Horny mother

Fantasy has long played an important role in the lives of men and women dawn through the ages, but today's visions may perhaps be the boldest of all. Some of our everyday dreams involve the improvement of our public lives, but more importantly others -- concern our private ones.

Most of us never indulge our wildest dreams, choosing instead to lead what sociologists term "normal, middle-class lives". Yet some of us, despite the restrictive laws and customs of the land, dare to venture into our darkest passions.

HORNY MOTHER tells just one of the many stories of such a departure from socially -- acceptable ways of life. Impatient teenager Tom James, troubled by his strange, new desires, seeks to lose his virginity once and for all, and become a real man. His mother Beth, bored by the singles' bar scene, is drawn to her blossoming son in spite of her moral upbringing.

HORNY MOTHER -- a story of the time we all must face at one point in our lives.

Chapter ONE

Beth James, her moist cunt twitching in anticipation, sipped her drink and listened as the young man talked about his sports car. She wasn't the least bit interested in the car that she had followed over to his apartment, but she didn't want to seem bored.

After all, at thirty-six she knew how to handle these young guys. As soon as she had spotted him in the bar she felt that familiar tingling in her cunt that told her she'd found a live one.

Of course the guy thought he had picked her up, but that was all part of her plan. Very often Beth wished she could be more aggressive. If she were a man with a hot chick within reach, she would be fucking her brains out.

"Uh, Bill..." she said at last, interrupting his dialogue about the car.

"Bob," he corrected her.

"Sorry," Beth said sweetly. "Could you get me another drink?"

"Oh, sure," he said eagerly.

Beth knew she would have to do something to hurry things along. Her crotch was soaked with hot juices and her tits were itching to be sucked, but this clod Bob was still talking about that stupid, little car of his.

Beth rearranged her legs on the couch, making sure that her skirt slid up her thigh. When she felt the cool air of the room on her wet panties she knew Bob would have a view of her nylon-encased cunt.

But when Bob brought her the drink, Beth noticed that he was pale and shaking slightly. Poor guy, she thought. She could see by the bulge in his pants that he was horny, but he was so shy.

"Sit here," Beth said to him as he handed her the drink.

That helped. Bob sat down close to Beth's simmering body. She leaned toward hint exposing her big knockers that pushed over the low neckline of her blouse.

"Gee, I must have drunk more than I thought," Beth said. "I feel really loose." To herself she added, If you don't do something soon, Bob, I'm going to go home and rub myself off!

Bob finally found the courage to put his arm around Beth's shoulders. As soon as he did, she thrust her face into his, her mouth slightly open.

Bob proved to be better at kissing than he was at seduction, Beth found as her tongue curled around his.

Beth gasped as she felt a hand on one of her huge tits. Not bad, she told herself as she felt Bob's fingers sink into the softness of her heaving tit.

At last Beth was going to get what she had set out for that evening. Ever since her husband died a few years ago, she'd been in need of more fucking tan she was able to get.

Since Beth was a terrific-looking chick, she had plenty of dates, but mere dates couldn't provide as much fucking as she required. She needed a hard cock to penetrate her cunt at least once a day -- sometimes more, so she had taken to prowling the bars in search of stiff meat. Now it looked like this evening's hunting was about to pay off.

"Oh, Bob," Beth sighed. "I love the way you squeeze my tits!"

Bob kissed his way down Beth's neck, then moved his lips and tongue over her chest toward the overflowing tit-flesh. His hand forced more of her tit out of the low-cut blouse.

Beth grabbed Bob's head and buried his face into the foothills of her tits, and she trembled when Bob began fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.

"Um-m-m-m-m," Beth hummed in anticipation of the fuck that was coming.

Kissing the tops of the melons of flesh on Beth's chest, Bob started to open her blouse so he could reach the nipples that were still hiding in the blouse. When the buttons were all unfastened, he lifted his head and opened the blouse.

What he found made him gasp, and Beth smiled when she saw the young guy's expression of delight.

Because her tits sagged slightly, Beth wore a low-cut bra -- the type that fit snugly and pushed the tits up. Now, since Bob handled the tits, Beth's nipples were rising over the white cups of the bra like suns rising over a mountain range.

Beth sat up suddenly and reached behind her, and her bra fell away from her tits.

"Nice tits!" Bob said.

Beth's jugs were beautiful. They drooped, but with their tremendous weight that was to be expected.

Bob scooped up a handful of tit and lifted it. Beth closed her eyes and concentrated on the joy spreading through her body.

Then Bob's head lowered again. Beth leaned back on the couch as she felt his mouth wrap around one erect nipple, while Bob took her other nipple between his fingers.

"Oh-h-h-h," Beth sighed with passion.

She ran her fingers through Bob's hair and let her skirt sag open. She knew that her skirt was hiked almost up to her crotch, and realized that Bob could see how her cunt was waiting.

Sure enough, Bob put his hand on her thigh as he continued sucking one tit. Beth's body tensed as she felt his fingers touch sensitive fish. After all, her thighs were the highways to her pussy!

Beth let her legs open farther as Bob's fingers began creeping toward the junction of her legs where her juicy cunt awaited.

Bob was proving to be a competent tit-sucker. He had Beth's huge and stiff nipples sucked into his mouth, and was flicking his tongue over it.

"You can really suck a tit beautifully," Beth whispered hoarsely.

"Thanks," Bob said as his mouth moved from one tit to the other. By this time Bob's fingers had arrived at the soaking crotch of Beth's undies. He pressed against the wet material, feeling the gaping slit of her flowing cunt.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," Beth moaned in a tit of lust.

Then Bob fucked his finger into the wet sheath that protected Beth's cunt. The spread twat was waiting for Bob's fingers to enter, but Bob merely ran his fingertips up and down the outer lips.

Nevertheless, Bob's experienced hands were making Beth squirm with profound passion. Although she was dying of lust, Beth appreciated a guy who knew how to go slowly.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Bob said.

"Yeah-h-h-h," Beth moaned.

Bob stood, showing Beth how huge the lump in his pants had grown. Beth took her tits into her hands as she followed him into the bedroom.

As soon as they were in sight of Bob's big bed, they both began stripping off their clothes. Beth's bra was still hanging from her shoulders in her opened blouse, but in less than a second she wiggled out of those garments.

Smiling at the way Beth's tits shook, Bob quickly undressed. Beth could see that he had a slim and muscular body, but she was eager to see his cock. Was it as big as it seemed as it throbbed in his pants?

When Beth bent over to pull down her skirt, her tits hung low. Then she stood to grab her bikini underpants, and her tits leaped up, quivered, then drooped again as she bent to push down her underpants.

With those quick motions, Beth's tits had put on a complete show for Bob's eager eyes.

Now Bob pulled down his pants and underpants together. When the waistband of his pants passed his crotch, his huge cock sprang out.

"What a beautiful prick," Beth gasped in awe.

It was true; Bob's prick was big, and it pointed right up at Beth's face, its wide head bobbing with every beat of Bob's heart.

Beth automatically took a step toward Bob. Her hand reached out as though she was going to shake his hand, but she grabbed his prick instead.

"Wow, it's jerking so powerfully!" Beth said as her fingers gripped the fat rod.

Bob grabbed one of her tits and kissed ha roughly.

Beth ran her hand down the shaft of the cock until she felt his pendulous balls. She let go of the cock long enough to lift his balls in the palms of her hand.

Then she began fingering his prick again. She loved compressing the spongy head in her hand, then feeling it inflate again as she released her grip.

Holding Beth close, Bob reached around her back and grabbed a handful of her ass. Like her tits, Beth's ass was slightly saggy, but it sagged with a gorgeous, sexy curve.

It was the perfect ass for completing a tight embrace.

Beth could feel the hot juice from her twat seeping down the tender skin inside her thighs. Bob's fingers were getting closer to that flowing gash as he moved his hand lower and lower, and Beth rose on her tiptoes so he could reach her cunt from behind. When Bob's fingers crept down the crack of Beth's ass and right into her crotch from behind, Beth even lifted one leg and wrapped it around Bob's hip.

Then she felt a finger enter her pussy.

"Ah-h-h-h-h!" she cried in lust.

But standing as they were, Bob couldn't reach very far up her twat. "Come here," Bob whispered... as he led Beth to the bed.

She lay on her back with Bob hovering over her. As he leaned against one of her tits, his mouth covered hers and his tongue slid into her mouth. But best of all, Bob grabbed Beth's plump crotch with a strong hand.

Spreading her legs, Beth invited Bob to finger-fuck her, and she didn't have to wait long. Bob curled his middle finger and guided it into the tight channel of Beth's cunt.

"M-m-m-m-m," Beth hummed, even though she was gagged by Bob's tongue. Her body convulsed. Beth's hips leaped up as though she were trying to devour Bob's finger with her cunt. She moved her hips in a circular motion, making the finger in her snatch stir her juice-filled cavern.

Although Bob held her tightly, Beth's body gyrated wildly. She couldn't help it; with a finger in her cunt, Beth was turned into a bitch in heat.

"A h-h-h-h-h-h, it-h-h-h-h," she moaned continuously, as Bob reached as high up her snatch as he could. He pressed the palm of his hand over the area where Beth's clit lay.

"Suck my tits," Beth begged.

Bob obeyed. He slid down her body until his face was bouncing over the hills of softness that were her tits. Bob had to catch a nipple in his mouth as they wobbled on Beth's writhing body.

Now that the excitement of a sucking mouth was added to the thrill of the finger in her cunt, Beth was reduced to a howling mass of shimmering flesh. Suddenly, Beth was overcome by a hunger for Bob's prick. She couldn't slide down his body to suck him; she couldn't bear to have her cunt left alone. But there was a solution to that problem. "Let me suck you," Beth said breathlessly.

Bob lifted his head from her tits. He saw Beth swing around on her ass, bringing her face to his cock and her cunt to his face. With her thighs still opened, Beth took Bob's twitching cock in both hands. She kissed the taut skin of the prick-knob. Then her tongue flashed, licking the head of the cock and sending a wave of ecstasy through the young guy.

Bob went for the gaping slice of hot aunt that was now inches in front of his nose.

They were both lying on their sides. Beth had her uppermost leg bent, the knee pointing up at the ceiling so that her crotch was free for exploration.

And Bob began exploring. Resting his head on her lower thigh, he stared into the hairy twat in front of him. The warm moist atmosphere bathed his face, and the odor of Beth's sweet aunt drippings made Bob's mouth water.

Although Beth's aunt was spread wide with excitement, Bob spread it even farther with his fingers. The pink inner lips smiled at him, and the darkness in her tunnel seemed inviting.

Bob liked the way Beth's inner lips were lined up on either side of her cave entrance as though protecting that deep pit. When Bob felt his prick slip into the hot, wet splendor of Beth's mouth, he moved his face to the waiting twat. As his prick lay on the soft pad of Beth's tongue, he stuck out his own tongue and licked her gaping cunt.

Beth's body tensed as Bob sent his tongue along the wiggling inner lips. That started Beth's hips gyrating again, but Bob held on to her thighs and kept his face pressed to her wet and hairy mound while his tongue drilled in her juicy cunt.

While he licked Beth's pussy, Bob was enjoying the greatest blow-job he'd ever received. Beth was still holding his prick in both hands, while the huge head pulsated in her mouth. Her tongue wiggled beneath the fat head, then circled it.

While sucking him, Beth held Bob's balls in a firm grip. Her other hand began sliding the loose skin of his shaft back and forth, but she slid it slowly. She knew how fast a guy could come with such treatment, and she wanted to save him fat fucking.

Then, while Bob reached high up Beth's cunt with his tongue, Beth began moving her head closer to his belly, forcing his cock right down ha throat.

Bob went wild with the cunt-lapping he was applying to Beth's pussy, but he didn't fail to notice his prick was sliding down her throat. It was a unique experience, and the sounds of Beth gasping for breath whenever she drew his prick out of her throat made it even more exciting.

Bob couldn't believe how deep down her throat Beth was taking his prick. He even thought he could feel her swallowing, wrenching his cock-head with the muscles of her throat.

That super blow-job was making Bob suck Beth's cunt with extra-special enthusiasm. His tongue moved from her deep tunnel to her clit and back again.

Then Beth began to slow her cock-sucking. She could tell that Bob was getting too excited, and she knew how good it was going to feel when his jism burst into her cunt. Even though she would have loved to drink his gsrn, she took his prick from her mouth.

Bob was still stirring her cunt with his tongue, so Beth clung to his prick, holding it to the side of her face as she enjoyed the cunt-lapping.

"Oh, I'm going to come!" Beth said suddenly.

Hearing that, Bob redoubled this efforts. His tongue pressed farther into the wet flesh within her cunt.

"Lick my clit!" Beth cried. "Yeah-h-h-h-h!"

Holding onto Bob's cock as though for dear life, Beth hit her pinnacle of ecstasy. "Ah-h-h-h!" she wailed. "Oh, God!"

Though Beth shook uncontrollably, Bob kept his tongue wiggling on the stiff bud of her clit.

"E-e-e-e-h-h-h-h!" Beth screamed. "Oh, I love having my curt licked till I come!"

Then Beth pushed Bob's face away front her crotch. Her cunt was still tingling with the effects of her orgasm, and she couldn't bear any more licking.

Bob lifted his face and smiled at the quivering chick, while Beth noticed how his checks and chin glistened with her juice.

"Fuck me," Beth said, holding her arms out to Bob.

Covering her body with his own, Bob rested an the shimmering piles of her soft tits. His prick touched her fuzzy, wet cunt. Then, lifting his hips and grabbing his cock with one hand, Bob expertly inserted the stiff rod into Beth's loosened tint.

"Oh-h-h-h-h," they both sighed in harmony as the prick parted the lips of Beth's pussy.

With such a fat, long cock in her, Beth felt like a butterfly pinned to a board for display. She was helpless on the stake of Bob's mighty cock.

And when he began pumping, Beth went wild. She could feel the enlarged collar of his prick's head moving back and forth in the sleeve of her snatch. The tender lining of her cunt was stretched and compressed as the prick pumped faster and faster.

"Alt-h-h-h-h, yeah!" Beth cried.

With his knees and elbows firmly planted in the bed, Bob lifted and dropped his ass, driving his prick with powerful lunges. Each lunge sent the soft tip of his cock crashing into the very end of Beth's tunnel.

After having her cunt reamed by Bob's tongue, his prick was having an amazing effect on Beth. As her cunt alternately filled and emptied, Beth was hit by tremendous jolts of pleasure. She was really out of her mind with lust.

Another orgasm was about to blossom within her, but even through her own passion she could tell that Bob was about ready to come. Concentrating on the feeling of his prick plunging in her, Beth waited for the flood of boiling jism.

"Uh-h, uh-h-h, uh-h-h-h," Bob moaned.

"A-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h!" Beth wailed.

Suddenly her cunt lining was seared with gushing jism, and that gave Beth the added thrill that put her over the edge.

Her body vibrated with ecstasy. Lightning bolts of pure pleasure rushed through her from her cunt.

This was what she lived for, and she made the most of her pleasure by howling loudly and kicking her feet in the air over Bob's plunging ass.

When the young guy finally stopped thrusting, Beth lay beneath him in the bleary daze of spent passion.

"Oh, baby," she gasped. "That was wonderful!"

"And you were wonderful," Bob said. "I've never been fucked like this before."

After letting his prick linger in her cunt for a while, Bob rolled off Beth and lit a cigarette.

But Beth had another habit; she remained lying on her back. Then she dipped a finger into her cunt, coating it with the mixture of jism and her own juice. Bob watched in amazement as she lifted that wet finger to her mouth and sucked it clean.

Fingerful after fingerful, Beth greedily sucked the fluid from her twat.

"Just a habit of mine," she said when she noticed Bob staring at her.

Though her lust was satisfied, momentarily at least, Beth grew restless. "I'd better get going," she said as she slipped out of bed.

"Why don't you stay?" Bob asked.

"Can't. I have a son at home who expects his mother home every night."

"Oh? So you have a kid, huh?" Bob asked. "How old?"

"Eighteen," Beth said.

"Really?" Bob said, amazed. "How old are you?"

Beth smiled. Guys always were shocked to find out that she had an eighteen year-old son, and their surmise flattered her.

"I'm thirty-six," she said. "How old are you?"

After recovering from the shock of finding that this sexy chick was old enough to be his mother, Bob admitted that he was nineteen. "Gee, you don't look thirty-six," he said.

"And you don't look only nineteen," Beth said. She asked for Bob's phone number and left. She didn't expect to see him again, but it never hurt to have a few studs she could call on in an emergency.

