her mind, Vivian made a note to write her family soon. No doubt they missed their darling daughter terribly, especially her lust-crazed mouth...


A wave of relief swept through Carol's trembling, soaked flesh as his jism burst in a hot flood in her mouth. She gulped it down, almost choking on the ferocity of his come, on the huge torrents of cream which came in waves.

Above her, Steve felt a familiar rage and bliss at the same time. Slit, he'd lost! He was so mad he twitched the whip in his hand anyway, about to lash Carol mercilessly.

It was Vivian who saved the nerve-racked nurse from savage punishment. She began hopping up and down with furious giggles, the giant dildo waving obscenely.

"You lost, you lost, you lost!" she cried, gloating with ecstasy. "The bastard lost, oh Carol honey, you're the first winner of all time, number one cocksucker in the world maybe! He lost, he lost, he lost!"

She saw the dangerous gleam in her husband's eyes and knew what it meant, but she was too overwhelmed with spiteful glee to give a damn. Fuck him anyway, she thought recklessly, what can he do to me that he hasn't already done? And even if he did, site might get her kicks out of it anyway.

Heaving for breath, Steve lowered the whip, his eyes blazing with venom on his sex-crazy wife. Okay, bitch, he thought, just wait a few minutes until you're all wrapped up in Carol. He had a lesson or two left for Vivian.

"My turn," Vivian said breathlessly, rushing to climb on top of Carol's helplessly bound body as Steve got off the bed. Feverishly, she ground her soft sweating tits into Carol's back and clutched the nurse's swollen breasts in her eager hands. Without ramming the dildo in yet, she primed and tormented the sobbing nurse by squeezing her tits and softly biting her neck and arousing her with lewd promises.

"Oooooh, baby, am I gonna fuck you! Mmmmmm! Gonna love your sweet pussy with the hottest thrills in the world, Carol, gonna make you so wild you'll come all night long, and come, and come until we'll need a bucket for your steaming honey, gonna..."


Christ, is she hot! Vivian thought happily as she gripped the enormous prick in her fingers. She guided the rubber knob against Carol's trembling cunt-lips. Then with a sharp short jerk forward Vivian slammed three inches of the monster into the nurse's tight pussy.


Don't ever dare Vivian, Steve thought with a sigh as he watched. Tease her, whip her, rape her anywhere, insult her or slap her silly -- but don't ever dare Vivian.

Carol found that out in an instant. When the fiercely aroused swinger heard the word dare her face contorted with lust. She drew back, the massive prick until only the knob gorged Carol's narrow cunt. And then she slammed forward with every fiber of her sweating flesh, a brutal fucking stroke that tore into the screaming nurse like a baseball bat.


"Could have been -- agh! -- sweet and loving, you dummy -- mmmmf! -- but you wanted it all -- oof! -- didn't you?"

Vivian's hissing comments were punctuated by savage lunges of her hips, raping incredibly deep and furiously with the ten-inch rod. She began to shudder with her own strange climax as Carol's helpless body thrashed and heaved under the terrible assault, her screams bloodcurdling as the monster tore with raging power into her tender pussy-flesh.

Faint! Carol told herself but her whirling mind refused to obey. But something mysterious was happening in her knotted, blazing loins! Could she -- could it actually be -- FOR GOD'S SAKE COULD SHE BE COMING?

"UNNNH -- UNNNH UNNNH HAAAAAAARDER!" she finally managed to shriek. "FUCK ME -- UNNNNNG! -- HARDER!"

Vivian peered down as she pounded the colossal prick into the crazed nurse's slit. Covered with blood! Christ, she couldn't fuck any harder if she were being whipped herself. That thought made her glance nervously over her shoulder, looking for her husband. She sighed with relief. He was only watching, his long rod quivering as it tried to rise again.

Another sharp spasm of ecstasy flooded Vivian's cunt as Carol rose her ass high and ground it to the swinger's soft belly. The bedroom echoed with Carol's agonized moans and screams and Vivian's sharp grunts as she drove relentlessly into the spread eagled nurse, biting Carol's shoulders frantically.

