Hot bed daughter

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies -- and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

HOT BED DAUGHTER -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

Chapter ONE

"Stop it, John," Linda Thompson told her boyfriend. "It seems like I always spend my evening pushing you away."

"Then don't push me away," John said. John had his arm around her. They were sitting in the front seat of his car and they had been making out for an hour. Linda had to keep pushing his hands away as he tried to move them up hex body to touch places he shouldn't.

"You know, I'm not that kind of girl." Linda said. "I've got to go now, anyway. It's getting late."

Linda gave him another hot kiss to show him she wasn't really mad at him, and she jumped out of the car. John could feel his cock burning a hole in his trousers as he watched her walk up to her front door. Damn, she was a sweet-looking thing. She had a wiggle in her beautiful ass just like a movie star, and her tits were so big that John doubted he could get his hand around one. He sure would have liked to try.

Linda heard John pulling away from the house with a screeching of rubber from his tires. She had asked him not to do that a thousand times. It always upset her mother if she was awake. Tonight Linda hoped she wouldn't be. Besides, Linda really couldn't blame John for feeling the way he did. Linda knew she had been especially cruel to him that evening.

Linda just enjoyed teasing boys. She loved to get them all hot and bothered. Linda brushed a hand through her long, golden hair and giggled as she thought about John. Sometimes the poor boy really got so worked up, she was afraid he might rape her or something.

Linda was putting her key into the lock when she happened to notice a light on in the garage beside the house. It wasn't really a garage anymore. Her photographer father had converted it into a studio. Her father got a lot of extra money for his pictures. He was very good.

But Linda had never known him to be working this late before.

It had to be something special. Linda decided not to go into the house right away. Sometimes her father enjoyed having her out with him. She had even been his model for a couple of magazine photos he had done.

She walked out to the studio, but didn't make it to the front door. There was a small window that was just next to the door. Usually the shade was pulled all the way down. Tonight was an exception. Linda glanced into the window and froze.

There was enough of an opening underneath the curtain for Linda to see everything that was going on inside the studio.

Her father wasn't going to need her to model for him that evening.

He already had a model!

A beautiful redhead was stretched out on some cushions in the middle of the room. She was naked except for a pair of flimsy blue panties. Linda could hear her father speaking as he moved around the room taking pictures. In a few moments she started recognizing his words.

"Oh yeah," he said. "That's right, Alice. Oh, the magazine's going to eat this up. You're absolutely gorgeous."

"You're sure there's no chance of my husband seeing these pictures?" the redhead asked.

"Nah," he said. "I told you that the only magazine they'll appear in will, be a foreign publication. Your husband would never pick up a magazine like this one anyway."

"You're right," the redhead said. "He never would."

It had taken her a few minutes, but Linda had finally recognized the redhead. Her name was Alice Wilson and she was the wife of one of the teachers in Linda's high school. Linda was shocked even more because Alice had always seemed like such a pure and innocent type.

"Play with your titties a little," he said. "Make the nipples really hard and red."

"Do I have to do that?" Alice asked.

"Don't be shy," he answered her. "You're going to love these. I promise you."

The tall, slender redhead started caressing her small tits. Linda could, see Alice's fingers running over her nipples and cupping her titties. Linda could see those hippies getting even harder; she moaned softly.

"That's it," Linda's father said. "Now take off your panties."

"No, Ron," Alice protested. "You know I told you I wasn't going to do that."

Ron kneeled down beside Alice. He started running his fingertips up and down Alice's body in a sensuous way. Linda could see Alice's mouth open slightly as she licked her lips.

"Please don't make me," Alice begged.

"Do it for me, baby," Ron said. "You know they pay double for pussy shots. Do it for me!"

Linda could tell that Alice still didn't want to do it, but somehow Ron was talking her into it. Ron was helping her slide the blue panties down her legs. He put his hand between her legs, on the redhead's pussy mound.

"Oh Ron," Alice moaned.

Linda couldn't tell what Ron was doing to Alice, but she had a good idea, especially when Alice started moving her ass around in a slow circle and making little gasping sounds. Ron moved his hand away. He stood up and picked up his camera again. He kneeled down so that his camera was looking right up into Alice's pink pussy lips.

"Now play with your pussy for me, baby," Ron said.

"No, Ron, please," the redhead said. "I don't want to do that."

"Yes you do, Ron. Play with it a little. I'm going to get some fantastic pictures."

Alice didn't want to do it but she put her hand between her legs. Alice had moved her body slightly and Linda could see the dainty hand. Alice stroked up and down her pussy lips but Linda knew her father wasn't going to be satisfied with just that.

"Stick your finger in your cunt," Ron said. "Play with yourself just like you do at home when you're horny as hell and your husband can't get it up."

Linda heard Alice moan and then two of her fingers were stabbing into her hot pussy. Alice must have been a horny bitch because just those two fingers seemed to make her crazy. She started ramming her fingers into her cunt and her ass was coming up off the pillows faster and faster.

"That's the way, baby," Ron said. "Move that ass for me. Move that hot ass!"

Ron kept taking pictures as Alice played with her pussy. Linda had the feeling that Alice might be a little ashamed of those pictures once they were developed. Linda knew that the camera's eye didn't miss anything.

Finally Ron put the camera down and he just stood there watching Alice play with herself. There was a look on his face that Linda had never seen before. He looked like a savage. Linda might have felt a little sorry for Alice if she hadn't been having such wild feelings in her own body. She had never felt like this before.

"Oh Ron," Alice moaned. "You don't know what you do to me. You make me crazy. I do things for you I wouldn't do for my husband!"

"That's because your husband doesn't understand what a cunt you are," Ron said. "He doesn't understand that you need to be treated like a whore!"

Linda couldn't keep her eyes off her father. She had never thought about seeing her father naked before. She had never thought of him as a sexual man. Now she realized he was very handsome and had a fantastic build.

Her father pulled off his shirt and she could see his muscles rippling over his tanned chest.

He peeled out of his trousers and then out of his shorts. Linda gasped as she saw the half hard prick that hung between his legs.

"Oh Ron," Alice groaned. "Please treat me nice this time. I've been nice to you. Be nice to me."

"Shut up, bitch," Ron said.

Linda could see Alice was still playing with herself. The slender redhead seemed to get more excited by the moment as she stared at that huge piece of cockmeat. Linda could understand why. It looked so huge and red. She had never thought that a cock could look so big.

Linda could feel her heart pounding as she watched. She could feel shiverish sensations up and down her spine. Her beautiful tits were swollen and achy. She had felt like this before when she'd been making out for a few hours, but never from just looking.

"What are you going to do to me?" the beautiful redhead asked.

"First you're going to suck my cock," Ron said.

"You know I don't like that," Alice protested.

"Quit crying about what you like and don't like," Ron said. "You're nothing but a cunt and you'll do what I tell you."

Ron went to her and grabbed her by the back of her head. He jerked her face forward until her lips touched his cock. His fingers wrapped around her thick red hair and he forced her face closer to him. Linda saw Alice open her mouth and she suddenly had half his cock inside her lips.

"That's the way," Ron said. "Now bob your head, cunt. Suck it until it's hard as rock!"

Alice started moving her head back and forth and it wasn't long before she was taking all of Ron's big cock into her mouth. Linda could see cum and saliva dripping from Alice's mouth.

Ron's cock got as hard as rock, just as he wanted. He pulled his prick out of her mouth. Linda moved forward and pressed her face against the glass. She just couldn't believe that this was her own father who was about to fuck this luscious redhead. Linda had never even thought about her father fucking before.

Linda couldn't help herself; she moved her hands up her body and touched her aching tits. She had never been the type to play with herself. She had always thought it was dirty and she'd always prided herself in being a good girl.

But her body had never tingled this way before.

"Turn around, cunt," Ron said. "I'm going to do it to you like a bitch in heat. That's what you are, anyway. My redheaded bitch in heat!"

Alice turned around so that she was on her hands and knees. Ron stood behind her. Linda found herself gasping for breath as Ron stabbed his swollen prick into Alice's cunt.

"Oh Ron," Alice screamed. "You fuck me so good. I can't help it. I'd do anything for your big cock!"

Ron began to fuck her in hard thrusts.

Linda had never even seen a picture of anyone fucking. She had always thought it would look disgusting. It wasn't disgusting. It might have been a little bit lewd, but it wasn't revolting.

"Oh yes," Alice screamed. "Oh yes, fuck me hard. You have such a big cock! Such a big cock!"

Ron was reaching around to play with Alice's small tits. Linda felt a pang of jealousy as she watched. She couldn't understand it, except that she kept thinking her own tits were so much bigger than the redhead's. She had the wicked thought that her father would enjoy playing with her tits so much more.

Ron pulled his swollen prick out of Alice's steaming cunt. Now Linda could see cum dripping from the purplish tip. He grabbed Alice and made her turn over. He dropped down on top of her. He crammed his stiff cockmeat into her cunt with one hard thrust.

"Yes, yes, yes," Alice groaned. "Nobody fucks me the way you do."

"Not even your husband?" Ron asked, laughing.

"Oh shit," Alice said. "He doesn't know what to do with you."

Alice had very long legs and now she was lifting them up and locking them behind Ron's broad back. Linda could actually see his swollen prick sliding in and out of Alice's cunt.

Linda stroked her titties. They felt so hot and hard. She had changed her mind about playing with herself. She had never been this hot before. She had never felt such heat between her thighs. She could feel her juices soaking her panties and making her feel wet.

"Oh, that feels so damn nice," Alice screamed. "You don't know what you're doing to me! It feels so good! I'm coming! I'm going to fucking come! OH FUCK MEEE!"

Linda could see Alice squirming with delight as her orgasm shook her. Linda had only come a couple of times in her young life. She knew it was wicked, but she found herself wishing she could have her father's cock inside her.

"You're going to rip my cock off," Ron said. "You've got a fucking nice pussy!"

Ron kept ramming her harder and harder and Linda could see the hard muscles rippling as he thrust. She felt a few more shivers up and down her body. There was a tension in the back of her thighs. She had to put her hand on the window to keep herself steady.

"I'm going to come on your face," Ron told Alice. "I'm going to take my cock out and come on your face."

"Why?" Alice asked. "Do it in my pussy. You know I love to feel your cum shooting in my pussy!"

"I'm going to make some more pictures of you, baby," Ron said.

"Oh shit," Alice said. "You really do think I'm nothing but a cunt."

"That's right, baby," Ron said.

Ron jerked his cock out of Alice. He stood straight up. His cock was over her face. Linda saw a drop of jism leak out of his prickhead and fall on Alice's face.

"Get up on your knees, baby," Ron said.

Alice evidently had done this before. She quickly got up on her knees and started rubbing Ron's prick against her lips and cheeks. Alice didn't look like she was enjoying herself very much as Ron's cum started smearing her face.

"Oh shit, yeah," Ron groaned. "Oh shit, get ready for it, bitch. Get ready for my cum, you bitch! Here it comes! HERE IT FUCKING COMES!"

His prick started spurting wildly. His cum ran in globs down Alice's cheeks, neck and small tits. Ron pulled back a little and let the rest of his cum drop into her hair and the top of her head. Then he used the strands of her hair to wipe himself clean.

"Fuck, these are going to make some great pictures," Ron said.

Linda got a good look at Alice as Ron picked up his camera again. The beautiful redhead really did look like a cunt. Her face was dripping cam and her red hair was wet and sticky. Ron started clicking his camera again.

Linda couldn't watch anymore. She knew that she'd never forget it anyway. Every time she closed her eyes she would see her father's muscular body and his rigid prick shooting cum over Alice's face. Linda didn't know how long she stayed resting against the wall, but she couldn't move. Her knees felt weak and she knew she couldn't make the long walk back to the house.

She heard a door shut and everything went dark. She heard her father talking to Alice in a low voice. Then they were getting into his car and driving away. Linda wondered if they would fuck again before he took her home. Linda wondered if he would have a good explanation for her mother.

Linda waited until her father's car had pulled away. She walked around to the front of the studio. Her father had left the door open, so she knew he was planning to come back in just a little while. She remembered it was about a fifteen-minute ride to Alice's house. She stepped inside the studio and turned the light back on.

She had never been in her father's studio alone before. She walked to the cushions, which were still on the floor. She kneeled down. She put her fingers in a wet spot on one cushion. She knew it was her father's cum. It felt wet and sticky in her fingers. She brought her fingers to her cheek and rubbed.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked herself. "Oh, I've never felt like this before."

She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't help herself. She settled down on the cushions in the same spot where the redhead had been lying and fucking her father. She ran her hands up under her skirt and touched her puffy cunt lips.

Her panties felt wet. She worked her hand inside the panties and started rubbing herself. Her pussy felt hot and achy. She spread her legs a little wider and her fingers worked up inside her.

"Oh yes," she whispered. "Oh, that's nice!"

In her mind she told herself she had to stop, but her fingers seemed to have a will of their own. She felt her fingers probing her pussy. She stabbed a finger up inside herself. She felt like screaming as she worked her finger in and out of her pussy.

It was so uncomfortable that way. She knew she shouldn't, but suddenly things didn't matter. She was going to do it. She had to. She was hotter than hell.

She put her hands underneath her skirt and stripped her panties down ha lets. She had them around her knees, and she couldn't wait anymore. She started putting her fingers over her pussy again. She started stroking her cunt lips. She could feel the wild vibrations through her body.

She crammed two fingers into her cunt and began thrusting them in and out. She had never felt so lewd. Her pussy juices were soaking her fingers as her ass moved faster and faster.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh yes, it does feel good! It feels good. SO GOOD!"

She felt the spasms rock her body again and again before she started settling back to earth again. She hadn't realized that anyone was in the room until she opened her eyes again. She turned bright red as she saw her father standing in the doorway.

Chapter TWO

Ron was glad that he had only had to take Alice to the bus stop. He was getting a little tired of the silly bitch. She was always bitching about what he made her do. Just like tonight. It had started when he called her and told her to tell her husband she was going to spend the night with a friend. It was late and she started complaining, but he shut her up quickly.

And she kept complaining about his taking the damn pictures. Alice would have been surprised if she knew what kind of pictures Ron had in mind for her. She loved being treated roughly and he was going to get rougher.

Ron parked his car in the driveway and frowned at the lights on in his studio. He could have sworn that he turned those lights off. He must have been a little more shaken after Alice than he had realized. The bitch could really shake her ass when she started trying.

Ron got out of his car and walked up to the door. He started to reach in and turn off the lights. He froze. At first he didn't recognize the girl on his cushions. He saw long, shapely legs and a mass of golden hair. The young girl had her skirt bunched up around her waist and her fingers were busy in her pussy.

Then he recognized his daughter.

He didn't move. He didn't feel upset. Oddly, he enjoyed standing there watching her. He had been pretty well fucked that evening, but he could feel his prick getting hard as he watched his daughter. He had always known that his daughter had a good-looking body, but he had never thought she was the hot blooded type. He had always thought that Linda was a lot like her mother.

Now he knew that Linda was a little more like him.

He didn't move as Linda worked herself to a feverish climax. He heard her moaning; her fingers worked quickly as he saw her slowly start relaxing. He wished he had his camera. He would have loved to take a few pictures.

She looked up and saw Ron and he saw her face turn pale. She tried to say something as she frantically tried to pull up her panties. He told himself that was the best thing for her to do. And yet he found himself walking over to her and kneeling down beside her. He caught her hands before she could pull her panties up all the way.

"What are you doing, Daddy," she said. "I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. I'm going in now."

She knew she was rambling, but she couldn't seem to stop. She had never expected anything like this to happen. She was scared of what he was going to do. She kept thinking about what her mother would think. She felt like she was going to get sick to her stomach.

"Relax," Ron said. "There's nothing wrong with what you were doing. Nothing at all."

She could feel her heart hammering in her chest; she was still afraid she was going to get sick. She took a couple of deep breaths and was able to calm down again. She wished he would let go of her hands. She would have liked to pull her panties back up.

"Did you see Alice?" Ron asked.

"Yes!" she gasped.

"And that got you kind of hot and bothered?" Ron asked.

"Oh, yes," she answered.

She was glad her father was being so understanding. She didn't know what she would have done if he had been angry.

"You didn't know I took pictures of naked women, did you?" Ron asked.

"No," she answered.

"I've got lots of shots," he said. "Would you like to look at some of them?"

She nodded her head. She didn't understand the strange look in her father's eyes. He went to one of his cabinets and took a large folder down and brought it over to her. She took her advantage and pulled her panties back up. Her father didn't seem to notice.

"I think you'll like these," he said.

He put the folder down in her lap and he settled down beside her. She turned to the first picture and she was shocked. It was a picture of her mother taken a few years before. She was sitting in a chair, but she was naked from the waist up. Linda again felt a funny sense of satisfaction that her tits were even bigger and shapelier than her mother's.

"Keep turning the pages," Ron said.

