Hot mother next door

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: what is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be provided.

The people within a particular society usually are well aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem of the main characters of this novel.

Shara Jenson and Janice Blake are women possessed of deep and abiding passions, passions which control their lives and lead them to overstep the bounds of acceptable societal behavior time and time again. In their search for physical satisfaction, the fiery women are helplessly driven to take their pleasure where they can -- risking everything for the promise of gratification.

HOT MOTHER NEXT DOOR -- the story of women tormented by their needs and the fear that they are abnormal. The tale is a lesson to our society, and food for serious thought.

Chapter ONE

"Hi, Mr. Jenson! Can I use your pool?"

Sam Jenson looked up from the book he'd been reading and twisted around in his lawn chair to see Mindy Blake standing at the five-foot hedge that separated their back yards. Her attractive face beamed with an irresistible smile and a thick fleece of long blond hair shimmered in the morning sunlight with a glow that almost him squint. Without hesitation, he grinned back, "how could I turn down a smile like that? You know you don't have to ask, Mindy. The pool's yours anytime you like. Just come on in and enjoy yourself."

If it was possible, Mindy's smile brightened even more. "Thanks, Mr. Jenson! I've been tanning for the last hour and if I don't take a dip right now I think I'll explode!"

Sam chuckled at that, shaking his head at the girl's unbridled exuberance as she skirted the hedge toward the back entrance, golden tresses flying.

His smile froze when Mindy bounced up to the patio where he sat. "I thought you'd say yes, so I came prepared. You don't mind, do you?"

She halted before him, posing to let the full impact of her skimpy bikini sink in.

Sam's reply came out in a surprised grunt, as he found himself feasting on the teenager's voluptuous body, trying to take it all in at once.

Mindy had a full, ripe figure and her brief attire took every advantage of it. The bikini was hardly more than a few bits of flimsy material drawn tight across her lithe shape and held together by pieces of string tied in bows. Two triangular flaps no larger than the palms of his hands stretched desperately to hold in a pair of tits so, bounteous that they spilled out on all sides, dazzling him with their creamy hugeness.

Sam's eyes flickered down over her trim, flat stomach to the bit of pink cloth covering the juncture where her slender, smooth legs met.

Mindy's crotch was perfectly outlined by the tight fabric, showing the dip of cleavage between her fat cuntlips and exposing golden hair from its fringe.

"No," he managed at last, feeling his cock tent up in the confines of his trunks. "I don't mind at all. In fact, you can come prepared like that anytime and you won't get any complaints from me!"

"Thanks," she answered warmly, enjoying Mr. Jenson's stare. Then she glanced around. "Where's everybody else? I thought the whole family would be down here on a hot morning like this!"

With difficulty Sam tore his eyes back up to her face and covered his lust under a grin. "If you mean Bob, he's upstairs snoozing the day away. Sometimes I think that boy would sleep forever if we let him! As for Shara, she's out shopping. But I expect both mother and son will manage to get in a swim before the day's out. How about your family?"

Mindy shrugged, making her firm tits jiggle in a way he couldn't miss. "I'm afraid Mom's as bad as Bob -- always sleeping! And Chad's even worse! He was up banging around in the kitchen first thing this morning. I had to get out of bed just to quiet him down. Sometimes little brothers can be a real pain!"

Sam laughed. His laughter turned a bit hoarse when she abruptly turned away and strode for the pool, her tanned asscheeks swaying smoothly under the three-fingers width of pink bikini bottom that slashed between them.

"Well, I guess I'll take that dip now. After laying out, I'm so hot I can't wait another minute!"

"Go right ahead, Mindy."

Sam's gaze followed the girl, devouring her as she paused at the pool's edge and made a neat dive, cutting into the cool blue water with hardly a ripple. His cock had bloated embarrassingly in his baggy, old swim trunks. It was a lucky thing he'd had the book in his lap to cover his hard-on. Christ, if that scrumptious, innocent teenager knew what she did to him.

But that didn't ease the surging ache in his cock. And it wouldn't have helped a bit to know that Mindy had worn her smallest bikini on purpose. And that, as she casually swain back and forth the length of the Jensons' new pool, she was all too aware of his eyes watching her every move.

Mindy was quickly discovering what it meant to be a woman. She liked showing off her body, studying the magical way it made men's faces turn all funny and red. And she liked Mr. Jenson not having a father of her own.

So what could be nicer than being gawked at by Mr. Jenson?

Urged by that thought, she sliced through the refreshing water, tingling at the itch deep in her cunt under his unwavering gaze. Mindy was enjoying that itch thoroughly. She swam about, playfully doing rolls and dives or just treading water, all the while feeling his stare ripple over her and warm her itch to a hot steamy glow.

It was one of the nicest swims she had ever had.

At last, gasping and breathless, she swam back to the pool's edge and pulled herself up on it.

"Aren't you coming in today, Mr. Jenson?"

Sam nearly dropped the book he was fumbling with at sight of the teenager. Her long, golden hair was plastered to her shoulders and her big out thrust tits shone with beaded wetness.

"Uh, no, no I just came out for the air today, Mindy. Just to relax this middle-aged body of mine." He gave a weak twitching grin. "Of course, if you're going to prance around in that outfit, I won't be relaxing too much!"

"You mean this old thing?"

She scooted around on the cement and faced him, looking down at herself as if she hadn't noticed how the bikini's sheer material clung to her body, outlining her ripe, jutting tits like a second skin and showing off the twin spikes of her blossoming nipples. The tie at her ample cleavage had come loose and dangled ominously, threatening at any moment to let her tits come spilling out. Instead of fixing it, she pretended not to notice, pushing her tits out even more proudly.

"I just wear this for getting a tan. It's cooler than my other suits. Hey, I think you should coal off too, Mr. Jenson. Your face is getting all flushed from the sun!"

"Well..." Sam coughed politely, not daring to stand up with the hard-on he had. "Maybe in a minute. You go right ahead and I'll be along."

"Okay." Pleased at her success, Mindy scampered up and poised for a second dive. "But remember, you promised!"

During her swim, the bikini's bottom slipped down an inch or so and he got just enough glimpse of her tight asscrack to make his cock lurch drunkenly as she leaped and carved into the water once more.

That was Sam's chance to move. If he didn't do something soon, she was bound to notice the bulge before long. With that realization he scrambled from his lawn chair and made for the pool, easing himself in just as she came up for air.

"Oh, there you are!" Mindy waved from the far side, smiling happily.

He waved back, relieved that now the innocent kid couldn't see the effect she was having. "I always keep my promises, don't I?"

She laughed and pulled herself out on the far edge, calling out. "Don't go away, Mr. Jenson here I come!"

Her third dive was as neat as the others, cutting the water with only a small splash and just a few bubbles.

The force of that dive finished what the impact of the first two had begun. The loosened tie of her top tore apart and as Mindy speared toward the bottom she felt the material slide away before she could grab it.

It happened so suddenly that she couldn't have prevented it if she'd wanted to. Her top floated to the surface and Sam's eyes went wide.

Then the teenager popped up before him, sputtering and treading water as her tits bobbled bare and gleaming, their huge mounds rippling to the surface and spiking out into twin buds of pinkness.

He stared, his mouth open, his eyes fastened on her two abruptly displayed tits.

"Muh-Mr. Jenson!" She caught her breath at last, overcoming her initial surprise and beginning to enjoy the situation. "I... I sort of lost something, didn't I?"

Sam nodded numbly and licked his lips. "I'll say you did -- not that I mind a bit."

She looked down at her floating tits and back up at him again, matching his grin with an impish smile and a shrug. "Oh well, I guess it isn't all that important anyway. This feels lots nicer, so much cooler. You don't mind if I enjoy it a little while, do you? I mean, you've already seen them anyway!"

Sam could hardly keep track of the girl's words. His attention was glued to those voluptuous tits bobbing before him, slick and firm and straining forward in the water. Their rosy-pink quarter, sized nipples had expanded into hard little peaks that pointed at him so temptingly he could practically taste them. His voice seemed to come from a distance.

"I don't mind at all, believe me. In fact, it'd be perfectly all right with me if you got even more comfortable. How about these?"

He suddenly reached out in a playful grab, his hands darting under the water for her bikini bottoms as if to snatch them away, too.

Mindy shrieked and flailed, laughing as Mr. Jenson's big hands slid over her full ass.

Amazed at his own lack of embarrassment, he looked back at Mindy.

She stood defiantly, her big, slippery tits gleaming in the sun and her golden cunt fur matted and dripping.

A slightly hoarse chuckle rose from Sam's throat. "Well, so's yours. I guess it's all right if you look at my cock, since I'm getting such a nice view of that lush pussy of yours!"

Suddenly the glow in Mindy's cunt soared into a seething furnace of wicked pleasure. She slipped back to a sitting position on the pool's edge, taking her game a step further.

"Since we're being fair, I'll give you an even better view -- but only if I get a better view too!"

With those words she let her legs slip wide apart, giving him the full exposure.

Sam gasped at the teenager's wet, pouting cunt slash. Its fattened, perky lips flared out like golden-furred butterfly wings to display a slick hooded clit and just a hint of moist, pink cunt channel.

"Christ, you've got a gorgeous little cunt!" The compliment burst from him in a shocked whoosh, making Mindy smile sweetly, and lean back on her elbows to give him an even better show.

"And you've got a gorgeous big cock, Mr. Jenson. Wow, I never knew it was so huge!"

Still chuckling, he strode forward.

She stared in rapt fascination at the massive prick that speared forward to pause between her legs, wagging just inches from her teenaged pussy as if sniffing out its nearness.

Sam halted and followed her gaze, swallowing hard at the sight of his cockhead hovering just a single thrust away from that precious pussy. In a voice that wasn't quite his own, he spoke up.

"Since you seem to be so full of admiration and since you're responsible for this situation in the first place, how would you like to squeeze a real cock now that you've got it out in the open? Go on, it won't bite. And believe me, I won't complain."

Mindy hesitated, thrilled at the idea but afraid he didn't really mean it. "I can? You'll really let me?"

"Sure." He practically had to gulp the word out, knowing that this prick-teasing game was getting carried away but unable to stop it. "Go right ahead. I won't scream for help, I promise."

With that assurance, her fingertips slid along the hugeness of his thickened cock, briefly feeling its veined, stiff length surge in response.

She sucked in a breath, feeling her cunt blast with fresh horniness and hearing Mr. Jenson's hiss of pleasure.

"Oh wow!" she breathed out again, turned-on more than ever by the spectacle of his monstrous, real-live cock soaring up until its big, reddened cockhead aimed at her wide-spread pussy. "It feels so... so nice and hard. And it makes me feel funny, too. Can I... can I touch it some more?"

"You bet you can," he urged throatily. "Get a good, firm feel this time. You're going to know all about cocks one of these days, so you might as well start learning now."

Her fingers grasped his prick and wrapped into a fist. She began to tug it back and forth in a natural motion of mingled excitement and curiosity.

"Am I learning it right?"

"Oh yeah," he muttered in a groan that surged up from his chest. "You're learning just fine, honey. And you've come to the right teacher because now I'm going to show you how to make it feel even better. Just keep rubbing and you'll see."

As he spoke, his body edged forward. Mesmerized, Mindy watched the prick in her pumping fist spear toward her until its big tip nuzzled against her blonde, well-juiced cuntlips.


She gave a little gasp of fresh pleasure as his thick cock-head slipped along her greased pussy and nudged at her taut clit and then slid down to lodge against her cunt entrance. It pushed between her spread lips just a fraction of an inch, urged by her tugging hand.

She'd never felt anything like it before. Mr. Jenson's prick was actually inside her -- even if it was only a little bit. Dizzying tingles of delight soared through her cunt and made her cream gush over his already-slick prickhead. She squirmed and pulled on his cock even harder.

"Ahh," Sam hissed with enjoyment. "That's good, that's just right. How does it feel, Mindy? You started this now bow do you like it?"

"It... it really feels nice," she panted, half giggling with a new arousal. "Oh that's so good, just like-like you're really fucking me!"

"That's right." Sam's voice was gritty as his cock rippled with anticipation, casing his sensitive cocktip even deeper between the girl's delicate, wet pussy lips and pushing them wide apart. "And new that we've gone this far, I may as well show you the real thing. How's this?"

As if drawn by a vacuum, his cock began to ease deeper into her eager pussy. Its head sank into her cunt and started a slow, rhythmic in-out friction, drilling farther into her with each thrust.

Suddenly Mindy found her cunt being filled with a hard, meaty cock. A sudden mixture of pain and delight tore through her.

"Oh-oh, Mr. Jenson, you're splitting me in two! Don't... it hurts, it feels so nice -- aaaah!"

She wailed, her legs flopping wildly in the water as Sam forced inch after inch of his cock up her cunt, thrusting in and out of her until his prick was buried to the hilt.

"Annnh!" Mindy cried out.

There was a tearing pain deep inside her, but it was a momentary agony that passed as soon as his cock began to move again. Reaming out her tight pussy, his prick slid its greased length back and forth. Mr. Jenson puffed for breath, clutching the teenager's thighs and shoving his prick into her faster than before. She was actually getting fucked for the first time and spans of joy like nothing she'd even known possible wrenched through her with each stab of his prick.

"Yes!" she squawked shrilly, taking the first cock she'd ever had in her life. "Fuck me Mr. Jenson, oh that hurts so good, give it to me! More, more!"

Abruptly Sam found himself caught up by the turn of events. What had begun as a prick-teasing game was now the real thing. Mindy's slender legs flew up and wrapped around his waist. She was writhing with a frenzy that had her big tits bouncing frantically. The last thing he'd expected on such a bright, summer morning was to be knee deep in his pool fucking his teenaged neighbor. But that was what was happening and he couldn't have stopped it if he'd wanted to. His hips lurched back and forth, ramming his prick into her furiously.

"Take it, honey," he gasped as his cock was sucked by her tight, tender cunt. "Take it all and I'll give you a last lesson you'll never forget. That's it, baby, fuck my cock real good."

He gave a husky chuckle as Mindy whimpered and arched up. Her gyrations made his balls slap against her ass. It didn't take much of that at all to have Sam's load of jism boiling up for release. Spurred on, he drove it into her even faster.

She gurgled happily as his massive prick drilled into her deeper than ever and pistoned her toward climax.

When Mindy came, it was with a series of blasts like nothing she'd ever dreamed of. She erupted in orgasm, wiggling and hunching and crying out for more.

"I-I'm coming Mr. Jenson! Faster, make me come real hard! Oh yeah, yeah fuck me good! Good, good, goo... oooooohhh!"

"Oh, Jesus!" Sam groaned, pounding his cock to her.

Mindy's release exploded in a fury of oblivious pumping and that was all his pent-up load could take. Grunting, he slammed his cock home and felt it spurt in shuddering spasms up her sweet, clenched cunt.

Mindy gave a small scream as she took his fizz, blast after steamy blast. It flooded her cunthole and seeped down the crevice of her ass as more and more of it ripped into her pussy.

Drained at last, Sam released her thighs and slumped. "Oh... oh Christ, that was good. Are you sure this is your first lesson, young lady?"

Mindy gave a satisfied giggle, feeling his cock still twitching inside her. "That was really good. And it was my first time, too. But I don't think it'll be my last!"

To prove her point she squirmed, sloshing his limp cock around in her drenched cunt.

Sam was amazed. In all the years he'd known Mindy, he'd never suspected she would grow to be an insatiable young woman with such a well developed, voluptuous body. Any guilt he may have felt faded under her fresh, knowing grin.

"I'm beginning to think you're right, at that," he said. "And I'd be glad to prove it, if Shara wasn't due home any minute. But for now you'd better gather up those little pieces of bikini and wiggle back into them before we find ourselves in an embarrassing scene with my wife."

He pulled away, sliding his prick from her tantalizing little pussy.

Mindy gave a frustrated groan and sat up, feeling his cum leaking from her pussy in hot spatters.

Chapter TWO

"Mom? You up?"

Chad Blake leaned over his mother's bed and shook her shoulder as lightly as he could.

"Hhhuuu... ummmm..."

Janice Blake stirred, drifting into that wonderful stage between waking and sleeping. She heard her son's voice and felt his gentle nudges and knew she should open her eyes and face the sharp morning sunlight to start another long dreary day as mother and homemaker. But Janice wasn't ready to get up just yet. She pretended to remain asleep, hoping to steal a few moments before waking to the drudgery that had become her everyday existence. If her son would go away for a minute or two, she could have just a few more precious instants.

But Chad didn't go away. His breath hissed out and the thumping of his heart eased a bit. It was okay, she was still asleep -- and his mom was a heavy sleeper, too. That meant he could do anything he wanted before she woke -- anything at all.

Practically trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement, he looked down at the tangled sheet covering his mom's bounteous shape. He knew she was nude under that sheet, totally, absolutely nude. He'd just discovered that his mother slept in the nude when he'd happened to glance in and see the sheet partially pulled away, revealing one bare, jutting hip and a naked perfectly formed leg.

That brief, unexpected glimpse lasted for more than a second or two, but it was enough to let a sudden realization burst through him -- his mom really had a hell of a body!

Until that moment Chad had never thought of his mother that way. But now it only took one moment to make his cock soar up stiff and hard, throbbing even more than it usually did. He'd never even come close to seeing a woman nude before.

But now, hovering over her still form and swallowing hard, he intended to get his first look. He'd gotten up extra early and had waited until Mindy went out for her early-morning tan, anticipating this moment. He wasn't going to chicken out now.

Taking a deep breath, he reached down and tugged at the sheet's border.

It slithered away, baring soft, pale shoulders half-hidden by his mom's long, light brown hair. Then it inched even farther, until the up swell of her enormous tits surged into view.

Chad gasped, his cock jerking upright in his pajama bottoms. He'd always known that his mom had just about the biggest tits in the whole neighborhood, but he'd never thought about it much.

But now, with those huge, milky mounds of softness pushing out from under the sheet, he couldn't think of anything else.

Dimly, Janice heard her son gasp. She'd felt the sheet sliding down, but it hadn't registered. But Chad's sudden burst of exclamation made it all too clear what was happening. She was being spied on by her son. Being taken advantage of in her sleep -- at least be thought she was sleeping -- by her own innocent, naive, teenaged son!

Numb with the realization and fully awake, Janice still couldn't bring herself to react. She remained frozen, hoping wildly that she was mistaken.

Chad's next move proved it was true. His fingers clutched the sheet's border again and pulled, the crisp material slipped up over his mom's big tits and then back down, falling away completely.

Chad goggled. He'd never seen anything like the two big, pillowy tits that jutted up at him, their swollen mounds tipped with round, pink nipples at least the size of half-dollars. All bumpy and shining, they rose into tight, firm peaks that were every bit as thick as his thumbs.

Shocked but caught in her deception, Janice heard her son mutter.

"Jesus, Mom!"

And then Chad saw her enormous, lush nipples begin to expand.

She couldn't help it. The whole thing had happened so suddenly, catching her half-asleep and unaware, that she couldn't stop the normal reaction at being admired. Her nipples tingled and stiffened, blossoming out to their full inch-long hardness under her son's feasting stare.

The temptation was too much for Chad to resist. He had to feel of her tits, even if it chanced waking his mom up.

Reaching out very carefully, be ran a finger lightly over one hard peak.

Janice gasped, feeling her nipples spire even stiffer at his teasing touch. This shouldn't be happening. It was wrong, and she had to stop it before it went any farther. She had tot.

It was at that moment that Chad bent and delicately captured a rigid bud between his lips and flicked his tongue.

His mom groaned and he froze in mid-fuck, too scared to move.

Fortunately her groan cut off instantly. After a moment, he gave her spiked nipple another lick. It quivered in his mouth and seemed to tauten and grow even larger as he traced his tongue all around its bumpy areola, at last touching the spear of the nipple itself. His soft, wet probe stroked that enormous bud, tasting it hesitantly and dipping again.

This time he didn't stop when his Mom moaned softly and shifted slightly upward in response. Instead he ran his tongue across the fat spire, working it like a marble and feeling it bend and pop erect with each stroke.

Then his lips closed on that delicious hard nipple and began to suck.

