Spread wide babysitter

There is something about adolescence that encourages young people to try the unknown, the forbidden. The illicit, the taboo, seem more attractive and exciting somehow. Maybe this is because most young people feel their rights have been infringed upon for long enough, and now is the time for them to "do their own thing". And perhaps it is strictly a biological phenomenon.

This is the story of a young girl who dares to try the unknown. Jondra Woods is a teenage girl trying to find herself, trying to find out what makes her budding body tick, trying to find out what life is really about. Like many young people, she often learns things the hard way.

SPREAD WIDE BABYSITTER is a story about a time that everyone must face, the fragile moment between childhood and maturity. It is a frightening and confusing time, but one which holds lessons which will remain for a lifetime.

Chapter ONE

Jondra was fast asleep on the sofa when the Clarks got home. Her blue sweater had ridden up, exposing the smooth creamy skin of her midriff. The tawny flesh of one firm thigh was also visible, peeking through the slit of her skirt. She was flushed with sleep, and the rich gold wave of her shiny blonde hair was spread across one of the sofa cushions. Bryce Clark could hardly take his eyes off her, but he tried not to let his wife Anne see his interest. He turned away from her so that she wouldn't be able to see the pulsating lump of his prick either.

"Look at that," Anne said. "She really pooped out, didn't she?"

"It's late," Bryce said, checking his watch. "Three a.m. No wonder she fell asleep."

"I suppose it wouldn't bother you if someone came in and stole us blind while she was sound asleep there on the couch," said his wife sarcastically.

Bryce tried not to stare at Jondra's partly bare midriff. The way her full sensual lips were parted in sleep made the pulse in his neck flutter. God, what a lovely girl! he thought, rubbing his aching cock.

"I don't see anything missing," he said.

The television set was still going. He walked over and flicked it off.

"I'll go and check on the kids," Anne said. "See if you can wake up Sleeping Beauty and tell her it's time to go home."


Bryce tried to control his lust as he bent over the beautiful babysitter to wake her. But the fresh smell of her body nearly made him faint with desire. She's only a kid, Clark, he warned himself. Jondra Woods was only a teenager. She was the daughter of one of Anne's friends. She had just recently graduated from high school and was picking up a little money babysitting during the summer while waiting for college to start.

Bryce couldn't help himself. He reached out and touched her cheek softly just to feel her smooth skin if only for a second. Jondra sighed and squirmed sensually. Christ almighty! Bryce swore to himself. His cock nearly burst its way out of his pants. He thought his prick might explode.

"Jondra," he whispered.

She smiled drowsily in her sleep and squirmed again. Her full young tits moved under her sweater, only inches from Bryce's hands. Rut she didn't wake up.

"Jondra," he repeated. "Time to wake up. It's three o'clock."

"Ummnunm," she groaned softly.

He leaned down to speak her name closer to her ear. Before he knew what was happening her arms came up and encircled his neck, puffing his head down. Her warm mouth met his with a hungry kiss, her tongue dipping eagerly between his teeth. Instinctively Bryce got one hand quickly on the bare skin of her midriff, warm and smooth. His cock roared mid thundered.

But just as quickly as it had started, it was over. She released his neck and fell back, a half astonished expression on her lovely face.

"Mr. Clark! It's you! Oh... I had no idea! I'm so sorry!"

She wiped her mouth as if she could wipe away the kiss. Bryce was crestfallen.

"Oh, don't be sorry," he whispered, rearranging his clothes, alarmed now that she too might see his thundering prick poking out under his pants.

"I was having this dream," Jondra said. She swivelled her head around nervously. "Where's Mrs. Clark?"

"She went to check on the kids."

"Oh, damn! And I fell asleep too. I hope everything's all right."

"It's three o'clock. You couldn't help falling asleep."

"I... didn't mean to grab you like that." Jondra actually blushed. She looked down at her lap, then smoothed her skirt over her knees. "I was having a dream."

"I understand."

Jondra thought it was cute the way he became so embarrassed. She could almost still feel the urgent grasp of his hand on the bare skin of her stomach. She wondered if he really believed her about the dream.

She stood up, moving next to him. "But I don't mean I'm sorry it happened," she whispered to him.


"The dream was about you."

"Oh, come on, Jondra. Let's not be silly."

"Where's Mrs. Clark?"

"I told you. She's checking on the kids." Jondra leaned against him, pushing her full tits against his shoulder, and stuck her wet warm tongue in his ear. "It really was," she murmured, jumping back quickly as they both heard Anne's footsteps returning down the hail.

"Well," Anne said sarcastically. "I see you got Miss Lazybones to wake up."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Clark," Jondra pouted convincingly. "I really didn't mean to fall asleep. It just got so late and..."

"That's okay, Jondra," Bryce said. "We both know it's hard to stay awake that late." He yawned. "I'm kind of sleepy myself."

"Well then, you'd better run her on home and get back here before you fall asleep," Anne said.

In, the car on the way to her house Jondra put her hand on Bryce's cock. She squeezed his prick through his pants.

"Mmmmmmmm, I knew you'd have a big one," she said.

"How did you know that?"

Bryce was trying to keep his wits. It would only take ten minutes to drive her home and ten to get back. He wanted to fuck her in the worst way, and she seemed willing. But how could they manage it in the short time they had?

"It was part of my dream," Jondra whispered. She unzipped his fly while he drove. Her long cool fingers on hot throbbing cock nearly made him black out.

Jondra could hardly believe what she was doing herself. I've never done anything like this before in my life she thought. But, God, he's so handsome, so masculine. All I've ever had are those pimply high school guys, all that slam barn thank you ma'am shit. But I'm a woman now, and I need a man to fuck me. I've got to have some experience before I get into college, into the real world. The first time I saw him I just went all gooey between my legs from wanting him.

"Why don't you pull over behind that store, in the parking lot for a moment?" she murmured, bending her head down into his crotch and licking his thick erect prick from top to bottom.

Bryce could barely keep control of the car. Quickly he drove into the parking lot of the shopping center they were passing and headed around back to the deserted loading docks. He pulled the car up behind a barrier of trash dumpsters and shut off the lights and motor.

"We can't do this," he mumbled, enjoying the feel of her wet lips on his twitching cock.

"Why not?" Jondra asked.

"We don't have time. And you're so much younger than I am."

I'm old enough for you to want to fuck me, I know that much, Jondra thought. She sucked his prick into her mouth for the first time, swirling her tongue around his thick purplish cockhead.

"We can do it fast," she murmured after a few seconds of sucking his cock. "What's the matter, don't you want me?"

"Of course I want you," Bryce said.

His voice was all clotted with lust, and he was gasping from the pleasure her mouth gave him. I must be doing something right, Jondra thought. She smiled and pulled him over to the passenger side of the front seat.

"Now just hold still," she joked softly, quickly pulling off her panties. "It'll be all over before you know it." She pulled one of his hands down between her legs, letting him rub his hand in the runny warm lips of her pussy. "See how wet I am for you?"

"Jondra, you're so beautiful," Bryce said, fingerfucking her rapidly.

"You still think I'm too young for you?"

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"I don't know why not," she said, straddling his thighs. "Do you want to suck my tits, too?"

Bryce nodded.

"Good. I want you to."

She pulled up her sweater and Bryce quickly unfastened her bra behind her back. She pulled it up and stuffed it under the roll her scrunched up sweater made under her neck. Her naked, jutting, young tits pushed but into his face. He grabbed them with his hands and licked her large soft pink nipples with hot passion. Quickly they grew rubbery and stiff.

"God, suck me!" Jondra panted. "Oh yes! I love it!"

Bryce stuffed her firm warm tits into his mouth, first one, then the other. He sucked her nipples sharply.

"Ohhnnnnnn!" Jondra moaned.

With one hand she guided his cock into her tight young pussy. She lowered herself onto his prick slowly, gagging softly with pleasure as his cock rode up into her. Rising and sinking on her knees, she fucked herself up and down on Bryce's stiff prick. She threw her head back and sighed with hot delight, pushing her full round tits into his face.

"God, I wanted you to fuck me from the very first moment I saw you," she moaned.

Fucking had never been like this with any of her high school boyfriends. With them, the fuck had been all over before she even got started. But Bryce knew what he was doing. His hands on her body seemed to light small fires wherever he touched her. He clutched the round cheeks of her ass and jammed her tingling pussy down on his up-rearing cock, making her reel and gasp with sharp pleasure.

"Ohhnnnnnn!" she moaned, grinding her cunt down on him, feeling the hot arrows of intense sexual pleasure pierce her quivering flesh. "Yes! God, fuck me hard, yessssss!"

"Jondra... Jondra..." Bryce gasped.

He filled his hands again with her tits, mauling her aching nipples with his rough lips. Already Jondra could feel uncontrollable spasms deep in her pussy. God, I'm going to come, she thought. I wish it could go on forever, but I'm going to come.

"Unh! Unh! Unh!" she grunted as he fucked his prick up into her relentlessly.

Hanging on the edge of a violent orgasm, Jondra kissed his panting mouth, gasping deliriously.

"God... yes! Oh, fuck me! God, I'm going to come, Mr. Clark."

"Jondra, baby!"

"Unh! Oh! Aaaauuuunngggg! Oh, holy Jesus, I'm coming! Ohhhhnnnnn!" she groaned as her climax shook her trembling body. The sweet boiling honey poured through her veins.

She could feel his strong body clenching. His fingers bit into the flesh of her ass. His cock seemed to grow even bigger, cramming her tight young pussy as his prickhead began to explode with hot pulsating jets of cum. Jondra nearly swooned with pleasure as she felt his cum shooting into her.

"Oh, God!" she sighed, slumping forward against his body.

His cock still pulsed softly inside her cunt. She didn't want to ever let his prick out. So this is what it's like to fuck a real man, she thought. She kissed him.

"God, I never knew fucking could be so good," she whispered.

He smiled. "It can be a lot better than this."

"I don't believe you," she protested, wiggling her ass, feeling his still-erect prick swirl around inside her pussy. "How come he's still stiff?"

"Because you're such a luscious little piece," Bryce murmured, caressing her naked tits again.

"[Missing text] bet I do!"

"I'm not too young?"

"Just right."

"Is my pussy tighter than your wife's?"

"Your pussy is the tightest one I've ever felt."

"Mmmmmm," she moaned. "Why don't we go to a motel and do it some more."

Bryce shook his head. "You know I have to get back. We shouldn't have done this."

"But you don't regret it, do you?" Jondra prompted.

She got off his cock, pulling her bra and sweater back down. She stroked his wonderful cock and kissed his prickhead, not caring that his cock had pussyjuice and cum all over it. His prick was just the most phenomenal cock she had ever felt in her life.

"No, I don't regret it," Bryce said.

Jondra snuggled up to him, sitting very close as he started the motor again. She leaned over and kissed his neck and his strong jaw. "We can do it again sometime, can't we?" she murmured softly.

She let her hand drift to his crotch and squeezed the limp shaft of his incredible cock one more time.

"I don't think I could stand it if I never got to feel your prick inside me again," Jondra told him.

Bryce grinned. "I don't think I could either," he said. "But you don't have to call me Mr. Clark next time."

When they reached her house she was reluctant to get out of the car. They kissed long and passionately. She took his hands and put them on her tits, feeling her cunt ooze with fresh pussyjuice as he squeezed the round globes of her tits through her sweater. She had never before realized what a strong sexual appetite she had. She wanted him to fuck her right there on the lawn, fuck her repeatedly, if only it were possible.

"God, I just want you to fuck me and fuck me, again and again," she sighed into his ear. "When can we do it again?"

"I don't know," Bryce said. "We have to be careful, you know?"

"I know," Jondra pouted. Already she was jealous of Mrs. Clark. The lucky bitch! She got to have him fuck her all the time.

"But I'll think of something," he said. "Right now you'd better get inside before your parents get suspicious. And I'd better get back home for the same reason."

Jondra couldn't let him go. She kissed him again with searching hot passion. She rubbed her young voluptuous body against him.

"Think of me," she whispered hotly into his ear.

"How could I forget you?" Bryce whispered.

Jondra opened the door and hopped out of the car. She leaned her head back inside for just a second. "I want you to think of me when you're fucking your wife," she said, with an evil, devilish glint in her eye.

Then she slammed the door and walked with an exaggerated hip-swing up to her house, feeling his eyes on her body every second. When he finally drove off she was upset to find that the burning desire for him between her legs was sharp and demanding and wouldn't go away.

Chapter TWO

Bryce Clark had expected to find Anne asleep by the time he got back, but she was waiting up for him. She sat in the living room holding a glass of brandy and smoking a cigarette. She wore a nightgown of rose silk that clung to the curves of her stipple body, plunging low between her full round tits.

"It sure took you long enough," she said matter of factly as he came through the door.

"There was an accident down by the highway intersection," Bryce quickly lied. "They had the road blocked off and we had to detour around it."

Anne raised one eyebrow. "Oh. I thought maybe you and little Miss Muffett might have stopped somewhere to watch her garden grow," she said sarcastically.

"What a thought." Bryce grinned at her. "You know teenagers aren't my style."

"Oh, I don't know that at all," Anne said with a pouty grin.

She shifted her body on the sofa so that her nightgown slid across her smooth tanned skin, showing the warm inner flesh of her thighs. Her large nipples moved under the silk. Bryce could feel his cock beginning to stir again? It didn't seem to matter that he had just unloaded about a quart of cum into Jondra's fantastic, tight, little cunt. He had momentarily forgotten how beautiful and sexy his own wife was. Her shiny raven-black hair was spread across her shoulders. The pouty oval of her mouth reminded him of past pleasures, excruciating delights.

He went over to the sofa and leaned down to kiss her. Anne's tongue snaked between his teeth. Her hand reached forward and grabbed his half-erect cock and balls through his pants. She squeezed him.

"Mmmmmmmm, are you sure you didn't diddle that cutie?" she murmured.

"On my honor," Bryce panted as he felt his prick grow in her hand.

"I saw the way you looked at her when she was asleep."

"Men will be men."

"She hasn't had two kids like I have. She's probably got a tight pussy."

Indeed she has, Bryce thought, trying not to let her see him smile. He reached his hand inside her gown and grasped her warm tits to distract her. His fingers rolled her thick coral nipples, feeling them tighten and respond.

"It couldn't be the paradise your cunt is," he said to his wife.

"I think you're just saying that," she said. But she wasn't hostile. She unzipped his fly and tried to get his cock out.

But Bryce suddenly realized that if she succeeded in getting his prick into her mouth, her suspicions would be confirmed. He pulled back.

"I have to go to the bathroom first."

Anne frowned. Then she winked. "Go ahead. But I'll bet you just want to wash away the evidence."

In the bathroom, Bryce quickly washed off his cock with warm water and soap. He felt a little guilty but tried to ignore his feelings. Still, each time Anne joked about him fucking Jondra, he could hardly keep the tell tale acknowledgement out of his expression. It had been such a quick, unexpected and thrilling fuck that he still could feel the after flow. He could still remember the way he had pushed her young springy tits into his face while she fucked her incredibly tight little cunt up and down on his prick. He could still hear her uncontrollable squeal as she came, grabbing him and shuddering wildly.

He stuffed his throbbing cock back in his pants and rejoined his wife in the living room, pouring himself a glass of brandy. Anne was already a little tipsy from having started ahead of him. She grinned and snuggled up to him as he sat down beside her.

"Can I now?" she said.

"You certainly can," he said, kissing her smooth neck.

This time she unbuckled his belt first then unzipped his fly. "Upsy daisy," she said. "Help me get these off." She pulled his shorts down till they fell at his ankles. "God, what a gorgeous cock you've got."

She kissed his throbbing prick from top to bottom, licking and sucking his cock skillfully. She cradled his balls in one hand, caressing them expertly while she sucked his cock. Bryce realized what experienced women had over young girls like Jondra. Practice makes perfect, he thought, lying back on the sofa and enjoying his wife's lips on his prick. Anne dripped warm saliva all over his throbbing cockshaft and seemed bent on leaving a row of hickeys up and down his prick.

Bryce panted and gasped as her lips leeched pleasure out of his aching cock. Her tongue was like a feather on his swollen cockhead. He groaned aloud as he sucked his prick inside her mouth.

"Feel good?" she asked, removing his cock from her mouth for a brief instant.

"Agggghh," he moaned. "God, yes!"

"Mmmnxmmmmm. Do you want to came in my mouth, or do you want to fuck me?"

"Decisions, decisions," Bryce said.

"I want to come too," she said.

While she sucked his prick he slipped her silk nightgown off her smooth shoulders, running his hands all over her naked back. The silk was so slippery that he had no trouble sliding the gown off her upper body, pushing it down around her waist. He slipped his hands underneath her and filled them with her dangling tits, squeezing the full globes sharply as her mouth on his cock aroused him further. The little fuck with Jondra, good as it had been, had now vanished completely from his mind. He wanted Anne with, urgent need.