There was a sound of rage in Carol's shrieks now. It wasn't an orgasm, dammit! It was only white-hot pain in the pit of her belly, an intense blaze from the jarring dildo. But even the pain was relief in a bizarre way, so she intensified it by jerking her ass up each time Vivian pumped forward, the murderous waves of anguish in her cunt a torturous substitute for ripples of ecstasy...

Steve watched the depraved spectacle with seething lust. His long rod was gorged with blood now, ready for action again. But he controlled himself for a minute to drink in the sight of Vivian's slender pale nakedness madly fucking Carol's creamy ripeness. Vivian hissed and snarled like a rabid animal, her ankles locked around Carol's, her small ass dripping sweat, her pussy dripping lewd joy.

Steve picked up the whip. He reversed it in his hand so that he gripped the butt, with nine or ten inches of the thick blunt handle jutting forward. It was a savage looking weapon, the tip a crude wedge.

He knelt between both their spread legs. He guided the head of his rigid prick into Vivian's juicy cunt.

"Oooooooo, Stevie! Yes, fuck me, fuck Vivian, honey, GIVE HER THE MEAT! COME ON, HONEY, SHOVE IT HOME! WOOOOO!"

Steve began his first fifty strokes, his thumb wriggling inside Vivian's tiny asshole to loosen it up. Passionately aroused now, the panting swinger fucked Carol's ravaged slit to an even more furious rhythm, but it was hard to tell whether the screaming hot nurse was thrashing out of bliss or agony. Vivian loved this position, having Steve ram his big cock home while she screwed another girl with lustful fury. She began climaxing again, raking her nails across Carol's soft back with low obscene hisses while she bit the nape of her neck like a wildcat.

Thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five, panting to a steady rhythm now, Steve had to admit Vivian's hot little cunt had never lost its electrifying, slippery grip. She was all mad animal, his crazy wife, but he loved her in his own strange way. She'd almost fucked him to death when he first met her in a bar, keeping him in the sack for fourteen solid hours, getting him up again and again with her frenzied mouth and greedy lingers, her luscious pussy and eager asshole. There were two words in the English language she couldn't understand -- stop and wait. She was a blazing "go" signal night and day, ready to drop everything and suck and fuck on a split-second notice.

Steve was square when he met Vivian, but she fixed that quickly. Rather than tell him her alarming sex-hunger went in all directions full blast, she went out and picked up a eighteen-year-old girl for him, insisting he have the feast all to himself. The next one was a triangle, and then she turned him on to using the whips and ropes, first on her, then on her pickups. And Vivian was a supreme pickup artist, conning a girl into trusting her in minutes and then bringing her home for the inevitable orgy.

Fifty! Steve sighed. He slipped his quivering rod out of her slit and without hesitation rammed it into Vivian's eagerly waiting asshole.

"OHHH YES, HONEY!" Vivian moaned, her furious fucking strokes inside Carol beginning to flag a little. Carol was raving incoherently and tugging at her bonds, but Vivian was concentrating only on the burning pressure in her tingling asshole. She'd been ravaged anally so many times -- not to count orally -- that she could climax with a cock anywhere inside her flesh, sometimes just in the vicinity of it.


Keeping his rod stroking steadily, Steve got a tight grip on the whip-handle. Too bad he couldn't have shoved it up her narrow asshole while he rammed her pussy but the position made it impossible. This was difficult but hardly impossible. Reaching behind him, he thrust the blunt butt-handle underneath his balls, probing brutally for her cunt.

"Lesson time," he sank to Vivian.

She froze instantly, a look of panic in her eyes. She knew what that phrase meant, the sonofabitch! He'd surprised her more than once with his weird brand of vengeance. When she felt the whip-handle bang against her inner thigh, she knew what was coming and started shrieking.


He found her pussy-lips and crammed the whip-butt in furiously, fucking her impaled slit with savage drives while be drove his rod deep into her steaming asshole.

Vivian didn't waste her breath trying to tell him how much it hurt. He knew, which was why he'd done it, the rat. Instead, tears of rage and anguish streaming from her eyes, she had a ready target for her fury just beneath her.