As Beth drove home the glory of the fucking she'd done began to fade. There was something about picking up these young guys that was unsatisfying. Sure, they could fuck like champs, but Beth needed something else. So far she hadn't been able to figure out what it was.

Chapter TWO

The next morning when her son came into the kitchen, Beth blushed. She always wondered whether Tom realized what she did when she stayed out late.

"Good morning," she said cheerfully.

"Good morning," Tom said, less cheerfully.

Summer vacation had just started, so Beth would see a lot of her son for the next few months. She was glad, but it meant that she would have to watch her step. No more sitting in the living room, rubbing off and watching soap operas all afternoon.

"What are you going to do today?" Beth asked her boy.

"Going fishing with Jack," he replied.

"Well, bring home some fish and we'll have them for dinner."

Tom wolfed down his breakfast, made a few sandwiches to take along, grabbed his fishing pole and was off.

After cleaning up the dishes, Beth found herself back in bed. It wasn't long before her finger was in her twat, rubbing her clit.

Tom met his buddy Jack near the fire station. It wasn't a long walk from there to their favorite spot on the creek for fishing.

"My morn didn't come home 'til about two last night," Tom said. "I'll bet she fucked her brains out."

"If I were a little older I'd fuck her," Jack said. "She's really dynamite."

"Yeah, sometimes I think I'd fuck her myself if I had the chance," Tom said.

"Really? Fuck your own mother?"

"Sometimes I feel so horny I could," Tom said.

"Yeah I guess I'd fuck my own mother toe, if she looked like yours," Jack agreed. "Have you ever seen her naked?"

"Yeah, but not in a long time," Tom said. "It seems that just when I really wanted to see her naked she started closing her bedroom door."

The boys waked off the road to cut through a field. Beyond, the willows that lined the creek could be seen.

"Shit, it looks like somebody has our spot," Tom said, noticing someone moving among the hanging willow branches.

"Huh? We... we can fish by the bend downstream," Jack said.

"Yeah," Tom agreed.

"Hey," Jack said suddenly. "Is that somebody naked, or am I imagining things?"

Tom peered through the willow branches. He could see someone, but from a quarter-mile away it was hard to tell if he or she was naked or not. However, if the person wasn't naked he or she was wearing skin-colored clothes.

Automatically, the boys began to walk toward the person at their fishing spot. Soon it became clear that there was more than one person there, and one of them had long hair it was a chick!

When the boys were closer they could see a dark crease down the asses of the pair that had stolen their fishing hole.

"They are naked," Jack said. "And that one on the left is definitely a chick!"

"Yeah," Tom breathed. "Let's go up here a way and cross the stream. Then we can get a good view from the other bank."

The boys went to a spot where they could walk across the creek and hopped from rock to rock, then ducked out of sight. By that time they were shaking with excitement of catching a glimpse of a genuine naked woman.

On the opposite bank the boys began to creep toward the naked people, but kept themselves hidden in the willows and low bushes. Before they caught sight of the people they could hear them laughing. It sounded like a girl and a guy.

Finally the boys crouched in the bushes, peeking out at the naked people. A guy a few years older than they were and a chick about their age were standing on the bank.

"Look at those knockers!" Tom whispered.

"Yeah, I'm looking," Jack said.

The girl had big and firm tits. On the tip of each was a pink nipple. Under her belly there was a cute nest of dark-brown hair. She had a pretty face and curly blonde link hanging over her shoulders, but the boys hardly noticed those features. "That lucky guy," Jack said about the boy standing next to the chick.

"Why doesn't he fuck her?" Tom asked. "That's what I would be doing."

As they watched, the girl took a step toward the water, then stuck her toes in.

The boys heard her make a shivering sand they knew that the water was cold this time of year.

The naked boy gabbed the girl by the arm and pushed her toward the water, but he didn't let go of her: he only wanted to scare her. The hiding boys heard her squeal in fear.

The naked girl jumped back. Her tits quivered as she lumped, and Tom and Jack gasped at the sight of her bouncing globes.

Then the boy took his girlfriend in his arms and kissed her deeply.

"Oh, God," Tom whispered. "What I'd give to be in his place!"

"Yeah, me too," Jack whispered.

The girl wiggled out of the boy's embrace, and the hiding boys could see that she left the guy with a stiff prick.

"Look, the guy's got a hard-on." Jack said.

"So have I, and I'm only watching." Tom admitted.

The girl went toward the water again, but this time she walked right in. When she got in up to her knees she dove forward.

Tom and Jack watched as her naked form came toward them beneath the surface of the clear water. They could see her wide ass touch the surface. Then she popped up, her tits floating in front of her.

The boy jumped into the water and swam to the girl's side. His hand came out of the water and he pushed the girl's head under. She swam away under water, surfacing several yards away.

"Look at the way her tits float," Jack whispered.

"I wish I were a fish right now," Tom said. "I'd swim right up her cunt."

The boy and girl were now standing in the water, face to face. They kissed again. The peeking boys could see her tits flattening on the boy's chest.

Tom tried to memorize every detail. He knew he would have to jerk off as soon as he was alone, and he would be picturing the sight he was now witnessing.

The naked couple began swimming around, but they remained side by side, and they would grab at each other occasionally.

"Maybe they'll fuck," Jack said hopefully. "I'd love to watch them doing it."

"So would I," Tom said.

After several minutes of swimming, the naked pair climbed back on the bank. The boys watched from across the stream, hoping with all their might that they would be treated to a sight of ultimate lust. When they saw that the guy's fuck was still hard, they were encouraged.

On the bank, the guy sat close to the chick and put his hand around her waist. The girl leaned into the boy's embrace and they kissed.

Tom and Jack gasped when they saw the guy lift his hand to one of the girl's firm tits. They saw him squeeze her tit so tightly that the white flesh protruded between his fingers.

"O-o-o-o-o, I wish I was grabbing that tit," Jack sighed.

"God, yeah," Tom said. "It's torture just watching!"

"It is. But I'm glad I'm being tortured this way," Jack said.

Strange as Jack's words seemed, Tom had to agree.

When the couple across the creek fell back on the ground, still kissing, the boys had a view of the chick's crotch. But due to the distance they wore watching from, they couldn't make out the crack that they knew was lying among her curls. "I wish I had a telescope," Tom said.

The boy kept massaging the chick's tits, and as he did, the peeping boys got hornier and hornier. They could see the girl writhing under the hand on her jugs.

"She really loves it!" Jack said.

"I wish there were more chicks like her around," Tom said.

Then when they saw the guy reach into the chick's crotch, the excitement almost became unbearable for the voyeurs.

"I can't help it," Jack said as he reached for his zipper. "I've got to jerk off."

Tom watched his friend pull out his huge prick, but his gaze swung across the creek again. Tom was glad Jack had decided to jerk off, because he could do it too. He never would have had the nerve to pull his cock out first.

Soon both boys were kneeling in the bushes with their stiff pricks in their hands.

As the boys, watched the chick move her hips in a rhythmic motion they pumped their cocks, but they pumped slowly. They knew the show was just beginning.

They could see that the boy's finger had disappeared up the chick's twat. His face was in the nape of her neck, and he was moving down her body. Soon his mouth was devouring the mounds of her tits.

Tom and Jack licked their lips and their mouths watered. They had never gotten beyond a few quick feels in the movie theater on Saturday afternoons, and now their pent-up horniness was made wont by watching someone else doing what they longed to do.

After the guy had sucked his girlfriend's tits for a while, she sat up and pushed the guy don on his back. Tom and Jack couldn't believe what they were seeing as she leaned over his crotch, but when she took his prick into her mouth they had to admit that it was true.

"Shit, that lucky son of a bitch," Jack whispered.

Tom was speechless. He'd heard about blow-jobs but he somehow could never believe that anyone could be lucky enough to actually get one.

Now both boys knew just how deprived they really were.

They kept sliding their fists back and forth along the length of their cocks. Even though they wanted to wait until the fucking began before they came, they were losing control in the excitement of seeing that naked chick sucking her boyfriend.

"Do you think she's going to let him come in her mouth?" Tom asked.

"God, I don't know," Jack said. "I hope so, but I'd love to see him fuck her."

As the chick sucked the guy's prick, the boys could see how her tits rested on his thigh. Although her hair fell over the guy's crotch they could see her head bobbing up and down. They both tried to imagine how it would feel to have their pricks sliding in a girl's mouth.

Then the girl lifted her head, threw her hair back, and lowered her head again. While her head was raised, the boys saw that she was holding the guy's cock just as they were holding their own.

The guy sat up as the girl lifted her head again. They kissed.

"Come on, fuck her," Jack whispered.

Both boys were nearing their orgasms, but they didn't want to come without something really spectacular to watch.

As it turned out, they had nothing to worry about. The guy got to his knees and the chick got down on all fours. She was facing both the creek and the boys on the opposite bank.

"He's going to fuck her doggy-style!" Tom whispered.

Sure enough, the guy moved behind the girl. The boys could see him reach down to his prick to guide it into the chick's cunt, and by the expression on her face, they knew just what his cock pierced her cunt. They could see the girl's tits hanging and swinging as the guy behind her began moving his hips back and forth.

"Look at that!" Jack gasped.

From across the creek sounds of slapping came to the jerking-off boys. They knew it was the sound of the guy's hips smacking the chick's ass.

Both boys began moving their fists faster. This is what they'd been waiting for.

They watched the faces of the fuckers who both wore expressions of lust. The chick's eyes were closed and, the guy was grimacing in passion.

Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and mouth at the same moment. "Oh-h-h-h-h!" she wailed desperately.

"Holy shit!" Tom gasped.

The girl kept moaning, and her gaze seemed to be directed right at the masturbating boys. The more they looked at her, the more it seemed that she was looking back, but Tom and Jack were too far gone to care if the chick could see them or not.

Then, from the corner of his eye, Tom saw a glint of cream at Jack's cock, and Tom found he was coming too. He pumped his prick with all his might as he watched the fucking on the opposite bank.

When the boys had wrung all the jism from their cocks, the guy across the creek was grunting in passion. They could tell he was coming.

"Hey, is that chick looking at us?" Jack asked.

"That's what I was wondering," Tom said. "Do you think she can see us?"

"I don't know," Jack said. "I hope her boyfriend doesn't see us though."

"It looks like they're finished," Tom said.

The boys shoved their shrinking cocks back into their jeans while the couple across the creek lay down beside each other, but the chick seemed to take a few more look sat the peeking boys on the other bank.

"I think she sees us," Jack said.

"Mmm, I wonder," Tom said.

They watched for a while as the couple lay resting, and then saw the naked people get up and put on their clothes. As they walked away the girl turned quickly toward the creek. Without her boyfriend noticing, she waved at the two boys.

"Wow, she did see us!" Tom said.

"How about that!" Jack said. "What a chick!" After the show neither boy felt much like fishing. They put their poles on their shoulders and walled slowly back to town, talking about what they'd seen, and they speculated on which girls in the neighborhood would be most likely to let them do the things they'd seen that girl at the creek doing.

But they knew that none of the chicks that they knew would suck a guy's prick, much less fuck him. They'd already tried to get somewhere with all the girls in town their age, and they still hadn't gotten beyond the heavy petting stage.

Chapter THREE

For the rest of the day Tom was in a dream world of fucking. The sight of the boy and girl at the creek stuck in his mind, and he played the scene over and over, his prick throbbing painfully in his jeans.

During dinner he couldn't look at his mother without imagining her in the scene at the creek, and could barely swallow his dinner. He knew his mother was fucking guys, and now Tom knew hot it would look like if he could see his mother under some guy's thrusting hips.

Every atom of Tom's body was horny, and sitting across the table from his mother made it worse. Yes, he would fuck her, his own mother, if he had the chance.

"You've hardly touched your dinner," Beth said when Tom got up from the table.

"I guess I'm just not hungry," he said. "I'm going to my room." There was some thing about the boy that made Beth's cunt contract as he spoke. Maybe it was the way he looked at the vee of exposed flesh at her chest.

Beth fell a wave of desire when Tom left the room. She knew her boy was horny, even more horny than she, but she hadn't realized how much the boy's horniness was fueling her own lust.

Somehow -- maybe it was motherly intuition -- Beth knew why her son was going to his room. She knew that the boy jerked off frequently. She'd found the stains on his sheets, and she'd even heard his bed creaking with the bouncing of his body as he jerked off in the quiet house at night.

Although she'd never admitted it to herself Beth's cunt would moisten when she heard those tell-tale noises. By the time Tom was covering the back of his hand with his jism his mother would be writhing in ecstasy, her fingers stuffed into her cunt.

But now Beth felt especially horny. The thought of Tom jerking off alone in his room made her cunt cry with slippery tears of passion.

Still not admitting to herself what she was planning, Beth walked as quietly as she could to her own room.

The walk led her past her son's door. The door was closed, but light streamed through the keyhole like a star on a dark night. When Beth realized what she might see through that aperture her cunt twitched and she caught her breath.

Beth stopped outside the door, frozen with lust. She slowly lifted her hands to her tits, squeezing them tightly as she listened through the door.

Above the sound of her pounding heart Beth thought she could hear the rustling of clothing, but that sort of sound was too vague. Then the clink of a loosened belt buckle came to her ears.

That was enough to overcome her reluctance to peek through the keyhole. Although Beth felt cheap and perverted for doing so, she bent her knees and knelt at the door. Bringing her face to the keyhole, she peered through it.

It took a few seconds for her eye to focus, but when it did Beth was rewarded for her perverted behavior.

The view through the keyhole was all that Beth could hope for. She could see Tom lying on his side, propped up on one elbow on his bed. With one hand he was fumbling with his fly, and his belt was unfastened.

Beth struggled to keep her panting quiet as she was filled with outrageous passion.

Tom seemed to be looking at something lying on the bed, and Beth knew what it was. When changing his sheets one day, she'd stumbled on Tom's collection of girly magazines. She'd been shocked by some of the pictures of naked women posing with gaping cunts, but she knew that those pictures were the only girls that Tom could see that way.

Now Beth was seeing her son use those magazines, and she was experiencing tremendous pleasure from the sight.

"Come on," Beth said to herself, coaxing Tom. "Pull your prick out."

As though her son had heard her thoughts, Tom fished his stiff cock out from his opened jeans.

Beth gasped, then covered her mouth and waited to see if the boy had heard her. It seemed that he hadn't, but she would have to be careful. To be caught peeking through her son's keyhole would be terribly embarrassing, to say the least. But the sight was awesome; Tom had a huge prick. As he wrapped his hand around it, Beth couldn't help wishing it were in her own hand.

Tom would hold his prick, then let go to turn a page in his magazine, then grab his prick again.

Beth couldn't help slipping a hand under her skirt. She made herself as comfortable as she could kneeling there at the keyhole, and her fingers found the soaking crotch of her panties. Then she fucked her fingers into that wet garment.

Beth had to bite her lips to keep from crying out as her finger entered the juicy folds of her cunt. This was much more exciting than the usual masturbation. The sight of her son doing the same made it fabulously exciting.

By that time Beth was holding her mouth wide open so she could breathe hard, yet quietly, and her finger was moved deep into her flowing cunt.

Suddenly Tom swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. Beth felt a shiver of horror as she thought he might stop his play, but when he stood and pulled his pants down, Beth knew there was nothing to worry about.

Tom removed the rest of his clothing and stood, dressed only in a pair of socks. Beth gazed at the way his low-slung balls hung between his thighs, and at his prick, which looked even larger as he stood. She gasped as Tom grabbed his prick again, ten noticed that the boy was staring off to the side. It took her a second to realize that he was looking at himself in his mirror. That was an exciting realization far Beth, since she loved to do the same thing.

Then Tom lay down again, this time on his back. He held the skin magazine up in one hand while his other hand wrapped around his cock. He began pumping his prick.

Beth could see the fat cock-head above his pumping fist, and could see his balls jostling between his legs with the motion.

Then Beth heard the familiar creaking of bedsprings, but how much more exciting that sound was when she had the picture to go along with it!

Beth stuck two fingers up her cunt and moved them in and out, trying to follow the rhythm of Tom's pumping fist. It was impossible far Beth not to imagine herself straddling her son's hips, and she pretended that her cunt-encased fingers were the cock she was watching him pound.

The fact that her longing was incestuous didn't matter. The fact, through her growing lust nothing mattered but the pleasure she was generating within herself.

While fucking herself with one hand, Beth used the other to pull a tit out of her blouse. She kneaded her great white whale of a tit just as she knew Tom would if he had the chance.

Tom gradually increased the speed of his pumping fist, and Beth kept up the pace with her plunging fingers. Warm, slippery juice was oozing over the hand she had wedged between her thighs, and she had to struggle to keep from gasping and groaning out loud.

