Wet and ready

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

A good case in point is Charles Manson, a person who never learned about good and bad, a person who never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in high political office today offers another example.

Tootsie Gates is a child of the present. Living the life of the existential hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today, and the pleasures it brings. For Tootsie, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

And so she goes from day to day, wandering from one lover to another, keeping her relationships on a physical plane, always looking for a new thrill.

WET AND READY -- the story of a young girl who embodies the life style of many in our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. Her story is one which holds a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

I fell asleep on the train and had a dream that Gus Wells was grazing his big, meaty dong over my tits, down over my tummy, then brushing my cunt hairs with it. Slowly, all slowly. Oh, it was a lovely, purple-headed cock and my body felt like I was walking through the fires of hell -- or better yet, heaven -- as he velvet-touched it down over my spread thighs. It was a dream I've had many times before, and I always wake up sweaty and completely frustrated, because the damned dream never has an ending.

And in the dream I would then feel his face against the tender flesh of my belly, his rough hands gripping the cheeks of my ass, his hot breath tormenting me. Then his mouth working on my nipples, sucking each one in turn between his lips and biting them lightly. Then his head moving lower and planting a wet kiss at the top of my clit. And I can always actually feel his warm tongue slipping between my cunt-lips in strong back and forth strokes.

And, as usual, my body wriggles and squirms. And me all hungry to see his warm, sensual mouth all ripe and full of me, his hot maniac-eyes wide, then fluttering. And oh, his fat red knob planked out between his hairy thighs, in full view, driving me crazier for it. And his fingers playing with that big gorilla-prick until it loomed up even larger and gleamed like something unreal.

Well, it wasn't real, after all. Just a silly dream. I awoke, sighed, and tried to calm myself.

When the train pulled into Long Island station, I was already standing at the top of the stairs, prepared to jump off the moment the train stopped. I had my suitcase in my hand, and my small blue overnight bag was sitting next to me on the top step of the stairs. It had been a long trip in from New York, and I was anxious to begin my summer in the country.

Excitement made my skin tingle.

A whole summer, I thought. Free! Away from the city, away from my parents! Nothing to do but go to the beach and have a good time!

I felt the anticipation of adventure that only an eighteen-year-old girl can know when she's away from home for the first time in her life.

I corrected myself. Not the first time. Last summer I had been here.

I laughed wickedly to myself and licked my lips, tasting the creamy thickness of my orange-flavored lipstick.

But that was different. Last summer I had been naive and innocent. Last summer I was still a virgin.

But this summer was different.

The door of the train slid silently open, and a bright flood of sunlight poured into the train. I squinted into the world beyond, searching excitedly through the golden tint of my sunglasses.

"Riverhead!" the conductor announced.

The train jerked to a halt, and I picked up my overnight bag. I stepped from the train and looked around the station. The sun felt good on my legs, and a cool summer breeze made my short skirt flap against my thighs. I had purposely worn my briefest, sexiest dress. I was anxious to show the Wells family how much I had grown since last summer. I was especially anxious to see Gus Wells' reaction.

"Tootsie!" someone called out in a squeaky little voice. "I see Tootsie! I see Tootsie!"

I turned towards the voice. It was five-year-old Percy, and he was screeching in ecstasy at his discovery.

The whole family was standing together, farther down the platform, huddled before a black station wagon. Cindy was jumping up and down and Gus was waving his arm. Only Mimi hadn't spotted me yet.

I ran towards them, feeling happy and light-headed. I was glad to see them. Glad not only because of the freedom they represented, but genuinely glad to see them because I had missed them. A year is a long time.

"Percy!" I shouted. I put my bags down and lifted the small boy high in the air. He giggled happily.

"Me, too!" someone cried, tugging at the hem of my dress. "Me, too!"

It was Cindy. God, how she had grown! She was tall and slim, and had lost most of her baby fat. There was a tomboyish quality about her now. Her long black waves, had been snipped oft and she now had a closely cropped shag haircut. She was grinning broadly, and I saw that her two front teeth were missing.

I put Percy down and kissed Cindy on the cheek. Then I lifted her in my arms and tried to swing her in the air as I had last summer. Her body seemed heavier, but my enthusiasm charged through my muscles, and the little girl swung through the air.

"Oh, put her down," Mimi Wells said, catching up with her children. "She's much too heavy, Tootsie!"

"No, she's not!" I insisted, but I put her down anyhow. "Hi!"

Mimi Wells embraced me and kissed my cheek. "My God!" she said. "How you've grown!"

She pushed me away from her embrace, and let her eyes travel across my body. I watched with pride as her eyes widened in surprise as they rose up from my hips to my pinched, narrow waist, right up to my full, hard tits. She nodded appreciatively at my smiling face.

"My, my, my!" she said. "What happened to you?"

I giggled. "I guess I grew up."

"I'll say!" She turned and pointed to me for her husband's benefit. "Gus, come and see this!"

Gus Wells hadn't changed very much. He was still gorgeous-looking. He was wearing a terry beach shirt, open to the middle of his chest, and a pair of white tennis shorts. His skin was tanned to a deep brown; it looked very striking against the soft white material of his clothing. Short dark hairs curled up from his broad chest and sprouted through the open cleavage of the half-buttoned shirt. He was wearing his hair longer than last year -- but it still was as dark as then. He had on a pair of dark-green sunglasses, and he was smiling happily at me.

"Is that Tootsie?" he asked.

His voice went right through me, and I felt myself shudder with excitement. Just being near him made my whole body quiver. My nipples grew hard, and I felt an unexpected wetness in the crotch of my panties.

"Hi!" I said meekly. "It's me."

Gus pulled me to him in a hug. I felt my head spin as my body crushed tightly against the hardness of his muscles. He was like a movie star -- dark and exciting! A trim, firm body that seemed at least ten years younger than his thirty-five-year-old age. Gus Wells was a very sexy man.

He kissed me and laughed. "What happened to the skinny girl?"

I blushed. He was looking at my tits.

"Don't tease her!" Mimi Wells said, poking her husband.

God, I thought, it was so good to be back! The last few weeks of school had been such torture. I couldn't wait! But now I was here, and the whole summer stretched before me like an endless golden meadow. It was good to be back, very good.

"Let me carry your bag," Percy said. He lifted the blue overnight case and struggled with it. Cindy grabbed my suitcase. Together, with their arms around me the five of us walked towards the car.

I was barraged with a thousand questions: "How are you?"

"How's your mother and father?"

"How did you do in school?"

"How was the trip in?"

"Are you hungry?" I hardly answered one before I was lit with two more.

My head was spinning from so much attention. I settled into the back seat of the station wagon, sandwiched between Percy and Cindy. Mimi and Gus sat in the front seat, with Gus driving. The motor started, and we were off.

"Wait until you see the house," Mimi said. She was sitting with her arm over the back of the seat, facing me. "Gus had it painted, and we added a playroom..."

Her words poured out, and I continued to acknowledge them with a nod of my head and an occasional exclamation of surprise, but only a part of my mind was concentrating on what Mimi was saying. The rest of my awareness was pulling itself together and calming my excitation with a reassuring observation.

They're so kind, I thought. They treat me as though I were really a part of the family and not like hired help...

Hired help! How absurd. Sure, I work for them -- if you can call what I do work. Being a mother's helper for a family like the Wells' is the closest thing to getting paid for doing nothing at all. They pay me for doing the very same jobs I had to do at home: taking care of the kids, going to the store, helping with the housework, and giving Mrs. Wells a hand with everything.

Hell. I even get one day off a week, plus any night after the kids are asleep or whenever they just don't need me. My free time is my own -- no questions asked. That kind of freedom my mother would never have allowed. But here -- it's a part of the job. Even when I'm forced to work, the conditions are perfect. Taking care of the kids means taking them to a movie or the beach or on a picnic! We go swimming almost every day, have barbecues at night, and go to beach parties on the weekends. Usually I can sleep as late as I want, my room and board is free, and I can stay out as late as I want at night -- within reason.

All this, and I get paid, too!

It's more a vacation than a job.

I thought back to last year -- it had been a paradise for me. My very first taste of freedom and independence.

And this year I intended to pick up right where I left off only this year would be even better. I had more ways now of enjoying myself on my days off...

I tried to remember the boys I had met here last year. God! I had been such an unbelievably naive jerk! I must have fallen in love at least ten times before the end of the summer! And what did we do? We amused ourselves with a little kissing and touching, and drinking warm beer under the boardwalks at night.

But that was last year, and it was all changed now. I had a three-month supply of birth-control pills, and I intended to use them. If I did any kissing and petting this year, it would only be a preliminary to something bigger and better. I had no intention of wasting all this freedom.

I must have laughed out loud, because Mimi Wells looked at me in a kind of curious way. It was almost as though she knew what I was thinking.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

I blushed. "Oh, nothing. I'm just so glad to be back."

"Good," she said. "Because we're glad to have you back. The kids missed you. We missed you. I'm sure you're going to have a good summer."

I said I was sure of the same thing.

The car pulled into the driveway of the Wellses' summer house. The house was small, wood-framed, with a fresh coat of white paint that made the sunlight dance all over it. I could smell the ocean in the air, and the soil around the house was more sand than anything else. I longed to put my bathing suit on and splash freely in the ocean.

"Why don't you unpack later," Gus suggested. "Get your bathing suit and we'll go down to the beach."

I looked hopefully at Mimi. With a mother's helper, the wife was the boss. But she was smiling, and I knew it would be all right.

"Okay," she agreed.

The kids cheered the decision, and I felt like jumping for joy myself. I restrained my enthusiasm with difficulty.

"Do I have the same room?" I asked, only being partially successful at keeping the excitement from my voice.

"Same room."

"I'll just be a moment," I said.

I ran into the empty summer house, while my summer family waited for me outside. My skin felt as though it were smothering; I began to take my clothing from my body as a prisoner might shed his chains and prison garb. I felt the exciting freedom of a cool salt breeze, tickling up against my nakedness as it blew in through an open window.

I popped open my suitcase, and pulled out some shorts and tops and other summer clothes that I would need. I began placing them on the bed in a very sloppy and anxious way. And hidden underneath everything else was my bathing suit. A bikini bathing suit. Very brief and very, very daring.

If Mom could see this, I thought to myself, pulling the bottoms up my long firm legs and thighs until I felt the elastic tightness of the material snuggled firmly against my cunt.

The other bathing suit I had packed -- the one my mother knew about -- was an old, ugly one-piece thing that I had brought with me only to appease her. If she only knew about this one -- God! She'd have a heart attack on the spot.

It took me nearly two months to save up enough money to buy this bikini bathing suit, but the time and the effort was well worth it.

I leaned forward and plopped my tits into the tiny cups of the top piece. I fastened the back strap and looked at myself in the mirror. My tits were pushed up, and full and firm, with the soft curve of each breast exposed almost to the nipple.

It was worth it, I assured myself when Gus Wells sees me in this.

I laughed again.

It was going to be a good summer.

Chapter TWO

It was dark when we got back from the beach. The kids were sleeping on the back seat. I carried Percy in on my shoulder, and Gus carried Cindy.

The nights out here this close to the ocean are usually very cool, regardless of how hot the days are. This night was no exception, and I shivered in my wet bathing suit at the touch of the wind.

I carried Percy to his room and placed him in a sleeping ball on his bed.

"I'll undress him," Mimi offered. "Why don't you take your shower and get some sleep? You must be exhausted."

I didn't give her an argument. My body felt drained, as though the heat of the sun and the pounding of the surf had somehow combined to siphon off my enthusiasm. I could still feel the ebb and the flow of the ocean's tide in my muscles, and the floor beneath my feet seemed to bob up and down.

I showered quickly, enjoying the icy prickling the tiny needles of water made against my exhausted flesh. I left the shower feeling refreshed and revived. I stood on the damp tile floor and rubbed a fluffy terry towel over my skin, ostensibly drying it, yet oddly awakening it in a smoldering fire.

I rubbed the towel between my legs, relishing the soft pressure of my hand against my flesh. The edge of the towel slipped between my cunt-lips, and I felt an unexpected shudder flutter down my legs. I cupped the towel against the mound of my cunt, holding it firmly in my hand.

On the bathroom door was a full-length mirror, and I found myself fascinated at my reflection. My long dark hair was wet, and it hung straight down over my shoulders like thick black lines. My tits were firm and solid, heavy but not sagging. I could see the creamy whiteness near the tips, where my tan ended. My nipples were erect and red-brown; bubbles of water beaded against my flesh. The overhead light caught the bubbles and made them dance, like diamonds decorating my tits.

My waist was slim and flat -- so small that it made my tits appear larger than they actually were. My hips flared out nicely, but not yet fully rounded. A few more years would fill them out in ripe, mature curves. But there was enough there to assure me of the promise of things to come.

My arm and hand cut across my stomach like a diagonal line, with the white folds of the towel draped down between my open legs. I could just see a few dark hairs near the edge of my cunt, curling out from under the towel.

I dropped the towel and moved my hand to the side. Involuntarily, my breath sucked inward at the sight. The mound of my cunt was broad and wide, heavily covered with a thick brown hair that now looked black from the shower. The sight pleased and excited me. I don't know whether it was because I had developed late, or whether my awareness of my own body and what was happening to it had been blunted by so many years of sleeping adolescence.

It was as though, one day, I looked into the mirror and saw I was no longer a child. The reflection -- the body of a woman -- stared back out at me.

I could never quite get over the fact that the person I was looking at was me, and that body -- that ripe, full body -- was mine; I had to touch myself just to make sure that I was real.

I brought my hand back to my cunt. The hair was damp, the flesh moist and clammy. I put my index and middle fingers together and placed them just above the inward curve of the mound, in the middle of my cunt. I began to slowly rotate the fingers, sending slow throbs of excitement into the sleepy thickness of my body.

The sight thrilled me almost as much as what I was doing. I watched in the mirror as my hand moved against my cunt, barely slipping the tips of each finger into the wet slit between the lips, and touching the bud of my clitoris just enough to activate a burning warmth that made my knees tremble.

I began to rotate my hips, pushing my cunt up against the moving fingers. I saw my hips pounding in and out in the mirror. My stomach muscles undulated; my tits jiggled just enough to disturb the beads of moisture gathered there, causing them to lose their consistency so that they spilled over, sending trickles of cold water down across the burning flesh of my tits.

I stood like that, in the middle of the floor, staring at my erotic reflection for perhaps twenty seconds before I noticed the hamper in the far corner of the bathroom. A shiver of excitement went through my body at the idea.

I had to pull my hand from my cunt to initiate the idea. The thought was almost as exciting as the reality would prove to be.

I opened the top of the hamper and looked in. The mildewed odor of damp, musky clothing filled my nostrils. I sorted selectively through the dirty, discarded clothing, feeling my excitement building as though I were still finger-fucking myself. Finally I found what I wanted, and I pulled them from the pile.

It was a pair of Gus' undershorts.

I put the white garment up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I could smell the pungent sweatiness of his body.

I rubbed the material over my tits, and my nipples tingles with the contact. I held the shorts tightly in my hand, sliding them down my body until they rubbed between my legs, up against my cunt. I held the precious white garment against me, diddling myself with it. I was using Gus' undershorts under my fingers, rubbing them against my clitoris in rapid strokes of pleasure.

Sexual excitement flushed throughout my body like a odd cold sweat. It would take me only a matter of moments to come. My head spun with the thought -- my cunt was pressed against the very spot where Gus' balls and cock had been. The day he wore the shorts, did he have a hard-on? Did he come in the shorts? Did he stick his erect cock through the opening and fuck Mimi while he was wearing them? The ideas drove me wild with excitement.

A knock on the door!

"Are you going to be long?"

I dropped the shorts as though they were contaminated. I recognized the voice calling to me through the door -- it was Gus.

"N-No!" I stuttered, shaken. "I'm almost dry. I'll be out in a moment."

Panic seized me for the moment; and I felt my sexual arousal dissipate as suddenly as it had grown. I dashed over to the hamper with the damning evidence balled up in my hands. I was going to stuff the shorts back into the pile, hiding them back along the other dirty clothes, and covering over my moment of weakness.

But something made me stop. A new feeling came over me, a calmness. I felt confident and relaxed.

I took the shorts over to the sink-top and wrapped them carefully in my bath towel. Then I slipped my robe on, and tied it firmly against my naked body. I picked the towel up and walked very calmly over to the door and opened it. Gus was standing there, waiting.

He smiled back at me; for a moment, a flutter of panic raced through me. I was almost sure that he knew. There was something about the strange and sensual way he looked at me.

I yawned. The yawn came out stiff and false. "Gee, I'm tired," I said, covering my yawn. "I guess I'll go to bed now."

"Good idea," Gus said. "Good night, Tootsie. Sleep tight."

"Thank you," I answered, clutching the towel to my tits. "Good night, Gus."

I closed the door. I was alone in my bedroom.

I threw the towel down on the bed, and the shorts unrolled and came to rest on my pillow.

Sleep tight, I thought, giggling.

Chapter THREE

I must have fallen asleep after I masturbated because I woke with a start. The house was dark and silent. Gus' white shorts were still draped over my stomach, against my cunt.

I listened for a moment to the house. I heard no sounds or voices. Only an occasional creak or groan and the whistling rattle of the wind blowing through the blinds. Everyone was sleeping.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed, clutching the shorts in my hand. Reluctantly, I held them up to my nose, trying to see whether I could separate the smell of my cunt from the musky odor of Gus' sweaty balls. I savored the aroma, feeling a residual tingle or two from my orgasm making an occasional twitching in the depths of my numbed cunt.

The shorts were slightly damp, and I blushed, remembering that, at the height of my orgasm. I had tried to shove the shorts up into my cunt-hole, as though they were a substitute for Gus' cock.

The dampness would be gone by the morning, I knew. No one would know.

Except me.

I walked slowly to the door. The coolness of the night air made my nipples grow hard. I shivered once, suddenly, as I opened the door. The house was dark.

With the undershorts in my hand, stark naked, I walked towards the bathroom.

My blood suddenly ran cold when I heard something.

For a moment I stood there in the dark, with the shorts in my hands, and held my breath. I waited with my eyes open, searching the darkness, expecting to be caught at any moment.

I stood there for perhaps thirty seconds before I forced myself to understand that the sounds were not coming after me. They were coming from down the hallway -- from the master bedroom.

Why I did it, I'll never know. The sensible thing would have been to slink into the bathroom and replace the shorts in the hamper; then, in case anyone heard me moving about in the dark, to make sure that I flushed the toilet, and return to bed.

But I didn't do that. Instead, I found myself walking quietly down the dark hallway towards Gus and Mimi's bedroom, the shorts still in my hand. I walked on the tips of my toes, holding my breath, and moved an inch at a time. My eyes strained through the darkness; each time the floor creaked under my weight, I cursed silently under my breath, and waited a moment or two before I dared to move again.

The bedroom door was partially closed, and a curtain of darkness hid the room beyond. I peered into the room, trying to discern what it was that was making the noises.

Then I saw it.

It was Mimi Wells. She was on the bed, naked. Gus Wells was bent over on his knees, between her legs. I could see the pale flesh of his ass and his thighs facing me.

My heart throbbed like a pump; excitement made my mouth dry. The air that was in my lungs seemed like steam. Cautiously, I allowed it to trickle from my sealed lips in a low, sibilant whistle.

I stared in at the two unsuspecting figures. The bed faced the door, and neither of them could possibly see me looking in. Gus was on his knees, his face buried against his wife's cunt; Mimi's face was hidden by the bulk of Gus' bending body. I could stand squarely in the doorway without fear of being caught.

Yet, that very fear gripped me like a cold hand. Shivers ran up and down my skin, my muscles were like tight cords prepared to spring me to safety at a moment's notice. I was torn by two desires -- to run and to stay. I think the very idea that I could be caught actually heightened my excitement, and fixed me even more firmly in that doorway.

He was eating her, I thought. The idea shocked me for some reason. Eating her cunt!