Carol's ravaged cunt was almost numb to sensation by now. The ripping thrusts deep in her pussy forced her to thrash and sob, but these were mechanical movements. Her dazed mind knew only the pounding anguish in her hot loins and she was only dimly aware of the exchange between Steve and Vivian. Hopeless, she thought, so fucking hopeless...

Vivian knew what she wanted to do but it would take a hell of a sacrifice on her part, a few moments of unbearable pain. The dual rape left her screaming and almost helpless. Almost, but not quite. Steve had seven or eight inches of the whip-handle shoved mercilessly up her pussy, where he jabbed and rammed viciously while he fucked his enraged wife in her searing asshole.

Taking a deep breath to brace herself, Vivian gritted her teeth fiercely and jerked her hips up hard. Bolts of pain tore through her impaled cunt and anal slit but she managed to slip the monstrous dildo out of Carol's pussy. Her eyes raging with vengeance, the maddened swinger placed the giant knob of the cock squarely against Carol's tender asshole.

She'd never done this to any girl before, not with this grotesque monster. Even her cruelty had its limits. Until now.

Then Vivian slammed it forward violently, ripping it deep into the nurse's helpless bowels. For a few perilous moments Carol's soft flesh quivered insanely from head to toe.

Then something snapped in her tortured mind.

Benson held the phone away from his ear until the crackling roar trailed off, thanked George and hung cup.

Then the doctor dialed Carol's number. He frowned as it rang two dozen times. When he finally hung up, he decided it was just as well. It would be better, in fact, much better if she didn't know what was coming. Catch her with her defenses down. It could be very traumatic for her, but she needed a drastic shock of some kind.

It was kill or cure, Benson thought.

He had no idea Carol was getting far more than her share of drastic shocks tonight.

While he watched TV with his wife, Cindy's father kept a sharp ear cocked for her upstairs door. She might decide to take a bath, which usually consumed at least an hour, sometimes two. In which case, he'd have a chance to scan through her precious diary. But then he remembered she'd taken a bath earlier this evening, as if getting ready for a hot date. Still, at her age girls were crazy. What did she do with herself for two hours in a bath anyway?

More than once lately he'd had wild, secret thoughts about his luscious eighteen-year-old daughter, furtive thoughts that left him with a hot, leaping erection. He wondered if Cindy was still a cherry. Her mother was a cherry when he'd married her but things were a hell of a lot different nowadays, what with grass and orgies and swinging parties. Goddamned kids nowadays, all they did was fuck and smoke dope.

Lucky little shits.

The moment Vivian pierced Carol's tiny asshole with the gigantic dildo a current of such shattering pain shot through her bowels, the stunned nurse went into a dead faint.

She woke up a few seconds later, gasping for breath, trying to realize she was still alive. It didn't seem possible that such massive, white-hot agony existed. It pounded into her tortured anal slit with Vivian's measured fury, slamming the breath from Carol's lungs, ripping its gigantic knob deep into her churning bowels like a maddened battering ram. If the sheer intensity of feeling itself could have made her come, the helpless screaming nurse would have climaxed from torment alone.

Carol stabbed her palms with her nails in a frenzy and bit her lips until she tasted blood anything to distract her from the blazing, colossal fury in her asshole. She tried to concentrate on Vivian's raving: "Bastard! UNNNNNF!-R-RAPE ME YOU PRICK, I LOVE IT!" the sobbing swinger cried to her husband as she fucked Carol's buttocks savagely with the bloody dildo. "MORE, MORE, RIP IT UP! OOOOOOH AAAAAAARGH! YOU -- UNGH! -- LOST! YOU LOST, YOU LOST, YOU -- EEEEEEE!"

Heaving for breath as he pumped his long prick into Vivian's ass and simultaneously drove the whip-handle brutally into her tight cunt, Steve couldn't resist a diabolical grin. Smart bitch wanted him to think she loved it so he'd stop, but he knew all her cunning tricks by now, every sly gambit. She was flexing her slippery asshole with lewd power on his cock now, trying to drain his come. Just because the stacked nurse had gotten his rocks off in three minutes flat with her burning mouth, Vivian thought she could do it with her boiling asshole.