But Tom didn't try to keep his sounds of pleasure down. "Uh-h-h-h-h, uh-h-h-h-h," he gasped as he grew more excited.

Beth thrust her fingers tip her cunt and gave her clit a poke with her thumb. She watched her boy arch his back in lust, and could see the extreme pleasure his jerking off was giving him.

Beth began trembling violently as she neared her orgasm. Through the keyhole she could see Tom trembling just as violently. The boy was about to come, and if she were going to come at the same time she would have to hurry along.

Beth began pumping her fingers faster and kept her thumb on her clit as much as possible. "Ah-h-h-h-h," she moaned in a tit of sexual bliss.

The sound was quiet enough to go unnoticed by the writhing boy. He was so engrossed in his own pleasure that he probably wouldn't notice an earthquake.

Beth let herself gasp slightly louder. It always seemed more exciting to come while making some sounds, she thought.

"O-o-o-o-o," she whined.

Just when she was on the verge of coming, Beth knew an amazing sight. Tom thrust his hips up, his hand increased in speed and his face contorted in a mask of joy. Pearly sparks began shooting from his cock.

The sight of those gobs of jism seemed to trigger Beth's climax. Letting go of her tit, she grabbed the door jamb to keep from toppling over in her dizzy passion. As she shook with ecstasy her forehead hit the doorknob a few times, but Tom didn't notice -- he was still writhing.

As Tom began slowing his pumping hand Beth began easing her finger-thrusts. Her lust was draining away, but she was still feeling lustful enough to wish that she could lick the come from her son's belly. She kept peering through the keyhole until Tom's prick lay limp, then stood and tiptoed to her room.

Beth stood in front of her mirror and watched herself lick the cunt-juice from her fingers. Her body still tingled from her climax, and her head reeled from the excitement of what she'd seen.

"You perverted bitch," she whispered to her reflection in the mirror, but she couldn't help smiling at herself she knew something was going to have to give because she couldn't bear this horniness much longer.

Before the tingling in her cunt stopped, Beth decided that she'd better go out that evening. She would need the real thing after watching her son jerk off.

Chapter FOUR

Tom spent most of that night jerking off. The memory of what he had seen at the creek stayed with him and drove him on to a jerk-off marathon.

Jerking off all night didn't cure his horny rage. The next day Tom set out to get what he could from any chick he could find.

He walked over to the playground, but it was too early for any of the girls to gather there. He went to the coffee shop and there spotted Sue and Gail.

Tom had once necked with Sue in the movie theater. She was a good kisser, but she never let him grab her tits. Gail had a reputation as a cock-teaser. Tom knew he didn't have much of a chance with either girl, but had promised himself earlier that he would try anything.

He froze when he saw them though. Since he felt obliged to make a stab at fucking one of them, he walked to where they were sitting, but when he got there he was almost too nervous to speak.

"Hi, Tom," Gail said.

"Hi," he said, standing near their booth.

"Hi, Tom," Sue said cheerily. "Sit down."

"Thanks," Tom said. Tom sat next to Sue so he could keep his eyes on Gail. Gail had the biggest tits in the school, and she liked to show them off. Today she was wearing a tight jersey without a bra, and her mammoth tits stuck out proudly on her chest.

Tom knew it wasn't too cool to let his eyes rest on her jugs, but when he stared at them he saw the nipples stiffen against the jersey.

"What's the matter, Tom?" Gail asked. "Haven't you seen tits before?"

Tom wasn't at all prepared for such a blunt comment, but welcomed it just the same after all, he wasn't going to get anywhere by being shy.

"Not like yours," he said, looking Gail in the eyes for the first time.

They all laughed. The ice was broken, but Tom knew he still had a long way to go before getting fucked.

They all talked and giggled. It was a lot of fun to sit around with two sexy chicks, but Tom didn't let himself forget what he was after. Finally Sue said she was going to the ladies' room.

"I'll go with you," Gail said.

Tom stood up to let Sue out of the booth, but caught Gail by the wrist as she rose to follow.

"Why don't you stay here?" he said to her. "I want to talk to you. Besides, why do you girls always have to go to the bathroom together?"

Gail sat down again. She was smiling, waiting to see what Tom had to say. Sue shrugged her shoulders and left.

"You're blushing," Gail said.

Tom wished she wouldn't make this so difficult for him. He considered leaving, but his prick was hard and he was determined.

"I want to tell you how sexy you are," Tom said. "Let's go somewhere where we can be alone."

"What about Sue?" Gail asked.

"What about her? Tell her you're going with me," Tom said.

"You're sweet, Tom," Gail said. "But I can't just ditch Sue. Besides, we have plans to go shopping for some clothes."

Now that he had started his pitch, Tom felt more relaxed. It didn't look like he was going to get anywhere with Gail, but he felt good about asking, and he continued.

"But you can go shopping later," he offered.

"No, really, we have to go now," Gail said.

"Then meet me later," Tom implored. "How about after dinner? We can go over to the park."

"I don't think so," Gail said. "But I'll be at the movies on Saturday. I'll sit with you if you want."

"But we can't do anything in the movies," Tom said.

Gail laughed. "Tom, I always thought you were shy."

"I'm not shy any more," he said. "And I want to fuck you."

"O-o-o-o," Gail said happily. "You should know I don't do that."

By that time, Sue had returned and sat down. The girls glanced at each other and said they had to be going.

Tom was glad when they were gone. It had been fun trying to talk Gail into fucking him, and he knew that she was telling Sue all about it at that very moment.

Tom knew he would lose his reputation for being shy, but he was hornier than ever. As he sat there with his empty Coke glass he wondered what else he could do to solve his problem.

Then Joyce came into the coffee shop. He watched her walk to the counter and sit down. At first Tom didn't even consider Joyce to be a possible fuck. After all, no one he had ever met claimed to have even kissed her, and she never showed up at the movie theater.

But Tom began to wonder about the possibilities anyway. She wasn't really cute, and she was slightly heavy. It wouldn't do his reputation any good to be seen with her.

What the hell, though, Tom thought. She's a girl; she's got a cunt.

Before he knew what he was doing Tom found himself walking to the counter. He sat next to Joyce, his eyes on her big tits.

"Oh, hi, Tom," she said when she noticed him.

"Hi," Tom said.

Joyce had been in one of Tom's classes, so they talked about school and some of the kids they knew.

Tom liked talking to Joyce. He couldn't see why she wasn't popular, and he was beginning to feel excited about the possibility of getting something from her.

As far as Tom knew, no one had ever tried to fuck Joyce; she was of an unknown quality. Tom felt like an explorer in some remote part of the world.

When Joyce finished her ice cream, Tom asked her to go for a walk. She agreed.

As they paid their bills Tom adjusted the lump in his pants so he could walk comfortably. He led her toward the creek where he and Jack had seen the fucking couple. Soon they were walking though fields of tall grass where they could lie down and not be seen.

But how do I make the switch from strolling to necking? Tom thought. He didn't want to use the same technique on Joyce that he'd used on Gail, and not only because it hadn't worked. Joyce was a different type, Tom knew, so she had to be handled differently.

He decided that taking her hand would be the first step. He looked at her hand swinging by her side. What would she think if he took her hand suddenly? Tom wondered. He decided that would be the best way to let her know what was on his mind, but he delayed, it wasn't that easy.

"Let's walk over to the creek," Joyce suggested. "Yeah, okay," Tom said. He was still glancing at her hand, and suddenly decided to reach for it.

With all his courage gathered, he took the swinging hand.

As soon as Tom felt Joyce's cool hand in his, he was given a surprise. Joyce not only let him hold her hand, but she held his hand eagerly, her finger intertwining with his. She looked at him with a warm smile.

Tom was flabbergasted, this was almost toe easy! Of course he hadn't gotten anywhere yet, but so far he couldn't have asked for more. Since she was letting him hold her hand, Tom figured she would at bent kiss him.

They arrived at the creek and sat down on the bank. Tom hadn't loosened his grip on her hand, and Joyce was still holding his hand as tightly as ever.

Tom hadn't thought of a thing to say since he'd taken Joyce's hand. Since he was so eager to try his luck he simply turned his face to Joyce and leaned toward her.

Their lips met. Tom was amazed at how well Joyce could kiss. She kissed him better than any of the girls who went to the Saturday movies and sat with boys.

"You're a good kisser," Tom told her win they parted.

"So are you," Joyce said.

Tom let go of her hand and put his arms around her, and they kissed again. This time they both opened their mouths, and their tongues came together eagerly.

Tom could feel Joyce's giant tits pressing against his chest. Her saliva was sweet, and she seemed to be after the same thing he was.

Tom couldn't believe that he had never thought of trying to neck with Joyce before today. How many other chicks remained untried like Joyce?

Tom could feel Joyce's body under his hands. He had a hand on her back just above her ass, and another on her hip. Not very exciting territory, he knew, but just having this chick in his arms and his tongue in her mouth was fabulously exciting to a horny kid.

After kissing for a while Tom decided that it was time to lunge for the huge mound of her tits, so he thrust his tongue, deeply into her mouth, held her tighter, and began moving his hand up from her hip.

Tom's fingers traveled over the material of Joyce's blouse. He felt the fleshiness of her body, and then his fingers met the swelling of her tit.

Tom stopped his hand when he came to the bottom of one globe. He wasn't sure if Joyce was going to stop him, but he moved his hand up onto the firm boob anyway.

"M-m-m-m-m," Joyce hummed into Tom's mouth when he squeezed her tit.

She likes it, Tom told himself. He couldn't have been happier.

He had never had such a large jug in his hands before, and he could tell immediately that she wasn't wearing a bra. The heavy flesh of her tit rested in Tom's hand as his fingers buried themselves into the jellied softness.

Tom once gain remembered the couple that he and Jack had watched near here a few days ago. He knew that with luck he and Joyce could re-enact that scene.

Tom pushed Joyce back until they were lying side by side. When he felt how her tit lay on her chest in the new position he felt a thrill rush through him.

Tom massaged the soft tit, he felt the nipple stiffen against his palm. He took the stiff bud of her nipple between his thumb and index finger and rolled it around.

Pressing the lump of his prick against Joyce's hip, Tom felt his jism coming to a boil. But the tit in his hand was calling for more attention, so Tom struggled with the buttons of Joyce's blouse until they yielded. He slipped his hand inside.

Now he was holding her naked tit. It was much more exciting, Tom found, to hold her jug without her blouse in the way. The skin of those round beauties was so incredibly smooth!

Tom opened the blouse so that Joyce's tits were exposed to the light of day, and then lifted his face and gazed down at them.

"You're beautiful," Tom gasped. As he stared at the white tits with their dark, stiff nipples, they seemed to be staring back at him.

"Oh, Tom," Joyce moaned. "Kiss my tits."

That was just what Tom had in mind. His face dropped to one of her nipples. His mouth opened and he began sucking hungrily.

Joyce wrapped her arms around Tom's head, holding his face so firmly against her huge boob that he couldn't breath. Tom took a quick breath as he moved his head from one gorgeous globe to the other.

Tom felt as though he were swimming in a heavenly softness. He was gobbling as much tit-flesh into his mouth as he could, and his tongue was fluttering over the stiff nipple. With his mouth full of tit and Joyce clutching at him, Tom had never been so aroused.

As he sucked those lovely knockers his face became smeared with his own saliva, and he experimented with these new toys. Holding them together, he wedged his face between them. Then he moved her tits around to see how far they could travel over her chest.

Tom was learning a quick lesson in anatomy, but he was an eager student and wanted to move on to the next lesson.

Still stuffing his mouth and hands with Joyce's firm tits, he reached for one of her thighs. When he rested his hand on the thick thigh he felt her body twitch.

"Oh, Tom," Joyce moaned. "Oh-h-h-h-h." Tom couldn't believe how passionate Joyce sounded. She was having as much fun as he, and that meant that she wouldn't stop him -- or so Tom hoped.

His fingers began sliding along her blue jeans-covered thigh. Tom neared her crotch, Tom thought he could feel heat radiating from her cunt.

"Uh-h-h-h-h," Joyce groaned when the boy's fingers pressed into her crotch.

Tom couldn't feel much through the thick folds of the denim that protected her crotch, but he could feel the incredible heat.

Having his fingers right on Joyce's cunt, but held back by her jeans, was very frustrating for Tom. He would have liked to ask her to take her pants off, but he knew that was unheard of for teens their age.

The only way he was going to get at her naked cunt was to creep slowly into her pants with his fingers. Meanwhile he would have to keep her climbing the ladder of lust.

Tom moved up beside Joyce's face so he could kiss her mouth -- that way he could keep her gagged so she couldn't tell him to stop.

He leaned on her too, pinning her to the ground. The more incapacitated she became, the better his chances would be, he figured.

"M-m-m-m-m," Joyce moaned as she sucked his tongue so deeply into her mouth it hurt.

Tom didn't care about a little pain. He moved his fingers up to the button on Joyce's jeans. He was so excited that the button became the most important thing in the world.

Don't stop me, don't stop me, please, don't stop me, Tom was screaming inside his head.

She didn't stop him.

The button of her jeans opened under his fingers, and Tom could feel the pit of her belly button.

But the treasure he was after was still out of reach. As Tom pulled down the zipper of her pants, though, the tender skin of her lower belly lay exposed to his fingers.

A thrilling sense of victory began to fill Tom as his fingers met the elastic waistband of Joyce's undies. Now he knew he was getting close!

Joyce was beginning to wiggle in Tom's embrace, and nothing like this had ever happened to the boy before. At first he didn't know what to make of it, but then he remembered how the chick he'd seen getting fucked wiggled and squirmed.

Tom began to think he was actually going to get fucked, and the thought filled him with wild excitement.

His prick, trapped in his pants, was still pressed against Joyce's side. His cock was getting a real treat with the way she was squirming.

Meanwhile, Tom's fingers slid down Joyce's belly under her silky panties. Soon his fingers found the top of her pubic goatee.

Tom gasped deep breaths through his nose as he continued trading tongues with the squirming chick, and as his fingers slid over her cunt he became almost delirious with passion.

Although it was getting rather tight down there in Joyce's crotch, Tom did manage to reach her cunt.

"Ow-w-w-w-w-w," Joyce gasped as soon as Tom's finger parted her hairy cunt-lips. Her hips began twitching and jerking, and Tom's prick was being squeezed in his pants as the soft side of Joyce's hip ground against him.

Cramming his hand as far into her pants as he could, Tom was finally able to reach up her flowing cuntal sleeve.

Exploring that narrow chamber was the highlight of Tom's life. This is what he'd been dreaming about for years, but until that moment a girl's pussy seemed as remote as the moon.

Tom remembered a friend who said that once you finger-fucked a chick, you could fuck her. Tom hoped it was true.

The interior of Joyce's twat was amazing to the newcomer. The lining of that cave was satin smooth and running with hot, slippery fluid. Tom could tell that this tunnel was, custom-made to hold a hard cock.

Joyce was responding! She clung to Tom's neck as though her life depended on it. Her hips pumped and writhed, and in her sexy motion her tits wobbled and rolled on her chest.

Tom lifted his face from hers to get a glimpse of a chick in heat. He saw Joyce's lustful expression and the way her tits danced, but she pulled his face into the nape of her neck as though she didn't want to be seen in her tit of passion.

"Oh, Tom, Tom," Joyce cried hoarsely. "It feels so GOOD!"

The girl's words made Tom proud of himself. "I've never been so excited," he admitted breathlessly.

That was true -- too true. Just as Tom drilled her cunt with his finger his prick was being rubbed between his belly and the cotton of his shorts as Joyce's hip wiggled violently against him.

It was just too much for Tom to have his prick undergo that sort of stimulation as excited as he was, and although he began to feel the joy of an imminent orgasm he didn't take it as a warning.

"Uh-h-h-h-h, uh-h-h-h-h-h," he began grunting.

When he realized what was happening it was already too late. Even if he had wanted to he couldn't have pulled his throbbing crotch away horn Joyce's thrashing hip in time.

Suddenly, Tom was in the grip of pure ecstasy. His long middle finger kept stirring the juice in Joyce's twat, but his mind was short-circuiting with climactic rapture.

Only when Tom had passed the peak of his joy and felt the hot wetness bathing his prick did he fully realize what had happened.

It seemed that Joyce knew what happened too. Suddenly Tom felt terrible. He had come in his pants on the verge of getting fucked.

Now he pulled his crotch from Joyce's side and looked down at himself. Joyce looked too. There was a huge wet spot on his jeans, and there was a smaller wet spot on Joyce's side.

"Wow, you really must have been hot," Joyce said understandingly.