There were a few other pictures of her mother, but nothing like those she had seen him taking of Alice. Then she hit the really rough stuff. She was shocked again when she recognized her next-door neighbors. They were married but they posed for the camera. They posed naked and the man had his cock in his wife's mouth. His wife was lustily sucking on it.

She could feel her breath coming faster as she kept turning the pages. She had never dreamed her father would take pictures like this, or that people she knew would pose for them. But she couldn't deny the evidence. Her father must have fucked half the women in town for these shots.

"I think you'd make a good subject," Ron said. "I've always been tempted to ask you."

"Me?" she questioned.

"Why not? With those big tits of yours you'd be a natural. Why don't you undress for me. I've still got a few pictures left in my camera."

"I don't think that would be right," she said.

"I'm your father," he said. "What could happen? Take my word for it, baby. I'm going to make a real model out of you."

Ron knew he'd struck her weak spot. She'd always had a secret desire to be a model. A real model. She nodded her head. After all, he was her father. It would be strictly professional.

"That's a good girl," he said. "Now undress!"

She felt really strange taking her clothes off in front of her father. She kicked off her shoes, then unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She was left in only her bra and panties. She took a deep breath as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She heard her father gasp as her bra fall away.

"Shit," he said. "They're fucking gorgeous, baby. What a pair of fucking tits!"

He started telling her how to stand as he clicked his camera. She went ahead and peeled out of her panties. She had posed for her father before, but it had never been like this. She could feel her body throbbing as she got into the lewd positions that he wanted.

He stopped clicking and loaded his camera again. He wanted her on her hands and knees facing away from him. He had her pull her long blonde hair back from her face while she looked back over her shoulder.

"Beautiful ass," her father said. "Beautiful fucking ass. Shit, who would have believed a girl could be built like you."

He had her roll over onto her back and spread her legs. It was hard to stay there while he put his camera almost up between her legs. He was close enough to touch her. He put his camera down.

"Shit," he said. "You're just too fucking gorgeous. It's not right, but I'm going to have to sample that hot little teenaged cunt!"

For a moment she didn't realize what her father was talking about. Then she understood that he was talking about fucking her. She thought about all the times she had fought off her boyfriends. She was a good girl. This couldn't be happening to her.

She felt her father's hand on her thigh. His fingers felt hotter than hell. She knew she had to get away. She tried to twist away. Her father grabbed her by the hair. He slammed her body backwards. He was smiling, but there was something mean in his eye. "I'm not one of your fucking silly little boyfriends, sugar," he said. "I'm your father and I'm used to taking what I want. Now you can make this hard or easy on yourself. It may not be right but I'm going to have your pussy."

"Oh, Daddy," she begged him. "Please don't. I'm sorry for what I did, but please don't do this."

He stopped her from talking by covering her mouth with his. She immediately felt, his fat tongue in her mouth. She tried to close her lips tightly but somehow she couldn't. His tongue seemed to work deeper and deeper into her mouth.

She felt his hands sliding underneath her. He gripped her asscheeks and pulled them apart. His hands felt like they were burning her. She tried to escape from him, but wiggling her ass only seemed to make things worse. And every time she moved she could feel shivers running through her innocent young body.

"Please don't, Daddy," she begged him.

"Just don't fight it, honey," he said. "I can make it good for you if you don't fight it."

Linda kept struggling, but she could slowly feel the resistance easing out of her. Her father stopped kissing her mouth. She felt his burning lips moving down her body. She had never even had a boy's hand touch her titty. Now she felt her father's hot breath blowing against her rigid nipple.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned softly.

His tongue started flicking at her hard nipple, which made it harder. She arched her back and felt her father opening his mouth.

"Yeah," he said. "You're just like every other hot little bitch. You want me to suck them. You like it!"

She didn't answer, but she felt his mouth open and suck her creamy titty-flesh. She had wondered what it would feel like for a long time. Now she knew, and it was better than she had imagined.

She felt his teeth nipping at her titty-flesh as he drew his head back. Again his tongue moved around her aching nipple. She found herself putting her hand on the back of his head and trying to pull his face closer to her tit.

"Yeah," he said. "You like it! You hot little bitch! You like it!"

His mouth opened wider and he was sucking hard at her titty. She wiggled with pleasure as his hot mouth sucked her. She had never dreamed anything could feel so good.

She felt his hot mouth moving to her other tit. His teeth bit her gently, then roughly. She didn't mind it either way. She could feel her pussy contracting every time his mouth closed around her tit. She heard him start to make sucking noises as he worked on her.

She wasn't ready when he jerked his head back. She wanted him to keep doing that forever. He had her body tingling like a well tuned instrument. Now she knew why Alice had been so wild for his cock. At that moment she would have done anything to have his lips back on her tits.

"Feel this, baby," he said.

He took her hand and pressed it against the hard bulge in his tight trousers. She remembered Alice and how Alice had looked with her father's jism covering her face. She felt his prick jump in her fingers and she jerked her hand away.

"Don't be shy about it, bitch," he said. "You're going to get to know that hard cock before I'm done with you. You're going to get to know every inch of it!"

He reached down and unzipped his trousers. He took her hand and pressed it against the opening. She knew what she was supposed to do, but she was afraid. She felt her father pushing her hand inside.

"I'm not wearing shorts, baby," he said. "Don't play around. Feel your daddy's cock!"

She felt it. She felt a throbbing piece of cockmeat for the first time. She was trembling all over as her fingers wrapped around the sweaty prick. She closed her fingers tightly around it and slowly pulled it from the opening. She gasped as she saw the size of it, even though she had already seen it.

It looked so much bigger in her fingers.

"Move your hand up and down, sugar," he said. "Really feel my hot prick."

She did as she was told. She moved her hand up and down; some of his cum leaked out of the purplish tip. She felt it running over her fingers and making her hand sticky. She didn't draw her hand back. She was scared, but not as scared as she'd been before. The feel and smell of his leaking cock was making her crazy.

She didn't even think about what she was doing as she dropped her head into his lap. Her nose was clogged with the smell of his strong cock odor. She could feel cum against her nose and mouth. She found herself opening her mouth and taking the head of his prick gingerly between her lips.

"You crazy bitch," he groaned. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Ron had seen women like this before, but he had never expected to see it in his own daughter. She went crazy at the smell of his cum. He had the feeling she was going to be a real wild bitch to ride. He knew he couldn't have stopped then even if his wife had walked through the door.

"Yeah, baby," Ron groaned. "Get down on it. Let's see how you suck cock!"

She didn't have to be forced. There was something about the smell and the throbbing heat of his cockmeat that drove her really wild. She could feel her pussy tingling as she opened her mouth and took even more of his cock between her red lips.

"Damn, that feels nice, but you're going to have to stop, baby," Ron said. "I'll blow my fucking wad too soon."

She didn't want that, so she let him pull her head away. She was throbbing with pleasure and she didn't protest as her father pushed her down onto her back. His hands slid beneath her again, making a rough cushion of his hands for her asscheeks.

"Now you just relax, sugar," he said. "It's going to hurt just a little, but it'll feel good after the pain!"

Her father didn't even take time to get completely undressed. He kept everything on. His cock was out of his trousers. She wished he would undress, but then she forgot about it as he pressed his body down on top of hers. His scratchy shirt felt good on her titties as he mashed them.

She felt him move forward until the end of his cock was pressed tightly against her pussy. It was strange, but she no longer felt any kind of fear. She could only feel good about the way his cock pressed against her.

She spread her legs a little wider. He was trying to be slow, but she knew she was making it hard for him. She was moving her ass around on the floor and pushing her cunt against his purplish knob. She felt his body jerk with pleasure. He pushed a little harder and his thick prickhead popped into the lips of her cunt.

"Oh yes," he groaned. "You are fucking tight, baby. And fucking wild. You're moving your ass like you've been fucked before. But I know that you're too fucking tight for that!" He started working his cock into her. She could feel him spreading her cunt lips apart as he moved into her. She felt his prick get almost inside her. She could feel his swollen knob resting against her virgin walls.

She knew, he was hesitating because he didn't want to cause her any more pain. She didn't care. All she could think about was that she wanted that big prick inside her. She raised her ass off his hands and started pushing at him.

"You crazy bitch," he moaned.

He couldn't hold back. He rammed into her hard and his massive prickhead tore through her virgin wall. She had a moment of uncomfortable pain, but then it was over as she felt his stiff prick so deep inside her. And it felt good. She squeezed her cunt walls together and could feel every delicious inch of his prick.

"I never expected you to be this hot," Ron told his daughter. "Shit, what a fucking piece of ass!"

He didn't hesitate. He started fucking her with long, deep strokes. She could feel his knob getting deep into her with every stroke. She couldn't help but love that big knob so deep inside her belly. She kept trying to squeeze her cunt walls together.

"Move that ass for me, baby," he said.

"Move that sweet hot ass fair me!"

She started lifting her ass as high as she could. She wiggled her ass around with each stroke. She knew she was turning him on. She had never fucked before, but she wanted this to be the best fuck he'd ever gotten.

He covered her mouth with his again. This time she started pushing her tongue back at his every time he stabbed it into her mouth. She could feel little spasms of pleasure all over her body. This time she knew it wasn't going to be like the times she'd fingerfucked herself. It was already building into a lot more than that. She could feel a leaking sensation in her belly, as if she had a tiny hole down there. Then there was a fire building up in her and she knew it was getting close to her time.

"Oh, Ron," she screamed. "I'm so hot all over. I keep thinking about you and Alice and I get hot all over again."

"Just think about us, baby," Ron told her. "Just think about my big prick in your cunt. Just think about that!"

She felt like screaming as the fires kept building inside her. She kissed him again and bit his tongue. She started rubbing her tits against his scratchy shirt.

"It's happening to me," she moaned. "Oh, fuck me hard! It feels so good! Fuck me hard! FUCK MEEEE!"

Her ass came off the floor as she screamed at the top of her lungs. She suddenly felt the hard spasm in her pussy, and then her juices flooding his cock. She kept moving her ass until she felt the last quick spasm shoot through her body.

"Don't stop, baby," Ron told her. "Just keep moving that sweet body. Just keep moving that ass up and down!"

She felt exhausted, but she kept working her ass up and down; she felt his cum leaking. She started squeezing her cunt walls together again. She loved it when she could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy and wetting her thighs. She loved the sticky feeling of his cock inside her.

"Come inside me," she whispered. "I want to feel your cum inside me, baby! I want to feel your cum!"

He rammed her harder, and she could feel his prick growing inside her. He hit her harder and harder and she felt more of his jism leaking inside her.

"You're going to get your cum, baby," he promised her. "You're about to get your fucking cum! You bitch! I'm shooting my wad! I'm shooting my fucking WAAAAD!"

He stabbed into her again and she felt his thick cum shooting into her. She almost came again as she thought that it was actually her father's thick cum that was shooting into her pussy. She really felt wet between her legs now, and she could feel the cum leaking out of her cunt and wetting his hands.

His prick finally spurted one last time and went soft. She could feel him slowly slipping out of her.

"Was I good?" she asked him. "Baby," her father said, laughing, "you were the fucking best!"

Chapter THREE

The next day was Saturday, and that was a good thing because Linda didn't think she could have gotten up before twelve o'clock. She didn't think she would have awakened at twelve except that the sun was coming through her bedroom window and hurting her eyes.

Linda felt a little sore as she climbed out of bed. She didn't feel any guilt. She had never been one to feel guilty about herself. What had happened had happened. She had found out that she wasn't as nice a girl as she'd believe she was.

And she had enjoyed it.

She would never be able to deny that. She had enjoyed what her father had done to her. She could still feel a tingling all over her body as she thought of it. It seemed like a dream, but her sore pussy told her it had happened.

She expected to see her mother downstairs. Instead she found her father at the table, drinking coffee. He looked tired and bleary eyed. He gave her a weak grin.

"Where's Mother?" she asked.

"She left a little while ago to go shopping," Ron answered.

She fixed herself some coffee and sat down at the table with her father. She had put on her usual Saturday outfit consisting of tight blue jeans and a halter top. Now she could feel her father's eyes on her in a different way. She knew he was remembering the shape of her naked tits and the fucking they'd done. It made heir shiver. She sipped her black coffee.

"What did you tell her about last night?" she asked.

"I didn't tell her anything," Ron answered. "Sometimes I work late in the studio. Luckily she went to sleep early. I told you were in when I came upstairs."

She nodded. It was kind of nice to have her father keeping things from her mother. It made a friend out of him rather than just one of her parents. Of course, she knew, that nothing was ever going to be the same between them again. She couldn't look at him without thinking about his huge, hard cock.

"I've got a couple of kids coming over in a little while," Ron said. "Some kind of blue jeans ad. It's going to take me most of the afternoon."

"Yes," she said.

"I've got the next hour free though," he said.

She grinned. She knew what her father was thinking. He hadn't gotten enough the night before and neither had she. She could feel wild shivers going up and down her body. She finished her coffee.

"I've got to take a shower," she said.

"All right," he said.

She had been thinking about breakfast, but now she could think of nothing but what she knew was going to happen. She couldn't hear him, but she knew her father was following her up the stairs to her bedroom. She felt her heart pounding as she stepped inside her bedroom. She very quickly peeled off her jeans and halter top. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Then she heard him coughing behind her.

"Shit, you do have a good-looking ass," he said. "I'm going to have to take a lot of pictures of that sweet ass!"

She straightened up and turned around. Her father had stripped naked. She had not had a good look of his naked body the night before. Now she got a real good look, and it took her breath away. She knew her father kept himself in good condition, but his body looked as good as a man half his age.

He walked toward her. She almost melted in his arms. She felt his hands moving down her back and then grabbing her ass. She felt him jerking her close so she could feel his stiff prick pressed against her belly.

"You're already hard," she gasped.

"I've been hard all morning," he said. "I've been thinking about you getting up!"

They got into the shower together. She somehow knew this wasn't the first shower her father had taken with a woman. He picked up the soar and began to soap her body. He started at her neck and worked his way down. She gasped as she felt his gentle hands lathering her tits. It was crazy, but she could feel her tits getting hot and swollen at the first touch of his hands. He roughly massaged her tits with the soap; she felt her nipples rubbing against his fingers. He squeezed them roughly and then his hands started moving down her body again.

"You've got such fine-looking tits," he said. "I just never thought my little girl would have such a nice body!"

His fingers stroked her waist and then moved around to the front of her body. She felt his fingertips in her pussy hair and it made her moan. He started soaping her pussy hair, then his fingers somehow started rubbing between her legs and making her shiver.

"Turn around, baby," he said. "Let me do that hot ass!"

She turned around. She felt his hands caressing her asscheeks. He started lathering her ass with soap. He did a good job. She could feel his fingers spreading apart the crack of her ass and rubbing her hard. She felt him press up against her and she felt his hard prick between her asscheeks. He started rubbing his stiff prick against her ass and she moaned.

"That feels so good," she said. "Everything you do to me feels so good!"

It was her turn. She took the soap and started lathering her father's thick chest. It made her shiver just to touch him this way. She moved her hand down to his crotch. The night before his cock had not felt so thick and hard. She rubbed soap all over it. She moved her hand down to his balls and lathered them also. She could feel how heavy they were and she knew they were filled with cum. She also knew she was going to get that cum before the afternoon was over.

She put both soapy hands on his cock. She started working one hand up and down the length of his throbbing prick while her other hand fingered his balls. She could actually feel his cock getting harder.

"You got nice hands, baby," he groaned.

"You've got real nice hands!"

She kept working her hands faster and faster until he reached down and made her stop. She reluctantly pulled her hands away. He lifted her up and held her close. She could feel his hard chest against her big titties. Her nipples started throbbing.

He kissed her mouth. This time she didn't hesitate, she stabbed her tongue into his mouth. She tasted his fat tongue rubbing against her, and could feel the hot shivers going up her spine. She moved her hands down his broad back and grabbed his muscular ass. She pulled him even tighter so she could feel his hard prick against her belly.

"It feels so good to me, Daddy," she said. "Your big, hard cock makes me feel good all over."

The water had washed most of the soap off their bodies. Now her father turned the water off and helped her get out of the shower. He tenderly dried her off with a big bath towel. She thought he was simply being gentle, at first, but then she could feel the way he was letting his fingers stroke her. He was getting some free feels. Not that she minded. She liked his hands playing with her. She wished it could last forever. She didn't ever want to do anything again except play with her father.

"Let's go back into the bedroom," her father said.

She let him lead her into the bedroom. Her father sat down on the bed and spread his thighs apart. She could see every delicious inch of his throbbing prick. She had never known anything that beautiful.

"Get down on your knees," he told her. "I want you on your knees between my legs!"

She knew what he wanted. She didn't protest. She was already licking her lips in anticipation as she fell down on her knees in front of him. He pin both his hands in her golden hair as he pulled her toward his throbbing prick.