No way, he told himself, hanging on as Vivian thrilled him with a furious sucking frenzy of her anus on his meat. He responded by cramming the butt-handle of the whip even harder up her cunt, in turn inspiring her to squirm her asshole even more lustfully on his cock.

As jaded as he was, the grotesque position of all three of them struck Steve as both funny and strange. Here he was screwing his wife in the ass and raping her in her pussy with the blunt handle of her own whip, while she was raping a beautiful nurse with her enormous bizarre dildo.

"SHOOT IT UP MY ASS!" Vivian wailed, swinging her sweating ass-cheeks in a fury of lust.


Try as he might, Steve couldn't hold his load back another second. Her fiery tunnel sucked his jism out of him with frantic heat, making Vivian shriek with triumph and eerie ecstasy as his boiling juice spattered in her writhing bowels. He deliberately left the whip-handle jammed up her pussy as he dismounted her with a long sigh.

His deliriously aroused wife didn't bother to remove it either as she continued raping Carol's ravaged asshole with merciless, battering strokes.

Straining at her bonds, Carol was so dazed with shock and pain -- great torrents of hot agony sweeping through her bowels in pounding waves -- she actually began jerking her impaled ass back up on the plunging big cock. Her screams were faint now and her creamy flesh dripping sweat, but with each burning piston by Vivian she gripped the monster fiercely in her asshole and quivered on it.

Because, for the moment at least, the terrible coiled knot of tension in her loins was forgotten. It was impossible to think of anything but the searing, ripping mass in her bowels, a roaring blaze of torture.

"That's enough," Steve told Vivian. "Christ, she's practically over the edge now. Enough!"

Vivian wanted to keep it up for hours, lewd shudders of ecstasy coursing through her blood with Carol's cries and thrashes. But she knew that tone of voice, and she stopped. Slowly she slipped the giant prick out. It was covered with blood. She collapsed in a panting heap beneath Carol's ass, obscenely, caressing the whip-handle in her cunt.

"Man, what a party!" Vivian gasped. She nuzzled her mouth to Carol's raw asshole and licked it softly, soothing it.

Carol's faint screams gave way to sobs, then long shaking sighs as the bolts of pain eased in her bowels. She could feel them untying her wrists and ankles. Moving in slow painful motion she sat up, rubbing the rope-blisters.

"... didn't mean to hurt you, honest, honey," Vivian was murmuring, greedily caressing Carol's swollen hot tits. "But your beautiful ass looked so tempting and juicy, you know? No hard feelings, honey. How do you feel?"

Carol shot her a blazing look with her eyes. "Feel? Why I feel just wonderful, thank you. I get gang banged by a couple of insane gorillas every night, you know. Nothing unusual, you sex-crazed bitch!"

"I can't help it if I'm a little oversexed," Vivian pouted, her fingers now pulling gently on Carol's fat nipples. "Anytime you feel like dropping by, honey, just feel right at home. Our house is your house, right, Steve?"

"Of course," Carol said, getting off the bed. "Anytime I feel in the mood for a concentration camp why, I'll just hop right in bed with you two."

Her fingers trembling with relief and shock, Carol put her clothes on.

"Say," Vivian said brightly, her fingers toying with her own soaked pussy now, "that's an awfully cute little blonde coming by your apartment all the time. We'd love to meet her, wouldn't we, Steve? She lives right next door, doesn't she?"

Carol paused, staring at each of them in turn with hard, fierce eyes. "If you so much as say a singe word to that girl or try any of your weird trips with her, I'll have both your asses in jail in ten minutes. And you know I can swing it. Got it?"

Steve spoke up quickly, before Vivian could. "Sure, hell yes, Carol, we understand. We won't interfere with your girlfriend." But she meant business and he knew it.

At their door, Carol paused.

"Wit all your kinky games and whips and ropes and dildos, you still couldn't make me come. So I won, didn't I?" Tears stung her eyes. "I always win that one. That's why I'm such a wholesome, well-adjusted young woman, you see."

"We can try again," Vivian said quickly.

"Not with me you won't, you cunt sucking vampire. And that goes for you too," she snapped at Steve, "you ass-whipping lecher. Don't bother to come by my apartment again. But be sure and let me know when it's your wedding anniversary. I'll send you a dungeon."