"I want to fuck you," he half-growled.

"Good!" Anne murmured back, dripping gobbets of spit on his throbbing cock again, then diving on his prick with her mouth, sucking him more and more wildly.

Bryce could feel the juice rising in him again. Since he had fucked Jondra less than an hour ago he was in no hurry to come. He could afford to enjoy the blow job totally. He had never known a woman who could give head as well as Anne. She made love with her mouth td his throbbing cock as if his prick were a priceless treasure.

"God, you've got such great control tonight," she whispered to him as she swirled her wet silky tongue around the bulbous head of his prick. She smiled up at him mischievously. "If I didn't trust you, I might think you were lying and you really did stop off and fuck that cutie on the way to her house."

This time Bryce didn't answer. Instead he took her head in both hands and held her steady while gently fucking her mouth. She sucked him more and more vigorously. He knew that it always seemed to excite her when he was a flute rough with her. He wondered if she had been baiting him into this all along. He knew a little roughness was a good way to distract her.

He began fucking up into her mouth a little more fiercely, pushing his thick stiff cock down her throat. Softly gagging, Anne's eyes rolled up under her lids. "Unngghhh!" she grunted, her mouth gorged with his plunging prick. "God, I love it when you do that!" she gasped when he finally drew his cock out.

Roughly he drug her onto the floor. Her eyes swam with warm lust and excitement as she watched him peel away the silk gown from her bare legs and thighs.

"Right here?" she whispered. "On the floor?"

"Right here," he growled.

"What if the kids wake up?"

"Then they'll get a great show, won't they?"

Quickly she helped him out of his own clothes. "God, I just love something different for a change," she panted, biting his neck. "I think even if you did fuck little Jondra, I'd only be jealous because you didn't invite me along."

Bryce grinned with pleasant surprise as he heard this. Maybe someday the opportunity would present itself. Meanwhile he got his mouth all over Anne's large springy tits, sucking her soft coral nipples until she began to coo and moan with need. He slid down her soft undulating body, kissing her warm belly and sleek thighs. Childbirth had hot marred her body much. She kept in great shape through tennis and swimming. He nipped the flesh of her thighs playfully.

Anne's body jerked. "Ouch!" she giggled.

"Mmmmmm, I want to lick your beautiful pussy," he murmured.

"Oh... oh! Ahhnnnn!" she gasped as his tongue slid into her warm, wet cunt furrow. "Oh, yessssss!"

Bryce slid his hands under her ass and squeezed her asscheeks sharply while he tongue-fucked her. Anne's delicious body shuddered and twisted wildly on the floor. She brought her hands to her tits, rolling them and pinching her nipples. Her hips gyrated in spasmodic circles, pitching her streaming pussy slit up into his bushy mouth.

"God, it feels good!" she panted. "God it's so good!"

Now his tongue went after the taut little berry of her clit, stroking it rapidly. Over the years he had eaten his wife's cunt many times, and he knew what it took to bring her off. He kept squeezing the smooth moons of her ass fiercely, now taking her clit between his lips and sucking her clit gently. He didn't need to be rough. Anne was nearly coming unglued with pleasure.

"Unngghhh! Oh! Oh, God... yessss! Oh! Annggghh! God, honey, I'm going to come!"

She writhed around on the floor with uncontrollable need. Her beautiful face was contorted with urgent passion. Her breath came in hot, heavy gasps.

"God, yes! God, yes!" she panted.

Now Bryce sucked her little clit harder and harder. Her clenching thighs scissored, shut on his head as she pumped and wiggled her ass.

"God... the kids! They'll hear us," she mumbled.

He saw her reach for the nearest piece of clothing, which happened to be his shirt. Quickly she stuffed part of it into her mouth. Her face was torn only seconds later by the unimaginable bliss of a sharp climax. Waves of pleasure suddenly rolled through her spasming body.

"Mmmmmmeeeeeee!" she squealed through the cloth of his shirt in her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm... unngghh... mmmmmmmmeeeeeeee!"

She trashed around under him, coming and coming. Bryce had to use all his strength to hold her hips steady with both hands so that he could get his throbbing prick in to her. But when the head of his cock touched her slippery cuntlips, he rammed his prick home hard.

"Ughmph!" Anne grunted, her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

But she locked her legs around his hips and again began pumping wildly. He fell forward onto her body, feeling her warm full tits mash against his chest. He scooped up her shoulders, pressing the whole length of her writhing body to him and began to fuck her with animal need. He pinned her wriggling ass to the floor with his sharp hammering thrusts. The violence of the fucking he gave her was so supreme that Anne couldn't breathe with his shirt stuffed in her mouth. She had to spit it out.

"God, honey, fuck me!" she whimpered, her pliant body buckling under the ferocious thrusting of his piston-like cock. "It's so good! So good!"

Maybe it's the fact that we're fucking on the floor that makes it so exciting, Bryce thought. Or maybe it's getting two hot fucks in a row without expecting it. At any rate, it was getting to be a wild fuck. Anne's fingernails tore at the flesh of his back. She whimpered and mewled passionately, clinging to him and squealing deep in her chest each time his powerful cock probed the depths of her clasping pussy.

"God, I love it when you fuck me hard!" she gasped. "Ungh! Ungh!"

Suddenly both of them could feel it coming. The hot aching flesh of their fucking bodies rubbed together and sparked a hot fire of lust that raged through them. Bryce skewered her on his prick again and again, lifting her ass off the floor with powerful, punishing thrusts. And Anne howled softly, biting his shoulder, panting wildly, begging him to fuck her even harder.

"Oh, Bryce, oh, God! Ungh! Anngghhiieeee!" she suddenly came, shrieking into his ear as her body flipped and strained against him. "Ohh Anniieee!"

"Umpghh!" Bryce grunted as the hot jets of cum began spurting out of his plunging cock.

He grabbed her ass and held her asscheeks fiercely, pumping jism into her pussy with wild, savage pleasure. Anne moaned and sobbed with hot delight as she felt cum sluice her pulsating cunt.

"Oh, God, yes! Oh, God, yes!" she panted over and over.

Bryce lay exhausted on top of her. Anne wrapped her body all around him and would not let him go. He could hardly believe a man could be so lucky. First Jondra, then this. He had had plenty of good fucks with Anne, but this one just about won the prize. And the news that he might even be able to persuade her into a three-way bout with the babysitter just added to his pleasure, though in the back of his mind he had to wonder how the babysitter would feel about an arrangement like that. But that was something he could, work on.

Chapter THREE

Jondra couldn't get Mr. Clark out of her mind. She had been unable to sleep the night he had fucked her in the shopping center parking lot. She had gone to bed naked and lay there thinking of him for hours, her body hot and feverish with renewed desire.

God, it was so good! she thought. He was so strong and masterful about fucking. The way he squeezed my ass like that, and really ripped it up into me! Just the thought of her fuck gave her the shivers. She could almost feel again the huge stalk of his thick cock fucking up and down in her wet pussy.

"I shouldn't be thinking about him like this," she whispered aloud to herself. "After all, he's married. It's just a one-time thing, that's all."

But her cunt was burning with the need for him to de again what he had done only a couple of hours ago. One fuck hadn't been enough for her. I want more! she thought. I want him to fuck me again. And again, and again! I want to suck him off and feel him spurt into my mouth. I want him to lay me down on my back and really rape me with it.

She tossed and twisted sleeplessly under the sheets, finally flinging them off her squirming body. Her hands ran quickly over her warm skin, touching her sensitive flesh. She squeezed her full, young tits, twisting her pulsing nipples, trying to recall the feel of his lips on them. God, it was all over so fast! she thought. Why couldn't it go on and on? I want you to suck me, Bryce. I want you to suck and suck my aching titties. Ohhnnnnn!

One hand dipped between her thighs, sawing up and down in the runny cleft of her tingling pussy. I want more and more! I want to be fucked! Bryce, please!

"Oh, please, Bryce!" she whimpered. "Mr. Clark! Please fuck me!"

She bit into the pillowcase to muffle her unexpectedly loud screams. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt like this orgasm was her real climax, the one she would have had with him if they had only taken more time. The insides of her cunt boiled over with warm spasms of coming.

"Ummmmeeeee!" she squealed into the pillow. "Ungghh! Mmeeeee!"

But when it was over, she felt somehow unsatisfied. She wiped her wet hand on the sheet and stared blankly into the darkness of her room, hoping her mother and father had not heard her muted screams. She felt very depressed at the thought that it might be weeks before the Clarks decided to hire a babysitter again.

In the morning she called Bryce first thing at his office. But he was tied up with business meetings and said he wouldn't be able to see her. Jondra was surprised at how upset she got.

"But I want to see you," she said into the phone. "I need to see you!" I want you to fuck me, she added silently. She hoped that message got into her voice.

"I want to see you too," Bryce said.

"Maybe I could come down and meet you after work. We could go to a motel, like I suggested last night."

"I have a dinner engagement tonight."

"You don't want me, do you?" Jondra pouted. "It was just a one-time thing for you, wasn't it?"

"Definitely not," Bryce said. His voice was so firm that Jondra was relieved. He really did sound like he meant it. "Don't you worry. I'll arrange something."


"Before next week," he said.

She felt better when she hung up the phone, but the sexual itch was still there, needing to be scratched. She had never felt this way after any of her high school romances and figured that being fucked by a real man like Bryce Clark had finally made her into a woman. Now, she felt the normal demands and desires of a woman. Her young body was vibrant and alive, tingling with warmth and need. God, I can't wait a whole week! she thought.

She decided that what had worked the first time would surely work the second time too. So she posted little cards at all the laundromats and supermarkets in the neighborhood advertising her babysitting services. All these husbands were tired of fucking their wives anyway. They would jump at the chance to get into Jondra's hot little pussy.

For two days she didn't get any calls, but on the third day a Mr. Bill Andrews, who lived over on Hawhorne Street replied to her ad. His wife had been forced to fly back to Illinois due to the death of her mother. He had two small kids who needed care until she got back. It would be three days at the most. Was she available?

Jondra easily got her parents' approval. She would go to Andrews' house in the mornings before he left for work then return when he came home at night.

She was a little apprehensive when she first arrived at his house the next morning. After all, she knew what her real motives were. She couldn't help wondering what he would look like. And if he were good looking and she did want to go through with it, tow would she deal with the problem of the kids? Her heart fluttered a bit as she went up to his door and rang the bell.

Andrews answered the door. He was tall and blond, with broad shoulders and straight, even teeth that showed through his friendly grin. "You must be Jondra," he said.

"That's right," she said, smiling.

Jondra had worn tight-fitting blue jeans and a silk shirt that revealed the shape of her full, out thrusting tits. She knew it was a fairly sexy outfit for a babysitter to be wearing, but she wanted to capture his interest from the very start. And from the look in his eyes, her strategy had succeeded very well. He could hardly keep his eyes inside his head as he opened the door for her to enter. He looked down the soft cleavage between her tits. She could feel his eyes on her round ass as she walked into the living room.

You'd better be careful, Mr. Andrews, Jondra thought, or this might not take as long as even I thought it would.

"Mmmmm," he said nervously. "Well, my name is Bill."

"Hi, Bill," Jondra said brightly.

"The kids are still asleep. You're here early. Why, it's only seven-thirty."

"I didn't want to be late on my first day."

"Well, I won't be leaving for a half hour or so. Would you like a cup of coffee?"


She followed him into the kitchen. He poured each of them a cup of coffee.

"What time do they usually wake up?" Jondra asked softly, letting a suggestive hint creep into her voice, watching him to see if he picked it up. After all, she knew she was being pretty forward about what she wanted. Already she could feel the lips of her cunt moistening and the thick rush of hot blood in her body. Bill was very attractive, more desirable than she could have hoped for.

"To tell you the truth, I don't know," Bill grinned nervously. "I'm usually gone before they're up. It's still summer vacation for them, so they get to sleep in. My... wife takes care of it all."

He seemed nervous about bringing up the subject of his absent wife. Jondra knew it was because he fell, guilty for desiring her. When she squirmed slightly in her chair, her tits moved under her silk shirt. She could see Bill's eyes on them, devouring them.

It was a drastic act, but it was all she could think of to do. She clumsily jerked her coffee cup forward, and the hot liquid suddenly spilled all over the front of her shirt.

"Oh! Ouch!" She jumped up, sending the cup crashing to the floor. "Oh, God, it's hot!"

The hot coffee really did burn, and she tore the silk shirt off her body as if she were totally unaware that Andrews was there.

"God, I'm so stupid!"

"Here, let me get you a towel," he said, quickly grabbing a dish towel.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I broke it," Jondra apologized coyly. She could see his eyes devouring her naked tits. The excitement had made her nipples taut and erect.

She took the towel from his extended hand and rubbed the hot coffee off her body, using sensual motions that emphasized the beauty of her naked flesh and her full, upswept, young tits.

"Does it still hurt?" Andrews asked in a choked voice. Jondra looked up at him from beneath her long lashes. "Why, Mr. Andrews, I do believe you're staring at my tits!"

"Oh. Well... I didn't mean to." He even blushed. "I mean..."

"I know what you mean," Jondra said, moving closer to him. "Maybe you'd like to touch them too?" She moved so close that her naked tits were nearly brushing his shirt front. "You can go ahead, I don't mind," she breathed up at him.

Andrews put his hands on her tits. He squeezed her full tits tentatively. Jondra grabbed his head and pulled his mouth down to hers. She kissed him passionately, fucking his mouth with her tongue, pushing her full tits into his hands.

"You like my tits, don't you?" she murmured softly.

"What if my kids wake up?" he asked, kissing her neck and shoulders, twirling her thick nipples in his fingers.

Jondra's body was already on fire. She reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants, feeling his prick swell and pulse. His cock was nice and big she was happy to discover.

"We can go in your room," she whispered.

He pulled her out of the kitchen and down the hallway, into the master bedroom, shutting the door behind them. "We'll have to make it quick," he said.

Jondra was already stripping off her blue jeans. "I don't care," she said. She peeled her panties down her tawny thighs, feeling her own lust rise a notch as she saw his muscular shoulders and arms as he took off his shirt.

She glanced over at the bed and saw that like any man alone, he hadn't made it. The sheets and blankets were all rumpled and messy. Just right for us, she thought. Come here and fuck me, you beautiful stud. She sat on the edge of the mattress, watching him take off his pants. His thick long prick bobbed out and jumped wildly.

"Come over here and let me suck it," she murmured.

"We haven't got time for that," Bill whispered.

Jondra knew he was right. Why am I always getting involved in these speedy fucks when what I want is a long luxurious fucking? Oh, well. At least I'll still be here when he gets home tonight.

Andrews was all over her luscious young body like a crazy man. His hands were everywhere on her warm flesh, caressing her, kneading her body with sharp urgency. She squeezed his long cock in her hand, moaning as his mouth tore at her sensitive nipples.

"Ohhnnnnnn, God, yesssss!" she moaned.

"Jondra," Bill groaned. "You're so lovely."

"Ohhhh, I want you to fuck me. I wanted you to fuck me when I first laid eyes on you," Jondra cooed.

Thank heaven we can at least do it on a bed together, she thought, instead of bouncing around in the front seat of a car. Although that was kind of fun, she recalled. She remembered the way Bryce had really speared up into her with his cock when they got toward the end, grabbing her ass and jamming her cunt down on him. It had been unbelievably exciting.

But now, even though they were rushed, they could at least stretch out beside one another, feeling the length of each other's body. Andrews pressed every inch of Jondra's ripe young body against him. He devoured her firm round tits, tongue lashing her nipples until Jondra was whimpering with abandon.

"Unnn... oh! Unnn... oh, oh, oh!" she panted, squirming around under his exploring hands. "God, it's good! God, it's good! I want it to go on forever!"

"But we have to make it quick, honey."

"I know! Ohhhhnnnn!" she sighed as she felt him squat between her spread thighs and slide his big cock into her. "God, it's heaven!"

He pushed her legs up into the air, hooking his arms behind her knees. Jondra looked up at her feet, kicking the air above his head.

"What are you doing?" she asked, still panting with desire, but curious.

But he didn't answer her. He just began to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. Somehow, having her legs up in the air like that made the penetration of his long cock complete. She had never felt so full of prick before in her life. And the relentless surging power of his cock almost drove her crazy with pleasure.

"Unnngggg!" she grunted as he fucked his huge prick in and out of her streaming, impaled pussy. "God, it's so deep! Ungg! Ohhnnnn, yes!"

Her jackknifed body acted like a spring as the fucking tempo accelerated. The bedsprings jiggled as Andrews fucked his cock into her repeatedly, riding her squirming ass up off the bed. Jondra tried to keep from squealing so as not to waken his kids but it was nearly impossible.

His long, thick cock fucked her completely each time he shoved his prick into her, and now he was fucking her with more and more frenzy.

"Owwwnnn!" she moaned softly. "Unh! Unh!"

