The doctor's horny wife

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of future wealth and power. And there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to see come true.

In this story, Christina Mentis has learned to be outward and honest in her sexual desires. She becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is a woman dedicated to becoming sexually liberated -- a person who feels sexually free.

THE DOCTOR'S HORNY WIFE -- deals with a volatile issue, an issue that government has tried to define, that churches have tried to repress, that swingers have tried to advocate. But perhaps the answer lies within the individual. Let he or she decide on a personal standard of morality, just as the young woman in this book has done.

Chapter ONE

Christina felt a hot tingling in her cunt as she approached the hospital. A stewardess, her flight had been canceled, and she was happy that Dr. Will Mentis, her successful and ever horny husband, would now be able to have lunch with her. Maybe, just maybe, she might be able to sneak in a quick fuck during lunch. Will didn't do that often, she knew, but there was something special about the day. Surprises, like having her flight canceled, always made her horny. If Christina had stopped to think about it, almost everything out of the ordinary made her horny.

She stopped just long enough to ask a fat old nurse where she could find her husband, then trotted off to the room where he was seeing a patient. When Christina found the room, it was empty except for another nurse who said that Dr. Mentis was busy with the patient taking tests in the lab. She would have, to wait at least an hour to see him. Disappointed, Christina decided to go to the lunch room for some coffee. Then, as an afterthought, she decided to go to the bathroom. She stepped into the patients' bathroom and locked the door behind her. She heard soft talking and a woman's giggle, and unlocked the door as quietly as possible, opening it just a crack to peer out.

It was Will! There he was -- her wonderful husband, in the arms of a young female patient. Christina froze. One part of her wanted to rush out and grab her husband by the hair and drag him around the room. Another part of her wanted to scream and go running for the nearest lawyer. But something else in her, some dark little creature that had never surfaced before, urged her to be quiet -- to watch the weird scene unfolding in front of her. Silence, this character whispered. Silence.

Christina watched as a nurse -- a young one she had never seen before -- dropped casually to her knees and tugged the zipper of ha husband's pants down.

"That's it, Betty," Will whispered, breaking his kiss with the patient for just a moment. "Suck my cock! You've got the hottest mouth in the world!"

Hottest mouth in the world! The words stung Christina. Will had always told her that she had the hottest mouth in the world.

Will plastered his lips against the girl's. His mouth opened, and he thrust his tongue between her lips -- searching, exploring the warm recesses of her mouth. Below, Betty was busy pulling his limp cock out of his pants. When she finally had his prickmeat out of his pants, she moaned low in her throat and kissed the mushroom-shaped cockhead.

"I do love sucking your cock," she murmured, rolling her tongue around the cockhead in circles. "Nothing better than sucking cock."

Betty flicked her tongue against his slitted pricktip and around the ridge that separated the cockhead from the prickshaft. His prick twitched and grew, expanding to its full, massive size. Then, when his big prick was hard as a rock, standing straight out from Will's body, she kissed the cockhead and pushed forward. Slowly the tip of Will's cock pushed into her mouth, spreading her moist lips. She moaned again, louder than before. His fat hunk of hardened prickmeat spread her lips farther apart as she took the cockpole slowly, deeply into her wet mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, sliding her frisky tongue against the heavily veined underside of Will's cockshaft. She took in still more cock until the spongy head was wedged firmly against the back of her mouth. Four inches of prickshaft remained out of her mouth, and Betty culled her slender fingers around that part of Will's cockmeat, stroking his prickflesh lightly, squeezing it tenderly.

Will felt his throbbing prick sink deep, into the wet mouth of his favorite nurse and the sensation sent shivers through his body. He sucked on his patients tongue, biting it softly as his hands untied the strings holding her hospital gown together. Soon he pulled the gown away from the girl's body, and she turned to the side and let it slip to the floor.

Christina gaped at the weird scene, too stunned to do anything but watch. She noted smugly that the young patient didn't have tits nearly the size of her own. And the cute little nurse named Betty, who was at that very moment tossing her head back and forth over Will's cock, didn't have the hourglass figure that she had. Still, Christina couldn't afford to be too smug. Her husband was, after all, getting his cock sucked by a cute nurse who had obviously been giving him blow-jobs for quite some time.

Will cupped the patient's tits in his hands, squeezing them. They were firm, her nipples pointing slightly upward. He rolled her tiny nipples between his fingers and thumbs, working her tender, sensitive flesh into even greater hardness. Then he bent forward, his hungry lips slowly passing over her smooth, perfumed neck. He nipped her neck with his teeth, drawing a surprised yelp and an approving giggle from the girl.

"Go to it, Doctor. Suck on my tits! Yeah!" the girl hissed, running her fingers through Will's closely cropped hair.

Will caught her nipple between his teeth and sucked the bud into his mouth. Her titflesh was sweet and warm, alive with sensation. He sucked as much of the firm titflesh into his mouth as he could. With one hand, he reached down, boldly grabbing the girl between her legs to feel her curly cunt bush. His middle finger, as though it had eyes of its own, instantly found her pussyhole. Her fuckhole was dewy already, and with Will's touch, the girl's pussy juices began flowing even more heavily.

"Fingerfuck me, Doctor," she hissed through clenched teeth.

The wild sensations of having her cunt played with while her nipple was being caressed by hot lips and a dancing tongue made her whole body quiver. She hooked her hands behind Will's head and pushed his face harder against her tit. When she felt his finger sliding deftly between her pussylips, pushing deeply into her hot cunt, she tossed her head back, gritting her teeth so she couldn't cry out with pleasure.

Betty was pistoning her head back and forth, taking Will's hard cock into her mouth until the prickhead smacked against the back of her throat. She brought her hand back and forth on his cock shank as she sucked, stroking his quivering prickpole into a state of iron-like hardness. With her other hand, she pulled up her dress and slipped her fingers under the elastic band of her panties.

Christina gasped involuntarily as she watched Betty fingerfuck herself. Not only did the lusty nurse wantonly fingerfuck her own juicy cunt while sucking cock, but she also wore no pantyhose. Instead, she wore nylons help up by a thick elastic band at each thigh. Brazen was the word that came to Christina's mind. She had seen those filthy stag films Will had shown at a party he had given for a friend who was getting married. Christina knew of the kind of women who would wear frilly lace garter belts and such things, and she didn't like them one bit.

Betty pulled back so that just the crown of Will's cock remained between her lips. Then she put her hot tongue to work. Her tongue slid expertly over his cockhead, teasing, dancing, twisting around and around. And while her tongue was working on his cocktip, Betty's lips moved in a soft chewing motion, drawing an animal-like groan of pleasure from will. Her finger was ramrodding back and forth in her cunt, the slick pussy juice trickling down into her palm. Damn, how she loved sucking win's prick!

"You hot bitches!" win growled, releasing the nipple from his mouth.

He looked at the firm tit flesh, noticing that the brown areola was glistening with his spit. Looking down, he watched his cock disappear into Betty's mouth. When she pulled back, the shaft of his cock glistened wetly, just like the girl patient's tit.

Will sucked on her other nipple as he pumped into the girl's pussy with his finger. He felt her writhe in ecstasy. He worked a second finger between her clasping pussylips and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock even deeper in Betty's mouth. He heard her startled gasp, felt the head of his cock slam past the natural resistance at the back of her mouth and drive right down her throat. He hooked his hand behind Betty's neck and jerked her toward his aching cock. His fat cockhead shoved even deeper, pulsing strongly as his prickflesh expanded in her throat. Betty's hot lips were at the root of his prick, pressed against the jagged edge of his zipper. She squealed in surprise, her clutching throat protesting the sudden intrusion of hard cockmeat. Putting her hands flat on Will's thighs, she pushed hard, uncorking his cock from her throat and landing on her ass.

"Damn you!" she hissed angrily, looking up at Will who was still chewing on the girl's tit. "You know I can't take that huge hunk of prickmeat down my throat!"

Christina smiled. It pleased, her that Betty couldn't deep-throat Will's cock. She made a mental note that soon, very soon, she would learn to deep-throat Will and put that slutty little bitch to shame.

"Come on," Will said, giving the girl's nipple one last kiss. "Let's get on the bed."

The girl was already completely naked, and she hopped on the bed, spreading her legs wide for Will. Betty hiked up her dress, pulled her panties down her legs and dropped them at the foot of the bed. Will merely opened his pants and pushed them down his thighs a little, dragging his shorts with them to expose his throbbing, spit-slick cock.

"We've got to hurry," he said. "I've got my rounds to make." With that, he climbed onto the bed, flattening the girl's pert tits with his chest. Will thrust his hips down and his wet cockhead smashed against the patient's cunt, then slid over the crack of her ass. "Damn it, make yourself useful!" he barked at the nurse.

Betty got on the bed between Will's legs and grabbed his prick. Aiming his cockhead at the girl's cunt, she said, "Now!"

Will shoved at the girl again. The head of his prick rammed into her pussy, shoved her cuntlips inward, then split her pussy flesh wide apart as he entered her hot, juicy fuckhole. He thrust his cockshaft into her cunt full length, shoving into her pussy until their pelvic bones ground together.

"Ahhhhh!" the girl gasped, feeling her cunt filled with Will's hard, pulsing cock. She hooked her ankles together behind his ass and dug her fingernails into his back, scratching so deeply that even through his smock, jacket and shirt, she hurt him.

"You bitch! So you want to play rough, do you?" he rasped.

With that, he began drilling his cock violently into her pussy. He stabbed her tight cunt cruelly, slamming his big cock into her until they practically bounced on the bed. Then he pulled out so that he was, hardly in her pussy. Again and again he shoved his throbbing cock into her hot pussy as he looked down at the girl's face which was twisted into a mask of absolute pleasure.

Betty slithered belly-down on the bed, kissing Will's thighs as she worked her way slowly to his balls. She might not be able to suck on his hairy sac as she had hoped she could, because he was fucking so hard and fast. She tried to plant a wet kiss on his asscheek, but Will, raised his ass so quickly that he nearly broke her nose. Betty gasped as her head jerked backwards, and she abandoned her mission. But there was more that she could do and, with a sly smirk pursing her lips, she got off the bed.

Christina's nipples were tingling like mad. She wanted to touch her tits to relieve her painful desire, but she knew that if she so much as grazed her fingers over her nipples -- even through her blouse and bra -- she would only kindle a fire that she could not extinguish. She chose instead to do nothing but watch her husband fuck the living daylights out of some young cunt and a nurse named Betty.

"Move a little." Betty instructed Will as she stepped near the front of the bed. "I'm going to have her eat my pussy."

"No!" the patient hissed, looking up at Betty with wild, frightened eyes. "I've never done that before."

"Everybody has to learn sometime," Betty replied. She calmly got on the bed and straddled the girl's head with her knees. "Now lick my cunt like a good little girl, or the good doctor, here, will stop fucking you, and you won't come. Now you don't want that to happen, do you?"

The girl looked at Betty's dewy pussy, just inches from her face. She really didn't want to stick her tongue into Betty's pink cuntflesh. That was a man's job. But she also didn't want to stop fucking. One was bad, but the other was worse. As Betty's cunt lowered slowly to the girl's face, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. The first taste of pussy juice shocked the girl. She didn't think cunt juice would be so salty. But with her pussy reeling in ecstasy from the wonderful, thick cock that was rocketing in and out of her cunt walls, the git decided that sucking cunt wasn't that bad. As her feverish clit got hotter and hotter, edging ever closer to orgasm, the girl began to like eating cunt. Soon she was greedily dragging her tongue along Betty's sticky fuckhole, scooping up the thick, clear pussy oil and sucking on Betty's red, hard clit.

"That's it, lover," Betty purred, her eyes closed. She fondled her tits through her uniform. She wiggled her hips a little, letting the girl lick and suck on her pussylips.

Will, raising his torso like he was doing push-ups, felt the tingling in his balls get more urgent. It wouldn't be long now before he shot his jism. Soon his hot, white cum would blast through the length of his cock and spew from his cocktip straight into the girl's pussy. Soon... very soon.

He slowed his pounding thrusts. He thought he might as well make the fucking session last a while longer. He watched the girl's small tits jiggle each time he rammed his cock deep up her cunt. Her nipples were like pebbles, hard and small. Fantastic waves of pleasure started from the hot little buds and spread throughout her body.

Christina sensed that the thrashing trio would soon reach a peak of ecstasy. Betty's eyes were closed as she concentrated on her clit, and Christina decided that now was the time to make her escape. If she waited much longer, the chance of her being discovered would be too great. She opened the door a little more, her eyes glued on Betty's face. Then she stepped quietly away from the door. She wasn't concerned about Will -- he had his back to her. And she certainly wasn't concerned about the girl, who couldn't see anything but Betty's ass.

She turned the knob and opened the door. It creaked slightly, and she dashed into the hallway. Waiting there, trying to look casual while her heart pounded in her chest, Christina listened carefully. She could still hear the rhythmic, steady squeaking from the room. Silly of me, she thought, they couldn't hear a fire alarm!

Back in the room, Will had lost all control. If he had had any notions of prolonging the fucking, he would have to give them up. His balls, with the cum welling up in them, had taken complete control of his body. He slammed his cock deep into the girl's cunt as his nuts pulled up tight to his body. Will gritted his teeth, fighting off the intense pleasure. But his ass just continued to undulate. And then it happened -- the scalding hot cum erupted from his balls like lava from a volcano. The thick blobs of juicy cum spewed from the tip of his prick, flooding the girl's pussy.

"Ahhhh! Arggghhhhh!" he groaned as his hot cum shot from his balls. He pounded his cock into her harder than ever, pressing his muscular hips down to drive the pulsating head of his prick deep up the girl's cunt.

Christina heard her husband's choked groan, and she knew he was coming. She had heard his groan many times before -- only it was her cunt that his cum filled then. She turned from the door and walked out of the hospital.

It was strange for her. She didn't feel hurt or cheated. If asked, she would not be able to give a definite answer about how she felt. The times that Will had said he was too tired to fuck or that he had a headache, kept rolling through her mind like a crazy movie.

She wondered how long her husband had been fucking around -- wondered if he fucked her just to keep her happy. He had married her when she was a wide-eyed, twenty-one-year-old rookie stewardess. But that was seven years ago. He had taught her how to really enjoy fucking, and it had been with his cock that she had learned to give blow-jobs. Will begged her to suck his cock for weeks before Christina finally consented. After that, he described her as a cock eater because she enjoyed sucking his prick so much.

What's good for the gander is good for the goose, Christina decided as she hailed a cab. She wasn't sure what the future held for her, but she knew it would be fun.

Chapter TWO

Christina went to the bank and withdrew 400 dollars. The first thing she needed to do was get some new clothes. If she was going cock-hunting, as she now thought of it, she'd need the right kind of clothes. Just as a deer hunter needed the right kind of clothes to hunt deer properly.

After her quick stop at the bank, Christina told the cabbie to take her to a clothing store called Julio's of Hollywood. The place specialized in ultra-sexy apparel, and that's exactly what Christina was looking for!

Christina took her time, carefully picking outfits that would make her look a sexy, high class whore. She picked out garter belts, black silk hose, a jumpsuit that fit her like a second skin, and a blouse so sheer it was almost transparent. Next came several bras with matching panties, a couple of dresses guaranteed to drive any man right out of his fucking mind, high-heeled shoes with open toes -- the works!

Then Christina called her airline and volunteered for several flights that had layovers. If she was going to test her wings away from Will, she wanted to start out in another city.

Christina felt daring. Beneath her stewardess' uniform, she wore pink panties with a matching bra that hardly contained her thirty-eight-inch tits. A lace garter belt held up her silk hose. She felt like one of those actresses in the stag movie she had seen. She felt horny.

"Would you care for another drink, sir?" Christina asked a distinguished-looking gentleman sitting in a rear seat of the DC-9.

"Yeah, why not?" He looked up at Christina and smiled. Was she coming on to him? The question haunted him. That damned stewardess was so fucking good-looking!

He watched her walk away, her full ass swishing erotically. When Christina walked toward him moments later, he appraised her beauty. Christina's large, wide-set brown eyes were the loveliest he had ever seen; her tits were absolutely huge and wiggled seductively with each step she took; her hair cascaded down, over her shoulders and curled slightly at the small of her back; her lips were full, highlighting a broad mouth that promised great sensuality. Her waist was narrow, tapering in from the fullness of her tits before flaring out to her hips.

He guessed that Christina had, at the outside, five extra pounds. But she carried it well -- as truly voluptuous women do -- and the weight was equally distributed between her tits and her ass.

Christina bent lower than necessary to hand the man his drink. In doing so, she gave the gentleman a good view of her ample cleavage.

"If there's anything I can do for you -- anything at all..." she said, pausing to lick her lips sensually, "don't be afraid to ask."

"I... ah... I certainly will," the man said, feeling the stirring of an awakening cock in his pants. Hell's bells! The last thing he needed was to sporting an embarrassing hard-on!

"What's your name?"

"Ah... Bob... Bob Helms."

"My name's Christina."

She bent down even farther, putting her hands on her knees. Christina sensed how nervous Bob was. She guessed his age at fifty, but he was in excellent shape -- probably a former athlete who still exercised regularly.

"My name's Christina," she repeated, "and I'd like to see you after this flight. How about buying a lonely girl a drink?"

"Sure," Bob choked, wondering how in the flying fuck he had gotten so lucky.

The DC-9 landed in Boston, and it took some time, but Christina was finally off duty. She took a cab to the bar Bob had told her about and found him waiting for her at a table in a dimly lit corner.

"Sorry," Christina said, her voice a purr, "but I didn't have time to change into something a little more sexy. I guess I was just in a hurry to see you."

Bob couldn't reply. The most he could do was look into Christina's dark eyes and get lost in them.