She slammed their door behind her and hurried down to her own apartment. She took a bottle of wine into the bedroom with her, stripped and crawled painfully in bed. She lay in the darkness, smoking and thinking, and sipping wine.

Her ass stung terribly and her pussy-flesh throbbed with insane fury. In the two short days she'd been in town, she'd tried five different people, swung feverishly with all of them and always got the same result. Only it became worse each time. Dr. Benson couldn't make her come. A lovely eighteen-year-old virgin and her boyfriend couldn't make her climax. Two wild swingers with a whip and a gigantic artificial prick couldn't give her an orgasm, not even after hours of strenuous fucking and torment.

No one could. No one ever would, she thought with growing despair. She knew she was going to crack very, very soon. Within twenty-four hours, probably. She felt curiously calm as she thought about it.

Tomorrow she'd report to work at the hospital, and she'd leap at every chance for sex she could find. Doctors, patients, other nurses, hell any and all of them. She'd go out in a blaze of lustful glory and when they came to put her away she'd fuck the boys in the white coats too.

Vivian felt better now that her final decision was made. She would fuck herself to death, in or out of a padded cell.

And she would commence at exactly 8 AM tomorrow morning.

Chapter FIVE

She was leaving the house in her uniform, her ripe lips set in a grim, determined line, when the phone rang. She snatched it up, already five minutes late for work.

"Dr. Benson here, Carol. I think I've got a possible answer to your problem..."

"What?" She almost dropped the phone.

"I said I think. Mostly hunch, but, hell, it's certainly worth a try..."

"I'll meet you at your office in ten minutes," she said.

"No, no, take it easy now," Benson said soothingly. "It isn't a matter of life and death."

"Maybe it's not to you, Dr. Benson, but it sure as hell looks that way to me. I'm supposed to start my first shift at County Hospital in twenty minutes. How about lunchtime?"

"Not enough time. Listen, Carol, this is, ah, rather a strange situation. Now don't do anything desperate or foolish on your first day at the job. And you know what I mean."

Shit, thought Carol, there goes Resolution Number One.

"I can't explain it to you on the phone," Benson went on, "but suppose I come over to your place tonight, around seven?"

"I'll be here," Carol promised anxiously. "Can't you give me a clue, Doctor? I'll die of suspense at work..." But the doctor had already hung up.

All day Carol moved through her shift in a daze, dispensing medication, doing IV's, giving injections, meeting a host of doctors and nurses, fending off a few eager passes but keeping them on the string just in case Benson's so-called answer was another resounding flop like the orgy last night, and because she kept so busy time moved like a hurtling locomotive.

The question hammered in her brain all day.

She pulled her car up to her apartment-house at five and got out wearily. Her ass had hurt horribly all day and her pussy still chafed from the wanton orgy last night. Physically she was exhausted.

Mentally, she was more anxious and eager than she'd ever been in her life.

Cindy was camped in front of her door. She sat cross-legged, her arms folded stubbornly, her soft face glowing with adoration and taut with desperation. When she saw Carol she leaped up, her eyes shining and her budding tits panting so eagerly the nurse didn't have the heart to chew her out.

"I-I haven't seen you in so long I just had to, for a minute, Carol -- don't be mad at me, please?"

Carol sighed and looked nervously up and down the hallway before stroking the blonde's ass fondly. "I'm not mad, angel. Want to come in for a minute?"

"Can I really?" she gushed, tears in her eyes.

Like a frantic puppy, Carol thought with amusement. But, hell, was it funny? Cindy was crazy about her and she'd treated her like dirt ever since she'd seduced the eighteen-year-old virgin. Why take her mad frustration out on a helpless, luscious little darling like the blonde?

In her apartment, Cindy flung her arms around Carol and kissed her torridly, rubbing her warm belly feverishly to the nurse's. "Let me stay for a while, please?" she whispered.

"Okay," Carol said. Dammit, now she was hotly aroused again! And while she didn't know what Benson had in mind or who Betcher was, there was a good chance it involved some raw, passionate sex. And Carol wanted to be primed to the hilt for this last desperate hope, seething with all the lust she could summon.

