The neighbor's daughter

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies -- and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

THE NEIGHBORS DAUGHTER -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

Chapter ONE

Rod Hanson, mowing his back lawn, kept pausing to rest. It was a hot June day, but it wasn't just the heat that made him keep stopping. About thirty feet away, sunning herself on a blanket, wearing the tiniest bikini he'd ever seen, was the neighbor girl, Vicky.

Rod always contrived to pause so that he was facing Vicky. He leaned on the mower handle, wiped his face and forehead with a wadded-up bandanna, and let his eyes wander slowly up and down the girl's delicious young body. No, it wasn't just the heat that was making him dizzy.

Really, he thought, you should be ashamed... She's young enough to be your daughter...

He'd told himself that several times already, but it didn't keep him from looking. Jesus, what he wouldn't give to ball a cute little chick like that... He'd turned forty years old last week, but when he looked at Vicky, he didn't feel old at all, not even middle-aged. He felt like a horny teenage boy.

Rod sighed and began to mow again. His only consolation was that he was working closer and closer to Vicky. There was no fence between the two yards, and her blanket was very close to the property line. When he finished, he'd be practically stepping on her. There would be an excuse to talk.

But what the hell could he say to a girl that young? "Hey, baby, want to get it on?" That was what the kids said, but it would sound silly coming from a man his age. No matter what he said, she'd probably be bored anyhow.

All the time he'd been mowing, she hadn't even looked his way. It was like he didn't exist. Probably he didn't, not for so young a girl. He was the same age as her father. He had teenage kids of his own. He had a wife...

Rod glanced up quickly and guiltily to see if his wife June was watching out the window. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw no sign of her. June would be really pissed if she caught him gawking at the practically naked neighbor girl... Rod stopped the mower again, mopped his face, and stared at Vicky.

She must have been around five feet four, but she didn't look petite. She was leggy, with nice long tan limbs, and her waist was tiny and firm. She was lying on her stomach, and her little rounded butt looked delicious to him, like two cantaloupes in a bikini bottom.

If he had the right angle, which he did now, he could see her young breasts, too, only the very tips covered by her skimpy bra. They were sweet tits, perfectly round, the size of apples, and they were tan, too. He wondered if she ever took off her bra to sun herself there. He wondered what color her nipples were... Jesus, he told himself, stop it.

Rod busily moved the mower again. It was crazy to go on letching for that teen. She wouldn't have anything to do with him in a million years. No doubt she had all kinds of boyfriends her own age. She was pretty enough to have any boy she wanted.

Vicky had very long honey-blonde hair, slightly wavy, bleached shiny by the sun. Her pert profile looked very young to him -- big hazel eyes, turned-up nose, and naturally red pouting lips. He'd known her since she was a little girl, but it wasn't till today, when she sunned herself in that tiny blue costume that he realized she was growing up.

Well, forget it -- she wasn't interested in him. She had her nose in a magazine, completely absorbed in it. He might as well finish the lawn, go inside, and have a beer. Watch the TV, catch a baseball game -- that's what middle-aged men were supposed to do, not gawk at young girl like some dirty old pervert.

As Rod mowed past her again, Vicky, without taking her eyes off the magazine, reached around and untied the bra of her bikini.

Rod almost mowed up a tree. He stopped just in time, steadied himself, turned the mower, and went back the way he came. He took a quick look at Vicky when he passed her. Sure enough, she'd taken off the top of her suit. She was completely casual and unselfconscious about it, just letting it drop onto the blanket beneath her. He moved closer with the mower.

He could see almost all of her tits now, sweet little tan boobs that quivered just slightly with her breathing. The tips touched the blanket, partially obscured, but he caught just a glimpse of light pink nipple. Hastily he pushed the mower past her again.

He found he was sweating profusely, but not from the sun. His balls ached. His cock stirred restlessly in his pants, threatening to grow hard. Jesus, was he so hard up that he could get an erection just from gawking at a little girl's tits? He felt ashamed of himself.

Still he continued to mow slowly back and forth beside the girl, taking frequent rests, seeing as much as he could. He began to imagine how exquisitely tight her cunt would be, a girl so young. He imagined wedging his erect cock into her, feeling the silky moist passage, the searing heat, of her teenage twat...

It was ridiculous, but he couldn't stop.

June Hanson wondered what was taking her husband so long to mow the lawn. She wanted him to fix the bathroom faucet when he was finished, and the day was almost gone. She set aside the pie she was making and went to the window. It occurred to her that she hadn't heard the noise of the mower for some time.

There he was, resting on the mower, wiping his forehead -- and staring blatantly at the neighbor girl, Vicky. June could understand why he was staring. The little bitch was sunning herself in a scandalously tiny bikini -- and she didn't even have the top on!

June frowned. Vicky had always been a mischievous, brazen teen girl, and it looked as if she'd get no better as a teenager. Her breasts weren't completely uncovered -- the nipples were pressed against the blanket -- but there was plenty showing. Every man in the block must be gawking at her. June imagined that plenty of lawns were getting mowed today.

She thought of opening the window and telling Rod to get with it, but she knew she'd only come off as a bitch, an old nag. That's all she was to him lately, anyhow. No wonder he was lusting for the neighbor girl.

June sighed and looked down at her body. Really, for a woman of thirty-five, she was in good shape. Her legs were just as long and shapely as Vicky's, her waist as small and firm, and her breasts were much larger. Well, she had much nicer boobs than that little bitch next door. The only trouble was, Rod had been married to her for almost eighteen years, and he was thoroughly familiar with every inch of her body.

She was bored with him, too, she had to admit it. Their whole marriage was a bore, a rut. They hadn't made love in weeks. They had a lovely suburban house, plenty of money, two cars, and two nice kids, Patty and Kent. They had all this, and their marriage was falling apart.

"Oh, hell," June said to herself.

She wasn't going to stop Rod from looking at that girl. Poor man, that's all he was going to get, just a look. June knew just how he felt. She was horny, too.

Rod was almost finished with the lawn. He was close to the property line, mowing within five feet of Vicky. Still she hadn't even looked up at him, seemed unconscious of his presence. Once in awhile she shifted her position slightly, and Rod caught glimpses of a whole sweet pink nipple, pert and pointy. He was dizzy and sweaty with longing.

One more pass with the mower and he'd be done. He gathered up his courage and stopped the mower just in front of her blanket. Her big brown eyes were focused on the magazine, but when his shadow fell onto the pages, she blinked and looked up at him.

"Hello, Vicky," he said. "Haven't talked to you in a long time. How are you?"

She smiled, a mouthful of perfect little teeth. "Oh, hi, Mr. Hanson," she said. "I'm fine, thanks. And you?"

"Hot," he said, meaning it in more ways than one. "It's a scorcher today, isn't it? In fact, Vicky, it looks to me like you're getting a little burned on your shoulders."

"Oh, dear, am I?" she said.

She twisted to have a look at her shoulder, and as she did so, her sweet young breasts bobbed up from the blanket. Rod had a lovely full view of the bouncing little apples and their exquisite pink nipples. He felt his cock twitching again.

"I can't see it, Mr. Hanson," she said. "Would you take a look, please?"

"Oh, sure," said Rod. He actually felt himself blush.

He knelt down beside her, so close that he could smell her intoxicating mixture of baby powder and light girl-sweat. Up close, her skin looked like perfect silk, brown and healthy. He inspected her shoulder, saw a faint reddish patch, and placed his hand on it. Her skin was soft, exquisite.

"Right there," he said. "Does that hurt?"

"It is a little sore," she said. "That was dumb of me, to stay out so long."

"Yes," said Rod, "you'd better get out of the sun."

"I don't want to go in yet," said Vicky. "I'll just move over under the tree."

There was a huge old spreading tree at the back of the lot, almost on the property line. His kids and Vicky used to climb it when they were small. Once, coming home from a neighborhood party and very drunk, he and June had fucked under that tree... That was a long time ago, when they were still hot for each other.

Vicky expertly clapped the discarded bikini top to her breasts, covering herself. She stood up, bra in one hand and magazine in the other. Now Rod could see the gentle puff of her muff under the tight bikini bottom. A few wisps of delicate curly blonde hair showed at the leg bands.

"I'll carry your blanket and your suntan lotion," he said.

"Oh, thanks, Mr. Hanson," said Vicky, flashing him a smile.

He followed her over to the tree, watching her saucy little buttocks bouncing gently in the tiny panties. He wanted her so badly, he felt dizzy. He imagined how he must look, a forty-year-old man, still in pretty good shape but definitely forty, ogling the ass of a teenage girl. He must look like an idiot.

He spread the blanket for her, and Vicky sat down, still holding the bikini top over her breasts. At the back of the lot, under the shade of the drooping branches, they could not be seen from either house. Rod had a crazy urge to jump on her, rip off her panties, force himself into her...

Vicky smiled innocently at him. "You look so hot, Mr. Hanson," she said. "Why don't you rest here in the shade for a minute?"

"Thanks, Vicky," he said, "I think I will."

He took out his bandana and mopped his face again, wondering how to start a conversation. All he could think of was to ask her how school was going. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Still, what else could he say to a teenage girl? Just the usual bullshit. "Well, you certainly are growing up, Vicky," he said. "[missing text] anyway?"

Vicky grinned. "Yeah, I do," she said. "I mean, anybody can tell I'm not a little girl any more."

You're telling me, thought Rod.

Abruptly Vicky lay back on the blanket, letting the bikini top slip away. She was on her back, her adorable young tits thrust up from her chest. They stood perfectly firm and pointed, the pink nipples soft and smooth. Rod held his breath, not trusting himself to speak or move.

"I mean, times have changed," Vicky went on. "Kids are growing up faster. I'm plenty old enough to date, but my folks treat me like a baby. It's such a drag."

She began rubbing suntan lotion on herself, starting with her shoulders, wincing a little from the burn. She rubbed downward in the direction of her cute naked tits. Rod noticed now that they were completely tan and had often been exposed to the sun.

"Ooo, that burn hurts," said Vicky.

"Want me to put that lotion on for you?" said Rod. "Then you wouldn't have to move."

She flashed him a grateful smile and handed him the bottle. "Oh, thanks, Mr. Hanson," she said, "that'd be super. Just do my front, okay?"

You bet I'll do your front, thought Rod.

His hands shook a little as he took the bottle, poured a big glop of the stuff into his palm, and knelt by Vicky. He began with her firm little shoulders, working very slowly and gently. Vicky sighed and closed her eyes.

"Ummm," she said, "that feels nice."

Rod could no longer control his excitement. Leaning so close to her lovely nearly naked body, touching her silky warm skin, he let his lusty imagination run freely. His cock rose steadily in his pants, pawing long and hard and ready. Christ, he wanted her so badly... But she was the neighbor girl, only a teenager. He didn't dare.

Still he could touch. He worked slowly down from her shoulders and onto the flat smooth skin just above her breasts. Vicky, eyes closed, little mouth smiled slightly, just lay there and sighed with sensual enjoyment. She was like a kitten being stroked. Rod gently touched the top of her breasts, but she said nothing.

His cock seemed to be straining in the tight confinement of his pants, and his hands were sweating. Could he get away with touching her tits? She seemed unashamed about showing them to him, so perhaps it was okay to touch...

He put more lotion on his hands, then brought them very gently up under her sweet round breasts. He cupped the firm but soft little rounds, squeezed lightly, and began to rub the lotion on. He damn near came in his pants. She wasn't objecting at all as he molded and rubbed her naked tits. She just kept her eyes closed and smiled.

"Oh, that's nice," she said.

Oh, Christ, thought Rod, oh, holy Christ...

Long delicious moments passed while he played with Vicky's exquisite plump tits. They were like globes of silk in his hands, firm yet gently yielding to his touch. He massaged them again and again, squeezing them, rubbing them, working the lotion in till the pretty tan rounds glowed.

After a moment he got his nerve back and began to rub his thumbs over her lovely pink nipples. He began lightly at first, then applied more teasing friction. Vicky sighed and smiled, her eyes still closed, her dark lashes thick and natural. Gradually her small pink nubs rose under the teasing play of his thumbs. He felt and saw her nipples growing hard and pointed.

"Ummm," she murmured, "that feels so nice, Mr. Hanson..."

Not just her nipples, but her breasts themselves began to swell and tighten. That always happened to June when she got sexually aroused under his touch. He wondered if he was making Vicky horny. Was it possible? His achingly erect cock spewed out a little droplet of juice. My God, it would be a dream come true if she wanted him, if she let him.

He sensed that he shouldn't move too fast, though. He'd have to take it easy, learn more. Reluctantly he slid his hands off her swollen tits at last, moving lower, down the sleek tan flat of her bare belly. Still she didn't protest, didn't speak.

He rubbed lotion onto her smooth firm hips and stomach, but his eyes were on the gentle mound of her crotch. He saw a few glistening blonde hairs protruding from the top of her skimpy blue panties. His hand moved steadily lower until he was touching the waistband itself. Sweating again, his cock aching with fullness, he slipped a finger under the waistband of her panties and touched the delicate soft flesh, the springy curls, of her muff.

"Here, too?" he said hoarsely.

"Um-hmmm," mumbled Vicky. She kept her eyes closed, kept that sensual little smile.

Rod swallowed hard. He was about to take an irrevocable step. Touching her breasts had been one thing, touching her pussy another. Still she did not seem put off. She seemed to like what he was doing. If she didn't, she'd surely let him know.

The skimpy bikini bottom was fastened with little bows on her hips. He untied them to give himself more room. Then he slid his hand inside her panties and cupped the curly warm puff of her muff. It exactly filled his hand. He squeezed gently, and Vicky gave a little sigh.

He massaged her little silky bush, feeling the heat of her flesh beneath it. It was ridiculous to use lotion now -- this was one place she wasn't going to get tan. He only rubbed, working deeper and deeper between her soft slightly-spread thighs. Presently he was cupping her girlish slit, touching bare slick flesh, and still she made no protest.

She was hot and moist down there. The plump lips of her pussy seemed swollen and searing to his touch. He eased a finger between the puffed lips of her muff and found the tiny hard dot of her clitoris. He placed his fingertip on the little fleshy lump and began to rub it gently, teasingly.

"Ooooo," Vicky moaned.

Suddenly he felt his palm filled with steamy pussy juice. It practically squirted into his hand, sticky and hot. Rod's cramped stiff cock leaked in response. He was getting to her. She very definitely liked it when he played with her clit. He went on rubbing the tiny hot organ, and he felt it going stiff and throbbing and wet.

"Oh, that feels soooo nice, Mr. Hanson," Vicky gasped. "Please, keep doing it to me."

He wondered how experienced this little girl was. She was responding like a born whore, creaming heavily into his hand, moaning. A woman wouldn't be able to fake a thing like that. Noises and movements could be faked, but not that flood of cunt cream, not that red-hot swelling of her slit. She was young, but she was highly aroused, horny as hell.

He slid his finger off her clit, moving deeper, seeking her cunt mouth. It wasn't hard to find. She was so slick and wet, his finger slid right into it. The tiny hot hole was gushing juice, opening and shutting in a nipping motion. Rod eased just the tip of his finger into her, and he felt her cunt lips closing around him greedily.

"Ummm," Vicky sighed, "UMMM."

Rod gently slid his finger up her cunt. He went slowly and carefully, in case she had a hymen. Her teenage box was fantastically tight, scorchingly hot, around his probing finger. Vicky juiced furiously, moaned, and began pumping her hips in a natural fucking motion, working her soaked little twat around his finger.

"Ummm, yes," she squealed, "yes, yesss..."

He got his finger all the way into her and felt no baffler, no sign of virginity except her incredible tightness. That made him feel less like a dirty old man. He didn't really want to pop a little girl's cherry. That would be too much. But if she wasn't a virgin, and if she wanted him as bad as he thought, he was sure as hell going to take advantage of his chance.

He drew his finger out of her soaked steamy little cunt and began rubbing her clit again. He drew down her panties and observed her cute little golden bush, her plump muff lips, scarlet-lined and wet inside. He saw the tiny red shaft of her clit, now as erect and throbbing as his cock. As he rubbed her there, Vicky gave little squeals and sighs of pleasure.

His hand was soaked and sticky with her hot juices, and she was writhing on the blanket as if in ecstasy. His cock ached and strained against his fly. My God, he wanted to fuck her so badly, but should he take the chance? What if someone came along -- June, or Vicky's parents? The shit would really hit the fan if he were caught balling the little neighbor girl.

Vicky still had her eyes closed, but now her little hand began to creep along the blanket, seeking him out. Rod didn't notice it till she touched his thighs. He went on rubbing and stroking her juicy little button, but he watched her hand. It crept into his lap and touched the hard long ridge of his fly. Her grin broadened.

While Rod watched, hoping and trembling, Vicky located the zipper of his fly and began tugging it down. She kept her eyes closed, but her face was wreathed in a mischievous grin. She got his fly open, and her soft hot little hand crept inside.

"Oh, Jesus," Rod gasped.

His finger teased steadily but mechanically on her soaked little clit. His whole attention was on his own crotch, where Vicky's impish fingers were playing. She touched the rock-hard pole of his cock, ran her fingers lightly up and down it, exploring. She found the knobby drooling head of his dick, and she smeared a fingertip in his cream and rubbed around and around his sensitive cock.

He almost came, but he steadied himself, wanting more, more... She tickled down his hard long dick again, into the crisp bush of his crotch, and she found his balls. They were swollen up like water balloons by now, and her lightest touch sent a powerful shudder of pleasure through his body.

Exploring, she reached lower, cupped his swollen nut sacs, and squeezed them gently. She played with them for a moment, then moved her hand back onto his swollen prick, curling her fingers around it. She began to pump. Rod knew that with a few more moments of that, he'd come right in his pants. He'd rather come in Vicky.

"Wait, Vicky, honey," he said breathlessly. "Wait just a second..."

Gently he drew her hand away. He quickly tugged down his pants. For the first time since he began to touch her, Vicky opened her eyes. Her wide brown eyes focused hotly on his naked prick. He was sure it must look ludicrous to her, swollen and red and drooling, the head huge and purple. She stared and stared at it, and her little pink tongue darted out to lick her lips.

"Just a moment, baby," he said, lifting himself quickly over her. He parted her legs and drew aside her bikini bottom. He saw the lush healthy pink of her young slit, the tiny shadowed mouth of her moist cunt. He seized his painfully erect cock and directed the big purple penis between her legs.

He was just touching her, just pressing the sensitive flesh of his penis against her wet slick pussylips, when he heard his wife calling him.

"Rod? Rod, where are you?" June called from their yard.

"Oh, SHIT," Rod hissed. "Quick, Vicky, get your clothes on. There'll be hell to pay if my wife finds us like this."

In face it would be best if June didn't find them together at all. Somehow he managed to stuff his giant erection back into his pants and zip up. He sneaked out from under the low tree branches, glanced around, and made for his own yard. He didn't have time to look back or say anything to Vicky. He'd be with her again, though, he swore it. As she watched him hurry away, Vicky grinned.

Chapter TWO

Vicky had been interested in sex ever since she could remember. Even as a little girl, when she heard strange noises coming from her parents' room at night, she developed a burning curiosity about that mysterious adult activity. From the age of obsession.

She wasn't content any longer just to know what other people were doing. She wanted to experience it for herself.

Unfortunately her parents watched her like hawks, never giving her a chance to be alone with boys. She started attracting boys when she was a teen but her parents wouldn't let her date. They made her come home right away after school, and if she went anywhere at night or on the weekend, they came with her. Vicky felt like a prisoner.

This week, though, she was free. Her parents were gone on a trip to Hawaii, and Vicky had been left in the care of her elderly grandmother. Grandma was easy to fool, and she spent most of her time asleep or watching television. Vicky intended to take advantage of the opportunity. She wanted to find out about sex with the first man or boy who showed any interest in her.

The very first day had been fruitful. The neighbor man, Mr. Hanson, had taught her a lot. Vicky found out that she really got off on being touched, especially when he played with her breasts and touched the strange little button of flesh between her legs. She got off on his adult male body, too.

Today was the first time she'd ever seen a cock. She'd wondered for a long time what they looked like, but Mr. Hanson's had been a surprise to her. She hadn't dreamed it would be that big and long and stiff. He'd almost put it in her, too, almost balled her. If his wife hadn't called him, Vicky would have found out what fucking was like.

The time with Mr. Hanson had been much too short. Vicky hoped to do a lot more exploring and experimenting before her parents returned. She hoped to be able to do it with Mr. Hanson, but she'd take any male who happened by.

That very afternoon, after Mr. Hanson had gone in the house, she got her second chance.

She was still lying on the blanket under the tree, reading a magazine, when the Hanson's son, nineteen year old Kent, walked by. All the kids in the neighborhood used back yards as short cuts, and Kent was hurrying home from somewhere. He almost stepped on Vicky as he ran under the tree. He jogged to avoid her, but he kicked over her bottle of sun tan lotion.

"Oh, hey, sorry," said Kent, stopping to put the bottle upright. "I didn't break it, though."

"That's okay, Kent," said Vicky. "Why don't you stay awhile and talk?"

Kent looked at her. Because she was a year younger than him, he'd always thought of her as just a little kid. He took in her long shining blonde hair, her curvy little figure in the tiny bikini, and the ripe swell of her young tits in the tiny bra. He realized she was far from being a little kid.

"As a matter of fact," he said, ginning, "I'm in a big hurry -- to get to the bathroom. But I'll be right back. I'll bring us a couple of Cokes."

"Far out," said Vicky, giving him her most alluring smile.

Waiting for Kent to come back, she felt hot and excited. Maybe today she'd find out about sex at last. Often at night she experimented in her bed, using her finger like a cock, remembering everything she'd read in books. At first she'd hardly been able to get her finger into her funny little hole, but now it was easy, and she could give herself really fantastic sensations. She had a feeling, though, that it wasn't nearly as exciting as the real thing.

Presently she saw Kent returning, strolling over the lawn and carrying two cans of Coke. He was an attractive boy with long brown hair, a sexy grin, and a deep tan. He didn't have his full growth yet, but he was almost six feet tall and his shoulders were starting to broaden. Vicky wondered what his cock looked like, if it was as big as his father's.

Well, if she was lucky, she'd soon find out.

"Here you go," said Kent, opening a can and handing it to her.

"Thanks, Kent," she said. "I'm glad you came back. I haven't talked to you for a long time."

"Yeah, it's strange, isn't it?" he said. "We used to play together all the time when we were little, but after we got in college, we kind of got into different circles."

"Yeah," Vicky said dryly, "you only run around with boys, and I only run around with girls."