"This small talk is getting us nowhere. I haven't booked a hotel for the evening, so I guess we'll have to fuck at your place." She decided to be bold.

An hour later, Christina was absolutely frustrated. Bob, it turned out, lived in one of the fashionable, hundred-year-old buildings that had been turned into condominiums. His place bordered the Boston Commons, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was Bob's wife, who was home that evening.

So, since they could not fuck in Bob's home, they decided to take a walk. They walked in the Commons, and with each step, Christina got hornier and hornier. She needed a hard, big cock driving up her cunt. She needed a fat prick in her, and that was all there was to it! But she was also learning that this fucking around stuff wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

"Look, you can fuck me over there, near the trees where it's dark," Christina at last suggested.

She took his hand in hers, noticing that poor Bob just wasn't used to having such a young, beautiful woman trying desperately to fuck him.

Christina led him to a small group of trees and looked around. There were several people in the Commons, but she didn't think they could see her very well. Besides, she and Bob were hidden by the shadows from the trees.

"All right," Christina cooed, slowly dropping to her knees in the grass. "Let's see what kind of monster prick you've got waiting for me."

Christina's mouth went dry as she tugged loose Bob's belt. This was a pretty dramatic step for her. She opened his belt, then unfastened his pants before pulling down his zipper. She pulled them down to his ankles then, brought his shorts down, too. There, hanging limply between his legs, was a wrinkled, small cock.

"Ohhhhh!" Christina said sarcastically. "The poor little prick. Your cock looks frightened." Christina curled her slender fingers around his nut sac, and with the fingers of her other hand, raised the head of his cock toward her mouth. She looked up and saw Bob gazing at her, his eyes reflecting the mixture of fear and lust he felt.

"I-I don't think I can get a hard-on," Bob whispered, his voice cracking in embarrassment. "I... this is so weird..."

"Of course it's weird, darling. But you'll get a hard-on and you'll fuck me. Just as soon as I put my mouth to work on this cock, you'll forget how weird it is and know how good my cocksucking can get."

Christina looked at the cockhead just inches from her face and smiled. Okay, Christina, she thought, let's show this poor, old bastard what a blow-job is supposed to feel like. And if someone comes around, you can fuck him, too.

With that in mind, Christina leaned forward and captured Bob's entire cock in her mouth. Her red, lipsticked lips encircled the base of Bob's prick, forming a perfect, tight seal around his cockmeat. She pushed her tongue out between his soft cock and her lips, and tickled his hairy nuts. Almost instantly, Christina felt his prickmeat twitch, come alive and get slowly harder and thicker. His cock's girth increased steadily. Christina pulled her head back so that just the knob of Bob's cock remained in her mouth, and she drew a tight suction on his prickhead, stretching his cockflesh out, making his prick shank skinny.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, low in her throat like an animal. She brought her face forward slowly, sucking his prickshaft back into her mouth, feeling his prickmeat constantly expanding as his lusty blood pumped into it.

"You bitch," Bob hissed softly. "You hot blooded, horny little bitch. That feels so fucking good. So damn fucking good!"

The words spurred Christina on. That was what she wanted to hear. She wanted to be told that she was not just a cocksucker, but a great cocksucker! She wanted to prove, to herself if to no one else, that she knew what the hell a man's cock was for. And then, just maybe, she'd prove to Will that his fucking around with other women was not only unnecessary, but not as good as fucking his own wife.

Christina rolled her tongue around the cockhead, scratching lightly over Bob's balls with her long, red fingernails. She heard him gasp, his breath coming in ragged gulps as the pressure of her hot mouth began having maximum effect.

Soon Bob's prick was long and hard, entirely different than what she thought it would be. He had an average-sized cock, but his cockshaft was very thick with a cockhead the size of a small egg.

"I love it!" Christina murmured, remembering the words that that cocksucker Betty had used with Will. "I love sucking your beautiful cock!"

Christina wrapped her buttery lips around Bob's throbbing cockhead, her tongue dancing over his pricktip, and started whacking on his quivering prickmeat. She could feel the blood pounding against her palm, feel his prickhead expand and contract between her lips. She cupped his nuts in her other hand and squeezed them, sort of testing his furry sac to see what kind of a load of cum she would get.

"Mmmmmmmm! Nmmmmmmmm!" she slurped on the cockhead, rotating her face around the crown of Bob's cock. Her teeth gnawed on the tender cockflesh, sending bolts of passion through Bob's body, jarring his senses. Soon his whole body was rigid -- arms, legs, stomach muscles -- everything was flexed and straining from Christina's cocksucking.

"Fucking damn!" Bob hissed, watching his cock sink deeply into the mouth of that crazy brunette stewardess with the big tits. "Fucking damn!"

Christina heard the words and once again started pistoning her face back and forth over the rigid length of his prickmeat. The fat cockhead pressed her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. She took the prick into her mouth until the cockhead was wedged tightly against her throat. Only an inch or two of cock remained out of her mouth, and Christina was determined to get all of his prickmeat. She'd learn to deep-throat and then drive him mad with lust when she took his massive prick down her throat.

Christina pushed forward and nearly gagged. His cockhead was just too big! Her throat just couldn't expand enough, couldn't relax enough, for her to get more prickmeat. She let one hand slip down between her legs. Pushing her skirt up, Christina rubbed her middle finger against her clit. Her pink panties, she found, were already wet with her cunt juices. Damn, she was ready for fucking!

"Take my cock down, you bitch! Take all of my cock!"

The words sounded foreign to her. Will would never talk so dirty to her. But then again, she would never suck Will's cock at night in Boston Commons either. Maybe that was why he was fucking around, Christina thought.

As she sucked now less feverishly than before, she tried to recall a time in their marriage when they hadn't fucked in bed. She couldn't. The only time Will had made a pass at her when they were in the dining room, Christina had denied him -- even said, in so many words, that she thought he was something of a pervert for wanting to fuck on the floor. But now she was on her knees, playing with her hot clit while whipping her mouth back and forth over a stranger's cock.

When Christina felt two strong hands, swirling her silky hair around, she snapped back to the reality of the present and forgot about Will. She'd worry about him later. Right now, she had a cock throbbing massively in her mouth and some old guy churning his hips slowly back and forth. Christina kept her head still, and Bob quickly figured out what he was supposed to do -- fuck her face just like it was a pussy.

"All the way down your throat, damn it," he hissed, grabbing two handfuls of Christina's dark hair and jerking it toward his waist as he pushed his cock at her.

"Uggghhhhh!" Christina groaned as she felt the bullet-like crown of Bob's prick slam against the back of her throat. But he kept pushing his prick at her and jerked harder on her hair. The next thing Christina knew, her lips were wrapped tightly around the root of Bob's cock, and prickhead that she was sure would never fit in her throat was cutting off her breath. Christina felt every agonizing inch of Bob's prick pulse in her mouth. She felt the cockhead, round and smooth, stretch out her throat. Her head stung from his grip on her hair, but that was the least of her worries. The middle-aged man who was afraid that he couldn't get a hard-on was now viciously stabbing at her throat with his cock!

When Bob pulled back, releasing his cockhead from her throat, Christina got a quick lungful of air, drawing the air in through her nose. And one breath of air was all Christina got, because a moment later, Bob jerked her head against his cock as he plowed down her throat. Christina squeezed her lips tightly around his driving cockshaft, wanting to give his prick more stimulation than it could handle. She wanted a mouthful of juicy cum! She consciously relaxed the muscles in her throat, and the next thing she knew, she was taking Bob's prick down her throat without any problem at all.

"OOOOOQ! Fucking cocksucker!" Bob gasped, tossing his head back. His fat cockhead buried itself into Christina's throat.

Christina was rubbing her clit like crazy, pressing the flat of her hand between her legs. Her other hand was busy squeezing her more than ample tits, first one -- then the other -- working the nipples into tingling buds of hardness. Her lips pulled out and her cheeks sunk in as Bob pulled his cock from her mouth, then her lips puckered and her cheeks puffed out visibly from the massive girth of the cockflesh he pushed into her.

"I can't take it! I'm gonna... I'm commiiinng!" Bob screamed his voice sounding strong and clear in the warm evening air.

Though he couldn't see them, the dozen or so people in the Commons all turned toward him. They could vaguely make out the form of someone on her knees in front of someone, else who was standing up. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on.

His prick drove powerfully past Christina's tightly clutching lips, his cockhead smashing against the back of her mouth before driving down her throat. Christina's nose was buried in the curly hair above Bob's cock and she whimpered with delight, her body sizzling as her clit got hotter and hotter. Bob's fat balls, full of cum, slapped against her chin, and if she could have, Christina would have smiled. The next time she got Will's prick in her mouth, she'd have a little surprise for him.

"Abhhhhhhhh!" Bob screamed again as pressure built on pressure. Then the dam broke, the floodgates opened, and salty jism exploded from Bob's balls. Still holding Christina by the hair, he pounded into her, and the throat-stretching thickness of his cockhead made her squirm. With his prick fully, completely buried in her warm mouth and throat, his first blast of cum burst from his cocktip.

Christina sensed his eruption of cum rather than tasted his jism. And then Bob reared back so that Christina's hungry lips could swallow his throbbing cock knob and his second jet of salty-tasting, creamy cum. The blast splashed over Christina's tongue, and she moaned, almost crying in ecstasy. She swallowed his cum greedily, hardly having time to get his jism into her belly before Bob thrust his prick into her tight throat again.

"Suck it! Suck my cock! Suck my prick!" Bob chanted, watching his glistening prick disappear between Christina's lips. He was amazed that she could take his cockmeat all the way down her throat -- amazed that such a beautiful woman would crave his prick so much. All in all, he concluded, Christina was a pretty amazing woman.

Christina felt him release her hair, and she began sucking his cock on her own, taking his cockpole deep into her mouth. The blasts of hot cum slowed, then stopped altogether. But not before Bob's nuts had given her a mouthful of fuck-cream. Christina felt his cock twitch and begin to shrink between her lips, and she groaned sadly.

For all his early hesitation, Bob hadn't been a bad man to start her lusty campaign with. Still keeping his prickhead between her full lips, Christina gulped down his cum and sucked his prick until his cockshaft was soft and clean. Finally, she let his prick staff slip from her lips tender embrace, and she looked up at her lover.

"Well, how was my cocksucking?"

"Fantastic! I've never known anyone who could suck cock so good!" Bob slumped against a tree weakly, his knees suddenly threatening to buckle. "I think you sucked the very life right out of me and my prick."

"Come on, I'm not that good," Christina said, getting to her feet.

She looked at Bob and frowned. He looked almost green. Maybe he wasn't in as good shape as she had earlier supposed.

"We'd better go for a walk. You never can tell if someone called the cops. Besides, a good walk will restore your energies and then you can fuck me."

Bob looked at her incredulously. His face was a mask of sheer horror. "Are you out of your mind?" he asked, stepping farther away from her and pulling up his pants at the same time. "Are you trying to kill me? Is that it? You get your kicks from working over old men like me! You suck the life out of their bodies, and you work them over until they have a heart attack. That's it, isn't it?"

Christina looked at the poor, frightened old bastard. He had never come across a horny woman quite like her before. With her hands on her hips and a strange, condescending smile on her lips, she shook her head.

"Go on, little man. Run home to the wifey. And next time you cuddle up to that fat body of hers, you think about me and what you passed up."

Bob walked home on weak legs, stumbling occasionally. Christina watched him go, mildly amused at how weak he was. Yes, indeed, Christina thought, you've got a knack for blow-jobs, old girl. You've got the knack!

In the distance, Christina could see a couple kids -- boys in their teens -- moving closer. Time to make a hasty escape and figure out what the fuck to do about the incessant itching in her cunt, Christina decided.

Chapter THREE

The bar was a tacky little joint in the Beacon Hill section of Boston. The brick streets were so narrow, there was not even enough room for cars to pass each other. And all the buildings in the area were anywhere from 130 to 200 years old.

Christina sat at the bar, rather than one of the quaint tables, and ordered a gin martini. She lit a cigarette and smiled at the bartender when he gave her the drink.

"Where the hell does a girl find some action around here?" she asked, her eyes holding a hint of mischief in them.

"I'm not altogether sure I know what you mean," the bartender replied.

He was in his middle forties and had been a bartender most of his adult life. He had seen just about everything, but a woman as good-looking as Christina looking for action was something way the hell out of the ordinary.

"If you're looking, for a little rock and roll with the lights out, I'm up for the taking," he said.

Christina eyed the man. He had a slight pot belly, but that didn't bother her. The bartender seemed educated, even if he did work in a small bar that didn't have a lot of customers. You never can tell who does and who doesn't have an education, she thought.

"Yeah, I think I tan handle that easy enough." Her eyes met the bartender's. They both knew fucking the night away was in their future. "When do you get off?"

"I can get off on you," he said with a leer, "but I have to work until two. That's when the bar closes."

Christina glanced at her watch. It was a little past midnight. What the hell? Why not drink for awhile before getting some hard cock shoved into her cunt?

By two, Christina was drunk. The bartender, afraid that she might suddenly back down on her part of the deal, kept making her martinis stronger and stronger. By the end of the evening, Christina was virtually drinking straight gin.

"By the way," the bartender said, openly staring at Christina's massive tits, "my name's Tony. Tony's the name."

"Darling. You can call me darling." Christina giggled at her own joke and downed what remained of her drink. It was nearly two, and Tony was already putting the chairs on the tables and chasing out the customers.

"Come on," Tony said after the last of the customers had left. "I've got a friend I want you to meet." He grabbed his cock through his pants, motioning for Christina to go outside. Christina, drunk, didn't realize that Tony's friend was actually his cock.

"Are we going to get in a three-way?" she asked, her tongue feeling thick. "Oh, no, I'm afraid I've gotten drunk. Isn't that something? Funny how things like that seem to make me more hornier."

She put her arm around Tony's waist as they walked down the dimly lit street. He put his arm around her shoulders, his hand dangling very close to her pleasantly plump tit.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to fuck your eyes out."

"They say love is blind," Christina replied, then started laughing again. Somehow she just couldn't take Tony seriously. After Bob had turned into a complete dud, except, of course, for the bellyful of hot jizz he had provided, Christina just couldn't take anything seriously. If Tony turned out to be a dynamite fucker, then she'd see him again. And if he turned out to be a bum fuck, well, that wouldn't hurt her, anyway.

Tony let his fingers graze Christina's tit, and when Christina didn't make any move to stop him, he boldly cupped her heavy, firm tit mound. Even through her blouse and bra, Tony could feel Christina's hard nipple pressing out. Never before had he felt a tit as large and firm as Christina's.

He, too, had had more than a couple drinks. He had convinced himself they were only to calm his jagged nerves so Christina wouldn't know how nervous he was. And now his mind in a pleasant buzz from the booze, he was ready for fucking.

Christina felt him squeeze her tit and fondle her hard nipple. Instantly, she wanted to fuck. To fuck immediately. She turned to Tony and moved closer. She wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck and pressed her fat tits against his chest, driving Tony mad with lust.

He pushed her back into a doorway where it was dark and secluded from any traffic that might come by. Christina didn't protest. A little foreplay in the streets wasn't so bad, she decided. Not many hours earlier, she had sucked an old fart's cock in the Commons, why not do a little necking in Beacon Hill?

"You're somethin' else," Tony hissed, pressing his body against Christina's. He felt her tits mash against his chest, felt Christina rub her pussy against his throbbing cock. Tony pressed his lips down on Christina's, his tongue searching, frisking, playing in her mouth. Both their tongues darted, playing a silly, passionate, lusty game. Tony's hands slithered between their bodies, cupping a tit in one hand while unbuttoning Christina's blouse with the other.

"Yessssssssss!" Christina said as Tony buttoned her blouse and started kissing her neck. The clasp of her bra was between the cups, and after Tony's trembling hands proved too clumsy to unhook it, Christina helped him along by unfastening it herself. A moment later, her tits -- all thirty-eight inches of them -- popped into view, drawing a gasp of absolute erotic delight from Tony.

"Ho-lee-shit!" he gasped then buried his face in the milky smooth tit-flesh. Tony inhaled deeply and drank in the sweet fragrance of her perfumed tits. He wanted Christina. He wanted her more than anything in the world. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything.

"Ooohhhh!" Tony groaned as his hungry lips captured Christina's large pink nipple. The nipple, engorged with lust, stood out solidly in the middle of the pliant titflesh. Tony almost cried he was so happy. Many times he had watched the guys picking up girls in the bar. Sometimes he even managed to get a date with one customer or another, but nothing like this ever happened to him before.

Tony reached between Christina's legs, and she spread them for him, closing her eyes and sighing with pleasure.

"That's it, baby," Christina whispered, her tongue flicking out to graze Tony's ear. "I like a man who doesn't pussy-foot around. Just let me know what you want."

"I want you, damn I want all of you!"

Tony pushed Christina's skirt up higher and grabbed her panties. She felt the tug, heard the soft ripping sound as they were torn from her body, then felt the cool evening air against her dewy cunt. When she told Tony that she didn't like her men to pussy foot around, she never thought he would take it this literally!

"Damn! You're so fucking hot already! I've got to fuck you!"

Tony's prick slid smoothly over her tongue, pushing out her cheeks, stretching and contorting her features.

"Uhhh!" she gasped at the sudden invasion of prickflesh into her mouth. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned tightening her lips around his charging, throbbing cock.

Tony frantically pounded his prick into Christina's mouth. He held her head still and jerked his prick back and forth between her lips, forcefully fucking her beautiful face. And then, just as soon as his cock was quivering and wet with her spit, he pulled his prickmeat from her mouth and grabbed her under the arms, raising Christina to her feet.

"Come on, let me stick my cock in you!"

"Yesssssss!" Christina purred, hooking her arms around Tony's neck. She raised one leg and wrapped it around Tony's waist, sort of hitting his ass with her heel to spur him on. That left her standing unsteadily on one foot, and her high-heeled shoe wasn't the easiest thing to balance on.