"I want you to suck me like you were sucking me last night," Ron told her. "Last night you were really going after my prick. I want you to do it the same way."

She didn't know if she could do it the same way. She had lost control of herself the night before. She had hardly thought about what she was doing. Now she was fully in control and was a little scared of that huge red prick.

"Don't play around," he told her. "You know you want it. You wanted it crammed down your throat last night. You know you want it, now."

By the time she was lowering her head and got her first smell of his strong cock odor. It was the same as the night before. The smell and feel of his cock drove her crazy. She started running her fingers up and down his prick. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his prick and held the purplish tip up to where she could tongue it.

She started licking the throbbing knob. She felt a shudder go through his body as her tongue touched him. There was something about the rubbery texture of his cock that really made her hot. Her pussy was dripping juice as she licked his bloated cockhead.

"Oh yeah, baby," he groaned. "Oh yes, that's what I like. Oh shit, that feels nice!"

She kept licking his prickhead. She felt some of his cum leaking out of the head; she sucked it into her mouth. She found she didn't mind the salty taste. In fact, another wicked shudder went through her when she swallowed it.

"Now take it all, bitch," her father groaned. "Take every fucking inch of it!"

She opened her mouth wider and started moving her head forward. She felt his bloated cockhead rubbing over her tongue. Slowly it went into her mouth and into the back of her throat. She stopped when she felt his cockhead at the deepest part of her throat. She pulled her head back and sat looking at his prick for a moment. Now his cock was dripping with her saliva. She had never believed she could get turned on just looking at a prick, but she could feel the heat in her belly and a quivering excitement along the backs of her thighs. His cock was so fucking exciting to look at it.

"Suck it some more," Ron yelled. "Come on, baby. You're a natural cocksucker. I can tell you like to suck it. Come on -- suck it good and hard!"

She held her hair back from her face with one hand and the base of his cock with the other. She opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips again. She started sucking on it gently and taking a little more into her mouth with every movement of her lips.

Finally as she felt his cockhead deep inside her throat; his balls were almost touching her chin.

"Shit," he moaned. "Nobody's ever had my cock that deep before. Suck it now, bitch! Suck it!"

She started to bob her head up and down. She had never thought she would be able to do something like this. She was actually giving a blowjob to her own father. And somehow she knew that this was going to be all the way. Her father wasn't going to make her stop halfway. He was enjoying himself too much.

"Oh shit, baby," he groaned, "you know how to get down on it. You know how to suck it. Work your fucking head!"

She started bobbing her head faster. She could feel delightful sensations running through her body. Her tits felt hot and hard. She kept closing her thighs together as she felt them trembling. She was really getting turned on.

"Oh shit," he said. "Let me lean back. Come on the bed with me. This time I'm going to let you take me all the way. I'm going to come in your mouth, little bitch!"

She felt herself trembling again, even though she had already known that was what her father was going to do. She remembered him shooting his cum into Alice's face, and that excited her more. She knew it wasn't going to be in her face. It was going to be down her throat. It was crazy, but she found herself looking forward to it.

He got up on the bed and stretched out with his hands behind his head. He spread his legs wide enough for her to stretch out between them. She could see his bloated prick was covered with his cum and her saliva. She lifted his prick gingerly in her fingers and began licking up and down it. She licked all the way down to his balls and began taking each of them into her mouth. She would chew on one ball for a few seconds and then move her mouth to the other. She could sense his increasing excitement.

"Oh shit," he groaned. "Come on and suck it again. Suck it hard and make me come, baby!"

This time she was ready to take him all the way. She opened her mouth and hungrily gobbled up his prickmeat. She sucked his throbbing cockhead all the way into her throat and then held his prick there for a few moments. Then she began to bob her head again.

"Oh shit," he moaned. "That's what I want, sweet baby. That's exactly what I want. Oh shit, that's nice!"

She bobbed her head faster as his prick grew inside her mouth. She felt a couple of drops of thick cum inside her mouth. She started closing her lips a little tighter around his cockhead each time she drew back her head.

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "This time you're going to get it, baby. This time you're going to get every fucking drop! Oh shit, you're going to get a mouthful this time! Oh shit, baby!"

She didn't know what to expect. For a moment his cock simply felt big and thick inside her mouth. Then there was a feeling that her mouth was suddenly filled with something wet. Then suddenly he was spurting and she started to gag.

"Swallow it," he said gently. "Swallow fast, baby. I've got a gallon of cum for you!"

She started swallowing; she could feel the thick liquid going down her throat and into her belly. She heard her father sigh with pleasure and then his prick was limp inside her mouth. She managed to swallow a few more times, but she could feel some of his sticky cum covering her lips and chin.

She kept sucking as long as it was inside her mouth, but she finally felt him pulling out.

"I'm so hot, Daddy," she whispered. "I don't think I've ever felt so hot before."

She didn't know what her father could do for her in his limp condition. But her father had known all along what he was going to do. He made her roll onto her back and started licking her turgid nipples. Just his licking alone was almost enough to make her come. But then she felt his mouth sucking hard at her titty flesh. It made her shiver with delight. She put her hands on the back of his head and held his face against them.

"You make me so hot all over," she moaned.

She felt her father's tongue moving down her body. She spread her legs as his face went between her thighs. She could feel his scratchy beard against her thighs but she didn't mind that, especially when she felt his tongue slipping into the tender lips of her cunt.

"I like that," she moaned. "Oh yes, eat me, Ron. Eat my pussy up. That feels so good! Eat me!"

His tongue started thrusting rapidly in and out of her cunt. She licked her lips and could still taste his cum. That excited her even more.

"Stick your tongue in deep, Daddy," she moaned. "Stick your tongue in deep!"

He started thrusting his tongue even deeper into her moist pussy. She felt his hands sliding underneath her. He lifted her up and it felt just like his tongue was fucking her. Maybe his tongue wasn't as thick as his cock, but it sure seemed like it was hitting all the right places.

She felt him suddenly taking her clitty between her lips and starting to suck on it. She could feel flashes of fire from her head to her toes. She spread her legs open a little wider. She put her hands in his hair and held onto him tightly. She could feel his tongue entering even deeper into her boiling cunt.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "You don't know what you're doing to me. It's making me feel so good!"

Hers wasn't the first pussy her father had ever eaten. He knew exactly how to handle it. She could feel him release her clitty and start to thrust his tongue in and out of her again. He seemed to be touching every part of her cunt with his tongue.

His hands spread her asscheeks apart and she fell his finger searching for her asshole. She shivered as one of his fingers stabbed up into her asshole. He stabbed his finger in as deep as he could and then started working it in and out as he fucked her.

"Oh God, you're really making me crazy," she moaned. "You're really making me fucking crazy! Oh, it feels so good. It feels so fucking good. Do it to me, Daddy! I'm coming! I'm FUCKING COMING!"

Her pussy juices started to flood his mouth, but he didn't seem to mind. He only pushed his tongue in deeper and she could hear him making swallowing sounds. He kept sucking her pussy until the last sweet spasm had rocked her body. Finally she could feel her body relax as he licked tip the last of her pussy juices.

She couldn't help but wonder why everyone said this was so wrong when it felt so good!

Chapter FOUR

"Hey, Linda," John Williams yelled. Linda stopped in the hallway long enough for her boyfriend to catch up with her. She liked having people see them together in school. John was so tall and handsome, and his dark hair was a vivid contrast to her golden curls. She knew it made them look good together.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I thought you might want to grab a hamburger this afternoon before you go home," he said.

"I thought you had football practice," she said.

"Coach called it off. He thinks we're good enough already."

He laughed and Linda knew it was because their team wasn't doing all that well. John was great, but some of the others were not that talented.

"How about it?" John asked.

"I can't," Linda answered, shrugging her shoulders. "You know, I almost failed that math exam last week. I've got to talk to one of the math teachers about it."

"Yeah," John said. "And you know what they'll say. It's a good bet that you'll have to resign from the cheerleading squad if you don't bring your grades up. It's the same shit every time."

"I know," Linda said. "But you know the rules. You have to talk to the department if your grades start to fall below average. It's just that math gives me so much trouble."

"Maybe they'll suggest a tutor or something like that?"

"Maybe," Linda answered.

John gave her a kiss on the cheek and then hurried to join some of his football buddies. It was hard to believe how much she'd changed in the past few weeks. Her father had only fucked her twice, and they'd had no more opportunities to get together. Her mother seemed to always be around.

But every time she looked at him, she could feel the fires burning in her belly. It was getting really bad. She had found herself looking at the boys in school, especially John. If John knew how horny she was, he'd probably drag her into the boiler room or something. Perhaps it was a good thing he didn't.

Linda knocked on the door of the small room that was the math department office. A male voice told her to come in. She opened the door and went inside. She had been hoping to find her teacher, but instead she saw that it was Mr. Wilson.

She blushed when she remembered Mr. Wilson's wife. His beautiful redheaded wife had been getting fucked by her father. She wondered if he had any idea. She decided he didn't. He wasn't the type of man who would suspect his wife of anything like that.

"You're Linda Thompson," he said.

"Yes," she answered, surprised that she knew her. "I was hoping to find Mr. Parish."

"He's already gone home for the day," Mr. Wilson said. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I guess not," she said. "I just stopped by to talk about my grades."

"Oh yes," Mr. Wilson said. "You're the young lady on the cheerleading squad who flunked the last test in math."

"Yes," she said.

"We have been talking about that," he said. "You know, your doing badly puts us between a rock and the hard place. You're an exceptional young woman, Linda. You do well in everything else. But the problem is that we can't make exceptions."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to suggest that you drop the cheerleading, and the other clubs YOU belong to, at least until your grades in math get high again."

She looked at him in horror. John had laughingly suggested that they might make her quit cheerleading. She had even thought they might suggest that she miss a game. But to drop it completely. And to drop the rest of her clubs. Her high school was a very social place. And most of the kids were snobbish. Linda had even been guilty of snubbing people who didn't belong to the clubs.

She knew what kinds of things would be said about her if she dropped everything.

She wasn't even sure about John. He dated only the prettiest and most popular girls in school. He might not be interested in her if she wasn't so popular anymore.

"I don't understand," she said. "You can't kick me out just because I failed one test."

"Certainly we can," Mr. Wilson said. She still didn't understand. There was something cruel in Mr. Wilson's face. It was as if he were actually enjoying telling her this. She had never done anything to him.

"But other girls have done poorly on tests and they haven't been kicked off the squads. Maybe I could just miss a couple of games or something."

"Yours is a very special case," he said, almost smiling. "We're going to have to make an example out of you."

Perhaps it was just because she was young, but this seemed like the worst thing that had ever happened to her. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't stop a few tears from staining her cheeks.

"Please, Mr. Wilson," she said. "Don't do this. I can stay after school. I'll study harder. Please just give me another chance."

"I don't think so," he said. "But you don't understand," she said. "Oh, I do understand," he said. "Better than you think. Right now you're the prettiest and most popular girl in school. But what happens when it gets around that you're too stupid to keep your grades up. The kids know you don't get treated like this unless you do something really wrong. They'll turn on you, Linda. They've been waiting for the chance. They'll laugh at you. And things will never be the same again. I understand perfectly."

Craig Wilson leaned back in his chair. He was laughing inside. He had been a teacher for seventeen years and he'd always been fair and honest. He'd never done anything like this before. But he had never known such hatred before. He knew it wasn't the girl's fault, but it was the only way he could strike back at his cheating wife and Linda's father.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked.

"I want you to know how bad it could be if I pushed it," Craig said. "But maybe it doesn't have to happen."

He saw the sudden light in her face. She was jumping at straws. Well, he was going to make her jump a long fucking ways. He was going to own her pretty little ass before he was done.

"You know I'll do anything," she said. "Good," Craig said. "Then maybe you'd better know something. I sent Parish home. I wanted to talk to you. Do you know why?"

"No," she answered.

"Because I followed my wife the other night. I saw her with your father. I was there when he let her out at the bus stop. I've never been so sick and crazy. I followed your father home. I was going to kill him, I think. I walked into the studio and I saw the two of you. You never saw me. I left in a hurry."

"Oh no," she said softly.

"That's right," Craig said, "And now you know what you can do to change my mind. It's a fine way of paying back your father. It's up to you."

He watched her making up her mind. He knew she was confused and scared and that she was thinking about all the things he had told her. She didn't take long. Being popular wouldn't have been that important with Craig, but he had understood Linda perfectly. Being popular was everything to her.

"Lock the door," Craig told her.

She was wearing her cheerleading outfit. He wished she'd had on hose and high heels, but it really didn't matter. She was going to be naked pretty soon. She turned and locked the door. He could see the wiggle of her asscheeks. She had a determined look on her face when she turned back around. He knew she'd decided to go along with him.

"What are you waiting on, cunt?" he asked. "You know what I want you to do."

She nodded. She peeled out of her fluffy sweater. She was wearing a small black bra that didn't completely hold her big tits. Craig's first thought was that her tits were much better looking than his wife's. They were bigger and firmer looking. He licked his lips.

"The rest of it," he said.

He could feel his prick getting swollen as he watched her. She unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs. She stepped out of it. She had on nothing but her bra, panties, and those long white socks that the cheerleaders wore.

"Everything," Craig demanded. "Hurry up, damn it. I don't have all fucking day!"

She hurriedly stripped her socks and shoes off. She stood back up and reached behind her. She unhooked her bra and let her big tits burst out. He gasped. They were even bigger looking when the bra was off. He could see those hot pink nipples already getting hard. She wasn't wasting any time. She was sliding her panties down and kicking them off. He could hear her breathing heavily and realized she was getting a little turned on by what was happening.

"Turn around," he said. "You are fucking gorgeous."

She turned for him. He made her bend over so he could see her ass pointing at him. It was hard to believe that a youngster could be as well-built as Linda. Craig felt his cock trying to burst out of his trousers.

"All right, baby," he said. "Come on over here. You know what to do with a cock."

She was blushing, but he noticed that she wasn't hesitating. She came right to him and knelt on the carpet. Her fingers lightly stroked the outline of his massive bulge. He heard her moan softly.

Her fingertips found his zipper and tugged it open. Her small hand slid inside the opening. His cock was bunched in his shorts, and she had trouble getting hold of it. He finally had pity for her. He stood up and pulled his belt off. He unhooked his trousers and pulled them down to his knees. His shorts followed. He sat back down.

He saw her looking at his massive cock and balls and licking her lips. Maybe she hadn't liked the idea a few moments before, but he was sure she was beginning to like it better and better. She moved her hand up his thighs and started caressing his balls. He felt her hot little fingers wrapped around the base of his prick. She moved her hand up and down and he almost blew his wad right then -- her hand felt so soft and hot.

He put his hands in her hair. It didn't take much to get her head down. Then her lips locked around the head of his cock and he knew he'd never felt anything so good.

His wife sucked his cock, but she always acted disgusted by it. There had been only one other woman in his life, and she wouldn't suck, only lick and kiss.

Neither of those women could compare to Linda. Her mouth was like hot liquid. It seemed to surround his cock and he could feel every inch going down her throat. He looked down in surprise. He could see her red lips opened wide. She pulled her head back and he could see her saliva dripping.

"Damn," he groaned. "Damn, that's the way to suck cock. Shit, somebody's been teaching you good."

Craig couldn't have understood that it didn't matter who's cock Linda held inside her mouth. Sucking cock turned her on. She was already squirming with desire as she bobbed her head up and down. She could feel her pussy dripping juice on her thighs.

Craig tightened his hands in her hair as he realized that he was leaking some of his thick cock jism into her mouth. She didn't seem to mind that. She only sucked harder. He could hear her swallowing. He could feel her fingers slowly squeezing and releasing his cum-filled balls.

He jerked her head away as he felt the pressure in his balls. He would have liked to come in her mouth. Yet he couldn't help but want to feel his cock inside that young pussy. He stood up and finished stripping off his clothes.

"You little bitch," he told her. "I'm going to get back at your father for what he did. I'm going to come on your face and in your mouth one of these days. But right now I want that sweet pussy."

"Where do you want me?" Linda asked.

Linda was as hot for it as he was. She had thought only her father could get her so excited. Now she understood that it could really be any man with a cock. Just the smell of cum made her quiver all over.

"Bend over my desk," he told her. "I'm going to fuck you from behind. I'm going to fuck you like a bitch in heat. I'm going to wear your hot little ass out!"

He was hurriedly knocking all the stuff off his desk. He cleared a spot where she could stretch across it. She didn't like the idea of fucking like this, but one look at his face told her it was going to be his way.

She bent over the desk and pressed her titties against the cool wood. Immediately she felt his hands going around her. He lifted her titties off the desk and began squeezing them. She could feel her hard pink nipples brushing his palms.

"Fucking big tits," Craig said. "I've always liked your big tits!"