"I wouldn't mind running around with girls for a change," said Kent, grinning. "But so far I've never even had enough money to take a girl to the movies."

"You mean you ye never had a date?" said Vicky. "Neither have I. My parents won't let me till I'm eighteen. What a drag. Kent, don't you wonder sometimes?"

"About what?" said Kent, draining his Coke.

"About sex," said Vicky.

He gawked at her, blushing slightly through his tan. "Sure," he said. "As a matter of fact, I wonder about it a lot."

"Me, too," said Vicky. "I'm just dying to find out what it's like."

Kent kept staring at her. He couldn't decide if she was issuing an invitation or not, but it seemed unlikely. It seemed too good to be true. So far his total sexual experience consisted of one kiss and one feel in the schoolyard when no one was looking. He was aching to try a lot more than that. All the older boys said that fucking was the most fun thing in the world.

"Me, too," he said carefully. "I can hardly wait to find out what it's like. I suppose we'll have to wait a long time, though."

"Why?" said Vicky. "What's wrong with right now?"

Kent blushed again. He couldn't believe she wasn't just putting him on. She was such a foxy chick, it seemed impossible that she'd be interested in him.

"Why, nothing's wrong with right now," he said. "In fact I think it's a great time."

"Well?" said Vicky.

He still didn't believe it, but he decided to take a chance. The most she could do was slap his face or say no. He scooted over next to her, leaned toward her, and kissed her.

Vicky didn't pull away. She kissed him back as if she really liked it. Kent got bolder, and wriggled his tongue into her mouth. According to the older guys, that was how you were supposed to kiss if you really meant business. Vicky's lips parted easily, and she tickled her tongue against his.

Kent was cautious. She still might just be playing games. There were girls who did that -- "cockteasers" they were called. He kissed her slowly, lingeringly, working his tongue all around in her mouth. Vicky stuck her tongue into his mouth and explored him.

"Oh, wow," Kent sighed when it was over.

He slipped his arm around her shoulders, and she didn't pull away. She smiled at him and leaned back, and they lay down on the blanket. The whole length of her body was pressed against his. Kent, increasingly excited, kissed her again.

Vicky saw that it was going to be an interesting afternoon, even if Kent did move kind of slowly. His father had been much faster. Hoping to get him excited, she shoved her tongue into his mouth and ran it all around, tickling and teasing him. Kent began to breathe very hard, and he tightened his embrace. Vicky wiggled her body against him, but all he did was kiss. It was pleasant, but she wanted to do a lot more than that.

Then she got an idea.

Pulling away from him, she sat up and said, "Ooo, my sunburn hurts. Will you put some lotion on me, Kent?" It had worked with his father, so why not with him?

"Oh, sure," said Kent, picking up the lotion bottle.

Vicky smiled at him and took off the top of her bikini.

Kent stared and stared. He'd never seen real live tits before, just pictures of them in magazines. He thought Vicky's tits were much more beautiful than anything in photos. They weren't as big as some of the jugs in Playboy, but they were round and sweet and perfect, and she had beautiful light pink nipples.

"You can start with my front," she said.

She lay back on the blanket, her pretty little breasts thrusting up firm and pointed. Kent gawked. He couldn't believe what he'd heard. His voice came out cracked and horny.

"You mean on your-your..." he said.

"Yes, on my breasts," said Vicky calmly.

Kent quickly dumped a big puddle of sun tan lotion into his hand and knelt beside her. He still thought he must be dreaming. He was going to touch real tits for the first time, and he didn't even have to work for it.

He laid his lotion-smeared hands on her round plump breasts and began to rub. It was even better than he'd dreamed. He hadn't known tits would be so soft and silky yet so firm. They were a delight to touch. As he got bolder, he gently squeezed and molded them, one in each hand.

Vicky seemed to enjoy it. She just lay there and smiled at him encouragingly. It was blowing his mind. It was doing more than that -- he could feel his cock starting to get hard. Christ, he hoped she wouldn't notice.

But Vicky did notice. Intensely curious about the opposite sex, she noted all Kent's reactions. She glanced at his crotch and saw a strange transformation taking place. A lump was growing there, just under the fly of his jeans. She remembered some older girls talking about something they called a "hard-on". Maybe this was it, but she didn't know what it was for.

It felt so nice when Kent fondled her naked breasts. It had felt nice when his father did it, too. Vicky was surprised to find out that her breasts were a source of pleasure. Each time Kent cupped and gently squeezed her tits, she felt a hot glow in her pussy, an answering warmth.

"Ummm, that's really nice, Kent," she murmured. "I like it."

"I like it, too," he said earnestly.

He had a feeling she really meant it. She was purring and smiling as he played with her pretty lotion-slick boobs, and he could feel the little rounds swelling up under his hands. He was getting pretty excited himself.

A crazy idea came to him. He didn't know why, but he wanted to put his mouth on her, explore her with his tongue. Since she'd let him go this far, maybe she wouldn't mind. Kent bent low over the smiling girl and gently kissed one of her pretty pink nipples. Then he stuck out his tongue and began to lick and tickle the rosy little nub, running his slick tongue tip around and around it.

"Ooooo!" Vicky squealed. "Yeah, Kent, I really dig that..."

Hot streaks of pleasure and excitement coursed down her body, right from her wetly stroked nipple to her aroused juicing pussy. Her nipple was very sensitive, and each delicate stroke of Kent's hot tongue made her sigh with delight. This was one thing his father hadn't done to her.

Kent found that he enjoyed licking the tender little pink nub, and he let his horny instincts carry him on to more experimentation. He closed his lips around the soft silky nipple and sucked it into his mouth. He began to suck on it, gently at first, then with increasing hunger.

"Oooo," Vicky crooned, "Oooo, yeah..."

Having her nipple sucked felt even better. Kent's mouth was juicy and hot around her. She was getting heavily aroused, her young virgin pussy steaming up and growing wet and swollen. She was glad now that Kent hadn't hurried like his father. There were so many delicious experiments they could make if they took their time.

Kent felt Vicky's nipple suddenly going hard and bumpy in his mouth. It was sort of like a cock-stand, he thought, an erection. He transferred his mouth to the other nipple, which was still soft and tender. He sucked it hotly, wetly, and soon achieved the same feat. The silky nub went hard and pebbly on his tongue.

He wanted to explore more of her. He began kissing her body downwards, working from her swollen hot tits to her navel and onto her taut tan belly. Vicky didn't protest. She sighed and ran her fingers through his hair. He wondered if he could achieve his ultimate goal, a look at her pussy.

He was kissing right at the waistband of her panties, his lips brushing fine golden hairs. His chin pressed against her soft springy in muff, and he felt heat radiating from her. He was dying to now what it looked like there in that mysterious place between her legs.

He gathered his courage. She'd let him do so much so far, maybe she'd let him do this. He touched the little bows that fastened her bikini panties.

"Vicky," he said, "may I..."

"What, Kent?" she said, smiling at him. "What do you want to do?"

He blushed scarlet, and his voice played tricks on him again, coming out horny and croaky. "I-I want to take off your bathing suit," he said.

"Oh, sure," said Vicky, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Go ahead. But it's not fair for just me to be undressed. You have to take your clothes, too."

He hadn't thought it was possible to blush any harder, but he did. He'd never undressed in front of a girl before. But if it was the only way to see Vicky's pussy, then, dammit, he'd do it.

Vicky watched as Kent pulled off his T-shirt. He had a nice smooth tan hairless chest, so different from his father. Mr. Hanson, stripped to the waist for lawn mowing, was covered with hair, like a gorilla. She'd found that kind of exciting, but she thought Kent's youthful smoothness was more pleasing.

Blushing dark red all over, he unzipped his jeans and began to ease them down. Vicky watched, wide-eyed, for her second sight of cock. Kent wasn't wearing shorts, so she didn't have to wait long. He blushed and voided his eyes as he skinned off his jeans.

Kent's cock wasn't as big as his father's, not as long or as thick, but Vicky thought it was more attractive. Mr. Hanson was so hairy. She remembered her brief glimpse of his prick and balls, her impression of a jungle of wiry brown and gray hairs all over his crotch. Kent had a small neat brown bush, and his cock and balls sprouted cleanly from it. His young nut sacs were smooth and pink and hairless. His cock looked more pale and satiny than his father's. The stalk was white, with a fine tracery of blue veins. The head was cherry-red with a little dark slit.

If his cock wasn't as big as his father's, it was just as stiff. It hugged his belly tautly, looking about to burst with swollen tension. Vicky's curiosity was aroused.

"Kent," she said, "what's a hard-on?"

He couldn't seem to stop blushing. "Well, it's when a guy's cock gets hard, when he gets horny," he said.

"You mean it's not always that way?" she said. The only cocks she'd ever seen were hard.

"Oh, no," said Kent. "Usually it's soft, a lot smaller than this. It's only when a guy makes love that it gets hard." That wasn't quite true. He'd never made love, and it seemed to him that his dick was hard all the time lately. He had to jack off a lot to make it go down.

"May I touch it?" said Vicky.

Oh, Christ, it was just too much. His wildest fantasies were coming true this afternoon. Imagine a girl ASKING to touch his cock! He just couldn't believe his luck.

"Sure," he said as casually as he could, "go ahead."

Eagerly Vicky reached out and touched his erect straining cock. She ran her fingers up and down its hot silky length, then down onto his swollen taut balls. It felt so good, so exciting, that Kent almost came.

She began rubbing his balls, looking at them intently. Kent remembered that he had her permission to take off her panties, and he quickly untied the little strings and drew the garment off from where he was kneeling, all he could see was a pretty little puff of golden hair. He wanted to see more, but this attention was distracted by the fierce waves of pleasure radiating from his balls as Vicky stroked him.

"Christ," he said, "that feels great."

"What are these things, anyhow?" said Vicky, giving his nut sacs a playful squeeze.

"HEY, not too hard," Kent yelped. "A guy is really sensitive there. That's my balls, testicles -- where the come is stored."

Vicky nodded, pleased. She was learning a lot today. She curled her fingers around Kent's stiff pale dick and began to pump it gently, teasingly. He moaned and shivered, apparently digging it.

"Yet," he sighed, "oh, yeah."

From the little dark slit at the head of his cock Vicky saw a bright pearly droplet of juice forming. Curious, she moved closer and watched it turn into a big bubble of glistening cream. It spilled over and down onto her fingers. She had a crazy urge to find out what that juice smelled and tasted like. She bent even closer, stuck out her little pink tongue, and wedged the wet tip into Kent's creaming asshole. He tasted nice.

"Awww, Christ," he moaned.

"Does that feel okay?" Vicky asked.

"Yeah," he said breathlessly, "it feels fantastic."

She did it again, wriggling her hot tongue tip in his shadowy slit-mouth. More juice bubbled out, and she licked it up and swallowed it. She wanted more. Hungrily she opened her mouth and popped Kent's rigid hot peter inside. She began to suck it.

"AWWWW!" Kent bawled. "Oh, Christ, yeah, Vicky, suck me... Suck my cock..."

Not in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined a teen girl sucking his dick. He'd thought he'd be lucky if it ever happened in his whole life. Now the sexy little neighbor girl was doing it to him, sucking loudly and wetly, like his cock was candy.

It felt terrific. Searing pleasure melted his belly, and he wanted to come very badly.

Vicky discovered that cocksucking was a real turn-on. She liked having the fat silky prick in her mouth, got off on the sucking motion. Kent's delicious juices dribbled onto her taste buds, and she savored them before swallowing. She pressed more and more of his hard hot meat into her mouth, till she had it all and his silky taut balls were rubbing his chin.

Kent was too excited to hold out a moment longer. He tried to warn her, but all he did was yelp, and then he was shooting his load into her mouth, panting, swaying dizzily.

Vicky was taken by surprise when Kent's cock suddenly gave a violent twitch and began shooting loads and loads of tasty juice into her mouth. She gulped fast to get it all. Then his prick went little and soft and limp on her tongue, and it slipped out of her mouth.

She looked up at Kent. His face was very red, and he was grinning blissfully.

"Hey," she said, "what happened? How come your cock did that?"

"I came," he said. "Sorry -- I tried to tell you, but it happened too fast."

Vicky looked at his cock. Now it was just a little wrinkled worm, kind of funny-looking, and much smaller than it had been.

"Is that how it usually looks?" she said.

"Yeah," said Kent. He felt embarrassed when she gawked at his poor shriveled-up dick, and he wanted to distract her. "Hey, it's my turn to look at you," he said.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot," said Vicky. "Okay, go ahead and look."

Again it was so easy, he could hardly believe his luck. She just flopped onto her back and spread her legs wide so he could have a good look at her pussy. He scrambled around and knelt between her legs. His eyes widened.

Girls certainly were different from boys, he discovered. No cock, no balls, just a pretty scarlet slit of flesh. There was a fine fringe of golden hair around it all, growing down from the bright puff of her muff. At the very center of her body was a little dark hole, glistening with juice, and he guessed it was her cunt.

That was what he was looking for. If only he could get his cock in there and lose his virginity at last. If only he hadn't been an idiot and come in her mouth instead. His cock was soft and useless.

Well, at least he could explore. Gingerly he pried open the furry lips of her cunt and found that they were naked and pink and moist inside. There was a funny little red dot of flesh, too. He touched it with the tip of his finger, rubbed, and Vicky gave a squeal of pleasure.

"Ooooo, yeah, touch me there," she said. "What is this thing, anyhow?" said Kent.

"I don't know," Vicky panted, "but it sure feels great when you rub it. Not too hard... Oh, yeah, that's good..."

He could tell she was really getting off on it. As he gently but steadily rubbed her small fleshy button, cream began to flow from her small cunt mouth, making her slit glisten. She moaned and rubbed her pussy against his hand. He got another crazy idea.

"Hey, Vicky," he said, "tell me how this feels."

He bent down till his face was brushing the fine tickling hairs of her muff, and he stuck out his tongue to fuck and rim the little red shaft of her clit. She moaned hoarsely.

"Oh, Kent," she gasped, "that's terrific... I just love it... Keep doing it, please... Lick meeee!"

He lashed her hot pulsing bud with his tongue, and Vicky seemed to go wild. Suddenly she threw her legs up and twined them around his neck, urging his face down into her steamy fragrant crotch. Kent pressed his lips to her squirting little clit and began to suck on it. She screeched with pleasure, and a flood of hot cream gushed from her cunt, soaking his chin.

"Yes, yesss," she moaned, "suck meeee... Oh, OHHHH!"

Her body went into ecstatic convulsions, and she felt herself coming, really coming, for the first time. She'd brought herself off with her fingers before, but it wasn't nearly as good as this. She writhed and howled and wailed as the delicious spasms shook her body.

At last she lay still, grinning, catching her breath. Kent raised his head and looked at her wonderingly.

"Man, you really came," he said.

"I sure did," Vicky said happily. "Listen, Kent, let's really do it -- I mean, fuck. I'm dying to try it."

"Me, too," said Kent, "only I'm not hard. I gotta get hard before we can do it."

Vicky grinned, reached for his limp wet cock, and began to pump it. It didn't take long at all. Just having her touch him was a turn-on, and her brisk pump got him hard in no lime. He was terrifically excited. At last he was going to get into a girl, at last he was going to get laid.

"Kent!" his mother called. "Kent, you come home right now! You're late for dinner!"

"Oh, hell," Kent moaned. "I'll have to go, or she'll come looking for me. Goddammit all to hell."

Vicky was disappointed, but she knew he'd be back. She figured his father would be back, too. One way or another she was going to find out about fucking -- if only Mrs. Hanson would quit spoiling things. Twice now that old bitch had spoiled her fun.

Vicky sighed and rubbed her aroused wet clit. She was so horny. It seemed like she was horny all the time...

Chapter THREE

"That's final, Kent," June said. "You're grounded for the evening."

"Aw, Mom," Kent moaned, "please. I promised the guys I'd meet them at the movies."

"Then you just won't show up," June said firmly. "I've asked you again and again to be on time for dinner, and today you were late as usual. Maybe missing that movie will help you remember."

Kent, who had wanted to get out of the house to see Vicky again, looked pleadingly at his father. "Dad?" he said.

Rod shook his head. "Sorry, son, but I agree with your mother. You've got to learn to be on time."

"Fuck," Kent said under his breath.

"What did you say?" June asked.

"I said, 'Lousy luck'," Kent replied. He shoved away from the dinner table and stood up.

"Oh, Kent," said his sister Patty, a freckle-faced teen, "as long as you're not going anywhere, maybe you could help me with the dishes."

"I think that's an excellent idea," said June. Kent didn't want to make his mother any angrier than she already was, so he reluctantly began clearing the able. While their parents went into the living room, Kent and Patty stacked the dishes in the kitchen.

"I'm not gonna wash them," Kent said to Patty.

"Oh, I think you'd better be nice to me, big brother," said Patty, tossing hair. "I happen to know why you were late for dinner."

Kent turned scarlet. "What do you mean?" he said.

Patty grinned evilly. "I saw you," she said. "I saw you with Vicky, under the tree."

"Oh, yeah?" Kent said, trying to keep cool. "And just what did you see, nosy?"

"I saw you kissing her," Patty said triumphantly.

Kent guffawed. "Oh, that's pretty serious," he said. "So that's what you saw, huh? Kissing? Oh, man, is that all?"

"I was in a hurry," said Patty. "I didn't want to be late for dinner. But I ran up the tree, and I saw you kissing her. If you don't want me to tell Mom, you better stay and help me with these dishes."

What the hell, he didn't have anything so to do. He was relieved that his sister hadn't seen more. Next time he saw Vicky -- and he hoped it would be soon -- he'd have to be more careful.

"You wash," he said, "I'll dry."

He picked up the towel, but as he dried the dishes, his thoughts were entirely on Vicky and the exciting things they'd done that afternoon. He'd come so damned close to balling her, too. If he could just get her alone again, he wouldn't let anything stop him.

Kent would have been astounded to know that his father was thinking exactly the same thing.

Rod and June sat in the living room watching television, but Rod didn't see the screen and could not have told you what the program was about. All day he'd been able to think of nothing but that sexy little neighbor girl, Vicky. He kept going back in his mind to that tantalizing moment when he was touching her with his cock, just touching the moist hot mouth of her little cunt, and then June had called him and spoiled everything.

He had to get back to Vicky, he just had to. Just thinking about her, he felt his cock twitching with interest, growing hard. He felt that if he didn't get laid soon, he'd die of frustration.

He stood up, turning quickly so June wouldn't see the bulge of his crotch. "I've got a sudden craving for some ice cream," he said. "I think I'll walk over to the shopping center. Can I bring you anything, honey?"

June, engrossed in the program, muttered, "Oh, no, thanks."

Rod hurried out of the house. The night was warm, no need for a jacket, and the moon was full. He only wondered, now that he'd made his escape, how he was going to find Vicky. He couldn't just go knock on her door and ask if she wanted to fuck.

Gloomily, aching with lust, he strolled across his yard and into the neighbors', scanning Vicky's house. There was only one light on, in the living room. Rod crept silently up to the window and peered in.

Vicky was alone, watching television. She looked moody and bored. She slouched in a chair, wearing shorts and shirt, her long coltish legs stuck out and slightly spread. As Rod watched, she gave a big sigh and suddenly put her hand on her crotch.

She began to rub herself, right over the spot where her clit was. Her expression softened, and her little pink tongue darted out to lick her lips. She rubbed faster, harder. A look of sensual pleasure came over her pert young face. A little spot of moisture appeared on the crotch of her shorts.

Rod grinned. He couldn't have come at a better time. She was alone and unmistakably horny.

He tapped softly at the window. Vicky started, gawked, and then sprang out of her chair. She hurried over to the window and looked at his shadowy features, then grinned. She pointed towards the front door.

Rod hurried around to the front of the house, and Vicky let him inside. "Your parents," he whispered, "where are they?"

She laughed and spoke in a normal voice. "They're in Hawaii, for a whole week. My Grandma's here, staying with me, but she's half deaf and she goes to sleep at eight. Come on, it's perfectly safe."

Rod was still a little nervous. He went to the foot of the stairs and listened for movement, but all he heard was a faint and steady snoring. Vicky was right -- Grandma was out for the count. He relaxed.

Vicky turned off the TV and led him over to the couch. They sat down, grabbed each other, and started kissing hungrily. Rod felt like a teenager again. He hadn't tried to make a girl on a couch since he was courting June, eighteen years ago. He hadn't succeeded then -- June had insisted on being a virgin bride -- but he intended to succeed this time.

Vicky was overjoyed to see Mr. Hanson. It had looked like a really draggy evening till he showed up. Grandma wasn't too alert, but she did insist that Vicky stay indoors at night. There was nothing to do but watch the tube. She was horny as usual, and she kept thinking about all the delicious things she'd done that afternoon with Mr. Hanson and Kent. She got so aroused, she just had to start playing with herself.

Now that wouldn't be necessary, for Mr. Hanson would take care of her lust. She was sure he knew exactly what to do about it.

"Christ," said Rod, "I've been thinking about you all day."

"Me, too," said Vicky. "I mean, I've been thinking about you, Mr. Hanson."

"Call me Rod," he said. "What were you thinking about, Vicky?"

She grinned mischievously and began unbuttoning his shirt. "Oh, all the fun things we did," she said. "It was really a gas."

"Yeah, it was," said Rod. "I was hoping we could do more of it tonight."

"Oh, for sure," said Vicky, opening his shirt. "I'd just love that, Mr. -- I mean, Rod."

Like his son earlier in the day, Rod just couldn't believe his luck. There she was, a teenage beauty, just about the most delicious little piece of ass he'd ever seen -- and she was perfectly willing to do anything he wanted.

She had opened his shirt and was gawking at his thickly-matted chest. She ran her hands over the crisp brown and gray curls. Rod hoped she found him attractive. His hair was beginning to thin and go gray, but otherwise he was in pretty good shape -- hard and muscular and strong. He was just old enough to be her father, that was all.

He reached for her shirt, drawing it off over her head, tousling her shining blonde hair. Naturally she wasn't wearing a bra -- it seemed like no young girl did any more. Watching them in the supermarket, their little tits wobbling under tight shirts, drove him crazy. Vicky's adorable little orange-sized boobs quivered into view, and Rod felt his cock going rock-hard.

He reached out and cupped her soft warm tits. They fit his hands perfectly. His wife's breasts were a lot bigger, great silky melons that overflowed his palms, but June just didn't turn him on any more. He'd made love to the same woman for eighteen years, and he was starved for novelty.