Although she tried desperately, Janice couldn't hold in the long groan that slid from her throat in a gush. Her son's hot mouth clamped firmly on the aching nipple, sucking with little in-out motions that quickened as he grew more courageous.

Unable to stop what was happening to her, she felt her cunt flare and blast horny cream. It had been six long years since her husband's fatal heart attack. Six long years without having her tits paid this kind of attention. She'd almost forgotten what it felt like.

Chad was quickly reminding her. And to her own horrified amazement, she was enjoying it enjoying it too much. God, it was all she could do not to grab his head and shove her whole lit up into his eager, young mouth!

Chad was having the time of his life. Forgetting to be careful, he brought his hands up to cup his moms big, juicy tit. His fingers encircled the huge, heavy mound as much as they could, kneading its and squeezing it together and sliding even more of the oversized nipple between his lips.

He lapped and sucked alternately, delighted by his sleeping mother's reaction. She was breathing fast and arching her shoulder, unknowingly shoving more fleshy tit into his mouth. Although he'd had no experience, Chad knew that his mom was getting hot under his tonguing. In fact she was probably having a horny dream right now, without even knowing that the dream was real. Hell, she was probably so hot by now that he could get away with anything!

That thought urged him to take the next step.

Letting her saliva-wettened tit plop from his lips, Chad once more grasped the sheet and began to pull it down.

By this time Janice knew without a doubt that the situation was getting out of hand. But she was heated by a creamy hunger she'd almost forgotten. Her cunt was melting in furious gushes as the restraining cover was eased away. It was all she could to do keep from kicking it off herself in a frenzy of dazed lust.

The sheet slid over her firm, flat stomach and inched across her full-flared hips and the little pit of her navel. Then it inched farther.

The first curls of her cunt popped into view and Chad's eyes widened with horny pleasure as many more curls sprang into sight, thickening and tapering into a rich triangle of spongy brown fur as the sheet slipped away.

At last it slid from his hands to the foot of the bed. His mom stretched totally nude before him, her whole voluptuous body displayed with a sheer beauty better than any of the magazine centerfolds he'd ever seen.

And it was all his, the real thing to explore as much as he wanted. Just as long as she didn't wake up.

He let out a rasping hiss of pure enjoyment.

"Oh, Mom!"

Janice felt her pussy melt beneath her son's spellbound praise. So much had happened so quickly! All the walls inside her were being torn down by his exploration. She didn't even try to stop it anymore. The emotions came flooding out in a torrent of juices and she decided to make it even easier for Chad to explore all he wanted.

Shifting subtly as if dreaming, she eased her legs apart.

Chad's breath caught. He stood at the foot of the bed, gaping at the pussy abruptly displayed before him. Its glossy brawn fur was matted. Forming a vee and exposing the entire length of his mom's slick, pink pussy and puffed-out cuntlips, her moist folds flared to show off her drooling depths and the shiny, wet button that was her clit.

Not even his magazines had prepared him for the luscious, greased cunt spread in front of him. It was the first real cunt he'd ever seen and it had to be the most beautiful cunt ever. All steamy with juices and pouting open as if in invitation, it got even more dewy as he watched. Cream seemed to gush right out of it, drenching her inner thighs just as if she knew she was being looked at and was enjoying every minute of it.

Then his tongue dove back down to her cunthole, wiggling in and out of it like a squirming fish. He made a sound in his throat as surprised realization sank in -- Oh shit, I'm eating out my own mom!

Janice wanted to shriek at his delightfully lunging tongue. She wanted to clutch her son's head and mash his face against her cunt, begging him to go on. Instead she settled for biting her lips to keep from crying out and merely opened her legs as wide as they would go. At the same time she undulated her hips to make every inch of her aching cuntflesh accessible to his inexperienced tongue.

It was one of the most incredible eating sessions she'd ever been through. Chad's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. It toyed at her clit until she nearly screamed, then dove up her cunt and darted in and out a few furious strokes. Then it lunged back to her clit and slithered down her tight ass crevice to explore her moist asshole.

It was the kind of head only an insatiable, horny teenaged boy could give and Chad gave it his all.

Within moments she was careening and spasming in a tide of climax, pushing her cunt up to meet his jabbing tongue in blissful release.

Chad could feel the surges shuddering through his mom's body and tongued her more fiercely than ever. Despite his lack of experience he knew she was coming. Even the fear of waking her dissolved as he dug his fat, greedy tongue in and out of her cunt, fucking her hard, Janice had to cry out in luxurious orgasm. She writhed up, grinding her pussy to her son's wet face as wave after wave of joy swept through her.

At last, groaning and satisfied, she slumped once more in weary exultation.

Chad raised his head and grinned, hardly able to believe his luck. Hell, he'd made his mom come and she'd slept right through it!

This nudged a new notion into him, a notion he wouldn't even have dared consider except for the throbbing ache that soared up in his stiffened prick. Man, if she could sleep through that... why not anything?

His caution vanishing with that thought, he rose and crawled forward.

At first Janice was so engrossed in the aftermath of the first orgasm she'd had in years that she didn't realize what was happening. Then she felt Chad's body sprawling atop her, squirming carefully into position as he propped himself up on his hands and let the lower half of his body come to rest between her legs. His cock leaped along her inner thighs and slithered against the entrance of her cunt, its inflamed head lodging there with a pulsing urgency that made Janice gasp with pure, hungry need.

Rotating his hips, Chad began to ease the head of his prick into her sopping cunt. Its thick knob pushed against momentary resistance, then slipped in effortlessly.

She released a moan as her pussy mouth closed over the first cock she'd had in years. It was huge, tearing her cuntlips open and sliding into her as if it would never end. Chad's breath panted on her face as he shoved his prick in as carefully as he could, still thinking his mom was asleep. It was all she could do to keep from crying out as his big, smothering prick pushed in to its base. Her fingers clutched at the bedsheets and she groaned hoarsely.


"Oh... Jesus!"

Chad's voice was a husky whisper of delight. He wiggled, feeling his cock jerk inside his mother's snug, wet cunt. He hovered there a moment, enjoying the feel of having his prick sheathed in her wet, moist, clutching cunthole.

Then he started easing his cock in and out, slowly at first, then faster.

Janice almost screamed out loud with pleasure as his prick reamed her pussy, its whole length gliding back and forth in her cunt and filling it completely with each new thrust. After so many years of lonely emptiness, at last her pussy was getting the fucking it so richly needed. Even though it was her own son doing the fucking -- her own Chad heaving and thrashing on top of her -- all she could concentrate on was the prick gouging into her too-long unsatisfied pussy.

She reeled up, drilling herself onto his delectable pecker and sobbing openly now.

Her sobs came in broken puffs as Chad increased his pumping, spurred by her cries and arching body. Over the past year or so he'd jerked off lots of times just thinking about doing this, and now it was really happening. Just the feel of having a real, hot, wet cunt wrapped around his cock was enough to make his balls tingle as if they were going to burst.

Suddenly it happened. Chad let out a long, loud groan and heaved down, burying his cock to the hilt. His prick quivered and leaped spurting its load of jism deep into her pussy channel.

Janice couldn't hold back any longer. She cried out in complete release, surging up and taking blast after blast of thick, sweet cock juice.

Twisting and writhing, Chad came again ant again. He thought it was great the way his oblivious mother rammed her pussy up onto his prick just as if she knew what was happening and wanted to catch every drop of shooting jism. Although her eyes were still tightly closed, he could see a slack expression of ecstasy on her face. Load after load of cum splattered deep into her brown rimmed cunt. Finally he was gasping and empty. "Oh shit, that was great!"

Chad's appreciation burst from him in a loud, happy sigh. His mom sank back still panting, her breath trickling out in a long sigh.

Aware once more of what would happen if he woke her up now, he pulled his shrunken prick from her pussy and slid off the bed. Grabbing up his pajamas, he paused just long enough to ease the sheet back over her still form and bend to give her a light kiss on the cheek.

"Wow, you were great, Mom." Chad's voice was a gleeful whisper. Then he turned and stole out of the room.

He didn't see the smile that crept over Janice's face as he left.

Chapter THREE

Mindy had bounced through the back door and was just heading up the stairs when she almost ran into her mother as she hurried down. "Oh, hi, Mom. Going somewhere?"

Taken aback, Janice felt a furious blush leap over her face. Shortly after her episode with Chad guilt had begun to set in. It had begun with a little twinge at first and then become a rushing flood as if a dam had burst. She'd done it. She'd allowed it to happen -- with her own son!

Pushed by that terrible thought, she had to get away from the house and clear her head of the morning's events.

"I... I was just going to the store, dear," she said in a hurried, unconvincing tone. "Is there anything I can get you?"

She was already down the stairs and heading for the door as Mindy's surprised voice followed her. "I guess not. Uh... have a good time."

"I will, honey. If I'm not back by lunch you and... and your brother fix a couple of sandwiches, okay? See you."

"Bye, Mom," Mindy said, frowning with confusion as the back door slammed shut behind her.

Then, turning away with an inward shrug, Mindy dashed upstairs to shower.

On the way by she noticed Chad's bedroom door wide open and peeked in. He was sprawled on his bed reading a paperback.

"Well, you're finally out of those pajamas! Too bad you didn't get dressed sooner, you missed a really nice swim."

He glanced up and made a little-brother face, but, at the same time, managed to take in his big sister's barely clad body. "So what? Bob invited me over for later, and we've got all afternoon. And you weren't invited?"

Mindy stuck out her tongue and smiled, secretly glad he hadn't been with her a couple of hours earlier. "I just saw Mom on the way to the store, and she acted... well, kind of odd. Is something wrong?"

"I dunno." Chad shrugged and turned back to his book afraid to meet her gaze. He'd noticed the same thing. It was almost as if his mom knew what had happened. But she'd been asleep -- hadn't she?

"Oh well," Mindy said, pushing the thought from her mind and making her voice teasing again. "I'm going to shower, so don't bother trying to get into the bathroom for a while. And don't bother trying to peek in the keyhole either, because I'm going to put a towel over it just like always!"

"I don't do that anymore, damn it!" Chad flared with embarrassment and stung by the memory of the time she'd caught him last year. "I was a kid then! And anyway, who wants to look at your old body?"

She laughed and turned away, knowing full well her little brother had a growing curiosity. She'd caught him staring at her lots of times, especially when she pranced around the house in one of her flimsy nighties.

Until her experience with Mr. Jenson, watching Chad ogle her body, eager to get a glimpse of what a real woman looked like had been the most fun she'd had.

And from the way Mr. Jenson acted, it was becoming obvious that Chad's curiosity wasn't the kind that would ever go away.

She smiled to herself, vividly recalling Mr. Jenson's hungry stare and fondling hands, his grinning face and big spearing cock.

By the time she reached the privacy of the bathroom, her crotch was drenched with aroused juices. She hastily stripped off her bikini and slipped under the shower, grasping as its cool, rippling spray splashed her tits and streamed down between her legs, its running wetness tickling her heated cunt.

Still horny from her previous activities, Mindy dipped her hands into the soaked mat of her cunt and began to rub, gliding her fingers over the inflamed pussy flesh and the taut button of her clit.

"Ohh, oh yes, ahh..."

She rubbed harder, sliding a finger up her slightly-sore cunt and moving it around. Pleasure soared through her at that delightful caress. Within minutes she was finger-fucking herself to climax.

"Ah -- oh baby! Fuck me Mr. Jenson, fu... uhhhhh!"

Squirming and bouncing frantically under the cool spray, she came with cries of sheer bliss. Her finger jammed into her cunt and gyrated there, soaking up every spasm of orgasm.

"Ohhh, yeah..."

At last, flushed and happy, she climbed from the shower and began to towel herself dry.

That was when a mischievous notion struck her, making her smile with impish pleasure.

Without pausing to think, Mindy wrapped the towel around herself and stole from the bathroom.

"What're you reading?"

Chad's head jerked up again from his book and he opened his mouth to reply.

Then his jaw dropped, his eyes going wide at the sight of his big sister standing in the doorway dripping wet, wearing nothing but a clingy towel.

When his voice finally came out, it was cracked. "Huh?"

"I asked what you're reading, dopey." Mindy barely kept from laughing out loud at his expression. "It must be interesting to keep you so occupied."

Chad stared numbly, his eyes darting up and down in an attempt to take all of her in at once.

The towel was none too big and it didn't begin to hide the full thrust of her tits. They spilled out from its top border and the creamy, twin mounds were mashed by the arm she flung over them to hold the towel up. His gaze wavered down across the swell of her full, rounded hips to fasten on the sight of his sister's long water-slickened legs, coming at last to her crotch.

His cock twitched and blossomed at that spectacle. The towel hung tantalizingly, its bottom flaring slightly to actually give him a veiled peck at her soft, tufted golden curls. Shit! He was actually getting a look at Mindy's pussy!

"Uhh, nothing important," he managed weakly. Then his eyes narrowed with suspicion. "What're you up to, anyway?"

Pretending innocent surprise, Mindy looked blank. "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen me come out of the shower before?"

"Oh fuck..."

Chad blurted out one of the many words forbidden by their mother, as surprised by Mindy's behavior as he was by the spectacle of her nearly nude body. His cock poked erect, pushing painfully into the bed and making him squirm.

Enjoying herself thoroughly and unable to hide a gleam of mischief, Mindy teased him. "What's wrong now? Got something in your pants?"

"You know what I've got in my pants!" he accused, now fully aware that she was purposely taunting him. "Leave me alone, will you? 'Cause if is, don't, I just might show you what the matter is!"

That dare would have been too good to pass up even if she hadn't already been thinking along those lines herself. Without hesitation, Mindy strode forward and stood before, him, her smile even wider.

"Go ahead and show me then, if that's supposed to be a threat. I don't mind one bit. In fact, if I like what I see, I just may show you a thing or two myself!"

With those words she daringly let the top of her towel loosen a bit. One edge dropped away and a big, shining tit slipped free.

Chad goggled at the tip of a large, fleshy triangle of white that changed into tan where her bikini border ended.

The sight of her luxurious, gleaming tit made him react with horny defiance, his mind racing with mingled lust and boldness.

"All right," his voice came out a bit cracked as he sat up before her on the edge of the bed and reached for the crotch of his jeans. "If that's what it'll take to show you who's chicken, we've got a bet. I don't scare off so easy, Sis!"

There was the snap and the sound of his zipper opening. The next moment his prick swung up, hard and veined and throbbing in the air.

Mindy's cunt melted into steamy heat at sight of her brother's cock. It was a monster, far bigger than she'd imagined -- and maybe even bigger than Mr. Jenson's. Straining up like a fence post, it rose in a stiff, thickened red, mushroom head that was so deliciously smooth it looked as if it could sink into her pussy like a spear. Moistness glistened just at the tip of its small pink pisshole, promising much more.

It was a promise she couldn't ignore.

"Oh Chad, it's-it's enormous!"

"You really think so?" be said, blushing with proud embarrassment but enjoying her stare of admiration. "It's just a cock, like all the guys have. It's not anything real special... I guess."

Mindy smiled at that false modesty, feeling the juices bubble in her cunt and slicken her inner thighs. "It's got to be the biggest cock lever saw! I'll bet... I'll bet girls really like to get fucked by you, don't they?"

He shrugged, not wanting to admit that until that morning's furtive session with their Mom he'd never been with a girl before.

"I haven't had any complaints. So what're you going to do now that I've kept my end of the bet?"

"Well..." she hesitated, then willingly gave in. "I guess I'll keep my end, too."

Even as the words came out the towel dropped, sliding to the floor in a heap.

Sitting directly eye level with his sister's crotch, Chad got a sudden, full-view of her exposed pussy. Her cunt was a triangle of blonde curls tapering to a peak between her thighs. All wet and matted at its fringe, her pussy emanated an aroma he now recognized. Hovering before him and oozing with that hot juicy smell, she made his engorged cock bob even more frantically.

Mindy noticed his reaction and went on. "Is that enough to satisfy you, or tip you need to see more? Oh well, since you're already looking, you may as well get the whole view."

She reached down abruptly, her hands dipping into those soaked curls and pushing them apart to blatantly expose the pink-slitted crevice of her pussy beneath.

Chad swallowed hard, staring at her lush, wet cunt. From where he sat he could see its small, pouted lips drooping down just a bit. They flared open just enough to show off the fact that his big sister had a fat, oily clit and a slick, snug pussy.

"Oh shit," he breathed out, totally captivated by Mindy's uncharacteristic actions. "Wow, what a pussy! It's the best I ever saw! I mean, it's even more beautiful than -- uh, than any other girl's ever! It's really great, Mindy!"

Pleased by his compliment and even more pleased by the horniness on his face, Mindy undulated slightly so that her cunt swayed temptingly near, tantalizing him. "You really think so? I'll bet you're just saying that because I'm letting you see."

"No I'm not!" he blurted, his prick straining until it hurt. "It's the best pussy I ever saw, really."

"Well..." she pretended uncertainty. "I think I'd believe you if you kissed it a little."

Taken by surprise, Chad couldn't quite believe what he was hearing.

Mindy grated toward him, her fingers spreading her tight pussy as wide as it would go. "Haven't you ever kissed a girl's cunt before? It's just like kissing on the mouth and you can even use your tongue! Don't you want to?"

Without even thinking, he bobbed his head up and down. "Sure! You mean you'll really let me?"

She almost laughed at the naive mixture of greed and hope on her brother's face. "Go ahead, I don't mind. Kiss it all you want."

Chad moved before she could change her mind. His head ducked forward and his lips mashed into his sister's wet, furry pussy.

Mindy let out a purr as his tongue flicked out, gliding between her open thighs. For the first time in his life he was really tasting a girl's pussy. Sister's cunt was every bit as juicy as their moms and it creamed furiously when his tongue slithered along her pussy crevice with probing eagerness. It had an odd, tangy taste and he darted in for more.

"That's it!" she gasped, drawing her legs wider apart and thrusting her cunt at him in response. "Ohhh that feels so good! Lick my pussy all up, oh Chad keep licking it like that -- yes, yes!"

He did his best to please, stabbing his tongue tip into the furrow of his sister's pussy and plowing through its thick blonde curls to lap up the surges of juice soaring from between her slick cuntlips.

Unlike his mom's big finger-thick clit, Mindy had a perky little button like a greased marble. She began to pant for breath as he rolled that wet, stiff bud around and gulped down what seemed like gallons of cream that poured from her.

"Oh, oh that's even better!" she squealed, hunching her hips rhythmically for more. "Play with my clitty like that, it's tingling so nice I-I'm going to come! Lick me, Chad! Eat me up! Faster, faster!"

She'd never been eaten before and each jab of his tongue sent new thrills coursing through her. Almost before she knew it, Mindy was clutching his head, grinding her pussy against his face and begging for more.

"Yes, yes make me come!" she gasped. "Eat my pussy and make me come, ohhh yeah!"

Although he'd never done anything like it before, Chad quickly learned what was turning his sister on most. He found that by sliding in tongue back and forth in a fucking motion he could work her elk and dig up into her cunthole at the same time. He concentrated on doing that, stabbing faster as his hands crept up to cup her taut asscheeks and push her cunt even harder against his face.

It was more than Mindy could take. An orgasm suddenly wrenched through her pussy, making her cry out.

She writhed as Chad made hoarse grunting sounds in his throat and dug into her cunt even more furiously.

She couldn't stand it anymore. Mindy reeled back, panting and trembling with horny arousal.

"Now..." her voice sounded husky, "now I'm going to show you something even better. How would you like that?"

Disappointed that she'd pulled away so quickly but eager for another lesson, Chad licked his wet lips and answered immediately. "Okay. What're you going to show me now?"

"Just lie back, and you'll see."

He did as instructed, flopping down on the bed.

His swollen cock surged up erect and jerking. It's enormous shaft stood upright from a furry base and two hefty balls in their fuzz-clad sack.

Shivering with wicked anticipation, Mindy scrambled atop him and wiggled into position. Her knees spread across his hips and her wet cunt loomed just over his huge, thick prick.