"Yeah," Tom said. "I got some of it on your pants. I'm sorry."

"That's okay," Joyce said. "But please keep fingering me!"

Tom had stopped moving his finger around in Joyce's cunt when he came, but his finger was still lying in the grip of her tunnel. Like a real trooper, Tom began massaging the interior of her twat again. Joyce immediately began writhing again.

"Don't look at me!" she said as she tried to pull Tom's face down beside hers.

"But I want to," he protested. "You look so nice!"

Joyce relented and let Tom watch her in the throes of sexual passion. He'd never seen anything like it.

"O-o-o-o-o!" Joyce squealed.

Tom saw her lift her shoulders from the ground as she curled up in ecstasy, but when he felt the tunnel of her cunt tightening with spasms on his finger Tom was really amazed. She was coming, and it was his own finger that was causing it!

Tom watched in awe as Joyce came. Her face was tightly knotted in an expression of extreme lust. She let a high-pitched squeal escape from her open mouth, and her body shivered crazily.

Then her dint stopped contracting and she relaxed. In fact she seemed to melt in. Tom's embrace.

"Oh, that was nice," she said...

Tom pulled his finger from her cave, but he kept his hand on the fuzzy mound of her cunt. "Do you ever do that to yourself?" he asked.

Joyce looked at him for a few seconds before nodding.

Tom was glad to know that a chick had to masturbate too. "Gee, I'm a mess," Tom said, looking down at his pants again. "How can I even walk home like this?"

"I'll walk with you," Joyce said. "If we see anyone we know, I'll stand between you and them."

Tom was glad she was being so helpful, and again he wondered why he hadn't thought of asking Joyce out long before this.

The cooling jism in his pants felt terrible, but before long Tom and Joyce had reached his house.

"Can we go back to the creek tomorrow?" he asked.

"I'd love to," Joyce said. "But I'm leaving for camp. I won't be home until August."

The news was very disappointing for Tom. "Let's go out tonight then," he said.

"I can't," Joyce said. "My parents are taking me out to dinner."

Tom knew then that he had blown his chance. "But I'll be looking forward to seeing you when I get home from camp," Joyce said.

"Yeah," Tom said.

They stood there for a few seconds. Tom wanted to kiss her, but he was afraid his mother might see. He didn't want her asking about this girl.

They said goodbye, and as Joyce walked down the street Tom felt as far from getting fucked as ever.

But he had fingered her, and he'd seen her come; that was something.

As he walked into the house he happened to scratch his nose, and the discovery that the odor of Joyce's cunt was still fresh on his finger made him so excited he ran to his room and jerked off.

Chapter FIVE

Now that Beth was wild with the image of her son's jerking off, and Tom was reliving the finger-fucking he gave Joyce, mother and son were both sizzling with horniness.

Whenever they were in the same room they would stare at each other's bodies with unconcealed interest. Tom even went so far as to drop his fork at dinner, then duck under the table to retrieve it only to take a peek at his mother's crotch in the dim light under her skirt. Of course he couldn't see much under those circumstances, but it was the kinky pleasure of doing something so weird that excited him.

Beth was no better. She constantly watched her son's crotch, and when Tom got a good view of his mother's tits swaying in her blouse Beth would be treated to the sight of his cock swelling under the material of his pants.

And so it went with mother and son hiding their lust from each other while secretly longing for the glory of each other's bodies.

While admiring each other each continued to vent their passion in the usual ways. Beth would go out and pick up young guys, and Tom would look at his magazines and jerk off.

Although Tom had washed his hand after fingering Joyce he still had his memory of the odor to excite him.

Beth was finding, however, that the young studs she was picking up were satisfying her less and less. Even when she found a guy with an especially large cock or some special skill, she would be disappointed. She hungered for something else, something more.

One night she went to a local singles' bar with her girlfriend Peggy. Since Peggy was, at least as wild as Beth, it was assured that they would wind up with some action.

Peggy spotted a couple of young guys who looked eager, but Beth liked some other boys. They argued over which guys to choose.

"I'm looking at one of them right now," Peggy said as he smiled across the room. "And he's smiling back."

"Yeah, but his friend looks dull," Beth said. "But look at the three guys over there; they've been looking at us."

"Well, I'm going to see if I can lure this kid over here to ask me to dance," Peggy said.

Sure enough, before long the boy Peggy had been smiling at came over and asked her to dance.

Beth watched her friend dancing with the teen. She looked great, but Beth wasn't jealous; they were best friends, and Beth was confident of her own sex appeal.

True, Peggy was the better dancer. Beth couldn't help wishing that she could dance as well.

Peggy was wearing a ridiculously low-cut dress, and when she danced her tits did a dance of their own. Peggy's tight dress showed off her ass perfectly, and it was a sensational ass. Although she didn't admit it, Beth was even turned on by it.

Soon one of the boys Beth had her eye on came over and asked her to dance. She accepted happily. As Beth danced she kept giving the guy sexy smiles. He couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, because Beth was also wearing a very low neckline that showed the overflowing tops of her tits. They shimmered as she shook her body to the music.

Peggy brought her dancing partner back to the table with her. Beth met the boy and had to admit he was nice.

Then one of the other boys from the group Beth had been watching came over to ask her to dance. After a few more dances, the two chicks found themselves with five boys at their table. They loved all the attention they were getting.

The boys took turns dancing with the two horny chicks, and the chicks made them glad they waited their turn.

Before long the band was taking a break, and Beth and Peggy slipped their shoes off so they could slip their toes up the boys' pant legs. They even grabbed the boys' thighs.

That made the boys gather closer. Those across the table were leaning over, it, and those at three girls' sides put their arms around them and reached for their thighs.

"What's your name again?" Beth asked one of them. "Oh, yes. And how old did you say you were? Gee, you look older than nineteen."

The girls kept the boys talking eagerly.

Everyone in the place was aware of the sensation Beth and Peggy were making. Their table was a constant source of giggles and laughter.

The band began to play again but the girls refused to dance until the band played a slow number. Then they danced with the guys in turn, and dancing slowly gave them a chance to give the teens some real fun.

If they had been conspicuous while sitting at her table, they were much more so when dancing.

The girls clutched the boys tightly against them, the boys held the girls by their asses and wound their cocks into the girls' stomachs.

Whenever one boy cut in on another the retreating boy would shove his hands into his pockets to disguise the bulging lump of his stiff cock.

The boys weren't the only ones getting excited. Both girls could feel the hot juice of their pussies vetting their thighs, and their stiff nipples could be seen poking bumps on their dresses.

The next time the band stopped they pawed each other madly.

"Hey, we're going to get thrown out of here if you keep this up," Peggy said as one of the boys reached up her dress.

"It wouldn't be the first time we've been asked to leave a joint," Beth said. By that time she had both feet climbing a boy's thigh and her hands were between another's warm thighs. One boy had his arm around her and was holding her tit, an other tit was being approached by a boy sitting behind her.

Peggy was similarly swarmed by horny fingers but when the girls noticed that the boys were shoving each other in an effort to get closer, they knew something had to be done.

"Now let's not push and shove," Peggy said.

"No," Beth agreed. "There's enough for all."

The waitress came with another round of drinks. At first she had smiled at the goings-on, but now she was frowning. After all, it was a nice joint, and Beth and Peggy were turning it into a whorehouse.

"No, I don't think I will have another," Beth said to the waitress.

"Me neither," Peggy said. "I think it's about time to get going?"

When the boys heard that, their frustration could be felt in the air.

Beth and Peggy could feel the boys' will frustration, and their cunts began drooling in earnest. They looked at each other with sly smile.

The boys reluctantly began to make way for the girls to leave, but just before turning, to go Peggy said, "Well, aren't you boys coming along?"

It took the boys a few seconds to understand, and then there was a scramble as they lined up behind the girls and followed them out.

"Lucky kids," someone said loud enough for the girls to hear.

"Give them one for me," someone else said.

Beth and Peggy loved the attention, and the boys were very proud. As they left the bar they looked like a class from a boys' school going on a field trip -- a kinky field trip.

"How about coming with us to my van?" one of the boys asked.

"Is there room for all of us?" Beth asked. "I think we should stick together."

Peggy smiled at Beth. They had fucked some guys as a team before, but never so many at one time.

"Sum there is," the boy with the van said. "And it's got wall-to-ceiling carpeting, and a stereo. There's wine, too, and I've got some grass. And..."

"Sounds good to me," Beth said, interrupting the excited boy.

"Yeah," Peggy said. "Let's go."

The boy led the group to his van, and they all climbed in.

The van was all that its owner claimed, but with seven people in it, it was rather crowded.

No one minded the tight tit. Beth and Peggy made themselves comfortable on the shag carpet that completely lined the interior of the van while the boys gathered around them.

Soon wine and marijuana were being passed around, and the lights were dimmed. Soft music began to fill the warm air, Beth and Peggy smiled at each other again, and in their smiles was the happy message that they were in heaven.

"How do you like my van?" the owner asked.

"Here's how," Beth said as she grabbed him and covered his mouth with her own.

The other boys watched in silent amazement. After all, they never before had two chicks like these in such circumstances.

Peggy grabbed a boy and kissed him. He responded by taking one of her tits into a firm embrace.

That seemed to trigger the other boys' passion. Suddenly, Beth and Peggy had hands all over them. Fingers slid down the tops of their dresses and up their thighs, and after the drinks and grass the sensation was multiplied.

"Um-m-m-m-m," Beth whispered as fingers entered her crotch.

"Wait," Peggy said to the swarm of boys on her. "Help me slip this dress off."

Beth opened her eyes, and looking past the face pressed to hers she could see Peggy wiggling out of her dress. Two boys were helping her shed that tight garment.

Now a finger was separating Beth's pussy-lips. Mother hand was cupping one ass cheek, and both of her tits were being squeezed.

With all the attention her body was receiving, the sight of Peggy's tits emerging sent Beth into a state of rapture.

One tongue was replaced by another in Beth's mouth. She felt the straps of her dress pulled down from her shoulders. Then her tits were lifted out of her dress.

"O-o-o-o-o," Peggy sighed.

That sound filled Beth with lust, and she let out a moan of pleasure herself.

Suddenly, Beth was dragged down onto the floor of the van. Her dress was roughly shoved up her thighs and her legs were spread. She lifted her ass when she felt her undies being pulled down.

Although it was hard to see much in the dim, smoke-filled van, Beth knew that several boys were peering into her opened cunt. She could almost feel their horny eyes on her twat, and she loved the sensation.

"Oh-h-h-h-h," she gasped as she felt fingers pulling her cunt-lips apart. Then several fingers entered that soaking gash, exploring and massaging. "Fuck me," Beth heard herself say.

The sound of a zipper was heard, then another.

Lifting her head, Beth tried to see what was going on. She caught sight of Peggy, who was on her knees sucking a cock while another cock was probing her crotch from behind.

Then Beth felt a boy's bony hips between her thighs, and a blunt cock-head began stabbing at her cunt. In a tit of sexual greed Beth reached between her legs, grabbed the lunging prick and guided it to her hungry snatch.

"Uh-h-h-h," the boy gasped as his big rod slid high up Beth's twat.

"E-e-e-e-h-h-h-h," Beth sighed in harmony.

The boy began pumping clumsily, so Beth clamped her legs tightly around him, forcing him to follow the movements of her thrusting hips. While getting her cunt reamed with the hard meat, Beth was still ravaged by other boys' hands.

Her view was bid blocked when a boy leaned over her to suck her tits, using the same wild eagerness as the boy fucking her. That was one of the things Beth liked about these young guys.

Since Beth's cunt had been wet for over an hour a result of dancing and playing footsie with these kids-the prick in her sent waves of kinky joy through her immediately.

"Ah-h-h-h-h!" Beth cried. "Faster!"

The boy obeyed. His prick began to slide faster in and out of her gasping cunt.

As the fucking boy moved his hips back and forth Beth wiggled her hips from side to side to make the prick stir as well as pump in her cunt.

"Ah, ah, ah," the boy between Beth's legs began grunting.

Beth realized that he was about to come, and he was going to come before she -- typical of these young boys.

Beth tried to concentrate on her cunt so she could feel that explosion of steaming jism, and she thought she could feel it, even though her snatch was a burning pit of pure pleasure.

The cock slowed as the boy ran dry, but since Beth hadn't come yet she was in no mood to put up with a slowing fuck. She pushed the spent boy from between her legs gently but firmly.

"Someone else fuck me," she croaked in a spasm of ecstasy. "Quickly!"

She didn't have long to wait. Another boy, his pants pulled down, was waiting to fuck her, and he plugged his cock into her cunt almost immediately.

Soon Beth was climbing to orgasmic heights again.

Her climax was near now. The cock plunging in her clutching cunt was bigger than the last. Every stroke dragged her clit against the hard shaft, giving her an extra treat.

"Yeah-h-h-h-h!" Beth gasped. "Ah-h-h-h-h!"

When Beth's orgasm began to fade, the boy that was fucking her was still on his way. As his fat prick-knob pumped in Beth's still-tingling twat, she began climbing to another orgasm.

Besides the glory of constant fucking Beth had the pleasure of listening to Peggy's cries of ecstasy. Beth tried a few times to see what Peggy was doing that was making her cry out so desperately, but all she could see were two boys pumping their asses on Peggy's kneeling body.

Beth sank into the oblivion of sexual passion. Her second orgasm was blooming now, and she knew that her orgasms would come fast and hard now. They would melt into each other, and Beth would become delirious with profound bliss.

She was vaguely aware of cocks coming and going in her cunt, but when she felt a weight on her chest she opened her eyes. At first she thought the huge prick coming at her face was an illusion, but when she felt it at her lips she knew it was real.

Opening her mouth, she let the intruder in.

Now, with two pricks in her, Beth was out of control. Her hips jerked and her mouth sucked as though she were a sexual robot.

The only other thing Beth could be sure of in her heat was that she was rolled over at one point. A prick tried the back door of her crotch, and she clutched at the shag carpet as her ass was violated.

Slowly, ever so slowly Beth began to come back to reality.

Her cunt still buzzed and her ass hurt slightly, and she could still taste the cream that had been pumped into her mouth.

She looked around and saw the boys sitting back, relaxing. Most of them had pulled their pants up, but a few limp cocks still rested on their owners' thighs. Peggy was stretched out, her head resting on one boy's naked ass.

"Should we drive you over to your car?" one bay asked.

"Um, let me see," Beth said as she tried to clear her head.

Peggy began to stir and reached for her dress.

"Yeah, we're parked around back," Beth said.

Beth straightened her dress and helped Peggy back into hers, and as she tried to look halfway decent again Beth's fingers were moistened by spilled jism.

The van began moving, and Beth painted their car out to the boy who was driving.

Beth and Peggy said goodbye to the boys and quickly got into their own car. As they drove away they remained silent.

Finally Beth looked over at her friend. "Well, what did you think about that?" she asked.

"God, I don't ever remember coming like that before," Peggy said.

"Yeah, me too," Beth said. "Those young guys sure can fuck! But it's kind of weird, isn't it? I mean, it's perverted."

"So what?" Peggy said. "Where else could we get fucked like that? If it's perverted I'm gad to be a pervert!"

"Oh, I don't know," Beth sighed.

"What's the matter, honey?" Peggy asked. "You've always been the wildest chick I've ever known."

"I guess I'm getting tired of fucking strangers," Beth said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Peggy said.

Chapter SIX

Beth usually slept soundly after a fucking, so she was surprised that she couldn't sleep at all when Peggy dropped her off, especially considering all the cocks that had penetrated her that evening.

She was still feeling funny about being such a pervert. She had been acting this way for years and it had never bothered her before, but now there were other directions for her lust. Now her passion was directed toward a certain person.

When Beth admitted to herself who the object of her desire was she felt even more perverted, because she was hot for her own son!

Incest didn't seem any stranger than fucking a bunch of boys she'd never seen though. At least she and Tom knew each other, and she loved him. It would be wonderful to give the boy she truly loved the pleasure of her body.

The more she thought of it, the more she wanted the boy who lay asleep in the next room.

Finally, even though her cunt was still sore from the night's fucking, Beth put a finger up her cunt and relived the memory of watching Tom jerk off.

When Beth found that she felt the same the next day, she called Peggy. She had to talk about her secret lust.

They arranged to meet at Peggy's place that afternoon.

"What's up?" Peggy asked when Beth came in.

"I've got to talk with someone," Beth said as she paced back and forth in front of Peggy, who sat on the couch waiting to hear what her friend had to say.

As Beth began to speak she felt herself heating up. Just thinking about fucking Tom was enough to turn her cunt into a swamp.