"You can stay but no funny stuff, honey," Carol told her firmly. "No hot action, angel."

"Never again?" Cindy whispered, close to tears.

"I didn't say that," Carol sighed. "Come on, I need a bath. You can scrub my back, darling. But only my back."

Cindy drew a bath for her and helped her off with her uniform, lavishing kisses on Carol's soft legs as she unrolled her white nylons. A hot oozing began in the nurse's pussy and the constant throb suddenly grew intense. She was about to lash out at Cindy but the girl couldn't help herself, she knew. That sweet, loving mouth!

She also knew it was no longer possible for her to wait for Benson and Betcher, whoever in the hell that was.

When Cindy took off Carol's panties the girl nuzzled her nose to Carol's cunt-hairs, tickling and exciting her even more tremendously. Damn her!

"Just one suck?" Cindy begged in a whisper, her eyes shining feverishly on Carol's. "Just one, Carol, please?" now panting furiously, Carol said, "Take off your clothes, quick."

She'd suffer afterward anyway so she might as well suck and fuck the luscious angel with complete abandon. Hurriedly, Cindy stripped naked and flung herself on top of Carol's naked body on the sofa. The blonde crushed her hot tits to Carol's and snaked her tongue in her mouth fervently, her fingers stroking and loving the nurse's tits and belly frantically.

"Don't bother with that," Carol whispered when Cindy slid down a few inches and began sucking passionately on one of her tits. "Just eat me -- SUCK ME OFF, CINDY, NOW!"

Rushing to obey, the blonde scrambled between Carol's widespread thighs and clutched her creamy ass-cheeks in her fingers, lifting them for her feast. With a low whimper of hunger, Cindy began devouring Carol's hot, throbbing cunt-flesh with ravenous kisses and laps of her burning tongue.

Carol locked her thighs to the girl's face and swung her hips urgently, soft screams of delirious excitement coming from her throat. Cindy's mad loving mouth was turning her fire of torment into a holocaust but Carol was so tremendously excited by the blonde's sudden attack she couldn't stop herself.


The juicy squirming pink, flesh quivering beneath her mouth was the only thing Cindy had thought or dreamed about for almost two agonizing days now, and she burrowed her tingling mouth to Carol's cunt with raw ecstasy.


Her mouth still looked deliriously to Carol's spasming pussy, Cindy twisted her naked body around so that she hovered over Carol in reverse, a folded knee on each side of her head.

Panting with wild eagerness, Carol clutched Cindy's soft hips and pulled down, slamming the eighteen-year-old's boiling pink cunt to her mouth. Carol rubbed the girl's ass in a frenzy of obscene delight as she sucked her slit in return, wallowing in the sweet honey flowing on her tongue and down her throat.

Rocking furiously with lust, the blonde schoolgirl and the ravishing nurse kissed and sucked and lapped with delirious moans as they sixty-nined for a solid thirty minutes. Cindy's tawny flesh was soaked with sweat, dripping profusely onto Carol's heaving tits and trembling belly as they ate each other in a contest of shattering thrills.

And while Cindy shuddered with orgasm after orgasm, her steaming nectar gushing into Carol's eager mouth, the pounding fury of frustration hammered relentlessly in the nurse's blazing loins.

Each time the door to her release slammed, it seemed more final and hopeless.

At last Carol forcibly pushed the moaning eighteen-year-old away from her. "No more!" she gasped. "Enough!"

But when Carol told Cindy she'd better go home, the girl began to sob pathetically. Shit, thought -- Carol, I'll never get rid of her.

"Okay," she sighed, "you can take a bath with me, but then you leave or I'll tan your golden ass until it's hot pink."

"I'd like that too," Cindy giggled happily. Carol played with the girl's plump ass on the way to the bathroom, praying the weird pair upstairs would never get their hands on her. She'd extract a promise from the blonde never to so much as talk to them. And when Cindy made her a promise it was a sacred vow.

Cindy sat on Carol's lap in the bathtub, and what began with girlish horseplay soon turned into a passionate bout with Carol fingerfucking the softly screaming blonde until she was pleading for mercy.