"I'm going to show you what it's like to fuck your sister," she said sweetly, reaching down between her open thighs to grasp his veined cock. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Despite all that had happened in the past minutes, Chad couldn't quite believe she was really serious. "What? You mean for real?"

"Tha... ahh, that's just what I mean." Determined and hotter than a furnace, she clutched his prick firmly and guided its knobbed head to the entrance of her pussy. "You don't have any objections, do you?"

If Chad did, they were all swept away as he felt his prick head gouge between his sister's gushing cuntlips, its sensitive, inflamed tip pushing into her velvety-wet softness. A look of glee spread over his face and he hunched up. "Go ahead, Mindy. Fuck my cock!"

Mindy moaned as his cockhead shoved its way between her tight, greasy cuntlips, pushing them wider apart and filling her sopping hole with a totality not even Mr. Jenson's big cock could match. She hung there for a torturous moment, raised up on her hands and knees with her tits dangling in front of Chad's face, his prickhead lodged in her cunt.

Then she began to ease up and down with harsh, little motions, taking in more and more of his cock as she slowly screwed her hips down.

"Oh fucking -- yeah!" his words burst out in delighted amazement as it really happened. Mindy was actually fucking his cock, just like she said. "Take it, Sis! Take my cock right in your cunthole!"

She rotated her hips in a circular gyration, working more of his massive prick into her. This time it hardly hurt at all. She only felt a twinge of pain and it disappeared instantly as fresh juices made his big cock wet and slick.

It seemed to take forever but she finally got his huge prick stuffed completely into her pussy. Mindy settled into a seated position, her cunt was entirely crammed with Chad's oversized prick.

"Ohhh," she purred, lolling her head and enjoying the fact that he was inside her. "Oh that's so-o-o good, I love your cock like that. And now I'm going to give it a real fucking, just the kind I like best... ahhh, gunnhh!"

She see-sawed, making his cock jerk and ripple around in her pussy until it was ready for action.

Then she leaned forward onto her hands and started to ease up and down on his fat cock. Slowly at first she fucked herself on just an inch or so of his monstrous cock. Then faster, her ass pumping up and down with increased need.

It wasn't long before Mindy was bouncing wildly, plunging onto almost the entire length of his cock.

"Yeah!" he groaned, grabbing his sister's big bobbling tits and squeezing them hard. "Fuck my prick real good! Fuck it right up your cunt. Take it all!"

"Yes!" she wailed back, lunging on her brother's meaty cock in a fury of pure, sweet sensation. "Yes, oh your cock, it's going all the way up inside me! Make me come again, Chad! Fuck me and make me come, shoot your cream into my pussy! Yes, yessss!"

Her cries rose to shrill screams as she pumped faster than ever, drilling herself onto his cock as if she'd fucked it a hundred times before.

He'd never seen his sister like this before. She was an entirely different person, a lusty woman who begged for his jizz as if it was the only thing in the world that mattered. Chad bucked up, boring his cock into her more furiously than ever. He craned his head and took one of Mindy's hard, jutting nipples between his teeth, nibbling it with wet slurping sounds as his load of jism boiled up in his balls.

Mindy felt it, too. She bounced even harder, her tight pussy sucking for his load of cum as she pounded down, oblivious to all else.

"Fuck my cunt good!" she shrieked, plunging in a dog-like crouch that stretched her cunt even tighter over his dick and pushed a smothering tit into his mouth. "Fuck me and suck me hard! Oh Chad, eat my titty and fuck me real nice! Yes, oh baby yes that's just right, you're making me come, I'm -- ahh! -- I'm... comiiiinnnngggg!"

Suddenly she thrashed like a flopping fish, sobbing openly and pounding onto his cock with an intensity that made her asscheeks slap loudly against his thighs.

It was too much for Chad to hold back any longer. As his big sister reeled in completion on his cock, he soared up with along muffled groan and shot his load.

It spurted in thick, hot layers up Mindy's pussy, geysering in spasm after spasm. She bounced up and down to take it all as he wrenched under her, groaning and sucking her tit while he jammed his cock into her to the hilt.

She didn't stop thrashing until Chad fell back on the bed, his cock emptied and his strength gone. He let bet big nipple slip free and sighed ecstatically. "Oh fuck, Sis, that was... oh yeahhh..."

Mindy cooed blissfully, still twitching with her brother's cock lodged wetly inside her. A slow, sleepy smile of joy crept over her face and her blue eyes focused on him, slowly.

"Ohhh, that was sooo gooooooood! You really can fuck, for a little brother. Ahhh."

Chad grinned. "Hell, I can fuck good for anybody! And if you want me to prove it, I will -- anytime!"

Mindy giggled at his bragging tone, feeling his jizz slide from her cunt and dribble between their soaked bodies. "Maybe I will, at that. Maybe I just will, little brother."

Chad joined her giggle with a weak, throaty laugh. It was obvious she meant it. And that was more than fine with him.

Chapter FOUR


Bob Jenson stared with disbelief. His legs, which had been dangling over the pool's edge and sloshing the warm glistening water, frozen in mid kick. His brown eyes had gone wide and incomprehension.

"It's the truth, I swear!" Chad burst in response, pleased at his friend's amazement but eager to convince him. "You just should've been there, that's all. She bounced on my cock like the world was gonna end and then she started begging for me to shoot my jizz in her."

"Bull shh-ittt!" Bob made a face, not convinced at all. "Mindy begging for it? Oh, sure!"

"Man, you just should've seen it," Chad persisted, grinning. "I never saw her act like that. She was hornier than hell! Haven't you ever seen a girl horny before? They get that way just like us and what do you expect them do, just sit around and like it?"

"Yeah, but..."

Bob's jaw worked, his mind reeling with the image of Chad and Mindy fucking. Finally he blurted out the only argument he had left.

"Yeah, but your own sister! That's sick!"

Chad's grin widened. He knew the real thoughts on his best friend's mind. Bob was jealous. All the guys had crushes on Mindy, but she had a school-wide reputation as a virgin. Bob was the only one who'd ever been to her house on a regular basis because he and Chad were neighbors and friends. He'd jerked off dozens of times just thinking about her voluptuous body, the same way Chad had jerked off thinking of other girls.

He was jealous, plain and simple. But that hadn't stopped him from listening to every detail of Chad's experience or from hearing his friend brag. It hadn't stopped his prick from stiffening in his trunks until they stood up like a tent, either. Both boys had hard-ons as they talked of Mindy.

"It just sort of happened, that's all." Chad shrugged in his own defense. "Mindy can be pretty sexy when she wants to be and I guess she was more interested in cocks than brothers. And when she showed me her cunt that was all I could think about, too."

"Wow." Bob shook his head, overwhelmed by images. Mindy Blake putting out for her little brother! "Oh wow..."

"Mind if I join you, dears?"

Both boys jerked around at the unexpected voice behind them.

Shara Jenson strolled along the patio toward them, her lithe, slender body clad in a modest two piece swim suit and a towel draped over one shoulder.

At first neither of them moved. Both teenagers were dazzled by the supple movements of Bob's mom. Unlike her bounteous neighbor Janice Blake, Shara had a model's figure that undulated with an almost hypnotic rhythm when she walked.

A vivacious redhead, she looked like she'd just stepped off of a magazine cover. Her short, curled hair glinted like an orange halo around one of the most beautiful faces Chad had ever seen. Her body moved with a natural sensuality that would've stiffened his young cock if it hadn't been that way already. Her out thrust tits swayed and her hips gyrated as if greased for action as she strode to the nearby lounge chair and unfolded it. She smoothed her towel over the long, flat seat and sat down with a bottle of suntan lotion in one delicate hand.

Catching their momentary silence, she looked up. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"No, that's okay, Mom," Bob said. "We were just, uh..."

Abruptly realizing that he had a hard-on his mom couldn't possibly miss, Bob scooted hastily into the pool. Chad followed immediately and both boys stood in the waist-deep water, blushing fiercely.

Shara smiled, not at all fooled. She'd noticed their scrumptious, young hard-ons the moment she'd stepped out the back door. How could she have missed the sight of two teenaged pricks standing up with such obvious exuberance?

"I thought I'd get in an hour or so of sun before fixing supper," she explained lightly, uncapping the lotion and dribbling some into her hand. "Your father's out buying steaks. We thought it might be fun to grill by the pool this evening. All right with you?"

"Sure." Bob brightened, pretty sure his mom hadn't caught on to what they were talking about.

Then her cool green eyes turned on Chad. "You can join us if you want, dear. There ought to be plenty for everybody."

"Uhh, no thanks, Mrs. Jenson." Chad stumbled, watching her smooth the wet, filmy lotion over her long, slender legs. "I think we've kind of got plans."

"Well, maybe next dine." Finishing her legs, Shara reached up and unhooked the front clasp of her top. "But you don't know what you're missing, Chad."

Both boys gaped as she let the cups dangle loose over her tits and rubbed more lotion on her stomach and shoulders. Her fingers dripped unselfconsciously into her bared cleavage, making it shine with moistness.

Their blatant stares, combined with the vivid picture of those two massive, swollen cocks, had Shara's cunt creaming furiously.

God, she was horny!

And there wasn't a damned thing she could do about it.

The unpleasant thought made her frown slightly. Shara was not a woman who considered herself obsessed by sex. She wasn't one of those cock, starved housewives who took every opportunity to wrap themselves around any stiff prick. But it had been an unusual day. It had started well enough -- during her shopping excursion a familiar glow of lust emanated from her pussy making her practically race home for a few loving strokes of. Sam's ever-ready prick.

And that's when the unusual thing happened. Instead of reacting with his normal insatiable lust, Sam had begged off. He'd pretended he was too tired and had too much on his mini when she'd laughed off his excuses and grabbed for his prick, he'd actually pulled away.

In twenty years of marriage Shara had never known her husband to pull away from anything before he was finished. He'd almost acted, well, guilty.

But what on earth did Sam have to be guilty about?

That question had plagued her all day, with only Sam's evasions and mumbled excuses for answers.

And the glow had built up in her cunt, unquenched and blossoming.

Now, as she rubbed herself down with lotion in front of her son and his friend, she felt the glow burst into a flame that melted her pussy.

"You know," she went on lightly, "you both really ought to put some of this on yourselves as well. It'll keep you from burning."

They glanced at each other. Then Chad answered politely. "Thanks, but we're pretty well tanned already, Mrs. Jenson. I don't guess we need any."

"Still, it wouldn't hurt. And I know, because I burn so easily."

In the midst of her idle chatter, Shara found herself thoroughly enjoying their stares. She arched and flexed her shoulders in perfectly innocent motions as she rubbed them, motions that made her dangling cups flap dangerously and show off fleeting glimpses of her firm tits. Despite the fact that her admirers were her own son and his teenaged friend, she was having more fun than she'd had all day.

It was Chad who gave her the chance to enjoy herself even more.

"Can we help, Mrs. Jenson?"

"Well..." Shara hesitated. She hadn't come out to purposely torment the boys, but to cool off. But the thought of having lotion spread over her by two horny teenagers was an enticement she couldn't refuse. "All right, if you really don't mind. If you'll do my back, Chad, then Bob can do my legs."

They looked at each other again and she caught the small questioning shrug of Bob's shoulders. He'd never seen his mom act quite like that before.


They clambered out of the pool, their hard-ons almost gone.

With malicious intent, Shara brought both their hard-ons right back to life when she turned away and shed her top completely, then slid onto her stomach on the lounge divan.

"There, that'll make it easier for you," she explained over her shoulders, watching the two crotches swell up with renewed interest. "And don't hurry -- I want to enjoy the massage."

Bob didn't seem to know what to do next. His mother had never acted so sexy before. In fact, he'd never even thought of her as sexy until then. He was just beginning to understand how a brother and sister could fuck each other.

Chad stepped forward and poured out a handful of the liquid, then rubbed both his hands together and placed them lightly on her shoulders.

"Is this right, Mrs. Jenson."

"Umm, that's just fine." Shara glanced back. "Bob, you aren't going to make Chad do all the work, are you?"

"Uh, no, I guess not."

Bob followed suit, moistening his palms and lowering them to his mother's legs, one coming to rest on each of her slender calves.

His heart began to thump and his cock tented up his trunks like a massive pole as Shara sighed and relaxed, taking full advantage of the situation.

"Hey, this is kind of fun." Chad said, watching the wet trails his fingers made over her skin. "It reminds me of finger-painting when I was a kid."

She chuckled at his enjoyment. "You can finger-paint all you want, but be sure not to miss a spot. I want a nice even tan when the painting's done, you know?"

Laughing, he complied. His cool, wet hands ran up and down her bare back in long leisurely strokes, sliding from her neck all the way down to the border of her bikini and back up along her sides. The tips of his fingers brushed the outside of her mashed tits slightly.

Shara purred at those furtive little brushes, urging them on without being obvious.

Though Bob was slower getting started he was soon carried away as well by their activity. His palms worked on one leg at a time, gliding from ankle to thigh and back down. Growing bolder, soon his upstrokes went all the way to her bikini edge and the rise of her ass mound that was exposed there, lingering subtly before slipping away.

It was the most delightful rubdown she'd ever had and Shara couldn't resist helping it along. "Now don't be shy, darlings. I'm certain you're getting every inch of me. Chad, you're not going far enough down, a little further... yes, that's it."

"Like this, Mrs. Jenson?" Chad's fingers rippled over her lower back, pushing against the elastic border of her bottom and forcing it back a bit.

"Mmm, yesss," she groaned, tingling wickedly. Amazed at Mrs. Jenson's unembarrassed attitude but glad to oblige, Chad worked his hands over her with fresh enthusiasm, inching the bottom of her bikini down further with each sweep of his hand, hoping frantically that she wouldn't notice.

Observing it all in mixed astonishment and arousal, Bob gasped as his mom's bikini peeled back to reveal the first hint of her tight asscrack peeking between the up curve of her flesh asscheeks. Chad's fingers hovered over the inch or so of bared ass mounds, kneading them with obvious delight and forcing the material down even more.

Bob couldn't believe it was really happening. He knew his mom liked to run around the house in skimpy outfits and sheer, translucent nighties, but that had seemed normal. Except for sneaking an occasional glimpse at her lithe, model's figure, he'd hardly given her a thought.

But at the moment he was seeing his mother in a totally new light. Still horny from listening to Chad's eager confession, he found himself staring down at the shapely, almost -- nude body stretched before him and seeing her the way she really was -- a beautiful and desirable woman who couldn't possibly miss what was going on, but who didn't seem to care a bit.

His prick jerked up stiffer than ever. His cock pounded in his trunks at his new perception of his mom.

As if she'd sensed her son's thoughts, Shara turned her head and let out a relaxed little moan.

"Ahhh, that's much better. Is something wrong, Bob? You're not doing your part!"

"Uhh, no, Mom," he said hastily, returning to his duty. "I just thought you were finished, is all."

"Hmmm, maybe you're right."

Her words caught Chad with his hands frozen where they were, edged wider the peeled-back material and actually cupping Mrs. Jenson's asscheeks.

Shara went on as casually as if she were talking about the weather. "I think I am done on that side. But you've both been such excellent massagers, you wouldn't mind finishing the job, would you?"

Before either boy had time to do more than gape dumbly, she rolled over and settled on her back.

She almost laughed at the looks on their faces. With their mouths hanging open, their expressions slack and their crotches bulging with hardness, they devoured the sight of her with an arm casually draped across her up surging tits. The bikini bottom had been rolled far down her flat stomach, exposing just the fringe of her downy red fur that promised the even richer treasure of her cunt.

Giving them time for one good look, she caught their attention with a smile. "Well? You're not going to just stand there, are you?"

Chad swallowed hard and grinned. "Not me! I'm glad to help."

He quickly poured more cream into his hands and returned to rubbing her shoulders.

"I guess I can help same more, too."

Bob copied his friend's actions, smoothing fresh lotion over his palms and bending to caress his mother's legs.

Shara sighed, her pussy creaming furiously as two pairs of eager hands resumed their fondling massage. The presence of their throbbing pricks washed away all her inhibitions in a flood of streaming cunt juice.

It was wrong to take advantage of the situation -- God, Bob was her own son! But she couldn't help it. A whole day of unsatisfied horniness had blown a valve and her pent-up arousal came pouring out in gushes that drenched the crotch of her bikini.

Without considering the consequences, she egged them on.

"That feels so nice... ummm, I could take this kind of treatment all day."

The arm folded over her tits slipped away, almost as if by accident.

Astounded, Chad stared down at Mrs. Jenson's bare tits. Small and firm and jutting up with hardly any sag at all, they soared into the pinkest nipples he'd ever seen. They spiked out into quivering, hard little points that seemed to ache for attention.


His voice came out in a small hissing gasp and his wet hands slid down to cover her lush, taut tits.

It was an act of pure reflex, but Mrs. Jenson didn't seem to mind. Instead, she groaned and smiled, delighted.

"Ahhh -- that's better, Chad. You know just how to rub me down the way I like it. Mmmm..."

She began to breathe faster as his hands kneaded in circular motions over her pliant tits. His palms rubbed hard over her stiffened nipples and made them spire up with even greater urgency.

Amazed, Bob watched his mom's fat, pink nipples quiver and jump between his friend's fingers. He knew his mother was acting funny, but he hadn't expected it to go so far.

Before he could react, Shara abruptly spoke again in a lightly scolding tone. "Bob, you aren't doing your share! Now get back to work and don't make Chad do it all."

"Okay, Mom."

Hardly able to believe it was happening, he resumed kneading her slender legs, running his hands along her thighs with even less inhibition. Almost immediately he noticed the wet stain growing at her crotch. It made a long exclamation point of darkness along the skimpy material right where her cunt was. In fact, the wetness made her bikini plaster itself so tightly that it creased inward sharply. He could make out the twin, puffy lips of his mom's pussy jutting out all swollen and bloated as if ready to take in a stiff, aching prick.

The realization struck -- his mom was horny! Hell, she was practically begging for action!

Stunned but ready to comply, Bob let his fingers drift up until they were rubbing tight against her wet crotch, exploring its dampness as he massaged her smooth, parted, inner thighs.

Shara gasped afresh under that tickling, hesitant touch. "Oh, yes, that's so much nicer, ahbhhh!"

By this time neither boy was displaying the least hint of shyness. Chad's hands nimbly plucked at her tits and Bob's fingers slid along her crotch in sly, groping strokes that had her squirming with fresh delight.

She didn't mind at all. It made her next words come out easily, without any pretense whatsoever.

"Uhm, you're both doing such a nice job! You don't mind if I get more comfortable, do you? Since the two of you seem so intent on being thorough, why don't we just dispense with formalities? Bob, would you mind getting rid of these?"

With those words, she arched her hips up, giving them permission to remove her bikini bottoms entirely.

Eyes wide and glowing with barely concealed lust, Bob didn't pause. "Sure, Mom. Anything you want."

His voice was cracked, but his fingers slipped up quickly and grasped the taut fabric. The bottoms peeled away with one wrenching motion and slipped onto the patio floor. Two voices sucked in loud breaths as her cunt appeared in all its fiery glory, rich and red and thick-curled.

For the very first time her son got the full display of her well juiced pussy. Its pink mouth poached open and literally drooled hot creamy arousal from its fur-fringed depths.

Bob's eyes were round and fastened on that wonderful, drenched pussy. He'd never seen anything so beautiful in his life. His mom's legs were parted just enough for him to see everything. Her clit stuck out moist and erect, just like an oily button above a cunthole that winked teasingly, dripping wet and opened wide enough for him to see all the way up inside her.

The fact that she was his mother didn't matter at all anymore. He stared, fascinated.

She went on, her voice husky. "Well, you don't have to both stand there gawking like that. That's a bit embarrassing, don't you think? I might feel more comfortable if... well... You've been such darlings, why don't we just be totally honest? Hop out of those tight trunks so I won't feel so naked and alone."

For an instant neither of them moved. Then Chad, who was the more experienced to the two, made his move.

"Hey, that's a great idea! You don't need to be embarrassed, Mrs. Jenson. I'll be glad to help."

Even before he'd finished talking he was pulling his trunks down and stepping out of them. His cock soared up in the air. His prick was so thick and stiff it made Shara's cunt spasm with pleasure.