He squeezed harder. She felt herself pushing her ass back against him. She felt his cock between her shapely asscheeks. She started wiggling her ass against him. There was something exciting about feeling his stiff prick against her. He was pushing against her and leaving little drops of his wet cum on her asscheeks.

He bent down and she felt him sucking on her neck. Suddenly he bit her on the neck like an animal. She realized that this was exactly how he was going to treat her like an animal. He was going to be savage.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "Put your cock inside me and fuck me. Please. It feels so good!"

"That's the way I want you, bitch," he said. "I want you begging for my big prick. I want to hear you beg!"

"Then I'm begging you," she moaned. "I'm begging you for your big cock. I want you to fuck my pussy!"

She realized that anyone could have heard her loud voice if they'd been passing outside. She didn't care. All she could think about was how good his big prick was going to feel. She knew she was acting like a cunt, but that didn't seem to matter.

She knew it was exactly how he wanted her to act.

She felt him changing position. She felt his huge cockhead pressed against her pussy hole from behind. He gave a hard, thrust and she felt his thick prick stabbing into her cunt. His prick was not as big as her father's, but it filled her. She felt him pull back and then stab deep into her cunt a second time.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "That's what you wanted. You wanted to fuck me. Now fuck me hard!"

He started to ram her cunt. He had lost control and she didn't mind that. She could feel his hands squeezing her titties even more roughly as he thrust his big cock into her steamy cunt.

"That's what I want," she gasped. "Oh yes, give it to me like that!"

He wasn't being slow anymore. He was using his prick like a battering ram as he almost drove her into the desk with every stroke. She could feel his rough cockhead splitting apart her cunt lips with every savage stroke.

She closed her eyes and let herself drift with the delicious feelings. His cock felt so hard slamming into her. She liked the feel of his balls slapping against her with every stroke. They felt so heavy and cum-filled.

She could feel his cock getting thicker and she didn't want to be left behind. She knew he wasn't the kind of cocksman her father was he didn't have the experience to keep from coming until she did. Besides, he was too excited at getting hold of young pussy.

She let herself go with wild pushes back against his cock. She really got his cock deep, and felt the first of her juices flooding his cock.

"I'm coming," she screamed. "Oh yes, you know how to fuck me. You know how to use your big cock. Use it on me, baby! You're making me come! YOU'RE MAKING ME FUCKING COME!"

She screamed again as savage spasms shook her body. She pressed herself a little closer to the desk and rubbed her tits against his hands. She hadn't thought she would, but she was enjoying getting fucked like this.

"I'm going to shoot it in your face, bitch," Craig said. "I'm going to shoot it in your face, just like your father did to my wife!"

Craig pulled his cock out of her pussy. She didn't have to be told. She turned around and he forced her down to her knees. He grabbed her by her hair and made her lift her face up to his cock.

"Now lick and jerk it off until I come in your face, you cunt," he said. "Do it!"

She wrapped her fingers around his swollen cock and she immediately knew she wasn't going to have to play with it long. She could already feel the thick throbbing and knew it wouldn't be long before he started coming.

"Sweet bitch," he groaned. "You sweet fucking bitch! Oh shit, I'm going to shoot my wad! I'm going to shoot my fucking wad! Oh shit, you bitch! YOU BITCH!"

She felt a few drops hit her cheeks and she closed her eyes. Then she felt the shower of his cum splashing against her face and cheeks. She kept her hand on his prick and kept working her head up and down to milk every drop. She felt as though she had taken a bath in his cum when she finally milked the last drop.

"You stupid bitch," he groaned. "I'm going to love having you around!"

He wiped his cock off in her hair and then started dressing. She knew she had been dismissed until the next time. She picked up I her panties and tried to wipe off her face and hair. Her hair felt sticky, and she knew she hadn't done a good job. She hoped she didn't I meet any one she knew on her way home.

Chapter FIVE

Linda didn't tell her father about Mr. Wilson. She thought about telling him, but she forgot all about it when she got home that afternoon. The first thing she did was take her shower and change into a halter top and blue jeans. She went looking for her mother and found a note on the kitchen table. Her mother had written that she was shopping and would be home late. Linda felt a sudden pounding in her chest.

That meant that her father was home alone for the first time in a long while.

Linda knew she'd find her father in the studio, but she didn't find him alone. He was doing a camera portrait of a healthy-looking, dark-haired woman. It took Linda a moment to recognize the wife of their banker.

"Come in, baby," Ron told her. "I'm going to be done in a little while."

"Yes, darling," Joan Carpenter said. "It'll give me someone to talk to while your father takes these pictures."

"It'll be over in a little while," Ron said.

"Oh, I hope so," she said.

Linda thought that her father couldn't be having very much fun. Joan Carpenter was certainly no Alice. She was prim and proper.

Her skirt was just the right length below her knees and she wore a brightly-colored blouse that clung to her ripe titties only a little.

Linda wondered about her body. She looked like she'd be good-looking naked. She wondered if her father had ever tried. Probably not. Joan Carpenter didn't look like the type a man would make a play for.

But Linda didn't know what a special kind of person her father was.

"These pictures are perfect," he said. "Perfect. I know they're just the sort of pictures Justin is talking about. But perhaps you might want a few that are extra-special."

"Extra-special?" Joan asked.

Linda caught the gleam in her father's eyes and she knew exactly what he was talking about. She saw him going to his table and taking a heavy, leather bound folder. It wasn't the one she'd seen, but she had a good idea of what kinds of pictures were inside.

Joan took the folder and started turning the pages. Linda watched her face go from a pale, shocked look to one of tingly excitement. Joan was trembling slightly as she turned the pages.

"But these women don't have very much clothing on," Joan said.

"That's the idea," Ron said. "Just think what a present it would be for him if you gave him some pictures like those."

"Not to mention what a present it would be for you," Joan said sweetly.

Linda almost laughed out loud. Joan Carpenter was no fool. She knew exactly what Ron was up to. It surprised Linda that she just didn't get up and leave.

"Come on, Joan," Ron said. "I've seen lots of naked women. It's a job to me. Besides, do you think I'd pull something with my daughter in the room?"

"I guess not," Joan admitted.

"I just thought your husband might like some of these special pictures for him alone. Every man would like to have some professional beaver shots of his wife."

"Really?" Joan questioned.

"You bet."

"Do you think I'd look as good as these women?" Joan asked. "I mean, some of these women look like professional models."

Linda almost laughed again. She could tell that her father had Joan hooked. Linda was also sure that her father was going to do more than take pictures of Joan. Linda knew further that she was somehow going to be involved. Her heart pounded a little faster.

"Certainly you'd look as good," Ron said. "I bet you'd look better than those women."

"You're just saying that," Joan said, laughing. "I'm sure Justin would appreciate them, but I'm not sure he would appreciate you taking them."

"It's up to you," Ron said.

"I don't think so," she said.

Linda wasn't worried. Joan Carpenter wasn't going to walk out of the studio without taking off her clothes. Her father was walking around taking pictures again, but now and then. Joan would turn her head away from him and look down at the folder. It was open to one of the pictures. A young blonde was sitting on the couch in a lurid pose. She wasn't really showing anything. She had a blanket wrapped around herself, but it was obvious that she was naked underneath it.

"I suppose I could do a pose like that," Joan said.

"I'll tell you what," Ron said. "Let's start off slow. Just pull your skirt a little and we'll take a few cheesecake shots of your thighs. Let's see how comfortable you feel with that."

"All right," Joan agreed.

Joan leaned back on the couch and pulled her skirt above her thighs. Ron had her cross her shapely legs and then uncross them. All the while he was taking pictures.

"Just unbutton your blouse a little," Ron said.

"All right," she said.

Watching her father was like watching a master at work. In just a few moments he had Joan's blouse unbuttoned all the way down the front. A few seconds later he got her to take the blouse off. Linda could see Joan sigh, and Linda knew she'd passed the point of no return. She wasn't going to be able to refuse Ron anything he wanted.

"Pull your skirt up a little higher," Ron said.

Joan was leaning back a little farther on the couch. She was dressed in her bra and skirt. She peeled her skirt up above her waist; both Linda and her father could see her pale pink panties.

"That's it, baby," Ron said. "Now why don't you take off your bra. Let me see those big tits."

Joan looked at him and made another sighing sound. At first Linda thought she was going to refuse. Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She pulled it off and let her big, creamy tits fall free. Linda gasped. Joan had a beautiful pair of tits. Her tits were even bigger than Linda's, and they still had a youthful firmness.

"Is this what you want?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, baby," he said.

It took him only another few seconds to convince her to pull off her panties. She looked a little ashamed to be so completely naked. But Ron moved closer and kept taking pictures, her shame soon seemed to be replaced with a nervous excitement.

"This is crazy," she said.

"No, baby," Ron said. "It's not crazy. Open your legs for me. Let me get a really good shot up your pussy!"

"This isn't right," she complained, but she opened her legs and his camera started shooting between her legs.

Linda expected it when her father put his camera down. She could tell the way Joan was squirming with pleasure that the woman was hotter than hell. Her eyes popped open wide as Ron started peeling off his clothes.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Don't act stupid, bitch," he said. "You know what I'm doing. And don't pretend that you don't want it as bad as I do."

"But your daughter?" Joan protested.

"Don't worry about Linda," Ron said. "She knows some tricks that would put you to shame."

Joan gasped as Ron peeled off his shorts and his thick cock stood out like the limb of a massive oak tree. Linda licked her lips as she saw the purplish cockhead with cum already dripping from it.

"Come here, Linda," Ron said. "Join us." Linda didn't have to be asked twice. Her body was already rocking with pleasure. She was already pulling off her halter top as she walked over to her father. She was creaming in her jeans. She could feel her pussy juices soaking her panties.

Her father pulled her into his arms and started stroking her ass. Linda felt his fingers probing her asshole. She pressed herself against him, rubbing her tits against his chest.

"Well, shit," Joan said. "I never would have believed it."

"Don't worry," Ron said. "We're not going to leave you out."

Ron kneeled on the floor and he started running his hands over Joan's body. Joan gasped as his fingers teasingly caressed her swollen titties. He leaned over and started licking one pink nipple. He lifted his head and looked at Linda.

"Have you ever tasted another woman's tits?" Ron asked.

Linda shook her head. She was afraid of this. She hadn't been able to take her eyes off Joan's big tits since she'd walked in the door. Now she could feel her mouth suddenly going dry. She had always heard that there was something wrong with this.

"Go ahead, baby," he father said, as if he could read her mind. "There's nothing wrong with it. Kiss her tits if you want to."

"I don't think it's right," Joan said.

"Shut up, bitch," Ron said. "You'll do anything I want you to!"

Joan turned red, but. Linda couldn't tell if it was with anger or shame. Then it didn't matter anymore, because Linda was dropping her head to Joan's tits. She licked the rubbery nipple and felt Joan shiver. She looked up at her father; he was grinning.

"Go ahead, baby," Ron told her. "Kiss them. Suck them hard!"

Linda opened her mouth and took the hardened nipple inside her lips. She felt an ache in her pussy as she nibbled on the hot nipple. She pulled her head back. She felt Joan's hands in her hair, pulling her back to her tit.

"That does feel good," Joan moaned. "Oh yes, little darling. Do that to me!"

Linda started moving her lips from one of Joan's titties to the other. She let her teeth softly graze those tender tits. She started making little sucking noises as she worked on Joan's titties. She felt Joan's fingers stroking her long blonde hair.

"That's so good," Joan moaned. "Oh, that feels so fine!"

She felt one of Joan's hands sliding down. She shivered as Joan's fingers slowly brushed across her own titties.

"Oh, do it to me," Linda groaned. "Do my titties."

Linda fell back onto the carpeted floor, and Joan followed. Linda had only been kissing and licking Joan's tits. She wasn't prepared for the way Joan practically devoured her titties. She felt Joan's lips open; her hungry mouth was pulling in as much of Linda's titty flesh as the older woman could take.

"Oh yes," Linda moaned savagely. "Oh yes, that feels so good!"

"Do her good," Ron said. "Suck my little girl hard."

Linda was only vaguely aware that Ron was taking pictures again. Probably he would take pictures of his own funeral. Linda doubted that Joan even realized what was going on.

Ron put his camera down and kneeled on the floor with them. He took Linda's hand. She let him pull her fingers against his steely cock. She ran her fingers up and down the thick prick. She moved her hand up around the cockhead. She pulled it and felt him groan. She also felt some of his sticky cum wet her fingers.

"Fuck," he moaned. "Fuck, that feels good!"

She moved her hand down to his balls and began stroking them. It really made her feel sexy to be massaging her father's balls while a good-looking woman sucked her tits.

"Everybody's naked but you, Linda," Ron said. "Why don't you take off your jeans and panties."

Linda started to unbutton her jeans, but Joan couldn't seem to wait. Her hands ripped frantically at the buttons of Linda's jeans. Finally the buttons came undone and Joan started stripping the jeans down Linda's long legs.

"Shit," Ron said. "I think we've found something you really like, Joan."

Linda didn't think Joan had ever done anything like this before, but Joan wasn't hesitant at all. Linda had no time to protect her panties, even if she'd wanted too. Joan grabbed the edges and peeled them down her legs, leaving Linda as naked as everyone else.

"Gorgeous," Joan said. "I know I shouldn't feel like this, but you are a beautiful young girl!"

Joan's lips went back to Linda's titties. Linda could feel Joan's hungry mouth trying to devour her excited tits. She felt Joan biting gently at her titties.

She shivered as she felt Joan's lips moving down her body. She felt Joan's tongue playing around her navel and then slowly slipping lower. Joan was sucking at her cunt hairs.

"Yeah," Ron moaned. "That's where you've wanted to be all along, you bitch! You like women better than you do men. You like sucking on women's tits and pussy!"

"No," Joan protested, but she was too late. She had already showed that she was enjoying herself too much. She couldn't really protest when he put his hands in her hair and started pushing her face into Linda's cunt.

"Come on and suck her," Ron said. "You know you like pussy. Get down there and suck that hot stuff!"

He pushed her face harder, and Linda felt the older woman's lips pressed against her pussy lips. Linda moaned as she felt a long tongue rubbing up against her sensitive cunt lips. She moved her hands down and started stroking the back of Joan's head.

"Eat her out," Ron yelled. "Eat my daughter's cunt!"

Ron's cock was as hard as he'd ever felt it. It felt like steel. He knew he was going to have to put it somewhere, and the most obvious choice was that beautiful ass of Joan's. He had not had his cock inside a tight asshole in a long time.

He moved up to his daughter's head and took some of her hair in his hands. He made her turn her face toward his and started rubbing his cockhead against her mouth. It didn't take her long to get the message; she opened her mouth and let him push his cock inside. He drove his prick deep into her throat and then pulled out. She had gotten his prick well lubricated with her spit.

He walked around to the back of the two women. Joan was kneeling, her ass high in the air, while her face was buried in Linda's cunt. Ron leaned forward and pressed his cock against the snug entrance to Joan's asshole.

Joan raised her head. "Oh, what are you doing? Don't do that. Please don't do that."

Ron paid no attention to her. She couldn't get away. His daughter had grabbed Joan with both hands and was forcing her face back into Linda's hot pussy.

Ron thrust a little harder and could feel her tight asshole fighting the penetration of his cock. He realized that she had never been fucked here before. She had a cherry asshole. That was all right with Ron. He liked it tight.

Ron thrust hard and his prick rammed deep into her hot asshole. He felt his balls against her asscheeks and he groaned in pleasure. He pulled back a little and rammed into her again.

"What a sweet fucking asshole," he groaned. "Shit, that's sweet!"

Linda could see what her father was doing and she couldn't believe it. Her father was fucking Joan's asshole. She saw the look of pleasure on her father's face as he started slowly thrusting in and out of the snug ass. She saw him reach around and grab Joan's tits. He started squeezing and playing with them as he kept thrusting.

Linda felt a sudden jolt of pleasure as she realized what was happening between her legs. Joan may not have liked the feeling at first, but now she was starting to like it. Her ass was moving back against Ron's, and his cock was making wet noises as he thrust into her. Linda knew that Joan's asshole was getting a little loose.

Then she could feel Joan sticking her long tongue deeper inside her cunt. She tightened her hands on Joan's head and started lifting her ass off the floor. She felt Joan thrusting into her cunt with the same rhythm her father was using to fuck her.

"Oh yes," Linda gasped. "Oh yes, that feels so good. That feels so good. It makes me tingle!"

She felt Joan's tongue licking her hard clitty lightly. She then felt Joan sucking the hard bud. It was making Linda crazy. She could feel her wet pussy juices starting to fill Joan's mouth, but Joan didn't seem to mind. In fact, she could hear Joan swallowing slowly.

"Oh yes," Linda cried. "Eat me, Joan. Eat my pussy. It feels so good. It feels so fucking good!"