Tony slipped his hands under Christina's skirt, his fingers digging into the firm flesh of her ass. He held her up slightly, then drove his slick cock at her wet cunt. His cockhead hit her thigh and slid along it, missing her cunt. Christina dropped a hand and grabbed his cockmeat, and the cylinder of pulsating prickflesh shuddered. She aimed his cockhead at her pussy and whispered, "Now!"

Tony groaned, like an animal. He stabbed at Christina's pussy, and his prick found her cunt. His cockhead punched between her cuntlips and sank full length between her cunt walls, being gently massaged as it invaded her hot pussy.

Tony plastered his lips against Christina's, and she sucked on the tongue he offered. She felt every wonderful inch of his prick -- particularly his cockhead -- as he pounded his cockshaft into her cunt. Her head bounced uncomfortably against the marble wall of the building behind her, and her hip struck the unyielding surface painfully hard, driving right up her cunt, sliding over her clit with enough friction to bring tier to a wrenching orgasm.

It was time. That was all she needed. Just enough time to have Tony slide his cock into her cunt maybe twenty or thirty times, and she would come. She would come and come and come. Christina was ready for it, waiting with anticipation as she closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations her clit was sending through her body.

But what she wanted and what she got were two entirely different things. Christina's dark hair glistened in the pale streetlight, and that, more than anything else, caught the policeman's attention. He and his partner were just cruising the Beacon Hill section of town, looking for rich old fools who had drunk too much and didn't have the sense to call a cab.

"See that?" the cop said to his young partner who drove the squad car.


"Over there. In the doorway. Looked like hair. Long hair. Woman's hair, maybe." The policeman unsnapped the safety strap holding his magnum revolver in its holster. "Kill the lights. Might be a rape."

The patrolman punched the light switch and turned the car in the right direction, moving slowly up the street with the perfectly-tuned engine humming softly.

Christina was oblivious to anything but her cunt and the thrusting cock inside it. The cops were almost on top of her and Tony before she saw them and shrieked, pushing Tony away. But he struggled with her, unaware of the cops. He grabbed her ass to skewer his prick back into her hot, clasping pussy.

"Don't!" Christina gasped, hitting Tony with the side of her tiny fist. "Get away!"

"Freeze, buddy!" the cop shouted, dropping down to one knee behind the squad car, leveling his awesome revolver at Tony's chest. "Step away from the lady, and you won't get hurt."

Tony turned, his cock standing out from his body, dripping with cunt juice. He found himself staring down the working end of two police revolvers. He jerked his pants up and, as be was doing that, he was shoved against the wall by the patrolman who had been driving, while the other cop rubbed the side of his head with a long nightstick.

"Are you all right, lady?" the cop with the nightstick asked, assuming that this was a rape. "Everything's going to be just fine."

Chapter FOUR

It took some fast talking on Tony's part, but he finally convinced the cops that he wasn't raping Christina. They were suspicious, though. On the ground near his feet were her torn panties. Even though Christina pleaded with them, saying she wanted to fuck Tony, they thought that she might be just too afraid to speak out against him. Finally Tony was allowed to leave.

"Why can't I leave, too?" Christina asked, now completely sober from the combination of fear and lust. She tried to think what Will would say if she were arrested on a charge of fornicating in public. Fucking in public. The thought was to say the least, sobering.

"I don't like your kind around here," the cop said, his eyes on Christina's tits, "Hookers and Beacon Hill just don't go together. We've got the Combat Zone for that sort of thing."

"Sir, I'm not a prostitute!"

"Sure, lady. Sure. And I'm not a cop."

The older cop's patience was wearing than, and his lust was rising. What if she really was just a horny stewardess, as she claimed to be? Damn it all, would he love to fuck her!

"So why don't you just turn around and put your hands behind your back?"

Christina protested more loudly than before, and then she was being pressed against the brick building, her hard nipples rubbing painfully against the rough surface as her arms were yanked behind her back. She felt the cold steel handcuffs being secured around her wrists, heard the clanking sound as the cuffs locked tight.

The policeman spun Christina around so she faced him and his partner.

"Say, you're one hot number," he said, his eyes running up and down Christina's body. "I never had a cunt quite like you in my life."

"What's going on?" Christina asked, now more annoyed than scared.

It had become fairly obvious that the cops had no intention of arresting her. It was pretty clear that both men had hard-ons that bulged their blue pants out. Christina's eyes caught everything all at once. Their guns. Their uniforms. Their growing pricks inside their pants. The steel handcuffs securely holding her hands behind her back. She was entirely defenseless. There wasn't a fucking thing she could do to stop the men, whatever their plans were. Vaguely, she wondered if they would want to fuck her virgin ass. The notion of it sent a cold shiver through her body.

"I think you know what's going on," the older cop said, calmly reaching out to grab Christina's tit and give it a little squeeze. "Nice tits. I wonder what they look like."

"We'd better get her in the car, Pete," the other patrolman said, standing behind his partner. "What if someone drives by?"

"Then we arrest them," Pete said over his shoulder. He touched the side of Christina's face lightly with his fingertips, "What's your name?"


"Well, Christina, why don't you get in the car. I'm sure you'll find cooperation much better than fighting. I always win. I always get what I want."

Christina looked into the policeman's eyes. She believed every word he said. There was something special about him -- something that she couldn't quite name -- that told her he could and did get whatever he wanted. He struck her as a man who was capable of many things... perhaps anything. With a shrug of resignation, knowing that she was going to get fucked by him, maybe by his buddy too, she got in the squad car. She didn't much care. Hell, she wanted to come, and Christina wasn't particularly interested in whose cock it was that drove her mad with desire.

Pete got in the back seat with Christina, and the squad car cruised down the street.

"Find someplace nice and deserted," he said, then turned to Christina. He put one arm around her shoulders and the other on her tit. "Okay, baby, let's find out how sweet those lips of yours really taste."

Christina let Pete kiss her. What choice did she have? But she wasn't in the least bit aroused by it. Something about having her hands cuffed behind her back took the eroticism out of kissing. And when the cop tried to slip his tongue between her full lips into her mouth, she resisted him.

"So, you don't like it easy, eh? There are other ways of opening your mouth."

Pete slipped to the other side of the squad car and jerked his cock out of his pants. He looked at Christina then, his eyes holding an evil glint in them.

"Come on, baby! I want some head."

"No, please, I'm sorry for what I was doing in the street. Just take these cuffs off and I'll..."

Christina was going to tell Pete that she would gladly do whatever he asked if only he'd take the cuffs off, but she never got the chance. The sergeant grabbed her by the hair and jerked her face over to his hard prick. Then he put his hands on the back of her head and pushed down. Christina opened, her mouth wide and his fat cockhead slithered between her lips, slamming against the back of her mouth before plugging her throat.

"Arrrgghhhh!" Pete groaned, feeling the hot, moist mouth completely envelop his cock. He held Christina's head down, keeping his cockhead deep in her throat with her teeth gnawing lightly on the root of his prickshaft.

Christina pulled up as soon as he let her. If he had held her down much longer, she would have passed out from lack of oxygen. But then she was bobbing comfortably on his cockpole, pulling up to graze his cock knob with her teeth before sinking down, taking his cock deep in her mouth. Pete reached around.

Christina's body and began untucking her blouse. Once that was accomplished, he unbuttoned it and unfastened her bra, baring her incredible tits.

"You'd better find someplace quick," he told the other patrolman. "This little lady does wonders with a cock in her mouth."

The poor patrolman, whose cock was hard and aching in the tight confines of his pants, was driving as fast as he dared, headed for the warehouse district of Boston. There wouldn't be anyone to see them there, and if they should find someone, they could chase him away. It would be simple and safe. A nice place to fuck the hell out of a gorgeous captive.

Christina was twisted on her side in the back seat with her left shoulder against the cop's hip. She bobbed her face with increasing speed over his hard cock. Her tongue worked feverishly on the shaft of his prick, rolling his cockmeat around in her mouth, sending cold and hot shivers through Pete's body. Her lipstick had been smeared off on Tony's cock long ago, but her lips still showed red against the pale color of the horny cop's cock.

Christina felt the car come to a stop. Now she would have two of them to handle. Did that mean she would come twice as hard? She wondered what had happened to her complacent life. In one day she had not only discovered the joys and frustrations of cheating on Will, but she would have done it with four different men.

Fuck it! Christina thought. I wanted cock and, damn it, that's exactly what I'm getting!

The patrolman opened the back door, and Christina's slender, tapered legs emerged. He grabbed one ankle and raised it, spreading Christina's legs. There, at the juncture of her thighs, he found her dark-haired cunt with the swollen pink cuntlips. His eyes devoured her pussy. The dark nylons stopped at the tops of her thighs, and then there was her pussy. He couldn't imagine anything looking more scrumptious.

Christina twisted a little more in the seat, giving the patrolman more room. She fought a little against the handcuffs, wishing they weren't biting into her soft skin quite so much, then decided that fighting wouldn't do her a damn bit of good, so why do it? She was almost on her back now and sucking cock was difficult. As she bobbed her head down, Pete's cockhead slipped between her teeth and cheek, causing the side of her face to swell out massively. Pete saw her cock-filled mouth and enjoyed the sight. Such a beautiful woman with her face all distorted from his heavy, lust hardened cock. Nothing could be better!

The patrolman got on his knees on the gritty, tarred parking lot and pushed Christina's skirt up higher. Then, looking up her body to see her tits, huge and firm, he began kissing his way up her legs. The softness of the silk nylons felt wonderful on his lips, and as he slowly moved closer and closer to his target -- Christina's tasty cunt -- he began catching the strange yet familiar scent of pussy juice. As he kissed her thigh, leaning into the car more, he unzipped his pants and brought his prick out to gently stroke his cockshaft while he ate cunt.

Christina was sucking harder on Pete's cockhead now. She could feel the other cop's lips edging ever closer to her cunt, and the anticipation of his tongue finally digging into her sweet pussy spurred her on. Her tits tingled as Pete rolled her nipples between his fingers. She wanted to stroke the fat prick in her mouth, and wished once again that she didn't have the damn handcuffs on. They were so unnecessary!

When the patrolman's tongue finally connected with her pussy, it shocked Christina. She jerked involuntarily, then began writhing in the back seat of the squad car. Lashing out with her tongue to whip Pete's throbbing cockhead in the most erotic way. Christina, her silky hair spilling onto Pete's lap, let his cock pop out of her mouth, and she licked his prickshaft, curling her tongue around his cockmeat as far as she could, whimpering softly as her cunt juices were being greedily lapped up by the patrolman.

"Ohhhh! Eat me! Eat my cunt, you bastard!"

"Call me a bastard? Why you bitch!" the patrolman hissed in mock fury. And then he was eating her pussy more urgently than ever, shoving his tongue deep inside her cunt, pulling up, and dragging his tongue through her pussyslit until he reached her tilt.

He caught the red bud between his lips and nibbled softly, knowing he was driving Christina wild with lust when he felt her squirm. She squeezed her legs together, trapping the patrolman's head between her thighs, and he groaned and pushed her legs apart again. Nothing was going to stop him from eating Christina's cunt mull she begged him to fuck her.

Pete twisted Christina's head so that she could take his cock into her mouth again, and she squealed in protest. He didn't give a flying fuck whether she protested or not. Getting his aching cock back into the wet warmth of her mouth was all he was concerned about. True to his word, he always, got what he wanted. Always. No exceptions. Always.

She felt a slight pain in her neck, for he had twisted her head so far that her chin nearly touched her shoulder. But Christina was happy to have his pulsing cockhead between her lips. She chewed on his cockmeat, rubbing her tongue against his huge prickhead, trying to worm her tongue into the tiny slit at the cock's tip. She salivated heavily, and spit welled up at the corners of her mouth before trickling slowly down the shaft of his wet prick mingling into the blue cloth of Pete's pants.

"Come on, let's fuck this bitch!" he hissed, grabbing Christina's hair and pulling her mouth off his prick. "I've got seniority, so I'm fucking her first."

The patrolman thought of arguing -- after all, it wasn't exactly like they were performing an official police action, so what did rank have to do with anything? -- but then he thought better of it. Getting Pete angry with him could bring unsettling consequences. What the hell? If the older man made too big a mess in Christina's cunt, he could always fuck her ass or make her suck his cock until he shot his cum in her mouth.

Christina was rolled onto her back and Pete got out of the car, then re-entered through the other door, sliding between her upraised knees. He grabbed her big tits and squeezed them, causing her nipples to stand up even more. He sucked on them for a moment before moving higher on Christina's body so his rigid cock was poised and ready near her pussy.

Pete's gun, still in his holster, scraped against Christina's thigh. She felt a run in her nylon start, then spread down her straining thigh and finally spread wide to expose her cunt. Pete looked at Christina, and she saw in his eyes nothing but lust and determination. She looked up at him and smiled. Sure, he was getting what he wanted, but she, too, was getting what she desired. The only problem was those damn handcuffs. Now, with her hands under the small of her back, they were more uncomfortable for her than ever before.

"Fuck me, mister po-leese-man!" Christina taunted, her eyes ablaze with lust. "Let me feel that hard cock go right through me!"

The cop groaned, aiming his cock, and thrust. It was a vicious move. He didn't slowly insert his prick, sliding back and forth, moving cockflesh into her cunt inch by inch. He just stabbed his prick into her, impaling her clutching pussylips until they squeezed his cock shaft exactly the way he wanted them to.

"Hot! Damn fucking hot pussy!" Pete groaned, more for the patrolman's benefit than for Christina's. He ground his hips against her pelvis, his cock quivering inside her hot pussy, then pulled back and stabbed into her cunt again, even harder than the first time.

"Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!" Christina wailed, gritting her teeth against the thrills passing through her body.

She wished she could move, but with the cuffs holding her hands under her back, and the cop pushing her knees near her tits, she could do nothing at all. Except, of course, enjoy his hard, driving cock as it thrust into her juicy cunt time and time again.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Pete groaned, pushing his cock deep into Christina's fuckhole. He felt her hairy cuntlips clinging to his driving cockmeat, felt her pussy muscles kneading his shaft and cockhead, felt his balls tingle.

He looked in Christina's dark brown eyes and saw in them a strange kind of innocence. They were the kind of eyes that would keep their innocence even in the multi-orgasmic throes of an all-night orgy. Pete had never seen eyes quite like that before.

"Yesssssss!" Christina purred, wiggling her ass as best she could. His pounding cock was driving her wild, and squishing noises could be heard from the violent insertion of cock into cunt.

Pete felt his balls begin to itch, the sensations no longer a mere tingle. He tossed his muscular hips up and down, driving his throbbing shaft of lust-hardened cockmeat deep into her cunt. His eyes squeezed shut, and his breath came in ragged, desperate gulps.

"Give your prick to me!" Christina urged, balling her hands into tiny fists under her back. "Give me your cum! I want it!"

"Ahhhh! Fuuuuuck! I'm cuuumming!" Pete screamed. His body convulsed as his balls took control of his senses. He couldn't have stopped fucking them even if someone had put a gun to his head, threatening to blow his brains out unless he pulled his cock out of Christina's cunt.

His mind went fuzzy as the cum welled up in his balls. He stabbed Christina's cunt faster, his pulsating cockhead throbbing -- expanding and contracting in Christina's juicy cunt. And then his balls exploded. The hot, white cum erupted from his nuts and shot through the length of his driving cockshaft before being pumped into Christina's pussy. The blasts of jism continued, one after another each only slightly less powerful than the one before it.

Christina felt her cunt being deluged with cum, and she, too, lost control of her senses. Her clit, alive with desire and sizzling hot, exploded like a tiny bomb, sending her into sexual oblivion. She kicked her legs out, nearly pushing Pete off her and accidentally caught the patrolman who was standing at the side of the car. The toe of her shoe smashed into his cheek, sending him reeling backward. He held his face and howled in pain.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Pete grunted with each explosion of his cum into Christina's pussy. He gave her every rich drop of his thick fuck cream, then slumped down on her body, his badge sticking into her plump tit. Christina wiggled a little and he moved just enough to spare her tit more pain.

"Okay, partner," the patrolman said, still holding his cheek. "It's my turn now. That fucking bitch kicked me!"

"You deserved it," Pete said weakly, feeling his cock get small inside Christina's cum soaked pussy. "What the hell did you think this was? A fucking peep show?"

There was more bantering between the older cop and his partner, and Christina was sort of happy for it because it gave her a chance to catch her breath. Her orgasm, strong and all consuming, had taken all the energy out of her. But there was still one more man to be serviced. One big cock with two nuts that had a full load of cum in them. And that man wanted Christina to do something about it -- whether she wanted to or not.

"You're both bastards," Christina murmured as Pete got out of the car. She felt the cum inside her pussy warming her. The glow in her cunt was comforting, like a reward for a job well done.

The patrolman grabbed Christina by the ankles and pulled her out of the car. Only her hands, still cuffed behind her back, cushioned her fall as she hit the rough surface of the parking lot.

"Ouch! What the hell are you trying to do, break, my ass?"

"Use your mouth on this, cocksucker!" the patrolman said, stabbing his cock between Christina's lips. He pushed into her, watching her cheeks bulge out with the immensity of his prick. After thrashing back and forth, fucking Christina's clutching lips with a vengeance, the patrolman grabbed her two hard nipples and pulled up on them.

"Ouch! You're hurting me!" Christina complained as he pulled her tits.

She scrambled to get her feet under her before that fucking patrolman pulled her nipples clean off! Finally she was on her feet, standing unsteadily before a mean-looking man in his middle twenties and a rather tired looking older cop. Christina despised the patrolman. He wasn't much taller than her, probably just making the minimum-height requirement for cops in Boston.