"It's Tom," Beth began. "That is, it's Tom and I..."

That was all Beth said at first. She continued pacing.

"What are you talking about?" Peggy asked. Peggy's tone told Beth she was being melodramatic, but Beth couldn't help it. Fucking her own son was an important matter, and she couldn't be flippant.

"I want to fuck him," Beth cried suddenly. That took Peggy by surprise. She remained quiet.

"That's all I've been thinking about lately," Beth continued. "I even peeked at him jerking off last week, and now I can't get the sight of his stiff prick out of my mind."

"Gee, I don't know what to tell you," Peggy said. "I can see why you want to fuck him. He's a great-looking stud, but he's your son."

"Oh, Peggy," Beth said as she threw herself into her friend's arms.

Peggy held Beth tightly.

In the embrace of her best friend Beth couldn't help remembering how she had been turned on by Peggy's cries of lust in the van the night before. She remembered seeing Peggy being fucked.

Now Beth was really confused. She wanted to fuck her son, and now her girlfriend was turning her on too.

Not understanding what was happening to her Beth hugged Peggy. She put her tits into the hug, and feeling Peggy's firm, smaller tits sinking into her own huge mounds made her more excited than ever.

"Oh, Peggy," Beth moaned. "I'm a pervert. There's nothing I wouldn't do. Nothing!"

Peggy held onto Beth, and their tits were crushed into a heap of warm softness!

But Peggy was speechless, so she didn't even try to say anything.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?" Beth demanded. "Do you?"

"Well, I think so, but I can hardly believe it."

Still clinging to her friend, Beth looked Peggy in the eyes and saw passion.

Beth knew she wanted to plunge into lesbianism with Peggy, and it seemed that Peggy was willing. Still, she hesitated. After all, Peggy was her very best friend. She didn't want to spoil the friendship with perverted advances.

But as they stared into each other's eyes Beth became desperate for Peggy's body. At the same at time she became aware that Peggy would be willing to share her perverted desire.

Suddenly, Beth kissed Peggy, at first lightly, then more eagerly. When she felt Peggy's lips open and her tongue slip out, she almost burst with joy. Their tongues began to wrestle as their saliva ran together. As they squeezed each other tighter Beth could feel Peggy's erect nipples poking her in the tits.

As they feasted from each other's mouths the girls began to run their hands up and down each other's bodies. When they felt the soft tunes under their roaming hands they knew that they were doing the right thing.

"I can't help myself," Beth gasped.

"Don't even try," Peggy said. "I've been dreaming about this for a long time, but I could never tell you that I wanted to try this."

Peggy's words pierced Beth's body from her throat to her cunt. She couldn't have been happier.

They kissed again, and this time Beth sucked Peggy's tongue deep into her mouth.

Beth took one of Peggy's tits in her hand. She began squeezing and kneading the soft tit-flesh the same way she loved to have her own tits handled. Peggy responded by grabbing one of Beth's jugs.

"I've always loved your tits," Peggy said as her fingers sank into Beth's mammoth knocker.

"And I've always liked yours more than my own," Beth said. "I love the way they seem to turn up at the nipples."

Beth slipped her hand into Peggy's sweater and gasped when she took the bare tit into a firm grip. She'd never, felt another woman's tit before, and it was the loveliest thing she'd ever experienced.

After feeling Peggy's tits for a while Beth sat upright and unbuttoned her blouse. When she opened the blouse to, display her jugs to her friend, Beth felt like a true lesbian.

"Kiss my tits," she said.

The chicks had seen each other's naked bodies many times before when they had fucked guys and when they changed their clothes together. Now the sight of Beth's tits had a powerful effect on Peggy.

Peggy stared open-mouthed at the sight of Beth's heavy tits, and Beth could see the lust in her friend's eyes.

Before diving into those mounds Peggy's fingers curled as though she already had her hands full of Beth's gorgeous tits. It was as though Peggy was waiting until she couldn't resist any longer.

"Oh-h-h-h," Peggy whispered as she leaned forward.

Beth threw her head back and her eyes sagged shut as she felt Peggy caressing her tits.

Peggy took a heavy globe in each hand, and lifted them as though comparing their weights. Then, ducking her head, she kissed each nipple.

She kissed the nipples a second time, but added a lick of her wet tongue to the erect buttons.

Beth wrapped her arms around Peggy's head and fell back. Peggy was dragged down on Beth's reclining body and her face sank into Beth's tits as they spread out on her chest.

"Uh-h-h-h-h," Beth sighed as she rocked her body from side to side.

Beth had experienced countless mouths wrapped around her nipples, but she'd never felt any tit-sucking like Peggy was giving. Maybe it was because Peggy sucked her tits with a feminine gentleness, or maybe it was the thrill of breaking the lesbian barrier.

In any case, Beth was soon flying in the electrified air of outrageous lust.

Beth began clawing at Peggy's sweater, puffing it up over her body. Peggy took her mouth from Beth's jugs just long enough for her sweater to be pulled over her head, and now both chicks had their tits exposed.

Peggy began to suck Beth's tits again, but Beth soon pulled Peggy's face up to her own. She wanted to mash their tits together again now that they were bared.

The chicks kissed, and their knockers collided in a single heap.

Wrapping their arms around one another, they squeezed the quivering flesh of their tits together. Neither of them had ever imagined how thrilling it could be to feel another set of tits against their own.

Peggy, being very imaginative, took her tits into her hands and held them nipple-to-nipple to Beth's jugs.

Both women looked down as they held their tits and rubbed their nipples together. They were breathing so hard and so deeply that they both felt the other's hot breath on their tits, which added to their passion. Then they shoved their jugs into a single pile of soft whiteness again, and added their grasping hands to the compressed boobs.

"Oh, Beth," Peggy gasped. "If I knew how wonderful this could be I would have done this years ago!"

"Yeah," Beth panted. "This is fabulous!"

"Let's take our slacks off," Peggy begged.

At that suggestion they pulled their tits from each other and stood, trembling with perverted excitement.

Watching each other closely, they began unfastening their slacks.

Peggy was faster at stripping, so Beth watched her friend pull down her pants. Peggy was slim, and she looked great in her transparent bikini panties.

Beth could see Peggy's dark pubic patch, and the sight of her cunt sent a shiver through her. After all, Peggy would expect Beth to sink her fingers into her snatch, and Beth was shaking at the very thought.

Then Beth began to wiggle out of her slacks. She felt the wet crotch of her panties cooling in the air of the room.

By the time Beth had pulled her slacks off Peggy had kicked her underpants across the room. Beth gasped at the sight of Peggy standing stark naked a few feet away.

"God, you're so beautiful!" Beth said to her naked friend.

Peggy didn't return the complement, at least not in words.

She dropped to her knees in front of Beth instead, and grabbed Beth's panties and pulled them down.

"O-o-o-o-o," Beth sighed as she felt Peggy's fingernails scrape along her thighs as she dragged the panties down.

Peggy left Beth's panties around her ankles, and wrapped her arms around Beth's hips. Then, pressing her cheek to Beth's hairy mound, she squeezed her tightly.

"Peggy, you're wonderful," Beth gasped as she trembled with lust.

"You're trembling," Peggy said.

"I know. I've never been so excited."

Peggy stood, sliding her pointy tits slowly up Beth's body. When their tits were pressed together again they kissed, and they ground their cunts together and grabbed the other's ass. Both found that holding a woman's ass could be as exciting as squeezing her tits. Women's asses were as different from men's as tits were from a flat, hairy chest.

"Come to the couch," Peggy whispered.

They shook with anticipation as they lay down beside each other on the couch.

Although Beth started this lesbian play it was Peggy who proved to be more eager. She began kissing Beth's tits again, and then her hand held the hairy curve of Beth's twat.

Beth wanted to stick a finger into Peggy's cunt too, but with Peggy sucking her tits she couldn't reach Peggy's crotch, so she had to busy her hands by holding Peggy's firm jugs.

Peggy didn't linger at Beth's tits, though, and when Beth realized what her friend was after she spread her legs and began panting.

Peggy moved between Beth's spread thighs. "You have such a gorgeous cunt," Peggy said as she stared into Beth's crotch.

"Oh, Peggy," Beth gasped. "I..."

When Peggy reached out and spread the lips of Beth's twat, she stopped talking. She sucked a deep breath into her lungs as her back arched in lust.

There was something definitely thrilling about having another chick peering into her opened cunt, Beth knew. When Peggy slipped a finger up her drooling cave, Beth learned the full splendor of lesbianism. No man had ever finger-fucked her so beautifully. Beth lifted her legs so that Peggy could reach even higher up her twat.

"Uh-h-h-h-h!" Beth cried. "Peggy, you do that better than anyone else ever has!"

"Your cunt is so nice and tight," Peggy said as she continued examining that twat with her finger and eyes. "I've had my finger up my own cunt so often, but it's fabulous to have it up another woman's cunt."

"Oh, Peggy," Beth said. "Are you going to... to eat me?" Beth knew it was strange to ask, but she couldn't bear the suspense.

"Yes," Peggy said as she smiled at Beth. "Are you in a hurry?"

"No, but I had to know."

After a bit more finger Peggy lowered her face to Beth's gaping pussy.

Beth lifted her head to watch her friend eating her. She saw Peggy stick her tongue out, but then the lower half of her face disappeared below the hairy horizon of Beth's crotch.

When Beth felt the first touch of Peggy's soft tongue in her gash she threw her head back on the arm of the couch. "Oh, God!" she screamed.

Peggy, a beginner at cunt-lapping, moved her tongue carefully around the inner lips of Beth's pussy. She watched the results on Beth's face by peeking up and over her stomach.

Peggy noticed that Beth was affected most when she stuck her tongue up Beth's juicy cunt, so she drilled her tongue as high up as she could. She loved tasting the juice as it ran between her legs.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," Beth began squealing in a high-pitched whine.

Beth's body squirmed and wiggled. Despite her long and varied sexual past this was her finest moment.

Peggy was learning fast. She had already mastered the deep tonguing technique, and now she was working on her clit-licking. As she watched Beth's reaction she fluttered her tongue over the hard bud hidden among the wet folds of cunt-flesh.

In a kinky inspiration Peggy reached up and took Beth's flailing tits in her hands. She was amazed at the way the huge knockers moved so violently. Her own smaller tits could never shake like that, she knew.

By that time Peggy was experimenting with her tongue. She traced the wiggling inner lips, then gave Beth's clit a tickle and then slid her tongue up her cunt. She repeated that motion several times and then reversed it.

"I'm going to come!" Beth cried through clenched teeth. "Suck my clit. Oh-h-h-h-h!"

Peggy began to lick, and use her lips on Beth's clit, and as she pinched the flesh around the hard kernel of Beth's clit between her lips Peggy realized that she could actually suck the clit right into her mouth.

When she did that Beth reacted by going absolutely wild. "E-e-e-e-e-h-h-h-h!" she screamed as she flailed her arms and kicked her feet.

Peggy had never seen a woman come with such forceful, wild thrashing, and when she realized that she had given Beth such a great climax with her own tongue she felt a solid wave of perverted pride.

"No more!" Beth suddenly hollered. She pushed Peggy's face away from her crotch when she could stand no more, and Peggy lifted her wet face and smiled in triumph.

"Oh, Peggy," Beth gasped breathlessly. "You were great."

"I loved it," Peggy said as she wiped the syrup from her mouth with her hands. Then Peggy lay down beside Beth again, took Beth's hand and guided it to her cunt.

Finally Beth was exploring Peggy's twat, and it was thrilling to slide her fingers around in that slippery envelope.

Beth never realized until now that Peggy had the type of pussy where the inner lips protruded from the hairy outer lips, and she found that to be an exciting variation from her own twat.

When Beth finger-fucked the hot pit of Peggy's pussy she realized that her own cunt was tighter, but it was wonderful to have her finger up her best friend's cunt.

"Oh-h-h-h," Peggy moaned. "I'm so glad you wanted to do this."

"So am I," Beth said. "And I'm glad you like it, because I sure do."

Before long, Beth's mouth was moving down Peggy's body on her way to her pussy, her heart pounding with the excitement of what she was about to do.

When Peggy's cuntal odor drifted to her nostrils Beth grew more eager, but she found that she wanted to gaze into Peggy's cunt for a while, just as Peggy had gazed into hers.

Beth's mouth was watering, and she soon lowered her face to Peggy's waiting cunt.

The first taste of that wet slot convinced Beth that cunt-lapping was for her, and as she moved her tongue around in Peggy's pussy, Beth lost herself in lesbian lust. Before she knew what was happening Peggy was thrashing about wildly.

Peggy had an orgasm to equal the one she gave Beth.

For a long time, the newly-initiated lesbians lay in each other's arms.

"I can never thank you enough," Peggy finally said. "If you hadn't come here today I might never have known how wonderful making it with another woman could be."

"It was wonderful," Beth agreed. "But I wonder if this will have any effect on my lust for Tom?"

"Well, any time you get the urge to fuck your son come over here," Peggy said. "I'll suck your pussy till you forget him."

When Beth left Peggy she really thought she had cured herself of her incestuous longing, but she was about to find this was riot true.

Chapter SEVEN

The next time Beth saw her son she knew that she wasn't cured. Later that evening Beth found Tom as sexy and attractive as ever.

She tried to think about her cunt-lapping session with Peggy, but that only made it worse. If sucking a pussy hadn't cured her of her need to fuck her son, nothing would, she figured.

It seemed that Beth had come to the point where she would have to choose between actually fucking Tom or resigning herself to constant horniness.

Beth left Tom in the living room watching TV and went to her room to think things over.

Of course if she knew how Tom had watched her ass wiggle as she left the room and how he had pulled his prick out right there on the couch as he thought about her, her decision would be easier.

In her room Beth paced back and forth and looked at herself in the mirror.

Would he want to fuck me? Beth asked herself. As she looked at her reflection she was confident that he would. Au she would have to do would be to flash her naked body at the boy and he would be her slave. Beth understood the horniness of young boys.

But what would happen after she first fucked him? Beth could only imagine how wonderful it would be to have a young boy right in her own house who she could turn to for a fuck whenever she wanted.

And if the boy wanted to stop fucking her at some future date? Beth thought that at least her incestuous urge might be cured by then.

But incest was simply wrong. She didn't know why it was, but everybody knew that it was wrong.

Lying was wrong too, as was stealing, but sometimes you had to lie or steal. If anyone ever had to commit incest, she did.

It didn't take long for Beth to convince herself that she was going to indulge her kinky desires.

But how? She couldn't treat her son as just another young stud... or could she?

Beth began to consider all the ways she could get her son into her bed. She could show him her naked body, and it could be done so it seemed like an accident.

Then when the boy was wild with lust he would gladly fall into her arms.

Or she could spy on him, and when he began jerking off the next time she could stumble in on him, again as if by accident. Tom would be easy prey with his hard prick in his hand.

On the other hand Beth could go into the living room right now and sit down next to him. She could tell him how much she longed to fuck him. He couldn't turn down such a straight forward approach.

As she mulled over these possibilities she grew outrageously horny, and it was soon clear that she would have to put her last plan into effect immediately, or rub off to buy more time.

Going into the living room to tell the boy that she needed to fuck him was a bigger step than Beth was ready to take, so she watched the mirror as she began peeling off her blouse.

She would rub herself off again, hoping that soon she wouldn't need to satisfy herself this way much longer. Soon she would be able to call her son to come and fuck her.

Meanwhile she had to relieve the lust she'd generated with her planning.

When her blouse was off she cupped her big tits in her hands. It seemed as though she was wringing juice from her cunt by squeezing her jugs. There must have been some connection, because her pussy was oozing freely.

Dropping one tit, Beth grabbed her crotch. She was still wearing her slacks, but holding her cunt was fun nevertheless.

When she felt the moisture of her pussy through her slacks she decided it was time to dig deeper, so she quickly pulled down her pants and undies.

She watched her cunt appear in the mirror and was reminded of her lesbian fun with Peggy that afternoon, but the memory didn't diminish her lust for her son.

When Beth was completely naked she looked closely at her body in the mirror. She was sure that Tom would be struck dumb by the sight.

What she didn't know, however, was that Tom was looking at her at that very moment.

When Beth had left her son in the living room he happened to be in an especially horny mood. At first he thought he would jerk off there on the couch, so he pulled his prick out and began to stroke it.

He decided that jerking off again wouldn't do. After all, he'd jerked off so much now that it had become as normal as breathing.

Tom followed his mother instead, and when he heard her bedroom door close he stood outside. He'd never done anything like this before, but the idea of peeking through his mother's keyhole thrilled him.