"Does it hurt?" he whispered.

"No, don't stop!" she gasped. "Don't stop. Fuck me!" she hissed at him. "Fuck me hard. Nobody's ever fucked me like this."

"Here -- bite into the pillow," he said, pulling it over within range of her mouth.

Jondra sank her teeth into the pillow, only then realizing that now he really meant to pour it on. He began ramming his cock into her so fiercely that she could feel her approaching orgasm hurtle toward her like a speeding train.

"Oh God, I'm going to come!" she panted.

"Bite the pillow!" he commanded.

She did, but it made breathing difficult. Her head tossed and her plundered body writhed as his cock hammered in and out of her tight cunt. She pumped and squirmed, gyrating her hips wildly. Oh, God, it's heaven! she thought. It's never been so good! She wiggled her ass and pinched his plunging cock with her cunt-muscles, driving him to further heights of lustful fury. He pierced and stabbed her spasming cunt with his rock-hard cock, bringing sharp tight squeals from deep in Jondra's throat.

"Uneen! Ohn! Unneee!" she squealed into the pillow between her teeth.

Suddenly her whole body erupted in pulsing shivers of sharp, killing pleasure. The climax cleaved her like a knife. She felt hammered in two by it, split into pieces.

"Aaanngghhhiieeeee!" she wailed, her voice muffled by the pillow. "Ohhhnnneeeee! Aanngghhiieee!"

"Ummphh!" Andrews grunted. He fucked his cock into her creaming pussy viciously, again and again.

Jondra could feel his cum spurting into her. "Oh, God!" she sighed. "Oh, God, God!" She clung to him as his throbbing prick spouted thick jets of jism into her clinging cunt. Oh, yesssss! Oh, yes, yesssss!

"Oh, God, yesssss!" she moaned to him, pushing the pillow away from her mouth.

He let her legs fall back to the mattress. Quickly Jondra wrapped them around his hips, still pumping gently with her pelvis. The hard ridge of his still-stiff prick-rubbed along her clit. She knew she could probably have another orgasm if she could get him to stay that way for just two seconds more.

But now that he had fucked her, Andrews remembered where he was. Quickly he got off her pliant young body.

Jondra held her arms out to him. "Come back," she murmured.

"Getup and get dressed," he said, quickly doing so himself. "The kids will be up any minute. We have to be careful."

Jondra pouted but did as he said. But she went over to him and squeezed his limp cock through his pants. "But I can't wait until you get home tonight," she whispered, sticking her tongue into his ear. "I'll have a surprise in store for you."

And she did, too. She got through the day as best she could, puttering around the house while the Andrews' kids played outdoors with neighborhood friends. She did up the dishes in the sink and watched the soaps on TV, trying to put out of her mind the exciting fuck they had had that morning. She didn't want to think about it because everytime she did, it aroused her so much that she wasn't sure she could wait until he got home for more.

Once, thinking of the way he had fucked her so roughly, so demandingly, with her feet kicking helplessly up in midair, she got so excited that she went into the bathroom and locked the door. The kids were playing outside, so she probably didn't need to be so cautious, but better safe than sorry.

She took off her blouse and unzipped her pants, thrusting her hand down inside her panties. Her thoughts had already aroused her so much that her nipples were tight and throbbing and her cunt flowing with fuck juice. Sharp pulses of lust fluttered in her aching pussy as she touched her clit with her fingers. She ran her other hand all over her warm round tits, watching herself in the medicine cabinet mirror. I don't know what's come over me, she thought as she caressed and manipulated her own body, arousing fantastic new pleasures in herself. I never used to be like this. That night with Bryce Clark seems to have really changed me. All I can think of is sex. I just want to do is fuck all the time!

She looked at her firm, uptilting tits in the mirror as her hand squeezed and rolled them. Her nipples were large coral circles, now erect and pointed with sexual excitement. She could see why men liked to suck them so much. She wanted to do it herself and tried to bend her neck down in order to get her lips on one, but the best she could do was stick out her tongue and lick her nipple. Still, the sensation made her go weak in the knees.

"Ohhnnnnnn!" she moaned.

She bunched up one tit at a time in her hand, pushing her tit up to her mouth, swiping her nipple with her wet tongue. At the seine time, she began to fuck herself slowly with the hand in her panties. She inserted two fingers into her greasy cuntlips and began fucking them in and out, rubbing her sensitive clit with the knuckles. Oh, holy shit! she gagged, feeling a quick onrush of hot pleasure.

She bucked her pelvis forward, making swirling fuck motions. With her fingers, she began to pinch her aching nipples at the same time as she licked them. She was hardly aware of how loudly she was panting until she suddenly overheard herself.

"Oh! Unh! Oh, God! Unh!"

She realized as the tension built that she couldn't get good enough wrist action unless bet panties were completely off. Quickly she dropped them down around her ankles. Now she got four whole fingers into her stretched pussy, all buttery and tingling with need. She formed them into a wedge and began fucking her cunt earnestly. It was amazing how the fingers of her own hand could drive her nearly crazy with lust.

She watched in the mirror as her hand plunged in and out of her oozing pussy. Her other hand squeezed the throbbing flesh of her tits sharply.

The sensations were so intense that she could hardly remain standing.

"Umph! Ummm!" she panted, feeling her body near explosion. "God, I'm going to come!" Rapidly her hand plunged in and out of her aching pussy. Suddenly she put her thumb on her clit and rubbed fiercely.

"Anngghhh!" she gasped.

Her swirling hips began to shudder in sharp convulsions. Deep in her cunt, her orgasm welled up, overpowering her. Oh, shit! she thought, biting her lower lip. Her young body trembled with the force of her self-induced climax. God, I can't let them near me! What if his kids are back in the house for a second, or something?

But it was too late. She couldn't stop the rapid motions of her own hand fucking her pussy. Already her cunt was exploding with incredible spasms of hot pleasure.

"Anngghhhhhh! Oh! Ohhhnn. Anngghhhhh!" she gasped and moaned, leaning against the bathroom wall as the shattering pleasure waves poured through her. "Oh! Ohh! Onh!"

Again and again, her wedged fingers fucked up into her slippery cunt bringing fresh new shocks of orgasmic pleasure. She was nothing but a quivering, moaning mass of flesh, barely able to stay her feet, moaning, and panting with lust. She somehow felt that she could keep the orgasms coming forever if she wanted to. All she had to do was lean back against the wall and keep probing her erupting pussy with her finger-wedge.

Through her glazed eyes she could see herself in the bathroom mirror. Her mouth was slack with desire, her face torn with the pleasure of the wild orgasms she had just given herself. You can't go on. You've got to stop, she told her face in the mirror. Somebody could catch you. Maybe one of his kids. You have to control yourself.

Reluctantly she withdrew her hand from her tingling pussy. God, I never knew I could make myself come that much, she thought. She washed her hand off in the basin and pulled her clothes back on. She would have to wait until she got home from work that evening. After what they had done that morning, she knew she wouldn't have to trick him into fucking her again.

But getting through the afternoon while she waited his return was not easy. She thought the day would never end. Then, when he finally did get home, she had to restrain herself in front of his kids. She wanted to throw herself on him as soon as he walked through the door. She wanted to rub her feverish body all over him and beg him to fuck her. God, you can't imagine how I've been aching for you to come back, she wanted to tell him. I want to fuck and fuck. Not quick like we did this morning, but long and slow. I want you to do anything you want to me. Anything.

But she couldn't say any of this to him. Instead she helped him cook dinner and get the kids bathed and to bed. One moment, when the kids were termporarily out of the kitchen, she embraced him, teaching down and squeezing his big cock again through his pants.

"You don't realize how much I've thought of you today," she whispered huskily. She manipulated his prick, feeling his cock swell.

"I haven't exactly been able to forget you either," he whispered back.

"When can we go to bed?"

"Not until the kids are asleep."

"When will that be?"

"Maybe we could give them a sedative," he suggested, smiling. He grabbed her firm ass and ran his hands all over. "Won't your parents worry about you if you're not home before dark?"

"They left town this afternoon for the weekend. They know I can take care of myself." Jondra winked suggestively.

She could feel that his prick was completely stiff now, tall and throbbing with need for her, which made her tingle with anticipation. But before anything could happen, they had to get the kids to bed. So she turned to her tasks with cool determination. Her body was burning to be fucked by him, but she would have to wait.

Finally it was eight o'clock. The kids had been in bed for half an hour. "Do you think they're asleep yet?" Jondra asked him, not bothering to disguise the eagerness of her voice.

"You're the babysitter," he grinned. "Why don't you check?"

Jondra tiptoed down the hallway to the children's rooms and peeped inside. Both of them were sawing logs, deep in sleep. Her blood began to heat up as she walked back down the hallway toward the living room. Her heart began to pound, and she could feel her cunt getting wet with pussy juices.

She went over to Andrews where he was sitting in an easy chair and got down on her knees between his legs. He looked down at her curiously.

"They're fast asleep," she murmured, aching out and slowly unzipping his fly.

"You're sure?" he asked softly, watching her take his cock out of his pants.

"I'm absolutely certain," she said.

She took his limp cock into her warm wet mouth and swirled her tongue all over his prick, sucking gently. His thick tube of cock began to throb and thicken, growing stiff between her lips. God, am I ever going to give you the best blow job of your life, Jondra thought, peppering his erect cock with passionate little kisses.

She took his fat, blood-pumping prick all the way into her mouth until his thick bulbous cockhead nudged the back of her throat. Then she drew her lips slowly up his throbbing prickstalk until she got to the ridge below the head. She lip-pinched his prick and stroked the velvety head of his cock with her tongue, feeling him wince with pleasure, hearing him groan. She took his prick out of her mouth, holding the shaft with her fingers, and licked and bathed his cock in warm spit.

"Do you like the way I suck you?" she asked cleverly. "Ummm? Do you want me to drink your cum?"

Andrews groaned with pleasure. "Keep it up, baby!" he gasped. "God, you're the best."

His thick red prick twitched and pulsed with urgent need. He was still fully clothed except for his huge blood-thundering cock shooting out of his open fly. And that was just what Jondra wanted. She wanted him to feel like she was raping him. She wanted his prick. She wanted to cradle his cock in her hands and lick and swallow his prick.

His fingers grasped at her neck and shoulders trying to get under her blouse at her tits. But Jondra squirmed away and devoured his stiff cock so eagerly that he could do nothing but fall back and moan and thrust up into her busy mouth.

His wet prick throbbed with hot urgent life in her hands. She stroked his cock from top to bottom with her tongue, then sucked his balls into her mouth, first one, then the other, swirling her lips over them.

"Mmmmmm, what a lovely big cock you've got," she murmured, licking his prick lovingly.

She slurped and swallowed the clear, warm juice that leaked from the bulbous head of his thumping prick. Wver hand she jerked him off until he was gasping and squirming with pleasure.

"How close are you, baby?" she murmured. She dove on his jumping shaft.

"God, it sure is good," Andrews groaned. "Were'd you learn to do it so good?"

"Mmmm, I guess it just comes naturally," Jondra replied.

His firm strong hands held her by the sides of the head now. He held her head steady and drove his raging cock up into her throat, making her gag and splutter with delirious dellght. Jondra loved it. He was raping her mouth, but she was the one who was giving him all this fantastic pleasure.

In the giddy flood of her desire to suck off his big, wet, twitching prick, she forgot about everything else her own body flushed with waves of heat. She could feel her cunt blossoming, fuck juice wetting her panties. Her thighs shook and clenched involuntarily. Her sensitive nipples chafed against the cloth of her blouse, and her tits throbbed and ached. God, I want him to fuck me! she thought. God, I want him to fuck me!

She sighed and whimpered and squirmed against his jerking knees and thighs, sucking the head of his rearing prick so fiercely that he cried out.

Oh, Bill! she moaned to herself. Oh, Bill, squirt it into me, feed me with it, feed me! Stick it in me everywhere. Keep it hard, please, please make it stay hard! After you come you have to fuck me, you have to rape me! I can hardly stand waiting for it. You can do anything you want to me, baby. But right now I'm going to pull it out of you. Oh yes, oh yes!

"Are you ready?" she cried. "Have you been saving a big load all day just for me, since this morning? Oh, feed me with it, baby. Feed me!"

She laced her fingers around the pumping red stalk of his prick. His cock grew even stiffer, hard as granite. She felt his prick extend and point, felt his whole body grow painfully taut. The rough strength of his hands shoved her head down. His cock fucked viciously into her throat. Jondra dove on his prick eagerly and gobbled his cock insanely, groaning and sucking with sharp rabid intensity.

"Aaowwnngg! Unngg!" Andrews wailed.

He crammed Jondra's mouth with so much of his jism-bursting cock that she thought he might split her face open. She went crazy with happiness as he exploded into her. She drank the warm rivers of his cum as it poured down her throat and milked his cock for more with her frantic fingers. She gently squeezed his balls and sucked the flaring head of his spurting prick, getting cum all over her chin and her cheeks. The hot jets jumped into her mouth again and again. Jondra didn't know a man could come so much. Andrews groaned and thrashed on his back, up-fucking into her throat, trembling and panting as his last ounce of cum came hurtling up to sluice her waiting tongue.

But finally he was empty. His cock went limp in her mouth. Jondra slithered up to his face and pecked him on the cheek. She still had his cum in her mouth and wanted to savor his jism before swallowing. She let him watch her gulp down the last drops.

"I'll bet your wife doesn't give you head that good," she whispered.

"You'd win," he admitted, beginning to umbutton her shirt.

Quickly he had her out of her clothes. His hands were on her naked tits, his fingers digging passionately into her firm flesh. His mouth was on her nipples, devouring them, before Jondra could even believe what was happening. She glanced down and saw that his huge prick was already springing back to life. It was too good to be true.

"Don't you even need a little rest?" she asked. "Not with you, I don't," Andrews said. "I can't get enough of you!"

"Oh, good!" Jondra sighed. "Ohhhnnnnn!" she gasped as he sucked one of her nipples so sharply that she nearly came unglued. "Oh, God, that feels good."

"You ready for more?" he asked.

"God, you can do anything to me, Mr. Andrews," she whispered hotly into his car. "Anything you want."

Andrews led her down the hall to his bedroom, and Jondra didn't get a wink of sleep all night.

Chapter FOUR

The next response Jondra got to her babysitting ads gave her a small moment of anxiety. A man's voice on the phone sounded vaguely suspicious.

"You the babysitter?" It was a gruff, deep voice. The man sounded uncomfortable, even devious.

But since the whole thing had been begun in an adventurous spirit, it would be silly to back down now. Who could say what she might be missing?

"Yes," Jondra said.

"I've got a job for you," the man said. "Friday night. You work Friday nights?"

"Let me see. That's tomorrow night, isn't it?"


"How many children, Mr..."

"Bates," the man said, sounding self-conscious. "Just one. A little boy."

"I see," Jondra said, trying to sound businesslike.

She didn't know whether to accept the job or not. The voice on the other end of the line didn't exactly make her tingle with expectation as Bill Andrews' voice had done. On the other hand, a person couldn't always be judged by his voice. And she could always use the money. If Mr. Bates was not attractive, she wouldn't be obligated to go to bed with him, since that wasn't a part of the bargain. She had no other plans for Friday night, even though in the back of her mind she couldn't help wishing it was Bryce Clark who had phoned to hire her.

"Well, I guess I can make it, Mr. Bates," she said. "Will you pick me up, or should I take the bus there?"

"Oh, I'll pick you up," he said. "How's about seven-thirty?"

"That'll be fine," Jondra said. "You realize that I charge two-fifty an hour."

"Money is no object, Miss," said the man on the phone.

All things considered, Jondra was not very "up" for the Friday night babysitting job. She would go through with it for the money, but she didn't expect any excitement. And her lack of expectation was doubly reinforced as soon as she saw Mr. Bates, who picked her up in a shiny, red Cadillac. He was short and squatty, thick and hairy, looking to her very much like a throwback to the times of the cavemen. His shoulders were burly, his arms huge and muscular, his hands broad and meaty. Thick tufts of wiry black hair seemed to squirt out of his ears and the back of his neck. He looked like an animal, and he had a wild glint in his eye. Good God, what a scary guy, Jondra thought, immediately feeling ashamed of herself.

"Hello, Jondra," Bates said, smiling in a way that was clearly meant to be friendly.

His mouth was fierce and savage looking. Jondra found herself thinking that it was more fit for tearing raw meat off a bone than for smiling. Again she felt guilty. You can't blame people for the way they look, she thought.

"Hello, Mr. Bates," she said with false cheer riness. He was probably a nice man underneath his brutal appearance. All she had to do was stay for a few hours with his kid, then get her money and come home. It wouldn't be so bad. "My, what a nice car," she said, running one hand along the shiny front fender of his Cadillac.

"Glad you like it," Bates said, a little too gruffly, opening the door for her to get in.