"You've kicked me, and you've insulted me," the patrolman said, his voice dripping with venom. "Now you're going to pay for that. Nobody does that to me and gets away with it."

He pushed Christina's blouse and bra down her arms so the material was bunched at her wrists and her huge tits were completely exposed. Christina's skin had fallen back in place and her cunt filled with her own juices and Pete's cum, was concealed.

"You're a madman!"

"Yes, that's probably true," the patrolman replied, his voice suddenly very calm, very self-assured. "But what's that got to do with anything? You can't do anything to stop me -- or can anyone else for that matter."

"What?" Christina gasped, knowing that the patrolman wanted to fuck her virgin ass. "Hey, after what I've done for you, are you going to let him kill me?" She looked over at Pete.

"Hey, he's your problem, not mine," Pete replied. Then he took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and went for a walk. What the patrolman did with a prisoner wasn't his concern. Hell, he had fucked the bitch, so what further use did he have for Christina?

The patrolman moved Christina to the back of the car and pushed her over so her tits flattened against the trunk. Then, as she pressed her cheek against the cold metal and prepared for the worst, she felt the muzzle of a police revolver touch her temple and heard the hammer click softly as it was thumbed back.

"Not a word," the patrolman said softly. "Not one fucking sound. Got it?"


"Okay, babydoll, here we go then," the patrolman said with a chuckle, rubbing the spit-slick head of his cock against Christina's puckered asshole, still keeping his cold gun against his victim's head.

He pushed, and her virgin asshole resisted his prick's entry. The cop pushed harder, hearing a quiet, painful groan coming from Christina. He liked that. She had hurt him, and now he was going to hurt her.

"You'll kill me if you fuck me in the ass," Christina said through gritted teeth.

"Too fucking bad!"

The cop reared back and stabbed at her asshole again. This time the tight ring of muscle gave way to his hardened cockflesh, and the fat head of his cock burst into Christina's asshole, making her pull her head up and twitch all over. The pain in her ass shot all through her body, just the same way the pleasure waves coming from her clit had gone clean through her body. But there was a difference between the two feelings -- one was pleasure and one was pain. It was a hell of a difference.

"You're killing meeee!" Christina sobbed, fearing that her ass was, quite literally, being split in two. Her knees went weak but, being flopped over the trunk of the squad car as she was, Christina wasn't even able to fall to the ground.

The patrolman watched his prick drive between the milky orbs of his captive's ass, saw how her asshole expanded to take his prick. He watched her tiny hands, cuffed at the wrist, open and close, open and close in response to the pain she was feeling in her ass. He pulled back, saw the ridge of his cockhead escape her ass, then plowed his prickshaft forcefully into her again. His hands pried her asscheeks farther apart so he could see better the destruction his cock was doing.

Damn, how he loved fucking virgin assholes! It made him feel so powerful -- all powerful.

Christina's eyes fluttered, and she was only partially conscious as the patrolman fucked her ass. She wished that she could pass out and be completely unaware of the awful pounding prick that invaded her ass and sent shock waves of agony through her body. Her asshole was being violated by a huge, angry cock. She could feel his big prick even in her fuzzy, half-conscious state.

"Ahhhh! Fucking bitch!" the patrolman screamed as his cum flooded Christina's asshole. He thrust into her ass again as his thick fuck-cream spewed from his balls directly up her ass. He continued to scream his contempt for her.

When the patrolman's jism had been spent in Christina's asshole, he unlocked the handcuffs and let her slide to the ground near the tire of his squad car. He checked to make sure that he wouldn't run over her when he and Pete drove away, then looked for his partner.

"Are you about ready now?" Pete asked, his voice thick with sarcasm.

"Quite ready."

"Then let's get the fuck out of here." Pete paused a moment to look at the woman on the ground. She had fallen on her side, her hands still behind her back with the blouse and bra bunched loosely at her wrists. Her skirt was still pulled up around her waist with her dark haired cunt exposed. Pete could see a small amount of his cum -- thick white blobs amidst her dark pussy hair -- and a strange smirk curled his lips. He looked at her heavenly tits, massive in size and incredible in their firmness. On her side, Christina's tits rested one on top of the other, the nipples soft now in the centers of the darker areolas.

"Sorry," Pete said softy, then got in the car and ordered the patrolman to drive the fuck away before anyone saw them.

Chapter FIVE

It felt good. Great, actually. Great to be back in her own shower with hot water washing away all her cares. Christina had been a wreck on the flight back to her home town. But now she had the afternoon off, and she was going to totally enjoy herself and not do one fucking thing constructive.

As she soaped her fat tits, noticing with indifference that her nipples had gotten hard, Christina tried to recall all the strange things that had happened in Boston. Yes, it all came back to her, and she felt a twinge of pain in her ass.

The pain was psychosomatic and acted as a reminder of that vicious patrolman and how he brutally raped her ass. But through it all she had some fond memories. Memories of the way she came when the older cop was fucking her, and she was trapped, knees pushed against her upper body, hands secured behind her back -- completely vulnerable. There was something special about the incident. Something dangerous, devilish and terribly erotic.

What was it that made her remember the scene with horror and fondness? Was it the handcuffs? Was that it? Or was it the exhibitionism of it all? The possibility of getting caught? Christina thought of the special thrill she felt as she sucked Bob's cock in Boston Commons, knowing at any minute that someone could walk up and catch them.

What was it that thrilled her so much? She started to finger her tit absently, just because she thought about the evening in Boston.

Christina started working the New York flights, but she wasn't in the mood for fucking around, so she stayed with stewardesses from other airlines and made a point of telling any man who got near that she was quite happily married and not in the least bit interested in anyone else.

But a week later, the juices in Christina started flowing again, those lusty juices that started at her cunt and seeped into her mind until she stared at the crotch of any good looking man around. Will had been particularly busy at the hospital -- or so he said -- and Christina really didn't see much of him. And that, she decided, was okay for now. She wasn't ready to spill the beans about watching Betty suck his cock yet. Not just yet.

Christina didn't have to work on that Wednesday afternoon and she was happy about it. She grabbed her swim suit -- a blue bikini made of thin material that barely covered her huge tits and pleasantly rounded ass -- sunglasses, towel and tanning lotion. She would spend the day at the beach. She knew of a spot where, secluded from the main public beach, she could walk down a narrow trail through the trees and be by herself.

Christina parked the car, pausing for a moment to look at the crowded beach. There were fifty or so kids running in the sand, playing to their heart's content. And the parents, most of them on towels with coolers nearby, watched with disinterest.

She grabbed her towel in which her bikini and lotion were secured, then headed for her special spot where she often went to tan. As a child, she had gone there often, skinny dipping with her girlfriends and talking about growing up, and what it would be like. The Prince Charmings of their dreams most assuredly had changed drastically since those days, and that brought a slight smile to the stewardess' lips.

Prince Charming. Christina figured the handsome and romantic figure of yesteryear would probably be a fag in the Eighties. Somewhere along the line, Christina had grudgingly changed from an idealist to a realist. She wasn't particularly happy about that.

Christina was pleased to find that in her little clearing, where the grass had been trampled down by young couples necking, there was nobody to disturb her peace and quiet. On the lake, there were several boats speeding by with skiers behind them, and she wondered if they could see her. Probably not, she decided, and with that, she grabbed the bottom of her light pull-over shirt and brought it over her head, next her bra came off, and she stood there for a moment, watching the boats and feeling the sun warm her tits. Finally kicking off her shoes and wiggling out of her fashionably tight jeans, Christina once again stood facing the lake, completely exposed to anyone who might be lucky enough to look in her direction.

Soon the game became a bore and she put on her bikini, spread out her blanket and lay down. Christina spread the tanning oil over her arms, shoulders, belly and legs and was, within minutes, sleeping soundly.

His name was Curt, and he had, in his self-pitying way, considered himself the unluckiest boy in the world. Girls his age just didn't pay any attention to him, and even though he spent his week's salary on an evening's date, poor Curt never dated the same girl twice.

Curt had just been rebuffed by a girl and belittled by a boy his age. That was what drove him to walk down the secluded path, seeking comfort in solitude. Then he came upon the sleeping beauty. Her brunette hair splayed out on the blanket like the headdress of a mythological Goddess, and her voluminous tits rose and fell slowly with her shallow breathing. Her flat stomach glistened with oil in the brilliant sunlight, as did her smooth legs. There was a slight swell in her skimpy bikini where her triangular cunt bush was.

His breath caught in his throat. Curt's mouth went dry, and he tried to swallow but couldn't. He felt like a Peeping Tom, and something inside his head warned him to run like hell, but his legs felt like lead.

"Is someone there?" Christina asked calmly, never opening her eyes. She could feel someone's presence near.

"Y-yes, ma'am," Curt replied, wishing his voice didn't crack so whenever he was nervous.

"Good. Make yourself useful, will you, darling? I need lotion on my back now."

Christina rolled over and the frightened boy watched her tits flatten under her body, making her luscious tit-mounds look even larger than before.

"Well, come on then. Don't be slow."

Christina took off her large-lensed sunglasses and cradled her head in her arms. The boy would do quite nicely, she decided, after casting a quick peek in his direction.

Curt was trembling as he straddled Christina's body and then rested lightly on her ass. He expected her to scream and call for help -- maybe even cry rape. This sort of luck just didn't happen to Curt the Unlucky!

"Undo my top," Christina said sleepily, Curt's hands were shaking like crazy as he grabbed the thin strap at Christina's back and unhooked it. Then he pushed the hair away from her neck and untied the knotted string. He grabbed the bottle of tanning lotion and squirted a thick stream on Christina's back, feeling her skin smooth and warm against his hands.

"Yes, that's very nice," Christina purred. "Rub it all in. Yes, very nice."

Curt worked the lotion into the tanned flesh, seeing the slender, pale line across Christina's back where the strap of her bikini normally hid her skin. He worked his hands down her body to the edge of her bikini bottom, but went no farther.

"Do my legs now," Christina said.

When Curt raised himself off her ass and curled his legs beneath him at her side, she spread her legs a little. A tingling of anticipation crept into her cunt. How close to her pussy did the boy dare to go?

Curt started at her calves and worked his way up. The higher he got on her legs, the wider Christina spread them. His breath was now coming hard and fast and his raging stiff prick was straining to pop out of his tight fitting swimming trunks. Curt's hands were on the insides of Christina's thighs, inching dangerously close to her cunt.

Christina was disappointed when she felt Curt's hands go to the very edge of her bikini, but no farther. So the boy didn't have the courage to baldly reach out and fondle her pussy. Oh, well, she figured, time to take the initiative myself.

"That's nice. You've got very gentle hands." Christina rolled over, and the top of her bikini stayed on the blanket, no longer attached to her body by those bothersome clasps and knotted strings. "Now put lotion on my tits. I'm tired of having this damn tanning line over my tits."

As Curt wondered if he had died and gone to a heaven more beautifully erotic than she had ever imagined possible, he began fondling Christina's tits clumsily. She sensed right away that if she did fuck the boy, he'd be a lousy fuck anyway, so why not try something a little different -- a little kinky? She reached between his legs and squeezed his rock-hard cock through his trunks.

"You've got a hard prick," she said, staring into Curt's eyes calmly. "Stand up and take those damn things off!"

Curt got to his feet, closed his eyes in embarrassment, and brought down his trunks. His prick sprang out, big and hard.

Christina looked at his cock. Plenty of size, nicely rounded cockhead, balls young and full of cum.

"Okay," she said, "now I want you to sit on me, just like before, only higher up so I can suck your cock."

Curt did as commanded, his thighs pressing against Christina's tits. She had her hands under her head, fingers entwined, elbows up -- almost as if she were relaxing in her favorite chair after a hard day at the office. Curt's prick quivered above her face, and she looked at it. Her red lipstick glistened sensually. Christina opened her mouth wide, the red ring of her lips stretching, and Curt leaned forward to put the head of his cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, my! My, oh, my, oh! Myohmyohmy!" Curt gasped, letting Christina's lips and tongue go to work on the knob of his cock.

He had never had his cock sucked before, and he could hardly believe that anything could feel quite that great. He pushed more cock into Christina's mouth, expecting her to be angry, or at least to squirm uncomfortably. She did nothing of the sort. In fact, she let out a soft mean of pleasure as his rigid cock, his prickhead spongy and excited, pushed deeper into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Christina moaned. She worked her lips on his veined cock shank, stretching them out, letting them tighten around his cockmeat again, then pulling them inward, toward her mouth. Her tongue slipped almost lazily along the underside of Curt's pulsating prick, gliding with ease to further entice his prick into greater hardness.

Curt pushed farther and felt his cockhead press against the back of Christina's mouth. Not knowing the full extent of her blow-job prowess, he stayed there, letting her suck on his cockmeat, but pushing his prick no farther. The last thing in the world he wanted was to have her get angry with him and suddenly walk away, leaving him with a raging hard prick and nothing to do with his hard-on but jerk off.

When Curt pulled his prick back and up, taking all but his throbbing cockhead from Christina's mouth, she tasted a small drop of cum that oozed from his cocktip. She moaned again, louder than before, and Curt shoved his prick into her mouth again. He began to understand what was expected of him: fuck the brunette's face just like it was a cunt, and everything would be fine! He began sliding his cock ever so gently between Christina's lips, feeling every wonderful flick of her tongue as it rubbed along his cock.

Christina turned her head to the side, and Curt's cock twisted her lips before popping out of her mouth. His first reaction was to apologize, but when Christina unlocked her fingers and squirted tanning lotion between her tits, he knew she wasn't angry.

"Okay, lover boy, I want you to fuck my tits now," Christina said smoothing the oil over her tits and pushing them together. They looked like two hug marshmallows to her. "I've listened to my girlfriends talk about their husbands and how the men want to fuck their tits -- that is, if they've got big enough ones -- and my friends always sound so disgusted. As if letting their husbands fuck their tits was something evil. They tell me the men find it very erotic."

Curt listened to her words, looking down at Christina's mouth and at her tits. The words seemed to come from very far away, and he was absolutely sure that he was dreaming this all up, and now he would awaken and be disappointed to find it was all a dream. He rubbed Christina's belly with his cockhead, seeing a drop of cum at the tip smooth over her skin. Then he pushed his cock farther up. His prickhead was engulfed by her tits, and Curt knew be couldn't control himself much longer. Whether the brunette wanted it or not, be was about to become a fucking machine.

"Fuck my tits!" Christina said in a hoarse voice, seeing his red cockhead peek through her cleavage, pointing at her chin. "Fuck my tits hard!"

Curt braced himself by putting his hands on the ground above her head. Then he started ramrodding his pulsating cock into her milky, firm, tantalizing tits. His balls slid over her body beneath her tits as he fucked with wild intensity. Curt looked down at the gorgeous woman as she pushed her tits tighter around his driving cockmeat. He noticed that her lips weren't as red as they had been earlier, the lipstick now having been rubbed off on his cock. His cock. She had sucked his cock, and now she was begging him to fuck her massive tits. This sort of thing just didn't happen to Curt the Unlucky!

The shiver started somewhere in the vicinity of his toes and worked its way slowly up his legs, jumping an inch or two each time he thrust his throbbing prick between Christina's tits. By the time that shiver, reached his nuts, Curt couldn't think, breathe or even moan. All he was capable of doing at that time was pounding his cock between Christina's tits, and that's exactly, what he did.

When the shiver reached his nuts, they exploded with a force greater than Christina had previously imagined possible. She raised her head and parted her lips, waiting for the first spurts of cum to spew from his cockhead. She expected a strong blast, but not as strong as the one she got. His jism missed her open mouth and splattered against her cheek, hitting her a inch or so below the eye with enough momentum to smack against her cheek, sending droplets of rich cum flying in every direction. His main load of cum continued blasting forward and matted in her luxurious hair.

"Oh!" Christina gasped as his cum hit her. She opened her lips wider, waiting expectantly for the second blast of jism.

When his cockhead reappeared between Christina's tits, a second eruption of sticky fuck-cream arched through the air. The stringy liquid flipped up and struck Christina on the bridge of her nose, running over her open lips and trailing down to her tits.

Curt continued to thrust his spewing cock between her marshmallowy tits as his cum jetted from his red prickhead. When his nuts were finally spent, cum was sticking to Christina's neck and tits, including one long line from her nose to her neck and another running from her cheek into her hair.

Curt got to his feet and looked down at Christina, who seemed to take the greatest delight in scooping the cum off her face with a finger and then licking her finger clean. He couldn't imagine any woman loving the taste of jism that much.

"Thank you, dear boy," Christina said, then winked mischievously. "That was wonderful. I've wondered what that would be like -- to get titty fucked -- and now I know!"

She sensed that he was about to say something -- ask for her phone number or something else equally silly.

"No, don't say anything. I'm married. See." She showed Curt her diamond ring. "Don't say anything. Just remember how great it was, and I'll do the same."

Curt left, walking back down the narrow pathway. When he was gone, it suddenly occurred to Christina that she had just been titty fucked, and the boy who did it had hardly said a word to her. Neither had volunteered giving a name. It seemed strange, particularly with the warm sun on her skin and the puddles of thick cum sticking to her chin and neck. Christina put her sunglasses back on, promising herself to lick the cum off her body shortly, and wound up falling fast asleep.

Chapter SIX

Christina was sleeping when she heard the cackling laughter of young men. They were yelling something, something she couldn't quite hear.

"Come on! Let's see it all!" a young man in his middle twenties shouted. He was in a speedboat with three of his friends. They had spotted Christina sleeping on the blanket with the top half of her bikini off, leaving her tits to get nice and tan.

Christina blinked her eyes, slowly becoming aware of what was happening. She sat up, exposing her tits to their lusty gazes. And there, perhaps sixty feet from the shore, she saw the boys leering at her.

