The willing wife

The passions and desires that most people only dream about fulfilling are usually kept hidden beneath a veneer of respectability and outwardly normal appearances. Mostly under unique circumstances -- on a psychiatrist's couch, in a place far from family and acquaintances, on an occasion where alcohol and the relaxed inhibitions of others lend an air of recklessness and experimentation -- are those desires ever expressed or experienced.

This is a story about married adults who, while still in love with their respective mates, find themselves getting bored. Then an unusual set of circumstances revolutionizes their lifestyles, and forever changes the workings of their marriages.

And while they struggle to come to terms with their new way of life, they also struggle to keep up a facade of respectability -- attending the proper social functions, keeping their homes in good order, working at their jobs -- while behind the scenes they embark upon a path condemned by many but which, for them, is a new lease on life.

THE WILLING WIFE -- the story of one possible road to marital happiness. A path taken by many others today. A comment on the changing mores of our restless society.

Chapter ONE

Herb Layton loved his wife Andrea very much yet, as he stood in the airport with her and his two children, he knew he was eager to see her leave.

Andrea was an attractive brunette with a better than average figure. She was an ideal mother, but a lousy bed partner for Herb. Being a practical person, her main interests had been those of an efficient mother and housekeeper. She viewed sex as a duty to be performed at respectable intervals. To Andrea, the only decent way to have sex was in the missionary position, and the oral sex she'd heard about was something that only depraved perverts would indulge in.

By contrast. Herb Layton was a lusty man with a strong sex drive that he struggled to control for the sake of his marriage. His frustrations had been heightened when the home, office had, sent Laura Benson out to his branch for a six-week training course. Laura was a flirtatious redhead in her early twenties who quickly let Herb know she was hot for his body. It was shortly after Laura arrived that Herb suggested that his wife and children take a shopping trip to San Francisco.

Waiting nervously in the air terminal, Herb's attention turned from his wife to Tracy, his daughter. She was an extremely cute girl with the same dark hair and violet eyes as her mother. Tracy was a lively girl who was always bubbling with fun and was the life of the party wherever she went. She had a sweet, innocent face, but unknown to her parents, she'd been fucking like a mink for years.

Next, his attention was drawn to Lance, his teenage son. Because of his intense interest in athletics, he was a big muscular youth who up until now had paid very attention to girls. As captain of his high school football team, Lance practiced hard and adhered strictly to the training rules. Because of this, he had a physique of a young man in his early twenties and Herb was very proud of his handsome son.

As always at an air terminal, there was the usual tenseness with the family as they waited for the time of departure. The trip was a two-hour flight to San Francisco, where he'd made reservations for them at the Fairmont Hotel.

"Well," smiled Andrea when their flight was finally called. "Take care of yourself, Herb."

"Don't worry, darling," he grinned. "And be sure to enjoy yourselves."

After kissing his wife and daughter goodbye and shaking hands with Lance, Herb watched his family disappear down the concourse to their plane. Waving a last farewell, he hurried out to the parking lot, anxious to get to Laura who was waiting for him at her apartment.

When Laura opened the door, Herb was pleased to see her wearing an extremely short dressing gown that deliciously exposed her soft, naked thighs. It was a silky green garment that accented her long red hair and creamy complexion.

"Hi." She beamed, pleased at the way he was staring at her soft curves as they rolled provocatively under the short clinging gown.

"Hello, Laura," smiled Herb, unable to take his eyes away from the deep cleavage between her big, half-exposed boobs.

Neither of them had ever mentioned sex to each other at the office, but they both instinctively knew what was going to happen today. It was Saturday morning and neither of them had to be back at the office until Monday, leaving the entire weekend free for their mutual enjoyment.

"Care for a drink?" she asked, taking his coat. "Let's try a Bloody Mary," answered Herb, removing his tie and loosening his collar. "I feel like a nice lazy day of relaxation."

When Laura returned with their drinks, she sat down next to Herb on the sofa. Sipping their Bloody Marys, they idly chatted about things and people at the office.

"Funny," she said after a long pause in the conversation. "I've wanted to be alone with you since the first day we met."

"So have I," Herb admitted.

"Why?" she whispered, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Because I like YOU," was the man's honest answer.

"Do I turn you on?" she asked in a teasing voice, taking his hand and pressing it between her bare thighs.

"Very much." He grinned. "Very, very much."

"Good," Laura whispered, moving his hand up higher between her legs. "Because I'm horny as hell this morning."

"How horny?"

"This horny." She giggled softly, moving his hand up along the warm flesh of her inner thigh until his finger grazed lightly against her silky beaver.

Trembling with pent-up lust, Herb probed his thick middle finger between the slippery hot flesh of her squishy cuntlips.

"Now that's more like what I had in mind," she whispered, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Reaching over, Laura rested her hand on the big, hard bulge that was throbbing violently in the confines of his pants. She could feel his body give a slight lurch as she began gently caressing his bloated cock through the material. With her body burning with expectation, Laura could feel her own slippery hot pussy juices creaming around his thick middle finger as he eased it deeper into her hot, swampy, slit.

When Herb lowered his face to hers, Laura pressed her soft open lips to his, sucking his tongue deep into her mouth. Locked in a deep kiss of passion as their bodies writhed together, Laura expertly opened his fly and released his throbbing cock.

"Oh, lover," she whispered, feeling his thick, sinewy shaft of hard male meat pulsing in her clenched fist. "That's such a nice big prick. God, it's so hot and hard."

As the horny redhead began skimming the thick, rubbery foreskin up and down over his bone hard shaft, Herb plunged his finger deeper and deeper into her creamy slit. When the front of her gown fell open from her unrestrained squirming, Herb buried his face in the fragrant hollow between her huge, heaving tits.

Crazed with the feel of Herb's big blue-veined boner in her hand, Laura quickly lowered her wet, open mouth down over his throbbing cockhead. God, how she loved the way his thick rod slithered between her slippery lips, sliding deliciously over her tongue until it nudged against the back of her throat. The meaty fullness of his juicy cock filling her mouth was pure joy to the horny redhead.

Lifting her head, Laura began slowly moving her mouth up and down over the hard prick, feeling it sliding back and forth between her wet, sucking lips. The way Herb was jerking and lurching added an extra excitement to what she was doing. Because other years of experience, Laura felt that she could bring a man more pleasure with her cocksucking than any other girl alive, and she also knew that no other woman enjoyed sucking a prick as much as she did. Laura had learned through the years that cocks came in a wide assortment of sizes and tastes, but she'd never sucked a prick that she hadn't thoroughly enjoyed, and Herb's was no exception.

"Jesus, baby," he panted when the intense pleasure she was giving him became almost more than he could endure. "I can't stand much more or I'll come."

"Don't shoot yet," whispered the girl as she released his prick from her mouth. "I want your first load in my cunt."

Taking his hand, Laura led him toward her bedroom. Walking down the hall, the girl continued stroking his hard cock while he goosed his fingers into the soft wiggly flesh between her asscheeks. When they entered the room, Laura stripped her brief gown off, revealing her full nakedness to him for the first time. When she threw her deliciously naked body across the bed, Herb began quickly disrobing, eager to bury his throbbing boner up between her lewdly spread legs. Her head thrown back and her long red hair flowing over the pillow, Laura gave him a naughty smile as she daintily fingered her juicy cunt.

"Hurry, darling," she whispered. "I need a nice hot cock."

When he was finally undressed, Herb lowered himself onto the bed and drew her soft, naked body tightly against him. As she ground her dripping pussy up against his groin, Herb's hot stiff prick was pressed between their stomachs, burning deliciously into her soft belly.

"Jesus, that's some cock," whispered Laura, rolling it against her body, feeling the hot hardness of it burning into her flesh.

Lifting her softly parted lips to his, their tongues were soon, entwined in associate lust, their hearts pounding to the tempo of a wild pagan dance.

"Are you ready?" he gasped as the girl sucked frantically on his tongue.

"You bet your sweet ass I am," she said, giggling. "I'm ready for everything you can give me."

Laura had done plenty of screwing in her life, but she'd never felt so fucking hot and excited as she did now. As Herb crawled up between her legs, clutching his big throbbing cock in his hand, Laura instinctively raised her hips to receive his bloated boner.

"Oooh, lover," she panted into his ear when his cockhead slipped in between her oozing cuntlips. "Your prick feels so fucking big."

Clinging desperately to him, she could feel his glorious dick sinking deeper and deeper into the hot moistness of her scalding fuck-hole. Every sinewy knot, vein and ridge of his thick cock was rubbing against the clasping walls of her juice slickened pussy.

"Jesus, honey," she sobbed when his big swollen knob pushed against the very end of her cunt. "That's sure a nice big cock."

Writhing her steamy hot slit up around the base of his plunging shaft, Laura couldn't recall any cock that had ever filled her cunt so beautifully.

"Fuck it to me, darling," she whimpered. "Just fuck the livin' shit out of me, you gorgeous stud."

The feel of his rock-hard cock plunging in and out of her grasping, sucking hole was driving her wild. Each brutal thrust of his magnificent cock was driving her sweet ass deeper into the mattress.

"That's it, baby!" she squealed, locking her smooth, naked thighs more tightly around his waist. "That's it lover! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEE!"

The bucking redhead was almost out of her mind with joy as she rode his hard plunging cock over the crashing waves of ecstasy. Every nerve in her writhing body was tingling with the intense pleasure she was receiving from his deliciously hard boner, each plunge bringing her to a higher plane of sensuality.

"Oh, sweet fucking Jesus!" shrieked the girl as the intense ecstasy brought her closer and closer to a jerking, twisting climax. "Don't stop, honey! I'm coming, for Christ's sake, I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

Her naked body suddenly tensed, and then collapsed as spurt after spurt of Herb's white-hot jizz spewed up into her spasming hole. It was a full ten minutes before Laura completely recovered from her fantastic orgasm.

"Oh, Herb," she whispered as she lay in his arms, tenderly fingering his limp wet meat, anxious for the man to get another hard-on. "That was such a wonderful fuck."

"Jesus, Laura," he smiled. "You're really a wild lay."

"That's because I love screwing," she giggled.

Turning around on the bed, Laura moved her face down between his legs and began licking his limp prick. Herb's body was soon tingling back to life as Laura's soft moist lips sucked and pulled on his rapidly swelling cock. With bet lips and tongue working up and down on his dick, Laura's luscious wet slit was blatantly exposed only inches from his face. He stared excitedly at her soft pink cuntlips, surrounded by red pussy hairs that were glistening with her oozing twat juices. Her flowering pussy lips quivered with joy as he lightly ran his finger up and down the dripping hot slit.

Temporarily pushing his cock to one side, Laura dipped her head down and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Her wet lips worked all over the crinkly sac as the tip of her tongue teased his nuts. Finally raising her head, Laura slowly sucked and lapped, taking her time as she licked and nibbled up and down his thick meat. Slurping her tongue up the sensitive underside of his shaft, she began sucking on his bloated knob, lifting him to an even higher plane of ecstasy.

Feeling his finger teasing her twat, Laura lifted one leg over his head and pressed her hot, swampy pussy against his upturned face.

"Eat it, honey," she whispered. "Suck my juicy cunt."

Herb's hands grasped the soft round globes of the girl's ass, pulling her dripping slit down tighter against his face as he buried his mouth in the soft flesh of her open twat.

"Ooooh, lover," sighed Laura when she felt Herb's tongue slithering up into her frothy fuckhole. "God, that's good."

Grasping the thick root of his dick, Laura wrapped her hungry lips over the head of his shaft while her tongue swirled around it. Completely carried away by her wild lust, she forced her mouth lower until she engulfed the entire hardness of his prick, her upper lip pressing into the wiry cock-hairs above his shaft. Sucking deeply, she bobbed her head up and down, her tongue swirling wildly around his sensitive knob.

Writhing in ecstasy as the beautiful redhead gobbled on his prick, Herb's thoughts drifted to his wife. God how he wished Andrea would go down on him like this. God, how he wished he could drink from her pussy like he was drinking from Laura's. The thought of eating his own wife's sweet cunt was further arousing the man.

Laura's talented lips were slithering up and down his meaty prick, making it glisten like wet ivory. Sucking on his cock, the hot redhead was wiggling her pussy against his face as Herb's tongue slashed around deliciously in her slick, hot fuck-hole, bringing squeals of delight from deep in her cock-filled throat.

Herb was bouncing wildly on the bed as Laura's mouth continued sucking and pulling the clear cum fluids from the tip of his prick. The lusting man sobbed into her dripping pussy as the woman's slippery lubricating fluids poured into his mouth. The sweet scent and taste of her juices was driving him wild.

Realizing that Herb was about to shoot his wad, Laura quickly removed her mouth from his prick, wanting to feel his wonderful cock in her pussy again. Turning around, she quickly straddled his hips and lowered her hot, dripping slit down over his massive cockhead.

"Oh, Herb," she whispered excitedly as his thick boner slipped smoothly into her well-lubricated fuck-hole. "You're so nice and hard."

When Laura had finally lowered herself all the way down over his prick, she could feel it throbbing deep in her cunt. As she began rotating her hot pussy around his deeply embedded tool.

Herb reached up and gently grasped her big, lush wits. Smiling down at him, Laura continued swirling her hot, clinging cunt around the length of his steel-hard shaft while his fingers kneaded and twisted her big nipples.

Finally slowing down her circling movements, she changed to an up and down motion, her cunt rubbing over the screaming length of his throbbing prick-shaft. Her loins were shivering with the wild feeling of his big, hard boner fucking in and out through the clasping, tingling flesh of her slippery fuck-hole.

"Oh, sweet darling," she wailed, quickening her up and down movements. "That's the hardest fucking cock I've ever felt."

Looking down between Laura's legs, Herb could see his juice-slickened dick gliding in and out between the slippery flesh of her red-fringed cuntlips. His thick meaty cock was glistening wetly from the slippery juices that were oozing out of her cock-filled silt.

Crazed with lust, Herb began thrusting his hips up to meet every plunge of her hot, dripping twat.

"Oh, Christ, baby!" she suddenly squealed as she increased the tempo of her wild fucking. "I'm gonna come, darling... gonna come!"

"Me, too!" he panted, slamming his rod up into her deliciously tight cunt with all his strength.

"Oh, shit!" shrieked, the half-crazed redhead when she felt his thick cock-cream gushing hotly into her pussy. "I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

Throwing herself forward, Laura fell across his chest as Herb's spurting cock continued to fill her quivering slit with his white-hot jizz.

"Oh, sweet lover," she whispered a few minutes later as she slowly recovered from her glorious orgasm. "Let's just stay in this fuckin' bed until Monday morning."

Chapter TWO

Andrea Layton and her two children were thrilled with the hotel when they finally arrived in San Francisco. Tracy was excited about the large room she was sharing with her mother, and Lance's room was just a few doors down the hall from them.

Later that night, as Andrea stood on the terrace with her two children, she could feel the cool breeze blowing as they watched the glimmering lights dancing below them. It was a glorious night, the tangy air filled with the scent of flowers from the city below.

Unaware that her husband was fucking himself silly in a woman's apartment, she wished he'd been able to come with them. It was times like this when she missed Herb the most.

Entering the dining room for breakfast the next morning, Andrea took an immediate liking to the couple at the next table. She was particularly attracted to Kim Bradford, a lovely blonde girl who was traveling with her father. She was a delightful young lady with sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair that accented her beautifully, tanned face. There was something about her fresh personality that seemed to captivate the entire room.

Lance, too, was impressed with her charm and beauty, but being rather shy around girls, he kept looking away every time she smiled at him. Her father, who introduced himself as Richard Bradford, was an exceptionally handsome man in his early forties with thick dark hair, liberally salted with silver.

But Tracy's attention was completely captivated by a handsome, young Italian bus boy. He appeared to be about eighteen or nineteen years old with dark hair, sparkling brown eyes and a gleaming smile. Reading the name tag on his jacket, Tracy saw that his name was Dino.

"Isn't he cute?" the girl whispered to her mother.

"Who?" asked Andrea.

"Dino, the bus boy," answered Tracy, unable to take her eyes away from the handsome young man.

"He is quite good looking," her mother agreed. "Gosh," sighed the girl. "He's a dream."

"Maybe he is," Andrea laughed.

When breakfast was finished, Lance went out on the terrace to enjoy the sun. He was spread out on a chaise lounge in nothing but a pair of cut-offs when Kim Bradford come out and sat on the chair next to him.

"Hi, Lance," the lovely girl beamed at him.

"Hello, Kim," he blushed, the nearness of the girl making him a bit nervous.

Because of his total absorption in sports, Lance had time for girls and was always ill at ease around them. The sight of her long shapely legs in her crisp white shorts and her lush full boobs in the brief halter seemed to add to his shyness.

"Isn't this a neat day?" she smiled as she lay back closing her eyes.

"I-it sure is," stammered Lance, unable to think of anything else to say.

As the morning breeze blew gently through her hair, Kim kept watching the young man through the corner of her eye. She was completely captivated by the magnificent build on the handsome young man, and was also impressed by his shyness. Most guys always pitched a line when they first met her, and Kim was pleased with his natural quietness.

"Have you been to San Francisco before?" she asked after several minutes of silence.

"Nope," he replied. "Have you?"

"Dad brings me here every year," she answered. "My folks are divorced and I live with my mom, but when I visit Dad, he always takes me to San Francisco."

"That's nice," stammered Lance, noticing that one of her nipples was almost spilling out of her halter.

"Do you like to swim?" she suddenly asked.

"Sure," he beamed, feeling on more secure ground when they talked about athletics.

"Then you'll love the hotel pool," said Kim.


"It's one of the nicest pools I've ever seen," the girl answered.

"What's it like?" he asked, suddenly enthusiastic about swimming.

"It's hard to describe," smiled Kim. "But there's a brochure of it in my room if you'd like to go up and see it."

"Sure," grinned Lance, his shyness disappearing as they discussed swimming.