Jondra couldn't find anything to talk to him about while he drove her across town, so she chatted idly about the weather. She realized after about ten minutes that he lived quite far away from her, down in the southern end of the city where the houses were older and shabbier than any she had ever seen. She wondered why he had not been able to get a babysitter who lived closer.

Finally the car stopped in front of a gloomy, old, brown-shingled house that gave Jondra the creeps even to look at. God, am I going to have to stay here all evening in this house with his bratty kid? How did I let myself in for this? she asked herself.

She followed Bates inside the house, and for the first time she felt fear clutch her throat when she heard him shut the door behind her. Oh, don't be silly! she told herself. It's just a normal babysitting job, for God's sake. He can't help looking like an evil old troll. And he can't help it if he has to live in this creepy neighborhood either. Just be nice and it'll be all over soon.

"Well, where's the little one?" she asked brightly, looking around the tacky interior of the house, which was furnished with thrift-shop furniture.

"Oh... well," Mr. Bates replied evasively, appearing slightly nervous himself for some reason. "I think he's probably... out back. I mean, in one of the back rooms. Why don't you come along? We'll see if we can find him."

"What's his name?" Jondra asked as she followed Mr. Bates into the shadowy back rooms of the house.

"Joey," Mr. Bates replied.

He opened the door to what was apparently a back bedroom and beckoned Jondra inside. It was dim in the room and she had to squint to see anything, but shortly she caught sight of a young man sitting in a chair. He seemed to be a younger replica of Mr. Bates. Jondra judged him to be in his middle twenties. In another chair across from him sat another young man of about the same age, a gigantic hulk of a guy who looked like a tackle for a pro football team.

Nowhere did Jondra see the small child she had presumably been hired to take care of. She began to think something was fishy. What have I got myself into? she wondered.

"Well, where is he?" she asked Bates, trying to keep the shrill anxiety she felt out of her voice. She didn't want them to think she was alarmed when this was probably just some kind of harmless joke they were playing on her.

Bates pointed to the young man who looked like him. "That's Joey," he grinned.

Oh, my God! Jondra thought. Her heart sank. "And I'm Ed," said the one who looked like a tackle.

"If this is some kind of joke, I don't think it's very funny," Jondra said through her teeth.

For the first time she realized how totally foolish she had been. She was completely at their mercy. No one knew she was here. If they decided to try anything, she would have nothing to rely on but her own wits to help her escape.

"Oh, this is no joke," the one called Joey said, standing up and approaching her.

He, too, was coarse and brutal looking, like his apparent father, with a thick, muscular body and black wiry hair spurting out of him everywhere. Now Jondra didn't mind admitting to herself that both of them were totally repulsive. She felt like recoiling from him as he walked toward her, but she was already only two or three steps from the door. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Mr. Bates blocking her exit.

"What... what's this all about then?" she murmured nervously.

Joey reached out and stroked her cheek with his rough, calloused hand. "We want to have a party." He grinned.

"I didn't come here for a party. I came here to babysit," Jondra said firmly.

"Ha, ha, I know," Joey laughed. "I'm the one you're going to babysit. And I want to have a party. Anyway, you're such a pretty babysitter."

His hand dropped from her cheek down to her neck. He got his fingers under her collar and stroked the warm skin of her neck and throat. Jondra was terrified. She tried not to show her fear, thinking any display of fear might excite them further. Behind Joey she could see the giant one, Ed, getting out of his chair, too, and coming toward them. Oh, my God, what are they going to do to me! she thought.

But she knew perfectly well what they had in mind, Joey wasn't subtle about it. He was already unbuttoning her blouse.

"God, you can't do this to me," Jondra whimpered. "It's against the law. I don't want you to. It's not fair."

"Nobody said it was fair," said Bates.

She could feel him right in back of her. When Joey got her blouse completely unbuttoned, Bates slipped it off her shoulders from behind. He tossed it into a corner of the room.

"God damn, you're beautiful, Jondra!" Joey said.

Ed reached out one giant hand and squeezed one of her tits roughly through her bra. "Hell, she's got big tits, don't she?" He grinned.

Jondra could feel Bates' fingers fiddling with her bra clasp. God, I can't believe this is really happening! she thought, feeling the panic rise in her throat.

"Please!" She began to cry. "Please don't do this to me!"

"Aw, don't cry, little Jondra," Joey said. He brushed away her tears with his rough fingers. "We only want to have a party. We want you to have fun too."

"But I don't want to do this!"

"Oh, you will. You will. Won't she, Ed?" Ed had a look of slavering idiocy on his face. His gaze was glued to her black lace bra, which Bates had finally succeeded in getting unclasped. Jondra locked her arms over her tits before they could pull the straps down her arms.

[Missing text] his tongue, then sucked her nipple, gently at first, then more urgently. Appalled as she was by what she knew was about to happen to her, Jondra couldn't deny -- to herself, at least -- the sweet sensation in her tit, the way her nipple flared and pulsed between his lips.

I hate you for making me feel like that! she thought, trying not to sigh out loud with pleasure. I hate you, you dirty son of a bitch!

But the sensation did make the familiar weakness come into her knees. A pulse of lust even fluttered in her moistening cunt. Oh, God, I can't give them such a cheap victory. I can't give in to them! she thought. I have to control my body totally.

It will not feel good, no matter what they do to me. It will not feel good!

But it did. Now Ed let her arms go and grabbed her other tit in his huge hands. He began to lick and suck her other nipple, squeezing the full flesh of her tit at the same time. Jondra hammered at the backs of their heads with her small fists, but nothing could make them stop. On top of that, she had never felt her nipples being sucked by two people at once, and the pleasure nearly drove her bananas.

"Oh, God, don't do this to me!" she gasped.

But they didn't stop, and she didn't want them to stop. She could feel Bates, the so-called "father", unzipping her jeans and tugging them down her thighs. But the hot pulsing sensations in her tits were enough to make her hardly mind. Oh, God, it feels so good! I can't let it feel good! I can't give in to them!

Now they were pulling her aver to a king-size bed in the corner of the room.

"No!" Jondra shouted, trying to wriggle free. "No! You can't do this to me! I'll scream!"

Bates scratched his head and laughed softly. "Why, go ahead and scream then," he said. "By God, you do have a good-looking body, Jondra."

"I'll scream," Jondra threatened again, going completely red in the face from anger and fear. "I'll holler bloody murder."

All three of them smiled. "Can't nobody hear you if you scream, Jondra," said Joey. "This place is soundproof. You might as well resign yourself to enjoying our little party. Maybe you'd like something to drink first. Or to smoke? Shit, we got anything you want here."

Jondra shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes. My God, they're going to go through with it. There's no way I can get out of it. Ed had never stopped sucking and mouth-mauling her left tit. Joey still held her tit between his coarse paws, squeezing her nipple. Now Bates was puffing her gauzy panties down her legs.

"Please, don't hurt me!" Jondra whimpered as they pushed her onto the bed. "Please! Please don't hurt me!"

"As long as you don't struggle, you won't get hurt," Bates said calmly, unbuckling his pants.

Jondra was completely naked now. She lay cowering on the bed, one hand over her cunt, one arm crossed over her tits, watching the three of them undress. She began to shiver and wanted to vomit from fear.

They all had hairy, burly bodies, thick with packs of muscle. And -- most alarming -- each one had a salami cock. My God! Jondra thought, putting one fist to her mouth. Oh, my God, no! You can't be serious! You're not going to stick those things in me, are you? Oh, God, no, no!

Bates' cock was the biggest, but only because it was about two inches longer than the other two. All three of them were unbelievably fat monsters, swelling and twitching as they filled with blood and sprang erect. They were unlike any pricks she had ever seen. No wonder they have to kidnap girls in order to get someone to fuck with them, she thought.

She began to cry again, gulping for air and shivering as she realized what was on the agenda. Apparently her weeping made Joey, at least, take pity on her. He lay down next to her on the bed, his massive, thundering prick pressing against her naked thigh.

"Aw, now don't cry, little Jondra," he said gently.

"But you're going to hurt me," she whimpered.

"No, we ain't going to hurt you," he said. He brushed the tears off her cheek. "We're going to love you."

"Great," Jondra said. It was all she could do to keep from becoming hysterical.

Now the giant one, Ed, lay down behind her on the mattress. She was between the two of them, with Bates standing over her head, his monstrous cock bobbing near her face.

"Oh, no, oh, no! Please don't do this to me!" Jondra begged as Joey began to pull her thighs apart. "Please!"

But there was nothing she could do to stop them.

"Just don't struggle and you won't get hurt Jondra," Bates said.

She looked up into his grinning face just as the head of Joey's cock slipped between her pussylips. She bit her lower lip as his prick slid into her. His cock felt like a tree trunk.

"Unngghhhh!" she groaned, her eyes rolling up in their sockets.

"See, you like that, don't you?" Joey said, gasping.

Jondra had been told how tight her pussy was, and now that it was crammed to the splitting point by this monster, she imagined that she must be giving him a pretty tight-squeeze. He gave her a few short quick jabs with his prick, as if to let her know who was boss.

"Ungh! Oh! Unh!" Jondra gasped as the huge prick pierced her.

She couldn't deny that there was very intense pleasure in what he was doing to her. She wouldn't let him know that, though. She was even ashamed of herself for feeling pleasure. But she couldn't help herself. God, it feels so good! It kind of hurts and it kind of feels, wonderful at the same time! she thought.

"Ungh! Awwonnnggg!" she moaned again as Joey held her hips in his strong hands and jammed her throbbing pussy down on his up thrusting pike of a cock.

Oh, God, I don't think I can stand too much of this she thought. The intermingled sensations of pleasure and pain were almost overpowering. But if this was all there would be, she felt she would probably survive.

Only when she felt Ed begin to nestle his fat gigantic stiff cock into the crack of her ass did she begin to panic. Oh, no!

"Oh, no!" she cried. "Please, no! Please don't do that!"

"Now just you told still, little Jondra," Joey said, kissing her bare neck and shoulder, squeezing her tits in his huge meaty fists.

He continued to push his cock into her, but at the same time he reached behind her and held her asscheeks open so that Ed could swab her asshole with some kind of gooey cream. Jondra began to shiver uncontrollaby. Tears poured down her cheeks.

"Please don't do this to me!"

"Aw, you'll love it, darling," Joey said.

"It'll kill me!"

"Naw. No it won't."

"It'll split in to pieces. I can't take both of them. They'll split me to pieces!"

"Betcha it don't." Joey winked at her before dropping his mouth again to her tits.

He sucked her nipples and fucked her cunt at the same time. Jondra almost forgot about Ed until she suddenly felt the unmistakeable sensation of his massive cock pushing against the small pinched shut ring of her asshole. She gritted her teeth, trying to be brave since there was no escape.

Ed pried her asshole open with his thumbs. Then, suddenly, pain flashed through her as he inched his huge cock into her ass.

"Ugmph!" she gulped. "Annggiieee!"

Relentlessly he pushed his prick into her, impaling, her asshole on his gigantic cock. Jondra gurgled and thrashed about between them, imprisoned by their two crushing bodies. Her cunt and her ass were both crammed with their immense pricks. The pain in her asshole quickly gave way to unbelievably intense sensations as both of them began to fuck her at the same time.

"Ohhhhnnnnn... oh, God!" she panted, writhing uncontrollably.

It began to feel good to her. She was amazed. Was she so totally depraved that something so horrible and disgusting could give her pleasure? I can't let them know it, she thought. She was still afraid that if they got rough they might rip her to pieces. Her whole body felt engorged with cock.

Ed's arms encircled her from behind and he held the creamy melons of her tits in his huge hands, squeezing them sharply, while Joey continued to suck her aching nipples. All in all, the whole thing made Jondra boil with lust. I can't let them see it, I can't! she swore to herself. She tried not to writhe and twist as they fucked their gigantic cocks in and out of her body, but the pleasure soon grew so intense that she couldn't keep still.

"Ohhnnnnn!" she moaned.

"See there, you do like it, Jondra," Joey murmured.

"No! Aannggghhhh!" she groaned as Ed's massive prick pierced her tight clenching asshole.

Their hands and mouths on her body made her wild. And their hot stiff cocks stuffing her ass and pussy fucked in and out of her with sharp, urgent lust. Make it be over with! she thought. Oh, make it be over with! And yet she didn't want the fuck to be over. A hot, burbling honeyfire ran crazily through her blood and her writhing body. She wondered if a more intense sexual pleasure than this one even existed.

The two men fucked her twisting body relentlessly, and now Bates dangled his gargantuan cock in her face.

"Suck it, honey," he said, grinning down at Jondra.

She looked up at him, almost unable to believe what he was saying. Looked me! she wanted to scream at him. Isn't it enough that your son and this other creep are both fucking the skit out of me? Do you have to make it worse?

But just as she was about to spit out something insulting at him, the two men who were fucking her gave her a sharp thrust in unison. Jondra's body erupted in sharp unexpected tremors that nearly made her black out with pleasure.

"Aanngghhhh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped, feeling the approach of a quick unanticipated orgasm. It throttled her sharply. Her cunt exploded in hot spasms. "Ungghhh iieeee!" she wailed.

"Oh, Jondra, baby!" Joey exclaimed, his eyes widening as she thrashed through her climax. "Atta girl! Yeah, atta girl!"

He held her squirming hips and began fucking her more rapidly. This only made Jondra's orgasm more intense. Again her climax swept over her twisting body, drenching her with pleasure.

She was still shivering through the aftershocks of it when she felt Bates slipping his monster cock into her mouth. Oh, no! Oh, no! she wanted to cry out, but it was too late. His horrible gigantic prick began to grow and twitch and thump between her lips.

"Suck it, honey," Bates murmured again. "Go on, suck it."

Jondra was so far gone in sexual pleasure by this time that she could do nothing but give in. Her body pulsed and throbbed with the skimming palpitations of the orgasms she had just felt and the ones that were still coming. She swirled her tongue around Bates' giant prick, hearing him gasp as she sucked him passionately.

You want it sucked, you old, lying, vicious bastard she thought. Boy, will you ever get your prick sucked! She grabbed his cock, which seemed as thick and long as a log, and began to pump vigorously with both hands while sucking sharply.

But she couldn't keep it up for long. The three of them had no desire far Jondra to play any other role than victim. Both Ed and Joey began to fuck her with such brutal strength that she nearly swooned from the feel of the massive pricks skewering her ass and pussy. Again and again the huge cocks ripped up into her, making her gag with lust and pleasure-pain. Her whole body ran with fire. Their hands were all over her, twisting and pinching her tits and nipples, digging into her ass. And Bates grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth roughly.

"Suck it, bitch, suck it!" he grunted, filling her mouth with the fat stalk of his giant cock.

"Womph! Wommmph!" Jondra gulped, trying to breathe. She even chomped on his steel-hard prick, which only seemed to incite him further.

His cock rammed against the back of her throat, making her gag. He held her head between his hands and fucked her mouth mercilessly. At the same time, Ed, behind her, apparently began to reach the height of his sexual excitement because he began to rape her ass with his huge killing prick, nearly lifting her whole body off the bed with each murderous thrust.

"Owwnnnggghh!" Jondra howled, her entire body sprayed with hot arrows of pain. "Ungh! God, you're hurting meeee! Owwnngghh!"

But none of them paid any attention to her. And truthfully, it was hard for her to tell the difference between pleasure and pain. They almost seemed to be one and the same thing. Joey was fucking her roughly now too. His huge cock and Ed's together ravaged her crotch, piercing her ass and pussy, sparking alive new, abrupt climaxes that she did not even know were coming.

"Aanngghhieeeee!" she shrieked as a fresh orgasm tore her apart. "Oh! Oh! Oh, God! Anngghhhiieeee!"

She had never experienced anything like this in her life. It was an atom bomb of an orgasm, splitting and hammering her poor pulsing body with horribly intense pleasure. Oh, God, I'll never survive this, she thought, gasping and panting, writhing between the brutal men who were fucking her so energetically.

But she did survive, and she wanted more. Now she was past caring if they knew or not. She asked the huge cock in her mouth and ground her pelvis down into the up-jerking pricks that filled her ass and cunt, gasping with hot delight each time they penetrated to the depths of her quivering body.

"Ungh! Oh, yes! God, fuck me!" she panted. "Womph!" She nearly choked on Bates' massive prick.

She couldn't get enough. She knew that hardly anything more could be done to her wriggling naked body than was already being done. And yet she wanted more.

"More!" she gasped. "Fuck me more! Fuck me harder! Please! Do it to me hard! Angghhh! Oh, yes! Harder! Ungh!"

The three men responded by really letting her have the full force of their lust. Their huge pricks plunged into her savagely, leaving Jondra whimpering and gagging, gasping for breath, coming in hot sharp flashes. She knew all of them were close to shooting off themselves because of the brutal tension she could feel in their strong bodies as they manhandled her.