Vicky didn't even blush when he cupped and squeezed her firm pointy tits. She just smiled at him, a friendly smile, and went on running her fingers through his chest hair. Rod smiled back and began to rub her pretty pink nipples with his thumbs, teasing them into taut erection.

"That feels so exciting, Rod," she purred.

It felt exciting to him, too. It was like an erotic fantasy come true, to be playing with her cute young tits, to have a lovely teenage girl half naked and willing in his arms. It was just too good to be true, in fact. He half expected Grandma to come thundering down the stairs and whack him with an umbrella.

"You're sure your grandmother won't hear us?" he said.

"No way," Vicky grinned. "When she goes to bed, she takes off her hearing aid. Forget it. She won't wake up fill morning."

Reassured, Rod eased Vicky down onto the couch and stretched out beside her. He ran his hand down her silky body and found the zipper of her shorts. He got it open, slipped his hand inside, and touched the sweet little puff of her muff.

"Do you like to be touched there, Vicky?" he said.

"Ummm, yes," she murmured. "I like everything you do, Rod."

While he petted and squeezed her plump little mound, her hand crept down to his fly and tugged at the zipper. Rod felt like he had died and gone to heaven. It just couldn't be true. This sexy little chick couldn't want HIM. And yet when he felt her warm little hand on his erect and throbbing prick, he knew she did.

June turned off the TV and glanced at her watch. It was late, Rod should have been home a long time ago. It couldn't have taken all that time just to buy ice cream. She figured he'd stopped at a bar, and no doubt he was deep in conversation with other bored husbands. She didn't blame him.

Their sex life was a big zero, and had been for several years now. They didn't excite each other, and lately they'd just stopped fucking altogether. The only problem with that was, she didn't stop wanting sex. She ached for it, in fact, longed for it.

She was so horny right now, she could have screamed. There was nothing to be done about it, though, so she might as well get her mind off it. Perhaps a cool shower would help. June went upstairs to the master bedroom and began to undress.

She glanced at her body in the full-length mirror on the closet door. Really, she wasn't that bad-looking. She was a dark-haired woman with a smooth olive complexion and an opulent, richly curved body. She still got whistles and leers on the streets. She was in fact a very desirable woman -- to everyone but her husband.

June slipped off her size-D bra and watched her large but firm breasts quiver into their natural shape. They were smooth and tan except for the small white circle covered by her bikini. Her nipples were large, the color of coffee and cream. She remembered how Rod used to love to play with her tits, when they were first married. Now she might as well have been flat-chested, for all he noticed.

She stepped out of her panties and regarded her reflection. Her bush was raven-black, triangular, lush. Rod used to bury his face in it, burrowing his tongue through the silky hairs to find her clit. She remembered the intense excitement she'd felt then, as his scalding tongue touched her tender hot bud...

But it was silly to get herself so worked up; her marriage was over, as far as sex was concerned.

Better get in the shower fast, let the cold water quench her mounting lust...

June threw on a sheer white negligee which did not hide the dark points of her nipples or the black triangle of her muff. It was late, no one would see her. She stepped into the hall and started for the bathroom.

She was about ten feet from the door when her son Kent stepped out of the bathroom, stark naked.

They stood there and gawked at each other in a long long moment that seemed an eternity. June hadn't seen her son naked since he was a little boy and still couldn't dress himself. She was astonished at the change in his body. Why, he was almost a man.

Tall, tan, still damp from the shower, Kent stood frozen before her. She saw how his shoulders were broadening, his waist and hips slim and trim. He had a neat patch of brown curls at the base of his belly, but no hair on his chest. She gazed helplessly at his crotch. His young testicles were rosy pink, swaying slightly. His cock, though flaccid, was much bigger and longer than she'd remembered -- almost adult-size. It looked pale and pure and clean to her, the head smooth and dull-rose in color.

His young cock dangled, swayed, enticingly before her eyes. She imagined it stiffening, swelling -- and to her horror, she felt a sharp burst of lust, a glow of heat and wetness in her pussy.

Kent gawked at his mother. He'd never seen her without her clothes on, not even in a nightgown. That thing she was wearing, some kind of robe, was almost as clear as glass. He could see the heavy ripe outline of her big breasts, the large brown pointed nipples. He saw the dark triangle of her mans, a luxuriant pout of black curls. Her whole body was outlined, tall and curved and voluptuous, just like the mature sensual women of his horny fantasies.

For the first time that day, he forgot Vicky. She seemed like a skinny little kid compared to his gorgeous raven-haired mother. He thought longingly of touching her ripe warm body, her long swelling tits -- and to his mortification, his cock jerked into stiff erection, hugging his belly.

June saw it, too. For a fleeting moment she imagined that beautiful stiff white dick inside her, and she almost moaned with longing. Then she blushed furiously and forced herself to look away.

"Kent," she said shakily, "I didn't expect you to be up so late."

"Sorry, Mom," he said, blushing, too, "I couldn't sleep. I thought a shower might help."

"I was going to take one, too," said June. "Excuse me."

Mother and son brushed by each other in the hall, faces red with shame, each with his own guilty thoughts. June hurried into the bathroom, locked the door, and leaned against it, trembling and moaning. My God, what was the matter with her? She was horny, yes, but that didn't excuse what she'd just done.

She had gotten violently lusty for her own teenage son.

Rod slipped off Vicky's panties and let them drop onto the rug. He had her completely naked now, and he took a long sweet moment to ogle her superb young body. She was all tan silk, not a wrinkle or a blemish on her. Her apple-shaped tits stood up firm and proud, capped with little strawberry-colored nipples. Her tiny blonde muff puff glistened, clean and crisp. Her girlish face was smiling and glowing with innocent lust.

In fact she looked good enough to eat.

Rod grinned down at her and said, "Here's a game I think you'll like, Vicky."

Vicky waited eagerly to see what he was going to teach her next. Rod seemed to know everything about sex, all the delicious things there were to do. He stood up now and quickly dropped his pants and shorts. Vicky's brown eyes widened as his erect dick popped into view, swaying heavily before him.

He lay down next to her, only backwards, so that his big stiff cock tickled her face and she could feel his hot moist breath on her naked muff. She was very excited. She'd never had such a close view of his cock before.

"Now you just do whatever comes into your baby," he said, "and I'll do whatever I want."

Vicky wished he'd be more specific. She was new at the game and had no idea what to do. She wanted to please him, though, and she knew one thing he'd like for sure. She slipped her hand under his big swollen hairy balls and began to caress them. They were hot and pulsing, exciting to touch.

"Ummmm, yeah," said Rod, "that's nice. Now I'll do something nice for you."

Vicky felt her parting her legs wide, then his heavy hot breathing on her exposed slit. She waited, eager and excited, and then a dizzying wave of pleasure ripped through her body. Rod was using his tongue all over her pussy, licking and probing and lapping deliciously right from her sensitive little red clit down to the tight bumpy mouth of her anus.

"Ooooo!" she squealed. "Oooo, Rod, I LOVE that."

She heard him chuckle. Then she felt his thick wet tongue zeroing in on her cunt, the most sensitive organ of her body. His flexible tongue tip tickled around and around the tiny moist bud, and Vicky gasped and moaned with heavy pleasure.

"Oh, yessss," she sighed, "lick meee."

Rod lashed her little wet button into taut and tingling erection, making the excited girl squeal and writhe. There was no doubting her arousal. She could not have faked the hot gush of cream from her cunt that wet his face. Her hand tightened convulsively on his swollen balls, almost hurting him, and he thought of asking her to stop -- but just then she moved her hand onto his prick, curling her fingers around it, pumping excitedly.

"That's nice, baby," he said, sighing. "I'd dig it even more if you used your tongue, like I'm doing to you."

Vicky obeyed instantly, eager to please. Holding his erect and straining prick lightly in her hand, she stuck out her cute little pink tongue and began to lick the rigid pole from base to head, moving rapidly up and down.

"Yeah, YEAH," Rod gasped. "That's great, honey. Don't stop..."

Her wet hot little tongue tickled deliciously up and down the bloated sensitive shaft of his cock, arousing him hotly. He returned the favor, burrowing his thick rough tongue into the tender pink folds of her pussy. He licked and probed everywhere, inside the plump lips of her cunt, around and around the fat red bud of her clit, even over the wrinkled light-brown mouth of her asshole.

Vicky responded with squeals of pleasure and floods of steamy fragrant cunt juice that soaked his face. She felt ready to explode with pleasure, very near that blissful release which Kent had called "coming". In her excitement she grew more and more daring in her tongue-play on his rigid swollen meat.

Rod gasped with delight when he felt her velvety wet tongue tip worming mischievously into his creaming asshole. He wondered where a teenager girl learned things like that -- but he didn't wonder long. He was carried away on another powerful wave of pleasure as Vicky fastened her lips around the big knobby purple head of his dick and sucked it inside.

"Oh, Christ, YEAH," he moaned, "suck my cock, baby, suck it..."

Vicky remembered how excited Kent had been that afternoon when she took his prick in her mouth -- so excited that he'd come right then and there. She wondered if she could perform the same trick with his father. It would be fun to try.

The only problem was, Rod's cock was so much longer and thicker than his son's. She sucked and sucked, till the hard drooling head was butting her throat, and still she couldn't get all of it into her mouth. Her lips were stretched almost painfully by his thickness. Gamely the pretty teenager sucked on his huge distended dick, swallowing his salty juice as it dribbled from his aroused cock-head.

"Oh, Jesus," Rod moaned. "Eat me, baby, eat me..."

He tried to go on tonguing her ripe pink pussy, but he was just getting too damned excited. In fact he knew he was going to come in her mouth if she didn't stop. That would be fun -- but at another time. He had yet to get into that tiny teenage box of hers, and he wanted to do it now.

"That's enough, honey," he gasped. "Wait..."

He quickly shifted his position, his spit-soaked cock popping from her mouth. He knelt between her slim legs, seized his achingly full prick, and thrust the fat purple head into the moist little pit of her cunt mouth. He let himself down on her, moaning.

Vicky gasped as she felt a cock pushing into her for the very first time. It was big, incredibly big, and it seemed to fill her whole belly. It didn't hurt, though, and as Rod ploughed steadily into her, stuffing her wet narrow little cunt, she felt mounting excitement. At last he was all the way in, his furry balls resting against her pussy. Vicky sighed and writhed blissfully around the thick hard pole of his dick.

"Is it okay, honey?" Rod panted. "Does it hurt?"

"Nooo," she sighed. "No, it's great, Rod. It feels sooo good... Are we fucking now?"

He chuckled, "Yeah, baby, we're fucking, NOW..."

He began to move in her. She was so tight and slick and burning hot inside that he couldn't hold back his ecstatic moans. He'd never fucked anything so sweet, not since those first days with June. Her little teenage cunt was snug and velvety around him.

"Oooo," Vicky squealed, "OOOOO... Yes, yes, fuck meee... I love it, Rod, I just love it..."

She wasn't kidding. Fucking was by far the most fun thing they'd done yet. She loved the thick hard cock moving inside her, making delicious searing friction. She creamed helplessly around it, and her instincts led her to throw her little legs around Rod's waist, digging in, forcing his cock right up to her womb.

His wonderfully thick hard prick moved faster and faster in her, and suddenly a violent blast of pleasure rocked her body. She sailed away with it, squealing her delight, coming in mind-blasting convulsions. Just as her spasms were dying down, she heard Rod moan loudly, and then there was a big blast of juice inside her.

Vicky grinned over his sweat-soaked shoulder. At last she knew what fucking was like. It was the greatest thing in the world, and she intended to do a lot more of it -- as much as she could get.

Rod tiptoed into the dim bedroom and began to undress. June was sleeping soundly, to his relief. It was a hot night, and she had kicked off the covers. She was naked, and Rod savored the voluptuous outline of her body in the faint moonlight. Really, June had it all over Vicky when it came to figures. For the first lime in months, Rod realized he had a very attractive wife.

It was strange, but he felt a sudden attack of horniness. He'd just left Vicky, but he felt his cock rising to life again as he slipped into bed and ogled the ripe white curve of June's beautiful ass. He'd been horny so long, for so many months, maybe he was making up for lost time.

She lay on her side, her back to him, and Rod snuggled up to her, fitting her warm silky butt into his lap. His cock was hard again, already drooling lusty juices. He slipped his arm around June and cupped one of her big melon-tits. She murmured something but did not move.

He seized his swollen stiff dick and eased it between her warm soft thighs, into the moist little valley of her cunt mouth. He pushed into her, thrusting deeply and urgently, and at last June stirred.

"Ummm," she murmured, "UMMM!"

Still half asleep, she had a crazy vision of her son Kent snuggled behind her, pushing his stiff young cock into her starved welcoming twat. It felt so good. She'd needed it for so long...

"Yes, darling," she said, "yesss..."

Chapter FOUR

Rod was surprised at his wife's reaction when he began to make love to her. June hadn't been this passionate and responsive in a long time. When he crept into bed with her and entered her from behind, she gave a low husky moan and creamed heavily around his invading cock.

Rod would have been horrified to know what his wife was thinking.

She had been deeply asleep, having a very sexy dream. In the dream a young man was fondling her, touching her breasts, her pussy, all the erogenous places of her body. She wanted him to make love to her very much, but then the dream image cleared and she saw that he was her teenage son Kent.

He told her it didn't matter, and he went on caressing her, and gradually it seemed to June that it didn't matter, either. She wanted him, wanted to be balled, and nothing else was important. In her dream she was just succumbing to him, allowing him to enter her, when in reality Rod was climbing into bed with her.

June's dream image shifted. Kent had been lying on top of her, his delicious stiff young prick teasing between the furry lips of her muff, poking tantalizingly at the wet and ready mouth of her cunt. Somehow he got in back of her instead, and he thrust strongly into her from behind.

June didn't bother to wonder how the change of position had taken place. She only knew that he was in her and that it felt marvelous. It was an extraordinarily vivid dream. She could actually feel his thick hard meat moving in her. She responded joyously, moaning, moving her hips in time to his strokes.

"Yes, darling, yesss," she said.

Her dream had no morality. Earlier, when she and Kent had accidentally met in the hall, Kent naked and June in her sheer negligee, she'd been horrified at her sudden blaze of lust for her own son. Evil, sickening words came to her, like "incest". She'd been terribly ashamed of herself far getting turned on to him.

In the dream there was no horror, no shame. She grooved on Kent's adolescent prick, welcomed it. It seemed not to matter at all that she was balling her own kid. All that mattered was pleasure, and she was getting plenty of that. She thrust vigorously backward with her buttocks, lodging his wonderfully thick rigid dick even deeper in her seething starved twat.

"Ummm, yes," she murmured, "do it to me, darling, dolt..."

Rod was hotly aroused by his wife's uninhibited response to his surprise entrance. Usually, on the rare occasions when they made love, she was stiff and repressed and modest. She almost never said anything to him while they were doing it, as if she considered it unladylike to say how much she enjoyed it. Tonight, though, all her inhibitions seemed to be gone. Her red-hot cunt nipped and boiled around his deeply-thrust meat, and she let him know she liked it.

"Deeper, darling," she moaned, "deeper... Oh, God, yessss... That's wonderful... I want it..."

Rod, thoroughly aroused by her unexpected passion, began balling her harder, deeper, with a violence he'd been afraid to use on Vicky. He even hesitated about being so rough with June -- but her ecstatic squeals and furious hot creaming told him that she loved it. He got both hands around her, cupping her big hot swollen breasts, and he balled her almost savagely, thrusting his bloated thick meat right up to her womb.

"Ohhhh, God, YES," June wailed, "fuck meee..."

Rod, panting and sweating by now, wished it could always have been this way with June. Maybe then they'd still have a marriage, and he wouldn't be chasing after teenage girls... He wondered what was making his wife so passionate tonight.

June was still half-asleep, still under the impression that Kent was making love to her. His prick was a lot longer and thicker than she'd remembered. There was something else not quite right, too. As she strained back against him, she felt thick wiry hair on his chest. But Kent was hairless.

"Wha...?" she mumbled.

Rod noticed that she'd stopped moving with him, that she was reaching back to touch him, explore him. Her body went rigid, and she gave a little gasp. What the hell was the matter?

"Oh, God," June said.

Suddenly she was awake, fully awake, and she realized what had been happening. It was her husband who was fucking her -- who else? But in her dream... June went stiff with horror. In her dream she'd been wantonly, joyously, balling her own son.

My God what was wrong with her? She couldn't excuse herself by saying it was just a dream. She wouldn't have dreamed it if she hadn't wanted it. Was she so immorally lusty, so insane, as to want to commit incest?

"Honey, what's wrong?" said Rod.

June moaned. She could hardly tell Rod what she'd just been thinking. He's be horrified to learn of her dream, to know that she'd thought she was balling their teenage son instead of him. She fumbled for an excuse.

"I'm sorry, darling," she said. "I was asleep when you -- when you started making love to me. I just now woke up. I guess I was kind of surprised."

Rod, too, went stiff and unmoving. "Oh," he said bitterly, "so that explains it."

"Explains what?" said June.

Rod laughed, not happily. "You really came on to me, June. You haven't been so hot and uninhibited since we were courting. I thought I was really turning you on. I guess I should have known better. You were asleep the whole time. Were you dreaming of someone else?"

June's face flamed, and she was glad he couldn't see it in the dark. "Of course not," she said, "don't be silly."

"Then why..." Rod began.

He didn't finish. It was none of his business, really. Hell, not half an hour ago he'd been balling Vicky, cheating on his wife for the first time in their marriage. He had no right to pry into June's dreams. At least SHE was unfaithful only in dreams.

"Never mind," he said.

Still it galled him that she could get so hot for someone else, for whoever she'd been dreading of, and not for him. The few times they'd made love in the past months, it was clear that he bored her. But she could be passionate; she could be fantastic in bed -- for someone else. He wished he knew what that other guy had, knew the key to June's response.

"Rod..." June said uncertainly.

They were just lying there, as close as any two people could be, bodies pressed tightly together, his cock fully lodged in her -- and yet their excitement, their sensual closeness, was gone. She didn't feel it any more, now that she knew it was Rod -- only Rod -- making love to her. Yet she had a duty as a wife. He was hard and horny, and she ought to help him out.

"Umm?" he said. "What is it, June?"

She laughed nervously. "Well, aren't we going to finish?"

"Are you sure you want to?" he said.

He felt her cunt going slack and cool around him. Some guy in her dreams had made it hot and wet and boiling, but she didn't stay that way for him. When she woke, when he knew it was only him, it was like someone had thrown a bucket of ice water over her.

"Of course," said June. "of course I want to, darling."

Lying cunt, he thought.

Well, let her lie and take the consequences. His cock was still hard and full and aching, and he needed to do something about it. He cupped her big full breasts -- slack and cool now, no longer swollen and pulsing -- and he began to move in her again. She didn't cream. Her silky cunt-tunnel was lifeless around him.

"Ummm, that's nice," she murmured.

Like hell, thought Rod. Did she think he was an inexperienced kid, that he didn't know when she wasn't turned on? Her fakery made him angry, and he balled her harder, faster, taking out his anger on her dry narrow passage.

June flinched but made no complaint. She felt so guilty about her incestuous dream, her unnatural lust for her son, that she felt she ought to be punished. Rod's thick hard cock raked painfully over the tender dry flesh of her cunt, but she did not pull away.

It was ridiculous. Only a moment ago she'd been hot and horny and grooving on that very same dick. Why couldn't she be that way now? Why was there a barrier of feeling between her and her husband? God knows, it hadn't always been that way...

Partly to distract herself from the pain, partly in an effort to summon up some feeling for him, June let her mind wander back to their honeymoon, almost eighteen years ago. She was eighteen years old and a virgin; Rod was twenty-two and just out of college. They'd been wildly in love, hardly able to keep their hands off each other. She'd had to use will power for both of them in order to remain virginal till the wedding night.

They'd taken a cabin in the mountains for their honeymoon, intending to have a whole week in solitude to fully enjoy each other for the first time. June remembered how lusty she'd felt on the long drive from the city after the wedding reception, how she could hardly wait to find out what fucking was like. She smiled as she recalled that endless drive: poor Rod had a huge hard-on the whole way.

They got to the cabin and didn't even unpack before jumping into bed. They jammed zippers and lost buttons in their haste to undress. June remembered their first sight of each other naked. Rod had seemed fixated on the lush black of her muff-puff, and she had been hugely turned on by her first sight of his prick, of any prick.

She hadn't expected it to be so big and swollen, she recalled, but it had seemed beautiful to her. She wanted very badly to touch it, but she'd thought it wouldn't be right. She'd have a very inhibited upbringing. All her mother ever told her about sex was that it was dirty and painful, and that it was a woman's "duty" to put up with it for her husband's sake.

Resisting her wicked urge to touch his cock, to explore his hard muscular body, young June had simply sunk back on the bed and let him take her. Rod had seemed in awe of her, too, for at first he only touched her gently, hesitantly, running his hands lightly over her great quivering breasts and big brown nipples.

As he grew bolder and more excited, he slid his hand down and touched the silky rise of her muff. He'd done that a few times before, when they necked in his car, slipping his hand inside her panties, but now there were no clothes in the way, and she was all his.

June remembered the hot flash of pleasure she'd felt when he touched her there, when ht pressed the furry mound and indirectly stimulated her horny little clit. She remembered her gasp, her blush, and how Rod's stiff rosy prick had dribbled out big bubbles of cream. They were both very excited, yet shy and hesitant.

Rod had slid his hand between her legs then, touching the moist searing flesh of her slit. June helplessly moaned aloud, though she considered it unladylike to do so. It felt so good to have him touch her there. He caressed her swollen wet pussy, rubbing his finger gently but sensuously over her plump pink cunt lips and over the tiny pulsing nub of her clit.

June had found it harder and harder to keep still and quiet, to be a proper young lady, under the circumstances. Her every instinct prompted her to throw her legs open wantonly wide to him, to moan her joy, to touch his rigid rosy cock the way he was touching her swollen soaked pussy. She resisted. She didn't want to act like a whore.

Rod had caressed and teased her virgin slit with his fingers till they were soaked with her juices. Only then, when he had her panting and flushed and ready, did he lie down between her legs. She felt the incredibly hard hot long pole of his cock wedged between their belies.

June was nervous then. She knew her mother was wrong, that sex was NOT dirty and evil, yet her mother's warped lectures remained with her: nice girls don't do it, good girl don't like it, a lady would never allow herself to enjoy such a thing...

She'd thought to herself: "Shut up, Mother. This is my man, my husband, and what we're doing is good and beautiful."