Following the girl toward the elevator, Lance suddenly felt at ease with her. He began thinking how much fun the two of them would have swimming in the pool together. He was genuinely pleased that Kim wasn't all soppy and mushy like most silly girls were.

When they entered her room, Lance sat down on the edge of the bed while Kim searched through the dresser for the brochure.

"Here it is," said the girl, walking back to where he was seated on the edge of the bed.

Lance was a bit startled when the girl spread herself out with her head on his lap.

"Here's a neat picture," she smiled, handing the brochure up to him.

"Gosh, that is nice," he exclaimed, staring at a picture of the spacious pool.

"You'll just love it," beamed Kim, handing him another picture.

They spent several minutes studying the brochure before putting it down.

"I can hardly wait to get in the water," said Lance when the girl returned the folder to her dresser. "When does it open?"

"At noon," Kim smiled as she spread out on the bed and rested her head on his lap again.

Without the pictures to look at, Lance's shyness slowly returned. The nearness of the girl and the fragrance of her perfume was almost frightening him.

"Lance," she suddenly said. "Why haven't you made a pass at me?"

"Why should I?" he stammered.

"I don't know," she giggled. "But most guys try to mess around when they're alone with me."

"Do you like guys to mess around with you?" he asked, unable to think of anything else to say.

"Sometimes," she whispered, taking his hand and slipping it down inside her halter. "It depends on the guy."

Lance was too stunned to move. The soft, warm texture of her naked tit against his palm and the turgid hardness of her nipple between his fingers was unbelievable. Afraid to move, Lance could feel his own heart pounding wildly in his chest.

"D'ya like my tits?" she whispered after a long period of silence.

"I-I-I g-guess so," be stammered.

"Then pinch my nipple a bit," she suggested in a soft teasing voice. "That always feels so good."

As if in a daze, the boy began doing as she asked, rolling her swollen tiny-bud between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, yes," she cooed. "That feels neat." Lance could feel his cock starting to swell in his cut-offs and was suddenly afraid Kim would feel it throbbing against her head. Completely terrorized at what was happening, he continued mechanically kneading her big, hard nipples between his fingers.

Momentarily raising her head a bit, Kim reached behind her neck and untied the knot, tossing her halter to the floor.

"Now you can get a real handful," she whispered in a soft teasing voice when her big, full tits spilled out nakedly in front of his eyes.

Still in a state of shock, the boy cupped the big globes of bare flesh in his hands and began gently massaging her luscious tits.

"Oh, Lance," she giggled, feeling his cock throbbing against the back of her head. "You're getting a hard-on, you naughty boy."

"I'm sorry," he stammered.

"Don't be sorry," she whispered. "May I bring it out and play with it?"

When Lance didn't answer, Kim moved her head slightly to one side and lowered the zipper of his cut-offs. The dazed boy could hardly believe it when she reached through his fly and pulled his swollen boner out. Clutching the thick base of his massive shaft, Kim began rubbing his big purple cockhead against her soft, dimpled cheek.

"Jesus, honey," she gasped. "That's the biggest damned cock I've ever seen."

"Have you messed with lots of cocks?" he panted.

"Of course, silly," she giggled, lightly running her tongue across his big meaty knob. "Haven't you played with lots of pussies?"

"Not really," he admitted.

"Oh, baby," she giggled. "Then you are in for a real party."

Arching her hips up slightly, Kim rolled her shorts down over her sweet ass, completely revealing her soft, naked body to the young man. Taking his hand, she guided it down to the hairy, swampy moistness between her slightly parted legs. Lance's entire body was trembling with excitement at the feel of her juice-drenched pussy hairs around her hot, golden-furred cunt. He slowly sank his middle finger into the wet fleshy softness of her hot, puffy slit while she lewdly rotated her writhing slit around his skewering finger.

"Honey, let's take your pants off so I can play with your balls, too," she whispered, releasing his shaft and planting a hot sucking kiss on his trembling lips.

Lance almost popped his wad when, for the first time in his life, a girl's soft, pointed tongue probed and licked around in his mouth. When their lips finally parted, Lance lifted his ass off the bed so Kim could pull his shorts off.

"God, what a prick," she whispered, stroking his massive shaft with one hand as she massaged his big sperm-bloated balls with the other.

Lance slowly became conscious that the cute blonde was teasing his balls and stroking his excruciatingly hard cock at a much faster tempo. With the ecstasy mounting and mounting in his loins, his entire body suddenly tensed and, without warning, a stream of hot cum gushed out of his pulsing cock, splattering all over his bare chest and stomach. His whole body jerked and shook violently as his withering prick continued spurting out wads of jizz.

"Jesus," giggled Kim, hurrying into the bathroom for a towel. "I wish you'd saved that stuff for my pussy."

Returning, the girl carefully cleaned his naked body and crotch off with a hot, damp towel.

"God, that felt good," he panted up to the beautiful girl who was leaning over him.

"You haven't felt anything yet," she whispered. "Just wait'll we start fuckin'."

"I'm afraid I'm all through," he sighed looking down at his slowly shrinking dick.

"That's what you think, baby," giggled Kim as she lowered her head and took his limp tool in her lusciously warm wet mouth. Lance lay motionless on his back as her hot juicy tongue swirled around the limp dick that was resting in the warm moistness of her mouth.

She began tenderly caressing his balls as she sucked deeply on his slowly swelling rod.

"Oh, Jesus!" gasped Lance when he felt her dainty finger teasing gently around the sensitive ring of his asshole.

Lance could feel his prick starting to throb, and when the girl finally drilled the tip of her finger into his bung, his cock suddenly sprang to a full erection in her mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, the cute blonde began moving her mouth up and down over his thick hard knob. Lance could feel her tongue licking circles of liquid fire around his cockhead as she flicked the tip of it into the tight slit, savoring the taste of the cum fluids that were oozing out.

"Oh, God, Kim," he moaned, digging his fingers into her long blonde hair as he unconsciously arched his hips, driving his big spit-drenched cock deeper into her mouth. This was the first time anyone had ever sucked on his prick, and the intense pleasure was almost more than he could stand.

Pulling back again, Kim began once more licking up the juices that were bubbling out from the tiny slit on the end of his shiny purple knob. Then she began sucking him rhythmically, thrilling at the way his big fat cock pressed out against her lips and cheeks.

Staring down at her, he watched excitedly as her soft ovaled lips sucked and pulled on the end of his prick, watching his wet, blue-veined boner disappearing in and out of her luscious mouth. His muscular loins unconsciously tensed and jerked upward into her face, his huge sausage of thick hard meat pounding at the back of her throat.

"Suck, baby, suck," he panted, no longer caring a Goddamn about football, baseball or swimming. Nothing mattered any more except those sucking, pulling lips that were bringing him such unbelievable joy.

Finally removing his cock from her mouth, Kim began salaciously sliding her passion-crazed lips and tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his trembling shaft. Lowering her head further, she licked and lapped at his crinkly nut-sac until she gently sucked his lust-inflated balls into her mouth. She continued tongue-washing his big hairy bag until it was glistening obscenely with her hot slippery spit.

"Come on, honey," she whispered, suddenly rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. "Stick it in my cunt, but be careful with that big fuckin' cock."

Lance had vaguely noticed in the locker rooms that his prick seemed much larger than the other guy's, but he hadn't thought much about it until now. Trembling with the excitement of his first fuck, Lance clutched the base of his big, thick boner and knelt between her lewdly spread legs, guiding his bloated cock up against her wetly quivering pussylips. As he pushed clumsily forward, his cock skidded up over her slippery slit and onto her belly.

Smiling patiently, Kim grasped his thick dick with one hand and spread her cuntlips apart with the fingers of the other hand, wanting to help him enter her. Clenching her teeth, she felt his huge knob cruelly stretching her small opening.

"Oh, God, stop a minute, honey?" she gasped when she'd taken about two inches of his thick meat. "Let's just lie still for a minute before you go in any deeper."

Lance's whole body was trembling with uncontrolled lust as her soft hot pussy flesh squeezed the head of his throbbing rod.

"Oh, shit, Lance!" she screamed as he involuntarily shoved his prick a deeper into her cunt.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, feeling his whole body shaking out of control. "Do you want me to pull it out?"

"Hell, no," she sobbed. "Just take it slow and easy. Now try putting it in a farther. That's right... slow... slow. Keep it coming, darling. Oh. God, Lance... farther... farther. Oh, God, oooh, darling. Aaaiiieee! Oh, shit, darling, it's way up in my belly. God, honey, what a cock... what a cock! I've never taken so much cock in my life!"

Remaining perfectly still over the girl, Lance waited until her cunt adjusted to the size of his big dick. After several moments, the boy slowly drew his prick about halfway out, and then drove it back into her wet, clinging pussy again.

"Oh, Lance," she whispered. "That's a wonderful cock."

Then slowly at first, the boy began pumping his cock in and out of her tightly stretched pussy. It was a completely new experience for Lance, and every movement of his shaft in her tight, hot cunt was bringing him wild sensations that he'd never experienced before.

Kim was equally pleased as her tight fuck-hole gradually adjusted to the long thickness of his magnificent tool. She was trembling with ecstasy as his lust-swollen boner slithered in and out, pressing deliciously against the tight slippery walls of her hot slit. Her stretched flesh seemed to be sucking and squeezing on his powerful shaft as the thick ridge of his big bloated cockhead plowed through the warm slippery tissues of her tight box.

"Oh, Lance," she whispered, listening to the delicious slurping sound of his hard cock squishing in and out of her hot, swampy hole. She suddenly felt as if she were part of this big muscular body that was giving her so much pleasure.

"Oh, shit, baby!" she squealed with delight when he started speeding the tempo of his lusty thrusts. "That's it, honey, give it to me good!"

It felt as if her body was about to explode into a million particles as the boy fucked faster and deeper into her tight hole.

"D'ya like fuckin'?" she panted up into his handsome face.

"Shit, I bye it," he gasped.

"So do I," squealed Kim. "I love to fuck... fuck... fuck!"

The sound of four letter words coming out of her pretty mouth seemed to further excite the boy. The tingling ecstasy that was streaking up and down the length of Lance's screaming cock was almost more than he could endure. He'd never dreamed that a girl's pussy could give a man such unbelievable joy.

"That's it, you sweet fucker!" screamed Kim.

"Keep that God-damned cock drilling. Jesus, baby, fuck! FUCK!"

The pleasure was so intense that the girl was losing all sense of reality, her wild squeals further exciting Lance, causing the boy to fuck even faster and deeper.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she screamed hysterically, feeling his steel-hard cock ripping and tearing into her scalding cunt flesh. "That's it, honey! FUCK!"

No longer able to control himself, Lance was slashing his dick into her with a savage intensity.

"Oh, Christ!" she suddenly shrieked. "I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

The whole world seemed to explode into a bell ringing orgasm when she felt his white-hot jizz gushing into her lurching cunt. Clinging tightly to him, she felt spurt after spurt of slippery cum belching out of his jerking cockhead.

"Oh, darling," she whispered, covering his lips with her hot, open mouth. "That was the best fuck I've ever had."

When the boy finally pulled his prick out and rolled onto his back, Kim quickly crawled down and stuffed the shrinking lump of wet cock-meat into her mouth. Sucking frantically, she drew out the last tasty drops from the end of his prick.

Chapter THREE

When Kim and Lance finally left her room, they found their parents sitting together on the terrace, I enjoying the law afternoon sun.

"What have you been up to?" Richard I Bradford asked his radiant daughter.

"Nothing much," beamed Kim. "We've just been messing around."

"Are you enjoying yourselves?" asked Andrea, surprised to see her shy son holding the girl's hand.

"Gosh, yes," was Lance's enthusiastic answer. "We're having a great day."

"I'm glad," said Andrea as the teens turned and walked away hand in hand.

"My," grinned Richard, when the couple were out of hearing range. "They certainly seem to be getting along well together."

"It surprises me," Andrea smiled, watching the way her son was holding Kim's hand. "Lance is usually so shy around girls."

"Well," Richard laughed. "He certainly doesn't seem bashful around my daughter."

"She's such a lovely girl," said Andrea, watching the girl as she strolled along in her white shorts. "I wish I still had a figure so I could wear clothes like that."

"You have," said Richard, glancing at Andrea's trim figure in her slacks. "You'd look great in shorts."

"Do you really think so?" she blushed. "I brought some with me, but I always feel naked in them."

"Don't be silly," laughed Richard. "You have a beautiful figure. I'd love to see you wearing shorts."

"Well," said Andrea, more than pleased with his compliment. "Maybe I'll wear a pair tomorrow if you don't think I'd look stupid in them."

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted when Tracy walked up to where they were sitting.

"Hi, honey." Her mother smiled. "What have you been doing?"

"Just wandering around the hotel," the girl answered. "Gee, it's great."

"I know," said Andrea, with a contented sigh. "It's simply wonderful."

"I just saw him!" Tracy blurted out excitedly.

"Who?" asked her mother.


"Who's Dino?"

"That cute bus boy," said Tracy. "I saw him walking down the hall."

"Oh, Tracy," sighed her mother. "That boy is too old for you."

"Maybe," said the girl. "But he's sure cute. He even smiled when he saw me."

"That's nice, darling," her mother said.

Disappointed that her mother wasn't more enthusiastic about Dino, the girl turned and walked away, unable to think about anything except the handsome young Latin. Tracy had been screwed by almost every guy in her neighborhood, but the thought of being laid by Dino almost blew her mind. The young bus boy seemed so worldly to her, and she just knew he'd be a fantastic fuck if she could only seduce, him.

Hoping to see the boy again, Tracy went down the hall that led into the dining room. She'd only taken a few steps when she saw him standing by the wall, smoking a cigarette.

"Hi." She beamed, walking up to him.

"Hello," he said with his soft accent.

"Do you remember me?" she asked, leaning against the wall by him.

"Sure," he grinned. "You were seated at table number twenty-two at breakfast."

"That's right," said Tracy, thrilled that the handsome young man had remembered her.

"Are you enjoying your stay at the hotel?" he politely asked.

"Gee, yes," she said. "Aren't you working today?"

"Sure," the boy answered in his soft accent. "But I don't go on duty for another couple of hours."

Just looking at the handsome young man soon had the hot cunt juices dripping out of her horny slit.

"This breeze sure feels good," she sighed, moving over by a window. "I like the way it blows through my pussy hairs."

"What?" he gasped, thinking he'd heard wrong.

"See," she giggled, pulling up the front of her skirt and giving him a quick glance at her naked beaver. "I'm not wearing any panties and the air feels good blowing on my cunt."

The young man just stared at her, too stunned to speak. Looking into her face, he couldn't believe that this cute girl had actually showed him her juicy twat.

"What's the matter?" she whispered, a naughty gleam in her eyes. "Don't you like to look at pussies?"

"Of course I do," he stammered nervously. "But most girls don't flash it around like that."

"I do." She giggled. "I like to show my cunt to boys."

"Are you some kind of a nut?" he asked, unable to believe the girl would act like this.

"Nope," smiled Tracy, "I just like to fuck around a lot."

"How old are you?"

"Old enough," was her answer.

"Old enough for what?"

"Old enough to give you a good time," she whispered in a naughty voice.

"Hell," he sneered in his soft accent. "I like women with experience."

"Why don't you try me," she giggled, once more lifting the front of her skin to display her twat. "I'm a pretty wild fucker."

In his work, Dino had met a lot of lovely girls who were anxious to ball him. There was no doubt in his mind that she would probably be a hot lay.

"Where do you stay in the hotel?" she asked, lowering the front of her skirt before someone passed by and saw her.

"I have a room down near the kitchen," was his answer.

"Why don't you take me down there and try me?" she whispered, reaching down and lightly rubbing his crotch, pleased to feel he was getting a hard-on.

"It's just a small room and I have a roommate," he replied.

"So what?" she giggled. "Maybe he'd like to screw me, too. You don't go on duty for another two hours."

Dino just stared at the pretty girl, his resistance slowly crumbling.

"Come on," she begged. "I sure need a good fuck."

"Okay," he finally agreed. "Come with me." Leading her down a narrow set of stairs, he turned up a long hall that seemed to extend the length of the hotel. At the end of the corridor they went down another flight of stairs that led to another narrow hall. Opening a door, he led her into a very small room with a single bed on each side of it.

"This is Tony," said Dino, introducing her to his roommate who was sitting on one of the beds in his undershorts.

"Hi, Tony," Tracy smiled at the young man who seemed a bit older than Dino.

"Hello." He smiled, flashing an even set of white teeth.

"Why don't you get lost for a while?" Dino suggested to his friend.


"Me and Tracy have some things to do in private," he answered.

"Good," laughed Tony. "Maybe I can stay and watch."

"No way," Dino said. "Just get the hell out of here for a while."

"Isn't she kind of young for that stuff?" asked Tony, studying the girl's cute figure.

"I'm a helluva piece of ass."

"Then maybe I should stick around and watch," laughed the handsome young man.

"Get lost," Dino said. "We want some privacy."

"No," giggled Tracy, suddenly thinking how erotic it would be to fuck in front of him. "Let him stay. Maybe we can teach him a thing or two."

"Are you crazy?" gasped Dino.

"Nope," she giggled, winking at Tony. "Let's let him watch."


"I dunno," the girl answered as she quickly pulled her dress off, completely exposing her naked body to the two young men. "It might be sort of exciting, let him watch us."

Dino still looked warily at his friend, not being too excited about performing in front of a third party.

"Come on," she giggled, throwing her naked body out on the bed. "Let's fuck."

When Dino finally removed his clothes, Tracy was more than pleased with his big man sized cock, and as he crawled onto the bunk with her, she reached out and eagerly grabbed for it. Unable to restrain her desires any longer, she lowered her mouth over the head of his straining boner, licking her tongue around the sensitive underside of his swollen knob.

Tracy had been sucking off the guys in her neighborhood long before she started fucking, and Dino was going wild at the feel of the horny girl's talented lips as her fingers moved butterfly-light around his tingling asshole.