The first to pop was Bates. His cock seemed to swell to the size of a cannon barrel in her mouth. He rammed his prick viciously against the back of her throat, grunting with low animalistic passion. Fearing he would tear her head off, Jondra let her neck go limp and he rotated her clinging mouth on his raging cock, fucking her fiercely. Jondra gasped desperately for breath, suddenly feeling her mouth fill with warm jets of cum as Bates' cock spouted.

"Ommmm!" Jondra cried, gulping cum down, hoping not to drown in it. She thought jism would never stop jumping out of his cock. She gulped and gulped, meanwhile feeling the other two begin to pin her squirming, impaled groin between them as they hovered on the verge pf their own explosions.

Bates cock slipped out of her slack, gasping mouth, dripping his cum down her cheek and chin. But Jondra didn't care because of what else was happening to her. The hammering in her own cunt and ass had finally produced an orgasm that felt like it was going to kill her before it was finished. Her climax tore and raked and clawed at her writhing body, just as Joey and Ed both began to spurt into her.

"Aaaannnnuugghhh!" she grunted. "Aaiiieeeee! Oh! Aiiieeeeee!"

The two men pinning her between them growled and groaned, fucking their pricks into the poor shuddering girl with savage abandon. Through the hot pulsing fury of her own climax Jondra could feel the warm, spurting rockets of their jism shooting into her, jumping into her ravaged asshole, flying up into her plundered pussy.

"Oh, God! Yesssssss!" she hissed, still jamming her groin down into the up-piercing pricks. "God, don't stop, don't stop!"

Her own orgasm seemed to go on and on, squeezing her like a giant fist, making pleasure pour and ripple throughout her throbbing veins. God, there's never been anything like this! Never, never! Don't stop. Oh, please, don't stop!

But finally there had to be a stop. All three of the monster cocks that had started out giving her such torment and ended up giving her incredible pleasure began to deflate, having spurted away their power, at least for the moment. She wiped the cum off her face with one hand, feeling Ed's prick pop out of her pinching asshole and Joey's slide from her wet and still-tingling pussy.

"Jondra, honey, I do believe you really got into it there." Joey chuckled.

"Sure did, didn't she?" Ed chuckled too.

Jondra blushed, feeling the heat of her shame suffuse her entire naked body. "I... couldn't help myself," she murmured.

"Oh, you don't have to be embarrassed, honey," Joey said, caressing her face with a gentleness she hadn't known he possessed. "It'll just make the rest of our party more exciting, that's all."

"The rest?"

"You don't think we're going to stop with just one little bout, do you?"

"One little bout? Is that what you call what we just did?"

She felt as if her body, especially her ravaged cunt and asshole, would never be the same. On the other hand, the thought of fucking again aroused her so quickly that she was almost appalled at her new-found willingness.

The three men turned her onto her back and began massaging and kissing her naked flesh all over. Both Joey and Ed grabbed her tits again and began sucking. Jondra began to swoon. She could see Bates crawling between her spread thighs, his cock erect and throbbing again.

"We all want to get our share of you, honey," Joey said, slurping her nipple hungrily. "Surely you don't mind, do you?"

"Mind, why should I mind?" she said half-hysterically, moaning and clenching her teeth as Bates' long fat cock slid into her. "Anngghhhh!" Quickly they had her legs high in the air, as Andrews had done, and Bates' huge prick was hammering her poor, wounded pussy like a pile driver. But Jondra soon regained her earlier level of arousal too. She began to go off like a string of firecrackers. Orgasms of killing intensity poured over her like the waves on a beach.

When Bates was finished fucking her the other two took their turns, fucking her plundered little furrow with their huge pricks until Jondra was just a whimpering mass of meat. And not only were they demanding, they were tireless too. They let her rest for an hour or so, but then dry were back at it, fucking her everywhere -- in the ass again, in the cunt, in the mouth.

It went on all night. By the time morning arrived, Jondra knew that there would never be another night like this in her life. And yet, when they finally let her bathe and dress, she bizarrely found herself feeling close to them, to all three. She didn't necessarily like the way they had fucked her, but she realized that she would never in her life be fucked like that again. It was something to think about.

"I want you to know," she id to them as she stood at the door, "that I've never been to a party as good as this one in my life."

She winked and kissed each of them on the cheek. Then, feeling a blast of wantonness, she reached down and squeezed each of their long thick cocks through their pants.

"And I want to make sure that if you ever throw another one like this you be sure to invite me. Okay?"

"Jondra, honey, you're at the top of the list," Joey assured her.

Bates took her home, but Jondra made him stop and park behind some bushes in the park on the way. She bent down and unzipped his fly, taking out his huge prick for one last time. I can't help it, she thought. It was so good, and I thought it was going to be so bad. I want just one last shot at it.

She sucked Bates' cock with all her skill, taking his prick out of her mouth at the last second and letting the warm creamy jets of his cum squirt all over her face and extended tongue. "Oh, God, yessssss!" she said, licking jism off her cheek.

"Jondra, baby, you're something else," Bates said with admiration.

"So are you!" she gasped. "Oh, so are you. Well, you can take me home now, Mr. Bates."

Chapter FIVE

Even though the babysitter business had turned out to be more than she had initially bargained for, Jondra couldn't say that she was disappointed. Though it took a few days for the soreness to go away from her ravaged ass and pussy, she was soon ready for whatever her next adventure might bring. Just make it a little more gentle this time, she thought. Wild as it was, I don't know if I can take too much of the gangbanging and assfucking. That's okay once in a while, but it's too punishing to do it very often.

Still, the memory of those two giant cocks filling her cunt and ass, and of the brutal fucking she had received from them, sent shivers up and down her spine. God, there was nothing like it in the world! She could still recall the incredible violence of the orgasms Ed and they had given her. She hoped that the memory of it all would not be so magnetic that she wouldn't be able to stay away from them.

By the end of the week she received a call from Bryce Clark, which made her forget momentarily about the hot doings at the Bates house. The memory of what she had done with Bryce was enough to make her cunt flow with pussy juice.

"We wondered if you were free on Friday night to sit with the kids again," Bryce said stiffly.

"Oh, why, of course, Mr. Clark!" Jondra said, trying not to sound too eager.

She remembered that only two weeks ago she had called him at work to beg him to fuck her that evening. Now she was very polite and well-mannered.

"Fine, then I'll pick you up about seven," Clark said.

"That will be line. See you then."

Just the sound of his voice made Jondra so excited sexually that she had to go into the bathroom and relieve herself, massaging her wet tingling clit so rapidly that the sharp spasms of her climax flooded her immediately. My, my, I sure have got to be a quick corner after all these experiences of the past few weeks, she thought. She smiled to herself, thinking that the more orgasms she was capable of having, the better. That way she was sure of getting more out of life.

I just want to have as many climaxes as I can she thought. Hundreds, thousands. Millions! I want to come and come. I want to be fucked and fucked. Aid especially by you, Mr. Clark, she thought on Friday night when he picked her up.

"Well," Bryce chuckled, seeming oddly nervous. "Long time, no see."

"It has been about two weeks," Jondra pouted.

"I thought you were going to call me."

Brazenly she put her hand in his crotch, squeezing his large, thick cock through his pants. Bryce winced with pleasure.

"To be truthful, I couldn't stop thinking about you," Clark said.

"Then why didn't you call me?" Jondra squeezed his prick again playfully.

"I just couldn't arrange it. Until now, that is."

"Great," Jondra pounted again. "I have to wait until you guys get back home from wherever you're going. Then we have to do another short quickie while you're taking me home. I wanted us to have the chance to really relax and you know..."

"I know." Bryce Clark grinned. "Maybe we can arrange something."

"What?" Jondra perked up. "Do you mean your wife isn't home?"

"Oh... she's home all right."

"Well then, how can we arrange something?" Clark grinned and didn't answer. Jondra wondered why he was being so evasive. But just the thought of him fucking her again was enough to make her forget his bad behavior. Only the fact that their fuck was still hours away made her glum.

When they went inside Clark's house, however, neither the children nor Mrs. Clark were anywhere in sight. Jondra looked around, wondering what was up.

"Where are the kids?" she asked.

Clark winked slyly at her. "They're staying the night with their grandmother."

"Oh, Mr. Clark," she sighed as he quickly put his arms around her and began kissing her hungrily.

"God, Jondra, you can't imagine how much I've wanted you," he groaned, filling his hands with the firm globes of her ass.

"I've wanted you too," she whispered. "But all you had to do was call me. I told you before, you can do anything to me."

And he was already doing it, before she had even reminded him that it was okay. He had her sweater up over her head in a jiffy. His hands were all over her creamy skin, his fingers fiddling urgently at the clasp of her bra. Jondra helped him with it. She felt her knee-joints fill with jelly as his mouth explored her naked young tits. He cupped them and squeezed them with his hands, licking her nipples until she thought they would explode with the need to be sucked.

"Suck me," she whispered to him, stroking his head. "Suck me."

And when he did, she thought she might have an orgasm on the spot. Whereas Joey and Ed had ravaged her poor tits like sex maniacs, Clark sucked her large flaring nipples with gentle skin that had her gasping and shaking with lust in seconds.

"I thought you said your wife was home," she murmured to him, though unwilling to have him stop what he was doing for anything.

"Oh, don't think anything about that," he said mysteriously, pulling her down the hallway and into the master bedroom.

He had her down on the bed on her back and had his mouth all over her tits again before she could press the matter further. And his lips on her nipples made uncontrollable whimpers come from deep in her throat.

"God, it feels so good, Mr. Clark!" she moaned.

"Your tits are so beautiful, Jondra," he panted, slurping and sucking her nipples more passionately.

Jondra's hips began to churn involuntarily. She unzipped her pants and wriggled out of them with Clark's help. He got out of his own clothes quickly while she skimmed her panties down her tawny thighs and kicked off her shoes. In the back of her mind, she still wondered where Mrs. Clark was, but the sight of his big, throbbing cock coming into view was enough to chase all questions from her mind. Clark squatted over her head and dangled his huge prick in her face, brushing her lips with his swollen, bobbing cockhead. Jondra willingly opened her mouth and took his prick inside, encircling the thick stalk with her fingers. She caressed his cock delicately, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head and looking up at his face from beneath her eyelids. Was he enjoying it?

Clark grimaced with pleasure. He clenched his teeth as his cock grew stiff between her clinging lips. Gently he fucked his cock in and out of her wet mouth. Jondra gave herself up completely to sucking him in the most skillful way possible. She wanted him to enjoy the blow job so much that the next time she asked to see him he would be unable to refuse.

She was concentrating on his wet twitching prick so much that she didn't notice what was happening to her. Suddenly she realized that someone was eating her pussy! A long searching tongue slithered up into her moist cunt, tongue-fucking her rapidly with hot, short strokes.

"Unnbhhh!" Jondra gasped. "Oh! Unhh! What. What's happening?"

She let Bryce's prick slip out of her mouth and craned her neck to look around his muscular thighs. She couldn't believe her eyes! It was Mrs. Clark! The tongue Jondra felt insinuating its way into her wet, achy pussy was Mrs. Clark's tongue! The surprise and shock was enough to momentarily overshadow the pleasure the tongue-fucking gave her.

"Oh! Oh, what are you doing to me?" Jondra shrieked, squirming away from both of them.

The bed was king-size, and she scooted into one corner. But she couldn't really get very far away from them. She saw that Mrs. Clark was wearing only her black lacy bra and panties and had a stunning figure. Her tits were larger than Jondra's, high and firm, and her ass was round and pert. She had a look in her eyes that Jondra had never seen in a woman before. God, she wants me! Jondra suddenly realized.

"Now, Jondra..." Bryce said, trying to soothe her.

He started across the bed on his knees toward her, his stiff cock jerking and bobbing.

"You stay away from me!" Jondra shouted. "You didn't tell me it was going to be like this." She glowered at Mrs. Clark. "I'm not that way. I'm not a lesbian!"

"Nobody ever suggested you were, Jondra," Mrs. Clark purred, letting her dark, smoky eyes caress Jondra's naked body. "I'm not one either."

"Then why were you doing what you... were doing to me?"

Mrs. Clark got up from where she had been crouching beside the bed when she had been eating Jondra's cunt. Slowly she came around the bed to the side where Jondra was cowering in the corner.

"Don't you come any closer to me, Mrs. Clark," Jondra warned. "I'm not that way. I don't like doing that."

Mit. Clark smiled warmly. "Why don't you call me Anne," she said softly.

She sat down on the bed about a foot away from Jondra. Slowly, very tantalizingly, she reached both arms behind her back and unfastened the clasp of her black lace bra. The full round globes of her tits suddenly spilled free, her large coral nipples swollen and pointy. Jondra stared at Mrs. Clark's tits. She wondered why she had never felt this sensation before when looking at another woman's tits. God, I want to touch them! She thought. I want to touch them and squeeze them and lick them and suck them!

Anne Clark could see in Jondra's eyes what she wanted to do. She inched closer to Jondra on the edge of the mattress. Bryce moved closer to her too.

"You've got me so confused!" Jondra suddenly whimpered. "I mean, I've never done anything like this before."

"You want to know the truth?" Anne Clark whispered, inching closer still, now so close that she could reach out and touch Jondra easily. "We've never done anything like this either."

"Really?" Jondra asked.

"Really." Anne reached out and touched Jondra's naked left tit with her fingers. "It's just that you're so beautiful, Jondra, that we couldn't help both wanting you."

"Both of you?"

Jondra had become so pliant and submissive under the hypnotic throb of their desire that she could hardly resist when she felt Anne Clark begin to embrace her. Anne's lips on her neck and shoulders nearly made her swoon with pleasure.

"Oh, God, but this is so wrong, Mrs. Clark," she whimpered.

"Call me Anne, please."

Now she felt Bryce behind her, his hot twitching cock pressing against the bare flesh of her back. She was pinned between them and couldn't help remembering how she had been pinned between Ed and Joey in the same way a few days ago. But this time it was totally different.

Bryce and Anne Clark were not rough and brutal with her, but amazingly tender and gentle. Anne explored Jondra's quivering body with her mouth and hands, finding hidden nerves that made Jondra's flesh leap with unexpected fire. Her lips were on Jondra's tingling nipples. For the first time, ever, Jondra felt like she might be able to come just from having her tits sucked. She gasped and writhed under Anne's wet, searching lips.

"Ohhnnnnn... God, it feels good!" she moaned.

Anne kissed her mouth, embracing her and writhing against her. Jondra parted her lips and let the other woman's tongue slide into her mouth. Anne's full warm tits mashed against hers, their excited nipples rubbing together. Jondra couldn't hap herself. She entwined her legs around the other woman's hips, clinging to Anne with hot passion.

"Oh, God, yes, yes!" she panted as Anne's fingers found her runny silt.

She herself began kissing Anne too. She kissed the woman's smooth creamy shoulders, and her long neck. Her hands found Anne's large full tits and she dug her fingers into the resilient flesh.

"Ummnxmm! I love it when you do that," she murmured into Jondra's ear. "Don't you want to suck me too?"

Jondra did want to. More than anything in the world! And yet it was so wrong! She had never wanted to do anything like that before in her life, but nothing could keep her from doing it now. Anne slipped two fingers into Jondra's pussy and began fingerfucking her gently, kissing her ear and her cheek at the same time.

"Aahhnnnnn!" Jondra moaned, sliding her mouth down Anne's chest to her tits.

She lifted one tit with her hand and flicked the large swollen nipple with her tongue.

"Unhhhh!" Anne sighed.

Jondra sucked the whole big nipple into her mouth, still stroking it wildly with her tongue. She could almost feel Anne's body come alive under her moving lips.

"Oh, yes, baby, yes!" Anne panted, pushing her tit into Jondra's mouth and beginning to fuck Jondra faster with her hand at the same time.

In the back of her mind, Jondra found herself wondering where Bryce Clark was and what he was doing during all this. At one point she glanced to the side and saw him sitting beside them, watching with hypnotized lust, his big cock still erect and jumping. But the sweet sensations of making love with Anne Clark were so surprisingly intense that Jondra was swept away completely by them. Nothing else could grab her attention for long but Anne's sweet body and her voluptuous, writhing flesh.

She sucked both of Anne's tits until the woman was gasping with feverish delight, her thick nipples stiff and rubbery.

"God, I want to eat you too," Jondra whispered. "How can this be happening? I'm not like this."

Oh, I'm not either, sweet Jondra's Anne murmured, panting with sexual arousal. "But I want to eat you too. How does this feel?"

She got three fingers into Jondra tight little cunt and fucked Jondra rapidly with them.

"Unh! Until... Unh!" Jondra grunted softly, bucking her hips into the thrusting hand. "God, fuck me, Anne! I feels so good!"

"Don't you want me to eat you and make you come?"

"Yes! But I want to eat you too."

"Mmmmmm," Anne purred.