Linda forgot all about the strange, uncomfortable feelings of having a woman suck her. All she could think about now was how good it felt. She felt herself tightening her legs around Joan's face and lifting her ass a little higher. That sweet tongue was really getting deep ink, her cunt.

"That feels so good," she moaned. "Oh baby, it's going to make me come. It feels so good! I can't help it! OH SUCK ME, SUCK MEEEE!"

She felt Joan's tongue thrusting again as the wild spasms shook her body. She spread her legs wider and pulled Joan's face deeper into her moist pussy. At the same time she could feel her father starting to thrust his cock into Joan a little harder.

Linda started coming back down to earth. She could still feel Joan licking her spilled juices. The woman just couldn't seem to get enough of them.

Finally Joan raised her head. "Oh shit, what's wrong with me. You've made a whore out of me!"

"And you know that's what you want to be," Ron said. "You want to be a whore, a cunt! You want to be treated like a cunt!"

He squeezed her tits harder and he kept driving his prickhead deep into her ass. Linda saw him move one hand down between Joan's legs. He started to suddenly thrust his fingers into Joan's wet cunt. It was all she needed.

"Oh fuck," Joan called. "I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come. Oh fuck me, FUCK!"

Her ass went crazy as the wild spasms of pleasure shook her. She seemed to be trying to break Ron's cock. Finally she gave one last weak shiver and almost collapsed. Only the force of Ron's body as he kept driving his prick into her asshole kept her up. Ron was ramming her as fast as he could, and his big balls made slapping sounds as loud as gunshots in the quiet room.

"You've got a sweet fucking ass," Ron groaned. "A sweet fucking ass. I'm going to fill up your asshole. I'm going to shoot a thick wad of cum right out your mouth. Oh shit, baby! OH FUCK!"

He slammed into her again and his body started contorting with the pleasure of shooting his wad into her tight asshole. He pulled back and rammed again and his hot cum started leaking out of the sides of her ass.

"Oh baby!" Ron groaned. "I was right about you. You are a cunt. A fucking cunt!"

"Oh yes," Joan agreed. "Yes, that's what I am."

Chapter SIX

Mary was mad as hell.

It wasn't that she hadn't known that Ron was unfaithful to her. Mary knew her husband very well, even better than he thought she did. She had long ago realized that he would fuck anything he could get the panties off of. So it was no surprise to walk into the studio and find him humping Joan Carpenter.

What was surprising was that he had their daughter with them.

At first Mary was sick about it. Then she got mad. Linda was such a beautiful young girl. Just the type of girl Ron would pick.

Mary realized it was partially jealousy that was making her feel that way. Mary knew she wasn't as good looking as her daughter, but she was better looking than Joan. And it wasn't fair for her daughter to be having all the fun.

Mary knew that anger was probably a funny reaction. But she wasn't an average mother. She had never really been interested in having children. She had been a model when she'd met Ron. She had been one of those women who had believed his lying words, and he had her panties off before she could protest.

But Mary prided herself on being a pretty good fuck and she didn't let Ron off easily. He finally asked her to marry him because he couldn't get enough of her educated pussy.

"And I'm still good looking," Mary said, as she looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. "He could treat me like a young model again. He doesn't have to treat me like a mother all the time."

She sighed as she heard the doorbell. Probably another one of Ron's customers or some friend of Linda's. It would serve them both right if she sent whoever it was out to the studio. What a surprise that would be.

Mary went downstairs and opened the door. She hadn't been wrong, it was a friend of Linda's. A boy with big shoulders and nice looking eyes. She knew he was Linda's regular boyfriend at the time.

"Hello, John," she said. "What brings you around?"

"I was looking for Linda," he said. "It seems like lately I can't ever catch her at school."

"Well, come on in the house," she said. "You can wait for her in the living room, where it's cooler."

Later she could tell herself that she really hadn't had anything in mind. She was simply being nice as she led the young man into the living room. But she couldn't deny that she did think he was good looking.

He sat down on the couch and Mary sat in the chair across from him. She saw him glance nervously at her as she crossed her long, beautiful legs. She let her skirt slide up higher than it should have and saw his eyes caressing the little strip of thigh she had revealed.

Mary suddenly realized how she was going to get back at her husband and daughter. And she was going to enjoy herself doing it. She leaned back in the chair and let her skirt slide up a little higher. She could see him licking his lips nervously.

"Did you know I used to be a model?" she asked him.

"No," he answered. "But I was sure you could have been. You're a very beautiful woman."

"Thank you," she said.

Mary got up and crossed the room. She set down beside him on the couch. She could feel his body heat and she was sure he was getting hotter. It made her tingle as she though about what her husband and daughter were doing out in the studio. And about what she was going to do!

"When do you think that Linda will be back?" he asked.

"Probably not for a while," Mary answered. "Why? Don't you like my company?"

"Of course," he answered.

"But I make you nervous?"

"No," he answered. "Of course not."

"I think I do," she said. "I think I make you nervous."

She took him by surprise, leaning, over and gently kissing his mouth. She drew her head back. She was close enough so that he could smell the sweetness of her perfume. He made a choking sound as she let her hand fall to his knee.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" she asked.

"Oh yes," he answered.

"Then why don't you do something about it?"

She wanted him to turn into an animal, but he moved even faster than she expected. His arms wrapped around her suddenly and he jerked her against him. She didn't fight it. She let herself relax against his body. Her lips were soft as he kissed her. The first kiss was gentle but the second was hard and long. It left her gasping for breath.

"My goodness," she said. "You certainly do get carried away. Don't look that way, baby. I don't want you to stop. I like it!"

That was all he needed. He jerked her into his arms again and started brutally kissing her mouth. Her lips had never felt bruised before, but they did when John raised his head. She licked her lips and he covered her mouth with his again. This time she opened her mouth wide and let his tongue stab deep into her throat. She started rubbing her tongue back against his.

She had started this because she was angry at her husband. But she hadn't realized how strong this young man was. He made her feel weak and shiverish. She could feel him almost sucking her tongue out of her mouth.

She pushed him away and laughed at his expression.

"I told you," she said. "Don't worry. I'm not going to stop. I'm enjoying this too much. But let's go up to my bedroom where we'll be more comfortable."

He nodded. He had a very red face and it was getting redder by the moment. She walked ahead of him up the stairs. Now and then she could feel his hand reaching out to brush against her jiggling asscheeks. His fingers felt so hot that they burned her. She could hardly wait to get this young man into her arms again.

She turned quickly as they stepped into the bedroom. She pressed herself tightly against him and immediately felt his hands grabbing her ass. Each big hand seemed to cover an asscheek as he pulled her tightly against him. She could feel the swollen bulge in his trousers. She wondered if her daughter was fucking him. If she wasn't, then it was a waste. It felt like he had a big cock.

She took his hand and walked him to the big bed.

"Won't your husband mind?" John asked.

"He might," Mary answered. "But he's not going to find out." She wrapped her arms around him again. She didn't want him thinking about her husband, and she knew just how to take his mind off worry. She started rubbing her big tits against his chest and she could feel his hard bulge getting bigger. She knew he had forgotten about her husband when she felt his hands stroking her asscheeks again.

"You feel so big and hard," she said. "I bet the girls really go for you."

"I do all right," John said.

"Have you fucked my daughter yet?" she asked.

John seemed a little surprised at the question but he answered it. "No."

"You will," she said. "My hot-assed little daughter won't be able to keep her hands off you for very long!"

He jerked her down onto the bed. She had never been with such a young man before, and his wandering hands made her crazy. She kept feeling his fingers on her ass, her thighs, and then back up to her tits.

"You like my tits?" she asked.

"I like them," he groaned. "Oh shit, yes."

"You can do what you want with me," she said. "I'm yours for a little while. Play with me all you want. I'm your little whore!"

He was getting crazier by the moment. She felt his hands covering her titties. He started squeezing them through her blouse and she could feel them getting hot and hard. Her nipples started feeling a little achy.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "I love your tits. I've never played with a bigger pair of tits before!"

She felt his hands on her nipples and didn't fight them. She let him undo the buttons of her blouse. He got her bra hooks undone quickly and pulled the bra off. He raised up so he could take a good look at her perfect tits.

"Oh fuck," he said. "You are beautiful. You are fucking beautiful!"

She put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his face down to her swollen tits. She felt his tongue moving across her hard nipples, and groaned as his mouth opened and he sucked in as much of her creamy titty-flesh as he could manage. His teeth bit her gently, sending little ripples of pleasure through her head. She started stroking the back of his head. "Oh yes," she moaned. "Do that to me like to have my titties sucked and bitten. You do it so good!"

His wet mouth started moving quickly from one tit to the other. He couldn't seem to get enough of her delicious tit in his mouth. She had never met anyone who liked sucking tit so much.

He had her aching with pleasure when he finally drew back his head. She moved her hand down to his back and then around to where his hard bulge was trying to break out of his trousers. She let her fingertip stroke the hard length of it. She could feel it throbbing. "Oh my goodness," she said. "You sure do have a big cock!"

She found his zipper and slowly pulled it down. She felt him starting to squirm as she slipped her hand inside the opening and found his hardened prick. His cock was bunched in his shorts and she quickly found the way inside. Her fingers touched his bare cockflesh.

"Oh shit," he groaned. "Oh shit, that's nice!"

Her fingers started stroking it. She could feel his body tense with pleasure as her silky fingers worked on his hot cockflesh. She moved her fingers up around the ridge of his cock. She knew he loved it when she felt some of his hot cockcream leaking on her fingers.

She brought her fingers to her lips and made sure he could see her licking them. He moaned and reached for her titties again. This time there was nothing gentle about his fondling. He groped them as if he were trying to punish her.

She pushed him over onto his back and let her hair fall around his face. She kissed his mouth and staffed moving her lips down his body. She finally reached his cock. She felt his hands in her hair as she started licking his swollen prick.

"Oh baby," John said. "Oh, that feels good. That feels so fucking good!"

She licked all around the bloated head of his prick before she took the cockhead into her mouth. She let his cock rest on her tongue for a moment before she started sucking it into her mouth. She had always enjoyed sucking cock, but she had never tasted one that seemed so big and hard to her. She could feel the salty taste of his cum leaking into her mouth. It made her pussy leak tangy juice.

She gobbled his prick all the way down. She could feel his balls resting against her chin. She felt his thick cockhead throbbing in the back of her throat. More of his thick cum leaked down her throat and she was forced to swallow to keep from choking.

"Oh shit, baby," he groaned. "You've got my cock so deep. You've got my fucking cock so deep!"

She started bobbing her head. She let her teeth scrape against his feverish cockflesh at every movement of her head. She even let her teeth scrape the sensitive ridge of his prick. "I've got to fuck you," he groaned. "I want to feel my hot cock inside your pussy!"

That was exactly what she wanted. She moved away from the bed long enough to strip off the rest of her clothes. She felt his eyes feasting on her body. She was proud of herself. She hadn't gained any weight in years.

She still looked like a young girl, except her pussy had a lot more hair. But he didn't seem to mind that. She felt his eyes burning holes in her cunt.

"Take off your clothes, baby," she told him.

He wasted no time stripping. She felt herself shiver when she looked at his young body. He was in great shape. His huge muscles rippled as he moved. He looked like some kind of jungle savage.

He grabbed her by her asscheeks and pulled her down on top of him. She felt her tits flatten against his massive chest. Her entire body shivered in need of him. She felt his swollen cock rub against her belly and leave a wet trail.

"Oh shit, baby," she groaned. "I've never wanted to fuck anyone so bad. I hurt for you."

He rolled her over onto her back. She spread her legs as she felt that huge, hot prick moving up between them. She felt his cockhead pressing gently against her pussy hole. He pressed a little harder and she felt it popping into her. She gasped in pleasure as she felt his throbbing cockhead splitting her pussy.

"Oh, fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck me good and hard!"

He rammed his prick all the way into her snug pussy. She felt her belly quiver with excitement as she felt how deep his prickhead was inside her. He really did have a huge prick. She wondered why her daughter even messed with her father when she had a stud like this around.

"Oh, John," she whispered, "give it to me hard! Fuck my ass off. I've never needed a good fucking so bad before!"

He gave her what she needed. He started fucking her with long, deep strokes. She felt her body rocking with the force of his strokes. His heavy balls bounced off her every time he thrust. She clawed at his back and was afraid she had drawn blood. She couldn't help it. She had never felt so crazy.

"Fuck, you're doing it to me good," she moaned. "You're doing it to me so good. Fuck me hard!"

He gave it to her harder. His balls felt big, almost like baseballs bouncing against her asscheeks. Her ass was coming high off the bed, but she couldn't seem to get enough of his stiff cock inside her.

"You're making me feel so good," she moaned. "Oh, you make me feel so fucking good!"

His hands slid beneath her and grabbed her ass. His fingers tightened, sending ripples of pleasure through her. She could feel the fire growing in her belly. She wanted it to last longer but suddenly knew that it wouldn't. She was just so excited.

"Oh, baby," she cried, "I'm going to come. It feels so good. It feels so fucking good! I'm coming, baby! I'M COMING, BAAAABY!"

Mary's shapely ass came off the bed one last time and she felt the liquid fire shooting through her body. She had never known it to be this good before. Finally she could feel the last shuddering spasm going through her body. She felt her body relax, and she sighed.

"That was fantastic," she groaned.

"Can I come in your mouth?" he asked.

She didn't hesitate in answering him. "Baby, you can come anywhere you want!"

He took his prick out of her pussy and started to move up her body. Mary pressed her hand against his chest and rolled him over onto his back. She moved her hands down to his juice-drenched prick. She wrapped her fingers around it. She could feel it throbbing so hotly that she knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"You were so good for me," Mary told him. "Now let me be good for you."

She bent her head and started kissing his belly. She let her silky hair brush against him. She moved her head all the way down to his prick and started licking his cock again. She felt his cum spilling out in slow leaks. She opened her mouth and swallowed his prick all the way to his balls.

"Oh shit," he groaned. "Oh shit, Mary. I'm going to come. I'm going to shoot my cum in a woman's mouth! Oh fuck, I've never done this before. I'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. OH SHIT!"

She started swallowing as his jism shot into her mouth. His cum had a good, salty taste, she was glad to swallow it. She could feel the thick cum going into her belly and making it feel warm. She kept licking and sucking until she felt the last shiver go through his body. Finally she felt his prick go limp, and she let it slip from her mouth. She still wasn't satisfied. She licked down his hard prick all the way to his balls. She took them into her mouth and licked on them. She finally had his prick completely cleaned and she lifted her head.

"Shit," he said. "Nobody's ever done that for me before."

"I'm glad I was the first," Mary said sweetly.

Chapter SEVEN

That Friday evening Linda's school played the best football game they had ever played. John was the hero. He seemed to be in on every play. Linda had never seen him play that way before. She was really proud of him.

The cheerleaders were supposed to ride the bus back, but John came up to her after he had showered. Linda was wearing a coat over her cheerleader's outfit, but it wasn't enough to keep out the chilly evening.

"Hey, Linda," John said, "you want to ride back with me?"

"You know we're supposed to ride the bus," she said.

"Come on, honey," he said. "Nobody's going to mind. Besides, it's warm in my car and you won't have to wait for that cold bus to warm up."

"All right," Linda decided.

Linda wasn't sure what was different about John lately. He seemed a lot more confident than usual. Besides, he wasn't trying to grab her all the time. She wondered if maybe he was getting his jollies from somewhere else. Another girlfriend? The thought frightened her, but she didn't know why. She knew he had a right to look elsewhere for what she wouldn't give him.

Linda wondered why she just didn't give in and give him what he so badly needed.

It wasn't the thought of him fucking her. She had been fucked enough lately so that she knew it was fun. She wasn't afraid of his cock. Perhaps she was just afraid of what it would do to her reputation. So far nobody knew about her fucking her father or her teacher. But she had the feeling that people might start finding things out if she started fucking John.

"You were great tonight," Linda said, as she got into the warm car.

"You really think so?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," she said. "The girls were cheering you on every second. That other team was a better team but you won the game almost single-handed."

"That's what I like to hear," John said. "Compliments from my girl."

"Am I your girl?" she asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked. "You've always been my girl."

"But you haven't been coming around as much as you used to. You don't seem to be that interested in me lately. I thought you might have another girlfriend."

"Nah," he said.

She wasn't convinced. There was something he wasn't telling her. But he would tell her when he got around to it.

He stopped at a hamburger place and bought them some supper. They ate in the front seat of his car. A couple of times she felt him looking at her in a strange way, and she started getting an uncomfortable feeling. She didn't know why, but she kept feeling that there was something really different about him.

He stopped again on the way home. He pulled the car into the front parking lot of a motel and turned the ignition off. She looked up at the bright blinking lights of the motel and wondered why he had stopped. She looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"Don't you want to get a room?" he asked. "It'll be a lot warmer than the front seat of this car."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I'm going to fuck you, Linda," he said. "I've wanted to fuck you for a long time but I was always scared. Tonight I'm going to fuck you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

"You're crazy," she said.

