Victorious orgasms

Tori had gotten into a fight with her sister Trina that morning and Trina had told her as she left for school that she would regret her actions she would pay her back in a way Tori would never forget. Tori laughed as she went out the door bring it on Trina she yelled back at Trina. When Tori reached the school Tori got into another fight this time with Jade who accused Tori of wanting her boy friend , Beck. Jade told Tori she would make sure Tori would get all the sex she needed so she would not desire anyone let alone Beck. The two of them entered Sikowitz's classroom with Tori again laughing the threat off. That day Jade and Trina met and planned on getting even with Tori who they thought used her beauty to get what ever she wanted from the men at school and in her life. That Friday as Tori headed home Jade and Trina caught her in a dark area a block from her house. The two girls slapped a cloth over her nose and mouth and held on to her as she struggled. Her struggles slowly stopped as she breathed in the fumes from the cloth putting her into a deep sleep. Jade and Trina carried Tori’s unconscious body to Jades car and dumped her in the trunk. Jade closed the trunk and the two got in and started driving to a building she knew of out in the boonies. What is this place Trina asked , it’s a rangers deep woods shack it was abandoned years ago but I’ve fixed it up after finding it two years ago. Traveling for two hours an hour of that up a dirt path , calling it a road would be too kind they reached a nice looking building. Trina heard lots of animal noises coming from behind the house when she and Jade got out of the car. What is that she asked as they unloaded Tori from the trunk. You will find out later Jade replied as they carried Tori's body into the house. Entering the house the two carried Tori’s body down the stairs to the basement. Holy shit Trina exclaimed look at this place it’s a sex dungeon with all of the toys. Jade laughed and said yes it is now help me get her into the restraining device before she wakes up. It was a good thing they worked quickly at putting Tori into the device as they finished she started waking up. Tori slowly regained consciousness and as woke up she realized that she was being held in a position with her ass up in the air and her chest slightly lower than her groin practically kneeling on the floor but held up and she was completely naked. When she spotted Jade and Trina she yelled what is this , what are you two doing , get me out of this now. Jade laughed and said I don’t think so payback is a bitch , bitch. Jade said okay let’s start this payback , wait here Trina. Jade went to a panel on the wall looking it over she finally pulled on a knob and opened a door in the wall. Soon Trina heard scraping coming from the hallway behind the door. Soon a large wolf came out through the door and seeing Tori laying strapped into the device he headed over to her and mounted her she screamed as he entered her thrusting rapidly into her pussy. Trini your my sister stop this please but Trina ignored her pleas as she watched her sister being fucked by a wolf it slowly turned her on and as it continued her hand slid down into her panties and started fucking herself with her hand. Jade grinned watching this and then as the wolf finished fucking Tori Jade walked to the panel looking it over she said who will be next. She finally settled on another knob and as the wolf left walking back down the hallway Jade pulled the new knob and waited , soon another animal appeared in the doorway. This time it was a large lizard that again mounted , Tori screamed as she felt the scales sliding across her body and the hard scaly penis slip into her pussy thankfully she had already been fucked because the lizards dry scaly penis would have torn her vagina apart. Even lubricated it was painful as the lizards pumped in and out of her until it reached an orgasm then it returned going out the door and back to its cell. Tori hung there on the device barely conscious with some blood dripping from her cunt. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this but please stop I promise to make it up to you. Jade just smiled and said oh you are paying us back now who will be the next animal to fuck you. No more Tori yelled then whimpered when she heard noises coming from the hallway. No not that Tori whimpered as a male silverback entered the room. Walking over to her he started off sliding his finger into her asshole and then one into her pussy and started alternating between the two as he finger fucked her. As she neared an orgasm he pulled his fingers out and reaching down pulled something from his fur and thrust it into her anus Tori whimpered again as she felt something crawling deeper into her anus and then he speared his dick into her vagina thrusting deeply into her she felt the thing