The three men gasped in unison when they finally got a good look at those incredible tits of Christina's. The stewardess just looked at them, making no attempt to hide herself. They had expected her to scream and cover her big tits as soon as she discovered her lack of privacy. But what the men expected and what they got were two different things. Instead of expressing fear and embarrassment, the young brunette stared at then unflinchingly, obviously proud of her more than ample tits.

"Hey, want to ski?" the man behind the wheel of the speedboat asked, holding up a beer can.

"Why not?" Christina shouted back. "Come on closer to shore, and I'll get in."

"Can't do it! Too shallow. We'll get beached!"

"I'll swim out!" Christina grabbed the top of her bikini and started to put it on then noticed the caked and dried cum on her neck and between her tits. The sight of it made a warm flush go through her veins as she remembered watching her tits get fucked by the young boy's cock. The memory was pleasant. She was glad that the guys in the speedboat couldn't see the cum on her from that distance.

Christina slipped on her top, harnessing her thirty-eight-inch tits once more. The bikini pushed her tits up and together, making her cleavage even more pronounced than usual. She grabbed her blouse, pants, shoes and lotion and balled them all up in one fist, then walked into the water, holding one arm up to keep the clothes dry. A strong, skilled swimmer since childhood, Christina walked out until she was neck-deep in the water, then she vigorously washed the cum off her body and swam to the boat, keeping on her side with one arm angled upward.

"Throw the clothes," a man said, waiting at the edge of the boat. Christina tossed her stuff to him and he caught it deftly.

"Thanks, guy," Christina said, grabbing the edge of the boat.

All three men were more than eager to help the beauty aboard, and the boat tilted dangerously to one side. But, with men grabbing her under the arms, she slithered over the edge and sat on the bottom of the boat.

"I'll take a beer, if you've got an extra one." A beer appeared immediately. "Now let's get the hell out of here, eh?" The boat sped away immediately. "Where's my sunglasses?" One of the men got them for her in a flash.

Christina felt all-powerful. The three men were young lawyers working for a large firm in the city. Their names were Jon, Andy and Smitty. Christina looked at them and smiled. All in their middle to late twenties, they were moderately wealthy, in excellent shape, and willing to do anything she asked. Yes, the men wanted to get their cocks into Christina. What they didn't know, or at least weren't absolutely sure about, was that Christina had the same thought in mind.

Christina leaned their names, and she gave them hers. No last names. Just the first names. And that was fine with her. She looked at the men, smiling that smile that she knew drove men crazy.

At last she said, "Let's see, how shall I do this? Andy, you're the first. We'll be alphabetical about this."

"Huh?" Andy asked, figuring he knew what she meant but lacking the courage to scoop her up holding his arms and pound his hard prick into her cunt.

"You know what I mean, silly," Christina said, holding her arms out to him.

Andy slipped to his knees on the bottom of the boat, and Christina twisted, kicking her legs out so she had one on either side of him.

He took Christina's lace in his hands and kissed her sweet lips. Christina scratched his slightly hairy stomach with her fingernails, letting her hands slide down his body. Then she pulled him down on top of her so his muscular torso pressed against her firm tits.

"I like that," Christina said, feeling Andy's hungry lips working on the smooth skin of her neck. That was a particularly sensitive spot for her. That area near the collarbone where it was slightly hollow. She arched her back a little, rubbing her pussy against Andy's quickly growing cock. Looking over his shoulder, up at his friends, Christina found Jon and Smitty to be totally amazed, their eyes wide with excitement.

"Can you believe this?" Jon asked Smitty. The latter was driving the boat and suddenly had to swerve hard to port to avoid a collision. Christina felt the sudden turn and heard the curses from the other boat.

She chuckled deep in her throat. The power she had over men amazed her. And, most delightful of all, she was just learning how to use what she had and enjoy her life to the fullest. If nothing else, she could thank wiu for that.

"You're so beautiful," Andy sighed, squeezing Christina's tits in both hands. He kissed her milky tit-mounds, running his tongue between them, wishing he could kiss every bit of them at once.

"Fuck me, lover!" Christina cried.

She reached around his body and squeezed him on the ass, trying unsuccessfully to get her fingers inside the back of his trunks, but his trunks were tied with a tight string.

"Get up," Christina whispered. "I want your cock."

Andy slipped is trunks off, and all three men watched as Christina wiggled her shapely ass out of her bikini. They had already seen her tits and had been properly amazed by them. But when he men finally feasted their eyes on her thick, dark, triangular cunt bush, all of them gasped.

Andy crawled lower on Christina's body and pushed her knees up so the backs of them were on his shoulders and her feet rested lightly on his back. Her cunt was sweet-smelling and looked delicious. Without any preliminary kissing -- without fondling Christina's ass or thighs -- Andy buried his tongue deep into her cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Christina gasped, arching her back again. Andy was one hell of a good cunt licker, and he knew it. Now Christina knew it, too. She tingled all over and her nipples became erect as her clit got harder and hotter. Her pussy juice began flowing, only to be quickly lapped up by Andy as he dragged his tongue across her cuntlips and pushed his tongue as far as possible into her cunt.

Smitty brought the speedboat to a stop. Driving it any longer would have been suicidal. The tongue-fucking behind him was far more interesting than anything going on in front of him. He and Jon sat in chairs facing the back of the boat and watched their buddy licking the cunt of that incredible brunette with the big tits.

Christina was delirious. The effects of the hot sun and Andy's hot tongue made her head reel. Swirling Andy's expensively coifed hair in her hands, Christina licked her lips, making them shine in the brilliant sunlight. Vaguely she wondered if anyone but the three men could see them. She let the thought pass, unable to concentrate on anything but the tongue that was at that very moment fucking passionately, expertly on her clit. She felt Andy nibble gently on the red nubbin of her tantalized clit, and her body quivered.

"Lick my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Lick my pussy, Andy!" she wailed, stretching her arms up toward his friends.

Quickly Jon and Smitty wiggled out of their tight swimming trunks. They came over and sat near her head, and she had to push them a little farther away so she could wrap her slender fingers around their hard cocks.

"Suck cocks! So many beautiful cocks!" she gasped.

Andy watched Christina's hands moving up and down on his buddys' pricks, and it suddenly occurred to him that his cock was being ignored. He twisted around, poising his long, trembling cock over Christina's face. As he started eating her cunt again, he worked his hips in a fucking motion, and his pulsating cockmeat -- long, hot and hard -- sunk into Christina's mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Christina moaned, rolling her tongue over Andy's cockhead as he pushed his prick into her. Ovaling her lips around his thick cockshaft, she kneaded his slick cockflesh, squeezing his prick till he gasped with pleasure. Christina sucked him using all the techniques she had learned about sucking cock. Her red nails dug into his firm asscheeks, and she pushed Andy down, almost forcing him to stab her throat with his cock.

"Ugghh!" Andy choked, gulping in air. He had been thrusting his hungry tongue into her fiery pussy for so long, he had almost forgotten to breathe.

He parted her pussylips with his fingers looking into the deep, red tunnel that was Christina's cunt. Her cunt looked more delicious than the most expensive steak. He sucked on her nub-like clit, feeling Christina tense up and knowing that he had found just the right spot. Andy raised his hips, then pushed down again slowly, sliding his cock over the brunette's tongue and plugging her throat with his prickhead. What a cocksucker!

Jon and Smitty mumbled complaints about being ignored, and Christina took her hands off Andy's ass and put them on the cocks on either side of her. She whacked on the cockshafts hard and fast, then soft and slow, alternating the tempo to drive the men wild. Her nipples were tingling, her fat tits pressed almost flat from Andy's weight pressing down on her.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Christina moaned loudly for the benefit of her lovers. Andy had pulled up, and she was sucking like a maniac on his cockhead, turning her head to the side, letting Andy push his prick between her teeth and cheek.

"Christina," Jon said, feeling his balls tingle from the nice hand-job she was giving him. "Do you think you can suck cock and get fucked at the same time? You'll bye it!"

When Christina made no motion to change her position, Jon started to get a little desperate.

"Come on! If you keep this up, I'm going to come all over your hand, and if I wanted that, I could do it myself!"

"Nuuummmm!" Christina groaned, trying to get Andy's cock out of her mouth.

Getting fucked by one hard cock while sucking on another sounded absolutely fantastic, but how could she let him know if Andy wouldn't uncork his prick? Christina tapped him on the ass and squeezed her legs together, trapping Andy's head against her cunt. Finally he raised his hips and pulled his prick from her full lips with a smack.

"That kinda fucking sounds great!" Christina said, looking up at Jon from between Andy's legs. "Just get this big lug off me, and we'll get to it!"

There was a general shifting of positions, and soon Christina was straddling Andy's body with his cock plowing deep up her cunt, and Jon and Smitty were standing near her face on either side of Andy. Christina had their cocks in her hands and was taking turns sucking them into a state of quivering hardness as she bounced up and down on Andy's cock, taking his prick deep into her fuckhole.

"Hell of a cocksucker, isn't she," Andy said, watching Christina whip her head back and forth over Smitty's hard cock in rhythm to her bouncing on his prick.

"No shit!" Smitty replied with a grin.

His cock, long and glistening from Christina's spit, sank deep into her throat.

Never before -- with all the chicks he had had suck on his cock -- had anyone taken him all the way down to his cockroot before. He watched her lips make their way down his shank, starting at his cockhead and not stopping until they were stretched tightly around the root of his prickmeat. His balls, heavy with cum, swung crazily between his legs as he pushed his prick at her face.

"Don't forget about me," Jon complained, reaching down to tweak Christina's hard, jouncing nipple. "After all, this was my idea."

Christina pulled her lips off Smitty cock and turned her head, burying Jon's cock deep in her throat a moment later. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see other boats in the area and wondered how much they could actually see. Andy was hidden from view, lying flat on his back in the boat, but Jon, Smitty and her upper torso were entirely visible.

A chill went through her veins -- a very erotic chill. Fucking in public was something that she had never considered until recently, and now she felt extra sexy when she fucked or sucked. She felt like a movie star -- a porno movie star!

"I can't wait any longer," Jon hissed, feeling his nuts pull up tight to his body in their sac. "Her mouth is just too hot. I'm..." his voice still sounded calm, almost conversational. "I'm going to come. I'm coming!"

Christina tossed her head faster over the throbbing cock in her mouth. She took his cockmeat down her throat, whacking on his prick shank as she sucked on his cockhead. Christina wanted his cum. Hot jism was her reward for working so hard, and damn it, she was going to get some tasty cum!

"You drink all his jizz! I don't want his cum on me!" Andy said quickly, looking up at Christina.

The first several spurts of cock juice went straight down Christina's throat, and she stopped bouncing on Andy's cock to pay more attention to Jon. But once the first jets of fuck-cream had deluged her mouth, she continued to raise and lower her cunt on Andy's prickshaft, feeling her clit tingle as the salty taste of jism excited her senses.

Cum was almost intoxicating to her. One taste of creamy jizz, and she wanted more and more and more. She squeezed Jon's nuts lightly, forcing his hairy sac to erupt with all of its heavy load of jizz while her tongue worked in feverish circles wound his spurting cockhead.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Christina moaned, gulping down the pungent fuck cream and sucking harder, trying to draw every last drop of jizz out of his thick tube, of cockflesh.

"That's it," Jon said weakly, stepping away from Christina, taking his prick from between her lips. "You've got it all, lady. My cock's tender now."

Christina's clit was sizzling hot, ready to bust! She didn't have time to bother with Jon or argue with him -- there was another lusty cock waiting for her mouth. She twisted slightly, rotating on Andy's invading cock, and grabbed Smitty's prick by the shank. Her full, hungry lips captured the head of his cock and her tongue whipped in circles, sliding over the ridge that separated his cockhead from the shaft.

"That's it, Christina," Smitty said, pushing her long, wet hair away from her face to watch his prick sinking into her mouth.

Andy grabbed Christina's huge, jiggling tits. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles in his palms as he caressed the huge orbs of unusually firm titflesh. Releasing one tit, he reached for her cuntbush just above where his prick was invading her body, and he rubbed her tiny clit with his thumb. Her cunt juices, flowing heavily, instantly coated his thumb, and he knew that it wouldn't be long before her cum spilt over his loins.

Jon, his cock now hanging limply between his legs, surveyed the lake. Several boats were keeping their distance, but the people in those boats were definitely watching what was going on in his boat. Jon pulled his trunks back on and prepared to make a hasty retreat should any of the unwanted Peeping Toms decide to make a fuss about Christina's lusty cocksucking. Andy, on his back in the bottom of the boat, wasn't seen by the people.

"Nngggg!" Christina whimpered lustily, salivating heavily around Smitty's fat pole of cockmeat in her mouth. She wanted his cum spurting against her tongue. That thought, and that thought alone, spurred her on as she massaged the cock with her lips, keeping her teeth away from his sensitive cockmeat.

"Suck my cock, Christina! Eat my meat!" Smitty timed his thrusts, working his prick down her throat each time she lowered her thighs to take Andy's cock deep in her pussy.

The stewardess was turned almost sideways on Andy's prick, facing Smitty. She had his fat nuts in her palm and was stroking his cockshaft as her lips worked feverishly over his cockhead, taking his prick quickly in and out of her mouth. She pulled her face away from his prick meat and whacked on it with her fist, running her fingers from the head of his prick all the way down his cock shank to the root of Smitty's meat. Stroking him, she knew, would bring his nuts to a fever pitch faster than just sucking, and she wanted his cum soon. Very soon. Her own climax was just seconds away, and she wanted -- needed -- to gobble down his fuck-cream while her own lusty jism spurted from her cunt.

"Hurry up!" Jon said, starting the boat's big Mercury engine. "It looks like the natives are getting restless."

Andy didn't need the encouragement. He was on the brink of ecstasy as it was. He jerked his hips up toward Christina's undulating loins, sinking his throbbing cock between her pussylips, slamming his big prick home deep in her cunt.

"Bitch! Bitch!" he hissed, grabbing Christina's jiggling tits, squeezing them so hard she squirmed in pain. He watched his powerful fingers digging deep into her massive tits, saw Christina's pained expression as his friend's prick pushed out her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Smitty gasped, feeling the scalding jism blow out of his balls, streak through the tube of his cock, then jet from his pulsating cock knob.

His cum splattered against Christina's probing tongue. She swirled the cum around in her mouth, getting the full taste of sweet creamy jizz before gulping it down. Smitty hooked his hands behind her head and jerked her face toward his spitting cock. His long, meaty prick smashed against the back of her mouth, then his cockhead jammed in her throat, jetting out the last weak blasts of jism directly into her stomach.

As Smitty's cum was filling Christina's mouth, her jism exploded from her body. The rich pussy oil squeezed out between her pussylips. She whined and then tongued the quivering cock in her mouth, oblivious to everything else in the work. The salty, tantalizing, tangy taste of jism on her tongue had heightened the beautiful orgasm that wracked her body, making her twitch convulsively.

She kept bobbing on Andy's cock and, even while her cunt juice was running down from her cunt and the last trickles of Smitty's cum were oozing from his prick, Andy's cock juices started flooding her cunt. Andy thrashed beneath Christina as he arched his back, his entire weight on his shoulders and heels. He reared up, like a bucking horse, driving his cock as far into Christina's pussy as possible.

And when it was all over, when Christina had two hefty loads of turn warming her stomach and a third in her cunt, she fell to the side, her sunglasses askew, and gulped in the fresh air. Her body tingled in the pleasant afterglow of orgasm.

"Thanks, boys," Christina said weakly, pushing her glasses up her nose. "That was a wonderful fuck. It really was."

Chapter SEVEN

"What the hell happened to you?" Will asked when Christina returned home. "Your hair looks like shit."

Christina dropped her wet bikini on the floor and pointed to it without saying anything. Right away, she didn't like his attitude. She curled her fingers under her blouse and pulled it over her head, dropping it near her bikini.

"When did you quit wearing a brassiere?"

"I didn't think you would notice. You haven't paid much attention to me lately."

She stood there near the front door of their luxury apartment naked from the waist up, her big tits rising and falling with her breathing. She was angry at his attitude, and her stance -- shoulders squared, legs spread wide -- reflected her feelings.

"I've been working hard, honey," Will said. His voice had a slightly condescending tone to it. "You know that. We've talked it all through before."

Christina thought of telling Will that she had seen him fucking his patient and the nurse named Betty. She turned the notion over in her mind, then decided against it. The information, after all, was her trump card. She didn't want to use it until she had to.

Will got to his feet and approached Christina, making straight for her plump tits.

"Forget it, Will. I'm not in the mood." And with that, Christina turned on her heel and walked to the bathroom hoping like hell that she had turned Will on. It would do him good to get horny and not have a woman around to service his hard prick.

When she got out of the shower, Christina found a note saying that her husband thought she was quite the snippy bitch, and he was going to the hospital. Christina figured Betty was working the shift and wondered in whose room the two would soon be fucking.

Though it was against her better judgment, Christina quickly dried her hair, slipped into one of the slinky dresses she had just bought, and drove to the hospital. It might not be the time to tell Will that he wasn't as sneaky as he thought he was, but it was time to introduce herself to her competitor.

Christina turned everybody's head when she stepped into the hospital and headed for the administrator's office. Wearing a white silk dress cut dramatically low at the neck and high on the thighs, she was a vision of feminine beauty.

"Hey, hey, hey!" a black kid, in a wheelchair said as Christina passed him.

After asking several members of the hospital staff where she might locate Betty, Christina discovered that Will, too, was looking for Betty. But, unlike Will, Christina didn't have to hide her intentions. Will had to explain his presence off duty at the hospital; Christina did not.

Christina found Betty in the employee lunch room, sipping a cup of coffee and munching on a roll. She was relieved to find the nurse sitting alone.

"You've got to be careful of what you eat," Christina said casually, sitting across the small table from Betty. "You'll lose your figure if you're not careful."