"Am I?" he asked. "Look in the dashboard!"

She opened the dashboard and took the folder out. She knew what it was even before she turned to the first page. Some of the pictures of her had been developed. She was naked and getting her titties sucked by Joan.

"Where did you get this?" she asked.

"I have my ways," John said. "Now, how would you like to have that picture put up on the class bulletin board."

"You wouldn't," she said.

"Try me."

She sighed. She knew John meant exactly what he said. He would have no mercy on her. He had desired her body for so long. She waited while he got out of the car and went to rent a room. She got out of the car when she saw him coming back.

He gave her the key. She had to open the door; she could feel her heart pounding as she did so. The room was dark and dingy but John put on the lights. There was only a bed and a couch. John went to sit down on the bed.

"Take off the coat," John said.

She took off the coat and stood in front of him in only her cheerleader's outfit. John took a long look at her. She felt kind of funny standing there. She had never known the feeling except once before, when she knew she was going to do everything Craig Wilson told her to.

"Do a cheer for me," John said.

She did a cheer for him. She saw him smiling as she danced her body around the room in one of his favorite cheers. She could feel a little achy sensation in the backs of her thighs. She had never noticed what a good-looking man John was. She was starting to notice. He had a better build than her father and he was better looking.

"Now take off your clothes," John said. "Do it slowly. I want to enjoy every inch of you."

"You don't really want to make me do this, John," she protested.

"Do it, bitch," he said.

No appeal was going to change his mind.

She had no choice. She pulled off her cheerleading sweater and then peeled her skirt down her legs. She was standing in front of him in nothing but her bra and panties. She could feel the shivers going up her spine as he enjoyed her body.

"The shoes and socks," he said. "They kind of take away from the view."

She sat down and took off the white socks and shoes that went with the outfit. She stood up and peeled her panties down her legs. She reached around to her back and unhooked her bra. Her beautiful tits sprang out, they were glad to be released from the tight confinement of the bra.

"Shit," he said. "You were good looking in the pictures but you're a lot nicer in person. Shit, your tits are nicer than your mother's."

"My mother's?" she asked.

"Sure," he said. "Where do you think I got the folder? Your mother gave it to me. Of course I had to give her something in return. Like a mouthful of cum."

"You're lying," she said.

He was grinning lewdly and suddenly she knew he wasn't lying. He had fucked her mother's mouth. Linda was suddenly sure that she was going to get well-fucked this evening.

"Come on over here," he said, "and take my clothes off!"

She peeled his handsome young body out of his clothes. She could feel herself shivering every time her fingers brushed against his skin. She could well understand why her mother had allowed him to fuck her. He was such a handsome stud.

"Now play with my cock, whore," he told her. "Show me what a cock-loving cunt you are. Play with it!"

She looked down at his swollen prick. It wasn't quite hard but it was already bigger than she'd imagined it would be. She felt her heart pounding a little faster as she stared at it. She put her hand on his throbbing cock.

"That's it, baby," he said. "Play with it. Love it!"

She wrapped her fingers around his cock and started moving her hand up and down. His cock immediately got hard all the way. She moved her fingers down to his balls and stroked them. They felt so hot and hard.

"You sweet little bitch," he told her. "I've wanted to fuck you for a long time. Now I'm going to get the chance. I'm going to get the fucking chance!"

He grabbed her by the back of her head and jerked her face down to his cock. Linda could smell his strong cock odor. She pushed her tongue against the head of his prick and tasted his salty pre-cum. She lifted her head and brushed her hair back from her face.

"You want me to suck it?" she asked.

"Shit, I want you to do everything to me, baby. I want to enjoy you all, over!"

She smiled as she slid up his body. She let herself rest against his body. She felt his hard chest against her tits. She started rubbing her tits against his chest, and she felt him tense. She lifted up and moved a little higher, so that one red nipple was against his lips.

She had never even let him touch her tits before. Now she could feel his mouth open and begin to suck gently on one swollen nip pie. She felt him slowly drawing it into his mouth and biting on it with his teeth. She shuddered.

She pulled her hard titty back from his mouth. She moved up and kissed his mouth.

She rammed her tongue deep into his throat. She felt him rubbing his tongue against her. His hands moved down her back and grabbed her asscheeks. He held onto her asscheeks hard and it made her shiver all over. Her legs opened and his hard knee moved between them. He started rubbing his knee up and down the lips of her cunt. She could feel her pussy juices leaking out against his knee.

He was really starting to get her worked up. His hands moved between them and he started playing with her titties again. She felt his fingers stroking and fondling her big tits. Her tits got even harder. She hadn't thought she was going to enjoy it this much. John was a better lover than she thought he would be. He was making her feel things that her own father couldn't make her feel.

He pushed her down again. He rolled her over onto her back and his hot lips and went down to her titties again. This time he started sucking and biting one of her tits. He moved his other hand up her body and started fondling her other titty. His fingers flicked across her nipple and made her shiver.

He raised his head. "Big fucking titties. You've got a real big pair of tits, baby. I'm going to enjoy fucking you and feeling those big titties."

He moved up her body again. This time she felt his hard prick leaking on her skin and making her tingle. He rested with his cock between her tits. He closed her tits together around his cock. He started moving back and forth, fucking her between her tits. She lowered her head and could see his prickhead appearing between her tits. She could see some of his cum leaking out of the purplish tip.

"It looks so big," she said.

"It is big, baby," he said. "It's going to make you feel like you've never felt before!"

He kept moving back and forth between her tits and she could feel more of his cum leaking onto her skin. He finally moved up a little more and she felt his cum-covered cock brushing against her tits.

"All right, baby," he said. "Open your mouth. I'm going to cram it down your fucking throat. I'm going to ram it really deep!"

She opened her mouth. He didn't give her time to take a breath. He rammed his prick deep into her mouth and made her choke. He pulled back long enough for her to take a quick breath, and then he was ramming his prick deep into her mouth again.

"Play with my balls, bitch," he said. "Play with my balls while I fuck your mouth!"

She moved her hand up between them and started stroking his heavy balls while he ram med hiss prick in and out of her mouth. This wasn't like giving a blowjob. He was simply fucking her mouth as he would fuck her pussy. She kept feeling cum dripping down her throat, and she had to constantly swallow to keep from choking.

"I've been dreaming of doing this for so fucking long," he told her. "I love fucking your face. I love it!"

She thought he was going to come in her mouth. He was really dripping. Her mouth and throat felt wet and sticky with his tongue. She could feel some of his cum wetting the roof of her mouth. She got ready to swallow his cum but he suddenly pulled away.

His hot tongue was moving down her body again. She felt his tongue caressing her nipples and then moving down to her belly. She felt his tongue playing in her navel. His lips moved down a little more and she felt his mouth pulling at her pussy hairs.

She knew what he was going to do. Already her ass was moving in a slow, excited circle and she could feel her pussy juices leaking out and wetting the bed.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?" he asked, in a teasing tone.

"You know I do," she moaned. "My pussy's so hot. You know I want you to eat me!"

"Are you a hot cunt?" he asked. "Are you nothing but a pussy that needs filling."

"Yes, I'm a cunt," she whispered. "I'm anything you want me to be. You know you've got me hot. Help me out. Do something!"

"I'm going to do plenty, baby," he promised her.

He dropped his face between her thighs. He started stroking her tits as he pressed his face close into her moist pussy. She felt his tongue sliding between her cunt lips. He started moving his tongue in and out. She had thought she'd been wet before, but now her pussy was flooding his mouth with her sticky juice.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Eat me. Eat me!"

He started ramming his tongue a little faster into her moist cunt. His hands cupped her tits and started roughly squeezing them. He knew what he was doing to her. She knew he could feel the wild tension in her body.

He raised his head. She felt his tongue moving back up her body. Again his tongue flicked at her nipples. Then his body was on top of her and she could feel his stiff cock against her pussy lips.

"I'm going to fuck you good, baby," he said. "I'm going to give it to you really good!"

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Do me. Fuck me! Fuck me like you did my mother!"

He moved forward and she felt his prick stretching her cunt walls. He thrust again. Her pussy was so wet that this time his cock went easily all the way into her cunt. She closed her cunt walls tightly around his cock. She could feel every swollen inch of it. She started moaning as she kept her pussy lips closed tightly.

His cock felt so good -- so fucking good!

He started to fuck her with quick thrusts. She could feel his balls bouncing against her with every thrust. His lips covered hers and he started driving his tongue into her mouth with the same hot rhythm he was using to fuck her with. His hands slid beneath her. He grabbed her asscheeks. His fingers slowly spread her asscheeks apart. She felt one finger stroking her asshole. She felt him making her squirm with hot desire. She started lifting her ass to take his cock deeper into her cunt.

"You hot ass little bitch," John groaned. "Your mother told me you had a hot ass. She said you'd fuck like crazy!"

She didn't know if she liked the thought of her mother telling this boy that she was a good fuck. But she would think about that later. Right now she could only think about how sweet his cock felt. He was fucking her so good. She could feel her juices starting to wet his cock as he drove it into her.

"You're fucking me so good," she moaned. "Oh, it feels so good to have that big cock of yours!"

He was really driving his prick deep into her belly. He was giving her more than he had promised her. She felt herself shivering with every hard thrust. She wanted to keep from coming, but she could feel the juices in her pussy beginning to boil.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. "I'm coming. I'm going to come. Oh fuck, I can't help it. I can't fucking help it. Give it to me! Oh fuck, give it to MEEEEEEE!"

He rammed her even harder as she felt her juices flooding his cock. She could also feel his prick getting thicker inside her. He rammed her a little deeper with every stroke. His balls felt so heavy and she knew they were filled with cum for her.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she screamed. "Come in me. Shoot your hot cum in my pussy!"

He held her ass tightly as he rammed her harder and harder. She felt his prick starting to squirt a little more. Her pussy was starting to make wet sounds as he pushed it into her. She gave him everything she had. She was trying to rip his cock off with her pussy.

"Bitch," he groaned. "You bitch. I'm going to come in your pussy. I'm going to give you what you want. I'm going to give you my fucking cum. Bitch. Bitch, YOU HOT-ASSED BITCH!"

He rammed her again and she felt his prick exploding into her pussy. His jism was like a soothing balm shooting into her sore pussy. She worked her ass a little faster as she milked every drop of his thick cum. A month ago she would not have believed that she could love the feel of cum so much. Now it was different. Now it seemed like she couldn't get enough cum in her pussy and mouth.

"Sweet bitch," he groaned, as her lips kept working on his hard cock. She got every drop from his cock and it finally slipped out of her mouth. She put her hand on his prick and started working her fingers up and down.

"Not now, baby," John said. "We've got plenty of time in the future. Right now I've got to get you back home."

She nodded, but she realized she wasn't really ready to go home. There was something special about John. Something very special. She never wanted him to take her home again.

She was surprised when John walked her up to her doorstep. She expected him to leave her at the curb. She never would have dreamed she could act as she had with John. All the way home he stroked her thighs and ran his hand up to her pussy. It was as if he was making up for all the times she had kept him from touching her.

"This has been a crazy evening," she said, as they stopped at her door.

"And it's not over yet," he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

He didn't answer her with words. He grabbed her and kissed her hard. Her mouth opened willingly and she felt him stabbing his tongue into her wet mouth. She knew he was remembering all the time she had refused to give him a good night kiss. She now had a feeling that he would never believe that she had once been a nice girl. She hadn't been teasing him. She had the feeling she was going to spend the rest of the relationship making things up to him.

He released her and pressed her back against the door. She felt his hands go under her skirt and grab her naked ass. He had her leave off her panties and now she knew why. She could feel him rubbing himself against her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"You know what I'm doing, bitch," he said.

"But it's at my front door," she said. "It's not that late. Somebody might come by and see. Or my parents might come to the door. Let's go back to the car if you have to do something."

She didn't understand how he could be so excited after the fucking he had just given her. But she could feel the swollen prick in his trousers and she knew he was hot to trot.

"Anybody might see," he agreed. "Then they would know what a whore you are. I don't give a fuck if they find out. In fact, I might tell them myself. You're a whore, Linda. And from now on you're going to act like one. You're going to pull up your skirt any time I tell you."

"I'm not a whore," she protested.

He pressed her up against the door again. She felt one hand up between her legs, playing with her pussy. She felt his fingers gently stroking the lips of her cunt. She tried to close her thighs together, but his hand wouldn't move. She could feel her breath getting shorter. She closed her eyes and tried to fight the feelings he was causing in her.

She gasped as one of his fingers suddenly stabbed into her hot pussy. She felt him moving his fingers around until she was shivering. She couldn't fight it anymore. He could make her crazy if he wanted to. She realized that any boy could.

"You're a whore," he said. "I want you to admit it. Right now. I want you to tell me you're a whore and that your cunt is going to be ready any time I want it!"

"Don't treat me like this," she begged him.

"Tell me, bitch," he said.

She kept trying to refuse, but she felt two of his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. It was making her entire body tingle. She felt herself pushing her ass back against the door and then against his fingers. Her pussy was getting wet, and she knew she couldn't deny it anymore.

"I'm a whore," she whispered.

"Louder," he said.

"I'm a whore!" she screamed. "I'm a whore. My pussy is always ready for you. Is that what you want to hear?"

"That's it," he said. "Now reach down and take my cock out!"

She reached down and found his zipper. A car came by the road and she shuddered. She didn't know what they could see but evidently it was enough. She heard a loud laughing noise. The car turned around and came back, again and again.

"Don't worry about them," John said. "They're just friends of mine. I promised them a show. Not take my fucking cock out!"

She reached down again. She unzipped his trousers and reached inside. She gently pulled his cock out. She knew she was going to get fucked. She knew he was going to fuck her up against the door of her house with all his friends watching. He really wanted to punish her for all the things she'd done to him.

He picked up her skirt until it was bunched around her waist. He moved forward.

"Put it in your cunt, baby," he said. "You know where it goes. Put my cock in your pussy."

She had to spread her legs wide to get his prick in the right position. She settled down on it and groaned as she felt how deep his prick was inside her.

"Yeah, baby," he moaned. "You like that, don't you. You like having that big, hot cock inside you."

"Oh, yes," she moaned softly.

He held her ass against the door as he began to ram his prick into her pussy. Suddenly she didn't care anymore that the car was coming by and that anyone could see. All she could think about was how delicious his big prick felt. It was degrading to get fucked like this, but it was also exciting.

He pounded her harder and harder until she could feel the quivers starting in her body. Her ass was getting rubbed raw by her front door but she didn't mind that. She started moving her ass up and down a little faster. She could feel her pussy juices dripping over his cock. She didn't want to give him the pleasure of making her come like this. She didn't want it, but she could already feel her body starting to betray her.

"Yeah, you hot-assed little whore," he said. "It's starting to get to you. You'd fuck in the middle of the street in broad daylight. You're a cunt, baby!"

He started driving it into her faster, and she couldn't hold back. She started moaning softly as the flood of desire started building up in her body.

"Oh yes," she screamed. "Oh yes, fuck me like that. I can't help it. I like it. Oh shit, I like it. I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come. OH SHIIIIIIT!"

She screamed again as the wild juices flooded her body. She started working her ass up and down on his prick as fast as she could. She could feel his hard cockhead deeper in her belly. She had never felt it this way before. She loved it!

She finally started to calm down again. She felt the last few shivers running through her body and was able to relax. He stopped moving. He held her against the door until the last of her pussy juices had run down her thighs.

"You liked that, didn't you?" he asked.

"Damn you," she said slowly. "You know I liked it. You make me behave so dirty."

"That's because you are a dirty cunt," he said.

She kept squeezing his big cock. It still felt so deep inside her that she could feel herself shivering. She wondered why he didn't go ahead and come inside her. Instead she felt him pull his prick out of her. For the first time she realized that the car had stopped out in front and a couple of the boys were leaning against the fender watching them.

"They really want us to give them a show," he said. "Why don't we?"

"Please let me go inside now," she begged.

"After I'm done with you," he said. "I told the boys about your tits. They don't believe me. Show them."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Show everybody your fucking tits. You shouldn't mind that, cunt. Take your top off and show them."

"Please don't make me," she begged.

Linda had never felt really afraid, but things were getting out of hand. She didn't want to put on some kind of peep show for the boys. Of course they would know that they had been fucking, but they really hadn't seen that much of her body. Now she knew that John wanted to make her show herself to them, like a slave girl on an auction block. She didn't want to do it.

She felt his hand around her asscheek. He squeezed.

"You'd better show your tits to them," he said, "or I'm going to start yelling and wake up everybody in the place."

"Can't you just let me go inside," she begged.

"Why don't you do what I fucking tell you?" he said.