An instant later Bob did the same, a little unsure of himself but every bit as horny. His prick bobbed drunkenly above a heavy, wrinkled ball sack, much larger than she would even have imagined.

Confronted by both of their rigid, wagging pricks, she couldn't resist responding.

"Oh my, such lovely cocks! That does make me feel better, believe me. We don't have anything at all to be shy about, do we? And you won't mind if I show how much I appreciate the gesture, do you?"

Her hands swooped out and Chad's whole body went stiff as she grasped his enormous, throbbing prick and palmed his hefty balls, caressing them!

The pretense vanished completely with that act and Bob piped up without thinking. "Hey, what about me, Mom? I took mine off, too!"

Shara laughed, giddy at the spectacle of the two cocks hovering over her. "Don't worry dear, I haven't forgotten you!"

She parted her legs wider than ever and dropped one hand down to pry her puffy cuntlips apart. The other hand still held Chad's big prick firmly.

"I want to feel you too, darling. Right here where I can enjoy it most."

If there was any doubt left as to her intentions, it dropped away then. She was a sexy, vivacious woman stretched out nude beneath them, offering her cunt to Bob as naturally as if it were something she did every day.

"Oh shit!"

Gulping hard, he accepted the offer happily. Scrambling onto the divan and on top of his mother's ripe, slick body, he shoved his cock toward her gaping pussy entrance.

"Ohh, yes!"

Shara moaned as his engorged prickhead speared at her cunt, slipping and darting along its fuzzed rim. No longer caring about anything except his delicious, stabbing cock, she grasped its veined hugeness and pulled it straight into her gushing pussy.

"Now, darling, push hard! Ohhh, oh yes, honey, harder! Now move it back and forth a little and -- ahhhh! Slide it in me all the way -- aaayyyy!"

Her words rose to a cry as he lurched. His prickhead gouged between her cuntlips and slipped home neatly.

Enraptured by that first slithering taste of cock, Shara almost forgot entirely about Chad's cock jumping in her hand. Her fingers had closed over it instinctively and even as Bob began to ease his thick cock back and forth in an automatic fucking motion, she began to tug at that cock, pumping fist over his prick with harsh, squeezing pulls.

"Yes, baby, now you're... Oh my God! You're doing it just fine! This is the kind of massage Mother really loves best! Faster, dear, faster! Yes!"

Bob thrashed and heaved, his cock totally engulfed in his mom's juicy cunt. Her pussy muscles closed over it in a vise-like grip, sucking at every thrusting inch as he pounded his prick home, gasping out loud.

"Oh, Mom, that's really good! Fuck my cock for me? Yeah, fuck it."

Overjoyed at this new relationship with his own mother, he rammed his cock into her even harder.

Shara wailed and bucked up to take it, clenching Chad's prick frantically. After her taunting and teasing, she was soaring toward climax already. Gush after gush of sheer pleasure flooded through her, making her sob for more.

"That's all right, darling, that's just right! Give me all your sweet cock. Stuff it up my pussy just like that! So good! More, Bob, more!"

Twisting up to take her son's lunging prick, she found that Chad's cock was looming just above her expression of pure glee spread over his face. An face and he chuckled hoarsely as his inflamed cockhead bobbed toward her.

"That's it, Mrs. Jenson. Pump on my prick good! Oh fuck, that's real good, ahhh!"

The urge was too great. With Bob's cock pounding full-length in and out of her pussy, Shara was a furnace of sensations. He craned her head up, smiling blissfully.

"It -- ahh! -- it's going to be even better, Chad. Now I'm going to, uhhhh... give you a massage as well. Like this."

Her lips opened and his fat, red cockhead disappeared between them.

Delighted, both boys gasped as Bob's mom took their cocks simultaneously, sucking her son's prick up her cunt and paying the same favor with her mouth on Chad's jerking, hard cock.

In all her experience, Shara had never taken two cocks at once before. Heaving and groaning in utter rapture, she bounced on the divan with uninhibited joy. More and more of Chad's prick was gulped down her throat and the sight of his cock vanishing into his mom's mouth made Bob slam even more furiously. Within moments they were both fucking in and out of her.

It was as much cock as Shara could have hoped for and it had its desired effect. With just a few strokes of the two lurching pricks she blasted in climax, writhing in an orgasm more complete than any she'd had in a long time.

Completion geysered from her cunt in fountains of pussy cream as she sucked and fucked deliriously, feeling two sets of cum-filled balls slapping against her ass and chin.

"Man, look at her go!" Chad chortled, beside himself. "Oh fucking shit, your mom's sucking the jizz right out of my prick! Suck it, Mrs. Jenson. Suck it hard!"

Suddenly his prick rippled in her mouth and Shara found her throat flooded with spurting hot cockcream. She swallowed greedily, taking each burst and sucking for more.

Chad groaned. "Ahhhh..."

Bob saw his friend's face go lax with completion and saw a little splatter of thick, white liquid dribble from between his mother's lips as she bobbed her head up and down wildly.

And if that wasn't proof enough, he saw Chad's prick slide limply free as Shara's delicate, pink tongue flicked out after it, darting over its big, smooth head and lapping at the little gobs of cream still clinging there.

"Jesus, Mom!" he panted, driving his cock into her even faster. "Jesus, you're really doing it! Take our cock juice! Take it all -- ahhhhh!"

His cock exploded then, fountaining jism up his mother's squeezing pussy. He wrenched, plowing it all the way into her as Shara reeled up to take it.

"Babyyyy!" she wailed, wrapping her slim, shapely legs around his waist and pumping up. "Give it to me, love, give me your cream! Fuck me good, honey, do it to me -- EEEEEEEE!"

Heaving and undulating, she gulped her son's jizz up her cunt with every bit as much hunger as she'd drunk in Chad's load. Blast after blast tore into her seething channel and she took it all.

And with each fresh shooting drop, her orgasm rose to a frenzied peak.

It was everything Shara wanted -- everything Sam had denied her. She clung to her son's thrashing prick until it was empty and hung onto it for every twinge of completion until he slumped, drained and weary.

"Oh shit, Mom," he managed, dazed. "Shit! That was the fucking best! Oh yeah!"

Shara couldn't agree more.

"Sweet baby," she purred, ecstatic. "Sweet, sweet baby..."

Her legs slipped apart and at last Bob rose. Chad was already wiggling back into his trunks and he did the same. Then both boys paused, gazing down with happy expressions at the limp, gorgeous redhead.

Chad grinned. "Wow, what a rubdown! I'll be glad to give you that kind of massage anytime, Mrs. Jenson!"

Shara smiled, licking the clinging taste of cum from her lips and feeling Bob's jism seep from her cunt. "Ummm, we'll just have to see about that, won't we? After all I expect to be doing quite a bit of sun bathing this summer! But you'd both better take a dip now and cool off before Mr. Jenson gets home. After all, we don't want him to wonder what you've been up to. Now scoot, so I can relax from all this relaxing!"

Laughing in pure delight, they did as she suggested.

As the two playful teenagers splashed into the pool's refreshing wetness, Shara couldn't help chuckling herself. She was more relaxed than she'd been in a long time.

And there was nothing wrong with that, was there?

Chapter FIVE

"Now, don't eat so fast." Janice Blake gave her kids a stern look as they gobbled down their supper, both acting as if they hadn't eaten in weeks.

"I have to, Mom," Mindy answered, swallowing a mouthful of food. "The movie starts in half an hour and I promised the Jensons I wouldn't be late."

"Yeah, and my show's on, too." Chad's muffled agreement joined in as he forked up another bite of roast beef.

Janice sighed and shrugged, giving in with motherly grace. "Oh, all right. But I don't see why you couldn't go to the movie with everybody else, Chad. After all, since they were nice enough to ask..."

He winced, halting her argument. "Come on, Mom. I've been waiting on this t.v. special for two weeks!"

She frowned but didn't answer, not wanting to admit that she dreaded being left alone with her own son. Throughout the day she'd thought of little else but his smooth cock and the way it had plunged into her again and again, drilling right to the core of her almost-forgotten hungers and pumping them back to life.

Frankly, Janice was afraid.

And the mast humiliating part of all -- the thing that kept her from meeting his innocent gaze -- was the fact that in a terrible, secret way, she hoped it would happen again.

"Well, I've got to go."

Mindy scooted from the table and paused just long enough to give her Mom a peck on the cheek, then headed for the back door.

"It's a double feature so I may be late. But don't worry -- I'll be with Mr. and Mrs. Jenson the whole time."

"But not too late!" Janice called as the back door slammed shut.

At that moment Chad rose. "Me, too. I guess I'll go warm up the set."

Then he was gone, leaving her alone.

A few seconds later the t.v. came on, blaring raucously with some situation comedy.

Sighing again, Janice rose and cleared the table. It didn't take long to do the dishes, but even that simple chore seemed to last forever. There was no way to ignore the aching tingle deep in her cunt, the tingle that had begun that morning with the first cautious strokes of Chad's prick and had grown all through the day until it had become an unbearable, gnawing need.

She couldn't stand it any longer.

With the dishes finished, Janice strode into the living room.

Chad looked up from where he lay sprawled on the floor. "Want to watch the show with me, Mom?"

"No," she said hastily, hurrying past. "No, I think I'll just take a shower and go to bed early and finish that book I started. Don't stay up too late, dear."

Quickly, before he could argue her out of it, she dashed upstairs for the safety of the bathroom.

The moment she was alone with the door firmly shut behind her, Janice stripped off her blouse and bra and slacks, then squirmed out of her panties. They came away stickily, moist at the crotch from the unmotherly thoughts that had been plaguing her all day.

The memory of Chad's cock lunging into her pussy, his mouth fastened on her tits and his smooth, muscular body surging again and again all came sweeping back in a fresh blast of juicy hunger.

Hex pussy was melting in a furnace of heat. She stepped under the cool splashing spray of the shower not a moment too soon.

Cascading water rippled over her big tits, bringing their large nipples erect and quivering. She luxuriated in the spray as it helped to sooth the ache that had built up in her during the day. But, it wasn't quite soothing enough.

Stepping at last from the shower, Janice grabbed a big, fluffy towel and began to dry herself off. The tingle was still there and almost as intense as ever. Her whole body seemed to vibrate with a sexual sensitivity she hadn't known for a long time. As she rubbed the rough-soft towel across her hefty tits her enormous nipples strummed into soaring hard spires.

She couldn't help it. Without even thinking she rubbed the towel harder over her pendulous, wet tits, gasping as fresh bursts of cream oozed from her cunt.

Almost before she knew it, Janice had worked her nipples into taut, straining buttons of pleasure that throbbed deliciously with each leisurely stroke of the gliding towel.

As she moved the towel down across her stomach to the damp, glossy mound of her cunt, she knew what was going to happen. The ache had to be soothed -- one way or another. After all the years of emptiness and holding back her own vitality until she'd almost forgotten what it felt like to have a cock inside her, she had been brought back to life by her own son's stabbing prick!

It was too much for Janice to resist. The towel slid between her parted legs, right to the sopping core of her problems.

She groaned, pushing it deep into her pussy crevice to massage inflamed, pouting lips and rub against her hard, jutting clit. Tremors of delight surged through her and she began to move the towel back and forth with vigorous motions.

"Ohh, oh yesss!"

Janice purred in sheer, wicked bliss, massaging her creamy pussy into a frothing frenzy of sensation. The first little blasts of pleasure ripped up through her and she rubbed faster.

"Oh, oh that's... ahh, annhh!"

Suddenly she shuddered, her eyes fluttering with joy and her mind reeling with the image of Chad's stabbing cock. Drenched with hot wetness, she worked the towel to smother the wrenching spasms that tore from her.

She was poised in momentary completion with her legs spread and the towel bunched between them when the door flew open and Chad stood there, gaping.

"Chuhh -- Chad!"

Rushed and breathing heavily, she focused on his surprised expression and jerked the wet towel up in a useless attempt to cover herself.

"Uh, sorry, Mom," he managed in a cracked tone. "The shower was off and I thought you were done."

It was obvious that he was lying. He'd probably been standing right outside the door waiting for just that moment. The realization seeped in slowly and Janice knew she ought to be furious.

But she wasn't. Trying to laugh the incident off, she pulled the towel up and gave a weak smile.

"Not quite, as you can see! And, and you could've knocked first, you know. It's embarrassing to be burst in on like that..."

"That's okay," he shrugged, making every attempt to appear absolutely innocent. "I'm not embarrassed. Anyway, I just wanted to take my shower before the show comes on. That's all right with you, isn't it?"

"That-that's not what I meant!"

Janice started in a scolding tone, but froze with hypnotized fascination as he began to undress.

She tried to stop what was happening, but her voice came out only in a gasp as Chad slipped out of his shirt and reached far his jeans. His slim, well-muscled body held her spellbound, bringing back all the memories of their morning experience.

As if totally unaware of her gaze, he wiggled out of his jeans.

When his cock popped into view, Janice's cunt creamed more furiously than ever. She blurted a little moan of juicing hunger, unable to hold it back.

Pretending to be completely ignorant of the effect he was having on his mom and the way she stared at his bare prick, Chad stepped out of his jeans entirely and stood before her, acting as natural as if he stood nude in front of his mother every day.

"It's okay with you, isn't it, Mom? I'm just kind of in a hurry."

Janice couldn't seem to make her mouth work. It had all happened too quickly. All she could do was feast on his prick as it dangled in front of her. Its base was covered with dark, spongy curls and his heavy balls hung in a soft, wrinkled pouch that made her palms itch to grasp it.

"It, it's perfectly all right, dear," she heard herself say, still clutching feebly at the towel. "I was almost finished anyway. You... don't mind if I dry myself off first, do you?"

Without awaiting an answer she resumed the circular motions of the towel. It trailed scratchily over her covered tits, then dipped down to her stomach.

The moment her tits sprang into sight Chad's cock began to tug erect. Its soft length grew long and fat, thickening slowly to its full, throbbing length as she let him look at her.

"Uh, no, go right ahead." His voice came out husky with lust as he admired her, a grin twitching across his lips. Then his appreciation burst out in a whoosh. "Wow, you sure have beautiful tits, Mom!"

As if he didn't already know!

Pleased and blushing at her own blatant display, Janice felt a new boldness creeping over her. Instead of wanting to hide her bobbling tits she pushed them out more proudly. After all, he'd already seen it all before, hadn't he? "You really think so, dear? I always thought they were a little too big. If I ever tried to go braless like this, I'd get arrested!"

They laughed together.

Then Chad did the unexpected. He stepped forward and reached out, catching a big, dangling tit in one hand.

She caught her breath, too surprised to pull away.

"I think they're perfect," he murmured, giving her soft, pliant tit a squeeze that sent its distended nipple spiring into his palm. "I mean, none of the girls I know have tits like this!"

She groaned, gushing a lather of cream over her already-soaked cunt. "I... uhm, I don't think you should be quite so appreciative, darling. After all, it isn't, isn't polite to touch a woman this way..."

"Even my own mom?" Chad said, his voice blankly naive, his hand not releasing his grasp on her huge, hanging tit. "Besides, I can't help it. They're just so beautiful, it makes me want to touch them."

His palm moved rhythmically, massaging her fat, pebbly nipple.

She bit back a groan and tried to put a halt to the unusual situation. Moving one of her hands, she covered his and pushed it away.

But somehow all the strength had gone out of her. Instead of brushing her son's hand off her tit she gave it a pat, pushing it tighter against her plush tit mound. This time her groan contained pleasure he couldn't miss.

Chad's grin widened and he brought his free hand up so he could cup and squeeze both her tits at the same time. "Yeah, they're real beauties. I could hold your tits all day, Mom. But I know something that's even better."

Suddenly he hefted one enormous tit. In the same motion his head bobbed down, hardly having to crane at all. His moist, eager lips closed over her big, erect nipple and began to suck with frantic little slurping sounds.

Janice arched her shoulder, wilting against her horny, admiring son with gushes of uninhibited juice as he gulped at her mammoth tit. It was all happening so fast that she couldn't stop the melting burst of steamy need that shot all through her.

"Oh God," she hissed, clutching his head to her tit. "Oh, baby, please... ahhhh..."

Greedily, Chad sucked and lapped his mother's taut tit as hard as he could. It rolled and strummed across his tongue like a piece of hard candy but tasting sweeter than any candy he'd ever had.

And that taste grew even sweeter when she started groaning and urging him on.

"Yes, darling, yes, suck my titty! Oh Chad, you're killing me! Harder honey, nibble it good -- annh!"

He gobbled at her big, thrusting tit until it was slick with saliva. Then he switched to the other and gave it the same treatment. Finally, he moved back and forth as if trying to get both her lush tits into his mouth at once.

Melting against her son, Janice cooed with pleasure that didn't contain the slightest twinge of guilt. "Whuh-Why, Chad, you're such a greedy baby! Take your time, there's ple... ahh! -- plenty for you."

Thrilling at her own instantaneous release, she shoved her tits at him even more urgently.

Chad's tongue dipped abruptly between the two giant tits mashing his face and slithered down. Murmuring gasps of delight, he licked and kissed his way along Janice's flat stomach until he reached the rich, glossy curls of her brown cunt fur.

"Oh yeah, Mom, I love your whole body. Mmmmm, I could eat you all up!"

With those words his tongue slid out to do just that.

Janice cried out as her son's wet probe plowed straight into her pussy, sliding across its dripping trench and wiggling up to get a better taste. He knelt between her wide-spread legs and lapped the hair-fringed cunt just as he might have lapped a melting ice cream cone.

"Oh-oh my darling!"

Panting in sheer joy, she spasmed under the first frantic licks into her slushy channel. Almost without realizing it, she felt for the toilet seat behind her and slumped down on it, opening her legs wide and tangling her hands in his hair to guide him on.

Chad gasped his muffled approval and began to eat his mother's spread-open cunt in earnest. Its pink, slippery mouth gaped open, the lips fluttering apart like butterfly wings and oily clit standing out in its fat hood with perky awareness. Janice's buttery-cunt took flight in her son's mouth, fluttering wetly under his darting tongue and squirming in its bushy nest.

She sprawled back on the toilet seat, clutching his head and heaving up as he fucked new life into her too-long-dormant pussy.

"Oh-oh God, darling, that's wonderful! Lap all my juices up, oh sweet lover yes, yesss!"

She wiggled deliciously, stretching her legs as wide as they would go to allow his tongue complete access.

Chad probed hungrily along her gaping slit, drinking up the juices that poured from it and working his tongue between her flared lips for more.

It dove and wormed its way into Janice's soaked depths, jamming every inch of the soft, fatness into her aching hole and sliding in and out with an immediate fucking motion.

That was more than she could stand. Instantly she wrenched in orgasm, mashing her cunt against Chad's mouth and lunging on the toilet seat until it was slippery with juice.

"Baby, yes! Eat me, eat me good -- oh my God, Chad, more! Morrrre!"

Her wails rose as he drove his tongue into her like a prick, fucking into her and swallowing blast after blast of her flooding cream. His mom's pussy seemed to have an endless supply of hot, streaming juices. Her cuntlips spread over his tongue like soft butter, closing into a velvet vise that sucked every stab ferociously. He was actually tongue -- fucking his own Mom -- and she was coming like hell!

Janice moaned out loud, her legs flopping. It was her second climax of the evening and it was too much -- but suddenly she needed more.

"Fuck me, baby!" she cried, lurching. "Get your lovely cock up here and fuck the piss right out of my pussy. Ohh, oh honey now, get it in me before I scream! Fuck meeeeee!"

Chad didn't hesitate at all.

He scrambled up on his knees and moved forward, his cock soaring up in the air. Working hastily into position, he lodged his inflamed prickhead between her wet, pouting cuntlips and shoved with a surge of strength.

Janice shrieked as her son's prick slid home effortlessly, burying itself to the hilt up her thrashing pussy. Automatically her legs swung around his waist and locked there, holding him in.

"Oh Jesus, Mom, your pussy feels great!"

Chad began to pump, inching his cock in and out of his mom's slushy cunt. He watched in gleeful amazement as her prick-bloated pussy lips sucked at his prick and wrapped around its veined thickness as if never intending to let go.