I had never seen two people making love before, and I watched transfixed. It was both shocking and exciting, and I found myself, willingly or not, being drawn into the sexual mood of the scene hi front of me.

Gus was between Mimi's legs, and I watched his head bobbing up and down. I couldn't actually see her cunt, for Gus' head was in the way. But I could see her naked thighs, spread wide around her husband's shoulders, drawn up and tensed as she hunched her excited cunt against his hot, lashing tongue.

Mimi's head was rolling from side to side on the pillow, and I could hear her moaning softly now. That was what I had heard before -- her moans of excitement and encouragement.

"Oh, eat it! Eat my cunt good! Oh, that's it! Harder! Push your tongue... oooh... harder!"

The words dimmed and then broke into a mumbling moan of animal-like groans. I found myself listening very carefully, hanging onto the silences until I could hear, just above her moans, a thick, wet, moving sound. It was Gus' tongue, I realized, sliding through the wetness of her cunt! I could hear him licking her juicy gash!

My own cunt was growing wet, and I realized suddenly that I had had my hand against it all the while I was listening. My fingers were moving against my twat, and I was reawakening pleasure in my body. I hunched my cunt against my hand and felt a burning fire of pleasure shake my clitoris with a wave of raw intensity.

I slipped two fingers down between my cunt-lips. The flesh was wet, and my fingers slipped easily through the slit until I felt a hot, sucking heat near the middle of my hole. I pushed my body forward; my two fingers pushed upward into the wetness.

I almost moaned. The feeling was so pleasurable I had to smother it with locked lips. My cunt was very tight, and I could feel the tensed, firm walls clutching at the hardness of my fingers. The hole was still relatively new and unaccustomed to penetration of any kind, and it hadn't yet achieved a relaxed elasticity. I pushed my fingers up hard, and almost swooned at the intensely wet friction the fingers made as they scraped sensually against the walls of my pussy. I pushed up until my knuckles were softly cushioned against the pink-lipped mound, and my two fingers were fully extended in the hot, sucking wetness of my cunt.

"Now!" Mimi moaned. Her body tensed as though it were going to explode. And then it did.

Her arms and legs flailed the pillows and mattress. "NOW! NOW! NOW!" she cried. "Oh! I'm coming! Don't stop... don't stop now!"

My breathing was coming in staccato gasps; my fingers matched the tempo of her orgasm by pumping in and out of the clutching tightness of my cunt. I thought my own orgasm would explode from just listening to Mimi coming.

"Quick, do it!" Mimi groaned weakly. "Fuck me now before the feeling stops."

Their bodies moved on the bed.

I jumped back, fearing I would be seen. But it wasn't me they were interested in, it was Gus' pleasure.

Gus pulled his head up from her cunt, and wiped his mouth on the sheets. He was on his knees, kneeling back and resting his ass against his legs.

Mimi had spun around, and was now face-down on the mattress. She elevated her ass and I could see the dark patch of her cunt between her open thighs. She rested the top half of her body against her pillow, making it flat against the bed, and she raised her ass to the level of Gus' cock. She spread her thighs; I watched her cunt open, a gaping, hungry mouth between her legs. The hair on her cunt was wet with Gus' saliva; it glistened dully in the darkness.

"Put your cock in!" she said.

Gus grunted, and I watched his hips thrust forward against Mimi's ass. He moaned, and I knew his cock was now inside her cunt. He grabbed onto her hips with his hands, and sawed his cock in and out of her cunt. With each forward thrust of his hips, I heard him grunt.

"Fuck me," Mimi moaned. "That's it! Fuck me!"

The bed was squeaking from his humping motion, and I could hear the slap of his thighs pounding against Mimi's cunt. It was a wet sound of sweaty, sticky flesh against flesh, cock against cunt.

I pulled my fingers from my own cunt. A trickle of moisture dribbled out of the pink gash. My cunt felt so empty without the hardness filling me! I wanted to quell the burning fires that were licking at my cunt, but I fought back the temptation to put the fingers back inside my hole. I needed more than just fingers.

Insane, sensual desire gripped me, and I found myself pulling Gus' shorts up my shaking legs. My cunt was throbbing, the labes were quivering in anticipation. I could feel my cunt opening, gasping like a thirsting mouth, opening and closing spasmodically.

I pulled the shorts against my body, feeling a strange tremble of excitement as the material made contact against my cunt and thighs. I felt the hair on my cunt make a soft, inaudible crush as I pulled the elastic top of the shorts high on my stomach. I had to bunch the shorts in my hand, holding them on me, or they would have fallen back down my legs. I needed to feel the tight fit of their crotch against my cunt, adding the tightness of friction, the excitement of knowing that Gus' balls and cock had rested just as tightly against the taut, white material as my cunt now rested.

I slid my hips forward and pulled up with my hand. The rough edge of the shorts bunched together, pulling into a thick, tight line, and slid between the open, wet lips of my cunt. I slid the material back and forth through the wet slit, savoring the explosions of pleasure that washed across my clit -- it from the coarse, pulling humping that the shorts were giving me.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!" Mimi cried. Her cunt was no longer just a passive receptacle for Gus' thick, thrusting cock -- now it was an active participant in both their pleasures. Mimi was grinding her ass and hips against Gus' pumping cock, sliding her ass around in tight, shallow circles. I could see the cheeks of her butt tightening and loosening as she moved in and out to greet Gus' fucking cock.

"Keep it up!" she warned, half moaning. "I'm going to come again! Keep fucking me!"

I squeezed my fingers against my cunt, feeling the strange softness of the mound under the white material of the shorts. The pleasure of my fingers seemed dulled and distant through the shorts. I found my clit and pressed the cloth down against it, rubbing it roughly with my fingertips. Fire danced under my fingers; my cunt twitched in pleasure.

All the time I diddled myself, I continued to look at the two figures on the bed in the dark bedroom. Their furious thrusting and humping had succeeded in altering their position on the bed. Now they were more to the side, almost turned at a right angle to the door.

Now I could actually see Gus' cock -- thick and wide, as I had hoped it would be -- as he hacked it in and out of Mimi's cunt. He was pumping his hips rapidly; his balls swung against Mimi's cunt with each forward thrust of his body, swinging just under the curve of her mound.

"I'm gonna... come!" Mimi moaned. "Oh, God!"

Gus was huffing and moaning. I could see the sweat glistening and running down his back. His ass tightened like an angry fist; I saw the silhouette of his thick, driving cock, pushed like a pile-driver into the open softness of Mimi's cunt.

My fingers fumbled with the flap of the shorts. I was pulling the material up so tightly against my cunt that I had difficulty inserting my hand through the opening. But a moment later I found the correct fold, and my fingers snaked into the opening and touched the trembling wetness of my excited cunt.

The touch was all that I needed, for my cunt was like a bomb primed to explode. Just the slightest jiggle would set it off. My fingers slid against the mound, between the cunt-lips, and touched my clit. It burned under the pressure, and my legs began to tremble almost immediately. A flush of warmth rushed up my legs, and I had a momentary sense of dizziness.

"Aargh!" Gus moaned. "I can't hold back I'm... coming!"

I saw his hips thrust forward violently. His cock slid between the flap of her labes, and Mimi moved to meet his final hunch. I could see her thighs tense; she lifted her ass higher on the bed, as though she were screwing it down against him.

"Fuck me, you bastard!" she said. She was screaming now, passion in complete control of her body. "Fuck!" she screeched in passion. "I'm coming again!!"

I pulled the bunched shorts fiercely up against the wetness of my cunt, and I rubbed as hard as I could against my clitoris. My orgasm exploded; I felt wave after wave of pleasure burst from my cunt, firing shreds of pleasure to pierce my flesh with slivers of blinding, exquisite sensation.

I fell back against the wall. My orgasm was so intense that I needed the solidity of the wall for support. My knees were like rubber. I continued to masturbate myself, feeling the sensation growing better, stronger, reaching beyond pleasure with insatiable clawing fingers that raked across my flesh.

Suddenly I felt my come peak; it grew less intense and then began to slowly slip away. I could breathe again without fear of shattering the crystal frailty of the moment. The intensity was gone, but a rich, low pleasure spread like warm water through my cunt and down my legs and thighs.

"Holy shit," Gus mumbled. I heard their bodies fall forward against the mattress like dead weights.

"Holy shit!" he repeated.

"Good?" Mimi asked.


"Good, then get off me," she moaned. Her voice was muffled, and it sounded as though she were talking into the mattress.

Gus grunted. "Take it easy!"

"What did you do -- flood me?" Mimi asked. "I feel... feel like I'm swimming in cum."

Gus laughed. "That'll teach you."

"Get some tissues from the night table so I don't make a mess. I don't want to drip a trail of this sweet stuff into the bathroom and mess up the floor on the way there."


That meant they were coming this way! How could I explain being outside their bedroom in the middle of the night? Worse, how could I explain wearing Gus' undershorts?

I crept along the wall, hidden from their view. I moved backwards rapidly, afraid to take my eyes off the bedroom door. At every moment, I expected to see either of them appear.

I had just stepped into my bedroom when I saw Mimi running naked into the bathroom. She had switched the hall light on; her body was all pink and sweaty. She was clutching a bunch of tissues to her blonde-haired cunt, and she was walking awkwardly, her thighs pressed together. Her tits bounced as she walked.

I slipped into my bed after closing my door. I snuggled under the safety of the covers, still wearing Gus' underwear. It would be safe for tonight, I knew. I could put them in the hamper in the morning before anyone else got up. In the meantime, it was good to feel them against my sated pussy.

I felt sleep creeping into my brain, and I remember hoping that my orgasm hadn't stained the shorts too badly. I had come a lot, my juices flowing heavily. It would be awfully difficult to explain to Gus how a cunt-stain got on his undershorts.

Then I laughed.

Maybe I wouldn't explain. Maybe I'd let Gus find the stain. It certainly would save a lot of time.

I pulled the shorts tight against my cunt, feeling a thick blob of something sliding down the closing canal.

Sleep tight! I told myself.

Chapter FOUR

I slept like a log and woke up feeling absolutely wonderful. I showered early, and I replaced the shorts with no difficulty at all. The stain that I had hoped for, unfortunately, was hardly noticeable, and I doubted whether anyone would pay much attention to it. Yet even that didn't bother me this morning; it just meant I would have to get to Gus in a more direct way.

I was halfway through dressing when the warm fragrance of frying bacon and hot coffee wafted through the half-closed door of my room. The thought of food made me realize just how hungry I was, and I hastened to dress. Pantiless, I stepped into a pair of tight-fitting hot-pants, and debated a moment before I convinced myself to wear a bra.

No sense in rushing things, I told myself sensibly.

After the bra, I slipped on a tank-top that matched my hot-pants, and slid my feet into my thongs.

I was dressed for the day.

Percy and Cindy were in the living room, just off to the right of the kitchen, watching cartoons.

Gus was sitting at the table, wearing a multicolored striped polo-shirt and a pair of white jeans rolled up into shorts. He was drinking his coffee, staring absently into his cup. His hair was sleep-mussed, and it hung against his face in dark, untamed waves. The uncombed hair made him appear even sexier than usual, and the sight of him sitting there so nonchalantly vividly brought back images of last night. My cunt throbbed excitedly.

Mimi was standing at the stove, and I could hear the bacon sizzling in the frying pan. She didn't have any make-up on, and her hair was pushed back, held away from her face with a headband. She was wearing a print housedress and, as near as I could tell, nothing else under it.

"Good morning," I said to her. "Let me help you with the cooking, Mimi." It was my job, after all.

"Don't bother," she answered lightly. She was smiling happily, and giving Gus a warm, well fucked, contented look. She looked as though she didn't have a care in the world.

After last night, I thought, I guess that was to be expected.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" I asked.

"It's all done," she explained, lifting the golden strips of bacon from the frying pan and placing them on a paper towel to absorb the grease.

"You should have called me earlier," I said, sitting down at the table across from Gus. I tried to stretch my knees forward under the table to "accidentally" touch him, but at the last moment before I made contact, I chickened out. "I would have given you a hand," I told Mimi.

"Don't worry about it, Tootsie," she said. "It's only your first day."

I poured myself a cup of coffee, carefully stirring in four teaspoons of sugar. "I'll help you with the breakfast dishes."

"Don't bother," Mimi said quickly. She slipped several slices of bacon into my dish.

"Why don't you take the kids to the beach after breakfast?" she continued. "It will do them good to get out early for a change."

That sounded odd. "Are you sure you don't want me to help with the housework?"

"No," she said. "Don't worry. Gus has some work to do, and I think I'm going to go back to bed. I'm still tired."

Gus smirked into his coffee cup.

So that was it, I thought. Didn't she ever get enough? Well, why not? If I was in her place, I'd fuck him every chance I could get.

"Sure," I answered. I kept my awareness out of my voice. "No problem."

Breakfast was a farce, but it was conducted normally. They knew what was going to happen, and I knew what was going to happen, but they ate as though sex was the farthest thing from their minds. But every once in a while, their patience would wear a little thin, and Gus would say something to Mimi that seemed normal, but was really a filthy sexual joke. She would give him dirty looks and tip her eyes in my direction, but I'd make believe I didn't understand or notice, and Gus would smile innocently. The double meanings would make me think of sex, and my imagination was filled with all kinds of sexual images of Gus and Mimi or Gus and me. It made my cunt wet to know what they were going to do, and I was almost tempted to excuse myself from the table and go into the bathroom and finger-fuck myself to a juicy climax.

"Ready to go?" Mimi asked. I could see her nipples growing stiff under the housedress.

"Let me help you clean the table off," I said, feeling purposely perverse.

"Oh, that's all right," she answered. "Go have fun. Come on, kids! Get your towels!"

Percy and Cindy ran from the table with a yelp of freedom, and they disappeared into the back of the house. I heard them laughing and shouting.

"Ma!" Percy yelled. "Where's my pail and shovel?"

"Didn't you leave it in the back yard?" Mimi yelled back to him. Then, to me: "Tootsie, why don't you give him a hand and help him find it?"

I nodded, then left the table. We found the pail, and I held the towels for them. We were all set to go.

"Tootsie!" Gus called. He came out of the front door and stood on the porch.

"Yes?" I asked. I tried to look at his face, but my eyes were drawn to his crotch. I thought I could see the thick outline of his cock pressing tightly against the folds of his jeans.

I saw it in action last night, I thought, feeling my mouth grow dry.

He handed me some money. "Here's a couple of dollars. Don't bother coming home for lunch. Buy the kids and yourself some hot dogs and soda."

They must really be planning a big day if they didn't want us to bother them for lunch. "Thanks," I said, taking the money and stuffing it into my pants.

He smiled at me and waved good-bye.

The sun was hot, and I stretched myself in it like a flower drawing sustenance from its heat. The beach wasn't far, and I let the kids run ahead down the road. I didn't feel much like swimming, but I had my suntan lotion and my bikini wrapped in my bath towel. I intended to absorb as much of the sun as I could today. I was fortunate in a way, because I never burned, only tanned. For a person with my complexion; that was a blessing.

The beach wasn't very crowded, and I took the kids in each hand, plowing through the hot sand down to the shoreline. After laying out our blanket on a choice section, I would go back and change into my suit. Cindy still didn't know how to swim, so she'd spend her day looking for shells and wading. Percy would dig holes in the wet sand and watch the ocean fill them in. It was going to be a relaxing, pleasant day for us all.

"Tootsie?" someone called; "Is that you?"

I turned towards the voice. It was a well-built blonde wearing a two-piece blue bathing suit. Her body was a deep brown tan, and her short hair was bleached almost white from the sun.

"Linda!" I shouted, remembering. Linda Mauro, one of my friends from last year.

We embraced like long-lost friends, hugging and kissing, and telling each other how much we missed each other over the long winter of last year. It felt good to meet someone I already knew.

I pushed Linda back and looked at her. "My God!" I exclaimed. "You've changed. You didn't have all of... that last year." I flitted my hand up and down between her tits and pussy.

Linda giggled knowingly. "You didn't have much more than a handful yourself last year," she retorted, looking at the swell of my boobs push out the front of my blouse.

"I guess it was a good year for the both of us."

She smiled and looked at me in an open, strange way, almost as though she were trying to read something into my answer.

"Are you staying with the Wellses again?"

"Yes. Those are theft kids over there." I pointed to Percy and Cindy. "Don't go very far!" I called out to them.

"You're a lucky bitch," Linda said, smiling.

"What do you mean?"

"You know damn well. Gus Wells! He's a gorgeous hunk. I bet he's really hung."

I blushed and felt my cunt tingle. "I wouldn't know..." I began.

Linda laughed. "I'll bet you don't."

I shrugged off the compliment with a smile, but no verbal confirmation. Let her think what she wanted. If she wanted to believe that I'd fucked Gus, let her. It certainly would be true before very long. It would only be a matter of time before I made it with him.

"How is he?" Linda persisted.

"If you want to know," I answered carefully, "you'll have to find out for yourself."

"Maybe I will," she answered smugly.

We seemed to run to the end of that conversation, and for a moment we just stared at each other in an uncomfortable silence. The first flush of companionship was past, and we both began to realize we were still almost strangers. One year together -- even less, one summer -- was all that linked our lives.

"Any of the kids from last year... here yet?" I asked to fill in the silence.

"A couple. Most of the girls. Elaine is here, so is Sandi. There's a new girl, too. She's over here on my blanket. Her name is Nancy. Want to meet her?"

"Sure." I waved to the kids and called out to them. "Over this way."

Nancy was a plain-looking girl. I guessed she was about eighteen, and even though she had a kind of pretty face, she was a little overweight. Her hair was a mousy brown, cut in a short shag, and her eyes were pale blue. She had big sloppy tits, a thick middle, and a bulging ass that made her solid black bathing suit look lumpy. In all, she was rather dumpy-looking.

"Nancy Rubin," Linda began, "this is Tootsie, a friend of mine from last year."

"Hi, Tootsie," Nancy said. Her voice was warm enough. "Are you on vacation here or working?"

We all sat down on Linda's blanket, facing each other. The bulge of Nancy's belly flopped over a little and I found myself wondering why Linda was interested in her as a girl friend. All the other girls were so pretty. I wondered what it was that Nancy had to offer our group.

"Working?" Nancy asked. "What do you mean? I'm here with my family."

Linda explained. "Tootsie's a mother's helper. She works for Mimi and Gus Wells. You know, sexy Gus Wells, the hunk with the ten-inch cock."

"You work for him?" Nancy asked incredulously. "You lucky thing."

"Not only does she work for him," Linda added, "she sleeps in the same house with him. Jesus! If it was me, my hand would fall off from jerking off so much."

I remembered last night with the shorts, and I felt myself begin to blush. Fortunately, no one noticed.

"What about the guys?" I asked Linda. "Any of the guys here from last year?"

"Sure. All of them. Jerry, Bill, Allen, Dave Gorman. Alt the guys. Allen and Nancy are going steady."

Allen, I thought. With her? He was so good-looking.

What did he see in Nancy, unless... "What about you?" I asked Linda. "Are you still going out with Freddy?"

"Freddy! No, that was last year. This summer I'm with Jerry Howard. You remember him, don't you?"

"Jerry? That creep?" I said.

Linda laughed. "He might have been a creep and a pain in the ass last year, but this year..." She giggled obscenely, and grabbed her cunt furtively and gave herself a quick rub.

"Things have changed," I observed, "haven't they?"

"Well, you can see for yourself, if you want," Linda began. She motioned for me to come closer to her. She held her finger to her lips.

"What is it?" I asked.

"We're having a little... party tonight," Linda whispered. "Would you like to come?"

"Sure," I answered. "But why are we whispering?"

"I've got to ask you an important question before I fix you up. Now you've got to answer truthfully. All right?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Linda looked around, then stared for a moment self-consciously at Nancy. "You're not still a virgin, are you?" she asked. "I mean, all bullshitting aside?"

In spite of myself, I blushed. "No... I'm not," I admitted.

"Good!" Linda smiled. "You've got to tell me about it."

I said I would. "Are you?" I asked.