"Oh, Dino," she whispered a few moments later as she released his prick and rolled onto her back.

"I wanta be fucked."

The young man stared excitedly between her legs at the girl's swollen slit that was peeking out at him from the soft nest of dark, silky pussy hairs.

"Fuck me, honey, fuck me," she whimpered, writhing her hot bare ass around on the bed.

Closing her eyes in anticipation as he crawled between her legs, Tracy could feel his big hot cockhead brushing against the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Reaching down, she grasped for the luscious big tool that was slowly advancing up toward her smoldering slit.

"Gee, Dino, that's such a neat big cock," she whispered, closing her soft cool fingers around the meaty thickness of his shaft. Her young, naked body shuddered violently when the head of his hot, hard prick pushed against her warm, slick pussy.

"Oooh, Dino," she whimpered excitedly, screwing her hot, dripping gash up against the fat head of his straining boner. "Stick it in, honey. Pour it to me."

Waiting impatiently, she could hear Tony's heavy breathing in the small room. Reaching down she expertly guided Dino's bloated cockhead between her slick dripping cuntlips.

When Dino felt her hot slippery cunt flesh sensually swallowing his pulsating knob, he gave an uncontrollable lunge, drilling the length of his fiery shaft all the way up into her tiny slit with one nighty thrust.

"Eegghh!" she shrieked as his big flesh-splitting rod drove mercilessly up into her tight fuckhole.

The thickness of Dino's cock almost split her open. When the initial discomfort of his brutal penetration began to subside, it was replaced by the feeling of his big prick deliciously filling her young stretched twat.

"Oh, Dino, that feels so good," she whispered, screwing her body up closer against his to better enjoy the bloated cock that was so deeply embedded in her clasping pussy. She could feel every vein and sinew of the blood-engorged shaft rubbing against the tingling nerves of her deliciously stretched cunt walls.

"Oh, sweet darling," she sobbed as the boy's big luscious fuck-pole, glistening with her slippery juices, began plunging in and out of the sucking warmth of her hot pussy. Tracy was almost beside herself with the ecstatic joy of her first man sized dick.

Grasping him frantically around his shoulders, the horny girl was slamming her crotch up to meet every thrust of his hard plunging rod.

The desire-swollen lips of her pink twat were sucking and pulling deliciously against the length of his pistoning boner, trying to devour more and more of it into her greedy young pussy.

Dino had fucked plenty of girls in his young life, but he'd never found a cunt as tight and hot as this one. He could feel his cockhead swelling bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly in and out through the soft fleshy ridges of her sucking, clinging cunt muscles. It felt as if the end, of his knob would explode from the exquisite sensations induced by the girl's hot, tight fuck-hole. As his rigid prick plowed in and out of her slippery, sucking pussy, he could feel her big turgid nipples burning into his flesh as her firm tits rubbed salaciously against his heaving chest.

"Oh, Dino!" she sobbed excitedly. "Fuck the shit out of me, honey! Fuck me harder!"

Sitting on the other bed, Tony was almost out of his mind with excitement as he watched his roommate fucking his juice-slickened cock into the girl's teenaged pussy-hole. He'd pulled his prick out of his shorts and was lustily stroking his throbbing hard-on while he stared at the erotic scene. Tony could see that his friend's swollen dick was as big around as Tracy's wrist, yet it was gliding in and out of her juicy twat with a rhythmic smoothness that had the horny girl squealing with delight.

Deciding that he was going to ram his cock into her cute cunt as soon as Dino was finished with her, Tony stood up and removed his shorts. Frantically rubbing his bloated cock, Tony could hardly wait to bury it in her juicy hole.

On the other bed, Dino could tell he was almost ready to come, so he quickly rolled Tracy on top of him, trying to postpone his rapidly approaching climax. Now straddling Dino's loins with his cock planted deep in her cunt, Tracy fell forward over his body so the boy could lick her tits while they fucked. Frantically pumping her hips up and down, she was giving the boy a deliciously wild fuck while he licked and sucked on her bouncing boobs.

Humping joyously on his raging boner, Tracy could feel it drilling deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. His bloated shaft was glistening with the hot, slippery juices that were oozing out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips as she frantically slid up and over his glorious pole. Crazed with the intense joy of it, Dino was slamming his prick up to meet every downward plunge of her frothy slit.

"That's, it, Dino baby!" squealed the wildly aroused girl as she bounced harder and faster over his rigid tool. "Fuck, honey, fuck! Oh, shit, it's so fuckin' good!"

Tony was stroking his meat faster and faster as be watched the writhing couple. The small room was echoing with their squeals and moans, punctuated by the wet sucking sound of Dino's thick cock squishing in and out of her juicy, dripping pussy flesh.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" she squealed, feeling her body tensing for a mind blowing climax. "I'm almost there... almost there!"

Further excited by her screams, Dino began driving his prick up deeper into the bouncing body that was straddling his loins.

"Harder, baby, harder!" she screamed, feeling a wild orgasm beginning to engulf her. "I'm coming, honey... coming!"

Suddenly, and without warning, she felt his thick hot sperm gushing into her cunt.

"Oh, yes, baby!" she shrieked. "Squirt, honey, squirt! I'm coming! COMING! COMING!"

Her fantastic orgasm seemed to last for an eternity, and her dripping cunt suddenly felt empty when Dino withdrew his limp, wet dick. Wanting the intense pleasure to last forever, the girl rolled onto her back and began briskly rubbing her own clitty. Tracy was writhing around frantically on the bed when she opened her eyes and saw Tony kneeling between her open legs.

"Oh, Tony!" she cried out. "Ram it in, honey. Make me come again!"

Lowering himself, the young man quickly placed his cockhead against her slippery, cum-drenched slit, and she could feel her quivering cuntlips slowly spreading open as his thick, hard shaft began sinking into her sucking, hot fuck-hole.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me!" she wailed, screwing her cunt up around his slowly penetrating prick. "Fuck me, hard!"

She let out a gasp when, without warning, he brutally slammed the hard length of his boner all the way up her fuck-tunnel.

"That's it, baby!" she panted. "Bang me hard like that again. It felt so fucking good."

Pulling his big tool almost all the way out, he slammed back in with even more force, lifting her cute ass right off the bed with the vicious lunge.

"Oooh, yes, Tony!" she sobbed, drawing her knees back to offer even more of her open slit to his delicious assault. "Drive, baby, drive! Keep that fuckin' prick pounding!"

God, how she loved the violent way he was screwing her! There was a roughness about it that was absolutely fantastic. She clutched and screamed and moaned as the wild young man pounded his cock into her with all his virile young strength.

"Eeeggghhh!" she squealed as his big thick fuck-machine continued pounding ruthlessly into her grasping cunt. "I love it! I LOVE IT!"

After several more violent thrusts, Tony stopped to catch his breath so he could resume the assault with even more vigor. Tracy could feel his massive cock throbbing hotly in her cunt as he rested with his lust-bloated balls nestled between her soft asscheeks.

When he finally partially withdrew in preparation for his next thrust, the girl's body was trembling with anticipation. Drawing her knees back even further, she waited excitedly for the next wild plunge.

"Oh, shit!" she whimpered when his hard, thick pole ripped wildly up into her twat again. His fantastic fuck-rod was glistening with her slippery cunt juices as it plowed in and out through the sucking hotness of her grasping twat.

Tracy was almost out of her mind with joy. She'd wanted a man-sized cock for so long, and now she had two lovers giving her the screwing of her life. Mewling and sobbing under Tony's glorious attack, she was frantically throwing her crotch up to meet every thrust of his hard, plunging cock.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she was squealing with delight, her shapely young legs waving crazily in the air.

Grasping at the cheeks of his ass, the girl pulled him tighter against her, screwing her pussy up around the length of his plunging pole. The swollen lips of her hot, dripping silt were sucking and grasping at the base of his shaft, trying desperately to pull more of it into her hot, hungry hole.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she screamed. "For Christ's sake, fuck me harder!"

She could feel her climax building up and up and up, and just as she exploded into a wild mind bending orgasm, she felt Tony's slippery cum gushing into her hot, sucking fuck-passage.

When the delicious orgasm slowly subsided, Tony rolled off and she saw Dino standing beside the bed stroking his brand-new hard-on.

"Come on, honey," she whispered, holding her arms out to him. "Let's empty that big load into my hot cunt."

Chapter FOUR

During dinner that evening, Tracy could hardly keep her eyes away from Dino as he scurried around their table. Andrea paid attention to the bus boy as her thoughts were very much on Richard Bradford. She'd spent most of the day with the man and was completely captivated by his charm. Loving her husband very much, Andrea knew her involvement with the man would never go beyond a platonic friendship, but she certainly enjoyed the handsome man's company.

When dinner was finished, Kim and Lance decided to walk down to Chinatown, and Richard invited Andrea into the lounge for an after-dinner cocktail. Left alone, Tracy decided to take the short cable-car ride down to Fisherman's Wharf.

Arriving at the wharf, Tracy was thrilled by the noise, the music, the fishing boats and the happy crowds that were milling in and out of the colorful stalls and restaurants, but her thoughts were on the delicious fucks she'd enjoyed this afternoon. The girl was so deep in thought that she was startled to find she'd wandered down to a deserted area of the waterfront.

She was standing in the shadows looking down at the dark water when a huge man suddenly appeared beside her.

"A nice evening," he muttered, leaning against the rail with her.

"It sure is," she smiled, looking at him for the first time.

She was suddenly shocked by the size of him. Wearing nothing but a pair of dungarees, he had the biggest chest and arms she'd ever seen. He was a huge man in his forties with skimpy red hair on an almost bald head, but his torso, chest and forearms were matted with a thick growth of hair. The most noticeable thing about him was the ugly jagged scar that ran down over his right cheek.

"How much you askin' for it?" he suddenly asked in a raspy voice.

"Asking for what?"

"A piece of ass," was his brief answer. "How much?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Tracy in a puzzled voice.

"Don't give me that shit!" he snapped. "I just want to know how much it'll cost me to fuck you."

"Oh, my God," she gasped. "I'm not one of those kind of girls. I just walked down here from Fisherman's Wharf."

"Stop the bullshit!" he roared. "The only broads that come down here at night are selling their ass."

"Well, I'm not."

"I suppose I'm too ugly for you?" he sneered.

"You're nothing but a sick animal," she snapped as she turned to walk away.

"Maybe I am," be grinned, grasping at her firm tits through the thin material of her braless dress. "But I'm gonna fuck you."

"Don't touch me!" she screamed, kicking him in the shins.

"You wildcat!" he roared, grabbing the frightened girl in his arnis and covering her mouth with his wet sloppy lips.

"Let me alone!" she screamed, pulling loose from his grasp.

"You rotten bitch!" he shouted, picking her up in his strong arms and covering her mouth with his hand. "I said I wanted to fuck you."

With his hand clasped across Tracy's mouth to keep the kicking girl from screaming, he carried her into a dilapidated building.

"This is my room," he panted, lowering her to the floor in front of a door, keeping his hand over her mouth. "Now get to hell in there!"

The girl tried to scream out, but his big hand muffled the cry.

"Get in there!" he roared, opening the door and twisting her hair until Tracy thought it would come out by the roots. Unable to stand the searing pain any longer, she allowed the man to drag her into his room.

"Shit," he grinned at her under the bright light.

"Please let me go!"

"No chance," he leered at her, licking his thick wet lips.

"Please don't," she begged, when he grabbed at one of her firm tits with his huge paw.

Ignoring her pleas, the brute of a man grasped the hem of her dress and ripped it off over her head. Smacking his wet, drooling lips, he stared at her firm mounds of luscious titty flesh, capped with oversized nipples. His eyes moved down over her softly rounded belly to the dark silky bush between her legs.

"Look at that," he sneered. "Running around without no pants on, just dyin' to be screwed."

He was partially right, the horny girl was dying to be screwed, but not by a filthy beast like this depraved monster.

Pushing Tracy back on the bed, he covered one of her firm young tits with his big sloppy mouth, his thick tongue swirling wildly around her big turgid nipple. In spite of her fright and the brutality of his attack, Tracy felt tingles of pleasure streaking from her tits down to her furry twat. Trying to ignore the tingling sensations, she pounded on his broad back with her clenched fists, but she was soon moaning softly from the obscene pleasure his slurping mouth was giving her.

When the hulking man moved his lips to her other nipple, the intense joy seemed to increase. She desperately hated the filthy beast, yet the girl was secretly enjoying what he was doing. Finally releasing her captive tits from his mouth, he began trailing his hot wet lips down over her soft, bare tummy, thoroughly washing her dimpled navel with his hot tongue.

Moving his head farther down, he was soon gazing into her furry snatch that was so deliciously exposed only inches from his eyes. The hulk of a man was trembling with uncontrollable lust as he stared at the soft pink lips of her juicy slit gleaming wetly in the downy nest of silky pussy hair that swirled so daintily around the girl's deliciously moist slit. The slippery wetness of her cunt wiggly cuntlips was almost more than the depraved monster could stand.

Licking wildly at his own drooling lips, the totally aroused man lifted the back of her knees over his broad shoulders and buried his ugly scarred face down between her open thighs.

"Oooh!" sobbed Tracy with both shame and joy as she felt his thick tongue drilling up into the hot wetness of her juicy twat.

The horny girl had sucked off plenty of guys, but this was the first time anyone had ever licked her pussy. It seemed like a filthy thing for someone to do, but the delicious feel of it was indescribable.

"Does that feel good?" he panted into her cunt.

"Oh, yes," she admitted. "But please be gentle. Don't hurt me anymore."

"I won't," he promised. "As long as I can enjoy your cute body."

The man was completely enthralled by the girl's juicy twat. In his many years at sea, Red had enjoyed his share of whores and chippies, but had never smelled or tasted anything as delicious as this girl's succulent pussy. Her creamy juices were flowing like honey over his tongue as he swirled around in the swampy hot depths of her luscious young cunt. He could hardly believe the delicate scent as his nose pressed into the soft nest of silky pussy hair. Tracy was almost on the verge of climaxing when he removed his mouth from her cunt and sat back.

"Please don't stop," she sobbed. "I'm almost ready to come."

"Don't worry, darling," he said as he slowly stood up, his huge body towering over the girl on the bed. "I'm gonna give you something that will really make you come."


"My hard cock." He grinned, quickly removing his dungarees.

"Oh, no!" screamed Tracy, staring at the huge ugly prick thrusting up from his massive balls.

"My tiny cunt could never take that big fuckin' thing."

"The hell it can't," he panted, lewdly skimming his thick cockskin back and forth over his big boner. "Girl's who don't wear panties are just asking to be fucked."

"But not by that big bastard," she wailed. "The fuckin' thing would split my cunt wide open."

"Don't worry," he replied with an evil grin. "Pussies are made to stretch."

"Not that much," she cried in a horrified voice. "Bull shit," laughed Red. "When I'm finished with you, you'll be beggin' for more."

"Please don't," she sobbed. "That big cock will kill me."

Only a short time ago, Tracy had been standing on the wharf just dying for a nice hot fuck, but not from this big ugly beast. God, how she wished Dino and Tony could came and save her before her body was split open by this depraved animal.

Tracy could feel her heart pounding wildly as the brute crouched over her, lewdly stroking his huge, ugly prick. Staring at his fat purple cockhead, Tracy just knew it would split her cunt to shreds.

"Please don't!" she cried out when his massive hands parted her thighs as he moved his throbbing cock up between them. "Please don't do it! You'll kill me!"

She desperately tried to roll from under him, but his unbelievable strength and weight kept her pinned down.

"Stop that!" he roared, "or I'll knock your fuckin' head off!"

"Don't! Don't!" she sobbed as his cruel hands opened her trembling thighs.

She could feel his hot thick jism oozing out of his swollen cockhead as it rubbed wetly against her inner thigh. The huge man was panting and snorting like a wild bull as his massive, hairy body moved slowly up over hers. Feeling the head of his bloated knob nudging against her cuntlips, the girl bit her lips and closed her eyes.

"Here it comes," he panted, trying to force his monstrous knob through the opening.

"You're gonna love it."

"No, no," she sobbed. "Please don't do it to me."

A sudden excruciating pain seared through Tracy's cunt as his massive cock plowed up through the girl's tight hole. Clawing at the monster with her sharp nails, the girl writhed in unbelievable pain as Red's huge cockhead stretched and stretched her tiny cunt.

"No!" she shrieked. "Take it out! TAKE IT OUT!"

"Shut up!" he roared slapping her soundly across the face. "Keep your fuckin' mouth shut or I'll really give you something to yell about."

Thrusting his hips forward, the lust-crazed brute continued driving his massive boner deeper and deeper into the girl's widely stretched snatch.


Ignoring her cries, he gave another vicious thrust and Tracy felt his fat balls slap against her ass and knew he'd finally stuffed the entire length of his thick cock into her tortured slit.

"Please take it out," she sobbed again. "You're killing me."

"Oh, shut up," he panted, feeling the girl's pussy squeezing hotly against his big throbbing boner. "You're gonna love it before I'm finished with you."

"No! No!" she whimpered, turning her face away when he tried to kiss her with his thick, slobbering lips.

Tracy had never experienced anything so painful in her life, and she only wished it was Dino's prick in her instead of this mad animal who was taking a wild delight in torturing her. The girl was trembling with both fear and pain when the man began slowly withdrawing his cunt-splitting cock for another cruel thrust. He pulled back until only his massive knob remained buried, then lunging forward, he brutally drilled the thick length of his tool all the way up into her tortured pussy again. Now panting heavily, the man began rhythmically plunging his massive dick in and, out of the girl's raw hole.