Of course he never dreamed that his mother had done the same thing to him. If he knew that his mother had watched him jerking off he wouldn't have felt nearly as perverted as he did right now.

When Tom knelt to put his eye to the keyhole he found that he had a pretty good view. His mother was pacing in and out of sight, but finally came to a stop before her dresser where Tom could see her clearly.

He wasn't prepared for what he saw next.

When Beth grabbed her own tits the boy was hit by a jolt of excitement like he'd never known, and by the time Beth had stripped, Tom was going wild. His prick was so hard and jerked so violently he was afraid it might burst. The boy couldn't help taking it into his fist and pumping the loose skin. But Tom hadn't seen anything yet.

Beth rolled her hips forward to give herself a view of her snatch in the mirror. She could see the white twin melons of her ass below and behind her fuzzy triangle, and the crack of her ass looked inviting.

But what she was interested in most was the soaking crack of her cunt and the clit hidden within.

Placing the fingers of each hand on the sides of her hairy mound, she separated the lips. Her cunt spread, and in the mirror Beth could see the pink interior. Her clit could be seen surrounded by the ridge of her inner lips as they met near the front of her gash.

On the other side of her door Tom wished he could see the view in the mirror, but he couldn't complain about the view he did have.

Tom was watching his mother from the side, and her profile was spectacular, especially when she thrust her hips out.

Her huge tits were resting on her chest and her ass sagged lusciously.

Tom couldn't believe what his mother was doing. Even though he liked to look at himself standing naked and hard in front of his mirror he thought it was odd behavior for a grown woman.

Little did he know that his mother was every bit as horny as he.

Beth began to move her fingers from the mound of her cunt to the spread slot. She felt her inner lips and stretched the entrance to her tunnel.

Tom couldn't see into his mother's crotch from his vantage point, but he did understand that she was tickling her pussy. He thought he must be the luckiest kid in the world.

Beth reached up with one hand and grabbed a tit, which left only one hand to take care of her cunt.

She fucked herself with a long middle finger, and at the same time began tickling her clit with her thumb. The fingers in her cunt soon had her whole body shimmering.

If Tom thought he had already seen something wonderful, suddenly he saw an amazing sight because Beth's ass and tits began bouncing. Tom had never seen such an exciting motion as his mother's ass cheeks waving like a flag in a wind storm, and the tit that she left hanging free while she held its twin shimmied crazily.

The show was getting wilder by the minute.

Beth pushed the tit she held up toward her face. Her head lowered, and Tom saw the incredible sight of his mother sucking her own nipple.

By that time the boy was shivering with lust too, and his hand was pumping on his prick. He tried to keep his hand moving slowly so he could enjoy coming, but that was impossible.

Hearing his mother's cry of passion was all Tom needed to trigger his climax. Bullets of jism sprang from his cock and hit his mother's door. He finished coming, but the sight through the keyhole kept his prick hand, and his lust raging.

Meanwhile, Beth's body was shaking violently. Tom could see that she was going to come soon.

Tom thought he could make himself come again if he kept hit fist pumping. This opportunity was much too good to waste on a single orgasm.

As she continued fingering her pussy Beth began turning so that she could get different views of her body, and that gave the kid at her keyhole other views too.

She turned her back on her son, and Tom thrilled at the sight of her ass cheeks shaking.

Below her flapping cheeks he could see her hand as it reached into her cunt.

Then Beth gave herself another turnaround. While she admired her other profile in the mirror Tom had a frontal of the masturbating woman.

Her cunt was covered by the back of the hand that worked on it, but her tits could be seen to their best advantage.

Beth still held one tit up to her face, and Tom could see how she stuck her tongue out and licked the pink nipple. He could also see how the heavy globe sat on her hand and protruded between her clutching fingers.

The other tit, of course, was freely bouncing and shaking.

Tom could already feel another orgasm growing in him, and he knew he would never forget the unbelievable sight he was witnessing.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," Beth moaned as she dropped the tit from her mouth. She faced the mirror again and staggered toward the dresser beneath it. Still rubbing her twat with all her might, she leaned over the dresser, supporting herself with her free hand.

She began howling and shaking. Tom knew he was watching his mother in the grip of an orgasm.

After shaking and trembling, Beth's body slowed and went limp. Her hand dropped from her crotch, but she still leaned over her dresser as she panted in exhaustion.

Tom was still pumping his but since he'd had an orgasm less than five minutes before, the next orgasm was long in coming. Even the sight of Beth rubbing off couldn't make Tom come twice in five minutes.

Tom kept trying though. Even after his mother staggered out of sight, he kept pounding his prick.

Stuck between orgasms, his head buzzing with the sight he'd seen, Tom forgot the danger of being caught. That was unfortunate because the next thing he knew, the doorknob near his forehead turned, and the door swung open.

There wasn't much Tom could do to disguise his actions. He looked in horror at the woman who towered above him, his prick still throbbing in his hand. His pants were pulled down to his knees.

"Oh-h-h-h!" Beth gasped in surprise.

For several seconds both mother and son froze, then Beth shut her door and Tom jumped up. He pulled his pants up quickly and ran to his room.

Tom wished he could disappear from the face of the earth. How could he ever face his mother again after being caught like that?

If she'd only been changing her clothes it might be different, but he'd watched her rubbing off! If his mother had peeked at him jerking off, Tom thought, he would never forgive her. Naturally he didn't know she had seen him jerking off, and what he didn't know couldn't hurt him.

Beth knew she had been seen in her secret practice. She couldn't blame the boy without blaming herself for peeking at him, and she knew the desperation that drove Tom to peek at her. But Beth couldn't help feeling as Tom did. How could she ever face him again?

Chapter EIGHT

Beth knew that it was up to her to patch things up, if that was possible. Besides, talking to her son about his voyeurism seemed like a possibility for kinky enjoyment.

Beth took a deep breath, then opened the door. She went to Tom's room and knocked.

Tom didn't answer.

"Tom, we'd better talk about this," she said.

No answer.

Beth opened the boy's door. He was lying face down on his bed.

"Tom, don't be embarrassed," Beth said. "I know how it is for a kid your age. I don't blame you for peeking through my keyhole."

Tom remained quiet. Beth went to his bed and sat on the edge.

"So you saw me masturbating," Beth said. "Even grown women do it, especially if they don't have a man around."

Beth reached out and touched Tom on the shoulder, but she felt him recoil.

She couldn't think of anything else to say that might make the boy feel better. Of course she could admit that she had peeked through his keyhole too, but she couldn't quite bring herself to do that.

"Really, honey, I don't mind your seeing me rubbing off," Beth continued. "We can't on living together without talking to each other."

But the boy remained in a cocoon of silence.

Beth didn't think that Tom was still feeling horny, but he was. As soon as she entered his room his passion returned. Even Tom was amazed at himself, but the chick he'd just watched rubbing off was sitting on his bed, and he felt a powerful longing to grab her.

In fact, one reason Tom was so withdrawn was because he was afraid he might grab his mother's tits if he let himself even look at her.

Beth was getting desperate though. She was afraid that if Tom didn't talk to her now, their relationship might be permanently damaged. Finally, she decided to play her hump card.

"I have an admission to make," Beth said solemnly.

She waited a few seconds while she gathered her courage.

"I peeked through your keyhole once too," she sail softly, "and I saw you jerking off."

That did it. Tom spun around and looked at his mother with shocked surprise.

"So I understand exactly how you feel," Beth said. "When I peeked in at you I was so horny I couldn't help myself. I know you felt the same way."

"You peeked through my keyhole?" Tom asked in amazement.

"Yes. So you see, we're even," Beth said. Now that Tom knew his mother had witnessed his jerking off he felt an even stronger attraction for her. He wondered if she had seen one of his more outlandish jerk-off sessions or simply one of the usual where he merely looked at a skin magazine and pumped his prick.

It didn't matter. All that mattered now was the desperation that Tom had after seeing this woman rub herself off.

Beth was thinking the same thing. If she'd only known that her son was at her keyhole she could have taken advantage of the situation, but flow it seemed like a standoff.

It was becoming clear to both of them that something was in the air. They were staring into each other's eyes, and the atmosphere was highly charged with lust.

Beth's robe suddenly fell open, exposing her tits. She made the slightest motion to close it, but then stopped herself.

Tom's eyes lowered from his mother's eyes to her chest, and Beth saw his eyes widen at the sight.

Neither of them would ever be able to explain it later, but suddenly something happened. All barriers suddenly fell, and the two horny people were freed from the restraints of the incest taboo.

They were in each other's arms, and their mouths came together in a hungry kiss. When they wrapped their tongues together they knew that their perverted dreams were about to come true.

Tom was confident that his mother's body was now his, so he didn't hesitate to slip a hand into her robe and capture a giant boob.

"Oh, Tom," Beth cried as she felt her son's fingers exploring her tit.

Just as she'd thought, having her own son in her arms was the most erotic experience of Beth's life. She didn't know why, but that's the way it was.

Of course, for Tom, grabbing a huge knocker was so fabulous that he didn't know if incest had anything to do with his excitement. He didn't have much to compare this experience with, but he did know that he was so excited he couldn't speak. All he could do was cling to his mother's tit and lick her opened mouth.

They lay on the bed and their legs intertwined like vines. As Tom ran his hands over his mother's jugs her robe opened completely. Having a naked body pressing against him, especially his mother's naked body, robbed Tom of whatever sense he had. Blindly and automatically Tom wiggled down to his mother's tits. He buried his face between them and began stuffing his mouth with her big globes of soft flesh.

Beth was only slightly in control. She understood what was happening, but didn't want to fight it. This is what she'd been obsessed with for weeks, and now that it was actually happening she had to go along with it.

Just as she'd imagined in her fantasies, Tom was a rough and wild lover. The inexperienced boy was biting her tits too hard, but Beth didn't tell him to ease up. The slight pain only made her pleasure grow.

Tom's fingers, as they dug into his mother's cunt, were greedy and persistent. He pulled the lips of her pussy apart and stuck his finger up her slot.

Beth felt as though a wild animal had caught her, but instead of terror, the experience filled her with incredible passion.

She knew Tom was being so clumsy that if he were anyone but her son, Beth would have thrown him out of bed. But he was her son, and for some perverted reason that fact gave Beth all the kinky pleasure she could want.

Tom soon had two fingers up his mother's twat. He stretched and reamed that narrow passage, and continued to gobble her tits as though he was starving.

Beth was losing patience, and began to tug at the boy's belt. Tom didn't help her. He was too out of his mind with passion, so Beth had to struggle with the belt buckle by herself.

It wasn't easy, but Beth finally had her boy's prick in her hand.

"O-o-o-o-o, what a nice, big prick," she said.

Tom didn't seem to hear her though, or at least he didn't answer. His mouth still gabbled Beth's tit-flesh.

Beth ran her fingers along Tom's veined shaft, then weighed his balls in her hand. He was very well equipped, she was glad to discover.

But holding his prick wasn't enough, Beth knew. She had to taste it, suck it. She managed to pull herself out of Tom's embrace and take her tits from his hands and mouth.

Deprived of those warm globes, Tom opened his eyes to see what was going on. Beth recognized the look of fear in his eyes as he thought his mother was abandoning him.

"Lie back, honey," Beth said as she pushed the boy down on his back.

When Tom realized his mother wasn't going anywhere, he lay quietly, then realized what she was going to do. He began writhing and crawling again, but Beth managed to hold him in one place long enough to get into sucking position.

She gripped his cock like a baseball bat. Tom propped himself up on the bed with his elbows so he could see exactly what his mother was doing, and even though he saw her hold her head over his prick, the idea of getting a blow-job seemed too good to be true.

Tom was soon writhing with the rapture of feeling his mother's soft tongue stroking his cock.

He dropped his shoulders down on the bed, but then propped himself up again. He could not lie still while having his prick sucked this way.

His mother opened her mouth wide around his prick and moved her tongue around his swollen prick-knob. Tom never knew anything could feel so good.

"O-h-h-h-h," he moaned in delirious joy.

While she sucked him Beth ran her fingers over the teens stomach and thighs. She tried to keep his body from shaking off the bed, but the only way she could keep him down was to hold onto his balls.

Beth could tell by the taste of her son's prick that he had come not too long ago, so she knew she could suck him with vigor and not have to worry about bringing him off too soon. Beth began applying her best cock-sucking techniques to her son's prick, and Tom lost his mind with the resulting pleasure.

By the time Beth moved her head up and down, sliding Tom's prick down her throat, both were firm believers in the glory of incest. They were also beginning to realize all the joy they were going to get from each other.

As Beth held on to Tom's balls, she maneuvered her fingers beneath those big, nuts and tickled him near his asshole. Her middle finger even fluttered over Tom's tight asshole.

"Uh-h-h-h-h," Tom moaned. "Oh, Mom, uh-h-h-h-h."

As much as Beth loved feeling Tom's prick twitching in her mouth, she lifted her head. Tom's cock was shining with her saliva, but Beth was eager to feel his prick in her cunt. When she thought how wild a fucking Tom was going to give her she couldn't delay it another second.

Beth lay down with her head at the foot of the bed. Her spread crotch was open for Tom's inspection, and he stared into it, fascinated and cunt-struck.

"Fuck me, honey," Beth whispered, but Tom didn't leap between his mother's spread legs as she thought he would.

For one thing, he was so dazed by what was happening that he was almost paralyzed. For another, before sticking his prick into her cunt, he was going to take this opportunity to examine that unfamiliar place.

Tom crawled to his mother's crotch. Without taking his eyes from her gash he reached for it with one hand.

Since he'd never had the chance to peer into an open cunt before his mouth opened in rapt lust as he looked between the gaping lips of his mother's cunt.

Tom saw the inner lips and the darkness of her deep pit, and saw the spot where he knew her clit lay hidden. Sure enough, when he pressed that spot his mother's body heaved, and she sighed with passion.

Then Tom watched as his middle finger disappeared up her tunnel, and remembered finger-fucking Joyce. He had done it blindly then, but watching his finger pierce his mother's pussy made it much more thrilling.

With her son's complete attention at her cunt Beth bathed in perverted splendor. She didn't try to hide her pleasure; instead she let her body writhe and her voice ring out.

"O-o-o-o-o!" she cried. "Tom, stick another finger in my twat."

Tom did more than she asked, he stuck two more fingers up her tight cuntal-sleeve.

As he moved those fingers around in Beth's slippery cunt his eyes moved from her cunt to her tits to her face. Even after watching his mother rub herself off, the lust her body now expressed filled the boy with explosive excitement.

When the pink, soaking interior of Beth's cunt began to seem familiar, Tom was ready to stick his prick in his mother.

He pulled his fingers from his mother's cunt, then lay on top of her. Tom felt his chest press against his mother's tits at the same time he felt his prick press into the bristling curls of her pussy.

He gasped loudly in his passion, but when he tried to push his prick into the waiting snatch he found that it wasn't as easy as he thought it might be.

The lint few lunges sent his cock crashing towards his mother's ass, and the next few made his prick-tip hit her clit and then slide up over her stomach.

"Ah-h-h-h-h, ah-h-h-h-h," Beth moaned as her clit was bit. She reached down and took Tom's prick into her hand. Pulling the rod to the right spot she soon had Tom's cock jerking inside of her.

"Oh-h-h-h-h," Beth sighed as her cunt stretched over his enormous tool.

Tom gasped as he felt his prick lodged in its tint cunt. Although he'd tried to imagine what fucking would be like, he now knew that he had never even gotten close to guessing how wonderful it would feel.

His prick continued to throb, but now it throbbed in the hot sheath of his mother's body. The lining of her twat held his prick with the softest grip it had ever experienced.

Tom began pumping and found the real beauty of fucking. "Ah-h-h-h-h," he moaned in ecstatic amazement.

With every plunge of his tender prick-head in Beth's wet, satin-lined pussy, Tom felt a charge of intense bliss rushes through him.

Jerking off had never been like this, he thought. As though he couldn't get enough, he pumped his cock as fast as he could. The cunt lining rushed back and forth over his cock, and Tom began to soar towards the dizzying heights of passion. The fucking was at least as exciting for Beth because Tom rammed his prick in her with more energy and power than anyone else ever had.

Tom lunged his hips so furiously that with every stroke Beth jerked violently. Her head hit the foot-board of the bed and her tits heaved with each thrust of the cock in her.

"God, Tom!" she gasped. "I've never been fucked so wonderfully!"

But Tom was too busy to respond. All his attention was on the sensation of having his prick slid in the firm grip of his mother's twat.

As his balls swung and bounced against Beth's ass Tom began to feel the long-awaited stirrings of an orgasm. That first orgasm at his mother's keyhole had been so powerful that it had taken his body a while to recover.