"No," she said. "I wasn't last year either, but I was ashamed last year to admit it. This year I'm proud of it."

I looked at Nancy.

"She's not either," Linda explained. "She's been fucking for almost two years now."

That partially explained why she was going steady with Allen, I realized. I looked at her innocent, puffy face with a new respect, but she didn't return my stare. Her cheeks seemed to color, and she stared down at the blanket.

"Why is all of this important?" I asked.

Linda giggled. "You'll find out tonight at the party. Oh, by the way, I should have mentioned it's a beach party!" She giggled again and ran her fingers up and down her naked thighs, as though she were teasing the flesh.

"Sshh!" I said, warning her. "Cindy's coming over."

"Tootsie," the little girl said. "I'm hungry. Can we eat yet?"

"In a little while, honey," I said impatiently. "Now go play with your brother. I'll be over in a moment."

The girl began to protest, but then changed her mind. She turned and skipped across the sand, dusting our blanket and raising a small cloud.

"Can you make it?" Nancy asked once Cindy was gone.

I nodded. "I think I can get tonight off."

"Good," Nancy said. She smiled at me and for a moment I felt uncomfortable.

I turned away from her and looked at Linda. "I don't have a date, though."

"Don't worry. I'll fix you up."

"Someone I'll know?"

"A new boy. His name is Marc Post. His cock is almost seven inches long."

My cunt throbbed and I felt my nipples get hard. "Oh?"

Linda laughed. "You can see why I wanted to know whether you were still cherry or not. You will be here, won't you?"

Seven inches, I thought. "I wouldn't miss it for the world," I said.

Chapter FIVE

"Tootsie," Linda Mauro said, "this is Marc Post."

Marc was tall and thin, with long blond hair worn almost to his shoulders. His eyes were deep electric blue, and he had a broad, open smile on his lips.

"Hi," I said somewhat meekly. He was much better looking than I had imagined.

He nodded to me and smiled. "Hi," he answered back.

His chest was bare, and he was wearing a pair of dark bathing trunks, a dark jacket thrown over his shoulders. Even in the dim light of the beach, I could see his brown, crisp tan covering his chest and legs like a layer of cured leather.

"Tootsie's been dying to meet you since I told her all about you," Linda said mischievously, smiling for my benefit. The obvious smirk of her private joke made her eyes dance wickedly in the darkness.

"Linda!" I cried, reproaching her, although I was positive that Marc didn't understand the reason for my embarrassment. Still, I didn't want to seem overly anxious to him.

"Why thank you," Marc said. He smiled at me. "And I've been looking forward to meeting you..."

"Really?" I answered, somewhat surprised.

"...ever since Linda told me all about you this afternoon," he continued, chuckling.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as I turned and looked at Linda. What had she told him about me? I asked myself, imagining the worst. But Linda only giggled and ran away, leaving Marc and me alone with each other.

"Oh, that Linda is something else," I said, feeling at a loss for words.

Marc agreed with me.

We stared at each other, our eyes straining through the darkness, appraising each other for one silent, awkward moment. He looked much older than I had expected, and that made me feel good. I wanted to impress him with my worldliness and sophistication.

"This is your first summer here, isn't it?" I asked, putting on a casual front.

"No. My family comes here every summer."

"That's funny, I don't remember you from last year." I stared intently at Marc and tried to remember whether or not I did know him. He still looked unfamiliar, and I was sure that I would remember somebody as good-looking as he.

"I didn't hang around here last year," he explained. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his jacket and the wide V of the zipper pulled down and exposed more of his well-muscled, tanned chest. "I used to drive into town and hang out at Kelly's."

Kelly's was a swinging bar in town. "You have a car?" I asked, further impressed.

"Sure," Marc admitted casually, as though having a car was so much a part of his life that the novelty had worn off for him. He was really cool.

"Oh. You have to take me for a ride someday."

"How about tonight?" He smiled at me.

I turned coyly away from him and walked back towards the other couples on the beach. "Maybe," I said after a moment. Actually, the idea intrigued me, and images passed through my mind of my naked body twisting sensually under Marc on the front seat of his car.

I walked slowly, letting my feet drag through the sand. The wind was chilly, and I began to wish that I'd worn my sweater. As it was, all I had on was my blouse and my hot-pants, with nothing else under them.

Marc caught up to me and walked beside me. He took my hand in his with a confidence and self-assurance that I wasn't used to. It was as though we were long-time friends or overly affectionate lovers, and not strangers, just meeting for the first time.

"Do you feel like having a beer?" he asked.

"All right. Do you have any?"

"Sure. We have plenty over here in the cooler. Ice-cold beer."

Our naked thighs touched as we walked, and a thrill went down my legs. I kept remembering what Linda had told me about Marc. Then I got to wondering just how she knew about the size of his cock. I was sure that was something he wouldn't go bragging about, so Linda must have known from personal experience -- either her own, or one of her good friends'.

"Cold beer?" I exclaimed. "Well, that certainly is an improvement over last year."

Marc looked and smiled at me. "What do you mean?"

"Last year we had trouble getting beer for our parties; no one looked old enough to buy it. So the kids would usually sneak one or two from their homes, and by the time they got down to the beach, and we got around to drinking it, the beer would be warm."

"A lot of things have changed since last year," Marc observed.

"Yes. For one thing, you're here." I looked at the sand and wasted my self-conscious smile in the shadows of the beach. "You never did explain why last year you hung around in a bar, and this year you're with us. I mean you are older and everything."

Marc laughed, and the smile crept into his tone. "Last year you were too young," he explained.

"And this year, we're... older?"

"Yup. Older in some very important ways."

"Oh," I said, and I understood at last.

We were standing over the cooler. Marc let go of my hand to bend down and get the beer. Behind him, I could see the other couples of the party. I could see Linda and Jerry in the water with another couple I didn't recognize, and the giggle of their laughter was hollow against the emptiness of the beach. Sandi and Dave were sitting across from the cooler, smoking silently, oddly passing the same cigarette back and forth between them. There was another couple to our right, but I couldn't see who they were because they were covered with a heavy blanket.

Marc stood up and blocked my line of vision. He was smiling as he handed me a beer. They were the pop-open cans, and both were open.

"You're older, Tootsie, aren't you?" he asked.

I took the beer, the cold wetness of the can giving me a chill. "Old enough," I answered.


Marc took my hand again, and I felt the delicate, warm movements of his finger against the palm of my hand. "Why don't we go over to my blanket?" he suggested. He punctuated the question with a long draught on the beer can. "The blanket's over there, a little farther down the beach."

I nodded silently, and we walked, hand-in-hand, down the almost empty beach. The accidental brushes of his thigh against mine began to happen more frequently, and I realized they were no longer accidents. Still, the touch of his body excited me and I could feel the crotch of my hot-pants getting wet in anticipation.

We passed another couple in the darkness, but I couldn't see who they were. He was on top of her, between her legs, and they were kissing. At first I thought they were fucking, and my cunt gripped tightly in a spasm of excitement, but as we walked past them, I could see the girl still had the bottom of her bathing suit on. How long it would stay on was something else; judging from the way he was humping between her legs, it couldn't be for long.

I could still see the couple from Marc's blanket, and occasionally I could hear their harsh, urgent whispers of lovemaking. I turned my attention from them and looked again at Marc.

"Drink up," he said, draining his beer. "It'll warm you up."

I did as he instructed, holding my breath and allowing the cold bitter fluid to trickle down into my stomach. I hated beer; it made me silly almost immediately, but I could never admit that to Marc.

"It's good," I said, smiling across the darkness.

Someone put the radio on, and I could hear the sound of the Stones against the muted roar of the ocean. The music sounded so far away and small in the emptiness of the night.

"You going steady with anyone?" Marc asked. "No." I thought of Stu, my boy friend back home. "No one. What about you?"

Marc thought for a moment. "I was, but we broke up."

I took another sip of my beer. My head was beginning to feel swimmy and light-headed. "Why did you break up?"

Marc ignored the question. "You smoke?" he asked.

I took another swig of beer. "Sure."

"Good. I've got some good stuff with me." He reached over and fumbled through the pockets of his shirt. He pulled out two twisted-looking cigarettes, lumpy in the middle with the ends twisted.

I suddenly understood what he meant by "smoking".

"It's good stuff," he repeated. "You want to light up?"

"You go first," I said, feeling my stomach go empty. "I want to finish my beer."

Marc put the joint in his mouth, twirling it around and wetting it down. Then he put it in his lips and lit it. He made a loud sucking noise, and the end of the cigarette glowed brightly in the night. It looked like he was holding his breath. He offered the cigarette to me.

I swallowed heavily on the beer and took the joint. I put it to my lips nervously and took a small drag. The smoke was thick and hot and burned in my lungs. I expelled it almost immediately and handed it back to Marc.

"No-no!" he said, taking the joint. "Hold the smoke down, down in your lungs. And take more air in when you suck."

He handed the joint back to me.

I sucked with all my might and felt a solid mass of smoke flood my lungs with a burning harshness. I almost gagged, and I coughed up the smoke.

Marc took the joint from me. "Are you sure you've done grass before?" he asked, staring at me.

I turned away from his stare. "Of course I have," I lied. "Hundreds of times. It just went down wrong."

"Oh," Marc responded flatly, and I couldn't be sure if he knew I was lying. "Well, you've been doing it all wrong. Watch me."

I took a long sip of my beer; it tasted cool going down my throat. I almost enjoyed it that time. I watched Marc carefully.

He sucked in on the joint, taking a tremendous drag. The sides of his mouth were open around the joint, and he seemed to be pulling in air as he inhaled. Then he closed his mouth and held the smoke down in his lungs, periodically sucking more air into his body every few seconds. After a long time he exhaled, and a thin cloud of smoke gushed from his mouth.

"Wow! This is good stuff. What a rush." He looked over at me, but his eyes looked out of focus. "You want to try now?" he asked, offering the joint to me.

I drained my beer and flipped the can away.

"Sure," I said, feeling the heady confidence of the beer swirling in my brain. I took the joint and sucked on it, holding my breath and drawing in air just as I saw Marc do.

"That's it," he observed. "Good. Good. You're doing it good now."

I felt something hot in my chest, spreading out through my body like warm rays of sunlight. My arms tingled and my fingers felt numb. Something seemed to be traveling up my spine, fondling my brain, clouding it up like steam.

I let my breath out and my blood felt warm, like surges of heat rushing through my body. "Wow!" I said, listening to myself talk, feeling almost dizzy. "That's good. It's strange."

Marc took the joint, "I told you it was good dope."

I tried to listen to the music, but I kept forgetting the words. I started to remember, but I got halfway through and I would forget what I was thinking about.

Marc handed me the joint, and I dragged on it again. Marc seemed tote blipping in and out of my awareness.

"Is that song still on?" I asked Marc after I had exhaled. "It seems like it's been on for so long."

Marc smiled stupidly and shrugged his shoulders. He began to giggle uncontrollably. "It does, doesn't it?" he said between laughs.

The laughter was infectious, and I found myself giggling. "Well, it has been on a long time!" I insisted, giddy with laughter. "I remember when it came on, and it was a very long time ago."

He handed me the joint, and, strangely, it was almost gone. Just moments before it had been a whole joint. I sucked on it again, burning my lips and fingers but not caring. The smoke felt like a fist punching into my chest.

"Man," Marc giggled. "You're really stoned."

I spit the smoke out in a loud laugh. "I know it!"

I rolled over on the blanket and looked up at the stars. They looked so far away and I couldn't remember what they were.

"Hey!" Marc said. "Gimme the joint."

I looked over at him. "Didn't I give it to you?"

"No. It's still in your hand." He pointed.

I looked at my hand and tried to figure out what it was. "Oh, yeah," I said. "It burns."

Marc took it. "You want to eat the roach?"

I giggled and shuddered. "No. I hate bugs."

Marc took the smoldering joint and doused it against his tongue. I heard the ember sizzle, and his tongue curled back into his mouth, and he swallowed the roach.

I began to giggle again. "Oh, I must be stoned," I said. "I just saw you eat a cigarette, and I was going to ask you how it tasted!"

Marc joined my laughter. "Great!" he screamed, as though it were the funniest thing he'd ever heard.

I began to roll around on the blanket, laughing hysterically and holding my sides. "Oh, shit." I moaned, weak with laughter.

"What's the matter?" Marc asked, lighting the second joint.

"I can feel my laughs!" I screamed. "I can feel them along my skin. It feels like they're running up and down my arms like wiggles."

"You can feel your laughs?" he asked, inhaling.

I took the joint from him, controlling myself. "They seem to be popping out of my stomach like bubbles, tiny bubbles of laughter." I sucked deep on the joint.

The fit of laughter seemed to pass as suddenly as it had descended upon us. Not that I was sad or somber, for an occasional fit of giggling did manage to break through, but it was a singular explosion, and not part of the whole previous mood. My body seemed tired, but not sleepy, languid almost, maybe even sensual. I felt myself stretching across the blanket, enjoying the sliding, shifting sand underneath, relaxing in pleasure as it comfortably supported my body.

"Wow," Marc mumbled for the hundredth time. "This is really good shit."

We smoked in silence, feeling the unreal, dreamlike numbness of the smoke. My thinking patterns seemed to broaden, and I found myself wandering down them, losing myself in the complex patterns.

I watched Marc stand and lie down next to me on the blanket. He seemed to be moving slowly, almost in slow motion, as though he were floating in water. His body felt warm and pleasant against mine; if I listened very closely, I could almost hear his heart beating.

"Listen," he said, and for a moment, I thought he was talking about what I was just thinking; but he wasn't, and I heard something else. It sounded like a moan.

"What is it?" I asked, trying to fix the sound in my mind.

"Sshh. Listen..."

Chapter SIX

"Uhhh!" came the moan. "Harder. Screw me harder!"

It was a girl's voice, but I couldn't remember whose. But that wasn't important. All that mattered was that she was being fucked, and I could hear her moaning in pleasure.

"The couple next to us on the blanket," Marc whispered.

I remembered now. Yes. The humping couple on the blanket. Now they were fucking. The thought excited me, and I found myself humping my body up slightly as though it were me who were being fucked. The tightness of my pants crotch rubbed erotically against my wet cunt.

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhh," she moaned. The grass made it sound as though she were on our blanket. "Fuck me, Billy! Fuck me harder!"

I felt my body coloring with her mood, as though I were a sponge, sopping up her passion. My nipples got hard, rind tingled. Marc's fingers tickled up and down my naked arm, and I felt my skin puckering up into tiny bumps of pleasure.

Marc moved, over me, hovering for a moment before his lips came down and touched mine. His tongue pushed between my lips; my mouth was wet and hot against him.

Without thinking, letting my passion rule me, I reached down between our bodies and put my hand on top of his bathing suit. His cock was hard and thick under my fingers, and I rubbed my hand up and down against it.

Linda was right, I heard myself think. She was right. He's got a big cock.

Marc groaned into my mouth when I touched his cock, and his tongue pushed out stiffly against mine. The hand that was touching my arm slid across my body and touched my tit. His fingers tightened against the flesh as he pinched inward, lifting the flesh.

"Under the blouse," I whispered urgently, pulling my lips away. "Play with the nipple."

But instead of sliding his hand under the blouse, I felt Marc's fumbling fingers working on the hem, pulling it up over my head. I began to protest, but if felt so good, and the top slid off my body. I was naked from the waist up now.

I moaned excitedly at the tingling touch of the cool night air against my nakedness. My head was spinning with passion, and I could hear the moans of that other girl mixing in with my own groans of pleasure.

"Do the nipple," I said to Marc, slipping my hand down the front of his bathing suit to touch his cock. "Suck on the nipples."

His cock was like fire, and my fingers gripped it tightly. I squeezed in against his hard tool, stroking it up and down with my soft hands. Marc's cock was bigger than Stu's, bigger than any cock I'd ever felt. My hand was going crazy against him, touching, grabbing, pulling, fondling his hard-on, jerking him off with my fingers.

The wetness of Marc's mouth against my nipple made colors flash in front of my eyes, the pleasure was so intense. My tits were always sensitive; once I almost came from Stu just sucking on them. But tonight the sensation was ten times more intense than I had ever felt. It was as though my whole body had become a raw, exposed nerve, tingling with the touch of Marc's fingers and tongue playing against me.

"Fuck me harder!" I heard the girl moan, and I saw pictures of them in my mind. I saw his thick cock pushing between the lips of her cunt as she lifted her hips and pressed herself against his thrusts. My imagination saw it clearly as though it were happening to me.

Marc's tongue curled around my stiff nipple, and he flicked it wetly. I felt his breath against the flesh of my tit; it felt hot and exciting against the coolness of the night air all over the rest of my body. As his teeth ground erotically back and forth, gently biting into the nipple, I began to jerk my hand violently up and down Marc's cock.

"Suck me off," Marc suggested, pulling his lips away from my boob. "Suck my cock."

There was a thin film of saliva spread all across the tip of my breast, and the nipple looked like it was growing in the darkness. The sight fascinated me and I stared at it.

"Suck my cock, Tootsie!" Marc commanded.

The words burned in my brain like a brand and I felt my mouth go dry at the suggestion. I'd never sucked a cock before in my life, and up to this very moment the idea repulsed me. But something was happening to me, and my mouth ached to swallow Marc's hard cock.

"Yes!" I hissed. "I'll suck it."

Marc rolled over on his back, and I leaned across his belly. My hand was still down his trunks. I grabbed his cock tightly and pulled myself across his body down towards his hard-on. With my other hand, I pulled back the elastic tightness of the bathing suit, and Marc's cock sprang erect in my face.

Marc hunched up his hips and pushed his prick towards my mouth. He was excited, and I could feel him trembling under my grip. His cock looked like a long, thick silhouette against the shadows of the beach, and I moved my open lips toward it.

"Oh, God!" Marc moaned. "That's it! Do it!"

I felt the shaft slip past my lips, scraping lightly by my teeth, and press heavily against my tongue. His meat was hot, and I licked his cock and tasted the bitter, sweaty taste of Marc's body. My lips tightened around the sides, and I plunged my face down the shaft, feeling excitement as his cock slid into my mouth.

"You're good, Tootsie!" Marc moaned. He trapped my face against his belly, his hands in my hair. But the precaution was an unnecessary one, for I had no intentions of relinquishing my hold on his cock.

I moved my head up and down his cock, licking at his rod furiously with my tongue and sucking up as hard as I could. His cock was all wet and slippery in my mouth, and I could almost feel it throbbing between my lips. I grabbed Marc's balls in my hand and squeezed them tightly together, my mouth aching to be filled with his jizz.

I felt Marc's hand opening the side button on my shorts. Then, once the button was opened, I felt his hand slide hotly across my naked ass and push down between the cheeks until he was touching my cunt.

My hand was still on his dock, and I jerked him off and sucked him at the same time. He must have enjoyed it because he moaned, then pushed his finger up hard between the wet lips of my cunt, impaling me from the rear. I felt the lips of my cunt shut quiveringly tight around him, sucking the hardness of his finger up into my already hot box.

The pleasure was almost driving me out of my mind, and I moaned at the wet, slurping sounds of my mouth sucking on Marc's cock. I spun my body around, on top of him, and his finger pulled free of my cunt.

"What are you doing?" he asked. His voice sounded muffled against my ass.

I didn't know. All I knew was that I was hot and excited, and my cunt was aching with pleasure.

I pressed my cunt back against his face, locking his head with my thighs and crushing my crotch against his lips. I didn't care that I still had my shorts on, for the idea of what we were doing was almost as exciting as doing it. I could feel Marc's wet mouth licking at the dampness between my legs, and as I sank my mouth down around his cock, I felt the tickle of his tongue pressing up into the wet material of my hot-pants. I sucked hard on his cock, using his meat like a straw to suck out his cum. His excited fingers fumbled in the tight leg band of the shorts, desperately trying to expose my cunt to his lips.

I felt the wet, moving lick of his tongue against my thigh, and then, once, the tickling sensation of him flicking the outer edge of my cunt-lips. But the pants were too tight, and he couldn't lick my gash directly.