That helped a little. It helped her to open her legs for him, to arch her belly up for him as he seized his stiff drooling purple-capped prick and eased it into the wet little pit of her cunt-mouth. She trembled violently when he touched her with his cock for the first time. She wanted him, had wanted him for ages, yet she was afraid.

"Ohhh, baby," Rod had moaned as he began to push into her.

June would never forget the strange mixture of feelings she'd experienced then. There was terror, because his cock was so thick and her virgin cunt so tight, and there was shame, because she was a good girl and yet she was liking it. Most of all there was stunning unexpected pleasure as her steamy little cunt received its very first cock. She hadn't expected it to be so good... Rod was gentle and careful, going into her very slowly, and she helplessly whimpered and creamed around him as his swollen meat filled more and more of her.

When he came to the thick baffler of her hymen, it hurt terribly. June could still remember the sudden and awful pain as Rod's fat hard cock head pressed insistently against the fleshy membrane, and how she'd cried out and flinched.

"Sweetheart," he'd said gently, "I'm gonna have to break through. It'll hurt, but only for a moment."

"I know," she'd replied, struggling not to cry.

He pushed hard; and June screamed. The pain was awful, and she felt a hot rush of virgin blood running out of her, soaking the sheet beneath them. Yet as Rod had promised, it was over in a moment. She felt his thick hot meat filling her completely, touching her womb, and it was very good. She loved the feeling of having him fully in her, stuffing and possessing her cunt.

"Are you okay?" he'd asked tenderly.

She'd smiled at him. "I'm fine, just fine."

It was true. She was all right then, and their love-making had been wonderful. She enjoyed it thoroughly, and she came the very first time they did it. Yet never had she been able to let herself go completely, not then, not later. Even in the early years of their marriage, when the sex was very good, June had never been able to overcome her inhibitions.

Sometimes she would lie awake after fucking and think of what she really wanted to do. She wanted so much to touch Rod's cock and play with it. She wanted to tell him how she enjoyed his fucking, to use wanton and shameless words to express her joy. She wanted to wrap her legs around him, move with him, fuck him as he was fucking her.

She never did any of those things. She was just too inhibited. Perhaps that was why their sex life had gone stale and boring. She'd never been able to experiment or invent, and Rod had never encouraged her to do so. He was looser and less inhibited than she was, yet he had his hang-ups, too. He could never ask for what he wanted. If she'd just had a word from him, a request, it might have been different.

Well, it was too late now. They were bored with each other, and the good days were far in the past. He was fucking her tonight, yes, but mechanically, almost angrily. She didn't blame him for his anger. She knew her cunt was dry and unresponding, that she was like a lifeless doll in his arms.

She shuddered to think that the rest of their life was going to be like this.

Rod, fucking his unresponding wife in the dim bedroom, felt her body undergoing strange changes. He knew she was off somewhere, deep in some daydream or memory, but at first he didn't care. To hell with her -- if she couldn't act like a real woman, he'd just use her cunt and get out.

Then he felt her body warming against him, her twat going moist and steamy again. She sighed a few times, moved with him, like in the old days. Whatever she was thinking about, it was turning her on. Rod balled her slower, wondering if she'd get more excited. For just a moment she did. She moaned softly, and he felt a big spurt of cunt juice round his sawing dick. Excited, he pushed deeper into her -- and then she dried up again. Her fantasy, whatever it was, hadn't worked.

It was like balling a corpse. He got no response, no praise, no movement. He might as well be jacking off.

"Jesus Christ," he said disgustedly.

"What?" said June, roused at last from her thoughts. "What's wrong, darling?"

Rod snorted. "What's wrong? Oh, Christ, nothing's wrong -- except I don't like balling somebody who's a million miles away. Your cunt is dry, June, you're not with me at all. What are you doing, making out your grocery list? Counting sheep? If you don't want it, at least be honest and tell me. I don't want to feel like a rapist."

June felt like a complete bitch. He was right, it wasn't any fun for him when she didn't respond.

"I'm sorry, darling," she said. "I do want it. That is, I feel like I want it most of the time, only -- I don't know how to explain it."

"I do," Rod said bitterly. "You want it -- but not from me. Let's face it, June -- we're bored with each other, we'll never get it together again. It's just not going to work."

"Oh, Rod," she said tearfully, "I hope that's not true. I mean, we've had our problems, but I hope we can do something about it."

"Like what?" he said listlessly.

June gathered her courage. It was very hard for her to talk openly about sex. "Well," she said hesitantly, "if we're bored, then it seems logical that we need some novelty, need to do something different."

Logical? It was just like her to bring up logic at a time like this. Rod was angry and frustrated. His cock ached for release, yet her coldness turned him off. He wanted to punish her.

"All right," he said coolly, "let's do something different. Why don't you blow me?"

"WHAT?" said June.

He sighed. "You've heard of that practice, I presume? Giving a blow job, cocksucking. You've never done that before. Why don't you do it now, if you think we need novelty?"

June was aghast. Often she'd wanted to touch his cock, explore it and play with it, but she'd never dreamed of taking it in her mouth. She thought only whores did that. It seemed dirty and unnatural. Yet she wanted desperately to please him, to save her marriage...

Rod pulled out of her and rolled onto his back, his cream-soaked prick pointing stiffly at the ceiling. In the dim light of the room she could see it, huge and thick and swollen and sticky. He looked at her impatiently.

"Well, go ahead," he said. "It was your idea that we need something different."

June shuddered. She didn't want to do that unspeakable thing, yet he was right -- she was the one who had suggested novelty in their lovemaking. And she didn't want to lose Rod... Trembling, she got on her knees beside him and bent low over his lap.

She gently curled her fingers around his wet hard meat and brought her lips down to graze the big knobby head. Unwillingly she opened her mouth and slowly inserted the thick silky tip of his cock. The taste was not unpleasant but it was very strong, and for a moment she almost gagged. Then she forced herself to take more of it, to suck his engorged, and throbbing prick into her mouth as far as she could.

Rod gasped and sighed. He hadn't really expected her to do it. In eighteen years of marriage she'd hardly even touched his cock. He was pleasantly surprised. She began sucking him, her mouth hot and slick and juicy around his achingly erect dick, and it felt great. He sighed and lay back on the pillows, hugely enjoying himself. His thoughts, however, were not on his wife but on Vicky...

He remembered how that saucy little teenager had taken his prick in her mouth and sucked on it. That had really turned him on. Next time they got together, he'd have her do it again, and this time he'd shoot his load in her mouth... She'd be sucking him juicily, noisily, just like June was doing now...

In fact June seemed to be really getting into the spirit of it. Her mouth was wet and steamy, and she sucked him loudly, a lewd slurping noise that filled the bedroom. She sucked faster and faster, as if she really enjoyed it.

The moment she'd taken his prick into her mouth, June had had a strange and helpless vision. She remembers her son's sleek white erect cock and how good it had looked to her. She imagined she was holding it now, taking it in her mouth, sucking on it. The image made her instantly and hotly aroused.

She wanted so much to suck and taste that beautiful pale boy-prick of his. His saliva ran hot and steady as she sucked hungrily up and down the sleek throbbing pole. She enjoyed the taste of his dribbling juices. Cocksucking wasn't the nasty thing she'd anticipated. No, it was fun, a fantastic turn-on...

"Christ, yes, that's good, honey," Rod moaned.

He was still deep in his fantasy of Vicky. He imagined the pert little blonde teenager bending over him, sucking his dick juicily and greedily. He could imagine how horny she'd be, how unashamedly lusty for him. He shouldn't just lie there like a lazy pig. He ought to do something for her, too.

Slowly he ran his hands up her body, seizing her hips and pulling her toward him. She responded, her mouth still busy on his cock. He got her turned around, then straddling him, so that her steamy fragrant pussy was right over his mouth. He stuck out his tongue...

"UMMM!" June mumbled.

Her mouth was stuffed with his cock and she couldn't make articulate sounds, but she moaned and whimpered as searing pleasure melted her body. He was licking his pussy, his wet tongue gliding deliciously into the plump swollen folds of her slit. It felt outrageously good. She was hot and horny again, more horny than ever. His thick tongue snaked up her ravenous little cunt, and she screamed in helpless floods.

Her lusty dizzy brain imagined it was Kent who was doing it to her, hungrily tongue-fucking her while she sucked his cock. She spread her legs wider, welcoming his tongue deep into her soaked hot box, and she sucked his rigid dick faster and faster. She hadn't been so excited in years...

Rod thrust his tongue deep into her, right to the root, and began to ream and tickle in her cream-filled hole. Moaning, crazy with horny pleasure, June gulped his fat drooling dick, taking half of it into her throat. She wanted all she could get, and she eagerly swallowed his salty juice as it dribbled steadily from his bloated aroused balls.

Rod went on thinking of Vicky, and June went on thinking of Kent. Before long they were coming, but not really with each other. They came with their young fantasy partners, came violently and noisily.

"Awww, Christ, YEAH," Rod yelped, "eat my come, baby... Yeah, take it..."

June, moaning hoarsely, swallowed the steamy loads of jism that squirted into her throat. At the same time her tongue-fucked twat exploded into violent orgasm, and her cries became high and shrill...

They rolled away from each other, still deep in their separate fantasies. They didn't even say goodnight.

Chapter FIVE

June woke up feeling uneasy, vaguely ashamed. For a moment she didn't know what was bothering her -- and then the memory flooded over her, full-force. She turned scarlet, moaned in mortification.

My God, the things she'd done last night... It was bad enough to have taken Rod's cock in her mouth, sucked on it like a shameless whore, swallowed his come. It was even worse that, all the while she was blowing her husband, she was pretending to do it with her own teenage son.

June leaped out of bed. Rod stirred, then snored again. Good -- she didn't want to face him just now. He knew her guilty secret, or at least part of it. It was his cock she'd sucked, his come she'd eaten. In all the years of their marriage she'd never done anything so shameless and wicked.

He also knew damned well that she'd been thinking of someone else while she did it. Thank God he didn't know who...

June quickly got dressed and went to the kitchen. Kent was there, raiding the refrigerator, and she couldn't look him in the eye. Why, he was just an innocent boy. How could she have had such evil lusty thoughts about him? She hated herself.

"Would you like me to fry you some eggs, Kent?" she said shakily.

"Aw, no, Mom," he said, "I'll just grab what I can find. I gotta leave."

"Oh?" said June. "Where are you going?"

It looked to her as if he blushed, butte quickly turned away.

"I'm just meeting some guys," he said.

"Well, be back by two o'clock, then," said June. "I'll be taking you and Patty to the pool for your lessons."

"Okay, Mom," said Kent. "See ya later."

She watched him leave. True, his body was changing, he was becoming a man, but he was still only a teen, in many ways. It was crazy of her to have sexual thoughts about him. Why, he probably didn't even think about girls yet.

Kent escaped from the house with a sigh of relief. He'd been afraid his mother would think of some chore for him to do. It seemed like years since he'd been with Vicky, and he felt like he couldn't wait a moment longer.

He hurried across the back yards, stopping to have a look under the big spreading tree. She wasn't there. It was still morning, maybe she wasn't up yet. He hesitated about knocking at her door. Then he heard her calling him: "Kent! Kent, over here, in my back yard."

He hadn't seen her at first because she was lying on the grass under a huge sun umbrella. Kent ran over and flopped down beside her. She was wearing her little blue bikini. She had placed the umbrella well -- they couldn't be seen from her house.

"Hi," she said. "I was hoping you'd get over and see me sooner. What happened?"

"Aw, I was grounded," said Kent. "For being late for dinner yesterday."

He looked at her, remembering very vividly why he had been late. She looked delicious to him, with her long sun-bleached blonde hair, her curvy tan little body, and her round young tits swelling up tightly in the tiny bikini bra.

He'd been so close to fucking her yesterday, getting his very first fuck. He didn't intend to miss the chance to do it today, no matter how often his mother called him, no matter what the punishment.

He grabbed Vicky and started to kiss her hungrily, but she laughed and pushed him away.

"Hey," she said, "don't rush. It's a lot more fun when you take your time."

Kent sighed. He was already trembling with horniness. "But we will do it, won't we, Vicky?" he said anxiously. "I haven't thought about anything else since yesterday."

She grinned mischievously. "Of course we will, Kent. But let's not hurry. There's so many fun things to do. We can start like this."

She sat up and took off the top of her bikini. Her sweet firm tits bobbed out and quivered enticingly before his eyes, the nipples soft and pink, the globes tan and silky.

"Play with me tits, Kent," she said softly. "I really dig that."

Kent reached out with trembling sweaty hands and touched the satiny rounds of her young breasts. He cupped them and gently squeezed. Vicky gave a little sigh of pleasure and leaned back on her elbows, thrusting her chest brazenly forward.

As Kent began to play happily with her tits, he noted that she had no shame about her body, no modesty about removing her clothes. But then there was nothing to be shy about -- she was beautiful.

Kent held her perfectly round tits lightly in his hands and began to rub the pert strawberry-colored nipples with his thumbs. The rosy nubs were quick to respond to his touch, going taut and hard and tingling. Vicky sighed.

"Oh, that's so nice, Kent," she said. "See, we really shouldn't hurry. We can have so much fun just taking our time. There are a lot of far-out things we can do. Like this..."

Her hand crept toward his crotch...

Patty Hanson had been up before any of her family, and when Kent left the house she was hiding behind a bush in the back yard, waiting for him. She intended to follow her big brother and see what he was up to. She suspected he was going to go see Vicky again, and if he did, she wanted to know about it.

Patty had always had a crush on her handsome older brother, but since turning a teenager, her feelings had deepened. She was jealous of any girl who paid attention to him. Also Patty was getting very interested in sex. She didn't know much about it yet, but she was anxious to learn. She wanted to see everything Kent did with Vicky.

Kent struck off across the back yard, and Patty followed at a distance, keeping low, keeping him in sight. She was a small girl, barely five feet tall, and her body had just begun to ripen. In her blue jeans and bulky sweatshirt she looked like a boy, except for her copper pigtails. She had a pert freckled face, upturned nose, and large curious green eyes.

Patty was not surprised when she saw her brother going into Vicky's back yard. It was just as she'd expected. She hurried across the lawn connecting the two yards and hid behind a bush. She could hear Kent and Vicky talking, and when she peered out from her hiding place she figured they were behind the big beach umbrella.

She took a chance and skittered to another bush. If Kent and Vicky had been alert, they would have seen her, but they had eyes only for each other. Patty settled down behind the bush and peered out between the leaves. The view was perfect. She could see Vicky and Kent sitting behind the umbrella, talking earnestly.

Suddenly Kent grabbed Vicky and tried to kiss her, but the beautiful blonde neighbor girl laughed and pushed him away, saying something about taking his time.

Patty figured that was the end of it, that Vicky wasn't interested in getting it on with her brother. But just a moment later, Vicky took off the top of her bikini and let Kent touch her tits.

Patty watched, bug-eyed. It was the first time she'd ever seen two people making out. It looked like fun. Kent was red-faced and grinning as he played with Vicky's tits, and Vicky was sighing and smiling as if she really enjoyed it.

Patty reached up under her sweatshirt and felt her own breasts. Of course they weren't as big as Vicky's, dammit, but they had the same sensations. Her mother wouldn't let her wear a bra yet, so there was no clothing in the way. Patty closed her hands around her small pointed breasts and began to squeeze and mold them, just like Kent was doing with Vicky's larger round creamy tits.

It felt nice, very nice. Patty watched the couple intently and saw that Kent was now rubbing his thumbs gently over Vicky's pretty pink nipples. Patty did the same thing to herself. The result was amazing.

As she rubbed her thumbs softly but insistently over her tender little pink nipples, she felt buzzes of pleasant sensation that seemed to run right down her body into that mysterious place between her legs. She began to feel wet, and warm down there.

Her nipples started growing hard and more sensitive. She wondered if the same thing was happening to Vicky. Yes, she could see it now Vicky's pretty little nubs were getting hard and pointed, and Vicky was sighing and squirming under Kent's insistent touch. Before long Patty's tits were swollen and hot, and her little virgin pussy was soaked with her juices, puddling right through the crotch of her panties. She wondered if this was what the older kids meant by the word "horny". She felt like she wanted to rub herself between her legs, too, something she'd never done before -- but she wanted to keep her eye on the action between Kent and Vicky.

Vicky's sweet round breasts were swollen up, too, and she was sighing louder as Kent continued to play happily with her tits. As if she just couldn't sit still any longer, couldn't remain passive, Vicky reached out and put her hand on the fly of Kent's jeans. She found the zipper and tugged at it.

Patty's eyes widened. She'd been dying to know what her brother's peter looked like, and maybe, thanks to Vicky, she'd get a peek.

Patty could remember way back when she was three and Kent was five, and their mother had bathed them together. It was one of her earliest memories, yet she recalled vividly that strange organ between her brother's legs, that thing she didn't have. She recalled it as a tiny white worm that floated and bobbed in the bath water. Sometimes when their mother left the room, Kent would pee in the bathtub, and Patty would watch enviously as he made a high wide arc of yellow. She wished she had one of those handy little things to pee with.

Well, now she was teenager, and she knew that peters were not just for pissing. She'd heard bits of information from older girls at school. Peters got very big, the girls said, and were used for something called "fucking" which would result in making a baby.

Patty wanted to know all about this. She watched intently, hardly breathing, as Vicky unzipped Kent's fly and wriggled her hand, inside it.

Vicky drew out Kent's peter and let it lie on the palm of her hand for a moment, admiring it. Patty got a good look. It certainly had grown since he was five. It seemed huge to Patty, a good five inches long and very thick. She wondered why he needed such a big one.

Still letting the soft white organ rest on her palm, Vicky began to stroke and pet it, softly but teasingly. In a few seconds, before Patty's astonished eyes, Kent's cock did a very strange thing.

First it twitched, with a life of its own, and then it began to rise. It jerked and twitched into stiffness and rose right off Vicky's palm, snapping up to hug his belly. At the same time it got much longer and thicker and took on a rosy color.

Patty saw now that the head of his peter was fatter than the rest and deeper red in color. It had a strange dark mouth like a slit. Vicky tugged his jeans down farther, and Patty saw a little patch of brown hair at the base of his peter. Under that was a pair of rosy fleshy sacs. Vicky tickled them with her fingers, and Kent gasped and sighed.

"Kent," Vicky said teasingly, "you have a hard-on."

"No shit," Kent said breathlessly. "I wonder why?"

Patty stored away the word "hard-on". She figured it meant what had happened to Kent's peter, the way it got so stiff and big, but she didn't know what purpose it served. She stared, fascinated with her brother's rigid swollen prick.

Vicky curled her fingers around the rigid pole and began to pump it, slowly and mischievously. Kent obviously enjoyed that, for his eyes rolled, his face flushed, and he trembled.

"Aw, shit," he sighed, "that feels so good, Vicky."

"Yeah, but don't come yet," she said, grinning. "I want to save that for when we ball. It won't be any good with a soft cock."

Come? Ball? Cock? Patty was hearing so many new words, and she didn't know their meaning. All she could do was watch and learn. She crept farther into the leafy bush, wanting a closer view.

Now Kent was unfastening the little bows that held on Vicky's bikini bottom. His hands were shaking, and he kept fumbling it, but finally he got them untied. He drew away the tiny panties, and Vicky raised her butt to assist him.

Patty gawked enviously. She'd heard that girls grew hair down there, but it hadn't happened to her yet -- and she hadn't expected it to look so pretty. Vicky had a beautiful little muff, golden blonde in color, the hairs fine and curly and glistening. Kent eagerly placed his hand on the springy curls and petted them.

Patty unzipped her jeans and had a look at her own girlish muff. It was completely hairless and looked like a ripe pink peach. She petted it, as Kent was petting Vicky, and she felt sharp sensations of pleasure. Again her virgin twat spewed out hot sticky juices.

She would have liked to play with herself more, but she didn't want to miss anything. She peered out from the bush again and saw that Kent was slipping his hand between Vicky's legs. Vicky gave a squeal of delight and opened her slim legs wide.

Patty had a fleeting glimpse of the neighbor girl's slit just before Kent's hand covered it. It looked very pretty, a bright healthy scarlet expanse of moist tissues. Patty wondered if she looked the same, but no matter how far she bent over, she couldn't see herself. She made a note to have a look later with her hand mirror.

"Oooo, Kent, YES," squealed Vicky.

Patty looked up from her own wet little pussy to see what had made Vicky cry out. Kent had pried apart the fat furry lips of her muff and was touching a little red button of flesh, teasing it with the tips of his fingers. Vicky seemed to go crazy with pleasure as he touched her there. She squealed and moaned, and sticky cream oozed from her pussy to wet Kent's tickling fingers.

Well, if it was that great, Patty wanted to try it, too. She slid a finger down inside her jeans and -- still watching her brother and Vicky -- sought out her own little joy button. Her finger slipped between hot puffy lips, and then she felt it, a tiny nub of slick hot flesh. She rubbed it -- and felt a jolt of pleasure that almost made her squeal.

No wonder Vicky was going wild. Whatever that funny little button was, it felt fantastic to rub it. Patty moved her finger more briskly on her tiny hot clit, and her belly felt like it was melting with sensual joy. Cream poured from her virgin cunt, wetting her finger. It was the most fun thing she'd ever done.

"Ohhh, Kent, too much," Vicky moaned. "I can't stand it. Let's try balling now. I want it now."

There was that strange word again. Patty wondered if balling had anything to do with fucking. She watched intently to see what Vicky and Kent would do next. Kent took his hand out of Vicky's crotch and quickly slipped his jeans off. His cock was fiercely erect, lying flat and taut against his belly and oozing bright cream. He looked very excited.

Vicky opened her legs wide. She lay on her back, looking at Kent with wide hot eyes. Patty had a really good view of her pussy, and at the center of that scarlet fleshy slit she saw a little dark hole. She wondered what it was for.

Then her view was blocked as Kent climbed on top of Vicky. He settled his legs between hers, and his right pale ass began to jerk. Patty saw him put his stiff rosy peter into Vicky's strange little hole. His peter went up and up, disappearing inside Vicky. Then he began to move it in and out of her. "Ooooo!" Vicky squealed. "I love it, Kent. It's really great. How does it feel to you?"

"Far out," Kent said hoarsely. "Really far out..."

His pale butt jerked furiously, and Patty watched in amazement as his long hard peter zipped in and out of Vicky's tight hole. It seemed like such a weird thing to do.

"Oh, yeah, ball me, Kent," Vicky moaned, "fuck meeee..."

So balling and fucking were the same thing, Patty noted, and it meant a guy putting his peter inside a girl, in that mysterious little hole between her legs. Patty thought it was sort of silly and funny, but Vicky and Kent were sure having a good time, panting and moaning and sighing, their bodies jerking together.