As his brutal assault continued, Tracy was becoming vaguely aware of a rather pleasant tingling in her cunt. The strangely delightful feeling started slowly at first, but it rapidly intensified as the initial pain began fading. The girl never really knew when the threshold between pain and pleasure was crossed, but she slowly felt her body responding to his thrusts. Although her pussy was a bit sore, the slippery friction of his plunging shaft was beginning to feel good. After several minutes of his fucking, the girl was thoroughly enjoying it, and was unconsciously squirming her body up to receive his thrusts. "D'ya like my big cock now?" he panted. She didn't need to reply because the man knew the answer from the way her hot cunt was sucking and squeezing on his lust-swollen boner. The ecstasy was mounting and mounting in her loins as her tight cunt muscles responded by clinging to, and massaging his deliciously slippery prick. Although there was no more pain, the man's big, hard dick felt unbelievably massive in her. Tracy had never experienced such wonderful sensations and suddenly realized that nothing but a big cock would reach up into the hidden depths of her cunt to induce such fantastic joy.

"Oh Red," she whimpered, throwing her arms around his broad shoulders. "I just love that big fuckin' cock of yours."

"I knew you would," he panted. "But hang on, honey, we're just gettin' started."

"Oh, good!" she squealed with joy. "Just fuck the livin' shit out of me."

"Don't worry," he gasped. "That's exactly what I'm gonna do."

It felt to Tracy as if his cock was swelling bigger and harder with every delicious stroke. Red was slamming his thick shaft into the hot, slippery wetness of her cunt with all his strength and the nymphet was enjoying every cock-filled moment of it.

"Fuck, Red, fuck!" she cried out, clinging tightly to him as she screwed her sucking slit up tighter against the thick base of his shaft. "I love it! I love it!"

Spurred on by the girl's squeals of joy, the huge man was fucking into her for all he was worth. Every violent lunge of his cock was lifting her dimpled ass right up off the bed as the girl rode his big boner to undreamed-of ecstasy.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" screamed Tracy, as the man increased the tempo of his bull-like thrusts. "Oh, God, how I love it... love it!"

Crazed with this newfound ecstasy, Tracy grasped his scarred face in her hands, pulling his mouth down against her hot open lips. Sucking passionately on his tongue, she screwed her swollen slit up tighter around his magnificent tool.

"Bang me, honey!" she squealed. "Fuck the shit out of me with that big beautiful cock!"

"Hang on," he grunted. "I'll really give you something to squeal about."

"Oh, you sweet bastard," she giggled, wrapping her naked arms and legs around his big muscular body. "Now pour it to me."

Without saying another word, the giant of a man reared back and slammed the length of his cock deep into her belly with all his strength.

"That's it!" she squealed, almost out of her mind with the wild ecstasy. "Bang me harder!"

Throwing all caution to the wind, Red began drilling his massive rod into her with the brutal force of a pile-driver.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed with delight, digging her bare heels into the crack of his sinewy ass to spur him on. "Faster! Faster, you big, sweet darling. Christ, how you can fuck!"

Pounding into her, Red suddenly felt his come building up deep in his balls. His cock began jerking and trembling as his thick, hot jism started rising up through his shaft. The tingling in his prick was pure joy as the hot fluids rushed for their glorious release.

"Hang on, baby!" he gasped. "Here comes a nice big cuntful of jizm."

"Oooh, yes!" the girl squealed with joy, throwing her naked legs high in the air. "That's what I want! Shoot me full of it!"

Crazed with lust as his ejaculation came closer and closer, his entire muscular body jerked spasmodically, the ecstasy growing more intense with every second.

"Oh, shit!" roared the man, rearing back and giving one last final lunge. "Take it, baby! Here comes the juice!"

The feel of his hot, thick cum spewing into her cunt triggered the girl's overwhelming orgasm.

"Oh, Red!" screamed the girl, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him. "I'm coming, too!"

Clinging to his big muscular body, Tracy writhed her hot spasming twat up around his spewing cock, feeling his jizz filling her belly as her intense orgasm mounted and mounted.

"Oh, Red," she whispered when her wild climax began subsiding. "You were just fantastic."

"So were you, my darling," he smiled, pulling his thick limp prick out of her cum drenched hole.

"Red," she asked in a soft voice. "Will you fuck me again as soon as your cock gets hard?"

"Sure," he grinned. "That's exactly what I had in mind."

Smiling to herself, Tracy knew this would be the best fucking vacation she'd ever had.

Chapter FIVE

The next day Richard Bradford rented a car and drove them out to Golden Gate Park. Lance, Kim and Tracy rode in the back seat while Andrea joined Richard in the front. They all enjoyed the scenic park very much, especially the Japanese Tea Garden.

After a delicious lunch across the bridge in Sausalito, they took a drive through Muir Woods and up to the top of Mount Tamalpais where they had a breathtaking view of the entire bay area. Occasionally Andrea felt a bit guilty about being in the handsome man's company while her husband was home alone, but she thoroughly enjoyed being with him and didn't let it bother her too much.

Because Lance and Kim were anxious to take a dip in the pool, Richard had them back at the hotel by late afternoon. They were all a bit tired from the busy day, but they'd all enjoyed themselves very much.

That night at dinner, Richard had ordered wine for Andrea and himself, and when the meal ended, the lovely woman was feeling deliciously mellow. When Lance and Kim excused themselves so they could slip into her room for a hot fucking, and Tracy had gone out in search of Dino or Tony, Richard invited Andrea into the lounge for an after-dinner drink.

Andrea, who usually drank very little was soon a bit high. Dancing with Richard, she was vaguely aware that his cock was throbbing against her, but in her high mood, she just dismissed it as a natural thing. It was heavenly to be held in his arms as they glided over the floor, and she soon forgot about the persistent way his prick was poking at her.

Back at the table they, had another brandy. Andrea's mind was getting a bit more foggy by the second.

"Are you all right?" he asked a later when he noticed the glazed expression in her eyes.

"I think I'm getting a tight," she giggled, taking another sip from her drink. "Maybe you'd better help me to my room before I pass out."

Smiling, he took Andrea's arm and escorted her from the lounge. He had to steady her a bit as they walked down the corridor, Andrea was thoroughly enjoying herself as she clutched his arm and giggled. "I usually don't drink this much."

Passing his daughter's room, Richard decided to stop and wish her goodnight. Opening the unlocked door, both Richard and Andrea were stunned by the wild scene on Kim's bed. Both Lance and Kim were bare-assed naked and she was waving her legs crazily in the air as the boy's ass pumped up and down between them. The girls were so involved in their fucking that neither of them notice their parents peering through the open door.

Staring at them, Andrea couldn't take her eyes away from Lance's huge cock as it glided in and out of Kim's slippery cunt. Having been a virgin when Andrea married Herb, his was the only prick she'd ever seen until now. She couldn't believe that her son could have a dick so much larger than his father's.

"Oh, Lance," they heard Kim squealing with joy. "I've never felt such a nice big cock in my life."

Not answering, the boy continued drilling his huge boner up between her legs.

"Oh, you darling," Kim continued wailing. "That's gotta be the biggest fuckin' cock in the world."

As horrified as Andrea was at the lewd performance she was watching, the woman was completely fascinated by the huge size of her son's prick as it plunged in and out of the girl's hot dripping pussy.

"I guess we'd better not disturb them," smiled Richard, quietly closing the door.

"But, Richard," Andrea gasped. "Aren't you going to stop them?"

"Why?" he asked.

"You saw what they were doing," she gulped. "You've got to stop them."

"They're all right," he grinned. "They're having a good time."

"But my son is having sex with your daughter," she exclaimed. "Are you going to stand for that?"

"Why should I stop them?" smiled Richard, taking Andrea's arm and escorting her down the hall to her room.

"It's indecent," she argued.

"But they seem to be enjoying it," he laughed, opening the door.

"I can't understand you," Andrea sighed as he followed her into the room.

"It's quite simple," said Richard, grasping her trembling shoulders. "They're both two healthy young people who are enjoying themselves."

"My God, Richard," she exclaimed. "There are other ways for young people to have fun without indulging in filth."

"Do you consider sex filthy?" he asked in a shocked voice.

"Of course it is."

"Jesus, Andrea," he whispered in a stunned voice. "Then I sure feel bad for your husband."

"Don't feel bad for him," she smiled proudly. "He gets it two or three times a month."

"I can't believe you," said Richard, once more grasping her shoulders. "You're unreal."

"What do you mean, unreal?"

"My God," he gasped, staring into her big violet eyes. "How can you let life pass you by like this?"

"I live," she answered in a sarcastic voice. "Look at those beautiful big tits of yours," he panted. "Have you ever let a man really love an caress them?"

"Don't talk so filthy, Richard," she snapped, suddenly conscious of the big tits in her low-cut dress.

"There's nothing filthy about putting a bit of passion into your life," he argued, still grasping her quivering shoulders.

"Richard," she said. "I think you'd better leave."

"Andrea," he sighed. "Have you ever relaxed and enjoyed yourself with a man?"

"That's none of your damned business!" she snapped at him.

"Answer me, for God's sake!" he half-shouted, gently shaking her shoulders. "Have you ever surrendered yourself into a man's arms?"

"Get out!" she hissed, wanting him out of her room because the thought of being held in his arms strangely excited her.

"I mean it," he panted. "Why don't you learn to live a bit?"

"Let go of me!" she sobbed, brushing his hands away from her shoulders. "Please get out of here!"

Crazed at the sight of Andrea's big, lush boobs almost spilling out of her low-cut gown, Richard grasped her waist, pulling her soft warm body up against his.

"No!" she cried out, feeling his hard, hot cock spearing against her from within his pants.

Andrea suddenly felt a strange excitement when she realized that only the material of their clothes separated his cock from her pussy, yet she instinctively tried to free herself from his passionate embrace.

"Please don't," she sobbed, trying to push him away from her. "Have you lost your mind?"

Ignoring her words, he reached down under the hem of her dress and ran his hands up the back of her smooth, naked thighs until he'd cupped her soft panty-clad asscheeks in his palms. Digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her butt, he pulled her squirming pussy up tighter against the hard cockbulge in his pants.

"No!" she screamed, pounding his chest with her clenched fists. "Stop it!"

A damp, helpless feeling surged through her loins as the man suggestively rotated his bloated dick against her pussy. She was further aroused when he reached down through the waistband of her panties, his hands massaging the sensitive bare flesh of her butt while his fingers goosed into the wiggly crack of her ass.

Andrea knew she was doing wrong, but when Richard lowered his face down toward hers, she threw her arms around his neck and, when their wetly parted lips met, the woman hungrily accepted the tongue he thrust into her mouth. With their lips passionately locked in a deep tongue-sucking kiss, Andrea unconsciously ground her hot pussy up against the hard bulge in his pants.

Realizing that the beautiful woman had completely surrendered, Richard tenderly picked her up and carried her over to the bed. With all resistance gone, Andrea lay back and closed her eyes while his hand moved deliciously up between her soft, warm thighs. When he grasped her wispy panties, Andrea arched her hips up, helping him peel them down over her softly rounded ass.

With her skirt pulled up above her hips and her panties off, Richard gazed at the slippery slit that was peeking out from between her slightly parted legs. Her slick, juicy cuntlips were swollen with excitement, and gleaming drops of slippery cunt-juice were glistening on the soft pink flesh. Her moist, warm cunt looked so inviting, deliciously exposed in the soft nest of shimmering black pussy-hair. The hot, fleshy hole was quivering with excitement as the warm juices oozed out, trickling down between the soft cheeks of her cute ass.

Unable to resist the inviting sight, Richard dropped to his knees beside the bed and gently parted her thighs with his hands, lowering his face into the swampy warmth of her juice-drenched crotch.

"Oooooh, Richard!" she gasped, feeling a tongue in her slit for the first time in her life. "God, that feels good."

She suddenly remembered how her husband had tried to kiss her pussy many years ago, but she had rudely stopped him. It had seemed so perverted to her at the time, but tonight, it felt marvelous.

"Oh, Richard!" she squealed, grasping frantically at the edges of her bed. "That's so good, honey! So good!"

Clutching at the squirming woman's thrusting ass, Richard pressed his face deeper into the hot, slick moistness of her open slit. His thick tongue was swirling deliciously against the slippery wet ridges of her ring cunt walls. The sweet hot pussy juices were dripping down over his tongue, filling Richard's mouth with the tangy taste of her hot cunt. Twisting his face from side to side, be tried to drill his tongue deeper and deeper into her steaming fuck-hole while his upper lip teased her quivering clit.

"Shit, honey!" she squealed, using vile language for the first time in her life. "I can't stand it, baby! Oh, shit, it feels so fucking good!"

Andrea was suddenly aware of the naughty words that were escaping from her lips. The sound of her own profanity seemed to further arouse the woman. She'd never used vile words before in her life, but she was suddenly excited by her own filthy language. It seemed to add a naughty spice to what was happening.

Having never experienced such wild joy in her life, Andrea was completely crazed by the new sensations being driven into her cunt by Richard's sucking, slurping mouth. Screaming obscenities, Andrea's fingers were pulling and twisting her own tits and nipples.

"Suck, baby, suck!" she screamed, cruelly pinching one of her big nipples. "Oh, shit, honey, it feels so fucking good! Suck, baby, suck!"

Andrea had last all sense of reality, conscious of nothing but the agonizingly delicious sensations that were streaking through her hotly aroused cunt.

"Oh, shit, honey!" she squealed, digging her fingers into his thick head of hair, slamming his mouth down tighter against her dripping slit. "I'm coming! OH, SHIT, HOW I'M COMING!"

Her body stiffened momentarily, and then her whole being exploded into a bell-ringing orgasm, wave after wave of unbelievable ecstasy flowing through her writhing body.

"Shit, that was good," she whispered as she slowly recovered from her intense climax.

"I'm glad," he whispered, running his fingers through her tousled dark hair. "You're so beautiful."

"I'm so happy you made me let myself go," she whispered. "And now if you'll take your stupid clothes off, I'd like a nice hot fuck."

As Richard began disrobing, Andrea removed her dress and bra, sprawling out nakedly on the bed for him. Undressing as fast as he could, Richard couldn't, keep his eyes away from the naked body squirming so invitingly on the bed.

"Richard," she suddenly giggled. "Do you think our kids are still fuckin' up a storm in Kim's room?"

"I certainly hope so," he grinned.

"Honey," she asked, suddenly thinking about her son's huge prick. "Did you notice how big Lance's cock was?"

"God, yes," he laughed. "He's got the biggest cock I've ever seen."

"I sure hope Kim is enjoying it," she sighed her dreamy voice.

"I'm sure she is," laughed the girl's father. "That's the biggest cock she'll ever find."

A searing flame burned through Andrea's loins when Richard finally dropped his shorts, revealing the big lusty prick that was proudly thrusting up from between his legs. As he stepped toward the bed, Andrea reached out and tenderly grasped his big, hard cock in her fingers. Staring at it, Andrea suddenly realized that she'd never really examined a man's prick. She'd never really paid much attention to her husband's cock, considering it only as an organ he used to fuck her with.

Gently running her fingers up and down the entire length of his thick shaft, Andrea sensually explored every sinewy bump and every pulsing vein of his magnificent fuck-tool. It wasn't nearly as big as the huge cock she'd seen thrusting up from her son's balls, but it was hard, thick and meaty. Squeezing the man's deliciously warm prick, she could feel the hot blood pulsing trough the extended veins of his throbbing shaft. The feel of his big, meaty cock in her fingers only added to her mounting excitement, and she suddenly had a wild desire to suck on it.

She couldn't understand this strange urge. Years ago her husband had asked her to suck his cock and Andrea had been so pissed off she didn't speak to him for days. Herb had never mentioned it again for fear of her angry reaction, and now she was drooling to taste this man's prick.

No longer able to control her wild desire, she lowered her head and lightly ran her tongue across his smooth, shiny cockhead. The taste of his prick was rather strong, but Andrea found it highly stimulating. Clutching tightly to the base of his thick shaft, she began eagerly licking the entire surface of his big swollen knob.

When her hot, wet tongue came in contact with the sensitive underside of his big, mushroom shaped cockhead, she felt his body shivering with delight. Realizing she'd discovered an erotic nerve center, Andrea began nibbling around the area with a feather-light pressure that soon had Richard trembling with ecstasy. Momentarily removing her lips from the underside of his cock, the highly aroused woman began licking the entire length of his hard prick-shaft.

Standing in front of Andrea, his thick cock saturated with her warm wet spit, Richard's legs were trembling with excitement as the slurping woman's tongue hungrily licked the entire underside of his big juicy prick. He could hardly control his trembling legs when her mouth moved down and she began licking his lusty balls.

Wildly stimulated by the taste and texture of his big, hairy nut-sac, Andrea hungrily sucked his balls in and out of her mouth? She suddenly wondered why she'd never done anything like this to her husband, knowing how much he would have enjoyed it.

Sliding her lips back up the underside of his thick, meaty prick, Andrea opened her lips wide and gobbled his throbbing knob into her mouth.

"Oh, sweet suckin' Jesus," gasped Richard when her soft, full lips locked wetly around the base of his swollen knob. He couldn't believe this cock-hungry woman was the same once he'd met that first day at the hotel. She'd been so prim and proper, and now she was attacking his dick like a bitch in heat.

Andrea had never dreamed that a man's cock could taste and feel so good in her mouth. Slurping wildly on his big juicy prick, her tongue was swirling deliciously around his sensitive knob as his big drooling rod filled her mouth. Moving her hot, wet lips up and down over his lurching boner, the excited woman could feel his swollen cockhead nudging hotly against the back of her throat. With each bob of her head, Andrea was taking his prick deeper and deeper into her wildly sucking mouth.

"Oh, shit!" Richard suddenly panted, digging his fingers into her long dark hair. "Don't stop, honey! For Christ's sake, don't stop! I'm gonna shoot my wad!"

Thrilled at the thought of tasting a man's hot slippery cum for the first time in her life, she sucked faster and harder on his throbbing dong.

"Here it comes, baby!" he suddenly cried out, thrusting his cock deeper into her throat. "Here it comes!"