"Yesss!" she cried out, deliriously bunching up on the toilet seat and smothering every delectable inch of his stiff prick in her sheath. "Fuck my pussy, darling! It's so fucking good -- faster, oh Chad give it tome fast and hard, do it baby do it!"

Totally enraptured, she bounced up in a frenzy.

"Oh, shit!" he groaned, once again startled by the way her cunt squeezed his jabbing cock like a mouth. "Suck on my prick, Mom! Suck it right into your cunt! Take it, yeah fuck on it good!"

She did just that, wrenching up with all the need that had accumulated throughout the day. Chad was her son, but he was also a man. And it was a man who rammed his cock into her, cramming all his hard, engorged cock into her cunt channel and gasping for breath as he reached up to cling to her big, joggling tits. It was a man -- her man -- who grunted for more as he clutched her tits and sank his prick into her with growing fury.

"Take it, Mom! Take it all up your cunt and suck my jizz right out! I'm gonna shoot inside you, bitch! Yeah, yeah!"

Twisting and writhing with an unbelievable orgasm, Janice careened back on the toilet in sheer unashamed ecstasy. She clung to him, bucking her hips and blurting out her own needs in spiraling cries.

"Come in baby, give me your cum! Fuck it to me and shoot my pussy full... now, now Chad now! Oh sweet God, oh fucking lover now, come, coooommmmmmm!"

As if obeying her exactly, Chad suddenly grunted and went stiff with a glazed expression.

Janice felt his cock ripple in her pussy. She felt hot cream geyser into her, flooding her fuckhole with the most precious nectar of all. His prick spasmed again and again, shooting more cream up her cunt with each lurch. She hung like that in a dazed cloud of pure abandon, taking every drop and moaning in the blissful peak of her own completion.

Their mutual release seemed to last an eternity.

Then, with a happy chuckle, Chad slumped.

"Oh shit, oh fuck that was terrific! Wow, Mom, you really sucked my balls dry!"

No longer held back by the slightest twinge of hesitation, Janice laughed. She squirmed on the toilet neat, feeling his limp prick sloshing in her freshly fulfilled cunt.

Then an impish notion struck her, making her giggle again.

"Did... did you really enjoy it, darling? Enough even to, umm, miss your show?"

He grinned. "You bet! Anytime!" Then they bath felt his prick tug again, slowly rising in her undulating pussy with fresh vigor.

That made Chad grin even wider as he twitched his hips in response. "Besides, there's always reruns, aren't there?"

Janice's eyes widened with mischievous pleasure as her son's cock swiftly grew to its full, hard length. Her laugh was husky and knowing.

Delighted, Chad felt her pussy close over his cock again and she began to gyrate.

The show wasn't over by any means. In fact, he had the happy suspicion that it had just begun.

Chapter SIX

"Wow, that sure was a good show!" Bob's voice was light as he spoke from the back seat of the car where he sat next to Mindy. Though not that close to her, he'd managed to sneak a hand over until it rested lightly against her thigh, just brushing the crisp hem of her soft, summer dress. She squirmed as he spoke and the bare flesh of one of her knees touched his fingers.

"It was all right," Sam Jenson answered as he drove toward home. Glancing at the rear-view mirror he got a glimpse of his blonde neighbor and then threw a guilty look at Shara.

His wife seemed to sense that his attention was elsewhere and merely answered with a distant murmur.

"I mean, I could see it a couple of more times," Bob said nervously as he moved his hand up until it rested gently on Mindy's prodding knee. He'd never tried anything with her before, but Chad's bracing statements were spinning through his mind, urging him on.

Mindy didn't mind at all. She'd sat through the whole movie without seeing it, her own thoughts totally absorbed by her growing horniness. It was as if a dam had burst inside her, losing all the creamy lust of womanhood in one unending gush. All she could think about was cock. Mr. Jenson's, Chad's, anybody's. Right then she was thinking about Bob's prick, wanting to reach over and grab it to see if it was as big and luscious as his father's.

As if aware of what was on her mind, Sam spoke up.

"What'd you think of the show, Mindy?"

"Oh, I thought it was nice." Her voice came out light and airy as Bob's hand began to massage her knee, subtly inching under her dress. "In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again myself, to catch the parts I, alt, didn't understand."

As she spoke, a sudden impish urge made her act. Without warming, her hand went out and captured Bob's and shoved it up between her thighs.

He let out a small astonished hiss of breath, finding his fingers abruptly lodged against the damp crotch of Mindy's soaked panties. Despite his surprise he began to rub frantically against the wet, silky sheath, exposing her puffy-lipped cunt.

She gasped, opening her legs wider. The car hit a bump and Bob's fingers unintentionally jammed into her sopping crotch with an urgency that almost made her groan out loud.

"Did you say something, dear?"

Shara Jenson turned her head but not quite far enough to give her a view of what was going on in the dark back seat.

"N-no, Mrs. Jenson," Mindy managed to say in a roughly normal tone as Bob's fingers dug eagerly, poking along her pussy and occasionally sliding across her plump, hooded clit.

One of her hands dropped into his lap and squeezed the stiffness that swelled there. She let out another little gasp at the hugeness of that cock bulge.

The short drive home didn't take long, but it was long enough for both teenagers to make delightful discoveries about each other. Within moments Bob had pushed under the tight crotch band of her panties and was working his fingertips into the fuzzy vee of the older girl's cunt. They plunged immediately into soft, velvety wetness and Mindy arched slightly as her eyes went wide with pleasure.

At the same time she kneaded his cock bulge, stroking its thick, pent-up length and feeling his prick ripple in response.

A tiny groan tore past her lips as he gouged along her soaked cunt crevice. Locating the entrance of her drooling pussy with one finger, he wormed into her.

"What was that?"

This time it was Sam who turned his head slightly.

"I, I just wanted to say thanks," she said weakly, her hips twitching up as Bob gleefully dug his finger, deeper. "It was... really fuu-unnnn."

Grinning, Sam answered in a pleased fatherly voice. "Anytime, Mindy. Anytime at all."

The car ride ended all too soon, as he pulled into the driveway.

The last thing Bob wanted to do now that he'd gotten this far was to stop. His finger was up to his knuckle in his neighbor's pussy and her hand was working his prick to a strumming stiffness that threatened to explode any second.

But, as the car rolled to a stop, he reluctantly withdrew his hand and pulled away.

Mindy let out another gasp, this time with frustration.

"Well, here we are," Sam said congenially, climbing out of the car.

"Yeah. Uh, I guess I better walk Mindy home." Bob's voice was hopeful and that made Mindy's cunt flutter with new enthusiasm. "I think that might be a nice idea," she said.

But Mr. Jenson wasn't hearing of it. "Son, it's getting pretty late and I may have to do some fancy explaining to Mrs. Blake as it is. You go on up to bed and take your mother inside. I'll see that Mindy gets home."

Obviously disappointed, the teenager shoved his hands in his pockets -- more to hide his obvious hard-on than from anger -- and started up the walk beside his mother, who comfortingly slid an arm about his waist.

The moment they were gone, Sam smiled and reached for Mindy in the darkness. "Ah, I've got you alone at last. I was beginning to think we'd never get a minute to ourselves!"

His big meaty hands encircled her waist and came to rest on the firm globes of her ass, squeezing them through the flimsy material of the dress. Already excited and melting afresh under his mischievous caress, Mindy gave a giggle and squirmed. "Mr. Jenson, what're you up to? You don't plan to do anything right out here in the open, do you?"

"The hell I don't," Sam chuckled, his cock blossoming up in his slacks to push between her thighs. With one hand still firmly planted on her ass, the other flew up to fumble at the clasp of her dress. "I've had my mind on that sweet little pussy of yours all day and if I don't dip into it real soon I'm going to explode!"

With those words he was shoving her dress down roughly. It slithered to the ground, leaving her in only bra and panties.

"Mr. Jenson!" she gave a gasp of pretended shock. "We can't -- not right here where everybody can see us!"

Sam gave a gruff laugh, already tearing off his shirt and ripping out of his trousers. "That didn't bother you this morning, did it? I mean to get some of that precious cunt you've been swinging around all night. If you don't believe me just wait and see!"

His cock popped free, huge and bloated and standing out above his hairy ball sack with an enormity that made her gasp.

It was more than Mindy could stand. Even though they were standing on her front lawn with a big three-quarter moon shining down on the grassy, fresh-mown carpet, she couldn't help herself.

Smiling with her decision, she reached up behind her. "Oh, all right. If you're going to be that way, I guess it wouldn't hurt. But we'll just fool around a little, because Mom could look out any second and catch us!"

The bra unsnapped as she spoke and slithered off with one deft shrug of her shoulders. Then she shimmied out of her panties as well, enjoying the way they peeled stickily from her gushing pussy.

Sam gave a murmur of approval, stepping forward as his gaze feasted on the fleecy tuft of her cunt mound as it glinted in the moonlight. "Yeah, that's right. Honey, the way you look right now I could eat you up. I think that may be as good a way as any to start."

Suddenly his hands grabbed the teenager, pulling her down on the soft grassy yard.

Mindy giggled and squirmed on the ground, her voice playful. "Mr. Jenson! You really are horny tonight! If someone sees us -- ahh, oh Mr. Jenson, yes!"

Her teasing rose to a shrill happy purr as he went to work on her tits, his mouth capturing one fat nipple and sucking on it with urgent appreciation.

Her shoulder thrust out, mashing the pliant tit to her neighbor's face. He lapped and worked her straining nipple with a milking motion as her hands grabbed his huge stiffened prick wrapping her hands around its thickness and tugging exuberantly.

"Oh, oh that's good, suck my titty like that! Yes, it feels so nice, ahhh!"

He gave a muffled chuckle and his lips smacked loudly as they sucked even harder at her spired nipple. Not yet used to the unique experience of having a beautiful, vibrant teenager beg for his attention, Sam thoroughly enjoyed one hard, rubbery tit bud before moving on to the other. Then his lips closed on that bumpy-tipped nipple as well, engulfing it.

More turned on than ever at the image of herself stretched out nude on her own front lawn with a man's throbbing cock lurching in her fists, Mindy felt her cunt literally blast with juicy hunger.

At any moment a car might drive past or one of their neighbors could look out a window and get a perfect view of what was happening. Somehow that notion excited her even more. Within moment she was wiggling on the ground in tingling luxury, both her tits wet and aching with hot, thrusting need.

"Suck me, Mr. Jenson, suck my titties up! Oh yeah, that's it! Suck me!"

If he could have, Sam would've laughed at her cries. Surprised and delighted at having the girl so hot and willing, he rose from her slick, bobbling tits and grinned down.

"We've just got started, baby. Now I'm going to get a real treat and you may just enjoy it more. I'd bet you've never had that sweet, hungry cunt of yours eaten before, have you?"

He moved down and sprawled between her out flung legs.

Mindy didn't answer his question. She would've lied anyway, seeing how much it pleased Mr. Jenson to think that he was doing everything to her for the first time. His tongue slid through the soaked mat of her cunt mound and dipped into the gushy heat of her pussy itself.

He groaned softly, lapping at her soft, pouting pussy and savoring the juices that burst from it. His tongue plowed between the girl's resilient cuntlips and wormed deep, making her back up on the dewy grass with gasps of sheer delight.

"Tha... oh fuck, that's just right! Eat my pussy like that, stick your tongue all the way up inside and eat me! Yes, good, goooood!"

She hunched onto his face, drilling her twit against his jabbing tongue with an exuberance that plunged Sam's face into her soft, mossy cunt fur and threatened to smother him. That only made him clutch her parted thighs more tightly and shove his fat tongue into her lush, little pussy, digging into her melting cunt for the golden juices that filled it.

She bounced frantically, surging with the first delicious jolts of orgasm as he fucked his tongue in and out, reaming her pussy with its soft, slippery hugeness and lunging deeper with each stab.

Being eaten by Mr. Jenson was more than enough to have Mindy's cunt rippling with spasms. She climaxed in a wild frenzy, bouncing on the grass and sobbing for more.

"I'm coming! Eat me faster, stick your tongue all the way up my cunt and fuck me good! Harder Mr. Jenson, harderrrrrr! Ahhhhhh!"

Reeling in total bliss, she undulated on his driving tongue with all the rapture that had been building in her throughout the evening.

Sam gasped as the teenager wrenched beneath him, her pussy muscles clamping on his tongue and sucking at it as if to hold it inside her forever. He hovered, crouched between the girl's legs and plugging her cunt with his meaty tongue until the most violent surges had been wrenched from her lithe shuddering body.

At last she collapsed, groaning and sighing happily. "Oh Mr. Jenson, that, that was wonderful! It was even as good as fucking! You can eat me like that all night. Ohhh, yeah!"

In the midst of her twitching satiation, she barely heard his delighted reply.

"Oh, so you think that's as good as fucking, eh? Well, let's find out..."

He lifted her limp, flopping legs high in the air and brought them to rest on his shoulders.

Almost before she realized what he had in mind, Sam had slipped forward in a push-up position, forcing her legs back until she was practically curled into a ball. Her knees almost touched the ground at her head and her pink, drenched pussy stretched upward to hover just beneath his big, wagging prick.

"Now we'll see how you like getting a little of the real thing," he grunted with a grin, shifting so that his engorged cockhead lodged against her stretched-out cunt and pushed its way between her inflamed pussy lips. "This is what I've been waiting on all night and I'm going to stop waiting right now. How does this feel, babe?"

He arched down, sheathing his prick entirely into her gaping cunt.

Mindy's eyes flew open wide. Unable to move because of her curled-up position, she gave out a small cry of fresh delight as Mr. Jenson's prick arrowed straight down into her seething pussy, filling it with a totality like nothing she'd ever known.

"Ahh," he groaned, bunching down to twist his swollen meat around in her tightly stretched cunt. "Oh Jesus, that feels good. Your pussy's tighter than ever, baby. And I'm just the man to solve that problem. Oh yeah, just the man."

Slowly Sam began to rock back and forth, seesawing his enormous cock into Mindy's cunt until every inch of its massive length had been slickened by her frothing juices.

Mindy had never been so thoroughly fucked before. Gasping for breath and rolling back and forth over her lithe, balled-up body, Sam Jenson stuffed her pussy with his thickened prick until she was crying out. Her legs kicked feebly and her ass writhed on the ground in an effort to take even more of his cock.

"Unnh -- oh Mr. Jenson, you're fucking me so good! Nnuhh -- never got fucked like thiissss ohhhhhh!"

She sobbed deliriously as his rocking motions picked up their pace. His big, bloated balls slapped against her arched ass as he rocked his cock in and out faster than before, sliding it hilt-deep into her pussy with each forward undulation.

It was more than she could stand. Suddenly Mindy was twisting blissfully on the grass, her fingers digging into the ground as her buttery cunt was fucked again and again by his huge, sliding cock.

"Annhh -- fuck me, yes! More Mr. Jenson, give me more! Ohhh, I'm going to piss! Oh shit, fuck that's great! Faster, faster! Uhhh -- ggguuuhhh..."

Sam obliged only too willingly, thrusting forward so that his cock sank into the wailing girl with his whole weight behind it. His thrusts grew so violent that each motion drove Mindy's knees against the lawn. Her sopping little asshole winked open, tingling under his tickling balls as she took his delicious, pumping prick and begged for more.

"I'm coming! I'm coming, oh, fuck me hard and make me come! Anngghh, aaah -- AAAHHHH!"

Then she shrieked, thrashing in bliss as Sam rolled back and forth more eagerly than before.

Suddenly he couldn't hold back any longer. His face twisted into an expression of pure lust and his body went rigid on top of her.

His huge cock rippled in her stretched pussy and jism spurted in hot, flooding geysers straight down to the core of her hungry cunt.

Mindy wouldn't have believed it was possible to take the gallons of cockcream that seemed to be pouring into her. An orgasm tare through her cunt with each spasm of his prick and her pussy sucked for every drop. Mr. Jenson heaved onto her in utter satiation, his entire body balanced on the thrashing cock that shot its precious load of jizz deep into her bubbling pussy.

She groaned happily, taking it all.

Then, drained and gasping, he slumped into a sagging heap. "Oh shit, that was great! Just what I needed."

Sinking back with a heavy sigh, he slid his prick from her contorted pussy.

For a moment Mindy hung like that, her legs still flopping in the air and her pussy still churning with her neighbor's syrupy cum.

At last she slid into a satisfied sprawl, gurgling ecstatically.

"Ahhhhhhh." Then she giggled. "Oh, oh wow, I never got fucked like that before! It was fantastic!"

Pleased, Sam laughed. Then he reached for his clothes.

A moment later they were both fully dressed once again. As Mindy slipped into her dress, he reached between her supple thighs and felt the wetness of his cum dribbling onto the crotch of her panties and wetting it with lust.

"You know, you're the best little piece of ass I've ever run into. And I wouldn't mind running into it a little more often, now that we're getting to be such close friends."

This time it was her turn to laugh, her laughter slightly breathless at his wiggling fingers. "Oh, I suspect we'll get to be even closer from now on. After all, we've got the whole summer ahead of us! But I've got to go now. See you tomorrow, Mr. Jenson!"

With that promise on her lips and a smile of anticipation darting across Sam Jenson's face, Mindy turned and lightly bounced up to her front door.

It really was doing to be a wonderful summer after all.

Chapter SEVEN

"Bob, could you come here a moment?"

Bob set down the book he'd been trying to concentrate on and jumped up from his chair, heath rig for the bedroom where his mother was changing clothes. "Okay, Mom."

The door was open and Shara was just removing her earrings as her son walked in. She beamed a fetching smile at him, letting his gaze linger on the sharp cleavage of the sexy green dress she'd worn to the show. Then she turned her back, shrugging in an obvious manner.

"Could you undo me, baby? I never can reach these things and it looks as if your father's been delayed."

"All right."

Bob took in his mother's sleek figure as he strode forward. Still horny from his brief encounter with Mindy, he felt his cock stir with renewed interest at the sight of her sensual body curving and jutting in a casual pose as she waited.

His fingers came up to the dress' clasp, shaking slightly. Although his mom hadn't acted any differently since her afternoon session with him and Chad, Bob could sense the subtle difference. It made him swallow hard to ease the nervous lump in his throat.

"Are you getting it, darling?" Shara made her voice perfectly innocent, bowing full well the effect she was having.

After a moment's fumbling, the clasp came free. Instantly she shrugged out of the dresses loose shoulder straps. The entire top of it fell limp about her waist, and she turned to face him with a single fluid movement.

"Ahh, that feels better. Thanks, honey."

Bob gawked at the twin mounds that soared out firm and pink-nippled at him. His cock, still thick from thinking of Mindy, grew even thicker at his mom's presence and speared up in his jeans.

When he answered, his voice was rough and cracked. "Uhh, that's okay."

His response was exactly what Shara had been hoping for. Her smile widened in a pretense of surprise. "Why, what's the matter, Bob? From the way you're staring, you'd think you'd never seen me like this before. In fact, you've seen all of me! Is that it? Did you want another look, darling?"

Urged by the creamy ache tickling her cunt, she pushed the dress down entirely. It slithered to the floor, exposing the fact that his mom wasn't wearing any panties. Her red-furred pussy glistened moistly, making his cock bulge out even harder against the confines of its denim prison.

"Ahh, that's better yet."

Shara stretched luxuriously as if there was nothing at all unusual about what was happening. Her tits arched out with an enticement that made him goggle. Thoroughly enjoying her son's stare, she gave a sexy sigh and felt her nipples fatten with a delicious, tingling warmth.

"It's so nice to just relax. Why Bob, you don't look very relaxed at all!"

Her hand swooped out suddenly, encasing his bulging crotch and squeezing possessively.

His voice came out in a gasp, causing her to smile mischievously. "Oh my goodness, I haven't turned you on again, have I? That was thoughtless of me, Bob. I really am sorry if this..." she gave his crotch another squeeze, " my fault."

Shara honestly really hadn't originally intended for it to happen again. That afternoon had been an accident, an it'll-never-happen-again experience. After all, good mothers certainly didn't go around fucking their sons!