They shifted around on the bed so that they were head to foot. Jondra lay on her back, staring up into the long, gaping, wet seam of Anne Clark's open pussy. It was an unusual experience for her. She had never seen a cunt this close before, had never wanted to. But the heady odor and the glistening pink folds of Anne's warm, wet pussy furrow overwhelmed her with lust. She extended her tongue and slid it up into Anne's buttery cunt.

"Aanngghhhh!" Anne groaned her hips jerking in quick, uncontrollable spasms as the pleasure sped through her. "Oh, yes! Angghh!"

Jondra filled her hands with the smooth creamy moons of Anne's ass, pulling the woman's juicy cunt slit down into her face. Oh, let me eat you and suck you! she thought wildly, feeling Anne's body shudder with hot sexual pleasure as she fucked her tongue rapidly in and out of Anne's steamy pussy. Let me tongue-fuck you and drive you crazy!

"Oh! Oh! Ohhnnnnnnggbhh!" Jondra suddenly cried, feeling her own slit invaded by Anne's mouth. "Oh, God!"

Anne ate Jondra's tingling pussy with passionate hunger. She may never have done this before, Jondra thought, but she sure knows exactly what to do. Jondra was quivering with helpless pleasure in seconds. She burrowed with her working lips inside Jondra slippery cuntlips, fucking deeply with her darting tongue.

"Anngghh! Oh!" Jondra gasped, writhing wildly, licking at Anne's gyrating cunt but unable to give Anne's pussy the same attention her own was receiving.

Finally she gave up trying to eat Anne at the same time. She was being ravished by the other woman, tongue-raped, mouth-fucked for all she was worth. Anne's warm voluptuous body coiled and undulated around hers. She could feel Anne's tits mashed against her soft belly, the stiff nipples alive against her skin. Anne's fingers bit into the flesh of her ass and her thighs.

Jondra bucked her hips in soft fuck-motions, helplessly moaning as her pleasure mounted. She tossed her head and arched her back, feeling hot spasms begin deep in her cunt as Anne began to tickle her sensitive clit.

"Oh... oh, God, Anne! Yes! God, fuck me! Eat me!" she groaned.

Through her fluttering eyelids she could still glimpse Bryce sitting beside their writhing bodies, watching with rapt attention. But right now she didn't care who was watching her. Anne's tongue coiled around her throbbing clit, then lashed and tickled until Jondra was suddenly thrashing and sobbing through a climax that had caught her by surprise. Her orgasm sneaked up on her and pummeled her body with pleasure.

"Ungh! Oh! Oh, yes! Unimggbhiieeeee! Oh! Oh! Unngghhiieeee!" She screamed as the spasms of her orgasms wrenched her.

She pitched her cunt up into Anne's fucking mouth, holding Anne's thighs and straining her entire naked body into the body of the woman who was still gobbling her creaming pussy as if she never wanted to quit.

But even as the pleasure poured through her, she began to feel bad that she had been the only one to come. Again she gabbed the smooth globes of Anne's round ass and pulled the woman's wet, pink pussy down to her mouth.

"Aanngghhh!" Anne choked again as she felt Jondra's tongue penetrate her pussy slit.

Oh, God, honey, I'm going to give you back everything you gave me! Jondra thought, surprised that in her mind she could call Mrs. Clark "honey". But it's because of all this great fucking, she thought. How could I call her Mrs. Clark after this?

But as she gobbled and slurped Anne's runny pink cuntlips, everything else became irrelevant. Jondra had never done this either, but she knew what she liked to feel when someone ate her. And her technique must have been good because Anne began to whimper and grind her pussy down into Jondra's fucking lips almost immediately.

"Oh! Ahhhnnn... oh... yessss!" she hissed, arching her back, rubbing her firm tits against Jondra's flat belly, a sensation that excited Jondra more than ever.

But being on the bottom made it harder for Jondra. Her neck was getting sore from leaning upward. So she grabbed Anne's quaking hips and turned the woman aver onto her back. Now she could squat between Anne's yawning thighs. She licked Anne's splayed, wet pussy from top to bottom, even tickling the pinched-shut ring of her ass-hole a little with her tongue.

"Oh! Aieee!" Anne squealed.

The sight of her lovely, naked body undulating on the mattress aroused Jondra even further. "God, Mrs. Clark, you're so beautiful!" she slipped two fingers into Anne's cunt and began to fuck her with them while licking her taut clit. Anne began bucking and grinding her hips in quick fuckmotions.

"God, yes! Fuck me, Jondra, fuck me. Do it hard! Ohnnnn! Do it harder! Harder!"

Jondra did what Mrs. Clark asked. The woman's cunt was larger than her own, and Jondra found she could get three fingers in with ease. The sensation seemed to drive Anne crazy.

"Ohnnn! Unghl God... yessss!" she hissed, moaning and writhing wildly.

Jondra hand-fucked her rapidly, tormenting Anne's clit at the same time with her tongue. Anne seemed to go wild, flipping and thrashing around on the bed. She arched her back, her whole body straining. Jondra slipped a fourth finger in, then her thumb. Now her whole hand was plunging in and out of Anne's wet cunt.

"Ohhnnnnnnn!" Anne moaned. "Oh, God! Unghh! Angh... anghhh! Yes! God, yes!" she panted.

And suddenly Jondra felt Bryce behind her, his hands on her hits. She glanced back just in time to see him push his cock into her pussy from the rear.

"Ohhnnnn, Mr. Clark!" she gasped, clenching her teeth as the hot pleasure poured through her body.

His big prick slid in and out of her, making her nearly, black out with sudden delight. Momentarily she forgot that she was fucking Mrs. Clark, but the aroused woman wouldn't let her forget.

"Jondra, fuck me," Anne begged. "Please! Fuck me again, hard! Oh, yes, like that!"

Jondra sucked Mrs. Clark's clit between her lips and again thrust her hand into the woman's sopping wet pussy, fucking her fiercely. The sensations seemed to drive Anne Clark quickly crazy with pleasure.

"Ungh! God, yes!" she cried, gyrating her pussy onto Jondra's fucking hand. "Oh... it's never been as good as this! Unggh! Oh!"

Rut Jondra was so aroused and excited from the fucking she herself was getting that it was hard for her to concentrate on what she was doing. Bryce Clark's prick seemed as ions as a broom handle from the way his cock fucked in and out of his clinging pussy. She could feel the head of his prick probing deep in her belly, then gasped and held her breath as he slowly drew his long cock shaft nearly all the way out. His swollen cockhead nudged the warm buttery lips of her cunt before he quickly rammed his prick into her again, making her swoon with hot pleasure.

"Ooooohhnnnnn!" she moaned into Anne's glistening pussy. "Angghh! Oh! Ooooooohhhnnnn!"

"God, Jondra... honey, fuck me, oh, yes!" Anne panted wildly.

Again Jondra tongue-fucked Mrs. Clark's clit and hand-fucked the writhing woman for all she was worth. Suddenly the woman's lovely body grew as taut as a bow. She strained upward, arching her back off the bed, cawing deep in her chest. Her tits shook and jiggled as uncontrollable spasms began to shake her body. Jondra sucked her clit, hoping to make Anne's climax even better.

"Unngghhhhiieeee!" Anne Clark wailed, jerking wildly as the sharp bursts of her climax rocked her. "Ohhnnnn! Annngghhhiieeeeee!"

Jondra kept fucking and sucking her as repeated bombshells of coming seemed to rack her twisting flesh. Anne screamed and squealed, thrashing around on the sheets.

"Oh, God, yes! Oh, God, yes!" she whimpered, as the shocks of pleasure began to recede.

But nothing was over yet for Jondra. Now that his wife had come, Bryce gave his full attention to fucking the girl. His lust must have gotten the upper hand because he began to treat Jondra in a way she would never have expected. He pushed her down flat on top of Anne's supine body but pulled her hips upward with his hands so that her ass was uptilted to his thrusting cock.

Then he began to really pour it on filling her cunt slit with more hot plunging cock than she had felt in days. But now she was face to face with Anne Clark. Their warm tits mashed together, their lips so close.

"God, honey, you really fucked me good," Anne murmured, kissing Jondra, snaking her tongue between the girl's lips.

Jondra kissed her, trying to keep breathing under the rough fucking that Bryce was giving her from the rear. His long cock jabbed deep into her cunt, sending hot arrows of intense sexual pleasure through her veins. She kissed Anne's neck and shoulders, feeling the woman's hands crawl over the rest of her naked body.

Anne squeezed Jondra's ass, filling her hands with her smooth round asseheeks, tickling Jondra's asscrack with her fingers.

"You want me to do it," she whispered.

Jondra was delirious with sexual need and pleasure. Slit was past caring if they thought her a depraved sex friend. She just wanted more and more of what she was getting. She nodded to Anne, biting her lower lip.

"Mealy?" Anne prompted. "Yes," Jondra panted. "Beg me," Anne murmured throatily, mischief dancing in her eyes.

"Please," Jondra beged.

Anne's finger ran up and down the crack of her ass. "You don't sound like you really mean it," she taunted Jondra.

Jondra gnawed her bottom lip. She really did mean it. Can't you see that I want you both to do everything to me? She wanted to ask.

"I mean it," Jondra said softly. "Please do it."


"Fuck my ass," Jondra pleaded. "Pleas fuck my ass too. Fuck me all over. Fuck me everywhere."

She began to gyrate her ass back into Bryce's plunging prick just as Anne slid two fingers into her asshole.

"Mmmmnnneee!" she squealed with shocked pleasure, now penetrated in both fuck holes.

It was unbelievably pleasurable. God, I can't believe anything could feel so good! she thought wildly as the husband and wife began to fuck her. She was pinned between them, totally at their mercy. Anne's fingers toted in her flaming asshole and Bryce's long probing cock explored the depths of her tingling pussy. Jondra was nearly ready to gag with pleasure.

"Ohhhhnnnnnn!" she moaned, writhing against Anne's body. "Please suck me too!" she begged Anne. "God, I'll come like a shot!"

She propped herself up so that her tits dangled in Anne's face, swishing her aching nipples against the woman's lips. Anne sucked one of the swollen buds into her mouth.

"Ohhhnnnnnn! Suck it hard! Hard!" Jondra begged. "God, I'm going to... come, yes!"

Between them, Mr. and Mrs. Clark began to fuck her and shake her body violently. Jondra felt them squeezing and probing her quivering flesh everywhere. Anne's jabbing fingers tore in and out of her flaming ass, making her wince with sharp pleasure. Bryce's long prick fucked her pulsing pussy vigorously. His arms encircled her body from behind and he held her aching tits, pushing them into his wife's sucking lips.

Jondra writhed and panted, feeling a killer orgasm getting closer and closer. God, it's never been this good! she thought deliriously. Even with Joey and Ed fucking me to death, it's never been this good! Yes, yes! Keep it up!

"Oh... God!" she panted, helplessly twisting in their tight embrace. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" she panted as they shook her and fucked her violently again, as if they were going to shake the approaching climax out of her.

Jondra had never felt a sensation like this. The way they roughly shook and squeezed her body, fiercely fucking her cunt and ass at the same time, drove her absolutely crazy with lust. Now she was grunting and moaning deep in her throat like a wild animal. Anne's mouth nearly swallowed one of her throbbing nipples.

"Unnggghhbhhh!" Jondra suddenly panted and moaned. "Ohngg! Aannggghhiiieeee! Uummnimmeeeeee!" she squealed as the climax hit her like a razor-sharp knife. "Ummmmmmmmmgggggghiileeeeee!"

Her body flipped and struggled with spasm, totally out of control. Hot waves of unbearable pleasure pumped through her veins. Her nipples felt like they were going to explode in Anne Clark's mouth, and her cunt felt like Bryce had split her pussy open with his punishing cock. But the bliss that shot through her body was incredible.

"Umpgh!" she heard Bryce groan just as his cock squirted, jetting gobs of cum into her throbbing pussy.

"Oh, God. Yesssss!" Jondra moaned. "Fill me with it, fill me! Ummmmm!"

The hot pulsing waves of her own orgasm seemed to take forever to subside, and the Clarks continued to caress her, Anne licking her ravaged nipples, Bryce still stroking her gently with the long shaft of his still-erect cock.

Finally the three of them shared a cigarette while Bryce Clark brought in some wine glasses and a bottle of wine from the kitchen. It was only then that Jondra realized that what had taken place was only the beginning. No one had made a move to get dressed. Instead, while Bryce poured the wine, Anne was already caressing Jondra's body again.

"You're so beautiful, Jondra," she whispered huskily. "Too bad we never thought of this a long time ago."

"Mmmmm, it sure is, Mrs. Clark," Jondra replied, snuggling up to the older woman, cupping one of Anne's full tits in her hand and running her tongue all over the soft nipple, watching it grow erect with tiny bumps. "I never had an orgasm like that before," she whispered.

"Please call me Anne," Mrs. Clark said. "Ummmmm, that feels go good."

"Can we fuck again?" Jondra asked with mock innocence.

Bryce Clark gave her a glass of wine. He smiled and caressed her cheek as he leaned over her. "We thought a little all-night party would be fun," he said. "What do you think, Jondra?"

It was just what she wanted and expected to hear, and she couldn't keep from smiling. She reached out and patted his currently limp prick, thinking of the fresh pleasures his cock would be giving her.

"God, I think it's just exactly what I want most in the world," Jondra said, her body beginning to heat up quickly again as Anne's lips found the warm inner skin of her thighs and began to crawl upward.

Chapter SIX

Whenever she was alone, Jondra marveled over all the incredible pleasure she had received in the past month since she had gone into the babysitting business. Just the memory of having all those people fuck her was enough to turn her on all over again. She would sit in a chair in te livingroom, thinking about Bill Andrews, or Anne Clark, or even the brutal Joey, and all of a sudden she would realize that her cunt was wet and her tits warm and achy.

Some part of her wanted to rush out and fuck them all over again. All of them. She had never realized there was this much physical pleasure to have in the world.

On the other hand, it was nice to be alone once in a while too, without other sex-crazed people pawing and slobbering over her body, no matter how much fun that was. And so one weekend when her parents were going to be out of town, she declined all babysitting jobs and just stayed home by herself. When evening came, she poured herself a glass of wine and drew a hot bath.

While the water crashed into the tub she stood before the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She turned frontways, sideways, backways, admiring the full perky curve of her taut ass, the tapering of her narrow waist, and her firm, round tits, just the right size, the long pink nipples swollen and pointing. It was no wonder that so many people wanted her body.

Grinning with self-satisfaction, she ran her hands proudly over the smooth swell of her hips, down to the firm flesh of her tawny thighs. She dug her fingers into her ripe flesh, feeling a tiny wince of pleasure as the nerves of her legs responded. They all want to fuck me, she thought, letting a rich giggle emerge from deep in her throat.

Jondra pissed her feet wide apart, bending her knees slightly. She grabbed her mother's hand mirror off the shelf and slipped it between her spread thighs. On one side the mirror gave back a normal reflection, but the other side, the side she used, magnified everything enormously. With delight and fascination, she gazed down at the huge furryfringed gash of her own pink cunt.

God, I'm glad it's not this big in real life! She giggled to herself. Not with everybody liking my tight little pussy so much. The folds of her cunt slit were dewy and moist, but only half-blossomed, revealing only tantalizing hints of the glistening pink inner pussy. The small bud of her cunt was still half-hidden beneath its hood. Oh, I wish there was someone here to lick me! She thought.

She inserted one forefinger slowly between the slips of her cunt. Her pussy looked absolutely gigantic in the mirror. Slowly she parted her cuntlips, sliding her finger all the way into the warm greasy depths of her sensitive pussy channel until it was stopped by the last knuckle. Her knees trembled involuntarily. She rotated her finger, and with her thumb, rapidly rubbed her clit until it swelled and pulsed.

"Ohhhnnnn!" she gasped sharply.

It felt so good! It felt so good to be fingerfucking herself and watching at the same time. She shut her eyes, whimpering softly, then opened them again and gazed down once more at the sight. Her cunt was juicing and blossoming readily now. She could get two fingers fully into her pussy.

But her other hand shook so badly and her breath came so fast, that she could hardly hold her position or keep the hand mirror in place. Hastily, she placed it flat on the floor and squatted over it, digging softly in her flowing pussy with two hands now, shivering uncontrollably. She caught a glimpse of her own glazed eyes in the door mirror, and was surprised to see her long nipples tight and erect.

Oh, God, I think I'll do it! I think I'll do it, I'm going to do it!

"Ahhhnnn... anngghh..." she heard herself moan.

Her whole body flushed and melted with hot tremors. Oh, fuck me. Fuck and fuck me! she moaned to herself. Her mind reeled happily, urgently with the decision she had made to bring herself off, to make herself come right here, like this, where she could watch it all. If she could only keep her feverishly fluttering eyelids open. At first she didn't notice the water on the floor.

But suddenly her bare knees felt wet. It shocked her out of the giddy sexual delights that poured through her. Then the water poured over the mirror itself. Jondra gasped, turned her head, and saw water spilling rapidly over the edge of the tub.