As eager as Andrea had been for it, she wasn't prepared for the flood of thick cum that suddenly gushed out of his cockhead. Not dreaming that a man's prick could spew out such a massive load, she had to suck and swallow rapidly so she wouldn't miss any of it. Through the rather strong, bitter-sweet taste of fuck-cum was a new experience to Andrea, she found it highly erotic as she sucked savagely on his spurting prick, not wanting to miss a drop of this newly-discovered taste-treat.

When the last stringy drop had been sucked out from the end of his rapidly withering rod, Richard collapsed onto the bed with Andrea.

"God, that was good," whispered the man as his strength slowly returned.

"Good," giggled Andrea. "And now I want a hot fuck."

"With this?" He grinned, glancing down at his limp, wet prick.

"Don't worry," she smiled, licking a rivulet of jizz from the corner of her mouth. "It won't take me long to get that beauty hard again."

Cuddling her soft naked body into his strong arms, she began affectionately fingering his thick, limp dick until it soon started jerking and swelling in her hand.

"See," she giggled a few minutes later as his cock continued stiffening. "The darling's all hot for my naughty fuck-hole."

"It sure as shit is," grinned the man, feeling the strength surging back into his shaft.

Lowering her head, Andrea began sucking his prick to a full erection as the handsome man's hand gently kneaded the soft flesh between her wiggly asscheeks. Her smooth, bare bottom was quivering with delight at the feel of his middle finger trailing lightly around the sensitive ring of her tingling shitter.

"Oh, darling," she whispered, removing her mouth from his prick and rolling onto her back. "I need that fuckin' cock in my cunt."

As the man moved up between her widely splayed legs, Andrea could feel the hotness of his hard cockhead brushing against the smooth naked flesh of her soft inner thighs. Pulling his face down, Andrea pressed her passionately parted lips against his, slipping her hot slippery tongue deep into his mouth.

Reaching down between her widely parted legs, she hungrily grasped his swollen cock and eased his fiery knob in between her hot dripping cuntlips.

"Oh, God, honey!" she whimpered, screwing her passion-swollen slit up against the bloated head of his cock. "Ram it in! I can't wait any longer!"

Feeling the beautiful woman's hot, slippery pussylips sensually closing around his sensitive cockhead, Richard suddenly drilled his prong all the way into her juice-slickened cunt with one long, swooping stroke.

"Eeeggghhh!" she squealed with ecstasy as his stiff rod glided up through her deliciously tight little hole, filling it with his thick, hot cock-meat. "God how I love that hard bastard!"

Spread out beneath the man, feeling his hot tool throbbing against the tight, snug walls of her clinging pussy, Andrea wondered why she'd resisted sex for so many years. She knew that from now on she was going to fuck as often as possible, and she felt certain this would more than please her husband.

When she felt Richard partially withdrawing his cock for the next thrust, she closed her eyes in delicious anticipation.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered, feeling his steelhard rod ripping up into her hot tingling cunt again. After the first three or four initial strokes, Richard began rhythmically fucking his hard cock in and out of her wildly writhing pussy.

With her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, the beautiful brunette could feel her big bouncy tits squishing deliciously against his broad bare chest as Richard rhythmically fucked his cock in and out of her hot sucking twat.

"Oh fuck, lover, fuck!" she sobbed, scissoring her soft, naked legs around his waist. "This feels so fucking good!"

The horny woman could feel a steady stream of hot pussy-juices squishing out from between her clasping cuntlips as his thick cock-meat pounded deeper and deeper into her fiery cunt. With her wildly aroused pussy sucking and squeezing on the rock-hard length of his big joy-rod, she could feel the friction against her tingling clit.

"Jesus, honey!" she shrieked, digging her bare heels into the crack of his ass. "Fuck me hard, lover! Oh shit, this feels good!"

As the wildly aroused couple increased the tempo of their mutual thrusts, Richard could feel that delicious tingling sensation deep in his balls, and knew he was rapidly approached a seething climax.

"Oh shit, darling! I'm gonna come!" shrieked the wildly fucking woman, pulling her knees almost back to her shoulders, exposing the full length of her wet furry pussy to his hard plunging cock. "Fuck me harder, honey! Fuck me! FUCK MEEE!"

Desperately clutching him to her, she sank her pearly white teeth into his big muscular shoulders as her wild ecstasy almost reached the point of insanity. Rubbing deliciously against her hard, tingling clit, Richard's cock was pounding lustily into her slippery, frothy twat.

"Ooooh God!" screamed Andrea, exploding into a wild orgasm at the feel of his hot fuck-cum gushing out of his bloated cockhead. "Squirt me good, baby! I'm coming! I'M COMING, YOU SWEET FUCKER!"

With her entire body shuddering violently, she screwed her slit up tighter wound the base of his shaft, feeling spurts of his slippery jizz squirting into her hotly glowing cunt. The beautiful woman had never experienced such an intense orgasm in her entire life.

Drawing his face down against hers, she filled his mouth with her juicy tongue.

"Jesus," she whispered. "I've never felt anything so fuckin' good in my life."

"I'm glad," he sighed, letting his limp prick luxuriate in the moist hotness of her juicy, sperm filled cunt.

"Oh, Richard," she mewled. "From now on we're gonna fuck and fuck and fuck."

Chapter SIX

Tracy was bored silly for the next few days. Her mother and Richard Bradford were always gone somewhere, and she couldn't seem to ever find Lance and Kim. To make things worse, Dino and Tony were spending all their time with an alder girl who had checked into the hotel.

Deciding to look for Kim and her brother, she went up to the blonde's room. Not bothering to knock, she just opened the door and walked in.

Tracy's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw Kim spread out on the bed with Lance kneeling between her widely spread legs, licking noisily on the girl's hot, dripping slit.

"Oh, Lance!" Tracy heard the pretty blonde squealing with delight as Kim ground her slippery cunt up against the boy's slurping mouth. "Keep suckin', honey, I'm almost there... almost there!"

Remembering how good it had felt when Red licked her own slit, Tracy watched with excited fascination, but the thing that seemed to intrigue her the most was the huge cock thrusting up from between her brother's legs. She'd thought Red had a big prick, but Lance's was even larger.

"Yes! Yes!" Kim was squealing hysterically. "Suck! Suck! SUCK!"

Tracy could almost feel her big brother's tongue in her own cunt as she watched Kim writhing toward her impending orgasm.

"Eeeggghh, Lance!" shrieked Kim, squeezing her soft bare thighs against his face as she exploded into a screaming climax. "I'm coming! COMING!"

The hot juices were dripping out from between Tracy's legs as she watched Kim riding the turbulent waves of her intense orgasm.

"That looked like fun," giggled Tracy when Kim finally opened her eyes and saw the girl watching.

"What the hell are you doing here?" gasped Lance, pulling his juice-drenched face out from between Kim's legs.

"Watching you eat pussy," teased Tracy. "Does she taste good?"

They both stared at the girl, shocked speechless to see her standing there.

"Well," Tracy continued. "Does her pussy taste good?"

"None of your business," snapped. Lance, his hard cock suddenly hanging down thick and limp between his legs.

"D'ya wanta eat me?" giggled Tracy.

"Are you crazy?" gasped her big brother.

"No," grinned the girl. "But do you want me to tell Mom what I saw you doing to Kim?"

"You wouldn't!" he panted nervously.

"Try me," teased Tracy. "I can be a real brat when I want to."

Lance just stared at his sister, wondering if she would really tell his mother. He'd always thought she was a link pest, but he'd never considered her as a squealer.

"Well," Tracy smiled. "Are you gonna lick my cunt?"

"No!" he said defiantly.

"You'll be sorry," she said pointedly. "And you might be surprised at how good my pussy tastes."

"Oh, go ahead and eat her," spoke Kim for the first time. "We don't want the sneaky bitch causing trouble with our parents."

"Oh shit, Kim," said Lance.

"Go ahead and do it," Kim urged him. "We don't want any trouble with our parents."

"But she's my sister," argued the boy. "Maybe I am," snapped the girl. "But I have a tasty cunt and I want it licked."

Lance glanced nervously at Kim when Tracy began removing her clothes.

"Go on and do it," sighed Kim. "You might even like it."

Looking back at his sister. Lance's limp cock gave a sudden lurch when he saw the girl's deliciously naked body. He could vividly see the hot juices dripping from between her delicate pink cuntlips and the sight of her big erect nipples thrusting out from her firm tits was a sight to behold.

"Go ahead and lick her," giggled Kim, seeing the lusting expression in Lance's eyes. "You can't knock the girl up with your tongue."

"Please, Lance," begged the girl, spreading herself out on the bed. "Please eat my cunt."

"Go on," urged Kim, suddenly anxious to watch the boy eat out his sister. "You might like it."

The guy was shivering with excitement as he knelt between the girl's widely spread thighs. As he slowly lowered his face down toward her furry crotch, the sweet moist scent of her swampy young pussy drifted to his nostrils. There was a fresh pungent aroma around her hot dripping cunt that sent the blood coursing through his rapidly swelling cock.

Tracy's adolescent body was quaking with anticipation as she watched his thick wet tongue reaching out for her juicy slit.

"Oooh, Jeez," she whispered softly when his hot tongue brushed lightly against the wet flesh of her cunt, sending a wild electric-like shock through her young loins. The taste of his sister's sweet hot juices on his tongue sent flames of lust burning throughout his entire body and, letting out a soft moan, he greedily covered her dripping slit with his sucking, slurping mouth.

"Oooh, Lance!" she squealed with delight, feeling her big brother's tongue swirling around deeply in her hot cunt. "That feels so fuckin' good."

Clutching at the soft cheeks of her wriggling ass to hold the squirming girl still, he licked deeply into her hole, lapping excitedly at the delicious juices as they flowed over this tongue. He'd never felt anything as velvety-smooth as the girl's hot cunt-flesh, and the wet softness of her slippery pussy tissues was absolutely fantastic.

His squirming sister let out a squeal of joy when his tongue flicked up and made contact with her hard pink clit. Her young girl-prick continued swelling and coming out of its protective hood as he teased the hard bud with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh, darling!" she whimpered, screwing her wet, furry slit up tighter against his juice-drenched face. "That feels so shittin' good!"

Watching Lance going down on his sister, Kim was getting more excited by the second. She could see the ecstatic expression on the girl's face as Tracy's head rolled crazily from side to side, her eyes tightly closed and her baby-soft mouth gaping open. Kim had never seen such an expression of prurient lust.

Watching them, Kim's eyes were drawn to the stiff boner that was thrusting out from between the kneeling boy's legs. She'd never seen his huge cock looking so big and hard before, making it quite obvious how much be was enjoying the taste of his sister's juicy cunt. Staring at his prick, Kim suddenly had a wild urge to suck the hot juices right from the core of it. The thought of his thick meaty cock filling her mouth with rich cum was driving the pretty blonde wild.

Realizing that she wouldn't be satisfied until she'd sucked Lance's dick dry, Kim moved over behind the kneeling boy. Rolling onto her back, the girl squirmed between his legs until his cock was just above her upturned face. Lying on her back beneath him, she could see the slippery cock fluids drooling out from the tip of his big shiny purple cockhead.

Kim stared up hungrily at his thick cock. She could hear his slurping lips eating noisily on his little sister's hot, dripping pussy. Raising her head slightly, the pretty young blonde reached up and grasped the base of his thick shaft, pulling his knob down toward her mouth. Opening her lips wide, she closed them around the head of his prick and began a slow deep suction that soon had Lance shivering with joy.

She could feel his jizm dripping down the back of her throat as her lips sucked and pulled on his rubbery-hard cockhead. Excited by the erotic sound of his slurping mouth on his sister's oozing slit, Kim sucked deeper and harder on his cock as she teased his big dangling balls with her naughty fingers. While one of her hands tenderly played with his nuts, the fingers of the other were trailing lightly around in his thick growth of cock-hair. The musky male aroma of his swollen cock and balls was driving Kim wild as her lips sucked and pulled on the head of his big throbbing rod.

As he sucked and licked the tasty juices from his sister's delicious cunt, Lance was almost out of his mind from the feel of Kim's mouth and fingers playing with his cock and balls. He was more than pleased at the way Tracy was squealing with joy as his tongue lapped deeper and deeper into the girl's hot, wiggly fuckhole.

"Please, Lance!" The girl was whimpering, writhing her sweet young ass around on the bed, trying to screw her dripping slit up tighter against his mouth. "Your tongue feels so fuckin' good in my pussy!"

The sucking and pulling of Kim's soft ovaled lips on his lurching cock was driving Lance wild. The fantastic suction was bringing him closer and closer to a climax, and the boy could hardly wait to unload his thick wad into Kim's mouth. Knowing that it wouldn't be long before he'd be shooting off, he began sucking frantically on his sister's hot, dripping twat.

"Suck me! Suck me!" squealed Tracy. "Oh shit, honey, I'm almost there... almost there!"

Lying on her back beneath Lance, Kim wildly sucked on the boy's big throbbing boner. Fondling his lusty balls while she sucked, she lightly traced her middle finger around the sensitive ring of his asshole. Feeling him shivering with joy, Kim slipped the tip of her finger into his tight bung.

"Oh, shit!" he roared with pleasure, momentarily pulling his tongue out of his sister's slit. "Christ, what a feeling! Ram it in deeper!"

Giving a sudden thrust, Kim rammed the length of her middle finger all the way up his asshole.

"Yeeeowww!" he shouted with pleasure as the girl's naughty finger drilled up through his hot, tight opening. "Yes! Yes, honey! Finger-fuck my asshole!"

Still sucking frantically on his big, lurching cock, Kim's finger was soon whizzing rapidly in and out of his tingling shitter. Lance's mouth and tongue were attacking his sister's cunt with a renewed frenzy. The writhing girl's sweet hot juices were dripping all over his tongue as it slashed wildly around in her steamy twat. The deliciously fresh taste of her slippery inner flesh, mixed with the clean scent of her soft, damp pussy hair was almost blowing his mind.

"Oooh, Lance, honey!" the girl squealed, throwing her, head back in ecstasy. "Don't stop, honey! I'm gonna came... gonna came!"

Every muscle in the girl's body was wildly contracting as the intense orgasm began to build up in her lurching loins. The unbelievable ecstasy was almost more than Tracy could handle.

"Oh, Christ!" she shrieked, grabbing at her brother's head and pushing his mouth down tighter against her cunt. "I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

With his mouth sucking wildly on Tracy's spasming twat, Lance could feel his cock ready to explode in Kim's mouth as her plunging finger continued streaking in and out of his tingling asshole.

"AHHH!" he suddenly roared as a big torrent of cum suddenly belched out of his bursting cockhead.

Kim could hardly swallow fast enough to take the stream of white hot jizz that was spewing into her gulping mouth. God, how she loved the taste and feel of the boy's fuck-cum as it splattered against the back of her throat. The girl sucked hungrily until she'd milked the very last drop out of his slowly shrinking cock.

"Shit, that was neat," whispered Tracy a later as she lay on her back staring up at the ceiling. "Having your pussy licked is almost as good as fuckin'."

"What do you know about fucking?" laughed her big brother.

"Plenty," giggled the girl. "I've been screwin' for years."

"Are you shittin' me?" asked Lance in a surprised voice.

"See," beamed Tracy. "It's no big deal to fuck."

"I just can't believe it," gasped her big brother. "Why don't you try me?" giggled the girl, staring at his thick cock that was beginning to swell again. "I'm sure a hot piece of ass."

"Well," he laughed. "Maybe you've been screwed by guys, but my cock would split you open."

"Oh shit," Tracy sneered. "I've been fucked by man-sized pricks."


"Do you know Dino, our bus boy?" giggled the girl.

"Sure," answered her brother. "What about him?"

"He and his friend Tony fuck me all the time," she bragged.

"Are you shittin' me?" he asked, staring with disbelief at his naked sister.

"I'm tellin' the truth," the girl bragged. "And Red fucks me, too."

"Who's Red?"

"He's a guy who hangs around on the wharf," the girl explained. "And his cock's almost as big as yours."

Staring at his sister, Lance suddenly wondered how it would feel to stuff his cock into her cute cunt.

"D'ya wanta fuck me?" Tracy asked, staring at his brand-new erection. "I'll give you a real good dine."


"Why not?"

"Because you're my sister." The boy answered with finality.

"But I've been fuckin' for two years," argued Tracy.

"Is she some kind of a nut?" asked Lance, turning to Kim.

"I don't think so," laughed the girl. "She's just a horny girl that wants to get laid."

"Would you expect me to screw my own sister?" Lance asked Kim in a shocked voice.

"Why not?" the pretty blonde giggled. "If her cunt's good enough to lick, it should be good enough to fuck."

"Please, Lance," his sister whispered. "Please screw me."

Staring into the girl's hot glowing eyes, the boy began wondering how it would feel to stuff his big cock into the girl's tight cunt. She was obviously no virgin, and even Kim saw nothing wrong with him fucking his sister.

"Please, Lance," whispered Tracy, reaching out and wrapping her soft fingers around his thick, swollen dick.

"Okay," he finally agreed, rolling onto his back. "Just sit on it and see if it will go in."

Facing her brother as she straddled his loins on her knees, Tracy poised her juicy slit just above his erect cock. Watching excitedly as the girl slowly lowered herself down, a wild thrill raced through Lance's body when her hot slippery cuntlips brushed against the tip of his prick. As she moved further down, Lance was surprised at how easily his big bloated cockhead seemed to sink into the slippery opening.

Grasping the soft, cheeks of her ass, the boy began moving her twat up and down over the tip of his cock.

"Oh, Lance, it's so nice and big!" she said excitedly.

Still clutching her baby-soft asscheeks, he slowly lowered his sister's cunt a bit further down over his straining pole.

"That's it, honey," she whispered, feeling his thick prick deliciously stretching the tight mouth of her cunt. "Put it in deeper."