He was getting angry and she knew she had no choice. She reluctantly peeled off her sweater and unbuttoned her bra. Her big tits popped free. She hoped he would be satisfied with that, but he wasn't. He made her move out into the light so they could see her better. Then he slowly peeled up her skirt so that the boys on the curb could see everything she had. She felt sick and ashamed as she was put on public display for the young boys. And yet there was a funny kind of excitement about it. She knew that the boys were seeing every luscious detail of her body, and she knew they were getting turned on by it.

"Now let's give them one last show," John said. "On your knees, baby. Let's show the guys how you love to suck cock."

"Please, John," she begged him. "Don't treat me like this. I'll do anything you want, but let me go in now. Don't make me do it front of them."

"Do what I fucking tell you," John said softly.

She had known all along that she wasn't going to get any mercy from John. She went down on her knees and felt his swollen prickhead brush against her face. She drew her head back but his hands were already in her silky hair. She felt his fingers tighten in her hair and pull her face toward his cock.

"Come on, baby," he told her. "Let's give them a real show. Show the boys what you can do with a cock in your mouth!"

She opened her mouth and took his cockhead inside her lips. She felt him press forward; she let it slide into her mouth. She didn't move as she felt his hot, throbbing prick deep inside her throat. Finally she felt his hands jerking at her head.

"Come on, bitch," John told her. "Mine's not the first cock you ever had to suck. You know how to do it. Start moving your head and suck, baby!"

He forced her head back and forth; finally she gave in. It was hard to fight the feelings inside her. She did enjoy sucking cock. She enjoyed the feeling of power she got when she had a cock deep inside her throat. She didn't want to suck it in front of the boys, but she knew she had no choice.

She started bobbing her head. She could immediately feel his cock getting slick with her saliva and his dripping cum. She could taste her cunt on his prick and that only made her suck faster. She knew John turned his body slightly so that she would show everything she was doing to the boys on the curb.

"Oh shit, yeah," John moaned. "Oh shit, this is what I like. You know how to do it, baby. You know how to suck cock!"

Her head moved faster and she started using little fluttery movements of her tongue. She could taste more of his thick jism inside her mouth. She drew her head back and could see his cum dripping out of the tiny eye in the purplish cockhead. She felt his hands on the back of her head again. He was pulling hard.

She allowed his cock to slip back into her lips. She could immediately feel his cock getting a little thicker and she knew what was going, to happen.

"Suck it, baby," John screamed. "Oh shit, I'm almost there. I want you to suck it, baby. I want you to suck my cock! Oh, I'm coming. I'm shooting my wad! SWALLOW IT, BABY. SWALLOW IT!"

He drove his prick into her mouth one last time, and she could feel his hot jism exploding in thick wads in her mouth. She started swallowing as he kept his prick deep inside her throat. She could feel his hot cum in her belly as she tried to swallow it all. Finally she felt him give one last shudder and take his cock out of her mouth. He wiped his prick off with some strands of her long hair.

"That was fine, baby," John said. "You can dress now. But you keep that pussy warm for me. There's no telling when I'm going to want some more."

John was laughing as he went to join his friends at the curb. Linda dressed and went inside the house. She felt sore and tired... and mostly ashamed. She hadn't known what she was going to get into when she fucked her father.

Chapter EIGHT

Linda hated being at home by herself. She was always letting her imagination get the best of her. She was always thinking that she was hearing things when nothing was there. That was why she didn't move when she thought she heard the front door opening.

Her father and mother had gone to a concert that evening, or at least that was where they told Linda they were going. Linda had the feeling that they might be going to one of those swap parties she had heard so much about.

Linda had certainly learned a lot about her father and mother's sexual habits in the past few months.

She thought she heard footsteps in the hallway, but she went on reading her book. She was stretched out on her bed dressed in a filmy black nightgown that was one of her favorites. Her father had already gotten her to pose in it a couple of times. He told her that he liked the way the clingy fabric fit her big tits.

Linda was fairly certain her mother knew her father was sneaking into her room sometimes. A few nights ago Linda had been screaming so loud with pleasure that she was sure her mother had heard. She also knew that her mother wouldn't want to ruin things. Linda was, after all, supplying her with a boyfriend or two.

Linda heard another footstep in the hallway and this time she was sure that she wasn't hearing things. Her parents must have returned early.

She got up and went to the door. "Mother, is that you? You two are home a lot earlier than I thought."

She was opening the door when she spoke and she suddenly froze. Her mother wasn't standing outside in the hallway. It was a boy she didn't recognize. She started to slam her door shut when a hairy arm blocked her way. She turned and realized that another boy was standing in the hallway beside him. She heard a coughing noise and knew that someone else was also there.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I'm Mark," the boy in front of her said. "I'm a friend of John's. You should remember me. I stood out in front of your driveway a couple of days ago. That was quite a bit of action."

"Oh no," she said softly.

She realized that the three boys were the ones who had been standing on the curb while she'd been showing them her body and sucking off John. She was also sure of what they wanted. They weren't content to peek. They wanted the real thing.

"Please leave," she said.

"Now don't treat us that way," Mark said. "We're just friends. We want to be good friends."

Mark was a tall, blond boy, and he wasn't that bad looking. But the hairy one on one side of her looked like an ape. He was grinning at her lewdly and scratching his chest. He wasn't wearing a shirt. She could see the thick hair on his muscular arms.

"That's Willie," Mark said. "Don't be scared of Willie. He looks kind of ugly but he makes up for it by being mean."

"That's right," Willie said.

Willie still had her door blocked with one hand and she couldn't close it. She didn't try. Instead she stepped back into her bedroom. She thought about running for the window but she probably couldn't get it open and it was a long jump. She might break something. Like her neck.

Mark stepped inside and looked around. "Very pretty. All in pink and lace. Just the kind of bedroom a pretty little thing like you should have."

The other two boys crowded in behind Mark. The third boy was one she recognized. His name was Joe Walker and he was in the band at school. She had always thought he was a nice boy. She tried to appeal to him for mercy.

"Joe," she said. "Don't let them do anything. Please don't. You've always been my friend."

"Don't beg me, baby," Joe said. "This is my idea. I always thought you were such a nice girl. You wouldn't even laugh at dirty jokes. But you fooled me and everybody else. You're nothing but a whore who sucks, cock. And what's good enough for that football jock is good enough for me!"

She knew from Joe's face that she could expect no mercy from him. And she asked herself what she could really expect. They were tough young men and they had already seen her treated like a whore. Why shouldn't they treat her that way also?

"Please don't hurt me," she begged him.

"We're not going to hurt you, silly," Mark said. "We're only going to give you something you'll enjoy. We watched your parents leave tonight. We've been following them. We even know about what time they usually come home. So don't worry about being caught. We'll have just as good a time as we can."

She made a mistake then. She tried to get away. She almost got past Willie but he caught her around the waist and flung her backwards. She landed on her back. She scrambled up to her knees, but the three boys had her surrounded and there was no place she could go.

"I've been thinking about this a long time," Mark said. "You really made me hard when you were fucking him and then sucking his cock. You really got my cock hard!"

Mark put his hands in her hair and she knew what he was going to make her do. She looked around at the other two boys but they were just smiling, awaiting their turn.

"Go ahead, bitch," Mark said. "Take it out. I'm going to let you get a little taste of it just to start the evening off right."

She had no choice. She pulled down his zipper and put her hand inside the small opening. He hadn't bothered wearing any shorts and her fingers touched his cock immediately. She wrapped her fingers around his half-hard prick and eased it gently out of his trousers.

"That's the way, baby," Mark said. "Use your fingers and mouth on me. Make it nice and hard!"

Mark kept his hands in her hair. He could feel her fingers laced tightly around his prick, making it throb hotly. He pulled her face closer and felt her hot breath blowing against his rigid cock.

"Fuck," Mark groaned. "You've got hot breath, baby. I bet you've sucked hundreds of cocks."

It wasn't true, but she knew she'd never convince him of that. She knew that the only thing she could do was get it over with. She put her lips against the purplish head of his cock. She felt him tense. She heard him groan as her hot mouth encircled his cockhead.

"Shit, you should feel this, fellows," Mark groaned. "What a hot fucking mouth!"

She gobbled down all of his cock. She didn't want to feel anything at all. She tried to think of herself as performing a service and that there wasn't anything exciting about it. But just at the smell of his cock she could feel the wild fire shooting through her body.

"That's the way, bitch," Mark groaned. "Take all of my cock. Take every fucking inch of it!"

She started bobbing her head. She could feel his prick head going deep in her throat and then back out again. She let herself rein. It might have been rape, but she wasn't minding sucking his prick. His prick tasted better than some cocks she had sucked.

His prick was really hard, and she felt him pulling at her head. She gave his cock up reluctantly. He picked her up by her hair and made her sit down on the edge of her bed.

"All right, baby," Mark said. "That nightgown looks good on you, but I want to see you naked. Strip."

She didn't hesitate. These boys meant business and there was no use trying to fight them. There was no use trying to pretend she wasn't that kind of girl. They knew exactly what kind of girl she was.

She peeled off her nightgown and sat before them in only her black panties. She saw them licking their lips as they stared at her massive tits. She couldn't help but be proud of their shape. She knew these boys had probably never seen a better-looking pair than hers.

"Holy shit," Mark said. "What a pair. They look even better close up!"

"You'd better fucking believe it!" Willie said. "I think I'm going to bite on them all night long."

She didn't get a chance to take off her panties. They pushed her to the bed. Willie's hot mouth was immediately at her titties. She felt his tongue rubbing across her nipple. He opened his mouth and started sucking one of her luscious tits.

"Oh Willie," she moaned. "Oh, don't Willie!"

She was only begging him to stop because it felt so good, and he knew it. His mouth opened wider and he started chewing on her titty-flesh. She wished she weren't so sensitive there. She could already feel them getting hard and swollen. She could feel his tongue rubbing across her sensitive nipple.

Willie started moving his hot mouth from one tit to the other. She felt him biting her, but she didn't mind that. She could feel her entire body aching from her desire.

She looked around to see what the other two boys were doing. Mark and Joe had been just watching, but now she saw they were getting ready for action. They had both stripped down and she could see two hard, throbbing cocks springing from between their legs. Mark's cock may have been bigger, but Joe's was thicker. She felt herself shiver as she thought about getting all three of them.

"Shit," Willie groaned. "Shit, her tits are tasty. They taste really good!"

"Well, get out of the fucking way and give me a taste," Joe said.

Willie moved away and Joe was suddenly on top of her body. Joe's hungry mouth fastened on one of her tits and he acted like he was trying to suck the entire thing down his throat. She could feel her body shivering in response.

She felt someone else getting on the bed. Joe's head was pushed away and she felt another pair of lips on her tits. She looked down to see Mark's head at one of her tits. Mark was sucking even harder than Willie had.

Joe went to her free tit and she could feel two hungry mouths sucking hard at her titties. It was enough to drive her crazy. She could feel her body moving from side to side as she tried not to think about the wild pleasure they were giving her.

"Oh please don't," she groaned. "Oh, please don't do that to me. You're making me crazy."

"That's how we want you, baby," Willie said.

She felt Willie on the bed. She felt his hands beneath her ass. He started tugging her black panties down her legs. She tried to look down, but all she could see was the tops of their heads. Mark and Joe were both sucking hard at her titties. She could hear them both making loud sucking noises.

"Pussy," Willie moaned. "That's what I love. All that sweet red pussy. I'm going to give you something to remember, baby!"

The two boys kept sucking at her tits but now something else was happening. She felt Willie's mouth kissing the inside of her thighs. She felt his rough tongue moving up to the lips of her pussy.

"Don't do that," she begged him. "Just fuck me but don't do that!"

She knew she wouldn't be able to control herself if he ever got his tongue in her cunt. She tried to twist out of the way, but she wasn't going anywhere. She didn't want to lose control in front of these animals, but she knew it was going to happen.

"Oh, don't," she pleaded again. "Oh, please don't."

But nothing she said made any difference. Willie's mouth covered her pussy and she felt his tongue sliding inside her. It was all it took for her to stop fighting. She felt herself pushing her cunt against Willie's hot mouth.

Willie started thrusting his tongue into her pussy again and again. She knew that hers wasn't the first pussy Willie had ever sucked.

He knew how to make her excited. She felt him rubbing his tongue around the inside of her cunt lips, causing her to shiver. Then she felt his tongue rubbing against her clitty.

She could do nothing but moan in joy as Willie took her clitty between his lips and started to suck on it. She started lifting her ass and pushing her pussy against his face as hard as she could. She could feel her juices leaking out and covering the bed.

"All right, you guys," Willie said, raising his head. "Move over because I'm going to give it to her now. My cock feels like it's going to break off!"

The two other boys moved away and Willie's weight settled on her body. He kissed her mouth and she could taste her own cunt juices. She didn't try to fight as she felt Willie's swollen cock moving up between her thighs.

"You're going to get it this time, baby," he said. "I'm going to make you shake your ass."

Willie already had her hotter than she thought she could ever be. She moaned as she felt Willie's swollen cockhead at the entrance to her cunt hole. He pushed forward gently and she felt his cockhead stretching her cunt walls apart.

"Yeah, baby," he said. "You're going to like this. You're really going to like this."

He stopped talking and he thrust. She sighed in pleasure as she felt the entire length of his swollen prick thrusting into her pussy. Then he rested on top of her, his cock not moving. His prickhead felt so deep. She had to shake her ass a little.

"Oh shit, baby," Willie said. "I don't think I've ever had pussy as tight as yours. You make me think it's going to break off when you move your ass!"

She moved again. Willie moaned and then started thrusting his prick slowly in and out of her cunt. She felt like she was breaking apart every time he moved. It felt too good to be true. Willie's cock was as big as any cock that had ever been in her cunt, and he knew how to use it. She could feel him touching every sensitive part of her cunt.

"Sweet baby," Willie moaned. "Move that ass for me. Move that sweet ass!"

Willie started ramming her a little harder. She had been fucked well, but never with this big a cock. She could feel Willie's big prick going deep into her belly.

"Lift your legs, baby," Willie moaned. "Wrap them around my back. I'm really going to plow your pussy!"

She lifted her legs and locked them around his back. She gasped as she felt how deep his prick got with the next stroke. She was afraid his prick was going to tear a new hole in her ass.

"You're fucking me so good," she said. She no longer cared about them thinking she was a whore. She had been turned on again. She was feeling crazy for Willie's cock. "You know how to fuck me so good!"

She felt Joe at her head. She knew he wanted her to suck him and she didn't want to do that. Not two cocks at once. She would be ashamed of herself later. She tried to keep her head still, but she felt his hands tighten in her hair; he was forcing her head to one side.

"Come on, baby," Joe groaned. "Let me fuck your face. You know you want it just as bad as I do!"

Joe's fingers tightened in her hair and he forced her to open her mouth. She felt his hard prickhead moving over her tongue. He pushed gently but she could feel his prick getting deep inside her mouth. There was nothing she could do but take it. She let him push his prick into her mouth and then pull back. She could feel his prick throbbing as he worked it into her mouth.

"Hot damn," Joe moaned, "I've always dreamed about doing this. You are something else, baby. You are something fucking else."

She had a feeling she was going to be sick with shame the next day, but now there wasn't anything she could feel but the urges of her body. She felt the desire growing inside her as Willie and Joe started matching rhythms. She had never dreamed she could take two cocks at once this way. A month ago and she would have been sickened by the thought.

But now she was feeling nothing but excitement.

"Shit, she's really moving her sweet ass now," Willie moaned. "Shit, she's trying to break my cock off!"

She could feel Willie's rigid prick leaking inside her. She could feel it getting harder and the cockhead getting thicker. She knew that Willie wasn't going to be able to last. She groaned as she felt Willie break rhythm and start slamming his prick into her pussy.

"Oh fuck," Willie groaned. "It's too soon, but I can't help it. I think I'm going to brow my wad. I'm going to blow my fucking wad. Oh shit, it feels so good. IT FEELS SO GOOD!"

He slammed into her and she could feel his prickhead ripping apart. His prick jism was shooting violently into her. She felt hot cum filling her pussy, leaking out the sides and wetting her thighs. Willie worked his cock in and out of her cunt a few more times until she could feel her pussy milking every drop. Finally she felt his prick slipping out of her. She groaned as she felt his hot prick rubbing against her thighs and leaving another trail of thick cum. She felt him getting off her. She felt frustrated. His cock hadn't been in her long enough. Then she felt another weight on top of her and she blinked in astonishment. Of course, she hadn't been thinking about Mark. He wasn't going to be left out. He was going to get some of her pussy also.

She didn't want this. Her pussy was burning but she didn't want to be treated this way. She started twisting her body again. She couldn't move very far. Not with the cock buried so deep in her mouth each time Joe fucked her face.

"Just relax, baby," Mark said. "I'm not going to fucking hurt you. I'm only going to let you have a little more cock. You like cock, baby. We know you do!"