"Fuck me!" I moaned, pulling my lips from his wet cock. My cunt felt as though it were going to explode any moment. "Please, Marc! Fuck me!"

Marc was anxious to do just that, and he rolled me off him. I lay flat on my back, crazy with passion, and arched my hips up when I felt Marc pulling down the loose material of my hot-pants. I didn't care that I was completely naked out in the open, with at least nine or ten other people nearby, any one of whom might momentarily come over to our blanket for a visit. All that mattered was the burning ache in my cunt, and the driving lust that pushed me to satisfy that passion.

The air felt cool against the wetness of my cunt, and I felt my whole body come alive with excitement. The breeze seemed to tickle up between the lips of my cunt, teasing me with its touch against my aching gash.

I couldn't resist the lure of my own body, and while I was waiting for Marc, my fingers stole down to my crotch and I began to rub my clit feverishly.

"Oh, Jesus!" I heard Marc moan. "Tootsie, let me watch you diddle yourself! Please, let me watch!"

It sounded perverse, as though I were putting on an exhibition for Marc, teaching him the most intimate secrets of my body before he claimed it for himself. I wanted to let him watch me as I fondled my snatch; the very thought excited me wildly.

I parted my thighs even farther and pushed my cunt up against my hand. My fingers worked furiously in the wet forest of cunt hair, slipping across the soft skin, pressing down into the swollen bud of my clit. My cunt was so wet that I could hear my hand squishing between the lips.

"How does it feel?" Marc moaned. I heard a slapping noise above the sound of his voice.

"It feels good," I said, opening my eyes. "It feels like I'm going to come soon."

I stared down my body. Between my open legs was Marc. He was on his knees, jerking himself off and looking at my cunt. His mouth was open and his eyes looked dazed. The muscles on his neck and shoulders were tensed, as though he were straining against his passion. His hand was a blur against his crotch; his cock vibrated up and down from the enthusiasm of his pumping fingers.

"Stick your fingers in your cunt," he said, grunting.

I slipped my other hand down over the swell of my cunt, down between the wet lips. I could feel the swirling brush of my middle and index fingers working rapidly against my clitoris as I pushed two fingers of the other hand into my cunt. My insides were wet and hot, and I stirred the fingers around, pushing in and out of the hole. All the while I fucked myself with my fingers, I watched Marc jerking himself off between my legs.

"Put your cock in me when you come," I instructed, feeling my orgasm drawing close. "I want to feel you come inside of me."

"Yes," he agreed. "Yes!"

It was like all my fantasies when I masturbated. I always thought of cocks and cunt, of fucking and sucking. Now I was doing the same thing -- doing it in front of someone -- but this time I had a real cock just inches from my cunt, ready to plunge into me with cum the moment I began to have my orgasm. It was like fantasy and reality all mixed up in my mind.

My fingers rubbed violently against my clit until my arm ached and my fingers felt as though they were going to cramp up. I hunched my cunt up and down, straining my back and elevated ass. Marc jerked his long, thick cock up and down, almost touching my cunt with his outward strokes.

"Now!" Marc moaned. He hunched forward.

Just before his cock touched my twat, I felt a blob of thick, wet jizz spurt from the end of his cock and splash against my fingers. My cunt dripped with his cum, matting in the hair and wetting my clit as it oozed between the open lips of my pussy.

I pulled my fingers from my cunt and grabbed for Marc's cock. With my other hand still on my clit, masturbating, I pulled his coming cock and buried it between the lips of my cunt. His cock throbbed inside of me, still spewing out its cream, flooding my cunt as it slid deeply into me.

The moment his jizz touched me, I began to come. My legs almost pressed together now in passion, and I had to force them apart to allow him entrance. My thighs quivered as I came, and I felt the scratch of his pubic hair rub against the fingers that were still twirling the bud of my clitoris.

"Fuck me!" I moaned as my orgasm exploded all around his cock. "Come inside me!"

I finally pulled my hand away from my cunt, and I locked them behind my knees, bending my body almost in half. I pulled down with my arms, and my body rolled up, my cunt almost in my face. I could see Marc driving into me, pushing open the pussy-lips, and I could smell the sweaty odor of my own cum-filled cunt.

Marc's cock slithered thickly into my hole until my cunt had embraced all his seven inches. My cunt seemed to swell up around him, tightening down around him, squeezing the cream from his cock. His balls rested against my ass, tickling me with the wiry hair covering his flesh.

One thrust was all either of us needed. We were both primed from masturbation, and we completed it by fucking. Fantasy and reality -- a shattering combination.

Marc rolled off me, and my legs fell down. His jizz dripped over the mound of my cunt and out from between my slack twat-lips. The wind felt cold blowing against me, and I tried to close my legs. The cum was slimy between them.

I could hear Marc breathing next to me, and my hand reached across the darkness for him. His hand was all wet, the combination of his cock-cream and the sticky discharge of my cunt. We locked our fingers together.

"That is some crazy grass," I finally said, squeezing our hands together.

I could hear the roar of the beach again, and just above it, the muted sounds of music from the radio. I couldn't place the song, but it was pleasant.

Marc snorted.

"Did I say something funny?" I asked. We were both naked, and his body felt warm against mine.

"No," he answered. "I just thought of something that was funny."


"I have two more joints in my shirt pocket," he said.

I smiled. "Good. Save them. It's going to be fun to use them."

Chapter SEVEN

After my nighttime beach fuck with Marc Post, I considered my summer officially started. Even though I had witnessed Gus and Mimi fucking, it wasn't until I had actually gotten laid that I could sever myself from the city and initiate the beginning of my first sexual vacation.

Gus Wells was my next target, and my cunt throbbed with anticipation each time I thought of fucking him. The fact that he was so attractive was only a small part of my expectation. My main reason for excitement was his age; I'd never screwed an older man. Before I could consider myself really liberated from my youth, I had to be fucked by an older man. I'm sure that every girl must go through this desire; it's like an initiation into womanhood.

The more I thought about it, the more important it seemed. Sex with an older man gave fucking a weight and importance that was missing when I screwed someone my own age. To someone like Stu from back home, and even with Marc Post, although he was older, all sexual experience was new and exciting. All that mattered to guys my own age was the act of fucking itself; if he could fuck anyone, the act was successful. His cock didn't discriminate and his experiences couldn't.

But with Gus, it was something else. Gus was a man -- a man to whom sex was not something new. Gus had been fucking for years, and he'd probable fucked more women than either Stu or Marc knew. Gus knew the difference between a good lay and an average one, something that would be lost on Stu or Marc.

So it seemed logical that if I chose Gus as my next conquest, his reaction to the way I made love would tell me just how good I really was. If he found my body exciting, knowing that he could have Mimi any night he wanted her, any way he wanted her, that would be a plus for me. If I could take him away from her, and my cunt could exhaust Gus' cock -- the same cock I had watched him push in and out of Mimi's cunt -- then I'd known that I'd grown up. After I'd fucked Gus, I'd known that I was at last a woman.

With this in mind, I began to work on Gus.

I began by coming to breakfast in the mornings without wearing my bra. My tits are big and firm, and the material of my blouse and sweaters pull tightly across the front of my chest without the covering protection of a bra. When I'm aroused, my nipples get hard, and they poke through the thin fabric and are vividly noticeable. So to make sure that I was sufficiently aroused for this to happen, I finger-fucked myself for a few seconds before I left my room. My tits would get hard and I'd squeeze them a couple of times, pinching the nipples erect with my fingernails. Then I'd slip my top on, pinch the nipples again through the material, and come out for breakfast, hoping Gus would see them.

The first few times he didn't or if he did, he didn't let me know. So I tried to be obvious. I stood in front of him, bent forward, and almost pushed my tits in his face. Once I sat across from him, and when he was looking at me, I bent forward and leaned my tit on the table. The sight of the swollen orb drooping heavily over through the thin material caught Gus' eye, and I felt my cunt begin to quiver when I saw him staring at it.

This success prodded me to take other more obvious steps. Since I wasn't wearing a bra, I reasoned why not let him actually see my naked tits?

I'd come in wearing a scooped-neck tank top and accidentally drop something in front of him. Then I'd have to bend down and retrieve the object. The front of my blouse would fall away from my chest, and my jugs, with their stiff, pink-tipped nipples, would be exposed to his view.

The first time that I exposed myself to him, I thought I was going to come in my pants, I was so excited. Did I actually enjoy letting Gus see my nakedness? Was I an exhibitionist? I didn't really care. All I knew was that it excited me to let Gus see me. Knowing he was watching made me feel erotic and sexually excited. If that was being an exhibitionist, then I enjoyed being one.

I looked up after I had bent down, and I caught Gus looking down my blouse. His eyes were open widely, and just the faintest blush of excitement colored his cheeks. He turned quickly away and pretended he wasn't looking.

After that, I looked for reasons to bend over and give Gus a free show. I was afraid of overdoing it because Mimi began to give me curious glances. I think she was aware of what I was doing; women are usually more sensitive to things like that than men are, and I had to curtail my clumsiness at dropping things.

I was gratified to find that Gus was picking up where I left off. He would stand behind me, and I could almost feel the sweep of his eyes across the pale pink hills of my tits. Without arousing Mimi's suspicion, I tried to give Gus as much of a look as I could.

I began to employ other techniques, and I let my warm thigh bump into Gus' each time we sat next to each other; our knees rubbed back and forth when he sat across from me. The first few times I tried this, Gus pulled back as though the contact had been an accidental one. But when I continued to apply pressure, my cunt grew wet to feel him pressing back against me. Now, whenever we sat down, covered by the protection of the table, Gus' knee or thigh automatically fell into place against me, and we rubbed erotically up and down against each other. It was our own private game, and we played it silently but very seriously. When I began to masturbate to get myself aroused so that my tits showed through my blouse, another sexual idea suddenly came to me. Once I masturbated by putting my hand down into my pants, pressing my fingers tightly against my cunt. When I pulled my hand away from my body, I could still smell the sweaty aroma of my cunt clinging to my fingers.

I ran the wet fingers back and forth under my nose for a few seconds, then pulled my shorts down and rubbed my whole hand between my legs. I opened the lips of my cunt and ran my fingers through the wet slit, rubbing the tip of my clitoris to awaken more of a discharge in my cunt. After a few more seconds of this, I slid my fingers, two at a time, in and out between the lips of my cunt, bathing my hand in the wetness of my pussy.

When I pulled my hand out, it was still wet. I held it under my nose. It reeked of cunt.

I quickly pulled my shorts back on and went into the kitchen, desperately trying to think of a way in which I could allow Gus to smell the perfume on my fingers.

Gus provided the opportunity. "Hand me my cigarettes," he asked once I sat down.

My fingers trembled as I picked up the package of cigarettes. I carefully pulled a cigarette from the pack and reached across the table and placed the white cylinder between his lips.

"Let me light it for you," I said, aware of the quavering in my voice. I ran my still-wet fingers up and down under his nose, lingering there longer than normal, rubbing against his nostrils so that he couldn't avoid my intention.

The moment my fingers went under his nose, I watched his nostrils flare, and I almost heard the intake of breath as he inhaled the smell. His eyes narrowed, and Gus looked directly at me, breathing deeply.

"Thank you, Tootsie," Gus said cryptically. He sniffed up the smell.

"It's my pleasure," I answered.

I tried this method twice more: once by pretending to rub Gus' nose because his sunburn was peeling, and once when I rubbed under his nose and asked whether he was growing a mustache. Both times I felt the cool tickle of him inhaling the raunchy smell of my cunt; both times he gave me that same strange, piercing look with his eyes. He was aware, unquestionably, of my intention.

How far would I go, though? I could almost read the question in his eyes.

My goal was to let him know. I pressed on.

Chapter EIGHT

The bathroom was a good room for developing Gus' awareness, and I used it whenever I could. Whenever Gus went to the bathroom, I would try always to get close to the door. I would listen to see whether he locked the door behind him. He always did except for one time, and I knew I had to take advantage or it or lose my chance.

I watched him close the bathroom door, and I listened intently for the click of the lock. When it didn't come, I found myself wondering whether he had really forgotten or whether the omission was intentional. In the past I could tell that he was aware of my eyes following him to the bathroom; sometimes he would stare at me for a moment from behind the open door a second too long before he closed and locked it. He knew I was watching him. Was that why he had left the door open this time? I didn't know.

But I took advantage of the situation; one for which I'd been hoping ever since I began to watch him. I held my breath and listened. Mimi was in the kitchen, talking on the telephone with Margo, her sister. I put my ear to the bathroom door, and I could hear Gus pissing.

My fingers trembled as I touched the doorknob. My mouth was dry and I licked my lips with my shaking tongue. The toilet was directly ahead of me in the bathroom, straight ahead and on the far right wall. Gus would be standing in front of it, facing sideways, with his cock in his hand. I fixed my stare on the space where I judged that Gus' profiled cock would be, and I threw open the door with a sudden thrust.

"Oh, my!" I said suddenly, perhaps too suddenly, almost before I actually saw Gus' cock. "I thought the bathroom was..."

I never finished my sentence, but closed the door quickly, pretending still that I had opened the door by accident. But I didn't close it before I took a long, steady look at Gus' cock.

The image was so vivid in my mind that I can see it now as clearly as when it first happened. His cock was almost erect, for it seemed thick and swollen. It was bent over heavily in his hand, and I could see tufts of hair silhouetted against his open zipper. A pale stream of piss made an arc from the end of his cock through the air and into the toilet. I could hear it streaming into the water.

I saw all of this in a momentary flash, and then I closed the door. My excitement at seeing Gus' cock, for the first time now in daylight, perhaps overshadowed something that I wasn't aware of, something that I only realized after I played the image back in my mind several times.

Gus had been looking at me! I thought. He had been looking at me!

Was it an accident? Had his head spun around when I opened the door? Or was he anticipating my intrusion?

I didn't know. It was too dangerous an act to repeat to find out for certain. All I know is from that day on, each time Gus went into the bathroom, he didn't lock the door. And before, he always did. Was he waiting for me to come in again?

I didn't know, and, as I said, it was too dangerous to do again to find out. But since I wouldn't do it to him, I hoped he might do it to me. Now every time I went into the bathroom I closed the door loudly, but never locked it. I lingered at the toilet, playing with my cunt and tits, hoping that Gus would "accidentally" come in on me.

But he never did, so I took to a more direct attack on the problem. I began to leave the door open slightly -- just a crack, but enough for me to see out and for him to see in. This worked. While he never pushed the door open any farther, I did see him walking back and forth past the door while I sat there waiting for him. He passed back and forth far too many times for it to have been an accident. He was going back and forth so that he could look in at me.

I began to leave the door open just a crack more when I took my showers. I did this, I told myself, so that the mirrors wouldn't steam up.

I took my showers and then dried myself outside of the shower, in direct line with the open door. I paraded my naked body back and forth in front of the open door, and once or twice I saw him walk past. Whenever he did, I pretended to be inspecting my cunt. I put one leg up on the toilet and I bent forward, parting the lips. All Gus had to do was look into the room, and he would have a direct line of sight with my cunt. More than once I heard him out there, but I was careful not to seem aware so that I didn't frighten him away.

Once I varied this method by putting my robe on and opening the door when I knew Gus was out there. We bumped into each other accidentally, and I dropped my towel.

"Excuse me," Gus mumbled. His face was flushed, and I could see he had a hard-on.

His body was hard against the softness of my body, and I felt the swell of his arm brush against my tits as we collided. I held onto one end of the towel in my hand, and let it unfold; then I let go of it completely and it fell to the floor.

"My fault," I said, naked under the thin material of my bathrobe. I didn't move to pick up the towel and the silken object I had purposely placed inside of it.

Automatically, Gus bent to pick up the fallen object. It was in his hand before he realized what it was. He straightened and handed it to me.

"You dropped this," he said, handing me the pair of panties I had placed in the towel.

I took the panties from him and our fingers touched.

"Thank you," said, holding the panties with two fingers so that they dangled between us.

He stared at them. I had turned them inside out and was holding them by the legend so that the stain on the crotch was clearly visible. Gus' eyes narrowed there and he swallowed heavily. Then he bent down to pick up the towel.

After that, it was only a matter of time. He knew and I knew. The end was inevitable.

One incident, more than all the others, finally set the mood.

Gus was an early riser, and he was in the habit of waking the household. The children, of course, woke by themselves, but they usually stayed in theft room, playing together. Mimi was the only problem, and if he didn't wake her, she would sleep easily until noon. Gus usually woke her first and then woke me after she was up.

After the incident in the bathroom, Gus altered his schedule.

At first it was an accident. I was half-awake, and sensed him outside of my room. The door opened a crack and I saw Gus peering in at me.

I sat up and looked at him, still confused by sleep.

"Good morning!" I grumbled back.

The next morning, I made sure that I was awake before Gus got up. I carefully opened the door a crack more than usual, then got back into bed and made sure the covers had slipped in sleep from my body. Of course, that night I had slept nude.

I kept my eyes clenched shut when I heard Gus approach the door. I turned to the side and felt the sheet pull from my tits. I heard the door pull open an inch, but Gus didn't say anything. He just stared in at me. After about five minutes, Gus called to wake me.

The next morning, the sheet was completely tossed off, and I lay on top of the bed completely naked.

My thighs were parted, and the dark-brown hair of my cunt made a wide V between my legs. My stomach rose up and down evenly as I pretended to sleep, and the cool air tickled my nipples and made them tingle into stiffness.

I heard the sounds of Gus outside my door, and I think I heard the involuntary intake of breath at the surprise I had exposed for him. I felt his eyes rolling over my nakedness, up over my tits and burning between the pink-lipped fur of my wet cunt. I shifted on the bed, opening my thighs even farther, and rolling around so that my cunt faced the open door. I bent one leg in half, and pulled my thigh away from my body. Now Gus had a clear, unhindered view of my cunt.

I ached to open my eyes to see what he was doing, especially when I heard the slow grate of a zipper opening, but I was afraid to look, afraid that his knowing I was awake would inhibit him. So I kept my eyes closed and imagined, even when I heard the creak of the door as he pushed it open even further.

My ears strained through the silence of the morning, and I almost thought I could hear, up above the hushed wetness of Gus' breath, the sound of his hand pumping up and down the long thickness of his cock.

Encouraged by the sound, fed by my imagination and desire, I wanted to aid Gus' pleasure. My hand "accidentally" flopped against my cunt, and in my sleep, I rubbed against it with my open hand. My cunt was wet, and the wetness got all over my fingers.

I was sure now that I heard Gus jacking off, if not, I could certainly hear his grunting breath. It sounded as though he were breathing heavily, with air sizzling in and out of his open mouth.

In my sleep, my hand began to rub against my cunt. I cupped the mound with my tight fingers, sliding through the wet slit between the lips. I pressed down with the palm of my hand against my clitoris, and felt a wet swell of pleasure flow through my cunt.

Excited now, but still cautious, I had to fight to keep from opening my eyes when I heard the door creak open a little more. The sound of Gus' breath was clear, and for the first time I knew the sound of his pumping hand was not my imagination. The wet slap of flesh sliding through flesh was unmistakable.

I groaned in my sleep as two fingers pushed into the flap of my cunt. I pretended that I was having a wet dream and I was excited in my sleep.

"Oh, slit!" I heard Gus moan in a whisper as he watched the two fingers disappear into my cunt. He grunted, and then I heard him turn from the door and walk rapidly down the hallway. I heard the door of the bathroom close and lock.

Disappointed, I opened my eyes. The door to my room was almost wide open. If Gus had been standing in the doorway as I had imagined him to be, I would have had as good a view of him as he had had of me. The thought excited me.

My cunt was still wet when I got up out of bed and walked over to the open door. My nakedness excited me as I stepped out into the hallway. The bathroom door was closed.

I was just about to turn back into my bedroom in disappointment when I noticed several gobs of liquid on the hall floor. It was like a trail almost, leading towards the bathroom.