And because Cindy was so sweet and silky-skinned and luscious, with her plump hot tits and juicy tight cunt, Carol completely lost track of time...

"She said she might not be home for dinner," Cindy's mother told her father in the kitchen. "She's all right, John. She's a good girl. Maybe she went to see Jimmy."

"Maybe. But, dammit, she's got to learn to obey her parents. Respect them."

He didn't push the issue, because he intended to poke around her room anyway, in her absence. After dinner, he waited until his wife was busy with dishes, then slipped upstairs.

In Cindy's room, he quietly shut her door. Now where would a eighteen-year-old girl keep her diary? He started with the closet, looked under the mattress, and in his slow, laborious way finally got around to her bottom dresser drawer. He took out the thick red volume, slipped it in his back pocket and went into the bathroom, locking the door.

He sat on the toilet, reading the first page. Hell, maybe he'd find something spicy in Cindy's private diary. Maybe that little shit Jimmy was getting into her panties after all. The opening few pages were dull, mostly about girls and boys she liked and disliked at school.

Impatiently, he turned to the last few pages. There, that looked a little better. His breathing was a loud rasp in the bathroom as he began to read.

Slowly, his face turned from a ghastly white to a bright purple.

"I'd fuck you," she whispered, "but only if Carol says it's okay!"

Benson looked over at Carol.

She'd been so feverishly excited watching Carol swing and thrash in her stunning nakedness she'd come in her panties and now her jeans were soaked.

"Carol," Benson said urgently, "Cindy wants to know if -- if she can, ah, well, screw me?"

Panting furiously, Carol sat up and looked at him, blinking her eyes. Her naked body continued to spasm.

"Cindy screw you? For God's sake, Doctor, of course! We'll both screw you, you genius! You darling, fantastic man, we'll screw you until you need an ambulance. Cindy, get those clothes off, fast!"

The eager blonde and Benson both stripped. The doctor's prick quivered hugely as he stared at Cindy's plump tits and ass. Her golden cunt-hairs glistened with her juices.

Cindy was both terribly excited and just a little frightened of Benson's immense hard-on. She was also deeply curious, never having been screwed by a man. But if Carol said it was okay, then it had to be terrific.

"You lie in the middle," Carol told the psychologist. Still trembling with bliss the ecstatic nurse was overwhelmed with emotion. Relief, happiness, sheer breathless joy all flooded her at once.

Cindy cuddled close to the doctor and grasped his immense prick in her fingers, shivering with awe and delight. It occurred to her that it was an awfully huge rod to ram into such a small pussy, but it throbbed with such power and hot eagerness she could barely wait to see how it felt inside her.

For a minute, Benson just lay there basking in his enormous victory. Did ever a man have it so good? He was going to make history with his paper on shock-therapy. He would achieve international fame and there were plenty of young female psychologists who would look up to him with shining eyes. There were ardent groupies in the world of therapy just as there were in the world of television and rock music and movies, not so young and frantic perhaps, but the groupies were there, waiting to adore a genius like Benson. The rest of the bastards would envy him but that was their problem, not his.

"Who would you like first?" Carl asked him, tickling his swollen balls while Cindy stroked his erect cock in her hot fist. "You name it and we'll do it, Doctor, anything you desire! Where would you like to begin, genius?"

Carol snaked her tongue in his ear, brimming over with gratitude. "Want Cindy's cute ass first?" she whispered hotly. "Or her tight little pussy? She's a cherry, Doctor, no kidding! Or would you like to see me and Cindy make it first -- would that turn you on? Or how about a blowjob in relays -- first me and then Cindy. She's got a terrifically hot mouth, Doctor, let me tell you! Which will it be?"

Overcome with so much lustful abundance, Benson was so choked up with excitement he couldn't make up his mind. He held an arm around each of them, the stunningly sexy nurse and the eighteen-year-old virgin while they played with his cock and balls. Shit, if only his wife and his worthy, pompous colleagues could see him now!

AJI his frenzied erotic fantasies, distant hopeless dreams until this incredible moment, were about to come true. The world was suddenly a sweet, just and eternally wonderful place. Tears came to Benson's eyes as he watched the universe glow with lewd shining happiness. No one deserved it more than he did, no one. Genius deserved the richest rewards!