Betty eyed Christina suspiciously. Will had never showed her a picture of his wife and she had, she wisely assumed, no right to ask any questions about his marital relations.

"I don't believe I've had the honor," Betty said finally, extending her hand.

"It's really not much of an honor," Christina replied, shaking the nurse's hand. "The name's Christina. Christina Mentis. You may not be familiar with the first name, but the last name should ring a bell. You've been fucking and sucking my husband. His name's Will. Perhaps you remember him. Nice guy, sort of quiet, has a big cock."

Betty felt her cheeks getting hot. The embarrassment was greater than she had thought it would be. Whenever she had fucked around with a married man -- and there had been so many of them -- she had always assumed that sooner or later she'd get caught. But this knowledge hadn't made the confrontation any easier.

Christina could sense the nurse's discomfort, and she reached out, putting her hand over Betty's, and said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to make a scene. In fact, I'm not even going to tell Will I know. At least, not yet. Right now, I just want to know the whole story. Hell, we might become friends."

Betty forced a nervous smile and replied, "Yes... yes, I'd like that."

The two women talked through Betty's coffee break. When it was over, Betty got Christina a white smock so the stewardess could accompany her on the rounds to check the patients. Since Christina had kept a rather low profile at the hospital, very few people would recognize her as Dr. Will Mentis' wife.

Will saw Betty and Christina walking down the hallway, and he knew he was in trouble. Exactly what kind of trouble, he wasn't exactly sure. But he knew he was in trouble. Christina seemed to be talking in such a friendly manner with his lover, Betty. It didn't make sense to him, but then, he didn't expect to find Christina with Betty in the first place.

Betty whispered to Christina as they entered a room, "Just pretend you're a doctor. Look quickly at his chart, mumble something, he can't hear and nod your head. That's all your husband does."

"This is ridiculous," Christina replied with a smile, deciding that playing doctor might be a lot of fun.

In the room, Christina found a distinguished-looking man in his early forties with graying hair and sharp, green eyes that seemed to size up everyone and everything in an instant. As Betty went about her duties, Christina picked up the chart hanging at the foot of the bed.

"Let's see..." she murmured, never really looking at the man. The chart said he was in for problems with an ulcer. "And how are you feeling today?"

"You're not my doctor. Who are you?"

"My name is Doctor Young," Christina replied, still looking at the chart and fighting to keep from smiling. "I'm a specialist in this field. I have some ideas... opinions, if you like, on the matter at hand?"

"I don't understand." The patient sat up in his bed, eyeing Christina.

If nothing else, she was surely the sexiest doctor he had ever seen. Her white smock parted to reveal a white dress with a V neck cut so low that her tits threatened to burst free at any moment.

"I believe that ulcers are, to a great extent, caused by sexual frustration." Christina hung the chart up again and walked to the head of the bed, closer to the patient. "I can't imagine a man as handsome as you experiencing sexual frustrations, but perhaps there is something more... something deep inside your subconscious that is bursting to be let free. And because you hold these subconscious urges back, your stomach takes the brunt of your frustrations."

Betty was standing behind Christina now, jabbing the stewardess in the back with a finger. She wanted to shut Christina up, but that would be pretty difficult without making a scene, and she didn't want the patient to know that Dr. Young was, in fact, a phony.

"Nurse, please step to the other side of the bed," Christina said, her voice sounding sure, authoritative. "I'd like your assistance in this experiment."

"What experiment?" the patient asked, getting nervous. "Hey, Doctor, I don't want to be a guinea pig."

Betty was even more nervous than the patient, but that crazy Christina couldn't be stopped without the patient realizing the whole thing was a hoax. Visions of law suits passed through Betty's mind as she got into position and shivered with fright.

"Sir," Christina said calmly, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I assure you that my experiments are by no means dangerous."

Christina delicately grabbed the sheet covering the man and pulled it down to his feet. He was wearing one of those hideous hospital gowns that open in the back.

"Please excuse the bluntness of this request," Christina said, "but I'd like you to raise your gown above your genitals. I assure you, this is quite important and quite safe."

The patient did at requested, albeit with a great deal of reservation. But just the same, she pulled the gown up to expose his prick and nuts.

"Sir, has it not been a fantasy for you since childhood to go into a hospital and have a sexy doctor and her nurse suck your cock until you blew your nuts off? Have you not dreamed -- fantasized, as it were -- of coming in such a manner?"

"Well... ah... yeah, I have."

"Then please lie down on the bed. A sitting position is uncomfortable, and your comfort is of the greatest priority in my experiments."

The patient slipped down on the bed, and Christina fluffed his pillow for him, then looked at Betty. Betty's eyes no longer had that hint of fear in them. The nurse had done similar experiments with many patients -- both men and women -- in her career.

"Watch carefully, nurse," Christina said, grabbing the man's heavy, slumbering cock in her hand. "You'll be judged on your performance later."

"Yes, Doctor."

Christina swept her hair back over her shoulders so Betty and the patient could see what she was doing, then she bent forward and planted several light, smacking kisses on the man's cockhead. She felt his cockshaft throb in her hand, getting harder quickly. After several more wet kisses on his swelling prick knob, his prick was standing up of its own accord.

"There we go," Christina said quietly, her warm breath passing over his cockhead, making it dance in the air. "Now the experiment can fully begin."

Christina looked at the patient, her eyes coolly professional. She was playing the game to the hilt, and so she pretended that the experiment was serious business. She returned her attention to his cock so close to her face. She kissed his cockhead, finding a small drop of white cum on the tip. Christina licked it off tasting the salty cock juice. It pleased her, and when she kissed his prick again, she pushed her head down farther, letting his drooling cock knob pry apart her lips and sink into her mouth. Her tongue moved slowly in circles around his fat prickhead, driving his cockmeat to even greater hardness. Christina squeezed his cock shank with her lips, testing the rigidity of his prick.

"Doctor," the man said, trying unsuccessfully to remain calm. He had quickly made up his mind to change doctors. "Doctor... I ah."

Christina swirled her tongue around his cockhead, then let the prick slip from her lips.

"You must be quiet, sir," she said, giving the patient a stern ionic, "This experiment is very serious business."

"Yes, Doctor Young."

Christina cradled the man's nuts in her hand and whipped her head over his cockhead, not taking the knob of spongy cockflesh into her mouth. She licked around the head of his prick, then worked her way down his quivering prick shank, chewing gently on his thick shaft as she headed for his nuts. When Christina finally got to the root of the patient's prick, he was quivering on the bed, squirming from the unbelievable pleasure she was providing.

"Please be still," Christina said, never taking her eyes off the twin, hairy nuts in her hand. Her tongue snaked out, running over the wrinkled sac. Once it was nice and wet from her spit, she sucked one of the balls into her mouth, careful not to scrape the sensitive nut with her teeth. Her tongue rolled lightly on his nut, and Christina felt the patient's prick throbbing against the side of her face, making her cheek wet with her own spit.

"Is there anything you'd like me to do, Doctor?" Betty asked, feeling her panties getting moist from her pussy juice. Watching Christina's expert cocksucking, and what it was doing to the patient, was getting to Betty.

Christina let the man's nut pop out of her mouth, and she looked up. "Yes. For added stimulation, added pleasure, I'd like you to feed your nipples to the patient." Then, to the surprised man, she said, "That will please you, will it not?"

The patient nodded his head vigorously. Betty moved closer to his face and calmly unbuttoned the front of her white uniform. When that was accomplished, she shook her shoulders and slipped her arms out of the uniform, pushing it down to her curvaceous hips. Reaching behind her back, Betty unfastened her bra and let that slide down her arms and fall to the floor. Her tits were large -- though not quite the size of Christina's -- with chocolate-colored areolas and hard, pointed nipples. She cupped her hands under her tits and squeezed, making her nipples more pronounced.

"Here, sir, enjoy yourself," she said, pushing her chest forward.

"Unbelievable," the man mumbled, grabbing both of her tits. He buried his face between the plump mounds of tit flesh, inhaling deeply and catching the richly feminine perfume of Betty's tits. Then he began kissing, salivating heavily and licking until he reached her hardened nipple. His lips fastened on the nub, and he sucked like an infant, delirious with lust. As his lips closed around Betty's nipple, Christina's lips were closing around his cockhead.

Christina licked his cock's pulsating crown as she pushed her face down, taking the meat of his cock deep into her mouth. Her tits pressed against the side of the bed, tingling hotly inside her bra. She wanted to reach her hand into her panties and finger herself, but that would be out of character even for an avant-garde doctor.

Her lips crept slowly down his fat prick until they pressed against the side of her fingers that were wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. She stayed like that for a long time, basting his cockmeat with her spit, letting his prick throb from the warmth of her mouth as her lips sucked expertly and her tongue danced over his prickshaft.

Christina could hear the patient sucking on Betty's tits, and now and then an occasional whimper of delight would come from the nurse. Christina knew how cock hungry the nurse was -- she had witnessed the way Betty had whipped her mouth over Will's prick -- and decided to share the tasty hunk of hard prick.

"Nurse, please apply your lips to this man's penis," Christina said, standing erect, again affecting the authoritarian stance she had taken earlier.

Betty almost leaped at the upraised prick, taking the patient's cockflesh into her mouth until his bulky prickhead hit the opening of her throat. She moaned with delight, loving the way the girth of the man's prick stuffed her mouth and spread her lips wide.

The man started pumping his hips up and down slowly to meet Betty's bobbing head. His nuts itched, a sure sign that soon he would explode in a liquid fountain of bubbling cum. He looked at Betty, seeing the sheer delight on her face. And though she was definitely a pretty woman, what he really wanted was to have the doctor suck him off. He reached his hand out to Christina, but she was too far away.

"Sir, would you like to feel my breasts?" Christina asked indifferently. When the man nodded his head, she moved closer, grabbing her smock by the lapels to open it.

"Damn, you've got big tits," the man said, his face looking a little pained from the blowjob Betty was providing.

He squeezed Christina's tit with one hand ad rested his other hand on Betty's slowly bobbing head. He rubbed her silky hair between his fingers and thumb as she gulped his hard, lusty cockmeat deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Betty moaned, lashing her tongue along the underside of the man's prick.

She sucked hard on his tube of cockmeat, taking his cockflesh deep into her mouth. Fitting as much of his cock into her mouth as possible, Betty still left an inch or two of prick outside of heir lips. She had seen Christina's ability to deep-throat and decided that perhaps the lusty stewardess would like to share the man's cum. It had become obvious that the patient, who writhed with pleasure on the bed, jerking his ass up and down to fuck Betty's mouth, would shoot his nuts off soon.

Christina's nipples were hard, and even through her bra and dress, the patient could see and feel them poking out. When the man attempted to feel her cunt, she made no attempt to stop him. Christina spread her legs a little more, and the patient's hand dipped under her dress, pushing up until he reached the top of her silk stocking.

"I like those," the man whispered softly, his cock almost aching now from the intense sucking pressure Betty was applying. He rubbed Christina's thigh through her stocking, then let his hand ride higher. His fingertips grazed her lace panties, erotic to his touch. He felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy, even through the material, and knew that despite the beautiful doctor's austere appearance, she was a hot, lusty bitch.

"YOU may do as you like with me, sir," Christina said, fighting off the urge to twist and churn her hips and push her hot pussy against the man's probing, groping hand. "Whatever pleases you is essential to this experiment."

"Take your panties off," he instructed. "I want to finger your pussy."

Christina did as she was asked, dropping her panties on the man's chest. He grabbed them and pressed them to his nose, inhaling deeply, catching all the pungent, womanly scent. Releasing the panties, he reached between Christina's legs once again, this time finding her cunt exposed to his probing finger.

He slipped his middle finger into her juicy cunt, working it far into her body. And despite Christina's attempts to show no emotion, she closed her eyes and whimpered softly. Whoever this man was, he was sure as hell no stranger to a cunt. Experience had taught him what to do once he had his finger in a hot pussy, and experience had taught him well!

"Ohhhhhhh!" A moan escaped Christina's lips, and she silently cursed herself, fighting to remain indifferent. But nothing could stop her cunt -- her cunt, in particular -- from taking notice of the finger delving deeply between her pink cuntlips.

"Arrrrgggghhhh!" the man groaned a moment later, jerking his hips up and down on the bed, fucking his hard prick between Betty's clutching lips.

His balls slapped back and forth, bouncing furiously between his thighs. The resounding, slurping noises of Betty's juicy cocksucking filled the room. Christina looked over, seeing the busty nurse's heavy tits waggling, slapping together, as she tossed her head down to meet the man's upthrusting prick.

"Mmmmmmmmmiu! Unn! Uggghhhhh! Mmmmmmm!" Betty wailed as cum erupted from the patient's throbbing cockhead.

The salty jism, very thick and flavorful, spewed from his fat cock knob, splattering over Betty's frisky tongue. She whimpered with delight, sliding her tongue over his cockmeat, drawing a hard suction on his prick, to get all the cum from his nuts.

"Ssssshhhhiiittt!" the man hissed through clenched teeth.

The extraordinary pleasure of having shot his cum in one woman's mouth while fingerfucking another beautiful woman was more than anything he had ever felt before. True, he had wanted to shoot his cum in the doctor's mouth, but the nurse had sucked him too well for him to hold back any longer. Despite not having gotten exactly what he wanted, this was one hell of an experience for the tired business executive.

"Unngghhh!" Betty grunted as the man gave his prick one last stab between her lips. His cockhead slammed against the back of Betty's throat, catching her by surprise. His jism filled her mouth to such an extent that her cheeks swelled with the hot cock juice. His fuck-cream trickled from the corners of her lips when he pushed his cock back in her mouth. Betty pulled her head up, keeping her lips tight around his throbbing cockshaft so she wouldn't lose any of the cum.

"Na, don't swallow it," the man said. "I want you to kiss the doctor. Share my cum with her."

Betty smiled, keeping her lips closed, and walked around the bed to Christina. Her heavy tits jiggled, catching the somewhat frightened gaze of the stewardess.

"I can't kiss a woman," Christina said softly, her insides suddenly filled with butterflies. She had seen Betty almost force a woman to eat her cunt. Would the nurse expect the same from her?

Betty put her hands softly on the sides of Christina's face, stepping ever so slowly nearer the woman. When her naked tits brushed against Christina's, she whimpered with happiness. What a thrill it would be to suck on Christina's massive tits, to dig her tongue hungrily into the brunette's furry pussy!

But instead, Betty put her lips against Christina's full, trembling ones. They kissed tenderly, and then, without warning, the nurse wrapped her arms around Christina's neck, holding her close and secure. Her lips mashed against Christina's, and she thrust her tongue into the frightened stewardess' mouth. Christina struggled, stumbling backward until she hit the wall, fighting to get away from Betty. But the half-naked woman would not be denied! Betty pressed on, rubbing her tits against Christina's coveted ones, pressing her pussy against Christina.

When Betty's cum-slick tongue slithered into Christina's mouth and the heady taste of jism was transferred, the stewardess lost all will to struggle. A moment later, she opened her lips wide and tasted the full load of the man's creamy cum as Betty spit it into her mouth. They transferred the cum back and forth until there was nothing left of it, having been swallowed drop by drop with each transfer.

And when it was over, Christina pushed Betty away firmly, ashamed of herself for allowing such a thing to happen. Looking at Betty, she saw two opaque lines of cum trickling from the corners of her mouth down to her chin. It was, without doubt, the lewdest thing she had ever seen.

"You've got cum on your face," she said softly.

"Lick it off," Betty replied and was mildly amused when Christina did just that.

Chapter EIGHT

By the time Christina and Will got to the party, it was already in full swing. The ten couples and four or five men and women who came without partners were gathered in the ball room, drinking primarily champagne and martinis.

Christina took a drink, from a butler who passed by holding a silver tray full of champagne. Will took one, too, and looked at the guests. Christina saw his gaze stop at one person, and she sought out and found who had caught her husband's attention. It was Betty, the horny nurse from the hospital. Christina smiled, knowing what must be going through her husband's mind.

"Go ahead and mingle," Will said, casting Christina a sidelong glance, trying to seem casual. "You don't need me to chaperon you, do you?"

"No, darling, go ahead and enjoy yourself. I'll do the same," Christina replied, flashing Will that smile of hers that always got her what she wanted.

She knew what Will had in mind, but he didn't know what she had in mind. Christina liked that. It gave her the upper hand.

As Will stepped in the direction of Betty, Christina downed her drink and grabbed a second glass before leaving the room. She found another room, much smaller than the ball room. A young man, probably two or three years younger than her, was standing near a table of food munching on meat and cheese.

"Hello," Christina said, her voice a cat's purr. "How's it hanging?"

She guessed the kid to be an intern at the hospital. Just the perfect sort of lover to really piss Will off. Not only would she be wrapping her thick, glossy lips around another man's cock, but she'd also be taking a step down on the social ladder. The combination would drive Will crazy.

"Kind of limp right now," the guy said, looking straight into Christina's eyes.

Christina liked him right away. Not only was he good-looking in a boyish way, but he also had balls.

"I think I might be able to change that." She grabbed a tooth pick and skewered a hunk of salami. "I like meat," she said, sinking her teeth into the meat but doing it in such a way as to pantomime the sucking of a cock.

"I'll bet you could."

The guy looked at Christina and felt the stirring in his prick. She was really a hot number. Massive tits pushed up and together by a blouse that looked at least one size too small. The intern could see the faint darkness of her dark-brown areolas, and in the center of that darkness, he saw the peaked nipples. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was appraising her body, and Christina made no attempt to stop him.

"Nice," the kid murmured. "Very nice."

Looking farther down, he saw a thin strip of her thigh. Christina's skin came down to her calves, but it was slit up both sides to where her garter belt joined with her silk hose. Christina saw the kid looking at her legs, and she turned to stab at a piece of cheese, intentionally splitting her legs a little to reveal more of herself, knowing full well how damn sexy she was.