Well, if it was that great, maybe she should try it herself. She didn't have a peter, but she had a finger to experiment with. She slid a finger down into her steamy slick crotch, encountered intricate folds of flesh, and finally located her own little hole. Making her finger stiff, like Kent's cock, she hesitantly eased it into herself.

She had to stifle a yelp of pleasure. It felt really GOOD.

She slid her finger farther up into her silky wet snug little passage. Sharp jolts of pleasure radiated through her body. She had the finger halfway in when she encountered a thin membrane that blocked the way. In her impatience and curiosity she popped her fingertip right through it.

There was a twinge of pain, instantly drowned by more pleasure as she eased her finger in all the way. It was a tight fit, making delicious friction. She began to jerk her finger up and down, like Kent was jerking his cock inside Vicky, and again she almost yelped aloud with joy. It felt soooo good...

Kent and Vicky were really going at it now, Kent's tight little ass flying, Vicky's lithe little body jerking under him in time to his strokes. Suddenly Vicky threw her slim legs up around Kent's waist and dug in her heels, forcing his cock even deeper into her body.

"Ooooo, Kent," she wailed, "ball me harder, deeper... Oh, yeah, YEAH... That's great."

Kent was balling her so hard and fast that Patty could actually hear it from her hiding place -- the slap-slap of their bellies smacking together, the funny squishy noise of his cock reaming her juicy tight hole. Patty wanted to laugh, but at the same time it made her very excited.

She worked her finger faster and faster in herself, like Kent was working his cock in Vicky, and suddenly the strangest most wonderful sensation exploded inside her. It was all she could do to keep from screeching her pleasure. She felt her own hot juices gushing out, soaking her hand, and then she sort of blacked out, falling into the grass, her body convulsing joyously around her jerking finger.

As she came to again, still experiencing delicious spasms of pleasure, she decided that she wanted to learn a lot more about fucking. If it was this good with just her finger, it had to be VERY good with a real boy.

When Vicky first begged him to ball her, Kent could hardly believe it. She didn't seem as eager today, and she kept teasing him and putting him off. He thought maybe she was a prick-teaser after all.

She played with his cock, pumped it, and let him undress her and feel her pussy. She seemed to get very excited when he rubbed her little red joy button, and then she was saying it was too much, she couldn't stand it, and she wanted to ball. Kent was skeptical -- but when she lay back on the grass and opened her legs wide for him, he decided to give it a try. All she could do was say no.

But she didn't say no. To Kent's wonder and delight, she just lay there, grinning and trembling eagerly, and let him crawl between her legs. He seized his erect cock -- Jesus, it had been hard since yesterday! And rubbed it between her legs, trying to find her cunt. It was the first time he'd ever balled a girl, and he found it wasn't so easy to hit the target.

He got lucky, though. After only a moment of fumbling, he felt his bloated sensitive rod sliding into a little slick indentation, and then he was easing into her. He hardly breathed as he felt his dick sliding into a girl for the very first time.

It was even better than he'd dreamed. Her cunt was the perfect nest for his cock, snug and slick and hot. It felt fantastic. He let out his breath and moaned lingeringly as he penetrated her. At last he was all the way in, his balls resting softly against her moist hot slit.

He wasn't sure what to do after that, so he just followed his instincts. He felt the urge to move hard and fast in her, and he began jerking his hips, working his swollen meat briskly in and out of her mushy steamy tunnel. It felt so great, he wanted to come right away, but he held himself back, wanting also to prolong the fun.

Vicky liked it a lot. She moaned and squealed and clung to him, jerking her hot little pussy in time to his strokes. Her tight little cunt boiled around him, juicing furiously, growing hot as a furnace. As she got more excited, she threw her legs around him and dug in her heels, forcing his cock right up to her pulsing slick womb.

"Ball me harder, deeper," she whined, clawing his shoulders.

Kent was only too happy to obey. He slammed his cock into her as hard and fast as he could, and Vicky responded with howls of joy. Her tiny box was so hot now, it was almost scalding his dick, and their fucking was getting noisy, a lewd sucking and squishing sound as his thick meat reamed her tight flooded twat.

Vicky writhed and moaned and squealed without shame, having a great time. Kent's cock wasn't as thick and long as his father's, but it was stiffer, and he used it faster and harder. It didn't take Vicky long to reach a fever pitch of excitement. She felt the first delicious spasm of coming, and she dug her nails into Kent's shoulders and wailed her joy.

"Oh, Kent," she gasped, "it's soooo good. You're making me come... Oh, wow, YEAH... I love it, I LOVE IT."

Kent felt her tight steamy cunt gripping his cock tightly, squeezing and milking him. Her lovely little body rocked under him, and her voice was shrill and ecstatic. Her excitement was a powerful stimulus to him, and he lost control, started to shoot his load.

"Oh, wow, Vicky, I'm coming, too," he moaned. "Yeah... Awww, shit, that's good."

Vicky's hot nipping little box was suddenly flooded with his scalding jism. It overflowed her and puddled on the grass beneath them. The two teenagers writhed and howled in each other's arms, digging their spun-out mutual orgasm.

At last it was over, and they fell apart, panting and smiling. Kent consulted his watch.

"Fuck," he said, "I gotta leave. Mom's taking me and my sister to the pool for our life saving lessons."

"Your mother?" said Vicky. "Isn't your dad going, too?"

"Naw, he never does," said Kent, putting on his clothes. "Listen, Vicky, can I see you tonight? After dinner?"

"Sure," she said, "as soon as Grandma goes to bed. Watch my back porch. When the light goes on there, it's okay to come over."

Kent grinned and hurried away. Vicky grinned, too -- at the thought that Kent's father would be alone in the house for a few hours. She and Rod could have some more fun together.

Vicky lay back on the grass and idly stroked her pussy, getting a few sweet after-spasms from her climax. A pair of wide green eyes watched her from behind a nearby bush.

Patty watched Vicky with a mixture of envy and admiration. She wanted to do everything Vicky did, have all the fun Vicky had. If only she was as pretty and sexy as the neighbor girl... But she'd better get home now. Mom would be pissed if she was late. She gave one last envious glance to Vicky, who was lying in the grass naked, smiling, stroking her little wet slit.

Chapter SIX

"Patty, where have you been?" June said. "Grab your bathing suit and come on, or we'll be late for your lessons." She tapped her foot while the pig-tailed girl ran upstairs.

"Well, at least I wasn't late, Mom," Kent chuckled.

"No, you weren't, for a change," June admitted.

Patty reappeared, racing down the stairs with her bathing suit in her hand. She looked as if her mind was a million miles away. Rod, lounging in a chair before the TV set, watched his teenager daughter as she hurried downstairs. Under her tight T-shirt, her little lemon-size tits bounced furiously.

It was the first time Rod had noticed that his little girl was growing up. He found himself gawking like a dirty old man at her jiggling breasts. Then, at the bottom step, Patty tripped. Rod was out of his chair in a flash and just managed to catch her. He felt her little warm cuddly body pressing hard against his, and there was a twitch of excitement in his cock.

My God, he thought, cut it out -- she's your own daughter!

"Hey, clumsy," he laughed, "that'll teach you to daydream on the stairs."

"Oh, Daddy, thank goodness you caught me," said Patty.

She found she didn't want to move out of his embrace. Her father had always been the most attractive man in the world for her, and his hard muscular body excited her. On purpose she snuggled closer, rubbing her belly against his crotch. She wondered, with burning curiosity, what his cock looked like, thinking it must be even longer and thicker than Kent's...

"Patty, are you all right?" said June.

"Yes, Mom," Patty said, still pressing against her father.

"Then come on, young lady," said June. "We're going to be late."

Reluctantly Patty followed June and Kent out the door. Rod watched them get in the car and drive away. His mind was reeling. He'd had the distinct impression, when he caught Patty, that she was deliberately rubbing herself against his crotch.

How could that be? She was only teenager, too young to even think about sex. It must have been his imagination. The excited throbbing in his cock and balls was not his imagination, though. He knew he'd been aroused by his little daughter, and he felt thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Every Sunday afternoon June took the kids to the local swimming pool and stayed with them for their two-hour life-saving lesson. Ordinarily Rod watched football while they were gone, but today he felt bored and distracted as he watched the game. Presently he got up and turned off the set. He began pacing around the living room.

His conscience had been bothering him a lot since yesterday, since making it with Vicky. It had been great fun, of course, but he'd never been unfaithful to June before, and he knew she wouldn't dream of cheating on him.

When he came home and made love to her, he'd realized that she was starved for sex, just as he was. It was his job to keep her satisfied, and instead he'd been drooling after the teenager neighbor girl. Even while he was balling June, he'd been thinking of Vicky.

Well, it had to stop. He was a decent man with two nice kids and a beautiful wife who deserved better treatment than he'd been giving her. Somehow he had to improve things with June, bringing back the excitement in their marriage -- and above all, forget Vicky. He had no business, anyway, running around after a kid that age...

The doorbell rang.

Rod, still deep in thought, opened the door, expecting a salesman -- and there was Vicky.

She was smiling broadly and impishly. She was wearing short shorts that showed her long coltish tan legs, and she had on a shirt so tight that the plump globes of her breasts were starkly outlined, the hard little nipples making enticing bumps. Her long shining blonde hair fell below her shoulders.

In short, she looked delicious. In spite of the good resolutions he'd just made, Rod felt a powerful wave of lust for her.

"Hi, Rod," she said. "Aren't you going to ask me in?"

He blushed. "Oh, sure, Vicky," he said, "come on in. June and the kids are gone to the pool."

"I know," she said pointedly.

Oh-oh, thought Rod, watch out...

He knew Vicky all too well -- her lack of inhibitions, her insatiable need for pleasure. Somehow she'd learned about June's absence, and she'd come over here for more fun and games. He wanted her desperately, but he was determined not to cheat on June again. It was insane to be the lover of a girl this young, anyhow. He could get into serious trouble if anyone caught him.

"Vicky," he said firmly, "we'd better have a talk."

Vicky sat down, still smiling, but she didn't like the sound of his voice. He sounded like her father when he was going to make some silly new prohibition or restriction.

"Yes, Rod?" she said. "What do you want to talk about?"

"About us," he said. "It has to stop, Vicky. I've thought it over, and I just can't treat my wife this way."

"But she doesn't even know," said Vicky, "and she doesn't have to know. Don't be silly, Rod. We can have so much fun together, and she won't be hurt at all."

Rod was tempted, powerfully tempted. He found it hard not to stare at her perky thrusting tits, not to remember how snug and hot and slick her little-girl cunt had been. He forced himself to think of June, who needed him much more than this girl did.

"That may be true, Vicky," he said, "but there's always a chance she'd find out, and it would hurt her terribly. Also it's against the law for a man to make love to a teen girl. I could go to jail for it."

Vicky sighed with exasperation. "But, Rod," she said, "none of that has to happen. All we have to do is be careful, not let anyone know."

He shook his head. "No, Vicky, I'm sorry -- but I just can't. You'd better leave now."

Vicky was far from ready to give up. She knew she could still have Kent, that she wouldn't be left without a lover, but she wanted Rod, too. His hard hairy grown-up body excited her terribly. Also she liked having two lovers. She liked the novelty.

Smiling seductively at Rod, she raised her shirt up over her lovely pink-nippled breasts, wantonly displaying them. Her tiny pink tongue darted out, licking her lips. Rod gawked at her naked tits, his eyes hungry.

"Don't you want to go on having fun with me, Rod?" she said softly.

Rod, sitting on the couch opposite her, moaned and forced himself to look away. "Oh, Christ," he said. "Of course I do, Vicky, but I'm not going to, and that's final. Please, you'd better go home."

Vicky got up and stood in front of him. Unwillingly he looked at her again. She still had that impish grin, and now she pulled her shirt off over her head and flung it away. She unzipped her shorts and let them drop down over her feet, then kicked them off. She was wearing only a ridiculously tiny pair of white lace bikini panties.

"You're being silly, Rod," she said. "Your wife will be gone for over an hour, and we could have lots of fun. There's no danger at all."

Rod licked his lips. His eyes focused hotly on her delicious curved little body, on the pouting rounds of her tits and the gentle swell of her muff under the tight skimpy panties. Only the thought of June, his faithful and loving wife, kept him from grabbing her.

"No," he said shakily, "it's all wrong, Vicky. Please put on your clothes and leave."

Vicky stepped closer to him till she was only a foot away and he couldn't avoid looking at her. Still grinning mischievously, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and began tugging the flimsy garment down. Rod watched as if hypnotized. He saw the tan flat of her belly, the first springy golden hairs of her muff, and then the whole bright puff of curls.

Vicky laughed and twined her arms around his neck, pulling him forward so that his face grazed her silky blonde muff Rod felt saliva pooling hotly in his mouth, and he smelled baby powder and the girlish fragrance of her pussy. He wanted to spread her legs, eat her...

"We could have so much fun, Rod," she whispered.

Before he could say anything, she slipped down on the couch beside him, wriggling into his lap. Her arm still around his neck, she kissed him wickedly, forcing her slick hot little tongue into his mouth. Her other hand sought his fly.

"Vicky, NO!" he said.

He got out of her embrace and eased her off his lap. Vicky stared at him a moment, then burst into tears.

"Oh, Jesus," said Rod, "don't cry. There'll be plenty of other men in your life, believe me, Vicky. I'm way too old for you anyhow. It's better that we quit right now before we get too deeply involved."

Vicky nodded tearfully. "I know, Rod," she said. "You're right. I'll go in just a minute. But, please, let me do just one thing first."

He couldn't withstand her tears, her forlorn look. "Sure, honey," he said. "What do you want to do?"

"I want to suck your cock," said Vicky.

Rod stared at her. As on the first day he made love to her, he couldn't believe his luck. It seemed incredible that this beautiful teenage girl would actually beg to suck him off. She looked sincere enough, though, so why not? It would please her, and he certainly could use a little relief... After all, it would be their last time together.

"Why, sure, sweetheart," he said, "if that's what you want."

"Oh, thank you, Rod," she purred.

Vicky lowered her shining blonde head over his lap -- and grinned wickedly to herself. Her crying act had worked. All she needed was to get his cock in her hands, and she'd change his mind in a hurry. She knew he'd made up his mind to quit seeing her, but she sensed that his cock would have another opinion.

Rod sank back against the couch, relaxing, prepared to enjoy her blow-job. He felt her expert little fingers unzipping his fly, sneaking in, touching his limp warm cock. He flinched with pleasure. Vicky curled her warm fingers around his flaccid meat and gently drew it out of his pants.

She was surprised he wasn't hard yet -- but she'd take care of that in no time. She let the big fat drowsy sausage lie on the palm of his hand, studying the loose rosy flesh, the soft purplish tip with its dark slit-mouth. She decided that cocks were a lot more attractive when they were hard -- so she had a job to do.

Bending low, fanning his naked meat with her moist hot breath, Vicky stuck out her cute little pink tongue and began to lick Rod's limp blue-veined cock. She licked very delicately at first, just barely touching and fucking with her wet tongue tip. Rod sighed deeply. He knew she was teasing him, but he liked it.

She worked from the wiry-haired base of his dick, moving very slowly up the soft rosy stalk, till she was lapping and tickling the ultra-sensitive balls, wriggling her wicked little tongue-tip into the dry hole. Rod moaned. He hadn't meant to get aroused, but it was impossible to resist the delicious play of her tongue.

Gradually Vicky increased the speed and pressure of her naughty tonguing. She made his limp wet meat bounce on the palm of her hand, lashing it briskly with her pink tongue. Rod grinned, watching her work. She looked so cute bending over him like that, her saucy little butt in the air.

Unable to resist touching her, remembering vividly how silky and warm her body was, Rod reached out and cupped one firm little globe of her ass. Vicky responded with a contented sigh. She ran her wet hot tongue swiftly around and around the tender head of his dick, and Rod snorted with pleasure.

Increasingly aroused and dizzy, he sneaked his fingers between the tight crease of her buttocks and searched out the little soft wrinkled mouth of her anus. He rimmed it with his fingers, mischievously tickling round and round the bumpy little hole.

"Ummm!" Vicky murmured.

She returned the favor by clamping her soft lips around the head of his dick and sucking in strongly. Rod yelped with delight as he felt his whole limp prick zipping swiftly inside, into the searing wetness of her mouth. She began to suck on his cock, and dizzying pleasure melted his loins.

Well, what the hell -- if they were going to have one last time together, he might as well get the most out of it. He wouldn't just lie there passively while she blew him. He'd bring her off, too.

He wriggled just the tip of his little finger inside her tight tiny bumhole. Vicky, her mouth stuffed with his limp prick, gave a muffled squeal of pleasure. Rod eased his finger in farther, feeling the incredible tightness and searing heat of her anus. He started working his fingertip in and out like a miniature cock.

"Ummm!" Vicky cried.

It was the craziest thing, but his finger felt fantastically good in her asshole. She'd never thought of THAT as a source of pleasure. She wriggled and jerked her shapely little butt, trying to get his finger in deeper. Her girlish cunt began to cream in sympathy, gushing out hot juice that trickled down her thighs.

In her excitement, she sucked Rod's heavy limp prick faster and harder than ever, and before long she got results. The doughy meat gave a violent twitch and then lurched into sudden full erection. Vicky wasn't prepared for it, and the hard knobby head almost went down her throat. Her mouth was so full of cock, she could hardly breathe.

With the sensitive head of his prick, Rod felt the gagging contractions of her throat. Recognizing her problem, he pulled out a little -- her tiny mouth could take only half his erect length. Vicky, however, recovered quickly and sucked his whole dick back inside, allowing the bloated head to slip down her throat. She sucked him loudly, juicily, hungrily.

"Awww, Christ," Rod moaned. "That's great, baby... YEAH..."

Vicky was proud of herself. It wasn't easy taking that long long prick all the way into her mouth, and her lips were widely stretched by his thickness. She knew she was getting him excited, though, and that was her goal. She sucked him ravenously, and soon his big fat cock head began to leak delicious juices down her throat. She reached inside his pants and tickled his taut swollen nuts.

"Yeah, yeah," Rod whined, "eat me, baby, eat me."

He wriggled his finger deeper into her clinging hot asshole, right down to the last knuckle. The heat was fierce, and her little rectum was so tight that he could hardly move his finger. She liked it, though. She whimpered and squealed and jerked her cute little ass in time to his stroking finger. Her thighs were wet with horny pussy cream.

When Rod thrust his stiff finger all the way up her asshole, Vicky almost came, it felt so good. Her original idea had been to suck him off, but now she wanted some action for herself, too. Her greedy little cunt ached to be stuffed. Gasping, she popped her mouth off Rod's spit-soaked swollen dick.

"Ohhh, Rod," she moaned, "I can't stand it, I'm sooo horny. Please, ball me, please."

Rod had to laugh. No one would ever believe this scene, believe that a beautiful teenage girl had begged him to fuck her. Knowing Vicky, however, he was sure she meant it. He kept working his finger mischievously in her tight hot asshole, and the girl moaned in horny frustration. Feeling around with his free hand, he found her little pussy swollen and blazing with heat. She wanted it, all right.

Why not? It would be their last fuck, and he sure as hell needed it, too. His dick stood straight up in his lap, achingly full, drooling thick juices. The remedy was obvious.

"Please, please," Vicky whimpered. "I just have to have it, Rod."

He chuckled. "Okay, honey, you'll get it."

Vicky breathed a big sigh of relief. She felt she'd die if she didn't get his stiff thick cock inside her, fast. Rod popped his finger out of her nipping tight asshole, and Vicky rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs wide for him.

"Hurry, hurry," she gasped.

Rod quickly shucked his clothes, his long heavy cock waving obscenely before him. He bent over Vicky, seized her hips, and rolled her over onto her belly. He lifted her cute little ass high in the air.

"Let's try it this way," he said, "just for a change."

"Like dogs do it?" Vicky giggled.

"Yeah," Rod laughed, "like dogs do it. Dogs have fun, too, you know."

Vicky wasn't certain she liked his idea. It seemed a funny way to do it. She was too desperate to protest, though. She just had to get balled, even if she had to stand on her head for it. She kept her round little butt high in the air as Rod knelt behind her. She felt the hard wet head of his big prick pressing into the tight moist mouth of her twat, and she wriggled in gleeful anticipation.

As he slid into her, she knew it wasn't a silly position after all. It felt GREAT. She moaned and spread her legs wider, wanting to take every inch of his giant thick cock inside her body.

"Oooo, yes, Rod," she whined, "yessss, ball me..."

Rod watched his thick rosy prick splitting and stretching the tiny girlish mouth of her cunt. It seemed incredible that a cock that thick could go into a hole so small, but Vicky showed no sign of pain. On the contrary, she wailed with joy as he slowly penetrated her.

He pushed steadily till he was all the way into her, his balls resting against her moist swollen pussy. Her little teenage box was tight and hot and slick, a delicious nest for his achingly erect prick. Moaning happily, he began to ball her, taking his time, spinning out his pleasure. After all, it was for the last time.

"Good for you, honey?" he asked.

"Ohhh, yesss," Vicky crooned. "I just love it, Rod... It feels so fuckin' good."

It felt good to him, too. In fact he knew he'd remember this fuck the rest of his life.

June sat on the bleachers beside the pool while Kent and Patty joined the other kids for their lesson. She had brought a book to read, but she couldn't concentrate on it. For one thing, the swimming coach was so damned attractive.

He was a young blond giant, deeply tanned, firmly muscled, and he was wearing only the briefest and tightest of trunks. June found her eyes drifting again and again to his crotch, to the almost obscenely vivid outline of his cock and balls. The guy was hung like a horse. For a moment she let herself lapse into a wicked fantasy, herself lying naked in bed, legs spread wantonly wide, his huge hard prick easing into her...

She gave a little gasp as she felt steamy cunt juice soaking fight through her panties. She blushed, realizing she'd probably creamed through her jeans, too. My God, couldn't she think of anything but sex? She seemed obsessed with it.

She opened her book and tried to read again, but she found herself reading the same sentence over and over. If she looked up from the book, her eyes went right to the coach's crotch. She was getting so horny, she could hardly sit still. Her pussy was hot and swollen, aching for relief.

She thought of her husband. He'd balled her willingly enough last night, and he'd seemed to enjoy himself. Perhaps their marriage was picking up again, their love-making coming back to life. It would be fun to go home now and blatantly seduce Rod. Not only would it please him, but it would give her some desperately-needed relief.