There was a large puddle near the door of my room, and I bent down to inspect it. I put my finger in it and felt its texture. It was cold and slimy-sticky, almost.

I licked the substance on my fingers and smiled to myself.

"Cum," I said aloud. "Cum."

Chapter NINE

"Gus!" Mimi called. "I'm going shopping!" Gus and I were in the kitchen. Gus was sitting at the table reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee, and I was standing at the sink, washing the breakfast dishes.

I turned around and looked at Gus. He was staring at me, and when our eyes met, I felt something electric go though me.

"Do you want to come?" Mimi asked.

Gus sipped his coffee, but his eyes were still on me, and even though I'd turned back to the sink, I could feel them burning into the back of my skull.

"No," he answered finally, and I felt something cold shiver up the back of my thighs.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I have something to do," he explained. Then, "Are you going to take the kids?"

By now Mimi was in the kitchen, and I buried my attention in the soapy water of the sink. I held my breath in anticipation of her answer.

"I wasn't going to take them," she said. She was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless blouse. Her hair was up and she had sunglasses on. "Why do you ask?"

Gus sipped his coffee coolly. "I think it would be good for them to get away from here for a while. Break the monotony."

Mimi thought for a moment. "You're probably right. Besides, maybe I can get a couple of things for school. Before you know it, it'll be September."

"Good idea," Gus agreed, never looking up from the newspaper spread across the kitchen table. "Don't spend too much money."

"I won't. Where are the kids?"

"I think they're in the back yard," I said, breaking into the conversation for the first time. I was afraid to look at Mimi's face, afraid she would read my intention in my eyes. As it was, my voice was trembling in expectation.

Miraculously, Mimi didn't notice. "No, I'll find them myself. They're somewhere around here."

"Throw me a kiss," Gus said, still buried in the paper.

Mimi did, and I yelled to her to have a good day. She left the kitchen, and I heard her in the yard. The children were happy to have a change in their routine, and they piled noisily into the car. The motor started, and shouts of good-bye faded in the distance.

Gus and I were alone in the house.

I hurried to finish the dishes. My hands trembled as I washed them, and I was suddenly afraid to turn around and look at Gus. Although this was what I wanted, I was terrified at the idea, and I suddenly realized I didn't know how to go about beginning it. In my fantasy mind, the seduction was always quickly and coolly achieved, but now while I had the opportunity to initiate it, it all seemed hopelessly unreal and romantic. If Gus didn't make the first move, I didn't know whether I had the nerve to do it.

What if he put me off? I thought, scraping the dishes. What if he rejected my advances? Worse. What if he laughed at me? I'd kill myself. I'd die of shame.

Get control of yourself, I said. This is what he wants, you know it. Remember what happened outside your bedroom while he was looking in at you. Remember how he looked down your blouse at your tits, and how excitedly he rubbed back when you pressed your thigh against his. Control yourself and play it cool.

The dishes were finished, and I dried my hands on a dish towel. "I'm going to my room," I announced, looking at Gus for just an instant.

He didn't look up from the newspaper. "Go right ahead."

I walked swiftly to my room and closed the door. My mouth was dry, and my muscles were tight with anxiety. A singe, obsessive thought pumped through my brain. Today I was going to get fucked by Gus. The idea excited me unbelievably.

Prepare yourself, I said.

I was wearing a pair oft shorts and a blouse. I pulled the blouse off and touched my tits. They were hard, the nipples erect. I felt a warm flush of pleasure flow through my body as I squeezed my tits together.

Now the shorts, and I pulled them down my legs. I had a pair of white panties on, and I could see the dark patch of cunt hair spread across the front of the panties. I hooked my fingers into the waistband and pulled the panties down my legs.

The crotch stuck to my cunt for a second, and then I noticed a thin, wet film of moisture in the crotch of the panties as I stepped out of them.

I couldn't resist the temptation of touching myself, and I buried both hands against my cunt. I rubbed the broad, hairy mound with my fingers, pinching inward so that the tips of one or two fingers pressed into the damp slit of the lips. My clit was aroused and stiff, and I pressed it down into the flesh of my cunt. An intense flow of excitement exploded under my fingers, running up and down my legs.

I pulled my hands away from my cunt. They were wet, and I wiped the wetness against my tits.

Get dressed, I told myself.

I looked about the room. A blouse was all right, I knew, but what should I wear on the bottom? Certainly not pants or shorts. A skirt. Yes. A short skirt with nothing else under it.

I pulled the skirt up my legs and fastened the button on the side. The hemline came to the middle of my shapely, rounded thighs, and I could feel the cool touch of air working against the nakedness of my cunt and ass. It felt rawly erotic to know I was going to walk out of my room with nothing under my skirt. It made what I was doing seem even more exciting.

My fingers trembled as I buttoned my blouse. I tucked it into my skirt, then lifted the skirt so that I could pull the tail of the blouse down smoothly. In the mirror, I could see myself; the dark patch of cunt hair between my legs looked strangely erotic against the bunched material of my skirt and blouse.

I brushed my hair quickly, then sprinkled perfume around my throat and behind my ears. Then, reaching into my blouse with an open hand, I rubbed some perfume on both tits, and finally spread the sweet-smelling liquid all across my thighs and between the lips of my cunt.

I was all ready for my seduction, and I opened the door of my bedroom.

Gus was in the living room, sitting on the couch, still reading his newspaper. He was wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up, revealing the thickly swelled muscles of his biceps, and the jeans were pulled tightly across his crotch. My eyes were drawn immediately to the long, thick lump under the material, and my mouth began to water thinking that I would soon hold that piece of meat between the wet lips of my cunt. I sat down next to him, feeling the hem of my skirt slide up my legs. The back of the skirt was pulled out, and I felt the rough material of the slipcovers rub against my ass and the growing wetness of my cunt-lips. My naked thigh pressed against Gus', and I almost cried out when he returned the pressure.

Gus put the paper down and looked at me. His expression was serious.

I leaned over him and pressed the swell of my boobs into the muscles of his arm. I felt my nipples get hard, and I ground my cunt against the cushion of the couch.

"What are you reading?" I asked, rubbing my tits on his arms.

Gus' jean-clad thigh rubbed slowly up and down against my own leg. "Nothing important."

I looked right into his face and slowly ran my tongue over my lips in the universal invitation.

Without any further hesitation, Gus accepted, and his arm slid around behind my neck as he pulled my body tightly to him. My heart exploded in my chest, and I lost my breath when I felt his lips crush themselves against my still-open mouth. His tongue was like a thick snake as it wriggled wetly between my lips, seeking out the wetness of my own waiting tongue.

I answered his pressure by pushing my body against him. My mouth swallowed his tongue, sucking on it like a straw, and my tits flattened against his hard chest as we crushed against each other. The thick masculine odor of his body was warm against his flesh; it was like a drug that made me dizzy with anticipation.

Gus pulled his lips free. His mouth was wet. "Tootsie," he whispered. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Chapter TEN

My heart was beating like crazy, and the room seemed to be spinning around me. "Yes," I answered, almost moaning.

He kissed my cheek. "But you're so young."

I reached over and put my hand on his cock and rubbed it through his pants. "Does this feel like I'm young?" I asked. I squeezed the thick hard lump of his cock.

"That feels... good," Gus answered. He kissed me lightly on the lips. "That feels very good."

I ran my hand up and down the length of his cock, from the thick base where it connected to his belly, down to the swollen hard tip nearly seven inches away. It was wider than Marc's cock, and I tried unsuccessfully to circle it with my pinching fingers.

I'm touching Gus' cock, I kept on thinking. I'm touching his cock! The very same cock that I watched fuck in and out of Mimi's sloppy-wet cunt, and now I was touching it with my hand!

Gus kissed me again, and this time I used my tongue on him. I pried open his lips and lashed my tongue against his, tasting the sweetness of his saliva and the slippery wetness inside his mouth. As I kissed him, I continued to run my hand up and down his cock.

Gus' hand moved from my side, and I felt it slide around my body with a sureness and confidence that made me dizzy. He placed his hand over my left tit, cupping it in his fingers, lifting it lightly, pinching inward and awakening the hardness of the nipple.

The moment he touched me, I moaned in his mouth and squeezed down on his cock. I tried to dig my fingernails into the hardness of the shaft, as though I could squeeze out the excitement in my body by touching him. The thick material of his jeans numbed my caress, and I longed to fondle his naked cock in the warm shallow of my hand.

Gus' fingers fumbled at my blouse; his hand slid into the loose flap, and I felt the hardness of his fingers pressing against my flesh. His hand encircled my naked tit, and I felt the erotic rub of his palm pressing against the excited stiffness of my nipple.

Gus pulled his lips from mine; in passion I licked desperately at his chin, trying to suck it into my hot mouth.

"You have lovely breasts," he whispered into my ear, licking his tongue around the outer edge. "So firm and erect. It's an exciting feeling."

I shuddered; the words in my ear seemed wet and alive -- they slid right into my brain. I opened the snap on his jeans and began to pull his zipper down with shaking fingers. "Touch more, then," I said, "if you like what you feel. Touch all you want."

As I opened the fly of Gus' jeans and reached in for his cock, I felt him confidently open the top two buttons of my blouse. The blouse fell open and my tits fell out. His hands ran lightly across them, touching them and rubbing them, caressing one and then the other. He took a nipple between his thumb and index finger, then pinched inward until the blood would rush from the nipple and make it momentarily soft again. Then he would wait as it filled up and was hard again before he repeated the pinch into my flesh. The teasing excitement was driving me wild.

Gus' cock popped out of his pants and pressed warmly against my hand. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and I could feel the stiff scrape of his pubic hair tickling in between my fingers. I rubbed the back of my hand up and down the length of his naked cock, teasing my fingers with the nearness of his erection. The flesh of his cock was hot against my hand, and I couldn't resist any longer. I turned my hand around and grabbed his cock.

It was enormous. My fingers stretched to circle it, but I could just barely touch the tips of two fingers together as I went around the stiff prick. The flesh was smooth and hot under my touch; I squeezed it and marveled at its hardness. I ran my hand up and down his tool, savoring the sleek thickness that slipped through my fingers.

"My God!" Gus moaned. "That feels so exciting." He hunched his cock up through my fingers. "Your hand feels so smooth and gentle against me. Light and caressing."

I kissed him on the neck. "Do I touch you the same way Mimi does?" I squeezed the head of his cock.

"Oh, God! No!" he moaned, pinching my nipples in retaliation. "Your touch is softer... different... more exciting!"

I enjoyed hearing the praise. I wanted to match up well against Mimi's years of experience. I squeezed his cock as hard as I could, and I felt him tremble in my grip.

"Touch my cunt," I whispered. "Lift my skirt. I have a surprise for you."

Gus' hand slipped from my boob and lay in my lap by my knees. I opened my thighs as wide as I could and gripped my fingers tightly around his thick cock. I began to jerk him off.

Gus' hand slid down the decline of my open legs. I felt his hand turn so that his fingers were on the bottom, his palm pressed inward. I felt the pressure of his hand as it softly crushed itself against my cunt hair, sending tingles of expectation through the wet heat of my cunt. Then, finally, his hand grazed the naked mound and his fingers cupped themselves under my cunt, his palm lodged firmly against the wide swell of my flesh. I arched my back and pressed my cunt tightly against his hand.

"You're so wet!" Gus moaned. "Your cunt is all wet."

"Do you like it wet?" My hand moved steadily up and down on his cock.

"Yes," he moaned, excited with his pleasure. "I wasn't expecting you to be so wet."

He began to rub my clitoris, rub it with an experience and knowledge that made my legs weak with pleasure. I hunched my cunt up and down under his fingers, feeling wave after wave of pleasure ripple outward from my cunt.

"Stick your finger in me," I grunted. "In my cunt."

Gus' finger slid down between the tight wet lips, then pushed up and in. I screwed my cunt down around his finger and felt his hardness sliding further into my hole. He pumped his finger in and out, scraping it sensually against the wet walls of my cunt. I felt the inner lips of my cunt moving up and down as he drove his pistonlike finger through the wetness.

"You're tight," he said. He leaned forward and chewed on my nipples. "Your pussy is very tight."

"You like it tight, don't you?" I tightened my cunt muscles around his prodding finger. Gus' finger became rigid inside of me, locked firmly into place by the tight ring of muscles in my cunt.

"Yes," he moaned, trying to pull the finger free, "I like a tight cunt."

I relaxed the muscles, and he pushed up hard inside of my hole, wriggling freely. "Then you can imagine how good it'll feel when you're fucking me. I have a very tight cunt."

The words excited Gus. "Let me fuck you now."

I leaned forward. "Not yet. I want to do something to you first." I opened my mouth.

He stiffened when I licked my tongue across the tip of his enormous cock. "You do that, too?" he asked. His voice was incredulous with surprise.

I sunk my mouth down around his cock-head. "I do everything," I murmured softly before swallowing his cock.

He moaned and pushed his cock stiffly into my mouth by arching his hips up. My lips opened widely to accommodate his thick rod. I licked my tongue against the bottom side of the shaft as he slid it into my mouth. The flesh tasted hot around my lips, and my jaw ached from being pulled so widely open. Although his prick was not quite as long as Marc's had been, I couldn't sink my mouth down as far around it because of the great width of his cock.

"Oh Jesus, Tootsie!" Gus moaned. He stiffened his whole body, and I felt his finger tremble inside my cunt. "It's fantastic!"

I bobbed my face up and down, swallowing and spitting out the length of Gus' cock as I pulled my lips tightly around the sides of his thick shaft. My mouth was as wet as I could make it, and I bathed his cock in the puddle of my saliva as I swirled my tongue back and forth across the head. I felt the wetness dribbling down the sides of his cock, collecting around my puckered lips, and dribbling down my own chin whenever his width pulled the ring of my lips apart.

"Uhhhnnn!" Gus moaned. He pulled his finger out of my cunt and pressed my head down against his prick with both hands. "I'm going to come soon."

I held the trembling shaft of his cock tightly in my fist, pulling my mouth away, "Another time perhaps," I told him, licking the big cock-head. "But today you're going to fuck me."

Gus groaned. "Yes, I want to fuck you."

I pulled myself up. My blouse was twisted around and my tits were hanging out. My skirt was down in place, but my cunt was very wet. Gus lay at an angle on the couch, pulled over to the side, his head resting against the back pillows and his feet straight out in front of him. His pants were open, and his thick red cock poked from the open zipper. His cock was all wet.

"Lie flat," I instructed. "On your back."

Gus followed my instructions, lying flat on the couch. His cock stood stiffly in the air, at a right angle to his body. He began to pull his tight pants down his arched legs.

"No!" I said. I put my hand on his cock and squeezed it. "Leave them on for now. I like to feel clothing against my cunt."

Gus relinquished his hold on his pants and lay back on the couch, patiently waiting my next move. He did not have long to wait.

I lifted my right leg and straddled his body. I leaned on his chest and pulled my other leg up onto the couch, pressing forward against his body. His erect cock was up against the lips of my cunt, and it felt hot next to me.

I felt Gus' hands between my legs. He was holding his own cock in his hand and was trying to push it into my cunt-hole.

I put my hand down between us. "Let me do it. I want to put it in."

Gus let go, and I felt him slide his hands up my body. He grabbed onto my tits with each hand, and pulled them forward to his face. My body trembled with each caress as his wet tongue slid out of his mouth and licked across the nipple of each boob.

I arched my ass up and pulled Gus' cock towards me. The head of his cock pushed thickly between the wet lips of my cunt. I jiggled his cock back and forth with a few short wiggles so that it was firmly implanted at the entrance of my cunt.

Then I pushed down hard.

"Ohhhhh!" I groaned as I felt the thickness of his shaft push up into my tight hole. "It's so big!"

My cunt felt as though it were splitting apart. I felt the lips of my cunt pull into thin lines around his great width; the walls of my cunt trembled from the stretched pleasure of his broad tool. "Uhhhhhn!" Gus moaned. He stopped pushing up. "You're tight! So tight!"

The momentary pain passed; raw, intense pleasure began to rip at my cunt. "Push harder!" I moaned, aching to be spread even more by Gus' fat, humping cock.

Gus jackknifed his hips and I crushed my cunt down around his prick. I groaned in ecstasy when I felt the full length of his dick push up into the wetness of my cunt. The lips of my cunt rippled down the sides of his shaft, the damp passageway imprisoning his cock like a wet sleeve. Everything was inside of me, and I could feel the hair on his balls tickling against my ass.

Gus groaned, almost as though he were in pain. "You're so Goddamned tight! Jesus!"

I wriggled my ass back and forth, enjoying the heavy weight of his cock deep in my pussy. The open zipper of Gus' pants scraped against my naked thighs.

"Fuck me!" I moaned. "Fuck me!"

Darling Gus began to move faster. I felt my whole insides pull and push, as though his cock and my cunt were attached to each other inside of me. He began to withdraw, and I felt my cunt pull down around him. He pushed up, and I felt the pleasure in the top of my belly.

"My God! Tootsie, you're so good!" Gus continued to moan.

My cunt began to loosen -- not much, but just enough to allow Gus' cock to move freely. I felt the rub and scrape of the shaft as it moved in and out of my hole, and the dull thump of the head as it pounded against my womb. My cunt-lips opened and closed around him, as though they were trying to breathe or suck in more air to keep the life inside burning hotly.

I locked my calves under Gus', and I wound my cunt into his cock. I pressed so hard that my hips and thighs ached with the strain. His cock was like a tram inside of me: standing still and then coming into motion with a slow, steady driving acceleration. Like a piston overcoming sluggish inertia: pull, push, pull, push, until it was pounding against the roof of my cunt.

Pleasure spread all over my cunt like crazy colon rippling up and down my legs. My cunt was dripping wet, and I could feel the discharge oozing out from between the lips, wetting Gus' cock and dropping down over the fat, hairy mound of my cunt.

"It's gooooooood!" I moaned. My cunt felt as though it were in a spasm around Gus' driving shaft. It tightened up, but he continued to slide through the wet passage as though it were a tunnel and he was driving at full speed out of control.

"It's so tight!" he moaned. I felt his teeth slide against my nipples. He grabbed my hips and squeezed his fingers into my flesh, pressing me down harder onto his prick.

"Don't stop!" I warned. I ground my cunt down, squeezing the muscles in, trying to break his cock off inside of me. "I'm gonna come... don't stop!"

Gus' thick cock banged into me like a pile-driver, and I heard my cunt squish around him. The shaft of his cock was completely wet, slippery, and it drove through the tightness of my cunt as though it were precision-tooled to fit only me. It was tight -- unbelievably tight! -- but there was movement and grating, wet friction that was driving me insane with wild, total pleasure.

"I'm gonna come!" Gus moaned. He began to pull out of me.

"NO! NO!" I screamed. I put my hand down between us and pulled his cock back inside of my twat. I held him in place with my hand.

"Come inside of me," I moaned, squeezing his balls.

"Is it safe?" he asked. But he pushed up hard into my hole, not listening for an answer, not caring now. He was going to come inside of my cunt no matter what I said.

"Yes!" I groaned, my cunt shaking around his cock. "Pills! I take pills!"

The last word of my explanation was lost in a scream because I began to come. I tightened my cunt around Gus' cock and began to rotate it wildly with my humping, pulling hips. I bounced up and down, feeling his cock push higher and higher inside of my frothing snatch.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME!!" I screamed. My cunt was like a fist around him, squeezing up the hot thick flow of his cum.

Cum spewed from the end of Gus' cock as though it were under pressure. I felt the tip open inside of me, and his cream splashed into the wet lining of my cunt, making a puddle inside. I could feel each blob -- it was hot, like liquid fire, branding my cunt with the hardness and thickness of Gus' wonderful cock.

Gus pushed up hard one last time, and I arched and sat straight up on his belly. His cock was trembling inside of me. I tightened my cunt and ass, and ground my thighs together to wring out the very last drop of pleasure.

I screamed in ecstasy, and Gus slumped down into the couch, trying to push me off of him.