"Enough of this chit-chat. I'm not in the mood for it," she said.

"Lead the way."

"Follow... at a distance."

Christina turned and walked back to the party with the kid following at a discreet distance. Nobody would ever guess that he was following her. Christina checked all the rooms and finally decided on the library. She ruled out the bathroom because people would eventually need it and, therefore, disturb her. And she ruled out fucking in one of the cars outside. That would serve no purpose. They'd never get caught fucking in a car, and Christina wanted to add a little danger to her sex.

The library was spacious, with several overstuffed chairs for reading. All the walls were covered with books. When the kid stepped in, she closed the door behind him and checked the knob -- there was no lack. She smiled and turned to the intern.

"We haven't got much time, so don't hold back. It's not necessary for me to climax just yet. All I want is your cum."

"Whatever," the boy said, smirking. He jerked down his zipper and brought his stiffening cock out, causing Christina to catch her breath. "It's a good thing you found this place when you did. Watching your ass move was giving me a hard-on."

Christina grabbed his cock, wrapping her warm fingers around the wrinkled shaft. She gave his prick a playful tug. The kid put his hands in his pocket, trying to seem indifferent about it all. But he couldn't fool Christina or his cock because his prick was twitching, coming to life, getting harder by the second. Using his cock like it was a leash, she pulled the intern near one of the chairs and turned it so the high back was toward the door. Should someone come in, the chair might hide them.

Christina sat in the chair and pulled the boy nearer so he stood near her shoulder. She wiggled out of her tight panties, then hooked one knee up on each leg of the chair, spreading her thighs wide and exposing her pussy. Turning her face toward him, she opened her mouth. The kid, his hands still in his pockets, moved a little closer to the chair, and Christina captured the head of his prick between her lips.

"Mmmmmm!" She sucked on the head, twisting her tongue around the knob of his cock, letting it slide along the underside and flick against his slitted cockhead.

Her shimmering hair cascaded down her shoulders, over her trembling tits. She pushed her skirt up higher, revealing her dark-haired pussy with its pink cuntlips. With one hand she spread her pussylips, and with the other, she began fingering her cunt. Soon she was churning in the chair, her nipples hard as pebbles, her breath wheezing through her nostrils as she accepted the intern's prick into her throat.

"Nice. Very nice," the kid said.

He moved his hips slowly back and forth, watching the whiteness of his prick get darker, turning red from Christina's hungry cocksucking. Her full lips massaged his quivering cockmeat, exciting him completely. Christina's tongue was incredibly erotic, moving incessantly, fucking here, rubbing there, curling around his cock's shaft, rolling over his smooth cockhead, teasing his balls whenever he thrust into her throat. He pushed into her mouth completely, seeing Christina's nose slip into his open fly. Damn, what a cocksucker! She took his big, throbbing prick with such ease.

"Mmmmm!" Christina moaned again, sliding a little lower in the chair so she could turn her head a little to one side.

In this position, the kid's cock went into her mouth, her tongue rubbing against the side of his cockshaft rather than the bottom. A thin trickle of spit formed a bubble at the corner of her mouth, then traveled down the side of her chin. Christina didn't care. Her hands were busy on her cunt, and she wasn't going to take them away just to wipe away a little spit.

Her breath was coming faster now as her excitement increased. Her heavenly tits rose and fell, her nipples proud and pointed. The big, pulsating cock in her mouth stretched and ovaled her lips, plummeting down her throat. She squeezed her lips tightly around the kid's driving prickmeat, kneading his tender flesh as it drove into her mouth and down her throat. Between her legs, Christina was working the middle finger of her right hand into her cunt and rubbing her feverish clit with, her thumb.

"Ooooo!" the intern groaned, seeing those lovely red lips caressing his cock. "You're really good at this. Fucking good!"

He watched her finger her dark cunt, and, for the first time, noticed her glimmering diamond ring. Married? Sure. It made sense to him. Those married women never got enough cock from their workaholic husbands to satisfy them.

He took a hand from his pocket and flicked open two buttons on Christina's blouse, exposing her sheer lace bra. The intern opened her blouse a little more and rubbed one nipple through her bra, causing Christina to writhe even more in the chair and stab her finger even faster into her cunt.

"Nugggg! Mmmmmm!" she choked around his throat-stretching prick.

Christina's legs twitched as the fire in her cunt grew into an inferno. What if someone should come into the library? She didn't care. She didn't care about anything just then and there... that is, anything except the cock in her mouth and her own hungry, juicy pussy.

Both of them gave a long, lusty moan at the same time. They shouldn't have, because when they did, neither of them heard the door open. Betty, her mind spinning crazily from the champagne, put her head in the room and saw the intern standing near a chair.

She was just about to close the door, looking for more interesting action, when she saw him pull his hips back, then push them toward the chair again. He had a strange look on his face, a look similar to those Betty had seen many times when she looked up into the face of a man whose cock was sunk in her hot mouth. Cocksucking! Somebody was sucking his cock, and that was exactly the kind of action Betty was hoping to find at this otherwise drab, dull party.

Betty stepped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her. She pressed against the wall, keeping hidden as much as possible from the intern. Her nipples tingled at the thought of soon sucking a cock, maybe even getting lucky enough to get fucked. Then she could see legs -- female legs -- kicking out from the other side of the chair. Well, at least it wasn't a gay encounter. That would really leave her out of the action!

The intern reached down again to caress Christina's tit. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back. True, the brunette, whose name he didn't even know, had told him to just let loose and not try to prolong the cocksucking, but when something felt as good as her sweet lips around his cock, his natural desire was to make it last and last.

Betty was right behind the intern when he suddenly realized that he wasn't alone with Christina. Shit! He looked over his shoulder, trying to hide his big, wet cock, but it was to no avail. Betty was at his shoulder and had already watched Christina's expertise as she put her lips and tongue to work on his prick.

"Don't stop because of me," Betty whispered, putting her hand on the kid's ass. "I'm not one to be judgmental."

Christina, her clit threatening to explode at any second, heard Betty's voice, but it sounded very distant. Not like something she should worry about. She whimpered softly, a little annoyed that her toy -- the intern's prick -- had been taken from her. And even though she loved his cock thrashing back and forth between her lips, that wasn't where her attention was. It was on her clit. That tiny, hard nubbin of sensual delight that sent shivering waves of ecstasy coursing through her veins, fogging her mind, making her whole body -- from her toes to the top of her head -- tingle.

"Ohhhh! I'm soooo close," Christina whimpered, and her eyes squeezed shut as she fingered her cunt. "Cock... I want your cock."

"Don't deny her, fool," Betty said, grabbing the intern's prick and pulling it so his prickhead touched Christina's lips again.

Instantly the brunette was sucking like a madwoman on his cockflesh. Betty watched Christina's finger digging deeply between the velvet folds of her cunt, and her mouth watered. She wanted to eat that pussy. That beautiful, juicy cunt. And just as Betty moved around the intern, preparing to get on her knees between Christina's legs, Christina arched her back and moaned long and laud. Betty saw the clear, rich pussy oil trickle between her fingers, running between Christina's legs, down the crack of her ass.

The rising tide of ecstasy washed Christina away in a sea of sexual oblivion. She wasn't even aware of the intern's fat prick in her mouth, pressing her tongue flat. Christina wasn't aware of anything but the glorious sense of release she felt. Her body, which only a minute earlier had been tied into an unyielding knot, was now limp and lifeless. Only her buttery lips, which worked slowly on the throbbing tip of the intern's cock moved. The rest of her body was completely lifeless.

Betty slowly sank to her knees and took Christina's hands away from her pussy. She saw the cunt juice shimmering on the woman's fingers, coating them with pussy cum so thick, it looked like clear, wet nail polish.

Christina looked down her body, between her heaving tits and saw Betty. The sight shocked her, but she was too exhausted to say anything. She turned her head to get a better look at the busty nurse and let the boy's cock slip from her lips.

"What are you doing here?" Christina asked quietly, catching her breath.

"Well, I was sincerely thinking of eating your pussy. Not a bad idea, right?"

"You've got to be kidding me! I just came! I can't come again right away!"

"Of course you can. I can make any man or woman come like they've never come in their life. Feels like the top of their fucking head is coming right off."

The arrogance of the nurse bothered Christina. True, she did seem to have an excellent style when it came to giving blow-jobs. And Christina had seen Betty spread her legs and sit on a young patient's face, practically forcing the girl to eat her pussy. But the am regain! As though a woman hadn't lived until she had had her pussy thoroughly tongue fucked by the nurse. The arrogance!

"Sweetheart," Christina said, a twinkle of energy and sarcasm coming back into her dark eyes, "there isn't a way in hell I'd let another woman put her tongue in my cunt. And even if I would, it's going to be a long time before I come again, anyway. So, you see, it's really no use sitting there, staring at my cunt. The well's gone dry, baby."

"It doesn't look dry to me," Betty said, completely confident in herself.

She pulled Christina's hand to her month and ran the pink tip of her tongue along the middle finger, scooping up Christina's tangy cunt juice. As soon as she tasted Christina's cum, Betty knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep until she had more of the beautiful woman's pussy juice. Much more.

"Hey, don't forget about me," the intern interrupted, his prick still wet and aroused. "I thought you weren't interested in coming!"

"Well, dearie, those things just sort of have a way of happening. Come on," Christina said as she winked at the boy, "let's have that cock again. I'm thirsty, and you've got the cock juice."

The boy pushed his hips forward, and once again, his cockhead invaded Christina's hot, wet mouth. He felt her tongue, so tireless, sliding over his cocktip, sucking on the flesh of his prick, teasing it into a state of rigid, quivering hardness. And that was what he wanted. He needed to come now. Having Betty pop in, surprising the hell out of him, had delayed his orgasm. The intern had been on the brink of shooting his wad of jism before, and now he had a good reserve of sensations left in him. He could take a lot more of Christina's pleasurable cocksucking before he blew his nuts off.

"Hey," the kid said to Betty. "You want a little of this? I've got plenty of cock to go around."

"No thank you," Betty said, staring at Christina's cunt. "But thanks anyway. There's something else I want to eat."

She put her hands on Christina's thighs and felt the sheer hose, then pushed her legs slightly apart so she could get to Christina's gaping cunt. There was still plenty of cuntjuice there to please her, even if she couldn't get Christina to come again. It didn't take much to please Betty, the ever-horny nurse.

"Don't," Christina murmured, taking her lips from the boy's prick for just a second before once again stretching them around his fat cockpole.

Then something in Christina's head snapped. She really wasn't sure what it was. Maybe it was Betty's fingers toying with her frilly garter belt, or Betty's challenge about making her come again, or maybe it was the prick in her mouth that throbbed so wonderfully. Christina wasn't sure, but she was sure that whatever the fuck Betty wanted to do to her cunt was a-okay. Christina put her hand out, caressing Betty's hair and gently urging the nurse to start licking her cunt.

When the tiny clit at the top of Christina's cunt first felt Betty's tongue, it shivered with excitement. Christina had thought her clit was done for, was finished with erotic games for awhile. How wrong she was!

She sucked harder on the boy's cock, wrapping full, sensual lips tighter around the shank of his cock as he fucked her mouth. She reached between his legs and fondled his nuts, bouncing them a little in her palm, testing his sac to see what kind of load of jism it would give her.

Meanwhile, Betty was spreading Christina's pussylips, searching for and finding her clit. The nurse inhaled deeply, catching the pungent scent of cunt juices, and her mouth watered. Damn! how she loved eating pussy!

"Take it all!" the intern moaned, seeing Christina's throat expand to accommodate his pulsating cock. "Take all of my cock right down your throat! Yeah, feels so fucking good!"

Christina grabbed Betty's hair and pulled the nurse's face to her wet cunt. She delighted in the idea that the same person who had sucked her husband's cock was now licking her pussy. Then she rubbed her tongue harder against the boy's turgid prick, happy that his cock was so solid. His long, thick cock didn't have a bit of give in it. It was a ramrod, punching between her lips, causing his cockhead to slam against the back of her mouth before invading her throat.

"Mmmmmm." Christina moaned as his prick sank deep into her mouth.

She could feel every tantalizing flick of Betty's frisky tongue as it scooped up her cunt juices, slid over her pussylips and lashed at her clit. Christina's huge tits rolled back and forth on her chest as she bounced back slightly from the intern's powerful thrusts and then jerked the other way when Betty shoved her tongue deep into her cunt.

"Sweet pussy," Betty murmured, catching Christina's clit between her lips and sucking on the little bud as if it was a tiny cock. "Sweet motherfucking clit!"

The intern watched Betty sucking cunt, then watched his own cock sink deeply into Christina's hot mouth. The combined effects of getting sucked, watching the sucking, and seeing Betty lick Christina's pussy was more than he could stand. He gritted his teeth, fighting off the urgency in his balls. He held his breath, hoping that he could prolong the intense pleasure, but pressure built on pressure, and his bubbling, creamy cum jetted from the end of his prick straight into Christina's throat. He pushed into her face hard, jerking his cock back so he was hardly between her lips. Then he jammed his hard, spewing cock cruelly down her throat.

Despite his rough treatment Christina took him easily, enjoying the hard cockflesh that expanded her throat, jamming deep inside her body. She arched her back and began bucking even as the intern's cum was spurting against her tongue. Her cum, clear and salty, flooded from between her cuntlips and was quickly, ardently licked up by Betty, who whimpered and moaned happily.

"Uggghhhh!" Christina choked, gulping down the seemingly endless eruptions of jism.

Christina's stomach knotted and loosened convulsively as her cum was being lapped up by Betty. She twitched and moaned, wracked by the spasms of a delirious orgasm. Her lips sucked hard on the thick piece of cockmeat stuffed in her mouth, and she opened her eyes only to see the intern's pants and the root of his cock jutting out of his fly.

"Arrrggghh!" the intern groaned one last time as Christina sucked one final drop of tangy fuck-cream from his prick.

He let her tongue his shrinking cock for a while, then stepped away, intending on tucking his sated prick back in his pants. It was not to be. As soon as he uncorked his cock from Christina's mouth, Betty quickly knelt at his feet and whipped her lips over his prick. When she had finally licked his prick clean, she fell backward on her ass, a contented smile pursing her lips.

"I knew I'd eat your cunt someday," Betty said quietly, not even looking at Christina. "And I knew your pussy would be just as sweet and juicy as it was. Remember in the hospital? The time I sucked that patient's cock, and then we shared his cum? Once we did that, I just knew I'd have to eat your pussy."

"I don't know why I waited so long for you," Christina replied weakly, adjusting her dress. "I thought I'd never stop coming."

Ten minutes later, the women were composed and ready to join the party. The intern had left them, a dazed but happy expression on his face.

"What I figure we should do," Christina held up two glasses of champagne brought by a waiter, "is both fuck Will. I mean, if he's been spending his time sinking his cock in your pussy, the least he can do is stick his prick in me once in a while, right? Hell, having both of us at one time should really tire that big cock of his."

"And maybe you'll learn to eat cunt?" Betty asked hopefully.

Christina eyed her new friend, wondering if she really would end up being a cunt licker. Hell, if she was willing to let another woman lick her cunt, wouldn't it only be fair to return the favor? Christina couldn't make a decision just then, but she knew she'd have to make it soon.

By one a.m., Betty and Christina were both a little tipsy, but they had devised a plan that they figured was foot-proof. Christina pretended to be very, very drunk, and Betty helped her to walk over to where Will was standing.

"You'd better take her home pretty quick," Betty said, trying to seem very serious. "Your wifey is going to pass out before long."

Will looked at Christina. She didn't appear to be that drunk, but then, he hadn't seen her drink too much in a long time. He was angry and didn't want to leave the party. But he didn't dare embarrass himself by having his wife suddenly collapse on the floor in front of all his friends -- he'd never be able to show his face in the hospital again. With Betty's help, he got Christina into the car without anyone suspecting that she was drunk.

"Maybe I should go with you," Betty said. "Help you get her inside."

Her eyes locked with Will's, giving him a silent promise that the evening would be well spent with her. He nodded his head, and Betty slipped into the back seat.

The drive home was silent, and Christina had to pretend complete intoxication all the way. She let Betty and Will half-carry, half-drag her into the bedroom and flop her carelessly down on the big, king-sized bed.

"I suppose we should take her clothes off," Betty said, easing off Christina's shoes.

Will, who wasn't altogether sober himself, watched with fascination as his lover rolled his wife over and stripped her naked. The last things Betty took off were Christina's stockings, letting her fingers graze lightly over the thick, dark cunt bush between her thighs before tugging the silk down Christina's tapered legs.

"I can't see what you're doing fucking around with me," Betty said, still looking at Christina's naked body. "She's the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Shit, she's twice as foxy as I am!"

Betty turned to look at Will and found him standing in the corner of the room, completely naked with a raging hard cock in his hand that he was fingering slowly.

"I want to fuck you," Will said calmly, taking a step closer to Betty. "I want to fuck you in the same bed with my wife."

"But, Will, what if she wakes up? Shit, she'd kill us both!"

"Don't argue with me. Take your clothes off and get next to Christina. Do as I say. I'm willing to take it if I have to!"

"You'd rape me?"

Will smiled, but there was no warmth in it. His face was cruel, determined. "Let's just say that I'm willing to take whatever steps are necessary to fuck you. So let's not argue, or you'll see a side of me you haven't seen before."

Christina's cunt tingled. Will was being so forceful! He had never been that way with her, and she wondered why not. Didn't he feel the same animal attraction to her body that he felt toward Betty's? She struggled with her inner turmoil, wishing she could open her eyes to see what was happening.

Betty watched Will as she slowly stripped. Her clothes fell in a crumpled heap at her feet, and then she was standing there, completely naked, just like her new friend Christina.