Now he was going to have an even greater climax, he knew. He might not have much jism to give his mother, but the intensity of his pleasure was going to be sensational.

Beth was going to come with him. Her body was already trembling and her cunt was spasming. "E-e-e-e-e-e-e!" Beth began howling.

Tom could feel his mother convulse beneath him, but he kept jerking his hips, driving his cock relentlessly.

Then his orgasm hit. It was even greater than he'd expected. Never before had he felt such supreme pleasure.

Tom's cock kept pumping. It was burning with the electric charges of sexual glory, and the pleasure burned throughout his entire body.

"Ah-h-h-h-r-r-r-r-r," he growled like a lion.

Beth grabbed handfuls of her son's hair and lifted his face so that she could watch him coming. Still in the throes of her own ecstasy, Beth saw how Tom's face contorted in a grimace of passion.

In his intoxication of lust Tom knew his mother was staring at his face, and for the young fucker it made his first fuck even better. His mother was watching his ecstasy, and he felt completely under her control.

Tom pumped, writhed and moaned for long seconds before collapsing on his mother's tits. As he lay there he realized that his mother was gasping in post-fucking exhaustion.

Tom was proud of himself. Not only had he finally gotten fucked, but he had fucked the sexiest chick he knew, and he had given his mother a great orgasm.

He felt his body being lifted by his mother's heaving tits and knew that she was as happy as he.

"Oh, Tom," Beth sighed. "That was terrific! Really, honey, that was the best fuck I've ever had! And I've wanted to fuck you for a long time." She gave the boy a tight hug as she spoke.

"Did you really want to fuck me for a long time?" Tom asked.

Beth told him that she had. Tom then admitted that he'd been longing to fuck her for a long time too.

"But this has to be our secret," Beth told him. "After all, mothers and sons aren't supposed to fuck each other."

"I won't tell anyone," Tom said, "but we can do it some more, can't we?"

Beth laughed, and as she did, her cunt gripped Tom's limp cock with the spasms of her laughter, and as he felt her cunt clamping his prick as she laughed, Tom's prick began stiffening.

Before long they were fucking again. Tom hadn't pulled his cock out of his mother's body between fucks, and they both were willing to continue for as long as the prick could keep its hardness.

Chapter NINE

The next day Tom went to his mother with passion written all over his face.

"You don't even have to ask," Beth said. "Just me."

Tom grabbed her and gave her one of his hungry kisses and they repeated the action of the day before.

Day after day they fucked their brains out, and Tom learned fast since he had an expert for a teacher.

One afternoon after they'd been fucking for about a week Beth told her son that she wanted him to something new. Tom held his breath in suspense until Beth told him exactly what she wanted.

"Will you suck my pussy?" Beth asked.

For a while Tom just stared at his mother. He knew that cunt-sucking was one of the things people did in bed, and he had thought about it.

The idea excited him, but a cunt was such a wet, sloppy thing. He didn't want to do anything that would make him a laughing stock. The kids at school kidded each other about such things, and Tom didn't want to be an object of laughter.

But this wasn't just any cunt he'd been asked to suck. It was his mother's, the woman who had introduced him to the greatest thrills of his life, and the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Beth said when she saw her son hesitate.

"No, I do want to," Tom said. Now he was committed, and he was ready for the adventure.

"Oh, good," Beth said. "There's nothing I love more than to have my pussy licked." She lay back and spread her legs. Tom had already fingered her, so her cunt was wet and ready.

He made himself comfortable between his mother's legs. Before fucking the first few times Tom had examined his mother's cunt, so he was used to the sexy odor of her juice. He knew his way around her slot pretty well.

Sticking his face into her juicy cunt was something else. Tom found that his prick jerked more powerfully than it ever had since the first time they fucked, and knew they needed something new in their routine.

As usual, Tom spread his mother's twat-lips. The same funky smell rose to his nose, but this time his mouth watered a lot.

Before lowering his face to his mother's snatch Tom ran his fingers along the ridges of flesh. His heart pounded and his head spun, and he couldn't quite claim to be eager. But if this is what his mother wanted...

He glanced up and saw his mother watching him, and could daily no longer. Sticking his tongue out, Tom gave her slot a quick, shallow lick. He felt her inner lips glide under his tongue, and he tasted the salty flavor of simmering pussy-juice.

He liked it!

The next lick was deeper. The tip of his tongue parted the inner lips and he tasted the juice right from the spring where it flowed.

Now the boy became as eager as he was excited eating a cunt was wonderful and he couldn't understand why anyone made fun of something so good.

Soon Tom shoved his tongue high up Beth's cunt-tube, and he watched as she shook with the pleasure it gave her.

Tom's tongue was in constant motion. Every time he passed it over his mother's clit or stuck it up her cave her body gave a mighty heave. The rest of the time, as his tongue skated around the other areas in her twat, Beth merely shivered.

Her movements made her tits wobble and tremble on her chest. Between those dancing mountains Tom could see his mother's blissful expression.

The more he sucked her cunt the more he liked it. His face wedged in her crotch so that her cunt-lips were spread over his cheeks. When he stuck his tongue up her cave his nose pressed on her clit and his chin touched her asshole.

"If you lick my clit now, I'll come," Beth whispered breathlessly.

The thought of bringing his mother off with his tongue thrilled Tom. He put his tongue to work on her stiff clit and wiggled it as hard as he could.

Beth immediately went into a tit of wild writhing and moaning, and Tom watched from that excellent vantage point at her pussy.

"Ow-w-w-w-w!" Beth howled as she kit a fabulous orgasm.

After coming, Beth gave Tom the blow-job of his life, and as usual she drank every drop of his jism.

Now that Tom had satisfied one of his mother's kinky desires he wondered if she would do the same for him, but he was too shy to ask or try. Cunt-lapping was fairly common, but he wanted to fuck his mother up the ass. That was pretty weird, Tom thought in his innocence, but every time he peered into his mother's crotch and saw her cute, puckered asshole, he felt a strong longing to stick his prick in it.

His passion for the little hole beyond her cunt grew, and finally Tom thought he might as well at least make some sort of advance toward her coveted asshole.

The next time he fingered his mother's cunt he sent one finger to scout the territory.

His middle finger still in her twat, he touched her asshole with his index finger. One of his mother's legs was thrown over his hip, so her crotch was wide open -- her asshole was available.

Although Tom was concentrating he couldn't tell if his mother was responding to his touch on the asshole. She was trembling, but she always did that when he finger-fucked her.

He tried pressing harder on her tight asshole, and he felt that aperture give way and his fingertip sank into it.

"Alt-h-h-h!" Beth gasped.

It seemed that she liked it, Tom thought excitedly. He sank his finger farther in her ass. Again she cried out. She did like it, the boy realized. He knew that he was onto something very exciting.

He began to wiggle the finger that was lodged up her asshole, and Beth's whole body began to wiggle with the same speed and rhythm. Her ass tightened as though hugging the finger that had invaded it.

Tom had trouble getting his finger higher up her asshole. Unlike her cunt, it was dry, but Tom loved the sensation of having his finger in there and he wanted to get it in farther.

"Wait," Beth whispered.

At first Tom thought she was going to tell him to stop fingering her ass, but he needn't have worded.

"Use your other hand," she said. "But first stick the finger in my pussy to wet it."

What a good idea, Tom thought.

They readjusted their bodies. Tom pulled his fingers from his mother's crotch and brought his other hand into action.

First he dipped his index finger in her cunt, wetting it with the oozing juice, then he moved it to her asshole. The hole was loosened now, and with the slippery juice on his finger it slid up ha tight asshole easily.

Then Tom stuck his middle finger up her cunt and held her crotch like a bowling ball.

Impaled on her son's fingers, Beth began murmuring and shaking.

Tom was thrilled, not only to have his finger up his mother's ass, but by the way she reacted.

There was still another step to take, however. He wanted to get his prick in her ass, and he was almost sure she would let him.

After wiggling his fingers for a while in the two entrances to her crotch, Tom swallowed hard and asked the big question.

"Can I fuck you in the ass?"

"Um-m-m-m-m, honey. Sure you can!" Beth answered.

Tom felt his heart leap in his chest as Beth rolled over.

Pulling his fingers from her crotch, Tom looked at the woman lying on her stomach. He could see the beautiful curve of her body as her hips narrowed at her waist and widened farther up. Her tits protruded from her sides as her weight squashed them, but most exciting was her as.

Beth's white ass cheeks would make a wonderful pillow for his hips, Tom thought.

Below her ass Beth's legs were spread. Her asshole was waiting.

"Smear some of my cunt juice over my asshole," Beth said.

When Tom did what she said Beth moaned in kinky delight.

"And stick your cock in my cunt first, so it will be wet," she said.

Her instructions were almost as exciting as doing it, Tom thought.

When he had smeared her cunt squeezings over her asshole he mounted her. Pressing his prick to her cunt, he felt her ass cheeks compressing under his pelvis. It was as thrilling as he thought it would be, too.

Now the big moment was at hand. Tom's prick was slippery with her juice.

"Oh, this is so exciting!" Beth said.

If she was excited her son was out of his mind with perverted rapture, especially when he saw his mother reach for her ass with both hands to spread her cheeks.

Now the dark asshole was visible between the creamy cheeks. It lay in that narrow valley just waiting for Tom's prick.

Holding himself in position Tom watched his cock-head moving toward the waiting asshole. His blunt prick pressed at Beth's hole, but Tom found he had to move his hips into just the right position before he could slide his cock in.

It wasn't long before his mother's asshole was open and his cock sunk deeply inside.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" Beth cried in a quavering voice. "Hah-h-h-h-h!" Tom gasped. His prick sunk in her ass until his hips rested on her round cheeks.

Tom lay still, enjoying the grip of his mother asshole on his cock. It was interesting to be lying on her back while his prick rested inside her a nice change of pace.

Then Tom began to move his ass up and down, pulling and pushing his rod in his mother's asshole.

It was an entirely different sensation from fucking her cunt, and Tom loved it. This hole held him tighter, and there was more friction between his cock and the lining of this pit.

But beyond those differences was the joy of doing something so weird and kinky!

"Oh-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h!" Beth wailed as the prick sliding and out other asshole.

Tom was soon grunting in ecstasy too, and the excitement of this perversion brought Tom to climax before long. It was a beauty, and he felt Beth's ass with a huge load of cream.

Tom lay still after coming, but he felt his mother moving beneath him. She seemed to be wiggling her hips.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," Beth suddenly moaned.

She was coming, and Tom wondered about her delayed climax. Then he realized what she was doing. After he had come Beth had slipped her hand under her crotch and with Tom's shrinking prick up her ass she had rubbed herself off.

Chapter TEN

Tom hadn't gotten out much after he first started fucking his mother, but after a few days in bed with her he decided to see what was going on out in the world.

Wandering around town made Tom feel as though he had become a man of the world since last walking those streets.

He didn't find any of the usual kids around, but that was just as well. Since Tom had to keep his fucking a secret it would be awkward to talk to his horny friends.

Tom went to the coffee shop. No one he knew was there, so he bought a few comic books and sat in a booth reading them and sipping a Coke.

"Look, there's Tom," a feminine voice called suddenly.

Tom looked up. Coming in the door of the shop were Gail and Sue. He remembered running into them a few weeks ago, and thought about how he had tried to get Gail to neck with him, and how he then went to the creek with Joyce.

How horny he'd been in those days, he thought, and how different he was now!

"Hi, Tom," Gail said as she and Sue walked over to him.

"Hi Tom," Sue said.

Tom said hello and asked the girls to sit down. It was not that he had any designs on them; he just wanted to bask in the knowledge that his mother had provided him.

"I looked for you at the movies last Saturday," Gail said. "How come you didn't show up?"

"Oh, I was, uh, busy," Tom said. He remembered saying he would meet Gail there, but now the idea of sitting in a movie theater to feel a girl seemed silly. Still, Tom couldn't help but feel glad that Gail had remembered that they were going to meet at the movies.

Gail was sitting across from Tom just as she had the last time they were in the coffee shop and, like then, he began staring at her tits.

At first Tom told himself that he was only interested in Gail's tits as a comparison to his mother's. It was interesting how firm they were and how they stuck straight out from her chest. Unlike his mother's gobs that sagged heavily, Gail's were really something.

Before long, however, Tom's cock was stiff, and he was longing to examine Gail's tits. Still, his lust was nothing compared to his virginal passion when he saw Gail last.

"What have you been doing?" Sue asked. "We haven't seen you around in ages."

"Yeah," Gail added. "Have you been away or something?"

"I've been sort of away," Tom said. "I've been on a journey, sort of."

Tom could tell the girls were curious, and he liked teasing them.

Even though he had a hard-on he could sit back and relax, and the girls seemed to be the ones who were after something this time.

Tom leaned back in the corner of the booth and watched both chicks. They were talking about this and that and they would try to get Tom to talk to them, but he merely wanted to listen and look from one set of tits to the other.

Finally Gail asked Tom if something was wrong, then Tom realized how differently he had been acting. He was glad that he was no longer the horny, nervous kid he'd been before.

"No, nothing's wrong," Tom said slowly and softly.

"Will you be at the movies this Saturday?" Gail asked.

She was interested in him, Tom realized, and he began to become more interested in her gigantic tits, but he was still in control.

"I don't know," he said. "What's playing?" The girls looked at each other in frustration. "You never wondered what was playing before," Sue said.

Tom remembered how he had sat with Sue once and spent hours trying to grab her tits, all in vein. The memory made him even more determined not to let these cock-teasing chicks get him excited.

"Well, I've quit that stuff," Tom said.

The girls looked at him in amazement.

"Aren't you interested in girls any more?" Gail asked.

"Nope," Tom said. "From now on I'm only interested in women."

"What do you mean by that?" Sue asked.

Tom decided to tell them exactly what he meant. "I mean I'm not going to get myself all worked up trying to cop a feel in a movie theater," he said. "And I'm not going to get blue balls for hours and wind up going home to jerk-off. I'd rather just jerk-off in the first place. Now, if a chick wants to get it on, that's different."

For several seconds the girls were quiet. They were both slightly red in the face.

"Yeah, I agree," Gail said.

"So do I, I guess," Sue said.

That surprised Tom, but what else could they ay? He had made a good case against blue balls and frustration.

That still didn't mean these chicks were ready to cut out, Tom realized, but now that he had the upper hand he might try something. After all, Gail's tits looked as good as ever.

"Would you girls like to take a walk down by he creek?" Tom asked. He didn't even feel the usual panic about asking something like that. After all, he could always go home and fuck his mother.

The girls looked at each other before answering. "Sure," Gail said bravely.

"Or we could go to my house," Sue said.

"Nobody's home."

"That sounds like a better idea," Tom said.

They soon left for Sue's house. Tom felt his prick pressing against his pants and he knew it must be obvious to the girls but he didn't even put his hands in his pockets to hide it.

By the time they arrived at Sue's house Tom was quite horny. The idea of fucking either of these girls was very thrilling. He was beginning to learn that fucking one woman was nice, but that didn't alleviate the longing for other tits and cunts.

They sat in the living room. There was a definite current of lust in the air, but Tom wasn't in a hurry. He strolled around the room and looked at the books in the bookshelf and at the pictures on the wall.

When Sue went into the kitchen for some Cokes, Tom went over to where Gail sat. "I'm still interested in you, you know," he said as he sat down next to her. "But I can't do what I'd like to in a movie theater."

He put his arm around her and they kissed, and he grabbed one of Gail's tits immediately.

She didn't stop him; she let herself relax and sink into the couch.

Tom found that Gail's huge tits felt as wonderful as they looked. Although soft, they were firm, almost hard, and her nipples were big and erect. As he massaged those jugs Tom could feel the girl's deep, excited breathing.

"Well, don't let me interrupt," Sue said as she came into the room.

Tom sat back, but he left his arm around Gail's shoulders.

Sue handed each of them a Coke. Tom, as he began to simmer with passion for Gail's tits, had another idea now.

"Sit here," he said, indicating the spot on the couch by his side.

Sue sat down, sandwiching Tom between her and Gail. Tom felt the thrill of being surrounded by young tits and asses, but could he really get his hands on both of these chicks?

There was one way to find out.

Tom put an arm around each of them, letting his fingers hang near their tits. The girls remained still, leaning toward Tom but only very slightly.

Tom looked at each girl in turn. They seemed slightly confused, but then so was Tom.

How could he let himself make a cheap play for some tit after his brave words in the coffee shop?

He could hardly hope fin more from the expert cock-teasers, or could he?

"Gee, it's nice having both of you at my sides," he said.

The girls didn't reply, so Tom gave Gail a quick kiss, followed by a quick kiss for Sue.