Sitting next to them on the bed, Kim excitedly watched Lance's huge tool slowly disappearing into his sister's widely stretched cunt. His shaft was as big around as the girl's wrist, but she seemed to be taking it without too much discomfort. Kim could see how Tracy's twat was stretch but there was no sign of pain in her eyes, only a radiant glow of pleasure.

"Deeper, Lance!" she whimpered. "Fill me with it!"

With his thick slippery cock slithering easily through her tight sucking pussy flesh, he could feel it plowing further and further into the dark hot depths of her clasping fuck-hole.

"See!" she squealed with joy when the full length of his massive boner was buried in her quivering belly.

"Jesus, Lance!" she sobbed. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

Every nerve end in her clasping pussy was deliciously responding to the glorious big fuck-pole that was pumping in and out of her hot, young hole. The intense pleasure was soon doubly increased when Lance began lifting his sister up and down over his cock at a much more rapid tempo.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" cried the girl when Lance propelled the girl's sucking fuck-hole faster and faster over his straining boner.

The feel of her soft, hot flesh squeezing on the entire length of his cock was almost more than he could stand. Now realizing that his sister was having no trouble handling the size of his thick cock, he rolled the girl onto her back with his cock still deeply embedded in her grasping pussy. Bracing himself on his hands and knees to keep his heavy weight off the girl's body, he began fucking into her with wild lusty strokes.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed, waving her legs crazily in the air. "Fuck me hard, honey! Fuck me hard!"

Clasping him tightly in her arms, Tracy could feel a wild orgasm building up deep in her loins. "Hold me, honey!" she squealed. "I'm gonna come... gonna come!"

Excited by her passionate cries and ready to shoot his own wad, Lance fucked deeper and harder into her hot, sucking cunt.

"I'm coming!" she suddenly shrieked, feeling her big brother's hot jizm gushing into her pussy. "Oh, Christ, how I'm coming!"

Clinging tightly to her brother, Tracy exploded into her second climax within the last half-hour.

Chapter SEVEN

The following morning Richard took Kim shopping for some new clothes. Left alone in her room at the hotel, Andrea was unable to think about anything except Richard and his deliciously hard cock. Since the first time he'd screwed her, the man had practically fucked Andrea to death and she was loving every depraved moment of it.

Anxiously waiting for Richard to return from his shopping trip, Andrea couldn't seem to think about anything but sucking and fucking. Hoping that Richard would soon return, Andrea was spread out nakedly on her bed, her fingers working around in her hot wet pussy. Teasing her swollen clitty with the tip of her finger, Andrea realized that masturbation was no substitute for a wild fuck, but it was better than nothing.

With her eyes closed as she toyed with her pussy, Andrea tried to fantasize that Richard's naked body was spread out over hers, but her thoughts constantly returned to her son's big cock. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, she could vividly see his massive cock pumping in and out of Kim's hot, wet slit. As hard as she tried to dismiss it, her every thought was haunted by the vision of her son's magnificent shaft.

Fingering herself more rapidly, Andrea was almost on the verge of coming when she heard a rap on the door.

"Who is it?" she called out, pulling her wet, sticky finger from her slit.

"It's me, Mom," came her son's voice through the door. "May I come in?"

"Wait just a second," she answered, jumping out of bed and wrapping a thin dressing gown around her naked body.

"Hi," grinned the handsome youth when she opened the door for him.

"Hello." She smiled. "What tore you away from Kim?"

"Her dad took her shopping," he said. "So I thought I'd drop by for a chat."

"Where is Tracy?" asked his mother, glancing down at the big bulge in his cut-offs.

"She went down to Fisherman's Wharf with Dino," he answered.

"He seems to be an awfully nice young man," said Andrea. "But I think he's a bit too old for Tracy."

"I wouldn't worry." Lance smiled thinking about his sister's hot pussy. "She can take care of herself."

Glancing down at his crotch again, Andrea couldn't help but notice how big the bulge was when his cock wasn't even hard.

Leaning back against the dressing table as she stood talking to her son, the woman couldn't seem to think of anything but his huge prick. She didn't understand what was happening, but she could feel her legs trembling, and a cold sweat breaking out on her upper lip. Trying to avert her eyes from his crotch, Andrea almost felt faint as the room seemed to close in around her.

"Mother," he asked, gently grasping her trembling shoulders. "Are you all right?"

"I think so," the woman whispered, resting her face against his broad, naked chest. "I just feel a dizzy."

The masculine scent of his bare chest seemed to ignite a flame between her legs. She realized this was her son, but the nearness of him was strangely disturbing to her.

"Lance," she whispered nervously. "I saw you having sex with Kim the other night."

"I'm sorry, Mother," he stammered, embarrassed that she'd seen them.

"Don't be sorry," she said in a quivering voice. "It was beautiful."

She began trembling violently in his arms as her quivering body screamed with strange desires that she could neither understand nor control. It was like a wild senseless dream as her handsome son held her quivering body against his.

Completely unaware of what she was doing, Andrea slowly reached down and cupped his cock in her hand. Shocked more than he'd ever been in his life, Lance stood as if he were frozen, feeling his mother's fingers tenderly stroking his cock through the material of his cut-offs. Unable to believe what was happening, he could feel his prick throbbing and swelling under the caresses of her fingers.

"Oh, God, please forgive me, Son," she whispered, dropping to her knees in front of him and quickly opening his zipper. "I just have to see that big cock again."

As eager as she'd been to see it, she still wasn't prepared for the shock when the huge pole of hard meat sprang out in front of her. Up close, it looked even larger than it had when he was fucking it into Kim's cunt. Grasping his rod in both of her hands for several moments, she finally released the huge tool and pulled his cut-offs down around his ankles. She just stared numbly at the massive prick thrusting up from the hairy, bloated nut-sac that hung between his legs.

Lovingly cupping her hands beneath the big swollen bag, she excitedly felt the weight in her soft palms. Slowly slipping her middle finger under his balls, she lightly traced the tip of it around the sensitive ring of his asshole. Lance was shaking with ecstasy as he felt her loving finger teasing his quivering bung.

Removing her hands from under his balls, Andrea grasped the thick root of his shaft and began brushing his sensitive cockhead against her cheeks, and then finally across the tip of her tongue. Making no attempt to insert his huge prick in her mouth, Andrea began lightly flicking her tongue around the sensitive nerve center on the underside of his massive knob.

Then, ever so slowly, she began licking up and down the length of his big prick-shaft until it was thoroughly saturated with her sweet warm spit. Finally she opened her lips as wide as possible and wolfed his big bloated cockhead into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth. Lance began trembling so violently that he jerked his thick cock out from between her slurping legs.

Getting up from her knees, Andrea removed her thin dressing gown and sat down on the edge of the bed, admiring her son's magnificent cock as he stood before her.

"God, that's a beauty," she whispered, reaching out and passionately stroking his big, throbbing fuck-stick.

Once more releasing his thick tool, his curvaceous mother lay back across the bed, slowly opening her smooth naked thighs, blatantly exposing the wet, puffy lips of her cunt in the soft nest of dark silky pussy-hairs. Folding one of her arms behind her head, she began suggestively rotating her dripping cunt in front of her son's ogling eyes.

"Do you like Mother's cunt?" she whispered, reaching down with her hand and slowly teasing her wet slit with her delicate fingertips.

Too excited to answer, Lance just stared at his mother's lewdly exposed slit while his cock throbbed violently with excitement.

"Come on, darling," she whispered, holding her arms out to him. "Please get on the bed with me."

Within a matter of seconds, the boy was on the bed, holding his naked mother in his arms. Pressing her soft, warm belly up against his throbbing cock, Andrea thrust her big, hot tits up toward his mouth. Moaning softly, she soon felt his lips sucking the delicious fruit of her nipples while his strong young hands caressed the sweet flesh of her firm jugs.

"Oh, Lance," she whimpered, gently squeezing his thick cock while he sucked and licked on her stiffly erect nipples. "You're going to fuck me, aren't you, darling?"

"Yes, Mother," he panted. "I'm really going to fuck you."

Wanting to please his lovely mother, the boy slowly lowered his hand down between her soft, naked thighs. Andrea began grinding her hot crotch up against his hand when she felt his fingers gently parting the soft, dark pussy hairs around her smoldering cunt. He continued sucking and licking her swollen nipples as his finger moved in and out through the hot, slippery flesh of her juicy cuntlips. Grinding her warm, dripping slit up around his pumping finger, she began stroking his thick shaft a bit more vigorously.

"Oh, God, Mother," he moaned, as her soft fingers moved deliciously up and down the length of his sensitive meat.

"Just relax, darling," she whispered, continuing to stroke the naked flesh of his big throbbing prick. "We're gonna have a real party this morning."

"Jesus," he panted. "If you keep doing that, I'm gonna shoot my wad."

"Okay, sweetheart," whispered his mother as she rolled onto her back, parting her juice slickened pussylips with her fingers. "Let's see how that big fuckin' cock feels in my cunt."

As Lance knelt between her widely splayed legs, his mother hungrily grasped his thick, hard shaft and nudged his fiery cockhead between the soft open lips of her cunt. Throwing her arms around his shoulders, she began pushing her hot, swampy slit against the huge knob of his steel-hard dick. Pushing harder against him, the depraved woman could feel the massive head of her son's cock slowly sinking into the hot tightness of her juice drenched hole.

"Stop a minute!" she squealed, feeling his excruciatingly big cock painfully stretching her cunt walls to their extreme limits. "It's so fucking big."

"Do you want me to quit?" he asked nervously. "Shit, no," whimpered his mother. "Just take it sweet and slow until I get used to the big bastard."

Grasping his face between her hands, she put her hot lips over his panting mouth, and pulled him a bit farther into her. Waves of unbelievable lust washed through her loins as she felt his glorious cock sinking deeper and deeper into her oozing twat. With the hard thickness of his massive rod slowly filling her cunt, Andrea could feel every vein and sinew of his shaft pressing out against her widely stretched cuntal walls.

She clung tightly to her son's muscular body. His cock continued sinking in, aided by her slippery cunt juices flowing copiously around his slowly advancing tool. It seemed that the slow penetration had been going on for hours, until, she was suddenly aware that his big lusty balls were resting between the widely splayed cheeks of her ass. God, at last she'd taken the full length of her son's beautiful big cock!

Locking her soft bare legs around his loins, she screwed her crotch up as tightly as she could against his, wanting to make certain that every fucking inch of his magnificent tool was buried in her quivering belly.

"Oh, sweet Lance," she whispered.

Her sensitive cunt nerves tingled with pleasure as he slowly withdrew his wonderful fuck-rod until only the head of his cock remained in her warm, slippery hole. His mother let out a joyous sigh when he once more sank it back up through the wet sucking passage. Starting slowly at first, the boy was soon rhythmically drilling his cock in and out of her tight clinging pussy.

"Oh, God, Son," she sobbed. "This feels so fucking good!"

On and on he fucked, slowly bringing his mother closet and closer to her inevitable climax. The feel of his prick vibrating against her clit as it plunged in and out of her cunt was pure ecstasy. Clinging tightly to her son as he fucked into her, the woman was rapidly approaching her climax.

"Aaauuugggghh!" she shrieked, feeling as if his cock were drilling clear up to her throat. "Oh, God, that feels good, honey! Oh, shit, I'm gonna come! I'M COMING! AAAUUUGGHH!"

Her entire body began jerking spasmodically as her head lolled from side to side, her face contorted with lust and her glazed eyes staring blindly at the spinning ceiling. Her intense orgasm lasted and lasted, and it was only when she slowly returned to the world of reality that she realized her son was still fucking into her. Now aware that he hadn't shot his load, Andrea began thrusting her cunt up to meet his every plunge. As his come rapidly approached, Lance was humping faster and faster, anxious to release the hot jism that was boiling up in his aching balls.

"Oh, Mom, I'm gonna shoot!" he shouted, fucking deeper and harder into her slit.

"Squirt, darling, squirt!" she squealed, almost out of her mind with lust. "Shoot it on my belly! I want to watch it spurting out of your beautiful big cock!"

As Lance continued slamming his huge cock in and out of his mother's cunt, the supreme moment came closer and closer. When the glorious moment of release arrived, he quickly whipped his spurting cock out, exploding a torrent of jizz onto his naked mother beneath him. His massive cockhead belched stream after stream of cum onto her bare flesh until his balls gradually emptied. When the last gooey string dripped out, the fucked-out boy rolled off of his mothers belly.

Lying on her back, Andrea was completely saturated with her son's hot, slippery cum. Drops of the sticky fluid clung to the long strands of her tousled dark hair. A slippery rivulet of cum was dribbling down her cheek to the corner of her mouth, where she quickly licked it in with her tongue. Frantically sucking on her fingers, she was desperately scooping up the cum that had formed a sticky pool between her big, full tits. Next she wiped up the juices that had drenched her belly, licking every last bit of it from her fingers. When there was no more jizz to be found on her body, she crawled down and inserted her son's limp prick into her mouth, vigorously sucking out the last drops of cream that remained in his inner canal.

"God, Mom, that was sure neat," sighed Lance as his mother continued sucking on his cock, desperately trying to get it hard again.

"Wasn't it wonderful?" she panted, slurping wildly on his prick as she felt it swelling once more in her mouth.

Andrea continued sucking and licking her son's cock until it was once more as thick and hard as it had been before his come.

"Honey," she whispered, releasing his spitsoaked cock from her mouth. "Would you like to stick it in again?"

"Shit, yes," he grinned. "But can I fuck it into you dog-fashion this time?"

"God, Lance, I'd love that," she panted, swinging her lovely legs over the edge of the bed.

Giving her son a naughty smile, Andrea crossed the room to the vanity against the wall, and spreading her legs, she leaned forward, resting her forearms on the dresser top.

"Okay," she giggled, wiggling her sweet upturned ass cheeks around in front of his eyes. "Pour it to me."

Stepping up behind his mother, Lance gently spread her buns apart with his hands, staring at the wisps of wet pussy hairs just beneath her dot of an asshole. Andrea's entire body began shivering with anticipation when she felt him probing his finger into her slippery cunt from behind. Mewling obscenities, she began lewdly writhing her hot, dripping pussy flesh around the finger that was so deeply embedded in her cock-hungry slit. Removing his finger, Lance grasped his thick shaft and placed it up between her legs, rubbing his big cockhead against the outsides of her sopping-wet cuntlips.

"Jesus, Lance, stop teasing me," she whimpered as his fiery prick slid back and forth against her tingling clit. "Please fuck me now."

Lowering his hips, he placed the bulbous head of his throbbing rod up between his mother's hot, wet pussylips. The beautiful woman let out a wild squeal of joy when he grasped her ass and drilled his huge cock deep into her writhing cunt with one urgent thrust. Withdrawing until wily his big knob remained in her hot sucking hole, he once more plunged forward, driving even deeper into the hot, juicy depths of her clinging fuck-hole. Half-crazed with the intense joy of fucking his own lovely mother, Lance was soon plunging his fantastic cock in and out at an ever increasing tempo.

"God, darling," she screamed as the boy continued humping his big meaty cock deeper and deeper into her hot, snug pussy. "That's the way to fuck!"

Leaning on her arms and looking into the mirror, Andrea could see the delicious thickness of his juice-slickened cock slurping in and out between her puffy pink cuntlips.

"Harder, honey, harder!" she squealed in ecstasy. "I'm almost there... almost there!"

Easter and harder he fucked his massive prick into his mother's hot, juicy slit, feeling his loins tensing for the wild come that was only seconds away.

"Oh, shit, baby!" the beautiful woman suddenly shrieked. "Bang me, honey, bang me! I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

Just as Andrea's overpowering orgasm engulfed her, she felt her son's hot jism gushing into her cunt. Shuddering violently they both collapsed across the dresser, his cock still shooting wads of jizz into her spasming fuck-hole.

Chapter EIGHT

The next day Dino and Tony took Tracy to see a friend of theirs.

"Where are we going?" asked the girl as they walked up a winding street.

"To Mary's place," answered Dino.

"Who's Mary?"

"She's Tony's girl friend," said the boy. "But she lets both of us fuck her."

"Now isn't that convenient," snapped Tracy, completely pissed-off by his remark. "Then why the hell do you need me?"

"So we can all fuck together," said Dino. "You'll like Mary. Her husband's gone all day on his fishing boat and she just waits for someone to come along and fuck her."

"That's very generous of her," said Tracy, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. "But I think I'll go back to the hotel so you can enjoy the bitch by yourselves."

"Nonsense," argued Dino. "We'll all have a good time at Mary's place."

Not really wanting to leave the boys, Tracy grudgingly continued on up the bill with them. As they turned a corner, they were standing in front of a beautiful home surrounded by high walls and gardens. Stepping through the open wrought-iron gate, they proceeded up a stone walk that led to the house.

"Hi!" called a cheerful voice from the open door. "I saw you walking up the path."

"I thought maybe your pussy might need a hard cock," laughed Tony.

"It sure does," grinned the girl. "My cunt's really churning this morning."

"So's my cock," beamed Tony.

"Who's your friend?" Mary asked, looking at Tracy.

"This is Tracy," smiled Dino. "And Tracy, this is Mary."

"Hi," smiled the girl, staring nervously at the beautiful brown-eyed girl who appeared to be in her mid twenties.

There was something about Mary that Tracy immediately liked, and now she was glad she'd come with the boys.

"Come on in," said Mary, leading them into the cool, sumptuously furnished den.

When they were seated, the lovely girl turned to Tracy. "My husband's a real turkey in bed, and I'd go crazy if these guys didn't come up here and take care of me once in a while." Completely shocked by Mary's frankness, Tracy was too stunned to say anything. Sitting next to Dino on a deep sofa, she watched the sensuous brunette walk over in front of where Tony was seated on another couch.

"How much time do you have off?" she asked the boy.

"Three hours."

"Shit, then," giggled Mary, quickly removing her thin, robe. "Get your fuckin' clothes off."