"Now get on the bed," Will commanded. When Betty got on her back next to Christina, Will's prick jumped in his hand.

His cock had never been harder, never throbbed more powerfully, never felt quite so alive. He slipped onto the bed between Christina and Betty, feeling their tits.

"Suck my cock, Betty," Will commanded. Betty pulled her knees under her body and took his huge cock in her mouth just as Will began to suck on Christina's nipples, nipping the buds gently.

Christina groaned softly and shifted on the bed. The pleasure she felt from having her hard nipples chewed by Will was, intense, but she had to pretend to be unconscious. It wasn't an easy feat, but she pretended well enough to fool Will. Besides, he had only half his concentration on her. Betty was, after all, whipping her mouth hungrily over his fat lump of cockmeat, taking his cock deep in her mouth, massaging his rigid cock shank with her lips.

"This is fantastic," Will sighed between Christina's plump tits. He licked her titflesh, making sure to leave enough spit there to act as lubrication when he fucked her tits. And then, his cock wet from Betty's mouth, Will pushed her away and straddled Christina's body. He grabbed her tits and pushed them together to capture his cock.

"You like to titty fuck?" Betty asked softly, smoothing the hair away from Christina's calm, blank face.

"Never fucked her this way before," Will replied with a deep groan, shoving his prick between Christina's tits. "Figured she'd scream to high heavens if I asked her, so I never did."

"Maybe you figured wrong."

"Maybe not." Will fucked Christina's tits for a while, feeling his nuts slide back and forth over her body as his prick got harder between her tits. Then he grabbed Betty by the hair and jerked her face down to his prick, making her suck his pulsating cock for awhile to get his prickshaft even wetter. He switched to titty fucking again, thrusting his cock between Christina's tit-orbs happily.

Betty sat up on the bed and cupped her tits, making her nipples point toward Will. He bared his teeth and sunk them deep into Betty's tender tit-flesh.

"Ouch! Awwww!" she shrieked, feeling the doctor's sharp teeth sinking into her tits, capturing all of her dark areola and causing sharp painful pangs to race through her body. This definitely wasn't her idea of fun. "Stop that!" she screamed, too afraid to back away for fear that he'd bite even harder.

Will opened his mouth, letting Betty's abused tit fall from his mouth. She rubbed her sore tit, trying to figure out what the fuck had gotten into her lover to make him do such a thing.

Will then leaned forward and squeezed his prick. A small, white drop of cum oozed from the tip of his cock, and he smeared his cum onto Christina's soft lips.

"Another thing I've always wanted to do was come on her face," he said quietly. "She's sucked me off plenty of times, but I never had the courage to yank my prick from her mouth just before coming and squirt my load of jism all over her lovely face." He looked at Betty, who was still rubbing her tit. "Wouldn't that be an incredible sight? My wife with my cum streaked on her face. Shit, I'd blow my nuts a second time just from looking at her face smeared with my jism."

"Do you want to fuck me now?"

"Yes, get in a doggie position; I want you to eat Christina's pussy while I fuck your cunt from behind. I'd like that."

"So would I," Betty purred, getting into position. She rested on her elbows with her ass high in the air and her feet dangling over the edge of the bed. Will stood on the floor, his cock at just the right level to sink easily into her cunt.

Christina felt Betty parting her pussylips, and she twitched involuntarily. Remaining unconscious was going to get pretty fucking difficult!

"Eat her pussy," Will demanded as he rubbed his angry-looking cockhead against Betty's cunt.

Her ass was, perhaps, a little larger than it needed to be, but he liked that. It enhanced her femininity, making her seem more like a woman and not like a little girl. He pushed at her slowly, watching her cuntlips spread and stretch, opening to accept his prick, then wrapping tightly around his sliding tube of hard cockflesh. Betty's cunt was wet, warm and tight, just the way Will liked a cunt to be -- just the way Christina's always was whenever he decided to fuck her.

He watched the back of Betty's head as she sucked on Christina's cunt. It was a strange sight, but one that he enjoyed very much. He shoved more of his cock into her cunt, continuing his slow insertion of his prickshaft into her pussy until his balls were resting warmly against Betty's thighs. He sensed every quivering inch of her cunt channel, felt it rhythmically tightening and loosening around his cock, tantalizing all of him and enveloping his cockmeat in a caress.

"Ohhhh! I love the way you use your cunt muscles," Will gasped, pulling back slowly, withdrawing his prick from her hot pussy. "I can feel you milking my cockmeat with your pussy. Fucking you feels great!"

Betty mumbled something incoherent, refusing to take her lips and tongue from Christina's cunt for even a moment. She fingered Christina's fuckhole and tongued her clit, sliding her finger in and out quickly, intending on lapping up Christina's pussy oil as quickly as possible.

Christina moaned, unable to stop herself. Her hips twitched slightly, moving slowly from side to side. She couldn't pretend that nothing was happening to her pussy, because Betty knew better than anyone else how to eat a cunt. And yet Christina couldn't admit to being awake because she hadn't found out all of her husband's fantasies yet. She and the nurse had planned the whole scene out carefully, and Christina would be damned if she was going to change anything when the game was going so well.

"Look at her," Will said, accentuating his words with a hard shove of his prick into Betty's pussy. "Even as drunk as she is, you're getting to her. Can you taste her cunt juices?"

Betty pulled her face away from Christina's dark cunt, deciding that she probably needed a breather, and Will needed an answer.

"Her cunt is delicious," Betty answered, wiggling her ass back against Will's charging prick. "I love eating cunts, especially when they're as tasty as hers is."

Will chuckled and watched his cock sinking deep into Betty's pussy. He pounded into her cunthole several more times, then pulled his cock from her.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Betty complained. "I was really getting into the fucking! I would have come soon!"

"Sorry, my dear, but I have more important plans for my cum this evening. Something I've wanted to do for a long time, but never quite got around to doing."

"What's that?" Betty asked, becoming excited by the unexpected.

Her pussy felt empty, but her mind was spinning. Will, she was certain, was going to get kinky, and knowing that Christina was not unconscious made Betty privy to precious knowledge. She wondered when Christina would spring the trap and shock the living shit right out of Will.

"I've already told you," Will said, assuming his position above Christina's big tits again. "I'm going to come on her face after titty fucking her. Then you're going to suck my cock until it's hard again, and we're going to fuck some more, and then we'll roll her over and I'm going to ass-fuck this tight-assed bitch!"

Christina stirred on the bed. It was the best way to mask her inner emotions. Will was going to shove his prick up her ass. Christina was glad now that the cop had fucked her asshole, because that would make it easier now -- both on her and on Will.

Christina turned her face to one side, feeling Will grab her tits and begin sliding his cock between them. She knew then when the trap would be sprung -- when it would have the greatest shock value. As Will fucked her firm tit-mounds, Betty slithered between her legs and started putting her tongue to work on Christina's hot, turgid cunt.

"Oh, shit!" Will groaned, squeezing Christina's tits together. "Betty, get your ass over here!"

Betty quickly slid higher on the bed, near Will's pistoning prick. She watched his thick, round cock knob slide between Christina's tits with each deep thrust and could sense that very soon his cum would spurt.

"What? What do you want me to do?"

Betty asked frantically, not wanting to miss out on any of the action.

"J-jerk me off when I tell you. Jerk me off so I shoot jism on her face!" Will's face was a study of pleasure so intense, it was painful. He jabbed his cock between Christina's tits faster, digging his powerful fingers into her milky flesh until she squirmed with pain.

"Shit! Oh, Betty, get ready. I'm going to come! Shit! I'm cooomiing!" Will released Christina's tits and aimed his prick straight at her face.

As Betty grabbed Will's prick, Christina opened her eyes, flashing her husband a brilliant smile and saying, "Hi, honey!"

"Ahhhh!" Will shrieked out in horror. But his cock was firmly secured in Betty's hand, and she wasn't going to let go. Christina, too, grabbed Will's prick and massaged it.

His emotions being tossed back and forth from fear, elation and shock, Will's jism exploded from the tip of his prick with incredible force, splattering on his wife's beautiful face. Christina and Betty kept whacking on his cockmeat, holding Will over his wife, milking every last drop of salty cum from his balls. His cum was smeared all over Christina's face, clinging wetly to her cheeks, sticking in strands on her neck and forehead, mingling in with her shining dark hair.

"Holy shit!" Will gasped, falling on the bed when his cum had been exhausted. He looked at Christina and Betty with wide, unbelieving eyes. "Holy shit!"

"Fooled you, didn't we?" Christina said, sitting up in bed and tucking her legs under her Indian-fashion. She looked at Will, his cum still sticking in gobs on her skin, and laughed long and loud.

"You look like you've just -- Ha! Ha! Ha! -- seen a ghost! Damn it all, the look on your face!" Christina slapped her thighs, and her tits jiggled crazily, the wetness from Will's spit glistening in the glow of the overhead lamp.

"You mean you weren't unconscious?"

"No, you dizzy fool! We -- Betty and I -- we planned this whole thing! Oh, shit! The look on your face!" She was wracked with side wrenching laughter again, and Christina hugged Betty, their naked bodies molding together.

Betty began licking the cum off Christina's face and the brunette cocked her head to one side, giving the nurse more room. Will looked at the scene and, even though his balls had released their heavy load of jism just a short time earlier, he felt his prick begin to twitch between his legs.

When Christina's face was clean, she jack-knifed forward and buried Will's prick in her mouth. She sucked on his fat cockhead, stroking the shaft of his prick while her tongue slithered and poked. As she demonstrated to Will her supreme blow-job ability, Betty kissed the back of her neck and fondled her tits.

"I don't believe you two," Will rasped, watching the way his wife was hungrily mouthing his cock. "I guess I should have figured something was up when I saw the two of you in the hospital, but I just didn't put two and two together."

Christina pulled her lips off Will's cock and looked up at him. "Come on, silly, your ass isn't on the line. Betty's told me all about your seedy little affair, and I've even watched you two in action at the hospital. I'm not mad. Right now, all I want is a cock to eat and some sweet cum to drink -- then we'll see about you fucking me in the ass."

"You're serious?"

"Serious as a fucking heart attack," Christina replied, chuckling as she led the trio to the kitchen. Food would revive their tired bodies, Christina knew, and she intended for the evening to continue for hours... continue until the sun rose, and she had Will's cum in her ass, in her cunt, in her stomach. And Betty wouldn't be left out, either.

In the kitchen, Betty and Christina made ham sandwiches while Will sipped a glass of white wine. When the small meal was ready, the three sat at the table, all still completely nude.

"Doesn't it seem a little strange to be having a midnight snack with a guest when none of us have any clothes on?"

Will laughed, his prick wagging in its half-hard state between his legs, while Christina reached for another sandwich. In doing so, her big tits flopped on the table.

"Yes, I guess it does seem a little strange," he said. "And while I'm eating, I'd like to be eaten. Which one of you beautiful women would like to slide on under this table and start chewing something a little harder, more meaty, than those ham sandwiches?"

"I think Betty's had your prick more than I have lately," Christina said, downing the last of her milk. "It's my turn to suck that delicious hunk of cockmeat you've got."

She pushed her chair back and crawled on her hands and knees under the table. All she could see of Will was his naked legs and flat, muscular stomach. And of course, his cock and balls -- the target of her affections. Christina lifted his prick and kissed his cock knob with tenderness.

"You two are incredible," Betty said enviously when she heard the sucking sounds of Christina whipping her mouth over Will's prick under the table. "Do you always fuck and suck this often?"

"Actually, you've improved our sex life," Will replied, seemingly paying little or no attention to his wife's hot cocksucking under the table. "Things are really picking up for us."

Beneath the table, Christina was rubbing one nipple and lightly fingering her pussy as she bobbed slowly on Will's prickmeat. His cock was long, thick, hard... just the way she liked it. Her wide mouth, the lips soft and full, pushed over his cockhead until her button nose was firmly pressed into Will's curly bush, and her chin was rubbing against his balls.

"Mmmmmm," Christina moaned, her pussy getting hotter from the wonderful feeling of having Will's prick throbbing powerfully against her lips and tongue and having her own finger sliding expertly over her pussylips. She pulled back and lashed her tongue in circles around Will's swollen cockhead, rolling her nipple harder between her fingers and tugging on her hard bud lightly.

"Honey, that really feels great," Will said, pushing his chair away from the table so he could watch her.

Christina looked up at him, the thick tube of his hard prickmeat stretching and ovaling her lips. She stroked the shank of his cock and sucked on his prick, then rubbed the drooling tip over her eyes and nose lovingly, showing her husband exactly how much she adored him.

"Are you ready to get ass-fucked?" Will asked, caressing Christina's cheek. "My cock's sure as hell hard enough for it. Are you ready?"

Christina sucked hard on Will's cockhead and stroked his cockshaft, then withdrew her lips with a loud smack.

"Yeah," she moaned, rubbing his wet prick over the back of her neck, "I want to feel your delicious cockmeat thrusting up my ass. I want it, darling. I really do want to get ass-fucked by you."

Christina crawled out from under the table and started for the bedroom, but Will caught her wrist and twisted her around. Instantly, she was captured in his strong arms. He squeezed her so tightly that her plump tits mashed against his chest, and her hard, erect nipples dug into his flesh. He caught her lips with his, shoving his tongue into her mouth for her to suck on. They kissed feverishly, tongues stabbing and darting, hands pawing almost clumsily in their haste to fondle the hot flesh.

"Incredible," Betty mumbled, stepping near the kissing couple. She dropped silently to her knees and wedged her face between their bodies. On one side, she had Christina's delicious cunt to tongue and finger; on the other side, she had Will's hard, wet prick to tease with her lips.

Betty turned her attention first to Christina, flicking her tongue into Christina's furry cunt. She tasted her delicious pussy juices, reveling in the sensations that passed through her body. As Betty licked Christina's pussy, Will slid his hips slowly back and forth, rubbing his rigid cock against the side of Christina's neck.

When the kiss finally broke, Christina's eyes were glazed over with lust. "I can't wait," she whispered, turning her back to Will and getting down on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder, she said, "Fuck me now! Fuck my ass right here and now!"

Will knelt behind Christina, but Betty jumped in and gently but firmly pushed him away.

"She's not ready just yet," Betty said, staring into Will's eyes, looking for his acceptance of what she said. "In just a few minutes she will be ready, but not now."

Then Betty whirled around and got in almost the same position as Christina, only directly behind the stewardess. She looked at Christina's brown, puckered asshole just a few inches from her face and smiled. It had been a long time since she had tongued a clean, tight asshole!

She's not going to lick my ass, Christina thought. No, even Betty -- as horny as she is -- isn't going to shove her tongue in my ass!

But Christina was wrong, because a moment later, a bolt of ecstasy raced up her spine when her ass first felt the intrusion of Betty's tongue. The weird feeling of having a tongue sliding in and near her asshole was different from anything else Christina had ever felt. She moaned, softly and passionately and lowered the upper half of her body so her hard, aroused nipples could rub against the plush carpeting.

"Lick me, Betty," Christina said, her voice hardly above a whisper. "Fuck my ass."

"I'm making you wet so Will's cock will slide into you easier," Betty said quickly, then resumed tonguing Christina's tight asshole. Her tongue worked in circles over the taut, rounded asscheeks, then made a beeline toward her asshole. Betty salivated heavily, licking her tongue over Christina's ass, getting it wet. Then Betty actually shoved her tongue partially into Christina's ass, and she felt the stewardess quiver all over.

"Hurry up," Will said, squeezing Betty's ass as he watched her tongue-fuck his wife. "My cock's so hard, I could shoot cum right now!"

"Quick, Betty! I want his cock up my ass!" Christina begged, wiggling her hips impatiently.

To actually be whimpering for Will to shove his hard, throbbing cock up her ass seemed so strange to Christina. It hadn't been many weeks earlier that she had been initiated into cocksucking by a cock other than Will's. Christina had sucked cock in Boston Commons, whipping her lips feverishly over the rigid pole of lusty cockmeat until the nuts showered her mouth with frothy cum. And now? Now she was begging her husband to ass-fuck her. What a change she had made in such a short time!

"Move aside, I'm fucking her now!" Will demanded. He watched Betty wrap her hungry lips around his prick knob quickly, then release his prick. His cockhead was dripping with her spit when he nudged it against Christina's tiny asshole.

Betty crawled on the floor, getting in front of Christina and rolling onto her back. Then she slithered under Christina, stopping just long enough to kiss her lips, then her nipples. In moments, her face was directly below Christina's dark, dewy cunt, and her own cunt was below her friend's face.

"Don't shove your cock in until I start eating her pussy out," Christina said, looking up at Will.

"Are you really going to eat cunt?" Will asked incredulously. "Not in a million years did I think I would ever see that!" Just the same, he had always wanted his wife to enjoy another female's body, and three-way sex had been a fantasy of his since his early teens. Now, he was sure, he could get in on a three-way fuck when ever he so desired.

Christina curled her arms under, then up around Betty's thighs and spread them wider. She could smell Betty's hot cunt and knew, though she had never eaten pussy before, that she would be digging her tongue into Betty's juicy fuckhole again and again in the future.

Her asshole responded to Will's attempted invasion by involuntarily closing up. Christina consciously relaxed her ass muscles and gritted her teeth against the mild pain she felt when Will's cockhead popped into her ass.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned, the mixture of pleasure and pain gripping her body. When Betty's tongue found her clit, Christina shook her ass and waited for the awesome length and girth of her husband's cock to stuff her asshole. As his prickshaft drove deep into her ass, Christina lowered her face and started eating Betty's cunt ravenously.

Now that everything was out in the open, Christina felt far mote comfortable being with her husband than she had in a long time. They had come to the agreement that both needed a change of sex partners now and then to spice up their desire for each other. They were convinced that this would help them to become better, more ardent lovers.


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