She decided to do it. The kids were safe with the coach and two life guards, and she could come back for them in an hour when their lesson was over. She picked up her purse and book and walked to the edge of the pool, near where Kent was swimming.

"Kent," she called, "I'm going home for a while. I'll be back to pick you up at four."

He smiled and nodded. She hurried out to her car. Already she was creaming steadily as she thought of making it with Rod. She hadn't been so hot for him in years. Maybe they'd be really daring and do it right on the living room rug.

She parked the car in front of the house and hurried up the walk. She was flushed and eager, her pussy absolutely throbbing with wicked anticipation. She threw open the front door and ran inside -- then stopped short.

She couldn't believe what she saw. It just couldn't be true.

On the couch, directly in front of her, Rod was fucking the neighbor girl, Vicky.

June stared and stared, still not believing it. It was real enough, though. Rod and Vicky were naked, balling dog-style. He knelt behind her, his tick rosy cock working swiftly in and out of her exposed cunt. His long pole glistened with her cream. He was grinning.

It wasn't a rape, either, as June quickly found out. Vicky's childish face was wreathed in a lusty grin, and she was moaning and squealing her pleasure, holding her little ass wantonly up in the air for him.

"Ooooo, yes, Rod," she wailed, "fuck meeee..."

June swayed and leaned back against the door for support. They were so engrossed in their pleasure, they hadn't even noticed her coming in. She felt a violent mixture of feelings -- rage, jealousy, shock, and, crazily enough, lust. She imagined being in Vicky's place, having that wonderfully thick cock zipping in and out of her starved wet twat.

She moaned with longing. She was furious at Rod, of course, but she also lusted for him. She was violently envious of Vicky. June wanted that cock for herself...

As she watched, Vicky began to come. The pretty little teenager shuddered, gasped, and then began to squeal her pleasure shrilly. Her slim body rocked, and her big brown eyes rolled crazily.

"Yes, yes, YES," she howled, "ball meee... I'm coming, Rod, I'm coming... OOOOO!"

Rod's eyes rolled, too. He gave a horny yelp, and his hips began to jerk furiously as he shot his jism into her tiny hot nipping box. It was a violent come, dizzying, delicious. He rode with it for long moments, moaning loudly, before his spasms finally passed. Vicky was still coming, squealing and working her wet little twat around his shrinking meat.

He glanced up and saw his wife.

June was leaning against the door, watching them, her face pale and horrified. Rod was horrified, too. He was caught red-handed, and there was no way he could disguise what he was doing. His cock was still in Vicky -- he could hardly say they'd just been talking.

Vicky looked up then and saw June, too, but her reactions were quicker than the adults'. She jerked her wet little cunt off Rod's limp prick and jumped to her feet.

"Oh, oh," she said. "I think I'd better go home."

"That's an excellent idea," said June frigidity. "And don't come back, either, you disgusting little tramp."

Vicky dressed in record lime and left. Rod opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. What could he say, after all?

June hadn't lost her voice. "Rod," she said grimly, "I'm afraid our marriage is over."

Chapter SEVEN

When Kent and Patty got home from their swimming lessons, they could tell that their parents had been arguing. June was pale and quiet, hardly talking to anyone, and Rod was sitting in the living room staring into space. The kids were curious to know what it was all about, but nobody told them.

After an almost silent dinner, Kent and Patty washed the dishes and then went upstairs to their rooms. June was on her way up, too, not wanting to be alone with Rod. As she reached the stairs, he called to her.

"June," he said, "I don't want to break up our family. I love you and the kids. All I can do is promise never to see Vicky again -- I hope that's enough. Please, will you change your mind about the divorce?"

June looked at him sadly. She loved him, too, but she was still furious about his infidelity. Her body still ached for his lovemaking, but he had chosen to give it to Vicky instead. But she had to think of the children.

"I don't know, Rod," she said. "I'll think about it. But I want you to sleep in the spare room tonight. I need to be alone."

He nodded, and June went on up to their room. She felt exhausted. As she was undressing, she stared out the window at Vicky's house next door. She felt herself hating the girl with a passion.

"Bitch," she said, hissing the word.

As she was watching the house, Vicky's back porch light went on.

Kent had been waiting for that signal. Standing at the window of his bedroom, he felt like a million years passed before the light went on -- the sign that Vicky's grandmother had gone to bed and it was okay for him to come over.

Quietly he opened the door of his room, looked out, and peered around. There was nobody in the hall. He hurried downstairs and out the back door. He hoped his parents and Patty would just assume that he'd gone to bed early.

Vicky was waiting for him on her back porch, and she led him inside. They went into her living room and Kent slipped his arms around her and starting kissing her and running his hands up and down her delectable little body.

"Oh, man," he sighed, "I could hardly wait to get over here, Vicky. I've been horny all day."

But Vicky didn't seem to be with it this evening. She allowed him to touch her, but she didn't respond or get excited. Finally she grabbed his hand and led him over to the couch and made him sit beside her.

"Kent," she said gloomily, "I have to talk to you about something."

Kent was disappointed -- he was hoping to get laid, and soon. But he saw that Vicky was upset. "Sure," he said, "shoot."

"Well," she said, "you're not the only one I've been balling. I've also been getting it on with your father."

Kent gawked at her, then burst into laughter. Surely she must be joking. His father seemed ancient to him, far too old to attract a beautiful young grl like Vicky.

"You're putting me on," he said.

"No, I'm not," said Vicky a little angrily. "And for your information, smart ass, his cock is bigger than yours."

Oh, so that was it. Now Kent began to understand. His Dad was fully grown, a large powerful man, and he'd be better hung. A girl like Vicky would really appreciate something like that.

"Yeah?" he said warily. "So what? Are you saying you'd rather see him than me?"

Vicky shook her head. "No, Kent, I want both of you. But there's a problem with your father. You see, this afternoon while you were at the pool, we were balling at your house, in the living room -- and your mother walked in and caught us."

"Oh, Christ," said Kent.

Now he understood why his parents weren't talking to each other, why they looked so miserable. He hoped they weren't going to get a divorce. He loved them both very much.

"Your mother called me a tramp," Vicky went on, "and told me never to come to your house again. So I can't be with Rod, and I can't come over to see you. She'll probably order you not to talk to me, too."

"Yeah," said Kent.

It looked bad, all right. He could understand why his mother was angry, but her anger might queer things with Vicky. He didn't think he'd survive if he couldn't see Vicky.

"So what we have to do," Vicky said, "is make your mother change her mind."

"Obviously," said Kent, "but how in hell can we do that?"

For the first time that evening, Vicky smiled.

"Well," she said, "I've been doing some thinking, and I have an idea that might just work. See, your mother has a hold over Rod and me because she caught us doing something wrong. Well, suppose we caught her doing something wrong. Suppose we caught her balling some other guy."

Kent nodded doubtfully. "Yeah, that'd work, but where are we gonna get the guy? And how can we be sure she'd ball him?"

Vicky ginned. "Why, Kent, there's a guy available right now that she loves very much, a guy who could do the job -- you."

Kent blushed hotly.

Without knowing it, Vicky had touched on one of his most exciting erotic fantasies -- making love to his mother. To Kent, his mother was the most beautiful and voluptuous woman alive, and he often jacked off while pretending that he was fucking her. He'd give anything to try it -- but how would his mother react? She was so middle-class, so proper.

"Gee, Vicky, I dunno," he said. "I mean, I could try, but I doubt she'd go for it."

"She will, if you do it right," said Vicky. "There's a few tricks you have to use, things that will get a woman hot every time. At least they work with me. Here, I'll show you."

Vicky started taking off her clothes, and Kent quickly followed suit. He was excited by her plan, but his more immediate goal was to get laid. He'd been horny for her all day. He ogled her cute curvy body, her round jiggling tits with their soft pink nipples.

"Now lie down with me here, Kent," said Vicky, "and I'll show you what to do."

"Gladly," said Kent.

He stretched out beside her on the couch, her head resting on his shoulder. Her silky warm body rubbed against his, and he felt his cock getting hard for about the millionth time that day. He wanted to just jump on her and ball her, but he knew she'd be pissed. He tried to be patient.

"Now," said Vicky, "there's one place to touch a girl that will always get her hot. I don't know what it's called, but, man, it feels great to be touched there. Give me your hand and I'll show you."

Kent allowed her to guide his hand down her sleek tan body, over the fluffy forest of her muff. She took his finger and slipped it between the curly blonde muff lips, onto that funny little button of flesh hidden inside. She rubbed his finger back and forth over the slick little nub, then let go of him.

"Now you do it," she said.

Kent did his very best. Gently but steadily he ran his finger tip around and around the hot button of flesh, teasing and rimming it. Vicky sighed and opened her thighs, giving him more room to work. Very soon he felt his finger getting wet with her juices.

"Ummm," she murmured, "that's wonderful, Kent... Oh, yeah... Really nice."

Kent kept rubbing her wet hot little joy button. It occurred to him that if he got her hot enough, she'd forget she was just giving him a lesson and maybe let him fuck her. He tickled and teased her small silky clit till it stood erect and hot and tingling. Vicky moaned huskily and creamed all over his hand.

"Yeah, yeah," she gasped, "play with me, Kent... Ooooo, that's good."

Just when he thought he was getting someplace, however, she took his hand again and guided it lower between her legs, over her burning wet slit. She took his finger and eased it up her scorching-hot wet box. The searing flesh nipped at his fingertip.

"Here's another thing you can do," Vicky said breathlessly. "Just work your finger in and out like it was a cock. Yeah, that's it... Ohhhh, nice, Kent, nice..."

Obediently he did as she asked, jerking his stiff finger in and out of her satiny soaked twat, but he wished his cock was in there instead. Vicky really got off on it, moaning and writhing beside him. She jerked her pussy wantonly, impaling herself on his stroking finger. His hand was sticky with her hot cunt juice.

"Yeah, far out," she sighed. "I could come that way, easily... Ummm, we better move on to something else, before I really do come."

She seized his hand again and moved it even lower, till he was touching the soft wrinkled mouth of her anus. She giggled and said, "Here's something your father did to me. It's kinda kinky, but it really feels great. Just stick your finger in my asshole -- gently! And then do like you did with my cunt."

Anything to please. Kent tickled the bumpy anal mouth with his fingertip, then slowly eased it inside her. Her anal passage was incredibly tight but also hot and slick. Vicky sighed and relaxed, making it easy for him to insert his stiff finger. When he had the tip inside, he stopped, fearing to hurt her, but she wriggled impatiently.

"More, Kent, more," she gasped. "Stick it in farther."

Kent obeyed, sliding his finger slowly up her burning hot rectum. He inserted it all the way, as far as he could go, but still she didn't protest. On the contrary, she wailed her pleasure, and he felt her horny little asshole gripping his finger greedily.

"Now move it in me," she sighed, "like a cock..."

Kent started working his finger in and out of her blazing bumhole, a mischievous sawing motion. Vicky squealed with delight and jerked her hips in lime to his strokes. Again her aroused pussy gushed hot cream all over his hand.

"Oh, WOW," she panted, "it feels soooo good..."

Kent was glad that he was performing well, but he was getting kind of impatient. His cock was stiff and aching with fullness, hugging his belly, drooling horny juice. It was very hard for him to just lie there next to this beautiful naked turned-on girl and not do anything about it.

He got an idea. Without being told, he bent low over her fluffy little muff. He kept working his finger wickedly in her aroused asshole, and at the same lime he wriggled his tongue between the plump hot lips of her muff and began to tickle her scarlet joy button. Vicky wailed.

"Oh, shit, YEAH," she screeched. "I LOVE that, Kent! Oooo, OOOOO..."

The simultaneous teasing of her asshole and cunt was the most dizzying pleasure Vicky had ever felt. She forgot about giving Kent lessons, forgot about the trouble with June Hanson, and just sailed off on her private pleasure trip.

Kent watched her hungrily. He saw her cute round little boobs swelling up tight with arousal, her big brown eyes rolling lustily, her mouth twisting into a sensual grin. Both his hand and his face were soaked with her gushing pussy cream. She was hotly aroused, and he figured it was time to make his move.

"Vicky," he said huskily, "could we fuck?"

"Ummm," Vicky murmured, rubbing her horny little clit against his tongue, wriggling her tight asshole around the delicious impalement of his finger, "oh, yeah, Kent, yeah, let's fuck... Hurry..."

He didn't have to be told twice. He popped his finger out of her blazing rectum and rolled over on top of her. Vicky, crazy with desire for his cock, threw her legs open wantonly wide. He zeroed in on the wet pit of her cunt and jammed the knobby purple head of his cock into her. She was slick and wet, and he penetrated her fully with the first thrust.

"Eeeee!" Vicky wailed. "Yeah, ball me, Kent, BALL ME..."

The two teenagers began fucking happily on the couch, their slim young bodies writhing together. Kent licked her hot little tits as he fucked her, and Vicky dug her nails into his shoulders. They were in perfect agreement -- they both wanted to come as fast as possible.

Vicky slammed her hot little pussy up and down his stiff rod, creating blazing friction. Kent humped her furiously, slamming his swollen meat in and out of her juicy soaked twat. They were both on the point of coming, when they suddenly heard a voice from the top of the stairs.

"Vicky? Vicky -- what are you doing down there?"

Vicky and Kent stopped in mid-thrust, as if frozen. "Shit," Vicky whispered, "it's Grandma. I was sure she'd gone to sleep." Then she said in a normal voice, "I'm just watching TV, Grandma."

"TV?" said the old lady. "Well, what kind of program is it, anyhow? All that howling and yelping and screeching -- it sounds like a bunch of monkeys."

"Actually, Grandma," said Vicky, "it's about baboons. It's very educational. But if it's too noisy, I'll turn it down."

"Yes, please do," her grandmother said. "Why, I can even hear it without my hearing aid. Turn it down low. I'm going back to bed."

"Yes, Grandma," Vicky said sweetly.

They heard a door shut, and then they were at it again, humping like horny young animals, Kent's stiff rosy prick slamming furiously in and out of Vicky's wet tight twat. They were careful not to make too much noise, however.

"Oooo," Vicky gasped into Kent's ear, "I'm gonna come... Keep fucking me, Kent, bring me off... Oh, OHHH..."

He kissed her to muffle her cries of pleasure. She went into powerful spasms as she came, her body rocking beneath him. Her cunt contracted violently around his swollen dick, and that triggered his orgasm. He kissed her hard, stifling his own yelps of joy, as he shot his steamy load into her.

Afterwards the two teenagers sighed and giggled. "So we sound like monkeys, huh?" said Kent. "Poor old Grandma -- I bet she hasn't fucked for fifty years. She's forgotten how it sounds."

"Ssssh," Vicky laughed. "Let's not wake her up again. Come on, Kent, get dressed. We have work to do."

They put on their clothes and sneaked out of the house. They crept across the lawn and entered the Hansons' house by the back door. It was time to put Vicky's wicked plan into action.

They snuck upstairs, being as quiet as possible. The house was very still, as if everyone had gone to bed. "If my dad's in the bedroom with her, we're screwed," Kent whispered.

"Right," said Vicky, "but I bet he isn't -- not after the fight they had. Where would he sleep if she wouldn't let him in the room?"

"The guest room," said Kent, "over here."

They listened outside the door of the spare room and heard soft snoring. They were in luck. Vicky grabbed Kent's hand and led him back to the door of his mother's room.

"I'll go in with you," she said, "and hide behind a curtain or something. I want to watch."

"Okay," said Kent, "but I'm not sure this will work." Now that the moment had come, when he was actually supposed to seduce his mother, he was getting nervous.

"It'll work," Vicky said firmly, "if you do all those things I showed you. Come on, Kent, we have to try."

She was right. Somebody had to deal with June, make her change her mind about Vicky -- and it was up to him.

Silently Kent turned the doorknob and opened the door and peered in. The room was dark and quiet. He and Vicky crept inside... Down the hall, peeking out of her room, Patty watched them, wondering what in the world they were up to. She crept down the hall and listened at the door...

Inside the dark bedroom Kent and Vicky stood for a moment, letting their eyes adjust. Then Vicky saw the heavy drapes over the window and got behind them, leaving herself just a crack for spying. Kent approached the bed.

June was sound asleep. It was a hot night, and she had kicked off all the covers. She was wearing only a skimpy short nightgown, and it had crept up right to the swelling white rounds of her buttocks. She lay on her side, her back towards Kent.

Kent stood by the bed, looking at her, and took off his clothes. She looked beautiful to him, her dark hair spread on the pillow, her huge melon-shaped tits rising and falling heavily under the sheer nightgown. Balling Vicky had been fun, but he sensed it would be a whole other experience to make love to a mature woman.

IF she let him.

He certainly had his doubts as he gingerly climbed onto the bed beside her. He inched close to her, till his limp naked prick was brushing her warm silky legs. Christ, he could be in big trouble if he didn't do this just right... He extended a shaking hand...

June woke as he touched her. She was heavy with sleep, too groggy to move or say anything. She felt a warm firm hand sliding into her crotch, exploring the lush black expanse of her bush. A stiff finger crept inside the furry lips and touched her clitoris. The finger began to rub and caress. It felt nice...

So Rod was trying to make up with her. She was tempted to slap his face, kick him out of bed, after what he'd done today with that little slut from next door. On the other hand, she was terribly horny, and his finger felt so good on her sensitive little clit. She wouldn't make a decision just yet.

June lay still, pretending to be asleep. The finger hesitated a moment, then started to rub again, tickling and caressing around the tiny soft stalk of her clit. Stabs of pleasure coursed through her belly, and she sighed and opened her legs a little wider. Hell, let him play with her awhile. She needed it...

Kent's heart pounded. He couldn't tell if his mother was awake or not, but she was responding to his touch. She sighed, let her legs fall open, giving him plenty of room to play with her pussy. He was very excited.

Her dark bush was larger than Vicky's, the big silky triangle of curls covering most of her lower belly. He liked that, liked the exquisite softness of the hairs. When he searched out her clit and started rubbing it, like Vicky had taught him, he found that his mother's joy button was bigger than Vicky's, fat and plump and long.

He seized the pulsing shaft of flesh between his thumb and forefinger and began to knead it gently but steadily. June moaned, a drawn-out husky sound of pleasure. He moved closer to her, pressing his belly against her back, so that they lay spoon-fashion. His cock snuggled in the hot crease of her buttocks. He was nervous, not hard yet, but it thrilled him to be touching his beautiful mother with his cock.

June felt it, too, and she experienced a burst of horny longing when the warm limp prick tickled the crease of her ass. She longed to be fucked, but she stubbornly refused to move or say anything. Rod had been at fault in this quarrel -- let him make the moves, let him court her.

He was kneading her clit briskly now, and June whimpered softly as the exquisite sensations melted her belly. She was getting rapidly and hotly aroused, her starved cunt aching for the thick hard stuffing of his cock. Maybe she'd let him ball her. One more time wouldn't hurt, and she needed it so badly.

She wasn't going to ask for it, though. She wasn't going to move or speak a word of encouragement. Damn him, let him do the work. If he wanted her enough, he would...

He held her clit tighter between his thumb and forefinger, and he kneaded it more vigorously. Dizzying pleasure shot through her pussy, and she felt herself beginning to cream onto his fingers. She couldn't control her lusty body. Her hips began to move in a horny fucking motion, and she fed her aroused throbbing clit into his busy fingers.

"Ummm," she murmured, "ummm..."

Kent was almost shaking with excitement. Not only had his mother let him touch her between the legs, play with her little button, but she really seemed to like it. She was sighing and moving her hips, getting all wet and hot between her legs -- just like Vicky did when she got horny. Things were going very well.

He took a chance and did something he'd always wanted to do. He reached around her with his free arm and touched her breasts. His mother had the biggest most beautiful breasts he'd ever seen, great olive-skinned melons that overflowed his hand. Her nightgown was in the way, though. Clumsily but persistently he unbuttoned, it and slipped it off her shoulders, down over the warm cushions of her tits.

June assisted him, pulling the nightgown off and tossing it aside. She hadn't meant to be that cooperative, but she liked having her breasts fondled, and the damn gown was just in the way. She sighed happily as his warm firm hand closed around her left breast, squeezing, caressing. It felt very good...

His fingers were still kneading her clit, too, and pleasurable sensations streaked up and down her body, from breast to pussy. She was getting very horny for him, and she longed to reach out and touch him -- but she wouldn't give him that satisfaction.

Kent was in bliss. After what seemed years of horny longing, he was playing with his mother's beautiful big knockers, actually touching and fondling the huge silky globes. Lusty and excited, he leaned over her and planted his mouth hungrily on one of her big brown nipples. He sucked it loudly, wetly.

"Oooo!" June moaned. "Oooo..."

She hadn't expected him to suck her nipple, but it felt great. Meanwhile his fingers released her wet throbbing cunt and sneaked lower between her thighs. She felt a stiff finger easing into the dripping hungry mouth of her cunt, and she moaned again. He was sliding the finger into her, stiff and hard like a cock, and it felt great.

Kent continued to suck ravenously and loudly on her big soft brown nipple, digging the experience, but he was careful to keep playing with her pussy like Vicky had told him to do. He got a finger up her cunt and began pumping it like a stiff dick, and she responded with a hoarse moan of joy and a big steamy gush of cunt cream. Vicky's plan was working out like a dream...

June was finding it very hard to control herself. His wet sucking of her nipple felt incredibly good, and she was grinding her wet twat lustily around his jerking finger. She had wanted not to respond, not to show him she liked it, but she couldn't hold back any longer. She was just having too much fun.

She reached around behind her and touched his prick.

Somehow it seemed smaller than usual, but perhaps that was because he had no hard-on yet. In her lust, June overlooked details. What she wanted was to play wickedly with his cock, get him hard, feel him inside her. She boiled for it, ached to be fucked. She hadn't been so horny for her husband in years.

She curled her fingers around his limp warm silky cock and started to pump it. He gasped and sighed. It was fun holding his cock, playing with it. She'd wanted to do it for years, but she'd thought it was wicked and unladylike. To hell with that. Prom now on she was going to be a liberated woman and have fun for a change.

Kent trembled with delight and lusty excitement as his mother picked up his limp peter and started to play with it. He'd never expected her to do that, and it got him really hot. He seized her other breast and brought the soft nipple up to his mouth and started to tongue it. She whimpered her approval.

He dug his stiff finger deeper and deeper into her cunt. She was wider than Vicky; of course, but much hotter and wetter. He felt the satiny lining of her blazing sheath, and he longed to get his cock in there, to ball his voluptuous mother...

June felt his cock going suddenly hard and red-hot in her hand. It lurched into erection, straining at the confining grip of her fingers, and it throbbed with a life of its own. It was good and stiff now, and she wanted it inside her as fast as possible.