in her asshole stop and started kind of massaging the gorillas penis through the barrier between her asshole and pussy. After about an hour of his fucking her they both reached an orgasm simultaneously. The gorilla left her returning to his cage and Tori begged please no more. Alright Tori we will stop for a bit since you asked so nicely , Tori sighed in relief as Trina quietly asked Jade if they were really stopping. Jade smiled and said just watch. Jade called out Kat come here and Kat Valentine walked out of the tunnel and said yes Jade what do you need. Jade said Kat Tori needs some food and water then she needs to go to the bathroom and cleaned up and finally some of your special attention. Giggling Kat said okay Jade and went upstairs , she soon returned with a tray and started feeding Tori food from the tray along with sips of some fluid from a cup. Once Tori was done Kat took the tray back upstairs and returned with a bucket and cleaning materials. She hung the bucket on the device between Tori's legs and told her to piss now and shit. Tori grimacing and did as Kat told her , when she was done Kat brought out a plastic bag hanging it above Tori's head and attaching two hoses to it thrust one hose up Tori's asshole and the other deep into her vagina. Tori moaned as she felt warm water filling her womb and intestines. When the bag was empty Kat removed it and the hoses from Tori's body she then stood at Tori's side punched her in the stomach and water , piss , and shit was forcefully expelled from Tori's asshole and cunt. The Kat cleaned her up and Kat said there clean inside and out , now to give Tori some special attention. Kat what are you going to do to me now Tori asked. Kat smiled as she walked behind Tori and slid her hand into Tori's pussy , making a fist she started slamming he hand in and out of Tori's pussy going deeper with every thrust. In no time she was into Tori up to her elbow. Tori by this time was moaning only because she was too exhausted to scream any more. As Kat continued to fist fuck her with one hand she thrust the other one deep into Tori's asshole and feeling around found what she was looking for and pulled her fist out of Tori's anus. Pulling her fist out of Tori's pussy Kat walked to Tori's head she reached out and pinched tori's nostrils closed and when Tori opened her mouth to breath Kat pushed the creature she had pulled out of Tori's asshole into her mouth. Tori started gagging as she felt the creature crawling around her mouth. Kat held her hand over Tori's mouth and didn’t allow it to escape. Congratulations Tori once that creature reaches your stomach it will make its way into your womb and neutralize any birth control you try guaranteeing you get pregnant at least once a year and the fun thing is any creature can impregnate you now. Don’t worry the creature will protect you from any harm your baby might try to inflict on you while its in your womb. Kat laughed and told Tori you will make such a beautiful mother and went back upstairs. Why Jade why did you do this to me. Jade laughed and said because I want you to lose your beauty by spending the rest of your life pregnant with monster babies and I will start you out. Jade went to the back room and returned with a bucket filled with weird looking snakes. No Tori moaned not snakes please Jade not snakes. Jade laughed and started pushing snakes into Tori's pussy and asshole alternating between the two. Once the bucket was empty she pulled out a plug pushing it into Tori's asshole then did the same to her pussy. Tori could feel the snakes moving around in her and the sensation caused her to have an orgasm. The snakes movements slowly stopped as they died from suffocation. Jade left them inside Tori for eight hours then finally had Kat reach into Tori's pussy and asshole to remove the snakes dead bodies but what Jade had wanted to happen had succeeded Tori was now pregnant with some kind of humanoid snake creature. Jade kept Tori locked up in her cellar to keep Tori from trying to abort the baby. In seven months Tori gave birth to a human looking baby except its skin was made up of small scales and its eyes were like a snakes and finally when it was old enough it grew poisonous fangs. Tori never really recovered from what Jade and Trina had done to her , she hid it well but having a baby every year kept reminding her of the creature inside of her forcing her to produce kids keeping her tired thus not looking her best making Jade and Trina happy. The only thing Tori didn’t like is from that day on Kat spent a lot of time with Tori practically moving in with her and at random times would reach under her skirt right out in public and fist fuck her to an orgasm. She could easily do this as she would throw out anything that was not skirts and she tossed her bras and panties.

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