It was over, but I knew I would never forget it. It was the best fuck I'd ever had.

Chapter ELEVEN

The sting of the shower felt good against my body, and even though it was still early, I could tell it was going to be a very hot day. The water cooled me, and I lingered there under it perhaps longer than I usually would have, but I was alone in the house and there was no one around who would hurry me along. After breakfast, because of the sweltering heat, Gus Wells suggested they go down to the beach for a swim to cool off I was left behind to straighten up the house and finish the breakfast dishes. I finished my tasks quickly and I threw my clothing off and jumped into the shower.

I stepped out from under the spray and took the washcloth in my hand. It was dripping wet with sloppy soap, but I took the perfumed bar of pink soap from the shower. The air was hot in the shower, and it billowed up around my nakedness like a warm blanket.

I took the soapy cloth and rubbed it vigorously between my legs. My hand was flat against my cunt and my legs were wide open. The wetness of the cloth felt exciting against my cunt; with one finger, I carefully pushed the cloth up inside of my hole and swabbed out the tender lining of my cunt.

I shuddered at the contact. My cunt was almost rubbed raw from yesterday's fuck-session with Gus, and I cleaned myself gently. After we had fucked that first time on the couch, we rested awhile in each other's arms, and I aroused Gus again by sucking on his cock. The organ was flaccid, and it took me a little time to get it hard again. He confessed that he and Mimi almost never fucked more than once in the same night; they used to when they were first married, but that had been a long time ago.

"I'm not an old lady," I told him, perhaps cruelly since I really had nothing against Mimi except that she was Gus' wife. "I'm very passionate. I have a hot body, and if you want me, you're going to have to fuck me more than once to satisfy my needs."

Almost reluctantly, Gus agreed. I sucked his cock into a rigid state of erection. I slurped up and down the cock, and Gus moaned and said he felt as though he were going to come again. I pulled my mouth away, and he asked me if he could come in my mouth.

"Not this time," I told him. "I'm still not finished fucking."

"Can I come in your mouth one time?" Gus asked.

I jerked my hand up and down his cock. It was all wet from my saliva and the mixture of his own sperm and my cunt juice from fucking. "Certainly," I said.

"Good. I'd like that."

"It sounds as though you never get it that way."

Gus grinned. "I don't. Mimi doesn't like it. She won't let me do it."

I smiled at him and kissed the tip of his cock. "Well, I'll let you. I'll even swallow it."

He tried to push his cock up into my mouth. "Yes, I'd like that."

I stuck my tongue into the opening at the tip and I slid it back and forth. "Is there anything else she won't let you do?"

"Just one thing. Ass-fuck her. She says it hurts."

I'd never been ass-fucked, and I could well imagine it might hurt, but I smiled at Gus and said, "You can fuck my ass anytime you want." I bent forward again and slurped the tip of his cock.

Gus groaned and said that he was ready.

"Not here," I told him, feeling very hot again myself. "In the bedroom. On your bed."

Gus gave me a half-comprehending look.

"I want to be comfortable this time," I lied. "We need a big bed. We have to be naked this time."

He accepted without another word, and we marched into his bedroom. We undressed this time, and we made love on Gus and Mimi's bed. First I let him eat my cunt, and then I turned over and he fucked me the way I had seen him fuck his wife. After it was over we slept, and I sucked him erect a third time and let him come in my mouth. His sperm was hot and thin, and little more than a dribble oozed from his cock, but Gus insisted it was fantastic. That made me feel good.

Something rubbed at my consciousness, and I suddenly was back again in the shower. My thinking of Gus and what had happened aroused me again, and I realized I had stuffed the soapy washcloth up my cunt until almost half of it was inside me.

I pulled cm the remaining half, and the thick lump of the wet cloth pulled out of my cunt. The cloth was rough; it scraped and irritated the walls of my cunt, but as it fell out, the pleasure was so intense, I almost had a spontaneous orgasm.

The washcloth fell to the floor of the shower with a wet plop, and my legs felt weak and shaken. My cunt was burning and I ached to relieve it.

I had just put my hand against my cunt, just touched the wet hair and the swollen bud of my clitoris, when I heard again the sound that had first broken into my awareness moments ago when I was remembering yesterday with Gus. Above the roar of the shower, I thought I heard something.

I opened the door of the stall a crack and listened; I was just about to return to the shower when I heard it again. It was the doorbell.

I cursed to myself, thinking that it was Mimi and Gus returning from the beach. But then I realized it was the front door and not the back. If it were they, they wouldn't come through the front door. And why would they even ring the bell? The door was open.

I shut the shower. I could hear the bell clearly now, and I was annoyed both at being interrupted when I was aroused and at the prospect of leaving the warmth of the shower. Even though I was hot when I came into the shower, the air seemed cold now to my wet skin and I began to shiver.

The doorbell rang again. "Just a minute!" I shouted to whoever it was.

I stepped out of the shower, and my skin puckered up from the cold. I shivered then cursed out loud when I realized I hadn't brought my bathrobe into the bathroom with me. And my clothing was dirty and in the hamper.

Indecision caught me, and when the bell rang again, I shouted. "One minute!"

I grabbed the bath towel and quickly wiped it up and down my legs, over my back, and between my tits.

The doorbell rang again.

"Coming!" I screamed. I wrapped the towel loosely around me, fastening it near my tits as I tucked under one flap. It held, but not too securely.

I opened the bathroom door and ran half-nude down the hall to the front door. The bell rang again as I got there.

"Yes?" I asked, putting my ear to the door. I was cold and a puddle of water was collecting at my feet.

"Mayfair's!" a voice announced through the door. "Package for Mrs. G. Wells."

From yesterday's shopping, I realized. Mimi was having it delivered.

"All right," I shouted. My hair was wet and it dripped coldly down my back. "Leave it out there. I'll pick it up in a moment."

"Can't," the voice explained. I tried to place the voice, but the thickness of the door disguised it too well. "Ya gotta sign for it."

Shit! "Can't you just leave it?"

"Nope. Ya gotta sign. Ya want me to return it to the store?"

I thought for a moment. "No, dammit! Just a second, I'll open the door."

I held the towel tightly to my tits, tucking the end flap under me so that the front of the towel pulled tightly across my tits. I could feel beads of water rolling out from under the wide swell of my boobs, making cold trickles down my body.

I opened the door, poking my head out and hiding my body behind the door. I held the tucked-in part of the towel, slipping my hand into the doubled-over material so that my fingers rested against my breast.

"Could you hand it to me?" I asked.

The delivery man was fantastic-looking. He had long blond hair and a blond mustache. His eyes were deep blue. He looked about twenty-three or twenty-four. He smiled at me, and I could tell he guessed my dilemma.

"Sure," he said, smiling broadly. His blue eyes twinkled out at me. He held the package up for me, just far enough away so that I had to reach for it, exposing a broad expanse of my wet shoulder.

"Hummmmmm. You're all wet. Must be hot in there."

I took the package and tossed it inside on the chair next to the door. "It looks like it's hot out there, too," I answered.

"Gee," he said. "I'd like a drink of water."

"I'm sure that's not all you'd like," I said, smiling. I began to close the door, but my knees began to go weak at the idea that had suddenly popped into my brain.

"Not yet." He stopped the closing door with his hand. "You have to sign the receipt."

I stared intently at him and he smiled back at me. The exciting spontaneous idea that had jumped into my brain was almost obsessive now, and I found myself thinking of nothing else. My cunt throbbed, still excited from before, and now it ached even more with excitement. I stared at the delivery man's crotch with one thought pounding in my hot brain.

I must have been quiet for a long time, because he reminded me again of the receipt.

"Are you married?" I asked, ignoring the question he asked.

He made a sound with his throat, as though he were clearing his voice. "Yes."

My mouth went dry and my fingers were trembling against the softness of my tit. I licked my lips. "Good," I said finally. "Would you like to come in a moment?"

He stared at me. "Come in, please!"

He cleared his throat again. "Are you sure you..."

"Yes!" I held the door open for him, and his eyes widened when he saw all I was wearing was a towel. "Now come in. Hurry!"


"No one's home," I assured him. "It's safe." He moved slowly and stepped into the house. He didn't look at me, but kept his eyes fixed on the wooden floor of the hallway. He took about two steps into the house and I slammed the door shut.

"You have to sign the receipt..." he began again in a broken voice, but I never let him finish the sentence. I crushed my body against him and kissed him hotly on the lips. His mouth was still open from the interrupted words, and my tongue sank itself in his mouth.

He just stood there, with his hands at his sides, kissing me back with only his lips, afraid still to touch my body. I ground my cunt against his middle, curling my wet legs around him so that I was pressed tightly against him.

"Make love to me," I whispered, pulling my lips away from him.

Chapter TWELVE

The delivery man's face was a confused mask. "Are you crazy?" he moaned, still in shock.

I reached down between his legs and touched his cock. It was soft. "Does this feel like I'm crazy?" I asked him.

He stared at me as though he were confused, as though his wildest fantasy had come true. "Holy slit..." he mumbled.

I slipped down on my knees, and the end of the towel got caught in his buckle. The towel pulled open and I was naked.

"Jesus..." I felt his body tremble.

I was on my knees, and I quickly unzipped his zipper. I reached into his pants and pulled his cock out. It was long and thin, and still not aroused.

I opened my mouth and began to suck it, taking his soft tool between my lips. I slid my mouth down to his belly and rolled the soft meat between my lips, pressing it up against the roof of my mouth with my wet tongue.

"Wow... wow... wow!" he moaned, as though he still couldn't believe it. "Wow!"

His cock began to get hard in my mouth; I felt the tip tickle against the back of my throat as my lips pushed apart. I puckered my mouth and ground my face around in a semicircle, pressing my lips into his crotch. The sides of his cock rolled over my cupped tongue and felt wet and slippery in my mouth.

His hands finally moved. He bent his knees and leaned to the side. He opened his hand and stretched down and cupped one tit. His hand felt hot against the cool wetness of my flesh, and he squeezed the boob with his fingers. The nipple was already aroused, and he rubbed it with his palm as he kneaded the hill of flesh.

"Wow," he moaned. "This is crazy."

His cock was hard now, and I couldn't swallow his full length. But I tried, sinking and pulling my mouth up and down the hard shaft. I flitted my tongue back and forth across the tip of his cock, realizing that the organ was uncircumcised. It was the first one of that type that I had ever seen.

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and inspected it. It glistened wetly, thin and long, trembling with excitement. I reached into his pants and pulled his balls free so that they hung down the front of his pants. His balls were covered with fine blond hair, almost white, and the flesh was all puckered and tight under the rigid length of his cock. I nuzzled my face against his crotch and took his balls into my mouth. They rolled over my tongue, two hard-soft lumps. He fell back against the door and moaned.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned. His legs were stiff and arched, and I was between them. I could smell the musky odor of his crotch as I grated the flesh of his balls between my biting teeth.

His hand slipped from my tit, and he placed both hands around my head. I could feel the hot length of his cock pressed against my cheek as I licked his balls.

"Isn't this dangerous?" he moaned. "What if someone comes home?"

What he was saying was true. Mimi and Gus were about due to return; in fact, they were even overdue by now. Yet the very thought that we might get caught seemed to excite me more than if we had all day. It made what we were doing dangerous, and that made it even more desirable. My body shook with excitement.

"Yes," I hissed, spitting his balls out. The front of his pants was all wet. "We have to hurry."

I turned and sat back on my ass. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and jerked him off I leaned forward and rubbed his rod through my wet hair, rubbing my scalp with the blunt end of his cock.

"I want you to fuck me now," I moaned. I rubbed his cock all over my face -- over my forehead, into my eyes, up and down my cheeks, across my nose, and in between my open lips.

"But you're all wet!" he protested.

"Fuck me anyhow!" I jerked his cock into my open lips.

"We'll get the floor all wet. Someone will see it."

I let go of his cock and spread my towel across the floor. Then I lay back on it and parted my legs. He was directly in front of me, between my legs, leaning against the door. His cock was pulled out and from my position it seemed gigantic, pointing directly at my cunt.

"Now fuck me!" I put my hands down between my legs and opened the lips of my cunt for him.

He groaned excitedly and fell to his knees. Instead of fucking me, he pressed his face into my cunt.

"Oh, yesssss!" I hissed. "That's good!"

I felt his tongue flicking wetly against my fingers as I continued to hold open the lips of my cunt. His tongue was like wet sandpaper against the sensitive flap of my cunt-lips, and he curled it like a cylinder and pushed it in and out of me. I opened my legs wider and ground my cunt against his licking face.

"Good... good... good!" I moaned. I wrapped my fingers in his hair and pulled him tightly against my cunt. My thighs closed around his neck and I imprisoned his face against my humping pussy.

He rolled his tongue back and forth, touching both sides of the hole. Then he pulled it free and ran it up and down the wet slit between the lips. His strokes were hard and even; he began up near my ass, dragging his tongue through the crack, pushing it up into the hole, then pulling it out and flicking it stiffly against my clit. I moaned with excitement each time he did this, and I crushed his face even harder against my drooling box.

"Stop! Stop!" he moaned. He pulled his face away from my cunt; it was all wet. He had loose cunt hair on his face, and his lips were all slobbery and dripping. "I can't breathe!" he protested.

I humped my cunt up and down in the air, feeling the cool suck of the air tickling against my open labes. He took the invitation and impaled my pussy-hole with two fingers, sinking them to the knuckles as I arched my cunt up into his face. I almost swooned with the pleasure.

"Fuck me!" I spit the words out through gritted teeth. "I can't wait any longer."

He literally leaped on top of me, falling heavily between my legs. I left his cock between my thighs and before I could reach down to put it in, he speared his prick into me and buried the shaft of his cock to the hilt.

"Oh, Christ!" I yelled. My head rolled from side to side on the floor and I turned my cunt up to face his driving cock. I clamped my thighs around his hips, locking my ankles behind his ass. "FUCK ME, YOU SONOFABITCH!!" I screamed.

But he was already doing that. His cock was thrusting in and out of my cunt with powerful strokes. His balls were pounding against my ass as his hands held me up so that he could jab directly into me.

He grunted with the effort, his face drenched in sweat. "Soon," he groaned, pumping his cock in and out of the tortured lips of my cunt.

Out near the fringes of my mind, a distant sound pushed into my consciousness. My brain was so confused with passion that I couldn't recognize the noise.

"A car's pulling up!" the delivery man gasped. He began to pull away in panic.

"NO!" I screamed, the agony of incompletion seeming more terrible than getting caught. "Finish first! We have time!"

He must have been close, too, for he listened. His cock went crazy inside of me, pushing and pulling, humping and pounding itself inside my sopping-wet cunt. He grunted with each fuck into my sucking hole.

My cunt was almost bent in half, and he was screwing himself down into my body. If he could have, he would have jammed his balls into my cunt. My thighs ached, but I could feel my orgasm beginning around the driving shaft of his cock.

"Now! Now! Now!" I screamed. My cunt clamped shut on the next downward thrust of his cock, and I locked his rod inside of me. I felt his cock tremble and his balls seemed to tighten against my ass.

I heard the motor of the car shut down and then I heard the high-pitched voice of Percy.

I round my cunt around him, my body shaking with pleasure. My cunt felt as though it were breaking into small pieces of quivering, exploding flesh. Wetness spread out from inside of me with a gigantic bursting of sensation.

A car door opened and then another.

Hot cum splashed into my cunt. His cock spit again, and more wetness spilled into me. His cock felt as though it were going to break off inside of me, it was shaking so profoundly. His jizz was like blobs of electricity; each time it touched the raw lining of my cunt, my body jumped in ecstasy and I had another orgasm.

The car doors slammed again, and I heard voices coming towards the house.

His cock kept on coming, throbbing, jerking and sputtering cream into my cunt. And with each throb, my cunt quivered, parodying his pleasure with an equally intense vibration of orgasm.

I heard the footsteps on the path, and my ears caught a word or two.

I was still coming when I finally pushed him off me. He was, too, and the last spurt of scum splashed against my thigh as he dislodged.

"Tootsie!" Mimi called. "We're home."

We jumped up and pulled the front door open. His cock was still erect; it poked out of his pants, his balls hanging down the front. The stains of my juices and his cum were all over the front of his pants. I pushed him out as he tried to stuff his cock into his pants.

Just as I closed the door, I heard the back-door screen open.

"Tootsie!" Mimi called again.

I swept up my towel and tightened the muscles in my cunt. In three swift steps, I was back in the bathroom, closing the door, just as the family entered the house.

I sat down on the toilet and relaxed my cunt. Thick blobs of jizz slid from my cunt and splashed into the toilet.

"Where are you, Tootsie?"

"I'm taking a shower!" I screamed. I slumped back against the toilet seat, breathing heavily. "I'm in the bathroom."

"Just wanted to let you know we're home," Mimi explained, quite unnecessarily, I thought.


It was Friday, and I had the night off. Mimi and Gus had gone to a party at a friend's house. Most of the adults, in fact, had gone to that party, leaving us kids unsupervised, with a lot of empty houses in which to enjoy ourselves for the night.

And that was exactly what we were doing. Sandi suggested that we come to her house. We had plenty of wine and a lot of good grass and potent hash. I think there were four couples in all, but it was hard to remember. That was a long time ago.

Even now, the combination of grass and wine was beginning to make my body feel distant and soft. I pressed languidly against Marc and kissed him with a wet, open mouth.

His hands were between my legs, touching my cunt, and I moaned when he slipped his long, wriggling fingers inside the hairy pink slit, pushing upward until he was plunged deeply into my box. We were on the couch in Sandi's living room, facing each other. My skirt was up and my legs were parted around Marc. I had one leg thrown up over his hips. I remembered vaguely that I had worn panties under the skirt, but they were gone now, and I couldn't remember what had happened to them.

"Take my cock out," Marc whispered.

There seemed to be a fog inside my brain, and it slowed my thinking, coloring everything in warm pastel tones. My hand moved automatically and I began to pull his zipper down.

"What about the others?" I asked. The words pushed through the molasses in my brain. "They'll see us."

"They're busy," Marc answered, pushing two fingers together and pumping them in and out of my cunt. "They won't notice."

I unzipped his fly and reached into his pants, touching his cock through his shorts. My fingers fumbled with the folds of the material until at last, I managed to wiggle the shaft free. It felt so hot in my hand, and my fingers seemed to burn from the touch of his cock.

"Hmmmmmmm," I moaned. "That's nice. Marc, you have such a nice cock."

I ran my fingers up and down its full length. His prick seemed so long and hard, the flesh so smooth. My fingers enjoyed its touch, and it reminded me of plush, rich velvet. Was that the grass, I asked myself, or did it really feel that way?

"Push your cunt toward me," Marc instructed. He removed his fingers from my cunt and held his own cock in his hand. He pressed the organ against the wetness of my cunt-lips. "I want to put it in you, Tootsie, and I want to fuck you."

I pressed myself against him. "Right here?" I asked. "But the others..."

The tip of his cock pushed my cunt open, and it just barely entered my slit.

"What do you think they're doing?" Marc asked, struggling to push his dick deeper into my cunt. "Nancy and Allen are already fucking on the floor. And look at Linda -- she's sucking Jerry's cock. Turn around so you can see."

The thought excited me, but I had trouble fixing the image in my brain. "Really?" I asked. "I want to watch."

I turned around slowly on the couch and pressed my ass tightly against Marc's exposed cock. He pulled up my skirt in the back, and I felt his hands slip under my arms and grab onto my tits. His fingers massaged my boobs while he managed to insert his cock between the cheeks of my ass. He pressed the head of his prick up against the wet entrance of my cunt. It felt hot against my flesh. The scrape of his open zipper against my nakedness made me tingle in anticipation.

The scene before me made my breath suck in wetly. While I watched, I parted my thighs and wrapped my top leg around Marc's thigh and calf, affording his pumping cock a larger target.

The first thing I saw was Nancy and Allen. There they were, on the floor in front of us. Nancy had her pants off; she was naked from the waist down. She was on top of Allen, her legs spread widely around him. Allen had his cock and balls pulled out from his open zipper, and the thick shaft was sunk deeply into Nancy's cunt.