Her pride kept her from asking for it, however. She still remembered vividly what she'd seen that afternoon -- Rod naked and leering, pumping his cock in that little whore Vicky. No, she was not going to ask him to fuck her. Let him do the asking. She pumped his prick faster, wanting to get him hopelessly aroused.

Kent panted, trying not to come. It was such a blast, having his own naked and beautiful mother playing with his prick. His finger was deep in her now, scalded and soaked with her cream. Her mature cunt contracted hungrily around his stiff digit. He was sure she wanted him -- but did he dare take the chance?

June rolled over onto her back and let her legs fall open. She still wasn't going to ask him, but she would certainly give him the opportunity. She kept her eyes closed, afraid they would reveal her frantic lust. She ran her finger around and around the slick hard balls of his dick, and cream bubbled out of it. He was clearly just as horny as she was -- he had to act soon.

Kent trembled with dizzy joy when his mother rolled over and opened her legs to him. He gawked at her raven-black bush, her wet scarlet pussy which was creaming furiously for HIM. Her hand jerked greedily up and down his rigid swollen meat. Christ, she was practically asking him to ball her. He was sure she wanted it.

Still trembling, Kent gathered his courage and withdrew his finger from her flooding nipping twat. He quickly knelt between her legs. He seized his aching hard meat and pushed the tip of it into the steamy dark mouth of her cunt.

She kept her eyes closed, but she didn't protest. Kent took a deep breath and leaped onto her, driving his prick deep into her.

"OHHHH!" June wailed. "Oh, yes, YES, darling, fuck me!"

Kent breathed a loud sigh of relief. He hadn't been wrong -- she really wanted it. Her mature cunt was blazing hot and deliciously wet and slick around him. He began to fuck her, moaning.

In her spying place behind the drapes, Vicky grinned wickedly. Her plan had worked. Mrs. Hanson, who always acted so prim and proper, was going crazy with joy as her son balled her. Vicky crept out from behind the drapes and over to the other side of the room. She found the light switch and stood there with her finger on it. Just as June was coming, Vicky intended to turn on the light. She could hardly wait. Mrs. Hanson wouldn't dare call her a tramp then.

"Oooo!" June wailed. "I love it, I love it... Don't stop, darling, keep fucking meee..."

Kent humped away happily, working his swollen horny meat in the delicious silky wet tunnel of his mother's cunt. He really dug lying on her huge swollen tits, feeling them bounce beneath his chest as he balled her. She liked his fucking, too, he could tell.

"Oh, wow," he sighed, "it's really great, isn't it?"

June gasped.

She knew that voice. It wasn't Rod who was fucking her -- it was her own son!

"Kent?" she said weakly.

"Yet, Mom," he panted. "Awww, Jesus, you're so hot inside... Man, this feels good."

He'd known all along it was her, he'd deliberately seduced her. June's mind reeled. She'd encouraged him shamelessly, too, letting him play with her pussy, pumping his cock into hardness. No wonder he felt no shame now -- he thought she'd wanted HIM.

And she did.

She had to admit it, horrible as it was -- her son was a damned good lay, and she loved the hard deep strokes of his erect cock inside her. She didn't want him to stop. By all that was right and decent, she should stop this terrible act of incest -- but she couldn't being herself to do it.

Her lust-crazed mind told her it was all right, they could get away with it, Rod was asleep in the spare room... And she needed this fuck so badly. Her starved gushing cunt gripped his hard dick ravenously, sucking him deep deep into her. She had to have him, she just had to.

"Oh, wow," Kent panted, "wow... This is so great, Mom..."

The excited boy began fucking her even faster and harder, and June lost all self-control. Her famished twat blazed with pleasure, and she threw her legs as far apart as she could, letting his hard hot balls butt her womb.

"Oh, fuck me, Kent, fuck meee," she wailed. "I love it... Ohhh, OHHH."

Carried away in their hot pleasure, mother and son forgot how much noise they were making. They wailed and howled and yelped, and the bedsprings creaked loudly. They forgot everything but the wild pleasure they were giving each other.

Outside the door, Patty listened wide-eyed. Kent was doing to their mother what he'd done to Vicky -- fucking her, putting his cock into her. Patty wished so much that she could watch. Those wild cries of pleasure were getting her very excited. She was about to try sneaking into the room, when she heard someone coming. She ran for the stairs and ducked down. With just her eyes above the stairs, she saw her father hurrying down the hall...

Rod had been wakened by the wild noises. At first he thought there were burglars attacking his family, and he leaped out of bed in alarm. When he opened the door and stepped out into the hall, however, he could hear the sounds more clearly -- and he recognized them all too well.

It was unmistakably the noise of someone making love.

He heard June's voice, husky and ecstatic: "Fuck me, ohhh, yes, fuck me..." There was a male voice, too, but so wild and incoherent that he couldn't identify it. He turned red with rage at the thought that June might have picked up some stranger and brought him home to ball out of revenge.

He wouldn't have it, by God. He wouldn't have his wife balling another man.

Rod raced down the hall and jerked open the door of the master bedroom. Vicky heard him coming and, just in time, she dived under the bed. She had just gotten under when Rod switched on the light. He stood there, the color draining from his face, and gawked at the scene on the bed.

It couldn't be true. Oh, Jesus, it couldn't.

But there it was, all too real. Naked, clinging to each other, were his wife and son. June was on her back, her legs spread shamelessly wide, her face twisted into a slut's grin of horny pleasure. Kent was on top of her, his stiff young cock thrust far into her cunt. The boy was flushed and grinning.

They remained frozen in that attitude when Rod turned on the light, motionless with shock and surprise. Then June slowly turned her head and looked at her husband. There was nothing she could say. It was all too obvious that she and Kent were doing. Kent, too, found no words. He just stared at his father.

Rod shuddered convulsively. His voice was choked. He stared at June and said, "You whore. You filthy whore. I can't believe any sane woman would do anything so vile. How could you possibly do this? How could you fuck your own son?"

June burst into tears. Shocked out of her mindless passion, she realized what an awful thing she'd done. Kent, however, didn't seem shocked at all -- only angry. He got off her, leaped off the bed, and faced his father, hands on hips.

"Now just a minute, Dad," he said hotly. "Where do you get off, talking to Mom like that? You've been screwing around with Vicky -- you're not perfect. And Mom didn't know it was me when we started making out -- she thought it was you. She was ready to be nice to you, to forgive you. You better just think a minute before you start putting her down."

Rod sagged, not knowing what to say. He was confused, lost.

Just then Patty ran into the room, pigtails flying. She gawked at her parents and her brother. "I heard noises," she said. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, Christ," Rod laughed bitterly, "what's wrong? Not much. I just caught your mother fucking your brother, that's all..."

Chapter EIGHT

"Rod, for heaven's sake," said June. "Don't talk like that in front of Patty."

Rod turned to her, sneering. "She might as well know the truth, June. She'll find out sooner or later, when I sue you for divorce."

"Divorce?" said Patty, wide-eyed. "Oh, Daddy, no! I don't want you and Mom to split up."

"I'm afraid it's necessary, honey," Rod said, softening.

"No, it's not," Patty said firmly. "I don't care what happened, I won't let you split up. I won't even let you argue. Come on and talk to me, Daddy, till you calm down."

The little red-haired teenager grabbed his hand and led him out of the room.

Left alone, Kent and June looked at each other. Kent sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, wow," he said bitterly, "I really fixed things up fine, didn't I? I don't want you and Dad to get divorced, either, but I guess I can see how he feels -- and it's all my fault."

June moved over and put her arms around him. "Kent, it's not your fault," she said. "It's mine, for allowing this to happen. When I realized it was you in bed with me and not Rod, I should have stopped you. But I -- oh, God..."

She started to cry, and Kent returned her embrace, holding her tightly against him. Her big swelling naked tits pressed against his chest.

"Hey, Mom," he said, "don't cry. We'll work something out."

He eased her down on the bed and began caressing her. Partly he meant to soothe her, but he was also remembering that their fantastic fuck had been interrupted and that he was still achingly horny. He couldn't resist cupping and molding her lovely melon-shaped breasts, delighting in the silky olive skin.

He kissed her gently on the mouth. "Don't cry, Mom," he said. "Even if Dad does cut out, you'll still have me."

June shuddered, half with horror and half with longing. She recalled all too vividly the intense pleasure she'd felt when Kent was balling her. With Rod gone, could she possibly resist her handsome sexy young son?

"Kent," she said, "I can't let your father go. We all need him."

"Sure, Mom," Kent said soothingly, "we'll change his mind. Just give him time to calm down. Take it easy..."

He kissed her again, lingeringly this time, and June found herself helplessly responding. She allowed his tongue to slip into her mouth, and she pressed closer to him, her ripe olive tits flattening against his chest. She knew she was doing something terribly wrong, but her body ached for him. Rod had come in too soon. She hadn't come yet, and her pussy boiled with need...

"Yeah, relax," Kent whispered.

June felt dizzy with need. She could not resist when the boy eased himself on top of her and began to kiss and lick her sensitive brown nipples. She felt his young cock rigid and hard against her belly.

God help her, she wanted him... She could even face that awful word "incest" and still admit that she wanted him. Just one more time wouldn't hurt. Rod was off with Patty. They could take the chance. She felt as if she must come or go crazy with frustration.

"Darling," she said softly, running her fingers through her son's hair.

Kent shuddered with pleasure and horny anticipation. He wanted so much to ease his painfully erect meat back into that long blazing wet tunnel of hers. Fucking his beautiful mother had been the wildest pleasure he'd ever known.

June, too, was trembling wildly. She felt his hard young prick pressing insistently against her belly, dribbling horny warm juice. She wanted that wonderfully stiff eager boy-cock inside her again more than she'd wanted anything in her life. What did it matter, anyhow, if Rod caught him again? Her marriage was already over.

She reached down and seized his hard throbbing meat and directed it between her legs. Trembling, hardly breathing, she guided the hot knobby head into the flooded mouth of her cunt. It slipped in easily.

"Ahhhh," June moaned.

"Oh, Jesus, YEAH," Kent yelped.

It was a delicious surprise when his mother took his cock and put it into herself. He felt his aching meat gliding swiftly into her fiery wet tunnel, blissfully sheathed in satiny slick flesh. He worked his hips, penetrating her fully, and June moaned hoarsely and opened her legs wider, encouraging him.

"Oh, yes, darling, yessss," she said.

She forgot everything else, even her husband's fury, as the thick hard penis stuffed her red-hot gripping twat. She slammed her belly up against his, meeting his thrust, and when he began to move in her, she whimpered with joy. It was just what she wanted, those quick hard horny jabs...

"Yes, yes, fuck me, Kent," she whined, "fuck meeeee!"

Under the bed, Vicky was pressing herself flat against the floor to avoid the bouncing bedsprings. Her plan had worked, with a vengeance. Mrs. Hanson couldn't keep her hands off her son -- they were balling AGAIN, in spite of the bad scene with Rod. The trouble was, Vicky had defeated her own purpose. If Rod went away, she'd have gained nothing.

Well, there was only one thing to do -- find Rod and reason with him. She had to convince him that if he stayed with his wife and family, he and she could have plenty of fun together. She wondered if she could sneak out from under the bed without Kent and Mrs. Hanson seeing her.

She could hear them moaning and sighing up there as they balled. She felt envious -- and powerfully turned on. She wished desperately that she was in June's place, taking that stiff jerking cock. The crotch of her shorts was soaked with her horny pussy juices.

Christ, yes, she had to get out of there and find Rod. Not only did she need to talk to him -- she needed him to ball her. It was driving her crazy, listening to another couple making out.

Vicky crawled slowly out from under the bed, twisting to look up and see what Kent and June were doing. She needn't have worried. They were so absorbed in their loud fast humping that they wouldn't have noticed a herd of elephants charging through the room. Kent had his face buried in his mother's long flowing dark hair, and June had her eyes closed, her handsome face wreathed in an ecstatic smile.

Vicky stood up and took a quick glance at the couple on the bed. June's long legs were spread lewdly wide for her son, and Kent's small pale ass bounced furiously as he worked his meat deep in his mother's cunt. Vicky could even hear the soft squishy noise of their fucking.

God, it was a turn-on... She found she actually dug watching other people do it. Maybe someday... But right now she had more important things to take care of.

She slipped but of the room unnoticed and stood in the hall, listening. Rod had gone off somewhere with Patty, but where? Then she heard low voices from downstairs, in the living room. Vicky quietly crept down the stairs.

When Patty led him out of the bedroom, Rod had hardly been aware of her presence. He was in a blind rage, merely allowing himself to be led. He only knew that if he stayed in the same room with June, he'd kill her. It was better that he go away, calm down...

Patty took him downstairs, where he couldn't hear the voices. She wasn't quite sure just what the trouble was. She understood that her mother and brother had been making out, but it didn't shock her as it had shocked Rod. No one had ever explained to Patty about incest or why it was wrong. To her, June and Kent were just another couple.

Well, maybe Daddy was jealous. Something had really made him blow his cool. Patty felt she had to calm him down, get him to change his mind about a divorce. They had such a happy family, and she didn't want it broken up.

She led her father into the living room and made him sit on the couch. "Now, you just relax, Daddy," she said, "and I'll bring you a drink. What would you like to have?"

Rod shook himself, still half dazed with shock and anger. "A drink would be a real good idea, honey," he sighed. "Just put a lot of ice in a glass and then fill it up with Scotch."

As Patty went off to make the drink, he looked at her for the first time that evening. Really she was a lovely girl and a very considerate daughter. He knew he must be acting like an animal. But with good reason maybe -- it isn't every day a guy catches his wife fucking his son.

My God, what could have possessed June to do such a thing? Always she'd been so middle-class, so proper and even puritanical. What could have driven her to fuck her own teenage son?

He knew the answer already, or at least part of it: he hadn't been taking care of her in bed. If she hadn't wildly, crazily horny, she would never have succumbed to Kent.

If Kent's story was true, then Rod could understand how it had happened. June sound asleep, then thinking it was him, Rod, in bed with her. Starting to fuck... then realizing it was her son, not her husband, who was in her. But why didn't she stop him then?

Oh, come on, he told himself, have you ever tried to quit in mid-fuck?

Yes, he could understand it all, and maybe he shouldn't blame June. She needed sex, just like he did -- only he'd given it to the neighbor girl, not to his wife. June had every excuse. If she'd been making it with some other guy, a guy her own age, he would have understood. But Kent? Their own son?

"Here, Daddy," said Patty, "maybe this will help."

She handed him the tall cold glass of Scotch, and Rod took a long swallow. "Thanks, baby," he said. "I feel better already."

She sat down near him while he sipped his drink. She was wearing a pink baby doll nightie that was almost sheer. He could see the little points of her young tits thrusting saucily under the thin material. The panties of the nightgown were short and skimpy, outlining the gentle pout of her muff.

He looked at her, and she grinned. Christ, she looked like a little girl still -- freckles, upturned nose, big blue eyes. Yet there was something so delectable, so sexy about her. When she ginned at him like that, he felt a hot rush of lust for her... Yes, he understood where June was. To lust for your own kid [missing text].

"Daddy," said Patty, putting her hand on his leg, "please don't do what you said -- don't even think about a divorce. We all need you. I don't think I could stand it if you and Mom broke up."

He tried to smile. "Honey, I promise you, I'll think about it very carefully. But that kind of thing is hard to forgive."

"Why?" said Patty. "Really, what's the big deal, Daddy? So they made love -- it's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean they don't love you."

Rod stared at his daughter. Why, the kid had no notion at all of the evil upstairs. She knew nothing of incest, infidelity, or jealousy. In her innocent world, everybody should just have a good time. Rod envied her.

She rested her hand just above his knee, and he could feel the heat of her flesh through his pajamas. He studied her delicate little body. She was even smaller and daintier than Vicky, her young teen-old tits hardly budded. He thought how very tiny her cunt would be...

But, Jesus, she was his own daughter. What was he thinking of?

"Please, Daddy," she said, "don't ever leave us. I couldn't stand it, Daddy..."

She started to cry. Rod set down his drink, grabbed her, and pulled her onto his lap. He held her, patted her.

"Now, baby," he crooned, "if it's that bad, I won't leave. I promise."

"And you'll make up with Mom? Everything will be okay again?" Patty wept.

"Sure, baby," said Rod, "whatever you want."

He didn't know how he was going to keep those promises, for his heart was still full of anger at June. But he couldn't stand to see Patty cry. He held her and rocked her. Her soft little butt pressed into his lap, rubbing his limp cock. For the second time, helplessly, he imagined the exquisite tightness of her virgin teens old box...

If he'd been more attentive, he'd have noticed that her sobbing wasn't so desperate any more, that it had taken on a mechanical tone... Patty was reassured by his promises, no longer upset. But she didn't want to get off his lap. She felt something pressing against her ass, something big and soft and warm. She suspected it was his peter, and she burned with curiosity.

She remembered what she'd seen when she watched Kent and Vicky. Her brother's cock, amazingly big and long and thick. Vicky playing with it, getting Kent so excited. Kent putting his pale stiff peter into Vicky. Their excited voices... It had all seemed like so much fun.

Patty wondered about her father's cock, whether it was bigger than Kent's. She wondered how Vicky had felt when Kent did all those things to her. Vicky had acted like it was really a lot of fun. Patty wanted to try it, too. She wanted to do all those things with her strong handsome father.

She sensed, however, that he'd say no. She had to move slowly, subtly, not let him know what she had in mind. She wiggled in his lap, as if getting more comfortable, and pressed her little ass harder against his big doughy cock.

"Oh, Daddy," she said, pretending to cry, "I was so scared when you yelled at Mom. I hope that never happens again."

Rod squeezed her. "Honey, it won't," he said. "I promise. You just relax now, relax..."

He held her, his hand touching the outer swelling of her little breast. He felt her tiny butt, hot and firm, against his cock. He genuinely wanted to comfort his daughter, but at the same time, he was getting powerfully aroused. She was so tiny, so childish, and yet so damned enticing...

Patty took a chance, letting her hand drop limply into his lap, as if she were exhausted. She felt around and touched more of that big doughy lump, the strange thing in his pants, which she was sure was his cock. If only she could see it.

"Oh," she sighed, "I'm so fired up."

She slipped off his lap and lay down on the couch, her head on his upper thighs. She was facing that big mysterious lamp now, that swelling bulge in his pajamas. Rod was leaning back, taking another sip from his drink. Patty couldn't wait any longer. She just had to get a look.

Quickly she reached into the buttonless fly of his pajamas and took his limp warm prick in her hand. She heard him gasp, but she didn't stop. She drew his cock out into the light.

"Baby," Rod said, stunned, "you shouldn't do that."

"I just want to look, Daddy," she said lazily. "Looking won't hurt."

Rod stared down at his little daughter. Her childish freckled face was full of innocent curiosity. She let his limp rosy cock rest on her palm, studying it, her wide blue eyes taking in the loose flesh, the little blue veins, the dull red head with its slitted mouth.

Rod didn't know what to say or what to do, but he knew what he wanted -- he wanted her to go on holding his prick, to touch it, play with it. Already, with just her soft gentle touch, he was excited... Oh, Christ, he'd been a shit, getting so mad at June. Here he was, letting his own little daughter play with his dick. He was just as guilty as June, maybe more -- for he hadn't been asleep when this kinky scene started.

Patty was puzzled. Her brother's cock had been very stiff and long and taut, but Daddy's was small and wrinkled up and very soft. She didn't understand the difference. But since Daddy hadn't made her stop, she might as well continue her exploration. She curled her fingers around the limp warm prick and began to pump it, like she'd seen Vicky do with Kent.

It was fun. She liked the sensation of the soft silky flesh slipping loosely between her fingers. His cock was warm and faintly throbbing with a life of its own. Suddenly, however, something very strange happened -- his cock began to grow.

Still holding him, Patty watched with awe as his limp meat began to twitch into life. It fattened between her fingers, lengthened, and grew hard and taut. It poked out from her fist, the head growing purple and swollen and hard. From the little dark slit mouth of his penis, a glistening bubble of juice rolled out.

Now his cock looked just like Kent's, only bigger.

Rod lay back against the couch, face flaming. He'd just gotten an enormous cock-stand for his teenage daughter. Beautiful. He was really a wonderful father. He remembered himself yelling at June, asking her how she could have gotten aroused for her own kid. Now he knew -- and he felt like an asshole.

"Patty," he said shakily, "it's very late. I think you'd better go back to bed."

Her hot little fist tightened around his erect throbbing prick. "No, Daddy," she said impatiently, "not just yet. I want to look."

He should have told her no, should have bundled her right up the stairs and into her bed, but he didn't move, didn't say a word. He couldn't -- because before he could even think, Patty stuck out her cute little pink tongue and started to lick the head of his prick.

His whole body flamed with evil lust. Her little tongue lapped mischievously on his sensitive cock, sending sharp streaks of pleasure through his loins. God help him, he couldn't bring himself to make her stop. He leaned back, dizzy and panting.

Patty had decided to try some of the stuff she'd seen Vicky doing with Kent. At first when she stuck out her tongue and started to lick the big purple head of Daddy's cock, she wanted to giggle, it was such a funny thing to do. Then she got to enjoying it. His flesh was hot and satiny beneath her tongue. She lapped up the little drop of juice, and it tasted good.

She tried to remember what else Vicky had done to Kent. The image came to her, and she mimicked it, moistening her lips, kissing the head of her father's hot hard cock. She began to lick up and down the rigid pulsing stalk, making his whole hard prick shiny with her spit...

"Honey," Rod said hoarsely, "where did you learn to do that? Have you been with some boy?" Patty giggled. "No, Daddy, I know I'm not supposed to date yet. I was just watching Vicky and Kent."

Rod's head whirled. That damned little nymph next door had been making it with his son, too! He and Kent had shared the same girl... Well, he'd have to talk to Kent later. Right now he couldn't keep his mind on anything but Patty's wicked wet little tongue teasing up and down his rigid swollen meat...

"Do you like this, Daddy?" she asked. Her voice was completely innocent, full of childish curiosity.

"Yes, honey," Rod managed to say, "it's very pleasant." That was hardly a strong enough word -- it was driving him crazy, his little freckle-faced daughter tonguing his dick. He couldn't keep still any more. He reached out and slipped his hand inside her panties, found the ripe mound of her hairless cunt. He slid a finger between the slick fleshy lips and touched the tiny button of her clitoris. He began to rub...