"Oh, shit! Oh, God damn it!" she shouted, bearing her voice echo against the tile walls over the loud woosh of the spilling water.

Quickly she jumped to her feet and shut off the faucets, yanked up the plug. But it was already too late. The floor of the bathroom was submerged in water.

Gritting her teeth, her eyes filling briefly with angry tears at her own foolishness, Jondra snatched towels from every available rack and began mopping up the mess. She wrung out the wet towels over the emptying tub, then sopped up more water, so angry and busy at the task that at first she failed to hear the doorbell. Then, when it rang again and she finally heard it, she only grew angrier.

"God damn it!" she shrieked.

She flung the wet towels to the floor and headed for the front door, finding herself halfway down the hall before she noticed that she was still totally naked. She leaped back to the bathroom for her robe, slipped into it, then tried to control her fast breathing and her rage as she walked down the hall again to the door.

"Oh, it's only you," she sighed irritably, finding her brother Eric there when she opened it.

Ordinarily Eric would have made a quick joke to relieve her irritation. But the look on his face told Jondra that he felt even more down than she did at the moment.

"Only me," he said glumly. "Can I come in?"

"You can if you're good with a mop," she said, closing the door behind him.

But Eric was so distracted he didn't seem to hear her. He stalked into the livingroom, nervous, jumpy. "Where are mom and dad?"

"They went to Vegas for the weekend." His eyes was something Jondra had never seen before. "I think dad keeps a bottle of Scotch in the kitchen," she said. "I'm sure there's some wine."

Jondra pulled off her shower cap and shook her thick mane of blonde hair back over her shoulders, knowing now it would be a while until she got to her bath.

"I'll take the Scotch," her brother said. "What's the matter, Eric?" With him following her, she went into the kitchen and found their father's bottle of Scotch in the cupboard. She poured him a glass, which he grabbed and gulped thirstily.

"Carol," he growled. Carol was Eric's wife. "She's been fucking around with another guy. For nearly two months. But I only found out about it tonight."

"Oh, no." With instinctive sympathy for her brother, Jondra reached out a hand and stroked his forehead tenderly. "Oh, Eric, I'm sorry."

Eric gave a bleak shrug. He drained his glass and handed it back to her. Jondra refilled it.

"You shouldn't drink all of dad's liquor," she said.

"Aw, I'll get him another bottle tomorrow." Eric shrugged. "Aren't you going to have one with me, little sister? You don't want me to get drunk all alone, do you?" He gave her a forlorn wink, pretending toughness to mask his misery.

"I'm underage," Jondra said. "You know that. And I don't want you to get drunk at all."

But as she looked into his eyes and saw the pain there and thought of her own foolishness moments ago in the bathroom, she was very temped to join him, underage or not. She could drink at least one, just to help her forget about everything for a while. And to help him forget. She knew he would probably want to talk about what a bitch Carol was to do this to him. And Jondra wouldn't have any trouble agreeing with him there.

Long ago she had suspected that something like this would happen. Her female instincts had told her that Carol was a prick-happy little flirt who could never be happy with only one man at a time. Look who's talking, she thought, with a quick flush of shame. Maybe it takes one to know one.

But maybe it was time for her to play it straight with her brother. She would try not to say "I told you so," but it wouldn't hurt to listen, to give him some support. And it would get her mind off that embarrassing fiasco she had had in the bathroom.

"Come on," Eric joked again. "What kind of party is it with only one drunk?"

"You know I'm not used to drinking," she warned him. "But why not? If I fall asleep, you promise not to mind?"

"If you fall asleep, I'll just put you to bed and flake out on the sofa."

"You don't have to, do that," Jondra said. "You can sleep in morn and dad's bed since they're not home."

They took the bottle with them into the living room and sat down. Jondra sat on the sofa and Eric in one of the easy chairs. He began to tell her about Carol's fun and games, how she had not only been fucking around behind his back, but fucking one of his best friends.

Jondra listened dutifully, drinking along with him and nodding at the right moments. Even though she sipped the Scotch slowly, it still made her remarkably warm and tingly. No wonder people like this stuff, she thought, feeling a little giddy. As time wore on, she began to wish that her bathrobe was made out of some other fabric than satin, because it was so slippery.

It was hard enough to keep the skirt of it over her thighs and knees, but even worse was the constantly loosening sash. Whenever she moved, it loosened more. Her firm, up thrusting tits pushed against the front part of her robe until the lapels were gaping wider and wider, revealing more and more of the smooth upper slopes of her tits.

Her feelings were complicated even more by the delicious sensation of the cool slippery satin against her warm, tingling skin. It rasped softly across her sensitive nipples, rustling smoothly against the skin of her inner thighs when she modestly tucked it there. She contemplated making an excuse and getting up to change, but it felt so good and she was so warm and giddy from the Scotch, that she really couldn't decide. In front of her own brother, she felt very modest, but at the same time remarkably relaxed. He was so obsessed by his wife's betrayal of him that he hardly paid Jondra the slightest attention.

After a while, as Eric droned on and on about Carol's infidelities, Jondra really didn't hear him any more. The unfamiliar sensations provided by the liquor dropped her into a kind of pleasant trance. The feelings of sexual arousal that she had kindled in her body prior to Eric's arrival seemed to revive. She smiled dreamily, enjoying the warm, distant throbbing in her cunt, the achy pulsing in her nipples.

She squirmed and felt dazed and too warm, and she drifted back toward conscious awareness and noticed that Eric's droning voice had stopped. Then she saw his eyes. She saw that he was stuck in some kind of trance too. She saw him staring at her, but not at her face. No, he was staring lower, at her body. Jondra glanced down and saw that the sash of her bathrobe had come completely undone, probably because of her unconscious squirming. The robe had fallen open, and her body was exposed from her throat to the top glistening fringe of her crotch hair.

Flushing with embarrassment, Jondra quickly tried to regain control of her wits. She pulled the robe shut.

"Oh, I... I don't know what happened to me!" she said breathlessly.

"Don't," Eric croaked quietly, his eyes briefly focusing again as the satin closed across her naked body.

"Eric!" Jondra said, as if to shame him. Rut her voice was not convincing.

"Please don't."

"Eric, I'm your sister."

Once, as a kid, she had passed the door to his room and glimpsed him undressed. He had brazenly stared right back at her while she watched his thick, ropey, adolescent prick fill with blood, jumping and twitching. What must his cock be like now that he is a man? Jondra thought, hating herself for thinking it. Quickly she banished the thought from her mind. She was sorry she had ever remembered that incident from long ago.

I've got to stop it! she thought. He's got to stop it too!

Eric shook his head as if to clear it, as if to wake himself up. He grinned at her. "That's right. You are my sister. I guess I almost forgot. For a minute it was hard to think of you that way."


"You're so beautiful, Jondra."

"Eric. I think we'd better change the subject. Did I tell you I've been babysitting lately? Picking up a lot of extra money for college? Hm, did I tell you that?"

Jondra's blood was thundering against her ears. Her skim was hot and prickly. Her mind was in a confused whirl. She felt so close to something dangerous that she didn't know quite what to do. The best thing, she figured, was simply to take charge right now, not to let it happen again. They were both a little drunk, herself especially since she had never even tasted Scotch before. But if anyone was going to take charge, she could see it would have to be her.

"I think you did mention something about it," Eric said.

His eyes drifted down to her legs, where the skirts of her robe were again falling away from her naked creamy thighs. Acting firmly, Jondra tightened the sash of her robe and stood up.

"I think I'd better change. Get into something else. Don't you?" she said.

"No." Eric grinned, his eyes murky, friendly but dead serious.

"I mean," Jondra's voice faltered, "we'll both feel better if there isn't any chance of..." But she couldn't go on.

"Of what?"

"You know very well what."

She looked down at her brother and wondered how he could be so calm about it. She was breathing so hard that her tits were heaving, which only made him more interested in the sight of her plump nipples floating under the shiny satin.

"Tell you what," he said. "Look at it this way. If you're my sister, and I'm your brother, then we're both really the same flesh, right? We came from the same mother, we've got the same genes and tissues and..."

He fell silent, and they both laughed nervously. Meanwhile, Jondra had not budged a step since she had stood up.

"Well, I guess I've heard everything now," she said, trying to match his calm irony.

"No, you haven't," Eric said. His voice was now getting thick, clotted with excitement. "Why don't you show me yourself just once more, before you change? Just for family's sake."

"Why should I?" God, Jondra thought. What am I doing? I'm teasing him. I'm just making it worse.

"Because I want to see you. You're lovely."

"Lovelier than Carol?" Jondra whispered softly, growing more ashamed of herself by the second.

For the first time, she let her eyes wander to the crotch of his pants and saw the huge swelling there. I should have taken a babysitting job after all, she thought with a mild twinge of panic. This is getting dangerous.

"Lovelier than anybody. I swear," Eric said.

"All you want to do is see me?"

"That's all."

"You won't touch?"

Eric gave her a sardonic smile, as if to warn her that they weren't kids any more. "Promise," he said.

"I don't believe you," she murmured, her stomach tumbling with excitement, her body flashing all over with heat. "I don't believe you for a minute. Not for a minute."

But her fingers were fiddling with the knot of her sash anyway, tugging it, pulling the slippery fabric loose. She wanted to show him her body, her whole body this time, not just part of it. She wanted to pose for him as she had earlier posed for herself before the mirror, to show him everything, back, front, profile. She knew it was horribly wrong to be doing this, but the impulse was overwhelming.

In the split second it took her to pull open her robe and slip it off her shoulders, showing Eric, for the first time, every delectable inch of her supple naked body, her mind switched tracks and she knew the step had been taken. Like it or not, there was no going back. They would fuck now, and she would let it happen. She would even invite it, though she would also fight it with every ounce of her nerve. She knew she was not supposed to let it happen, even though her body now seethed and ached for him.

She could see the lust on Eric's face as he scrutinized her naked body, now glowing and warm and flushed with the fires of her shame and excitement. Slowly she turned in front of him, showing him the high pale globes of her ass. She bent gracefully as he completed her turn so that her firm tits swayed outward and shook pertly, her long puffy nipples already erect as they swirled before his face.

"You like?" she whispered, teasing him, unable to stop herself.

Eric only nodded and licked his lips.

Jondra stroked her body delicately with her fingertips as if to show off her finer points. She traced the soft ridges of her ribcage where it flowed into her flat golden stomach. She raised her knuckles to the smooth curved undersides of her creamy tits and nudged them so that they jiggled and quivered. Eric's breath seemed to claw its way out of his throat.

The sound excited Jondra. She went closer to him, watching his crazed eyes devour her succulent tits. She was watching his eyes so closely that she squealed with sharp surprise when she suddenly felt his hands gripping the backs of her thighs. Eric pulled her forward strongly, squeezing her ass in both hands and pushing his face into her stomach, slithering his tongue into her navel.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Jondra yelped, wriggling out of his grasp.

She jumped back from him, trying to act shocked and scandalized, though the feel of his tongue in her navel and his fingers digging passionately into her ass had made her simply reel with hot thrills.

"Oh, Eric," she said, half-mocking him, "you promised you wouldn't touch! You promised!"

Eric obviously had a hard time battling his desire for her. But he managed to grin, and flex his fingers, the ones he had just dug into her bouncy ass.

"Couldn't help myself," he said hoarsely.

"Now Eric... Eric!" she whimpered softly, baking away.

Her heart skittered and jumped more rapidly than ever as her brother stood up from his chair, bending slightly at the waist to ease the pressure on his bulging, pants-cramped cock. Jondra still felt the impressions in her bare ass where his fingers had sunk and felt a tiny trace of saliva left in her navel by his tongue. God, God, she thought. I should stop it now, before it's too late!

I can't let you fuck me! Oh, God, please, Eric, stop it yourself, I can't do it! I want it too much! she thought.

Slowly, deliberately, unbuckling his belt, Eric walked toward her. "Jondra... Jondra, I can't stop myself," he murmured, shaking his head, his eyes racing over her nakedness.

Jondra kept backing away from him, staring solemnly into his eyes, shaking her head. She was unable to make any sounds come out.

"Eric, you know we can't," she finally said weakly.

"Yes, we can."

He backed her up against a wall. The sharp gnash of his zipper sent hot needles of excitement through Jondra's trembling flesh. Eric's hands cupped her feverish face. His lips came down toward hers.

"No, Eric, no, no!" she whimpered. "What about... Carol?" she said desperately.

"You know what I think Carol can do," Eric hissed.

"But Eric..."

"It's you I want, Jondra."

His lips met hers, curving into them, his tongue slipping between her parting teeth. His hands dropped to her smooth shoulders, then down to her naked tits, and he filled his palms with them. Gently squeezing her full, warm tits, he kissed her cheek, her neck, then took her whole ear into his mouth and breathed flame into it. He pushed his tongue deep into her ear, whispering hotly to her at the sametime.

"Just say you don't want it," he whispered. "And I'll stop." Jondra moaned.

She couldn't say it. Wild horses couldn't drag the words out of her. I do want it! she cried to herself. I do want it! Her body was totally pliant and yielding, her cunt wet and achy. As Eric Frenched her ear and caressed her throbbing tits, she slid her hands under the elastic band of his shorts and grasped his hot huge prick. She freed his cock, her fingers stroking his prick urgently. I want it! She thought. I just want you to fuck me, Eric! Here, right here against the wall, if you want to! Or on the floor, or in the bed, I don't care!

Eric's lips trailed down her smooth shoulder to her left tit, and he licked her large pink nipple with hungry passion. "Just say you don't want it, Jondra," he repeated, panting, his voice strangled by lust.

Before Jondra could answer, she felt his mouth close over her pulsing nipple. She felt her nipple stiffen and flame with heat. Her legs weakened and her knees seemed to turn to jelly. She had to grasp his hips in order to remain standing. She pulled him against her so that she could feel the long, jumping, gristly stalk of his prick press against her naked belly.

Her breath whistled past her teeth as he hungrily slurped and sucked her throbbing nipples. She moaned and began to writhe in his grasp.

"Oh, Eric..." she murmured, "oh, Eric, are you going to fuck me? Are you? Are you really going to fuck me?" Instead of answering her, he pulled her down the hallway to the bedroom. His hands stroked her long supple back, her pale ass, and her silky thighs while she tore at his shirt. Jondra skimmed his pants and briefs down his legs, stooping and clumsily licking his twitchy red cock. Eric pulled her to her feet, kissing her mouth again with rough, demanding passion. He pushed her on her back on her bed.

Shivering with excitement and frightening lust, Jondra yielded completely to her brother. She lay on the bed so that her feet still touched the floor, her knees spread, her ass perched on the edge of the mattress. The wet glistening furrow of her pussy was uptilted and gaping and totally vulnerable. She knew what he wanted to fuck her this way so he could stand on the floor and again leverage. She was in for a piercing fuck from the huge ramrod of prick flesh he was now lowering between her thighs.

Shuddering with the awful guilt of what they were doing and from her own incredible sexual arousal, Jondra submitted completely to his wishes. You can fuck me whatever way you want to, Eric, she thought. His hard, tanned, muscular body was so desirable that she wanted to swarm all over him. She wanted to kiss and stroke him everywhere and suck his gigantic cock into her mouth and feel his hungry lips burrowing madly in her boiling cunt. She knew that afterwards the guilt might be so bad that they would never risk fucking again, so she wanted to fuck him now.

Eric's hot, driving passion for her was so overwhelming that she had no choke. She had to give her body to him instantly. She had to let him ravish her and fuck her with his fierce cock until she bled with hot coming. She wasn't even afraid, because after what she had gone through with Joey and Ed she knew she could take anything. Put that giant cock in me, Eric, oh, Eric, baby, and fuck me to death with it! Please! she thought.

Jondra's body quivered out of control. "Ohhhh ah, baby, ph, Eric, we can't, we can't do this... uunngghhh! Oh, God, suck me, baby," she moaned.

She mewled deep in her throat as his mouth again went to her barely slackened tits and found each of her stiff, sensitive nipples again, giving them long, agonizing throat-sucks. Her frenzied fingers flittered over his hot, fiendishly hard cock, bobbing in readiness between her spread thighs. She pulled his throbbing prickshaft toward her open cunt slit, aching to be filled by his cock.

Her fingers on his prick drove Eric wild with desire. His hands stroked her smooth hips and steadied her pelvis. Carefully he lodged the swollen head of his cock in the wet folds of her pussy. Then he gazed straight into her eyes and slid the full length of his burning prickshaft deep into Jondra's flowing cunt. Jondra nearly swooned with intense pleasure.

"Ahhhnnn... nnuunnn ohnnn nuunnnn, oh, shit, ohhhbh, shiiiit! Oh, Eric baby, oh, yes! Yesssss!"

Eric did not pull his cock out immediately, but instead left his prick buried in her while he scooped her shoulders up in his arms and lowered his bare hard chest down on her tits and put his lips to her ear.