But Sam had behaved even more distant and thoughtful all day. He hadn't even noticed his wife's horniness throughout the evening, he hadn't even seemed aware when her hand had groped over his swollen cock all through the movie.

So it was only natural that after that afternoon's unexpected episode she should turn, in horny hunger, to her son. His prick was obviously more than ready to take up where his father's left off.

"Gracious, you are tense, aren't you?" she teased, fondling his lust-stiffened swell and saw anticipation spreading over Bob's face. "Maybe we should get you nice and relaxed, too. That might help."

"Uh, hey Mom..."

Bob managed only a hoarse stammer as she undid the buttons of his shin and pulled it off. The next moment she was working on his jeans and jerking them down as well.

"Shit, Mom!" he gasped as his prick swung up bare and hard in the air, straining for his mother's fiery cunt.

"Oh darling, you are tense!"

Blasting a flood of frothing juice over her soaked pussy, Shara stared down at the thick veined stiffness of her son's cock. Mesmerized by his magnificent prick, she knelt abruptly.

"Just let me get you out of these things and we'll see what we can do about that," she said as she practically ripped his jeans off, her face level with his hard, wagging cock, her eyes fastened on its sheer enormity.

A flash of vivid memory made her breath quicken. She could feel his lovely big prick sliding into bier cunt again, feel it pushing between her plump pussy lips and sheathing itself hungrily inside her with a mounting need that matched her own.

"Yes," she murmured as Bob stopped free of his clothes. "That's it..."

Hardly able to believe it was happening, he saw his cum-engorged cock bobbing with his mother's attractive face as she feasted on it, licking her lips. In a voice made husky with arousal, he spoke.

"I -- uh, I don't think just taking my clothes off is going to help me relax any, Mom."

Shara smiled. "Poor baby," she cooed, bringing a hand up to grasp the pulsing length of his prick and talking to it as if it had a life of its own. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

"Maybe..." Bob went on quickly with delighted need. "Maybe if you kissed it a little, that'd make it feel better."

That was the very thought that had been on Shara's mind and she deftly put the thought into action. "Mmmmm, that's an interesting idea. Do you mean like this?"

She placed her lips lightly against the very tip of his throbbing cock and gave it a brief, puckered kiss.

He gasped, his prick lurching up against his mother's lips. "Oh shit, yeah, Mom! That's it!"

Pleased at the twitching response of his hips, Shara flicked her tongue over the smooth inflamed knob of his cock, tasting the little droplet of cum that glistened at its end.

She dipped her lips down over his reddened prickhead and then moved back up, giving it a tantalizing lollipop-suck that made him groan.

"Ohh, oh shit that's great. Don't stop, Mom. Keep doing it. Oh fucking yeah!"

Shara's lips slid, over his huge cocktip again and this time she didn't draw away. For a delicious moment she remained like that, simply mouthing and tonguing his fat prickhead, tasting the familiar tang of the cum that clung to it...

Then her head began to bob and her lips sank over his veined prick as it soared down her throat.

Thrilled, Bob watched inch after inch of his cock vanish into his mom's, sucking mouth. Her head moved back and forth faster and muffled little panting noises burst from her stuffed throat as she took in every bit of his prick.

He'd never had his cock sucked before and the wet encompassing tightness of her warm throat sliding over his prick was wonderful. He groaned and reached down, tangling his fingers in her short curled hair, urging her on.

"Oh yeah, suck me, Mom. Suck me good. Oh fuck, I'm gonna come if you keep that up! I'm gonna shoot off right in your mouth. Faster, yeah, faster!"

Shara bobbed her head with increasing rhythm as his hips began to jerk and gyrate, plunging his luscious prick down her throat in harsh, long strokes. Although it had been a pleasant change to suck Chad's delicious cock that afternoon, the act of sucking her own son's hard, thrusting prick had her hungering insatiably for his load of precious jism. It had been along time since she'd been so thoroughly appreciated for her cocksucking expertise and she rode her mouth over his massive, thrashing prick with all the hunger that streamed from her unfulfilled pussy.

Suddenly Bob grunted and hunched frantically, gasping out in a loud breathless tone. "Oh fuck, Mom, it's happening! My balls are gonna but wide open! I'm -- fucking shit! I'm coming! Uhhhhh!"

Wrenching back and forth on weak, unsteady legs, he did just that. His cock expanded in her throat like a rocket and the first blast of cockcream exploded into her velvet vise.

Shara gulped at that hot fountain, drinking it up and swallowing again and again. She barely had time to get his initial eruption down before it was followed by a second and then a third.

She moaned, delightfully overloaded with her son's hot, spouting jizz. It trickled from her lips and down her chin, wet and oozing. It was undoubtedly the best cum she'd ever tasted. She gobbled at it, sucking for every drop and still sucking even after the last spasm had surged through his fat, tender prick.

Drained and happy, Bob finally pulled his emptied cock from between his mother's pouted, clamped lips. He watched gleefully as she darted out her pink tongue and licked his excess jizm from her chin.


Shara smiled once again at his outburst of sheer joy. Cupping his shrinking cock and heavy balls in her hands, she rose and spoke in a warm, glowing voice.

"Umm, that was a nice way to relax, wasn't it? But I'm still tense darling and I think you may get very tense again yourself almost before you know it! Maybe we'd better lay down where we can really unwind together."

She led him by the cock to her big double bed, then released his limp, cream-drenched prick long enough to push him back onto the softness.

"Now just lay back, honey and let mother have her relaxation too."

With those words Shara scooted to a straddling position over his shrunken prick, her damp, red bush hovering above it. Without pause she grasped his cock and held it upright then lowered herself onto it.

Bob gasped with amazement as his mom stuffed herself with his prick, cramming its soft hard length into her snug, sopping cunt. She purred and undulated, rolling his prick around inside her pussy and urging it to full stiffness again.

"Oh my God, baby, that's it!"

Her voice rose simultaneously with Bob's prick. His cock tugged erect in her rippling twat, sloshing and rolling, and blossoming to full hardness right in his mom's cunt. He could actually feel her tight pussy lips stretching around his prick, capturing it in a soft, melting vise as she undulated faster in an effort to hurry it along.

"Ahh, that's just right, Bob. Make it nice and hard for Mom, so she can give your sweet, big cock the kind of fucking it likes best. Oh lover, you've got a wonderful prick! It's getting so big I... I can't stand it, baby sweet baby, ahhhhh."

Her undulations turned into a bouncing rhythm that grew fierce and frantic as his cock soared to full length. Bob heaved upward, plowing his prick into her rich, red-furred pussy and chuckling ecstatically.

"Yeah, Mom! Fuck my cock! Take it all, take it!"

Shara rode up and down on her son's lovely, thick cock until it was so slick with her juice that they made wet, squishing sounds with every mutual thrust. Bob had a cock just like his father's -- huge and fat and gorgeously bloated with cum, even after being sucked dry once. She could practically taste it in her pussy with each downward stroke.

His prick writhed inside her, jerking taut and straining up so fined with promising jism that it stretched her cuntlips apart almost painfully. Just a few days earlier she would have been ashamed to admit it, but now she reveled in the fact -- her son's cock fit her cunt like a glove.

And if the glove fits, wear it, she thought happily.

So Shara did exactly that, plunging onto his incredible, vibrant cock as if it were the last fucking she was ever going to get in her whole life.

"Ooooh..." she wailed, reeling. "God, baby I love it, I love your big fucking cock! Fuck me, darling! Fuck my pussy good and hard, fuck me till I scream! Annhh -- oh God, Bob, that's perfect! Stab it to me honey, stab it -- sta... aaaaahhhhh!" She screamed, pistoning herself down with all her might.

That afternoon Bob thought he'd seen everything. But now he was seeing even more, as his mother wrenched and bucked like a wild woman on his spearing prick. Her small, perky tits flopped and bounced crazily, their tight, pink nipples quivering as she thrashed on his prick and begged for more flaming cunt fur melted into his dark, soaked, mat of cock fuzz. Her clit was so taut and erect he could actually feel it gouge his prick base with every downward surge of her body.

Totally enthralled by the spectacle of being fucked by his mother for the second time in one day, Bob grabbed her bobbling little tits and squeezed them hard while he plunged his cock to the hilt up her cunt.

"Fuck it, bitch!" he chortled, caught up in that spectacle. "Fuck my prick with your cunt so I can unload right up inside you! Keep doing that and I'm going to come, yeah, yeah!"

Shara pumped deliriously, driven to even higher peaks of joy by the hands that dug clawlike into her aching tits. It had been years since she'd fucked so hard and uninhibitedly. But this frenzied fucking more than made up for the wait -- when she came this time, it was like the eruption of a volcano.


They climaxed together, thrashing and weaving on the bed. Bob's cock blasted its fresh load of cream up his mother's twisting pussy in shuddering wrenches as she careened over him, taking spurt after spurt until his balls were emptied.

Then she sank in a blissful, twitching heap beside him, more thoroughly fucked than she'd been in a long time.

"Ohhh," she groaned, hazy with lust and satisfaction. "Oh my sweet baby, that was a fuck I'll never forget! You're so good I could fuck all night. Would you like that, darling?"

"Yeah!" Bob's voice was a breathless explosion as he reached over and began to fondle and kiss his mom's pert, little tits, nuzzling her big nipples like they were a pair of sugar candies. "Oh yeah, I could fuck your pussy forever, Mom! I never want to stop!"

To her delighted astonishment Shara felt his cock stir again, already blossoming up and poking against her thighs as if to prove his words.

She laughed huskily, grasping his frantic prick in a firm grip and tugging it to full hardness once more. "Well, then, let's do just that! But I've got other places that like to be fucked too -- you'll see what I mean."

She rose and scooted around on the bed, positioning herself the way she wanted. Propped up on her knees, she reached back and spread the pliant cheeks of her ass wide apart to expose her pink, glistening asshole.

"Fuck me here, honey," she purred, wiggling. "Fuck me in the ass. Shove your cock up my asshole and fuck me good. Hurry!"

Bob froze for an instant, gaping in disbelief and fascination at his mom's slick, pried-open asshole. Then her invitation cut through his daze and he was scrambling to his knees behind her.

"Is this right, Mom?"

Slipping into place, he jabbed his inflamed cocktip at the clenched little entrance. It slid and dipped, finally lodging there.

"Ah, yesss!" she hissed, squirming with horny anticipation. "Now work it in -- and don't stop if I squeal a bit at first. I want your prick all the way inside me, darling, just where it ought to beeeee!"

She squealed as he nudged his prickhead between her tight ass lips and pushed them wide apart.

It had been years since Shara'd been ass-fucked. It was one of the many things Sam had given up. She'd almost forgotten the delicious mixture of initial agony and delight at having her asshole torn open to take a big, stabbing cock.

But the memory came back with the full force of Bob's weight behind it. His cockhead sank into her puckered asshole, stretching it wide and pushing up her ass as if it would never stop.

For a moment the pain was too much and she let out a scream.

But it was too late to stop what she'd begun, even if she wanted to. Bob grunted and heaved and more of his thick prick rammed into her ass. At last, gasping with the success at having his entire cock totally buried up her moist, cock-tight sheath, he began to inch his prick in and out.

"Oh my -- yes honey, fuck it to me! Oh-oh God, that's killing me! Don't stop, fuck my ass hard, baby, fuck it. Fuck!"

"Ahhhh! Shit, this is great!"

He was pumping harder now, following his mother's instructions exactly and thoroughly enjoying the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her squeezing asshole. It was tighter than any pussy could ever be and almost just as wet, drenched with all the juices that had run down from her dripping cunt. The pistoning motion of his cock made wet, slurpy noises that urged him on. Soon almost the entire length of his rigid cock was pumping into her, picking up speed.

Shara whimpered ecstatically, her face buried in the bedsheets, her hips arching back in an uncurling cat-like stretch that slammed her ripped-open ass right up to her son. Within the first few strokes she was spiraling up toward orgasm for the third time that evening and that was the best of all. He pumped fast and furious and when she came it was with a shriek of utter bliss.


The whole bed shook as Bob ripped his prick into her, captivated by his mom's screams of joy.

"Commmiiinnng! Bob, fuck my ass, baby!"

Her ass thrashed wildly, plunging onto his cock with a need that seemed to suck the jizz right out of his balls. With one last, grunting lunge, Bob drove his prick home and spurted his third load of jizz up his mother's ass.

Their heaving bodies entwined with mutual orgasm, Shara locking her feet behind her son's knees and pummeling her tortured ass onto his cock to catch the streaming juice that tore deep into her.

It wasn't until he'd shot every drop up her wonderful, sucking asshole that he slumped back, chuckling happily.

"Oh... oh wow, that was, something else! Man, what an ass! You can fuck great with anything, Mom!"

Shara sighed, her ass still jutting into the air, her son's jism leaking from both her asshole and cunt.

"You're nice too, darling. Now run to bed before your father gets back. Maybe we'll relax some more tomorrow, all right?"


Bob paused just long enough to take in the sight of his mother still arched in the air, luxuriating in his cum. Then he turned and trotted for bed, grinning happily.

Chapter EIGHT

Janice awoke to the morning sunshine streaming into her bedroom, nudging her out of one of the most restful sleeps she could remember.

She yawned and stretched luxuriously, with a deep, happy groan. The memory of Chad's lush, stabbing prick came back, bringing her to full tingling awareness. How many times had they fucked the day before? Two... three? It didn't matter. Their fucking had seemed to go on endlessly all night. His vigorous cock had literally fucked her into a satiated stupor. The last thing she remembered was drifting into a drained, satisfying sleep while Chad's fingers absently stroked her cum-bloated pussy.

Janice smiled just thinking about it. She was totally hung up on her son's prick and she knew it. There was no longer even the slightest twinge of guilt. For the first time in years she felt really satisfied.

And horny, too. Even thinking about her son made her cunt hot and creamy, itching for more.

With a sigh she rose and dressed, thoroughly enjoying herself. Then, humming a light, airy tune and feeling better than she'd felt in a long time, she made her way downstairs.

"Oh, hello dears. I didn't know everyone was already up! Am I interrupting a conference?"

Her smile beamed brightly at the three teenagers seated at the kitchen table. Mindy and Chad had just finished their breakfast and Bob had dropped by. They all looked up when she swept in, a little surprised by her breezy tone.

"Hi, Mom. We were just trying to think of something to do today," Mindy answered immediately. "Can I get you some coffee?"

"That would be wonderful. Thank you, darling."

As the blonde hopped up, Janice sat down at the table and caught Chad's gaze for one brief, tantalizing moment. He grinned ma way that made her blush and turn her focus on Bob.

"How are your parents, Bob? I've been so busy around the house lately that I haven't seen them for days! Are they enjoying their new pool?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess so. They're okay."

Bob shrugged noncommittally. Then he brightened.

"Oh, and Mom wanted to know if you were interested in going shopping with her this morning. That's why she sent me over. I almost forgot."

As Mindy set a steaming cup of coffee before her, Janice laughed. "That's all right, honey. As a matter of fact, that's a perfect idea. I think I'll take her up on it. What time is she going?"

Bob looked down at his watch, then blushed. "Uh, she sent me over about an hour ago. Any minute, I guess."

He was relieved at her understanding smile. "My, you certainly don't give a girl much time, do you? Well, I'd better scoot on over there and see what Shara had in mind."

Taking a quick gulp of her coffee, she rose and gave each of her children a quick peck on the cheek, letting her kiss linger just an instant against Chad's angular jaw. Then, still floating on the cloudy daze of the previous night's activities, she made for the back door.

"I won't be gone long, kids. Have a nice time!" Then she was gone, leaving the three of them alone.

Bob was the first to speak, his voice surprised.

"Boy, your mom sure is in a good mood this morning."

"Yeah." Chad shrugged the statement off, hiding the grin that twitched at his lips. Then he changed the subject. "Well, what're we gonna do today, anyway? Want to go swimming again?"

Bob wrinkled his nose. He'd been doing a lot of that lately. "How about something else? I'm tired of swimming."

"Like what?"

They had been ignoring Mindy, both knowing that Chad's older sister wasn't interested in the kinds of things guys usually did on bright summer mornings.

However, their attention focused instantly on her when she spoke up brightly.

"I know! Why don't we play a game?"

Both boys stared, neither of them particularly interested in games.

Chad winced at his big sister. "A game? What kind of game?"

"Well..." Mindy hesitated, at a loss. She was in the mood for something exciting, but didn't quite know what.

That was when Chad gave her an idea. With a sudden mischievous gleam in his eyes, he went on in a daring tone. "How about a game of show and tell, Sis? You can show us your tits, and we'll tell you how we like 'em."

He snickered at that drawing a grin from Bob as well.

But that was exactly what Mindy wanted. With a taunting smile that froze both boys, she answered teasingly. "All right, that sounds like fun. But if I show first, then you have to do the same! That's fair, isn't it?"

That took them by surprise. What had been meant as a joke suddenly became the real thing.

Bob's mouth dropped open, but Chad was quick to pick it up with a broad grin.

"Sure. But you have to do the showing first. Then we'll see who chickens out first."

"Hey!" Bob blurted out, blushing fiercely, not quite sure that the brother and sister really intended to do what they said. The thought of getting a peak at Mindy's tits made him hesitate.

"Does that go for both of you?"

Chad nodded and Bob slowly followed suit.

It was just the kind of excitement Mindy was looking for. Now she had the full attention of both boys and that made her cunt itch and gush with excitement.

"All right, then. I'll go first."

Without hesitation she reached down and grasped the border of her tee shirt, pulling it over her head in one, single deft motion and tossing it aside.

She wasn't wearing a bra and the two boys goggled as her big tits bounced free, swaying and jutting out with ripe creaminess and two taut, pink spires.

It happened so fast that neither of them reacted at first. Chad really hadn't expected his big sister to accept his dare in front of their next-door neighbor and the sight of her juicy, stiff-nippled tits caught his breath.

It was Bob who breathed out first. "Oh, shit!"

Delighting in their astonished gazes, Mindy felt her nipples fatten and expand even more, aching with pleasure. She stood up and posed before them, her hands defiantly on hips, her shoulders brazenly arched back to thrust her tits forward toward their stares.

"Well?" she said after a moment's frozen pause. "This is what you wanted, isn't it? I did my part, now what do you think?"

"Uh..." Bob gulped, for the first time taking in the spectacle of the alder girl's lush, ripe tits.

Grinning more broadly than before, Chad said what was on both their minds. "Jesus, you have a great pair of tits! They're terrific!"

Their feasting eyes made Mindy's cunt gush with horny enjoyment. Without hesitation she took the game a step further. "Now you have to show me what you've got. I went first and now it's your turn. And don't tell me you haven't got anything either, because I can see them from here!"

She fastened her wide blue eyes on their swollen crotches, and both boys made embarrassed sounds.

"Aw, come on..."

"Hell, Sis, that's not fair and you know it!"

"Oh, isn't it?" She made her voice all sweetness as her hands suddenly shot up, cupping her big, bounteous tits and hefting them outward for their examination. "Maybe you need some encouragement. If you let me see what I'm interested in, I just might be persuaded to let you both kiss these a little. That'd make it fair, wouldn't it?"

Chad and Bob glanced at each other. Her proposition sounded more than fair to each, of them. Reminded of their session with Bob's mom, they overcame their mutual shyness with a glance and a slight shrug of their shoulders.

"Yeah," Chad answered, already rising from his chair. "That sounds plenty fair. How about you, Bob?"

Bob nodded, rising as well. In unison, they hastily tore at their jeans, fumbling with the snaps and zippers. There was the rustle of demin and a moment later the two boys stood nude from the waist down, their rigid cocks jerking straight at her.

This time it was Mindy's turn to gasp at sight of the two beautiful, veined pricks bobbing up just for her. She was getting hornier byte moment and the temptation of their cocks was too good to pass up.

"Well what're you standing there for?" she demanded, holding her tits out boldly. "Come here and get your reward for being such good boys. After all, you earned it!"

"You bet we did!" Chad chortled as they rushed forward.

Each boy scrambled toward her, his hands eagerly darting out and latching onto a large, pliant tit. Their heads sank forward and their mouths closed greedily on her nipples.