I reached down between my legs and touched Marc's cock. "Put it in," I said. "Fuck me."

I pressed my ass back against Marc and opened my legs even wider. I strained to get his rod in. When I felt his heat against the hole of my cunt, I hunched down suddenly and felt his cock enter me. I moaned in pleasure and continued to press down against him until my cunt had swallowed as much of his cock as it could.

"Move your head," Marc said. He pumped his dick in and out of me. "I want to watch."

Nancy's hairy cunt was a dull brown, and her pussy was sloppy with wetness. Her ass was big and flabby, and Allen's fingers were pressed so tightly into her that they left white marks on her flesh. I could see her asshole between the doughy hills of her butt, and then, just below it, I could see Allen's cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Each time his cock slid down and out of her hole, it glistened wetly, and the sparse growth of hair on the outer lips of her cunt clung to the sides of his driving shaft.

I slipped my hands down between my open legs and flipped the front of my skirt up. I grabbed onto Marc's cock and felt it slide between my fingers as he fucked in and out of my cunt. I was exposed, but I didn't care. I didn't care at all. In fact, the idea excited me. I wanted someone to see me getting fucked.

"Look at Linda go," Marc said, directing my attention to the other side of the room. "She's going to swallow Jerry's cock."

I turned reluctantly from the fucking couple in front of us and looked over at Linda and Jerry. I was glad then that I did, for the scene excited me even more than the other had.

Jerry was flat on his back, and Linda was between his legs. Linda was completely naked, and Jerry, except for the cock poking out of his open fly, was fully dressed.

Linda was holding Jerry's balls in the palm of her hand and was sucking on his cock. Her lips were pulled tightly around his width as he guided her pumping mouth up and down the length of his cock. Her head bobbed with a regular rhythm, and her flushed cheeks hollowed as though she were applying suction to the end of his cock.

"She's giving him a bath," I said excitedly. I pushed my cunt down to greet Marc's upward thrusts. My fingers were wet from the thick discharge of my cunt, and I spread the wetness all over his balls and cock.

"She's taking all of his prick into her mouth," I whispered. "Into her mouth -- right down to the base of his cock. All of it inside of her."

I began to unbutton my blouse, and I had to push Marc's clutching fingers away from my tits. When the blouse was open, I put his hands back, one on each tit. He massaged the naked mounds with a redoubled intensity, flicking the stiff nipples and squeezing the soft, firm flesh.

My eyes darted from one couple to the other. First I saw a cock thrusting into a cunt, and then I saw a cock fucking into a wet, open mouth. I didn't know where to keep my eyes, for each scene seemed more exciting than the other. I tried to watch them both, but my head began to spin.

"Where's Sandi and Dave?" I asked, trying to catch my breath, remembering there had been a fourth couple when the party started.

Marc thrust his cock up hard, and a wave of raw, exciting pleasure rippled through my cunt. "In the bedroom," he grunted.

I looked towards the bedroom, and even though the door was open, I couldn't see in. But I could see a pile of hastily discarded clothing near the door, and I could hear the large, king-sized bed squeaking frantically. It didn't take much of an imagination to guess what was happening in there.

When I finally turned my attention back to our room, I was surprised to discover that Marc and I were also being watched. While Linda was sucking on his cock, Jerry had turned his head to the side. He stared with widening eyes as Marc's cock pushed in and out of my snatch. My breath seemed like steam in my chest when Jerry began to match our tempo, moving his hips in time with Marc's, thrusting his prick into Linda's mouth each time Marc thrust his into my cunt. A shiver went through me as I watched Jerry run his tongue slowly across his wet lips and his eyes fixed themselves firmly on my cunt.

The knowledge that he was watching us fuck excited me. I found myself lifting my skirt to expose my cunt even more. I parted my thighs and tried to pull my cunt around so that it was facing him, so that he could see Marc's cock sliding between the lips just as I could see his cock sliding between the lips of Linda's mouth. It was as though Jerry and I were fucking each other across the distance of the room.

"Jerry wants to fuck you," Marc whispered in my ear. "Go over to him."

Marc's words thrilled me. How could he have known that that was what I wanted to do more than anything else in the world?

"But what about you?" I asked.

"Don't worry. Linda looks primed for fucking. We'll swap partners."

I felt a sucking coolness in my cunt as I dislodged myself from Marc's cock. I got down on my hands and knees and began to crawl across the floor towards Jerry's cock. My skirt fell down and covered my ass; my cunt felt swollen and wet between my thighs.

I patted Linda on the shoulder and she pulled her mouth from Jerry's cock. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and bloodshot, and I could see that she was even more stoned than I was. Jerry's cock was bright and red, dripping with her saliva.

"Marc wants you," I told her.

Linda blinked heavily, as though she did not understand, and she looked across the room at Marc. He was standing now, opening his belt. We watched as his pants fell slowly down his legs; he was naked from the waist down. He stepped out of his pants, and his stiff cock, still wet from my cunt, poked obscenely from between the tails of his shirt. He moved his hand slowly up and down the length of his hard-on.

"All right," Linda agreed. She pushed herself from between Jerry's legs and crawled across the rug towards Marc's rigid invitation.

I replaced her and bent my face into Jerry's cock. My lips parted and I swallowed his hard tool.

"Christ!" he moaned, pushing his cock up.

His cock was already wet when I took it into my mouth, and I tasted Linda's saliva. I curled my tongue around the head and tightened my lips around the sides of the shaft. I let my mouth slip down his rod until it was buried in the back of my throat. I could feel his balls pressed softly against my chin.

With the electric contact of my mouth, Jerry trapped my face against his stomach by locking his fingers behind my head. His cock was sunk so deeply into my throat that I had to breathe through my nose to keep from gagging. His crotch hair tickled my nose, and I could feel the soft head of his cock swelling hotly.

"Suck it, Tootsie," Jerry moaned. "Suck on my cock."

I heard movement next to him, and I pulled up on Jerry's cock just enough to turn my eyes to the side. I could see Linda and Marc; they were both completely naked now. They were sitting down on the rug near us, watching. Marc had his hand on Linda's tit, and she was jerking him off.

I wanted to show them how good I could be. I wanted to put on a real show for them. I pulled Jerry's belt until it came loose, and then tugged his pants and underwear down his legs. My mouth continued to move up and down on his cock, never missing a single stroke. Jerry's legs and crotch were unbelievably hairy, covered with a dense, black growth; I slid my wet lips down on his cock and licked at his hair.

"Suck it, Tootsie!" Marc encouraged, cheering me on. "Suck Jerry's cock!"

I slid my hands under Jerry's ass and pulled his middle up towards me. As I pressed his belly into my face, my fingers dug into his flesh. I could smell the thick aroma of sex; sweat and saliva wafting up from between his tensed, parted thighs.

I looked over again at Linda and Marc; they had changed positions. Linda was on her hands and knees, too, and Marc was kneeling erectly behind her. I could see her tits hanging down between her stiff arms; each time Marc thrust his thick cock into her cunt, they swayed from side to side.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Linda moaned. "I can feel your balls against my cunt." Here eyes were wide and she was staring at me sucking on Jerry's cock. "Each time you push into my cunt, I can feel your balls!"

Marc was grunting, sweat dripping down hi face. I could see the curly fringe of his crotch hair just above the soft curves of Linda's ass. His beily undulated rhythmically and I heard the slap of his thighs against her cunt.

I bobbed my head up and down against Jerry's belly, sliding forward and back in complete, wet strokes. His cock slipped from the back of my throat, moving down my tongue until I could feel the swollen head of the organ pressed firmly against the back of my teeth. I swirled my tongue across the tip, then plunged my face down the shaft again until I had re-swallowed his entire tool.

Something moved behind me, touching me, and I started, almost dislodging Jerry's cock as I turned towards it. I felt my skirt flip up over my thighs and expose my naked ass. A pair of hands gently parted my thighs, and I felt a hot breath billow against my cunt.

"Jesus!" someone said. The voice pushed weakly through the haze of sex and grass in my brain until my memory labeled it. It was Allen. "Nancy, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to lick Tootsie's cunt," I heard Nancy say from somewhere behind me. "I've always wanted to do it."

Her words went right through my body, and I shivered convulsively. It sounded so perverse! Someone was going to lick my cunt while I was sucking Jerry's cock. A girl was going to lick my cunt!


Suddenly I felt Nancy's tongue moving in the crack between the cheeks of my ass; my body trembled under the caress. I moaned and smothered my pleasure down around Jerry's cock.

Nancy's tongue slid sensually down the valley between my ass-cheeks, moving slowly and wetly across the burning, excited flesh between my legs. Explosions of electricity made my flesh tingle with pleasure; I almost passed out in ecstasy when she began to wriggle her tongue against the puckered tightness of my asshole. I tightened down against her, but she licked at my bung so feverishly and so rapidly that my knees began to tremble.

"Easy! Easy!" Jerry moaned. "You're going to bite my cock off!"

Without realizing it, I had sunk my mouth down to the base of his cock, and when the wet licking tickles behind me began, I tightened my whole body against it, including my mouth. The pleasure was so intense I was almost afraid to let my body enjoy it fully; I wasn't ready for that much sexual pleasure.

I loosened my lip-hold on him and resumed the pumping movement of my mouth against his cock. I felt my body tensing itself against the shattering pleasure moving wetly behind me.

Nancy's tongue slid across the downward slope of my ass, and I felt her enter the topmost edge of my pussy. She moved from side to side, opening the lips with the wet, pink wedge of her tongue until my whole body was exposed to her licking. She moved her tongue slowly, teasingly, across my excited cunt, inserting it inch by inch into the burning center of my twat.

Grinding my ass back against her face, I could feel the hard edge of her nose pressed into the wet valley between the lips of my cunt. I moved my body against her as I would if it were a cock and not a tongue probing into my cunt.

Wet fire ran down my legs as Nancy pushed her tongue up into my cunt. I moaned involuntarily and began to suck desperately on Jerry's cock.

I felt her tongue wiggling inside of me, touching the tight walls of my cunt with hot, wet flicks of pleasure. She thrust her tongue in and out, curling up into the depths of my body and racking me with shuddering waves of pleasure. My cunt was sopping wet; I could hear her tongue lapping against me, pushing me open.

Nancy pulled her mouth away from my cunt and I almost cried out in disappointment.

"Tootsie," she moaned. "Make love to me. Please do it."

My brain answered before my lips could. The idea excited me and I ached to comply. I opened my mouth and let Jerry's cock slide free of my lips. His hairy crotch was wet with saliva. I looked up and turned slowly towards Nancy's waiting arms.

It was then that I noticed the other people in the room. Marc was still on his knees, thrusting his cock in and out of Linda's cunt. Allen was sitting to the side of them. With one hand on his cock, he was jerking off, and with his other hand he was squeezing the suspended softness of Linda's tits.

I turned to Nancy. She was on her knees, facing me. She was still naked from the waist down; her wide, cushiony hips seemed to billow out from under her blouse. Her pale white thighs were parted, and I could see the sparse triangle of her cunt hair.

"Take your blouse off," Jerry said to me. He sat up and I felt his hand on my ass and in between my legs. "Both of you. So you'll both be naked."

I shrugged out of my open blouse, and Nancy did the same. Her heavy, pendulous jugs hung down across her chest with the nippled tip of each pale-white stiff and bright pink.

My head was swirling, and I could feel the wine and the grass exploding in my brain. Reason was a hundred years past me. All I knew was that I was excited beyond belief, and the very thought of making love to a woman made my body tremble in expectation.

We were both naked now, and I moved across the room towards Nancy. Each of us were on our knees, our movements wobbly and graceless. I watched in fascination as Nancy's tits jiggled and bobbled as her weight shifted. Her flesh seemed to ripple, like waves going through her body.

I slid my arms around Nancy's nakedness, pressing my tits against hers and pushing my cunt up against the softness of her full crotch. Her arms went around me, crushing me against her.

"Tootsie," she moaned. "I love you."

My tits grew hard and the nipples ached. Her body seemed so strange against mine; I wasn't used to softness. I slid my legs around her thick thigh, and humped my wet cunt up and down her leg. Her tits rubbed against my own breasts; the nipples felt like hot coals as they burned into my flesh. Nancy's body felt like it pillow against me -- soft, gentle, comfortable.

She moved her face, and I felt her lips press against mine. Automatically, I opened my mouth and her tongue pushed in between my lips. Nancy's light kiss, like her body, was soft and sensual -- romantic, almost. The strangeness of the pleasure excited me.

Even her smell was different, I thought. Perfume; powder; clean, shampooed hair -- feminine odors. The smell of her perspiration was lightly erotic, not overpowering and rawly sexual as a man's. Everything about this experience was different!

Nancy's hands were on my tits, and I felt her pulling me down on top of her. I moved with her willingly, and pressed myself against her soft body. "What are they doing now?" Jerry asked.

"Watch and see," Allen answered. His voice was breathless and I could almost hear his excitement.

My cunt was pressed against Nancy's cunt; the strange contact stimulated me. She felt like a man under me, only there was no cock to join us, just the hairy, fleshy smell of her broad mound rubbing pleasurably against my clitoris. I opened my thighs around her and she humped herself between them, pounding my wet, excited cunt with her own wet, excited cunt.

My mouth was open and our tongues mixed together in the wetness. Nancy's hands were on my tits and she was winding herself sensually against me, sending wave after wave of burning pleasure down my weakened legs. My own hands were on her tits, and I squeezed them in my clutching fingers.

"Sixty-nine!" Jerry suggested.

I felt distant hands pulling me away from the softness of Nancy's mouth, and I lay on the rug, dazed, with my naked body spread-eagled in sexual invitation. A hand touched my cunt -- a hard, masculine hand -- and a finger or two pushed up into my excited twat.

"She's all wet!" Allen moaned. "Nancy, get on top of her! No! The other way. Put your cunt up near her face. That's it. That's it!"

Nancy loomed above me; the grass made her seem so far away. I looked up between her parted thighs; the mound of her cunt looked broad and the cheeks of her ass swelled out like twin balloons. The hair of her cunt was wet, the lips pushed open so that I could see up into the redness of her box. I watched in fascination as her cunt grew larger and larger as it floated down around my face.

Nancy's weight was heavy on me, but not as heavy as that of a man. Her heaviness was softer, more equally distributed. Her tits rubbed gently across my belly.

"Eat each other," Jerry coaxed.

I never saw a cunt so close up. It was only inches away from my eyes. I could see the swell of her ass and the deep, wrinkled broadness between her thighs. Her cunt-lips reminded me of a wet, hairy flap, and the folds glistened moistly. Between the lips, I could see the bright pinkness of the puckered ring of muscles which opened and closed the entrance to her body.

"Lick her cunt, Tootsie!" I heard Marc grunt in between thrusts into Linda's box. "Lick her pussy!"

I lifted my face and licked Nancy's cunt. My mouth was open and I tasted her pussy juices. My tongue slid through the wet slit of her lips, and I thrust up into her hot dampness. The tight closeness of her cunt was all around my tongue. The hot bud of her clitoris pressed against my bottom lip, and her cunt hair scraped in my face. Nancy bent forward and began to lick my cunt.

My body shuddered at the touch of her lips, and I pressed my twat up against her open, lapping mouth. Her tongue lashed at my clit furiously. I could feel my cunt quivering in spasms of pleasure.

"Jesus Christ!" Allen moaned. "I'm going to come from just watching them!"

I slid my hands around the cheeks of Nancy's ass, grabbing into the flesh with my tightening fingers. I squeezed, drawing her cunt closer and closer to my face until I was breathing into it. The wetness was all over my face, and I heard the slurping noise of my own tongue as it ate out her dripping cunt.

I began to tremble, arching my back and crushing my aching cunt into Nancy's open mouth. My legs strained and my back ached, but the frenzied madness in my cunt was driving me insane with desire.

"Nancy's really doing one on her," Jerry said breathlessly. "It looks like Nancy's enjoying her work."

Linda grunted. "She's enjoying it." Marc's driving cock continued to ream out her cunt. "She's done it to me often enough. Nancy's got a good tongue."

The admission of lesbianism excited Allen. "Oh, Christ!" he moaned. "I've got to fuck her. I can't wait any more."

I licked desperately at Nancy's cunt and she returned the pleasure.

"How are you going to fuck her?" Jerry asked.

"Just watch!" Allen answered.

I sensed Allen above me and then I saw him. He was completely naked, his cock sticking out from the clump of hair at his crotch. His balls were hard and tight.

Allen got down on his knees, bringing his body close to my face. He parted his thighs, opening them around my head. His cock was just inches from my face, and I could feel the tickle of his hairy balls rub against my forehead. He put his hands around Nancy's hips, and suddenly drove his thick, hard prick into the saliva-dripping wetness of her cunt.

As he entered her, I quickly pulled my tongue from her cunt-hole and slid the tip across the broad underside of Allen's cock as he pushed between her wet, open lips.

The sight drove me wild: I could see him fucking her!

Allen's cock was squishing wetly through Nancy's cunt, and the strong, thick odor of sweaty cock and cunt almost smothered me. I licked rapidly at her clit; with each inward thrust of Allen's cock, I tried to push my tongue into Nancy's wet hole.

I felt someone between my legs, pulling Nancy's head away from my cunt. A cock pushed frantically against my thigh, trying furiously to get into my body. Nancy moved her mouth and nuzzled her lips and tongue against my clit.

"I can't get in!" Jerry moaned helplessly. He thrust again and again. "She's too low on the floor!"

Allen pushed his cock like a pile-driver into Nancy's cunt. "Use pillows! Prop her ass up!"

Nancy began to moan loudly, her tongue trembling on my clit. I could feel her orgasm beginning against my face.

Jerry frantically pulled the pillows from the couch and stuffed them under my ass. The cushions relieved my straining ass and back, elevating my cunt higher in the air. I parted my thighs almost at right angles, and thrust my cunt up when I felt Jerry push between my legs.

I moaned as the thick cock entered.

"Ohhhhhhh!" I cried, still licking Nancy's quivering cunt.


Marc grabbed her hips and drove his cock viciously into her. I could almost hear his cream shooting into her cunt.

Jerry's cock was like a knife slicing into my cunt; I ached from the pleasure. It was as though my cunt had melted around him -- his cock seemed to be splashing inside of me. With each hard, driving hump, hot waves of pleasure spread up from my cunt.

I watched as Nancy's cunt clenched spasmodically shut around Allen's swollen cock. The ring of muscles tightened like a fist, trapping his cock deeply inside of her. Her clitoris began to quiver under my tongue, and she moaned frantically, biting down on my clit from the intensity of her own orgasm.

Allen's balls were almost in my eyes, and I saw his cock begin to throb. The thick, branching artery under his cock swelled as though it was filling with fluid, and his thigh muscles trembling convulsively.

"I'm coming!" he announced, and he pushed his cock even farther into Nancy's cunt.

And then, finally, I began to come; it was as though my cunt had exploded. Pleasure ripped into me from two places: from Nancy's tongue massaging my clitoris; and from Jerry's cock pumping in my cunt. The two separate pleasures came together like a loud crash of cymbals, merging into an intensely unbearable, shuddering orgasm.

Then Jerry came. God, it was fantastic. The whole thing was unreal.

The peak of Allen's orgasm must have passed because he began to thrust again into Nancy's cunt.

Jerry's cock ceased to throb inside of me; it was like a heavy weight in my cunt. He thrust his rod into me once more, and a last, quivering ripple of pleasure vibrated up through my body. My body was numb with pleasure, and even though Nancy's tongue continued to lick against my clit, I hardly felt her caress.

I hardly heard Linda and Marc finally topple forward with a grunt as their pleasure ended.

Jerry pulled out and I pushed Nancy off me because I was having trouble breathing. As she rolled free of me, Allen's cock dislodged from her cunt and fell wetly against my cheek. I took his cock between my lips and sucked, tasting the wetness of her cunt and the coldness of his cum in my mouth. Allen groaned and pulled the deflated piece of meat away in pain. He fell over backwards, exhausted.