"Jondra... Jondra," he groaned in a husky whisper.

"Yesssss, oh, yessssss," she answered, her body undulating of its own accord beneath him.

Jondra had never felt such intense sexual and emotional pleasure mingled together. She knew he felt the same way, but neither of them could explain it. At the moment, all she wanted to feel was the joy of his huge prick fucking fiercely in and out of her.

"Fuck me, Eric," she whispered to him. "Unnnnngh! Oh, yes, like that. Unnnnuunnn oh, God yesss! Fuck me, baby, you can do anything you want to me, anything at all! Oh! Oh! Unghhh!"

He brought long shuddering moans from deep in her throat by drawing his long prick slowly out of her smoldering pussy until the head of his cock nearly escaped her clinging cuntlips, then sliding his prick slowly again all the way in. But the excitement and hot fantastic guilt of what they were doing made them both so urgent that they could not be slow and gentle for long.

Eric had placed her this way on the mattress for a purpose, Jondra knew. Soon they were both digging their feet into the floor, whooping and groaning and whimpering, their striving bodies writhing together.

Jondra clenched the muscles of her thighs and flung her pelvis up into her brother's raging, hammering, piercing prick, gagging and squealing with wild joy as she felt his huge, ravaging prick cram her cunt to the splitting point. "Oh, Jesus, fuck me, baby, fuck me, Eric! Oh, God, baby, do it, do it!" she cried. "Aaaanngghhhhh!"

She gasped sharply as hot tremors of pleasure ripped through her body with each deep lunge of his prick. She clutched him and squeezed him. She pushed her tits up into his grinding chest, and chased his mouth with her own, gobbling his lips and whimpering against his teeth.

"Ohhh, it's so good, so good!" she moaned. "Harder... unhh. Harder. Ungh!"

She was on fire, bubbling and seething with hot fuck-urgency, and she knew she had never felt this way before. The searing blade of his prick sliced up into her cunt, and her body shimmered with flame. She screeched and clawed his back and moaned with guilty passion, knowing it was her very own brother who was fucking her so beautifully. Their fuck was all made more intense by the thought that maybe she would never be happy with anyone else again, not after the blinding bliss of this moment, this fuck.

Wriggling and squirming and groaning beneath him, stuffed with the huge stalk of his prick, she shimmied her hips and clamped his cock tightly with her cunt-muscles and heard him moan with delight. She felt his strong fingers clamp into her back.

"Ohhhnnnn, you're so good to me, brother," she hummed, feeling the first distant rolling swells of her orgasm gathering, sweeping toward her. "Sooo good tome, so good, so goood -- unnnhhh! Ungh! Oh! Oh, God, Eric, yes! Do it hard to me, ohn! Anngghhh! Harder! Oh!"

Now that she hung, trembling and moaning, on the verge of coming, Eric fucked his large prick into her with loving violence. Stabbed to the quick by his cock, Jondra's entire naked body flashed with fiery spasms as she flung her juicing cunt wildly up into his frantic thrusts. She squealed and raked his shoulders. Hissing, her breath clawing its way out of her throat. She gagged and sputtered, opening her eyes to look at his face, wanting to remember this moment forever.

"Eric! Oh, baby, oh, I'm going to come! Kiss me, oh, God, kiss me, quick! Ohm! Unh! Ohhhnnnnnnnn, God, kiss me, Eric, I'm..."

She groped far his panting mouth with her own, snaking her wanton tongue into his mouth. She spasmed repeatedly with fresh joys each time the fierce tbick spike of his cock buried itself in her wet, clenching cunt. She shrieked as his prick tore into her. Then she stiffened, grunting helplessly like an animal as her body shuddered for release, then exploded in ahot blinding rush of coming.

"Ohhnnueee! Angghh! Oh! Oh! Angghiieeece! Ummmmeeeeee!" she shrieked wildly.

Everything was obliterated but the glorious spasms of her climax. Her body was nothing but one shattering, blistering, throbbing heavenly spurt of pleasure. She swarmed up onto Eric's thrusting body, swallowing him with her throbbing flesh. Her flexing pussy sucked the cum out of him, and she heard him roar. She felt his body clench. He plowed his spurting cock deep into her creamy pussy. He squeezed her body so fiercely that Jondra thought she might really die from the overpowering shock of her orgasm.

And then it was over. Her brother lay panting and sweating on top of her. Jondra tenderly brushed his sweat-dampened hair away from his forehead and kissed him. She tightened her cunt around his still-stiff cock so that his prick would never come out of her, so that she would never have to give up this moment. She knew that nothing would ever be this sweet again.

"Oh, Eric," she whispered, gazing into his eyes. "Eric, Eric, Eric." It was all she could say. As he began to probe her aching pussy again with his fantastically hard prick, she knew that the night had only begun.

Chapter SEVEN

A little more than a week had passed since Jondra had seen the Clarks, but she was not surprised to hear Anne Clark's voice on the phone.

"Jondra? How good to hear your voice," Anne said. "You know, Bryce and I are giving a little party on Saturday night. We were wondering if we couldn't persuade you to come."

In spite of her wish not to be such a pushover, Jondra could feel her body flush with heat and her pussy flow with juice at the very thought of the suggestion Anne was making. She couldn't help recalling how long and how completely the three of them had fucked on their night together. She could almost feel the agonizingly sweet sensation of Anne's gentle lips on her throbbing clit, coaxing yet another wrenching orgasm out of her exhausted body. How many times had she come that night? Ten? Twelve? Fifteen? She had lost count.

She could still feel Bryce's tireless cock spurting into her mouth, into her pussy, into her ass. She could still Anne's cries of helpless ecstasy echoing in her ears. She could still remember how it had felt to be pressed between their naked bodies and fucked into one deliriously intense climax after another. Small wonder that she could barely accept this new invitation fast enough.

"I'd be happy to, Mrs. Clark," she said.

"Oh, please call me Anne now," Anne Clark said. "After all," she murmured ma husky voice that reminded Jondra of even more exciting moments, "we've done enough together to consider ourselves as close friends, don't you think?"

"I suppose you could say that," Jondra said, unable to contain her wide grin.

"Then you'll come?"

God, will I! Jondra thought. "What time?" she asked.

"Oh, Bryce will pick you up at seven-thirty. It's a small party. About fifteen guests or so. I'm sure they'll all be happy to meet you," Anne Clark said suggestively before hanging tip the phone.

This last remark left Jondra feeling somehow uneasy and excited at the same time. She tried to put the feelings out of her mind for the time being. Since her night of hot, guilty fucking with her brother Eric, she had been very preoccupied with her feelings of shame. And she knew Eric felt the same way. After they had fucked three times and had totally slaked their guilty passions, they had both quickly realized the implications of their acts. The realization had not made them any less tender toward each other, but it definitely had sobered them up. Eric had quickly dressed and departed.

Jondra had moped around for a while, feeling very ashamed of herself for not having stopped the incestuous affair when she had the chance. But another part of her was so obsessed by memories of the fabulous fuck that she couldn't completely condemn herself. I couldn't help it, she told herself repeatedly. The liquor made it impossible for me to resist. And anyway, nobody's ever fucked me that good in my whole life. I have a right to do that, don't I?

Still, this party of the Clarks was a good idea, she knew. She ran the risk of getting too dreamy and wistful aver the business with her brother. It was better to get put and do something in order to get him off her mind even if that meant getting fucked by a whole bunch of people at the Clarks' party.

God, the thought of getting gangbanged made her all wet between her legs again. She could hardly wait. I must be getting to be a sex maniac or somethidg, she thought calmly. I just can't bear the thought of having to do without fucking.

And so, when Saturday night came, she was certainly ready. Bryce Clark picked her up at seventhirty. While he drove through the city streets, Jondra unzipped his fly and took out his thick, limp cock, which quickly began to grow.

"Do you mind if I suck you on the way?" she asked playfully.

"How could I object to that?" Bryce Clark asked, grinning.

"You won't get us in an accident, will you?" Jondra asked, bending her head down to his crotch.

"I'll try my best not to," Bryce said, suddenly groaning with pleasure as her lips encircled the head of his cock.

Jondra sucked him expertly and slowly, wanting to give him pleasure but unwilling to have him come. After all, we've got a long night ahead of us, she thought. Nevertheless, by the time they reached the Clarks' house he was so aroused that he almost wouldn't let her stop. He pulled the car into the driveway and shut off the engine. Then he put his hands on Jondra's head, forcing her mouth don on his rearing prick.

"God, Jondra, you suck cock so well!" he gasped.

But Jondra refused to continue. "That's only an appetizer." She winked. "You don't want to spoil the whole feast before it even gets started, do you?"

Reluctantly he shrugged and accompanied her into the house.

The part was already underway in the livingroom. Jondra could hardly believe her eyes. Anne Clark lay totally naked on the floor with four men fucking her. The sight was enormously exciting. One had his prick up her ass, another in her cunt, and the other two both had their stiff cocks in her mouth. Anne was writhing and twisting with intense sexual pleasure, sucking the cocks in her mouth passionately, and grinding her ass and cunt down into the pricks that were penetrating her fuck holes.

"Unghh! Ohhnnnnnn!" she moaned, shuddering with sexual rapture.

Both Jondra and Bryce watched, fascinated. Jondra couldn't help remembering the time she had been fucked by Joey and Ed and Bates, the way their three huge cocks had punished her all night long, until her nerves were just a helpless shimmering mass of hot pleasure. She knew what Anne was feeling.

Bryce had his hands on Jondra. Aroused by the spectacle of his wife being thoroughly fucked by the four men on the floor, he began to take off Jondra's clothes. And she herself was so fascinated watching Anne being fucked that she didn't resist. She raised her arms obediently for him to pull her sweater over her head.

His searching hands on her flesh felt good. Quickly he had her bra off and squeezed her full tits sharply.

"Ohhnnn!" Jondra gasped. "You want to fuck me while we watch them?"


"But how can we both see them?"

"Get down on your knees."

Good idea, Jondra thought. She got down on her hands and knees, facing the group of fucking people in the middle of the floor. They were really fucking Anne now. The two who were fucking her ass and cunt were fucking their thick, wet cocks mercilessly in and out of her. Anne was moaning and writhing, panting and whimpering. Jondra was fascinated by the sight. That's what it looked like them when they did that to me, she thought.

She tilted her smooth round ass up in the air, making her ass more provocative to Bryce Clark. His hands ran all over the smooth globes of her ass. He sawed his stiff cock up and down in the crack between her asscheeks. Jondra gasped and sucked in her breath.

"Ooooohhh!" She gyrated her arms. "Put it in me, quick! Oh, God, Mr. Clark, yesssss!"

His long cock slid into her pussy from the rear, penetrating her deeply. For a moment, her eyes fluttered shut with bliss. She quickly opened them again, not wanting to miss any of the scene on the floor in front of her.

"Oh! Ohgnnn! Unit! Anngghhhh!" Anne Clark groaned and panted, twisting wildly, pinned between the four muscular male bodies who were now fucking her with hot, rough lust.

Anne thrashed about and cried out, her lovely body torn and plundered by the rapacious cocks. Jondra watched them rip into Anne's pussy, into her asshole, violently fucking in and out. She could feel the hot pleasure of Bryce's long prick fucking more and more rapidly in and out of her own sizzling cunt slit. She began to pant and buck her hips backward.

"God, yes, fuck me, Mr. Clark!" she gasped.

"Call me... Bryce," he panted.

"Fuck me, Bryce. Unh! Yes!"

Bryce grabbed her dangling tits and squeezed them, pinching her tender nipples. At the same time, he began to fuck her very roughly. His rearing cock nearly lifted her knees off the floor each time his prick fucked up into her. Jondra nearly fainted with pleasure. She could see the group on the floor approaching an explosion too.

One of the men who was fucking Anne's mouth suddenly came. He groaned and his cock spurted gobs of cum all over Anne's face and down her throat. Seconds later Anne began to come herself.

"Anngghiiieeeee!" she screamed, her body shuddering wildly in the hot throes of a sharp climax. "Unngghhhiiieeeeee!"

The two who were fucking her ass and cunt really poured it on now. Jondra could see from the tension on their faces that they were about ready to pop too. Jondra bit her lip and gasped for breath, on the verge of a violent orgasm herself. She gyrated her ass back into Bryce's fucking thrusts, feeling her body run and flash with sexual fire. "Oh, God, fuck me, fuck me! It's so good."

Suddenly the second cock in Anne's mouth aploded with cum. The thick jets, spurted into her lips, and she groaned and slurped them, swallowing eagerly. The two men who were fucking her ass and pussy roared and cried out with wild lust as their fucking pricks squirted too. They squeezed and crushed her twisting body as the cum leaped out of their cocks into her. Anne moaned and sighed, then groaned sharply as another fresh orgasm gripped her.

"Unnngghhhhh!" she grunted, her lovely body writhing through the new powerful spasm.

"Annggh! Oh! Anngghhiieeeeeeeec!" Jondra suddenly shrieked as a surprisingly strong climax seemed to rupture her cunt.

Again and again Bryce's upthrusting cock nearly lifted her knees off the floor. It's like being fucked from the rear by a horse, for God's sake, Jondra thought through the fog of her lust.

"Unh! Unh! Unb!" she grunted as be impaled her again and again on his gigantic stiff prick.

Again she was throttled by a sharp little orgasm just as he, too, came. Bryce clutched her body fiercely, squeezing her dangling tits and slamming his spurting cock into her as deep as his prick would go, which was plenty deep. Jondra wondered why she couldn't feel the head of his cock coming out of her throat. Her whole body shook and shuddered with hot shimmering pleasure. Oh, God, don't ever let it stop! she thought.

And it didn't. Through the hot pulsing spasms of her bliss, she suddenly realized that the four men who had been fucking Anne on the livingroom floor, and Anne herself, were now joining her and Bryce. Since Bryce had just fucked her, he withdrew for the moment. But he other four swarmed over Jondra as if the incredible orgy they had just completed had never occurred.

And there was Anne, too, kissing her mouth, dangling her big tits in Jondra's face. "Jondra, honey, we're so glad you could come to our party," she murmured, smiling.

Jondra never had the chance to descend from the orgasmic plateau she had reached when Bryce Clark was fucking her. She was still panting and writhing with ecstatic pleasure.

"Oh, God... Mrs. Clark," she panted. "Thanks... for inviting me! Ohhhhnnnnnn!"

She moaned with delight as a thick, hot cock slid into her streaming pussy and began fucking her rapidly. How can you guys be stiff again so quickly? she wondered. But she didn't wonder for long. They didn't give her a chance to think of anything. They began doing to her what they had been doing to Anne Clark. Their hands and mouths were everywhere on her twisting body, arousing sensations that made her gasp sharply with unimaginable pleasure.

"Oh, God, yesssss!" she sighed. "Ohhnnnnn! God, yes, do it to me!"

She undulated her hips back into the cock of the guy who was fucking her, feeliffg Anne's mouth on her sensitive nipples at the same time. There was a cock in her mouth, then two, two thick, pulsing pricks both probing her throat at the sante time. And then she felt the fourth prick poking between her asscheeks.

Oh, well, she thought. I did it once, I guess I can do it again. But tears welled up in her eyes anyway as she felt the cock penetrate her asshole.

"Ungghpphh!" she panted, her mouth so stuffed with cock that she couldn't cry out.

The four men and Anne Clark settled into a slow easy rhythm in fucking Jondra. They had already expended the hot urgency of their passion together just moments earlier, and now they could afford to fuck Jondra with long, slow, simmering skill. But she was already at the top of her arousal pitch, and she came and came, over and over, until it seemed that just one long continuous orgasm ran through her quivering flesh, leaving her gasping and exhausted, pulsing with incredible pleasure.

Only when they had all been fucking her for what seemed like an hour or more did they began to pick up the tempo, approaching a second explosion themselves. By the time their climaxes arrived they were all fucking and plundering Jondra's poor writhing body without mercy. Their cocks spurted all over her, inside and out, bathing her with warm cum, shooting jism down her throat and all over her tits and ass. She was dripping with their jism and throbbing with the hot pleasures they had aroused in her body.

Oh, God, it's not over, is it? she thought desperately. How she could want more, she didn't know, but there was no getting around her desires.

"Oh, don't stop! Don't stop now!" she begged them.

But she had not counted on Bryce who was now ready again, his cock tall and proud, jumping hungrily as he eyed her ravished naked body. And his wife was right beside him as they pulled Jondra to them and began caressing her.

"I guess the day we asked you here to be our babysitter was the best thing that ever happened to any of us," Bryce said, inching his prick up into her ass while Anne began to suck her clit wildly. "Oh! Unh! Ohhnnnnnnnnn!" Jondra moaned, feeling fresh orgasms mushrooming up out of her exhausted flesh. "God, it sure was, Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Ungh! Oh, God! Ummmmnnneeeeee! Oh... it was the best day of my life!"


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