"I think," he said in a hoarse shaking voice, "I think I'll take the relay job for starters..."

Quickly, the panting nurse nudged her mouth down toward his quivering rod. Benson craned his head down to kiss and savor Cindy's sweet young tits, his heart hammering excitedly against his ribs.

And then Carol's doorbell began to buzz, an angry insistent buzz without letup.

She paused, wanting to ignore it at this glorious moment but whoever it was wouldn't let up, dammit!

Benson felt just a tinge of unreasonable panic. Fate had a funny way of shattering boyhood dreams, a vicious, utterly mean and underhanded way. Carol hastily slipped on a robe and answered her door, while Cindy nudged her hot mouth down to Benson's long rod and sneaked in a few sucks and licks.

Benson would later reflect bitterly on the heartless twists of Fate. His glowing dreams of lewd heaven were shattered so quickly by that angry doorbell, so viciously and swiftly he would never forget it.

Chapter SEVEN

The car hurtled through the night, tearing down the freeway like a rocket. Behind the wheel, Carol lit another cigarette with shaking fingers. Close call, very close call she thought with a trembling sigh. Still, it could have turned out one hell of a lot worse!

It was Benson's quick thinking that saved them, actually. What a shame she'd never be able to fully reward him for curing her. But Cindy would, and Benson would find a lot of hot consolation in that.

When she saw the expression on the face of Cindy's father at the door, Carol knew at once that he knew and in spite of her dreadful panic, she stalled him, telling him she'd be right back. At first she thought it was pure blind luck that he didn't have the cops with him, but she figured that one out too, once she had time.

Carol ran back to the bedroom and told Cindy her father was at the door, raging dangerously and that he must know about them. "My diary!" Cindy gasped, and in a few classic words of understatement the eighteen-year-old virgin told them about her intimate diary.

All Carol could remember thinking was, Holy Shit, we've had it. They said prison food was starchy and she'd be dumpy and sexless inside of a year...

Then Benson, that beautiful genius, came to the rescue. He said he'd handle the whole thing, just leave it to him. Quickly, he dressed -- all three of them dressed, trying to look desperately innocent -- and then the doctor let Cindy's father in and practically dragged him into the kitchen. For thirty minutes Cindy and Carol, both trembling with panic, listened to furious outbursts and Benson's calm soothing voice from the living room.

Benson was a shimmering genius, Carol thought now as she fought the urge to accelerate to ninety. Leaving Cindy's father fuming in the kitchen, he came out and called Carol aside, explaining the situation. She was the scapegoat and would have to leave town at once, in order to save both Cindy's and his ass. Carol agreed only too quickly, hating starchy food. But what did he tell Cindy's father?

The psychologist told him that Carol was mentally ill and that he was trying to cure her. He'd said Carol was a raving nymphomaniac -- that was true anyway, she realized -- and that nothing would be accomplished by taking her to court except to drag Cindy through a horrible scandal. Besides, Cindy too was now in danger of becoming a lust-crazed nymphomaniac, having been infected by Carol's wild sex with her, and only fast, urgent treatment would save her from becoming another feverish Carol.

Fortunately, he, Benson, was a specialist in such matters. The best possible course for Cindy's sake would be to get her to his office early tomorrow morning, when he'd begin treatment. In return, Carol would leave town at once, never to return. Benson would treat Cindy free and cure her, he assured her dumbstruck father, and in fact that was why he was in Carol's apartment tonight, mainly to protect Cindy.

Benson told Carol he knew Cindy's father would agree, not only to avoid scandal and trouble, but because it was patently obvious he wanted to screw his daughter himself. And now that he had the upper hand, he undoubtedly would. So Cindy's father had dragged the terrified virgin out of the apartment, warning Carol if she were there in the morning he'd call the cops and to hell with the scandal.

All in all, Carol told herself everything had turned out fantastically, considering. Cindy would be safe in Benson's hands, or at least sexually satisfied, if not overloaded by the horny psychologist. And Carol was cured and could climax now. She was free at last, headed north to San Francisco, able to swing without fear of going stark crazy from sheer frustration.


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