Tracy couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the beautiful young lady's voluptuous naked body deliciously exposed in front of her. The girl's full tits were firm and high, with big nipples standing out pink and proud from the creamy white flesh of her boobs. Her smooth, flat belly tapered down to a bush of dark hair between her long shapely legs. From where she was sitting, Tracy could clearly see the film of slippery cunt juice that was glistening wetly on her lust-swollen cuntlips.

Tracy could feel an intense heat burning in her own loins as she watched Tony stand up in front of the girl and remove his clothes. She couldn't help but notice how Mary excitedly licked her lips when his big, hard prick sprang into view.

"Isn't this a beautiful cock?" whispered the lovely brunette, turning to Tracy.

"It sure is," the girl agreed.

"Have you ever been fucked with it?" asked Mary.

"I sure have," giggled Tracy. "Lots of times." When Tony sat back down on the couch with his stiff boner thrusting up between his legs, Mary quickly straddled his loins, and grasping his shaft with one hand, she guided it in between her pussylips, lowering herself down until the entire length of his stiff rod was buried in her hot, sucking cunt. With her knees folded on either side of his hips, she began slowly pumping up and down over his cock as she gently pulled his face into the big soft cleavage between her luscious big boobs.

"That's it, sweet baby," she whispered, slowly sliding her creamy slit up and down over his bloated tool. "Let's just fuck sweet and slow."

Tracy was almost losing her mind as she watched Mary's cunt sliding up and down over Tony's hard boner.

"Oh, you naughty boy," Mary was whispering into the boy's ear. "Your big hard cock is fucking into my hot twat."

Staring at them from where she was seated on the couch with Dino, Tracy could feel her own juices seeping out from between her pussylips as she watched and listened to the erotic scene.

"Oh, Tony, darling," Mary continued whispering as she slowly fucked her cunt up and down over his bloated prick-shaft. "My hot twat is gonna milk your beautiful big prick dry. When I'm finished with you, lover, there won't be a single drop left in your sweet balls." Listening to the erotic performance on the other sofa, Tracy reached over and clutched the big bulge that was throbbing in the front of Dino's pants. It felt so deliciously hard, burning through the material against her palm as she gently rubbed it.

When Dino felt her lowering his zipper, he quickly stood up and removed all of his clothes, wanting his cock and balls to be completely available to her. While he was doing this, Tracy rapidly took off her halter and when he settled back down, she grabbed his thick shaft in one hand, and with the other, she pulled his face down against her tits, feeling his lips sucking on her cherry-hard nipple.

Sliding his thick, rubbery foreskin up and down over his swollen knob, she continued excitedly watching the wild scene on the other couch. Tony had cupped the cheeks of Mary's soft wiggly ass in his palms and was lifting the horny brunette up and down over his straining shaft. The handsome young boy would slowly raise her until only the tip of his prick remained embedded and, then releasing her, he'd let the girl drop rapidly down, his shaft spearing deeply into her cunt.

"Oh, lover!" she squealed with delight. "That feels so fuckin' good! So fuckin', fuckin' good!"

The sound of Mary's hot cunt juices squishing out around Tony's cock was driving Tracy wild. The girl had never seen anything as beautiful as Mary's face thrown back with her long dark hair streaming almost to the floor, her half closed eyes burning with passion.

Feeling Dino groping at her shorts, Tracy quickly removed the garment before he could rip them. Now completely naked, she felt his thick middle finger slithering up into her hot, dripping slit. With his sucking mouth locked wetly over her nipple and his finger plunging in and out of her slit, Tracy pumped more vigorously on his shaft as she watched the writhing couple on the other sofa.

The girl could plainly see Mary's hot, swollen pussylips sucking and clinging moistly to the boy's wet, glistening rod as it drilled in and out of the pretty girl's fuck-hole at an ever increasing tempo.

"Oh, you sweet beautiful fucker!" squealed Mary. "You sweet bastard!"

"You like it?" He grinned, still bouncing the girl's cunt up and down over his plunging cock.

"You know I do," she whimpered. "Just keep pouring it to me."

As Tony continued propelling Mary up and down with his hands, Tracy suddenly noticed his middle finger lightly tracing around the tight ring of her asshole.

"Oh, yes!" Mary suddenly squealed with delight. "That's it, baby! Stick your finger up my ass!"

Their two bodies were bouncing furiously up and down on the sofa, unaware of anything except their own wild lust.

"Eeeggghhh!" shrieked Mary in both pain and ecstasy as Tony rammed the full length of his thick middle finger up her bung.

"Like it, baby?" panted Tony.

"You know I do!" whimpered Mary.

"Do you like having your asshole finger-fucked?" Tony gasped excitedly.

"Yes! Yes!" site squealed. "I love it! I LOVE IT!"

Watching them as she lustily stroked Dino's deliciously hard dick, Tracy had never seen anything so erotic as the sight of Tony's finger swirling around in Mary's hot writhing asshole.

"That's it, baby!" squealed Mary, wiggling her butt around his lewdly embedded finger. "I'm almost there honey... almost there!"

Mary's long dark hair was flailing all around her face as the wildly bouncing girl threw her head back, her glazed eyes staring crazily at the spinning ceiling.

"I'm coming, Tony!" she shrieked, feeling his hot cum gushing up into her cunt. "I'm coming... coming... COMMINNNNGGGGG!"

It was only moments after the exhausted couple collapsed on the sofa that Dino pulled his finger from Tracy's dripping slit and hurled her back on the sofa. Within a matter of seconds, the handsome youth had drilled his cock into the very depths of the horny girl's cunt.

"Oh, baby!" she whimpered, feeling his slick, hard rod slicing through her gasping, sucking twat-flesh. The feel of his super-hard prick plunging in and out of her writhing pussy was almost blowing her mind. She was babbling incoherently as his stiff rod drilled rhythmically into her hot, squeezing hole.

"Oh, Dino, baby!" she sobbed in ecstasy. "I love that fuckin' cock of yours."

Wanting to please the cute nymphet, Dino began pounding his hard boner deeper and harder into the girl's passion-soaked fuck-hole.

"God, darling!" she squealed. "I love it! I LOVE IT!"

Tracy's hot, sizzling cunt-mouth was sucking savagely on his slippery, juice-slickened shaft as it ripped deliciously in and out of her swollen slit. Tracy's pretty face was contorted from the wild, fiery passions that were searing through her burning loins. The girl was aware of nothing but the steel-hard rod that was pistoning in and out of her tingling pussy. She could feel every ridge, vein and sinew along his plunging shaft as it vibrated deliciously against every screaming nerve of her squeezing, sucking cuntwalls. The rock hardness of his prick was pounding deeply into the magical darkness of her pleasure-crazed twat. His plunging tool was noisily pumping up big blobs of slippery cunt-juice from the hot depths of her lurching fuck-hole. Tracy could feel it boiling out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips and dribbling down over the juice-drenched cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, darling!" she sobbed, clutching the humping boy tightly in her arms. "That's it, baby... just like that! Oh, shit, it feels so good! Oh, fuck! Fuck! FUCK!"

Pulling her knees back, she locked her legs around his shoulders, offering even more of her frothy slit to his delicious assault.

"Oh, Christ, Dino!" she whimpered. "I can't stand much more! I'm almost there!"

Spurred on by her cries, the handsome boy began pounding his stiff boner deeper into her writhing fuck-hole.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" squealed Tracy, almost out of her mind from the intense pleasure he was giving her. "Make me come! I wanta come! Oooh, ft's so shittin' good! Bang me! BANG ME!"

The girl could feel her climax building up deep in her thrashing loins, spreading throughout her body like a raging fire. Tracy realized that her orgasm was only seconds away as her muscles began tensing and wild spasms started shaking her loins. "Squirt, honey, squirt!" she screamed, locking her arms and legs tighter around his lurching body. "Shoot me full of it, darling! Give me a big cuntful of jut! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!"

Realizing that he was about to shoot his wad, Dino drilled into her with a series of hard, fast strokes, feeling his boiling fuck-cream streaking up through his shaft.

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" the girl shrieked when she felt his white-hot jizz splattering into the very depths of her cunt. "Fill me! Fill me!"

As gush after gush of hot sperm belched out of his straining cockhead, Tracy exploded into an orgasm that she wouldn't soon forget.

"Oooh, Dino, baby!" she whimpered, her body trembling wildly from the intense climax. "Just keep squirting, baby! God, what a fuckin' load!"

The girl's cunt had never been so filled with cum in her life, and it continued pouring out of his big, bloated cockhead in a never-ending stream. Moaning with joy, Dino lay perfectly still over the exhausted girl, his cock luxuriating in the hot wetness of her sperm-filled fuck-hole.

"Oh, darling," she finally whispered, pulling his lips down against her hot open mouth. "That was so fuckin' neat."

When Dino finally withdrew his spent prick, he moved across the room to where Mary was spread out nakedly on the couch. Smiling to herself, Mary knew it wouldn't take her long to get him hard again.

"Are you ready?" Tracy heard a voice whispering to her.

Glancing up, she was pleased to see Tony kneeling between her legs, his clenched hand guiding his stiff cock toward her pussy. It was very obvious that he'd quickly recovered from his wild fuck with Mary.

"Hi," giggled Tracy. "Welcome aboard."

As the handsome young man eased his throbbing tool into the swampy hotness of her sperm soaked twat, Tracy writhed her slippery crotch up against him, wanting every inch of his prick buried as deeply as possible in her quivering belly. She was so happy to have met these two virile boys with their insatiable sex drives. As Tony began rhythmically fucking into her, the horny nymphet closed her eyes, thinking about all the nice big cocks she would be able to enjoy during the long years ahead.

Tracy was soon, moaning and panting as Tony fucked her with steady, deep-reaching strokes. His impaling hardness was driving up deep into her cunt with each plunge, his balls slapping wetly against the juicy cheeks of her ass. As the boy lustily fucked his cock into her, his hands were pawing her tits, making her stiffly erect nipples tingle with joy. The girl loved the tempo of his thrust... thrust... thrust, as he rhythmically drove the length of his cock into her as deep as it would reach.

"Like it?" he whispcred. "Do you like what Tony's cock is doing to you?"

"Oh, yes, Tony," she whimpered. "I just love what your cock is doing to me."

Clinging tightly to the handsome boy, her hips were moving in concert with his, her cunt gliding up along his plunging rod, her slippery, velvet passage tingling with the intense ecstasy of it all.

"Oooh! Wow!" she cried excitedly as she joyously received the youth's fucking thrusts.

Clutching at the boy's back, she was fucking right with him, her brain reeling wildly as her shapely legs waved crazily in the air. It felt as if the whole room was spinning around, his spearing prick the hub of the wild kaleidoscope. Tracy's hips were moving faster as the boy speeded the tempo of his strokes.

Feeling her body muscles tensing, she could hardly breath as her slippery sucking cunt flew up and down over his wildly thrusting shaft. The ecstasy was becoming so intense that Tracy felt her entire body was disintegrating into a million shiny particles.

"OOOH!" she heard herself cry out as the unbelievable bliss swept through her in warm tingling waves, filling her entire being with a joy beyond comprehension.

Floating through her glorious orgasm, she could feel Tony's thick white cum gushing up into her spasming cunt, adding even more joy to the ecstatic moment.

"Yes! Yes!" she sobbed hysterically. "Pour it to me, lover! Fill me with your sweet hot fuck-cum!"

When her fantastic climax was over, and Tony finally pulled his thick, limp prick out, Tracy could see a string of glistening fizz hanging from the end of his cockhead. Slowly sitting up, she glanced over at Mary who was slumped on the other sofa with Dino spread out on his back.

"How's Dino?" asked Tracy, noting how exhausted the boy looked.

"All fucked out," said the cute brunette. "How's Tony doing?"

"He's fucked out, too," laughed Tracy, staring down at the boy's limp wet prick. "I guess the party's over for a while."

"Don't worry about these two studs," Mary said. "They'll be hard and ready again in another ten minutes."

"Good," smiled Tracy. "Because I'm ready now."

"Me, too," grinned Mary, lowering her lips down over Dino's flaccid cock.

Chapter NINE

Suddenly it was the last night of her wonderful trip and Andrea felt exceptionally blue about it. By tomorrow she would be back with her husband and this fantastic vacation would be nothing but a memory.

Tossing and turning in her bed, she tried to sleep, but to no avail. She thought about masturbating to relieve the tension, but this was impossible with Tracy sleeping in the same room with her. Becoming more restless by the moment, she decided to go down to Richard's room for one last fuck.

Slipping into a robe, she scurried down the deserted ball toward his room. Tears filled her eyes as she realized she'd never see the handsome, man again. When she got to his room, Andrea rapped lightly on the door. She was surprised at how quickly he answered it; it was obvious that he was just as restless as she was.

"Hi." He grinned. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't sleep," she smiled. "How about you?"

"Same thing."

"I'm going to miss you so much, Richard," she whispered, putting her arms around him.

"And I'm going to miss you, too," said the man. "I'm going to miss you terribly."

She could feel his warm hand through the thin material of her dressing gown and the heat of it felt so reassuring. This handsome man had guided her through the unchartered seas of her sexual liberation, and she would be eternally grateful to him. Smiling at the man, she suddenly wondered if he had anything on under his robe. Thinking about it, she wished they could have one more glorious fuck before they parted forever.

Still standing by the door, she rested her head back against his shoulder as Richard folded his arms around her slim waist. The fresh scent of her dark flowing hair filled his nostrils, causing his cock to start swelling and throbbing under his robe. Cupping her big, firm tits through the thin material of her flimsy gown, he pulled her body back against his, feeling the soft cheeks of her ass pressing against his groin.

"Oh, Richard," she whispered. "I can feel your naughty cock throbbing under your robe."

"Is that bad?" he asked.

"No," giggled Andrea. "I like it."

"Then let's get in the room," he whispered, closing the door behind them.

Opening the front of his robe, Richard placed the underside of his prick against the wide crack of her ass, only the thin material of her gown separating it from her warm naked flesh.

"Oh, Richard," she whispered, reaching back and wrapping her cool fingers around the throbbing thickness of his prick. "Your cock feels so nice and hot."

Trembling with excitement, Andrea lifted the hem of her wispy gown above her hips, placing his stiff prick against the soft, pliant flesh of her asscheeks.

The man continued rubbing the hot, thick underside of his shaft into the soft, wiggly meat of her asscheeks while his fingers teased and squeezed her hard tingling nipples.

"God, that feels good," she whispered, writhing her ass back against his fiery pole of hard meat.

"Andrea," he panted excitedly. "Lean on the dresser top."

"Why?" she asked.

"Never mind why," the man answered. "Just rest your arms on top of it."

When she'd done as he'd asked, Richard knelt behind the woman, and holding her gown up above her hips, he began blowing his soft hot breath against her sweet asshole.

"Oooh, Richard," she giggled. "That feels funny."

"Do you like it?"

"Sorta," she admitted as another puff of his hot breath blew gently across her tingling shitter.

Standing up again, he began caressing and kneading the quivering flesh of her butt, gently spreading the soft cheeks of her sweet ass apart. Dipping his thick middle finger into her juicy cunt until it was completely saturated with her hot, slippery twat-juices, he pressed the tip of it against the tight ring of her asshole.

"Good God, Richard," she whimpered. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm going to teach you a new game," whispered the man, drilling his finger a bit deeper into the tight hole.

"What's that?" she asked, pleased by the delicious sensations in her squirming butt.

"I'm going to fuck you in your ass," was his calm answer.

"Like hell you are," she gasped, quickly coming to an erect position. "What do you think I am?"

"A lovely woman," he whispered, forcing his finger deeper into her hot, tight asshole.

"Get your fuckin' finger out of there!" she cried. "Nobody's going to sodomize me."

"Calm down," laughed Richard, easing his finger a bit deeper into her tight passage. "Don't you trust me?"

"I did until now," she answered.

"Then keep trusting me," he said in a soft, soothing voice. "I wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

"Bullshit, you wouldn't!" she snapped. "You only want to rip my asshole open with that big fuckin' cock."

"Andrea," he argued. "You'll love it."

"Like hell I will!"

"Have you ever been ass-fucked before?" Richard asked.

"Certainly not."

"Then how do you know you won't like it?" he persisted, grinding his finger around deep in her asshole.

"I just know it," she argued, his twisting finger making her asshole tingle deliciously.

"Does my finger hurt you?"

"No," she admitted.

"Does it feel good?"

"Sorta," she whispered, unconsciously grinding her ass back around his deliciously embedded digit.

"Well," he continued. "A cock feels a lot better."

"Are you sure?" she asked, his finger bringing more and more pleasure to her quivering shitter.

As he tried to convince her, Richard eased the tip of a second finger into her slowly relaxing hole. Working slowly and rhythmically as he talked, he soon had two fingers deeply embedded in the writhing woman's hot ass.

"Now doesn't that feel good?" he excitedly asked, expertly drilling both fingers around in the buttery softness of her hot, slick shitter.

"God, yes," she admitted. "It feels fantastic."

"Fine," Richard whispered. "Now rest your arms on the dresser again."


"Because here comes my cock."

"Will it hurt?" she asked.

"Please trust me," he answered, not giving her a direct answer.

"Okay," she finally gave in. "But please take it easy."

Richard stared excitedly at the smooth softness of her assflesh as the lovely woman leaned down against the dresser top. Grasping the soft, pliant moons in his hands, Richard's thumbs gently spread the soft cheeks of her ass apart. The thought of reaming out that tight bung with his swollen prick was almost blowing his mind. Quaking with lust, Richard eased the end of his hot, swollen knob against her shitter as a broad smile of triumph flashed across his, handsome face. The thought of driving his tingling cock into the hot, tight depths of her sucking asshole was enough to blow his mind. The intense excitement was building up in his loins as he gently grasped the beautiful woman's soft full hips. Easing the head of his cock in between Andrea's widely splayed asscheeks, he hoped she would enjoy this as much as he would.