She was ashamed of the way her body was responding. She could feel her pussy lifting up off the bed, as if it were trying to suck his cock inside. She heard him laugh. He moved forward very slowly and she could feel his cock stretching her cunt walls.

"You're going to like it, sugar," Mark said. "You love cock. You're nothing but a hot cunt who loves to fuck!"

She couldn't deny it, not with his prick working in her pussy just about half way. Her ass was coming off the bed as he pushed it into her. Finally he gave her what she needed, and he pushed his prick into her cunt all the way to his balls.

"Sweet fucking ass," Mark groaned. "What a sweet fucking ass!"

Mark began to fuck her in deep strokes. She felt his prick stretching her cunt walls each time he entered. She could feel him rolling his cock around until it was touching all parts of her cunt. She could feel herself shivering with each stroke.

"Oh shit," Mark groaned. "You know how to move your ass, baby. You know how to move your sweet ass!"

His hands slid underneath her and he started squeezing her asscheeks. She could feel her juices flowing against his cock. There was a hot fire in her belly that she couldn't control.

"Shit, I'm almost there," Joe groaned, as he pushed his prick deep into her throat. "I'm almost fucking there!"

He shoved his prick deep into her mouth again and she could feel some of his cum leaking into her mouth. She started to swallow quickly. She could feel his balls against her chin when he rested his cock in her mouth. His balls felt so heavy with cum.

"Oh fuck," Joe groaned. "Oh fuck, I'm coming. I'm going to shoot my wad, baby! Get ready for it. Swallow it, bitch! OH SHIIIIIIT!"

She was ready when he came. She started gulping his cum down as fast as she could. She could taste his salty jizz going into her belly. It felt hot in her stomach. She started using her tongue to coax more of the white cum out of his cockhead.

"Oh fuck," Joe moaned, as he finally pulled his prick out of her mouth and rubbed it wetly against her cheeks. "I think the little bitch is crazy for cum!"

It was true that she felt crazy for cum. She could feel it on her face and taste it in her mouth. She could also feel it between her legs, and she wanted to feel more.

"Baby," she whispered. "Oh baby, fuck me!"

Mark was already excited and her whispering dirty words was all it took to really make him crazy. He started punishing her with brutal strokes of his fat cock. She didn't mind. She tried to lift her ass to meet every brutal stroke.

"Oh shit," she groaned. "Oh shit, I'm coming. I'm going to fucking come. Oh, give it to me harder. Give it to me really hard! OH BABY, IT FEELS SO GOOD!"

She screamed again as her juices started flooding his brutally thrusting cock. She could feel his prick sliding into her easier, starting to make loud, wet noises.

"You sweet little bitch," Mark was moaning. "Shit, what a sweet fucking ass. What a fucking piece of ass. I'm going to blow my wad, bitch. I'm going to shoot it up your cunt. I'm going to shoot it into your fucking pussy! OH FUCK!"

He rammed it deep into her pussy and she could feel it exploding. For the second time she could feel wet jism filling her fuck-hole. She kept moving her ass until she could feel the last few drops dripping into her. She finally felt his prick sliding out of her.

"That was so fucking fine," Mark groaned. "So fucking fine. You really know how to fuck, baby!"

Chapter NINE

Things were getting out of hand and Linda knew it. She also knew she had to talk to someone. A month ago she would never have dreaming of talking to her mother about sex, but she knew it was something she had to do. Her mother would understand.

Her father was out in the studio when Linda went to her mother's bedroom. She found Mary sitting on the bed and watching television. Linda sat down beside her.

"Something bothering you?" Mark asked.

"I'm afraid I've been pretty stupid lately," Linda said. "You know what's been going on."

"I know what happened. Ron fucked you and you liked it. Suddenly everybody was getting into your panties."

"Yes," Linda admitted. "Last night three boys came in here while you two were gone to the concert. They fucked me until I was sore. I couldn't do anything about it."

"Those little bastards," Mary said.

"My problem is, what am I going to do about it?" Linda asked. "I can't have boys walking in on me any time they want. It's degrading."

"Wasn't it fun?" Mary asked.

"Of course it was fun," Linda answered. "That's part of my problem. It's too much fun."

Mary brushed her daughter's blonde hair back from her face. She thought her daughter had never looked more beautiful or more troubled than she did at that moment. And Mary didn't know what to do about it. Mary enjoyed fucking. She always had. The thought of three boys breaking in just wouldn't bother her that much.

But she could well understand how it could bother a young girl like Linda.

"I don't know what we can do about it," Mary said. "But I don't believe it will happen anymore. We'll keep the doors locked and your father will kind of put out the word that it's hands off. Not to all the boys, of course."

"No," Linda admitted. "Not all of them." Mary laughed and leaned over and kissed her daughter. It was supposed to be a very chaste kiss. Somehow Linda moved her head and their lips met. The kiss was suddenly long and lingering; their tongues touched gently. Mary drew back her head.

"My goodness," Mary said. "I don't think we meant that to happen."

"Ummm," Linda said. "But it felt kind of nice."

"Yes," Mary agreed.

They tried it again and this time Mary and Linda rubbed their tongues together a little longer. Linda could feel little fluttering sensations in her stomach. She remembered how it had been with Joan. It hadn't been sick doing that with another woman. Now she realized that she was having the same kind of thoughts about her own mother.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Mary said. "I am your mother."

"Yes," Linda said.

They kept kissing and rubbing their tongues together. Linda's breathing was getting short.

It somehow seemed natural that she should press herself a little closer to Mary. She felt her own big tits pressing snugly against Mary. She heard Mary groan.

"All right, little girl," Mary said. "I guess it had to be sooner or later!"

Mary leaned back on her bed and slipped the straps of her nightgown down. Her large, shapely tits popped free. Linda found herself licking her lips.

"Come on, little girl," Mary said. "You know you want to do it to me. Come on and suck them!"

Linda was torn between right and wrong. She somehow found herself leaning forward and rubbing her tongue across one of her mother's large nipples. She felt Mary tense. Her lips opened and she took a nipple into her mouth. She sucked on it gently and she felt the ripples of pleasure going through Mary's body.

"Sweet baby," Mary groaned. "You really know how to make your mother feel good!"

Linda had sucked on Joan's tits, but it had not made her feel like this. There was something really wicked about having her own mother's titty in her mouth. She opened her mouth a little wider and felt the nipple sliding over her silky tongue. She sucked a little harder.

"Oh yes, baby," Mary moaned. "You know how to do it. Suck on my titties. Suck on them like a man!"

Linda opened her mouth a little wider and she began to suck hard on Mary's tits. She started moving her lips from one swollen tit to the other, using her teeth as much as she could. She could hear her mother groaning with pleasure.

She had to stop. Her nightgown was beginning to feel heavy on her. She climbed off the bed and pulled it off. She saw her mother's eyes going to her big tits.

"Shit," Mary moaned. "My little girl's grown up. Shit, what a pair. Come back over here."

Mary sat up and stripped. Linda had on her panties and she quickly dropped them on the floor. The two women were completely naked as Linda climbed back on the bed. Linda pressed her titties against her mother's as she kissed Mary. She felt Mary's tongue sliding into her mouth. She gently rubbed her tongue against it. She could feel slow tingles going up her back.

"This is fucking nice," Linda groaned. "Oh, Mother, why didn't I come to you for advice earlier."

Mary just laughed as her tongue kept moving all over Linda's face. Linda dropped her head back down to Mary's tits. Her wet lips started pulling at the nipple. She had it deep inside her mouth when they heard a noise at the door.

"Well, if it's not my two favorite girls having some fun and games," Ron said.

Linda felt a little flustered at having her father catching them like this. Mary didn't seem to mind. She seemed to be taunting Ron with her lush body.

"It seems like you've been playing around so much that you haven't had time to come home," Mary said. "We had to find ways to entertain ourselves."

"I'm home now," Ron said.

"Yes, but you're still dressed," Mary said. "You don't seem to have caught on to the mood of things around here."

"I hope you're still acting bitchy when I stick my cock up your ass," Ron said. "Then I'm going to make you pay."

Mary's eyes widened but she was still taunting him with her body. Linda watched her father undress quickly. His cock was half-hard; she licked her lips as she looked at it. She still had not seen a cock that she loved more than her father's. Just looking at his prick made her shiver with excitement.

Ron walked over to the bed. Mary immediately went to her hands and knees. Her hair hung wildly around her face as she licked her lips. She looked like some kind of beautiful animal in heat, and that was exactly the impression she was trying to make. Linda realized she could learn a lot around her mother.

"Let me suck it," Mary moaned. "You don't know how hard it is for me to wait sometimes. I dream about having it in my ass, in my mouth, and in my hot pussy!"

Ron grinned as he moved closer. Her mouth opened and his cock was suddenly between her lips. Mary was moaning as Ron started pushing his entire prick in and out of her mouth. Linda could see it happening; she had never seen anything so exciting.

"Don't just watch," Ron commanded. "Get over here and play with my balls while I fuck your mother's face."

She moved quickly. She slipped her hand between them and started fingering his heavy balls. He kept pushing his prick in and out of her red lips. Linda could see her saliva dripping out of the sides of her mouth as she sucked him.

Now Linda understood where she had gotten her love of cocksucking from. Her mother!

"That's right, baby," Ron moaned. "Use your lips on me. You really know how to use those hot lips. Work on me good!"

Mary's lips seemed to tighten around his cock. She was making a grinding noise as she sucked his cock. Linda could feel her own pussy pounding with excitement as she watched. She wanted to join them. She wanted her father to have another cock and let her suck it, but she didn't want to stop watching.

Linda moved her hand down and started playing with her own hot pussy. She could feel the wild vibrations going through her body as her fingers parted the plump lips of her cunt. She worked one finger inside and started working it in and out.

"Oh shit," Linda moaned. "Oh shit, it feels good. My finger feels good... Everything's so hot!"

Ron took his prick out of Mary's mouth. He rubbed his cum-tipped prickhead against her face until there was cum running down her cheeks. Linda moved closer and grabbed his cock. He turned so she could take it in her mouth.

"Turn around," he told Mary. "You know where I'm going to give it to you next."

"In my ass," Mary said.

"You got that right, bitch," he said.

Mary quickly turned round and bent her face forward as far as she could. That way her ass was high in the air. Linda watched her father split apart Mary's asscheeks with his fingers. He worked one finger into Mary's asshole and worked it around. He pulled his fingers away. All the time Linda kept sucking on his cock.

"That's enough for now, baby," he told Linda. "Now I'm going to fuck your mother's asshole!"

Linda's pussy was so hot. She would have begged him for his cock, but she also wanted to see him fucking Mary's ass. It must have been something he'd done a lot, because he wasted no time. He pressed forward and she saw his cock going halfway into Mary's ass. He pressed again and suddenly his prick was all the way inside her. He left it there for a moment and then pulled away. She saw him slain his prick into her tight ass again.

"Move your ass, baby," he told her. "Move that big hot ass. Nobody can move their ass the way you can!"

Linda found it hard to believe that her father was getting his big cock so deep inside her asshole. But she could see his prick vanishing as he rammed it deep into her. She could imagine that her mother was feeling that stiff cock in her belly.

Her father started to give it to her hard. Mary was groaning after every brutal stroke. Her ass was coming back to meet his thrusting, and Linda didn't think it was hurting her badly.

Linda's pussy was feeling hotter by the minute. She moved around to her mother's head. She put her hands in her mother's hair and lifted her face a little. She had spread her legs on both sides of her mother's face so that her mother was looking right up into her pussy.

"I need it so bad," she said, squirming with desire. "Please, Mother!"

She saw Mary smile and then move a little. Linda had to move down a little more, and she finally felt her mother's breath blowing against her pussy hole.

"Eat her up good, Mary," Ron said. "Eat our little daughter until she's screaming with pleasure."

Linda felt Mary's tongue playing around the outside of her cunt. She put both her hands in her mother's hair. She pushed her cunt against her mother's face, but still her mother wouldn't put her tongue inside her. Linda groaned softly.

"Please, Mother," Linda moaned. "I want to be eaten. I want you to eat me. Oh please, Mother!"

Mary kept licking her daughter's plump cunt lips. She seemed hesitant. Then Mary lifted her head a little more. There was a pained expression on her face.

"I've never done this before," she said. "Women have always eaten me. I've never sucked another woman's pussy before."

"Then let mine be first!" Linda screamed.

Linda pressed her pussy once again to her mother's face. She was a little more patient this time as her mother started licking around the edges of her cunt. She gave her mother time to get used to it. But still her mother wasn't putting her tongue where Linda wanted it.

"Damn you," Linda moaned. "Eat me. Eat my pussy!"

"I don't think I can," Mary said.

Then Linda saw her father reach down and catch Mary by the back of her neck. He squeezed until Mary was gasping for breath and the he forced her face back into Linda's cunt.

"Eat her," Ron screamed. "Eat her pussy. I want to see you eat her pussy. Eat her out!"

"You're hurting me," Mary screamed.

"And I'm going to keep fucking hurting you until you're making Linda moan with desire," Ron said.

Linda knew she should have felt sorry for her mother, but she couldn't. She wanted to feel her mother's tongue. She moaned softly as she felt her mother finally pushing her tongue between the lips of Linda's pussy.

"Oh yes, Mother," Linda moaned softly. "That's what I want to feel. Do it to me. Eat my cunt!"

Mary had her tongue inside Linda now and there was no more hesitation. She began to lick inside Linda's cunt until Linda's cunt was flowing with juice. She could even hear Mary swallowing some of it.

Ron pulled his prick out of her asshole. He went into the bathroom for a moment and Linda knew he was washing his prick off. He came back and stood behind Mary again. This time he rammed his prick into her wet pussy hole.

"This is your reward, baby." Ron said. "A hot prick for your pussy!"

Ron began to fuck her in hard thrusts. Linda could feel her body shake with the powerful thrusts. She could also sense the excitement that started building in her mother. Mary was no longer just forcing her tongue into Linda's cunt. Now Mary was starting to enjoy what she was doing.

Linda relaxed her body and spread her legs a little wider. She found herself pulling on her mother's head but Mary was no longer trying to get away. Mary's tongue was getting deep into Linda's cunt. Linda knew when her mother got a good thrust from her father because she could feel it in Mary's tongue.

"Eat my clitty, Mother," Linda moaned. "Put your tongue on my clitty and then suck it!"

Mary wasted no time finding Linda's clitty. The older woman sucked her daughter's clitty into her mouth and began to rub it with her tongue. Linda could feel the exciting vibrations working up from her toes. She started lifting her ass off the bed in response to her mother's wicked tongue.

"Oh, Mother," Linda moaned. "I don't think I'm going to take it any longer. It feels so good that I don't want it to stop. But I can't wait. I can't fucking wait! I CAN'T WAIT!"

She felt her mother really sucking hard on her clitty as the juices started to pour out of her body. She heard her mother swallowing loudly as she tried to get all of Linda's juices. Linda had never felt so depleted as when the last of her juices filled her mother's mouth.

"Oh, I love it, Mother," she moaned softly. "I love it!"

She moved away from her mother, but not far away. She watched her mother's face as Ron kept fucking her. Her father was pounding her now. His big cock was really getting deep inside her. She could see the look of satisfaction on her mother's face.

Ron reached around and started grabbing her tits. He held onto them tightly as he worked his cock in and out. His prickhead was really getting deep into her belly. Linda could hear the noises his heavy balls made as they slapped her.

"You're getting it this time," Ron groaned. "You're getting every inch of my fat cock!"

"Oh yes," she moaned. "I want it all. I want every inch."

Linda could tell when her mother was getting ready to come. An expression of pain came over her face and then a look of joy. Mary's mouth opened and she started licking her full red lips.

"Oh yes," Mary screamed. "Your cock feels so good. You do know how to fuck me. Nobody fucks me so good. I love your cock! YOU BASTARD, I LOVE YOUR PRICK!"

Mary's body was shaking all over the bed. Linda was afraid her mother was going to tear something apart. But then she saw the body tense one last time and then relax.

"Sweet fucking damn," Mary moaned, "that was so good. I don't think I've ever felt anything so good!"

"You get ready for my cum, baby," Ron said. "Get ready for when I shoot my wad."

"I'm ready now," Mary moaned. "I'm shaking my ass for you. I'm ready right fucking now!"

"You bitch," he groaned. "You sweet bitch. I'm shooting. I'm gong to shoot my cum in your hot hole. OH, YOU SWEET BITCH! YOU SWEET FUCKING BITCH!"

He rammed her deep and Mary seemed satisfied with the cum that was shooting into her pussy. Linda leaned over and kissed her mother's face as the last wild spasms went through her father's body.

Linda had come to her mother's room for advice. She had found something better. She couldn't help it. She liked to fuck. She was going to try, to be a little more choosy in the future, but she knew she was always going to be a sucker for a hard cock.

Maybe it was supposed to be that way.


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