Clasping at their hungry, lunging heads, Mindy reached down and firmly grasped their cocks in her fists, squeezing and urging them on as they began to suck.

"Ohhhh, oh that's nice, that's really nice! Suck my titties good, ahhhh."

She pumped on their pricks as they lapped and kissed and sucked her nipples into slick, throbbing spires of sensation. To her amazement, Bob's cock was every bit as huge as Chad's and just as thick, surging in her fingers as if it had a life of its own. She'd never had two fistfuls of cock all to herself before and the feel of the scrumptious, wagging pricks broke down any pretense that this was just a game. She wanted more now, much more. She wanted to fuck their cocks, and her pussy was bursting with creamy agreement. As they gobbled her saliva-streaked tits, she pumped their pricks harder.

"Ahh -- that's soooo good! Keep sucking me like that! Ohhh... oh fuck that's nicer than ever! More, suck me more! Yesss!"

They nuzzled and mouthed her enormous nipples, rolling their tongues over the fattened spikes and nibbling at their hot, wet goodness. Both boys also twitched their hips as well, gliding their pricks in and out of the moaning girl's fists. Mindy groaned and pumped faster oozing juicy heat.

Then, just when she was on the verge of coming, Chad pulled back.

His face was flushed and the smile that spread over his lips was really a tight grimace of lust as he spoke out in a gravelly tone. "Now, mmm, how about showing us some wore? Come on, Sis, you've gone this far. How about letting us get a look at your pussy, too?"

Bob heard that and jerked his head back in surprise. The mammoth tit between his lips slid free as Mindy wiggled, squeezing their cocks.

"Ahhh, all right," she smiled back, not bothered by the least twinge of inhibition anymore. "I, I guess that's fair, since it's my turn again."

Even as those words came out she was unsnapping and unzipping her own jeans. They slithered down over her full hips and slender legs, sliding to her feet, parities and all. She stepped lithely from them, delighting at the boys' hisses as they got an uninterrupted view of her golden, moistly matted cunt.

"Is that good enough for you?" she asked with a little giggle, taking in their tortured expressions. "And... and since we're at it, you may as well get a feel of it, too. Who wants to be first?"

Obviously, they both wanted to be first. Two hands grabbed out at once, fingers dipping between her spread thighs and tangling in the wet, fuzz-clad crevice of her dripping pussy.

Mindy squirmed delightedly as ten fingers groped her pussy all at the same time, gouging along her drooling slit and burrowing up the slick entrance of her pussy. An instant later Bob and Chad each had a finger up inside her. Like two small, rigid cocks they glided in and out as more fingers massaged her jutting clit and even probed the tight rim of her ass.

It didn't take much of that to have Mindy churning with hot, frantic pleasure. Her juices streamed down to cover both boys' hands with wet enticement.

Suddenly she couldn't stand it anymore. Abruptly puffing away from their groping fingers, she dashed over to the kitchen table and sprawled out on it, flopping her legs wide.

"Hurry!" she panted, arching up to give them the whole view of her flared, pink pussy slit. "Hurry, somebody get a cock into me right now, before I explode!"

Then it wasn't a game any more -- it was the real thing.

At first the boys stared at each other, uncertain as to which of them should be first. Then Chad nodded and Bob strode forward.

"Shit, you really are as horny as Chad said! How about this, Mindy? Is my cock good enough for you?"

Hastily guiding his engorged prickhead to the sopping edge of her pouting pussy mouth, he heaved.

Mindy let out an ecstatic wail as his hard, thick cockmeat speared into her, sinking home until it was buried to its base, throbbing tightly in the vise like grip of her soft, melting cuntwalls.

"Yes!" she cried, hunching up on his wonderful prick and grasping it with her undulating pussy, sucking for every beautiful inch. "Yes, it's good, so fucking goooood, fuck me with it, Bob, fuck me hard! Screw meeeee!"

Bob moved his prick in and out, letting it slurp back and forth in her tightly wedged cunt and watching with a hypnotized expression as his cock drove all the way into her golden-haired pussy. He was actually fucking Mindy Blake for the first time ever! And it was every bit as good as fucking his own mom.

"How's this feel? You really like it, don't you? Tell me, Mindy! Tell me how much you like it!"

His prick stabbed with increasing eagerness she grunted out the words. Its pistoning motion had his balls and thighs gleaming with pussy juice and he rammed his cock into her harder with every stroke.

"Uhhhhh!" Mindy gave a cry of pure bliss as she writhed on the table, practically screaming out in response. "Love it! I love it! Ohhh, that's so fucking good, tick it to me faster!" She wrenched up on his pounding prick, thrashing her pussy around its hugeness in an oblivion of sheer hunger.

Chad, who had stood by, patiently watching the spectacle until his balls ached, decided on some action himself.

Moving around the table and climbing up on his knees, he brought his stiffened prick to his big sister's lips and shoved it at her mouth.

"Let's both fuck her at once!" he said, sliding his cocktip along her full lips. "Just like we did your mom -- let's really give her some cock! She'll love it better than ever!"

For Mindy's part, he didn't need to do much urging at all. She felt his big, hard prick gouging at her mouth and instinctively opened her lips to let it slip between them. His cock slipped easily down her throat and then she turned into a whirlwind of fucking and sucking, taking them both at once.

"Oh fucking shit, she's really doing it!"

Bob's gleeful gasp of surprise turned into a groan as he plunged his cock furiously up the gorgeous blonde-fuzzed pussy. His increased activity was matched by Chad's, as he drove his prick down his sister's throat more eagerly than ever.

It was the most cock she'd ever taken before and Mindy was in a daze of pure rapture as she drank and fucked on both their delicious pricks at once.

Almost instantly she was thrashing in the first swells of climax, soaring up on the hard table and wrapping her cunt and mouth around their hard, thrusting cocks in total abandon.

Her orgasm tore through her, quickly followed by the gasps of the two boys as they lunged to climax as well.

Bob was the first to conic. His body shuddered and spurt after spurt of his hot, filmy jism ripped through her cunt.

That was quickly followed by Chad's release as he wrenched down with a fury that slammed his prick all the way between her stretched lips and sent his load of cum rippling down her throat.

The three of them were a twisting tangle of fulfillment, hunching and surging and driving each other to completion.

She gulped at her brother's jizz while her undulating pussy gulped in Bob's load of cum. More full of cockcrow than she'd ever been before, Mindy sucked on the two pricks until they were drained.

The two boys pulled away at last, their cocks wet and dripping.

"Man, that was good!"

"Wow, what a pussy! I could fuck that all day!" Chad laughed. "Hell, why not? How would you like that, Min? Want to fuck us some more?"

Mindy's voice was a purr as she reached down to fondle her soaked, cream-filled cunt, smiling sleepily.

"Yes," she sighed, gasping slightly as her fingers slid over her drenched pussy and eased the last tingles of orgasm from it. "Yes, I want to fuck some more. But you're going to have to do something about these before I came."

Her hands flew out, one rasping Chad's limp cock and the other wrapping about Bob's softened prick.

Their grins were joyful as she kneaded and tugged life slowly back into their two lovely cocks. Both of their grins tautened with hunger as their pricks responded, rising up once again.

"Well shit, what're we waiting for?" Chad's voice was triumphant as he moved into a new position. "Come on, Bob, let's both fuck her at once this time. That's the way to really do it!"

Bob eyebrows went up. But a moment later he understood what his friend meant, as Chad crawled around to clamber atop his willing sister and plunged his prick to its hilt inside her already heated cunt.

Mindy gave a happy cry as he eased his cock to her, gyrating his hips to ream out her pussy with his jabbing hardness.

Then, before she quite realized what was happening, he grabbed her jutting asscheeks and twisted.

One second she was on her back, her pussy perfectly sheathing her brother's cock and strumming on it for more. The next she found herself swung up on top of him into a straddling position, her weight settling down over his stiffened cock and his hands pulling her asscheeks wide to display her pink, winking asshole to Bob's gaze.

"Go ahead, give it to her right where she needs it most," he chuckled, forcing his sister forward so that her slick, glistening ass pouted out for Bob's attention. "Fuck her right in the ass, while I take my turn fucking her cunt. She'll love it, won't you, Mindy?"

At first Mindy didn't quite know what to say. She'd never been ass-fucked before and didn't know if she'd like it or not.

Rut the force of her own weight sent Chad's prick sliding up her cunt with twitching vibrations, wilting her with lust again. Whether she wanted it or not, she was ready for anything.

"Yesss!" her voice gasped as she creamed and wiggled, no longer hesitating in the least. "Yes, oh get your cock in my ass so you can both fuck me! Hurry, I want it now, nowww!"

Despite his initial surprise, the session with his mother had taught Bob what to do next. He clambered between the sobbing girl's out flung legs and placed the tip of his cock against her tight, little ass and then heaved.

Mindy shrieked in a mixture of bliss and agony as her asshole was split apart by his huge cock. The knobbed head of his cock shoved between her clenched ass lips and forced them open for more. Soon inch after straining inch of rigid prick was sliding up her asshole, stretching her inner walls taut against Chad's upthrusting cock.

Almost before she knew it, both Mindy's holes were filled with jabbing cock. The two boys were grunting and pummeling their pricks into her with renewed delight. Her reaction was every bit as horny as theirs. She cried out and writhed, hunching onto both pricks at once and viciously pistoning herself onto them for more.

"Nnhhuuuuuh! Ahhh -- yes, yes, fuck meeee! Harder, harder! Fuuhhhhh..."

Reeling in the middle of an unexpected sandwich, she soared to fresh frenzy as the eager cocks tore into her with a completeness she'd never suspected possible.

"Christ, look at her go!" Bob laughed, tearing into her ass just like he had his own mother's. "Man, can she take it! Oh fucking sit! She's gonna suck the jizz out of my balls just like -- uhhhh!"

Before he could complete the sentence he was wrenching in ecstasy, already to the point of exploding.

Chad responded identically, overwhelmed by the hunching, sobbing girl who lurched atop him and took both their pricks. Her big tits bounced and her body arched like a bowstring.

None of them had ever experienced such a thorough fucking before. This time they came with an intensity that had them all crying out.



Two geysers of cum flooded into her at once, one drilling into her cunt and the other ripping through her asshole in hot fountains. She pumped wildly, taking both their shooting pricks in her holes and sucking them dry of their precious jism as she climaxed again and again, shrieking joyfully.

Mindy had never come so hard in her life. She was an explosion of pure completion, her cunt spasming as if it would go on forever.

It was only after she'd taken all their jizz -- after the two boys were totally drained and collapsed in a panting heap, that reality focused once more.

"Ahhhhmmmm," she cooed, satiated. "So good, that was so good, ummm..."

Their pricks were still lodged in her wet, cum seeping holes. Chad and Bob grinned at each other. Their game had been a complete success.

And, as far as they were concerned, it had only just started.

Chapter NINE

"Good Lord, I'm burning up! I simply can't stand it another moment!" Letting out a gasp, Shara kicked the front door shut and dropped her load of packages on the living room floor. "Get me to that air conditioner before I die!"

She scampered across the room and stationed herself directly in front of the air conditioner, exulting in its cool breeze.

Janice smiled, setting down her packages as well. "What a day we picked to go shopping. It must be ninety degrees -- Shara?"

Her voice rose in astonishment as she stared.

Without hesitation Shara was stripping off her clothes. As Janice gasped her blouse drifted to the floor, quickly followed by a damp, sweaty bra. Then she wiggled out of her slacks as well, peeling away panties and all.

It only took a moment before she was totally nude. When she turned back to the air conditioner once more, it was to let icy fingers cool her bare, sweat-filmed body.

"Ohhhh, that's gorgeous!" she moaned, not the least embarrassed. Then she glanced mischievously at Janice. "Why not join me? I can guarantee you'll like it!"

Unable to take her eyes off her friend's slim, magazine-model body, Janice forced a nervous laugh. "I don't think I'd better. If Sam happened to walk in out of that heat and see two naked women prancing around in his living room, the shock could kill him!"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about him," Shara said, her gaze momentarily distant. "These days, that man could live through it, believe me."

Then her expression brightened and her tone was once more full of mischief.

"Besides, he's playing poker with some of his buddies and you know how men are. We've got all afternoon to ourselves, so why spend it all sweaty and damp? Come on, it's nice. You don't know what you're missing!"

"Well..." Janice hesitated, then gave in with a shrug. After all, Shara did look awfully comfortable.

"All right, then. I guess there's no harm in cooling off."

With that decision made, she shed her own blouse and slacks, then km bra and panties. A trifle embarrassed but already pushing her shyness aside, she stood beside Shara under the air cool blast, enjoying its chili rush.

"Ah, that does feel good! I feel so delicious and wicked?"

Then she became aware that Shara was observing her, her sharp, green eyes taking in her full, pink-stippled tits and flickering down across her voluptuous shape to linger on the thick, glossy mound of her cunt.

"My," the redhead said, smiling mysteriously. "I always knew you were well-endowed, dear, but I didn't know you were positively stacked! That must be quite a comfort, having all you have and being single to enjoy it."

Janice blushed, pushing back an unexpected impulse to cover herself. "I, I'm afraid it isn't quite like that, to be honest. I don't really go out muck these days."

"What a shame," Shara said, her tone faraway as she openly admired the brunette's ample tits. Then she seemed to push the subject aside and spoke brightly. "But at least we can have a nice time today. How about a swim? That's just the thing for a pair of hot women, don't you think?"

Before Janice could answer Shara was darting for the glass patio door, not inhibited in the least about her nudity.

"Shara, I don't..."

But even as the words came out the redhead was bounding down to the patio, her smooth, taut ass rippling. She dove and there was a flash of small, jutting tits and sparkling-red cunt fur. Then she disappeared with a splash.

Reluctantly, Janice peeked out and assured herself that the surrounding hedge was good and high and there were no neighbors' heads peeking over it. Then she darted across the hot patio and leaped awkwardly into the crisp, blue shallow end of the pool. Sinking in up to her neck, she still craned about in an uncomfortable crouch to be certain no one could see.

"Oh, don't be a scaredy cat!" Shara scoffed, seeing her friend's embarrassed position. "Nobody's going to see and if any of the men around here do get a look at us they'll be more than grateful, believe me. Now relax and enjoy yourself."

With that statement Shara cut neatly through the clear water to the far edge of the pool and scooted up on it to make another dive.

The truth in her words, combined with her own uncaring attitude, did much to soothe Janice. Moments later the two of them were splashing and giggling like schoolgirls, both fully enjoying their cool, unembarrassed fun.

Although Janice wasn't the best of swimmers, she paddled about in a respectable imitation of Shara's graceful motions, letting the cool water sweep over her with its relaxing waves. Before long she was thoroughly caught up in the activity and didn't notice that Shara was swimming toward her until the redhead drew up in the waist-high water and spoke in a knowing tone.

"Well, you certainly seem to have overcome your embarrassment! Having a nice time?"

Unable to hide a gasping laugh of pleasure, Janice confronted her friend. "I'm... I'm afraid this may have been a mistake after all. Just look at my hair -- it's soaked!"

To prove her point she ran her hands through her long tresses, pushing them back with a motion that made her large tits tilt upward slightly, catching Shara's gaze.

Smiling, the redhead took on an impish expression. "So I noticed, dear. But if I'm any judge of character it was soaked when you went in. Wasn't it?"

Before Janice had time to puzzle over her words, Shara made their meaning all too clear.

Her hand suddenly dipped beneath the water and delicate, probing fingers tangled in Janice's rich, wet cunt bush.

"My my, it really is wet, isn't it?"

It happened so swiftly that Janice wasn't prepared for the knowing fingers that rippled over her pussy, stroking and massaging and exploring all at once.

She gasped, erupting cream all over her friend's hand in a juicy flood that mingled with the pool's warm water. "Shara, you're awful! If -- ahhh, if someone saw us like this, they'd think we were a pair of lesbians!"

"So what?" Shara retorted wickedly, dipping her fingertips into the brunette's flared cunt crevice. "You and I happen to know that we're both just two horny women out for all we can get. So who cares what anyone else thinks? Besides, you're not exactly begging me to stop, are you?"

Hissing in a sharp breath, Janice tried to look shocked by her friend's bold words. But they were true. Despite herself, she felt her pussy melting frantically as a finger pushed between her cuntlips to locate the erect button of her clit.

That magic touch sent a blast of pleasure searing through her and she groaned huskily.

"Shara, please -- isn't right, ohhhhh..."

Her hips arched as Shara's fingers rolled over her clit, tickling the fat, oily bud with an expertise that turned Janice's protest into a groan of pleasure. Abruptly the redhead glided forward. Her mouth came down hard on Janice's, tongue plunging between her parted lips and down her throat.

She tried weakly to resist, but all the pretense of shock and indignation flooded out of her in a gush of cream as Shara's fingers glided assuredly over her clit. Two of them slipped into her cunt with lunging cock-like rhythm.

Groaning deeply, she jabbed her own tongue into Shara's mouth and clung to the redhead with ferocious new hunger, mashing her big tits to her friend's small, jutting spikes and grinding her bushy cunt against Shara's thick, red fur as fingers slid up her pussy, gouging eagerly now.

"Ummmm... oh darling, you are hot today, aren't you?" Shara murmured, slipping her mouth down along Janice's smooth throat.

Her fingers pumped in and out of the brunette's cunt as she tongued her way down across one wet, gleaming tit and began to lick its stiff extended nipple, rolling the bumpy pebble and closing her lips over it.

Janice released a gasp, shoving her tit against the woman's mouth as she began to suck. So much had happened recently that she didn't even feel a twinge of guilt or fear at her own reaction. The vivacious redhead made it all seem like a game, a luxurious game that was nothing to be ashamed of at all. Like she'd said, they weren't really lesbians -- they were simply two horny women out for all they could get.

And right now Janice was getting her share, creaming all over her friend's stabbing hand and pushing her tit into that vise-like mouth.

"Oh God, that feels nice," she purred, instinctively writhing down on Shara's fingers in a wave of bliss. "You-you're going to make me come if you don't stop that! It's... oh God, it's so good! Don't stop, don't stop Shara, babyyyy..."

She bounced up and down as the first vibrations of release tore through her. Water splashed both women as Shara sucked even harder and made soft groaning sounds of pleasure deep in her throat.

She worked her neighbor's cunt and tit expertly, knowing now that the lush brunette had no resistance left in her. Although it hadn't been Shara's intention to actually seduce her willing friend, that first teasing touch of another woman's pussy had done its job. Her own cunt was churning, blasting in a furnace of heat as she sucked and finger-fucked the brunette into climax.

Janice swayed in the lapping water, her body arched like a bowstring as the first swells of orgasm went soaring through her voluptuous body.

She twisted and gyrated onto that jabbing hand, coming deliciously in blatant spasms of joy.

It was then that Shara plucked, her fingers from her friend's sopping pussy and released her straining tit. Her lips curled into a hungry smile.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you dear?"

"Yuhh..." Janice wavered, unable to hide the enjoyment that poured out of her. "Yes, yes that-that was just what I needed!"

Shara laughed lightly at that. "Not quite, lover. I know what you really need -- what any woman as horny as us needs. And just to prove it, I'm going to show you."

Somehow Janice found herself leaning against the pool's edge. Even as Shara knelt, she knew what was going to happen. The lustful expression on the redhead's face couldn't be missed. Her hands flew back, clinging to the rim of the pool as Shara drew her legs out from under her and lifted them to the surface. She slipped neatly between them, resting Janice's thighs enter shoulders and confronting her wet, juicing cunt.

"Sweet baby," she murmured, gazing straight at her friend's flared, pink pussy and taking in its glistening moistness as the water licked up over it. "Your pussy's so beautiful, I can hardly take my eyes off it! God, it's precious! So hot and scrumptious... I've just got to have a taste. You don't mind, do you, dear."

At the moment Janice didn't mind either. And she minded even loss when the woman's tongue flicked out, darting eagerly over her creamy cunt and plowing furiously into her with short frantic stabs.

She wailed with delight, clutching at the pool's edge as Shara tongued her cunt and dug deep into the juicy core of her, her probe sliding in and out like a soft, rough cock. Using her tongue just as if it were a prick, she began to fuck her gorgeous neighbor at Janice writhed and thrashed, crying out.