He heard the lovely woman let out a soft moan as she squirmed back against him, obviously anxious to receive his prick. When the bulbous head of his rod failed to penetrate her forbidden hole, Richard reached into her dripping slit, saturating his fingers with the hot, slippery juices that he generously applied to his cockhead.

Once more placing the end of his thick tool against the ring of her asshole, he pushed forward and, aided by the woman's slippery lubricating juices that covered his knob, it suddenly popped through the tight hole.

"Ooooh, Richard!" she cried out softly, biting into her forearm. "Take it easy, honey."

Pleased that she'd been able to take the initial penetration without screaming for him to take it out, he stopped so her cruelly stretched asshole could adjust to the size of his invading tool. Waking several moments, he finally eased his thick cock a deeper into her asshole.

"Oh, God, Richard," sobbed the beautiful woman. "It sure buns. I don't know whether I can take it or not."

Afraid that Andrea would ask him to pull it out, he continued nudging forward, wanting to sink the hard, tingling length of his prick all the way into her hot, squeezing shitter.

"Please, Richard," she sobbed. "You promised not to hurt me."

"Just relax," he whispered, inching his thick boner a further in. "The pain will soon go away."

"But, darling," she whimpered. "It hurts like crazy."

Staring down at her obscenely stretched asshole, he saw that only about two inches of his thick shaft weren't buried yet. Tightly grasping her hips, he pulled back slightly, and then lunged forward, the last few inches of his cock disappearing into the widely stretched hole.

"Eeggghhh!" she squealed with both agony and ecstasy when his massive rod drilled the rest of the way into her asshole.

Pressing forward with his cock so she couldn't pull free from the brutal impalement, he reached around her waist and once more cupped her luscious big tits in his palms. From the soft mewls of lust that were escaping from between the beautiful woman's lips, Richard realized that she was enjoying his prick despite the pain.

After remaining motionless for a few brief moments, Richard pulled his dick back until only his big cockhead remained clenched in her asshole. Then thrusting his cock back in, he could feel the intense joy streaking up the length of his tingling prick-shaft as he sank it deep into her churning bowels again. Pausing for only a moment, he repeated it time and time again until his thick, slippery cock was soon gliding smoothly in and out of her deliciously tight asshole.

"Oh, Richard," whispered Andrea. "You've sure got my ass tingling."

"Good," he panted, driving his prick harder and deeper into her wiggly butt.

"Oooh, God, that feels good," the beautiful brunette sobbed.

Drilling his thick boner in and out of her ass, he could feel the soft, sucking flesh of her shitter clinging moistly to his plunging cock. Every time he sank his stiff rod up into the soft tightness of her luscious butt, the wild sensations streaking up and down the length of his sensitive shaft seemed to be intensifying.

The soft moans of pleasure escaping from Andrea's lips as she excitedly fucked her ass back around his plunging cock were further exciting the man. The excruciating surges of tingling pleasure were speeding up and down the length of his blood pressured dick as it rhythmically fucked in and out of her hot, sucking asshole.

Leaning with her arms and face resting on the dresser, Andrea's entire body was filled with jolting ecstasy as she hypnotically looked down between her widely spread legs. Her teeth were biting into her forearms as wave after wave of prurient joy flooded through her sodomized body. Andrea could feel the boiling ecstasy mounting in her loins as her lover fucked deeper and harder into her writhing asshole. What she'd once considered perverted was now highly enjoyable.

"Oh, God, that's a tight hole," Richard panted as his cock slashed in and out.

Squealing with joy, Andrea was vigorously grinding her deliciously stretched ass back around his lunging rod, the exquisite rapture mounting and mounting in her loins. Each time she slammed her hot wiggly ass back around his cock, the intense pleasure seemed to intensify.

"Oh, you sweet lover," she whispered, grinding her ass wildly around his plunging cock. "God that feels big... so hard... so fuckin', fuckin' good!"

Her body aflame with uncontrolled passion, she could feel his big hairy balls slapping wetly against the open lips of her hot pussy.

"I love it! I love it!" she whimpered.

Finally releasing one of her big dangling boobs, Richard lowered his hand down between her legs and began teasing her clit with the tip of his finger.

"Oh, yes," moaned Andrea. "That's it, darling! Play with my clitty!"

The intense pleasure in her loins increased when the handsome man began strumming a tune on her hard clit, lifting her to new heights of unbelievable ecstasy. The pleasure coursing through her body was further amplified by the knowledge that she was indulging in such a deliciously depraved act.

"Oooh, Richard, darling!" moaned Andrea, frantically wriggling her hot ass, around his cock. "Shit, how I love it!"

"I thought you would," he panted.

Briskly rubbing the beautiful woman's clit, Richard continued lustily drilling his hot cock harder and faster into Andrea's tingling asshole, her depraved cries of joy urging him on. Crazed with the intense joy he was feeling, the snag was soon brutally fucking into her asshole with long swooping strokes, his belly slapping noisily against the soft cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, God, Richard!" she cried out. "I think I'm gonna come, honey... gonna come!"

Andrea could feel the raging fires burning hotly in her loins, every part of her body consumed by the intense heat as she passionately wriggled and bucked her ass back around his deeply plunging prong. Her sweet asscheeks were flaring wide open to receive the delicious thickness of his skewering cock while his fingers rapidly vibrated against her tingling clitty. As the intense pleasure increased, Andrea was almost on the verge of hysteria from the delirious pleasure that was streaking through her body from head to toe.

"Oh, shit," she suddenly shrieked, her cock filled ass tossing and lurching beneath him. "I'm almost there... almost there!"

Clinging tightly to the dresser, Andrea was biting her own wrists, her mind and body completely lost to her insatiable lust. She felt deliciously perverted and was enjoying every obscene moment of this depraved sodomy.

An intense ecstasy streaked from her clit to the very depths of her asshole as the beautiful woman exploded into a wild, convulsive orgasm. Clinging frantically to the dresser, Andrea was only vaguely conscious of what was happening to her as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flooded through her spasming body.

"Oh, shit!" she shrieked, excitedly slamming her hot ass back around his pistoning cock. "I'm coming, Richard! Oh, shit, how I'm coming. COMING!"

Suddenly feeling his hot jism gushing into her cock-filled asshole, she ground her ass back even harder around his big spurting prick. The slippery hotness of his cum in her tight shitter filled the woman with pleasure. Collapsing over the dresser, she could still feel his cum shooting up into her ass.

"That's it, lover," she cried out. "Keep squirtin', baby! I love it! I love it!"

Richard was softly moaning with joy as he emptied his cum-bloated balls into the beautiful woman's bowels, and when the last stringy-drop dribbled from the end of his shrinking cock, he slowly pulled it out of her cum-drenched shitter.

"Oh, Richard," she whispered, fuming and throwing her arms around him. "That was an awfully naughty thing for us to do, but it sure felt good."

"Did it hurt a lot?" he asked.

"It did at first," she admitted. "But it was sure worth it."

"Oh, Andrea," he whispered when she offered him her soft parted lips. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"So am I, darling," she smiled. "So am I."

Chapter TEN

When Herb Layton picked his wife and family up at the airport that evening, he was filled with mixed emotions. As much as he loved Andrea and the children, he knew he'd miss the wild sex he'd been enjoying with Laura during their absence.

"You all look like you enjoyed yourselves," he smiled, noting the glowing expressions on their faces as he drove them borne.

"It was just great," said Lance, smiling.

"Oh, Dad, it was so neat," Tracy beamed, her pussy itching with the memory of it.

"How about you?" Herb asked, turning to his wife.

"It was just heavenly," she sighed, a dreamy look in her eyes.

That night when Andrea and Herb went to bed, the woman was quite self-conscious. She'd resisted Herb's sexual advances for so many years and now, suddenly wanting to enjoy some wild, uninhibited fucking with him, she didn't know exactly what to do. In the past, on the few nights when she allowed him to screw her, Andrea had always gone to bed naked to let him know this was the night he could have her favors. Remembering this tonight, the lovely woman slipped into bed with nothing on.

Noticing this, Herb felt his cock twitch as he thought of it being buried between Andrea's soft warm legs. Herb knew it would be a nice proper missionary fuck, but even that was something he rarely got from the usually frigid woman.

Crawling into bed with his beautiful wife, Herb drew her deliciously naked body up close against him, his stiff cock throbbing hotly against her soft bare belly. Pressing his mouth to her sweetly parted lips, he was shocked when Andrea reached down between their bodies and wrapped her cool fingers around the hard thickness of his prick. It was on very rare occasions that she ever touched his cock or balls, and that was only when she was highly aroused.

As his beautiful wife lovingly stroked his hard tingling dick, he moved his mouth down over one of her pink nipples. This was something she passively allowed him to do occasionally, but tonight she began panting excitedly, trying to force even more of her big lush tit into his mouth. Completely stunned by her obvious passion, Herb began sucking deeply on her big, swollen titty-bud, feeling her entire body shivering with excitement. Sucking and licking hungrily on her lust-swollen boobs, he soon had them lathered with his wet, warm spit as Andrea continued teasing his foreskin up and down his bursting rod with her loving fingers.

Momentarily forgetting, it was his wife, and thinking it was Laura, he moved his face down over her belly, his tongue probing around in her dimpled navel. Suddenly realizing what was happening, he froze, expecting a sharp reprimand, but he was shocked by the light pressure of her hand on the back of his head, trying to urge him further down. Slowly moving his face down, his cheek was soon resting on the woman's soft triangle of silky soft pussy hair, the fresh, scent of her hot, juicy cunt filling his nostrils.

Reaching between her slightly parted legs, Herb dipped his finger into the mushy hot wetness of her slit, and then pulling it out, he hungrily licked his finger, tasting his wife's delicious pussy juices for the first time in his life.

"Do I taste good?" she whispered, seeing him excitedly sucking her tangy juices front his finger.

"God, yes," he panted, unable to believe what was happening.

"Then lick my pussy," she purred in a soft voice. "I think I'd like that."

Unable to believe it, Herb crawled down between her legs, staring excitedly into her open, dripping passion-pit. He could feel his beautiful wife breathing heavily as she sucked in her belly, trembling with anticipation of what was to come. With his face cradled between her soft thighs, he could see the hot pinkness of her dripping cunt framed in the luxurious bush of shimmering black pussy hair. The soft wiggly lips of her smoldering twat glistened with the clear, slippery juices that were dripping out from between them.

Tenderly parting the moist hair, Herb stared in between the fleshy pink petals of her flowering pussy. A quiver raced through the beautiful woman's body as his finger lightly teased the sensitive flesh of her cute twat. With her naked thighs spread wide open, he gazed into her luscious honey-pot, his tongue hungrily licking his own lips.

Moving his face toward her deliciously scented pussy, his tongue slowly and lovingly licked at the slick hot flesh, making Andrea jump as if she'd been struck by an electric current. Lapping around the edges of her quivering pussylips, he moved his flashing tongue closer and closer to her erect clitty. When he finally touched her sensitive joy button, he began lashing his tongue back and forth over the hard, sensitive bud, hearing wild squeals of joy coming from deep in her throat.

Finally removing his tongue from her clit, he gently grasped the soft flesh of her asscheeks and drilled his tongue deep into the swampy hotness of her slick, warm cunt.

"Oh, Herb," she sobbed. "That feels so fuckin' good."

Shocked at hearing his wife use foul language for the first time, he pushed his tongue even deeper into her slippery fuck-hole. His cheeks were literally drenched with the hot juices seeping out of her twat as he tried to force his face deeper, thrusting his tongue in as far as it would reach.

"Oh, my God," mewled Andrea. "Oh, you sweet, sweet cunt lapper."

Suddenly wanting to taste her husband's big cock for the first time, Andrea began squirming around to get at it. Rolling her husband onto his back, she faced his feet and swung one leg across his head, pressing her hot wet pussy down over his face. Falling forward over his body, she buried her face in his hairy crotch, gulping his big knob into her mouth while writhing her cunt against his face.

Completely shocked, Herb couldn't believe his wife. He had no idea what had happened on her trip, but it was quite obvious that Andrea had been given quite a lesson in sex. Herb didn't know or care who her teacher had been. He was only glad that he would reap the benefits of her sexual education.

Andrea was literally in a sexual paradise with the full length of her husband's boner locked between her hot, sucking lips. The head of his cock was nudging at the back of her throat as her mouth bobbed up and down, gobbling hungrily on his big juicy prick. Her soft lips sucked and pulled on the head of his sensitive dick while her tongue lapped greedily around the length of his thick, spit drenched shaft. The hot suction of her lips on his throbbing boner was carrying Herb to new heights of sexual bliss.

Clasping her soft asscheeks securely in his hands, Herb pulled her dripping twat down tighter against his face. Stuffing his tongue as far as it would reach into her slippery, hot fuck-hole, he felt her sweet leaking cunt juice dribbling down the back of his throat. His fingers sank more deeply into the soft crack between her sweet quivering asscheeks, pulling her swampy cunt even more tightly down against his slobbering mouth. His lovely wife was wriggling and trembling, hotly writhing her dark bush of pussy hair around his nose and cheeks.

His thick wet tongue was drilling wildly into the hot depths of her slit, feeling the slick, slippery walls closing around it. He tried plunging his tongue deeper and deeper as his beautiful cocksucking wife squealed with joy.

On and on they both frantically sucked, each bringing the other closer and closer to a wild climax. Andrea could feel her loins tensing as that ultimate moment drew closer, and then suddenly it happened as her cunt began climaxing against her husband's slurping lips. She was bucking and writhing through her intense climax when she suddenly felt Herb's rich, hot cum squirting into her mouth. Sucking savagely, she slurped and swab lowed until she'd drawn out the last delicious drop from deep in his balls.

"God, that was great," said Herb a later as they lay cradled in each other's arms, recovering from their wild climaxes. "You're really something."

"So are you," she whispered, tenderly trying to tease his prick back to hardness again.

Within a few short moments, Andrea felt his cock throbbing lustily in her fist again.

"Oh, baby," she giggled, licking up a rivulet of jizz that was dribbling out from the corner of her mouth. "You've got another hard-on."

"What do you want me to do with it?" he asked.

"Fuck me," she giggled.

"When?" he teased.

"Right now, darling," his wife whispered. "God, how I need a hot fuck."

"Then say please," grinned the man.

"All right then," she panted, getting hotter by the second. "God damn it, please fuck me."

"Andrea," he whispered, leaning over her. "I've waited years to hear you beg for my cock, and now you're gonna get it... really get it. Baby, I'm going to screw you like you've never seen screwed before."

"Oh, good," she whispered excitedly, spreading her legs to receive his wildly throbbing cock.

As he crawled up between her thighs, Andrea was breathing heavily, feeling the smooth head of his hard dick lightly brushing against her wet, hair fringed opening.

"Now," she begged. "Fuck me now!" Guiding the thick blunt end of his cock between her hot slippery cuntlips, Herb suddenly gave a wild plunge and drove his screeching rod deep into her belly with one long stroke.

"Christ, honey, don't be so rough!" she gasped, trying to pull back from his impaling instrument.

"I told you I was going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," he panted.

As his cock throbbed hotly in the depths of her cunt, Andrea couldn't remember it ever feeling so big before. Because of his wild lust tonight, his swollen shaft was pressing out firmly against the tightness of her pussy.

Gradually her cunt became accustomed to the unusually big prick as it throbbed hotly in the depths of her quivering belly. When he began rhythmically thrusting his hard boner in and out, her twat muscles involuntarily contracted around the length of it. Her fuck-hole was filled with a deep thrilling tingle that soon had her pussy-flesh burning with delicious tongues, of fire.

Driving her crotch upward to better receive his lusty thrusts, the woman clung tightly to his naked humping body. The thrilling friction of his hard shaft against the smooth, moist ridges of her pussy walls was sending wave after wave of intense passion streaking through Andrea's loins. Herb was no longer hearing her cries for mercy, only the wild animal sounds of an aroused woman.

This was the first time in their married life that Andrea had been totally his, and he was further excited when she grasped at his asscheeks with her hands, trying to pull even more of his cock into her hungry pussy. Confident that she was enjoying his prick for the first time, Herb began pumping to please both of them. The springs were squeaking noisily beneath them as Andrea lustily threw her hips up to meet every plunge of his wildly pistoning dick.

"Oh, fuck," he panted, boring into her with all his strength. "You're just fantastic, honey!"

Andrea could feel her husband's cock drilling deeper and deeper into her and her loins were straining up to receive him, her passionate cries lengthening out into long sighs of delirious pleasure as she felt another climax approaching. Her cunt was dipping and revolving frantically around his plunging rod, trying to wring every ounce of pleasure from his glorious tool.

Aware that he was on the verge of popping his nuts, Herb tried to slow down to prolong the intense ecstasy. He changed his quick wild thrusts to long swooping strokes, drawing the length of his tingling boner almost all the way out of her tight sucking slit before gliding in again. Realizing that his wife was almost ready to climax, be was trying to hold back until she'd had her orgasm.

"Oh, shit!" she was squealing with joy. "Oh, yes... fuck me... fuck me!"

Staring wildly at the ceiling through glazed eyes, Andrea worked herself back and forth on his thrusting cock, life's most glorious adventure only seconds away. Her soft naked thighs were pressed hotly against his lurching waist, her shapely ankles locked against this butt.

Her body suddenly began quivering as a shrill breathless sob rose from deep in her throat. The woman's wildly rippling pussy clenched hotly around his driving dick as she exploded into a mind-bending orgasm.

Seeing the raw look of ecstasy glowing on her distorted face, Herb knew he no longer had to hold back. He began pumping faster and deeper into her writhing belly, feeling his cock swelling even thicker as the glorious moment rapidly approached.

Screaming with unadulterated joy, Andrea could feel his deliciously hot cum gushing into her cunt. The couple clung frantically to each other until their thundering climaxes slowly passed.

"Oh, God," whispered Andrea a few minutes later as she lay in his arms, tenderly coaxing his cock back to hardness again with her teasing fingers. "That was fantastic."


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