Tom could hardly believe, that the girls were letting him get away with this. How far would they let him go, though?

Although these chicks wouldn't let him fuck them. Tom figured, it might be worthwhile just getting what he could. Although he had promised himself that he wouldn't settle for a kiss and a feel, feeling two chicks at the same time might make bending his rule permissible.

Tom gave Gail a longer kiss. Their tongues touched and fucked together. Then he kissed Sue, tasting her tongue too.

Now Tom was excited enough to go ahead, and it seemed that the girls were willing.

Tom moved his fingers to the tits that lay nearby. As he reached for the firm, young jugs his arms tightened around their necks, pulling the girls closer to him.

Tom's fingers met Gail's tits first, but that figured since they stuck out much farther than Sue's. His other hand was soon cupping Sue's tits, and Tom took those boobs into a tighter grip.

As he kissed each of them again he compared the two sets of tits. It was incredibly exciting to have his hands on such different tits, and Tom knew that this was even wilder than fucking his mother!

Gail's tits were truly monumental. Tom's long fingers couldn't even contain them. They were bullet-shaped, and her nipples were stiff, which added almost a half an inch to the tits' length.

Sue's tits, on the other hand, were smaller, although not too small. They were smaller than his mother's, yet they were firmer. Tom's fingers had never sunk into tit-flesh the way they sank into Sue's.

As Tom played with their tits the girls pressed themselves tightly to him. Gail put a hand on one of his thighs.

Turning his head from side to side, Tom would kiss one chick, then the other. Every kiss was deeper and longer. They breathed deeply through their noses as their tongues played.

"I've never kissed and felt two girls at once," Tom admitted. "It sure is nice though."

"Do you like my tits?" Gail asked.

"I sure do!" he said eagerly. "And I like yours too," he added to Sue, trying to sound equally excited.

Tom began to realize what he was getting himself into. He would have to be very diplomatic if he expected to get anywhere with two chicks together.

After holding their tits and kissing them for a while Tom thought he'd better do something new before the girls thought he was boring. Remembering what he said in the coffee shop, he had to live up to his words.

"Let's take our clothes off," he suggested. "I will if Sue will," Gail said. Tom's heart leaped with a pang of passions. This was going better than he would have dreamed! Why did other chicks act so differently now that he had a chick at home to fuck?

"I don't know," Sue said to Gail's challenge about stripping.

"Well I'm not going to be the only one to take my clothes off," Gail said.

"Why don't both of you just take your blouses off?" Tom asked. "I'll take my shirt off."

"Big deal," Sue said. "We don't want to see your flat chest."

"Oh, come on," Gail said to her girlfriend. "Let's take our blouses off."

Tom sat quietly hoping, then let go of their tits as through he expected them to pull their blouses off.

"You go first," Sue said.

"I will," she said.

Tom and Sue stared at Gail as she sat up, grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head.

Her huge knockers got caught in the garment for a second, but they soon tumbled out. Gail threw her blouse across the room and stuck her naked tits out at Tom and Sue.

"Wow!" Tom gasped, in spite of his recent experiences with his mother. "They really are beautiful!"

"Thanks," Gail said. "It can be a problem having such big tits."

Thought Tom could not imagine why it would be a problem, but he knew there was no problem admiring them.

"Come on," Gail said to Sue. "It's your turn."

Sue looked reluctant, but took a deep breath and pulled her own blouse off. Her tits were gorgeous: creamy white with bright pink nipples, and they had a classic shape.

"Tits are so beautiful," Tom said. Then he raised his hands and grabbed a tit from each girl in an eager embrace. He felt them with the girls facing him rather than with his arm around their shoulder so that he could watch his hands as they examined the jugs. He could see how each tit moved as he squeed and lifted it.

Of more importance was how they felt, Tom knew. Such softness could only be found in one place on this earth, Tom realized, and that was on chicks' chests.

Tom let go of the tits and grabbed both chicks around the waist, pulling them to him so that their tits were thrust into his face.

He kissed Sue's tits first. Filling his mouth with their softness, he swirled his tongue over her pink nipples and felt them stiffen in his mouth.

Then Tom went for Gail's boobs, and in his mouth found that her nipples felt as big as gumdrops. He sucked on them greedily.

Gail reacted passionately. Where Sue had been stoic, Gail showed the pleasure she felt from having her jugs sucked.

"O-o-o-o-o, Tom!" she gasped. "Oh-h-h-h, that feels good."

Sucking his mother's tits had never been like this, Tom told himself. Gail's jugs were in a class by themselves.

Tom's excitement was heightened by having two sets of tits to suck on, but he found that having one chick watching him suck another chick's boobs gave him a strange thrill that he'd never felt before.

When they were all breathing hard and loud with lust, and the girls' tits were wet and shining with Tom's saliva, be suggested that they take the rest of their clothes off.

"Come on," he implored. "I'll show you my prick. Have either of you ever seen a hard prick before?"

The girls looked at each other and giggled.

"Gail's seen one," Sue said.

"Oh, really?" Tom asked. "Who's?"

"Don't you dare say," Gail said to Sue.

"You don't have to tell me," Tom said. "But did you get fucked, Gail?"

"None of your beeswax," she said.

"Well, it doesn't matter," Tom said. "But come on, let's get undressed."

"Will you if I do?" Gail asked Sue.

"Okay, if you go first," Sue said.

Tom would have thought that all this was beneath him now that he'd had so much sexual experience, but that wasn't the case. He found that he hung onto every word the girls uttered while they decided to get undressed. When they finally said they would he felt a joyous wave of passion.

"How about you going first?" Gail said to Tom. "If you strip, I will. Then Sue will."

The idea of having these two girls watch him getting undressed excited Tom. He said he would do it if they swore that they would, and they swore. Tom would have undressed for them anyhow -- the idea was that thrilling.

But thrilled as he was, Tom trembled visibly when he stood. He faced the girls, and with shaking hands he began to take off his clothes.

He pulled off his shirt, then kicked off his shoes. When it was time to pull down his pants he could feel his heart pounding furiously in his chest, but he didn't slow his stripping.

He pulled his jeans down and stepped out of them. His prick held the elastic waistband of his shorts away from his belly.

In another second his underpants lay on the floor at his feet.

Tom watched the girls' expressions. If either of them had seen a stiff prick before he couldn't have guessed it by their faces. Even Gail, who supposedly had seen a hard-on before, stared with bulging eyes and an open mouth.

"Look at the way it jerks," Sue gasped.

"And I didn't know they were that big," Gail said.

"Not all of them are," Tom said proudly.

Standing there with his prick sticking out was just as exciting as he thought it would be, but Tom was still eager to get these chicks naked. He still hoped to fuck them.

"Now it's your turn, Gail," he said as he took his seat on the couch.

Tom watched Gail's tits as she stood. They were so firm they hardly moved as she rose.

Gail didn't look at the two kids who watched as she took her slacks off. She looked great in her tiny undies, Tom thought.

Her bristling pubic hair made its impression on the smooth nylon of her panties, and Tom soon had a clear view of her naked cunt as she undressed just as fast as Tom had.

Gail was gorgeous when naked. She was thin and trim, but her enormous tits and wide hips made her spectacular. Her cunt was covered with golden curls that matched the hair that hung over her shoulders.

She didn't stay standing as Tom had so that the others could get a good look, but she came back to the couch and sat down.

"Now you," Gail said to Sue.

Sue stood and stripped. She was beautiful too. Her whole body had the same milky smoothness as her tits, and her pubic patch was dark and tight. Unlike her friend, Sue's tits shook and shimmered with every movement of her lithe body.

Sue sat, and now Tom had two naked girls at his sides. They both looked down at the monster cock that twitched in Tom's lap.

Tom grabbed their tits again and took up where he'd left off, kissing and sucking them in turn. Now that the girl's tits were bared, though, he planned to move on very soon, but he wasn't sure how to go about attacking two cunts at the same time.

Gail's hand rested on one of Tom's thighs again, and when he felt her warm fingers squeeze his thigh his prick leaped and began vibrating.

"Wow, I never knew a cock could twitch like that," Sue whispered in awe.

Tom didn't feel the least bit shy, and he wanted these chicks to grab his prick.

As though she were reading his mind Gail moved her hand up his thigh and stroked his cock. Each time she ran her hand over Tom's hot prick it would leap, pressing itself against her hand like a kitten.

"Feel it, Sue," Gail urged her friend. "It really feels weird."

Tom sucked Sue's tit as he watched her lift a hand and place it on his prick.

"It's hot!" she said, grabbing the soft cock-head.

"Uh-h-h-h-h," Tom gasped as the excitement of having both these girls holding his prick overcame him.

They continued holding and stroking his prick. Gail lifted his balls, then handed them to Sue, and every movement of their fingers drove Tom on to blind ecstasy.

Tom sent a hand into each of the crotches beside him, but because the girls were sitting on the couch, twisted to face him, their thighs were clamped tight.

Gail tried to spread her legs, but in that position she couldn't spread them very wide.

"Let's move down to the floor," Tom suggested.

Both girls instantly complied, sliding to the floor with Tom following.

He grabbed Sue by the shoulders and pushed her down on her back, then lay on his side and kissed her. His hand went to her crotch, and she grabbed his prick again.

Tom chose to go after Sue first because he thought Gail would know what to do, and she did. As Tom kissed Sue Gail lay behind him and caressed him.

Her huge tits crushed against Tom's hard back and she pressed her curly cunt-curls to his ass. Then she buried her face in his neck, kissing him hungrily.

Tom was preoccupied with Sue for the moment. To have Gail's tits, cunt and mouth work on him from behind was wonderful, but Sue was letting her thighs sag open and Tom was maneuvering his middle finger between her pussy-lips.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" Sue cried as Tom parted her cunt-lips with his finger.

Just as Tom found Sue's cunt -- a soupy swamp of simmering juice -- he felt Gail reach around his hip and take his cock in her slim but delicate hand. Now both girls were holding his prick.

Tom slipped his finger up Sue's cunt while she squirmed on the floor. She was tight and juicy, and Tom hoped he would get a chance to tit his prick in that twat.

But if he didn't, Gail was obviously going to take care of his prick with her hand. She was already giving it an exciting workout.

Tom knew that Gail had some experience with pricks; it was clear she knew how to handle one. Her fingers ran up and down his shaft, squeezed the head of his prick, then slid his loose skin up and down a few times. There was no worry, she would not make him come too soon. She was just warming him up.

Keeping his hand at Sue's crotch, Tom turned his head toward the girl clinging to his back.

Gail moved her body over Tom's so she could teach his mouth with her own, and as they kissed she held onto his prick.

As Tom traded tongues with Gail he fell back, pulling his hand from Sue's crotch. He replaced it with his other hand and found that he could grab Gail's cunt too.

Tom soon had a finger up both cunts. This was truly kinky, he thought, and as he wiggled his fingers he could feel both chicks shaking with excitement.

Sue moved over Tom's left side as Gail lay on his right. Their tits covered his upper arms and his chest, and they both played with his prick. With Tom's fingers in both their cunts they couldn't have been closer together.

Tom thought it was time to try to fuck one of them, and he chose Gail. She was the one most likely to let him fill her cunt with hard meat.

Tom remained on his back and began pulling Gail over him. With the linger he had up her snatch he lifted and pulled her cunt toward his prick. He put his legs to work too, dragging her legs over him.

At first Gail just let her body be pulled into fucking position, but soon was moving of her own will.

She straddled Tom's thighs, then brought her crotch over his prick. Tom took his finger from her twat so he could fill it with his larger probe.

Sue watched her friend straddle Tom, noting that Tom kept his finger in her pussy. He didn't want her to get away just because he was going to fuck Gail first.

"Oh, Tom, I don't know if I should do this," Gail moaned, but she didn't stop him from putting the swollen head of his prick to her wet cunt-lips.

"Oh God!" Gail gasped when she felt his fat prick-knob separate her pudgy pussy-mound.

Tom thrilled to the touch of her hot cunt on his cock as the portals of her inner lips began to spread. Tom saw Gail shiver before lowering her hips on him.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" Gail cried when Tom's big, stiff cock disappeared into her body.

"Ah-h-h-h-h!" Tom gasped at the same instant.

Sue let go of Tom's prick as it slid into Gail's cunt, but she kept her eyes on the connected crotches. Tom still had his finger up Sue's cunt.

Tom looked at the chick sitting on his hips. She was quite a sight -- from her cunt spread over his cock-base to her mammoth tits heaving with her deep breaths of lust, and to her passion-contorted face.

When Gail became used to the presence of a gigantic prick in her cunt she began to wiggle and rock.

"E-e-e-h-h-h-h, ah-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h!" she moaned as the intruding prick stretched and stirred her twat.

Tom began to lift and lower the moaning girl with his hips. When Gail got the rhythm she began moving up and down by herself. Now Tom could just lie there enjoying the sensation of having his cock stroked.

When he felt his orgasm beginning to rise he grabbed Gail's hips, stopping her up-and-down motion. "Wait," he said. "Stop sliding my cock in and out. I don't want to come yet."

"How's this?" Gail asked as she settled into a rocking motion.

"Yeah, good," he said. "But how about letting me out? I think I'd like to fuck Sue too."

Gail obviously didn't like the idea of losing the cock in her, but she had to be fair.

"Okay," she said as she lifted her hips.

Tom's wet prick plopped out of her twat and began to swing and jerk spastically above Tom's belly. As Tom turned to Sue he noticed Gail reaching for her own cunt.

Tom's finger remained in Sue's pussy all along, but now he pulled it out as he pulled Sue to him.

His prick touched her belly as he pushed her down on her back. She spread her legs, and as she waited to feel Tom's rod pierce her cunt she looked up at him helplessly.

Tom mounted the girl. He grabbed his twitching cock and put it to the entrance of her cunt, and since her twat was wet and loosened from Tom's fingering his prick glided in effortlessly.

"Ow-w-w-w-w!" Sue screamed in a high-pitched voice.

Tom's cock was hugged by her contracting cuntal muscles. She was very tight, and her pert, soft tits felt great under his chest.

Tom began to pump slowly, but Sue was a dynamo under him.

Sue's hips bounced and wiggled, and her whole body moved crazily. Tom knew that he couldn't prevent himself from coming when his prick lay in such an animated pussy.

"Oh-h-h-h-h," he gasped. "I'm going to come!"

"Don't come in me!" Sue hollered. "Pull it out!" Sue struggled harder than ever, but she was struggling to get away from the plunging cock.

Tom hated to do it but he pulled his prick from that gripping curd before he could explode with a powerful climax.

He got to his knees and looked down at his prick. The head was blown up like a balloon, and the veins ran crookedly up and down the length of his shaft, standing out and deep purple.

Then a silver bullet of jism shot from the tip of his cock.

Tom grabbed the spitting beast and began pumping it. He had meant to ask one of the girls to pump it for him, but as he glanced around at them he found that they were busy with their cunts.

Stretched out in front of him, Sue had stuffed a finger up her snatch where Tom's prick had been, and with the middle finger of her other hand she was tickling her clit. With her own fingers taking over for Tom's cock, Sue writhed just as wildly.

Gail was similarly engaged, but was on her knees like Tom. One hand was thrust in her crotch, rubbing her clit madly. She had one of her prize-winning tits in her other hand, and she was kneading the soft boob roughly and strongly.

"O-o-o-o-o, e-e-e-e-e! Oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h!" the three moaned in a chorus of passion. Their eyes went from one to the other as the sight of each working on their own crotch excited them further.

Finally all the commotion died down. Gail began crawling toward her clothes, and Sue, who was covered with the spewings of Tom's orgasm, got up and ran from the room.

"Oh, that was the wildest thing I've ever done," Tom said. "Wasn't it great?"

"Yeah, it was," Gail said, but without enthusiasm.

"Me you disappointed that I stopped fucking you to fuck Sue?" he asked. "I had to fuck Sue too or she would have felt left out."

"I know," Gail said. "You did the right thing, and I loved watching you."

"Gail, I'd love to get you alone where I can really fuck you," Tom said.

"I'd like that too," she said.

Then Sue came back into the room. She had put on a robe, and her face was flushed. She couldn't look Tom the eye.

Gail got into her clothes, and Tom hated to see her body covered. He would have liked to lie around with these chicks after the fun they'd had, but they seemed eager to be dressed and finished with the whole business.

Reluctantly Tom dressed too. He understood that these girls hadn't planned on getting laid, and now they wanted to talk to each other about what they'd done.

That was all right with Tom. He thanked them, said goodbye and left, but on his way home he couldn't feel his feet touching the ground -- he was floating with exhilaration and pride.


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