My mind was insensible; I lay on my back; still spread-caged, my ass elevated from the couch pillows, and I could feel the cum dribbling from my cunt and trickling down my face. My lips were wet from the discharge of Nancy's cunt, and I had loose cunt hairs in my mouth.

"My God!" someone said. "Look at all the lazy people around!"

I turned towards the voice and looked. It was Sandi and Dave, naked, returning from the bedroom.

I smiled to myself but I didn't have the energy to answer her. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her, I thought, smiling again.


I was staying, for the day, with Henry and Lena Price, friends of Mimi and Gus.

Gus and Mimi had to drive back into the city to register Cindy for school in the fall. She goes to an exclusive private school in the Village, and registration took place well in advance of September. It gave the school an opportunity to screen the parents and students so that it could weed out any they felt were not suited to the school. Even though Cindy had gone there for the past two years, it didn't mean that she would automatically be enrolled. Each year the Wellses had to go through the same red tape they had when they first enrolled her. That, of course, meant an early-registration, in-person trip back to New York City.

They asked me whether I wanted to go back there with them, but just having escaped from the city, I had no real desire to go back so soon. Besides, if they were gone, it would leave me home alone -- and there were about a hundred ways I could think of how I'd want to spend that free time. After the party, I decided I wanted to get to know the other guys a lot better. There were some very big chances out here since last year, and I wanted to experience them all first hand.

I guess Mimi and Gus thought the same way I did, because they suddenly became concerned with my welfare. They didn't like the idea of leaving me home alone for the whole day. They were responsible for me, they said.

"You're only eighteen," Mimi explained.

I wondered what exactly she meant by that. She said it as though she thought eighteen wasn't old enough to be able to take care of myself, but I suspected that she had in mind just the opposite idea. Mimi seemed a lot more aware and sensitive to things going on around her than I had first given her credit for. She looked at me in an odd way, or maybe that was just my own feelings of guilt.

Regardless of what prompted their concern, both Mimi and Gus agreed that I should stay with someone. It was Gus who suggested the Prices.

"What about Lena and Henry?" he said.

Mimi gave him a stern look before she asked: "Do you think they would be suitable?"

"Why? Lena could use the help, and I'm sure that Tootsie would get along very well with Henry. Don't you think so?"

Mimi hedged. "But they have no children."

"So what? It'll just give Tootsie more time to do various little things around the house. I'm sure Lena wouldn't mind and I know Henry would be pleased."

Mimi finally agreed, and the following morning, just before they left, they drove me over to the Prices'. They were awake and dressed, expecting us, I guess, and they were happy to see us. Their house was a little larger than the Wellses' place, and I was glad my stay with them was only going to be for the day.

Mimi and Gus waved good-bye, and Cindy and Percy pleaded with me to come with them. I was tempted to change my mind, but Henry Price put his arm around my shoulder and waved the Wellses on.

"Go ahead," he told them; holding me more closely to him than I would have expected from someone I had just met. "Leave her be! You have a long trip ahead of you and I hear it's hot as hell in the city. Let Tootsie stay! Enjoy the trip!"

His hand was heavy on my shoulder, his fingers pinching into my arm. He was on the heavy side, and I could smell the sourly distasteful smell of perspiration.

"Go ahead," I echoed to them. The words were weak and perhaps unconvincing, but I was too far committed to change my mind now. "I'll have a good time."

They took me at my word and left me standing there with Lena and Henry, almost total strangers. For some reason I felt a sinking heaviness in my stomach as the car disappeared down the road. I sighed in resignation, and Henry finally relinquished his hold on my arm.

"Would you like some breakfast?" he asked, smiling at me. His wife was standing behind him.

She smiled down at me, and I wondered for a moment how such an attractive woman ever got stuck with such a plain-looking man like her husband.

"No thank you," I answered politely. "I've already eaten breakfast."

"Some coffee maybe?" she asked.

"Nothing, thanks. Can I help you with something around the house?"

She thought for a moment, and I knew it was going to be difficult for her to treat me as an employee. As far as she was concerned, I was a houseguest and not someone to do the chores. But she surprised me.

"Well, I do have some breakfast dishes still in the sink." It was plainly a question on her part, but nevertheless, the undertones were clear.

Actually, I was grateful for something to do. It was difficult enough standing around trying to make small talk with strangers. We all felt uncomfortable. I was glad to have an out, and I knew the more work I did, the faster the time would go by. Perhaps, even this afternoon, I could convince them to let me go to the beach.

"Sure," I said. "Lead me to the dishes." I walked up the porch with Lena, leaving Henry behind us.

"You're sure, now, that you don't mind?" she asked almost apologetically.

"There's no difficulty. I'll be glad to do them."

"Good. That will give me a chance to catch up with my cleaning and bed making. You know how it is in these summer cottages... it's not like home. You kind of let things slide, if you know what I mean?"

She led me to the kitchen, and my mouth almost fell open. The sink was piled high with dishes and pots and pans and silverware. There must have been at least a week's worth of dishes in the sink.

"Uh," Lena began guiltily, "I hate dishes. I just put them off until there's absolutely no dishes left, then I have to do them. I hope you don't mind."

I told her not at all, and in a way I was glad. I knew it would take me a long while to finish, and that would kill a big part of the morning. I asked her for the dishwashing liquid and a sponge and the Brillo. She got it all out from under the sink, thanked me again, and left me alone in the kitchen with all the filth.

I dove into the work. I've always enjoyed washing dishes. You do it so mechanically, without thinking what you're doing. You can put your mind on something else. Like I was doing now.

I was thinking of how much of a slob Lena was. You could never tell from the outside; she looked so clean and immaculate. Everything was in place, everything about her person neat and orderly. She was tall and good-looking, perhaps thirty-four or -five, long blonde hair, perhaps bleached, and very well-groomed. Even her complexion was clear and clean, surprisingly so for a woman her age -- no lines or anything. And her figure was tight, trim, well-kept. No sagging, even when she wasn't wearing a bra.

Maybe that was her secret, I thought, scraping at the encrusted food on a dish. She paid so much attention to herself that she had no time left for the housekeeping. It probably would explain why they never had any children. Why spoil that firm body with kids?

That was being cruel. I didn't really know that was the reason, just as I was guessing at why she let the house get in this state. It was all my imagination, speculation. But still.

Now Henry Price -- he was something else. He looked like a slob. Fat, overweight, balding head; he had all the makings of a dirty old man. He was so unlike his wife; she was outwardly neat and impeccable while he walked around with his fly half-open and his shirttails hanging out. He was even shorter than she, and being overweight made his appearance even worse. He looked like a dirty round ball.

"How's it going, Tootsie?"

I turned and looked. Speak of the devil, it was Henry Price.

"Pretty well," I answered politely. "Sure is a lot of dishes."

"Well, Lena has some unusual habits. Not doing the dishes is only one of them." He walked over to the sink and leaned on the sideboard, smiling up at me through his thick, horned-rimmed glasses.

"Where is she?" I asked, feeling uncomfortable next to him.

"She said she was going to make the beds, but she's on the phone with her sister. She'll be on the phone for at least an hour or two. That's one of her other habits."

"That could be expensive," I commented for the sake of filling in my part of the conversation.

"It is, but I can afford it. Still... Like now, for instance, do you know she's talking to her sister in New York? Long distance! Do you have any idea how much that's going to cost me?"

I had no idea that it was a rhetorical question and I answered that I had no idea. But he wasn't waiting for my response, and he continued as though I hadn't said anything at all: "Plenty! That's how much it's going to cost me. Just plenty."

"You should work for the telephone company," I suggested. "Maybe you could get a discount. What do you do, anyhow?"

"I'm an accountant." He pressed forward a little more, his thigh almost touching the back of my leg. He was leaning on his arm, and he looked almost lopsided.

I moved closer to the sink. "I guess you can afford it then. Accountants make a lot of money, don't they?"

"Enough." He inched closer. "Enough to be able to afford what they want to buy."

It was obvious now that he was trying to tell me something. "Just what is it you want to buy?"

He giggled, but the sound came out like a snort. "You tell me what it is." He ran his knee up and down the back of my leg.

I pulled away. "I'm quite sure I don't know what you mean."

He put his hand on my ass and squeezed it. "You know, I think."

I wriggled free of his grip. "What do you think you're doing!" My anger bubbled over and my little voice cracked.

"Keep your voice down! Do you want my wife to hear you?"

"Yeah, maybe I do!" The fat sonofabitch really pissed me off.

"Look, little Miss Hot Cunt," he hissed, bringing his face close to mine and spitting the words in my face. "I know all about you and your games so don't try any bullshit with me."

"You do, huh?"

"That's right, I know everything. Gus told it all to me. All the juicy details."


"What!" I was shocked; it was like a punch in the stomach.

"That's right, hot-pussy. All the good details. Do you really think it was an accident that he left you here? No accident, little girl. I asked him to let you come here."

I glared at him; my anger was still hot, but my shock and surprise had numbed me. "What I did with Gus is something you'll never get."

"I'm not asking for love, pussycat." His voice was still harsh and his breath unpleasant in my face. "I'm willing to pay for what you give away to others."

That floored me. "Pay?" I echoed.

"Yeah. Money. Dollars. You know what I'm talking about."

I turned around and listened for his wife. I could hear her talking towards the back of the house. I looked again at Henry. As repulsive as the idea was, I felt myself drawn to it regardless. The idea of selling my body for money excited me in a way I've never known.

"How much are you willing to pay?" I asked. The words came out thinly, as though my mouth were surprised that my brain was agreeing. Why not? I thought.

"That's better." He was smiling now, and he put his hand back on my ass.

I suffered the indignity, almost enjoying the idea that he was using me. "What about the money?"

"You are a hot little bitch, aren't you!" He worked his fingers into the crack of my ass, curving under my body so that he was almost touching my cunt, squeezing the flesh in and out. His fingers felt hot through the thin material of my shorts.

"What if your wife comes in?" My mouth was dry and I had difficulty saying the words.

"She'll be in there for an hour yet."

He had his hand between my thighs now, turned upward so that his short fat fingers were cupping the mound of my cunt. Without wanting to, I found myself getting wet at the crudity of his technique. I pressed my cunt down against his palm.

"Do you want to do it right here on the kitchen floor?" I asked, feeling the lips of my cunt opening and closing as my juices started to flow.

"What do you mean, on the floor? I don't want to fuck you. Fucking I can get anywhere."

I was confused. "What do you want?"

He squeezed my cunt. "I want you to French me."

I was still confused. I just stared at him, with my legs parted and a wave of pleasure burning up from my cunt.

"French!" he repeated. "You know, sucking. Suck my cock!"

I sucked in my breath. It was the first time I'd ever heard the expression. It made it sound more perverse, more obscene. French his cock.

"Well?" he asked.

I pulled my hands out of the soapy water and dried them on a dishcloth. I was remarkably calm outwardly in spite of the way I felt inside. It was as though a fire had suddenly exploded in my cunt.

"Give me the money," I said. Receiving the money was the most important part; more important than the amount. The idea that I was letting him use my mouth as a receptacle for his sperm, and then charging him money for that privilege, excited me so much that I almost couldn't stand the anticipation.

He handed me the money, and I didn't bother to look at it. I folded it and put it in the pocket of my shorts.

"Are you sure it's safe?" I looked down the hall.

"Of course!" he said. He squeezed my tit. "Do you think I'd take a chance on getting caught? Don't be foolish."

I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. "I'm ready... take your cock out."

"Let me touch you a little first," he said. "To get in the mood."

I pulled my blouse up and I let him slip his hand down the front of my shorts. I sucked in my stomach as he flattened his palm and slid it inside my panties.

"You got a hairy cunt," he said, cupping the mound.

I didn't answer. I just stood there, my thighs spread and my eyes closed tight while he played with my cunt.

"You're all wet. You got a very wet pussy, you know? Gus was right."

I humped myself up and down against his hand, sighing in surprise when he pushed a finger up inside of me. He couldn't push it far because the tightness of the shorts was binding, but he pushed it far enough to awaken ripples of pleasure throughout the whole underside of my cunt.

"You got a nice tight box," he observed. "You been fucked much?"

I didn't answer, just arched up then pushed down. I groaned with excitement.

"Answer me. Tell me how many guys have fucked you. Tell me their names and how big their cocks were."

I told him and he listened intently, apparently getting excited by hearing me say the words. I knew it was exciting me, and I began to describe the incidents in vivid details.

"Ohh, that's good." He pulled his finger out of my cunt and licked it in his mouth. "Let's go. I'm ready now."

I got down on my knees, trembling as I watched him unzip his fly. The whole front of his pants was swollen and pulled out.

"Close your eyes," he said, holding his hand in front of his open zipper. "Don't open them until I tell you."

I did as I was told, and after a moment he told me to open my eyes.

"Jesus!" I cried in surprise. "Is that all you?"

"I thought you'd like it."

In front of my face was the most enormous cock I've ever seen. It had to be at least nine inches long.

It made Gus' and Marc's look small by comparison.

I couldn't believe it was real. It was as thick as my wrist.

"Don't be afraid. Suck it."

I didn't need a second invitation. I closed my eyes and wrapped my mouth around the head of his cock. I held the shaft with both hands, and still there were parts of it untouched by me. I felt the swollen tip of the crown scrape against my teeth as my tongue welcomed it into my mouth.

I couldn't believe it was real, even now when it was in my mouth. I began to understand now what Lena Price saw in her husband. I was almost tempted to give him back his money. I knew I would willingly pay him if he had suggested that we fuck. My cunt ached to see whether it could swallow Henry's length and width; what a challenge his cock was!

"That's it," he cooed. "Suck it easy!"

My mouth was open as wide as it would go, and I forced my lips down the length of shaft, even when the broadness of the head hit against the back of my throat. I would have strangled on its size if I could have; it seemed like a small price to pay to lick my tongue against the hardness of that fantastic prick.

I sucked on it as if it were holy. I held it firmly with both hands and swished my tongue back and forth across its great width. I tightened my lips around its sides, and rolled my head back and forth, trying to screw my mouth down around it. Saliva trickled from under the edges of my lips. I tried to suck it back up into my mouth just as I tried to suck more and more of his cock into my mouth.

But there was no more to swallow. My mouth was filled with his cock. From my widely spread lips, across the length of my tongue, back to the root of my throat -- it was all taken up by Henry's cock. I could feel the spongy ridge of its head rubbing against my inner cheeks and bumping softly into the roof of my mouth.

"Pump your face up and down," he suggested. His legs were bent and he was pushing his middle up into my mouth. "Jerk me off with your mouth."

I began to pull back on the shaft of his cock. I felt the head dislodge from the back of my throat and slide down the curved wetness of my tongue. I tightened my lips to slow his withdrawal, feeling the big cock-head cushion itself against the back of my teeth. His cock felt incredibly hot in my mouth, and my lips and tongue burned under him. I pulled my tongue around to the head and inserted it into the slitted opening. There was a bubble of moisture there, and I flicked it back into my throat and swallowed it. Then I began to suck hard.

"Good, good," he moaned. He was enjoying the blow-job, and when he grasped my head in his hands, I felt him trembling. "Tickle the underside with your tongue."

I slid my tongue around and flicked it rapidly across the underside of his cock. The flesh was bunched together there, like a series of thin lines all joining a single point on his cock.

"Ohhhh! That's good. Move your tongue down a little... move it more to the head."

I moved my tongue and repeated the flicking movement. His thighs trembled and soon he shook my head in pleasure.

"Uhhhh! I'm going to come soon. Pump up and down now!"

I plunged my lips down his cock, sucking in my breath as it slid back into my mouth. My cheeks puffed out and my lips were drawn widely apart. I felt his knob again near the back of my throat. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could, and when I could go down no farther, I jerked my head back and reversed the direction of my face. When I felt the head of his cock against my teeth, I repeated the downward plunge, moving faster this time until I had swallowed his rod another time. By now my mouth had learned the route, and it sucked up and down automatically -- plunging and withdrawing, sucking and spitting, in and out until my face was a blur against his crotch and his cock was like a pump in my mouth.

"Good! Good!" he grunted, pumping his hips up into my face. His knees slammed into my tits as he arched himself in and out of my lips, my head bobbing against his cushion-like belly.

I began to jerk him off with my two hands, sliding them up and down the length of his cock, coordinating their movement with the plunge and withdrawal of my mouth. As I sank down with my mouth, my hand stroked downward and banged into his belly; when I pulled back, my fingers lightly slid up and pounded against my lips. The entire length of his cock was drenched with my saliva, and the organ felt slippery under my tightening fingers.

"Soon... ohhhhhh!" His back was bent like a bow and he was straining against me.

My body picked up the urgency of his excitement and my face slipped furiously up and down his cock while my two hands jerked up and down the rest of his tool. My tempo became frantic and my coordination went completely awry; I kept banging my lips with my wet fists until I thought my mouth must be bloody.

"Now!" Henry groaned, shoving his cock down my throat. "I'm coming now!"

It wasn't necessary to tell me; I knew. I could taste it. My mouth was filled with his cream; it was like a thick paste spread all over my tongue and teeth. My hot cheeks puffed out with the spewing torrent of wetness, and his cock trembled in my hands and continued to pump out more cum.

I swallowed in self-defense, to keep from drowning. Thick lumps of the jizz poured from the end of his cock like a hose, gushing down my throat. I could almost feel it splashing in my stomach.

I finally stopped pumping with my hands; they ached too much. They dropped from his cock and I continued to suck until nothing else came out. I cleaned my mouth of cum and licked the end of his cock clean. It was, finally deflated, but even in its flaccid state it was still gigantic.

"Enough," Henry said. He pulled his cock from my lips, but my mouth followed after his cock. He had to push me away from taking it into my mouth again.

"That was fantastic," he said. "I never had any better. You really like cum, don't you?"

I didn't know what to say. For a girl who'd never sucked cock before two weeks ago, I'd certainly come a long way.

"You'd better get up," he said, trying to pull me erect. He slipped both his hands under my armpits and lifted up. My body hardly moved.

"Come on," he whispered. "Before my wife comes in."

I moved my legs, staring hypnotically at the long lump of pink meat that dangled from his open zipper. My pants were very wet, my legs like rubber.

My God! I moved around slowly. Without realizing it, I had come in my pants! Come from just sucking on his cock.

There was a puddle in my panties, and with a shaking hand I took Henry Price's cock and kissed it reverently.

"Thank you," I mumbled as he pulled me up. "Thank you!"

Well, the rest is history, as the old saying goes. I was either a whore or a nymphomaniac. I had to face that fact almost immediately. I spent almost all the next week trying to cure whatever it was that had taken over my body. But it didn't work. The same old longings were there. I had to make a decision and I did. I cut my so-called "summer vacation" short, made a million excuses and headed back home. I thought if I got away from the memory of it all, everything would be all right.

But that didn't work either. It's October now, and I'm back in school. Or at least I'm supposed to be. I skip about three days a week of it, and my mother thinks I have an afternoon job down in Times Square. Well, in a way I do.

If you're ever on Forty-second Street, try the back rows of some of the dumpy old movie houses there. You'll probably find me there. Sucking a you-know-what, but getting a five-dollar bill in advance, that's for sure. That's part of the thrill for me, you see. Henry Price taught me that little extra dividend. Three or four tricks a day and I've got myself a hundred bucks a week. Needless to say I love my "work", and I'm saving my money. I have almost three hundred dollars now in an account my mother doesn't know a thing about. You see, there's this other girl in my school that loves sex just as much as I do. We have the same hang-up, you might say. Her father taught her pretty much the same things I learned from Gus and Henry and Bill and Jerry... and all the others. Her name is Terry and we're planning to take a shot at Hollywood soon. Terry says a girl can make a fortune out there doing what we're doing for peanuts.

Sorry? Not me! Once I was able to come to terms with the fact that I'm a born whore, the rest was easy.

And lovely!


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