"Yes! Yes, oh God that's wonderful! Fuuuuu... fuck me, do it Shara fuck me with your tongue! That's... tha... aaaaaaaa!"

Flopping like a fish out of water, she hunched up to Shara's face as the redhead glided her tongue in and out, quickly increasing its friction to a harsh pistoning rhythm.

The last thing she'd expected when she started shopping with Shara this morning was to find herself stretched out nude in her next-door neighbor's swimming pool with her friend's tongue plunging into her pussy. But now that it was happening, it seemed the most normal thing in the world. And her climax, when it suddenly blasted free, was every bit as normal. It ripped from her like a seething volcano, pouring hot lava over Shara's face as she surged and shrieked in her helpless position, erupting in waves.


Her cry rose in an ecstasy of completion as she lurched on Shara's driving tongue, soaking up every blast of orgasm that tore through her.

It was only when she slumped, drained and satisfied, that the redhead reluctantly withdrew her probe from that luscious, sucking pussy and smiled up at her.

"Was that relaxing enough, Janice? Or would you like more?"

To prove exactly how insatiable she was, she kissed and licked the brunette's pliant pussy mouth until she had Janice groaning all over again.

"Oh-oh darling!" she groaned, giggling at her own uninhibited delight. "That was... uhhm, just fine! But if you keep that up, you're going to have to do it all over again!"

"Oh, I don't mind." Shara smiled warmly, her lips nuzzling her friend's warm scented pussy. "But we might be mote comfortable on the patio. Yes, I think that might do lust fine."

With those words she slipped out from between Janice's limp thighs. A moment later she was standing on the edge and urging the satiated brunette along.

"Come with me and we'll see if we can't relax a bit more, now that we're halfway there. After all, I haven't had my turn at relaxing yet, have I?"

Through her haze of fulfillment, Janice didn't really comprehend the meaning of those words. But she understood soon enough, when Shara led her to the flat, towel-draped lounge divan and lay back on it, spreading her legs invitingly.

"Now it's your turn to do the honors," she beamed lightly, her green eyes glinting. "After all, I'm pretty horny myself today. If you don't do something soon, I'm just going to have to do it myself?"

To prove her words she reached down with both hands and dipped her fingers into the glowing bush of her pussy prying the slick, swollen lips apart to show off pink, drooling depths of her own.

It was an invitation she hadn't expected and Janice was too weak to resist. The sight of her lovely pink cunt all juicy and wet was too similar to her own aching pussy. She knew what Shara wanted, what she needed.

And after all that had happened, she was helpless to object.

"Oh Shara," her voice came out like a whimpering groan as she slumped to a crouch before that drenched pussy. "It's... it's so beautiful, so... ohhhh, my God!"

Her face sank between Shara's shapely thighs. That slick red-trimmed cunt hovered, virtually spilling out heated juices in anticipation. Her tongue lashed out, collecting that flood of crew and actually tasting another woman's cunt for the first time.

It had to be one of the most fragrant pussies ever. Its heady aroma wafted up as she dipped into that pink, gaping cunt, lapping up the tangy-sweet arousal that seeped from it. Until now, Janice wouldn't have believed herself capable of enjoying the taste of another woman's cunt. But with the first sweep of her tongue over the redhead's widespread pussy she was instantly dipping in for more, and then more.

Shara let out a groan and urged Janice on. She plowed the juicy furrow of her friend's pussy crease, lingering at the blossom of her fat little cunt until she had her moaning and undulating up for more. Then she tongued those ripe, rubbery, cuntlips, feeling them melt apart and slide together again at each stroke.

At last, unendurably hungry for the feast spread before her, she dug up into the woman's cunt channel and wiggled her tongue as deep as it would go.

Shara moaned and heaved up, her legs straining even wider apart.

Almost before she realized it Janice was digging her tongue in and out, fucking it into her friend just the way she'd been tongue-fucked only moments ago. If there was any hesitation, it flowed out with her own streaming juices as she jammed her probe in again and again, rising to a frantic pace.

"Ohhhhh, lover," Shara cooed rapturously, frankly surprised at the brunette's eagerness. "That's good, very good, now you're really doing it... ahhhhh, more baby more, stick it into me... yessss..."

Janice did just that, gulping down the hot cream that flowed from her neighbor.

It didn't take long before she was eating her friend as if she'd done it a thousand times before. Janice knew what a woman liked, what she liked herself. She knew how she loved having her cunt walls lapped, having a tongue squirming around in her and caressing secret places that not, even a hard thrusting prick could do. Using her own natural expertise, she tongued Shara to a wild, writhing pitch that quickly had the redhead crying out.

"That's right! That's right Janice, fuck it to me honey! Yes, oh yes, darling, you're going to make me scream! I'm coming -- ohhhh, oh sweet baby, get your pussy up here so I can get at it! I want to fuck you -- hurryyyy!"

Her wails had their effect. Though she'd never done a sixty-nine before, Janice moved from instinct. Without missing a stroke of her tongue into the delicious cunt, she swung around and up under her parted knees spread over Shara's face.

The redhead's hands fluttered up and clutched her ass in a harsh grip. Her head craned frantically and in one deft motion she drove her tongue up the brunette's silky sheath, cramming it in deep with reciprocating stabs.

Both women surged then, hunching and tonguing each other's cunts in an oblivion of sensations. Janice careened on top of her friend, mashing her pussy to Shara's face and jabbing her tongue in frenzied strokes as Shara repaid the favor, drilling her own probe in as far as she could.

Amidst muffled gasps and groans, they drove each other to complete, blissful climax.

Their tongues thrashed in unison, sopping up blast after climactic blast of completion.

Their mutual orgasm seemed to last an eternity. And when it finally did end, they slumped in pure appreciative bliss, still kissing and licking each others cunts.

"Oh baby, that was good!" Shara whispered with a rough giggle. "Sooooo good..."

"Mmmmmmm..." came Janice's answer, husky and satisfied. "I love your cunt... God, I love it!"

They were both glowing, emanating sheer culmination as their tongues tickled at each other's pussy, licking up every little jolt of pleasure.

And it was in the midst of that satiation, as they mouthed each other's cunt in blissful union, that a man's knowing chuckle broke in.

"Well now, just what have we got here? Am I interrupting something, ladies?"

Startled, both women twisted around to see Sam Jenson standing at the patio door, grinning at them.

Chapter TEN

Shara was the first to speak, her voice shocked. That brought Janice down from her daze of lust and full realization sank in. "Oh... oh God..."

"Well, it looks like you two found a way to keep occupied while I was gone. Enjoy yourselves? Or maybe you don't have to answer that -- I can see for myself."

Sam stroked toward them, forcing a hoarse chuckle as he took in the unbelievable sight of the two women sprawled on the divan. They were both gasping for breath, their faces slick and hovering at each other's cunts in astonished reaction to his presence.

He'd never seen anything like it before. Standing frozen at the patio door, he'd watched everything -- his own wife and Janice Blake going at it, moaning and thrashing, their tongues plunging into their pussies.

For what seemed hours Sam had just stood there, gaping.

And now, with the full attention of both women on him, he realized his prick was lurching painfully in his trousers, tenting them up with a bulge that throbbed excruciatingly.

"Sam, darling we-we weren't expecting you home quite so soon!" Shara managed a weak smile, scooting out from under her friend's open thighs. Then she saw her husband's hard-on and her smile grew wider.

"Uh huh. I guessed as much." He stood over them now, gazing down at their nude bodies.

Dimly Janice grew aware that she was stark naked and that his eyes were gliding over her voluptuous figure like probing fingers. But at that moment she was too caught up in a whirl of confusing emotions to care about that. "Sam, this -- it isn't what it looks like! We... we were just..."

This time Sam's chuckle stopped her cold. "Oh, I think it's exactly what it looks like, I only wish I'd been here for the start of it. The three of us could've had a pretty good time, if I'd known just how horny you girls really are."

"Well," Shara said, her eyes gleaming as she took in her husband's stiffened crotch. It was the first hard-on she'd seen him have in days and she feasted on it as her voice came out husky and daring. "Well, you're here now, aren't you? What are you going to do about it, lover?"

Her challenge was only too plain.

It was Janice's turn to gasp with shock, her eyes widening into round pools of astonishment.

Before she could do more than breathe out a hissing exclamation, Sam accepted the challenge eagerly.

"Why, I suppose I'll just do this." He was already unbuttoning his shirt, then reaching for his pants. "After all, I'm not a man to let all that beautiful energy go to waste. Not when I can quench it the way it ought to be quenched..."

His pants dropped to the patio deck and his massive cock leaped into view.

Still aroused by their recent activities, both women felt their pussies chum afresh as that huge bloated prick bobbed up in the air, swaying to an enormous swell above Sam's hairy fat balls.

It happened so suddenly that Janice could do nothing but stare, overwhelmed by the sight of her neighbor's big jouncing prick.

Then he reached out, his grin tightening with a lustful twist. "Now we'll see just who needs quenching the worst. And since I'm such a good neighbor, I'm going to let you have the honors, Janice!"

His hands grasped her, roughly pulling her around onto her back and spreading her thighs wide open.

At last Janice reacted, but it was already too late. "Sam, please! This isn't -- you're not really -- oh my God, don't!"

But her pleas went unnoticed as he knelt, bringing his prick level with her slick, dark-matted pussy.

"Jesus," he grunted, taking in her lush, sopping pussy as his cock twitched toward it. "This cunt really needs fucking. And I'm not going to make it wait a moment longer."

He speared forward then, with a violent wrench.

"Sam do -- ohhhhhh!"

She wailed as his prick sank home filling her pussy with its hard thickness and slamming hilt deep to its furry base.

Scrambling up to a sitting position so she could watch her husband's cock slide effortlessly into that creamy cunt, Shara felt her own pussy burn and ache in sympathetic pleasure.

"Yes!" she gasped, caught up in this turn of events and staring raptly as his prick began to ease in and out, picking up speed. "Fuck her, Sam. Fuck her nice and hard, just the way, I love it when you fuck me. And while you're at jt, I think I'll have a little fun of my own."

She rose onto her knees with those words and straddled her friend's head and lowered herself down.

Janice's cry was smothered as Shara's wet, silky cuntlips bore down on her mouth, flooding over it with a sharp scented taste, she knew only too well by now.

She took it all, sobbing and plunging her tongue into Shara's thrashing pussy with furious stabs.

The three of them heaved and groaned in an ecstasy of completion until at last Sam drew his slick, dripping cock from his neighbor's cunt and turned his attention to his wife.

"Now, cunt." His voice was hoarse and determined as his hands went out for Shara. "Since you're so hot to go fucking around, it's time I gave you a taste of what you're, home for. Come here, bitch!"

Hazy with satiation, Janice knew enough to slip out of the way as he grabbed his wife and threw her down on the divan, wrenching her legs apart and climbing between them.

Janice got one look at his cock, still hard and quivering and slippery with her own juices as it drove with one merciless lunge into Shara's soaked pussy.

The redhead shrieked as her cunt was torn open and filled with stiff, jabbing prick. Her shriek was a sound of pure glee as he rammed his hips forward, plowing it to her with all his strength.

"Fuck it, slut!" he hissed with a mixture of delight and anger, enjoying her cries. "This is what you've been needing, so take it! You fucking hot cunted bitch."

Shara did just that, wrapping her slender, legs around his pumping ass and writhing up for every drilling thrust.

Their fucking was a culmination of mingled emotions that Janice only dimly understood, but she didn't need a program to read the expressions of mutual hunger on both their faces as Sam reamed his wife's grating pussy out and shoved his cock to her with wrenches that made the whole divan shudder.

Wobbly and weak from her afternoon's fun she rose and started for the house to collect her clothes. Cum dribbled between her thighs and as she started to leave Shara screamed out in a frenzy of rapture, once again erupting to orgasm.

"Good, good baby oh Sammy fuck me hard, fuck -- oh Sam -- lover, fuck me!"

Their bodies twisted in unison and their faces took on a lust-filled glow as he pumped his load of jism into his wife's cunt while she humped up for every delicious drop.

Not knowing exactly what had caused Sam's original reaction but glad that things seemed to be working out all right, Janice slipped on her clothes and then headed for home.

Mindy lay stretched luxuriously in her brother's bed, where the three of them had finally moved to be more comfortable. She gasped, wiggling between the muscular bodies of the two boys and fondling their stiffening cocks as they sucked and kissed her titties, one on each side.

Chad and Bob groaned and wiggled under her pumping hands, each boy releasing a muffled gasp around his mouthful of hard quivering nipple. They sucked, milking at her big, pliant tits as she worked their pricks back into full rigid shape.

"Ohhhhh, oh that feels nice..." she cooed, squirming and mashing her tits up to their slurping mouths. "You're getting all hard again! Hurry, get your cocks good and stiff, so we can have more fun... uhhmmm."

Her cunt gushed, mixing its hot, flooding juices with the double loads of cum that seeped from her pussy and ass. Even after that thorough fucking she was still as hot as a firecracker and could hardly wait for more action.

Which wasn't going to be long in coming, from the speed with which their pricks were blossoming into full hardness.

"Oh, oh yes," she gasped, pumping faster. "More, more! Get them nice and hard for me -- ahhhhh."

Delighted to do just that, both Bob and Chad buried their faces in her soft jutting tits and sucked ferociously.

None of them beard Janice come in. They didn't hear her climb up the stairs, didn't even hear when she stopped with an astounded hiss of breath in the open bedroom doorway.

They weren't even aware of being watched until suddenly the startled voice of Chad's mom broke through.


That stopped them, right in the midst of their fun.

Three heads popped up, taken by surprise.

"Oh... oh, hi, Mom." Mindy spoke first, blushing but unembarrassed. "We didn't expect you home so soon."

It seemed to be a day for unexpected discoveries. Janice stalked in, her face a mask. "Mindy Blake, just what does this mean? Chad, you shouldn't... and Bob!"

Of the three of them, it was Bob who reacted with humiliation. "Uhhh... gee, Mrs. Blake, I didn't mean, that is..."

He let his feeble attempt at an excuse drop, unable to find words.

Janice gazed down at the two stiffened pricks looming up on either side of her daughter. Despite her pretense of anger, she felt her pussy ooze with creamy warmth at the sight of them.

Then she saw Mindy's pink pouting pussy, all wet and slippery with a thick syrupy film that couldn't be mistaken for anything else but cum.

And even more astonishing -- she saw more jism leaking from Mindy's pert, little asshole!

Realization hit her like a ton of bricks. "Mindy, you've been fucking!"

It was Chad who spoke up then, grinning broadly and totally unconcerned at being caught. "So what, Mom? That's what pussies are for, isn't it?"

His words startled both his companions and Janice's reaction startled them even more.

Instead of being angry, she almost seemed to smile.

"I think you've learned a little too much about pussies lately, young man. Teaching your own sister such things! That's disgraceful! And drawing Bob into your little games... I ought to teach the three of you a lesson! And while I'm at it, I think I will!"

Though her words were sharp, their mom didn't seem at all upset now that she'd overcome her initial shock.

Her eyes were bright and shining as she stalked toward them, looking intent and purposeful.

When she abruptly knelt at the foot of the bed, Mindy gasped in amazement. "Mom, what're you going -- ohh, Mom!"

Her gasp rose as Janice knelt forward. "First we have to get rid of the evidence, then I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget! Just one little second while I, uhmmmm."

Her attractive face lunged between her daughter's thighs and her sharp, delicate tongue lashed out across Mindy's cum-drenched pussy.

The teenaged girl soared up, moaning delightedly as her mother's tongue scooped up the juices from her cunt and dipped in for more. Janice lapped all the jism from her cunt, licking it clean and giving it a last few strokes as all that cum was replaced by flooding pussy cream.

Then she probed down along the small crevice of Mindy's ass, easing her tongue into that tight asshole to draw out its load of jizz as well.

Mindy had never seen her mother like this before and the spectacle of Janice Blake kneeling over her, her full lips gliding over her pussy slash and her tongue dipping into every crack and crease for the cum of the two boys, had her creaming and arching blissfully.

"Oh-ohhh, Mom, that feels good! You're licking -- ahh! -- you're licking me all up! Ohhhhh!"

Janice didn't stop until she'd collected every glob of jizz from her daughter's two juice-streaked holes. By that time she had Mindy gushing wildly, pouring juicy heat all over her mother's chin.

When at last she rose, her face was slick and flushed.

"There," she gasped slightly, smiling. "Now we're getting somewhere. Chad, I want you to come here and show me exactly how all this started. I want to see just what you've been doing to your sister behind my back -- and this time I want to be here to watch!"

With those words she moved aside as he eagerly darted across the bed, more than happy to follow her instructions. Janice's hands glided between her daughter's thighs, her fingers trailing lightly across her puffy soaked cuntlips and pulling them apart. Mindy sucked in a breath, creaming furiously as Chad clambered between her out flung legs and jabbed his cock for her pulled-open pussy.

It sank in easily and she surged up.

Feasting on the sight of her son's cock sliding deep into Mindy's blonde-furred cunt, Janice felt her pussy burst with a fresh flood of hot juices. So much had happened lately that she was like a torrent of hunger undammed and pouring inexorably in all directions, without guilt or hesitation.

"Is, ahh... is this what you meant, Mom?"

Chad chuckled harshly as his cock eased in and out of Mindy's tight little cunthole, once more reaming it to a snug fit. In return she arched up for it, clutching her brother's ass and groaning happily.

"Yes dear, that's just what I meant."

Janice couldn't work up even a twinge of motherly shock at their pleased reaction. She'd learned too much about desires and fulfillment to pass judgment on anyone -- and least of all herself.

Instead she turned to Bob, who had sat mesmerized, watching the whole thing.

"Now, Robert, it's time I found out your place in all this. It's only too obvious how you got involved..." her gaze flickered down to his swollen cock. "But we haven't yet discovered what you want, have we? Well, maybe I can help find that answer."

Even before she was finished speaking, her hands were hastily tearing off her clothes.

Bob's mouth made a round. "O" as a moment later the older woman stood completely nude before him, her big dangling tits spiring their fat nipples out and glossy brown cunt mound matted and wet.

"Just lie back dear and I'll see if I might have something you'd like."

With those words Janice crawled across the big double bed and straddled him, her sopping cunt hovering just above his stiff, jerking prick.

"I think this might do it -- ahhhh, ahh yes, this does it just fine! Ohhh, oh yes honey, just fine!"

She sank down, undulating on his cock and sending it deep into her melting cunt.

Almost instantly she was bouncing up and down, stabbing herself onto the whole length of his cock and fucking herself into a frenzy.

Chad and Mindy were having their fun as well. His prick sank in and out of his sister's grasping cunthole in long powerful strokes, fucking her with a thoroughness that had her crying out in sheer spasms of pleasure.

"Oh-oh Mom, it's so good! So gooooood!"

"Yes," Janice gasped back, see-sawing on hr teenaged neighbor's cock as he gasp and fumbled for her tits, squeezing them as he hunched up. "Yessss, it is dear. It -- ahhhh -- it is good! Fuck me darling, fuck me, oh yes!"

Mindy's cries mingled with her own was the insatiable mother and daughter reeled on their beautiful, pummeling cocks, each fucking hers with an urgency that roared into eruption all too soon.

They wailed together deliriously as Bob and Chad grunted and heaved, enjoying two of the best pussies in town. All inhibitions were down now and neither boy had the slightest compunction about drilling his cock into the thrashing cunt that sucked at it as their bodies crashed in a frantic rhythm, building to climax.

Janice sobbed as Bob arched under her, shooting his load. His face contorted with lust and spurts of jism geysered up her pulsing cunt with a ramming urgency that made her soar with orgasm.

It was at that moment that Chad came as well.

"Uhhh! Uhhh!"

He slammed his pecker home, and Mindy screamed ecstatically.


Both women careened on their fountaining cocks until every drop had been soaked up.

And when at last they collapsed side by side on the bed, there was an understanding between them that few mothers and daughters ever achieved. They were two lusty females, out for all the fun they could get.

And that suited them both just fine.


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