Patty gasped. Suddenly she was feeling the most dizzying pleasure of her young life. Daddy had his hand between her legs and was caressing that funny little lump of flesh she'd discovered the other day. Only it felt so much better when he did it. His fingers were more skillful than hers.

"Oooo, Daddy," she sighed, "that feels so good..."

Rod felt a sudden spurt of hot cream wetting his finger. Patty moaned and rubbed her little virgin pussy against him. He was turning her on fast -- his own kid. And he knew he wasn't going to stop. Her little body was too delicious, too tempting. He circled her tiny hot clit with his fingertip, moving faster and faster.

"Oooo, yeah, Daddy," she squealed, "that's NICE..."

He wouldn't fuck her, he told himself, he just wouldn't... That would be going too far, to pop his own daughter's cherry. But that didn't mean they couldn't have fun.

"Honey," he panted, "there's something I could really dig."

"Sure, Daddy," she sighed. "What is it?"

"Take my cock in your mouth," he said feverishly. "Suck on it. I'd like that so much, Patty."

The little girl didn't hesitate. She loved her father and wanted to please. And he was doing such delicious things to her with his finger, it seemed only fair to do something he liked.

Patty licked her lips, then slid her mouth around the huge purple head of her father's penis. She sucked strongly, taking him inside. His cock was too long for her small mouth, and she could take in only about half his length before his dripping balls touched her throat. She began to suck. It was fun...

"Ohhh, Christ," Rod moaned. "Yeah, baby, that's good..."

Her little mouth was silky fire around his swollen meat. He couldn't help moaning as she sucked him. He slid his soaked finger off her hot little joy button and searched out the tiny moist mouth of her twat. He inserted his finger gently in his daughter's cunt. No barrier. He pushed...

"UMMMM!" Patty said.

She felt burning pleasure as Daddy eased his thick stiff finger up her narrow virgin cunt. She creamed helplessly and heavily around him. In her excitement, she sucked harder and harder on his thick throbbing dick.

"Baby, baby," Rod crooned, "I like that. Yeah, suck meee."

He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Vicky took the opportunity to scamper down the stairs and hide behind a chair. She had to, for someone was coming. She'd been watching from the stairs, watching Rod getting it on with his red-haired daughter -- when she heard a bedroom door opening. She had to hide.

"Yeah, honey, yeah," Rod whined. "I'm gonna come in a second. Don't be afraid. Just swallow it..."

Patty didn't know what he meant, but she felt she was ready for anything. His thick stiff finger was pumping in her virgin cunt, and it felt fantastically good. She felt herself mounting into almost unbearable pleasure, just like when she'd played with herself while watching Kent and Vicky. Then her little nipping cunt seemed to explode with hot ecstasy.

Rod felt her coming, felt her deliciously tight little twat squeezing his finger, creaming in floods. In her excitement she almost swallowed his cock, and her silky throat muscles closed around his swollen balls.

"Ummm!" she said. "UMMM!"

Rod felt red-hot jism ripping up his rigid shaft, into her mouth. "Oh, Christ, YEAH," he bellowed, "eat my come, baby, EAT IT..."

He gasped and moaned as he shot his load into her mouth, and the little girl swallowed it all. He was oblivious to everything but his violent pleasure.

Then he opened his eyes and saw his wife and son staring at him.

Chapter NINE

When she and Kent had finished making love, June experienced a few moments of intense satisfaction and deep peace. It wasn't long enough, though. She began to worry about Rod, about her marriage. She had to go talk to her husband and try to patch things up, hopeless as it seemed.

Reluctantly she moved out from under Kent, felt his limp wet prick slipping from her. "Kent," she said, "we better go find your father and talk with him."

"Yeah," Kent sighed, "I guess so."

They didn't bother to dress -- it seemed superfluous now, after all that had happened. They heard voices downstairs, started down -- and then stopped, gawking.

Below them on the couch Rod was sitting, Patty's head in his lap. His cock was out, erect and glistening with her spit. She was sucking on it, and Rod was working his hand inside her panties.

Shocked speechless, June slowly descending the stairs, Kent following her. They walked over to the couch and stood there watching, still hardly believing their eyes. Rod and Patty were oblivious to them. Rod's voice was hoarse with lust.

"Eat my come, baby," he bellowed, "EAT me!"

June watched in horror as Rod came into his daughter's mouth. Patty was coming, too, she could tell -- the girl's body writhed and shook. Patty swallowed her father's jism, jerked her pussy around his finger...

At last Rod looked up and saw his wife and son.

"Well, Rod," June said bitterly, "what was it you were calling me a while ago -- insane? Vile? Because I made love to my own child. So what would you call yourself?"

"I-I didn't fuck her," Rod said weakly.

"No, you only 'fucked' her mouth," June said coldly. "It's incest just the same, Rod. You're no better than I am, and you know it."

"Oh, Mom, Daddy," cried Patty, "don't fight, please. Can't we just forget all this and make up?"

"I hardly think so," June said. "Your father has some explaining to do."

"Oh, yeah, and what about you?" Rod said angrily. "How are you going to explain..."

"WAIT!" said a new voice.

The Hanson family whirled around and saw their neighbor, Vicky, getting up from behind a chair. Everyone was astonished but Kent, who had smuggled her into the house in the first place.

"Vicky," said June, "what are YOU doing here?"

Vicky marched determinedly to the center of the room. "It's a long story, Mrs. Hanson," she said. "Kent and I were just trying to change your mind about me, that's all, but it got out of hand. I just wanted everyone to have a good time, but now it seems like you're all mad at each other. That wasn't what I planned at all."

"Well, just what did you plan, then?" said June.

Vicky spoke slowly and thoughtfully. "Well, it seems to me that since sex is so much fun, everybody should have a chance at it, and we should be able to do it with anyone we want. Like all of us, for instance -- we should be able to chose our partners, and we shouldn't feel uptight around each other. If we're all friends, then nobody can get hurt."

June looked skeptical. "You mean, you want my permission to go on making it with my husband and my son?"

"Yes," said Vicky, "and you should make it with them, too, if you want. Nobody owns anybody else."

"I agree to a certain extent," said Rod, "but I really don't like the idea of June sleeping with Kent."

"Oh?" Vicky smiled mischievously. "But it's okay for you to make it with Patty?"

June glanced at her and grinned. "Yes, Rod, what about that? Vicky has a point there."

Rod threw up his hands in confusion. "All right," he said, "so I'm contradicting myself I just don't see how your plan would work out, though, Vicky."

"I'm afraid I don't, either," said June. "It sounds ideal, everybody being friends, nobody being jealous or possessive, but I don't understand how it would work in practice."

For a teenage girl, Vicky looked very confident. "Why don't you let me show you?" she said.

June blushed. "You mean right here and now?"

"Sure," said Vicky, "Why not?"

"She's right, June," said Rod. "What have we got to lose? I'll try anything, that might save our marriage."

June looked at him gratefully. "All right," she said. "I feel the same way. I guess you can go ahead, Vicky."

"Okay," Vicky said. "First of all, everybody should be undressed."

She pulled off her shirt, revealing her small round pink-nippled breasts. She reached for the zipper of her shorts. June and Kent, who were already naked, just gawked. Rod blushing, started to take off his pajamas. Patty was faster than anyone -- she shucked her flimsy nightgown in seconds. She was very excited and interested to know what the pretty neighbor girl could show them.

Vicky stood naked and unselfconscious in the center of the room. "Now," she said, "we should chose the person we want to make love to."

Again Patty was way ahead of everyone else. She was eyeing her handsome older brother. She'd always thought Kent was the sexiest boy in the world, and she imagined it would be fantastic to find out about sex with him. His pale peter was limp now, like Daddy's had been earlier, but Patty had learned what to do about that.

The red-haired girl jumped to her feet, pigtails flying, and said eagerly, "I want Kent."

Kent wanted to protest. Fuck his kid sister, when he had two other beautiful women available? When he glanced at Patty, however, he began to wonder... She really was growing up. He hadn't seen his sister naked for years, not since she was a baby. There had been some very nice changes in her body since then.

She was still short and slim like a child, but she had grown cute little pointed tits with pretty pink nipples. There was no hair on her snatch yet, but Kent was turned on by her very nakedness, by the peach-like pout of her immature muff. And he imagined her cunt would be very tiny... Yeah, it might be fun to get it on with his little sister.

"It's okay with me," he said.

Both June and Rod looked a little uneasy they'd just been ranting about incest, and now their son and daughter were about to make love. But if the kids wanted it, and if it would help save the marriage, then they would take a chance.

"All right," said Vicky, "if someone else wants to make it with Kent, she can have him next. What about you, Mrs. Hanson? Who do you want for your partner?"

June felt like she was in a crazy dream. Still she and Rod were committed to trying the experiment. She glanced at her husband as he sat naked on the couch. Really, he had a splendid body -- wide, hair-matted chest, powerful legs and arms, and a thick mature cock much better suited to her adult cunt than Kent's slim rod. Suddenly she felt powerfully turned on to her husband.

"I-I want Rod," she said, flushing. "That is, if he wants me. If he'd rather make it with you, Vicky, that's all right."

"Rod is my choice, too," said Vicky, "so well just take turns. You can be first, Mrs. Hanson."

Rod had been ogling them both, but his eyes came back again and again to his voluptuous dark-haired wife. Had he been blind all these years? June was stacked, a magnificent big-breasted female with delicious curves and silky dark skin. She made the younger girls look like starved orphans.

"I like the arrangement," said Rod, grinning. "Let's get started. You wanta go upstairs, June?"

"Oh, no, Rod," said Vicky. "That's not part of the plan. We're all going to stay right there."

June blushed hotly. "You mean -- do it in front of each other?" she said.

"Oh, sure," Vicky said nonchalantly, "that's half the fun. It's really a turn-on to watch other people."

Rod was an old-fashioned guy, and he felt a little uncomfortable about the idea, but at the same time it turned him on. "Relax, June," he said. "I don't think any of us have any secrets from each other now."

But June continued to blush. "Oh, I don't know," she said nervously. "I just can't imagine making love in front of other people."

Vicky wanted to tell her that she already had -- that Vicky had been behind the curtains, then under the bed, when June balled Kent. But she could see that arguments wouldn't change June's mind. Mrs. Hanson was just too old-fashioned to change her opinions. Only one thing would convince her -- pleasure so great that she couldn't resist.

"I think we ought to show her how much fun it is," Vicky said wickedly to Rod.

He caught on right away. "Yeah," he said, grinning, "let's just show her. Kids, help us with your mother."

June's blush faded, and she turned pale and started to back away from the group. "Oh, no," she said, "no, now just wait..."

They gabbed her and dragged her down onto the soft rug. The kids -- Kent, Patty and Vicky -- were chuckling, and Rod was grinning wickedly. June realized that they meant to force her into group sex, and she struggled to get loose, but there were too many of them.

"Oh, please," she said, starting to cry, "I don't want to do this."

"Oh, come on, Mom," said Kent, "You'll dig it. Just relax."

"Yeah, Mom," said Patty. "It's gonna be fun."

"Nooo," June wailed.

She couldn't help it. She just hadn't been brought up to do these kinky modem things. If she had to be fucked in front of all these grinning kids, she'd die of embarrassment. Again she fought to get away, but they held her down. Oh, God, they were going to force her.

"Hold her," said Kent. "I know something she really likes."

Patty and Vicky held June's shoulders down, and Rod held her legs. Kent knelt beside his mother, ogling her enormous olive-skinned tits with their big light-brown nipples. She had by far the largest boobs in the room, each as big as his head. He felt saliva rushing to his mouth as he bent low over her.

"Relax, Mom," he whispered. "Just relax and enjoy it."

June was far from relaxing, but she felt a sharp buzz of pleasure as Kent sucked her left nipple into his mouth. He took the whole thing, lashing and tickling it with his tongue, bathing it in his steamy spit. He sucked loudly, lewdly, in a way that never failed to excite her.

June's face turned red, and she closed her eyes, afraid they'd reveal the intense pleasure she felt as her son sucked noisily on her nipple. She wished they were alone. She felt so inhibited with an audience.

Rod, holding her legs, decided to do this part in making his wife relax. He forced her legs apart, exposing the bright moist scarlet line of her slit. He went belly down between her long shapely legs and pressed his hot face against her plump ripe pussy. His tongue snaked out, tickling the ultra sensitive button of her clit.

"Ohhh!" June gasped.

She hadn't been able to suppress that cry when the powerful and unexpected pleasure hit her. Nothing excited her more or got her more quickly aroused than having her clit licked. Rod's tongue, rough and wet and expert, teased her little red nub swiftly, and she felt her whole body melting in horny enjoyment.

"I think it's working," Vicky said gleefully.

She and Patty were still holding June's shoulders, looking rather enviously at the older woman's huge thrusting breasts and lush black fur patch. Some day, maybe, their bodies would grow that voluptuous and richly curved.

Vicky couldn't resist reaching out and touching June's right breast while Kent sucked the left one. It was a fistful, all right, hot and swollen and deliciously silky. She understood how men got off on fondling tits. She ran her hand over the big fleshy melon, stroking, caressing.

Patty's hand joined hers. There was room for both on June's mountainous heaving tit. Patty explored her mother's lush breast in awe and innocent curiosity. She prayed that she'd inherited June's figure.

Meanwhile the room was filled with lewd wet noises as Kent sucked ravenously on his mother's big brown nipple and Rod sucked powerfully on the wet little bump of her clit. June was having a terrible time controlling herself, suppressing her cries of delight, keeping her body still. With her breasts being deliciously fondled and sucked, with Rod tonguing expertly all over her aroused and horny clit, there was no way she could fail to be aroused.

Suddenly, to her mortification, she creamed furiously all over Rod's face. Dammit, he knew that sign all too well. He knew it meant that she wouldn't be satisfied till she was fucked, that her lust had gone beyond her power to control or turn off...

He raised his wet face, grinned, and said, "I don't think you need to hold her any longer, kids."

The three adolescents backed off, but they kept close, watching eagerly as Rod fingered his cock. It was erect now, huge and thick and rosy, with bright cream dribbling from the big purple head. Everyone seemed to be looking at June's wet exposed pussy...

She felt dizzy with embarrassment -- and lust. She just had to have her husband's big beautiful cock. Just looking at that thick stiff dick made her cream again and again. But there was that sea of grinning faces around her...

She felt paralyzed. She couldn't bring herself to cooperate, yet she couldn't leave, couldn't pass up what Rod offered. He reached for her, and she moaned. He was turning her over, onto her belly, and she didn't resist.

"Yeah, go, Dad, go," Kent said eagerly.

"Oh, this is so exciting," squeaked Patty.

"It's a real turn-on," Vicky said huskily.

All three youngsters watch wide-eyed as Rod's enormously swollen dick approached the wet lush pink cleft of June's exposed pussy. Rod eyed his target. Her cunt seemed to gasp and nip with eagerness, an inviting shadowed hole. But his attention was elsewhere -- on the tight little brown wrinkle of her anus.

All his life he'd had a secret letch to fuck a woman in the ass. He could imagine how tight it was, just as good as a virgin cunt. He decided to take a chance. He pressed the wet slippery knob of his cock against the little bumpy anal mouth -- and pushed.

"ROD!" June yelped. "No, no -- not THERE..."

The kids were surprised, too. Rod had plenty of experience, knew he had the wrong hole -- so what was he doing? Vicky was the first to grasp his intent. She understood how tight that little asshole would be for him, and she shivered with horny delight as she thought how crazy it would feel to a woman...

June tried to crawl away, but Vicky held her. Rod, red-faced and panting, pushed steadily against the tight wrinkled baffler of her little asshole. Suddenly there was a loud POP and his cock shot into her, sliding quickly into her fiery rectum. Rod groaned as he sank clear to his balls in exquisite silky snugness.

"OHHHH!" June wailed.

Her cry was half terror and half pleasure. To her wonder, it didn't hurt at all, though Rod's thick meat at first threatened to split her narrow asshole. When she felt her rectum suddenly and fully stuffed with his stiff fat cock, she was astounded to find out how good it felt. Her pussy creamed furiously...

"Awww, Christ," Rod whined, "so fuckin' tight..."

He began to bum-fuck his wife, working his rigid meat slowly and lingeringly in her fiery tight passage. It was better than he'd dreamed. He'd never balled anything so deliciously tight in his life.

June whimpered softly and worked her horny asshole around his rigid impalement. It felt so good, she couldn't control herself any longer. She didn't mind the audience now...

"Ooooo, yes, darling," she crooned, "yesss... Fuck my ass... It's good, Rod, really good..."

Watching the grownups was fun, but Patty was getting impatient. She was highly aroused by her mother's sighs and whimpers of pleasure, and she wanted some of that good stuff for herself. Sitting beside her brother, she kept glancing at his pale boyish cock. At first it was limp and wrinkled, but as he watched Daddy balling Mom, his cock lurched into life and grew long and hard and taut.

Patty stared longingly at her brother's prick. It seemed prettier than Daddy's somehow. Kent wasn't so big and gross and hairy. His pale cock had a pretty cherry-red head, and his young balls were clean and pink and hairless. Unable to resist, Patty slipped her little hand into her brother's crotch and began to pet his warm silky cock and nuts.

"Hey!" Kent laughed.

"Come on, Kent," Patty said impatiently. "You said you'd be my partner."

"Why, sure, little sister," he said, grinning.

"What do you want to do?"

"I want to fuck," Patty said determinedly. "Everybody's done it but me, and I want to find out what it's like."

"Well, I'll be happy to oblige," Kent said. "Why don't we do it right here, so we can watch Mom and Dad, too?"

"Great," said Patty.

The slim redhead lay down beside her mother, barely a foot away, and opened her little legs wide for her brother. Kent ogled her virgin slit. Unlike Vicky and June, she had no hair down there at all. Her pussy seemed miniature compared to theirs, everything tiny and childlike and dainty. The older guys at school had told him that a virgin was the best fuck of all. Kent was definitely looking forward to this.

He took his erect swollen dick and pressed the rosy-red tip against the tiny recessed mouth of his sister's cunt. Patty waited obediently, not moving, keeping her legs wide open for him. Kent pushed. Nothing happened. He pushed again, but he couldn't get even the tip of his cock into her. She was much too tight.

"Dammit all," he said.

Vicky had been watching. "Hang on a second," she said. "I know what to do about that. I'll be right back."

She raced upstairs, sweet round tits bouncing furiously, and found the bathroom. She took some Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and hurried back to the group. Kneeling beside Kent, she applied a generous amount of the slippery stuff to his cock.

She got a kick out of running her fist up and down his rigid hot prick, her hand made slick and swift with the jelly. Kent sighed as she fist-fucked him. Vicky wished she could take Patty's place -- she was getting soooo horny watching the others -- but she would have to wait her turn.

"Okay," she told Kent. "That should make it easier."

Again Kent knelt between his little sister's legs and pressed the greased tip of his cock into her tiny hole. He pushed -- and this time he popped right in. Suddenly his swollen meat was deliciously sheathed in tight hot silky flesh.

"Oooo!" Patty squealed.

It felt as if her whole belly was stuffed with her brother's long hard rod. For a moment she was scared, it felt so big, but then she realized how really nice it felt... Kent began to ball her, working his slim slippery prick in quick deep thrusts, and Patty creamed in horny enjoyment. Fucking really was fun...

"Ooooo, YEAH," she squealed. "Yeah, Kent, fuck me... I really dig it..."

The teenage brother and sister humped happily together, their bodies moving in perfect time. Beside them, their parents kept expert rhythm, too, June thrusting her shapely pale ass up to meet each lunge of Rod's thick meat. He moaned each time he sank his bloated dick deep into her fiery tight asshole.

Vicky sat watching the two couples, proud of her work in reuniting the Hanson family -- but also achingly horny and acutely envious. Everybody was having fun but her. Her little pussy ached with need, she just couldn't sit still.

Carried away by her urgent lust, Vicky crawled around behind the two rutting couples and eyed the men's tight-muscled asses and swinging rosy nut-sacs. There was something here for her after all. Crouching close, she stuck out her little pink tongue and licked Rod's big swollen balls, lashing them mischievously.

"Yeah, yeah," Rod moaned, "that's great, Vicky..."

She tongued him a moment longer, then swung her head quickly and applied her wet hot tongue to Kent's dangling pink nuts. She licked the warm silky bags hungrily.

"Awwww, Christ, yeah," Kent whined.

Vicky grinned. She kept switching back and forth from father to son, licking and lashing their bloated nut sacs till both pairs glistened with her spit. Rod and Kent moaned, their pleasure doubled by Vicky's naughty tonguing.

"Hey, son," Rod gasped, turning for a second to catch Kent's eye, "save something for Vicky, okay?"

"I'll try," Kent panted.

June, her asshole deliciously reamed by her husband's thick meat, began to come, wailing shrilly. At almost the same moment her daughter began to climax, her creamy little twat nipping and convulsing around Kent's jerking dick. Patty squealed blissfully.

No sooner had their partners come, than Kent and Rod withdrew, their cocks still hard and ready. They turned around and grinned at Vicky.

"Your turn, sweetheart," said Rod. "Kent and I have something for you."

Vicky hungrily eyed the two stiff wet pricks. "Far out," she said eagerly, "but who's going to be first?"

"Oh, we don't have to take turns," said Rod. "There's room for us both. Right, son?"

Kent caught his meaning. "Right, Dad," he grinned.

Rod swept Vicky into his arms and lay down facing her. Vicky eagerly swung a leg up over him, around his waist, and guided his big throbbing prick into her seething little cunt. In her impatience she literally stuffed the big fleshy sausage into herself. She creamed hotly around it. God, she'd needed this.

"Ball me, Rod," she whined. "Hurry, hurry..."

"Now don't be impatient," he laughed. "Wait for Kent!"

Vicky didn't understand what he meant, but in a moment she found out. She felt Kent snuggling up behind her, then the hard hot tip of his cock pressing against the tiny wrinkled mouth of her asshole.

"Oh, YEAH!" she cried.

She relaxed her anal mouth and Kent's cock slid into her narrow slick rectum. Vicky moaned. It felt even better than she'd imagined. Her whole belly seemed stuffed with cock. Father and son began to move in her, keeping time together, reaming her cunt and asshole, their hard jerking pricks separated only by a thin wall of flesh. Vicky had never known such pleasure...

Patty was nodding off, for it was way past her bedtime. She snuggled up in her mother's arms and was soon asleep. June did not sleep, though. She watched the scene before her, watched her husband and son balling the neighbor girl.

She felt no envy, only gratitude toward Vicky for bringing their family back together again. It had been a strange reunion, something most people wouldn't understand, but it had worked. June looked forward to an unusual but very rewarding future.


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